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File: 1695747188559.jpg (3.74 MB, 2565x4417, tarot_cards_set_原神大アルカナ.jpg)

No. 323621

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo/Hoyoverse. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

>Redeem codes without having to login



>Build Simulation/Optimization


>Database filled with pretty much everything found in game


>Build help


>Character guides


>Interactive map for overworld item locations


>Another interactive map


>Genshin Center, a resource center for the game


>Event timeline


>Wish Simulators


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No. 323623

File: 1695747388574.jpg (162.32 KB, 1178x1414, 1695618541858861.jpg)

11 hours until Neuvillette's banner goes up. I wonder who they'll put in his trial. I'm hoping they include Beidou because I want to try them out together before rolling for him.

No. 323625

File: 1695747744598.jpeg (2.05 MB, 1242x2386, IMG_2116.jpeg)

Convinced this thread is made by a coomer kek

No. 323628

File: 1695749409588.jpg (784.2 KB, 1298x1400, F5VnDcua4AArjS1.jpg)

Just heard Wriothesley's voice lines, edgy-looking softies are the best. No way I'm not going for him. I'm glad I don't want anyone after Furina until Arlecchino, my primos are going to be wrecked.

No. 323633

File: 1695750834578.jpg (379.58 KB, 1500x993, 4a352453aca9ccc891c3aaf9a16a74…)

60 primo code


I'm shamelessly electro-charged #1 fan and it'd be awesome to have Beidou there. Though I'm guessing they'll either show his freezing ability or hyperbloom with Fischl.

Kek I was busy staring at that badly drawn Zhongli to notice coomy Mona. should've been the anemo boys in my extremely biased opinion

Same! Though I'm thinking of skipping Furina for his weapon.

No. 323636

I posted this in the last thread but he honestly reminds me of a youtuber or the main character in an adult comedy show on tv.

No. 323638

i really dont want to nitpick, but op why did you chose that as the thread pic. The art styles dont even match and especially the Mona art is very bad. And why is Nahida the empress, you know the card for sensuality and fertility?

Thank you for the code!

Yeah a coomer or a minor, like how did they even find this shitty compilation? Also I swear someone posted this picture before, including the Nahida as empress, just creepy…

No. 323639

samefag I found the post >>>/m/305868 not the same fan arts, but still weird that this anon (who i now assume is a moid kek) keeps posting shitty genshin tarrot decks.

No. 323640

I don't understand why the thread pics are always so bad. Just use fanart of some husbandos and everyone would be happy, it's really not difficult

No. 323641

Sorry, gotta desperately shoehorn in some shitty waifus that no one gives a flying fuck about here

No. 323642

File: 1695753283507.jpeg (459.04 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_2107.jpeg)

Yeah especially whenever anons dump fanart there's usually a handful of the art that several anons praise which should be an indication of using that as the thread pic.

I think a way to solve this for the next thread is to do the classic cow board “voting” method. When the thread is about to be locked anons tag the art from the thread that they would like to be the next thread pic. The most seconded one is the democratic choice.

No. 323643

File: 1695753684997.png (151.65 KB, 501x514, 1688370461882010.png)

I made the compilation myself after seeing the images get posted on twitter yesterday because I thought they looked neat. They were posted under the tag #原神大アルカナ. It was a group artist project.

No. 323644

trash thread pic, have to agree with the other anons. and now the OP appears to be shilling wrio with the loli, very cool.

No. 323645

I love this image so much, has all my faves and well drawn, great taste nona.
>cow board “voting” method
Iirc an anon voted the Hoyofair Anemo boys image as next thread pic in previous thread, which I almost used had I not seen the new thread already made. But oh well, we'll wait until this is at max posts.

No. 323646

Oh no the thread pic schizos are at it again

No. 323647

Your taste is ass. How did the clashing styles of every genre of front page Pixiv artist not look bad to you while you were making it?

No. 323648

Sorry, I had no problems with the previous thread pic since it was official art and the quality was good. But this one is actually bad kek. I was really not trying to be mean, I especially feel bad now because OP said they put the effort into making the compilation. But how can you not notice how wonky some of the fan arts are and how creepy it is to make Nahida the empress. I mean it's not a big deal, but OP should probably refain from making a compilation again.

No. 323649

oh no op is defending themself in 3rd person again

No. 323650

File: 1695754311694.png (1.34 KB, 83x35, hide_image.png)

I don't know anything about what the tarot cards actually mean.

No. 323651

It's gonna be greaat trying to collect Neuvillete's materials when the map just dropped and all my friends are getting him.

No. 323654

File: 1695754815189.jpg (22.5 KB, 355x378, alhaithamchomp.jpg)

I can only hope that they're relatively easy to collect like the sand grease pupas were for alhaitham when his patch dropped. They need to never add anything like cyno's scarabs ever again.

No. 323656

Don't feel bad, it takes all of 3 minutes to make a collage like that. Modern phone galleries have an option for it built in.
Hiding the op pic for a thread you use will only make it harder to notice… Is this the only thread you use on /m/? Whatever, it doesn't matter anymore. Let someone else make the next thread.

No. 323658

File: 1695755087879.png (394.42 KB, 744x296, image_2023-09-26_130351887.png)

The Wriothesley one being another bug is already worrying me. Maybe it's a good thing he's not the first banner up. Cyno's farming was a nightmare not helped by you needing to do the world quest to access most of the farming spots.

No. 323660

>shilling wrio with the loli
Ever since an anon in the prev thread pointed out that husbandos are only ever paired with little girls my soul has not known peace. I choose to see it as wholesome and pray to the higher powers I won't see any gross art/interpretations of them cause Wrio IS NOT A PEDO SCROTE.

No. 323662

Lyney's passive will be handy af.

That anon is retarded. No one complains when Kaeya and Klee are posted because we all know Kaeya is being her cool big bro and it's cute when guys take care of kids.
But when Wrio is posted with Seigwennie or whatever her name is it's meant to have negative connotations? Pft.

No. 323663

The discussion wasn't about the men being made into pedos but instead watering down their character by giving them the boring gap moe of looking after a little girl. However all signs point to Siegwinne having adult intelligence and her being associated with Wrio only as the head nurse of the prison, not as some little girl he takes care of like is the case with Albedo and Klee or Baizhu and Qiqi.

No. 323665

>all signs point to Siegwinne having adult intelligence
Ugh… the loli with the adult intelligence trope. I hate it so much.

No. 323667

Thanks for bringing me back down to earth, nona. I remember another anon who really really hated seeing male characters be good with kids which felt like she wanted her child hating feelings validated kek.
Yeah, that doesn't help at all. I'd rather believe she's just a child who's smart af.

No. 323668

File: 1695757743792.jpeg (595.47 KB, 1420x1291, tripledrink.jpeg)

>I'd rather believe she's just a child who's smart af.
She's at least partially a melusine, hence the short stature. Some of the other melusine in the city speak nicely of her and refer to her as if she's a fellow melusine, including talking about how she invites some of the melusine to the prison infirmary to enjoy tea with her. She hosts skincare lectures in Fontaine according to some of the billboard posts. So, along with her being head nurse of the prison, it's difficult to view her as a child. There's no way Wriothesley would be letting her work alongside dangerous criminals if she were, after reading his lines about his own childhood.

No. 323669

>She's at least partially a melusine
Who fucked a melusine…?

No. 323670

Fontaine is weird, I still don't get how Lyney is a human boy and Lynette is a cat girl

No. 323671

Some questions are better left unanswered.
It's probably a recessive gene that Lynette got and Lyney didn't. I was going to say maybe it only appeared in women but Draff has the cat appearance too so it can't be that.

No. 323685

File: 1695767140731.jpeg (718.23 KB, 1546x2048, IMG_1864.jpeg)

>great taste nona
Thank you!! I really like the recent circus themed art a lot of the Japanese artists have been drawing

No. 323697

File: 1695772837395.jpg (130.56 KB, 1434x2048, 20230927_004045.jpg)

I love him so much it's not even funny. I literally was expecting nothing when he was leaked back in… April? May? I thought he was going to be a hobo/emo skinny fag. God I was so fucking wrong.
Can't wait for the update to finish to run to Forest of Meropide and see him already.

No. 323712

For the anon who was asking about where to find Hoyofair stuff, this video has all the fan animations. The circus animation that so many people have been making fanart of starts at 8:58. Also I'd skip the second skit if I were you, it's just k-pop coomer trash.

No. 323719

Congrats anon!! What did you think of his gameplay?
Imo Don't build pity on his banner in case you get another and run out of wishes

No. 323721

60 rolls easy, well I did have guarantee.
Wonder if I should build pity for Wrio or not.
Too bad you have to go to the sewers first, I logged out already in Neuv's office. It would have been amusing to go directly into the quest.

No. 323731

Whoops deleted cause I misquoted.
I haven't even tried him out yet but I liked him enough from the story that I wanted him.
I guess I'll save my Primos, don't need any more of these 4 stars. I just never know when It's really worth going for C1+.
Also, I thought that tower in the distance was the fortress, I guess not? Wonder how many more map areas there will be.
Now I'll actually go into the prison later, don't want to get stuck there for hours before doing dailys.
Curious about the new thing they added and if it will help skip commissions dealing with the cycle theory without having to go into someone else's world.

No. 323741

I lost the 50/50, so I'll just save the guarantee for Wrio since his play style was weird? Like the floating attack is fun but I don't know how smooth it is in overworld since his normal/skill are so stiff.
Sorry husbando collector title, I'll get him on his rerun.

No. 323748

File: 1695799167776.png (15.34 KB, 275x252, IMG_2457.png)

The fact that I’m skipping husbandos for a female archon, I’m ashamed. But I really need a Xinqiu sidegrade. I’m so sorry Neuvillette you’re too hot for this treatment

No. 323749

SIGEWINNE NOT BEING A CHILD IS WORSE because at least if she was a child people would view their relationship like albedo with klee but now that she's a lolibaba (worst trope ever) i'll see more dumb scara x nahida shit. people already latched onto her ship with wrio

No. 323757

Just block and mute and don't let random fanart ruin characters for you.

No. 323758

Where are you even seeing a ship of them. I only see cute friends or older bro kind of art mostly done by female fans. I feel like you have to specifically go through sites like danbooru to see gross stuff.

No. 323760

Right? It's like anon is going out of her way to get pissed off or imagining things to be mad about

No. 323790

>his play style was weird
Agree. The play style is super fun, but I don't know how to position myself to use the water canon. I always panic and use it right away in front of the enemies and have to move around to hit, I look so stupid kekw.
That got me thinking… Venti + Neuvillette = insta kill? Cause Neuv can reach Venti's burst, right?

No. 323805

File: 1695833868932.jpg (1.5 MB, 2617x4096, F6iictjXYAAR3Wj.jpg)

Got Neuvi, unfortunately going for his C1 was ruined by Dehya of all units. At least I got her the pull right after Neuvillette and I have Lyney so she's only 90% worthless. I'm gonna stop and wait for Wriothesley, maybe get constellations on his rerun.

No. 323813

Trial-wise I wasn't impressed mostly to him being more or less pure dps than a little more flexible in roles, but when I tried him I really wanted to check something for no good reason other than I'm AR60; when you use the changed skill where he floats at a cliff, does he fly sky high until the skill ends? Like Lyney's burst?
Pls Neuvi anons kek

No. 323839

Forget the sigewinne stuff, I'm more bothered by the fact that he fucking flirted with clorinde???

No. 323841

Remember the good old times when the husbandos weren't flirting with the booba waifus? Yeah it looks like it's all over

No. 323850

I didn't get to that part yet but I don't get why they thought these two flirting was a good idea. Both waifu and husbando collectors are gonna hate it

No. 323853

File: 1695844447973.jpeg (426.11 KB, 2731x1085, IMG_2443.jpeg)

Haven’t played yet this part yet but if it’s an obvious flirty vibe I’m never pulling Wrio and I sure will complain about it in the survey kek

No. 323856

These new Fatui enemy girls look good but wtf is that negative effect? If active character gets hit once they keep losing hp until the get healed for a bit or they die? That's worse than corrosion because that atleast that stops after some time.
Tl;dr healers are important in Fontaine.

>looks like it's all over
If you're the same Sigewinne anon than you need relax and take a break from the screen. Wriothesly is a fictional character and can be whatever you want him to be lmao

I have a stupid theory but: Wriothesly was received well by moids >> moids project onto him >> moids now can fuck their waifu through him in fanart and things.
Though I don't know what they were thinking when they know the only het fans allow is traveller x character? We'll see I guess

No. 323859

I got Neuvi C1, wanted to get both him and Hu Tao, but after getting him and trying to roll for her, I rolled him accidentally once and got his constellation. Love him, but damn, i just love to collect characters and i wanted her for collection for a long time

No. 323861

Please tell me you're not talking about the small "do you want sugar with your tea" conversation. You cannot actually think that qualifies as flirting. I feel bad for Genshin's writers because it seems nearly impossible to write a scene with two characters without people flipping shit about it being "flirting" or "shipbait" or whatever else.
That sucks, I'm sorry.

No. 323862

File: 1695846192600.jpeg (570.25 KB, 1638x2048, IMG_2112.jpeg)

If it makes you happy his c1 specifically is insane! You literally will not need a shielder in his team which clears up a whole spot in your team build.

No. 323865

File: 1695847664288.jpeg (162.98 KB, 1105x419, IMG_2462.jpeg)

Last thread we were speculating if the Tsaritsa would be Bronya. I found this from the cbt Childe profile. Looks like both the pyro and cryo archon are gonna be easy skips for me. Focusing on harbingers instead. Do you think all the harbingers will be playable?

No. 323866

Clorinde looks so fucking greasy.

No. 323874

Ah the new Adventure Encounter thing isn't as useful as I thought, if only you could stock up points.
Now I feel like I should delay exploring the new area till I get more commission achievements.

No. 323876

File: 1695849936304.jpg (333.98 KB, 1447x2048, F0aeOYZaYAEP1Z8.jpg)

That wasn't flirting. Wriothesley is just a friendly guy who wants to share tea with everyone. And yes I have seen the scene, you anons are malding over two people being friendly with each other.
Also I love Arlecchino. Her English VA is killing it. The character writing has improved so much since Inazuma, these characters feel like not just a single anime archetype.

No. 323879

That's fair, like I said I haven't seen the scene yet. I'm glad it's not outright flirting because I would hate that

No. 323889

File: 1695854107137.jpg (1.11 MB, 2362x3582, 0e2a47c4f7bc00be6d3b94dfdde307…)

Is the max exploration percentage out? Like max previous map exploration was %38 percent and I want to know if this one's gonna be %60++ for reputation points purpose.

No. 323951

File: 1695876668090.jpg (670.94 KB, 1348x1078, Screenshot_20230928-071045_2.j…)

Look at XingQiu grabbing Chongyun my babiees

No. 323956

No he didn't, they were having pretty platonic banter with each other. Jesus christ some anons (including the Sigewinne sperg) are legitimate schizos about this stuff and on par with the Chinese yumes who wanted Mihoyo dead for that one event scene where Childe talked to Yoimiya about getting presents for his younger siblings.

No. 323957

The writing is so good right now, I can't believe how much they improved from Inazuma. It's like they threw the original staff out and got some actually good and invested writers into the game to fix what's left. In Inazuma I hated almost every character or found them boring at best but both Sumeru and Fontaine have had me at the edge of my seat awaiting what's next and wanting to learn more about every single character in the story. I was expecting to hate Sigewinne but I ended up finding her cute, even Clorinde was really cool despite having the ugliest design in the game. I can't wait for the final part and the next chapter in the abyss twins story.

No. 323958

Furina animations are out
YouTube videos will be deleted very soon so click here instead: https://files.catbox.moe/ri2lc5.mp4

No. 323960

These animations look great, will definitely get her.
What sucks to me is that her skill is stationary and don't follow the character, I just hope they have an Ayato burst range and not a small circle.

No. 323964

>she changes outfits
Adorable and the best of both worlds, but shame it means they probably won't ever make her a skin because it would be twice the work.
The change from two-part Archon quests to three-part archon quests has massively improved the writing. They can afford to slow down and give the characters time to shine. Inazuma felt like they were cramming what should have been a much longer story into an hour of gameplay, it was a mess.

No. 323982

Furina can walk on water with her skill. Furina’s skill has a 100% uptime so she can walk on water forever. Kokomi really is dead in a ditch. Furina is like a Yelan-Kokomi hybrid

No. 323983

>small circle
Her E skill follows her around. Leaks show that there is no circle at all.

No. 324003

File: 1695893410971.png (214.93 KB, 640x360, tut_13182_0.png)

Do any of you know what these things are supposed to be? The guide just says "strange eels" and hitting them doesn't do anything. Are they part of some quest?

No. 324004

you should use E skill on them, if there is two of them, you should get timing right when they are really close and use E on both of them at the same time.

No. 324013

>platonic banter
like haikaveh? lol it was obvious shipbait don't be obtouse. by that logic haikaveh is not shipbait

No. 324018

Paranoid schizoyume or just a moid forcing hetships? I can't even tell anymore. Anyway sorry but Wriothesley only fucks Neuvillette. They do it in his office in Meropide. And Clorinde is in love with Navia, that's why she saved her life in the previous patch. My friend works for Mihoyo, she confirmed all of this to be canon.

No. 324022

Nta and I haven't seen the scene with Clorinde yet but Alhaitham and Kaveh had constant banter, they live together and have a relationship that goes way back and yet you could play the game and come out not shipping them. So many genshin players have terminal fandom brainrot and the writing doesn't offer much, so any small gesture or sentence between two characters is immediately seen as shipbait. It's exhausting. You don't have to get so pissed off just because your husbando talked to a female character for a bit. Clorinde already has way more of a connection to Navia and Wriothesley is mostly shipped with Neuvillette, so relax jfc

No. 324027

It's probably the same lunatic who was having a meltdown about "Mihoyo shilling Kaveh/Nilou" because they were featured in that gigo collab. I'm surprised the oneeshota sperg hasn't appeared to tinfoil about Clorinde saving Freminet being Mihoyo shilling pedophilia.

No. 324028

File: 1695897733791.jpeg (351.14 KB, 2354x1316, IMG_2487.jpeg)

So cute Ayato was so pretty too!

No. 324035

I love Fortress of Meropide soundtrack. For some reason it reminds me a bit of Alice Madness Returns OST. Is it just me or are they a bit similar?
Also Wriothesley is very likable, love his voice and his character but Sigwinne is very unlikeable. I don't mind the child characters as much as nonnies here but she was shrieking and sounded like a burikko in Japanese dub, like she was putting on a fake cute act. I expected to like her a bit more.
Wrio is more likable than I expected though so he makes up for it.

No. 324038

Samefag, wanna add that the other theme from Meropide reminds me of Binding of Isaac. They're both bangers imo, they sound very different from the rest of the game.

No. 324041

Both Clorinde and Wriothesley are being lightly pushed for gay pairings, yet some anons are having a meltdown because they interacted with each other in a way very aligned with their personalities. Get help.
On the other hand, I'm loving that all the characters in Fontaine so far have interesting personalities even without ships.
I love the soundtrack there too. None of the new soundtracks caught my attention until we went into the prison. Its atmosphere was done really well.

No. 324073

File: 1695910339016.jpg (567.63 KB, 1706x821, Screenshot_20230928-070328_1.j…)

Anyone knows the context to why Itto's apologizing to Gorou in picrel?

I thought anons itt hated female characters for having zero personality and have coom designs, but no, it's closer to the early 2k fujo "g-girls with girls! So my men can fuck each other 24/7 without a filthy woman being there!" Vibe. Like I get this is Genshin Impact but even to the point that male characters can't interact with female ones without rage is just hilarious.

She apologized last thread(?) for being obnoxious and said she was jealous of the girls shipped with boys and now she's doing better. the only reason I remember because of cute Haikaveh pic

No. 324075

Nta and I am not one of these who complained because I'm not there story-wise yet but honestly I wouldn't mind Wrio flirting with a woman but pls no Clorinde, I hate her design with a burning passion. I know they just talk and there was no shipbait so it's irrelevant, just saying that I wouldn't mind girl/guy ship, I just fricking hate Clorinde the Walking Boobs.

No. 324097

Unrelated but I've been in love with her design since anons called her hair greasy back when she was first leaked. In my mind she's an introverted femcel that can't be bothered to buy new clothes that fit her and I could take her shopping and fix her kek

No. 324101

What are you even talking about, it's pretty obvious they're husbandofags who will flip if they talked to female characters OR were implied to be romantically involved male characters. Male characters less so because they're not competition. Fujos don't give a shit because they ignore canon anyway, it wasn't them who tried to send Chinese authorities after Mihoyo because Kaveh was too close to Alhaitham and they called him a green tea bitch kek.

No. 324102

I started exploring and noticed there are no special one-time domains that offer resources and 40 primos in Fontaine, wonder why.

No. 324104

Didn't notice till now. Maybe it was too much effort for too little reward for the design team? We go in once and we never see them again even as a scenery. They could put the combat events in those tbh.

No. 324111

File: 1695922085149.jpg (96.61 KB, 623x732, sigewinne_cutsie_crown.jpg)

>I thought anons itt hated female characters for having zero personality and have coom designs, but no, it's closer to the early 2k fujo "g-girls with girls! So my men can fuck each other 24/7 without a filthy woman being there!" Vibe
I thought it was only teenagers who did this sort of thing but apparently not. Tiresome. Again, I truly feel bad for Mihoyo's writers trying to navigate around how deranged the fandom can be overall when it comes to character interactions with each other. It must feel extremely limiting as a creative writer to have to walk on eggshells when it comes to character interactions, trying to make the world feel more alive and fleshing out the cast dynamics without stepping on too many toes.

Aside from that, I'm loving Sigewinne. She's very amusing to me. I like that she's kind of conniving and how she thinks humans are just so cute to observe, like little pets.
>I like smart people, but I also like playing dumb. I like the feeling of "being trusted."
I'm hoping they will explain in her character story why she looks so much more human than the other melusine. I can't tell how much the game wants us to ignore that or not, like that one Kimodameshi event in Inazuma with the kid NPCs wearing yokai masks that we were supposed to pretend looked like genuine yokai because they were too lazy to make new yokai NPCs.
Also, her line about thinking the traveler is cute is funny to me too. The game tells you multiple times how the melusine perceive things pretty differently to humans, like the melusine quest line with the paintings, how they can see destruction as beauty. So, was that actually a back-handed compliment to the traveler? Lol.
I can't tell whether they'll make her a 4 or a 5, but I hope I'll be able to get her whenever she releases.

No. 324118

This is such an insane, desperate cope to make coomer boob lady into something BASTE and PINKPILLED to appeal to lc users

Why blame fujos on this when it's lumine self insert tards who care? The real problem lies with the two female characters being a lolibaba and gross coomshit paired with one of the least gay looking guys in genshin who moids would be happy to use in their own self insert porn.

No. 324127

File: 1695928950242.webm (Spoiler Image, 10.12 MB, 1280x720, furina_beta_footage.webm)

Furina beta animations. NA, skill, CA, burst

No. 324128

File: 1695928997339.webm (Spoiler Image, 6.25 MB, 1920x1080, furina_beta_idles.webm)

No. 324130

File: 1695929104305.webm (Spoiler Image, 10.07 MB, 1920x1080, charlotte_beta_footage.webm)

Charlotte's animations. NA, CA, skill, burst

No. 324132

File: 1695929153140.webm (Spoiler Image, 7.96 MB, 1920x1080, charlotte_beta_idles.webm)

No. 324133

Am I the only one who didn't get their appeal? It's just one domain you walk through once and you get rewarded a shrine key. I agree with >>324104 , they're just a waste of developer effort imo.

Sorry for asking for spoonfeeding but are there any news on how Furina's kit is like?

No. 324136

File: 1695930116524.png (78.38 KB, 730x436, dfhbhgfztuj.PNG)

>So, was that actually a back-handed compliment to the traveler?
It seems like they actually see something big in them

No. 324137

They are a waste, but it's nice to get 40 primos for minimal effort kek I guess they can be easily replaced by a few chests

No. 324138

File: 1695931294956.jpg (Spoiler Image, 683.81 KB, 1528x2916, furina_kit_initial_full_collag…)

>are there any news on how Furina's kit is like?
Yes, see picrel or here:
If you want to get more into the weeds of her ICD/poise/hit types, you can look here:
Like usual, things may change as the beta goes on, so it's not set in stone yet. She's looking to be a sub-DPS with buffing capabilities on her burst, reliant on gaining and losing HP to gain stacks. She can change between pneuma/ousia with her CA, which also changes what her skill buddies do (consuming party HP to deal damage vs healing). Her burst DMG% buff ramps over time, somewhat like Yelan's burst buff ramps. For Abyss, recommended to have her primarily off-field at C0, can spend more time on-field at C2 and above.

No. 324139

So… if Cyno jumps around with his burst around the arena will they follow him and apply hydro the enemies he's attacking?

Don't really like how bland/non-character she is but that normal attack looks fun.

I'm probably one of the few who liked solving a puzzle to open them and beat up a gang for a treasure in a special place, as a change of view.

No. 324143

>So… if Cyno jumps around with his burst around the arena will they follow him and apply hydro the enemies he's attacking?
Yes, that's how they should behave. Her kit skill description currently says:
>(The 3 salon members) will attack nearby opponents at intervals, prioritizing the target of the active character

No. 324146

YES, FINALLY. I'll have to get her now and keep XQ with Alhaithem, thanks btw!

No. 324159

>anon says she likes the loli
>anon says she likes a coomerbait character with tits busting out of her shirt because it's feminist
>anons moralfagging about fujos
I hate you newfags so much(complaining about thread in thread)

No. 324209

File: 1695954803025.jpg (146.94 KB, 1080x548, 4.2QOol.jpg)

Probably the best QOL coming in 4.2 is quick access to weekly bosses whether you started the quest or not

Regardless of retarded opinion having one different than yours isn't new faggotry, this place isn't a hivemind

No. 324228

File: 1695965185775.jpg (1.28 MB, 4096x2304, F7Khk3vbgAAVm7q.jpg)

Lumine getting once-in-a-blue-moon official art for the Moonchase Festival.

No. 324238

>muh fujo boogeyman
I don't even have a problem with people who ship furina and neuvilette even though i see them more as a babysitter and his weak useless kid, it's just that clorinde's design is very off-putting and her interaction with wriothesley was unnecessary and it attracts the worst type of shippers. They literally got more material to work with than neuvilette x wriothesley, which should have been the actual star of this patch and it also makes her dramatic yuribait with navia redundant.

No. 324242

Jesus just shut up nobody cares about your weird paranoia, neuvillette&wriothesley and clorinde&navia will still remain as the most popular ships of fontaine. god forbid characters talk to each other in a normal manner, must immediately nullify both clorinde x navia canonically having a long friendly past that goes way back before clorinde killed her father that they're currently in the process of mending and a personal relationship constantly being brought up between wriothesley and neuvillette despite meropide not being under the court of fontaine's jurisdiction and wriothesley even being implied to know neuvillette's secret identity during the cutscene. god I swear some people ITT have no media literacy to speak of

No. 324261

I was going to complain too but you said it better anon. What's with the weird "boy and girl can't be just friends hihi" type of retards lately.

No. 324295

Sane nonas like you keep me from losing hope.

No. 324319

File: 1696004933649.jpeg (488.45 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_2108.jpeg)

The same arguments kill conversations in every single thread we have. Why can't we just have fun nonas? We're all in our 20s-30s playing a shitty anime game for teenagers. It's not a radfem war against coomer otakus, they will always be more pandered to in a game created by men. I would love if we all made the collective effort to not be so fucking salty and serious toward each other. The vibes in these threads have shifted to being so fucking bad since around thread #3.

No. 324321

File: 1696005494053.jpg (439.7 KB, 1701x1266, F650EPrWcAA1C45.jpg)

I'm convinced it's the same one or two anons every time that just come into this thread to derail and troll with bad faith bait. It's not worth replying to them, best to just ignore.

No. 324322

File: 1696005647346.png (116.14 KB, 560x560, F68vQj7a4AA3aXH.png)

They quieted down during Star Rail's release when they migrated to its thread which was immediately contaminated with similar mental illness but after that game plateaued they returned back here.

That said I want to give credit where credit's due, they've improved massively on writing female characters since Inazuma and given them more plot relevancy and agency. I used to hate all of the female characters and felt like the game was only giving coomer men what they wanted never giving female players a break, but during v4 we got five new male 5-stars out of which Alhaitham is possibly the best DPS in the game at the moment and gave him and Kaveh a star crossed lovers dynamic. Shockingly enough the female characters only got better during Fontaine. I love Furina and Lynette, and I never thought I would say this about a female character in Genshin Impact. Post-Inazuma Genshin is like playing a different game, complete with all the QoL improvements.

No. 324324

File: 1696006656243.jpg (391.36 KB, 2048x1612, F635VHuaUAAUXdV.jpg)

I agree. In Inazuma the only female character I liked was Yoimiya and mostly because she was just friendly and inoffensive. I thought I was going to hate Nahida but she has more character than just being a loli and Sumeru was a lot more husbando focused overall. Furina, Lynette, Navia and even Sigewinne are all really interesting and fleshed out. I wish Clorinde had had one of the better concept designs used for her but at least the character isn't offensive so far.
The QoL improvements have done so much for exploration. I'd hate navigating Fontaine without them. They put a lot of effort into making the swimming feel good and I'm going to miss it when Fontaine is done and we move on to Natlan.

No. 324325

File: 1696008827163.jpeg (220.22 KB, 1050x1352, IMG_2114.jpeg)

Yeah I’m gonna miss the freedom of not drowning! I seriously wonder what new climate mechanic there will be in Natlan. They can’t copy the hated desert from Sumeru. Maybe something like the volcanic parts in Fontaine? Where the bubbling water slowly kills you.
>I wish Clorinde had had one of the better concept designs used for her
Same, I like her personality, face and hat but the Eula shorts and too tight shirt genuinely bothers me and reminds me why I hate anime nowadays kek

No. 324329

File: 1696010878027.jpg (296.36 KB, 1400x1931, 045b34a22ce48a1e20521117a39620…)

Based nona.

>same one or two anons
Definitely same ones, I recognize the same typing style. Especially the obnoxious one who posts one line each post.
You pic reminded of this one idk why kek

I like Lynette too. Even though her cold moe (kuudere?) type of personality isn't my cup of tea but her being in the trio and her sad story made me like her so much. Arle is a fave too.

No. 324345

>The vibes in these threads have shifted to being so fucking bad since around thread #3
Because we all naturally got sick of the game and now only come here to complain as it gets progressively worse and more bloated

No. 324350

Speak for yourself, I love the game

No. 324364

File: 1696019207740.jpg (102.44 KB, 544x284, Screenshot_20230929-090129_1.j…)

(reposted with less esl)
Fishing achievement anon here and I came back with probably the worst one known to man

I could've watched anime or something when I was bored at work but instead I grinded this. I really don't recommend this to anyone kek

No. 324380

I think I salute you. I admire you, but also damn, nonnie.
Right, I hated this game during Inazuma and all of the shitty waifu peddling while shamelessly short changing female players, but now there is peace in the middle east. It probably helps that some of the most important characters were created before the quality decline.

No. 324395

>we all
you can always stop playing instead of subjecting yourself to the game if you hate it so much. there have been some low points for me during some patches, but overall the game has only gotten better for me with time.

No. 324403

File: 1696037483246.jpg (188.29 KB, 691x920, a895326720176ad0170325ea6b5e81…)

Even during the bleak Inazuma days there were some good things, like the Ruu quest, Enkanomiya, and my man Itto. I love the game too and it keeps getting better. Only up from here I hope!

No. 324404

We all as in the people complaining are you slow?

No. 324408

I feel the same way about myself, thank you anon

No. 324492

Yes, I in fact am slow.

No. 324515

File: 1696091454058.jpg (191.87 KB, 2048x1236, R19045.jpg)

I lost to Tighnari in the 80s and thought after that loss I was bitter thought better save the guarantee for Wrio then I think I'll have enough for Furina for her Fontaine characters support ability/hydro application but I'm having second thoughts like
I want him but I don't think I'll be able to afford Wrio if I lose 50/50 to him?
In a way I'm both ranting and needing some opinions; get him and hope I win 50/50 with Wrio and ignore Furina or guarantee Wrio, most likely guarantee Furina and wait for his rerun? I really liked both after archon quests.

No. 324683

File: 1696164787647.jpeg (103.47 KB, 1280x720, IMG_1246.jpeg)

My husband was listening to me play and he’s really good at recognizing VAs because Sigewynne is Hello Kitty in super cute adventures. Yoimiya shares a VA with cinnamoroll/kuromi as well. I hope they get more of the HK cast because I want to do fanart.

No. 324688

This is such cute trivia, are these JP or EN vas?

No. 324691

It’s English VAs.

No. 324693

File: 1696168939341.jpg (807.42 KB, 4096x2271, 20230828_142716.jpg)

What do you mean, this one was so easy to get for me??? At least it's more bearable than having to fish 2000 times while paimon shrieks in the background. I will never get that namecard, fuck whoever thought that was a good idea.

Furina will come back after 4 patches (4.6). All Archons have reruns often, because they sell well, I think you can skip her tbh.

Agree!! I was vibing hard to the soundtrack kekw. There was a part I actually stopped playing the dialogue and took my time to enjoy and appreciate the ost! It fits so well with the atmosphere, I totally agree. I liked that they added electric guitars to the usual classical instruments.
I do like Sigewinne tho! I think it's endearing she thinks humans are cute creatures, kek. It's like the reverse of us, humans, thinking Melusines are adorable. (?)
Also, I have to say, what I'm not liking at all is the part about having to look for clues inside the Fortress while working. It takes so much time and I'm tired, I wanna see my husbando doing cool shit and being hot!!

No. 324698

File: 1696170684942.jpg (94.47 KB, 1080x608, Screenshot_20231001_163105_Gal…)

I wonder if Sigwinne will grow on me. So far she seems to me like Nahida but too moe.
And I agree with that part being boring, I'm in the middle of it now and I can't wait to get out. Overworld around the Institute and the new areas in general are great though.
I love the female enemies that kind of look like Arlecchino and their JP tomboyish voices.

No. 324704

I wouldn't really say archons have reruns often. They get one once per region/once a year after their first rerun.

No. 324721

Any news on what theorycrafters think about Furina kit leaks?

No. 324737

File: 1696180893181.jpg (860.64 KB, 1638x2048, F5WL2dlW0AA_za5.jpg)

I handled the Meropide investigation stuff much better than the endless Samsara bullshit in Sumeru where Nahida wouldn't just tell us what was going on because hurr durr your brain wouldn't accept it despite it being a dream not being all that farfetched or weird when something is clearly wrong. I liked the hints of what was going wrong with Childe. Looks like his Vision breaking has made him vulnerable to Abyssal corruption somehow, the leaks with him being the 4.2 boss seem pretty likely now.
Her pets apply hydro pretty decently. Not as much as Xingqiu and Yelan but more flexible than them since she doesn't need normal attacks to trigger her pets. Her crab in particular does AOE damage rather than single target. Her ult buff is better than Kazuha's shred for teams that have a hard time double-swirling. Not a lot of word on her healing in pneuma form, I think it's around Kokomi jellyfish levels from what I've seen.
tl;dr she's good but depending on the team won't be better than Xingqiu. She's more flexible to use than Xingqiu though and that's where she shines; she's flexible and can slot anywhere.
She will be very very good with Neuvillette for all the Neuvillette pullers.

No. 324742

Nonnies what kind of laptop do you play genshin on? I'm replacing my crappy brick but I know nothing about specs so I dont want to accidentally buy something that sharts when I open Genshin or BG3

No. 324746

File: 1696183876766.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1291x1300, IMG_2423.jpeg)

I don’t play on a laptop. I alternate between my iPad Pro with a controller and PS5. My PS5 runs the game with literally no loading times at all, it’s great

No. 324747

Nonas what did you think of today's Abyss?
I had trouble at first but when I went mono Lyney (with Kazu and Zhong) in first chamber and Baizhu burgeon on second I finished it easy peasy.

Xing and Mika?! Now I need interactions between them in game.

No. 324761

File: 1696186879093.jpg (2.05 MB, 1000x1563, 2764473c44e3fc35eecca3111f973d…)

Any Abyss where I can use mono Geo one half and Cyno on the other is a good Abyss.
I've played on laptop. You'll need a cooling mat or a really good fan or your laptop will boil alive.

No. 324820

I thought it was one of the easiest Abyss cycles in a while and I hadn't even fought the new fatui enemies or weird gravity boss beforehand. I think this is the first time I've ever 12 battle'd the Abyss.

No. 324894

Can confirm the laptop overheating.
I use a gaming laptop and a ps5 controller. Idk the brand because my husband gifted it to me. There’s some good fans on Amazon. Don’t forget to have keyboard duster so you can clean them regularly.

No. 324918

I play with a ROG Strix, but I don't really recommend it because the fans make a lot of noise and the wifi drivers or whatever the hell they are called are fucking shit. Plus the keycaps break pretty easily.
It doesn't overheat, though, and I play Genshin with the max settings at 60 FPS. I have a GeForce RTX 3050 card and a AMD Ryzen 7 6800H. The most important thing when looking for a good gaming PC/laptop is the graphics card, in my opinion. I used to play on a Lenovo that had an nVidia GTX 1050 card and I couldn't even play it a 60 FPS. The storage was pretty good, tho.

No. 324945

File: 1696265064776.jpg (136.71 KB, 640x640, fountain_of_belleau.jpg)

Fontaine's OST is out, 96 tracks
FLAC download here
Some very nice relaxing tracks in this release, listened through it all together this morning, lots I like to hum along to.

No. 324953

I play with a ROG Strix but with a GeForce and Intel graphic cards, so it's a slightly different model. It's a gaming laptop but this fucker burns even with Genshin at the lowest settings and the fans make so much noise. I've cleaned it several times and even changed the thermal paste with a very high quality one, Genshin still fucking boils it. Even added additional fans under it, still hot as fuck. The only time it's bearable is when it's winter and freezing. I've given up because I did everything I could kek, I think Genshin also tends to burn devices.

No. 324973

File: 1696273976881.png (79.5 KB, 600x314, original.png)

Just finished the archon quest and I don't get why Clorinde was there? Not as a "reee female character" but as a genuine question. I remember her as a good duelist yet she was there to swim and save the fortress, how?
Wrio can freeze water, I get that so he's useful but she's electro? I saw her shoot the lever to a gate but what's her ability to stop the water after?
Even the swimming aspect, like why her of all people? Even Navia would make more sense since she goes to metro area and would potentially sacrifice herself for Fremmi probably.
Actually wouldn't Clorinde be better fit sitting with Furina in her meeting with Arle? Since she stands beside her in court??

I liked the whole thing and didn't mind her as much as I thought I would minus her shirt that's about to pop but I feel they misused her potential, especially when I'm praying male duelist to be a real thing and her introducing him to traveller or something.

Thank youuu!! I was going to wait to download a whole youtube playlist but you made my life easier. There are really nice tunes and I'm sorry I was being a doomer when Yu Peng left, these new guys are doing a great job.

No. 324985

I think they're going for Clorinde being more of a secret agent type of character. She's Furina's bodyguard but she's also probably part of Furina's spy circle trying to devise a way to save the nation from the prophecy. Or she just happens to be someone Wriothesley can trust so he asked her for help. I agree it's kind of silly that she was going to keep back the flood though, it's not like she's a hydro or cyro.
I also wish the male musketeer showed up but given we only got concept art for him and no model leaks if he shows up it's probably going to be very late into Fontaine.

No. 324996

>Furina's spy circle
Sorry I must've missed it, when was this mentioned?
But now that you mention him trusting her, she probably stayed down with him as a form of comradery, which is nice.
>very late into Fontaine
I wouldn't mind but please don't be a scrapped concept and that guy near Fontaine's Kathryn is where the concept went to.

No. 324999

File: 1696278625982.jpg (177.81 KB, 1077x1080, IMG_20210309_040231.jpg)

>Intel graphic cards
AYRT and Intel is so shit. I had Intel in my Lenovo and when my NVIDIA graphics card broke I had to rely on intel, and oh god, Detroit Become Human wouldn't even open kek… Intel and Mediatek are my archnemesis, I swear.
Nvidia is usually good, but you probably have a model with a card that is similar to the one I had on my Lenovo, which was pretty outdated.
>the fans make so much noise
Same. Thank god my model has different settings for the fans and when I'm not playing vidya I can set it to "silent" mode and forget about them. They still wake up from time to time for god knows what, but eh. Sage for computer sperging.

No. 325001

At the end of 4.0 when you could ask Neuvillette questions he mentioned Furina had international operatives working around the clock to find some way to stop the prophecy and that she wasn't as useless as she seemed.

No. 325017

It felt like the devs saw a bunch of surveys begging for more character interactions on-screen and they just kind of forced it with her because they didn't know what else to do with her.

No. 325077

File: 1696322643933.jpg (Spoiler Image, 220.83 KB, 1668x1668, 20231003_103322.jpg)

I just finished the Archon Quest and I need to see more of this stupid trio. I love deadpan characters and them cracking jokes and throwing jabs at each other made me laugh a lot. I hope Mihoyo adds them to events and we see them together again.
(Sorry, reposted to add spoilers.)

No. 325100

File: 1696340539677.jpg (86.28 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

I don't know why I love Arlecchino so much, she's so cool. She's edgy in just the right way. Also, isn't it new that Genshin kind of adds voice acting on top of art put on screen like a visual novel? Or was it in archon quests before this?

Yep honestly she was very bland before. I finished the archon quest and I do have to say sadly Wrio and Clorinde do have better chemistry than a lot of characters that people are convinced are canon ships. You say it's not flirting but Wrio does seem like he's kind of flirting with everyone, or his voice is just like that to me, even when Neuvi passed by and he was like 'wooow, what's your secret'. If only Clorinde was a bit less of a coombait character, I'd probably love her with her deadpan personality and bloodborne look. But from what I've seen scrotes absolutely love her design. If only we had skins to select from, if only her shirt wasn't white but like grey, she'd look so much better to me.
I pray Wrio's character story fleshes out his relationship with Neuvi more because he kept talking about him but they exchanged like two sentences.

No. 325102

The relationship between Wriothesley and Neuvillette is so strange, why do they keep hinting at something while barely showing them together? Like when you're in Neuvillette's office and read the document about Wrio's case and how Neuvi was quiet for a long time? Why was that relevant? And how Wriothesley tries to invite him to stay for tea only to basically get a polite but cold no. They have barely any chemistry, it actually feels like they want to bait fujos to get that sweet, sweet free advertising through copious amounts of fanart

No. 325106

File: 1696343166708.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 1242x587, IMG_2231.jpeg)

4.2 banner leak

No. 325108

I wish Baizhu never reran so weapon banners didn't get ruined by his shitty green donut

No. 325111

File: 1696345629195.jpg (1.71 MB, 2304x4096, F7a-7lHaEAAXW40.jpg)

I don't know if it's different in other languages but the English voiceover and script really emphasize Neuvillette's detachment and loneliness from the world and humanity in general. I'm not surprised a character like that isn't very shippable yet. Maybe he'll grow more open as the Fontaine story progresses.

I found the letter from Furina to be pretty funny, being happy Neuvillette was seemingly taking a day off and going out for once.

No. 325134

>isn't it new that Genshin kind of adds voice acting on top of art put on screen like a visual novel?
I'm glad they are doing this, instead of that cheap "white text on black background that explains what is happening". Like, come on, how lazy can you fucking be, your game earns millions each month, ffs.

No. 325136

File: 1696353252087.jpg (1.2 MB, 2640x1080, Screenshot_20231003_092628_Gen…)

I stupidly pulled for Nuevi just cause and hot him in a 10 pull… I was saving for Wrio lol. I think I have enough for hard pity if I grind some, but this is so funny to me.

No. 325162

I'll most likely lose my 50/50 to wrio and get him at hard pity because this game hates me but I'd love to get her to boost both Wrio and Neuvi
And Charlotte to try melt with her and Lyney.

No. 325171

I think they're trying to hint at what will be revealed in Wriothesley's story lines that are available to read through sites like project amber already. When you read his backstory, you find out he killed someone, alluding to perhaps an abusive foster parent of some kind, maybe more than one person, and stating outright that "the people he'd taken vengeance on were villains themselves in the first place". I think it's to just add a little more 'flavor' to how Neuvillette abides to judging by the letter of the law even when it doesn't seem to have allowances for things like killing in self-defense, and how that troubles him. It's not the first time the game tells you about people who get sentenced to punishments that they ought not to have and how it troubles Neuvillete but "the law is the law".

No. 325201

vn started with yoimiya story quest 2

No. 325228

I really like these docu vids about the music. It's interesting to know the inspirations.

No. 325231

File: 1696408930756.jpg (1.11 MB, 2480x3508, 20231003_020959.jpg)

Some things about Neuvillete story quest:
I was kind of suprised there was no dungeon for us to try him in. He's the second character after Albedo that you can't play.
Also it felt like a mini archon quest rather than a story quest. All Fontaine's characters made an appearance, minus Furina and tbh although general lore isn't bad but I wanted more Neuvillete if that makes sense, like not as an OOC date but it felt so… general(?)
Hope Wriothesly's more personal.

Pic not related just found it be cute af

No. 325238

this is like the only cute husbando-potential Itto art I have ever seen

No. 325386

File: 1696487241251.jpg (1.8 MB, 2080x2396, 107550114_p1.jpg)

I started playing recently and so far it's great! Exploring is a blast and I really enjoy the worldbuilding. In every game I play I like to choose a husbando to yoom over, but Genshin has so many cool guys to choose from that I'm not sure where to start. Which male characters seem most willing to tolerate autism and severe mental illness? Just in your opinion.
>tldr which Genshin guy would make the best tard wrangler?

No. 325398

I'd say most of them, a lot of them aren't human and seem to care about traveler a lot and traveler is basically a non-verbal weirdo kek. But I'll give you my headcanons
Cares for Collei which is a troubled kid, is very kind in general.
Percepts things differently from humans and rants about his monotone interests a lot himself, I feel like he wouldn't care if you were weird
He's very nice to children and gets along with them, he's very goofy all the time and also would probably get along with speds.
>Kazuha and Albedo
Both are very kind but kind of blandly kind (sorry kazuhafags) and I think they'd treat an autist or mentally ill person very well
Same as Zhongli.

Honorable mentions
He's so sweet but not a husbando so he goes in the honorable mentions
He's too weird to notice you're weird.
Probably treats everyone the same
His post-archon quest himself would be nice, his archon-quest himself wouldn't tolerate any bullshit

He strikes me as an autist himself and you know how autist males don't tend to be nice to autistic females kek but as a Alhaithamfag I don't care
He'd bully you
He's too psycho to be nice to an autist kek
Seems to care about being proper too much, severe mental illness doesn't go well with that

No. 325405

>would call you retarded
Tighnari, Alhaitham, Ayato, Scaramouche, Xingqiu (passive aggressively), Dottore, Xiao
>would be polite about you being retarded
Zhongli, Albedo, Neuvillette, Kazuha, Cyno, Wriothesley, Lyney, Baizhu
>would not notice you're retarded
Bennett, Chongyun, Gorou, Mika
>is retarded/autistic
Childe, Itto, Razor

No. 325412

I don't know why but this whole post made me laugh
But what about Diluc, Kaeya, Heizou, Kaveh, Thoma and Venti?

No. 325413

Based and all true

No. 325422

Disagree with some of these, Tighnari is too used to autists to comment on it thanks to Cyno and Alhaitham and Xiao is too suicidal to even give a shit about someones retard levels

No. 325430

File: 1696508525675.jpg (609.79 KB, 1863x2596, 20231005_142201.jpg)

This, plus Tighnari is too sweet, I agree with >>325398 that he would be patient and understanding.
I would also add Thoma as a good potential husbando, he is very kind, he loves taking care of others and making them feel welcomed.
Also, welcome! Glad you like the game, remember to take it easy and if you have any questions you can ask here!

No. 325438

I really just want Furina and Arlecchino but neuvillette is growing on me so fucking much. I can probably get 2 characters guaranteed but three… idk depends on how much time I have. Anyone know anything at all about the arlecchino banner? Is it soon-ish?

No. 325439

Posts in the leak subreddit seem to indicate that she likely won't come out before 4.5, but it's not certain of course. I have a feeling that it'll take a long time until she gets a banner

No. 325459

>kaeya, kaveh, thoma
Polite about you being retarded (thoma would probably protect you)
Passive aggressive about you being retarded
Pretends he's retarded
Borderline retarded, sorry Diluc fans (in all seriousness he'd probably be polite about it tho)
I play with English voices. Cranky English Tighnari would call you retarded but later say it's not your fault. Probably not the other languages so much.
As >>325439 says she's not likely before 4.5-4.6 but Navia and Clorinde switched places so it's not impossible she shows up.

No. 325466

>would straight up bully you
>would make you embarass yourself
ayato, heizou, kaeya, xingqiu, alhaitham
>would tolerate autism and take care of you
tighnari, thoma, baizhu, neuvilette, zhongli, kazuha, lyney, gorou, chongyun, wriothesley, albedo, venti (kinda)
>they're already mentally ill
itto, cyno, xiao, kaveh, diluc, childe

No. 325470

What about sex pest EN VA tighnari?

No. 325472

>they're already mentally ill

No. 325474

Venti would enable the fuck out of you nonny

No. 325482

File: 1696528419267.jpeg (3.64 MB, 2048x2048, IMG_1411.jpeg)

You gave so much detail, thank you! It really helps me get a better idea of the characters. Based on your descriptions and what I've played so far, Zhongli intrigues me. He's a "seen it all" type of guy so I'm confident he could handle me. My only worry is that he would be too enlightened and therefore turned off by my pitiful human catastrophizing.
Thank you for the warm welcome! Thoma seems like the most willing to be an active caretaker, so right now he's at the top of the list. He would think of a retard as a stray animal and feel compelled to help me out, and want to make me even the littlest bit happier. And beyond the yoom I really really appreciate his worldview:
>As long as you live, good things will always happen… This is what Thoma has always believed in.
>Even if these animals had not encountered good things before, he hoped that at least his presence would be a good thing worth celebrating for.
Great recommendation nonita ♥
Your succinctness is very funny. Though none of them are husbando material, my fave category are the ones who don't even realise I'm retarded. It's just a funny thought. Also I'm glad everyone agrees that Scara would bully any retard he happened upon.
>would make you embarass yourself
I also enjoy being tormented so maybe I could have one of these guys as a sidepiece. That would create a satisfying hurt/comfort cycle as well as scratch the masochistic/self-pitying itch. Thoma and Ayato are narratively linked, so already an Inazuma-based daydream is beginning to form. I'll be playing that chapter next and I feel more excited about it then ever!
Thank you to everyone who contributed, I'm really thankful that you shared your ideas and that everybody got to laugh together.

No. 325494

File: 1696535178246.jpeg (815.97 KB, 1720x2048, IMG_2106.jpeg)

Thanks! I guess I will have to wait for more leaks but if nothing indicates that Arlecchino comes before 4.5 by the last Neuvillette banner day I definitely will pull for him!

No. 325504

I was gonna say "cute Tarta pic, you never see him with animals"
I'm so sorry Thoma baby kek

I caved and got him after 120 wishes approx. Having fun but I'll have so much fun if I win Wrio's 50/50 and can guarantee Furina with what's left.

No. 325602

File: 1696577690390.jpeg (881.71 KB, 1638x2048, IMG_2110.jpeg)

Looks like we both need to grind for primos then kek. Good luck!

No. 325615

I'm so mad, I just can't get XQ cons, I am still at c0 because I keep getting Diona, Fischl or weapons. I am cursed by always getting loli and weapons, whyy

No. 325616

File: 1696589282287.jpg (153.8 KB, 1286x1762, 7043da5592cbd7887ad0036dbd38cb…)

Thanks nona, good luck to you too!!
(Although the only thing I can grind is Kaeya's hangout as I'm an ancient AR60 that wiped everything clean kek)

No. 325630

File: 1696599126541.jpeg (330.92 KB, 1304x2048, IMG_1865.jpeg)

Just finished the AQ and SQ. where did ppl get that Neuvilette supposedly hates archons?

No. 325643

They're making some assumptions based off information in his leaked profile lines about the archons, his About the Vision: II and his Feelings About Ascension: Conclusion. He says he's going to judge most of them (in due time) and in Venti's line he refers to the archons as "the unauthorized seven gods"

No. 325650

He also sounded a bit more angry about judging the archons in a vague fan translation from chinese than he actually does in the legit translation.

No. 325666

He's still meta af at C0, don't worry about it. If you're still a beginner at the game and aren't going for 100k Hu Tao vapes it doesn't matter much. Giving him a high refinement sacrificial sword is more important than any of the constellations anyway

No. 325686

File: 1696624640881.jpeg (411.25 KB, 1431x2048, IMG_1862.jpeg)

Oh okay that makes sense. Any idea why he wants to judge the archons? All I heard him say that was a bit anti-archon in the AQ was that his dragon powers were limited because of Furina being the hydro archon. If she died/stopped being an archon he would regain his powers

No. 325707

Before the Primordial One arrived in Teyvat, the Seven Sovereigns were the rulers of the realm. The Primordial One and the Seven Sovereigns fought for many years, resulting in most of them dying out. The rest fled (like Apep). From the perspective of the Sovereigns, the Primordial One (and subsequently the archons) are usurpers. While Neuvillette is not the original Hydro Sovereign, he is a successor. Thus, from his perspective, the archons are "unauthorized gods" and because he "must remain a symbol of absolute justice", he must judge them..eventually. I don't think his judgement is from a malicious or hateful place, but rather "this is what must be done, this is my duty and the archons do objectively have crimes to answer for".

No. 325752

The 4 star system needs a rework for real. I was so unlucky with his cons I actually bought them from the paimon bargain shop thing.

Who's the guy in the pic?

No. 325758

>this is what must be done, this is my duty and the archons do objectively have crimes to answer for
This makes so much more sense than him just simply ”hating archons”. Thanks anon now I get it!

No. 325772

The sovereigns are all dragons right? The lore kind of reminds me of Dark Souls kek. Or is it in some world mythology that before gods, dragons ruled the world and games keep referencing it?
I'm not a very new player, I'm just unlucky with banners. XQ is always on some waifu banner I'm not interested in or on a male banner I have to skip to save for someone else. I didn't have enough starglitter for Paimon Bargain Xingqiu last month. Oh well, I'll have to wait. Sucks that I mostly use Alhaitham/XQ/Nahida/Kuki team in overworld to be quickly done with annoying mobs so his cons would help a lot.

No. 325949

File: 1696758335030.jpg (140.07 KB, 1283x1594, FzAAWaGXwBsxUlC.jpg)

I swear I'm not trying to bait but I really don't get the hype for Arlecchino, at first when she was revealed during the Fatui trailer last year I was interested in the possibility of a princely female character but they made her wear an overdesigned vacuum sock pantsuit with the most lackluster color design an open back under the coat and a stupid rat tail to top it off, so far her personality has been closer to a world quest villain NPC twirling their moustache than a playable character. And before you come at me I'm not even one of those people who hate all female characters because in contrast I really like Furina's design and writing and how they're edging us on her hiding a plan. Scaramouche was foreshadowed since Inazuma but Arlecchino came out of nowhere, barely made an appearance besides bullying Furina a bit and now everyone is just losing their mind over muh problematic lesbian dommy mommy like they did with Signora. Unless she gets an actual arc in 4.2 I'm just going to assume people are just so desperate for a morally questionable female villain that they accept any crumbs that game devs throw them, maybe someone wants to explain what's her appeal because I was just disappointed beyond belief when they revealed her final design. And no, I don't hate her, I just don't understand why people are declaring her the best character in Fontaine when she's so generic. Maybe I'll be proven wrong.

No. 325985

I just like her. Her design, voice and personality. You don't have to force yourself to like a character, everyone has different tastes. Maybe I would think your husbando is shit kek

No. 326013

You could say all of this about any other unreleased Harbinger. Many people like Arlecchino because she is the first female character who's allowed to be covered up from head to toe without any cringe armpit windows or thigh highs, but the lore around House of Hearth is also really neat. There are hints that she's a wolf in sheeps clothing who's not so secretly very unhinged which obviously also draws in a lot of people. We are only in 4.1 and we are sure to see much more of her so just give it some time to develop if you think she's boring right now.

No. 326014

what do you guys think of fontaine's music so far? i don't think it's bad, but sumeru's soundtrack is still my number 1. i felt it was a bit generic, but that's probably because it's european-style music.
i hope they're able to make natlan's music as good as sumeru's.

No. 326015

Nonnie, who's the artist of this?? I couldn't find anything by image search. This drawing is so beautiful and dreamy.

No. 326019

File: 1696798168359.jpeg (184.7 KB, 2048x1300, IMG_2418.jpeg)

So happy to see that Furina is good with Cyno teams (only if your Cyno team has Baizhu though)! To the anon who wished for a usable Cyno team, we have it now!!

The artist is the one who made the pretty Albedo watercolor art from last thread too! On Twitter: @Jotto75

No. 326026

For me it's because I love Fatuus and how she saved Lynette/twins. So far I hope they expand more on her and other characters and her personally.
As in even though Signora isn't playable but her lore being a witch that wants revenge for her lover, was misunderstood by her people, suppressed her powers…etc. were nice additions even though her design is too coom-ish for my tolerance kek, hope to see the same lore for Arlecchino.

I was surprised to how much I liked it despite Peng's departure, even the battle theme is great with me doing challenges with these 3mil bosses. My only complaint is Wriothesly's theme, I feel it's missing something.

No. 326028

I think the lore around her is really neat (House of Hearth, leaks saying she's a child experiment herself for example) but I guess I'm just so disappointed in how they copped out of making her more masculine/androgynous since the word "knave" refers to a male servant and the kids call her "father". Yeah the titles don't really mean anything but something about those stiletto heels, the attire pronouncing her curves and the fandom cooming to hypersexualized pinups of her rubs me the wrong way.

No. 326029

I like it, it's different from Peng's style but still works imo. I've found myself actually listening to the tunes when before they sort of drowned in to the background, they nailed the European sound really well and I say this as an euro myself. I liked the gritty sound in Meropide, very different from the other music, but >>326026 is right about Wriothesley's theme needing a bit more edge. But I agree with you on Sumeru having the best soundtrack in the entire game so far. Inazuma was really boring and repetitive, Enkanomiya was just droning ambient music and both Liyue and Mondstadt were just "nice".

No. 326049

The underwater exploration music is so nostalgic and beautiful. Surging Reminiscence and Shade of Flowers are my favorite songs in Fontaine as of now.

No. 326110

File: 1696868480681.jpeg (229.86 KB, 1242x902, IMG_2133.jpeg)

Thoughts about the archon quest? To me it was weaker than the last one.

What I liked
>Childe being involved and being the main conflict/dilemma alongside the prophecy. So fun when a past character’s backstory intertwines in a current archon quest. Much better than npc focused conflicts
>the world building of the prison and its system
>every Arlecchino appearance because she’s so fucking cool

What I dislike
>the weird pacing at the prison, the whole first part was me doing meaningless work and eating at a shitty cafeteria with childish paimon commentary
>overall nothing really happened?
>Neuvilette dragon identity reveal should have been more epic and cinematic
>the flashback animations of Childe looking so damn cheap. Is it that hard to make actual animated cutscenes for such a big company instead of the same running and idle animations

No. 326132

I loved his new gang so much.
But yeah I agree, for the time spent doing everything I felt the reward of lore and new information wasn't enough. Even though I love the Fatui trio seeing them again didn't make me as excited as I expected.
I know this is Genshin Impact, I know what it is, but all I want is just a little more edge,just a bit. I'm glad the Narzlongname world quest is offering it but I want more with main characters.

No. 326139

File: 1696898406784.jpg (2.09 MB, 2500x2500, 20231010_033750.jpg)

Same anon ^

Yesterday was Xingqiu's bday and look at this mofo
"that takes this dish to the next level. I wonder which lucky individual will end up eating it…"

I love him and his bullying so much.

No. 326140

File: 1696898467006.jpg (1.75 MB, 3000x3000, 20231010_033822.jpg)

And the chibi art features Albedo!

No. 326160

I laughed at the Childe animations too. They were laughably bad. Should have used the visual novel style instead, or do some proper animations.
On the similar note, I find it pretty weird how characters don't turn properly in cutscenes. At least I think so, or some other movement is missing, but when they stop moving and when they turn somewhere to run, it looks like old pokemon animations. Weird because we have proper running in overworld. I hope someone knows what I'm talking about.

No. 326164

People who didn't play the event with them being writers bust be so confused

No. 326170

It's mentioned in Xingqiu's character profile and brought up in his story quest too, not just the event.

No. 326192

File: 1696949918487.jpg (89.45 KB, 705x891, F49YvuQW4AAqH0N.jpg)

I pray that genshin never adds a character like this.

No. 326222

File: 1696960271964.jpeg (754.66 KB, 1242x493, IMG_2444.jpeg)

Second phase banners

No. 326225

File: 1696960472610.jpeg (556.91 KB, 1242x1219, IMG_2446.jpeg)

Ganyu and Xq skins

No. 326226

File: 1696960527196.jpeg (310.01 KB, 1242x830, IMG_2445.jpeg)

That one is Ganyu. This one is Xq

No. 326228

For ages now they've been saying Zhongli and Qiqi were going to be getting skins and they still aren't here. I don't think I really believe any skin leaks anymore.

No. 326233

Kek hoyoverse is going to release a character with an actual dark skintone before they mention preferred pronouns. Surprising that Reverse:1999 is like that though, I thought it was going to be a generic coomerbait waifu gacha

No. 326250

File: 1696970532589.jpg (334.92 KB, 1078x1600, F6OLBq2aEAAfpPh.jpg)

Furina's C6 and C2 have been swapped around. Her C2 now turbo buffs her ultimate while the C6 is the tiny infusion. Weird choice but I guess they're doubling down on her being swapped as soon as you do skill + burst. Her burst has a shorter cooldown and less strict energy requirements now too.

No. 326276

I know nothing about this game but is it the same in Japanese/Chinese?
I noticed in some games/animes when it comes to localizations they change normal talk to "respect my pronouns!" dialogue without the creator's knowledge.

>burst has a shorter cooldown and less strict energy requirements
If she's coming home with little primos I have after Wrio then YESSS since my arti set for her has zero energy recharge.

No. 326336

I really want XQ skin, I find him so ugly. But even with another skin, his voice is still gonna annoy me.
As for Ganyu, I don't have her, but anything is better that the weird black boobs covered by Mysterious fabric that sticks to them but isn't leather nor latex and is matte. It looks like she has boob necrosis to me.

No. 326370

Is Nuev strong? I'm not sure if I should roll him or Wrio, I only have enough for 1 guarantee and I feel about the same about both of them so I'm choosing the more meta option

No. 326372

Yes, he's one of the strongest characters in the game right now. He can solo the current Abyss. Wriothesley isn't bad either, just mediocre, but Neuvillette is really strong while also being stupid easy to play. Plus he works really well with Prototype Amber so you don't even need any fancy limited weapon for him.

No. 326378

Whats the quickest way I can get 30 rolls in a week

No. 326419

f2p way =Do the events. Grind all the chests available with the help of this interactive map. https://genshin-impact-map.appsample.com/

No. 326421

Actually use this official one instead: https://act.hoyolab.com/ys/app/interactive-map/index.html?lang=en-us#/map/2?shown_types=45&center=2008.50,-1084.00&zoom=-4.50

The fan made one seems to have gotten retarded submissions

No. 326453

I was trying to look for good Nuev art and all I get is him and Furina together. Yeah, he's her tard wrangler but the dynamic isn't even fun when it feels like obligation and he looks tired in everything. I'm not even a shipper, I just want more art of him and the relationship is overrated imo.

No. 326462

Nonnies I dont know how I should build my traveler. I'm relatively new and I only occasionally bring her out for a pyro swirl reaction. I'm thinking maybe switch her to dendro once I unlock Sumeru but then I wouldn't have any anemo options.

I also have an unbuilt Freminet, my plan for him is to just switch him with Kaeya whenever I want freeze because seeing him lug around that massive sword is just so cute.

No. 326469

File: 1697067402153.jpg (403.12 KB, 1808x2514, 20b9612a41f90f94eb270d57d2d060…)

Same, some of the art woth Furina has him looking cute but because of his /spoiler/ he's now drawn with everyone. Though in tag websites you can choose the proper tags to find him by himself.

For now go elemental mastery or %atk in her artis if you have any, and an %atk or physical sword.
Don't sweat it too much because you'll get Lynnette for free and she's a good anemo characters for your traveller to be Dendero.

No. 326517

File: 1697095653162.jpeg (83.65 KB, 619x321, IMG_2470.jpeg)

Anon you seem very new, just use this button for builds. At your stage you really don't need advanced builds. It tells you what most users prioritized for their artifacts.

Other than that, just level talents and character level.

No. 326519

Anons who have Neuvillete; why does my Neuv sometimes charges his charge attack slowly like he has no bubbles but he has his bubbles and just absorbed them??
Twice in a domain today he did that, I tried searching on youtube on how I'm screwing up but no one seems to have this issue.

Basically skill drops 3 bubbles -> most of the time he does as he should– absorb then immediately charge attack but sometimes not and slowly charges. I don't know how to solve it

No. 326523

Hmm I don’t have him yet but maybe it’s the "tracking" issue Zajef mentions in this video at 09:20. Neuv can pick up old orbs that expire too quick because they’re old? Idk sorry anon for linking this autist but that’s the only thing I could find

No. 326545

I'll double check when I log in to see if that's the issue, thank you soso much for going through his video for the time stamp

No. 326729

no worries anon I was curious myself!

No. 326755

The new event has cute interactions, but I laughed when Hutao and Venti were trying to invite Xiao to the event, didn't expect him to be the poet type kek.
Ativities suck though imo.

No. 326890

File: 1697251388418.jpeg (2.69 MB, 4007x2567, IMG_0614.jpeg)

I hate this man with every fiber of my being. I lose EVERY 50/50 and always to him. If I could delete one character from this game…

No. 326891

Why? Diluc has saved my ass so many times, he works amazingly with my husbando teams.

No. 326892

I have him C5 at this point and never use him because I absolutely hate his play style.

No. 326893

Samefag, but matter of fact, I don’t like claymore users (except Itto.)

No. 326915

I hate his gameplay too, too clunky, but like him in fanart kek
I hope I don't see his face in my wishes.
>Inb4 I lose to him in Wriothesly's banner

No. 327027

He loves you, nonna. You didn't choose this husbando, he chose you! sorry you keep losing to him though, and every 50/50? I keep getting Jean and the only other being QiQi. Three years and it's just Jean wtf

No. 327045

I understand your pain but tbh if I'm going to lose a 50-50 to a standard I'd rather it be a husbando than a goblin like Qiqi or something

No. 327083

I would rather lose to Tighnari, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

No. 327085

My luck is quite bad. I’ve checked my paimon.moe stats, and yeah, it’s not ideal.

No. 327428

Nonnies wtf is this event's story?
I was excited to see a fully character interact with zany Venti and Hutao shenanigans joking and pranking but instead it's some weirdo Young boy who fell in love with oceanid is now an old man who gets a kiss from her or some shit.
What did you think about this whole story?

No. 327431

File: 1697437441665.png (4.32 MB, 2554x1399, KEK.png)

Came here to complain too kek they really made us think we'll get interesting interactions between characters with very different personalities then it turned out to be an npc story again. It wasn't even a cute love story, I didn't need the mental image of that old faggot kissing a young girl or a water monster. I was waiting for Hu Tao to join in and have a big ending to the story at the end, but it just ended abruptly. The actually poem related parts were good but the last part just wasn't it. I hope we learn what happened to Chongyun the way we learned Diona's condition. It's like the writers are allergic to letting the characters progress, all the characters still act the same they always were, we just learn details about shit we already knew. I know Mika will again be a scaredy cat with social anxiety next event he appears in. No wonder the few that learn and grow through the story are a million times more popular than all the others.

No. 327483

What do you think of Wrio's trailer? I like his character but to me it was meh. Not very interesting. And that's probably because they spent a lot of time on his design it seems but not a lot on his personality. I wish they'd make him a bit more interesting, imo with his design they had lot to work with. I think if they built on his past of being a criminal and repenting a bit more it would be better. Maybe it'll be in his story but so far he seems kinda mild. Or they should have built his relationship with Neuvi more, character interactions are what makes us understand the character more.
Also I'm almost always liking the characters songs from the version trailers more than their extended versions.

I wish they'd stop with using the generic boring npcs so much.

No. 327493

What killed me was the abrupt ending, aside from the weird… bestiality? I don't know what to make of that kek.
Many many decisions made me go "huh?!" Several times like Zhongli popping for no reason, Xiao popping for no reason and was this the shortest event dialogue-wise? I remember Mondstadt's Collei and Sucrose's one, it had alot of dialogue and I liked learning more about characters, why is this one so short and weird?
One postive thing is the illustrated movie thing, I like the style.

I feel the same way, hope his story and profile make him more interesting.

No. 327497

File: 1697462853216.jpg (140.36 KB, 1000x1250, F5v4NIKXUAE3Ywa.jpg)

The event was kinda mid for being an anniversary event. I liked better the first and second anniversary events, this one is just boring.
>It's like the writers are allergic to letting the characters progress.
Since the second Golden Archipelago event, I have noticed mihoyo is listening to the casual players screeching about lore and characters being developed in events. I will never forget 2.8 update, it was one of the best events ever and it gave a lot of depth to Mona, Fischl, Kazuha and Xinyan. I'm glad I was there, kek.

>What do you think of Wrio's trailer? I like his character but to me it was meh.
The trailer was just fanservice for the simps. And I'm grateful for that, kekw.
I love his personality a lot, he is perfect in my eyes. I like that he seems cold and aloof but he is actually playful and sometimes can be a total dumbass. I can wait to play his archon quest and also unlock his voicelines.

No. 327499

Nonny i am a Wrio simp. Just when I compare it for example to Alhaitham's trailer, I'd rate it much lower on a creativity scale

No. 327526

File: 1697473366578.jpeg (1.53 MB, 2388x1668, IMG_2419.jpeg)

I just think his personality is a bit meh like you said. It transferred into the trailer. There's not much that makes him unique. But I have hope, some characters like Cyno turn out to be completely different after the archon quest and Alhaitham became more than just “smart” when his relationship to Kaveh was developed more in depth. So I bet Wrio will get more multifaceted too with time.

No. 327542

File: 1697478352924.jpeg (689.89 KB, 1242x1720, IMG_2569.jpeg)

So nice seeing a well known trusted chinese leaker talk about this. I remember when a waifu banner (forgot which) and a Hu Tao banner had the exact same numbers on Genshin Lab down to the freaking decimals. No way the exact same amount of people pulled a character. It’s inaccurate data that caps at certain numbers and it famously shows male banners as underperforming.

No. 327547

hxg_diluc has always been on our side, kek
I barely care about banner revenue anymore tho. Mihoyo is just gonna do whatever the hell they want with the game. They don't have competition, so they don't need to listen to their userbase.

No. 327569

This guy isn't trusted at all. He gets almost all of his original leaks completely wrong, especially the story ones.
Neuvillette didn't perform terribly badly but to act like it's a major accomplishment to be the best selling banner since 3.5 is kind of stupid (and as far as I can tell, Genshinlab says the same thing anyway). IIrc the only new character who got released between 3.5 and 4.0 was Baizhu who really did sell like total shit, and anyone who wanted Lyney had 3 years to save for him. What else were people going to spend their money on between then and now? The Klee/Eula banner kek?
The sales numbers of specific characters clearly don't matter much to Hoyo anyway, we got a ton of limited husbandos this past year while moids only got Nilou a year ago. They know that flooding regions with a majority of male or female characters works because husbando or waifu collectors need to swipe to get all of them. Neuvillette and Wriothesley will most likely be the last limited male characters for a long while because of this. At least Fontaine has stepped up its female characters and there are some promising ones like Arlecchino to tide us over until the next husbando releases in a thousand years.

No. 327690

File: 1697520593240.jpeg (403.18 KB, 2048x2048, C003629F-48BE-47C5-BA0F-20B0E4…)

No? He has a good track record as of late. Almost everything in Sumeru was correct and things he said about lion dance boy turned out to be true when we got the leak flood images

No. 327741

He reposts what he sees other leakers say and makes random shit up that he deletes or "corrects" later when its proven as false. He said that Ayaka's skin is 5 star, Alhaitham is more like Ayaka than Dendro Keqing, Alhaitham is friends with Zhongli and very close to Nahida, and Dehya is a 4 star. He's also the one that threw everyone in a panic by saying everything about Scaramouche changes and he won't be the same person anymore with that retarded ship comparison. I don't think he even has any kind of inside connection, he just hangs out in CN forums all day to see what people are saying.

No. 327742

But out of those 5 times he was wrong he was also correct over 20 times. Of course any leak is stc. I also don't get where you got this:
>Neuvillette didn't perform terribly badly but to act like it's a major accomplishment to be the best selling banner since 3.5 is kind of stupid
How do you know Neuvillette didn't perform terribly badly if you don't trust Genshin labs either but at the same time denounce hxg_diluc. So what is your source? Or are you just speaking out of your ass and pretending it's facts. He sold really fucking well, why is that something you want to downplay?

No. 327745

He's a reposter, stop whiteknighting so hard for him.
I'm not downplaying how well Neuvillette sold, I'm just saying that his banner didn't sell on the same level as the actual powerhouse banners. Hxg's weird Tiktok hours and Genshinlab are probably about equally unreliable and statistically they tell the exact same story anyway. I don't really understand what the point with being so obsessed with inaccurate sales numbers is, as I said in my first post Hoyoverse won't change the amount of male characters they release based on how much previous ones sold so who cares

No. 327801

>I don't really understand what the point with being so obsessed with inaccurate sales numbers is
It's an insecure ex-kpopfag thing

No. 327815

>dehya is a 4 star
Well he wasn't exactly wrong, was he. I would have thought 4* with a kit that scuffed too.

No. 327837

File: 1697563452716.jpeg (300.95 KB, 1469x2048, IMG_2109.jpeg)

>I'm just saying that his banner didn't sell on the same level as the actual powerhouse banners.
Well this is what I was asking, how do you know this and why state it as a fact?

No. 327853

The Genshinlab banner revenue numbers have been really suspicious lately, every banner has been performing like shit since Nahida which makes no sense. According to them Lyney&Yelan barely made a dime which is just preposterous because even if everyone boycotted Lyney they damn sure weren't passing up Yelan since she's a waifu and one of the most sought after units in the game. Even if he was wrong about some leaks the banner thing makes sense.

No. 327862

File: 1697573580588.jpeg (324.63 KB, 1574x2048, IMG_1361.jpeg)

Yeah especially that weapon banner revenue. That is usually counted into banner revenue calculations. Shit is fake as fuck.

No. 327953

I got Wrio in 12 pulls and his weapon in 78 (I think), this is the first time I got lucky since playing holy shit I'm happy.

Now the only characters I want are Furina and Arle.

How did your wishes go nonas?!

No. 327956

File: 1697596783309.jpg (113.83 KB, 600x1025, 20231013_035358.jpg)

Congrats nona!
I spent my 250 wishes in one go and I got 1 wrio, 1 jean, 1 wolf gravestone and wrio's bis. All were almost hard pity, lel. Pretty happy anyways, could have been worse! Now I have a guaranteed and I don't know if I should try and go for Baizhu or just wait and save for Shenhe.
Btw I like his playstyle a lot, he is very satisfying and easy to use! I was a little intimidated by his health drain mechanic, but after doing abyss with him I'm starting to learn how it works.
Kind of a shame he struggles running solo. He definetly needs a shield/healer.

No. 327960

Won the 50-50 at ~90.
But now I have to level him up and still I'll probably never use him cause I have to figure out new team comps…
And might as well roll for Xiao next time he's up, didn't realize beforehand that both Neuv and Wrio hurt themselves with their own attacks too. So annoying.

No. 327965

File: 1697605441190.jpg (461.63 KB, 1431x2048, F6Xsm9lWQAAgcxi.jpg)

I lost my first 50/50 but won the next one for his C1. I haven't decided whether to go for the weapon or not since I already have Wanderer's weapon but never use Wanderer and Tulaytullah's Remembrance is second-best in slot for him. Furina's going to be the perfect support for both him and Neuvillette so I don't want to have to skip her.
Teams aren't that hard for Wriothesley. You'll probably want another cryo unit and an anemo unit then throw Bennett or a hydro unit in depending on whether whatever you're fighting can be frozen or not.

No. 327994

Metafagging in spoilers I'm regretting pulling Wrio in a gambling addicted haze… why is his damage kinda shit even in a team while Lyney was fucking my ass through the screen at level 1 with no supports? Wrio even has a crit dmg weapon while Lyney has that shitty Ganyu bow. No force on earth can make me pull that woman shaped pillow with a hole named Shenhe. Is Wrio destined to become a national melt enabler?

No. 327997

My c0 Wrio with a 4* weapon does 30k per hit with food buffs which is fine enough for a c0 in my books, maybe you're just building him wrong? He runs off high attack, not elemental damage unlike other catalysts so give him the Marechaussee set. Sure Lyney is a goddamn cannon when it comes to damage dealing but I personally hate the aimed shots playstyle and how squishy he tends to be.

No. 328000

Nta but if I have enough crit rate is it best to go with 2 piece Marechaussee 2 piece Blizzard Strayer or stick with 4 Mare pieces? Or any %18 ATK 2 piece instead of BS?
(Just wanna double check before leveling up artifacts)

No. 328011

Wait, does that mean he'll do better with an atk% cup instead of cryo dmg?

No. 328014

Most guides are recommending 4pc Marechaussee set for him because it gives a normal&charged attack boost and a 32% crit rate boost when your HP changes, which fits Wrio's HP mechanics. So that's preferred over a 2pc marechaussee and 2pc blizzard set, but if you're lucky enough to get a cryo dmg marechaussee piece then yeah that's definitely useful for him.

No. 328016

I just tried burning with Wrio and it works! Way better than him and Xiangling as a melt team, though ICD for melting seems to be 1.5 seconds? Anyways my recommendation is to try it, with a shield because burning is kind of ass and damages the active player too.

No. 328050

File: 1697639127164.jpeg (446.46 KB, 2390x2388, F7XQL1La0AEzYGz.jpeg)

It's not. Lyney needs ridiculously high personal damage because he's designed to not work with a lot of the best supports. With Wriothesley you need to make sure you have a healer at C0 to maintain his bonus damage buff. At C1 you don't need a healer anymore and can do whatever as long as you charged attack when your HP is around 60% and you see the red aura around him.
He's going to work really well with Furina, so you should be able to pull for her instead of Shenhe if you're unsatisfied with his current damage. I'd still run a second cryo for cryo resonance, but that's up to you.

No. 328054

File: 1697640111269.png (2.86 MB, 994x2048, F1ATihMXoAIUMIO.png)

>Lyney needs ridiculously high personal damage because he's designed to not work with a lot of the best supports
What do you mean? Bennett and Kazuha are both BIS teammates for him and they are the best supports in the game. Xiangling, Venti and Zhongli work really well with him too. He honestly has a lot of options for being shackled to mono pyro.

No. 328055

File: 1697640640809.jpg (419.34 KB, 2250x1486, F4Du2CLWMAAenSM.jpg)

He doesn't work with Xingqiu, Fischl, or Yelan, widely considered some of the best supports in the game. Discouraging reactions with him means he needs really high damage himself to compete or he'd be trash compared to Hu Tao, who Vapes. He works with Bennett and Xiangling and Kazuha but a lot of other units want them too.
I'm not saying he's bad, he's not bad by any means because they gave him the insane damage buffs he needed to compete, he's just inflexible compared to a unit like Childe or Raiden (who want all the same teammates as Lyney).

No. 328062

>lore and character development locked to events is good reeee. if you think otherwise you are a casual
Lol, fuck off. Go explore Dragonspine as a new player and tell me that its good that all its lore was event-only.

No. 328065

>alhaitham isnt dendro keqing but ayaka
He is right lol. Calling alhaitham "keqing" is a casual dogwhistle. The only thing they have in common are animations.
>mihoyo is just gonna do whatever the hell they want with the game. they don't have competition, so they don't need to listen to their userbase

No. 328069

>you need to make sure you have a healer at C0 to maintain his bonus damage buff
But the healers get him above 60% all the time so I run him with no healer. Which healer do C0 Wrio nonnies run?

No. 328077

It's kind of impossible to reliably keep him at 50-60% to use both buffs so just use whichever healer fits your team. I think it's not super necessary to have one though, since he can also heal himself a bit

No. 328092

So true, without the Albedo events there Dragonspine feels so out of place

No. 328096

NTA but I think lore events are still really good, but I wished they would return or could be unlocked by newer players. The fact is I really just don't give a fuck about npcs.

I heard Mika is good with him, he heals and increases attack speed. Also gives cryo renosance. Ofcourse the physical buff is useless but still

No. 328218

This pic is beautiful. I love this melodramatic Fatui thing fans wanted but never really got. The closest thing is in first AQ.

Iirc leakers said Furina's healing is worse than the average healer so maybe Wrio can use her with her many buffs.

No. 328299

>I love this melodramatic Fatui thing fans wanted but never really got.
I’m so curious, what do you mean by this? I felt like the Lyney Lynette situation fits that vibe
>Furina's healing is worse than the average healer
Yeah and she is best in teams with a healer. Fontaine seems to be going for the two healing units in one team kind of set up

No. 328376

I'm a new player who did the Dragonspine stuff before going to Liyue and I didn't realise there was more to its story. I honestly thought they just added a huge ice mountain for the fun of it… and it wasn't even that fun! Now I feel kinda cheated.

No. 328402

File: 1697733845107.jpg (76.77 KB, 800x450, 23ghjg31.jpg)

Look up "The Chalk Prince and the Dragon" and "Shadows Amidst Snowstorms" on Youtube. There's a lot of important stuff that took place in Dragonspine, they really flesh Albedo out. It's a real travesty that they and Unreconciled Stars aren't permanent story events.

No. 328410

Anyone who calls Alhaitham "dendro Keqing" is confirmed seething moid, they tried to do damage control when they realized Alhaitham was going to turn out to be a S tier DPS and then tried to meme everyone into not rolling for him because he's "dendro Keqing".

No. 328413

File: 1697738092109.jpg (1.71 MB, 2972x4096, Fn4YZz-akAAW3IA.jpg)

Even as someone who kind of regretted pulling for Alhaitham because I don't really like his playstyle and how he's shackled to Kuki I still don't think he's Dendro Keqing. Play Keqing after Alhaitham and you'll be amazed at how awful and clunky she feels to play. Plus she deals so little damage compared to him it's laughable.

No. 328416

>at 50 pity
>only have 5 measly rolls left
>start doing desperate singles to empty stash
>venti actually arrives on the 5th pull
I love you I love you I love you

No. 328424

what the fuck is that nasty moid self insert picture

No. 328441

Obvious bait or moid. Report it

No. 328480

Damn I didn't know women weren't allowed to enjoy horny POV art

No. 328510

Why is moidgaze shit always so badly drawn, this looks 100% traced

No. 328516

only troons/pedo moids want to fuck venti

No. 328525

Sad how lolcow has become filled with delusional policing twitterfags like this over the last few years. Keep believing this and maybe one day it'll come true. Original artist is a real woman btw.

No. 328527

I only see women simping for Venti

No. 328613

Why do people always draw Lumine as a the female lead from a hentai, she is so cute but they always have to change her to be super coomerish with big tits and remove her cute bloomers.

No. 328635

>decently sized boobs = hentai character
I'm sorry anon but your brain is completely rotten

No. 328642

>anons seething about this
Goddamn this website really has changed for the worse over the last few years.

No. 328645

NTA but trapfag and pedo moids love Venti, just because you only spend time on female-dominated spaces doesn't mean it never happens.

No. 328662

he's been as popular as astolfo with them for a long time now. that anon is coping hard, they should go back to /vg/ to post their unspoilered straight shota POV art where girl boobs take up a third of the screen. men would appreciate it more than we would.

the only woman I've seen simp for venti was the one who drew all that gross venlisa oneeshota that moids love. one moid got banned for spamming that here.

No. 328709

File: 1697817039942.png (891.92 KB, 850x859, lumine.png)

That picture is pretty close to how she looks in-game.
Anyway, Venti is one of the cutest and lewdest guys in the game and I'd love a romp in the hay with him.

No. 328720

Are you same retard that made the thread pic

No. 328802

File: 1697830567227.jpeg (2.43 MB, 1986x3541, F5lkId9akAAwL0c.jpeg)

Based and same. Next thing you know the twitterfags here will tell you that only moids want to fuck Scara since he has a sizeable tranny fanbase too. The absolute state of nu lolcor, nothing but troons and moids on the mind.

No. 328844

The are one or two very spergy anons always in here. Their posts are obvious if you know what to look for ('twitterfags', '/v/ermin', fanatical defense of moid pandering, seething about being called moids for it). They turned into personal cows lmfao. I come to lurk their latest infights more than I talk about the game.

No. 328880

Anon that's not close at all

No. 328921

>calling lolcow demographic twitterfags while acting like an aiden twittard defending coomer art
>doesn't even know the scara fans vs moids lore
This thread has truly gone to shit huh

No. 328980

File: 1697894478877.jpeg (319.29 KB, 2048x1670, FlJhZ--agAAK0qo.jpeg)

It’s more like
>anon posts innocuous on-topic post
>random moid accusations because you cant come up with a real argument that doesnt make you sound like a trad retard
Typical moves from someone who found lc in the last few years and thinks she can create some purist radfem hivemind here. Try not being so terminally online. Women can like sexually suggestive art too.

Anyway to get back on topic I cant wait to build my Venti & Wrio to hear their cute fighting and climbing grunts.

No. 328983

Nonnie… Got any more art or artist suggestions? I've never seen Xingqiu like this and the art's so quality.

No. 328991

To be fair while I don't mind it I can't remember a time where oneeshota or a straight shota was welcomed on lolcow. It's always been bl shota in the least.

No. 328996

I don't care about women liking shotas and Venti. That art was very obviously moidy and ugly.
>Try not being so terminally online
We're both on lolcow retardchama. Pot calling the kettle black

No. 329018

I'm farming primos for Wrio and wanted to know, did any nonnies care about the Paris? The dialogue's so long that I skip through it all and barely know the bare minimum. They def can't compare to the anarana kek

No. 329051

this coming from the most terminally online user itt who spends so much time around 4chan moids someone here mistakes her for one every other day is making me kek. go back.

No. 329119

File: 1697937599042.jpeg (391.86 KB, 1675x2325, FzOgDxcaIAAFTwN.jpeg)

The artist @nz__g, she's great

No. 329231

Thanks, nonnie!

No. 329291

Oh so Timmie's story is that his dad is dead, I was so sure that it was gonna be Draff having a drunken one night stand.
Now I can finally leave Mondstadt behind.

No. 329295

Do anons have any team ideas where I can put Xiao and Lyney on the same team? I’m pretty new to team building but I’m not interested in Lyney’s mono Pyro.

Ideally without any waifus, I dont mind having less damage as a result

No. 329303

It's just a shame that they've struggled to find a midpoint between the critical lore dumps that get lost forever like the dragonspine events and no character development in quests at all.

Just make two separate teams? They're both meant to be the primary character on-field and don't really work with any other play style. They do both like some of the same supports though, so if you really wanted to you could pair them with any two of Bennet/Kazuha/Zhongli.

No. 329306

The image is now gone but the artist literally made her breast 2x as big

I know how she looks in game, i choose her as the mc. I don't mind if you post sexual fan art, it was just a comment about how a lot of people just change Lumine her appearance to be more sexual.

Are you asking if you can put Xiao and Lyney on the team? They are both on field characters so that would not be optimal, but if you only care about overworld you could just keep swapping dpses I guess. For Xiao you want to use a healer and/or shielder. Like >>329303 mentioned you can use Zhongli and Bennet for shielding and healing.

No. 329318

I wanted them on the same team. Lame that they dont really mesh well.

No. 329339

Was gonna say something about how Choiseul doesn't look Korean in the slightest but apparently it's a French name, the things you can learn from gatcha.

No. 329368

Xiao and Lyney just won’t have any synergy team building wise. There’s not much we can that will make it work, all you can do is just do an overworld team with them. Everything dies quick in the overworld if you do basic builds with them.

No. 329385

You should also learn to spell it as gacha instead of gatcha

No. 329499

File: 1698072044360.jpeg (1.35 MB, 4096x2363, kaveh_faruzan_Genshin_7.jpeg)

New official art from Genshin's Japanese twitter account to celebrate 3.4 million followers

No. 329564

Kaveh a cute

No. 330053

So cute. Although it’s so interesting how incredibly irrelevant Inazuma and sumeru characters feel.

At least with Fontaine, Neuvillette and the Arlecchino plot line with Furina makes it feel like the characters are important to the game’s overall story. Especially with Childe being involved in the story too. It really feels like the game is finally moving forward and we’re taking the steps to understand Celestia/Abyss/Archon powers more. I didn’t feel like that at all with Sumeru characters. Even the Scaramouche and Nahida irminsul tree thing didn’t feel like it told us something groundbreakingly new.

No. 330077

That's true, I oftentimes forget that those chapters even happened because nothing in them mattered

No. 330090

Liyue was also completely irrelevant though. We just went on a shopping trip and then there was a very badly written climax, only for Zhongli to tell us he can't say anything about the archon war because muh contract.
The only nation that has future lore relevancy to Celestia is Mondstadt. Sumeru didn't give us many lore bombs in the main archon quest, but Khaenri'ah is below it and the interlude was pretty good.

No. 330217

This is a little off topic but I‘m currently doing database work and there’s a ton of Chinese people in it and it’s really struck me how everyone in Liyue is named the Chinese equivalent of SparkleDog or WarriorShadowKiller. In 1000 names I didn’t see a single name that matched a genshin name.

No. 330493

It's an anime inspired game, it makes sense. They don't usually give anime characters normal names (unless you think fishcake swirl is perfectly normal). They go for meaningful (even if it sounds dumb with a literal translation) over realistic 9 times out of 10.

No. 330518

Yeah but Liyue at least gave so much info about Childe and the fatui network.

No. 330560

Childe really is the game's fave if his lore is necessary in determining if a story or whatever is good. I wouldn't say I hate him, but we can't escape the guy kek

No. 330563

kek yes he benefits a lot from being the most normal/casual fatui harbinger. Others wouldn't have just approached us on the street and give us their visions to kick off a storyline. Or be distracted by the chance to fight people while they're sent out to find another harbinger. It's easy for the game to remind us that he exists casually until we get to his story.

No. 330572

>Sumeru is irrelevant
>Irminsul tree didn't tell anything new
What are you talking about? The entirety of Teyvat is connected to Irminsul and you can control the collective memory of everyone in the world by editing what's stored in it like Scaramouche and Rukkhadevata did by removing their existence and Traveler is the only person who had their memories preserved, even Nahida and Paimon forgot about them. The biggest revelation in the end of Sumeru chapter was that the traveler's sibling was recorded in the Irminsul database even though it shouldn't be possible due to the limitations specifying that "people from outside of Teyvat are excluded from the records". Both of these were huge plot points. Irminsul is connected to every single domain and Leyline in the game making it in essence the central computer of Teyvat that has two flaws: the data stored in it can be edited and people from the outside aren't recorded in it. The most popular theory is that the reason the Traveler's sibling is recorded is because Teyvat is running in a loop and the traveler's sibling already died once (i.e. "completed their journey"), had this recorded in the Irminsul's database and then started over again. Which would explain a lot of things happening in the game. I sometimes feel like people here just sleep on half of the lore because they autoplay the dialogue and then complain about bad writing.

No. 330626

Jean/Lisa/Bennett/Charlotte and a few others all have pretty normal sounding names. I just assumed that there would be a few normal Chinese names thrown in there too.

No. 330653

>The most popular theory is that the reason the Traveler's sibling is recorded is because Teyvat is running in a loop and the traveler's sibling already died once (i.e. "completed their journey"), had this recorded in the Irminsul's database and then started over again.
Well that’s what I meant with nothing new. Anyone not retarded knew this loop thing by what characters have said. Literally Venti saying "we meet again" to the traveler, we got to know that 2 years ago. They just added the tree as an explanation for it in sumeru, which to me wasn’t enough new info. Lumine being in Teyvat before us and our journey being a loop that we have forgotten is as obvious as Paimon being sketchy.

No. 330782

English names sound exotic without needing to be fancy to non-English speakers. Good example is Terra in Final Fantasy 6 being called Tina in Japan because they thought it made her sound cool and different, but they changed it to Terra in English to keep the same unique vibe. Once you see it, you won't unsee it, characters called Alice and Steve next to Shining Hero and Evil Killman.

No. 330783

Nta but thanks for reminding me about how important Irminsul is. I never thought too hard about twin theories cause I'm just waiting on the story to unfold, but your explanation is an interesting thought. It'd make since if the twin died imo, it'd explain the feeling of hopelessness they give off.

No. 330828

File: 1698515060767.jpg (368.19 KB, 1201x2500, FrjGJeiWcAAjEQs.jpg)

God I hope this time travel plot is not what the writers go with. Superfluous time travel always makes a plot 1000% worse. The writers always fail to think things through and create endless contradictions and everything falls apart with the least bit of scrutiny.
What I immediately thought is that the Traveler's sibling died/was killed and the one we see is a clone made by Rhinedottir. We already know Albedo is made up of the same substance as the Traveler, hinting that he was only able to be made because of the Traveler somehow. We also know that Rhinedottir made a lot more than just Albedo (Durin, Elynas, Dorian, the Riftwolves). If the "sibling" is a clone it would make sense why they're recorded in Irminsul, they were made in Khaenri'ah. It would also make them being the Prince/Princess of Khaenri'ah make sense if they were a symbol of Khaenri'ah's greatest fuck you to the gods, creating life itself.
It's probably a retarded thought too but god I just can't stand time travel plots.

No. 330832

IMO, time loop isn't the same as time traveling though. Taking into regard Scaramouche's old statement of "the sky being fake" I would guess that the current events in Teyvat are happening inside a simulation and the abyss twin is looking for a way to end it in order to escape, and maybe that's also what the Tsaritsa is attempting to do seeing how the Fatui made the Sumeru Academiya conduct that controlled Samsara experiment. As for the possible reason as to why the sibling has been recorded in Irminsul, there have been speculations how when a person dies in Teyvat they get absorbed into Irminsul before being reborn (like what happened to Rukkhadevata), which would indicate towards the sibling dying in the past.

>Evil Killman

No. 330917

Don't forget the tidbits where Gold pulled souls out of the Abyss and slapped them into her creations. It's possible the sibling died but got their soul plopped into a clone.

No. 330968

True. I guess I should have expected this from the company that named their male power fantasy character Keven.

No. 331081

I just finished the event. It ended so awkwardly. I thought there would be at least a grand ending to the poem event like maybe Venti and Hu Tao giving an ending/goodbye poem but we got nothing. I sorta don't mind the mini npc love story line because they did set up the story a long time ago. The only part I find truly enjoyable is the Traveler and Xiao interaction.

On another note, does any know when Lyney banner reruns again? I missed out in getting him on his first banner. Forever sad I didn't get him on his first run.

No. 331158

Probably not again for several months, anon. Maybe February at the earliest but I'd guess March or April to be more likely. If Arlecchino is a pyro support he'll likely rerun with her.

No. 331346

Just saw a leak saying 4.6 but I'm not sure who's reliable and who's not in leaks. I was guessing .5 or .6 anyway, he'll be the first Fontaine to rerun since he was the only new 5* in .0.

No. 331364

File: 1698679749617.png (501.59 KB, 842x773, welkin_win.png)

They finally sent out the welkin and mora rewards from that Memories: Teyvat event on Hoyolab a few weeks back. Check your in-game mailboxes. Can't believe I actually won something for once.

No. 331368

So now we're getting Furina, Navia, Clorinde, Cloud Retainer, Sigewinne (leaks are saying she's a limited 5*) and Arlecchino. 6 limited female banners consecutively. I know we just had a long run of Sumeru boys and Baizhu, Lyney, Neuvillette and Wriothesley but why are they alternating like this? Wouldn't it be smarter to even the gender ratio out?

No. 331370

File: 1698682255041.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 111.03 KB, 1280x609, remuria.jpeg)

They're doing it to force waifu collectors to whale if they want them all. Seems it worked well enough with the husbando collectors for them to be going this path but now for waifus.
Also Sigewinne isn't confirmed, the guy who leaked that has a history of faking leaks in his streams to stop people from taking credit for his leaks.
As for a credible leak, we have concept art for a new area releasing in 4.6. So we're getting expansions in 4.2, 4.4, and 4.6.

No. 331423

I wish Faruzan's kit was given to a male unit. Same with Nashitda

No. 331425

>Don't forget the tidbits where Gold pulled souls out of the Abyss and slapped them into her creations.

Gold sounds terrifying and I've had bad vibes about her since that one Albedo event with her "failed" creations.
I'm so ashamed. I might actually whale for Wrio.

No. 331604

File: 1698730600076.jpg (133.35 KB, 736x1082, 2d79f090187145a18ab4cc2e6fc9f9…)

Real. I know moids would seethe if Murata, whatever Furina is, and Bronya were turned into manly ass dudes, but little boys are as dimorphic as adult men, so they lost nothing by genderbending Theresa. What does the game have against little boys anyway?

No. 331610

Tao and Xiao seem pretty normal though

No. 331655

I didnt get Kazuha’s birthday mail, was I supposed to log on during his birthday to receive it? I thought they send it regardless

No. 331657

yes, you have to login. I havent gotten a birthday letter since last year because I never bother to login anymore lol.

No. 331668

Fucking hell… I logged in for the green goblin’s birthday but I was so busy on Kazuha’s birthday. This is the worst.

No. 331681

They're lazy and don't want to make a young male model. They've shot themselves in the foot though, they have to have it ready for Pulcinella. Still two years away but the clock's ticking, Hoyoverse.
>b-but grandpa won't be playable-
He's in the Travail trailer, it's almost guaranteed he'll be playable.

No. 331682

If you log in and immediately log out you will still have the mail when you log in next. If you claim the mail you'll have it forever in the heart mail icon. If you know it's someone's birthday you could log in and out real quick next time.
>it's almost guaranteed he'll be playable
Is it? Who's gonna pull for him? By then meta will be even more saturated so I don't think he'll be desirable even with a meta kit.

No. 331686

File: 1698770230653.jpeg (150.9 KB, 640x825, IMG_0299.jpeg)

It’s what Fontaine’s story line is hinting too with jakob, caterpillar etc. I think it’s just hints leading up to Arlecchino’s backstory reveal.

No. 331690

File: 1698771317508.png (2.15 MB, 1485x1602, 892637521.png)

I would. I genuinely think his design is neat and badass grandpa isn't a character type we have yet (actual grandpa, not Zhongli). Even better if he's a support that can remove the need for one of the generic waifus on a team.

No. 331711

File: 1698776011754.jpeg (350.07 KB, 2048x1058, IMG_1010.jpeg)

I would seethe so hard if they made an ugly ass gnome playable cause you know they wouldn’t make an ugly female character. Husbando pullers getting one less husbando because of this deformed grandpa

No. 331719

I mean Nahida is essentially an ugly little green gnome. Especially compared to Rukkhadevata, who has a very elegant design.

No. 331731

Omg i also won a welkin! I'm so glad, i posted a comment but did not excpect to actually win something. Im happy that they gave the rewards to random comments, because my comment was like only 2 sentences kek

I think Nahida is cute, she's not comparable to the deformed grandpa. I agree with the other anon. I don't want any ugly male characters unless we get an ugly female one.

No. 331734

there are millions more pedophiles than ugly grandpa fuckers. may he never be playable so we won't have to see coomer memes about him being the only small male surrounded by a dozen lolis.

No. 331752

Nashitda was carefully designed for her intended subhuman audience from her personality to her bare feet and meta kit. But even grandpa/midget fuckers have standards that arent just any old ugly gnome, so thats not really an accurate comparison

No. 331760

File: 1698788836228.jpeg (284.16 KB, 771x900, IMG_0905.jpeg)

>coomer memes about him being the only small male surrounded by a dozen lolis
Fuck anon, this will totally happen if he gets an in-game design that looks like his 2D art. Nightmare fuel

No. 331814

Finished the quest with Caterpillar today and went wiki diving, damn so much stuff I missed.
Like I didn't even notice Arle's hands are black, just thought she was wearing gloves…
Also that she only 'recently' took over the House of the Hearth from the more 'evil' previous Knave.
And Freminet's depressing backstory.
Also all the stuff with Lyris, Rene and the Master that people seem to have theory-ed together and I wonder if it will be spelled out concretely at some point in a future world quest.
And then I see a reddit discussion and people don't bother saying if a spoiler is in game content or from a leak, really hate that.
leak? if Mary-Ann is somehow that little girl Fatui…

No. 331820

Also at the end of that Caterpillar quest a reference to both Babe and apparently a Borges short story, oh the worldliness.

No. 331860

This, I will never agree with the weird ass people demanding Pulcinella to be playable. I would be fine with an old man character if they made him at least normal looking, not an ugly gnome like him. Unless waifufags are hit with an equally hideous female character then I'm not having it, releasing this goblin as a playable character into the male character roster would feel like an insult.

No. 331993

Do you nonas only pull for characters based on how fuckable they are?

No. 332009

Do you pull for ugly cringe goblins?

No. 332018

File: 1698877789566.jpeg (266.13 KB, 1046x1496, IMG_0794.jpeg)

Yes. Why else would you spend money on a character

No. 332020

Imagine actually whaling for characters.

No. 332021

Come back when there's an ugly female gnome made playable in the game and we'll talk then

No. 332022

Yes? That's the point of Gacha games

No. 332024

File: 1698878589568.jpg (92.52 KB, 1159x1248, 7byq4f.jpg)

No. 332025

File: 1698878766895.jpg (20.46 KB, 500x416, 1695155991367215.jpg)

>she thinks we would still be playing without the cute anime boys

No. 332027

This is just sad to see.

No. 332028

I envy your optimism nonny

No. 332032

I'm not a scrote.

No. 332042

Yes? retard

No. 332043

For me, no it's not the only metric, but it is a baseline requirement that they at least be cute or sexy. I want to like how the characters on my screen look. I wish for characters of all body types, male or female. They also need to be either fun to play or enhance the playstyle of one of my favorites.
For the vast majority of gacha players, it is expected that the characters you are able to obtain will be pleasant on the eyes in one way or another.

No. 332301

File: 1698955407451.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 89.42 KB, 1353x987, skirktrailer.jpeg)

Well the trailer got leaked and we can see Skirk. She looks like a Honkai character, so dissapointing.

No. 332302

File: 1698955449539.jpg (Spoiler Image, 382.5 KB, 2036x2048, skirkconcept.jpg)

As a reminder this was her leaked concept art

No. 332305

They couldn't even go for middle left? Who's the one making these shitty decisions, she looks so generic in that image. Basically just Eula with long hair

No. 332307

What the fuck am I even looking at. Is she naked? What a waste of these pretty decent character designs >>332302

No. 332313

Star Rail Seele and Jingliu lovechild, ugliest design ever. It looks like she's wearing the least clothes out of all female characters in Genshin so far

No. 332318

File: 1698960173424.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.38 KB, 1000x1000, cPz6di5.jpg)

Been waiting since 1.1 for this shit. I know it's so retarded of me but I was imagining her like picrel. This happened with another character before, I can't take even Childe seriously now that I know his ass got taught fighting by a naked woman with the arm thickness of a toothpick. I wasn't expecting a buff woman model but at least the clothes could be used to give the weathered fighter vibe. I was hoping she would be an npc with a unique model just so she could be older too.

No. 332340

That's hoping for too much nona, there was just no way they'd do this. Have you played Limbus Company? Just curious, your pic rel made me think of Outis even though she's not as old

No. 332341

pls say sike or that they at least have time to change things up, it would be cool to have her as a badass older woman, but I would be fine with a black rock shooter princess type of design too, the leak just looks like ai-generated honkai shit

No. 332342

Sigh, I know nonna I know. Got my hopes high for nothing. I wasn't even expecting her to show up in game till leaks happened and Childe came back with his abyss lore. I'd rather not see her at all than have her image ruined in my mind to be honest. And nope, this is from Arknights instead. Do you recommend it nonnie? Is there good story with few coomerish designs?

No. 332348

I hope some fanartists out there will share your vision and make lots of good art of her, hoyoverse designers just couldn't make a woman past thirty even if they wanted to… Oh my god, I've never played a gacha with such good writing and so little coom. But you should know that they fired a female artist over mildly feminist tweets which were dug up by seething incels who were mad about the summer event having no tits-out coombait ID. I deinstalled the same day they announced it and still can't understand why they decided to act that way. I miss it so much, maybe I'll pick up Arknights just to see older women in games again even if they are just NPCs

No. 332353

She looks like dogshit

No. 332357

They consistently go with the worst version holy fuck

No. 332361

they have to, it's the only way to keep the aesthetic consistent kek

No. 332373

She doesn't even look like a genshin character tho, they really fucked her up

No. 332379

>only way to keep the aesthetic consistent
Any of those concept art designs would have looked fine and consistent with the rest of the roster of Genshin. A lot of them were reminiscent of Fischl except more creepy-themed. What we got is jarring compared to the rest of the cast. She really does look like a rejected Honkai design rather than a Genshin character.

No. 332381

Looks like my expectations for the other witches is now in hell. I hate the underboob so fucking much.

No. 332437

What the fuck? This is just Jingliu. It's literally a redrawn Honkai character. They even share the same character writing being a warrior mentor. This isn't even an expy anymore, it's just the same fucking character. Embarrassing. They went with the most unimaginative boring design, if they really had to have Skirk look like a young pretty girl the leftmost one in this >>332302 would've been the best option for someone who dwells in the Abyss. Fuck Mihoyo, what an enormous disappointment. They should keep the AI-generated garbage in Star Rail where it belongs.

>I can't take even Childe seriously now that I know his ass got taught fighting by a naked woman with the arm thickness of a toothpick.
This, holy shit. What are you doing, Childe. I didn't expect Skirk to be an old lady because Mihoyo would rather explode than include a female character over 25 but I did expect her to look like a warrior that lived in a dark realm.

No. 332448

This is a naked boob at this point tbh

No. 332461

the image quality is shit, so the lower half of her bikini or whatever is almost the same color as background, so technically it is a sideboob. not that it makes matters any better

No. 332463

I don't get how China censorship allowed this when they had to even make Amber's shorts longer?

No. 332473

File: 1699014688561.png (360.54 KB, 580x793, skirk_va_announcement.png)

It's official. How disappointing. There's a reason I don't play Honkai and it's primarily because I hate the "aesthetic".

No. 332477

No. 332478

I hate Honkai's aesthetic so much, the futuristic scifi princess look with coomer overtones is such an overplayed otaku scrote style I can't stomach it. Everyone has the same exact armpit-less dress vacuumed into their skin with thigh-high socks and weird holes in their clothing everywhere. And Skirk is exactly that.

No. 332483

They really used my favorite female seiyuu on this ugly mug… my disappointment cant even be measured in words

No. 332498

File: 1699020480652.jpg (2.07 MB, 2000x2000, 101383438_p0.jpg)

Thanks nona!

No. 332502

I was disappointed when my favourite seiyuu voiced token waifu Ayaka only to realise I was lucky she got one of the few non coomer female characters genshin would ever release after 2.0
Thanks nonna! I didn't even realise they had the livestream kek

No. 332507

You know she’s going to be playable. She’s got the token hair split.
They had one chance to give us a otherworldly design and failed us again.

No. 332510

File: 1699024216911.jpg (154.48 KB, 736x1028, 1b8befef521b60d0e81002e46fd698…)

Holy fucking shit who the fuck is this disgusting tranny mihoyo I fucking hate you so much
Who the fuck is this bitch?
Just the mere idea of this retarded slut pixelating on the same servers as genshin irritates me to no end. The honkai-fication of the game begins in line with more lore reveals. And it sucks because the lore is the only thing i really love about this game
Sorry for the autistic meltdown anons

No. 332513

>Sorry for the autistic meltdown anons
No, bless you for putting my feelings into words. I seriously can't believe that the elusive character who's been teased since the beginning for mentoring Childe when he fell into the abyss and described as a fighting god is a dainty Honkai bitch. Absolutely robbed.

No. 332605

her name doesn't even fit her look! It's like they gave us an idea of a toughened female mentor to keep us hooked all these years just to drop this bitch last minute. It was always about the honkai aesthetic coom…

No. 332666

Honestly this is why I want Varka to be a skinny twink and not a male power fantasy. If we can't have one at least a bit strong looking woman that doesn't have toothpicks for arms, they don't deserve a muscle-beast.

No. 332691

>17 hours ago
For a game so casual their codes surely expire way too fast.
Fuck mihoyo, such a bunch of greedy faggots.

No. 332718

Based nona

No. 332745

File: 1699107002051.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.77 KB, 383x500, 1698955449539.jpg)

Youre telling me we could have gotton this but didnt?
Men never fall to baffle me with their retarded tastes

No. 332775

It's just the livestream ones, they're supposed to be for the people watching

No. 332779

File: 1699120070323.jpg (291.64 KB, 1524x716, skirkvbenares.jpg)

>This is just Jingliu
I don't see the resemblance personally. However, she does look an awful like another honkai character, Benares.

No. 332784

what is it with mihoyo and putting honkai character re-designs in genshin impact

No. 332786

Yeah, what's the point of having artists make interesting concepts only to go for a honkai copy instead

No. 332789

I hate Honkai designs so much. Look at this insipid coomshit. What kind of a person unironically likes this? Other than 14-year old boys maybe?

No. 332814

>that naked belly, bare legs, pointing at pussy tattoo (?)
Oh no no no no no. And when I thought it couldnt get any worse

No. 332827

How can a company that rakes in millions every month be so creatively bankrupt

No. 332831

This is what's genuinely upsetting about it, the megaleaks showed that they have a lot of interesting concepts included in the pipeline for the girls but for some reason someone just comes and picks the most milquetoast, generic one that still manages to be offensively butt ugly despite being so lackluster. The Clorinde design they ended up on for example was absolutely the worst of them all, Skirk just follows suite.

No. 332863

I just checked in, what's First Hassan doing on the top left there?

No. 332907

design inspiration probably

No. 332919

They are leaked concept art sheets so they have all sorts of references and inspo pics on them.

No. 332920

Shit like this is REALLY meaking me want to stop playing this game

No. 332921

File: 1699179639434.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1356x1402, IMG_2571.jpeg)

This part just looks ridiculous

No. 332997

Limbus is just OK, it suffers from a lot of content drought. Most farmer players left the game after the whole fiasco where they fired a female artist on rather baseless allegations of being a feminist just because angry incels hedged a misinformation campaign against her and protested at the office.

No. 333308

File: 1699250120670.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 344.42 KB, 1242x650, IMG_2987.jpeg)

Yeah if anyone had told me Skirk was gonna be this naked years ago I wouldn't even have played the game kek

No. 333315

Hideous. She looks like a 10-year old with huge tits. This is who mentored Childe and lives in the abyss?

No. 333358

>This is who mentored Childe and lives in the abyss?
This makes me so fucking disappointed, I started playing Genshin for Childe and was so hyped to one day see his badass mentor. Now I dread the gross coomer ship fanart I'll see of them.

No. 333359

File: 1699268624852.jpeg (745.6 KB, 1039x2556, IMG_2990.jpeg)

No. 333360

New info about Skirk: she doesn't seems to be important in the grander scheme of things at all. She has a male master/mentor herself and her relationship with him is pretty much 98% of her personality:

No. 333361

File: 1699269338825.jpeg (541.63 KB, 1080x2109, IMG_2996.jpeg)

No. 333362

File: 1699269417770.jpeg (498.13 KB, 1000x1974, IMG_2995.jpeg)

No. 333363

File: 1699269455154.jpeg (608.27 KB, 1080x2109, IMG_3001.jpeg)

No. 333364

File: 1699269496200.jpeg (320.23 KB, 2048x755, 6DA0DC83-D82F-4743-9650-5241B1…)

Honkai character again. Mihoyo is creatively bankrupt

No. 333366

File: 1699270455623.png (2.25 MB, 1080x2160, Furina_Card.png)

They changed her design? Or is it another one of those "alternate outfits" like Jean and Amber had?

No. 333367

she switches her color scheme with her charge attack stance change

No. 333368

She loses her long hair too??

No. 333369

yeah, she has her long hair and white colors in healer mode and short hair dark colors in attack mode

No. 333370

Nonnies it's not hard to do a Google search or even read the last thread

No. 333371

File: 1699272327015.jpg (231.28 KB, 1440x1440, naviaumbrella.jpg)

Navia is so beautiful. Wonder if she'll end up using that umbrella to shoot something.
>She has a male master/mentor herself and her relationship with him is pretty much 98% of her personality:
Seriously? This is the best they could come up with? Isn't she supposed to be based off mythical Scáthach? Between Arlecchino seeming to get the shaft for doing anything notable the archon quest despite being Harbinger rank #4 and Skirk being written like that, that's a pretty big let down for me.

No. 333372

He better be an anemo-sized cutie seeing as hyv doesn’t like to use logic or reason for characters

No. 333378

So the waifu character is actually completely irrelevant? Kinda based

No. 333379

They both have purple hair, i dont see how they are the same character. Unless they got the same outfit but like 90% of female characters in there games have detached sleeves, tiny short, thigh highs and an openback. So im not sure if that counts either.

No. 333380

File: 1699274312778.jpeg (460 KB, 1015x2048, IMG_1145.jpeg)

For once that makes me sad. We have a handful of characters like Gold, Alice, Skirk that we have heard about since the very start of the game. For such a big character to be watered down into being a nobody, it makes the story so unimpactful. At this point we only have Dain that has been hyped up since the start and actually seems to live up to his hype in the story each year.

No. 333381

Holy fucking shit, some lore-bombs in that link

So the gnosises are the remains of the third descender? The guy after the primordial one and the second who came.

No. 333394

File: 1699279332994.jpeg (787.98 KB, 2994x4096, IMG_1458.jpeg)

Don’t know if anyone posted this yet but here are the 4.2 banners

First half:
Furina, Beidou, Collei, Charlotte
Baizhu Beidou Collei, Charlotte

Second half:
Leaks say: Xiangling, Kirara, Kuki

No. 333406

Wait, what? What does that make Alice? The Fifth Descender? I mean I guess it kind of makes sense, she came after the Traveler, but still. Watch there have been a bunch of different Descenders now and being one not being all that special.

No. 333413

Pom-pom looking ass
I like her overall design, but those shorts look super uncomfortable

No. 333414

First little playable boy hopium

No. 333415

There are only four descenders, anon. Alice is just a meme character

No. 333421

You're not wrong and I'm kind of half-expecting a non-answer now that Skirk's been such a letdown but lorewise that's not an acceptable answer. Especially given Alice is supposed to be a hyperpowerful witch in the Hexenzirkel and one of Rhinedottir's friends.

No. 333948

Always forgetting it's update day, now it's gonna take 5 hours to redownload the game and I forgot to do dailys.

No. 334031

File: 1699442207277.png (657.2 KB, 551x552, public-bidet.png)

has anyone finished the new quest yet? does wrio appear in it?
i got furina as i wasn't able to get wriothesley, she's pretty fun to play and i like her design, just wish she wore pants or ouji shorts instead of booty shorts

random unrelated question: what was your first screenshot of the game? i just found out that my screenshot folder wasn't gone after having deleted the game a bunch of times, and apparently this was the first picture i took when i downloaded it in 2020 lol

No. 334035

File: 1699445761611.png (3.97 MB, 2360x1640, 20230123233602.png)

This is my oldest screenshot kek

No. 334053

He shows up a bit at the beginning and a bit at the end.

Wasn't intending to but I just blitzed the whole thing, mixed feelings.
I really like Neuvi but once again a character with too much responsibility to be a husbando. Can we get a cool tall male bounty hunter or member of the Adventurer's Guild or something. Someone who could conceivably come along on the MC's adventures.
And then they give Furina a tragic? backstory, but it's too late, she will always be an annoying brat to me.
And Skirk… It's not her design that makes her annoying to me, but it is funny that I'm pretty sure she's the short female model. Have we ever heard about her master before? And those other names she mentioned that weren't Gold?
And annoying that they just bring up Childe's backstory like you should know it even though it only comes up in game if you rolled for him and leveled up his bond to get the story.
Don't really know what to think about all the reveals about the real Focalors and the people of Fontaine's true origin's and how easily everything seemed to wrap up at the end.
Salty that they killed off Navia's assistant's and I feel like part of it is just so the only one she has left is Chlorinde to push that ship…

I guess it was a little boring, but not terrible?
When is Natlan probably then, Spring?

No. 334055

File: 1699454743389.jpg (48.16 KB, 589x507, po8z8Eq.jpg)

I'm disappointed Arlecchino didn't do much on screen. It makes sense that most of her involvement was her help off screen since she was never really portrayed as an enemy in this region but now that we're done with the story I feel like all my excitement for her since the Winter Night video was for nothing? She just showed she cares about Fontaine, what about her goals as a Harbinger? Is she even going to be playable during Fontaine? Involving the Fatui too much would complicate things unnecessarily but I wish we got to see her more since her eventual personal story won't be about her. I was already guessing the main story would end in this update and I think they did really well with Furina's backstory (didn't play her character story yet) but dropping info that there are beings residing in Teyvat that can keep a galactic whale that terrorized a nation as a pet and not explaining anything felt so abrupt. It's not even similar to the dragon pets we saw before, this one is from out of Teyvat and all. Then there's Skirk who's been training all her life…. to fight what? More than anything I don't want this to be connected to fucking Honkai bubble universe bullshit. Guess we'll see in the next Dain quest.

No. 334056

Forgot to add… They scammed me into playing the 4.1 and 4.2 updates the first day by keeping Childe captive. We didn't even talk to him again after seeing that he was really straining himself in his Foul Legacy form. Skirk just threw him into a void. Bruh.

No. 334091

Charlotte is absolutely hilarious as a character. The attacks with a camera are fucking funny, I almost want to pull her for that

No. 334120

>the filename

No. 334136

Yeah Dottore was very much tied to the Sumeru lore and a notable actor in the entire Archon quest line being the major antagonist, but Arlecchino just kind of was there doing things offscreen for the entire story. I didn't really care about Arlecchino and she has the design of an NPC so it doesn't bother me personally but I get how people would be disappointed.

If that bubble universe shit happens in Genshin I will go berserk I don't want that shit.

No. 334149

Navia’s design is so cute. I skip all waifu banners but she’s the only one to ever tempt me to roll, I think its because I have a weakness for drill hairstyle. Its nostalgic.

No. 334184

I'm going to Genshin's orchestra concert on Saturday in Seoul, would any nonnies be interested in pictures of the venue? There will also be a pop-up store and later on a cafe too (Faruzan was on the promotion)

No. 334186

Archon quest spoilers: I liked it. The biggest lore bomb for me was finding out that the gnosis are related to the third descender and their death, what do you nonnies think that means?

I love her too! For the first time I actually want to roll for a female character, her design is so cute.

No. 334278

Navia's animations are so cool and her hair animation is so pretty. Too bad about her wearing those millennial meme shades. Nothing “funny” about it like they intended. Literally makes me not want to pull for her, way too cringey.

No. 334296

File: 1699525767125.jpeg (165.88 KB, 948x1200, IMG_0353.jpeg)

Once again the summer event proved to be about the Archon quest.

No. 334301

I actually loved Furina at first but in the archon quest they fucking woobified her fuck off mihoyo then I found out she's the new "she's literally me" character for transbians, why must every interesting female character be appropriated like this. It also made me realize how many of the "lesbians" in the Genshin fandom who are obsessed with the female characters and harbor visceral autistic hatred for husbando characters are actually trannies but I shouldn't be that surprised tbh.

No. 334305

File: 1699532247890.jpeg (420.46 KB, 1652x1878, IMG_0355.jpeg)

too bad troons relate to her. I think Furina is cute but I wish she grew up and matured a bit. I think it would be cool if she took up theatre and put together a troupe.

No. 334315

I'll never understand the troon delusion. How can they relate to Furina? Being small and annoying? Being cute and kinda a tard? I don't get it.

No. 334316

What were they thinking… Her outfit and weapon are so cute, where do the shades come from? Just as random as Ayato's annoying boba slurping

No. 334317

File: 1699542675581.jpeg (684.64 KB, 3464x3464, charlottealhaitham.jpeg)

yes I'd love to see some pictures of the venue! also if there's any new alhaitham merch or art in the pop-up store, if you don't mind. hope you have fun and enjoy the concert. i've seen some videos from other venues and it looks like a lovely time.
trannies love characters they can pretend are as useless and retarded as they are. "oh she's unemployed, eats macaroni all week and floods her apartment, she's just like me frfr!!! she's flat as a board just like me! girlfailure!" ignoring the fact that they look nothing like an anime girl does and that they'd never have the mental fortitude and social skills necessary to pull off what she did for 500 years.
she has shades like melus and silver do. i like them and they made me laugh, even if they're kind of cringe.

No. 334325

>shades like melus and silver
Oh my god, that makes sense! I forget about NPCs as soon as they leave the screen kek that's actually sort of cute

No. 334331

File: 1699547409123.png (3.19 MB, 1285x2048, F-Va4mDbYAA5rWQ.png)

She has always been a woobie ever since 4.0

No. 334335

File: 1699549006127.jpeg (397.57 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_0357.jpeg)

It’s because Focalors kills herself

No. 334336

File: 1699549444368.jpg (116.34 KB, 1114x1114, ohAaIZa.jpg)

God I'm never going back to twitter if I have to see trannies pretend to relate to female characters. If anything, Furina's story relates to gender for being similar to how women have to act like a personality that will sit right with what's expected of our position/womanhood to get everyone's approval and constantly be overwhelmed by other people's opinions on us because their opinions and words will have crucial effects on our lives unlike men who get forgiven no matter what they do even in front of the law. Her begging people to remember how much she does for them and how they loved and were entertained by her just moments ago feels like women begging for people to be sensible while they try to ruin women's lives and careers over the smallest mistakes or even misunderstandings. I don't actually think it's a commentary on sexism or anything but if it has to relate to gender, it would've been this instead of whatever trannies think they see in her.

No. 334338

Making her prove she’s a god by having her touch the primordial water made me think of witch trials.

No. 334339

No. 334341

Troons don't consider those things because they're not women and don't know about the things we experience and thus can't relate or understand them or allusions to them, they just see funny cute anime girl being overly emotional and annoying furina is totally a transfem princess!!! and that's where they leave it at.

No. 334350

File: 1699555637512.jpg (359.62 KB, 1578x2048, F5Wx4R1a0AAQh39.jpg)

Men see small cute woman and want to be her, what else is new. They see her being a "girlfailure" as if pretending to be god for 500 years is anything but a losing game and think they too should be allowed to eat macaroni and cake all day and contribute nothing to society.
I think it's unintentional too but >>334336 is some pretty good analysis. But troons are incapable of analysis because everything has to be about them and their egos.
tl;dr never listen to troons and ignore them, they feed off of attention and starving them of it is the best way to make them mad.

No. 334516

File: 1699611350535.jpg (222.59 KB, 1152x2048, botassium.jpg)

I don't play Genshin but are there really any "implied" ships in the game? Lately, I see a lot of shipperfags claim that Focallette/Neuvifuri is canon. Can any lorenerd tell me if this is true, and if yes then what are the other almost canon ships?

No. 334517

This is bait, nonnies don't reply

No. 334519

In case this isn't bait, no Neuvilette/Furina isn't really even implied.
I'd say the most implied ships are Beidou/Ningguang, Alhaitham/Kaveh and maybe Raiden/Yae. But it's all very vague, the actual shipping is done by the fandom in fics and fanart. No canon pairs or ships in genshin unless it's some npc with another npc.
Not sure why you'd need to know if you don't even play genshin.

No. 334520

>Not sure why you'd need to know if you don't even play genshin.
Because it's bait. Literally attempting to bait people into infighting by asking "what are the most canon ships in Genshin please tell me I have no idea!!". Don't engage.

No. 334521

There are no canon ships, this is a martketing strategy because players self insert as the mc and they dont want to have there waifu/husbando be in a relationship with anyone else.

Like >>334519 said, I believe the most they have implied was the flirting with Beidou and Ningguang during the lantern rite event.

I don't think it's bait, if you are not a twitterfag and infight about ships a question like this is not big deal.

No. 334530

File: 1699616490616.jpg (277.56 KB, 1575x2048, matuka10101.jpg)

Thank nonas, that makes sense. I too had the impression that there cannot be any canon ships with playable characters as that would anger self-inserters. I occasionally lurk on /gig/ and twitter and I was seeing many posts claiming them to be canon, so I had been thinking if there's any truth to it. I am not much into shipping so I really didn't post that in hopes that it will start an infight.

No. 334531

No worries I think anon was afraid of an infight starting because there has been a local sperg posting about Neuvilette and Furina before.

No. 334539

Yeah it totally breaks the immersion and just looks fucking weird

No. 334594

File: 1699634011550.jpg (560.58 KB, 1194x2048, E0qDEjdVkAAsT6t.jpg)

As anons said, only Beidou and Ningguang and maybe Kaveh and Alhaitham and even then there has to be plausible deniability because anti-gay laws in China. There's flirtatious interactions between some characters but nothing confirming they're official couples or anything and almost every character flirts with the Traveler too to appeal to self-inserters.

No. 334655

uhh i think im the sperg in question but i swear i dont care about them that much to fight about it

No. 334823

File: 1699697038954.jpeg (2.16 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_8654.jpeg)

I’ll post what I can during the intermission, this one’s for the Tartaglia wives

No. 334825

File: 1699697172326.jpeg (2 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_8656.jpeg)

Ganyu looked nice too

No. 334827

He looks so beautiful… I'm glad Genshin doesn't forget about their characters just because they were released years ago

No. 334849

File: 1699703228005.jpeg (2.81 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_8661.jpeg)

Zhongli and Eula is next

No. 334852

File: 1699703537537.jpeg (2.12 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_8659.jpeg)

I’m sorry for the shadow in the front, sadly there was a lot of people infront of her.

Sadly no Alhaitham stuff but there’s a pop up store in Gangnam right now, I’ll see if there’s goods there too. Ganyu and Nilou are the promo chars

No. 334870

Thank you for posting the pictures, I hope you have fun!
They all look so nice, everytime they use genshin characters with different outfits in promo art I wonder why hoyo doesn't release more skins. I guess it's because they are making so much money releasing new characters, they don't even need to bother with releasing more skins?

No. 334871

Long dresses are just surely a pain in the ass to put in the game because pantyshots are a must. But they have literally no excuses when it comes to the boys since the alt outfits they all wear in promo art tend to be quite easy to adapt to their models.

No. 334873

To be honest I don't know if I even want my faves in ugly blue fits that will cost 20$

No. 334904


No. 334930

Most gacha games have multiple new outfits every update. It's harder to implement skins in Genshin but I believe they could dedicate some part of their design and 3d teams to put out a skin every patch or 2 skins every other patch if they want to keep up the 2 on theme thing.
You won't get it if you don't like it anyway.

No. 334978

I think they're just too lazy to do it. I play Enstars Music which also needs to consider how new character outfits would move in 3D textures/MVs and they casually release them bi-weekly. Mihoyo probably doesn't want to waste resources on skins that only a subsection of people will buy and instead direct their energy towards new characters. To be fair they also have the actual open-world to work on too which my example game doesn't have.

No. 335032


No. 335132

Childe and ugly shoes name a more iconic duo

No. 335298

File: 1699853257283.jpeg (2.13 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_8689.jpeg)

Nilou from the pop-up Samsung store in Gangnam. Saged because not that interesting but the outfit was cute. Also no Alhaitham goods sorry to the nonnie who asked, however there is Dainsleif merch which I thought was interesting lol

No. 335313

I love this outfit. It would be a great base outfit for her. The og is beautiful too but it looks like she's always about to perform (works for the main story) whereas this one is more casual.

No. 335330

Show us the Dain merch!

No. 335337

File: 1699874700679.jpg (126.1 KB, 800x800, c9e38647bc642e876b4dd713e9b8ab…)

On the topic of skins, it would be nice if they just gave them the same designs they have in promos, honestly the promo designs tend to be loads better than the alternate skins we have now. Imo most of the available skins are kinda ugly/not better than the original maybe except Ayaka and Fischl. If I could have this skin on Yelan or Ning I'd use them more.

No. 335341

I would love these too. Their backview being boring would be a problem though.

No. 335344

File: 1699882737864.png (1.33 MB, 1508x990, Genshin Impact_20231112220746.…)

Finished the Narcissenkreuz quest.
>All dreams must come to an end
>If you don't act your dreams will never come true
gdi I play this game because I dream and my dreams can never come true in the real world no matter how much I act.
Hate when video games remind me of that shit…

something about this line though

No. 335347

File: 1699882958613.png (1.62 MB, 1308x982, Genshin Impact_20231103194450.…)

This was a wierd quest too, still have to finish the follow up hidden thing.
gamer girl Traveler bath water…

No. 335396

>saving the world
>alleviate mental illness
Hate when anime games pretend to be philosophical and shit but kek

No. 335549

File: 1699980168293.jpg (3.35 MB, 3040x2016, IMG_20231111_121354.jpg)

I like the takarazuka theatre influence in fountaine. Both furina and arlecchino wear androgynous fashion (FOR GENSHIN STANDARDS don't come at me that they're still feminine-looking). I also noticed that furina's legs are skinnier/more shapeless than the other short girls who tend to look "curvier". She doesn't give much to coomers (besides the tomboy enjoyers), even her chest is ultra-flat and she speaks in a boyish manner. In japanese she sounds like venti. And arlecchino is rather handsome, even if her body underneath the suit is still very curvy with big boobs. I remember some angry chinese moids were claiming she sounds like a drag queen lol. For me at least, she gives the vibes that she's genuinely gay and for a female audience, unlike yae and raiden who pander more to straight male yurifags.

No. 335551

I was happy to see no thigh spillage on Furina. She has it in her splash art but as you said, her legs are shapeless/normal in-game

No. 335706

She definitely gives yume vibes. I'm not even a shipperfag but this here is some intense bait. And the fact that hoyoverse commissioned it knowing they were feeding the delusion KEK.
I love how Fontaine is just pandering to women, scrotes wanted lyney to be another pornified femboy but he turned out to be another character for the girls.

No. 335711

File: 1700034097555.jpeg (147.91 KB, 1500x811, F71VniwbsAAQDrt.jpeg)

i noticed that too! it's funny to me because i started playing genshin thinking venti was a cute tomboy lol
i hope to see more female characters like that, and more male characters like wriothesley, unapologetic female gazey

No. 335726

File: 1700047833257.png (1.46 MB, 1333x1976, focallette shippers.PNG)

>intense bait
Which one are you

No. 335730

As a yume she's too bratty and woobyish to self-insert into and Neuvi deserves better.

Anyway just realized that the weird lines in the investigation notes that made me think Fontain had homunculi was just more references to the abyss and foreshadowing of all Fontaine people actually being Oceanids.
And Lynette and Freminet ended up just traumatized children not actually robots.

No. 335744

>that genshin homophobic bi guy
Only a twitterfag can understand this

No. 335746

NTA and I don't like the ship either because they have a very familial relationship to me but honestly who cares if women wanna ship them? Furina is the character Neuvillette interacts the most with by far, and Wriothesley felt very shoehorned in as the other half of the regional yaoi ship so it's not really a surprise that Focallette has become a popular ship.
It only disgusts me if there are obvious pedo undertones and Furina is reduced to being a DDLG brat while Neuvillette is her daddy tardwrangler, but Act V showed that she is actually a lot more mature than she came across at first so… Whatever. I really couldn't give less of a fuck if 15 year old girls wanna self insert into Furina to live out their yume fantasies with Neuvillette.

No. 335753

Spoilers for Act V Focalors isn't the same character as Furina though, she's responsible, mature and smart, and killed herself in the end. Furina is the "actor" she hired, a woobified brat who thinks and acts like a literal child, and she's the one Neuvillette knows. I can't stop people from shipping them but it's a red flag to me because it gives off severe DDLG vibes.

No. 335756

File: 1700063650726.png (Spoiler Image, 82.02 KB, 927x281, 165149.png)

Have you played her story quest or read her voice lines? Her real personality is a lot more calm and levelheaded than what she acted like when she pretended to be the archon, that's why playing that role was so difficult for her. The "real" Furina is more like Focalors than the bratty ojousama she pretended to be during the archon quests because they are two sides of the same coin. She isn't a hired actress, she is Focalors and Focalors is Furina. If all you got from the many hours we spent learning about Furina is that she's a woobified brat with the mind of a child then you must have pretty bad reading comprehension.

No. 335761

File: 1700065725547.jpg (225.18 KB, 1261x1681, b41bbd168f6992b6ff437827059b10…)

I cringed hard when I watched how Focalors sounded in English dub. I played in JP and she sounded just a bit more calm than Furina, in EN she sounded like she's trying to be Jessica Rabbit or something kek, hope you get what I mean. I get why EN players think she was flirting with Neuvi when the voice actress tried so hard to sound sultry. Wonder if in CN and KR she also sounds so cringe.

No. 335765

I don't think she was trying to sound flirty, she was trying to sound smug because it was her moment of victory and everything went how she planned. But smug women often sound flirtatious so it's no surprise it came off that way.

No. 335778

I don't think it was supposed to be smug. It was probably supposed to be 'adult, confident, mysterious' but she did have weird intonation that sounded too sultry and cringe in a lot of sentences.

No. 335779

I wish traveler got new skins. Would be nice to not have to look at the same dress/outfit for 5 different regions. Their design/model looks super dated compared to the newer characters.

No. 335798

While that would be neat I'm sure they don't do it because barely anyone uses the Traveler (at least before Dendro Traveler was released). Can't make money off of a skin for a barely-used unit.

No. 335807

The traveler is present in all the cutscenes though so you do see him/her a lot. I would pay for a cute Aether skin no questions asked.

No. 336000

I'm just going to come out and say it, I absolutely despise Mihoyo for woobifying Focalors/Furina beyond repair. I hate what they did so, so much. I wanted her to be a cunning, pompous brat but in the end she got the Ei treatment and suddenly she's a kind, composed waifu deep down who just wanted to protect everyone and sacrificed herself for centuries boo hoo don't you feel bad for the little blorbo shame on you for thinking she was just being mean. It came out of nowhere during the last act while Furina had barely been present for the entire storyline doing nothing while Neuvillette was the actual hero of the archon quest for its entire length. I wanted one fucking female character that was a bitch born out of a trash fire but in a way that's interesting, got hyped for Furina, had Mihoyo shit in my face, ruin everything in just one act. The self-sacrificing storyline was done so well with Nahida/Rukkhadevata, it's like some writer at Mihoyo saw that and wanted to copy it but remove everything that made her complex, intelligent and humane. It's seriously no wonder so many emotionally unstable young women self insert into her so much, she's framed as a troubled quirky girl sitting around eating cake and crying but achsually she's a super powerful god who saved an entire nation offscreen. I'm so fucking mad because the most interesting parts of the archon quest turned out to be Childe's connections to Skirk and her master, Gold, the dragon sovereigns and Egeria's sin yet they were barely touched upon just so we could feel bad for a character that appeared at the last minute to drop the most generic, forced tearjerker cutscene that made me feel NOTHING. Just like in Inazuma, Fontaine's world quests have a way better payoff than the archon quest.

Phew, got that autism out of my system. Thank god.

No. 336002

You still kinda see that bratty part of her in the story quest. I mean I get she was playing a character but I also wish it was part of her personality too. I cried during Nahida’s quest with the self sacrificing mushrooms.

No. 336004

Nahida joined the traveler early on to save her people who had completely forsaken her, she was authentic, pushed her limits and her story was opened up little by little during Sumeru's archon quest instead of being dumped on the player at literally the last second. She was likable but didn't kiss the traveler's ass, she came up with the samsara technique to take down Scaramouche and showed mercy to him only to keep him under her thumb simply because he was useful to her. She gambled away the gnosis for exchange of information because she had true curiosity for the world making it clear that she kept her own head despite being burdened by the legacy of her previous incarnation. Ei was a literal retard in every possible way and got ultra woobified in the end for no fucking reason besides waifufagging so Nahida was a huge improvement after her, only for me to be let down by everything repeating with Furina. I can't fucking believe they gave us a girl that actually felt interesting and flawed only to do the "just kidding, she was only playing a character!" rug pull, I'm convinced that the rumors about Fontaine's story being written by that scrote talking shit about female players are true.

No. 336054

File: 1700152378132.jpeg (518.98 KB, 1958x2048, 17001500732510.jpeg)

Furina is literally just a human, and she wasn't even aware of the entirety of Foçalor's plan, so the only thing that she knew was that she had a burden of knowledge that that plan would fail if she ever let even one person in Teyvat know that she's not a real archon, despite everything she did her best to suppress her more humane side which is obvious even from the first court hearing with Lyney, so I don't know why you think that that came out of nowhere. She wasn't an archon but she still did everything for her people only to be discarded by them and not even being in epilogue, how tf is this comparable to Ei who was just sitting in her shitty doll for hundreds of years and let corrupt commissions do whatever with her country and people as long as it didn't mess with "eternity" which she herself confessed she didn't know shit about. Look, I understand that hoyoverse's writing for female characters is fucked, but the latest regions are actually improving on this and if they manage to make Tsaritsa a sleepy hardworking waifu somehow I will personally send them a pipe bomb. We still have Natlan in the future with a literal goddess of war, so maybe she will satisfy your want for psycho female characters (I don't judge, I am personally very satisfied with Arlecchino)

No. 336055

Please spoiler these things nonas!

No. 336611

Randomly found a Bloatie Floatie on the edge of the Liyue map today that I'd missed for ~3 years…
Has it really been that long already.

No. 336844

File: 1700388705917.jpg (199.96 KB, 735x1040, 71e9a888a5b423b076a87603a792ff…)

She is so girlfriend, anons

I love her so much

No. 336907

Do I meet any new characters in The Chasm main quest or can I just put it off for later? I want to hurry up and move onto Inazuma now, been meandering around Liyue for a while now

No. 336918

if you're talking about the one that is in an interlude tome, then you'll have to go through inazuma and some characters' quest to unlock it anyway

No. 336923

File: 1700419704725.jpeg (919.74 KB, 1428x1203, IMG_3578.jpeg)

This is the one

No. 336938

is it a world quest? then yeah you can skip it for now, I'm relatively a newfag, I completed all main plot quests for now just fine and still have uncompleted world quests in inazuma, sumeru and Fontaine. Though for you there will be one Dainsleif quest inside the chasm at one point, so you'll have to at least start this one by then (but you can complete it later).

No. 336942

Yep world quest, and thanks I dipped out of those mines real quick. I kinda hate seeing world quests stack up on the side as I progress onto other cities but oh well

No. 336952

Skip the world quest. Do Inazuma. Then Chasm interlude story quest and world quest. It’s better to explore the area through a world quest when the game actually asks you to go there (the interlude/archon story quests) cause it will make more sense narratively

No. 337123

Nonnies are there any more husbando banners leaked for the next few patches or am I finally free to save?

No. 337134

Only possibly Lion Boy as a 4* in patch 4.4. Otherwise we're husbando free until at least patch 4.7.

No. 337135

File: 1700494723610.jpeg (330.88 KB, 1502x2048, IMG_1283.jpeg)

No 5 star husbando banners. Save for the reruns coming in 2024!

No. 337211

Now we only have Navia, Clorinde and Arlecchino left from the main line up!
To get the thread going again for funsies:

>Out of the current Fontaine characters, who has been your favorite in terms of gameplay?

>Which Fontaine characters have you pulled?
>Are you planning on pulling Navia, Clorinde or Arlecchino?
Personally I'm waiting for Arlecchino and Neuvillette rerun had I known he would be the one who took the “archon”-ish role I would have pulled for him instead of Furina. Navia's burst is so cool though. Currently I have Lyney, Lynette, Fremmy, Charlotte, Furina and Wrio. My favorite gameplay style is surprisingly Lyney! His animations are so fun and flashy for a male character as well as just really smooth. He feels great in the overworld and abyss, where you can comfortably just use his skill and burst to kill a bunch of enemies if charged shots aren't your thing. Great damage too even though theorycrafters like to downplay that. Furina was a bit disappointing to me, I can't find a team where she is better than Xinqiu.

No. 337216

ooh questionnaire time!
>Out of the current Fontaine characters, who has been your favorite in terms of gameplay?
I don't really do abyss or care much about meta in general, but I really like the fact that E character skills can be utilised to solve pneuma and ousia puzzles in overworld, idk it's just more satisfying than going to those orbs. The traveler's hydro kit is shit though, even I can tell
>Which Fontaine characters have you pulled?
I'm f2p newfag, so I don't have much: pulled for Lyney - didn't get him, pulled for Neuvilette - got him, didn't pull for Wriotheseley, wanted Venti - lost 50/50 to Mona, currently pulling for Baizhu, I like Furina, but I want to get her on the rerun. Out of 4 stars I got Lynette and Freminet, they are cute
>Are you planning on pulling Navia, Clorinde or Arlecchino?
I pull for everything, because I actually don't care that much. Navia's banner is alongside Ayaka's and tbh I kinda hate Ayaka, so I'll be pulling for Navia. I like Clorinde even though I know that her design could be better, I hope her kit is good. And Arlecchino is simply a wife material for me, I've been daydreaming about her for an embarrassing amount of time to that Pugacheva remix from atomic heart

No. 337217

>I don't really do abyss or care much about meta
I get that! I rarely pull with abyss in mind. If you don't think about meta and since you have Neuvillette, Lynette and Fremmy, which character's playstyle did you like the most?
>I've been daydreaming about her for an embarrassing amount of time to that Pugacheva remix from atomic heart
Kek anon that's cute

No. 337219

File: 1700525668398.jpg (1.52 MB, 2039x2894, F801F-9agAAh2zX.jpg)

>Out of the current Fontaine characters, who has been your favorite in terms of gameplay?
Wriothesley. Neuvillette's laser is unique and it's funny seeing enemies just melt in it but Wriothesley feels so satisfying to play. Good animations, good damage, perfect voice acting.
>Which Fontaine characters have you pulled?
Neuvillette, Wriothesley, and Furina.
>Are you planning on pulling Navia, Clorinde or Arlecchino?
Navia on rerun maybe because I like her character, Arlecchino 100%. Hard no on Clorinde. Maybe Cloud Retainer but she'd have to have a broken kit for me to consider it when I already have C6 Kazuha.

No. 337223

I guess I like Freminet's playstyle the most, usually I'm not too much into claymore gameplay, because not all of my teams have shielders and dodging with giant ass sword is a challenge, but I use Neuvilette as a hydro applicator and then freeze everyone with Freminet and have a good time seeing him on-field
Thanks for keeping this thread alive, nonnie! There's not so much places on the internet where talking about genshin is actually enjoyable

No. 337226

File: 1700527193752.jpeg (669.04 KB, 1769x2048, F6uIzEAbUAAUh2T.jpeg)

Should I build a phys Freminet with prototype archaic or would he be better with cryo reactions? I still regularly use kaeya for freeze/melt but I kinda want to replace him with Fremi in my main overworld team (because I'm really into freminet these days), but I also feel like the slow ass claymore attacks wont harmonize as well as Kaeya does with my xingqiu, benny and lyney

I'm kinda just guessing and talking out of my ass here since I'm still new to building but yeah, not sure what to do

No. 337227

File: 1700527344277.jpeg (134.55 KB, 721x1024, F-u5HbGagAAircQ.jpeg)

And another Freminet pic because I was going through my folder and he is just so adorable

No. 337280

File: 1700545444441.jpeg (960.75 KB, 1266x1275, IMG_0344.jpeg)

I think Freminet's best team is a hyperbloom team or a team with Xinqiu, Electro (Kuki/Fischl), Kazuha or Rosaria/Kaeya or Mika. Keep him cryo, physical is dead in this game kek. Pretty much focus on off-field hydro, electro unit and then either a cryo buffer/off-field cryo/cryo healer.

No. 337365

>Out of the current Fontaine characters, who has been your favorite in terms of gameplay?
Wriothesley. I got lucky and got really good artifacts for him so he kills enemies really fast and I love the punch combos I can do. The last/charge big punch feels good.
>Which Fontaine characters have you pulled?
Neuvi, Wriothesley and all the four stars. I pulled for Baizhu but I'll probably try to get Furina on her rerun because she goes well with Wrio.
>Are you planning on pulling Navia, Clorinde or Arlecchino?
I'm Arlecchino simp so definitely her, I hope she's a support and I can have her in same team as Wrio.
I don't care for Navia's personality because I thought she's really weird with the random macron baking during the conversation (manic pixie girl-ish?) and I really wish she had a different role in the story than a weird mafia boss, her design says something totally different. The sunglasses don't go well with her dress too. I feel like she was designed with something different in mind, like a navy captain or a court lady.
Definitely not pulling for Clorinde, I am a certified Clorinde hater, can't take her seriously with that design.

No. 337410

File: 1700605775890.jpeg (544.23 KB, 782x1200, IMG_0041.jpeg)

>I feel like she was designed with something different in mind, like a navy captain or a court lady.
Yeah the navy vibes with Navia are strong, which is why they went with the giant ship in Poisson I guess

Also on a completely unrelated topic, what happened to Childe nonas? Skirk threw him into that Dainsleif power-looking portal with the whale. We don’t see him but Arlecchino and the the two Fatui in Mondstadt say he’s badly hurt and is resting in Shneznaya, but is that really true? Also why is Arlecchino the second strongest harbringer she hasn’t done shit kek. Just seems like a competent and kind lady.

No. 337417

>hasn't done shit
It's all backstory lore only stuff.
She apparently killed the previous Knave.
And killed the people who abused Fremi and Lynette.

No. 337425

Regarding Arlecchino, it's so, so weird that Childe's voiceline about her described her as having "no sane bone in her body" and she was foreshadowed as the ominous "father" in the Fontaine trailer pushing down those Lynette and Lyney stands making cryptic remarks but in the end she was just a nice lady who helped everyone out offscreen. What the fuck? It's like they missed an entire story chapter, seeing what a mess Dottore and Scaramouche created in Sumeru I was fully expecting her to carry on the tradition. She just showed up, bullied Furina a bit, helped everyone and left. Why is Mihoyo so allergic to morally questionable women?

No. 337513

I think it's because they realised people want her playable and tinfoil but they might be wary of making her more edgy like Scaramouche. He ended up being a huge problem with Korean and Chinese people, probably because he's a male character but there's a substantial portion of fandom hating him just because he isn't mild a nice like most other characters. I was really looking forward to playing a villain and she sounds kind of ridiculous in English, her voice actress makes her sound like a cartoon villain while she is just a nice lady now.
I feel like the change was last minute because in the 4.0 trailer she still acted kind of evil.

No. 337539

Yeah I know that, Freminet said that. I just mean in the archon story, she is just a "cunning diplomatic mastermind" but other than that it’s a bit underwhelming for the second strongest harbringer.
Exactly, I expected her to be unreasonably cruel but she seems very level-headed and morally righteous.
The Scara hate is because women found his bad boy attitude cute and formed a huge Scara fandom globally. Dottore doesn’t get that hate by male players (even though he’s crueler than Scara) because Dottore doesn’t have a vocal fangirl fanbase. Scara is still the most liked character on every official Genshin twitter, that ought to bother the male playerbase who insist genshin is a waifu-only game. So Arlecchino could have definitely been portrayed as more cruel, the moids wouldn’t get bothered by that.

No. 337547

File: 1700664409347.png (3.61 MB, 1302x1824, F9CeVWWaAAA4aDJ.png)

She isn't the second strongest, she's the 4th in rank. We have only seen her "good" side in the Fontaine archon quest because that's what she wanted to present herself as. Scara told us exactly what she is, a wolf in sheeps clothing. It wouldn't make sense for her to be on bad terms with Traveller already, they're more useful to her if they think she's friendly.
If you think about who she is and what she does for more than 5 seconds you'd realize that she's actually a terrible person. She grooms children into being hyper loyal child soldiers and doesn't mind sacrificing them like pawns when it suits her.
I don't think she's fully evil like Dottore (who's pretty comic book villainous at times, especially his Webtoon variant. Thank God they gave us a different version of him in the actual game), but even her perceived kindness towards the HoH kids doesn't feel fully genuine because of how ready she is to let them get killed. Keep in mind that she has indoctrinated them to the point that Lyney was ready to sacrifice his siblings for her. She didn't save them from their abusive circumstances out of kindness, she took them in because traumatized children are more easily manipulated into being loyal servants for their savior.
And she didn't "bully Furina a bit". She straight up attempted to assassinate her.
Fontaine was all about playing a role, and she played the role of the elegant Fatui ally.

No. 337558

>Keep in mind that she has indoctrinated them to the point that Lyney was ready to sacrifice his siblings for her
He had a mental breakdown and lost his composure entirely attacking Wriothesley when Freminet and Lynette were in perceived mortal danger, what do you mean "ready to sacrifice his siblings"?
>she took them in because traumatized children are more easily manipulated into being loyal servants for their savior.
After killing the people who abused them and took the kids under her care. HoH has never been described as "grooming child soldiers", it's just a spy faction for the Fatui, not some boot camp of death because only children who are perceived to have "potential" are chosen to join Fatui ranks anyway. It's just a regular orphanage for the most part.
>And she didn't "bully Furina a bit". She straight up attempted to assassinate her.
No she didn't. She literally said that she was testing her to see if she was the real archon or not, not trying to actually kill her.

Look I know you're in these threads whiteknighting the fuck out of Arlecchino because she's your ultimate waifu but people are justified in being disappointed at how milquetoast she turned out to be despite all the foreshadowing done beforehand. Dottore was a sophisticated supervillain and genuinely intimidating in how ruthless and evil he was, Arlecchino wasn't given that edge because Mihoyo would never make a a female character be threatening. Sure this might be just the first half of her story and she could turn out to be a real psycho but so far I'm not holding my breath since Genshin has woobified (or killed unceremoniously) every potential female villain in the entire game since its launch.

No. 337565

>Out of the current Fontaine characters, who has been your favorite in terms of gameplay?
Wrio, but Neuvillette is just too good to not keep using in abyss.
>Which Fontaine characters have you pulled?
All the male characters, I will probably try and get Furina on rerun if I think she is a better replacement in some teams where is use XQ instead.
>Are you planning on pulling Navia, Clorinde or Arlecchino?
I will probably get Arlecchino if she is an off field character. I really dont need anymore on field characters. Clorinde is really ugly so i will never go for her. I think Navia is pretty, but her character to me is just okay and she is geo.

No. 337567

What are you talking about, everyone absolutely hates Dottore. I'm not talking just about moids (who in general hate him too) but considering at least half of genshin userbase are teenagers that freak out about morally ambiguous characters, I think hoyo wants to be safe with her and maximise the pulling.

No. 337570

NTA but Lyney was having a mental breakdown over Wriothesley just asking him to arrange a meeting between him and Arlecchino. He was breaking down having to make the choice of potentially harming Arlecchino. Arle even berates Lyney later for being so paranoid about her safety and said she wouldn't have minded meeting Wriothesley.
Also Mihoyo not making a woman threatening falls apart when you remember Signora existed. She shouldn't have been killed in Inazuma, plain and simple, but she was given a plenty threatening introduction and role. Arlecchino was playing nice with us to get what she wanted, she'll probably be an antagonist towards us later.
>everyone hates dottore
Citation needed, lots of people like how unhinged Dottore is.

No. 337574

I hate every single waifu in this game

No. 337576

Yeah normal people like him because they realise character can be evil but a good character but watch any YouTuber or any twitter interaction of younger normies and they hate on him. Hard to cite this tho kek. They are definitely gonna redeem him before he gets playable, just watch. Hoyo won't let any real villain be playable in my opinion, I wish though.

No. 337582

>she's the 4th in rank.
Ah, I remembered wrong, Dottore is second. But my point still stands, you're coping.

No. 337588

me too. I gave up logging in, I don't like the male characters enough to make up for everything and I hate the story most of all.

No. 337593

I hate Dottore because he choked a woman to death then made it look like she got killed by a rampaging meka.
Not to mention all the horrible human experimentation.
I wouldn't consider him 'morally ambiguous' in the slightest.

No. 337597

Yeah Dottore is definitely not morally ambiguous, he’s evil. I think Scara or Childe fits anon’s example better of morally grey characters.

No. 337616

>only children who are perceived to have "potential" are chosen to join Fatui ranks anyway
Yes, and if they want to leave the organization they have to do crazy shit like fake their own deaths. They don't have a choice whether they want to join or leave, and we have met ex-orphanage NPC Fatui who realized that what they've been forced to do is bad and they didn't want to stay in the ranks anymore but couldn't just resign.
>No she didn't.
Yes she did. She said that it was an attempted assassination.

I literally said that Arlecchino isn't a fully evil person, no idea why you think that me pointing out her wolf in sheeps clothing behavior is copium or whiteknighting. The only actually evil person we have met in the game so far is Dottore. Nobody else comes close, not even any of the other Fatui Harbingers. Childe is at this point a chill guy who plays with kids and makes friends more than he does evil things, and Wanderer is the biggest woobie in the entire game. I love him but some of the behavior he exhibited while he was still with the Fatui feels like weird over the top behavior you'd find in a fanfic kek. It is kind of a shame that Dottore is likely going to be the only actually morally black Fatui since Capitano is apparently also a decent guy, but what can you do.
Imo, what we have seen of her is very interesting, and I personally much prefer the subtle approach of Arlecchino over cringe in-your-face obvious villains. It feels like more mature writing compared to Paimon explaining things 500 times and many characters only having one personality trait. Let HYV cook, their writing abilities have been massively improving since Sumeru and I doubt this will be the last and only narrative relevance Arle is going to have. Remember that Scara's appearance in Inazuma was also super short and pretty meaningless even though he's clearly a big writers pet.

No. 337689

File: 1700720730662.jpg (2.99 MB, 2500x2500, S5VY8Mt.jpg)

Is it just me or does he look like he has a stick up his ass

No. 337690

File: 1700720820933.jpg (2.02 MB, 3000x3000, sG3pk6y.jpg)

Also the chibi look like there's not much thought put into it? I don't normally nitpick so much but this is underwhelming. Maybe just me though

No. 337701

Yep it's like I said, they made him look very cool but he needs a bit more personality. I hope he appears is a few events and we get to see more of him like what happened with Cyno.
I think this is pretty though!

No. 337821

There we go Liyue commissions done.
Now onto the Bantan Sango stuff.

No. 337908

File: 1700830502615.png (1.24 MB, 595x850, IMG_0514.png)

I notice that a lot of the archons always have an other “half”. Nahida was part of Rukkadevata, Ei was Makoto’s twin and Furina was Focalors’s human self. Since Venti and Zhongli are their original archon seaters it makes sense they don’t have another “half”. Makes me wonder what will happen because it feels like all the new archons are like the traveler.

No. 337909

Venti has his friend whose appearance he took on and Zhongli has his dragon form

No. 337920

This is so hot what are you talking about

No. 337922

With Neuvillette being the one to take the role of the archon and its duties, and Furina being a normal human who now got her vision in the most anticlimactic way, I can’t help but seethe that they advertised her as an archon. I would’ve never pulled for her knowing she was a normal human and that Neuv is the closest to an archon for Fontaine. Every traveler is based on the regional archon. Hydro Traveler is based on Neuv’s skills and everything too, rather than Furina’s. Neuv in general was definitely who the story revolved around, fucking Furina disappeared during the end of the finale and Neuv got the epic archon power cutscenes. The one time I pull a female archon and she turns out to be a wet fart in the story. I should’ve stuck to my husbando gut feeling about Neuvillette.

No. 337924

Does her past and present not matter to you? The before of the future you wish they started from? We saw her story and progressed it on screen. By your logic we should only ever get characters after they've completed all their arcs and that's how we get characters with boring personal stories and no true impact on archon stories. If you don't like her because she no longer has archon powers which she never had and never showed on screen anyway so it never mattered then did you even like her at all?

No. 337929

I genuinely hate how 4.3 turned out, the buildup was HUGE and it ended up being a disappointment in every meaning of the word. I'm honestly happy that Neuvillette became the ruling hydro sovereign because they were the original rulers of Teyvat and got their powers ripped away from them but I hate what they did to Furina, she was so hyped and even I was excited to see where they take her character and it was just a regular human and the laziest fucking "plot twist". "Oh yeah by the way I built this machine to gather up energy to kill myself and end the hydro archon throne and Furina was fooling Celestia while I was doing it" sounds like such a cop out, I really don't see Celestia not being aware of this happening. It seriously doesn't make sense that they wouldn't realize that Furina wasn't the real archon ESPECIALLY seeing how Egeria betrayed them, you'd think they'd keep an eye out? No, fuck this, I wanted Furina to have a moment to shine at the end and save her people and reclaim her position in their eyes but now she practically disappeared offscreen being disgraced in front of Fontaine. I know that would've been equally cliche but it would've been much more satisfying for the amount of build up 4.1 and 4.2 gave us. Furina was too promising to end up as a crybaby human who suffered for 500 years not being able to tell anyone oh no!!!!! The people defending her are the ones projecting into her and that's that.

No. 337958

>The people defending her are the ones projecting into her
This thread has an allergy to accepting that people can like what you dislike. I would never do what she did but I liked her and her story. I didn't experience anything close to what she did but I enjoyed seeing her experiences. This type of passive aggressive dismissiveness of other anons' opinions is so annoying. It's why lore discussions are so rare now, we can't just say whatever we like without getting shat on for absolutely no reason. You can talk about your opinions without inserting random remarks about how everyone that disagrees is a retard with no thinking skills.

No. 337968

Then don't get so tangled into it, you can ignore the remarks and not take it so personally unless you're a hit dog hollering.

No. 337970

Why wouldn't she say her opinion too?

No. 337972

Keep feeling superior to anonymous users cause you yapped longer. No one's coming back to the thread at this rate

No. 337976

Just how you’re allowed to say you like Furina we are allowed to say that she was wasted potential. If anons call you a retard, just brush it off. It’s chan-lingo, we’re on an imageboard after all.

No. 337981

Because she's not voicing her opinion about Furina or refuting what's being said about the writing of the plot but focusing on the one last remark writing a whole ass paragraph bitching at how it hurt her feelings.

No. 337995

Exactly. She didn't even read the points >>337922 and >>337929 said that really aren't just baseless Furina hate but about the writing being disappointing and stupid.

No. 338009

No. 338109

The writing in this game is so sporadically shitty that I can't tell if the events of 4.2 are supposed to be a big hint that Celestia is running on autopilot, that no one is really actively "awake" up there, or if it's really just that shittily written. I can only suspend my disbelief so much. I'm left wondering if they're going to give Furina a second story quest or not too, or if they'll just give Neuvillette one now that he's essentially the de facto archon.

No. 338118

Honestly, nahida is forgetful as fuck as an archon. Everytime my ADHD brain percieves the word "Archon" I immediately think of Venti, Zhongli, Raiden and Furina and then my mind goes "Oh, and that white-dress one too"

No. 338179

Yeah same and I don't know why? Whenever I hear “full archon team” I think venti zhongli raiden furina, never nahida. Don't know why cause she was story-significant. Maybe it's cause she's a loli, so my brain just casts her aside as a non-option by default

No. 338209

It feels like they're just making shit up and hoping it sticks

No. 338275

I have her in my team so I don't ever forget her

No. 338286

I don't even seen Ei as an archon because her puppet was in charge since Makato died and she's a pathetic neet. Ei has no leadership or dependable traits to be an archon imo. Nahida's the one archon who I feel has true love for her people and her last meeting with the greater lord was a tearjerker.

No. 338289

I think all anons can agree that Ei is shit and that Nahida was better written, yet Nahida does still feel forgettable

No. 338308

File: 1701030936023.webp (Spoiler Image, 120.48 KB, 760x878, IMG_2615.webp)

Let’s talk about Natlan! Pic related is a leak about Natlan that Liben will say in an event. He basically says nothing at all? Which is so odd for Liben to not drop hints about Natlan. At the end of the archon quest when we ask about the next nation, nothing we didn’t know already was mentioned. Thoughts about that anons? Why is this all we know about Natlan?
>Natlan has hot springs
>You can take a vacation there as a non-Natlan citizen
>Nation of dragons but not dragon sovereigns like Neuvillette
>Nation of War
>War and conflict between tribes
>Many different tribes
>Murata was or still is the archon
Why is this all we know after so many years? Why is there no Natlan NPC? Theories on what mihoyo is plotting would be a fun discussion!

No. 338315

We also know about Mare Jivari, an ash-filled field where the wind doesn't blow and people's dreams die.
I like the theory that Bennett is from Natlan and there's a curse on the people of Natlan if they leave, hence why there's no Natlan NPCs anywhere.
We know nothing because the devs probably didn't have anything nailed down except some basics like there will be hot springs and wanting South American and African influences.

No. 338319

File: 1701034340377.jpeg (1.91 MB, 1439x2048, IMG_2619.jpeg)

>there's a curse on the people of Natlan if they leave
Totally forgot about Mare Jivari! And yeah the curse would make sense but Venessa was from Natlan and could leave and end up in Mondstadt.
>We know nothing because the devs probably didn't have anything nailed down except some basics like there will be hot springs and wanting South American and African influences.
This would make sense if we were still in Sumeru, but now we’re in Fontaine with a finished archon quest and Natlan being released in summer. Mihoyo has prepared the general story and conflict of the upcoming region every time during this point in the current region. This has to be deliberate.

No. 338322

Same, absolute useless piece of shit

No. 338327

File: 1701038792972.jpeg (131.39 KB, 1161x800, IMG_2467.jpeg)

No. 338333

I have to agree with ayrt that Nahida is trash. You're probably one of the only ones who likes her here, redditchan.

No. 338340

I don't think there's a curse, but I do think there's something that makes them not leave. We have met NPCs from literally every region, even Snezhnaya, but nobody from Natlan so there must be a reason to it. Even a war would cause refugees, wouldn't you think? Neuvillette mentioned dragons and Enkanomiya foreshadowed vishaps evolving into humans, maybe that's happening in Natlan since the Enkanomiya prophecy about the hydro dragon came back in Fontaine?

No. 338390

I don't like her design in the slightest but she is undeniably very useful in combat, especially with alhaitham, saying she's useless is delusional

No. 338399

Alhaitham works great with Baizhu, XQ/Furina, Kuki. Nahida is not useless but not a must-pull like scrotes shill her.
I also believe in the vishap thing, it is the only thing that would make sense based on what Neuvillette said. Maybe they can't leave because they'll turn to their vishap form? And other people from Teyvat don't know this vishap thing I assume since nobody mentions it. But the weird thing is why hasn't a single NPC mentioned the lack of Natlanian presence in other nations.

No. 338428

reddit barely likes her either. last I saw the chart, she's not even in the top twenty of sub sizes for genshin characters.

No. 338456

Everymoid started hating Nahida because she wasn't a braindead little girl like Klee or Qiqi or Diona after all but actually an intelligent old soul (sans the retarded really out of character dookie talk) who played an important part in the archon quest so she stopped being the cute corruptable loli to them. Say what you will about Nahida, if you removed her from the story they wouldn't have been able to escape Dottore, defeat Scaramouche, deal with Irminsul or break out of the Samsara so she actually did something worthwhile compared to Ei who barely appeared in the story quest and did literally nothing during the entire Inazuma chapter but she's a fan favourite because she's a head empty no thoughts sapphic hikikomori booba sword autist. We hadn't had an archon as involved as Nahida with the main party since Venti.

No. 338495

didn't the biggest nahida subreddit get banned cause the "kaiser" scrote who creates most subs is a pedo and spammed nahida porn?

No. 338497

Didn't that guy also own like a ton of other r/charactermain subreddits? Like any time a character got leaked he went and created a subreddit for it. Or am I mixing things up?

No. 338585

Yeah afaik he always creates the subs and spams porn. Average moid activities

No. 338597

Yeah even for leaked character names. He immediately creates all subreddits and then exposes people to porn.

No. 338685

Nice more dead children thanks China.

No. 338965

File: 1701342701686.png (618.64 KB, 872x631, IMG_0562.png)

The missed potential with the longer shorts.

No. 338966

File: 1701342789431.jpeg (112.34 KB, 1372x808, IMG_0563.jpeg)

Some hairstyles. I like the short hair most.

No. 338967

File: 1701342841167.jpeg (144.59 KB, 1164x767, IMG_0564.jpeg)

Sorry for the Reddit watermark on this one. This was supposed to be her archon form.

No. 338968

File: 1701343947824.jpg (3.09 MB, 2500x2500, zoipuHq.jpg)

>Haha, okay, okay… I know you can't wait to see everyone.
>You simply can't rush someone when they're doing their hair. Ah, it's been so long since the last performance… How did I do it last time again?
>Hmm… Something about it just doesn't look right. I know, why don't we ask the Traveler for a hand?
>My dear, kind, exquisitely-feathered friend — do me a favor and call over that blond Honorary Knight standing there in the distance, would you?

No. 338969

File: 1701343985704.jpg (3.16 MB, 3000x3000, EcQv2wA.jpg)

>"Another glass, Diona~!"
>"Ugh… Even with all those strange ingredients, you're still not done! I'm struggling to keep up…"
>"Haha… I know my demands are unreasonable, but play along, would you? I am the birthday boy after all."
>"sobs Even you admit that they're unreasonable!"

No. 338970

Agree, it's uber cute especially combined with the ribbon.

No. 338972

So cute
And of course there's a war in the comments about him not being dark enough kek

No. 338973

He does have a different tone in the chibi piece. It's just weird, don't they have a color reference for their characters?

No. 338978

I love that her ahoge is a constant through all of the designs. the longer shorts look nice too.

No. 338986

They outsource the detailed pics. I don't know how much they bother to correct a commission.

No. 338991

File: 1701357793764.jpg (70.06 KB, 870x483, FzAG_I0aYAEiaRN.jpg)

This looks like the same artist who made the butterfly/fairy Nahida concept art. It's sad that all these really cool concept arts get watered down so much.

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