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File: 1680932092913.jpg (488.24 KB, 2048x1393, BIbZuOu.jpg)

No. 288244

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo/Hoyoverse. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

>Redeem codes without having to login

>Check your spiral abyss data


>Damage calculator


>Build simulator


>Database filled with pretty much everything found in game


>Build help


>Character guides


>Interactive map for overworld item locations


Previous threads:

No. 288255

genshit fags fuck you all and youre terrible game kekkkk the characters look AI generated and the gameplay is a really blatant BOTW clone LMFAO. the plot is bad and the all units are one dimensional in both skills and personality. when will this hideous game die fr(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 288257


>inb4 your samefagging starts

No. 288275

File: 1680944711022.jpg (57.72 KB, 563x762, 2dc00a43be72cd48c1af47c4cb58b1…)

Is Baizhu worth pulling? People are calling him broken as fuck but I'm too small brained to figure it out.

No. 288276

Really? I thought people were calling him a slightly worse yaoyao. From what I understand, he's a good enough healer and his shield is more for resistance to interruption but his healing makes up for the low hp of the shields. His dendro application is single target though, which is why yaoyao might be preferred. Still, I say you should wait till he's been out for at least a week before pulling if you're not sure. Seeing characters in practice changes the general opinion sometimes.

Also don't mindlessly listen to every youtuber you come across because a lot of them assume you have Nahida and built everyone or something. It's hard to find a proper reviewer that doesn't say "this other character is better and you'll use her so don't bother getting the husbando"

No. 288277

>It's hard to find a proper reviewer that doesn't say "this other character is better and you'll use her so don't bother getting the husbando"
You're right, nonny. A lot of theorycrafters assume you're playing with certain teams or builds and tend to compare characters to other characters when I most likely wouldn't even want to waste my gems on the other one.

No. 288290

I'm rolling for him because he's hot and Yusa Kouji. Nobody in Fontaine seems that interesting so nothing else to save for.
Reveal Varka when?
Actually ever since I learned last week that my number one husbando's voice actor played two minor NPC's in English I've been wondering if he could voice a major character like Varka.

No. 288293

I've heard the "broken af" line of reasoning as well as the "Yaoyao better" ones too and honestly it's too early to decide regardless. Remember that people shat on Kokomi and Kazuha when they came out and now both are indispensable. I personally want Baizhu for my Cyno team/Tighnari team so my other abyss teams are free to use Zhongli and other supports.

No. 288346

im also pulling him bc yusa lol.
plus who knows, it might be a kuki situation where he'll be great in future comps. maybe with fontaine characters?

No. 288357

Pull for who you like, meta barely matters in this game anyway.

No. 288376

I'm also pulling him to use with Cyno. He should work well for Cyno I think.

No. 288425

File: 1680987590498.png (177.5 KB, 600x778, 106266752_p0_master1200.png)

I finally got around to finishing Faruzan's hangout and I honestly liked her way more than I expected. She was really relatable to me actually. I never hated her design as much as other nonas did, but it grew on me a lot over the course of the hangout as well. I still won't use her though since I only have her at C1.

No. 288470

Nice OP thread picture!

No. 288501

File: 1681026860014.png (38.99 KB, 500x850, GenshinImpact-CBT1-Yunjin-NoSk…)

Continuing from the last thread, Yunjin was meant to show lace panties while moving before it got censored. Thank god it god censored it would look cheap as fuck.

No. 288502

File: 1681026997858.jpg (231.64 KB, 1133x752, RDT_20230409_09482922475389990…)

Also found some of her scrapped designs. I feel bad for saying this as it's one of the less revealing outfits but I don't find Yunjin's current look appealing at all. I find it pretty ugly actually… I wish they went with the red design or any of the scrapped ones, they look better imo.

No. 288513

File: 1681049850169.jpeg (642.73 KB, 1566x2048, FEzq7rtacAEXyq3.jpeg)

Idk yet if he's worth pulling but I'm getting him either way. It seems like Fontaine has almost no husbando's and I wouldn't know what to do if we have another drought like in Inazuma. Since the only that I'm currently using in my teams right now is Bennet it would be nice to have another healer.

I also liked her hangout and I feel your strungle with only having her c1. It's so annoying how both her and Sara need a lot of constellations to fix issues in there kit.

I really like Yunjin her design, i think the teal color would also have looked beautiful on her.

No. 288552

File: 1681068616962.jpg (91.41 KB, 800x469, HD-wallpaper-video-game-genshi…)

All of them look good to me. The red would have been striking, but I'm a sucker for navy/pink/blue combos.

No. 288579

File: 1681077845885.jpeg (831.52 KB, 2098x2664, E63EA7AF-79AE-4887-B300-0573ED…)

>another drought like in Inazuma
It really looks like that’s the case for Fontaine. Several different leakers for several months see no indications of more than like 4 male characters. Maybe they’ll release more 4-star males since there’s a lack of them? Sumeru has been a male 5-star update definitely. Either way now is the time to pull for the husbandos you want and max them during Fontaine to keep yourself busy.

No. 288580

File: 1681077911616.jpeg (831.52 KB, 2098x2664, E63EA7AF-79AE-4887-B300-0573ED…)

>another drought like in Inazuma
It really looks like that’s the case for Fontaine. Several different leakers for several months see no indications of more than like 4 male characters. Maybe they’ll release more 4-star males since there’s a lack of them? Sumeru has been a male 5-star update definitely. Either way now is the time to pull for the husbandos you want and max them during Fontaine to keep yourself busy.

No. 288583

File: 1681078702316.jpg (138.23 KB, 1080x1080, FoyW-0MX0AEZlmd.jpg)

Ackchyually Sara's ""issues"" (normies cant play a technical character yet again) dont get fixed with cons, her burst just becomes such a good electro buff, that people can go away with just using it instead of malding with charged shots. Faruzan energy generation and lack of fitting arti set besides tenacity at c6 are definite issues though.

No. 288660

Man imagine sweating using Sara when you can throw Raiden in national team and just insta-murder everything or play her hyperbloom style and kill everything by pressing E. Not dissing you anon I just don't get why anyone would want to use Sara.

No. 288665

File: 1681108721985.jpg (276.36 KB, 1080x1724, Screenshot_20230410_083839_Ins…)

Filler character that came out of nowhere

No. 288666

File: 1681108897294.jpg (322.19 KB, 1080x1737, Screenshot_20230410_084026_Ins…)

I don't get why even release a character like this? Aside from chaotic leaks she wasn't teased at all and there was no buildup. Her design is really uninspired too. I can't think of any other character that's as bland and forgettable as this.

No. 288673

This is so dumb. Literally no substance to this character at all and she looks like she was designed as an AGP wet dream. An overworked diligent waifu but she's a teenage catgirl? What a revolutionary concept, not at all a low effort cash grab to shake coomers for a quick buck.

No. 288680

hey they had to make a cringe self-insert for trannies, please understand

No. 288682

her feet… did they have to go this low kek i dont even know if a notable amount of coomers would care about her. at least this means another update without having to pull for anyone new. just hope they dont try to shove her into random stories or events

No. 288709

File: 1681117222079.png (292.25 KB, 990x540, 7d1d15d09d57b5b415aa94f2ccbe3c…)

I don't think 'nowhere' is a correct assertion considering that she's quite clearly based on the Honkai character Pardofelis. Whether you like the trend of Honkai characters getting inserted into Teyvat is up for your personal discretion (and fair enough if you don't), but it does make sense lore-wise (we all know Teyvat is one of Honkai's bubble universes), and besides, I am pretty biased considering I love her Honkai character and she's a fantastic DPS.

No. 288714

File: 1681117691990.jpg (277.16 KB, 1362x1362, 8309575903849.jpg)

>"Genshin is just a spinoff of honkai" shill unironically simps for a honkai bikini catgirl waifu in the Genshin thread

No. 288715

shit taste, honkyfag gtfo

No. 288716

It seems like they didn't change her design to much, she still looks like a vocaloid reject. However maybe her in game model won't be to bad.

I wouldn't know tbh. I haven't build Sara since I don't have Ei. However I just keep hearing people complaining about Sara her kit and just playing national with Ei since that does enough damage anyway.

No. 288717

he sounds like he places somewhere between razor and mika on the autism spectrum now. couldnt they get the va to sound like a normal man this time?

No. 288718

here's the baizhu voice too. i forgot how he sounded so i got whiplash from how tranny like he talks. now im somehow no longer interested in getting him kek

No. 288719

Quickly, what in game model doesn't look worse than official art? Kek you think the retarded boob jiggle physics will be her saving grace?

No. 288720

Switch the audio language to Chinese or Japanese and never let the shitty engdub ruin characters for you, anon.

No. 288727

I'm a straight cis woman, I just like her design and playstyle… god forbid anyone enjoy anything

No. 288730

It's definitely an acquired taste but I prefer the dub team having fun with a unique EN voice for once over the boring ass male vtuber-esque fake corpse husband voices intended to be sexy whilst they're just cringe asf (cough, Dottore, cough)

No. 288731

>self IDing 'cis' like a handmaiden

No. 288733

I'm mostly just coping but Ayato his in game model looks a lot better then his fan art imo. Also it doesn't help that her art shows her in a weird angle.

You should try the chinese or korean dub, they are the best ones.

No. 288735

not this again. the en voices are 90% really good. jp or cn have their bad characters too. on this topic, i realised how good we have it in en with the fatui video they dropped. en harbingers are all the best sounding even though their age (500+) shows with the way they speak kek

No. 288740

"Mostly" is an understatement… Ayato's in game model has a weird face and his suit and body are stiff as hell, I skipped all his rate ups because of how bad it is. I'd wager they'll try to incorporate that B&A pose into her kit somehow. Or not because the pose still somehow makes her appear more clothed than she would from a normal angle.

No. 288741

I think Ayato in game model is very pretty, but we are allowed to have different opinions of each other. No reason to be so cranky.

No. 288745

The irony of saying 'switch to Japanese' to a post wanting him to sound like a normal man when Tighnari in Japanese is very badly voiced by a female voice actor. I play in jp and cringe every time he opens his mouth. She gives Tighnari such a weird and unnatural intonation and ruins his character. Worst dub in the game imo.
The EN is not as good as CN but it's better than Elliot was in my opinion.

No. 288746

youre the only one who thinks ayato looks bad in game kek him and heizou are the best looking ones in game, better than their 2d art
agreed i still dont know why they make women voice male characters unless theyre little children before puberty. i like some cn voices but i hate not being able to understand their voicelines, they are one of my favourite parts about playing the game and exploring

No. 288747

Personally I think his Japanese voice sounds cute and fits his pretty face, literally anything over the nasal autist accent.

No. 288748

I get what you mean but considering he has a calm male voice in every other dub, I think this one is a bit of a miscast. Different strokes for different folks though

No. 288767

Only cause people on this site will immediately start making wild assumptions about your age, height, date of birth, ethnicity and personal life if you don't make it clear

No. 288768

I also like Ayato simply because I like his official art and personality but you do have to admit he has this odd unnatural pink glow to his face that clashes with his blue outfit and I wish Hoyo would adjust it slightly

No. 288770

No. 288773

No one here needs to make it clear they are "cis" becuase trannies aren't welcome. Learn to integrate.

No. 288811

File: 1681149971663.jpg (461.23 KB, 1877x2121, FZMDqlWWAAIiSwh.jpg)

At least she's just a forgettable 4*. I'm a little annoyed because I'll probably get a bunch of her going for C6 Kazuha next patch if leaks are accurate, but whatever.
>why are you going for C6 kazoo
I have him C3 with a Mistsplitter and want him to be my Anemo DPS. Wanderer isn't as fun as Kazuha imo.

No. 288838

Aww, Baizhu isn't on the first banner of the new patch, I wanna roll.
But Nahida is getting a second story quest so I finally finished her first, and it went a bit unexpected sci-fi again. But if there's one thing I really hate it's video games trying to moralize about escapism being bad.
And stop making me kill NPC's! geez that poor falcon girl didn't deserve it, why do we save the Sheznayan spy girl in Inazuma but have to kill her.

No. 288855

She's pretty cute to me. If she can run along walls or has some kind of exploration ability, I'll probably pull for at least one copy of her. Bonus points if she synergizes with Alhaitham.

No. 288892

I literally see it happen everywhere on here what are you guys talking about???? Someone says a reasonable yet unpopular opinion and everyone in the replies immediately slams the 'troon' 'trans' button it's just how this place rolls I guess

No. 288893

File: 1681194332375.jpg (271.39 KB, 2048x1239, m5f5yzE.jpg)

it doesnt happen on this thread though. let's not get out of topic

No. 288904

integrate or go back to walking on eggshells around real stunbraves, newfag

No. 288916

File: 1681212516974.jpg (133.08 KB, 750x1000, 70974003751701dd7cb089789c69d4…)

I like Kaeluc and I believe that each person is free to interpret their relationship however they want to. Either way, they canonically aren't related by blood and I PERSONALLY don't see them as brothers in any sense of the word. I just wouldn't feel comfortable shipping two characters if I also thought of them as being related. So, from my perspective, I haven't done anything 'problematic' or 'immoral' as my OPINION is that them being brothers is not true. Where I'm going with this is that I want to ship what are to me two consenting and unrelated adult characters. But the Kaeluc fandom are fucking freaks. They REVEL in calling them brothers and love drawing fucked up pedo art and relishing the incestual interpretation of their dynamic. And the people who hate Kaeluc are also fucking freaks who tell people to kill themselves over drawings and force their own (brotherly) interpretation of their relationship onto everyone else despite the fact it's up to each individual to decide. As a result, both groups have sucked out all the joy of shipping them. Does anyone else like Kaeluc and feel this way? Are there any pro-Kaeluc places I can go without bumping into fucking incest-loving freaks? (I'm okay with nsfw, just not their 'Oh, yes! Fuck me brother' weird shit). You could argue it's my fault since I should have known what I was walking into, but I just wanna know if there are even any other sane Kaeluc shippers at all

No. 288921

i love kaeluc and i don't see them as actual brothers (because it's obvious they're not), more like childhood friends who lived together but there is nothing wrong with liking incest in fiction and it doesn't mean you want to fuck your siblings irl. you can think it's degenerate but it's actually a pretty mild taboo fetish. i like seeing brothers fuck in yaoi for instance, but i dislike hetero incest. also even if kaeluc were stepbros, it wouldn't be a problem to ship them because "stepsiblings get married" is a very common trope in anime
i don't know why is everyone so dramatic about this

No. 288949

I always think it's funny when people claim that Kaeluc is incest, because they aren't blood related. Like one look at Kaeya's appearance and then comparing it to Diluc can show you that they are not brothers kek. I also see them as childhood friends, it's just because of the english translation that people actually believe they are family.

I wish you luck with getting c6 Kazuha! Mine is currently C2 and I would love to get his C6 eventually. But right now I want to get some other constellations from different characters first. I really want to get C2 Zhongli and maybe even C4 if my pulls go well. No idea when he reruns though. I also had the thought of maybe going for C6 Xiao instead of Kazuha. But Kazuha his burst is just so pretty.

No. 288967

i'm not sure if i really want baizhu or not, i'm on a coinflip and i want kaveh so of course if i get baizhu off pity it wouldn't bother me but since i'm not buying welkin anymore so my primo stash is limited i wonder if i should wait for the prison warden from fountaine instead since he sounds more my alley. but who knows when that guy is released, it could be next year at this rate. there's also lyney and although i'm not a big fan of his design i need more pyro characters. i already have a bunch of dendros i use (tighnari, alhaitham, kaveh soon) so i'm not sure if i'm really going to need baizhu, i was thinking that maybe he will be a busted dendro kokomi but apparently he's not that great for an alhaitham team?

No. 288969

Okay, I may have gone a little off the rails just because I'm pretty damn tired of the weirder shit. I know fiction doesn't equal reality. But MAN do I get some serious second-hand embarrassment when I see kaeluc artists and writers laud their incest fetish like it's a genuine badge of honour for the sake of 'owning the antis'… like c'mon dude… have some self-respect… you don't exactly have the high ground here kek

No. 288975

If you don't really want Baizhu just keep saving your primos. If you don't want Lyney don't go for him. There's no guarantee he'll still be Pyro once he's released, we've already gotten conflicting information on whether Lynette is going to be an Anemo 4 star or a Hydro 5 star and it doesn't sound like either one is coming soon. If you want Wrothsley/Risley save for Risley.
I'm going for Kazuha now because it seems like he's going to be a one rerun a year kind of character, they don't like rereleasing him. Xiao is cool at C6, he gets a whole new playstyle with his E spam.

No. 288977

In my experience they're usually being reactive contrarians and that's why they're doing it for the shock value, to stir controversy. The people revering in how "them being brothers only makes it hotter and puritans can kiss my ass" usually like loli porn and other degenerate shit too because they're addicted to the drama it causes, not the subject matter in itself.

Fontaine won't be coming until maybe September(?) and chances are that he won't be in the first banner so you'll have plenty of time to save up on primos. Maybe just wait until Baizhu's been out for around halfway of his banner and see people's opinions on him and make the decision based on that? His kit is really hard to decipher and there are a lot of opposing opinions at the moment so take it slow.

No. 288987

You are lucky because Baizhu his banner will be at the end of the new patch, that means that you can wait till the last moment and see if we got any more leaks about when future characters you might like more will arrive.

You are right, it took forever for Kazuha to rerun. Vid related is exactly why I want Xiao C6, just spamming his E would be so fun kek.

No. 288995

>Are there any pro-Kaeluc places I can go without bumping into fucking incest-loving freaks?
no because the only people who care about fiction enough to call other people freaks over it are the people who cant think for themselves and will follow whatever voice is the loudest, in this case the voice that says kaeluc is bad

No. 289029

File: 1681251677688.jpeg (259.41 KB, 1266x2048, 62981D71-DDC1-4339-9542-729206…)

So are we not getting a part 2 for the Dain quest? It ended in such an odd way and we barely even talked with Dainsleif and Kaeya.

No. 289032

stop hanging out in the English-speaking fandom

No. 289043

Doesn't seem like it for now. Maybe we'll get something in 3.7. I'm doubtful for 3.8 since we're getting a temporary region.

No. 289044

That's the problem with ongoing mobile games, the story will be continued once they get to it. Kaenriyah and the Abyss is endgame, we have to go through Fontaine/Natlan first before they'll really get deep into it I'm sure. And there'll be many pointless/fun? events in between.

No. 289045

I think we'll get more crumbs in Fontaine, probably in a filler patch where we don't get any map updates. They made the Archon quest in Sumeru tie in to the Khaenri'ah plot with some major reveals so Focalors will likely have more than a shrug and "I dunno" to tell us. If the beta voicelines are still at all relevant to the main story then Natlan, and Murata specifically, will probably have a lot to tell and share, since Venti in the beta had lines strongly suggesting Murata was going to give her god powers to the Traveler.

No. 289055

File: 1681269133543.jpg (274.78 KB, 850x1611, 0299c62cb27a11553a36ab47ba0213…)

Got Nilou! Lost my 50/50 to Keqing, but only ended up wishing 92 times total. I have 18k and 8 fates saved for Kokomi still!

No. 289065

File: 1681284163266.jpg (152.54 KB, 1920x889, Layla-Genshin-Impact-blue-hair…)

Congrats, anon. I pulled for some more Layla constellations and got her to C4. I'd like C6 but I don't want to risk my pity before Baizhu.

No. 289067

Not much I can do about that considering that I can only… speak english. Also it actually tends to be the 'western' fans who are rabid puritan antis and the 'eastern' fans who enjoy a 'brotherly' pro-incest interpretation of Kaeluc so it's really just between a rock and a hard place

No. 289076

File: 1681292505661.png (530.8 KB, 1920x1080, 20230412000553_png_.png)

I hope that's not true, I don't want god powers, especially if they come with responsibility

My favorite part of a new area, revealing the map and finding all the teleport waypoints while listening to the new music!
I really wish the red line was just a normal invisible wall right on the edge of the map, why did they put such a nice view just out of reach…
Northeast is Mountains and you can see Liyue, Southwest is more desert, and then an ocean? Do we know if any of the other countries are on an island or over an ocean?
The new Anemo Hillchurls look cool, but then they had to make me feel sad by dropping flowers…
And somehow I managed to explore the entire map before getting around to the first waypoint that gives you the intro quest haha, wonder how many rolls I'll have saved up before Baizhu and Kaveh come out, already have 255.

And finally finished Stone Harbors Nostalgia after getting each achievement almost a year apart… And half of Good Sign done. So much hidden RNG stuff.

No. 289083

File: 1681296175083.jpeg (284.29 KB, 1980x1113, 89B07BAD-65C4-4C4D-9DB2-53F567…)

What did you get nonas?
I lost Nahida to Dehya… I love Dehya’s design, I wish her kit was better and also I don’t really need pyro now. She’s pretty much useless to me. At least Baizhu guaranteed.
Also got:
>C1 Kuki (which I really wanted)
>C1 Dori (which I really didn’t want)
>two 4* weapons (fuuuuck weapons on character banners)
I really wanted Layla cons but I’m scared to spend more wishes because I really want Kaveh.

No. 289109

File: 1681306537423.jpeg (824.62 KB, 1648x2048, 9EF46DB5-FBDC-4726-8A1D-661323…)

>What did you get nonas?
Not pulling for a loli so I’m just saving for Baizhu and Kaveh! Getting Dehya sucks nona, hope you’ll at least lose to Tighnari next time for your 50/50. He’s more useful.

No. 289126

From what we know Natlan should be to the west of the Desert. The ocean could be an inland sea, or Natlan is weirdly shaped somehow.
I also ended up lighting up all the visible waypoints before getting the world quest. The new companion is cute but whoever decided ctrl would be her descent key was a sadist.

No. 289134

i don't understand jp haikaveh shippers who try to force the idea that kaveh is obviously into women (??) but he falls for alhaitham like what's up with these people just asking to be cucked? even in a game like genshin where the subject of romance is literally never brought up they somehow created the idea that kaveh must be some sort of skirt chasing playboy solely because he's blonde. do these people just breathe same exact tropes again and again

No. 289136

They do that? I follow a ton of jp Haikaveh shippers and I've never seen it happen, all of them see Kaveh as the very gay coded man that he is. I find that a weird thought though, he's pretty clearly a work-oriented artist passionate about sacrificing himself for his work and to make others happy to the point he goes into deep debt, I wouldn't associate him with being some sort of a playboy.

No. 289137

like idk maybe it's just me, i understand the fantasy of a playboy scrote getting fucked in porn but OUTSIDE of it why would you headcanon characters like that and enjoy the idea of it, it's such a typical scrote trait and i want my 2D anime to be as far as possible from that. you don't see incels and waifufags headcanonning that their waifus are boy crazy either
there's a still some like duelnine0 who can't leave old yaoi tropes in the past

No. 289165

File: 1681326280939.jpeg (186.8 KB, 1100x1381, B092A438-35D5-4187-A0A2-D06351…)

>that kaveh is obviously into women (??) but he falls for alhaitham
JP female players are obviously influenced by japanese BL. The blonde and extroverted uke who is a womanizer acting tsundere towards the cool seme as he falls in love with him is one of the most popular tropes for decades. It’s not really about getting cucked but more about the trope that a character who is popular and a smooth talker becomes tsun tsun with his true love.
>do these people just breathe same exact tropes again and again
Yes. They’ve placed Alhaitham and Kaveh into these exact tropes.

No. 289186

Honestly cool seme Alhaitham and extroverted uke Kaveh is the worst interpretation of their ship, it’s so boring. Personally I think it would be better to just ditch the seme uke shit, their personalities don’t fall into it that well anyway. I get how they’d get it from the JP voices though, they sound much more stereotypically old school BL in them.
>asking to be cucked
What a take. By a fictional character? People who don’t self insert don’t take shipping shit personally kek

No. 289187

this is similar to the western version of that, extroverted bisexual with finger guns x cool edgy gay which is heavily klance-coded (blegh) and i hate it so much… people in the fandom can't add more nuance to it, it's always the same shit either bi guy x gay guy, hetero enemies-to-lovers like chilumi, girlboss x malewife just give me a break

No. 289206

Nta but BL is self shipping for low self-esteem straight girls kek. If it wasn't there would be no need for the romance aspect and simply have the character as gay but no romance focus. You are as cringe as them and the cringe fujo thread in ot shows that they absolutely do take it seriously and sperg that anons are homophobic for not being into BL kek.

No. 289259

go back

No. 289263

No. 289267

wym seme and uke is the best part of it

No. 289288

Idk this is just my personal opinion, I mostly have problems with Alhaitham, he as a cool stoic unshakable seme is so boring to me. Straight or gay ship with him I'd prefer to see him a bit shook and flustered. I also don't think he'd be in tune with his emotions enough to pursue Kaveh. But his JP actor does sound like he has 0 emotions and is the exact fit to the trope so I get that interpretation, he doesn't sound snarky and a bit rude like the other languages.

No. 289302

self-shipping is self-shipping for low self esteem straight girls. BL is for female coomers who want to express their sexuality freely without the influence of patriarchal grooming, and also lesbians.

No. 289304

I think both groups, being female nerds, have low self-esteem yet want to express their sexualities freely from patriarchy through 2D.

No. 289343

They changed the interactive map back, that was quick.
Finishing up the Tanit stuff
god the mood whiplash, 'close your eyes Paimon, we're just gonna murder these people'
Took long enough for Babel to show her true colors. And man Jeht is an idiot, no you are not my 'best friend'.

I have a bad feeling that the Scheznaya unvoiced world quests might be very dark indeed. So many orphans, makes me think the Fatui is creating them on purpose to fuel their army, it's not like there's a war going on.

No. 289361

File: 1681415977766.jpeg (448.76 KB, 2048x1539, 6FC8C5F4-8F1F-4C88-B019-1F922C…)

Alhaitham is just a bit autistic kek. I really feel like he’s a Diluc reskin (in a good way), because similarly to Diluc he is a softie at heart when it comes to his family. Alhaitham really loved his grandma and has a tragic past with dead parents, just like Kaveh who was abandoned by his single mother who left him and remarried in Fontaine. Alhaitham does describe Kaveh as a perfect mirror, and Kaveh describes them as two sides of a mirror. They are opposites who in some way complete each other. So I think it’s cute that Alhaitham is a bit stoic in contrast to Kaveh. Similar pasts, different personalities. Just like Kaeya and Diluc.

No. 289374

File: 1681424732449.jpg (56.52 KB, 564x564, 2aa0d13211a3ce514efb1b5ffb7ef4…)

do you have the same energy for yuri too? or for any of the shit men consume on the daily basis? is yuri for low self-esteem straight men? drawings of high school girls squishing their tits together? where is the same energy for that? what is the harm in women shipping two anime guys together? are you retarded? mentally handicapped?

i seriously don't understand why so many bitches like you act like women shipping yaoi is the end of the world when it's just harmless fun, especially in a game like genshin where they're catering to the male fanbases needs 24/7 by pumping out one coomer waifu and loli after another. you sound like a retard who is salty that somebody said her husbando sucks cock because you probably ship him together with lumine or something and the possibility of him being a throat goat prevents you from self inserting

No. 289378

Throat goat is sending me anon HAHAHAHA

No. 289379

Why in your eyes does shipping two women together = drawings of highschool girls squishing their boobs together made for male coomers? Do YOU have an issue with yuri? Cause it seems like you do. I like shipping female characters together because im a lesbian, anon. Not because i'm a porn addicted male like your sperging about.

No. 289380

>Why in your eyes does shipping two women together = drawings of highschool girls squishing their boobs together made for male coomers?
because that is literally what 95% of yuri media is all about lmfao. it's just lesbian porn drawn by men, for men

No. 289398

That's the point, nonny. That you can't generalize a genre.

No. 289404

Why do so many fujos hate lesbians? So fucking bizarre. 95% of hentai in general is made by men for men, why do you focus on hating yuri hentai in particular if not a strange hatred toward lesbians? It extends beyond just anime and other coomer forms of media (like genshin and other video games) as well, some of you genuinely hate actual lesbians.

No. 289421

Actually fuck off with this weak ass bait, I'm ashamed for anons who keep replying to your bullshit

No. 289424

Kek what a take, people who hate yaoi are gay haters then I guess kek

No. 289437

File: 1681462626608.png (1.84 MB, 3300x2900, x5cbebvqvita1.png)

What do you think of the new 4 star Kirara? I don't understand why they removed the front of her skirt. Maybe it was to give her a more sporty look but the shorts that they show have no detail either so it looks lame. I also wished her top would have been a bit longer so it would look more like a crop trop because it kind of looks like s a sport bra now. I think her bow and back design is very pretty and i like her nails. Her kit seems funny too.

No. 289441

File: 1681463642117.webm (9.03 MB, 854x480, kirara.webm)

Her kit seems pretty fun so it's dissapointing how her character designs isn't to my liking. I really like her attack animations and how she just turns into a box kek.

No. 289450

I feel the same. I like her kit and animations but dislike her design. She looks too generic to me. Genshin had some good designs lately so I feel like this is a big miss. Or the Sumeru design team has better designers or something.
What I don't get is everyone is saying she moves faster and climbs faster as the box but it looks pretty slow to me, also she changes back almost right away? Regular climb jumping seems faster.

No. 289452

File: 1681466704392.jpg (39.82 KB, 539x468, meow2.jpg)

>muh violent lesbophobia
>is talking about anime girls
kek inshallah your sapphic phase ends asap. sitting at the same table and eating the same food as moids only makes you look like a dick rider. the "focus" you're talking about is a product of annoying wlwannabes such as yourself trying to shill your moidshit in female communities dominated by fujos, and, oh yeah, yuri being the female counterpart of yaoi! normal hentai is easier to ignore

No. 289456

File: 1681472146797.jpg (70.17 KB, 1024x1024, FoJF6OhagAEZ14k.jpg)

worst character ever made purely for jp fags - why the fuck does she even transform into a box?? whats the genshin logic here? I get how some characters can summon manifestations of their element that take form in an animal but what the actual fuck is this shit

No. 289459

It's been discussed here a million times already but basically she looks like a tranny designed her, she's an overworked waifu but a cat girl who has a cute box because cats love boxes right teehee. The concept could be cute but man that design is just terrible, they couldn't even give her a full skirt or cover her armpits.

It's literally a really low grade baitposting. Report and ignore, never engage.

No. 289466

I wanted to tell you she can transform because she’s a nekomata but apparently I was confusing it with bakeneko. Nekomata mostly only transform into older women to cause trouble but aren’t shapeshifters if I understand correctly so I think the devs also mistook bakeneko and nekomata.

>Some tales state that these demons, like bakeneko, assume human appearances, usually appearing as older women, behaving badly in public, and bringing gloom and malevolence wherever they travel.

>with this folk belief sometimes the kasha, a yōkai that steals the corpses of the dead, are seen to be the same as the nekomata.
> Cats are often associated with death in Japan, and this particular spirit is often blamed. Far darker and malevolent than most bakeneko, the nekomata is said to have powers of necromancy, and upon raising the dead, will control them with ritualistic dances - gesturing with paw and tail.
> These yōkai are associated with strange fires and other unexplainable occurrences.

She could have been edgy as fuck pyro design what a shame kek.

No. 289488

My tinfoil is they don't know what to do with pyro now that they've made it not work with dendro very well. I think we're going to have to wait a bit for a new pyro character.

No. 289501

Uhh isn't burn the worst reaction ever? Having said that I like when they design non vape pyros like Dehya, as much as people hated her tbh. All pyros feel the same for me

No. 289504

Yeah, burn sucks and burgeon is really restrictive compared to hyperbloom and spread teams. That's what I mean, they don't know what to do with pyro besides bigger numbers and they don't seem to want to powercreep like that.
You're free to like Dehya but objectively she sucks as a unit. She has nothing she excels at besides standing around and killing stuff with her meme self-heal passive and Clam.
Honestly more pyro supports would be nice.

No. 289505

Dehya's only use is not dying from cold in Dragonspine kek
I really don't get why they made her so shitty, she's one of the cooler tall women

No. 289506

File: 1681498353578.jpg (135.6 KB, 850x992, __thoma_and_kageroumaru_genshi…)

Her kit screams made by two different people who wanted two different things. Her skill could have been good like Albedo's, but it needed way stronger damage and faster application. If it procced every time you attacked, for example, or even every second she would have been a great Ayato support. Ayato loves being unable to be interrupted and fast application. But then her burst suggests building her like a hypercarry? But her scaling is much too weak for that, she needed five times the damage and be able to trigger other skills like Xingqiu or Yelan. She just sucks and her useless tanking passive that nobody wanted or asked for eats too much power budget.
It says something when Thoma is considered a better tank option than a tank-type 5*.

No. 289507

File: 1681498424792.jpg (307.76 KB, 2048x2025, BOoAumX.jpg)

I read your post wrong and thought you said pyro works with dendro well kek So that's what I mean too, pyros other than vaping is nice. She sucks but at least she doesn't do the same thing as every other unit of her element, it's at least a sign that they're not going to give us diluc no13876 with the next pyro unit, no? I'd rather wait till they make unique kits than just switch my crimson to the next pyro husbando and not build a new unique team. I think Dehya's case could be helped with her kit increasing her dendro reactions for example, so it's not unthinkable they'll add those mechanics to another pyro now. To be honest I think I only care about this because I want Lyney to be fun so I don't regret going for him just for being cute

No. 289510

I don't want to believe he's going to be a pyro. I'm still holding out hope he'll be our first cryo catalyst.

No. 289513

I don't think we'll ever get a cryo catalyst, that just makes Xiangling the strongest unit in the game so I never had any hope for it. I'm no expert in ICD though so I don't know if they can just make him not apply cryo with every attack or something

No. 289517

File: 1681500375146.jpg (41.43 KB, 1080x932, ugek8vmuh0981.jpg)

I mean, realistically Xiangling is already the strongest unit in the game, I don't think they need to worry about yet another unit synergizing with her.
They made the Frostbearer catalyst, surely we'll get a cryo catalyst before Snezhnaya… Or so I cope.

No. 289525

File: 1681504064205.jpeg (44.18 KB, 679x470, received_194523923336468.jpeg)

No. 289526

File: 1681505155452.jpg (119.24 KB, 1200x630, 93727913.jpg)

Just had Teppei die RIP best boy npc

No. 289527

File: 1681505191639.jpg (157.99 KB, 1016x1200, 66982dbeb8d950632684b6dcefd4cd…)

No. 289537

>tfw there's still cringe teppei posting and mourning in the year of 2023

No. 289541

File: 1681511533472.jpeg (231.41 KB, 2144x664, AA6126B5-D3BD-4088-BFC5-52ED6F…)

By far the worst npc with the lousiest writing that even normies noticed how bad it was >>289507
Theory time! I feel like each character on the Teyvat chapters Travail trailer from 2020 will have different elements. We know none of them are archons but important people for the plot for each chapter and region as a roadmap for the whole game.
>Diluc is pyro
>Ningguang is geo
>Cyno is electro
>Dain is the most likely the Omni element (we have seen it in TCG and on symbols around ancient places)

That leaves hydro, cryo, dendro, anemo for Lyney/Lynette, Pulcinella and Iansan.
>Iansan in Yoruba mythology is a deity in charge of fire, lighting, hurricanes and storms
>electro and pyro already taken
>Iansan is anemo?
>Lyney/Lynette is therefore hydro and cryo (my massive cope)
>Pulcinella being ugly af, unlikely to be playable

No. 289542

But Ayaka was cryo?

No. 289545

Kek fuck I forgot about her (such a forgettable character honestly). My whole theory just got debunked now kek Lyney is doomed

No. 289550

Did you read their post? They just got to that part. Not everyone has been playing this game daily since launch like you.

No. 289555

never said i played since launch retard. still cringe

No. 289573

Nta but that bland fag deserved to die, mourning him is cringe no matter when you started. Not to mention inazuma came way after launch. Whole arc was a joke.

No. 289587

if you dont want to see other people's opinions leave the thread. where did you bitches who cant have a normal conversation come from youre plaguing the thread

No. 289595

Jesus christ lighten up, I just liked his seiyuu and was just shitposting. This thread is really negative as fuck.

No. 289600

This is the weirdest reason to get mad about in this thread I've seen yet.

No. 289602

Idk I've seen people get angry at some anons for picking Lumine as their playable character.

No. 289612

nta but mourning after teppei is so hilarious to me cause he barely had any screentime or character development kek

No. 289615

File: 1681557312938.png (575.26 KB, 895x510, cutie.png)

i love this thing so much. havent completed the quest yet but she and her friends are so cute and i love becoming her to fly around. 10/10 game design. i also like the new area, i was done with wide areas of sand the last few updates so now having it more intertwined with forest makes for a more colourful scenery and shorter distances between signs of life, i like it

No. 289616

Saying RIP and F is hardly mourning kekkk I triggered so many people with that for no reason

No. 289632

this thing looks like that guy from hazbin hotel had a baby with that other guy from hazbin hotel

No. 289639

It's just a pokemon.

Is this quest more cute than dark? I don't think I could stand another Tanit quest so soon. That really made me think I need to switch up my headcanon with what you end up doing.

No. 289648

Are you pullfags or something? We can laugh at you for posting this cringey meme and mourning the worst npc. >>289525 This is lc, we’re allowed to laugh at autists.

No. 289651

girl shut the fuck up if you cant enjoy any game without using it to put other people's thoughts about the most trivial things down go back to twitter

No. 289653

File: 1681578963370.jpg (166.58 KB, 1134x1200, FNEiEnrXEAI479e.jpg)

The quest isn't very dark, especially not compared to the Tanit quest.
For me it's Enjou.
It's probably the moid trying to stir up another stupid argument. Just ignore it.

No. 289752

File: 1681593654123.jpeg (846.25 KB, 2264x4088, BB6F64E9-44DE-4A9B-911A-481F21…)

In other news, what do you nonnies think about Yoimiya getting a second story quest in 3.7? It looks like most characters won’t be getting a second story quest, if this pace stays the same we would get a Dehya part 2 quest in Shneznaya. No way that they’ll be able to do all characters with how often we get new ones. It’s weird that Yoimiya was chosen as one of the few to get a part 2. I always thought Albedo would get one sooner than later. Childe is definitely getting a mainline archon quest story in Shneznaya and Venti is probably getting a huge lore dump one around endgame. But Yoimiya? I don’t see what makes her important.

No. 289754

Hoyofair shorts are making their way to Youtube. This one is probably my favourite, it would have been sick if all the Sumeru characters had beast forms like Cyno.

No. 289758

Albedo got his story in events so they probably think that's enough.
I guess if they want to do more Inazuma stuff then Yoimiya is the only girl that hasn't already got a lot of play in the Archon quests and events.

No. 289770

File: 1681601541008.jpg (40.98 KB, 938x960, 415101509.jpg)

>go back to twitter
>spergs the fuck out at any negative posts, joke or otherwise, about special interest game
this is a general thread on a board for female douchebags, not a house of genshit worship. all the dude in question did was come in out of the wood work, establish a relationship with us over the span of 5 minutes to make us feel bad about the similarly spontaneous meme war, hit the wall immediately, and die. fuck him.

No. 289826

File: 1681624969351.jpg (Spoiler Image,915.92 KB, 4304x3769, wg30ibux4zta1.jpg)

New placeholder models have been added that give us a rough idea of what Fontaine is going to look like/how big it's going to be.

Looks smaller than Sumeru overall but looks could be deceiving. I'm guessing the island won't be there on release but will be added in a later Fontaine patch.

No. 289830

File: 1681627979064.jpg (915.22 KB, 2358x3301, q9Hxz13.jpg)

nonnies im illiterate in dendro so i need help in building kaveh. ill give him the last patch's free weapon "mailed flower". for artifacts, i farmed an okay-ish flower of paradise lost 4p, and was planning on farming it more to get better artis but i saw someone show guilded dreams 4p as their kaveh artis. which one would be better? i think guilded dreams is similar to the weapon passive so im thinking it might not be as effective? but again i dont get dendro properly. my team in mind is kaveh-collei-barbs-xinqiu btw, collei carrying deepwood memories 4p (dendro shred). picrel is me stressed because i dont know which domain to lose my sanity on and you meta nonnies comforting me by telling me exactly what to do

No. 289835

Looks bigger than expected to me! I like it. Sumeru had no reason to be that big with a boring empty desert.

No. 289837

Both FoPL and GD should be good for Kaveh. It really just depends whether you want to be running the Deepwood/GD domain or the FoPL/DPC domain. Deepwood/GD is what a lot of people are running because DPC is only really for Scaramouche and Heizou (and maybe Xiao if you had nothing for him beforehand) so Deepwood/GD is more versatile.

No. 289848

Does finding someone online to do co-op with help with getting through the quests leading up to unlocking Inazuma? I cant stand the amount of grinding I have to do as a F2P player at this point to have my characters not constantly be fucked over by like thirty different mages hitting me at once while theres two main bosses pummeling me. My inazuma characters are just collecting dust cause I seemingly will never get there.

No. 289918

Depends what you're struggling with. You can't do the main story in co-op, but a friend who's caught up will one-shot most mobs for you. You can run bosses together and/or explore together and gather resources. There's also a few world quests you can do in co-op.

No. 290110

Like >>289918 said people with higher levels can help you out with field bosses and unlocking new areas. Like if you're struggling with ascending your characters they can assist you in killing the boss monsters to get more material or if you want the higher level artifacts they can join you at dungeons.

No. 290185

File: 1681704167851.jpg (768.17 KB, 2500x2500, 20230416_230252.jpg)

Happy birthday to Xiao!

No. 290186

File: 1681704258196.jpg (768.17 KB, 2500x2500, 20230416_230252.jpg)

Happy birthday to Xiao!

No. 290409

I sort of love these cooking vids.

No. 290483

File: 1681787180985.png (93.31 KB, 696x511, image_2023-04-17_210714082.png)

What teams did you anons use for this Abyss? I found it pretty easy. Had to use Yelan instead of Xingqiu to deal with the Drake but it was way easier than the last one with the Wenut.

No. 290490

File: 1681789173841.png (149.59 KB, 1080x768, Screenshot_20230417_222545.png)

shota team and geo team again. forgot the lineup but I did get 36 stars on my first try.

No. 290520

File: 1681803853694.jpeg (31.27 KB, 1242x333, 575D19CC-C5EF-4329-9E7B-E5F616…)

Alright so after Baizhu and Kaveh these are the banners we should be expecting. For nonnies who have limited primos it might help to plan ahead.

No. 290524

File: 1681806873808.jpeg (280.2 KB, 2048x2030, A77D289A-199A-4198-8294-760AC5…)

Im conflicted on baizhu vs alhaitham. Ill get kaveh and if i get baizhu in the process ill raise him for my future tighnari, but im on guarantee too so if i dont get baizhu when i get kaveh, im wondering if i should wait to use my guarantee for alhaitham? I really started to like him and he seems to be a good unit i wont die trying to build a team for but well he'll be the same as kaveh gameplaywise right? So idk if it makes sense to get both, if theyll both use the same team. I dont want to bench kaveh after getting haitham like i had to bench heizou after wanderer kek theyre just the same unit where the 5* is better. Anynonnies struggling with this decision too? Im open to good or bad advertisement for alhaitham to sway my opinion too kek

No. 290570

Annoying that Kazuha is first but I'm determined to get cons for him and to get Baizhu. At least I'm on pity guaranteed Baizhu.
If you need a strong Dendro DPS get Alhaitham. If you need a healer/shielder go for Baizhu. The nice thing about Al is he's very strong without constellations so you don't need to go hard for him.

No. 290590

Why can't they split the banners so It's one girl and one guy at the same time.

No. 290619

I feel like Yae just had her banner run not that long ago did she not?

No. 290621

If you care about meta Alhaitham is S-tier. Baizhu is not. If you don't care about meta then go for the one you think has better animations, better for the overworld and personality.

No. 290637

File: 1681857365888.jpeg (396.88 KB, 2048x1530, 4D136FAC-3904-40C5-9806-76D29F…)

>which one would be better?
You should check out the theorycrafting here: https://wangshengfp.org/faq/kaveh/

Everything from pic related, his best artifacts and why, recommended 5-star and 4-star weapons, team comps and talent priority are explained.

No. 290640

Lol wtf

No. 290794

File: 1681925938231.jpeg (244.2 KB, 2048x2030, B1400566-9450-4E78-A989-14CC58…)

Ikr who would have expected that. I can’t be bothered to farm it so Kaveh is getting deepwood. Not like he’s gonna be used in the abyss anyways

No. 290858

So according to the new quest Fontaine has/had homunculus tech or something? Wonder if this will come up in the Archon quest or if it's just worldbuilding. Also Dain mention, wonder if the one armed sage was supposed to be someone important too.

No. 290910

File: 1681964470260.jpg (109.95 KB, 850x1412, __xiao_and_scaramouche_coyo_mi…)

Nonas who have built both Wanderer and Xiao, how do you feel like they compare?

I rolled Wanderer/Scaramouche back when he came out, but I've put off building him even though I have LPttSW, and my Xiao only has a Deathmatch. I'm sure a built Wanderer would feel stronger than my Xiao, and likely less jank too, but I worry that it won't be enough of an improvement to really justify the investment when I could working on support/sub-dps characters. (I'm a pretty on-and-off player and I've only gotten to 31 stars in the abyss.)

No. 290923

Xiao is a close combat polearm user and Wanderer is a long range catalyst user, even more so since he has the ability to float and dash through midair. I think Xiao's main problem is that he's locked to his burst while Wanderer can deal out damage more consistently thanks to his relatively low E cooldown, but it all boils down to which playstyle you prefer personally. I think they're both great anemo DPSs, just handle very differently.

No. 290943

Dps calculations have shown that they are the same level of strength so they should produce the same dps numbers. Xiao’s teams feel a bit restrictive to me. I can play around with Wanderer’s teams more as long as I have a shielder.

No. 290957

I find wanderer a more enjoyable to play in the over world, but in basically any other setting they're pretty similar. Unless you are incredibly bored with Xiao's pogo stick gameplay and need an anemo DPS for some reason, prioritize other characters. A good sub-dps will make every other character more fun.

No. 290966

if you want to do better in abyss, build supports
if you want to have a good unit for the exploring the overworld, build wanderer

No. 291191

File: 1682065959880.png (174.06 KB, 873x1049, 1677365119917295.png)

good hope you shit shippers stay in the couple thread and don't come back here with your hideous pairings like venti x barbara and hutao x xiao(baiting/infighting)

No. 291200

>venti x barbara and hutao x xiao
What the fuck I'm glad they were bullied out of this thread, good work everyone

No. 291205

File: 1682073004270.jpg (144.21 KB, 1280x828, MZrYEqT.jpg)

how are you on an imageboard and still this sensitive? im still here. id rather not see barbs and venti too but huxiao has no reason to be hated

No. 291207

first, xiao is for traveler
second, it's a shit ship and hutao is annoying

No. 291208

>xiao is for traveler
stop infesting the thread with twitter tier ship wars. no one else can ship characters you dont like now?

No. 291209

what you self-insert as hutao and got offended?

No. 291210

>Hutao is annoying
I guess this is an unpopular opinion but I agree. Hutao often gets mentioned among the good female characters but to me she's just yet another manic pixie girl who talks fast and gets paired with serious silent type men (often Zhongli or Xiao). I hate that dynamic so much.

No. 291211

NTA but you were sensitive enough to grab the bait and start seething about your nonsensical ship. Don't complain about ship wars if you take part in them.

No. 291212

if you women hating femcels dont seethe about every ship thats not bl we'll never have these fights. notice how ship fights only happen when yall cant keep your women or lesbian hating boners in check? stop derailing now. no one's even ship posting until you start complaining about it

No. 291213

Like with most female characters in the game, Mihoyo really missed their mark with her setting. They could've made something interesting out of a character that owns a funeral parlor and being in close proximity with death and handling it with respect but then they just dropped the ball entirely and made her a "tee hee goofy hyperactive funny girl" who bombed hard at rapping. It's a continuous problem too, they have a lot of female characters that could be really good but they get flanderized by the game immediately because women having actual relevance is dumb I presume.

How are you on an imageboard and still this sensitive and fragile?

No. 291215

of course you had to use the women hating argument and taking the victim position because you can't imagine people hating your ships for any other reason

No. 291252

File: 1682090442860.jpeg (361.39 KB, 2048x1785, 13E8CE53-8C71-40C1-A319-6F4EE2…)

Yes males who exclusively like yuri are often low esteem weirdos. They also often are self inserting, we see it with how many millions of troons mention watching lesbian porn and saying they imagined themselves as female during sex. We also know many fujos are self inserting because so many of them are he/hims. The only fujo I met irl who wasn’t a “boy” was super low self esteem and said self inserting as one of the bts boys or whatever helps her escape misogyny in porn. I don’t know why it’s a bad thing to admit?

No. 291257

>Replying to 8 days old post to infight about fujos
low effort tranny bait

No. 291264

File: 1682095853330.jpg (461.23 KB, 1877x2121, 1681149971663.jpg)

girl you sound like a broken record are you not tired of saying the same shit again and again? selfshippers/yumejos/otomefags are also often bitchless, have low self esteem, didn't you see that article about yumejos hiring cosplayers to go on dates with them? stop with this argument don't make me remind you how insanely pathetic your kind is

No. 291268

I'm convinced this salt is coming from the fact that you chose another male character's walking fleshlight as a husbando and are butthurt about the overwhelming amount of gay rape porn you see him in KEK

No. 291270

>selfshippers/yumejos/otomefags are also often bitchless, have low self esteem
Kek that's true. I don't know why people here imagine yumejos as these hot pretty stacies while in reality it's most likely the opposite, not too different from fujos (except cringier because they self-insert). I've seen so many average/below average chubby women self-insert or imagine themselves are pretty dainty femme uwu girlfriends with big boobs and ass. They're often pretty embarassing.

No. 291276

>why people here imagine yumejos as these hot pretty stacies
their reasoning is that stacies prefer hetero romcoms/shoujo (because it's normie stuff) therefore hetshippers and yumejos are all stacies by default. it's dumb because by that logic a lot of stacies also kiss their female friends, are fag hags so it's obvious they like gay shit in fiction too

No. 291277

What is bitchless?

No. 291278

single, can't pull anyone

No. 291279

File: 1682103532094.jpeg (10 KB, 246x244, D272C520-DB1A-48E2-A1CA-0A173E…)

The state of having no bitches

No. 291280

I will never understand how fictional relationships made by fans from a Chinese anime video game makes so many of you grown ass women seethe in such an autistic way.

No. 291281

So, straight moid language then

No. 291284

men are all bitches, autism-chan.

No. 291287

File: 1682107071000.jpg (240.87 KB, 1000x1333, FfsReBaWQAECkyF.jpg)

Guys, we're all dumb and/or autistic in our own ways. We're on a basket weaving forum talking about a chinese video game. Stop flinging shit at each other.

No. 291296

I don't want to carry on the infight for any longer but nonny I just want you to know that I've been laughing because of your post for like 15 minutes now and it saved my shitty day kek

No. 291358

Nonnie someone in here was unironically using twitter transbian inclusive terms like "Sapphic" and "w/w" to describe lesbians. They do not care LOL.

No. 291446

File: 1682189622891.png (16.78 KB, 426x488, Untitled.png)

kill me3eeeee

No. 291457

File: 1682192272936.gif (82.93 KB, 220x124, duck-laugh.gif)

No. 291506

File: 1682208162607.jpg (125.78 KB, 1500x1060, 19ccb37998c37a1cb90a169d7deedb…)

Anyone else get really surprised in the short little quest followup from Nahida's story quest when it actually had a playable character not being voiced? It made me realize that I'm not sure we've ever had a playable character appear in a world quest and not an archon/story/hangout quest before. They seem to want to have the playable characters basically always be voiced, but I really wish they would be willing to put them in world quests unvoiced. I feel like we would get a lot more interesting content if we were able to have world quests with the actual characters and not npcs

No. 291811

File: 1682331328327.jpg (Spoiler Image,83.82 KB, 960x724, IMG_4562.jpg)

Another tall male character that is covered from head to toe. Spoilered it just because some of you might not want to see any leaks.

I also found the abyss easy, the previous one was really anoying. For first half I use Alhaitham with Nahida, Kuki and Fischl. Normally I would also use Xinqui but just like you i needed a bow character for the Drake so I went just for spread instead of hyperbloom. For second half i used Childe national, I use him every abyss.

I don't know yet if I will go for any cons for Baizhu, I haven't looked at them yet. Are any of his cons really good? I will for sure get him c0, if his cons don't interest me I will probably try and get c2 Alhaitham.

No. 291842

File: 1682350675054.jpg (Spoiler Image,60.81 KB, 908x736, Fud5jWNakAIsIEn.jpg)

We've seen Neuvilette ages ago, anon. Not a new leak.
Also for Baizhu you're recommended to at least get C1, otherwise it seems like he'll struggle with energy. Alhaitham constellations are very whatever.

Focalors' kit sounds underwhelming as fuck. I'm sure the buffs will be massive if this leak is true, gotta make sure the Archons are all good, but who wants to have to waste two slots on a healer and buffer when you can just run Bennett and do both?
I'm glad the Lynette and Lyney leaks have been declared fake. They both sounded like really niche units.

No. 291847

>We've seen Neuvilette ages ago, anon. Not a new leak.
If you mean the line up where his front was showed yes, however we didn't have his full model yet. But you are right most people probably already atleast have seen his design from the front.
>Also for Baizhu you're recommended to at least get C1, otherwise it seems like he'll struggle with energy.
I see, I hope I will be able to get c6 Kaveh in the progress but my luck with 4 stars is horrible.

No. 291875

Ooo, nice long hair! I like the boots, too. Really interested to see his design in motion. I wasn't impressed with a lot of the Sumeru designs upon initial leak either and I'm thinking much of Fontaine will be the same. Hope they make him look tired, similar to Rosaria.
Wonder if Hoyo will end up pairing him with Wriostheley, Focalors, someone else or no one. Bets?

No. 291920

There is no way he won't be one half of the obligatory tall male yaoi ship of the region.

No. 291953

already starting?

No. 291954

the anon is retarded if she still thinks mihoyo gives a shit about straight ships kek

No. 292024

I'm pretty sure anon meant that how their kits synchronize together, not who they are supposed to be shipped with. Personally I hope he and Wriostheley are the obligatory tall male ship of Fontaine, a judge and a prison warden would be perfect.

No. 292028

I think your the retard for not realizing they meant gameplay.

No. 292103

Stop adding random co-op chests/chievos challenge Mihoyo… So annoying.

No. 292149

I hope that the leak I saw is wrong and that Fischl won’t be on Baizhu’s banner. I already have her C6. My luck would be getting her every time and not a single Kaveh.

No. 292225

Baizhu teaser. Cant believe he's the doctor giving weird remedies kek but the sick girl in mondstat is healthy in my game now

No. 292871

Too bad.

So 'Hat Guy' I guess it's better than 'Brat'. I'm never changing that, It's too amusing.

No. 293065

File: 1682792869263.jpeg (81.4 KB, 1029x579, 22656656-C967-44FE-A8CA-D584DF…)

Do you think there will be an electro 5-star that is like a premium kuki? I don’t get why good hyperbloom teams are locked behind a 4-star??

No. 293115

File: 1682803881079.jpeg (54.82 KB, 522x507, 078375F4-8CA3-4C53-8C1E-851763…)

Finally got back into Genshin after a couple months. What did I miss? Lol

No. 293121

average tranny be like
also oh my god he's so icky looking

No. 293131

Typical Chilumi shipper kek

No. 293132

normies call anything loli i stg. but i hope he gets canceled.

No. 293140

File: 1682812113010.gif (903.16 KB, 320x180, HandsomeVariableGalapagosalbat…)

just like that our resident chilumi shill unmasked scooby-doo style

No. 293196

Raiden? If she doesnt work as well, yes I think they'll make one (I dont have a proper dendro team so idk the dendro meta kek) I remember a video showing that kuki is the better dps in a cyno team, outdoing his damage when shes on the field instead

Before anything else, I will never understand why people tweet shit like this from accounts with their whole name on it. If he tweeted it before changing his name on twitter, why not make a new account for your real name if you know you tweet like this lol

No. 293197

Normies think anime girls are pedophilic because it's true though

No. 293222

Kuki is preferred over her too. It’s really weird. I feel like I’m stuck with her ugly ass in every dendro team.

No. 293223

I mean yeah you need to be a particular kind of narcissist to like chilumi and self-insert as lumine

No. 293228

I built her as a healer because I got the Nilou weapon and liked her fast healing then she turned out to be the best suited for an EM build kek I'm so glad Kaveh doesn't work well with her so I still don't have to build her EM

No. 293247

File: 1682853720919.jpg (723.21 KB, 2500x2500, 0OmOZQo.jpg)

Diluc bday btw

No. 293249

File: 1682853793897.jpg (852.99 KB, 3000x3000, IKyaiSY.jpg)

No. 293285

I don't like Chilume but I'm so sorry for the girls into it having to share fandom space with these ugly tranny degenerates.

No. 293310

File: 1682879969217.gif (5.42 MB, 540x250, E97830E3-52F0-414D-84C1-931BE3…)

Wow he’s really pretty here! Love that they used his skin with the black vest underneath too!
Pic unrelated, (kaveh’s ass looked good in his trailer)

No. 293329

I refuse to build Kuki, I find her so awkward to play around even if her grass ring should in theory be easy to use. I use Fischl for hyperbloom instead, Oz does a burst of electro when he's summoned so it's not hard to hyperbloom with him.
Yae is also favored for hyperbloom, isn't she?

No. 293346

File: 1682890012119.gif (8.94 MB, 519x346, E8841911-BE5E-4D0B-95D9-3895D3…)

>Yae is also favored for hyperbloom
Oh I forgot about her. Yeah I guess she’s the 5-star kuki maybe? I just hate her playstyle, super clunky. I like Fischl’s skin so I could see myself using her but haven’t built her with high EM yet.

No. 293429

He’s so handsome! I love him.

No. 293742


i feel like this post cursed me to get 5 fischls. I got baizhu but no kaveh

No. 293854

File: 1683086538568.jpg (1004.89 KB, 4096x1980, FvHUERbaEAAy5KL.jpg)

I can't say if Baizhu is good because I crush everything in the game but he is definitely fun. If you don't want to use Kokomi he is absolutely runnable in Bloom teams (as well as Cyno hyperbloom/spread).

No. 293858

File: 1683086862081.jpg (1004.89 KB, 4096x1980, FvHUERbaEAAy5KL.jpg)

I can't say if Baizhu is good because I crush everything in the game but he is definitely fun. If you don't want to use Kokomi he is absolutely runnable in Bloom teams (as well as Cyno hyperbloom/spread).

No. 293860

File: 1683086470560.jpg (1004.89 KB, 4096x1980, FvHUERbaEAAy5KL.jpg)

I can't say if Baizhu is good because I crush everything in the game but he is definitely fun. If you don't want to use Kokomi he is absolutely runnable in Bloom teams (as well as Cyno hyperbloom/spread).

No. 293904

Kaveh first 10
Baizhu third 10 plus a Candace.
lol still have 300 rolls left should probably go for at least one more Baizhu to make the healing better.
Also have to farm that new boss… Knew I should've done it earlier.

No. 293907

Ok should've waited to hit post…
Got Baizhu's weapon in 20 + a Benny.
And 3 more Kaveh 2 Candace a couple Fischl and …Jean.
Still haven't been spooked by Keqing somehow.

No. 293970

File: 1683135118807.png (3.26 MB, 2048x1609, 24A11916-11C7-40B0-9DB8-091D00…)

How is your pulls going anons? I’m gonna pull for Baizhu and C6 Kaveh now!

No. 293971

File: 1683135847409.jpg (1.46 MB, 3800x2989, FunLUS4agAIRc98.jpg)

I went for C2 Baizhu. Got C6 Kaveh about the time I got C1 Baizhu, but I also lost a 50/50 so not the happiest. Oh well, I immediately got Baizhu to 90 and can work on building Kaveh now.

No. 294028

Did 20 pulls, got Kaveh and Baizhu. I'm hoping this weekend I will have some time to grind some more primos. Hopefully I can get some extra Kaveh cons.

No. 294152

Got C1 Kaveh and no Baizhu yet kek. I kept getting Fishl and Candace. Still Kaveh is suprisingly fun to use for me!

No. 294162

Update: Got Baizhu and C4 Kaveh! Now it'll take forever to build him.

No. 294165

File: 1683206741143.jpg (253.17 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_0368129c47d364ce09283c5…)

Kaveh feels so clunky to use for me. His attacks are so slow in applying dendro and somehow my collei and baizhu or xingqiu keep creating the bloom seeds. Any tips to make him the seed creator instead of his batteries? I saw a youtuber use kazuha as a battery too but I cant understand how an anemo will be better than a dendro, it could help me avoid collei's fast application though. If nonnies shared their kaveh teams and builds it would help a lot. Also I have mona but she's usually in my freeze team. Might use her if it's more suitable to have 2 hydro though

No. 294277

Dropping some codes
GA9FPD42SJ4V -60 primo & 5 Adventurer's EXP

LAQZMTPKNTYH -10k Mora, 10 Adventurer's EXP, 5 Fine Enhancement Ore, 5 Stir-Fried Fish Noodles, & 5 Jueyun Chili Chicken

No. 294279

Skip to 14:47 for an explanation on bloom seed triggers

No. 294338

They were asking about what motivates to explore new areas in the survey, it's nice that they ask about this kind of stuff even if it doesn't really change how they dev.
I really hope they keep the zipline flower mechanic around in new areas, it's really fun. And world quests that actually get you moving around the areas and give them a bit of history so it's more than just a pretty view.

No. 294346

I hate the zipline flowers and the trampoline, they're so clunky and unsatisfying to use.

And don't most people just explore for gems? I hope they look at all those people and feel sad no one unironically wants to touch that shitty desert. I don't even want to do it for that anymore until they add the skip dialog button, cuz I know that has to be the most requested feature since launch and for good reason.

No. 294348

NTA but I explore for the fun of it and to learn new lore, but it really depends on the environment. The rainforest was really rewarding and fun but most of the desert is just an endless wasteland without any variation. The zipline flowers are fun because they save a ton of time in running around and make long trips across the map or up a vertical surface more tolerable.

No. 294361

>The rainforest was really rewarding and fun but most of the desert is just an endless wasteland without any variation.
I agree, why they decided to expand the desert instead of the Sumeru rainforest I will never understand. I'm an explorationfag but literally haven't even touched the new desert area yet.

No. 294363

Of course I explore for primos, but I also enjoy the music and views.
I actually really enjoyed the vibe of the desert ruins and the pretty skyboxes. And all the desert music was really good.
I really doubt Fontaine will be that interesting if it's steampunkish Britain/France. Though I have a bad feeling we might have to explore the sewers at some point even if it's just a story domain.

No. 294385

>I really doubt Fontaine will be that interesting if it's steampunkish Britain/France
I bet it's going to be boring and cliche as fuck. I'm not looking forward to Fontaine at all tbh.

No. 294391

I liked the new area in the Desert the best, where there was a mix of Desert and Rainforesty vibes. The giant glowing tree is neat. I think the complaints about the Desert would have been significantly alleviated if the map had a toggle for underground and surface like the interactive map has. It would have made exploring way less confusing.
I love to explore. I've 100% the entire world so far. I don't see the point in even playing the game if you don't like exploring Teyvat but to each their own I guess.
I see potential in Fontaine if it's heavily inspired by Jules Verne's books and not grounded in reality, but if it's really just "go explore British and French landscapes" that is going to be really boring. Natlan at least should be neat with the West African and Mezoamerican vibes as long as it's not more endless desert.

No. 294398

Anons who pulled, what do you think about Baizhu? I really need a healer cause I don’t really have one but I’m debating on waiting for Kazuha in the next patch instead.

No. 294421

If you want a 5 star healer your options are limited between him and Kokomi unless you lose a 50/50 to Qiqi. I like him and think he's good, he's a more defensive option than Kokomi who is more of a sub-dps who heals. I think Baizhu is more suitable than Kokomi if you're playing a hypercarry team of some kind since he really doesn't need much on-field time.
That being said if you just want a healbot there's lots of 4 star options like Kuki, Bennett, Yaoyao, or Barbara if you're really desperate.

No. 294436

I think the most important factor is what kind of teams you want to run. Dendro teams, specifically hyperbloom, are great for getting easy damage due to their high floor, but if you have teams like freeze or vape that you want to improve, especially if you don't have sucrose or if you're in need of grouping and don't have venti, kazuha is probably better. If alternatively you don't care about meta or damage at all and just want to pull for quality of life purposes, I'd say just build up a 4-star healer and go for kazuha. Baizhu's a good healer but if you don't specifically want/need a dendro healer then he's probably not worth the pulls

No. 294462

File: 1683343227587.jpg (241.26 KB, 1116x1803, mimAR7u.jpg)

I recommend building a 4 healer because a 5 really doesnt make too much of a difference, probably just heals more than you need. If your 4*s are not healing enough it's likely a build issue, which is very easy to fix for healers cause they need 2 stats at most. Kazuha on the other hand is way more useful than any other anemo support. That said, pulling for characters you like will never fail you.

No. 294517

Thank you anons!! I pulled for Baizhu and also got C3 Kaveh with 80 pulls left for a 50/50 chance in getting Kazuha! Hopefully I’ll save up for a guaranteed Kazuha after exploring the desert!

No. 294633

File: 1683442183296.jpg (360.29 KB, 2641x1023, 3point7banners.jpg)

Banners in 3.7 along with their 4*s. That second weapon banner is cracked. I intend on going for C6 Kazuha and I already have a Mistsplitter for him but damn if it isn't tempting to get a Light of Foliar Incision for him.

No. 294656

Let's gooooo, Heizou cons baby!!!
I'm so happy, plus I want Yaoyao, so I'm glad the kid is on Kazuha's banner. I already have C6 Xiangling tho.
I agree the weapon banner is cracked… I'm tempted to pull to get one of the weapons, even though I don't have Alhaitham, kek. But it's not everyday that we get two husbando banners at the same time…

No. 294717

Struggling with Kaveh because of bad support builds so I'm wondering if I should get Alhaitham instead, heard he's pretty good by himself

No. 294853

He is?? I thought he was stuck to Kuki's ass on Hyperbloom teams.

No. 294870

All dendro units require another element to work big numbers but since Alhaitham is a DPS he manages fine. It's just that hyperbloom (i.e. Kuki and Xingqiu) ups his damage to S+ levels. I'm really hoping that they'll release a male electro support soon.

No. 294882

>male electro support
kek, maybe when Natlan releases next year

No. 295938

File: 1683917925444.png (383.48 KB, 1494x1536, 4banner.png)


Nothing on their elements or rarities.

No. 295944

Now that im looking at it, this bitch hat kinda ugly

No. 295959

File: 1683940870483.png (457.73 KB, 1456x1036, Genshin Impact_20230511231230.…)

Please don't translators.
This event is still cute though, I like that they're doing more with the character. Wonder if they'll ever do an Aranara event.
The Cyno animation on the web event is really cute too.

No. 296006

File: 1683972794389.png (343.02 KB, 993x980, 120941.png)

Yeah, I know, sales figures like this aren't 100% accurate, blabla. But I'm honestly surprised that Baizhu is selling this terribly. I kind of thought he was at least somewhat anticipated since he has been in the game for such a long time and was the first dendro character we have ever seen, and he is also the first 5 star dendro healer/shielder.

No. 296034

He's a healer, healers aren't popular. Also his weapon sucks even on him, which doesn't incentivize pulling for it, and he ran right after Nahida so people's wallets are likely drained from pulling for her. It's a combo of factors.

He did better than Kokomi, I'll take that as a small win. Honestly I'm amazed Dehya's banner did better, but I'm wondering if Cyno didn't carry her a bit. Say what you want about Cyno's playstyle but his first banner had pretty good sales and his weapon works well on Xiangling if nothing else.

No. 296067

Fuck now I have to skip Kazuha for the third fucking time

No. 296071

File: 1684003879278.jpeg (105.64 KB, 865x579, B2563E5C-2D5C-46C3-9BE6-7F3765…)

Fontaine girl didn’t get a redesign. I guess that leak of all Fontaine characters was accurate. Probably means we’re getting the fully covered tall male too. Sucks.

No. 296074

File: 1684004304936.jpeg (153.58 KB, 1258x1823, DCB076A3-FD29-41ED-852C-2946ED…)

Sorry for doubleposting but aside from Charlotte being cryo we’re also getting a cryo small male at least

No. 296191


No. 296217

is it? it still seems like a shot from underneath to me. I thought they just wanted to show off the new water plants or something lol. But it wouldn't be surprising if they want to add underwater mechanics at some point in the game because this is the only time they can do it lorewise. Also I wonder if the summer event will have this mechanic if it happens, because we got the ships before inazuma in the summer event

No. 296229

They zoomed in on an interactable thing in the water, it looks like we'll be diving.

No. 296303

The summer event is basically a preview of what’s going to happen in future areas.

No. 296371

Can Geo please get new Characters I really love the element.

No. 296433

They must be reworking geo and physical. I don’t see why else they haven’t made a new Geo 5-star since Itto and never reruninng Eula

No. 296459

It's so boring. I want to like Zhongli or Itto but it's no fun to play as them.

No. 296469

File: 1684121057690.webm (1.76 MB, 900x506, cyno screen grab.webm)

They're going to make us actually play the card game for primos… and I'll do it for primos…
This was really cute though.

No. 296477

Man I had been really disappointed by Cyno in his story quest and the archon quests but he's really cute in events where they let him be silly

No. 296485

They're kind of upset all that work wasn't appreciated by the people who play ARPG and suprised they are not into turn dice card game lmao.
But yeah pretty much YouTube will be all about the fastest deck to farm every primo since I don't think my Kaeya/Diluc/XQ deck is still good.

Shizo theory time; could it be they canceled all his potential cool lore because the "good" staff moved to Honkai:star rail?

Leaks said Eula would be getting a rerun in 3.8 and maybe for Waifu purposes, not actual rework. But I'll stay optimistic and cope they'll actually buff both.

No. 296496

I totally missed the livestream codes because I depend on you nonnies to post them kek

No. 296500

Need your advice Or to copenonnas

I spent over 140-150 wishes for Kaveh hoping I can atleast C4 him but I got only C1 and both Baizhu and Ganyu kek
I can do more like 20 more wishes before the banner ends but what are the chances I can get him at C4? Pretty low, right? Not worth it, right? I did want both 5 stars so it's great but I'm sick of the bullshit 4-star chances. I even got Mika cons wtf.

Something is telling me to throw every last wish on him since I won't wish for anyone until 4.0 but the other is telling me to save all wishes and not destroy pity for the twins.

No. 296518

You won't get C4 Kaveh with just 20 wishes. Three copies of the same 4 star in 20 wishes is a wet dream.

No. 296554

Give up the Kaveh cons dream nonnie. I got C2 fucking Baizhu by the time I got a C3 Kaveh. Don’t pull for 4-stars, they’ll come eventually through standard banner.

No. 296584

Don't wish anymore nonnie. You already got him and he doesn't depend on cons. You'll be happier with a new 5 than cons for a 4 that you will get to c6 without trying eventually

No. 296598

Joining the other anons and telling you not to roll too.
When Heizou released Kazuha dragged me to soft pity twice so I spent a good 150 pulls and only got Heizou C1 which really annoyed me at the time. Then I pulled on Scara's banner and got him to c10 within 100 pulls. 4*s are extremely random.

No. 296631

File: 1684176351989.jpg (134.91 KB, 718x1134, __kaveh_genshin_impact_drawn_b…)

Really? Lately they've been popping twice per 10 pull but it's crappy weapons most of the time. Hope doubles and triples come your way asap (without any flutes or eyes of perceptions ugh)

C2 Baizhu and C3 Kaveh? Holy shit what a rip off. Congrats on the C2 first! But only C3? Can't they seriously put a mechanic for us to get the 4 stars we need or that's their way of getting people to spend jfc.

You're right nonna, I was just hoping to C4 him this time so C6'ing would be easier since he's my favorite character,but hey he's getting a hangout so I guess this'll ease the pain of this Bs RNG for a bit.

SAME KEK I lost 50/50,got Kazuha and same with Heizou. I just hope Kaveh rerun is sooner than I think it is.

Thank you all Nonnies! The seduction of that wishing button finally disappeared.

No. 296633

How is everyone feeling about the next patch? I'm excited to have Karta and Cyno featured in an event, but I'm so pissed about being forced to play hoyo's stupid hearthstone knockoff to finish the event.

Yeah, the writing on this event was kind of awful, but i still enjoyed it overall. The gameplay with Sorush was really fun! I also was excited to have an event set in the new desert area. I think it's definitely my favorite of the areas they added to sumeru. The inter darshan competition was nice too.

No. 296640

3.7 is an obvious filler patch where you dump resin daily then log out. 3.8 might be cool with the new area but 3.7 sounds like a snorefest.

No. 296645

Woo playing TCG to get crown and weapon sounds sooo much fun

Hoyo seems to have poured work into TCG and they want people to appreciate it, sure, but people will play this event for primos then ditch it again.
I don't know how they don't get most people aren't interested in Invocation TCG when they already have TWO Yugioh games, hearthstone or any of it's ripoffs.
I hope the Kaeya part is good atleast

No. 296649

The game's just too RNG reliant to me. I play MTG but MTG has a thousand different ways to search for cards and manipulate your mana pool. In GI TCG your mana's random and you can't easily search for your combos, it sucks.

No. 296663

>C2 Baizhu and C3 Kaveh? Holy shit what a rip off.
Ikr, it’s my fault for pulling for a 4-star but I still got so damn salty about it that I haven’t even built Baizhu and Kaveh yet. I just ragequit and feel burnt out now.

No. 296710

File: 1684236720314.jpg (802.31 KB, 4018x3826, illust_97263804_20220426_02311…)

How many wishes in total?
Built both here, suprised by how OP Kaveh is and disappointed at how lame Baizhu is.

No. 296715

Nonnas i haven’t played for like 5 weeks now what did i miss aside from kaveh and baizhu (idgaf about them tbh) anything to worth coming back for?

No. 296721

Nope. Either come back when 3.8 drops for summer Island or 4.0 for Fontaine.

No. 296748

thought so. I will be waiting for fontaine then.

No. 296754

What do you girls think about the Shizo theory that says Genshin is intentionally boring next update to push players towards Honkai:Star Rail?

No. 296759

dumb, it's the nature of gatcha games that there will be dead weeks. It's impossible to constantly have good content. Why would they kill one game for the sake of another when they could be getting double money anyway? The two games have different enough settings and gameplay that they appeal to different people.

No. 296774

idc how hard they push it, i hate the honkai universe and the aesthetic of it, hated honkai 3rd so not playing this new one either. i know honkai is hoyo’s passion project and genshin was the cashgrab so i can see this theory being true.

No. 296778

How is Genshin a cashgrab?
Yeah they copied a lot of stuff from BotW, but it really is it's own game now.
They put far too much effort into the open world, orchestral music, 4 different language voice overs and console support, for it to be a cashgrab game that they'd just give up on.

No. 296843

Was messing with physical Chongyun and when I gave him Snow-tombed I kind of question whether they wanted to make elemental weapons like goblets boosting an element.
Would be nice ngl

No. 296960

please god i hope his real design is similar to this bc he's so cute and he kinda reminds me of the vocaloid oliver

No. 296966

(nta) all gacha games are cashgrabs.

>effort into the open world

that ugly world did not have half as much effort and/or thought put into it's design as you're giving it credit for, especially not when you remember how much money genshin's made them.

>orchestral music, 4 different language voice overs and console support

most chinese gachas have minimum 2 dubs, this one isn't special. know the norms of these games before you praise genshin for standard features. they do all this because they want their game to succeed, it isn't that deep. I remember how transparently money hungry they came across in interviews before it came out. it runs terribly on everything that isn't an expensive PC btw, being lazily slapped on a bunch of other platforms with little to no effort into making it run decently on said platforms should be the last thing you bring up when you're trying to grasp for straws as to why YOUR cash grab gacha isn't like the other cash grab gachas. they couldn't even be bothered to follow through with the switch version because lord knows they're not willing to allocate the resources needed to get that terribly optimized mess running on the overpriced 2015 android tablet that is the switch kek.

it's more in line with your standard gacha cashgrab than any "real" game, dead open world or not, and all but the most delusional genshinfags will rightfully treat it as such. the gameplay speaks for itself. it's still okay to like it or any other gacha anyways. you don't have to deny reality to justify your taste, it's just a game.

No. 297061

>being lazily slapped on a bunch of other platforms
So much this. They still haven't added any Graphic options to consoles like mobile and PC have and it takes forever to load in Abyss, Co-op, quests…etc.

No. 297088

File: 1684408667881.jpg (781.65 KB, 2500x2500, IMG_20230518_141653.jpg)

try 3 please attach image kek Happy Birthday Gorou!

No. 297089

File: 1684408743180.jpg (809.39 KB, 3000x3000, IMG_20230518_141704.jpg)

No. 297095

Happy birthday Gorou! His art is so cute, when will mihoyo finally give us a new geo character?

No. 297102

File: 1684415279880.jpg (81.95 KB, 639x1082, IMG_20230518_152826.jpg)

Iirc this girl in Fontaine is gonna be Geo though they might change their minds

No. 297103

What a qt3.14 scrunchy munchy. I hope hes good; Mika was cute too but kinda mid meta wise

No. 297104

kokotendon another genshin fujo artist posting futanari with alhaitham……. when will this stop

No. 297116

File: 1684431306566.png (50.52 KB, 455x256, FC0oe2lUUAcNRFH.png)

No. 297129

File: 1684437428840.jpg (1.04 MB, 4096x4096, 04f0d8687219b4bfe495b53f8fbce4…)

Thought about trying hsr and taking a break from Genshin but nah, glad some nonnies are enjoying it but just… nah on so many levels, got back like a good girl farming books and mora for the fated day Dottore FINALLY becomes playable.
(Please be in early Fontaine)

Nta but I believe she's expressing disappointment that a ChildexZhongli (I think? ) artist is drawing futa.

No. 297136

Ah I really don't like her current design. I hope they make it better.

I'm enjoying both games, good luck with saving already for Dottore! I wonder when we will get him, what kind of element and kit do you hope he has?

No. 297229

nta, i know he looks cryo but i think electro would fit him given electro are generally misfits. maybe pyro for the war on science/research thing. but my bet is on electro still because we basically know what his sob story will be since the scaracat fable

No. 297242

File: 1684481843371.jpg (956.81 KB, 1955x3549, 4699b1f0b61eb5edd65e492e40517b…)

Thanks Nonna! good luck on JY/Blade/Kafka/Luo pulls!

>what kind of element and kit do you hope he has?

Since he's a claymore being Cryo would be an advantage, but the weapon type has hitlag and kind slow af so either a kit that speeds his dps or straight up sub-dps support.

What about you? Any characters you're looking for? I feel minus what's left of the 7 nations characters + Fatui all characters will be completely new and have no idea what to expect.

>Electro Dottore
Now that I think about it fits him so much, please be true. also this would mean he's the first electro tall male and probably last kek

No. 297249

Oh I don’t know around 200 I think

No. 297272

Nice so I suppose that, in the midst of your spergery, you have better games to propose, no? If Genshin is just a lazy cashgrab I suppose there's better mobage with overworld to play, is there?

No. 297331

you mean open world? an open world doesn't make a game good, nonny. it's a gimmick trendy with people who've never played one before, cash grabs are characterized by gimmicks and trend hopping. if the novelty of an open world no matter how dead and ugly is so impressive to you that it keeps you doing the same mind numbing daily tasks, recycled events, and unsatisfying exploration for 2 gem chests so you can buy a gacha character once every 4 months then good for you. enjoy it and all the other mobagay open world cash grabs cropping up while the trend is still alive. the tears of the kingdom hype might've even extended its lifeline—not to imply you should expect a mobagay to attempt to mimick anything that game has to offer other than the open world and moe twink protagonist. or only play genshin 5ever because I doubt you'll have the stamina to pick up another after all the suffering it's subconsciously put you through.

do think twice before spending money in it since you're already a poorfag(Tantrum)

No. 297503

File: 1684577936261.jpg (129.12 KB, 1609x697, 73a12e66b0b9ecca800e06eddbf1f9…)

Are annonas wishing for anyone this upcoming patch?

No. 297527

Nah. I feel like a lot of my Genshin friends who tried HSR didn't like it, it's a Honkai game after all and the people who like it were Honkaifags to begin with. I haven't tried it yet because the boys look kind of boring and I don't give a shit about Honkai waifus.

Don't mind them, it's just the basic /v/irgin tantrum about how they're totally above this dumb chinese gacha game but still remain addicted to it and this thread. Just play what makes you happy, as a decade-old gacha player Genshin has so far been the best waste of my time.

No. 297609

>I was reported for this post
saged and on topic, nothing against the rules, no ban recieved, and now there's mystery redtext, hm. was I replying to a genshinfag mod or something? kek anyways

>addicted to it

I went from playing pretty regularly pre-inazuma to logging in once every few weeks/months during inazuma and finally uninstalling in december, nonny. I look at the thread every few months since I lurk other /m/ threads heavily anyways and I'm open to coming back to the game if something interesting happens. but everytime I check the game is as shit as ever. the thread is less active everytime I see it so guess I ain't the only one.

No. 297634

I'm neither anons but it was in poor taste to call her a poorfag. Most good games are PS2 and older and now all phones can run their emulators. Same goes for computer (whichever anon has) so it's more of a taste/recommendation thing which I'd recommend her to go to the video game thread and ask around.

>the thread is less active everytime I see it so guess I ain't the only one.

I miss image dumps in this thread

No. 297727

I'll go for Alhaitham. I'm tired of building characters but I want to have both him and Kaveh for fujo purposes. Also I feel like the first few characters of Fontaine will be a pass for me.

I assume it'll be more active when Fontaine drops but I feel like the pointless ship and character design fights drove people away so it's not that active even when there's male story heavy events…

No. 297801

File: 1684691394139.jpg (783.36 KB, 2500x2500, IMG_20230521_204758.jpg)

Happy Birthday Yunjin!
(birthday poster nona where you at I miss you already)

No. 297804

File: 1684691518954.jpg (986.65 KB, 3000x3000, IMG_20230521_204813.jpg)

I miss the original chibi artist, this one tries to imitate it but fails.

No. 297826

>autistic meltdown gets redtexted as "tantrum"
kekkk, based mods

happy birthday yunjin!

going for kazuha, maybe alhaitham if I win the 50/50

No. 297919

File: 1684740877012.jpg (158.8 KB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_20230522_103411.jpg)

This is the new bow you earn from the event.
The only character I think that can use it is Tighnari or melt Ganyu, anyone else?

No. 297947

No, you are right. I guess it's a F2P bow for Tighnari mains who missed the Windblume Event in 1.4 kek.
I wonder when will they rerun Hunter's Path… I need it so badly.

No. 297965

Same. Didn't know if Tighnari went to standard banner means his weapon won't have reruns. (probably?)
Actually why not just put his weapon in standard banner

No. 297984

Gonna C6 my Kazuha.

No. 298000

File: 1684776830797.png (2.08 MB, 1100x1586, e108beac980af58d730d376bc3a27e…)

Woah nonna, how long were you saving? And don't forget to post here how many wishes it took you when you do. Good luck!!

No. 298015

File: 1684781592740.jpg (373.07 KB, 2067x1183, E-ZykzqVgAg2Gjx.jpg)

Not that long as I pulled for Baizhu too, but I still have a few tens of thousands of primos. I have C2 Kazuha already and guaranteed pity so it hopefully won't take too long to get him, but I'll spend if I have to. If I have leftover primos I'll likely go for a LoFI for him but I have Mistsplitter on him already which I think is second best in slot for C6?

No. 298062

File: 1684791545211.jpg (172.47 KB, 1080x1368, Screenshot_20230522_130648.jpg)

I can't stop laughing at this, the traced pinup with probably beach balls turned to this kills me. I would have thrown this to bad art thread but I think it'll be much appreciated here kekk

If it's dps you want then definitely stick with Mistsplitter but for support either his signature or r1-5 Xiphos' Moonlight, this one keeps my bursts always ready if you have energy problems (like me)

No. 298068

Yeah, he's going to be a DPS. Wanderer's playstyle just wasn't very appealing to me. I don't find I really have energy issues right now, Kazuha gets his burst back and is ready for a new rotation almost right away. I thought Light of Foliar Incision might beat out Mistsplitter because of the EM bonus attack and higher crit but I guess the elemental damage bonus is too good to ignore.

Also that art is hilariously bad.

No. 298083

File: 1684801014386.jpeg (115.41 KB, 960x681, IMG_4435.jpeg)

I came back from playing after like 2 months and immediately got Tighnari from standard banner. Guess I’m getting back into genshit now. I also love his new VA he doesn’t sound autistic anymore

No. 298138

File: 1684832743721.jpg (503.64 KB, 2048x1586, c981e5193e9f106e803b6611c67ec8…)

I found wanderer to be only fun with Albedo, Mona(or any taunter) and Venti. This team was so chill in exploring new desert.
If you're going for Lofl and get Foliar by mistake, it's gonna be a sign to use it lol
I think the update is tomorrow? Don't forget to tell how it went, good luckkk nonnie!!

Congratulations!! If you don't have a good bow a new f2p kind of like windblume ode is coming for him

No. 298172

File: 1684851772903.jpg (571.51 KB, 2100x2500, 2580d9702b4645c6a5263a760027b7…)

Same retard, I forgot Alhaithem/Kazuha are second half

No. 298177

File: 1684856223570.jpg (141.69 KB, 1300x678, FlHc_hOaEAANmKg.jpg)

Lol anon that's okay, we're all a little retarded sometimes. I'm glad to have more time to save.
Congrats, Tighnari hits like a truck even without the "right" characters built. Enjoy playing him!

No. 298185

File: 1684862175559.jpeg (108.97 KB, 1080x988, IMG_4441.jpeg)

Ngl i lowkey love this skin. Maybe it’s time I un-bench my ol’ reliable bridge maker

No. 298186

I don't mind the top half - wish his undershirt was more see-through like Alhaitham's -, but those pants are a fucking abomination

No. 298188

So instead of boob window we get Scara's Shoulder peek? I don't think it's a fair trade but I'll take it

I think removing the pinch the boot has and let it end like Aladin's pants it would better? Or same lower half as Alhaithem? Really anything BUT THIS.

No. 298199

File: 1684869443957.jpeg (140.34 KB, 1242x1658, 27107918-7ACF-4061-A343-CA18D3…)

Of course she needs stripper heels

No. 298201

File: 1684870725013.jpg (7.14 KB, 188x445, 51D4ACTM3aL._AC_UY445_.jpg)

You're right, that would be a lot better. I didn't notice the boots at first but the way they flare out at the top to meet the pants is so odd. Like an eggcup. And I know Kaeya's famously an assless wonder but he still had the best thighs in the game and it's a travesty they covered him up in these fugly beige harem pants. The only thing that could make them salvageable is if they had a secret slit up the side like picrel. Tbh the more I look at it the more it's pissing me off

No. 298202

They look like regular heeled boots with a pantsuit to me.

No. 298203

it's not terrible but I can't help feeling like it's a downgrade to his original outfit…his normal pec window is just so good

No. 298204

File: 1684871384195.jpg (30.25 KB, 500x482, 95vucakifhr81.jpg)

>tight booty is gone

No. 298206

maybe I'm coping but all the medium and tall female character models wear heels, I'm still crossing fingers the rest of her outfit looks good
Apparently the second pic is supposed to be a new boy from Liyue - Liyue seems like a surprising pick but alright

No. 298208

The dude looks like Pierre de Chaltier, I love what we see so far. I hope either him or Wriosley/Risley is Cryo.

No. 298210

I like his hair better. I might miss his ass and bring his og outfit back out often though.
If there's any female character in the game that fits those heels, it's Arlecchino.

No. 298212

I really log into Genshin now to collect the free primos and pull on the boys kek.

It would have been better if his pants were a dark color (or the same color as the top) and if it were more peacock-themed with more green and colorful details.

No. 298214

Oh my god nona Yes yes yes these are the ones, they would look perfect on him

>Arlecchino leak
Hoyo is literally testing my patience with Dottore release. I swear if he isn't released in Fontaine I'm ditching this game 5ever
>liyue boy
He looks like that Yanqing from Honkai: star rail

No. 298224

>Arlecchino leak
Yeah unfortunately several leaks have been saying this. She’s the main fatui in the Fontaine story

No. 298228

You may be waiting for a while. Dottore seems like he'll come in Snezhnaya. Not a leaker, just going on vibes. Arlecchino and Sandrone feel like Fontaine releases. Capitano feels like a Natlan release. Not sure on Columbina or Pantalone. Pierro, Pulcinella, and Dottore all feel like characters we won't really interact with again until Snezhnaya.

No. 298242

File: 1684896047678.png (7.2 KB, 746x251, kaeyaleak.PNG)

Surprised no one posted whats imo the most significant of the recent leaks, I feel like its basically guaranteed this hangout will involve the new skin, like Ning's hangout

No. 298267

Just finished nahida’s second quest and that was the most underwhelming story ever. Was I supposed to give shit about random mushrooms. Boo ho ho i kill those for fun when I’m out of resin. Can we get an actual plot next time hoyoverse please.

No. 298276

Finally some Kaeya content after that mini appearance in Dain's quest. I just hope it has some lore about him and not just cute or Mond stuff.

It hurts me saying this, but even Raiden's second quest has alot more story than this, and we already knew Ei's story with Raiden and her sister ffs.

No. 298281

It was just an excuse for a new weekly boss.
Though I guess it put more of that dragon lore into something that's more than just flavor text and hidden books.
I should actually read the flavor text on the weapons/artifacts. I didn't realize until I was clicking around on the wiki how much stuff is only mentioned there.

No. 298300

The TCG gameplay is horrendous, could be because I've been spoiled by other card games, but I don't know if I can tolerate playing entire event with these shitty mechanics

No. 298385

i thought we would fight the actual big dragon but no, it had to be a random entity inside her stomach. The worst weekly boss we have so far lore wise.

No. 298596

File: 1685014231101.jpg (145.5 KB, 1080x1331, Screenshot_20230525_142937.jpg)

3.8 banners leak
Probably wrong but I know that Klee has to be there and Eula was promised so %50 true atleast

No. 298608

I feel like Kokomi gets a rerun every other update. Everyone who waited a million years for Wanderer already got him so overall skip banners unless you go for his cons or weapon. I wonder how retarded character guide moids will take a stance on Eula: physical sucks or you have to sell your soul for boobs

No. 298623

I am 100% convinced that MHY is going to buff shatter in Fontaine. I have no evidence for this, but mark my words, there will be a Nilou for shatter and a dedicated support in the next year.

I always seem to be taking a break when Kokomi reruns. Even though I've wanted her since she was first leaked I still don't have her.

No. 298624

I am 100% convinced that MHY is going to buff shatter in Fontaine. I have no evidence for this, but mark my words, there will be a Nilou for shatter and a dedicated support in the next year.

I always seem to be taking a break when Kokomi reruns. Even though I've wanted her since she was first leaked I still don't have her.

No. 298631

File: 1685033426929.jpg (387.21 KB, 1920x1075, jin-yoo-pon-j-y-p-klee-3-j.jpg)

God I wish they would buff Klee somehow or at least make QoL changes for her. Her upcoming outfit is absolutely adorable but she is so miserable to play. If her ult stayed on field when you swapped characters she would easily be a great support for Anemo or Hydro teams.

No. 298642

I want one final con for Frauzan for my wanderer and Xiao to be officially cracked but I'll skip since Lyney and Lynette are coming and hope I get one randomly
Screw this random 4star system

No. 298648

that is the single worst piece of art ever posted in these threads. ai generated and sexualized vibe, absolutely disgusting.

No. 298652

File: 1685037959698.jpg (75.54 KB, 828x827, 1604244192815.jpg)

Agree, fucking moids, can't they stay on their shitty vgt thread jesus christ.
>I am 100% convinced that MHY is going to buff shatter in Fontaine.
Chongyun meta????? That would be dope, to be honest. I hope you are right.

No. 298877

File: 1685152458296.jpeg (970.8 KB, 4096x1983, C7A9F562-F957-4E51-95A4-44FFFC…)

The cat box thing is cute, I don’t care.

No. 298915

File: 1685165689300.jpg (283.78 KB, 883x1350, eEhyr2Y.jpg)

why do they say GENIUS INVOCATION TCG every single time? why cant they shorten it to tcg? it makes this whole thing even more cringy. i hate seeing the cool characters i like talk about yugioh like it's some serious business. reminds me too much of the nerds making this game
someone turned into the box while on co op and it really was cute. i cant stand her feet though

No. 298917

File: 1685166737064.jpg (711.81 KB, 2500x2500, FxG0OaTXsA0tCxw.jpg)

Happy Birthday, Fischl!

No. 298918

File: 1685166829359.jpg (180.78 KB, 850x1565, __fischl_oz_and_fischl_genshin…)

I still use her over Kuki or Yae.

No. 298920

I still haven't started it, too afraid of the cringe. Is there any lore or tidbit I should pay attention to or just leave it on auto or mute?

Climbing with it is cute idk why kek but sucks it still uses stamina

No. 298925

File: 1685171538528.jpg (436.83 KB, 1533x2048, IMG_20201019_034217.jpg)

Happy birthday to Prinzessin der Verurteilung!!

No. 298996

File: 1685196497455.jpeg (219.58 KB, 1200x675, 604F4ED3-6BF5-4DF9-8B83-2F904D…)

Our delulu queen

No. 299005

not much lore so far, we're halfway in.
>there's a newspaper from fontaine everyone reads
>the creators of tcg dont show their faces

No. 299023

File: 1685206798251.gif (79.48 KB, 498x498, 5F6B141E-C2A2-49EF-961B-41B3DC…)

>there's a newspaper from fontaine everyone reads
They have said this for years now in several quests, the Steambird newspaper. Is there seriously nothing more to Fontaine than a newspaper, a corrupt court system and pollution? Sounds incredibly boring already. Wish we could just fast forward to Snezhnaya already

No. 299028

Means no cringe so far, good. Thank you!

Don't forget, people of Fontaine adore Ms.Hina. what a nice tidbit we got from Liben ugh

No. 299046

File: 1685209457458.jpg (161.61 KB, 1000x1000, FxENGKNaEAEkvu1.jpg)

Apparently Qiqi was going to have a Character Quest that was later scrapped. I'm torn, because it sounded like it kind of just regurgitated info we already knew about Qiqi and I'd rather something that focused more on her and Baizhu rather than NPCs, but at the same time Qiqi's been pretty neglected in terms of plot relevance. I do hope she gets something one day.


No. 299240

to be fair sumeru also seemed like it had nothing more than sages being corrupt before we got there but the cast and the lore are the best we had so far. im torn between expecting mid because steampunk is an overdone concept or being excited because they might carry the good writing they had in sumeru to fontaine. also we'll likely get at least 2 fatui harbingers involved so it might spice the story up a fair bit

No. 299378

File: 1685344844826.jpg (179.14 KB, 2215x1619, IMG_20211016_144358.jpg)

We need the same people who wrote Venti's story quest back, I think they can nail the sad parts
>Inb4 'it Venti' s story was shit'
Probably kek I am biased for Nameless bard and Wisp Venti

No leaks on who's the second Fatui who's only in cutscenes… Capitano probably?

No. 299427

Leaks have said Sandrone (Ruin Guard puppet lady) and Arlecchino. Capitano will probably be Natlan.

No. 299447

Sandrone?! I love ruin monsters and her so much, glad she's gonna be there

No. 299539

I agree about Venti's story anon. I think that was the only time they made us do a quest about an npc without forgetting that they need to tell the playable character's story. I think putting an npc was actually a good way of telling his story, they should do this kind of quests more for people who accepted their past and moved on. Otherwise we get no lore on story quests because it's all in the past.

No. 299911

File: 1685632982773.jpg (1.07 MB, 3500x3500, IMG_20230601_182318.jpg)

Happy Birthday Paimon! (didn't know she even had a birthday)

No. 299912

File: 1685633125198.jpg (833.56 KB, 2500x2500, IMG_20230601_182333.jpg)

Happy Birthday Itto!

No. 299914

File: 1685634678919.jpg (559.59 KB, 1536x2048, FceFHo2WIAMHV3w.jpg)

Happy Birthday Itto!

No. 299934

File: 1685642958493.jpeg (188.66 KB, 1200x675, Ew5i-0oUYAAJmtH.jpeg)

Happy birthday, Paimon! Her birthday mail was so cute… I love her so much.

No. 299941

File: 1685646132667.jpg (371.11 KB, 3248x2000, 72f3bdde93cafde4f43f731045eb2c…)

I fucking hate when the first part of floor 11 is defense
And Venti keeps aiming somewhere else than the specter infront of him reeeeeee

No. 300034

File: 1685689523409.jpg (551.53 KB, 1287x1820, E5I23RgXoA8JZO3.jpg)

God this latest Abyss is cancerous. Not even because of the Beasts, but because of that psychotic floor with the ice and water Lectors. Constant freeze lock into death. Whoever designed this needs meds.

No. 300039

I really wish they fixed Venti's aiming problems. He locks the burst into a target closest to him instead of the one you're facing, so if a mob creeps up behind you when you launch his burst he turns around and shoots it in the wrong direction. It's a constant annoyance to me in the game and fucks up my entire rotation.

No. 300048

File: 1685693979719.jpg (69.47 KB, 536x702, IMG_20230602_111847.jpg)

Anons if I have these bows will I need the free new bow? The fomo on 1.5 leveling up exp is annoying me but I don't if I'll ever need it. If I ever get a Tighnari will this now better than what I have? Thanks

No. 300102

If you are gonna use Skyward Harp, then you don't need to level up Ibis Piercer. However, Ibis performs better than Stringless R5. Here's a video comparing different bows on Tighnari vs Ibis Piercer.
I had to put my Zhongli shieldbot on my second team because of the ice and water Lectors, Bennett's healing wasn't enough. I don't bother anymore with Abyss, I just aim for 12-3 without caring for stars or whatever. Been getting 30-31 stars lately.
I wonder what this anon >>226998 is doing now? Anon, if you are still here, I wanna know if you are still holding up, 36* the abyss with those teams (genuinely).

No. 300175

File: 1685758345815.jpg (186.74 KB, 1200x1385, 45f7ec7bc9c9459e6df4d557015f8d…)

Thank you so much! I don't know why I forgot YouTube exists kek
>ice and water Lectors
Have you tried Xiao, Xiangling, Bennett trio (add any 4th)? they're op for Lectors and 3 star clear

No. 300182

File: 1685764522084.jpg (511.04 KB, 1300x1871, FmIrnHPacAA7Pjf.jpg)

NTA but I tried Sunfire with Xiao, problem was he ran out of energy after the Lectors put up their shields. I could swap Jean for Xiangling and try though, thanks anon.

No. 300203

File: 1685776588047.jpg (280.21 KB, 2027x1207, bf872ebf868c8100de80429bdcdd41…)

Good luck anon! I had Xiao, Xiangling, Bennett and Kazuha and they kept feeding each other energy as all had Fav weapons equipped kek

They really want Dendro reactions in first part and Pyro/Anemo in second bc of banners

No. 300206

File: 1685780335955.png (1.09 MB, 1734x1259, abyss37.png)

I ended up being lazy and using Raiden. I was using Kazuha in my freeze half so I couldn't use him to battery Xiao.
It's sad how they've seemingly just given up on Yoimiya, all they did is throw in the Thunder Manifestation to encourage using her when her own damn banner is running and she struggles way too hard to kill mobs of Lectors for it to really be worth.

No. 300239

>I wonder what this anon >>226998 is doing now?
I lost interest in gnsn and quit. if you or anyone else here would like to buy that account I'd love to give it a new owner!

No. 300315

File: 1685836764525.jpg (214.86 KB, 2500x1500, IMG_20210913_155159.jpg)

Just finished Yoimiya's second quest and uhhhh why did they make it?
I really wanted to like Yoi because I love her colors but dear God they had to make her a good with kids waifu without any faults, basically turned into a Mary sue with the whole aranaras immediately approving her because she's "pure hearted uwu" ugh.
This quest could've went to any character but no, another date.

No. 300424

File: 1685884145036.jpeg (71.37 KB, 1242x821, 0CBE6D16-7C45-4189-8443-45AC0F…)

Flood of leaks recently so I’m posting some

>Venti story quest 2 is coming (fucking finally) but it’s not before 4.4

>Lyney is from the house of hearth, fatui orphanage (run by arlecchino if i remember correctly)
>Fontaine story is about class injustices
>Qiqi’s story quest has been datamined,it’s abandoned. No updates if it’s gonna ever be one.
>Story is about Qiqi’s extent of memory loss. Nothing new really.
>Kaeya skin 3.8 is a 4 star skin
>Klee skin 3.8 is a 4 star skin
>Lion dance boy from Liyue is gonna have either white or black hair
>3.8 event story summer island is in a temporary new sumeru forst area with characters: Collei, Jean, Razor, Klee, Kokomi, Kaeya, Eula.
>New mummy character girl with slightly tan skin
>Fontaine has a navy with playable characters

>Wriothesley (pic related) is rumored

around leakers to be a standard banner character
>he’s most likely cryo
>he’s a 5 star
>dropping 4.1 most likely
>works at the Fontaine prison

No. 300425

File: 1685884569981.jpeg (41.45 KB, 640x675, 8AD3621A-B2D1-40DD-A7A7-8F3A49…)

Last leak dump
This is lion boy in white hair
Fontaine navy
Pic related is his new icon! Not AI this time, it’s a drawing over his in-game icon.

No. 300429

File: 1685887766609.jpg (81.49 KB, 492x1228, Screenshot_20230604_171051.jpg)

Lmao Wriothesley looks like that guy from hsr

No. 300430

New sumeru forest area for the summer event? Sounds neat, I kind of miss the archipelago but after all it did get kind of old after two years. Really interested in the Lion dance boy too, I wonder what element he will be.

ngl Sampo is the only character from HSR worth a damn so if we're getting his expy for genshin that's just a win for me kek

No. 300433

Wtf i just tried this abyss and you guys werent joking its really fucking hard. I think this might be the first abyss where childe national cant cary me. I'm going to try and see if i can make some different team comps which is strange because normally i always take the same teams kek. Maybe i can play Childe burgeon?

this design looks pretty

omg i would love it if he is cryo, we dont have any 5 star cryo male yet!

>ngl Sampo is the only character from HSR worth a dam

No. 300434

File: 1685892219015.jpeg (132.24 KB, 900x896, 2DED51CC-2757-4445-B752-70151A…)

>New sumeru forest area for the summer event?
Yeah! Seems to be like an amusement park

No. 300435

File: 1685892946974.png (373.37 KB, 1080x1066, 1667147034348.png)

Please, spoiler event and story leaks next time, anons…

No. 300447

Since we got free weapon this update probably means we'll get Razor for free
Good, need his final con

No. 300449

Oh sorry anon I’ll keep that in mind next time! We never spoiler leaks so I thought nobody would mind

No. 300450

It's ok, I don't think character design leaks/kits/rarities need spoiling, but I've been trying to avoid all story leaks and event leaks, so I was kinda bummed when I read that bit about linney's background.
Sorry, I don't mean to be petty.

No. 300489

This is the ugliest character I've ever seen

No. 300541

What makes you say it's Razor nonnie? I never figured out the order for the free characters
I agree with you, I hope at least this thread will be careful about spoiling people since no one in genshin fan spaces seem to care about keeping leaks under the covers lol
He's unironically the least boring male character both personality and design wise in honkai… Says a lot huh honkai makes me thankful that genshin isnt hyv's "passion project"

No. 300568

File: 1685946928811.jpg (235.79 KB, 1300x1700, 62b7c3ea8099acb5a075a759992be3…)

This guy broke the fourth wall once and everyone celebrated him as "da best ex dee" but basically what >>300541 said, the least boring from a cast of cardboards.
Ngl playing it l refreshed my love for Genshin after I was burned out.

Every big event has something given for free (mailed flower3.5, Frauzan 3.6I,bis now 3.7 etc.) in weapon-character order and now that we got a weapon it's definitely going to be a character like last summer.
I forgot Kaeya's skin was leaked that it's going to be in this update so I think it's the reward instead of a 4-star character, like Barb's skin two years ago.

No. 300572

Honkai's entire purpose is first and foremost putting the staff's self inserts and waifus/husbandos in a game and that's it. It's like a really self-indulging fan fiction that has a battle system built around it. People can talk shit about Genshin all they want but the fact is that compared to the Honkai series it's more player oriented and had explosive popularity that far surpassed Honkai at its launch. Past the honeymoon phase of looking at new sparkly husbandos people just didn't really keep up with HSR and either went back to Genshin or found something else, because like said Sampo being the most interesting one says a lot about the game's overall tone. The male characters look copy and pasted and don't have a personality to them, it's like Genshin's female character syndrome but for males. I don't even see any popular HSR fujo ships because nobody finds the male characters that interesting, not fujos nor yumes nor anyone in between. Maybe male players who self-insert since some of them are even given canonical love interests.

>Ngl playing it l refreshed my love for Genshin after I was burned out.
For real. Woke me up to how good we actually have it in Genshin.

No. 300595

File: 1685958230436.jpeg (Spoiler Image,63.37 KB, 901x698, B2281647-DF93-4408-A9F9-42C685…)

Hydro archon Weapon design leak

No. 300622

Pretty, love the water drops. Though all she's getting is either Khaj sword I got by mistake or black sword, fuck this banner.

No. 300641

I see blade x dan heng or luocha x jing all the time. Seems like its a (you) problem

No. 300644

File: 1685983629682.jpg (300.8 KB, 1500x838, 1455f9a82a7f58230ffc370e60bbd3…)

>Inb4 Genshin vs HSR in Genshin thread

No. 300660

There are only 2 giga autists desperately bumping both threads, crossposting was inevitable. They should swap discords to seethe about riveting topics such as
>shipping drama
>fandom full of horny scrotes and gendies trooning out their bland or straight up ugly husbandos
>their bland ugly husbandos canon waifus
>the scrote devs scroting up their scrote games that will never prioritize the female players no matter how hard they cope
Instead of using lolcow to do it. No1curr.

No. 300675

ahh kazuscara art!! I need some more Scara story where he meets Kazuha already

No. 300698

File: 1686000165266.jpg (617.94 KB, 2190x2910, 959cadda7c2b76006cddc46eb7442b…)

>only 2 giga autists
Seeing how no one shit the thread I realized I'm a retarded and thought there would be more lmao

Brilliant taste nona I'll one day dump all the KazuxScara saved

No. 300735

File: 1686022096709.jpg (39.04 KB, 400x400, ZI_A6gLQ_400x400.jpg)

Focalors' real name was leaked as well through Scaramouche name testing. Her name is apparently Finina de Fontaine.

No. 300737

>Scaramouche name testing
they went through every possible name in existence?

No. 300740

Her name was already leaked as starting with an F, so it was a matter of going through a name list and seeing what Scaramouche rejects. They've patched the method since Charlotte came out though, so it's harder to use now.[/spoiler]

No. 300741

Her name was already leaked as starting with an F, so it was a matter of going through a name list and seeing what Scaramouche rejects. They've patched the method since Charlotte came out though, so it's harder to use now.[/spoiler]

No. 300742

Her name was already leaked as starting with an F, so it was a matter of going through a name list and seeing what Scaramouche rejects. They've patched the method since Charlotte came out though, so it's harder to use now.[/spoiler]

No. 300746

luocha x jingyuan is less popular than luocha x sushang kek, jingyuan's most popular ship is with yanqing

No. 300749

And wasn't luocha x sushang just that one writer's literal self insert x her ultimate husbando otto expy? I have to admit that sushang looked exactly like a self insert mary sue and found it funny how right I was kek. At least they're saving this shit for Honkai and leaving Genshin alone.

No. 300750

I like that name! Her design is really pretty too and dignified for being a Genshin woman. I really hope they don’t do thigh spillage Eula-style on her in-game model.

No. 300752

File: 1686036243666.png (Spoiler Image,17.8 KB, 289x122, visioncomparison.png)

I'm liking her design more the more I think about it too. I had the impression she was going to be overly serious as the judge but the new info we have on her in game made me think she's going to be more unpredictable and energetic type, not physically but mentally if that makes sense. So I think this design is definitely fitting for my impression of her so far. I really really really hope they write her as a strong archon instead of an uwu waifu. If they don't fumble the bag I'll pull for her because she's just gorgeous and her personality has so much potential to just be my type.
I just realised the Fontaine visions look just like Liyue visions Sorry for the small pic I couldnt find a high quality Hydro archon leak pic lol

No. 300755

I've been reading some leaks here and there and all say that Lyney and Lynette are two different character, not two in one, which is duh I guess but would've been cool if each took care of something as one character
Anyway if each of them is an individual character, then why in Teyvat trailer were they in the same preview? Ayaka has a brother but She was by herself in the preview not with Ayato? I can't tell if it was for no reason or a hint for a new mechanic.

No. 300756

File: 1686037883993.jpeg (Spoiler Image,56.34 KB, 627x593, CEFF7B2A-C1C3-46ED-A9D0-5F2CAC…)

>I just realised the Fontaine visions look just like Liyue visions
No not really! Pic related is Charlotte’s Fontaine vision in-game.
>she's going to be more unpredictable and energetic type
I got that impression too! A slightly dubious character whose actions are unpredictable or selfish but is seemingly kind on the outside. At least I hope she is that way, making her tsundere or something would make me so mad kek.
>I'll one day dump all the KazuxScara saved
Can’t wait!!

No. 300757

well yeah, i saw some people on weibo being confused if luocha x sushang is canon because of that reason kek although no, they're not canon but luocha has no fujo appeal anyway

No. 300758

I also find that to be so weird. Lyney is a 5 star pyro bow and Lynette a 4 star (think anemo was her leaked element?) So that alone indicates that they are separate. Which makes it so weird that they’re together in the trailer, especially since Mihoyo has done the 2-characters-in-1 gameplay mechanic in honkai.

No. 300759

Ooh I see, then the leak must have a placeholder vision instead.
Ayato did nothing in the story though. I think they'll both be important in the main story and they come as a package in lore so they're together in the video too, it's not weird to me at all.

No. 300781

Waifufags would rip Mihoyo apart if they were forced to roll for a sexy twink in order to play as a cat girl, in Honkai they're all waifus so it's a different case. And personally, I wouldn't want a stupid pantsless catgirl packaged in with a cute boy either. At some point there were rumors going around that Lynette is a puppet created by Lyney which would make sense for them to be shown together in the chapter teaser.

No. 301028

File: 1686158145138.jpg (231.37 KB, 972x1536, bf09b1833fb25efd4efa06b3f16c45…)

Read that too, can't imagine the magician looking boy being a Pyro bow user. Maybe it's because of his looks I thought he was a Cryo Catalyst.

It's weird because Diluc, Ningguang and Ayaka's splash art in the preview is the same as their current one and they were released as they were advertised, Cyno got an art change but still by himself but these two pose's look like splash art… like the rest? If plans change their art if not changed can look good individually but still. Leakers do your best I'm dying waiting for these two ree

I want to say this is ridiculous, but remembering Genshin is called Waifu simulator I'll take this as fact lol.
>rumors going around that Lynette is a puppet created by Lyney
Potential puppet master? Sign me up dolphin-ing if I lose his 50/50

Sorry for esl

No. 301330

>can't imagine the magician looking boy being a Pyro bow user.
Same, but I guess the red (red-pink?) parts on his outfit hinted the pyro element

No. 301386

File: 1686325786067.jpg (2.6 MB, 4096x2458, Fxk_S-sXgAAmDN0.jpg)

I hate that he's going to be a Pyro bow. I don't need a Pyro bow, I have Yoimiya built. He's probably going to be a skip from me now.
It's even worse if he's a charged shot Pyro bow user, means he'll be hardbound to Melt comps and Ganyu is already needed for that kind of team for cryo application.

No. 301470

Nta, I'll get him for the sole purpose of him being on the Teyvat chapter preview and so far every first character in a new region has been strong; Ayaka/Tighnari

No. 301484

So did anyone make a custom domain?
It's a nice idea but the controls are so clunky.

No. 301503

>I don't need a Pyro bow, I have Yoimiya built
Well that’s a you problem. I don’t pull for waifu-bait so Lyney being pyro bow is great, now I can do overworld puzzles without having to switch to Amber.

No. 301518

>Ganyu is already needed for melt comps for cryo application
Uh no she isn't, did you forget that Kaeya and Rosaria exist? We also don't even know if he will be an on field character or not so i don't know why you are comparing him to yoimiya already?

I'm so glad we will finally be getting a 5 star pyro male character, the only one we have right now is Diluc. We will also be getting a 5 star cryo male character accoring to leaks! I'm execited for any male character that isn't anemo or geo kek

No. 301536

You're the only one who pulled that ugly hoe. Male pyro bow is instapull material.

No. 301598

Not sure why few anons are piling on >>301386 and turning it into "fuck-your-Yoimiya-Lyney-number-one" but it's unnecessary. She said it's a skip for now and made an assumption about his kit, not that big of a deal, unless?

I think if the constant hostile reactions to anyone using female characters, good or not, or anything regarding waifus, husbandos and shipping will end up killing this thread and only leaving like a couple of anons remaining. Which sucks

That aside; we're not gonna get much hydro characters in Fountaine, are we? I'm dying to know what Fol's abilities are and if she works as a sub dps, I need a second Xingqiu-like character that isn't Yelan so bad. Would be nice if it was like Hydro Samachurl's attack kek, a pool that rapidly applies wet and heals, maybe even works nicely with Lyney?

No. 301702

File: 1686449270902.png (1.64 MB, 1129x1945, 1669835465206.png)

>Would be nice if it was like Hydro Samachurl's attack
Ayato's burst is already like that, although it doesn't heal, but it does provide a NA buff.
Why do you think we won't get more Hydro characters during Fontaine? I think I saw a leak that said the leaked loli was Hydro. Lyney's sister too, although there are some people that speculate she may be Anemo. It's not very clear.

No. 301704

samefag, but forgot to add Neuvillette (only tall male leaked so far) looks like he's Hydro too, his design has a lot of blue hues.

No. 301756

I didn't mean to be mean to the yoimiya anon. It just seemed kinda doomposting to already say that he will be unnecessary because ganyu and yoimiya exists even tho we dont know his kit and you can use other characters than ganyu for melt.
I think i saw a leak that Folcalor her kit will buff your team but drain your health, it was a very old leak tho so im not sure if its reliable. It would be nice if she could apply hydro off field but not as fast as xq so i can use her for quick bloom.

No. 301779

I was going off kit leaks that said he was going to be a charged shot Pyro bow and play kind of like Ganyu or Tighnari. The problem with that kind of playstyle for Pyro is right now there's no Hydro characters that apply Hydro off of charged shots, so with the current roster he'd be hardlocked to Melt comps. Kaeya would suck for that kind of comp because Kaeya's rings are too close-ranged for comfort, Kaeya is a lot better for melee-ranged Melt. Rosaria would admittedly be okay, though not as good as Ganyu or Layla for long-ranged Melts unless the enemies are slow and stay near the Rosaria ice field. It's not a Lyney problem specifically, it's a Pyro synergy problem.
If you want him go for him, I think he's one of those units that will get better once there's more characters with offield effects that work with charged shots. If Focalors for instance applies Hydro with charged shots that'll be really good for him.
We're getting at least three more Hydro characters in Fontaine: Neuvilette, Focalors, and the loli. Lynette is either Hydro or Anemo, the leaks have been contradictory.
>only tall male
Wriothesley is a tall Cryo male, anon.

No. 301812

File: 1686520555007.gif (556.74 KB, 500x500, 192013024917pachanga-216227959…)

>you love Genius Invocation: TCG
>you want to play Genius Invocation: TCG so bad
>Genius Invocation: TCG events are interesting and enjoyable
>Genius Invocation: TCG is a worthwhile use of developers' time

Absolutely not. These events are some of my least favorites.

No. 301826

Anons who want to but can't get elemental reaction achievements can get them through this domain

No one can believe how much I hate GI:TCG

No. 301845

God this is going to be a lifesaver, I still haven't been able to get the goddamn superconduct one.

No. 301856

>The problem with that kind of playstyle for Pyro is right now there's no Hydro characters that apply Hydro off of charged shots
Mona and Kokomi, and if you have Kazuha you can use his burst for additional hydro application (you can also use other anemo characters but Kazuha is just insanely good).
>Kaeya would suck for that kind of comp because Kaeya's rings are too close-ranged for comfort
You mentioned in your post Ganyu melt, her best team is literally Bennet Zhongli and xl. xl a character who also has a ring that has a close range (yes it's range goes a bit further away then Kaeya but its a small amount which is why she's also being used with melee ranged characters). Most enemies will teleport to you anyway. Have you tried using Ganyu or Tignari this abyss? It's a waiste of time to try and keep running away and shoot at a distance.
Also I don't see the point in wanting Focalors to apply hyrdro on charged shot, as example Kokomi and Mona why not just have her apply hyrdro offield?
Anyway for me there is no point right now in "theorising" if people should pull on him or what team he works best with because we know so little about his kit.

The TCG event was so boring, it really did feel like they wanted to force people to play TCG because no one cares about it and it was a waiste of there money.

No. 301857

File: 1686561892605.jpg (87.23 KB, 517x1000, IMG_20230601_141926.jpg)

yoimiya isn't even that good of a pyro dps, i don't hate her or anything but from a meta pov lyney has a chance to be much better. obviously if you prefer your yoimiya no one is gonna force you to roll for him. i personally hate her playstyle and i don't have any other pyro dps so for me lyney might be great.
neuvilette on the other hand doesn't seem very appealing for three reasons 1.his design isn't doing it for me at all 2.i already have ayato and childe who i love much more 3.it's very unlikely he'll be better than yelan from a meta pov. i wouldn't be surprised if he's dps since focalors will obviously be a support. i'm a husbando collector first and foremost however neither neuvilette nor wriothesley are up my alley… it's a weird situation. i feel like the male character designs used to be more attractive when the game was released

No. 301858

samefag i just checked the different between range with Kaeya and xl ult and her "outer part" of the ult has same range as Kaeya. So yeah i guess you can argue that xl does have a longer range which might help a bit, but like i said with this abyss you really dont even care about getting out of range.

I don't like Neuvilette because he is another male character who is completely covered from head to toe. I'm only looking forward for Wriothesley because he is supposedly cryo.
>very unlikely he'll be better than yelan from a meta pov
Both Yelan and XQ, if this abyss showed me anything it was how nice it is to have a shield or something that helps with stagger. XQ is such an OP character, I feel like he's even better then Bennet and XL because those 2 are almost always in a package.
>I feel like the male character designs used to be more attractive when the game was released
Idk i really like the sumeru males, its just that fontaine seems to have some crappy designs imo.

No. 301860

File: 1686563618440.jpg (482.01 KB, 1500x2122, IMG_20230612_124811.jpg)

i found some cute art for the yoimiyasis

No. 301863

Why did they remove Lumine her bloomer

No. 301865

Kekkk nona

I feel like making a domain for this type of event is such a waste of time… I spent hours making one one for my friends last time and now it's lost forever.
Tomorrow Kazuha!! Are nonas excited or what??? I feel like I'm gonna lose the 50/50, I'm so nervous.

No. 301866

i have both kazuha and alhaitham so i wish you guys luck

No. 301872

File: 1686575686572.jpg (112.88 KB, 837x841, 33PXXQk.jpg)

Gonna put my tinfoil hat on for a second and say Fontaine will come with a pyro character that makes reverse vape better and more consistent. Probably won't benefit Childe too much cause he'd be too op if he could vape every hit but I can hope

No. 301912

Hoping I get kazuha within 50 pulls kek

No. 301916

Seems everyone is going for Kazuha. Post here how it went!

No. 301975

File: 1686634150197.jpg (430.44 KB, 2000x1202, 9Pa8j8u.jpg)

I feel awful for taking away Kaeya's Jade to give it to Alhaitham

No. 302000

File: 1686646326275.jpeg (Spoiler Image,207.93 KB, 1037x1894, 0D62255D-A3A1-497F-AC90-B84167…)

Character design Leak. They didn’t change his ugly ass clothes

No. 302002

Are they trying to pull a dracula/Alucard with this design? His ears and heavy eyeliner look like shit

Love this Tartag

No. 302008

Yeah that sounds likely. Right now we just have a ton of leaks of cryo, hydro and pyro characters. With one anemo and one geo. So the majority seems to be vaporize and freeze oriented.
I like the heavy eyeliner but yeah it’s a mess. The priest clothes and the emo hair/makeup is a weird combo

No. 302020

File: 1686661529177.jpg (Spoiler Image,618.11 KB, 2048x2019, 20230613_130744.jpg)

His face looks pretty nice, not gonna lie. Also, pointy ears! Wasn't that much interested in him, but I'll probably pull for him just to stare at his face.

No. 302049

>The priest clothes and the emo hair/makeup is a weird combo
Agreed, i like his face and the ears, just not the outfit.

No. 302061

Anons who still use geo teams;
Can Itto's hungry burst problem be fixed if I put Ningguang with fav instead of Albedo? Or Albedo with fav?
Asking because my fav index is still level 1 lol

No. 302062

File: 1686681635895.png (356.4 KB, 518x518, bf.png)

Lost the 50/50 to Jean, called it, kek.
But, surprisingly, he came home after 34 pulls? I'm really happy, I have only had one early pity in my entire life (Venti, 40 pulls), and I have been playing since the start!
I also got Heizou to C6 in the process.
Anemo won today.

No. 302082

Albedo, but Gorou is the better fav holder. Albedo shouldn't need it.

No. 302089

File: 1686692716995.jpg (53.56 KB, 800x450, Genshin-Impact-Scaramouche.jpg)

…but does he do the Fandango?:

No. 302103

Congrats! That’s a super early pity! I’m 70 pulls in and no kazuha. Got no more primos left and no guaranteed so it’s time to do some desert exploration for primos.

No. 302112

This meme has never been and will never be funny

No. 302117

File: 1686699382026.jpg (444.59 KB, 1536x2048, Fyfmnr-aEAIZz6A.jpg)

C6ed him. Took around 45000 primos. Lost only one 50/50, which was lucky, especially since I got Tighnari as the offbanner and not something like Dehya.

No. 302120

Good luck getting those primos, nona! I'm sure he will come home next pull!!
Congrats! Are you pulling for LoFI too or did you use all your savings?

No. 302135

File: 1686704778131.jpg (578.33 KB, 2432x3613, ca9c8670b84b8a2f87c07704fc1ed7…)

As much As I want to C2 Kazuha I better stfu and keep saving for Lyney. And I hope if I lose his 50/50 RNGesus blesses me with one Jean or Tighnari
It's been two years game, give me the freaking anemo lady I want to try subfire Jean ffs

Never understood this meme

No. 302152

>Never understood this meme
I admit it's a dumb meme, but how have you never heard Bohemian Rhapsody?

No. 302153

I'm gonna leave LoFI for now, I'm going to start saving for Focalors and Wriothesley and the Mistsplitter is doing work on him.

No. 302174

>I'm no fan of Dango, or any other sticky sweets that make me feel like my teeth are fusing together. Keep them to yourself.
What google search lead you here, genshin-impact-scaramouche.jpg-chama?

No. 302193

Already have Alhaitham and Kazuha so just yolo rolled a few tens. But just +2Heizou +1Yaoyao +1Faruzan and some 4star weapons I don't need.
Not sure if either of their C1 are actually worth it though.
Got another Mona and another of Xiao's weapon on the standard banner last week though, is it even a good weapon for Cyno? I don't really care.

Fandango is a dance…

No. 302194

>Fandango is a dance
Anon if you can't even understand the most obvious joke that the devs put into his voice lines I don't even know what to tell you

No. 302197

File: 1686724774165.jpg (739.91 KB, 1491x1864, FYAGdYBWIAE_j01.jpg)

>alhaitham c1
Strong but unnecessary, he's good enough at C0
>kazuha c1
I don't know how people play him without it. The double jump feels like such a natural part of his kit it feels awkward to play him without it. It's not strictly needed but he's better and more fun with it.
>xiao's weapon on cyno
It's a good crit stat stick. If you don't have Cyno's weapon it's a decent choice for him.

No. 302223

File: 1686734227512.jpg (99.14 KB, 700x1050, 1680193468156089.jpg)

so next round we will have eula with klee and scara with kokomi? i hope mika is on one of the banners because he avoided the hell out of me last time. i need my 4* collection to be complete lmao that being said i certainly don't want to be spooked by either eula or klee but i'd rather have klee than eula i guess…

No. 302252

File: 1686754067116.jpg (804.54 KB, 2160x3840, Pt77u5c.jpg)

ATA that sperged about Alhaitham's design being too coomerish last thread or the one before. Just got him and have been staring at his abs. I didn't know they outlined them in 3d. I have been cured. I now want more sexy men.

No. 302341

So I tried a bit more for Kazuha and lost the 50-50 to Tig. Now I got to look up how many rolls worth of primos we got from the last summer event to see if I should try some more.
Still surprised I haven't been spooked by Keqing yet.

No. 302393

Can't believe we're stuck with this abyss for two more cycles

No. 302407

File: 1686828582521.jpeg (207.93 KB, 1660x2048, 5654064A-0C89-43DF-875A-E95194…)

Your good luck wishes helped me nonnie I got him!! Around 80 pulls in and I won the 50/50! Super happy, now I should have enough exploration primos and events to get Lyney in time!

No. 302425

File: 1686841076562.jpeg (Spoiler Image,18.02 KB, 624x537, 1DD321A1-439C-433F-963B-B79ABD…)

Leak: Fontaine boy character

No. 302443

I like it. I love pink hair colour so much. I hope his clothes are pretty too

No. 302460

Thought this was Diona

Is it just me or are the designs so far kind of underwhelming? They're not bad per-se but all of them are running on the same metallic lines(?) ((pardon the shitty English)) like I know each region has its own style but so far it's kind of too samey and simple

Hope they looks better in 3D, especially the covered from head to toe cryo guy. It's like they gave us 3 Dendro guys with nice bodies and that was enough lol

No. 302461

He looks like a Vtuber…

No. 302504

File: 1686867404687.jpg (87.21 KB, 1184x1200, E5JWyiAUUAQsDJv.jpg)

Congrats, nonita!!!! Kazuha is a good boy, I knew he was gonna come home to you eventually.

No. 302564

File: 1686892580484.jpg (1.24 MB, 3000x3000, Fyt0BKHXoAA1wTm.jpg)

Happy Birthday Venti!

No. 302565

File: 1686892720989.jpg (589.64 KB, 3000x3000, 0bUElGy.jpg)

No. 302568

I hate how many characters look good in the art like Albedo and Diluc but have weird toddler faces in their in-game models. Albedo is supposed to be a smart and elegant young man but looks like a special ed 12 year old in the game. Mihoyo do better. I know this is an old complaint but damn it's been a while and they still can't fix the botched 3d models.

No. 302591

File: 1686901063684.jpg (285.7 KB, 1542x2048, 7f78bf0e75297ce3c9b28b212b9e5b…)

Anons who play in Europe server;

Are you suffering from constant shitty connection to the server? Mine keeps going from 78-80 to 999 or straight up loading, checked my internet and everything is perfect like no problem with other games even.

Just want to check if it's a general or a me problem, thanks.

Cute art, HBD Venti!

No. 302593

Prettiest birthday art by far wow

No. 302650

>has given up on genshin since star rail game out
>logs in from time to time to claim rewards
>rolls 10 last wishes on weapon banner, gets kazoo 5* weapon
>upgrades kazoo weapon till out of materials
>checks day and it's not farming day for specific material

shit like this made me give upaside from being tired from the game overall

No. 302668

Is this really this bad? I've been playing since forever and the only thing I do is turn normal resin to condensed then spend it all on that day.

No. 302687

Yeah it's annoying, but that's gatcha for you.

Btw it's your time to complain about the TCG in the current event survey.
I'm glad we didn't actually have to play the full ver. of the game, and the tournament wasn't even that important in the whole scheme of the event.

No. 302696

File: 1686969687814.jpg (1.14 MB, 4096x2458, bfd5bca64e8e5c9a99cba5545a7fd0…)

Playing against four players per region + Itto was a pain. These people were too fucking delusional to think anyone would enjoy it.
More power to those who do enjoy it, but it's goddamm limited and slow I genuinely don't get how they actually enjoy it lmao

>Btw it's your time to complain about the TCG in the current event survey.

Pretty much this. It's time devs take the L and admit they wasted their effort on something majority of players don't enjoy.

No. 302697

Playing Itto was optional. I just like that storywise they didn't make the Traveler be part of the actual tournament.

No. 302705

I agree with not making the Traveler part of the tournament. Realistically some stuff should be happening in Teyvat that the Traveler would miss out on.
If they want us to enjoy the TCG it needs to be a lot faster paced. The limited mana and immediately ending the turn if you swap characters absolutely kills the pace of the game, plus only being able to win through combat.

No. 302712

File: 1686977233578.jpg (309.66 KB, 1280x960, jg5uSnW.jpg)

If they're going to do TCG events, they better give us pre built decks again. I don't mind playing it twice a week for the battle pass but having to rebuild my deck every time I get a new character card or the other type of cards is too tiring. I still play with my Diluc-Kaeya-Sucrose deck they gave us from the start kek

No. 302715

i cannot get back into genshin after a long break and it’s making me sad. i have taken other breaks in the last and i’ve been able to get back into it easily, but i genuinely can’t care anymore. genshin has been my comfort game for two and a half years now and i think i spent like 100$ on it (might not be much to others but it’s a lot for me) but i think i’m over it. there are way too many materials/bosses/domains to keep up with, getting a new character is more dreadful than fun. exploration and the lore feels repetitive and i never really cared about abyss. i have 0 anticipation for fontaine. idk why I’m typing all this, i just wish i could reignite my love for this game.

No. 302721

Nona I feel the exact same way, I used to play daily since it came out and I spent at least 150$ on it but then I just stopped logging in one day in march and haven't felt like going back. At that point I was already barely playing, only doing dailies and speedrunning events which became very exhausting with all the quests I couldn't care for and how long it takes to skip through dialogue. But I'm just waiting for a break from classes so I can try to get back into it, in my opinion you can only have fun with Genshin if you really spend some hours playing through content without having to cut it off after only 1 or 2. I had fun when exploring the desert and I had fun doing the Aranara quests but both those times I was glued to the pc for 4 - 5 hours every day, just like when I first started. Maybe if you stop engaging with any genshin stuff and then try Fontaine without spoilers it can be enjoyable again. I really don't think games were ever meant to be stretched out like this while still making you play them daily, there's no way it won't become a chore especially with the amount of grinding and farming they want you to do

No. 302725

it's okay anon, I know how you feel. I was a day one player, and I quit during the last summer event. my interest had been fading for a long time prior but that event made me realize core problems the game has, how they've only gotten worse over time, and that playing further would be a waste of my time. it's best to move on and pick up a new game that sparks joy, this isn't the type of game that stays fresh for long. it's sad but once the novelty wears off that spark never comes back, trying to force yourself back into it will only remind you why you left.

>I really don't think games were ever meant to be stretched out like this while still making you play them daily
this. it fails as a real game and as a gacha game.

No. 302732

I was the same way and ready to give my account to my friend. I downloaded HSR to try it and see if it can capture my time just like Genshin but that was what reignited my love for Genshin lmao
Also I think making friends in Genshin kept me still interested, make bullshit teams and such, kinda fun.

>try Fontaine without spoilers
Thisss. I didn't realize how much leaks ruin the experience until I stopped seeing them. The only leak I like to see now is which reruns in which patch.

But yeah the interest in Genshin has been low world wide, didn't even see an anon give an opinion about Kaveh's hangout

No. 302810

Nta but that's so true. I think the spark gets lost so easily because Genshin just stops stops giving you any feeling of progression at some point. In the beginning you go through ranks relatively quickly, it feels rewarding and leveling characters is fun and you do it gradually. Later it's just spending a certain amount of pulls, getting that character to 80 or 90 immediately if you prefarmed and then the joy of getting something new is basically over. No need to even figure out skills or teams on your own, you can just watch a guide and basically calculate your damage and that's it. But you also can't really keep characters at a low level because anything would oneshot them and that's also no fun. There's just never anything new anymore and all the questlines are predictable and too drawn-out because they have terrible writing and artificially extend scenes with needless breaks

No. 302833

>Kaveh's hangout
I have every single hangout unlocked so far and haven't played a single one… I guess I should at least do the guys.
I'm still having fun with the game, doing my 10 minutes a day for dailys. Not really interested in Fontaine storywise but I'll still probably have fun exploring, and I'm really curious about Natlan, music/visual-wise.

No. 302837

hangouts fucking suck tbh i unlocked kaveh’s but I’m not looking forward to playing it, i just know i will get bored

No. 302846

File: 1687040635914.jpeg (266.85 KB, 1857x981, D4FD45E9-C67F-4CBF-86AE-CA865B…)

I stopped playing in 3.6 after playing almost everyday since 2.0. I think it’s normal to feel bored of a game after such a long time. I’ve literally been playing 478 hours according to my ps5. The desert exploration wasn’t my thing, they totally fucked up the epic potential of revealing Kaeya as a royal of Khaenri’ah when he met Dain. The Dainsleif quest ended so abruptly too. So it left a bad aftertaste and I just took a break. It’s not a bad thing though right? I’ll come back in 4.0 like many anons will, and the thread will be alive again.

No. 302867

of all the things that could potentially bring me back to genshin I don't think steampunk bullshit is one of them. at most I might login to spend any remaining gems on lyney then uninstall again.

No. 302895

I love these brotherly kid Kaeya and Diluc illustrations so much, really sucks we barely get them interacting.
Then again Hoyo, despite the amount of times swearing Kaeya is an important character don't really treat him as such. Hope his hangout + whichever quest comes with his new skin add more details to his lore

No. 302902

It's because they have to focus on the super shiny new 5 stars and their mediocre plots instead of developing the characters that have potential and that the players actually like. Also they're busy making up 50 useless and boring events.

No. 302909

>steampunk bullshit
I mean the city will be steampunk but not the rest most likely. It’s obviously gonna be a lot of water scenery. We got the trailer snippet showing how the traveler swims underwater and the world looks bright and fun underwater

No. 303020

It looks fun and I'm hyped. This thread is just really overly negative.

No. 303076

I know it's forever from now; but the weekly boss for Lynney's talents is Apep right?

No. 303079

File: 1687160945617.jpg (389.84 KB, 2048x1400, 20230613_131024.jpg)

Yes, nonita. Don't think we will get another new weekly boss until 4.1 or 4.2.

No. 303121

File: 1687183486358.jpeg (Spoiler Image,74.41 KB, 870x1598, 2E8873DE-1C94-4BB4-B07E-423B95…)

Arlecchino character design leak! She actually looks good I’m so happy I could cry

No. 303122

Oh my god I didn't think we'd ever get a woman in pants from mihoyo… She looks so good

No. 303123

>I’m so happy I could cry
Same, I actually can't believe it… She is fully covered, she looks classy, no retarded holes on her pants or coat… My god…

No. 303147

File: 1687191873527.jpeg (Spoiler Image,93.75 KB, 591x1280, nIEOaqr.jpeg)

She's so dignified-looking. I have a small sliver of hope Captain R's green Bloodborne design might get kept now.
We got more Wriothsley art too. The jacket being off the arm on one side is… Weird, I'm hoping that's just a quirk of concept art showing what his shirt looks like under the jacket. He's ridiculously edgy looking but I love edgy looking men and he's a cryo polearm user, apparently. I hope he's at least on Tighnari level of good, it'll be so disappointing if he's Dehya-tier.
Reposting because I forgot to spoiler him, sorry anons.

No. 303151

File: 1687192157415.png (Spoiler Image,425.75 KB, 900x403, fck.png)

I'm obsessed with his hair
i wanna stroke it and pull it, i'm down bad

No. 303153

File: 1687192380121.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.03 KB, 568x835, m44fxq.jpg)

We have a high-res render of the pink-haired boy's face too. His codename in the files is "Elizabeth".

No. 303158

He's kind of cute but why did I think he'd have the same hip windows as Sampo, I feel disappointed kek

No. 303167

File: 1687194706358.png (Spoiler Image,235.93 KB, 794x505, Ny214tW.png)

Huge leak dump, reminder that most of these deisgns are old and concept art. There even is an old Kirara concept in there. I will post the ones i want to discuss the most because some of them are very bad (see the super nude mummy girl pic related). Some elements and eapons probably also might change. Kirara old concept art had a geo vision and claymore. I will try and spoiler the images of the new characters for if anyone wants to avoid character leaks

No. 303169

File: 1687194790469.png (110.06 KB, 796x449, RXnK0VB.png)

This is the old design/concept art of Kirara btw. As you can see she has a geo vision in the back and is stated as claymore girl. Again because of this a reminder that the concept arts i will share might change when they hit live server

No. 303172

File: 1687194881125.png (Spoiler Image,387.02 KB, 785x382, c9yNrYL.png)

No idea who this is and looks like a completely different art style so im not sure how real this one is but looks cool.

No. 303175

File: 1687194957654.png (Spoiler Image,180.42 KB, 1332x1154, Sg5UuHd.png)

Very old concept art of the little girl, if you seen her new model you can see how they changed her color pallet to more blueish. I like her old concept art more imo.

No. 303178

File: 1687195059969.png (Spoiler Image,262.84 KB, 688x354, HwueuVY.png)

Chiori who is mentioned by Kirara in her voicelines. She designed her clothes, i think the concept looks pretty but i am tired of thigh highs.

No. 303180

File: 1687195156765.png (Spoiler Image,67.52 KB, 791x483, MwzuztS.png)

Lyney, his design didnt change much. As you can see he has a mondstad vision, which is why leakers were probably saying some time ago that he would be cryo. Right now they are saying he will be pyro so this was probably a placeholder which is also why it was a mondstad vision.

No. 303185

Made in abyss pedos must be mourning the loss of this one, a Xenoblade Rex x Reg x Teucer lovechild would've been their new IT boy

No. 303187

File: 1687195354105.png (Spoiler Image,1.59 MB, 4000x1739, J4xx_9-emRYGEppu8dFILRpMg5GkEQ…)

concept art of Arlecchino, as you can see this shows that she has a low ponytail. in some parts they do show of her back but i believe the final design will have her fully covered.

No. 303189

File: 1687195535451.png (Spoiler Image,489.07 KB, 1690x952, SbvtaJ0.png)

Fontaine weapon concept art, i like the catalyst

No. 303191

File: 1687195662777.jpeg (Spoiler Image,113.96 KB, 1280x982, a4I1THl.jpeg)


No. 303194

File: 1687195788652.jpg (Spoiler Image,107.72 KB, 1200x561, FzAIcSeXwBoWZg-.jpg)

Sorry that im posting so much, i only wanted to post new leaks but there are a lot coming in kek and some of them are being posted on twitter which will probably be deleted later. Anyway this boy is Freiminet, i like his design and im wondering if this is contected to >>303172

No. 303196

File: 1687195987876.jpg (44.94 KB, 632x580, DeuapfZW0AAQcrz.jpg)

the catalyst!! so pretty!! i guess that's going to be Neuvillette's weapon??
we got robbed fuck
this design literally looks like picrel, wtf, so gross

No. 303203

File: 1687196276925.png (Spoiler Image,300.49 KB, 1895x930, mseyp1t5e07b1.png)

Ugh there are even more Captain R concept art leaks now, just like you I hope she will keep the green design. I am getting to lazy to post all the images so here is just the reddit link, i will download them to be save but will probably only post them all here if they get taken down. https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks/comments/14dkqh3/madoka_magica_fontaine_girls_and_some_other/

Im not sure who's weapon its gonna be and yeah the design of the sumeru character is really nasty. It makes me sad because I really like Candace her design so I was hoping we would get again something like that.

No. 303215

File: 1687197509633.png (476.83 KB, 711x1194, capr.png)

Reminds me of Keqing but with a nicer color palette. I hope her design remains as is and isn't given a bunch of superfluous revealed skin.
RIP first cryo man after Kaeya and Chongyun.
This looks like a Honkai meets Kingdom Hearts design. I wonder if it'll get repurposed into Star Rail, feels like it would fit in a lot better there than in Genshin.
Man RIP this looks so much better than the current version. My guess is they didn't want to go this hard on a 4*s skin, but this is just sad. What a downgrade Kaeya's skin went through.
Freminet looks good, shame he's only a 4. Hopefully he's a good support and not some super niche C6 requiring trash.
The red one isn't bad but these are all major downgrades from the first leaked design. Fingers crossed they saw all the positivity for the first design and went with that.
All I can say to this one is ew.

No. 303216

File: 1687197683606.png (Spoiler Image,803.81 KB, 2048x1519, 1.png)

Some more characters. I think this one is actually pretty cute, so watch it get mangled for release.

No. 303218

File: 1687197835908.png (Spoiler Image,384.64 KB, 1590x1553, 2.png)

Stupid armpit garbage again but I can't hate a poodle summoner.

No. 303221

File: 1687198119523.png (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 2390x1212, 3.png)

Sundress girl is cute, the rest have potential but are ruined by the thigh-high obsession making it look like they're missing parts of their dresses.

No. 303229

File: 1687198534720.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 8000x3792, wa6jni.jpg)

Some potential copium, looks like they're working on making more male body types. Leaving this unsaged because it's a much bigger deal for husbando nonnas.

No. 303233

File: 1687198877642.png (Spoiler Image,2.67 MB, 2595x1637, 4.png)

Final thing I'm gonna post unless it's husbando related but OMG PLEASE LET HIM BE IN THE GAME AND NOT BE AN OLD SCRAPPED CHARACTER, I LOVE HIM.

No. 303234

No way… I really didn't think they had it in them, this might actually make me come back. Thank you for posting the leaks here nona, some of these new designs look so good. I'm getting kind of hyped for Fontaine now

No. 303235

The back design of the lavender perfume girl is really pretty. The top part of the front design is very pretty too but the bottom part is ruined by the miniskirt and thigh-high stockings.

No. 303246

This is concept art for Skirk though right? Not captain R. (childe’s master is Skirk)
Wish they could’ve kept to open chest at least >>303194
what a cutie patootie
Fuck yeah I knew they wouldn’t let Pierrot use the tall male model! He wasn’t a bishie enough for that model

No. 303248

Looks like they are/were? thinking about making Pierro playable? Maybe that's why they are/were making concepts for a new 3D model.
I guess it was going to happen eventually, no way in hell characters like Capitano or Varka were going to be twinks.
Still, I feel like they proportions of the new model are a bit off? Idk, I hope they look good and sexy and not like male-fantasy gigachads or whatever.

No. 303252

File: 1687199799416.jpeg (Spoiler Image,40.2 KB, 1242x646, 84809D63-F079-477B-9AD9-022183…)

No. 303253

File: 1687199809258.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 5342x3182, gYTilVE.jpeg)

I lied, this leak got taken down immediately after I grabbed it so I want to post it here. Liyue Lion boy. I really really hope we get this one, he's so adorable. Gives Heizou energy.

No. 303254

File: 1687199852661.jpeg (Spoiler Image,202.25 KB, 1242x1935, FD2C31FD-DF5E-4394-A51D-52D61E…)

No. 303255

File: 1687199882209.jpeg (Spoiler Image,84.97 KB, 796x545, 5CE3C0A9-74D0-4111-859E-D94B2D…)

He looks hot now ngl

No. 303256

File: 1687199945111.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.62 KB, 995x640, 2y4018.jpg)

Also perhaps our first Natlan character or someone from Sumeru, some kind of dark-skinned deer girl.

No. 303257

FUCK. Hope he's a normal character and not tranny bait.

They tried the jacket thing with Alhaithem and it worked, it just doesn't work with any body. This guy's design being the copy of another character is what destroys him for me.
Ill find a way to cope if Sampo copy made it and not this cool guy >>303233

No. 303258

File: 1687200205555.jpeg (Spoiler Image,49.99 KB, 552x470, C53ADD29-067B-4AE9-A5A8-2D5311…)

Sorry if it’s annoying that I’m posting leaks to your leaks anon, maybe it’s getting a bit spammy

No. 303259

No anon we love you so much! this color/design though, related to Rosaria?

No. 303260

Don't worry, anon, I'm sure he's not tranny bait. This goth girl >>303254 has the codename "demon" in files, it's probably some kind of inside dev team joke.

No. 303261

calm down. he's a vampire. aside from vlad the impaler, elizabeth is the name of one of the most well-known 'historical' vampires.

No. 303262

File: 1687200504778.png (32.24 KB, 1440x405, FzALERnXwCYOAfK.png)

Also a message from the leaker who grabbed all this stuff. Looks like Hoyoverse has horrible security.

No. 303263

File: 1687200623047.jpeg (Spoiler Image,38.77 KB, 640x283, 2D899343-5780-4536-AB60-59350A…)

Oh phew okay good! I think he’s related to Wriothesly or however you spell that man’s name kek. Seems to be the prison master uniform colors.

Not a tranny since Dahlia seems to be a name too for him. Which isn’t as obviously female as Elizabeth.

Posting this Kaeya skin concept art too since this one seems final.

No. 303264

File: 1687200887596.jpeg (Spoiler Image,521.37 KB, 2048x2048, 2760D079-4805-43F1-AEF1-4B3654…)

Okay super duper big NON-CHARACTER LEAK WARNING:

Do not unspoiler unless you want to see Fontaine concept art of the geographical design

No. 303265

File: 1687200959381.jpg (54.33 KB, 870x483, FzAG_I0aYAEiaRN.jpg)

Old Nahida concept art. She used to be a butterfly. We were robbed, but I get that this would probably have been a nightmare to animate.

No. 303266

The city looks bland as fuck but YES THE UNDERWATER AREA. LOVE IT.

No. 303267

>You are a multimillion company. You could tighten your security.
Nobody can convince me that they don't have "terrible security" on purpose. Leaks are very popular, they create a lot of hype and make people interested in the game when they seem to get bored. Just look at some nonas in this thread suddenly getting hyped about Fontaine and the prospect of a new 3D body type. It works like magic.

No. 303268

File: 1687201150574.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 4096x2979, uvvsi6idg07b1.jpg)

Sorry ypu are right that image is Skirk not captain R I now see that I didn't make that clear enough in my post.

Thank you for posting the other characters, i really like hers kirt in the left but i dont they will ever bother with a skirt like that because then they will need to make seperate animations for running,

The dress on the left could have been cute if like you said it wasnt for the thigh high design.

Im ok with bigger men but i will not be pulling for an old moid.

God i really love these concept designs

Thank you for grabbing it! I saw it was taken down but i had to leave for a bit so i appreciate that you also saved some pics. He looks really cute, idk if i like his white or black hair better.

I really hate the "back" design of the goth girl, look what they did to her shorts. The desginers are really degens

No. 303269

File: 1687201219464.jpg (Spoiler Image,11.26 KB, 258x374, 5njfw1x0g07b1.jpg)

I also really like this old concept of nahida, it looks a lot like her statue

No. 303270

Man that would have been adorable. What a shame.

No. 303271

File: 1687201594815.png (Spoiler Image,244.43 KB, 1227x1142, JRU4W_WEL4vVT414M_zl6-U9C2wS4m…)

Sorry for samefag, this is a very coomerish captain R design, dont click on it if you dont want to lose your hope that she wont be eula 2.0

No. 303272

File: 1687201682744.png (Spoiler Image,717.01 KB, 1280x495, 6POq9kj.png)

So one leaker is saying that these are all designs for one character. Which i can kind of see in the color pallet.

No. 303273

Oh, that's disappointing. Watch hoyo manage to choose the worst one and fuck up it even further before release

No. 303274

File: 1687201987404.jpg (Spoiler Image,92.66 KB, 1280x723, wriothelsyconcept.jpg)

why do so many concept design look so much better, people are saying this was old concept of the sampo clone btw

No. 303275

File: 1687201998094.png (346.08 KB, 1300x1117, protoheizou.png)

The multiple witchy designs makes me think this might be a Hexenzirkel member. Strange that they're not really sure whether she's going to be a tall lady or a short lady, though.
God I just know this was made by whoever made Yelan's design. It's so disgusting.

Also I like Heizou but man we were robbed.

No. 303276

File: 1687202286768.png (Spoiler Image,140.79 KB, 497x454, mummygirlbutevenworse.png)

nevermind i take it back, the old mummy girl design was even worse then it is now because it used to be a loli

They also leaked Nahida concept art where she had the teen model and like i mentioned above the mummy girl was the child model first. So its not to weird for them to not know what kind of model they want the character to be. There is also another Heizou concept design which has a purple pallet which suits him a lot more imo, he looks cool here

No. 303277

File: 1687202340631.jpg (43.21 KB, 567x567, 06567cd6a71c387c59e18294a420d4…)

he looked so goddamn fine… i can't believe this…

No. 303278

I can see why right was rejected, it looks way too much like Diluc's skin. But it's sad that they didn't go all out on the chest exposure. Very sad.

No. 303279

people are saying this was an old Dehya design but im not sure

No. 303284

File: 1687203163509.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1424x1956, spoilerfontaine.png)

Potential Aranara equivalents, look like they're sea slug inspired and have a painting motif
Shame if true because I like her design. Clearly the design isn't/wasn't finished from behind but a lean Geo leopard girl could have been cute.

No. 303285

File: 1687203356843.png (Spoiler Image,836.83 KB, 1393x965, 5.png)

I hope this wasn't an old Mika design because this would be another robbing.

No. 303286

File: 1687203445963.png (Spoiler Image,158.46 KB, 1264x758, 6.png)

Another dragon/lion boy design. Gives me hope we will actually get a lion boy soonish.

No. 303287

File: 1687203554952.jpg (Spoiler Image,29.12 KB, 640x287, copium.jpg)

THE CRYO LYNEY DREAM ISN'T DEAD (these are probably placeholders but shhhh)

No. 303289

File: 1687203653628.png (Spoiler Image,92.07 KB, 676x385, UltFVth.png)

Some bosses.

No. 303294

File: 1687204195695.jpeg (Spoiler Image,102.25 KB, 640x909, 0D4EFB69-BFE5-46A1-A608-316492…)

Pic related is Fontaine geographical areas.

This looks so unexpectedly different

No. 303298

File: 1687204483813.png (Spoiler Image,3.32 MB, 2988x3005, skirks.png)

All Skirks (Childe's teacher). The only one I find objectively awful with no redeeming qualities is the purple one. The Abyss ones are the best, though the left isn't bad either. The red ones have interesting design elements but they look pretty overtly Fatui imo. If I didn't know they were Skirk I'd think they were playable/past Signora concept art.

No. 303299

So far none of these Fontaine characters are tempting me to wish for them design wise, not even the guys sadly.
But Liyue's lionboy looks like he will probably be able to use another form like Kirara? Would be awesome
This Heizou looks hot af

No. 303309

Awful. All of them. It’s freaking Skirk, she has spent the most time fighting in the abyss. The abyss that traumatized both Childe and Scara. A fearless jaded fighter. And here she’s just another keqing/raiden pantless character with the vagina almost out. Really expected her to look and dress more like Arlecchino (who looks so fucking badass)
I think they’re really fun designs, a bit like Pokémon gijinkas kek. Most of them won’t be finalized probably. The male characters look cute but most of the boys are definitely obvious 4-stars unfortunately. Looks like we really are getting 2-3 tall males in Fontaine.

No. 303312

File: 1687205977966.jpg (85.57 KB, 500x740, da208c43bd88b877ae1cfe37ec4a10…)

thank you for posting this one, haha
I actually feel kinda bummed that she is gonna be a teen model…
Picrel is kind of what I had in mind, dark hair, dark and neutral colors, clothes that fit a survivor or adventurer… idk, it's a bit dissapointing. rip skirk.

No. 303316

File: 1687206434929.jpeg (Spoiler Image,542.98 KB, 2048x2048, E6B640C5-1D2D-4A24-9588-C7A370…)

Alright so here is a compiled pic of our male characters in 4.0-4.8 that look the most complete and/or have been mentioned in story leaks (making them confirmed as actual characters in-game).

I guess this can help husbando-anons to decide if they want skip Fontaine/save for upcoming characters/only pull reruns.

The only dignified female design that looks complete and isn’t just a sketch is definitely Arlecchino

No. 303321

File: 1687207040291.png (Spoiler Image,9.08 MB, 5000x3343, wm35S2frzA6FOAnypG6CaAMhc4gsI7…)

Pic related are all Captain R designs, i hope they will chose the one that isnt as coomerish.

this is probably an old design for >>303194 unless we will get 2 diver themed boys. its a bit sad because i actually really like this concept art.

People are saying we will get him with the lantern event but that will take a while right?

This looks cool

Some of the red design in the middle look cool but totally not suit her character or story. All of these designs are so, princess like? Like >>303312 said i was expecting her to be more mature and idk not look like fischl kek.

Thank you for this anon, wow they really love covering every inch of skin for the tall male characters huh?

No. 303323

The one with the mechanical dog is an abomination except for the good boy and I hope the good boy stays except with the good, non-coomer design.

No. 303331

Do you think they will scrap most of these designs, now that they have been leaked, or do you think some of them will become new characters?

No. 303334

I doubt it'll affect much in the pipeline, as much as I wish they'd take stuff like the Captain R feedback into consideration. As early as beta people were datamining and while some redesigns happened, most of the characters released the same or very similar to their leaked incarnations.

No. 303348

Remember the Inazuma leak? All characters from Inazuma and even characters like Hu Tao, Shenhe and Yun Jin got leaked at once. All in one picture with their 3d models. Mihoyo didn’t change their designs at all except for some smaller tweaks on Shenhe and a new silhouette for Kokomi.

No. 303358

Thank you so much leaker-anon

Now, who's gonna rerun? I tried searching for reliable leaks for reruns and the closest to that is saying Raiden will rerun with Lynne's and that's it so far for good leaks lol
Tbh I'm kind of excited for Fontaine

No. 303382

File: 1687229520234.jpg (134.22 KB, 1256x892, FzAIu6XXwAkBHzv.jpg)

The kid is Rosaria's boss, apparently. He's been mentioned in the Mondstadt story before. His name is Dahlia and he's some high up in the Church of Favonius.

No. 303433

i don’t wann be all negative but damn all of these guys look ugly as fuck.

No. 303437

File: 1687247198279.jpeg (Spoiler Image,139.17 KB, 1640x921, IMG_2061.jpeg)

Honestly I like this concept (no rattail tho), sad they didn't go through with it. I feel like male bosses decide always on the less hot designs because they don't know what sells to women. They should've just scrapped the eyepatch so he wouldn't be similar to Kaeya. His final design is too busy and disappointing, I was really looking forward to him.

No. 303453

The tall guys look ugly definitely. Too bad they are supposed to be the 5-stars. The boys are cute but feel like 4-stars.

No. 303455

Thus far multiple leaker rumors state that Lyney is in 4.0 with Childe. Rumors of Yelan too. In 4.8 it’s Klee Eula, Kokomi and Wanderer. The rest we don’t know.

No. 303456

3.8 of course, typo.

No. 303457

File: 1687253201754.jpeg (206.88 KB, 1242x1663, 472A751C-4129-4AFD-9C4F-F8F3E4…)

Aside from leaks, hoyo’s developers did a little discussion thing. They’re basically fixing the multiple quests character/npc interferences and we’re getting underground maps finally. So for the nonnies who can’t explore the desert underground because they get dizzy and lost (me), waiting for 4.0 to explore should be best.

No. 303461

File: 1687261188624.jpg (50.33 KB, 640x477, tumblr_d4764ade1b42ea0fee933bd…)

These all make me want to die. In fact, this image was the final nail in the coffin of any remaining interest I had in Genshin that I hoped to rekindle by scrolling through the leaks in this thread. I'm tired of them scrapping fantastic designs in favour of thigh-highs, tights, tiny little skirts, and stupid ass colour bashing coomer bait. Do you have any idea how much tension Childe fans have been building up around Skirk for the past three years just to end up with. WITH THAT?? AND I can't believe they scrapped such a nice, symmetrical, somewhat clean looking and handsome sampo-clone for that janky ass ABOMINATION. Who finds either of these designs attractive, let alone tolerable on the eyes?? Hoyoverse just keeps fucking everyone over and I'm tired of it. Brb going to watch Miguel O'Hara edits and mark me this. I'll be damned. DAMNED. if I'm ever duped into thirsting over a skinny ass ugly ass unpalatable ass pale ass genshit twink again. Fuck this bitch ass company and may God grant the rest of you the strength to follow me OUT. OVER.

No. 303463

>I'll be damned. DAMNED. if I'm ever duped into thirsting over a skinny ass ugly ass unpalatable ass pale ass genshit twink again. Fuck this bitch ass company and may God grant the rest of you the strength to follow me OUT. OVER.
I know this is how you really feel but holy shit did I laugh hard, thank you and I promise to consider what you said.
But in all honesty I (personally) never put that much faith or hope in a waifu collector game story or character wise even though sometimes they might hint they can do nice things it's best to keep your expectations low so you won't be disappointed and just play casually. Whether it's Genshin or any other gacha.

No. 303472

They probably scrapped this because no way in hell a moid could self-insert as him. With the other design, I can assure you plenty of unwashed "alternative" looking scrotes will think he is literally them. I wonder how the women that work there feel when they see this shit happening.
>They’re basically fixing the multiple quests character/npc interferences
What does this mean? Are they getting rid of NPC sob stories? Please say yes. I think the only NPC I have ever liked is the blue haired Eremite girl that lost her father.

No. 303479

>Are they getting rid of NPC sob stories? Please say yes.
No anon sorry, it just means that the issue when you can’t continue a quest because a character or npc is in another quest you’ve started will be fixed.

No. 303493

BASED anon. after a while scrolling the designs started to look like coomerified magic eye paintings, they're so busy with nonsensical details that I can't tell what I'm supposed to be looking at anymore and it's making me nauseous. miguel sexo.

No. 303512

ngl the miguel stans in the thread are kinda cringe, pls go sperg to other places about your male power fantasy husbando somewhere else, he looks literally like that skeleton pic on the "post art for nonnies to rate".
btw i am the only one that kinda likes playing without sound on? i always put on some music while i'm playing and i mute the game.

No. 303531

File: 1687280358672.jpg (1.88 MB, 4050x2775, FuVmQqVXsAI0u7t.jpg)

It depends on my mood. When I explored Liyue at the start of the game I muted in in-game music and put on a synthwave playlist, and same when I did the Desert Underground and The Chasm (until the last part of the Chasm, anyways). In the new Desert area and Enkanomiya I listened to the in-game music because it was beautiful.

No. 303556

File: 1687284231137.png (Spoiler Image,130.44 KB, 1289x1046, euwWzTb.png)

All concept art leaks, include concept art of old characters but also unreleased ones: https://imgur.com/a/ZzJKKia#kakU0ve

This was very funny to read kek, you are based for being a Miguel O'Hara simp. I don't think I will stop playing yet, I can still enjoy the game but I respect your decision. I wonder if the people who eventualy make the calls on what designs they will actually chose as final design is only a team of males or something? Because there are so many good concept arts for the guys, see kaeya's skin as example yet they chose the lamer version.

No. 303557

Tbh I thought he was ugly at first but I'm so curious to find out more about the Sampo clone now, I might even redownload Genshin for him. I've even wanted to play hsr because of him but the gameplay and story was so boring that I had to stop, so I'm glad there's going to be a replacement kek I love the small details on his design so far. It's sad that they won't ever put any male character into slutty outfits, but it's also to be expected when people eat it up anyway for some reason. Always pathetic when anyone lusts after some guy in full suit and goes crazy over bare ankles or whatever, I want him collared and on his knees

I can tolerate them but Genshin has caused irreparable damage to character designs everywhere and for that hoyoverse will go to hell

No. 303558

File: 1687284999113.jpg (Spoiler Image,86.51 KB, 1045x711, FzAHARdXwA4wPXq.jpg)

I'm sure the 3D modelers have a say and they all seemed to be males based on the Yun Jin video. Several of the 2D character designers were women, so make of that what you will.
I disagree with the Wriothesly hate though. I like the current design. I like his grey hair bits and the fur. I don't like the off the shoulder thing in the concept we first got but hopefully they got rid of it, it's not in this 2D design. Could he be broader? Yeah. But it doesn't seem like they're done making the bulkier male model yet.

No. 303574

I guess that explains it. I'm so mad that basically all Genshin designs have that parted coat/skirt etc. in the back but with the female designs they still manage to show her entire ass, it's not fair. What am I supposed to look at while running, huh? But I agree, his design has some cute elements and I'm coping but once the broader model is done this game is going to get so much more worthwhile. For me at least

No. 303613

I feel fucking VINDICATED

I always knew Hoyo were snatching popular waifu likeness and putting them on their designs to get the fan base they got today but I was called(my friends) crazy and that the similarities were coincidences especially how stolen designs look in hsr. Thank you so much anon I'm sending this link to each one of them

No. 303620

I only play other music when I'm grinding. I love all the music in the game so I listen to it when exploring and during quests.

No. 303622

>snatching waifu likeness
Anon they're using inspiration pics. That's not theft. Concept artists do this all the time. The only design I'd say is pretty blatant theft is Ei/Raiden being extremely similar to Fate's Raiden.
I laughed at the Lion Boy design having Kurapika fanart as an inspiration pic though.

No. 303648

>they're using inspiration pics.

I know it's an important part of the design is to collect something like mood boards to design something else but, and I know I sound shizo, but I'm %100 sure they have a list of popular waifus that they want to imitate because well, they are popular waifus. not to bring hsr in Genshin thread but if you saw their character designs (especially girls) the Shizo theory club will gain one more member kek

>Kurapika fanart

Not to be HxHfag but that's Killua

No. 303697

>all Genshin designs have that parted coat/skirt etc. in the back but with the female designs they still manage to show her entire ass, it's not fair.
Yeees look at what they did to my boy Lyney! In the splash art his cape doesn’t cover his ass but in the 3d model concept art he has that ugly ass penguin split covering his ass. Meanwhile characters like Kuki has her ass on display with no other design element.

No. 303703

Yeah I'm loving these leaks and they sure got me hyped for 4.0 but I'm not going to act as if they didn't "leak" them on purpose. It's viral marketing.

No. 303704

Yeah I'm loving these leaks and they sure got me hyped for 4.0 but I'm not going to act as if they didn't "leak" them on purpose. It's viral marketing.

No. 303731

As an ex-Honkai player I can verify that 80% of all female character designs in Genshin can be traced back to a Valkyrie. Like I know Teyvat is SUPPOSED to be a bubble universe AU of Honkai but it's so lazy how like… 3 different girls can be traced back to Durandal for example

No. 304001

File: 1687429059518.jpeg (104.04 KB, 1242x1170, 64960A49-0FA0-42E4-9226-330B98…)

This shit cracks me up, moids are seething because the only new limited 5-star was a year ago with Nahida kek. Although I think we’re getting all the males until 4.2. Then afterwards it’s probably only waifus throughout all of Fontaine.

No. 304005

Kek what's there to seethe about, the ratio has been and will always be unbalanced towards female characters they can simply wait a few patches

No. 304032

There was also Dehya but she was nerfed plus thrown to standard so she probably doesn't count to them lol.

>Limited female 5 stars in 4.2

Thats the Hydro Archon, right?

No. 304053

4.0-4.2 then all women would mean the only men in Fontaine were Lyney and Wriothesley. We still have Neuvilette, the Lion Boy (probably at Lantern Rite), and the musketeer after that, so while the 4*s may all be women except for Freminet and Dahlia we'll more than likely be getting a few men too.

No. 304175

File: 1687493002413.jpg (618.28 KB, 2500x2500, bcC0OXo.jpg)

Cyno birthday art

No. 304176

File: 1687493062716.jpg (618.28 KB, 2500x2500, bcC0OXo.jpg)

Cyno birthday art

No. 304231

Love his little fluffy hair without the ears >>304053
Oh yeah you’re right! Seems like Fontaine will be fine for husbando collectors then, if the short boy models count.

No. 304236

Based. The initial leaks only having 2 male characters and a ton of ugly girls was such a blackpill to me but it's looking better and better, should've kept in mind that leakers fucking hate female players and would rather hide all the husbandos until the very last minute.

No. 304250

Are you shitting me hyv… kaeya’s outfit is from a stupid play he does with klee, seems to have to lore importance. The disappointment..

No. 304253

Aw, so no Kaeya in Sumeru because Khaenri’ah is below Sumeru plot?

No. 304254

File: 1687525614655.jpeg (117.66 KB, 1242x703, 59857CCF-920C-405C-ABC6-82CB52…)

Pretty Kaveh

No. 304256

File: 1687525979476.jpeg (136.63 KB, 1242x698, 7D6F9B64-9BEC-4445-85EE-B083E2…)

Lots of Chinese brand collabs with male characters lately. Seems like the female players have become a bigger demographic

No. 304257

File: 1687526020295.jpeg (123.21 KB, 1242x674, E3662A14-2433-48FB-B8C8-9B262E…)

No. 304258

Livestream summery:


>Banners: Eula, Klee & Kokomi, Wanderer
>Kaeya hangout, Kaeya & Klee skin
>Video related, Fontaine teaser.

No. 304259

No. 304260

When will they ever do a collab in the West that it's not shady protein powder or overprized techfag shit made for dudebros?
I was so excited when they announced their first collab with KFC, because I was looking forward to the "go to [insert food chain here] to get a piece of merch!" experience. But nooo.
Mihoyo, I wanna throw money at you, why won't you let me, dammit??
Thank you, nonita, for the summary and the codes!
That water train (?) and bridge look so pretty.

No. 304262

File: 1687527294132.jpeg (176.21 KB, 1920x1080, C22D7ACA-F320-407B-84F1-290A2C…)

>Thank you, nonita, for the summary and the codes!
No problem at all!
>That water train (?) and bridge look so pretty.
Yeah, it really reminded me of Final Fantasy 15

No. 304263

File: 1687527728255.jpeg (186.21 KB, 1242x834, E0123054-9A00-47F9-A6F5-F59171…)

Doubleposting, sorry. Here’s the pretty Scara art from the livestream

No. 304264

File: 1687527815650.jpeg (174.56 KB, 1242x695, 1F0556A7-95F9-4537-A6BF-87A35D…)

This Fontaine pic hoyo posted was interesting, looks like there’s robot people walking around. And cute dogs. It looks very Bioshock

No. 304265

File: 1687527908288.jpeg (182.15 KB, 1242x680, 534E2C1E-AABB-412F-80D6-53EE29…)

No. 304266

He looks handsome even though I would’ve liked this outfit more if he had kept his boob window.

No. 304268

Albedo looks so handsome here!

No. 304276

God I wish they'd fix Albedo's model in game. He always looks so much better in 2D art because whatever retard modeled him fucked up his hair and face. It's sad.
Mihoyo is so lazy with showing up overseas. At PAX they had a single photo area and the employees had clearly never played Genshin Impact in their lives, they didn't recognize any of the characters when cosplayers came up to take photos. Every other booth had merchandise and winnable stuff but Mihoyo rarely does anything but the bare pathetic minimum.

No. 304277

They really do the bare minimum. The Fontaine teaser was cut off early in the livestream too. Like come on? One of the most important teasers in the game this year and you can’t even prepare the technical aspect

No. 304284

>Seems like the female players have become a bigger demographic
yeah then they pull shit like pairing kaveh with fucking nilou…

No. 304285

File: 1687539433372.png (402.69 KB, 822x520, FzTqJyXaEAEzkus.png)

Yeah and? Kaveh is wearing a handsome outfit clearly catering to the female audience so what's your point? It's a marketing campaign for the Japanese demographic, they always need one waifu for each thing they're ever making. Ayaka was a part of their previous GiGO collab so at least they're picking the least coomerish girls and Nilou's dress is pretty cute.

No. 304287

Disagree anon nilou is a textbook eyesore. You barely notice kaveh at first glance because of that loud moeblob face'd mess of a design ensures he fades into the background.

No. 304289

Agree, Nilou looks really cute. Pls, don't interact with the schizobait, nona. Just ignore, it's no use arguing with trolls who just want to infight.

No. 304290

File: 1687540804052.jpeg (464.5 KB, 2246x1500, 83DD6DB6-F995-49BF-9F77-8DA177…)

Don’t overthink it anon. Tighnari was with Collei in the Khiels collab. They usually need one waifu and one husbando to attract customers, while >>304256 >>304257 shows that they’re breaking that formula recently

No. 304301

>'Isn't difficult to put on'
So it isn't difficult to take off either? Heh.

No. 304464

Why is wanderer on second phaseee
I just want one last Frauzan for him and idc if I get a C1 just give me the last Frazan game ffs

No. 304484

Happy late birthday Cyno! I love his hair so much.

They all looks so pretty! When will they release more skins, I really need an upgraded Albedo.

Yeah I would have liked it more if he had a boob window. His top really remind me of Scara and Al Haitham, Kaeya was like one of the few male character that actually showed some chest.

I think Nilou looks cute, but i wished they removed the horns.

Good luck with getting Faruzan cons! I really haven't bothered using her because she has no cons and she is just so energy hungry. I also really hate how you have to use her charged attack. Hopefully we will get many cons for her.

No. 304630

File: 1687692437478.jpg (Spoiler Image,147.33 KB, 1280x747, FzdRcFFaUAEHdBL.jpg)

The 3d model is ofcourse still in progress but it seems like they will give her the skirt and thigh straps. I also prefered the green color, dissapointing

No. 304641

This is even worse than Eula, it looks disgustingly coomerish. The color scheme is ugly and boring, the coomer thigh straps look like she's wearing lingerie, her hair is dirty and greasy and her hat looks ridiculous and oversized. It's a hideous design and I bet she has bared armpits under that cape.

No. 304642

Kaeya’s new outfit isn’t slutty enough. He just looks like blue kaveh to me.

No. 304647

Finally someone is also reminded of Bioshock. It gives me Columbia vibes. It's pretty imo, I'm looking forward to seeing the slums there supposedly are. Maybe it's the pipe area?

No. 304654

Don’t we have enough blue already in Genshin? Ugh.

No. 304656

Welp, more primos for other charas!

No. 304679

File: 1687728390431.jpeg (223.61 KB, 1920x817, fontaine.jpeg)

Thoughts about Fontaine city's design from the livestream teaser? Did it meet your expectations/what you imagined?

I really thought they were going for a steampunk goth carnival aesthetic like pic rel, especially because Fischl's gothic mirage was so well designed.

No. 304685

I'm honestly so fucking glad that they didn't take the steampunk route because that aesthetic has forever been tainted by the early 2010's artsy hipsters who thought it was the quirkiest and coolest thing ever. It's so predictable and been done to death in the recent entertainment history that I've developed a traumatic response to seeing goggles paired with a top hat, I sighed in relief when I saw the teasers portraying Fontaine as more of a sophisticated city.

No. 304690

File: 1687729640883.jpeg (116.77 KB, 850x601, desktop-wallpaper-circus.jpeg)

yeah I get the steampunk aversion with the big ass goggles (although Bennett has them already), but the super sophisticated bright clean city just feels overdone after Sumeru. That was the whole Akasha-using Sumeru city vibe. Lyney def gives off vibes like pic rel so I really thought that a goth or whimsical circus vibe was more fitting for Fontaine. And I just really miss Fischl's gothic domain from last summer kek.

No. 304696

it will always remind me of mechanical giraffe cringe and how the main guy from it trooned out into a grotesque steampunk hon

what's goth about pepto bismol pink and purple? I could buy emo since it did make me want to kill myself but not goffick

No. 304703

Oh, the prison might still be like that based on how Wriothesley and that one girl look

No. 304706

It looked to me like the sewers might be more steampunk while the upper echelons are bright and clean. Kind of like Piltover vs Zaun.

No. 304708

File: 1687733422905.png (5.4 MB, 1170x2532, 887821FD-32C7-4B76-8A39-B3DCFD…)

>how the main guy from it trooned out into a grotesque steampunk hon
Ew. I didn’t know he did that. Looked it up, and sure enough. I had a friend that was into this band forever ago, but haven’t heard anything about them after I stopped hanging out with that person. Shame. I used to think he was kind of cute.(derailing)

No. 304721

Thank you!
I haven't bothered with Frauzan either but when she kept popping up in other banners and permanent one I'm literally one con short and finally can both Xiao and wanderer as my dps.
>energy hungry Frauzan
C2 her fixes this which is why I'm greedy for that final con lol

No. 304762

I don't think this is a legit leak, it is probably fake. We'll see.

No. 304810

this man is a serious contender for the worst aesthetic of all time right next to destiny era amberlynn reid(this is the Genshin thread)

No. 304811

>but the super sophisticated bright clean city just feels overdone after Sumeru
Sumeru wasn't like that at all though, it had market places and a bazaar reminiscent of middle east/India and was filled with small huts wrapped around a giant tree with the academia being the only more grandiose building around which makes sense. Mondstadt had a cozy cottagecore Bavarian theme so Fontaine looks different to that as well with the high-tech city vibe. I would've been so disappointed they went with a generic steampunk region with some ~creepy goffik circus aesthetic~ because it would've been way out of place in Teyvat and overplayed to death anyway. Fontaine had always been foreshadowed as the region of advanced technology and water streams so I don't know why people are so disappointed.

People like this are why I hate steampunk so much kek.

No. 304817

Can we stop posting trannies in the Genshin thread please

No. 304856

File: 1687799069413.png (334.77 KB, 630x644, fontainedogs.png)

I'm fine with it because I think they're setting up for class warfare between the richies and the poors. The upper city being clean, pristine, and patrolled by robot enforcers makes sense to me – provided they have a good grungy lower city or underground to contrast against. Other bits in the game have remarked upon Fontaine's increasing pollution problems, so that must be somewhere yet to be seen in the trailer. It did remind me a bit too much of how some of the pokemon games look though, especially the silly dogs and the way the buildings look.
>then they pull shit like pairing kaveh with fucking nilou…
Doesn't seem to have mattered very much to female fans considering the LARGE quantity of solo kaveh suit art and kaveh+alhaitham suit art I've seen. I think Mihoyo made the right decision here. Nilou and Kaveh make a cute friend-pair. I haven't personally seen any meltdowns from fans elsewhere about "forcing a ship".
>I wonder if the people who eventualy make the calls on what designs they will actually chose as final design is only a team of males or something?
This is how it felt looking through a lot of the leaks, like the 2d designers come up with some really cute ideas that would appeal well to women and then whoever signs off on the final designs doesn't understand what actually makes the characters cute and appealing.

No. 304859

he was used as reference material for several of the upcoming characters though that's your queen(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 304860

Exactly what >>304690 said. I was really excited for the circus aesthetic…

No. 304880

This game is so exhausting to play midgame the fandom was right

No. 304910

What were these banned for? 2 branching posts in a convo related to the main topic isn't derailing, it happens every day. Is there actually a schizo genshinfag mod in here because who even reports this.

Midgame is the best time to quit. It's all down hill from early but if you ever do get the urge to go back there's a chance you'll have more stuff to do. It only gets more exhausting to play late game.

No. 304930

>What were these banned for?
I reported it. So no mod conspiracy here. Maybe integrate a bit more cause if you can’t see how that shit doesn’t belong here in this thread I don’t know what to tell you. Either way go and complain in /meta/ if it bothers you.

No. 304960

What's considered midgame again?

No. 304963

an autist minimodding a genshit thread has no business preaching about integration

No. 305028

It’s not minimodding if I just report something. You don’t seem to understand what it means.
Ar22 to Ar44 is what I’ve heard

No. 305192

And it was saged. Kek well, whatever, I guess.

No. 305245

File: 1687946651776.jpg (882.89 KB, 3420x3508, 99e99bdc4f40755d9deeae178be8af…)

Tighnari you mf come home already why did I get Aquila Favonia or whatever it's called again.

No. 305587

File: 1688102069397.jpg (322.89 KB, 1410x2048, FnTSrHnakAUSlPb.jpg)

>tcg survey
You adding Zhongli doesn't change my mind that it's boring, Hoyoverse.

No. 305618

File: 1688126493990.jpg (141.58 KB, 2048x1310, 5e5cd23b1058640e9924ed4f528f40…)

I genuinely don't get Genshin devs or how their brain works. How the fuck did any of the testers or creators played it and said 'yeah this is fun!'? Just changing the character thing counts as a turn change unless you use a card which good luck if you haven't drew that is???

Devs can't cope with the project they spent time on developing and getting pretty animated illustrations is shit and very very few like it.
Wouldn't be smarter if GI:TCG was in HSR? The people who have been playing in turns can tolerate this bs and we would've gotten something else, probably lol.

No. 305641

I'd be happier with it if it played more like Magic the Gathering and you had lots of different wincons and turns felt impactful. The limited mana and having to end your turn once you swap characters or attack makes it feel so long and boring.

No. 305683

File: 1688149522570.jpg (271.82 KB, 1170x1248, FzOeytgXsAE5xi-.jpg)

Who are you pulling for, anons?

No. 305686

Is Arlecchino even confirmed to be playable? Also holy shit the two last girls look so awful, did they really just create three short girl models (Charlotte and those two) with almost identical clothing? Anyway I'm pulling for all the boys and will consider the hydro archon if her kit is good.

No. 305692

church boy, lyney, wriothesley are must pulls. maybe arlecchino if i have anything left, i'll think about it
neuvilette i want him too but i've heard he might be shipbait with focalors so uh yeah, not interested right now

No. 305693

Who are the guys used in the inspiration pics

No. 305697

some opinion on the others
it's an okay design, but i feel like she might be the "hehe bratty flatchested" trope like hutao and annoy neuvilette and that's a huge turn off
>taylor swift looking lady
she's too basic and boring next
boring next
she looks cute, i like that she wears more of a proper kimono and has a typical trendy japanese haircut
>goth girl
i like her design, she looks pretty unique
>girl with purple hair
arguably the ugliest and most forgettable
best design so far, i like that she's wearing pants and is fully dressed, not showing any skin however i'm still bummed because she doesn't have a short haircut, her ponytail is so unnecessary, i wanted her to look more butch

No. 305699

no comment
he looked much MUCH better in the concept art, i hate his haircut. they approved the most uninspired design
eh i guess she's okay, not much to say

No. 305703

>goth girl
>i like her design, she looks pretty unique
Same!! I thought I was the only one! I love her makeup and overall vibe.

No. 305706

File: 1688153021838.jpeg (485.21 KB, 2048x1267, Fz2WKf4acAAU__5.jpeg)

I will be begging for them to add Alhaitham's card. They just uploaded this yesterday to one of their Korean accounts.
The rabbit slug girl looks really cute, I'll probably pull for her. The goth girl, too.

No. 305707

File: 1688153096593.jpg (195.16 KB, 1416x1860, FrW-prUagAAWafM.jpg)

Focalors, Wriothesley, and probably Arlecchino. Chiori would depend on element and rarity. If Lion Boy is a 5* I'll go for him. Lyney on rerun maybe. Not interested in the others.

No. 305751

Please be good Lyney, I want a good Pyro dps. I hope anons who managed to tell Tighnari was good tell me how he'll be, because if he's not as good I'll skip him until his next banner to get Focalors for her definitely support role (at C0).

Speaking of next update; hope the story is cute. I liked last year's Kazuha+Xinyan+Mona+Fischl story so here's to Eula not being obnoxious swearing vengeance every sentence.

No. 305752

I don't know how the hell they're going to integrate Eula into the story, she's borderline retarded and I can't imagine her having any actual input to the events. Such a weird pick overall.

No. 305767

Why pull for meta like a retard still? Xingqiu is the only hydro you need, this is a childrens video game.

No. 305803

File: 1688183466834.jpeg (278.8 KB, 1170x1248, 4E41EE47-8B2E-4225-BE7F-6713D0…)

It really depends on the kit for me, but going off looks alone, these are the ones I’d pull

No. 305806

File: 1688184666663.jpg (138.72 KB, 768x1024, ba58601e16e9eb1e6669301dc72310…)

>Such a weird pick overall.
I think it's most likely because she didn't have a proper appearance in any quests in a long while so she'll probably have a fat role in the event for her fans that won't see a rerun again kek

What meta got to do with needing another Hydro support?
There is only one XQ and I don't like Yelan for second team.

No. 305808

Only Arlecchino for sure now. The others will depend on personality for me.
Why are you so butthurt over other people's pulling decisions retard?
I don't know card games but if it was more complicated it would be even worse. We're talking about a game where 90% of the players don't read a single word on the screen.

No. 305831

File: 1688193644198.jpeg (273.19 KB, 1170x1248, 6D25C0FF-782A-44D1-9303-B7B77C…)

Never thought I might be skipping the tall males but they look so incredibly badly designed this time. Might be pulling tall male reruns instead.

No. 305868

File: 1688200597716.png (1.52 MB, 1280x980, 1688199534740614.png)

No. 305878

Not rolling for girls or little boys, but I feel like the two men will have terrible personalities so I might not roll for anyone.

No. 305879

What is this? It looks like a fanmade collab deck kek

No. 305885

Incredibly cringe

No. 305888

Nahida being The Empress makes me incredibly uncomfortable. That should have been Ninguang.
Albedo as The Magician is spot on, though.

No. 306072

You can only use Xingqiu on one half of the Abyss. Sometimes you need two hydros.

No. 306076

Yeah isn't the empress about femininity and motherhood? The person who made this either knows nothing about tarot cards or is a creep

No. 306079

Most of these look like AI so whoever made it probably put random shit as prompts and has no idea what the art for the cards are supposed to look like

No. 306110

The Mona art at least is not AI. It's probably stolen fanart.

No. 306284

File: 1688342941961.jpg (281.36 KB, 850x1145, diluc.jpg)

I'm honestly so sick of losing 50/50 to this downy looking mfer. I'm so sorry, Diluc anons. I have him like C4 at this point and he's only lvl 20. lmao I really just hate his play style.

No. 306309

Fontaine teaser

No. 306312

Is Wriothsley(sp?) blind or something…?

No. 306313

File: 1688363640340.jpg (118.33 KB, 1200x675, 20230703_082703.jpg)

4 stars kinda suck. I really want a Mika but I'm not risking either a Klee or Eula lol

No. 306315

oh god i really hope they dont fumble the bag with arlecchino's lore
(tho deep down i know I'll be disappointed)

No. 306316

File: 1688364735200.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x1234, E70AEDC7-DFE2-4383-8488-455A7D…)

Tbh I like most of their designs, but the final decision depends on personality/play style/kit

No. 306319

they really had to greenlight all those ugly designs, huh? Fontaine looks very dry for me at least character wise

No. 306327

File: 1688369862829.png (959.88 KB, 1080x1865, Screenshot_20230703-093536-592…)

Archons help me, why the fuck do I want all the characters now. Why am I such an easy bitch. Am I really gonna skip Klee for the third time? But if Wriothesley is really a standard character, I can't risk not pulling for him in 4.1….
It really looks like it, huh? That's so interesting, I wonder how his battle animations will look like if he really is blind!
Saw picrel on twitter. He is reading some papers, now that I think about it, so maybe he's just partially blind.
Maybe he just needs glasses, but he is the type of retard that refuses to wear them because he "doesn't want to look like a nerd", kek.

No. 306328

Him being standard isn’t something all leakers agree on.

No. 306332

File: 1688372364325.jpeg (656.55 KB, 1242x636, 242A2C80-05A3-4E79-80B5-20E1B5…)

I wonder why his arm was glowing like that in the teaser. It looked kinda technological.

No. 306337

File: 1688377280962.jpg (353.49 KB, 1170x1248, 1688149522570.jpg)

it can depend on there kits and animation also. I will always be a husbando collector at heart tho so i will probably get all the males.

Damn they are really chose the most ugly design for captain R, she is just like Eula but a darker blue. This leak was accurate after all >>304630

>Am I really gonna skip Klee for the third time?
I would tbh, like Klee is cute and all and her new skin is sweet but her attack animations are so bad. She doesn't feel fun to play at all.

No. 306338

File: 1688377397554.jpg (471.67 KB, 1170x1248, IMG_20230703_124219.jpg)

I hope the siblings work well together, but if not I'll skip Lynette.

I'm a bit iffy about the tall guys designs, but I started collecting all tall male already, why stop now kek
Can we skip the summer Island already I'm kind of excited for Fontaine.

No. 306340

Man I love Kamiya Hiroshi but he doesn't suit Neuvilette at all. CN, EN an KR are all much better for him.
Excited for Daisuke Ono as Wriothesley though.
JP Furina sounds good, she sounds like a prince or something, less annoying, her EN voice actor sounds very bad. CN is also good.
Well he did have an eyepatch and heavy scarring on that side of his face in early designs. If he's blind on in that side they could've kept the scars.

No. 306341

File: 1688378498004.jpeg (921 KB, 750x1899, 78E7AD26-64B5-4EA0-9863-1A9FA8…)

Pyro it is!

No. 306344

File: 1688378923692.jpeg (908.29 KB, 750x1899, 7096B13A-6B41-4FBC-8386-9C8185…)

No. 306345

File: 1688378999668.png (453.05 KB, 674x856, 39ACCD51-80B7-4EDC-980B-468276…)

No. 306346

File: 1688379250834.jpeg (1023.2 KB, 750x1899, 25AEA48E-FD13-44C8-91E8-01FAEA…)

Cryo claymore (with freckles!!)

No. 306347

File: 1688379944773.jpeg (555.64 KB, 1242x2188, AAEF3B28-F278-4124-A8A9-A1D145…)

Our diver character, possibly the one to introduce us to the underwater areas. Youngest brother of Lynette and Lyney

No. 306348

I wonder if they're blood related or just all non-related siblings from the orphanage

No. 306349

I hope he looks good in 3d too. The thing I'm most excited for is having someone to use the bell with though. His kit better be usable
I think theyre not related. Lynette is a catgirl after all kek
>what is a magician if not an expert in stealing hearts?
He better flirt with the traveler

No. 306350

can i just fucking say i absolutely despise furina, she's like the worst possible tropes in one character. muh annoying smug anime brat and the worst part of it is that they will push her ship with neuvilette (and the fandom will claim it's canon), who in my opinion deserves so much better than be a tard wrangler. i don't even care that nahida is a loli, at least she is a decent character and i can tolerate her personality, raiden is an emotionless waifu but i can handwave it as her being autistic, but focalors looks extremely obnoxious, like she's blue hutao on steroids

No. 306352

File: 1688382229550.jpeg (820.55 KB, 1242x960, 8389D389-34E1-48D8-8434-37AFB6…)

Anybody pushing that ship is a retard. It’s clear what mihoyo is alluding towards, with the JP voice actors being a famous pairing. Any time they’re casted in the same show it’s Fujo bait

No. 306353

it better be, cause i can't fucking stand her at all and it looks like zhongtao recolored

No. 306354

You kinda sound like that schizo that kept malding over the suppossed "super popular ship" between Chongyun and Shenhe, ngl.

No. 306355

Euw. Don’t overthink it anon, we have two tall males each region that are the biggest ship. Either way I think she’s fine. She doesn’t seem as waifubait as Raiden.

No. 306356

she's not waifubait but she's the smug anime girl meme which is arguably worse

No. 306357

yeah that was a bit off, I could've sworn he had a slightly deeper voice, but I haven't watched anime in forever.

Maybe he's a robot or something? There was that weird hint at homunculus in Fontaine in the Desert storyline.

Did we know he was voiced by Shimono before today? Because that actually fits perfectly, though I don't really like his voice.

We're probably not getting a Varka reveal till Natlan huh.

No. 306359

File: 1688383050642.jpeg (136.96 KB, 2048x912, 1D603516-AEDD-4AA3-86BD-F2AB6A…)

>There was that weird hint at homunculus in Fontaine in the Desert storyline.
Really!? I had no idea. It would make sense, he gives me Albedo vibes.
>Did we know he was voiced by Shimono before today?
No, it was all revealed today!

No. 306360

Rene's Investigation Notes from the Khvarena quest.

No. 306361

I doubt they're related, it's probably just a family unit they formed at the orphanage. Gives me vaguely similar trio vibes as Tighnari, Cyno and Collei.

Are you the same ship schizo who had a meltdown over Chongyun being in Shenhe's trailer, Alhaitham complimenting Dehya one time and Kaveh being featured with Nilou in the gigo collab kek

No. 306362

I also had the robot theory going on until I remembered the homunculus thing, but somehow both Lynette and Freminet feel non-human and I could guess that they're both homunculi or another man-made creation.

No. 306363

not the chongyun and shenhe one, but yes i don't like the kaveh and nilou gigo collab. i'm not the only one talking about focalors and neuvilette, didn't you see all the cn leakers hinting there's shipbait?

No. 306366

I've seen 0 leaks saying there's ship bait of them, do you have any? I think Neuvilette appearing right after Wrio is alluding to the ship, same with Navia and Clorinde.

No. 306367

>didn't you see all the cn leakers hinting there's-

No. 306368

I haven't heard of that, but also wasn't it known that some chinese "leakers" would say fake shit to make the female player base upset?

No. 306369

Don't even worry about it. Hoyo could make that shit canon and fujos would still ignore it and pump out enough content to completely drown it out. And if you ever do see someone shipping them you can just block.

No. 306372

>Fontaine teaser appears
>Fujo anon materializes
>Reeee women near my men
It's like we're still in early 2000s kek
Imho I don't care if het couples are Canon, fans can do what they want and basically what >>306369 said.
What sucks is that some of my favorite artists ditched Genshin and probably won't draw these guys together.(or alone)

For the first time ever, the girl shows less skin than the boy!

I feel you anon. I like him and his character but his gameplay sucks. Here's to you never losing 50/50s or atleast not to him.

No. 306376

why are you so obsessed with shipping and shipbait and oh I can't pull so and so now because mihoyo are making him do HETSHIPBAIT so now hes tainted? it's annoying. I found your twitter account last week btw.

No. 306377

this picture made me realize how much I hate the art style of genshin

No. 306384

how can you find my account when i'm on private kek

No. 306385

They look like shotas

No. 306387

I mean, I already have Chongyun at like C5, so why should I pull for another Cryo claymore character? Even if he’s 5 star, I just don’t think it would be worth it for me, personally.

No. 306389

The story's not even out jfc, calm down.
It's disappointing they picked the ugliest Captain R design. Guess my primos are safe, but still a major letdown. At least Arlecchino looks lovely and intimidating.

No. 306390

>I found your twitter account last week btw.
Nta but you’re just as schizo as the anon you replied to.
I mean, Chongyun has a very specific gameplay with cryo infusion so if Freminet doesn’t do that then they’re completely different units.

No. 306391

Shh they need to make actual shotas. I'm still on the cryo catalyst that throws snow balls rrat
>It's disappointing they picked the ugliest Captain R design
This is why I hate leaks of old designs. Seeing what we could have just ruins what we end up having
Yeah he has the bell so he probably heals based off hp or something

No. 306392

What kind of logic is that? Kek.
It's like someone saying they won't pull for Alhaitham because they already have Kirara, like… ????

No. 306394

Is this game worth playing if I want to run male-only teams and only roll for/invest in the males? Or am I cucked out of clearing certain missions if I don't have X, Y or Z meta waifu? I'm so frustrated at my current gacha right now and the genshin guys looks cute

No. 306395

File: 1688400448469.jpeg (737.42 KB, 1603x1915, FF984647-136F-4362-AAC4-07FA01…)

Unpopular(?) opinion: I like their dynamic. Neuvillette could tard wrangle me any time.

No. 306397

You can have all male teams. Just the beginning would be hard because you'll have 2 males (MC and Kaeya) in a team of 4 (you could use just them but some puzzles require other elements and shit) but by the time you start building characters you'll have more and having meta characters doesn't matter unless you're pushing real hard for the hardest content of the game (which, I've seen people even clear with solo characters, granted they were whales) If you search for team building content on youtube etc though, people act like you have every meta character so it might become frustrating. If you're into learning and experimenting with game mechanics it won't be a problem though. The story has some waifu moments but it's mostly in character quests you can leave auto playing in the bg (or don't do at all until another quest requires it done)

No. 306398

I've been playing the game since launch with a male-only team so yes, it's completely doable. You'll just have to wait for their reruns to come.

No. 306399

You're fooling no one scaramona-chan

No. 306400

It's not a fujo anon, it's either a really bad troll or a severely unhinged husbandofag possessive of her tall males she wants to keep virginal "for the female audience" i.e. herself.

Chongyun's playstyle is very 1.0 and thus depressingly dated, Freminet is most likely going to have an unique kit that works with the current roster. We'll just have to wait and see how he plays but seeing how he's going to be in Lyney's banner it probably has something to do with his kit.

No. 306402

File: 1688400982620.jpg (242.28 KB, 1448x2048, 20230703_180522.jpg)

Not if you want to clear Abyss with full stars.
If you don't care about Abyss then yes, you can focus on only male teams and you will be fine. I myself have a few only male teams that clear non-Abyss content pretty easily (bosses, exploration, overworld quests, etc.). What's nice about Genshin is that you can turn any character you want into a DPS using certain characters, artifacts, and weapons. It's a pretty versatile game.

No. 306403

you can use male only teams but you might be cucked out of giving them the best possible supports. we don't have any male electro supports for instance so dendro reaction based teams will be a problem. anemo dps like xiao and wanderer needs faruzan. however if you're a whale you can just C6 your husbando and clear everything
there's geo team with itto, zhongli, albedo and gorou which works perfectly fine but childe national requires xiangling, and alhaitham hyperbloom requires kuki. tighnari requires yae, cyno requires an electro battery. ayato, xingqiu, bennett, kaeya, baizhu, zhongli, albedo and kazuha are very versatile in general. you can do many different comps, but it probably won't be the most ultimate meta

No. 306404

Not me, but I am one of the KaeLuc fags here. Make of that what you will.

No. 306405

Okay, thank you. At this point I'm willing to be stubborn about brute-forcing male only teams, I don't need waifutrash when devs only favor them 90% of the time and throw husbandos mere scraps. (Maybe not applicable to GI, idk yet).
Is Abyss something really important? Can I ignore it or would I eventually need to clear it at some point?

No. 306406

samefag but i'm thinking a future kaveh/baizhu/xingqiu/neuvilette bloom team might work pretty well if neuvilette is hydro yae

No. 306407

you can clear abyss with male only comps just not expect to full star it but that doesn't matter unless you're a metafag

No. 306408

File: 1688401716283.jpg (411.83 KB, 2048x1680, FjDytUxaUAEEiwC.jpg)

Only the hardest content is locked behind meta and a lot of the husbandos are meta, like Alhaitham and Kazuha. You might be waiting a while for them to rerun but it's very possible.
Abyss is a biweekly hard mode that gives a bunch of rewards, but as long as you're okay with missing primogems and some achievements you can ignore it.
NTA + cope + seethe
Cyno doesn't need an electro battery with enough ER substats but it's rough running him without Nahida imo, double dendro really helps him out.

No. 306409

Abyss doesn't mean anything. You get 900 primos in total if you clear the last floors per Abyss cycle but that's about it. It's only meant for people to challenge themselves and/or flex their team's numbers online, the rewards aren't worth pouring your monthly salary into the game. Genshin is a very casual game focusing more on exploration and side quests and the devs intended it that way.

No. 306410

you can replace nahida with baizhu

No. 306412

Completely possible, don’t let any moid tell you otherwise. Aside from maybe the "spiral abyss", an optional challenge. The rest of the game is easy af and can be completed with only male characters once you pulled for them.

No. 306413

>anemo dps like xiao and wanderer needs faruzan
Xiao was doing just fine before Faruzan. They don't need her unless you push for absolute meta. Most DPS are pretty flexible with supports and subdpses. I gave up trying to use her and my Wanderer still hits like a truck. Xiao always has been. A support being tailor made for a certain character or two doesn't mean those characters actually need that support, I need this idea that all teams have to do the best of the best to die out asap. I hope Fontaine doesn't come with a Nahida or else I don't know how I will stand reading any meta discussion at all

No. 306414

but wasn't xiao's team double anemo with jean or sucrose? cause he still needs a battery

No. 306415

No. 306416

>Xiao's team
I just said there's not one single team for any character

No. 306417

Abyss has 4 floors (9 flor to 12 floor) that reset every 14-15 days.
Clearing it gives you 600 primogems (around 3 pulls)(150 primos for every floor you complete with 9 stars), granted you clear it with 36* stars. Each floor has 3 levels and each level has two sides. You need to complete the levels in a certain amount of time to get 3 stars on that level.
As you can see, the rewards are not that great. Most people don't even bother.
Floors 9 and 10 are a joke, and the enemy lineup won't change during the whole 4.X update.
Floor 11 can be hard for newbies. I always do that floor with full stars and all-male teams.
Floor 12 is a fucking nightmare. I only clear it so it shows in my profile, but I barely get any stars lately. Only 3 out of 9, at most.

No. 306418

File: 1688402294494.png (4.27 MB, 2520x2516, Fd7rTuDagAARdzy.png)

I run them both in a single team. My Cyno team is Baizhu/Nahida/Cyno/Xingqiu. I don't find they provide the same utility. I guess if I had an electro to battery Cyno maybe but I don't think any of the current electro supports benefit Cyno enough. Maybe Raiden but if you're going to run Raiden you might as well just use Nahida.

No. 306420

based, like them a lot and idc

No. 306421

File: 1688402990751.jpg (1.25 MB, 4096x2605, 20230613_131446.jpg)

>I need this idea that all teams have to do the best of the best to die out asap.
Yes, please, the metafag min-maxxing culture is so annoying. Just play whatever the hell you want, however you want.
Btw, now that we are talking about meta and all that, I want to ask a question. How the hell do Bloom teams work? From what I understand, the characters that deal Bloom damage are the hydro characters right? So if I want to make a Bloom team for Kaveh, does he need that much EM?? Or it's better to go for a crit build?

No. 306425

File: 1688403489985.jpg (1.33 MB, 1034x1450, 59aea6fbdd5c033716aff39eb16dac…)

In Kaveh teams Kaveh is detonating the blooms, so he needs a lot of EM. In Nilou teams you're using Kokomi or Nahida to both make and destroy the blooms so they need the EM (because Nilou makes the blooms autodetonate vs Kaveh using a skill to detonate them early).
Bloom damage doesn't scale off of crit unless you have C2 Nilou and/or C2 Nahida, and in those cases the crit rate and damage is capped anyways. So building crit for bloom is pointless. EM is the way.

No. 306426

File: 1688403840822.png (117.6 KB, 340x340, Icon_Emoji_Paimon's_Paintings_…)

Aaaaaah, ok! Yeah I know Bloom dmg doesn't crit, like Swirl or Electrocharged, but I thought the damage was calculated based on who created (?) the bloom seeds, that's why I thought maybe the Hydros needed more EM than Kaveh. Thanks a lot, nona.

No. 306428

it's not worth playing in general past the first month. but you can max score everything with only guys, you just need to get the good ones: zhongli albedo itto gorou baizhu thoma xingqiu bennett venti kazuha chongyun. scaramouche is good for overworld, alhaitham is bad without waifus. if you want adult men only then no.

No. 306429

you can full star it easily with well built geo and kazuha baizhu xingqiu thoma or bennett burgeon teams

No. 306435

File: 1688408944186.png (723.62 KB, 1024x1280, a8ac9993b3e016eb44be5bf6568979…)

I dont know about ship baiting but i agree with the other anon focalers voice and persona in the trailer made me want to fucking kill myself

Should have made Fontaine south east asia no one cares about france after all the blacks and arabs made it morocco 2.0(racebait)

No. 306436

>People want sea culture instead of france

No. 306438

>from a southeast asian

No. 306454

>not worth playing in general past the first month
Sometimes I wonder why some anons still play the game. Of course it’s worth playing over a month, why even be in this thread if you think otherwise?

No. 306456

File: 1688417715071.jpg (847.44 KB, 2570x1496, FzXN1BMX0AAaNcK.jpg)

Bacause they have an inferiority complex over playing a gacha game, and they need to make sure everybody knows that "acsually uwu i hate the game!!1!!1! I'm not a genshit, I s-swear!!1!"
Or something like that, kek. Kinda sad, but eh. I just laugh at them.
Btw, I just remembered this anon >>304263 posted some scara official art with low quality and I actually found the HD image, so here. Can work as a nice wallpaper.

No. 306459

Basically this. They're genuinely ashamed of playing gacha games so they have to constantly prove how big brained and sophisticated they are for acknowledging how "bad" the game is and never shutting up, actual /v/irgin behavior. Gacha games are designed to be played like 30 minutes a day max, do dailies and play events. Do a quest now and then, try out new strategies when you feel like it.
>inb4 reeee but there are so many better gacha games out there besides I haven't even played genshin in 2 years I just lurk this thread to tell everyone how shitty it is because that's what real gamers do!!!!
Funny how they can never name any "better" gacha games either because they know anons would rightfully rip into them kek

No. 306461

File: 1688419401236.jpg (30 KB, 600x527, 49fe93.jpg)

>I just laugh at them
Kek are you sure you aren't the one with the interiority complex? I know which anon this is, you seethe every time someone says they're bored or they quit or they don't like the new designs or they don't want to play the card game. If you didn't care you wouldn't have to repeatedly announce that you don't care but they're wrong and it's the best game ever made but you don't care with a follow up samefag post.

Genshin's playerbase has been on the downtrend since Sumeru dropped and so far Fontaine is drawing less hype than it initially did. Any anons who want to discuss the game, positive or negative, should be welcome to give the thread some activity. Every other general thread is able to do that, but one anon is weirdly defensive over GI.

No. 306462

Your picrel is ironically very fitting for your post kek

No. 306463

nta but nobody has ever claimed that this is the best game ever made. some players are just self aware and know that it's a gacha game and mindless fun.

No. 306464

fuck yes, anon, i'm cackling, this shit is so funny

No. 306465

>I know you are but what am I
Ok. Here you are again, watching the thread like a hawk in case anyone slanders your comfort game.

Oh I'm not talking about those players, they don't care about this. I was talking about the obsessed samefag anon, I don't even think anyone else cares ITT but them. The thread has been slowly dying, reeeeeeing at nonnies who don't discuss it the way they want it to be discussed isn't going to help that.

No. 306468

>Fontaine is drawing less hype than it initially did.
The fontaine video we just got is ranked on YouTube as number 1 trending. Seethe somewhere else.

No. 306469

>Thinking there's only one anon annoyed by your whining
You replied to like 3 different people, go flex your superior taste to your discord kittens or something

No. 306496

File: 1688438212425.jpg (87.91 KB, 1247x781, IMG_20220215_162810.jpg)

I never understood the reason for the shame. Is it because they criticize/hate shitty decisions or many reasons for GI to get on their nerves they think they're hypocrites for still liking the game?

>they don't want to play the card game.
Anon no one in this thread so far wants to play the TCG and I think I can confidently speak for everyone in this thread kek (sorry tcg nonas if you're still here)
Genshin is naturally not as hyped because people who've been playing it for a couple of years got burned out or maybe found other games w/e after all games are supposed to serve as entertainment but it's the doomer attitude that got my attention. What's the thing that soured you this hard about Genshin?

No. 306526

File: 1688443766100.jpg (2.27 MB, 2071x2321, F0FzMPdaEAAlpnf.jpg)

>makes hundreds of millions every month
>fontaine vid #1 trending on youtube
>arlecchino and furina trending on twitter
Yep, Genshin sure is dying alright.
The game is best paced out or done for a long chunk of time followed by breaks. These angry anons need to learn to just take a break if they're not having fun. The game will still be around when they're feeling up to it again.

No. 306537

>all this drama just because i said i despise furina
lmao, is everyone here really a woman or do we have some incles? most of you are gonna dislike her too once she starts going in hysterics and throwing tantrums in the archon quest then going all smug on us. good luck

No. 306538


No. 306542

nta but so far i like focalors, i hope she's extremely unhinged in a gremlin way, and i hope arlecchino is extremely unhinged in a classy to balance it

No. 306544

I once said her having an actual unhinged personality would be so interesting and an anon or two agreed back then. I think most women that don't hate every female character on sight will like her if they build her character and story right. We don't know how any of the new characters will be, you're just conditioning yourself to dislike her and you'll find the smallest details to have a tantrum over in every character if you want to find something to hate so badly. There's a whole update before we even meet her or any character that has something to say about her. It's really weird that you think you know enough about her to "despise" her. It's maddening that the thread gets unhinged doomposting the moment a female character is announced.

No. 306548

>What's the thing that soured you this hard about Genshin?
The same stuff as the other anons who quit up thread and millions(?) of others. I didn't have to unfollow any fanartists when I quit because they beat me to it. I still won't hide the thread because I like to be negative in the spirit of lolcor. Samefagchan who accuses every naysayer of being a conspiratorial hater from /v/ is nutty, it's worth it for their freak outs alone. Genshin could turn into a waifu only porn game and they'd still be in here rapid firing replies that say it's still the best gacha only an incel /v/irgin could hate. They must have to turn to /v/ themselves since this thread is mostly inactivity and complaining.

No. 306549

It's you unemployed faggots shitting up the thread with complaining

No. 306550

Ikr. It's quite interesting that apparently most anons here are husbandofags, and when you compliment any female character they'll just assume you're an incel.
Like, dude, quite a lot of women aren't even attracted to men. Why would I prefer these anime twinks when they aren't that much better from the waifubaits.

No. 306552

meds asap nonnie no1curr but you, in fact we like it

No. 306554

You're being called a /v/irgin because you're acting like one with your crytyping over a dumb chinese gacha thinking spamming "genshit is dying" over and over again is ~valid criticism and I'm being oppwessed and boolied for saying it~, like seriously get a life you're obviously way more emotionally invested in this game than any of us casualfags are

No. 306558

Not to start this discussion again but I am a husbandofag and I have been in a relationship with a woman for years. I don't think genshin characters reflect on reality, thankfully because can you imagine actually real life woman acting as Eula or Ei kek. But to be honest I do have some female genshin characters i actually like, but it's a bit rare since most are created for the male gaze. Idk how to feel about Folcalors yet, i think her design is cute. I really want Arlecchino, she's the first female character where I don't want to change anything about the design, I love it so much I hope her story and kit will be great too.

No. 306561

Why is everyone engaging with the troll?

No. 306562

File: 1688455057204.jpg (106.19 KB, 729x968, yRFnoxn.jpg)

We're as retarded as her

No. 306563

It's one schizo husbandofag who loses her mind when tall males even look at other girls than her. I don't like the majority of the female characters in Genshin because they're created as cheap waifubait instead of compelling characters yet even I consider it deranged to hate on a female character just because they're somehow associated with a male one. Nobody can look at that trailer and think Neuvilette and Furina's interaction is "shipbait" or that "Mihoyo is pushing Kaveh x Nilou" because they're featured in the same collab unless you're completely broken in the head or trolling. Just stop engaging with her nutty behavior.

No. 306566

Yeah agree. Especially the “you are all samefags”, literally schizo behavior.

No. 306567

it's one thing to hate the female characters but it's another to do it for something as gay as shipbait. no way she's trolling either.

No. 306568

Eh I'm not the one crying about shipbait kek That's an anon who likes the game and gets triggered when her ugly husbandos get sat next to ugly waifus. You and her are resident cows.

No. 306569

NTA but don't you have anything better to do than lurk this thread 24/7 replying to some one anon boogeyman you created for yourself despite apparently hating Genshin so much?

No. 306571

File: 1688457332731.png (730.71 KB, 885x889, 91201998_p0.png)

Not yet, I'm lurking /m/ and /snow/ until I get home. How bout you, nonna? You here to distract from the pain of your evening dilation or?(infighting)

No. 306572

>Scaramonafag is revealed as the resident schizoposter starting infights ITT all the time
Garbage people have garbage taste

No. 306573

File: 1688457930894.jpg (91.74 KB, 807x1049, 20230703_181150.jpg)

No. 306576

File: 1688463283258.jpg (130.07 KB, 1280x720, y8ohBXr.jpg)

I'm going to kill myself. These shits in sumeru were so hard to find even after I 100%ed everywhere and used the finder gadget because of the cave systems. If I have to dive into the Mariana Trench to find one of these so I can get 2 primogems from the statue I might actually punch my monitor in rage

No. 306577

Can't wait to see that %99 are hidden behind 12-hour side story like the Aranara one.
One thing yo look forward to though is collecting reputation thingies for the hydro wings!

Hope going around the map is atleast fun.

No. 306579

I quit Genshin some time ago but the Sumeru things were so fucking annoying to find and at some point I gave up kek. Trying to find a bright green thing among bright green trees/landscape while there are other bright green objects flying around (the things you have to hit with dendro) is fucking insane. I imagine trying to find a tiny blue symbol while swimming in the fucking blue sea is going to be a real delight.

No. 306580

I actually really enjoy finding these little collectibles.
Just mark them as you find them and use the interactive map.

No. 306584

File: 1688469572236.png (Spoiler Image,171.07 KB, 640x485, FG4dmfp_d.png)

Lyney's kit is out. Picrel are his passive talents. Does this mean Lyney is gonna be good in Mono Pyro teams? Will Lavawalker set work with his kit?

No. 306586

File: 1688470543240.jpg (67.3 KB, 800x600, H3SsGHE.jpg)

>3 pyro 1 anemo new meta
Finally my Xingqiu can take a fucking break. Bro has been carrying my teams both in vape meta and dendro meta

No. 306587

it really is Bennet and Xiangling impact huh. I really wish we got a second Xiangling and Bennet already, like 1 XQ i can use fine but the problem is XL and Bennet since XL always needs to be paired up with him.

My desert exploration is like at 15% kek, i still have so much to explore.

I really hate that the interactive map is not ingame, i do have a second monitor but its annoying to keep having to go to the website and crossing everything out manually.

No. 306588

>mono pyro lyney
what about a lyney bennett thoma kazuha comp? maybe xiangling isn't required since he's charged bow anyway

No. 306589

I think the problem with Thoma is that he works better with normal attack DPS charas, because his shield stacks whenever you use his burst and deal normal attacks…
Plus, he doesn't apply as much Pyro as Xiangling…

No. 306593

ahhh that sucks i don't wanna use xiangling again

No. 306594

Maybe burn will be useful for him so we won't need Xiangling. Theory crafters will hopefully calculate if giving up anemo or 1 pyro spot for a dendro is better

No. 306603

So… is this a good kit? I'll get him regardless but for some reason I only understand kits in trial mode, text is too hard to understand lol

>if Lyney consumes HP

>consumes HP
I guess I better level up Layla or give him Zhongli

No. 306606

File: 1688483833693.jpeg (Spoiler Image,940.88 KB, 1721x1047, IMG_2229.jpeg)

Okay so i checked out the kit leaks. Freminet is an on field dps for shatter and pshysical. A pretty original 4-stat kit, which might mean that Wriothesley who is cryo will get the 5-star version of it. Lynette consumes HP too like Lyney, seems to be a thing now. Hydro traveler also has the HP drain. Lynette has a sub-dps role. Her burst infuses itself. Not tailored for Lyney but could work together nonetheless.

No. 306607

File: 1688484158161.jpg (74.34 KB, 826x675, F0H5mz3agAA39PL.jpg)

I guess Lynette will work as a budget Venti for him, since her burst can be infused with Pyro -> applying more Pyro on enemies.
>might mean that Wriothesley who is cryo will get the 5-star version of it
Noooo, I hate physical dmg so much…

No. 306608

I'm fine with the HP tax because healers have been absolutely useless in this game so far, due to shields being meta I don't think I've ever needed one and I'm WL8.

No. 306609

>I guess I better level up Layla or give him Zhongli
Unless they consume until they die. Mihoyo is pushing healers like Kokomi and Baizhu which is why their banners are so close to 4.0.

No. 306614

File: 1688485469137.jpg (471.57 KB, 1368x2000, F0GnkL6aMAE_33s.jpg)

Any troll can post rapey scrote garbage. Still not me.
That's wild. If Fontaine isn't massive this is going to feel undeserved.
>hp drain when firing arrows
Lol are they trying to make him work with Dehya? You made Dehya garbage Hoyoverse, no one's going to go out of their way to use her over Bennett and Xiangling.
Please no physical Wriothesley. Physical damage is actual garbage. If he's physical he's gonna go from must pull to never pull no matter how hot he is.
The one thing healers are good for is Nilou teams because you will end up killing yourself with the dendro bombs without one. It's obvious what they're going for with this forced HP drain but there's still no reason to not use Bennett and heal up within his buff circle.
I wonder if Arlecchino will be like Yelan to Xingqiu and be a 5* version of either Bennett or Xiangling.

No. 306615

File: 1688486767690.jpeg (Spoiler Image,495.97 KB, 3504x2829, bESaGRO.jpeg)

Leaked Fontaine map with the current world map.

No. 306618

If these two aren't in the same banner in 4.1, I'm gonna riot. They are so cute.
>If he's physical he's gonna go from must pull to never pull no matter how hot he is.
I'm still gonna pull for him, because I'm masochistic, but yeah, it's such a shame he's a physical dps…

No. 306621

File: 1688489292107.jpg (169.56 KB, 600x1125, IMG_20210415_125930.jpg)

I hate to be that anon, but am I the only one who regrets pulling for Baizhu?
His skill heals a-plenty sure and tried his burst but that boost didn't really make that much difference at 47k to Cyno's team and seeing Kokomi banner I'm having a buyer's remorse kek
I kind of don't feel THAT Bad because I do collect tall males but idk I hope characters in Fountine can get him to be useful to me, it sucks that he's collecting dust.

And while I'm at it, do burning reaction enjoyers exist in this thread? I like getting Alhaithem/Kazuha/XL/Bennett together and almost die bc of high EM, adds painful spice to mundane domain runs

No. 306623

no and no. I'd regret using a single pull on kokomi's banner 100 times more.

No. 306628

>the scaramonafag is also a lolicon(infighting/bait)

No. 306633

File: 1688495252784.jpg (661.65 KB, 1628x2048, FdiOAdnWIAAePuP.jpg)

I don't regret pulling for Baizhu. He makes Cyno teams run a lot smoother.
Do you find burning viable? I feel like the scaling is too low.

No. 306640

I don't regret it because I do use him teams, especially in co op since many people refuse to bring a healer kek. I do think his gameplay is lackluster though but that's expected from healers. You just use his skill and ult then swap till you need him again.

No. 306696

File: 1688543718164.jpg (903.01 KB, 1396x1503, kmseDC0.jpg)

The new event is super cute! Klee is more mature about talking out of worry than grown adults because of the positive influence adults around her have on her and it was really sweet to see her affect others in a positive way. When Kaeya scolded the brothers because their fighting made Klee sad I was smiling like an idiot, he's such a good big brother. It just reminds me of how much Mondo feels like home. About Collei, I don't like that they're making her want to fill in Tighnari's and Amber's roles again, after she had a whole arc coming over it in the Windblume event. Did they forget? Will she forever be the young sister trying to copy others instead of finding her own path like she decided to in the previous event? Anyway, we'll likely have these carts in Fontaine, right? They're so fun and to be honest playing around with them after several updates of deserts made me excited about exploration in this game again. Also I like the blue woman, it somehow feels nice to see a friend of Alice not be a perfect character kek she's so funny

No. 306697

it's super cute, the only annoying thing is that Eula is included in it, everytime I see her design I just cringe. I hope we won't see her again for another year

No. 306698

Did they improve trial character's teams? I don't remember them having this many characters. I only remember them having characters that you can get in game but today I saw Fischl instead of Lisa, XQ instead of Amber… etc.

No. 306700

yes normally they only use free characters for the trials. Also its kinda annoying that we get the same team 2, both razor and mika trial have the same team. Eula's team is also pretty much the same

No. 306701

Klee still bugs me as a character, like she's mature enough to have a vision and is allowed to play with bombs, but her mental age is like a five year old.

Anyway the happy orchestral music always feels strangly old fashioned.

No. 306702

>Klee still bugs me as a character, like she's mature enough to have a vision and is allowed to play with bombs, but her mental age is like a five year old.
This is what bugs me so much about Klee to be honest, she's old enough to be given bombs and be included in the knights but she genuinely acts like a retarded toddler having no comprehension at all what's happening around her. I hate being her tard wrangler during every summer event because it gets really annoying really fast. I get that it's just because people think it's cute but I find it irritating and repetitive.

No. 306703

>she's old enough to be given bombs and be included in the knights
Isn't it just that Alice dropped Klee and Albedo off at the knights to take care of them? I also don't think getting a vision has anything to do with being mature, it's weird that they keep letting her make those bombs though kek.

No. 306708

File: 1688552928080.jpg (66.26 KB, 227x235, IMG_20201024_191455.jpg)

She is… a kid, so of course she would act as a "retarded toddler". Her being part of the Knights is like Qiqi working at Baizhu's Pharmacy, it's not like she is working full time for the Knights, she is not Eula or Mika. What >>306703 said.
I actually appreciate her personality, she is very refreshing. I don't like when kid characters act like teenagers or adults.

No. 306709

Well I don't like when kid characters act like they're borderline retarded, I don't find it cute or funny. There's a middle ground between "barely conscious toddler" and "teenager", like Yaoyao or Diona didn't have to be like that despite being children and having obvious childlike traits. Klee's baby talk is annoying and sounds more like an anthropomorphic mascot than a child, constantly running after her while she does braindead shit already got old during the first summer event and didn't get any better during the umpteenth time they used this shtick in the other events' plotlines.

No. 306710

nta but she's the only character that acts like a child, the others you named don't act like children at all. you just hate children lol

No. 306711

Eh, just a matter of taste. I don't like Diona that much to be honest. A kid acting tsundere gives me the creeps. In my opinion she should have been a teenager model.

No. 306712

>you just hate children lol
That's true, I do. But especially when they're written as retarded when they had a choice about the issue.

Never said I liked Diona, I think she's nerve wracking as fuck and bordering on being pedobait with the catgirl thing but she's still a child character without the forced tard wrangling aspect.

No. 306713

I agree. It’s good that a child character acts like an obvious child. It makes it really obvious when someone is a pedo, because Klee is an obvious child. Characters like diona and nahida is in that uncomfortable gray area where they act like adults yet look like kids

No. 306748

anon isn't the weird one for hating anime pedobait

the pedos prefer the ones that act like actual kids though. klee is the most popular with them and has a whale skin to show it.

No. 306750

Why do we have to bring up moids' retarded tastes when someone compliments a female character in the thread whether it be an adult or a child? We can like characters for what and who they are instead of obsessing over moids' perceptions of them.

No. 306752

>klee is the most popular with them and has a whale skin to show it.
I was thinking about this and I don't think it's really true… It's just that Klee was one of the two kid 5*, until we got Nahida in 3.2.
It's the same with adult and teenage waifus, the most popular ones are usually 5*. Same with husbandos too! There aren't as many Kaeya or Thoma simps as Alhaitham or Childe simps.

I agree

No. 306760

File: 1688573923846.jpg (272.83 KB, 1000x1833, F0PrKJLX0AANp5i.jpg)

I'm liking the event a lot too. I like how the water eidolons like to play pranks and hide as various objects like the tanuki did in Inazuma. The rail tracks are fun, I wish the cart was just a bit faster on the rails though.

No. 306765

File: 1688574863609.jpg (1.01 MB, 3840x2160, F0Pe901akAA1ijh.jpg)

I have to agree with the anons who like the event. Also, is it just me or has the writing in Genshin gotten way better in 3.0? The events have been much more enjoyable, the characters feel more relatable and I'm actually interested in the archon stories and world quests too. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise when the original writing team fucked off during Inazuma. I'm actually developing high hopes for Fontaine because the Sumeru chapter was such an improvement over the previous ones.

No. 306772

I think so too. The events have been fun because characters from different regions meet and their relationships develop. It’s fun. The writing for the archon quest was better too, it went back to its Mondstadt level of story telling quality.

No. 306776

They took their time with Sumeru's Archon quest and made it good. Inazuma's sucked because it was so rushed and a bunch of the story quests had to flesh it out afterwards. Nahida's second story quest kind of sucked but there's been worse. I think the others were pretty decent.

No. 306778

File: 1688581010171.png (Spoiler Image,339.09 KB, 594x1343, artifacts.png)

New artifacts in 4.0. Massive Fischl buffs.

No. 306787

Second set seems pretty useful. But gd I hate meta that's all about wanting to get damaged/having to deal with self damage skills. It's why I'll probably never roll for Xiao or use Kuki.

No. 306815

>return of physical meta
Called it up thread. >>298624
Physical/shatter and self damage mechanics will be to 4.x as dendro reactions were to 3.x.

It's not that they're making the 4.x characters to work with dehya, it's that they made dehya to work with future characters. Like how Kuki's kit didn't make sense until dendro was released.

Reeeeee why did they fuck over Xiao? Fischl hasn't left rotation for me since 1.0 though, so I'm glad to see her get a buff even if she doesn't really need it.

No. 306824

File: 1688603322311.jpeg (3.01 MB, 3000x4000, 2EA12A5B-DEA4-40D5-9BB2-0E178A…)

If Miku were a Genshin character, what do you guys think her vision would be?

No. 306847

anemo. so she can expand/ssend her music and voice through wind. but electro would be an obvious choice if she has fontaine or even sumeru-related technologies for her idol activities.

No. 306848

First one is obvs for Lyney and Hutao but who else? Can't be for Xiao since he does plunge damage

We have one, her name is Frauzan.
is it just me or this person seem to find this thread by mistake googling Genshin impact

No. 306878

Huge leak dump!

Lyney’s gameplay is out!! I’m so happy they’ve put so much care into a male character cause holy shit. His burst is one of the shortest we have yet most detailed one.

In case the YouTube video gets deleted I’m posting a backup Reddit link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks/comments/14ru8oa/lyney_gameplay_via_dim/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1

No. 306880

No. 306881

File: 1688634006255.jpeg (Spoiler Image,541.51 KB, 1242x678, IMG_8955.jpeg)

New party selection screen. Each character has a new unique animation when they join.

No. 306882

No. 306883

No. 306884

File: 1688635343270.png (555.7 KB, 640x856, F0TI9ADXoAE1haB.png)

Omg anon thank you so much for the leaks Lyney looks so fucking cool they put so much work into him!
I was going to skip and get him later but fuck that I'm getting him first thing I open the game.
Also nice that Lynette can have Yelan's run
And Hydro traveller's burst is great and I hope cons up the duration.
Also anyone got the banner timeline for 4.0+? I heard Yelan, Tarta and Raiden will be in 4.0 but idk if that's confirmed or not
Probably too early to ask but that Lyney gameplay got me really excited for Fontaine

No. 306885

Kekk i love his idle!!!! He's like "i'm done with this conversation, bye". I love him so much and his little penguins.
wtf, i did notice the character trials had the same characters, but i didn't realize Razor and Mika's teams were literally the same, lol.
>Also anyone got the banner timeline for 4.0+?
As far as I know, no Raiden, the archon that will rerun in 4.0 is Zhongli. A lot of leakers support this (like keika). So Lyney + Yelan, then Childe + Zhongli.
4.1 will have Wriothesley, and one leaker said Neuvillette too? Idk. As for reruns, some people say Venti will rerun during 4.1, others say Raiden. Reruns are difficult to predict.

No. 306886

File: 1688636476397.jpeg (Spoiler Image,609.54 KB, 1091x621, IMG_8904.jpeg)

Also, pulling Fontaine characters are a must for floor 12 bosses because of the pneuma and ousia factions which different Fontaine characters are a part of based on their visions. and colors during their animations.
My pleasure anon! I’m also super happy with Lyney! I have no info on the rerun banners although Childe has been repeated by many leakers.
Right kek, it’s such a weird/fun idle!

No. 306889

File: 1688637217419.jpeg (Spoiler Image,90.97 KB, 640x598, IMG_8957.jpeg)

Samefagging, let me elaborate. Pic related, the abyss has pneuma enemies which becomes paralyzed by only ousia. Only Lynette is ousia and is given as a free character in 4.0. Hopefully pneuma can still be defeated normally and ousia isn’t a must. Or else I don’t see how Lyney who is pneuma will be useful in floor 12?

No. 306890

Help. I love him.

No. 306894

>4.1 will have Wriothesley, and one leaker said Neuvillette
Mfw these two's banner is in the same patch. But I still won't whale and only buy Welkin once in a while, nice try hoyo!
Focalors is definitely on 4.2 so probably these guys won't see much sales like every patch before an Archon's appearance, sadly.

That's a nice concept but I don't think you only need specific characters to beat said enemies, otherwise players will rage even harder after the bullshit that is current abyss… right?

No. 306895

anemo. so she can expand/ssend her music and voice through wind. but electro would be an obvious choice if she has fontaine or even sumeru-related technologies for her idol activities.

No. 306929

No it's not just you, it screams underage twitterfag