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File: 1654103064637.jpg (238.84 KB, 1046x1353, ExvgtL6WUAQ457D.jpg)

No. 210748

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo/Hoyoverse. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

>Redeem codes without having to login

>Check your spiral abyss data


>Wish simulator (feat. old banners)


>Damage calculator


>Build simulator


>Database filled with pretty much everything found in game


>Build help


>Character guides


Previous thread: >>198505

No. 210765

NO please
first of all we had a ton of posts left and second of all your homemade memes SUCK. stop using them as thread pics for fucks sake.

No. 210776

File: 1654110148385.jpg (189.83 KB, 1723x969, yelan.jpg)

I apologize for the ranting but
>shitty design, shitty haircut
>clearly no one's favorite waifu, everyone will forget about her in a month
>not much hype online, very average views on her trailer
>has the same kit as xingqiu
>see her sales, suddenly the best selling banner in the game
I just don't get it, they slap some tits on the most forgettable designs ever and it gets them billions?? How can she sell more than raiden and even the most popular fgo waifus? I'm sure that even shenhe trended more than her and she didn't sell as much. It's nothing to do with her being a waifu (I've been shitting on multiple husbandos don't worry), but her design is just so terrible, the retarded jacket, the shitty makeup, and even from a braindead coomer perspective you can't even see her ass. Do people have absolutely no standards. Is the gambling addiction kicking in after the ayaka drought?

No. 210780

Even if I didn't care about overly coomer shit, her design still sucks.
Her hair is awful, her outfit is too, especially the weird detached coat thing. Even her makeup is ugly. I don't like Xinqiu's hair either, but at least his outfit is gorgeous.
I don't doubt you nonnie, but I really doubt she's the best selling banner. I just simply don't believe it. I can believe Raiden being the best selling, but not this nobody.

No. 210782

Yeah, sorry OP but your memes are really recognisable and they always come across as something a 13 year old redditor would make.

No. 210783

This meme is old though.

No. 210784

If the sales I saw are real then I genuinely believe it has to do with the banner drought. People had time to save up and they were itching to roll on the new character. This must be the effects of gacha on the brain or something

No. 210786

File: 1654111107030.jpeg (17.78 KB, 128x128, 3D3EBCD2-7B4E-4586-B1B8-3B2349…)

We could just ignore this thread and create a new one.

No. 210791

You guys don’t know how to use reverse image search, do you?

No. 210795

File: 1654111943343.jpeg (756.2 KB, 1170x1156, 07DBF3E8-639B-498E-A5C9-7CBD42…)

Her fanart numbers on Safebooru are terrible. I guess artists weren’t hype on her design.

No. 210803

yeah i've barely seen fanart of her, it's the same artists posting some generic coomerish poses but you can tell the passion is not there

No. 210809

It's not about Yelan herself. It's GI fanbase's gambling addiction kicking in.

No. 210818

a lot of youtubers are making videos on why she's the best and most fun to play. I think that's why. Also anyone remember Shenhe? Cause I fucking don't kek

No. 210821

The last thread pic made me cringe so bad I had to keep it hidden. whatever happened to using cute fanart? genshin memes are nevet funny (because 99% actually are made by redditors)

No. 210827

Looking back at the first Genshin thread makes me depressed, cause there wasn’t any obvious underage newfags like OP.

No. 210845

Kek i keep forgetting about her, it’s safe to say that the overuse of waifu shit just highlights how much better are the guys, just try to remember the latest waifus they released, it’s impossible unless you checked the character archives, hell I forgot about Jean until this event started pushing her as a healer.

No. 210855

So bad news, I lost the 50/50 on xiao and I'm kinda sad because while I have enough primogems for a guarantee the 4 stars on his banner are too shit and I don't have a good weapon for him… overall I'm quite disappointed

No. 210871

I dislike her because her sales will probably incentive Mihoyo to create more shitty mommy waifu characters like her.

No. 210872

anyone else feel slightly disappointed in how they characterized Kuki? I expected her to be more fun given she is in Itto’s gang but she seems to be going down the path of serious work oriented waifu.

No. 210879

Tbh i really like her E and her after ult pose. Other than that, easy skip.

No. 210889

Is it really her sales alone or her sales mixed with Xiao’s?

No. 210902

It's okay, nonnie! Deep down we know she does beetle duels with Itto even if Mihoyo doesn't show it. I know she steals babies candies or something.

No. 210906

mixed with xiaos and people just buying the battle pass

but why obsess over sales like a kpopfag? they were always going to make more gross mommydom waifus. it's mihoyo.

No. 210907

I honestly expected something worse, like she would barely talk in a razor-like style but because she was going to be “dark and mysterious”.
I like to think that she just tries to be diligent/studious so the gang has a brain other than the granny and the kid, but that she likes to host beetle fights she often bets on Ayato to win against Itto and gets the money to help the gang and steals stuff that Itto wants but that he’s too hulking himbo to get by himself.

No. 210930

I thought I'd get used to her design but nope, it just seems to get uglier every time I see it. I honestly think Shenhe looks better and more tasteful than her because at least her outfit made some amount of sense despite being cringe coomerpandering but this is just objectively hideous and her dumb haircut doesn't fit at all. I don't understand how so many people are going nuts calling her beautiful, she looks like a rejected design for Honkai that got scrapped mid process. She's underwhelming even as a unit, what purpose is there to roll for her? It doesn't make sense. At all.

Yeah let's be real here, the sales are mixed with Xiao's and the gnostic hymns bought for the new battle pass period so you really can't put the transactions under her banner only. There's no reason some forgettable support hydro waifu with no hype at all would sell that well. It's a similar case to Raiden, the top ups were reset when her banner was released so of course everyone rushed to buy new genesis gem sets creating a huge uptick in sales. You really can't trust the sales during banners released in a special situation like that.

No. 210945

Didn't you get cocky and confident on Ayato's sales? What happened?

No. 210956

You never learn, do you? Ayato's banner was released midversion with Venti so those numbers can safely be counted towards their popularity. For all we know the current numbers could just as well for the Xiao banner (him being one of the most popular and awaited characters) running at the same time as Yelan since they aren't listed by banner sales but by general sales transactions in the shop, including the new battle pass upgrades that just started on the same day. Now fuck off back to reddit to lick your ugly waifu's armpits and don't come back.

No. 210970

Yelan seriously ruins the atmosphere with her stripper outfit. At least Shinobu looks like a ninja because ninjas have always had coomer outfits since the first anime ninja girl even appeared. But Yelan is supposed to be really serious and an important person yet she looks like she’s going to a club to party and get belly button shots from a naked girl.

No. 210974

>too hulking himbo to get by himself
Too freaking cute! Headcanon accepted.
Thanks for bring concise facts. They never give up.

No. 210976

Yelan was super boring in the event. I liked test-playing with her and her rope skill is kinda fun but her personality is non-existent and kinda boring. You still don't really know what her story is and what makes her special from the event that should have highlighted her character and personality. Itto & Xiao were def. the stars of the event which also made me spend all of my saved up primos on the Xiao banner. I am glad we can see more of those two. Strong and very different personalities are the winners. I liked the design of Kiku Shinobu but her personality is also just "smart and takes care of others" which is a bit boring. A more goofy and delinquent type of personality would have suited her role more.

No. 210977

Xiao asking for his dad’s permission was cute.

No. 210978

File: 1654181947514.jpg (196.23 KB, 840x1200, IMG_20220602_120252.jpg)

zhongli's fat dragon dick in xiao's pink hole

No. 211078

File: 1654201464626.jpeg (460.68 KB, 1447x2039, 0F60107B-9097-449C-A9BD-8A083E…)

Tbh, I kind of like them as a duo. Not a ship, but platonic work buddies.

No. 211114

Why would I waste time doing that

No. 211141

File: 1654219889652.jpg (341.6 KB, 1920x1080, FUPgT0NWQAE1I4_.jpg)

The yaksha designs are so good and they'll never be playable. It hurts.

No. 211330

only the geo one looked ok. the others can stay dead.

No. 211426

File: 1654299671675.jpg (60.24 KB, 640x426, god bless ccp.jpg)

You forgot
>no jiggle physics

No. 211430

I'm not pulling for Yelan but I really, really don't get LC's perpetual butthurt over every last waifu. Did anyone genuinely come into this game expecting that Genshin would cater to women (and gays) more than straight men? You all knew what you signed up for, right?

No. 211437

File: 1654303802412.jpeg (203.33 KB, 736x1280, A06B18B7-EF31-44BD-BDD0-768AA6…)

If you want to talk about your waifu’s armpits you can go literally anywhere else, we just like to complain over here because we can. Have a retarded boy and go away if talking shit about Yelan and the other waifus hurts your feefees.

No. 211447

>hurts your feefees
lmao I just wanted know why do you seethe at waifus 24/7 like how do you even manage to play the game without having an aneurysm?

No. 211450

>hasn’t seen all the posts talking shit about baizhu
>hasn’t seen all the posts talking shit about Ayato
>hasn’t seen all the posts talking shit about Heizou
Just those are the latest discussions about the guys. You just want to make yourself a victim because you can’t stand waifu slander for a few posts, most people come here and talk shit about whichever characters they don’t like, yes, even the guys. Stop malding or you will have to buy a wig.

No. 211495

samefagging shitposting seething reddit scrote trying to bait again, nobody interact

No. 211509

> Ayato's banner was released midversion with Venti
Ayato was released at the beginning but cope and seethe I guess.
Gamergater entitlement, unironically.

No. 211510

Ayato and Venti's banner wasn't released after a month of a flatlining dead game with no new banners or an active BP period for weeks. I doubt anyone is rolling for Yelan alone since Xiao and Primordial Jade spear banners are up, Xiao singlehandedly saved Shenhe's banner so why wouldn't it apply here?
>Gamergater entitlement
I know you're a malding scrote butthurt about your stinky armpit waifu not being appreciated but I'd really like to hear what hilarious reason you can come up to make sense of this "not liking malegaze coomershit means you're a gaymorgoot crusader" .

Weirdly enough for some reason male genshintubers are so desperate to meme everyone into rolling for Yelan that they only talk about her abilities at c6 as if it was her default state. It's almost impossible to find videos discussing her at c0-c1, the state realistic for the overwhelming majority of players, to see if she's worth it. But if IRL wojacks want to whale for her just to replace Xingqiu and protect their fragile heterosexuality then go ahead ig.

No. 211512

yelan is just the new fotm everyone will forget about her just like eula and shenhe so anyway

No. 211513

Seethe. Everybody and their metafag genshitter loves Yelan and for other reasons than your /v/ nigel you made up in your head, schizo-chan. She's fun to play and scales on HP + pairs well with Xingqiu for vape team comps.

Also the end of 2.6 is the first long break. 2.5 was boring but not devoid of content, which means neither Ayato nor Venti took advantage of a whole month.(infighting)

No. 211514

Well shucks, sorry nobody here likes your waifu and you have to make up shit and continuously sperg about this weird "/v/ nigel" fantasy because you're too emasculated to go back to leddit with the rest of the simps.

No. 211515

That's the truth though, between Yelan's gameplay and a void month. Sorry your /v/incel rejected you so hard you keep seeing him everytime Yelan does numbers. I'm gonna enjoy playing her in the new event in my vape team comp. Cheers.

No. 211518

can we stop replying to the moid and just report? he does this every friggin day, and you can tell it's the same guy every time. go complain about him in /meta/ if you have to. no point in arguing back when he's here for the sole purpose of baiting female players.

No. 211519

File: 1654337937666.jpg (293.19 KB, 2000x1562, 20220531_093410.jpg)

he also never sages and uses the term "nigel" incorrectly which not only offends my 'tism but makes it all the more obvious he's a /v/irgin here to lurk /g/ dick in hand, occasionally stopping by /m/ to ree about the slander of his genshit waifus and project his own seething onto us

No. 211520

File: 1654339093330.jpg (103.89 KB, 515x887, ee3df268aab8e9ce12d5c97b1861d8…)

I couldn't imagine being so pathetic I need to lurk a girlchan just to whiteknight waifus instead of going back to /v/ or reddit. Being male should be classified as a mental illness.

Anyway post boys to cheer everyone up

No. 211522

File: 1654339904379.jpg (124.06 KB, 1080x1080, FUMN01IacAAnADe.jpg)

>mfw zhongchi is becoming less and less likely after 1.1 which was more than 1 year ago
>mfw Paimon was off so we could soothe Xiao on our own when he was wounded and that he wanted to see us in a special spot to end the quest
>mfw we'll probably get intimate with Childe in V3
Yumejos can't stop winning.

No. 211523

are we really winning? i don't trust the shipfags at memehoyo

No. 211524

File: 1654341568153.jpg (710.41 KB, 864x1080, FUNX3jsaUAArgbq.jpg)

I might be biased but I noticed our traveler got more thinking lines when a husbando like Xiao or Childe is involved. Mihoeyo is well-aware how shippable these two are so they're banking in any ship tease they could.

No. 211527

File: 1654342220933.jpg (650.4 KB, 2048x2048, 20220604_035256.jpg)

He looks better with Aether

No. 211536

I picked Lumine by default so my yumejo preferences kicked in when I played the game, but it's just as canon with Aether.

No. 211537

I don't really care as long as it's traveler and not crackshit like xiaolan or xiaoyu

No. 211541

God yes, I’m glad they sisterzoned Yelan, Kiku and Yanfei by basically comparing them to the dead yakshas, then again, moids are also into that.

No. 211543

Why would Xiao even be shipped with them in the first place?

No. 211545

Yanfei had more dialogue with xiao at the end of the day lol I don't really care but travelers ships are always embarrassing

No. 211552

I just saw a few dykes on twitter shipping it, weirdly enough it's the same dykes that were screaming lesbophobia at ittosara
these people make no sense to me

No. 211554

Just like how 90% of yaoi ships are just based on less than shared screen time, it’s the same with any other ship.

No. 211559

File: 1654355444547.jpg (95.56 KB, 564x797, 52f9b3d95caf9935ed4d22d37980f3…)

The joke's on you, I play as Aether and I'm fine with either getting gay with him kek.

No. 211560

File: 1654355867256.jpg (44.63 KB, 563x561, 500e1e71fd2e156ea69bb9edd5f7b1…)

god I ship them more and more every time they appear onscreen together

No. 211563

File: 1654356265514.png (465.41 KB, 580x751, 465874758495.png)

>a bit mysterious
>loves slacking off, is pretty laidback
>adrenaline addict
>kind of sadistic
>not a push over
>has a caring side underneath the calm, composed exterior
>smart and capable
>doesn't only talk about one single thing or their job 24/7

If Yelan was a husbando all the waifu haters here would circlejerk how much more amazing and interesting he is than all the female characters kek.
Her design from the front is ugly as fuck and I hate the stripper lingerie, but I honestly think she's more interesting than Ayato who ended up being such a letdown I couldn't even bring myself to pull for him even though I had prefarmed his mats and I'm usually a husbando enjoyer.
I haven't done Yelan's story quest yet so maybe she's shit and boring as fuck in that, but just from the event and her voice lines alone I like her.

No. 211564

File: 1654357173703.jpg (617.06 KB, 1200x1786, FUZqGHIVUAEyHMM.jpg)

you are right but be prepared to be called a reddit moid

No. 211567

File: 1654357388927.gif (2.74 MB, 640x614, cockroach-zhongli.gif)


No. 211569

She's a step on me sadistic mommy uwu coomer character with an ugly stripper outfit, of fucking course it would be better if she was a male character because at least it wouldn't be pandering to moids and men get their needs fulfilled in every single game out there all the time while we're still waiting for the first 5-star cryo or electro males. The "if the genders were reversed" gotcha is bullshit, there are obviously different dynamics between them. The worst written tropey male character is more pleasing to me as a woman than another rejected Honkai design with either mommydom or "overworked waifu" male-pleasing qualities because at least I'm being acknowledged as a player.

The waifufags can go literally anywhere else online to circlejerk so I don't get why they consistently get so bothered over anons venting about them being sexualized and shoehorned. Just ignore it if it hits a nerve that bad, starting an infight just drags it on.

No. 211572

It's a gacha game that had coomer waifus with their asscheeks out since 1.0. Seriously anon, what do you expect from this game?

No. 211575

So? People here are still allowed to complain about it. If it was a full on coomershit game like Honkai it would be silly to bitch about the lack of male characters or all recent female characters looking like strippers but Mihoyo heavily advertised with the male characters (especially Venti, Zhongli and Childe) in the beginning, having 4 bishounen male banners before the first limited waifu. They didn't switch to 5* coomerpandering up until Shenhe. Yoimiya, Kokomi and Raiden might show some skin but I would not call them "sexy".

No. 211577

the way you describe her is cool but she was an extremely boring mary sue during the actual quest, like oh wow she showed one hint of emotion when xiao was about to kill himself. i liked kuki and yanfei more than her

No. 211583

It’s no use, nonna, It’s just a retarded moid bringing up the same shit over and over again because he can’t handle having his armpit waifus disrespected, haven’t you noticed? Whenever some anons even dare to talk about a coomer waifu, some retard comes here and starts whiteknighting the shit out of her. This will keep happening in future banners, specially when Mehoeyo releases the pedopanderer 5000 years goddess waifu.

No. 211604

File: 1654364787682.jpg (60.94 KB, 1289x671, FUStqDaUAAAz6MI.jpg)

Like every single quest, it involves NPC drama, but I still prefered it to Ayato's due to the slight plot twist at the end.
Tbh most characters in this game are mary sues/gary stus starting with our MC.

No. 211609

Nu-Carnival is free to download btw

No. 211614

File: 1654366239824.png (108.59 KB, 300x473, heresyourpitpussy.png)

nta but this is at least the second time you've mentioned nu:carnival. Get out of here and go fap to Morvay's pits since you wanna hyper fixate. He's even posing like your mommy.

No. 211615

I'd play just for the manslut costumes if my phone wasn't so full already

No. 211616

No. 211618

Good. Enjoy your malewhore armpit fetish and stay there.

No. 211622

No. 211626

File: 1654367302888.jpg (83.11 KB, 564x980, 1942f08398277ab6eb8db950ee28bd…)

We all know who has the best pits in the game nonnies.

No. 211627

File: 1654367407577.jpg (60.31 KB, 500x375, 1637143635141.jpg)

Aw, the scrote's tuckered himself out. I'll leave you alone and let you take a nap. Be sure to kiss your cum stained Yelan body pillow good night! (I'll stop poking the scrote now kek)

No. 211629

You're not wrong! I was shocked they let a male character have them out like a waifu.

No. 211632

File: 1654368348657.jpg (62.49 KB, 522x874, best pits.jpg)

Now we just need one with hip windows.

No. 211636

File: 1654369113106.jpg (200.14 KB, 1200x1350, FMskiOdacAA4Nps.jpg)

Anons forgetting Bennett again

No. 211637

Gorou's tummy is pretty lewd

No. 211645

you will never fit in, you will kill yourself from lonliness before you turn 30, ywnbaw, etc.

No. 211650

omg, don't do this to me. I feel so guilty even though I remembered him the last time someone brought up Heizou. plz no, Benny I'd never forget you oh no

No. 211654

I will
>enjoy my team comps
>enjoy new characters, male or female
You will
>sperg on your /v/ ex
>sperg over new waifus
>sperg over said waifus being liked and used
>deform the truth like ever assblasted sweaty gamergater
>keep coping
>keep seething
>keep wondering why MHY is not a yaoi/otome company because everybody should cater to your tastes like a moid
>make up agps despite all of that

Husbandofags are so delusional on everything it's funny. Lose weight. Maybe you'll feel better.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 211656

File: 1654370859341.jpeg (582.37 KB, 1080x1861, AB6E6CE8-CA17-4720-811C-DE7706…)

Gorou has hip windows but they’re barely noticeable. I want something more in your face like Shenhe’s.

No. 211658

Anon, you’re literally the only one seething.

No. 211659

I was about to bring Razor's ribs but you have to see him stretching.
It's cool we can lewd out dudes here like that because twitter would call us pedos kek.

No. 211662

I'm not the one complaining 24/7 when waifus like Yelan are out.

No. 211663

I also just noticed Bennet’s lower back window, it’s kind of cute, we need a ridiculous body stockings wearing boy to show us how he never wears any underwear like Shenhe and Yelan.

No. 211667

File: 1654371603231.png (461.36 KB, 600x598, A5FFBD5E-07B0-43FC-AF26-E9BAEE…)

No. 211668

Yelan is fucking ugly

No. 211676

The wart she has on her boob looks like it was a last minute idea.

No. 211677

Well technically you can see that Gorou's not wearing any underwear from his hip windows like seen here >>211656 .

No. 211682

File: 1654374347782.jpg (65.89 KB, 564x1047, 485537d8f047fce9d90dfb72effc69…)

This little puppy stole my heart to be honest. The hip windows could be bigger for sure but his cleavage and tummy are exquisite.

No. 211694

God bless you mods, have a great weekend!

No. 211715

Now that the scrite is gone I'm considering wasting all my primos on Yelan. Honestly after the last quest I've been tempted. She looks so cool and is very flexible on team comps. Wish me luck!

No. 211735

I'm so used to seeing nearly naked waifus that I forget the guys show some skin too–just waaaay more tastefully. I didn't want to notice that Shenhe, Yelan, and Ganyu don't wear underwear, but now here we are. Is this what the stockings and the high cut tops are for? To let scrotes know their pussies are out? Why can't they just use their imaginations like normal people?

No. 211745

Ganyu does wear underwear if you peek btw. The reason why she hasn't been censored is because, unlike Mona, she has a butt-flap to cover up.

No. 211750

I guess it's more about gamerbros wanting women to be degraded i.e. dressed up in demeaning clothing. God forbid if a woman was wearing actual normal, functional clothing, she would be feel too human to them and that's a complete turnoff to them. Xiangling for example shows bare thighs and arms but her clothing looks fit for hunting in the wilderness and doesn't sexualize her, while someone like Shenhe, a supposed warrior roaming the mountains, is sporting useless hip windows that are there just to show that she's not wearing underwear, mesh fabric in strategic places and high heels more suitable for a ceremonial dress. The same goes for Yoimiya, she's showing cleavage and thighs but it fits her working class look and the outfit has a way more natural composition than Eula's mesh fabric cleavage going down to her navel and a bared back compared to Jean's clothing as a knight. Remember that terminally autistic reddit post some scrote made about how he obsesses over Eula's butt flap that hides just enough but lets him peek? That's what it is. They just want to be able to treat them as lesser beings because that's how they see women in general.

No. 211759

>it's my first rpg adventure game lol
Did you know that neither Ganyu, Eula or Shenhe were real? You could discuss the game but you're too bust having Sarkeesian-tier takes about Eula's clothing kek.

No. 211765

File: 1654384992261.jpg (26.6 KB, 563x560, cyno supremacy.jpg)

I sleep my nights a lot better every time I'm reminded that Cyno will come soon and moids will seethe over him being the most naked male character to date.

No. 211832

Anybody else behind on the game cause there's too much fucking reading dialogue? I like reading as a hobby, but these npcs sure can talk. I wish the npcs mere more unique. Every m and f has 1 of 4 hairstyles and 2 colors and it makes them feel even more useless to me. I'm in a bad mood, guys. Sorry!

No. 211833

I know what you mean, it’s just so tiresome with these npcs, I don’t even bother reading everything of what they say, I’ve been suffering with the hangout events because they’re a bunch of annoying endless talk. I just want the primogems.

No. 211834

File: 1654393706852.jpeg (454.57 KB, 2048x1247, DB21A2A8-F708-436F-ACA8-5D17C2…)

That’s why I’ve skipped 99% of the dialogue. I have no idea what’s going on in “the story,” but that’s not why I’m playing anyway. From what other anons say, there isn’t much to it.

No. 211845

They're sadists for not adding a real skip dialog button. The writing is dogshit with very few exceptions where its mid, yet there's SO much of it like an 8th grader padding out their essay with filler to meet their teachers required word count. Even when I'm just skipping through it all I find myself flabbergasted by just how much pointless text those literally who npcs spit out.

No. 211875

oh my god anon I remember seeing this I wish they made the game based on those characters fuck it

No. 211876

>loves slacking off
>yet spends her whole time during her story quest trying to solve a homicide just because some npc anime villain was selling out to the fatui and was poisoning uncle tian

yes I spoiled it, fuck you nonnas and yes I like yelan. if only they had a slack-off loser dumbass female character like itto i’m so tired of them being like “work isn’t that important!!” and then put all of their effort into giving shit about the stupid npcs who finally have a personality or motives or serving the town that should have been rightfully washed away by childe. every time a new female character drops there’s always the same whiner who thinks everything is waifu fodder. who gives a fuck that men fap to a character? not every player wants a “waifu” to make porn of, some people just find them interesting to play. get over yourself fujoshits and go back to your containment threads please

No. 211882

you are so right nonnie. I went with xiao this time because he managed to dodge me twice before but I am definitely rolling for yelan on her rerun. She is such a dynamic character unlike Ayato and her kit is fun

No. 211886

yeah this, she can go fuck herself i get zero enjoyment from running around ad a virtual hooker and call me an autist but i do not understand the women that do

No. 211895

Because these characters are fictional and aren't walking around begging to be dicked. You sound like a pornsick woman who should log off.

No. 211903

projecting again, eh scrotey? ban evading too hard can result in a hellban y'know

No. 211908

These arguments could end if anons just stopped caring what other anons think. If one anon likes porny waifu characters and another one critiques waifus, then so be it. You both can have those opinions without having to convince or fight the other. Grow up, we’re supposed to be 18+ here.

No. 211911

I absolutely feel this and I hate it especially because I do love the lore and want to know more but my god the dialogue is padded with so much useless information and filler that the conversations are hard to follow. I don't know if it's just the English translation that's shit or if it's just the original writing but reading the dialogue is a huge drag because of this issue. The sentences don't connect to each other very well and they keep using a buttload of ingame terminology that has never been explained before, or was once but you skipped it because it's like studying for a test to read some of these dialogues. The actual story under all that bullshit is actually very interesting and leaves you wanting more but it's covered in unnecessary filler.

It's amazing how he seems to be here almost around the clock. Does scrotey ever sleep or is his tard rage fueled by his love for his imaginary waifoos' honor?

No. 211913

>town that should have been rightfully washed away by childe
entire post invalidated by that statement, edgy ass Childe fan.

No. 211914

I'm not a scrote. Stop samefagging to make your point seem more valid.

No. 211915

>every time a new female character drops there’s always the same whiner who thinks everything is waifu fodder.
That's because the female characters in Genshin are atrociously bad and try to profit off cheap waifupandering because that's all they can do, and I'm saying this as someone who has played gacha for years and rolled for female characters just as much as male characters. Most of them aren't allowed to have a relatable personality or it takes ages for them to develop something past tropes, and because Mihoyo keeps pushing them out at a much higher frequency than male characters they don't have enough time to develop their kits so a lot of them just turn out to be ooga booga DPS whalebait that break the game at c6. Their designs are often pretty ugly too, I've rolled boring female characters simply for aesthetics before but in Genshin there has only been maybe two female characters that looked good. I love Yae but her design with the ugly hair, ugly dress and sideboob/armpit bait is hideous and her kit is terrible so I passed.

>inb4 b-but the male characters are bad too!!!!

Personally I don't think so, but like it was said upthread, a lot of female players hold them to a different standard. It's nice to have a bishounen male character even if his writing was subpar because it's the thought that counts, just having them in the game is enough for me as there are no other action-adventure RPGs out there with male characters. If the gender ratio was 50-50 or male dominant I would be much more critical .

No. 211919

I can already tell that your "experience" is from gacha adaptations of manga for kiddies. No wonder your taste is awful and you think boys like Ayato are a parangon of penultimate pandering kek. Go back to your nurutu gacha and get off on sasunaru interactions.

No. 211920

File: 1654430615139.jpg (465.77 KB, 1494x2048, IMG_20220604_224354.jpg)

ayato is hot though, could be in touken ranbu

No. 211921

File: 1654430707692.jpg (57.45 KB, 564x851, ayla0907ayato.jpg)

Scrote-kun, what is your obsession with Ayato? You keep bringing him up thread after thread even when nobody has mentioned him and write thinly veiled posts faking being "a husbandofag who was disappointed in Ayato". Did the e-girl you stalk start maining him or something? Are you jealous? Of being cucked by a cartoon character? It's not like I'm interested because women aren't your personal therapists but I have no idea why you waste your time ban evading at a girlchan when male characters make you seethe this hard.

No. 211923

At the same time, it's the point of a patch content: you're supposed to release content to keep players entertained regardless of the quality. Thus comes the negative point: if you release many characters ofc you can't cover their character fully without unlocking their stories.

Genshin being an open world gacha, it's even harder to insert meaningful content per patch. I'd say we had quite some upgrades since version 2.0 started.

No. 211944

File: 1654441116512.jpeg (94.68 KB, 750x750, 8586039B-D851-42CC-A1A1-8E69DC…)

Ayato is so fucking beautiful, Touken Ranbu x Genshin Impact collab fucking when?! I need to see him with his clothes tattered and his boba tea flying away from his multi-dimensional pocket.

No. 211962

File: 1654445889664.jpeg (329.54 KB, 1450x2048, C57188C9-E076-42E2-81FA-86CB66…)

I still don’t care for his suit design, but I like him otherwise. Also, I love fanart that show a sweet sibling relationship between him and Ayaka. No coomershit.

No. 211964

File: 1654446980932.jpg (1.29 MB, 1922x2991, TTUB2WQ.jpg)

Latest Usagi (one of the most credible chinese gacha players) tierlist is up, Yelan ended up at the top of the tier list as sub-dps and buffering (no other character have topped 2 archetypes this much) meanwhile Ayato ended up being worse than Itto on a lower tier… they really didn't care for these two uh? I'm not sure what to expect in the future.

No. 211967

Tell us again why we should care about some random Chinese scrote's opinion and how he put Ayato in T1 instead of T0?

No. 211982

That guy is hated by cn (as well as non cn metafags) because his tier lists are all shit, even less reliable than the popular western ones like gamewith. He makes them for every gacha game in existence despite having no real grasp on their metas, almost always featuring the newest unit at the very top of T0. They're essentially clickbait. Just ignore the scrotebait and report for ban evasion.

No. 211984

Tier lists in genshin are all kind of shit by default because it's a team building game, not smash. You have countless cases of characters only being better than others depending on the situation instead of across the board and the value of a unit dramatically increasing if you have the other units that work best with them i. e. Itto having debatably the strongest team in the game with monogeo. Tl;dr they never tell a whole story.

Meta is predominantly something only moids care about anyways since this also isn't the type of game where you need to play meta to max rewards. You can use who you like and get by just fine. People who don't have dicks shouldn't waste time attempting to measure them. That guy's hyperfixation on Ayato is very amusing though kek.

No. 211986

this the case with childe who can clear all abyss very fast if you pair him with xiangling but everyone ignores how meta his team is

No. 211988

Well he should be, this tier list literally looks like a joke to troll people.

You're right, and most of the tier lists revolve around abyss floor 12 instead of any other aspect of the game. I don't even really play abyss besides the monthly primo rewards which you can get with almost any decent team anyway.

>That guy's hyperfixation on Ayato is very amusing though kek.

I think his banner breaking the record on Japanese servers actually made him lose his mind and now he's out for blood.

No. 211996

I used to feel guilty about not getting every little ref in the lore and having to go to the wiki just to know how long the wars happened and stuff. I think lore is important to enjoying a game, but if hyv aren't taking themselves that seriously and they're wasting time with npcs I won't take it seriously either kek
>People who don't have dicks shouldn't waste time attempting to measure them.
I want to see this on some needlepoint.

No. 212003

What about Lisa?

I don't understand why people care about meta in Genshin. I guess it's fun for some people but it's a single player game. Abyss can sometimes be slightly challenging but the rewards from it aren't so great to truly care about meta imo.
Lately I've been having a lot more fun with "bad" characters like Amber.

No. 212007

Tell me more about your Amber build. I'm curious.
Also I'd like to try a full 4pc crimson witch on Xinyan since it's one of the most unpopular builds.

No. 212011

>What about Lisa?
I've noticed that a lot of the 4-star female characters are much more interesting and well-developed in Genshin while the 5-star ones tend to be waifubait only to fish for whales to spend their monthly salary on getting c6.

No. 212154

He compares different constellations with each other like a retard. Which is why he gets criticized so much. Look at the top right corner of every character. C2 Raiden and C1 Hu Tao but C0 Itto and C0 Ayato?

No. 212366

>everyone who doesn't have femcel opinions must have XY chromosomes
Really getting tired of your schizo sperging in every fucking thread. It's not samefag when I never tried to pose as different posters.

Why idiots like you get into a game that has prominently featured waifus in its marketing then start bitching about said waifus is a pretty reasonable question. What the hell else were you expecting?

No. 212369

I've been following these threads and none of those three characters you mentioned has gotten a reaction close to Yelan's.

No. 212370

Just finished Yelan’s story quest and it was so disappointing. It was just like Ayato’s quest, and felt more about the NPCs than Yelan. I really hope this kind of quests won’t become a trend

No. 212372

Just leave already, we’ve told you countless times that if you want to talk about your waifu’s armpits, you’re free to go to Reddit, Twitter or any Genshin impact discord server, stop coming here if you keep bringing up the same thing over and over again and sperging about
>m-muh waifu hate is oppressive

No. 212373

I love Ayato but tbh, I don’t even remember what was his story quest about anymore.

No. 212383

File: 1654577760780.jpeg (103.22 KB, 969x608, 430E7F3B-A862-457D-9019-3E704F…)

I have 300k adventure points and did the adventure rank domain. It immediately brought me up to WL50 and now gotta grind until I do the next one. I regret not gathering materials prior but I just wanted to see how hard it would be.

No. 212384

eh, I liked it more than Ayato's, mostly because I knew the characters more than the other. It was interesting because it was showing how she usually do her investigations. I liked her 3 assistants, they cared enough to give them personalities beyond the bland NPC faces, leading to…
something something relationship and japanese cheap soap opera drama; honestly, in retrospective? It was awful; it was mostly to show how him (Ayato) moved around that feudal society like some sort of shadow master… only to not deliver; I'm not saying that Yelan did, because it also didn't, but it was way, wayyy better done than him. Ayato has shinobis around… that are just disposable NPC's, meanwhile Yelan had 3 special agents, each with different qualities and personalities; that goes a long way to portray a person reach in behind the scenes themes.

Let's not discount both yet since they can deliver second chapters that improve the characters first reaction. Though… those take a while; I'm waiting on a new HuTao one (yes, I love her, sue me) for what, a year now?

yeah, it makes everything harder and grindier, but it also improves all your drops and mora gains; once I did so I never looked back, even if it meant that I would never be able to use new characters the very first day I get them…

No. 212395

How the hell does the scrotoid always work up a way to bring up Ayato? Is he like Tectone who unironically feels cucked by a video game character? It's legitimately hilarious how much one Inazuma man makes him seethe.

No. 212397

I've already told you in previous threads, Yelan's not my waifu and I'm skipping the 2.7 banners. Childe is the only genshin character I care about. Take your meds and stop writing fanfiction about me in your head.

No. 212399

File: 1654585586528.png (2.62 MB, 1996x1195, n7Q17t-bywmXrZ7gT3cS1jg-x7.png)

Why listen to this retard's opinion when we have much more reliable crowdsourced data from meta autists?

No. 212400

File: 1654585641693.png (3.4 MB, 1983x1197, n7Q17t-9b7fXzZ9oT3cS1j3-x9.png)

No. 212401

Since when was Ayato ever thought to be T0?

No. 212402

I honestly don't give a lot of weight to abyss charts to begin with but even less to those released in the very beginning of a Spiral Abyss period since of course everyone would be taking the new waifu with the team to try her out. The only reason why I'm even arguing this is because autistic scrotes take them as the god's truth of which characters are objectively good and which aren't when you could finish the floors with almost any team of your choice or probably by just Kazuha and Xingqiu alone. I mean my Itto fucks up bosses with no effort and that's enough for me, I really don't give a shit about his ranking in Abyss. I just have a laugh at moids who shill their Abyss goddess waifus while they're forced to have two 4-star male characters who have dominated the charts since the game's release in their party.

Quests like that have been a trend for a while. Yoimiya's quest was just about the two NPCs for example and Ei's first quest was just about the power struggles of the two clans barely mentioning shit about her at all. I wonder what's Mihoyo's obsession of trying to make us give a shit about the brown and grey NPCs that all look identical and are given more intricate backstories than most of the playable characters.

No. 212403

File: 1654586832581.png (69.58 KB, 700x672, Screenshot 2022-06-07 at 19-26…)

Sure, but you can still see long-term trends prevailing over enemy types and the blessings. I doubt NGA out of all places is running rational throughout 2.4-2.7 because they waidu raiden that much.

No. 212404

I just said I don't give a shit about abyss charts and autistically minmaxing your team to get bigger imaginary numbers. If Yelan is another broken DPS waifu, then what about it? That's like every 5-star female character they've released in the past year, she'll fade into obscurity once a new one gets released just like Ganyu and Ayaka before her. Raiden is topping the charts because of her overpowered buffs and electro elemental reaction given to party members, not because she's an amazing damage dealer.

No. 212405

You say that as Yae sits in the top 20 in your picrel despite being the shittiest limited 5 star in the game. Kokomi in top 6 somehow to boot. It's a waifu game, dude. Of course that's the case.

No. 212406

The point of my post isn't Yelan, obviously one of the trends in these charts is that current banner characters would see an elevated usage rate.

And you don't give a shit yet you wrote a whole paragraph about why the usage rates aren't to be trusted? lol

No. 212407

>Point about only autistic scrotes giving a shit about Abyss charts and defending their waifus' positions on it: proven

No. 212408

Going by your logic they'd love to suck b, CEO, kazoo and watertwink cocks then. Stop cherrypicking.

No. 212410

Faggot, those numbers are based on how often the people who own the characters are using them, not how often they're being used in general or how good they are. That's why Kazuha is in first and Yae and Kokomi are ranked so high when they all have relatively low ownership rates. Kazuha, Bennett, Xingqiu, and Zhongli are ranked the highest of the bunch because they're actually good on top of being top tier waifus.

No. 212411

Uhh, so what's your point? You want to prove how waifus are totally dominating the charts and husbando characters are shit and not worth using but also point out how Kazuha, Bennett, Zhongli and Xingqiu are continuously in the top-5 of Abyss runs from period to period?

No. 212412

>Yae sits in the top 20
That low of a rank isn't even close to being meta relevant. If you think otherwise you're obsessed.

Between us two you wrote far more words about the abyss usage rankings than I did. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

>Bennett, Xingqiu, and Zhongli are ranked the highest of the bunch because they're actually good
Exactly my point you fucking idiot. You're selectively applying this logic to the male characters yet when a female character (excl. Yelan since she's on the current banner) ranks high it can only be because they want to bring their waifu to abyss.

And I like how both of you are completely ignoring the team comp ranking, where Childe international ranks higher than both Raiden's national and hypercarry.

No. 212415

File: 1654588338294.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.22 KB, 720x834, m92w0x7ws8441.jpg)

The few people who bothered pulling shitty characters like Yoimiya, Kokomi, Yae, etc. did it for waifufag reasons and thus will be more inclined to use them, which in turn inflates their usage rates. It's sinple really. Take a look at this graph.

No. 212416

anons stop don't you know that nu carnival is free to download? take your meds schizo-chans and stop bullying my waifus you retarded femcels! you husbandofagfujos just as bad as moidscrote incels!

No. 212417

>everyone who doesn't relentlessly shit on every female genshin character must have a Y chromosome
ffs here we go again

No. 212419

File: 1654588577547.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.83 KB, 625x627, 027cd857453650105ab13d596c839c…)

Anon, I believe you're wrong in offending my waifu's honor and I must hereby defend her well-earned ranking in the Spiral Abyss. Here's a more reliable chart created by the finest meta autism on the planet.

No. 212421

File: 1654588636885.jpg (314.56 KB, 1862x3000, 20220607_025630.jpg)

has anyone seen fanart ayato in nu carnival edmond's outfit? ive mistaken them for eachother so manu times, im sure someones drawn it by now. if a cute fanart like that exists i nominate it for next thread pic.

No. 212422

Pussy ass bitch.

No. 212423

File: 1654588736836.jpg (92.97 KB, 1080x596, ae06070256191.jpg)

did find this at least

No. 212424

Serious question to the poster who cares too much that some Chinese rando didn't rank her husbando as T0, what even is Ayato's meta team comp? To my knowledge he's a shitty hydro applicator and doesn't work in vape teams, only in taser teams.

No. 212425

File: 1654589268969.jpg (514.92 KB, 945x1244, FNRpBX3WQAM6goA.jpg)

>he's a shitty hydro applicator
Not true, he's a real squirter

No. 212427

File: 1654589346934.jpg (128.86 KB, 850x1322, __kaedehara_kazuha_and_kamisat…)

bless you anon I'm not the one who requested this but I'm so happy you provided it.

No. 212428

File: 1654589515693.jpg (99.43 KB, 850x699, __kamisato_ayato_genshin_impac…)

I wish Ayato applicated hydro like this.

No. 212430

File: 1654589997651.png (19.19 KB, 1302x156, seething.png)

Is this you

No. 212431

File: 1654590163123.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.17 KB, 850x585, __zhongli_tartaglia_thoma_and_…)

No scrote-kun, none of us go to these moid-infested sites of yours. Anyway here's a more relevant chart for Genshin, you might like it since it even ranks Ayato at the bottom.

No. 212432

File: 1654590386412.jpg (170.65 KB, 992x1062, FNRpBYoXwAEdBSh.jpg)

Can't believe you just officially outed yourself as a /v/ scrote after all that denial. You're very brave, happy pride month armpitfag.


No. 212433

>you can't go on twitter
>you can't go on reddit
>you can't go on 4chan
>you better not be browsing any website other than lolcow.farm!

No. 212435

kek nice attempt at a gotcha but did you miss >>212403 ? I've never given a fuck about LC's le website wars jackassery.

No. 212442

Why, oh why is my phone too full for nucarnival? I want to see Edmond's rosy asscheeks and cute dick

No. 212445

File: 1654602566036.jpeg (2.01 MB, 2732x1475, 170EC5DE-088D-4D8B-85C3-02EDEA…)

It’s not about website wars you autist, it’s about how literally only moids go on /v/ and post about it here as if we’ll care. You’re such an obvious man that it’s embarrassing.

In other news, did you anons see the Fischl domain in 2.8. it’s so pretty and gothic, I’m so sick of the boring Liyue designs lately.

No. 212446

Ahhhh I thought this was a new teapot domain at first. Would've loved a gothic castle look. Looks pretty cool either way, is it related to a new quest or an event?

No. 212447

It’s an event domain! Mona, fisch and Xinyan have been leaked to have their own domains during the summer island event

No. 212450

Why is my stupid ass potato phone unable to download it. I want to have all of my husbandos on my grasp.

No. 212451

That domain looks absolutely awesome! I can’t wait to try it out.

No. 212453

anon I just want you to know that I've been cry laughing at this for hours, ilu

No. 212466

Yes. Hail lolcow

No. 212504

Why is it possible for the fire artifact sets to drop with Hydro DMG bonus as the main stat! Twice already absolutely useless fodder.

No. 212506

I just use that shit for level mats

No. 212510

You can use it as the fifth unmatched piece so don't throw it away unless it has shit substats.

No. 212519

never throw any goblets

No. 212554

I already have hydro stuff with hydro bonus, I'm farming for Diluc.


No. 212627

Cause they might be useful for another character one day.
Unless they have shit substats, as >>212510 said. (Then again, ‘shit stats’ depends on what the character scales on, I guess.)

No. 212728

File: 1654708780177.png (3.51 MB, 2560x1440, 7e5612dcbb77d8f1da3615a13e2288…)

Thoma is cuter than Childe. Idgaf, fight meeee

No. 212730

File: 1654708836233.jpg (325.5 KB, 1634x2048, him.jpg)

Just look at him. He'll always be a 5 star king to me.

No. 212794

That's because Thoma doesn't have the dead eyes or the red flags

No. 212808

Comparing them is like comparing apples and oranges to me. I like both because they're very different as characters.

No. 212922

File: 1654766812541.jpg (80.47 KB, 686x669, 1654708929320.jpg)

apparently this is sumeru concept art
as expected the girl is a coomer orientalist belly dancer stereotype. i think the boy is cute but forgettable

No. 212928

sumeru will be such a shitshow to watch from the orientalist designs to the meldown over the sexualization of the dendro loli archon

No. 212930

Whenever I see comparison pictures like this I just can't believe how the producers will look at this and be like "yep, lots of colours and details and coomer skin reveal on the woman, the boy can be a grey ass NPC, that's fair" but even less those who cry "misogyny" because you think it's unfair that the female character completely and obviously designed for men gets way more attention both design and model wise and her own story shoehorned inside the Archon story part while the cute boy created for women is shoved aside. And the more I think about that the more I can't believe Mihoyo wants to compete with the million other mindless waifu games that keep popping up every quarter instead of pleasing half of their playerbase they intentionally targeted to make them draw tons of fanart and cosplay to promote their game. Make it make sense.

No. 212931

it's just lazy character design. it looks like that art was done by the same person and as an artist myself, it's incredibly easy to create coomer characters, that's why i always see them as cheap, because i know the artistic process, i know you don't need to use a lot of braincells
now when you create a male character, especially a short shota-ish one, you need to do way more research and that takes too much effort for most overworked artists who are expected to churn out as many coomer designs as possible in a short amount of time. if you don't have any experience in the field of creating attractive bishounens you won't be able to design something very appealing anyway

No. 212932

also to add on, they aren't really allowed to make them more feminine or femboy-ish like venti anymore because of the ccp rules so they need to stick with a more shounen vibe that limits their creativity even more

No. 212934

Hopefully it means you twatter fujotrash will get btfo even harder and quit the game. Your precious feminist icons will never wear towels from your banana 3rd world countries. Deal with it.

No. 212935

Samefagging to add that I love sucking a fat cock, that's why I hate you femcels so much, because you don't have dicks my starved mouth could suck.(okay)

No. 212944

They really just made tanned Enoshima Junko and thought no one would notice, huh? This design hurts so much that it could bring me to tears, but what hurts the most is the sheer halter top with giant areola covers. They really couldn't not give a girl something sheer? Her split pants with the leg wearing a torn up curtain held closed with its hooks also could've been done without.
The boy is grey but from afar his scarf looked like moth wings and I'm getting a moth design feel from him so I kinda like it. Bet it wasn't intentional kek I promise from now on I won't expect anything design or story wise.

No. 212945

File: 1654777129841.jpeg (116.5 KB, 750x529, CE757BA3-5FC9-49EB-BF0A-366ADF…)

This is proof that chinese people can be just as ignorant of other nations and areas they’re trying to rip off. For instance Ayato’s ugly suit outfit that looks extremely out of place and is based on 20th century western business attire while his sister actually wears clothing that seems inazuman, Yae’s hideous halloween 2sexy4me garb that no respectable shrine maiden would wear, a raiden that wears porn thigh high socks and runs around in heels despite being an amazing martial artist because god forbid female characters wear anything BUT heels, zhonghli dressed in a severely ugly suit as well and luckily Venti who’s outfit looks period-appropriate but then you have someone like fischl running around like she’s dressed to trick and treat. I’m not even a twitterfag but the design inspiration and references for the game is all over the place and is as accurate as Aladdin kek and will always be based on stereotypes. It was inevitable that once they deal with “muh third world” cultures they are going to dip their hands into eurocentric orientalist propaganda for inspiration. Please don’t think that sexism in other cultures were as blatant and virulent as it was in european countries, because surprise surprise the “dirty brown” cultures you keep talking shit about DID at one point have equal opportunities for women, so stop believing in scrote /pol/ bait and don’t take the game that seriously anons damn.

No. 212949

The thing that bothers me so much about raiden's design is that at first glance she doesn't represent anything. She's wearing a weird purple kimono and some electro symbols and nothing else. Nothing about her screams shogun, or a warrior or having a high rank. Why didn't they give her some sort of traditional edo period armour? Even if it was generic sexy armour with the cleavage out, at least it would make more sense with the concept of her character. At least with zhongli's suit there is a suggestion he is a dragon with those scales and his outfit matches with hu tao because they both work at the funeral.
Remember raiden's first leak and all the people making fun of it, calling it a poor attempt at a npc? This was the first impression people had before being mindbroken by the booba sword

No. 212951

Fujononnas… you told me Mehoeyo respected the most important playerbase aka straight girls with a fag fetish… You lied to me…

No. 212952

Endless complaints about outfits start to make a lot of sense when you realize anons ITT are Muslims who probably never touched a fantasy game in their lives because of how haram they are.
You can't make that shit up.

No. 212953

File: 1654778895136.jpeg (463.05 KB, 750x741, 1340D784-6A06-455F-9AC9-7903C7…)

Damn I wish I saw that because I’m disappointed that they ended up not giving Ayato long hair that resembled Ayaka’s, truly sad. Kekk but she still looks like an over glorified NPC? It would make a lot more sense to dress her up in armor and covered clothes because out of the two archons (her and her sister that died OOPS SPOILERS idgaf lmao) she was the one who actually knew how to fight. What’s even more disappointing is her combat role in the game like, really? She’s a pretty good support/sub-DPS but you hype up your ugly booba waifu to be able to take down a large ass monster on her very own land and the only thing she can do is just a few slashes for her burst? No defense capabilities?

No. 212955

>those Muslims grrrr they don’t play haram games where the women are dressed in revealing sexist clothes and the men are given dignity

Stfu anon, even if they are by chance muslims they’ll still be more infinitely better than you.

No. 212956

File: 1654779196351.jpeg (130.8 KB, 1061x1500, 8D55D557-4919-4A4A-B189-410236…)

You can literally look for “sexy shogun armor” and find stuff that could’ve been coomer enough for coomers but that would’ve been a better representation of a shogun than whatever is Raiden.
Just simplify the design a bit so the programmers don’t suffer too much and she doesn’t clip that much, make it purple and add electro symbols.

No. 212959

nta but doubt

No. 212961

Yeah this, it shouldn't be too difficult for them. Even the current design, personally I don't find it that sexy at all. She has cleavage but even by coomer standards, she looks boring? Like too safe?

No. 212962

I wish she looked something like this because it's close to what I was originally expecting, the current design is like an anime mother in a sexy bathrobe.

No. 212965

Not true, the ccp doesn't give a shit unless they're actual traps like the guy from im@s or astolfo

No. 212969

>beta design leaked
>lolcow spergs over some chinese fantasy game outfits
Like clockwork

No. 212971

They rarely even care about that, the law is only applied to foreign media to keep them off the Chinese market. The censorship is rarely enacted upon with Chinese creations.

No. 212973

why is this faggot camping on our threads

No. 212974


I know you're the /v/ scrote ban evading again but if you actually play other chinese vidya it becomes immediately apparent that genshin is laughably far below average in the design department. I blame it on mihoyo being a ghetto coomer weeb company, it's so rare to see them drop a genuinely good design.

No. 212975

And yet you're still playing it like a braindead consoomer. Is this how you cope after being rejected from design companies?

No. 212976

File: 1654783261045.jpeg (628.58 KB, 2048x2048, DDAE7DAA-4A48-42C8-97E2-313046…)


No. 212977

Kek what’s with that projection of yours.

No. 212978

Nta but I play it because i think the open world and the exploration aspect are very well done. I think a lot of characters also have very fun gameplay and it's generally a comfy game. However at the same time we're allowed to criticize some of the poor character design choices or the garbage writing. A lot of coomers like YOU are also mad because the girls are always censored and don't have melon sized tits and yet you still choose to play it, so we're in the same boat scrote-kun

No. 212979

this dude camps us here to tell us to stop complaining about the female characters when his friends over at /v/ have daily meltdowns over gorou and the other boys and call it a gay game kek

No. 212981

I… never applied to any, video game design isn't even remotely close to my field. Ur autism and desocialization is showing.

No. 212984

yeah the average cuckchanner considers genshin a turd only reddit soyboys and women enjoy so I don't see his point. and how does complaining about ugly designs make someone more of a consoomer than someone who blindly laps up anything with a cooch and an exposed armpit?

No. 212987

Silly anon, it's because he plays the game for its meta and knows how to forward vape the fuck out of spiral abyss with his armpit waifus, you dumb femcelfujos just don't understand his superior intellect.

No. 212990

This is the unbanned /v/ scrote who keeps arguing in this thread and baiting kek, what a faggot

No. 212997

Pretty sure he's still banned but he keeps ban evading because he can't live without throwing his daily autistic fits on lolcow. Men are mentally ill but gamer men have next level brain damage.

No. 212998

Of all the times for the mods to not get involved. Anyways, girls, what're your favorite parts of the game? For me it's gotta be my sons Razor and Bennett. No matter how shitty the game gets—and I have a feeling it's gonna get much much worse—i can't abandon my boys.

No. 212999

I have a feeling Mihoyo might look into making some characters weaker. We’ve seen it already happen to Venti and Zhongli. Even 4star characters like Xingqiu have been replaced by Yellin. I have no doubt Bennett and Beidou are next.

No. 213000

I like all of my boys, the majority of the male characters are really charming and interesting and it's been a while since I've actually felt so affectionate towards gacha characters. They have a very oldschool JRPG feel to them which I love. The game just is best described as comfy, I like experimenting with different playstyles, I love exploring the lore and the world and doing events, the sourpusses who speedrun everything without savoring any of the moment just so they get to complain how bad the game is faster need to find something better to do with their time. It's a shame the female characters are so annoying and getting increasingly more coomerish because they're the only real flaw I see with Genshin.

No. 213005

unfortunately this is what happens with all the gachas but even though kazuha is much stronger than sucrose she's still heavily used in abyss so both bennett and xingqiu will still remain meta in spiral abyss (because outside of it, it really doesn't matter)

No. 213006

wait i just realized something, do they not play any sports in teyvat? i'd like an athlete-inspired character

No. 213009

I'm loyal to fictional characters kek so the moment they try to force me to neglect Razor, Bennett, and my other favs for new characters with crap designs, I really might peace out. When I got Razor on the new player banner with wolf's gravestone I felt like I won the lottery. I have a feeling you're right though. If they don't phase out old characters, noncoomers who wanna advance in the game won't pull as much.

I'd really like to see that. The sporty gym leaders in pokemon come to mind!

No. 213012

Technically, windblume is like a sports’ festival and Amber is like an athlete. It sucks, but it’s something, I still want a cute sporty boy though.

No. 213014

wait i think natlan might have sports

No. 213019

File: 1654790478617.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1022x1500, 8CC6B92C-E335-4C69-B73D-1F8546…)

One thing I’m annoyed by is how characters are “head of ___” or “owner of ___” we haven’t had less important characters in forever. They just want more overworked waifus and let our beautiful men slack off. Like how kuki is the brains and Itto is the goofy himbo. We need more goofy girls who don’t like work like my main girl Rosaria.

No. 213060

>girls who don’t like work like my main girl Rosaria
She may not work but she is a vigilante and technically, she works hard on this. But aside from that, I agree. I was thinking about having a waifu who is like Itto when I was looking at his relationship with Kuki I love this fanart of Rosaria btw

No. 213062

Yes! One of the major gripes I have is that all the female characters are made into perfect Mary Sues who work hard and have a position of authority, I'm all for female bosses but I love characters like Rosaria and Lisa that are unapologetically slackers and Beidou who's just an aloof brute. Even Yelan was another perfect Mary Sue and Kuki is just a "nice girl", I wish she was actually a gang member and not just a nanny for Itto.

No. 213083

I like that it's a bootleg of an actually great game with extra cute boys in it. Other than that I don't have a lot of praise to give genshin. Its a soulless gacha. If it had an all female cast I would never even considered playing.

No. 213114

File: 1654804396958.jpeg (625.91 KB, 1080x3117, 424C85BA-3DF7-4580-805C-4D1909…)

What’s the source for this? I’ve seen no leaker with a good track record back this up. We never get concept art for characters, but character model leaks as in the famous inazuma leak. Don’t freak out about designs that aren’t datamined or in the beta.

Since we’re talking about leaks. Ubatcha compiled all the leaks. I believe fish touching was a reliable Chinese uncle, while mrX might have been in the woman-hating Chinese leaker group (not sure though).

No. 213122

>Scaramouche is a main DPS electro 5* catalyst
Let it be real

No. 213151

File: 1654816010444.jpeg (628.79 KB, 1438x2048, 9406C063-07B1-4850-871D-4B4317…)

Pls pls pls pls

No. 213572

File: 1655001931973.jpg (54.08 KB, 828x626, hhh7m2k4g0591.jpg)

Pic is supposed to be regarding Cyno, god please please let it be true. Additional good news in the realm of leaks, we're supposed to be getting a short 5-star dendro guy with 3.0, who, according to Ubatcha, has long ears, and according to saveyourprimos has a fluffy tail. Bunny boy maybe?

No. 213579

A short bunny boy sounds cute, I hope they don’t ruin his design. But it’s more probable that he will get floppy ears like a lop eared rabbit or sucrose-like ears that will make him look like he’s nervous 24/7.

No. 213601

How short? A new model frame or Xiao short?

No. 213611

Short like Xiao

No. 213617

oh my god a bunny boy is a must roll for me

No. 213626

>Cyno is electro
>short 5-star dendro guy who has long ears and a fluffy tail
My god please let all of this be true, I will forgive mhy for Yelan if this happens.

No. 213647

File: 1655038240420.jpeg (387.53 KB, 750x720, 1603817293905.jpeg)

If any of this is true, my f2p ass will have to skip Itto and save for them. Please, archons, don't possess me and cause me to give hoeyo any money.

No. 213648

tighnari leaks should come at the end of itto's banner so you have time to choose

No. 213650

Thanks and good to know! I'll save during Itto's banner and then we'll see.

No. 213656

if i like tighnari i might buy a welkin in july to save a bit more because right now i only have enough just for one 50/50, i might be able to save a guarantee until sumeru but i want cyno and the su expy too so…

No. 213659

Scaramouche playable in 3.2 and I don't know how to feel about it. Especially when Childe might rerun the patch after.

No. 213660

Anons, remember we are getting the Archipelago and Sumeru in the next updates. That means a shitton of primos from chests and achievements. Right now you can get 640 achievements maximum, I already have over 600, I recommend anons that are f2p and already have all nations at 100% exploration to farm them. There are a lot that are hidden and easy to do.

No. 213664

File: 1655047019614.png (318.17 KB, 632x920, nonspecificanimal.PNG)

Well guess I speculated too soon about him being a bunny boy, idk, I'm still happy about any sort of male kemonomimi-type character, even more so that he's supposed to have a tail.
The mention of a Su expy in this screenshot is referring to an upcoming new character leaked by a few people that's supposed to look similar to the male honkai character Su. One of the leakers mentioned him having a sleeveless shirt and being a sumeru scholar. Idk how I feel about another honkek expy, interesting it's a male character this time, though I think the only one I'd particularly want brought over would be Kevin (only if he kept the pec window though)

It's been a while but I'm pretty sure I remember seeing leaks from when the 2.8 beta went live about how we're supposed to be getting a new search bar system for achievements to easily see if you have a particular one. Hope it's true, I'm a year late to the game and it can be difficult to farm wonders of the world achievements

No. 213672

maybe he's based on a fantasy creature like yanfei?

No. 213699

Really? Wouldn’t the 3.0 beta leaks start after 2.8? July 14th.

No. 213705

yes, betas never start that early. 3.0 leaks will come at the beginning of 2.8

No. 213713

what but they do? i know a lot of betas that started early

No. 213721

they start once the final banner before the preceding patch has already ended at the earliest. once they started doing the "drip marketing" thing, it consistently came before the beta the teased character belonged to and alongside the first banner of the new patch.

No. 213745

What's with Mihoyo and these grey skinned characters. I thought there'd be some in-universe explanation for it, but nope there's just some people out there walking about looking like zombie-kin. Rosaria is the same. Is it meant to represent pale skin, but since most characters are already pale, they just default to grey?

No. 213747

File: 1655073191575.png (109.36 KB, 480x280, Jun[1].png)

I think she looks cute funny, reminds me of Junko Enoshima.

No. 213750

Only makes me hate her more kek

No. 213765

>Is it meant to represent pale skin, but since most characters are already pale, they just default to grey?
That makes a lot of sense to me. Rosaria is supposed to be ultra pale and vampire-like, so they just picked a lifeless skintone for her. I wonder if they'll finally start releasing more characters with different tones now, it's honestly pathetic. What kind of designers did they employ for it to turn out this way

No. 213797

You guys were getting grey? Her skin borders on lavender to me. I can see Rosaria successfully being made pale and standing out among the already light skinned cast but you know graphic design is hoeyo's passion. This just serves as another good reason to use more skin tones in general though. Make playable characters feel more unique and skin tone can suggest place of origin, native culture, etc which helps develop a character's presence and story.

No. 213822

File: 1655096209716.jpeg (111.38 KB, 527x655, 5AB80301-7E50-454C-904E-88A9EB…)

Makes me wish Itto or Yoimiya were tan.

No. 213835

File: 1655098520380.jpeg (1.03 MB, 2500x2500, 503D1776-58B4-4585-94A5-76DAC9…)

Okay, so my edit sucks, but Bennett with darker skin would be cute and make so much sense for him!

No. 213873

>start the new itto event
>sara mentioned
god not this shit again… idk why are they so set on shilling this trashy ship so much and as an ittofag it feels like cucking wanting to talk with itto but i'm forced to ask him about sara instead

No. 213877

He looks like a dead Bennett.
Character designs for both men and women have been down the drain for a while though imo.

No. 213878

Good taste nonna, they're my sons too! Best boys.
When I first saw her I thought Rosaria may be a vampire. I'm upset that she isn't still.

No. 213887

Why didn't they do this? Literally all they had to do was change the colors! I'm so pissed I could cry.
I hate this for us, nona. Hoeyo knows as much about developing romantic relationships as the creator of Naruto. Stop trying to make ittosara happen. It's not going to happen! (besides she's totes les for Ei, but I could see a rivals to enemies with Kokomi and some interesting other dynamics with another character but that's a whole nother post.)

No. 213895

Please tell me more.
I think Sarakoko is the best ship for Sara since Ei is already into her familiar Yae, and the ship name I like for them is cute “Yaei”.
When it comes to the other Les ships, I like LisaJean, Beigguang, xinyin (in a cute puppy love way) and kekgoat.

No. 213899

Are they actually pushing a ship? Or is it just that they have interacted with eachother? There are barely any characters for Itto to interact with and Sara is part of the police which he constantly gets into trouble with, so of course they would talk. Not everything is a setup for something romantic.

No. 213916

he only sent two letter invitations, to traveler and sara

No. 213940

I kinda like the guy, but he looks like he belongs in Nier

No. 213970

File: 1655144937876.jpeg (135.6 KB, 988x655, BB19C579-F5C5-4271-B40E-59C99A…)

What you’re seeing is fanart depicting predictions of what Sumeru characters might look like. Ubatcha, an actual credible source, has clarified that what we’re seeing is just fanart.
Just like the Heizou situation, don’t take fanart as canon and get disappointed.

No. 214012

these >>212922 are real concept art done by mihoyo employees

No. 214014

he was talking about the other fanart drawn based on what save your primos speculated, learn how to read

No. 214043

I heard cn fans see them as "semi-canon" so it seems like they're pushing that ship but they have zero chemistry

No. 214055

Who cares what they think, mihoyo won't make any ship canon anyway and "semi-canon" coming from random people on the internet doesn't mean anything. The characters in this game are all extremely flat, so literally any ship seems like it is made up out of thin air. Even the big ones like Zhongli and Childe have zero actual chemistry. Some interactions don't automatically mean that the company is "pushing a ship", but I can see that your fandom culture rotted brains might process it differently.
I personally like Beigguang the most, but I can see that even they have barely any interactions together and those could also be interpreted as them being close acquaintances or something. And why do you guys even care about this? If you don't like a ship you can just choose not to consume the content. You can close twitter whenever you want.

No. 214096

File: 1655183295244.png (2.41 MB, 1278x1439, totescanonthoughmydudes.png)

I don't understand why people cling to Ittosara, Itto clearly hates her and not in a tsundere way. But I ship trash that also won't happen so I guess I'm no better than those weirdos

No. 214108

I liked the old rhythm style better, worked nicer on console.

No. 214113

Yeah I don't know why people keep sperging out over IttoSara and how anon it is, it's a shit ship and they canonically can't stand each other. Itto just bothers her for a fight because he wants to kick her ass for stealing his vision before.

No. 214114

>how anon
*how canon kek I wonder what an anon ship would be

No. 214161

No literally no source has backed that up.

No. 214226

wish i could tell you who confirmed it and post a pic proof but i'm gonna get kicked out of that discord if they find out

No. 214272

Great taste Nona

On that note, I really hope that they give us some material for Heizou/Itto. I think heizou has a lot of the same things going for him, but looks like he’ll be a little more laid back than Sara.

No. 214385

File: 1655252419445.png (2.52 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (60).png)

This isnt about yelan. the Noelle cult has risen from their graves and spent every dime they could to get their precious waifu to c6. Finally, i get to deal some actual damage for once

No. 214430

I hope this is fake cause they are ugly asf lol

No. 214711

I really dislike the idea of a little girl archon especially when she’s meant to represent Mother Nature and Wisdom who are associated with motherly type representations such as Nut and Gea.

No. 214809

File: 1655367005872.jpeg (1.02 MB, 2500x2500, 22A6169A-A78C-417A-B1BF-B5E9C9…)

Venti’s birthday!! Image dump incoming

No. 214810

File: 1655367047888.jpeg (90.43 KB, 669x393, A7593F95-73A2-46F2-8719-E27F47…)

Full birthday description by mihoyo! He really called us “my warrior” wow

No. 214811

File: 1655367093869.jpeg (696.38 KB, 2500x2500, 0478D446-11FC-46B9-AD90-B6E464…)

More official mihoyo art

No. 214812

File: 1655367124218.jpeg (300.6 KB, 1920x1080, 8F8FBD87-003E-4555-9F20-2C6CD8…)

No. 214815

File: 1655367351283.jpeg (296.52 KB, 1920x1080, 19AD6685-3230-421D-BEB4-6DFDE5…)

No. 214816

File: 1655367475753.jpeg (123.5 KB, 940x940, C4EF780C-898C-465F-A4D3-CC4EA1…)

he smells like cecilia flowers I’m gonna cry

No. 214839

File: 1655375707264.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1500x1085, 78D84691-7207-402E-ACBB-02C0E8…)

Happy birthday to our boy!

No. 214853

File: 1655383340709.jpeg (165.67 KB, 750x1494, C9BE7334-9EF1-4C4A-A322-2ADF9C…)

No. 214856

I love this picture

No. 215032

File: 1655456008174.jpeg (551.48 KB, 2559x1429, E8BA656B-FC2F-4BEC-BAE4-B30F9B…)

2.8 art leaked! Weird that Fischl isn’t in her new summer skin

No. 215066

Xinyan looks cute. Maybe they want to keep Fischl’s outfit a secret so everyone does soyjack faces when they show the outfit that she will wear.

No. 215084

omg nonnie i'm so jealous, noelle is one of my faves since 1.0
i only need ONE noelle and so far i got two barbaras, shitty weapons and fucking yelan (i kinda loved playing with her though)

No. 215093

it's so obvious, people love enemies-to-lovers, specially with characters with opposite personalities

No. 215148

File: 1655482934819.jpeg (568.35 KB, 4096x2199, 5221CC46-96F1-4AF3-8F71-50956C…)

He’s our bestie, right?

No. 215161

File: 1655490181784.png (37.29 KB, 512x395, ddkbw9onf5691.png)

Lumie has confirmed that heizou will run with kazuha and klee! Excited to get some kazuha cons while going for heizou, I do also kinda want to get some gorou cons tho but maybe i will just skip ittos banner to be safe since chasing after 4 stars is a bad idea.

this art is so pretty

No. 215162

kinda sad it’s the first half cause i blew all my primos on xiao and his weapon. oh well. guess i’ll wait another year for kazu.

No. 215169

>tfw already have c2 kazu and high pity on character banner
suffering from success. heizou will be the one anemo shota that got away.

No. 215187

Now I don't know if I I should keep trying to get Xiao or if I should skip to get Sucrose's replacement and the kazoo boy.

No. 215199

File: 1655500973572.jpeg (155.22 KB, 1200x638, 162AA308-164B-4A1C-A4BF-E45229…)

Best boy

No. 215269

File: 1655512902762.jpeg (627.38 KB, 1200x1000, 2493DA23-D189-4C3E-9315-A7BFC2…)

I like fanart of him drunk af.

No. 215282

File: 1655514096773.png (473.07 KB, 950x950, C3AE6017-7CCF-4982-A99C-8AC412…)

No. 215303

i had to roll so many times that i got a xiao at c1 that i probably wont ever use now. feel bad for the people i know grinding their asses off just to get one xiao

No. 215310

got scammed by your own shit taste

No. 215311

I really want him because I already got his weapon, it would be a waste to just let Zhongli keep it, I grind everyday but I have the feeling that I will lose my 50/50 to either Mona, Jean or Kekking to make the wound deeper.

No. 215373

Taking advantage of drunk Venti…

No. 215378

What the fuck? I just did my 50th wish and I hadn't gotten any 5 star, why?

No. 215385

Hard pity is 80, anon.

No. 215390

80 is only hard pity on the weapon banner, otherwise it's 90. However, it seems due to the way soft pity (beginning at 75) works, the number of players that actually get all the way to 90 without a 5-star is almost 0%, >>215378 you'll probably get a 5-star ~80

No. 215558

These are xiao (+ maybe Noelle) sales you fuckin dumdums

No. 215561

Totally agreed with you, I wonder if they changed concept artists. The boy looks dead, the girl could maybe be fun, she has a junko vibe to her like another anon said earlier, but I dislike the coomer details of her outfit. Ugh

No. 215953

File: 1655795512378.jpg (68.05 KB, 564x564, b5f18560726eeedef5e4d8e8ff7f20…)

Soooo, Itto banner is tomorrow, right?

No. 216110

su leaks look good. i might just comeback to the game if he has interesting personality

No. 216121

File: 1655854967983.jpeg (474 KB, 2732x1921, 0FDE378E-D0B2-4427-874B-F7E6B4…)

IM SO EXCITED. I GOT GOROU C6!! The cutest twink of them all. Only spent 9k primos. Also got C0 Itto, C0 Kuki, and C0 Qiqi.

No. 216163

File: 1655873325980.jpeg (190.1 KB, 1072x1200, 94F22D13-0B4C-4F9F-BC74-07B13B…)

I like playing as Kuki. She’s like a mix between Kekking, Kaeya and electro traveller. Wish she wasn’t so coomerish but what’s neat is she’s a lot like Yoimiya in terms of looks and needing Naku weed to evolve,

No. 216165

Maybe she will get a censored version at some point.

No. 216169

I saw someone say shes like yoimiya recolored by 10 year old that just discovered what ocs are. her design is so bad that the coom somehow managed to be one of the least offensive parts of it.

I hope no other region ends up with a roster as unfortunate as inazuma. if I had to make a top 10 worst designs in genshin I think 7 would be inazuman.

No. 216189

File: 1655889284730.png (349.25 KB, 294x608, unknown-26.png)

Male character leak, tho uba said that he probably wont be playable in 3.0 but later.

No. 216190

why were they shitting on the new team of character designers? this design is pretty solid, i like the color scheme. the only thing that i would change is that collar, i'm getting too much of a dain vibe. definetly saving for him

No. 216197

Is that a skintight bodysuit under the green coat?? Fuck fuck fuck fuck I love him fuck

No. 216217


No. 216219

I need him.

No. 216232

Since we haven't gotten new censored outfits in a while I'm guessing there won't be any more of them unless Chinese feminists report Mihoyo en masse again.

No. 216234

When are we getting a batch model leak like in the past?

No. 216236

Likely once the 3.0 beta starts

No. 216240

He better show at least a little skin though

No. 216244

It's gonna take a while before Mihoyo realizes yours and Chinese conservatives' muslim tumblr fantasies.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 216245

Report and don’t interact with the scrote anons

No. 216255

NTA but being against Islam and tumblr doesn't make you a scrote.(very much the anon she replied to)

No. 216257

Nta but only a scrote would call censoring female tits and ass constantly hanging out for no reason "conservative muslim tumblr fantasies".

No. 216260

I suppose women in crop tops and short shorts are also hanging their tits and ass for no reason then.

No. 216263

Is the middle section of fabric intended to be like the sheer fabric shenhe and eula have? Because if so I am in love

No. 216264

It looks like Dainsleif's latex suit. In any case I hope he's the previous Dendro archon.

No. 216277

Don't reply to bait, nonna.

No. 216392

Finished all the secret achievements in the Chasm and damn that Zhiqiong is infuriating. Wonder if we're to assume she's dead or if she'll show up again in a future quest/event.

No. 216406

File: 1655989462520.jpeg (2.27 MB, 2480x3508, 374DFC5F-8289-4302-AB68-1E6431…)

Yeah I hated her and who knows maybe she’ll be found in a new chasm area? For now, I’m going to assume she died.

No. 216409

I thought she just went back to the tea house to work there or something.

No. 216410

You didn't find the letter did you. Doing something like that goes completely against her dumb 'I must adventure and be remembered even if I die in the process' character.

No. 216522

File: 1656027441951.jpeg (428.12 KB, 2048x2048, C8E37ABE-DE1C-42D6-A1D0-CD0F19…)

Dendro bow 5-star male in 3.0 I hate bow users so much as a ps5 player so I’ll have to skip. All I want is a hot dude, with a non-shitty element and decent dps.
He’s not this dude since he’s supposed to release in the patches after 3.0 >>216189

No. 216556

animal ear boy will be the first proper male bow dps? nice! finally someone I want. the su guy looks a little generic for my taste.

No. 216642

Which one are you anons
Sorry i'm bored and saw this stupid quiz on reddit, apparently i'm eimiko kek. I hate both characters but I don't dislike the ship, if that makes sense. The description was kind of relatable.

No. 216648

i got albedo x mona which is funny bc i actually kind of ship it.

No. 216671

File: 1656107308226.png (135.22 KB, 444x161, sypcyno.PNG)

picrel is from a leak compilation by save your primos, am I the only one that had been thinking this whole time that cyno was supposed to use the tall male model? He didn't look like he was supposed to be short to me from the little we saw of him in the webcomic. Idk, I'm sure he'll be cute anyway but I'm a little disappointed

No. 216683

Iirc he was shown to be quite small in the comic, he was around Collei's height I think. He wasn't taller than Amber. The preview from the trailer also makes it obvious that he was always supposed to have the short model, but I feel your disappointment, the tall model always looks better

No. 216687

>am I the only one that had been thinking this whole time that cyno was supposed to use the tall male model?
Yes. What made you think that? The tall male model is stiff, awkward, and all around deplorable so thank god he stands a chance of looking cute in game.

No. 216700

File: 1656117557954.jpeg (296.91 KB, 1000x1343, C216BC95-3B09-4069-BCBD-FA231F…)

No. 216705

I got kujo sara x kokomi lol

No. 216708

File: 1656121159310.jpg (437.4 KB, 1048x2006, fff38479d1d9267b09f7a039f2778d…)

I got Ayato x Thoma. Niiiiice…

No. 216711

Genshinfags sure do wear the shit out of that quirky girl with her tits and ass out x fully clothed, stoic man trope

No. 216789

I got this too and while I don't really ship, this art is really cute

No. 216792

albemona is a really niche and unpopular ship though, i see more scaramona and alberose. they're all garbage ships anyway, albedo is for traveler

No. 216793

I got Zhongchi. Guess I do want a walletmoid after all.

No. 216794

It's nice to see the genshin community coming together to shit on kuki. She has to be one of the most recycled characters in genshin, the definition of a filler character.

No. 216795

She deserved better. I hate how she's another stock electro girl with a recycled useless kit and contrary to other anons I like her design because the tacky colours fit her rebellious personality, but it's ruined by the coomerpandering parts like the midriff and hotpants.

No. 216819

She at least has the merit of being the first Electro healer but even that is going to be overturned in 3.0

No. 216832

anon shut the fuck up he’s literally smiling at her, compared to IRL moids who take selfies with their gfs they always look like baldi from baldi’s basics who doesn’t smile or emote at all like a psychopath right next to her who looks like a bratz doll in comparison

No. 216833

albemonafags getting uppity kek

No. 216837

learn how to properly tag and reply

No. 216838

maybe i didn't want to tag you thought about that?

No. 216840

nta but kek what are you even trying to say here.

No. 216848

File: 1656165768149.jpeg (166.27 KB, 750x999, D7CB7C9B-B4BB-4D01-B4C8-2BFF07…)

I hated the quiz, and I got two characters that I forgot existed.

No. 216850

>Bennett x Fischl
Who the fuck ships these two? Shit taste all around. Bennett belongs with Razor.

No. 216855

they're friends so they must be dating duh

No. 216859

What the fuck are you talking about

No. 216863

File: 1656169635099.jpeg (8.28 KB, 334x115, 23821D18-4BF8-4A9B-A2F6-674F97…)

Beta is June 29! So dendro and dendro male leaks soon nonnies

No. 216864

not everyone is a straight women that gets off to gay guys doo doo dicking each other anon

No. 216865

i didn’t sleep well okay nonnie

No. 216866

File: 1656170295239.jpg (74.77 KB, 600x520, Genshin.Impact.600.3242816.jpg)

dainsleif x lumine
dont ship them but the description was nice

No. 216867

People speculate we'll get drip marketing next Monday. I'm currently camping in the Genshin leaks reddit just in case they leak the drip marketing today or tomorrow. I can't wait to see Tighnari, hope he doesn't dissappoint…

No. 216868

File: 1656171125905.jpg (152.39 KB, 1674x1353, 098u2yy.jpg)

No. 216869

Unhinged-chan please

No. 216876

File: 1656172035864.jpg (493.06 KB, 2247x3183, Gorou.jpg)

mm cute homosexual doggie

kazuha > itto > gorou >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> everyone else in plainazuma

No. 216877

Gorou can't eat chocolate or onions, so that makes him less date-able.

No. 216879

File: 1656172840381.jpg (Spoiler Image, 296.32 KB, 1800x1309, (its not graphic).jpg)

he can get all nutrients he needs from a penis covered in peanut butter

No. 216880

Zhongaether and Chither are both superior When is Childe reuniting with us nonnas?

No. 216898

seethe forward vape-kun

I'm going to treasure these drawings, thanks nonny

No. 217241

Leakers are saying we might have scara banner in 3.2.

No. 217310

File: 1656296822249.png (Spoiler Image, 694.83 KB, 738x590, 487b0dgs9v.png)

And Cyno in 3.1
SYP said he's a huge nerd and I think I'm going to pull for him just because of that. I love gap-moe characters like him…
I'm pulling for three characters in a row and I don't think I have enough primos. Pray for me, anons…
Also, in a few hours Tighnari's drip marketing, can't wait.

No. 217325

Nonnies, I dropped genshin since inazuma. Should I come back? Is it worth it?

No. 217328

File: 1656306132446.jpg (69.61 KB, 842x635, IMG_20201223_054159.jpg)

Why did you drop the game?
If you dropped it because you couldn't stand the coomerish designs and waifus, then I'm sorry to dissapoint you but I don't think female designs are going to get any better. Specially not now, because next nation is heavily inspired by Arab and East Asian culture, so you can already imagine the outfits…
If you dropped the game because you felt Inazuma's storyline was stupid/awkward/badly written,I feel like Sumeru's chapter is going to be more interesting. Seems like Fatui are going to play a big role in the plot (leakers mentioned there'll be a big conflict between them and Sumeru characters). Scaramouche is going to be playable and also a weekly boss, so that means he'll have some characters development. Plus, before Sumeru you'll have to complete Dainsleif quest, I think it was very interesting and gave us a lot of info regarding Khaenriah, Hilichurls (?) and Celestia.

No. 217332

At the moment it’s not worth it, but come back in August with 3.0 Sumeru.

No. 217667

The only reason to come back right now is if you have hopes for sumeru and want to farm gems to pull one of the characters. Otherwise don't bother, game's been all down hill since 2.0

No. 217777

File: 1656491954988.jpeg (77.69 KB, 815x667, 68A08654-CB0C-48BC-A783-1FB46E…)

What the fuck is going on with his color scheme? This is Tighnari, dendro bow.

No. 217780

Okay I fucking love him, those are some pointy ears

No. 217783

File: 1656493477039.jpg (244.9 KB, 1342x1080, adjkghKLGHSF.jpg)

sorry i found a better image lol

No. 217784

Samefag, fuck Itto and Heizou I guess, I'm gonna save for the Sumeru boys because they're looking very good so far

No. 217796

Tighnari x Cyno fanarts when?

No. 217799

The outfit is so offensively ugly, it's like they hit the random button in a dress up game

No. 217801

File: 1656498137777.png (868.87 KB, 982x944, collei.png)

Collei splash art
I hope people don't mind me reposting them here ?

No. 217802

File: 1656498241291.png (784.06 KB, 839x960, dori.png)

Aaaand Dori splash art

No. 217803

>fusion of Diona and Sucrose
Genshitters devs are incredibly lazy

No. 217804

The outfit has literally every fucking color, it's insane. Black and white sections, we've got a red stripe on the pants and hood, orange on the gloves, yellow/gold with the flower and diagonal stripe, green on the hair + details (and element), cyan, purple and GREY on the rope belt, teal on the decoration near his left shoulder and dark blue here and there. WHY do they design characters this way? They could have literally made the same design with just green, blue, red and some golden accents.

No. 217805

File: 1656499682352.jpg (86.67 KB, 1200x675, pepe.jpg)

I dont know how to feel about this outfit. Its just to much however i might just be coping but hopefully it will look better in game?

Oh wow an actual cute outfit for a female character. She propbably has an open back but i will take it tbh because i know that they just will give so many female sumeru characters a coomer design.

Fuck i hate this loli pandering shit, i actually the color scheme is nice and the design is not that bad but the fact that its on a child character just makes me annoyed because i know they will just pander to lolicons with her character.

yeah its giving me some clown core vibes kek.

No. 217807

File: 1656499759003.jpg (17.11 KB, 298x744, wv1auyrcyk891.jpg)

also sorry for samefag i cant type for shit but here is collei in game model

No. 217809

i'm sorry but tighnari's design makes me PUKE, they didn't even try and it shows. they threw the ugliest colors and pieces of clothing on him and were done with it
it's really not fair, why can't we get better looking male characters??

No. 217811

They did her so dirty with that moddl compared to the splash, good lord. Worse than albedo and diluc.

No. 217812

Idk what happened but model*

No. 217814

the only part that bugs me is that white article of clothing, everything else is cute, especially the bob

No. 217816

Maybe you could spoiler tag the images next time!

No. 217817

File: 1656502152692.jpeg (20.13 KB, 360x360, E7wQhGwWQAMBY6f.jpeg)

Oh fuck, so that rumour about "Genshin's old art team is now working on Honkai Star Rail game, the new art team for Genshin are newbies and their work looks really bad" was true…
Fuck you Genshin, people are giving you millions of revenue each banner, you couldn't be more vile.
And nbtw, now that I remember, they are the ones redesigning Scaramouche… I'm gonna cry.

Btw, if you anons think his color palette is all over the place, wait to see that Cleopatra character. I think she is going to have the worst design.

No. 217818

horrifying, wuthering waves needs to come out so that mihoyo has some healthy competition.

No. 217819

the outfit is cute, i'm not a fan of the color scheme. it looks like a kuki skin

No. 217820

>implying that genshin ever had good designers in the first place
It's the same ugly garbage we've had since 1.0. You just had time to develop stockholm syndrome for the old designs.

No. 217822

File: 1656503079963.png (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 1428x1024, s9fs96bfpj891.png)

omg the skins are so good. I love them both so much, fischl is so pretty and diluc looks awesome. I cant wait till my fischl can stop wearing that super lingerie. Repost because i forgot to spoiler!

No. 217823

File: 1656503109495.jpg (Spoiler Image, 123.26 KB, 1080x1123, zmqg1o5wnj891.jpg)

this is fischl

No. 217826

i wish diluc skin had more changes but he looks good. fischl's should've been a full length dress like a disney princess or barbie doll but they had to pander to scrotes.

No. 217827

I dont think she is to scrotey, shes wearing short right and theyre cute imo? I would have loved a full lenght dress but i dont think they would every make a design with that because of clipping, the longest skirt we will have is probably like yunjin/

No. 217830

oi that faggot who screencaps our posts and shares them on /gig/, what's your deal?

No. 217833

reminder that you are a male genshin player. no woman will ever want you, all of your moid peers make fun of you and your shit tier consoomer coomer taste, your family is repusled by you, and the most noble and productive thing you have the power to accomplish at this point in your life is killing yourself before you hit 30.

No. 217836

I haven't seen them but kek @ how autistically triggered he is by this thread. he's clearly reposting there it in hopes of sparking a raid but the other moids don't even give enough of a fuck to come assist him in his spergouts, it's him and him alone reeing about ayato and muh muslim tier dresscodes.

dear moid, why don't you just go goon to the thought of drinking yae's bottled armpit sweat with the other boys? no1curr, you're just going to keep getting [B&D++]'d

No. 217837

Its just a moid who keeps getting banned here because he gets triggered everytime we dont like his waifu and then writes multiple essays about it.

No. 217839

That is so incredibly mid for the price tag. It looks like they just recolored his coat red.

No. 217840

Finally the high ponytail Diluc from the manga that I'd been hoping for

No. 217841

His skin looks more like a recolor with some slight design changes tbh, he's beautiful, but I wouldn't spend money on a skin like that for a new animation.
Fischl looks actually cute, I thought it was going to be some retarded swimsuit or some extremely coomer underwear-like outfit that would've been worse than her original outfit, but this is really cute, I can't wait to get it, I still won't use Fischl but at least she will look cute now.

No. 217844

File: 1656506867980.png (459.23 KB, 680x382, a9e.png)

>me, my job and my comfy household
>but not my gf
You are a porn addicted loser coping with your horrible life by blowing the paltry amount of wagebux you earn each week on genshin waifus. That is not healthy in any way, shape, or form and we do not envy you.

No. 217846

He should really go play a real scrote game like Halo or something. A dude that plays Genshin (and probably whales) is just embarrassing. Everyone that knows him irl is laughing at him. Or do you not have the mechanical skill to play an FPS, moid-chan?

No. 217847

File: 1656507535243.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 335.46 KB, 850x1127, 53720B79-32E4-4894-9D42-8E33F9…)

I think he’s cute, but I’ll most likely be skipping and saving for Baizhu instead.

No. 217849

"Comfy household" being a room that smells of piss and sweat and a cum-stained sofa/bed. We all know moids, autistic gamer moids especially, suck at cleaning.

I'm disappointed honestly, he looks cheap.

I have no idea what Wuthering Waves is but I see that they too felt the need to lift their animations from Nier.

No. 217850

this game looks uglier

No. 217851

He's some miserable scrote obsessed with this thread because he needs to defend his fictional waifus and can't live without begging us for some crumbs of female attention, and whenever he gets btfo'd he runs crying to his hugbox in 4chan. Whenever he posts just ignore and report, I hope the mods would just start deleting his posts so that anons wouldn't reply to them.

No. 217852

At least we have confirmation that it’s only one incel with nothing better to do than troll here. Even the other tards on the chan can’t be bothered. Imagine how pathetic this particular scrote must be in real life. If we don’t see him for a few months, we’ll know that he finally added to the male suicide statistic.

No. 217853

>Plays a gay anime gacha game instead of actual moidshit like Fallout or CoD or even an actual action RPG with mechanics that aren't plagiarized and built around generic gacha dailies
>Tries to constantly push his amazing forward vape meta knowledge in a game any casual dumbass can 100% with a shitty f2p party with lvl5 gears
>Obsesses over the anime girls to the point he has meltdowns over Spiral Abyss charts and sales numbers, has Ayato living rent free inside his head for breaking both the Japanese sales record and his mind
>Spends his time hatefollowing a Genshin thread on an obscure girlchan because his autistic virgin rage makes him hyperfixated on it
>Gets banned repeatedly but comes back again and again because his obsession won't let him quit
>Seethes so hard for being laughed out of here that he has to try and gather a personal sympathizing whiteknight army on 4chan
>Nobody cares there because even the /vg/ retards realize what a loser he is
>n-noooo it's the lolcow femcels that are cringe!!!!
Gamer scrotes showing their capitalized Ls.

No. 217855

Is everyone in this thread retarded? Just ignore the scrote poster instead of trying to pwn him

She looks so adorable. I really hope her kit is going to be usable and she won't be an extremely niche character like all the 4 stars in Inazuma were.

No. 217858

File: 1656510272900.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.59 MB, 576x1024, 1656508968318.webm)


No. 217859

File: 1656510273437.jpeg (594 KB, 873x1100, DBEFEE03-2309-49D0-A603-6BDBB3…)

At least they’re adorable.

No. 217860

File: 1656510301787.jpg (42.79 KB, 640x360, o61gc0tga3891.jpg)

Her kit already leaked, she's exactly like amber but dendro. Probably going to be free.

No. 217861

That's actually fake, they just edited Lumine onto the footage of another game. You can tell because of the shadows

No. 217863

She looks like a green Ganyu.

No. 217864

I just hope she doesn't split scale off weird shit like Kuki does. If she's being given out as the free Dendro char then she's most likely not going to be very good, ugh

No. 217865

File: 1656510464734.jpeg (86.46 KB, 450x253, CEB59354-0D4B-4FF8-B5ED-7A15DF…)

I hope some of the map is a sprawling desert with a couple of oasis areas.

No. 217866

Tbh, her character design just looks free, iykwim.

No. 217867

What's up with the retarded head pieces? They did it with Shenhe too, it's so unnecessary. Genshin designs have so many useless details. Also, the two girls have their armpits out, but the boy is covered and even has a long sleeve kek.

No. 217868

Yeah looks way too good to be genshin. Imagine the gerudo dessert and faron regions of breath of the wild but ugly and that's what we'll be getting.

No. 217870

File: 1656511616801.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.1 KB, 511x522, qpy944jghk891.jpg)

>they didn't fix his face

No. 217875

Mihoyo finally covered Fischl’s crotch and got her out of lingerie. She looks so cute I can’t wait to upgrade her.

No. 217876

Lmao Star Rail's designs are ass.

No. 217878

>Oh she looks pretty good!
What the hell is the deal with the armpit fetish? Is this a Chinese meme or something?

This is actually pretty cute, at least compared to her default terrible lingerie outfit. I expected way, way worse. also armpits again

I actually agree about this, Star Rail's designs (both female and male characters) are even more generic overdesigned trash than most Genshin designs so it's not a huge loss even if it is true. I just hope all the waifufags would migrate to that game since they're getting a self-insert MC too so they don't have to ruin Genshin any further.

No. 217879

You're both right, it just looks ugly and weird. Nothing about this works, it's a mish-mash of random articles of clothing thrown on him. I like the idea of a kemonomimi boy with a tail and I was waiting for Tighnari for that reason alone but this looks like a shitty fan design. It's like they decided to add that turtleneck and long sleeve at the last minute just to cover more skin. Still going to roll for him because I like being cucked by png boys but damn what a disappointment. I hope the Chinese fandom is tearing Mihoyo a new one for this.

No. 217880

I actually like the genie shtick, I think she's cute
now this one, this one bothers me and not because of the outfit (it's nothing too bad) but because they took away what made collei special and turned her into another generic waifu. yeah glow up or whatever but we still don't have a single playable gnc girl

No. 217884

I really like this color scheme honestly! Very vibrant and fitting for dendro.
I get that Collei is obviously older now but I liked her more tomboyish design in the comic. I wonder if we'll get to see her interact with Amber or how they'll handle her for the people who haven't read the comic.
Absolute worst design in a while, I actually dislike this design more than Yelan's. Ugly weird creature. Did someone on deviantart bribe mihoyo to let their OC in?
Hair up is the best thing about this! Kinda boring outfit tho, I prefer his original outfit.
This is nice! I do wish it was more of a typical princess dress but I understand potential clipping issues. I also think the red eye doesn't really suit it, I prefer her normal green eye.

No. 217885

File: 1656515979600.jpg (Spoiler Image, 202.98 KB, 720x788, Screenshot_2022-06-29-17-19-00…)

Dendro archon is a cringe ass naenae baby

No. 217892

Which one of you said Sumeru would have better designs? I just wanna talk.
Why do their "dresses" always barely cover the crotch… I know why, but coombrains will never be a justification.

No. 217893

looks like a generic fairy, not offensive to the eye but… not much to say either

No. 217894

It's not a good design, but the colors are cohesive. It would look a lot better on a teen or adult model rather than a child's. I wish they'd just stop making loli characters altogether, but with Kusanali and Iansan that's not happening anytime soon.

No. 217895

With a short dress and very very short shorts (or underwear, I can't tell) so the pedophiles can have fun looking up a little girl's ass! And armpits. It was expected but it still looks hideous, the light grey hair fading to green looks bad.

No. 217896

okay hear me out i'm gonna be selfish for a moment but, I wouldn't be against more loli characters cause that means people won't ship them with my husbandos

No. 217901

They aren't the type of company to improve designs over CN bitching. If anything it feels like they keep doing worse out of spite. I still like Tig though, the face, hair, ears, tail, and turtleneck are all very cute. I think he'll look better in game.

The armpit shit is Japanese, and moidhoyo's design team is full of male weebs.

No. 217909

Shes cute but doesnt look like an archon. Too bad lolifags will ruin her for me, she reminds me of klee

Yeah i think he will also look better in game

No. 217910

Not to be too pedantic, but wouldn’t it be Tigh(Ty)?

No. 217921

I want to like him but his design is too busy and those ears look ugly to me. I think I will probably save until the next tall male character comes out.

Is Dori a five star btw? If not I hope I can get her whenever I do my pulls

No. 217927

He looks very fatui-esque in this. Pretty sure the delusion he had been using was broken in the comic but it would make sense for the black tinged flames and the fatui inspired look of this design to be bc it's a delusion diluc

No. 217928

I like his ears, I honestly think he shouldn't have been a fox/dog, he should've been more of a some sort of rabbit because his long tail is awkward with his puffy pants, why can't we have cute boys with short shorts or leggings like Jean's?

No. 217929

Klee's lamer sister

No. 217931

Was gonna say how good this looks until I saw the reply

No. 217932

File: 1656527802088.jpg (333.95 KB, 1154x1600, c0fafd2091935dcfc8262c42c833ce…)

don't wanna be that person but wasn't she supposed to be the goddess of a region inspired by the middle east or india? they could have done such a beautiful design but instead they chose a fairy looking paimon ripoff from a genshin copycat

No. 217951

Every new character design that gets release, the more and more of the characters start to just blend in with one another. Especially when it comes to the hair.

No. 217952

Yeah, you would think that with the money they probably make from retarded metafags and waifufags they would be able to, I don't know, get better designers or maybe new assets.

No. 217953

The fact that she's an archon makes her whole design extremely underwhelming, they spent all of their archon design money on Venti and Zhongli and decided to just go to Pinterest and find random boring ideas to create the other archons.

No. 217954

Boring, but I didn't expect anything else.
I remember somewhere someone pointing out that the alternate outfit of a lot of the release skins don't really deviate all that much from the character's normal silhouette, with some minor changes to the hair sometimes. I think the most drastic we've been give was sort of Jean's summer skin.

No. 217966

they’re really trying to attract the pedo scrotes who play this game

No. 217967

I…I don't hate the sumeru designs. They seem to be at the same standard that all the previous char designs were. Like…nice. not amazing but not as bad as a lot of anons are saying. tighnari's seems a little over the top but aparently theres an ingame reason for that? I lowkey like collei's design
Although ngl I'm a little worries about scaramouche's design, I hope they ditch the polkadot that he had in the five kasen painting.
Sage for my opinion.

No. 217972

File: 1656541732329.jpeg (142.92 KB, 640x699, E0B4626F-2BE0-4970-8D2F-CCFB6F…)

Tig in-game model and Sumeru scenery. His tail is disappointingly small.

No. 217974

I wonder if she’s the same race as Klee?

No. 217977

I remember last year when the dendro archon was revealed to be a woman instead of a man everyone was being ironic saying it's going to be a pedobait fairy child loli but it actually fucking turned out to be true. This must mean that tsaritsa will be a spinoff of that ugly Honkai bitch and another misunderstood poow widdle tsundere.

No. 217982

Wouldn’t want too much clipping, now would we? Kek God forbid the devs actually put forth effort. But I do love his sash.

No. 217983

Kind of disappointing. Looks almost the exact same as Mondstadt and Liyue.

No. 217985

Designing 3D models is actually more technical for devs. They can't just take up the work like that as if it was any type of code.

No. 217986

Better than looking like the forest from the lorax after the onceler shit it up cough cough

No. 217994

File: 1656547863303.jpeg (14.62 KB, 301x172, E1D04CA9-CBE1-45C5-BA30-978060…)

Kek, you're right.

No. 217998

File: 1656550801805.jpeg (64.35 KB, 692x629, 1C4D503E-0EFD-4B0B-8B06-F6099B…)

Her little genie friend swings her weapon. Idle is just her sleeping on top of the genie blob.

No. 217999

File: 1656550827768.jpeg (58.14 KB, 626x628, C97EA11C-907C-40A8-9058-7CA9CE…)

No. 218000

This is cute. I would roll on her banner just for this tbh.

No. 218003

This is actually really cute.

No. 218022

What possible reason could there be for his mess of an outfit? And why would anyone think Mihoyo can explain their outfit choices, just look at Yanfei, Raiden or Heizou. It doesn't fit their professions or personalities at all. Tighnari looks ugly as fuck and it's insane to make him the first 5 star of Sumeru. He's only getting sales if he turns out to be meta. I am worried about the Scara design though, I hope they don't fuck it up too badly.

>another misunderstood poow widdle tsundere
Kek I can already imagine it. Those coomers couldn't design a scary woman if their lives depended on it

No. 218028

NTA but why are you getting so angry at someone criticising the character design of some anime characters? It sounds more like you are the one obsessed while trying to defend the honor of mihoyo and some shitty anime character designs. I also think you're throwing around the word coomer around without knowing what it means kek

No. 218030

Browsing this thread and some of you are autistically fixating on armpits where most of my TL were raging all day for whitewashing a MENA region. That and the designs also being recycled shit.

No. 218031

It's the scrote again, don't reply.

No. 218038

Why was anyone thinking that Sumeru would suddenly be full of tan characters when absolutely none of the Sumeru NPCs have been tan. Some people forget this is a Chinese game.

No. 218041

Two theories:
>Most players are ASEANers and wanted to have some representation despite every NPC from Sumeru not showing any dark skin
>Muslims are the favorite minority of the wokes in the west and one they must absolutely defend regardless, so all these cheese white characters are interpreted as an offense against them and only them. Warriors in heels don't bother them and neither does the hair colors and other accessories.

No. 218048

Looks too much like Mondstadt

No. 218051

I love this. Now I want her.

No. 218057

Natlan is most likely going to be full of tan characters, I guess they're mixing things up.

I expected deserts, tall grass and big ass trees.

No. 218063

You are right anon, but the second is more truthful than the first point. Its another episode of wokies throwing a temper tantrum, most MENA and SE Asians I've seen in social media don't seem to care much with the exception of cloud chasing Americanized wokes.
I fucking hate Twitter so much. This temper tantrum has been so ridiculous, anything that app touches is turned into shit I swear to god. I hope more of the whities making a scene because of some pixels skin color will drop the game for good.

No. 218067

File: 1656591078514.png (630.45 KB, 982x624, 1656588738940.png)

New leak

No. 218070

I like how he looks tbh

No. 218071

he looks good! a lot better then >>217972 , i think i might skip the short male character and just save for this guy instead.

No. 218072

This is actually the first case where so many afrocentrists are revamping the designs to give the characters darker skin with some proper clothing (no scantily clad shit when nobody complained about it earlier). This is the same group of people claiming Cleopatra was black and Jeanne d'Arc was trans to fight against "erasure".
I really love the cape and I hope he turns out to be the previous Dendro archon.

No. 218073

File: 1656594363979.jpg (163.66 KB, 899x1478, Screenshot_142.jpg)

bland twink. i'll only pull if he's better for tighnari than aether.

>the previous Dendro archon
more likely to be the son or other ancestor of the original dendro archon with a name like al-hatham

and before anyone clocks it yes I did learn that from twisted wonderland

No. 218084

I'm gonna pull for him AND Tighnari, I don't care

No. 218085

File: 1656604459391.jpg (46.64 KB, 748x748, FWbTQ0xWIAEY0ZL.jpeg.jpg)

What does being chinese have to do with it? If they wanted they could have made some characters with different tones by now. Not even for representation or whatever, but some designs would genuinely look better if the character wasn't white as paper

No. 218086

Too be fair the Archons aren’t even natives to the world. Kusanali being white as a cucumber isn’t surprising since Asian countries love their uwu pale skin.

No. 218091

The manga had a dark-skinned Sumeru character, it's not unrealistic to want a few tan to dark characters. Even a dark 4 on Sumeru's launch probably would have appeased people for a short while while they waited for the supposed tan 5s we're going to be getting in a year.
I say supposed because Cyno's supposed to have tan skin if we're going by the manga, but I won't be surprised if he's as pale as everyone else when his in game model shows.
Kusanali's just trash and anyone expecting better was setting themselves up for failure. I hope her banner sales are low, but they'll likely be high because muh Archon.

No. 218093

>nobody complained about scantily clad characters
What rock have you been under for the past year? Four characters had their outfits censored and Fischl is getting a non-lingerie costume. People have wanted better clothes for the women in this game since the start.

No. 218095

Many normalfags are already planning to skip for her because she just sucks. Only metafags can save her for now.
Yeah but nobody on western social media actively signed petitions to remove the retarded heels and slutty leotards on female characters. That being said, normalfags all more or less appreciated the new costumes. I've only seen petitions to include female traveler more in official arts and event covers. Yumejos were vocal when the artwork only featuring Aether with Albedo was released in 2.3.

No. 218096

please stop with the skintone sperging for the love of god, don't ruin this thread with potential racebaiting too we already have our hands full with the autistic moid

No. 218100

Heard them less than the skin tone people. Maybe you heard because you are/follow them?

No. 218107

Sumeru Ayato

No. 218110

File: 1656611591394.jpg (335.33 KB, 2048x1270, 20220630_124748.jpg)

He looks more like Zhongli

No. 218116

Nice arm definition! Looks slim but muscle-y. Saving for him! Especially since 3.0 is small boy Tig, 3.1 is small boy Cyno and 3.2 is small boy Scara. I just want a hot tall bishie.

No. 218123

File: 1656613798563.jpeg (56.71 KB, 623x657, 35E8DA34-FE81-45E7-B0B9-305790…)

The more I see of him the more offensively ugly his color scheme is

No. 218129

Fuck off back to twitter with that fucking chart, where it belongs. This is some unadultered autism but what to expect from people who eat up dislyte's hideous designs.

No. 218134

File: 1656617454739.jpg (60.89 KB, 640x346, jmq87pwf7t891.jpg)

well, here they are.

No. 218135

File: 1656617541318.webm (460.71 KB, 1280x720, Vs9L_pkfkipGK7se.webm)


at least tighnari is actually the 2nd least visually repulsive in game!

No. 218137

>girls in belly dancer outfits
>tighnari covered from head to toe
Don't men ever get tired of being patronized like this? Like just get offended by all the lazy coomer shit thrown at them and treated like ooga booga cattle in literally every game they ever play?

No. 218140

Sumeru Xinyan looks amazing tbh, I'm sure she's a 4 stars so I can't wait to get her, the tall guy looks perfect with his skin tight turtleneck and Tighnari is pretty cute tbh.
I do hate how the girls are all showing a bunch of skin and the guys are wearing his respective niqabs, like I don't mind if a few girls show more skin because some designs "could" be good, but if all of them are always flashing their underwear while the guys look like you could take them to church with you and no one would bat an eye, it's kind of annoying.

No. 218142

Kusanali is by far the worst, huge yikes. The other ladies aren't great but they're not trainwrecks either imo, just mid tier laziness.

No. 218145

Also planning to get the Pyro lady! And I agree with you, Tighnari looks cute. Seeing him next to the other characters makes him look less like a "deviantart OC", at least in my eyes, lol.

No. 218146

porn brain damage isn't just a meme, anon. it's a real problem.

No. 218148

Collei looks insulting. I'm pretty sure they reused some assets for her face (Eula style) because she looks like a mix of Ganyu and someone else. Tighnari, the red cat lady and the tall guy look the best to me. The red-haired girl with the white clothes is all over the place, I can't tell if she's supposed to be a demon, a nun or a belly dancer.

No. 218151

Collei looks like a mix of Ganyu and Sucrose.

No. 218152

File: 1656619447338.png (848.88 KB, 622x767, ltby57m1zs891.png)

This had better not be Yae situation where they make his kit garbage because people already love him.

No. 218156

al haitham mogging everyone here, all the girls are ugly besides kusanali who i think is kinda cute
tighnari is a big yikes

No. 218157

Yeah, she looks like a 4-star at best. Her design is cute I guess but extremely lazy and generic, she just fades to the background immediately.

No. 218158

dendro yae would still be good. yae is trash because electro is a trash element oversaturated with off field sub dps characters, and her damage isn't good enough to warrant using her over the 4 star ones until you whale hard. dendro is a new element, any dendro unit will be a valuable dendro unit for a while. there's basically no way to throw his kit.

No. 218159

Seriously they all look like a bunch of deviantart OCs with daddy watching over them.
I'm fine with the revealing outfits. They're tamer than I thought (no Shantae clone) and the tanned one could be related to Treasure Hoarders (at least I hope).
Kusanali still looks off in comparison to the rest. Not sure she's gonna sell hard unless she's meta enough to help most team comps.

No. 218164

Red head could be very cute with a better outfit

No. 218171

Kusanali is giving me Venti vibes, tbh.

No. 218172

No. 218173

Damn, I'm kind of in love with him already.

No. 218174

I’m okay with the designs of the girls! Regular genshin designs and not shenhe or yelan levels of porny.

So we got 14 Inazuma characters in total. Based of that, these are 7 Sumeru characters and then we can add Cyno and Scara as confirmed playable. Hydro polearm tan girl with a moon theme is also confirmed by leakers. Haven’t heard much about Djajeet lately. So that’s 10 characters total, with 5 of them being male counting Djajeet too. Should we not keep our hopes up for more male characters than that?

No. 218176

File: 1656625136970.jpg (Spoiler Image, 113.34 KB, 1000x1000, bb3f0e2df1a7a23c80db8cffbd7607…)

also this one?

No. 218177

isn't scara technically inazuma?

No. 218178

Yaoyao and Baizhu should be coming during Sumeru's run, so that's 12.

No. 218179

Apparently according to leaks Capitano the Harbinger will be playable, though there's no slated release time for him yet. We're also going to get Baizhu at some point, maybe at Lantern Rite.

No. 218180

I like the color pallet of the red haired girl, it reminds me of bloom from winx club. The tall guy is so handsome and im glad he shows a bit of chest underneath the mesh. I hope the other guys will also show more skin.

>I’m okay with the designs of the girls! Regular genshin designs and not shenhe or yelan levels of porny.
I agree! I'm pleasantly surprised, tho i do want to inspect the designs close up i think they look okay now. Im mainly interested in the red haired girl because she reminds me of bloom kek. I dont like the weirldy partly colored bangs(?) Of the short guy and tanned rock lady. It looks weird i prefer if they had these highlights not only in the small bang part

No. 218189

I agree, the color palette reminds me of Bloom too, the outfit looks right out of Winx if the saturation was slightly toned down.

No. 218192

bloom was the shittiest character in winx. fuck her I always hated her stupid ass.

No. 218196

File: 1656630968835.jpg (Spoiler Image, 221.35 KB, 1316x787, 1656515979600.jpg)

I really like her. Probably my favorite female character design so far. I have a huge soft spot for white haired elf girls. She reminds me of Kokkoro from Priconne

No. 218205

Kokkoro is much better

No. 218225

Based opinion. She was mary sue as fuck.

No. 218266

File: 1656651105432.jpeg (88.77 KB, 971x931, 3D5D2647-18A2-4C1D-A18D-E57A11…)

My DualShock controller broke when it fell off my desk. The R2 trigger popped out and we don’t have a proper screwdriver to fix it. I’m the meantime I reconfigured the buttons but unfortunately I can’t dash anymore. It’s made battling so much harder lol.

No. 218322

Pull: everyone from al-haitham to his right (him included)
Hard skip: everyone to his left

Agreed they look like deviantart OCS. Dori and the readhead specifically look in weird Ali express costumes. I think they tried to replicate a bit the feel of magi the labyrinth of magic but failed miserably (the webtoon takes obvious inspiration from that manga). Scrotes tend to have 0 fashion sense so of course they were gonna put at least one of them in a belly dancer outfit and another in a genie one. I'd rather take tighnari adhd outfit lmao, it may be ugly but at least has some sort of personality to it, and sumeru xinyan looks pretty ok to me.

Sad what they did to collei though, all i see when I look at her is ganyu… Could have been such an unique character and they ruined it.

Kusanali is so goddamn boring to look at. I want to think they know what they are doing cause there is no way they were gonna release this and not be aware people were gonna love al-haitham and feel indifference at best towards kusanali… Gives me hope the fake archon tinfoil is gonna happen and we'll see the pedofucks that are now cocky seethe in a few months.

No. 218325

>Scrotes tend to have 0 fashion sense
Generalizing again are we?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 218327

Jesus Christ fuck off already. You are one over sensitive whiny bitch, don't you have some tranny discord server to be at?

No. 218329

report and ignore. this is his only outlet for female attention, do not give it to him.

No. 218332

yeah you're right. Sorry.

No. 218333

A woman had to have been behind Tigh's design cause dayum. I don't know wtf happened to everyone else but he's the shining light that all hope is not lost.

No. 218335

You mean Haitham right? Tighnari is an ugly mess

No. 218337

cute boy with animal ears > boring twink

No. 218343

I know right he's so cute, might go back to this game just for him

No. 218346

As always, I prefer the guy designs, the only girl I like is the Pyro girl.
I swear memehoyo knows that while tigh looks pretty cluttered, the animal ears will make most people swoon, and they made Hai hot as fuck because they know the tall guys sell well.
The girls always look like they asked the designer to come up with something, the designer is depressed, couldn't draw a single thing and then, when the deadline approached, he just did some random sketches and called it a day.

No. 218353

>I think they tried to replicate a bit the feel of magi the labyrinth of magic
Genshin fucking wishes

No. 218354

I know right kek

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