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File: 1663340632915.jpg (983.26 KB, 1181x1181, 1662103749156.jpg)

No. 239869

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo/Hoyoverse. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

>Redeem codes without having to login

>Check your spiral abyss data


>Wish simulator (feat. old banners)


>Damage calculator


>Build simulator


>Database filled with pretty much everything found in game


>Build help


>Character guides


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No. 239872

File: 1663340826338.png (314.83 KB, 640x363, 0m9tksqxu7o91.png)

Second anniversary rewards (another 20 pulls and some garbage)

No. 239873

I'm just glad Dottore exists.

No. 239875

>genshin anime
>translation: genshin minus the only enjoyable thing about genshin
huge news for NPCs. it's gonna be like using YouTube only to read the comments. animated by the same studio as demon shitter to get the soyboys quaking.

No. 239879

This is the most /vg/ scrote post I've read kek

No. 239882

never been on /vg/ or posessed a prostate, eat shit.

No. 239883

>bitching about some animated anime clips due to thinking it's an actual TV anime because is too blinded by rage caused by the thought of muh NPCS AND SOY BOYS ruining muh SUPER SERIOUS CHINESE GACHA GAME to fact check for two seconds
>Overly aggressive response to being memed at
Y chromosome or not this is still extremely male behavior, tone it down

No. 239890

File: 1663343909798.jpeg (93.22 KB, 1200x1086, 8D57706E-6E1A-429C-860B-E675EF…)

Mika’s so cute, although I wish he was a 5 star I guess him being a 4 star makes him easier to get.

No. 239893

I never trust the rate ups on new 4*s, last time it took me like 50 rolls before I got a Gorou.

No. 239894

>bitching some post about the genshin anime due to thinking it's not an actual TV anime because is too blinded by rage caused by the thought of muh SUPER SERIOUS CHINESE GACHA GAME being criticized to fact check for two seconds
they just released the concept trailor for a full anime today, retard. and genshin is already ruined by redditors who want to screw the waifus, soyface over their reverse vapes, and smugly screech about the male characters not being META enough. thought we all knew.

>male behavior Y chromosome or not

would this happen to be the troon speaking?

No. 239896

He's cute and everything but my god why can't we have a short male character that looks princely or a little more elegant? They're all so Kindgom Hearts tier with the shorts and bags and belts. The only ones we have now are Xiao, Xingqiu and maybe Kazuha and Venti.
Also Mika reminds me of Len mixed with a chocobo.

No. 239902

That's not "a full anime", it's going to be like the Honkai one that's just cherrypicked short scenarios from the story in an animated form. Nobody but the players of the game will get anything out of it so you can stop your disaster sperging.

No. 239907

don't care, gay either way. why is this doodoo where the money went instead of back into the game if they wanted to do something for le players?

>4 star

No. 239921

I heard Cyno's JP VA was yet another oldfag. What the fuck is Genshin's team doing?

No. 239925

He boot too big for he got damn feet. I WANNA PUT HIM IN MY PURSE!

No. 239928

I got one single Heizou in around 180 pulls during the Kazuha banner. They are even rarer than the limited 5*s if you are really unlucky.

No. 239929

File: 1663350303857.jpeg (226 KB, 2048x1241, AFC62CAC-C3A7-4DD2-B386-B6DEF4…)

Scara getting a fucking huge robot form as a boss fight is gonna be epic! I’m honestly so chocked we saw Dottore’s in-game model too! I know Dottore anon didn’t like his redesign but I think he looks like the coolest tall male thus far

No. 239940

File: 1663351656075.jpg (1.95 MB, 1448x2048, Albedo.(Genshin.Impact).full.3…)

Shit, I saw lots of leakers anticipating another Albedo winter event and a rerun of him then, but does him rerunning 3.1 mean he's not going to be getting another focused event this year? I know he's already had two…but I want more

No. 239951

he was in irodori festival

No. 239964

File: 1663357511653.png (1.63 MB, 1320x733, GenshinConcert.png)

Im telling ya Shenhe really is there number one coomer character. It's sad because i actually like her story quests. Yae actually looks super pretty here tho so atleast they only drew Shenhe with balloon tiddies. Kazuha also looks cool and i like how Yunjin is playing the drums!

No. 239965

She really looks ridiculous

No. 239966

File: 1663358107955.jpeg (521.79 KB, 1920x1080, 211584EA-D7AB-4D1E-93D6-15EB51…)

I just want them to spend time together

No. 239967

Holy shit they even covered Yae up and made her look dignified but little miss feral child here with balloon tits defying gravity. I swear Shenhe only exists to milk braindead coomer money.

No. 239970

why the fuck is mihoyo trying to shill beidou x kazuha so much when literally no one gives a shit about that pairing

No. 239971

paranoid oneeshota schizo-chan please stop posting

No. 239973

i'm not a schizo didn't you see their cadillac ad

No. 239976

Every depiction of Kusanali makes me gag.

No. 239978

they're literally just standing next to each other lmao, they're associated in the game because Kazuha is part of Beidou's crew and sort of her protege so it makes sense. It's obvious as fuck Beidou and Ningguang are heavily implied to be a couple so for the love of god stop, or do you think Genshin is shilling Xiao x Keqing too because they had a cadillac collaboration last time?

No. 239979

File: 1663359574327.jpg (185.65 KB, 1468x826, 20220916_151542.jpg)

Why does the kid one look like a sticker messily slapped on the picture as an afterthought? Shenhe's boob shelf isn't the only thing defying gravity today. Fucked perspective. Does hoyoverse just commission the first moeblob artist they find on Pixiv now? Look at last years art compared to this years.

No. 239980

It's because they were animated sprites in the stream, they had moving parts that were layered.

No. 239981

File: 1663359737774.jpeg (259.12 KB, 1284x1275, 22A769A0-C2DC-4391-B911-72E60B…)

They look like a rich mom taking a picture with her son that just got his sweet sixteen's car.

No. 239982

File: 1663360046598.jpg (80.58 KB, 640x671, 2mggp5639zn91.jpg)

Oh kek so it's safe to assume it was done by an artist who had cough experience in live2d rigging? That sounds about right. There are ways to do it without having atrocious perspective though.

What's the point of this collab? These don't even look cool like those old miku car mods (and actual race cars)

No. 239983

The audience in China loves luxury shit and the nouveau riche whales can and will drop a house's worth of money on a weeb car just to show off, that's why it was only announced for the Chinese market. It's just a flex I guess, they're also making a collaboration with a Chinese investment bank to sell a Ganyu themed credit card.

No. 239987

File: 1663360677805.jpg (83.46 KB, 317x257, 5c6f669b9176d21f10f0c6efd6059a…)

You can get a credit card with anything on it, it's just a piece of plastic. Cringe but nothing special.

No. 240006

File: 1663557917885.jpg (49.69 KB, 564x574, 8a7c123d195824aea2770ae9265e02…)


No. 240015

The site needs to go down again kek (but seriously I missed it).

No. 240121

idgaf about the skin, it's boring. i'm mad because the color is very pretty

you're right and you should say it. we need actual tomboys so bad, not xinyan and…. amber, somehow


No. 240153

File: 1663582801903.gif (2.09 MB, 640x360, bean-dies-from-cringe.gif)

Damn with lolcow being down i realised that i really do not have any female place to discus genshin. I really want to go on a rant about the genshin fandom, its full with moids and pickmes.

>meet nice girl in co op

>joins her discord server after she asked if i could join since she's a small streamer and seems nice
>server is full with coomer moids
>her moid bf suddenly joins her server and in one day posts 20+ hentai fan art of mona
>its so much that even other moids show concern about the amount of porn he has of this fictional character
>streamer girls goes teehee and says she doesnt mind because she totally thinks mona is also hot
>her twitch stream has full coomer emotes of the genshin girls like yelan armpit being licked which she added after one moid viewer ask if she could add it
>me realising that even tho genshin does have a good amount of female players most of them are embarrassing "not like the other girls" trying to fit in with the moids

It was so bad nonnies. Why is every female player i meet in genshin such a pickme and coomer. Most of them also claim to be bi but then be in a straight relationship and try to convince themselves that they dont mind that there nigel is posting tons of hentai of female genshin characters. I also hate how they act like if you are a lesbian that you need to act like a moid. Most female characters in genshin are so male gazey and i hate how they react when they realise im not a coomer like them and dont scream "mommy step om me uwu" when i see a tall female character.

delete this

No. 240156

Let's pray that they won't bimbofy Arlecchino and let her be a princely butch female

Don't worry nona, we're here for you. I'm so glad I have a female friend group that plays Genshin and hates waifus but I also know I'm blessed for it and it's a rarity to find one. I entered a Genshin server once and almost all the active female users were turbo pickmes talking about how they want mommy Shenhe to suffocate them with her thighs and how empowering it is to pander to moids, whenever some normal woman asked them to tone it down because it was making them uncomfortable they were relentlessly attacked for muh slut shaming/SWERFness/sex negativity/whatever made up coomer oppression they claim, sometimes even homophobia because it was considered "lesbian/bisexual erasure". Of course they were all in straight relationships too kek

I don't understand what it is about genshin waifus that make pickmes even more pickme than usual, a good portion of the female characters in this game are exceptionally ass because they're only created to grab a quick buck from male players. Maybe because they're so void of personality and character that all the e-girls project into them hardcore.

No. 240162

should I save my guarantee for alhaitham? just got another qiqi so I guess I can save my primos until he's released.

No. 240163

Al-Haitham isn't going to have a banner until 3.5+ so you'll have well over half a year to save up for him.

No. 240174

>Why is every female
Probably cause sane players just do their own thing and don't use in game chat.
I just like playing by myself exploring and pretending I'm a hero.

No. 240177

Nta but same tbh, the only quests I haven't done are the co-op quests because I don't want to go through the hassle of talking to some boring idiot for longer than 5 minutes, specially if that boring idiot is a moid.

No. 240178

File: 1663587899042.jpeg (115.44 KB, 1080x1080, D8E5B3D8-259B-49B6-8D3B-0105FC…)

Saaaaaaame anon I wanted to talk about Genshin but had no girlies to talk about it with when lolcow was down. Your experience with that girl sounds awful, as expected from a girl who actively uses discord kek. It’s sad that this is the only place with no coomer pick-mes or literal 12 year olds. Love you nonnies mwaah

No. 240180

Pull for Scara or Cyno if you like either one of them and then Haitham. Haitham will be playable at the later end of the 3.0-3.9 update.

No. 240187

This is pretty common behaviour for "normie" weeb girls, who grew up with coomer shounens and other scrote shows. They're a bit distinct from the fakeboy and fujo crowd which is focused only on husbandos (also yumejos, but i found a large number of yumejos tend to be a bit waifu centric at times so they're a mixed bag). In general, normie weeb girls will lewd every character, be it male or female because it's considered trendy and cool and such a bisexual thing to do. I don't think all of them are pick mes, but being in the presence of men and wanting to get their attention will usually make their behaviour more insufferable.

No. 240194

There is a genshin thread on crystal.cafe.

No. 240273

Man I wish I could have met you kek. All the people I've player with were idiots who can barely type and play, it's so bad. Every other Genshin community is filled with failed males who post porn non-stop and talk about muh meta.

No. 240322

Nta but that's what I don't get! Why do moids (and the odd woman) care so much about meta? They're always on about how to get the most damage and who does the highest numbers. They actually show off their damage like it's such a flex like they cracked some kind of code. I just don't see how it can be fun. It looks like an obligation to grind so hard to make the numbers move. Isn't hacking and slashing and figuring how to survive when you get there part of the fun?

No. 240331

NTA but what annoys me the most is that the moids just flex the same meta all the time like the retarded Forward vape-scrote from this thread. I'd be more impressed if people managed to show off complex strategies that require thought and coordination skills than just pour water and light on fire with c6 waifus. Or how about making a "bad" character into a well utilized party member? That takes talent. There's absolutely no creativity with scrotes, it's always the same rigid composition and everything else is considered shit because it's not "how the game is supposed to be played" as if the combat wasn't created to encourage constant rotation and experiment.

No. 240371

Because the Moid brain prefers function over form, their brains tell them when they have a good function that brings them Resources they have more access to women, evolutionary spoken.
Function -> Resources -> access to women
Better Function -> more Resources -> more access to women

No. 240385

Just more proof of how they should be put in cages for not being capable of complex thought or abstraction. Actual cavemen with no evolutionary tract at all. They don't even come up with these strategies themselves, they just read the first 101 guide and accept it as the gospel truth because they saw a big number on the screen.

No. 240523

she won't be out for months at the earliest, right? she does look really good so far, i hope you're right.

hugs nona, i know what you mean. i'm lucky enough to have met some sane women who like genshin, but it seems like we're the minority. the coomer designs really draw in the worst crowd meanwhile we're begging for scraps.

>as expected from a girl who actively uses discord
who pissed in your cheerios

No. 240534

That's a defective brain because that shit doesn't work kek

>who pissed in your cheerios
Found the girl who actively uses discord

No. 240550

>Found the girl who actively uses discord
incredible detective skills
you know this is an imageboard, right? for very online women? that's like being surprised someone here is a terf.

No. 240552

>who pissed in your cheerios
In all honesty that post legitimately sounds like the scrote trying to blend in again kek, every now and then he makes the weird "oh my god my nonnie sisters same I hate female characters like SLUTna and WHOREyaka they should die in a fire!!!!" posts and it's such schizo behavior it would be funny if it wasn't so cringe and annoying. Or maybe it's just a genuinely autistic girl and I'm being paranoid.

No. 240562

Yeah it feels the same and it's very likely because of all the porn and cp spam. He was clocked for infighting on /ot/ too.

No. 240567

File: 1663673295601.png (1.76 MB, 1920x1054, Genshin Impact_20220917205418.…)

Oh come on, this from a Chinese game lol
Anyway what this guy says about the pollution in Fontaine cities made me rethink it, I thought it was going to be some kind of pretty French water paradise but I guess it's supposed to be more British industrial revolution.
gdi why does the UID have to been on screen at all times

No. 240581

I'm sad because I'm pretty sure it will look grimy with steampunk everything.

No. 240584

I'm actually curious if it will actually show in the graphics or if it will end up just being flavor text. And there still has to be some kind of wilderness area to explore.

No. 240591

i'm sorry to be a yaoifag but i ship diluc and childe and i'm not ashamed. waiting for a jp artist to make a dj so i can die happily

No. 240598

Don't you ever get tired of recycling the same bait over and over again, forward vape? genuine question

No. 240599

this is literally my first time posting in this thread what

No. 240602

Poor Diluc, he deserves something better than a redhead.

No. 240603

anon do you ship kaeluc because that is based too

No. 240604

File: 1663683232990.jpeg (136.56 KB, 750x623, C546C1F5-E899-4EC6-BDD6-036343…)

Yes. I basically ship most of the Genshin guy ships except for Venti/Xiao because it makes no sense to me.

No. 240605

venti and xiao are ugly twinks and their entire fandom is filled with 15 yo nonbinary girls so i have a personal vendetta against that ship

No. 240608

It better not be a polluted water area that affects your health like dragonspine

No. 240611

If it’s my post you’re talking about >>240178 then no fortunately I’m not a scrote or autistic. I just think discord attracts the weirdest social outcasts like pick mes and hyper horny scrotes. Sorry if you felt attacked by the discord comment though, I was genuinely just throwing out a joke. Didn’t mean to cause an infight.

No. 240621

speaking of ships i'm sure most of you have heard of that infamous venti x lisa shipper abbystea right? does any russian-speaking nonas know if the rumour about her being a drug addict is true?

No. 240649

>coomer shounens and other scrote shows
what are you talking about?

No. 240657

You would think China would be the nation in game with the pollution problem but okie doke…

No. 240691

Can't make China look bad. It was always funny to me that the region with the dictatorship and evil archon is the one inspired by Japan and not the one inspired by China kek.

No. 240712

It was so funny, Chinese soft propaganda at its finest making Japan be a stagnant and backwards society with an authoritarian government. They really have a hateboner.

No. 240797

You're so right about that. The only things I semi liked about Inazuma was that I felt a connection between Tsurumi and how indigenous japanese people were treated irl, and that like Inazuma before, Japan had been really isolated until it was forced to open up to the world. I like when we can reflect on dark moments in history but for a gacha game why couldn't they make fictional Japan more lighthearted—and dare I say—kawaii? The archon quest and region gave my depression depression.

No. 240820

ayrt, thank you nona. i thought it seemed really out of place to complain about girls who use discord, but i couldn't be sure i wasn't just taking it personally lol
they used that cutesy kaeya pic, maybe its just some newfag normie girl

No. 241185

it's so funny to me how cyno x nilou shippers are acting as if their ship is just as relevant as cyno x tighnari or cyno x alhaitham like sit down you crackhead

No. 241189

Wait, people ship cyno x nilou now? Hetshippers and their reaches never stop surprising me, apparently now you need to have a banner released at the same time to get them going despite cyno and tighnari already being friendly with each other via voicelines and NPC dialogue and nilou being mentioned nowhere. Really makes the "het romance in media needs no context or canon background" claim ring true. It wouldn't even bother me so much if all popular Genshin hetships weren't based on just "but they look so aesthetic together".

No. 241192

It's because some cynofags hate tighnari and want to give him a gf instead and nilou doesn't have a ship yet (considering she has the personality of a wet cardboard, she's better as a traveler simp) so they decided these two must date kek if you ask me, they don't even look "aesthetic" together

No. 241196

but why would cynofags hate tighnari………

No. 241197

I know some older cynofags don't like tighnari because they consider him too ugly for cyno and because they don't want to see top cyno, they want bottom cyno so they ship him with alhaitham. I think the rest are probably just self-inserters in disguise who want to see him with a woman (but why not lumine then… idk) or cyno fanboys who hate gay pairings

No. 241199

I'll never forgive the genshin fandom for giving human garbage abbystea a platform to spread her propaganda, defending her all the time despite being a misogynistic and homophobic pro-ccp schizo just because she's a hetshipper. I swear shit like this would never be allowed in a normal context but something about anime fandoms breeds the worst type of people

No. 241206

I guess pedo art and pro putin messages are fine if they come from a heterosexual ""woman"" (maybe) and the art is cute.

No. 241213

Agree, I'm still bitter about her being protected and defended by prolific figures in the fandom for so long despite Russian speakers warning people multiple times about her being a scammer (tracing art and taking commission money but not delivering) and a bigot, simply because she cried crocodile tears about being "bullied for drawing hetships". At least now she's unhinged out in the open with her pro-Putin and pro-CCP propaganda that nobody in their right mind would support her but god it took them a long fucking time.

There's still no proof of "her" being an actual woman other than her own word. No selfies, no real name, no real life encounters. Her art has a distinctive male coomer undertone to it too so who knows. We'll probably never learn the truth.

No. 241224

Хрю хрю хрю

No. 241225

I know some big genshin artists who were openly friendly with her last year and now they're very quiet on this issue lol they know their friend is a piece of shit but won't say anything

No. 241390

I love all the small characters in genshin because they’re so cute but someone tried to say that makes me a lolicon. That can’t be true, right? I just think they’re cute and see them like they’re my children. Now someone is trying to perverse it into something completely different.

No. 241435

Unless you get some kinda thrill from their bodies or objectify them in some way, you're not a lolicon, nonnie. Women rarely are that degen and the ones who are can be clocked a mile away. Whoever's calling you a lolicon may be projecting.

No. 241436

File: 1663899530332.png (3.45 MB, 1253x1761, cd4912ebc0dff9d7fdc2cfc6ded6ae…)

I'm actually ashamed that I have Abystea art saved, her Venti and smooth lines are so good.
Sometimes I think if people didn't ship they'd have nothing to do in Genshin but then again what can people do kek

I guess I'm salty because I want fujos-shippers and hey-shippers on peace with one another

No. 241437

>Sometimes I think if people didn't ship they'd have nothing to do in Genshin
Its crazy because a new region just came out 20 minutes ago and Im more invested in watching retards fight about shipping the bland characters than I am in exploring it. I dont know how Genshin manages to be the most boring gacha Ive ever played but it does.

No. 241464

Thanks Nonny. I just like the cute characters!! Klee is my daughter and I want to protect her. But I’ve never gone out of my way to look for any kind of NSFW of her. She’s just a kid. But it makes me feel uncomfortable that someone is projecting that onto me. It’s like you can’t like cute characters without someone thinking you’re into it in a weird way.

No. 241477

You're not a lolicon, but the small characters were made for the lolicons. It's a pity but that's how it is.

No. 241478

what does this have to do with shipping, we know abbystea has coomer brainrot but the issue here was her spreading propaganda, being a scammer and just a general shit excuse of a human being

No. 241479

but honestly i wish i was part of the chinese fandom sometimes, het shippers don't really exist there kek, it's just fujos and traveler self-inserters fighting instead

No. 241494

his weird lisp

shipping is fun but i dont get why its so important to some people. maybe because i havent touched fanfic in years? i just enjoy the game and crying until i pull my husbandos and waifus

lmao that sounds entertaining. where do you watch them fight?

No. 241528

Man I can't wait to get 5 star Razor.

No. 241637

I hope it'll happen soon, nonnie! I just love whenever he's mentioned.

No. 241639

>Im more invested in watching retards fight about shipping the bland characters than I am in exploring it

ngl nonnie but this is pretty fucking pathetic kek

No. 241640

there are hetshippers in cn fandoms. they seethe nonstop about how popular gay ships are while gay shippers make fun of them for having zero ship content or interactions. in coed fandoms, there are can be loud homophobic guys but they never get their way because they're poor.

No. 241647

Yeah honestly wasting your time being invested in internet drama vs playing a game you actually enjoy isn't the big win anon thinks it is kek.

This post reminds me, there are theories about Cyno being Razor's lost relative since the upcoming Mondstadt event is going to focus on his origins, does anyone here agree?

No. 241665

File: 1663955813582.gif (485.16 KB, 220x223, 9CFFD8BA-7988-4144-A899-0A5E9F…)

kekk they’re kinda just recycling characters at this point that’s why I’m only rolling on characters I never got from past banners, I finally got kokomi and I can’t wait to build her so I can use her in that insane sukokomon comp

No. 241667

Your post gave me a revelation, Tighnari is weed Albedo and Collei is weed Sucrose.

No. 241674

I mean you’re basically right tbh, if I wanted to be a geek I would say collei is like an elemental battery like fischl or gorou

No. 241688

>there are theories about Cyno being Razor's lost relative
Ngl as a Razor main I would love that. My boy Razor needs more screen time too.

No. 241727

Well that’s great anon cause Razor is getting the whole Mondstadt event very centered around him!

No. 241734

>Yeah honestly wasting your time being invested in internet drama
Do you not know who the majority of this website's userbase is

No. 241769

I think that Hoyo is overestimating people's attention span and interest when they made the arananana quest. People don't care about quests unless it involves their husbandos/waifus… you'd think they'd know that being a waifu gacha game and all that kek good on all nonas who enjoyed Sumeru but I sure as hell didn't.

Sorry I thought I used enter twice now it looks like the two sentences are related.

Same, shippers make me feel like a boomer when I see them fight. Also no that anon but you see fights everywhere, try western twitter and follow a bunch of 100-400 accounts and you'll have endless content. Maybe even enough for a thread.

Anyways I always enjoy reading these Genshin threads (except when people fight about ships) and my Genshin folder says thank you for the good pics posted here! Back to lurking

No. 241841

Internet gossip is something I read when I'm bored with work or need entertainment on a long trip, I'd much rather be playing something I like than brag about how much I hate a game but still stick around "laughing at retards" like it made me cool and unbothered.

>shipping is fun but i dont get why its so important to some people.
I know people stereotype fujos fighting over ships but literally the only actual "ship wars" I've seen on Genshin have been hetshippers being assmad about "heterophobia" and writing nonsensical takes about how everyone is erasing straight ships and mental gymnastics about how being in a straight relationship doesn't mean you can't be "queer" etc. The group they clash with the most often are the underage f/f shippers who think EiMiko is the quintessential lesbian representation and being teenagers they lash out in typical teenager fashion. So it's more about genuine homophobia meeting with those who have a chip on their shoulders about it which is why it can reach such an explosive burning point.

No. 241872

Genshin is very boring, hasn't been likable in ages but lolcows always provide ample entertainment. No one's bragging about anything. You're being a bit of a sperg.

No. 241878

Ridiculous how the quality of quests never improved. Everyone complained about the NPC quests when the original lantern rite came out, little did they know it was just a little taste of what was to come lol.

I cringed so hard at the aranara being shameless korok ripoffs I couldn't find them cute. I can't explain it but feels like a weird thing to ripoff? Soulless gacha moment

No. 241909

it wouldn't be that bad IF WE HAD A SKIP BUTTON i don't want to waste so much time on fucking npcs

No. 241918

File: 1664038626111.webm (491.66 KB, 316x286, Aranara Dance.webm)

After actually playing through most of the Aranara quest they really aren't that much like Koroks afterall besides the idea of forest spirits. Their role in the story is completely different, and the designs remind me more of Keroro Gunsou.
There is a little bit where the one hidden one who likes treasure chests mentions a 'Green Nara' that I'm pretty sure is a direct LoZ reference though.
Also Paimon is really growing on me, her banter with the Traveler is cute.

No. 241931

>Also Paimon is really growing on me, her banter with the Traveler is cute
you a paid actor? she's been more annoying than usual lately. the food jokes will never be funny no matter how many times they tell them.

No. 241945

I liked Paimon a lot more too! At least in the archon quest, not at all in the world quests. The archon quest Paimon actually acts like our friend who cares about us leaving her etc. Adds to her character, I liked that.

No. 241947

>something about anime fandoms breeds the worst type of people
Yeah, because the people in them aren't normies but underage shipperfags or mentally stunted adults. Even this thread is mostly shit and getting way too invested in fictional characters and shipping them.

No. 242342


nah you're a whole different breed of pathetic

seethe, cope, and play the game

No. 242347


saying this with your whole chest like a lot of the older characters aren't ass

disliking cyno's alluded connection to razor and making the decision to ignore all future characters makes you sound so retarded ngl

No. 242348

>> 241769

The Aranana questline only felt long bc it was a bunch of smaller quests all under the same title. If you treat them like any other region's quests done in one sitting, it'd be just as tiring. Maybe use a braincell or two?

No. 242350


omg congrats on such an original opinion anon-chan! :D(:D)

No. 242352

samefag but I would've hated it more of they just gave us another region with a lot of quests featuring random human characters I'm never gonna give a fuck about again

the sumeru quests so far are actually well-intergrated into the essence of the whole region and the main plot of the game (if you completed the aranara quest, you'll know why)

it's not a masterpiece but it's a lot better than running around blindly between separate quests with mo overarching plotline or theme

No. 242355

File: 1664145195676.jpeg (396.74 KB, 789x1120, ANIME-PICTURES.NET_-_694218-78…)

I'm not finished with Sumeru's quests, but so far I really enjoy the zone. I love the scenery and the puzzles and how interactive it is. I can't wait for Dehya and Alhaitham to come out, I'm already obsessed with them kek

No. 242356

Anon for the love of god you could have condensed these replies to one post instead of bumping the thread with literal microblogs one by one.

That said, the Aranara quests are enjoyable and I like that they fully relate to the main quest instead of being random NPCs nobody gives a shit about. Inazuma was so guilty of the latter that doing them was like swallowing broken glass because none of them told me about the world lore. Even Enkanomiya was just so out of place I still have half of the quests undone because I can't be assed to finish them. It's like they switched out writers for Inazuma and made shit up on the spot while Sumeru feels like a much more natural continuation of where we left off in Liyue.

Also the people who complain about the game being boring and stupid should really consider going outside and finding something more enjoyable to do than lurking a thread to whine about how much they hate a Chinese gacha game they're somehow still playing or at least invested enough in to check an imageboard thread for.

No. 242361

Go back to twitter, faggot

No. 242362

We're getting Baizhu for 3.6~3.7 apparently…?

No. 242365

i hope not. i don't want that fag taking up banner time

No. 242368

I hope so, I want him in my team.

No. 242369

File: 1664146823159.jpeg (163.47 KB, 750x1990, 49AFAE2D-3DD5-40D8-9DC9-90B467…)

No. 242501

Just give me the damn Commision Glory! I still really hate the fact that so many of these you need to do multiple times and it's RNG. Probably the only thing in the game I legit hate. And I still have the brother looking for medicine and some Liyue ones I haven't finished yet.

No. 242503

File: 1664187818882.png (536.49 KB, 454x900, layla.png)

Wow i actually like the design of Layla. We all know how mihoyo feels about women and pants so im just glad that we have another female character that does not wear super short skirt or shorts. Even if she does wear the super tight leggings like Jean, i think her design looks good. Now i just hope her model also looks nice.

ive been playing this game for 2 years and only had the Glory commision 3 times. It really sucks that the commisions are RNG.

No. 242505

File: 1664187950304.jpeg (170.73 KB, 1194x814, 3B44E3E7-E607-4A89-8325-C3EA8B…)

Nahida’s kit sounds awful but I most likely need her for Cyno

No. 242506

samefag but shes a cryo catalyst and her E gives a shield.

Tbh i will just wait for other dendro characters, i really do not like playing with the child characters. guess i will just wait for baizhu or that other rumored 4 star dendro guy?

No. 242508

>Armpits out and a skintight bodysuit
Anyway where the fuck is the official artwork for Mika? How come these completely random characters get artwork released yet he was only shown during the trailer but no artwork?

No. 242510

he's not getting released yet, nona.

No. 242511

The best female character design imo
>armpits out
You like armpits nannies?

No. 242513

Pretty sure they mean pits exposed which wouldn't happened if she had an actual shirt on instead of the corset + sleeve cuff sitatuation going on like Jean.

No. 242514

I wouldn't use nahida if hoyo handed her to me fully built and c6 for free, sorry. it's really sad that cyno is like a worse version of xiao without her and a still worse, more convoluted version of xiao with her.

No. 242515

y-you like this?? my first reaction was that wow, this is a garbage design lmao don't care about the coomer aspects, she just looks stupid

No. 242516

File: 1664189714493.jpg (1.21 MB, 1440x1440, GhKjlKz.jpg)

Idk if this is OT but genshin has the most bizarre fandom drama. A big fan account pisses people off by drawing characters in with russian symbols. The artist is russian and 100% serious about it.

No. 242517

>We all know how mihoyo feels about women and pants
Yeah, that they're more tights or leggings than they are pants just like what she's wearing. To be honest it looks more like another bodysuit similar to what Jean wore in her old outfit.

No. 242518

I don't mind the sleeveless part because it kinda looks stylish.
I wish we got a free dendro 4star like we did for kaeya, Lisa, Barbara etc.

No. 242519

did you already memoryhole collei? she is free and will be permanently obtainable the same way xiangling is in the spiral abyss starting in 3.1

No. 242520

>just "russian symbols"
Nice try, comrade.

No. 242521

We don’t care about Abbystea can you idiots go back to twitter

No. 242522

Yeah there's literally no non-loli female design without armpits exposed except Raiden, Ayaka, Hu Tao and Yun Jin because it's an Asian fetish. I've stopped expecting anything from the female characters at this point tbh, they're all bodysuit with thighs and cleavage out and the personality of a light novel girlfriend.

That's abbystea and she's been brought up multiple times upthread for being a schizo drama baiter. Ctrl+f, anon.

No. 242524

Why the fuck almost every female character in this game, that has her legs covered, wears pantashoes? This is so ugly hnnn

No. 242527

we talked about this schizo before, there is nothing that can be done about her so just block her

No. 242537

If you told me this was a fan character I would believe you.

No. 242538

Totally curious but how do you know that Cyno will be a worse Xiao?

No. 242539

I think she’s cute too, nonnie.

No. 242540

Thirding that she's cute. It's sad that some anons think about armpits more than the average armpit moid

No. 242548

When out of like 40 female characters only 4-5 have their armpits covered and one design gets revamped so that the armpits are bared in an awkward tube top + sleeve cuff way because Chinese and Japanese moids love talking about licking armpits it becomes hard to not pay attention to it.

No. 242556

I keep seeing Ganyu, but with spiral hair.

No. 242558

Thank you! That's exactly what I saw. It's like a fan character made by someone who loves Ganyu, Kaeya and Jean.

No. 242565

I actually agree, I thought it was a fake leak when I first saw her because it legitimately does look like a fan design. It's pretty uninspired and boring, just a "safe" take that doesn't really reflect her personality at all. She doesn't look like a "tired academic" to me, she looks like a generic exotic dancer NPC.

And naturally she's cryo since we haven't had enough cryo waifus in this game I guess. But hey at least we're getting a fifth 5* anemo twink replacing the anticipated electro villain everyone was waiting for.

No. 242615

I wouldn't mind using Nahida, imagine her in the overworld running around in the rainforest like a tiny forest fairy. Kinda cute. Still won't pull for her probably since I don't want to support mihoyo's lolis. But idk if Cyno sucks that bad I might have to pull for her? I can't imagine waiting for 3.6 and 3.7 for another dendro character to drop. (Baizhu and Al Haitham) I seriously don't get why we're getting good dendro characters so late.

No. 242623

it's just an attempt to force the players to pull nahida

No. 242631

I say this as someone who grew up watching a lot of all-female anime series and who had a ton of favorite female characters… something about genshin girls is extremely soulless to me. Like there's nothing pulling me towards them (besides maybe gameplay), for instance someone with hutao's personality would be a super fun character in another series but here's she's written in such a painfully boring way. I can't point the exact reason why but the characters feel extremely watered down. They talk about their insanely boring jobs all the time (this is a fantasy game for fucks sake) and have like one ""quirky"" trait which gets flanderized. It's really not entertaining to me

No. 242635

I feel you, nona. Personally I'm a big fan of looking into lore stuff in the game, and one of my biggest gripes is that a lot of the female characters that get big event/story focus have absolutely nothing interesting going on in that regard and never will (Keqing, Ayaka) while they do nothing interesting with the female characters who actually could have very interesting lore connections. I still like Hutao quite a lot and it's insane to me that they dropped something as significant as her directly leading souls to the leylines in her quest only to never do anything with her. Or I can't believe how they have all of these connections to the vishaps with kokomi only for her to have absolutely nothing to do directly with enkanomiya quests/event, not to mention how horrendously telling instead of showing her section of the inazuma quests were. I have high hopes for Mona actually getting interesting things in the future (god I just want another character focused event as big reveal feeling as the second albedo event) but I was very disappointed by 2.8's GAA not giving any new interesting information about the characters involved, it was almost entirely just fancily presented story anyone could've read in the characters story tabs

No. 242638

>fancily presented story anyone could've read in the characters story tabs
THIS is my main issue with where mihoyo has been taking the story. I feel like they noticed how big genshin got and want to drag the story out because we have not gotten any big story changing lore drops since the We Will Be Reunited quest. Literally like Dain telling us that hilichurls are cursed people from Khaneria'ah, we knew that!!! Anyone who reads any lore knows that. That could have been a tiny little reveal to fill in non-lore readers but to make a whole interlude quest about it? Same with the latest GAA, we already knew Fischl was Amy. This was not a big reveal.

No. 242641

I usually prefer japanese dub, but candace's eng va is so much better than the jp one. I like her calm tone, the jp one is too generic big sister

No. 242642

I don't find her cute, and the idea of even the 500 year old archon of ~wisdom~ doing that stupid naruto run is lame

No. 242646

they're both aoe dps that need to stay on field for a very long time, but cyno's has a lot of disadvantages over xiao like
>smaller aoe
>worse damage
>worse element (resisted by more enemies and still has no advantage against shields)
>reliance on reaction damage meanwhile aether's skill duration is shorter than his ult and the other two don't do anything for him, so only 5* lolicon bait nahida can set up reactions for him well
>drastically fewer support options
he's event limited aoe keqing. no advantages over xiao except in event challenges that force you to bring an electro character. I'm just going to use him to run around the desert.

No. 242652

I think you said the reason yourself - the ruthless flanderization the female characters are subjected to makes them boring and one-dimensional. They could be replaced with NPCs and they would have as much depth. They're given a tropey quirk but nothing else about them is developed and most of the girl characters fall into the position of being just "nice". So many of the male characters have a lot of substance and are key elements to the world we're exploring like Venti, Zhongli, Xiao, Albedo, Kaeya, Childe, Diluc and Kazuha all either having ties to the gods, Khaenri'ah, Fatui or the Abyss. Collei was immediately more interesting because of her association with the Fatui and Dehya with the Eremites, hell, even Nilou despite being boring as fuck was actually a part of the story narrative. They're not just random girls around the village sperging over their hyperfixation.

It was an unbelievable waste to just dump Kokomi to the sidelines during the Enkanomiya event quest when it laid out so many possibilities to explore the history of Watatsumi and the Sangonomiya bloodline with her. It's like Mihoyo doesn't want the female characters to be relevant to the story because they want them to remain as blank and palatable as possible.

No. 242655

>They're not just random girls around the village sperging over their hyperfixation.
I mean, nilou is sperging about her hyperfixation which is dancing and her quirky trait is being braindead

No. 242661

Collei was such an interesting character in the manga. But in the game? Shit. Absolute shit.

No. 242667

Actually true, I stand corrected. Fuck Nilou.

Well, that's technically the gist of it. She was already established in the manga which carried over to the game but first they gave her the waifufied treatment (can't have short hair or tomboyish clothes) and made her an useless forest trooper that spends her days just laying on her bed being sick. Which just means that the bar is below low for the female characters in this game when you're feeding on the remnants of what was given her in the manga.

No. 242668

i want hyv to bring back whoever designed ayaka, yoimiya, or hu tao, and fire the rest of the designing team bc wtf is this

No. 242669

>Worse element
This is debatable and entirely depending on your team composition. Calling him "limited aoe keqing" is factually incorrect since their playstyles seem to be completely different with Cyno being a mix of Xiao and Razor and Keqing being, well, just a subpar burst slut. I would imagine that if you use him with Ayato, Kokomi, Xingqiu, Kazuha, Mona or dendro traveler (or Tighnari to a degree) his continuous electro damage during his burst would be extremely useful. I don't know why you're forcing the "Cyno is shit" narrative when most of well-known players are already calling him a hypercarry. His damage scales pretty well too so even if he wouldn't reach broken Ayaka/Hu Tao levels he would still be the best electro DPS in the entire game.

No. 242672

are you saying collei was tomboyish in the manga? i'll have to finally read it

shit taste kek. at least layla is theorized to be a 4 star, i was shocked. her design seems too busy to be a 4 star imo.

No. 242673

ayaka is one of the worst to me, never understood her hype.

>playstyles seem to be completely different
their functions are the same and damage is also very similar. dendro helped keqing a lot. at c0 they're completely interchangeable, one more suited to mobs and the other to single targets.

>Ayato, Kokomi, Xingqiu, Kazuha, Mona or dendro traveler (or Tighnari to a degree)

he won't be good with any of these except for kazuha and dmc if that's all you have. him and keqing both need to utilize the new dendro electro reaction to even reach damage comperable to an average xiao team. this reaction can't be triggered reliably when a hydro or pyro character is in the team, limiting ideal team members to a small handful of anemos, electros, and dendros. the handful is even smaller for cyno than it is for keqing because he goes extra poorly with tighnari, another on field dps, and collei and dendro aether's ults don't last long enough for his ult. I'm not putting him down because I don't like him or anything like that, I'm just disappointed that his kit was made intentionally mediocre without nahida to push her. nilou is the same way. xiao is easier to use, has the element with the fewest resistances, and doesn't rely on any one character or element which makes his teams uber flexible, so not going to bother investing in cyno past level ups to keep him from dying in the overworld.

No. 242679

is anyone else having trouble with the special event tab? it says there's none going on, but in the client and on their twitter they have two up right now.

No. 242787

I don't know what to tell you if you think Keqing and Cyno are "interchangeable" because it's simply not true, but to me it feels like you were expecting Cyno to be some sort of a gamebreaking superunit if you're calling him next to useless based on a kit description even before his release, if anything Kazuha and Kokomi should've taught us not to be so hung up on these things before we actually get to experience them in-game. Cyno being electro meant he was never going to be Hu Tao or Ayaka because the entire game is biased towards pyro and cryo but that doesn't mean he's bad or requires Nahida. I seriously don't understand why you're dooming this hard when I haven't heard anyone else ever be this pessimistic about Cyno based on what we know about his kit at this point.

No. 242790

File: 1664258026957.jpg (62.89 KB, 897x662, just negative.jpg)

Fucking THANK YOU. Idk why some players say electro is the worst element. I can't think of any viable reason, and I also don't know why there are so many Cyno doomers. We have no crumbs whatsoever except for some kit stuff which, as a nonnie mentioned, means nothing. Not only do we have proof in Kazuha, artifacts and kits can be modded post release and it all truly depends on how you play anyway.

No. 242792

let the kazuha example go ffs, he's an outlier. kokomi still isn't anything special, and only leddit moids were calling kazuha shit as a cope. you're getting weirdly defensive over this for no reason. cyno and nilou are in the same boat, if they were genderswapped you wouldn't be defending his kit like this kek. cry le dooming and give me metaphorical downdoots all you want but it's clear as day what mihoho are doing.

No. 242795

>metaphorical downdoots
Please, wash the crumbs from your hands before you type. In the end there's no point in claiming a character is useless before you even play them. Also gotta take into account different play styles and if you can even use them to their fullest. Why you always got something negative to say?

No. 242796

I agree with you, it's very sad what they are doing to him, this would never happen to mihoyo's daughter ayaka of course she has to be broken. Meanwhile cyno, who was also on the travail chapter, gets to be a keqing sidegrade and his fans are forced to roll on nahida. Why? Because he's a husbando, and gacha developers are weirdly adamant against giving them a good kit. You can tell the art team, who has a lot of female employees, put a lot of thought and care into his design but the devs don't give a shit. Waifu = big number for monkey brain, husbando = low dps because how dare they powercreep the waifus
>inb4 kazuha for the nth time
Yes kazuha, kazuha who is the devs self-insert and the character who is shilled in every single collab. He along with ayaka is by far the most promoted inazuma character

No. 242798

I can't wait for varka to be playable and him to be yet another mediocre dps just because he's a man and makes the waifufags insecure

No. 242801

File: 1664262012531.jpg (20.86 KB, 510x510, yys_20220919190031.jpg)

did I say he'd be useless? all I said was he's a xiao downgrade (true) without the archon of pedobait and you started mouthbreathing like crazy

tell me about it! pretending a character that's built around a certain reaction with an element that will have no more than two crappy supports, one 5 star on field dps, and one 5 star archon support for the next 6+ months isn't a ploy to sell the upcoming archon is retarded. I don't necessarily agree that the husbandos have been too weak, but cyno falls behind the other male 5 stars post zhongli debacle, including standard banner tighnari, and the reason why he's like that is deliberate and disturbing.

No. 242810

Not only does he need a loli to work, he needs A C2 LOLI LIKE WHAT IN THE GODDAMN HELL IS THAT

No. 242813

Btw I need to mention there were lots of complaints from the beta testers that cyno is weak and the devs refused to improve him, they're very aware of his current performance. As the other anon said, this is deliberate

No. 242825


>xiao is easier to use

His jumping gimmick is finicky and feels like an autistic gameplay design choice.

>doesn't rely on any one character or element which makes his teams uber flexible

I can tell you don't actually play Xiao bc he actually has major energy problems and needs another anemo unit in the team to give him particles, leaving you with only two other slots. And even then, you need a shield and a healer to prevent his suicidal ass from dying every time he ults.

I don't even hate Xiao. I love him as a character, but the way you've put him on a pedestal as if he's peak male 5* dps and only doompost about an UNRELEASED character is pretty fucking retarded nonnie.

No. 242833

>you've put him on a pedestal as if he's peak male 5* dps
can't tell if you're being willfully obtuse or if your reading comprehension is really that bad. either way, you argue like a tumblroid circa 2015…
male keqing will always be a mid aoe dps with glaring issues mihoyo only plans to fix via the release of a separate 5 star unit. complain about mihoyo's shady business practices instead of sperging at anyone else who dares to. hope you weren't laughing when shenhe and yae ended up being glued to other 5 star waifus.

No. 242838

File: 1664270823964.jpeg (79.38 KB, 1024x576, 83FB8482-7826-446F-8F2E-AA9D62…)

Definitely read the manga!! Collei was so cool, not at all how she is in the game now

No. 242842

honestly at this point i'd rather have them release more male supports since they clearly despise male dps

No. 242843

You are complaining that cyno needs another 5 star character yet xiao best team exists of albedo, zhongli and maybe even jean instead of sucrose if you dont build zhongli as shield bot. Xiao and cyno are both fine characters, the problem right now is that there arent many dendro characters which will eventually be added in the future. No one is forcing anyone to pull for the dendro archon, did you know how long it took before xiao got his own artifact set? And xiao still doesnt even have a good supporting character that is an anemo battery with shield. Yet xiao can work fine in his current teams even if its expensive to build.

Nilou and Cyno wanters ignore the doom posting, just pull the characters you like ignore metafags

No. 242844

see i have yae but i don't have raiden and while obviously it WOULD be easier to run her with raiden i find that she plays just fine even without her. this doomposting is reddit meta sperging tier

No. 242845

100% based post, I don't get why this anon is putting Xiao on a pedestal when he's a pretty mediocre DPS. Like others above I love him as a character but he's not S tier as a unit. The overdramatic doomposting and aggression at anons about an unreleased character is so autistic and signature /v/irgin energy it's causing me physical cringe. Anons can roll whoever they want, Cyno will be just fine.

No. 242848

Cyno's demo is out. I like it and he looks really cool, but the music is really bland imo.

No. 242851

We wanted electro Childe whyyyy is the first electro dude since Razor a fucking clone of him?

No. 242854

because all the boys must fit to a certain mold duhh they all must be either anemo/geo, tall hydro or a copy of another one

No. 242889

File: 1664286469046.jpeg (137.02 KB, 1112x1298, 6B81FB36-53FC-4EBB-95DE-0FD965…)

The music was cool! Sounds like what an electric desert would sound like kek

Either way I’m pulling for Cyno. I know he won’t have a good support for 6-8 months if I don’t pull for a loli, but it is what it is

No. 242890

so excited for dottore and scara in 3.1, i swear the harbingers are like the most interesting part of genshin's story lol

No. 242894

Love you nonas so much, and may you all win your 50/50s.

No. 242909

I loved the music too. His vibe and line delivery made me feel like he has a cross to carry and it's a lonely burden, but something he has to do regardless. And ofc the concept of weighing sins and final judgement is always fun.

No. 242925

I've seen some leaks and ew why is alhaitham praising dehya all of a sudden?? Why can't the hoyoshit writers refrain from always making the male character simps of random women? It reeks of otto and kevin writing

No. 242932

File: 1664296004106.jpg (60.83 KB, 618x555, 1515079583234.jpg)

lmao no such leak exists, try harder

No. 242933

anon this bait is so shitty you're not even trying and nobody here is falling for it anymore, go back to whining about cyno

No. 242947

File: 1664300608830.jpeg (221.42 KB, 1332x802, 8925E9CC-FD51-46EB-AAAD-7D4F5A…)

Keeeek this looks ridiculous

No. 242951

I hate it

No. 242974

Is she invulnerable while pointing at the enemies? Because if she isn't she needs a stupid strong shield so she can take the pictures. From now on I will be suspicious about the events and how are they related to future characters.

No. 242981

File: 1664306270452.jpeg (66.42 KB, 735x431, 6361D63F-947B-4C9C-AC48-53C726…)

Who would win?

No. 243025

Deeply disgusted by her being a child. klee is cute but nahida the most generic 500 year old fantasy anime loli ever conceived.

No. 243038

Is this because she's the zoomer of the archons? I really want to know who thought of this. It's kinda cute, but all I can see is getting beat up by enemies while trying to focus.

No. 243044

>t. seething granny

No. 243049

>t. seething tranny
You need to go back

No. 243051

I see it either slowing time to allow a snapshot (and disrupting the flow of combat) or her being invulnerable to damage or at least heavily resistant to interruption. Otherwise there's no way it'll work.

No. 243088


Really sorry to hear that your last braincell is struggling make a better clapback than 'retarded tumblerina'. And where did I ever defend HYV for their shitty behavior? I wonder which one of us is lacking the reading comprehension here.

Anyway, I'm not even a huge Cyno defender. I'm always interested in new characters especially if they look cool, have good lore, or have nice animations. Not gonna whine on a gossip site about how the new 5* everyone's legit excited for might outclass muh anEMO dps kek

No. 243135

I was hoping to get Candace because I love her design but got 2 Cynos instead and ruined my 50/50 so potentially no Scaramouche (unless I gave in and pay)

Any Cyno havers, which hopefully all you who wanted him, help me cope that he's good in-game? His trail sucked and he looks like he needs to depend on reactions than him being elecyto dps, yes?

No. 243136

I mean you were pulling for Candace who legitimately sucks so you really shouldn’t be sad about Cyno! Yes he depends on a electro + dendro reaction but it looks like he’ll be really good once he has a good dendro support. I think you should be happy C1 Cyno! You got 2 more patches until Scara so it should be fine if you start grinding from primos now. 20 wishes from the anniversary gift too btw.

No. 243140

He's exactly as everyone expected him to be: average, about like having a second Keqing that looks cooler but has a long burst he can't switch out of like Razor. He's not the worst chara but if you don't like him don't feel pressured to build him. I did that when I got spooked by Ganyu and never used her once.

No. 243145

now that cyno is officially mediocre, what are the chances scara will be actually good? i got cyno because he's cool and i'm gonna use him in overworld, but i'm honestly not very excited about building him

No. 243148

File: 1664348625430.jpg (98.56 KB, 838x967, wtf.jpg)

this is actually fucking offensive and you can tell the 3d artist was a moid, they can give shenhe kim k hips and a BBL but they can't be bothered to render some ass for cyno. they didn't even try because it makes them insecure and it shows

No. 243150

What's with the obsession of male character asses? He's already half naked and cute and that's better for me, I really don't get why male characters should have round bubble butts. Much less roided out muscles like everyone was calling Alhaitham a twink because he didn't look like a grotesque Marvel superhero despite walking around in a mesh shirt showing off his chest and abdomen.

No. 243151

Ngl this is a sad ass. I wouldn’t even expect good asses if it weren’t for Zhongli. When mihoyo wants they can genuinely make great butts on men. And there definitely is a market for asses on the male models. I watched a Japanese streamer who legit checked the butts on all her male characters. Obviously people want good male butts.

No. 243154

i think he'll be strong even if he ends up similar to one of the other anemo shotas. its hard to botch 5* anemo.

No. 243169

I'm not saying he should have a dumptruck of an ass but it has to be nicely shaped at least! it looks like a negative ass instead like they didn't even bother to add more polygons, compare it to kaeya and zhongli. the point is to improve his overall figure, but instead it makes him look like a cardboard

No. 243170

How are you calling him mediocre when there's no way you could've even lvl90'd him this fast unless you have a ton of throwaway accounts to farm scarabs from?

No. 243171

Forgot I logged out right next to Katherine and immediately started the quest haha.
And Cyno on the 11th roll soft pity, still have a ton of primos. I wish I was this lucky with FGO…
Now I have to grind artifacts again.

No. 243172

File: 1664356125277.png (Spoiler Image, 4.75 MB, 1920x1080, rukkbig.png)

We could have had a cool badass normal age god, instead of a depowered child god to appeal to the lolicons. Worst timeline.

No. 243174

He'll likely be around Heizou tier or better. Mihoyo would be shooting themselves in the foot if they made him worse than a 4* DPS with the same weapon and element.

No. 243175

>outing yourself for having no friends
Kek Cyno isn't going to come to life and fuck you, nona. His ass is disappointing us in more ways than one, it is what it is.

ANYONE who has even one alt account in a game as time consuming as Genshin needs to get a life for the record

No. 243177

>Rotating between like 4 friends' maps to harvest their mats in 2 hours just to lvl90 a character you already threw a tard rage about being disappointing for 3 days straight sperging at anons disagreeing with you but wasted primos on him nevertheless
No, I think I'm going to call you a liar instead. Or just incredibly stupid.

No. 243182

I literally haven't made a post about him itt til today, nona

No. 243185

Oh so moids can have waifus with see through clothes, bouncing boobs, Kim k ass, squishy thighs, visible underwear (for child characters too) and fetish-pandering armpits but some girls who want a male character to have a normal ass at least are "obsessed"? Fucking get a grip.

No. 243191

File: 1664364269548.jpg (412.17 KB, 1156x692, razor2.jpg)

I think his sash(?) is not allowing any light so it looks flat, other-wise it looks to be the same size as his model brothers.

Also for nonas who want Hoyo to give nice booty to males, remember that they toned down all of that due to the no feminine boys bs. Also, they don't seem to intend to give any child model to a male character. gee I wonder why

No. 243196

File: 1664366858308.jpg (176.55 KB, 2048x1536, small cynos.jpg)

Henlo. Don't give up on your Anubis boy, there's still a year of possible dendro supports to go through and he was going to fit in weird with the on field time.

No. 243197

File: 1664367659287.jpg (Spoiler Image, 183.81 KB, 850x793, 1664240729572478.jpg)

U all arguing over asses but never how big they should be.

No. 243199

File: 1664368598931.jpeg (75.29 KB, 622x622, 9E162C61-94C1-459B-B183-03AF52…)

Most of the tall guys should have big butts like Zhongli's, except childe, he doesn't deserve a big butt for being a sexy Russian spy.
The boys are okay with their frumpy pants, I don't mind them, most of them are showing their cute bellies, hips or backs, but Cyno should have a thick butt because he's supposed to be sexy with his Kim K cutout bike shorts.

No. 243202

I hate that stupid meme, and I hate that Gorou has been memed into being a femboy. I regret rolling extra to get him C4 he doesn't fit my playstyle at all.

Zhongli doesn't have a 'big' butt though. It's just well defined by the texture/shadow.

No. 243204

his only hope is nahida and i'm not rolling for a loli

No. 243205

Candace is super awkward to play with, she's somehow slow like a claymore because of the shield. And Cyno is kind of fun because he's not slow like Razor.

No. 243206

is itto the strongest male dps so far? really solid damage if you have albedo and gorou, very smooth to use and can clear pretty much any chamber as long as there no abyss shields

No. 243207

I honestly don't understand why people sleep on Itto so much, he's like the easiest DPS to play ever and his bonks deliver tens of ks damage at minimum per hit, his attack scaling from his defense makes it so he doesn't die or stun and at c6 he breaks the game so bad Chinese players were seething to death over him powercreeping waifus. I would argue that he's pretty efficient at breaking shields with his burst too.

No. 243208

>big butt
the cope is strong

No. 243209

it's just because his team is not suited for "speedrunning"

No. 243211

I was so excited for him, but then he is so slow and geo is such a boring element. So I've barely used him.

No. 243212

serious talk but mihoyo having some sort of weird internal development bias against male units simply reeks of incel behaviour. how can you as a huge company who pretends to be professional intentionally release gimped male dps over and over again just because you're afraid to hurt the feelings of some waifufags? how can they shadow buff ganyu after the beta testing ended when she was initally supposed to be a weaker unit than xiao and then nerf xiao to hell? xiao is the one who trains her in the quest, then she turns out to be way stronger than him?? reminder that xiao was also hyped by the chinese community before his release, the expectations were very high for him but obviously some moid in the development team was seething because he overshadowed his waifus. the only reason why they buffed zhongli, another gimped unit at release despite being the fucking archon, was because they got too many threats
you can call it a conspiracy theory and say that i'm a schizo, but it's the reality and most of the community is aware of their bias. make freeze and vape meta, and then release only cryo and pyro girls. no males allowed in the club
neither arknights nor fgo, other waifufag gacha, didn't pull this shit and they still release meta units to these day. only mihoyo does it

No. 243217

I'd mention Childe, but I think you're right, Itto is the best and him+Gorou+Albedo+Zhongli are so perfect that I always have their bursts up. Also big stronk men who are innocent dumbos are husabndo material.

Samee, it's like characters can't be cute anymore.

Honestly? I think it's way simpler than this. Moids fork more money while women/girls are a bit smarter when it comes to spending money on pixels … I mean just take a look at streamers, in-game people who C6 their crappy waifus and the how the fan interaction goes; it's all lusting over female characters.
I wish I could support this shizo theory with evidence kek

No. 243220

I do really enjoy this game but how does everyone find time to play it? I work full-time and just can't find time after work or on my weekend to play, most I can usually do is the daily quests but then I get so far behind in the story, since there's so much to do every update it feels like I have to spend all day playing.

No. 243221

don't you think thats asking a little too much of the anon who already threw a tard rage for 3 days straight sperging at anons disagreeing with her? between farming her 30 alt accounts for cyno's beetles and defending his hank hill ass, she must be real stressed out right now.

it is weird how every meta male character ends up being a support. who knows why they do it, but at least this game is easy enough to use who you want as clunky as they may be. more than anything cyno needed some QOL buffs, god.

No. 243223

The strongest team with a male DPS is still Childe international, though if speaking about a strongest male dps you want to consider the individual unit damage contribution, it's true that Childe is unfortunately stuck to Xiangling to get him to do his best damage. Not shitting on Itto at all though, I love my geodude team, they're certainly easier to play than a proper rotation Childe international, and they do put out great damage, it's just that unfortunately the very best damage is always going to come from elemental reactions.

Honestly I go back and forth between whether mihoyo is objectively releasing worse male 5 stars or if it's merely that the theorycrafters and tierlist makers are so heavily male that they just have strong biases against male dps. It's funny to look at a lot of tierlists bc you'll see Raiden listed as a T0 dps but with the specification that she needs to be C2. Like, what if you accounted for constellations in ratings of the male characters? Idk, I am pissed they didn't make Cyno better but I'm waiting to see whether I should be truly mad or not depending on how Nilou is in comparison. I have a little hope bc she's expected to also be pretty bad

No. 243224

Well, I'm a Neet so…
It's really not any more time consuming then other games though. And I feel it's less grindy than other gatcha games.
The Big quests only take a few hours maybe, less if you read faster. And you can look at the wiki to see where the world quests are instead of blindly exploring the map if you don't have that time.

No. 243225

Yes probably, only if you have his correct teammates though. Same with Xiao and Childe, they need hyper specific teams but when they got their teams they’re really good. Ayato is a good one too but would be Itto-tier if he got dedicated supports. Now he’s more A-tier rather than S-tier.

No. 243230

Didn't get Candace either(or Cynos). Guess I'll wait to see if Dehya is worth it, but I really am not in the mood for another Pyro character.

No. 243231

If having no taste was a post.

No. 243233

Baizhu could end up being a good support for him, we don't know yet. They know pure healers are shit, there's no way Baizhu's going to only heal.
Itto is amazing and fun to play. Ayato's pretty fun and brainless too, just hold down mouse and watch him kill things.

No. 243235

I got Cyno on the first pull looks like there was no need for me to save up all those gems. Here's my link for the web event.
Genshin Impact: Take part in the "Canvas of Starlight Memories" and share your travel memories to obtain Primogems and other in-game rewards! https://act.hoyoverse.com/ys/event/e20220928review_data/review.html?mhy_presentation_style=fullscreen&mhy_auth_required=true&game_biz=hk4e_global&code=GB4I7RQQUN

No. 243237

baizhu apparently isn't coming out until like 3.6 at the earliest according to multiple leakers. gay game.

No. 243240

I got my boy Cyno! I don't really care if he's mediocre, I just like him. Next is Baizhu, I hope he's good. Also do you nonnies find Candace's plastyle a little weird as well? It feels a bit clunky to me.

No. 243245

Haven't gotten a chance to really play around with her, but I think she might be the slowest of the Polearm users. Her last NA animation where she throws the spear animation takes a while.

No. 243250

Tbh I'm still doing my internships so I have plenty of time to play and even take part in the streaming event, I don't do much throughout the day because I have a maid who cooks and cleans, so it's not like I have any chores to do as well.
Once you have your first level 90 character it takes just a few minutes to finish the daily quests, if that level 90 character is Venti that's a plus because he's really useful.

No. 243252

I also got Cyno! He's so cute, with dendro traveler and Ayato he does some decent damage even if he's level 40 and has basic artifacts. I don't think I will use Candace any sooner though, she really is slow like a claymore and I already have Ayato so I don't need her for other than be pretty while posing next to my husbandos.

No. 243268

File: 1664386633732.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1200x1200, 6DB8745A-72BA-4E18-9953-9A96BB…)

I got hiiiiim! 80 pulls left for Scara now too but not guaranteed

No. 243269

I'm not gonna lie, the cyno alhaitham dehya cast was pretty unlikable. I thought the whole three magi thing with them representing anubis, thoth and bastet as scarlet king's retainers was actually cool but their personalities are so… ugh… I do like them individually but as a group they have no chemistry. Meanwhile candace was just kinda there as the nice big sis kek

No. 243280

New code


No. 243281

Samefag but found another one


No. 243298

File: 1664392633783.jpeg (63.48 KB, 471x857, 95E4C36E-031B-49D3-B092-ADA291…)

Nonnie the update JUST came out do you really have to spoil it? Couldn’t you wait a few days?

No. 243306

but I didn't spoil anything? them as the three magi is my own interpretation

No. 243348

Geo is a consistent element, but doesn't have damage amp so it will never be speedrun material. It's the comfy and consistent brainless element. Still good, but niche due to that.

No. 243370

Here’s leaked idle/attacks of Layla. She’s so pretty and I love her.

No. 243373

Nahida’s kit leaked and it looks like she won’t be amazing for Cyno either. Suits Keqing better once again. Guess we won’t need to pull for the loli.

No. 243375

File: 1664430877583.jpeg (290.59 KB, 1919x761, 31C346C7-DEB1-4F47-A120-05DB52…)

No. 243376

I'm sorry I'm really really retarded when it comes to written effects but are they saying Nahida is a dps and none of her skills offer continuous appliance of Dendero?

No. 243377

Eh not really captivated by these animations

>Suits Keqing better once again.
Poor cyno

It says
>enemies who get marked on her skill take continuous single target dendro damage at 1.9 second intervals for 20 seconds.
>passive gives em based on the character with the highest em in the party when burst is active (limited to 200 em)
>when pyro, electro, and hydro characters are in the party, burst effects the damage, trigger frequency, and duration respectively
So yes to continuous application. But she doesn't give any buffs besides the 200 em at c0. Tl;dr sub dps, not support. Burst does not go well with geo, anemo, cryo, or other dendro.

No. 243391

>neither arknights nor fgo, other waifufag gacha, didn't pull this shit and they still release meta units to these day. only mihoyo does it
Funny you should bring up FGO because they started releasing only overpowered waifus powercreeping the strong male units and then stopped putting out husbandos altogether for literally years losing their entire female playerbase to other gacha games. Mihoyo is not nearly as bad as Delightworks turned out to be, only Gilgamesh was consistently receiving upgrades because so many men self inserted to him. And don't get me started on the white day events.

However, I absolutely do agree about the gimped male dps, I'm not mad about Cyno because he's fun to play with and makes consistent damage and he was never going to be a broken piece of meta because he's not cryo or pyro. The people who were expecting him can only blame themselves for setting their own asses up for disappointment. The combat is designed in freeze/vape's favor but they intentionally keep from releasing 5-star cryo and pyro males or balancing the combat so that other elemental reactions would be as useful. I say intentionally because I very much doubt it's unintentional that for the past 2 years we have gotten like 5 5-star cryo waifus yet only two male cryos, both 4*, both released during launch. The same goes for pyro, Thoma was the first and only pyro male since launch and he turned out to be a trash unit despite all the otomefags loving him. It's torturous that they make the male characters so fun and interesting but leave them with subpar kits or functional with a niche composition. At least Kazuha and Bennett are the best combo in the game but I wouldn't be surprised if they released a female Kazuha equivalent to coddle moids like they did with Yelan to Xingqiu.

I work full time too but I just play in the evenings and during weekends. It's not a competition, just play whenever you have the time.

No. 243392

just wait for the bennett powercreep unit, probably the pyro archon. the problem with cyno is not that he's mediocre, it's that metafags can't justify using him over keqing and metafags always mocked keqing so it's not like they are biased

No. 243393

That's the thing. As things are now, an electro DPS will never be something you use for an Abyss speedrun. You can use them on the field, during bossfights etc just fine because you have more freedom to your team composition and room for manoeuvre (for example you necessarily don't have to worry about crowd control or shields), but because metafags judge every character based on their Abyss floor 12 potential he was never going to fit that crowd. And that's because the game is biased against electro, simple as, he was doomed from the start. The only electro unit people consistently use in Abyss is Raiden and that's only due to her buffs.

No. 243398

i dont even know if thats the problem. the problem is his long, high cost burst hes locked into once he uses it, useless normal skill, reliance on a shielder, nonexistent synergy with damage boosters, and unimpressive damage with all these issues in mind. you could say thats the reason keqing is better since she struggles with none of that. dendro reactions as a whole have so many problems that would all be solved if dendro could just be swirled. anemo and its 1 reaction is more versatile and useful than dendro and its 80 reactions will ever be.

anon, raiden is an electro dps. her buffs were never her main feature outside, i dont know, eula teams?

No. 243399

Thank you so much this is way easier to understand.

I think part of the fun with Cyno is trying almost everything. between using Thundering Fury or Glided Dreams (or even Gladiator set kek) and which teammates to use with him
But in the end I feel it's all for nothing until he reaches lvl80+ with talents lvl6+

No. 243401

>dendro reactions as a whole have so many problems that would all be solved if dendro could just be swirled.
I'm still seething about this, why the fuck can't it be swirled? I'm still coping that they'll eventually fix it in the future if I complain about it in the survey enough.

Does anyone use Raiden as a main DPS though? She seems to be much more relevant for her E.

No. 243402

yes, raiden is never worth using as an off field support with just her E. fischl, beidou, yae do that better. shes the main on field dps in all her popular teams.

>why the fuck can't it be swirled?

no clue, what a weird decision. my best guess is that it pushes exclusivity and forces people who want good dendro teams to pull upcoming dendro units? existing anemo characters are so op theyd automatically make better supports than actual dendros, which would in turn make it harder to sell them. dendro is a highly impractical novelty as it is now and from the looks of things nahida aint helping that. swirl would, pls hoyoshit.

No. 243403

nahidas burst deals 0 damage of its own, shes an albedo style sub dps with an elemental mastery boost which… is a win for people who didnt want her like myself, but another weird decision. they just released two dps that need a dendro support yet theres no dendro support in sight?

No. 243404

Now I'm just scared that Alhaitham will be a support.

No. 243405

File: 1664441488713.png (11.95 MB, 4096x2116, FdtTvl9VQAA4QcK2.png)

I actually love her as well. I'm not crazy about the sleepy overworked trope but her design is honestly one of the best female ones they've released in a long while. No weird coomer shit other than her armpits, and who cares, at this point all female characters have those weird sleeveless attachments. I'm just happy she has a cute outfit that doesn't have any booty shorts, thigh high socks or stripper cut outs.

Dendro can't be swirled because VV is OP in every single team other than Geo (and now Dendro). Hoyoverse is most likely kicking themselves for ever introducing such a busted artifact set because you can slap it on even unbuilt anemo characters and still improve your team by a lot. Why pull for or build any other units if you can just throw Kazuha/Sucrose/Venti into all of your teams and do way better than if you used 99% of other supports?

Anyway, did anyone else pull Cyno and is now kind of regretting it? I don't have a single Dendro character other than Traveler and Collei… and I really don't want to build my Traveler to make one DPS do decent numbers. And those beetles he needs for his ascension are such a pain in the ass to find, not even the Inazuma beetles are as bad as some of the Sumeru ascension materials.

No. 243407

id 100% rather him be a support with some sub dps like kazuha, hed be useful in a wider variety of teams. plus we already have a male dendro dps in tighnari, a damn good dps at that.

No. 243408

let him be a dendro support, he'll have more longevity that way

No. 243409

>Anyway, did anyone else pull Cyno and is now kind of regretting it?
I'm not regretting it because I want to own all the male characters but yeah he's getting benched after I build him

No. 243410

I pulled Cyno because I'm a png collector and pull for all the boys. Only focusing on meta limits your fun in the game so much it's not worth it, especially because the combat is so easy.

No. 243412

I'm not even focusing on meta, I just have really no idea what team to put him in that actually lets him do good damage. Not for Spiral Abyss or anything, I just enjoy building characters and watching big numbers pop up.

No. 243414

Nah, I don't regret Cyno, the beetles are annoying, but just use the online map. And I leveled up my traveler to 90, and Collei to 70 for the overworld puzzles.

No. 243415

I don't regret it cuz he's a cutie and I've been waiting for him for years, but I'm not planning on building him.

No. 243446

I finally got heizou today and his playstyle is so fun! If scaramouche is really supposed to have a similar kit he's a first day roll for me

No. 243455

File: 1664449829283.jpg (249.65 KB, 1449x2048, 1657660359660.jpg)

on a second thought, moid fanbases aren't THAT bad
they aren't the ones shipping my husbandos with women, which is arguably worse than simply insulting my husbandos. i'm not a nlog or a pick me, but i don't think i'm the only one who gravitated towards moid communities for that reason
unfortunately genshin has a very large female fanbase so i'm subjected to shipperfags everyday

No. 243456

Your bait just keeps getting worse, moid-kun

No. 243457

this is why i can't handle female communities despite being a woman myself. y'all attack anyone who doesn't like your garbage culture of shipping

No. 243468

Ok, I actually like her now, her animations and attacks are adorable.

No. 243470

But we all know that girls produce the most content for things as long as they have a ship or character they like. What the fuck do moid fanbases make outside of ooc porn kek

No. 243476

Don't you get it, anon? Stupid girls just focusing on stupid girl things like characters and story and not caring about things that matter like forward vape speedrunning and loli porn!!!!!!! i wish i was with the big boys of /v/ right now!!

No. 243477

Can't wait for nahida !! even though that means I'll have to wait a month but whatever she's worth it her animations are so adorable lol
any other nonnas wishing for her too? I feel like it's going to be difficult to choose between all these characters coming up since they're all so good

No. 243480

File: 1664458849083.jpeg (39.15 KB, 739x415, images (1).jpeg)

I was NOT ready for his (JP) voice, nonnas I think I'm obsessed now.

No. 243481

His JP voice sounds definitely better than what I expected kek, I really hope he's playable in the future.

No. 243482

No. While I do think her idle is cute, that’s not enough for me. Doesn’t seem like she’ll actually be a good unit or go with any of my favorite boys.

No. 243483

No regrets at all. As soon as they release a dendro support that works like Xingqiu/Yelan Cyno will work well enough I think. We may have to wait a while for that but there's plenty of upcoming dendro units. I just wish Baizhu was coming out earlier. No new units for 3.4 is such an odd decision.
If it takes 2 more years to powercreep Bennett that's pretty damn good for gacha standards. I can't see the pyro God of War being anything but a main dps but hey, maybe they would gimp her and make her a support.

No. 243485

they don't care about the story, just ships. if they cared about the story they wouldn't spergout over two seconds of character interaction and obsess with finding every character a pair. it's an unhinged obsession with only romance and nothing else

No. 243486

File: 1664462791720.jpg (715.64 KB, 1656x1656, omiz_gnsn-1531651731616047109-…)

I've taken a look at the new spear and now I have no idea which spear to give Cyno.

>Missive Windspear

>Moonpiercer (When I get the billet)

No. 243487

>they don't care about the story, just meta. if they cared about the story they wouldn't spergout over two lines of talent descriptions and obsess with finding all constellations for the characters so they can do forward vaping. it's an unhinged obsession with only getting as much damage as possible and nothing else.
Does anyone even plays the game for the story? I know I do.

No. 243489

I never cared for the story, literally one of the lamest I've encountered in a plot driven game. The one girl I know of who plays for the plot unironically shills scrote anime, like the one with the hentai cosplayer nlog that was popular a few months ago.

No. 243494

it was a general statement for female communities
that crap is popular with pick mes

No. 243498

It's a general statement for male communities now.

No. 243500

Then why even play the game? I know the story isn't the most amazing thing that has ever existed, but it's nice for distracting yourself because that's what games are made for.

No. 243501

I care about the story, the characters, the lore AND I ship them so go back to those superior male spaces thank you

Nona his redesign, the jp voice and the sheer mad professor kind of insanity he has made me fucking obsessed with him. I didn't understand what people saw in him when he still looked like a bad clown cosplay but now I'm just begging the story to throw us more Dottore crumbs.

No. 243504

Anime boy collection, exploring an open world, and fighting monsters same as most people. The plot does anything but distract me, this game never would've made it as a true png gacha.

No. 243513

What a retarded opinion. Imagine being this vapid.
Good thing I'm enjoying these archon quests. If anything they encourage me pulling for a character I didn't give a shit about before.(infighting)

No. 243514

I like the sidequests and lore a lot more than the main story and wish it was voice acted. The main story's fine but Inazuma really killed a lot of my enjoyment of it and Sumeru's started pretty badly with that groundhog day dream bullshit.

No. 243517

Learn to spoiler idiots I wanna play the archon quest myself without seeing your stupid ass screenshots

No. 243518

You can shove your opinion up your ass. Let's not act like this game wasn't made for waifus and that's why the majority of people play it. Do you really feel superior enjoying a mediocre story with shit writing?(infighting)

No. 243521

>this game wasn't made for waifus
Nope, you sound like a scrote. The game started with fucking Venti, Kaeya, Diluc etc. Very clearly designed for women. It was never just a waifu game. Always has been more to it.

No. 243522

NTA but kek that's some projection there, do you feel superior for being ~le too smart~ to enjoy the story? imagine being so cucked you play a game you hate and keep sperging about it day in day out

No. 243524

I mean yeah it was obvious done for women too, that's why they shilled diluc x jean so much early game

No. 243527

File: 1664474982865.png (Spoiler Image, 401.44 KB, 714x719, jeanluc.PNG)

You mean this one?

No. 243528

You are a pickme, moron

No. 243530

I don't like genshin girls how does that make me a pick me?

No. 243533

Kek it was never even alluded to. Nice bait

No. 243550

he's literally featured in the promo art for the new archon quests

No. 243570

Okay, you have the taste of a 3rd grader than. The plot stinks, seethe.

No. 243572

The more to it in question is husbandos. There's a ton to do in the game that doesn't involve the plot so whats the big deal? This is even more embarrassing than getting elitist over meta.

No. 243573

File: 1664491776764.jpg (105.33 KB, 800x960, very sweet.jpg)

The event quest got me all emotional. I love Razor he's very precious.

No. 243581

File: 1664496376643.png (190.76 KB, 450x446, image01.png)

I have big hopes for this mad scientist.

No. 243606

File: 1664506190755.jpeg (145.54 KB, 749x824, 31B8728D-1943-4A04-812E-6B5D16…)

Bless these bunch of events because now I feel like I will be able to get Scaramouche and whichever other husbando that gets released soon. Since I got Cyno and Venti I can just keep on saving my primogems. I hope the next one is some boring waifu rerun so I can save even more primogems and maybe get guaranteed husbandos.

No. 243660

I'm pulling for her! Her attack animations + vfx remind me of League's Star Guardian skin line so it's a must pull.

No. 243676

Okay but the question is how can I wait patiently until the 7th of December for Scaramouche?
And no leaks until next update augh.

No. 243686

I am! I was saving for Alhaitham cos he's literally 100% my type looks-wise, but she's too cute to pass up. I also have the other archons already so I can add to my collection

No. 243693

>> 243686

You can actually comfortably pull for Layla since Alhaitham won't be coming until next year around March (or even later).

No. 243700

File: 1664554316160.png (6.12 MB, 2500x3500, AD903F82-41CF-4FD9-837D-38AB0A…)

I just finished the newest story quest. It’s certainly better than endless eight nightmare mode. The story is far better than the mess that is Inazuma. Also I love how snarky Alheitham is. My biggest complaint is Candace’s voice actress recording on a shitty mic.

No. 243702

I don't understand just what the hell happened with Inazuma, I'm starting to believe that they made the story shit on purpose.

No. 243706

Lol I'm the same, really cute designs are definitely priority number 1 compared to husbandos, sorry Childe..
League has some of the cutest skins and characters too it's a pity people are so mean in games haha
good luck to you two nonnitas!!!

No. 243707

Tsk tsk nonnies giving up their husbandos for a loli (jk pull for whoever you want of course)

No. 243735

kek and then people here wonder why mihoyo releases more waifus and put the blame on scrote when the female fanbase also predominantly rolls on them

No. 243763

I honestly hate how much they're trying to shill this pedobait and a lot of women like her for some reason. Even personality wise I think she's boring, her gameplay seems weird and her design is the worst so far among the archons. I guess flashy bursts and animations are more attractive.

No. 243764

She's just cute, and her design isn't as bad as Raiden's. That said, if she has any sort of "dook dook" voiceline I'm absolutely refusing to pull for her

No. 243765

I don't understand why people are going so crazy over Layla so bad and gushing about her, as described above she looks like a fan character and sounds lame as hell with the overworked waifu but cryo trope. What am I missing here? Is it just because she looks like a sadgirl Miku skin?

Mihoyo lost some of their main writers in late 2020 after launch over some disagreements and the new team had to work with what they left them with in Inazuma, leaving it the mess it turned out to be. With Sumeru they likely had more time and competence to construct a story I guess.

No. 243787

Doesn't matter how hot his voice is when he's so damn evil. Seriously human experimentation is over the line. Reading all those notes about the disease and experiments was sorta creeping me out.

Also that's it? I was somehow expecting more out of the quest, I felt it ended a bit abruptly/anti-climactic.

No. 243788

File: 1664573523583.png (14.74 MB, 2121x3496, 2bqusat98mq91.png)

Her personality sounds really boring from what we know so far, but I like that she is actually pretty covered up and deviating from the usual designs HYV loves to give the female characters. Her hood is cute, her big pigtails are cute, the poofy part covering her butt is cute, her thicker brows and dark circles are cute.
I don't know, I just think she looks good lol. And way better than the slutty looking characters like Shenhe who never learned what pants are or the ones that just have the same old booba + thigh high + pussy flap (Layla still has a little one but I'd rather take that over a huge cameltoe like Jean's) combo we have been seeing over and over and over for years now. She has some elements that I really hate like the armpit fetish but it's still a nicer design than the ones for a lot of the women in this game.
I also generally like her aesthetic and color scheme, shame that she is a 4 star because her E and Q probably would have been very pretty if she had 5 star animations.

No. 243789

The archon quest is continuing in upcoming updates, it's not over yet. They're dividing it across the patches. That's why they end on such cliffhangers/anticlimatic notes.

No. 243792

File: 1664577489621.png (2.95 MB, 1920x1080, 1664566200333627.png)

well what did i tell you guys? venti is clearly written to be a pervert, what more do you want. literally astolfo 2.0 censored version

No. 243794

if this is an ironic post making fun of the "venti is a pervert created for scrotes" schizo then it's funny but I just can't tell anymore

No. 243795

>They're bandmates
Anon, I…

No. 243796

Why do you think Raiden's design is bad? Well apart from the dollar store kimono and stockings, her braid and face are pretty imo

No. 243801

I really hope she doesn't have any retarded voice lines.

No. 243802

It was mainly those things, plus the general look of only putting the top half of her outfit on. I agree that she is very pretty from the neck up

No. 243804

File: 1664580232317.jpeg (266.54 KB, 713x1949, 84848210-1C8A-4F51-B4C1-BAACCE…)

Nta but It's boring as fuck and it isn't telling us anything about her personality. Unlike Venti, the best designed archon so far, whose outfit gives us enough hints to know who he is.
If you saw this and you didn't know anything about her, you would think she's either some random playable character or even a weirdly decorated NPC.
The more you look at it the worse it gets, I didn't notice how her shirtless sleeves didn't cover her trapezius completely, the hair brooch is ugly and makes no sense, it would be less retarded if the flowers had literally any other color, the random shoulder armor that covers nothing, the asymmetrical sleeves, the boring shoes with the random flowers.
It's all just ugly, she doesn't look like a shogun, she doesn't look like a neet, she doesn't look like a goddess that used to hate humanity's ever changing lives.
I also don't like how her face is too rounded, she should've had sharper eyes at least, she hated traveler and didn't want to leave her neetcave until traveler forced her to get the fuck out with fox bitch's help.
They could've done so many cool things to make her a coomer stereotype and also a cool warrior, but they gave us a protagonist's dead mom.

No. 243808

NTA but jesus christ her design does get worse the more you look at it, nothing about it says "great warrior master" like she supposedly is, she looks like a mix between a soft flower girl and an anime mom, neither fitting her background story or actions. At least Venti looks exactly like a bard and Zhongli's suitcoat fits his position as a dignified funeral consultant but what the fuck is this. Even Nahida despite being a loli looks much better than her. Fuck, even Makoto in the flashbacks has a better design.

>I didn't notice how her shirtless sleeves didn't cover her trapezius completely

This has been my huge pet peeve about her outfit since she was released, it makes no fucking sense to have those holes. Is that part something weeb coomers want to smell and lick too?

No. 243815

File: 1664582092661.png (1.69 MB, 1000x1593, Raiko_2.png)

not to mention its literally a bootleg of raita's raikou in fgo which was already god awful. it's apparent that her design was heavily influenced by that particular depiction of raikou/raita/raiden. apart from the immediate resemblance it's the only depiction of the male thunder god that even vaguely resembles genshin impact's raiden, and one of the only female depictions him as well.

No. 243823

This was so cathartic to read. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, nona.

No. 243825

fuck me, that's rank

No. 243830

meant *raijin not raita the second time oops

No. 243856

File: 1664590950755.jpg (841.19 KB, 2966x4096, FdmuE0hWYAApmbS.jpg)

ily nonny you put exactly into words why I like her

No. 243857

Scara's boss theme leaked.

No. 243866

Thankls nona! This gives me Nier:Automata vibes.

I re-read this like 10 times. Haven't played the event yet but is that it? He obviously approached her to do a song together at that spot, didn't flip her skirt or anything.
I wish Ventidettas would learn to separate scrote's femboy obsession from Venti.
People's fantasy/fantart =/= What Venti is I sometimes question if only a minority of people played his story

No. 243888

File: 1664597675725.jpg (1.16 MB, 1482x2214, 20220929_111043.jpg)

No. 244019

keqing has to be the one character whose fanbase is like almosy entirely male (and one lesbian which is negom). i simply don't understand why men find her so insanely attractive, to the point where they prefer her even over coomer characters like ganyu or shenhe

No. 244023

File: 1664646793877.jpeg (222.05 KB, 850x1022, 173F8B51-59D8-4142-86E4-CD46FF…)

No. 244025

she’s bland, obedient, has no ambitions outside of her work, barely has a personality and she’s barely present in the story, that’s highly attractive to nerds who are threatened by a glimmer of soul found in a woman

No. 244035

File: 1664651736786.png (363.71 KB, 680x429, papajay jennygin2.png)

Impulse rolled a single intertwined fate in Venti's machine at 23 pity (with guaranteed banner char) and got Venti.

I shouldn't be surprised, but I'm very used to being a lucklet. I didn't get any 5* characters below 70 pity for the longest time, but lately I keep getting shit I don't want at 10-30 pity. 15 pity 50/50 Shenhe, 29 pity 50/50 Childe. I'll be able to get way more use out of Venti than Childe or Shenhe, but there's so many upcoming characters that I want. Nahida, Alhaitam, Scaramouche, Dehya.

Upset that I fucked myself so badly, but hey– maybe I'll keep getting lucky when I'm rolling for the chars I actually want!

No. 244041

Just don't roll on banners of 5 stars you don't want lol what kind of issue is this

No. 244052

you would not have this problem if you simply just didn't roll on limited banners for characters you don't want

No. 244054

…Why are you rolling for limited characters you don't want? What am I missing here?

No. 244070

Unpopular opinion, but I actually liked her, she seemed to be rebellious in her thinking that the time of adepti is over, straightforward, rude and uncompromising. Women irl are forced to be the opposite of this. For the same reason I liked shenhe, esp after that moment when some guy started annoying her&the traveler and she bluntly told him to fuck off. Their designs are dogshit though.

No. 244072

>she seemed to be rebellious in her thinking that the time of adepti is over
Yeah and then it turned out she's actually a secret fangirl of Rex Lapis and collects literal merch of him, what a rebel. She's everything I hate about the twintails tsundere trope and the overworked waifu stereotype and I can't stand how Mihoyo keeps shilling her bland ass every fucking chance they get. I'm glad she's so underwhelming as an unit so at least I don't have metafag redditoids shilling her up everyone's asses.

No. 244079

>Last featured event: February
Find better bait. Nobody gives a flying fuck about Kekking except you because you always need to stir shit up even when she's nowhere to be seen.

No. 244102

These are valid criticisms, though? neither of those anons, but I'm still salty the new year event was us and other pcs trying to get her to take a break. I think she really could've been cool with the "Fuck the gods—humans make their own destiny." vibe I was getting when she was first introduced. You're using the word 'bait' and I don't think you know what it means lol

No. 244127

This story quest with the NPC Jebrael has plenty of homoerotic undertones.

No. 244135

I think the fact that the two dudes look hot af might be the reason. Otherwise I barely noticed anything like due to Tirzard whining all the time ugh

I don't know why side quest's characters are alot more likeable than the Archon quests in my opinion

No. 244140

It's crazy to me how they manage to actually create NPCs with some depth, but that they would rather sell the most cardboard cutout characters they can make instead.

No. 244152

File: 1664686183080.gif (73.76 KB, 100x100, kokomi-hs.gif)

You guys don't ever roll for 4-stars? I feel compelled to collect them all, and I don't have a Kuki or a Candace, so…

I guess the real answer is to just wait for the 4-stars to appear on a banner I'm more interested in. I can't help but want to try to "game the system" by building pity on 4-stars I want so that I don't get constellations for 4-stars I don't care about when I'm rolling for the 5-stars I want. I still seethe about the sheer number of Xinyan constellations that I got while rolling for Raiden.

yes, i know this is probably bad practice, and i promise to never step foot in a casino.

No. 244154

Never unless they're with a 5 star I want. and don't feel bad for you cuz you have awful taste.

No. 244159

It's what happened to me I can't believe my shit luck

Rolled 10 wishes twice to get Candance instead got 2 cynos and her. I wish I lost the 50/50 to get jean, almost 2 years and no her

No. 244163

File: 1664690560628.png (4.27 MB, 2520x2516, Fd7rTuDagAARdzy.png)

Pulled out my mono geo team again for Abyss. I like the times it's just a dps check and you don't need specific elements in your team so I can bring out Itto and turn my brain off.

No. 244170

best abyss in forever despite the useless floor buffs, floor 12 felt like the average floor 11. i didn't know they released a new boss this patch until now but i appreciate this one not going underground for an hour.

No. 244183

File: 1664699486457.png (2.16 MB, 900x1200, FdpltGTVsAANLRm.png)

It was definitely easier than the last few patches that had annoying energy drain, forced element checks, or annoying bosses with time wasting invulnerability periods. I wonder if people were complaining about floor 12 being too difficult or whether they just wanted people to be able to clear with their shiny new Cynos.

On that note, bug collecting is hell and I only managed to get Cyno to level 80. I'm going to have to wait a few days to get him to 90 since everyone I know also went for Cyno and is suffering bug hell.

No. 244193

You're absolutely delusional if you think there's only one anon who dislikes Keqing.

The new year event was just a few months after the Moonchase festival which was, again, trying to make Keqing take a break and open up to people. Literally the same story repeated, just dragged out for a longer period. They really hammered in the overworked diligent waifu shit with her in two separate events and only made her more insufferable.

"Building pity" is a scam, don't do it. If you only want the new 4-stars it's just not worth it to waste your wishes and full pity on a banner you don't want. I had to miss out on a few simply because they were on a banner for a 5-star I didn't want because I'd rather save my rolls than waste them on a pure gamble seeing how 5-stars are tied to a pity, 4-stars aren't.

No. 244238

File: 1664725171984.jpeg (288.41 KB, 924x848, 46EF5312-DFFF-48CD-8AB7-2E2E88…)

Cyno’s day 1 on mihoyo’s favorite market, the Chinese mobile market. Scrotes really can’t say this is a waifu game anymore cause obviously the women in china are big spenders

No. 244245

File: 1664726422388.jpg (128.68 KB, 340x340, 20220927_155406.jpg)

Ventifags can't keep getting away with it

No. 244258

The graph clearly shows women are the spenders, not debating that, but Cyno appealed to a lot of dudes too. I know a guy who'd been saving all his primos for a year for him to immediately C6 him.

No. 244261

Saying that Genshin is a "waifu game" is scrote gaslighting anyway. I know that the game has a shit male to female character total ratio but when we only compare limited 5 star characters it's close to 50:50, and most of the 4-star female characters are just filler to begin with. The story and the events feature playable male characters like Xiao and Kazuha as important figures, including the current one with Razor as its focus.

I actually can't name another (non-joseimuke) gacha that gives us so many male characters made for female consumption. Literally none of the male characters in this game are ugly male power fantasies like old geezers, hideous bald muscle mountains or furries, it's obvious they're created to pander to women. Scrotes can die mad about it and I hope Chinese husbandosisters will continue to drop their paycheck on the boys to keep Mihoyo giving us more and fix the problem with DPS disparity.

No. 244263

>Literally none of the male characters in this game are ugly male power fantasies like old geezers, hideous bald muscle mountains or furries, it's obvious they're created to pander to women
well their new game zenless zone zero has males like that… but you're right, at least genshin (and star rail) has proper husbandos. the problem is that genshin has very few tall husbandos, most of them are shounen/shota

No. 244292

Why though? Do they self insert as him?

No. 244297

File: 1664737454880.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 809.29 KB, 4096x1829, 0B42D3AA-B10E-4DB8-BCFF-FF3606…)

Do you anons know where I can get more info about scara’s friends? I feel like that part wasn’t really elaborated

No. 244304

File: 1664739330482.png (1.72 MB, 1289x1581, 92633630_p0.png)

I feel like such a fake fan for finally starting Razor's event even though he's my favorite character and my main loyalty to this game. It's been 2 years and we finally get some backstory he's deserved! I just started and I'm really liking Lisa. She's so patient and caring and shows that she thinks about what's best for this feral child's development. She understands that his position is more precarious than any other child's and fuck that ara ara mommy stuff, I wanna hang out in the library and drink tea.
The only thing that ruined my mood was Paimon. I was just starting to like her when she said "It's just a junk! Did Varka get the boxes mixed up?" I could smack her out of the air and stump her into the ground. Does she need to be in every event? How the hell does the mascot get more lines than the mc? Next survey I need to ask for a function that disables Paimon's voice in the audio settings.

No. 244305

Cyno's a badass "edgy" no-nonsense character. Dudes like that.
The Husk of Opulent Dreams set is about Scaramouche and his backstory.

No. 244307

Did you play the Itadori event? I don't remember exactly what happened, but I'm certain that it talked about his past quite a lot.

The English translation team just (once again) fucked up and made Paimon come across like more of a cunt than she really is. She actually says something like "These are all random things. I thought there would be a letter." or something like that. There's a lot of threads about it on Twitter right now if you want to look more into it.
Have you considered playing in Korean or Chinese? I've noticed that most people that hate Paimon play with the JP or EN dub. I play with the CN dub the vast majority of the time and Paimon actually sounds very adorable and calm.
Very unpopular opinion but I think a lot of the Japanese voices suck major ass.

No. 244308

What 4 would you want to upgrade to 5 and how would you change their abilities and ult?

No. 244310

I agree the JP dub sucks. The VAs sound like they're all phoning the acting in with the most clichéd voices possible. I hate how young some of the guys sound too, like Aether and Tighnari having gross shota voices.

No. 244312

Right? I think the only CN voice that isn't a great fit is Albedo, but that's it. The tall females ara ara voices in Japanese make me so uncomfortable.
>Aether and Tighnari having gross shota voices.
And Tighnari has such a normal ikemen voice in Chinese as well. He literally sounds like a woman in the JP dub, I have no idea what they were thinking.

No. 244313

Albedo's voice only sounds good in Korean, and Tighnari's JP voice makes me think of Goku.

No. 244324

I switched to Korean and a lot of tall characters sound great! I prefer Ayato, Kaeya, Ninggung, Zhongli and Itto in kr (esp with how regal and lofty Ningguang sounds), but the short guys… I wouldn't even be able to tell what gender Bennett and Gorou were if I only heard their voices. Paimon is definitely and upgrade, though; so, thanks for the tip! I'll try Chinese now

No. 244326

I personally love the Japanese dub and I think Tighnari sounds really cute and the feminine voice fits him, but all the female characters sound horrible compared to the Chinese dub. The anime waifu voice grates my ear to the point it's one of the reasons I refuse to use female characters in the game.

No. 244331

Tigs JP voice is a woman.

I play in JP because I understand it, I hate amateur English VA's and can't stand the sound of Chinese and Korean.

No. 244334

File: 1664745143664.jpg (195.72 KB, 932x1255, ExkiSXPVoAInDb4.jpg)

Just tried the Chinese dub and Kaeya sounds great in it too. Someone mentioned once that Kaeya's Japanese voice is too played and comes off as sleazy, etc. and after hearing the different voices I now see how the jpn va is kind of playing a caricature. Korean could be so perfect, but Bennett sounds like a 6 year old and it's killing me. One of the few things jpn got right was a more boyish voice for him. No matter which language I pick sacrifices are gonna be made!

No. 244335

Obviously his VA is a woman, it still sounds terrible. He's just a flat chested girl to me in the JP dub.

No. 244343

File: 1664745623407.png (6.67 MB, 2300x2700, 73290358345.png)

I think CN is worth it just for Paimon and the female characters. It's nice to run around with the girls and not feel like you are participating in an oneesan or loli fetish just because of the way their voices sound.

No. 244351

I'm not attracted to the girls and I'm used to the anime style so it doesn't bug me. I just wish there were more deep voiced guys. Most of the deep voices are non-human NPC's…

No. 244352

It's true, I wish we could just pick whichever voices we want for the characters tbh, then I would pick certain VAs for certain characters and such.

No. 244353

You're def right about that. I randomly clicked on Sara's voiceline for snow in Chinese and it gave a melancholic vibe that made me like her. It's amazing how the right voice acting can give a character depth the story lacks. Chinese sounds good overall it's just that I don't know if I can catch up with the cadence things are said with the eng subs. This was a fun little experiment though, nonnies!
I'm not checking twitter, but why do they always fuck up eng translations for jpn? It's almost like it's intentional at this point.

No. 244376

Do you just not play any other gachas that aren't josei? Genshin is far from a shining example of a co ed gacha pandering to women. It's on the lower end.

No. 244415

Anons that have Cyno and don’t hate Nahida should I pull for Cyno or wait for Nahida. I only have like 80 pulls. I think Nahida design is super cute, but her attack animations are a bit too cutesy. I’m not really a lolifag but she is so darn cute. I not going to lie though they should have just given her the teen body type instead of her being a 500 year old child and the more that I think about it is kind of disappointing. I test played Cyno and enjoyed him a bit, but I don’t know anything about his personality, and I know it’s silly, but I don’t like playing characters with personalities I don’t like. That’s why I have Zhongli but don’t play him. I was also hoping to get Layla but if I wish for Cyno I won’t wish on Nahida banner. … I don’t know what to do. I also I don’t think I have a team comp for Cyno.

No. 244416

Cyno's a badass fighter who takes down lawbreakers but he also likes bad jokes and playing card games, kind of gap. He's pretty stoic in the quest though. But are you a new player who hasn't even done the Liyue story quest yet? How do you not know Zhongli's personality.

No. 244420

I have Cyno and love his personality but I think maybe you could wait. Now Nahida won’t be great with him either gameplay wise so honestly I’d recommend to wait for Al Haitham, Baizhu or Kaveh (all dendro) and then pull Cyno. Some sus leaks are even saying Cyno will have a rerun around the time these three roll out

No. 244449

>jp dub sucks
Overall I agree, but I changed to it, because my most used characters sounded better in it (plus Benny sounds like a husbando in it, in others he is like a child)

No. 244451

Funny how people saying this never mention examples or try to pass shit like Arknights as one, Granblue Fantasy is literally the only gacha that has an almost equal ratio but it's a shit game with barely any gameplay but instead everyone just looks at the pretty PNGs. I guess at least it doesn't have the annoying metafags for that.

No. 244452

he still looks and acts like a child, heating him with a man voice is weird. his voice actor sounds unattractive.

No. 244464

She said she doesn't like zhongli's personality, not that she doesn't know it

No. 244465

To each their own

No. 244477

I mean, Bennett is supposed to be like 12-14. He is a kid.

No. 244478

there's really no such thing nona, all ages are left up to interpretation

No. 244480

If he acts like a kid, looks like a kid, sounds like a kid in every dub except one, then anon… he is a kid.

No. 244481

i wasn't the original anon, i play in chinese, but i really don't see him as quite THAT young regardless

No. 244487

Nta but how do you know? I thought he was like 15-16 with a careless and childish personality. I like the more boyish voice because I just hate when males sound like regular girls.

No. 244489

I also think he sounds 15-16 in the Japanese dub, he makes me think of fantasy anime protagonists.

No. 244491

Does anyone even know why Hoyo doesn't assign the same type of voice for characters in all languages? There are times when they're similar but other times you get something like Bennett(3 voiced by women and 1 by a man) or Tighnari (3 by a man and 1 by a woman)?

No. 244493

NTA but I thought Bennett was closer to being an older teenager in the 16-19 range since the Adventure Guild wouldn't accept literal children to be killed during quests and his cognitive abilities are clearly mature enough to contemplate his own death and abilities in his character profile.

No. 244495

I'd almost suspect that anon of being a twitterina because they're the ones who insist on Bennett being "minor coded" or whatever the term is these days.

No. 244498

he does look and act like a child, tard. 12-14, same as xingqiu and his voice reflects it in every language but japanese. it isn't anymore tumblr-y to say it about him than it is to say it about kusanali.

>the Adventure Guild wouldn't accept literal children to be killed during quests
klee is an official knight of favonius at age 6(?). diona is a bar tender. they can let shotas in the lameass adventurer's guild.

No. 244499

You've just let Christina Vee's horrible performance rot your brain anon. Try the jp dub for a change.

No. 244501

no thanks, I use the chinese voices… I don't know or care which anime faggot voiced him but it is the worst one of the four and it doesn't suit him.

No. 244539

No way anyone besides the child model characters is actually a child, anon. They go off alone working for days at a time and often risk getting killed. Same with Xingqiu, why would he be allowed to go to Inazuma without a chaperone if he was 12? Compare this to when Klee goes out and usually has someone like Jean or Albedo babysitting her even though she's a person of mass destruction and can protect herself.

No. 244545

The only ages we have confirmed are Diluc and amber’s age in the manga. Unless they’re obvious Pedo bait we shouldn’t care if a character "feels like a minor"

No. 244555

Xingqiu is also a published author and takes care of the Feiyun guild's affairs which wouldn't make sense if he was an actual child, Klee is mostly just a cute mascot character which is why she's shoehorned in with the knights. He and Bennett both share the same model as Albedo who's unquestionably mature and a well-educated scientist so calling them 12-14 is a huge reach especially because the game has actual child male model used for characters like Teucer and Ruu. It's clear that they're younger than Kaeya or Itto but they're more comparable to the teenage girl model.

No. 244559

File: 1664819444222.gif (5.37 MB, 404x640, A84DFBE3-5852-474E-BA70-5E8DAD…)

Saw this on /gig/ and thought it'd be more fun here, where we have something resembling a real community.

>Do you have a stable income?

>How much have you spent on Genshin Impact?
>How much have you spent on gacha games other than Genshin Impact?
>Will you keep spending money on Genshin Impact?

No. 244560

>Do you have a stable income?
Yes. I make enough that I don't live paycheck to paycheck, but not much more.
>How much have you spent on Genshin Impact?
About $60, all on Welkin's and a couple of BPs.
>How much have you spent on gacha games other than Genshin Impact?
Around $30 on Puzzle and Dragons, which I treated more as a donation than anything, since there's no pity system, and I have around 800 hours in that game.
>Will you keep spending money on Genshin Impact?
Yes, I'll keep buying Welkin's, and BP if I want one of the weapons and I manage to finish it.

No. 244561

>Do you have a stable income?
Yes, I work full time and can afford to splurge on games every now and then.
>How much have you spent on Genshin Impact?
Maybe a couple hundred bucks? I've played since launch though so it's divided over two years.
>How much have you spent on gacha games other than Genshin Impact?
A lot, I used to spend like 50-100 per month easily.
>Will you keep spending money on Genshin Impact?
Welkin and BP only, I'll just skip banners I can't afford.

No. 244591

Even if I had a job I wouldn't spend a penny on gatcha or overpriced cosmetic skins. I only pay for story content and then only on a game I really like.
It will probably take another 3-5 years for the devs to add all the new regions and story but then who knows how much longer the game will last. Not sinking money into a free always online game when you don't know when they might cut the servers.

No. 244593

Treating a gacha game like an investment is retarded redditoid cryptobro behavior. You're paying for an extra experience in a game you otherwise play for free, not something that will grow in value over time. Sure Genshin might have the plug pulled tomorrow and I'd lose the Diluc skin I paid for but at least I got 2 years worth of fun times from the game for less than one AAA title that I finished in 50 hours and never returned to.

No. 244594

File: 1664826310318.png (834.28 KB, 800x1860, Character_Bennett_Game.png)

>They go off alone working for days at a time and often risk getting killed.
? kids fucking off with no supervision is normal as fuck in animu worlds. you must have some intense brainrot to think this looks legal. and don't start with "m-muh model limitations" either because he looks and acts just as childish in all fan depictions. why obsess over whether or not your 12 year old looking sonsbandos are canonically underage or not like a guilty moid? this isn't twitter, no one's going to cancel you for liking them. weirdest hill to die on.

No. 244595

NTA but I would say infighting for multiple posts about Bennett totally being a 12-year old when there are 18-year old anime protagonists who look like him because of "fan depictions" is a much weirder hill to die on.

No. 244597

based take

No. 244605

>Do you have a stable income?
>How much have you spent on Genshin Impact?
around €300? almost all of that from the first year, I haven't spent anything more since gorou's release
>How much have you spent on gacha games other than Genshin Impact?
too much
>Will you keep spending money on Genshin Impact?
no, never again. I skip so many banners I'm never unable to guarantee the characters I want and the skins they've released so far are… well.

are you just infighting for the sake of it? this discussion is about why the jap dub's old man voice is out of place vs the other dubs consistent shota voice

No. 244611

I see the short guy characters as just manlets/late bloomers and Benny's personality totally reads to me like a cheerful shounen hero—he even has the backstory for being an interesting protagonist! The other dubs may have a theme of a super squeaky girl voice but a boyish non-prepubescent voice suits him imo. People can headcanon ages all they want, but the one thing I'm glad that hoyo did was leave the ages undetermined. There are kid models for a reason and Bennett and the others don't have them. I had to switch back to Japanese dub cause I couldn't stand Bennett's girl voice.

No. 244613

The male kid model is what Bennett uses lmao

No. 244620

Who said anything about "legal"? I said they were older teenagers and not children, as in not the 6-12 year old NPCs who look nothing like the short male playable characters. You're weird as fuck, anon.

No. 244624

You're right so just ignore 'em. As soon as they bring out the "muh xyz" it's a dead giveaway they've got nothing to say.

No. 244656

On the flip side you can always return to that AAA game in the future and replay it again to your heart's content anytime you want. The same can't be said for Genshin, where once an event is gone, it's gone and you're regulated to rewatching it on Youtube.

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