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File: 1650307058268.jpeg (702.75 KB, 750x3000, 14BCE1B3-F79B-4F15-AF94-DE50AD…)

No. 198505

> Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

>Redeem codes without having to log on https://genshin.mihoyo.com/en/gift
>Check your spiral abyss data https://webstatic-sea.hoyolab.com/app/community-game-records-sea/m.html
>Wish simulator (feat. old banners) https://gi-wish-simulator.uzairashraf.dev/
>Wish counter with some pull statistics
>Damage calculator https://genshinimpactcalculator.com/genshinCalc.html
>Build simulator https://www.gscale.cc/
>Database filled with pretty much everything found in game https://genshin.honeyhunterworld.com/

No. 198507

Is it true patch 2.7 is delayed because of the coof?

No. 198510

yes exactly like naoto! i adore her design

we definetly need more dark skinned characters. i always liked the dark skin + white hair combo

No. 198511

They should make an announcement about it pretty soon, but I don't think that three week Xiao/Itto banner thing is real. Seems like another made up leak

No. 198531

>Everbody loves Raiden
Not as much as ayato I guess, who didn't have the benefit of a top up reset nor op early constellations to bait meta scrotes. Itto sold poorly because he is ugly, he is the male character with the design that deviates the furthest from what female players want out of a husbando. Childes reruns had better sales than any of Raiden's banners in Japan. Cope.

No. 198533

Why do you have to be so agressive? I'm just stating facts. Also you only mentioned Japan and not international kek.

No. 198542

Your autism diagnosis does not make you the intelligent, stoic, and logical man you wish it did, reddit scrotoid…

No. 198544

>Itto sold poorly because he is ugly
>with the design that deviates the furthest from what female players want out of a husbando
You shut your mouth! I LOVE him!

No. 198549

based we all love arataki itto here

No. 198617

nonny stop huffing that fujo copium, raiden is becoming extremely popular because of her great utility in meta (raiden national team, sunfire, etc.) and she’s a good support character, same thing with kokomi. itto is ugly as hell, written as a crusty jobless gangster who causes inconveniences everywhere he goes and playing geo characters is extremely frustrating and janky yet no one talks about that issue, hm. he is a good dps nevertheless but he falls out of the design appeal factor for gachatards, same thing with ayato with his atrocious piggy capitalist barron politican suit and br*tish essence when he’s clearly japanese. don’t even get me started on gorou, goddamn anons you have really shit taste

No. 198618

Why doesn't the whiny waifufag scrote go back to leddit or /vg/ or whatever moid circlejerk central instead of camping the Genshin general on the meanie femcel site, desperately ban evading because he can't live without it? How pathetic can you be? We're not your mommies.

No. 198621


anon shut the fuck up you’re schizophrenic and talking to no one

No. 198628

Don’t reply to this obvious bait anons. This person doesn’t even type like a farmer, unfiltered autism to the point of being an obvious newfag troll. Report for infighting and move on.

No. 198637


yeah the sample is small, but still better than nothing. And surprise, Raiden is only truly liked by males, most chinese female players only have her because she is meta, not because they actually like her wubby ass.

No. 198647

File: 1650332926218.png (4.57 MB, 3780x4913, 51iit2wpokt81.png)

samefag, but here is the pic with the survey's results

No. 198648

File: 1650333199700.jpg (979.27 KB, 3000x3981, 20220408_234614.jpg)

raiden is shilled as a meta unit by dudes, she isn't essential by any means unlike the op shotas every last one of her meta teams use as crutches and she isn't a support either. kokomi being good now is nothing but a meme, no damn body likes or uses her besides she/they poona stans.

No. 198651

also, how is playing geo characters any more frustrating and janky than putting up with elemental reaction teams where if you make 1 fuck up during the set up process you do 1/3 damage. with geo all you do is spam skills to win

No. 198659

yes because only chinese female players will play genshin, goodness you’re so fucking stupid it’s hilarious

No. 198665


Keep crying moid.

No. 198673

Is this meant to be funny

No. 198674

Why does raiden trigger you so much?

No. 198675

How do you guys deal with people who enter your world to gather mats? I let them do their thing but I've considered kicking them out a few times becuase they take too long and I want my full party.

No. 198677

File: 1650344286021.jpeg (104.49 KB, 600x849, best.jpeg)

>Kazuha, Xiao, Venti, Albedo
Women really do have the best taste

No. 198696

kokomi's story and personality category is so low its about to turn inverse kek

No. 198699

From what I understand Itto is well-loved on the Global server and not as much on the eastern servers. Childe's the reverse, he sold well in Japan but tanked on Global.

No. 198702

I never had anyone take too long, usually they get what they need, ask me if they can help me with anything and dip. I'm sure you could outright tell them to hurry it up a little, most would understand. Or just put co-op on auto decline?

No. 198708

the results would look very different in japan
I noticed that nga is weirdly obsessed with kazuha, how did they rate his design above ayato? also kokomi was a flop why is her ownership rate so big

No. 198709

>30% more female respondents than male
>Female players love the male characters
>Female players only roll waifus for forced meta
>The only characters that are universally well liked for reasons other than their meta are Kazuha, Venti and Zhongli, all male and the only female (Hu Tao) is one of the least waifushit specimens
>B-but it's a waifu game with more male players than female!!! s-seethe roasties, g-go play tears of themis!!!

To be honest I think Kokomi is my favourite because she has no real canon personality or history so I can just make up my own. It's better to have a blank slate than cringey waifu shilling like Ayaka or Raiden and that's kind of sad.

No. 198722

It's weird though. Isn't Childe dubbed by a famous Chinese VA? He's also shipped a lot with the traveller and Zhongli too.
It's hilarious how nobody gives a shit about Flopomi in every aspects except maybe design kek. What a waste of a character.
And yet they don't seethe over Ayaka having a promotional PV for her rerun. Based Chinese stacies.

No. 198723

I'll never understand the universal love for zhongli, he pissed me off so much during the archon quest.

No. 198725

We get it, you want to either skinwalk or fuck Ayaka and seethe cross threads about anons not liking your waifu's PV. Give it a break. And sage your fucking posts, especially when you're deleting and reposting your every reply 5 times in a row.

No. 198726

Nta but meds

No. 198731

And yet you'd think with more Chinese female players they'd favor more husbandos and Itto-tier dides instead of inserting filler coombait like Eula, Shenhe and Yelan. Except it would take effort.

No. 198736

ayaka is ugly as fuck

No. 198743

Snoozeyato is so boring I let auto on during his quest

No. 198746

The retarded scrote who always replies with "meds" every time someone disagrees

No. 198750

You mean the retarded scrote who has Ayato living rent free in his head and has a meltdown whenever someone makes fun of Ayaka or Ei or brings up how popular male characters are and how well they sell. Redditoid on around the clock suicide watch after seeing Ei drop on the Spiral Abyss popularity list and hanging on to his "Itto is ugly and his banner flopped, take that femcels!!!!" cope for survival.

No. 198754

>ever dropping from Spiral Abyss
Kek nice joke. See ya in 3.0 where another more suited waifu takes inevitably the lead.

No. 198762

Proved my point. PLEASE take your meds schizos, it's not normal for pixels to set you off like this.

No. 198763

I'm kinda with you on that. He's beautiful with an amazing voice, and he's so full of lore and feels like a god I would've read about in myths BUT I have to force myself to like this man. I'm just not getting a connection to him and I realize I'll always be a little salty from his archon quest. All the running around? All this perfect planning he did just to hand over his gnosis? I feel used lol If he ever tried to explain anything to me I'd probably just tell him to stfu even though I usually love learning from people.

No. 198766

Ah nvm, should've read a bit more carefully as it seems like we're on the same foot after all.

But I also hate his rat tail.

No. 198769

Why is it so incomprehensible to some people here that people with the same set of chromosomes can have different opinions?

No. 198772

Zhongli's 5D chess plan for Liyue during the Archon quest is beyond retarded but I forgive him because he's hot

No. 198774


To me the issue is that Itto didn't deviate enough. They started by giving him a more muscular body, which I was all for, then chickened out when they got to his face and gave him the same pointy-chinned no-nose ikemen face as all the other playable character, which didn't match the rest of him.

If MHY had committed in any direction, I'd have rolled with a vengeance. I just don't like this middle of the road shit.

(They also totally missed the opportunity to give Gorou a mature, gravelly, grisled general voice.)

No. 198776

It's not but the stench of XY can be detected from a mile away.

>The cute teenage dog boy should have a gravely mature voice
What? What the fuck is this sudden weird vendetta against Gorou anyway when nobody has mentioned him since when, and always brought up in tandem with Itto too. They're not going to push out any ugly male fantasy beefcakes ever so you'll either have to play something else or settle with lusting after the blacksmith NPCs.

No. 198778

Yeah okay. All I can see is that you've been labelling anyone that doesn't lose their shit at a waifu a scrote.

No. 198781

I’m not a scrote and I think Itto is ugly and a waste of resources. You’re one of those braindead weeaboos who get extremely angry when someone doesn’t like the character you like, the character does not and will never exist, you’re dumb and neurotic as absolute bricks. Women are not going to become a grey sack of samey opinions, stop trying to make it happen no one cares about your favorite doo doo dick mxm ships who will never canonically be together. Just play the fucking game or shut up, dear god

No. 198789

One of the ayrt and I've seen people say "he's not the dummy the fandom makes him out to be. he's actually so smart and people need to stop underplaying his smarts" and… Yeah, I can see him being very intelligent but all of the goofy shit he's done just overwrites all of it and some times when he speaks my eyes glaze over. The god of money forgot to make himself MONEY?

I didn't catch your other post, but I think we were on the same page. Sorry about being too wordy cause that can be confusing. I like to pretend that isn't a rat tail, but is actually a clasp keeping his very full and thick hair in check. I refuse to believe otherwise. My heart won't be able to take it.

No. 198800

>You’re one of those braindead weeaboos who get extremely angry when someone doesn’t like the character you like
>Proceeds to have a full on tard rage spergout about fujoshis and their ships anon didn't even mention
kek you forgot to mention how much you hate Ayato and how ugly he is

No. 198819

>scrote scrote scrote
>xy chromosome detected kekek
I swear to fuck, why can't we have a normal GI thread without infighting JUST ONCE??

No. 198821

Just ignore the butthurt anons and report. They're not worth your time.

No. 198823

It's annoying as fuck but there's also nothing else to talk about and anons keep engaging in it for some reason. It seems like it's two or three people repeating the same shit back and forth

No. 198832

im gonna try and pull for mitsplitter so i can give it to my kaeya. I know the weapon banner is a scam but i already have so many characters that i just feel like focussing on getting weapons and cons for my 5 stars now. I was hesitating on whether to pull for Ayato but i just know that if i will get him it would probably take months for me to have him fully build.

Good luck to the nonnies who are going to pull on the event/weapon banner!

No. 198837

Yeah Ayaka sucks. I would rather C6 my Bennett than waste 1 wish on her banner. Moids can go seethe. Also her forehead is longer than the average moids genitals.

No. 198841

so 2.7 patch is yelan + itto and ? xiao? and shinobu
2.8 rerun patch, kazuha, yoimiya, klee? and heizou
3.0 should be sumeru

No. 198843

File: 1650389065629.jpg (128 KB, 1048x1228, Boba.jpg)


i ultimately opted to skip ayato too for the same reason. i havent even done the story quest to unlock the raiden boss fight yet and tbh i dont care to, nor do i care to fight that tard every week. i'd rather wait for the next childe rerun. glad to see his sales were high though, he deserved it.

No. 198854

Isn't a xiao rerun kinda soon? I'm also not sure if I want to get Itto… I'm not crazy about him but he is useful. I'm very curious about Heizou too, I hate that no one wants to leak him.

No. 198856

I finally got Razor after so long!!

No. 198859

File: 1650393272104.jpg (387.01 KB, 904x639, alpha_male_v2_by_circus_usagi-…)

Congrats, nonnie! I love him so much!

No. 198860

File: 1650393328427.jpg (215.72 KB, 1080x1093, IMG_20220419_205422.jpg)

ayato banner is right now the best selling banner in japan

No. 198878

File: 1650395635690.jpeg (487.29 KB, 1424x2048, FA91A8CD-8FAC-4B8C-A6D0-E9F7ED…)

Correct according to leaks BUT 2.8 and 3.0 might be delayed. Seems like 2.7 is fine and already finished. We were supposed to get an event about spices from Sumeru but it’s getting pushed for 2.7. Might have something to do with the Shanghai lockdowns, where mihoyo’s game developers are based.

No. 198884

This was already posted last thread which is what caused the waifu moid to sperg for several days

No. 198906

Nobody gives a shit about your husbando fujobait. Move on.

No. 198912

Mihoyo's entire development department is located in Shanghai so they're ultimately fucked. Some events are definitely going to be cancelled or postponed to the far future, we'll just have to wait and see what happens with Sumeru. I'd imagine the lockdowns affecting its release schedule as well.

I love the amount of projection he does when he starts sperging the moment you laugh at his ultimate waifus Ayaka or Ei while accusing the imaginary fujo boogeymen of the exact thing he's doing. Moids lack self awareness to the point I thought it wouldn't be possible. I wonder why he's stuck here with the femcels instead of going to the real gamerbro sites?

No. 198915

literally, he needs to fuck off back to reddit to jack it to yae feet and armpit porn and report any positive mention of the bishie characters. leave us be.

No. 198916

Chill with the obvious samefag. Ayaka's PV was enough to rip your anus and make you sperg for 2 days kek

No. 198917

>mfw the thread is all about anons discussing imaginary moids instead of the game
Don't you ever get tired

No. 198919

What did Ei, Yae and Ayaka ever done to fujos? Being shipped with dudes?

No. 198921

File: 1650404062269.png (981.58 KB, 1003x563, itto.png)

I love this man and his dumbassery during the event, I want to cry against his pecs

No. 198922

Chill with the obvious samefag. Ayato's sales were enough to rip your anus and make you sperg for 2 days kek

No. 198923

start discussing the game instead of crying about your shit waifu then, and for the love of god sage your retarded spergs nobody's even replying to you

No. 198927

Wtf is going on? Is this a singular deranged fujo samefagging or some kind of mass hysteria? Did anyone even mention ei or ayaka to set them off like this?

No. 198931

Holy damn he's actually back!

No. 198934

start discussing the game instead of crying about your shit husbando then, and for the love of god sage your retarded spergs nobody's even replying to you

No. 198937

I can't believe he took so long to come back as a featured 4*. I love my wolfboy and I'm glad I got him C2 on the meh banner.

No. 198939

can't the mods get rid of this person?? they've been shitting up the threads

No. 198940

The urge to slap his ass is strong

No. 198941

doesn't work when you do it because
a. no one cares about waifus here but you. this is a majority female board. the non fujos are yumes who also hate the fanservicey waifus, not male coomers like you.
b. you still don't know how to sage

No. 198943

that dude freaks out everytime someone mentions a male character instead of a waifu, which is every post unfortunately. mods must be dead or something.

No. 198946

Fujo pls. You don't represent all nonnas who like the waifus. Stop projecting and go back mashing over Ayato dicking Thoma or whatever.

No. 198947

I'm a yume/himejo and I still like Ayaka. You sound obsessed.

No. 198952

It has been obnoxious for a while, I wonder when is their tard wrangler going to turn off the router.

No. 198954

What's with Genshin triggering the fujospergs when the manga is drawn by a Kaeluc shipper?

No. 198955

The same moid has been on a meltdown ban evading and sperging about fujos and male characters ever since anons made fun of his forward vape autism, disliked Ayaka's character trailer and posted about Ayato becoming the most profitable banner in Japan. These threads have always hated male metafags, the scrotepandering and waifus in this game yet this stupid fucker can't read the room.

No. 198957

Maybe because anons aren't the metascrote living in your head rent-free. Take your meds after sharting yourself on Ayaka beating NPCyato up and Yelan's armpits.

No. 198958

File: 1650407872065.jpeg (658.89 KB, 1102x2001, B12D9CFD-F182-4E35-8B57-5A0DA3…)

Sorry I know these designs are old but I really like Rosaria’s updated design. Embarrassing to admit but I actually liked how she played and couldn’t be happier when they fixed her. Still wish I could turn off the boob physics but I’ll take what I can get. hope when Varka comes out we’ll get some cute father daughter moments

No. 198960

is it true that if you say a husbando's name three times the scrote will sperg out and tell you to take your meds? Ayato, Ayato, Ayato.

A nonnie from the prev thread threw out some ideas for future characters to come from the future regions and my heart hurts knowing hyv wouldn't do something that good.

No. 198961

Keking so hard at Ayatofags bragging on JP sales yet triggered enough by Ei and Ayaka. It's true that the GI fandom is full of oversensitive spergaboos.

No. 198962

At this point I'm starting to think that this is an elaborate false flag to make me hate fujos and ayato.

No. 198964

She looks so much better with this design. The old one wasn't just tasteless, it was just so goddamn ugly. I have no idea why they wanted her to look like a hooker when she's not even that sultry as a character like Lisa and Yae, her shtick is being the lazy nun who hates her job.

No anon, you have to shit on Ayaka or Ei to trigger his reply spam and Ayato/Itto vendetta.

No. 198965

Rosaria is cool and I wish she had more event time the scrotes seething and sperging on false advertizing after her boobred and censorship will never cease to make me kek

No. 198972

ayato oppa, show us your sensitive nippu

No. 199008

I really like Rosaria's attitude. I wish there were more girls like her in game with her kind of snarky personality.

No. 199020

Rosaria's unexplained grey skin still bothers me but some real care went into this outfit, she looks like a cool vampire hunter now rather than gratuitous tit lady.

No. 199021

>Rosaria's unexplained grey skin
Yeees it bothers me so much! She looks so out of place from the other Mond characters >>198922
I was the first anon you replied to and the other two aren’t me, so no samefagging here actually. I just went to sleep and woke up to this shitfest kek

No. 199026

File: 1650446774454.jpg (234.43 KB, 1416x2048, IMG_20220416_123701.jpg)

I want him….

No. 199028

Me too anon, me too. We were robbed.

No. 199059

File: 1650461930887.jpeg (336.26 KB, 2048x1250, B8B46C10-12FD-4209-961F-017C96…)

Speaking of Tomo, did anyone else find it so odd how Kazuha was completely okay with Kujou Sara and Raiden Shogun during the inazuma festival event? Not at all cold or hurt over the fact that they killed his friend

No. 199062

can't expect deep characterization from genshin kek the explanation is that he chose to duel with them so they shouldn't be blamed for murdering him uwu doesn't matter that he did it for a noble reason and to get rid of their tyrannical system, it's somehow his fault for daring to challenge raiden and raiden's robot only followed the protocol. she's honestly a shit leader, too bad the better twin died so this sociopath autist took her place

No. 199068

Huh yeah that definitely feels like a cheap way to avoid conflicts between characters in the story. I hate how Genshin portrays something tragic, like tomo’s death or ning sacrificing the jade chamber, and then just “solves” it a few patches later with some shit explanation.

No. 199069

THANK YOU. She said she's sorry, but she killed and broke the spirits of her own people. She left a puppet in charge that she was too weak to even stop. She retreated into dream land to avoid responsibility while the decree was happening and people's visions were being mounted onto a statue of her like sick trophies. Kazuha could come to accept the past after a lot of time and healing, but it's unrealistic that he would be okay even being in the same vicinity as her.
I never thought of it like that, but the better twin definitely died. And I'm not even a strong Ei hater, I finished her story quests and it humanized her a bit.

No. 199070

>he chose to duel with them so they shouldn't be blamed for murdering him
Not saying Raiden is a good chacter but am I supposed to feel sympathy for him getting exactly what he signed up for? lmao

No. 199073

well just the fact that he bravely fought against an authoritarian system is pretty commendable. he would have lost his vision sooner or later anyway

No. 199075

this is like saying that people shouldn't challenge their oppressive governments because "well they'll die anyway"

No. 199076

This is what happens when you more or less want every playable character in Genshin to get along except if said character is a fatooey. Maybe HYV should't turn the archon into a worshipped military figure who caused civil war if they didn't want to see controversy over Chapter 2.

No. 199079

I think my biggest issue with it is that they somehow still shifted the blame to the fatui AGAIN. that's so weird when we know at the end of liyue's quest that zhongli willingly gave his gnosis to signora. he must have agreed with tsaritsa's goal and we know that signora was very dear to her. and here comes raiden's robot just randomly killing her because "she lost the duel and actived muh protocol". and it's obvious she'll never get any punishment from tsaritsa

No. 199081

Omg, you're right. I want the Tsarita to come down on her so hard for Signora. hyv using the fatui as the bad guys all along to fuel political unrest is also super weak because the archon was incompetent to begin with. It didn't exactly take a mastermind to fuck up what was already fucked up. They just capitalized on the stupidity a little bit and I ain't mad at it.

No. 199124

I just really need a 5 star cryo husbando.

No. 199125

File: 1650482781989.png (1.87 MB, 1564x727, whhaaaa.PNG)

I believe this has to be my luckiest pull yet..

Congrats nonnie! Razor is so cute, he is definitally a character i want to build.

Yes I'm also glad to see his sales are high. Did you not manage to get Childe during his previous reruns or do you want to try and get his cons? I got his c1 and don't think any other cons are necessary for him.

Itto was super funny this event. I changed the voices to english because i love his english va so much.

I also like her new design, she looks cool!

Mihoyo just sucks at writing.

It was so sudden when Signore got killed and not satisfying at all.

Kaeya is my 5 star cryo husbando kek. But no i get it, I wish we got more cryo/electro husbandos.

No. 199127

File: 1650482979555.jpeg (422.75 KB, 1582x2048, 5B90D682-3AF4-4371-B13B-6336A4…)

Damn that’s lucky, buy a lottery ticket anon!
Same I can’t wait for Scara and Cyno but it pains me that they’re not gonna be cryo

No. 199128

Kek I got the same pulls with 4* characters on the character banner kek

No. 199144

I've gone for a 50/50 on every banner Childe ever had and lost all of them, then had to save the guaranteed for someone else because he loves to come before other characters I want. Pain. Maybe next time or maybe he'll guarantee a boy I want more instead yet again.

No. 199151

I only won the 50/50 once and it was for Hu Tao, I hate that Childe took the lognest for me to have, gacha is so unfair.

No. 199155

You can try but don't go all surprised Pikachu face when you get curbstomped.

No. 199156

File: 1650492671388.jpg (224.98 KB, 1468x963, 16240388399826528289.jpg)

ot but these fanarts of them are super cute

No. 199193

Mihoyo is shilling Xianling so hard, she has been in too many character trials.

No. 199218

If that's what you call shilling then she isn't shilled hard enough. I didn't get a single con of hers (but got several yunjin and sucroses ffs).

No. 199234

I have Xiangling C6 and I only started playing in January. I agree with that other anon; they shill the fuck out of her.

No. 199236

File: 1650518742022.gif (206.94 KB, 99x99, 1568634653021.gif)

Tell me you've at least bought welkin or something. Why does this foodslut keep dodging me…

No. 199250

So do they shill Kaeya and Barbara too much then?

No. 199251

to be fair they're only putting the free units in the character trials, so that's why

No. 199252

>I hate how this character who stood up in a fictional story against the totalitarian government committing genocide against its own people got killed for it and we're supposed to forget about it and forgive the representative of the authority who killed him
>duhh he got what he deserved u gonna get curbstomped if u stand against dictators irl too!!!
Serious question, do you have an autism diagnosis?

She's put in every trial run party to evoke bigger elemental reactions with her pyronado and make you convinced that the character is super strong so you'll pull for them.

No. 199253

Nta but I’m completely f2p and have C6 on majority of the 4-stars. It’s all about luck.

No. 199256

I get that you're butthurt that somebody on the internet insulted your husbando but calling me autistic still makes no sense here.

And why the emphasis on fictonal story? You're the one here that's emotionally invested into his lame sob story lmao.

No. 199258

File: 1650536251768.jpeg (90.14 KB, 800x450, 8F168AFE-8D61-455B-8A66-93D743…)

No. 199259

oh fuck not you again

No. 199260

NAYRT but Xiangling was featured on at least 2 banners since January so if you're biased enough you can C6 her quicly. Sincerely, a 2.0 player who recently C6'd Xiangling.

No. 199261

Even if he's a scrote he's right. The anger these threads ooze isn't half normal, you bitches need to chill, mihoyo is an otaku company and they will keep putting waifubait and Yuri before what female otaku want. Unironically play another game if not getting what you want sets you off like this.

No. 199262

File: 1650538325919.jpg (38.35 KB, 500x375, ecc29defa93a752bdbcb4e6f7eb23d…)

No. 199265

Off to plebbit you go, moid

No. 199266

instead of a moid i feel like this might be one of those twt wlws who really despise male characters

No. 199267

File: 1650540230200.gif (16.94 KB, 90x90, think-emote.gif)

Yo what are the chances this "REEE LARPING MOIDS" anon(s) is a larping moid himself kek

Neither me of any of my women i know who play this game have such raging hate boners towards the girls, in my experience our opinions oscilante between "i don't care about them/i pulled because she's a stronk carry/i pulled because she's cute and i like her" (like every woman i know likes kokomi, she has an adorable design without being sexualized and she is one of the few female characters that does genuinely feel designed with a female fanbase in mind instead of coomers lol). Seriously the only ones I've perdonally seen genuinely hating the girls while fawning this hard over itto or ayato have been angry gay moids with misogynistic tendencies lmao.

Don't end up becoming handmaidens for some angry moid over internalized misogyny nonnies, go outside and touch some grass.

No. 199268

They're getting so identical it's almost impossible to tell the difference between some retarded Ei PFP twitter wuhluhwuh and a waifufag male insincerely adopting their rhetoric just to silence all critique of his body pillows. But the fact how clumsily he's attempting to imitate lolcow lingo to be one of us instead of just spewing twitter buzzwords points towards a salty scrotum.

No. 199269

>gay moids
>hating on the girls
you don't know anything about gay moids. they usually despise anything bishounen-aligned and only like barashit and yass slay female characters. they're probably all obsessed with "queens" like raiden and yae

No. 199270

It seems to me like it's someone who has been following the threads and just wants to stir up fights with constantly changing opinions. The fact that he brought up anons crying over Inazuma being too purple made it clear to me that this person is just obsessed with getting a reaction out of anyone, even if the topic he brings up hasn't been discussed in a while. I think in the past some anons have really reacted too strongly to other anons talking about being happy about getting a female character or liking one of them, instantly going on about how those are just coombait and shit anyway instead of just saying congrats or something. But I also don't get the need to defend them, literally who cares if some anons don't like your waifu or prefer their equally bland husbando? It doesn't matter and I wish anons would stop responding to it. No one will reach any agreements anyway

No. 199271

gay moids will pit female characters against each other to see which one serves more and which one is a bigger flop

No. 199272

File: 1650542387296.jpg (476.22 KB, 2048x1447, FQjlXI3aUAAgEEj.jpg)

I don't care how much anons seem to hate her, I got Ayaka's C1 at 0 pity and I'm very happy with her.

I agree. I don't think it's necessarily even a scrote, it's just a troll that is targeting this thread because all the conversations in here lead to infighting anyway.

No. 199273

I've seen the "y-you just have internalized misogyny if you don't like my waifu!!" cope a million times before but someone claiming that only "misogynist gay moids" like Itto or Ayato is the funniest fucking reach I've read yet, especially seeing how ridiculously popular Ayato has been with female players. Try harder, son.

While some anons are needlessly aggressive about all female characters instead of just ignoring them I do understand the point about how you can go literally anywhere else online for unlimited amounts of waifu appreciation and that female players who prefer husbandos have been treated unfairly, such as the official subreddit deleting posts about male characters selling well and banning even shirtless male art while allowing softcore porn of female characters, and that Chinese leakers purposefully and systematically troll female players. So while my favourite girl has been shat on repeatedly in these threads I recognize that people want to vent out their frustration here in particular. Anywhere else you get shot down immediately for complaining about the misogyny in the player community and games in general because the rights of cartoon women primarily made for men are more important than actual women getting pandered to.

No. 199274

congrats nonnie!
you guys are seriously acting like you’re systematically being oppressed and murdered for liking mediocre bishies, grow up, you act like shitting on people who like female characters is gonna solve all this “injustice” or whatever you want to call it.

No. 199275

personally i don't care about most genshin female characters, i just dislike the flirty big boobs onee-san trope, especially when paired with shorter younger boys. I don't mind ning so much but shenhe, lisa, yae, yelan make me really uncomfortable
i like klee and hutao quite a lot. i also like pathetic simps like sara, but i hate her clothes. actually i hate pretty much all of the clothes in the game so yeah

No. 199276

Ayaka design could have been perfect to me personally if she didn't have the panty shot. Yes her bangs look weird in game and it makes her forehead look huge but i can kinda accept it just like the faces/hair of albedo and diluc. My friend pulled her and he was so surprised to see the many panty flashes, he doesnt play it a lot and asked me if she got a skin like mona which censors it. He was legit disappointed and while i know that a lot of genshin male audience are coomers there is actually an amount of guys who think its also tacky and dont want to look at it.

Kaeya is only on the standard banner. I do have barbara c20 tho.

I'm so sorry for that! I hope you will be able to get him on his next rerun. Losing the 50/50 truly sucks.

Do we already know what element cyno is? Who knows maybe he can be cryo but that might just be copium on my side.

Congrats nonnie! That pic is so cute. I wish we got those skins but mihoyo seems to despise making skins.

No. 199277

Samefag but i also hate sara her design, she looked a lot cooler in that one animated video. I dont like her shoes, skirt and top thingie. I actually dont mind lisa as much even tho she falls into that archtype. I also really dislike shenhe her design but personality wise she was so boring it wasn't that offensive to me. I love ning and beidou! Tho i would really love if beidou got a super badass skin that would embrace the pirate theme more.

No. 199278

shenhe isn't flirty at all, she's more of an autist but i can only associate her with coomer oneshota porn. when her trailer with chongyun was revealed "oneshota" was trending in japan since it's a big fetish over there

No. 199280

Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of datamining just the new characters stats, people datamined the stats of the artifacts that they got in the trials so we could have an idea of what stats to focus on while farming?

No. 199283

Kind of true, I like it when anons can agree with me about disliking certain characters for their obvious coomer pandering, but as others have said, in the end it turns into nothing but talk about moids. Which isn't uninteresting and should be said, but anons sometimes get way too into it.

I really think most normies just playing games don't care or find it unnecessary, it's only those with anime porn brainrot that care. Before Ayaka was released there were so many videos and posts about her panties being "the most important part" of her design and the comments were full of scrotes sucking each others dicks going "Oh, I see you're a man of culture as well" and then there was a lot about her getting "nerfed" because she got shorts instead. It's so disgusting and even though I'm attracted to women I will never see the appeal in that shit. There's no detail there anyway, she's literally just fighting or walking around, how can anyone be interested in that? And don't you need two hands to play genshin anyway? I don't get it

No. 199284

File: 1650545864546.jpg (Spoiler Image, 174.14 KB, 1080x1459, Screenshot__YouTube.jpg)

Unrelated to the topics at hand, but I had to block all genshin content on YouTube because the people in those communities are actually disgusting. Seeing polls about favorite waifus with stupid nicknames like "the better Amber" "Cocogoat" and "Booba sword" plus the constant out in the open conversation about fetishes made me sick. I hate that it has become so normalized that those moids feel comfortable enough to just talk about mommy milkers and their interest in armpits without anyone giving a fuck and making fun of them.
Just watching build guides or a few shorts about hidden achievements made shit like pic related appear on my recommended page. At one point there was a video with some yuri parody about Jean x Barabara too, I just reported it but the comments it had were positive. Anime freaks are really deranged, I hope they all die in their crusty rooms

No. 199287

Moid coomers are complete retards claiming Rosaria getting a boobred despite the nunthot outfit is false advertizing. They seethe against characters like Childe, Itto and Ayato getting banners because they might question their sexuality after cooming on girls' tight outfits. If they were purged, maybe the game quality would improve instead of making eye-candy filler mommies.

Normies and metafags don't seem to care though. They only pull for characters who might bring them numbers in the Abyss and that's why many of them (even moids) whaled for Ayato and even made comparison vids between him and Childe for certain team comps.

I've only seen Shenhe doing domestic stuff with Chongyun and being shipped with Yun Jin and Yelan (I'm just avoiding coomer content which is hard sicne I can't even enjoy seeing Ganyu fanarts in peace).

No. 199288

>anons not clocking these autistic takes as this faggot whiteknighting his retarden shogun waifu already
step up your game, girls. all raidentards act the same way.

it's baffling how those types have convinved themselves literal nlog behavior is somehow feminist. I know they're 14 year olds but still. this wuhluhwuh fetishism trend needs to end.

No. 199289

>wuhluhwuh fetishism
Girls can't fetishize themselves retard

No. 199290

this is the most TIM tier take I think I've ever heard

No. 199300

Ok you're definitely a troll. I'm not gonna amuse you any further.

No. 199318

They're fetishizing lesbianism, not women.

No. 199331

File: 1650562473923.jpeg (204.79 KB, 811x1200, D13B1E4B-848A-4300-9805-FC7F0C…)

In the new event with the Fontaine guy, he talked about how autistic the Fontaine court is. That you get punished for literally anything. So once again it will be a hostile and corrupt region.
As for Sumeru, what do you anons want it to be like? A peaceful place? Civil war? Corruption at Sumeru academia? Before Inazuma was released a leaker predicted the plot and was correct on most parts. That same leaker also said that Sumeru was a place where the dead come alive at night. Sounds interesting to me! Personally I want it to be a peaceful place with mondstadt vibes

No. 199332

I don't think there will be a corrupt storyline this time, seeing how they're scholars they might have some connection to Khaenri'ah and alchemy or some other forbidden art? Maybe they're contacting spirits and it'll be a place similar to Enkanomiya or Tsurumi?

No. 199333

if they handle the story like they did with inazuma then i don't have much hopes

No. 199336

I think it will be something like some scholars trying to use abyss magic or something like that to become smarter but it would be obviously forbidden by the archon. Then they blame the fat-uy for giving them some important scrolls or something.
I just hope there is some involvement of Lisa in the story since she was part of the academia and whatnot, it would be interesting.

No. 199344

Same but I thought they redeemed themselves a little with Tsurumi island story. That was so much better than the archon quest. When they try we do get some nice storytelling

No. 199351

File: 1650566968779.jpeg (80.48 KB, 687x386, hotpot.jpeg)

>saged for sperging
tbh I'm pretty excited for Fontaine. Since supposedly Fontaine is the nation closest to Celestia, then I expect there to be a lot of internal conflict that would make the Traveller side more with Snezhnaya's goals. But knowing how hyv seems to make everything happy go lucky, it will most likely be the traveller all of a sudden getting rid of all the problems like we saw in Inazuma.

No. 199352

Bump, don't scroll

No. 199375

I'm 100% certain Lisa will be involved in V3, most likely in a patch-event.

No. 199556

File: 1650651152492.png (345.26 KB, 409x593, unknown.png)

its basically confirmed at this point that scaramouche is going to be playable which is just utterly retarded. How the fuck are they going to redeem him as a character anyway? I bet they are going to make him have a talk with his mommy raiden or something so that they can make up and his evil magically disappears because his mommy issues have suddenly been erased thanks to traveler playing family therapist. I wish he would die like signora instead to at least give his character any meaning, i would rather even have that bitch be playable than this ugly bowlcut tif piece of shit. At this point yelan seems to have more of an interesting story to her than scaramouche kek. His artifact story just makes it seem like hes a lost little baby boy who desperately needs to be fixed with some love and affection thats literally all there is to him. Nothing worth of interest. i cant wait to use yelan to beat the scaramouche weekly boss into a bloody pulp over and over again. At least she seems mysterious and i can already assure you she doesnt need any "fixing"

No. 199557

Shut up. Scaramouche would just remain evil. Why not? That's what makes him so appealing. I want him so fucking bad, if I don't get my Scaramouche- and I've been waiting since the first day he appeared because there were rumors of him being playable by then already- I will destroy Genshin Headquarters.

No. 199559

can you at least choose a female character that doesn't have a retarded haircut and jacket

No. 199560

File: 1650651459395.jpg (44.55 KB, 535x535, 0714aa8254be835d56b63b10c44429…)

call me old fashioned but i was born to serve scaramouche. i do the laundry, cook dinner, clean dishes. i live to serve out every demand of his on the slightest whim, its what i was put on this earth to do. if he cheats on me then its my fault. he caught me slipping

No. 199561

nta and i really want him to stay a little shitlord forever too, but every villain so far has been turned into a woobie somehow. it's really unlikely that they are just going to plant the seeds of him crying like a little fag and being too uwu sweet to be raidens robot and then not use any of that to redeem him. just look at what they did to raiden, it's for sure also going to happen to any other future reformed villains.

No. 199562

File: 1650651857359.png (122.47 KB, 956x692, 78436578346584.png)

samefag, i'm talking about this artifact lore. scaramouche shedding tears and wanting a heart is such faggot shit and nobody can convince me that hyv isn't going to use it to turn him into a nice character

No. 199565

Well hopefully he remains based and evil

No. 199566

i'm pretty sure scaramouche wasn't supposed to be playable and his design reflects that but since he gained so much popularity they had no choice but make him playable. the tragic backstory was probably planned from the start though, la signora's past is also very tragic
i still think childe and raiden did way more fucked up shit than scara and signora so what's wrong with them being "redeemed"?

No. 199570

Scara was datamined a long time ago and he already had the playable character model of "boy". They did change his hat size to be smaller.
I do think they tried to redeem raiden more then childe because i remember in a recent event paimon and traveller being very distrustful of him but not having the same reaction with raiden. But honestly i have already accepted that most characters are badly written anyway, i just hope he will have a fun kit.

This is bad bait but now that we are on the topic of yelan, it seems they really want to make her a specific support for hu tao. Kinda like how shenhe is only usefull for ayaka and ganyu. This seems silly, specific 4 star supports i can understand but 5 stars seems just lame. Also they are trying to heavily make her rely on cons which i also despise and it seems to be a pattern for 5 stars.

Anyway i think she will just be hydro shenhe, so most people will forget about her after some time since she is so niche

No. 199573

I'll skip her and use Xingqiu with Hu Tao for elemental reactions anyway. Itto and Shinobu matter more since I didn't summon him in 2.3 (I had to save for Zhongli).

No. 199574

File: 1650657114923.jpg (1.34 MB, 3072x4096, 888.jpg)

Problem with Yelan is she's garbage until c2 even for Hu Tao. In the few roles Xingqiu doesn't outshine her, the other 5 star hydros do. She's a shining example of filler whalebait. That's what all that 1.5U sperging was about.

I too just hope Scara's good and fun to make misogynist moids like >>199556 seethe. I'm content to keep my expectations for future plot regarding him in hell as I do with everything Genshin related. If I wanted actually good writing I would play a different game. Though he does already have both one of the most well thought out designs and back stories of any character so far. Much better than his retarded creator, that's for sure and he has far less to redeem than she did.

No. 199575

>misogynist moid
i didnt realize scara was a woman

No. 199576

Forgot to add but in 5 stars, this pattern of wholly relying on other 5 stars and whaling is only present in big tiddy armpit waifus if you haven't noticed (Yae, Shenhe, Yelan). 5 star guys and less sexy 5 star girls will probably be safe from this, at most we'll get some more Gorous.

No. 199577

Yeah the thing about both Shenhe and Yelan I don't understand why they made such a niche 5-star support. But with Shenhe she at least serves Ayaka who's the current OP cryo DPS but what is Yelan good for when you need multiple constellations to get anything out of her? Constellations should be saved for whales and 4-star characters. If I want a support applying hydro and damage based on her HP I'd just prefer to use Kokomi with the Ocean-hued clam set. Yelan's E seems so gimmicky and awkward to use too.

No. 199578

Didn't know Albedo and Itto were big tiddy armpit waifus

No. 199580

He's a character liked by women who you have a burning vendetta against, just like with every other character that is popular with women. This isn't a libfem site, not many people here are going to be memed into believing whiteknighting coomershit anime ladies is a based feminist move anymore than "supporting" your local e-thot's onlyfans is.

Why have mods not banned that baiter yet? He acts like the incels from the last thread who were spreading fake leaks to ~troll~ female players.

They're trying to see just how much money they can milk from those coomers before they sperg out I guess. No skin off my ass tbh.

No. 199581

meds. NOW.

No. 199582

He's been banned as far as I know (at least he got redtexted once) but he's band evading via a VPN I presume. Bitch boy just can't live without us disgusting femcels.

No. 199584

Goodluck with getting Itto and Shinobu! I hope Shinobu will be on a banner with a 5 star i also want to pull.

Yeah that does seem to be a pattern. I wouldn't mind more Gorous since 4 stars at least are easier to get cons off.

Itto is not a support and you don't have to whale for his cons? Itto does really like having gorou on his team tho, like how raiden want sara c6. Albedo is a lot more flexible and can be used in more comps then shenhe and yae.

He says meds a lot of times kek.

No. 199588

shenhe's kit is actually well thought. they realized most waifufags and moids already have ganyu or/and ayaka so giving them a busted support with a coomer design wouldn't hurt

No. 199589

notice how itto's supports are both male too, gorou who is very niche but amazing for itto and albedo who is actually pretty versatile, they don't really do mixed gender combos like they wouldn't have released yelan as a must have hydro support for childe and ayato

No. 199600

Zhongchi is a retarded yaoi ship for twatterwhales.


No. 199603

>Albedo is a lot more flexible and can be used in more comps then shenhe and yae.
My friend told me he had limited geo comps just like Itto and tbh I didn't see that much difference between shenhe and albedo in terms of teamwork.

No. 199610

Your friend is wrong then. Albedo is still meta for hu tao alongside every geo team and can fit comfortably in any team that has an open spot. He's more like Fischl except he has aoe, better damage, doesn't ruin reactions, and boosts EM teamwide. Shenhe is a buffer who only functions in one specific type of team - freeze, and even in those she is far more replaceable than Albedo is in his teams. She is straight up not the best 2nd cryo for several freeze dps. You can compare her to Sara or Gorou with a 5 star pricetag.

As for Itto, he is a dps. Every dps has limited teams, most all circle back to Bennett, Kazuha, and Xingqiu.

No. 199613

I see. I admit I'm biased because Albedo did poorly on his first run according to banner sales.
Making Shenhe a 5 star is pretty retarded considering she does the same than Sara and Gorou for her element. Good thing she's not only unpopular but also didn't do well kek.

No. 199624

He did poorly because he came immediately after Zhongli who was awful at that point and before the geo buff was announced, Xiao's banner, and the first waifu banner. He was never bad, and he got even better with the new geo artifacts and the op sword from his last event. Kazuha had bad sales too and look at him now.

No. 199626

I personally can't wait for the Kazuha rerun banner sales and witness the moid tears when a male character breaks records once again. And agree, the reason I didn't roll for Albedo personally was because I was out of gems after Childe and Zhongli and wanted to save up for Xiao.

No. 199629

>only reason she(?) plays genshin is to own MUH MOIDS only existing in her head
Holy kek you're pathetic

No. 199643

> she seems mysterious
She can't even keep her pits a mystery.
Be honest, scrote. You've roofied women before, haven't you?

No. 199648

File: 1650672227606.jpeg (67.54 KB, 750x750, 435CC503-7512-4E71-A699-60AE41…)

I really want Kazuha, I mean, my Sucrose is doing okay, in the abyss, I guess? But I prefer the 5 stars pretty boy, then I would have both anemo 5 stars boys.

No. 199652

File: 1650672878482.jpg (99.09 KB, 1280x1012, 54343672345672456237467.jpg)

retarded infighting aside, does anyone think signora might get revived? i'm on high copium doses since raiden quest. i wanted her so badly, i just want to play a genuinely mean and vile female character

No. 199657

always felt that they killed her off and theyre gonna revive her with a better outfit that wouldnt clip so much, lol

No. 199658

>a better outfit
>implying she won’t get airbrushed leggings like Jean or retarded miniskirt for constant panty shots and don’t forget about the armpits for the armpit fetish moids

No. 199665

Jean's outfit is still pretty good. Of course the fake shirt looks retarded as hell, but even her original outfit was solid imo. I can see an adult woman wearing it easily.

No. 199671

its okay from the front but when you use her in game you see the problems. I think hu tao has the best outfit for girls, she look like hanako kun.

No. 199672

Best outfit is Yunjin for me.

No. 199673

I honestly don't think so, but maybe they'll fill her position? Or maybe they'll start making stuff up about how the ebil fatui have done experiments to revive the dead kek
But I still don't understand why they killed her off so seemingly randomly. Just to have some big bad to make clear how Raiden acts when someone crosses her and show that she is stronger than Venti? Does she not care about the Tsaritsa at all? I thought Zhongli worked with them because she had some goal he's also interested in or at least doesn't mind, but Raiden just doesn't give a fuck about who she kills?

No. 199710

well raiden is retarded and they had to make her look cooler hence the scene where she kills signora. she is more of a brainless killing machine and realistically, what she did to signora i enough to cause a war between snezhnaya and inazuma but the writers can't be bothered to write anything that makes sense

No. 199727

Hm, maybe it'll cause conflict later on because news haven't reached the Tsaritsa yet? I can also imagine them pulling some shit like she forgives Raiden for it because she understands she was just running the puppet script and it's Signora's fault for overstepping or something. Or to show that she's so cold, she doesn't even care about her Harbingers, only about what they can do for her

No. 199730

Kaeya Alberich had always loved noisy Dawn Winery with its tired, tall tables. It was a place where he felt delighted. He was a rude, snotty, wine drinker with skinny arms and long legs. His friends saw him as a successful, salty snowflake. Once, he had even saved a pretty Barbara that was stuck in a drain. That's the sort of man he was. Kaeya walked over to the window and reflected on his crowded surroundings. The rain hammered like drinking lizards. Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Diluc Ragnvindr. Diluc was a ruthless volcano with handsome arms and solid legs. Kaeya gulped. He was not prepared for Diluc. As Kaeya stepped outside and Diluc came closer, he could see the flaky glint in his eye. "I am here because I want revenge," Diluc bellowed, in a smart tone. He slammed his fist against Kaeya's chest, with the force of 6002 pigeons. "I frigging hate you, Kaeya Alberich." Kaeya looked back, even more shocked and still fingering the enchanted sword. "Diluc, where is the lamb sauce," he replied. They looked at each other with confident feelings, like two hilarious, handsome horses talking at a very daring Windblume festival, which had jazz music playing in the background and two proud uncles sitting to the beat. Kaeya regarded Diluc's handsome arms and solid legs. He held out his hand. "Let's not fight," he whispered, gently. "Hmph," pondered Diluc. "Please?" begged Kaeya with puppy dog eyes. Diluc looked concerned, his body blushing like a fair, fine flower. Then Diluc came inside for a nice glass of wine.

No. 199738

>i cant wait to use yelan to beat the scaramouche weekly boss into a bloody pulp over and over again.
Yeah no women don’t talk like this. Obvious unhinged and violent moid. Nice try

No. 199742

Will Scaramouche be playable? If yes I will start saving primos. This is a good time to start saving bc I won't ever roll for Ayaka, Yelan and Kiku or whatever her name is

No. 199744

I'm a f2p so i need to plan my rolls and i was thinking to go for xiao since i already have itto and because i heard from someone that sumeru will have a 2:1 female-male ratio

No. 199753

File: 1650718044258.jpg (3.15 MB, 2480x3508, FPJiRD-VcAMewSz.jpg)

There's rumors that he'll be a weekly boss and that he'll be playable in 3.1/3.2, or at least in Sumeru. Personally, I wouldn't take the risk and roll for anyone else since 3.1 is so close.

No. 199762

what would a woman say then

No. 199763

I'm a nonna and I too would like to beat Scara up (affectionally)
Won't you wait for Kazuha?

No. 199768

Anemo is the most fun element i caught a bunch of hilichurls in the windhose and seeing them jump in there is so funny

No. 199770

True, I love using Jean to knock back enemies and have them float in mid-air, it's so funny. Watching enemies get sucked into Venti's ult and helplessly dying in there is also fun

No. 199785

>they didnt fight with kaeya kicking that stupid diluc's stupid gay ass

No. 199789

Wait, this is shit, there are no horses in Mondstadt, otherwise it’s well written, please remove the part about horses.

No. 199791

NTA but holy shit I never realized this before. Why is Kaeya the cavalry captain when there are no horses in Mondstadt? What are they riding? His dick?

No. 199794

File: 1650729270545.jpeg (130.76 KB, 750x793, C37CE39A-CDE6-4EE7-93AF-0300C4…)

He rides everyone’s dick.

No. 199801

Of course, that's why he has a great ass. All the dick riding shapes him.

No. 199810

everything points to that being the case. cyno may be the next male character but scaramouche could be the next playable harbinger.

No. 199822

nonnie his ass is so flat it might as well be concave

No. 199828

File: 1650735605786.jpg (18.51 KB, 305x465, mlmfitza1p261.jpg)

It may not be as fat as Zhongli's but he has a greatly shaped ass. Nice thighs and an ass perfect for grabbing. Not too small, not too big.
Childe's ass is actually flat.

No. 199836

File: 1650736137935.png (112.5 KB, 247x295, EjXbW3lU0AAYh30.png)

What? All the Genshin men have negative ass

No. 199840

i already have kazuha! first day of banner hehe

No. 199841

they're afraid of sexualizing men kek

No. 199842

Why do straight women play this game, this is a pathetic lack of male ass

No. 199849

admitting genshin men have no ass is the first step for healing nonnie, we've all been there i swear it won't difficult

No. 199850

File: 1650737598369.jpg (609.94 KB, 2500x2500, xubvqj1at2s51.jpg)

Why are people even debating male asses, I couldn't care less about that gross shit. Male legs are where it's at and Xingqiu is rocking them.

No. 199851

Just let me enjoy Kaeya's small-but-still-nice ass nonas, I like it.

Xingqiu's legs are beautiful and I wish we could get more male characters with bare legs.

No. 199888

File: 1650743736390.jpeg (665.7 KB, 1200x691, 5D5D4557-FA09-4F90-8722-9DD460…)

Great taste

No. 199903

Why are these asses fucking concave. Not even Honkai was like that with Kalpas and Otto.

No. 199906

everyone who works in the 3D department is a straight moid

No. 199954

that would explain why the models are so low quality and ugly. not just for the characters but the environment too compared to the concept art. looks cheap and shitty.

No. 200023

>waah how dare hyv not put as much effort as AAA studio in my f2p game waaaah
I'd like to see you do better kek

No. 200024

Is this the game sexiest male offering? It looks like a kid.

No. 200025

it's mostly because it's a huge game that is available for mobile, last gen consoles and also PC, so they can't really make the textures any more hq. the voicefiles alone are around 5gb for each language, imagine if they added crisp as hell textures in addition to that. the game is pretty gorgeous on highest settings on the computer though, even if the textures are a little low quality.

No. 200035

File: 1650804258676.jpeg (107.1 KB, 828x656, 7D43B4B9-8BBA-48F5-9186-D99B85…)

Dendro datamine! Ayato is gonna be sooo damn good in an electro+dendro team. Maybe this is why mihoyo released two hydro characters like Ayato and Yelan back to back

No. 200037

sounds weak and underwhelming

No. 200040

I hope this isn't real because why the heck would dendro not react with anemo and geo? Anemo could carry dendro to greater aoe and accelerate attacks/skills and dendro could also spring board off of geo because shouldn't nature and geo go hand and hand?
The whole dropping spores that need to be watered/reacted with sounds like it might make us run around and like it's for a dendro catalyst wielder. If they really drop the ball with attacks and reactions… Outside of side quests the creativity's been slipping for a while

No. 200043

File: 1650807425502.jpeg (568.55 KB, 2480x2480, 2EFB7D44-E049-4EB6-8A7D-A36C3B…)

Not at all, this specifically buffs electro-charge which is the best reaction for Ayato.
Yeah I do think mihoyo will add dendro reactions to all elements but that intensified and overgrown is the only one we have been able to datamine so far. Cryo does not need a buff but anemo and geo would benefit with some dendro reactions. Just to spice up the gameplay

No. 200045

This. Boring and changes nothing.

No. 200046

I think they just never thought the game would become popular enough to start doing dendro.

No. 200050

though the visuals and gameplay may not reflect it, they invested hundreds of millions of dollars in this game and shilling it. this isn't some indie endeavor, they knew it would be popular.

No. 200058

>no dendro reaction with geo
they worked 2 years on this, if they will truely not add any more reactions i will despise them so much.

No. 200059

I'll avoid pulling dendro characters purely out of spite.

No. 200061

Nobody cares
It's curious that only Cryo gets excluded. I figured out Geo and Anemo would stay neutral but I do hope the element gets balanced before 3.0 is out.

No. 200062

i care

No. 200063

cryo is already broken enough anyway, it doesn't need another buff

No. 200069

I can't even use ayato to his full extent because my beidou is c1 and i don't have one single fischl

No. 200078

You care.

No. 200087

Idk, nonnie, my Ayato works amazing with Diona, Kaeya and Venti or Zhongli.

No. 200096

File: 1650823119761.jpg (131.22 KB, 738x553, 1645490929313.jpg)


No. 200109

2 years to come up with watering plants and reverse superconduct, please understand. hoyoverse is a 1 years old high functioning autistic company with a simple, peaceful dream.

No. 200117

Go for a hyper carry Ayato instead of an electo-charge Ayato then maybe? It’s a good team comp too. Ayato, YunJin, Bennett, Kazuha/anemo.

No. 200174

Why do you think that? Right now it's all just speculation. It could turn out that burning actually isn't that strong and the meta will shift away from pyro characters. Also don't think they'll make it too easy, there's no HP limit. Worst case you're beating the shit out of plants for hours because they just won't die due to their 1 million HP kek

No. 200193

File: 1650840290195.jpeg (72.72 KB, 750x600, B260F507-3447-4C82-9DFA-3A2418…)

The fuck is going on?
>play in the abyss because I want the stupid name card
>be able to reach the 12th floor
>try doing the floors with the exact teams that got me 9 stars in 9th, 10th and 11th floors
>stuck with 8 stars because of the final bosses
Fuck me, I don’t know what to do, I even leveled up the talents, levels and artifacts of some of my characters but this has been even more useless than the new hydro girl’s jacket.
It’s like leveling them up made the team worse? How does that even happen??

No. 200199

bosses are just a dps check. but this abyss is really easy if you have venti and kazuha. spam them.

No. 200204

File: 1650842385372.jpeg (27.79 KB, 276x345, C02DB176-EB29-4FD3-BB04-D57DE8…)

>Tfw I only need kazooha
I’m trying to level up sucrose and while she does help a bit, I’m still stuck. Maybe I should just keep focusing on Diluc and Ayato.

No. 200662

Just playing on Normal because I don't care about high scores and I miss that feeling of being able to slaughter enemies so quick.
I'm at adventure rank 50 but I don't want to do the quest to raise it anymore because then I'll be forced to raise my world level. I wish I could go back down to 4 and just keep it there forever.

No. 200684

I tried a full double-geo team and the unbuilt part sucks so mcuh at doing damage. Hopefully Itto is coming soon so I can summon him and help my team.

No. 200686

It's an easy event and it's nice to try out some characters. Had no idea Ningguang would feel that clunky compared to other characters. It also further confirmed to me that I really dislike Yoimiya's playstyle. Really made me want to pull for Ayato though, so sad I lost my 50/50 on his banner.

No. 200695

File: 1650968642191.jpg (127.14 KB, 877x1200, FRM_P86XoAEr8YZ.jpg)

It's fun to use characters i not have like Ayato. Not gonna bother with getting a very high score tho, im just gonna cheese it with my abyss comps and get enough points to get all the rewards.

I also really don't like yoimiya her playstyle, i tried her out in a different dundgeon like trial and it was just very boring to me. I hope you will be able to get Ayato on his rerun nonnie. Now that we get double character banners more often you probably won't have to wait that long.

Do you not want to raise your world level because you think the overworld enemies might be to strong then?

No. 200698

I tried some Yoimiya hypercarry team and I managed to score more than 1k points int he first half by banking on YunJin, Zhongli and Bennett and the speed attack boost. It goes to show Yoimiya can't do much on combos if she's itnerrupted.

No. 200700

I'm technically at world level six lowered to 5, but the ~70 bosses take long enough to beat that I really don't want them to be ~20 levels higher or however stronger they are at level 7. And it would probably make dailys more annoying.
I have a lv 90 party, but I really don't want to farm artifacts or roll on the weapon banner and that's the only way to make them stronger now.

No. 200713

Nta but what do you do with your resin then? Do you only fight bosses and level characters? At some point farming some artifacts becomes inevitable because there's simply nothing else to do. I've stopped ascending at AR 50 too because I like getting through the content quickly, but I can one-cycle basically all bosses and don't have any issues when doing level 90 weekly bosses

No. 200716

I love these sorts of events because it helps me figure out which weapons and artifacts I should get for my characters or for future characters I want.

No. 200729

Fuck yeah I'm ready to spend money for Xiao. I was sad I lost the 50-50 for Ayato but now that Xiao is coming back I'm thanking my lucky stars

No. 200737

Until recently I wasn't really using my resin at all, I just do the daily quests for primos and story/explore/events.
I'm just slowly leveling up all my characters now so ley lines. I just hate grinding artifacts because there is too much RNG involved. You could use up all your resin for the day and just get shit so I'd rather play something else.

No. 200765

You're not wrong about the rng, but don't let yourself get talked into never farming them at all just because so many people seemingly never get lucky. I farmed the new domain since it came out and have gotten a full set for Ayato after two weeks. I just used daily resin since I don't have to spend it on bosses right now anyway and it only took that long because I got more Vermillion pieces and really wanted a good crit damage circlet for him. Once your favorite characters are at least level 80 and have their important talents at 8 and a weapon at 80 or 90 depending on their role, you can start focusing on artifacts.

Ningguang and all other catalyst users feel very clunky to me, in the challenge I started using Bennett alone because I couldn't stand how much she got interrupted and ended up doing nothing. Ayaka feels similar to me, I hate her alternative sprint, it feels like I can't control it at all

No. 200795

Ayaka really feels clunky and slow, I ended up letting my Kaeya lead the whole thing because she was tiresome to play with.

No. 201215

Ayato is meta now?

No. 201222

Ayo wtf

No. 201226

File: 1651047760350.jpeg (476.69 KB, 2500x1248, 8D1B3407-A171-4A75-8FB2-422216…)

I agree, Ayaka’s sprint is awful. She’s so difficult to control during combat. This is why I never listen to metafags. Yes Ayaka might do big numbers but she’s difficult and clunky to play. Itto and Ayato who are considered A-tier rather than S-tier have a very polished and smooth gameplay.

No. 201227

Ooooh so that’s why I’ve seen scrotey art of Venti and Mona. Yikes

No. 201232

Sisters will Scaramouche be the first unapologetically evil/scummy playable character or are they gonna chicken out and give him some uwu sob backstory to make him 'likeable'?

No. 201246

Fucking christ that's gross. I just can't enjoy Mona as a character due to sudden, random forms of rapey sexualization like this combined with her stripper outfit.

No. 201254

I hate this so much, I don’t know why they love to make Mona one of the most sexualized girls, well, maybe she was just created for the coom rather than for a game with a plot. Her sprint is useful though.

No. 201255

Ofc they will, even Childe had his story quest in which they made him out to be a good guy with no choice and the bloodlust and will to fight anyone is just because he happened to fall into the abyss. They are already building Scara up to be a sad lost puppet with a tragic backstory to make him appear more human and vulnerable. I almost don't want him to be playable because I really don't want to have to skip through a story quest about him and Raiden becoming some family or whatever. They can't handle evil characters for some reason. It could have been possible with Raiden, but they half assed it and now she's an evil dictator who's actually just uwu misunderstood and friendless and oh twavellew cant you help me buy dango milk pwetty pwease?

No. 201259

Yeah, what clothes are there even to blow away? Her skin thight bodysuit isn't going anywhere kek coomers really don't care about anything as long as they can get off

No. 201260

File: 1651051447146.jpeg (286.39 KB, 1200x1198, D3791127-6112-4909-8074-17760D…)

According to the information we have now, Scaramousse is described as fragile, his friend got killed and he longed for a heart. He even cried when he was “born”. So they’ve given him a sad backstory to make us sympathetic already.

Here’s his backstory summarized:

No. 201265

I didn’t pull Raiden because her characterization fucking sucks, and now I can’t get the 5k medal for the electro dmg bonus trial in the event reeeeee

No. 201269

>all this reaching
Am I the only one who didn't see anything suggestive? Really?
That and the fact they made him betray the Fatui already make him more likely to redeem.

Guess our only chance to see an irredeemable Fauti so far is in Dottore.

No. 201272

Are just dumb or are you trying to bait anons into derailing the thread with complaints about coomers again?

No. 201279

>mona's sprint is good
>but ayaka's is clunky
Uh, I thought they had the same sprint?

No. 201281

>I didn’t pull Raiden because her characterization fucking sucks
I hope you've never made a single pull in the whole game then kek

No. 201289

No I genuinely don't see what the problem is considering Mona doesn't even wear a skirt to blow away kek.

No. 201296

Nta and I'm pretty sure those are two different anons as well, but their sprints are useful for running around in the overworld, especially Ayaka since she makes it easy to travel through water, but imo they both feel super clunky in actual fights. Every trial that gave out Mona made me insane, I could never predict where she was going or why and Ayaka is the same

No. 201298

>Mona doesn't even wear a skirt to blow away
That's the detail you're choosing to focus on? You'd actually have to be autistic to not get the intended implication.

No. 201299

File: 1651057340529.jpg (Spoiler Image, 232.39 KB, 1028x952, a41.jpeg.jpg)

Doesn't stop moids and you know it. This is just the first thing I found googling both their names since I don't follow any coom artists. Nothing explicit but I'll spoiler in case any anons don't want to have Venti ruined for them

No. 201303

I mean, the sprints are great for exploring, but fighting while using their sprints is tiresome as fuck, you end up having to change them a lot for the other characters because they slip a lot and basically end like 5 feet away from the enemies.

No. 201307

It is the same sprint but you rarely use Mona outside of her skill and burst. Ayaka as a dps means a lot more moving around on field, which is why her sprint feels clunky

No. 201330

File: 1651062762359.jpeg (81.77 KB, 749x418, 82CAB66D-70A0-44AA-9AA6-6594E2…)

Livestream art leaked for 2.7. Itto and Xiao interacting is gonna be funny to see

No. 201369

Seething about Xiao getting another banner so quickly after I had to wait almost a full year for his rerun

No. 201477

File: 1651077081757.jpeg (112.98 KB, 842x1054, 1650CD49-56CD-4B63-85F7-013B22…)

how to fucking save Genshin, Dendro and Sumeru:
>have Lisa play a moderate role in the Sumeru storyline (during which players can obtain her again to get a constellation)
>give Lisa a cute new outfit
>give Lisa a hangout event
>2 endings for (you)
>1 ending for jean shippers
>1 ending that includes venti (but no overt ship shit)
>1 ending where she gets the outfit (like nigguang)
>1 wholesome ending (where she also gives you a cute accessory for your teapot)
>give her an artifact set that buffs casting time and improves dendro reactions
there I just fixed Sumeru, Dendro and Genshin as a whole

No. 201484

get the fuck out of here abbystea

No. 201486

i know you want to bait but don't post fanart done by that pro-russian retard

No. 201487

Ew i regret searching that name, that's such creepy coomer art. Of course he has the transflag kek.

No. 201491

No, he was posting some pro-Russian propaganda regarding the war and got called out for it so he decided to put "BLM" and all sorts of virtue signaling flags in his name and profile just as a middle finger to people.

No. 201494

no she posted those flags to mock everyone because people called her out for being pro-russian war

No. 201495

S/he was a freak before but now posting russian propaganda? Kek

No. 201496

she moves exactly like an incel from /pol/ what's new

No. 201499

Are you surprised? Dickgirl fetish, coomer art, scamming people, tracing drawings, misogynist slurs, obsession with anime lesbians while being genuinely homophobic, why wouldn't they be posting a bit of Russian war propaganda on top of it?

Also I refuse to believe abbystea is a woman until proven otherwise. It's too much of a nasty incel scrote vibe to be certain.

No. 201501

yeah i see why you'd think it's a he not she, they're a homophobic yurifag but besides drawing venti (who they see as a trap shota) i've never seen them show interest in a male

No. 201502

File: 1651080103022.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2095x2942, BF771A4E-5F49-4726-9985-D6EA0D…)

Speaking of that, is there a website or anything that has an archive of these event builds?

No. 201507

I have no idea who the fuck that is

No. 201509

the infamous venlisa artist you posted her art and mentioned venti

No. 201515

My apologies, I don't know if the art I steal belongs to a degenerate or not

No. 201524

File: 1651083808611.jpeg (192.33 KB, 750x1000, 88FE6EF4-C761-492B-83DC-63412D…)

I would love that, but it would be better if one ending included Razor instead of Venti, since she is the tutor that practically raised the original pup boy, so it would be cute to have an ending where you have to help her teach Razor something new.

No. 201533

Ffs can you guys shut it about this literal who? Is it really worth derailing the thread to seethe about politics again?

I figured,but it's just weird to see complete opposite opinions on what's essentially the same thing I thought I must be missing something.

No. 201558

I haven't done the newest event yet but every event like this so far has been full of garbage meme builds, please dear lord do not blindly copy them.

No. 201564

>dickgril fetish
Spotted the troon 100%. Non-troons don't insert dick in every single f/f ship and other women/girls are too busy fawning over m/m and yumejo self-inserting.

No. 201569

wow does Xiao look good here…..

No. 201581

Right his eyes and eyelashes are so pretty

No. 201603

god I regret pulling for Ayato. If a knew Xiao was getting a rerun this soon I would have used all my wishes on him instead. I thought I'd have enough wishes by January smh

No. 201622

File: 1651110604900.png (1.97 MB, 960x960, 47D62D29-1FEE-448D-907C-4ED266…)

Easiest skip ever

No. 201628

The book is pretty though.

No. 201629

I have everyone in C6 here… I'm pulling because I like how flashy her style is with the dices, but it hurts… I guess the good side is that with so many dupes I'll have more chances to pull thanks to the fragment thingies I get from these.

Please use this site for builds guidance in pretty much everything (weapons, talents, etc)
it's constantly updated by several people. Super handy, should be added to the OT. Besides that:
Is used for in-depht study of characters. Long, long reads on how to use your favorite character. Not all have guides sadly, but there are tons, and they are very well done.

No. 201632

File: 1651114654414.jpeg (135.54 KB, 1080x1080, 430FE066-D190-4D7E-B6B6-30BE4F…)

Thanks for the resources, nonnie!

No. 201677

did you guys watch the new star rail trailer? that game looks boring and again… like 3 male characters in the whole trailer woah…

No. 201679

I only play Genshin Impact, I don't give a fuck about honkaishit and its shit waifus and this is the Genshin thread

No. 201683

We discussed this a bit last thread, nonnies came to the conclusion that it’s a waifushit game. Thus, nobody here cares about the new trailer. Try to keep this genshin related instead and lurk more.

No. 201686

nyart but geez calm your tits

No. 201688

that's most likely fake

No. 201689

>like 3 male characters in the whole trailer woah…
Go play another game if you're not happy with waifushit. There's plenty of other games with a fuckton of male characters to drool on.

No. 201690

No. 201691

Once childe dies I'm done with this kusoge

No. 201693

good riddance

No. 201694

File: 1651135815349.jpg (91.69 KB, 900x1200, 1621367466774.jpg)

dumb moralfag, keep seething at the fact that your husbando will never be as relevant story wise, sales wise etc. as best genshin boy

No. 201695

Why are people so obsessed with forcing death on Childe? I swear everyone's just fantasizing about him dying midstory and I'm telling you it's not going to happen.

No. 201696

Please go ahead and name some games that are similar to genshin but female oriented.

sis his story quest? It's littered with death flags

No. 201697

No it's not kek, Childe dying is a retarded cope pushed by scrotes who seethe over his popularity.

No. 201699

I think they either despise childe or they just want to see a beloved character die for the drama cause the game isn't that emotional and tragic right now

No. 201700

His name is ajax and his brother's teucer, delusion has also been confimred to be life draining. How is it scrotey to come to such a logical conclusion?

No. 201701

I will kill him with my bare hands

No. 201702

I bet he'd like to see you try lmao

No. 201703

So because Ajax in the legend died Childe has to die too? That's retarded. Besides all harbingers apparently use delusions but they're not dying because of it like the soldiers at Watatsumi, Childe doesn't even seem to use it besides during his boss battle in Liyue because he wants to do fighting fair without cheating.

No. 201704

is C0 childe worth it? is he difficult to build?

No. 201705

File: 1651137375018.png (274.14 KB, 483x417, 1609781481007.png)

lol you shouldn't be accusing other poeple of coping when you're this hellbent on handwaving every single one of his death flags. Look, Childe is ltierally the reason I'm even still playing this game, and I don't think he's actually going to die until Snezhnaya at the earliest, but I'm not going to delude myself then pull a suprised pikachu face once it does happen.

No. 201706

No. 201707

I've seen that, i'm just asking someone who already has childe

No. 201708

definitely worth it but he does have a learning curve so do keep in mind that you'll probably have to take some time getting used to him

No. 201709

Kek hellbent what? I think you're the one obsessed with his totally canon upcoming death that's absolutely going to happen based on an asspull fan theory.

No. 201710

Define worth. Building is easier than average as far as 5 star units are concerned since he uses liyue mats and his artifact demands are okayish, but if you're looking to use his meta comp I hope you're good at managing rotations.

No. 201711

I literally just said he has death flags and you came out of nowhere and started attacking me. You're the one who's obsessed, mental illness-chan.

No. 201713

I want him and Scaramouche to die and still be playable. I hope it's happening.

No. 201715

They did the same thing with kazuha and scara. Remember when everyone was creaming themselves over the theory that raiden would kill kazuha? I think its because there are some weird moids who really hate male characters. Like those leaker scrotes who make up leaks to bait female players.

Childe is really fun to play imo, i do have his c1 now because i got it on his rerun but none of his constellations are nesecerily a must pull. He is easy to build but some people might have trouble actually using him in rotations because of his E cooldown. When you use him in abyss you do need to actually need to use your brain in comparison to other team comps but his hydro application is great for xiangling. If you dont care about abyss to much i would still say that his gameplay is very fun.

No. 201716

since i'm poor i only have enough gems for either xiao or childe (apparently he'll retun in the next patch) so that's why i was thinking. i feel like i might have more fun with the childe meta comp (and my xiangling is C6) rather than xiao but as a husbando i prefer xiao… but xiao might have fucking barbara and noelle on his banner and they're both C6 and i'm not on my guarantee while with childe there's a chance heizou will be on his banner
fuck, i don't even know if i should wait for sumeru instead but i have no idea how they will dress the tall male husbandos

No. 201717

Your otome kusoges are a good example as well as your tumblr dating simulator for gayden snowflakes. If you want normal games, there's plenty like FEH. There's Zelda games for open world but you'd need money to buy a switch.

No. 201718

Imagine many harbingers dying before we even get to Snezhnaya, I won't be able to take the Tsaritsa seriously at that point.

No. 201720

>can't name a single game
Still made me reply I guess. 2/10

No. 201721

there was a rumor two of them are canon lovers and they will be playable but i don't believe it, i hope they just die together or something like romeo and juliet kek

No. 201722

NTA but how are otome and dating simulators similar to genshin…

No. 201723

Anon, you’re so fucking weird, are you twelve?

No. 201724

Which two wtf

No. 201725

colombina and arlecchino

No. 201726

I hope Colombina is cute, and Arlecchino better have lots of fun animations since Arlecchinos are supposed to move around a lot.

No. 201727

i think colombina and arlecchino are also lovers in the original story but yeah i hope they both just die i'd rather not have any canon couples in genshin

No. 201728

Metawise, childe is f2p friendly (but defineitly NOT braindead), xiao is whalebait. Simple as that.

No. 201729

Yeah moids were ecstatic when they saw that empty vision in the Inazuma trailer because that must mean that Kazuha will be killed while it was fucking obvious it was the vision of his dead friend. Everyone who told them as much was told to fuck off for "living in denial". They're always obsessing over the deaths of male characters, so far the people they have "deathflagged" have been Kazuha, Albedo, Childe and Scaramouche and only Albedo has some amount of canon lore to it and even then it's about his clone killing and replacing him.

No. 201730

>ignores the names in the post
Poorfag detected

No. 201732

the guide i saw said xiao was good at C0

No. 201733

Really? tbh I don't have xiao but I haven't seen him show up in any popular abyss teams in a while. He's a whalebait because his c6 gameplay is by far the most broken.

No. 201734

Why only moids though? Anybody who isn't a terminally autistic husbandofag predicted these characters were going to die. It's the same for Lisa whose lifespan were shortened.

No. 201735

Because it was pushed by confirmed scrotes on reddit who aren't anonymous faggots on imageboards pretending to be women?

No. 201736

>childe (apparently he'll retun in the next patch)
where in the world did you hear that?

No. 201737

>female oriented
>fire emblem heroes
>female oriented
Please please please come up with better bait or you won't get another reply from me.

No. 201738

I said normal games. I'm so sorry otome kusoges aren't appealing to the wider public. It's almost as if you had to put effort to make your own game kek.

No. 201739

heard some speculations in the leaker discord, 2.8 will be only reruns yoimiya, kazuha are confirmed and maybe klee and childe

No. 201740

There’s no leaks on Childe returning, it’s Yelan, Itto, and Xiao (unknown four stars currently)

As someone who has both Xiao and Childe triple crowned, Childe is better for meta purposes. I haven’t been able to bring Xiao into F12 Abyss because lately it’s been focused on bosses, while Xiao is a sustained AOE DPS. Childe is also an AOE DPS but his F2P meta team (Xiangling, Bennett, Sucrose) still puts out a lot of damage in tight windows, which is perfect for time wasting bosses like the PMA and Maguu Kenko, both of which are going to be in the Abyss.

To comfortably play Xiao I’d say you need Zhongli and Sucrose. You can play substituting Diona and other batteries (I had to for a while) but it’s not as comfortable and tight of a rotation.

You have to be able to mentally manage Childe’s playstyle to play him well. I will say Xiao is more ‘fun’ to play.

F2P weapons for both are not that great IMO, but Childe is a little more F2P friendly. It’s easier to get artifacts for Xiao than for Childe.

No. 201742

thanks, yeah i meant 2.8 patch not 2.7 but just some rumors i heard who knows he might not actually rerun
i only have rust and for xiao… only lithic spear. i'm really lacking weapons because i don't buy the bp and only spend my gems on character banners so childe might be a better option indeed

No. 201743

Just roll for your husbando. The abyss rewards aren't worth wasting your primos pulling for someone who isn't your first choice.

No. 201744

>YT theory vids are all made my moids
Make it make sense.

No. 201746

you know the lower amount of 5 star males in the game make it easier for me as a f2p to get who i want. with no welkin i was able to get zhongli, kazuha, itto and ayato back to back. i had enough for venti too but i decided to skip him cause i don't like him as much. now if i had a new waifu each patch it would be more difficult to save

No. 201747

Don't forget Venti, I don't even know why him but I saw people theorizing his sudden death all over social media for a while when the story wasn't even suggesting that at all. So dumb to make theories about this shit, they'll never make a playable character mean and they'll never let a playable character die, as easy as that. Didn't they shorten Xiao's and Hu Tao's first banners for Keqing because there was some holiday and speaking of the dead would have been in bad faith, so they put off Hu Tao's release? No way they'll let you control a canon corpse kek

If you get bow prototypes at all, the Inazuma craftable one is good for Childe too. I don't know the math off the top of my head, but depending on refinements it outperforms rust at some point. I also prefer it because I like hitting ~20k on a vape with his charged shots while the skill is on cooldown whereas rust only buffs normal attacks and decreases the damage of charged ones. I also don't care that much about utilizing the buff to its fullest, so I use his ult whenever

No. 201748

Plenty of female players post long, detailed lore theory threads on Twitter because making youtube videos you're just setting yourself up for a disaster as a woman.

No. 201749

>No way they'll let you control a canon corpse kek
well qiqi is…

No. 201751

NTA but I think Qiqi is an exception because she's a "magical being" as a zombie, not a literal dead body of a character we traveled with. The difference is that Qiqi is still "alive" by a loophole and those other characters would be dead as dead can be.

No. 201752

Any 5* worth getting another constellation? I know everyone is memeing C1 for Hu Tao but is that really essential?

No. 201753


No. 201756

my friend has C0 hutao and she's always complaining about her stamina issues

No. 201758

c0 hu tao really isn't that bad unless you have no idea how to jump cancel or are bad with stamina management in general. i personally don't jump cancel and i still barely ever have stamina issues because i do normal attacks before charging. i think the only constallation bound characters are the latest inazuma ones, everyone before raiden is fine at c0. but then again, this is all just for meta lovers anyway. the average player won't need raiden c4, zhongli c2, itto c4 and so on just to enjoy the game.

just get xiao, baseless rumors are worth nothing. klee and yoimiya are basically guaranteed to rerun next patch because its been over or close to a year since their last run, and kazuha has been confirmed to rerun in 2.8 by a reputable leaker, meanwhile childe has no reason to rerun

No. 201759

Chinde will come back on 3.3. Mark my words.

No. 201765

Yeah, as >>201751 said, she's still alive in the story. If they had killed off someone like Kazuha he wouldn't appear anymore and other characters might mourn his death, I'm pretty sure they don't want that shit to dampen sales. And what's with your dumb as shit response in >>201753

No. 201766

I'm a different poster and yes you'd legitimately have to have autism to take that other post seriously qnd write a whole paragraph in response to it, dumbass.

No. 201768

It's you who's the fucking autist throwing a tantrum here for taking a neutral reply as some personal attack when it was explaining why it's not the same because someone would use that a retarded gotcha either way.

No. 201769

Holy shit lmao, literally all I said was autism and I wasn't even part of your conversation. You're the one who acted hostile first in >>201765 so don't cry about it now you've got a dose of your own meds.

No. 201770

And also, calling you a retard is not throwing a tantrum. If you're that affected by such a basic insult perhaps your tard wrangler needs to turn off your internet for your own sake.

No. 201773

>throwing a tantrum just because someone answered a post and your response to it was called dumb
Ok kek, maybe it's you who's taking words too seriously now

No. 201779

Xiao is great c0 and clears floors 9-11 faster than any shilled abyss teams with raiden. The meta in genshin isn't rigid, which is part of the reason why metafag scrotes look so retarded. Lrn2play before acting like an authority on who's good and who's bad.

No. 201811

>The meta in genshin isn't rigid, which is part of the reason why metafag scrotes look so retarded.
This. Genshin isn't a game so difficult that you actually need to make autistic minmax calculations to play even the hardest parts. The metafags who act like you need to have Ayaka and Raiden to play the game are delusional and taking it way too seriously. It's all about which characters fit your personal playstyle and a lot of their actual power comes from artifact sets and weapons.

No. 201869

I never even said the abyss meta was rigid and literally advised them to roll for their husbando instead yet SHE'S the one who specifically wanted the meta. No shit the abyss favors different units with each reset but you're lying to yourself if you don't think some team comps are more versatile/consistent than others, which is very important if you're f2p.

And why the hell are you bringing in floors 9-11 as if they're relevant metawise anyway? Does it really hurt that much that your husbando isn't meta? Lmao

No. 201893

Jesus christ chill out and stop having aggressive spergfits and making literally everything about the husbandofags living inside your head. Anons were just saying that Xiao is fine at c0 and doesn't require constellations to survive abyss floors and you're going from 0 to 100 once again.

No. 201897

>And why the hell are you bringing in floors 9-11 as if they're relevant metawise anyway?
? Getting max stars on those = 450 of the 600 gems and the average player doesn't even bother to do that, let alone bother minmaxing their characters for 12 which you need to do now no matter who you're bringing. For f2p he's an even better option because he doesn't rely on high con 4 stars or other 5 star units to perform well.

No. 201902

Ayaka doesn't do good in abyss without that team of 3 other 5 star characters backing her up so I don't know why Xiao is suddenly f2p hitler because
>wahh its CRUCIAL for f2p to waste thousands of gems pulling floor 12 meta 5 star units instead of husbando/waifu because missing that last 50 gems every 2 weeks is inconceivable!!!

No. 201911

File: 1651172179121.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 155.31 KB, 735x1106, 69F63C1B-4383-4207-B0BB-7769FC…)

I’m excited to get a chance to roll for Itto again so soon! I didn’t get him first time around, unfortunately.

No. 201914

Once again that's exactly what I said here >>201743. If you weren't seething so much maybe you'd learn to follow the conversation.

When was meta about the rewards kek are you moving the goalposts?

No. 201921

>When was meta about the rewards kek
Always… Literally always… What would be the point if there were no rewards involved… Did you think it was all about flexing your highest crits online for 5 upboats? I genuinely have no clue why else it would ever be relevant

No. 201922

Well I don't take kindly to people spouting the damn obvious as if I don't already know while telling me to lrn2play yet dismissing floor 12 in the same breath, and then inexplicably moving the goalposts to muh rewards when this entire conversation took place only because someone asked about the meta. There's no explanation for this bizarre behavior unless someone was compelled to defend their husbando as if the meta really even matters.

No. 201923

Whatever it is I've NEVER heard anyone define meta as 'floor 12 doesn't matter' apart from you.

No. 201929

6 starring 12 is as easy as 11. Getting the last 3 is only 50 gems, less than 1/3 of a single pull, and also the only time le hardcore meta is relevant in game. If you're considering pulling a 5 star character purely because they're ~meta~ so you can consistently obtain those 50 gems, it will never pay off. They truly do not matter. If you want it so bad minmax the characters you have and like instead and 36 star with them, don't waste gems on meta units unless you like them as characters. I've 36 starred every abyss cycle in the past year with nothing but 8 shotas + Zhongli, Kaeya, and Itto.

No. 201930

This thread either only has three new posts in four days that are normal conversations or 30 posts in four hours due to infighting. No in between

No. 201932

Sis…….you know that it's totally okay to simply NOT enjoy or respect playing the meta and leave it at that instead of trying to redefine it? Please just stop with the rewards sperging.

No. 201933


No one's redefining anything. Maybe play a game that isn't Genshin and you'll get it. One that has a real meta.

No. 201934

Who the fuck am I supposed to be, pray tell?

No. 201947

File: 1651180349226.jpg (266.55 KB, 940x1287, FIbFWWWaIAsxq6P.jpg_large.jpg)

This edgelord finally came home! I love her attack animation, it looks so angry and powerful. Plus her new outfit is so much better compared to the original red fishnets mess.

No. 201954

Because OP asked for meta purposes to pull between Xiao and Childe, and Floor 9-11 are so easy I use my Lisa and Noelle to run it. F12 is the only floor that matters for meta. Blah blah don’t need to play 100% meta to 36* whatever, you still need some strategy to use husbandos exclusively (which I do, so).

No. 201981

Fucking thank you, I was beginning to think that I was the crazy one talking to that loony.

No. 202030

How did you build your Noelle and Lisa, nonnie? Pls help.

No. 202051

I use the google sheets linked above for all my characters. I use 4pc Bolide on Noelle and she has an R4 Whiteblind. Her best artifact set is the Husk of Opulent Dreams 4pc with DEF% sands, geo damage goblet, and crit circlet. I had her built before the domain was released though. I triple crowned her because I enjoyed player her so much kek. She doesn’t generate energy so you need a second geo character (Gorou, Ning etc) with a Favonious weapon for good burst uptime. I usually run her either monogeo or with Zhongli and favonious and 2 flex units, since with Retracing Bolide you need a shield.

You can play Lisa a lot of different ways (EM build, burst support) but I play her main DPS bc she’s fun. Gave her a 2 pc thundering fury and 2 pc 18%+ atk set, atk%/electro damage/crit rate. I was using Widsth on her but then I pulled lost prayers so I use that on her. I run Xingqiu flex flex with her.

No. 202068

File: 1651213489168.jpeg (843.59 KB, 1170x1691, 7B4F0C9C-26B4-4129-906D-8399BE…)

2.7 delayed, leaks predict three weeks

No. 202071

Wasn’t this already speculated?

No. 202072

Yeah, just been confirmed now.

No. 202073

Finally got that last version of the play pirates commission. The one thing I hate more than artifact RNG is RNG when it comes to story quests with achievements attached to them.

No. 202083

This may settle my decision to buy an Amber constellation, I was saving those fragments for more pulls, but with more time I think I can manage. I dream of playing Amber C6 for that sweet buff. I think Baron Bunny is super cute, I still want to use her…

No. 202143

Same. Fuck. I have one quest left to have all the ones in Monstadt completed and it’s one tied to a fucking commission. I’ve had my commissions on Monstadt only for three fucking weeks and still haven’t got it. I have up, tbh.

No. 202160

I realized a huge flaw in genshin's worldbuiding… the fact that mondstadt and liyue are literal neighbours but their cultures are completely different. usually with neighbouring countries they end up at least sharing some elements from each other instead of feeling like you've stepped in a whole different world
realistically mondstadt, fountaine and snezhnaya should've been neighbours since they're all based on european cultures. also why the hell is dragonspine in the south of mondstadt? teyvat's climate is wild

No. 202162

I'm pretty sure the "real" distances are much bigger than what are rendered on the game map. Like Mondstadt is just a small town square in the actual game but it's obvious it's supposedly a much bigger city, the same goes for Liyue.

No. 202165

yeah but even like that it would still make more sense to have the white countries as neighbours and maybe sumeru too as middle east instead of putting fantasy china next to fantasy germany

No. 202177

I still haven't finished the Sneznhaya successes because of that smh

No. 202215

Dragonspine is that cold in lore because the god's nail that struck it hit a leyline that caused the glacial temperatures. It wouldn't be that way naturally.

No. 202257

>mondstadt and liyue are literal neighbours but their cultures are completely different.
Yeah we already realized.

>also why the hell is dragonspine in the south of mondstadt?

Read the lore.

No. 202262

Well as you said, it's fantasy, so who cares. Imo they don't really have super distinct cultures, every nation just has a specific theme to it and some food. No need for any overlaps, even though it would be more realistic

No. 202357

File: 1651291530360.jpg (263.42 KB, 1080x1070, 1429230124.jpg)

Happy birthday Master Diluc.

No. 202387

Happy Crepus death anniversary/Kaeya vision anniversary

No. 202396

I think he would look cooler with some scars

No. 202445

File: 1651332761352.jpg (1.85 MB, 1608x1080, glitch.jpg)

Is this a glitch or is there something else I have to do to get this electroculus? I activated both of the kitsune.

No. 202446

This one is bugged for me too. I have no idea how it should work.

No. 202447

According to a guide, there should be 3 statues, but I don't have another one. It should be on the pillar. I can only assume I had already activated it before and it disappeared when I left the area. Idk.

No. 202450

File: 1651334094941.jpeg (990.11 KB, 750x3858, F3DE17B4-8C46-4AD6-8A1E-77EDF2…)

I’m so happy about my husband’s birthday.

No. 202452


No. 202465

File: 1651336816772.gif (1.79 MB, 384x216, 715B54E9-241E-4A97-9D42-EE3B5E…)

No. 202470

I have the same issue and I don't know how to fix it. It's weirded me out since the release of Inazuma because I still haven't figured out what I'm doing wrong.

Watch out he's going to start sperging about evil husbandofags boolying his supreme waifus Ei and Ayaka and telling us to take our meds again

No. 202477

wow I've never seen this pic moving before

No. 202489

File: 1651341040611.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1500x1200, A09EE699-BEAF-4A04-973C-0AFE01…)

Speaking of birthdays, Kekking’s is on the same day as mine. Bleh. Any other nonnies share a character birthday?

No. 202490

I found a fix for this once. I’m on PC though, so idk if this will work on mobile.
>go to island where the thing is
>close the game out by the menus all the way to the desktop
Should be reset when you open the game back up.

No. 202494


No. 202495

Everyone says floors 9-12 are easy but I'm having trouble with them. I level up husbandos only and my most powerful are Razor (80), Kaeya (80), Bennett (70), Albedo (80), Xiao (80), Xingqiu (70), Kazuha (40) and Gorou (40). I'm also waiting to build Ayato and Venti. Should I be able to beat floor 12 with them?

Wtf I have this too

No. 202498

why is your kazuha only level 40? as it is, it's extremely unlikely you'll beat the abyssb. what AR are you right now?

No. 202501

File: 1651343962355.jpeg (78.81 KB, 512x512, EF10C95B-75F4-46F2-89C1-AE93A6…)

I still don’t have a character to share my birthday with.

No. 202502

yes, but you should build chongyun and use him to support dps bennett instead of razor if you want good results in 12. xiao and venti can solo up to 11.

>bennett ayato/kaeya/kazuha venti
>albedo xingqiu xiao gorou
and just pay attention the enemy lineups for each side to know which should be on which

you may not get max stars on 12 with those teams but you should be able to get at least 3. need a strong kazuha for max stars on 12, farm vv domain for a while. normally he would replace venti in the first team on that floor, but for this specific abyss he can replace xiao in 2nd team. try to get itto too.

No. 202521

File: 1651347044384.jpg (45.15 KB, 640x854, 1648434819921.jpg)

I share mine with Mona.

No. 202522

Do not scroll down im pretty sure i saw cp.

Thats an cool edit

No. 202523

File: 1651347169322.jpeg (149.73 KB, 750x750, 9937A47C-B77B-49EC-B98F-551FA3…)

I share with zhongli!

No. 202525

File: 1651347189028.jpeg (165.67 KB, 750x1494, 2948DB04-6047-45B4-B23D-1D8BD6…)

>Tfw no Cholda

No. 202526

Go back to work Shinji.

No. 202537

>tfw Mona doesn't look like this
We were robbed

No. 202538

Try this, maybe >>202490

No. 202603


Legit JUST noticed the RGB integration today when I turned the custom setting off my Huntsman. For anyone who also didn’t know, each element will make the keyboard glow in corresponding colors. Anemo blinks light blue/green, Geo is red/orange/white, Pyro is light pink/light orange, Electro is dark indigo/white, Cryo is dark blue/light blue, Hydro is like medium blue/light blue. Idk the actual names of RGB light colors, sorry.

No. 202606

File: 1651371469080.jpg (643.57 KB, 2147x4096, 1651369628817.jpg)


No. 202607

He needs more belly cleavage.

No. 202643

so will ayaka's banner extend to 6 weeks? i think they're gonna lose their fanbase during this lockdown

No. 202649

Probably not, I don't think they'd want a meta unit like her to be available for so long. Apparently they'll give an update soon, I can only imagine somehing like the Keqing banner happening again. Or maybe they'll have no limited character for that time? But they better give out a huge amount of apologems regardless

No. 202650

can't wait for the 10 fates apologems kek

No. 202666

I hope they get bullied into giving out at least one extra pull each day. Or that they'll lose enough players to be forced into giving out more shit

No. 202671

>no new rate up banners after ayaka
>no new events
i genuinely feel bad for the shanghai situation but memehoyo can choke cause why they're so stingy? remember the anniv fiasco

No. 202675

Not extended according to current info. Idk if they’re gonna do a standard banner only or a Keqing banner rerun kek

No. 202691

I wouldn't mind a diluc or jean banner tbh. Tho i dont think i would actually pull because i feel like i could get there cons eventually when i lose the pity

No. 202696

I would love a Diluc banner, I need his constellations.

No. 202763

File: 1651429159118.jpg (3.31 MB, 3840x2160, genshin-ig.jpg)

CP wallpaper dump

No. 202764

File: 1651429232445.jpg (508.09 KB, 2048x1152, EyZELZhW8AEWo4z.jpg)

No. 202765

File: 1651429442117.jpg (8.33 MB, 3724x2095, 1109227.jpg)

No. 202766

File: 1651429568217.png (9.88 MB, 3481x2000, 1132140.png)

No. 202768

File: 1651429668756.jpg (2.19 MB, 2560x1440, 1144794.jpg)

No. 202771

File: 1651429768274.jpg (448.88 KB, 2560x1600, 1108905.jpg)

No. 202772

File: 1651429939799.jpg (4.8 MB, 4000x2250, 1123014.jpg)

No. 202774

So, what are your thoughts on the delay? What will you be doing in these long weeks with no update? Me? I'll be building Gorou for a full geo team with YunJin and Noel. Tried it with trashy lvl and talents and it all ended up being pretty fun.

No. 202775

I have Gorou, Yun Jin, and Noelle too, maybe I'll give your idea a try.

No. 202781

File: 1651431162175.jpg (924.34 KB, 1200x839, ayaka&ayato.jpg)

I love this pixiv artist's style, but they draw breasts in such a coomer way. Can't tell if they're a scrote or a misguided woman.


No. 202783

This is beautiful, my husbando is perfect.

No. 202787

I still have to build YunJin also. My Itto and gorou are fully build but i might work some more on their artifacts. Right now im spending my daily resin on weapon exp tho. Which i know is kinda waist full but i still have so many weapons to lvl up and this is a fast way to level them

No. 202788


No. 202791

Do you mean you're spending resin on making crystals to level weapons? Please say no nona, you'd be wasting it like that. You can make more than enough of the exp crystals if you just farm the blue crstyals around the map and do events, I've never been short on them

No. 202812

I just built my Ayato and all I need is to finish getting his weapon on level 90 so I can focus on Lisa and Sucrose, then I could try getting my traveler’s weapon on level 90.
I also want to see if I’ve left any treasure chest unopened in any region, I’m a completionist.

No. 202824

I got Diluc on the permabanner so I'll try to build him. In the meantime I'll boost my characters to lv 80 with every talent at lv 8 to keep myself busy while waiting for Itto.

No. 202849

I meant that i craft exp with those blue crystals but they cost like 10 resin to be able to use them as exp. I do all the events and have been playing like 2 weeks since genshin rease. However since i started pulling on the weapon banner and have gotten 5 star weapons it takes so long for me to level them up. I dont have the patience to gather all ores.

No. 202854

Samefag i just realised you didnt mean the magic crystals when talking about blue crystals kek. Well like i said i know it would be more efficient to use resin on domains but I've been playing for such a long time idc anymore

No. 202856

I haven't even finished Chasm yet because I don't have time to play every day, I'm just happy that I'm getting more time to catch up.

No. 202868

YunJin isn’t that great for a monogeo team nonnie, the buff she provides increases with the number of different elements in the team.

No. 202876

afaik she does not snapshot gorou's def buff to increase her own either, it goes away as soon as she leaves the field. zhongli would be better in that slot as noelle's shield is shit and the res shred + his own meteors will end up being a bigger teamwide damage boost than anything yunjin can provide. mono geo does not deal good damage without zhongli and albedo.

No. 202897

File: 1651448882967.jpeg (232.13 KB, 1775x2048, 15B82DD6-9D04-4307-9BE6-1A1247…)

Dude I’ll finally be able to finish my assignments on time lol. Start classes tomorrow so I’ll be on a good start.

No. 203305

wow, was the delay enough to kill the thread? I'm having fun catching up with the islands I never did. Like, I never went to the abandoned ship. What a cute little dungeon with light puzzles. This game is magical.

No. 203308

I still have to do chasm and haven't finished enkanomiya yet but some of the puzzles are so stupid that i think i might as well just change the environment and do chasm since im kinda starting to hate it.

No. 203314

I'm going to jump back into it when I can, but this game can feel like a chore when you have important irl things to do.

No. 203325

File: 1651584223508.jpeg (92.12 KB, 735x569, 93EC3CFE-CEC0-4045-9817-57311B…)

Since I’ve explored most of the current map I honestly don’t have that much to do, other than do my commissions and keep leveling up my characters for the abyss and because I love farming, it’s like speed running somehow, I try to kill the monsters as fast as possible with different teams 40keks.

No. 203366

I wonder if they will make the limit of items higher so we can actually decorate the pot properly. This has been taking them quite a lot.

No. 203373

At first I didn't care, but then I realized I can't switch out my companions and I'm wasting XP cause a couple reached lv10.

No. 203374

Exactly, I need to switch the companions already so I can put Ayato in my room.

No. 203447

File: 1651608551679.jpg (583.57 KB, 4000x2250, ventibarbdvalin.jpg)

I thought this fanart was really cute, so I turned it into a wallpaper.

No. 203481

File: 1651616268029.jpg (241.41 KB, 1100x773, 654616484651.jpg)

Sailor Kokomi

No. 203495

not just that the thread goes dead silent everytime there's not an infight going on

No. 203500

File: 1651620546083.jpeg (131.71 KB, 1200x935, 069F5DE4-76C3-4A5A-981C-CD9C60…)

nonnas, who are your favourite female characters personality/lore-wise?

No. 203503

none of them

No. 203510

File: 1651623334764.jpg (540.88 KB, 1617x2184, 99.jpg)

No. 203511

File: 1651623364014.jpg (439.74 KB, 1805x1986, 102.jpg)

this artist draws really great xingyun

No. 203512

File: 1651623397383.jpg (2.8 MB, 2840x2130, 101.jpg)

No. 203515

File: 1651623992816.jpg (129.79 KB, 768x1024, EwmWlXNUYAA2gpR.jpg)

I love her very much

No. 203529

File: 1651626689596.jpeg (133.39 KB, 750x1307, EB8C0FBA-A8C5-4907-BB41-EE296B…)

I think Lisa is neat, I also love Ningguang and Beidou.

No. 203538

I haven't gotten into everyone's lore, but Shenhe's is really cool. I like that it's canon that Lisa is really strong and I wanna know more of who she is. Idk Ningguang's bg, but from what I know she was way poor so I'm curious about the self made woman. And Beidou being the captain of a crew? Reminds me of that badass chinese lady pirate. The important stuff's probably in their stories, but I've been putting extra reading off kek

No. 203565

My favorite part is reading the extraordinary moment when they got their visions. Diona is a beautiful little capsule of a classic fairy tale; Barbara shows how much compassion she feels for other people. Beidou tells the tale how she spent days in the front of her ship without moving, waiting for exactly the right time to strike a sea dragon in one slash. Benny was dying from his wounds just wishing to keep on living adventures, his plea being so passionate, it touched the God, healing him in his last seconds (this is why he is full of scars.) These are just some examples, I don't want to spoil everything. Hu-Tao is not the person people think she is if you read her tales. Wish these were fully voiced…

No. 203587

shilling the crap out of those shitty ass stories kek

No. 203617

what are you doing in this thread

No. 203658

I’ve built all the characters I like and I’m thinking of building some 4-stars I don’t really care about now since the game has gotten boring. I have all 4-stars available rn. Which 4-stars would you recommend me to build? (I know, it’s all about the team comp but I mean more generally). I’ve already built Xingqiu, Benett, Sucrose and Xiangling.

No. 203669

I think Kaeya, Razor, Bennett and Diona are amazing, Lisa too, and Noelle and Xinyan for shields, then again Thoma has a shield too but I don’t have him so I don’t know how long it lasts.

No. 203679

Yeah, the girls are never gonna measure up to the guys but I was the nonny first nonny was talking to and I think personal stories are some of the best parts of the game. We sure as fuck barely get any development ingame between the slog and events that give us nothing. I'm mad about Ayato's story quest and imma lose it if Keqing takes center in another event. There are some waifus even good bios can't help. The optimism is cute, first nonny.

No. 203689

>Yeah, the girls are never gonna measure up to the guys
Some of them have better stories than Zhongli's shitfest kek

No. 203694

File: 1651679196637.jpg (19.15 KB, 452x451, cum.jpg)

just chillin'

No. 203700

Very ot but the fact that mods and admin hated the cringe "uwu nonny, nonnie, nona" talk enough to go out of their way to redtext a variant of it and yet it still went on to be used unironically by newfriends who couldn't take a hint is so tragic

No. 203701

I like some of the stories are good (even though they're horribly handled, at least fucking SHOW the moment in their own quests) but I also don't understand how Zhongli has so many fans because his story is kinda boring, in the actual game he doesn't do much and he doesn't have much of a personality beside "old wise chinese man". And I love the husbandos usually.

No. 203711

File: 1651681495459.jpeg (188.84 KB, 700x800, AA86D573-7731-4896-998C-FD7FC7…)

Zhongli is beloved by all because of his ass, just like how most coomer anime girls are liked because of their tits.

No. 203718

>thinking those expressions are used by newfags

No. 203719

I blocked that out for self preservation. He's so pretentious Jesus Christ. He's gotta be the one character that has so much to do with others' stories and history yet has no individual presence.

No. 203723

File: 1651683244853.jpg (699.48 KB, 1718x2439, Beidou.full.3165963.jpg)

Old wise tired immortal is all he needs to be.
Basic taste but I like Beidou best, then Ningguang. I didn't like Rosaria in the Albedo quest, but after the character was released and getting a new outfit she grew on me. Only Inazuma girl character I like is Yoimiya, the rest are either meh or suck ass. My least favourite waifu is Keqing, I really don't like her.

No. 203726

Sorry to inform you but if you started posting after 2018 not only are you still a newfag but the worst kind of newfag. Those phrases were so hated because they were a newfag hallmark.

No. 203738

I think we can all agree that kekking fucking sucks

No. 203742

I actually like the fact that much about Zhongli is left vague and mysterious because it fits his characterization as the oldest archon. One can be left just imagining all the things he's seen over his time and the way Venti describes him as a brainless brute yet he's the sophisticated man we know him as is telling of how long he's been around.

No. 203745

File: 1651689387529.png (122.14 KB, 229x216, 67c.png)

>be me
>been playing since last year
>literally lost every single 50/50
>have a friend who started playing in 2.3
>always claiming that hes a super casual player
>managed to get most of the 5 stars since 2.3
>claims that hes extremely lucky and gets every limited 5 star within 30 pulls
>says he got itto in 5 pulls, ganyu in 30, ayato in 20, venti in 10, and ayaka in 20 pulls
>the numbers seem a bit too insanely lucky to me
>also has a bunch of 5 star weapons from the weapons banner despite claiming he didnt pull on the weapons banner until 2.6
>bit sus
>says he is f2p but accidentally lets it slip that he has bp exclusive weapons
>makes vague references about paying for ganyu but then denies it
>always acting smug about how lucky he is despite being "f2p"and brings it up whenever he can
>mfw i cant decide if im just bitter and jealous

No. 203746

Nobody likes Keqing and like >>203679 said I'm going to lose my mind if she stars another Liyue event. I like most of the Liyue girls but Keqing is just coded as the quintessential tsundere catgirl waifu only there for moidbucks. I mean her characterization is essentially "overworked official who rebels against the gods on the surface but she's actually an undercover Rex Lapis fangirl with merch in her room, isn't that adorable!". She even sucks as a playable unit yet she got a fucking special costume dress.

No. 203756

Farmers are using nonnie ironically you fucking sperg

No. 203772

>nobody likes Keqing
And yet she ranked 3rd among 5* waifus on a Billibilli video (1st is HuTao)

No. 203776

I for one use it because it sounds cute

No. 203780

Kek see anon above you fucking sperg

No. 203781

We don't consider prostate owners "people" around these parts

No. 203784

>everybody who voted for Keqing is a moid

No. 203786

File: 1651700346278.png (5.94 MB, 2232x3157, LpZEdz0SACiOWvaYnDBEl0WyHRzSvE…)

Keqing has a pretty design imo but her personality is awful. Ningguang is a much more interesting hardworking waifu.

No. 203787

Keqing reminds me too much of wageslaves and unpaid workers who think doubling the work will make them earn a better salary kek

No. 203789

Everyone who voted on a bilibili (not billibilli) genshin waifu poll was a moid. She's literally a meme waifu with an adoring all incel fanbase on the Chinese equivalent of reddit. Not included on >>198647 but you tell me if she has the blueprint to be popular with female players lul.

No. 203791

>Everyone who voted on a bilibili (not billibilli) genshin waifu poll was a moid
>Source: trust me sis

No. 203792

I would NEVER call you "sis," waifu-kun!

No. 203793

not even that anon but oh my god just shut the fuck up and stop taking the bait if you think this is a scrote. sick and tired of having the same retarded waifu infighting every three days

No. 203806

monkey's paw of asking for more thread activity when there's nothing else going on with the game to talk about.

No. 203813

It would be nice to just chat about the game when there's nothing going on, but ig this is a place where nonas can unleash all the rage the main fandom and game brings them. Honestly, one irl friend and this place are the only moid free genshin spaces I have.
I'm trying to like Zhongli, and this take was refreshing! Maybe there's hope for him yet. Now ot, but can we share ship opinions or can nonnies not handle it? Seriously asking cause I don't want to start fights but I've had feelings about a ship for a while and I need to vent lol

No. 203814

File: 1651703683517.png (280.96 KB, 756x768, qhcl46i9tv361.png)

Who gives a shit if the deranged fujos and moids start fighting. Some level-headed anons exist and can be talked to, even about ships. Just ignore anyone clearly looking for a fight.

No. 203817

Thanks, nonnie! Okay, so I just can't get into Childe and Zhongli. I know they're both hot so two husbandos are better than one or whatever, but that's literally it. Imo there's no chemistry. Hyv can sprinkle in ship bait all they want via Zhongli gifting chopsticks, but why would Zhongli ever have romantic or sexual feelings for this child? Zhongli is the oldest archon and was basically a god of war. He sent countless beasts and gods to ruin and ruled over a prosperous nation (let's ignore the archon quest that didn't highlight his intelligence). He has vast knowledge on seemingly every subject and it feels like he can predict people's moves before they even know.
Why Childe? Zhongli is way above his level in maturity, and what could Childe even bring to the ship? Crazy ginger Soviet murder husband? Manic and always ready to fight? I know his backstory is tragic, but there's no depth in who he is at present imo. The art and fics are great and I love that the ship makes so many fans happy, I just don't see how Zhongli's characterization would give Childe the time of day. I'm not even a Zhongli fan fr, I just like thinking about relationship dynamics. I hope I didn't offend.

No. 203824

File: 1651705108321.jpg (4.74 MB, 1389x3654, genshin111.jpg)

I agree with this >>203814 There are regular anons here that don't participate in all the stupid infighting.

I'd personally like if we share nice fan art during downtime.

No. 203825

They were promenient characters in chapter 1 and both had a line on the other but that's mostly it. I understand the shipping but I can't get behind the autism knowing neither Zhongli or Childe reference the other in patch events. Every Liyue popular ship gets its amount of teasing except them.

No. 203827

smug bastard younger top x cold geriatric bottom is a common ship dynamic in chinese BL

No. 203829

File: 1651705249305.jpg (99.66 KB, 736x920, 098d4717de45535efc1e035c93a4ec…)

I agree, actually. I hate that ship, it's extremely out of character for both of them. The fuck would Zhongli want with a dumbass psycho like Childe? Money? He has Hu Tao paying for his life. Childe's mentally fucked up and just wants good fights. I thought it was funny that Xinyan ended up being friendly with him in the Shiki Taishou event.

No. 203835

I don’t mind shipping Xinyan with Childe god I just need more Xinyan screen time in my life why are we here just to suffer?

No. 203836

Finally a sane nonny who shares my opinion on these characters!! I actually like pairing Venti with Zhongli for this reason. I always thought they'd have really interesting interactions, since they both seem to be on the same "level". I'm not a big genshinfag so I probably miss a lot of details about their characters though kek. Zhongli, Venti, Diluc, and Kaeya are actually the only characters I like from the game, and I'm pretty lukewarm on everyone else.

No. 203837

True, that ship is strangely overhyped considering that shippers have to bend both their personalities most of the time to make it work somehow. Didn't someone post a screenshot of a really long and insane argument about how they are totally canon last thread kek

I don't think they'd make a good ship at all, but I agree on Xinyan needing more content. I love her and I love playing her and hearing her drum everywhere she walks, her pulling out a guitar will never not be cool to me

No. 203839

File: 1651707798283.jpg (202.01 KB, 850x1202, sample-95fc21a49a2bbef015f2165…)

I don't really hardcore ship them but I thought that they interacted was neat. I just want more Xinyan involvement in the story too, she's really been shafted in terms of screentime.

No. 203843

File: 1651708532629.jpg (225.86 KB, 1300x1600, 20220420_162243.jpg)

ugly fanart

No. 203844

Thanks for the validation, nonas! Now that I've finally vented I can start the path to healing.
I unironically ship them cause of this event. Xinyan is so the type to not judge people before getting to know them and she would probably see Childe as a slightly off but nice enough guy. Bonus points if she has no idea what he's really like. Baby girl deserves a more stylish outfit, another cd, and more time and character expansion. Also, thanks for the beautiful art that's now going in my genshin folder.

No. 203845

doesn't explain why top zhongli is equally popular though

No. 203859

File: 1651712794774.jpg (234.2 KB, 1218x1712, __sangonomiya_kokomi_and_gorou…)

Kokomi and Gorou have the best ship name and cutest fan art of all het pairings.

I also especially like Venti and Aether ship.

No. 203860

File: 1651713544856.jpg (405.18 KB, 1215x1054, kokorou.jpg)

No. 203861

File: 1651713813400.jpg (237.46 KB, 538x2048, cuuute.jpg)

No. 203877

File: 1651720587104.jpeg (138.27 KB, 540x471, 35F6E264-C04D-4885-88F3-82695E…)

They’re cute, I agree

No. 203882

File: 1651721941057.jpg (59.74 KB, 862x614, 20220505_003543.jpg)

Well personally I like Zhongchi/Tartali, however the only pairing in the game I'm truly invested is Xiaoven. It's pretty weird since I don't usually go for the "I'm devoted to him since he saved my soul" dynamic but..

No. 203905

what's with this influx of newfags

No. 203935

Nobody gives a shit about what you ship or don't ship, jesus christ stop spamming the thread with them like a bunch of underage newfags when you know half of it is just picking up a fight with other anons. Don't you people seriously have friends to talk about this shit? Is this the only place where you can sperg about your ships?

No. 203939

why do you hate it so much when people are actually talking in this thread

No. 203940

Most of the shipping discussion is just infighting a la "I hate ship x why does anyone ship it" and "I love ship y it's so much better than ship x" or posting obvious bait ships to piss anons off. Even you said you need to "vent" about a certain ship. It's not even talking about the game, the majority of it is just fanmade headcanons based on anons projecting and self inserting, not actual events in the lore. Especially the people shilling crack hetships just because they're terrified of the thought of their husbando talking to another male character and need to lock him in with a poor disinterested woman.
>inb4 reeeee shut up fujo!!!
I hate all ship shilling in general here, unless it's something that's bordering on being canon or at least has very strong standing (like Beidou and Ningguang or Chongyun and Xingqiu) it's cringe and shits up the thread faster than racebait.

No. 203941

File: 1651735428908.png (490.58 KB, 643x383, 24-Fun-Police-e1586834124281.p…)

No. 203942

File: 1651735641170.jpg (903.67 KB, 1936x1048, bully.jpg)

Itto is a big booly.

No. 203943

This has so many cute details starting from the imagery on the vending machine to Gorous' furball charm on his bag and the dog paw badge on his lapel to Itto's tacky yankee shirt pattern. I love it.

No. 203945

garbage bland ships

No. 203946

Well what ship do you like then

No. 203948


No. 203949

Why do you think it's going to lead to fights? The discussion had been civil so far, it only gets to fighting when anons start to get aggressive or there's someone to bait. Maybe ship talk should be kept to the related general thread, but there really isn't anything to talk about right now in the game besides this

No. 203950

Anon, you know you can’t come in this thread and say shit like that without posting your favorite ship for comparison. It’s common courtesy.

No. 203951

Oh, disregarding your shit opinion then. How can you of all people call anything bland kek

No. 203952

Well, she’s got a point. Incest is pretty spicy.

No. 203953

it's more interesting than basic ass kokorou and "we never actually interacted" xiaoven

No. 203954

The only people shipping smutty kamisatocest are scrotes with a little sister fetish and this is a fact.

No. 203955

It’s too moid fantasy for my liking, but whatever floats your boat. I’ve shipped incest before (cousins,) so I can’t even really talk shit.

No. 203956

it's the opposite. i have a big bro fetish, this is the only flavour of incest i like

No. 203957

Yet mihoyo found a way to make it a snorefest. Enjoying straight incest is still worrying nonetheless, hope everything is alright at home for that anon. Unless they're just shipping it to be contrarian in typical hetshipper fashion.

No. 203958

gross. thats on the same level as ddlg shit.

No. 203959

The thread can be bumped once new content gets released or someone finds something else to talk about than infighting about ships. It doesn't need to be on page 0 all the time, I'd rather have it sink down for some time than have unhinged anons talking about their big brother little sister incest fetish or having meltdowns over their waifus' honor.

No. 203960

You know how to hide a thread, right? No one is forcing you to look at it. Come back when we get confirmation of 2.8 release date.

No. 203961

ddlg is more like actual mature man in his 30s/40s or even older, big bro is different
it's the only genshin hetship i like, besides zhongtao

No. 203962

You do realize that allowing coomers and moids to run amuck and feel welcomed here will drive away all the sane posters? Don't come crying once 2.8 rolls around and there's nobody else but scrotes talking about the waifus the want to fuck and how hot incest is.

No. 203963

File: 1651738175772.jpeg (623.51 KB, 2048x1304, 54F54CB6-78FE-49DB-8033-6AA6BA…)

Zhongli being a dad to Xiao and Ganyu is cute.

No. 203964

I see, well fantasizing about being a little girl getting diddled by your adult older brother is much more wholesome and nothing like ddlg now that I think about it. my mistake!


No. 203966

>I-it's not ddlg, I just want to be fucked by my big brother! It's entirely different!
Stop browsing 4chan I beg of you

No. 203967

looks like the autopedo crowd found the thread, time to build the ark

No. 203968

File: 1651738638581.jpeg (148.91 KB, 850x1203, B1989A03-8C93-4580-BCF5-B690CE…)

Scrotoids will never ruin this headcanon dynamic for me. I refuse to allow it.

No. 203969

kek and if i posted shota x big sis? none of you would tell me to seek therapy even though being a pedo into shotas is way worse than something as harmless as big bro fetish

No. 203971

not that anon but I can absolutely assure you I would tell you to fuck off to therapy if you started posting big sister x shota just the same

No. 203972

everyone would call you a disgusting scrote with an oneeshota fetish and tell you to fuck off as they have to people who like trash like shenhexchongyun or even beidouxkazuha in the past. kys, retard.

No. 203973

I see the thread started to become like twitter kek go back to your anti ship accounts.
My Xinyan ship is with YunJin and I admit I'm pretty much a Chilumi/Chither shipper (I don't mind each traveler anyway) especially since we're fated to encounter Childe in each version till we reach Snezhnaya at least.

No. 203974

>reeeee t-twitterfags f-fuck off!!!
There's a world of difference between shit like branding shipping adopted brothers who grew up together only during their teens "incest" and calling out an actual ddlgfag who's cooming over a big brother abusing his little sister. If you want to be a degenerate then you have to bear the consequences of people not tolerating it.

No. 203975

I prefer kaeluc but i also like the idea of diona(older version) x diluc. They both share traumas related to their dads, dislike alcohol and have a grumpy personality, I think they could actually bond very easily. I sympathize a lot with diona and i think she deserves a good man once she grows up older

No. 203976

Kek that's so fucking random, the absolute state of hetshippers. I get what you mean with their similarities, but why would they have to be romantic, isn't it enough if they can have a father-daughter like relationship that's positive in contrast to her relationship to her alcoholic father? I don't even want to start with the age difference between them. Shipping and fandom culture is rotting brains for real, how do you even begin to think of this shit

No. 203977

File: 1651742497701.jpg (259.52 KB, 1240x1748, Genshin.Impact.full.3396020.jp…)

I didn't really ship anyone in this game because they're all kinda bland and they all suck the traveler's ass anyway, but I saw some Kaebedo and I do find it a little interesting. So I guess that's the only ship I like.

No. 203979

File: 1651742802837.png (638.43 KB, 738x670, ayaka4ever.PNG)

I didn't expect it at all, but >>202643 was right. Everyone is going to have her after these three weeks

No. 203980

I have very niche taste in hetships

No. 203981

It feels like a ton of projection and daddy/big brother issues. Who the hell comes up with shipping Xinyan to Childe or Kamisatocest without some weird brother complex? Diona and Diluc because Diluc could be a good daddy replacement? This shit is so weird, like you said why does it have to be romantic? It's like they can't comprehend the idea of not wanting to fuck your brother or father figure.

Pretty sure that's a mistake/bug (no shit right) but they're obviously doing adjustments to her banner's length. I wish they'd just throw in a permabanner like they did with Keqing when they messed up Hu Tao's banner, a lot of people want those characters too.

No. 203983

I'm just going to be primo rich after 6+ weeks of savings. Whoevers idea it was to only hold reruns when the featured character is relevant to the plot needs to be taken out back and shot.

No. 203984

Fuck it. I did some summons and lost the 50/50. Gonna save for Itto now. Sorry Xiao.

No. 203986

>Everyone is going to have her
Kek not me

No. 203990

File: 1651750010079.jpg (459.83 KB, 2048x1423, Yunyan_by_@xinyanfanclub_on_tw…)

Xinyan and Yunjin are very cute together. Either as friends or girlfriends, i love them both so much.

Cute! I feel like they have the cutest fan art because theyre also both one of the cutest characters

Itto would be the kinda guy who accidentally bullies someone because he's so dumb and doesnt realise when he embarrasses someone

Thats pretty art, why is aether blindfolded?

Yeah i wouldnt mind a diluc or jean banner

Im not getting her, already have build kaeya as cryo dps and saving for cons for other characters

No. 203999

I was thinking that scara reminds me of a certain character but I couldn't figure out who and now i realized who it was… death the kid from soul eater kek

No. 204005

I love the idea of Zhongli being a responsible single dad, it’s so cute.

No. 204006

File: 1651757507985.jpeg (125.75 KB, 850x792, 928B9B1A-8561-49A0-B20A-A53986…)

I have so much fanart of this.

No. 204007

File: 1651757561980.jpeg (74.86 KB, 850x753, 41B54EFC-BF35-44B5-A898-1CF5BA…)

No. 204008

I won’t get her, I want Sayu because I want to have all of the 4 stars, I only need her and Thoma to finally have them all, but honestly, I won’t go insane spending my primogems because I’m sure she will appear at another banner at some point.
Right now I’m just trying to get better weapons, I really want that claymore on the weapons’ banner, it suits Diluc.

No. 204009

File: 1651757657573.png (2.42 MB, 1280x1707, 78FBEAF2-2426-4252-AADD-EA89CB…)

No. 204010

i legit think playing genshin is making me physically sick. the crap RNG and morons are still dumb enough to give their money to a game that is completely super unfair. i get that it’s a gacha but it’s also an action role play game where enemies are getting increasingly difficult to defeat especially in the abyss. i would just like my artifacts to not go flat on me 95% of the time, my characters are okay but once I get to abyss 12 everyone dies, nonnies I can’t do this I want to keep playing the game but it gets so boring and kills my mood having to re-do the same artifact domains a million times to get something usable for my favorite characters.

No. 204011

Kek I can kinda see it! I had something similar the first time I saw Xiao. He reminded me of some other character and then I realized that he reminded me of Hakuryuu from Magi, edgy vibe and all.

No. 204013

It's not like you have to do floor 12 to play the game, why are you putting yourself through that? You only get 150 more primos from it if you get all 9 stars, that's not even one wish.

No. 204015

This. >>204013 Floor 12 isn’t worth worrying about tbh.

No. 204035

File: 1651760888229.png (61.07 KB, 1128x434, Untitled.png)


No. 204037

They couldn’t have done an even 500? Oh well, I won’t complain, I guess.

No. 204038

Wow, absolutely nothing.

No. 204039

they'll never gives us more than 1600 primogems kek

No. 204041

Ngl I honestly thought they would give us 300 primos and some mora and call it a day.

No. 204043

yes because losing out of a small percentage of market share or whatever big corporate fuckshit business buzzword literally gives those greedy faggots a heart attack. it’s the very least they could do by giving us at least 10 wishes lmao

No. 204044

these are so cute omg

No. 204045

This is embarassing. Haven't played genshin since I finished the Chasm when it came out. It's so fucking empty and boring now. These compensations suck, the teapot should be compensated with more too. And the Ayaka banner being extended? Are they retarded. Now we have to wait even longer for husbando banners.

No. 204047

>I play this game around the clock and need more content all the time, what do you mean Mihoyo's entire workforce in Shanghai is getting fucked by the inhumane zero covid lockdowns installed by their oppressive totalitarian government so they can't even exit their apartments? that's no excuse!!
Just play something else for the time being. god.

No. 204052

Ayato and Venti a few weeks ago, Itto and Xiao in the next patch and Kazuha in the patch after that are all not enough to satisfy you? Nevermind the big event that featured 5 husbandos in a major way that you apparently didn't even play. I think the compensation is also pretty stingy but we have had an abundance of husbando content lately.

No. 204053

1200 for something they couldn't have prepared for sounds okay to me, but I can also imagine how they'd want to end the break sooner so they'll have to issue even less. Maybe they'll give out another few at the end for the players that stuck around kek

I don't know how much it can realistically impact them to give out more of their made up currency or at least some more fragile resin, but the thing is that they literally don't need to. What are players going to do? Stop playing? They know that Genshin has become popular enough to the point where they don't have to reward players, they will whine and yet still keep playing and if they can't get their waifus they'll even put a few hundred dollars in. The rewards aren't a necessary incentive anymore at this point, maybe once the overall popularity goes down they'll be more generous.

No. 204054

new waifu banners in 2022: shenhe, yae, yelan
new husbando banner in 2022: ayato
yes, until we have an equal number of husbandos and waifus, we'll keep asking for more

No. 204056

quit bootlicking, fuck them chinx. no other chinese games are moving like this right now. the reason the patch is being postponed is that the crummy voice actors can't record their lines, everything else is finished and ready to go.

No. 204057

shouldn't they have recorded the lines months before? but anyway i hope this hiatus will finally kill genshin's hype. they're way more generous with honkai cause that game is half-dead, need the same energy with genshin

No. 204059

apparently voice acting for events and quests is one of the last things they do. no one would even cared if they simply didn't have chinese voices for that one particular filler event.

No. 204060

Why are you even playing this game, much less hanging around in this thread if you hate it so much? Serious question.


So because obsessive die-hard Chinese stans are being unhinged once again nobody should be understanding of their situation? Jesus christ I'm happy I have other things in my life than an anime gacha game.

No. 204061

based. it is only genshin pulling this, unaware westerners are dumb motherfuckers.

No. 204063

>woo woo, w-why are you cwiticizing my comfort game's management, hater-psycho?? this is LITERALLY a life or death situation! why don't you get a life and leave innocent lil mihoyo alone!?
bitch grow up

No. 204065

Kino headcanon, tbh.

No. 204068

I think you're the one treating this as a life or death situation because you're throwing a schizo fit over not getting new content in a gacha game you don't even pay for kek

No. 204069

>Itto, Gorou, Thoma, Kazuha since Inazuma's promotion + Scaramouche as a playable character
>not husbandos
Kek. Also we're not even in the second half of 2022.

No. 204070

There's still twice the amount of female characters vs male characters. 16 boys to 32 girls. Ayato just made it exactly double.

No. 204071

all I've done is make 2 posts calling mihoyo's management of the game bad on an anonymous imagrboard. why are you acting like I'm in here doing a ritual dance to inflict a plague upon them over a little criticism? go back to leddit if you want a like-minded community of insufferable westerners worshipping mihoyo's tiny cocks and pretending the character gender gap isn't fucked.

No. 204075

>irrational tard rage over not being able to play a game for 1 more hour and not getting a billion free rolls
>calling Chinese a-logs based
>muh western boogeyman
Actual cringe. No matter how much you bitch and moan you'll still play the game like the gaming addict you are. Go outside.

No. 204077

I havent played this game for more than 10 minutes a day in over 4 months, sperg. you are riding memehoyo's dick like your life depends on it. must be a victim of the american school system specifically kek.

No. 204169

Nta but you are seriously autistic if you don’t understand that we mean NEW male 5-stars in 2022. The moids got a lot more than us this year and will get a lot more since leakers have already mentioned how Sumeru has a bunch of female characters already. That’s what we’re complaining about and it’s not wrong. Mihoyo won’t notice you anon stop boot licking.

No. 204201

Nu-Carnival is free to download btw

No. 204215

Nta but I’m having issues with downloading it to my PC, pls help.

No. 204255

Too BL, can't self insert.

Though I don't really care too hard, none of the guys so far have been full husbando tier for me.
But it's a free game, you don't have to spend all your resin every day, you don't have to get to rank 50 BP (unless you're an idiot that spent money).
My current goal is just sticking around until they reveal Varka, though tbh I'll probably be here till the end of the story.

No. 204259

It’s not that difficult to get the full BP without paying, tbh.

No. 204260

why do you guys keep throwing all these png gachas at us when we complain about their stupid male female ratio? i want another botw ripoff not auto battles

No. 204261

I know I've done it, but sometimes it's like why bother grinding if you don't enjoy it unless you need to get your moneys worth. I'm like five levels off, and I just didn't feel like mindlessly grinding resin so I won't get it this time.

No. 204263

There are also tons of porn videos with anime girls to jerk off to, I don't get why you can't go watch that instead of looking at bland waifus in Genshin.

No. 204271

I can do the same gotcha with your badly-slapped husbando stereotypes over 3D models kek. It goes to show where your priorities are.
They're planning to make BP lv 50 easier to reach now. Maybe I won't even bother with weekly tasks in the future. In fact, post BP-tasks are the comfiest.

No. 204277

File: 1651871242073.jpg (6.29 KB, 316x140, c80eb31669cc7edfbce1531f4d25a5…)

I been barely getting to 25 kek. around ar 58 the incentive to do anything that doesn't involve promogems evaporates. but buying the perishable resin in the teapot every week and never spending gave me a big resin hoard, that's a plus. picrel is what I have only from that, no fragile resin.

png/rpg gachas are more fun once you find one that clicks with you. genshin was only fun for the first few weeks. its clunky, unrewarding, and tedious with a dreadful fandom.

No. 204292

Because there are males trying to be incognito here.

No. 204317

File: 1651887693146.jpg (337.27 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220506-224010_Chr…)

jfc more honkai waifus. At least try to do something new Mihoyo

No. 204319

They're not just going to randomly stop, they're obviously doing it for a reason. Just get used to it.

No. 204349

according to the leakers in my discord apparently 2.7 and 2.8 are mostly fine but the real reason they're delaying it is because, guess what, they're encountering problems with dendro which should be released in 3.0 kek 2 YEARS and they still can't figure out dendro what in the actual fuck

No. 204353

What’s up with mihoyo and white hair? Wasn’t Paimon, Unknown god, Ayaka and Benett enough?

No. 204354

they have a major bug with burning, if you use dendro + pyro you burn yourself instead kek so funny

No. 204355

they obviously only have a few designs to rehash again and again. and of course the sumeru archon is white, not brown-skinned

No. 204357

>genshin is clunky
>but jpeg collector autobattler is fun
Sounds like a skill issue.

No. 204360

imo if you find a png gacha that you actively enjoy, it's worth it, as far as f2p only goes. in my experience the currency grind in "simpler" png gachas is higher reward for less time put in. (a couple that i do dailies on, i could nock out one or two 10 pulls worth of grinding in a couple hours, where as that much time gets me one or two single pulls in genshin, max.) really, genshin and standard mobile png gacha.. they just aren't really worth comparing? because most png gacha are just little mindless puzzle games, or rythm games, or dress up.. stuff like that, where genshin is real time combat rpg.
genshin is a game, where mobile only gachas are "games".

No. 204361

File: 1651913600720.jpeg (68.69 KB, 663x642, 2C1EB92D-D47B-43F5-BB42-5FEC1C…)

>sumeru archon is white, not brown-skinned
I don’t understand why this bothers people though. Not a single scholar from Sumeru has been brown skinned. Even Cyno is just slightly tan, even less tan than Xinyan and Keaya. Obviously Natlan is where we’re getting brown-skinned characters.

No. 204362

JFC is it that hard to implement a new element
Predictable but as long as Tsarista isn't a Bronya ripoff I'm fine with it

No. 204372

they fucked themselves with the burning reaction, should've foreseen that

No. 204429

no, it's not kek you sound like a total elitist faggot. genshin is a very clunky, buggy game. it's nothing but a cheap knockoff of it's source material with none of the charm and a gacha. it isn't anymore a "real" game than any other gacha that only exists to make money.


No. 204439

Except I'm not foaming at the mouth when a husbando is kinda bland. Moids like you however are literally on suicide watch if you can't see an armpit and demand more ecchi (and pedo) shit in a game that's not about that.

No. 204445

Apparently she's going to get a new body type as well. Something between the child and teen model, which is so annoying to me because they still haven't made a buff male model and will probably never make a buff female model

No. 204455

Play a game that isn't gacha

No. 204458

play a game that isn't genshin

No. 204460

Anons please, it's OK, you're both retarded

No. 204461

I'm not a moid dear schizofujo. Go back to /v/ if you want to pick a fight.
How lazy MHY can get on male models? Everybody's been complaining about female characters getting possibly 4 types when male characters have only been getting 2 and they can't even buff up Itto's arms.

No. 204468

Itto absolutely can't have buffed arms but we sure can have a model for the dear pedos, two other female models, Eula's thigh squeeze, Shenhe's Kim k hips, jiggling boobs, intricate hair (but not for Albedo! That's too complicated) and long skirts with physics perfect for panty shots. God I wish games didn't always cater to perverts and fetishists.

No. 204471

I hope Ayato's sales will make MHY devs reconsider but at the same time, that means we're getting more bishonen instead of varying between them, shotas and baras.

No. 204493

Don't even give a fuck about some ugly pedopandering honkai recycle archon if we're getting more male characters in Sumeru. Ayato's banner breaking records, the Inazuma event revolving around the male characters and how pissed off Chinese girls bullied Mihoyo into censoring various girl characters' clothes gave me hope. Kazuha, Xingqiu, Bennett and Zhongli still dominate Abyss stats from version to version while scrotes are left with an ugly hooker looking hydro waifu with a kit nobody could enjoy.

No. 204495

>unironically posting this in a Genshin thread?

No. 204499

Shenhe censoring when? I recall Chinese fans were pissed with how sexualized she was kek.

No. 204502

NTA but despite not being the target audience I understand the appeal of autoplay png collector games because you're only playing it to read character lore and admire nice looking units without having to spend a ton of time on building your team according to meta calculations.

That said, Genshin is an entirely different genre and telling people to "go play NU: Carnival/Tears of Themis if they want male characters" is being purposefully obtuse. It's an entirely different interface and a lot of women want actual gameplay, yet no developers take their female demographic into account since the belief that "girls don't play games" sticks so goddamn strong, even when according to questionnaires Genshin has just as many female players as it has male players. Why people love to act like asking for a 50/50 ratio in one game is stepping over the line is a mystery. (yes I know it's scrote entitlement)

No. 204504

Why can't Hoyoverse make adventure games with husbandos only? Are they worried the game might tank? Then again I don't know how many women are willing to stick with a husbando-only game. Scrotes are predictable in the sense they need to spend for their waifu who will never reject them IRL but with husbando-only games I never stayed around for long.

No. 204506

Ensemble Stars for example is still going strong after god knows how many years and it's a male character only game obviously made for women, to the point it's now getting an international release. Mystic Messenger was also a success. But in the end husbando games made for girls are either rare or otome visual novels with barely any gameplay causing you to get bored of them faster, so it's impossible to say how they would fare because no husbando-oriented action RPG games like Genshin Impact have ever been made.

No. 204510

I do, I just don't play jpeg collectors. If I was an elitist I wouldn't even touch genshin, by the way. Time to take the L and accept that you suck at a casual waifu game.

No. 204517

File: 1651969086995.jpeg (286.21 KB, 1024x708, 3905D010-B4A5-4E3D-8465-CA98F8…)

Touken Ranbu is quite long lasting game, it’s kind of boring at times because you don’t have to think too much while building teams and whatnot, but it only has husbandos with a single trap, the boys are pretty, they have clothing damage which is sexy when it happens to the adult guys It’s creepy when it happens to the little boys tho and the voice acting is nice. The game has been thriving even if there isn’t that much plot going on, they have three anime seasons, some manga and a bunch of live action plays.
The point being that a game with only husbandos can thrive and be successful, just add clothing damage.

No. 204526

>acknowledges genshin is a shit game
>still chooses to die on the hill that anyone who complains about it being shit needs to git gud
did you clear spiral abyss for the first time yesterday and start sucking your own dick or what? it's not a matter of difficulty, there has never been any difficulty in genshin to speak of. that's part of the problem. it has the same brain dead easy combat level of an afk battler just without the option to afk. it's not fun to manually tackle the same trivial challenges over and over again.

No. 204548

File: 1651998691152.jpeg (412.44 KB, 2048x1024, D12C2A01-E136-4192-AA5C-E2BA99…)

Mihoyo is starting yet another waifu game aside from genshin, honkai and star rail. Zenless Zone Zer0. Seems to be vehicle related and they’re searching for devs with unreal engine experience. Kinda annoys me how we’re spending money on genshin just for them to create two new waifu games.

In other more genshin related news. The official genshin wiki is such a mess, I really don’t understand why mihoyo is fumbling so bad lately with genshin. It lists Yae’s boss mats as hydro hypostatis, puts a treasure hoarder description on a whopperflower etc.

No. 204562

>another generic waifu

No. 204563

File: 1652003475811.jpg (306.9 KB, 1200x1188, FSEETpuVsAAFL_q.jpg)

>doing artifact runs
>get a physical 3 stat goblet with crit rate
>ehh sure let's see what it rolls
>mystery stat is crit damage, rolls perfect crit damage and crit rate only
A-am I being told to build Xinyan? Only 5* claymore I have is The Unforged.

No. 204568

>Seems to be vehicle related
Kek are they going to make us summon for transformers? Boring.
Also from the announcement, they're developing it outside of China to escape CCP laws? Any nonna with gamedev experience?

No. 204574

I think it's just a third person fps? The arknights style girls with guns aesthetic is so overused though. It should have some husbandos cause I don't think it'll be an all waifu game

No. 204575

File: 1652008627669.jpg (36.62 KB, 685x685, IMG_20220508_101610.jpg)

look at this, eva ripoff

No. 204583

Honkek itself is an Eva ripoff
Same. If they can spice the game with some husbandos they might attract a wider audience but so far it's the same weebshit that emerged on the mobage market.

No. 204584

yeah i just found out that the artist is speculated to be waterkuma, a famous lolifag so it's not looking good for us

No. 204585

Do it! I should look up her builds…

No. 204587

Unforged is pretty good on her!

Im just surprised because i thought that sumeru was based on middle east/east asia where people are more tan so its surprising to see so many pale npcs

No. 204588

I wonder what the actual reason is, maybe they are colorist? To be honest I don't get why every character other than Kaeya and Xinyan (and Rosaria guess) has to be the same pale tone, it gets boring. Changing a skintone can't be that much work and it would make all the samey designs at least somewhat more interesting to look at. Some anon talked earlier about the cultures not influencing each other being unrealistic, but everyone having the same tone is even weirder. I don't even hope for brown NPCs in Natlan anymore, they probably won't change anything

No. 204593

Just lose any kind of hope of getting a buff male or female model, the reasoning is cultural; muscles aren't pleasant to look or have in eastern culture. Gods and exceptional people abandon muscles because in divinity they aren't needed; this is why Xiao is so thin. The most anyone could ever hope was Itto with the whole oni basis; this is as far as muscles will go in a main character. More and it'll be a disaster in Asia that it's their main market.

No. 204599

File: 1652018297302.jpg (54.25 KB, 640x431, 2a2df61ef411e7f460210b0eec7724…)

Are there no chinese games with buff characters? And I don't see why they wouldn't make some buff women in the future, they have exploited every possible fetishizable bodypart in their terrible designs so far, at least let me have muscles next, fuck

No. 204602

I mean, China is India skin bleach cream levels of colorist, so…

No. 204606

Itto is about as buff as it gets in Chinese games, and women never have any muscle. Muscular woman with moeblob face fetish is very niche Japanese degeneracy.
Women in Chinese games typically aren't as sexualized at least. But Mihoyo being the coomer weeb company it is, they sexualize them as much as they can get away with…

No. 204974

File: 1652153478883.jpeg (139.35 KB, 736x1360, 6699BE18-43EE-478B-BA1D-2FD4E4…)

Woohooo I got Xiao’s weapon, now I just need to get Xiao.

No. 204977

I really want a playable genshin character that hates the traveler’s guts. A character that calls Aether stupid to his face, a character that complains about Aether in his voice lines. A character that goes ugh this annoying bitch again every time Aether shows up, and I don’t mean it in a Tsundere way. I mean it in a straight up hatred way.

Fingers crossed for Scaramouche but I feel like he will either get the Childe treatment (yassified and husbandofied for the fanbase, obsessed with traveler for no reason ) or the Signora treatment (he is confirmed as a weekly boss, they might kill him off like poor Signora)

No. 204981

It’s more probable that Mehoeyo would give us an adult woman character without retarded armpit fetish sleeves and normal pants, than the possibility of a character that hates the traveler, I don’t know why, but they really want to be the ultimate waifu game.

No. 204991

Why would you even want that?

No. 205006

nta but some people are tired of every character sucking the traveler's dick for no reason

No. 205017

Who even simps for the traveler aside from ayaka and maybe ei? Fanon isn't canon.

No. 205021

File: 1652173011198.png (538.17 KB, 871x841, Screenshot 2022-05-10 105307.p…)

really anon? we get love letters from xiao every year, childe wants us to meet his family and join him on his path to world domination, and albedo says that he is interested in us and wants to study us. there's tons more, especially in the teapot. the teapot turns the entire game into a dating sim lol.

No. 205022

literally everyone simps for the traveler except for ayato lmao

No. 205024

There's Honkek and FGO. Your argument is invalid.
Somehow MHY knew what they were doing with the yumejo angle.

No. 205026

>albedo says that he is interested in us and wants to study us
That's literally not what simping is.

>join him on his path to world domination

He'd try to cut off the traveler's head at a moment's notice should the Tsaritsa demand it. And isn't that voiceline within the context of the traveler's strength? Makes sense to solicit our aid doesn't it?

I'm sorry but you have way too liberal of a definition for simping. IMO Genshin really doesn't work well for self-inserters as canonically the traveler spends most of the time either alone or as errand boy/girls.

No. 205028

File: 1652174922446.png (126.7 KB, 913x512, 984576895467854.png)

childe asks the traveller to come meet his family. you think he would do that with any random stranger he doesn't care about?

>That's literally not what simping is.

okay. he also wants to sketch the traveller, says that the only person worth hanging out and occupying his time with is traveller, invites traveller to eat dessert with him and wants traveller to be his assistant. it's about as romantic as it can get in a harem game like this.

No. 205037

Xiaother is literally so canon I love it

No. 205042

I love how aesthetic Aether ships are in general. Especially with Albedo.

No. 205043


I am the anon and this is the reason lol. I used to play FGO and I remember liking how not every servant was obsessed with Gudako and some even disliked her. Makes a better gacha experience IMO

No. 205044

fgo is cuck central cause the characters are based on historical figures and legends. if a gacha character isn't made with the player in mind then why would you invest in them? this is not about aether/lumine being a bland mary sue, they only represent us the players, the audience of the game, so it's obvious the characters will like us. so the traveler isn't really that relevant here
anyway, even with all that taken in consideration, both itto and ayato are very anti-yume in the sense that itto clearly brozoned us and ayato only cares about us because ayaka is a traveler simp so… um he's doing it for his sister. it definetly sucks that they'd rather pander to m/f shippers rather than yumes but yeah it is what it is

No. 205050

holy kek

Do self-inserters really?

No. 205056

That would be so helpful, I've been stuck on 99% in some Mondstadt regions forever and just can't figure out what I missed

No. 205060

Same, but then weirdly enough, I’ve gotten 100% in some places, then went back and found a ton of things I missed? I don’t get it.

No. 205098

File: 1652205122371.jpeg (266.13 KB, 1046x1496, 768602D6-FA19-4C6B-B318-93E71F…)

Yeees Aeather gets such cute art by so many talented artists

No. 205101

Have you tried the treasure chest compasses for each region?
Yes you can 100% an area but there might still be 1 chest left. Much like anemoculus etc. I have maxed the archon statues but have 1 anemeoculus ans 1 geoculus left still.

No. 205112

[redacted] is drawing venti for russian propaganda… genshin fandom might be the most vile i've ever seen in a while

No. 205119


No. 205121

yep, i guess you're allowed to use venti for political propaganda when you draw porn of him with mommy milkers lisa

No. 205144

Just say the name, that nobody won’t go to your house because you posted about her/him in an anonymous imageboard.

No. 205160

Where do you find such nice art? Maybe its cause I try to search on twitter and I get the most ugliest drawings I've ever seen. Even my luck on finding decent artists on pixiv sucks

No. 205168

Nta but the compasses only work when you're already near a chest, if you're missing like 2% of an entire region that could be literally anywhere. And I don't think it'll point to hidden ones

You won't find anything on twitter by searching for it because their tag system is completely fucked and puts posts at a disadvantage if the tag isn't currently trending. Find one popular or good artist randomly and then check out their retweets and who they follow, it's likely going to be more artists with a similar quality. It's sad that a platform like twitter has become the standart for art now, it's impossible to find specific things and once something was scrolled by you likely won't see it ever again

No. 205228

Thanks anon. I don’t really know much about Twitter, so your comment actually was helpful. It now makes so much sense why there were so many ugly posts and a few decent ones.

No. 205239

This annoys me so much. MC is a Mary Sue. They don’t have any semblance of possessing a personality (outside of occasionally getting annoyed by Paimon) but they are still perfect in almost all ways and everyone loves them.

No. 205280

File: 1652277561476.jpeg (140.75 KB, 600x671, 6FF13760-408B-443F-9272-BA5BD0…)

Now that there’s nothing going on in the game, what have you anons been up to in the game? Finishing some exploration? Building a specific character?

I’ve been building some 4-stars and putting them into weird team comps. It’s fun to try out new playstyles. C6 Sucrose is really fun

No. 205281

Pinterest is the best place for finding art, nonnie. You won’t know who is the artist unless you look for the tags, so there’s no particular drama unless you’re masochistic and read the comments.

No. 205282

File: 1652279458335.jpeg (118.71 KB, 750x1271, B407540F-C4C0-4B75-9E83-15FD9E…)

Right now I’m basically mining so I can level up some 5 stars weapons I’ve gotten from the weapons banner, I’m also leveling up different 4 stars as well to create random teams for the abyss, I really want the namecard but the 12th floor is fucking annoying and I just can’t get the whole 9 stars on the 10th and 11th floor for some reason. So I’m also trying to get more artifacts that are more useful than whatever I was doing before, the spreadsheet has been of great help so far.
I’m avoiding to continue leveling up the useless 5 stars I got like Mona, Yoimiya and Kekking. I will try and finish leveling up Qiqi because she’s cute, I love her color palette.

No. 205303

I go to danbooru, but you have to sift through gross coomer shit.

No. 205312

>Tfw you like Ganyu but most of her fanarts are just disgusting cringe coomer shit
Makes me wish Ganyu's outfit would've gotten censored alongside the rest.

No. 205445

Pinterest is already giving me good art and I just made the account. anon you are literally god sent

You're right about the gross coomer shit but there are genuinely some diamonds in the rough. thank you anon!!

No. 205460

there's a site called safebooru that only has the sfw art that's on danbooru so you don't have to see the coomer shit at all

No. 205468

the issue with pinterest isn't only not knowing the artist, but never having the original source and full resolution. The boorus link the original source, as well as the name of the artist and twitter.

No. 205472

Im raising all my charas to level 70 at least. Yeah waste of resources some of you will say, but I'm tired of having to waste time and resin farming books, fighting bosses and wasting precious Mora every time I realize some character I've got at lvl 40 would do good in a comp. I dream of not having to farm purple books ever again or at least once in a blue moon when I get a new character.

No. 205473

I can understand that feeling, though I kind of like having to struggle a bit before the character I'm focusing on is fully leveled. Like early in the game it's a lot of fun to ascend world levels and make characters stronger, now it's just kind of bothersome but quickly done. Maybe you can use this calculator to plan better? I think it's kind of helpful https://genshin-center.com/planner

No. 205480

Aw, thanks for the tool nonna, I didn't know of this one and it looks useful. And I agree, it was so exciting in the early game to just ascend the 4 or 5 characters you had; now unlocking their ascension voice lines feels sort of unearned somehow. I kinda want to start a secondary f2p account just to relive that feel.

Raising everyone now though is something I really wanna do and I hope the update hiatus allows me to get it done once and for all! I want to fully focus on artifact farming after I'm done.

No. 205514

none will be "good in a comp" if they all have shit artifacts and talent level 1 regardless of their level. most characters fall into the "non meta; absolutely no reason to build unless they're you're favorite" category, only performing decently with whale level investment. if you want to stop farming books, fully build the characters you like one by one and they will start piling up by the time you're ready to work on the next one.

No. 205529

Tysm, anon. Holy shit, I needed this.

No. 205659

I used all my crowns up so far. Now I’m just farming mora and I suppose I’ll go back to artifact farming since like…January

No. 205740

So turns out the audience for thr new hoyoverse game, zenless zone zero are lolicons and gay furries. Literally not a single bishie in sight, it's looking rough for husbandofags again. I'm so tired of begging this trash company for some scraps

No. 205754

Nu-Carnival is free btw

No. 205757

why are you still here?

No. 205785

File: 1652450778128.jpeg (58.34 KB, 828x860, ER9w32QUcAA8wrj.jpeg)

>gay furries
Please elaborate. I'm scared.

No. 205791

File: 1652454197110.png (562.17 KB, 733x316, ihatememehoyo.PNG)

NTA but just watched the trailer. It looks like they have another pair of silent self insert characters, male and female, then of the other few male playable characters they show, only picrel on the left actually has a human face. The other male playable characters include the fat bear furry on the right, some wolf furry, and some sort of robot-faced guy. Honestly it feels even more offensive to me that they created such unappealing male characters for this game than if they had just made this another one of their full waifu games. Naturally none of the female characters are anything but lolis or big-boobed anime girls with normal anime girl faces

No. 205798

Good thing I'm sticking to Genshit at this point. Let's see how far the shitshow goes.

No. 205809

I keep seeing comments about the body diversity, one fat burly bear among 3 macho guys and 10 petite girls is body diversity indeed

No. 205815

The game is made in Montreal which is tranny HQ. What did you expect?

No. 205836

File: 1652469607804.jpeg (1.18 MB, 2978x4011, D960091A-D641-4B4D-BDC2-F22ADE…)

>5 stars weapons I’ve gotten from the weapons banner
Ugh I wish I could relate nonnie. Oh so you’re building 4-stars specifically for the abyss? Which ones are you building?
Yeah I built Keqing and it was just not worth it after early-game. But I’ve heard good things about Mona, what makes her Keqing-tier bad?
Hope you’re having fun now at least raising some characters! But I’ve heard the opposite better, you can make a low leveled character cracked with a good weapon and artifacts. While a high level character with no talents and shit artifacts make barely any damage.

No. 205840

Then don't because you will never get any. Mihoyo is first and foremost a scrote game company, always has been, always will be. Their games aren't even good, why do you care so much?

No. 205847

File: 1652470850933.jpeg (203.45 KB, 450x1415, 61769C0D-C72E-4EBB-935E-BE0753…)

I honestly don’t know just how to make good use of her, I feel like my Ayato has managed to surpass Mona so far, I may level her up later on if I’m bored and the other characters that I want to level up are 100% ready with artifacts and such.
Right now I’m leveling up Lisa and Sucrose, they do amazing in domains and Sucrose is great for the abyss, specially in that one floor with the anemo damage bonus, since she’s kind of the only other anemo character I got that isn’t Venti, whom I already got all buffed and reserved for floors with like the maidens and the cicins.
If this keeps dragging on, I will level up Chongyun, Xingqiu and Razor to have all of the boys leveled up.
Side note, but isn’t it funny how there’s already 3 electro waifus with the talent of reducing the time of the expeditions? I wonder if that will keep happening. I love Sara because of that though, now I don’t have to wait for slow ass Yoimiya to get me some eggs and meat.

No. 205849

mona is one of the best units in the game because of her omen boost, are you trying to use her as a dps? it's no wonder if your ayato is performing better than her if you are, she doesn't work as one until her c3. before that she's really just there as a second bennett.

No. 205850

I see, well, I was trying to use her as a sub dps because my dps was Kaeya in that team back then. I honestly just started understanding how these teams work, I used to pair them depending on the opposite elements of the enemies and that was about it.

No. 205853

that's fine, it really doesn't matter if your teams aren't minmaxed meta perfection unless you really want to beat abyss floor 12. but yeah, mona needs certain things to make her nuke burst do big numbers - mostly vaporize and bennett's burst.

No. 205873

>mona is one of the best units in the game
One of the best standard banner 5 star units, but no where near one of the best units overall. And she is nothing like a "second Bennett" in any way, shape, or form.

No. 205881

obviously she isn't a copy of bennett, but she's in the same group as him concerning their support roles (buffing damage/attack). in some situations she arguably buffs even more than him if you use ttds with her. she's generally considered S tier by metafags and a very important support with her omen + ttds, so yes she is one of the best units in the game considering how many shitty ones there are

No. 205887

I'm not sure if this was divulged before, but anyone thinking that ZZZ designs will be different from Genshin… they are totally right because they upped the game classification to +16 for it, on top of hiring a known coomer artist as their lead art director. It'll make Genshin look like church.

No. 205891

>she's generally considered S tier by metafags
Lol in 1.0 she was. But powercreep is a thing. These days she's just used in freeze teams in which Kokomi arguably outshines her and for when you want to flex a single hit of crit damage. Outside of those scenarios, she is outclassed by the other hydro characters (with the exception of Barb) and is not an important support.

No. 205906

Seriously mte

No. 205930

Kek it looks so fucking ugly

No. 205933

Those two humans look sorta cool, but I wish these devs would realize that girls like sci-fi too…
Anyway this should go in the general mobage thread.

No. 206003

all the canon content with klee spending time with kaeya and people still try to shill her as diluc and jean's kid? why does this ship have such a grip on normies

No. 206013

File: 1652551420374.jpeg (107.41 KB, 750x647, F1E055BC-ADE9-4498-9785-A26069…)

It’s because she’s blonde and Pyro, so they’re like
>blonde like Jean
>Pyro like Diluc
My headcanon is that Kaeya acts like Klee’s adoptive father because she got attached to him and he feels like taking care of Klee is more exciting than riding Mondstadt’s tacit horses and acting like a cop or errand boy while writing dumbass reports for Jean’s overworked ass to sleep on.

No. 206551

What’s your favorite reaction to gross food in the event anons? I really liked Kaeya’s “ew” and Xiao’s autistic reactions kek. This video also has Ayato’s datamined reaction which is nice, since it’s genuinely impossible that anyone has been able to put him in the teapot because of maintenance.

No. 206553

File: 1652695476646.jpg (219.69 KB, 636x1610, 9wB14ngXsPMvYktvCVIUgPp0dn7bZY…)

Haizhou reveal, we won. He's super cute

No. 206554

Kek he looks like he stole Bennett's shirt and Gorou's pants. Better than the design we got imo.

No. 206555

that head looks like it doesn't belong with those clothes

No. 206558

>why does this ship have such a grip on normies
Normies literally think a character can't be whole if they're not romantically involved which is why all Hollywood movies have a shoehorned main character romance even when it adds nothing to the story. Diluc is the go-to self insert for all the male players because he's the cool hero wearing dapper clothes and as Jean had one voice line that mentioned respecting Diluc in passing that was enough to convince them that it's meant to be.

nta but
>blonde like Jean
>Pyro like Diluc
I keep fucking losing it at this kek

He looks cuter than I anticipated. Can't wait for all the moids to seethe over the sideboob kek

No. 206560

What a cute little face. So much for the moustache rumour lmao. I hear he's got kind of a cocky eccentric personality from the voicelines. Here's hoping he lives up to them.

No. 206563

That sure is an interesting color scheme. He could have been Geo or Electro, but Hoeyoverse wants to make every boy Anemo. He's still super cute though, can't wait for some moveset leaks.

No. 206564

Omg yeeeeeees what a cutie

No. 206565

File: 1652697996274.jpeg (86.78 KB, 828x599, 526CA49E-2C4B-41A6-8CB0-CEC221…)


No. 206570

What what what I thought he was a sword user?? Is this true?

No. 206573

Lumie is pretty reliable, i believe they mentioned that the sword in his official art his used in his ult but he's an catalyst user. So kinda like childe, raiden where they change weapon form in there kit

No. 206606

that's not a sword it's a jitte used by the police during the shogunate period, it's like a baton

No. 206614

Meh. I honestly hate his design, he looks like an NPC. If his kit ends up being a disappointment like the other Inazuma four stars he is just going to be rotting on the bench for me.

No. 206625

>Literally kazuha 2.0 with Bennet's pants
You guys will eat any mediocre design as long as it doesn't have tits won't you? I expected you all to be more critical when hoyo pulls out any shit like this for a male. They aren't even trying anymore since ayato.

>Tfw a fandesign done by a Twitter rando looks actually better put together aesthetically than a profesional made one by a team

Im so dissapointed honestly. Unless his kit is really a need I'm skipping. Nice thing all i need to care about now are Xiao's and Itto's rerun I guess.

Oh and before you start seething and calling me a scrote I was really hyped for him and that's why I'm so salty. I really wanted some new cute boy eyecandy I could be enthusiastic about but these designs honestly make me worry about the direction they are taking, they seem to be getting more waifupandering than ever while putting any bullshit together for the male designs and call it a day.

No. 206629

What do you want exactly? He's a 4-star, nobody was expecting him to look like a flashy 5-star character. I'm just glad we're actually getting a really cute boy with bared sides and being made the victim of armpit faggotry for once. I genuinely like his design and the only thing I'm disappointed in is him being anemo once again.

No. 206632

>not trying since Ayato
oh, since literally the very last new character they released? How dare they!?

No. 206636

Ayato has a pretty head but his suit also looks retarded as fuck. I think the last male character they released that I really liked was Kazuha.

No. 206664

You're unironically starting to sound like a gamergater with your scrote-like tantrum.

No. 206665

i agree his design is weird like something is off about it
don't wanna be rude cause i know they're putting effort in but honestly hoyoverse has really questionable character designers. if you compare genshin designs to literally any other gacha they look either bland or straight up tacky

No. 206667

I think a lot of it comes down to the head size and how they draw the face and hair, i noticed it makes the characters look very bobbleheaded and unattractive in the official art. and then the ugly clothes, another problem they have although in heizou's case i think they look pretty good. ayato on the other hand, i hate his weird suit, whenever i play with him his back looks very unappealing

No. 206669

The biggest downside with Ayato's outfit is how it covers his ass. I tried to catch a glimpse and he's got cake underneath pixel sheets.

No. 206674

I still think he's cute but I feel like they are making some odd choices with colors lately. Heizou and Shinobu both have these dull colors that don't really go well together (dark red-purple and brown/gold/orange with lime? And then dull purple, pink and light green with a bunch of black elements), and for the latest 5 star (Yelan) they just recycled most of Eula's color scheme. Itto's wasn't great either, but it was still good.

No. 206675

File: 1652710260743.jpeg (478.51 KB, 2048x1650, 9EBCFB70-F821-4759-8B6E-E044EA…)

Some Ubatcha leaks!

>Diluc and Fischl skin coming soon

>Heizou can jump high like Kazuha and has punching animations
>The Sumeru archon is Raiden Junior, she’s also a hikki
>Collei from the manga is a 4-star in the 3.0 patch
>Other than Collei we’re getting 2 new 5-stars in the 3.0 patch
>Best news so far, Cyno is a hydro polearm which is great since hydro seems to be the best element for dendro reactions from the dendro gameplay that we’ve seen.

No. 206680

>Hydro polearm
Alright saving for my pretty Anubis boy

No. 206682

>Diluc skin
My body is ready, and my credit card too.

No. 206683

This is why God told me to skip Ayato and Childe huh? Kalim's genshin equivalent, nice.

No. 206689

I don’t like his hair, but his overall design is okay. I’ll probably skip tbh. I only play characters that I have a thirst for, like Itto.

No. 206696

File: 1652714445035.jpeg (275.76 KB, 1441x1929, 5DB020E2-8A0C-4BA7-ABA4-B3945B…)

His hair is like the best part. The color is nice, finally a male character that doesn’t have either dark blue/black or white hair. His face is pretty and his side-boob is nice. The pants are the bad part.

No. 206701

He’s really cute, I hope I can get him. I like his open sides and the bare armpits.

No. 206703

Praying that his in.game model looks just as cute

How are fanartists so fast

No. 206704

I hope the Fischl skin is gothic lolita-y

No. 206756

reddit humor. they look like normal japanese sandals.

No. 206758

His hair color is the only thing I love about it. The style is the same fucking rat tail that most of the boys have.

No. 206781

File: 1652731490238.jpeg (672.96 KB, 1999x2584, 84208E50-E594-42CA-AA64-777A0E…)

Small Heizou art dump. Fan artists have been really fast with him today

No. 206782

File: 1652731528821.jpeg (169.55 KB, 1102x1130, C84C3492-67CC-4B90-A331-A5F4F8…)

No. 206783

File: 1652731563388.jpeg (179.45 KB, 828x1032, 6E202794-8CB2-48FB-BDCD-36B3DB…)

No. 206784

File: 1652731686365.jpeg (321.13 KB, 1280x1280, 7695579F-68DD-4543-91AF-2096F0…)

No. 206787

File: 1652732021890.jpeg (329.99 KB, 1582x1082, 0A406073-3010-4328-B02F-AD955C…)

End of art dump

No. 206799

File: 1652735390699.jpg (595.31 KB, 2000x3195, FS4Yf8QaUAAXqiu.jpg)

what a cute detective

No. 206802

Why can't we ever have short haired males aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

No. 206811

>Tfw a fandesign done by a Twitter rando looks actually better
It literally looks like a male Hu Tao and looks faggy. I'm tired of people hanging onto fan designs as if they were the true and canon design. It's the same shit with Ayato and Itto.

No. 206820

wait i know the ayato drama but what was the itto fan design?

No. 206836

One day I hope Genshin designers get tired of recycling this same hairstyle out for every other male npc they release.

No. 206838

The design we got is Chongyun, but purple and boring. The fan design at least looked like a detective.

No. 206840

Someone please tell HYV that most straight women prefer men with short hair.

No. 206844

I'd love to see an attempt at curlier hair, it'll never happen, but even a character with wavy hair or ringlets would be nice.

No. 206848

This is perfect.

No. 206850

Long haired bishies are more popular in china

No. 206851

For Heizou? Where do you see any purple in his design, and where do you see a resemblance to chongyun?

No. 206854

I’m just sick of the rat tail at this point and will take anything else.

No. 206860

preach nonnie

No. 206861

I have the same birthday as Xinyan! Cool,October babies. Also it's time for a dirty confession anons, I chose lumine and use her as a self-insert and imagine the characters are all just into me, can't wait for Heizou to join. I will go pray now.

No. 206870

Get your eyes checked, nona. There's no purple and nothing about the fan design looked "detective"

No. 206884

Chill, she probably just meant his hair color. And the canon design doesn't particularly scream detective either, he looks like that red first design for Xiao

No. 206890

And muscles too but look what happened with Itto

No. 206898

File: 1652778463277.jpg (35.28 KB, 640x429, Ty5ulFQYgEJfEtdzR1MVoHzRKTw-bX…)


His animations look super cool! Idk how to embed a reddit video so i just posted the link, i dont mind his rat tail since its not that skinny

No. 206900

File: 1652779692987.jpeg (32.58 KB, 591x348, A8A08F2C-6020-4D79-A88A-81947A…)

He looks a bit sad here though kek

No. 206902

File: 1652779889549.jpeg (133.82 KB, 1024x576, 54C08712-E672-4733-8D35-FAFAB9…)

Time to start farming nonnies!

Also, from Ubatcha:

Yelan + Xiao
Barbara / Yanfei / Noelle
Yelan's release in current data is 31st May
Shinobu's release in current data is 21st June

So that gives us a time indication for 2.8 when Heizou comes.
Also Kazuha story quest in 2.8 confirmed!

No. 206915

Why does he use his Anemo powers when he can just beat me the fuck up with his bare fists

No. 206916

>He's super cute
he looks like a deviantart OC but different strokes for different flokes.

No. 206917

>You guys will eat any mediocre design as long as it doesn't have tits won't you? I expected you all to be more critical when hoyo pulls out any shit like this for a male. They aren't even trying anymore since ayato.
Agreed, Yelan, Kikou and Heizou's designs are so generic.
At least Ayato and Ayaka's designs say something about their character (being from nobility). What about Heizou screams detective? The fake leaked design was better.

No. 206921

I found the video with lower quality on youtube

kek why did they make him look so sad

>You guys will eat any mediocre design as long as it doesn't have tits won't you?
You're projecting. I also said in the previous thread that i liked kuki her design even if its coomerish she still looks cool. Also many people like Yunjin here because she is super pretty? Idk what its about anons here in this thread complaining about people not like female characters

Im sorry but ayato's suit is ugly. Also the problem you mentioned with outfits not fitting character design can be applied to like 90% of genshin characters kek.

No. 206922

so he's the first character with hand to hand combat. i'm tired of anemo but might roll him for gameplay

No. 206945

Damn I wasn't interested in him at first now now I am. I hope we get more catalyst characters like this.

No. 206946

The mythological physical damage catalyst. Sad that it isn’t scaramouche trying to hit you with his book though.

No. 206947

Just get better taste. Long haired men supremacy.

No. 206952

Based. Long haired men >>>>>>>> all other men.

No. 206974

File: 1652801394570.jpeg (335.73 KB, 1792x534, E2241F03-92A3-4F0A-9C6F-26385F…)

He doesn’t seem to do physical damage though according to Honey Impact. It’s anemo dmg

No. 206986

File: 1652802686163.jpeg (1.72 MB, 3385x2112, 73DA6D99-AF38-4B46-8F58-18B307…)

What do you anons want the 2.8 Diluc skin to look like?
(We’re gonna go to a summer island as well as entering dungeons in Dawn Winery with Diluc according to the beta)

No. 206990

File: 1652803746708.jpeg (18.54 KB, 266x190, F2E57E21-42D6-4FAB-B3BD-494BDB…)

Either shirtless, or with an open shirt and bermuda shorts. But I would love to see him with an old school swimsuit. It would somehow suit him. But this is mihoyo, so they will probably give him some frumpy bermuda shorts, an undershirt with a frumpy shirt on top and maybe an interesting necklace or sunglasses on the undershirt, and ridiculous shoes.

No. 206991

I just want them to fix his face so he doesn't look like a downie anymore.

No. 207001

Like batman

No. 207035

I see what the other anon was talking about him looking like Chongyun in these pictures.

No. 207042

I only see it in the sense that basically all genshin characters of their respective body types look like skins of eachother because mihoyo is too lazy to make unique models. No resemblance to Chongyun in particular.

No. 207043

Tits out, but the thing they need to do is change his face

No. 207056

>The fake leaked design was better.
this is what happens when you latch too hard on fan designs

No. 207064

I would love a tits out summer skin for him so much, but unfortunately I'm thinking it's pretty unlikely his skin will be summer themed at all. The leaks look like he's just going to be in his Dawn Winery dungeons event and not at all in the summer island one. All the previous skins we've gotten have featured some sort of excuse for the character to appear in game wearing their new outfit, so I'm expecting he'll be getting something dark knight hero oriented. Hopefully they'll use the skin as a way to make his hair and/or face look better. Ugh, looks like the Fischl one will be summer-oriented though, since she IS in the island event

No. 207069

I think the datamined costume name was "Flame", so it's probably going to be edgy and full coverage again. Fischl is also getting a new one, but for her I'd actually love to see another edgy look

No. 207141

File: 1652847374010.jpg (307.35 KB, 1080x1066, 231103.jpg)

Happy birthday Gorou.

No. 207153

No. 207183

Try to integrate newfag. Embed.

No. 207203

File: 1652868900276.jpeg (244.52 KB, 894x823, 724B060A-B38E-4000-953B-516834…)

>he looks like that red first design for Xiao
I wanted to call you retarded yesterday but now I kinda agree, they look really similar. Still cute though.

No. 207205

How is Xiao so fucking small I want to crush him

No. 207212

File: 1652872557965.png (Spoiler Image, 109.23 KB, 500x236, unknown - 2022-05-18T131452.50…)


No. 207215

Omg i cant wait for the reveal! I hope its not super expensive but around the same price as the other skins because i really want to get it and maybe i can save for future male skins after.

No. 207220

File: 1652878129395.png (173.64 KB, 433x422, 0FD69DCD-9BD4-4048-957A-E10C1D…)

Finally some fucking good food.

No. 207225

What if it’s revealed that it’s fischl? Lmfao that would suck

No. 207226

File: 1652883495078.png (Spoiler Image, 122.67 KB, 519x593, SPOILER_unknown (2).png)

no chance because this other one looks like fischl to me

No. 207231

It looks like a swimsuit. Brace yourselves, nonnies.

No. 207237

Kind of looks like a gown to me. It has puffy sleeves and a big skirt

No. 207238

File: 1652885271270.jpeg (194.83 KB, 667x920, 0FB65360-CDA1-4516-8F2A-F52B11…)

Happy birthday, general! He’s easily my favorite 4 star boy.

No. 207242

File: 1652886758160.jpeg (199.5 KB, 1242x792, DCCD41E4-9B2A-4BE4-BC98-937412…)

I hope the fischl outfit is the one coomers will have to pay for, even though the trend is that the 5 stars’ skin is always paid while the 4 stars’ is free.

No. 207244

She's the one in the summer themed event that gives the free skin, not Diluc.

Don't know why Fischl even needed to be in another event after the first one, I can't imagine there was a lot of demand for it. I'm still sick of her insufferable ass. Hate Diluc too though.

No. 207246

File: 1652888526261.jpeg (127.67 KB, 400x400, 9DB532D7-10B5-4866-91FA-368EDF…)

I think it’s more like those weird weeb modest swimsuits that activates my fight or flight response.

No. 207247

Maybe it’s a test from mihoyo to see how willing are the women and gay moids to spend money on the game.

No. 207256

I won't be spending shit. Give his bf or one of the more interesting 5 star guys a skin and then we'll talk.

No. 207257

File: 1652890277237.jpg (254.33 KB, 1200x1200, EtfXSyPVgAALWg5.jpg)

I guess it's mostly the colorscheme that made me connect them, but they are both cute either way

No. 207262

I want to hug red smiling shirtless Xiao really hard… we were robbed of a shirtless Xiao with a collar anonitas…

No. 207272

You will get a free outfit for Fischl and you will forever cope and seethe about it.

No. 207279

File: 1652893144863.png (820.42 KB, 1242x1185, 1F13715B-E4A0-4A3C-96FD-0736CC…)

I mean, I can just keep her in the box wearing her regular outfit because I don’t use her at all. Just like amber, barbara, xianling and kekking, the boxmates.

No. 207281

I don't have fischl so i'm excited to get her, now i can finally build electrocharge ayato

No. 207289

mine comes from him being a boring, edgy faggot and jeanluc autism alongside those two reasons. the ugly shota is a better pyro dps than he is despite being a support character. kaeya deserves better.

from the july monthly shop…? shes not gonna be free in the event, just her skin

No. 207291

Stop hating on Kaeya's husband

No. 207295

File: 1652895708919.jpeg (199.04 KB, 750x1453, 9C011D31-7B1F-4E85-BE7F-4251D3…)

This, leave Kaeya’s husband alone.

No. 207303

Kaeya's husband STINKS

No. 207304

File: 1652896528034.jpg (159.9 KB, 955x1081, 508143738.jpg)

albedo is asexually reproducing like crazy, kaeya can use one of his offspring as a husband instead

No. 207307

Leaks say there's going to be a free Fischl given alongside the skin.

No. 207308

Excuse me anon, Diluc isn't his husband. He's his wife.

No. 207309

free fischl when they already gave one out, and in the same month shes in the shop no less? retarded game

No. 207316

File: 1652898532041.jpeg (552.77 KB, 2001x1335, 79FC0561-773D-434E-AAA4-CF6116…)

Albedos are for the fandom, you get a free albedo as a souvenir when you go to mihoyo’s office tour.

No. 207324

Oh my god, I didn't even notice that he's shirtless in that version, I just assumed it was also a light top because of the way the collar is shaped. What the fuck, we could have had it all…

No. 207326


No. 207340

File: 1652901285121.jpeg (167.12 KB, 1561x913, E4BB7E0D-93F6-4F63-9234-F4B74E…)

Holy shit I can’t believe they changed his hair!! This skin also has a new idle animation, so it’s definitely gonna be more expensive than the skins we’ve gotten before.

No. 207365

Anon how old are you…

No. 207368

Only a stinky man would drink GRAPE juice while OWNING A WINERY

No. 207373

Here is a bette quality video which also show his burst and skill. His burst looks cool.
Also i will buy dilucs skin idc if he smells

No. 207389

I'm usually forgiving, but I'm starting to hate Paimon lol She takes up every cutscene reiterating dumb points and talking where the traveler should. The traveler isn't even the mc in this game, and shouldn't a sidekick be to the side? I furiously skip through any dialogue where I can hear her voice and dunno how I'll make it through events and future regions. It's not cute anymore.

No. 207393

NO NOT STINKY! Endearing! At least we know Diluc will never come home and drunkenly beat his husband

No. 207397

You're just now starting to hate that shithead? She alone will prevent this game from ever being taken seriously, even by itself.

No. 207407

File: 1652909082710.jpeg (758.75 KB, 2016x4096, BDE73A7E-B15E-4C05-A523-F327BD…)

Cute idle animations! The burst looks like it could easily miss targets though

No. 207411

Honestly, even as comedy relief mascot she sucks, but that’s because the writing is done by two monkeys wearing too tight teal ties.

No. 207423

Personally it cracks me up that she alone carries the 99% of the traveler's dialogue lol, majority of traveler's ships should use Paimon instead.

I use the chinese va thought, which imo is the best Paimon. English Paimon in particular makes me want to scream, she's insufferable

No. 207424

I would much rather have an entirely silent protagonist than Paimon yapping away all the time. She's getting only more annoying as the story progresses.

No. 207425

File: 1652914671753.jpeg (146.69 KB, 850x1204, 4135CDB2-BB5D-47C9-AC7A-1CC06D…)

I think I’m the only person who plays this game that actually likes Paimon. Solely because she’s a character I KNOW I would’ve tried to imitate in my 13 year old cringy weeaboo phase. Is there a word for having nostalgia for something that could’ve been?

No. 207436

I know 13 year olds are dumb but why emulate a character who has no personality traits outside of being an annoying unfunny retard that sounds like a female version of toad? No one but deaf pedo scrotes like her. Hu tao is more the type autistic 13 year olds would enjoy.

No. 207455

Japanese Paimon is cute, I like how she uses oira. And yeah the whole 'omg food and treasure' being the entirety of her personality can get a bit old. But I sorta like how it's a contrast to all the more serious characters.

No. 207468

Come on, nonny. Paimon is oWo donut!so randum~ and I was 13 in 2005. Hopefully you’re old enough to know what that means.

No. 207471

hyv went through the effort to give Aether and Lumine voice lines, and for what? I liked her relationship with traveler, but she talks more and more with each new region, the quests and events and girls is going back and forth with npcs in traveler's place. I need to ask for a character voice toggle setting in the next survey. I won't get it, but it's something lol

No. 207479

I like her too. She has some zingers.

No. 207481

It isn't even "xD random" humor it's just unfunny blabbering and being a bitch, condescending-chan. Again hu tao is the one who has that "xD random" humor. As for the voice, typical anime loli voice is no better than she/they toad in my eyes.

No. 207515

I hope in the next months Fischl will finally get her gothic lolita skin. I like her because she reminds me of myself in middle school but her current outfit is just bad.

No. 207527

I'm still not used to her model. Seriously she looks like a floating baby in diapers.

No. 207529

Yeah I was thinking that too. Unfortunate.

No. 207532

Same, it's so ugly. The diaper/dress she's wearing is hideous. On top of that she's also annoying and the endless useless dialogue doesn't help.

No. 207540

so annoying that whenever we have something related to a hiatus there are those people like "nice, more time to save". maybe if you didn't roll on every banner??

No. 207552

it's synonymous with "I'm skipping the banner that accompanies it." in the ayaka banner's case I agree, I'm walking away from this patch with 38k thanks to her ugli ass.

No. 207559

I'm at 23k, do you buy welkin?

No. 207561

apparently tighnari (dendro allegedly) is in 3.0 and cyno (hydro) in 3.1, if i win at least one 50/50 i can manage to get both although i'm kinda disappointed none of them are cryo, electro or pyro. we still don't have a 5 star cryo or electro male character, maybe the new fatui guy capitano will be cryo and scara electro? if that's the case i might skip cyno and get the 5 star cryo male instead

No. 207568

File: 1652970530043.jpeg (18.65 KB, 332x360, 06A45BCB-FEE5-4292-ADE7-A4C273…)

I don’t know if I should just get the welkin to buy Diluc’s skin or if I should wait for it to get released to buy it. I would feel like a consoomer tbh, I’ve never spent money on videogames.

No. 207570

Her legs are unnecessarily long, they should’ve at least made the weird romper a bit long or made it look like she’s wearing a romper with puffy legs so it didn’t look so awkward, it’s like the mixed a baby’s upper body with famished toddler legs.

No. 207571

this floating turd is like a call to arms for me, I want to a-log

No. 207574

I justify it by not spending more than what a console game + DLC would be. Haven't hit my limit yet.

No. 207585

File: 1652978454274.jpeg (497.97 KB, 1242x1906, FBCE6919-187B-4E8F-BCBA-338090…)

After reading this, anything is justifiable.

No. 207619

File: 1652988348516.jpeg (209.5 KB, 1222x1208, 8DA2D592-457C-4425-845C-1BCE56…)

Cyno and Fatui dudes sound good, I’ll pull for all three. We also have that one male character, Adjeet (?) or whatever his name was that was leaked last thread or something. So that’s 4 male characters. There’s already 4 female characters leaked now, including the archon.

Ubatcha confirmed that this is Uncle Fish, the Chinese leaker.

No. 207622

Based on those comments I'm presuming the girls will have full on coomer designs. Well, at least Cyno is half naked.

No. 207648

It’s going to be multiple types of belly dancer outfits and maybe one (1) skirt with idiotic physics for panty shots.

No. 207654

there's also nilou and nahida, so like 6 female characters and 3 male characters

No. 207655

and collei, 7 female characters….

No. 207659

Wasn't there 4 male characters for Sumeru confirmed? I don't know if I'm just high on copium but I remember there being talks of at least 4 male Sumeru characters being leaked. Also keep in mind that leaker moids intentionally refuse to leak male characters just to piss off female players. Itto, Ayato and Heizou weren't confirmed to be playable until Inazuma was released and we only had Thoma, Gorou and Kazuha in the beginning.

No. 207683

besides cyno, only tighnari and djajeet were leaked. there's also the new fatui guy but who know when or if he will be playable

No. 207697

Cyno, Tighnari, Djajeet. Scaramouche maybe I guess since he's likely 3.1 or 3.2.

No. 207710

I'd recommend buying a few welkins instead of only the genesis crystals. The price will be roughly the same, but the welkins get you a lot of primos as an extra

No. 207748

File: 1653039872613.jpeg (909.85 KB, 2296x4096, 1FC34A81-1C93-44FE-9F98-AA455C…)

So if Scara and Cyno are the small boys, either Djajeet or Tighnari is a tall male? Scara is electro and Cyno most likely hydro. Hopefully either Djajeet or Tighnari are pyro, cryo or dendro.

No. 207752

I hate that there are only two male archons

No. 207753

tighnari is apparently dendro

No. 207754

it's worse because the dendro archon was initially supposed to be male but they changed it to a loli

No. 207758

There are well thought out theories that the loli archon is only a decoy and the real Dendro archon (the male one) is hiding. It may even be Baizhu or his snake. If Hoeyoverse pulls something like this I will actually like them a tiny bit more.

That's a wonderful picture nona

No. 207760

Theory has been debunked. All the lore, datamined voicelines and leaks have pretty much confirmed that the previous male dendro archon is dead and that a inexperienced loli archon is the current god of wisdom. Even the beta voicelines (in the video) confirm that she was always intended to be a girl.

No. 207764

File: 1653045350353.jpeg (212.19 KB, 1195x602, 8E061EE5-B18A-4FD4-9843-009781…)

Ubatcha 2.7 banner leak. Kuki is with Itto!

No. 207765

I'm kinda annoyed at how much they promote alcohol in this game considering so many kids play it, it's a bit over the top even for anime standards

No. 207766

>on a gacha game
Please tell me you're retarded

No. 207767

>she doesn't know a ton of 12 yr olds play this game

No. 207768

sorry that you had to learn this way that genshin is a kiddie game

No. 207770

The anon is right though. Genshin is a 12+ game with a huge young mobile userbase. I was a substitute teacher once and was shocked to see all of my 13-14 year old students play it during recess.

2.7 Livestream in 30 minutes btw!

No. 207772

How deep in your own little bubble are you for you to not have noticed like half this games playerbase is kids? It may be a gacha but it isn't fgo or some shit, its basically animu forkknife in the eyes of children.

No. 207773

someone post the codes I never watch these

No. 207775

When do they promote alcohol? Germany is known for its wine industry, so it makes sense to make it a point in a region that's base on it. And the traveller never gets to drink anyway

No. 207776

all gacha games should be 18+ because kids shouldn't be exposed to gambling so early

No. 207778

Obviously the anon you were replying to was commenting on venti’s voicelines here >>207760
>let’s celebrate and drink with the tsaritsa
>Fontaine has nice wines
>Sumeru sucks because alcohol is forbidden

So yeah, a lot of alcohol talk when it’s a 12+ game.

No. 207779

I agree. But I suspect it's the underage players with less knowledge and less impulse control that are really profitable.

No. 207783


Xiao archon quest yay

No. 207784

God these events seem so fucking boring. Would have easily skipped this patch if it weren’t for Xiao

No. 207787

What are these codes?

No. 207788

I hope Gorou is on Itto's banner, i want more cons

they are redeem codes for rewards like primos. You can redeem them in game or on the official genshin website

No. 207791

venti thinks being a raging alcoholic is a personality trait

No. 207792

>game promoting gambling addiction is supposedly for kids
>somehow act triggered when the game promotes alcohol

There's no parental advisory content on the game afaik.
>Inb4 kids play this game
yeah I've heard of underage Xiao fangirls committing credit card fraud and act autistic because they didn't summon him.

No. 207799

I'm not saying that they didn't intend to have a current female Dendro archon, I'm saying that maybe they could do a twist. Like the old archon isn't dead but went hiding, leaving the place to the new loli. The voice lines don't debunk anything afaik.

No. 207801

So it's a filler patch then? Boring. See you in 2.8.

No. 207802

I just thrashed Shenhe in the survey for having a coomer design, I doubt Mehoeyo will do anything with that information though.

No. 207803

I mean, the voice lines talk about her as a “lesser god” even if the writing is shit they must have some sticky notes saying how to refer to each character properly so shit isn’t too confusing.

No. 207804

Thank you anon! These are 100 primos each, in case anyone wondered.

No. 207805

So annoying how the characters are random on the survey. I wanted to trash Shenhe too but got Rosario, Beidou, Chongyun and Yunjin. So I trashed Rosario’s Kim k ass and boob jiggles instead.

No. 207806

they didn't learn anything from last year's character design survey did they? we're getting worse and worse designs but thanks to retarded whales and coomers with gambling addictions throwing money like crazy on characters they will only use twice nothing will change

No. 207809

Geez it's almost as if you were in the minority in a poll here. Who would've thought.

No. 207813

I got Barbara and trashed her hard kek

No. 207814

File: 1653055509210.jpeg (117.71 KB, 736x1041, 28B9EFA3-CBE6-462E-837B-C4A722…)

I thought it was the same characters for everyone, which I thought was interesting because I got Zhongli, Diluc, Kaeya, Rosaria and Shenhe. I told them to fix Diluc’s face, make Zhongli show some skin, I told them that Rosaria’s new outfit was nice and that Shenhe’s outfit and appearance makes no sense because she lives in the wilderness and only eats flowers, how does it make sense that she somehow has Kim K hips? And she’s shy because of trauma, why is she wearing hyper-revealing sheer clothes? It’s just retarded.
I also told them that I love Kaeya to bits and was basically yooming because he’s perfect.
I know they don’t listen to these surveys and that the majority is a bunch of coomers asking for more tits and asses, but at least they’re pretending to care.

No. 207815

Nonnie, why do you say so? They wouldn’t dare to kill a playable character r-right?

No. 207817

no, dumbass

No. 207819

damn, if only Diluc looked like that in the game…

No. 207836

File: 1653061620142.jpg (109.54 KB, 640x1532, mzeWTkh0pph9VyeCxIEWF6dtbVQJQW…)

Diluc skin is $30 AFTER the discount kek. Only hardcore gacha cucks will be able to justify that price. Genshin-only ones at that because the quality of skins in this game compared to those of other gachas is laughable.

No. 207837

I got Yae Miko, Eula, Chongyun, Mona, and Sayu. I trashed Yae and Eula because I hate both their character and designs, was neutral on Sayu because I hate the concept of lolis in the game in general but Sayu isn't a particularly bad offender, and called Chongyun comfortable and trashed Shenhe in comparison in the comments since she's his aunt. I have shit taste and actually like Mona's design (old one not redesign) so I complemented her animations because they're pretty.

No. 207838

Why?! I thought his skin would be the same prince as the others! With a welkin it should’ve been possible to get, do they just hate husbandofags that much?

No. 207839

They're testing the waters to see if people will pay more for skins with new animations. Tencent does the same with League of Legends, skins with new voicelines and animations are more expensive than those that just give a new costume.

I don't know if I'll go for this though. I like the idea of better skins and this is the first husbando skin but I don't like Diluc. I'd only get it to support other anons who want husbando skins.

No. 207842

I don’t know if I would dare to spend that much money at once in a game… specially since most of the game so far has been a bunch of coomer shit with vague writing.
While I love Diluc, he’s my husbando, I want to do things to him, I don’t think I would spend 30 dollaroos on a pretty outfit that seems to be covering him from head to toe anyways with like two new voice lines and maybe an idle animation…
If they add clothing damage to that skin, I may consider it.

No. 207844

Weird thing how every time a male character is involved in the story or an event people immediately start cooming over the fantasy that he will die because omg he said something vague that's a total deathflag!!!!! By now Venti, Scaramouche, Albedo, Kaeya, Kazuha and god knows who else have been headcanoned to die soon.

To be honest I would pay $30 for a new skin with animations and voice lines for a character that I really love because I'm not a poorfag. But any more than that, no.

No. 207860

Yeees omg it infuriates me but I’ve noticed that it must be twitterfag anons. The moment that the livestream ended retards on Twitter went on and on about “death flags”. Which is just so fucking brain dead. They’re not gonna kill off one of their most popular male characters with an insanely popular VA in such a meaningless quest. And why is there never “death flags” detected for female characters? It’s always Xiao, Scara, Venti and Albedo. Always.

No. 207870

>And why is there never “death flags” detected for female characters?
Kek I think we all know why that is. They're still salty about the only major character death being female and want retribution so they cope by calling every single popular male character as being "deathflagged". It's been going on ever since Signora's death was leaked and during every single new patch trailer they come up with a new nonsensical death prophecy and start forcing it on everyone, always for a male character.

No. 207872

>And why is there never “death flags” detected for female characters?
That's them inadvertently admitting that all the female characters boil down to poorly written coomer filler with little to no relevance to the plot. Sad but true.

No. 207877

I don't follow stuff like this, but the only thing that I have noticed that can be considered a "death flag" for a female is in Ningguang's hangout where she says something like "when I will be long dead" or something.

No. 207878

God, the bar for "death flags" is so goddamn low it's ridiculous. None of the characters in Genshin have "death flags", the only one who comes close to having his life threatened is Albedo and even for him I doubt they would ever actually off him and not his clone.

No. 207879

Actually true, the female characters never appear in trailers where they are shown to be in some kind of difficult or dramatic situation. It's obvious that Mihoyo doesn't care about more than looks for them. And I don't get the immediate jump to death, why would they go so far? Signora's death has been almost random, I don't think they have writers capable of something like an impactful death scene with a story around it

No. 207883

Schizo-chan, I'd rather agree with >>207879 where MHY doesn't take risks nor invest in a FC's tragic death because most of them are just cheap, despite characters like Lisa having death flags. Some are legit like Childe but the others at this point of the story is just retarded kek.

No. 207884

None of the characters have death flags. I don't know what's this about people having a fetish for character deaths but it's so fucking annoying. Also both can be true, both male characters having more plot relevance and seething waifufags coping.

No. 207886

It really is extremely annoying. Makes me think that it's just coming from minors and people that haven't read a book outside of school who can't think of anything that could be more tragic, impactful or interesting. Why were so many people on board with Kazuha dying just because that one trailer showed a faded vision? It literally takes only a few seconds to realize that mhy would never kill off a playable character for some stupid story when they can instead keep using them in events to sell them again later

No. 207911

She's like in her early to mid 20's so her halving her lifespan means she still has a few decades to live, you think Genshin's main story is going to last that long or that the characters will ever age? Tell me again why people are so desperate for deathflags, what the fuck is up with that

No. 207917

Genshin plot watching at it's main plot trailer will last quite a few years. I don't discard the idea of a time skip at some point, specially since the last chapters seem to be really dramatic.

No. 207957

File: 1653106208791.jpg (327.96 KB, 1080x1073, 230034.jpg)

Didn't know her birthday was so close to Gorou's.

No. 208051

Yelan's gameplay looks fun (bows are my favorite weapon) but I can't get over how bad her design is. It's so terrible. If Sumeru has mostly shit designs like Inazuma then I don't even know when I'll roll again.
She's so pretty

No. 208052

File: 1653134012694.jpeg (585.63 KB, 1920x1076, 61098E63-0198-45BC-9119-5EEBCF…)

> but I can't get over how bad her design is. It's so terrible
Yeah same, the official art of her for the livestream just really highlighted how bad her design is

No. 208060

It looks like her head was pasted on her body at the last min kek Shinobu and Itto look so cool in the background! The tried to give Yelan priority, but my eyes are drawn to little blurry Itto and how badass Shinobu looks. Yelan's face is so pretty and her hair is cool and reminds me of that hero lady from OPM, but coomers ruined what could've been a cool and mature lady.

No. 208078

Breaking my silence… Shinobu is ugly as fuck too, even worse than Yelan for me.

No. 208087

Same, not a fan of her colors honestly. I think her hair is too similar to Yoimiya's as well, so she comes off as generic to me.

No. 208088

They expire after a day right? I missed them.

No. 208097

I think she may just be the ugliest character in the entire game.

No. 208098

I like her mask and color scheme but her outfit is meh and her hairstyle is too similar to Yomiya's. Which is a shame because ninjas are cool.

No. 208100

Samefag, didn't realise
>>208087 also compared her hair to Yomiya lol. Goes to show.

No. 208103

File: 1653151664456.jpg (407.66 KB, 850x1153, yunjin.jpg)

Best girl design in the entire game tbh. I don't like her play style or I would actually use her a lot. Happy birthday, Yunjin!

No. 208108

File: 1653152237158.jpg (378.28 KB, 850x1133, kuki.jpg)

I actually do love her bright color scheme, but I also agree that her overall design is bad. Her hair and outfit are so uninspired. Though, I don't even care at this point. It's expected.

No. 208286

I just realized that with the black thing in his hair, the pants, white shirt, black arm guards and the fluffy hair/rat tail, he looks like a vocaloid.

No. 208307

File: 1653214432358.jpg (707.86 KB, 2894x1650, FRCJKEJaAAA6PI-.jpg)

Is it too lame to buy Diluc's skin when I dont have him?

No. 208339

Gorgeous art… Good taste nonnie!

No. 208340

Not really, he's not modern looking enough.

No. 208354

so cryo has 3 female dps (ganyu, eula, ayaka) and hydro has 2 male dps so far (childe, ayato) and my guess is that cyno will be another hydro dps. it's annoying they're making the elements gender locked, i want a cryo husbando

No. 208372

I don’t think so, I’m sure you will get him at some point.

No. 208374

i'm so mad they put xiao with yelan because they have the worst 4 stars, fucking noelle and barbara again. was it so difficult to put him with itto?

No. 208375

Just get it once/if you get him. Some people have been playing since launch and still don't have all the standard banner five stars, no point in wasting your 30 to 40 dollars on something that is up to complete chance.

No. 208377

NTA but it's going to be way more expensive then. get it on the discount or never get it period. all standard 5 stars turn up at some point.

No. 208378

Well if it is lame, I’ll be lame with you since I’m planning to get his skin even though I don’t have him. I’ll probably be playing this game til it’s bitter end, so presumably I’ll be getting him at some point and wanting the skin, so I may as well get it on sale

No. 208379

No, it’s gonna be discounted when it releases. So if anon wants to get the skin, the best time to get it is when it is released

No. 208381

I would also just make sure the skin is actually worth the price, if you actually like how he looks, all that stuff.

No. 208384

It's a less than 10 dollar discount according to the beta, if anon is fine with spending 29 dollars on a skin without even owning the character yet then I'm sure she's also going to be ready to spend 37 dollars on it when she does own him. Who knows when she's going to get him, maybe she won't even like him anymore by then.

So yeah anon, if you're a whale and you are sure of your everlasting love for Diluc, go crazy. If not then just pay the 8 dollars more once you own him and know that you'll actually use him. Imagine paying a jiggly physics waifu company all that money and then you hate his playstyle kek would suck. All the skins except for the free four star event ones are a scam, anyways.

No. 208914

File: 1653448672266.jpeg (303.23 KB, 850x850, 5E8E852D-191B-45EB-BE39-775F27…)

Thread revive. What is there to even look forward to next patch other than Xiao rerun?

No. 208920

nothing. why bump the thread for this? go talk to your twitter friends

No. 208934

This teaser would be kinda cool if it didn't have such coomer vibes

No. 208941

she looks too much like a generic honkai character

No. 208967

least annoyed lolcow anon