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File: 1674195756815.jpg (433.23 KB, 1343x2003, fruity.jpg)

No. 270744

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo/Hoyoverse. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

>Redeem codes without having to login

>Check your spiral abyss data


>Wish simulator (feat. old banners)


>Damage calculator


>Build simulator


>Database filled with pretty much everything found in game


>Build help


>Character guides


>Interactive map for overworld item locations


Previous threads:

No. 270748

I really like the new desert music, too bad Fontaine is probably going to be more generic fantasy.
Looking forward to what inspiration they use for Natlan.

No. 270753

File: 1674199826275.jpg (95.67 KB, 487x576, IMG_20230120_092645.jpg)

Thanks for thread nona, cute pic too!

Btw I did it. Finally got all the guys

No. 270763

Cute thread pic!
you're my goals anon

No. 270778

Thank you for making a new thread, i really like the pic. Mika is so cute, I hope I will get him soon.

the music in sumeru is great


No. 270780

I don't understand Mika and Len Kagamine jokes. He looks more like a Chocobo to me with Childe's moveset.

No. 270783

I get the Len part with the little banana ahoge and the tiny ponytail but his vibe is definitely like a tiny chocobo baby.

No. 270784

Deyha has the weirdest fucking kit in the world and I hate the direction mihoyo is going with this.
She is a vape dps probably right? Since she doesn't work with dendro burgeon. Yeah the problem is she has less vape hits than xiangling, needs to be on-field and can't be used with neither Xinqiu or Yelan. So she can't really be a proper vape dps. Oh and she is EM-focused but has HP ascension. Useless. Like what are they doing? Are they making her reliant on the hydro archon? That's months away.

How is Alhaitham to the nonnies who pulled for him?

No. 270785

File: 1674221184062.png (204.97 KB, 561x592, trey-l.png)

He reminded me of a character I forgot about, III from Zexal but blonde. I'm sure they share the same personality too (minus the psycho aspect kek)

Ngl I think his design is really good and fitting his personality, like you can guess his personality from his design. Sorry after seeing fountine designs Mika looks so good

He does great damage but I find him as annoying to use as Cyno, not flexible but big reaction numbers

No. 270815

File: 1674229405441.jpeg (210.55 KB, 850x500, 48207B8E-13F7-4C83-98F6-5F8FB9…)

I don’t think I’ll ever get over how they recoup red him with the exact same fucking color palette as Yelan. Not sorry.

No. 270821

File: 1674232085207.jpg (595.45 KB, 1184x1442, FmlnGxraAAAF60Q.jpg)

They really need to change her burst and remove the HP scaling from constellations and put it in her base kit. If she's intended to replace a shielder she needs to be able to tank consistently, which means she needs buttloads of HP. Some kind of team healing passive for the damage she deals would be better than her taking a percentage of damage for the team too.
Apparently they are making changes to her because the testers are saying she's pathetically weak, but if they stick to her current playstyle I don't see her being strong enough at any one thing to be worth being a 5*. They need to either overhaul her to be more supportive (probably the better way to go) or make her burst work with the current Hydro supports, buff its numbers, and change her scaling to crit.
I can't believe they made her burst a qte and didn't think about the several enemies that will just reposition and dodge it, wasting the whole thing. At least Ei has the option to chase after enemies.

No. 270831

we need some shitty waifus too, it's not fair for only husbandos to get garbage kits lol

No. 270836

Sorry for asking for spoonfeeding but can someone explain Dehya's kit and why exactly it's so bad? I'm getting so much conflicting information. It's a shame because for once it would be a female character I'd be interested in rolling.

No. 270840

File: 1674241215714.jpg (839.74 KB, 849x1200, 100306247_p3_master1200.jpg)

his original palette was so much more unique and striking. while there's elements of the new one I like, OG still wins for me by a lot and it hurts.
the worst part is they barely do skins, so I don't even have faith they'll resell his old look or a new outfit inspired by it…
they could've at least worked more red into the new design, his eyeliner doesn't match anything else any more.

No. 270847

I'm the exact opposite. I love his redesign and disliked his Fatui outfit.
The hat, veil, color scheme, and top half are ok. The shorts and belt armor were dorky as hell.
The new pleated shorts and cute bow look so much better. The new color scheme looks really nice against basically all scenery in-game. We have way too many blue characters but he's probably my favorite blue design so far.

No. 270848

I actually like them both fine, and now that I've gotten used to the redesign I actually prefer it to the original one. It's much less 1.0 if you know what I mean, it has somewhat of a dull NPC colourscheme while the new one looks more decorative. The different shades of blue/purple go really well together.

No. 270860

tl;dr her scaling is all over the place (split between attack, HP, and EM, same problem as Xinyan where no matter which stat you build something in her kit will suffer), her numbers suck (too low, her HP and attack both need to be buffed way up), her E doesn't deal enough damage and redirects damage to her and her burst just plain sucks, it's an uncontrollable punch flurry that an enemy can just dodge or walk away from since you can't aim it or stop to reposition her and it doesn't apply XQ blades so she can't vape with it. She's this weird tank/burst dps that sucks at both jobs, because if you need tankiness you should just use a shielder like Thoma or Yanfei and pyro has way better DPSes.
Hoyoverse needs to decide whether she's going to be a tank/support or a DPS and tune her accordingly, because right now her kit is all over the place in an even worse way than Xinyan's.

No. 270864

File: 1674251909412.jpeg (71.15 KB, 1000x862, EuOy29ldb1cDRtN40ZkSqrvTeGWQlQ…)

The designers have similar experience to a tumblr artists and first year designers I swear to god.
I'll explain to you how they think:
Blue being the dominant color (Scara, Yelan new fountaine characters etc.) means safety, trust, intelligence, order… etc. And enforcing it with Monotone colors/black and white enforces that meaning to the max.(Yelan, new fountaine blue character)
Analogous colors still have the same effect with some lenience (Scara)
His older design had traid/split complimentary that usually mean chaos and with the dim purple (mysterious, royal…etc.)making red(danger, violence، rage..etc) shine and that contributed to his character well

Since they seem to abide by the rules, why is this so bad? Kaeya has the same colors, why hasn't no one complained? It's because they're breaking the main rule that they need to have creativity to the point even people who know nothing about design and colors and noticing.
What they're doing now is doing the most brain dead shit that isn't allowed kek "what's the main thing in his/her personality? Huh trust-worthy? That's every character, all characters are trust-worthy. Blue." blue is also a color you feel safe putting your money into I.e. Bank so spend money on them, people flgoid spending money on anything blue especially if they're under the effect of FOMO lol
How can this improve on this? Simple, use other colors to allude to the main color for more variety ie his old design, use Monotone as a last option because it also leads to a one-tone character (Eula) and distribute the white and black better since they do lead to lead to better design visually at first, due to simple -> easy for the mind to digest but then the simplicity of everything described with one adjective will destroy any world building and reason to care.

I'm a so sorry for any anon who read and said "who tf asked" it just triggered my autism since it's my job irl

No. 270866

yelan's color pallette is pretty much only "blue". half the hydro and cryo characters have that pallette, so why her specifically?

No. 270912

Interesting perspective anon I’ve never thought of this

No. 270954

File: 1674296418102.jpg (423.46 KB, 2160x1080, guiping canon.jpg)

Apparently the animation with guizhong shills her with madam ping more than it does with zhongli lol (in fact he is a judge in a contest between her and cloud retainer in that screenshot). sorry for shitting on you queen I was wrong. albeit it was foolish to assume that they will anger zhongli simps with guili anyway.

No. 270957

KEK Guili shippers on suicide watch when their self insert/self insert's waifu turned out to be a lesbian

No. 270960

File: 1674297709960.jpg (122.56 KB, 1080x484, Screenshot_20230121_123425.jpg)

Even though I thought these were random npc mother and daughter but good. I don't have a horse in the shipping stuff but if they're gonna ship Zhongli with Guizhong she better look like a mature woman with an elegant look. It's been forever and a half since Liyue's Archon quest so my memory is fuzzy, didn't Zhongli speak fondly of her in way she was like a passionate goddess-like lady who was friends with him and the other adepti?

Salt salt I know but I wanted Chinese elegant lady design from Genshin because I swear I remember being promised as such in her description, it's no coincidence that all artists drew her as a graceful lady- instead, long-sleeved kid.

Also what the fuck? Who's zooming in on Yelan's hand for them to add this? Even if scrotes being themselves this is beyond stupid

No. 270962

They retconned a lot. Zhongli is pretty much irrelevant

No. 270967

I mean all models have fingernails. The fact that Yelan didn't until 3.4 just means that they rushed when they made her. Which I always felt since both her design and story involvement was lackluster when she released.

No. 270972

Good for the lesbians but I still fucking hate that she's in her underwear and barefoot. Truly a manic pixie girl, but now she's lesbian I guess.

No. 270977

File: 1674308132115.jpg (252.02 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_20211026_185451.jpg)

PS4 anons, do you exist in this thread? If so how do you deal with bs loading times in everything? 10s+ for monsters in domains/abyss to load, missing coops bc slow loading and more. I don't get why we aren't given something to lower the graphics like PC

Haven't played yet since I'm busy af but are they really lesbians? Or are they two friends hanging around each other and shippers being shippers made them ones? Or the worst option, they got Honkai yuri treatment?

No. 270978

File: 1674309985704.jpeg (360.85 KB, 2048x768, B2E60C7A-4022-4AFB-8B4B-820461…)

Soon as I saw the photoshopped food I knew it needed to be posted here kek.

No. 270984

More like friends, but with ship teasing like them being kindred spirits, ping writing music for guizhong and not playing it anymore because the latter is no longer here and no one besides her can understand it, etc.

No. 270990

What's funny is that if Guizhong was doing the same things with Zhongli as she was described doing with Ping, Zhongli x Guizhong shippers would call it confirmed canon and rub it in the faces of every other Zhongli x whoever shipper. But now that it suddenly turns out she was in an intimate relationship with Madame Ping instead of Zhongli they're seething like mad with their "not everything has to be romantic, they're just friends" commentary kek. I hated Guili shippers from day for creating the lore out of thin air forcing their fanmade canons on everyone even to the point of trying to shill Ningguang as the "reborn Guizhong" because they couldn't cope with her being a lesbian, so let this be a lesson to them to go fuck themselves.

Anyway they have a really, really cute dynamic and I'm glad it turned out like this.

No. 270991

File: 1674314359594.jpg (115.78 KB, 693x622, Screenshot_20230121_165408.jpg)

There is so little Xiangling and Hutao interactions that I immediately remembered why she's glomping her kek

Aw that's actually cute, thank you for the answer nona! I'm relieved it wasn't the 3rd option

No. 270999

It's very obvious that HYV just pulled the Guizhong/Ping relationship out of their ass because there was such a massive backlash from fujos who couldn't stand the thought that Zhongli used to be close to a woman. I don't care about Zhongli or Guili in general, but let's not act like the writers weren't heavily implying that Guizhong was Zhongli's dead waifu when the game first came out.

No. 271000

>muh fujos ruined my guili ship
Have you seen the apeshit Chinese Zhongli yumes who went absolutely ballistic over Guizhong's existence stealing their husbando and how they threatened Mihoyo over it? I think you're better off being mad at them because Mihoyo couldn't give less shits about the opinions of fujos. Whichever the case, even if they retconned the entire thing into Guizhong being more relevant to Ping than Zhongli I fully welcome it.

No. 271001

As I said, I don't care about Zhongli nor Guili nor yaoi. It's just a fact that Asian fujos went ballistic about Zhongli not being an 8000 year old virgin because Tartali has always been a very popular ship.

>they retconned the entire thing into Guizhong being more relevant to Ping than Zhongli I fully welcome it.

I agree with you, it's a much cuter relationship. I hope Madame Ping is going to be playable.

No. 271002

Why would they give in to fujos when they're an extremely niche audience compared to others and they rarely care about the canon anyway, and even risk getting jail time if they're too open about what they like in the mainland? The much more probable outcome is that they heard the millions of Zhongli husbandofags who didn't like the idea of having a rival waifu. Just like they keep all the girl characters pure and virginal for all the male waifufags who would otherwise threaten to shoot up their office if their personal best girl is taken by someone else. Seriously, just recently husbandofags in China tried to make Mihoyo get rid of Kaveh because he was too close to Alhaitham kek. It could be that Mihoyo revised the story of Guizhong and Zhongli but let's be real a lot of what was theorycrafted between them was just that, fanfiction created by people based on very limited snippets of the story that couldn't be interpret either way.

No. 271004

>extremely niche audience
Kek anon, no. They are an extremely big audience of anything with pretty men in it, especially when it comes to weeb stuff. There's a reason why almost every male character in Genshin has some kind of ship bait with a man.

No. 271006

There's no doubt that they're also catering to them with ships like the mentioned Alhaitham and Kaveh but let's be real, they'll never be powerful enough to shift the gears or if there were any gears to be shifted to begin with as Guizhong and Zhongli being "lovers" was never a thing supported by the story. Sorry your ship got disintegrated, better luck next time.

No. 271010

NTA but isn't the yume audience far bigger? I also thought it was Chinese Yumejo who were angry, why would they listen to fujo's if china is so anti homo.

do fujo's actually get thrown in jail in china kek?

i do think young Ping has a better design that Guizhong but I love her granny form even more. It would be pretty fun to finally have a playable older lady

No. 271012

How many more times do I have to tell you that I don't give a shit about Guizhong and Zhongli kek holy fuck anon. I don't like any hetships or yaoi ships in this game, I'm really just here for the occasional yuri.

No. 271015

File: 1674320885334.jpg (87.36 KB, 750x400, 2022.01.06-04.23-boundingintoc…)

Multiple danmei (i.e. Chinese BL) authors have been interrogated or jailed by officials, the most well-known case being MXTX who had to move her business to Singapore to get her books into printing but got 3 years in jail. So yes, it's a thing. It's also why Mihoyo migrated their publications under Cognosphere, to escape the censorship in mainland China and it's why the Chinese servers applied Rosaria's extreme boob nerf and put Mona in a leotard to hide her ass.

Then why do you care so much kek? Just be happy that Guizhong and Madame Ping are an implied lesbian couple and thank yumes for pressuring Mihoyo into it instead of seething over some fujo boogeyman ruining a fanon love story.

No. 271019

>be happy that Guizhong and Madame Ping are an implied lesbian couple
Can you read, anon? I said that I am and agreed that their ship is better multiple times now.

No. 271022

PS4 also and the loading times are genuinely making me go insane. Luckily I have friends who are patient, but I still feel bad sitting there doing nothing for 10+ seconds in domains while they have them nearly finished by the time the enemies pop in.

No. 271024

It's just as bad on mobile tbh, I have no idea how anyone can play this game on anything else but a top of the line PC.

No. 271034

No, the yume audience isn't bigger they're just louder and have more power because they can play the "homos are gross" card and cry to the CCP if something bothers them. I would say the fujo audience is clearly bigger since lofter is basically 90% gay ships (and that's where all female artists post their art/fanfics) and I found random fujos on nearly every chinese platform. The yume audience is still sizeable enough to be recognized by the game developers but keep in mind they sometimes overlap with the otome crowd and the hetshipper crowd so we can't know their exact numbers anyway. Normies and men are also more likely to side with them so they have extra shielding, while fujos tend to be attacked from all sides (but that happens in the west too it's not a china-only thing)
Afaik mxtx was jailed (allegedly) because she illegally published novels, not because of the content inside. She also had a bunch of unhinged antis and trolls (who were also fujos btw) who were mad at her because she didn't make their ships canon and because she was "too famous", so her situation is a bit complicated. Fujos in china are definetly on thin ice though, but it's not illegal to be one or anything like that since many of them proclaim to love BL on weibo and no one says anything. The gov is just very autistic about explicit content (and not just the gay kind) and we know fujos are the community most likely to churn out sexual stuff…

No. 271037

It may be your phone, mobile is fine for me

No. 271039

Something more to add in but just because yumes have an advantage with being straight and liking straight ships, doesn't mean they aren't constantly clowned in the fandoms they take part in. At least in the genshin fandom a ton of people can't stand them because they're known to often cause a ruckus. That doesn't make fujos innocent though, they can still be just as unhinged but they're more careful with their tantrums because unless they talk to a fujo author they can't explicitly say "please make x and y a gay couple" to a regular game company lol So a lot of the drama remains in their community, while yumes tend to go out of their way to make it known to everyone how much they hate gays or insert any threat to their husbando

No. 271044

>Afaik mxtx was jailed (allegedly) because she illegally published novels, not because of the content inside.
However that's basically the go-to excuse the state executives use to jail people to save face. Like protesters in China get jailed for "creating civil unrest" when they're rallying against human rights atrocities, and using a VPN is seen as a "terrorist action" and/or treason. The "jailed for illegal publishing" pretty much stands for "publishing illegal content by using a proxy" in the context of CCP. It's not illegal to be a fujo, but you have to thread very, very carefully which is why a lot of content creators move their business to other countries. Not only fujos, but also everyone else creating content that could be seen as dubious.

Chinese censorship is actually a really interesting topic not a lot of westerners are aware of and Genshin's silly cleavage covering got clowned on a lot because nobody realized how the government could essentially just take over Mihoyo if they refused to comply and gain all the revenue or cut their funding if they wanted to. I sometimes wonder if a lot of what happened in Sumeru actually mirrors their experiences.

>Normies and men are also more likely to side with them so they have extra shielding, while fujos tend to be attacked from all sides

This. If men specifically are given the chance to punish women for liking something they don't, they'll support any cause wholeheartedly.

Generally speaking the Chinese side of the fandom is a lot more amplified in its insanity than people realize no matter what corner they sit in. Fujos in China have a lot of unhinged internal drama too, but like you said it has to be kept below a certain line to keep flying under the radar. The yumes on the other hand have free reign to sperg how much they hate gay people because it's openly encouraged by the government or how no other bitch can touch their husbando because they can always threaten with reporting the company to the officials for whatever indecent thing they can come up with.

No. 271048

Besides the tyrannical political system, now I'm starting to realize how a lot of this drama is between women and many of them report on each other for harmless shit. Maybe they should all get along better and only report coomer moids instead of ruining someone's life over a ship or husbando lol

No. 271054

HOLY SHIT! I lost my 50/50 AND got Alhaitham all in 40 pulls?! I won my 50/50 with Ayato and Scara it’s like I’m on a luck streak

No. 271055

I literally bought a ps5 for Genshin and it's so smooth now, ps4 is almost unplayable. I know it's quite autistic to buy a whole new console for a game though
>Seriously, just recently husbandofags in China tried to make Mihoyo get rid of Kaveh because he was too close to Alhaitham kek
Wait what the fuck kek can I get more info about this?

No. 271056

Just a bunch of crazy alhaitham yumes threatened by kaveh mingled with a few retarded fujos. The yumes were seething big this time and wanted to report mihoyo for "homosexual content". And the fujos were mad because kaveh's chinese voice actor is apparently a cheater and they hate him and they think kaveh should sound more like a "top"

No. 271057

I'm not able to dig up the sources right now so you just have to go on the trust me sis basis, but in a nutshell they were losing their minds over Alhaitham's key idle and threatening to report it to the officials for gay propaganda and even before that they called Kaveh a "green tea bitch" (綠茶婊) which is basically a Chinese online slang term word for someone who's trying to cuck you out of a husband by deception.

Yeah and this, those few fujos got scorned hard by their community for joining the hate too.

No. 271061

>Yeah and this, those few fujos got scorned hard by their community for joining the hate too.
I didn't know this, however I find it hard to believe haikaveh isn't accepted by cn fujos when their dynamic (rich guy/guy in debt) should be up their alley. I remember they really liked cynonari even if some tighnari yumes were seething. Haikaveh/kavetham is a hit with the japanese market, so this meltdown from the cn community was really unexpected. Also if i were a yume, I'd rather husbando kaveh not someone extremely cold like alhaitham kek

No. 271063

I meant that the few fujos who joined those yumes in their hate weren't approved by the Genshin fujo community as a whole because they all love Alhaitham and Kaveh, as to my understanding and getting authorities involved would be bad for them all. Not sure if I phrased that correctly. Ironically enough those yumes hating on Kaveh were also saying "Mihoyo doesn't consider the feelings of their female players" which is just nonsensical kek

>Also if i were a yume, I'd rather husbando kaveh not someone extremely cold like alhaitham kek

I don't know, my guess is that it has to do with how effeminate Kaveh is and how the entire pretty boy thing is being ran down in China currently. He has more of a gay best friend vibe to a woman than a husbando.

No. 271064

It's a sad pill to swallow but it's 100% true when people say that solidarity between women is, for the most part, a meme.

No. 271065

Saying that is like saying solidarity between men is a meme because they have waifu wars. Shit like this is always backed up and supported by men intentionally pitting women against each other. Women did come together to bash Mihoyo after Shenhe's release which ended up with them censoring the outfits cue enraged response from the male players who with their typical male aggression started doxxing the women they deemed responsible of taking away their bare Mona ass.

No. 271070

>Saying that is like saying solidarity between men is a meme because they have waifu wars
It's not like that at all kek, they don't take that nearly as seriously. They're rarer than ever now; with the rise of porn, men just coom and coom and no longer care that much about the characters they're doing it to. And I didn't just mean that within the fandom context but in general. You are right that it's due to a long history of men pitting us against each other though, it's become an unfortunate female socialization staple.

No. 271072

Is it graphics related or is it bad internet? I'm really not sure because another game I play a lot has shitty loads which might just be server related and not hardware.

No. 271074

Fujos aren't a small part of the fandom at all but get scraps? Yes. They drop hints for bl ships because they know men don't care about male characters. Same goes for Yumes, all characters are in love with the traveler, so reading the Kaveh thing shocked me, wtf?

It always came across self-inserters > shippers with how hard some characters break character just worship traveller kek what's with the Chinese fans?

In my humble opinion I don't think they key animation is hint to the ship as much as it's unintentional asshole based on the expression he gave, but there are other things that hint to the ship better, like why not go after the sentence "we are roommates" if they're serious? Or his trailer? Weirdos.

What is the statics on his sale btw? I have several whale male friends on genshin and they ignored him when they have all the rest?of they guys C4+, is the "key animation" affecting sales or something?

I read that someone couldn't get the source but PLEASE do post if you ever mind, I have to read this shit show.
it's about textures rendering, definitely a graphic issue that ps4 users don't have a way to turn lower, like both PC and mobile.

No. 271114

File: 1674373054829.jpg (1.03 MB, 3840x2160, IMG_20230122_093507.jpg)

One of the official arts posted by Genshin' social media accounts.
It's so bad I can crop Yaoyao and post it in bad art thread,seriously keep staring at those 3 and it'll get worse kek

No. 271138

Alhaitham has gotten very positive reviews from most theory crafters in both the west and in china now! Low investment and f2p friendly T0 damage up with Hu Tao and Ayaka in damage with his best teams. The day one pulls were kind of low but the feedback is very positive. I think his day one sales (mobile sales in China) were just under Yoimiya rerun. He’s never gonna get as much hype as Hu Tao and Ayaka since meta scrotes hate male characters but even then most incel meta slaves have admitted that he is T0, lower SS-tier or high S-tier character.

No. 271141

File: 1674389577116.jpeg (Spoiler Image,154.45 KB, 1280x744, 7A8CFAC2-B548-4DBA-9ED8-B97DD5…)

3.5 story leaks!!

Kaeya is meeting Dain holy fuck finally Kaeya lore

No. 271143

I agree he's a killer (and my fave+top dps hehe) but why are his sales low? That's above Nilou and Kaking banner right? Ffs I swear if they blame it on his key idle animation…

Oh my god oh my god I want to fangirl so hard but I'm feeling dread, will they screw it up/retcon?
The background is Sumeru, probably this is the event where he gets his skin. If so then Zhongli skin will leak as well

No. 271144

File: 1674390461755.jpeg (265.53 KB, 1073x907, 00E22637-121C-4BE7-A66F-DF05AA…)

Here it is, day one. It will be higher of course after his whole banner period but it's not that high right now.

Same anon I'm hoping they make this a big deal cause it IS. This is the biggest moment for Kaeya's backstory and I hope they don't fuck it up

No. 271149

File: 1674395079278.jpg (21.57 KB, 720x715, IMG_20230120_113249.jpg)

So what should mihoyo always pander to yumes just because they're a bunch of rich spoiled brats who expect every character to worship lumine? I'm glad mihoyo at least has some integrity to give the characters their personal life and relationships. Also it's good that they plaster aether everywhere, giving across the message that this isn't their otome fantasy game and it's instead directed at multiple audiences. If they want otome, just play tears of themis. The mc is already idolized by everyone in teyvat just by existing, what more do they want? If they think a set of keys is enough to ruin a character then they're unironically mentally ill and should seek therapy and take some meds. The female (yes not everyone who works at mihoyo is a scrote) writers/staff love alhaitham and kaveh and shouldn't have to bow down to any insecure bpd-chan. I'm pretty sure alhaitham is selling very well in japan so they're not worried about that

No. 271151


No. 271154

Also idk what's with the recent yume meltdowns on weibo because last year everyone was celebrating everytime genshin posted anything kaeluc related and they were calling them married and the reaction was very positive but suddenly last year there was a wave of new diluc yumes sperging that "he is too close to kaeya" which wasn't a problem before? I'm actually starting to think there might be some tencent shills trying to drag drown mihoyo's reputation because kaeluc was universally liked by female fans and everyone knew genshin pushes it, so it's weird for them to suddenly have breakdowns over it

No. 271155

*two years ago
I mean in 2021 it was positive, the meltdowns started in 2022

No. 271162

File: 1674400655309.jpg (186.45 KB, 1400x957, IMG_20230122_141247.jpg)

Back in my day, Yumes would also like a bit of yaoi since it's like your reverse-Harem trying to look sexy or something. Are these even genuine reactions from Chinese Yumes? They never minded when tartali was at its peak and loved it even, so uh, are the western twitteros got in there and started complaining about Kaeluc and such? I've never seen the equivalent of proshipper dni except for them/them - retarded I know

I hope fujos and yumes calm down and stop going against each other because all it is girls tearing other girls for the same reason. Recently The vitriol between Guili, GuizhongxPing, LuminexZhongli and bl!Zhongli girls are trying their best to flame each other on social media and for what? Characters smooching and that makes them giggle?
Same goes for bl!Alhaithem and yumes, both spit poison and act shocked when poison is spat back. Save all the nice arts and fics no matter the subject and be as entertained as possible, no need to keep this pointless struggle when the goal is one because honestly, no one takes our side kek

Anyways sorry for this sperging, won't happen again promise.

But anyway, I shouldn't jinx myself but this odd af, got Alhaithem, his weapon really fast and his weapon domain mats? 4 timed when I used 20 resin it has a gold one, damn it feels good when I lose every 50/50

No. 271163

Yeah people forget that the staff has female members too and they definitely put things they like in the mix as well. People cry pandering but Alhaitham and Kaveh are written so lovingly I wouldn't doubt some based fujo in the writing team decided to just go crazy with the options. I generally don't have a problem with yumes but like you said the Chinese ones are the kind of rich spoiled brats who spend daddy's money on the game to whale for their husbandos and generally act insufferable everywhere.

China has been cracking down on "gay propaganda" extra hard during the past two years, after they essentially banned "pretty boys" a lot of Chinese male models started bulking up and changing their bishounen image to suit the new regulations of manly men only. So some of them must be hired trolls to put a dent in Mihoyo's business, especially seeing how dirty the competing studios' practices can be like that Tower of Fantasy thing generating fake 5-star reviews and ripping off Genshin's assets. But because Genshin is a worldwide sensation and now based in Singapore with their international releases and a heavy emphasis on the Japanese market they keep churning out beautiful men Chinese government be damned.

No. 271182

Didn't the theorycrafters say he's Keqing tier? He was tier 0 SS ranking in beta but they gutted his ratios. I'm sure that contributed to his day one sales being bad, there was a lot of doomposting about him.

No. 271188

The doomposting was because of the nerf, the Keqing likeliness was never about his kit but about his animations. What we know now is that pre-nerf he could have been better than any dps. Now post-nerf he is still great, maybe not THE best but he's up there with the best dps characters.

No. 271189

Fan wars and the sudden shift and hate compared to 2 years ago is unjustifiable but I can't entirely blame rich Chinese yumes for pressuring hyv. Scrotes were on suicide watch and damn near violent if a female pc wasn't geeked over the traveler, so I don't think it's entirely wrong if some women want the dating sim treatment.

No. 271190

They just got wanderer. Not all female characters are traveler simps either, yelan, ganyu, nilou (the one scrotes wanted to be ayaka 2.0 kek), yoimiya and many others are just friendly.

No. 271195

For me the problem came with Guili shippers when they made up the entire romance between Zhongli and Guizhong based on practically nothing and even co-opted the song playing when Traveler met Xiao to somehow be a Guili lovers' anthem just because they said so, and now that the canon Liyue lore was expanded upon to clearly show how irrelevant Zhongli is to Guizhong in comparison to her loving relationship with Madame Ping they're trying to downplay it as them "just being friends" simply because it's two women instead of a man and a woman. Shipping is just for fun but people having obvious double standards mirrors real life homophobia and that gets to a lot of people.

To be fair Ayaka (and maybe Noelle?) is the only girl that simps for the traveler to such embarrassing lengths, granted I haven't played all of the female characters' hangouts. Most of them just feel friendly, the male characters seem to be much more flirtier in nature like Childe, Xiao and Albedo.

Theorycrafters doomposting over a male character get btfo'd once again, what a surprise. I'm enjoying Alhaitham a lot, his numbers might not be SS tier but he's extremely enjoyable to play with nevertheless. The nerf sucks ass but I really enjoy his playstyle. I feel like the banner sales were affected by the initial panic over his multipliers and Wanderer and Ayato's first rerun sucking the husbando collectors dry, maybe he'll do better in a rerun.

No. 271198

he's still a keqing clone gameplay wise even if his damage is much higher. I think that's a bigger factor into his banner flopping, his kit is unoriginal and boring and he isn't likable enough to sell on his character alone.

>but what about yelan who did really well

1. armpitfags and general coomers, many of whom were always desperate to get rid of xingqiu for a waifu
2. if nothing she did have much flashier animations than her 4* predecessor, and her skill has some practical use in the overworld

No. 271206

>he's still a keqing clone gameplay wise even if his damage is much higher.
No not at all. I had to main Keqing for so long because she was the only 5-star dps I had for awhile. Alhaitham does not play like her. Their animations just make it look that way but the gameplay is completely different.

No. 271208

Ugh. I hate all the Aether haremshit in the fandom. Ayaka definitely had a crush but the other aether haremshit stuff are straight up nonsensical. Keqing, Yae, and Ei all had zero romantic interest in him but are still frequently memed as part of the harem somehow.

No. 271209

>I had to main Keqing for so long because she was the only 5-star dps I had for awhile
I did the exact same thing when I started because I didn't know better, and I disagree. at best ah feels like a clunkier version of her.

No. 271211

His gameplay doesn't feel like Keqing at all. Like >>271206 I was stuck with Keqing in the beginning but it's a completely different kit and gameplay, the first time I got to try Alhaitham hands on I was completely confused why people compared him to her in the first place.

Isn't Aether too twink-like and cute for scrotes to self-insert into? I feel like they're Zhongli and Diluc kinnies for the most part.

No. 271212

If men had any self-awareness, they would realize Aether's too cute for them to self-insert and Zhongli and Diluc too handsome.

Anyway, I've seen a small handful of Zhongli self-inserts that wanted to pair him up with Ei. Never encountered a Diluc self-insert before, strangely enough. Maybe the majority are just too uncreative to self-insert as anyone except the main character.

No. 271214

My loading time on ps4 isn't longer than my loading time on ipad. It's usually around 3-5 seconds on both.

No. 271218

I wanna say that as quite a new player (ar 30ish) I was really surprised by how much genshin has to offer. I always thought it was a small gacha game that wasn't about story or gameplay that much but it actually feels like a nice open world rpg with so much content everywhere. And the colors are nice and bright, the music calming, there's so many minigames like fishing or house-making, hangout events and so on. Wish I wasn't so unlucky while pulling good characters.

No. 271239

Let's be real here, does your husbando get shipped with a male character in this game? Is this why you're so pressed?

No. 271243

Tbh alhaithem was a clunky character for me (long cool down for skill and hungry burst) until I realized you can do dendro damage/gain mirror by a doing a charged attack, now my friendship with Childe is over, Alhaithem is my new dps

Speaking of charged attack, when will we get a character that boosts them

No. 271246

There's tuonto (genshin youtuber) who lowkey self-inserted as diluc because he shipped jeanluc and jean is his ultimate waifu…. in my eyes he's a cuck though

No. 271250

File: 1674433944845.jpg (258.01 KB, 1240x1668, c996eabe909ce5534bed44dc34c228…)

Thankfully YouTube finally stopped recommending him to me
Are there any respectable Genshin youtubers anons can recommend, Mostly for explaining characters, artifacts and such? I used to watch someone but it turns he keeps cosplaying as femboy Venti with heels and one piece blech now idk who to trust kek

No. 271265

File: 1674447005034.jpeg (544.71 KB, 1424x2048, C78F74BB-84A2-494F-B4DF-66B931…)

Just finished the lantern rite event and damn… you guys have been loosing your minds over Guizhong for no reason she’s been Ping’s beloved this whole time kek. Poor Zhongli was called a simp for nothing. What can I say. I ship it.

No. 271271

Sevy. She does playstyle guides and explains builds.

No. 271273

Is she a manic pixie girl though?

No. 271275

And Zhongli x Guizhong shippers are having meltdowns over it left and right kek, must be hard being a homophobe

No. 271278

I got more of a hyperautistic inventor vibe from her, like Entrapta from nu She-Ra. The story made it seem like she just wanted to build cool shit 24/7.

No. 271281

also childe, pls don't forget about my top tier dps boy (especially since haitham is frequently compared to him)

No. 271282

File: 1674466678078.jpg (346.37 KB, 1448x2048, 4e833532fed0e8c2ef2cc1a1f6e720…)

I'm gonna drop this here, a bit of rant so be warned lol
Just finished the lantern rite and I don't get if the people who worked on it where too busy fapping than pay attention to the lore

Guizhong was supposed a wuxia-esque woman who has interest in tinkering and maybe, maybe not Zhongli and her were an item or just friends who cares she died rip
In here he basically serves no purpose (why add him then) and implying Ping and Guizhong are an item, but like, excuse my existence, isn't Ping a grandmother? Yanfei's? She had a family before and surely a husband that brought Yanfei's mom/dad(forgot who), why retardedly make it Yuri hint when ping is  an already established character? Guizhong and Cloud Retainer would've been a better pairing since Cloud Retainer is single and they would've have adoptive daughters even
I swear they're just throwing things and hope it sticks. Part of me thinks they went this way so no one is pissed, they gave a new pairing for Yuri fans, Zhongli for Yumes is still a virgin for them and Yaoi fans are happy since Zhongli is a virgin for Childe/whotever. I don't even think Guizhong x Zhongli fans want this Guizhong tbh

They keep doing this shit and let remind you, Beigguang, probably the only pairing everyone agrees on had a flirting scene in a Moonchase, a limited event instead of putting it in a  permanent similar to being unofficial ffs. Limited event basically means new players/players who missed it wont know about because it's just fanservice to them. I didn't even see a hint of flirting in their hangouts which is stupid? Why bother then.

I don't know if this event's lore as bad as I'm feeling it is or the disappointments are accumulating I feel paying attention to anything is pointless now.
please 3.5 be good with any lore. I sometimes wish I didn't have this sunk cost fallacy, but I swear the potential it had is what made me waste time on it.

On a positive note that cheered me up, Alhaithem's is hitting 37k per mirror in his burst, literally deleting everything and my friend's Ayaka can't keep up lol

No. 271287

First of all I want to say that I genuinely can't believe how hard Guizhong being lovers with Madame Ping is breaking the minds of all the Guili shippers, they go from these stupid copes like "b-but ackshually they're just like a mother and daughter because height difference so you're supporting incest btw" to "lol who cares about shipping anyway" to "actually Guizhong can be in a poly relationship with both lol!" back to "who gives a fuck about shipping not me!" and then to "fuck the lore who even reads this stupid story!!!".

>isn't Ping a grandmother? Yanfei's?

She's not. She looked after Yanfei because her actual parents fucked off. She doesn't have a family, she literally spends all of her time reminiscing after Guizhong.

>I don't even think Guizhong x Zhongli fans want this Guizhong tbh

They sure didn't, they wanted a manic pixie dream girl mary sue getting railed by Rex Lapis, not a geeky lesbian creating things kek.

>They keep doing this shit and let remind you, Beigguang, probably the only pairing everyone agrees on had a flirting scene in a Moonchase, a limited event instead of putting it in a permanent similar to being unofficial ffs.

Doesn't make it less canon.

No. 271290

No, Ping just took care of Yanfei, they’re not related iirc.
And you’re really weird with the virgin thing, I’ve been in female weeb and yaoi fandoms since 2010s and female fans never gave a shit if their favourite male character is a virgin. That’s moid shit unless something changed in those circles recently.

No. 271295

File: 1674471757755.jpg (295.98 KB, 2525x1710, 06e78afc867d9b9f92980bb2a92384…)

Anon, I swear just because I don't like this version of Guizhong doesn't mean I want you or any Guizhong x Ping to die or take it away from you, I don't even ship anything, okay? Shipping is supposed to be a hobby in fandoms not a life style, right? I'm disappointed in the direction Genshin is getting since last update so don't take it that I'm Guili shipper or whichever shitty ship that gets you and others upset.
At the end of the day, it's a ship, don't pour your anger you got from Guile girls on me, it's two characters fucking who curs lol
My main complaint was HYV Yuri, is trash, not the Genre itself. I hated it in Honkai and hated it here, but I guess we'll agree to disagree.

>they wanted a manic pixie dream girl mary sue getting railed by Rex Lapis

LOL for real? I guess it's in teen spaces, they look like father and daughter.

>She looked after Yanfei because her actual parents fucked off.

Oh shit my bad, heard her say granny and grandma and thought she was her real grandma since I do remember her parents gtfo.

>Doesn't make it less canon

I didn't disagree with that, my point was HYV's yuri is for the fanservice only and they should add these hints in the permanent content.

>And you’re really weird with the virgin thing
It's a joke, it was posted by an anon few posts ago and thought it was funny instead of 'single'.

No. 271297

For someone who doesn't ship or care about shipping you sure do write long discussion openers about shipping and how "cloud retainer and guizhong would've been a better pairing". It's okay to be invested in shipping, anon, the "I don't even care!" deflection looks stupid when you're getting your hands dirty with the whole discourse like this.

No. 271298

holy fuck shut up with your attitude

No. 271301

Damn the Guili shippers are malding kek. I like that Ping and Guizhong were in a semi-relationship, but I still hate that mihoeyo gives their lesbian-ish characters coomer male-gaze designs.

No. 271302

File: 1674475257961.jpg (104.9 KB, 692x946, 901058afa1b711ce5cd2510b44210c…)

I legit don't, just wanted to rant about few things on my mind, why would I be ashamed to ship?
>you sure do write long discussion openers
I wouldn't mind discussing anything at all, but when it starts with "you're a shipper of a ship I hate" I don't think things will turn sweet.
I thought Ping had a family and She's Yanfei's grandma, which is why I said cloud retainer, that wasn't the case sure, but even if she isn't it doesn't change HYV handling Yuri badly because it's so surface-level and lacking any permanent content when it's treated god-like. I put a rant warning because I know shippers are sensitive for some reason

I'm glad you and some other anons found the content/ship entertaining you guys, for real. I'm hoping 3.5 doesn't disappoint with Kaeya/Dains/Abyss content otherwise I'll die on the inside and rant here again lmao

I'm running out of pics to post too damn

No. 271303

I'm not even invested in genshin shipping but I've seen a lot of people posting DON'T SHIP THEM WHY CAN'T THEY JUST BE FRIENDS and that's so bizarre to me because genshin fans ship characters for much less or even the ones that never interact. These two have better implies chemistry and more romantic history with the soulmate thing than almost any genshin characters though. I get just seeing them as friends but why do people straight up mind and get angry when someone else ships them? They can just scroll away.

No. 271308

I didn't consider the designs that coomerish? Compared to examples like Shenhe or Yelan at least. And their relationship was really adorable and organic, Ping didn't turn out as some obsessive tragic angsty lesbian kind of BPD-chan but a genuinely sorrowful person who lost her better half, I was very pleasantly surprised by how they handled it compared to Honkai which is just yuribait coomershit up and down.

>An interaction between a male and a female character is vaguely referred to in some item description with no mention of a romance between them
>omg they're LOVERS they're 100% canon, lover's oath is all about them and Ningguang is Guizhong reborn
>Actual canon story chapter comes out revealing in great detail with cutscenes about how the female character actually has a much closer and more loving relationship with another female character who calls her her one and only soulmate
>sigh WHY can't they just be friends?!! not everything has to be romantic you know
>why do people straight up mind and get angry when someone else ships them?
I think we both know why, nonnie.

No. 271315

File: 1674479004974.jpeg (382.59 KB, 958x2047, 083F1410-1D3C-479B-AF1C-9F4A3B…)

why are we sperging about Guizhong when we can analyze male asses

No. 271316

File: 1674480049968.jpg (211.91 KB, 1230x1080, IMG_20230123_152026.jpg)

Wonder what they're saying. I knew Alhaithem's was the biggest since that cutscene from when flips on on the ermite(sp?) guy.
Ayato and Zhongli's are too round, I think Kaeya's the best imo but then again, picrel.
Where is Thomas's and Itto's tho

No. 271318

just how fucking old is ganyu and how the hell does she remember meeting guizhong

No. 271322

Where are you all hanging out when you're seeing so much classical ship drama?
All I ever see are sanctimonious zoomers claiming their rival ship is a proship due to made up woke reasons or whatever. Normal ship wars seem so refreshing by comparison.

No. 271326

File: 1674485540394.jpeg (Spoiler Image,91.73 KB, 1080x601, 6D5D2915-592E-4DE9-804F-04BF3C…)

3.5 event leak
I guess we’re getting Albedo in an event after all even if it isn’t a dragonspine event. I feel like him and Tighnari will get along well

No. 271327

File: 1674486024529.jpeg (38.28 KB, 771x807, 1765F2AD-3F0A-40FE-8884-947EFC…)

Omg kek that was such a sad shot of Kaeya's concave ass!! Alhaitham has the fattest tits and ass, a true icon.

No. 271328

File: 1674486549694.jpg (253.08 KB, 1050x1472, FZf8BKRXgAUwekW.jpg)

Several thousand years old, as old as Xiao or even older.

No. 271343

File: 1674492251569.jpg (38.66 KB, 350x424, thumb-146351.jpg)

Hey nonnies 10-pulls aren't luckier than single pulls whenever I get a new wish, right? I feel like I always see someone posting screenshot of a 10-pull that has multiple charas in it, I am trying to get Alheitham so I feel free to pull as soon as I get a new wish but the only thing I get are shit weapons and I really only get a character every 10th pull (and sometimes I even get a weapon instead). Is it just unlucky RNG or should I save my wishes and do 10 at once? Or is single pulling in one session better than randomly whenever I get a new wish? It's just that my luck is so bad I don't know if I'm doing something wrong.

No. 271344

I also lost every 50/50 so far I hate this game

No. 271346

I've always wondered this too… I always use single pulls but I've never had several charas every 10 pulls like I often see others get, just one chara at best and weapons at worst.

No. 271355

It's just RNG, nothing less. Some people just hit an unlucky streak and some people get luckier. There isn't any wizardry you could do to up your chances in pulling a character.

No. 271369

File: 1674497008901.jpeg (311.01 KB, 2015x1020, DE95AEE8-4EF6-469E-8ED1-195F6F…)

Just finished lantern rite and holy shit mihoyo is feeding us fujos so well. The Xiaoven, Zhongven, Xiaoaether and Zhongxiao fanservice they gave us. I watched different playthroughs and whenever the traveler blames Venti for making Xiao uncomfortable he goes all soft and says n-no. When you blame Zhongli he gets super protective and frustratingly says it’s not that at all!! I died of cuteness. Even the way that Xiao only came because he knew the traveler would be there, way too cute!! And the glances and gazes Zhongli and Venti shared! I can die happy.

If you go to the crux you’ll see Venti and Kazuha talk about how Beidou won’t let them drink alcohol because they’re too short! Again, so cute!!

No. 271388

instead of deleting previous postit I reported it by mistake, I need new eyes

She's going off of a (n ancient) strawman to exaggerate het shippers being nonsensical and muh evil trying to take Guizping away from her when they all just knew about it.
Zoomers are already loving it both in Twitter and Facebook making ping an icon so this was directed at people ITT who don't want this ship, how dare they kek

It has always been "As long as girls dip in shipping fights, they'll always lose". Stop hanging around or ignore places that go against you, gorls, find friends who share similar tastes.

RNG is a cruel mistress. Single or ten pulls don't change your chances, people do it to feel better as it's a mile-stone and easier to count. Good luck! Hope you get Xiao/Alhaithem asap.

It can't be, COLLIE IS GOING BACK TO Mondstadt? Possiblity of her interacting with Kaeya and Amber?
Omg Cyno, Tighnari AND Albedo? I'm sorry for doubting you Hoyo, ily

No. 271429

File: 1674534745377.jpg (253.58 KB, 1309x1309, 20230123_222601.jpg)

Happy birthday to Rosaria

No. 271474

File: 1674576401515.jpg (137.92 KB, 850x1200, __rosaria_and_rosaria_genshin_…)

I wish Rosaria was the Mond cryo 5* instead of Eula. Her new outfit is such an improvement over the old one and she's one of those few characters that doesn't lick the Traveler's asshole.

No. 271483

File: 1674580282062.png (536.5 KB, 900x516, E36FDAD9-701C-4427-B05E-6ABED7…)

I honestly don’t mind her previous design aside from the weird white boobs thing. But the redesign is pretty nice.
On the same note I wish they redesigned Ganyu’s weird black boobs thing, I don’t have anything against big boobs but I can’t put my finger on what material the hell is her clothes supposed to be when it sticks to her like this but doesn’t reflect light like leather or latex and for some reason it pisses me off.

No. 271485

File: 1674580515230.png (9.38 MB, 2360x1640, D21584EC-9E82-4791-825F-F8AEBA…)

Doesn’t it look ugly?

No. 271487

Standard incomprehensible boob sock material

No. 271496

File: 1674585085507.jpg (198.62 KB, 1080x1348, sdw4a6a5atg91.jpg)

I want to lick Aethers asshole…

No. 271509

File: 1674590933105.jpeg (148.29 KB, 1920x1080, 5F994D27-4B5E-4710-84CC-154C76…)

>I want to lick Aethers asshole
I want all the male characters to lick Aether's asshole

No. 271557

Some people are theorizing Dehya kits sucking is to combat the leakers. Give bad Dehya leaks -> people choose Alhaithem -> boost Alhaithem's sales -> leak real Dehya op stronk kit afterwards and the same for Baizhu afterwards.

What do you think anons? Are they coping or there might be some truth to that?
Imo I think she's another Yae, will shine with the next nation dropping kek


No. 271576

>Give bad Dehya leaks -> people choose Alhaithem -> boost Alhaithem's sales -> leak real Dehya op
Yeah I've heard this from some scrotes and it's so retarded because it goes against the whole idea behind having beta testing done in the first place. She just sucks. Whenever a male character has sucked they haven't pulled these shit explanations.
>Imo I think she's another Yae, will shine with the next nation dropping kek
Obviously. Dehya can't use XQ or Yelan a few patches before the hydro nation drops. Huh I wonder why?

Meanwhile Alhaitham works with XQ/yelan, has a great kit at C0 and does not need constellations, does T0 dps damage, has great f2p sword options and has teams centered around the best dendro reactions. It's so nice to finally see the scrotes seethe with their shitty waifu's kit.

No. 271589

Totally agreed. I got him for my collection but he slaps so hard that now idk whether to throw my mono Geo team or Childe/Ayato national next abyss for his.

Pretty early but please Kaveh be in Baizhu's banner.

No. 271630

File: 1674673765043.jpg (136.75 KB, 850x1090, sample-36445f2b028be469256c0b9…)

I just think she sucks, some noob designed her kit and her sales are gonna suck because of it. Or it's a weird colorism thing that they're going to use to justify not making dark-skinned characters because Dehya is likely gonna sell like shit.
If Fontaine somehow makes her better (but I don't see how it wouldn't make every other pyro DPS 10x better) then people can just go for a rerun. No one should pull a 5* that has no guarantee of getting better, there's just as much chance that they're abandoned like Xiao was for two entire years.
Right now she has worse damage than Xinyan, of all units. Xinyan, one of the worst 4*s. That's pathetic.

No. 271638

File: 1674681033185.jpeg (244.78 KB, 2048x1152, 35D8B077-953B-4BBF-82F4-20EB40…)

>Or it's a weird colorism thing that they're going to use to justify not making dark-skinned characters
I’ve heard this colorism thing a lot and I just don’t think mihoyo thinks that way. Kaeya is one of the most popular male characters among the Japanese and Chinese fujos and he’s a very strong 4-star at C6. Cyno also is popular amongst at least Japanese fujos from what I can see and his kit is good, he just lacks a good dendro support tailored to him. I genuinely believe that they’re trying to rework kits that are bad, like Keqing and Xinyan, into new characters but just failed with Dehya.

No. 271639

Free primos code


No. 271644

File: 1674683226066.jpg (453.38 KB, 1450x2043, FmlgP8uaYAI02HW.jpg)

Honestly I don't think that colorism is their goal either, because if it was they wouldn't give anyone dark skin. I just think it's unfortunate that apart from Kaeya the dark-skinned characters have unusual or crappy kits.
Dehya got nerfed even further on Monday, which I just don't get. There's no way they're getting feedback that she's too strong. I guess there's still a little hope, Kokomi got emergency buffs a day before her release, but it's a shame she sucks. Guess I'll be waiting for Murata or a husbando for my next Pyro DPS.

No. 271652

File: 1674687378876.jpeg (205.25 KB, 1701x596, E730F862-7ED2-44DB-BBB9-16F467…)

>Guess I'll be waiting for Murata or a husbando for my next Pyro DPS.
Yeah no I agree anon it is odd that they nerfed her even more on Monday. There’s rumors of a pyro tall male in Fontaine so keep your hopes up! As for tan characters I feel like we won’t see one again in awhile.

Also, even her ass is nerfed. Scrotes are losing their minds

No. 271657

File: 1674691692703.jpg (1.78 MB, 1218x1755, 2db6c007e129b30065948c78fff46f…)

>Or it's a weird colorism thing
Your comment reminded me of how they had "exotic" in Kaeya's description but removed it after backlash kek

Thanks anon

>Murata or a husbando for my next Pyro DPS.
Here's hope they release a Pyro husbando and him being good. Then again I will invest 3 crown in my Diluc of Murata is another Raiden kek

I don't remember, was it always like that? I remember it had more curves in the quest with Dunyazard. I'm willing to believe they nerfed her ass, since She kind of passed the amount of skin allowed to be shown with so much squeezed thighs, stomach and shoulders per character kek, she probably surpassed all girls.
is the Zhongli screenshot from the same people that gave Childe balls and bigger ass?

No. 271668

I've never been interested in this game, but the new sexy guy they added made me start playing. I hope I can get him.

No. 271673

File: 1674699352966.jpg (2.75 MB, 2121x3000, d2b5ea56c61cba7b07efc3518fa05e…)

Since you're new
1. don't use the primogems on the blue wishes, only the rainbow ones
2. When you wish on any banner you get stardust, 15 per wish, you can go to shop > Paimon's bargain > stardust exchange and buy 5 rainbow wishes.
3. To collect gems quickly, go to quests and look at the rewards, do the ones that give you primogems

You have 12 days and a half to get him, I believe you can and if you go to "events overview" (compass icon) you'll see an event called "The exquisite night chimes" (opens after finishing Liyue's quest) and May "fortune finds you", those give nice amount of gems too.

Good luck!

No. 271701

Kek even if you get him you’ll have to play weeks and maybe even a month to reach the point where you can build him. It seriously sucks for new players to pull for Inazuma or Sumeru characters

No. 271705

You can actually travel to Sumeru by foot even at AR20 to gather his materials and boss drops, but in order to get his weekly boss materials you really need to finish the entirety of the Archon quest. And as for Inazuma, yeah, new players are fucked because you really need to finish the two first chapters to even gain access to the first island.

No. 271728

New players don’t really need to build characters much for the first few weeks.

No. 271740

No. 271747

This is the guy that has a crush hard for Xiao and is worshipped by 13 y.o. girls, right? If so, ew.
Stick to Sevy, she's really informative and has a calm voice.

No. 271771

Seconded, the scrotes are pedos stick to Sevy

No. 271817

Thank you! That's some great advice. Also, do you have any tips for increasing adventure rank quickly? I'm only at 22. I've been playing normally for the past week or so, trying not to grind AR but I really want to get to 28 to be able to start that event.

No. 271832

The game is unfortunately optimized like utter shit for the PS4. I share your pain.

No. 271878

File: 1674811109408.jpg (153.54 KB, 512x512, 0Szh1yK.jpg)

nonnies do we get most freemogems from dailies or events? will i lose a lot if i log in only once a week to do events? not in a rush to save but i want to have some freemos in case theres a character i want in the next area

No. 271886

Dailies for about 3 days gets you a single roll, and about 27 days for a 10 roll. It adds up over time. Not sure how many rolls worth of primos you get in the average event.
Dailies only take like 5-10 minutes it's not that bad.

No. 271887

File: 1674816163747.jpg (173.78 KB, 1882x1280, fdsafasdf.jpg)

sage for no contribution, but does anyone have a decent rosaria fanart like >>271474 that looks somewhat official? I plan to get a new phonecase and I want her on it but most art I've found is coomerish and focuses a lot on her boobs. I wish she had more time on the game since she is probably my favourite female character and she is cool. I wish we get more of her in the future. official artworks of her.

I'm annoyed with the splashart that emphasises her ass and breaks her spine and that there aren't decent .The fact that fan outfits are better than both mihoyo has put out is ridiculous(sorry for the shitty edit kek they are supposed to be knights of favonius outfits)

No. 271888

my dumbass forgot to sage sorry kek

No. 271889

you don't need to sage on the non-drama boards. The site is slow enough it doesn't really matter.

No. 271894

Don't rush leveling your ar, if your characters can't do enough damage it's gonna be a pain in the ass in the overworld. Your world level will increase by leveling your ar, meaning stronger opponents. I did that mistake early on and had to ask people for help in co-op for weeks. If you feel like your characters are strong and don't struggle at all at the AR-ascension domain, then you'll be fine.

Here are some ways to get level your AR:
>do domains
>do leyline flowers
>do the randomized short quests in the overworld, for example "Lianne's troubles" by Dawn Winery
>do the story quests

No. 271895

Seconding the no rush strategy. I upped my AR way too soon and every quest and overworld monster was a huge struggle before my characters caught up. Take it slow and only up the level when you actually have the need for it i.e. to gain better drops for higher level characters, not right away when the quest becomes available. World quests are a good resource too, they unlock a ton of stuff as well. There are multiple guides to them and some of them are time locked i.e. you can only advance them once a day.

No. 271898

buy my account

No. 271899

File: 1674823184212.jpg (311.02 KB, 2048x1493, IMG_20220208_062703.jpg)

What >>271894 said also
>make sure you open shrines of depths, they give 40 primos and exp too.
>There are these one time domains on the map, they also give 40+ gems with exp. They look like the domain icon on the map but with a smaller blue dot.
>there is an open book icon that I forgot what's called, do the objectives they give alot of 100 exps

If you feel the game is getting harder than you can lower the world level from the menu.
Prioritize quests that give exp and primos, alot don't give kek and hoard blue exclamation mark side quests, happy hunting and tell us how it goes nonaa

She's trying to get to AR 28 to start Lantern Rite event for primos to get her first husbando

No. 271905

File: 1674826261733.jpg (243.61 KB, 1626x991, 1644476725967.jpg)

Has/had a lowkey crush on Xiao, but "no homo brah, I'm straight."
Looks like a discord mod that would sneak into your dms

No. 271908

File: 1674827227501.jpeg (80.66 KB, 700x783, 82760361-779E-4A6D-BD32-E2B20B…)

But if you lower the difficulty, you’ll get shittier chests right.
Anyway I’m here again to rant about bad luck, I want Alhaitham so bad, lost 50/50, now on pity 60 and still nothing. I got fucking C2 Xinyan instead already, fml I hate her hair.

No. 271937

File: 1674835520112.jpeg (253.61 KB, 1333x2048, FB3F8E3B-4371-4D56-924F-D522CF…)

Spoiler the ugly men I’m here for pretty genshin boys
Yeah and you can only lower it one world level.
>lost 50/50, now on pity 60
20 more wishes and you’ll definitely get him!

No. 271946

File: 1674839880079.jpg (838.71 KB, 794x1356, IMG_20220222_055922.jpg)

You're so close! Don't worry you'll get him asap

>But if you lower the difficulty, you’ll get shittier chests right.

Chests are the same no matter the difficulty, it's the enemy drops (hilichurl mask.. etc.) and boss drops that will be affected by just a bit. And then you can revert back no problem, except it's after 24 hours minimum. Not sure why.
Who did you get when you lost 50/50?

I swear to god I watched ONE genshin guide video (Sevy) and all my recommendations are "Zy0x clips to _____". All the don't-recommend me-this-shit option and they still appear.

Aaah thanks for for the beautiful picture after seeing that hideous moid.

No. 272188

File: 1674990811170.jpeg (740.67 KB, 2178x1990, 1673125633558.jpeg)

CP on /m/

No. 272189

File: 1674990984298.jpg (284.13 KB, 1455x1455, 1673237003586.jpg)

Don't scroll

No. 272229

File: 1675009290522.jpg (140.02 KB, 806x1024, IMG_20220206_171410.jpg)

How do you anons face the feeling of wanting to gacha out of boredom?
I got all the characters I want and now I wait for Baizhu which is like 70 days from now? 90 if he's on second phase (math could be wrong kek)

Thank you

No. 272244

File: 1675017065765.png (78.52 KB, 640x1387, 1BADCC73-1EE3-4260-9D0E-6BC404…)

I’m doubting these Baizhu leaks. Why would they let Gorou, Cyno and Itto past censorship but Baizhu’s cropped shirt suddenly needs to be changed?

No. 272249

I very much doubt it's because of the censorship. It's just because his outfit is from 1.0 and it's ugly as sin, literally NPC tier. Similar case to how Scaramouche's model got updated with a flashier costume.

No. 272257

File: 1675023451630.jpeg (628.17 KB, 1242x695, 5D1975FA-493F-4B01-88A2-489266…)

Any leak this ambiguous before a beta is always unreliable af I feel. Like the anon above me said, they're remaking his badly rendered outfit. There has been more revealing male characters, the crop top isn't a huge deal enough to be censored.
The best thing I do is basically realizing that a character/gacha can't make the game fun. I got 4 new characters during Sumeru and after I had built them, which took around 3 days each, I was bored again. Gacha doesn't cure boredom with the game, new areas and story/lore content is the only thing making this game interesting.

Also nonnies the most retarded beta nerf happened to Mika's animation where he went from getting a unique shy animation to a generic pose. Why bother animating something just to delete it? The 3.5 beta is just so incredibly messy, with deyha's kit being designed as a 3-star and all too.

No. 272261

Sounds like males seething and saying he'll be shit before knowing anything. Though honestly I don't care if he's bad, I just want my medicine snake boy. I hope he will have a bigger role in the story because it seemed like he was meant to during Liyue

No. 272271

Little things like this piss me off. Why change this?

No. 272272

My guess is that the pose was a placeholder pose asset used from the event he first appeared in, not the final one they intended to put in place.

No. 272273

File: 1675028165380.jpeg (310.95 KB, 1365x2048, DE04B953-4209-4655-A893-9652C0…)

Same, like when they deleted Rosaria’s animation where she kicks her polearm when raiden and her new polearm animation came out. Why not make your characters unique, it barely takes up storage unlike the forced teapot and card game does.

No. 272274

File: 1675028982765.gif (3.5 MB, 371x498, 4EC31EF5-DC18-4FAE-ABC3-1E4778…)

Why use a placeholder for a pose that all characters use during dialogue

No. 272275

aether so cute… what a hole

No. 272297

Those leaks have been confirmed fake, don't worry anon. They are doing something to his outfit but it's not confirmed it's censorship yet, and the kit is 100% fake.

No. 272303

So Mika will probably be in Eula's banner not Dehya, being physical support and all, basically destroying any chance of getting him. I got Eula by mistake when wishing on her banner instead of Albedo like an idiot as the banner choice resets when you exist wishing even if to convert primos to wishes in shop (before they finally found a solution) and now she's collecting dust and I sure as hell don't want a C1. Like Layla, I'll have to rely on getting them randomly which sucks, I still don't have Layla lol.

Trustworthy leaks will only drop after new update is installed, and only trust video.
Imo I think hell get a similar one like how Scaramouche was always shown with his previous one but now as a playable character he's got a new one, they'll find a way to change to another like "Ohai traveller, those were my pharmacy uniform but this is my tactical fighting ones let's kill!!!" and he will still have his old one in event and story quest but not for us.
Just be good new outfit and please. Don't be blue.

No. 272316

That wasn’t a “new animation” that was one of Bennett’s hangout emotes. It was probably a placeholder and honestly it looked kind of retarded when animated. He would just pat his head like 10 minutes straight I prefer the new one I think he is the first male to have the hand on chest pose which I find really cute and fitting for Mika

No. 272318

Yeah don’t roll. I rolled Yae and Itto out of boredom now they both collect dust.

No. 272321

I lost my 50/50 to Diluc AGAIN. I hate everything. I leveled him up when i got him the first time to try and make the best of a bad situation but hes weaker then my yanfei I feel like he was such a waste of materials.

No. 272329

He's definitely not the first male with his hand on his chest. He's cute like that but I wish some characters had unique animations, especially the 5 stars.

No. 272330

He was released with Dehya's drip marketing, there's no reason why he wouldn't be on her banner? Has it ever happened that a 4-star wasn't featured the 5-star character's banner they got released with? Layla was on Nahida's and Yaoyao was on Alhaitham's, I don't know why Mika would suddenly break the streak.

No. 272333

anon… Layla was with Yae and Childe's banner. that wasn't the first time either, i do remember Yanfei releasing on Zhongli's rerun banner instead of Eula.

No. 272336

Shit you're right. I don't know how I got her mixed up with Noelle. If they're seriously going to put Mika in Eula's banner I'll fucking cry because Eula is the worst piece of shit waifu trash there is and I absolutely don't want to risk wasting my pity on her.

No. 272338

So for tall male collectors, we only have Baizhu and Kaveh remaining in this Sumeru update, probably a rerun for one until next nation drops. Would've been nice if we got a tall electro guy so my team could spam all types of reactions but there doesn't seem one planned yet.

Yeah Diluc sucks even with Xingqiu, his Vape isn't even that good. I do hope Fountaine breathes a new life into dead Pyro characters like him with good Hydro characters so your investment doesn't go to waste. But hey hope you get Alhaithem or Xiao asap nona I know the feeling sucks.

No. 272344

and rosaria being on childe's rerun instead of venti's. mika is a dedicated support for fellow knight eula who happens to be good with other characters, of course he'll be with her and not worse xinyan who doesn't have any ties to him or synergy with his kit.

No. 272358

agreed it reminds me of jean too and its cute that hes copying her

No. 272361

can you tell me what other male chars use that animation on talents page? not counting in game cutscene emotes. i checked the ones i own and none are using it

No. 272366

File: 1675097499630.jpeg (73.3 KB, 1080x608, 45D24BC8-D9B1-438F-BB86-401EEF…)

What do you nonas think about the lore theories. Do you guys think Teyvat is some kind of hell/underworld? All the archons have demon names, the sky and moon might be fake as Scara said plus there are no moon cycles, we’re climbing the abyss instead of descending, there are upside down ruins from some civilisation… I hope devs give us some sick lore and it isn’t just a coincidence.

No. 272370

if teyvat is supposed to be hell or underworld then it's damn peaceful there

No. 272374

Pic is wonderful, thank you for the laugh

I hope this is the case since there are these "heavenly principles" but there two things in my mind:
1) I sometimes feel that the devs/writers change things in stories that haven't been told yet and retcon stuff when they feel most of the players have guessed what will happen to keep it 'interesting' and subverting expectations.

2)this game is for teens, I feel they can't go as deep as 'this is hell all long!!!' because they might be told to tone it down and get shit like this is all a ~dream~

Things like Dottore's actions keep giving me hope that we can get dark themes but sometimes with how crappy and kiddy the writing get I lose hope again. Reward me for my patience with you Genshin pls

No. 272377

Didnt they also changes Kaeya has animation when Ayato came out?

I also don't have Layla and it makes me sad because I actually like her design. Also yeah I really hope Baizhu outfit won't be blue, we already got to many blue outfits.

I really want an off field electro male character

I don't think Teyvat is hell but I read some theory that it's kind of like a snowglobe which i liked but I can't find it anymore, it also might have been a video.

No. 272381

I'm fucking dumb nona, I was talking out of my ass. I could have sworn Kazuha and Aether had it but they don't, I guess I got confused and remembered their game cutscenes instead of their talent screen.

No. 272385

File: 1675105705981.jpeg (1.94 MB, 3370x3867, F4AB1F44-4E68-43B4-9DF6-4FDB3C…)

Why are nonnies freaking out about Mika being on the Eula banner when each phase of the update has 2 banners to pull from. So phase 1 for example could be Dehya, Nahida and phase 2 could be Eula, Cyno (Hypothetically). So Mika could still be in a banner you could pull on that’s not Eula.

No. 272387

baizhu already sounds like T0 from leaks alone, dendro kokomi

No. 272390

After you doomshitters fucked up so bad on their Alhaitham predictions I'm never ever listening to any theorycrafting bullshit again before getting to try trial myself.

No. 272393

The doomposting was about his huge nerf, which it was. It genuinely was a huge nerf. Just turns out now that even with the nerf Alhaitham is still good. Nothing wrong with shitting on mihoyo for nerfing a husbando that could have been THE strongest unit in the entire game.

No. 272400

File: 1675114214990.png (1.53 MB, 1000x1136, wp9007678.png)

>dendro kokomi
Fuck yeahhhh I'm never gonna have to pull for Kokomi, let's go

No. 272404

File: 1675116369244.jpeg (290.31 KB, 2048x1138, C937207A-8BD1-4F6B-8442-1C607F…)

I have c6 Yunjin, is she worth building? She doesn’t really work with Ayato national but I’ve heard people call her a nice support for Ayato

No. 272405

File: 1675116580739.jpeg (16.77 KB, 302x128, EE06852C-4048-473F-8D57-D59F30…)

There is no information from any reliable leaker on the leak subreddit that confirms this. What source did you find anon? All we have for now is this questionable leak by a known uncle

No. 272418

I wish we could trade characters, weapons, materials whatever with other players. Maybe it could even retain some players who are sick of the monotony? (me)

No. 272428

She can work with national if you make it Ayato + Yunjin + Bennett + Kazuha
Ayato applying hydro, Bennett burst, Kazuha burst, Yunjin burst then slish slash big numbers from Vape, Kazuha boost and Yunjin normal attack boost.
I'd say this team is fun for bosses for I don't know for abyss, unless you can guarantee the 3 supports have their burst when they should every rotation then go for it.

Yunjin is a solid support for alot of characters, if you have wanderer she's really good with him too, and Childe or Cyno if you go the normal attack route with their attacks.

No. 272451

File: 1675145572260.jpeg (63.06 KB, 1202x795, 9332351C-8674-4EB5-9CB3-1DECAE…)

ok i have a retarded confession. whenever i don’t feel like doing college work i pretend i am a scholar from akademiya i put sumeru music on and work on my assignments. idk man it just puts me into the mood. my grades have been pretty good

No. 272475

>A vague leaked video and description of Alhaitham's kit gets released
>oh no you see ackshually we were just mad about the nerf we always said he's still good!
Literally every time

No. 272479

File: 1675154241580.jpg (2.26 MB, 2773x1571, IMG_20211020_010433.jpg)

That's really adorable anon. Even if you feel cringey keep doing it as long as it helps you.

Nta but who cares? Every leak will have to be discussed here and doom posted to death then enjoy said character. It's okay if Alhaitham was the first character you saw this happen to but it's normal. Watch what will happen with Baizhu or Kaveh ITT kek.

If you have him now and see how strong he is, know that he was stronger and got nerfed, whether it be because he was broken for the game or not to compete with waifus (imo he can)

No. 272480

>It's okay if Alhaitham was the first character you saw this happen to but it's normal.
That's why I said "Literally every time". Because I know this happens every fucking time as the weapons grade autists most of them scrotes who hate male characters to begin with ITT want to be angry and combative all the time, maybe to feel more big brained than they are. Baizhu is going to be fine but I feel sorry for the anons who get discouraged by the raging spergs who are incapable of learning their lesson and decide not to even wait for the trial run.

No. 272486

File: 1675160005991.jpg (140.92 KB, 924x1188, ef227299d91aa69314282493842840…)

Well that's fucked up if some anons feel discouraged when others doompost. Doesn't this happen on every platform with each character? Shit talk character then C6 it kek.
Thankfully Dendro is Hoyo's new baby, they can't screw up Baizhu even if they wanted to and he's long awaited so I have savings faith.

But for real. Anons who read this thread and want Dehya don't mind the doom posts, even if she' s released weak she will no doubt get buffed when fountaine drops.

No. 272489

Maybe you shouldn’t look at leaks and leak discussions at all anon if it bothers you this much. Writing all caps and sperging this bad is embarrassing

No. 272494

I still hate his kit even if it's strong. I've had 2 guarantees rotting in my inventory for the past few months but lame animations and recycled mechanics on a character I was already unimpressed by that doesn't work with all male supports = saving it for someone better. I can already 36 star the abyss without shitting up my teams with coombait electro waifus to support op clunky cardboard-kun dps. Glad his banner did so poorly but hope this doesn't make mihoyo cut back on future fujo pandering. Cynonari was cute.

No. 272495

You are so fucking weird

No. 272503

So far he works great with burst Ayato. Add Thoma and Kaeya for fridge-melt-burgeon as a full husbando team.

Also where do you guys know full banner sales? The only one I find is Chinese OS sales. Did he really flop everywhere?

No. 272504

There are no official banner sales numbers, only the Chinese iOS store sales that are released which means the amount of money put into the game during a banner's run which could be bought gems, welkins and battle passes. That's why the numbers jump disproportionately around the time top-ups are reset. There's no way to know regional differences because they're not released except for occasional single banners because we know for example that Ayato became the 3rd best selling banner in Japan when he was first released.

No. 272512

Are you not the anon I'm replying to? Kek pot meet kettle

Meh that doesn't sound strong or fun enough for me, and Ayato is the one other male I didn't pull

There was a new skin this patch too which should've given a bump to revenue, not to mention this is the lunar new year patch, a time when people are getting gift money. He must've done really bad if even that didn't help.

No. 272514

She's not the anon you replied to but I am. And your vendetta against Alhaitham and glee over his low banner sales is weird as fuck.

No. 272516

File: 1675173474117.png (2.54 MB, 2226x2173, illust_92083123_20210822_05042…)

New event is actually fun, I like fighting hoards for rewards. What did you anons think of it?

Holy shit you're right. I don't know why I forgot sales weren't based off of wishing but purchasing crystals and co.
Imo the only reason I can think of why Alhaithem's sales are probably low, or lower than expected is because players already have Nahida and have eyes on Yelan + Weapon banner. And that weapon banner sure looks good.

Understandable, the team is kind of clunky and burgeon hurts Alhaithem.
Until they add an electro tall guy, the bishie hyperbloom Baizhu + Childe or Ayato + Alhaithem will be on halt for me kek

No. 272520

I don't have a vendetta, you just compulsively chimp out everytime someone calls him lame due to prolonged reddit exposure.

No. 272522

The Chinese players refused to roll for him because they thought he was too gay for Kaveh kek. I'd kill to see international banner sales numbers for him since a lot of male Alhaitham mains are breathing the "t-they're just roommates!" cope.

No. 272523

Oh my god please send me the link for the Chinese players screeching about that I want to read the salt. I'll translate it all and post the most hilarious ones I find here

>a lot of male Alhaitham mains are breathing the "t-they're just roommates!" cope.

Doesn't Genshin already offers two way(or more) to interpret any interaction? I.e. You can consider Kaeluc brothers or you can consider them a ship depending on preference. Can't male players eat shit and interpret them as friends or roommates and ignore shipping?
I know the answer is "no, they can't"

I hope low sales, if they are low, won't affect future guy relationships and have them scream >WE ARE FRIENDS, WE ARE BROTHERS, EACH GOT A GF Kthnx

No. 272525

File: 1675183672542.jpg (156.71 KB, 1242x1761, 21zy67nt517a1.jpg)

Alhaitham and Kaveh are an extremely popular ship in Japan at least and they're probably the biggest market everyone wants to enter so I doubt they'll slow down with the gay shit, it's mostly the Chinese who are butthurt. But more importantly they also got mad at Mihoyo because of things like picrel, there seemed to be a ton of drama around him in their online circles due to the nerf. I can't dig up the threads because I don't have a weibo account though.

No. 272527

File: 1675184427838.jpeg (99.83 KB, 1080x1080, BAEC33EB-9B43-42A6-985F-062ABA…)

On a more positive note the map changed a bit. Mondstat fans are going to be fed.

No. 272535

File: 1675187628362.jpg (660.17 KB, 2058x2058, FmCpVNDaMAQYwYx.jpg)

Trial run is an awful way to see if a character is actually strong, to be fair. Anything can destroy the trial, even the worst of 4-stars. And seeing leaks from beta that say a character got their scalings nerfed from 700% to 200% is very alarming. It just happens that hyperbloom is so powerful that Alhaitham is still super strong.
The other thing is people might be saving for Hu Tao and Yelan later this patch, because those two are turbo powerful and their weapons are known for being amazing stat sticks.
>mondstadt map update
Hell yeah, more map to explore. Maybe we'll get to see where the ruined Seven Statue came from.

No. 272537

I never found out if this was indeed true or something the CN community heard and ran with. The number in question is from what I understood a Chinese pun where you mock someone. Some Chinese players also said that one of Alhaitham's talents in the beta files said "the one who uses this is a fool". This was all under the twitter tag #savealhaitham that consisted of Chinese women with broken ass English that claimed that mihoyo was mocking female players with the beta information/nerf. So it really gave an insight to how angry some people in the CN community were during the beta. However from what I've heard they're now praising the shit out of him for being better than expected after the beta nerfs and that he's super f2p friendly with various great team comps possibilities.

No. 272541

>they're probably the biggest market everyone wants to enter
they're not, the japanese audience for genshin isn't even as big as US iirc. china dwarfs both of them, it's the real market everyone wants to enter. that's the primary reason why the ccp makes it as difficult as possible for foreign parties to do so.

No. 272543

I think as long as it's hyperbloom or spread teams you can get insane alhaitham damage with all male supports in the very near future. Kaveh or baizhu for dendro resonance, xinqiu with hydro application, zhongli shield etc. Baizhu is also rumored to be a shielder so that works too. The only issue is if you want electro application, we still don't have a male electro support.

No. 272546

He is just as good in spread… Basically cyno with no cyno issues

No. 272548

I think it's far more likely reason for his meh sales is merely that husbando players were too drained from rolling for Scaramouche and meta players were either too drained from the Raiden/Ayato+weapons banner or saving for the upcoming Hutao/Yelan+weapons banner.

No. 272550

his most popular team is hyperbloom retard

No. 272564

Plenty of chinese games thrive with fujobait, genshin also did it a long time, idk why are they suddenly acting like this. From what I've seen star rail is also full of it. I think it's bad news for us because they might double down on "no homo" from now on (and same might happen to star rail too). The fujo community is fucking huge in china (BL series were literally more popular than straight romance so they had to ban them) and the game hasn't been really pandering to yumes lately so I don't think we've got an influx, there must be another explanation for this backlash. Also, isn't xiao super popular with yumes? Why is he also flopping? In fact xiao has been a flop since his 2nd rerun, and again his entire fanbase in china is made up of yumes. Alhaitham is actually meta so are male players really avoiding him because they think he's too gay? Metafags usually don't care and this time they're actually praising him. Shenhe also got a ton of backlash that lead to censorship but her sales were still decent. Also from what I've seen alhaitham still seems to have a big female fanbase in china otherwise they wouldn't be so mad over his nerf.
I don't know, this situation is weird. You'd expect ayaka's skin alone would generate a lot of sales at least

No. 272567

File: 1675200053274.jpg (464.92 KB, 2048x1152, FmVy_AhXkAAY7fD.jpg)

Everyone who wants Xiao likely already has him and his kit isn't exactly strong. A DPS falling off after multiple reruns isn't uncommon in a gacha.
A lot of people don't like the Ayaka skin and she's not running right now, which probably doesn't help. But overall I think people pulled for Scaramouche and now they're recovering, and the waifu wanters are going to go for Yelan and Hu Tao.

No. 272570

Ayaka's skin is kinda bland and Scaramouche looks way cuter in it than her. They didn't even bother changing her fan to match her new outfit. Not giving her special effects like pink blossom petals in her attack animations seem like a real missed opportunity too.


this and also, xiao's constellations aren't that good until C6. That's too much even for dedicated fans. Less incentive to roll for him even if you already have him. This is why they started moving the really good constellations up to C2 for the newer characters.

No. 272584

>Are you not the anon I'm replying to? Kek pot meet kettle
No I'm not. I called you weird because you seem so gleefull about a male character banner doing so badly, moid behavior.

Wasn't pic related confirmed to be fake?

People claim that a male character does bad every banner, they will piss themself and cry whining that mihoyo for sure this time will never make a 5 star male character because these random charts just prove how women don't play this game. They can seethe and cope all they want.

No. 272596

Sorry anon! Now I feel really bad for calling you a retard, I misread and thought you said that he was only good in spread. I was the retard all along.
>special effects like pink blossom petals in her attack animations
She actually has that if you C6 her. I think that’s why they can’t ever add that to her in a skin, even in this case where it was a spring theme too.

No. 272597

File: 1675210682044.jpeg (86.17 KB, 934x420, FE5A131B-01B1-4D33-8AF0-7AD91C…)

Retarded CN leaker drama again where Liu Wei said that Kaveh was a 4-star because the scrote leakers hated being asked about his rarity. Turns out this Liu Wei was trolling. There is a chance Kaveh is a 5-star after all. Nobody knows. Pic related is the English translation.

No. 272599

You're so weird

No. 272604

I don't think he's a 5 star, we don't have any 4 stars males in sumeru and we need more 4 star dendro characters. And it wouldn't make sense to release another 5 star dendro right after baizhu

No. 272606

Sa but when we put alhaitham and kaveh next to each other you can see they put more detail into alhaitham while kaveh's face looks slightly weird to me. He kinda looks like thoma when you put him next to ayato

No. 272607

File: 1675218471625.jpg (474.68 KB, 2000x1566, 44d3d1218291b87d9f3744073bc950…)

It's really weird, I read this Chinese Yumes raging both on here and Twitter and I believe it's either an extremely loud minority or scrotes upset about Alhaithem's key animation mistaken as women.
Last I checked Chinese yumes who shipped themselves with either Zhongli or Tartaglia shipped Tartali as well. Kaeluc had the same thing but Ayatho wasn't as popular as the previous two but same thing happened.

Are there any yumes ITT? Do you hate Alkaveh? If so, would your hate for this ship stop you from getting Alhaitham if he's your husbando?

No. 272621

File: 1675226030688.png (2.21 MB, 789x1120, 1664145195676.png)

I don't really identify as a yume but I'm a C6 Zhongli simp. I hate Chili/Zhongchi/whatever but mostly because I find it out of character and a disservice to both of them.
I don't hate Alkaveh, it doesn't affect me. Kaveh is funny, he's a total drama whore. I pulled for Alhaitham because he's strong, simple as that.
That being said, I don't get people who get super incensed over ships. If you don't like something, just don't go looking for it. Block the tag or whatever.

No. 272625

I just hate that trope of 'they hate each other, that means they secretly love each other' and 'they're roommates that means they're boyfriends'

No. 272634

File: 1675237420715.jpg (4.1 MB, 4800x2700, 562fc9bb05e23157e2aece8026e460…)

>I'm a C6 Zhongli simp
I kneel. I wish I had that dedication to my husbando.

I wish shippers showed tolerance to other not taking their ships romantically. It's hot, yeah! Fun, sure! But always putting any two in the same hawt sex/snuggling over and over gets boring. The moment someone chooses the other route like enemies or friends or whatever so much rage is shown as if it's deleting their existence and opinions.
It's painful too because sometimes I like the way they think and want to talk to them about some scenarios as AUs for fun and they take it the wrong way when I don't want any romance/sexual aspect.

At the end of the day all ships are innocent from the hate they get, it's the people who piss you off if you think about it.

No. 272635

NTA but despite bickering they pretty clearly don't hate each other, Alhaitham has endless patience for Kaveh while everyone else he leaves hanging and he practically pays for everything in his life while putting up with his whims and chaos, Kaveh treats him with admiration and only nags at him because he cares about him and wants him to become a more empathetic person. Kaveh was even worried about Alhaitham enough to ask him if he's okay when he heard there were people out to get him, he cleans his house, he praises him during his character demo and invites him to spend the evening with him. They're like an old married couple that argues because they trust each other enough to know they won't be hurt by it. If they hated each other Alhaitham would've kicked Kaveh out of his house the moment he was making noise hammering on his building project in the night instead of tolerating it.

No. 272636

I really hope he is a 5 star… i hate genshin’s 4 stars.. bennett is literally the only 4 star i can tolerate and that’s because he is op. it’s also a pain in the ass trying to get 4 star cons. kaveh is so pretty his ult animation would be sick

No. 272640

Alhaithem stoic nature might get him to be misunderstood as cardboard yet the moment Kaveh appears it makes sense kek they balance each other in a way its funny/cute. But now I want to know more about Kaveh, too bad leaks will take forever.
Kaveh hangout when Hoyo

I was gonna say that 5 stars would mean it takes forever to get him, but in reality you can get 5 stars before the 4 stars you want. Like how some of us will suffer with Mika ugh.

No. 272642

>cardboard yet the moment Kaveh appears it makes sense kek they balance each other
Hate this tbh. Alhaitham relies on Kaveh too much, he isn't interesting enough on his own. Ships are at their best when two well written characters have strong chemistry with eachother.

No. 272643

Not that anon but what are you talking about…? He "relies too much on him" yet you demand strong chemistry? I'm not even trying to convince you to like the ship or anything because if you don't like it then you don't but they definitely are designed to work off each other as a couple, and Alhaitham as a character was full solo for the entirety of the Archon quest and it worked out great for him, Kaveh didn't enter the picture until the very end of the follow up quest.

No. 272650

File: 1675247521134.jpg (144.86 KB, 640x800, IMG_20211013_191056.jpg)

New abyss' 12-2 kicked my ass way too many times
Those Scorpion-Vulture duo hit like a monster truck, DO NOT let them corner you otherwise you can't even switch character. Mono geo shined nicely with the triple kenkis, thanks Itto bby.

No. 272678

This new abyss was so fucking hard that it wasn’t even worth the effort.

No. 272685

I thought its kind of easy? for 3x kenki I used kazuha venti bennett xingqiu and finished the abyss on my first try with all stars

I reset on the last chamber once though becase kazuha died, have to keep the cringey people spamming animals cc'd and heal like crazy because the damage is a lot.

No. 272691

>for 3x kenki I used kazuha venti bennett xingqiu
What was your rotation with them?

No. 272694

did you have vv for both venti and kazuha?

I have yet to try it out, i might also use mono geo on second floor but idk what team to use on first. Do I really have to use electro or dendro for the first floor?

No. 272697

I think…
>bennett (mine is built for dps) E
>kazuha E
>bennett Q -> pyro infuse kazuha and venti Qs -> xingqiu Q + EE
>swap to bennett often to spam E for energy and NAs for xingqiu proc
>recklessly use Qs and Es off cooldown to ignore damage for free
you can make kazuha and venti infuse hydro for extra vaporize damage but those things don't have that much HP, kazuha's swirl kills them really quickly. for first half I did all geo and I had 7:40 left on the clock after both.

No. 272698

oh my kazuha is VV all EM with favonius sword, venti is emblem with atk anemo crit build and his signature bow

No. 272699

No you don't have to use those two, you clear it using any international team but if you see your team not able to push its best to use either element for the blessing boost

No. 272707

Finally playing the Yae Miko story quest just to be rid of it and I already hate it. Pray for me nonnas

No. 272708

Ah I see, I haven't tried emblem with Venti yet.

Yes I noticed that I don't have to use those elements. I just got 36 stars with mono geo Itto in first half and second half I used Childe national. Very fast clears, this was an easy abyss.

Goodluck nonnie

Which chambers did you struggle with nonnie, maybe we can help you

No. 272711

its a good general set if you have his bow and use him in situations where he can't infuse sometimes, I like it so I don't have to waste time to use his E in battle

No. 272736

File: 1675290471955.jpg (2.78 MB, 2892x4096, FZ2YjySWAAAAgAh.jpg)

I also went mono Geo to deal with the kenkis. I might do it again to see if I can 36* with an Alhaitham team though, I really want to use him. National gets boring after a while.

No. 272740

File: 1675292433622.jpeg (160.37 KB, 805x1200, DB6430F5-7B7F-4DD0-A6C7-4A8E45…)

I strongly disagree. I think it’s a good ship, they have strong personalities on their own and balance each another in a funny way when interacting. They have better chemistry than most of the almost-canon straight ships, and I say that as someone who likes straight ships a lot too. Most of Genshin ships are dry as hell and the characters barely interact and when they do it feels artificial somehow, these two are cute with the keychain thing and so on.

No. 272742

File: 1675292593761.jpeg (206.4 KB, 850x1065, B3925788-E6BB-4F62-8E62-EA9218…)

No. 272743

File: 1675293554191.jpg (1.68 MB, 2235x2207, FhVTxHuaAAARn5i.jpg)

Also Kaveh and Alhaitham symbolize the two kinds of wisdom that Nahida mentioned in her voice line so they're clearly meant to be seen as opposites that are at constant odds but still fulfill each other. They're so heartwarming and funny that I'm just filled with good vibes whenever I see them together, they care for each other so deeply that Alhaitham has two separate voicelines about Kaveh and mentions him in many of the other ones, highlighting how fascinating he finds him and his general attitude towards life. Despite being so stoic and selfish he still clearly cares about him and his wellbeing, and Kaveh looks after him just the same. I can't wait to see more of them and I hope Kaveh gets released at some point and has either a story quest or a hangout attached with him. I just love them that much.

No. 272745

Yumetards need to start drawing their own self inserts into these instead of using her because ew

No. 272751

But I self insert as Lumine the hero, why would I want to be some rando NPC.

No. 272752

File: 1675297681094.jpg (361.16 KB, 1766x1002, FnhoimbaMAAkXyD.jpg)

Lumine is cute, seethe.

No. 272795

lumine > aether seethe cope. aether rat tail ugly
i don’t understand why kaveh has so many haters already. we barely even know the dude and his personality people are already making their judgements. from what we know so far i love his dynamic with alhaitham. i hope he ends up being a 5 star

No. 272809

>Alhaitham relies on Kaveh too much
>remove Kaveh from Alhaitham
>nothing changes
>remove Alhaitham from Kaveh

No. 272819

File: 1675326081286.png (3.31 MB, 1215x1241, bbj2jdts1qj91.png)

Did you do the quests or pay attention to them?
>Kaveh is the star student of Kshahrewar and revered as a famed architect in Sumeru, he's much more famous than Alhaitham who's basically a nobody compared to him in terms of being known.
>According to voice lines and NPC dialogue he's an extremely productive person passionate for his work, he constructed the Palace of Alcazarzay, his magnum opus, which ultimately wrecked him financially leading him to become Alhaitham's roommate.
>He stands by helping people and living by his feelings and conscience, which is why he ends up fighting with Alhaitham on the message boards when he tells Kaveh to stop being so naive about the world around him while Kaveh wants to believe the best out of everyone, the personality trait that eventually lead him into going debt.
>He was even conned into buying a ton of keychains because he was told the proceeds would go into feeding hungry children.
>Despite all of this he's not just a buffoon, Nahida even praises him for "having the perfect grasp of what it means for Sumeru to be a nation of wisdom".
Kaveh has way more going for him besides just the flanderization fandom has given him as "just the guy Alhaitham fights with".

No. 272820

It's not a competition lmao, they both stand out on their own

No. 272821

I didn't say that? What I mean is that Alhaitham and Kaveh are both good characters with defined personalities, neither one of them "needs the another" to the point they would become nothing if the other one was taken away like that anon implied.

No. 272822

I play as Lumine and she is so cute, I love her design and it's a shame she isn't the canon MC. But on the other hand, Aether looks so derpy with his crop top and rat tail that I can't imagine him being the main baddie. Even if it turns out Lumine is good and the Archons are bad, still can't imagine Aether being all powerful and mysterious.

No. 272823

It's okay, we agree anon.

No. 272824

that's a lot of cope for a bland fujobait orbiter, sis. Do you not know about the technique called "Show, don't tell"? Now tell me what has Kaveh done besides seething at Alhaitham?
And to think these are the same people who shit on Raiden's writing

No. 272825

File: 1675329184704.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.48 KB, 720x732, jj45b234kg.jpg)

If this doesn't convince you of the point, I think nothing will (sorry it's a spoiler). My condolences on living on your choice to live denial Anon

No. 272826

I can feel the seethe eminating through my screen, calm down sis

No. 272827

NTA but you could say that about any character that has close interactions with another, like what is Keqing without Ning, what is Yae without Raiden, what is Succ without Albedo and so on. Kaveh is good enough on his own, has his own character quirks, history and personality, no less than any other character.
Kek to see a rare Kaveh hater

No. 272829

Thanks for telling me you don't play the game xister(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 272836

He's baiting, nonnie. Just ignore the raiden simp-kun before he goes full sperg again.

No. 272839

I could say the same about Kaveh bro. Go away, males are not welcome here.

No. 272847


No. 272883

File: 1675339157045.jpg (242.49 KB, 1465x2048, 73ae36e9b011054545bd25f9fbc0bc…)

Damn it I'm late to the Alhaithem & Kaveh discussion (again)

All I wanted to say that I was a Alhaithem hater since his interactions with others in Archon quest sucked I thought he was as autistic as Eula with his knowledge talk but thankfully they added that scene with Kaveh to show that he is compassionate, funny, cute or warm (whatever you wanna call it) side,like a real likable character would be.
Now I'm a fan and got him and his weapon, happy ending kek
Also! His character trailer made me love Kaveh so much.
Thank you for reading this super informative opinion kek

Am I the only who hates kid characters' models btw? I'm glad there are no playable little boy character because those models' face freak me out

No. 272904

File: 1675342084084.png (995.82 KB, 1213x680, 07971A64-CC32-4612-B961-F04078…)

I don’t hate the models but it’s genuinely weird how age works in Genshin. All the kid characters look around 5 but act like they’re 12-20 and even have a long lore that they couldn’t have if they were actually their age. I was super confused when I started playing Genshin a few months ago and met the florist girl and the Elon Musk hilichurl linguist girl that’s even some kind of a scholar. Because how the fuck do these kids already have jobs?? And the playable models look even younger than NPC kids, they legit look 5. Diona looks proportions-wise like the age in which she can barely form longer sentences but she acts like a tsundere teenager.

And the short models that often get infights here all act like they’re in their twenties/thirties and even have graduated schools, have deep voices, have jobs that would need a lot of years of work but look like they’re in their mid-teens. It’s pretty confusing.

No. 272906

File: 1675342471454.png (470.52 KB, 815x354, 1673306124657.png)

It's due to limitations in the game, they can only have a few different models so every male who isn't a manly adult has to be put in the teenager model. It's obvious that characters like Tighnari and Cyno are adults because they hold positions of power and have vast experience and knowledge with what they do, but because they would look awkward being the same height as Itto and Zhongli they're given the teenager model. The same goes for characters like Keqing and Yanfei, they're clearly adults but because they're not "ladies" like Jean or Ningguang they fall into this crack of short female and tall female. Their canonical heights vary a lot more, see picrel where Aether is clearly a lot shorter than Venti despite them sharing the same model.

No. 272908

File: 1675343828759.jpg (2.14 MB, 3230x4096, 2f3ee77596234bca43af7ff69801ff…)

Would've been nice if we got Ella Musk type model for diona and others, not only the faces would creep me less but they would run faster lol
Ella and company can take the little kid one.

I'm glad they gave Cyno and Tighnari Xiao's model tbh, if they had adult models their designs would boring

No. 272909

KEKKKK what a joke, I think you mean cheapness/laziness

No. 272925

Diluc looks so beautiful in your pic, nonnie. I honestly don't mind the limited models, it can't be helped tbh, with a bit of imagination you can think of the different heights and body types.
I just hate when people draw someone like a claymore character, say Diluc, like a twink when he carries around a huge ass sword, or Noelle who also carries around a huge sword, with a retarded microscopic waist, or when people draw Mona ripped when she's a poorfag who can barely afford any food.
And when it comes to the ages of the characters and such, I think we need some intermediate models or something to make the young adults, or more features for the older characters, but again it can't be helped because there's no way someone will take the time to basically redesign the characters, and it feels unnecessary because just by the context is easy to understand the kind of characters they are.
Like Kaeya, he's not a teenager, it's pretty obvious, but you can't say that someone like Bennet is an adult.

No. 272929

File: 1675354843962.jpg (192.4 KB, 1280x1280, FnTHtxEacAAE7EX.jpg)

>age sperging
Please not this shit again. Please.

No. 272930

Anon she’s not even age sperging

No. 272942

Feel the same way. Zhongchi feels so ooc to me because I can't see him having romantic or sexual feelings for Childe. I feel like he would see him as a child.
I love Kaveh now! I didn't care for Alhaitham much but Kaveh really brings out some wonderful sides in him.

No. 272961

File: 1675367681539.jpeg (178.84 KB, 1000x1000, 40EB4A9A-ADFC-4DB5-B8ED-A4AFE0…)

Nta but there really is limitations. Just like in the sims franchise, you can’t edit height on your sims, because then each height difference would need new animations with everything. This means that mihoyo would need to animate how the characters sit on chairs etc for each new height added. It would take endless work for a very insignificant thing for most players.

No. 272981

Cyno's design on the tall model would be super hot though.

Rolled Xiao's weapon on the standard banner. I really don't want to roll for him though because I hate how his attack hurts himself and I'm saving for Baizhu.

No. 272985

File: 1675376854483.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x1630, 983FF419-E465-4C17-8DCD-482239…)

> I just hate when people draw someone like a claymore character, say Diluc, like a twink
that’s literally his canon design and when dainty girls wield claymores no one gives a fuck, let us have our canon twinks thanks

No. 272986

Diluc isn't a twink, he just has a stupid baby face.

No. 272987

NTA but he kinda is, he’s a skinny pretty boy

No. 272989

Yeah Diluc is canonically drawn like a twig, even Sayu can swing a claymore around despite being a little girl. I don't know why people are so insistent on headcanoning him as some huge muscled macho.

No. 272996


No. 273036

It's no wonder when he's a favorite of male yumes to self insert as

No. 273048

I went for a spin on all art sites to hunt some good art of characters and can someone tell me why Kaeya is the most genderbent male?

No. 273049

his introduction was an ass and legs shot

No. 273055

he's the most popular male character in general

No. 273070

File: 1675406142717.jpeg (524.49 KB, 2048x2048, 62716D8C-35C7-4AAE-B9D3-A0CE4D…)

because he is such a seductive character and men can’t accept the fact that they are attracted to him so they genderbend him as an attempt for no homo. a lot of themlet aidens also like to self insert to him and draw him as ftm, again, because he is hot. everyone wants to be with or be kaeya he is that bitch

No. 273078

Couldn't have put it in better words. All hail the (free) supreme husbando Bridge-kun.

No. 273084

god i hate this pic because without heels jean would he shorter than venti and… just kinda short in general lol. we need taller ladies

No. 273087

Down bad

No. 273088

Drama over shipping characters is retarded. No one cares. Normalize headcanoning every character as aroace (aromantic asexual). I am sick of shipping drama. I'd rather people focus on lore - Genshin has such an amazing lore

No. 273092

If only mihoeyo explained this amazing lore to us without putting it in between hundreds of useless and repetitive dialogue strings and a bunch of npc drama

No. 273093

on this topic, does anyone know youtubers that summarise events and lore pieces? theres one for another game i play and it makes everything much easier

No. 273095

chill with aster is really great imo, ashikai is another good one. bonus for being women!

No. 273096

No. 273098

>aroace (aromantic asexual)
This isn't tumblr

No. 273099

thank you nonnie! i trust female game content creators to know what they're talking about kek ill binge all their vids now

No. 273100

You have to be over 18 to post here kek

No. 273114

File: 1675420802846.jpg (349.6 KB, 2048x1702, 0912550800af418e22792c3646b418…)

I really agree with your message anon, I don't think people should fight over ships itt but you need to drop Twitter;
Yikes!! Gorl!! Stay here were more fun.
And why are you replying to the girl who said she wants to lick Aether's asshole LMAO

Seconded thirded

No. 273122

Fuck off or integrate newfag

No. 273144

File: 1675428835812.jpeg (151.87 KB, 850x1268, A657CBBD-8676-44B1-B4F9-ED1B22…)

I’m here to celebrate that I finally have him, my life is complete and I bless your all future pulls to get all the characters you want. Now I’m saving for Kaveh and I hope he’ll be on Baizhu’s banner so that I’ll kill all the birds with one stone.

No. 273145

I think it’s because the two demographics they wanted to sell to are weeaboos and kids on their iPhones who use their allowances to buy welkin. Seasoned weeaboos think it’s normal for 5 year old girl characters to be war veterans, and kids genuinely can never seem to tell the difference and will go “no, plenty of grown adult men look just like the teen model, touch grass!” but they’re thinking of their 14 year old peers in school as their reference for what “men” look like.
Personally I just deal with that half the people in the game look like little kids because it’s a cartoon and East Asia is weirdly obsessed with kids/teenagers as a beauty standard. Cyno looks like he would throw rocks at cars and ask if I have games on my phone.

No. 273149

File: 1675430912905.png (95.91 KB, 668x660, leak.png)

>I hope he’ll be on Baizhu’s banner so that I’ll kill all the birds with one stone.
Same nonnie!! I have enough for one more guaranteed and it would be so great if I could get two tall men in one banner. I checked the leak subreddit (This leaker had leaked Dehya's kit with okay-ish accuracy before her beta) and the fact that Kaveh is being leaked alongside Baizhu brought me so much hope that they'll both arrive in 3.6.

No. 273150

File: 1675431396752.jpeg (316.24 KB, 1920x1080, cyno_manlet.jpeg)

in a lot of the official art of Cyno I don't think he looks like a kid who would throw rocks at cars kek, I think he looks like a short skinny adult dude. It's just the short boy model in game that make his shoulders too small.

No. 273151

I love the vague “box” kek, I just imagine him angrily throwing a brick at the enemy like the architect he is

No. 273153

>baizhu cannot heal
Why reeeeee
I guess it's "fine" if he can't heal, as long as he's catalyst I can put Prototype amber on him.

Kek at file name, poor Cyno

No. 273163

he looks like a shounen character aimed at kids, nothing about him is remotely adult-like

No. 273169

Pls not again

No. 273174

From the Chinese Hoyo fair celebration thingie. I would have totally loved if we were given similar animation in the game with Canon designs for Deshret and Goddess of Flowers

No. 273181

>Baizhu can't heal
This better not be true, gdi can I just get a male healer so I can replace Babs.

No. 273183

mika's coming next patch…

No. 273197

Oh, he has healing? but is it dedicated or halfway useless. Also don't wanna chance getting Eula or the wrong 4star.

No. 273255

File: 1675465224461.png (124.86 KB, 640x523, g0jgdndslfca1.png)

he's like diona with a buff to attack spd and physical damage instead of a shield. he heals more than her even.

No. 273281

So wait Mika's from Mondstadt but uses Sumeru's boss and Scaramouche talent material? Poor new players kek And that C4 looks Delicious
I'll need to double check my wishes if I lost 50/50 or not I may have to skip him for Baizhu which sucks.

No. 273347

>Baizhu can't heal
I feel like so many leakers are saying this that it might be true at this point. This is just like some anon said before, mihoyo loves retconning shit whenever fans can guess what they're gonna do. Baizhu should of course be a fucking healer, he works with medicine for fucks sake. Him being a shielder pretty much means that he's gonna be worse than Zhongli, cause no shielder can take the throne from the Chinese archon or else the CN community nationalists would lose it.

No. 273349

If his burst gives shield then it has to have an offensive property too, think of it like Xinyan's Shield with how it emits fire? Something weaker than Zhongli's shield and emits Dendro Aura like Kuki? That's my guess atleast
All I wanted was my functional full hot tall male team, but alas, maybe in 2026 we will get a tall make healer.

(I hope this is all doomposting and he's actually a healer max cope)

No. 273360

File: 1675529332543.jpeg (487.01 KB, 942x1501, 88BC79DE-2526-4EFE-854A-7C75C1…)

Usagi-sensei, the one who waifu-loving scrotes swear by, is back with another updated tier list! Alhaitham officially made it to t0

No. 273365

File: 1675530118786.jpg (508.78 KB, 2048x1904, 97a771e2ab958317bfdeb1702e6edb…)

C0 Alhaithem is equal to C2 Raiden?! Thanks Alhaithooom
>Albedo is T1 subdps
I'm so happy he's still used enough to be at T1

No. 273368

What does the dendro hydro reaction thing after alhaitham mean, it’s not a characte

No. 273378

bloom powercreep

No. 273412

File: 1675544802563.jpg (509.69 KB, 1728x2048, a6679190372cc64f5bbfebe46faf9c…)

I'm so saaad. I don't think Xiao is coming home. the RNG gods hate me I have wanted him for almost a year. I just don't save enough to get a bunch of primos. he is my favorite character. I guess this is good since I think I am going to take a break from this game.

No. 273413

*play enough not save enough

No. 273419

>clickbait content creator that makes gay tier lists for every mobage under the sun
>doesn't play 99% of the games he makes the lists for
>anons still care what this retard thinks
just because you aren't a scrote doesn't make smug meta dick measuring any less embarrassing. genshin impact is a PVE GAME where the hardest content can still be bulldozed by 1.0 units. if the creators personally telling the minority of metafags out there to go fuck themselves wasn't enough for you to quit caring about their input then what will be?

No. 273420

samefag, no one who knows what they're doing in game swears by him or his shitlists. if waifufags do, that's a testament to inferior cumbrain intellect and confirmation bias.

No. 273422

>genshin impact is a PVE GAME where the hardest content can still be bulldozed by 1.0 units
ermm you'll say skill issue but this particular spiral abyss absolutely destroyed my teams

No. 273427

File: 1675550369793.jpeg (82.32 KB, 850x565, 888FD197-026B-48BA-93D8-4E9124…)

Alhaitham is so pretty, his colours, eyes and everything. I like his design a lot. I spent a lot of time just circling camera around him and simping.

No. 273430

can we talk about star rail here?

No. 273431

it unironically is a skill issue that having ebin scrote certified t0 dps(!!!!) will not bandage

no please no1curr

No. 273434

it has hotter husbandos… anyway

No. 273435

so what teams did you use to full star this spiral abyss?

No. 273437

File: 1675552795426.png (804.95 KB, 856x1122, Capture(942).png)

I'm same anon as >>272685

No. 273438

File: 1675552853495.png (240.92 KB, 610x457, Capture(943).png)

No. 273443

>”alhaitham was nerfed to the ground he is so weak now boo ho ho”

No. 273448

I wish everyone who doomposted about Alhaitham a very nice shut the fuck up. Now all we need is an male electro applicator and waifushitters will be brought to the ER for terminal seething.

No. 273483

Thinks are looking good for future tall males. Massive improvement between Itto and Alhaitham's models. I look forward to Pierro.

No. 273494

alhaitham’s chicken legs look off though

No. 273500

File: 1675569906969.jpg (3.48 MB, 2112x2528, 5e7f737acd16edd403ffe5277629d8…)

Aw this sucks nona, I'd say don't lose hope but I think his next rerun would be in next year same date but yeah a break is a good idea.

Of course I care. to me characters still being used = more attention and potential reruns = more constellation bc favorite character.

How strong did they intend to make him anyway? When you hear nerf you think the character was good turned to shit but he's still op with far less Energy problems (Sorry Childe international) what were they thinking with him pre-nerf kek

Also, what are the people scrotes who compare him to Keqing are thinking? I fully built her with 999 and awesome artifacts just to check myself yet she's still shit, better than before but doesn't compare to him? Even his Skill reach is higher.

Sucks it's only for PC and phones, I'll join you in fangirling once it drops on consoles (probably never)

No. 273510

nonnie you use wanderer as vv support? im guessing kaeya is the main dps

No. 273518

having albedo pretty much saves your geo team, i don't have him and itto's particle issues are extremely annoying even with two fav weapons

No. 273523

I like his legs

No. 273527

Nta but having emblem set on Gorou or even better, Exile, would solve all your energy problem with Itto.

No. 273532

I already have exile

No. 273535

To explain it better
>my itto is C1, has redhorn and 70/210 ratio
>my zhongli has fav lance
>my gorou is C5 and has fav bow and exile set
I don't have energy problems all the time, but it's an issue when I encounter a single target boss. I also feel like he's not doing enough damage but idk what else to fix other than getting a C6 gorou and albedo

No. 273538

I run Zhongli (TotM) with fav Lance
Itto C0 (BiS) Serpent Spine 10 8 10
Gorou C6 (Emblem) fav bow
And Bennett (Noblesse) Aquila
He hits 70-80k per charged shot (which is awesome tbh) and always has his burst up, I'm guessing artifact's sub energy recharges help?
Try also putting Emblem or Exile on the fourth character of that team,
Mona or Ningguang maybe with TToD?

Oh yeah, do you do normal attack after casting skills before burst/ starting the rotation? Normal attack also gives energy

No. 273540

itto isn't even a super busted character, no need to fixate on him. you can replace him with childe, ayato, cyno, or tighnari teams. I use itto because I like him, gorou, and albedo, if he had noelle's 4* kit instead I'd still be using him. but who is your last team slot? it should be aether or fischl if not albedo. I never heard of any itto having energy problems. give gorou more ER and crit and use his ult before his skill, then use his skill right after to give particles to itto. throw ushi immediately for more.

no wanderer is the only dps. kaeya and chongyun were on that team because one floor had water shield abyss mages and I needed them to break those quickly. cryo gives scaramouche a crit buff so I used their ults on the other floors too to keep that up. both run nobless, kaeya c2 chong c6, wanderer runs the inazuman set that eats your energy, c0 r1.

anon, that particular list isn't based on usage. it's purely the opinion of a click baiting autist no one takes seriously on cn. the disdain for him was lost in translation because non-cn speaking plebbitors assume anything meta related made by chankz = gospel. cyno is way lower on the list and had like double alhaitham's revenue did he not?

No. 273544

characters rerun regardless, you gotta be retarded to think a character will never rerun again if there isn't enough {demand} for them. fighting over revenue and strength is all thinly veiled dick measuring. it's cringe and an indirect admission that you've been malding for years when reddit neckbeards smugly put their waifus on pedestals, which they still do for alhaitham as they advocate using nahida over him btw it's like a hu tao vs xiangling situation between the two.

No. 273548

File: 1675598152242.jpg (591.42 KB, 1000x1400, 219726e844e948299a6c62eb52c889…)

Calm down anon. Didn't know it was pulled out of his ass, thought it was based on alot of votes.
I have a huge interest in knowing what people use and which is popular, sales.. etc. for my own fun, this isn't dick-exclusive lmao
>characters rerun regardless, you gotta be retarded to think
Well no shit. Some sooner than others because people want keep using them and others who don't have them, want to use these characters aswell.
>it's cringe and an indirect admission that you've been malding for years
Just.. Fight the redditor that pissed you off, don't project him onto me kthnx.

No. 273551

Why the hell are you so personally offended over people being happy that Alhaitham is a great unit and feeling schadenfreude over waifufags getting played in their own dick measuring game for once? Is this post written by Siraj or something?

No. 273553

oh no this pic is so cute anon….

No. 273558

don't care, didn't come here to see people mald over metamoids and then suck their dicks the second they say something positive about a male character


literally who

No. 273560

>Translation: seething over a male DPS outweighing waifus
Don't try to be slick

No. 273561

I don't use or pull female characters under any circumstances, see >>273437. shove the "everyone who I don't like is a moid" card.

No. 273563

File: 1675600811902.jpg (473.16 KB, 800x1100, 7e2dd30d6ddfaf55a26127646a96ce…)

Right? This artist (iwashi008) draws alot of cute genshin things, she has also Raiden with those 3 that I can't find kek

What did you come here to see is a better question. More Abyss talk and teams?

No. 273565

Who's talking about "sucking metamoid dick" anyway? People went fucking suicidal levels on doomposting about Alhaitham and how his kit is ruined and everyone who told them to wait until the release was attacked and insulted, and now that it turned out that he's actually outperforming even female units previously considered untouchable it's only natural to laugh at a male DPS beating metawaifufags them in their own game that they consider so essential to the game. I don't know what kind of neurotic mind games you're playing to be so hurt over it, or are you mad and coping that you can't afford to roll him or something? Go outside.

>literally who

Or read the story.

No. 273572

????? you have a problem with abyss discussion but care about what tier lists waifufags jack off to?

>threatened raiden posting


>tells me "go outside"
>has to backpedal after noticing I'm not invested enough to recognize your NPC namedrops
lmfao yeah I login once a week at most and don't talk about the game outside this thread, anons not good at making assumptions about me.

No. 273573

File: 1675604039074.jpg (738.04 KB, 1000x1400, 57a1ab665dbff9ae9b18790824be48…)

You dumdum, I was asking you what you would like to talk about since you hate everything except maybe abyss and teams right?
Might as well talk about it instead of the constant fruitless complaining.

Says something when you mistake a genuine question the way you did but it's the consequence of dealing with reddit. Drop it and stay here, it's more fun with anonas.

">threatened raiden posting"
It's not as bad as you would think, the three babies are the spotlight after all and look at poor Ushi kek
I recognize you from last thread btw, when you shit talked anons who couldn't finish 3.2-3.3 abyss full stars. Shame on you, SHAAMEEE.

No. 273577

File: 1675604932441.jpg (1.08 MB, 2457x4096, cigiwwryt4da1.jpg)

I finally got Alhaitham, now I just have to build him

wow a full male team! I wish I could replace my Xiangling with a male character because then I would also have male teams only. However I guess I can also try kazuha and venti team next abyss.

No. 273586

File: 1675610706173.gif (2.94 MB, 640x360, 117AE66D-F4C4-4D7B-A8D3-CAEDC6…)

WOOOL CYNO RERUN I’m getting him this time he cannot escape me. I’m so hyped nonnas I thought it would be shenhe

No. 273599

>albedo with mika
please be real please be real i don't want to risk getting eula

No. 273604

Used the survey thing in the start menu because I thought the Aranara quest was bugged, they were fast as fuck and told me, extremely politely, that I'm a retard because it's not bugged I just didn't find the last one, sent two screenshots from where it is on the map and ingame and were really pleasant.
This is the first time I experienced great customer service from a game, feels nice kek

What do the leaks say? Cyno with Dehya and Albedo with Eula?

No. 273605

I sent them a complaint because i didn't like it when they pair men with wonen and they told me they'll take it in consideration lol

No. 273606

LMAO NONA. What pairing made you send that?

No. 273611

Really I thought Mika would run with Shenhe and Eula? I hope Albedo will rerun instead because then I might try and actually get Mika. I won't do to many pulls because in 3.6 I want to try and get Baizhu and Kaveh.


No. 273621

File: 1675622047393.jpg (14.13 KB, 235x243, 1675621939417.jpg)

>consequence of dealing with reddit
>with reddit
guessing you never been on /ot/. or /snow/. or /w/.

No. 273626

and picture ruined by raiden, should've been zhongli instead.

No. 273728

File: 1675665788785.jpeg (27.45 KB, 748x201, 825FE89F-DD69-4EBD-B411-A10474…)

Banners has been changed now. Don't get your hopes up just in case.

No. 273744

File: 1675677549370.jpg (84.45 KB, 850x577, sample_765a53bec070d0cb9da2377…)

Last Iwashi art I promise.

Omg anon thanks for new lock screen, so beautiful.

Eh, I'd say they're not the same?
The boards you mentioned have different reasons for their heated discussions. What happened here was barely anything kek the reddit-esque behavior was assuming bs things because I like alot of people using my fave characters too and that they might rerun their banners faster as malding for years. Wut?

Did they do this because it was leaked? Wouldn't it be nice to keep re-rolling banners everytime they got leaked lol

No. 273778

Agreed, idk why she's in it instead of Zhongli.

No. 273793

File: 1675703183386.jpeg (311.84 KB, 1920x1639, 8B7A39F9-0BBE-44FF-925A-0A91B2…)

Kaveh is definitely gonna be my nahida replacement

No. 273799

Zhongli wouldn't scare them like Raiden. See >>273548

>Baizu Q
omg yes. It'll go nicely with Cyno's rotation, hope the timer is as long as XQ's Q duration.

Please be together please be together and don't pull the 4 star on the next set of banners bullshit pls pls

No. 273818

File: 1675708595831.jpeg (86.21 KB, 1016x442, F58AF4BB-4C45-401F-8A8A-75E10C…)

>Baizhu censored skin confirmed fake
I fucking knew it was bullshit

No. 273823

Goddamn I really wanted him to get some nicer clothes than the purple yoga pants.

No. 273854

So what's Kaveh exactly? 4 star dps?
On the brighter side his stomach won't be censored

No. 273856

File: 1675711457458.jpeg (147.5 KB, 850x893, B5B574EE-AE41-42AF-9D0C-9FBDD1…)

Kaveh is gonna be my Nahida replacement too. I don’t even care if he’s weaker or stronger, like anon upthread said, it kinda is retarded how much people dick-measure in basically a single player game. But that’s what having a moid fan base does. I’m just gonna use my bishies and characters that I actually like.
Baizhu no redesign is a disappointment tho, his clothes are really fugly imo.

No. 273858

That’s still a possibility. I think this refers to the butchered translation of another leak. Team China (I think it was) described Baizhu, some English translator added that there will be a censored skin for global version. This leak seems to say that it was false. Might still be a redesign but not a censored skin.

No. 273859

File: 1675712257705.jpeg (72.11 KB, 505x574, 3F085B7F-43ED-4C75-A5BF-F86693…)

Not a dps, if he's a worse replacement for Nahida I think they mean that he is a buffer/support

No. 273860

Samefag, looked into it and the no redesign for Baizhu leak might be a bit sus, don’t lose hope yet nonas

No. 273864

File: 1675713048827.jpg (439.04 KB, 795x1000, f14297b3d0e6e29db24672af6aa1d1…)

I love these Kaveh fixing his looks while Alhaithem is in the bg

They could have showed his new design this Lantern rite though if there really a redesign the only to implement it is through a quest like Scaramouche -> Wanderer.

No. 273867

>through a quest like Scaramouche -> Wanderer
This is definitely what's gonna happen. They wouldn't redesign him and then go back to every appearance he has had (archon/interlude quests) and replace his npc model.

No. 273995

File: 1675766546226.jpg (9.91 KB, 262x262, Di90ZSZU8AANWSl.jpg)


No. 273996

Nah EN Tighnari is funny as shit I like him

No. 274001

Are you talking about Eng dub? If you are then change it asap the only ones who sound good are the adults, majority of teens and kids(models) sound like ass.
I would recommend Chinese, the voices don't sound forced and I don't want to punch Paimon.

No. 274002

nonnie you have the worst taste possible. those are the best character voices solely for the fact that they sound like real people and the speaking quirks fit them perfectly (all except for xiangling)

No. 274043

File: 1675783218666.png (1.25 MB, 1342x710, Screen_Shot_2021-03-18_at_11.5…)

>mfw someone plays with engdub
Love yourself anon

No. 274061

File: 1675787855593.jpg (161.97 KB, 1280x720, 060e74d20bb7f6710de9744519bc19…)

When second phase banner stars I'll drop 20 wishes on the 4 stars in hopes for constalations. I know I'm breaking the "don't wish on banners unless you want the 5 stars" but wish me luck anons
Can't believe this will be me again when Mika's released

No. 274063

File: 1675788180997.jpg (498.04 KB, 2048x1690, Fna1c3saAAECXV4.jpg)

English Tighnari is by far best Tighnari.
Lmao are you playing with Japanese, the worst dub where every voice is gross shota, uwu loli fem, or overacted pigeonholed VA? You love yourself anon.

No. 274064

There are 3 other dubs than the English one, anon. And all of them are miles above the English dub with its unhinged voice actors arguing with fans and causing retarded twitter drama every other week.

No. 274066

good luck nonnie
samefagging at least in the en dub most of them sound like human beings the jp dub is too over the edge pandery in every aspect they try to pander
enjoying the voice acting has nothing to do with the vas themselves

No. 274067

what's your itto crit ratio? i can't get more than 42k charge and that's with redhorn and both bennett and gorou. does c6 gorou really make that much of a difference?

No. 274070

File: 1675789095163.jpg (3.49 MB, 3840x2160, albedo-genshin-impact-p4.jpg)

I like that he has Jade Cutter in this art because that's what I run on him.
I'm gonna go for Mika too but I'm going to wish on Albedo's banner so if I ruin my pity with an early 5* it's at least not Eula.
We're going to have to agree to disagree. The Japanese dub is by far the worst. Also imagine paying attention to Twitter drama.
Not that anon but I find Albedo is more important than Gorou for mono Geo. Albedo is key because he generates so much energy, it's definitely a lot rougher without him.

No. 274072

I think the recent twitter drama anon is referring to bled out of twitter to be fair. The guy who in the past bitched about never getting roles in BL dubs went on an extremely misogynistic schizo rant about fujoshis, preceded to shill his own trash gay comic, accused all opposition of racism, switched his pronouns mid argument in order to also claim twansphobia, etc. He only voiced NPCs but isn't the first Genshin English VA who has done something like this.

No. 274075

I'm trying not to hit a wall. I know I asked for this but I got Hutao in 14 pulls out of the 20 and no XQ in sight. REEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Hope I can raise enough for Baizhu with Welkin until his banner comes.
Anons don't do this with Mika (I know I won't)
I'm trying to cope but I know I deserve it.

Thanks Nonna! Your intent was so pure I got a 5 star kek
>that's what I run on him.
Trust me anon you don't want the feeling of dread I just got, you're better off waiting for him to pop in random summons (unless Albedo is an option)

No. 274080

File: 1675790837657.jpg (76.77 KB, 800x450, 23ghjg31.jpg)

Man, I'm sorry you got screwed. At least Hu Tao is strong? If you need strong characters on your account.
I wouldn't mind getting C1 Albedo so I'm not too concerned with pity. But if they switch the banner order around and Mika was only with Dehya and Eula for example I wouldn't risk it. Fuck that.

No. 274085

File: 1675791776773.jpg (91.57 KB, 1280x720, 1xaDAM4.jpg)

sorry nonna. as >>274080 said shes really strong, even without needing to over invest. just hit my highest crit with an okayish build on her (im not a metafag and i barely farm but still). hopefully she will make your gaming easier for compensation kek

No. 274089

I wonder if alhaitham is younger than cyno, because it seems like they weren't studying during the same period at the akademiya. Cyno probably graduated a bit earlier since he's from the same generation as lisa. I wish we had more official ages, according to the manga we only know that amber is around 17 (probably 18 in game timeline) and diluc is 21 (22 in game timeline) so the characters are probably much younger than their jobs would suggest

No. 274094

File: 1675795224544.jpg (941.63 KB, 4096x2309, b0c23348de875dae4c71d1715d48d8…)

>does c6 gorou really make that much of a difference?
I think so? Because I too was shocked when he was hitting triple Kenkis with two energy recharge cards
His stats are
>1.3k ATK
>82% CR
>170 CD
With Zhongli (his pillars boost ATK) Bennet (burst is crowned) and C6 Gorou (his skill is crowned)
I'll try to grab a screen of damage next time

Why are NPC VAs such attention whores? I don't remember others I heard of but jfc calm down what were they going to do if they voiced a playable character.
Not necessarily a big deal but the voice actress of new Dendro ermite lady keeps spamming "I voiced her!!!" on like the 3 videos I watched about the character, and replies as if she voiced an entire show. Like… good on you you're happy or w/e but I don't know, they need to be more professional I think.

No. 274098

Paimon's engdub VA is also notorious for being a fucked up munchie playing up her illnesses, constantly fighting with fans, being a genderspecial, lying about Mihoyo confirming Paimon as a "nonbinary" and trying to hide her age and being one of the cool zoomer kids despite being at least 45. So many American Genshin VAs are absolutely insane and ridden with drama I wouldn't support it even if I liked their voices.

No. 274102

>Paimon as a "nonbinary"
Is it because she refers to herself in third person?

While voice actors are retarded sometimes, I don't understand the hatred fans have for voice actors.
I remember Childe's voice actor was wished harm when he was in the hospital for no reason.
Bennett's voice actress was bullied to delete a cringy video (it was cringy but the reaction was like she killed a child and ate it).
Diluc's voice actor retweeted cute Adult Diluc holding kid Kaeya's hand while walking and twittards raged as the artist, not him, was supporting Kaeluc and cried incest.
Tightnari's(or was it Diluc's?) voice actor was also flamed for saying racial slur in 2014 on Twitter.
Any more?

No. 274103

File: 1675799347417.png (273.35 KB, 553x482, brienneolvera.png)

Paimon only refers to herself in third person in the English dub, not even the original Chinese script has her doing that. She claimed that she had asked Mihoyo if Paimon was nonbinary and that they confirmed it, naturally with absolutely no proof about this exchange ever happening. She also called people shipping Kaeya and Diluc incest loving pedos yet bought a sexy lolicon mousepad "as a joke" herself kek.

Picrel another engdub voice actor, I'd love to know which gold mine they keep digging these people from.

No. 274109

File: 1675800596513.jpg (102.73 KB, 1315x740, f94109e324f302478504c247b4d2ff…)

I get incest loving part for Kaeluc shippers but pedos? Kek


>all roles are muscline male characters
Triple kekis
With how small their roles in-game are, I would assume the studio using these people from rejected reels, amature VA discord or voicing for exposure.

No. 274115

I play with JP but I like EN Tighnari way more.
Japanese Bennett is the best though, he sounds like an older teen guy, I could not play him in EN.
I also really don’t agree with anons that JP women are squeaky, I think EN are in general squeakier and sound more shrill. I think English doesn’t suit the moe anime girl tone of voice and that’s why it sounds so forced and irritating. Neither of these is my native language btw.

No. 274116

>EN are in general squeakier and sound more shrill.
I fully agree. I don't like the Japanese dub's high-pitched anime girl voices, but I don't understand how people consider the shrill English voices and phoney acting an improvement. They're objectively even worse. The Chinese dub is undeniably the superior one and has the best female voices, there's just no denying it.

No. 274117

I don’t even get the incest shit, Kaeya and Diluc aren’t related and met as older kids. I don’t get what’s creepy about it. They’re basically childhood friends, isn’t a that a popular romance trope? Kaeya was adopted into the family but there are no blood relations. I recently even saw someone censoring a picture of them in a video because it’s “incest”. There’s no unbalanced power dynamic, nothing. Idgi

No. 274120

Samefag I just wanna add that I’m fully open to changing my mind about this but as of now I don’t really get it

No. 274121

The only completely intolerable voice in EN to me is Kokomi, I refuse to pull her because every time I hear her Minnie Mouse squeals I want to punch her. It's a super unfitting voice for an intellectual strategist. Bennett's voice not being masculine kinda sucks but otherwise I think the English VAs are all better than the JP ones.
If I could read Chinese I'd probably play in Chinese, but alas, I cannot.

No. 274122

>If I could read Chinese I'd probably play in Chinese, but alas, I cannot.
But you can set the written text to English…? You can choose a different language audio and keep the English script.

No. 274123

Ayrt and I dislike multiple EN female voices because they sound too shrill to me, I think it really comes down to personal taste.
I just wanna say that you don’t have to be able to read Chinese, you can just switch the spoken language and keep EN text.

No. 274127

Best way to play is with voices OFF entirely because Paimon is an insufferable faggot in every language

No. 274149

Yolo 10 rolled for Xiao with 15 min left and got another Diluc, lol now I really can't roll for any 4 stars before Baizhu.

No. 274150

I don't like the dissonance between short text and the very long amounts of syllables in Chinese. I already tend to read way faster than the voiceovers and mash click to skip, I feel like Chinese would exacerbate the issue.
It's not a game issue, it's a me being retarded about this issue.

No. 274154

File: 1675814880045.jpg (1.38 MB, 2121x1414, cotton-bud-cotton-swab-q-tip-s…)

either picrel or you live in a home for the disabled

No. 274155

File: 1675815048661.gif (1.55 MB, 308x308, tumblr_2823226e4348096f6f472d6…)


no i will not play in a different languge even if theyre all garbage squeakers (((paimon))) i am not a weeb and i like to multitask

No. 274158

In japanese? Albedo's japanese voice is just gross to me, he sounds curdled.

No. 274159

no everyone im yelling about is english vas

No. 274160

When you hear his voice using burst and skill he sounds OK but the moment there is dialog he sounds like 2000s AI trying to be an old man pretending to be 15. Creepy as fuck. Some voice directions are so weird to me.

No. 274165

No he sounds perfect you guys are retarded
that’s why i love wanderer’s va. the dude is so chill and doesn’t give a fuck about becoming a prominent anime dub actor like the rest of the EN cast and doesn’t post retarded desperate shit. he just posts about his kids like the gen z chad he is. all of EN’s cast are trying so hard to create a fanbase around them but they are all disney adults with a personality of a milk carton. i especially hate aether’s va. He doesn’t have what it takes to be a streamer but he tries so hard to make it work it’s embarrassing

No. 274169

En albedo sounds good but the Japanese one does fucking not

No. 274171

>i especially hate aether’s va.
Me too holy shit and I'm glad you see it this way with his streaming shtick.
I hate vas who have YouTube and post "(character name) VA IS TAKING A SHIT" when the video has nothing to do with the character. Also some vas post their political opinions with their genshin content like Raiden's va once had a "Raiden cooking show" or something and part of the program was talking about her politics and voting in America like what lmao.

No. 274232

okay i listened to some of the vas speaking regularly like in interviews and such. tighnari's va sounds really chill so mihoyo's direction for tighnari was retarded. i'm glad i did that because it actually made me like tighnari way more
nahida's va is black which i didn't expect and she did nagatoro's english dub? and fucking ruins it btw because her speech impediment is real and not faked for the game. it's like nails on a chalkboard to me. idk what it is but i've never heard anyone talk with that tiny weird affliction before.
albedo's va is a toss up but he seems fucking lame like aether's va. sucks because i really like albedo.
maybe i really will try switching to japanese voices for a bit. is alhaitham's japanese voice sexy?

No. 274236

File: 1675833086585.jpg (175.56 KB, 850x1685, IMG_8023.jpg)

Today was a great day luck wise. Got Yelan, Hu tao, aqua and homa with 214 wishes. I'm so happy! My team is complete.

No. 274237

the chinese og dub is the best one imo. the japanese one has such a weird direction it’s almost like they are trying to pack the game with all the A-list seiyuu but don’t actually care if they fit the character or not.

No. 274239

Alhaitham's Japanese voice is too manly for my tastes but maybe you will like it.

Congrats anon!! That's actually great luck how long were you saving?

For the obvious reason, they know fans are retarded and consider VAs are only bridge to their waifu/husbando being real so they put them in Genshin to bring them to play the game. Almost all of these VA are popular as fuck and bringing them to Genshin brought their audience with them.
My friends kept spamming omgomg Eiji's VA is in this game! And few days ago omgomg Ash's VA is Kaveh
when I asked why should I care they said they're characters from a yaoi/shounen ai called Banana Fish. Don't know it but my friends started playing because of it and have Albedo C2+ kek.

No. 274245

NTA but Alhaitham in JP is too manly but in EN his voice is really nasally. KR and CN win. I mainly use JP as a language practice though.

No. 274248

>aether VA
This is the only thing I’ve heard from English Aether and it’s fucking disgraceful kek

No. 274249

nonna they're not even ever considered as family, kaeya is never taken into it. the chinese term "sworn brothers" is like best friends who protect each other no matter what. the english translation couldn't be bothered to make it clear they never saw each other as brothers. note that many eastern cultures including chinese use brother and sister for friends or anyone else without meaning it literally

>paimon only refers to herself in third person
this va kept insisting on this but she says "Paimon will do her best" in the first ever scene of the game. These vas barely even care about the game so just ignore anything any of them say tbh

No. 274253

>Raiden's va once had a "Raiden cooking show" or something and part of the program was talking about her politics and voting in America like what lmao.
Kek no way, I wonder if they would be this insistent in speaking about China's human rights atrocities or would that be too risky to bite the hand that feeds them. Sometimes I wonder if this behavior is even outright encouraged by the Mihoyo staff since Chinese officials love to meddle in American politics and incite infighting and political controversy generates views and exposure.

Vile. Man, the English script is so fucking bad already but having to hear it spoken really outlines how retarded everything sounds.

No. 274254

Since we’re talking about VAs. I wonder if they’ll change Kaveh’s CN VA. He fucked a fan apparently and got cancelled for it.

No. 274255

File: 1675844408606.png (221.23 KB, 586x939, deathtocheaters.png)

they changed Oz's VA for the same thing iirc. but apparently this one has been hired after the scandal anyway. really hoping he'll get fired though

No. 274258

File: 1675844909715.jpeg (198.5 KB, 1200x675, A58ECC35-147B-4CD4-9F7A-09D412…)

Oz VA had some crazy scandal where he cheated on his wife with several fans, some only teenage, promised them they’re special and he’ll leave his wife for them and then one of his side-pieces tried to kill herself and I think he even encouraged her and said she sucks at everything and should try harder next time. He sounds like such a cow kek

No. 274259

I swear basic as hell otome VAs are always the worst fuckboys no matter which nationality.

No. 274261

He was never in any otome game, it's just a basic chinese voice actor that was never too popular anyway.

No. 274262

File: 1675845886967.png (3.42 MB, 1844x2276, e477fde94ccd8786f207a65f969285…)

7 months on and off. I'm a returning player and last I played was before Inazuma released so I had a lot of quests to do, plus bought some welkins! Pic rel, it's my exact team. I also got Xinqiu to c6!

No. 274268

If they make enough noise they will replace him, Hoyo's making a living through people's recommendations and word.
Remember when they locked ability to edit name and signature when something in China was happening?

No. 274274

>moved to Star Rail
I knew mihoyo was moving around ppl from the Genshin team to their other shitty waifu games. In general I feel like character designs and the story have been incredibly lackluster lately, this might be why.

No. 274276

the current story/designs must have been under works for a longer time than the voicing. i think we'll see the real impact when fontaine comes around. the leaked designs have been lacking individuality already so it checks out

No. 274277

>fountaune designs
Anon I was having a nice day why did you remind of that Vtuber gang's existence
Jfc I hope they fix their designs and make them likable

No. 274278

How can you call the story "lackluster lately" when it was objectively a ridiculous improvement from Inazuma, a story chapter the entire community recognizes as a huge flop?

No. 274282

>Shit vs poop
"Better than Inazuma" literally says nothing because of how awful Inazuma was. Really the story's been all down hill since the basic ass Mond plot. Bad Chinese writing is one of the worst types of bad writing.

No. 274283

ntayrt but sumeru story was the best one by far. i think you just dont like the game for whatever reason and are trying to find the fault in the writing kek it's not always the best especially for waifus but i dont know how you can deny that sumeru story shitted on everyone who doomposted the region

No. 274284

That is certainly a meme that the Genshin fanbase has been shilling, and one I'm happy to dismiss as just that: a meme. A mid plot is easier to swallow when it's coming after a terrible one.

No. 274285

kek whatever helps you sleep at night anon. why do you still play the game though? if you didnt like the story since the beginning what makes you think fontaine would change that magically

No. 274286

Yeah, don't play for the plot though. Here's to hoping they add a goddamn skip button.

No. 274289

Am I retarded for still not understanding the King Deshret plot? Played the Jinni one when it dropped and I feel there is tons of cool lore but I feel nothing entered my head. I didn't even get the Jinni one kek.

No. 274304

Kaveh and Alhaitham are decent though, most of the Sumeru designs are okay imo. Inazuma feels a bit worse design wise. Maybe the wife designs are a bit worse but males and children are quite okay imo.

No. 274306

File: 1675869373014.png (406.46 KB, 840x400, Namecard_Background_Alhaitham_…)

Alhaithem's friendship 10 card looks good. Can't wait to max it and replace Wanderer's bland one, it looks like it was copy pastes off of Ayato at first glance.

No. 274321

>i think you just dont like the game for whatever reason
This is such a retarded accusation. Mondstadt and Liyue pre-Inazuma were enjoyable. Then it went downhill. Nothing wrong with that opinion.

No. 274340

File: 1675878522921.jpg (405.08 KB, 1920x1080, 0OR95Nt.jpg)

nonnies what region are you most excited for? even though the designs are kinda bland for now im most excited for fontaine. i think the cities are going to look phenomenal. the lore of the region and hopefully the main story will be interesting too.

wouldnt it be cool if fontaine's justice theme was studied through the seperation of the city between the rich and the poor, the richer part being a flying plate? it's a common theme but i'm always a sucker for it

No. 274348

That would be cool af. Genuinely hope they don't disappoint.

I'm looking forward to snezhnaya, I want to see the place Fatui and Harbingers come from oh please be awesome.

No. 274351

File: 1675880463691.jpg (1.03 MB, 2066x4096, Fn9qW2faAAAfGVj.jpg)

Congrats, anon!
I hope the old leaks with underwater submarine exploration are real. I really hope Fontaine having the steampunk aesthetic means it'll take a lot of inspiration from Jules Verne. I want hot air balloons, I want submarines, I want space travel, I want giant sea monsters and lost underground beasties. It would be really cool to get some plot reference to Tribulations of a Chinese Man in China, but that one is kind of obscure so I'm not really expecting it.
I also want to see Snezhnaya. I would be hype about Natlan if we knew literally anything about it other than the eldritch ash desert.

No. 274352

the deshret lore is all over the place plus there are way too many other kings after deshret makes the lore even more confusing

No. 274367

File: 1675884431354.jpeg (37.51 KB, 683x352, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

I want more Dottore content HOYO and I want it NOW (please)

No. 274379

File: 1675888580513.jpeg (236.07 KB, 960x1130, 921EA321-2C56-49AA-A289-812BBB…)

lmfao i was JUST shittalking the en VAs and tighnari’s va got outed as a groomer. call me a telepath

No. 274384

en VAs giving cn VAs some competition on the sex offender accusation count. jp VAs will continue to get away with it because it thats just how the cookie crumbles in jp.

No. 274388

Hooo boy. They'll probably change his voice actor asap with how public this probably is.
Sorry for asking to be spoofed but what are the details of the accusations and stuff?

No. 274393

Huh. Have there been recent scandals like that in the JP va community, particularly involving any JP Genshin VA? I've never really been into VAs and there's no board here discussing that topic so idk.
The last JP VA scandal I think I heard about was the one where bigger named VAs (woman who voiced Nilou was involved) bullied a newbie VA with a fake audition but that was ages ago.

No. 274397

gist I understand is that he's been grooming and sexting with 17-18yr old obsessed Tighnari fangirls who reached out to him w/ tighnari fanart. requested the girls send him sexual images, fetishizing bisexual and lesbian girls. didn't respect pronouns of nonbinary fans. streamed in his underwear. encouraged mentally ill fans to establish parasocial relationships with him and then subsequently asking them for nudes.

No. 274398

No. 274400

File: 1675893114368.jpeg (490.87 KB, 1640x1365, 1D127F87-FB74-4644-8446-690AAA…)

Aww, he was the one I always liked because of his entertaining personality and voice acting. One can’t trust or like any public scrotes huh

No. 274410

Yeah that’s bad except the pronouns part. He did sound as an autist so what did we expect.

No. 274447

man I’m pissed. I liked his interpretation of tighnari the most out of the 4 dubs, but knowing how woke the en dub casters are he will (rightfully) get replaced. I think he deserves to be replaced but it pisses my autistic ass off because i won’t get to experience the story with the new voice, they will also probably keep the current voice for the demos (i like to rewatch demos like a lot, they are one of my favorite things about the game). I hate scrotes so much. Bow hard it is to not abuse your fame? You got popular 6 months ago you had to immediately go groom a teenager? Hopefully they can find a replacement that sounds very close to the current va tho I doubt it his voice was rather unique.

No. 274452

File: 1675902666909.jpeg (308.75 KB, 1449x2048, 18E23F6E-27C6-49D8-A590-F64C81…)

I never liked tighnari’s autism accent either. It’s awful that he’s a groomer but not surprised.

No. 274473

I had to work with the guy once and as soon as we were off the clock, he was extremely pushy and invasive about my life. i pushed it off as autism but god some people really are creeps.

No. 274474

nonna you CAN’T just say that and not spill the tea. cmon now. tell us what happened

No. 274478

dude is literally the bobs vagene meme.

No. 274479

tbh theres not much. we had a short job together once and he asked inappropriate questions about my relationship, especially after telling him I'm married/gay. afterwards he tried calling/dming me multiple times but i just ignored it. unfortunately a lot of industry men are like this, so just a word of warning for any nonas who decide to work in social media/games/anime. if you feel shit is weird, just excuse yourself as professionally as possible and detach.

No. 274480

what a creep. can’t wait for mihoyo to replace him already.

No. 274482

holy shit the google doc revealed he has a lesbian fetish too. glad you are safe nonna. he is disgusting

No. 274486

No wonder the genshin girlies are so close.
dude should transition and cut off his dick

No. 274507

File: 1675915819424.jpg (40.33 KB, 750x498, tumblr_56134659cc4d2d2bcc1542c…)

i was >>273995
mfw i saw the news
faggot lisps and autism accents btfo

No. 274510

I always thought this guy would be first to be called out. His face removes the word 'comfortable' from my head.

>fans with fanarts
Off topic but ages ago when FFXV was a thing, my friend drew Noctis and went to a convention to give it his VA as he was her husbando (the character), he thanked her but rejected it and only after he saw her on the verge of crying he only signed and said sorry.
I remember considering him an asshole but after reading what these VA's do? Holy shit thanks man. My friend is retarded and she would've fallen for this trap.

No. 274513

>It was never my intention to hurt anyone
>That's why I asked underage girls to send nudes and larped as Tighnari to sext with them
I swear voice actors milking their roles to exploit mentally ill people and bait them into sex is the fucking worst trend to come out in recent years, this is why parasocial relationships with VAs shouldn't be nurtured. Thank god I hated the eng dub to begin with. Wasn't he a furry too?

No. 274528

>liking tighnari
>liking tighnari english voice
also this guy screamed creep from the start to me

No. 274539

Any Tighnari is better than JP Tighnari though

No. 274541

File: 1675930616554.jpeg (295.48 KB, 1502x1920, 82B58C62-5404-4771-865E-166BF0…)

tighnari is a god tier character and as much as i hated his autistic lisp his en va nailed his sassy personality, way better than JP at least. Sucks that he is a groomer but I guess expecting weeb men to not be groomers was too much. I hope his replacement is a normie like Scara’s VA

No. 274546

>I remember considering him an asshole but
Isn't he one of the "good" ones? He's married and just thinks the husbandofags of his voiced characters are funny without getting too much into it. Idk I remember watching some interview with him and others and I think that's how VAs should be honestly, involved in the fandom a tiny bit but not getting too attached to fans.

No. 274547

File: 1675932319136.jpeg (110.25 KB, 1080x800, 82895D1B-8F39-4CF4-A1B8-D8D50F…)

Wtf what a weird thing to do of Noctis' VA kek
Yeah the JP one doesn't nail the sassier parts. He just sounds like a uwu twink lecturing us. However, let's not kid ourselves. EN wasn't that good either, we just got used to it eventually. Remember our reactions when we first heard it? We all thought he sounded like an autistic nose breather.

Looks like several leakers have been mentioning an Inazuma Geo cat girl releasing before 4.0, which makes sense since we haven't had a single new geo character in the Sumeru update

No. 274555

No you're correct. I was stupid to think that he was too harsh with her when he was doing the right thing but I'm grateful now.
Iirc he voiced alot of characters like Noctis and Eve (Nier:automata) why didn't Hoyo use his voice with any tall male [spoiler]kind of want to revive my husbandoing to Eve kek[spoiler]

Probably 5 star sword dps? With a def% sword so it would go with her and Albedo? I'm saying that just so I can get more swords for him lol
But another geo dps would be neat if her design isn't too coomer-ish
>Geo cat girl

No. 274557

File: 1675934550445.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.37 KB, 519x501, Screenshot_20230209_111726.jpg)

Warning: moid's face

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? When I read the tweets I thought that he was some hot fuck boy that tricked girls with his looks BUT THAT'S HIM. I took this from a random livestream which his "fans" kept watching like wtf. He looks the same and had a furry print on the front of the hoodie. Ew.
How do girls tolerate looking at that face listen to his voice and pretend it's Tighnari?

No. 274558

File: 1675934673831.jpeg (513.26 KB, 1170x1902, D4F9C2FD-13F9-4CEB-BA6D-680A6C…)

Ew. He’s ugly af. Discord mod tier.

No. 274559

>not liking tighnari
Let me guess: you like an ugly guy like Diluc or Itto

No. 274560

What is the point? This pleases no one, moids will mald because the best geo supports are all male, the the top one being a half naked femboy puppy, and women already have access to a male 5 star geo for every role a team could want. Maybe a weird kit like that other geo girl?

No. 274561

Tbh that is partly why I though he would be “safe”, I thought he was chill and too ugly to try to flirt with fans but it’s once again proven that the ugliest moids are the biggest sexpests. Look at the obese ginger neck beard with piggy nose Cryaotic.

No. 274562

Yikes. Thanks for the spoiler nonny. You really have to be neck deep in delusional husbandofaggotry to even consider sending nudes to this guy. No matter how much you like the character, any sane person would back off immediately after seeing his face, that's not a cute forest ranger anime fox boy at all. I have no idea how the engdub for Tighnari sounds like but is it really good enough for people to give a shit about this hairy toad to begin with?

No. 274566

Saying this as a someone that doesn’t give that much shit about it, just watched some YouTube vids and compilations, he was one of the funnier en VAs, that is why people liked him. His voice was just okay, nothing that great but I think it’s just that he gave Tighnari a lot of character which is something that Genshin desperately needs, the character voices are often pretty but boring and lifeless (looking at you JP Kaveh and Haitham). I really don’t get sending him nudes and videos, he is really ugly.

No. 274567

WHAT???? he types like he's some 20s yr old streamer, what the fuck is this? how were girls sending him nudes… i'm gonna be sick lmao


No. 274568

>Probably Jobless by now
>Hopefully in Jail soon

That's the exact reason why they'll add a girl, Ningg and Noelle are weak for meta and Geo, like anemo is mostly males so how can they force male players to wish for geo support gang if not for a new cat girl?
Assuming that's the plan they have then she better be 5 stars and dps, which is likely since Itto is the only dps geo has and there aren't any 5 star geo girls.

>boring and lifeless (looking at you JP Kaveh and Haitham)
They really did them dirty, I'm never switching off of Chinese ever again.

No. 274569

I actually like that the jpdub doesn't make everyone sound like "overpersonalized" western cartoon characters like the engdub does, and I also think Tighnari's Japanese voice is cute and relaxing. But I'm also ESL and way more used to Japanese dubs, English dubs have always sounded grating and uncomfortable to me in general especially with the extreme amount of localization. Like I hate how Xinyan was given that southern drawl.

No. 274570

I play JP and they just seem like anime characters, I don’t get what you mean. They just sound like a really boring lifeless anime characters. I’ll be probably switching to Chinese soon.

No. 274571

To me boring lifeless anime characters are a major upgrade from the American cartoon acting, that's the thing.

No. 274578

They’re both shit, you’re just a weeb (friendly fire)

No. 274579

No, the American dub is just so much more shittier to the point just about anything sounds better. The CN and JP dub actors could take a piss on the microphone and it would sound better than this >>274248

No. 274580

File: 1675940962741.jpg (150.78 KB, 707x1000, 1665330173097992.jpg)

Tighnari isn't even supposed to be that "sassy" that was just the direction of the eng voice director, also this scumbag made tighnari sound like an autistic giganerd instead, when he should be more soft spoken.

No. 274581

nonna just accept that people can have different opinions

No. 274582

File: 1675941669913.jpg (112.26 KB, 914x515, Screenshot_20230209_130517.jpg)

He posted this before the allegations + evidence dropped by a day approximately, why? Is he trying to see if he can save his reputation when he felt one of them finally got the courage? That's actually dirty with the whole "ahh smile but me no happy me depresso", so disgusting.

No. 274583

Agree, Tighnari always came off more as a soft-spoken botanist with a good sense of responsibility than some "sassy" autist. I don't know why the dub director wants to make the characters more mean spirited and punchable than the original script, the same happened with Xiao.

Pretty sure he knew that people were coming after him and decided to pull a "you can't cancel me, I'm canceling myself" as his final egoist move.

No. 274588

topkek a bunch of autistic girls having a parasocial relationship with your character doesn't mean you're famous

No. 274590

GAG holy shit. I though people were supposed to be and look well-adjusted to have a job.

No. 274593

The Japanese are as bad as the English ones in that video, what the fuck is that Lumine squeaking like a dying cat kek. I got jumpscared when I got to it in game.

No. 274594

You know genshinfags on twt have actual brainrot when they start comparing dilucs va to that pedo because he ships kaeluc

No. 274596

Chinese dub is also full of life compared to Japanese. Not sure why you only compare it to the English dub. Both Korean and Chinese dubs are vastly superior to the lifeless “just slap a famous seiyuu there and they won’t have to even try” japanese dub. Japanese is the same tier as English in my opinion.

No. 274597

sorry for the rant but kek they're so obnoxious about being morally right that they're doing the wrong thing by ignoring all the chinese players explaining their relationship's meaning in their culture. how come they're so offended by culture being represented beautifully (non chronically online middle eastern players love sumeru), looking for things to screech cultural sensitivity about yet they give absolutely no credit to the culture of the game they play. twtfags are so brainwashed into yelling whatever they hear from each other it's embarrassing to say im enjoying the same game as them

>chinese has the best voice acting since it gets all the nuisances the scripts have
>original voicing director moved to star rail
we might see a drop in cn voice acting soon too

No. 274606

I switched to CN a while back and I love it. It’s almost perfect aside from abomination that is albedo’s voice and the fact that everyone from inazuma has a different name kek.

No. 274609

Frankly even if they were actual blood related brothers I wouldn't care if someone ships them. Incest is a taboo thing and gross to most of us but even irl it's legal (maybe not to marry but you won't get thrown in a jail) as long as it's consensual and of similar age and not pedo like a parent/uncle preying on their own child/nephew. Now this is fiction, so it's even MORE retarded to waste your precious time seething at people who like that and enjoy darker fic in general but they're so out of touch with reality they think it's the same thing as someone like tighnari's va, who is an actual psycho pedo. That's actually concerning

No. 274612

File: 1675949551071.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 1500x1605, 0nEKMcV.jpg)

i actually agree with you anon, but it bothers me even more that they dont make sense even within their own autistic reasoning. as you said they spend all this time online being angry at people but they're not even putting in enough effort to be consistent
(spoilered for ship pic)

No. 274616

Did he really ship Kaeluc? Way before he only retweeted cute art drawn by a Kaeluc artist but that's extra kek. Got any reactions from retards?

Whole-heartedly agree. They don't like to participate in fandoms like normal people. As far as they behave, especially genshin kids their fiction is their reality because they have no life so sworn brothers = real brothers Reeee irl incest reee.

Anon idk if I'm a pervert but this pic totally doesn't need a spoiler, it's actually cute let me introduce you to my folders hehe

No. 274618

When genshin was new would retweet random diluc fanart and one day he retweeted a sfw pic of diluc and kaeya together but it was apparently drawn by a shipper. Autists cancelled him immediately and he was so mad he would shit on genshin fans for like a year straight and avoided the fanbase as much as he could. he seems to be over it now though

No. 274621

File: 1675951301530.jpg (72.25 KB, 1000x1000, 9y3gxTs.jpg)

>this pic doesnt need a spoiler
kek im new kinda new to the genshin thread so i didnt know if i should post ship art or not

No. 274623

Right? Yeah this is the incident I remember. I thought something new happened and he declared himself a Kaeluc shipper resulting in autism fits from Twitter. Which would've been hilarious.

Welcome welcome!
Your taste in pics is really cute Nonna. And the Thread is fine with all sfw ships, no need to spoiler. Unless it's an ugly VA's face kek.

No. 274630

we love ship art here as long as it’s not scrotey shit. keep posting the cute stuff nonna

No. 274634

Kaeya and Diluc were so obviously put into the game for fangirls to ship them (their color schemes, interactions, elements…) it’s just mind boggling to me to see western she/theys censor them in videos and scream about how gross and immoral it is. It’s all very artificial because they’re basically childhood friends which is a normal ship dynamic.

No. 274637

I know how aiden/woke twtfags work, if they weren't so autistic about them being ""brothers"" they would be absolutely in love with them and claim they're the best ship lol you can tell they're obsessed because they still seek out kaeluc fanart and make cringe accounts like ragbros, subcounsciously their dynamic and blue/red combo still hits a sweet spot but they're too brainwashed to admit it

No. 274641

File: 1675956560624.jpg (1.02 MB, 1343x2048, vGaT7VC.jpg)

kek hyv's dating game has the exact same trope except it's straight and no one's calling it out

No. 274643

I'm still convinced that all those she/they kids deep down suffer of terminal internalized homophobia and subconsciously believe a gay relationship with anything more complex emotions/relationships (i.e. "problemacy") than two smol beans holding hands consensually is morally wrong and should be abolished. Nobody could be so retarded to actually consider them incest.

No. 274652

File: 1675959091561.jpg (2.13 MB, 1085x1535, c71a3368c691c82742995fb511a700…)

You can take it from me that all of them have 18+ Kaeluc fanart hotter then ones I have but being a fujo or yume is too normal and they're speshul.

Don't underestimate yumes. ToT is a game catered specially to them and twittards know it, they know if they made a big deal out of anything yumes will ignore them and continue doing what they do. Which is the correct reaction honestly.
It's the fault of many fujos who are afraid of idiots and abide by their 'moral' rule
I had friends who are slightly famous in Persona fandom who pretend to be a they and deleted their previous works, rebranded because they can't grow or get commission once they/thems report and lie about people and that hurts the algorithm.
Idk why I always start to sperg when these subjects start kek sorry back to Genshin

I was trying Korean language in Genshin while doing weeklies and Childe's was not friendly at all lmao

No. 274654

File: 1675959410287.jpeg (1.93 MB, 2480x3298, 5C7107B0-338B-4A21-8F74-5C058C…)

Yeah it’s the most obvious fanservice relationship. As an old-school weeb I genuinely think it’s so weird how the genshin/anime fans on twitter are so against it. The "not really siblings but grew up as a family" trope is so common in shoujo and BL. I do think genshin must attract a lot of normies cause otherwise I don’t see why shipping Kaeya and Diluc would be an issue at all

No. 274655

File: 1675960003337.jpeg (424.89 KB, 1270x1797, 0F4E7902-7AC6-44C2-AAA7-E67FFF…)

Leakers Team China says that the new Inazuma geo cat girl looks like this V-tuber and is connected to the cat shrine with the talking cat. Posted on genshin leaks subreddit so it’s not a completely unreliable leak.

No. 274656

Is the KR dub the next best thing since tbh I don’t like how Chinese (mandarin mostly) sounds to my ears…

Just asking as I switched over and some of the voice work is aight.

No. 274658

idk maybe it's an age/generational thing? I don't want to sound like an old fart but the kids these days do seem to (1) have a harder time separating reality from fiction and (2) get super involved instead of maintaining distance. See also the poor teens sexting a voice actor because they like an anime boy.

No. 274666

File: 1675961739658.jpg (279.11 KB, 914x652, nGCfeAt.jpg)

i agree with this. spoiler for sperging i think it's dissatisfaction with their daily lives that make them so attached to fandoms. attached enough to spend a big deal of energy and emotions into fighting about it because they cant get as invested into their dissatisfying real life. when they spend their mental quota on games, they have no energy to feel sad about their realities. this happens to adults too. wonder if these teens are "30 year old weeb got into a crisis after playing games all day in parents' basement" in the making

No. 274668

Oh no, catgirl from Inazuma? Will she also finish her sentences with nya?
Not looking forward to her. But I am looking forward to her BiS if she's 5 stars, could be useful for others I have.

No. 274696

File: 1675969695726.jpg (719.99 KB, 2451x3488, 20230208_153825.jpg)

It's because no one gives a shit about ToT. There's no point in yelling at the 3 true and honest autists that do. Compare that to the massive popularity of Kaeluc and other BL ships.

No1curr about yumes at large except the male incels who hate everything women like, and fujos when they get harassed by them directly. Their community isn't in any way close-knit like the fujo community, all they do is make bad fan art of their overdesigned self inserts that no one interacts with and mass produce x reader fics. Interacting with them would break the immersion of the autism larp that is so common among anti zoomers.

No. 274699

take your meds and stop sperging about shit you wish you were confident enough to do yourself. there's not other reason you would feel so personally attacked by yumes doing their own thing kek

No. 274708

File: 1675972715204.jpg (3.66 MB, 2414x3578, c230b809ab044fa188e3405effba50…)

Both have their shitty people, like any community. I hate it when fujos shittalk yumes and vice-versa,maybe you won't care but both are equally hated by everyone and find any speck of a reason to harass them, I wish there was some type of solidarity between these girls. They can ignore what makes each other mad but alas.

I hope all my fujo and yume sisters have a nice evening, increased rates of finding good fanart and fics and sharing them here prospering friendships. Also high rates of getting Kaeya 'cause it's been 2 years and he's still C1 ffs.

No. 274710

People will hate you because you spoke the truth, nonnie. This isn't even picking a fight, it's just stating the facts. ToT doesn't have a ginormous community formed around it because nobody is interested in watching a bland self-insert smooch with pretty men while Kaeya and Diluc are both developed characters with individual personalities and history. There's a lot to explore between them and that gives them more exposure and more discussion.

No. 274715

I'm not looking forward to her because leakers said she will be wearing a croptop without sleaves, a mini skirt, no shoes and bare thighs. Wow how daring of mihoyo. Not like we have any other female character designs like that.

No. 274718


>equally hated
Kek most people don't know what a yume is. You cannot force solidarity with
>she was autistic and more emotionally retarded than him
>he was her king, and god help anyone who dared to depict her king participating in homosexual events
handmaidens, they're wired differently.

No. 274720

File: 1675975840594.jpeg (225.64 KB, 1170x872, 14DC772D-B0D4-44E8-B10A-669028…)

It’s happening. He’s gonna get replaced. I wonder if they’ll mute him like they did to Oz before they found a replacement

No. 274723

ToT is a flop because it’s simply a bad game. It has nothing to do with the fact that it’s a self insert game. The gameplay just sucks ass. I was a beta tester and I deleted the game after playing it for 5 minutes because it was a snorefest.

No. 274725

The most based post.

Fujochads and yumechads unite
Retards whos always stir up shit against each other please kys.

No. 274726

I don’t think mute will be necessary. Literally every EN va out there is salivating to get into Genshin even if it means just voicing a NPC. People would replace him for free if the role was offered to them lmao. What an idiot he lost the chance of a lifetime over shitty phone sex.

No. 274730

Sorry for asking for spoonfeeding but could someone please lay out a short explanation on what he did? I'm trying to look for a summary but I can find nothing but "he's a pedo" which I have no problem believing but I'd like to hear the details.

No. 274731

ToT isn't a flop though, despite not making numbers as huge as Honkai or Genshin it turns a pretty good profit for what it is (practically a visual novel with no real gameplay) and it's clear that people play it, they just aren't interested in talking about it. It's the same for most otome games, they exist but they don't have a huge community because they're based on self-indulging and not sharing the experience.

No. 274733

File: 1675976997464.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1792x2155, 91E3D641-E5B5-46B5-BA6D-E0E2B4…)

You could have just scrolled up a bit anon kek >>274398

No. 274734

Yeah thanks I'm sleep deprived and a fucking idiot for scrolling past that document

No. 274737

File: 1675977533736.jpg (4.42 MB, 2769x3705, IMG_20230209_220916.jpg)

>most people don't know what a yume
They do but don't use 'yume', they call them selfshippers

>that yume scenario

That's retarded and mock worthy, right? But the literal same happens with their counterpart and God help them if their ship's characters are canonically straight and used that way but they're better?
Come on, both are idiots when they don't know how to ignore content they don't like.

Imo solidarity and friendship between the two is very possible, but it's up to each one if they want to continue pointlessly trying to piss each other off - > tranny tranny - > scrote scrote - > 50 replies later no one gained anything. I'm (and probably others) honestly are more interested in your fave ships and such, now that's a more engaging subject.

Queen spotted

Omgosh I love this art and ship

No. 274738

This, I'm a yume and really wanted to like tot but I feel like they went way to safe with the guys' personalities, they're all insanely boring. It's also just not my style of game, I'm insanely jealous of the fact moids get all of these jrpgs with dating elements on the side like the persona series, but yume content is far more likely to just be in boring vns

No. 274739

it would still take time to find a fitting va, draw up the contract with the other va, and re-record & replace lines. I'm not sure if they'll be able to do all of that by the next patch. For now, all they may be able to do is mute the character.

Being a Genshin VA is too lucrative and many of these English VAs in particular are too parasitic. Just about every English VA who's officially announced nowadays immediately pretends to be the official characters, establishes a social media following, and somehow think their insignificant roles justify launching into a streaming career. I miss the old days when no one gave a shit about these people. Too many of these VAs are letting their Genshin roles get to their head.
Like, how the hell did this guy get arrogant enough from playing a furry femboy to establish a whole ass personal discord server dedicated to himself and grooming mentally ill teenagers?

No. 274748

No but seriously I would kill to have a JRPG with otome elements. Sucks that there aren’t any games out there like that.

No. 274749

how is he a 98 liner? No way this a 24 year old. I thought it was some +35 scrote with that hairline

No. 274750

Jesus christ what? I genuinely thought he was at least 43. Men age like rotten milk.

No. 274753

not sure if it'll have otome elements but infinity nikki may be something to look forward to in the future as far as rpgs go? I eventually got bored with the gameplay of Love Nikki but I still enjoyed how it clearly catered only to female players.

No. 274754

>but they're better?
Yes, false equivalency. Come talk to me when fujos mald to the point of getting websites blacklisted because they host straight fanmade content of their guys kek. It's been this way for decades and it will never change, best get over it.

No. 274756

I generally support yumes because I used to be a HUGE one in primary and middle school but it does get annoying when they sperg out at fujo ships and never at the canon straight ships. I know self-inserting as the female love interest of your shounen or whatever husbando is a thing, but I personally never experienced yumejoism like that (I didn't want any girls other than my OC near my husbando kek) and it just seems like a lot of hate is targeted at fujos for no reason

No. 274758

File: 1675982602356.jpg (350.63 KB, 1691x2048, FnbhMbuWIAABtEN.jpg)

Lol this is not new behaviour from scrote VAs. Remember Vic? Except Vic was even worse with his stupid religious shit plus being a disgusting creep.
KR is apparently fine but Childe is a complete angry psychopath, so if you're a Childe lover you'll probably hate it.
Anyways all have some Baizhu art because apparently some new leaks say he does have some healing in his kit, but to compensate his burst has energy problems (80 energy cost).

No. 274764

Holy shit kek I'm 29 and I pass for late teens/early 20s, enjoy being broke and bald forever pedo loser

No. 274767

File: 1675989638328.png (1.77 MB, 1400x1681, 3FBD8028-65BC-4D32-88F3-8B144E…)

>apparently some new leaks say he does have some healing in his kit
I really don't get this because so many leakers said he has a shield and doesn't heal. I think mihoyo probably has various kits for him rn to keep the leakers confused/contradict each other
>Omgosh I love this art
Have some more, I have a whole kazuscara folder kek

No. 274805

File: 1676002582587.jpg (Spoiler Image,397.89 KB, 2048x1557, 9w1bC7Z.jpg)

>high rates of getting kaeya
i wish sometimes we got standard banner rate ups like the keqing banner, and it could feature one of the three starters. their cons are so hard to get if you regularly spend the star shit on getting wishes or other 4*s

what's with the fujos hating yumes? we fujos are not any less retarded kek we all just have our harmless retarded fun. let's not add other women into the pile of haters made up of moids and hetheys

picrel should be how yumes and fujos interact

No. 274809

since this thread is very active idt we should talk star rail here so here's a new thread >>274808

No. 274825

NTA but I don't hate yumes and usually other fujos don't either because we don't even think about them enough to have an opinion, but they continuously put fujos under scrutiny and consider their ship art alone a personal attack. Like one of the anons said they seethe so hard over gay ships "taking away" their husbandos that they get actual websites shut down because they can't emotionally deal with them existing, then proceed to call fujos pornsick fetishists and misogynists for not supporting their straight self insert ship. Them reporting Mihoyo to the authorities for Alhaitham and Kaveh being too gay was the last straw for me. I just want them to leave us alone.

No. 274834

I don't have anything against yumes or straight ships either (I will shit on the coomery ones though) but they're not treated the same let's be honest. Just look at all the psychoanalysis going on here with fujos. There are anons (women, hopefully) reinforcing the stereotype that fujos are all fat and ugly loveless retards while yumes are based stacies as if they weren't about the same kind of retard. I personally haven't seen fujos being this aggressive to other real women (and the female character hate was only a thing in the 2000s), especially because a lot of them are also straight and in relationships. I get that both get shat on by males, but fujos are hated by other women as well.

No. 274835

File: 1676017868473.jpg (122.24 KB, 1200x1000, mofFgdQ.jpg)

can we stop fighting about who's more discriminated for their 2d husbandos and start posting more ship art

No. 274836

NTA, checked out infinity Nikki and it looks seriously nice and really cute. Hope it won’t disappoint. And it definitely is shoujo open world rpg.

No. 274838

samefag, but as you said yumes/self-inserters going out of their way to harass mihoyo for the Kaveh and Alhaitam thing is unhinged but also inevitable. Since they self-insert and latch onto the character (and can't tell fiction from reality) of course they don't tolerate if the canon isn't as they wanted it. By now fujos are pretty much used to not having things cater to them so they go on and make their raunchy porn even if the characters are canonically straight, but a lot of yumes can't do that when it happens to them and proceed to mald.

No. 274839

File: 1676019201447.png (4.27 MB, 1535x2048, nowboinkhiseye.png)

tbh we need to consider the fact that chinese fandoms are fucking crazy. didn't honkai impact 3rd have an attempted murder case because of bunny costumes? idt we can take anything the chinese fandom does as a general rule to fandom sides lol i said the rant in >>274666 and i think this applies to cn fandoms even more because they obviously have a lot of things about their lives they have no power to change so they have to fixate on games like their lives depend on them

No. 274840

>alhaitham x kaveh is worth sperging over
>crickets over ittosara being shilled everywhere when itto was released
it's just homophobia

No. 274841

NTA but personally my only IRL encounter with a yume (incidentally in the Genshin fandom) was a girl in her 20's who constantly complained about how she's being bullied by fujos because they ignored her Chris Chan-esque self insert art, thus everyone around who already hated them (mostly waifufag pickmes and scrotes) took that as ammunition and this lines up with my online experiences as well. They're not as extreme as the Chinese ones because the Chinese fandom is demented on all fronts to begin with, but still cause a huge headache. The anon >>274838 here described it best, they need to learn not to be so fixated on the canon and not being catered to.

Well, naturally. We saw it with the recent Lantern fest too, everyone was getting hyped for Zhongli x Guizhong finally being canonized but once it became a love story about Guizhong and Madame Ping the same people blew up trying to downplay it as them "just being friends and um Guizhong can be poly/bi I guess". It's just homophobia when you peel back the layers.

No. 274844

File: 1676020722334.jpg (447.48 KB, 2048x1676, iEJeaCn.jpg)

>zhongli and guizhong
i never saw them as a potential pair until i got onto socmed lol i always thought they were referred to as getting along so i assumed they were friends? lately ive seen the same people who insist haikaveh are just friends seethe over zhong2 (?) not being canon kek i hope homophobes never get a canon straight pair

No. 274848

File: 1676022232766.jpg (569.81 KB, 1456x2048, 04a907a42eca9ca6905ca357568e4c…)

This will be long kek

This is umpteenth time someone comes with a shitty attitude wanting to start something and don't even want to engage in talking about the subject they're annoyed about, it's you with ships and that girl with abyss teams. Fuck the yumes that pissed you off but don't antagonize others that didnt do anything.

And anytime I want to buy Kaeya from store I forgot I spent all those glitters ugh.

Omggg I don't know why but kazuscara is the cutest one so far. I love Cynari and the like yet those two are probably taking their place in my heart. Oh why oh why did Scara delete his existence, the angst to cuteness from these two would've been the best content ever.

No anon they want to start a fight with a moral highground and I have no idea what is there to gain other than venting because their Twitter/tiktok doesn't have a block button it seems. Also love your tastes I've been craving some (good) sfw ship art.

>ittosara being shilled
Literally everyone who shipped them when he was released got harassed to death because she's "Canon lesbian" for Raiden. I remember that because anti-sjw scrotes were crying about sjws and that heteroes were being bullied or something.
same for RosariaxKaeya kekk

Okokok anon I'm gonna explain my "they could also be friends!" psyche so bear with me,
Whenever a relationship is mentioned, there is something in our brain (subconsciously) that simulates it. Imagine if this ugly fuck >>274557 asked you out you would be disgusted, do you know why? Because your brain just simulated it. even though you haven't tried a relationship with him, you're still disgusted. This happens with everything, even Genshin's ships. Some ships you wouldn't mind and other you would for the same reason.
So when I saw the cutscene, which was normal and then you and others were calling it as official couple and totes in love disgusted me because I have a sister and friends that treat each other this way, we're actually closer now but the notion that any girl who likes or takes care of another are lesbians for them? However maybe you and your gf are like that and good on you both, that's cute tbh but don't attribute that behavior to ONLY lesbians. I used '"could" be friend' because I know this might be romantic to someone else but you (or could be another) went all ham about how I want your existence deleted.
>but that's fiction, Can't you distinguish reality from fiction?
We all can, but it's the first reaction and mentality. Guizping shippers aren't lacking in IQ, they know but even though Guizping is fiction and my (or other's) assertion that it isn't romantic is aswell doesn't matter, they have anger accumulated from previous experiences that blinds them.
Like you won't hear me complain "they are freeends!!" about Ningguang and Beidou, for obvious reasons.
And I don't care about any yaoi because I'm no moid.

No. 274851

you don't see guiping as romantic because you ship guili

No. 274856

>yells at others for caring so much about shipping
>writes a literal text wall about how guizhong and ping are actually friends and not lesbians
Anon, I…

No. 274858

No, I don’t simulate a relationship in my brain every time it is mentioned and immediately self insert. You’re just a weirdo.

No. 274861

File: 1676025722637.jpg (78.65 KB, 850x1029, kdJTU1r.jpg)

some of yall stupider than the bitches on twt

No. 274864

File: 1676027445099.jpg (138.72 KB, 859x1200, b97401096c001f806a724290799af7…)

Ew. But if this helps you cope then so be it.

>didn't even read
No I'm all for shipping, I'm against the targeting from yumes to fujos and vice versa since both are friendly in this thread and I would love for things to stay that way. Not every disagreement has to be a fight. Especially when it kills any momentum previous subjects built.

Yes you do, it happens subconsciously. You can read about it and how it affects judgement and stuff. Or, of course I can explain it you in easier terms? Up to you queen.

See how many posts anyone talking about this subject were wasted? What have we gained? Literally nothing. If someone pissed you off take it out in the vent thread, don't kill the mood here with vendettas and vitriol.

Can we go back to talking about Genshin?

No. 274865

>disgusted me because I have a sister and friends that treat each other this way
Being disgusted by same sex relationships is a homophobia no matter how you spin it. Yes female friends care for each another but lesbians and gays do too.
Also, you’re not those two characters and it’s weird as fuck how you think they are basically you and your friends and should and would act like you would. Your life experience doesn’t matter at all,

> they have anger accumulated from previous experiences that blinds them

I was impartial to the yumes vs fujos thing but if yumes like you get actually angry that people insinuate their self-inserts aren’t acting like you would because of your own disgust, I have no words, homophobe-chan.

I seriously don’t self insert in every relationship and ship, you’re freaking weird. Just ask around, people don’t do that, not even subconsciously.

No. 274866

> Can we go back to talking about Genshin?
“Don’t reply to my dumb arguments because I need to have last word”

No. 274867

You're asking for "everyone to just please be friends" accuse of samefagging and spit poison at everyone who disagrees with you and so much as explains their point of view? And people looking at the setting from their personal perspective isn't the same as "self inserting", at least not on the level as people literally projecting into the characters of the story. If you don't want to keep digging the hole deeper and hate the infighting so much then stop replying to them. Or do you just hate it when people have a differing opinion?

Based. This anon really saying "They're not necessarily lesbians because I'm actually close with my female friends too and I'm not a lesbian!" with no self awareness. Does she think that lesbians don't love and care for each other or something?

Kek this

No. 274868

Like seriously, would she feel “disgust” if one of her now platonic friends fell in love with her? I don’t think she realises how homophobic she is/sounds.

No. 274869

Probably, either she's completely retarded in her way of communicating or just genuinely thinks lesbians are gross. She did say she was "disgusted" at people calling Guizhong and Ping lovers so I don't know how else to interpret it. If it was a male and a female characters I doubt she would've been "disgusted" if people interpreted them calling each other soulmates and literally losing their will to go on after the other dies as them being lovers.

No. 274873

File: 1676030284548.jpg (913.96 KB, 1280x1280, nc0KqgI.jpg)

me and the nonnas defending lesbians/lesbian ships in the thread

No. 274874

>Please let's all be friends and talk about the game! But also I will write a long text about how I don't think your interpretation is valid while casually mentioning that I can't stand lesbians and I will also project my personal feelings and what I think about self-inserting on all of you uwu
For real though I know not all yumes and husbandofags are like this but some of them really need to get their heads out of their asses and realize that they aren't the victims just because someone doesn't like your straight ship or self-insert oc. It's not that serious.

No. 274876

I grew up as a yume and I always liked yuri ships… idk what's that nona on, yuri ships are only a threat to hetshippers

No. 274879

File: 1676032884530.jpg (489.2 KB, 1500x2048, d3ace924ac63bb2b2a55f48b0c45f3…)

>making fanfics
Maybe my esl was more dominant but I don't think so, I think the main points were clear. The "disgusted" feeling I get is when my platonic relationships are considered sexual. Wouldn't you feel the same way? Part of the psyche thing I mentioned for the fictional character part, taking it to I can't see lesbians/gays taking care of each other H O W I literally said if you're Lesbian good on you and I respected that by saying they /could/ not they /are/.
>you're Guili
>you're homophobe
>you're everything negative if you don't parrot what I say
And nothing will change your mind because you made it up to continue with your narrative and feel good.
If I were a homophobe you know my attitude would be different and I'd be more antagonistic and passive-aggressive and you know how they act, in fact some even stop replying.
I'd be flattered tbh

And just to be clear, I'm no yume nor heteroshipper, no offense to either of course.
If you lot want to keep talking about this to me then this is where I stop, I passed the quota of trying to stop the potential thread shitting into being the reason of the thread going off topic 2 posts ago. You have your own opinion about me all you wish but when subjects are back on topic I'll be back
Sorry for the misunderstanding/inconvenience nonas

No. 274880

File: 1676033097460.jpg (304.43 KB, 2000x2000, 7psLikM.jpg)

No. 274881

File: 1676033193425.jpg (74.29 KB, 640x639, 6zI0HeP.jpg)

No. 274882

File: 1676033290124.jpg (720.3 KB, 4096x2892, i0OhZSP.jpg)

No. 274883

File: 1676033360312.jpg (253.54 KB, 1559x1559, 4KUzNRP.jpg)

that's all from me for now

No. 274884

>The "disgusted" feeling I get is when my platonic relationships are considered sexual.
Anon the fact that you're so concerned over a f/f ship being seen as "sexual" when people were talking about romantic feelings between them speaks more than your "I'm not a homophobe I swear" mantra ever could. Just stop for the love of god you're just making it worse with every reply.

No. 274886

Tbh no I wouldn’t get disgusted if my female friend fell in love with me.

No. 274888

stop feeding the troll nonnas please

No. 274890

I haven't used childe that much so it might not affect me but thanks for the heads up, nonna.

No. 274893

fellow esl here. I think I get what you're trying to convey??? There are some ships that individuals will inherently dislike and feel disgust towards. I have plenty of GL, BL, and het ships that I dislike and prefer as just friends for various reasons including due to real life experiences and dynamics. And when I see it and I see obnoxious fans loudly declaring it as canon, particularly in a fandom like genshin where the company likes to bait everyone for maximum $$$, it annoys me even though I know it's an unreasonable feeling.

I don't think anything is indicative of -phobia unless it's a trend. Do you only feel disgust towards GL? Only BL? Then yeah, that's pretty homophobic. But if you only feel disgust towards certain ships that remind you of specific dynamics in your real life, I don't think it's necessarily indicative of homophobia. Again, unless it's a trend and all the ships you dislike are yuri…

Twitter shippers absolutely have a tendency to yell -phobia at anyone who doesn't like a particular ship w/o considering whether or not someone just doesn't like the specific dynamic of that one pair. lol even the yumes and straight shippers sometimes yell "heterophobia" at people who don't like their pair.

But anyway. Obnoxious shippers loudly declaring their thing as canon has been a thing since forever in every fandom for every type of dynamic. As much as they can annoy me, they're still 100x more tolerable than the newfangled breed of fans who declare that a character must be trans and yell transphobia if you don't agree.

No. 274896

File: 1676038242290.jpg (61.68 KB, 790x616, lJbFaq2.jpg)

>conveniently ignores the disgusted with lesbian feelings part

No. 274897

>t. stupid bitch from twt
you need to go back

daily reminder that tengus are an all male race meaning that sara is a stunbrave

No. 274898

pretending to care about gl/yuri ships is killing my people. keep it on tiktok, she/theys.

No. 274899

This is the only good yuri ship you posted

No. 274900

File: 1676038780806.jpg (439.84 KB, 1500x1336, SSIfHSF.jpg)

the fights here are just twitter fights with slurs

lolcow users are reminded once a month that lesbians exist

post better ones kek

No. 274903

You should go back to your people on twatter

No. 274906

Stop shitposting about who is oppressed more, no1curr retards.
This is genshin impact thread and not your personal vent thread.

No. 274910

File: 1676040663309.jpg (25.21 KB, 275x362, yys_20230113190402.jpg)

I know you must be fed up by now with being told to go back to twitter but that's not how the uno reverse card works, anon.

you are not a lesbian. you're 15 and would throw yourself into a woodchipper for a crumb of validation.

>admitting to being in twitter fights for the umpteenth time

mods pls ban underage

No. 274912

File: 1676040883768.jpg (828.73 KB, 2480x2067, rfLeAg5.jpg)

im not in twitter fights but i look for genshin content on there how do you think that goes kek
>youre not a lesbian
see you even got the deciding what my sexuality is for me part of twtfags!

No. 274913

Go away already

No. 274914

File: 1676042214881.jpg (938.56 KB, 1540x1012, iPoiiLI.jpg)

>stars the derail
>spurges lesbophobia
>tells me to go away
kek(Enough baiting)

No. 274922

File: 1676044002338.jpeg (351.27 KB, 1768x2167, C98339CC-1642-45B9-8802-C7E5FB…)


No. 274924

NTA but 2nded go away, you're fucking annoying. you must be the single person samefagging vigorously with ugly waifus and pouncing on every post you didn't make in the honkshoo thread. lots of anons can see you're acting like a fag, it's not all the same person calling you out. integrate or kys.



No. 274925

Kek I actually meant to tell the homophobe-chan to go away but the thread devolved into such incomprehensible sperging that it was hard to tell

No. 274926

I'm not even usually that much into F/F pairings but I love Ping x Guizhong so much, they have a really adorable dynamic that allows for a lot of possibilities and Ping's heartbreak over her death made me cry. The fact that it broke retarded guili shipper brains and made them go insane with rage and cope is just the perfect finishing touch.

No. 274938

File: 1676049121596.jpeg (665.76 KB, 960x1520, 07BAC829-1DBD-4175-94AB-2BBE20…)

Leaker said this is 8.5/10 accuracy for the new geo cat girl in 3.7.

She looks like a troon

No. 274940

File: 1676049261631.jpg (524.69 KB, 2800x1980, FnJFwyvakAAf0zj.jpg)

>more ship art
Okay, dump incoming

No. 274941

File: 1676049311868.jpg (560.61 KB, 2000x1500, jkah3840951.jpg)

No. 274943

File: 1676049412530.jpg (2.03 MB, 3833x2600, E7V5z4rVEAA63OC.jpg)

No. 274945

File: 1676049519278.jpg (768.34 KB, 1907x2048, EyPKmTLVoAYoitn.jpg)

No. 274947

File: 1676049808571.jpg (1.3 MB, 3508x2480, FPHilJrXIBYB-AD.jpg)

No. 274949

File: 1676049917745.png (505.49 KB, 1280x926, tumblr_d8dda5e1a481c3591d79cc6…)

No. 274951

Looks like a reject vocaloid

No. 274952

File: 1676050230717.jpg (531.63 KB, 2048x1446, FnyJaI6aUAAJv8Z.jpg)

No. 274953

File: 1676050546187.jpg (130.55 KB, 600x900, 1354603419fc7eb60bce0a0833a416…)

No. 274954

File: 1676050684731.jpg (4.21 MB, 2205x1395, 2483901he12.jpg)

No. 274955

File: 1676050792782.jpg (365.48 KB, 1206x1742, Ez7p-ZGWEAEL7uN.jpg)

No. 274956

File: 1676050843281.jpg (57.4 KB, 800x1135, IMG_20221227_132253.jpg)

at least don't post gross hetero ships lmao

No. 274957

File: 1676050873634.jpg (133.67 KB, 850x850, __fischl_oz_ruu_and_kanna_kapa…)

Not shipping, just cute.

No. 274959

File: 1676050906663.jpg (496.02 KB, 2508x3541, IMG_20230120_222901.jpg)

you want me to vomit?

No. 274960

scaramona is for pick mes and bpd-chans

No. 274961

Yeah these aren't great tbh, I fucking hate Scara and Mona

No. 274962

File: 1676051103605.jpg (150.54 KB, 1152x1231, FjLH3qfagAEDYhm.jpg)

If you don't like it post some of your own. No one's stopping you.

No. 274963

File: 1676051128562.jpg (462.14 KB, 1443x2048, IMG_20221222_141354.jpg)

mona looks like an e-thot and acts like a tsundere for coomers, please apologize to scara

No. 274964

File: 1676051188697.jpg (402.01 KB, 2048x1359, IMG_20221216_150648.jpg)

the problem is that you're infecting the thread with your diseased ship

No. 274965

Can we go back to shittalking EN VAs? I hate Lumine’s voice so much she is literally unusable for me. Before you go hurr durr why didn’t you pick aether, I thought they were girl twins when I fist started and picked Lumine because I thought aether’s hair was ugly. Anyway I want to build dendro traveler but she sounds so nasally and awkward I cannot stand it.

No. 274968

oh this is adorable!!

No. 274973

File: 1676052133514.jpg (627.27 KB, 1773x1773, FoCE84LaQAAbZKx.jpg)

Kek she really does, complete with the schoolgirl sailor fuku crop top.

Gross, anon

No. 274974

she's gonna have the most autistic fanbase

No. 274978

File: 1676053153443.jpg (313.23 KB, 1448x2048, 20230127_050209.jpg)

Dump is right, you have awful taste in ships and art.

No. 274990

that's funny, im the opposite and can't stand aether's va. however im glad i chose him, iit makes the gameplay feel more "canon" to me and i prefer the ships with him kek

No. 275012

Not even the male weebs on Reddit like that design kek

No. 275013

File: 1676067910738.jpeg (64.89 KB, 850x584, 1D158606-A758-4B91-87AF-A6AD21…)

No. 275016

File: 1676068474127.jpeg (93.01 KB, 850x601, 84E172D7-9F9B-42CF-B8BB-F8997F…)

No. 275017

File: 1676068522361.png (71.47 KB, 713x838, armpit creeps.png)

When even they are clowning on Mihoyo's armpit fetish, you know it's a problem.

No. 275018

File: 1676068621320.jpeg (113.85 KB, 850x597, 4B8D8513-94CE-48A2-A235-3DCB70…)

No. 275019

File: 1676068766875.jpeg (131.2 KB, 850x1202, 82F07124-5CEA-43EE-AE24-5D9A61…)

No. 275020

File: 1676068838753.jpeg (118.21 KB, 850x1202, AA5F2774-D420-4365-943D-CEECE4…)

This pairing is so random but nice art

No. 275056

File: 1676088248606.jpg (329.49 KB, 1455x1455, 20230210_220141.jpg)

Happy birthday to Alhaitham!

No. 275057

After posting this here I showed my husband the design and he pointed out that she has human ears and her cat ears are a headband. Is she a classic weeaboo from 2007?

No. 275058

yeah ears confirmed to be fake by leakers

No. 275059

My theory is she’s also from Mondstat but perhaps related to Thoma. Maybe she loves the novels from Yae publishing house and thinks Japan is like her fave stories.

No. 275094

I think there isn’t a consensus on the fake news yet. She’s also said to be a nekomata so we’ll see.

No. 275095

*fakeness not fake news jfc

No. 275098

Out of curiosity I went and saw the Reddit discussion about this and like >>275012 said even the scrotes there that normally lack self awareness thought this design looks ugly and the whole idea of a weeb cat girl in a school outfit is so low effort that it's almost like it's making fun of them. That's like almost every 4-star female character in the game though, they're all based on a one-note trope and overdesigned to look like vtubers. Who are they even making them for? Nobody gives a shit about them.

No. 275111

File: 1676110378728.jpg (65.22 KB, 626x877, 96522c5d2366bf3fdbc6820f66b534…)

cp don't scroll

No. 275127

Anon meant that she has fake cat ears and not a real catgirl

No. 275129

Yes, that is still not 100% confirmed the last I read about it because she has actual cat feet and tails.

No. 275153

weeb cat girl in a school outfit is very 2000s and outdated for anime standards so i can see why they don't like either. the trope is overused

No. 275160

File: 1676131423720.jpeg (126.86 KB, 850x1089, 89DAF213-E920-4126-B719-DEC8FE…)

No. 275162

File: 1676131582996.jpeg (142.73 KB, 850x1275, 8DF046C8-805E-4045-88CF-0810FB…)

No. 275669

File: 1676334090316.jpeg (372.07 KB, 960x1079, 0B31F224-7779-4AB1-BD5D-53BA8A…)

Somehow the allegations are getting worse kek hoyoverse just mute him in game already

No. 275696

File: 1676347986090.jpg (4.26 MB, 2500x2500, 20230213_220225.jpg)

Happy birthday to Beidou

No. 275699

File: 1676348096346.jpg (783.26 KB, 2500x2500, 20230213_220506.jpg)

Also there's the Valentines pics. 3 in total

No. 275700

File: 1676348214937.jpg (4.69 MB, 2500x2500, 20230213_220539.jpg)

No. 275701

File: 1676348294900.jpg (2.88 MB, 2500x2500, 1676347691809558.jpg)

And here's the last one. Now let's wait to see which guys get picked for White day.

No. 275713

Did you really have to post this coomer crap here? Official art or not, most of us come here specifically for a place to discuss Genshin that isn't full of that. At least spoiler pics like that, they do indeed warrant it.

No. 275714

>official art needs spoiling because "coomer"
Please take your woman-hating bait somewhere else.

No. 275722

No. 275728

these are barely coomery imo. the yae one is right on her boobs but the other too are just regular mihoyo quality. stop crying

No. 275731

The genshin women valentines art looks bad, what is going on with Beidou’s hips..?

What guys are you hoping they pick for white day? I hope they don’t just pick tall characters again this year, they allow short female characters so it feels unfair, I want to see Albedo or Scaramouche instead of the same old Zhongli and Childe

No. 275732

Lord this is so gross looking. Surprised they didn't add protruding nipples showing through her top just to insult people even further. Would Yae really sit in that way and blush like a little girl? It looks so out of character.

No. 275743

File: 1676364741987.png (7.43 MB, 2500x2500, xd.png)

Some of you are literally looking for things to be upset about lmoa. Get real.

Her stance is open slightly. It kinda looks like theres a perspective thing going on here too but I'm not sure.

No. 275747

File: 1676366685073.png (333.17 KB, 518x518, jh6iw5734qh81.png)

Last year valentine art was a lot better imo, but then again I just really like Jean

This one is cute.

>Would Yae really sit in that way and blush like a little girl? It looks so out of character.
I thought so to! Like she would smirk but definitely not blush like that. I also think her chest is drawn weirdly, maybe it's the shadows or something but it looks so different in other official art and games.

This one is okay, though I doubt Yelan would actually smile or give a fuck if some pleb gave her chocolates kek.

Happy birthday Beidou! Her waist looks far to tiny compared to her thighs, it looks odd.

I'm also hoping it's someone else then Zhongli and Childe.

No. 275782

this one is an anatomical disaster. AI can do better than this.

>regular mihoyo quality
kek that's the problem

No. 275800

File: 1676391619420.jpg (438.34 KB, 2046x1261, FmKYZnOakAMN_dN.jpg)

I'm guessing for White Day we'll get a representative for three regions again. I'm thinking Baizhu for Liyue to promote him (that's around when his banner will be coming up, right?), Ayato for Inazuma since we got Thoma already and Itto isn't the traditionally 'handsome' type, and Alhaitham or Cyno for Sumeru.

No. 275801

Ugly scrote pandering but that's Yae in a nutshell

These all look fine, nothing over the top about them

So how do they warrant spoilers?

No. 275804

>I'm guessing for White Day we'll get a representative for three regions again
There was no Mondstadt amongst the Valentine's ladies this year so it wouldn't surprise me if they don't choose a Mondstadt rep for the guys either. I think it'd be unusual to use a not yet released character as well. They also seem to only choose tall man/lady model characters. So my guesses are Zhongli, Ayato, and Alhaitham.

No. 275806

>they only seem to choose tall man/lady model characters
they chose nilou so a short man is possible too. though i also think alhaitham is more likely than cyno

No. 275813

File: 1676398069159.jpg (260.26 KB, 1200x1350, Fdf_6J_aIAAUuuH.jpg)

I'm thinking Cyno because Alhaitham was stirring up those Chinese shippers online and Cyno had great sales worldwide, but maybe they'll pick Alhaitham to try to calm those people down.
Wouldn't it be weird to have Zhongli twice in a row? I mean I love him but to me Baizhu as promotion for Baizhu being a banner soon after just makes sense. But hey, maybe they'll surprise us and go for Xiao or something.

No. 275847

It genuinely gets worse, a 12 year old came forward about how he tried to groom her. 12!!
I think official art even if it’s of phonographic looking waifus is fine to post. Nowhere else on the internet are we allowed to hate on the official art but here

No. 275848

Yeah Xiao is definitely a candidate for the short male option, since he definitely is a husbando favorite amongst many JP and CN female players. Here’s my theory:
>if Liyue = Xiao
>if Inazuma = Ayato
>if Mondstadt = Diluc in new skin
>if Sumeru = Alhaitham

No. 275850

my guesses are heizou, cyno, ayato

No. 275856

>Nowhere else on the internet are we allowed to hate
Yet it's twitter's main specialty and this is an imageboard. We're allowed to post whatever we want as long as it doesn't violate any rule. I see nothing wrong with posting fanarts of the female characters.

No. 275858

File: 1676412148665.jpg (1.32 MB, 4096x2359, FY0rA9iUYAE87C8.jpg)

It's the same one or two speds who always freak out about coomers whenever female characters are posted. Best to just ignore them.

No. 275961

I think you misunderstood me. I said it’s fine to post the official art of the girls even if it looked porny. Because we should be allowed to be able to discuss it.

No. 276048

File: 1676498363358.jpeg (966.68 KB, 4096x1907, 5F882F2A-C527-4860-B8CC-CBB08D…)

I got Yelan’s weapon when I tried to get Homa.. Who could use it? My hyperbloom support Fischl? I really dislike aiming with bow on the ps5

No. 276080

It's a good stat stick on any DPS bow character. Fischl can use it if you want to build her for doing crit damage, but usually you want Stringless on her.

No. 276105

File: 1676520732972.jpeg (457.77 KB, 1914x2048, 2F7750B3-54BF-439C-8942-02818A…)

Mihoyo has announced they’re re-recording Tighnari’s existing in-game lines. Let’s hope he can never find work again and dies from starvation

Do you think they’ll reupload his trailer and demo too? Will they try to find a VA who matches his original voice or no?

No. 276122

>Do you think they’ll reupload his trailer and demo too?
I don’t think so. As for the new recording the voice direction will probably stay the same vibe and pitch. But I don’t think they’ll ask the new va to emulate the autistic lisp.
Anyways this probably means that Tighnari will be muted in 3.5, I think he was in some event there.
Thanks anon, I guess I’ll need to pull Childe or Tighnari then

No. 276147

Sorry for replying to a 7 day old post but nonna check out Rune Factory 4 (5 too but 5 is worse)

No. 276150

File: 1676547813634.jpeg (399.39 KB, 960x1232, 1BC678E5-6929-4F79-AD31-8465D3…)

here’s the announcement for those who didn’t see it. tbh this was super fast I’m impressed

No. 276154

The VAs seem to have some flexibility and choice in how they can act (all the Ittos clearly got to choose their own style for the birthday voiceline). I hope the directors don't try to match the original voice. Let the new VA add his own touch to the character instead of imitating a creep.

No. 276230

File: 1676581066166.jpg (810.65 KB, 1536x2048, FagY5h9WAAARmfM.jpg)

As long as they don't hire a woman to do a man's voice. Don't imitate the JP dub. Tighnari should sound like an adult man, not a child.

No. 276241

File: 1676583994075.jpeg (223.76 KB, 1400x1132, 9624E622-7911-42DE-84CF-6FEBDF…)

Livestream tomorrow! Might be worth a watch since the leaks for 3.5 sucked and we barely know anything except that Dehya is the worst 5-star character ever.

Honestly I feel like skipping all of 3.5 and just returning to the game in 3.6 for Baizhu and Kaveh. Mika is cute but a physical support. (my Genshin burn out is getting pretty bad lately so sorry for the saltyness)

No. 276343

File: 1676610840923.jpeg (485.28 KB, 1619x2048, CF32D5FA-5CFA-43A7-B059-F0F5B4…)

I agree, it’s annoying and obvious when they get women to voice adult male characters
Don’t hate Dehya or anything but I’m a bit happy moids are getting their waifu nerfed and freaking out

No. 276382

I’m watching the livestream and fucking Dehya is being put on the STANDARD banner after her first limited banner!! This is why she sucks ass!
I’m so salty because now I even have a lesser chance of getting Tighnari

No. 276385

wait what? are yo ufucking for real? so now we have to get every standard character in their debut banner or the 5 star pool will be too crowded to hope for off banner… i still havent gotten tighnari after skipping his banner despite pulling for a bunch of characters in sumeru

No. 276386

sorry samefagging but they added another pyro before a 5 star geo. whyd they even do this? no inazuma character is on standard so its not even that they want a few characters from every region

No. 276388

Same anon I just can’t seem to get Tighnari either! I also thought it was so weird to put the exact same weapon and element as Diluc in the banner? I wonder if the geo cat girl were getting in 3.7 or 3.8 also will be put into the standard banner

No. 276395

Ugh now if I lose the 50-50 to her I will get another useless waifu to collect dust. Wonderful

No. 276396

kekkk the finishing blow to her simps, fuck her and them. am also bummed about lowered chance for tighnari cons though, and about a character far worse than qiqi to get jumpscared by.

No. 276398

File: 1676646992690.jpeg (332.07 KB, 1280x1280, 6EEE7204-9CB7-43AD-BA6D-7DE20A…)

Cyno will be mind this time. I can’t wait

No. 276404

Livestream codes:

No. 276406

File: 1676650148679.jpg (421.27 KB, 1250x2048, Faw32k2akAANpfB.jpg)

Manifesting Tighnari for all you anons. I got lucky with a copy of him recently, don't lose hope!

No. 276412

Another pyro claymore too. Like others said I guess this is why Dehya's kit sucks so much ass, they were planning to put her on the standard banner from the beginning.

No. 276416

I love Itto but I’m tired of him. I fee like he has been in way too many events, kinda over-exposured. We have so many other characters that need to have more spotlight and he is getting yet another event all to himself.

No. 276465

No. I'd much rather have him host every single event than get another shitty girls of Liyue themed one.

No. 276477

File: 1676667978567.jpg (736.88 KB, 2084x1824, FdHvGpxaMAAGWh_.jpg)

Itto is fun, I can't be mad. The only other 5* character worth seeing featured in Inazuma is Yoimiya because at least she's friendly and fun. The other Inazuman 5s are boring or irritating. I never want to see Yae again and Ayaka's event was snoozeworthy, the only good part of it was Taroumaru.

No. 276493

Agree. Itto is one of the only characters in the game that's actually fun, he's the kind of guy who actually would come up with all these crazy events and festival or take part in them. It's the same reason why Venti appears in so many events, he's just a fun character that the writers must have an easy time writing scenarios for.

No. 276512

File: 1676674450423.jpeg (263.59 KB, 838x2048, 7AFA5546-7EC6-4AA6-A74F-505765…)

Thank you code-anon!
Thanks anon, I want him so bad!! Thinking of just pulling a bunch on the standard banner after Baizhu. Fontaine barely has any husbandos anyway.
I love using Cyno on the world bosses, his burst kills everything instantly! Good luck anon! His kit is genuinely good. (he just needs a dendro applicator)

No. 276523

File: 1676677237901.jpeg (185.39 KB, 1618x888, 377C8A20-F96F-4D29-AB22-F6A937…)

Pizza Hut collab announced with a glider

I really wish these were their designs in game, Yelan is especially better. If only they didn’t need moid money so much

No. 276526

How stylish would Yelan be if she dressed like this and not in the ridiculous stripper dominatrix outfit she has in the game?

On a related note, that glider is only available to international players only by being subscribed to amazon prime gaming. I'm glad I don't care about gliders but still they really like not putting effort into international campaigns.

No. 276528

File: 1676678426186.jpeg (183.38 KB, 587x1125, 2F97D8AE-202C-40FB-A1AE-E2AFEC…)

Exactly, this actually fits her personality and is something I could see her wearing. The ridiculously overdesigned AI generated Casino stripper thing she wears is so bad and forgettable. It’s a shame they have the ability to design but make it worse just for the coomer fans

No. 276531

File: 1676679009660.jpg (77.81 KB, 676x1182, Yelan-Genshin-Impact-2.jpg)

Right? Her in-game design is just a fetish outfit with the armpits out, the translucent fabric and the holes in her thighs and cleavage and everything, even disregarding the coomer parts it's just an ugly overdesigned hodgepodge of elements that don't work together. If she actually looked as dignified as she does in that Pizza Hut collab I would actually consider rolling for her simply due to her overpowered kit, but as things are I can't bring myself to subject my eyes to this trash willfully.

No. 276559

This design makes no sense. Literally no sense at all. They really slapped on every material, every cut, and stitched it all together.
They even included her tassle on the chain and gave her a die purse which is consistent with her og design. Everything looks mature and stylish and alludes to her detective like background so it's proof that someone there knows how to design, but they choose not to.

No. 276568

>someone there
It was most likely comissioned, not done in house

No. 276601

I hate the thigh area of this design so fucking much. What is going on there, why is there a zip, is the dark lucid fabric connected to her waist? Then it is a one-piece outfit, but then why are there "borders" that make it look like she has very big boots? Why are there two translucent parts but only one of them has the fishnet? It's so bad.

No. 276627

File: 1676716259815.jpeg (29.16 KB, 1144x640, 199CEE7F-CB83-43C1-948A-1DD1B1…)

>How stylish would Yelan be if she dressed like this and not in the ridiculous stripper dominatrix outfit
I would literally pull for her if they gave her a free censored skin. The front and the back of the outfit is fine but the sides (especially when aiming) like pic related is just embarrassing. Hope the CCP asks for some censorship again kek

No. 276628

File: 1676716344627.jpg (80.94 KB, 1192x670, T447ol1.jpg)

these designs remind me of the male characters with positions deserving of respect. how come professional men can dress properly with only a couple being designed for fan service while all professional women are designed as coomer bait with either body tight suits or easily visible diapers… jeans design wasnt 100% proper but it was suitable for her position nonetheless. just the right amount of fantasy elements and believable work uniform imo. how did we go from her to yelan? or eula? i feel like i cant even take them seriously when they walk around their cities and talk to npcs. especially yelan, she looks like a jojo character and you have to wonder who's the secret agent/stand user.

No. 276631

File: 1676716756386.jpg (102.05 KB, 419x423, 1676639229805985.jpg)

I thought we're finally getting a proper full covered female character but nope, they decided she must have the same hideous style as eula. even the color scheme is worse

No. 276633

the pic is misleading, we don't know any current yet even final designs. leakers can't leak properly

No. 276638

you're right so there is still hope but this shows that mihoyo is considering releasing her as another raiden/eula clone even though the green design is superior

No. 276639

Yeah apparently there’s like 12 different versions of her design so we won’t know what they’ll go with but I really hope she doesn’t get Eula’s booty shorts and garters

No. 276643

I want Mika, so which dumb coomer cryo girl banner should I pull on?

No. 276655

ayaka imo. i have eula too and i regret it so much

No. 276660

I hope this is fake because the red one has the exact same color scheme as the other leaked girls from Fontaine and it would be fucking ridiculous.

No. 276715

I heard there's a lot of possible designs for her so we'll see which is the final one.
Checked in on reddit and the disappointment from everyone is immeasurable. Interesting that both men and women hate this. Women think it looks cheap, males think it looks dumb and the fully clothed looked hotter. I think mihoyo doesn't know how to make a design sell well to males aside from "show skin" and not even the target audience likes it because good design can be much more appealing (even to scrotes) than just some ugly clubbing clothes. And women of course prefer the cooler clothes over AI generated-looking sexy mess.

No. 276716

Ayaka, out of those two options she's less coomerish than Eula and actually a good cryo unit unlike her.

This, they're just pushing generic Honkai-ish designs nobody likes because the people who actually like them most likely are playing Honkai and not Genshin. I'm actually surprised to see so many male players hate the current and leaked female designs when they used to be so eager to whiteknight even the worst blunders, that's how you know it's actually bad when both men and women think it looks stupid.

No. 276722

I think it's because even male players realized mihoyo is rehashing the same designs over and over again. it's kinda like how they got tired of tsunderes because of oversaturation in media

No. 276730

I thought he was going to be on Shenhe’s banner too?

No. 276734

AYRT, sorry, meant to say Shenhe, not Eula. Anyway to elaborate further, Shenhe is worthless unless you're playing with a monocryo party and already own Ayaka. And her design looks like shit.

No. 276751

File: 1676750802337.jpeg (539.56 KB, 1260x1134, C2EDBF14-BA9E-44C2-8CB4-44FEAA…)

>red one has the exact same color scheme as the other leaked girls from Fontaine
This really bothers me, the fact that Fontaine is divided into two factions. One of the factions has those red uniforms that all the characters are being put in. Such a boring character design choice.

No. 276788

These outfits are really pretty!

I really hate how her coat magically is glued to ger neck or something so that it doesn't fall off.

The left design is so much better! I really don't hope that they chose the right one.

Ayaka imo, Shenhe you should only pull if you want to buff your main cryo dps

No. 276793

I'd pull neither and wait until he's on another banner

No. 276800

but what if it's just more coomer mommy banners?

No. 276807

then maybe they'll at least be better ones

No. 276966

File: 1676854180364.jpeg (595.12 KB, 1031x1390, 5D24CD83-83CA-4490-8264-85DD33…)

Genshin can hire super famous seiyuus to shove into roles that don’t fit them but can’t seem to get Mamoru Miyano to voice a character…
Literally just german Beidou now
Ayaka but you should just wait till he’s on another banner, don’t risk getting boring waifu 1 or 2

No. 277019

File: 1676875831967.jpeg (474.58 KB, 2048x1152, BDA3F614-659C-4C05-AAF9-60367B…)

Official Childe art for some Russian festival. Gives us a little hint on what Shneznaya will look like

No. 277070


No. 277090

Even the tiny shorts with tights was dumb to begin with when it could have just been pants, but I’m glad everyone uniformly agrees that the green design is better and they’d rather have anime bloodborne than another lingerie fanservice abomination that totally distracts from and ruins the character theme. Underwear Impact is why I keep rolling for guys because at least they get clothes.

No. 277095

Why can't they just submit the designs so we can vote for them instead? Everybody on Honkai has been complaining over Kiana's retarded copypasted outfit when the concept art was much better.

No. 277184

i think they are saving some big names for later nations.

No. 277229

we wont ever see that uggo in this game because his voice is the farthest thing from the fantasy character feel

No. 277238

File: 1676976977021.jpg (308.24 KB, 1080x1812, Screenshot_20230221_115332_Sam…)

Honestly China censorship did genshin so good, I doubt it would've gotten so popular with the ugly-ass half naked coomer outfits and panty shots for every character the devs were planning to have .
Mona's outfit was still dumb but compared to the abomination it was supposed to be originally it's much more decent.

No. 277266

Wtf she literally has her entire asscheek out

No. 277274

One of the main reasons genshin is so popular is because it’s able to be promoted by big companies like Apple and reach demographics of many ages, it couldn’t do that with those shitty coomer designs. They should really thank the CCP

No. 277305

File: 1676998817835.jpg (98.58 KB, 1075x827, Screenshot_20230221_120402_Sam…)

Fishl also used to have her ass out and most of the female characters (Ayaka, Yunjin, Barbara) had visible panties before censorship.

No. 277337

he is so cute, I am crying

No. 277341

new ayaka skin also no longer has jiggly hentai boobs

No. 277344

i actually liked him when he was voicing bedivere in fate i can see him voice a similar self-sacrifical type character in genshin

No. 277429

The masses have terrible taste, I trust their in-house design team more. We never would have gotten a character like Yunjin otherwise.
And thank god they toned down the pornified looks. I can distinctly remember writing feedback back in 2020 that I disliked how many characters you automatically upskirt while gliding. A design like Yae's could have easily done the same, for example, but it thankfully does not.

No. 277465

File: 1677039172952.jpg (2.64 MB, 2500x2500, 20230221_221030.jpg)

Happy birthday to Kokomi

No. 277476

File: 1677042636547.jpg (413.71 KB, 1230x2048, FmHTgbYagAE-vX-.jpg)

Happy birthday Kokomi, wish you had a less shitty VA. You're probably the reincarnated Hydro Vishap and we're not likely getting it confirmed.

No. 277573

can't wait for censorship to strike them more. it's starting to feel like they completely forgot how to make proper design without showing off random parts of their body. why are even the female child models showing off skin as much as possible while the males are covered in 39872 layers of clothing? either make the men slutty or take the female designs seriously. the sexiest design in males is childe belly and heizous arms so far. the naked bull and femboy dog dont even feel like they were made for women. i hope they dont try to win over women with the same way they win over males - kaveh's design screams hes made by someone who knows how to make women happy, while alhaitham is trying so hard to be the shenhe for women. we're not brainless moids so they better not start putting their uggo designs on men too

No. 277601

>Hates on Gorou, Kaveh and Alhaitham
>Is a Childefag

No. 277617

File: 1677100196319.jpg (987.9 KB, 1760x1957, 1786867320.jpg)

Itto is hot though. And what the fuck does Shenhe for women even mean, a man's not allowed to have bare arms?

No. 277639

File: 1677104003626.jpeg (236.41 KB, 1350x1080, BF5CC92F-6B61-41C6-8004-A63EC5…)

Less than a week for Baizhu and Kaveh drip marketing (and beta leaks)! What are your hopes for Baizhu? No redesign or new design? Shileder or healer? I’d love for him to keep the crop top and purple color palette but with new pants!

No. 277642

File: 1677104300870.jpg (433.62 KB, 2048x1499, FnKs_0aWIAMDAAr.jpg)

I still want dendro Kokomi but it's okay if he shields and deals off-field damage, either one is good and leaves him with a lot of versatility.

No. 277651

childefags have really bad taste kek

No. 277694

I wish this could be said in other places that wouldn't cause absolute insanity.

No. 277712

I fail to see any similarities between Haitham and Shenhe. Weird tinfoil.

No. 277713

clothing material wrapping around the muscles/shenhes whole body in an unrealistic impractical way. trying to make the character naked while passing censorship because theyre actually wearing clothes even though theyre obviously meant to be viewed as naked

No. 277716

Alhaitham is not naked in any way. He doesn’t show skin at all like Shenhe. He’s wrapped in so much fabric. Idk if you have him but his model doesn’t register as naked in any way, it’s the opposite, there’s so much fabric on him.

No. 277720

File: 1677136524374.jpg (49.82 KB, 640x360, wIo3Phv.jpg)

his whole torso must be my imagination then. i dont care if there are a few shenhe like males in the game as long as they dont start doing it to every male character. they can make the sexiness more subtle as they have done before

No. 277723

samefag let me explain a bit more before i get banned again. childe and heizou have designs that fit their personalities and jobs and the little bit of skin showing is an extra that fits their design and doesnt look coomerish. alhaitham has no reason to walk around in a body tight suit. if he wore this to work he would suffocate, so the only explanation is magic fabric which i hate. gorou and itto, i think their designs fit their personalities i just think theyre ugly but as long as not all males are naked idc about them either

No. 277725

For real, I used to love Childe and now I have a hard time liking him because of his insufferable fanbase full of deranged Luminefags who can't shut the fuck up about how much they hate every other male character but him because they're too ugly/slutty/gay/whatever to them.

No. 277726

im not even a childefag i just gave him and heizou as an example. if yall like to get off to pixel abs on the screen just say that. nothing wrong with being femcel coomers as long as you dont start obsessively emailing hyv to make you more naked husbandos

No. 277727

also learn to read i said kaveh's design is made for women, i love his design

No. 277729

You better not fucking be that sped who keeps looking for excuses to sperg about how much you hate Alhaitham again. You're asking Mihoyo to "make the male designs more slutty" but then schizo spam posts about how his torso is too sexy for your puritan tastes and Childe's tiny spec of stomach is what should be done. Embarrassing.

No. 277730

im not this is probably the first time i talked about alhaitham this much his torso is just fucking ugly and feels like an insult to all female players

No. 277731

So I’m confused, do you want slutty designs for males or no because that’s what you said in your original post. Also his design is not even that slutty, god forbid a male character shows some abs call me when they have designs like in nu carnival

No. 277744

You said they don't know what appeals to women or sth but I love his design and I'm a woman and I'm not alone at all, he's been received overwhelmingly positively. Idk why you think women wouldn't like to see muscles on a guy with a very pretty face. I vastly prefer him to Kaveh because he's too feminine for me (but he's cute too).

While having muscles visible, he doesn't feel naked like Shenhe because Shenhe actually does have see-through windows all over her body. His model has muscly torso but he's wrapped in so much fabric he feels like a mummy when you move around with him. If you have him you know what I'm talking about. If he was more slutty I'd have nothing against it though as long as he still looks as cool as he does now.

No. 277746

>nothing wrong with being femcel coomers as long as you dont start obsessively emailing hyv to make you more naked husbandos
How'd you get to this from Alhaitham just showing abs in his very tame design. You're either a scrote or scrotebrained. Fuck off anyway.

No. 277755

I really want him to be a healer and I hope they make his clothes prettier

No. 277760

someone who thinks childe is peak design obviously has a thing for thin twinky lanklets with basically no muscle, that's why alhaitham looks "off" and "coomerish" to them, because he has a bigger build and actual abs but don't speak for all the women, many of us like hot twinks with a bit more muscle (not bara)

No. 277777

I usually like leaner men but Childe is so bland to me. Kind of cringy personality, no shapes at all (compare him to Kaeya who isn't very muscley but still has a nice silhouette) and he looks like he's wearing some grey pajama. The clothes especially are so ugly to me. Yeah you have a bit of a visible belly but it's not that good.

No. 277780

Same tbh both him and Thoma aren't very appealing to me.

No. 277784

Shit taste, your husbando is trash

No. 277786

Why? Kokomi is trash

No. 277789

Kek no u

No. 277798

2nded no u, childe seriously looks like shit

No. 277833

File: 1677176495756.jpg (4 MB, 2800x1725, 9ba0a83f-0532-4b35-ac7c-661573…)

Her kit is S tier broken, dude.
Imagine thinking Childe's hotter than Itto or Alhaitham. Couldn't be me. Hell, Childe's definitely in the lower husbando tiers. I guess if you like psychotic men, but his design is pretty boring.

No. 277915

Both Childe and Thoma have a very boyfriend experience feel to their designs, it's like they're made to look inoffensive and bland for the extremely obsessive kind of husbandofags to project whatever they want into them. Also as a disclaimer I actually like Childe's character but it's obvious what they were going for with both him and Thoma when designing them. They almost look identical too.

No. 277923

Yes, thank you! So glad to see nonas in the thread who think his design is boring. His grey uniform looks like communist state certified pajamas and I don't get it. Sure, he could have a strong backstory (if hyv ever did anything with it) but he's just a manic pixie dream boy you can't go anywhere without seeing.
I never put it into words but you're so right about the silhouette. His lines are just straight down and that's it. No contours, curve, or muscle. It's like his height shot up and nothing else.

No. 277925

File: 1677197250011.jpeg (80.33 KB, 500x501, 73DAD725-7831-4724-B5A5-C7AE33…)

Itto is top tier husbando. Perfect himbo

No. 277927

I’m going to pull for him no matter what his kit is like, or if he sucks. I’ve been waiting so long…

No. 277928

he has a generic otoge ikemen design, very lanky shapeless body

No. 277934

File: 1677198741373.jpeg (121.34 KB, 1080x1350, 5E146367-0532-4AE2-B12C-9FEB42…)

Can we stop shitting on Childe when genshin has so many shitty waifus that are way worse than him? If I wanted to read people to shit on husbandos all the time I wouldn’t be on here. Cmon now. Stop getting baited so easily.

No. 277935

File: 1677198999657.jpg (4.94 MB, 3384x2820, e3092c86-366c-4eb1-8f74-13c015…)

Absolutely true.
An anon came out swinging about how Itto, Gorou, and Alhaitham are ugly and somehow coomerish, while Childe was a perfect husbando. We're allowed to respond.
There being awful designs like Yelan and Shenhe doesn't mean we can't talk about weaker male designs too.

No. 277938

see that’s what i mean when i say don’t get baited so easily. that’s an obvious bait from a scrote.

No. 278008

Nta, but is it so hard to accept that some women think Childe's design is basic af? There's male design discourse in every thread, and just cause it's about your husbando this time doesn't mean that anons shouldn't be allowed to discuss. Someone anons find your husbando's design basic and that's okay, nona. Live and let live.

No. 278014

File: 1677211124713.jpg (85.49 KB, 850x478, __kamisato_ayato_and_thoma_gen…)

Agreed. Thoma at least has some more interesting stuff going on in his outfit, but I think they are projection characters. Thoma especially, he's a house husband. One who can also manipulate and bargain his way out of anything, but a house husband nonetheless.

No. 278016

nta but shut up, anon. you're only whipping out the moid allegations because that anon's post is getting your fugly husbando boolied. he deserves it. moids don't even care about the male characters from a design standpoint; they lap up trashy shit like yelan and dehya and are upfront about hating male characters purely because they're male, or they mask it behind them not being ~meta~ enough.

No. 278019

I agree, compared to other characters Childe’s design could have more, but overall it’s fine. I don’t like him really but I was glad when he was added cause it was obvious they were at least trying to pander to women lol

No. 278034

File: 1677225699734.jpg (2.18 MB, 1080x2160, RDT_20230224_08545656984029420…)

No. 278036

File: 1677225946770.jpg (2.12 MB, 1080x2160, RDT_20230224_08545473536339957…)

No. 278038

he's so beautiful they designed him with one hand

No. 278042

No. 278044

File: 1677229846816.png (282.09 KB, 419x893, bc9b476f74035711ffea26be544769…)

I like how his outfit is mostly the same with some small changes to details like the shape of his top. I cant wait to see his new model!

Pretty! I wonder how he will use the box in his gameplay?

No. 278052

him opening the suitcase/box to reveal a mechanism on his burst would be cool, assuming he'd be an off field support or sub dps

No. 278065

Noooo they kept the ugly pants

No. 278069

I'm such a sucker for those color scheme, especially with the glasses. He looks so beautiful. I just wish he had more muscles.

No. 278071

Right? I love how fresh his colors feel. I hope his new in-game model looks gorgeous.

No. 278086

File: 1677251701501.jpeg (525.69 KB, 1169x1658, D9E673BF-6C79-482F-A116-5BF6C1…)

Are you gonna pull for both Kaveh and Baizhu? I’m definitely gonna prioritize Kaveh but if they’re on the same banner I’ll pull for Baizhu too. Rumors say that Nahida is getting a rerun in 2.6. Praying that Kaveh isn’t on her banner.

No. 278092

they'll probably be on the same banner so i'm pulling for both

No. 278104

baizhu's design is still a fucking mess and the problem is that they could have fixed it so easily! he's dressed too grannycore
>make his glasses more simple, no dangling granny jewels
>remove the cringe anklet
>no crop top, it looks bad
>make his pants wider or give him some boots to cover them
>another option would be to give him some sort of front and back "skirt" like ningguang, xianxia style. it's very chinese
actually i'd go as far as make him completely covered, showing no skin. you may take it as censorship but i think it fits his character better, he's a chronically ill doctor not a stripper

No. 278108

I was gonna call you based but
>no crop top, it looks bad
>actually i'd go as far as make him completely covered
this ruined your post kek. I want mihoyo to stop the niqab husband trend. That tall male in Fontaine is tragic, we need the crop tops as compensation

No. 278110

never get into character design. i agree that this granny design is not that attractive but it has its fans. i like pantalone design better than baizhu solely for the fact that the dark colours hide the granny style while baizhu's make it pop even more. regardless, some people are into this design, and from the baizhu waiters alone it's a considerable amount of people

No. 278115

File: 1677259601614.jpg (209.55 KB, 1448x2048, baizhuredesign.jpg)

this is my vision

No. 278117

File: 1677259981404.jpg (614.69 KB, 1189x2048, baizhuredesign2.jpg)

here is the crop top version

No. 278122

File: 1677260597707.jpg (611.07 KB, 2000x1891, FkNqWNCVQAALvEP.jpg)

He is sickly in lore so I don't mind him being a twig. His jacket and dangly accessories should help him not look boring like Childe.
Leave Baizhu alone. You're getting your head to toe covered man when Neuvilette comes out.

No. 278125

So cuuute! (And covers his ugly yoga pants)

No. 278126

File: 1677261669350.jpeg (25.63 KB, 406x228, B7F7C101-7C75-428C-9910-A856C4…)

>dangly accessories should help him not look boring like Childe.
Childe has the cutest and most tasteful dangly accessory of them all, a dangly earring

No. 278127

He's sickly? I like him more now.

No. 278129

No. 278133

ew again. both your edits suck worse than the original and add new things to hate about his deisgn instead of fixing the old ones.

No. 278134

I only added a xianxia skirt (similar to xiao) and covered his right arm cause the asymmetry works better here, like tighnari

No. 278135

I also removed the grandma elements from his glasses and lengthened his shoes and pants

No. 278139

NTA, I'm also a crop top lover, but am I the only one who think Baizhu's belly button placement looks weird? It feels like it's a little too high up and that bothers me a bit

No. 278141

the splash art looks normal but the model does look odd. maybe they'll fix it till his banner

No. 278142

File: 1677265179363.jpeg (300.91 KB, 1152x2048, 55F50CE3-9390-4B41-B864-289914…)

They better make Kaveh a good 4-star, he got more likes and retweets than Baizhu. 209k likes while Baizhu got 89,4k.

No. 278151

the asymmetry is one of the worst elements of tighnari's already shit tier design. people worked months to develop stockholm syndrome for him, you know. back to baizhu, your crooked waist sash skirt hybrid doesn't make sense (and if you wanted one so badly you could've moved his existing sash to the front), the grell glasses were fine, and the shoe length in the new official design is better relative to the length and cut of his pants which you made look even more like sloppy joggers. I know its a quick edit but its all downgrades headed in the wrong direction.

the model of the new design hasn't been leaked yet so we'll see

No. 278163

>he's a chronically ill doctor not a stripper
Oh, I didn't know chronically ill people needed to be covered head to toe at all times lmao. Also this is a fantasy land where literal children swing big ass swords and fighters who live their lives on montains are dressed in see-through clothing, so who cares if a doctor wears a crop top?

Kek you had to cover his sleeve too, the man was too slutty I guess

No. 278176

knock on wood, but I feel like at the very least he can't be worse than Collei

No. 278189

File: 1677274223881.jpeg (234.45 KB, 1297x1297, 987A6E72-6383-477C-858D-89126B…)

True! Even dendro traveler is better than her. I just hope he comes a liiittle close to Nahida, would be so useful for anti-loli accounts like mine.

No. 278300

File: 1677309575628.jpg (48.38 KB, 1080x221, Screenshot_20230225_081835_Ins…)

This is in his description

No. 278307

File: 1677311242160.png (3.03 MB, 2000x1958, 31a4b8d9c70359622369c822d4c243…)

Yeah, he adopted Qiqi to try to learn what makes her immortal so he could make himself unable to die. That's why Hu Tao hates him, because he's trying to stop the natural life and death cycle.

No. 278428

File: 1677362138708.jpg (111 KB, 850x559, sample_6652c0d9da02aab48c6ae0e…)

I didn't even realize it was so close to time for him to be released! Exciting. I'm glad I've been saving my primos.

No. 278658

yeah and beta leaks should be here in around 3 days from now!

No. 278672

File: 1677439843866.jpg (416.6 KB, 850x1678, sample_711d423376a4dea756ba062…)

Which is better for the heals, Dori or Kuki?

No. 278746

Kuki. She beats Dori in every aspect.

No. 278763

File: 1677450366476.jpg (525.08 KB, 1720x2048, D0y5Kd8.jpg)

ive built both and have 5* weapons on them. for heal only, kuki is better since she doesnt need any ER which means you can stack HP% as you wish and has almost 100% uptime. but dori has the energy providing aspect, both with her burst filling up energy to the active character and from the bunch of particles with her skill (if you have another electro in the team). you cant move dori's burst while kuki's skill moves with you. though, i have noblesse on dori and tenacity on kuki, and ER weapon on dori and hp weapon on kuki, so my kuki heals more than average im assuming. my general advice would be to build dori if you need noblesse support + energy especially for electro and kuki if tenacity is better for the team (kuki skill uptime helps tenacity have effect almost always too) or if you just need simple constant healing

No. 278781

Kuki sounds like she's my best option then. I have her C3 anyway, Dori C0, so. Thanks for the answers, anons!

No. 278887

I'm going to pull for Baizhu, I don't pull for 4 stars since I'm afraid I will ruin my pity for a 5 star I don't want. I really hope I will get Kaveh soon tho, since he's so pretty. Do we already know on which 5 star banner he will be on?

No. 278937

We will likely learn when the open beta comes out, someone will datamine something.

No. 279041

File: 1677557002311.jpg (295.18 KB, 1455x1455, 20230227_220119.jpg)

Happy birthday Bennett!

No. 279052

File: 1677563806531.jpg (337.71 KB, 1536x2048, FqATfU8aUAAKDFD.jpg)

Happy birthday Bennett!

No. 279096

File: 1677580729146.jpg (86.52 KB, 1200x1003, 1677418728482758.jpg)

most lumine ship art depicts her as a tsundere mary sue sextoy emphasizing her very tiny petite frame and large breasts and juicy curvy body and then you wonder why some people prefer BL or choose aether as mc. when female self-inserts will be treated like "sexless" male self-inserts it will be a different story but that obviously will never happen because women contribute to this

No. 279099

Huh, this is coming out of nowhere. Who the fuck cares if someone prefers lumine or aether. I'm a fujofag but i still chose lumine as mc since she has a cute design. Idc how moids draw her in fan art

No. 279101

>ship art
i'm talking about ship art of her drawn by female fans, it looks identical to typical moid art. and her original design is already sexualized to begin with

No. 279117

File: 1677596801192.jpeg (578.17 KB, 2000x2000, B004466C-21F3-4F89-A665-7477DF…)

happy birthday to best boy

No. 279118

File: 1677596835435.jpeg (33.28 KB, 800x533, 0B14AFAE-4C25-4EEB-93C3-ED9CBA…)

Same tbh, Lumine’s design is really cute and moids sexualise everything anyway. I’ve seen numerous fan arts of female Alhaitham with huge boobs kek
Her original design isn’t sexualised, nona. It’s just a normal dress. Aether is more sexualised than her.

No. 279119

File: 1677596978539.jpg (145.28 KB, 600x843, Fm4Uat6XkAEr75M.jpg)

Dude shut the fuck up. Find better artists if the ones you follow are being weird coomers.

No. 279121

Don’t take the bait.

No. 279128

she's petite with big breasts and a short dress, literally every moid is attracted to her design lmao

No. 279129

File: 1677599999698.jpg (250.69 KB, 1032x614, 2302275903.jpg)

pic related of a non-sexualized female character not intended for moids

No. 279130

I guess every woman alive is sexualised because she has breasts then? Lumine is even on the small side. Stop baiting.

No. 279131

>Find better artists
Agreeing with this. I wish everyone just blocked the coomers and only engaged in good art. It gives me whiplash to search my new favourite character's name and see all the coomer art but with enough blocking i can see all the good works and give them my attention

she doesnt even have a big chest. She dresses how any fantasy character dresses. Yes its designed to be liked by moids but it's nowhere near the intolerable. A real woman could wear a dress like this if you take out the fantasy rocks and shit. Nothing wrong with women self inserting on a pretty woman whose design has way more thought behind it than body tight suit to pass the censorship
is this 4chan? have you never seen a real woman before?

No. 279132

she's at least a D based on how big they are on her small frame, also there are other girls who are dressed more modest than she is and without the tits out like yunjin, barbara, sucrose, faruzan

No. 279133

File: 1677600335721.jpeg (331.93 KB, 1448x2048, BA71B63B-D9CD-4BA6-B49B-683DF2…)

No one cares if you want to self insert as Kaveh or Aether instead of a girl

No. 279134

Jeez you’re a real autist

No. 279135

>nothing wrong with women self inserting on a pretty woman whose design has way more thought behind it than body tight suit to pass the censorship
it's always a tiny smol baby faced girl with a curvy body right?? say i'm baiting all you want but i'm sick of seeing female protagonist have the same exact body type again and again

No. 279136

you can clearly only be the protagonist and reverse harem leader if you have a big rack and/or petite body under 5'3 that surely is very fair to all women

No. 279137

Lumine’s body type isn’t unrealistic or rare, no offense but you sound very fat and like you have a lot of baggage about it. Go back to tumblr if you wanna see fat ugly disabled female full-coverage hijabi designs.

No. 279138

File: 1677600897277.jpg (359.71 KB, 1192x2048, FpwrfmeXsAEgkhF.jpg)

>zooms into her tits from an angle you have to be trying for in-game
>t-this is coomer! a-at least a D cup!
I bet you're the burqa-wanter sperging about Alhaitham's arms and abs. Just say you hate skin and go.

No. 279139

Are you going to complain about not having overweight characters next? You dont even see the mc for most of the game. These mcs are not fully self inserts, they're just the main characters and we get to control them the way we control any other character. Dont like it? Dont play. There are tons of games out there that let you customise your character how you like. Not every game has to be "fair" to every single body type out there

No. 279143

i'm a skinny tall woman not a fatty, don't make assumptions about me. it's a fact that in these types of games the female mc is always the tiny cute girl meant to be paired with ikemen, not someone who is medium sized and who looks more average… like you know the average player. lumine is not average, tell me how many women under 5'2 you see with a perfect soft hourglass body and angelic look outside of e-girls with filtered body. you know there was no point for her to have her cleavage out, also many of you complain when mihoyo forces characters like jean to show their armpits, but it's suddenly o-kay when lumine does the same in her idle. according to you every female character looks coomerish but don't dare criticize lumine's design. look at star rail's mc for comparison, and tell me which one looks more coomerish

No. 279146

Go see a therapist nona

No. 279147

this is such a stupid argument even in otome games. If it was a tall woman, short women would end up complaining. If you see short women with pretty bodies in dresses as coomerish thats on you.
>looks more average
Who wants to look at average or ugly characters instead of pretty ones? All characters are way prettier than average, that's why they all have the same face with just different eyes. If youre insecure about being average, you should focus on yourself instead of taking it out on random games that are not even dating games btw lol

No. 279148

okay then why do you guys sperg out everytime someone posts a female character here and call her coomerish then? why am i not allowed to do that?

No. 279150

Because Lumine simply isn’t a coomer design and you’re delusional kek
But keep on seething it’s funny

No. 279151

Youre doing it in a very weird way. Your insecurity and hatred for pretty women ruin your arguments

No. 279152

File: 1677602185643.png (1.46 MB, 1585x1663, 1673967311613572.png)

okay then, i'll post other non-coomerish designs

No. 279154

File: 1677602442103.jpg (308.2 KB, 1336x2048, 1660062610050520.jpg)

No. 279155

whoever does that is also weird and delusional, stop having what moids think about the designs on your mind 24/7. i like some of the "coomer" designs and really don't like others, but you're just awfully pressed about it for no reason.

No. 279156

File: 1677602532904.jpg (2.61 MB, 2950x4552, 1659088594292697.jpg)

No. 279157

File: 1677602655233.jpg (573.35 KB, 698x1000, __lumine_genshin_impact_drawn_…)

>under 5'2"
Lumine does not have a canon height. You seem particularly sore about this topic for whatever reason.
It's stupid that Jean shows her armpits because it looks like she's wearing a dress shirt then suddenly shows off random armpits. It doesn't make sense with the rest of the design. Lumine's wearing a sleeveless dress. Those situations aren't comparable.
>star rail's mc
Neither look coomerish.
See the point about Jean. It's stupid that a god is walking around with her underwear out, that's why it's ridiculous and coomerish. Lumine has bloomers on for god's sake.
>new fish design is more coomer than the old one
Actual retard.

No. 279158

right i'm not allowed to ask for more relatable protagonists because the average woman is fine self-inserting in a perfect mary sue with no flaws

No. 279159

lumine is fucking ugly and self inserting is retarded. genshin isn't even worth self inserting into.

No. 279160

and you're ignoring the full cleavage on display with tits almost spilling out, why are raiden's shorts coomer-like but a cleavage isn't? any man who looks at lumine will start jerking off(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 279161

Wow you really just hate women. Do you seethe when you see cleavage irl?
>any man who looks at lumine will start jerking off
Or are you secretly angry that you find her attractive? Is lumine your gay awakening nonny?

No. 279162

File: 1677603027805.jpg (53.46 KB, 776x325, 230224950.jpg)

she's like 5 ft flat

No. 279163

File: 1677603284646.jpg (152.89 KB, 850x1425, __fischl_and_fischl_genshin_im…)

That photo doesn't mean anything because we're not given a scale. It's just showing the character models aren't indicative of characters being shorter than one another.
How dare women have breasts amirite, they should cover up like the filthy whores they are. /s
Also new Fish is cute.

No. 279164

ah yes i'm sure lumine is 5'4 and kaeya is 7 ft

No. 279170

Kek right. I don't actually hate Lumine but her design is just fucking boring. A pretty girl with a pretty flowery dress. In comparison Aether is more unusual because he wears a crop top despite being a male.
But yeah self inserting is always cringy as fuck, imagine being so narcissistic that you can self-insert into a super pretty petite mary sue that everyone loves.

No. 279181

Go see a therapist, you are unhinged kek

No. 279182

I agree that Lumine's design is coomer tier because she has pretty sizable breasts for her frame and her chest and armpits are out on display, I wish female protagonists were more androgynous like Aether is instead of just wide eyed soft princesses with a pronounced cleavage. I know that Lumine is popular with self-inserters specifically for the reason that it's their power fantasy to be like she is and desired after every ikemen in the game but they better not complain about everyone else preferring Aether and accuse them of """misogyny""". Even the Star Rail female protagonist looks better.

No. 279183

Lumine is like the most tame cutesy female design in genshin why are you even playing the game if you can't even handle that

No. 279184

And here I was thinking I was weird because I didn't like that Lumine's dress was white. It just gives weird purity vibes a la Luna from FFXV, and it just rubs me the wrong way. I saw a colorswap between her and Aether once and it'd be so cool if it was an option in game. It's a weird little thing that bugs me, but on the plus side I love that she has short hair.

No. 279188

It bothers me because Aether looks like an undercover traveler but Lumine looks like a princess, I know it's because of the lore and Aether being the canon protagonist but it's still distracting. She would honestly look much better with Aether's color scheme and with a real top, the weird purity vibe is spot on.

No. 279204

(nta) no u. how can you proudly admit to larping as a boring white marysue anime girl in a trashy mobile game and call other people unhinged in the same breath? get a comeback that doesn't draw attention to what a self awareness lacking loser you are.

No. 279205

You're so right about Aether actually looking like a foreign traveler and Lumine looking like a princess. She's supposed to be a realm hopping traveler like her twin, but she's mucking around this foreign terrain in a crisp white dress and heels. The two look like they're not even from the same place despite traveling side by side for who knows how long. I can't unsee the pure white, virginal dress trend certain female characters are assigned and I hate it.

No. 279208

File: 1677610498528.jpg (143.07 KB, 1009x1097, 20230220_162656.jpg)

you need to be put down for both of these arguments along with everyone else who says stuff like this.

>lulz maybe youre only hating cuz your gay for me-I mean my self inse-I mean lumine!

sometimes yumes sound eerily similar to mtfs


No. 279209

File: 1677610917242.jpeg (47.77 KB, 806x338, AE2DB8BF-FD07-40F3-AE24-4D0EB6…)

Fuck. Violetgrass

No. 279214

Buy the seeds from tubby and plant them in your teapot anon. So much easier than climbing those stupid cliffs for it.