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File: 1658370988905.jpg (29.83 KB, 563x400, 728e58b6b71145a159d07a627e84bb…)

No. 223518

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo/Hoyoverse. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

>Redeem codes without having to login

>Check your spiral abyss data


>Wish simulator (feat. old banners)


>Damage calculator


>Build simulator


>Database filled with pretty much everything found in game


>Build help


>Character guides


Previous threads:

No. 223532

File: 1658376178114.jpeg (179.54 KB, 1271x889, 15960B1F-F227-4690-8E58-5E6BB6…)

Starting the thread off right.

No. 223583

File: 1658397286250.png (Spoiler Image,552.12 KB, 400x550, tartaglia.PNG)

I am probably one of the few who aren't bothered by the Scara revamp. Electro is second to only geo as the shittiest element, while anemo is not only stronger but tends to have more fun kits, too. Case in point, Heizou is far from strong or meta, but his kit is fun enough for people to use him anyway.

On a sidenote, Scara won't even be the first to have a full revamp before becoming playable.
Tartaglia, the electro-wielding harbinger dude planning actual genocide, and Childe, the edgy but tolarable Hydro-vision counterpart we pull for bothered no one. So why are people panicking about Scara now is beyond me.

No. 223601

Because it was always clear that Childe had a hydro vision and an electro delusion which he would rarely use. Scaramouche has only ever appeared with electro abilities and during the long wait people got attached to that and his personality and looks. Now everything is getting a complete overhaul. There are a lot of anemo boys already while there's only Razor for electro. According to leaks he's going to be a catalyst user as well and we just got Heizou. Maybe there would have been less arguing if this hadn't been leaked and everyone got to experience the change in context with the story. Right now it's unclear what the reason for this seemingly extreme and sudden change is and how he's going to look. Everyone is just annoyed in advance that they aren't getting what they've been waiting for

No. 223602

he's never used any combat abilities, and he never had a vision

No. 223611

Nta, but I agree with >>223601 saying that people got attached to his current personality and looks, even though he had, like, 5 minutes of screentime. Being told "Hey this character you've been waiting for since 1.1 is getting design changes and possibly a personality overhaul" is a bit upsetting for some people who have been waiting for him for so long and liked his current personality. We don't know how drastic these changes will be, in terms of design all we know is that the veil was removed, possibly for clipping issues (But Yoimiya gets that big ass bow). If all the speculation is true and his switch to Anemo represents freedom then I doubt we'd be getting a bastard villain which a lot of people were hoping for.

And while he's never used any combat abilities and never had a vision, I also assumed he would be Electro because he was created by the Electro archon, stole the Electro Gnosis, his outfit reminds me of Electro and he comes from Inazuma.

Sorry for sperging

No. 223612

I guess his design and the fact that he's one of Raiden's puppets and stole her gnosis made it easy to assume that he'd at least have an electro delusion if not a vision. But he also doesn't have an anemo vision on him, so it's kind of random. They might show him getting it in the story, but right now there's no info on it either way. If the abilities were the only thing that changed it would have upset less people I think

No. 223618

honestly, was looking really forward to scaramouche for the electro. i already have most of the anemo boys, so the variety would be nice. hes a skip for me now lmao

No. 223670

File: 1658425854263.jpg (Spoiler Image,173.5 KB, 1271x1374, 1wjs4pe7ncc91.jpg)


imo some of the leaked dialogue does seem to imply that we may see him obtain his vision in the story

No. 223672

File: 1658426739258.jpg (109.39 KB, 850x739, sample-2be1ac8822d928c4aba7629…)

Cyno is apparently going to be Electro if you're at all interested in him, anon.

No. 223717

I'm gonna say it, mona and fischl deserved so much better than stupid coomerbait outfits and being hyper sexualized by moids. None of them even appreciate their character or personality, all they see is mona ass and fischl leotard. They're both charming characters with a lovely friendship that I could see in a female-oriented series, but their outfits give such a bad impression

No. 223720

I agree. I think I love them now (just not their outfits.)

No. 223728

meh, they're not exactly groundbreaking characters either. the bar is in hell. their designs were settled upon well before their characters and personalities were, can't really blame coomers for taking the bait hoyo prepared them.

No. 223779

Gonna be honest, even if they weren't coomer bait I still wouldn't like them, Fischl especially. She's just so annoying. Might just be me though

No. 223781

File: 1658458481746.png (227 KB, 583x524, 342423b.png)

Bennett, Barbara and Yun Jin will appear on Yoimiya's banner. https://twitter.com/SaveYourPrimos/status/1550180590833438720?s=20&t=IGwDNbYPghxPPLpx-HNFjg

No. 223785

File: 1658458937398.jpg (550.07 KB, 880x1237, FVSOxnrVsAIl8rt.jpg)

Technically, she's just a young girl that's LARPing, so I think it's natural to find her super annoying.

No. 223786

I wouldn't mind getting some Yun Jin constellations, but I really do not care to have Yoimiya and already have Bennett and Barbs C6. Skipping.

No. 223787

Yeah I can't blame her for being super annoying. Doesn't make me hate her any less though kek

Ez skip for me as well, although I wouldn't mind Bennett and Barb cons. I just don't want to ruin my pity for Tighnari.

No. 223789

This event made me appreciate both Mona and fischl, I still don't use them because I have better characters, but their personalities got a tiny bit more deep than the
>hurr durr she's poor
>hurr durr she's edgy
Schtick they had going on. Xinyan and Kazuha felt a bit shoehorned tbh, and it shows because of the designs of their realms, Kazuha's thoughts were amazing, but I don't know, the event feels like it was more about Mona and Fischl, and then the writers thought "well let's add him since we need to sell him and her because the island has some part about music"

No. 223791

Xinyan really felt like a token “we haven’t done anything with her in a while and people are mad that we don’t have a lot of brown characters”

No. 223795

Really, I felt a bit betrayed tbh, I love her though, and I'm glad she got more screen time and that we got to see some cute moments with her. But something was lacking and I'm not sure of what it is, maybe it was just her realm, it felt uninspiring and out of character compared to the others.

No. 223797

File: 1658462322598.png (965.47 KB, 943x908, hug the xinyan.PNG)

Hard agree, you can tell Hoyo played favorites tbh

No. 223800

Fischl’s island and domains SCREAMED personality, but Xinyan’s really could’ve belonged to almost any other character.

No. 223826

I don't give a shit because I'm not having an hyperautistic fixation on outfits and moids don't live rent-free in my head even when I turn the game on.

Fischl is mostly famous in the fandom for her chuuni quirk which can be a hit or miss.

No. 223827

Xinyan's character is very one note lol. She's just as interesting as xiangling and her obsession with cooking

No. 223831

It's hard to find a character who isn't
>muh quirk
>muh work
>muh dead friend
>muh cliche sad past
The writing isn't stellar for most of them.

No. 223845

they aren't even given an actually funny quirky, it's just shit like omg i love milk tea or dango uwu

No. 223870

Which makes Xinyan's realm an insult because it can't be that hard to make a music inspired stage with rocks and sticks. When the fire flower said
>omg just go to the music hall
I expected something interesting and actually bright because of Xinyan's one note personality but it was just another basic stage like from any other mission we have done in the past.

No. 223883

I've seen moids like Fischl mainly bc of her personality. Chuunis are always popular.

No. 223910

I really love Mona and she deserves none of the unnecessary sexualization and retarded dialogue about her skimpy outfit being torn off for a stupid gag. It pisses me off to no end to see scrotes treating her as just a piece of ass or a joke with her starving magician shtick.

You say this "they're all badly written mihoyo just sucks at writing in general!!!!" shit every time a waifu is criticized for not having her full potential utilized. Just because you can't appreciate the better written characters and only want to coom to them doesn't mean others are as retarded.

No. 223922

File: 1658514338316.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1000x1000, 64A86143-BAAF-4E2A-9CD9-884BB4…)

I agree, their vibes are cute

No. 223934

Nta but
>Just because you can't appreciate the better written characters
Kek "they're all badly written mihoyo just sucks at writing in general!!!!" is correct, if you think otherwise you need to consume any piece of media that isn't Genshin Impact. It is a crappy coomer game, you are humiliating yourself by saying "its totes super deep and well written when u give it a chance!!!" I'm not appreciating bad characters just because Eula makes them look better.

No. 224060

I mean, Eula does make any character look complex next to her OC donut steel-esque autistic one note personality.

No. 224128

what is the appeal of this game for women?

No. 224131

What's the appeal for you?

No. 224135

breath of the wild appealed to women with its fun gameplay, beauty, soothing life sim elements, cute bishounen protagonist you can dress up, horses, and heavy ghibli inspiration. genshin is the most pathetic wish.com chinese bootleg of it you could imagine, courtesy of a company whose area of expertise has historically been making games where you fondle young anime girl boobs and it shows. though it does have two perks: more boys to choose from than link (obtained via gacha) and being more accessible than the original.

aside from that
>theres some customization in the housing system but all it is is assets ripped directly from the overworld, with strict limitations and no color customization.

>if you like bad anime, playing through the story is like a bad anime that often asks you to run 10 steps away from you or fight a few weak mobs in between the cringey dialog. the characters are flat, tropey messes to bait fanfic writers and doujin artists.

>there's fujo and yume bait

>venti is cute

No. 224157

I can't help but think they mention "fantasy" so often because of all the people complaining about them not taking proper inspiration from any one middle eastern country in the way they did for other regions which have one specific real country as reference. It's weird that Sumeru is this undefined mix, but I guess that's the "exoticism" of it. I can't believe I haven't seen anyone talk about them using that exact term in this preview to be honest. But Sumeru looks fun so far, though anything would be better than the hostile and cold look of Inazuma.

No. 224161

File: 1658621814467.jpeg (105.05 KB, 1299x600, EC0780AB-8DC1-4311-A783-9F9883…)

It's definitely better looking than that hellhole named Inazuma. Seriously, what the hell were they thinking while designing Inazuma? The only place that wasn't a complete eyesore was the shrine of the cats.

No. 224165

I really hope there’s an area in the jungle with a lot of rainbow colored flowers and birds. That’d be cool.

No. 224197

File: 1658636785868.jpg (83 KB, 640x640, unnamed.jpg)

Happy birthday Heizou!

No. 224219

the desert side of sumeru is literally just ancient egypt. like, straight up ancient egypt. it's only the rainforest side that became a mix of cultures from persia to india to other arabic countries

No. 224220

File: 1658646011833.jpg (939.77 KB, 2500x2500, 20220724_015740.jpg)

armpit + looks like hes 100% getting fucked in the ass in his other birthday art, very cool thanks for this one mihoyo

No. 224221

I'm still mad about them censoring his hangout with aether just because moids complained about thoma and gorou hangout looking "too gay". And obviously luminefags celebrated it because it benefits them. They also stopped posting the chibi birthday art on weibo

No. 224222

oh well, lumine x whatever will never be as popular as aether x whatever no matter how much it triggers moids, yumes, and ccp yaoiphobes

No. 224224

it will never be canon either, it's just cheap bait that goes nowhere that mihoyo is forced to implement to pander to waifufags and yumes. i can't even imagine taking a traveler ship seriously when even paimon has more actual interaction with the characters

No. 224228

I can't wait for them to make scara yet another traveler orbiter

No. 224229

Wait, how did they censor Heizou's hangout? Moids should absolutely just die for being such fragile bitches

No. 224230

Or you could stop making shit up like the delusional fujotranny you are.

No. 224231

there is one scene where lumine touches heizou's shoulder while in the other version aether just looks super awkward and another one where there is an illusion that lumine and heizou are touching hands while aether is posing in a stereotypical "manly" way. very subtle changes

No. 224232

lumine will never be canon go cry about it

No. 224233

She is just as canon as Aether and YWNBAM.

No. 224234

That's the schizo moid stalking this thread. Don't respond to him, ignore and report.

No. 224235

Please you don't have to be a moid to notice the hyperautistic fixation on small differences because fujotrannies need their daily dose of moid touching to be aroused.

No. 224237

>the hyperautistic fixation on small differences
I wouldn't have noticed this if luminetrannies didn't have to constantly bring this up to prove that lumine is "closer" to heizou

No. 224238

File: 1658649804396.jpg (1.05 MB, 1213x1709, 20220720_185051.jpg)

i love it when anime boys are hot and have sex and make out and fuck and touch eachothers sensitive weiners and nipples and buttholes

and the bait is weak since everyone knows mtfs are more staunch haters of BL than any other moids. and they all main lumine, meow. maybe scrote-kun is a tranny-kun too?

No. 224239

>following Lumine yumejos
I didn't notice it either but it's funny how Aether softboys/fujos and Lumine self-inserters/yumejos are always turning it into a competition kek.

No. 224242

File: 1658650178008.jpg (1.59 MB, 2475x3500, FVT8Yk4aMAAtpUx.jpg)

I seriously wish mods would redtext or delete his posts to stop newfag anons from replying to him. He's fully identifiable and doesn't even attempt to conceal his identity because he knows he's a retarded XY with stunted social skills, it serves no purpose to leave his posts up.

No. 224243

I'm not following them I just searched for heizou pics on twt and one of the results was someone comparing the differences between their hangouts

No. 224244

File: 1658650335026.jpg (322.38 KB, 1500x2112, 20220710_103715.jpg)

but theres only like 5 of them. why go out your way to lurk through their delusional word vomit posts?

No. 224245

NAYRT but post your BTFOd crack ship in >>m/190376

No. 224248

File: 1658651050730.jpg (487 KB, 1536x2048, 20220717_172027.jpg)

no u
saddest samefag attempt of 2022 mlem

imagine a crackship being more popular and more pandered to than the self inserts one. very sad. childe will sadly die before the traveler is able to reach first base but thankfully he had enough drunk gay seggs with his reverse sugar daddy zhongli for one lifetime in liyue arc ♥ signora pats the empty space in her big casket

No. 224251

kek I love you anon

No. 224257

File: 1658652044724.jpg (137.13 KB, 1135x1280, 20220724_103650.jpg)

>more pandered to the self-insert one
Zero interaction since 1.1
Zero concern from Childe to Zhongli
Zhongli living his life in Liyue while Childe is striving on that battle spirit
He keeps running into us but we're doing him golden favors despite his actions
Zhongli's most intense homosexual desire was with Azhdaha
Zhongli's last appearance was with the Chasm quest where he saved Xiao (not Childe)
Childe guaranteed to resurface in Sumeru

How does it feel to take up so many Ls?

No. 224259

childe doesn't even know who lumine is

No. 224260

Yes, she is the traveler you pick up at the start aka Y/N.

No. 224261

the tartali/zhongchi vs chilumi wars are so retarded because first of all, ALL the characters interact more with the traveler, they're the mc, of course childe will interact more with them. and second, if you advocate for chilumi then you must also advocate for chilther
also there are bigger traveler "simps" than childe like xiao, ayaka, shenhe so sorry but it means nothing

No. 224268

File: 1658653776763.jpg (444.41 KB, 2716x1945, 20220724_110700.jpg)

I'm fully aware most characters simp for the traveler but with Zhongchi it's hilarious how fujos mischaracterize and overexaggerate their interactions when there's m/m ships with a much stronger basis like Xingyun or Thomato.

Chilumi vs Chilther is the good old yumejo vs fujo wars. Absolutely pointless since Childe looks at the traveler the same.

No. 224269

File: 1658653786117.jpg (1.38 MB, 2121x3000, 20220720_074217.jpg)

you say that as if going on dates with zhongli and spending millions of mora on gifts for him isnt 100x what the traveler got. his interactions with traveler have been negative, lore dump, or forced babysitting. he has a better bond with xinyan than traveler. but traveler has a strong bond with ayaka, maybe you can ship them instead?

actually the canon traveler is aether! lumine is in the abyss. maybe she could have been a pedofork at chile when he fell in as a kid but he said he dont know her.

No. 224271

It's legitimately hilarious to see the zhongchi shipper just troll the fuck out of people and the scrote and the chilumi sperg absolutely lose their minds over it every single time. Grow up.

No. 224275

>they use aether in promotional art
>they use aether in every trailer since 1.0
>aether is the one featured in tutorials and event loading screens
>they are often too lazy to change dialog that implies the mc is a male for the crack traveler. or traveler!lumine is a non passing transwoman in the lore possibly
Luminebros what did they mean by this?

No. 224276

yes this, childe's bond with traveler is very forced, canonically they wouldn't even consider dating him. they even rejected ayaka, why would they be attracted to him? of course childe respects them because he's a battletard and traveler kicked his ass, but look at how he's also simping for varka and capitano because they're extremely strong. the "oh my god my family loves you so much" is so out of pocket and such obvious bait, literally protagonist halo in action

No. 224278

Holy cringe. Good thing I don't listen to Zhongchitards and their delusional headcanons.
Bold of you to assume she isn't serious like Zhongchifujos and makes up shit that don't exist, like all of them.

No. 224283

This isn't the first time an anon unironically mentions armpits. How did you get memed into this moid tier shit

No. 224286

my friend is a kpop fan and she developed an armpit and feet fetish somehow

No. 224287

I don't care who is canon for Hoyo, I prefer Lumine as the traveler and in my gameplay universe she is the mc that interacts with others and is looking for her twin brother. Genshin isn't the first game that has two MCs and only one is shown in promos/is canon.
Every time there's a lot of new posts it's either ship fight or muh canon traveler comments.

No. 224288

but why would you ship a character you love with a blank slate mary sue like lumine? i just don't get it, like what sort of romance is that, what is the appeal of it

No. 224292

Isn't that the appeal? That you can project whatever you want onto the blank slate? Also funny that you're criticising Lumine for this when arguably all characters in Genshin are like that. None of them have a strong characterization, it's the bare minimum and yet there is so much talk about shipping

No. 224294

Sorry to hear but keep that to yourself from now on

No. 224315

Literally the only part about the summer event that I enjoy is Kazuha's story. Who the hell had this bright idea of making a fun, relaxing summer map into some annoyingly long story where nobody ever says anything worth my time and the only interaction is just pointless fetch quests every 5 minutes? At least last year it was a funny story with interesting character reactions with the focus on exploring the island but now it's just the equivalent of watching people you don't know doing things you don't care about and barren dungeons with nothing to do in them. I barely have any idea what the fuck is going on with the story because I zone out during the dialogue all the time, for fuck's sake Mihoyo, stop making limited time events so lore heavy and include them in the main story instead!

No. 224331

>friendly reminder that zhongchi tards are the reason zhongli has less characterization than he could have
if it wasnt for retarded fujos we could have had the tragic pinning between guizhong and zhongli alas it was scrapped. if they could they would probably even force mihoyo to change guili planes name. inb4 ningtards say anything. no i dont ship ninguang and zhongli. he moved on and she is a different person

No. 224332

>if it wasnt for retarded fujos we could have had the tragic pinning between guizhong and zhongli alas it was scrapped.
and god bless them for it

No. 224337

File: 1658682602297.png (135.93 KB, 703x703, 76725f5d573da21e6d72d81340088d…)

idk i like lumine and childe x lumine it's cute because she comes across as kind of a sociopath so it fits. i like lumine.

No. 224340

I get so tired of these retarded ship wars on this thread in general. It's like everyone is underage and this is a thread for Naruto fandom in 2005. SasuNaru v SasuSaku part #35149. Can we just, like, post pretty fanart sometimes without all the sperging?

No. 224342

>tragic pinning
>when guizhong was literally just a manic pixie dream girl
yeah no thanks

No. 224343

It's been said before and I'll say it again, it's because hetfags are made of glass. An anon posted zhongchi to fend the retarded moid out and someone chimped the fuck out over it because of muh chilumi feelings and carried it out for multiple posts and now someone picked it up again only to ree about some made-up fantasy of evil fujos robbing them of their guizhong mommy het romance.

No. 224345

I agree. This screams underage. Anons at least try to act like you’re not all summerfags.

No. 224349

File: 1658683994721.jpg (174.94 KB, 1398x2048, 20210506_233103.jpg)

it takes an advanced strain of autism to get invested in genshin shipping for real, x2 for yume retardation. but it is more fun to get a rise out of them in here than playing the game has been in about a year.

No. 224352

And yet you're the one taking it so personally because deep down you know you will never be a real gay man regardless on how you consume fujoshit.

No. 224354

Anon I think God should kill you

No. 224356

Just report him. Unless you're him samefagging to keep the infighting going, then perish

No. 224357

Whoops, did that one hurt too close to home? There's a containment thread for your delusional kind after all. Why don't you go back there?

No. 224358

File: 1658687370212.jpg (207.1 KB, 1080x1402, 20220724_202802.jpg)

Since Chilumi is so big I tend to be selective with the fanarts (no gross coomer shit/breeding fetish) and end up enjoying the ship to its fullest. I'm a sucker for otome tropes despite how cheesy and infantile they sound.

No. 224362

File: 1658688286930.jpg (440.68 KB, 1447x2047, 1657534460751.jpg)

Childe is for capitano

No. 224364

File: 1658688578764.jpg (2.61 MB, 2008x1181, Genshin.Impact.full.3669865.jp…)

We'll probably never see the Yakshas again and it makes me sad

No. 224367

I've never shipped anything ever. Kind of gives me fomo, I just don't understand shipping.

No. 224373

File: 1658690927399.jpg (189.04 KB, 1600x2262, 20220202_095921.jpg)

No need to be sad when the only hot one made it out alive

No. 224375

File: 1658691252038.jpg (420.44 KB, 2300x1626, 7444g.jpg)

Since this is /m/ on-topic pic spam is halal right?

No. 224378

File: 1658692636620.jpg (1.12 MB, 2048x1234, FWKsGyGaAAEGdLb.jpg)

But I like all of them even if Menogias is just discount Zhongli

No. 224383

Not everyone has taste as bad as yours, nona. these designs definitely needed to be taken out back and shot. hoyo did the right thing.

No. 224385

Probably bait but how are these designs any worse than abortions like Eula's and Shenhe's? Anon please.

No. 224406

Less sexy =/= better, everything about them is wrong with the exception of Xiao's.

No. 224418

nta, but you're just being needlessly derisive.

No. 224422

I've always disliked the Hydro lady, I never got the hype for her. Not sure why or what about the design makes me dislike her so much but she's so ugly to me.

No. 224428

They’re really bland. At least Tomo and Ei’s friends had decent designs.

Delusional himejos were really saying hydro and pyro lady looked better than Xiao lmao

No. 224430

no surprise there cuz those nlogs also shill honkai. those two look like steven universe/lore olympus rejects at best. purple guy look like a 12 year olds deviantart bnha oc. hate shenhe and eula too but they look much better than that. the blue ones bodysuit would look equally as horny as shenhes if she was in game. but then the rest of her design is worse.

unpopular opinion: i never liked the yaksha story either. its so generic shounenshit. i still like xiao but if he wasnt a qt i dont think i would like him and his annoying suicide baiting very much at all. fuck yelan and her moralfagging for wasting all of our time in the last event. if the emo cutter boy wants to try to kill himself then let him do it. who the hell cares if zhongli puts us on his naughty list for not coddling his contractual onahole? he was going to fish him out and dope him up on lexapro again regardless

No. 224438

holy shit that game has some of the worst designed characters i've ever seen, everything is a cluttered mess, I can barely tell them apart from each other
and i agree with the second point, I always thought xiao's story is very generic edgefest

No. 224440

File: 1658730479939.jpg (5.35 MB, 3072x4096, FWSiCaEXwAMshGX.jpg)

Comparing anything in Genshin to Steven Universe is really low imo. Nothing in Genshin, not even the ugliest designs like Eula's and Yelan's, comes anywhere close to the level of hideous of 99% of Steven Universe. Also I hate Honkai Impact, it's nothing but a disgusting uwu coom game.
I like that her design invokes both mermaids with the seashell crown and scale legs and sirens with her mean looking bird claw things. Maybe it just has too much blue for you though? The yakshas are all except for Xiao and Indarias (fire lady) are kind of dominated by one primary colour and I think that's a decent criticism.
I don't think they necessarily look better than Xiao, Xiao's design has a lot more colour to it. Legit the only one I think is bland though is Menogias for looking too much like Zhongli.

Not gonna like I think Tomo looks like a Yasuo ripoff and Chiyo has the child model look so I was predisposed to hating her, but the tengu and kitsune looked alright. To each their own though.

No. 224441

File: 1658731110598.jpeg (165.67 KB, 750x1494, 1655383340709.jpeg)

I wanted to buy my friend some Primogems as a gift, why is a ten pull like $30Aud jfc

No. 224451

Speaking of xiao, why is he so damn obsessed with traveler? I thought it was so jarring how quick he started simping for them, pulling cheesy pick me bullshit lines like "you're different". Like I get it, his karma doesn't affect them, but it also doesn't affect the other adepti with whom xiao was very familiar with. Shenhe's and ayaka's situation was exactly the same, they barely talked and they were already head over heels for them. Ayaka was claiming she had no friends as if thoma and yoimiya didn't exist?
It just reeks of bad gary stu/mary sue writing. And before someone comes with "it's yumejo pandering, deal with it", don't you want to at least feel like you genuinely gained their trust instead of them orbiting around you just because you're the so ~oh great traveler~

No. 224452

File: 1658736319783.jpg (55.81 KB, 640x548, jq26afc2ski71.jpg)

The pulls are really expensive. You can't even guarantee a 5 star if you pay 100$, which is crazy to me.

That's why though. It's pandering and bad writing. You don't pay money for the story or game itself but for the characters, so they have to pander to the tastes of the players as much as possible

No. 224453

If they wanted to make traveler a proper self-insert at least give us the option to customize them jfc also make them less of an asshole, I couldn't stand them during the inazuma quest, so fucking insufferable

No. 224454

For Xiao it made sense because he had been alone for literally thousands of years with his only purpose being self-sacrifice so of course he would be taken by someone wanting to break that cycle. The same sort of goes for Shenhe seeing how she's autism personified with barely any human contact in her life. With Ayaka it was just out of place because like said she already had Thoma, Ayato and Yoimiya and clearly was respected and well-perceived by the people of Inazuma yet she started simping for the traveler like she had never seen another human being. I would feel so fucking awkward if some random upper class girl I met 2 days ago would start traumadumping and blushing and dragged me out in the woods to perform a fan dance for me.

No. 224455

Ah yes it only took traveler two words to get xiao and shenhe to simp for them right? Xiao barely appears in the liyue archon quest! You mean this 3,000 yr old being would suddenly start simping for someone just because they gave him a bit of an attention? The last event proved there are plenty of other characters who care about him like yanfei, yelan and zhongli but he's still dickriding traveler at the end even though they barely did shit

No. 224456

Also xiao wasn't really alone. He was a mentor to ganyu in her quest

No. 224458

Exactly, the appeal isn't in the story, it's in the character designs. For a primarily straight moid audience might I add.

I was just talking with said friend how bull it is that the ~$100 deal doesn't guarantee you 90 pulls. Even if it did it's mind boggling how you could still lose the 50/50 if you aren't guaranteed. This game does a good job of wanting me to NOT spend money on it, besides getting the Welkin Moon.

No. 224460

>Waaahh the story is badly written and shit who the fuck could ever enjoy this
>The characters are ugly and badly written, I hate all of them
>The gameplay sucks and the gacha is a scam!!!
>Events are awful reee this game is so boring
Can I just ask why the hell you guys are playing Genshin? I swear some people come here just to vent about how much they hate this game and it just boggles the mind since I myself would just drop a game instead of wasting my time on something I hate so much. I like Genshin's story and most of the characters (the male ones at least) and the gameplay and events are fun, if any of those features wasn't to my liking I wouldn't be using my limited free time on any of it.

No. 224461

File: 1658740623353.png (3.6 MB, 2210x795, my husband.PNG)

No. 224463

That's a good fucking question. Tbh I would t be surprised if this thread is full of literal faggots trying to larp as straight women or something, something with the tone of most posts of these generals doesn't feel right to me.

No. 224464

File: 1658741685171.jpg (63.74 KB, 564x564, bfec960b64e6fa47aa23b6d1dd1386…)

What character got you guys into Genshin, if any? For me it was Venti.

No. 224465

I know "it's all moids" is a stupid cope meme but it seriously sounds like ledditor males and malebrains trying to be 2deep4animeplot thinking it makes them super intellectual for ripping on the writing just for the sake of being a contrarian despite severely lacking in media literacy. The way they repeat the "it's a botw ripoff!!!!" narrative straight from neogaf forums or something as if it was the first game to have open world elements is fucking embarrassing.

No. 224467

That and the way they're ripping into the story too. That gave me /v/ibes or /a/ edgelords trying to shit up any anime discussion thread.

Sure GI doesn't have stellar writing but it's not godawful either. In fact I'm surprised at the quality given how this is a gacha mobile game.

No. 224473

Kaeya and Venti

No. 224478

Finally! The thread has been so ugly for the last few days. Idr which character got me into genshin but it could've been Kaeya and the possibility of other cuties.

No. 224479

File: 1658749685850.jpeg (211.69 KB, 750x1500, 82339EDE-F594-4166-AD63-D19EA0…)

Definitely Kaeya, I kept seeing art of him everywhere so I decided to play, then I got Diluc and that made me stay.

No. 224482

I like the exploration aspect, farming, fighting with my characters etc but are people now not allowed to criticize the aspects they don't like? different people complain about different things, for instance i didn't say anything about the gacha being a scam. literally every genshin fan i've come across complains about something, but we still play it cause it's the only game of its kind

No. 224483

personally i'm more bothered by the fandom, not the game itself

No. 224487

I don't know, maybe because we've been playing for longer and are getting sick of it never improving? do you know what kind of website lolcow.farm is? people are going to criticize your crummy special interest game, and you will probably join us once the lenses on your rose tinted glasses get smudged up too.

>In fact I'm surprised at the quality given how this is a gacha mobile game

genshin players with zero experience with and thus zero expectations for gacha writing putting it on a pedestal will never not be embarrassing

reddit males are the only ones who whiteknight it though

No. 224488

venti, chongyun, and this exact video of xiao killing the electro cube from the old cbt

No. 224490

I honestly don't see what's wrong with the writing when it comes to the plot, it's pretty straightforward, traveler wants to find their sibling, that's it.
Sure, it drags, the NPC drama is boring as fuck and there's lots of random infodump, but this isn't Macbeth, it's a Chinese videogame made by a company which's slogan is "tech otakus save the world" like, come on, what can you expect from that?
And it feels like some anons just don't understand that there's going to be lots of mistranslations because Chinese is a tough language that not everybody understands properly. Hell, Pokémon has a bunch of stuff that gets interpreted differently and it's from a huge company with surely better translators.
So unless you're playing the game in Chinese, then complaining about stuff that feels off or out of the blue doesn't really make any sense.
The things that I don't like are the unnecessarily sexualized, one note personality girls (which I skip and never care about because I have my teams with guys sans for the healers like Diona or Noelle).
And the fandom that's filled with bitter retards that take this shit too seriously.

No. 224498

File: 1658760838956.jpg (266.64 KB, 899x1200, FIcl6bBXsAEoUT_.jpg)

Tell me you're a late joiner who can't read without saying it. Xiao didn't like the Traveler until Lantern Rite 1, where the whole event was getting him to open up and willingly spend time with someone, i.e the Traveler. There's criticism to be had in how the event system gets people to miss really important interactions like that and events should really 100% be rerun like in almost every other gacha to prevent new player lockout but you can't say Xiao instantly fell for the Traveler because it's just not true.
I like how the lore unfolds in Genshin and how a lot of it is found through exploration. Enkanomiya is entirely optional but you miss out on so much if you don't go down there, for instance.
I don't bother interacting with the fans because 90% of them get into retarded arguments and fight. I look at pretty art and play the game solo, talking about it with some irl friends who also play.

No. 224504

Is it just me or is he drawn really poorly here, his arms are way too short and of course he still has the fivehead

No. 224505

I've been playing this game since 1.2, I did the first lantern rite event which btw was 90% fetch quests, 5% xiao being an edgelord and 5% traveler and paimon being extremely obnoxious trying to convince xiao to watch the lanterns with them. Oh yeah apparently I can't read, I guess just because someone was being pushy and forcing you to watch an event with them it means you'll suddenly fall in love with them. And no, xiao never hated traveler, did you forget the scene where he saves them during the archon quest? And that's all because we gave him some fucking almond tofu? They try to justify this writing by saying that xiao was completely friendless for 3,000 years and the traveler is just his manic pixie dream girl/boy who suddenly opened his heart just by being "nice"

No. 224510

Holy shit, can you even read? I said the writing wasn't the best of the world. How the fuck am I shilling it? You sound like one of those assblasted moids crying on Mona's ass being censored.

No. 224543

You're allowed to but if you complain about it constantly then you're just annoying.

No. 224549

None, actually. I didn't know anything about the game at all. I hadn't even seen any trailers or anything, just heard about the hype from secondhand sources. I saw some art here of some characters (idk which ones) and decided to give it a try based on the art style. I wasn't disappointed because I had zero expectations in the first place. If anything, I was pleasantly surprised. I think I was expecting some Cookie Run type shit.

No. 224557

>where the whole event was getting him to open up and willingly spend time with someone
the whole event was about doing chores for npcs actually. the one second we spent with xiao meant nothing.

No. 224567

That's a fanmade figure not official merch

No. 224815

File: 1658893328376.png (6.39 MB, 2154x3059, ab5d47a4e65fb16dbbf7dbc408e7db…)

Hoyo really should think about hiring some fan artists instead of whoever the fuck they have doing character design.

No. 224822

File: 1658895485725.png (1.61 MB, 1200x1200, FYpRTIOagAILp35.png)

Happy birthday Klee!

No. 224824

File: 1658895622357.png (13.29 MB, 3800x3800, FYpMFDIaUAAx028.png)

No. 224825

File: 1658895712639.png (6.4 MB, 3000x3000, FYpOKWQaIAANrI8.png)

And happy birthday Kuki!

No. 224907

Sage for dumb question but why are their birthdays on the same day? Imo it would be better if it was on different days.

No. 224925

I mean, realistically, people do have birthdays on the same day, but Paimon and Itto’s birthdays are on the same day too, so the chances that would happen more than once in a pool of like 50 people has to be pretty low. Right?

No. 224968

File: 1658942527452.jpeg (158.05 KB, 749x962, 242BC91A-C68C-4246-B36E-32A068…)

I like the slight change of voice that Diluc has with his new skin.

No. 225185

Aether and Lumine have the same personality. Were you memed into the women are psychopaths!! meme by scrotes?

No. 225194

File: 1659034919852.jpg (702.99 KB, 2159x3838, IMG_20220724_104522.jpg)

Honestly I'm kinda disgusted by venti. He is everything I dislike, a trap-lite femboy with an "ehe" smug troll attitude. And not only does he look like a moid's wet dream, but he is also a typical effeminate pervert (you know that part where he basically strips mona). I really can't take him seriously, he's probably the most scrote-like male character in this game

No. 225199

Samefag but even if you think femboys are cute, venti is still weird as fuck for sexually harrassing mona and getting kazuha drunk without his consent

No. 225201

they have small differences in character that you can deduce from their fighting styles and illustrations

No. 225204

I agree that the Mona voiceline is retarded and gross as fuck but it's not Venti sexually harassing her as much as him using his wind powers to prevent her from reading his future and the scrote scenario writer taking the opportunity to "make her clothes come off" due to the gust. It's not only perving on Mona but also on Venti as well imo since it's so out of character, it's just an all around inappropriate line. I think Venti is cute and I don't read into his mischief that much, it's just a basic trickster trope that's pretty inoffensive in general.

No. 225208

Further evidence that Dilucfags are the only female Genshinfags who can compete with actual moids in the the shittest taste competition.

>sexually harrassing mona and getting kazuha drunk without his consent

For the love of god go back to twitter

No. 225210

File: 1659038750104.jpg (158.89 KB, 1614x1645, 20211205_034446.jpg)

if that aint bait I dont know what is

let's all love best boy

No. 225211

File: 1659038866374.jpg (595.16 KB, 2048x1383, 20211121_234428.jpg)

No. 225212

File: 1659038908505.jpg (397.28 KB, 2391x2545, 20220725_172502.jpg)

No. 225215

File: 1659039442789.png (2.45 MB, 1239x1346, 8e164ffbd6180f19f01518c86b4cc7…)

well, he's not my favorite boy, but I do love him and will never pass up an opportunity to spam nice fanart.

No. 225217

File: 1659039672640.jpg (1.69 MB, 2000x2000, E4DJLgNXEAAWtbL.jpg)

ahhh they're so cute!! Thanks for posting nonna, I love me some anemo boys

No. 225218

File: 1659039768356.jpg (386.01 KB, 1500x1500, cf6ceed22e6b9eb437bd91c7f2af2e…)

No. 225219

File: 1659039907910.jpg (145.24 KB, 1200x638, 678ef1f75478846d577979c5faae95…)

No. 225220

File: 1659039959405.jpg (81.18 KB, 640x916, mb45rjmgydf81.jpg)

The best boy AND the best maid

No. 225222

File: 1659040017492.png (3.37 MB, 2070x1457, 2e5ce337c211cd8ab09a2c2ca8203f…)

No. 225223

File: 1659040307629.jpg (240.71 KB, 1169x2048, FN5jr2EXwA4aehD.jpg)

No. 225225

Holy shit
He's literally like, a satyr who cares
Agree that dilucfags have autism but you'd need autism to like that 5head FAS faced rooster head motherfucker

No. 225228

ventifags are insufferable

No. 225229

No. 225232

File: 1659041564929.jpg (53.8 KB, 564x900, fc3a0ab4ead19535ef3f26beda78f9…)

I want to smack a little kiss on his little head, mwah

No. 225236

File: 1659042338459.jpg (56.51 KB, 415x415, 20210601_205733.jpg)

best cc, best story not counting albedo, best bard, and only li(c)kable archon–BEST BOY VENTI!!!

No. 225237

File: 1659042433066.jpg (272.41 KB, 1949x1017, 20220712_211610.jpg)

No. 225238

my god do you guys have actual autism or something, can't accept any criticism directed at your shitty femboy?

No. 225239

If you're a…

Ventifag: you read BL manga on the regular and fantasize about having two boyfriends who will make out with each other in front of you, but who will include you sometimes. You have no chill, it's a full on obsession.

Ayatofag: you're a masochist and you drink iced coffee that's mostly milk.

Xiaofag: you were emo in high school and still listen to the music even if you dress normie now. You're probably also a shut-in.

Zhonglifag: you read BL, but you imagine yourself as the uke to his seme. Probably also a ZhongChi shipper. You love cosplay.

Childefag: you're the sadist to the Ayatofag's masochist. For some reason, you want to hurt this 2D man, but with love. You post a lot in the female gaze thread.

Ittofag: you love everything wholesome, just like your favorite himbo. You might have some slight autism, but doesn't everyone who plays this game? You're pretty chill about your love for this genshin husbando.

Dilucfag: you have awful taste in men irl and have been in an LDR with at least one shitty edgelord on discord, but you're actually a nice person and just want what you want. You don't have any ships because ship him with yourself.

Aetherfag: you're either super vanilla or a narcissist or both. I don't make the rules.

Sorry, I didn't know what to say about Kazuhafags or Albedofags. I haven't run into any of them, really.

No. 225247

I'm a ventifag, ayatofag, zhonglifag, childefag, ittofag and aetherfag and you're otherwise correct about everything but I don't fantasize about IRL men so good job I guess, the dilucfag is spot on though kek

No. 225248

yeah no ventifags aren't fujoshi, they're all moids and shotafags

No. 225250

File: 1659044815229.jpeg (103.7 KB, 502x679, A36E7D47-558A-48B9-9BD0-586480…)

I swear he's different, my taste developed thanks to Diluc.

No. 225251

File: 1659045141697.jpg (1.16 MB, 1461x1527, 20210906_134747.jpg)

I love venti he is silly and cute

No. 225253

File: 1659045610152.jpg (254.98 KB, 1468x2048, FYbZ9JnaQAAOY3d.jpg)

I hate Japanese/English voice over Venti. Jp is shotabait femboy garbage and English makes him come across like a retarded cartoon character. Chinese Venti is adorable and actually sounds like an archon.

No. 225254

The only one I agree with is uncontested worst boy diluc. It takes a true and honest autist to tolerate let alone like such a horrible character.

Childefags are either rape fetish fujos or bpd chans who want the abusive garbage man type of otome bf but lack the attention span to get into real otome / Vox vods so they settle for a watered down version of the archetype in the form of a 6.5/10 ginger dressed like bad mecha anime peewee herman

9/10 Kaeyafags have the female equivalent of a futanari fetish. Same applies to aethers.

Scaramouchefags are the ones with the degen femboy fetish, not venti. Watching black butler as a preteen sent them down a dark path. Secretly holds a grudge against fakebois due to being deeply triggered by their mlm sexualization discourse and repulsed by lewd content that doesn't involve boys who are still semi recognizable as boys with uncomfortably small, intact wieners.

Ventifags just wanna have fun

Zhonglifags know next to nothing about him as a character they just think he's sexy.

No. 225255

finally someone else who believes in cn voiceover supremacy

No. 225256

I love Scaramouche and you just described me to a T but I regret absolutely nothing.
>bpd chans who want the abusive garbage man type of otome bf but lack the attention span to get into real otome / Vox vods so they settle for a watered down version of the archetype in the form of a 6.5/10 ginger dressed like bad mecha anime peewee herman
KEK this literally, one hundred percent every Chilumi sperg I've ever met.

No. 225261

File: 1659049335134.jpg (63.22 KB, 785x558, FJu5RJjX0AQ88nn.jpg)

>no thomafag
i want to be called out, where's my description

No. 225269

>Thomafag: Either a sadistic femdom fetishist yume or a fujo, but both want to see Ayato to bully him more. Together they make that one Thomayaka shipper with a big brother complex cry copium tears.

No. 225293

You want a house husband that does all of 50s stay at home mom type shit. You fantasize about him having dinner ready for you when you get home from work and rubbing your feet before bed at night.

No. 225300

you don't actually exist because he's in the same boat as chongyun: a dickwarmer for a sadistic little shit

No. 225301

File: 1659056509641.jpeg (111.99 KB, 736x934, 03BACEB3-8EBC-4F28-91CC-B76903…)

As a Dilucfag, I feel like I must defend M'lad by saying that he isn't as bad as the fandom makes him seem.
First off, he cares about traveler, just take a few seconds to read his lines
>No need for small talk. All that matters is that you were safe last night.
>Would you like to try the secret menu?
>Alright, see you next time. I'll make sure you leave safely.
He's not like other autists because his autism comes from the horrible trauma that it's see a loved one die on your birthday, but he's actually really nice and has some empathy.
Just look how he treats kids
>Diona's attitude towards me is… how should I put it? Rather rigid. I've yet to find the opportunity to speak with her properly. I'm not sure if it's an issue with my family line or— Oh? It's not? She simply despises alcohol? Huh… I never thought I'd come across another bartender like myself in Mondstadt.
And he also hates alcohol, which it's a plus because he has a better coping mechanism than drinking until his liver rots. Which leads me to another point, he cares so much about the well-being of others that he uses his best, hand picked grapes that he picked on his own, to make an amazing grape juice so nice, that it would make others stop drinking, and he sells it on such a ridiculously low price that even if he loses profits, it doesn't matter to him because his goal is something else.
Plus, even if he doesn't like what you give to him, he isn't rude about it.
And he literally changes his views when you fully ascend him.
>I used to believe… if I was to stamp out evil, I would have to walk alone in darkness. However, seeing your perseverance, I know I was wrong. Friend… I owe you my thanks.
So in my conclusion, Diluc is an amazing gayshit infact husbando, and I love him.

No. 225305

but that's exactly what i love him for

No. 225308

he is the most generic, insufferable fag out of all of them with zero interesting qualities to make up for it. I don't give a rat's ass that he's an ~empath~ beneath the edgelord exterior, in fact it only makes me more annoyed. mihoyo unintentionally made him a near perfect recreation of the type of man vidrel is about.

>he isn't as bad as the fandom makes him seem.

IQ bellcurve, anon. he's worse.

No. 225311

If you want to talk about generic maybe take a glance at literally any of the waifus.
You're just mad because Diluc isn't a one note character and that he has actually done important shit in the story that isn't running errands for random NPCs.

No. 225317

diluc is the only male character on par with the average waifu personality wise. he's like male ayaka.

>he has actually done important shit in the story that isn't running errands for random NPCs

indeed, he ran errands for venti that one time in 1.0. kokomi had a more important role in the story kek.

No. 225322

File: 1659061412832.jpg (29.34 KB, 736x736, 67b38c066de7bbbd343b6ac27506f8…)

>and rubbing your feet before bed at night.
Ok wtf, I have thought about this exact scenario before…
It's true, I just want a cute 2d bf to feed me ice cream, rub my stomach when I have period cramps and massage my feet after a long day of work. Fuck yes.

No. 225323

Now you're just baiting.

No. 225341

realistically i think diluc has too much trauma and impulsive tendencies to be a proper husband

No. 225347

Kek this. The whole thread seems like Twitter on stereoids.

No. 225365

He’s gorgeous!!!

No. 225377

I don't even like Diluc but I feel like the assumption of him being an edgelord comes from them playing with the English dub that unquestionably attempts to make him into some retarded Bruce Wayne dark knight trope to have him be the self-insert male power fantasy. I play with the Japanese dub and he's way softer and portrayed as more of a stoic gentleman, he's still best used to suck Kaeya's dick though.

No. 225380

File: 1659087034321.png (542.8 KB, 394x1142, FWhjsL3UcAAwAV3.png)

I can't be the only one who thinks Dehya is ugly as hell and is only being ogled at because she's the first character introduced in a while that isn't pasty.

No. 225381

she isn't even that brown, she's lighter than xinyan and her haircut makes me puke. how is this a 5 star is beyond me

No. 225382

Wait, wasn't she supposed to be a 4 star? iirc Nilou and Kusanali were the only released 5 star female characters

No. 225383

my guess is that she was supposed to be a 4 star but they decided to upgrade her to a 5 star because a lot of time passed since the last pyro 5* yoimiya and they didn't even enough time to design a new character

No. 225384

Tighnari is going to be added to standard banner after 3.0.

No. 225386

I think she's pretty cute actually !! Hope she has a good personality too

No. 225391

File: 1659097657528.gif (7.71 MB, 540x400, Tumblr_l_65220505574968.gif)

Agree, she looks great. I also hope she has a cool personality, if so I'll pull for her when she reruns.

No. 225393

Her and Nilou were the worst looking of the bunch

No. 225396

easily the best designed sumeru character

No. 225398

Holy shit she's majestic. 100/10 would let her whisk me away in the night.
This actually makes me wish Diluc would come home. He seems so soft and kind despite it all and I'm a sucker for it kek

No. 225401

If only he wasn't short.

No. 225404

Might not role much for him then. Maybe just yolo 10 roll.
I was wondering when they'd add more charas to the standard pool.

No. 225405

Kaeya is the one sucking Diluc's dick, he has to ride something after all.

No. 225406

I need him, he's beautiful.

No. 225434

can they delete candace's existence from the game? i dread the future where people ship her with cyno cause they're from the same village
and yes, i am autistic, and it still bothers me and i think mihoyo is doing this on purpose

No. 225435

File: 1659109724865.png (7.06 MB, 1400x3210, d34fc41573c04291614209055c9c0f…)

Unpopular opinion: I think her little elf/fairy-type design is cute, but I FUCKING HATE that she's yet another little girl who's going to be sexualized by degen scrotes. I wish I were a child again myself so that I didn't have to automatically think about this kind of shit while trying to enjoy playing a game.

No. 225441

File: 1659112710919.jpg (190.67 KB, 695x668, halp.jpg)

Who should I build now? I need more dps.

No. 225443

She definitely has the design of a 4 star.

No. 225444

how do you have 4 standard banner 5 stars and only one limited 5 star? anyway yae is the strongest among your current characters, then diluc, jean, heizou and kaeya/rosaria

No. 225449

DPS: Diluc (Pyro DPS), Heizou (works as a Swirl driver, use him with Kaeya or Beidou/Yae for example to deal Elemental reactions), Razor (Physical DPS), Keqing or Yae (Electro DPS).
You really need a Hydro character, tho. Hope you manage to get Xingqiu soon.

No. 225457

yae is ass, anon needs to focus on getting more characters in general and in the mean time build xiangling I guess.

No. 225460

This is the bottom half of the list, anon. Sorry, I cut out all of the characters I have lvl 80+.

No. 225462

I have Xingqiu, but I have him lvl 90 and already built, so I cropped him out of the picture.

No. 225464

ooh ok, AYRT, I thought you were a new player.
Idk what other characters do you have built, but my point still stands. Diluc as Pyro DPS, Heizou as Swirl driver if you don't like Sucrose, or as a pure Anemo DPS if you don't like Xiao.
Razor needs a lot of investment (and more cons), and I don't really recommend Physical DPS because I prefer dealing reactions, but whatever floats your boat.
Keqing is not the best DPS at the moment, but I think she'll shine in meta when Dendro releases.
If you have Chongyun with cons, I would recommend building Kaeya as a Cryo DPS, he's fun.

No. 225483

Don't hold your breath in hope of dendro making keqing any better. It doesn't benefit her at all as it is now. Dendro isn't new meta, it's just a new way to play. A very convoluted one at that.

No. 225502

No one knew what she was because the only way to know if a character is 4 or 5 is to see whether they have a zoom in in their elemental burst data. Dehya had no data, presumably because her kit isn't done yet, so people were left to speculate.

No. 225515

>Dendro isn't new meta.
I'm curious, why do you think this? Most people seem to agree Electro will gain more importance with the addition of Catalyze and Aggravate. Granted, I'm not a theorycrafter and I can barely understand the math behind meta, so I'm just parroting what other people have said.
Either way, I think Dendro will be meta in one way or another. Mihoyo knows how to twist the game so they bait players into rolling for certain characters: Kokomi and Pyro Lector/Corrosion mechanic, Raiden and all those godawful Inazuma bursts with high energy cost, etc.

No. 225567

Most electro characters (including Raiden regardless of constellation level) do not stand to gain anything from utilizing dendro reactions because of their poor application. The reactions aren't strong enough to make them worth using over old teams. Only Fischl, Yae, Kazuha, Venti, and Sucrose make worthwhile dendro team candidates as it is now. There's hope for Cyno since he will likely be the first electro dps with dendro reactions in mind, but if he isn't good to go with dendro mc alone good luck getting everybody to pull the ugly loli archon as an accessory for a male character.

All the dendro + hydro reactions are straight terrible. Issues include heavy downtime, cumbersome set up, severely restricting team building options, damaging the player, and the dendro characters themselves pretty much never being factored into the damage calculations.

No. 225571

File: 1659142956710.png (278.8 KB, 492x917, tighnaristandard.PNG)

seriously hoping picrel isn't true, I'll probably roll anyway since my standard luck is terrible and I have all the standard banner characters BUT Diluc (my fave), but while I'd certainly rather get Tighnari cons than Qiqi or Keqing cons, adding another character to the standard pool is only gonna make my chances of getting Diluc lower…why can't they give us standard banner epitome invocation? That's been what I've asked for on every survey since the weapon banner introduced it

No. 225575

File: 1659145990345.jpeg (354.3 KB, 1089x2532, 12E48121-4CD8-4901-BCA6-ADD34D…)

I knew he reminded me of something…

No. 225587

I think it's good that they are finally adding new 5 stars to the pool. At some point they might put the older ones up for sale in the shop like they do with 4 stars

No. 225614

It only makes sense for them to put a dendro character in the standard pool since other elements have each one representative in there. I'm glad because I'd much rather lose my 50/50 to Tighnari than another shitty Jean or Keqing.

No. 225618

We don't have five star geo character in the standard banner.

No. 225689

File: 1659213368016.jpeg (164.46 KB, 1730x634, D204FA89-B72F-497C-91D7-D15A05…)

This is very true. From what we’ve seen, dendro reactions has not saved electro from being one of the worst elements. It’s all up to Cyno’s kit now, if it’s mediocre he’s fucked. Older characters like Keqing does not get a big enough boost from dendro compared to already existing theorycrafted teams.

No. 225700


Her rumored selling point is supposed to be her storyline. If they write it well, it may cut down on some of the degeneracy of the fandom.

On one hand, Inazuma's archon quest was a disaster and they did a terrible job of making us care about Teppei.
On the other hand, some of the newer world quests have been pretty good. I definitely cared for and liked Hanachirusato, Ruu, Lyudochka, and Tsumi. So maybe there is some hope.

No. 225714

Idk I just don't think everyone is going to fall head over heels for the wise 1000 year old loli trope like that one leaker did. If she becomes popular, she'll only get sexualized more.

No. 225754

I feel the same, I hate him even more than I hate Paimon.
I agree she's very ugly. I think people just like her for the tan skin tbh.

No. 225759

Imagine a character appreciation only depending on the number of moids living rent-free in your head. Good thing not everybody is a giga-autist like you.

No. 225763

she's a walking stereotype, marketed towards pedos, how good could her writing get tbh

No. 225764

the leaker shilling her is another underage venti vendettafag and hyped his favorite character, yae, personality wise even harder than this if that paints a picture

No. 226167

File: 1659412032359.jpg (31.69 KB, 483x483, 4b26c182105e3387a72f6a7255c81e…)

Reminds me when I thought Albedo was a standard banner character. If I had to pick a geo character to go into the SB he would be my first choice.

No. 226265

File: 1659461292566.jpg (123.49 KB, 1271x528, FZIFSWdVQAAgYtr.jpg)

I really don't know how to feel about Kaeya and Diluc. When I first started playing the game I disliked Kaeya because I remember him being mean to Diluc for no goddamn reason during Venti's quest + all that thing about Kaeya being a spy from Khaenri'ah and saying he would eventually betray Mondstadt.
But then, we get this event where it's clearly shown Kaeya still worries about Diluc, sending him letters, trying to avoid conflic with him, being polite, blabla… Meanwhile Diluc refuses to make peace with him and keeps being an edgelord.
I don't even think I understand well why the fuck Diluc fought with Kaeya. From what I know (I read the manga some years ago), Kaeya told Diluc he was a spy from Khaenri'ah after Diluc's father died. Is that it?
Maybe I'm downplaying both of their traumas, idk, but I wish Mihoyo would make them talk to each other properly. I guess we won't get this type of character development until later in the story, but ffs, I'm tired of them being stubborn manchildren, especially Diluc. He's cute when he's with the Traveler, but I want him to start opening to other characters too.
By no means I'm saying Kaeya or Diluc are bad characters, in fact I think their conflicts and characters have potential, but they are always downplayed, never developed. smh

No. 226273

They don't get the development they deserve because mihoyo thinks that NPC drama is more importan.

No. 226280

diluc cares about him, you can't read? this whole event was about their whole relationship and about how they still love each other. due to diluc's past trauma he acts like an edgelord but his behaviour towards kaeya is just him being a tsundere

No. 226290

Because Diluc is a moody faggot. He is also probably upset he has a 6head hiding under his gaudy bangs.

No. 226306

File: 1659475706278.jpg (81.47 KB, 1268x398, FZKqw6JXgAEqhME.jpg)

I can read, retard, but this
>due to diluc's past trauma he acts like an edgelord but his behaviour towards kaeya is just him being a tsundere
is what I find stupid and nonsensical as hell. I seriously don't understand why they keep writing them as "they care about each other" and the next second they are being pissy manchildren that can barely stand to be in the presence of the other. Kaeya even tells Diluc THREE DAYS IN ADVANCE he's going to be visiting him when Varka tries to make them talk to each other in hopes of helping them deal with their issues. wtf
They should write Diluc like a REAL tsundere that is grumpy (not edgy) but soft on the inside (smth he already is), Kaeya has the personality to work with that type of character trope and their dynamic would much less frustrating.

No. 226310

>He's cute when he's with the Traveler, but I want him to start opening to other characters too
such an obnoxious reminder that the traveler is a mary sue/gary stu who gets their boring dick sucked 24/7 by everyone, even when it's extremely out of character for the one doing the sucking. gay game.

No. 226379

Is it just me, or does Yoimiya fucking suck?

No. 226395

can these leakers stop hyping up that 4 star candace i

No. 226398

i think her playstyle is fun, i was gonna pull for her but now i'm saving for tighnari

No. 226399

She's one of those characters that you have to love to actually enjoy playing with. I honestly think she's just as forgettable as any other gayshit waifu, I prefer Yanfei tbh.

No. 226400

not just you. she feels like shit. the single target damage and non existent burst are gross, as is her exposed ass.

No. 226414

>pissy manchildren
They grew up as brothers, that's normal behaviour towards a sibling even in your mid-twenties kek. Mihoyo has put both of them aside for a while now, maybe there will be more development some time later in the story. As another anon said, they are way too busy making up storylines for NPCs

No. 226415

they're having sex though

No. 226416

Take your meds fujo. This is why the traveler keeps being shilled.
She got better with the meta but before you summon her you need to understand she's not meant to be an AOE. Too bad her burst sucks. At least Hu Tao's understandable.

No. 226421

you mean aether?

No. 226422

anti-kaelucfags on suicide watch after seeing the nine letters from kaeya, his appearance in what was supposed to be a diluc event and the seashells diluc gave him

No. 226423

They need to release a design for Varka already or make other characters interact more with each other, I don't want to see the incest shit with Diluc and Kaeya anymore

Really low effort bait

No. 226424

mihoyo will shill it for as long as they want, they aren't blood related so no one considers it incest in china kek

No. 226425

Where, all i see is you coping

No. 226426

you guys are acting like a bunch of twitards zoomers calling kaeluc incest lmao

No. 226436

I don't care if they are technically related or not, all I know is that they have even less chemistry than other bland genshin ships and I'm tired of seeing it.

No. 226438

You're fucking blind.

No. 226469

Kek exactly, and even if it was incest they're two anime guys so I don't care. We've been getting invaded by summer twitterfags, the worst kind.

No. 226470

Are you retarded? Even just by their elements they were made to be together, it's such a basic "opposites attract" dynamic that you have to be underage to not notice.

No. 226478

No. 226495

NTA but that just makes it better


It's literally that ban-evading scrote shitposting and seething in this thread. Ignore him.

No. 226512

this, but this is a twitter (and reddit) game after all. it's in the same boat as kpop. state of the thread is disappointing but not surprising.

No. 226573

According to fujoshitters, forgetting moids for a while makes you one of them. Nice misogyny and also YWNBAM.

No. 226590

Kaebedo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> shit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> kaeluc

No. 226595

File: 1659560766206.jpg (389.62 KB, 2048x1780, 20220727_015548.jpg)

Did he end up being the same guy as the schizo mtf who was also outed as one of the main culprits behind all the anti-fujo sperging thats been plaguing lc lately? kek
Anti-fujo spergin' always points to some sort of mental illness. Women drawing pictures of cute bishies kissing is a very male thing to hyperfixate on.

No. 226597

File: 1659561350126.jpg (128.82 KB, 1000x1000, FYlmx--XkAQ9JEn.jpg)

lame ship, sis. Heizou is for Oni, Kazuha is married.

I don't know what I find most insufferable in this fandom, antis crying over kaeluc being incest or fujos crying over is not.

Moralfagging over pixels having sex is really funny. I could care less if they are related or not. Just be a chad fujo from early 00's and embrace the things you like.

No. 226598

Also, it's a thing only the most autistic of women would hate to the level of arguing about it EVERY TIME it's brought up. I don't like BL, so I just ignore it and let the fujos have their fun. Women drawing pictures of anime boys kissing doesn't hurt my feelings in the slightest. Probably because I'm not an XY mutation.

No. 226600

File: 1659561994083.jpg (778.69 KB, 1000x1415, 4586b1789fb2797b62f7bb2b245cfd…)

I don't really want another bow user, but he's so cute, I'm rolling anyway.

No. 226616

And yet you can't stop seething at yumejoshis because these based stacies are always aware on what they want and who they are (not a fakeboi).

Btw seething over outfits also sounds like a XY mutation so maybe you were the moid larping all day along. In that case kys and no woman will ever approach you.

No. 226619

File: 1659562949916.jpg (169.53 KB, 1440x1279, 20220803_234150.jpg)

>doesn't have a name
>doesn't have a face
>is fucking dead
Kazuscara sisters, we got this.

No. 226627

I seem to remember that at least one XY retard was outed having been stirring the fujos vs yumes infighting purposefully by provoking both sides. I don't know if they're all the same person but I wouldn't put it past that schizo troon spamming the site literally around the clock especially because he does that signature "no you're the moid" shit here too. So anons, just ignore him so he has to go back to /vg/ to cry about the girlchan not giving him attention.

No. 226629

File: 1659564536170.jpg (358.2 KB, 1447x2039, IMG_20220803_235956.jpg)

I'm starting to think that anon is based and right. If there's one thing I've learned upon witnessing fujos, it's how they claim to have reached the peak of female sexuality as a form of voyeurism.

Truth be told, it's less pride and more self-loathing. They can't project themselves on a woman because they hate their own body and how ugly they look. So they opt for yaoi where they can show as muxh degeneracy as possible while shitting on yumejos and himejos (fujos are homophobic despite most of them claiming to be gay moids and previously jumping on the fakeboi trend).

As such, they constantly victimize themselves when a media presents so much as just one attractive female, because it ruins their fantasies. Remember the stereotype that fujos hate female characters because "ewwww vagina"? It's a fact. The modern fujo, claiming to be a gay man, would instead throw a lot of buzzwords to justify the offense taken against them.

Fujos should therefore be shamed and rightfully so, like any cow exposed on this website.

No. 226630

Do we even have any evidence of him going to /vg/? Looks like a renegade to me.

No. 226632

Okay, I'm convinced, it has to be the schizo troon. That word salad above can't be anyone but that ugly faggot.

He was literally posting caps of this thread there and having meltdowns about being boolied by the mean roasties.

No. 226636

Source on that? I don't go on autistic scrote-infested places like /v/ or /vg/

No. 226643

File: 1659565722962.jpg (803.2 KB, 3430x4096, IMG_20220804_002757.jpg)

>wanted to find Crepus lore talk
>found fujo vs yumejo spergery instead
It's all so tiresome. Also don't bring himejos into this.

No. 226646

I'm not going to go dig up piles of archived 4chan manure just for someone who thinks it's absolutely outlandish and unrealistic to think that some /v/ scrotoid is continuously seething about Ayato's sales or his waifus being dishonored here kek. Backtrack these threads for mentions of it if you're really that interested.

No. 226651

>translation: I'm a moid-obsessed fujo who keeps making up scenarios in her head
If you're gonna hyperfixate, do it properly at least.

No. 226656

File: 1659567924197.jpg (209.62 KB, 1469x1890, FZKhwJyakAEFMgn.jpg)

Will Mihoyo add more Inazuma characters, or do you anons think they'll drop Inazuma and act like it doesn't exist after releasing Sumeru? Seems like they are still willing to create more Mondstadt characters aside from Varka (like Mika) and Liyue will keep getting new characters each year because it's China in-game and this is a chinese game.
Thoughts? I think they may release one more surprise Inazuma character in the future, but it will probably be a 4* star character, idk.

No. 226665

File: 1659569803937.jpg (914.38 KB, 2220x1500, cy.nari.jpg)

I'm down to pretend Inazuma doesn't exist kek. We could see a new Inazuman character pop up one day but the region and its archon have no reason to be plot relevant ever again. Well, aside from the obvious fanservice. It was a rushed filler region that had no bearing on the main plot of the game. I really hope that we aren't forced to finish the Inazuma archon quests before the Sumeru ones become available because of that.

No. 226677

Wow, I really don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Maybe I’m the autistic one, but I really don’t know what you’re trying to say here. Thanks, I guess, or sorry?

No. 226680

File: 1659573611137.jpeg (270.36 KB, 1258x1268, E7C79EA3-48F0-460A-9953-ACEE46…)

Tighnari being added to the standard banner after 3.0 makes me so happy! I would happily lose my 50/50 for him!

No. 226692

File: 1659575479497.jpeg (129.34 KB, 735x1103, 446CA5B9-7117-4513-B390-4A0152…)

I hope I lose my 50/50 for him as well, nonnie, he's just so cute, I love his ears.

No. 226701

File: 1659576374301.jpg (1.06 MB, 2894x3144, __tighnari_genshin_impact_draw…)

I was hoping Dori would be on his banner so I could roll for her and also maybe get Tighnari since I'm close to pity, but since Dori was leaked to be on the second banner then I might skip him and save for characters I want more. He is such a cutie though!

No. 226711

File: 1659577876572.jpg (515.57 KB, 800x1200, dedccacd116f3dea7661b118f09143…)

I was hoping that Dori would be on his banner also. Kind of disappointing.

No. 226714

File: 1659578478901.jpg (67.95 KB, 667x667, decf7512a117eab2ed638e229e16d9…)

Glad I'm not the only one, but I guess that just gives us more time to save for her. If the leaks are true and she's appearing on Zhongli + Ganyu's banner then that's kind of disappointing, I don't want to roll for either of them.

Also kek at Twittards bitching down your throat about her skintone at all times, God they're autistic

No. 226717

File: 1659578883672.jpg (314.42 KB, 1976x1206, 0c11af8ec6e72f027ce2196d40baa2…)

She's so cute Nonnas I love her

No. 226789

the yumeschizo must be a larping moid because i don't think anyone is sane enough to ship themselves with a fucking genshin character or project on one of the coomerbait characters. stop guilt tripping fujos and accusing them of misogyny for not having the same kinks as you do and mind your business

No. 226794

They might have a summer festival in Inazuma and release an Inazuma 5* then, like how every New Year's gets a new Liyue character.

No. 226798

File: 1659594384771.jpg (643.67 KB, 1353x2048, 20220804_082552.jpg)

>if you're a genshin yumejo you must be a man
Reminds me of what a certain group beginning with the letter T loves doing. Not even hiding the midogyny anymore.

No. 226809

no just be fucking normal and stop trying to pick up fights with fujos just because they ship your husbando with another man jfc

No. 226813

Schizo tranny is chimping right now, anon. Report and ignore, don't egg him on.

No. 226819

File: 1659595550798.png (7.3 MB, 2256x2797, FYr3uqSXwAME6TZ.png)

She's arguably better than Hu Tao in dealing with single targets, she doesn't rely on burst or need a lot of energy and she can work with a lot of different supports. She's also very f2p friendly compared to Hu Tao or Raiden for instance. That being said you basically need a shielder to use her because she's very vulnerable to interruption and she has no real AOE. I like her, I found overworld exploration got a lot easier when I got one of her accidentally, but she's not a must-pull if you have Hu Tao already.

No. 226820

File: 1659595552544.jpg (416.53 KB, 1448x2048, 20220804_084625.jpg)

At least yumejos don't accuse anybody who is into bland moids eyeing each other to be scrotes. I'm sorry the non-fujos don't match your -20/10 vision.

No. 226828

How does she make exploration easier? I kind of want to pull her for design alone, but my luck is bad and I'm down to nothing already. Maybe I'll just start saving for Cyno now…

No. 226837

File: 1659597294288.png (8.19 MB, 2048x1448, FYkk0dFWYAA92P0.png)

She murders everything on the overworld that isn't a pyro slime or pyro abyss mage. Her arrows are like a machine gun, they shred everything quickly and you don't have to aim at enemies, the arrows do it for you (though sometimes they miss because the aim system isn't great). Even the tankiest overworld enemies melt with her arrow barrage. She also does really well with f2p weapons like Hamayumi and Rust so if your weapon banner luck is shit or you just don't roll it you're good to go with either one.

If your heart's really set on Cyno you probably will want to save though, apparently he's going to be the first 3.1 banner according to leaks. I ended up throwing some pulls for Yoimiya just because I don't want her banner sales to be complete ass, Mihoyo screwed her banner timing again, but now I'm in saving mode once more.

No. 226841

Nta but i think anon is referring to the fact that yoimiya is very easy to play since you just gotta auto attack. shes nice to play on mobile for exploration since you dont have to use your brain and just press one button to kill enemies. But i feel like more genshin characters are like that and you shouldnt have trouble exploring in overworld when you're late game anyway since the enemies are super weak and easy to kill no mather which characters you play.

I would advice to only pull for her if you really like her character or her playstyle. Personally i dont like her kit that much.

No. 226845

Samefag sorry i didnt see your response since im on mobile right now. I dont think you should really care or worry about character banner sales, it will not have impact on how much a character will be rerun or on the involvement of the character in the story. Which character are you saving for and congrats on getting yoimiya!

No. 226855

I wanted more Bennett cons but ended up C6ing Xinyan instead…

No. 226858

File: 1659598305383.png (4.13 MB, 2048x2048, FYnxhDAVQAElqRX.png)

I'm attempting to get a C0 Tighnari and a Cyno (unsure of whether I want cons or not rn). After that I think I only want Al-Haitham unless Dehya has a ridiculously good kit. Maybe Baizhu? Depends on what his kit is like. I wanted Scaramouche when everyone thought he was going to be an electro catalyst but since the leaks that say he's pretty much going to be a different character apart from having a vaguely similar hat I lost interest, I don't need another anemo boy.

No. 226868

Aw im sorry anon, better luck next time. Atleast you can buy bennet constellations when he's in paimons shop.

I also want cyno but im not sure about getting tighnari yet because i heard rumours that he will eventually be included in standard banner. I think he's very cute tho, his idle animations especially. I think i will decide after i have played his trial and see if i like his gameplay. I have all anemo characters and im disappointed scara will be one also. However all anemo characters have a pretty fun/interesting gameplay and kit so maybe if scara plays really fun i will get him.
Oh i almost forgot about him, i wonder when he will finally get a banner. I like his design and hope that they will use his snake in some way.

No. 226876

Baizhu is gonna be a healer though, kinda sucks.
I feel the same way about Scaramouche. I genuinely don’t need a new anemo boy. If he’s Kazuha level of meta I’ll pull but otherwise I don’t see the point gameplay wise. Enough anemo boys already. Hoping that Cyno’s kit is good too to make up for his shitty element.

No. 226880

File: 1659602062831.jpg (257.31 KB, 1092x1380, Baizhu.full.3275140.jpg)

Yesss! I've been wanting Baizhu for so long, I don't really care that he's a healer, I mean, I've always expected that to be the case since he works at a pharmacy and all that. My only hope is that he'll be a good Dendro applier as well.

As for Scara, I'm totally disappointed that he's Anemo as well. I hope they just don't ruin a character people got attached to for being an Electro bastard. Plus, my Xiao's already built and I don't need another Anemo DPS.

No. 226881

It is a larping moid, he keeps outing himself with his certain giveaway quips and really forced "how do you do fellow girls" type lack of integration. Anons should assume that anyone ragging on fujos or yumes while pretending to be either or accusing them of being men/trannies and sperging about "misogyny" is most likely the scrote and ignore&report without interaction. I just hope the mods would delete his posts because it's ridiculous and they used to do it in the past but now I guess they have their hands full with the schizotranny spamming the entire site.

Personally I feel like bow users in the game generally got dealt a shit hand and their intended gameplay seems to be using aimed shots to deal damage which is absolutely hell to use. The autoaim fucks you over if you fight a lot of enemies around you too. They can't use infusions to deal elemental damage like sword/polearm/claymore and they can't deal continuous elemental damage like catalysts, they're just stuck at using charged shots and getting interrupted all the time.

No. 226883

What if it was actually a woman and you are all falling for the bait?

No. 226885

Baizhu is gonna be a 5* Diona with Dendro, especially since Dendro privileges EM over other stats.

No. 226886

File: 1659603756493.jpg (71.99 KB, 564x564, e4e95f6736e98c7dbbe71e8eb3b507…)

I just wish nonnies would stop replying to him, it's so obvious its bait.

And what's the deal with the schizotranny? I don't browse the other threads as much. I'm assuming it's just a butthurt tranny.

I'd be down for that, I'm gonna roll and build for him either way, even if he sucks kek

No. 226887

Either that or it's the work of multiple people. Genshin is, after all, a cow magnet game.

No. 226891

Check /meta/, the schizotranny is some uggo troon that has 50 lolcow thread tabs open and spams them all with unhinged mish-mashing of words and accusing everyone of being a male but gets clocked every single time sending him into a meltdown mode. He also spams gore and CP every now and then.

No. 226892

Which ones? Most of this thread is full of pseudo-victims.

Shockingly enough there's still no CP and gore in this thread.

No. 226894

I just wanna talk about funny anime game without the risk of seeing gore or CP, can't have shit on Lolcow

No. 226895

File: 1659605155482.png (3.12 MB, 1373x1263, same.PNG)

Sorry for retarded question, why is my Venti, and specifically only my Venti, sometimes pissed off? I'm relatively new-ish to the game and Google isn't giving me anything kek. I've tried damaging him with mixed results.

No. 226897

File: 1659606422134.gif (5.57 MB, 640x634, shivermetimbers.gif)

>>226896 kys

Same here, it's like Bennett is allergic to me or something. At least I don't mind Xinyan cons since she's a fav of mine

No. 226900

File: 1659607662616.jpg (166.81 KB, 1650x967, 20220804_120623.jpg)

The thing with Xinyan is that idk how I should build her. People recommend physical DPS while her character trial shows her with a 4pc noblesse oblige. As such I gave her a 2pc CWoF and 2pc Pale Flame since I had a CWoF physical goblet.

No. 226901

File: 1659608123021.jpg (39.11 KB, 563x569, b504ed2a5b5318143580e6650fd17e…)

When I used her I built her as a physical DPS with 2x Pale Flame and 2x Bloodstained Chivalry for a sweet 50% boost in physical dmg. I also paired her with Xingqiu for the vaporize reaction with her skill.

I have no idea if this is a good build but I like to think it's decent

No. 226905

>I'm gonna roll and build for him either way, even if he sucks kek
This so much, I'm rolling and building all the bishies, meta can't stop me. My dream is to make two Abyss husbando teams once they release enough male characters.
Plus, we really need more male healers, right now we only have Bennett… (and Heizou if you give him Prototype Amber, kek)
Building Xinyan is tricky basically because… she doesn't have an optimal set. My Xinyan focuses entirely on DEF because at the time I used her as a shielbot, but once I started building healers, she got benched. I don't think I've used her for anything since then, and it's truly sad.
I advise looking at her guide on KQM, or maybe search on Youtube for different Abyss 12 floor Xinyan runs. Most of them show their builds at the end of the video.

No. 226907

File: 1659611021243.png (1.42 MB, 1366x768, afc13ec6239eae9c45748a7328a787…)

samefag, but I forgot to say the game glitches sometimes and your characters don't change their expression once they return to idle mode/cast their skills/etc. Happened to me the other day with Razor, he had his mouth open and looked angry (like picrel). I guess he casted his Elemental Skill and kept wearing the same expression for the rest of the fight. Good glitch for photoshoots tho, kek.

No. 226909

File: 1659611525161.png (1.09 MB, 844x968, 345634563456.PNG)

>My dream is to make two Abyss husbando teams once they release enough male characters.
GL Nonna! Who do you have on your team so far?

>Building Xinyan is tricky basically because… she doesn't have an optimal set.

Absolutely this, hence why she's not used a lot in the meta I think. But like, who cares, it's a singleplayer game, use what you want however you want.

And thanks Nonna, that explains it! Yeah they're pretty funny, I usually only get them with Venti though kek.

No. 226916

>her character trial shows her with a 4pc noblesse oblige
The devs throw nobless oblige on almost every character during a trial run. Please never try to use in game examples for builds because they mostly suck. You can either build her as support or physical dps, like >>226905 mentioned you can check out kqm guide on how to build her https://keqingmains.com/xinyan/ Since she's split scaling she's not "strong" but this game is piss ez so who cares.

Yeah i wouldnt mind a healer either. The only healers i have are bennet, jean and diona. But i almost never use diona since she doesnt fit any team comps.

So you think he will provide a shield as well? That would be neat.

No. 226918

baizhu will be meta which sucks because i think he's ugly

No. 226920

>GL Nonna! Who do you have on your team so far?
Thank u! One of my teams (freeze team) has Kaeya/Chong/Jean/Ayato, Ayato works as burst DPS character. I obviously need a male healer for this team, I'm thinking of building a healer Heizou unironically just because of this, kek. I used Venti instead of Jean to create my own "morgana" team for Hidden Strife hardest mode and I managed to complete most of the days with the team. Kaeya still needs some better artifacts tho.
Childe relies too much on Xiangling atm, although sometimes I use him with Thoma, they are surprisingly fun to play, although Thoma doesn't vape that often he provides a shield to compensate and Childe can spam his attacks non-stop thanks to that. I sometimes use Childe/Thoma/Bennett/Venti.
While I'm still building the teams, I clear 9 and 10 Abyss floor with the tall husbandos I have. Thoma, Childe, Zhongli, Ayato and Kaeya, only five characters. So far I've managed to clear those floors with full stars, 11 floor is still difficult to clear with the husbandos tho. Sorry for the sperg.

No. 226923

File: 1659616086589.png (1.75 MB, 1180x1080, FSMko0YXsAALDGN.png)

Godspeed Nonna, go get your husbando abyss team, I'm rooting for you

No. 226925

I'm also trying to build husbando only abyss teams, we need more male healers, so far I have for my first team: Diluc, Xiao, Diona and Zhongli. And for my second team: Ayato, Kaeya, Bennet and Venti.
I honestly can't get the 3 stars on the 10th and 11th floors because I'm pretty sure I'm not building them properly but right now I just want to level up all of my guys' talents to level 10, then I will focus on the artifacts because whenever I get shitty ones I want to send angry letters to mihoyo with mail clippings.

No. 226928

thank u nonita, you are a sweetheart, may you win all your 50/50.

It's nice to see more anons going for a full husbando abyss team! I wish you good luck! If you need any help with builds you can always ask here.
>I honestly can't get the 3 stars on the 10th and 11th floors
Idk your builds or anything, but on 10th floor I run Thoma, Childe and Ayato on first half, Kaeya and Zhongli second half. You can replace Thoma with Diluc, and Childe with Xiao, I guess?

No. 226946

Wow its nice seeing nonnies committing to full male teams! Not gonna lie to get all stars with every abyss i do not only use husbandos characters. My teams that i use to clear pretty much every abyss and switching them depending on the enemies and floors ect:
-Childe, kazuha, bennet and xl (xiangling just does so much pyro damage of field, i wish we would get another male pyro character like her. Or maybe childe will be good with a male dendro character?)
-Xiao, Jean (have to use her for the heals and as anemo battery), zhongli, albedo. I guess i could swap jean for another anemo battery since zhongli shields so much but kazuha is mostly occupied in another team. I havent build heizou yet but im not sure if hes a good enough battery for xiao.
-itto, gorou(hes c4 so he can heal), albedo and a flex slot which i mostly use for fischl but sometimes i use zhongli instead if can go full geo mono.
-kaeya, venti/kazuha, xq, chonyun
I also build diluc since i got his skin.
I use him with xq, bennet and kazuha or zhongli depending on what other team i being used.

We also dont have enough male electro characters so i have build fischl and beidou for electro charged team comps but i barely need to use those. Sorry for the huge wall of text btw i like talking about team comps kek.

I havent tried to use thoma and childe together yet! But im planning to build my thoma, i think he will also be good with dendro because of his shield.

Its smart to grind for talent books first yeah because grinding for artifacts can take forever depending on your luck.

No. 226959

I like all your teams and I think I use the same characters as you, except for the Itto team because I don't have him.
>We also dont have enough male electro characters so i have build fischl and beidou for electro charged team comps
Same, I built Fischl because I like her and her C6 is so good, but it's insane that we only have one (1) electro male character (not counting Aether). May Cyno save husbando enjoyers.
>I havent tried to use thoma and childe together yet! But im planning to build my thoma, i think he will also be good with dendro because of his shield.
Nice, I suggest you give him lots of Energy Recharge, his burst is the most important part of his kit since it can refresh and stack shields when you deal NAs every 1 second.
People say he will shine in Burgeon comps, compared to Xiangling. I don't how or why though, but I'm not complaining, kek.

No. 226980

File: 1659630903108.png (6.19 MB, 1462x2048, FYrrIGFUYAAvdOL.png)

I have an Unforged and had the pieces for a Bolide set lying around as well as an excellent physical damage goblet so I gave her 4 piece Bolide set. 2x Pale Flame and 2x Bloodstained is probably better though, I just didn't feel like more farming.

No. 226993

File: 1659635019890.jpg (160.6 KB, 1080x1106, Screenshot_20220804-100333_1.j…)

I've been using 2 all male teams to 36 star the spiral abyss for literally over a year. you don't need more male characters to do it, you just need to use the right ones. you aren't going to get anywhere with an all male freeze team without whaling extremely hard because they don't have the firepower.

since I'm feeling authoritative this morning, here's my review and semi tier list for each of the male characters

>T0 Bennett

bennett is an insane unit. he is not only the best healer, not only can he pass a 1.4k attack buff, but he is the best single target dps of the boy meta. the cooldown of his skill is reduced drastically in his ult field. when paired with chongyun and xingqiu, you can consistently freeze enemies and proc melt endlessly. melt has a higher damage multiplier than vaporize, allowing his damage to surpass even hu tao's without homa, all while simultaneously batterying for yourself due to producing tons of particles in the process, healing like crazy, and doubling his attack stat. oh, did I mention his initial burst hit alone can crack 400k+ melts with nothing but kazuha?

use him everywhere that requires heavy damage and cc, especially when you feel like you'll need a healer. even if a new male pyro dps is released, his utility will keep him glued to the top of the boy meta for a long, long time. it is worth it to get mistsplitter for him. you probably know by know but do not activate his c6. crimson witch is the best artifact set, EM/Atk Pyro Crit/Critdmg. it may also be worth your time to set aside a high er% pure support set for him.

>T0 Kazuha and Venti

must haves. both of them. their cc and buffing is invaluable, as is the chameleon nature of anemo. their Kirby-like ability to absorb any element (aside from geo and dendro) into their ults (and skill in kazuha's case) really helps fill in the gaps of other characters application, our two sad little cryo boys in particular.

they work shockingly well together. they really mow down any content with pullable enemies with their 100% uptime cc and they battery for eachother, lowering their respective energy recharge needs. I like to give kazuha VV and venti 2 gladiator 2 anemo. they pair particularly well in the overworld with all the mobs running around there. anemo resonance is very strong as well.

kazuha is suited to… everything. you will be seeing him more than venti, but you will almost always be seeing them together anyways. learn to exploit his absorption. kazuha's absorbtion priority ai goes the element he is applied to him > pyro > hydro > electro > cryo. doing a puzzle in dragonspine where you need fire, but too lazy to switch in a pyro? go touch a torch to apply pyro and simply use his E! struggling in the mondstadt talent domain? remember, bennett's ult will apply pyro to the on field character. plop it down, get kazuha in it, use his ult which will be pyro infused, and go to work! c2 is worth it if you can get it. his weapon is not. full em vv set with the craftable em sword or whatever er% sword you have lying around will do.

boasting the strongest cc in the game, venti is suited to pullable enemies of all kinds. his targeting can be annoying, but eventually you will get a feel of how it works and learn where to move to get his ult where you want it to be. some characters also struggle to hit things in his ult and he's not ideal in boss fights which means he doesn't see floor 12 in every abyss rotation. occasionally his strong teammates are able to compensate for him being deadweight in floor 12, other times it will be better to bring someone else. he does not need more than c0 and a 4 star bow, but his 5 star bow elegy for the end is nice to have.

>T0 Xingqiu

another boy meta staple. he offers excellent off field application and damage, our only source of recovery not tied to an elemental burst (well, outside of zhongli's c6), heavy damage reduction and stagger resistance, and a super cute touken ranbu esque design. his E hits like a bus too, easily reaching up to 200k under a c2 kazuha ult. can function as a very strong pyro and electro shield breaker.

he's dps bennett's BFF alongside his actual BFF chongyun and kazuha. also works perfectly with the kazuven duo using venti's normal attacks as a driver for his water swords, and in xiao teams where you may want a bit of healing but won't be able to remain in bennett's small ult aoe. go for c6 and sac sword, can use noblesse or 2no 2 hydro set.

>T0 Albedo and Zhongli

of the many geos, these two are easily the most versatile and useful overall. zhongli's super beefy shield, unique petrification ability, and res shred will ALWAYS be useful, as is albedo's free off-field aoe damage. you can throw them on any team lacking a fourth member.

with that massive aoe and high uptime, shields, high, completely off-field aoe damage that hits all enemies in venti's ult and procs on any instance of damage the enemy takes, and his element being so rare for enemies to nullify, albedo also pairs excellently alongside xingqiu with the kazuven duo. this is true for exploration as well. you can use venti's hold E on top of albedo's E elevator. after doing so, plunge, switch to kazuha, go back up, and use his E to make climbing a joke. you can cheese entire domains with this tech.

albedo can use his free event weapon and he husk of opulent dreams set. zhongli can use whatever weapon you want him to (homa, favonius lance, the catch, etc.) with noblesse, 2 no 2 ap, or tenacity (though I don't personally like farming tenacity because the second set in that domain is currently useless for the boys.) zhongli does not need constellations, but c2 is great for albedo.

>T1 Xiao

with his ridiculous aoe, xiao is the best dps from floors 9 to 11. think kazuha and venti in a dps form, so best suited to mobs. to ensure that his ult. though he really doesn't always need support from bennett with decent play, I find that the most common xiao team I use is xingqiu, albedo, and zhongli/gorou. xiao does not need constellations unless you are going for c6. use with pjws, homa, or blackcliff and 2 atk boost 2 vv or the new set made for him.

>T1 Itto

itto has the perfect mix of aoe and damage for bossing, and has impeccable synergy with his geo bros. I have used the mono geo team in every floor 12 since the day he was released. though he's not particularly useful outside boss fights, abyss, and battle events sadly. using his ult in the overworld can cause some awkward energy issues. does not need constellations. use with serpent spine or the craftable claymore and husk of opulent dreams.

>T1 Gorou

with so many geos in the boy roster and so few healers, this pup is an extremely valuable unit! he's like the support half of bennett but specifically for geo. in situations where you're looking for geo res for albedo alone i. e. in a xiao team, I prefer gorou over zhongli. just give him a character who can make him or albedo proc crystalize and he will instantly drag the shields to the character. his ult's damage ain't half bad either even with a support heavy build. really try to get him to at least c4 asap for that healing, and c6 is also excellent. can use with favonius warbow and husk set (def% def% healing bonus%) with at least 50% crit.

>T2 - Chongyun and Kaeya

as the only male cryo units, they see plenty of usage, namely as shield breakers, burst dps, and puzzle sluts. as mentioned before, chongyun is needed to maximize bennett's dps. bennett's pyro infusion from c6 takes priority over chongyun's cryo infusion. activating that constellation reduces not only bennett's own dps potential but chongyun's usefulness drastically, at which point you should switch to kaeya. it's a bad constellation, again I highly recommend against activating it.

I also recommend against using either as a proper dps in abyss unless you are a whale. they hit like wet noodles. if dps ganyu has been considered bad in spiral abyss for a long time now, imagine how they feel.

>T2 Geo Aether

geo aether hits deceptively hard, he can fill in for any geo you may be missing!

>T3? Tighnari

tighnari has not been released yet, but I don't see him being much more than a puzzle slut for a while unfortunately. he is a quick swap dps. having to lug around Razor/Electro Aether for the electro application he needs is a deal breaker, and Cyno seems to be a greedy dps which means they may have wonky synergy. we'll have to wait and see.

one good thing about him is dendro destroys hydro AND electro shields the same way pyro does cryo. he will be very good for lector and mage shield breaking if nothing.

>T3 Ayato and Childe

they're very good in the event the pyro cube boss shows up in abyss. otherwise you need to whale to warrant using them over the higher ranking dps options as it is now. xingqiu is the better and more versatile hydro option.

>T3 Thoma

standard shielder. similar to his lover, thoma has no advantages over xingqiu (better damage, better element, recovery, "shield" stays until burst duration ends). or zhongli (better damage, stronger shield, cc, low energy burst), or albedo (better damage, less field time, better shield uptime), or even gorou (healing, dmg boost to Albedo). though he may be used on burgeon teams for fun in the future.

>T3 Razor and electro Aether

puzzle sluts; no use in abyss. electro is a useless element. the strong female electro units are good because they have strong kits, and they would instantly become better if they were any other element. the lack of male electro characters is not a handicap in any way shape or form, the only side effect is the lack of variety. I'm honestly quite worried for Cyno's performance without good dendro support because of how bad it is. he may end up as another boy who is not useful for clearing abyss as fast as possible until we get a strong male dendro support and I doubt he will have many advantages in the overworld either.

>T3 Heizou

my personal favorite design in a long time, which is why it kills me that he's severely outclassed by the other anemo boys. he can work alright with electro mc, xingqiu, and your choice of venti and kazuha in an electro charge team for fun. it is not efficient over other teams in abyss.

>T4 Diluc

just use bennett. there's only room in this meta for one pyro dps. even at c6, he cannot compete with him.

>T4 anemo Aether

point and laugh.

No. 226998

File: 1659635658615.webm (1012.01 KB, 928x480, cool flex.webm)

how 'bout no

No. 226999

I respect you anon, even if you are autistic as shit

No. 227002

I do whatever it takes to play this crappy game as little as I possibly can with the few characters I like

No. 227016

File: 1659637581984.jpg (194.3 KB, 488x516, fetchimage.jpg)

Good runs, I also respect you, but you really are autistic, an obnoxious autist. The worst kind. I wish you stop playing this "crappy game" soon, so you leave us alone for once. Your "tierlist" is basically picrel. I'm gonna stick with my Kaeya freeze team that carried me through Hidden Strife Dire Straits, thank you.

No. 227019

File: 1659638055121.jpeg (695.79 KB, 1514x1652, 3947F580-6C2D-4F4C-846F-9F2F3D…)

Can any autist-chans help me with team comps too pretty please!

It’s been a year since I’ve started playing and most things are easy in the overworld, so I’d like to try out spiral abyss floor 10-12.
What team comps would be the best for relatively easy abyss runs? I might need to pull for more dps units I’ve noticed. The constellation number is in the right corner btw.

No. 227024

honest question: what fun is there to be had in the spiral abyss? it's just something you farm once every two weeks for the rewards. thats like saying you do daily commissions "for fun." the combat events where everyone is roided out on buffs can be fun. the dungeon events are fun. exploring can be fun. but spiral abyss? it's a busy work. use the characters you've built who can get it done the fastest so you can get your free gems to pull new characters and weapons and then go spend more time in the fun parts of the game.


floor 11 first half - xiangling bennett venti/sucrose/kaeya chongyun/kaeya

floor 11 second half - zhongli heizou fischl xingqiu

floor 12 first half - zhongli/venti heizou fischl xingqiu

floor 12 second half - sucrose kaeya/chongyun bennett xiangling

you may not get all the stars with your current roster but you should clear them at the very least. you should get ayato or childe to pair with xiangling and bennett. itto, xiao, ganyu, or ayaka would also be fine investments.

No. 227026

Bless you anon, I use all male teams in abyss too but
>do not activate his c6.
I just don't agree with this. Activating Bennett's c6 was the best choice I ever made regarding this game because his pyro infusion makes up for the lack of good male pyro DPSs in the game. The only units in the entire game that are hindered by it are Eula, Keqing (both shit) and maybe Ayaka and in an all-male team it doesn't matter. It's only destructive to characters focused on physical damage (which is useless) or using elemental infusion that gets overridden by Bennett like Chongyun's elemental. It's only in rare cases that it doesn't come in handy.

No. 227029

yes as if childe teams aren't the fastest when clearing abyss lmao

No. 227033

as I said in the chongyun section, his c6 reduces his own damage potential drastically.

chongyun's E infuses bennett's normal attacks with cryo. by using the cryo infused normal attacks between each of his skill hits, bennett can melt every single skill hit. when fire triggers melt, it does more damage than when fire triggers vaporize. 50% more to be exact. this is how he can surpass hu tao's damage (she is purely reduced to vaporize). but with c6 robbing him of the cryo infusion, bennett can only vaporize his hits resulting in a much lower damage output and a useless chongyun. it can also lead to him vaporizing the wrong hits: his weaker normal attacks instead of his skill. that is why his c6 is so bad. it hurts him more than anyone else. they should really add a toggle.

remember, this list has only boys in mind. their fast abyss teams utilize female characters. they are ranked low because they have less synergy with the other male characters.

No. 227038

what? I never said you need specific constellations, just that they're nice to have. and you said yourself you are struggling with your kaeya freeze team in abyss. you will continue to do so until you swipe and swipe hard because you are using a weak team.

I just made it for fun. it's based entirely on my own experience of using the male characters, the only characters I've invested in, to consistently get 36 stars in the spiral abyss. no one's scolding you for not doing things a certain way, but know that content of this nature cannot be fully cleared without using decently strong teams or buying strong gear for your weak teams. they are not capable of dealing enough damage otherwise even with perfect artifacts and high talent levels.

No. 227043

But that's only an issue if you really want to use Chongyun in your team, for literally every other composition his c6 is a blessing. For DPSs like Xiao, Itto, Ayato and Childe it's not an issue because their elemental damage can't be overridden and with Kazuha it's only beneficial to add a pyro element to do swirl reactions. It helps out a lot more units than it nerfs so I just can't see it as a hindrance.

No. 227052

Yeah i also have c6 bennet and i dont regret it at all. It helps my diluc a lot and it can be fun with some whacky things like pyro dps zhongli.

NTA but i dont think freeze teams are completely useless depending on which abyss version it is. I remember a while ago freeze teams where super nice to have in at least one floor because enemies like the wolves kept waisting time and flying everywhere. The current abyss doesnt favor a freeze team but maybe in the future it would be usefull again in some floors. Vid related is a kaeya main and they always manage to get all stars. I dont think they are a total whale since it took some time for them to get mitsplitter. They cleared the current abyss also with kaeya but in a reverse melt comp.

No. 227054

I just realized I deleted a chunk of the xiao part by accident, oops. after
>to ensure that his ult
it was supposed to say
>to ensure that his ult maintains uptime, use all his skill charges right before you use it. his skill does not release particles in his ult. since he self harms he pairs well with bennett for the attack boost and healing, though […]

not really. dps bennett's best team comp by far is the one with chongyun. they go together like yin and yang if you will. dps bennett is a bit of a nuclear option, he rarely sees usage outside of floor 12 where you will feel that damage loss the hardest. otherwise, the only character who's really going to be doing normal attacks on a bennett team is venti as the best driver for xingqiu's swords. but his normal attacks will not get infused with pyro since he's an archer. kazuha will always absorb pyro when simply standing in bennett's ult field regardless, and his normal attacks do so little damage they are never worth using. it does have some very situational uses, I had fun messing around with it in the event that had a buff that granted an extra constellation, but it is absolutely not worth permanently neutering your dps bennett for.

No. 227060

This is why I don't do abyss, god I hate build meta shit. I don't want to think so hard about numbers, the game is for relaxing.

No. 227069

File: 1659646350178.jpeg (67.36 KB, 531x582, C851D3D4-C731-4766-B2EC-1367D8…)

Mwah thank you anon!! I’ve been eyeing Ayato already so I’ll definitely pull him next but I’ll try the teams you recommend in the meantime! Never knew I could put Kaeya/Chongyun instead of a hydro character in a national team.

No. 227080

File: 1659648358426.png (1.66 MB, 905x652, ZskTkNVm.png)

>and you said yourself you are struggling with your kaeya freeze team in abyss
Ah no no, you misunderstood me. I said I was struggling to clear the 11th floor with ONLY TALL HUSBANDOS, kek. Picrel is what I mean (sorry for taco language), I can clear 9th and 10th floor just fine, but I don't think I can do 11th floor with them alone.
Ironically, my freeze team is what helped me 36* the abyss for the first time during 2.5 update. I haven't used it this update tho, mostly because I main Childe and wanted to use him on second half.

No. 227114

you are right that it depends on the version. in an abyss that so strongly favors cryo you can get by with a freeze team. I myself used kaeya, chongyun, zhongli, and venti on one abyss floor 12 (only cryo spam to counter hydro lector shields not true freeze). it's very rare that something like that happens though is my point. in the average abyss they will only hold you back. there is no strong male hydro freeze support like mona.

No. 227211

Same. I’ll do it for some extra primos, but I definitely don’t care about getting all the stars.

No. 227251

File: 1659686981341.jpg (41.91 KB, 540x680, 4cdec8535b9c247d7949e7df670922…)

Nonnas! What character/s are you currently saving for and how many Primos/wishes do you currently have saved for them?

I'm wishing for either Baizhu or Scaramouche when they eventually come out and I have around 41 wishes, I've only begun saving recently.

No. 227278

Nilou/Cyno and Nahida. For Nilou and Cyno it's gonna depend on their kits. I don't mind having another electro DPS alongside Raiden and Yae. On the other hand I'm kinda lacking in hydro units after Childe.

For Dendro characters, if I summon Nahida, Al-Haitam and Baizhu, I'll be happy.

No. 227316

I roll
I skip
simple as

No. 227318


i roll for the guys that look appealing to me and skip all girls

No. 227319

I'm currently at soft pity with only 20-ish wishes saved so I'm nervously hoping I win the 50/50 for Tighnari.

No. 227320

Holy based. I roll for any male I can schlick to and skip any skinny latex cumslut I see. Moidhoyo can't create compelling female characters for shit.

No. 227331

File: 1659703850565.jpg (310.96 KB, 1841x1841, IMG_20220803_132947.jpg)

Good luck saving for Scara, anon!
I'm gonna pull for Tighnari, I have a guaranteed and 180 wishes (plus 56 emergency wishes I can buy with Starglitter). After that, I'll try to get Cyno and then Scara. I think I'm going to buy a Welkin soon so I can get enough primos, because I also want to pull for Childe's weapon when he reruns again. Hopefully he reruns alongside Scara, so the other weapon is Scara's future BiS.
I also want Baizhu, Al-Haitham and Dehya, but we don't know their release dates, so I'm not worried about them (yet).
Good luck anon, hope you get Tighnari!!

No. 227342

File: 1659705479060.jpg (86.27 KB, 736x957, 242986f9dbe7c712067e97b1f9a9b5…)

Tysm Nonnie! And GL with pulling, may you win all of your 50/50s.

No. 227358

>calling any female character a cumslut
there is no way you are a woman what the fuck

No. 227360

Nonna, I'm literally triggered by their design since they remind me of how moids see us as rapedolls. I can't stand playing as a female character because I don't want to be seen as someone taking dicks for free when I'm walking in the street, unlike Genshin's summonable whores.

No. 227363

Anon, you sound too moidlike.

No. 227367

File: 1659712884958.jpeg (96.35 KB, 750x952, 41D39485-AF70-45B0-B133-9F3CB9…)

Same, I honestly like all of the guys, they're pretty cool. I mostly like the 4 star girls like Yunjin, Ningguang and Xinyan, the 5 stars are too boring/forgettable/ugly to my liking, Ganyu's climbing gimmick is funny but I honestly wouldn't pull for her, specially if there's any guy on the rerun banner.
I may pull for Dehya even if she really is a 5stars because she's like an adult version of Xinyan.

No. 227369

File: 1659713499974.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 227370

File: 1659713662290.jpeg (245.07 KB, 1762x1834, 10DF5D8D-59E7-4786-A5D5-CC8927…)

Yoooo wtf I just saw the hidden box by the brick wall in the Diluc event. I can’t believe that they confirmed that Diluc thought he blinded Kaeya, but Kaeya isn’t blind but has a scar under the eyepatch. And Kaeya is from a fucking clan that were reagents in Khaenri’ah when the king failed? So he’s not of royal blood but still kind of a prince from Khaenri’ah?!
WHY would mihoyo dump such important lore in not only a limited time event but also at a place where NOBODY would see it?! The treatment of male characters is so fucked up, this is more important than any lore from the summer event.

No. 227372

Unrelated to your post, but the pic you posted is so beautiful

No. 227373

We already knew he was a royal Khaenri'an, we just didn't know about the eye thing. People thought he was hiding a special or cursed eye, turns out it's just a scar he's hiding.

No. 227374

Call me a moid but this is how I feel. None of the female characters are appealing and they're all parading around like lowlife skanks. I hate it.
This! Wish they woould put more Kaeluc moments instead of animating Sluthe or whatever her name was. Same as Skanlan or the fox bitch (I forgot her name).

No. 227375

File: 1659715410133.jpeg (179.58 KB, 750x1463, 1917A7C8-5ADC-46DD-96D7-12BC2A…)

I'm glad the put this information though, that means everyone that has any sort of reading comprehension will understand that Diluc doesn't hate Kaeya, they're just awkward and too busy to be all over each other.

No. 227393

It is the scrote seething and trying to bait again so ignore&report.

No. 227394

I have saved 13k primos, 5 wishes and a few more I can buy. I'd like to get Cyno, Tighnari and Baizhu, but I'm not sure I'll be able to. Maybe I might skip Tighnari…

No. 227395

>The treatment of male characters is so fucked up, this is more important than any lore from the summer event.
What are you talking about nonner, kindergarten level PSAs about ~being yourself~ are way more engaging than learning about Kaeya's background from Khaenri'ah or his and Diluc's painful past that was implicated from the start but never fully explained in detail. /s

I'm so fucking glad I was warned beforehand to check the rest of the letters found around Diluc's mansion and behind the brick and to look for Kaeya when exiting the wineyard because so many people missed them entirely and they were rightfully pissed off about it. It's a fucking joke to hide pieces of important lore in an event while giving whole ass 3-part dungeons just for us to find out that Fischl was told by her parents to grow the fuck up. I don't understand, Mihoyo clearly has competent writers that can tell a story but they're left to work on background stories and world quests while everything that gets stuffed to our faces is borderline retarded.

No. 227397

File: 1659725032309.png (33.76 KB, 408x452, Untitled.png)

So, I'm lucky at getting 5 stars, but I have bad luck at winning 50/50s?

No. 227407

File: 1659729301243.jpeg (352.45 KB, 1170x2048, F3B68672-79E4-48DA-B5D8-601B89…)

This is exactly how I feel! It’s honestly so fucked up how we barely have explored the lore with Diluc and Kaeya but get so many events with one dimensional characters over and over again. We got such a big insight of their relationship from fucking text. Such a waste.
Hmm did we really know that he didn’t have any royal blood at all but was put in as reagents because of an incompetent king? That was news to me. But yeah the eyepatch thing was such an important thing, players have wondered this since the beginning of the game where Kaeya points out his eyepatch. It’s crazy that our answer for that after almost two years was behind a fucking brick wall that most players won’t know to look for.
Right I love it, it’s one of my favorites!

No. 227412

Was it actually confirmed he didn't have any sort of special/cursed eye? I've seen a lot of people say the same as you but I'm confused because I thought it was still implied Kaeya had always been wearing an eyepatch. I figured Diluc injured his eye in their fight specifically because it was some special eye connected with Khaenriah. I know the box by the brick wall text mentions that Kaeya used to pretend to be a pirate as a kid with the eyepatch, but the webcomic shows an ~18 y/o Kaeya before their fight wearing the eyepatch, surely that wouldn't have been for playing pretend purposes? I assume he meant it like "pretending to be a pirate was my excuse as a kid for always wearing my eyepatch". Might be essentially a retcon in which case I will be annoyed

No. 227413

This! When will Mihoeyo understand that Kaeya is better than the igly rock girl, wizard slut and chuuni whore? Only Kazuha's quest was great. Who cares about these worthless side bitches? I'm so mad.

No. 227414

report and ignore moid bait, faggettes

No. 227415

Nta but yeah, from my understanding it was like this: Child-Kaeya plays pirate -> Kaeya wears eyepatch when he’s older (unknown reason, developed a cursed eye?) -> Diluc injured Kaeya in their fight and thought that he made the eye under the eyepatch blind -> Kaeya gets a scar but isn’t blind-> Kaeya tricks Diluc into thinking he blinded him -> Diluc states that he knows Kaeya isn’t blind and to drop the act.

No. 227416

nta, but I'm pretty sure he's hiding something else under his eyepatch than just a scar and he's only using it as an excuse. Diluc's voiceline states that you can only trust about half of what Kaeya says so that applies here as well. So he probably has the scar from the fight, but has another reason to wear the eyepatch.

No. 227418

Excuse my samefag, but the brick wall lore also said that the one-eyed king Irmin failed and that Kaeya’s clan took over right? So all high position figures we know of from Khaenri’ah have one eye obscured, like Kaeya, King Irmin, Dainsleif and Pierro. Which might be the reason why Kaeya had an eyepatch before Diluc injured it.

No. 227419

If you think about it, and think about his voiceline talking about his eyepatch, he says that he just covers his eye like a person would wear pants to cover it. Maybe it's just a tradition of Kaenri'ah to cover the right eye to honor the king? And he got so used to it that he feels naked without it, but using the scar, the pirate tale and being blind from that eye excuses are the way he makes other people stop asking about it.

No. 227420

File: 1659734409204.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1240x1601, 9038AEE6-1DC5-4E5B-BB4E-670C1A…)

>Maybe it's just a tradition of Kaenri'ah to cover the right eye to honor the king
Definitely a possibility! However, Halfdan, (Dain’s soldier friend) does not have an eyepatch. This isn’t a design mistake or laziness in npc designs though, since mihoyo did give Halfdan and all characters from Khaenri’ah diamond shaped eye pupils. So maybe only people of high positions in Khaenri’ah had eyepatches? Either as a fashion garment or because they all have some joint issue/curse with their eye.

No. 227421

This sounds very interesting, anon. You're completely right and it makes sense. I was also reminded of how he's missing a wing on both sides of his Mondstadt vision, I wonder if that ties in with him being from Khaenri'ah.

No. 227422

Fujos are no longer hiding their misogyny I see. Reminds me of the handshake emoji mele where you're no longer distinguishable from a moid because pixelated women hurt your pride. Pathetic.

No. 227423

I’m glad it made sense! This is why I was mindblown by this important lore being in a brick wall kek.
I totally forgot about Kaeya’s weird vision case though! I have no legitimate theories about it until we see Pierro’s (and maybe Dain’s) vision. I wonder if they all can wield elemental powers through some God-defying experiment in Khaenri’ah that make their visions/vision cases fake. So they can wield powers without it like Dain. Therefore making Kaeya’s vision fake, hence the weird look of its case.

No. 227424

Genuine question: anons who are saving for tighnari, what part about him do you like? I like his ears but that's about it but I reaaaaalllly wanna like him though.

No. 227427

File: 1659735778613.png (1.53 MB, 772x1500, c6e8c5f6ae7f240599395dfd2d5d40…)

Animal hybrid boys really do it for me, and I love how colorful he is.

No. 227429

I have to be honest in saying that I hate his trainwreck of a design but I'm too weak for animal ear&tail boys. His kit also sounds pretty fun.

No. 227430

Remember, ignore and report the ugly traggot.
I can't stop schlicking to him ever since he was voiced.

No. 227435

File: 1659736812490.gif (1.94 MB, 268x311, e8b6484046f5ff20f7e601e5fdaed9…)

His ears are his main selling point, I have to agree lol, but he also seems to be really cute and lovable by the way he speaks and his idle animations are priceless.
I'm also pulling for him because he is the first Dendro 5* male character and I'm not gonna miss out on that! Also, he is apparently going into the standard banner after 3.0 and knowing my luck, I don't think I'm going to lose my 50/50s to him.

No. 227437

File: 1659737210807.gif (183.41 KB, 272x400, C468DCB9-4A5F-4851-AC3A-9C46C5…)

His cute ears are so cute that I love him and I want to see them flopping around when he moves, his tail is also cute and I also want to see it flopping around while making him run around. He also makes me think of these, emo characters that I used to like in highschool.

No. 227438

His idle animations is what made him cute to me! The haircut is making me skip though unfortunately but I’d love to lose my 50/50 to him

No. 227440

I'm not really positive yet if I'll roll for him or not yet especially since he's getting put on the standard banner, but I'm hoping I like his personality, in which case I'll definitely roll. I saw some leaker say his personality is most similar to Albedo's, which I don't really know what they meant by, but I'd consider promising since Albedo is one of my favorites. I also have an Amos bow I haven't had use for but will absolutely never roll for Ganyu

No. 227443

File: 1659738130099.jpeg (2.89 MB, 2160x2880, 0DE9D08A-326E-483A-809F-34D93C…)

Sorry, Venti

No. 227444

Even real life cats love Venti.

No. 227445

Is this your cat, anon? so cute…

No. 227446

Yes! Affectionately known as Khat. Kek

No. 227451

File: 1659739552165.jpg (393.63 KB, 2048x2048, 1656762747689.jpg)

Big ouchie arrows good, big ears good

No. 227462

Sometimes I want new characters but then I remember how much I hate farming, especially artifacts, so I wonder if I should just roll for weapons instead.

No. 227490

File: 1659748197269.jpg (77.28 KB, 564x650, c3739b5c5a18a01efd8ea3b54fdd99…)

Weapon banner can be such a scam to be honest, sure the hard pity is lower as is soft pity but to even have a guaranteed 5 star weapon you have to lose your 50/50 twice, which is astounding to me. I personally just don't think it's worth it and pretty much only appeals to whales.

Your cat is adorable!

I'm on the fence about him, but I love his ears and like >>227427 said, I love animal hybrid boys. And his idle animations are adorable.

Seeing his official illustration leaked put me off a little bit, but IMO I think he looks much much better in game.

No. 227577

File: 1659755785648.jpeg (278.23 KB, 2000x1805, BF7B4B62-05F3-4C9E-9766-4DE674…)

They’re releasing nendos of both of my favorite characters at the same time. My wallet is crying

No. 227663

Mine too. I don't want Xiao but I'll need to get Zhongli so it's still getting pricey.
Hopefully they all release some time apart like Venti.

No. 227813

File: 1659842668658.png (25.33 KB, 541x352, bruh.PNG)

Reliable banner leak, I'm pretty sure Collei will be appearing on the first half and Dori second. https://twitter.com/SpendYourPrimos/status/1556094269378535425

IMO, I'm on the fence about Tighnari but if I don't end up pulling him then ez skip for the 5 stars. I'll definitely end up pulling for Dori though.

No. 227821

not kokoshit again when the fuck is childe rerun

No. 227832

Yeah i was also surprised to see kokomi but i think they just dont want to make the weapon banner to good.

No. 227860

File: 1659858157347.jpg (44.01 KB, 540x540, 59aa13c38c2c70539ab197944bfa83…)

Do these cunts want money or not

No. 227866

Maybe he’ll be in the same patch banner as Scaramouche?

No. 227868

Oh no, I kind of want Zhongli too… no, I don’t have him yet, nonas. Damn, I’m too poor for this.

No. 227940

Get Zhongli, nonna, he's way too useful, Tighnari will be in the permanent banner so you may get him at some point anyways, specially if you have lots of acquaint fates.

No. 227941

On the other hand, you might not get him in the next two years.
Talking from experience, I'm a day one player with no Diluc, C2 Jean and C1 Mona. And also F2P, so praying to lose my 50/50s to Diluc is kind of a double-edged sword, and building pity on Standard banner is hell (plus there are 5* weapons in the pool).
Do what you want and don't pull for Tighnari if you don't like him that much, but you won't have to wait 2 years for a new Zhongli rerun if you skip him, kek.

No. 227944

get zhongli, he is a top tier support you can't miss

No. 227948

I pulled Zhongli during lantern rite and honestly he changed the whole game for me. I do my dailies so much faster, and annoying monster mobs popping out of nowhere in the overworld never annoy me anymore because of his shield. Pull him!

No. 227967

Thanks for the suggestions, anons! Tbh, this is me >>227397 so maybe I’ll test my luck and try to go for both. Kek as for the overworld exploration aspect, Kazuha has helped me with that SO much. I just hit his E and run away from the annoying slimes caught in his anemo pull.

No. 227971

File: 1659911409953.jpg (156.76 KB, 2048x1358, FZJrIAsakAIVu20.jpg)

If that's you, maybe you are lucky and you get two 5 stars (the featured and a standard one) in a row or smth, lol.
I'm the opposite of you, I almost always win my 50/50s, but I have to spend 70-80 wishes to get the 5*.
Anyway, good luck anon!!

No. 228063

venti is the only male character i can't see in a fujo ship. he has the filthiest straight moid energy

No. 228068

i love venti but this is true

No. 228100

venti is the type to use his anemo powers to lift the skirts of random ladies passing by. if this game was more explicit, they'd use his chadacter for "lol so random" anime pervert jokes all the time

No. 228105

File: 1659946797913.jpg (879.49 KB, 1713x1390, E0AC3XkVIAISHXv.jpg)

Recent studies have shown that not liking Venti and thinking he's straight correlates with terminal brain damage and samefagging.

No. 228169

People can have different opinions, nona, and please don't try to start infighting. Zhongli looks cute here, though.

No. 228180

None because the novelty of this game is already wearing off of me and I’m so tired of this thread being 99% of debates about their favorite fujofag OTP and 1% of actual gameplay tips, building methods and theorycrafting. I don’t give a fuck about which virtual pixels should fuck each other, I’m just completely jaded by this stupid game that’s based entirely on luck and having a mental illness to lock yourself in doors away from the sun, vitamin D NUTRIENTS away from grass just to roll for shit artifacts, shit characters, shit events, slow story and full of promises and no delivery.

No. 228181

File: 1659961856128.png (948.18 KB, 677x695, 1603839520752.png)

Talking about Venti, I started a new account and oh god, I didn't realize how much I miss Venti all the time kek. He literally appeared some weeks ago in the summer event, but it seems it wasn't enough for my brain. I'm so happy to see him again. I might start to create new accounts just for the sake of replaying Mondstadt's chapters and listening to him lmao.
Some anon said that Venti's JP voice was shotabait or whatever, but tbh I love it. It's the perfect voice for him, it's soft, sweet, soothing… I love when Venti narrates a story, I feel like I could fall asleep to the sound of his voice, it's super relaxing.
I also love how he adores Mondstadt. Walking with Venti during his quest and seeing him listening intently to what Mondstadt people had to say about their dreams, hopes, etc. I could feel how understanding and accepting he was.
I adore him, I can't lie, if I lived in Teyvat I would be the most devoted nun at the cathedral, kek. Hope he has an important role in that Wine Festival in 3.1
(I know that the posts above me are just bait, I'm not really answering them I just wanted to get this off my chest. Sage for retarded sperging.)

No. 228183

>to lock yourself in doors away from the sun
you want wrinkles?

No. 228184

File: 1659962105697.png (123.23 KB, 625x626, yhcXUe4.png)

No. 228186

remember to ignore&report the scrote nonnas

I feel this so much anon, it was such a tease for him to be involved briefly with the summer event and then disappear for the rest of the time. I love his jp voice too, it's very unique and somehow manages to capture his essence perfectly. He's a troublemaker who loves freedom but deep down he's a wise god who knows more of the world than the traveler and keeps surprising us with his insight.

No. 228187

File: 1659962291304.jpg (33.54 KB, 564x563, d864a83a90057e55a9e9f9ae9a386f…)

Venti got me into this game and was one of the first characters I pulled and I don't regret it. His love his little 'yahoo!'

No. 228189

File: 1659963496522.jpeg (1.2 MB, 3000x2627, FA61A373-32B3-4CBA-8E0A-6CFA78…)

Best part about genshin was definitely the Mondstadt chapters with Venti. Such a cozy vibe and the world felt so alive in a way? Now it feels like the plot and the world is a bit too much anime-y and none of the characters have such a lovable and well thought out personality like Venti, Kaeya etc. There was just so much more to the characters and the world in the early chapters than big bad neet with a tittle sword is actually a misunderstood god.
It’s also so annoying that the questions from the early chapters still haven’t been answered. It’s the only actually interesting plot points and mihoyo just ignores it. Varka, Kaeya and diluc’s relationship, Venti’s statue saying it’s a gateway to celestia, the abyss order attacking Mondstadt more than ever all of a sudden, Alice, Gold and lore about the only characters with ties to Khaenri’ah like Kaeya and Albedo etc. It’s all Mondstadt.

No. 228191

This literally isn’t even bait I actually play the game, I just want more discussion over things that actually matter like building your characters. So tired of it devolving into whatever this thread is anymore..

No. 228192

cool, nobody cares, leave the thread please

No. 228193

I agree with mondstadt being the best region, simply because liyue is too dull and inazuma is poorly written and full of shitty anime tropes. I hope sumeru will be better

No. 228194

File: 1659964013622.jpeg (41.95 KB, 448x416, E65C7EE6-A285-45A2-B904-6F5677…)

But anon there’s a million videos about building and theorycrafting every single character on YouTube. There’s even subreddits for min-maxing every character in the game, and if you despise both YouTube and Reddit, there’s hoyolab with several threads about character builds. It’s retarded for us to repeat information that is available everywhere if you google. And even if you’re retarded and want to be spoonfed, some anons help like autist-chan.
Yesterday we had a bunch of discussions about Kaeya lore. It’s not only infighting if you actually contribute to the thread instead of complaining like you’re doing now.

No. 228195

mondstadt is also the most "idyllic" region, sure inazuma has some truly gorgeous scenery but i hate the exploration aspect of it and liyue is kinda just there, for a region based on china it has no charm

No. 228196

Lmao shut the fuck up, you’re clearly new here

No. 228197

Kaeya lore has a bunch of videos, wiki information, reddit posts, but when I ask for a discussion on A BATTLE GAME I suddenly have to use google? What the fuck is this thread and why has it been taken over by a bunch of /g/fags?? Kek

No. 228200

I agree with your post, Mondstadt chapters and Dainsleif interludes have always given us the most info about Teyvat and the cataclysm. I feel like Sumeru will have an interesting storyline as well, because we'll be involved with the Akademiya, which is tied to Lisa and Dottore (who has experimented with Archon residue on humans). I have high hopes in the new region. The Harbingers will have more protagonism than before, and I think that's going to improve the writing a lot too.
>I want anons to talk about WHAT I WANT!!1!1! REEEEEEEEEE
kek, leave the thread, retard

No. 228201

File: 1659964845988.jpg (70.33 KB, 1000x1005, FXz55y8aIAAqaSk.jpg)

stop replying to the shitty bait and look at his funny ears instead

No. 228202

Samefag but there is nothing deep or interesting about Kaeya, his mysterious nature is only because the writers for the game have to wait for the rest of the worlds to actually be made in order for his actual identity to be relevant. He’s clearly from Khaenri'ah, character’s testimony in game suggest he may be a spy or some shit from there, didn’t give the slightest fuck about Diluc’s father’s death (and neither should you), the only thing you need to know or give a shit about is that him and diluc don’t like each other, don’t want to fuck each other, and that your evasion of lore reality just to make two annoying faggots fuck in your love-dry romance of a life is sad. No one like genshit players because you’re all passive aggressive and rude for absolutely no reason and care about the stupidest thing imaginable. Yipee Venti!! How about you go and get the caring tender love of an actual human being

No. 228203

File: 1659965084776.gif (6.24 MB, 640x640, tighnari-ears.gif)

I love him

No. 228204

File: 1659965153585.jpg (129.04 KB, 1366x768, E7ELWezXEAcxH5x.jpeg.jpg)

That's true, I think the story will inevitably loop back to Mondstadt in the end. Every region will have some plot about the their national issues that the Fatui will have something to do with as the big bad and there will be some hints of travellers sibling and Dain, but nothing of substance until the very end of the story. The traveller isn't supposed to find out anything immediately, their sibling already went through all the nations and decided to go against Celestia, so the journey is just about finding out the same things. Maybe that Inteyvat in Lumine's hair means that there are some ties to Khaenri'ah, when googling it I saw for the first time that these flowers are also Inteyvats. I think there are also theories about Teyvat working in a cycle, so maybe after the last chapter everything gets reset and you're just walking through empty lands kek

No. 228205

Literally fujofags ruin everything. You can’t have a normal ass discussion without these dicklovers interjecting their love for men in every single thread you create, even for a game where shipping is unrewarding because all of the characters have the personality of LC jannies, it doesn’t exist

No. 228207

File: 1659965368096.jpg (38.64 KB, 563x549, 89c664b7beb292fa4472033b1a3135…)

yet you still can't live without us and this thread kek

No. 228208

File: 1659965787597.jpeg (70.67 KB, 500x500, 2C2EF153-C9DC-49B2-9854-D42E32…)

Imagine liking a character coming from a place where darker skinned people should you know, be there? Let me guess, everyone has to be pale and asian even in a place based off of egypt/persia??? Weeaboos are complete trash kek

No. 228211

File: 1659966296718.jpg (39.41 KB, 564x901, 0e4753813aae1b23c1544bd920419e…)

Remember to ignore&report low quality bait Nonnas.

Anyway, who here has applied for the 3.1 beta testing? I didn't make it in last time but hopefully I do this time, but I don't know how many people have applied vs how many people they'll actually choose, but I imagine that the odds aren't in my (or anyone else that applied) favor.

No. 228212

File: 1659966497839.jpeg (101.7 KB, 641x1080, 138D1AEA-9CBD-4EA6-B8FF-1C7613…)

I can't wait to have him so I can make him sit in cute places to take pictures of him.
Also, is anyone else salty because you couldn't take pictures of your favorite characters on top of Mona's island? I almost had the perfect picture to make it my pc's wallpaper but Diluc had to fall while I was trying to fix his position.
Has anyone tried to go up there again? It's the place that you reach following a star that leads you to a luxurious chest.
I've been doing everything to go back there but I think it may have been a one time thing -insert sad emoji-.

No. 228215

I've never applied for beta testing, to be honest. I don't know what they ask you in the form or what they are looking for, but I've never tried to get in because I feel like I would do a bad job at giving feedback, kek. Good luck, tho, I hope they choose you.
Take care not to say you got in in your socials. Here it's probably fine.
If you have a friend that hasn't done the puzzle, maybe you could go there together again? idk

No. 228217

>Plus the game is fictional
Exactly. So the only reason there are no characters with different skintones is…?

No. 228222

Thanks Nonna! They do ask for some sort of personal identification to prove that you're over 18, plus stuff like your discord ID, UID, world level, etc etc.

No. 228229

File: 1659971061939.png (642.7 KB, 712x712, 1ze941ja48s61.png)

I mean, if you count two slightly darker tones and a greyish purple? There are two upcoming characters with somewhat darker skin, but that's it for now and I don't think there will be more, considering their other games so far.

No. 228265

File: 1659980431511.jpeg (52.5 KB, 900x506, 1D64BC62-60F3-4E6B-AC0A-B60C4C…)

It's dumb to expect that mihoyo will create more dark skinned characters than what we're getting.
It's a moid videogame company, they don't care about creating diverse characters that are important to whatever bullshit plot they use as an excuse to create their games, all they want is to have idiots spending money to peek under the skirt of an anime girl while also being able to look at her armpits.
Maybe we would get a bit more diverse skin tones on Natlan, and I doubt it's going to happen.

No. 228276

what are you talking about, moids are going muh chocolate mocha caramel waifu at all the dark skinned female characters

No. 228282

It's the autistic scrote. Ignore and report nonna.

No. 228283

That's kind of what I'm wondering about. How many blonde or blue haired waifus can they mash with random outfit themes that don't fit their personality at all until they are forced to start considering skintone in their colorschemes? They don't lose anything by having different skintones, it makes it possible to get more and easier distinguishable designs if anything. I find it strange that Xinyan and Dehya have basically the same theme and colors, do their moid designers have no imagination at all past pale waifus with thighspills or exposed belly buttons? They can't imagine a single other concept for a dark skinned woman?

I also doubt it. I don't get why they would make nations based on middle eastern or african(?) countries if they don't also take inspiration from the people living there. The argument that some people in those countries are pale doesn't even matter because it's all fictional anyway. They must have the shittiest artists working on characters, it would at least explain why the recent ones have been so uninspired kek

No. 228295

fucking hell why the fuck is candace on cyno's banner? i really don't want to be forced to use her ass as cyno's support. i'm already malding that i'll be forced to use faruzan for scara (they knew VERY WELL anemo is mostly a male element and they decided to force husbandofags to use a waifu support)

No. 228307

File: 1659990920026.jpg (76.5 KB, 828x618, FPacejIWUAIV39c.jpg)

When this game ends, I feel like I'm going to have a C2 level of Russian. Eurofags will understand.

No. 228314

why would she be on his banner? i've only seen everyone say that she will be nilous hydro support

No. 228321

Candace won't work with Cyno. He's supposed to do damage with the dendro + electro reaction that gets fucked up when hydro is involved. She'll be support for the ugly orientalist Wendy's girl.

> i'll be forced to use faruzan for scara

You won't be forced to use anybody. Use one of the 40 anemo twinks and stfu.

All the 4 stars since 1.0 have sucked below c6. The only one who even becomes op at c6 is Gorou as the one-of-a-kind niche support he is. Anemo doesn't have any unturned stones.

No. 228379

At what point in the story does it get said that kaeya and diluc are adopted brothers?

No. 228384

SA, also I recently got to a point in the story where Paimon mentions Albedo as if I had already met him, but I didn't. Did I do something wrong or skip some part of the story?

No. 228413

Genshin's storytelling is just kind of confusing sometimes. You can only find out about Diluc and Kaeya's past if you read their character stories or the manga, in quests they might hint at it but don't say anything outright. Genshin does this a lot, like Signora being the Crimson Witch of Flames and her bossfight only making sense if you knew about the artifact lore already. Most character stories are never completely touched on, you can only read about it if you own the character

No. 228420

SYP said bloom gives more em and cyno needs em, I know it makes no sense for cyno to need both catalyze and bloom but the 3.1 abyss blessings is related only to bloom

No. 228428

This is a pet peeve of mine with this game. They introduce characters with interesting storylines but then never finish it and just pump out basic characters who are anime tropes or give complex backstories to NPCs that are either going to die or we will never see again. The new characters backstories are also getting mediocre and predictable but I have some hope for Sumeru.

No. 228430

go back to reddit, loser

No. 228437

File: 1660025687474.jpg (13.85 KB, 366x360, 8cbcba7714ef94b4a8750bc823954a…)

You're trying so hard to larp as a husbandofag it's funny.

No. 228438

This gif makes me want to pull for him so bad, but i also really want to get cyno

No. 228450

I'm not larping, should I show you my character roster? I only roll on male 5 stars and the only female characters I ever use are fischl and xiangling (and that's because my ayato needs them)

No. 228480

I just want Yun Jin why do I have c5 Bennett I hate Genshin

No. 228491

Yep, this is a pull.

No. 228517

File: 1660053572258.jpeg (177.32 KB, 1080x1195, FD3BE80C-7D3C-43B1-A298-BA9DB9…)

Even less time to save primos for Cyno in October

No. 228518

File: 1660053701164.jpg (73.68 KB, 564x726, fa13c93c826984c536256a44aab0f6…)

Probably because of the 2.6 extension I think

No. 228526

And if that "Cyno and Nilou will be released at the same time" theory is true, we'll have even less.
At least 3.0 will give us a lot of chests, quests and new achievements to farm for more primos. 2.0 gave us around 80 wishes between events, exploration and achievements. 3.1 will also introduce a new part of Sumeru's map (and ofc, the anniversary is also in 3.1, let's hope they are not stingy with the rewards).

No. 228534

File: 1660060432482.png (4.37 MB, 2000x3279, Il.Dottore.full.3706558.png)

Thankfully they've redesigned Dottore's look and he's no longer an ugly clown, because I don't understand how people are even capable of feeling attraction to his old design nor prefer the old one over this. It feels like the people who are defending his old design have a specific headcanon of him and now that it no longer fits it, they've decided to lie to themselves and everybody around over how hideous his new design is - when he looked really childish in comparison to the other characters. He has a more mature and elegant vibe to him now and I'm glad they've decided to redesign him. He would've looked like an absolute fool in the middle of all the Harbingers with his old design. Imagine everybody looking really classy and evil, and then he's there with his pink bowtie and attire resembling the one of a gay magician from an isekai anime.

No. 228555

>attire resembling the one of a gay magician from an isekai anime.
KEK I feel sorry for Dottore anon for being disappointed in the redesign but I still agree with you. He now looks so much classier and more fitting with the general edgy tone of the Harbingers, I was beyond relieved to see the change.

No. 228571

I agree. He looked like an ugly Tumblr oc before, or a character an airen would latch onto. I wasn't really a fan of the obviously CrAzY clown thing, now he looks more elegant and I like the design without the retarded purple bow or moon mask.

No. 228611

File: 1660077325021.jpeg (144 KB, 1039x744, 369CA21E-65BB-450B-BD21-B9D7C5…)

Kek what a roast, I’m sorry for Dottore-anon too but I agree, his redesign is cool. Although I do hope he still has his yandere vibe rather than a toned down stoic vibe.

In other news, we’re actually finally getting a male cryo character. Very reliable leak. The "tiny but lifts heavy weights" gap moe definitely points at him being a claymore user unfortunately though.
I’m actually so happy that we’re getting so many male character leaks. 3.0-3.9 is gonna be husbando impact

No. 228612

It's funny to me that we have one singular Dottore anon because nobody else liked him kek.

I'm also glad he got a redesign, I'm not extremely into the new one but it's leagues better than the old one. It really did look very goofy, and his personality was stereotypical villain cringe as well. The new one seemms mysterious and interesting, I'm excited to see what he's like in-game.

No. 228614

Mashallah I can finally pull and schlick without owning any orientalist thotbait here.

No. 228620

File: 1660080213733.png (270.88 KB, 500x375, mhm.png)

>3.0-3.9 is gonna be husbando impact
we won

No. 228630

Correct. Bitching about the Archon gender ratio paid off and based Chinese female players who tore Mihoyo a new one for Shenhe and scared them into pandering for us. 6 upcoming 5-star male characters for the next 6-9 months and Harbingers released, scrotes can have their two belly dancer waifus and go cry about women ruining their game kek

No. 228699

It's funny how nobody in this fandom is making it a contest except husbandofags and their poor little victim complex kek.

No. 228706

File: 1660107222379.png (695.29 KB, 551x657, the ai uprising has begun.PNG)

Ignore the moid bait Nonnas. Anyway, what's up with Katherine? She started saying 'error' in an update a while back and I remember talking about it in the previous thread. Now I'm hearing her say 'rebooting' but it doesn't come up in a speech bubble. I've noticed she seems to say it more in Inazuma, too.

No. 228709

File: 1660107421785.png (329.15 KB, 680x392, E7BduhBVkAIsfWU.png)

Nevermind, yes it does. I'm convinced the *Katheryne's are a robotic hivemind now.

No. 228710

This has been a thing for a long while. Look at her back anon. She has a keyhole on her back. She’s not human, more like some kind of robot machine.

No. 228712

How is it bait?
>Bitching about the Archon gender ratio
The Archons' gender was already set in stone. If you think otherwise, you're deeply delusional.
>based Chinese female players who tore Mihoyo a new one for Shenhe
That was from patch 2.4 and I'm pretty sure a bunch of female players didn't influence HYV's decisions much, unlike CCP. Unless you think conservatards are based too.

No. 228713

Tinfoil where does Katheryne come from? Does she have ties with the abyss?

No. 228714

The actual tinfoil is her being Sandrone's puppets, since they share the same outfit.

No. 228724

File: 1660112463990.jpg (60.68 KB, 564x1002, e966a24f5a31507e499e5f0595103f…)

Oh I didn't know that, I assumed because I had a friend that didn't know either and had been playing for a while, around the time that the game came out. And I never heard her say it before, but I probably wasn't paying attention.

No. 228726

File: 1660113400920.png (873.01 KB, 662x680, FXYglhaX0AY0GEv.png)

Hard disagree, imo he lost a lot of personality. I'd take a weird design over a bland one any day, especially since Dottore is a psychopath.

No. 228819

We don't even know his full new design yet, though. We have only seen his head which looks miles better than whatever the hell the old design was supposed to be with the cow mask and pink bow. Old Dottore was comically evil to the point of being a caricature, there are already a million villains like that out there. It's really not interesting or unique, I prefer his new personality and design by far honestly lol.

No. 228898

File: 1660123902501.png (239.5 KB, 408x331, fbf99c6214c57d8c23a92a1125746e…)

Keking at the filename, anon.
>Old Dottore was comically evil to the point of being a caricature
NTA, but I wouldn't mind a comically evil villain, most of the Fatui are already serious and/or mysterious. It would also make sense for him to act like that, since he's Teyvat's Voldemort in a sense and I bet making a lot of clones of himself is not good for his sanity. Old Dottore seemed more unhinged and unpredictable. Either way, I don't dislike his new design.

No. 228916

The Adventure guild has the biggest headquarter located in Sheznaya. So definitely something to do with that. Katheryne is probably from there.

No. 228920

>The Archons' gender was already set in stone. If you think otherwise, you're deeply delusional.
Nobody was arguing otherwise? The drama came from the dendro archon being corrected to a female after initial mistranslation (that for some reason persisted in every language with gendered pronouns, and it happened AGAIN with Arlecchino) and people realized the ratio was 5 to 2, not 4 to 3 making the only male archons Zhongli and Venti that we already know.
>That was from patch 2.4 and I'm pretty sure a bunch of female players didn't influence HYV's decisions much, unlike CCP.
Yeah? They were the ones that threatened to report them to CCP officials for indecent material because they were so pissed off about the sexualization of Shenhe and the lack of husbandos, thus inherently influencing their decisions. CCP might be filled with retarded conservatards but if you live in a dictatorship might as well play with the same rules as all the insecure moids crying about the boys being too pretty. There's no doubt Mihoyo will be throwing husbandos at female players to keep them happy since they're half of the entire userbase.

No. 228931

>The drama came from the dendro archon being corrected to a female after initial mistranslation
Implying MHY cares about Europoors and Amerifatties.
>They were the ones that threatened to report them to CCP officials for indecent material because they were so pissed off about the sexualization of Shenhe and the lack of husbandos
Was it though? Were those women more offended on Genshin tarnishing the general view on China? Even there, it's still ridiculed as a dumb erotic weeaboo game with icky Japanese influences so I'm willing to think conservatards were the ones with the most influence. That being said, it's a nice welcome since Genshin can be more gen and less niche for mobile players.

No. 229009

There was literally a Chinese feminist gamer group that bombed Mihoyo with complaints and threatened with officials and local incels started doxxing the members because they took their waifu boobies away. Are you new?

No. 229043

can you stop entertaining the scrote

No. 229069

Just don’t reply to the obvious scrote. Report for moid and infighting.

No. 229138

>Chinese feminist gamer group that bombed Mihoyo with complaints and threatened with officials and local incels started doxxing the members because they took their waifu boobies away
Nope, never heard of this one. Just saw some screenshots of the comments but they weren't affilitated to any group. Are you sure it's not the narrative you were assuming?
I remember Honkek incels being triggered by bunny girl outfits and male chars being playable. So triggered in fact, they went vocal about it.

No. 229170

I just fought Childe for the first time and wtf, that was the most intense battle I've had so far in the game. I almost shit my pants when he transformed AGAIN. Also Zhongli is really cool and my fave so far.

No. 229185

File: 1660159732860.png (927.1 KB, 700x700, ug04lgkoj1j51.png)

You are so cute, anon. I miss that innocence…
Good job defeating Childe, tho! Glad you liked his battle. Fun fact, when that boss was released the devs had to lower the difficulty of his fight during the main story because players couldn't defeat him and were unable to continue playing the Archon quests, so they started bitching and complaining to Mihoyo, kek. Good times.
Zhongli is indeed cool, I feel they managed to convey pretty well with his design how wise and old he is without turning him into an old uggo.
He's rerunning in 3.0, btw.

No. 229285

McAnimation and a grating uwu loli voice not really getting me going

Everyone better side with Dottore when he murders the child or else you're a bunch of fake women peddling anti-abortion propaganda. It's the only part I'm really looking forward to.

No. 229292

I tried in JP but it turns out the casting was lazy and recycled Qiqi's voice, just to stoop at the level of her Chinese VA. Hoping the JP fandom wakes up on this one.

No. 229295

Jp too busy jacking off to care, you know they eat that shit up.

No. 229301

No, some of them were legit perplexed. They love to boast their solid VA industry and don't do recycling often.

No. 229302

Ignore the obvious scrote, nonna

No. 229308

File: 1660206374136.gif (1.33 MB, 498x280, 1654623295830.gif)

>implying mihoyo will have the balls to murder a playable character, much less a child

No. 229337

it was for muh honkai expy shit, something they're really autistic about even though she looks nothing like the honkai character she's supposedly based on. i really think the reason why they casted her as qiqi's seiyuu was because they originally planned the dendro archon to be male, so there was no theresa honkai expy in the works

No. 229346

It's a retarded decision because Genshin team had hints on Honkek expies being reused like Himeko. These mongs will most likely recast Lisa's VA again while a part of the Japanese fanbase unironically thinks Nahida and Qiqi are connected.
On the other hand it increases the chances of Hosoya being casted as another Honkek expy.

No. 229358

they really favor honkek seiyuus

No. 229372

since takahiro sakurai is 100% al haitham, i wonder if he will use his serious giyuu voice for him

No. 229387

Manifesting Hosoya for the Aizen lookalike really hard.

No. 229431

File: 1660226010579.jpeg (203.96 KB, 1318x900, 8A23AD20-FB0C-4B2F-802C-6DFFA4…)

Proof that the small boy model doesn’t do the characters justice. Cyno looks like a short bishie here while he looks like a little boy with small shoulders in game

No. 229444

Is that thigh spillage I see? They need to not be limp dicks when it comes to limb muscle on the boys. Still mad at Itto's noodle arms.

No. 229449

If plot leaks are true he almost does

Bad example, he looks way better in game

No. 229450

don't forget that cyno is supposed to be in his 20s (already graduated, has a high position in the government etc), so the in game little boy model doesn't do him justice

No. 229455

>obvious scrote
Either you're him trying to derail hate of his ugly daughtteru or your paranoid… What in my posts sounded male at all, freak?

No. 229458

I honestly wanted to get a magi inspired boy for sumeru lol they clearly didn't go middle eastern with tighnari and al haitham's designs

No. 229461

>you're a bunch of fake women peddling anti-abortion propaganda
You sound just like the unhinged tranny on these boards. Nice larping though.

No. 229463

File: 1660233452862.jpg (130.2 KB, 640x948, c721a67a49e74e7432f4826657aecb…)

>too autistic to read jokes
Anon pls

Stfu and let dottore punch the baby

No. 229479

File: 1660235847734.jpg (103.72 KB, 1920x822, IMG_20220811_100843.jpg)

can we stop talking about trannies and larping and discuss husbandos instead

No. 229482

File: 1660236192230.jpeg (62.99 KB, 1169x546, 799257E9-A282-4843-BF68-563B38…)

Yes. Cyno is a hottie

No. 229483

File: 1660236198806.jpg (763.55 KB, 1847x4096, 20220811_184212.jpg)

My TL is all about Tower of Fantasy which looks like a soulless clone. At least you can customize characters. Not sure if that's sending red flags to Genshin though.

No. 229485

File: 1660236278300.jpeg (214.85 KB, 2400x1080, 6EAB7594-93B3-4683-9344-9B3F31…)

Same here. Tower of fantasy looks awful tbh. Genuinely a shitty generic gacha.

No. 229486

File: 1660236415429.jpg (73.83 KB, 933x1200, 20220806_085510.jpg)

genshin is already a soulless clone of botw tbf. no room to pull that one out on TOF.

No. 229489

File: 1660236742477.jpg (164.83 KB, 1415x1529, IMG_20220811_184811.jpg)

Gonna stop replying to the tranny from now on
ToF rides too hard on Genshin's success. It reminds me of the WOW era with candidates starting clones left and right without lasting long. Nothing to fear on that level except the extra features Genshin could use.

No. 229514

File: 1660238936161.png (10.28 MB, 3000x2000, FZOGb9eVUAAb0u2.png)

Cyno's great.
ToF is very generic and takes way too much from both Honkai and Genshin. It's also PvP so you just know the game will be intolerably stingy unless you're whaling hard, PvP games always become whalefests.

No. 229516

more than one of those posts was mine so seriously stop acting schizo and get your dysfunctional troondar checked, fag.

doesn't really matter if it's riding on GI's success or not if it does what it does better, and the bar for that isn't exactly high. I truly do have more hope for a new game to surpass genshin than I do for genshin to improve. mihoyo has already made their money and know they can get by with the bare minimum. they don't give a hoot about retaining their older playerbase. they're instead trying to get the players who've grown bored of genshin into another one of their games for those sweet newbiebux.

No. 229521

yeah i wish we could customize our mc too

No. 229524

Lmao ToF isn't doing anything better than Genshin right now except maybe main character customization. Animation loops aren't finished, the characters are ugly, and the game has horrible balance issues. Check the few people who played the beta; F2Ps suffer through bullet sponge enemies and get two shot by raid bosses, they need to hope a whale matchmakes with them and actually completes the fight for them, plus they stand no chance at all vs the whales.

The only people I see getting pulled away from Genshin for ToF are some coomers (who will probably just play both ngl) and the really extreme metafags who want to do millions and millions of damage to a damage sponge.

No. 229525

pvp is lowkey a whiteflag. the gap between whales and lower spenders is way, WAY smaller and they generally have more cosmetics to spend on instead.

meanwhile in over a year since implementation genshin has made what, 6 skins? and they're all fug? kek

No. 229534

To each their own, but to me PVP is always the absolute worst part of a gacha game. There's going to be a point at which there is absolutely nothing you can do and whales will destroy you, and at some point the game always gets super stingy with resources unless you're in the top 100-1000 players.

No. 229538

>It's also PvP so you just know the game will be intolerably stingy unless you're whaling hard
Someone on reddit said that in China (the Chinese server has been up for half a year) the game flopped hard. I didn't find any article in English about it, so I decided to search in Chinese. I found this: https://36kr.com/p/1825717262910985
If you can't read Chinese, just translate it with google, I tried and it's readable, kek.

No. 229547

just check if nga has a board for it

never been my experience. what other games do you play?

No. 229550

>tranny is a ventipedo
Checked. Venti is not your transition goals character.

Sounds like a huge P2W like those MMOs in the 00s.

No. 229553

Genshin's the only gacha I currently play. I used to play Tales of Link, Tales of Crestoria (dropped after a few days lol, that shit was a buggy mess), Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and Magia Record. Any time any of those games had PvP it was a fucking nightmare. Tales of Link locked a whole game mechanic behind PvP ranking events and you were essentially forced to use refreshes to get the top rewards. Brave Exvius' Dark Visions made me quit the game entirely, it was the same shit where unless you were a whale spending on every new banner there was absolutely no way to get reasonable rewards from it. Magia Record's PVP involved people building the most stally, irritating teams possible and wasting your time.

I've never seen a gacha actually do fun PVP. Maybe it's different with a real time combat system but I don't have a lot of hope the whales won't just roflstomp everyone else.

No. 229554

The people who complain about the designs in Genshin should take a look at Tower of Fantasy, it has to have the ugliest fucking trainwrecks of character designs I've seen yet. They look like OCs some teenagers made on a character generator.

No. 229559

Yeah fully agree, PVP ruins a gacha game immediately by reasons you stated - locking essential mechanics behind a paywall. I only want to pay for the pngs I roll on a RNG depending on how pretty and interesting they are, not to be able to play the basic mechanics of the fucking game. Events based on PVPs are not fun at all unless you've been playing for 3 years and have grown a refined party with the best gears or paid your way to the top.

No. 229562

File: 1660241572070.jpeg (230.68 KB, 1448x2048, 5E69260F-3D06-4961-9FD0-89FF2A…)

Ugh I feel you nonnie but we still have Djajeet and Kaveh left. Hopefully one of them is more magi styled. I feel like Nilou got a magi middle eastern outfit and maybe dori. The rest look like generic mihoyo designs.

No. 229572

at least cyno is anubis inspired but… nothing about al haitham looks middle eastern/persian, it's like he came straight out of khaenriah like dain and tighnari is wearing a hoodie with way too many random accessories. kaveh is most likely a 4* so not sure what to expect

No. 229582

File: 1660244082856.jpg (103.89 KB, 833x1000, 20220806_085535.jpg)

naruhodo. the only gachas with pvp I've played were chinese or cookie run so I can't speak on japanese games. but onmyoji is still one of the biggest and most influential chinese gachas and whaling there = cosmetics only, no meaningful advantages in pvp or pve.

all I want is for botw 2 to stop being delayed really. I don't wanna waste time on soulless copy gacha fads. they aren't filling the void anymore.

what makes you think kaveh is a 4 star?

No. 229600

because we don't have a single sumeru male 4 star

No. 229606

File: 1660247849285.jpg (184.14 KB, 1080x1350, 20220811_215806.jpg)

Mika can be a 4 male. I feel like Kaveh will be a 5 but a 4* going with Al-Haitam is likely.

No. 229660

Mika is a dude, but he's from Mondstadt, not Sumeru. People are thinking Kaveh is a 4 because we've been shown so many 5s already and there's no way Scaramouche isn't a 5, but I guess even with all the 5s we've seen there aren't enough to fill up to 3.7, the last Sumeru patch. So there could be one or two more 5s they haven't shown us yet.

No. 230041

I would've been happy to play ToF even if it is a soulless clone just to have something to play during dead time in genshin, but from what I saw, the catering they give to any female audience is minuscule among the sea of higher tiers of moidery than anything genshin has present. Of the SSR characters only 3/10 are male, with 0 male SR characters. The Chinese servers have been out for a while now so they have more characters that have been added but only one of the characters they've added is a male character, it's for some collaboration and he looks like some western game character not a bishie. You can customize your own character to play as, but the outfit comparisons between the male and female player characters are downright laughable, almost every female outfit has cleavage, thighs, and stomach exposed or is fully skintight while only a couple of ~20 of the male outfits have any sexy elements to them at all. The only comparable game to genshin I see myself playing in the future is starrail. Every day I pray for a game targeted specifically to women that has actual gameplay mechanics, moids will cry when games like genshin pander to women at all but they have so many options for games that exclusively pander to them

No. 230044

Considering all these shit-tier clones, maybe it's time to reverse-engine Genshin and make a yaoi-pandering husbando game by ourselves. Who's with me?

No. 230065

File: 1660328094883.jpg (Spoiler Image,118.88 KB, 960x859, l8s4g41sk4h91.jpg)

I'm sad that Dehya is just going to be another tomboy that is "secretly into ~girly uwu~ things". I know this is a Chinese game, but can't they make a regular tough woman that likes battling and has a rough personality ffs? Everbody knows Dehya is a woman, you don't have to make her love cosmetics.
I'm afraid of how they'll portray Arlecchino now… Watch them turn her into a fashion addict or some shit. Or someone that has a cute sneeze. I'm so tired.

No. 230066

File: 1660328393390.png (2.43 MB, 1143x1200, FLhoI9pXwAUjz_S.png)

Beidou. You are describing Beidou.

I want Arleccino to to be blatantly mean and intolerant of anyone's shit. I think her being upset about Signora's death will mean she has a soft side, though, and Mihoyo will probably play that up.

No. 230078

Hoetoverse is shit at writing female characters. Except for maybe five of them, all of the girls are either "tough/distant/serious/shy but secretly a soft waifu who wants fwends uwu" or "manic girl with her job as her only personality trait" . The males are also kinda flat (it's Genshin after all) but they have more variety in terms of personality and story.

No. 230081

>Beidou. You are describing Beidou.
I know, and I love her personality, but she's like… what, 3 out of 985 female characters that are waifus? Also, I feel like whenever Mihoyo makes a tomboy or a female character that is not a uwu girl they make sure her outfit is coomerish or revealing in a disgusting way. I liked Dehya because at least she wears regular shorts, her underwear isn't showing and her breasts aren't at risk of spilling out if she moves around too much. But they had to ruin her character by making her like cosmetics for no goddamn reason.
Reminds me of Xinyan and how she enjoys sewing and doing house chores, literally undermining all her struggles about her not being "ladylike" like her family wanted and all that "be yourself, don't pay attention to others expectations" preaching.
>I think her being upset about Signora's death will mean she has a soft side, though, and Mihoyo will probably play that up.
Yeah, probably. Sad.

No. 230082

Dehya is just a lazy made Xinyan
Emo boy with wind powers who lost a friend, meant to pander to underage girls isn't exactly peak writing either.

No. 230084

File: 1660331854447.gif (Spoiler Image,2.43 MB, 640x478, 162438_1655792009_954a9b6f-efb…)

IGNORE THE BAIT, don't eat that shit up you're better than that, anon.
Btw, I'm excited for tomorrow's livestream, I wonder how many of the leaks will be confirmed. Can't wait.

No. 230087

>Of the SSR characters only 3/10 are male, with 0 male SR characters
Pitiful. Genshin kicked the game off with 4 consecutive bishie male banners (excluding Klee) and heavily included them in the story, kept the female designs modest and made the game available on multiple platforms. And after the dregs of Inazuma and stupid Honkaibait like Shenhe and Yelan they're now starting Sumeru with like five confirmed male 5-star characters. I know we bitch about the ratio here all the time but it's still so, so much better than most gacha games around. That's why I want to keep supporting and pay for the male characters whenever I can, I couldn't imagine starting a gacha game with 3 male SSRs out of 10, acting like it's an acceptable ratio and that coomer waifushit is worth playing just for one attractive husbando.

It's an insult that Beidou has such a mediocre kit not worth using because she's the most interesting female character along with her girlfriend in the entire game. I really hope they won't fuck Arlecchino over and I hope she's gal pals with Columbina too kek

No. 230117

File: 1660336655739.jpeg (620.43 KB, 2047x2011, 8A0A8F52-977D-42F0-B7CB-4EBF8B…)

Already ship this

No. 230129

some leaks spoilers
there really is tension between them and they start arguing and fighting kek

No. 230136

there's a cute tidbit about tighnari saying that as much as cyno wants to go unnoticed he can't fool his ears lol

No. 230360

I can feel the animators' tears with those designs.

No. 230381

>leona seiyuu for al haitham
ok so no sakurai….

No. 230435

There should be a free 4 star for every region like Kaeya and Xiangling. Collei should've been given in a quest. Same with thoma.

No. 230437

collei is going to be given for free from a tutorial, and after that possibly through mail like barbara who was initially an event only freebie too.


already 2 free pyro characters

No. 230438

the new trailer plus the redemption codes from the stream


No. 230443

File: 1660409663775.jpg (135.3 KB, 1200x675, FaCpQv3UcAAiZEJ.jpg)

thanks anon!
>collei is going to be given for free from a tutorial
I thought they said she was going to be an event reward? picrel

No. 230445

samefag, but Barbara is still given to new players after they complete a certain archon quest
this "tutorial reward" thing seems like is only a reward for completing the quest that starts the event, which mean it will be temporary, idk

No. 230452

I wonder how dottore anon is doing, with dottore showing up in game soon
If you're out there nonna ilysm!

No. 230455

File: 1660411228225.jpg (282.77 KB, 1862x2048, FVuDglVWQAA19YH.jpg)

She already said she doesn't like the new design here >>220785, tbh i don't even know if she's still playing, since she said she was going to drop Dottore…

No. 230460

If old Dottore is the only reason why she started playing Genshin, then I hope she dropped it a while ago. Imagine being this depended on an ugly clown professor design so you spend hours in a game and they end up changing your husbando in the end too kek. Deserved.

No. 230463

barbara was first given for free in a limited 1.0 quest. then in 1.1, when she was given for free again but that time the event was permanent. and look at the picture: collei isn't locked behind the event itself but the tutorial quest.

No. 230465

Stop bullying dottore anon, she never did anything to you

No. 230466

This makes me really sad to hear. Wherever she is, I wish the best for her.

I hope you lose 50/50 on all your faves.

No. 230468

nta but avatarfagging is just plain obnoxious and her memes were trash

No. 230476

Is this Dottore anon samefagging? I refuse to believe she's insanely popular here when all she did was shit up the threads and guilt-trip like >>230468 said. She must be under the impression people in this thread consider her a celebrity, which is very embarrassing to witness. I hope she's aware anons only let her become the "Dottore anon" because he used to be very ugly and nobody wanted to favorite him over that. If she was avatarfagging as the "Childe anon" or any other highly favored male character, everybody would tell her to fuck right off and call her out on the cringe.

No. 230480

Are you samefagging, retard? Imagine being this jealous over someone earning a nickname (?) in the genshin thread, kek, embarassing.
She was never obnoxious, she barely "avatarfagged" unless she was summoned by anons, only then she would post Dottore pics, and she never thought of herself as a "celebrity", lmao. Dottore anon was one of the sweetest anons we had in the thread, that's why most people here like her. Anons like you are the ones that are cringe and should "fuck right off". I second >>230466 and hope you lose all your 50/50s to the character you dislike the most. Cheers.

No. 230481

Nah I’m pro dottore-anon too she’s wholesome. So at least two of us that are not her like her.

No. 230482

File: 1660414526297.png (301.04 KB, 516x403, aagzegeheueuheu.png)

I still play. I threw a huge tantrum over the dottore redesign but now i dont really care anymore, dottore is still dottore at the end of the day even if i do prefer the old design

No. 230486

her showing up at the exact same time as the anons whiteknighting her don't exactly help her case. agree with your post, asskissing the heckin wholesome avatarfags is indisputably not baste. summerfags still not back in school yet?

No. 230487

that's because i have the thread open all the time. why would i not reply if someone talked about me? are you going to say i am you now too because i responded in under a minute?

No. 230494

In any case, the free character would've been Sara since she's an electro character, and we already have Lisa. I think that we should only get free characters for each element, so you can always have every element, specially if your gacha luck is retarded which I honestly haven't seen happening yet.

No. 230500

Not really tbh, at least Dottore anon is nice and her posts about Dottore are fun. She only sperged once for like three posts and you're already crucifying her, go outside or something.
Also, avatarfags are only annoying if they constantly post retarded shit like the Venti and Lumine avatarfags that would sperg all of the time about random shit.

No. 230501

everyone itt is dottore anon now, kek
just take the L and stop embarassing yourself schizofag

No. 230504

File: 1660415963341.png (303.72 KB, 900x900, MWmI98w.png)

I actually used to be in a server with Dottore Anon, she's a cringey retard who calls herself a gay homosexual lesbian desu while only salivating over ugly 2D man dick and making Dottore her whole personality, yet never said anything about actual women kek. She's a retarded straight girl roleplaying as a dyke, she isn't wholesome at all.

No. 230509

File: 1660416136158.jpg (219.88 KB, 1734x2048, FX9tpwSVQAASWgy.jpg)

i mean yeah fair enough i was mistaken and kind of in denial but its part of discovering your sexuality, in this case im bisexual but i dont really know why this needs to be talked about in the genshin thread on lolcow dot farm? This is kind of getting ridiculous now.

No. 230511

is it time for the actual tranny to shit up the thread already?

it's not a challenge for non-attention whores. this is an anonymous imageboard, of course the non-newfags are going to be annoyed by you trying to make a name for yourself here instead of a site meant for that.

No. 230513

>also pulled this stunt on a discord server
gonna need you all to hop in the dumpster

No. 230523

>making Dottore her whole personality
Some anons here really need to turn off their computer and go outside. At least pick a good looking husbando if you want to devote your life to him.

No. 230529

File: 1660417364800.png (190.87 KB, 800x800, 1.png)

>avatarfags are only annoying if they constantly post retarded shit like the Venti and Lumine avatarfags
True. Nobody minds Shadow anon because she is also wholesome, sometimes she posts sonic and shadow pics on /m/ and you know it's her but nobody cares because it's whatever.
I agree that there's a particular ventifag itt that gets on my nerves, I would do anything for that retard to leave the thread. I wouldn't even be surprised if it turned out that that ventifag is a shotacon moid.
Btw, talking about wholesome anons itt, I remember a sperger in the early threads that would tag a bunch of posts and respond to all of them, her posts were literal bibles kek. I haven't seen anyone do that recently, it makes me sad because tbh she was really nice too.

No. 230533

>Btw, talking about wholesome anons itt, I remember a sperger in the early threads that would tag a bunch of posts and respond to all of them, her posts were literal bibles kek.

Omg I remember her!! kek she was wholesome.

No. 230534

File: 1660420684104.jpg (35.13 KB, 735x808, e6ab5f4327dd45cf0dfb0353b1fd71…)

I think the shadow anon and parappa anon etc are cringe as fuck but I'm not autistic enough to throw a tantrum about them unless they completely shit up the thread which Dottore anon never did. Jesus christ some of you guys never had friends and it shows

Also I'm one of the ventifags and there are others besides me, kisses to all of them btw unless you're XYs

No. 230535

File: 1660420806607.jpg (31.78 KB, 498x702, nsusyw7wbw7wtwuwgw.jpg)

Many people post Venti, he's a cute and popular character you just so happen to have a hateboner against. There isn't a singular Ventifag.
Not only is clownmode Dottore ugly and unpopular, but the anon obsessed with him literally refers to herself as "Dottore anon," keeps the thread open at all times to reply to any post mentioning her, 100% samefags, and carries this autism over to the discord server. Le wholesome uwu image is something countless tripfags, avatarfags, etc do on boards to further contrast their posts from all the mean anon plebs for extra attention. It will never not be retarded. Anons active on twitter may be used to it I guess.

No. 230537

No one avatarfags with popular characters for the exact reasons >>230476 said. They aren't quirky enough.

No. 230539

File: 1660421381683.jpg (240.32 KB, 900x1126, @ this thread.jpg)

i like to post venti
>to piss that one anon off
>because my favorite color is emerald green
>for his cape and silly hat

No. 230540

Agreed. Some anons here are pretty obviously newfriends who have never browsed any other imageboards that are full of cancerous avatar- and tripfagging autists.

Also, Ventifags okay sure, but what Lumine posters? I don't remember anyone posting her other than to call her ugly or infight about which Traveller is better.

No. 230541

File: 1660422119445.jpg (122.55 KB, 728x1200, f8b345b37cff9531c42c5b5b8af347…)

>to piss that one anon off
Bless you anon

No. 230547

There was one weird Lumine poster I'm 99% sure got outed as the schizo tranny who's been running amok lately. He was outed as one of the main fujo haters and he has posted in this thread several times before. The Lumine sperg used to say "meds" or "meds now" often, phrases he likes to throw in his word salads, and they would make very incoherent posts related to the yume vs. fujo discourse. Both that Lumine sperg and the scrote who tried to get /v/ to raid us for complaining about the adult waifu designs (remember, schizo tranny has a femdom fetish so it makes sense for complaints about characters like Yelan and Beidou in particular to trigger him) were likely him in retrospect.

No. 230548

File: 1660423777393.jpg (95.13 KB, 300x300, IMG_20220806_052202.jpg)

Can you all read? I didn't say I didn't like "ventifags" in general. I love Venti, I'm literally >>228181, I'm just saying there's an anon that keeps posting Venti fanart alongside her infighting posts and her "this game is shit" sperging, trying to be smug.
Also, just because you have don't like dottore anon doesn't mean everybody should hate on her as well. This thread is not a hivemind, stop getting your panties in a twist just because you don't like her. You are calling everyone a twitterfag, but fr the way you are all triggered by dottore anon each time someone talks about her (this is not the first time) is peak twitter behaviour. Not only that, but bringing unrelated discord drama to try and "expose her" keek. Anyways i'll stop responding because we are just derailing at this point.

No. 230572

That and he's probably the ventipedo from earlier. It looks like the local trannyfag is trying to piss everyone off.

No. 230590

Why does this keep happening? Is it because you guys are dissatisfied with the upcoming updates?

No. 230592

I know it's derailing at this point but I want to say one last final thing.
>in this case im bisexual
No, you're just straight. Judging by your blind and never ending devotion to Dottore and 2d cock, you're the type of "bisexual" to feel disgusted by the touch of a woman and end up married to a guy 20 years later.

No. 230593

File: 1660436133914.jpg (327.88 KB, 1796x2048, puppies.jpg)

[X]pedo, self-namedropping, and reeing about mods = troon signs. Report and ignore him plz.

No. 230655

File: 1660460590089.jpeg (235.08 KB, 1200x1089, 242EE53B-0E9F-4B3F-941C-20FCD7…)

Damn I didn’t check the thread for a few days, all this infighting is making my head hurt. Changing the topic, Sumeru looks great! I’m so excited for the new region. Since the 3.1 beta would be starting soon-ish, what leaks are you guys looking forward to? Personally I’d love to see Scara’s redesign and some character’s kits.

No. 230671

Watched the new PV. Music's still great but this time they're riffing off Scheharezade a little.

No. 231099

I’m going to sound retarded as fuck here so much so that I know I’ll deserve the flack other anons will give me and the ban for blogging but damn it’s refreshing as a middle eastern to see good rep that’s not like “hurr durr nomadic dumb sand people” or some sort of thinly veiled “oh not ALL muslim women who cover their faces and can’t look men in the eye are total slaves” type shit. I’m just glad there’s a fictional version of my ethnic country with anime characters people simp for with good music that’s not heavily politicized by some western retard. Like yeah, animeify our traditional clothing and turn it into waifu bait. I’m so desperate for any other depiction of the culture other than crazy pedophile bomb people, especially when theres a long and rich history of art and culture that’s always overlooked because some taliban fuck decided to be extra isis one day.

> inb4 its coomer shit

I don’t care.

> aPpropriashon!

I don’t care, ngl it makes me happy.

> inb4 no one cares nonna

I know. I don’t fucking care. I’m happy.

No. 231149

Sumeru is gorgeous and the funny part is that it actually has the least coomer-ish female characters from any region (so far)

No. 231194

As an ESL whose country never gets representation I would fucking love to have a region inspired by my country in some fun anime adventure game like Sumeru is so I feel you. It's always 2nd to 3rd gen immigrant Americans who throw fits about the accuracy when they can barely speak their (grand)parents' language themselves and never have even lived in their country.

This! The female characters look actually pretty good and tasteful in my opinion! Just hoping that Candace won't turn out to be the region's Yelan/Shenhe.

No. 231253

File: 1660649844533.jpg (124.09 KB, 1499x747, 20022082811.jpg)

aladdin is a fantasy middle eastern inspired world, based on that logic game of thrones and lotr are appropiating european medieval cultures lol. same thing as sumeru, it's a fantasy world! dori is just a nod to aladdin, so i fail to see what's so oh wrong with her character
i feel like these people really don't wan to have fun or something, it's impossible to make a fantasy world from scratch, you still gotta get inspired by something from real life. these days if you don't properly represent non-european cultures 14 yr olds on twitter will cancel you. they got mad at the fucking raya movie for being a "melting pot" even though the people who came up with the story were all SEA creators

No. 231255

>Miss Represent

opinion discarded kek

No. 231257

ipad baby zoomer take. the western stereotypes you're talking about haven't been around for more than like a decade–certainly not long enough for you to celebrate the "return" of the sexy belly dancer stereotype (never left outside NA) instead

No. 231261

Sometimes it's like people just want to see a 1:1 representation of everything. And it's seriously retarded to expect great female character designs from a shitty moid videogame company.
At this point it's just people whining because they're bored and not because they're actually concerned over something.
And not only that, if anyone plays gayshit infact and thinks "wow so this is what Egypt, the arab Emirates and India look like!" Then that's that person's issue, not the videogame company's fault. This is literally the era of information and if someone can play a shitty Chinese game then that person can also google "yo what the fuck is turkey the country not the animal stop giving me thanksgiving's day recipes for fucks sake".

No. 231269

People nitpicked Inazuma to death too for "inaccuracies" even though the region was just based on Japan, not portraying Japanese culture, Mihoyo even consulted Japanese natives to get the feel right and even had Tsurumi be based on the indigenous Japanese (Ainu) which was a pretty cool thing to do. I could bet that if people didn't know it was a Chinese company they would be nitpicking Liyue for being "inaccurate" too kek, they're all just looking for things to get mad about to feel smarter than they are. And like you said it's impossible to create a fantasy world without at least some inspiration from real life regions when you're doing a story where the character travels all around the world. It's not a history book, it's a fantasy game.

No. 231281

Tf are you talking about nonna? Negative depictions have been all the rage since 9/11 and before that middle eastern rep wasn't much more than "weird and dumb sandpeople with their hijabs and shit" minus a few exceptions. But I get it, you wanna disagree so you feel better about yourself. It's fine.

No. 231291

I kind of agree! It’s orientalist for sure but I’m okay with it cause at least it’s not orientalist in a negative way as Americans portray us. The thing that bothers me is how they mixed our cultures a bit too much? Like I get that maybe the Ottoman Empire and Persian empire are very similar so I don’t mind the mix there, especially musically. But mixing Indians with us felt a bit offensive ngl. So that’s my only issue with Sumeru.

No. 231298

Oh my gosh, yes, if I had a bone to pick it would be this. Like, turkey and arab countries and iran have cultural/history overlap, but they're still radically different. Hell, even in 1 country you can get people with very very different cultures and history (see: kurds and/or around the persian gulf)
let alone mixing india with us too, and to this degree. It's like grouping east asia with latin people because some mexicans can pass as east asian or some shit.

No. 231322

gee, I wonder why israel's besties haven't been depicting arab culture in the most positive light in recent history. why were you comparing modern day depictions to a historical one in the first place? my point still stands, tard. the oriental aesthetic has been popular in japanese vidya and anime for a long, long time even if this is the first you're being exposed to it. it's pathetic to celebrate genshin's shitty take on it as a nugget of posityve represontayshun.

No. 231325

File: 1660670214809.jpg (119.1 KB, 736x962, 87e8750063d564111b5e0158f85d59…)

>racebaiting discourse in my Genshin thread
Fuck you guys, I'm going to start Ventiposting

No. 231326

File: 1660670310473.jpg (55.38 KB, 564x564, 66a04532fde583cd172c14c24ce34b…)

His cheeks need a good pinching

No. 231341

Can avatarfags fuck off already? Are you the new Dottore anon of this thread or what? How cringe.

No. 231382

Pretty sure this is a pretty standard depiction of most anime/eastern media depiction of middle eastern/North African inspired characters, but if that floats your boat…

No. 231409

I’m anti coomer design, but I also don’t want to see women in a fantasy game totally covered in those body prisons called burqas or niqabs that extremist men force them to wear. There IS a middle ground.

No. 231486

File: 1660716292955.jpeg (207.44 KB, 640x1052, 89F40960-F419-4588-86C6-799ED1…)

Kek Nilou sounds like one of our cows.
>twauma from childhood uwu
>gets anxiety attacks from leaving the city

Nilou or Pixielocks?

No. 231495

and then she falls for traveler's ~charm~ out of nowhere like everyone else, wow

No. 231504

>agreeable personality that puts others before themselves
Don't want to sound like a nag, but this sounds like the personality trait of every other character in the game. I do so hope she beats those Ayaka similarities, but so far it isn't looking too good.

No. 231522

Something tells me that one of her idle animations may be cute like Yunjin's if she dances out of nowhere. But her idle lines will surely be something like
>GASPS oh, sorry tabibito-yo, I didn't notice you there
>GASPS what's that?!?!
>One, two, three, four… Oh, sorry tabibito-yo, I just got a bit nervous
>I can't believe I'm so far away from home kawaii nervous sounds

No. 231570

Oh wow, now the waifu is both obsessed with her job AND is sa shy girl who secretly wants fwends!! How fucking new

No. 231573

Actually i'm a bit surprised the "tsunderes" we have are so mellowed and so few in number. I expected they'll use the violent tsundere trope on at least one girl?

No. 231582

Tsunderes aren't that popular anymore

No. 231587

File: 1660754757068.jpg (397.96 KB, 1614x2328, E_Cesq-UUAMErzk.jpg)

Welp, there goes my enthusiasm for her. I was really looking forward to her because a dancer hydro sword sounds pretty cool but of course they made her a worse Sumeru Ayaka. She legitimately does sound like a lolcow with the "twaumatized anxious sheltered smol bean artist" description kek.

This, it's all about braindead manic pixie dream girl waifus and ara ara mommies now.

No. 231592

>gets anxiety attacks from leaving the city
>is a performer

??? Did all the good hoyoverse writers leave for the new honkai game what the fuck is this

No. 231597

the writers are all old weebs, where is my ciel bocchan ripoff? xingqiu isn't cutting it, he's more of a femboy tease. I want some old school male tsunderes and shitty oresama (i know itto is an oresama, but he's more of a comedic relief not suave ikemen)

No. 231599

I mean, Xingqiu is pretty similar to Ciel kek. We're going to get Mika and some other Sumeru tall ikemen (hopefully) too!

No. 231600

other than being a rich young master, i don't see anything else similar

No. 231759

old male weebs who can't write for shit

No. 231796

Xinqui is literally referred to as bocchan right? So he’s pretty much all we’re gonna get for that trope.

No. 231797

Keqing. Very popular in China.

No. 231830

I'm so baffled by her popularity, I don't even know anything about her. She's more forgettable than even Eula who I only remember because of the annoying catchphrase

No. 231845

her design reminds me of kyou from clannad, and she has some slight tsundere vibes like her but kyou is more of an old school violent tsundere while keqing is just… outspoken?

No. 231933

File: 1660847577432.jpeg (37.97 KB, 1063x328, BEFD344B-0456-41C7-9002-0E830F…)

He’s so cute, I don’t like his voice at all though

No. 231959

File: 1660854384972.jpeg (Spoiler Image,80.23 KB, 1050x1600, 8A25AFC6-32AB-48B7-8374-844334…)

No. 231963

don't care where kaveh model

No. 231965

I actually like her but she somehow looks like she was supposed to be short and not a tall woman.

No. 231966

seconding this, I don't give a shit about her I want Kaveh

No. 231967

File: 1660855965760.png (41.11 KB, 601x464, candace.png)

Amazing. Another dutiful but playful nice girl always willing to help others in need and loved by her community. Sumeru girls confirmed to be a fucking waste sans Collei. At least the boy characters seem to be a lot of fun so fuck Hydro Pixielocks and polearm Yoimiya then.

No. 231969

The male characters that are looking to be released aren't much better. Everything I've heard and seen from Tighnari, that blonde twink that's from Mondstat and the onion's babysitter, have just been meh so far.

No. 231971

>base your character off a Sudanese woman
>make her a tannish white lady
I expected as much. Wish they would've given her some braids at the very least.

No. 231978

Her shorts/skirt thing are really ticking me off because nearly every fem character has a barely there crotch cloth, and for what? Moids might forget they're girls if they can't get a panty shot every .2 seconds? I know this is the closest a lot of them will ever get to women, but jesus they're pixels. Bitterness aside, something about her could be so cool! I could imagine her extremely protective of the women and girls of her all female village and she'd be a take-no-shit, "if you want to even breathe the same air as my girls you have to prove yourself worthy" type who has a wall up to outsiders but generally treats people how they deserve to be treated. She could even be programmed to treat Lumine and Aether diff based on sex, but the western fandom would probably riot.
I looked up the Jinwar in the village of Darbasiyah (meaning "women's village" in Turkish) and if we're mixing cultures into the fictional country, they could've at least had more fun and went there. (maybe I'll just write fic…)

No. 231981

please google how to clean beneath your foreskin

is the all female village part your weird fic or official? a half naked all female snu snu village is the very last thing genshin needs. you know they aren't going to be braiding eachothers hair and sharing feminist lit in a game where shenhe exists. and the roster has already been approaching that from day one…

No. 231982

NTA but the feminist icon in a female village is entirely a fanon thing. I'm pretty sure Candace will end up being a generic nice onee-chan trope who plays with the kids and protects the generic village from fatui grunts while fawning over and cooking for the traveler.

No. 231988

Leaks make every single character look like a bland copypaste from other regions. Hopefully the final product might be more entertaining.

No. 231989

ugh i better not see ara ara ship art with her and my boys

No. 231990

I know it could never work in this game or any game with a high moid playerbase. I just really think the concept of a place for women and children with nowhere to turn to who find a safe haven in the turbulence of war, loss, and strife is beautiful and could be done so well in media. But I can see all the ways it could go wrong when the fans get a hold of it, so I guess I'll just have to write it for myself kek
Can't have shit cause of moids.

No. 232003

Google how to take that stick out your ass first.

No. 232012

imo she’s ugly and coomer asf but she’s not the worst ig

No. 232045

At least they're don't sound so obsessed with their jobs while being kind or shy uwu. Male characters are often way more involved in the main story instead of being pretty things on the side (like Albedo, Kaeya, Zhongli, Venti and Childe). Honestly so far only the Inazuma ones have been meh, but that's because the writing fucking sucks lately.

No. 232046

No but they're obsessed with their dead friends. Not to mention they're as dull as white bread sans Itto.

No. 232048

You're better off talking to a brick wall, you could lay out graphs and statistics and beautifully worded essays of how most of Genshin's female characters center around being dutiful Good Girls only meant for fluff and devoid of personality or plot relevance yet this anon would still repeat "oh yeah?!?!? well the male characters are shit too!!!!". Even if they were I wouldn't care because at least they're not waifus which is already miles above my expectations kek.

No. 232049

The waifu obsessed with her job stopped being a thing circa 1.4-1.6 or so. You just can't get Jean, Keqing (earliest 5*) and Ganyu (first waifu to pull) out of your head.

No. 232050

>Nilou is obsessed with art and performance (she has anxiety though!!)
>Xinyan only talks about music and rock
>Mona is obsessed with dIviNaTiOn and sTaRs (tsundere)
>Ayaka is a shy girl (who wants to be friends with the traveler) who always puts her job first
>Yoimiya only talks about fucking fireworks
>Kokomi and her amazing quotes about war strategy
>Xiangling and FOOD
>Eula and her autistic screeching about redemption/vengeance
>Yae and the shogun
>Sara and the shogun
And on and on. You can't even make good bait. Literally the only ones who have some depth to them are Ningguang, Beidou and Rosaria. Maybe Yunjin but her whole thing is about opera singing (at least her design's good). I think Shenhe could have been a cool character lore-wise but her design completely ruins her.

No. 232054

Shenhe is the ultimate waste, her character story was just the right kind of tragic and for once it wasn't a diligent worker waifu but a character that felt real with her personal ambitions and feelings. But the design, it just takes away all dignity she could've had. They should've just kept the first design she had instead of pornifying it for the final release. Yanfei was pretty good during the Chasm chapter too since she was interested in her surroundings in a way other than "this relates to my assigned hyperfixation". Kuki would've been so much better without her sole purpose being a pointless, condescending babysitter for Itto.

The current summer event just underlined how bad the writing for uninteresting most female characters are, Kazuha's story was about the tragic fall of their clan and how they all coped with it while Xinyan's and Fichl's domains were both about "being yourself uwu" and Mona's was just "boo hoo people think I'm a freak" I guess? I don't even know.

No. 232055

I think it's ironic how quickly people accepted tighnari and collei's relationship (and cyno's relationship with collei) as being a purely platonic one, but with kazuha and beidou they were hell bend on shipping them despite the circumstances being quite similar, a younger character being in the care of an older guardian. I really doubt kazuha is much older than collei, people were fooled about his voicelines larping about enjoying sake lol
Same thing with ayaka and ayato vs shenhe and chongyun, ayato is portrayed in fandom as a genuinely caring brother while shenhe is often portrayed as a posessive yandere, despite nothing in canon text indicating that. I know a lot of this stuff is started by coomers and shotacons who jerk off to tropey predatory big sisters, but it's still annoying to see

No. 232065

Yeah i also liked shenhe character story and she also wasnt a simp for traveler either. To bad her design is so tacky. I also thought kuki sounded condescending , i thought she would be more chill like itto and laid back.

No. 232068

Literally half of these don't include their jobs + Xiangling and Mona were there from the start. Good job proving my point. Meanwhile we have
>Tighnari the literal fusion between muh fluffy tail Gorou and Kazuha
>Chongyun only talks about spirits and ice cream
>Bennett has poor luck but he's a nice qt for the female audience
>Ayato is textbook Jean who also always puts his job first
>Heizou is le sassy sherlock
>Kazuha has the personality of a stale breadcracker without muh dead friend
>Xiao is an emo Sasuke type for underage twittards
>Xingqiu and BOOKS
>Scaramouche who is literally any anemo boy copypasted
And on and on. The only way they can milk male characters is to copypaste the same woob story over and over. I wonder how long they will last considering fans are sniffing copypaste just from the leaks, but the workalcoholic waifu has been ripped hard since the beginning, and the last outburst was during anniversary where we had to help Keqing over and over.

At least they've been doing it less and less ever since, when you look at Itto, Yae, Ayato and Yelan's quests.

No. 232073

>Kazuha's story was about the tragic fall of their clan
I like Kazuha well enough but I'm gonna be real anon - I am sick and tired of his clans downfall story. His personal quest is about his clans downfall, Itadori festival was about his clans downfall, this event is also once again about his clans downfall.
>>232068 is basically right, Kazuha doesn't have a personality beyond being in a homosexual relationship with his dead friend and *~le clan downfall~*.
I skipped a good 80% of dialogue in these quests, I don't give a fuck about most of these characters at this point. At least Fischl's autism is endearing.

No. 232087

You're reaching hard with many of your examples kek. Yeah characters like Bennett, Razor or Heizou are kinda there and they have the same issues, but at least they aren't dressed like thots on onlyfans. Xingqiu and Chongyun have a cute dynamic and aren't shilled so much anyway. Kazuha's thing with his clan has been repeated a lot, but he also had the story with his friend and he is involved a bit in the main quest when going to Inazuma. You may not like the emo stories and muh dead friends, but at least it's something more than "I'm hardworking uwu and shy/cheerful/tsundere".
The workaholic waifus are still here, Nilou and Candace seem to be like that as well. Kek at you mentioning Yae and Yelan when they're just ara ara mommy milker waifus instead of workaholic ones.

No. 232090

You're reaching hard with many of your examples kek. Yeah characters like Amber, Fischl or Shinobu are kinda there and they have the same issues, but at least they aren't designed like your average moid next door. Xiangling and Xinyan have a cute dynamic and aren't shilled so much anyway. Kokomi's thing with her position has been repeated a lot, but she also had the story with her people and she is involved a bit in the main quest when going to Inazuma. You may not like the "a day in the life of waifu X stories, but at least it's better than artificially inflating softboi 2874599 with a sob story.

I could do the same since most boys here sound too much like generic moids (another IRL reference kek). Also said mommy milker waifus still had better stories than the traveler helping Keqing to relax. Nearly every character stories involve talking to NPCs anyway.

No. 232104

Baiting by repeating the same shit over and over is extremely retarded. Have fun with your flat waifus dressed like cheap strippers I guess. Saying "moid" and hating Kekking doesn't make you a woman.

No. 232105

>taking waifufag bait
Why humor some retard pretending not to see the issue with Genshin's female characters? We've had this same discussion way too many times. Waifus are shit because Hoyo has to spam them to keep coomers interested; they put a fraction as much effort into them and it shows. To say otherwise is pure cope. You can find more complex female characters and friendships in shows made for actual toddlers.

No. 232109

the tranny says moid a lot(because his schizo ass doesnt consider himself one) and defends genshin waifus. i think he was back in /meta/ just yesterday so maybe its him again?

No. 232112

YWNBAM, edgy ventipedo

No. 232118

YWNBAW and one day your parents are going to kill you in your sleep.


Sad, but Idk if I would've turned voices back on even if it was good because of Paimon in every language.

No. 232121

Cope, seethe and dilate samefag. You will never look like your favorite Genshit waifu. Go join the 41%.

No. 232133

File: 1660937278626.jpg (17.75 KB, 529x719, trcvr6z6vpi91.jpg)

Scara boss model, this wont be his playable model

No. 232154

Rosaria is honestly a breath of fresh air character wise, even if the joke about her character is her doing everything she possibly can to avoid working.

No. 232160

KEK anon that's exactly how he sounds, how is he even a VA. His english voice is just so weird in a bad way. His Japanese one is disappointing too, he sounds too much like a girl. His Chinese and Korean VAs are the only ones that sound normal.

No. 232164

I think the japanese one fits him the most. The chinese one sounds too much like an ikemen

No. 232224

Ah so he is electro in his boss fight then. That would mean that when we defeat him and he has a change of heart he stops using his electro delusion and becomes anemo?

No. 232225

Kazuha's clan's story is being shoehorned in recently because they're getting ready to release Scaramouche and it's clearly leading up to him seeing how involved he was revealed to be with Kazuha's ancestors. But because for some reason they're banned from involving male characters in the Archon story it has to be left for the events.
>beyond being in a homosexual relationship with his dead friend
Kek that's enough for me, I wish half of the female characters had this.
>At least Fischl's autism is endearing.
It's not. It's annoying as hell. Even if he was a male character I would hate it just the same.

He has ball joints like the puppet Raiden in that model, maybe he gets his freedom and is reborn into an actual human a la Pinocchio and is granted a vision?

No. 232228

Yeah maybe, never thought about a Pinocchio situation! So the evil electro puppet Scara is defeated and then the more human and kind anemo Scara becomes friends with the traveler. I wonder if it’ll be like Ei’s situation where the puppet can never truly die but it can be defeated. So it’s always gonna be around. Which is why Ei behaves like a schizo. So maybe mihoyo gets away with not completely changing Scara’s personality by just making him a split personality.

No. 232690

I hate her voice and I do hope she isn't just forest Amber

No. 232698

another case of jp dub having a better voiceover, she actually sounds deeper that nilou in that version

No. 232707

meanwhile almost every other girl sounds completely retarded in jp. the solution is to only play with guys for the sake of your ears.

she's just as irrelevant to the plot

No. 232713

YWNBAW ventipedo

No. 232719

Her extreme personality change from the manga makes me a liiittle bit sad.

No. 232730

I hate her English voice, she sounds like she should be a hedgehog in a sonic game.

No. 232731

am i the only one who doesn't care about candace? all my friends were gushing about her but i'm not impressed at all. her design is generic egyptian inspired and her personality sounds boring

No. 232736

I saw the official fanart and was immediately irritated. They had an amazing design to work from considering who she was based off of and they made her extremely generic. I really wish they'd just find different concept artists or something.

No. 232737

File: 1661180710946.jpg (114.34 KB, 1000x1000, jsu8omvdp8j91.jpg)

>tan skin white hair combo
>dork personality (he loves TCG and telling shitty jokes) with serious face gap moe
>animal ears (idc that they're fake)

Nonas it feels like he was specifically designed to empty my wallet. His design has been around forever and I've loved it the whole time but the leaks on his personality only make me love him more. Praying and praying they don't make his damage shit

No. 232751

its so bad it gives paimon's voice a run for its money

No. 232770

Holy shit what a sexy splash art. Thick thighs, bare tummy and all

No. 232860

Agree, she’s ugly as shit along with Dehya and people are only gushing over her for being a half naked slightly darker than average woman

No. 232871

people won't shut the fuck up about her being "too pale" or something. she's waifu bait, calm down.

No. 232880

I noticed that the same people that were complaining about ‘’’’orientalist designs’’’ are the ones shutting the fuck up once they think one is ‘hot’. Over a waifubait character too, the reaction people had to Candace was grating and people need to take the word mommy out of their vocabulary.

No. 232882

He got high(for science)

>Thick thighs, bare tummy and all
I agree about the splash art and the tummy but WHAT thick thighs?

No. 232886

Fucking this. The outrage over muh orientalism goes out of the window the moment there's a hot half naked big titty tan lady they can call their sapphic mommy over and over. And when you point it out they make up stupid excuses or straight out admit "you can recognize it's problematic even if you like it". Oh yeah, I guess that's why you were attacking people for liking ["orientalist" design x] without mercy earlier.

No. 232888

he's tripping the whole video, i love it

No. 232893

They look so nice, I hope I can get them both but that's unlikely

No. 232894

AYRT, there is literally nothing appealing about coomer characters like Candace and idk what Twittertards see that I don’t, most if not all of the women characters are so unappealing and it’s crazy to see sapphics drool over half naked coomer ladies. I just don’t get it.

Anyway, I’m on the fence about Tighnari, he’s cute but I don’t get characters that I’m not 100% sure I want and him being moved to standard is making me want him but I think that might be just because of ramped up FOMO, I just can’t make my mind up on if I want to pull for him or not.

No. 232895

Literally where kek
Twitter is once again seething over Candace's skin being too light.

No. 232900

He's so cute, his English voice does have the autism tone but I love the fact that he was high during the video kek.

No. 232904

File: 1661259405680.jpeg (485.86 KB, 1347x1137, A12F8093-BD93-4441-8F90-DA1881…)

No. 232906

Why? It sounds like a waste of time and money, he already has a design and a model in the game that's surely easier to make move around than some shit like Fox bitch or Ei.
If they're really going to redesign him, I hope they keep his crop top, I will be seriously mad if they cover him from head to toe.

No. 232908

God I hope so, his current design is admittedly hideous. He looks like a clown.

No. 232909

Thank fuck he's getting a redesign. Hopefully no more of that retarded scarf of his.

No. 232934

Don't you fucking dare

No. 233008

Why are you using twittertard language? >>232904
I was so against a redesign for Scaramouche but I’m honestly completely okay with a Baizhu redesign. His pants are so ugly. The snake is pixely af. I hope they don’t change his hair, that’s all.

No. 233031

Is it? Didn’t know that kek I don’t go on Twitter often beides for announcements and it’s commonly used in my circle. I thought it just meant like lesbian and bi women.

Hope they make him sluttier

No. 233033

File: 1661292372855.jpeg (42.68 KB, 415x739, 19522FB5-28A6-416A-A512-2A9806…)

Samefagging but unironically I hope they at least keep the coat and it doesn’t get removed like Scara’s viel at least, but I don’t know what exactly they would be changing and why. I’m more upset that I have to wait longer to get him, first Scara now this kek

No. 233035

>electro character
But why? We're getting Cyno in 3.1 and Mihoyo fucked Scara's element up, why do we need another Electro so soon?

No. 233043

it's a more inclusive alternative to the already gut wrenching wuhluhwuh and is more aesthetic than nmlnm so ofc the faux lez community picked it up and quickly began running it into the ground

No. 233056

Live countdown to Sumeru.

No. 233070

kek I thought it was next week, I didn't even finish half the main event quest rip

hats off to the devs for creating the least fun experience I've ever had in a video game with that event, kept me away from the game for a full month

No. 233075

You mean the summer event? It somehow felt longer than the first one, but in a bad way, the only part I enjoyed was Mona's mirage and island. Hell, I didn't even finish exploring the archipelago because I was sick of it already, I didn't want to leave Mona's island.

No. 233079

right??? it was so fucking tedious! puzzles either cryptic or easy but took forever to input the solution, disorienting domains with no maps, being forced to teleport every 2 seconds to fulfill fetch quests, a story consisting of recycled character bios told in typical longwinded genshin style that could turn the most interesting story of all time sound into a snoozefest, crappy main cast, and bugs everywhere. sorry for sperging but that damn slave labor event reached unseen levels of gayness.

was it not longer? it felt longer than entire archon acts. the first one was fun and cute though. they posted one of those infographics the other day and it made the participation rate look abysmal lol.

No. 233091

How did you not finish the event when you had a whole month almost. You can just skip through the dialog, and I used online guides for some of the puzzles, used the online map to track the treasures. Free primos are worth it.

Now to wait for the update to download to see how pretty Sumeru is.

No. 233117

File: 1661315379698.jpeg (156.21 KB, 778x778, 18883BFF-DC9D-446E-B70B-1F5D1C…)

I simply chose not to

No. 233118

I also saved it for the last day, just couldn't be bothered. I think going back to those islands gave me a feeling of "I've already done this" which makes it seem like a chore to explore them again. And this exploration did feel like a chore. I managed to do the huge quests earlier, but it really felt like every one of them took more than an hour and just wouldn't end, even though there was barely anything happening. The island designs are interesting as a concept but Mona's was the only fun one to me for some reason. Fischl's island is the worst timesink of all time and those fucking ravens made me insane. I hope they get a better idea for 3.8 and don't recycle that location again

No. 233121

She looks like a high quality OC to me

No. 233122

I started playing the Kazuha island but the Xinyan one bored me so I just left it there

No. 233123

As someone who did complete the event weeks ago. I agree that it was tedious going back to those islands. Especially when the domains also were a slog to go through.

No. 233124

because it was shit

No. 233125


No. 233126

Why do you even play this game if you think everything about the base gameplay is tedious and boring…

No. 233130

a ten pull worth of gems is not worth 8+ hours of chores, some of us have lives. if it came down to it I'd rather whale the 15 or so bux than waste that amount of time. personally I been saving so long that I don't care about missing a few events here and there.

No. 233131

i wanna see razor and bennett again. they are so cute.

No. 233142

I've been thinking about this recently because I noticed that after playing one or two quests or doing dailies I didn't feel like going through anything else, even though I was obsessed with the story and open world and would play for hours every day when I started back in 1.1. I honestly think the issue is the gacha aspect of making you come back every day to spend resin and collect daily primos. That makes opening the game into a daily chore and sours the mood regarding everything else. The writing also hasn't been very interesting lately, so I'm skipping through boring dialogues for an hour just to get a quarter of a pull. But all the upcoming characters look ugly as fuck and underwhelming to me, so I'm really just saving and spending time to get some future character that hasn't even been revealed yet. And events have become longer and longer, all of them now have a fucking storyline and attached quests where you need to talk to some random NPC. If they are about fighting something or domains you'll have to repeat the same shit 3 or 5 times just to get all the points or achievements because they need to create some way to make you play longer. I've personally been getting annoyed with exploration because the puzzles have become tedious. Sometimes they don't give any hint to what the player is supposed to do, so I need to pull up some tutorial online and it makes me feel stupid and takes the fun out because I couldn't do it on my own. The chasm was the most fun I've had in Genshin for a long time, the upper region was beautiful and there were no issues solving anything. I hope Sumeru will feel similar

No. 233176

File: 1661331085525.gif (7.6 KB, 112x112, 3x.gif)

i lost my pity to mona, i really hope i can still pull for tighnari before his banner ends.

No. 233191

good luck nona!! i too lost my pity to jean but then i pulled the fox boy 20 wishes later, never lose hope

No. 233203

thank you for your kind words! i currently have no primos left but im sure exploring sumeru will give me lots, congrats on getting him nonnie!

No. 233207

It used to be fun and interesting, now it's just boring fetch events, shit writing, NPCs talking and talking and talking and the very few interesting characters stay on screen for 20 minutes and then you have to wait for the next time they'll come up (which is after half a year). Genshin's writing has become really bad and you could see it in this summer event too.
Annoying as fuck puzzles, having to teleport a hundred times, some rewards being available only after you do random shit n.40 (had to play through the entirety on Xinyan's nonsensical quest to get that one fucking conch) and overall reused location. It's just a chore at this point. Diluc's event could have been interesting but we got literal crumbs.

No. 233213

I don't play Genshit at all but know about it because of friends who play it and as a North African I was almost tempted to download it just for the new characters. The rep I get in the country I was born and raised in is some of the most insulting shit ever, things you described or just documentaries, so it's nice seeing that for once there's none of that here and instead there's just cute bishonen with fennec ears or whatever. I also liked that in some other JPRGs that are unrelated but have characters inspired by ancient Egypt or surrounding regions, I'd rather have that than another "qu'est ce qu'on a fait au bon dieu" sequel. I'm still not gonna play it because I'm trying to avoid gacha in general.

No. 233226

File: 1661337516200.jpg (Spoiler Image,274.68 KB, 1920x1080, d0auymuk3nj91.jpg)

he has claws

No. 233229

He's coming after Tighnari right? I'll skip him because Cyno looks so cool, I hope his gameplay's nice too.

No. 233230

he will come in 3.1, after tighnari and zhonglis banner we will get ganyu and kokomi. When there banner has ended we will get 3.1 update, i dont know if he will be in first or second half.

No. 233246


gameplay showcase animations from the beta

He looks amazing.

No. 233248

His gameplay looks so cool!

No. 233261

I love him.

No. 233270

File: 1661350325386.jpeg (97.8 KB, 1200x848, 56A6FE26-8E9B-430A-9B22-49BDCB…)

Now I want Howl Venti.

No. 233272

120 fates spent just to lose a 50/50 to Jean. Life is pain.

No. 233274

I lost my 50/50 to qiqi's second constellation.

No. 233275

Same, he's adorable.

No. 233280

Some fanarts seriously beat canon.

No. 233285

The puzzles were crap, even with guides they were ungodly time consuming, I barely got any enjoyment out of most of them. Some of them were fine but most were, as said, nonsensical and tedious. The main quest was too long and it took me forever to finish, sailing between islands that didn't have warp points was annoying as fuck. And speaking of sailing, the boat challenges were boring and they were the only challenges we got. The musical note puzzles weren't hard, they were just annoying. I feel like the islands didn't really encourage exploring as the rewards were locked behind two long quests and the domains weren't that inventive either.

This, the rewards compared to the time sunk into completing the puzzles are a joke.

No. 233290

New code for 60 primos 6A6VJTWGCPYV

No. 233295

Ouch. Yeah, mine was Jean C1 since I’ve lost a 50/50 to her before. Fun times.

No. 233296

File: 1661357459498.gif (1.58 MB, 377x200, 0553E6AC-F68B-4769-A8F6-C4DA63…)

Thanks, anon.

No. 233310

Same, Sumeru is seriously fun to explore.

No. 233314

is it just me or is sumeru really comfy to explore? inazuma felt like torture

No. 233322

Inazuma as a region was torture. Bad story bad islands (except enkanomiya) and a hideous shade of purple.

No. 233350

Me too, but I still need to level her up, if only I could get thicknari I would be happy.

No. 233353

The whole atmosphere of sumeru feels so nice, it makes me think a lot of Zelda's twilight princess.
And it's fun how there's allies that actually fight instead of just uwuwing on the floor, and how Ayato basically says "check yourself before you shrek yourself" in his new voice-over.

No. 233362

About how many primos should we be able to get before Tighnari’s banner ends? I’m afraid I won’t be able to get to guarantee after such abysmal rolls.

No. 233399

File: 1661374269656.jpg (250.69 KB, 1920x1080, Genshin-Impact-3.0-Primogems-S…)

Here's an estimate for the entire patch, how many you can get before his banner ends depends on event times but I'd guess you can get ~30 rolls since a full patch usually has around 60.

The regions have totally different vibes. It's not just the cooler color palette of Inazuma, I vividly remember being kind of excited for Inazuma and then arriving in Ritou, where everything is a depressing grey color and you immediately run into hostility and have to figure out paperwork with Thoma and I lost all interest in continuing kek

No. 233426

File: 1661380438994.jpeg (128.12 KB, 736x1039, F28D9E9D-64D2-4949-BCD8-FEFB87…)

I don’t care about anything else I just want this cute little kazuha with cat ears to walk on screen again he’s so adorable

No. 233444

I appreciated Inazuma's gloomy atmosphere and the islands were really fun to explore with interesting puzzles, but the entire region was plagued with unnecessary fetch quests blocking you from exploring it properly. All of the islands had the annoying thunderstorms, the lightning trees, the poisonous effect in the mines which took days to get rid of, Tsurumi with the mist etc. Seirai required me to spend copious amounts of time on clearing the thunderstorms only to be rewarded with an island that had next to nothing to do on it, at least Tsurumi had an interesting world quest attached to the entire process that felt fulfilling to complete. It would've been fine if it was only maybe Tsurumi and some of the main islands but I felt like I didn't get to properly enjoy the maps because I was too busy dodging lightning bolts to appreciate them. Thank fucking god they chilled with Sumeru, I was half expecting them to apply the withering effect to the entire map right from the get-go.

No. 233465

File: 1661393292147.jpeg (472.25 KB, 960x540, 4DEE6E99-E1CB-4D84-9827-DE9964…)

Bumping because lolcow keeps getting spammed by troons.

No. 233515

I'm enjoying Sumeru a lot! But I also loved Inazuma. Maybe it's just the inner weeb at heart in me kek. I'm super excited for the desert part of the map to be released. The enemies sort of remind me of gerudos from zelda. I'm also excited for the alleged Scaramouche banner because I've wanted him ever since the star event way back in the beginning of the game. Tbh I'm also very glad he's allegedly anemo because I don't think I'll ever bench my Shogun.

No. 233545

Well, I lost the 50/50 to Qiqi. Guess I'll keep my guarantee for Cyno now.

No. 233557

File: 1661432108109.png (609.63 KB, 800x1024, collete temp.png)

A girl whose name starts with coll, she's clumsy, and has a disease that is slowly turning her to 'stone' hmmm.

No. 233560

Shit, someone give Collei a rune crest, stat

No. 233561

>enjoying Inazuma
>using Shogun
Truly an unpopular opinion here at lolcow. But I’m glad you enjoyed it. Personally I couldn’t stand Inazuma. Sumeru feels like Genshin again. It’s like an orientalist Mondstadt kek.

No. 233568

File: 1661436521079.jpeg (406.9 KB, 850x1133, 3429BCDD-1BD4-4DB9-BEBE-104047…)

Has ANYONE here gotten Tighnari yet? Lots of lost 50/50 ITT.

No. 233572

I'm keeping my guarantee for Cyno. Didn't really like his playstyle in the trial, and maybe I'll lose a 50-50 to him in the future.

No. 233573

I got him, beat my 50/50 too. It'll just take me forever to farm for his gear kek.

No. 233574

Actually got my best luck I've ever had with pulling for Tighnari, won the 50/50 after 30 pulls from 0 pity. Usually my luck is terrible, I've only won the 50/50 two other times and lost it like…7 times

No. 233576

It's not a rumor, it's literally been stated by Hoyoverse.

No. 233581

File: 1661441008129.jpg (85.52 KB, 1328x1328, 20220824_205159.jpg)

lost my 50/50 at 78 and then he took til 80 to come… wasn't too salty about it since my other game also had an event that day and I got stupidly good luck there seconds after but still.

No. 233592

I'm also not crazy about his play style. Then again I also suck at bows. He's cute and I'll definitely get him in the future though.

No. 233603

Literally could have read like 3 replies above you and you would have noticed we knew. What happened to the “lurk more” culture here.

No. 233611

Is it just me or is the writing for Sumeru and its characters way, way better and more interesting than Inazuma? I dragged my feet playing through Inazuma's story but in Sumeru I'm actually interested in what's happening in the region and to its people. It feels a lot like the Mondstadt chapter that initially got me so deep into the game while Inazuma felt like it was rushed and stale.

No. 233625

No, it's clearly better written and not as rushed. I can't believe they even managed to make me care for the npc girl and the mechanic crab from tighnari's quest. And this time I find the lore actually interesting. Unfortunately because sumeru is less coomerish and doesn't represent the weeb nation with a booba sword archon, I think it's gonna end up being rather underrated as a region and have less sales

No. 233702

File: 1661472749015.jpg (525.26 KB, 1334x1932, __lumine_and_dottore_genshin_i…)

God can Nilou and Kusanali die already holy fuck FUCK THEM AND THEIR GROUNDHOG DAY BULLSHIT

I wish Dottore would kill them both, shame no playable character's ever gonna die in this game

No. 233728

Why do you dislike them?

No. 233735

how can i team collei with childe while making him the main dps? i dont know much about the new reactions and reading about it just made me more confused

No. 233739

They have no synergy. Like using sucrose on geo team or razor on swap based team.

It looks like a bait post from a man

No. 233740

Tbh I liked Nilou’s design but when I saw the leaks and her personality in-game I couldn’t be more dissapointed. She’s just annoying. Same with Kusanali but I didn’t really like her much to begin with

No. 233742

Play the Archon Quest and read the spoiler and you'll know why. Most annoying ass shit.
Not a man their part of the Archon Quest is just extremely frustrating.

No. 233776

Should I build Collei or Dendro Traveler for Cyno/Quicken and aggravate comps?

No. 233795

File: 1661501906094.jpg (534.25 KB, 1570x1958, 1660388028813272.jpg)

The archon quest was really good, nilou barely appears anyway and I liked nahida. Lumine yumes have no taste as usual

No. 233797

We don't know for sure yet, but right now it seems like dendro mc is more flexible and suits better in team slots as a dendro character because there ult is pretty good.

Its better to use childe with dendro mc. You have a few team options. If you just want bloom you can use as the other 2 slots another hydro character and someone like kazuha or sucrose. For hyper bloom use an electro character like fischl and the last slot can be another electro character or again kazuha. You can also try fridge, that is freeze with dendro. So childe, 2 cryo characters and dendro mc. Vid related has some pretty good explanation on new team comps.

No. 233854

File: 1661532064982.jpeg (469.99 KB, 1504x2048, 1FEC9126-B346-4F05-86AC-FE04DC…)

Alright thanks! I honestly never built my MC past level 20 kek. I love Aether though and it’s actually really nostalgic to run around with him exploring again.

No. 233869

I hated Nahida actually. Annoying pedoshit archon can fuck all the way off.

No. 233901

They were created by lolicons specifically for the purpose of being lolicon fap material, can't blame others for finding it hard to see them as cute and innocent with that in mind. I want every scrote who sexualizes children gassed but they are undeniably being pandered to with these little girls with crop tops, weird wide hips, and bare feet. If it weren't for them, there would be no playable little girl characters.

No. 233902

This. I find it so hard to see the little girl characters as cute because everyone knows they were made for pedos. I'm disgusted every time I see them and fanart of them like >>233795. The children npcs aren't sexualized and I actually find those cute, too bad they're just npc.

No. 233905

Yumes truly be living rent free in your head, huh

No. 233915

She's an actual retard. Hurr durr I can't tell you that you're being forced to repeat the same day over and over in a dream because your mind wouldn't comprehend it, go play three hours of irritating garbage on loop before I let you back into the actual game. Scrotes being disgusting and sexualizing her just makes her worse.

The Aranara, on the other hand, are adorable and sweet and I will be sad if/when harm comes to them.

No. 233935

NTA but I was expecting much worse from a loli archon, she turned out to be okay and her being a child actually made sense this time and I wasn't bothered by the fact. I was mad at her for teasing with shit hints at first too but honestly it made sense why she couldn't just tell the truth outright, the same concept has been used in other forms of media where a dream world has been involved.

The quest did drag on way, way too long though and by the end I was just forcing myself to read through the dialogue because I was getting so frustrated. I'm really excited for the next part. Scrotes sexualizing Nahida can get their dicks cut to pieces though.

No. 233967

File: 1661568710849.gif (982.3 KB, 320x287, 2A2F212C-0026-4240-A591-7F8730…)

Help me, nonnas, please. I died while trying to kill the withering in the quest "the last chapter" and I don't know how to go back there to finish the quest, it's killing me, I don't know what to do, I need the primogems to get the stupid fox boy with ridiculously long ears.

No. 233969

I honestly think that Nilou wasn't that bad, she was most of the time just standing there and explaining some stuff, I like that at least her outfit makes a bit of sense since she's just cosplaying like a religious freak.
I also didn't mind the dendro archon, she was cute even if she wouldn't say the truth right away, but I mean, the idea was that we used our brains, and it was honestly nice, I was quite surprised by that gimmick, but I'm pretty sure that a bunch of people will get mad about it because you have to think instead of just mash random buttons.
Dehya was nice, I was a bit annoyed at the bit about makeup because it sounded like too much like "I-it's not that I like it or anything" unlike how Xinyan just says that she likes girly shit and that's it.
I just love Sumeru, it's such a nice region with an actually interesting story and with so far some nice characters, even talking with Dori was nice.
I can't wait to be able to pull for Hai, he looks scrumptious.

No. 233983

no posting fugly men in cheap cosplays please; it goes against the spirit of the site

No. 234013

>weirdos sexualize this character therefore this character is shit
This is how you guys are talking about nahida. Every single character in this game is sexualized. In the context of the story her tiny stature makes sense because she hasn't fully grown as an archon and her powers aren't fully developed + it makes her look like a wood fairy. She genuinely loves her people and wants to help them, even if they don't give a shit about her, she just happens to very weak in comparison to the average archon. No matter how you look at it her character is still heaps better than raiden who is just a schizo obsessed with "muh eternity".
You posted a picture of lumine with dottore and then said you wanted dottore to kill nahida and nilou. Well, dottore already choked an innocent female classmate and allowed the ruin guards to mutilate her body, him doing bad things to baby nahida is expected right? This is added to the irony that you hate female characters for being moid pandering, while your self-insert is as big of a coombait as anyone else lol

No. 234015

This, 3D men should be banned from cosplaying as 2D men. It's unironically gross.

>Well, dottore already choked an innocent female classmate and allowed the ruin guards to mutilate her body
He did what?? I guess I need to read the manga.

No. 234018

File: 1661590840316.jpg (99.06 KB, 1324x973, sohreh.jpg)

It's not in the manga, it's new info about him. His name was zandik (means heretic) and he murdered this woman called sohreh

No. 234019

Goddamn, that's bleak. I'm not a Dottorefag but I'm really interested in hearing more about the horrible things he did and why because I'm edgy like that I guess. Apparently I need to explore Sumeru a lot more.

No. 234020

The theory is that dottore was hiding his research on ruin guards from everyone, sohreh had a crush on him and wanted to get close to him, they went on a picnic together, sohreh probably found about his research, dottore choked her and to make sure no one finds out he murdered her he used the ruin guards to mutilate her body. In the end he was expelled after he suggested to take one of the ruin guards to the akademiya for more "research"

No. 234026

Is anyone else feeling very indifferent about all of the announced Sumeru characters? Like Nilou, I didn't care about her to begin with, but her introduction managed to put me off of her even more.

No. 234028

I hate cosplays but you're an insufferable minimod.

No. 234029

NTA but what's minimodding about telling anons to stop posting ugly scrotes in frumpy cosplays kek, that's public service

No. 234030

>waaah stop posting what I don't like
>uhmm I'm doing YOU a service
lol grow up

No. 234032

Damn wtf. Dottore never getting playable after this then

No. 234035

No, it's more like
>Pedophiles made this character for other pedophiles, therefore this character is shit
You're being blind on purpose. Yes her being tiny makes sense, but does it make sense that the child characters have big hips and skirts players can see under? At least Raiden is an adult woman.

No. 234037

I've always said he is too evil to be playable, like straight up unredeemable. How can a character who did experiments on children be playable?

No. 234038

How do you know it was made for pedos? Klee is way more popular with women than with men lol. I don't see this logic being used against anya from spy x family despite the fact the mangaka is very obviously a lolicon

No. 234040

>gets feelings hurt over anon telling them their image is shit on an imageboard
>throws a tantrum and tells others to grow up

>I don't see this logic being used against anya from spy x family
Everyone at least here on Lolcow knows she's pedobait, nobody is fooled by the "she's just a cute baby" mask. But I have to admit that at Nahida didn't give me gross vibes at all because she wasn't played off as the innocent helpless little girl like so many other pedobait loli characters but instead a relatively mature and knowledgeable archon. I actually feel like Klee and Qiqi are way more likely to be sexualized by scrotes.

No. 234043

When I finally finished that quest I knew that I’m not going to try and even summon her once she’s on a banner, despite actually liking her personality as an archon (the second one besides Venti that actually gives a shit about humans kek). It’s very obvious every female character in this game is waifu bait, why tf did they make her a literal child? I understand her lore that she’s technically a “newborn deity” and doesn’t have her full-fledged powers yet but it just leaves a very bad taste in my mouth, it really makes you think who they’re really trying to appeal to and the implications aren’t looking very positive right now. It’s definitely pedobait, I’m sorry anon..

No. 234052

No. 234055

Shit Nonna, where did you find this? Are you supposed to do a world quest?

No. 234058

None of those posts sound like trannies. Are you salty that we're saying that your dear loli was made for moids to jack off to?

No. 234059

I liked Dunyarzad and Dehya, but thats because im weak for the princess like type character x knight. The archon was okay. Nilou is also okay, she's better then ayaka atleast because ayaka was all over traveler and Nilou seems neutral and not fawn over traveler to much.

its a good idea to build your mc, im still upset i chose lumine instead of aether. I dont hate her design, i guess its better then a lot of other female characters but now i prefer aether his design. Hopefully in the future we can switch main characters. Very cute fan art btw.

>I can't wait to be able to pull for Hai, he looks scrumptious.
Yeah he is hot, cant wait to get him.

No. 234060

>overuse of buzzwords like coom and pedo the way a mentally limited XY would type
You could be honest and say you haven't played the quest. I'm sorry you can't ogle at Venti's ass to fuck him later. Women don't have dicks btw.

No. 234061

it's a troll, anon. just ignore.

No. 234068

The soyboy nerd scrote poster pretends to be a woman and calls actual female anons trannies. Pretty sure it’s butthurt belial inserting himself in convos he knows nothing about

No. 234069

This anon is just a fujofag hater and possible lesbian, I can pick up the vibes kek

No. 234077

If we're realistic, can dottore even be redeemed? I like him as a villain, but does he have any positive traits?

No. 234078

The schizo troon accuses any post that triggers him of being a troon or a schizo, and for some reason he can never decide between "YWNBAW" and "YWNBAM" which defeats the point of the insult entirely

No. 234080

He has a ton of clones, they can just asspull that the clone that joins us is a wholesome cinnamon roll.

No. 234081

Anon it genuinely is that one tranny sperg trying to pin all the posts that upset him on a single person/group of people like he does with the mods and fujos. Not only was he shitting up meta at the same time those posts were made but many of his posts in here have had to be deleted before, including the gross thigh pic.

No. 234082

nooo I want the sociopath one

No. 234084

File: 1661614821064.jpg (227.44 KB, 1600x900, 9rboqc9b9zz71.jpg)

because it was, no need to be obtuse about it. these are the developers of honkai, a game where you can fondle the underage characters flat boobs bad jiggle physics and all. this game too is full of fanservice for male weebs, no one struggles to recognize that in the older female characters so why would any of the lolis be an exception, even the super wise 500 year old archon!!1! one. there's a reason there are no little boy characters.

No. 234086

why the fuck are the child characters so high in the list, por hu tao. Scrotes are so nasty

No. 234088

>Klee in sixth place
Proof that even the ones who act like actual dumb children are sexualized and not only the ones who are "small but wise and 100o years old!!". I hate men. And SAYU is higher than fucking Xiao holy shit.

No. 234093

>Venti this high
>Lisa and Mona this low despite them gaining coomer attention
That list sounds like bs. Where was it even based anyway? Reddit?

No. 234094

don't remember, but I recall there being a pixiv(?) based one with klee ranked first

No. 234099

Jeez, that’s a lot of Hutao porn.

No. 234100

NTA but I'm pretty sure it's based on the amount of search results when you google "(character name) hentai" as it says "by google search volume". Male characters are low because traditionally they're more popular in BL and hentai is usually used to refer to female solo or straight porn. Venti being this high is because scrotes love to draw big titty genderbent fanart of him in order not to feel too insecure about their sexuality for liking a male character.

Besides men being disgusting and googling Klee porn I actually find it funny that despite all the shilling not even coomers give a shit about barbara or ayaka kek

No. 234101

I haven't ever seen genderbent Venti hentai, it all seems him taking dick up his ass.

No. 234102

Bless you, whenever I try to look for pretty pictures of my Genshin husbandos I see the stupid ass "draw a woman's body and slap his face there" they don't even try to make the face feminine sometimes, it's literally the guys' faces with big tits, it's so bizarre.

No. 234103

I actually think that he's that high because a lot of men have a femboy/sissy fetish. Since he looks feminine he's liked by scrotes too. Or they're into oneeshota shit.

No. 234105

Him and gorou both have a lot of that

No. 234107

Same, whenever I try to look up pictures of the male characters I'm battered with shitty fanart of Venti/Zhongli/Ayato with grotesquely big tits being fucked and doing ahegao face. Scrotes make absolutely no fucking sense, they have a billion waifus to lewd yet they have to do this to male characters too.

No. 234111

Lol I just grabbed one of the few Dottore arts I had saved, it's really not that deep. If they're going to have such an evil character exist might as well have him do something useful.

I take back Nilou though, I was aggravated about her being the centre of that bullshit groundhog day garbage and in hindsight she's really just boring and bland. Kid god still has my ire though.
Leakers have already confirmed he's going to be playable, the only Harbinger who might not be is the old elf mayor because we don't have a child male model yet. They'll probably do what >>234080 said and have a less evil clone of him join the Traveler.
All the children are higher on this list than Xiao. Depressing world we live in.

No. 234123

File: 1661623161765.jpeg (1.95 MB, 1414x2000, 907ADB04-9CF0-4810-A44D-9C7125…)

Too lazy to tag the other anon but Klee is loved by women because she actually resembles and acts like a child character and isn’t dressed provocatively. She also has a cute dynamic with her foster brother and her actual mom, Alice, those kinds of things appeal to women’s socialized interests of caregiving and emotionally attached relationships. Scrotes consuming media do not invest in these in-depth interests, they consume media like how zoomers buy shein and end up throwing it away very expendable. It’s obvious when the waifus in these games are all wearing heels, showing their armpits for the armpit fetish fags, tits were too large and had to be patched, wearing revealing clothing when their archetype is to be a ‘scientist’ or ‘religious woman’ or some shit, they had to update three characters in the game and fix their outfits because allegedly a Chinese feminist group were reporting them to some gov agency for indecency idk. I’ve not yet seen one female character in Genshin that gets to look like Tighnari or some shit where her entire body is not the focus. These characters are obviously WAIFUBAIT for the XY nerds who eat this shit up and as we all mnow a current trend in otaku culture is pretending an innocent child that is clearly 5 years old is a magical, omnipotent and omniscient being that is actually 5000 years old. Men are creeps and I hope they all fucking die. Also picrel is making me slightely kek with her big head ass

No. 234129

The one you posted is even worse than ayrt… Every picture of this thing has either cursed anatomy, the Schneider style feet fixation, or both

No. 234133

>shitty fanart of Venti/Zhongli/Ayato with grotesquely big tits being fucked and doing ahegao face
those are drawn by a very specific subset of female coomers who are into sissyfication

No. 234135

I doubt it, literally everyone I've seen drawing that kind of male coomer shit has been, well, a male coomer. Women draw genderbent porn like that sometimes too but it's much usually more tasteful than just girl!Venti getting her vagina destroyed while lactating and drooling.

No. 234137

File: 1661625889025.jpeg (120.35 KB, 1280x720, 63B27E2D-F5CE-443D-BC05-E730F7…)

Yeah I realized after I posted the pic that it came across coomerish. I’m so sorry.

No. 234140

yeah genderbends made by women are usually still fully anatomically male outside of a magical vag, or normal genderswaps with slight coomer anatomy because japanese women got brain damage

No. 234155

>Oct 2021
When Hu Tao's banner was raging. Here's your next challenge Xiaobese: find results for Childe yaoi and lewds and you'll get a surprise amount of it. Even bigger than Hu Tao's.(why is a thread about a RP gacha game filled with so much infighting, whats wrong with you retards .)

No. 234159

File: 1661632657052.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.79 KB, 750x750, 5714 - and balls cock dick ext…)

No. 234170

File: 1661636174121.jpeg (129.06 KB, 735x1103, 42AE0E39-BD80-402B-BECA-BDA88B…)

i’m absolutely obsessed with this man he stole my heart

No. 234171

>b-but muh yaoi!! If yaoi of adult characters exists, then my hardcore loli hentai is fine too!!
Males keep seething

No. 234172

File: 1661636359593.jpeg (190 KB, 850x1393, 216EBBEA-6962-421E-AB90-6578BD…)

He's so cute, I need him in my team.

No. 234174

File: 1661636420179.jpeg (663.49 KB, 2551x4000, 37423904-79D1-4C0E-BD17-53B1E4…)

men can never be peak perfection like this wtf

No. 234175

File: 1661636511527.jpeg (253.19 KB, 1536x2048, 27584A21-E866-4611-8749-52936C…)

already lost my pity to lost prayer weapon so I sadly can’t get him, I bless you with many qt tighnaris

No. 234176

I'm sorry but tighnari is objectively ugly and boring. You have to be a dull white woman to like him.(racebait)

No. 234180

And you are a shitskin seething moid, and this is coming from an anon who isn’t white and finds tighnari cute as fuck. Die scrote(racebait)

No. 234181

>white woman
Go back to Twitter

No. 234182

Just don't talk to the tranny, it keeps shitting up the threads, but don't worry, it will kill itself at some point.

No. 234221

what the fuck is wrong with you? Why stoop down to his level and reveal your own racism?
I didn't like his outfit at first, but it's growing on me. Boy's just wearing his unique style.

No. 234252

He had to learn his lesson anon. It’s the mirror reflecting into himself, his self-hatred is always apparent

No. 234258

The forest sprite baby quests got me super fatigued. I used to wish that quests were longer but now I realize that it may not be a good thing.

No. 234275

Sooo cute! I love the dialogue option where Aether wants to pet his soft ears and Collei agrees.

No. 234289

File: 1661688115576.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, 20220828024954_png_.png)

Finished the main quest, sorta annoyed I got spoiled but it was OK.
Obviously the Academy is evil and it will probably involve the Fatui. Surprised the girl didn't die, wonder if she will get cured when we inevitably cure Collei.
I love how Dori speaks in Japanese, it's really lively. Alahaitham is hot, but what we saw of him was rather boring.
Still have a ton of exploring to do, but I might stretch it out. They added new treasures on the Liyue side of the area too.

Also Scarlet King is Rhulk?, haha, he'll probably just be a red herring and not actually important.

No. 234290

I'm glad they added more personality to my MC rather than the mute character who answers.

Praying they don't fuck the story in 3.1 unlike Inazuma and fucking Teppei. We can do this.

No. 234291

so cute, but also makes me sad because i still dont have him. Next week i have more free time to do some quests and explore for primos. Its hard, i want so many sumeru boys. I hope cyno isnt in the first half of the next patch just so i can save a bit more.

No. 234302

I stopped playing for a few months and dendro is about to make me come back. I love green.

No. 234309

It's worth it, the characters in Sumeru are actually quite cute and the whole area is so nice, I love exploring it, the city is awesome as well, it feels like Mondstadt but bigger and with more stuff to explore.

No. 234313

I reinstalled only to feel more burnt out than before after playing for 3 hours. at this rate I don't think I'll ever enjoy playing this game as much as I did when it was new but I'll wait until they add the desert part to uninstall again.

No. 234372

I haven't gotten far in Sumeru or the archon quest at all cause I could seriously explore for forever! It's like being in a bug's life or Ferngully. This region is literally every Fairytopia dream come true and I never want to leave. If it's like this, I have high hopes for Natlan!

No. 234386

Don’t forget to spoiler tag anon, you literally spoiled the archon quest

No. 234388

Other people spoiled shit first…
I hid the thread until I finished it.

No. 234393

>Why stoop down to his level and reveal your own racism?
Why would you expect anyone here to have any sort of class or decorum?

No. 234394

This is me right now too, I think it's honestly time for a break.

No. 234400

>This region is literally every Fairytopia dream come true
I was thinking the same thing! Especially the big flowers give me fairytopia vibes, its so pretty!

No. 234527

I love collei but whenever I hear her name I think of e coli.

No. 234541

File: 1661779256283.jpg (889.2 KB, 1167x1510, 20220829_091850.jpg)

I missed Xiao's rerun while I was taking a break and I am sad.

No. 234621

File: 1661798994537.jpg (Spoiler Image,72.66 KB, 640x816, bz4epr0q2ok91.jpg)

Reddit makes me ill. This leak gets posted and of course the comments are nothing but unfunny raiden MILF and shinji jokes. It reeks so strongly of porn addicted moid brainworms it makes twitter's fakeboi headcanons look innocent by contrast. Even though most of these guys have mommy issues of their own, they still can't empathize because their absolute emotional retardation inhibits their ability to understand why he wouldn't cope with them by living as an unwashed waifu game playing incel with a MILF/oneeshota fetish the same way they did. Concentrated scrote juice.

Need Raiden, Yae, and all their simps to kill themselves fr. They're the only Genshin characters that thoroughly disgust me and their popularity alone keeps me away from the community. I'll accept Scara becoming sad anemo twink number 82629981 if it means we don't have to sit through an unwarranted heart-to-heart between him and either one of those autistic manchildren Frankenstein'd into the bodies of big booba anime women.

No. 234680

File: 1661811597536.jpg (719.32 KB, 4096x2731, 20220830_001915.jpg)

I understand the coomer hate but no need to get mad at the characters kek.
Glad to see Scara has 2 moms.

No. 234710

You're valid, nonita. You're predicting the future and are super valid.

No. 234713

File: 1661820881576.jpeg (356.58 KB, 750x1878, 1E27396A-36AF-4F6A-A63D-1689B3…)

I also can't stand neither of those two, but let's be real, he will have a heart to heart moment with them on a summer event and he will forgive them, he may even call them mom and furry mom so they're redeemed with some bullshit excuse so they can stay likeable and redeemed for whoever is into them.

No. 234718

these are the same people who would make fun of anyone who likes fujo ships and call them delusional lol but once it's a fucked up mom/son incest they're all over it
i kinda don't want to roll for scara for that reason, i don't want a character whose personality revolves around being raiden's discarded product

No. 234721

gen z shitters are all fucked in the head anyway maybe because they're babies who grew up with tablets, but it's scary that they seem unable to see female relatives in a non-sexual light

No. 234723

File: 1661822830427.jpeg (653.1 KB, 2600x2059, 5EF37EBA-550B-4414-92F6-7C862A…)

Unfortunately sumeru failed to reignite my love for genshin, I just don’t enjoy this game anymore. I started playing during the OG childe banner, been very into the game but I think I’m just over it, the gameplay doesn’t excite me anymore and there hasn’t been any good new character since forever. Goodbye for now genshin I know I will come back eventually, but for now, I’m uninstalling

No. 234732

they're shit characters. raiden acts like the average unloving deadbeat dad and yae is a walking hentai trope with a hobby of lore dumping. their designs are pure scrote shit too, one is ripped off a raita character ffs. I think if any genshit tranny headcanons had a leg to stand on it'd be them and sara because tengus are an all male race and the only other ones mentioned in game are male. literally a case study for everything men do wrong when writing female characters.

No. 234736

supporting those awful characters for the uwu muh wuhluhwuh representation alone is the same logic as celebrating the popularity of lesbian porn as a sign of support and acceptance towards lesbians. twitter is killing my people. I will not live in the pot, I will not eat the yuri child abuser cake.

No. 234737

So Marana is the Darkness and Marana's Avatar is The Witness, I see I see.
Anyway, so much of this game is obviously inspired by BotW, but the Aranara are ''really'' inspired, they're still cute though.

No. 234779

Raiden is actually a terrible fucking character and I don't understand why so people cape for her so aggressively because there's nothing likable about her. At least Yae has a personality but with Raiden literally her dead sister is more interesting.
>hurrr I'm just a martial artist autist I know nothing about anything, didn't even take part in the Khaenriah conflict because I was too busy with muh martial arts, and then threw a tantrum and closed myself off because my friends died and left a psychopatic murderous puppet in charge in the meanwhile duhh whats a light novel mmmmm dango milkies
She's literally bimbofication fetish personified and that's probably why so many trannies love her. The game never punishes her for being a selfish bitch either, at least Zhongli said that if Liyue was in actual danger of falling during Osial's attack he would've stepped in to save everyone.

No. 234782

File: 1661842388816.jpg (213.59 KB, 1200x1366, 20220830_085241.jpg)

Patronizing lesbians/bi women for what they like is pretty lesbophobic. Which ones of you are actively stalking Ducky on twitter and seethe at her tweets?

No. 234797

>ackshuallyyyy that’s lesbophobic uwu
Be gone twitterfag.

No. 234798

That's pretty obviously a bait post, anon. Just ignore it.

No. 234828

File: 1661849684878.jpg (326.35 KB, 1448x2048, 20220830_105429.jpg)

It's true though. Why does it even bother you that women love Eimiko?

No. 234837

NTAYRT and I know I'm replying to low quality bait but because Yae deserves something better than that autistic bitch and I can't believe she's wasting her time babysitting for her, I would rather ship her with Kokomi with them being book buddies and all than this literal retard

No. 234877

I wanna scratch his ears so bad, why can't I have him yet

No. 234880

Yae and Kokomi would be so cute and good together! Yae needs to stop being a caretaker, and Kokomi could really thrive with showing different parts of her personality other than benevolent leader. I haven't seen any fanart for them, though?

No. 234881

File: 1661870000844.jpeg (491.74 KB, 556x1230, 8A765BDB-3605-4152-BA82-DFA87F…)

Surprised this game didn’t get a hefty lawsuit from Nintendo because Dunyazard kind of looks like Zelda kek, probably why I love the vibes of the new world

No. 234884

they’re based characters and it’s obvious you don’t play the game because you know nothing about both the characters

No. 234919

no 1 curr

No. 234927



>Breath of the wild sucked but Genshin improved on the flaws
holy kek anon you cannot be serious. everything genshin copied from botw has been approx. 20x worse minimum in true chinx bootleg fashion. it's true that there are more characters and plot but they suck ass so bad half the thread is complaints about them. maybe you need to revisit the original and you'll see how big a downgrade genshin really is? the one thing i appreciate is that it doesn't suck to climb in rain.

No. 234970

>The weapons broke
only babies complain about this, it just gives you a reason to keep picking fights with strong enemies

>the master sword had a time limit on when you could use it

a hit limit like any other weapon, not a time limit. and it'd come back unlike broken weapons.

>hyrule felt super empty

genshin feels super emptier… chests don't respawn, no horses, the enemies, animals, and npcs are limp and lifeless, it's uglier (and I don't want to hear the mobage excuse because the switch is an overpriced low end android tablet. the reason genshin isn't on switch is because the switch can't run it.), no shield surfing or motorcycle, no cool dragons, the generic coomer gacha companions are less expressive than qt link and their abilities feel clunky, and more. exploring just isn't half as fun.

>no dungeons just annoying puzzles

genshin has no dungeons and worse puzzles

>Ganon’s battle sucks

every battle in genshin sucks.

>At the time it was fun to goof around but yeah it really was an overrated game

genshin kek. the game does nothing better than botw besides the climbing in rain, idk how you think it improved upon any of these issues you had with botw because in my eyes it made them all worse plus added a crummy gacha. are you a newer player?

No. 234973

nta but
>every battle in genshin sucks
is simply not true, genshin's combat is what keeps the game fun for me.

No. 234977

combat stops being fun the second you level up your characters and slap on an artifact set + less fun than the combat in botw

No. 234979

to each their own, nona.

No. 234981

Can't believe I'm defending BOTW. But Genshin has Artifact RNG, mindless as fuck combat, there are also puzzles you can't do in the rain like the fire totems, and the game will trap you in what feels like an endless dialogue cycle where Paimon just repeats every other word characters say. "Befriending" characters is a stretch because said characters just effortless trust and like the Traveler regardless of what you do. Also it's a gacha game, so characters and quest are locked behind either a paywall or time-gated. Shit like weapons, lore and story important events are locked behind time-limited questlines, so if you miss one(say Albedo's sword) you're fuck out of luck.

No. 234987

I actually don't fucking understand people who come here to complain how much they hate pretty much everything about the game. Being mad about a certain patch, update, story point, character or a feature being shit is understandable but I legitimately don't get why people write essays about how they hate the writing, the combat, the characters, the puzzles, the exploration etc. so much yet still take the effort to post here. What's the point? Sincere question. I've always dropped gacha games and forgotten about them once I get bored with them, not lurk around throwing tantrums about the things I didn't like.

No. 234989

entire website dedicated to complaining about hating various people and things. what did u expect?

No. 235015

What tantrums are being thrown though?

No. 235023

It's the Ventipedo crying. Ignore him.

No. 235027

God can kiwi go back up so the troon can quit accusing random posters of being pedos

No. 235194

File: 1661960655136.jpg (591.73 KB, 2730x2007, 1647711976458.jpg)

Didn't read.
Still saving for
>Candace (if Cyno hits then fuck it, AnubisGOD can stay)

No. 235204

Such a cute pic! Omg if I can get Cyno then it would've all been worth it. Inazuma took forever and I feel like the game is finally starting to resume, y'know? Also, I heard he'll be a dps and I already use Razor as my main and I'm extremely loyal to my son, but I'll put them both on the same team and see how that goes. They'll be the bzzzt boys.

No. 235216

File: 1661966228985.jpg (508.24 KB, 2513x1878, 1652850321403.jpg)

Artist had a gimmick with just having Genshins next to animals. Good luck with Cyno, but it might be a pipedream to fit Razor due to double main DPS. I know the feeling myself with a few characters.

No. 235218

File: 1661966707988.jpg (744.32 KB, 2854x3497, 20220831_132535.jpg)

Nta but thanks

No. 235238

Good luck with your savings!
Not gonna lie im a husbandofag so i will probably just pull for all the upcoming guys kek. Sadly still got no tighnari im crying so i think i will just stop pulling on his banner and save the guarantee for cyno.

You can make any team work in overworld nonnie! With dendro added you can also build Razor EM and give him thundering fury or that new artifact set!

No. 235406

File: 1662031836121.png (2.44 MB, 1920x1080, n7Qc2tl-271hXpZ6yT3cS1hc-u0.pn…)

Roll for Childe!

No. 235408

What the hell is that supposed to be?

No. 235409

The meta, abyssletsis.

No. 235412

Oh, I'm sleep deprived and retarded kek. I'd rather kill myself than use the food bitch, though. I wish the game would give us a cute guy that serves her role, even if he didn't end up as OP as Xiangling.

No. 235414

>would rather die than use a woman
Sasuga moidlet. Women belong in the kitchen. Please fuck off and join the 41%.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 235416

>femcel vs tranny hours
Nevermind I'll see myself out.

No. 235421

Same, I hate her voice in any language and her idles makes me want to die. I thought Thoma was supposed to be like her but a hot guy?