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File: 1549779260325.png (148.21 KB, 275x275, 1549653797542.png)

No. 638627

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>633783

Website: https://momokuncosplay.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/644215
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/snow/705676
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

>still charges ridiculous prices for her shitty Patreon content. Wanted 20 bucks for a 1 minute video
>80's Exercise Pochaco video was a complete embarrassment for Momokun, who hasn't exercised seriously for months.
>Bishoujomom finally decides to block Moo, simply because Moo is unoriginal and steals ideas
>As Katsucon approaches, and the Vic Mignogna callouts escalate, Moo's own controversies are brought up. Moo attempts to sweep everything under the rug by acting holier than thou
>gets hair dyed, hairdresser not only puts sweetener on her irritated scalp but Moo's hair comes out purple, and patchy as fuck. Moo denies it was a botched dye job, says it's silver.
>apparently typing the n-word in a old Twitter conversation is not being supportive of or even using the word. It's silly to bring it up!
>isn't doing ~lewd lucky cat~ anymore because it's "offensive"
>still denying girlonthemoonpro is just a collab account between herself, her calves and a camera on a tripod. GOTMP is totes a real person
>currently has Emilyrexz, Misotokki, Aly Brazil/tenderbroembrace, hammoncito, hokajae, Squarecuck and Vamps at her house doing shitty sets for Patreon
>Moo cannot go one day without being "inspired" enough to rip off another creator's design. This time she targets Twincosplay.mex's Howl (from Howl's Moving Castle).

Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban

No. 638629

File: 1549779403164.png (1.15 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-02-09-21-20-10…)

Keeping this for the new thread, sorry

No. 638631

File: 1549779499187.png (1.08 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-02-09-21-20-21…)

No. 638633

File: 1549779596597.png (925.69 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-02-09-21-21-13…)

No. 638634

File: 1549779694827.png (856.68 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-02-09-21-21-17…)

No. 638636

where are you getting these metrics, dear Moo? are we counted in this supposed 100k?

No. 638638

File: 1549779954647.png (882.47 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-02-09-21-22-06…)

More soju with Vamps

No. 638639

File: 1549780035925.png (718.71 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2019-02-09-21-22-15…)

No. 638642

Y’all remember when she got literally this exact same nail set around the time she was first outted and she cried in her instastories about how she was forced into it and let her nail tech push her around? Now she loves them and is thanking her.

No. 638643

File: 1549780605187.png (629.04 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-02-09-22-29-15…)

What does this even mean? "Thanks for showing me a cosplay to rip off, now I don't need to use Pinterest?"

No. 638644

>>638642 Help me refresh my memory, because Mariah fucks up so often, it's hard for me to keep track at times.

Was this the same nail salon where Mariah didn't like the service, and said she prefers to go to salons with Asian employees, because Asian technicians are the only ones that are good enough for Mariah?

No. 638645

File: 1549780638745.png (764.04 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-02-09-22-29-52…)

No. 638646

File: 1549780734153.png (925.07 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-02-09-22-30-21…)

Golden milk

No. 638647

File: 1549780764719.png (813.42 KB, 720x1042, Screenshot_2019-02-09-22-33-27…)

No. 638653

I'm scared
Why does she look like pants and head only with massive balls

No. 638657

File: 1549781864800.png (1.04 MB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2019-02-09-22-54-00…)

No. 638675

File: 1549790560643.jpg (604.26 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190210-041846_Ins…)

Might be a nitpick but I didnt even know this was Pochaco until she had to say it. It doesnt look a damn thing like it and I couldnt find any reference for this particular style of Pochaco anywhere.

No. 638676

TwinCosplay need a reality check, they're either incredibly blind to Moo in general or are aware and just don't care because it'll bring them more exposure.

No. 638677

I mean, to be fair, not AS MANY people outside of a specific circle seem to know about Moo. I only learned about her like last year.

No. 638678

>>638675 So she's possibly doing Pocacho for the third time within the past 3-4 months? Holy shit, girl. Give it a fucking rest. We know you're hurting for money, but even Captain Planet and the Planeteers don't recycle this much.

No. 638679


moreover, what bunny wears a collar?

No. 638681

File: 1549793426012.png (767.23 KB, 700x700, 1549653797542.png)


The full size version of the glorious OP pic.

No. 638683

Also is she reusing the Lucoa Christmas underwear?? Didn’t she say she splurged on a ton of micro bikinis on her camv streams?? Doesn’t she have like a pink one or something ? Sorry if this is nitpick but how tf is this a bunny or bunny related? Couldn’t she just use sonicos bunny related outfits and somehow make it work for pochaco?

No. 638689

File: 1549799365485.png (663.04 KB, 699x861, 07768f9c1ce1af1a5527893d617a93…)

no actual milk but someone started a thread on /gif/ with her.

can't believe people actually masturbate to this fucking whale.

No. 638694

That arm wrap is out of place and the stocking color looks like she has a skin condition on her legs… what is she even doing anymore.

No. 638698

Did she forget Pochaco's headphones?

I'm disappointed but not surprised.

No. 638699

Isn't that arm wrap from her Cow Moo set? Lazy fuck lol.

No. 638700

Granted she puts little to no effort into most everything she does but this is a new low even for her. Laziness at its finest. Hope she gets fucking rekt at Katsu.

No. 638706

File: 1549809022619.png (903.28 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-02-10-06-28-33…)

No. 638709

What are even her plans for Katsu? Seeing as she plans to see that new Fate film that weekend, how much you bet she is only in normie gear and hides about?

No. 638715


No plans usually means she is going to hide out hoping no one sees her there or snaps any unwanted photos of her.

No. 638718

She is too much of a “DBZ fan” to care.

No. 638721

File: 1549818251865.jpeg (488.3 KB, 750x1107, 3F0589A9-A0B6-4DF1-AFB6-5C80C0…)

Going to Cali when katsu is about 4 or 5 days away??? And con crunch??? What con crunch? You making your slaves do all the work while you sit in your ass sperging about DBZ and drink celery???

No. 638723


your avatar is still visible…

No. 638724

Look in the last thread, she's planning Cattleya, Tamamo, and Howl. Though so far we only see the rip off design Howl in progress, she has yet to flex any commissions/purchases of the other two cosplays.

No. 638725

It's when you follow other people and they like the image you're viewing, you'll see their icons and not your own.

No. 638726

Spoiler alert pls.

Also what is going on with her crotch area? It looks dirty.

No. 638727

She looks so uncomfortable

No. 638728

I'm still betting on her backing out last minute with the excuse that's she was too busy and overworked from trying to finish her cosplays and needs to rest. I think all these last minute patreon shoots (like her neckbeards were ever bothered by not getting their rewards on time) are to make her choice to back out more believable. Like, who would even do that while knowing they're completely unprepared for a big con in the next few days? She has the entire rest of the month to do shoots with her slaves.

No. 638729

Sexy bunny's are the hardest thing to fuck up. There's a pretty easy fucking formula of white or black, bunny tail, and ears. That's fucking it moo. Your ears aren't even bunny like. And why would you do bunny now and not in April for Easter. Does anyone outside of her give a fuck about pochaco? Is she just trying to be like Nigri and Sonico (and even she doesn't go that hard on her)

No. 638730

Discolouration from being overweight and excessive shaving perhaps.

No. 638741

Wow, she actually put color on her upper lip!

No. 638743

What are you talking about anon? This is all those acting/model classes she bragged about being put to good use!1!! /s

THIS! I'm legit mad about how half-assed this concept is, she could have gone so many routes to make it more fitting for her and she bombed, like everything she does.

Why even add in the black band she used for her cow 'oc' ripoff? Also she's probably clinging to Pochaco so hard because it gives her an out to be the size that she is too.

No. 638744

She used to do that stupid brown lipstick on her upper lip, looked ugly as hell

No. 638746

Yep, her fixation on Pochaco started in an attempt to be the ~offishul~ one to Nigri's Sonico. Moo has just desperately clung to the character ever since because she can just do lazy 'lewds' with the character and still get neckbeard bucks rolling in.

At this point she should just cosplay the even fatter one from that group of mascots, but lipo and photoshop does wonders for a cow. The quality in shoop between cucknoodles and tripod-san doing the pictures is just astounding.

No. 638748

The Fate stuff is the weekend after Katsu. So she'll need a different excuse to dip

No. 638758

File: 1549825799191.jpg (495.07 KB, 763x453, LoNVvAB.jpg)

I know someone mentioned her looking like RCDart and damn

No. 638766

File: 1549828130396.png (271.45 KB, 720x1032, Screenshot_2019-02-10-11-44-45…)

So how is it Moo decides to NOT do a lucky cat but Aly is ok to? I know anons said Moo read it here that it was disrespectful but I'm starting to think Antares said it was disrespectful. Antares was not at the house this weekend and the last time she was at Moo's, she was clearly annoyed by Aly and miso. Antares must have talked shit and scared Moo lol

No. 638783

This says nothing about “lucky cat”. She did a generic sexy cat shoot. There’s nothing wrong with that?

No. 638787

You're not this dense are you..

No. 638788

and you are reaching. that looks nothing like a lucky cat.

No. 638800

It says "Lunar New Year"

No. 638811

i couldn't give less of a shit about cosplaying lucky cat or lunar-celebration-whatever. It's not offensive, just tacky. Obviously she doesn't find it offensive either and is just avoiding it because of that backlash from oversensitive morons, which is probably a wise decision for someone in her position.

No. 638819

Agreed really, it's about as tacky as the generic Christmas or Valentine's sets costhots throw together for a cheap buck. Meanwhile Moo is claiming she's in Katsucrunch mode, but her lazy ass is having her friends do the crunch while she sits back and binges on energy drink pretending to work hard. This "I'm such a hardworking and respected cosplayer" image she keeps up is hilarious. Hoping Katsu is a terrible con for her because she's really got it in her head it's going to be amazing.

No. 638845

File: 1549844901077.png (747.32 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-02-10-16-24-09…)

Posting both as I believe they might both be hers but hairdresser is dying Moo's extensions

No. 638848

File: 1549845082479.png (1.21 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-10-16-25-57…)

No. 638867

I just realized her "bunny" cosplay is just her lucky cat cosplay, she just changed out the ears, SMH.

No. 638880

So much for covering her tattoo during cosplay

Ironically, this happens due to low oxidisation
Meaning her crotch doesn't get out enough
Which is fucking ironic

No. 638896

Isn't that more of a Chinese celebration, though? Lucky cat is Japanese.

No. 638902

Do you think Moo knows or cares the differences? Not trying to be mean to you, I just think she doesn't know the difference

No. 638906

File: 1549857032595.png (812.72 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-02-10-19-43-45…)

No. 638907

I doubt that she knows the difference. Remember when she said that she can't copy Mei's lines because she doesn't speak Japanese?

No. 638910


You know, even though she claimed to have helped translate manga back in the day.

Her lies are like Russian dolls where opening one reveals another.

No. 638911

What could she even do to help translate manga if she doesn't know Japanese? I doubt she has any cleanup skills.

No. 638917

>>638911 It's like the time when somebody wrote something along the lines of "Can you read this?" during an older Camversity live chat (her first tenure), and she blocked the person.

Come to think of it, we weren't treated to any footage of her speaking Japanese while she was actually in Japan.

No. 638918

she legitimately looks like someone with dwarfism here…

what is the black thing on her arm??

No. 638928

She fucked up because Mei doesn't even speak Japanese.

You're right, there was no footage of her reading or speaking Japanese.

She's 250lbs because the scale weighs her lies too.

No. 638930

It's related to the person in the reply, not moocow

No. 638931

She's not wearing the headphones, thats why. Her and Sonico ALWAYS wear the headphones no matter what. So now she looks fucking stupid and no one knows who she is. I hope she did this whole set without them so people can call her out on it.

No. 638932

She gave up on her Moo thing and now she is trying to be the 'IRL Pochaco' because she thinks she's anywhere near her measurements.

No. 638935

Its V-Day too. There is tons of stuff not just for that but on sale from Christmas still. There are sooo many things in red that she can buy but this is literally the two piece version of another lingerie set that's a bodysuit on Amazon going for $12.85.

No. 638936

Holy shit you have got to be kidding me. Even her fucking arms got bigger? This was last year. I get they don't want us talking about weight, but this is as far as cosplay goes, so I think it's okay to talk about. This fit, while tight, it did fit last year during her succubus set too. She really needs to just let her friends eat shit around her while she nibbles on celery. Zero impulse control.

No. 638937

File: 1549865690769.jpeg (130.07 KB, 854x1280, grosssss.jpeg)

The last time we saw the armband.

No. 638938

She waited until Aly to get there to make the jacket. No wonder they are crunching. Maybe if Moo knew how to do anything besides buy fabric.

No. 638939

Moo has said many times in her CamV streams that she doesn't like being told what to do. This must also apply to her "trainer", if she even uses one anymore. Her weight gain is a physical representation of her gluttony and greed. I wonder if she'll realize she plays herself and others play her because she has money. She'll be 500 lbs and still think Nana is a liar, and the other girls have vendettas.

Acting like monkeys all weekend paid off. Antares must be working on her Cattleya. Aly is not a good seamstress at all. Same person who made a "bunny suit" where the grommets were misaligned.

No. 638940

Can we just let the tattoo thing go? I know she said she was going to cover it, but of course she wouldn't be held to that and seriously, people pissed about tattoos and piercings in cosplay nitpick the most. She's never going to cover it, end of story, so it's dumb as hell to keep nitpicking at at this point.

No. 638941

Speaking of trainer, I think Moo mightve stopped going to the gym because he dropped her. She made it sound like she was scheduled to work with him at least 3 days a week. We know Moo never went to the gym 3 days a week and she sure as hell isn't seeing a trainer now at 3am in the morning when she's too busy making up stories about a stalker fan following her around and not working out near her.

No. 638942

Also want to add that going at 3am means she probably won't run into him because he most likely works a normal time job and sleeps in the evening. This way she can avoid running into him if he told her he didn't want to keep training her since she always seemed to skip the gym for some reason or another in her stories back when she was peddling the name 'Mike' around.

No. 638943

It might've been a sound business practice. I remember her livestreaming the session at the gym where all she did was talk about how much boba and pho she ingested that week.
She also had a hard time lifting infront of him. He seemed annoyed whenever she took instastories during their sessions too. Complete disregard for someone who is actually working their job and isn't just a professional babysitter for a costhot.

There was also another time she had a hard time unlocking the side door to the gym. I still think she did it to prove she had a trainer that ~was totes buddies with her~. It was a weird occurrence. She always wants to prove she's friends with other independent business owners so her gratitude could be presented and she gets brownie points.

No. 638944

how the mighty have fallen

No. 638945

yeah when you put the two and two together it makes sense that he probably told her to fuck off because she didn't take it seriously. why train someone who isn't invested in your gym time and she wanted to prove so bad that she was working out because the lipo stuff had just come out and she hadn't admitted it yet. Not to mention eating like shit still and whats the point of training someone on their phone the whole time. Moo can pay whatever the hell she wants, but if you don't take shit seriously sometimes the people working with you won't take you seriously.

No. 638949

Christ, her body looks like curdled milk. Like. Not even a nitpick but she looks like she has tiny fat lumps all over her body.(Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban)

No. 638952

I don't get why now she decides to pump out costumes and is doing "contract work". If she can't discipline herself doing things like workouts at the gym or sending patreon rewards out, how is she going to allow a company to work with her?

No. 638962

File: 1549870586214.png (469.18 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-10-23-32-48…)

No. 638963

File: 1549870715806.png (597.92 KB, 720x1176, Screenshot_2019-02-10-23-33-26…)

>explains how Birdo from Super Mario is a transgender character
>thanks the game for being so progressive

No. 638964

File: 1549870755665.png (528.04 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-02-10-23-33-35…)

No. 638965

Funny for someone who's been transphobic before.

No. 638970

What did she do/say?

No. 638976

She calls them "transgenders" instead of just he/she/they and makes the distinction when naming people she's into.
"I'm into transgenders"

No. 638977

Gross. Sounds like those overly PC people that try to flaunt how ~open-minded and accepting~ they are by patronizing those who are LGBT.

No. 638978

I'm pretty sure it was way more than that. I remember her getting into hot water over an argument that she had with a trans person before her twitter got suspended.

No. 638979

It wasn't an argument. She had to say sorry for using wrong pronouns and when she said sorry she did it again because she's a dumbass. There wasn't an argument.

No. 638981

Thanks, I remembered incorrectly. The homophobic comments about the Crybaby anime was also around that time, wasn't it?

No. 638990

Honey, way to out yourself as having piercings / tats that you don't cover when you cosplay.
Also, "let it go", ONE person commented on it. Maybe you should let it go.

wasn't the Crybaby thing after

No. 638994

>>638941 Solid theory. Sometimes trainers are evaluated by their peers while they're assisting clients at their respective gyms or fitness centers.

Having said that, Moo is notorious for having terrible form whenever she attempts to exercise, and she's usually pretty disruptive, unreachable, and insufferable whenever she's at these places. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if she had a personal trainer who had to cut ties in order to keep his job, and to make sure people weren't looking at him like he was some kind of an idiot because they saw how unruly and God awful Moo is at everything in life.

No. 638996

File: 1549881116892.png (298.07 KB, 438x627, f75a5950_213c_4a2e_8c96_8b57af…)

…Moo, this isn't new information to anyone but you. It's been a couple of years since Nintendo confirmed this.

Also fuck off with this shit. As if you haven't been transphobic and homophobic literally within the past year. Literally less than a month ago she was acting like women dating other women were about to learn some sort of retarded lesson about how much all women apparently suck.

She was actually both homophobic and transphobic during that whole debacle with Devilman. Here's a KF post with sll the relevant screencaps: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/momokun-momokun-cosplay-mariah-mallad-m3rkat-meeka-moomoo-thicc-samus.27153/page-60#post-2948193

Basically, she started saying how stupid it was that people think Ryo and Akira are in love, and that Akira is straight.

But like with literally everything ekse she pretends to stan, she was wrong and made herself look like a dipshit. In the end of the Devilman manga, it's explicitly stated that Ryo risked everything because he was in love with Akira. Then, in Devilman Lady, Akira says that he still loved Ryo despite everything that happened (pic related). Go Nagai, the mangaka, has literally called Devilman a "tragic love story".

As for the transphobia, I think she said some stupid shit about how Satan is a woman because he has breasts. Even though everyone calls him "he".

No. 638999

File: 1549882067516.png (155.23 KB, 473x847, upload_2018-1-12_22-52-23.png)

I remember now. Her twitter rants were hilarious and pathetic.

No. 639005

File: 1549886133232.jpeg (43.53 KB, 386x600, B28CD2C8-4ADF-4D62-817A-B7D14C…)

…….. this is ostro

No. 639006

File: 1549886273418.jpeg (95.76 KB, 688x294, 2BA5E8C9-E459-4C8D-A8A4-8F9F92…)


This was a 30 second google search

It was a manual misprint ONCE

No. 639021

Yep, meaning Moo spent 30 seconds on google to try to pass off "info" and just outs herself even more.

No. 639023

Lil miss "Don't push your agendas on straight characters" never was a fan after learning her favorite character from the show was probably pans/bi whatever you want to call it.

I don't know why she's trying to enter in the lgbt group now since no one appreciates she was a fake lesbian either. Guess she's trying to find somewhere to go since she's obviously not wanted in body positive circles anymore

No. 639027

She was never a fan because she got shut down by real fans of Devilman. She thought she'd get weeb props since it's one of anime/manga classics like Akira, Berserk, and Fist of the North Star. Since she couldn't get that she quit.

Mariah is the most basic of bitches out there when it comes to personality and tastes which is why she rips off other cosplayers and was in such a hurry to do that Bowsetta (whatever it was called) meme and played off her disgusting rushed half assed attempt as intentional.

No. 639036

File: 1549902545249.png (317.35 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-02-11-08-19-18…)

NOT posting all the caps but Moo sperged about Clannad and School Days.

No. 639038

File: 1549902601743.png (368.33 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-02-11-08-19-24…)

No. 639039

File: 1549902643790.png (498.88 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-02-11-08-19-35…)

No. 639040

File: 1549902839338.png (371.47 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-02-11-08-19-43…)

No. 639042

I swear she only does these anime sperges to be like "look I really am a weeb!". Look moo we accept you're the worst kind of weeb, the one that has to let literally everyone know at any moment you watch anime

No. 639043

File: 1549902857563.png (523.56 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-02-11-08-19-59…)

No. 639044

File: 1549902990669.png (896.87 KB, 712x1197, Screenshot_2019-02-11-08-20-08…)

No. 639045

File: 1549903027411.png (1.1 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-02-11-08-20-22…)

No. 639046

File: 1549903120421.png (362.17 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-02-11-08-20-46…)


No. 639047

File: 1549903176988.png (638.71 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2019-02-11-08-21-28…)

the next cap was a spoiler just in case anyone cared so not posting it

No. 639048

File: 1549903267321.png (1.08 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-02-11-08-21-48…)

No. 639049

Clearly you don’t hang around much. NAYRT but the tattoo spergs made sense at first because momo went out of her way to claim she’d cover it - but come on. It’s been MONTHS. It doesn’t need to be nit picked every time, it’s worse than the worthless “lol fat” replies

No. 639050


Man she should totally do anime review videos. The shredding she would get would be legendary.

No. 639051

Is she really trying to insinuate that she played the VN? Thats fucking laughable especially as she hasn't said shit about After Story.

No. 639055


And like every true sperg out she does on a topic she immediately asks “Should I like do review videos or something like that lol? Would you guys be interested in watching that lol?” Because yes Moo, your incoherent, autistic screeching is totally the same as a professionally written analytical review. You proved that you are such a qualified expert to talk about it simply because you acted like a retarded 14 year old screeching about anime on your Instagram. This is nothing more than attention seeking and looking for emotional validation. If she had any actual interest in reviewing anime, she would have done it long ago.

I think what makes it so insufferable to listen to is that she honestly thinks she is speaking from a position or intelligence and experience and that she thinks she is clued into something that no one else has figured out yet and only a “true fan” like her could have decoded it.

No. 639056

Moo knows damn well…she never played the VN and didn't watch the anime until now because she has nothing better to do with her time that she should be preparing for, supposedly.

No. 639059

I hope she ends up doing YouTube videos. It’s much harder to pretend you know what you’re talking about when you have to say it out loud.

No. 639060

File: 1549906724070.png (534.54 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-02-11-09-36-23…)

No. 639061

File: 1549906757125.png (826.46 KB, 720x1021, Screenshot_2019-02-11-09-36-53…)

Moo really likes to fill the void with stupid shit huh?

No. 639062

Tempted to scroll back through the threads and tally up how many of these stupid ears she's bought.

No. 639064

File: 1549907120207.jpeg (180.78 KB, 750x980, EA0152D5-6204-4DB2-8B61-69E53F…)

They’ll probably smell like cat piss and garbage when she gets rid of them

No. 639067

File: 1549907798710.png (668.58 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-02-11-09-54-33…)

What was that about ignoring drama Moo?

No. 639068

File: 1549907838789.png (653.69 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-02-11-09-54-40…)

No. 639071

File: 1549907946766.png (535.64 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-02-11-09-54-46…)

No. 639072

File: 1549908114170.png (437.89 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-11-09-54-51…)

I dont get it. Hold other creeps accountable for their actions but if you are the creep, you can cherrypick shit to make your own wrongdoing seem minor. Apologize to Nana and each of the victims for real you cunt

No. 639074

File: 1549908229615.png (905.02 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-02-11-10-02-38…)

w o w

No. 639075

Moo thinks that as long as the words 'sorry' or 'apologize' come up in a statement, you are good. You can now proceed to 'grow' and no one can hold you accountable for any past actions. Fucking bullshit.

No. 639077


Is this seriously the hornet’s nest she wants to step in right now?

Oh internet is about to tear her ass up for this one.

No. 639081

This is so weird. She’s trying to promote herself and get them to follow her so they can hope she posts them for trade.. on that stores post.

No. 639083

Full price?? Will she even show the receipt om how much she paid for them and again, full price? Jfc Moo. These are USED.

No. 639084

File: 1549910564036.png (364.79 KB, 720x947, Screenshot_2019-02-11-10-40-58…)

Assumption of mine was correct. Emilyrexz tagged GOTMP for this too. Maybe she'd be more willing so admit if GOTMP is Moo or not

No. 639087

File: 1549910726122.png (1.07 MB, 720x1206, Screenshot_2019-02-11-10-43-29…)

No. 639088

File: 1549910874838.png (1.07 MB, 720x1206, Screenshot_2019-02-11-10-43-41…)

No. 639089

File: 1549910938444.png (778.35 KB, 720x1209, Screenshot_2019-02-11-10-43-45…)

No. 639090

It's so weird. She sperges about anime so much yet I don't feel like she's a fan of anything? Like she's putting on an act. But now she has been acting so long she has no idea what her real hobbies or interests are. Maybe why she copies everyone around her

No. 639091

File: 1549910992384.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, 1494108465737.gif)


I'm … is she for real??? lmao

No. 639092

File: 1549911018000.png (353.19 KB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2019-02-11-10-43-50…)

No. 639093

>>639064 This is such a desperate attempt at getting attention from a certain niche crowd. The fact that she's expecting full price in cash or trade value adds to her legacy of delusion.

>>639067 It won't be long before she begins to view herself as the Rosa Parks of cosplay, or some shit. Why does she think she's some sort of liaison for social awareness? The only people who listen to her these days are the neckbeards who pretend they want to get into anime, fat fetishists, and girls with incredibly low self esteem.

>>639084 Emily is officially on the payroll. This GOTMP subplot has to be the most laughable shit I've seen. It's fine if anyone wants to shoot with Tripod-san. But it's really fucking shady to pretend you hire a photographer in order to fool the idiots on Patreon into thinking their money is well spent.

No. 639094

Boasting about how to avoid creepy photographers and who's good to work with when she herself is a creepy cosplayer.

This is amazing.

No. 639095

Momo is only calling him out so people think there are people worse than her. However Momo forgets she's way worse. She touched people without consent, messed with boys who were passed out drunk and verbally abused people and chased others out of the community. She can fuck right off trying to look better than anyone

No. 639096


That’s what’s honestly making me sick to my stomach. She is really trying to act like she isn’t guilty of literally the shit she is trying to call out and that she is some sort of paragon of virtue in the cosplay community that is here to stand up against abuse and bullying. Here to warn everyone about all the bad people they should stay away from and they should totally listen to her because she literally “shaking” right now because one of her friends was involved.

She can absolutely go fuck off and I hope the entire community calls her out on this shit.

No. 639097

>>639089 Hang on. She's promoting girlonthemoonpro, and pretending it's totes a professional, respectful photographer.

If that's the case, then why wouldn't girlonthemoonpro acknowledge the anon who said kind things about "her" work, only to get blocked by Vamplette as a way of saying thanks?

No. 639098


Umm, Mariah is the last person that should be preaching about consent. I don't why she would want to draw attention to herself in this issue. Is she trying to get called out?

No. 639099

Wouldn't this entire situation be something that girlonthemoonpro would post about and be like yadda yadda I'm one of the good ones type of thing. This kinda makes it more obvious that girlonthemoonpro is fake.

No. 639100

>>639099 Well, there's that, and the fact that the tripod apparently doesn't surpass 3 feet in height from the ground up. These girls are on their knees more than prostitutes whenever GOTMP is the alleged photographer.

No. 639101

Doesn't this bitch prefer Saber the most in FSN? the most shallow and gross relationship in the series?

No. 639102

Doesn't she shoot with Gil who is a predator??? bitch stfu

No. 639103


It’s only okay if it’s her or her little clique of leeches. Everyone else needs to be called out and outed from the community and buried under the jail because she won’t sit back and let abuse just happen because she is such a strong warrior woman who is here to protect this community!

No. 639105

>>639090 She's a fan of lying, and a fan of trying to be the center of attention. These long rants about anime, video games, and proper etiquette amount to jack shit at the end of the day.

She just likes to hear herself talk. She has no loyalty to anything. It's amazing that she went through the trouble to get Dragon Ball and Fate tattoos, because her lack of knowledge periodically surfaces, and real fans who don't need to get tattooed for validation already know she mostly rambles on incoherently.

She should stop messing around and get a Monster energy drink or a celery juice tattoo, FFS.

No. 639106

She's going full "stick my hand in the fan and watch it get ripped apart" right before a con? Sounds delicious. I hope this spreads like a wildfire and her hypocrisy gets thrown in her dumb face.

She's too dumb for her own good.

No. 639107


Yep. She just torpedoed any chance she had of being able to sneak into this con quitely. It was already bad enough that her name was also getting tossed around with Vic Mignogna of “con creeps who should be banned from attending”. With this she just went full nuclear. I’m sure once the other costhots like Susu and Jane pick up on it it will spread even further.

No. 639108

File: 1549914016894.jpg (112.13 KB, 784x708, 1504118517345.jpg)

3 days before Katsucon and her message to the world is "If you took photos of someone for sexual gratification without their consent, please delete them uwu" after someone put a SPY CAMERA in a DRESSING ROOM. Not "Holy shit this is disgusting turn yourself into the cops for breaking the law!" but "pls delete and it'll be ok because it doesn't exist after that. We're all happy now!"

No. 639109


That goes to show you her mindset about this and more than likely all the other fuckups she’s been involved in. It’s not “Holy shit go to the cops and turn this creep in”. It’s “Make sure you cover your ass by deleting any evidence so it won’t come back to bite you. It’s totally cool my dudes”.

No. 639110

This is such bullshit
>>If you've ever taken photos of someone sexually without their consent you should absolutely delete them.
yeah, delete the evidence of being a creep – like how Moo tried to scrub her own image for one hot week during AX. That's not how this fucking works. Deleting doesn't erase the damage it has done to the victims.

No. 639111

And when you can't delete the evidence just bribe/blackmail/bully your victims into claiming everything was fine. God I can't wait to see if she shows her face at Katsucon long enough for someone to spit in it.

No. 639112

Yep, she made herself look like an absolute fool and a bully when she went after Nana until she went back into hiding. She really tried to pull a Lainey "Where's MY Support?!" after that. Bitch needs to sit down and shut the fuck up before she pisses off the wrong person at a con.

…What am I saying, let her do that.

No. 639113

>>639074 You can't "unviolate" anybody, Moo. I know that's not a real word, but the residual effect of an actual violation can be traumatizing.

For someone who claims to have been raped, she sure does a piss poor job of exhibiting any type of self awareness.

No. 639114


I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if someone broke her jaw at this point. It’s like she actively looks for new ways to piss people off.


It couldn’t be anymore obviythat she lied about being raped

No. 639115

Extremely hurtful?? Bitch, this is disgusting behavior and sexual harassment at its peak. If this person didn't find the spycam,you know he would have kept going. Both his apology and moocow trying to defend him somehow is vile. All this right before katsucon too.

No. 639116

Exactly. This goes beyond this photographer being a creep. This is illegal and gross sexual misconduct. Fuck moo and fuck her basically victim blaming

No. 639117

>>639115 Man, people are going to be pisssed going into Katsucon. She needs a PR director in the worst way. It's like she's purposely painting a bullseye on her forehead at this point. No self-respecting person is going to let this one slide, given Mariah's previous track record.

No. 639119

She would have continued molesting people too if everything hadn't come out.

She does seem like she's pulling an Onion and trying to look for ways to make people mad, probably so they won't forget about her. When the sexual assault stuff came out, people were threatening to beat her ass into further nonexistence.

But I guess if you have the money to pay for medical bills, continue pissing people off, Mariah.

No. 639120

>Models please be aware of your photographers please don’t just work with anyone.
Did this guy have a reputation for being a creep? If not, what were these models supposed to “be aware” of? I’m not in this scene but from the caps I’ve seen, people who know him personally are absolutely shocked and feel very betrayed by what he did. It sounds like people trusted and respected him, not like he’s some skeevy rando lurking in dark alleys who models only work with when they’re desperate. Telling people to “not work with just anyone” is pretty unhelpful in this situation and makes it seem like the victims are at fault for not vetting him well enough. Moo can’t even feign being supportive of women who were violated without sticking her hoof in her mouth.

No. 639121

I hope someone confronts her at katsu, because she absolutely deserves it with all this shit.

No. 639122


It really gives you some insight into the disgusting way her mind thinks. Hiding a spy cam to take unsolicited pics of unsuspecting cosplayers? Not a big deal. Exposing someone’s breasts to a room full of strangers? Sticking foreign objects into their genitals? Groping their breasts? Slapping their ass in front of complete strangers? All stuff that’s simply water under the bridge that should just be forgiven because in the grand scheme of things it’s not that bad and people are making it out to be worse than it actually is.

It seems the only thing that matters to her straight up unwanted penetration. She really is like the disgusting female version of a neckbeard.

No. 639123

martin wong? he put you on blast you dumb bitch, you don't work with him

No. 639127

Her current story rant about how MODELS need to take care (not telling photogs not to creep), and how responsible SHE is with "her crew" is fucking unreal.

She is self-detonating AGAIN before a con.

No. 639128

Sensei must be on vacation away from the bitch.

No. 639130


You can practically set your watch to this shit. The second she believes she is in the clear and off the hook she make some long winded speech attempting to start a crusade thinking that the community has her back. Only for her to get told to go sit the fuck back down.


Seriously, where is her tard wrangler when she needs him? He has to be livid right now. He leaves her alone for one day and she goes completely nuclear.

No. 639131

It looks like she heading to Cali alone so she doesn't have her wranglers or mooches with her to control her or tell her no.

No. 639132

She might as well said "Take care and don't wear sexy clothes, then u won't be groped"
What a cunt. I've never wanted someone to get punched in the face as much as i want her to get punched in te face.

No. 639133


It’s the same as when her own assault victims started coming forward and outing her. Then it was “Well why didn’t you say anything sooner?” and “You should have said something at the time”.

This is who she is.

No. 639134

Or the "We were just playing around, I thought we were friends."

Can't forget her initial response to the sexual assault victims came forward. Asking who I assume is Vamp the Doormat, if she remembers her assaulting Bunny and her saying no. Surprise! It was true! You can't trust her nor Vamp when it comes to sex crimes. That whole lie ruined their credibility and even after admitting to it, it was just lie after lie after lie.

Mariah is the last damn person who should talk about respect for victims and consent when she had neither of those things.

No. 639135


Or my favorite, “We were all pretty drink so I thought it was okay and we were just having fun”

No. 639137


This is it, Moo actually thinks she's nowhere near as bad as this guy and switches the attention to make him look worse than her even if they're the same.

I just can't process this.

No. 639139

File: 1549919083579.jpg (408.7 KB, 720x1280, 20190211_135640.jpg)

>>639068 Sorry for the shitty highlighting job on my end, but I just want to point out Mariah's hypocrisy.

She recently talked about how she isn't a fan of "cancel culture" on one of her streams (which we all know it's because of the #MomokunIsCancelled movement).

Meanwhile, she posted this in her IG story, seemingly in agreement with the way it was announced that this intrusive photographer was no longer going to be welcomed or accepted anywhere.

So it's okay to cancel a perverted photographer in her book, but whenever the cosplay community wanted to cancel her perverted, cunty ass, she viewed it as a witch hunt?

Will the linguistics expert known as Mariah Mallad please explain the logic behind this thought process?

"Explain, America!"

No. 639140


Yep. She was getting called being even worse than Vic Mignogna so she had to find a new lamb to send to the mob to get them off her back.

No. 639141


3 days till Katsucon and she has lit a roaring fire, this is gold. Just when I thought she couldn't be more of a cunt.

No. 639142

File: 1549919522541.jpg (282.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190211-141029_Ins…)

Oh, dear.

He's not wrong in his first sentence. His analogy is fucking all over the place though.

This bitch.

No. 639144


All because she was feeling herself too much yet again and still wants to be seen as some of of beacon of hope in the community who stands up to abuse and tyranny. Seriously, every time she thinks she in the clear she tries to start up another crusade to get any kind of heat or scrutiny off of her and thinks the community has had back.

No. 639146

>>639142 Samefag. By "them", I was under the impression he meant the models.

No. 639147


Says the one who victim blamed the cosplayers she sexually harassed and assaulted. Okay Moo.

No. 639148

Basically she said models shouldnt put themselves in such predicaments. Bring a friend and "be picky" about who you work with. Don't go for people "building a portfolio" or leeches in DMs ((uhh then who is GOTMP? Is this mysterious not tripod a portfolio builder? Bitch bye)). She clarifies that con photo ops are ok and different.
Logic is laughable…remember sexual assault and molestation is "vendetta's" and can't just happen anywhere!

No. 639149


She might as well say “Well what were you wearing?”

No. 639150

Exactly. She's a victim blaming cunt putting all the blame on the models/cosplayers and not the piece of trash photographer putting cameras in the dressing room. No apology is gonna be okay for that. He belongs in prison.

No. 639151


This screams "Look guys! This creep is FAR WORSE than me see? HE is the disgusting sexual predator here NOT ME! He used a spy cam and I didn't! Remember I didn't mean to be handsy, it was just my ADHD!".

Moo, the victim of all victims, the holy god martyr of the cosplay community and hero of positivity & justice strikes again.

No. 639152


Models should be able to be photographed and trust the photographer doing the job without having to go such lengths. Considering Michael was a well known one in the community and has done countless studio photoshoots, he was clearly well liked and models were confident in working with him which unfortunately he took full advantage of to use the spy cam.

Moo can rightfully fuck her ugly cunty self with that logic.

No. 639155

>Models should be able to be photographed and trust the photographer doing the job without having to go such lengths

In Moo's case, the photographers should be worried too since she has a habit of groping them as well.

No. 639156


But everyone is safe around Moo, she is the Mother Teresa of cosplay!

No. 639157


It’s because she is such a creep herself. She couldn’t just simply not grope those other girls breasts or expose them to complete strangers. Nope, it’s all their fault for not speaking up sooner, wearing such revealing cosplay or making the mistake of consuming alcohol around her.

This is textbook victim blaming and it’s absolutely disgusting.

No. 639159

I think she was trying to say she didn't want anyone secretly taking unflattering candids of her at katsucon because it equates to sexual nonconsent somehow, and she didn't realize just how stupid she sounded.

No. 639162

File: 1549922093687.jpg (266.13 KB, 720x1134, 20190211_145159.jpg)

The tea is coming to a boil on Twitter. I know tweets aren't always newsworthy, but this was worth shading based on who's taking part.

Good to know that Mariah is still a blip on the radar for all the wrong reasons.

No. 639163

Oh shit Gabby, pass around that backbone.

No. 639169

Honestly wish people would just add in her name, instead of low key hinting the obvious. Then more would be aware, but at least this is a start.

No. 639171

It begins. And she's absolutely right. Who the fuck is Moo, who has sexually assaulted other women to try and call out this creep? they both belong in prison tbh

No. 639172


Their excuse is likely “You all know who we are talking about at this point”. Yeah, it would be nice for them to actually name her. But at least it’s not back in the days of stepping aside and letting it happen because she paid for your hotel room, or helped fund an expensive cosplay you wanted to make, or because you were looking to get in her inner circle.

No. 639175

but dropping her name would literally just get her attention and give her another excuse to play victim to her retarded IG audience. she’d be like “wow, these twitter cosplayers are bullying me and i can’t even respond! it’s so sad that people have to resort to low blows like this when they could just talk to me!” knowing fully fucking well that nobody’s going to come to her directly because they don’t want to waste their valuable time fighting off her white knight army.

it’s smart to not use names. especially when everyone knows exactly who it’s about.

No. 639176

Good point, at least there's replies naming her so it's linked in. It's like speaking about Lord Voldemort, except it's Momokunt She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

No. 639177

Uh, big no to both. You are ignorant and your opinions are misinformed and ridiculous.

No. 639179


It's funny how Instagram is literally her only hugbox now and that's exactly what would happen unfortunately, that classic victim card she pulls when Twitter is at it again and she can't defend herself. Preparing for the rise of lapdog Vamp to guard her loyal master if this gets messy.

No. 639182


Except Vamp and Moo already tried pulling the “They’re a secret cabal of cosplayers who pushed us out because they were always secretly jealous of us” and the internet collectively dunked on them for their stupidity. Again, the only people who believe stupid shit like that are her neckbeard fans who will literally defend her for anything.

No. 639183

IN moos tiny mind her past transgressions and this new thing with the photographer aren't even related. She's moved beyond the fact that she got into trouble so everyone else has too. And since she considers herself a leader and a famous celebrity in the cosplay world she feels that she has to speak out on this issue.
Moo, honey, please stfu and sit down.

No. 639185


Exactly. She desperately wants to been seen having this imagine if being the stronk female cosplayer who is here to protect the community from abuse and bullying. Yet she can’t see that she is the one everyone needs to be protected from. She’s the creep that everyone should go out of their way to avoid. She’s the one that preys upon and abused other cosplayers. She thinks she’s the hero of the anime when she is really the final boss everyone teams up to defeat.

No. 639186


Common trait of a narcissist in a nutshell really. In Moo's case, she's a sickening type of narc. She continues to lie upon lie, portray herself as the victim in any scenario and thinks she's some sort of god even after everything she's done but chooses to believe all is forgiven for. It's no wonder her name got mixed in with Mignogna, he sounds exactly the same in his "apology" walls of text and videos after being called out.

No. 639188

File: 1549925651272.jpg (128.63 KB, 1280x720, nano milk.jpg)

Times like this I wish she was never banned on twitter, I could only imagine her trying to defend herself at this moment.

I say let her talk and let her go to Katsucon. Some people need that reality check and Moo especially is one them. The community openly hates her and she of all people needs to know what the people outside her hugbox thinks of her.

No. 639189

File: 1549925675511.png (4.29 MB, 750x1334, 7145E2D9-5186-41F7-9775-7EAC6A…)

No. 639190


Funny that she is getting pissed when these are the exact kinds of degenerates she attracts who pay her bills. Now all of a sudden she wants to act like she has any measure of integrity or moral fiber.

No. 639191

Moo, you ain't shit. You won't be ripping into anyone. Your tough bitch shit is cringe to watch and your pay pigs literally don't care about you going ape shit on anyone, they just want to see your nasty udders.

No. 639192

Wew lads watch out bad bitch coming through.

No. 639193

Wew lads watch out bad bitch coming through.

No. 639195


I feel like this is less about pigs being gross in her DMs and more about her yet again being the laughing stock of the internet and that everyone is taking turns roasting her and she can’t say shit about it.

No. 639196

1 dude messages her and suddenly it's "a bunch of them" and she's a big bad bitch that'll rip em up
Why don't you direct that energy at apologizing to your victims?

No. 639199

Ignoring the fact that her face doesn't match her neck, what the hell is she going to do? She's a sex offender just like the two photographers that got outed recently, one who she's still on friendly terms with. She should keep talking, it's just showing that she has NOT changed.

No. 639200


I’m sure she is going to post like 30 Instagram stories black meme spouting into the camera trying to sound tough and make vague threats to any “bitchbois” joking about this or making rude comments.

Bonus points if she somehow tries to shoehorn in being “raped” in order to shut down anyone attempting to call her out.

No. 639202

Why isn’t there an IG dedicated to this? It doesn’t go aginst IGs terms because it falls under criticism/commentary and it would drive this Cow off the fucking farm.

No. 639207

Moo, I know you lurk here 24/7 so let me tell you that first, nobody cares about your opinions on ANYTHING you no talent having thot. And second, you are just an ignorant spoiled rotten basic white girl from dearborn michigan who has never been in a real fight in your life. You don't scare or impress anyone with your bad ass fake flexes. The only people in the world who might care about what you say just want to see your titties. Everything else they just ignore. Get real bitch.

No. 639213

Something more than just a cuck's PM has fired up Moo, she becomes this pathetic ratchet bitch when she's really bitter about something. Last time I saw this was when that drama kicked off with JannetinCosplay on Instagram and Moo felt attacked even when it wasn't about her.

No. 639214

and you know she mad at the same guys who defended her and said that people should forgive her and get over it cus she said she was "sorry" and shit hahah

No. 639216


Exactly. These same pigs were defending her exact same behavior and making equally gross comments about how “I’d let her sexually assault me” and she didn’t say shit about it. Now she was wants to act like she has a problem with all of that.

Which makes it obvious that this has nothing to do with any of that. What really going on is that she is pissed that the internet is going in on her yet again for some stupid comments she made trying to prove “what a good person she is be speaking out against an injustice”.

No. 639220

>>639216 That's because Mariah doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut. The bitch always claps back, merely days after talking about how you shouldn't spread hate and negativity around. Two wrongs don't make a right, and she's way too self absorbed to point a thumb instead of a finger.

There's no way out of the hole she dug this time around. Just when people were starting to wonder if the cosplay community stopped giving a shit about her escapades, she managed to set herself ablaze yet again, and now everybody's talking about her.

You wanted everyone's attention, and now you have it, Mariah.

No. 639226

Is there news on her actually going to katsu? I cancelled my plans to go after the skirt incident.

No. 639227

because that's some gayops shit and I want moo to have somewhere to output her retardation onto so i can have my laughs when im on the shitter. stop with this gay shit wanting to get her banned everywhere you faggots

No. 639232


>you in my DM's

translation: "i need to start shit so i'll lie about getting mean dm's, lol"

No. 639234


Who’s talking about getting her banned? I think she’d just go up the fuckin wall with ridiculous responses if this were all on an IG. Was just a thought don’t cut me b

No. 639235

I'm pretty sure she's going, but I genuinely don't believe she's going to be out on the floor much. I predict she's going to hide out in her room/her friends' rooms, possibly go to that costhot meetup outside of the convention, and sneak out to attempt a gazebo photo and look like she's having a great time.
She's going to be surrounded by her calves the entire time she's at the con. She has to be - they all know how unliked she is at this point. I think they're all more aware of it than Moo herself. They'll try to protect her from candids and glare at every person who says something to her. But I have no doubts people WILL be making her feel unwelcome, to her face. She's too recognizable, and with all the sexual harassment/assault stories coming out literally the weekend before, everyone's tolerance for that shit is at an all time low. I think she's going to be nervous the entire time tbh. I would be if I was in her shoes.

No. 639236

She deleted this
Make sure ya face match ya neck before you come for people HOLDING YOU ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS

No. 639237

Lmao what a pussy, bit late for that Moo screencaps are a powerful thing.

No. 639239


Aaaaand here comes the walking it all back now. She worked herself into a frenzy getting pissy at all the comments calling her out and saw that making an ass out her self with some bitchboi rant was going to make her look even worse. She wasn’t fooling anyone with this tough bitch routine.

No. 639244


Of COURSE it had to be a friend of hers that cracked the case! cause Moo cannot NOT try to ride the "I am a good person and so are my friends" train can she? even if true this is still a bullshit statement

No. 639246

Downloaded her IG story because we know she'll try and backpedal on it one day soon, especially as she's been deleting certain pieces.

No. 639249

Is Jane going to Katsu? Cause She had said right after the momo ADHD shit she would confront Moo at any con they were at. that would be epicsauce

No. 639254


It'd be impressive to see Moo confronted at a con once and for all. Katsucon is hugely popular, so I'm expecting some top quality milk. But realistically, there's a high chance Moo will hide in her hotel room or her friend's rooms and make sneaky appearances to give the illusion it was a fantastic weekend making it hard for confrontation to happen.

We'll see I guess. She's already fucked up and made herself look worse right before the con even starts.

No. 639257

"I'm a linguistics major!!"

I can recall 6? Which is about 5 too many for someone who isn't a furry.

Think of the milk though

No. 639276

File: 1549941465208.png (1.03 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4701.PNG)

She just spent 855 on 4 statues

No. 639282

why is she flexing??

No. 639283


Need to feel good about something after all the shit she got today

No. 639284


Can she stop pretending like she’s this big figure collector now… for such a “collector” she didn’t mention shit about Wonfes that just happened.

No. 639287

>>639284 Not to mention she bought these preowned, according to the receipt seen in >>639276. An avid collector would probably know how to negotiate or recognize inflated pricing, right?

No. 639290

File: 1549945263149.jpg (776.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190211-222050_Ins…)

Always out to eat/flex

No. 639292

she loves this shitty sushi buffet with the gross frozen fish.

No. 639295

why does she feel the need to put that stupid sticker in all of her insta stories?

No. 639296

File: 1549947207839.png (813.12 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-02-11-19-45-24…)

No. 639297

so she still eats out every day, over eats her calorie intake… but now she threw celery juice in there and sleeps all day. The Moo diet

No. 639298

File: 1549947318368.png (671.44 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-02-11-20-50-53…)

No. 639299


OMG the dunlap. Yea I cannot imagine how desperate I'd have to be for a free meal to be stuck with a loud, rude, obnoxious female truckdriver looking Moo for the duration of a dinner

No. 639303

Aly and Misotokki decide to hang out with the most creepiest, the most immature costhot for money. They offer nothing significant to her cause like Susu or the other popular costhots could. There's 0 talent and will continue to suck her ass til she loses patreon

No. 639304

Now now Anon, Miso ensures cucknoodles will photograph/power-shoop Moo when they're together and Aly is one of her costume making slaves. They're all shitty people with shitty intentions, Moo is just getting the short end of the stick because she has to pay for her friendships.

No. 639305

She's probably mentally preparing herself to be roasted at Katsu

No. 639307

But never alone. Miso and Aly and cuck will never hang out with her alone. Notice how this happens?

No. 639308

I'm sure everyone at Katsu will be looking forward to having roast pig after all the shit that she pulled today.

No. 639309

File: 1549950065116.jpg (685.16 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190211_223633.jpg)

>>639304 You're right about the roles Miso, Aly, and Square play, but you're wrong about how they largely benefit from having Moo in the picture, aside from an occasional meal at a sushi restaurant or ramen bar.

Do these numbers look indicative of women who are riding Moo's popularity to the upper echelons of the cosplay scene? If anything, Moo should count her blessings that one of these girls fucks Moo's editor and cameraman, and that the other one can make a costume in relatively quick time.

What does Moo truly offer them in return? I'd make the argument that she's negating the progress and threatening the careers of all three of them.

No. 639313

That requires logic and she acts purely off of emotion.

No. 639324

Lol you dumb tinfoil bitch.
She just pays them pretty good that's all.

No. 639325

>>639324 Got proof of this? NTA, but saying she pays them is tinfoil on your behalf.

No. 639330

File: 1549957443238.png (1.45 MB, 1242x2688, FEE4F4F0-15B2-436A-94C6-607041…)

Moo didn’t write this but she did repost it so its relevant, but NOT go to the police? What the fuck? If you were sexually abused like this guy was doing to these girls, go to the police individually, file one big report, file a report at every precinct in the fucking country. Don’t tell people who have been victimized like that not to go to the police? What if this big report falls through? every girl targeted by that dude should go report NOW. It literally hurts no one to file a police report for sexual misconduct. Fuck off Mariah with your absolute shit advice

No. 639333

>>639330 Makes me think she shared this strictly because it says not to go to the police. After all, could you imagine what life would be like, had the women Mariah assaulted contacted law enforcement?

Of course Mariah is going to lean on the side that doesn't involve bringing the cops into this!

No. 639334

People uuh, can't really file "one big report" like suggested here. People need to file separate reports, and can (and should) get in contact with eachother to reference other victims who have made the same report, but that's it.

No. 639337

Taking pictures of pricetags is tacky and white-trash-y regardless of the amount of money involved. I'm sure the paypigs are delighted to know that this is where the disability checks they waste on her are going.

What is this "diet" you speak of?

Lmao all meat there. No vegetables or grains. Such healthy, much diet.

That's what I was wondering too. She uses that same sticker of a penis with eyeballs for everything.

No. 639340

This is why I will never ever fuck with the cosplay scene, what kind of retard autist action is this to say DONT report to the police so they can hand the cops one big file with all of it? The email with prompted questions seems super tacky and non-helping too. This is a momo thread and I know im ot slightly but god this is serious and they still cant handle how to process and always choose to do the stupidest, most ignorant thing they can while acting like they're taking "action" against this man.
Deficient toddlers the whole lot of them, I hope victims with sounder minds just directly go to the cops immedietly with the footage and the texts admitting it was his work. The funniest about it is that ofcourse momo blindly reposts all of this without thinking that some of it like that post is backwards and would do more harm than good.

No. 639343

It is 2019. This is planet Earth. Where a 250lb “self loving” cospig racks 100k a year just for being fat and “loving herself” and doctors pay student loans until they’re 50. <<<<<Turn back, we fucked up!

No. 639344

I'm surprised no one brought this up yet, but on the topic of "cancel culture" and "witch hunts," Sabrina (Moo's ex? calf) has come out and said that Raekaybro raped her. While she explained the situation, she brought up Hanari and I can't help but remember how aggressively Moo went after Hanari, trying to publicly shame her and supporting that IG page made to "expose" her. Were Moo and Sabrina still friends at the time? And will she say anything about this accusation or will she just keep her trap shut, since she got so much flak for giving input on the Vic thing?

No. 639346

File: 1549966964579.jpg (63.83 KB, 610x670, twittere.JPG)



glad to see that people didn't forgot about this

No. 639352

Susu is the fucking GOAT for that. Paper always beats rock, Goat always beats Cow.

No. 639353

Here we go again with SS saying obvious shit to get attention cause god forbid she doesnt board-snipe latest milk to get all asspats. She should talk about the dude posting ILLEGAL spy cam videos, not the fucking retard cow who is trying to virtue signal for clout jfc.

No. 639357

She has been. Along with Ryzen.

No. 639359

people ITT always give SS too much credit when she is obviously, at this point, just using moo stupidness for cloud

No. 639360

>Wah people in the cosplay community don't talk enough about Moo
>Wah people talk about Moo for clout
Pick one

No. 639361


Honestly, Susu can get pretty cringey at times. Like Moo, she tries to put on this fake tough bitch act who doesn’t afraid to fight anyone when she likely has never been in a fight her entire life. Not only does she refuse to namedrop Moo whenever she is obviously talking about her, she usually does it in this cringey, obnoxious, over the top borderline black meme spouting way.

No. 639362

how can moo consume sushi so frequently? if i ate the amount of sushi she does i’d be disgusted by sushi.

No. 639365

Holy shit, who fucking cares! The cosplay community is showing that they still won't tolerate her bullshit right before Moo goes to a con. Does it fucking matter who says it? No. Cause many of them still don't accept her. Over the past few days anons kept saying how they don't think that Moo will be accepted, cosplayers are showing that that's true, and now anons want to complain? ffs pick one.

This is dumb as fuck because the police will still ask each of them to file individual reports. I hope someone with a law degree steps in to educate them.

No. 639368

How fucking dare you tell a victim to not file a police report . if someone found out the photographer they recently shot with had hidden cameras, i would go to the police immediately, tell them the time/date it happened and about the cameras. This is disgusting as fuck victim shaming

No. 639369

Why don't these people just name Moo? otherwise, it's a good statement, but it also feels cowardice to not name Mariah.

No. 639370

>This is dumb as fuck because the police will still ask each of them to file individual reports. I hope someone with a law degree steps in to educate them.

Exactly. It goes to show how dumb she actually is. Police never file ONE GIANT REPORT. If the case has multiple victims, then they all file a separate report to see if they all add up and how. This piece of shit taped women without their consent and each one will probably say the same thing, just different times and locations. That is how they'll get him. I hope Moo gets clocked at Katsu, because all she's been in the last few days is victim blame and shame. you dont tell a woman who is already probably traumatized not to go to the police.

No. 639371


Except they all still refuse to name her and still just vaguepost barely hinting at her. They aren’t calling out shit at least not directly. They still some reason trying to cover their ass by not specifically naming her. The creep with the spycam specifically gets namedropped. While Moo to this day still only gets “You know who I’m talking about” bitchy vague tweets

No. 639374

Exactly. It's hypocritical. Moo is just as guilty, because she directly assaulted people, including Susu's gf Bunny. So why are they not name dropping her? Saying Mariah is openly trying to call out a photographer for doing something similar is a joke, because they're BOTH guilty.

No. 639375

I agree with you that it's not protecting the community unless you name drop the bitch, but they're talking about it now instead of washing their hands of it all. The fact that SwimsuitSuccubus is one of them doesn't matter though. What should matter is that they're bringing it up and judging by the comments, people clearly know who they're referring to. They should still namedrop Moo for those who don't.

You're completely right and if they do one big report, it'll look more like a witch hunt than victims coming out. Not to mention that it will lessen their credibility by talking to each other if this goes to court. Especially so if he heeds Moo's advice and deletes the evidence.

No. 639376

You assholes do realize that these people not directly name dropping were victims of Mariah right? Not all of them, but people like bunny and Gabby were directly related to issues with moo and hurt by her. You can't blame people like tenlied and sss either they were people moo scared other cosplayers into not hanging out with. They were all personally attacked by Mariah. Give them a freaking break. If you look at the replies everyone knows who is being talked about there's no question about it.

No. 639377


Again. It doesn’t help anyone when all she gets about her is bitchy, Mean Girls vague tweets only slightly alluding to her. The asshole who films girls without their knowledge or consent gets his name plastered everywhere for everyone to see, telling everyone specifically to avoid him. Meanwhile all Moo gets is catty, gossip vague allusions that no one would know who they are talking about unless they specifically follow all her drama. Yet they all act like they are helping the community and purging toxicity for refusing to specifically mention a known abuser.

No. 639380

It's not up to the victims to name drop. Get over yourself.

No. 639383


It is when when they try to act like they are speaking against bullying and abuse in the community, yet still hide behind making vague allusions and meme posting about her. Again, the asshole voyeur creep gets treated with the voracity and seriousness that he should be. None of them are making jokes and having a laugh at his expense. They put a name to face and telling the community “Stay away from him and other assholes like him”. Meanwhile all Moo gets is “You know who I’m vaguely alluding to lol.”

If they simply said their peace and moved on about Moo, I’d understand. That they were victims and didn’t want to get involved any further and just wanted to get the word out. It’s the fact that they all still stuck around and now make vague jokes and allusions about her whenever there are rumblings about her name coming up again and refuse to simply just out her.

No. 639386

Don’t forget susu and bunny did an entire YouTube video calling her out by name and not taking any of her shit. People are talking about her, people hate her, what more does anyone honestly want right now. Katsucon is going to be a shit fest for her, let’s not derail (as Mariah probably wants) by getting on the cases of people still dragging her out in the open.

No. 639387

Lol looks like MooMoos been triggered. Yes no one has let it go and yes, people are still vague tweeting about you. There was a very large call out if you don't remember in which you started victim blaming and stating vendettas and caused Nana Bear to run away with screenshots you thought proved she was lying. You were publicly called out and named dropped many times.
I really don't understand the catiness because if they wanted Moo to disappear they should just ignore her but it's kind of hard when she's sitting in the corner still pretending like she's the patron saint of the cosplay community.
Can you stop sperging about Susu and all the people who put a dent in your reputation? Not like you're losing money over it.

No. 639396

Okay no. As someone who had silver hair for years, almost everything talking about how bad her hair looks is 100% wrong.

1) putting sweet & low in your bleach does FUCK ALL to “darken” the color, so have several seats.
2) A strong violet toner is 100% necessary to achieve silver, period. The two tone effect everyone is harping on is possibly for a couple of reasons. A toner will stick to more porous, aka recently bleached, hair much more intensely. That’s it’s job. If you look at the photos she ONLY had her roots bleached and this is CORRECT because no hair stylist in their right mind would overlap bleach onto the fried mess she has currently. The stylist also used a different formula to tone her mid lengths and ends, no doubt hoping it would even out with the roots. The only correct assumption being thrown around here is that her ends are fried, meaning the stylist couldn’t lift them to match her roots and was probably (rightfully) concerned that putting that silver toner all over would leave the ends much darker than the roots.
The stylist most likely chose the root toner knowing that as it fades it’ll bring her roots & lengths to approx the same color so they can get a even tone next time.
3) a new dawn has come in the hairstyling world where hairstylists are NOT shopping their photos (mostly they’re all annoyed by the shopped Pinterest pics clients bring in). You’ve got more reason to trust that the hair atylist’s photo is a correct representation than moo’s photos.

FINALLY let’s get to what we CAN harp on moo for:
Her stylist WAS stocked with olaplex, so they’re no dummy. She would have been sent home with a purple shampoo with strong pigment to maintain the silver tone. So her roots “fading” is a good example of not doing color upkeep which is, honestly, the WORST part of silver hair - it’s constant upkeep.
Or, if you want to look at it this way - them staying purple as long as they have is preeeetty good evidence of how little she showers. Those toners are meant to wash out, quick (hence the need for a purple shampoo/conditioner).

There are two products, a shampoo [redacted] and a conditioner [redacted] that could save her from the upkeep, but it’ll be great to watch just how lazy she is.

So leave it with the “this stylist did a bad job/should be fired/is a joke”. They, in reality, did the best they could with moo’s neglected overfried mop. You can be the best stylist in the world and things will still turn patchy if your client does fuck all to take care of their hair.

(Accidentally posted in the old thread..plz have mercy mods)

No. 639399

>newfags assuming we want cosplayers to talk about this lardy autist and not just see her fuck up on her own and disintigrate.

SS and other costhots board sniping and essentially cowtipping to seem 5ever woke about the "cosplay community" is laughable at best. Again im so amazed she can make a meangirl tweet vaguing about moo as real women around her have illicit videos of them uploaded online and have to deal with feeling violated and exposed…and having to actually file police reports cause it crosses a line that apparently wasnt crossed when Mariah touched SS gf lmao.
Cosfags seem butthurt people dont want to see screencaps and hollering over SS when we all know she reads here just to jump on oppurtunities to say shit y'all wanna hear. Shes literally the female Edwin of this board now.

No. 639400

>salty cunts thinking that moo getting skewered by her own kind isn't fucking hilarious.

sit the fuck down.

No. 639401

you also sit the fuck down.

moo's dye job looks like shit and any reasonable stylist would have told her to leave instead of getting her one step closer to needing to shave her head. not even for moo's benefit, but stylists still have liability.

No. 639402

i think the biggest issue is that her hairdresser should probably try to talk her into doing something different or send her somewhere else. moo's hair does not take well to the toner on her midshaft to ends, hence the patchiness, and the toner on her newly bleached hair is WAY too dark and probably left on for too long (so the rest of her hair will absorb as much as possible, thus fucking the root area). i've had silver hair for years too and i'm also licensed, and i've never had that issue be it my hair or someone else's. she also needs to tell moo that she desperately needs a REAL haircut, not some dusting bullshit to keep the length even tho it probably breaks off in chunks which is why it seemingly won't grow.

the stylist doesn't need to be fired and i don't think she's a joke, but she needs to use her education to educate moo and to make better decisions. her hair integrity is god awful, and the color makes her look so fucking old. she's going to be getting a chemical cut if she isn't careful - which would be awful for moo but …. so so amazing for us lmao

No. 639404

>thinking a vague tweet is skewering

If it was the big sexual harassment flood where she was directly name and shamed yeah, but vague tweets where most would have to know who it was or directly ask? Ill sit when you stand for something that isnt pathetic.

No. 639411

Oh absolutely. A lot of stylists have problems saying no. And even more have problems sticking to their guns if the client insists on what they want even if the stylist advises against it. For all we know, she absolutely did tell Moo no and she insisted anyway. I’ve seen the absolutely batshit behavior it takes to “fire” someone as a client, and I def see Moo being the bossy “well let’s just try it” kind over the “full blown temper tantrum that will get your stylist to ask you to leave” kind. The same with suggesting a client go elsewhere - some people are really touchy about losing any kind of business even if what the client is asking for makes them uncomfortable.

Sometimes patchiness just happens in toners and there’s no rhyme or reason. I had a small spot near the front of my head that just wouldn’t tone with the rest of my hair. It was being lifted at the same time, the same way, it just wouldn’t do it. Either way - [redacted] would completely fix the patchiness for her at home, idk why she just doesn’t do research?
But yes, hard agree - she needs a stylist who’ll tell her things honestly. I had one who, when I first proposed that color, said to me straight up, “I can do it but in return I’m going to need to cut some of that length off.” And that was the trade off. It wasn’t mean, it was just the right way to handle it. I honestly do feel like a lot of stylists are afraid to say no. Which like you said is bad for Moo but amazing for us.

You can still be wrong, it’s cool. No stylist would ask someone with mostly high level blonde hair who was coming in for a root bleach out and had a goal of silver hair to leave. It’s a reasonable request given her preexisting bleach blonde lengths. It’s not like she came in with a head full of black box dye saying “I want to be silver and it has to happen today”. The bleach out on virgin growth didn’t compromise moo’s already fucked hair so I’m not sure where you’re getting “liability” from. But go off I guess.

No. 639414

File: 1550000432619.jpeg (280.58 KB, 640x874, D3358EFD-AC47-4F36-B5CC-BAE047…)


Not even the same anon replying but can you shut the fuck up? Everyone in the cosplay community KNOWS they‘re talking about moo since they namedrop her in the replies constantly. Everyone‘s throwing shade at her and signal that her BS is not forgotten, the fuck you‘re complaining about?

Also why the fuck are you guys sperging about hair procedures? Moos hair looks shit. Who the fuck cares WHY it looks shit, it just does.

No. 639424

moo's not even her client. you can refuse the right to do any service on anyone. anyone worth their salt will, no amount of money is worth a shitty client coming back to take the money back anyway.

No. 639425

File: 1550001489195.png (984.63 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-02-12-11-56-15…)

Sad reacts only

No. 639426

In Japan, sushi is more of an indulgent meal. They don't have it every day. Kind of like how steak is for Americans.

She eats it a lot because she's a fat weeb and it's an excuse to eat a literal plate of raw meat and nothing else. Also, it allows her to flex and pretend she constantly going out with her "friends".In reality, they only tolerate her for the free expensive food.

No. 639436

Everytime susu post anything on twitter calling moo out these threads get derailed. Same thing happened right after the sexual harassment allegations. Tinfoil but is it moo or her calves trying to derail

No. 639438

sushi is more like a burger. god why do weebs do this shit?

No. 639439

Probably both, especially Vamp because when Moo snaps her fingers she's right on it. As the most loyal of calves she usually posts the most on Twitter.

No. 639441

That’s exactly what i think. These retards shrieking “b-board sniping” and “she’s doing it for clout!” As if she didnt make a whole youtube video with bunny naming moo and roasting her to filth. As if she didnt start the momokun is cancled hastag that dethroned the cow and went at her her by name so many times on twitter and Ig. Moo and her calves are so obviously terrified.

No. 639443


Or maybe it’s because people are sick of everyone licking Susu’s ass for vagueposting and not saying much of anything and acting like she absolutely dunked on her. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who doesn’t kiss Susu or any other costhots ass for “calling out” Moo isn’t secretly her or her calves.

No. 639444

Ignoring the callout video naming moo and the hashtag she made that destroyed her at anime expo last year?

No. 639452

i said SS specifically talk about her for clout. gabby also talks about her a lot and i don't see her trying to milk it. get over it.

No. 639455

Stop arguing about Susu and other costhots, this thread is not about them. If they talk about her it’s fine to post screenshots, but it ends at that.

No. 639457

That and it's pretty obvious some of the costhots who comment amongst each other whenever Moo enters the topic on Twitter lurk here. YandereJane seems to be one if that's not been covered already, as well as a few others who's posts sync in the same time frame as here almost sounding alike. I honestly can't see any of them confronting Moo in person at a con as it's been mentioned, it's almost as cringe as how she puts on this 'bad bitch' act. While it would provide the finest quality of milk, it's all talk but no action. Personally I find them all as irritating as our cow and some were once good buddies with Moo yet they like to push that beneath the rug very quickly. They're only a bit more tolerable because they're not full blown coscunts and can provide entertainment to the latest Moo drama if needed be.(Continuing after Farmhand warning)

No. 639460

File: 1550008761478.png (696.81 KB, 1337x2048, Screenshot_20190212-135810.png)

Comment on the Twitter post being shared around Facebook

No. 639462

can we pause and have a moment of silence for this bovine creature’s potato nose

No. 639469

Fucking thank you, farmhand.

Some of the stuff that she did was also premeditated just to make herself seem like a lesbian or "one of the guys".

No. 639470

bitch where?!

No. 639481

i wonder if moo has one of those apps that sends you nice texts randomly.

No. 639487

File: 1550014322869.jpeg (632.33 KB, 750x1091, 911A273F-1BF2-470F-8EA8-337BD6…)

I’m no cosplayer so maybe I lack the eye…but the fabric choices on this are shit right?

No. 639488

I thought the blue parts was garland from a Christmas tree.

No. 639489

File: 1550014418601.png (289.65 KB, 512x724, 537F30B2-7830-4E17-84F3-F46237…)

reference for our nonFATE friends

No. 639494

What the actual fuck? It's like a case study of what materials NOT to use for a costume. How do you look at the source image and then decide 'yeah, this looks about accurate'.

No. 639496

This is absolutely fucking awful. It looks like bad drapes.

No. 639499

Cosplayer here and there’s a right way and a wrong way to take creative liberties with fabric choices…this is a terrible way. it looks hideous.

No. 639501

This looks like a cosplay from 2004 that hasn't been washed since. This is horrendous? how can you see >>639489 and think that this looks anywhere near accurate??

No. 639502

There is absolutely nothing that is right on that costume.
The belt is killing me.

No. 639506

Shitty texture is all someone needs for a good cosplay, obviously.

No. 639507

Should gonna look like a cheap couch and curtains wearing this…
It's like whoever made it just grabbed whatever fabric was on sale at Joanne's

No. 639508

>>639487 You don't have to be an expert in order to comment on how cheap this looks. It almost resembles a bad pinata from a party store.

Rest in peace, Cookie Monster, for they've skinned the poor bastard just to make this frightening costume.

No. 639510

Sad part is, she still has so many people tossing money at her it don't matter lol.

No. 639512

This is so fucking ugly LOL
Does anyone know who's making it? The fabric choices and gold stitching reminds me an awful lot of her disaster of an Umineko dress.

No. 639514

Looks like a fuckin mardi gras festival costume

No. 639521

Everyone can clearly see the improvisation on this "costume", textures in the fabric that are obviusly to make curtains, so more noticeable by the tassels, and that awful golden embroidered strip, and in no way those wings are gonna look good, she's so short that they're gonna be dragged on the floor

Gosh that collar is gonna make her look stupid. Moo! you have no neck, why the hell would you hide it even more

No. 639526

Theres no way this gaudy mess isn't Designer Daddy made. And it's in a room with kids toys and he used that same shitty fabric from the looks of it, the gold trim, as he did in Moo's Umineko thing. He probably doesn't want to be named, but this looks like his work considering the last time he worked with Moo.

No. 639531

Man yall I was feeling shady thinking the same as >>639526 because only Designer Daddy would buy this ugly ass fabric lmao

No. 639538

File: 1550018260817.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3840x2880, 733E2247-0A13-46E1-BC08-0174FA…)

Pretty sure you guys are right, DD lightens the hell out of his pictures so it's hard to tell but the ugly carpet and baseboard matches. Antares is hardly an accomplished seamstress but her fabric choices usually make sense. This seems like his garish style.

No. 639539

File: 1550018417837.png (849.56 KB, 717x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-12-16-38-02…)

Aly, stop sewing

No. 639541

File: 1550018458262.png (1.23 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-02-12-16-38-15…)

No. 639546

File: 1550018829475.png (1.29 MB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2019-02-12-16-45-24…)

No. 639548

I was sad moo is cosplaying adorable Tamamo but now I can't wait to see this piping hot mess.

No. 639549

File: 1550018955039.png (1.18 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-12-16-45-29…)

No. 639551

>waist is scarcely an inch smaller than the bust
Momo's gonna look like a squeezed tube of toothpaste in this with her habit of understating her measurements to her costumers.

She's going to stick out like a sore blue thumb at Katsucon.

No. 639552

File: 1550019199305.png (1.22 MB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-02-12-16-45-33…)

No. 639558

Aly added a highlight with these pics under "cosplay commissions". Moo paid for this..

No. 639560

The diamond patterns aren’t even lined up correctly… goddamn what a mess.

No. 639561

holyshit, this is cheap looking af

No. 639562

Susu is actually talking about Midna Ash in her comment for defending GilPhotography but yeah it still applies to Moo. Thats why she didn't say Moo's name

No. 639565

File: 1550021138255.png (1013.13 KB, 720x1047, Screenshot_2019-02-12-17-24-09…)

No. 639573

It looks like she made this out of her granny's quilt.

No. 639575

>>639565 This looks like a jacket some hyperactive old man would wear in an infomercial for used cars. I can't believe Mariah is trying to convince everyone that she's happy with the results of this jacket, and that abomination of a dress that she probably paid thousands for.

This shit looks so bad, you could have told me Mariah (who can't make shit) did the sewing on each costume piece, and I would have believed you without question.

No. 639579

Looks like a couch cosplay from up close and a deranged clown from afar.

No. 639580

How is she supposed to get this on? like just tie it around her waist? and I hate how she STILL tries to seem like a serious cosplayer when her whole insta is just her in bikinis

No. 639585

She probably is happy though - moo doesn't know shit about sewing or fabric, she just thinks money = quality.

New flannel-kun~

No. 639586

So these are her cosplans for Katsu? Two sets of curtains?

No. 639589

Is she supposed to be cosplaying a curtain? Even the fucking tassels look like they belong on a curtain. What the fuck.

No. 639592

Midna Ash also defended momokun when the huge call outs were happening so no shock she’s protecting another sexual harasser.

No. 639595

this looks like the kind of thing you'd see in a cosplay cringe compilation.
Can't wait to see her wear this

No. 639600

Class-action lawsuit? I don't think that applies to things like this, though.

No. 639603

And after it all happened she tried cutting ties and called people names when they didn't believe her

No. 639610

The Paisley pattern is gaudy and unnecessary. The seamstress should have just used solid fabric.

The patterns are also in lighter shades, which makes the colors look really dull and washed out from far away. Howl's jacket is supposed to be bright, carnation pink, but the patterns muddy it to the point that it looks like dusty rose from far away, and your aunt's couch from close up.

The seams are also frayed as hell.

No. 639611

i actually think it looks ok-ish. i mean, it looks A LOT like twincosplay.mex, which was the plan all along

No. 639614

I agree. Moo HIRED Aly knowing full well she isn't the best seamstress, so I think she knew this. The diamonds aren't even layed or connected in some places it looks like, but I like the washed out messy pastels personally. There is art and other cosplayers mix patterns like saikizou designs have for Howl's coat before too. Twin isn't the first, Moo isn't the last. Just this one isn't the best quality, but it isn't atrocious.

No. 639617

File: 1550029478022.png (865.78 KB, 1280x576, [pig noises].png)

Ugh, Dr. Now is telling me to stop eating so much in one sitting. Look, I only had 12 burgers yesterday, it's not like I ate everything in the world. Plus, he doesn't realize that I am USING this food for energy before it becomes fat. I'm just naturally big, so I need the surgery.(Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban)

No. 639618


I love this! I cannot wait to see her rocking the fat Elvis cosplay! maybe she'll do an impromtu performance outside Caesars Palace!

No. 639624


But dude, she has sick 4 pack abs don’t you see?(emoji)

No. 639643

Oh god this and the that tamamo abomination looks like moo has jumped on her hyper obsession and that’s using textured fabrics for her cosplays
Which in turn makes her think shell look totes professional because oh she has an eye for aesthetic and textures, when no bitch you look like a 99cent store Christmas decoration with the cheap ass gold trimming and felt ass looking fabric
But god I can’t wait for her to looking like a damn fool

Slight tinfoil but only because kevin(weebking) was said to not associate with moo anymore on a previous thread even tho he still posts about her lol, do you think moo will try to clench her claws into him since he’s also going to Katsu?

No. 639645

Wow, I just looked at twincosplay's stuff and it's amazing. If I was him, I would be insulted that a scumfuck like Moo is stealing my ideas and riding my coattails.

No. 639646

File: 1550036917785.png (52.2 KB, 720x331, Screenshot_2019-02-12-21-47-33…)

No. 639647

File: 1550036945937.png (740.28 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-02-12-21-43-58…)

No. 639650

>>639646 Between the Paw Patrol toy bin in the background of a photo, and the anonymity request, I'm 100% convinced DesignerDaddy is the one who made that atrocity. He couldn't handle the backlash whenever it became known he did the Beatrice dress, so it comes as no surprise he'd want to stay out of the kitchen in this instance.

No. 639652

100% agree that it's DesignerDaddy. The overly gaudy fabric/trim choices (because his schtick seems to be fancy fabric = quality), the fact that he knows fuck all about anime/Fate so he just winged it, and the toys and stuff in the background… you can't hide Nephi. Your trash style is too easy to spot.

No. 639653

Has to be designer daddy, the shitty lace is a dead giveaway.

No. 639655

>"I want to promote artists!! umU"
>"oh, my photog and this commissioner want to be anonymous"
Is this her new thing now?

No. 639656

Absolutely him. He’s asking to remain anon because of last time when he got flooded with moo haters. The small amount of clout he can get from her isn’t worth the spam in his comments.

No. 639658

File: 1550040670771.gif (1.83 MB, 307x173, tumblr_inline_pa0xcipJqO1vcbdx…)

could be me tinfoiling but i think they asked moo to remain anonymous solely because of the absolute shitstorm of hate people get whenever they work with her.

i wonder how it must feel to be such a garbage human being that not even your photog or commissioners want to have their names pinned to their work when you post them? i have to laugh.

No. 639663

>>639658 That's not outrageous to think. I'm inclined to agree

I'm going to add another layer to the tinfoil. I think he has trouble with non-Disney projects, and the two pieces (Beatrice, and likely this, even though this hasn't been fully confirmed) DesignerDaddy made that were structured around anime characters look like absolute amateur trash.

If I were a reputable costume designer or dress maker, I wouldn't want my name attached to such a lazy, uninspired effort either.

No. 639664

yeah, last time he got a ton of negative attention for working with her, and made a post about it. So it's not unbelievable. Still have my doubts about the photog though

No. 639666

File: 1550042970108.gif (513.32 KB, 500x280, 1516306096402.gif)

Patterned fabric really needs to be used sparingly, as does shitty trim. The belt and choker are also inaccurate as fuck. Moo, just because you are spending a lot of money on your cosplays doesn't mean you need to "fancy" them unnecessarily. It doesn't look better just because you use gaudy material.

No. 639671

File: 1550043712398.png (1022.41 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-02-12-23-38-31…)

No. 639672

File: 1550043744015.png (920.89 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-02-12-23-38-50…)

No. 639674

File: 1550044199951.png (834.46 KB, 720x1030, Screenshot_2019-02-12-23-46-01…)

Look who actually fits her cosplay

No. 639675

I dunno why it would be a surprise to either of them. It's one of her 4 poses
Also, RIP those tights. Pun intended

No. 639676

File: 1550045354425.png (154.12 KB, 750x1334, 37609286-1BB4-4346-9D77-72D64E…)

(Spicy shrimp is in the old thread talking about Mariah’s art theft complaints in case you all missed it)

I stumbled upon a screen shot of my IG in the last thread, It's crazy to see how far this nonsense has traveled across the web. I operate under the name Spicy Shrimp. Admittedly I didn't ask Jenna for permission to use her pic originally because her IG was disabled, and I don't use twitter. After a short conversation with her, telling her I printed a small amount and had only sold 2 so far, she told me to sell them( I have a screen shot of it) and then decided to lie and say she didn't say that. When she messaged a few days later and flat out said not to sell them I removed them from my shop, out of respect for someone I used to be a fan of. Her only reasoning was an out of context screen shot provided to her by everyone's favorite Cow. My thought is that she doesn't want me selling items based off of her for 6$ when she sells hers for 9$, an obviously insane markup.

Also her cuck photographer, Robbie's attitude is absolute SHIT and his instragram DMCA form didn't do a damn thing, my post is still up. I'm just not selling the design anymore.

I have not deleted ANY posts, only comments from people being excessively negative, I even left Robbie's dumb ass comment up.

The second design was discontinued MONTHS prior, and I had a % of sales deal with the cosplayer @gumiho.arts , Mariah even tagged the wrong cosplayer.

Mariah got involved through sheer need for attention. I had never spoken to her prior, and I do not follow her.
When I messaged her about it , she spoke down to me like I was a piece of shit, while at the same time, clearly felt like a moron and deleted all her posts about it.

Then a few days ago, almost a month later, she sent all these to ANOTHER "art theft" IG page, who I then spoke to and had the posts removed. It was confirmed that Mariah is the one spreading it around, which I find pathetic.

Overall, these people disappoint me, they do nothing for human society and pull in 10-20k a month. They sit on their imaginary thrones and do not use their platforms for anything but personal gain.

No. 639679

I understand using a duller colour scheme with more ornate patterns for novel Howl since he was described to wear fancy impressive suits, but the colour scheme of the Ghibli adaptation is a lot more vibrant, since Moo's cosplaying Howl from the movie they should've stuck to more vibrant colours. The quilt jacket just looks so washed out and not-Ghibli.

Also I bet 10 bucks the "location shoot" Moo planned is just her hotel room or behind a tree. Either way her cosplay would look so tragically washed out, and the background would make it look even cheaper.

No. 639680

I understand the twincosplay.mex design, from just the bits I did see (not too many photos). The dulled out colors with the metal pieces make sense, as it'd be too harsh with vibrant Ghibli colors. Moo's looks like a grandmother's couch. It has no artistic direction and Aly obviously made it in such a short time as directed by Moo. The gaudiness makes me disgusted that she even thought it could add up to the original. Like her Red Riding Hood, compared to the original it's just Dollar Store.

I would be interested in how this plays out

No. 639683

I remember this nonsense you literally copy and pasted jennas photography just changed the hair for a quick buck. Not agreeing with the cow but this isn't the forum for you man, find your own art than copying models photography your just as bad as mariah. Big yikes

No. 639684

Let's see what they have to post, if they come back. I understand this was both of their faults but if what they say is true, Moo really fucked up.

No. 639685

This is Beatrice part 2 where the fabric choices seem like a grandma's idea of fancy. The katsucon crowd will eat this garbage up, she's going to look so off compared to other people cosplaying Tamamo. If she leaves her hotel room that is.

No. 639696


what the fuck is going on with their constant recent celery juice spering?

is this some sort of retarded inside joke?

they can't possibly be this into fucking celery juice. jfc.

No. 639697


what the fuck is going on with their constant recent celery juice spering?

is this some sort of retarded inside joke?

they can't possibly be this into fucking celery juice. jfc.

No. 639706

probably the only thing she has to show for her "diet" so she's gotta flex every chance she gets to at least try and seem like she's trying. celery is like, so good for you, my dudes. it's a bop.

No. 639707

She thinks it's healthy or something? Which is isn't unhealthy, but it's mainly water, which I doubt she drinks much of.

No. 639715

That’s really interesting, thanks!

No. 639717

The last time she was hyping a miracle cure this hard it was the laxative teas she used as a cover for lipo.

No. 639723

He lives in cali too which is why moo went there I think for such a short period of time.

No. 639724

By now it's practically on the level of Onision and using "anime" to cover up his love of Billie.

No. 639728

Don't worry Moo, we know that you're in love with him and it isn't over something retarded like celery juice. That's just the excuse that you use to get him to talk to and hang out with you.

No. 639733

I'm unsure if Nick/Sensei discussion should go in the calves thread, but.

Am I the only one that finds his use of native American and/or Asian mysticism to be really cringe? The dude is as white as the driven snow- he's clearly just a former frat dude who latched onto this hippie bullshit as a way to pick up women.

No. 639738

it's like their own version of jilly juice

No. 639739

Too bad it doesn't have peeps

No. 639745

Holy god what a travesty. From the humbnail it looked like a coat made out of human skin, close up it looked like a jacket a deranged artsy granny would wear. What are you doing Moo?

aaaaaaaaaand this is just worse. I would not guess it was supposed to be a Tamamo cosplay ever. It looks like an ice skating costume designer was vaguely told what Tamamo looks like and he just put something together. If I was paying for it I would be personally offended, it's an insult to the whole Fate franchise. My lord it's so awful, the lace doesn't even make sense as she's a traditional Japanese waifu character with Japanese inspired clothing. And what are those stringy tassel ropes?

underrated post

No. 639746

This also looks like a very last minute commission, like DD was contacted just days leading up to Katsu and made a rushed cringe mess amongst his other work to give to Moo time, as she pays ridiculous amounts of money for quick costumes so she doesn't have to use a sewing machine herself. She's had months to plan this out and she always chooses her shit lewds over everything, this Katsucrunch is hilarious. So many slaves making her shit so she looks like a genuine cosplayer again, only for it to look worse than an Aliexpress order.

No. 639747

being a "free spirit" who "doesn't date" too. using some kind of enlightenment as an excuse to sleep around. what makes him different from a frat boy?

No. 639749

DD seems to crap most stuff out really fast because he substitutes fancy fabric for good construction. I'm sure he was horrified that he actually had to hem this costume. I mean, look a the lace on the front flap, it's completely different on each side, I don't know what he was thinking.

No. 639754

It’s a current health food trend, thus explains why she’s into it.
Its a flavor of the month miracle treatment, she’s only into it because it’s trendy and thinks it’ll make her look more health conscious.
Slight blog, but I work at a health store and people are ordering it like crazy.

No. 639756

I bet Miso had war flashbacks when she saw this lmao. Also since the new calf is tagged as Lambda will they attempt Umineko again? Lmao can't wait to see more failures.

Yep, DD is a hack, he either bunches up "fancy" fabric to create a shape or just sew simple a-line shaped dresses. He could barely make princess dresses, outside of that he doesn't care about the source material and can't construct for shit. DD is an absolute hack, perfect for Moo.

No. 639759

I’m so confused. I’ve been here since the beginning and I have no idea what this is about. Is it that guy who traced a meowri for a sticker? That’s bold of her to obsess about considering the brand low key geeks that miso works for sells stickers that were traced from a Japanese artist, even fakku called them out. But she’d never sperg about that because it won’t make her look better. Meowri is her one desperate last link to jnig.

No. 639760

If you think that I “copy and pasted” that design, I’m surprised you even understand how to type….

To compare me using a photo to make a vector design, to being a compuslive liar who sexually assaults people and blames it on ADHD, is just plain stupid. Seems like you’re lowkey a Jenna fanboy/girl tbh

Yea, I also noticed that after I did some research to see her connection to LowKey. I used someone’s photograph to make a vector design with 500~ followers and somehow actual art theft on a near 100k following doesn’t matter because it’s her friend.

No. 639761

So you essentially traced it? Just because it was a photograph and not someone's drawing doesn't make it any better. And other anon was referring to Mariah's tendencies to steal costume designs/ideas. No one is calling you a sexual abuser but yourself. You should probably leave this forum because you aren't going to get the response you want and it's starting to be OT from Mariah.

No. 639762

If a person does not know something is wrong, they never will until they're confronted about it. Moo never learned this. Shrimp's case…it's relevant because Moo decides it's best to not only confront this artist about art theft but she also sent caps to ART THEFT INSTAGRAMS to blow it up more than it needs to.
I think you're misunderstanding simply because you don't approve of the initial "art theft". Let shrimp speak if they want to contribute.

No. 639764

You’re just as bad as someone who traces art. Fuck off dude, your milk was okay for 30 seconds but your sperging is as embarrassing as hers.

No. 639771

I was just providing some information on a topic that you guys already started talking about, don’t think too much into it. Seems like you need to get over yourself.
You’re entitled to have your opinion, but in MY opinion, if you think that using a photograph the way I did compares to literally stealing someone’s art from a foreign country (just because you know they’re helpless in the situation) you’re either pretending to be ignorant on the subject, or just flat out stupid. Once again, saying I’m just as bad as the person you have an ongoing 93 thread posting on, is just stupid. Don’t be so triggered.

The point is why is a cosplayer with a 600k fan base focusing so much energy on a small side business? How many others is she attempting to do it to?
I appreciate the level headed approach but it’s obvious that you’re one in a million in these threads. These people are obviously part of the Meowri fanclub while anon pretending to dislike these types of cosplayers. Guarantee if I had used a photo of Mariah they’d all be supportive of it.

Eat dicks, nerd.

I’d shed some more light on the topic but it seems like ya’ll would rather wear your tinfoil and talk about a moronic internet personality’s eating habits or shitty haircut lmao have fun folks.

No. 639773

So you traced someones photograph with no credit to them like some little kid on deviant art and tried to make money off someone who “do nothing for human society and pull in 10-20k a month.”.

You’re honestly so pathetic considering you were hoping to cash in on jenna’s betabux and now that you got put in your place ran to here to cry about the costhots you once were trying to rake in cash over being the types who “sit on their imaginary thrones and do not use their platforms for anything but personal gain.”

The best part is that now these crybaby incel posts of yours are going to he shared everywhere and no one will want to work with you. Imagine being so untalented you have to trace costhots. I’d argue jenna has more worth than you since she at least can produce her own content to sell.

No. 639774

I agree with you - the milk you dripped is great and actual news to us and really makes her look bad - but you should just shut up with trying to defend yourself. No one cares about you beyond the milk drops you have.

No. 639780

More so noting how I was told to sell them BY the person that they were modeled after, and then it was downplayed and lied about because of the the person that the topic is focused, but keep on cucking about and ignoring the topic. Obvious Meowri cult is obvious. Maybe she’ll notice you, bro.

Imagine thinking anon opinions on the internet were a judgement of talent? Pffft

I’m not here for friends. I know people don’t like what I do, I’ll live. I’m genuinely wondering if she targets small businesses frequently or it was just me.

No. 639784

With this type of shit quality, I can see why they want to remain anonymous

No. 639785

If you’re going to complain about some other costhot could you at least do it in the appropriate /w/ thread instead of derailing this one?

No. 639786

Nobody here likes meowri either but you're in the wrong thread shitting it up with you crying that you got caught

Go to snow in the coshot thread maybe someone will appreciate you but I highly doubt it.

You're just as bad as they are. You just wanted to get bux from these shitty ass girls without working hard just like they do by throwing on a wig and a bikini and calling it cosplay.

Literally you're no better.

Get out of here before the mods ban you dude seriously

No. 639790

She probably thinks that drinking a cup of celery juice will undo the 3500 calories she eats every day

No. 639791

File: 1550090737701.png (959.95 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-02-13-12-37-07…)

Did Roxy break the code? Is this GOTMP?(derail)

No. 639802

File: 1550093360459.gif (6.03 MB, 512x384, 76230DCA-B40F-4A99-8746-6787CC…)

Designer Daddy the hack at it again??? This is the ugliest costume in her collection. Holy fucking shit, too many textures to the point where it looks like one of those Nope Muppets has been slaughtered for its pelt. This looks disgusting, ewww. I’d be ashamed to buy this. Fuck, I’d be ashamed of this if this were my own work. I’m sure this is why he wants to remain anonymous, as if he had any talent to begin with.

No. 639810

File: 1550096016282.png (1.78 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190214-081016.png)


No. 639811

"flower child" Honey you look 60.

No. 639813

jesus christ she looks tragic
i get silver is on trend, but some people just cant pull it off… i'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say "bad lighting" but god, she needs to go to a lavender or something

No. 639819

That gucci be looking a little grungy

No. 639820

It honestly looks like he used all the leftover scraps for his other dresses to frankenstein that monster together. No one could possibly make that garbage pile look wearable. Dis is gonna be good.

No. 639821


I think there is a dual message here since Flower Child is a shop in whatever stripmall she is skulking around, beer gut hanging out.

No. 639822

There’s scattered showers around LA today, why is she flashing her gut around and wearing Supreme slides???
I know girls will dress uncomfortably to look cute but this is just UGLY and not weather appropriate.
Not to mention she must be wearing a sports bra because her tits are almost at her bellybutton.
Does she actually think she looks cool and trendy or something, or does she just not give a fuck what she looks like when she’s not being paid?

No. 639827

Why does she ALWAYS where the same thing when she goes out? Flexes hard, but can't buy herself clothes

No. 639828


She can drink all the celery juice in the world and it still won’t come close to fixing the mess that is her body.

No. 639830


"Flower Child" is the cafe she was at. I believe it's the same place she used to get coconut water from with Sensei all the time.

No. 639832

File: 1550099360269.jpg (17.94 KB, 236x373, muumuu-maternity-dresses.jpg)

She's going to be wearing muumuu dresses soon!

No. 639833

because she clearly refuses to shop places that sell her size, and refuses to buy clothes that actually fit … so everything she buys has to be full of spandex so she can lie to herself about her size

No. 639835

This isnt in LA, she's back in Vegas. I used to live really close to this shopping center. Its not a strip mall, but its a nicer area that she should be wearing something other than pajamas in, I would say. Its right near a target (where her and vamps screw around) and whole foods too (which she's always buying celery from I'm sure). She's like a housewife that never leaves their little circle of stores 10 miles from their house… its sad really…

Also scheduling and appointment with your hairdresser on their birthday seems tacky to me imo, even if they are already working.

No. 639837

She's a fucking child. She has to wear the same things over and over because she thinks it looks good and none of her parasites dare to tell her any different.

No. 639839


She is literally always hanging around Boca Park and it makes me sick because I live in the area and constantly fear running into her while she behaves like a goddamn toddler while shopping.

I’m guessing she’s wearing those extensions she just got dyed. They look horrendous tbh. She can’t dress herself either to save her life.

No. 639841

File: 1550100792942.jpg (1017.39 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190213-173315_Ins…)

No. 639844


The extensions don't bother me that much, the color just looks unbelievably gross. Like kinda silver kinda purple? You have to have a really specific skim tone to properly compliment that color. A lot of people can't pull it off, her included. Looks like a wig instead of real hair. Back when she WAS wearing that blonde wig 24/7 it looked more normal than this does. Can't tell if its worse or just on par bad with the neon pink. She would look a hundred times better with her natural hair color.

No. 639847

this is too rich. I guess she's finally trying to address her multiple nip/vag slips on stream?

Her neckeard army is becoming less and less satisfied with the pasties shit. And now she's straight up acting like she doesn't mind that they see her vag and nipples.

This is obviously a big mistake on her part but she's too dense to realize her followers don't give a shit about her "modeling" and only want to see her do porn.

No. 639848


Call it what it is. Trashy low effort selfies meant to trick desperate losers into thinking they’ll get to see more if they pay enough.

Although I have to ask. Who is giving her enough static that she is considering rebranding what she promotes herself as? Is it because “nsfw” has the expectation of featuring nudity, which she still refuses to do and so people think she is intentionally misleading people by labeling her content as such?

No. 639851

Well if it makes you feel better I work in boca park and have never seen her in person there.

She probably runs out of breath doing one lap in target and has to go home

No. 639853

i fucking hate virgos man. they have this self indulgence that they’re so pure/virginal, they would never show nudes teehee, but then they act like the biggest cows around.(no1curr)

No. 639854

File: 1550102089620.png (938.54 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-02-13-15-50-21…)

No. 639855

File: 1550102130618.png (1.13 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-02-13-15-51-49…)

No. 639857

File: 1550102170290.png (944.63 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-02-13-15-51-08…)


No. 639860

File: 1550102347160.jpg (13.52 KB, 300x256, rDdgZTZ.jpg)

nigga what the fuck kind'a flavor of sperg syrup is this? Astrology is snakeoil anon, sorry to tell you.

No. 639861

a bunch of cosplayers went on sprees last week about what NSFW means. Holly and NicoleJean were a part of it just to name a few. Basically went on about how NSFW means nudity for them, like straightforward: NSFW.

Moo is very late to this party and is mad people are 'telling her what to label her stuff as'. No one is doing that either. The cosplayers and models I follow, even Holly who Moo knows, stated that if people are wondering if NSFW means nudity on their sites, it does indeed mean nudity on their sites, but to pay attention to models who label stuff NSFW when its non-nude actually and most of it tame as in just standing in a bikini in a pose which in that case its more gravure, personally.

No. 639862

This bitch still thinks she's too classy for nudity.

Also, "I'm like totally not bothered about slips my duuuuudezzz!!!1!11!"

What should you call your content? Garbage, obviously.

No. 639863

Neckbeards don't care what costhots call it. All that matters to them is that they have something to look at while they rub their micropenises.

No. 639865

calm down virgo(autism)

No. 639866

Oof that's…not a great look. You can see the color tone difference so easily in this shot that I imagine it looks worse in person.

Also who wants to bet it's only a few days before these extensions look a ratty mess. She's notorious for not taking care of her hair, this is going to be hilarious.

No. 639867


So I was right on the money then. This is her getting pissy with folks calling her out for intentionally misleading them by labeling her content “nsfw”, which she knows means nudity but is trying to pretend it has another meaning. Same as on Camversity when she tagged her stuff as “topless”, then when people got pissed at her for trying to trick them when she would actually do it, she tried to claim “topless” meant something completely different and it was their fault for coming there expecting it.

So she can absolutely go fuck off. This isn’t anything more than her getting pissy that people aren’t falling for her scam anymore.

No. 639869

>>639867 She just can't resist the urge to clap back.

Instead of offering a more rational explanation on what constitutes as NSFW material and stating that her btsmomokun account is supposed to be geared towards those who don't want to be grossed out by her more raunchy photos, she proceeded to go on another holier-than-thou rant.

Curious if any backlash she's getting has to do with that outrageously priced Pocacho video that wasn't much different than what she gave away on Camversity free of charge.

No. 639870

File: 1550103671820.png (910.02 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-02-13-16-19-22…)

Is comparing figures real vs fake right now

No. 639871


These sperg outs usually come when she is getting called the fuck and knows she’s in the wrong and can’t come up with a compelling argument. She instead opts to screech about how “If you knew the actual definition of the word, then you wouldn’t be getting so pissed at me”. She’s just pissy people have finally caught on to her hustle and she can’t say shit about it to defend herself.

No. 639873

She should be calling her stuff a scam.

No. 639874

Made stories about her new leggings.
Not worth 80$.
Says shes a large but they're too stretched so obviously shes way too big.
Wants to make a legging line.

No. 639876

File: 1550104456037.jpg (370.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190213-173137_Ins…)

>Why would you make the prices so high, but the quality so low?

She's babbling on about pants she spent $80 on, and saying she could have gotten something similar for $30.

She completely lacks self-awareness here, because she's been overcharging people on Patreon, when they can get higher quality stuff from better content creators for far less.

No. 639878

File: 1550104620338.png (1.14 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-02-13-16-30-06…)

You forgot the best part
>complained about the quality and asked why such a small business marked up the price of their "low quality" leggings
>said you can just get them 30 dollars at Victoria Secret
>said the line offers only small to large and that the fashion industry fatshames when it comes to leggings

No. 639880

File: 1550104664671.png (782.61 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-02-13-16-31-02…)

No. 639881

>"I wear a large."

In what universe?!

Also, I find this rich considering her massive overcharge on her shit quality keychains

No. 639882

File: 1550104736280.png (871.51 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2019-02-13-16-31-22…)

No. 639883

Uh it's not that hard to find plus leggings, what shit is she on. Feels like she's pandering again about a cause that doesn't exist. Also LMAO to her complaining about overpriced goods. Did anyone catch her mentioning wanting to create her own line of leggings?

No. 639884

>>639881 The keychains didn't even cross my mind. Good point.

What makes this so funny is that she claims to be this advocate for smaller businesses and creators, but then she does shit like this, where she completely throws a company or a product under the bus.

No. 639886


Sure Moo. It has to be fat shaming. It can’t be because land whales like you need to take responsibility for your health and understand you’re not meant to wear everything. It’s totally obvious she’s reaching for some bullshit cause.

Also yeah, you’d think she’d shut the fuck about people getting ripped off when she sells shot tier photos with a massive upcharge when people can get better photos for cheaper from better models.

No. 639887

It's called a dry hustle. Lots of promises but after she takes your money no happy ending.

No. 639888

you can see the color difference but the waves and all looks good. it's sad to know she will turn it into a nest in just a few days

No. 639890


Seems as though she loves to do that. Scam people out of their money then accuse them of not knowing what they were getting into because she literally tries to change the meaning of words so that she gets to be right.

No. 639892

I'm so sick of fat asses trying to shame any business when they dont cater to XXXL sizes. fuck off, Moo and lose weight. We all know you won't though

No. 639894

File: 1550107289362.jpg (19.09 KB, 320x320, IMG_20181225_181920.jpg)

She looks like the white trash ~cool~ mom that cheats on her husband with her son's friends

No. 639898


>buys clothing in a smaller size than what she should wear

>complains that clothing doesn't fit
>"Wah, the industry is fatshaming!"

It seems like everyday Mariah is becoming more like Pixyteri in her golden days.

No. 639899

…how does the fashion industry fatshamea more when it comes to leggings? Leggings are the only pants fat girls like you wear (if you can even call them pants).

Also why is she talking about this online. No one fucking cares, just go return them and buy some from VS or Walmart.

No. 639900

>>639892 She lacks common sense, really. If a business doesn't have what you're looking for, go somewhere else. Don't buy something that doesn't meet your needs, only to complain about how you're a victim based on your personal tastes and attributes. It's like being lactose intolerant and going to an ice cream parlor, when all you really want are chicken strips. Why would you order ice cream? To bitch about how it was a bad idea later on, and ridicule the ice cream parlor for not catering to the folks who just wanted chicken strips?

This woman is so illogical.

No. 639901

Moo is basically just Pixyteri if Pixyteri was more of a whore and 10x worse as a human being.

Also, she literally chose to be fat. Maybe she should have though about the repecussions of being fat 100 poubds ago and stuck to her exercise routine instead of pigging out for two years.

No. 639905

Does Moo even own any clothes that aren't black leggings and sweaters? The only thing I can think of is that gaudy ass Gucci set that she wore the shit out of a few months back and hasn't been seen since. I'm convinced she doesn't own any actual pants or skirts/dresses at this point.

No. 639907

Truly the Queen was born 10 years too early, if she was Moo's age today she'd be happily thotting it up on Patreon for all to see and pay for.

At this point? Nope. We've seen her in a dress or an actual shirt once in a blue moon, but shittily cropped sweatshirts and leggings are her mainstays.

No. 639908

Well, no. Can you imagine her trying on jeans?

No. 639909

She wears what she thinks looks good. kek

No. 639911


We saw her in jean shorts once and her cottage cheese thighs were the stuff of nightmares.

No. 639923

File: 1550116847192.jpg (135.02 KB, 480x640, momo1.jpg)

>>639911 Adding this for context. This picture is from either 2-3 years ago, if I'm not mistaken.

No. 639925

I think it was two years ago during a Vegas get together. She stayed for an hour or two and left.

Which is good cause those thighs are yikes.

No. 639927

I’m the anon that took that photo, funny seeing it brought up again because I have more from the Otaku Picnic if I can dig them out of the hard drive. That was also the time where she manhandled the shiba inu dog. Funnily enough, I don’t think she even attended another one of the picnics even though they were using her pic on the FB event page.

It’s surreal to look back at a time where she wasn’t wearing compression leggings and a cropped sweatshirt.

No. 639929

It's strangely heartwarming to see how far she's fallen since this photo.

No. 639931

It really is. It doesn’t even feel like that long ago but the amount of fuck-ups she’s accomplished in that time span is astounding.

No. 639932

It's was only yesterday we thought she was chunkier than she really was. >>639923 please bless us if you find the rest

No. 639933

Wait… I remember when she posted her stylist putting SUGER (from a sweet and low packet duh) and it being this super special thing. It's used to lessen sensitivity. A lot of my pixy is shaved, and I get little irritation now

Now back to Moo and her patches. I didn't know how crosspointing from Kiwi goes, but there is a photothere just recently done.l Roots and patches of the purple toner.

No. 639934

>>639932 I think you meant to tag >>639927, who appears to be the original photographer. But I'm in agreement. I'd love to see some exclusive pics, even if they aren't recent ones.

No. 639940

What happened to her onlyfans? Is the anon who paid still here?

No. 639943

File: 1550122034506.png (838.18 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-13-21-25-14…)


No. 639944

File: 1550122081663.png (1.04 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-02-13-21-25-24…)

How does something fray already

No. 639949

What is this supposed to be? If its for Katsucon then she really has this girl working last minute.

No. 639950

cattleya from violet evergarden

No. 639953

File: 1550126570139.png (7.37 MB, 1800x1800, 8F781CCF-AB3F-491F-8596-CDB452…)

I dug around my hard drive to find some old candids from different events in Vegas. It’s definitely old news but hopefully it helps.

1/6 Otaku Picnic

No. 639954

File: 1550126687783.png (3.64 MB, 1199x1800, 53010935-EBBB-4052-A88A-20E734…)

2/6 Otaku Picnic (continued)

No. 639955

File: 1550126860049.png (6.7 MB, 1514x1800, 5EAC6C3C-135A-49E4-B2A2-EF2089…)

3/6 The infamous Kanna outfit at Lvl Up Expo where she was filmed grabbing the guy’s ass at her table.

No. 639956

File: 1550127167436.png (5.47 MB, 1301x1800, 5654E963-245A-45CD-8B8C-C28546…)

4/6 Her Chun-Li at Sabakon

No. 639957

File: 1550127393108.png (5.87 MB, 1658x1800, EBF125BB-A32E-44CB-8393-56D634…)


Her Saber at last year’s Lvl Up Expo while she was still hanging around Overtflow.

No. 639958

File: 1550127737703.png (6.11 MB, 1800x1800, 205F2684-4A82-46BB-BA08-27D069…)


Lastly, a close up because damn… that just ain’t right.

I had some more pics (from when she was at Otakon Vegas in Wicke with the busted skirt) but I think my phone ate them.

No. 639959

File: 1550127868997.jpg (36.91 KB, 728x731, 654156489.jpg)

No. 639960

File: 1550128229003.png (168.36 KB, 393x307, Screenshot 2018-09-12 at 1.39.…)

hefty back bacon

No. 639961

File: 1550128291463.png (833.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-13-23-09-10…)

No. 639976

File: 1550134203511.png (2.75 MB, 1242x2208, 25000A39-B4A9-42A5-8BBE-970EA0…)

No. 639987

File: 1550141442952.png (1.22 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9370.PNG)

Life is hard.

No. 639989

Since when did she really care about how her wigs looked? It must be that bad

No. 639990


No. 639991

yeah, because hair is whats going to make that cosplay look bad

No. 639992

She doesn’t look too terrible here

No. 639998

All I read from this is
>My sweatshop slaves don't have time to style my wig
>I am a lazy and cheap cunt that did not order a wig
I'm leaning towards the latter because if she does have the wig, there would be a gazillion instastories of her prodding thr wig pretending to know what she's talking about.

No. 640002


Wondering if Jean is going to turn out as another Mooriah calf.

Anyway wearing other people's cat wears seems gross to me if you don't know them. Especially Moo. She has that reputed stank.

No. 640003


I can't fucking wait to see this trainwreck. That wig is really long for the final ascension. It'll get all matted and tangled for sure, plus that shit cosplay… Top kek.

No. 640006

Just checked, Jean doesnt follow her at all, so this is probably just our favorite drama-spreading cunt name dropping and stirring up shit. So, you know, a typical Thursday for her.

No. 640007

Is she still claiming they're dating or has she finally given up the lies but is just hoping she can word it vague enough that no one will ask?

No. 640009


This stupid ass went on a rant about pants that lasted about 12 IG stories long, yet posts no evidence about purchasing a wig that didn't meet her beeds.

For a bitch whose life consists of nothing but being lazy and shopping with other people's handouts, she sure is terrible at the shopping part.

No. 640012

yeah, because she's wearing a corset, has smoothing dance tights on, and dark brown compliments her complexion faaaaar better than all these blondes and pinks and silvers she does now.

No. 640017

File: 1550155639040.jpeg (276.25 KB, 750x1226, 1531629260590 (1).jpeg)


Apologies for my autistic ways, but I just accidentally discovered something that's a little peculiar heading into Katsucon.

It all started when I went digging through Mariah's IG for proof of Tripod-san, after remembering a notorious photo from roughly 7 months ago that never actually appeared in a video of any sorts.


No. 640018

File: 1550155810742.jpg (529.68 KB, 720x1135, 20190214_074016.jpg)


(2/2) I had to go all the way back to thread 69 to grab this photo with the tripod that she adamantly stated she didn't use or own.

Why, you ask?

Well, she conveniently deleted/hid her apology posts from when she groped and exposed everyone.

Revisionist history, just in time for Katsucon.

No. 640020


Oh, Moo, as if we forgot. The West Coast had a chance to rip into her at AX. Remember when they were chanting that Mariah is cancelled?

East Coast also hates her, but has been starved of the opportunity. Most people I see posting about her attendance hate her and can't wait to lay into her. She was booted from the Katsucon 21+ group back in July. No one on the East Coast wants her beyond the chance to humiliate her IRL, now that it's public knowledge that she's a sex offender on top of everything else. And, to top it off, her cosplay looks like complete and utter shit. Even Taobao Tamamos will be leaps and bounds above her.

Get ready for milk.

No. 640027

Can confirm this bitch hid her harssment statement! NOT OKAY. You FUCKED up. You HAVE to own up to it forever.

No. 640030


Would sage if I could as I may be remembering the details for this wrong…

So last year, with the Hanari (sp?) thing ll went down, can someone remind me if moo was tearing her down saying she was lying about Rae?

Because Sabrina has now stepped forward and basically confirmed that the guy is a creep

No. 640035


This isn’t the first time she’s done it. Every time she thinks the heat is off of her she tries to hide it and every time she gets called out for it.

No. 640040

File: 1550163884810.jpeg (155.88 KB, 750x1112, 287DF9F9-0D2F-4F6F-8238-A364A4…)

No. 640041

Her being taken down at AX was so delicious because it was such a huge con that she got booted out of, whilst bitter because she hid out in her hotel room all weekend, so I didn't get to see the cow in person.
Nonetheless, I'm glad it happened, and I can't wait for her to fart her way in back to AX.

No. 640043

i think her 'final ascension' wig is the one she has been using for tamamo's lewds. which is already wrong because it isn't near long enough.

No. 640047

It's obvious she was just being lazy and/or procrastinating. A more professional cosplayer would have bought the wig two weeks ago, allowing themselves time to buy a different wig if the one they got didn't work out.

God, this weekend is going to be so milky.

No. 640048

When is she even leaving? Any cosplayer worth their salt is already at the hotel.

No. 640049

Even cosplayers who work full time jobs, attend further education or are parents can sort their shit out better than Moo who does none of that and has so much more free time to make costumes. But of course, making easy lewds during this whole time is the better option and it looks like all of the Katsu costumes are being madly rushed by her lapdogs. What a disorganized and lazy cunt seriously…it's tragic.

No. 640051

>>640048 Even though most of us believe she's going (or at least hope she's going for the sake of good milk), it's puzzling that we haven't seen her flash anything like she normally does.

We saw the passports and the Japanese currency, but we haven't seen any plane tickets to the D.C. area. No badges. Nothing.

Kinda wondering if she'll flake, even though I'd rather see her go and face the music like the badass mama bear bitch she claims to be.

No. 640052

I've been lowkey tinfoiling that she wasn't attending for a while.

No. 640053

>>640052 By any chance, do you or one of the other anons remember the two women from this past AEX who took Mariah's phone and filmed a bunch of shit, so that Mariah could create the illusion that she actually went inside and walked around? I wanna say it was back around thread 66 or so, but I haven't had enough spare time to look. I can't remember the names of the women either.

Anyhow, I wouldn't put it past Mariah to recruit someone to do the same shit.

No. 640054

Oh yeah, I remember that. A small handful of stories with not a single sound from her, couldn’t see her once. Even when she’s calm she talks during her stories so that was such a weak attempt. I don’t doubt she’s going to katsu, but she’s also def scared. She hasn’t posted her usual “hype can’t wait to see ___ look at how cool I am hanging out with ___”

No. 640058

File: 1550171423493.png (5.21 MB, 1242x2688, D076A616-C19E-444F-8642-8D7E9E…)

Is castle going to katsu? She suddenly tagged him again. Song playing is a whole new world from Aladdin.

No. 640060

File: 1550171916644.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1807, 5A45FD87-E690-4200-842C-7DEE28…)

Yup. Typical moo.

No. 640062

File: 1550172532632.jpeg (67.48 KB, 575x1024, 740B9547-3C88-42A5-B210-B8B952…)

Rae eventually admitted to what he did to Hanari but is now denying it again, some people have made posts on FB saying he’s done this quite a lot, he’ll try to spin the narrative that all these girls are crazy because he wants people to like him

No. 640063

Rae is such trash dude. Just a fake "spread positivity" fuck boy, no wonder Moo was trying to fuck him.

No. 640065

You're kidding right? She looks like a line backer in a loin cloth.

It's not like her wigs don't all look terrible. But why not pull the ratty one from her photoshoot into pigtails. Not like she's ever cared about how wigs look from behind in the past.

No. 640066

File: 1550176643121.jpg (221.86 KB, 1068x1041, Screenshot_20190214-123631_Ins…)

Jfc moo. I got some spam she sent me. Wtf. Calm down. She KNOWS she was outted and is sperging hard.

No. 640067

File: 1550176664581.jpg (878.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190214-123638_Ins…)

No. 640068

Didn't a friend of his stop by the thread not too long ago to say that he doesn't talk to Moo anymore because she refused to believe that he didn't want her fat, ugly ass?

No. 640069

File: 1550176767424.jpg (985.58 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190214-123647_Ins…)


I don't know why the hell she spammed me. Triggered I guess. You dont GET to forget about your assault.

No. 640070

File: 1550176796383.jpg (925.36 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190214-123658_Ins…)

Keeps coming..

No. 640071

File: 1550176826625.jpg (1015.64 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190214-123703_Ins…)

5/5 So far she stopped spamming

No. 640072

File: 1550176984122.png (939.71 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-02-14-07-53-54…)

No. 640073

File: 1550177208215.png (787.55 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-02-14-12-41-48…)

Bet she feels stupid for defending Rae. Sabrina recently came out and said he raped her. Moo doesnt care tho, as she probably thinks all rape victims bring it on themselves. OR BETTER YET: DELETE THE EVIDENCE

No. 640074

Silly anon, he just saw his friends doing it and thought it was okay! -Moo excuse #26848111166

No. 640075


If that’s not the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever heard. She is trying so hard to bury it now that her name is getting dramatic gged through the mud again and is trying to be all “I only promote cosplay and positivity uwu”. She is literally self-destructing by the day. The internet is going to rip her ass apart for this.


Guess she thinks that by ignoring all the hate she is getting right now will make it all go away. Hate to break it to you Moo, it will all still be waiting for you once you finally fall back to earth from your delusional happy place.

No. 640078

i think thats antares, not moo

No. 640079

Retracting what I said then but I definitely wouldn't put it past Moo to say something like that.

No. 640080

It's literally the day before everyone is in their hotel rooms prepping for Katsucon and Moo's costumes were still being worked on? Bet she cares very little for her and losing sleep over making it all, but then again anyone who agrees to work on a commission for Moo is a fucking idiot anyway. No sympathy there, you chose to be friends with her and make her costumes Antares.

No. 640082


Legit totally avoided the question. "I archive a lot of things!!!!" Okay and???? You legit shouldn't be archiving something like that unless you really don't think it should have been posted in the first place. Plus she's archiving pictures where she's not shopped to hell, and all of the "exclusive pateron" content. You know the one picture that basically ends up being the whole set….

Why on earth would she think that its okay??? Its fucking insulting to your victims.

Just because the sexual harassment comments have gone away and now her Instagram is all "omg your so thick and gorgeous !!" She thinks she's a better person or like what….? Sorry, once you sexual assault someone you have to live with that FOREVER. Fucking disgusting.

No. 640084


If she stepped outside of her hugbox on Instagram she’d see that no one has forgetter her her name is still as good as dogshit. But of course since she only pays attention to the comments she gets there and they are all the typical thirsty patreon cucks doing their usual “OMG YOURE SO THICC SIT ON MY FACE” gross shit she thinks she is now in the clear and that the community has forgiven her. I can’t wait to see how miserable she looks when she shows her ugly mug at Katsucon. That is if she even has the balls to show her face.

No. 640085

File: 1550180392121.jpg (229.96 KB, 720x1135, 20190214_132838.jpg)


No. 640086

File: 1550180703024.jpg (247.04 KB, 720x1131, 20190214_132804.jpg)


This "its wrong, but people can grow and become better!" Bullshit is getting fucking old dude. Sure, you can grow, but if people wanna remind you of the wrong thing you did they can. Also noticed how she said people/companies. She really thinks this can apply to her like she doesn't continually make the same wrong mistakes. Sorry Moo, you're garbage forever. I wonder if this is what sensei told her over and over when this all first started and she's just saying it over and over hoping other people will believe it too.

No. 640087

Moo doesn't think Mr Popo is blackface? LMAO

No. 640088

She lives in Vegas for fucks sake. You can hardly spit without hitting a wig shop. This stupid bitch will spend $3000 on random trash but can't be bothered to get the hair right on anything.

No. 640089

Lmao but mr.popo is considered black face im crying hahah

No. 640091


I love it when things like this go wrong for Moo. The costume isn't even accurate anyway and looks awful & cheap. Poor cow is going to look like shit wearing it either way.

No. 640092


It really does speak to how much she needs to grow the fuck up. The concept of “Having to live with the consequences of your actions” seems to be completely foreign to her. She doesn’t seem to get that she can’t just give some bullshit “I’m sorry” apology and have everyone instant move on and forget what she did. Instead of living with the fact that she sexually abused people at conventions and that she may never get to attend one again in any official capacity and that she might even be outright banned from attending some, she instead wants everyone to forget and simply focus on all the “good” she does instead. She doesn’t want anyone to ever hold her accountable for her actions and just sing her praises all the time because “it’s betrer to focus on positivity than be negative”.

That is seriously some varsity level gaslighting.

No. 640093

File: 1550182226398.png (920.24 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-02-14-14-09-28…)

No. 640094

"I want more cosplay related stuff on my page."
Deletes apologies but not the japan trip photos. Yeah ok.

No. 640096

She hasn't really changed much since in one of Holly's Japan videos Moo kept trying to kiss Vamp and annoyed her to keep up with the lie that they're dating

No. 640099

Holy shit sensei clearly isn’t holding his leash tight enough, she flew off the rails so fast. She knows she’s guilty.

No. 640102


Pretty much on brand for her, “Nuke all evidence that you were ever a creep in the first place so that it can’t be used against you later”.

No. 640103

I wonder why she ACTUALLY hid this many photos. She removed a BUNCH of full cosplay SFW ones like saber, bulma, Rin, morrigan, Francis… all of those full costumes that are completely “family friendly.” Almost ALL of the posts she hid were cosplay but the sfw ones confuse me the most. I wonder what she’s planning to cover up.

No. 640107

Shows what a spoiled brat she was and how badly her parents fucked up raising her. Zero accountability or responsibility. Just throw a tantrum to get whatever you want. Threaten to attack your own mother because you didn't get the car you wanted. Be totally disruptive and rude to everybody you meet. She spent her whole childhood shitting on everything and everybody and all the while was told what a precious little genius she was. This is what you end up with.

No. 640108

Moo has limited comments on her btsmomokun account again, probably after the 'mystery commission' was asked about multiple times. Not long before her main becomes the same during Katsu, she's in for some milk.

No. 640109

I think when it all escalated during and after AX, everyone was leaving comments left and right on just about every photo of hers, and some still remained. So instead of removing the comments, she just archived the photos instead like a coward.

No. 640114


She really has the mindset of a spoiled child. “I already apologized so why am I still in trouble?!” She doesn’t get that whenever she fucks up she has to live with the consequences of her actions and “I’m sorry” doesn’t magically fix everything and that she won’t be instantly forgiven. It’s why she is trying to bury any evidence of her being a molesting creep. She hasn’t been forgiven and the cosplay community at large is still keeping her accountable by not wanting her at conventions. So she is desperately trying to change public perception of her by doing this “focus on positivity only” bullshit any memory holing any reference to her being sexual assaulter.

No. 640120

This is the whitest response to blatant racism I have ever seen wtf.

"Wow thats awful of them! I still like the stuff I own though. I hope they realize their mistake!!"

I just feel like her mental capacity is perma stuck at being 16 years old.

No. 640121

She understands that Mr. Popo is straight up blackface too, right???

No. 640122

excuse me but im lost what is this about? the gucci stuff?

No. 640123

File: 1550188879145.jpg (30.52 KB, 590x761, Gucci-blackface-controversy-17…)

gucci basically got into a lot of hot shit because they released a sweater that is clearly some weird design of blackface

No. 640126

>clearly some weird design of blackface
are you kidding? it is obviously supposed to look like a partial balaclava, or a ski mask, not blackface.

No. 640129

The style isn't the problem- it's the color choices.

No. 640130

i don't see what you're getting at. is it the red?

No. 640131

just google it anon

No. 640132

Google black face and compare, geez.

Exactly. That lie doesn't fly cause she didn't bother deleting the other non-cosplay stuff.

No. 640133

File: 1550190795238.png (267.71 KB, 502x502, ceTj9tt.png)

NTAYRT, but yeah - it's the red.
they probably could have "got away with it" if they added, like, one or two more colour options to choose from but it does have a semblance with it being black/red. pic related

No. 640134

i know what blackface looks like. my question was clearly structured as opposed to what you seem to be inferring.
i don't think it is blackface at all. i sincerely doubt that is the look gucci were going for, to alienate a bunch of people from buying their shit. give me a break. tbh - another instance of sincere people misreading things or mental people maliciously putting racism where it does not belong, and creating a fuss over a balaclava. there are A LOT of things to go at moo for, but this is not it.

No. 640137

You obviously don’t have a clue how often this happens with companies and designers. Just after this incident with Gucci, Katy Perry put out shoes that resembled blackface. Then there’s of course Urban Outfitters and the products they produced that resembled uniforms from the holocaust. Either you’re being willfully ignorant or you’re Moo trying to justify wearing a gaudy fanny pack.

No. 640139

>>640134 They're likely going after Moo because of her idiotic scripted responses more than anything else. And that's a pretty stupid response by her, when she could have said things a lot differently. Certainly don't want to argue over Gucci problems, when we're on the verge of getting some glorious milk related to a Katsucon appearance or cancellation.

Also, it cracks me up how she talks about working towards a more progressive future, when she's guilty of racism, xenophobia, using incorrect pronouns while trying to be some ambassador for the LGBTQ community, various degrees of theft…

I guess paying $11 for a coconut at Flower Child and drinking celery juice that looks like baby poop is as progressive as she'll ever get.

No. 640140

>you're moo if you disagree with me!
you sound like a deluded child. which is probably what you are. you are extremely ill informed, you see things which are not there, and from what i can tell all you seem to think about are nonexistent wrongdoings around you, poisoning any sensibilities you might otherwise have. i don't care about your misguided opinion and i don't think it is blackface, period. i don't care to argue with you either, as this topic has nothing to do with the thread anyway.

No. 640143

>I don’t care to argure with you
>continues arguing anyway

She’s totally progressive tho! She loves the “transgender’s”!

She’ll literally do anything to look enlightened as long as it doesn’t take any effort or self-reflection. Katsu is gonna be interesting to see.

No. 640144

that was at the end of the post you troglodyte, as in, do not respond to my post after this with any more retardation. clearly you cannot help yourself.

No. 640147

I didn't infer anything, I said to google and compare cause we're getting off-topic to cater to your ignorance.

And you can't really tell people what to and not to reply to. Try to control yourself by not posting if you don't want people replying to you.


About fucking time. She's going to end up spending all of that money for a flight, a hotel room and costumes just to sit alone in a room to avoid being called out at the con.

No. 640148

I honestly wonder how much she actually wasted on this farce. We all know she’s going to hide in the hotel for most of the con and maybe sneak out for trips to restaurants.

How many people are in her entourage this time to ward off people who might have a bone to pick with her?

No. 640150

I'm assuming she's got at least three people and will be trying to mend broken bridges by flirting and paying for dinners to try and up her team of retarded bodyguards.

No. 640152

Her apology video clearly showed that she has had a lot of experience with insincere expressions of remorse and that she thinks that after she says I'm sorry you are supposed to forget anything she did and that she thinks you are a sucker and intends to go right on doing whatever it was that she got caught doing in the first place.

No. 640153

i didn't need to google anything, it is not my fault you have the reading comprehension of a twat and you did not comprehend my question. i asked the anon about their opinion, why they thought it was blackface and if it was because of the red, not what blackface looks like. this shit is pointless, you've already proven yourself to be a total idiot, one with zero grasp of the english language at that.

No. 640154

You're the one with the lack of english comprehension. No one cares about the blackface in this thread. Mariah or move on.

No. 640155

People talk trash about her on various Katsucon FB pages frequent enough. Someone even started a thread to post sightings of her. So I'm a little curious how Katsucon is going to pan out for her.

No. 640156

Moo has landed in DC. Can't wait till tomorrow.

No. 640159

Moo sightings. kek Maybe someone from the national zoo can tranquilizer dart her and put a tracking collar on the behemoth to make things easier.

No. 640162

File: 1550199449362.jpeg (886.57 KB, 4032x3024, B301100A-9ECF-42FC-942D-5176AD…)

She’s at the Gaylord

No. 640163


>we don't need to hold things against people or brands forever

Love how she spins this and makes it about herself somehow, since she happens to be a person with a brand. Color me shocked.

No. 640164

She could learn a lot more from her mistakes than wasting so much time and energy trying to ignore them

No. 640165

File: 1550200705090.jpg (136.85 KB, 1280x720, 1472097399956.jpg)

Oh wow she's actually going? Good Lord this will be interesting.

No. 640166

File: 1550200905583.jpg (182.33 KB, 720x606, 20190214_201936.jpg)

>Apologizes for the abundance of lewd sets she's been doing
>Conveniently forgets that she announced her cosplay plans between now and July, and she doesn't actually intend on doing non-lewd sets until July

No. 640167

i can't believe she's wearing those stupid fucking ears already

given how she's reacted to sneaky candids in the past, i can't WAIT until she sees all the creepshots of her while rage-scrolling lc in her hotel room out of fear of reprisal if she emerges. PLEASE don't let this be a letdown to the degree of the japan trip.

No. 640168

Watch this be the only time she leaves the confines of her room all weekend.

No. 640174

>I literally cannot handle doing the thing I’m paid to do

Fuck you Mariah

No. 640179

Damn good eye anon! Sorry you had to see that in the flesh!

I'm super interested to see if Jnig hangs with her publicly. Who are some of the cosplayers who hate her that are attending?

No. 640182

She's sure wearing those leggings a lot for someone who was sperging about them being too small and deceiving plus sized women and whatever other bullshit she was spewing.

No. 640184

Probably because you don't generally just hem things that are round like that, you either line them or use bias tape. So professional!

No. 640188

Her lower leg looks like it was put on backwards.

Glad to see that Vamp still isn't in school. Maybe she's waiting for Moo to finish lying about going and actually go.

No. 640190

File: 1550208479880.png (489.94 KB, 720x1008, Screenshot_2019-02-14-21-25-28…)

Was on this post

No. 640191

File: 1550208531793.png (901.27 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-14-21-26-00…)

No. 640197

"I totally DON'T DRINK YOU GUIZ". And fuck, Moo, drink some damned water you stupid cuntwaffle, don't just go right for the bar straight off the plane. Seriously, how is she still alive at this point? Worst case of terminal stupidity I've ever seen.

No. 640198

File: 1550211681042.png (880.37 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-02-14-22-19-15…)

>inspects small cast iron pan with "cosplay is not consent" sticker on back
>asks girl if she ever had to use this
>girl looks to side, says yes

No. 640199

>>640198 Oh, man. This could be more milky than I had originally imagined. She is completely oblivious to the fact that she's the real life villain in this story.

I feel sorry for the cosplayer she conversed with. This has to be an awkward encounter for anyone who's just there to enjoy the festivities, and not get dragged into the Moo drama through no real fault of their own.

No. 640200

File: 1550212644036.png (1 MB, 1178x720, Screenshot_2019-02-14-22-35-50…)

No. 640201


I’m sure that we’ll now hear stories about how this girl was totally rude to her and laughing at her while making snide comments off to the side.

It might finally start to dawn on her just how hated she is outside of her little hugbox. I imagine she is enduring tons of disgusted looks at her right now and it makes only the first day lol.

No. 640202

File: 1550213097256.jpg (2.56 MB, 4576x3432, IMAG4200.jpg)

Found her.

No. 640203

File: 1550213108316.png (1.05 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-02-14-22-42-06…)

Oh. I see what's happening. Shes with Leon Chiro >>640198

No. 640204

does mariah think people forgot about her sexually assaulting people? how does she even have the audacity to hold something like this and ask someone if theyve ever had to use it

i wonder if that girl knew who she was because from that body language she was super uncomfortable

No. 640205

>>640203 Riding coattails while trying to create an impromptu hugbox, I see.

It's like she's slowly becoming self-aware of the fact that she's notoriously despised.

No. 640214

File: 1550217855130.jpg (1.97 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20190215_011024.jpg)

I was around them for a few hours and they did not interact. Leon had a crowd of girls, she stayed with Vamp and some other people.

No. 640215

File: 1550217978067.png (317.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190215-030236.png)

Also I thought it was funny she took a picture with a takashi 69 cosplayer and told him not to go to jail. I thought it was a little funny. Also pictured here is one of the Katsu groups doing a momokun watch

No. 640216


No moo, you arent back to cosplaying- you are pretending that you are a cosplayer and that all is forgiven. Go ahead- walk the con. see where that gets ya.

No. 640217

Was it discussed that these leggings are not a new fashion trend, and popularized heavily by Meowri, and Nigri is now copying so of course Mariah is as well.

No. 640218

File: 1550219466011.png (594.88 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-02-15-00-28-52…)

No. 640220


Can we officially cancel Elizabeth Rage? She’s the trashiest cosplayer for still working with outted sexual assault photographers and is DMing Mariah? She has no conscience. And the worst fake tit job, fucking balloons.

Sorry for sage but it’s reasons like Rage that empowers Mariah and other sexual assaulters to stay in the community(Take it to the calves thread)

No. 640221

Oh the nerve to grace Katsucon and carry on asif her cosplay career is secured. This bitch is too much.

No. 640227

I don't really understand why she would want to come over to DC for Katsu anyway – is it that important a con? Or has she burned through all her west coast cons?

No. 640231

Katsu is one of the most popular cons for cosplayers to bring their best. It’s a pretty big one of the year.

No. 640234


I just saw that Sabrina is also going, but non of the other thot gang members.

No. 640251

File: 1550235771093.jpg (574 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20190215_080110.jpg)

Someone just posted this on Twitter. Is that Momo in the gazebo?

No. 640257

No, Mariah doesn’t own actual pants.

No. 640261

don't be retarded. she wouldn't be up this early and she doesnt own pants

No. 640263

Already disregarded that calf's existence awhile ago. Gross old looking hag. Anyone still desperate enough to cling to moos tit isn't worth anyones time. They are all so freaking boring too. No personality in the first place so they gotta cling to Mariah for at least some notoriety.

No. 640269

Imagine being such a low life that you choose to associate yourself with probably the lowest of them all in cosplay simply because Moo's "popular" and can provide them exposure just for being in her piss poor inner circle. It's just so sad lol.

No. 640275

File: 1550248602653.jpeg (12.21 KB, 480x360, 7622175A-FB50-446C-84E1-7D76CB…)

People are already posting to twitter about spotting her last night at the hotel and the bar, none of them are positive. So it begins!

No. 640278

This is an image board, anon. Post caps.

No. 640280

Apparently there's quite alot of security lurking today in the Gaylord, which seems better than last year's Katsu. Anything that will put Moo on edge is a bonus, especially if she doesn't have an actual badge with her history of ghosting cons and just going for photos and get drunk with her friends.

No. 640283


She also wouldn't be out without her friends to protect her.

No. 640287

With her track record it would be hilarious if someone ended up reporting that a sex offender was out roaming the halls of their convention. Please let someone have the balls to start shit with her and not just take candids all weekend.

No. 640288

Well for starters Katsucon would have to give a shit as people have been tagging them on Twitter in Moo comments and so far have ignored it. Unless someone goes out of there way in person to do it then maybe that would change, but still.

No. 640290

File: 1550251525546.png (1.25 MB, 1026x1800, B2630A5C-2EE4-423F-9CD2-136F48…)

No. 640300


This certainly has to be her worst nightmare come true. Having to worry about unflattering snapshots being taken of her at every corner. The word is out that she is not only there, but completely unwanted. Wouldn’t be shocked if most of this trip consisted of her bawling her eyes out in her hotel room. Although I’m sure we’ll get some bullshit about “having such a good time and it was so great getting to meet all of you!”

No. 640303

>>640300 It's after 1 P.M. in the D.C. area, and we've yet to see any concrete evidence of her actually attending Katsucon, or wearing that terrible outfit Kat threw together for her.

So you may be right. If she's not sleeping due to a sudden crash, then it wouldn't surprise me if she suddenly developed a big yellow streak down her back, and decided to stay inside.

As of right now, I haven't seen anything new since last night. No pictures or neckbeard jubilation over meeting their precious cow. It's eerily quiet.

No. 640305

Exactly. I have no doubt she will post as if she’s “living her best life” at Katsu and she’s “unbothered by the haters!” But it will eat away at her. If she thought AX was unbearable, this is going to be even worse since of course she had to cause a scene to bring attention to herself right before the con.

No. 640306

She's taken a few photos in her Instagram story and that was about 2 hours ago. Where's her debut? So obvious she's hiding the best she can alongside Vamp and trying not to bring attention to herself.

No. 640308


If she didn’t want to bring attention to herself then maybe she shouldn’t have had a massive sperg out on the internet just days before the con.

No. 640309

File: 1550255454869.png (2 MB, 1242x2208, ED06227B-C2D6-457B-A93B-1AE3B2…)

She's also posting random IG stories of cosplayers (3 hours ago) so she is definitely up but not in costume yet apparently.

No. 640311

Moo thinking before she opens her trashy mouth would be such a miracle to witness. Her mini meltdown before Katsu has really paid off.

No. 640312

File: 1550255862884.png (2.93 MB, 1242x2208, 7A662887-551C-451A-ADFC-8B0F06…)

No. 640313


This looks like so much shit. Cannot wait to see the seams rip and fall out. And um Moo? the boots are supposed to CLOSE ffs

No. 640314

File: 1550256111190.png (208.89 KB, 290x752, Cattleya_LN.png)

No. 640315

File: 1550256281360.png (111.25 KB, 678x381, Cattleya_Iris_Erica.png)

Anime, without arms crossed. Looks like she either has no eyeballs or just tried to fuse "Da BeSt PaRtS" of the character for one shitty version

No. 640316

File: 1550256342518.jpg (140.42 KB, 1077x779, Screenshot_20190215-134402_Fac…)

fucking kek

No. 640317

The corset she just purchased now comes into play. Any takers that she will go drinking and pigging out? I say this will happen and she will neither throw up or break it.

No. 640318

File: 1550256488488.png (2.86 MB, 1242x2208, 002498CB-5EDA-448B-800D-A58F1B…)

So it begins…

No. 640319

File: 1550256518046.png (947.51 KB, 720x1043, Screenshot_2019-02-15-10-46-30…)

This looks…so rushed..

No. 640321


An Actual Apology for all the shit things you have done? A retirement poem?

No. 640322

She’s wearing her god awful floppy drake boots..

No. 640323

I just passed moo in the Gaylord by. She’s in that ancient magus bride cosplay.

No. 640324

Damn con room already nasty af

No. 640325


And so the cow heads out to the public. Wonder what kind of shit she is going to start when she gets fed up with everyone laughing and making jokes behind her back.

No. 640327

God I thought this was a shitty R63 of Gaston at first.

No. 640328

lmao right i was getting some peter pan pirate vibes

No. 640329

File: 1550257167102.png (871.4 KB, 720x1040, Screenshot_2019-02-15-10-57-15…)

Since she's wearing Moo's cosplay, anyone wanna do the honors and report what the back looks like

No. 640330

Damn hahaha

Hopefully she starts sperging from people openly talking shit about her while near her. She's too egotistical to see how unwanted she is.

No. 640337

Sure Moo. How much you bet she'll lurk near the gazebo or elsewhere that looks suitable for photos and that'll be her "con"? Not a sign of a con badge yet either and usually she brags about those if she has one.

No. 640338

She will be broke after this trip and will be back on Camversity to recoup the costs

No. 640341

Looks like she's outside. Can't imagine why there, that's not where the con is at Moo.

No. 640344

So for anyone there is she really being noted? Cause I would think this would be a great hunt- first actual con shes been back to in any costume (iirc). On another Note is Jane there cause she was for fact gonna make a public callout. At least thats what she said back in the beginning

No. 640346


The character has a middle part and she gave it a side part. Again.

No. 640347

She never does wigs properly

No. 640350


Is this captian hook cosplay with the nose and pirate boots and greasy looking hair?

No. 640351

Just saw on twitter someone saying that he met Moo and asked for a picture just to dip out lol
Other than that, I don’t think anything will happen, these nerds are too much pussy to call her ur in public, but if does happen it will be the best milk of the year already.

No. 640353

I would but decided not to go to the con this year. If she goes to dragoncon tho…I’ll be there for her

No. 640354

Unfortunately think you're right. While tons despise her and the hatred is real all over social media, the likelihood of anyone confronting her in person is very slim. We can hope, there's still Katsu time left.

No. 640355

Jane sticks to west coast cons. It's easy to check her twitter and see she isn't there
She always does the bare minimum for this characters. Just a dress and necklace. A dress that's the wrong red

No. 640356

File: 1550262250151.png (886.68 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-02-15-12-22-38…)

Ruffin Cosplay posted this

No. 640358

Reality >>640356 vs. Expectation >>640319

Bitch looks like someones 40year old mother.

No. 640360

The best part its clearly not just farmers, just regular schmegular people who know of her bullshit and won't stand for it.

Makes me proud.

No. 640361

how the fuck has she trashed this hotel room so bad, she hasn't even been there for 24 hours yet.

No. 640362

she actually paid someone to do this even though this is clearly something she could have thrown together in the same amount of time


No. 640364

When you spend OTHER PEOPLE'S money, it doesn't matter. If it was her hard earned money she'd not be as dumb with stuff like this, but because it's cuck money..splurge away!

No. 640365

File: 1550262929532.jpg (363.44 KB, 1280x1920, ce168faf94c9c13ff7b1f89172c602…)

is she… just wearing mariah's android 18 cosplay?

i'm pretty sure thats the same skirt and belt at the least. need to see more of the jean vest

or i wouldn't be surprised if it was vamp's from the get go

No. 640366

She has cuck money to waste and is incredibly lazy, Moo has no sense at all, but hilariously moans abojyr accuracy with petty shit like wigs when half of the time her costumes aren't even correct.

No. 640367

Someone please, please call this bitch out in person and get it on video. It would make my life.

Or at the very least spray her with water like Andrew Dobson.(cowtipping)

No. 640368

This costume certainly isn't correct since the bitch literally couldn't be bothered to tie a bow. Too lazy to move her fucking fingers 3 more times.

No. 640371

If no one confronts her she'll definitely show up at the next con she can

No. 640372

Good lord she’s gonna break a rib this weekend.

No. 640373

File: 1550264662074.png (1.25 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-02-15-12-57-01…)

It amazes me that it's always failing costhots who come out the woodwork to show off Moo pics

No. 640375

File: 1550264844742.png (1.19 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-02-15-13-05-21…)

No. 640376


She obviously prefers them than her actual sweaty, gross neckbeard fans. We see how visibly uncomfortable she looked being forced to interact with them.

No. 640378


I feel bad for those boots. It's like suburban mom trolling around in a bar in her daughters fuckme boots. trying to be cool by proxy

No. 640379

I guess twincosplay has no self-respect either if they willingly hang around Mariah. Shame because I used to like their work.

No. 640380

Well this is disappointing. Hopefully Twin see the light soon enough.

No. 640382

I have so many questions. What on earth is in her hands? Why do her nails look like she just dipped her fingers in ice cream? Can she even put her arms down at her sides in this cosplay without the corset exploding?

No. 640388

She looks swollen and seriously uncomfortable. I'll give her another hour or so before she changes into normie clothes.

No. 640392

She looks terrible in this costume. I know she looks terrible in everything else, but this is simply too much.

She looks like she's short on breath. And the corset really isn't doing her any favors. All it's doing is drawing more attention to the rest of her limbs, and her extremely wide shoulders.

Does she actually have a badge? Or is she going to linger around outside and pull out her trusty room key card the second people start to wonder what the hell she's doing?

Flying all the way to D.C. just to stand outside and get largely ignored. Damn, that comeback is looking incredible!

No. 640394

It really does look like she's ghosting Katsucon. How fucking sad.

No. 640397


No mention or photos of badges. All pictures have been taken outside so far. Yep, me thinks she is ghosting again. She really is that much of a loser. I’m guessing she is going to go fuck off and get drunk with her leeches the whole weekend. I knew she wouldn’t have the balls to actually go inside.

No. 640400

She'll buy a one day badge or lift a friend's badge to prove us wrong now, but it really isn't much of a surprise, no.

No. 640401

File: 1550270018938.png (1.39 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-02-15-14-28-54…)

They made contact with Leon. That was fast

No. 640402

Moo not in the selfie tho despite licking his ass multiple times in the past kek. Wonder where she fucked off to…

No. 640403


I’m sure we’ll get her usual bullshit about how she was too busy being “stopped for photographs” and “offered lucrative business opportunities by top industry insiders” to actually go into the con she totally bought tickets for.

No. 640405

I skipped this year but didn't Katsu did a whole thing that essentially means you have to have a badge to even be in the gaylord?

No. 640406

Vamp is such a nobody I'm sure Leon didn't even realize it was "somebody" close to Moo.
Recent she was shitting on him for not making own cosplays (irony) and potential sexual harassment claims (irony again)

No. 640409

Which is sad cause Leon respectably changes the conversation when asked about Momokun's sexual harrasment scandal. She has no true loyalty and it shows.

No. 640410

Could explain why she's been outside alot more than in the Gaylord area probably dodging security.

No. 640416

Did her insta get shut down?

No. 640417


Looks like it’s down again. Wonder what got her nuked this time?

No. 640418

Oh weird, it's not showing up on my app either

No. 640419

Either she deactivated or it did indeed..but as always she'll get it back, she never gets punished.

No. 640420

File: 1550273804459.jpg (1.16 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190215-173620_Ins…)

No. 640422


So she's not at the convention at all, in the middle of the day?

No. 640423

Meh, if he's willing to hang around a sexual assaulter, then that just means he's a piece of shit too.

I don't see a badge either. Not in her tiny hands or around her big body. If you're going to make a comeback Mariah, the least you can do is buy a badge.

Paranoia has multiplied by 100 now.

No. 640424

It's been so long since she was at a con that lots of anons seem to have forgotten her MO. Lurk around the fringes during the day. Party in the room at night. Skulk out to eat once it gets late enough.

No. 640427


This is right on schedule for her. Next comes her and her friends acting like dipshits in her hotel getting completely shitfaced and watching terrible movies. Then another expensive sushi dinner at a tacky restaurant.

No. 640428

how many times can one get their account “disabled” before its gone for good? what is going on?

No. 640430

File: 1550275004618.jpg (827.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190215-175636_Ins…)

No. 640433

>made my heart flutter
That's the corset and your shit diet, hon.

She probably got reported for shilling her ~lewds~ again, so expect her shit to be back up again soon.

No. 640434

File: 1550275572450.png (1.53 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-02-15-15-34-25…)

No. 640436

>super sweet
I'm sure several of the people who she molested thought so too.

No. 640437

File: 1550275794379.png (779.62 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-02-15-16-08-42…)

No. 640438

Is she too paranoid to leave and got sushi?

No. 640439

File: 1550276344397.jpeg (873.99 KB, 2814x2814, 31D5F640-057A-4DC5-ADDB-4D91A4…)

What the fuck did she do this time???? This has been happening every two months now???

No. 640441

Most people? Once. Moocow never gets punished.

No. 640443

File: 1550276588500.png (553.39 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-15-16-21-03…)

No. 640444

Amazing, she left the con (on Friday night, when all the night events usually are) at like five or six pm, and there are no pictures of her actually IN the event.

She's so predictable. For a "omg huge nerd my dude mates!!!1!!" she's pretty lukewarm on the whole "actually going to the convention" thing.

No. 640445

File: 1550276621148.jpeg (263.73 KB, 750x876, 2392A0D3-7566-4486-8FE6-F4398E…)

Are the lawyers gonna work overtime to get her account back?

No. 640446

It’s total bullshit that IG keeps disabling her account but never removing it for good. If it were anyone else, it would have been down permanently by now. How does she keep getting away with this?

I know most anons don’t want her last hugbox to go because it’s the main source of milk but she still has CamV!

No. 640447

File: 1550276667953.jpg (244.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190215-162133_Ins…)

Its cause the haterz are out to get her anon!! God forbid, people think a sexual predator doesn't belong on Instagram!

No. 640449

File: 1550276910001.jpeg (61.56 KB, 680x301, 0A8EA329-ABB5-425C-AD4C-C08C52…)

Just saw this in a thread on twitter about someone turning around and seeing moo moo in CVS

No. 640450

um could it be possible that she deactivated it herself so she could get away with not posting outside her hotel room? well I guess she's posting on her other account so that doesn't really check out but that was just my first thought

No. 640451


everyone that said hi. Like security asking if she was fucking lost, maybe someone asking wtf happened to her boots.

No. 640452

>>640445 Her lawyers are as real as her photographers, her sponsors, her guest of honor offers, and her exercise routine.

She probably had 9 or 10 people walk up to her and say hello out of pity, and somehow she thinks that's enough incentive to act like the baddest woman in the industry again, with lawyers who will immediately drop what they're doing to…

Adjusts glasses

…Recover an Instagram account (again).

No. 640453


>I have like lawyers who handle it.

Like, totes believe you girl.

Just like you have like friends and like fans who take you seriously as a like cosplayer.

No. 640455

people with waaaaaay more money and liability than her don't have fucking lawyers ffs. Her lies are too powerful.

No. 640460

That lie gets funnier every time she tells it.

No. 640463

I just wanna know what accredited law firm handles fucking social media bannings I don't understand

No. 640464


Sue Basko

No. 640465

you’d think with all these people on the mariah mallad team she would have a publicist thats not sensei that prevents her from going off on random people who ask her reasonable questions in her comments

No. 640467

File: 1550278493502.jpg (82.64 KB, 637x958, 13-UUlEXXO.jpg)

No. 640468

They don't exist, guys.

No. 640471

File: 1550278997909.png (86.78 KB, 720x588, Screenshot_2019-02-15-17-00-45…)

No. 640472

File: 1550279125191.png (98.51 KB, 717x627, Screenshot_2019-02-15-17-04-25…)

No. 640474

twincosplay cancelled when? Pathetic, they cant plan ignorant when Mariah's stuff is blasted all over the internet.

Yeah, didn't Katsu step up their security this year? you need a badge or a room card to even get into some areas of the gaylord

No. 640475

No. 640476

File: 1550279647343.jpg (628.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190215-200821_Ins…)

Another image I found with her

No. 640477

It's like a Walgreens

No. 640478

thats the joke

No. 640479

It’s an American drugstore chain. I’d be afraid if I saw her at one too.

No. 640480

where is your badge moo?

No. 640483

File: 1550280410065.jpg (80.54 KB, 600x536, 1495013272912.jpg)

Don't tell me she seriously spent all that money just to go to Katsucon and ghost it?

No. 640484

>>640480 How can she possibly feel a sense of pride standing outside like some beggar with a styrofoam cup, after seeing all of these lesser known and/or aspiring cosplayers wearing badges and actually enjoying the event?

This is sad to watch. I know it isn't the first time this has ever happened, but this time around, she looks more desperate than ever.

And yet here we are, watching her lie her ass off about lawyers and vendettas. You reap what you sew.

No. 640486

"False reports"

Yeah okay

No. 640488

File: 1550281341987.jpg (924.26 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190215_184026.jpg)


Does anybody remember around this exact time last year when Mariah was rumored to have purposely destroyed a costume component of a cosplayer many suspected she was jealous of?

Well, get ready for some poetic justice…

No. 640489

Her IG account needs to remain disabled. Time and time again she gets it back, for once it needs to be wiped permanently to embed it into her head that the world doesn't revolve around Moo.

No. 640490

File: 1550281542716.jpg (606.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190215-182959_Ins…)

>>640488 This is that very same cosplayer. As you can see, her costumes are very good. So good, in fact, that she gets to hang out with Moo's muse Jessica Nigri.

If I can put on my tinfoil hat for a while, I think I'm buying into the story that Moo tried to destroy this girl's career on purpose.

Now Moo is literally standing on the outside looking in, much like she was 2, maybe 3 years ago.

No. 640491

Must hurt Moo bad still knowing her ex cos mom has cut all ties. All those photos together, ditching Vamp to party with her, those hiking trips…lol bless.

No. 640492

File: 1550281870990.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190215-195121_Ins…)

No. 640493

We have no proof that they don't talk tho. I'd imagine she talks to her but on the DL because she knows its bad PR i'd imagine that they actually party tonight but undercover

No. 640494

Dude fuck off. Her Twitter was the majority of her milk and that's gone. Now you want the whole cow to die? Seriously some of you need to look a few steps ahead, don't you WANT her manic katsucon instastories?

No. 640495

If Nigri had any sense she wouldn't be dead seen with her even when drinking. Once Moo is spotted and happens to be with another cosplayer it's noted. It's literally hawk eyes on the bitch all weekend. Moo has no place in her circle now and knows it.

No. 640497

>>640494 I'm not the anon you replied to, but I would rather see Mariah fade into obscurity than continue to make a complete ass of herself while making several thousands of dollars a month. If the threads die as a result, then so be it. These threads only exist in the first place because people like Mariah are, well, like Mariah.

No. 640498

Her main account can go, not her entire IG self. Seeing her having to build back up on her alternative accounts makes it milky as she's at the bottom all over again.

No. 640499

Stop acting like a cow, she has a backup account and a cat one that she would no doubt use for personal stuff if her backup went down.

No. 640500

I agree completely. But if she fades away it will be from cosplay, not altogether due to her social media obsession. She will have a manic episode, try to rebuild, and eventually settle into porn proudly as if it were her goal all along.

No. 640501

She’d keep sperging on her side account, just without all of the clout which would be amazing. She’d have to buy all of her followers again.

No. 640503

Why would you even be surprised? This is what she does for every single con she goes to. This is no different.

No. 640506

>>640500 Mariah is a turd that won't flush. She has it twisted around though, and considers herself the cream that rose to the top.

I don't think she'll ever realistically stay out of trouble or manage to avoid drama entirely. As you've pointed out, when she shits one bed, she moves on to another bed to soil, and so on and so on.

No. 640520

Is she at that MGM party that all the big name cosplayers are attending?

No. 640525

Highly doubt they invited her or let her in. No one wants to be seen with that disgusting creep.

No. 640526

>>640520 Probably watching The Love Guru and Billy Madison with a box of tissue next to her as we speak.

No. 640529

File: 1550289229880.png (741.79 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-15-19-50-25…)

>eating a 12 dollar burger
Remember when she was trying not to eat meat and dairy gaiz

No. 640541

File: 1550291174636.png (967.06 KB, 750x750, post_file (19).png)

"Feb 15 at 4:37pm
Boudoir Catteleya!

I’m really having thoughts of doing a Boudoir or Catteleya. Not so much a lewd, but going back to the roots, and getting some or making some really fancy lingerie and doing a shoot of her undressing😎

I was so happy today. Wearing Catteleya made me feel so beautiful and just busy. ( didn’t miss wearing those heels my feet are killing me… help… I need a good rub down lol ) but I just felt so good today. I cannot wait to wear Tamamo tomorrow @.@

Details about the costume! So this is a mix between Catteleya’s concept art and true anime version ( I’m gonna be making the concept arts arm pieces for the future shoot. ) the bra look was inspired by Yaya han’s take on Catteleya’s bra! Who is seriously the most perfect for her! This cosplay was also made by my angel Antares.cos. She did this in two days. And I am in love with it. It’s probably one of my most favorite cosplays I’ve ever worn. Just…. those boots eye twitch I will never get used to wearing heels at a con. I dunno how people do it for more than a few hours, it kills me after an hour lol

Tomorrow I’ll be cosplaying my ultimate waifu, TAMAMO!!!!! And I’m so excited :3 EEEE I see you guys soon! I’m gonna go be shooting a mini set for patreon when I get back home !!"

No. 640542

File: 1550291181477.jpg (428.25 KB, 1214x1553, IMG_20190215_160405.jpg)

spotted her in person. Couldn't tell if she was wearing underwear…

No. 640543

File: 1550291204285.png (288.57 KB, 423x750, post_file (18).png)

No. 640544

Tbh looks like her tights from Pochaco and probably the corset sans underwear. So still technically covered is the gusset is opaque enough with extra fabric and the corset is in place at all times.

No. 640545

This pose is so fucking funny, what is she doing with her hands?

What could Jessica Nigri possibly gain from being friends with Moo? She isn't famous enough, talented enough, or even a nice person. Beyond just Nigri's PR, it's not like Moo would make a great friend lmao. It's pretty ridiculous to think Nigri wants anything to do with that disaster.

No. 640546

probably old; the name they forgot to block out isn't an existing username anymore.

No. 640547

I deleted it just now because moo lurks and id be attacked by her neckbeards since i forgot to block out the name.

No. 640548


She’s always hunched over when she’s standing. And her arms up like a dinosaur.

No. 640549

why is her top "sleeves" a different color than her bottom dress?

No. 640552

File: 1550291916702.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1837, AAF6812C-EA80-4318-96D9-BF3197…)


No. 640553


I think I figured out why she keeps putting her hand up. She trying to hide those linebacker shoulders

No. 640555

Arent the sleeves supposed to be baggy and her jacket just kind of hangs?

No. 640556

With how long we've talked about nigri cutting ties you KNOW moo would've name dropped, mentioned or posted a convo of them by now to prove the haters wrong. She does it with literally everything we talk about on here so she for sure would do it for nigri. The definitely do not talk anymore

No. 640557

Still no badge

No. 640558

File: 1550292459416.jpg (374.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190215-214610_Ins…)

>>640529 Moo just finished eating this large $12 burger, and now it looks like she's waiting to be seated at another restaurant.

That corset isn't going to survive Katsucon.

No. 640567

File: 1550294008464.jpeg (536.74 KB, 2048x2048, CDF47E44-CFF7-43BF-A37B-091C80…)

Now that’s an Expectations vs Reality

No. 640569

How is while even wearing a corset she still hunches over like that?

No. 640570

My guess would be cheap as shit corsets

No. 640571

File: 1550295424905.png (126.72 KB, 720x822, Screenshot_2019-02-15-21-35-35…)

It's happening boys

No. 640572

>>640571 I don't have caps, but she's out drinking with Vamps, and some cosplayer who uses a tag like "ittssjohnny", or some shit.

She is absolutely getting dunked on this weekend.

No. 640574

File: 1550295950185.png (1 MB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-02-15-21-44-24…)


No. 640575

Her usual cycle lol. I wish I had cuck money to blow like she does jesus, I'd fly all over the US to get drunk and stuff my face!

Seriously, she literally flew to katsucon to not attend to do what she does at home, this is why patreon was a mistake.

(Only half being serious.)

No. 640587


For those following please keep us updated on the cow

No. 640590

Yeah, there's no fucking way. Even based on the measurements that she's given alone… and even with those being VAST under-estimates… there's NO way she's fitting into a US L legging. Not with those fucking tree trunk legs.

This definitely reeks of "delusional woman buys clothing many sizes too small and then berates company for fat shaming because they don't fit".

No. 640591

File: 1550302226164.png (1.11 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-15-23-28-00…)

Still drinking with iiamjohnny. You don't need her account open to follow her

No. 640592


Moo and i are around the same size so theres no way shes fitting in a large. Its definitly XL or XXL

No. 640594

This isn't incredibly important news or anything, but wasn't she supposed to do Bowsette at Katsucon? She ordered a shell kit, but suddenly pulls these ideas out of thin air (excluding the dress she likely ordered from DesignerDaddy, as I'm sure she had to give more notice than what she gave to her cosplay slaves Kat and Aly).

No. 640595

File: 1550303251333.png (5.65 MB, 1242x2688, 7986BBA9-0BAE-4C81-A54E-2C653C…)

She’s already back to public profile and doing that stupid chin rest thing to her calves

No. 640596

Seems like she tried to make her tits do all the work, instead of actually putting the time to make a decent cosplay. Why even go if you’re going to put minimal effort….

No. 640598

She's probably doing it to imitate Leon, he does that a lot with his friends/fans and she's desperate for clout right now.

No. 640601


ive never seen a more boring IG account during one of the most profolic and popular conventions for cosplayers. must hurt not getting invited to the big name cosplay parties and having to hang out with the nobodies huh

No. 640602

Jesus Christ, is that girl's bangs blunt enough? It looks like she cut them with a hedge trimmer. Also her foundation is totally the wrong color.

Good to know that Moo's fans are as awful at cosplay as she is.

No. 640604

>>640595 This is so gross and tacky. She just has to touch people in some way or another. Props to the guy who decided not to put his chin anywhere near that decrepit hand.

No. 640605

File: 1550307041159.png (1.04 MB, 1125x2436, D55C63ED-B213-4EC8-9B17-D5732A…)

she’s just laying in bed now reading comics

No. 640606

File: 1550307062736.png (4.11 MB, 1125x2436, CD9E8CDF-2D44-47E6-8CB4-1C04F5…)

No. 640608

She is fucking terrified of being confronted and needs her calves to come comfort her

No. 640613

>>640608 Seems like she's going to become more susceptible to a confrontation towards the end of Katsucon. I'm sure the hotel rates and travel expenses weren't exactly pocket change for most of the attendees, so I can understand why nobody is giving Moo a piece of their mind as of yet.

Saturday night could lead to good milk, but I'm willing to bet that Sunday is when things could get a little interesting.

No. 640617


I think she stuffed/padded her bra

No. 640631

I was around when they were both outside, and can confirm Mariah and co. definitely kept side eyeing CBC. Definitely jealous, or at the very least nervous about wronging someone leagues superior and more respected than her.

No. 640636

So not only does Katsu have a sex offender at their con which they are aware of but choose to do nothing about, but she's actually ghosting it as well. Beautiful!

No. 640637

Probably very intimidated by everyone and knew full well there's nothing they can do but side eye.

No. 640638

"amazing work as always" the fuck did she even make though?

No. 640639

File: 1550323131390.jpeg (329.63 KB, 2048x1536, 4A166B3D-80EB-4991-9180-3C082B…)

Rumour mill suggests so,done had loads of teeth to throw at Moo. At least she’s consistently hated.

No. 640640


Whose story is this from? Or is this a self-post?

No. 640645

aowataa on Instagram. Don’t see how it matters, not everything is a self post.

No. 640651

She's not convicted. No police report or trials were held. No company will do anything aside from drop her and without actual legal shit done, they have no reason but to allow her. Weve been over this.

No. 640653

Ghosting is banned, though.

No. 640655

vamps posted something about someone giving her a tooth aswell

No. 640659

Omg the teeth thing is weird, but for vamp it's so much worse it's actually funny considering how fucking AWWWWFUL her teeth and nose are lmao

No. 640660

accusations can 100% get people banned from events because it's bad PR otherwise. you don't need a conviction to be treated like a convicted offender.

No. 640664

File: 1550337375856.jpeg (1008.98 KB, 1242x1240, 50667D10-457F-41A6-87D8-1288B9…)

Slits for eyes.

No. 640665


Wow, so she's not in cosplay and she hasn't even bothered to put lashes or makeup on. So professional my dudes.

No. 640667

No one is going to do shit about a female abuser without convictions, anon. Doesn't matter about the evidence. Shes not banned from any conventions because of it, but cant guest at some ever again though. That IS comfirmed.

No. 640675

I'm sure even without convictions Moo isn't having a fun time at it- Shes Pariah and not the center of (good) attention. Hell afawk she isn't even in the con anyway. And thats gotta make her salty AF that she hasn't got an entourage- she has vamp and a couple of desperate types to hang. And the worst thing that can happen to a person like moo? that she is ignored almost completely. Not the center of attention- she is the center of nothing (cept a cloud of hotdog water ambiance)

No. 640682

Has anyone seen any evidence of her outside her room since this?

No. 640684

It's really hard to ban someone who didn't do something at the convention itself; cons are afraid of it looking bad if it's hearsay. I'm sure she's on people's radar and will get booted if she pulls literally anything, but until she steps out of line, it's hard to get rid of her. I think that's part of why she's so worried about being in the con, in addition to being afraid of everyone who hates her.

No. 640685

No matter how shitty this weekend goes, at the end she will thank everybody for being part of this community and how supporting everybody is and that all people have to grow and support each other and how amazing it was to meet all her fans that welcomed her back in such difficult times uwu or some bullshit like this.

No. 640686

i think she said on patreon she’s going to “debut” it at sakuracon now, will be interesting to see if she goes after the joke of katsu

No. 640695

Looked at the katsucon group on FB and everyone is talking mad shit about her its hilarious.

No. 640696

File: 1550349896865.jpg (671.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190216-144452_Ins…)

No. 640698

oh gods, she's actually wearing it

No. 640699

Jesus christ that wig gonna fly away.

No. 640700

File: 1550350360974.jpg (16.67 KB, 640x630, FB_IMG_1549124757077.jpg)

God it looks like a cheap pirate halloween costume

No. 640701

caps? ffs

No. 640702


Is her back exposed? Back Rolls 3.0

No. 640703

File: 1550350619954.jpeg (1.59 MB, 4032x3024, 7177FC02-1601-4586-A5EC-FD282A…)

She’s on the gazebo level right now

No. 640704

What's up with the do not cross tape?

No. 640705

File: 1550350716213.jpeg (1.44 MB, 3840x2880, 791C70CF-6019-40EF-810A-E5698D…)

No. 640706


No. 640707

File: 1550350866984.jpeg (1.49 MB, 4032x3024, 02462989-9E22-4785-85E2-8B12AA…)

There is much fat spillage

No. 640708

It’s a badge check zone. Can’t cross without a badge. She also left the area and never crossed it.

No. 640709

Holy crap, It's holding up her back boobs. Moo really let herself go

No. 640711


Nightmare fuel, a few inches of overhang cannot be comfortable

No. 640712

File: 1550351206555.jpg (96.04 KB, 300x387, ew.jpg)

No. 640713

File: 1550351261217.jpeg (131.71 KB, 750x905, 83B27914-7CCA-4898-9DB3-BD5D2D…)

Girl me fucken too.

No. 640714

For a moment there i thought she was wearing a mask or something

No. 640715

Get over yourself and start giving commissioners your real measurements

No. 640716

Holy shit, this crop made me do a double take. It almost looks like she put her outfit on backwards with the amount of fat being pushed up by her corset. She’s completely delusional if she thinks this looks good.

No. 640719

Fuck, I know moo lies to everyone but she is also lying to herself. That lipo did nothing for her. Ouch.

No. 640720

i can't believe her friends let her leave the room like THAT oh my god it's even worse than what i expected

No. 640721

Keep in mind everyone a Katsu badge is only $75 max for the entire weekend and not sold out. Moo is all about "supporting" artists and cosplayers but can't even support the events that make this community possible. Even if a badge is bought there's no doubt she and vamp or others are sharing it. They're all disgusting.

No. 640723


Then it’s pretty obvious she is ghosting. What a scummy fuck. So much for “Supporting this awesome community”.


Fucking ewwww

No. 640724

It's not the first time she's been caught using other people's badges so it wouldn't be a surprise

No. 640726

File: 1550352711476.png (6.17 MB, 1125x2436, 22B6AADC-95BB-415D-9019-10803D…)


No. 640728

Anyone have eyes on moo? I wanna do some irl cow watching

No. 640732

Is it just me or does it look like the top is peeling off or the hems are unfinished? Jesus this looks sloppy

No. 640735

Is she not wearing tights again??

No. 640736

File: 1550354814268.png (3.98 MB, 750x1334, 5FEDEFED-D4E2-4808-A9A8-B2C7B3…)

No. 640737

Shut the fuck up about the constant hotdog water sperging shit. Its so fucking stupid at this point and should be bannable just as much as sperging about her weight. No one thinks your Cartman ass cosplay meme shit is funny but you.

No. 640738

File: 1550354919562.png (3.86 MB, 750x1334, 37F3DFBF-DA8C-46FC-8F0A-71BC29…)

No. 640740

File: 1550354970678.png (885.47 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-02-16-14-06-30…)

Yo someone let her out in public like this they HATE HER SIS

No. 640741

The tassels.. moo didnt try to alter anything at all. Those are easy to make accurate too.

No. 640742

File: 1550355173821.jpg (1013.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190216-161243_Ins…)

No. 640743

Tamamo is doing her 0 justice. It's just accentuating the round and it's so poorly fitting. I hope she spent too much on that shit costume

No. 640744

Neither ears look good. Moo has better quality ones but how the hell do they still look like shit after over $100 off etsy? Jesus. The mentality she has about money meaning quality is not right at all.

No. 640745


Moo looks visible uncomfortable. Bitch knows it does not fit. Now imagine that in motion, specially thinking of the backview >>640707

The fucking wig jesus christ lmao looks like she cleaned the floor with it.

No. 640746

Cons really are the best time to see how she actually looks everyday. She has no control over editing or lighting or angles. Even her cam streams had some amount of control. If we get out of this with minimal milk, the fact these type of shots of her are floating around is plenty for me

No. 640748

Did she give up already

No. 640749

I can't get over how awful this looks. The tassel in front looks like a damn tampon string.

No. 640750

File: 1550355706678.png (923.73 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-16-14-19-14…)

No. 640752

I imagine her back fat is purple and bleeding by now. Shit was beyond tight on her

No. 640755

File: 1550355942721.png (765.42 KB, 720x912, Screenshot_2019-02-16-14-24-05…)

>propping arms way out and pushing hair over linebacker shoulders, hoping they'd disappear

No. 640758

File: 1550356336209.jpg (596.82 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190216-163034_Ins…)

No. 640759

File: 1550356437261.jpg (111.67 KB, 445x503, 65e.jpg)

Yikes, she must look worse in person/in motion

No. 640761

that costume is a whole ass MESS. i think this is one of her worst cosplays so far and the fabric is absolute trash. i can't believe she thinks this looks decent in any way

No. 640762

why does she think this looks good? i'm in fucking shock

No. 640764

Jesus christ anon chill. The only one sperging over said comment is you, there could be worse things. Like her cosplay today, now that was terrible.

No. 640765

File: 1550356880740.gif (3.25 MB, 416x600, AD367CB3-63BE-40BB-877F-B2C60E…)

you summon this, what do you do?

No. 640766

>>640758 First time visiting the threads today. Almost thought another anon inserted a Rod Stewart photo as a meme for a second.

This bitch has looked like absolute gutter trash two days in a row, when everybody else who's in attendance is bringing their A game.

She'll never be taken seriously as a cosplayer ever again. Right now she's nothing more than a camgirl pretending to be a cosplayer.

No. 640767

The black lace… it’s falling off… this whole cosplay is falling apart and she hasn’t even worn it out yet….

No. 640768

Jesus she's a train wreck. I know she didn't even once try this on or try to get it to look right before wearing. Her tits are sagging to her navel, the shoes broke meaning she was too fucking fat for them to hold her, she has back wings and her wig looks like it's been thrown on the ground

You'd never know she got paid to do this shit

No. 640769

I hope she gets the "official" photo done today, they usually accentuate the shitty parts of her cosplay.

Tomorrow she is genderbent Howl, she'll probably be around more because she can cover up the backflab and bring back the corset

No. 640770

she said she’s not doing any “official” shoots for this until she fixes the wig

No. 640771

I know DD is a hack but she must of really rushed him lol.
Probably paid another 3 grand for this mess

No. 640772

This entire costume looks like it's being held together with hot glue. Doesn't help the wig was a rushed first thing in the morning disaster and everything looks like it's about to fall off in seconds. This will be a half assed lewd set in no time, any time she has a really shit costume she turns it into a cheap Patreon set asif the character is 'undressing'.

No. 640773

Lol she knows it's shit. We're never seeing this cosplay again

No. 640775

The lace is fucked up, and the pearls were sewn or glued on crooked. She even manged to screw up the ear fur somehow. Those things are all noticeable with a quick glance. Knowing Moo, that's the tip of the sloppy iceberg.

No. 640776

>>640771 Funny how she has "like lawyers" for Instagram, but no lawyers for anything else.

If there were ever a time to sue anyone, she just got robbed by DesignerDaddy for a couple thousand dollars for making this atrocity. She should go after him. Let's be honest - there's not a single person on the planet that this dress would look good on. It just happens to look really bad on Moo.

No. 640778

how can she look at this photo and think 'yes this is a nice photo my face looks nice'?

No. 640779

W A I T . . . Shes's so massive that there's someone hiding behind her wiggling the tail

No. 640780

kill myself

No. 640781

All the textures clashing together in the fabrics make it look like it's made of 99¢ crushed velvet. >>640758

Also, that wig needs to be taken out back and put out of it's misery. Jfc

No. 640782

Now that I’m thinking about it. She said her commissioner didn’t want to be named because of harassment. Maybe they didn’t want to be named because they knew this was a hot piece of shit and didn’t want to be associated with it

No. 640783

What's more impressive is her massive arm is covering the spilling fat on her side/back when she turns

No. 640785

Can't believe she flew all the way here to hide outside in 45F weather and hover on the other side of the gazebo badge check area for an hour before retreating back to her hotel room.

No. 640786

>when you want the sweet moobucks but don't want to get cancelled

can't blame them, I guess, since she's willing to throw absurd amounts of cash at anyone who will work with her at this point.

No. 640787


Was it last Katsucon that she wore Roadhog? And I thought those backrolls were excessive

No. 640788


large animal crossing

No. 640789


Sue for what, exactly? She may have commissioned it, and he may suck. But as soon as she took delivery there wasn't anything for her to whine about.

No. 640790

>>640785 This was such an epic waste of money. Of course, she has no concept of the value of money, since she gets paid to do jack shit.

But honestly, she probably bought Collette's ticket and her own, overpaid 3 different people for awful commissioned outfits, rented a hotel room where the REAL cosplayers are staying at, $12 burgers…

I know she'll still have Patreon after this trip is officially in the books, but that's going to be all that she'll have.

Personally, I'd like to see her go to cons once a week, because this milk is cracking me the fuck up.

No. 640791

>>640789 I think the humor is lost on you, anon. You missed the imaginary lawyer/imaginary lawsuit connection.

No. 640793

Designer Daddy is notorious for never hemming anything (though it's usually ballgowns that are about a foot too long and pool around the feet but it still looks awful)

No. 640794

fumigate my house immediately

No. 640796

File: 1550361451044.jpg (386.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190216-165622_Ins…)

You should fight your own battles, Mariah.

No. 640797

Bless she couldn't confront them herself so had to have her top doormat do it for her lmao.

No. 640798

Mariah no ones photos can make you look as bad as your own

No. 640800


Am I seeing things or does she have thigh acne? Is that a thing?

No. 640801

File: 1550361925536.png (1.1 MB, 754x623, oof.png)

No. 640802


She is literally twice and then some Collettes size ..

No. 640803

>I'm gonna buy my dog's treats tomorrow and she can sleep's on the floor next to my bed tonight

Vamp needs to put that snaggletooth and chin back into her own business cause I can guarantee you that Moo would never return the favor if someone was doing that to her.

No. 640805

Also, it's funny that she says that she's "more attracted" to Vamp now, considering the fact that Vamp said that Moo is like a sister to her and nothing more.

No. 640806

This certainly puts into perspective how out of control her eating habits have become. She's not just fat. She's at the point where her upper arm is the size of a normal woman's thigh.

No. 640807

Her head is smaller than the guy's but her body is bigger, regardless of being angled away from the camera.

No. 640808

What is that guy holding in his hand? It looks like a badge?
It looks like he’s holding it out in front of him, could he be passing it onto her?

No. 640809

Sending her lapdog to fight while still trying to convince the world they're dating. Vamps just knows who's paying her ticket home.

No. 640810

Nah, looks more like they're about to hug each other

No. 640811

What’s your problem? You work for a hot dog factory or something? The bitch never bathes and smells like hot dog water. Accept it and move on.

No. 640812

File: 1550363686182.jpeg (2.41 MB, 3840x3840, 67105683-3C10-4D55-878A-36DD62…)

Why you gotta do my girl Tamamo so dirty

She's supposed to be cute and spunky, not like some dumpy drag housewife

No. 640813

File: 1550363859985.jpeg (111.7 KB, 1242x380, BD632171-A4F5-485C-A671-40A617…)

Funny because she deserves it considering how often she records other people without their permission. And when you look like a train wreck, you should expect people to take photos of you.

No. 640815

Can we drag all the retards who posted with her for pictures when they KNOW she's a sex offender?(No)

No. 640816

Only a scumbug could possibly take so much pride in being so hated.

No. 640817

She had to know that this was going to happen. She’s probably going to play up being a victim of “the haters” when in reality she deserves far worse for the shit she’s pulled.

I hope someone is able to record her IG story of it. Especially the “dumb bitch” comment.

No. 640818

Annoys me how she smugly brags on everyone defending her and fighting her battles when she'd cowardly waddle away if she were alone.

No. 640819

1) That didn't happen.
2) If it did, you and Beakface McSnaggletooth would have lost the fight.
3) She's straight and so are you. Stop trying to make the couple lie happen.

No. 640820

File: 1550364535751.png (4.72 MB, 1125x2436, 05738AF7-9AD7-4F40-B3E6-709049…)

Caps from her video story:
“Didn’t realize you were behind them, huh? Dumb bitch.”

No. 640821

Cosplayers who spend hours and hours on their outfits and obsess over every little detail must just love moos “interpretations” of their favorite characters.

No. 640822

For real, it only shows even more how she needs Vamp around at all times at cons now to defend her from the "haters". Moo wouldn't last a minute on her own at all. Like the pussy she is she of course had to watch from afar her loyal white knight stand up to the big mean girls!

No. 640823

File: 1550364674196.png (5.45 MB, 1125x2436, D88D84F5-8796-4378-844D-38B9BB…)

Part 2 from her story.
“Really got ya ass punked out though, it was really funny.”
Also loving that booger up your nose, Moo. Very classy.

No. 640824

Vamp must have yelled at some real cowards… There's nothing threatening about her and I would think people wouldn't care about being yelled at by a no name cosplayer.

No. 640825


>Collette may have "surprised" two girls by barking at them, if that.

>Acts like this

No. 640826

Not just that, but there are valid reasons for her to be hated. Vamp should have shut her canine mouth. They're both acting like Moo did nothing wrong when not only did she admit to molesting a bunch of people, but the community knows too and won't forget what she's done. They're just mad that she's facing consequences for her actions.

No. 640827


its funny how she gets a rush off this one moment. did she say anything to those girls? or did vamp the dog do everything? enjoy being ostracized from the cos community moo~

No. 640828

Bit late for humble smug videos Moo when there's a ton of candids taken of her at Katsu so far and nothing you can do about it. You'd think Vamp would act like the hard bitch here not Moo as she did it, but here we are. This will be the victory story of the whole weekend, the moment of how this con was amazing because her best friend defended her. Moo is despised and easy bait to mock, only herself to blame for putting herself into this situation.

No. 640830

bitch two people out?! it's a public con. if you go there, expect your photos taken, your fat cow

No. 640831

Probably much younger than them and aren't the type to deal with it with confidence. So Vamp suddenly letting loose put them into shock mode. Doesn't sound like they were very discreet about it either. Then again we don't know if anything Moo is boasting about is that level of truth. This could all be bullshit to add in edgy cookie points to her shit con weekend.

No. 640832


Exactly. This will be the moment she will try to point to in order to say “what a great weekend this was. Mama bear Vamp went apeshit on these two bitches who were disrespecting me”. When really all it does is make her look like a chickenshit coward who needs her snaggle tooth meth reject lapdog to screech at complete strangers. If there was ever a thing that put a dent her “tough bitch attitude who will fight anybody” facade, this was it. If she was really a boss bitch she would have done it herself. But I imagine she is too busy shitting her pants hoping someone is looking to call her out in person.

No. 640833

Yeah but to be fair, even if you weren't Moo, you are allowed to tell people to fuck off with taking photos if you see them doing it, but what she doesn't see doesn't matter.

No. 640834

Why does she always frame her shots like that? Like, with her head popping up and the bottom and the lens staring up her nose? Fucking gross, does she think it's quirky or something?

No. 640835

File: 1550366344019.png (3.11 MB, 1242x2208, 8809CE45-33D7-4A7E-9B44-EBF004…)

Still with the stupid ears.

No. 640836


This feels like she was getting sick of being dunked on all weekend by the cosplay community so she needed some kind of “win” to go home with. Now suddenly in comes this “totally real” story about how “Vamp went all mama bear and told off these two bitches who were making fun of her behind her back so she looked soooooo hot you guys”.

I’m curious to know what the actual story was. Because I’m sure any scene caused by her or her friends would have drawn massive attention since people are looking for the slightest reason to get her kicked out and she has been on watch all weekend so far. And somehow thee is no record of this? Wouldn’t be shocked if this didn’t happen at all. I mean, we all know how prone Moo is to making up “hero stories” to make her and her friends out to be real life anime heroes. Lest we forget the “Chased down a perp who stole my moms phone and everyone clapped once I caught him” story from Peru.

No. 640837

the ears are actually nice, but its cringy as hell for her to suddenly say she's been doing this for years and no one has ever seen the eats or her talk about it until recently. It's such a stupid thing to even lie about.

No. 640839

Momo's been the laughingstock of Katsu all weekend but one little bark from Vamps at some teens and suddenly Momo's all badass bitch hero to herself.
Really surprised someone hasn't called her out for an ass whopping with the amount of drinking going on this weekend ready to fuel it.

No. 640840

Don't worry, they will go away as did her fake granny glasses

No. 640841

Eh I’m sure they didn’t drop their phones or whatever unless she means lowered them. She embellishes all stories so I’m sure vamp yelled at them and they told her to fuck off and they left. But moo is gonna tell an epic version instead

No. 640842

What did Vamps do? Pull out her snaggle tooth as a self-defense weapon lmao

No. 640843

They probably just tried to hide their phones and Vamps probably whispered under her breath "bitch" when the elevator closed

No. 640844

Probably. Moo should be fighting her own battles since she's the one in hot water. I don't see why Vamp couldn't look the other way, her nose certainly does.

No. 640845

For real, Vamp is as much as a pussy as Moo IRL so the chances of her being the hero in this are low. Moo's stories are never true and always over exaggerated. Plenty of people have been mocking Moo all weekend, finally she's not the victim of her own demise and only has Vamp to defend. Where the rest of her cucks and calves at? Oh wait, they couldn't care less and just use her lmao. She's fallen so low and it's actually satisfying to watch.

No. 640846

They were probably just basic 12 year old normies Moo calm your flat-ass down. You're not -that- famous

No. 640847

Especially if they were behind her with that cosplay. People snap pics of horrible backfat in cosplay all the time

No. 640848

File: 1550368591389.jpg (235.37 KB, 1072x1590, _20190217_015616.JPG)

What a MESS.

No. 640849

>>640836 This is a good post.

There are far too many people on "Moo Watch" right now, so surely somebody would have taken notice, and posted about it on social media.

This looks as fake as the attack on the Empire actor. I see this as nothing more than an attempt to trick everyone into thinking she's the baddest mama bear bitch alive. Which, in reality, is harmful to her brand. I mean, it wasn't that long ago that she was preaching about positivity and acceptance, ny dudes. So for her to come out and allegedly call someone a "dumb bitch" makes her look like a hypocrite yet again.

She needs to be careful, because no same person is going to jeopardize their Katsucon experience just to tell Mariah off. However, if someone already knows it's their last day at Katsucon, and they happen to catch Mariah as they're getting ready to leave D.C., then Mariah might get an earful, at the very least.

Seems like the pieces are in place for some shit to go down, either tonight or tomorrow.

No. 640850

It's not about money. It's: "Katsucon can't ban me/refuse me a badge if I don't buy a badge."

No. 640851

John Goodman's professional cosplay debut.

No. 640852

File: 1550368950328.jpg (105.4 KB, 1079x1546, _20190217_020054.JPG)

Also, she must be hurt by the lack of ex cosmom Nigri in her life, especially at such a popular convention. That's the closest you'll ever get to her again Moo. A lone business card.

No. 640853

but it's okay to record other people's children in the park, right moo?

No. 640854

What the fuck is a "rude photo" Mariah?
You're at a con. Even if it's not someone who hates you, hundreds of attendees walk around snapping candid photos of people cosplaying from series that they enjoy.

Jesus the paranoia is real.

No. 640855

Shit man, John Goodman looks better than she does now

No. 640856

>>640854 Considering how awful and unflattering her costumes are, every photo of Moo would qualify as a rude one. She has stuff spilling out of places, and stuff spilling out of what's already spilling out.

No. 640858

It could also be an accidental photo too. It wouldn't be the first time that her dog barked and Moo yelled at someone who was taking a photo of someone else behind her. Her paranoia is off the charts.

No. 640859

Anyone else just super fucking annoyed that every audio she posts has to be overshadowed by her excessive phone keychain clattering?

No. 640861

She said the girls were flipping her off in the photo lmao

No. 640862

She says a lot of things.

No. 640863

Probably taking selfies of themselves giving the finger which plenty of people do and Moo thought it was aimed at her. That ego is insane.

No. 640864

Or they were taking a photo of moo from behind while flipping her off and framing it in the picture.

Which, tbh, is totally deserved and hilarious so who cares anyways?

No. 640866

Either way, it pissed off Moo and anything that does is a win. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings as her ripped off Twin Cosplay Howl.

No. 640869

Ya know she doesn’t look that fat in person. Her heads just disproportionately tiny tbh
How does she photograph so poorly?

No. 640871


Ill fitting costumes plays a roll as well. It really makes her look dreadful no matter how good or shit the photography is. Only Photoshop can fix these problems, even then it doesn't always work. Added in her latest story snap for example, the costume is so restricted and baggy in areas it shouldn't be, it's not a good look for her size. There's plenty of plus size cosplayers who know how to work a camera, Moo is just fucking useless.

No. 640872

Disagree. I saw her in person when she was smaller (Cindy) and I think she looks pretty enormous. Maybe all the extra fabric of her costume helps hide her size a bit but she is definitely huuuge.

No. 640873

File: 1550372863278.png (711.26 KB, 1300x1600, courtesty of kiwifarms.png)

No. 640875

I fucking snorted my drink this is a masterpiece.

No. 640876

>>640873 The Gucci colostomy bag puts this right up there with the Mona Lisa. Amazing!

No. 640877

A masterpiece, Anon.

No. 640878

Vamp has never looked better.

No. 640879

File: 1550373195397.png (892.49 KB, 666x576, moonface.png)

No. 640880

new thread picture please, this is beautiful

No. 640881

Holy fuck this is amazing! I want this as a new thread pic!

No. 640890

Vamps will never get her face fixed by mariah's money. She uses vamps to make her face look normal in comparison and with those vagina eye bags and lack of upper lip, she needs vamps to look like a trainwreck

No. 640893

You're a visionary, anon

No. 640896

File: 1550375578093.png (547.25 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-16-19-48-14…)

Not very peace warrior of you, Mariah. Seems like alcohol is a good truth potion. Didn't you JUST go on a rant pre-Katsu telling people to not witch hunt or to let people heal from their mistakes? Seems like you're the stupid bitch

No. 640897


What did she say?

No. 640898

File: 1550375711993.png (897.85 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2019-02-16-19-48-07…)

Also you might wanna get your shitty lawyers to take down your coochie and nip slip pics off the internet since you have free time

No. 640899

Nothing but screaming in a lobby.

No. 640902

Is she wearing those anti-chub rub garters? I can’t tell what the black strips are on her upper thighs. If that’s what they are then wow, couldn’t even at least get the nude ones to try and be less obvious?

No. 640903

Beautiful just beautiful. Momo threads always produce the best art.

Next thread picture please

No. 640904

File: 1550376436129.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x1247, B93F4B12-CC01-4BAB-86C0-FC3D74…)

Wide load

No. 640905


Second this for next thread pic. well done Anon

No. 640907

man that dress or whatever its supposed to be looks so cheap. aren't cosplays supposed to be… refined looking? like an imitation of the real thing come to life? i know nothing about cosplay and i'm not into it but this looks really bad

No. 640909

Up close picture: it's too busy. The seamstress should've kept the dress and such a plain color without the shitty blue flowers tacked on. Also, you can tell her arm sleeves are supposed to be wide and floating but her arm fills it in.

No. 640910

They didn't draw it.

Look at the file name. Someone on Kiwifarms drew it.

No. 640911

I saw her in the red thing yesterday and had the same impression. Maybe because she was so cinched.

No. 640913

File: 1550377882899.png (790.05 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-02-16-20-23-47…)

No. 640914

File: 1550378010101.png (1.08 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-02-16-20-28-44…)

No. 640916

Even with the side-by-side comparison I can't tell who the fuck she's suppose to be. What a dumpster fire.

No. 640921

Ah well, still a great job by that kiwi.

No. 640926

File: 1550381516701.png (64.32 KB, 805x567, hm.png)

Is anyone else getting this for her main account on insta? Sorry if someone already mentioned it earlier in the thread.

No. 640927

No. 640929

File: 1550382276838.png (8.35 MB, 1125x2436, 34D51E23-F3BC-4AFD-9F08-EC55E0…)

They just love each other so much my doodz

No. 640931

That's not true, Moo.

You also like eating, sexually humiliating other women, buying overpriced ears, posting every millisecond of your life on the internet, male attention, getting drunk, and money.

So that's nine things.

No. 640932

Wait isn't Vamp in her 30s?

No. 640933


22? I thought she was damn near 30. Meth, not even once kids.

No. 640934

I was also under the impression that she was 29/30/31. I'm pretty sure she mentioned on one of her streams that it had been many years since high school.

No. 640935

samefag but this would suggest that Mariah is older than Vamp, since Mariah is 23 now.

No. 640936


She's no younger than 30, and no older than 32. Pretty sure this is a troll post by Mariah.

No. 640937

File: 1550383294959.png (826.58 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-02-16-21-50-09…)

No. 640938

Either a mistake on her part or the joke that women do where they always say "it's my 20-something birthday!" after they turn 30

No. 640939


You can just feel the cringe everyone is experiencing having to walk past these dipshits. She really does act like she has no home training whatsoever.

No. 640940

File: 1550383499101.png (662.65 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-02-16-21-51-34…)

No. 640941

>>640938 Yeah, that was my interpretation as well (the popular aging in reverse gag).

But they both look closer to 40, and on the brink of early menopause.

No. 640942

File: 1550383664277.png (Spoiler Image, 822.63 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-02-16-21-53-49…)

No. 640943

Yes, lets do sexual jokes and wrestle at your first con back cause you're totally not hated by the community for getting too touchy. Nope.

The real Pariah Mariah comes out when sensei isn't around to leash the tard.

No. 640944


I can't emphasize how much amusement I would get out of learning that these dumbfucks were 86ed from the property, or arrested for drunken disorderly conduct.

No. 640946

It's… Really embarrassing to imagine these grown ass adults doing this on a con floor. First of all, that floor is disgusting, and two, you're in the way and loud.
Also is that a dollar bill in her leggings or a big tag?

No. 640947

File: 1550384947059.png (913.16 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-16-22-27-02…)

Trying to carry Vamps

No. 640948

File: 1550385338637.png (1.21 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-02-16-22-27-23…)

No. 640949

File: 1550386316761.jpg (1.24 MB, 2560x1691, 19-02-17-00-49-32-478_deco.jpg)

No. 640953

Gotta love it how she won't shut her big mouth whenever she's being filmed, especially while she's in the presence of others. But when you look back on her Camversity streams, she seldom had anything to say.

No. 640954

> I dONt DRiNk aT COns

No. 640955

Awhile back it was pointed out that vamps the number of guys she’s been with was equal to her age and I’m pretty sure it was around 30? I wanna say 32