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File: 1592439541205.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 111.81 KB, 426x719, nika.jpeg)

No. 988663

> part of the spam community
> 19 year old drug addict poly sex worker anachan
> drug of choice is heroin, benzos and possibly meth?
> has a dentist boyfriend who is her “slave”, lives in some other random guys apartment for free?
> incredibly attention seeking, posts pretty much every aspect of her fucked up life then complains when people use her like a reality tv show
> posted a video of her trying to cut her own neck with a piece of glass
> crashed her car while high on xanax and posted the video to tiktok
> “best friend” with jaelle stiles
> jaelle is also super attention seeking, they are basically the same
> very toxic friendship, nika emotionally manipulates her
> took jaelles virginity with some 40 year old professor
> uploaded pictures of jaelle carving a bloody “nika” into her leg
> both live stream often, always so unusual and drugged out
> most of their followers hate on them
> jaelles dad is apparently really mentally ill and abusive. treats jaelle like shit while he is “in love” with nika and showers her with money and gifts
> jaelle films her own fathers dick and posts it
> nika has sex with jaelles dad
> claims they all planned it out because he “prefers 20-30 year old women” and “hasn’t had sex in years”

new-ish milk:
> nika has an ex bf who is a pedo (brandon)
> jaelle has a total meltdown on insta and regrets letting nika fuck her dad, tries to cut nika out and victimises her dad in the whole shebang
> nika has a warrant out and nearly misses her court date, spews shit about getting married for insurance
> nika posts her inpatient discharge letter for anorexia/psychosis
> nika goes sTrAiGhT eDgE whilst jaelle continues to have a meltdown over her dad fucking nika
> jaelle and nika break up
> jaelle and nika pro BLM and jaelle gets exposed for black face
> jaelle suicide baits bc shes a fucking drama queen
> jaelle's ex bf luka joins the board and dishes the dirt on her stank pussy and how weird and forceful and dirty she is irl
> jaelle comes to defend herself and makes an ass of herself
> jaelle posts girl/girl footage on OF, could be nika

nika petrova
instagram - @hewwokittyuwu, @neurotic
twitter - @lilithxxx0
snapchat - @hewwokittyx
onlyfans - @lilithxxx0
jaelle stiles
instagram - @jaelle.stiles, @jaelllle

previous thread

No. 988666

sorry if the new summary is shite. prev thread was going to be locked and nobody else was making one

No. 988667

finally. thank you anon

No. 988768

It might’ve been posted already but does Luka have an @?

No. 988777

I like the thread pic.

No. 990138

File: 1592678685289.jpg (341.22 KB, 1080x1806, 20200620_114249.jpg)

from one of jaelle's side accounts.. any bets on how long it'll last

No. 990144

This is going to be a trainwreck I can’t wait to see. How can jaelle go forward in a relationship with a girl who fucked her dad??

No. 990153

All of the asskissers in her comments ..kek.
Sure, Nika’s kinda gross and a bit narcissistic…however, she can do better than this greasy lard. Nika is all Jaelle has, she’s a shut in with no friends or life outside of the Internet. Can’t wait to see this train wreck unfold.

No. 990155

File: 1592681495387.jpeg (379.71 KB, 828x1024, 2226FD6E-B48F-4714-BC16-D549E5…)

No. 990687

File: 1592761106534.jpeg (217.04 KB, 828x1287, 4D8F3D76-AB78-4D52-883C-46D385…)

nika and jaelle oversharing once again. the thought of these two having sex is actual nightmare fuel. so much loose skin.

No. 990696


Just two loose ball sacks tribbing in the night…

No. 990712

Not their own place, then.
Even with a cosign I couldn't imagine someone renting to those two.

No. 990739

File: 1592766812125.jpeg (807.28 KB, 1125x1116, EDB6242F-4F49-4816-B042-C784EA…)

well it finally happened

No. 990745

It sounds like she's trying really hard to convince herself that she's actually into Nika.

No. 990753

Jaelle knows people will forget about her to only follow Nika because she's the ugly one
Nika is exclusively turned on by the fact that she's the hotter one of the two kek

No. 990828

File: 1592772443955.jpeg (629.9 KB, 828x1110, FB4ACB44-60E8-4AE7-BBB8-0573DC…)

Nika’s spam is back reactivated. Wonder when Jaelle showered last? She looks stinky.

No. 991000

File: 1592782570934.png (3.82 MB, 750x1334, 79B005DD-6E42-47D1-B11F-E19A8D…)

but you’re so happy with nika, right jaelle?

No. 991030

What is with this hand-on-face pose that she's doing constantly now? Is it to hide her cheek fat, maybe? She also kinda looks like she's balding, girl needs her hormones checked.

No. 991107

File: 1592788276650.png (Spoiler Image, 3.8 MB, 750x1334, 6EDC2069-F713-4804-A559-F9532A…)

No. 991118

her ass almost looks as bad as nika's kek

No. 991136

Why does it look so dark in the middle and her calf is blurry

No. 991139

who the fuck posts about their dead mom then their flat ass a second later

No. 991218

>In love and having sex with the chick who fucked your dad and asked him if he wanted to fuck you too.
Nothing surprises me with these two anymore tbh

No. 991225

am i the only one who thinks nika is into jaelle way more than jaelle is into her? this just seems like some kind of weird stunt on jaelle's part idk how to describe it, but nika is treating this as more of a relationship to me while jaelle has just been using this as a bragging/money-making thing

No. 991257

jaelle should fuck nika's dad to get even

No. 991258

the difference of color at the top of her head vs bottom is really irritating.

No. 991268

I thought they fucked each others dads?

No. 991294

Nika gives off heavy vibes that she’s always been in love with Jaelle. I don’t keep up with these retards besides what’s on the threads so someone who keeps up with the spam community feel free to correct me, but it seems like Jaelle is always the one breaking off their friendship and Nika just sits around and waits for her to come back with open arms.

No. 991515

I think Nika somehow loves her in her own fucked up way and Jaelle is probably infatuated as fuck too. I believe it, especially knowing how many mind-altering drugs were involved. Not to blog but I know from experience that frequent and intense drug use and going through a lot of weird, bad shit with one person can really mess up your hormones and feelings for them. Idk, not saying that they’ll be together forever yada yada but I definitely buy that Jaelle has some kind of intense feelings for Nika rn.

No. 991906

jaelle is broken as hell and will take “love” wherever she can find it. while her mom was alive they had a very very strained and tumultuous relationship. same thing with her dad. she loves her parents, obviously, but has clearly not been shown what a healthy love should look like. after all that shit with luka, i really think the girl is just desperate. and i think nika 100% takes advantage of that. regardless of whether or not the girls actually have romantic love for each other, we all know that within 3 months this will once again fall apart and the cycle will repeat itself.

No. 992143

newfag/thread stalker here
What nika and jaelle have isnt love, it’s just an extreme form of self harm, along side that jaelle in no way has the same feelings for nika. Jaelle just loves the attention nika gets her and how nika will follow along with any manic ideas jaelle has. Nika only loves jaelle for the fact that she’s a broken person, with no real parental figures/guidance, so she can use and abuse her as much as she likes because in the end, nika is the only thing she’s got. I feel as though she also likes being around jaelle because she can re-enact any/all mental trauma/abuse she’s suffered because jaelle will never leave and there will never be a person who can step In and stop it. This is all just playing into their fucked up idea of self harm, there’s only so much you mutilate yourself/fill yourself with drugs before the rush is gone, so they’ve both (especially nika) resorted to outting themselves with bullshit like being a pedo just to get a sting of adrenaline. It’s sad and pathetic.

No. 992152

That adrenaline is why they’ve turned to dating each other(and almost everything else you said, good eye). Gotta keep em guessing.

No. 992215

File: 1592900471549.png (3.48 MB, 1440x2281, Screenshot_20200623-101905.png)

Is she wearing extensions or is it just bad styling? It looks god awful.

No. 992250

Nitpick but her makeup in this picture looks like she’s copied Nika’s too-much-blush look. It’s really dragging her features down and makes her look like a sad clown lol

No. 992256


Can't wait for Jaelle's dad posting to his spam account that he regrets letting Nika fuck his daughter.

No. 992280

I was thinking the same thing, it’s like looking at nika pre ED.

No. 992282

Nika probably did her makeup.

No. 992940

Jaelle barely wipes her ass, she has no extensions. Tbh her hair is very sparse at her crown, it's her natural hair but it's like.. thin or something?

No. 993063

def thin but her natural hair is lighter so when her roots grow in she looks like she’s balding

No. 993105

File: 1592967221279.jpeg (378.16 KB, 540x664, 5692591C-0752-4E04-BAD3-2D1E4A…)

nika can do so much better they look awkward asf together

No. 993107

File: 1592967342448.jpeg (465.28 KB, 750x1127, BCCF2111-121F-489B-9343-254163…)


No. 993113

Looking like the "cool" big sister hanging out with her slighty retarded lil sis tbh.

No. 993130

Jaelle looks like Nika's grandma omfggg

No. 993203

jaelle looks like a fucking russian nesting doll next to nika

No. 993207

nika looks 10x hotter and skinnier when she’s standing next to jaelle, dating her must be nika’s anorexic wet dream. if it weren’t for her insufferable personality, nika could 100% get someone hotter than jaelle. she totally has that alternative girl aesthetic that some people are into. it’s a shame she’s a nutcase.

No. 993542

Lmao but would nika want anyone hotter than jaelle? Wouldn’t wanna accidentally become the “ugly friend”. She knows standing next to, or even just being around jaelle, makes her look 10x better by comparison. What’s the bet nika did jaelles makeup and made sure it was ugly too.

No. 993794

does anyone know how much jaelle weighs? she looks def over a 30 bmi (obese)

No. 994097

File: 1593042243193.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1991, B005ECBD-9DB1-4CA3-B483-CA7463…)

I thought things were a bit quiet…

No. 994102

No. 994104

this is just a blistered burn, she's seeking attention, it's kind of annoying when she does this, why say that about a girl who's putting a roof over your head just for spam to SKSKSKKSKS in the comments

No. 994119

Nichole has 0 genuine romantic/sexual Interest in Jaelle.
It wouldn’t surprise me if both of them were plotting this to get attention

No. 994307

Burnt her finger on the pookie pipe on a sick one.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 994854

hey at least if they date each other they can't make an offspring. and god knows they'll never qualify for adoption :)

No. 995195

It's all a relationship built on convenience. Nika is trying to keep her home providing fatspo around and Jaelle is lonely in general since she looks and acts the way she does. There's some deep rooted dependency there since they're both garbage waste excuses of people, so they feel they really only have each other. That's a bomb waiting to detonate at any second.

No. 995364

File: 1593123292645.jpeg (660.27 KB, 750x1037, CC0B7AA0-EED6-4750-9803-BDB222…)

No. 995368

File: 1593123351550.jpeg (292.5 KB, 750x970, DF05B467-8E7B-477A-A8FD-F90265…)

oh lord

No. 995434

its typical codependent/abusive behavior youd see in bad gay fanfiction

No. 995511

File: 1593130458745.jpeg (320.49 KB, 828x1410, C247EF88-5F4E-4957-A447-9BEF61…)

Since when has this bitch ever given a fuck about ‘social norms’?

No. 995515

File: 1593130693705.jpeg (518.87 KB, 828x1247, D8B30901-8494-422B-8B2A-10A427…)

She’s so fixated with her appearance /validation , I definitely buy the theory that she wouldn’t date someone more attractive than her out of fear of being the ugly one.

No. 995522

> Publicly posts about doing drugs, prostituting and general gross behavior
> Literally sells her body to strangers
> Fucks her best friend's dad and sells the video outside of consent for profit
> Posts gore and gapped bloody asshole with assmeat curtains on full display
> Overshares abysmal information
> Is scared of society's response to being in a gay relationship, something that is prevalently acceptable now more than ever before

No. 995588

lmfao she's so blatantly using her new ~LGBT~ relationship and her supposed angst over it as a last ditch sympathy card.

While I would totally believe that this relationship is "genuine", in the sense of two mentally ill drug abusers being codependent and messy, I honestly wonder if they're doing this so obnoxiously and publicly as a way to try and make themselves more sympathetic to their audience as poor persecuted struggling LGBT teens after the long string of drama and controversy they've been a part of. It's retarded but think about it, neither of them wants to or is capable of actually improving themselves, so what other PR moves would they even have to regain uwu sympathy from their followers? Zoomer social media loves LGBT relationships and seems to love lesbians in particular (in the sense of social media personalities/aesthetic not meaningfully lol).

I could totally see one or both of them lying about their parents not being accepting of their ~true love~ to keep the story interesting.

No. 995680

I buy this theory, it’s a lot easier to turn around and play the “struggling lgbtq teens who made reckless decisions because of this internal struggle” card, rather than actually own up to anything or actually try and improve their standards of life.
It’s only a matter of time before nika fucks someone else and makes jaelle mad enough to try and cancel her for the 50th time, or some other petty shit as they’re known to do. The real question is are they gonna be fucking dumb enough to get couple tattoos like names or some other typical white girl bullshit.

No. 995885

I mean they already carved their names into each other's skin a while ago, tattoos would be amateur shit lol

No. 996787

File: 1593229304662.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 151.1 KB, 828x1500, B57F0AE3-C70D-4D1F-980E-680E3D…)

They’re escorting now apparently

No. 996948

File: 1593263831440.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 439.27 KB, 2029x2029, 3DD39626-83A5-4CD0-A3B7-D6D634…)

Screenshots, of a screenshot, of a 2 second video Nika posted to OF. No actual well made content is ever posted.

No. 996949

File: 1593263889624.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 325.57 KB, 1118x2164, E2F05543-F020-4672-A7FB-400AC5…)

No. 996996

File: 1593269829775.jpeg (536.4 KB, 828x1541, 8A409868-653D-477F-AC24-A38278…)

13 seconds of nika trying to make a phone stand up straight being used to promote her onlyfans? It’s a good indicator of what shit tier content to expect if you actually want to invest in it.

No. 997389

Oh god just looking at the thumbnail, imagine what kind of drugged out mess this clip is.

I wonder how much of Nika and Jaelle suddenly being soooo in love is Nika using her to advertise threesomes to her sex work clients and to produce more profitable girl on girl content. Her OF leaks were posted a couple months back now in the last thread on that self-promoing namefag's twitter and a lot of her content looked dry af, a lot of repetitive non-nude selfies (idk if this is common on OF?). Plus she's got a lot more competition in the ewhore game now.

No. 997487

File: 1593309285859.jpeg (386.05 KB, 750x875, 0232CD22-E312-4B32-9C42-77332E…)

That video promoting a threesome on nikas onlyfans is in jaelles dads bed lmfao

No. 997492

>No actual well made content is ever posted.
>It’s a good indicator of what shit tier content to expect if you actually want to invest in it.
Are we doing OF reviews now on lolcow? I get posting these for milk, but these comments are starting to sound pretty scrotey. kek

No. 997725

File: 1593342674797.jpeg (426.72 KB, 828x1223, F76C0057-8998-4083-B550-59A960…)

No. 997846

File: 1593359858092.jpg (Spoiler Image, 180.7 KB, 1080x1434, Screenshot_20200628-184515.jpg)

No. 997852

this crazy bitch wants to be a nurse? jfc

No. 997890

Has she ever been charged with anything? Most nursing programs require clear background checks

No. 997908

In the last thread her mugshot was posted, not sure what the charges were or if she was under 18 at the time.
Regardless, one quick google search of her name and employers will be exposed to the threads and other bullshit she and Nika have made public

No. 998039

File: 1593377428435.jpeg (188.14 KB, 828x1253, A86E3CB2-5A9C-4409-9362-867B24…)

already seems like there’s trouble in paradise. she’s trying so hard to convince herself that she loves nika that she’s trying to rationalize whatever feelings she has for whoever else

No. 998129

File: 1593387170864.jpeg (172.02 KB, 828x1230, 963C8868-8BAC-4752-8155-2AE84B…)

No. 998130

File: 1593387218431.jpeg (425.14 KB, 828x818, 8A2DDD0C-8A05-4A76-86BB-11102C…)

Here we go again

No. 998131

File: 1593387249561.jpeg (736.18 KB, 828x1429, F5280009-013C-4CB6-AB7A-E941DA…)

No. 998153

it's a community college so they tend not to, they generally give cheaper lower quality courses. It probably wont give her what she needs to be an actual certified nurse, its probably a per-qualification course.

No. 998157

at this point the only hope for jaelle is to cut her dad and nika off, leave the internet, and grow the fuck up. i have empathy for her knowing she clearly has some deep rooted issues, but it’s fucking laughable that she just keeps ruining her own life when there’s some very clear decisions she has to make. nika is much gone than she is but they’re both lost causes.

No. 998174

are those titties or wads of gum stuck to her chest

No. 998307

Am I the only one that blames jaelle the most for the whole nika fucking her dad thing? Jaelles father is clearly incapacitated, senile, even. He behaves like a confused child. Nika is batshit crazy and fries her brain with the anorexia and heavy drug use. Jaelle is just a lazy bum shes the most sane of them all so I feel like she should take the most of the blame. No doubt they’re all fucked in the head and need to be in jail therapy or rehab

No. 998337

imagine being 21 and posting about how much of a broken little girl u r whenever u start to sense a shift in public opinion of u, i grew up bullied bcuz i was fat n ugly, never started attention whoring online bcuz of it(nobody cares)

No. 998398

anons most nurses start at community college then transfer out.

She had been out of the mental hospital for 2 days before that happened, so no I don't blame her. I blame the fully grown ADULT in the situation that instead of being responsible, traumatized his daughter by letting her know he had sexual thoughts about her and fucked her heroin addicted fried brain homeless bff.

No. 998414

Yeah, what is with this infantilization of Jaelle's dad? he knew wtf he was doing when he decided to get his dick out for his daughter's crackhead bestie. sure he's a depraved moron, but he's no confused invalid.

No. 998699

Yeah for real, and also, I don't know if Jaelle's financial/family situation has been fully uncovered or discussed before, but isn't it likely that she's financially dependent on him? I don't remember if she still lives with him or not, but regardless. That would make her have even less power in the situation and even more likely for her to be coerced into playing along with her dad's deplorable behavior.

Not sure why anons are getting dragged into Nika and Jaelle's gross manipulative codependent narrative that Jaelle "let" Nika fuck her dad, yeah that is a thing but bruh the two people responsible are the ones who did the deed.

No. 998895


I honestly still think her dad is pretty senile, and everyone a part of it is mentally ill. Also not sure if it was posted before, but at one point when they were fighting about maybe 6 months ago? During that falling out, nika put out a video that at least seemed like it showed Jaelle coercing her Dad into saying weird stuff over the phone, and nika was egging it on too. As for the stiles family what is known is that they live off disability for the most part and her dad is on and off with jobs. Also that Jaelle openly admitted her mom giving her hickeys, I kind of think she was diddled as a kid by either her mom and or dad but that’s just me speculating after seeing how she thinks that was normal

No. 999903

File: 1593563224450.jpeg (473.26 KB, 828x1465, 27E194FD-1927-4A19-8BEF-F3662B…)

No. 1000097

File: 1593570981059.jpeg (124.85 KB, 828x599, 1FFCC5F0-CF64-47B1-A43C-DEDB21…)

i feel like this screenshot alone proves how dysfunctional and immature their relationship is. instead of asking her to take it down, nika makes a catty comment about it to a stranger. also, going to rehab is where you draw the line at personal information that’s off limits to post?

No. 1000513

Wow what a bitch. She literally posts her bloody pussy and does porn with her "girlfriend" Jaelle but her posting about rehab crosses the line?

No. 1000694

File: 1593643420630.jpeg (220.4 KB, 384x734, C9ED9312-8C3C-49A4-B9D1-A7C508…)

she was so pretty

No. 1000709

File: 1593644012590.jpeg (471.98 KB, 828x972, ED844F69-2D5E-416C-B859-07B89A…)

they got baptized at the same church.. this was like 2 years ago but it just sucks to see how healthy and happy she was here

No. 1000801

File: 1593650138726.png (188.71 KB, 602x803, 1.png)

Found it interesting what top 10% on OF are actually earning.

No. 1000950


from what i’ve seen of other SWs speculating, the “top % of creators” thing is highly misleading and fluctuates a lot as it’s calculated in some unknown random way using amount of posts/likes and how frequently you post compared to the number of followers you have. it just seems like an unhealthy feature to ensure the people on their platform are constantly worried about maintaining their status and end up pushing + exploiting themselves even further

No. 1001155

File: 1593719246549.jpeg (657.16 KB, 828x1298, 9BF90AF6-8865-455D-A8A6-AA312C…)

their relationship is going so well

No. 1001170

hmm this is interesting and puts momokun's "top 1%" or whatever it is into perspective. thanks.
there is no hope for this girl until she gets away from nika and her dad. her and nika are co-depedent to a scary degree.

No. 1001176

File: 1593721504680.jpeg (418.84 KB, 750x1126, 726A374D-63EA-46B8-8796-8A871A…)

No. 1001177

Nika posted this like an hour after Jaelle posted about slicing her neck

No. 1001179

File: 1593721606817.jpeg (538.53 KB, 750x1223, B9F38D0C-367A-4124-AEDB-1A2EB4…)

forgot the pic lol

No. 1001216

Countdown until Nika is Jaelle's stepmom.

No. 1001252

File: 1593729011787.jpeg (575.44 KB, 828x1255, 1DE0F8EB-6E62-437D-8CCC-C03E75…)


No. 1001253

File: 1593729042237.jpeg (641.44 KB, 828x1440, 9F130CF0-90BE-4294-BEA9-9020E4…)

No. 1001287

>go on walks, get a job for yourself, go walk to the store and look around, pick a hobby, doodle, color, etc. etc.
She literally sounds like those Tumblr posts about positivity and taking walks to cure your depression + mental health. I also refuse to believe any of this. How long will it even take her until she's back on her bullshit, claiming to be all fine and dandy again? Maybe a week or two, that's it kek.

No. 1001612

File: 1593804563895.jpeg (601.07 KB, 750x950, FFC4FC89-3486-4889-ADE4-C5F937…)

jaelle gets hospitalized and nika immediately goes to florida lol

No. 1001639

File: 1593806908053.jpeg (505.67 KB, 828x1188, D8671E40-7C76-486F-8674-3A5F4C…)

new girl in jaelle’s spam

No. 1001879

A really grimy town too

No. 1001900

File: 1593832361101.jpg (848.34 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200703-201022_Sna…)

jaelle didn't get hospitalized, she's still active on snapchat

No. 1002167

Srry 4 ESL but:
she's so damaged in the head, that instead of fixing it and going to a psychiatrist at once, and all she thinks about is that she can buy weed legally
just an attention whore

No. 1002983

File: 1594012801919.jpeg (149.03 KB, 1242x621, 86CB2520-AE78-419F-9A97-A25FF9…)

Erin Painter trying to contact Nika and Jaelle

No. 1003013

Lmao what post did she comment on?

No. 1003016

Nika’s recent on her hewwokitty spam

No. 1003222

File: 1594066385122.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 183.44 KB, 750x754, E7268398-8D25-4748-B613-9ACA5B…)

Nika and Jaelle ‘broke up’. Nika has turned her attention to spam Kayla.


No. 1003223

File: 1594066460260.jpeg (178.76 KB, 750x677, D24D9C99-E698-4B19-BE91-CB6606…)

Didn’t mean to spoiler that.


No. 1003233

omg… i thought she deleted this acc. new erin thread when?

No. 1003270

It's still here; it's autosaged.

No. 1003275

She keeps disabling it which is a surprise because she’s the biggest attention whore. But someone doxxed her nudes to her mother so the speculation is that her mom took her internet away. There’s been no milk just that she logs in to lurk and then hides again by disabling it. Imagine if Nika, Jaelle and Erin got together. That would be such a mess kek. Erin seems to want contact with them both.

No. 1003341

File: 1594087047134.jpeg (294.46 KB, 1225x1795, 7C3D9AFA-75EF-44F3-861D-06B350…)

This dumbass cow tipped so be prepared for newfags. Man imagine being so boring you have to take Jaelle’s page to be relevant because you couldn’t make a following of your own. Cringe.

No. 1003343

it's full so nobody can reply anymore

No. 1003363

Another homely looking girl begging for attention. You're not special, hun

No. 1003365

lmao y’all really mad i got an account and i’m “boring” when u spent this whole thread about someone’s lives. i didn’t think i was special, and didn’t cow tip anyone. jaelle has posted about this thread before.

No. 1003371

Girl shut the fuck upppppppp

No. 1003373

you guys are so mad and full of hate for WHAT. let the girl live

No. 1003380


No. 1003394

and so, why are u here then? stfu

No. 1003398

ffs calm down, ur not special sis

No. 1003399

she doesn’t think she’s special you sure think she is by talking about her in this thread(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1003413

Full of hate? I don't think anyone in this thread hates Nika/Jealle. We come here because it's fascinating to see how much they can fuck up their own lives.

No. 1003415

I don't think so either, but why hate on the new girl we don't even know

No. 1003416

everyone wanted jaelle to leave instagram and when she didn't everyone was upset. now that she did leave instagram and there is someone new you are still upset. theres no pleasing anyone

No. 1003436

What is this non integrating retard talking about? And why is she attn whoring when she's clearly dull af.

No. 1003437

We are just pointing out that she got jaelle’s account. Literally nobody said anything bad about her until she cow tipped like a moron. She thinks she’s special in the thread and had to tell her little followers who haven’t unfollowed bc they don’t know they’re still following jaelle’s old account. She sounds attention seeking for even bringing up the thread on her spam. Like you’re irrelevant and basic girl. You’re probably running to your followers about us replying. Honestly this thread and the website isn’t even that bad. Most of these people are concerned and care enough to point out people’s flaws. Not to blogpost but like there is worse sites like kiwifarms and 4chan that will doxx you because they’re an angry incel. The reason these people have threads is because they’re attention seeking, perhaps racist, and look stupid. I’m honestly worried about Jaelle because it’s clear her dad is a predator and has touched her in the past. I hope she’s okay. Nika on the other hand is far gone. She’s evil in my opinion.

No. 1003444

Ugly, angry, dumb-dumb just privated lmao. She begged for attention but then…

No. 1003459

Lol shut up dumb bitch. Imagine apologizing…

No. 1003547

i miss our attention cow so much, she was my favorite. but imaging the milk between these three… that would be fantastic
saged for ot and last time i'll post abt erin here

No. 1003819

File: 1594176675865.png (13.09 MB, 1242x2208, 029BA5DA-92C5-4773-995A-8FC88B…)

No. 1004700

I miss them

No. 1004763

oh, they'll be back. they always are.

No. 1005378

https://vm.tiktok.com/JLFC56f/ first off, this video may be the most cringeworthy bullshit i have ever seen. second, nika is saying in this video that she just got out of an engagement to a guy…? does anyone know wtf that’s about?

No. 1005380


No. 1005384

I’ve never heard her speak in a voice that wasn’t an over the top high pitched baby squeal, amazing

No. 1005391

File: 1594432835843.png (937.81 KB, 930x598, capture1.PNG)

someone said she bought the account for $350

No. 1005394

imagine being this pathetic

No. 1005420

$350 just to post frumpy bikini pics? god I wish i was wealthy lmfao

No. 1005434

Wow. The user isn't even good, looks like shit.

No. 1005464

File: 1594452978087.jpeg (559.5 KB, 828x1298, 9A82F5D4-EF1C-46E8-860B-97EC48…)

Nika’s followers attacked the new girl so she’s already sold it to someone else

No. 1005483

>attacked the new girl
I need the caps

No. 1005552

Wonder how much she sold it for. IG profiles futures market when?

No. 1005555


No. 1005556

the way shes contorting her body im gonna scream

No. 1005648

File: 1594512456345.jpeg (53.31 KB, 713x980, 436BD0DA-5563-401B-B436-8045E5…)

No. 1005668

File: 1594515210748.jpeg (224.44 KB, 828x1147, 60D21B48-7928-4FD8-B019-8C703D…)

nika’s account has now been sold to someone else

No. 1005678

Sage this, this has nothing to do with nika

No. 1005818

NTAYRT but it's very interesting to me to see how many times this account is being sold. Not that that makes it on topic lol. They should sage though.

Can anons who are tracking this list the prices each time? Is it losing value or is it still $350?

No. 1005841

What do they think they’ll get out of buying her account? How many followers does it even still have? Damn, people are stupid.

No. 1005936

see, I would have considered the name of the account to be the valuable part, but if you bought a pre-existing acc just for followers you're fucking stupid.

No. 1005958

File: 1594575722612.png (2.68 MB, 750x1334, 115830B5-C908-4808-B186-E968E7…)

Just so y’all know, I checked this morning and Nika has her account again. She took down a shit load posts though.

No. 1005961

What a wild ride this was

No. 1006005

lmfao truly wild. even tho the milk is slow nika is a whole 'nother kind of cow

No. 1006089

Neurotic and hewwokittyuwu were two separate accounts. She sold hewwokittyuwu but always had neurotic

No. 1006146


Oh word? For some reason i thought she sold both of them. Still. She took down A LOT of posts! Thought that was interesting.

No. 1006170

File: 1594606747052.png (4.33 MB, 828x1792, 0401E4C1-9009-498D-8CFB-53A7CE…)

this bitch is so dumb

No. 1006221

god, how is it possible to fuck your life up so much before even turning 20?

No. 1006238

Childhood neglect, mental illness

No. 1007531


dumb bitch syndrome

No. 1009044

No. 1009421

File: 1595097910362.png (3.6 MB, 828x1792, 100952CE-1CFF-4861-8924-49F158…)

nika is now making tiktoks about wanting to be back with austin(? correct me if that’s not his name)… didn’t she throw a big fit that he was abusive and manipulative for all those years?

No. 1009423

File: 1595098163102.jpeg (99.89 KB, 826x557, 51A20BA2-3EAB-4189-8985-BE49F2…)

also, under the same video are these comments. i guess they’re still living together? this is all self inflicted misery but part of me feels bad for jaelle. it seems like nika is pulling the strings of their relationship and jaelle is just sticking around because nika is the only person she has.

No. 1009460

Yup. She literally ghosted Austin out of the blue and left their apt.
I doubt he wants anything to do with her now

No. 1009669

i love when couples justify their unhealthy relationship by calling themselves twin flames

No. 1009702

Many people called this, she’s hoping to win her ex back/hop into a different relationship so she can drop Jaelle and move out.
I don’t think it really needs to be stated but, Jaelle deserves no sympathy

No. 1009721

File: 1595141131079.jpeg (168.42 KB, 902x1000, 39726B6E-25C4-4163-BE34-9027D6…)

the location…. is this bitch fucking serious? this is actual psycho behavior. if i were austin i would be scared.

No. 1009727

why is she sucking in her cheeks like that? nika baby that isn't cute you look just as unhinged as you sound

No. 1009735

she looks like a ventriloquist puppet. and if you can push through those ass curtains of hers, i’m sure she’d let just about anyone shove their hand up her ass.

No. 1009758

Look at her trying to look all cute and wholesome for her ex

No. 1009772

I can’t even believe she’s a real person sometimes.
She’s insane

No. 1009780

File: 1595161556898.jpeg (129.63 KB, 750x262, 924F14B4-4E33-4AE5-B73B-02D60E…)


No. 1009810

Wonder how's Jaelle feeling about being publicly cucked like this kek

No. 1010972

File: 1595406054134.jpeg (408.57 KB, 828x1378, 5BDFB0C8-715B-4BF0-B9FF-8B643A…)

the girl who bought nikas account accused her of somehow taking it back, these are her texts with the current owner who got locked out. I think she posted this a few days ago, I noticed the account disappeared too

No. 1010974

File: 1595406359743.jpeg (1004.89 KB, 828x1542, 6749F4D8-FE2D-4E9A-97E2-F59204…)

I bet Jaelle is losing her mind right now

No. 1010990

Holy shit….fucking kek.
Jaelle is such a moron and derserves no sympathy. What did she expect?

No. 1010991

Nika May have logged herself back in and temporarily disabled it? At least I hope so, I miss her antics.

No. 1011005

Wait who is that? Jaelle's ex?

No. 1011102

It looks like austin..

No. 1012081


Honestly, nika was more grounded when she was with Austin. She would still do dumb shit but not NEARLY as chaotic and dumb like crashing her car on Xanax and fucking jaelle’s dad. Speaking of Jaelle, what a retard. She really thought nika was the one. I hope she’s seething, she should have never taken her back. Everyone who said she was using Jaelle as a means to make her feel better about herself is 100% correct. I kind of hope Austin takes this with a grain of salt, she literally accused him of abuse when he was just trying to get her into rehab and stop abusing her meds.

No. 1012309

Jaelle is a cuck, Nika was just with her for the validity points and a roof over her junkie head and as for Austin I highly doubt he’ll even think about getting back with Nika, she seems to go through phases where she gets obsessed with one person and once she’s obtained that person she drops them like that and looks for the next idiot that’ll pay attention to her

No. 1012664

File: 1595709905073.jpeg (224.5 KB, 1242x925, 6D86B500-1DD7-49C3-BC24-A3A34B…)

Turns out Nika is engaged to Austin now lmao

No. 1013606

if this is true, Austin is one stupid motherfucker.

No. 1016146

it really sucks wondering about an old friend you had a falling out with in freshman year in high school to find out they became even more manipulative and problematic than before… it breaks my heart seeing this thread man. i really thought she might have been okay now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1016182

File: 1596393165195.jpeg (490.7 KB, 2048x2048, 5162DC25-8694-4437-AA48-D19003…)

serial killer couple

No. 1016636

File: 1596454743391.webm (13.94 MB, 592x1038, FullSizeRender.webm)

She’s doing tarot readings with hannaheevee now.

No. 1016728

File: 1596469969656.jpeg (142.33 KB, 750x1100, 2C8DE8F0-2B6E-4377-9BB4-072E90…)

Just so y’all know Austin is on tinder, definetly not engaged to nika.

No. 1016814

I mean, who knows, maybe they're no exclusive. It wouldn't surprise me.

No. 1017784

File: 1596598225160.jpeg (226.02 KB, 828x935, 4CB2A933-C84E-44EF-AE52-388870…)

god she looks rough. drugs and anorexia truly ages a person. i refuse to believe that she is sober rn.

No. 1017789

She must be high to post such an unflattering picture of herself, jesus christ.

No. 1017974


The other pictures look okay but yeah she looks like a really aged prostitute in that photo and it kinda makes me sad but not really. Idk how there’s so many ppl like “omg she looks so healthy”

No. 1018208

My chest hurts to see it. Someone get the girl a damn bra

No. 1018924

File: 1596785761159.jpeg (752.44 KB, 1125x1905, 833A0245-274A-427C-81E9-AA85A8…)

Idk man, are you?

No. 1018932

she's really gonna try this "i'm doing better and feeling beautiful" shit when she has fresh cut marks all over her thighs

No. 1018958

File: 1596792634075.jpeg (247.83 KB, 568x695, 1E597DE9-720E-43E7-BA6C-EAE129…)


No. 1019003

she looks so unfortunate, I don't even know what to point out. The clown makeup, sad tits, unflattering dress, cuts, weight gain, crusty hair, fucked up knees… For a short while she looked somewhat healthy but she's a mess again

No. 1019096

File: 1596812720008.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1125x1857, 07BE3D5A-E501-4324-B04F-C6E934…)

“u look so healthy so proud of u!!” wat.

No. 1019106

She looks like she got kidnapped in a dark alley and then thrown away when they noticed the ugly mess she is.

No. 1019123

Is her piercing denting her lip??

No. 1019127

Nika disgusts me so much I don't even know where to begin

No. 1019270

Yet so many farmers thirst for her in /g/ kek

No. 1019273

guilty. if you're not into weird alt girls i get how she's scary but if you are she's peak

No. 1019369

She kinda looks like Lana Del Rey here and tbh I don't hate it. She sucks but it's not the worst she's looked.

No. 1019501

It does say something about the way Lana Del Rey currently looks though.

No. 1019521

File: 1596853438935.jpg (58.23 KB, 400x692, XAqbQf7.jpg)

lana do be looking like shit lately

No. 1019560

File: 1596856450013.png (4.14 MB, 828x1792, 156895A6-EEB6-4CC8-A6F8-1EC8AE…)

i guess nika has somewhat patched things up with her father. maybe she has moved in with him?

No. 1019656

I love how people interpret her weight gain as being ~healthy~when she’s still obviously fucked up and high 24/7. she probably just switched up whatever cocktail of drugs she was on previously.

No. 1019722

those plastic surgeries do be catching up

No. 1019986

File: 1596928476646.png (4.78 MB, 828x1792, B4A31B29-12B7-4B9E-B217-05738C…)

nika is literally fucking eating sushi and donuts on tiktok. raw fish, and donuts. and you’re to tell me she’s sober and in a clear state of mind right now? https://vm.tiktok.com/J622mAT/

No. 1019988

…Yes? It's not that outlandish kek

No. 1020038

like sushi ON donuts? is that what's happening in the pic? or are you just discovering the concept of sushi for the first time

No. 1020152

she is literally eating a piece of raw fish on top of a donut. i’d say that’s pretty fucking outlandish.

No. 1020226

Is her arm ditch bruised? Hmm

No. 1020238

Junkies do junkie things.
Not really milk. You all seem under 18.

No. 1020240

Not really, the eating habits in U.S. are pretty fucked by the rest of the world's standards. Donut hamburger is worse imo.

No. 1020333

your standards must be low if that is peak to you.

No. 1021357

File: 1597172600327.jpeg (301.76 KB, 750x1333, 20131FA6-6B04-4172-8860-DC339D…)

No. 1022386

Man I miss Nika and Jaelle together. They’re both dried up milk cartons now

No. 1022645

File: 1597365281316.jpg (241.35 KB, 1080x1778, 20200813_173456.jpg)

nika finally caved and created a new spam

No. 1022927

File: 1597427521831.jpeg (155.29 KB, 750x936, 9B469CB3-4CF1-436C-A432-1006B7…)

1/2 from nikas new spam account

No. 1022928

File: 1597427545458.jpeg (163.33 KB, 750x936, 643174B1-7E0D-40EE-A063-C8274C…)


No. 1022997

File: 1597436957546.jpeg (58.27 KB, 828x309, 3FB0BD34-CD76-45A8-A161-094A8A…)

nika is telling people that jaelle forced her to fuck her dad

No. 1023104

Oh my god…she’s crazy.
I loathe Jaelle but she didn’t force nika at all

No. 1023106

What about her bf of 5 years? Wasn’t her ~soulmate~?? I actually can’t- kek

No. 1023112

File: 1597450302981.jpeg (363.26 KB, 828x1422, 23439B7D-277C-4903-AD39-1149CC…)

No. 1023116

File: 1597450450571.jpeg (491.22 KB, 828x1445, A7AEDBFA-D757-4550-B778-00F919…)

No. 1023117

File: 1597450477810.jpeg (679.78 KB, 828x1584, D50BBCE6-E4E9-4E1F-BC01-CBCEB8…)

No. 1025443

File: 1597797396476.jpeg (775.04 KB, 828x1443, FB19EA8C-7262-4738-BA9C-BE1ECD…)

What even -

No. 1025445

File: 1597797589979.jpeg (765.24 KB, 828x1295, EA793203-9D44-4872-B2EB-69D7FB…)

I wonder if she’s still claiming to be ‘sober’

No. 1025454

File: 1597799165590.jpeg (262.96 KB, 750x1071, 518A1AB8-E32A-4FF7-B970-F37559…)

she’s going full on crazy now

No. 1025457

File: 1597799317106.jpeg (589.39 KB, 750x1177, BE50DBC4-2485-45DB-A679-A769A0…)

seems like she’s reading the thread

No. 1025479

File: 1597801774161.jpeg (642.4 KB, 828x1500, E2B5C160-146A-49EB-B467-7EFECB…)

How embarrassing for Jaelle kek…
It was seemingly obvious to everyone but Jaelle that Nika wasn’t interested.
Wonder what happened between them. She’ll probably never talk about it much like her breakup with Austin awhile back

No. 1025481

Samefag, but..she’ll often do this (not talk about significant things/happenings but continue to overshare every other aspect of her life )when she’s unable to paint herself as 100% the victim.

I wish she would spill the milk on why they “broke up” and what happened afterwards, because no one likes/sympathizes with Jaelle that much anyways.

No. 1025520

Why do people hate Jaelle?

No. 1025539

Because she’s a dramatic, lying, manipulative freak

No. 1025575

If you don’t know the history that’s fine, just go look at the she and her ex boyfriend’s posts in the last thread…she’s worse than Nika in a lot of ways

No. 1025576

File: 1597814593036.jpeg (703.09 KB, 828x1299, 69691E2D-230D-446C-A63F-C2FBBD…)

>i am very sober

No. 1025866

>Nika's mom's ad on an Israeli "dating" database
Semi OT but does anyone know what website this is? I'm so curious about Nika's family and how she ended up this way, especially now that it seems she's made up with her dad.

No. 1026684

File: 1598032508915.jpeg (232.98 KB, 828x623, 7E30EFB7-E8A4-4590-BED0-0AE629…)

No. 1026687

File: 1598032620375.jpeg (391.71 KB, 828x1033, D008F08C-9D7F-4C67-A1DB-7E2E5A…)

this is probably the first time in YEARS that i’ve seen nika starting to somewhat take responsibility for herself. hope it sticks and she can get some actual help.

No. 1026690

Honestly, good for her. Not to wk but Nika obviously has a lot of mental issues and a lack of support system that cause her to act out insanely. At least she’s aware that she is unstable (although she romanticizes it) and is taking initiative to help herself. I hope she benefits from this stay and manages to stay away from social media afterwards.

No. 1026691

I had to reread the hygiene products bit several times because what are the odds she has any?

No. 1026707

>>Nika's hygiene supplies:
>>blush, glitter(5 tubes), make up remover wipes (unused, dried out), vagasil, body fantasies spray (pink), summers eve feminine wash (expired 2018)

No. 1028022

Good for her. I hope she stays sober and feels better soon.

No. 1028849

File: 1598404184055.png (1.51 MB, 828x1792, CD4DE5B6-399E-46A2-A3F9-19CD48…)

nika is posting on her instagram story so she is obviously not in treatment right now.

No. 1029385

File: 1598493085074.png (3.51 MB, 828x1792, 26F206A5-BCC6-4BA1-B406-201E39…)

she’s posting tiktoks of her seemingly walking alone in the streets, looking fucked up. definitely not in rehab. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJkg1xHy/

No. 1029401

File: 1598498359781.jpeg (258.29 KB, 828x751, 5DF1DC3E-D702-4F6B-A867-4BEBF1…)

No. 1029406

>too stable.
Good bye …no words

No. 1029613

you can just tell she’s out of her mind by how incoherent this caption is, jesus

No. 1029809

File: 1598583830249.jpeg (676.75 KB, 750x1123, 63452900-4426-41FD-AA5C-07D896…)

i could BARELY read wtf she was rambling about here she cannot be seriously thinking anyone believes she is sober

No. 1029810

File: 1598584004522.jpeg (480.63 KB, 750x1085, 1B2D310F-6654-4A94-8635-E3A7D5…)

No. 1029814

File: 1598584370570.jpeg (565.91 KB, 750x1096, 2FE22304-05D7-496D-96D5-9AB609…)

No. 1029847

holy fucking shit. not trying to tinfoil but i highly doubt she ever tried to get herself into treatment. she is absolutely incoherent and probably in a psychotic episode.

No. 1029849

File: 1598589464662.jpeg (125.04 KB, 828x1105, 3A91562B-5129-4AA1-9D01-AA3C87…)

she is currently posting videos of her speaking (in what sounds like a british accent to me??) at the wall, talking about how she’s seeing water and flowers. she’s saying she “doesn’t know if it’s respectful” to film what she’s seeing.

No. 1029850

File: 1598589620320.jpeg (331.83 KB, 828x1454, D41A7C83-99F6-4A4A-84F3-810881…)

No. 1029872

Are people reading the caption? I don't get how someone could see a caption like that and like a post when someone is clearly unwell

No. 1029874

I like to think it's cause they don't know what to say so it's like a minimal contact "I see you and you're not alone" reminder

No. 1029879

I hope so. But I feel like that just encourages people to make more psychotic rants. Who knows? I just hope people aren't trying to encourage her on purpose because they think she's being so profound right now or whatever.

No. 1029915

Didn’t get a recording because i was half asleep, but Nika just went live on her Neurotic account. She was pacing around her room burning sage and asking everyone to send light energy because she saw evil spirits and a “ninja monkey” outside of her window and on top of her buddha statue. She then woke up her dad who spoke to her some in russian before saying he was going to call an ambulance and get her help. He took her phone out of her hand and ended the live. And yeah she had a weird fake british accent the entire time

No. 1029921

Can someone please screen record this? I could get a good laugh out of the accent

No. 1029934

File: 1598609417458.jpeg (510.71 KB, 828x1034, C769991A-7DC2-46E2-B014-67A047…)

No. 1029942

Good! I hate this bitch.

No. 1030030

I kinda doubt she’s sober, but she’s also VERY mentally ill, not that that’s an excuse but I think she’s probably in psychosis rn from that over drugs cause she hasn’t slept or had water in days

No. 1030053

Did she go to the hospital or what? I hate the idea of her owning a cat, I’m afraid she’ll hurt it because she thinks it’s possessed or something.

No. 1030062

File: 1598631380248.jpeg (184.85 KB, 828x1049, 4C3CD44B-9D1A-4F77-9268-06813D…)

she has left her dad’s house. seems like her and her cat are just wandering, this video looks like it was taken on a bus or train or something. in the video she’s crying and talking in the british accent, petting the cat and saying he has a chunk out of his head and he’s been declawed but it’s not showing up on camera. i hate this bitch but seeing this does makes me sad. especially for the cat.

No. 1030063


I'm genuinely concerned for the cat's safety at this point. Nika needs serious intervention before she hurts it or herself. This isn't even entertaining anymore.

No. 1030073

definitely not entertaining anymore. i know we all love to watch nika fail but it’s far less funny when you see her dragging her cat around on a train without a carrier. her last post was 4 hours ago, hopefully someone has intervened by now.

No. 1030093

i mean her dad literally tried to and she just ran away. this is so fucked up… has she ever had a public meltdown to this extent before? i’ve followed a good few of her threads but i can’t remember feeling this horrified about it all because there was at least usually someone else around being just as insane

No. 1030123

This isn’t even funny anymore.

No. 1030135

i’ve followed her for years and this is the worst i’ve ever seen of her. usually her breakdowns are with someone else, yes. this also seems the most real of any of her breakdowns over the years. usually it seems like she’s exploiting herself for attention (and maybe that’s the case here, who knows) but this time it seems like she has genuinely lost her mind.

No. 1030189

If I saw her at a bus I’d definitely call the ambulance but I live in Finland so don't know how things work where she lives.

It’s not really uncommon to people in psychosis to refuse treatment.
I hope the authorities take care of her because clearly she’s not going voluntarily.

The declaved cat is probably part of her hallucinations.

No. 1030219

yes this isn't funny. I hope she gets help.

No. 1030221

IMO this is some kind of drug induced psychosis.
I’ve never seen her like this, she’d always exaggerate /embellish things or use her mental instability as a justification for doing fucked up things but this…it’s different.

I hope she gets help ,although I doubt she’ll be able to stay off of drugs for any meaningful amount of time.

No. 1030290

definitely possible. if what she says is truthful, she isn’t doing any sort of drugs other than smoking weed. on a number of occasions she’s posted on her snapchat asking if anyone in her area is selling, and i think it’s very possible she could’ve gotten something that’s laced. laced weed, plus lack of sleep, lack of water, lack of food, along with her pre existing conditions and history of psychosis could be a plausible explanation. whatever it is, i hope she gets some help.

she hasn’t posted in 11+ hours now, but i suppose that could be a bad sign too.

No. 1030366

Very good point about getting weed from sketchy places, I always buy from dispos so I didn’t consider that but yeah it’d make sense, I seriously hope she can find the help she needs and that miso is safe

No. 1030382

>she's faking the episode for money
>uwu~psychosis episode for months

No. 1030630


No one really gives her money anymore, i think mainly because she stopped asking? About a year or two ago she tried to sell off a bunch of her clothes but a lot of people said they never got anything. She used to ask people for money and food quite often but I think she’s truly off the rails right now and that thought isn’t even present, her brain is scrambled eggs. She thinks she has super powers.

No. 1030690

yeah, i think she makes somewhat decent money doing onlyfans and private snapchat stuff. plus she’s been living with her dad recently, so i’m sure she hasn’t had much reason to be begging for money lately.

but yeah, her brain is totally fucking fried. she truly believes she is being contacted by spirits and has become a godly being. it doesn’t help when her followers egg her on in the comments saying “yes bby u are a divine creature!! i see these things too they’re trying to tell u something!!!”

No. 1030759

File: 1598748216950.jpeg (381.49 KB, 828x1436, 6393C065-E5BC-40C0-901C-E9C6FE…)

No. 1030766

Damn did her psychosis push her to extreme self-harm since she's mentioning potentially being unable to use her right arm or did something else happen?

No. 1030779

this is all she’s said about it so i have no idea. i’m sure she will go into depth about the situation and milk it for all it’s worth, as she usually does.

No. 1030834

File: 1598758314113.jpeg (177.4 KB, 828x1279, D5162659-9555-4D51-ABC5-1D7696…)

whatever happened, it wasn’t good.

No. 1030867


Not to medfag but if ur drugged up/drunk and just sleep or pass out on your arm for long enough it can cause reversible/irreversible nerve dmg

No. 1031568

File: 1598916836500.png (2.42 MB, 750x1334, E8F2954C-7ECA-45EE-82A9-274BB7…)

She wants to move out her dads when she can barely take care of herself

No. 1031577

Holy fuck could you imagine this crazy bitch living at your apartment

No. 1031606

File: 1598923003305.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, A84265B9-2F5C-48BA-91B0-969400…)

Oh it gets better. Nika updated her story again

No. 1031658

you reckon she moves to bushwick and crosses over to the red scare crowd?

paying rent is for the bourgeoisie, anyway

No. 1031719

File: 1598945154487.png (1.22 MB, 828x1792, D18B47D3-466C-4FBF-80D8-5144D1…)

nika is begging for sex and “anything bad for me” so i’m assuming drugs.

No. 1031941

imagine nika stealing your money

No. 1032129

man. I really won't be surprised if she dies soon.

No. 1032261

File: 1599047421197.jpg (399.31 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2020-09-02-14-51-05…)

No. 1032283

No agency is going to book some filler botched crack head that's covered in scars and stretch marks. Let's not even go into her very public social media history.

No. 1032286

And what agency are you talking about? A hooker agency? She aint talking about modeling meetings lol

No. 1032305

Ah shit my bad. I forget she's a literal whore with no aspersions.

No. 1032306

I definitely read this as she's prostituting. Maybe just because we have context.

No. 1032324

Delusion, convince yourself.

No. 1032345

File: 1599059234958.jpeg (863.03 KB, 828x1334, 92CC2840-E07F-4D28-AB4C-9EC4F3…)

What even-

No. 1032347

Most gay porn stars are actually straight/bi. Gay porn makes more money.

No. 1032358

File: 1599060619836.jpeg (421 KB, 828x812, 3FDE98CA-DDFC-446A-8C68-0DA6B3…)

Repost bc I forgot to crop out my icon.


Video from her Instagram where she asks her followers to meet up with her (but no underage girls !11!)

No. 1032421

She's 100% prostituting herself, she's looking for clients. (Later in the story, she also mentions looking for creative people to make some film and make music)

No. 1032667

man i'm staring to genuinely feel bad for her and can't find joy in her tragic life anymore. prostitution will only break her more

No. 1032673

it’s genuinely becoming tragic. like a week ago it seemed like she was starting to show some signs of actual growth and maturity, but now she’s spiraling again. it’s funny when she’s fucking somebody’s dad and asking dumb questions to the internet, but seeing someone who obviously has some serious issues spiraling out of control is upsetting.

No. 1032800

I think that she has been doing it for quite some time.
I definitely feel bad for her as well. She's been through some shit and she's one of the few cows who's genuinely mentally ill to the point where I feel bad for them.

No. 1032881

>it’s funny when she’s fucking somebody’s dad
No, that was already horrifying.

No. 1032977

That’s on the same level of awful as the prostitution imo. I can’t imagine what that does to your mental health, for Jaelle as well.

No. 1033855

File: 1599282717932.jpeg (283.45 KB, 828x1389, 6869046A-604B-4063-B399-A57113…)

No. 1036311

Isn’t this a birthing kink sex toy. That’s disgusting.

No. 1036376

File: 1599750409724.jpeg (213.01 KB, 828x694, A70CE821-AA67-47B0-8B2C-303223…)

Yeah Nika, when you become president.

No. 1037155

File: 1599872066771.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, 5F87E589-B671-4CD1-B795-7338F6…)

No. 1037525

File: 1599925241279.png (3.42 MB, 750x1334, 10C96236-2C2F-4A99-BB37-AE3441…)

No. 1037589

Ouch, that’s embarrassing

No. 1037878

File: 1599983990150.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, 65B80158-12E2-4416-911D-E64232…)

„I‘m totally sober“

No. 1037892

Are you high?
Like, not to WK I don’t believe she’s sober either. But she‘s literally asking if she should get her bridge re-pierced on a video of herself with a bridge piercing. Do you maybe notice something? This might be an older video.

No. 1037914

Well, maybe anon considered the hideous choice of getting a bridge piercing done something that only a person would consider who is high as a kite kek

No. 1037951

She's smoking a joint…?

No. 1037969

She.. Is.. Trying.. To.. Say… That it's and old picture when she still had that piercing.

No comments on whether shes sober now tho

No. 1038025

I think it's more about the fact that SHE'S high. Pretty sure that's a joint in the vid.

No. 1038073

It’s a joint in the vid yes but it’s an old vid (also she’s openly not sober from weed or nicotine, she quit heroin and xans and idk if I believe that either but I don’t think she ever once quit weed)

No. 1038235

File: 1600043453203.jpeg (247.63 KB, 828x1365, 461CA738-6D71-45CF-B5E9-373ED1…)

apparently her and austin are back on good terms again and he’s flying her out to chicago.

No. 1038245

File: 1600044797042.jpeg (228.79 KB, 816x1238, B7CA5F75-2207-4368-9EFC-46709B…)

talking absolute nonsense and then getting pissy with people in the comments when they call her out for purposely posting shit like this for attention. she wants people to ask her if she’s okay and wtf she’s talking about. she wants people to worry about her.

No. 1038700

I thought this was about Jaelle? She lives in Chicago and they were “engaged” at one point.

No. 1038751

it’s not about jaelle, it’s about the man who she posted that weird IG video of her sucking his dick lol

No. 1038962

Isn’t he one of the ones she did ‘h’ with?

No. 1042939

File: 1600742471453.jpeg (203.52 KB, 828x1275, 13A902B8-461A-44D1-B293-EA7E76…)

she is officially prostituting herself and apparently falling in love with these guys. she is vile.

No. 1042975

That makeup…..
I know some anons disagree but she could be really pretty if she went for a less clown-ish/drag queen look and stopped getting the back alley lip injections

No. 1043023

I agree, not to mention if she dropped some of her facial piercings, put effort in her hair and gained 15 lbs

No. 1043031

It has been official for quite some time now, anon. How is she the vile one though? These men are paying to have sex with a mentally ill drug addict for Christ's sake

No. 1044591

File: 1600976833992.jpeg (2.52 MB, 1242x2317, 804E05F4-69B4-44F1-9BE1-FEB561…)

you can really tell where austin and her broke up

No. 1044674

File: 1600983442558.jpeg (831.04 KB, 750x1211, D3815E9A-C158-40D3-96C1-EF13DA…)

I saw this and immediately thought “oh wow she’s actually looking pretty good!” Then I checked the permanent story thing on her profile and realised she’s still body checking

No. 1044677

File: 1600983543157.png (2.42 MB, 750x1334, 7CC8904A-923E-4DBC-989D-F5A38C…)


No. 1045000

File: 1601020517084.png (1.98 MB, 1094x1088, no.png)

Everyone in her comments compliments her and says she looks so healthy, but I think she just looks like a narc on speed (not saying she doesn't look cute though).

No. 1045764

nika is somebody who needs to understand she will never, ever be a tiny dainty girl. she had a wide ribcage and generally bigger arms. and she’s like 5’10 for gods sake. she can lose all the weight she wants but she will never be the tumblr thinspo she wants to be. i know she had a disorder, but she is so deep in denial.

No. 1045805

File: 1601151634628.jpeg (173.71 KB, 750x1024, A2655E73-40EF-4015-A1BE-01B7FE…)

this was completely inevitable.

No. 1045808

File: 1601151688368.jpeg (89.83 KB, 750x1036, 349D7DF8-7115-4FDD-833F-22E9A0…)

"lilith darko" kek

No. 1045919

this thread is so sad yall are really spending all of ur time stalking and making fun of this girl who is very obviously mentally ill do better(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1045924

you're in the wrong place. At least you saged

No. 1046182

She’s literally still doing meth and apparently GHB which is a date rape drug known to make you horny, hallucinate & faint. I don’t get why people are saying she looks even remotely good when she’s NEVER SOBER & constantly using “IM CLEAN” for attention. She just came back to NY and is already looking to go to Chicago because she can’t find heroin off the locals. I have too much recent information on this girl because of personal events. I don’t feel like revealing my friends identity but she really fucked with their head in a short week of time. I almost thought she wasn’t self aware till she said it was “hot” to corrupt my friend who legit doesn’t even drink.(namefag)

No. 1046197

Storytime please

No. 1046198

Where do i even start ffs, let me think

There’s so much

No. 1046319

GHB doesn’t make you hallucinate lmao

No. 1046561

Well first stop namefagging before you get banned and cannot spill the tea. And post proof

No. 1046967

Tis my first time here, i just don’t even know where to start with her

No. 1046969

File: 1601267934881.jpeg (722.11 KB, 950x1792, 4A47CE8B-2A49-4FAB-BB27-0A799F…)

But let’s start here

No. 1046993

OT but has anyone figured out how heavy she was before the drastic weight loss? I believe I remember her saying how much she was a while back but deleted the post after people complained how she was talking about numbers or something, if anyone has that post it’d be helpful

No. 1046996

File: 1601272381303.jpeg (3.07 MB, 4032x3024, E40D2E47-C7E0-43B5-8A6E-7E6408…)

I also have her legit name now. Petrova is not her real last name

No. 1046997

You could probably find more overweight pics from her original twitter under that last name.

No. 1047039

File: 1601279297514.jpeg (88.28 KB, 480x480, 06B9084C-0BF3-4DA3-A944-61EC0B…)


There’s our girl x

No. 1047052

File: 1601280173390.png (806.68 KB, 608x1160, savannah.png)

No. 1047055

File: 1601280247561.png (684.31 KB, 642x1148, dude.png)

I think it's her birthday and she's hanging out with some junkie-ass dude and her grandma.

No. 1047058

File: 1601280373784.png (961.85 KB, 616x1030, grandma.png)

No. 1047059

Is that name Armenian? Or Russian?

No. 1047269

File: 1601310085501.png (4.54 MB, 1792x828, 98F48E3B-52A3-45FD-9FDA-2D703F…)

She’s also hanging out with some black kid, someone should tell him she’s a black faced queen. Also that white guy is her client she talked about being in love with like 3 days ago

No. 1047275

Nika is a Russian name, meaning Veronika

No. 1047280

Ekimian is super Armenian. She probably only says she’s Russian because it’s “sexier” or something

No. 1047297

i am fairly certain her mom is russian. her dad may be armenian though. but i remember in the last thread there were pics of her mom on some dating website, basically wanting to be a mail order bride. i remember she had a very russian name as well.

No. 1047301

did she legally change her name to nika? i could’ve sworn her name was actually nicole. but she is a registered voter under the name nika.(read the rules)

No. 1047344

IRC her actual name is Nicole, there’s Nicole Ekimian twitter accounts with her old pictures

No. 1047352

I meant the last name.

Yeah, I thought so. It sounds Armenian.

No. 1047354

How do you know that‘s him?

No. 1047422

She legally changed her name to Nika from Nicole.

No. 1047433

Yup , I only knew her as nicole for years

No. 1047454

File: 1601326057226.jpeg (204.34 KB, 828x1236, E2A7CE3B-67B5-43A8-BFDE-8005D3…)

She mentioned Jaelle in her birthday post apparently she sent her a gift despite Nika cutting her off

No. 1047462

File: 1601327535134.jpeg (413.45 KB, 1125x1695, BE418C03-B989-45FB-94A8-41D132…)

context – i wish it wasn’t such a hassle to upload videos to lc, otherwise i’d have posted it

No. 1047464

File: 1601327652169.jpeg (362.51 KB, 1125x1594, 69B58646-06E5-4448-906D-71F9E0…)

No. 1047565

I was JUST ABOUT TO SCREENSHOT but she deleted the post, she said she wants people to meet her on bushwhick because she lost her cat Miso

No. 1047659

That poor cat I always knew she’d do something stupid and hurt or lose it

No. 1047664

File: 1601345985782.jpeg (163.75 KB, 828x928, 6D1B079B-08BF-4BD7-AA7A-6780CE…)

this is her new client turned boyfriend? this mf is so creepy looking.

No. 1047672

He looks so old

No. 1047705

i'm pretty certain she was talking about a cat decal she had on her nails, there was another story about how it fell off. i might be wrong though i hope it isn't about miso

No. 1047708

i wish she didn't lose weight so fast she'd be so sexy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1048218

File: 1601435207861.jpeg (351.39 KB, 750x871, A4C8B0AF-DE6F-43DF-826B-28722E…)

screenshot from a video someone posted of her. apparently it’s from yesterday.

No. 1048302

File: 1601446402270.jpeg (290.46 KB, 828x1285, 42A34F8D-6656-4A49-97D1-FFD049…)

Yep I saw multiple people post it pointing out how high she looks

No. 1048315

Yes, she wasn't talking about her cat Miso, she was talking about some nail sticker.

No. 1048543

File: 1601488968221.jpeg (423.42 KB, 828x1408, 758F300F-4955-4E88-B5EB-D7B4E7…)

Can these dumbasses stop encouraging her she clearly needs psychiatric help, she isn’t getting “signs” what a BS way to support someone

No. 1049124

File: 1601545768762.png (780.92 KB, 552x856, salemtrapdoor.png)

No. 1049270

I don’t understand the girl. In reply to “she needs real friends” my personal bestie, we can call them they so genders aren’t revealed. They reached out to her. How did nika reply? Was super cool for the first 6 months, they were super close, ive even chatted with nika via FaceTime or zoom while they were together. Then flash forward a few weeks, she brought my friend who doesn’t even drink to do meth & GHB with her as soon as she got them off their train to Brooklyn. It started with “no peer pressure” then quickly turned into “if you’re not going to smoke this you’re missing out on the best time of your life, you don’t know what’s good for yourself & I’m kicking you out” She proceeded to take sexual videos of my friend while they were out of their mindand tried posting them to her OF. She kept my friend up with her for 3 days after the fact with barely any food or water, just as she does to herself when she goes into psychosis & sees things that aren’t there. We legit had to explain to nika why what she did was not okay and she still feels entitled to say my friend hurt & abandoned her even though nika had kicked them out of her apartment that week, and threatened to kill herself if my friend left.

She put my friend in the hospital because she overdosed them & said nothing to their friends or family about the incident. This girl doesn’t deserve real friends, she ruins all the genuine people that pull into her life.

No. 1049452

She's a scumbag.

No. 1049501

My friend and her are very close but I don’t want to disclose her name or identity. They were hanging out last week and Nika was high out of her mind on some type of drug when she started crying and admitted to my friend that she traded her cat for meth money and told people that he ran away, this girl is so unbelievably disgusting. I hope one day she gets what she deserves

No. 1049542

Why would anyone trade money or meth for a completely random average mixed breed adult cat? Lol

No. 1049552

someone on meth, probably.

No. 1049603

Fuck. I really hope that the cat didn't get traded off to a psycho who wants to hurt animals. She doesn't deserve to have animals, but I hope her cat ended up ok :(

No. 1049606

Bait for dog fighting? Plenty of fucked up reasons a meth head might want a cat.

No. 1049615

File: 1601594580102.jpeg (268.53 KB, 827x1271, 8A0D1434-F830-4E53-81A5-A3C61F…)

she is literally so fucking delusional.

No. 1049617

File: 1601594635340.jpeg (44.69 KB, 828x193, 7CA5E4B3-32E7-44EE-B776-74B0F7…)

No. 1049637

does she have diabetes or is she shooting drugs into her pinky?

No. 1049671

this looks like eczema

No. 1049683

the meaning is that a bird was molting, you dumb twat

that’s it. that’s the meaning

No. 1049814

not particularly milky but nika deleted the comments on this post asking if she had sold miso for drugs, and there were a couple.

No. 1049883

File: 1601620928583.jpeg (258.83 KB, 828x1339, D6338C63-6B19-4201-AE40-0431B7…)

not nika making an account to give people spiritual advice and making people pay for psychic readings… if you believe in all this stuff, whatever, to each their own, but you have got to be equally as delusional to PAY someone like nika to give you a psychic reading. she is not a fucking psychic, she is a delusional drug addict looking for the easiest cash grab.

No. 1049888

File: 1601621511183.jpeg (192.18 KB, 828x1142, AADB1E2E-CEAA-4EC9-881B-B8FABE…)

She most definitely is delusional

No. 1049900

kek, sounds like my mum. these people definitely are delusional, even when they are sober.

No. 1049905

I can promise you that Nika is never sober.

No. 1049935

Yeah but you can take a cat from the pound or off the street for free. You guys are really naive little kids and it shows.

No. 1050011

You can't just "take" a cat from the pound, especially for free. I'm not accusing Nika but holy shit are YOU naive if you think you can just go and take animals whenever you want.

If she sold the cat to someone and/or traded it for drugs, there's a good chance that cat didn't go to a safe home.

No. 1050279

>>1049501 I can’t put anything past her at this point, but trading her cat for drugs? She hasn’t posted Miso in a while but that would be a new low if true, she seemed to actually love that cat. And when she posted that her cat was missing she meant the cat decal on her nail?

No. 1050281

Plenty of places do free adoption days retard, and you can take in strays it's not illegal lol

No. 1050860

She didn’t get rid of miso, just had my friend text her yesterday to ask, she responded with “wtf no” and then sent multiple selfies of them together

No. 1050861

File: 1601744631741.png (1.67 MB, 828x1792, D193315E-3E64-485E-A8B5-FB3F97…)

Also, she has a new snap, I’ll link it below. Her old one was deleted yesterday (karmas a bitch)

No. 1050864

She also thinks she mentally stable enough to give paid tarot cards readings or OF advice, she started 2 new instagrams.

Asking for $$ for OF shout outs etc, i don’t think anyone would want to even share a customer with that crackhead

No. 1050955

File: 1601752820930.jpeg (436.08 KB, 750x831, C72A918B-11F5-4AD1-9545-E02B6A…)

first the spandex buttlifters… now this.

No. 1050968

So high she broadcasts her moss green buttcrack to IG

No. 1051012

WTF… this will make your butt more flabby cause you're stretching out the skin.

No. 1051161

File: 1601773266296.png (4.29 MB, 750x1334, E129B625-1F26-44CE-87BA-AC945B…)

edges laid

No. 1051164

File: 1601773475752.jpg (167.03 KB, 1200x1190, picrel.jpg)

No. 1052071

File: 1601883149859.jpeg (228.19 KB, 827x1340, 359197D9-619D-4FC5-AAA2-24A099…)

this is her new boyfriend. wherever it is that they’re living looks like a mess.

No. 1052073

File: 1601883294767.jpeg (203 KB, 828x1461, 83BCE55F-3457-4F00-8254-1FED94…)

nika making out with some random girl she apparently met on the street last night. not to be that person but like, we are still in a literal pandemic. there was a bunch of other people with her in the video egging them on and obviously not a single mask in sight.

No. 1052834

File: 1601981801591.jpeg (150.36 KB, 1125x1931, C1C4D69B-E089-4247-80D2-D272DA…)

No. 1053566

The stench…

No. 1053568

She could just..exercise.
I know her ass curtains in such poor shape that it wouldn’t make a huge difference but it could still help more than butt creams and whatever the hell this nightmare is.

No. 1053887

healthy weight gain, working out, and building muscle in the right places would do her ass curtains wonders.

No. 1054771

File: 1602208774307.jpeg (468.22 KB, 1242x2246, 1E0E4FD0-2F4C-471E-BE2E-39D5A3…)


No. 1054784

Do you think she's retarded enough to believe her delusions, this a grift, or both? I feel like it's a hair brained grift attempt.

No. 1054802

I feel like it's more grift than her believing any of that shit. A lot of her "in danger rn seeing goblins in my mcnuggets" nonsense is the same as when anachans take a picture of their crying faces and upload to IG.

No. 1054896

File: 1602230612492.jpeg (330.15 KB, 1125x1395, C78CE89D-600F-49AC-A116-6A00BF…)

No. 1054897

File: 1602230706597.jpeg (292.81 KB, 1125x1395, F10A23DF-5FFC-41B7-BC6B-9225D4…)

No. 1054898

File: 1602230916749.jpeg (286.55 KB, 1125x1395, EC26D8F3-CF68-448D-A26D-B887FB…)

No. 1055152

I honestly think both, she’s severely mentally ill and a big part of delusions is believing that they are real, butttt the accounts are 1000% just for money

No. 1055245

File: 1602276147104.png (Spoiler Image, 6.76 MB, 1242x2208, 8427FF92-88DE-4564-9156-B20C79…)

Didn’t she call nika a crackwhore. And told Jaelle she’s happy her mom is dead….She clearly is being nice to nika just so she can get dirt on her

No. 1055283

Oh god Julia is just as bad as either of them

No. 1055287

i would bet you anything that she is sucking up to julia right now because she does incredibly well on onlyfans and is good friends with a bunch of other successful girls in that scene as well. nika doesn’t make friendships with people unless she can benefit it from it. she is probably leeching onto julia as we speak, asking for shoutouts and to make content with her. and yeah, julia will probably indulge her for the gossip but there is no way in hell that she would want to publicly associate with her and bring her into her own business.

No. 1055441

Well she’s doing well because her content is less than a McDonald’s meal and scrotes don’t care that she’s a racist drug addict.

Thread on her

No. 1055816

File: 1602350429473.png (4.61 MB, 750x1334, DC06FCBA-2D6A-46DB-B249-B18C01…)

staying sober didn’t last very long

No. 1059414

File: 1602783874746.png (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 750x1334, 87050F1B-1485-47F9-9C8A-8F3360…)


Nika took a plane to Pennsylvania, having no place to stay, asking her followers for a place to stay the night, she goes to a museum and decided to make one of her weird woo woo magic energy videos and strip IN PUBLIC WITH HER CREEPY BF IN A MUSEUM WHERE THERE ARE PEOPLE. Mind you she has other warrants and has skipped multiple court dates.

No. 1059570

File: 1602802797195.jpeg (443.56 KB, 750x745, C2F8F602-5882-4057-9367-DE40C8…)

her saying she wants anime girl lips then coming out of the mes spa looking like someone transplanted a baboon buttocks on her face

No. 1059679

File: 1602818949901.jpeg (140.86 KB, 828x770, CA1A9F08-1A68-4076-BBA1-D7EE4C…)

even her boyfriend knows how fucking disgusting her lips are lol. also, how fucking sad is it that nika has no people in her life that she can actually talk to about her personal life so she resorts to her random followers who pretty much all hate her? she talks so much about maturing and growing up and she still acts like the same 13 year old crying on the internet about her problems.

No. 1061147

File: 1603036622084.jpeg (761.55 KB, 828x1218, A4640FD9-82D2-4D08-AE82-53020B…)

“Think they can” hun they were right

No. 1061198

enjoy the soylent nika

No. 1061638

File: 1603111766307.png (646.7 KB, 470x592, f24fd716f6ea31b376c2de62c777c0…)


No. 1061651

>on a bus

No. 1061788


Yeah i saw her recently uploaded pics and i can’t believe how she thinks she looks good. She looks like a used up Prostitute riding the bus….i mean because she is one but still. CHRIST, the filters just make it look more dirty

No. 1061865

it's probably expired or near expiration

No. 1061883

Seriously she wore a mask for like 2 days with jaelle to be cute but she literally could not care less anymore, I remember when covid started she said she wanted it to take the burden off others

No. 1061886

File: 1603138315437.jpeg (250.37 KB, 828x1429, A0FBD300-28FD-4A6D-ACE0-FD4675…)

“fashion designer”

No. 1062233

File: 1603185403200.jpg (Spoiler Image, 579.17 KB, 720x1345, Screenshot_2020-10-20-10-17-48…)

Her vag was out in this tiktok lol

No. 1062458

Her knee is probably bleeding cuz she’s so fucked up on pills all the time she can’t walk. I’m sure she thinks it looks cool and grunge tho

No. 1063112

File: 1603305375249.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.81 MB, 1242x1838, EA26B82F-4CB5-43FC-8AB7-997CC0…)

she made a flyer ?? to promote her onlyfans???

No. 1063118


I mean, who else but her of subscribers are going to attend an event hosted by a broke hooker?

No. 1066065

File: 1603414792115.jpeg (334.15 KB, 828x1188, 877F4D0E-59C8-426F-A8A3-8ABB82…)

she looks like the joker

No. 1066097

I'm SO confused. Is that blush, or did her white facepaint rub off and her face is that fuckin red?

No. 1066108

She always wears a stupid amount of blush but this is the most extreme it's been yet

No. 1066316

Her face and elbow look like they have radiation burns. What a look.

No. 1067493

File: 1603604824106.jpeg (235.78 KB, 828x1242, 4AADBA4B-28DA-4231-B440-C09503…)

isn’t she living in new york? how the fuck is she gonna pay for her own place anywhere, let alone nyc?

No. 1067650

Idk but this >>1061638 is definitely a Chicago bus, maybe she's back? (Chicago is still expensive but not quite nyc expensive, esp. depending on the neighborhood)

No. 1068035

she's posted at least three times today on her story that she's looking for a roommate in nyc. she probably thinks she's going to strike gold with her onlyfans.

No. 1068102

her top lip piercing looks infected

No. 1071117

File: 1604082940923.jpg (266.35 KB, 720x1112, IMG_20201030_203504.jpg)

No. 1071818

File: 1604168521397.jpeg (693.86 KB, 828x1317, ADBF0B0D-ED4D-4ED2-AF2F-25BA8F…)

“Gave me what I needed” sooooo drugs then right

No. 1071936

This is just speculation, but meth makes you horny and unable to actually finish, so meth heads jack it for hours until it's raw. Nika doing meth would not surprise me.

No. 1072042

It would explain so much. Plus it's a substance in her price range.

No. 1072121

OT but does anyone know what filter is this?

No. 1072421

looks like one of the ''PARTY'' category filters on Meitu

No. 1072673

File: 1604266407392.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1242x1676, 6B53B3C5-9A36-46E5-8AE8-436F7E…)

Oh, sweet sobriety!

No. 1072709

File: 1604269308484.jpeg (917.04 KB, 828x1393, 87E3F7FB-77DD-4F41-B65A-9AFF7D…)

No. 1073349

you sure anon? looks like a nyc mta bus to me

No. 1074946

File: 1604522839794.jpeg (241.7 KB, 750x1294, 0D5678FA-458E-42A2-853B-F2ADED…)

pretty sure she made a fanpage for herself

No. 1074973

LMFAO the account bio… she 100% created this page

No. 1075144

10000% she made herself a fan page…. another level of sad

No. 1075326

File: 1604562870116.jpeg (152.68 KB, 828x928, 1400CDC6-0437-4F6E-9EA8-2F6B27…)

she looks so odd here

No. 1075348

File: 1604567619298.jpeg (115.25 KB, 750x1204, 4D694070-3A4E-484D-936A-C0622A…)

Her lips are something else.

No. 1075390

They're botched af

No. 1075606

the top lip is very obviously over-lined and you can tell since the lip liner is all the way up to her piercing and in her cupids bow. what's truly a nightmare are her eyebrows

No. 1075831

File: 1604617729925.jpeg (80.75 KB, 828x422, F622DAE7-FB01-4A92-A217-383622…)

from her tiktok

No. 1075875

Honestly she was much more cute when she was obese and not as drugged up.

No. 1075959

it's hilarious that she's acting so offended that this person brought it up when it's like. sis. you did this. you're listing all these excuses but you very much did still do that

No. 1076083


wow i actually know this dude. hes definitely late 30s, I can't remember his exact age.

that birthday video is so cringey and uncomfortable. he was definitely into drugs when i knew him and also the type to cling on super fast.

never expected to see a dude i've hooked up with dating a cow. kinda horrified

No. 1076156

imagine posting meth-addict behavior publicly for the entire internet to see and then acting shocked when people talk about it lol

No. 1076564

File: 1604696463562.jpeg (296.04 KB, 828x1391, 9303F85F-AEED-481A-BFE4-A446B6…)

nikas latest grift

No. 1076576

File: 1604697452454.jpeg (49.32 KB, 750x267, 13928E4D-4D66-4452-9FB1-ED80BB…)

I mean…

No. 1078239

File: 1604884275274.jpeg (215.99 KB, 750x923, ADE475F2-0219-4909-A8C1-09BBD5…)

> her makeup

No. 1078240

File: 1604884308928.jpeg (79.79 KB, 750x269, A603E2CE-08E2-431D-B7EA-23D05C…)

> the caption
> #nymodel

No. 1078297

Yeah, she’s had that delusion for awhile now. She’d post about hoping to get scouted or signed to a modeling agency all of the time.

No. 1078596

so i knew nicole back in 2015 before i got locked up, i met her off tinder n we fucked on n off until i got locked up in 2016. back when i met her she was actually sort of a normal human being/teenage girl with insta clout and was thicc asl. i just read this whole thread n from what ive seen shes a psychotic crackhead whore lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1078611

So you were fucking a 15 year old? In 2015 she would be 15.

No. 1078636

Might explain the lock up.

No. 1079343

File: 1605024500373.jpeg (360.49 KB, 828x1432, 0A382629-598F-4F09-A83A-817A37…)

No. 1079406

this bitch is never gonna actually attempt to get help is she, she'll just be stuck with her uwu wiccan follower telling her that her psychosis delusions are a "777 sign of the angels and the universe!!"

No. 1079521

Yeah Nika that‘s what happens when you take every drug ever in a short period of time

No. 1080058

File: 1605108117431.jpeg (179.6 KB, 750x1062, 11C7F392-72FD-4D7C-9C2F-075A6E…)

So I guess miso is still around. I'm kind of surprised

No. 1080087

File: 1605112522882.jpeg (214.66 KB, 750x1091, A7F6973B-948F-48C1-BF6F-66EFEB…)

Another day of furious masturbating

No. 1080264

What the actual fuck?

No. 1080323

So she just pissed everywhere? Ok. Is that a ranch dip cup? I'm going to kill myself.

No. 1080337

Is that a pad wrapper or used pad in the bottom right trashcan?

No. 1080762

that’s my fucking ex what the fuck

No. 1080763

any milk?

No. 1080779

File: 1605177680586.jpeg (22.76 KB, 828x130, 22D243DE-A0FB-4EC3-ABC0-985D84…)

i don’t know if this would really be considered milk but he’s from a small town in NJ and has a reputation for having sex w lots of women so the girls there won’t touch him. he’s overall a really scummy person, doesn’t treat women well and is a drug user so i wouldn’t be surprised if he was giving her drugs.

No. 1081248

File: 1605234716107.jpeg (604.86 KB, 828x1316, ECC80EEE-42AC-4219-B21A-78DEC0…)

doesn't make any sense

No. 1081410

as foolish as it may seem, a lot of people will still smoke weed and cigarettes and claim they are “sober” from harder drugs/liquor. it’s been stated before she’s staying sober from pills, but i still think she’s on those too.

No. 1081512

is it bad that I feel bad for her? Like seeing someone who possibly had potential for a normal life ended up being a drugged up whore with backstreet botox. It's depressing to see this regression. She's my favorite cow by far because her life seems so depressing and I genuinely hope she gets better. But from how this is going, it doesn't seem like it.
(also she is going to end up being killed and mutilated in russia so uh)

No. 1081576

this gets brought up quite a bit in this thread, i think it's what makes her such a compelling cow. she has such ambiguous autonomy. there's a sliver of hope that she'll get help for her drug and mental health problems before she hits more and more rock bottoms… but she always goes right back to what's ruining her life because she thinks it's actually saving her life. she'll either end up in rehab or dead in a ditch. it's fucked… but fascinating

No. 1081613

File: 1605291490417.jpeg (939.66 KB, 1242x1981, A62DA9B3-9370-432B-8452-03A42A…)

is any of this true? this sounds like psychosis

No. 1081653

Probably the psychosis seeing as she openly admits to being in and out of it. Psychotic delusions of sexual assaults are surprisingly common.

No. 1081655

I fear that one day Nika will die a horrible way. I really hope she finds light in her life because this shit really is depressing to watch.

No. 1081663

File: 1605296858292.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1615, 130BE908-62C3-4117-AF07-0DEB59…)

Usually her followers on TikTok are delusional, but now they’re asking if she’s okay. Her brain has to be fried at this point. Luna Slater will outlive this one.

No. 1081681

>raped by 12 black men

No. 1081696

I’ve followed her a couple years and she’s definitely mentioned the gang rape before. Don’t know wether it’s true or not obviously but she’s definitely talked about it in the past

No. 1081697

It's obvious that she has clients and bf and I seriously hope that she uses protection. Just imagine her getting pregnant and having a child while having obvious signs of severe mental illness. idk if she takes any other drugs beside smoking the devil's lettuce.

No. 1081703

At this point I can't tell whats psychosis from drugs or real. She's GOT to be on uppers and either benzos or opiates. I hope she's just making shit up and going through an episode right now. If any of that is even a little true…. damn. She does make Luna look well behaved.

No. 1081715

File: 1605303181186.png (2.28 MB, 750x1334, D8E94D0D-EBE2-4C8B-AD82-D54D0F…)

How can anyone think she's sober when she's talking about smoking flour and looking under the radiators while speaking nonsense? Go watch her instagram stories now before they expire and honestly tell me that you think that phrasing or behaviour is sober. C'mon, anons. Am I just old and flour is a term for weed?

No. 1081721

Flour is definitely slang for cocaine or meth. She looks and acts like she's smoking G, not crack. I could be wrong tho.

No. 1081724


"Flower" is a term for weed, and she probably made a typo. That said, she definitely acts like she's smoking more than weed.

No. 1081729

File: 1605304191985.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, C32178D4-6653-4411-B6A9-947D6E…)

who looks for roommates through instagram? especially when you’re publicly messy on the account..

No. 1081751

File: 1605305807117.jpg (133.11 KB, 1080x1332, IMG_20201113_164759_984.jpg)

Nika liked this comment saying jaelle is dead. Does anyone know if this is true??

No. 1081771

jaelle’s instagram is dreamjngoflife, not that that means anything about her being dead or not but i don’t think she is.

No. 1081776

When you're a drug user, even if you stop, "light drugs" like weed can effect you like a harder drug. Shit is wild.

No. 1081782

i doubt she is dead. nikas birthday was like two months ago and she mentioned jaelle sent her a present. tbh if jaelle had died nika would be milking the shit out of that.

No. 1081786

File: 1605308287167.jpg (473.02 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201113-175739_Ins…)

Im so confused…

No. 1081810

Obviously, Autumn.

No. 1081822


You’re showing…

No. 1081835

Idc that much about being anon I dont say anything rude on here <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1081855

File: 1605313808841.jpeg (611.31 KB, 1242x1851, ABEFCD27-3F28-491D-B685-DC1AB2…)


No. 1081856

File: 1605313908996.jpeg (521.17 KB, 1242x1853, 2A4DF523-AEE0-4A74-B86F-DD65AE…)


No. 1081862

File: 1605314037372.jpeg (2.11 MB, 1242x1818, FE9A2241-9403-454D-85ED-576ACC…)


No. 1082007

File: 1605328360521.jpeg (959.79 KB, 828x1385, 81E6B378-FA38-4D3F-96DA-CAFF13…)

No. 1082028

File: 1605331594545.png (906.51 KB, 720x1288, Screenshot_20201113-212527.png)

not exactly milk, but even the comments on this are concerned. based on earlier posts I rlly believe Nika is in psychosis right now

No. 1082043

This bitch is fucking exhausting. I'm like 95% sure she does this shit for attention. Nika, you're a junkie with an awful life and untreated trauma. Psychosis is just a convenient excuse for your shitshow of a life. Get help.

No. 1082089

What the fuck are you on about?

No. 1082090

That's what psychosis does to you. I’ve been there too, thinking I was hanging out with a lot of people at a cozy bar for hours when I was actually just alone in my kitchen. She’s too far gone.

No. 1082134

File: 1605359230783.jpeg (469.87 KB, 750x1019, 28B381FF-C5E4-4E05-B8F6-420284…)

she’s definitely in psychosis she always starts rambling incoherently like that when she is

No. 1082208

She’s talking about the older dude that one anon fucked? And that random girl she posted about months ago, some street kiss?
How the fuck do all the sleazepigs find each other? So gross.

No. 1082786


Surely not the random street kiss - that girl was definitely a lesbian. Then again, that weird old dude Nika says she ~stole has some old dyke looking energy so maybe… stranger things have happened.

No. 1083066

File: 1605473737363.jpeg (210.11 KB, 828x1355, FE3B5770-B871-4356-A876-7F797B…)

She posted 2 videos of her swollen ass foot (clearly missed a vein when shooting up) and is tryna say it’s broken. She’s at hospital now lol

No. 1083067

File: 1605473806200.jpeg (270.06 KB, 826x1353, F70ACDCC-67D9-4181-8684-59CE9A…)

No. 1083608

uh, is this supposed to say she woke up in a house full of "dead tik tokkers"??? what the fuck does that mean???

No. 1084227

File: 1605571182583.jpeg (356.08 KB, 750x1083, 945BD0DD-8064-4799-AFD3-E81F73…)

it wasn't from shooting up. she jumped out of her window or something.

No. 1084250

File: 1605573710970.jpeg (459.58 KB, 750x844, 3EF955CE-0282-4A63-B7DD-4528BB…)

No. 1084274

I genuinely cannot understand what she is saying. She literally makes no sense.

No. 1084287

how? this is the most coherent she’s been in legitimately months.

basically: she’s been psychotic for god knows how long, was suffering delusions, tried to jump out of her window thinking she was climbing a tree and ended up falling hard onto her fire escape instead, breaking her foot in the process. she walked on the foot for however long, got to hospital, had a cast put on, somehow took it off herself bc she was still delusional and thought the cast was turning her foot ‘to mush’, and now she wants to go inpatient so doctors can keep an eye on her mentally and physically.

No. 1084718

Sad to say her trying to get help probably wont last long, she can't keep trying to do it by herself.

No. 1084772

Yeah, this is more sadcow now than anything. How come nobody at the hospital noticed she was absolutely mental and got her some kind of help?

No. 1084817

It's a very American hospital situation but it's complicated because this is Nika. We only hear her side of this shit in artfully incoherent IG posts. Dumb as she is, she must know that her interactions go up when people worry about her.

No. 1084856

File: 1605645101337.jpeg (706.06 KB, 783x1413, 28CF80F6-EB23-4547-893B-EAEE36…)

she really thinks that’s “cool and edgy” lmao(newfag)

No. 1084864

she has 4 broken bones and she took her cast off because she thought her leg was turning into mush from the sweat(emoji)

No. 1084867


I don’t feel bad for her anymore, she’s clearly on fucking drugs and not taking her medicine, and getting wrapped up in this granola white girl healing bullshit on top of being a fucking prostitute. I’m almost intrigued at how many instances she should’ve died but didn’t. If god is real, he’s watching her and laughing his ass off

No. 1085003

File: 1605655518776.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, E03CF054-7D7F-46FA-9400-E7217C…)

nothing about anything she does suggests she’s getting better in any way and she thrives off the pity people have for her

No. 1085132

She’s been at this forever and even before the drug induced psychosis , Nika has always lacked basic empathy and thrived off of attention and pity.
She will never change, even Luna is more likely to seek help than her (and the chances of that happens are also futile /nonexistent )

No. 1085141

File: 1605666622526.jpeg (616.21 KB, 828x1355, 870E1F72-4EC1-4696-9BAB-C0D6D7…)

Poor miso

No. 1085185

god it’s a miracle that cat is still alive.

No. 1085187

File: 1605671417528.png (1.09 MB, 828x1792, 6B9728CC-3858-4442-86C4-AD6B00…)

apparently she’s playing among us with jaelle.

No. 1085204

poor nika. she really needs help

No. 1085277

Will Jaelle ever learn, Jesus Christ. They really are perfect for each other I guess.

No. 1085280

i feel bad for jaelle

No. 1085791

Regarding Nika and people needing her to be forced into a mental institution, most adults that are in Nika's situation can leave a mental hospital if they were ever put there. Mental hospitals and mental institution's cannot allow an adult to be forced to stay unless they are proven to be a harm to themselves and other people. How Mental hospitals are only when no other options are available.
One could argue, if Niki was ever in court, that she technically(?) did not put any harm to herself or other people. (Mostly harm to herself since she's getting a shit ton of drugs pumped into her body) So most of this treatment would be expected to be done by herself. And the expected treatment plan would be put into drug rehabilitation and intensive therapy. And knowing her- it's highly unlikely that she would be able to do all of that.
It's obvious that she's way too far gone, and we just have to wait until she ends up like another shelley duvall or she actually kills someone and she ends up being a permanent resident in a mental institute. There is such little chance that she will actually turn her life around. And if she does- holy fuck.

saged for sperg

No. 1085851

File: 1605752089711.jpeg (281.05 KB, 828x1521, 452D73B5-6E81-41F5-893B-F97D2C…)

Jaelle (dreamjngoflife) justifying reconnecting with Nika again in the comments of her post

No. 1086155

everyone absolutely does know what goes on between them because they can never shut up abt it and tell everyone. don’t tell your business to everyone then get mad when they have something to say

No. 1086166

someone cowtipped y’all on anonspamtea(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1086180

I don't think you know what cowtipping is

No. 1086267

She broke her foot jumping out of a window because she's psychotic, she is a danger to herself. She doesn't have capacity to make decisions and in the UK she would be sectioned under the mental health act or at least mandated a Community Treatment Order. I'm aware I'm sperging too but man, the healthcare system in America seems so fucked up.

Anyway, I don't feel sorry for Jaelle cos whilst they're both fucked up, Jaelle is the most compos mentis of the two. If she wants to engage with Nika then that's her bed she's made to lie in.

No. 1086414

does anyone know of nika ever even finished high school? i always forget how young she is.

No. 1087004

erin is back is there a new thread for her?

No. 1087079


Erin’s thread is here >>1082360

No. 1087508

File: 1605918746047.jpg (564.32 KB, 1079x1879, Screenshot_20201120-193111_Ins…)

someone made an account about nika being a pedo

No. 1087541


Yeahhhh let’s not forget she pumped a 17 year old full of drugs and posted photos of her without a top on, and then weirdly confessed to being a pedophile via text to someone. I AINT forget

No. 1089273

File: 1606111201922.png (4.79 MB, 828x1792, 6A012361-33D6-40F7-BDBD-BA0150…)

There’s a lot to unpack here

No. 1089294

Just passing by but I see no fucking proof of pedophilia there, you selfposters are causing harm to actual child sexual abuse victims you know that right?

Pedophilia is serious shit it's not an edgy insult you can just weaponize out of jealousy.
If she really is a pedo contact the FBI and police, this site doesn't exist to moral police your self-righteous bullshit.

No. 1089295

I don’t think she probably is a pedophile but there are texts where she admitted to it thatre posted on that account, I feel like it’s fair enough to be concerned about it at least

No. 1089297

Being a paedo & being a child sex offender are not interchangeable terms. Not every person with sexual attraction to children acts on it. She said she has sexual attraction to underage girls & even referred to herself as a paedophile. It’s not anons weaponising a term, it was Nika herself kek

No. 1089309

Yeah man good luck lmao

No. 1089682

This is adorably delusional. Not sure why but "Not white" but also "light skin" with "green eyes" is extra funny. This guy already a needle in a haystack just physically.

No. 1090139

She wants the never seen two pretty best friends guy lol

No. 1090145

I don’t think that’s pedophilia though….. like wasn’t she 19 when she did that? That is fucked up but she is a crackhead with mental problems. Pedophilia is like if she liked under developed children 5-13 year olds.

No. 1090149

These exposing accounts are so stupid and pointless. They usually make them to gain “clout” and then post their personal socials and such

No. 1090157

why would you want to be known as the person who calls people out

No. 1090158

her being a mentally ill crackhead should make people hate her more, not sympathize with her.
lolcow, what's going on

No. 1090168

Her IG fans found the thread a while back.

No. 1090180

She just said a 19 year old and a 17 year old isn't pedophilia, calm down reach chan

No. 1093362

File: 1606534509705.png (850.07 KB, 828x1792, A02C7F3D-90DC-427D-9E12-5431E5…)

nikas new account is @n1katz

No. 1094050

File: 1606614135215.png (3.03 MB, 828x1792, 8DDD1A48-A010-4312-BE00-67C73E…)

from jaelle’s instagram story

No. 1094055

Jaelle reactived her account. I wonder if she’s still living with her pedo dad. Her account is private

No. 1094074

Is this black facing bitch really talking about BLM lmfao?

No. 1094079

File: 1606616901332.jpeg (326.71 KB, 1242x1341, 09FF66C7-4576-44CD-A31B-48F677…)

this was posted on the exposing nika account (1/5)

No. 1094080

File: 1606616925081.jpeg (347.05 KB, 1242x1366, 1DD121B8-8078-4CB9-A6A1-3B81D7…)


No. 1094082

File: 1606617045812.jpeg (228.71 KB, 1242x1406, 94715579-276E-4010-8B73-3BE54D…)


No. 1094084

Exposing accounts are retarded

No. 1094085

File: 1606617175482.jpeg (237.95 KB, 1242x1364, DC977F69-8DFF-4D34-A0F8-8555F8…)


No. 1094088

File: 1606617274137.jpeg (358.16 KB, 1242x1436, 989DEBB0-4174-409E-8198-73F0CF…)


No. 1094122

File: 1606620744653.png (2.65 MB, 828x1792, 3B924DFA-E2E7-4D73-AFFA-0C820C…)

Jaelle is classy as ever

No. 1094217

File: 1606627701165.png (1.11 MB, 828x1792, 26CCFA6E-B096-4CAF-86D2-4F8329…)

She was friends w her like 2 days ago, I highly doubt she didn’t know all this. My guess is she doesn’t wanna go down for condoning nika’s pedo shit

No. 1094221

she definitely did… all of those screenshots are old news and i know nika has confided in her about her “pedophilic” feelings. if nika is actually a predator, jaelle has had a front row seat to all of it and should be held just as accountable. jaelle is just a fucking simpleton.

No. 1094236

Already ppl are defending jaelle by saying nika emotionally manipulated her into being her friend despite the pedo allegations. Maybe it’s just me but I’d braid the grass before I remained friends with someone tryna pimp teens

No. 1094237

Weren’t they just very recently buddy-buddy ???
It’s not like any of this is new, Jaelle knew all of this and clearly didn’t give a fuck, convenient no that they’re on the outs again she suddenly does kek.

It’s like clockwork, anybody that has known these two cows (especially Jaelle) knew
she couldn’t stay away from Nika or the the drama for too long. It never ceases to amaze me how fucking stupid she is.

Too bad that no one finds her pathetic and attention seeking antics entertaining (especially now), she’s so boring and predictable.

No. 1094243

I think Jaelle might be literally a retarded person. She doesn’t have emotional reasoning or logical reasoning.

No. 1094301

I wish I had screen recorded (have no storage space).
Jaelle was just on live and said ‘ I don’t know why people link me to Nika, I’m not a druggie or junkie, the only hard drugs I’ve done are meth Xanax and molly’. She cannot be fucking serious.

No. 1094302

She is also claiming to be 100% sober.

No. 1094304

File: 1606637438063.jpeg (68.57 KB, 828x774, 7E1E2717-1BB6-4954-965F-F7E0C5…)


No. 1094307

File: 1606637721641.jpeg (456.6 KB, 828x1528, DA77A8BF-77CB-4402-90B0-346DCC…)

No. 1094308

File: 1606637778073.png (744.67 KB, 828x1792, D520D35F-8F4A-43D5-8999-8ADB3F…)

Some dms between Jaelle and one of Nika’s apparent victims

No. 1094310

File: 1606637849555.png (712.52 KB, 828x1792, B34042F8-838F-4BCD-A4C4-0C3024…)

No. 1094311

File: 1606637970599.png (2.95 MB, 828x1792, 7661B2ED-9888-40E2-9542-977EF5…)

No. 1094318

File: 1606638736214.jpeg (519.42 KB, 828x1696, 6B962A2B-9FA5-4E3B-8780-A3748B…)

No. 1094417

File: 1606659461233.jpeg (418.79 KB, 828x893, 603F0D58-3F61-4B97-8467-D00F31…)

“wow nika you look so happy and sober”

No. 1094420

wasn’t jaelle plying among us with nika like 1-2 weeks ago? hmm

No. 1094552

File: 1606675954255.jpeg (190.32 KB, 828x779, 390251B9-B908-42A8-956D-EFB208…)

As the “Nika Is Cancelled Pt. 137” party continues raging on in the spam community, this morning we were reminded of Nika’s prior racist/“cancellable” offenses. I actually hadn’t seen the attached SS from her cutedeadgrl spam, I didn’t follow her back then but I believe that’s around the time where she pretended to be a boy, etc. And some new milk emerged from one of the spam moms about some horrible shit Nika supposedly said to her while pregnant. Will attach in next post.

No. 1094553

File: 1606676132116.jpeg (620.42 KB, 828x1153, E88D5CF0-B2CE-4BCC-9653-5DB8CF…)

Ah, I guess it isn’t new information. The spam mom was just reposting a SS of a caption she had made before about Nika the last time she was “cancelled”. It’s very telling about the toxic dynamic between Jaelle and Nika

No. 1094555

File: 1606676326960.jpeg (301.57 KB, 828x711, 09236DEA-8F15-4B93-B367-B5F8FC…)

Sorry for the 3 consecutive posts, one last one! Not sure how many Nika threads there have been on lc, but I’ve seen it mentioned in this thread about Nika and Jaelle’s blackface but not seen any photos. Might as well add Nika’s blackface photo here.

No. 1094570

OK, fuck it — I’ll keep going. A lot of this thread deals with the new milk surrounding Nika and her dissent into madness through drugs & mental illness, but I think we should also note how fucked up she was before the drugs and madness. Those screenshots are telling enough, but she would do even more horrible stuff than the racist stuff you see there. I recall her dj_desperation phase; she made a comment on a post from a car crash victim where half of the guy’s face was gone. His post detailed the recreation of his new face, not by a plastic surgeon but by doctors doing what was necessary to make his face functional. Nika commented something along the lines of “ you’ll never be as good looking as how you were before your crash” or something insensitive like that. In this phase she would always make horrible/edgy comments or say things to get a rise out of people; it was part of her edgy persona. It’s crazy how much she’s changed only to be even more fucked up.

No. 1094591


I wish i had screenshots of the incident i had seen when she was 19-20 with a 17 year old, I watched her posts pretty closely and weird confession about being a pedophile, i also remember her specifically saying she pretends to be 12 years old when she has sex and it turns her on??? She had a video on onlyfans where she was in pink fishnets pretending to essentially be a molested 12 year old girl. This was around the time she was super drugged out doing meth and living with that dentist guy.

No. 1094593

I’m Anon the who posted these caps and others from her old spams in the last thread.

Nicole isn’t ‘cancelable’ IMO because she has always and still does thrive and bask in all of the negative attention she receives online.

No. 1094604


You have a good point, but she is also just so fucking spun half the time I don’t even think she knows what reality is anymore. I’m not trying to get her “cancelled” by any means, she’s entertaining as fuck to keep up with because she’s such a depraved piece of shit. It’s hard to believe she’s even a real person sometimes the way she does her makeup when she has an episode is so horrible it’s like a little kid with crayons for the first time. I don’t think she’s ever going to get better mentally at this point unless she is forced to by the law. She would not last a moment in jail.

No. 1094657

someone please post what is on jaelle account. there are only 3 followers(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1094694

File: 1606685797478.jpeg (200.92 KB, 828x632, 663F01E1-3B90-4ADD-86B0-F36AA5…)


No. 1094720

>i feel terrble lol.

.. the fuck even.

No. 1094829

Yeaaaaaah jaelle is fully compliant in this. On her story she said Nika replaced her 2 days ago, so that’s why jaelle decided to speak out. She knew about all this and didnt care til she could use it to “cancel” nika. I have no sympathy for jaelles fat greasy ass

No. 1094922

Jaelle is just..so sad. Love how she only ever turns on Nika is when she realizes Nika will be replacing her soon.
She far from a “main character” lmao always gotta be a sidekick

No. 1094929


I have zero to no sympathy for Jaelle since she’s been her ugly sidekick since forever, but it’s hilarious to see her turn on her! Do you think they’ll reconcile after this debacle or not? After all, they were playing among us together just a few days ago…

No. 1094932

they always get back together, so Jae calling her out is stupid asf since we ALL know they will never fully leave each other. tWiN fLaMes

No. 1094936

jaelle is just upset nika pumped and dumped her. Nika is the main character in Jaelles life and that makes her mad. Jae has nobody, at least nika has other "friends" (who probably only hang out with her to see what a train wreck she is). Nika is Jae's only friend and they have known each other for a while so its hard for them to stop being friends.

No. 1095381

File: 1606762158583.jpg (96.49 KB, 1280x693, giant from twin peaks.jpg)

pic related

No. 1095493

I don't think it really counts as being pedophile if you flirt with person who is two years younger than you.

Yeah Nika is a terrible person but c’mon

No. 1095628

File: 1606781081021.jpeg (117.18 KB, 750x1088, 7FDF0754-681E-442C-A4CE-63054B…)

jaelle is such a cunt for pinning this all on nika. nika's getting such an insane amount of hate on instagram right now, most of them are jaelles whiteknights spamming her. these retarded kids are even crueler than most farmers. nika's completely out of her mind, too. she'll probably end up badly hurting herself because of this. i know she had this coming, but damn, i kind of feel bad for her.

No. 1095656

imagine feeling bad for a pedo, kek
she’s even admitted to it…

No. 1095678

she’s not a pedo for being a teenager hooking up with other teenagers with a two year age gap. romeo and juliet laws exist for a reason and you’re making it out like she’s a nineteen year old having sex with a literal child. i hate this druggy bitch too but she’s not a fucking pedo for hitting on/sleeping with a seventeen year old as a nineteen year old. it’s weird and creepy yes, but she’s not raping some innocent baby and she’s definitely not a pedophile.

No. 1095682

ntayrt but we know what nika went through to become this sick and dysfunctional. she's still young and has the time to change, its pretty reasonable to feel bad for a severely mentally ill person who's already barely alive being hounded relentlessly. it's like watching someone kick the shit out of an old stray dog. nobody is excusing her behavior. also learn 2 sage instafag.

No. 1095699

she is a pedophile for flirting with girls 4 years younger though. why are u all feeling bad for a child groomer so suddenly.

No. 1095701

File: 1606785363395.png (3.06 MB, 828x1792, E04AF880-FA47-422F-8B7C-EE323B…)

No. 1095704

File: 1606785386062.png (2.34 MB, 828x1792, 2E54A480-855B-4C69-855D-64CA75…)

No. 1095705

File: 1606785507198.png (2.14 MB, 828x1792, 324F99D7-316A-43A3-A9C6-D5EBB7…)

No. 1095706

File: 1606785567308.png (Spoiler Image, 2.14 MB, 828x1792, 24E25DA4-3053-4EE0-BB13-B071F4…)

No. 1095730

nika's already done so much awful shit, you tards didnt need to fabricate a story about her being a "pedo child groomer" to prove that. would you call a senior in highschool a pedophile for dating a freshman?
she was obviously incoherent and on multiple different substances when she said those things about being attracted to children. her life is already absolute shit, she doesn't need a bunch of bored teenagers claiming she's a pedophile and telling her to OD on top of everything else shes going through.

No. 1095738

jaelle is fucked for doing this, nika is a shit bag but this is going to drive her to hurt herself or actually an hero. typical of jae.

No. 1095740

No. 1095756

None of these people deserve the effort you're putting in to defending them.

No. 1095767

its technically hebephilia which is the preference for 12-15 year olds. she admitted it several times herself. not pedophilia but still gross(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1095779

Idk if Nika is a legitimate pedo or not (only because of her history of saying the most fucked up and vile shit for attention) , even if she was, I don’t see the effort in trying to ‘cancel’ her because like other anons have already said, she likes any kind of attention she receives online, which includes the negative (I believe that’s what she enjoys the most honestly ).

What I don’t believe us that Jaelle is a fucking victim to Nika ,she apparently was in the same house when Nika allegedly raped someone and was around for all of the other twisted shit and participated at times. She continued to pursue a friendship with her after all of this occurred and probably will again at some point in the future.

Jaelle is clearly very hurt that Nika got tired of her ass

No. 1095781

File: 1606791405450.png (1.11 MB, 828x1792, 9C6B2629-DB12-4CA1-8042-6ECED6…)

Kek…apparently Nika’s ex catfished Jaelle before he and Nika began dating. I know she’s still probably fucking bitter about that.

No. 1095821

topkek anon

No. 1095883

The "technically hebephile" distinction isn't really relevant outside of psychiatry and 4chan, sage this scrotery at the very least.

No. 1095889

bruh yall need to actually look through the exposing account because there are allegations coming from people as young as 13

No. 1095917

>>1095889 post the caps yourself newfag.

This is an imageboard.

No. 1095957

The only 'proof' on there are people telling stories in pms. Not saying all of them have to be fabricated, but with the kind of crowd nika attracts I wouldn't be surprised if people took advantage of the hive mind and made up drama.

No. 1096042

whoever banned me is stupid as fuck cause im not apologizing for anything, i was simply explaining that there is a term for it and its still disgusting and wrong. god people are annoying(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1096098

File: 1606836156760.jpg (58.5 KB, 898x959, IMG_20201130_145530_400.jpg)

Nika admitting to posting the revenge porn that girl who said nika took advantage of her on GHB said existed. The girl said after she deleted it from OF nika posted to neurotic_fanpage. This ss is between nika and the 13 year old she tried to groom. I have more between her and the 13 year old if yall wanna see

No. 1096106

File: 1606836508188.jpg (112.48 KB, 618x772, IMG_20201130_142807_696.jpg)

People who remember the videos nika posted to snapchat of the blue haired minor. That's considered CP if shes 17. She posted that to her pay 2 play snapchat. Plus its molestation bc she was unconscious. The girl claimed nika took advantage of her and tried to pimp her out. Wouldn't be surprised if she gave her GHB like other people are claiming

No. 1096199

She did molest her and totally would do it again and again if left to her devices. but can we please stop pretending 17 is a child, calling everything child porn just trivializes actual cp. Being a year under the age of consent doesn’t make you a vulnerable actual child. It makes you, legally, a minor. You don’t have to make it sound worse. Calling it more than a drugging and molestation is just you pushing the heaviest accusation you can think of so she can never reintegrate socially again. Stop being retarded just because you want us to jump on her ass like you are. We don’t need to lie to show that nika is a predator.

inb4 the jaelle wk lurking says I’m defending her; I hope she gets locked up. She will become an actual offending pedophile as this continues to go unchecked. As of now, we’re only seeing the beginnings. She’s testing the gray areas as a teenager.

No. 1096220


No. 1096228

For real. Nika was still a teen when she supposedly groomed the 17 year old. She’s just high on drugs and doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I wish she would go to rehab and get clean. She’s a narcissistic piece of shit but Jaelle is being petty and making up allegations because Nika got tired of her pigface

No. 1096246

There is a reason distributing porn of a 17 year old is federally illegal. It is dangerous and it would make nika a child sex offender under the law.

Plus, nika said herself she has a fetish for fucking 15 year old girls so the many allegations coming from people under 17 shouldn't be taken with a grain of salt

No. 1096255

Shes 20 now and she had plans to fly out another 17 year old who she would constantly sexually flirt with calling her baby and asking to run away with her and allegedly sent nudes to her. (There are screenshots of the convos but the nudes were sent on snapchat)

Theres screenshots of her telling her her age too. You cant tell me thats not predatory and pedo behavior from a fucking 20 year old

No. 1096320

predatory, yes. pedophilia? sorry but no. she's just a rapist for that. fucking someone 2-3 years younger as a 19 year old isn't even considered pedophilia in courts.

also we get it, you came from jaelle's instagram witch hunt.



if you read this thread, you would know these have been posted already. learn how to read and sage. reposting the same messages over and over does nothing to help your case and just shits up the thread.

No. 1096325

Sorry about that, I missed that part of the thread. I'll post the ones (from the same girl) that havent been posted yet and I'll sage

No. 1096326

Stop shitting up the thread dmbass

No. 1096329

My bad, deleting all unnecessary posts.

No. 1096339

File: 1606850444329.jpg (260.96 KB, 1080x1357, Screenshot_20201201-141923_Ins…)


No. 1096343

File: 1606850612537.jpg (206.5 KB, 1080x1326, Screenshot_20201201-141937_Ins…)


No. 1096345

File: 1606850703411.jpg (334.46 KB, 1079x1344, Screenshot_20201201-141955_Ins…)


No. 1096347

Shes not 19 anymore, shes 20. You cant tell me this isnt sus af to be saying to a 17 year old. Im convinced yall are pedos too

No. 1096357

And distributing pornographic images of a 17 year old IS considered CP and WOULD make nika a child sex offender under the law. We all saw those videos she posted of that girl to her snapchat. In your eyes it might not be a child sex offense but in the eyes of the law it is. And then theres the allegations from people younger than 17.

No. 1096367

and we're convinced your fucking retarded coming to this board acting like you can rile up an army

No. 1096402

yall are acting like people are out here spreading lies when theres actual receipts. no one is spreading lies. if people want to think nika is a pedo for doing stuff with 17 year olds then thats their business. its all a matter of opinion at the end of the day. people are just making their own judgement off of the evidence provided. she called herself a pedophile and said she likes little girls so that definitely adds to the image shes portraying of herself and how people are gonna interpret her relationships with minors.

No. 1096430

post caps. I've yet to see any actual evidence that couldn't easily be faked.
not that I put any of this above nika, but we're gonna need proof beyond just hearsay.

No. 1096436

i posted caps. nika calling a 17 year old baby and sexy, saying send feet pics, saying she wants to kiss her, and then trying to get her to fly out and sleep over. if people want to believe thats pedo behavior thats their business bc it could easily be taken that way given the fact nika said herself shes a pedo that likes little girls (caps posted already) Shes 20 now and those convos between her and that 17 year old are recent

No. 1096440

File: 1606854785600.png (1.1 MB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201201-123101.png)

wasn't she just playing among us with Nika and defending her a few weeks ago? lmao

No. 1096478

File: 1606856512298.png (778.85 KB, 750x1334, C0747C4D-B2C9-4FA2-8FFD-4EEB61…)

jaelle is so full of shit. so she's allowed to do messed up things to minors just for attention, but when nika does it for attention shes a pedophile? so fucking ridiculous.

No. 1096491

Nika didn't say the pedo stuff for attention, it was a leaked private conversation. She said in response to it getting leaked that its her deepest darkest secret that she trusted not to get exposed and then a few weeks later tried to say the screenshots were fabricated

No. 1096498

At least post caps if you're gonna newfag. And learn how to respond.

No. 1096499

Also maybe nika isnt technically a pedophile but she does take advantage of minors. She drugged up and molested a teen girl and posted it to her pay to play snapchat. I dont think that was for attention I think its because shes a sick predator. I dont think thats comparable to jaelle carving a minors name into her skin bc she didnt hurt anyone or take advantage. Nika clearly sets out to take advantage of people

No. 1096501

File: 1606857550366.jpg (372.66 KB, 1080x1014, Screenshot_20201201-161745_Ins…)

1/2 these caps were posted already because I literally downloaded them from this thread but here you fucking go

No. 1096503

File: 1606857597418.jpg (180.2 KB, 1078x1014, Screenshot_20201201-161759_Ins…)


No. 1096505

File: 1606857678394.jpg (777.01 KB, 1080x1357, Screenshot_20201201-162126_Ins…)

Nika saying the recipts are fake

No. 1096618

lets be honest, even if nika isnt technically a paedo everyone would still be "cancelling" her and calling her a predator and groomer for drugging and molesting a 17 year old. people have been saying this in her tiktok comments for ages.

i dont understand why any of you feel bad for nika and think shes being slandered. some people consider 17 and 20 as peadophelia

No. 1096631

they're either eating up nikas manipulative bullshit, or they're giving her the woman card because if a dude was doing this more people would probably give a shit. there's blatant evidence saying she gets off on the idea of fucking an underage girl ""even if she wouldn't do it"" and getting people drugged up so they'd be easier to coerce. that's predatory as hell idgi

No. 1096823

File: 1606875056889.jpeg (687.97 KB, 1125x1598, 6C6FDF80-1975-4823-9137-D455B3…)

She says she will take accountability & be held responsible but then blames Nika for her taking drugs herself, losing her own virginity, and having sex with a man while they were dating. She seems to be afraid to admit that she has done these things herself, so she blames Nika for them instead. Nika did not shove meth down your throat, Nika did not force you to have sex with someone, Nika did not force you to lose your virginity to a 40 year old. That was all you.

No. 1096826

Nika is literally not strong enough to force anyone to do anything. She is frail, anorexic, and drugged out. Jae needs to take responsibility for part of it. Nika is a gaslighter and used jaelle but jaelle is a grown woman

No. 1096828

I don't think she is racist, she just made cringe jokes trying to be an edge lord. She isn't a pedophile. But she technically is considered a predator/rapist. Nika should just leave social media, get clean, and move to Russia and start a new life tbh

No. 1096900

File: 1606881304477.png (74.2 KB, 720x596, Screenshot_20201201-193258.png)

ended up messaging Jaelle for lulz. yeah everything that went wrong was because of Nika. wants to own up to everything but blames it on Stockholm(cowtipping)

No. 1097276

why the pedophile discourse? stop trying to make nika look less bad than she is lmao posting sexual content of a minor IS dangerous and even if nika isnt a 'pedo' she's putting and selling content of minors to people who may/may not know that persons age…

No. 1097305

Jesus christ this hambeast is fuming, never ever thought I'd side with nika.

No. 1097367

15 days ago, exactly. >>1085187
her and her cronies really fucked up their shot at 'cancelling' her for good. if they try this again in three weeks, people will just accuse jaelle of crying wolf. i'm surprised people are retarded enough to believe jaelle is trying to break away for good. she won't, she knows it. both of them are extremely sick and have serious dirt on each other. jae will crack and realize she has no one just like nika. rinse, repeat.

No. 1097866

File: 1606976563447.jpeg (295.07 KB, 780x1448, 8059BB61-42D2-456B-9722-6B15EA…)

from jaelles story

No. 1099443

File: 1607119803978.png (860.22 KB, 828x1792, C637D6D9-347B-41F6-831D-2706B0…)


No. 1099445

File: 1607119902103.png (884.92 KB, 828x1792, FD253443-10E7-4204-88AD-4ED87E…)


No. 1099623

She better be careful in Utah. You can get arrested for looking high and they can charge you with internal possession of a substance. They get a warrant to draw blood and charge you for whatever is in there. Weed included. Cops out there are itching to arrest people like her. She will look very out of place and they will follow her if they have to. Utah is not the place for a drug user to go.

No. 1099733

fingers crossed this bitch gets arrested

No. 1099736

honestly prison would probably be good for her. she could finally get clean. maybe she could even get put into psychiatric care.

No. 1099871

File: 1607148036275.jpeg (558.23 KB, 750x844, 7A0AB135-692A-4F98-9CDA-7B7692…)

Nika got a shitty neck tattoo and spreads the same “peace, love, good vibes!” Bullshit every time she gets called out for her crazy shit

No. 1099874

File: 1607148083724.jpeg (608.92 KB, 750x1074, 7D6F7F9E-CF3E-4748-A1F9-25F5AB…)

No. 1099876

File: 1607148127377.jpeg (329.59 KB, 750x1006, 0CCEB4B0-C768-4288-8DF7-398471…)

Samefag but I didn’t realise Jaelle was in the comments kek

No. 1099886

File: 1607148888505.png (4.44 MB, 828x1792, ECF531B7-03E4-4DB8-A1B8-9B012B…)

Jaelle needs serious help

No. 1099887


these two swamp yankee psychopaths deserve each other

No. 1099888

nika wouldnt last 3 days in prison, let alone last as someones bitchbag in prison either. i hope that moppy headed junkie gets caught and miso gets a loving home :/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1099940

File: 1607158000511.jpeg (305.85 KB, 828x1580, 0424E43B-ADF3-4B48-9810-B72273…)

via jaelle’s story.

not really sure how well this would hold up in court. jaelle was constantly complaining about being piss poor so i’m not really sure how she plans to pay for a lawyer. and nika has no money to give her.

No. 1099950

Bet the newfag not posting caps and completely blaming Jaelle is Nika herself. She doesn't use caps.

No. 1099954

Don't put your email in the email field, newfag. People can find your Depop and Nookazon accounts on Google.

No. 1100004

File: 1607169381667.jpeg (93.17 KB, 828x1339, B4F321FF-005D-4872-B5CA-74F6CC…)

Just some extra info that I thought was… Interesting.

Jaelle made a discord and posted on her story advertising it. There’s a million different channels (idfk if that’s what they’re called, I don’t use discord) and the main one is for people to share stories of ‘what Nika did to them.’ There’s 400+ people in the server and it’s all being admined by a 17 year old girl who runs one of the Nika exposed pages on instagram.

She admitted to being 17 when someone called her out for being in an NSFW channel, (which had no age restriction set up) and she said it didn’t matter because she’s almost 18. I think it’s pretty fucking funny that treating a 17 year old like a minor only matters to Jaelles ‘supporters’ when it fits a narrative. Just another example of how they’re both stupid as fuck. She’s trying to seem like the bigger and better person while gathering an unmonitored group of teenagers behind the scenes to talk shit. They literally introduced themselves by talking about which mental illnesses they have and detailing all their trauma. Seems like the perfect group to leave 100% to their own devices! //S

Jaelle and Nika are both retarded and need to get off the internet and find something productive to do with their lives that doesn’t affect impressionable teenagers. Fuck em both.

No. 1100160

I wish but they are more likely just braindead Nika stans, it's so annoying.
Two people can be cows at the same time, you don't need to take sides.

No. 1100167

dumbass we can track you from your email now
hope Nike's junkie ass beats you up

No. 1100171

Jaelle really trying to get clout from Nika and the victims is disgusting. Jaelle go get some friends and put your piece of shit incest loving dad behind bars

No. 1100177

God, there's no way just drugs can make someone this disgusting and fucked. Jaelle has her own problems, sure, but the text in this about the incest rape fantasies is just vile.

No. 1100199

It is vile anon, but let’s face it, people do have fucked up fantasies that get them off. What’s more fucked up is that she glibly admits these things, at the expense of hurting others, and clearly gets off on the excitement of admitting them.
She should be in long term therapy and learn to keep her mouth shut.
They are both massive cows and I can’t stand either of them, equally.

No. 1100223


This is a post i can agree with. Jaelle not taking responsibility for the shit she did while with nika, isn’t okay. Anyone else remember it was both her and nika’s idea to fuck her dad? Like c’mon now, the man’s clearly not all there, that was elderly abuse at the very least. Sure she regrets it now but she was gloating when it went down and even offered to film it lmfao they’re both pieces of shit

No. 1100289

The only reason I think I sympathize with Jaelle the slightest amount is because I don't even know how she lives with herself at this point. If I had done something fucked up like this with my dad I would 100% kill myself. Not saying she should, but if I were in her shoes- yeah.

I guess she's still posting on social media still though so she must take being known as the "girl who filmed her dad having sex with her best friend" thing in stride.

This story is so fucked up and uncomfortable it's like a real-life horror movie and I can't look away.

No. 1100303

Although I can’t stand them equally, as I said earlier, it doesn’t mean I don’t find the entire situation totally tragic. These two grimy urchins are exactly that - immature, mentally underdeveloped, uncared for, lost children. Hate to be the “parents are to blame” brigade, but they fucking are. Despicable the way these two have been raised.
Way more hardcore and unbounded than kids who are picked up by social services (in the UK) as displaying mental health and social problems. Anyway. My two cents.

No. 1100334

Agreed, not saying those two are not at fault and completely shitty people, but being hooked on drugs from such young age (12/13 yrs) fucks the kid up.

No. 1100346

File: 1607199902258.jpeg (137.87 KB, 828x1472, E49DEA3E-6A49-4A36-8191-AD0084…)

No. 1100368

File: 1607201235535.jpeg (198.88 KB, 828x1315, CDD96DF4-B5A2-47DD-B9DE-8E26B3…)

the discord chat is fucking gross. everyone is so desperate for attention on it. thought this was weird of jaelle to broadcast.

No. 1100414

She is just as bad as Nika, I swear. Remember her gore/SH account? That was fucking revolting.

If you’re having intrusive thoughts, bitch, go learn how to cope and don’t, do not, wallow/encourage it in others.

No. 1100419

>>1099871 God that looks ridiculous kek

No. 1100430

it really is a reach with the word pedophile. y’all take words and run with them to the point that the definition of a word doesn’t matter anymore.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1100451

Who are you even replying to? If you're gonna bitch, at least make it clear what you're bitching about.

No. 1100518

File: 1607211130409.jpeg (182.83 KB, 828x1531, 66E4ABFB-F26A-45BE-9350-E58D45…)

she is such a fucking embarrassment lmfao

No. 1100549

Does she have sexual thought about her dad…..

No. 1100570

She says this as if she didn’t expose personal and private text messages between her & Nika. Hypocrisy at its finest.

No. 1100591

And her grandpa. Girls strumming her bean to old vs young on pornhub for sure.

No. 1100604

wow… basically she doesn't want anyone seeing how desperate and pandering she was to Nika. they were friends literally a week ago but Nika realized she has outgrown jaelle.
how are people in the spam community this dumb to not realize that everything that jaelle is doing comes from a place out spite and jealousy rather than for the greater good.
she literally can't get any other friends because she's ugly and gross as fuck

No. 1100662

You're not entirely wrong but how fucked up do you have to be to think crackhead Nika's had some huge moment of personal growth? This is just their pattern of on again/off again friendship repeated for the 40th time.

No. 1100715

Oh she’s for sure only “coming clean” because she realizes nika no longer gives a shit about her and has left town ONCE AGAIN to abandon her and find a new puppet to play with. Jaelle has no sense of direction to find a job, make some friends, go back to school. She needs professional help asap unless she wants to stay doing nothing for the rest of her life when her internet presence dies out.

No. 1100735

honestly y’all’s lives are sad if you ban people for disagreeing with your reaches. nika is a predator, yes. pedophile? she hasn’t claimed to be attracted to prepubescent kids. i didn’t reply to anyone bc i was talking to everyone. all y’all are so vicious and rude it’s alarming.

No. 1100740

y’all have honestly shit on the whole thing bc you wanna ban people for the smallest shit. jesus fuck get lives

No. 1100741

don’t worry bout banning y’all ruin this shit for everyone bc you just wanna attack and talk shit.(ban evading, again)

No. 1100756

The rest of the exposing nika Instagram pages are saying shit like “NO BLAMING JAELLE” and shutting down all convos of that nature lmao. And what happened to the exposing.jaelle page? It was getting juicy

No. 1101219


Which is yet another reason why Jaelle isn’t taking an ounce of responsibility, everybody in spam in babying her instead of asking hard hitting questions, like “why did you tell Nika to fuck your dad”

No. 1101228

Jaelle has been playing the victim since the very beginning.

Hell, the most recent occurrence of her doing this shit (prior to what’s happening currently ) is all documented in the last thread when she accused her ex Luca of raping her.

I don’t doubt for a second that Nika is an awful person/predator, but I dislike Jaelle way more because of how manipulative/malingering she is.
If some of the claims about Nika turn out to be true (which I’m sure they are) Jaelle was complicit in a lot of this and would’ve continued to be if Nika hadn’t gotten tired of her fat ass.

No. 1101233

It’s just so fucking funny how she portrays herself to be this virtuous person who was under the spell of ~evil nika~. In order to deflect any accountability for her own actions she went as went as far as posting screenshots of the definition of Stockholm syndrome to her ig story a few days ago. You can tell she just eats up all of the support from retards who buy into her bullshit and baby her.

No. 1101310

She knows that the only way she can get off scot-free after all she's done is by scapegoating Nika. Nika is easier to hate because she looks like a crackhead and is terrible at cleaning up her online mess. Jaelle knows she's just as fucked as her. That's why she's going to push this until something happens to Nika, then she's gonna feel guilty and crawl back to her because she loves being a barred out retard who's dependent on a predator. I mean, genuinely, who else would fuck Jaelle besides her dad? Just Nika.

No. 1101429

>she loves being a barred out retard who's dependent on a predator
hoooly shit the victim blaming is off the charts

No. 1101438

ayrt; how can you look at both of their histories, this thread and everything else and seriously believe jaelle is tragic victim? both are clinically insane and comfortable in it. They deserve each other. It reaches a point where you no longer bare a victim if you're complicit in the acts and repeatedly rationalize them. she can cry stockholm syndrome til the cows come home, it will fall flat on everyone's ears the more she repeats this cycle without actually trying to break free. i don't know why you retards want to pick sides when both of them need to be 5150'd and banned from the internet entirely.

No. 1101460

File: 1607287966236.jpeg (700.95 KB, 1125x1930, 1EBBEDBC-841B-48C7-AB97-D368E3…)

They were literally two years apart. How is she a pedophile? Why don’t these mentally ill teenagers spend their time & energy on actual pedophiles instead?

No. 1101490

Actually theyre 3 years apart?? Why do yall keep forgetting nika is 20. Those texts are recent. It is INCREDIBLY creepy for a 20 year old to be talking to a junior in high school like that and trying to meet up and fuck. Yall are something else.

No. 1101505

It's definitely inappropriate but calling 20yo a pedophile for talking to 17 years old is insane, stop trying to change meaning of words.

No. 1101525

have you noticed not one of these exposing accounts providing evidence called her a pedo? Thats the conclusion that everyone else has come to. If people wanna think a 20 year old fucking a 17 year old is pedophelic then thats their opinion. No one is spreading false info. She SAID HERSELF she likes "little girls" and wants to fuck 15 year olds because it feels wrong. That makes her as a 20 year old specifically targeting minors over and over seem mighty suspicious. If people wanna think shes a pedo thats their opinion. Im 19 and I would never touch a minor let alone specifically target them. And who knows what she does with the CP she solicits from them. If you found out your 17 year old daughter was meeting up with and sleeping over at a 20 year old guys house you would call the cops. And if you wouldnt you should never have children.

No. 1101526

She’s an ephebophile then, if you want to be specific with words. Nika is creepy as fuck for talking to minors in a sexual way and that’s that.

No. 1101531

Nika was 19 when this happened. she turned 20 a month ago and these texts were from a while ago. 17 and 19 IS FINE. and as someone mentioned above, jaelle has no issue with letting a 17 moderate the discord cuz “she’s almost 18”. this cherry picking is ridiculous. not denying nika is a predator but this particular instance isn’t an example of being pedophilic.

No. 1101539

No, she was 20. These texts arent from a while ago they are recent. Where are you getting this information?? These texts are literally from the last couple of weeks.

No. 1101544


Just like the Manson thread, this thread is crawling with morons. You tried, anon.

No. 1101553

She turned 20 in october, not a month ago tf? And those texts are from the past couple of weeks. Im the one who aquired them. Those texts are current.

No. 1101637

At risk of derailing, it probably comes from the same desire to gawk and gossip as Lolcow. But the kids behind exposure accounts are just immature, clout chasing moralfags who want to be vigilantes of justice. No doubt, they also feel they're doing the right thing. "If you see something, say something," etc etc. But they are way too willing to stretch the truth and twist words, all for the sake of cancelling Nika even one second faster.

It's typical adolescent need for instant gratification and tendency towards black-and-white thinking. Probably why so many Instafag anons ITT insist on picking sides. They're too young to comprehend a conflict with nuance. I wish they'd get off the internet and volunteer at a domestic abuse shelter, instead.

No. 1101706

exactly! thank you for articulating this.

No. 1101783

Whos stretching the truth though…not one of the exposing accounts called nika a pedophile

No. 1101800

Also the original exposing page never once picked sides or said anything about jaelle being a saint. Theyre just focusing on nika because jaelle never raped or abused anyone. They never called nika a pedo or stretched the truth in any way. And the account is run by a fully grown adult not an adolecent moralfag. Where are yall getting this info? Yall are just making shit up at this point.

No. 1101826

>not one of the exposing accounts called nika a pedophile
Ok then what's this then? >>1101460

No. 1101846

Bruh the said "pedo behavior" dont play dumb. They didnt call her a literal pedophile

No. 1101850

And I bet thats the only example you can come up with too

No. 1101902

I see that one of the accounts has referred to her as a pedo in their bio but the original account never has. That newer one is apparently run by someone who doesnt know english as their first language so its possible they dont know the distinction between a predator that targets minors and a pedophile. Or its possible that theyre just taking nikas word for it when she confessed to literally being a pedophile and liking "little girls" so I think thats fair. I dont believe that account ever said "nika is a pedo for doing this and that with minors", nika is a self proclaimed pedophile

No. 1102078

File: 1607329326760.png (566.09 KB, 828x1792, D67D489D-F036-48A7-92C1-1404BC…)

is she not just describing herself? she goes back to nika within a few weeks every time.

No. 1102156

Are you making some sort of argument about liking underage adolescents versus prepubescent children? Because no one cares, Samefag.

No. 1102205

The anons that are calling her a predator for being 20 flirting with 17 year olds or something like that- nika is literally so fucking fried in her brain her maturity is regressed. Teenagers know right from wrong, it's that they can't outweigh the pros and cons of the result of their actions. You people think that after 3 years on drugs nika is a mature adult when she literally hooks up with anyone who gives her a small sense of intimacy. Shes a regressing drugged up whore. This just seems like teens fucking up each others lives in my perspective.

No. 1102302

Jesus Christ, did she read this thread and have meltdown or something? This is so embarrassing to watch

No. 1102357

Holy shit I forgot about that account, didn't she encourage people to send her their pics of their cuts, even minors kek

No. 1102399

I'm pretty sure she's posting here, namely >>1101800 and all the posts that use "y'all". pathetic.

No. 1102419

She definitely is, along with all of her minions who read this thread religiously to defend any slight criticism about the exposing pages & about jaelle, and still can’t even learn how to properly post on it.

No. 1102485



potentially. tinfoil but the typing style and voice are alike. above are linked examples of jaelle's voice when grave and casual/catty. she's "eloquent" and uses punctuation up until someone says something about Jae not being a victim, then she switches to run on sentences, over use or lack of punctuation. the use of "u" and "yall/y'all" when upset might be telling.

No. 1102505

File: 1607376394752.jpeg (1012.87 KB, 3464x3464, 3DF280FA-D80B-420D-97E2-C43361…)

This is just more proof of how these exposing pages stretch the fuck out of things just to make people look bad. Ciara had a good point & the exposing page totally disregarded it to try to make her look bad. and ofc finally agreed when Queen Jaelle said so. I wonder how many other things they disregard when ppl bring up valid points counterclaiming their assumptions.

No. 1102513

proof that all this bread and circus is reactionary, misdirected and literally making Jaelle look worse. Of course her WKs won't think so until J is outed for something, but to everyone else this is just sad. They really could have protected people had it not been conducted by fucking cowtipping children.

No. 1102531

File: 1607378496073.png (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 750x1334, 13AFFC4E-9E46-419F-B4C0-C01E0F…)

No. 1102545

File: 1607379872225.png (803.22 KB, 828x1792, C71A6BF9-0A3C-4757-AC07-1B5F1D…)

No. 1102551

She absolutely reads here. Why else would she post this so soon to her selfposting being pointed out?

This is play for play exactly like in June when she tried to get her ex cancelled for "molesting" her. Jaelle, you can't try to send a mob after every person who decides they don't want you in their lives anymore, it doesn't work like that. The bpd is really jumping out lmao.

No. 1102639

File: 1607387190252.jpeg (478.44 KB, 828x820, 845E0FF4-340D-40E2-BF35-926CE4…)

Saged for no milk

I’ve noticed a lot of these exposing Nika pages /people that are on jaelles side bring up Nika’s racist past a lot.

I found this old screenshot of Jaelle comparing a black woman to a gorilla. (Bottom left corner. ) Another example of this bitch’s endless hypocrisy kek

No. 1102651

kek "no thank you" i love it

No. 1102654

File: 1607388226600.jpeg (579.1 KB, 828x818, 22910E75-419E-43C4-8D95-450083…)

>guys i don’t lurk lolcow

>Jaelle lurking this thread

No. 1102751

the fact that she posted this right after these >>1102485 >>1102302 posts were made.
kek, be more subtle jaelle.

No. 1102814

we get it you’re a twitch streamer emote user, this thread is garbage and y’all keep bringing up Jaelle when this thread is about Nika, if you wanna complain about Jaelle make your own thread but quit trying to compare a pedophile manipulatative child grooming racist anorexic eugenia cooney wannabe druggy to a racist innocent wannabe. We get it Jaelle has no room to talk when it comes to negative / bad shit someones done in the past. Keep the thread about Nika only instead of crowding with irrelevant shit. Focus on the main point, Nika being a pedophile and grooming kids and finding them sexy enough to use a baby look alike as a dildo on her self. Y’all making this thread look like shit just like Erin Painters last thread.

No. 1102815

Says the retard who doesn’t know how to fucking sage

No. 1102818

Samefag, Jaelle is relevant to the discussion. The purpose of this thread isn’t be some vigilante and to takedown/expose Nika you fucking sperg

No. 1102819

I kind of looked at this thread as about both jaelle and Nika, all their drama is intertwined anyways. They’re both scummy and fucked up people in their own separate ways why not talk about the both of them.

No. 1102835

holy shit, "racist innocent wannabe" is fucking gold

I think it's hilarious that this thread is basically about the both of them, but Jaelle is so much of a sidekick that she couldn't even get her name in the title.

No. 1102837

Ayrt, get fucked nerd

No. 1102873

I’m the anon who made this thread. I excluded Jaelle when I made it as she was such a lousy pathetic side-piece of drama that I figured she only deserved an honourable mention with her socials at the end with nika’s. At the time, Nika was milky as fuck and a total cow whereas jaelle was just being a pathetic whiny bitch, reminiscent of a 14 year old girl who self harms then rolls her sleeves up in school. Jaelle is very much a part of this thread, in the same way she is still entwined with Nika, hanging off her saggy deflated teet like the attention-hungry leech that she is.

No. 1102875

Congrats! Your spergout only makes Jaelle look worse.

No. 1102897

Learn to integrate better next time you try and Wk the hambeast

No. 1102999

Ok jaelle

No. 1103010

Literally made me lol

No. 1103148

i'm not trying to hi cow but this has to be jaelle. i know her stans are fucking braindead but surely not to this level? what the fuck would make someone type all this shit out in her defense if they weren't just defending themselves. also kek @ 'racist innocent wannabe'

No. 1103240

Not to tinfoil but it sounds like that jade bitch Jaelle is friends with. She already wk’s for her constantly on ig and I thinks she’s aware of lc

No. 1103251

File: 1607468861192.jpeg (664.95 KB, 828x1315, ED5689D6-5E93-46C8-9F20-113D62…)

she posted on tiktok 2 hours ago, shes w a new girl

No. 1103302

File: 1607473209318.png (756.93 KB, 828x1792, EE5B4FED-A596-4DAB-8092-3546B4…)

How much evidence do they even have against her other than questionable flirtatious text messages?

No. 1103312

"I hope nika is shitting herself" yeah this is a totally altruistic campaign for the victims, not motivated by jaelle's vindictiveness at all.

No. 1103330

Exactly. They have no real evidence of Nika doing anything besides flirting with girls two or three years younger than her lmao. What a big ass waste of the FBI’s time.

No. 1103334

File: 1607475226798.jpeg (206.7 KB, 750x866, 3F63E2F3-1C6F-48F1-BABC-5C6493…)

No. 1103336

File: 1607475259356.png (643.61 KB, 750x1334, 87DE3CF1-99B3-482C-847F-489D25…)


Take it with a grain of salt

No. 1103340

They filed for missing children reports? Is that what that last part says?

No. 1103346

So basically they got the voicemail equivalent of a form letter because they harassed someone from the FBI and they are obligated to respond?

Very Impressive. I'm sure the FBI is creating a special unit dedicated to stopping a 20-year-old junkie who sent some creepy DMs

No. 1103377

The national center for exploited and missing children handle cybersex crime cases against minors so it makes sense it would go to them. However they’re so backlogged because of 2020 being such a cluster fuck that they’ll probably never get past the initial conversation. Once you speak to a representative from the agency they usually defer the case to the local level. What a waste of time.

No. 1103428

The voicemail is what they left when the person didnt pick up lmao that wasnt the whole thing. They had to call back and thats when they talked about nika and how they're going about handling the case. The agent is still in active contact with multiple people who cybertipped

No. 1103667

Oh sure. Reminds me of Onision's case, whose victims were totally in contact with the FBI… not.
If they didn't move a finger for a worse case like his, I highly doubt they'll give as much as a thought about a 20 year old sending a couple DMs.

No. 1103738

File: 1607532732272.jpeg (508.12 KB, 1125x1582, DE250830-F646-4785-B33D-FB05C1…)

thought this was funny.

No. 1103795

LOL the fbi is going to get involved with a 20 year old girl who:

1.sent a few creepy dms
2. had sex with intoxicated 18 year old jaelle

They are obligated to respond to any case involving minors, jaelle is speaking to the fbi equivalent of a customer service rep. The most that will happen is they leave a voicemail with the local PD.

Is Jaelle really so delusional that she thinks the FBI would care about her getting fucked with a dildo while on xanax at 18 years old?

No. 1103799

the real reason jaelle is freaking out

No. 1103806

File: 1607538528338.jpeg (421.53 KB, 1242x1675, 2BFAE5D2-822F-4F3B-99EA-E38CDF…)


No. 1103808

File: 1607538558382.jpeg (385.1 KB, 1242x1177, C6A08ECA-FC05-4D11-A5BF-CC5C71…)


This sounds so fake kek

No. 1103824

I dont think theyre getting the police involved for grooming, i doubt thats something you can go to jail for. Its probably for how she raped that guy, drugged that girl with GHB and posted revenge porn, molested that 17 year old and posted it to snap, or when she solicited CP

No. 1103872

Ive literally spoken to detective patrick myself, idk why you guys want this to be fake so bad

No. 1103893

you're not supposed to talk about your involvement in a case, faggot. you're jeopardizing their ability to act every time you publicly mention people working on the case or the case itself. it's almost like you retards are badgering a random federal worker to put big bad nika on america's most wanted; not like you actually want justice, punitive or not. at most these people are humoring you until they realize it's just a bunch of drugged out instafags calling each other ~omg litral child rapists~ for clout. it's so fucking funny. i bet this agent cannot WAIT for this case to be passed to a different unit.

No. 1103910

He never told me I couldnt tell anyone so idk wtf youre talking about. I didnt even mention his last name. There are probably thousands of "detective patricks". I didnt say anything about the case itself. Just that I, an ANON is in contact with a detective. Again just pulling info out of your ass. Im not jeopardizing shit retard

No. 1103915

you just admitted to being in contact retard, anyone can find out who you are through here. why you feel the need to brag about it being real and you talking to an FBI agent on lolcow of all places eludes me. any cop or detective will tell you to NOT TALK ABOUT ONGOING CASES unless you know, there's nothing to the case or you're lying.

there's only a handful of people with vested interest in making anons in this thread believe the story. i'm very inclined to believe you're in that handful. now, go on and beef up your federal investigation.

ot but this reminds me of when that one tiktok bitch Varsenex called the FBI cause she got called the n word and threatened on tiktok.

No. 1103936

For the absolute retards who think the FBI is going to investigate Nika, if you google 'what kind of cases does the FBI handle' this is the response

The FBI has divided its investigations into a number of programs, such as domestic and international terrorism, foreign counterintelligence, cyber crime, public corruption, civil rights, organized crime/drugs, white-collar crime, violent crimes and major offenders

Yes cyber crime is on the list, but they are referring to online pedophile rings that traffic children, major dark web drug trafficking, and people who regularly produce pornography featuring pre-pubescent children.

Nika does not fall into any of those categories. Local police departments don't even pursue rape cases unless there's been a rape kit, why on earth would the FBI waste their time on he said she said online bullshit. Romeo and Juliet laws make anything between her and a 17 year old non-problematic, and literally nothing you mentioned would involve anyone outside of a local police department.

Cops follow cases that they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Otherwise, it's a waste of the taxpayer's money because any reasonable DA will throw the case out. Online he said she said, and semi-consensual sex between intoxicated adults, does not fall into the category of cases even local police follow (especially in major cities like Chicago or NY) MUCH LESS THE FBI.

No. 1103938

File: 1607546841217.jpg (473.95 KB, 1080x1778, Screenshot_20201209-154129_Ins…)

The nika is innocent account

No. 1103959

thank you, anon

at this point i feel like actual 14 year olds are running these expose/truth accounts for both of them

No. 1104014

File: 1607552380819.gif (2.44 MB, 448x336, tumblr_par4avW9iT1tkb2p0o1_500…)

No. 1104059

File: 1607555938377.png (4.07 MB, 750x1334, FE155CF5-8C3F-4A25-A79B-DFE44B…)


On jaelle’s story. Dude…what the fuck? Did ANYONE a s k ? ? ?

No. 1104060

Seriously, this is so fucking juvenile. Another failed vendetta from Jaelle and her cronies. She should have stayed off the internet, all she's done after coming back is embarrass herself.

No. 1104138

File: 1607560693423.jpeg (194.3 KB, 750x786, 12CB0476-D6FE-42E6-9AB5-C9C850…)

Lmfao i got this dm after i said Jaelle ran an account encouraging people to self harm but covered it up as a “gore” account. They really think this is all nika’s way of playing 4D chess.

No. 1104162

File: 1607562927688.jpeg (378.42 KB, 1124x1900, 7F1A41C1-86D0-4528-8806-EB1D5B…)

Jaelle’s response to previously comparing a woman of color to a gorilla ?

No. 1104166

saged for non-contribution but god damn her nose is HUGE

No. 1104170

Her nose?! Nose fucking nails dude
Does she even wash her hands why are her fingernails yellow and dirty

No. 1104190

File: 1607567785914.jpg (448.43 KB, 1080x2087, 20201209_213508.jpg)

(the nika is innocent account)

No. 1104201

>yes, i am a minor

we know

No. 1104205

Holy shit she's fat. Did she think squishing her cheeks and hiding behind her hair would trick everyone?

No. 1104221

File: 1607572212129.png (3.03 MB, 1125x2436, DA53946B-ECB2-4ECB-90D2-A9E7EB…)

Jaelle finally admitting, after denying it multiple times, that she exposed Nika because she was upset Nika replaced her.

No. 1104234

kek right on time, dumb bitch.

No. 1104235

My god Jaelle have some self respect

No. 1104243

how is she gonna convince all of nika's followers and peers that shes a pedophile, with most of her "victims" having little to no proof, and then just turn around and say "actually i was just mad but now i forgive you. im still a victim tho. anyway good luck with your life as an alleged pedo!"
jaelle's one cold bitch. what the fuck?

No. 1104245

I really hate how people worship and will defend Jaelle when she is just as fucked up as a person as nika
Even worse because I don’t remember Nika trying to ruin someone’s life because she had a personal vendetta against them

No. 1104247

File: 1607575858356.png (8.29 MB, 1242x2208, 62BC2527-C107-4685-9383-925E35…)

She posted this tiktok
mY bPd get help pig nosed bitch

No. 1104248

File: 1607575945029.png (1.89 MB, 1242x2208, B2BE87FE-1929-4FD8-BF69-C83D5C…)

Second part of Jaes story

No. 1104265

this fuckin pig lmao. what a joke.

No. 1104747

File: 1607646072283.jpeg (30.07 KB, 828x276, D0676DA3-192E-469B-BF23-FFB4EB…)

kek i’m glad nika knows how bs all the jaelle wk claims about the fbi are.

No. 1104871


I don’t doubt she did what she did because i saw the time she drugged and tried to get that girl on her onlyfans, and i don’t doubt she tries to get other fucked up girls to start hooking, but if they REALLY get her, it’s going to be for warrants she already had out. I honestly don’t think any of these girls are going to go through anything legally, that costs a lot of money most troubled teenagers from broken homes DONT

No. 1105038

File: 1607700849609.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, 6E8A3425-6E91-4C75-883B-2DD9CA…)

No. 1105059

who posted this?

No. 1105117


No. 1105130

>i want to destroy you
jae you fat cunt move on, nika doesn't wanna fuck you anymore
stop being a desperate retard in public
you will never live this down kek

No. 1105269

File: 1607721655836.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1874, 5181004E-81BB-4309-AD1A-BA2C58…)

This account is so stupid. Tinfoil: Jaelle runs this account. They nitpick the dumbest things.
>She’s not wearing a mask omg
No shit she’s a crackhead, crackheads don’t even know where they are. Jaelle and her “fans” are a bunch of Karen’s jfc
Yes nika is creepy and a predator but Jae isn’t an innocent uwu baby

No. 1105350


Anytime anyone doesn’t blatantly kiss jaelle’s ass, she repeats the same phrase “well Jaelle DIDNT drug rape or encourage minors to be prostitutes therefore she isn’t the problem.” Like…people aren’t supposed to be predators??? Congrats??? That’s the bare fucking minimum you can do. Just because she didn’t do what nika did doesn’t mean she’s not a pathetic piece of shot either

No. 1105360

File: 1607727365193.png (Spoiler Image, 2.63 MB, 750x1334, A95F90A6-50AF-4978-A242-AE598F…)


Jaelle hyper fixating on someone who probably doesn’t even like her…Luca 2.0 saga w h e n ?

No. 1105362

Ahhh those were the days. It all seemed so simple then. Kek.

No. 1105387

What is she going to do , sit on her?

I’m sure Nika is terrified kek

No. 1105391

Anon don’t worry, she’ll find another eboy soon enough and the milk will flow.
Those of use who’ve been around for a long time remember the days when she had an online relationship with austin and Nika ‘stole’ him from her.
It’s the same cycle over and over again and every time things don’t work out because she’s fucking crazy she accuses the other person of abuse.

She has to be running these exposing pages herself or her friend is. All of the captions /comments sound too much like her.

No. 1105413

File: 1607731367795.png (3.19 MB, 1242x2688, 216C2A30-689D-4C4B-8770-4FB315…)

No. 1105415

This is so embarrassing I-
Why would you post this on your story?

No. 1105425

File: 1607732072049.jpeg (197.73 KB, 750x1104, 7CA39326-D7B3-43CE-8D37-F7CB80…)

Sage for no milk but I cannot stand that neck tattoo

No. 1105460

All of her tattoos are so god damn ugly abc tacky. So is her make up, it’s so jarring because she used to be semi okay at it but the drugs have fried her brain to the extent that she makes herself look like a cracked out clown.

No. 1105461

Why would sh-….you know what nvm I’m not even surprised, how pathetic.

No. 1105474

File: 1607737297960.jpeg (1.54 MB, 3464x3464, 18A0B916-0D80-4042-9C27-8CF910…)

I know it’s been acknowledged but holy shit. I wonder what drugs specifically fucked her up so badly?(in addition to starving herself). She looked cute at a heavier weight

No. 1105485

She’s been addicted to Xanax since 12 and eventually moved unto heroin and then Meth. All those drugs age the FUCK out of you. She was also addicted to ketamine for awhile.

No. 1105515

Part of me always wonders why she wanted the lip fillers because her lips looked perfectly fine to me, I think she looked really cute on the bottom left pic she just looked like a normal teen girl and now I can barely believe she’s what? 20? It’s insane

No. 1105524

i try to avoid this thread because of how depressing it is but fuck, she looked so much healthier and prettier on the left…

No. 1105536

She’s admitted to and obviously shows signs of having body dysmorphia so for that reason I’m not too surprised she did.

If she wasn’t a broke junkie, she’d butcher herself similarly to how Pnp Has.

No. 1105578

File: 1607746115894.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1818, E359FFB1-E0FB-4790-A70C-B50455…)

This account is so goddamn annoying it’s either Jaelle or one of her cronies

No. 1105584

She used to be so pretty. Those lip fillers and drugs fucked up her natural beauty. Not to be a wk but it’s real sad to see her deteriorate. No wonder jaelle is on this crusade of cancelling nika. She’s just mad Nika ditched her dumpy ass like she always does because she doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

No. 1105585

Agreed. They obsess over Jaelle and lolcow.

No. 1105586

File: 1607746459302.jpeg (229.9 KB, 1124x1917, AB02B5A3-4EF6-425E-A5FA-C2B56D…)

No. 1105611

So she’s a long foreheaded 13 year old

No. 1105646


Why is a 13 year old handling all this I’m…

No. 1105652

I’m 11 so stfu(retard)

No. 1105653


Oh god can we get a farmhand

No. 1105772

>mods not realising this was a vine reference, albeit not a funny one

No. 1105918

File: 1607805274093.png (2.75 MB, 750x1334, 59B65305-F37B-40B0-A3E2-4EE36A…)

How far is she going to take this?


No. 1105920

File: 1607805308013.png (2.98 MB, 750x1334, 48D50FE6-CFE4-47DE-A6FC-60DBD9…)

No. 1105960

Nika is too weak, frail, and high to even be capable of hurting someone

No. 1105965

Jaelle’s built like a fucking cart horse. She must be having a laugh if she thinks spindly old Nika can take her out.

No. 1105966

She’s a malnourished drug addict. Jaelle’s lard ass can literally crush Nika if she sat on her. She’s such an attention whore. She would go back to nika if nika told her she wanted to be besties again. Jae is literally obsessed with this tweaker

No. 1105972

I don’t know why Jaelle is starting this online witchhunt against Nika. The only proof I’ve seen on these retarded ass expose account were text message screenshots which could easily be fake. I’m not doubting nika to be a perverted fuck she always talks about having a high sex drive and being a ~uwu succubus~ but this is ridiculous. Jaelle should focus on getting her pedophilic incest loving dad some mental help. It’s not normal to have your dick out in front of your daughter.

No. 1106157

Most of the posts those expose accounts are using are from this thread?? Also if you start your sentence with “I’m not defending Nika.. but” you’re wrong lol.
When did this become a Jaelle exposing account?

No. 1106158

Jaelle's clydesdale ass is being pretty ridiculous right now, to be fair.
Nika always got away with a lot just because she's prettier, but it got worse when her fans found lolcow.

No. 1106161

Nika shot me in the ass and told me strip for her unless I gave her meth :(

No. 1106170

This isn’t a jaelle exposing account. If you know about the spam community you know these clowns are always involved with each other. Nika and Jaelle not just Jaelle and not just nika. They have been on/off friends for a long time

No. 1106172

Yes, Nika is going to drive over from fucking Utah just to murder Jaelle. Even though this all started because Nika got bored of her. This bid to force Nika to pay attention to her is actually insane, Jaelle get your meds adjusted please.

No. 1106175

Amen, anon. Amen.

That’s exactly what this is all about. Jaelle wants Senpai to notice her. Again.

No. 1106177

Jaelle’s not even fat though? She’s cute enough for a normal human being why do y’all talk about her like she’s Amberlynn Reid or some shit

No. 1106180

Firstly, sage, secondly she’s fat.

No. 1106183

File: 1607822125001.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, 657D4B59-42DB-4272-96AB-955F87…)

It gets worse, anon.

No. 1106184

thirdly, she's ugly.

No. 1106187

Nika shoved 12 dildos up my ass and said I looked like a fat version of her stepdad. I was only 2 years old :(

No. 1106189

One time Nika said I looked like a black man than threw up. I had to pay 72$ or she’d shoot me up.

No. 1106190

In the 3rd grade Nika showed me her 3rd nipple

No. 1106194

I genuinely don’t understand. She’s a perfectly average looking person. Do y’all just hate women or????

No. 1106198

Naw dog you must be doing drugs too. Jaelle is beautiful. Nika was beautiful.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1106201

Did she get an additional nipple every with every grade she passed?

No. 1106219


the spam cronies are shitting up the thread yet again. Farmhand please? WKs aren’t even being funny just retarded

No. 1106266

Jaelle’s titty sucking retards are ruining this thread

No. 1106274

you’re part of the problem learn to fucking sage

No. 1106458

File: 1607864764280.jpeg (90.03 KB, 750x677, EF51A472-F56A-4F25-9920-35A2B8…)

didnt make this but instantly thought of nika.

No. 1106897

Aren’t you supposed to just report & move on? Shut the fuck up faggot.

No. 1107230

"bag of bones" didn't jaelle glorify that proana shit too? not to sound like an anachan but def masking her jealousy LMFAO

No. 1107236

Jaelle outing herself as a grade A cunt, there. Again.

No. 1107271

File: 1608035325853.png (3.71 MB, 750x1334, 0A035C22-E14E-4115-BA57-97412A…)

She’s looking for a lawyer…

No. 1107274

File: 1608035958864.png (727.65 KB, 750x1334, 49D736E2-4C49-4A84-8B9A-66618D…)

From about 6 mins in Nika joins her live using another girls account.
It’s on Jaelle’s IGTV.

No. 1107312

File: 1608041037970.png (1.55 MB, 828x1792, A3D8DD8A-2F0A-4F28-902C-5FB7CE…)

Here’s a google drive link to their full interaction for anons that don’t follow Jaelle on ig

No. 1107326

Thanks for that, anon.

No. 1107332

nitpick? It’s strange how Nika is so unwell yet talks so much more coherent and confident than Jaelle, Jaelle sounds like a 14 year old trying to sound cool infront of her friends on this live

No. 1107337

Kek , Nika’s response to Jaelle saying ‘I don’t fall in your category’.

No. 1107411

Yeah Nikas a dumbass but she sounded sooo much more coherent than jaelle here, really a bad look for Jae to start out the live scream laughing at nika while she was quiet

No. 1107432

nitpick but how come jaelle never shows her fat face on lives LMFAO? Also when did jaelle start copying nikas loli voice? Two grown ass woman KEK

No. 1107436

Samefag, but "I dont care about you" when she's been obsessively only talking about nika for the past week or two.. don't get me wrong I dont like nika but I feel like she should move for a bit just so jaelle doesn't know where she lives? She's gone completely unhinged.

No. 1107455

Because she’s fat.

No. 1107474


I mean this is the same trailer trash that was flashing a rifle on her IG story a few months ago. And with her and her dad both being mentally ill idk that makes me super uncomfortable. I know she just wants attention but this is just getting weird. Nika is shitty for all the things she did. I still think she has a weird obsession with girls younger than her. But that doesn’t make jaelle’s meltdown any less freaky

No. 1107476


not months

sage fo

No. 1107563

How TF does using Instagram "jeapordize someone's life" …???

No. 1107596

jaelle is fucked. this just cemented that her whole witch hunt is motivated by her sick desire to destroy someone she deems more pretty and successful. she can act like she hates nika and that she's repulsed by her but the obsession is so clear and palpable. this fat ass would kill her out of jealousy if given the chance probably. also nitpick but, whats with her voice? who fucking talks like that?

No. 1107619

File: 1608062970420.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1125x1869, D8345AE9-7A57-4D93-9358-5E5219…)

Jaelle is extremly obsessed with Nika and it’s becoming unhealthy. Every single time she posts it’s somethiny about Nika. What happened to her saying she was taking a break from social media ? And i thought she said she didn’t care about Nika ?

No. 1107640


Her nose piercing is rusty…Thats disgusting fucking clean your piercings. I don’t know why she talking so big as if she even showers on a daily basis. You are the same bitch that let nika post a picture of her bloody hand after she took your virginity. In a month or two they’ll be best friends again just wait

No. 1107658

File: 1608065619729.jpg (66.05 KB, 621x574, ggfdfgd.JPG)

The real reason jaelle is so bitter..

No. 1107681

is that not jae? kek i can't tell them apart
thats so funny

No. 1107688

File: 1608067317051.jpeg (174.06 KB, 724x1098, B9E95F9A-735A-4B2C-B2FD-5CFDFF…)

>a website like 4chan
sooo lolcow? is she gonna try to get these threads taken down again? I guess a compilation of her and nika's true history together doesn't really lend to her "victim" image. it just shows them as what they objectively were, two fucked up people who were best friends.

No. 1107696

Nika must have a type.

No. 1107713

Kek that is jae, when nika asked on her spam how they can be "proper lesbians" it's just funny to me how insanely more better looking nika is compared to her. She looked more like jae's cool older sister taking her to the mall than her gf

No. 1107725

OH, ok I see. Is Jaelle on that "i can't have you or be you so nobody can, not even you" shit? She gives me Chernobyl level toxic vibes.

No. 1107752

Jaelle just looks psycho here. I don’t doubt that nika manipulates and pretends to love people in order to get sex in return. But I don’t think she’s capable of rape. I mean she must weigh like 105 pounds or so? She could easily be thrown off. But then again nika and the victim take drugs together so maybe she did. I don’t know but Jaelle seems like a liar. Nika is being more mature about this. If nika was a rapist why would you laugh at her? How is rape funny?

No. 1107792

Honestly it seems like everyone in this situation is a drug user, everything happened while on drugs. Nobody in the spam community gives proper evidence other than text and dms that tell a story.
Even text messages that I’ve seen posted are blacked out mostly and cut up in every way to look like it’s one parties fault. Nika ain’t going to prison or even jail for this stuff, if anything she’s gonna be caught for possession or prostitution before they ever even consider taking these cases based on the absolute shit show that the spam community does.

No. 1107995

File: 1608093119394.png (1.39 MB, 828x1792, C0EB8ACA-22CE-4489-80E8-13DB3B…)

Tinfoil: Nika and Jaelle are trying to get on the Maury show

No. 1107999

Whyyyyy are they both using that fake ass uwu baby voice

No. 1108002


If you even try to mention they sound exactly the same with fake baby voices everyone that follows jae has a shift-fit and says she sounds toooootally different

No. 1108013

U know forcible rape isn’t the only rape. If the victim was too high/drunk, it’s rape. Or if they said no but didn’t fight back, it’s still rape. If the victim is underage, it’s rape. Not saying I believe jaelle or these random ass screenshots of dms, but just saying

No. 1108403

agreed anon. i'd take any words out of jaelle's mouth with a grain of salt, but to deem nika "not capable of rape" bc she's underweight is just ignorant. we all saw the videos of her mackin on that 17 y/o, the girl clearly has predatory tendencies and under the influence of drugs it's not that far-fetched to imagine her taking advantage of somebody. this thread seems to have forgotten nika is a terrible person kek, i wouldn't put anything past her

No. 1108504

Funny how Jaelle's psychotic antics have distracted from Nika's psychotic antics. little bit counterproductive lol.

No. 1108769

File: 1608174872076.png (3.37 MB, 828x1792, A83FBA78-7F90-45DF-9A38-0D0007…)

is jaelle actually having a breakdown over nika using an enya song in her story? is that the point we’re at?

No. 1108787

this is sad lol jaelle just seems unhinged and in that live nika joined she seemed way more believable than jaelle whos obsessed/in love with her still and mad. if nika hurt anyone fr jaelle is not helping because anyone with eyes can see they will be friends again once jaelle calms down from her episode and sends nika more love letters.

No. 1108878

Call me a WK but Nika is consistent with the “love and light” bullshit, where Jaelle consistently enjoys being a sadistic high school mean girl bully. Jaelle will come crawling back and Nika will forgive her like nothing ever happened, Jaelle will decide Nika’s evil and leave again but Nika still won’t say a bad word about her.

No matter what, that’s going to paint Nika in the better light. No one is going to sympathize with the girl who’s expending so much time and energy to snicker while she punches down because it makes her feel powerful. ESPECIALLY when Jaelle’s just going to go back to her and have to take back every nasty, hateful thing she said.

No. 1108962

File: 1608204811282.png (3.12 MB, 828x1792, 92AD238D-22A9-4F41-A5AE-55A5A5…)

why THE FUCK does she think shes better than everyone this is truly disturbing. she has no self awareness……. i’m actually embarrassed for this bitch and the choices she continues to make. everyone can see right through this facade

No. 1108963

File: 1608204909002.png (4.23 MB, 828x1792, E66EF841-E13D-499C-A31B-BD8115…)

i actually have brain cancer after reading this

No. 1108999

this is sooooo embarrassing did she just learn the word raw and keeps using it or what

No. 1109005

Why the fuck does she take ugly ass photos over and over again? Jaelle, delete your account. Get off the internet and get some therapy.

No. 1109180

This got a big lel from me - wtf is she doing reminding everyone of her blackface days? This is a 101 in meltdown behaviour.

>what r u afraid of???
Jaelle, look in the mirror. Kek.

No. 1109638

File: 1608279258077.jpeg (97.3 KB, 828x1436, EA24ABEA-A703-4323-BC93-872F81…)

Jaelle just went live screaming and crying, she claims that Nika is fucking with her in ways no one knows.
Link to whale’s full live

No. 1109641

inb4 she actually kills nika and this becomes one of those crimes

No. 1109646

File: 1608281923263.jpeg (414.15 KB, 1125x1973, E8671B53-E2FA-4514-84F4-8859E6…)

I just have a feeling this is about Nika & she’ll go and make a gofundme if she doesn’t get one. Her eyes.

No. 1109649

She’s just talking about how she listens to enya now. Cows do this. But why react this way and give it more weight. It’s a cow eat cow world

No. 1109709

File: 1608298131117.jpeg (316.74 KB, 1125x1980, 5DE39763-A70B-4F33-B63A-DA2D30…)

POV: it’s 2030, the pandemic is over, and you’re listening to a true crime podcast about Jaelle and Nika

No. 1109717

File: 1608299530094.png (3.11 MB, 750x1334, E2A913D8-883A-4975-BD3F-A37088…)

When cows (sort of) collide

No. 1109745

> "I've grown so much"
> que mental derangement, with an audience so they can see for themselves just how much you've grown
Jesus jaelle just gives me hella eric cartman vibes lmfao except just way less menacing and much more pathetic instead I couldn't even imagine actually broadcasting this shit. Its horrifying to think about the shit she decides she better keep private, if this is what she makes public. Kek. Get help jaelle, youre literally disabled or as you call it "raw".

No. 1109765

If I were Nika I'd be worried. This girl is deranged, at this point I fully believe she would kill Nika.

No. 1109813

I’m not a fan of jaelle at all but why is this thread suddenly just shit talk jaelle, nika has done undeniably worse it honestly seems like you guys give her a pass cause she’s pretty

No. 1109844

why do people keep saying this? we're shit talking jaelle because she's currently having a public mental breakdown, while nika is keeping quiet for the most part. no one here is giving nika a "pass", we can all agree she's a terrible person while also pointing out how jaelle is a terrible person in her own way. it's been established that this is a combination nika-jaelle thread because their bullshit is so intertwined, they are both cows producing different flavors of milk. if you think we're "unfairly" treating jaelle, either keep it to yourself or get out of the thread.

No. 1109859


Learn to integrate better. This isn’t an exposed page

No. 1109890

>>1109813 Jaelle has been apart of the threads since the beginning (next time I suggest adding her name to the thread title ) they are both equally cows. We’re not here to destroy Nika’s life /take her down(that’s not the point of this site). Jaelle is relevant to the discussion you retard. If you’re going to wk her , learn to integrate.

No. 1109925

Jaelle isn’t innocent at all in this situation. We bring her up because she is what keeps the milk flowing atm. This whole thing started when Jaelle baited by her taking a break (like always) and now she nonstop posts about Nika and how terrible of a friend she was. Nika has done way worse but Jaelle isn’t innocent at all.

No. 1110002

>seems like you guys give her a pass cause she’s pretty
the bait is extra smelly today

No. 1110241

File: 1608346569389.png (4.03 MB, 1242x2208, 05A151A3-425F-4966-9C89-FF37D5…)

Jaelle is scamming and doing paid shout outs kek
Aren’t most of jaelles followers girls and farmers ?? Like girls don’t really buy content only scrotes do. She’s dumb asf for buying a shoutout

No. 1110274

I am convinced none of these spam girls will ever be able to get a real job

No. 1110366

She posted this TikTok on her story asking to buy her premium snap

No. 1110371

looks like a hooker from the streets

No. 1110400

That ''girl'' is a scammer. That photo is part of a popular e-whore pack. It's some dude trying to make money, or it's Jaelle herself.

No. 1110418

Jfc I took a break from lolcow and come back to Jaelle losing her fucking mind. God I hate them both lmfao

No. 1110438

She has the potential to look so pretty if she didn’t do her makeup so fucking grotesque/crackhead like

No. 1110565

File: 1608396889619.png (975.9 KB, 750x1334, B1A053FE-5E3F-45E9-9A51-68B4A2…)


Nike just posted this on her story

No. 1110853

“National center for missing and exploited children”

No. 1111467

Exploited children, meaning?

No. 1111825

Sexual exploitation/grooming/abuse etc. Do you have access to google?

No. 1112766

Child exploitation is meant for cases such as sex trafficking & sexual abuse. Nika flirted with girls 2-3 years younger. Stop wasting the FBI’s time for clout, they have much bigger cases involving actual child sexual abuse to worry about.

No. 1113001

File: 1608689732488.jpeg (530.64 KB, 1125x1925, 7B056F2B-9C1B-4AAF-B477-FE5B7A…)

Forum seems a little dead… thoughts?

No. 1113013

File: 1608690387698.jpeg (392.29 KB, 1242x1019, 5025DE68-55CA-4A6C-9DD2-F6BE0A…)

Spontaneously dying, huh? So she's either lying about her doctor agreeing with her, or her doctor knows she's a crazy bitch and is only humoring her. Either way, she needs psychiatric intervention like today.
Glad she's doing whatever this is instead of stalking nika, though.

No. 1113087

Have some ketamine treatment for your totally real ‘4th stage psychogenic death’

Actual clinically tested drugs? No way, only ketamine will cure the voodoo death you are definitely experiencing

Is this conversation just made up to give herself an excuse to do K?

Also ‘I would like to talk about this’ sounds a whole lot like a low key way to say ‘dm me if you got that ketamine’

No. 1113142

just seems like she made up some silly story to try and find ketamine. i hope it's a joke, but if not yikes!

No. 1113164

I was answering your question you fucking retard. Obviously I know Nika isn’t exploiting children but Jaelle & her weird followers are pushing this paedo narrative so that’s obviously where they reported her. Pull the stick out of your ass

No. 1113201

She needed an excuse now that she can’t blame Nika for her hardcore drug usage.

No. 1113202

You will receive attitude when you first project it. Fuck off cunt(infighting)

No. 1113307


Ketamine treatment is definetly becoming more readily available and accepted but i have only ever known two people who have used it, someone in the army with ptsd and a girl who was abducted into a child sex ring. I don’t doubt Jaelle has trauma but I don’t think ketamine treatment is the answer i think she needs to check herself into the looney bin again. Nika had a long phase using this particular drug so she’s probably already tried it or just wants to skinwalk her for a little while

No. 1113563

File: 1608755581317.jpeg (539.46 KB, 1125x2024, C1D18A41-D3A0-4EC6-BE75-481863…)

Hey Jaelle :))(emoticon)

No. 1113569

>Basement dwellers
Don't forget about our kegs of mountain dew & cheeto fingers

No. 1113598

>basement dwellers
Isn't she a neet? It's funny to think that she's out here hating on Nika bc she ruined her life, but we're out here making fun of both of them bc they're retarded. We are not the same :)

No. 1113605

'I used to be incredibly hateful' didn't you just send out a witch hunt for nika?

No. 1113610

File: 1608757697864.jpeg (74.21 KB, 275x254, gggfgfdg.jpeg)

Hi Jae, sorry nika left you for someone who doesnt look like this

No. 1113621

And ugly, don’t forget ugly!

No. 1113626

Projecting her own flaws and insecurities, embarrassing.

No. 1113634


>basement dwellers

Jaelle you don’t have any friends and have always been a shut in. Your life is and has always been pitiful.

No. 1113641

File: 1608758817941.jpeg (369.77 KB, 750x814, 7796416E-88C6-4108-8AF0-67EF7E…)

Sage for no milk but I checked Jaelle’s name on Twitter just out of curiosity and I forgot how long she’s been trying to be relevant, so many tweets from 2014

No. 1113784

Last time someone's pic gave me the creeps like this was Brian Peppers. She is an absolute creature. Oof.

No. 1113953

kek, you're right jaelle, you ARE like us. you're a fucking bitch. if anything, it's significantly more cruel to betray your own best friend, we're just discussing the antics of strangers. even if this forum didnt exist people would still talk about you, because you're willingly making a scene airing out your dirty laundry. nobody's subjecting you to this other than yourself.
do yourself a favor and get some help and get offline. its rotting your brain. you'll never reach your highest self if youre obsessed with how others perceive you and your personal relationships.

No. 1114041

Jaelle: a person who has reached her highest self
Also jaelle: spending all day on Instagram obsessing over nika

No. 1114421

exactly, well said. We take a few mins/hours on lolcow meanwhile this is Jaelle's entire life. you, Jaelle chose this for yourself. Now deal with it if its bothering you so much lmao?

No. 1116813

File: 1609190506559.png (2.75 MB, 1125x2436, 43DCB920-4691-4C56-84F9-A31D77…)

No. 1116842

File: 1609192463942.png (9.32 MB, 1125x2436, 98AE43F8-0BE0-43A2-9B64-0FBDEA…)

jaelle dramatically burning her pictures with nika

No. 1116850

i understand how this would be theraputic for her, but for fucks sake why does she feel like she has to post it? and then she gets upset when people talk about her and nika. she's just throwing fuel into the fire.

No. 1116905

i’m guessing she likes the attention she gets from it and people being like “omg bb ur so strong!!!! uwu”

No. 1117160

dramatically burning her pictures while listening to lilboweep
lolcow cinematic universe crossover

No. 1118244

File: 1609362964128.png (4.88 MB, 1125x2436, 82D81F9A-6C55-4203-B7B4-26BDB4…)

it‘s honestly kinda sad to see how nika ruined her face with those lip fillers

No. 1119116

wasn't nika saying she would make a video about the situation with jaelle before the year ends? any sign of that yet?

No. 1119248

File: 1609462640969.png (3.52 MB, 828x1792, 60637EC6-3EC3-4831-AF86-FF0DC4…)

Jesus Jaelle is so obsessed with Nika. I remember her posting the original pic ages ago and she’s covered Nika with the puking emoji. If Jaelle thinks she looks nice in the pic she should just zoom in or crop Nika out entirely, it’s so weird and creepy how much of a point she makes to hate Nika

No. 1119298

Has Nika posted a video yet explaining??

No. 1119303


LMAO how much did this repugnant hamoid incest baby shoop herself? She is legit one of the ugliest cunts on earth, inside and out. We all know what your true form is, Jaelle >>1113610

No. 1119335


It’s posted on YouTube and is 10 minutes long i have the original YouTube link but dont really want to give her the view lol

No. 1119351

It’s under her name on YouTube. The expose accounts posted it on ig too.

No. 1119355

Just post the link without clicking on the video to give it views man.

No. 1119366

Did she delete it already? I can’t find it at all but maybe I’m not looking at the right name

No. 1119374

No. 1119382

God I can't fucking stand the baby voice she does. Funny how it got lower throughout the video as her voice got tired from putting it on, lol.

love that she literally took the picture with Nika in the center of the photo, totally not obsessed at all.

No. 1119401

Why is the video quality so deep fried? Also does anyone know where she’s living nowadays?

No. 1119403

I skipped through the video to see if I’d notice this too but no— I think her voice really is that underdeveloped.

No. 1119417

kek she didn't even say jaelle's name, but jaelle's been posting about her for weeks. i bet jaelle's butthurt about it.

No. 1119433

same, she sounds ridiculous. perhaps she thinks her uwu baby voice makes her apology sound super sexy and therefore more sincere? i don't get it.

No. 1119782

So is she a pedo or naw? I watched the video and it was shit.

No. 1119921

File: 1609549829199.jpeg (557.42 KB, 1125x1987, 30FCC896-CF32-4154-BC9F-36613D…)

Let’s see how long this lasts, if she even will

No. 1119937

>i have really bad anxiety uwu
gee bitch, what else can she say when she's literally being called out as a pedophile

yes, and the way she accentuates the "g"s in word endings lmao. maybe she's going to claim this is her native russian accent

No. 1120980


I really wanted more to come out of this, but i think nika is just in hiding now

No. 1123266

Ok I know u commented this a month ago sorry for being late lol but yeah as someone who was preyed upon by a senior when I was a freshman - I would go as far as comparing it to pedophilia. 14 and 18 is a more dramatic age difference than anyone really talks about. I know that’s not what this thread is abt it’s not a place for victims to sob and shit lol but it’s just the truth that it would be promptly comparable to pedophilia, just from a firsthand perspective.

No. 1123362

Don’t bump the thread with your shitty blogpost no1currs retard. Don’t post if there’s no milk

No. 1123873

Jesus you're fucking retarded.. a grown man raping a five year old is not the same as an 18 year old coercing a freshman thot into head, both are bad but one causes actual trauma and one just makes u virtue signal on twt for likes lol

No. 1124218


So unfortunately for you nika herself actually is not a grown man raping a 5 year old and being a 14 year old being preyed upon by a 19 year old actually is traumatic bc just like OP said it is a much bigger age difference than you think so please get off this thread and go take your brain tumor medication ♥️ come back when you have milk or something valuable to add and not just incoherent mumbling you fat spineless gasbag(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1124222

>>988663 if you put one (1) more emoji i will kill your grandmother and make hamburguers with her skin and eat them son of a whore(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1124233

Please get the newfags out of this thread, also Nika is shitty but the youngest girl she ever did anything with was 17.. while she was 19.. which is not pedophilia, now stop shitting up the thread and go cry about your make believe trauma

No. 1124418


No. 1131724

File: 1610663291634.png (1.91 MB, 828x1792, 25C10C20-A735-4AD9-9FD6-3F1A57…)

Oh my God. This bitch needs serious help.

No. 1131741

Must be something in the air for bpd witchfags, azealia banks just did the same thing

No. 1131748

this is sick. who the fuck makes chokers out of their dead cat's bones? jaelle really is just as much of a cow as nika kek

No. 1131757

File: 1610664941546.jpeg (346.36 KB, 1125x2064, D6962322-4EFC-4D6B-942D-BA150B…)