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File: 1611386449523.jpeg (378.16 KB, 540x664, 1592967221279.jpeg)

No. 1139884

> part of the spam community
> 19 year old drug addict poly sex worker anachan
> drug of choice is heroin, benzos and possibly meth?
> has a dentist boyfriend who is her “slave”, lives in some other random guys apartment for free?
> incredibly attention seeking, posts pretty much every aspect of her fucked up life then complains when people use her like a reality tv show
> posted a video of her trying to cut her own neck with a piece of glass
> crashed her car while high on xanax and posted the video to tiktok
> “best friend” with jaelle stiles
> jaelle is also super attention seeking, they are basically the same
> very toxic friendship, nika emotionally manipulates her
> took jaelles virginity with some 40 year old professor
> uploaded pictures of jaelle carving a bloody “nika” into her leg
> both live stream often, always so unusual and drugged out
> most of their followers hate on them
> jaelles dad is apparently really mentally ill and abusive. treats jaelle like shit while he is “in love” with nika and showers her with money and gifts
> jaelle films her own fathers dick and posts it
> nika has sex with jaelles dad
> claims they all planned it out because he “prefers 20-30 year old women” and “hasn’t had sex in years”

new-ish milk:
> nika has an ex bf who is a pedo (brandon)
> jaelle has a total meltdown on insta and regrets letting nika fuck her dad, tries to cut nika out and victimises her dad in the whole shebang
> nika has a warrant out and nearly misses her court date, spews shit about getting married for insurance
> nika posts her inpatient discharge letter for anorexia/psychosis
> nika goes sTrAiGhT eDgE whilst jaelle continues to have a meltdown over her dad fucking nika
> jaelle and nika break up
> jaelle and nika pro BLM and jaelle gets exposed for black face
> jaelle suicide baits bc shes a fucking drama queen
> jaelle's ex bf luka joins the board and dishes the dirt on her stank pussy and how weird and forceful and dirty she is irl
> jaelle comes to defend herself and makes an ass of herself
> jaelle posts girl/girl footage on OF, could be nika

more new milk:
>jaelle and nika break up again
>conversations between nika and minors surface
>jaelle runs campaign to cancel nika for being a pedo and groomer
>tries to get fbi involved
>nika makes low quality youtube video to "explain"
>jaelle makes a discord server
>makes racist comments to people on the server
>sends racist snapchat
>conversations between jaelle and a minor pop up with picture of her carving his name in her skin
>is labeled a racist and a groomer
>comes on to the last thread mooing loudly

nika petrova
instagram - @hewwokittyuwu, @neurotic @icomefromthegardens
twitter - @lilithxxx0
snapchat - @hewwokittyx
onlyfans - @lilithxxx0
jaelle stiles
instagram - @jaelle.stiles, @jaelllle
snapchat- @jaellestilesz

previous thread

No. 1139887

You couldn’t even come up with a thread title or number the thread?

No. 1139889

site crashed on mobile, reloaded and finger slipped. honest accident. it had a title before the crash idk what happened after. im a fuckin idiot, lets get the thread on track

No. 1139953

Jaelles private account


No. 1140098


I think she deleted her account it’s not showing up anymore

No. 1140101

File: 1611420119348.png (367.07 KB, 750x1334, F40C5BEA-E9C3-42D1-97BB-21878A…)


Julia (archangel.juls) who was acquantices with both nika and Jaelle, admitted she knew of the situation when it was happening and thought it was weird/gross. I don’t know how to convert videos, but the transcript is in the description. I know Jaelle tried to join her live at some point as well.

No. 1140105

You pp and name are showing…

No. 1140110

>rip lil peep

No. 1140231

>sub to my OF!!
>Care Bears and HK and ahegao bikinis on the Amazon wishlist
It’s always other cows that end up outing themselves innit

No. 1140275

nice one faggot
>tip meh
i'll be waiting patiently for your future thread and you to fix that hair

No. 1140291

there’s a reason your Amazon wishlist hasn’t been bought out by pathetic scrotes. get a job and stop posting to lolcow before you embarrass yourself some more kek

No. 1140477

Damn get your own threads dumbasses

No. 1140584

File: 1611451158934.jpeg (566.58 KB, 1125x1945, 562E4907-2425-4B83-9699-72ECC1…)

That was a short break

No. 1140590

Jesus. "Brainwashed by my past" you mean informed of your fermented personality by your consistently shitty actions? This one's a lost cause, she'll never learn or take responsibility for herself. What a waste of a person.

No. 1140596

Okay Maxine Isabella Valdez. You’re dumb stop posting on here this isn’t even milk. Nobody wants your onlyfans. And nobody wants to buy you cheap Amazon crap

No. 1140598

sage for nitpick but i always thought it was so funny how jaelle put anime girls with similar hair as her profile picture as if she isnt a hideous hambeast kek

No. 1140600

File: 1611452191858.jpeg (341.71 KB, 1125x2079, 11D81164-573B-452C-8F31-80633C…)

jaelles on live right now yet again sperging about all the boolies and the ~brainwashed~ people who hate her.

I genuinely cannot fathom her mental gymnastics she really thinks she is the ultimate victim

No. 1140605

“im a beautiful butterfly that would never hurt a soul” you screamed in a cats face and made it shit themselves and have hurt many actual human beings too

No. 1140608

Not to mention the chairs, sofas and mattresses she abuses on the daily.
Track Jaelle's daily routine by the potholes she left in furniture.

No. 1140612

File: 1611452750105.jpeg (518.81 KB, 1125x770, BE5BF476-FE1D-4B96-926F-F3C2C1…)

that last line immediately made me think of this and then i realised the resemblance was truly uncanny

No. 1140624

Jaelle is talking about how she isn't going on Lolcow anymore but will constantly mention it on her live to see her milk

No. 1140635

Jaelle just did another disastrous live, quick rundown:
> Guests random pseudo-intellectual high school psychology student who excuses her behaviour and compares her to an incest victim who grows up to become a serial killer - not quite sure why
> Guests redhead with interference so bad it was impossible to understand what she was saying
> Guests yungcynical (cow crossover) who tells her to stop looking at lolcow and get off socials
> Literally takes a shit on live
> Refuses to take accountability for any of her actions, god complex on 10, basically says “yeah I abused animals and groomed a minor and said racist shit like 3 days ago but it’s not my fault because muh trauma”
> Adds pink haired girl who starts to actually call her on her shit, Jaelle immediately ends the live

No. 1140639

please god tell me one of you got a recording, anons in these threads usually can't imageboard for shit

No. 1140672

File: 1611458210503.jpeg (303.75 KB, 1125x1777, 08B72D4B-9B09-4B80-86AD-E154B1…)

Probably ordered a lot for her fatass

No. 1140685

What a lukewarm take lmao so the driver takes it back to the store and the staff gets free pizza. Some places donate the takeout pizzas that never get picked up to homeless shelters. But oh no. Someone please think of the corporations!

No. 1140710

File: 1611462124464.gif (325.93 KB, 220x220, no.gif)

>i feel so bad for the corporations
this has to be bait

No. 1140730

Jaelle will talk about workers meanwhile she has not worked a day in her life because all she knows is sitting her fatass on social media for attention all day. The only way she tries to make money is by selling her cat's bones to her cucked followers.

No. 1140741

im a beautiful butterfly **that would only groom a 15 year old and abuse animals

No. 1140780

Jaelle needs to live in a psych-ward she is unstable, worse than Nika and that’s saying a lot because Nika is not sane at all kek. All Jaelle does is cry taking selfies for her spam of course, suicide bait, talks about Nika, and be fat.

No. 1140802

here’s a link to jaelle being monotone and retarded while being called out in her latest live lul


No. 1140803

She's a mirror of Nika. Kek. Fucking pedo.

No. 1140805

Her baby voice "mmyea" after every statement is insufferable.

No. 1140884

Jaelle just did another live, only caught a bit of it but all I saw was her loudly eating crisps and chewing down the mic. Super gross. I also caught the end of the live where she seemed to have guested someone, although I caught none of their conversation

No. 1140894

File: 1611491503022.jpeg (92.35 KB, 1125x638, D1CED5AB-A363-4C21-A299-E6ABD3…)

jaelle confirms her fake bf is @vaykn which was speculated last thread

> has a tj lane profile pic

> link goes to Judas kiss by Metallica

Top fucking kek she found herself a basic 14yr old edgelord

No. 1140960

File: 1611506514051.jpg (492.63 KB, 861x861, 1610909555082.jpg)

>feeling bad for corporations

No. 1141029

eboyfriend because no one will ever want to date her irl

No. 1141175

File: 1611523700805.png (727.15 KB, 828x1792, 1202C92F-BB43-427C-AA6F-6EE313…)

jaelles story

No. 1141177

Wtf is the context here

No. 1141188

this reads like a farmer trying to get her to admit to her incestual desires kek wtf is going on anymore this bitch LOST IT

No. 1141235

File: 1611526418455.jpeg (711.28 KB, 1242x1136, 62615078-7A52-4B53-B093-6E6858…)

winemoom was on the IG live
The cow who self posted and cowtipped in the Erin thread kek

No. 1141247

File: 1611527144083.png (4.88 MB, 828x1792, 09AC1FD0-AB43-4E90-B8F8-537557…)

She was posting tiktoks all last night, none with a clear link to the insane events unfolding but the comments are all limited. This is her most recent one (about 20 minutes ago) and she’s still unsurprisingly coming off as very much unhinged.

>don’t let the programming work

No. 1141248

i wonder if shes aware of what’s happening with jaelle. surpised shes not taking it as an opportunity to redeem herself

No. 1141252

jaelle just ate cat puke, stuck a gun at her dad and admitted he molested her on live

No. 1141259

What the fuck?

No. 1141268

File: 1611528821160.jpeg (1.01 MB, 828x7550, 0EC8BB81-3782-4AD5-A003-F2C9BE…)

Do you have any caps/proof of that? The only activity I’ve seen from her page is her posting some bizarre shit on her story.

Here’s her story for anyone interested, apologies for the long image.

No. 1141272


No. 1141293

I didnt get her saying her dad molested her but some of the live with her talking about it is in this. along with the video of her sticking an assault rifle at her dad and licking up her cats yuke



No. 1141296

holy fuck she is mentally ill. does anyone else think she might be a bigger cow than nika or is it just because nika has been quiet lately

No. 1141305

File: 1611530848664.png (1.31 MB, 828x1792, 1EE8E366-0EA6-420E-8799-03304F…)

she also talks more about it here

No. 1141310

Oh my god I didn’t think it could get worse with Jaelle. It’s pathetic how low she’ll go just because of how badly she wants attention.

Nika is being strategic about not feeding into things because of all the attention on Jaelle. People were bringing up Jaelle on her tiktok (and commenting links to an “exposing Nika” Google doc) since then the comments have been limited. Personally I think her most recent tiktok saying “get off your phone” was directed at the mess Jaelle is making.

No. 1141355

File: 1611534694664.png (228.93 KB, 362x569, jaelle.png)


i screen recorded it


fot context she was saying she hated him and screamed at him several times to turn the tv down, then moves to her room and says she can treat him however he likes because he 'touched her and admitted to having sexual thoughts about me'

No. 1141371

Where is she going live on, her Jaelle.Stiles ig account?

No. 1141390

Calm down newfag, embedd youtube shit and dont use cringy winky smiles again(samefagging)

No. 1141404

File: 1611539095391.jpeg (559.33 KB, 1125x1935, C32BEE7F-F4BC-44E6-93FC-C18CAF…)

She’ll say this but post about Nika as soon as she takes a breath

No. 1141457

File: 1611543510269.jpeg (488.24 KB, 750x1191, 6DED992B-730A-47BC-A95C-1C9CC2…)

this bitch out here complaining about how bpd is the worst mental illness when schizophrenia, alzheimers, agoraphobia, etc exist

No. 1141506

Whenever she brings this shit up I start to feel bad for her but then I remember she's still using this whole situation for clout and its so unhinged

Any sane person would get off of social media and try to protect whatever privacy and image they have left. Jesus fuck

No. 1141540

Wonder if Jaelle's dad has anyone to check up on him. At a casual glance, it looks like a mentally disabled person being abused by a fat junkie who happens to be his daughter.

No. 1141564

She says not to ask for details but thats a pretty big accusation to make….her dad is severely mentally ill but I don’t even think he recognizes she is in the house half of the time.

No. 1141598

File: 1611560781621.png (48.93 KB, 275x222, E3E83D5C-6617-4BEC-9019-E49434…)

Just when I think this unwashed mongoloid ham planet cannot get any more repugnant she outdoes herself

No. 1141600

They both need to be locked up, not just “checked up on”.

No. 1141955

File: 1611606060898.png (9.3 MB, 1125x2436, CCDF365C-A836-40D9-AD89-3F4632…)

No. 1141956

File: 1611606083901.png (1.95 MB, 1125x2436, 9E128715-39B4-4F53-A34E-6FDA6B…)

No. 1141960

how can she compare trisha paytas who clearly just tries to easily bait zoomers against peaches, who has claimed she's given up her own baby to strangers so they can rape her? her brain is absolutely frazzled.

No. 1141964

Jaelle is stupid. She's asking people to think about her shit comparison when she can't even think beyond second breakfast.

No. 1141973

Yes, Jaelle. I agree. So smart. So strategic. You're just like that. Actually, better. A troll, performance artist, even. Where others see a screeching sped, I see ingenuity. She is the Marina Abramovic of the instagram spam community. She rejected MENSA. Can't you see? Nika? Her cat? Her dad? All meticulously hand-crafted and strategically discussed online in such a way to create the exact response she wants. It's like a science to her. She's kind of a mastermind. She wants you to think she's sperging when she goes live and does things; it's not sperging though, it's a brain blast. Chimping out actually unlocks the 50% of her brain that she puts into a state of vegetation until needed. It's her highly evolved defense from concrit. She's Banksy for kids who hate visual art and don't read current events. The world's best Mezzo Soprano, Kate Bush sounds like a honking chicken compared to her. You wouldn't understand. Anyway, can't wait to see her exhibit in MoMA in ten years.

No. 1142006

kek anon, you wasted that post in this thread of all places.

No. 1142013

I got enough for every thread,baby I'm rarted

No. 1142019

no anon, you are the glue that holds all of us together

No. 1142034

Peaches is everything Jaelle wants to be
Jaelle wishes she was as clever and funny as Peaches. Peaches is mentally ill but she’s more funny than Jaelle. Jaelle just comes off as a meth addicted crazy white woman yelling at the sky. Peaches is famous and celebs (Lizzo, Nicki Minaj) know about her

No. 1142058

peaches is not funny by any means

No. 1142143

i screen recorded some of jaelle's live from just now. she went live to talk shit about peaches abusing her dog. ironic coming from her kek

No. 1142178

>lil keyboard worriers
she's just hulking in the dark adding random people while she yells at chat

No. 1142182

Burning and itching

No. 1142213

>baby I'm rarted

No. 1142231

File: 1611627139389.png (1.7 MB, 828x1792, E5C8E96E-B778-44FD-AF7D-4D00BB…)

“Fills me up with his cum” KEK. Jaelle, you have never even met your “boyfriend” in real life. You are probably being catfished by a girl, but are too desperate to even consider that likelihood.

No. 1142240

I thought Jaelle had a neck beard boyfriend in real life a few threads back or am I misremembering

No. 1142273

She did. He broke up with her.

No. 1142297

If this guy was for real he would have shown his face a long time ago. if its not a farmer it’s probably Nika herself. you think that eroding corpse would just allow Jaelles fat ass to get away with exposing her? If its not Nika i could list 20 other enemies it may well be.

No. 1142299

File: 1611634900013.png (3.86 MB, 828x1792, AEA92667-0420-4813-8FFA-9E252D…)

20 bucks says they’re besties again.

No. 1142308

I wish they’d make up already, the milk is getting stale. I want to see what these two do next

No. 1142323

nika needs to get her lip fillers dissolved, i scrolled past a little too quickly and thought that was jeffree star

No. 1142329

File: 1611640062459.jpeg (144.49 KB, 1130x1190, 2AB7FCA4-3B99-49FC-B00B-DD706F…)

Jaelle sweetie you aren’t cute

No. 1142330

For the love of god spoiler this shit, we don’t need to see this vomit inducing obese unwashed incest baby’s hog snout and festering greasy skin while casually scrolling. She is honestly one of the fugliest cows to ever be posted here

No. 1142331

File: 1611641185603.png (989.3 KB, 828x1792, 25DF1D49-9164-48FC-AC63-D0CBE4…)

No. 1142343

my god i am going to fucking vomit.

No. 1142345

You clearly haven’t scrolled the Shayna Clifford thread

Is that what I think it is….?

No. 1142346

>you socially manipulate people
>you need to be ashamed for being white and stop being racist

that's Europhobic and manipulative. being proud of your own cultural genocide is not virtuous.

No. 1142354

kek wat

No. 1142359

File: 1611647007623.jpeg (273.78 KB, 1125x1682, 89AE7CFC-073C-40FD-9545-581C3C…)


No. 1142363

We love you too Jaelle, but please stop breaking the fourth wall

No. 1142366

Nika looks like Steven Tyler

No. 1142369

Jaelle will claim she's done but her fatass stays lurking on here and posting it on her account. I'm sad the milk is dry but she'll be friends with Nika soon and they can go back to grooming or fucking dads and being Lolcows together

No. 1142448

i dont love that bitch. dont speak for me please.

No. 1142468

No. 1142512


its not even that shes fat, its that she looks fucking unhealthy and greasy as all hell. she looks like her mouth stinks and probably has tooth rot and tongue fur. Just ew.

No. 1142676

And she's fat as fuck

No. 1142738

This bitch sneezed into her hand and is trying to pass it off as cum

No. 1142763

hey kings and queens it’s jaelle who wants to kiss…

No. 1142765

very hurtful… as i am caressing my rolls and cellulite that made tears stream down my face.. i am quite squishy don’t u want to feel me

No. 1142779

ur fat

No. 1142783

u want to take a chunk off my fat and feed off me like a buffet

No. 1142797

oh, chubby little loser
national joke
pathetic fat man
no ones bloody laughing
the clown that no one laughs at
they all just wish he'd [redacted]

what do you get when your mom dies of cancer
and you spiral out of control on public display
you get a fat little man who beats on cats
and zaps his own grey matter by being a sped

sad little fat man, does what a sullen porky man can
watch as he waddles away
small, smelly fat man, does what a man can

what do you get when you steal your ex-best friends personality and chimp out for all to see?
you get a shattered life, high cortisol levels and irreperable trauma that will never be fixed by family therapy

deranged little fat man, watch as he streams that
takes his little fat hands and pulls the stings of the world
neurotic little sped man
does what a sped can
with no signs of stopping
the fat man rolls on

No. 1142803

how long that take u to type i want that talent

No. 1142818

>>1142797 i feel delighted that u created a song about me now please record it and sing it to me on live

No. 1142835

deranged little fat man, expanding like a toad
watching himself plunge into the boiling sea
neurotic little sped man, looking to the reflection in the pot
he cackles at the man staring back
with no signs of stopping
the boiling water rolls on

dissonant, wounded toad man
prodding all the farmers
with indifference and their general malaise,
the pot stirs on
leaving no one but the piano man
he sings his cautionary tale to the void

see jae's pug nosed face
pug, pug
pug, pug
see the pug nosed disgrace
pug, pug
pug, pug

little fat toad, belly up in the stew
his final moments, consumed by the pudgy little fat man laughing back

little fat man with a pug nosed face
pug, pug
pug, pug
little fat man
pug nosed

No. 1142845

>>1142835 i’m liking this lullaby sing it to me on facetime i’ll be waiting

No. 1142846

ur not funny ur mentally deranged jaelle go get help

No. 1142852

i’m hilarious kiss me(ban evasion)

No. 1142864

genuinely jaelle, you should get help. it's sad that you do this to yourself. you're never going to reach your highest self at this rate. you need to go to roundabout ranch or something. some kind of outdoor inpatient facility. feel the grass and get some fresh air for gods sake. you can get better if you truly wanted to, but this isn't the way to do it.

No. 1142865

isnt roundabout ranch for problem teen girls not deranged adult women, also how the fuck is jaelle not banned

No. 1142867

She has been.

No. 1142868

Girl we know you’re about to post crying on your account moooooo

No. 1142874

you'll always be worse than nika
also learn2sage, fatso

No. 1142895

File: 1611700446258.jpeg (147.07 KB, 827x1561, A84DF79A-4FBD-40E6-B6D0-DDC72D…)

Why the hell would jaelle’s boyfriend make a pic of her and Nika his pfp

No. 1142915

Because that account is probably Nika.

No. 1142992

File: 1611708145808.jpeg (101.13 KB, 828x1094, 1029CCD7-3AEE-4B53-B20B-D7CE58…)

It’s definitely Nika.. look at the pretentious horse shit they spew. This is probably not even half of it

No. 1143054

im starting to wonder how often jaelle is posting her own milk in here

No. 1143122

a picture with nika being the focus of the pic too LMFAO

No. 1143145

god can they be more full of themselves?

No. 1143193

File: 1611736205264.jpeg (448.73 KB, 1124x1987, ADE57DD8-DB95-4EFD-BD81-5C0FA1…)

everything about this photo is so puzzling and laughable, what karma? From abusing your cats? From giving your mom hickeys ?

What is this “good” she claims to be doing

No. 1143237

File: 1611743802658.png (1.5 MB, 828x1792, 153366BC-66A6-4180-B502-184CB1…)


No. 1143260


Thing is I would say it’s nika but it sounds way too coherent, nika types all kinds of cracked out

No. 1143310

That's definitely mucus

No. 1143419

File: 1611765307267.png (396.17 KB, 1125x2436, 8E626C02-5228-4C82-A8D9-217605…)

Think you guys would enjoy this. She’s paying someone to hack peoples IG that talk about her.

No. 1143420

File: 1611765335464.png (413.36 KB, 1125x2436, 3368F9C1-D25F-4818-908E-35F8F7…)

Second post sorry(don't cowtip)

No. 1143475

So wait… the person behind the “nika exposed” page has turned their back on Jaelle and is exposing her too now? Hilarious, considering these two were teaming up to take Nika down lmfao.

No. 1143477

sage for no milk but didn't she claim to be ednos? now its just bulimia? shut up bingechan, you show no signs of bulimia

No. 1143506

Yea all the expose accounts hate Jaelle. The second they posted about her she took down their accounts.
White trash psycho.

No. 1143509

File: 1611771188263.jpeg (112.94 KB, 1125x602, 008788D9-1D34-489E-8553-903F19…)

No. 1143573

reading forumspeak out-of-thread and THIS ott makes me want to kill myself

No. 1143581


my sides. She was all for ~justice~ and calling people out before wheres that energy now?

No. 1143593

File: 1611778480602.png (1.27 MB, 1125x2436, CC43A4A2-D704-46DC-A90E-597084…)


No. 1143595

File: 1611778648696.png (1.76 MB, 1125x2436, E8206BF1-77F5-49B2-8523-0E5ED1…)


No. 1143681

theyll be friends again millking it up before february

No. 1144095

The voicemails jaelles grandma has been leaving her are so heartbreaking, I could barely listen to them without crying and jaelle can’t get over herself and reply? It’s been like a week of her trying to talk to jaelle

No. 1144103

Honestly, this. So, so terribly sad. Imagine ignoring your own grandmother’s desperate pleas to talk to you and, instead of giving her any type of response or reciprocation, taking screen shots of her tragic begging and posting them to your Instagram story. Like, wtf? Just admit that you don’t give a shit about your grandmother and be done with it, bitch. As a NEET, she has all the time in the world to spend arguing with strangers online, entertaining and creating drama for her pathetic, histrionic needs, writing long rants about how special and different she is, etc… And she does do these things all day, every day, but can’t be bothered to contact the one remaining family member who loves her purely (and maternally too). Her poor grandmother will probably pass away, feeling lonely and rejected, without ever hearing back from Jaelle. When that happens, Jaelle will feign remorse and suicide bait because she is, undeniably, such a piece of shit. Predicable. I hope I’m wrong for her grandmother’s sake, though.

No. 1144148

So post them for those of us who don't have Instagram

No. 1144149

With Jaelle's untreated diabetes, grandma has a good chance of outliving her as it is.

No. 1144354

File: 1611850108768.png (898.91 KB, 828x1792, 7533B001-CD5F-48C2-8A4D-ACBACC…)

No. 1144375

File: 1611851254802.png (1.02 MB, 828x1792, 3A38C641-E415-4983-8FF4-8613A8…)

No. 1144379

Go phone your fucking grandma you selfish hogbeast

No. 1144381

im trying to figure out wtf she is even trying to get at here lol she cant even make time to see her grandparents

No. 1144389

is she trying to show us her family cares about her even though she clearly doesn't give a flying fuck about them? "look at how much grandma NEEDS ME u guys" it makes her look worse than she thinks

No. 1144392

Is this supposed to be proof that people care about her and her family loves her? Because yeah, it does show that, but it proves even more that Jaelle is a self-important skank with no forethought or empathy. You don't get to use your dead mom as a gotcha if you actively avoid those she's survived by.

No. 1144403

for one my grandma didn’t bother contacting me for months, until she started to become lonely because my grandpa left to costarica. not that that matters, i’ve reached out to her many times on my own without real thought. it’s actually crazy how you guys CONTINUE to think you know my life without any details. like if you are so intrigued by me and question my life then why not dm me? why not facetime me? because you want to keep your anonymity? i don’t understand it lol. i am not upset in the slightest because i understand you guys and i understand why you do what you do and say what you do. i called my grandma two nights ago for an hour and talked to her and updated her on everything, not that i have to explain myself to you i just like to prove the know everything holier than thou doers wrong because it’s a fun hobby. i’ll be posting pictures and videos with my grandma and i’ll have her dedicate a video of her own to you guys since you’re so incredibly bothered but you degrade me on a platform nearly everyday. double standards. none of you have room to speak about empathy until you get off this website(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1144412

jaelle is just as much as a narcissist as nika is. they’ll always find their way back to each other. jaelle is still living in the delusion that nika is worse than her despite them both doing almost the exact same things. they’re both psychotic. i’ve spoken to nika and she still doesn’t think she did anything wrong. both of them need to own up and talk about it instead of deflecting. jaelle’s always like “that was years ago” yet she still spoke to a child. she still harassed a child. she still cut his name into her. she needs to be permanently hospitalized. she’s a danger to herself, others, and her dad. she claims it was an unloaded bb gun but even then you treat it like you can still hurt someone. it’s common gun safety.

No. 1144414

sorry that was insanely long i didn’t realize

No. 1144415

No. 1144416

tl:dr - nika and jaelle are the same yet jaelle thinks nika has done significantly worse compared to what she did.

No. 1144423

File: 1611854876874.jpeg (257.06 KB, 1125x1658, B70E0F12-ED62-4CC1-9575-B6E640…)

What’s sad is obsessively posting about a girl who doesn’t give a damn about you and then having a breakdown over her

No. 1144426

why would anyone go outside of the website to see anything about you? all most of us know is what is posted here. you're just a distraction in between heather sparkles updates. we don't ACTUALLY care, you're grandma does tho

No. 1144433

literally, and every time she posts a screenshot from here she's just bringing more attention to her antics lmfaooo get off the internet jaelle and go to the gym u fat ass pedo

No. 1144456

kekek exactly this, she's my stopgap while Hag is being boring.

who would have thought a mere six months ago this thread was mainly about Nika.
Congrats Jae, you played a blinder.

No. 1144496

>you're just a distraction in between heather sparkles updates
this is such a specific and brutal dunk

No. 1144522


No. 1144524

File: 1611864195829.gif (558.95 KB, 500x281, 9f6c5cc3ab0e5cf88c34925713c53b…)

I honestly doubt anyone wants to know you, Jaelle.

No. 1144571

jaelle, seriously. checking up on this thread is only going to bring you pain. people are always going to post about you as long as you give them something to talk about. unless you really enjoy receiving this kind of attention, i would recommend taking a step back. some of us do want to see you get better, but you're subjecting yourself to unnecessary stress and sadness every time you come here. love yourself.

No. 1144617

File: 1611872421955.png (5.09 MB, 1125x2436, CF32DE08-37E1-4B26-8FD9-1694E9…)

No. 1144625

No one on lolcow is even obsessed with any of the cows, I'm sure theres a few who are but its the same as watching celebrity drama on e news or some shit, just more entertaining bc cows are more unhinged rather than "who broke up with who type shit

No. 1144628

what is this edgy preteen bullshit kek

No. 1144631


took the words right outta my mouth anon

very “i’m 14 and this is deep” vibes

No. 1144632

just go $leep on that tempurpedic with grandma.

No. 1144644

File: 1611874141633.png (5.66 MB, 1125x2436, C42226AF-8CE3-4A6D-8BEA-1727EC…)

tehee i‘m sooo unpredictable lulz

No. 1144982

Jaelle is saying she's having a manic episode and saying she is crashing… I'm gonna screen record

No. 1144994

in other news, water is wet

No. 1145106

Who gave Jaelle the power to delete Instagram accounts?

No. 1145111

the fuck is with all of those bpd cretins and saying that they're having a 'manic episode'
bpd doesn't stand for bipolar ffs

No. 1145133

This is so fucking pathetic. Make some time for your fucking grandparents, cat abuser.

No. 1145237

File: 1611938644105.png (9.24 MB, 1125x2436, 4850BCB1-3798-4D25-9AA5-51E523…)

sage bc nitpick but her feet look fucking huge

No. 1145245

File: 1611939177505.jpg (193.13 KB, 1140x798, killstar in size clydesdale pl…)

Imagine how much of her dad's money Jaelle spends on farriers.

No. 1145262

"hehe took enough to sleep for 2 days but grrr will never kill myself grrr too much purpose grrrrrr must continue licking nikas clit while my dad fucks her"

No. 1145517

the consequences of interacting with lolcow
she'll keep doing it to quench her need for attention, but it'll never make her feel good, and it's clear as a day
she should get off the fucking internet instead of pretending she likes talking to us to be smug, she's already a joke in every social media circle

No. 1145584

I raise your nitpick to say that converse tend to look really long on your feet

No. 1145619

you do have manic episodes with bpd, please do your research on it! it’s very complex (i’m not trying to be rude aha)
-someone who has bpd(muh bpd)

No. 1145631

No. 1145696

kinda telling that this idiot will come in and stick up for herself about everything other than the stuff about abusing her cats to the point of shitting themselves. at least she sometimes gets the clarity that she's better off dead.

No. 1145958

yeah no. bpd can have psychotic symptoms, but not manic. also after typing 'bpd mania' you just get comparisons between bpd and bipolar.
sage for off-topic sperg

No. 1146063

No. 1146064

File: 1612032296261.jpeg (236.6 KB, 820x1141, 2CE4F344-7B04-4CBE-AC80-838FA6…)


No. 1146065

File: 1612032474697.png (1.87 MB, 1125x2436, C29A1C30-88AA-4CB8-9F65-220915…)

No. 1146166

>youtube videos will be made, twitter threads WILL be made, and tik toks will be made.
This is comedy gold. You're a true activist, Jaelle.

No. 1146176

How’s Jaelle gonna say she gives a single shot about those victims when she deleted the accounts with the victims statements?!

No. 1146235

File: 1612042561269.png (3 MB, 1125x2436, 427CF51A-848D-453A-8D20-50C60B…)

>reminder to reach out to your family members
ignores her lonely grandma

No. 1146263

File: 1612045287188.png (2.82 MB, 1125x2436, FC5452AE-7B90-46FA-91F9-4C976F…)

jaelle losing it over people voting „no“ to her asking if she would be a good mom.
>rn i would probably kill my baby but i‘d be a good mom in 3 years
what makes her think her mental state is going to change any time soon when she does absolutely nothing to help herself

No. 1146264

File: 1612045308658.png (4.22 MB, 1125x2436, 16FD6F3A-99DA-4C66-8D22-93D0B1…)

No. 1146271

File: 1612045848741.jpeg (299.11 KB, 828x1704, 6D5FDEF2-FF55-4774-8848-B6F2A8…)

No. 1146279

So she's just gonna hope she becomes a non shit person instead of actively trying to better herself. How's that worked out for you so far? Christ I hope she never breeds, that kid would be fucked up beyond repair from Jaelle's violent narcissism.
On another note, does she just constantly refresh this thread all day? Self obsession isn't a very good indicator of a good parent, J.

No. 1146286


lmao this cow is actually responding to posts here and quoting them verbatim. >>1146263 you got your response anon! as always it’s “fuck you i have potential.”

what potential? it’s all been squandered or fried away by drugs at this point. she is so stunted if she believes she has much to look forward to when she’s already royally screwed up her life.

jaelle would be a terrible mother. she’s an abusive BPD mess with incestuous tendencies. if she has a kid and it lives past infancy without it dying due to abuse/neglect, it’ll be in for a rough fucking ride and end up even more fucked up than she is.

some people should not be allowed to breed and jaelle is one of them.

No. 1146298

Why do women with intense psychiatric disorders always do this. I swear every cow has a "b-but ill be a good mom uwu maybe I should have baby" moment. Its like their totally unselfaware that 9/10 their own parents having unresolved mental health issues and having children anyway while projecting their problems onto them are the reason why they're so maladjusted and unhappy. I get cows like this will never be honest enough to admit that maybe they'll never get it together enough to raise another human but the pure selfishness of the desire to just pop out a child that will learn and grow for the sake of a dopamine rush and the faux promise of something to love them unconditionally disturbs me. Its too easy for people like this to raise a new generation of abusers.

No. 1146353

She literally beat on innocent cats for fun in her childhood before any of her trauma happened too… so it's not like she can use that as an excuse

No. 1146357

I’m still convinced Jaelle fucks her dad

No. 1146393


>asks if people think she- a fat mentally deranged volatile cow- would be a good mother

>people say no


The mental gymnastics she does is the most amount of exercise shes ever done kek

No. 1146451

File: 1612058980453.jpeg (342.33 KB, 1125x1809, 4EB6C818-C40D-4D76-8C71-6C1700…)

It’s for Nika

No. 1146465

make a butt print!!!

No. 1146473

File: 1612060620199.jpeg (200.06 KB, 750x1334, DF5C0D65-FC51-4F76-9190-56C550…)

I mean, sure, you’re gonna be a great mom. How are those positive vibes coming on?

No. 1146485

kekkkk this reads like a shitty copypasta

No. 1146699

Hey Jaelle since you’re such a hacker, delete this thread(>>instagram)

No. 1147405

reading comprehension

No. 1147493

File: 1612119709409.jpeg (341.9 KB, 1125x1868, 9BEDCFA0-9F0F-4EFE-AD03-8FDA8C…)

Is there an exposing Jaelle account?

No. 1147568

File: 1612129007505.png (5.08 MB, 1125x2436, DFE76FF8-3EEC-45AF-8B7B-1348D5…)

back at it again trying to be peaches

No. 1147580

there were accounts that exposed jaelle but she got them deleted

No. 1147775

Jaelle claims she’s got a “team of hacker”(Emoji)

No. 1148002

there was afaik, she sperged about it

No. 1148370

File: 1612211978008.png (1.55 MB, 828x1792, B4FBAB8B-58CE-4E86-BE35-5C59DA…)

Didn’t get a chance to screen record but Jaelle just posted a video from the night Nika and her sugar daddy took advantage of her, the video showed blood on bedsheets and the camera panned over to show nika and the guy fucking on the floor. Jaelle is offering to dm people the video for those of you that missed it

No. 1148373

File: 1612212033730.png (1.1 MB, 828x1792, D1824308-34FF-4C9B-854D-CE9CC1…)

Jaelle also posted this

No. 1148482

i remember that a man nika knew raped jaelle while she was unconscious and intoxicated, but i don't remember it ever being for money. is that old news or is that something jaelle is just now bringing up?
was this type of behavior something nika learned from her mom?

No. 1148555

weird. i remember her posting a few nights after about how she was so happy she finally lost her virginity because she felt it was time and a new step in her life. something doesnt add up…

No. 1148568

i knew of you would try to say i am lying about this and try to search for something that isn’t there. i was heavily on xanax throughout that time, that was right before nika fucked my dad and right before i did meth and right before i was admitted to the psych ward for a week because nika enabled me to do meth and not sleep for a week and that’s what made me spiral into psychosis. i was on drugs and being heavily manipulated and gaslit by someone who has done this same thing to her best friend prior to me. it’s all laid out on the table for you. if you watch the fucking video in my instagram bio you will see how much i BLED. nobody bleeds that much unless it was sexual assault

No. 1148569

No one "enabled" you. You're a grown ass adult, no one forced that meth pipe on you. Smackheads I swear, its everyones fault but theirs kek.

No. 1148571

people can enable adults you fucking asshole

No. 1148574

Wow two smackheads hanging out leads to even more drug use? Crazy. Stop acting the victim J, no ones buying it. Accept you are just as shitty as Nika.

No. 1148576

yoi are disgusting and insensitive i never did hard drugs until nika she has that influence on many people what is wrong wirh you i am nowhere near the person she is(find a therapist)

No. 1148580

Sure J, sure

No. 1148586

Gonna have to agree with Jaelle on this if all the details are true, which we will never know.
Even if she was consenting to taking all the drugs or was being encouraged to, she could not consent to sex if she was in and out of consciousness.

It’s disgusting that Nika would let her sugar daddy would continue to rape her drugged up friend

No. 1148589

Yeah the rape is awful if true. But blaming Nika on her drug addiction is very far fetched.

No. 1148672

Agreed. The video Jaelle posted is horror show. Says it all. The aftermath then Nika and the guy that fucked Jaelle at it like dogs on the floor. Pretty fucking sad tbh.

No. 1148765

people aren't denying that you were raped. you can read the old thread from when this was happening, we were all saying that it was fucked up.

No. 1148983

J you dumb as fuck, but that Situation looks god awful. You should go to the police if this is true.

No. 1148992

are we all gonna cry and hold hands now

No. 1149035

I do actually vaguely remember jaelle bringing up the fact that it was n’s sugar daddy and that n pimped her out, I think it was around the time of their original big argument, right after Nika fucked her dad.

Jaelle has posted the video now with an unlisted link on YouTube for those of you who are want to watch it, given the nature of it allegedly being from the night of Jaelle’s rape I didn’t see it as appropriate to screen record.

No. 1149054

File: 1612256198781.jpeg (149.03 KB, 828x1404, 0109D0F2-BD27-4BA5-825B-99B9A4…)

Is she threatening to kill herself or

No. 1149135

Oh no pls don’t(emojis)

No. 1149161

Perfect timing. She was finally called out for legitimate reasons with actual proof, so now it's time for the pity party.

No. 1149251


but i thought she had so much potential and was going to *~*~thrive~*~* and be an amazing mother or whatever.

of course the thriving uwu special bad bitch full of potential facade comes crashing down eventually. she can’t handle the slightest bit of things not going her way.

No. 1149270


Jaelle posted nikas bloody fingers after sex and was bragging about losing her virginity to everyone, how it wasn’t gross or weird and she felt super safe. I wish I had screenshot it at the time, but nika also posted heavily on escort sites at that time and WAS selling “the experience” of threesome with her best friend for about 300-500 dollars. It was posted on a few tea pages during that summer

No. 1149279

whatever i was spewing from my fingertips, i was on a bunch of xanax during that time. literally don’t even remember how he got his dick inside of me. don’t remember the aftermath. don’t remember during. no correlation what so ever. don’t even remember me taking that video until i found it in my google photos. as for her pimping me out, i remember she proposed the idea of having a threesome with her sugar daddy and her after she gave me a bunch of xanax. way past the normal amount that she usually would give me. crazy right.

No. 1149280

File: 1612284591285.jpeg (141.59 KB, 828x267, 93CF6035-E494-401D-886E-020EEC…)

So, this was posted in the old thread.

No. 1149281

as for how i felt during that time it holds no substance because i was not coherent and drugged up, i simply wouldn’t be able to consent if i was not coherent(find a therapist)

No. 1149288


You b e e n knew she was a whole cracked out prostitute and still decided to travel with her, do drugs & get fucked. What do you think happens when you hang out with a hoe and her John? Dumb bitch. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. We don’t hang out with hookers so that’s why we don’t have your misfortunate. Develop a frontal cortex why don’t ya? We need a dark hand.

No. 1149290


saged for non-milk & misspelling(Sage)

No. 1149293

lol the victim blaming is real. when you’re manipulated and gaslit by a narcissist for 4 years and your mind is being played like every instrument that’s ever been invented, for 4 years. you put this person on a pedestal, for 4 years. let me know. until then don’t speak on what you’ve never been a victim of(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1149298

No. 1149325

has anyone contacted her?

No. 1149433

What’s the point of blocking ppl on here when VPN’s exist?

No. 1149445

File: 1612295282996.jpeg (322.78 KB, 828x1447, 60866075-3B9A-4959-8886-DBFA79…)


No. 1149447

File: 1612295416078.jpeg (347.11 KB, 828x1469, 3D0C5617-2AAB-47F9-B251-B16E91…)


No. 1149464

The whole “forced to take Xanax” thing just reminds me too much of TND’s “Johnny FORCED me to shoot heroin!!” spiel

No. 1149480

I hate to agree with Nika because she’s a crackhead whore but how can Jaelle cry “Nika had me raped and then fucked my rapist” as if Nika was completely sober and competent when they were both equally as fucked on drugs as each other at the time? They were out of their minds constantly. You might regret what happened Jaelle, and that guy might have taken advantage of how fucked up you both were, but you are living and thriving in your victim complex when you’re still a shitty person

No. 1149485

>"all i want is closure"
>"your words are meaningless to me"
Pick one lol.

No. 1149487

listen dumbass, there’s a difference between pimping someone out and feeding them drugs vs constantly always drugged up and having sex with strangers that are drugged up as well. i didn’t touch hard drugs until nika, i didn’t lose my virginity until nika gave me a bunch of xanax and somehow fucking convinced me to fuck her sugr daddy. she had sex with him constantly, i did not

No. 1149490

closure vs being manipulated and gaslit and someone calling u a wounded lamb? yeah of course her words will be meaningless to me when she tries to skew the situation for her own benefit

No. 1149492

do you hear yourself you fucking freak? “you might regret what happened jaelle, and how that guy took advantage of you” sentence should’ve ended right there. you just completely contradicted yourself mate

No. 1149497

Jaelle you dumb asab, you made Nika look smart today. Good job!

No. 1149498

lol shut the fuck up you absolute roadkill

No. 1149501

How does someone be so unhinged to the point where they mke NIKA look like the bigger person.. figuratively speaking of course..

No. 1149502

jaelle, you guys are both victims of a bad situation. since you've established that being intoxicated while having sex is rape, then wasn't nika being raped that entire time as well?
why does only one of you get to be the victim and one has to be the perpetrator? you've both been through shit. your relationship was horrible. blaming nika isn't going to bring you closure because you know in your heart that she's not the sole person to blame here.
it's time to move on. she's out of your life and you just keep willingly bringing her back in, just for you to get hurt all over again. why do you put yourself through that?

No. 1149503

why would i be the bigger person to someone that was an accessory to my rape l(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1149505

what u r not going to do is speak on a situation you absolutely know NOTHING ABOUT. you were not there and you were not there to witness even half of what went on. i don’t give a fuck about her i give a fuck about getting justice(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1149513

blaming nika won't bring you justice. i'm not personally against you in this situation, receiving closure is clearly important to you, and for valid reasons. you guys both deserve closure separately.
both of your issues clearly started long before you were both in eachothers lives. i know its hard to see right now, because it's easier to put the blame on the closest thing to you, but i truly think that youre smart enough to understand that nika wasn't in her right mind, either.
please, get help jaelle. doing this isnt going to bring you any closure.

No. 1149517

holy shit. i am not blaming. i am stating. she put me on tryst, a prostitution website without my knowledge before she got me fucked up on xanax and i got my virginity stolen from me. she was part of it. she was an accomplice. she is an accessory to my rape god damn it.

No. 1149520

>youre smart enough

Jaelle is posting here as if anyone cares instead of enrolling in school or getting a job. She doesn't deserve the crumb of credit you're giving her.

No. 1149523

fuck you and your dumb slut self, not having a job or going to college doesn’t equal lack of intelligence it equals that u don’t want a life for urself until u choose to have one for yourself

No. 1149530

and how is checking and posting on lolcow going to hurt nika? a lot of us already agree that you were raped.
you're the only person whos being hurt by doing this. its just giving people more to laugh at. its pointless trying to defend yourself from these people jaelle. to them youre irredeemable. trust me, theres better ways to get closure and peace.

No. 1149532

Nika doesn't go to school or work either but you Nika stans think she's better than her. Please.

No. 1149533

it’s not but i am only proving you guys wrong because all of these threads are filled with people who i’m misunderstood by and think they know me. if they had a genuine conversation with me they would see i’m not the person i’m being made out to be. i don’t really care it’s their hobby to gossip and talk shit but, i come on here to see what is being misconstrued about me. not to get justice lol

No. 1149534

Go to the police if you want justice. Your spam followers aren’t goi g to do anything.

No. 1149536

have you heard of statute of limitations you stupid fucking idiot there’s not enough evidence to prove i was raped or that nika was an accomplice

No. 1149538


No. 1149540

i have nothing better to do currently but as you are doing the same, clearly. stop talking to me with your filthy tongue and scrape the dirty secretions off of it

No. 1149544

but they wont believe you, so what's the point? and if you dont care, then why are you here, putting yourself through this shit, every single day?
youre never going to please everybody. as long as youre subjecting yourself to the public eye, people will dislike you and misinterpret your thoughts and actions.
the best thing you can do to protect yourself from that is to get offline. i really think that would help you, and i think you know that it would too.

No. 1149547

File: 1612300208166.png (6.9 MB, 1125x2436, 41AF444E-B4FD-4CC5-950C-9F5ED4…)

No. 1149550

i do not care enough to “protect” myself from harmless losers on the interwebz, i come on here to prove them wrong as a fun hobby to laugh at them. it does not bother me one bit or make me upset in the slightest because i know why they do what they do and say what they do. it’s an end game

No. 1149553

As if it wasn't Nika who did that shit.

No. 1149554

J is boring, did anyone talk to Nika on that weird discord message she left?

No. 1149556

how are you proving anybody wrong though? if anything, coming on here and sperging every day just makes you look worse.

No. 1149559

speeding lord jeesus, i am done going back and forth with you morons

No. 1149561

You have been going back and forth for weeks tho?

No. 1149563

BULLSHIT. Being drunk doesn't mean you can't be hold accountable for your actions.
What do you think about drunks who run people over with a car?

No. 1149564

No. 1149568

good fucking riddance, you claim not to care about losers on the interwebz yet sit and mald at lolcow all day lmfao.

you realize you are just gonna be banned again and again right?

No. 1149570

is a fun hobby like i said m8, i can continued to be banned but i’ll alwayz be bak tehe

No. 1149574

Not if you choke on that 29th store brand Oreo.

No. 1149575

i’m bout to order chipotle actually, what should i get

No. 1149576

a therapist.

No. 1149578

already killed her n ate her up, she wasn’t my flavor anymore

No. 1149581

Babe, we would be making fun of Nika if she came here too. You were both fucked up and I agree, you were raped. Virginity is given, not stolen. However, your rapist is that man. Nika is toxic and you two should stay away from each other because you feed on each other's toxicity. Recognizing how unhealthy she is for you is very insightful. However, you also have to remember: Nika was just as fucked up. You both 'yes and?'ing the other until the day that man raped you isn't the same as a grown man taking advantage of two young women drugged out. It's a fairly nice day in Chicago, 30s and the sun is out. Take walk, get a warm beverage somewhere, and just get off the Internet for now, because it's obviously not helping you.

No. 1149583

like i said she posted me on a prostitution website without my knowledge, right before i got raped. my virginity was stolen because i was fucking raped.

No. 1149584

Hey Jaelle how much do u weigh?

No. 1149585

how much do you weigh? are you still bitter about me getting your account deleted?

No. 1149586

I’m not saying this to be a bitch- it’s really really easy to come back onto this site with a VPN. As long as she has one, she has every country to pick from and every county. Banning her won’t do shit. She’s a virus lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1149588

clearly jaelle and nika need each other cuz they’re both fucking sociopaths with no lives outside of either worshipping or condemning the other person.

jaelle, get a grip. go outside. step outside of the social media sphere for just a second and maybe then you’ll realize everyone has been hurt and wronged by people, but live goes on. if you feel you were violated, i sympathize. but i cannot sympathize with the ongoing, “woe is me” mentality. own up to where you enabled toxic situations, accept your past, and move on. you’re boring, and we don’t care.

No. 1149590

File: 1612301884033.jpeg (74.13 KB, 1125x431, 0BF7445C-635D-48D7-A0F2-E388EF…)

You just said 30 min ago you were done. You’re still here.
Try doing charity work and you’ll realize your life isn’t that bad.

No. 1149593

omg noooo ur diagnosing me with aspd? i guess i will have to listen to the internet psychiatrist….

dude nobody is saying that life doesn’t go on but you need to stop dismissing what nika has done because the spotlight has been moved toward me? obviously i have done wrong, i am not innocent but the difference between nika and i is- i don’t gaslight and manipulate and lie about every situation or hide from it when it’s thrown my way

No. 1149594

jaelle, we know that you were raped. the best thing you can do for yourself right now is to try and destress. which includes removing yourself from this situation, getting offline, and getting some fresh air.

No. 1149595

i’m bored n i can do this all day i don’t have anything to do(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1149596

i already did sum yoga and meditated i’m good rite now it’s too cold outside

No. 1149597

U live in a low income area, find some charity work.

No. 1149598

fucking clearly. you dont have a job, you don't go to school, you sit online making a fool of yourself and play the victim when people point and laugh at the spectacle you created

No. 1149606

How do u survive? Do you take your dads money?

No. 1149607

if it doesn't bother you then why did you have to bring the thread up to your grandmother? you can reread the thread, theres multiple caps of you being clearly hurt and upset by what's said in these threads. theres no use in denying it now.

No. 1149614

Cant wait for the god awful ig stories later from this.

No. 1149618

Gdi J, I am actually trying to show some compassion here. If I were a mental health professional irl, I would put this nicer: the guy physically popped your cherry. Cool. A brokem hymen isn't a sign of virginity, it's something consensual that can't happen during an act of violence or coercion that was inflicted upon you. But you're determined to blame Nika, so there's nothing I can do to reason with you about this.

It's 32 degrees by the lake and I assume you live further west than I do. For Chicago in February, it's balmy. Might as well enjoy the sunshine before it snows again on Thursday. Shit, you could always just go somewhere and pick up trash for even 30 minutes. Just take a garbage bag, some gloves, and pick up some trash. You live in freaking Chicago, where there's plenty to do and if there's not, a trip on any of the L lines is $2.50.

No. 1149628


There is no use, she will probably reap benefits from welfare and disability for the rest of her life however short it is considering she’s the size of shrek. How long til she turns into SagittariusShawty or Shayna ???

No. 1149634

Man we need more people like you.
That’s some genuinely good advice. Sad to know it’s gonna never be done cause she’s too far gone.

No. 1149640

Hey, I have a question. Where's the manhunt for the rapist? Oh wait, that doesn't take priority over taking down some instagram methhead to you. Your karma is that this dude is still on the loose and even if you told the cops, they would not give a shit. Great job.

No. 1149643

Yea Jaelle what happened with Spencer??

No. 1149705

She was coerced into it you fucking retard.

No. 1149716

Nika and Jaelle are so retarded that anyone would need them to sign a consent form before sex.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1149725

Way to deflect from this shit. Congrats, edgelord.

No. 1149790

Jaelle. If you want to stop being talked about here, here's a tip: happy people with fulfilling lives don't get posted because that's boring. Try to make this your goal. You don't need to try to control everything anyone on the internet says about you. Focus on making your life less of a spectacle and it will come naturally.

No. 1149815

Yea it was deleted by mod but j is still saying shit like “I fuck my dad raw for allowance money”
That’s not how you get any good attention. That’s not showing you have changed at all.

No. 1149829

This is my issue. Jaelle is so obsessed with pinning every ounce of blame on Nika, but what about the methhead who she claims raped her? Where’s the ‘justice’ she’s seeking there?

No. 1149860

i don‘t often come here but wtf is going on with everyone bumping this thread? looks an awful lot like j is talking to herself in here or this attracted newfags en masse

No. 1149883

It's both.
My fave was bleeding heart anon trying to offer sincere advice to an unkempt water buffalo who only wants attention thank you very much.

No. 1149911

she posted here and everyone kept baiting her into posting more

No. 1149930

She gave me brain cancer

No. 1150036


i never wanna have kids so i never have to be responsible for mine turning out like this tryhard. embarrassing.

No. 1150281

File: 1612327403628.jpeg (553.38 KB, 1125x1987, 26C33195-83FC-46AC-B8EE-C19D59…)

Someone summarize this for us

No. 1150284

Basically saying Nika lied in her response.
That Jaelle was on drugs. Basically the same shit but drawn out.
Trying to bring up her relevance again with bringing up Nika AGAIN.

No. 1150494

File: 1612344322384.png (2.83 MB, 1125x2436, 0C73A3EB-BBF9-41CF-B46C-4135AE…)

No. 1150567

Just dont diddle them and your kids will be fine kek

No. 1150589

Jaelle self posting for attention? This is embarrassing as hell, but it's not milk. Though lol… to whom is she sending these gross messages and why not directly to her 'boyfriend' himself? Maybe he's just not into you J.

No. 1150628

Julia is posting this shit on here lol.

No. 1150795

It doesn't. However your whole internet history clearly says that you're a fucking dumbass lol

No. 1150803

Can't believe this bitch keeps browsing this thread 24/7, spergs furiously and thinks everyone will believe she's truly ~unbothered~ and only does this because of boredom

No. 1151073

Right!!? She’s never seen his face but says this to him, part of me thinks it’s nika fucking with her; also jaelle, wanting sex isn’t love it’s lust at best

No. 1151123

jaelle literally has loli porn on her story wtf

No. 1151124

File: 1612384847029.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 607.56 KB, 1125x1953, 0784168A-E54B-4C4E-997C-6B281E…)

pic related forgot image

No. 1151261

File: 1612395232176.png (1.29 MB, 828x1792, 5364B6F3-2677-4A7C-9702-47BE69…)

Jaelle is obsessively posting about Marilyn Manson on her stories for some weird reason. Here’s one of five manson related posts on her story atm

No. 1151262

File: 1612395290281.png (1.39 MB, 828x1792, 1745362D-18E1-456B-9D18-3AE5DC…)

Another cringey one

No. 1151296

the way she @‘d him like he would reply kek

No. 1151325

Isn’t loli actual animated children.
Why does this fat cow do this shit to herself?

No. 1151336

tfw comparing herself to a narcissistic, hack, monster of a person looool I guess his charms worked on her baby brain

No. 1151550

Jaelle, your kink is watching minors cut themselves. You need to be called out. Get help.

No. 1151579

recent posters can you please fucking learn how to sage? Hate coming to this thread just to see some dumbass comments bumping it for no reason. Jaelle’s a fat stinky ape-pig, what else is new

No. 1151634

Kek , looks like hambeast stumbled across the Manson thread while she had been lurking this one

No. 1151689

Is Jaelle the new Canyon? They are both the same levels of cringe.

No. 1152194

Is this really loli though it's just a skinny shorter girl that jaelle prob wishes she'd look like next to her manlet ebf

No. 1152404

so… someone talks w/ nika on discord or what?

No. 1152471

the discord doesnt exist i tried

No. 1152602

File: 1612496158457.jpeg (558.73 KB, 1125x1921, 6233FCA0-1CC0-4A90-8E80-3631CD…)

How long will it take until she comes on here again mooing loudly

No. 1152656

I love this thread. Absolutely deranged.
Less than a day.

No. 1153502

File: 1612569932853.png (4.73 MB, 1242x2208, 783A26CC-B80A-48F5-A2E2-F6CCB4…)

Deranged plus, now. The head smacking is disturbing and annoying in equal measure, but add the hair pulling and, well, get some help right now, Jaelle.

No. 1153503

File: 1612570005141.png (4.73 MB, 1242x2208, 86D7FE9E-5332-45C1-8D95-6451CB…)

Still on her stories if you fancy watching a human as animal in a zoo going mental.

No. 1153505

File: 1612570060770.png (7.97 MB, 1242x2208, 605EB7BE-482F-4DA0-849D-DC69E9…)

She’s actually frightening.

No. 1153509

Nasty. She’s not frightening, she’s a tryhard wannabe peaches. That’s what the “spam community” relies on. Attention grabbing bs. She’s only relevant because her association and ass-kissing of nika. The only reason Nika tolerates her is cuz her narc traits, she eats the pedestaling up. Pathetic.

No. 1153537

File: 1612573666401.jpeg (468.18 KB, 1125x1962, 969FCC57-B3EE-4349-B5C3-84725D…)

No. 1153568

File: 1612576784554.png (3.75 MB, 1125x2436, 34AF7F9A-3DE7-424B-A80F-AA80E9…)

„the demon“ as if you aren’t just as bad as nika.
also kinda replying to you anon >>1153509
after she made this big statement of not wanting to check lolcow anymore lol

No. 1153588

Ay(kinda)rt, you too janelle apparently lmao. I’d like to amend my comment to relevant to this site. She’s hardly cared about here and that’s more than can be said of irl. She has teenage followers with shit interaction compared to a 20k follow that just want to see her burn. I repeat, no matter the backstory, pathetic.

No. 1153652

Why is there so much grease in her hair??????

No. 1153655

File: 1612583297349.jpeg (160.15 KB, 1125x1511, 1B4688BA-DB1C-4B47-8854-C09E8B…)

Jaelle’s 22 year old minion who has nothing better to do than harass anyone who talks badly about her, even tho she’s been caught posting on here multiple times.

No. 1153684


Wtf I’m blocked been blocked by jaelle and haven’t posted in days, how am i her minion if i don’t like her lmfao that makes no sense(no1curr)

No. 1153689


Ive been blocked by jaelle’s account for over 3 months. I post in the thread because she’s a wreck and so is Nika. I only know what goes on with her from here, and i have never ever talked to her personally because who the fuck would? Lol way to shit up the thread.

No. 1153753

Really dude? This isn’t fucking milk. Seems like u honestly have a personal vendetta against her. Post milk or don’t post shit at all.

No. 1153802

Why are you arguing with yourself

No. 1153957

This thread attracts the most deranged girls of the spam community. Just ignore her.

No. 1154076

yooo i know this bitch LOL!

No. 1155416

Sage bc just curious and not milk but any anons notice jaelles account is gone? Or am I just blocked kek

No. 1155917

i wonder if jaelle(?) spamming here was an attempt to derail the thread

No. 1156847

File: 1612871560506.jpeg (550.39 KB, 1125x1901, 2218C0CC-D11E-4BD7-9E24-373A5D…)

Newish milk I guess

No. 1157126

she said a while ago she was blocking anyone who followed nika, no idea if she actually followed through

No. 1157198

File: 1612896716843.png (3.5 MB, 828x1792, 34383FDD-02F6-4448-B074-E37802…)

Screenshot of Nika’s recent TikTok. It appears as if she may have tattooed a teardrop under her left eye. Yikes.

No. 1157242

it’s so funny to me that she still hasn’t posted a single picture of this man anywhere, at this point I can’t tell if it’s an elaborate lie or he’s just uglier than her and she’s embarrassed kek

No. 1157358

Crazy theory but hear me out. Jaelle and Nika are still friends and are using each other to gain publicity. Maybe Jaelles boyfriend is actually Nika and Jaelle knows that. That’s why they won’t show their face or anything. Currently Nika is in Chicago, and Jaelle just moved in with this mysterious person also in Chicago

Some small details I noticed was they were both out the other day, the cars they were both in looked similar to each other. Also they both post on Snapchat within minutes apart most times(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1157365

Stop namefagging, go read the rules b

No. 1157527

Why would anyone wanna hang out w someone who openly is disgusting and looks like they haven’t showered in year?

No. 1157628

Which one because they both look like that, they’re made for each other and I can’t wait for Jaelle to look like a circus when it is revealed to be Nika

No. 1157669

Yeah which one are you referring to? They both look dirty and smelly lol

No. 1158155

Gabby was a huge anti Jaelle, now she’s off the rails again. Is there a thread on her on here? I searched but I have trouble navigating. (If not it’s worth starting one)

No. 1158156

uhh who?

No. 1158497

No. 1158731

File: 1613018078489.png (3.34 MB, 828x1792, F546DC09-4CB7-4D95-AB1A-2C8076…)

No. 1158745

File: 1613020470054.jpeg (188.57 KB, 828x999, 0DBE4740-C46D-4D61-8722-1EAD55…)

I wonder if this dude is even actually “dating” Jaelle, I feel like she would be insanely jealous of him posting much better looking girls on his story all the time

No. 1158747

I don’t think she has a thread but damn does she need one. She’s so insane

No. 1158774

Wonder if we should make the next thread a spam community general with Nika, Jaelle and Julia as notable cows in the OP? They all sort of interact with each other and have messy, funny lives.

No. 1158865

No. 1158866

Julia has her own tea account(newfag)

No. 1158879

File: 1613046764262.png (4.4 MB, 828x1792, BEFE9973-22E2-4432-BA6B-40E334…)

Nika’s latest post on tiktok, she’s definitely gained weight

No. 1158880

I’m confused, isn’t Jaelle in Chicago? Why would her bf plan to visit America but say he would never go to her state lol

No. 1158885

youre posting it like it’s bad?

No. 1158984

I noticed that too. "You'll never catch me in chicago fuck that" but they live there together? Whats the truth

No. 1158995

You know, seeing this writing style and format, Jaelle's boyfriend isn't Nika. Jaelle's boyfriend is Jaelle.

No. 1159009

It's the tinfoil that makes the most sense. No one else would waste time on Jaelle but Jaelle.

No. 1159057

No he’s real, he’s some weird hacker that Jael would brag was gonna delete nikas Instagram account, but failed.

No. 1159456

the bitch is lying. He's not in chicago with her at the very least, if he even exists at all

No. 1159519

File: 1613095524728.png (3.19 MB, 750x1334, 10FA381D-85E4-4952-9AB2-1293D8…)

Nika gets this shit tattooed on her face and I STILL like her more than Jaelle Jesus Christ

No. 1159607

That looks like cat scratches and pimples. Really ugly. She’s definitely unemployable now. What a crackhead.

No. 1159611

it's a cute idea but couldn't she have just gotten temporary tattoos or drawn that on with eyeliner? jfc…

No. 1159618

kek the typing style reminds me of lillee jean’s sockpuppet accounts

No. 1159959

By “baby” i think she probably meant one of her friends not her boyfriend, the way she talks to her friends she always calls them names. Also, on one of her lives someone had asked her if she has ever met her boyfriend and she said yes. Yet he says he lives outside of the U.S. ?? Knowing Jaelle her fatass never leaves the house, I doubt they have ever met and they just edate kek.

No. 1159976

odd how she tries to paint Nika as such an abuser and yet she keeps obsessing and threatening her, such victim behaviour

No. 1160353


No. 1160580

File: 1613214606631.jpeg (108.14 KB, 640x809, A1E2D965-8609-45E4-A60A-1EB014…)

It's done badly, maybe she's lucky and the girl tattooing her is so bad at it that the ink won't stay on her skin kek. Face tattoos tend to fade a lot (sun exposure, washing your face, grease etc.) and especially coloured ones, I'm curious to see how it looks in a year considering Nika's still alive then.

No. 1160583

File: 1613215020214.jpeg (109.09 KB, 640x811, 36B1A927-26DD-47B4-B749-08F58F…)

Oh and anon, do you really thing any employer is going to hire this crack mug? She's covered with tattoos and self-harm scars all over her arms and hands, I doubt that her new (and in comparison subtle) tattoo is going to be a difference

No. 1160797

File: 1613242668253.jpg (315.4 KB, 1080x1344, SmartSelect_20210213-135534_Ti…)

Found this comment

No. 1160800

File: 1613242700306.jpg (151.58 KB, 1080x578, SmartSelect_20210213-135547_Ti…)

These are on one of nika's tik toks

No. 1160967

damn, nika porking up again

No. 1161295

she's drinking again for sure that's both bloat and weight gain

No. 1161394

Either drinking or if she IS trying to eat more she could just be bloated as hell from that.
She’s done that a couple times and so many ppl comment “omg u look so healthy”

No. 1161417

File: 1613312391631.png (Spoiler Image, 2.46 MB, 828x1792, 79D309C4-9B0D-4E81-8947-4990D3…)

Does anyone else find it fucking creepy that Jaelle obsessively posts pictures of her from when she was a child? Gives me weird regressive vibes, looks like something they’d show in a murder documentary lol

No. 1161421

Please spoiler this shit, gross.

No. 1161437

Her friend Nika moved in lol

No. 1161465

it’s so creepy and makes me want to puke thinking about why she’s obsessed with herself as a child

No. 1161522

File: 1613327471512.png (1.08 MB, 828x1792, 247A9752-E00A-412D-A063-FD7A2F…)

No Jaelle, nobody is sexualising your baby body. People just think it’s fucking creepy that you post shit about your “loss of innocence” with pics of you as a child. Get off of the internet and onto a treadmill

No. 1161552

It's pretty obvious she's been speedrunning through other people's past internet controversies. So far she's done the azalea banks cat skull shit, skinwalked lovely peaches, and now she's on to Gabi Demartino posting naked baby pics. Its pathetic.

No. 1161575

File: 1613331567487.png (Spoiler Image, 4.22 MB, 828x1792, A957C72D-E88B-480B-93EF-054426…)

Would this new, seemingly impulsive vertical labret piercing count as skinwalking Nika herself? I know she’s done it in the past during their friendship, so I guess that isn’t really a reach. Either way, this looks silly and is really unflattering on her face imo.

No. 1161594

lmao she's actually obsessed with reading here. what a useless virgin

No. 1161649

Bets on VICTIM on her forehead in gothic letters?

No. 1161726

File: 1613343217184.png (7.54 MB, 1125x2436, 6FA7BF60-D5A9-447F-9E43-FEFDF8…)


No. 1161728

Why are her piercings crusty??

No. 1161737

she has one of the most unfortunate noses I’ve ever seen. idk why she chose to put emphasis on it with those crusty piercings

No. 1161917

File: 1613358232557.png (9.69 MB, 1284x2778, 04E13025-8551-44F4-A3CD-2519BC…)

what did she post?

No. 1161935

File: 1613360099937.png (900.21 KB, 828x1792, 3F7109CB-1DAB-4466-B5B6-04E054…)

No. 1161967

jesus how is she that dense she’s a moron

No. 1161996

There’s no way I-
She’s definitely got some type of mental disability.

No. 1162031

She just asked if she should get lip fillers lmao, she really is becoming Nika

No. 1162050

lip fillers wouldnt even come close to saving her face lol she’d still look like a swamp monster

No. 1162068

File: 1613378827451.png (4.17 MB, 828x1792, D0BF1698-679A-43C4-8DF5-A55528…)

Between the exact piercings nika has (dermal, two nose rings, septum, labret), crystals and filler she is literally turning into Nika

No. 1162134

Put sage in the email field when you are contributing nothing jfc

No. 1162140

she’s disgusting to post that.. and thinks it’s okay then wonders why no one likes her. LMAO if you didn’t know who it was why post it? it doesn’t even make sense without knowing

No. 1162321


No. 1162322

Why is no one talking about her pupils??? She on drugs again lol.

No. 1162323

File: 1613415248637.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 67.81 KB, 1125x580, 5796FC8B-9A72-4F3A-82FB-54C34E…)

Stole from ig, thought this thread would enjoy

No. 1162333

You seriously bumped the thread for… this? Read the rules on how to post or fuck off, newfag. No one gives two shits about your input.

No. 1162362

Either sage or fucking leave, you worthless newfag.

No. 1162370

I’ve read all of this thread and everything I can related but I still don’t understand what the spam community is or how these girls are known, can someone give me a primer? Lol

No. 1162397

>>1162370 whew anon

No. 1162420

There’s two other threads prior to this one anon

No. 1162436

Nobody likes your shitty meme e-card. Stop bumping the thread with absolute dog shit

No. 1162438

Anon wtf are you talking about? I don’t doubt she’s on something but her pupils look totally normal

No. 1162444

File: 1613426000444.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, CCA85624-54A7-4A3B-97B8-69EB62…)

>I’ve seen so many fatal car accidents in the last three weeks
What the holy fuck is she on? Kek.

No. 1162459

yeah and in them nowhere is there some cohesive explanation of wtf the “spam community” is.

No. 1162477

samefag but nvm i found a summary in the first thread im retarded

No. 1162533

File: 1613433477905.jpeg (259.13 KB, 750x1217, 5F5FD6CA-1A63-4741-8626-B85C48…)

lurking as usual

No. 1162547

And self posting. Otherwise, why give her the attention?

No. 1162557

This bitch is crazy she said she wanted us to fuck her with her intestines out? She needs to be locked up in a psych ward she’s making Nika look like a saint kek

No. 1162571

God shayna and jaelle are the ugliest bitches on this site.

No. 1162576


she is always going to have that unfortunate “fat girl moon face”

No. 1162581

File: 1613438074518.jpeg (69.76 KB, 700x700, C71A0951-82D1-4C97-9278-18F8F6…)

It’s jaelle’s blobfish nose that wins her best spot on the ugly bench

No. 1162598

File: 1613439546907.png (611.63 KB, 1242x2208, F44D7248-374F-49D8-BC24-AAC8B3…)

Don’t forget Fridge9irl/ Angie!!!

I made it on jaelles story kek

No. 1162736

File: 1613454137729.png (5.6 MB, 1242x2688, 0385335F-9531-4C4A-BE80-93078D…)

jaelle and her boyfriend broke up apparently. what a shocker kek

No. 1162781

Shes an absolute physcotic bitch man, I dont understand why she's posting on instagram again? I thought she was gone for good until she "healed" lmao she's never gonna get over her issues. Catch her being another peaches in 10 years. I'm glad her boyfriend saw this and got out of the relationship real quick lmao

No. 1162824

God it would be awesome if her bf gave us some milk on here like niko did

No. 1162871

10 years? More like 10 months or even weeks

No. 1163024

don't give her attention when she posts shit like that, she's just trying to be lovelypeaches and feel ~smart~ for riling us up

No. 1163118

File: 1613502761102.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 377.73 KB, 1125x1936, DD5BFB31-C780-4F8E-9CA8-7D6378…)

She needs to stop posting these baby pictures because it makes me feel super uncomfortable

No. 1163132

Would it kill her to actually censor the pictures or at least find pictures of herself fucking dressed up as a child? Who the fuck even has so many naked pictures of a baby? This is creepy as fuck.

No. 1163143

Pedobaiting lol.

No. 1163429

Whos the weird bitch shes hanging out with now lmao

No. 1163433

more like she’s trying to imitate the chick who sold her naked baby pics on onlyfans

No. 1163763

File: 1613573263292.jpeg (68.56 KB, 750x464, 9AB749F9-0B07-4D84-905A-65D952…)

Some chick called Aleynna who had a kid but seems like she dropped it off somewhere else now she living with King Troll Jae. She gets trolled by this dude who is what…baby daddy? Basically just some other skeezy spam girl.

No. 1163912

File: 1613586828185.jpeg (59.3 KB, 789x1024, 1D77F9D3-4D68-4146-80F4-20DD34…)

Not her saying this like it’s a holiday please

No. 1163982

She's trying too hard to be edgy, it comes off as disingenuous.

No. 1164223

Goddamn bitch, nobody cares anymore. Stop repeating the same thing over and over. Constantly saying "Nika fucked my dad!" won't magically make it so it never happened.

No. 1164589

File: 1613661375689.png (3.75 MB, 828x1792, EE0601B5-723A-4218-A4AD-41CBC9…)

Nika posted this on tiktok

No. 1164592

File: 1613661557708.png (2.78 MB, 828x1792, 4E160DAB-CBB0-462A-8B3A-46AACE…)

1/2: Jaelle posting about Nika again

No. 1164594

File: 1613661596288.png (3.73 MB, 828x1792, E83A32EB-0024-49A2-A750-FE1E7B…)

2/2 what is she even trying to imply with this? They’ll be friends again before we know it

No. 1164707

her choice in using 88 as the percent is uhh,, telling especially with her own antisemitic history and her dads nazi-themed tattoos

No. 1164726

oh no an anorexic person is gaining weight? I fuckin hate nika but shes looking better than she has in years

No. 1164727

File: 1613672704082.png (9.96 MB, 1284x2778, 1D4FBA2B-F7B4-4657-9563-B7F5D4…)

ew wtf are those marks on her friends leg…. bed bug bites???????

No. 1164729

File: 1613672915310.png (2.47 MB, 1284x2778, CAD05109-68C7-4DBD-8551-2BFE7B…)

No. 1164730

File: 1613673021013.png (8.64 MB, 1284x2778, C8FC8282-1628-4C12-999B-E4ABE4…)

this is literally borderline beastiality wtf she was licking and sucking the inside of her cats ear i’m so disgusted right now. idk how to upload a video

No. 1164749

No. 1164769

Giving me peaches sucking off a puppy vibes

No. 1164781

This is old AF. She is posting these to get a reaction.

No. 1164791

>Giving me peaches sucking off a puppy vibes
Uh what

No. 1164800

is she spiraling or doing this to “own the trolls” it’s really annoying.

No. 1164801

File: 1613678001799.jpeg (414.56 KB, 1125x1950, 78A77C37-907B-49BD-AEE5-4405EA…)

No one is out to get you Jaelle, you just make a fool of yourself online and we’re here to watch.

No. 1164810

this lol, it’s really embarrassing and pathetic. You almost feel bad for her… I dunno why she’s trying so hard to be a tryhard edge lord it’s so old now.

No. 1164861

I doubt farmers or lurkers, would even want to get close to that gross house and her nasty ass.

No. 1164863

prolly psoriasis, chill anon

No. 1165316

She’s bloated not gaining weight

No. 1165333

>im not afraid of a bitch come on pull up!
>doesn’t actually post her address

No. 1165343

Don't underestimate the power of Investigator Anons.thankfully this site isn't as creepy as 4chan or she'd already have been doxxed

No. 1165500

That’s what happens first in people recovering from anorexia dumbass, her body’s gonna bloat and hold on to food until it’s used to getting nutrition and then it’ll look more normal over time, she still looks better than her drugged out skeletal body did

No. 1165616

File: 1613767419660.jpeg (477.93 KB, 1125x1061, 7C9040EF-3CA9-411C-9593-440500…)

Reminded me of Jaelle, kek

No. 1166571

isnt jason womack the name of a creepy TND twitterstan

No. 1166660

OT but it’s shayna not TND

No. 1166838

File: 1613853890897.png (2.85 MB, 750x1334, 11520E8D-8741-4A04-9ECF-829861…)

Even more embarrassing is her rampantly going after Interscope. I love that she’s decided she’s Rapefinder General since her claims of Nika pimping her out.

No. 1166839

File: 1613853919181.png (2.47 MB, 750x1334, B67113B4-CE16-48BE-9378-65F632…)

Fucking kek

No. 1166844

"I am more protected than you think I am" kek shes fucking delusional

No. 1166846

File: 1613854775429.png (3.28 MB, 750x1334, 63AB1C9F-4D80-4DDC-AA44-A3EBE0…)

She’s delusional alright. Had to stop myself from cackling out loud at this one. Can’t wait for the day when she grows the fuck up and realises she’s just as irrelevant as every other cow on this site.

No. 1166849

>implying she will grow up
Anon, you and I know that’s not going to happen.

No. 1166873

I get strong Shannon Matthews vibes from Jaelle, so gotta admit you’re right.

No. 1166881


what are you gonna do pizza face? post about it on instagram? im sure theyre terrified. now please wash your hair or use dry shampoo. thank you.

No. 1166890

*Karen Matthews is what I meant

No. 1167050


omfg I read shannon, didn't know what you were on about so googled AND that name is connected to a girl who was fake kidnapped!?? Sent me down a crazy rabbit hole but still didn't get what the hell you meant…. now I see your correction. Do you know about Shannon Matthews anon?

(saged for nonsense, sorry for it)

No. 1167054

jaelle took a shit on live in front of 60 people just a few minutes ago
warning: NSFL

No. 1167063

oh my god … when does it end. and now shes on live beefing with another spam girl over .. you guessed it.. nika

No. 1167065

She was on live with Julia too

No. 1167067

File: 1613884047568.png (Spoiler Image, 2.94 MB, 828x1792, 5C26F07C-B69A-446A-9504-1D75CB…)

Jaelle shitting on the live

No. 1167069

please spoiler im gonna be sick

No. 1167088

File: 1613885753100.png (2.06 MB, 828x1792, E1F20433-1E99-4500-83D6-036D1D…)

this girl who was popular in spam com sadly passed away and ofc this bitch jaelle can’t stop thinking about herself for 2 seconds to say a simple RIP…has to mention that this girl “knew of her” like she’s a celebrity or some shit? sage for nitpicking but something about this didn’t sit right w me

No. 1167096

i can't believe she used this photo for a post about her death. she has plenty of normal ones on her ig and yet she used the nude.

No. 1167120

She probably said this after doing one basic protection spell that she sound off of Pinterest, kek

No. 1167123

sage for OT but how sad the only photo they could find to memorialize this girl’s death was some OF nude… bleak state of things for the kids these days.

No. 1167125

Good god i was thinking the same thing. Like u needed attention so bad u gotta post an RIP with her nude photo? Unhinged tacky fat skank. Christ. And probably is going to use her death to act like an ass because " muh gweif, twama, loss." Anything to make her get them ass pats.

Poor girl, rest in peace, hun.

No. 1167127

File: 1613889002550.jpeg (293.69 KB, 828x3584, F52FFEA0-1AD2-49E6-BD90-67038D…)

Her story is a little crazy right now. Jaelle’s dad is clearly on something and licking his teeth in a really disturbing manner. Also looks like someone’s trying to dox her.

No. 1167131

File: 1613889295329.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1125x1958, 2BE9328D-F451-4859-B021-DCE586…)

shits fr about to go down. Finally Jaelle’s bullshit gaslighting & manipulation is getting exposed!

No. 1167133

File: 1613889385306.jpeg (352.08 KB, 1125x1106, E3BF88AA-3B5D-475B-9485-D29B87…)

No. 1167134

File: 1613889415969.jpeg (548.83 KB, 1125x1392, 09DFECBB-7041-4BC2-854D-72A2D0…)

No. 1167143

File: 1613889999136.png (8.91 MB, 1125x2436, 146BCA8C-46FA-44ED-B6C5-CBA9AE…)

No. 1167158

File: 1613891658804.jpeg (710.83 KB, 2048x1669, 8318070B-F00E-4C7E-8614-9A9858…)

She really set Julia off

No. 1167163

File: 1613892087006.jpeg (107.73 KB, 828x1792, A80854D4-C0B9-4D7E-97CD-C6E4C0…)

Jaelle is live right now and comments are off.

No. 1167171

Jaellle laughing like a maniac when a guy on live asked if her dad fucked Jaelle: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ib57r6y5qodo4q6/johnstiles.MP4?dl=0
John Stiles tweaking:https://www.dropbox.com/s/2xp7g1dn97edzd5/tweak.MOV?dl=0

No. 1167172

File: 1613893001640.jpeg (198.53 KB, 828x1792, 770CC227-966B-489B-B6E9-535F67…)

She posted her address on her story, I blocked it out but here’s the screenshot. She went on live to talk shit about Julia shortly after seemingly just to rant about how pissed off she is that Julia is defending her “abuser” aka Nika. Also claimed Nika tried to kill her while on acid.

No. 1167195

Julia needs to check herself honestly, she defended Jaelle this entire time and is only now attacking her because everyone else is. Her speech is more incoherent than Jaelle’s. Also Julia, you’re not the skinniest girl in the spam community so stop throwing stones, and a 20 year old dating a 17 year old isn’t pedophilia.

No. 1167203

I went ahead and uploaded a video of her rant to a throwaway account. There’s a bonus file that is a full lovingly hand-typed transcript of everything said if you don’t want to bother watching the whole 11 minute video. Enjoy!


No. 1167207


Here’s a Dropbox link for the video for easier viewing.


No. 1167209

File: 1613900609915.png (4.72 MB, 1125x2436, 4E0C65B1-827D-48DC-9189-4981F5…)

Jaelle’s usual psycho outbreak & writing a trilogy

No. 1167218

File: 1613903555883.jpeg (747.89 KB, 1125x1983, 6E34A516-8E7E-49CF-9DA7-2E5550…)

All Jaelle knows how to do is act “unbothered” meanwhile her fatass constantly lurks on here to see if she still has some internet relevancy. She is CLEARLY insane and needs to get some help because everything she has done has been solely for attention. Nika is bad too, but Jaelle knew what she was doing the moment she let Nika fuck her crazy dad and now wants to play victim all the time because she’s butthurt Nika cut her fatass off. In 5 years watch her either be on biggest loser or on the streets doing all the drugs she claimed Nika forced her to do. I feel bad for Julia and for Jaelle to make her friend’s DEATH about herself is low. She needs to check herself and stop being a wannabe peaches. Oh, might we also remind everyone how she kept talking about digging her dead cat up but wanted to bring Julia’s dead kitten up??

No. 1167220

“you hate to know the truth”
I actually read Jaelle’s entire schizo essay and she did not state a single fact or truth. It’s just “you are stupid, i am a god” repeated over and over in different words.
Same with >>1167218. I don’t know how a human can talk so much without saying a single thing.

No. 1167224

bless you anon

No. 1167264

The hero we need. Thanks anon, there is no fucking way I could sit through and try to understand what the hell this bitch says in her incoherent rambling.

No. 1167281

File: 1613915791403.jpeg (1002.67 KB, 1000x1777, 6F294A59-75D6-48B6-8BA2-63AAC8…)

Julia delivers the goods.
I’ve collaged them together - her pp not showing in some but this is all Julia sharing in stories.

No. 1167283

File: 1613915861366.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1000x1777, 9AFE5881-3E2B-47FF-8C95-AB26F6…)

Julia continued…

No. 1167286

File: 1613916132486.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1000x1777, B93BC19D-5901-45F9-A16D-E32E65…)

Missed the live (will check out your upload, anon, thank you!) but I guess Jae pissed her off and she’s retaliated full force. I know Julia is a cow herself, but she’s definitely the more together one of all three fuck-ups.

No. 1167289

Samefag I don’t know how I did it but missed all the Julia stuff posted above, like…seven hours ago. Sorry anons! I guess my brain fell out.

No. 1167290

Yes, Karen is her mother. Who I imagine Jaelle has similar brain development to. Can imagine any one of the spam community hiding their child in the base of a fold out bed for a fake missing persons sympathy seeking campaign. Kek.

No. 1167303


its so obvious to everyone but jaelle how incredible insecure she comes off when she does her “nothing can hurt or affect me” rants. Fucking her dad really messed her up. Hope it was worth the IG clout.

No. 1167307

Julia’s weird as fuck too. She trying to act like we forgot about how crazy she is. Acting like she gives a fuck about people, she’s so mean to people??

No. 1167344

File: 1613926523438.jpeg (872.47 KB, 1242x1270, BB7774E7-C6FD-4198-9C54-975406…)

A picture of Jaelle posted by Julia kek

No. 1167345

File: 1613926622674.jpeg (299.41 KB, 1242x2208, C230A23B-3E47-4A6A-BD38-E95F1E…)

No. 1167348

File: 1613926740878.jpeg (1.24 MB, 3464x3464, 6707E78F-BB99-4D60-BDC8-F20856…)

No. 1167367

If thats really her fuck, thats one sad looking ass.

No. 1167387

It’s about as sad as Shayna’s ass kek

No. 1167417

File: 1613932329275.jpeg (1.52 MB, 3464x3464, 4FA881DB-09F2-4677-B425-AE6AAC…)

is she retarded ? Anyone who can read can understand the figurative language used in her previous post , i do not know why she thinks it is a hard concept to grasp ? Everything you say is not as smart as you think it sounds, Jaelle. Lol

No. 1167451


No. 1167456

File: 1613934847252.png (1.01 MB, 828x1792, 5209D514-1C57-4856-B3CC-15E1C5…)

Looks like she’s still actively keeping up with the threads kek. She also mentioned in her story that she’s making a new private Instagram.

No. 1167600

File: 1613945079664.png (Spoiler Image, 4.41 MB, 750x1334, D5AB9D83-3E8B-42E1-8C36-FE6B0E…)

she was trying to drag Julia last night for her income being thru onlyfans but does this cow forget…

No. 1167669

File: 1613951475459.png (3.36 MB, 828x1792, 12E93CAA-F94E-445D-B285-508329…)

jaelle giving her online boyfriend of one week her social security number

No. 1167689

What a weird bitch walking round her dads house like that taking pics for her onlyfans in the kitchen. Gross

No. 1167745

that's hilarious. some sort of attempt at a flex but it just marks how gullible she is. cute

No. 1167899

why does jaelle always look as if she’s never touched a hairbrush in her entire life. fuckin nasty.

No. 1167980

File: 1614001637518.png (10.32 MB, 1242x2208, D95B4C1F-90EF-4A2B-8871-BB56D4…)

Nikas new tiktok account

No. 1168011

why does she have a new one?

No. 1168016

Probably bc every comment on her other one is people calling her out on her shit kek

No. 1168050

What if Nika and Jaelle faked all of this. They have a secret family somewhere with a few kids a nice job and shit kek(ban evasion)

No. 1168056

Go to ao3 with your fanfic or sage, newfag.

No. 1168083

damn i didnt know ronald mcdonald was on tiktok

No. 1168219

File: 1614029044607.png (2.3 MB, 828x1792, 231552E1-7545-45FB-B1F8-F61189…)

Taking bets on how long it will take for farmers to find his accounts/face

No. 1168221

File: 1614029566002.png (4.29 MB, 828x1792, 44AA50A1-A77B-46BC-9BAC-B52FD2…)

Consider my timbers shivered

No. 1168227

What kindness or empathy? Big girl just using words randomly. Tipping your Uber Eats driver is a kindness. Begging him to sub to your OnlyFans is not.

No. 1168256

File: 1614034674401.jpg (821.05 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210223-092731_Ins…)


No. 1168257

LMFAO Jaelle is easily 3x the size of her

No. 1168259

Hey Jaelle I’m still waiting for you to hack me

No. 1168265

julia at least has some shape to her body. jaelle is shaped like a walgreens bag full of mashed potatoes.

No. 1168298

>16 seconds
Hi jaelle

No. 1168302

File: 1614041026213.jpeg (253.36 KB, 1242x1218, 6505E8BE-0B98-4ED9-8025-3F9410…)

No. 1168303

File: 1614041075612.png (7.06 MB, 1242x2208, 62BAEAE6-D391-4A88-8F9B-0F7EAB…)

She actually doesn’t look too bad here ngl

No. 1168313

She looks like a 38 year old mother of five so

No. 1168318

Coming back to the Jaelle Nika thread always makes me realize how sane Erin Painter is in comparison holy fuck what a shit show

No. 1168338

File: 1614043256929.jpeg (479.75 KB, 1125x1792, D39869B9-A173-4819-AA2C-1220DB…)

Julia posted about Jaelle once today and for the past 3 hours Jaelle has been on her stories talking about how people obsessively post about her like she doesn’t obsessively post about Nika

No. 1168346

yeah she looks horrible even for jaelle.. why idk anon posted that

No. 1168382

File: 1614048298199.jpeg (312.86 KB, 828x1440, E373649D-EBEA-4A54-B911-97967C…)

nika’s got a new bestie. maybe i’m reaching but she looks eerily like jaelle to me? 1/2

No. 1168384

File: 1614048423368.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 254.66 KB, 828x1137, F86C1E71-9876-47E8-B28D-E2F175…)

No. 1168388


Jaelle ranting about Julia’s hypocrisy. She makes some valid points in my opinion but Jaelle isn’t kind or compassionate kek she’s a hypocrite as well

No. 1168390

File: 1614049118652.png (1.8 MB, 1242x2208, 00ED655E-8CE5-47DF-ABC6-F56BE0…)

Shut up Jaelle you stole her faux baby uwu voice

No. 1168392

File: 1614049240787.jpeg (213.09 KB, 1242x718, 671FF45C-A107-4B3C-BF95-A092FB…)

I know Jaelle is seething rn

No. 1168528

File: 1614067477840.png (2.49 MB, 828x1792, E69F295F-491C-484A-898E-D446E5…)

the piercing…. it has to go

No. 1168561

This is an old pic too. She only posts old pics of her “looking good” because she knows she looks terrible now

No. 1168672

she reminds me of ratchet ghetto girls in my country that use "big" words (incorrectly) to sound more intelligent and constantly say passive-aggressive shit thinking that anyone actually takes them seriously
never change jaelle

No. 1168724

File: 1614099165559.jpeg (969.68 KB, 1125x1932, 5E67DC79-C9E1-4C08-B13C-5B96D6…)

idk but I think that smoking a tampon, asking your dad if he will fuck you, getting hickies from your mom, doing black face, saying the hard r nword, showing your feces on live, posting the blood from when you willingly lost your virginity, willingly doing meth, flirting with a 15 year old, saying racist comments to poc, suicide-bating, constantly writing paragraphs about how you wish someone would die and then claim your an empath the next hour, obsessively posting about ppl you ‘don’t care about’, sending your week long bf your ssn, and much more, could possibly be a bit more serious than doing a prank?

No. 1168763

No. 1168800

it was pretty dumb to leave your message notifs in the video, @htx.mulan. Nice thotstagram.

No. 1168815


Her face looked more harmonious this way. Her slimmer face makes her potato nose look even fatter.

No. 1168825

why do u have ur nipples out in ur pfp

No. 1168931

anons who come for people who expose themselves on here are weird as fuck. if they arent cows, leave them be??!? >>1168825 >>1168800

grow up

No. 1168950

i get so confused about jaelle. she always uses that same line “i am going to school in a month. i am going to be educated and have a good career.” but she has literally never had a job or went to college. i think jaelle has this weird little superiority complex in comparison to the other spam girls. she’s no better than the rest of them. if anything she’s worse. julia even said jaelle doesn’t even go outside or have any irl friends. she just sits at home and on her phone. if anything jaelle needs to re-evaluate. she doesn’t have any money coming her way she’s just floating.

No. 1168980

The notification was for a DM chat with Jaelle, privately contacting a cow and then exposing yourself posting them here is cowish behaviour to me. Anyway, no need to turn some light ribbing for being a moron into derailing.

No. 1169031

File: 1614126936904.jpeg (139.56 KB, 746x754, 92AFF2AD-5BC6-4369-9DA6-4A91DB…)

Nika’s twitter has some real gems

No. 1169033

So how did those cats you admitted to torturing project evil on you Jaelle?

No. 1169040

“gang shit” this white woman is so embarrassing

No. 1169043

I think Nika is just only best friends with fatties to make herself feel thinner kek

No. 1169045

jaelle literally ate cat vomit this month for attention LMFAO

No. 1169067

i forgot but wasnt she supposed to dig it up and wear it? what ever happened to that?

No. 1169234

I predicted that Jaelle was too fat and lazy to even dig into dirt. I was right. Kek

No. 1169543

Jaelle’s life is over unless she pulls an Erin Painter and changes her name. She knows this, is insecure about it, and projects this insecurity. One day she’ll admit it, and blame it on Nika. When every decision she has ever made in her life was HERS. Nobody else’s.

No. 1169674

Her necks green from her cheap jewellery.. yet she won't take it off?? Lmao I bet this bitch stinks(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1169879

I ain’t one to defend jaelle but Chicago is currently covered in snow and the ground is freezing, digging in that would probably be hard for anyone

No. 1171240

File: 1614364347899.jpeg (463.02 KB, 1125x1840, 53FB7863-0EBD-46F5-B80C-8E76DD…)

This is definitely Nika…….

No. 1171266

ok jaelle

No. 1171795

This is most definitely Nika, especially since she’s in Chicago rn

No. 1172039

I think it’s either nika or jade (bettercallmommy)

No. 1172066

File: 1614454270211.jpeg (614.78 KB, 1125x1943, 576D92AE-AE1C-4424-8DDF-C5F56B…)

Let’s place bets with how long this will last

No. 1172284

Oh god please tell me she's doing her GED and not actually doing nursing. I can't imagine being the patient of this sadistic woman. I bet she'll break HIPPA in her first week at any job though

No. 1172828

File: 1614539850656.png (6.02 MB, 1125x2436, EA6A5D97-A866-4AF6-AFB6-44EFE2…)

The amount of crust…

No. 1173057

File: 1614556980948.png (1.53 MB, 1184x2048, Screenshot_20210228-190213.png)

Nika got posted on r/botchedsurgeries

No. 1176706

File: 1614939232443.png (2.16 MB, 1170x2532, 856749CC-118B-4F12-8C43-02F29A…)

jaelle posted this on snap today and the phone # isnt censored lol

No. 1176793

File: 1614951375048.jpeg (61.98 KB, 346x640, 67E3F5E0-85B3-49F7-B752-E66CF9…)

do yall think this was jaelle lol

No. 1177920

File: 1615061866696.jpeg (300.95 KB, 828x1453, BEBABEA0-9FFD-4DD1-A3F0-62FA43…)

Lasted exactly a week lmao

No. 1177921

isnt this just her alt acc she already was using?

No. 1178004

File: 1615071649585.jpg (1.32 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210307-093018_Ins…)

How morbid is this bitch lmao this is real weird

No. 1178037

Not to wk, but I'm not quite sure if it's her being morbid, in some families/cultures it's pretty normal to do.

No. 1178085

she’s never even had a kid and yet she has the white trash facebook mom look down. impressive.

No. 1178093

File: 1615082888439.png (4.42 MB, 828x1792, 703DBE55-26A9-4654-99CA-56B16A…)

looks like nika has a new potential victim based on the caption

No. 1178177

File: 1615091290600.jpg (126.65 KB, 1071x1454, Screenshot_20210307-145649_Ins…)

The pinky toe

No. 1178974

No. 1178976

File: 1615182881190.jpeg (490.14 KB, 1125x1901, 73C6602D-2739-4306-814F-C75E96…)

So Jaelle got exposed for contacting Nika within the last 2-3 days. She messaged/called her about 100 times and manipulated & gaslighted Nika the entire time. All the proof is on @ifyouneedtocatchup there’s a lot of screenshots

No. 1178978

File: 1615182963206.jpeg (730.38 KB, 1125x2058, CB3B3B61-0B2F-492D-BCA1-9FE0AB…)

Dms from Jaelle

No. 1178983

she also said her dad molested her again

No. 1178997

she literally kept going on about how she has "nothing but love for nika and completely forgives her" in her live. and then an hour later she's in her story calling her disgusting evil scum. kek
she was also saying that she could NEVER forgive her dad for molesting her, but in her story she's saying that she forgave him and is trying to build a relationship with him. get it together, jaelle you're constantly contradicting yourself

No. 1179022

File: 1615189447669.png (2.58 MB, 828x1792, 86912414-5ACA-4AC1-A48C-50DB8C…)

dude … what the fuck is wrong with this bitch

No. 1179023

File: 1615189471132.png (954.53 KB, 828x1792, 9A9C5D95-7544-4533-BE74-6B90F5…)

No. 1179024

oh please. ffs give it up. you allowed nika to play you and it worked. you tarnished her name just to get back at her for her ending the friendship and this just proves it. if she had answered those calls im sure you would be taking turns riding Johns dick right at this moment

No. 1179034

wow she's grown up and matured so much in the week of solitude in her astral emotional cosmic cocoon of growth

No. 1179347

File: 1615227493406.png (2.84 MB, 750x1334, 3D332A9E-8404-4D5F-87A3-E66046…)

"please leave me alone" says the girl who was spamming Nika 12 hours ago
jaelle youre in control of all of this shit. if you dont want to interact with her then you can literally stop replying.

No. 1179351

File: 1615227611850.png (2.78 MB, 750x1334, 8E77918A-D140-47F3-9E0D-70EDF3…)

kek and she still has the nerve to say that she forgives and loves nika.

No. 1179357

File: 1615227908135.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, 32767A5D-05A2-4D25-94A4-C838CE…)

she said in her live yesterday that nika never raped her, and now she's calling her a rapist again.

No. 1179362

File: 1615228131075.jpeg (778.19 KB, 1125x1976, CE98759F-A3C6-45C1-B306-51CE97…)

Jaelle victimizing herself for the millionth time. You cannot get a restraining order on someone you texted & called 100+ times. Get a grip of reality. Nika literally has you blocked. Shut the fuck up and stop playing victim in every single situation

No. 1179406

No. 1179412

Nika needs to get a restraining order against this nutcase

No. 1179417

dude the text goes in the section that says comment

No. 1179448

File: 1615232425096.png (1.23 MB, 828x1792, 83CDFFCB-1218-4586-B842-026998…)

nice lolcow screenshot jaelle. thought you didn't go on here anymore

No. 1179568

jaelle's on live right now at the courthouse. she's saying she's trying to get a no contact order against nika.
she also got pissed at the person working there because they wanted her to fill out paperwork.

No. 1179659

she got denied and told the judge to burn in hell……

No. 1179685

File: 1615249005606.jpeg (502.05 KB, 1124x1990, 5026332C-8651-4DEF-A85E-982E63…)

Jaelle is desperately trying to make Nika seem like a terrible scary villain. She literally just wants her items back, to pay money she owes, and have closure. What is so harmful about any of this??

No. 1179693

Does this link work? It's Jaelle calling the judge a cunt and saying that she told her to burn in hell.

No. 1179759

she couldve been held in contempt. the judge probably thought she was a waste of time anyways

No. 1179773

hard to get a non contact order when you’re the one doing the contacting. free advice jaelle: if you desperately seek help of no contact. there’s a psychiatric hospital not too far. don’t worry they’ll take your phone.

No. 1179801


Jaelle really has a similar level of delusion as KT (except Nika actually fucked her over), acting like Nika is constantly harassing her, saying Nika is trying to get at her with everything she does and constantly obsessively posting about Nika

You would think a situation where she had to file offical paperwork and was denied would be a wake up call but she’s honestly too far gone

Would be funny if she went the full KT route and posted about it for years

No. 1179804

No. 1179807

who is KT? i’m sorry

No. 1179809

ok but can anyone find the screenshots or recording of her saying nika raped her because the fact that shes denying it now is mind fucking boggling

No. 1179810

this is some psycho cut-off-your-skin-and-wear-it type shit what the fuck?

No. 1179812

oh my god…. shes literally psychotic????? “let me make it all okay again” made me wanna hurl

No. 1179822


And she’s the one trying trying to get an order of protection against Nika? I hope she realises that if she manages to get one her harassing Nika like this would allow the order to be dismissed


Another delusional cow who’s been obsessed with her ex arin from game grumps for years

No. 1179885

technically, she refers to nika as the cause of her rape and an accomplice. she said so a handful of times in this thread. she also said that nika raped her in her live last night

No. 1179947

she really believes her own lies. thats the sad part

No. 1179949

she also said if nika killed her dad she’d still go and check in on her because theres always a place for her in her heart. but months ago she said nika manipulated him when he was mentally ill and vulnerable???

No. 1179985

is there a reason people upload videos to dropbox instead of youtube? just wondering

No. 1180000

jaelle is spiraling through abject mental illness and blaming it all on nika because she is obsessed with her and probably somehow jealous of her. fuck nika too but damn. Jaelle is a grade A retard I’m so sick of her considering herself intelligent and speaking down to others like she didn’t get a GED and rot on social media ruining all future prospects for herself forever for YEARS. she doesn’t even know the meaning of the words she uses. she misappropriates and regurgitates big words. She’s ignorant and profoundly mental

No. 1180171

ironic how the only manipulator here is jaelle
she's obsessed with nika, and none of that "cancelling" would've happened if nika didn't kick her fat arse to the curb

No. 1180198

if i recall correctly jaelle started all this because nika wasn’t texting back quick enough

No. 1183369

File: 1615620019176.jpeg (295.7 KB, 1242x1273, 9D680CFD-9D8F-42BB-970F-22BD55…)

No. 1183514


jaelle is the embodiment of the “uhoh stinky” meme but its sus that these messages are so cropped and its clear nika was writing back to her. how do we know nika was suicide baiting? it makes jaelles weird comments semi-normal for those too.

No. 1183633

this screenshot confuses me because jaelle and julia were fighting just a second ago? jaelle shits on julia for being a sex worker because she’s So mAtUrE and swears she has her life together. she’s 21 and never had a job or graduate highschool. ultimate neet.

No. 1183702

She eventually got her GED but only after she begged her followers for like $700-800 to pay off her dues like 3 years ago and has done absolutely NOTHING with it LMAOO

No. 1183969

File: 1615683306758.jpeg (61.83 KB, 828x253, 619D9999-DBBB-4812-9DF8-A89F60…)

nitpick but the fact that Jaelle logs into her old account just to like pictures on her new account is so sad to me lmfao

No. 1183971

File: 1615683406488.png (3.22 MB, 750x1334, B460B6A2-7205-427D-B90C-D6FD98…)

so apparently she went live with that juls girl and of course rambling about nika honestly don’t know who to feel sorry for maybe myself for listening to the both of them go back n fourth about who’s trauma was worse

No. 1183992

if anyone screen recorded the live please drop it

No. 1183995

they literally always do this. its the foundation of their entire friendship. look up julia penton and jaelle on youtube, this is nothing new

No. 1184647


not the whole live but it includes them arguing about whose trauma is worse

No. 1184724

Agreed. This isn’t even milk.

No. 1185154

File: 1615831175400.jpeg (141.31 KB, 828x484, 6D6E2F62-6CC3-4128-AA27-2309B3…)

No. 1185168

did julia really get robbed 27 times? that seems straight up careless. what a couple of piss babies

No. 1185178

How odd, when I got my abnormal results, I went in bimonthly to get biopsies done till it looked normal again. Sucks for her, she is a garbage person but that sucks.

No. 1185182

"Std test" that woukd imply that someone would be willing to fuck her

No. 1185221

have you ever interacted with a male, anon?

No. 1185228

No. 1185308

karma, should've stopped showing food into your mouth and being a crazy destructive bitch

No. 1185526

File: 1615866045873.jpg (300.48 KB, 1080x2096, Screenshot_20210316-140954_Ins…)

Imagine being her boyfriend lmao she's fucking nuts and you know she'd be so manipulative about him not replying

No. 1185532

True my bad, let me reword it. The std test would imply she went outside.

No. 1185544

File: 1615868764257.jpg (481.33 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210316-145556_Ins…)

Guess again fatty

No. 1185547

File: 1615869329847.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, 80B662A8-2EC6-449F-B973-0D515D…)

why does she take all her stories from this angle no one wants to see that miss piggy ass face up close and personal lmao she’s so insecure it’s hilarious

No. 1185644

what boyfriend though

No. 1186178

File: 1615933635813.png (3.15 MB, 1242x2688, 400F1046-19B0-400D-B6B8-E5FDEF…)

embarrassing on her part

No. 1186602

BPDs a bitch but holy shit jaelle no one can handle that many texts your mental illness isn’t an excuse to basically emotionally abuse and manipulate this poor “boyfriend” of yours, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s trying to end it but is scared of her reaction

No. 1186901

this isnt bpd, thats delusional psychosis and obsession. she is something so far beyond rationale im sure they dont have a fixed diagnosis for it yet. i wish she wasn’t associated with bpd because she only adds to stigma

No. 1187164

Anyone watching the live right now? She just admitted to sucking her dads toes 2 years ago and says there's screenshots what the fuck

No. 1187166

Hi @coquette_dolly stop cow tipping retard

No. 1187185

File: 1616040396324.jpeg (110.55 KB, 750x1052, 8B623E83-1F0A-4165-AECD-18B8AB…)

jaelle posted a video of her violently smashing plates earlier.
>boyfriend doesn't respond to you? smash some plates!

No. 1187186

File: 1616040419898.jpeg (96.25 KB, 749x816, D970E239-68FD-4DF0-8410-ACBE1F…)

sure, jan.

No. 1187187

File: 1616040558561.png (2.23 MB, 750x1334, B98E26C1-C37C-4D0C-AC4E-6F1001…)

she also went on live and started eating the shards. she wiped all the tiny pieces into a pile with her hands and sprinkled them into her mouth

No. 1187188

File: 1616040673864.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, 48D8492D-F451-458D-9F54-BA62F3…)

the pile was mostly the crumbs and filth from the kitchen floor, though. you can see the crumbs and hair on her tongue along with the glass.
i honestly can't believe how desperate she is for attention.

No. 1187189

It’s amazing how retarded can someone act for some likes and views. Isn’t eating stuff like those kind of bad for the esophagus? Is she going to be okay?

No. 1187190

Chances are that she'll be fine.

No. 1187198

only caught a little bit of the live but paraphrased highlights
>"my dad admitted he's had sexual thoughts about me"
>"i've been like this longer than peaches i'm not copying her"
>"me and peaches both do things for attention but she goes too far, she needs help"
>says peaches killed her dog which is "dark triad shit" but then says she used to abuse her cats and feels bad about it
>"nika is like shane dawson"
>her dads toenails are crusty and uncut and she sucked on them once years ago while he was asleep
>people encourage her to post her eating glass and smoking tampons for attention on reddit

No. 1189034

File: 1616264743733.png (2 MB, 1125x2436, AA70B2D5-9ECA-47EF-A840-F2C864…)


No. 1189036

File: 1616264858286.png (1.97 MB, 1125x2436, E71A9276-A641-49DC-A6D7-DB95F7…)


No. 1189037

File: 1616264907736.png (2.7 MB, 1125x2436, 91D9C915-62A9-4389-96D0-140FBE…)


No. 1189042

She always tells on herself lmao, how can she possibly believe that people will read this and think she's in the right? Whoever she's texting is so patient, kudos to them. Sounds like J's gonna get dumped again soon too, I wonder what kind of harrassment campaign she'll launch against her bf when he does it.

No. 1189058

what boyfriend though

No. 1189261

So from what I can gather from those screenshots.. shes saying her dads a paedophile because he stared at her sadly?? The dude lost his wife and has a phsyco for a daughter, of course he's gonna be sad. He has mental issues and needs serious help, not a slander campaign on the internet from his daughter. The family member has offered to take her to colleges, she hasn't done that. She's stuck in this loop of im a victim and because I'm a victim im unable to do anything. News flash fuck head, lots of people have lost parents, been abused and have problems. They're not posting sad pick me posts on instagram every other day and calling their dad a sex offender online. Get a fucking grip jesus

No. 1189281


She was texting her aunt (moms side) and how can she fight against reporting her dad who allegedly is a pedophile and touched jaelle and go and think she’s in the right …. jaelle needs to be locked away with the key thrown out holy fuck

No. 1189284

>”so you want me to ruin my dad’s life”
>“i’m trying to actively do something not press charges against my dad”

except you have consistently portrayed him as a pedophile and abuser on social media for years. anyone who knows you also knows that your dad fucked your best friend and is on video admitting that he has wanted to molest you. because you allowed that shit to go public. like as far from empathizing with your abuser as you can possibly get. next she’ll say she empathizes with her “rapist” ex too and that’s why she never provided any proof.

No. 1189287

I just googled what a twin flame is.. she honest to God believes a boy shes never met is the other half of her soul??? He doesn't even know if he wants to be with her.. doesn't reply to her messages and probably thinks she's fucking nuts

No. 1189295

no I think the other party was saying "sadly, your dad staring at you isn't an offense" or whatever. like they were telling her that unfortunately him just leering is not anything worthy of a suit or w/e

No. 1189296

this is old milk from five days ago but I just wanna point something out. Jaelle doesn’t have cancer cells. CIN 1 is the diagnosis for abnormal cells found on the cervix. the follow up in a year is because CIN 1 resolves on its own most of the time. it has very little risk of turning into cancer.

I’d also like to point out that CIN 1 is usually caused by HPV. I’m not saying she definitely has HPV and is hiding it but the fact she knows the diagnosis but is still claiming it means cancer is suspect.

No. 1189327

I wanna see them on dr phil

No. 1189331

File: 1616310137494.jpeg (217.93 KB, 1124x1722, A8970FFF-E4ED-4231-8926-565233…)

jaelle caught commenting strange things on a 16 year old’s tiktok account. all that stuff she said about Nika, she was for real just projecting her inner pedophilia

No. 1189333

File: 1616310333213.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1125x1973, 254AC179-36A3-459D-A236-B00AC8…)

Jaelle literally sold her virginity to a 40 year old man that she never met prior.. she has no room to talk

No. 1189340

At this point she's been wailing on this shit so hard that it really does appear like she's projecting. Nika isn't a saint by any means but I don't see her out here doing this wannabe vigilante shit, and she's apparently the narcissistic one. Jaelle obviously feels rejected now that their co-dependent relationship is cut off. Her dad is fucking scum to have sex with her drugged out friend, point blank. Note how she rags on Nika shortly after coming on to a 16 year old.

No. 1189349

File: 1616317003140.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 301.17 KB, 1170x1313, 59C7392B-C88F-4A79-8E7D-494E64…)

I’m sure Nika is paying attention to Jaelle but this is kind of disturbing to me

No. 1189381

File: 1616325537978.png (1.05 MB, 828x1792, 75046F86-BD98-4C4C-A7A1-F99AED…)

Please god tell me someone recorded this

No. 1189384

File: 1616326131648.png (1.88 MB, 828x1792, 02952B89-C0F8-4EB7-BD93-4DE602…)

Sorry but can you imagine standing up in a court of law with a screenshot of you asking to drink blood out of someone’s belly button and expect anyone there to think you’re sane

No. 1189385

Jfc. Mental illness, kek. I wouldn't call that weird fucking comment "friendly"

No. 1189500

Exactly lol. I don’t know what she expects them to think? People repost the weird shit that she does & forms opinions about it. She is the only one doing it to herself

No. 1189504

File: 1616341829064.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1125x1954, B6E649B3-8D02-44A1-AE4A-243018…)

or maybe nobody is posting about Nika because she is remaining silent and not having a mental breakdown on social media everyday like you, Jaelle

No. 1189624

File: 1616349344217.jpeg (1011.51 KB, 1125x1980, A6DA40AF-E1AA-4426-96EC-8CE7CD…)

sorry for the nitpick but… her hair. my god. Please take a shower

No. 1190057

File: 1616385077309.png (3.94 MB, 750x1334, E16D9477-C688-487D-B400-63076B…)

haha funny joke jaelle

No. 1190079

shes such a disgusting waste of human life. cut the bullshit. we all know her father has never touched her. shes a sick in the head liar who’s desperate for attention

No. 1190171

File: 1616405057064.png (6.54 MB, 1125x2436, A56FDA42-901E-4177-A6C7-0805A7…)

With how she is, I don’t know if this is a joke or not. This is kind of disturbing IMO.

No. 1190198

She's trying so hard to look like an edgy dumb psychopath

No. 1190317

File: 1616422912444.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1125x1969, 2F1C08CA-9FCA-4020-936C-4425E4…)

the narcissism…

No. 1190346

This is extremely disturbing wtf? That is animal abuse. She’s so fucking insane, she’s gotten nowhere in life

No. 1190362

It's probably not a joke. She's extremely desperate for attention. Watching her exist is like watching a cancer-ridden old dog with bunk joints trying to walk around. Just end it already. There's nowhere to go but downhill and she will never be a person. I've got money on the fatty slitting her wrists on live soon. Her drama is starting to subside so she'll need a new domestic disturbance to livestream for views.

No. 1190369


anonymous tip line to report jaelle and her feeding drugs to her cat.

No. 1190370

I replied to this saying how she’s been lying to her followers how she’s “starting college in the fall” for the past 5 years and got blocked lmfao

No. 1190373

Do I include the screenshot? Everyone should be reporting this!

No. 1190401

File: 1616429774352.jpeg (449.45 KB, 828x777, 37857664-048F-49FA-8B93-2C0AC0…)

Been following this cow for many years and the abuse of her animals has been an ongoing issue. I remember her mentioning that it came up in her files/paperwork or whatever when social services were involved (around the time the infamous mugshot was taken, I don’t have the caps because it was a few years ago). Nika is a of piece of shit/junkie, and that goes without saying but jaelle makes her look decent in comparison. Nika has been a lot more mature in response to all of this drama and has kept her cool. Anyway, like other anons have already stated in previous threads, they’re both histrionic but Nika is able to handle the negative attention and genuinely doesn’t care for the most part (she enjoys it to an extent), Jaelle on the other hand bluffs and pretends to be ‘unbothered’ while in reality she’s seething and in the midst of a total meltdown.

No. 1190403

she is now claiming it was vitamins, but uhm the blue and white capsules were most definitely vyvanse.

No. 1190407

A generic version of adderall also comes in a white capsule too ummm pretty sure (not sure which dosage though )

No. 1190412

now tell me. what are the odds jaelle has vitamins that look exactly like that. also hi jaelle.

No. 1190438


Now that the internet has been around long enough to have true products of internet, born and raised, I truly weep for the future. The need for attention and to try to stand out on global scale creates total fuck ups like Jaelle.

No. 1190447

File: 1616432878614.jpeg (303.93 KB, 1170x1863, F46287CA-9AE7-412D-97A3-F3611D…)

Jaelle you do this for attention and you need to seek help for your animal abuse and obsession with Nika #survivingjaellestiles

No. 1190462

She’s laughing on her story saying how she’s just trolling and she’s not like peaches but seriously the only thing that differentiates the two is peaches has eaten her own shit. I wouldn’t be surprised if jaelle did that at this point tho LOL ew. Letting your friend fuck your dad, eating glass, putting nail polish on ur face, and animal abuse isn’t trolling, jaelle.

No. 1190464

omg I saw her post a reply to ur story question I don’t have caps cuz it was deleted fast and not rly relevant but she was replying to the people who answered the question she asked really snarky no wonder she blocked u LMFAO she asked that shit just to get mad at ppl not to be accountable

No. 1190473

She can't decide whether she's actually dangerous or it's all an act and she's playing 4D troll chess. One day she's legitimately threatening others and herself, the next it's all jokes and bark. She goes from being 100% genuine to "I'm playing a meta game I'm like not even bothered. I'm literally acting" type bullshit.

No. 1190508

File: 1616440400453.jpeg (826.77 KB, 3464x3464, 2AF2DB17-DE04-48C3-BF1D-2C1186…)

No. 1190533

She’s so FREAKING insane. Her laughing on her story is so creepy to me. She is 21 years old or whatever… thinking she is going to make a LIVING forever off of tiktok. Girl GET A JOB at a grocery store or SOMETHING. The LAZINESS she has. It’s appalling to me.

No. 1190537

I think it’s amazing how her “boyfriend” never respond to her messages. I got $50 on her just texting herself or something lmao

No. 1190570

File: 1616446064097.png (7.12 MB, 1284x2778, 833DBE40-E1F1-4BB0-BD05-572FCB…)

She’s so fucking disturbing

No. 1190659

Sage your spergy bullshit please

No. 1190685

LMFAOOO the resemblance is UNCANNY I’ve never seen this cows teeth before and I can see why she makes an effort to keep them hidden

No. 1190703

File: 1616455077530.jpg (612.37 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210323-094725_Ins…)

what the fuck are these videos

No. 1190708


No. 1190719

Fucking spoiler this shit, jfc
She is straight up the ugliest cow I’ve ever seen posted here besides Mel Baggs, all pics of her should be subject to mandatory spoiler

No. 1190756

Ok jaelle

No. 1190779

The fact that she genuinely thinks she’s independent when she hasn’t had a job in how long now is laughable. Followed her since 2014 and never seen her posting about any sort of job - you are the complete opposite of independent. How do you think you’re going to flourish in money Jaelle? You’re 21 years old and have accomplished nothing

No. 1190843

>I’m blocking u

No. 1190860

File: 1616468518444.jpeg (61.24 KB, 517x768, 1616165163295.jpeg)

>I don't need you I'm completely independent
>when i asked to live with Grandma

No. 1190928

jaelle post your ‘boyfriend’ texting you back challenge

No. 1190962

Lol she ate a raw egg on live and is now in the hospital

No. 1190963

Imagine being in your early 20s and think eating a raw egg is any form of intelligent…
This is either her being such an attention grabbing slob (food borne illness like salmonella usually takes 6-48 hours to kick in) or that egg was sooooo old that it made her sick on impact

No. 1190964

^^ the boyfriend isn’t real lmao

No. 1190972

File: 1616487122004.png (2.08 MB, 1125x2436, E187D428-7E38-4F2F-ABF0-A50EB5…)

No more boyfriend, if there ever even was one to begin with

No. 1191016

File: 1616492988317.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 274.2 KB, 1170x1970, 4D6622DE-1004-4DE3-9871-B31265…)

I hope you get COVID for posting this nasty shit fatass Jaelle

No. 1191031

Put sage in the email field when your contributions aren’t milk holy fuck

No. 1191046

File: 1616498536527.png (2.87 MB, 828x1792, BBF51FF0-AF3A-4E1F-B300-B49DB0…)

I can’t with this fucking hamplanet -

No. 1191154

File: 1616513147492.jpeg (170.27 KB, 750x963, 97A3C867-3B2D-432A-87DB-069107…)

why is she like this

No. 1191155

File: 1616513221294.png (3.63 MB, 750x1334, 1ACD8966-A21A-4418-A4A3-69F168…)

easiest way to manifest good health: not eating raw eggs for attention on instagram.

No. 1191160

did she deactivate @jaelle.stiles or am I blocked

No. 1191176

blocked :-( she’s been on a spree lately to block out hate and she’s going to be left with like 6 followers

No. 1191206

that’s some crazy ass dilation. she’s gotta be high.

No. 1191238

File: 1616521197570.jpeg (347.14 KB, 1170x1977, 9A2EB719-C752-4FA2-AA31-1F64A3…)

Careful not to let anyone fuck your dad again while you take it!

No. 1191248

File: 1616522072955.png (2.05 MB, 1284x2778, 714194AC-8D5A-464D-9B2D-75DF9E…)

She’s delusional.

No. 1191255

File: 1616523605060.jpeg (526.48 KB, 1170x2005, 43691136-AD7F-4996-A8E6-A5C943…)

Nika attempting to get a hold of Trisha Paytas and co. to “speak her truth”… cow-crossover incoming

No. 1191261

My face…

No. 1191278

File: 1616525138892.jpeg (686.49 KB, 1170x2038, 91AF5664-E907-4A61-99B1-A34919…)

Sage but Jaelle having yet ANOTHER mental breakdown after Nika posting this, I want to see how this goes down

No. 1191400

File: 1616535930598.png (7.48 MB, 1284x2778, 200BC856-78E8-442D-A951-A007B0…)

I am DONE. Someone take the INTERNET from her.

No. 1191433

File: 1616540123950.jpeg (372.24 KB, 1170x1975, 76C8129A-73E1-431A-995F-A52087…)

Just why

No. 1191437

but wait, i thought he broke up with her? is she just doing this without his consent at this point?

No. 1191480

spoiler thisssss why don’t people on this thread realise nobody wants to see jaelle eating dirt or covered in her own cum fucking hell

No. 1191506

It definitely needs a spoiler but that's probably donut glaze from the two dozen she had for lunch.

No. 1191577

File: 1616555088496.png (2.63 MB, 828x1792, 0CFBDE1C-4623-4248-A446-FE7296…)

Jaelle’s rant about Nika’s recent story 1/2

No. 1191578

File: 1616555135211.png (2.03 MB, 828x1792, 2424ED8B-A63A-4B1E-8316-4BAC79…)

2/2 just a screencap of what Nika posted

No. 1191582

File: 1616555301368.png (783.43 KB, 828x1792, 2B5CA7D0-2669-4815-BC2D-6CA39F…)

Jesus Christ why does she post this shit like it’s a flex? Her boyfriend seems beyond pissed off and bored with her. I think all the retarded shit she posts about how difficult it is to be with a “twin flame” or whatever the fuck is very telling of how unhealthy and tempestuous their relationship is. When mentally ill people like jaelle get into ~spirituality~ it’s always a red flag, it’s just another way for them to believe their own delusions and victim complexes. Hats off to whichever anon called it months ago, Jaelle really has become a bigger cow than Nika.

No. 1191588


she just showed a video of her rubbing her dirty pad on her mouth. she is so FUcking gross

No. 1191596

I’m deleting Instagram because of that. Like normal 21 year olds: in college or have a job
Her: rubbing her period panties on her lips.

No. 1191650

Jesus. I’m glad she blocked me.

No. 1191886

File: 1616603235072.png (641.5 KB, 750x1334, 17D97361-9FFF-435A-B1B1-CC4CA5…)

i guess that answers that question.

No. 1191892

File: 1616603460798.png (4.19 MB, 750x1334, 94E51920-7B7A-4D57-9E31-C9488C…)

this poor guy

No. 1191916

True if real poor guy, but lets be honest. He probably didn't even exist to begin with kek

No. 1191917

what boyfriend though

No. 1191968

Whenever she mentions a boyfriend I always get the mental image of her using an app to fake texts to herself just to post about it. The only men that would entertain her are like desperate indian boomers on Facebook and instagram.

No. 1191983

She totally just texts herself. He totally doesn’t exist. She’s so about this whole twin flame thing. GURL y’all ain’t even meet. He prob blocked you because he didn’t want go be harassed not because you’re going through “separation” i thought my boyfriend was my twin flame and we broke up and i accepted it and didn’t live telling myself we’re still together bc were going through our separation. It’s called being an adult lol

No. 1192252

honestly id rather give her the benefit of the doubt and believe that he was real, but that he's blocked her months ago and shes texting herself out of desperation to show nika shes found a new twin flame (they used to call each other their twin flames), its 1000% still about her trying to get to nika

No. 1192299

File: 1616630762410.png (5.97 MB, 1284x2778, 5962F840-9B94-4A1D-B744-C605E3…)


We’re close minded and need to ascend to our higher selves guys lmao

Jaelle, get a job, go back to school or do something productive with your life… nika doesn’t care if you found a twin flame.

No. 1192325

I feel like her Bf could’ve just been someone who knew shes a cow and was fucking with her like the last guy she was with, he was in the last thread I can’t remember his name

No. 1192362

File: 1616636052708.png (4.43 MB, 1284x2778, D47A3312-92A2-4F71-B474-8680F0…)

Someone take her phone

No. 1192392

File: 1616638234265.png (2.29 MB, 1125x2436, 9F013F6C-168D-4899-86F8-E3627A…)

Yes Jaelle, you have caught in to all of us. I am SOOO incredibly envious of your junkie life, Internet embarrassment, predator dad. Who wouldn’t be jealous! I wish I was a fucking NEET with no friends or outside life like you. 21 year old with no life plans. I sure do wish I had such a bulbous pig nose like yours, excess skin & extra pounds, and don’t even get me started on those lopsided saggy titties girl! Drop that skincare routine so I can have your dry skin and crater scars! I think I might just dye and bleach my hair over and over so I can get the same brittleness as you. I wish that were me! I wish I was a mentally unstable morbidly obese pig. I wish I had no sense of self awareness like you and the opportunity to overshare and make a fucking fool of myself in front of a crowd of people on the Internet laughing! You’re so right jaelle, we are all your fans envious, desperately wanting to be you. Maybe I should do some meth so my brain can function at the same low speed as yours. I might just start eating glass and rubbing period blood on my face, jaelle is pretty cool and trendy. Who wouldn’t want to be like her.

No. 1192410

Her dad is her twin flame~

No. 1192413

You didn’t sage but it’s still funny kek

No. 1192433

This post perfectly sums her up. Too fucking hilarious.

No. 1192447

File: 1616644694827.jpeg (200.75 KB, 1125x1781, 2AC3D190-B6D0-45E7-B251-FBF81A…)

Jaelle is on live rn talking about how she let her cat lick her pussy.. twice. She always gave me beastiality vibes. Poor kitty thought it was a fish dinner

No. 1192448


I honestly can’t anymore. And she called everyone else weird? She needs to be hospitalized

No. 1192458

someone needs to report her that’s literally bestiality she needs the internet taken away

No. 1192460

Are you fucking serious? I mean I believe this but wtf does anyone have the screen recording? This should be documented. She is deranged.

No. 1192463

File: 1616647328943.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 440.22 KB, 750x2668, 594BE7A7-21D7-4DA6-B4E7-EFAF1A…)

she posted the video on her story but I don’t want that on my phone lmao. she posted this too tho. truly disgusting.

No. 1192465

Very dilated pupils to be taken with flash… but anyways. Why the fuck would she let her cat near her like that?! I’ve been naked out of the shower around my cats plenty of times and never spread my legs for them. Jfc.

No. 1192468

eat your heart out shane dawson

No. 1192469

His name was Luca I think

No. 1192471

LMAO ‘step your pussy up ladies’ jaelle… those of us with real boyfriends have actual sex with real men we didn’t have to harass and we don’t ‘telepathically masturbate’ with a HAIRBRUSH LMAOOOO. get a vibrator you poor cow. no dick and no toys? I’d hate my life if I were you too.

No. 1192480

You can bet this nasty unwashed fat pig has a permanent yeast infection, the poor cat must be confused and think it’s living near a fish market

No. 1192513

File: 1616656969009.jpeg (225.78 KB, 1125x2010, B1EE2634-0591-4A15-8914-335722…)

K, see you tomorrow miss piggy.

No. 1192531

the cat probably thought she was dead by the smell and was about to eat her.

No. 1192691

If I was fat like Jaelle, looked like her, only got head from animals and had to fuck myself with a hairbrush… I would just kill myself. Like buy a fucking dildo? Go to therapy? Purge more? She's the most disgusting cow and I know Tuna and Kelly exist.

No. 1192695

File: 1616680358628.jpeg (390 KB, 1170x2017, 23180117-A7A9-4DA2-A5DE-817151…)

I think that Nika is making fun of Jaelle in this because unlike Jaelle, at least Nika actually has a boyfriend that she sees. Imagine having a mental breakdown on Instagram like Jaelle every single day about Nika while she barely pays any mind to her drama. She’s still a shitty person obviously, but has been laying more low. Jaelle WILL come back tomorrow anons and talk shit about this, watch.

No. 1192701

Jaelle has probably already seen this and is formulating her psychotic insta story rant about it now. Funny that someone as terrible and busted as Nika still gets more attention and dick than Jaelle.

No. 1192704

I’m ready for her return. I’m shocked she hasn’t posted yet today tho lol. At least my blood pressure is fine

No. 1192764

if he's the one who did this >>1189349 then he's one sick fuck and there's nothing for jaelle to be jealous of tbh. i feel like Nika will let men do anything to her as long as they stay, which is pretty sad. But it's pretty obvious Jaelle is so manic about that "bf" of hers because Nika has found some crackhead bf and is showing him off.
also, nika isn't laying low, isn't she? she wants to be interviewed by trisha and h3(>>1191578) - pretty unhinged to me, who tf cares about her drama besides us in this thread and some crackers from spam community. She's so irrelevant no one even cared enough to "cancel" her over pedo allegations.

No. 1192807

yup same guy, tattoos and bracelet match.

No. 1192907

File: 1616693232627.png (786.81 KB, 1125x2436, F308769E-AE00-4FCB-A9DA-0863CC…)

She’s back, and I’m sure she’s the one who sent this in to the anon page. Also how did it go from criticizing “haters” to saying “making life boring by caring what people think” ? Contradicting and I think you should take that last advice if you’re so upset jaelle. No one has some extreme feelings towards you like you do with Nika, you’re just funny to laugh at. Get off the Internet and stop making a fool of yourself if you want people to stop.

No. 1192952

Live a little. Embarrass yourself on Snapchat for no views. Fake a boyfriend. Steal your dad's disability and order more Chipotle. Life is for living.

No. 1192988

oh that is 100000% jaelle, no one else talks like that and uses stupid gratuitously childish insults thinking it makes themselves sound smarter. you're a delusional dumbass jaelle

No. 1193174

imagine your online bf who you haven’t even met IRL starts to ignore you because you’re fucking insane and you see it as “twin flame running away!!! so normal you wouldn’t understand if you don’t have a twin flame…” so fucking delusional. please get a grip on reality. and maybe a real boyfriend.

No. 1193177

https://www.instagram.com/tv/CMqwo1FgJIEGp5LasyIYy9m_-3IYfK8Jezzdo40/?igshid=rzfomtl0dsnv Link to nikas recent live, not gonna lie, a lot of what she said in her explanation about the 17 year old and the intrusive thoughts made sense(imageboard)

No. 1193196

She’s now messaging herself on Insta. You can totally tell it’s her.

No. 1193206

Her insta is private, could you reupload it somewhere?

No. 1193207

Anon was it 5 days ago or did she not save it?

No. 1193220

Shes now calling her cat her soul mate after saying its licked her pussy what the fucks wrong with her

No. 1193232

who? nika or jaelle? it would be great if actually provide something other than unsaged posts with absolutely zero proof

No. 1193234

File: 1616716303211.jpg (646.45 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210326-102148_Ins…)

Literally on her story lmao jesus

No. 1193260

She’s losing grip on reality LOL. Thinking like that is fine but when it affects your mental and physical health you need fucking help lol not everything is a sign from the universe

No. 1193322

Cat soulmate kek wtf is even happening

2021 has some tough milk to beat so far

No. 1193337

Someone record the live rn shes saying it isn't animal abuse cos her cat likes it and then is laughing like an absolute maniac

No. 1193348

She’s disgusting. I hope someone recorded it

No. 1193383

Nika seems to be doing a lot better after being away from Jaelle. She looks a lot better, seems completely sober in this video, has her own place, she isn’t even doing that annoying fake baby voice, she’s upset but seems to be dealing with it in a healthy manner. I feel bad that people are sending her death threats and banishing her from the internet because she hung out with a girl 2 years younger than her. Jaelle is an evil and awful and disgusting person.

No. 1193423

Underrated post.

No. 1193432

Jaelle is definitely a festering landmass but you're fucking dumb if you think that's Nika's own place, or that she's remotely sober.

No. 1193479

File: 1616740461022.jpeg (1.07 MB, 3464x3464, 09E9F02D-B7EC-4BD0-970D-DD3266…)


No. 1193607

File: 1616755445635.jpeg (621.92 KB, 1170x2057, F7A9C218-399B-49BD-BB71-FA956A…)

Nika making no sense part 1

No. 1193613

File: 1616756117289.jpeg (541.67 KB, 1170x1923, DBD996F1-9B8B-4636-84D8-46F563…)

By this logic we should also unfollow you Miss Piggy. It’s so funny how you consistently talk about how Nika loves negative attention meanwhile you lurk on here because you’re a fatass NEET who spends all day on social media and posting about your fake boyfriend. I suggest you loose 2 kilos and actually do something productive with your life. All you’ve known is social media to a point where me and (hopefully) other anons remember when you live streamed your reaction to your own mother dying. You truly are the bigger cow, both in terms of milk and literally.

No. 1193661

this page is fucking sad

No. 1193664

I actually have no idea how this psychotic website works, but I’ve been on it for a bit cause I thought it was funny, Jaelle is a horrible human who deserves to be cancelled, pedo. But ya’ll aren’t any better, every time I look at this thread I imagine a bunch of young girls sitting here all day just calling people fat and ugly, get a fucking life, people laugh at you guys on every platform, ya’ll really think you’re superior, this just makes me lose hope in humanity, get a fucking life none of ye are any better than the people ya’ll shit talk. Ugly personalities and ugly people from what I’ve seen on insta. GROSS, just fucking gross, go touch some grass or something fuck(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1193667

Before you”cows” go on your lil angry texting spree to come at me!!!! I’m not coming back lol, so reply all ye want xoxxo I have a life other that coming back here every 2 hours, but ya’ll enjoy uhm… doing.. this. Ya’ll aren’t doing ANYTHING helpful, we can cancel her like adults and call her out but instead you sit on gossiping threads and do you lil “ugly fat cow kill yourself” moment, don’t any of you have jobs or go to school or something? Shit is posted here every 2 hours get a fucking life this is so sad.

No. 1193670

thanks for spending so much time typing all that shit out but truly, nobody cares. maybe some of think we're "better" than an animal abusing psycho, and I don't think any normal person would disagree

No. 1193671


Go touch some grass Viktoria

No. 1193716

okay viktoriajack69

No. 1193804

don't let the door hit you on the way out, fat

No. 1193823

File: 1616772672333.png (2.03 MB, 1284x2778, 6F7CEF9F-1772-4A8E-B10F-3D8C5D…)

Lmao she’s not ready to have a kid in the next 2-4 years someone stop her. She’s never had a job, doesn’t know how to work. Doesn’t have her shit together

No. 1193833

She's probably going to try and be a stay at home crunchy mama. If she finds a man with a full time job that can ignore her when he comes home, she may just get that baby life she wants. Otherwise she's gonna end up single and pregnant, at home with her pedo dad just screaming into the void.

Place your bets now, will she…
>fake being pregnant to prove the haters wrong
>actually get pregnant, carry to term and CPS removes the child
>have the baby and kill it because she's clinically insane
>miscarry/stillbirth and milk it for the rest of eternity and somehow blame it on Nika

My money is on none of this happening because Jaelle can't keep a partner for longer than 3 days.

No. 1193863

Grim, angel baby is usually used when referring to dead babies

No. 1193903

nah, she just gets high off of comments like "she's psychotic", just like anas get high on "she looks sick"
bitch's predictable

No. 1193923

File: 1616780334349.png (3.81 MB, 828x1792, 3CAC35C0-A71A-4229-A2E0-C95811…)

idk why they’re both acting like they both werent 100000% for it especially since nika had it up on onlyfans for a LONG time

No. 1193962

No. 1194211

File: 1616805782812.jpeg (139.02 KB, 717x640, D3AA6E7B-A596-454C-82EB-FA035B…)

how is this fat cow so full of herself? No one wants to be like you jaelle. just last week Julia had to explain the difference to you about sage and palo santo after you went and bought a bunch of shit you didn’t know anything about at a metaphysical store. quit the woke spiritual act.

No. 1194420

I suspect this phase will die out by mid April if not sooner. She’ll get bored then put her energy into something else. Like maybe a job….

No. 1194437

So no one got any screen recordings of the actual incriminating stuff??

No. 1194485

No. 1194561

oh this phase will for sure die out by April but no chance in hell Jaelle will get a job, I doubt she can even put together a resume bigger than a sticky note

No. 1194562

File: 1616853224237.jpeg (25.25 KB, 480x360, straight to jail.jpeg)

No. 1194707

I feel bad for Janelle's boyfriend. Without having seen more texts sent from him, it's impossible to know how involved with this "twin flame" delusion he is or to what extent he's validating this to her. When they were broken up and Jaelle was refusing to accept it and continuously posting about how they'll "never be apart," that struck me as abusive. I think this relationship is likely extremely psychologically/emotionally abusive, with her boyfriend being the victim and Jaelle the perpetrator. Eating glass and threatening to kill her cats when he doesn't respond to her is pretty alarming, not sure how she can talk so much about Nika being an abuser but she is readily providing evidence of her psychological warfare against her bf.
This is what I can ascertain without seeing much from his side. Maybe he's just as crazy and into this shit, I don't know.

No. 1194757

Did you even watch the video? She looks way more sober & is talking way more clear than I have seen her in months. Weird fuck

No. 1194779


i agree.. i feel like jaelle took advantage of how fucked up nika was all the time back then and has never gotten over nika moving the fuck on. like anyone in the spam community is an autistic retard generally but at least nika seems genuinely remorseful about how she acted. jaelle only cares about getting the attention she lacked growing up (dead mom, pedo/absent dad) and is clinging on to nika so hard cause its the only instance she had for awhile where people felt bad for her/she had support for a bit

No. 1194811

what boyfriend though

No. 1194840

The cow posted on her ig story saying nika took 2000 from her dad that’s why she had nika have sex with him. She said nika didn’t follow through the one time so “she had nika follow through” because of the money what kind of sick fuckery is that dudes

No. 1194843

There’s no boyfriend lmao. She sounds crazier by the day “we telepathically communicate” bitch why not actually communicate. “We telepathically masturbate” ok why not do it over FaceTime. Mama doesn’t exist. I give it 3 more weeks if that until she has a breakdown about them breaking up.

No. 1194845

Tbh Nika could probably make an argument that they raped her, Nika was too high to consent

No. 1194852

The cow is rambling on her story about how nika was completely sober and how it’s none of our business lmao then stop talking about it you prawn

No. 1194890

her excuse about why it happened changes all the time lmao jaelle is so off the rails. I remember before it happened her and nika agreed to it because John was in love with nika and jaelle wanted him to have “release because he hadn’t had sex in years.” jaelle was even in the car laughing the night it happened while they were on their way to get condoms.

No. 1194919

How does she simultaneously villianize Nika for sleeping with her dad and then reveal she wanted Nika to do it to make up for stealing $2k? How does she think that makes her look better, or makes Nika look worse? How is she a victim in that situation

No. 1195190

File: 1616889925439.jpeg (472.8 KB, 1170x2051, 464CEA8E-9C34-4BB6-9F29-337593…)

They’re both engaging in psychic shit, how much you guys wanna bet they’ll do some dumb spiritual war in the coming week??

No. 1195265

Nika did it first, Jaelle is just being a big ol' poseur

No. 1195329

kek. i havent heard jaelle talk about “spirituality” until recently

No. 1195846

Now she found god at the church

No. 1196238

Please tell me someone recorded that live of that cow peeing herself and peeing on her dads carpet

No. 1196240

lmfao I didn’t get a recording but I was watching the live too. you can tell jaelle smells so fuckin bad I can’t believe she pissed on the floor

No. 1196257

i’m literally confused at how this site works(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1196372

well you managed to make a post so…?

No. 1196443

File: 1617017313543.jpeg (356.78 KB, 1170x2033, 578809E6-BB8F-473F-8253-766F6A…)

Jaelle has to be punching the air right now that is her fake bf

No. 1196495


Why her lips like ( )

No. 1196780

File: 1617043044404.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 459.88 KB, 1506x933, E3120557-7D1E-4BE7-A079-10F438…)

am i the only one who saw it

No. 1196784

Skinwalking Nika with that makeup, I bet she'd get botched filler lips too if she could afford it.

No. 1196812

File: 1617045527215.png (1.1 MB, 828x1792, F035121E-070B-4879-991F-6DB5F8…)

Jesus Christ

No. 1196816

File: 1617045741255.png (3.92 MB, 828x1792, 0B137BFE-BD46-4A7E-AD30-B86EDF…)

So weird she posts shit like this when she has never met him

No. 1196819

File: 1617046025153.png (2.75 MB, 828x1792, A84E787C-C3B3-45EF-9079-5D2D61…)

Uh oh…

No. 1196894

Jaelle is about to convince everyone her boyfriend telepathically got her pregnant now

No. 1196912

Anon this is hilarious but that screenshot is from nika’s Instagram

No. 1196927

I know anon, just making fun of Jaelle’s copycat personality but in all seriousness I hope Nika isn’t pregnant

No. 1196961

>21 year old daughter
Make it make sense, Jaelle? The man misspelled coming as Cummins. It was prob autocorrect as Cummins is a surname. Jesus she is actually insufferable & psychotic

No. 1196981


Let’s not forget she blatantly pissed on her dads floor yesterday

No. 1197044

the reason she pissed on her dads floor was bc she was laughing so hard while her dad talked about how loose nika apparently was. she was trying to get her dad to describe sex with her former twin flame and then plays victim when her dad makes a simple typo lmao

No. 1197048

shes a gluttonous dirty pathetic piece of shit human being. there are no words for how she tries to demonize her mentally ill father and blame him for everything

No. 1197050

shes literally doing this to get fake positive tests and scam men shes fucked for abortion money. mark my words

No. 1197118


No. 1197140

Ah my apologies, I’m retarded

No. 1197342

Imagine being this much of a retarded attention whore to misconstrue a simple spelling mistake for your own supposed benefit. Just Jaelle things!

No. 1197381

jaelle is so scary to me. she is so unhinged. it’s so funny how to preaches good vibes and spirituality and love but she emits nothing but bad vibes to me. the post she made “look into my eyes do you see nothing but purity” was so off putting bc i saw nothing but insanity and evil. i’m starting to feel bad for nika weirdly bc jaelle won’t shut up about her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1198009

I think she still views herself as an innocent child and thats why she's continually calling her dad a paedophile. She doesn't realise she's 21..

No. 1198546

learn to sage

No. 1199022

File: 1617243320992.jpeg (627.11 KB, 828x1386, D3CBE450-6B72-492D-ACCA-110E5C…)

See you soon Jaelle!

No. 1199069

She’s going to be back tomorrow on another psychotic rant about Nika and how she is casting spells against her

No. 1200864

File: 1617433618808.png (2.5 MB, 750x1334, A942B3F0-1261-4C1F-A36D-84D224…)

imagine trying to make a joke out of this.. Take a shower you musty smelling freak

No. 1201116

She’s so disgusting.

No. 1201177

File: 1617478563613.jpeg (748.21 KB, 1170x1827, 2392515D-4E76-416F-B54F-195EC3…)

Julia and nika are collaborating on some onlyfans shit and Julia said this

No. 1201178

File: 1617478593882.jpeg (735.06 KB, 1170x2283, 0AF23E3B-7088-4CAC-80E8-9E24B5…)

Nika and Julia

No. 1201205

What a retarded excuse. Just say youre a soulless leech just like she is and that youll be nice to anyone who gets you ahead. That bitch glorifies lack of empathy and manipulation but let her stupid ass get involved with a real narcissistic abuser

No. 1201214

Lmao okay bye bye

No. 1201406

I was talking about Julia genius

No. 1201497

It’s so funny because Julia will go on live with Jaelle every time she makes some new account.

No. 1201844

jaelle recently went on live and called a native american a dirty bitch when they scolded her for using white sage. so much for her spirituality run… a day later she then made a “rap” where she mocked the people that called her a pedo , a racist, n a druggie…………(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1201890

Stop namefagging, start sageing and come back with a webm of any of these things. You're not helping document if you don't, people won't just take your word for it.

No. 1202356

File: 1617653168483.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 113.6 KB, 828x1792, 999F0269-832D-4330-97DB-02CC74…)

No. 1202361

No. 1202381

File: 1617655035613.png (2.99 MB, 750x1334, 5F56BB55-C9A9-43D7-8688-9E275B…)

claims her Angels have been pushing her around the cemetery for half an hour and guided her out. does she not know what coasting is or do these spirits not even want this cow in their presence lmao

No. 1202453

The cow is posting on her own thread kek

No. 1202465

this dude is mad weird. admits he only wants to fuck Jaelle to make Nika jealous. Dates her even though he knew the accusations against her. And uses dirt on Nika to blackmail her? Weird asf

No. 1202487

File: 1617670297327.jpeg (384.34 KB, 1170x2011, 964A44A0-397D-454D-8F0C-B0ACDC…)

Who’s ready for yet another maniacal Insta story spam about Nika??

No. 1202577

tryst (dot) link/escort/sacredheart(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1202580

No. 1202581

File: 1617683306967.png (1.78 MB, 1080x1989, Screenshot_20210405-212737~2.p…)

NTA but it's Nika's account genius

No. 1202583

It’s an imageboard, dearest anon, of course no one is going to just look for a random link with the word
When there’s so much weird shit posted by retards.

No. 1202585

Well I guess I'm the one person bridging the gap between newfags and precautious anons. Usually weirdos I see just post the direct links and some unspoilered gross shit.

No. 1202603

what is their obsession with eachother….(namefag)

No. 1202619

jaelle is literally stalking nika’s tik tok comments and screenshotting them and ranting about them on her story….. why is that so pathetic that is serious mental illness(namefag)

No. 1202648

Hun stop putting your email in the email field. You just put “sage” in there and it will leave you anonymous

No. 1202649

File: 1617699742197.png (436.58 KB, 750x1624, C2F358CE-6BC4-4CF1-B483-75DB71…)

Lol Nika’s price list from that escort site. She really thinks she’s worth that much?

No. 1202745

These are fairly average prices for full service. You sell your pussy for less than 2k you're an idiot

No. 1202788

the point still is: she really thinks she's worth that much? lol

No. 1202811

Right? If these are average prices surely she needs to lower hers. Why would someone pay over a grand to fuck a skin flappy junkie with blown out lips when they could fuck an ‘average’ escort for the same

No. 1202915

File: 1617734718038.jpeg (65.79 KB, 896x770, 93E757F0-9F54-4693-859B-1A335F…)

Sage for sort of old milk but Jaelle constantly brings up Nika using blackface like she didn’t do it before and keeps posting shitty tiktoks about her on her IG story

No. 1202992

Jaelle is on live checking this thread as we speak lol hi cow

No. 1203073

the misinformation on these tiktoks have me dying, this one girl said “this you” about nika saying the n word but that was six.

No. 1203155

lmfao i thought this was fat shane dawson

No. 1203690

File: 1617848150439.jpeg (201.61 KB, 828x1377, C4917CE3-00CE-4D29-8783-7FA849…)

sage for no milk but god this cow is creepy as fuck. i dont even want to know how she knew this random girl she barely knows replied to a dm

No. 1203710

File: 1617851110034.jpeg (456.78 KB, 1170x2075, FD1C2FDD-B666-458A-A6E6-502065…)

She’s posting her dm’s and just proving how insane she is… cow behavior

No. 1203731

Lmao I love how she calls Nika her abuser when everything Jaelle has ever done was completely voluntary

No. 1203777

literally this. why does jae think she’s so above and beyond Nika baffles me. she admittedly flirted and carved an underage boys name into her thigh and sent him a picture of her dads dick- someone needs to deplatform jaelle just as bad. she looks psycho the way she is trying to witch hunt nika rn as going as far as msging her followers and blocking people who follow both cows.

No. 1203790

Not to mention pimping a drugged nika out to her dad because nika owed money.

Yeah but its nika who is her abuser lmao

No. 1203818

Somebody should make an instapage and gather up all the stuff Jaelle has done in a google drive since she wants to act all high and mighty

No. 1203906

File: 1617893945224.jpeg (818.53 KB, 1170x2077, 49D75375-05D8-4837-9251-B36DD9…)

TL,DR: Nika and I have similar allegations but bc I am delusional and think I’m better than her stop digging up what I’ve done to minors too. I incriminated myself multiple times but you can’t find evidence

No. 1203911

Her original face is showing again, it's nice to see that horse patty again without editing. Seethe fatty. Both of you are cancelled psychos who are both taken about as serious as the other one is. Kek. Retards. She's just trying to convince herself at this point that she's innocent

No. 1203913

File: 1617894979446.jpeg (576.01 KB, 1170x1849, C5D732AE-272D-451A-99EA-38AB7D…)

Jesus she is actually the most delusional cow on this site kek. We see you Miss Piggy

No. 1203917

It's like watching a broken toy just repeat the same sounds on it's audio chip until it just gives out. They're meaningless letters and sounds, beyond words. I bet she's still trying another long ass story saying the same thing. She's out to lunch permanently and quite honestly a lost cause. Future schizophrenic tweaker homeless girl type shit

No. 1203930

For the love of god please spoiler pics of this disgusting mongoloid land whale’s hideous fucking mug

No. 1203937

Seriously, it should be a rule to spoiler any photos of that infected fat sack. NSFL.

No. 1204168

It must hurt so much to be the fat ugly friend who gets left behind LOL I want her to do something extra crazy for Nikas attention soon. The self-inflicted public humiliation brings me joyyy.

No. 1204209

Why does everyone in their little circle of psychos type in that retarded way
like this
why canf u just
write in sentences

No. 1204230

File: 1617921712459.png (Spoiler Image, 3.04 MB, 828x1792, BEE1B2AE-7DDD-4584-8B0C-89E1F3…)

HUGE NSFL WARNING!!!!! Jaelle is licking her fucking tampon on her Instagram story right now. Christ she is disgusting. How is her boyfriend not embarrassed by this shit

No. 1204235

In unison
>what boyfriend

No. 1204237

File: 1617922498406.png (3.83 MB, 1242x2208, DCEA62B8-EF9D-4323-88F3-35EA3E…)

No shit!

No. 1204242

Is it an overexaggeration to say jaelle is quite possibly the most disgusting cow on the site? I’ve been a farmer for years now and can’t remember anything quite as bad as this shit

No. 1204246

Rancid behavior. She's usurped Nika as the most disgusting horrorcow. This is like the third time she's sucked a tampon publicly.

No. 1204247

i definitely just threw up in my mouth. sick fucking hog take it to the slaughter

No. 1204250

Jaelle is on live right now sucking her tampon

No. 1204253

Of course she is. She's probably watching this thread right now waiting for anons to continue roasting her. This is routine by now.

No. 1204254

File: 1617924385524.png (Spoiler Image, 3.51 MB, 828x1792, 938CAE67-D5E2-497C-914D-ACC968…)

when u have nothing to offer so u have to suck on a tampon for attention(SPOILER )

No. 1204255

Jesus Christ not only is she on live sucking her tampon, she’s begging for $300 to chew and swallow it. The only glimmer of hope I have is that it’s possible it’s fake, though it looks pretty convincing. She’s laughing like a lunatic rn, she is so unhinged. Jaelle, this is not funny. You are so deluded to constantly post about your ~inner peace~ and spirituality and then turn around and pull this insane shit for attention. Touch some grass

No. 1204256

Spoiler this shit

No. 1204257

Spoiler you fuck

No. 1204262

Direct quote from Jaelle in response to a comment on her live saying “go to school or get a job”: “I don’t need a job, I live off my daddy’s money forever”.

Whichever anon tinfoiled that she’s never had a job at the ripe age of 21, you were bang on.

No. 1204265

Right?! I keep saying it, she’s the ugliest fucking degenerate hambeast on this entire site, we shouldn’t be forced to look at that repugnant fat fuck face when we’re having a scroll.

No. 1204274

File: 1617926569647.jpeg (231.9 KB, 1125x2169, 0DC7F7CF-E1CD-4BB1-9F30-C7539A…)

No. 1204278

Hard agree w all the anons that janelles face should be spoilered. I think Maddie in that vivadrag/Maddie(whatever her handle is) should be spoiled as well. Those girls take me aback when their threads are bumped

No. 1204284

Those are the two cows I think I keep up with most, cow-crossover???

No. 1204287

Ask and you shall receive anon kek Jaelle read this and is specifically shouting to u

No. 1204295

File: 1617928192362.jpeg (175.35 KB, 750x1099, D62BE40B-BF0C-40D8-B9BD-8AF458…)

this is so funny to me how she thinks it’s DEFAMATION and harassment when jaelle confirmed all the things as true that the user is posting. how is this different than all the exposing nika accs LMAO

No. 1204342

Read the chompurrs thread

No. 1204361

Mel Baggs is up there too. Jaelle has surpassed both Tuna and Shatna now, she’s a full blown horrorcow

No. 1204386

File: 1617935730715.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 207.12 KB, 1170x2057, F883DB90-FBE5-4FC2-9846-1C85CF…)

She is so fucking disgusting

No. 1204387

File: 1617935866955.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 330.54 KB, 1170x1987, DEF1D419-6A90-4E0A-9359-F36F2C…)

No. 1204388

She just posted a video on her Snapchat of her licking her bloody tampon. Puke

No. 1204389

File: 1617935975799.png (Spoiler Image, 2.84 MB, 750x1334, 475F2DDF-68D2-4732-BB6E-93BCAC…)

No. 1204392

I literally gagged. Like … what do you think her father thinks of her…

No. 1204394

>her father
well his geriatric ass tried to have sex with her best friend, so I don't think you have a point here.

No. 1204398

He is also an incest loving pedo so whatever that disgusting piece of shit thinks is irrelevant. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

No. 1204407

I think he wants to have sex with her

No. 1204410

she posted on her story saying her dad showed his coworkers but quickly deleted it. he’s just as fucked up as she is

No. 1204444

No. 1204446

He doesn’t even care lol. She probably does this shit all the time.

No. 1204453


this shit is fake as hell. that aint period blood on the tampon.

No. 1204489

I was wondering why she showed him in the first place but now I know I’ll never understand what any of these people do.

No. 1204546


Why do you say that? This looks like every tampon I’ve ever pulled out of myself

No. 1204618


mainly because its jaelle. shes an attention whore and makes shit up constantly.

second, like come on. its clearly not blood. its not hard to make it “look real”

No. 1204655

scrote or nah

No. 1204688

This is the only time a picture has ever made me gag

No. 1204690

How do you propose she faked it then? It’s got that deep red colour and it’s not all one colour all over. Like another anon said, that looks like every tampon I’ve ever pulled out. It’s not exactly ketchup

No. 1204797

File: 1617991676972.png (4.58 MB, 1284x2778, E47DE15A-F9B1-4914-AFCD-19B229…)


No. 1204813


Her dads “confession”

No. 1204815

No. 1204907

File: 1618004092281.jpeg (53.69 KB, 828x682, 932D399F-1679-440A-B24C-103D84…)


Looks like she took it down

No. 1204912

Anyone save it??

No. 1204924

Jaelle's just mad she didn't get to suck nikas juices off her dads dick

No. 1204927

Someone had to have saved it. Ugh.

No. 1204993

File: 1618012707277.jpeg (355.74 KB, 1170x2061, 02E48F25-A1B0-45A2-8515-C00E5D…)

Anons we should have a bet on how long Jaelle will stay off the internet. My bet is less than 2 weeks bc she’ll still want to stalk Nika’s every moves

No. 1205066

lmao her pfps and avatars are peak delusion, everyone knows how repellently fucking hideous you are, you obese incest baby

No. 1205069

If anyone screen recorded her “talent show” live pls send a link i was on it roasting her lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1205078

File: 1618025200493.jpeg (532.97 KB, 1170x2041, 60A2B815-0177-44E6-AE1E-0670A1…)

See you next week whale!!

No. 1205083

my bet is exactly one day over two weeks just to prove us wrong lmfao

No. 1205086

File: 1618025536367.png (2.56 MB, 750x1334, 75A3C775-77F7-4BA7-981A-D367F1…)

jaelle said on live she’s not selling the account for less than $350, if someone actually paid that I have to laugh. Everyone’s just going to mass unfollow bc they only cared to laugh at J’s disaster of a life

No. 1205123

File: 1618030475998.jpeg (979.46 KB, 1474x2597, 1E50034F-B8C5-4FA8-B019-88ACBF…)

I hope Jaelle doesn’t leave forever so we can hear this rap. Sick bars Jaelle

No. 1205129

she should collab with Corpse Husband, it's about the same level as his shit maybe actually better kek

No. 1205135

File: 1618032961519.png (9.39 MB, 1242x2208, 3D457D1A-4A7C-4EEC-9258-580F28…)

This is so pathetic honestly

No. 1205160

File: 1618040000516.jpg (106.56 KB, 1200x893, ERcLZ6CXsAAFEtw.jpg)




okay both people are fucking terrible but i cant stop laughing at this. its retarded, literally so fucking retarded, i cant believe a full grown adult would type it. the fact she goes into all that and doesnt realize how everything she says applies to her hog pedo brain as well is insane.

No. 1205182

I’m fucking crying anon. Fuck you hahaha

No. 1205189

anon you literally missed the best line? how could you not include ‘baaaaaaaaaa’ like… truly music for the soul

No. 1205210

I think Jaelle was trying to do one of those “self roasts” but I know I made a rap about her when I was 16 and it was so much better

No. 1205250


>who wants to help me produce it

can you anons imagine if someone actually did help her produce it? like, this idiot singing "greasy fat bitch!" with a fucking trap beat to it? she's absolutely disgusting but if she actually made this song come true it would be a field day lets be real. sadly, "help" with these attention whores always mean that they want you to make a whole ass song for free in exchange of promo. and no one in their right mind would fall for that. such a shame we will never get to hear this absolute bop.

No. 1205291

I wonder if she’d keep her uwu I’m baby voice whilst ‘rapping’ kek

No. 1205293

There’s no fuckinf way she’s staying off instagram for more than a couple of weeks. She’s sold her account before and then returned with a new one. I’d bet good money on her being back within a month, histrionic hamplanet has no social interaction and no friends beyond instagram

No. 1205295

Also anyone watch her dad’s ‘confession video’ before it got taken down?

No. 1205362

No. 1205371

yes she was just like "why do you walk around the house naked" and he was like idk sorry. and she talked about him "looking at her in a sexual way". he seemed a bit out of it and was just like "I'm sorry J I will do better". it was nothing really milky

No. 1205492

This sounds incredibly fucked up, but hear me out - I feel almost kind of sorry for the dad. He never really seems quite right in her videos, like he’s on some kind of downer or just not all mentally there. He’s clearly unfit to be a parent (although most 21 year olds don’t need parenting anyway but w/e) and I feel like he probably doesn’t even notice when she takes his money or uploads weird videos of him.

No. 1205534

This is somehow even worse than I expected. She read it like it was a recital for a school play… >>1205129 was right, in my mind I was hearing a Corpse Husband edgy drone mixed with white girl slam poetry. She can only speak in a baby monotone constantly apparently kek

I understand and agree. I wish the video was still up, but he seems mentally handicapped somehow. He’s definitely a creep but he seems not all there and Jaelle uses him as an easy citation for why her life is so horrible. She’s not wrong but she uses him, just like she uses any other situation to her advantage.

No. 1205540

Wait are you guys seriously justifying her dad touching her? “he’s not all the way there” wait u guys can’t be serious… I understand not liking her because of the stupid shit she does but her dad is fucked up in the head as well, he walks around the crib naked, gropes her and has sexual thoughts about her. I feel like most of y’allare speaking from a place that you never experienced that kind of trauma, that shit fucks up your life and that’s what leads me to believe u guys are thinking his sick behavior is ok because he’s mentally ill. Not defending her at all but u guys should be ashamed that you are really feeling bad for this pedo.

No. 1205544

Fucking this, jesus christ, you can hate someone and still acknowledge that their dad shouldn't try to fuck them, what the absolute fuck

No. 1205582

you're absolutely right with all of this - he's a fucking idiot, but he's not severely developmentally disabled to the point where he doesn't know who his own daughter is, or that he can't realise that she's young enough to still be considered a child. imagine excusing a fucking depraved pervert because you can't use empathy for the girl who has been groomed and assaulted by one of her own parents with nobody else to turn to, but you can for her disgusting father. absolute insanity
>inb4 'wk!!!!' or 'hi cow'
other anons are literally right, this shit does fuck you up unfathomable amounts and you might not even realise it until you're grown. jaelle is absolutely braindead, but have some fucking situational awareness, christ

No. 1205736

so we’re all clear, some people are saying he touched her?? ive only ever heard her say he stared at her, watched porn out loud and walked around named. not saying thats any better. but i just want to know the facts

No. 1205759

Yea she said that her father gropes her but didn’t say where or when

No. 1205791

she’s said it a few times a while back but her stories have always been a bit all over the place. i think there are screenshots in older threads

No. 1205794

Exactly. Imagine thinking someone would just turn out as mentally ill as Jaelle without a fucked up background like this.

No. 1205795

Did someone save this?!

No. 1205885

Getting your dick out in front of your daughter is bad enough, and he's done that on camera
But yes, he also gropes her and has said he's fantasized about her sexually

No. 1205917

I haven’t seen anyone trying to “justify” her dad touching her, and regardless of what’s psychologically wrong with him, it’s abhorrent and vile and if true, he should be locked up.
However- the two things can coexist. His mental state doesn’t excuse what he’s done, but I don’t see how anons pointing out that mentally he’s clearly got some issues is automatically suggesting so.

No. 1205926

“but he seems mentally handicapped somehow. He’s definitely a creep but he seems not all there“ keyword is “but” pal. How are these sentences not justifying him touching his daughter? And if I am wrong, it wouldn’t be so far-fetched of me to think they are excusing his behavior because of his mental illness because this shit happens all the time. people constantly feel bad for the mentally ill even when they do sick shit and maybe they justify his behavior subconsciously, either way it needed to be called out because this way of thinking is seriously flawed

No. 1206127

with the nude thing. i really think it depends, alot of cultures do have home nudity from both dad and moms but the kid ultimately has to be okay with it

No. 1206314

Yeah, but they're in the US where it is absolutely not considered normal or acceptable.

No. 1206333

He’s also not just walking around the house naked after the shower or something, he literally sits there with his entire dick out. I remember round about the time Nika and him had their…. little tryst… Jaelle posted a video, maybe a livestream, of N grinding on his lap whilst he had his dick out. There’s been other times he’s done it too

No. 1206352

File: 1618230359647.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 3088x2196, 229A664B-7C2A-4818-A854-B5F782…)

No. 1206361


No. 1206368

It looks like someone trying to separate two pieces of lunch meat

No. 1206369


>scrotes get off to this gross shit

jesus fucking christ. this is such an unattractive pic of her. this dumb ass doesnt realize showing your genitals doesnt immediately makes you look hot. i get it when coomer scrotes go crazy for photoshopped bitches pretending to have cartoony bodies. i get watching porn. i get seeing someone naked is attractive. but THIS SHIT? its such a fucking weird angle that doesnt flatter her in any fucking way she looks dead in the eyes with her fucking asshole spread like a goatse and her vagina looking like balls. why. god why. coomer scrotes are absolutely sick for jerking off to this type of shit.

No. 1206452

I’m not happy. I regret clicking on it.

I will now be going to church.

No. 1206500

File: 1618247647062.png (602.41 KB, 828x1792, 25E6E349-F394-4310-AD8F-9D4851…)

Some random shit from nika’s twitter

No. 1206696


No. 1206763

is she crytyping or hightyping? the eternal question

i’m never eating lunch meat again

No. 1206871

i was friends with jaelle very recently.. i think the comments abt her spiritual awakening kick r funny as it was the fallout pf the friendship. i too didnt understand why she was so obsessive abt the twin flames thing so i wasnt responding to her v often. i just didnt know what to say and i knew that if i said something that would offend her, shed stop being my friend. she would always deadname me and post our text threads which made me uncomfortable. i think my deadname was listed on my apple acc so she saw when i imessaged her but didnt change her contact name for me even tho i kinda asked her to. wasnt as assertive as i needed to be ig so she just went on w it. she would kinda just text me to dump her thoughts and drama on me and everytime without a doubt if i replied w kindness she would post our texts. she rlly just said and did a lot of things without my permission. she had me stay on facetime when myparents came over and wanted to see them (without them knowing). i was upset w my parents at the time and it was worse when she would tell me how terrible they are. honestly it made me spiral because i felt like i never realiZed how “horrible” they are. she called my mom a bitch, cunt, etc. and almost always agged me on when i was upset at them. basically tried to convince me that my dad sexually abused me because i opened up abt CSA and i cant remember many details of the event. but i know my dad never hurt me. so that was hard to process and rationalize. she’s just as obsessive as she seems w her bf. i understand but like others have pointed out, she would never do anything to help herself that didnt include blowing up and being reactive in some way. from what i’ve seen it doesn't seem like hes as interested as she thinks. i would believe if it was nika as shes never seen his face and they go back and forth w how they feel abt each other w seemingly no explanation. but i have no proof. her boyfriend owns @bitch on instagram and spends his time recklessly driving and doing anything but texting her back. she was so weird abt his business endeavors but was so open abt it w me for someone she didnt even like or care abt. so i dont care. also she swore me to secrecy. it was rllh weird and it was rlly sad to witness. but anyways, why arent we friends? she posted our texts to her story but this time in a upset way? she was dumping abt her twin flame and all these crazy things shes experienced since she found out they were twin flames? i think? it was incoherent to say the least. i just told her to be careful because hes hurt her/let her down before and she is reacting to his actions differently than i would. i would see his behavior as a red flag. basically all i said and she started lecturing me in a way that was completely degrading and out of nowhere. she posted it and said “dont talk abt twin flames if u havent met urs” or something like that. surprisingly, i wasnt happy abt this. she called me manipulative, said she posted it cause i said something that upset her, deadnamed me and blocked me. she drained me sometimes w her constantly divulging details of her dads sexually problematic behavior. knowing i also have sexual trauma and it might be triggering. i genuinely do think her dad has something wrong w his development and processing and she takes advantage of him in her own way. ive told her ant resources out there for ppl like him and she just didnt wamna hear abt it cause she was too focused on herself and how it affected her. im glad i see how she rlly is and im disappointed i put myself in a vulnerable place. i have no hate towards her but i know shes gonna read this so
hi jae! you werent a great friend but i hope u get help and ur dad can get treatment for his problems/behavior. godspeed(integrate)

No. 1206885

and btw im not justifying his actions because he may or may not be disabled. those types of actions are NEVER okay no matter the reason. ever. them living together w no supervision is a toxic environment that encourages dangerous behaviors. there ARE resources for developmentally disabled pedophiles that can be very beneficial for the person and the victims and the community. you can still take advantage of a sexual offender if theyre disabled. i think she takes advantage of him out of retaliation and wanting control. nonetheless my point is that nothing that hoes on on that house is okay or safe for anyone.

No. 1206906

Nice fanfic, retard, post caps of gtfo already. Nobody fucking cares about your wall of text.

No. 1206908

File: 1618275174863.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 61.5 KB, 392x500, D021ACBD-07F0-4BBC-A940-2F6E9B…)

No. 1206980

Do you have any proof of this so called friendship or her boyfriend being “bitch”

No. 1207002

File: 1618288385335.jpeg (41.48 KB, 275x269, 28676598-9F65-4B99-84BB-0A3171…)

Old screenshot from nikas old account making fun of a child with cancer- past digging

No. 1207005

This isn’t milk retard

No. 1207021

File: 1618293349501.jpeg (56.11 KB, 275x274, 735D7094-4D03-467B-BFCD-1C2D13…)

Background history, Carlo is Nikas step dad. I followed her around the time where she was fucking herself with her parents tooth brushes and peed in her step dads favorite bowl. She was around 14 at this time.

No. 1207022

File: 1618293400170.jpeg (117.3 KB, 960x960, D818A14F-491C-425C-9DC6-406E59…)

Nikas mom and step dads instagrams? I believe

No. 1207032

Jesus christ, she was saying this shit about her step dad?

No. 1207042

I’m the anon who posted these old screenshots in the first thread , this isn’t milk retard.

No. 1207215

File: 1618324070598.jpeg (386.19 KB, 960x833, 809CBAE0-5E59-48C4-906E-540BCC…)

No. 1207888

https://www.dropbox.com/s/wfkzkzjd29gcdqu/Nikas%20new%20boyfriend%20%40six.MP4?dl=0 Does anyone know if @six is okay, he’s a scammer and an awful person as well- but it seems he’s been put under Nikas spell. He mentions in the screen recording that, “she made me cut myself for a ritual and i got possessed” Nika is already ruining him, in the comments of the tik tok that his ex posted she stated that he made nika delete her instagram, he is the grey for the most part of the text messages i believe. They’re both going to destroy each other this will not end well