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File: 1687603900406.jpeg (300.15 KB, 1125x1371, IMG_8300.jpeg)

No. 1852226

Known online as Maggie Dunlap, 28 years old. One of Nicole Dollanganger’s calves - perhaps the most well known one in her niche. Starred in one of Nicole’s “music videos” years back.

Has gained her following by posting fake gore and fake abusive porny photos of herself online. Banned from most platforms (which she boasts about), constant tears about not being able to “show her art”. Kicked out of her art school. Most recently boasted about an opportunity to photograph real dead bodies inside a morgue, without any regard for the families of the deceased themselves. Apparently she actually procured a pass, so more edgelord cringe level posts to come. Speculation as to whether or not she actually received a pass, or photoshopped herself onto one for more edge points on Instagram.

Her website showcasing her “art” (explicit photos of self-created snuff photos & crime scenes): https://maggiedunlap.com/

Very laughable photoshoot of her pretending to be mauled by a dog.

Sold shirts in picrel, which other lolcows have been seen wearing.

Previously mentioned in this thread: >>>/snow/1852221

Obviously she loves online attention at any costs, so while engaging in discourse here don’t get derailed by her potentially posting about herself or coming to the site to defend herself.

Have at it! This woman is vapid and so attention seeking she’d post real dead bodies for the sake of “art”, without showcasing any respect or any real intellectual backing to her decisions to do so.

No. 1852227

File: 1687604112217.jpeg (135.94 KB, 1125x1547, IMG_8390.jpeg)

Maggie posing proudly with her “art”

No. 1852231

File: 1687604388017.jpeg (Spoiler Image,200.7 KB, 1125x1620, IMG_8391.jpeg)

Her snuff photoshoot where she pretends to be a young girl getting kidnapped, raped and murdered. Spoiler for obvious reasons

Link: https://maggiedunlap.com/F-O-A-D

No. 1852232

File: 1687604490049.jpeg (Spoiler Image,75.06 KB, 971x733, IMG_8392.jpeg)

No. 1852233

File: 1687604551413.jpeg (163.05 KB, 1125x1520, IMG_8386.jpeg)

Her alleged press pass from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

No. 1852236

File: 1687604681435.jpeg (158.46 KB, 1125x1571, IMG_8393.jpeg)

Her post about attempting to gain said pass, captioned “I’m the luckiest girl in the world and everything works out for me!” Comments are filled with concerned and disgusted followers saying she doesn’t deserve that level of access

No. 1852239

File: 1687605121939.jpeg (Spoiler Image,129.26 KB, 1125x1351, IMG_8394.jpeg)

Maggie advertising more of her “merchandise”

No. 1852240

File: 1687605186720.jpeg (126.24 KB, 1125x1271, IMG_8395.jpeg)

From her infamous shoot with Nicole Dollanganger

No. 1852241

File: 1687605238981.jpeg (123.06 KB, 1125x1123, IMG_8396.jpeg)

Her memes

No. 1852242

File: 1687605514081.jpeg (Spoiler Image,267.47 KB, 1125x1537, IMG_8397.jpeg)

Her shitty sfx art

No. 1852244

File: 1687605692708.jpeg (Spoiler Image,308.25 KB, 1095x1850, IMG_8398.jpeg)

“Art” - glamorizing serial killers per her usual M.O.

No. 1852245

File: 1687605998426.jpeg (Spoiler Image,203.36 KB, 1125x1797, IMG_8399.jpeg)

More snuff art uwu

No. 1852248

File: 1687606404179.jpeg (245.66 KB, 1125x1396, IMG_8400.jpeg)

More accurate photo of her ugly mug for anyone falling for her edited photos

No. 1852251

She’s basically a living breathing tryhard tumblr post circa 2010s true crime community

No. 1852253

this is what happens when you get handed an ipad at age 4 and get raised by tumblrfags and edgelords(sage your shit)

No. 1852254

Found her dad and he’s actually big in the art community with lots of connections, hence her having an easy time getting attention for her so-called art(do not post pictures of cow's family members)

No. 1852255

Oof so her mother is also in the art scene and helps promote Maggie’s bullshit, though nothing from recent years (her mom disapproves?)(do not post pictures of cow's family members)

No. 1852263

There weren’t iPads when she was 4. This woman is almost 30 years old(learn to sage)

No. 1852282

File: 1687611910046.png (503.8 KB, 989x733, ugh.png)

She has this Instagram page called the "Opioid Crisis Lookbook" I found on her website which she describes as "the first narco-capitalism fueled lifestyle magazine"

At first I thought it was a meme page but it's really a collection of edgy shit that has to do with opioids or whatever. There's also lolicon posted on it. This girl is like a psychopathic goth twelve year old who kills birds and brings them to school. The fact that she considers this art baffles me.


No. 1852294

That hair color is wasted on her, smh

No. 1852296

I can’t imagine any parent wanting to tell anyone about this kind of “art”

No. 1852303

Her dad actually posts decent art and hasn’t mentioned any of her art recently, but did make a post about “their” website - her main website posted in the top of the thread. Like he helped her create it. For a man as distinguished as him, who actually creates meaningful art and seems to have a lot of big connections, it’s sort of odd that he’d help her put that horrid website together…

No. 1852310

File: 1687615654744.jpeg (164.32 KB, 1125x1661, IMG_8404.jpeg)

Her being associated with this atrocity makes me seriously question whether or not she has a drug problem herself. Being on opiates would explain the constant dead look in her eyes, she does look somewhat out of it in her posts.

Side note - she was in a small insignificant Glossier ad. Which parent do you think paid for that or set it up? She very obviously comes from a wealthy family with ample connections. Makes me wonder if she’d be getting this much online attention without her parent’s constant help.

No. 1852317

Tbh Maggie would love that description of herself, that’s how twisted her thinking is

No. 1852322

File: 1687616876501.jpeg (128.72 KB, 1125x932, IMG_8406.jpeg)

No. 1852324

File: 1687617247132.png (2.73 MB, 1328x1614, opioid crisis my ass.png)

>Her being associated with this atrocity makes me seriously question whether or not she has a drug problem herself. Being on opiates would explain the constant dead look in her eyes, she does look somewhat out of it in her posts.
Absolutely fucking not. Stupid bitch has no idea what is she photographing/talking about. As someone who was addicted to opioids for 10+ years, i can tell you with whole certainty that no actual junkie makes ~tumblr opiate collages~ like this. A tumblr dumbfuck just starting experimenting with their first lean for the aesthetic? Maybe. But longtime addicts suffering the consequences of their decisions everyday… no. There's nothing to romanticize, and no, opiate addiction is not ~cute but creepy dirty heart-shaped bathtubs with a syringe strategically placed inside, with Nicole Dollanganger playing softly in the background~. I just mean, actual addicts don't take a time out of their day to do precious shots glamorizing their struggle via unrealistic tumblrina sadbbydoll trailertrash photoshoots, they'd be amused by implication someone doing this seriously could have any idea about opiate addiction. These pics honestly made me snort first time i saw them, pure 2012 tumblr. She never changed, did she? I can't believe it's an actual "publication"

She could just look like that (vapid, empty-eyed.) Or tinfoil: she uses makeup to make her eyes look more "dead". Like painting on exaggerated eyebags a'la Arrow de Wilde.

No. 1852329

"artists are above the law" that's narcissists and sociopaths you're thinking of, dear

No. 1852332

How to tell you're ugly: you wish you got kidnapped, raped and murdered, but nobody wants to so you have to stage your own photoshoots

No. 1852354

File: 1687622516117.jpg (46.08 KB, 598x905, theweleit.jpg)

I had never heard of this bitch but ugh that shirt she's selling is a design stolen from the cover of a classic cultural history of fascism (it's an interesting read that summarizes a lot of Weimar-era primary sources, you'll be shocked to hear that Nazi street fighting moids were deeply fucked up misogynists.)

Edgelord Nazi shit, into the trash it goes

No. 1852355

File: 1687622576531.jpg (46.08 KB, 598x905, theweleit.jpg)

I had never heard of this bitch but ugh that shirt she's selling is a design stolen from the cover of a classic cultural history of fascism (it's an interesting read that summarizes a lot of Weimar-era primary sources, you'll be shocked to hear that Nazi street fighting moids were deeply fucked up misogynists.)

Edgelord Nazi shit, into the trash it goes

No. 1852362

Yikes, who is telling her what she is doing is "art" and not just gross rape porn?? Good thread OP. Definitely milky

No. 1852363

File: 1687623742189.png (288.03 KB, 2198x1116, oxy.png)

that is not her natural hair colour lmao
they're selling fucking oxycontin plushies jfc

No. 1852365

File: 1687623827027.png (1.44 MB, 2190x980, oxy2.png)

No. 1852376

I thought that's Greta Thunberg whose picture someone edited

No. 1852395

She strikes me as someone that would glorify nazi shit. In her dad’s IG post talking about her being in a Glossier ad he was essentially saying glossier “loves pale skin” and how cool it was for them to model his fair skinned little girlie kek

No. 1852396

Shit I forgot to sage apologies

No. 1852404

File: 1687627369575.jpeg (107.45 KB, 1125x1106, IMG_8409.jpeg)

The ad

No. 1852407

File: 1687627721058.jpeg (Spoiler Image,65.35 KB, 679x1024, IMG_8408.jpeg)


Link to one of her interviews before she went completely off the rails. She’s been obsessed with Marilyn Manson forever and wants him to notice her… no surprise there

No. 1852412

Isn’t the pic on the bottom left from the Nicole Dollanganger photoshoot? It definitely is. How original Maggie. Who knew someone could be more unoriginal than Nicole herself. Pure laziness… so “artsy” and thought out kek

No. 1852415

File: 1687628356948.png (744.44 KB, 748x828, redscare.png)

that cow crossover. Birds of feather

No. 1852416

File: 1687628851428.jpeg (11.69 KB, 275x270, 1686751046622.jpeg)

Already been mentioned in Nicole's calves, but i feel it's relevant to mention here as it's one of the cringiest things ever. She's obsessed with that fake "snuff movie where rabid dog bites my face off" thing she was posting to every forum and 4chan trying hard to pass it off as ~legit~ violence footage… only to turn out it's a photoshoot done for some glossy magazine by one of those lowkey trendy/well connected LA artfag nepo baby photographers who just love to slap "blurry Y2K digi camera" effects on their photos, kek
>>1846470, >>1846479, >>1846569, >>1846571, >>1846573, >>1846594, >>1846596

No. 1852417

File: 1687628953288.png (26.34 KB, 235x275, 1686771040151.png)

No. 1852418

File: 1687629059131.png (16.81 KB, 236x275, 1686770748953.png)

No. 1852422

File: 1687629788800.jpeg (Spoiler Image,26.55 KB, 924x645, IMG_8410.jpeg)

From her “true crime” exhibition. Spoiler for gore, but it’s not real kek. Imagine letting this woman into an actual morgue with her camera. I hope the Los Angeles Sheriff’s County isn’t actually going to let this woman take photos. If so there is going to be so much milk, and I hope the families of the deceased she exploits for her “art” sue her ass off

No. 1852425

File: 1687630011365.jpeg (Spoiler Image,28.35 KB, 626x876, IMG_8411.jpeg)

“Art” kek and in her summary of the exhibition she really talks about how true crime podcasts etc. are muh bad bc they don’t showcase the bodies, just “sensationalize” the cases. But here she is sensationalizing actual gore and crime scenes. Btw Maggie true crime outlets don’t post the crime scene pics or photos of the dead victims out of respect for the dead and their families. You’re not earning any points here from anyone. You’re just seeking shock value for the sake of edginess. If mommy and daddy didn’t have art connections this exhibition would have never happened.

No. 1852431

File: 1687630304137.jpeg (159.89 KB, 1125x1093, IMG_8412.jpeg)

Margaret being banned from art school, even they think she’s a fucking edge lord. I love how they put the quotations around “art” - they too were done her shit. Imagine failing so hard as an artist no platform, website or even art school wants you to post it or continue

No. 1852438

File: 1687630756655.jpeg (220.35 KB, 1124x1920, IMG_8413.jpeg)

Unrelated but she is so butt ugly when she’s not in super high contrast. Big nitpick but she’s so pudgy and her face is just so awkward if not in the perfect angle with bright ass flash or editing. I keep noticing how deep her nasolabial folds are, which I know is a meme but for her it’s a reality kek

No. 1852450

For anyone interested, here’s an interview featuring her mom, dad, and herself. She comes from a “family of artists” and there was an article on them


Confirmed mommy and daddy fund everything she does

No. 1852452

File: 1687631521842.jpeg (184.36 KB, 1125x1459, IMG_8415.jpeg)

In her own words - she’s creating images she wants to see. Her work is without substance - she’s obsessed with gore, murder and apparently little girls being abducted. “Worlds she wants to explore”.

No. 1852461

Lengthy way of her saying she’s a disgusting fetishist. What a gross explanation. Also, I honestly think the “slowing to see a car wreck” thing is mostly a myth/projection. People aren’t slowing down wanting to see mangled bodies, they’re slowing down because our instincts tell us to worry and make sure that others are okay. Not everyone is some freak who gets excited at the idea of random people being killed.

No. 1852462

File: 1687632200055.png (107.67 KB, 658x844, 1x.png)

I have no words

No. 1852463

File: 1687632252095.png (58.15 KB, 752x1016, comments1.png)

Some of the comments under thins, and Maggie's reaction to this… fuck me, she's so pathetic.
>yOu fOrGot tO uSe yOur BuRneR

No. 1852465

File: 1687632283236.png (58.62 KB, 702x1030, comments2.png)

No. 1852466

File: 1687632517534.png (36.18 KB, 740x748, comments3.png)

This fucking moron… damn I see now this thread is well deserved, how could i ever doubt if she's milky. bitch is waaaay worse than whatever Nicole's ever done. Perhaps way worse (and cringier) than many many cows discussed here.

No. 1852468

that last comment is spot on. fuck this idiot. fucking Caitlin Doughty has more tact than this edgy retard.

No. 1852473

What was the address of her tumblr? I wonder if she still keeps it up. Also if anybody has more info on her/her past… was she already like that in the ol days of being Nicole calf? i thought she only always rolled around in dirt in some abandoned trailer/victorian house locations like Nicole and literally everybody else then, but could be wrong. She clearly must be very well connected to do this shit and pretend it's "art"… also calling this now, she's buying followers. She gets maybe 2000 likes and 16 comments per post, so i really don't get who are "fans" or "consumers" of her "art".

No. 1852485

When you call yourself an artist but get banned from art college for intentionally 3d printing the one thing you're not allowed to, may as well print some fake cash while you were there

No. 1852499

>The Opioid Crisis Lookbook
Sage for butthurt blogpost but this shit makes me so unreasonably angry, jaded LA/NYC rich kid art school hipster assholes who think it's cool and edgy to romanticize poverty squalor and hard drug abuse. All of these people should be shot.
t. lived in a shitty rust belt town, went to art school(just because you sage does not mean it's okay to blogpost)

No. 1852541

Eww, her vibes are absolutely rancid. This is one thread I’m not sure I can follow because the cow is too grimy.

No. 1852556

I get it tbh. She's not funny/entertaining as a cow, she's straight up annoying with her idiocy. She has to be the ugliest bitch of /snow, inside and out.

No. 1852557

What the fuck is wrong with this cow? 3D printed AR-15 isn't art. Neither is distributing the downloadable version on your website. I hope she is on government's watch list.

How did she even get accepted to the art school? These are horrible. The image quality is unacceptable. Did she take the pictures with a potato?

The memes are shit quality too and I don't mean the message. Is she colorblind? Looks like elementary school kid learning to add text to image.

No. 1852558

Let me guess… i bet mommy & daddy's money and connections.
Also, private art schools will accept anyone.

No. 1852559

File: 1687645939234.jpeg (199.92 KB, 1125x1578, 1686671882290.jpeg)

What is this. Who in their right mind let her in on the runway? kek
Why not Millie Dollgraves, Patience Kingsley or that giant Andre calf as well? I'm sure they'd make an equally, uh, huge impression on a catwalk…

No. 1852572

File: 1687647017501.jpg (1.77 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_0869.jpg)

it's a zoomer brand with "inclusive" casting. Not really a compliment to be included with models like picrel kek

No. 1852642

Out of all the years to be forever trapped in why the fuck would you pick 2013

No. 1852707

this is the perfect example of what happens when someone's parents are so successful and wealthy that their life becomes a useless joke. not everyone with rich parents turns into this, of course, but something obviously went wrong with this girl in her development.

love how she's bring back gore tumblr nostalgia even though it hasn't even been gone for a decade and wasn't really that cool during its heyday.

i will say that she has amazing hair. god awful yellow bleached color, but it's naturally thick as fuck. she should grow out her natural color and let it grow down to her knees and wear a massive braid wrapped around her head if she wants to be mildly interesting.

No. 1852715

vendettaposter or self promo self posting

No. 1852728

This bitch is a genuinely disgusting person and evil. Literally has demon tranny eyes and vibes.

No. 1852729

She looks like shit.
Every time I see average or shitty looking people on the catwalk it reminds me that modelling is a genuine talent and supermodels deserve every penny they get.

No. 1852730

Yeah so much projection in that braindead thesis it’s unreal.

No. 1852732

Based RCA. Being a student at such a renowned college is a privilege not a right.

No. 1852733

I hope the police are investigating this.

No. 1852734

Gross pig.

No. 1852735

Kek the other nona is right looks like one of those puffy mouthbreathing loser girls who smelled of piss all the time, nobody liked and would being dead birds to class to try and get attention.

No. 1852738

There’s a million edgelord nepo babies in NYC and London nona. This shit has been going on for literal decades, when they flunk everything else in life they get their dad to pull strings so they can piss away a couple years at art school taking grainy pictures of their vagina or sculpting dicks. But even the most insufferable ones I’ve interacted with had more talent than this bitch and some were actually capable of making kind of cool stuff. This is literally the most low effort shock value ‘art’ possible.

No. 1852739

Ugly pickmes and trannies definitely share a love of sadism towards women for ‘rejecting’ them in their youth.

No. 1852741

I swear ugly doughy cows like this have the exact same brains as MTF trannies.

Autopedophiles who fetishize girlhood, femininity and womens bodies. Forever seething and resentful at being rejected in their youth by normal girls, for being weird, ugly, nasty, and insufferable. Nobody ever wanted to rape or kidnap them because they were always so obnoxious and repulsive, they feel like they missed out on female socialization. So they try to reenact pedophilia and violence against little girls as adults as part of a sexual fetish to feel validated as female, but also as an outlet for their sadism towards the women who ‘rejected’ them growing up. So repulsive. Two peas in a pod with vicious, misogynistic troons.

No. 1852742

File: 1687686507749.jpeg (112.8 KB, 1242x1421, FCE24886-189E-45E1-BDE5-CB831A…)

Lol it’s so obvious she wants to be an edgy platinum blonde model like Hanna but the difference is someone like Hanna is gorgeous and photogenic meanwhile Mags will always look like a puffy British tranny with Down syndrome who has had too many cortisone shots.

No. 1852743

It’s funny because just like her muses Maggie also looks like she’s been floating face down in water for two weeks. Hammy bloated bitch.

No. 1852744

Disgusting narcissistic troll. This bitch needs to be put in a psych ward, the fetish she has for dead and mutilated womens bodies is beyond creepy troon tier.

No. 1852758

She reminds me of Grimes in this pic. Same quirky unwashed ~artist~ vibe.

No. 1852761

She looks like a 37 year old British single mother.

No. 1852779

That's not her real hair. It's extensions. You can't have such thin hair at the roots and thick plastic looking hair at the lengths. You can spot it from a mile away.

No. 1852785

I just wanna say something, there's all this talk about how it's heartless and disrespectful to photograph dead people (first because dead people… can't consent to being photographed, second - disrespectful to families), and she always comes back with 7 year old tier replies lie UNFOLLOW MEH! I AIn'T READING ALL THAT! etc. And with "IT'S ~ART~!!!".
Yeah, speaking of which. WHERE is this "art", Maggie? Is there anything "artistic" about her photography? Idk, technique, angles, colors, setting, how you stage the photo or quite the opposite, how spontaneous moment was luckily captured and came out striking in some way? Because there's no such thing in her photos. She just takes pics of dead people, and that is that. Everything you can say about her photos is that photo captures real dead bodies, which is shocking, revolting, or "cOoOL" to 13 year old gore edgelords looking up to her (except she's a woman in her 30s, kek). But it is like that ONLY because of the subject of photos. Or to be more precise, it's not even because bodies are real: no, that in itself isn't shocking. It's something else. These photos evokes such emotions strictly because you know the author had such a nerve to take such photos and then masturbate over it on instagram, and THAT's what makes you shocked/annoyed/straight up cringing, for the most part.

I see no art there, it's edgelordery for edgelordery's sake. And i'm graciously leaving her 4chan fake snuff out of equation - it's just a weird mix of fetishistic narc fuel imposing their pervert hobbies onto others for shock value (perhaps because she's too ugly to capture people's attention in any normal way, lol). blatant attention grab.

No. 1852787

I think what she considers “art” is that her current photos of “dead bodies” and “crime scenes” are staged and she made fake photos of dead bodies. Not disagreeing, your 100% correct on your take in regard to her, but luckily she’s only taken fakes so far. She’s trying to gain access to real bodies now. Saged

No. 1852789

Thank you anon I thought the same… she had pretty damn short hair years ago and it just doesn’t grow in thick/fast that way

No. 1852798

Kek nona you didn’t actually think that was her real hair did you? It’s obviously extensions.

Maggie of course is probably extremely aroused by wearing a dead Indian prostitutes scalp hot-glued to her greasy pink head and is rubbing her big smelly beefy cow cunt to the very thought right now.

No. 1852800

Tbh why isn’t this dumbass working on becoming a professional sfx artist for horror movies instead of making this trash? Oh yeah, because mom & dad help find art + have the connections. She has no movie or film connections kek. She’s such a waste of a human being

No. 1852803

File: 1687696387797.jpeg (108.46 KB, 1125x2075, IMG_8416.jpeg)

So she posted this in her story. She’s lurking, and also, it would appear it’s faked? How is this art? I ask again…

No. 1852804

File: 1687696453456.jpeg (Spoiler Image,150.29 KB, 1125x1954, IMG_8417.jpeg)

More from her story today

No. 1852805

File: 1687696614010.jpeg (Spoiler Image,290.49 KB, 1125x1880, IMG_8418.jpeg)

Just for the keks

No. 1852812

Nah. Doubt Maggie would want to drag herself on lolcow - and besides I’m the OP and just recently started paying attention to her bc of the Nicole’s calves thread lol. No vendetta and no self promotions. Just good ol laughs at a very milky cow

No. 1852820

I thought she had access to a couple of real cases occasionally? Like pics from autopsy or whatever. Anyways, even speaking of staged ones, she makes these "bodies" look oddly realistic in a fetishistic way. Like all these bruises, cuts of a violence/murder victim etc. Can't explain, it's almost like she gets off on that. Add onto that all the "sex torture snuff" vids she makes with her boyfriend and you see where it goes.
Anyways, speaking of those clips. How was it implied that there was rape involved? Did she try to act out the rape on camera or was it implied somehow visually (like bruises or thighs or whatever)?

No. 1852827

Implied visually, go on the website and take a peek. Though I almost want to say don’t. She might make some profit off of the traffic

No. 1852831

File: 1687699289287.jpeg (Spoiler Image,190.98 KB, 1125x1712, IMG_8419.jpeg)

& it’s faked. Didn’t realize she doesn’t even do the special effects though literally just takes a picture. Spoilered for nudity and edginess

No. 1852844

Also as someone who actually works with the deceased and has done over 500 dead body removals (no joke, 7 years in the industry working mostly body removals and with the MEO)… I’ve picked up lots and lots of decomp cases. This doesn’t look accurate at all but… alright Maggie kek

No. 1852847

In case you’re lurking Maggie, MEO stands for medical examiners office because I know you’re fucking retarded. Yeah, the exact type of place you’re trying to gain access to for your “art”. We’d never let you near our deceased.

No. 1852854

nonas should only ever be visiting archived versions of cow sites (ARCHIVE EVERYTHING) to avoid giving cows money. https://archive.is/ZKS7i

No. 1852861

So, correct me anons if i'm not getting it right (i haven't lurked her site or IG much yet cause i have no time). So turns out she's NEVER in fact photographed real dead bodies (from autopsies, morgues, crime scenes), she just orders MUA/SFX artist and instructs her models to play dead, THEN she goes onto instagram/4chan/r9k and tries to pass it as ~le epic legit dead people footage!~, and also presents same "content" in galleries thanks to daddy's money?

If it's ALL faked, then i feel somewhat relieved. she's still a huge cow nonetheless, cause it's still modelling after/fetishizing murder, rape and actual dead victims. That being said, i'm sure she is actively trying to gain access to real victim's bodies, autopsy entries etc so who knows maybe she will succeed. Stupid, talentless bitch.

No. 1852866

Correct and correct. And she is actively trying to gain access to real morgues to photograph actually deceased people. If she succeeds, fucking horrifying and sad for the families. I’d love to see her getting sued for abuse of a corpse by a grieving family. iirc at least where I work, you can be criminally charged with that if you ever photograph one of the bodies. In fact we aren’t even allowed to have our phones in certain areas. For the sake of fully respecting the deceased - in her case she has absolutely no respect. Almost want to see her gain access and then get sued just for the milk

No. 1852871

File: 1687703436748.jpeg (101.21 KB, 1125x931, IMG_8421.jpeg)

No. 1852998

>Nobody ever wanted to rape or kidnap them because they were always so obnoxious and repulsive
This is an extremely weird thing to say, and on the contrary young girls without healthy socialization are more likely to be targets for csa

No. 1853014

I don't know if this is another publicity stunt like getting expelled from art school for breaking the law. I looked up her website and barf. I believe she was failing her classes and wanted a dramatic exit. She wouldn't have actually 3D printed the AR-15s, right? She knows that would have gotten her arrested.

She is not the only edgelord shock value artist. As a matter of fact, that shit has been done so many times there is nothing special about it. Those artist are talented enough to make ot look real, have better quality cameras, and know how to light up a set. Makeup artist work hard to master the SFX skills.

The only photos with real dead bodies that got featured at art galleries are from wars, and the photos were originally taken by reporters.

Maybe her goal is to get arrested when she is trying to enter a morgue holding a camera in her hand.

No. 1853113

This isn’t milky at all, there are literally hundreds of girls in nyc who make art like this.

No. 1853116

>The only photos with real dead bodies that got featured at art galleries are from wars, and the photos were originally taken by reporters.

There are multiple famous 60’s and 70’s artists who have done things with real dead bodies and gone as far as fucking real corpses in a gallery, this type of edgelord performance art is not new and getting righteous about it gives these people the attention they want.

No. 1853137

How is it not milky that this retard pays to have models painted up like corpses and then tries to peddle her true crime hoax art? Just because something is relatively common for nepo babies doesn't stop it from being disgusting or ridiculous. Big fan of hers or something?

No. 1853143

No, very bored of this type of thing. Beating a Dead horse

No. 1853178

File: 1687739601024.jpeg (Spoiler Image,49.89 KB, 558x1080, aesf.jpeg)


NTA but she is 100% right. This girl isn't milky. She doesn't grift, she doesn't lie, she doesn't stream her cringey views or podcast, she doesn't engage in online drama with the exception of that one post on her press pass, she doesn't produce milk, I don't like her art either but it's also not even that new or shocking. The whole thread so far has just been anons going through her archives talking about how they hate her art and bitching about her rich parents; I give it a few weeks before the thread necros. The whole things stinks of vendettaposting tbh.


Joel Peter Witkin built his whole career on dead bodies, and he didn't get permission to photograph them he just bought them from mexican morgues and brought them to his house. A russian photography group photoshopped designer clothing on unclaimed corpses just decade ago. Are farmers going to make threads for that too? The milkiest thing so far in the thread is moralfagging by anons in the funeral industry pretending the whole industry isn't rife with grotesque abuse and exploitation of dead bodies

No. 1853207

Classic edgelord who is extremely sensitive to any criticism of their ~controversial~ art. You can't have it both ways…

No. 1853253

Hey Maggie!(hi cow)

No. 1853267

File: 1687749645601.jpeg (74.45 KB, 1125x469, IMG_8407.jpeg)

Narcissist Maggie would claim those art hoes are just mimicking her kek. She is absolutely milky

No. 1853293

What’s up with the Maggie army coming in to protect her today? Also as stated, hi there I’m OP. No vendetta here. Don’t know her personally or from online apart from finding her behavior and “art” milky as all fuck kek

No. 1853343

She doesn’t have an army she’s a terminally online smelly piss stained loser cow

Kek she really is a raging narc.

No. 1853348

She’s an edgy clusterbee narc who craves any kind of attention negative or positive, and can’t take the slightest criticism without chimping out

Lol since when is anyone copying this bitch. Real delulu hours. Everyone in that shitty tumblrina gore scene copied each other to death.
Besides her outfits are plain and ugly, her hair and makeup sucks, her art is the most derivative pile of edgy dogshit I’ve ever seen. There are a million other e-girls who look and do it better than her.

She’s just mad that other women can at least look attractive when they go for the possessed creepy dolly look whereas she just looks like a dumpy potato faced downie.

No. 1853350

Because that would too normie of a career for Ms Dumpie Beeflaps and wouldnt get her enough internet clout points. Besides she’s not any good at it.

No. 1853388

You can hide the thread. There is no need to announce you don't find a cow milky.

No. 1853421

Maggie mentions this lilybloom_ woman a lot, and their profiles are eerily similar. I guess the only difference is it looks like this woman is somewhat of an actual artist (still cringe posting) -


It would appear Maggie is almost trying to copy her? Or at least receives a lot of help from her when it comes to photoshop and photoshoots. Speculation saged.

No. 1853451

File: 1687779370020.webm (1.98 MB, 720x1280, Untitled.webm)

TikTok with caption "am i gonna get banned for this". Try hard Maggie could just delete her TikTok.

No. 1856888

File: 1688275290903.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1110x2024, IMG_8580.jpeg)

Her tumblr account was @maggiedunlap, still is, just your stereotypical sadbbydoll posts like this

No. 1857194

File: 1688334404506.png (1.29 MB, 1118x975, 20230703_003728.png)

Maggie is selling stuff on insta including boyfriend's guitar. Why would people be scared of that?

No. 1857930

I'm making a rare post here because I'm a co-director of a young but fairly well known contemporary gallery in nyc. I have never heard of this person but judging from this post, she's a moron, cringe as fuck, and imo her art is horrendous and unconscionable.

That said, there are a thousand talentless weird looking nepo babies just like her in the art world, and therein corpse abuse is nothing new. My prediction is that she will disappear in a few years as these people usually do either from boredom, being cancelled, or irrelevance.

No. 1858889


>I work parttime at some shithole in Chinatown where the landlord owns the illegal massage parlor on the floor above while my parents pay my rent


I swear to god this is the first thread I have seen where the farmers are the real milk, not the cow.

No. 1860234

Maggie that you? Kek

No. 1869868

File: 1690147999841.jpeg (129.13 KB, 1080x1920, download.jpeg)

So is this quirky girl finally going to abuse the corpses or just posting her thighs with edgy caption?

No. 1870681

Ok why tf did I get like shadow banned or somehow excluded from seeing posts on this cow? Wtf did I do wrong?

No. 1870684

Her fucking mug, she’s such a wannabe edgelord piece of shit. If you love coroners so much maybe you should have gone to school
and entered the field. Like some people (me) actually do without looking for edgy points. Kys

No. 1870685

File: 1690308323211.jpeg (957.69 KB, 1125x1419, IMG_8711.jpeg)

Yeah they would totally consider your haggard ass 30yo self to play a teenager kek

No. 1870687

I’m hoping (if it wasn’t an attention grabbing stunt) they reconsidered letting her in. Possibly saw her online accounts or this thread.

No. 1870754

File: 1690319584741.png (1.19 MB, 1981x970, 20230726_001001.png)

She is not an actor. So this was make believe. No wonder she is not mentioned in the Midsommar (2019) credits. Midsommar was not filmed in Helsinki. The director's name is not Astor.

No. 1870974

She’s just a glorified edgelord online troll who probably has no life or anything going for her outside of IG and ignorant art projects

No. 1872426

Are you ok?

No. 1881489

File: 1692039508495.jpeg (151.2 KB, 1080x770, download (4).jpeg)

Mags wrote a short story "Better than Graigslist" for some shit magazine. They posted a two page sample of it. This is pornsick scrote tier smut.

No. 1881491

File: 1692039599818.jpeg (172.57 KB, 1080x769, c3RwPWRzdC1qcGdfZTM1X3MxMDgweD…)

That's deep.

No. 1888804

File: 1693075984231.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1125x1672, IMG_8955.jpeg)

anyone know why she’s wearing a shirt that says child slavery? Kek

No. 1888821

bc she's an aging 30+ yo edgelord getting off on wearing "controversial" phrases on her shirts in order to spark "controversy" in her instagram section. That's what she considers ""art"" i guess. So creepy, much edge. Nicole could never! Pathetic.

No. 1888838

Kek no way that's real

No. 1888920

She's so boring lmao. Imagine being 30 and needing validation from being a piece of shit to be happy because your ~art~ literally fucking sucks and no one cares.

No. 1888922

I guess if you’re a narc who needs attention but is ugly and talentless, shock value is your only avenue(learn to sage)

No. 1888930

Late but take your meds you jowly bloated bitch lol.

No. 1888931

This, she’s just a female Chud. She also lurks so we should just stop giving her pathetic fugly ass any attention.

No. 1888968

Who cares if she lurks? Most lolcows do. I doubt she’s getting off on the discourse about her on here. She’s used to having her ass patted for her abhorrent online persona, not being anonymously laughed at. I say keep the thread active(delete and repost when you forget to sage)

No. 1888970

Forgot to sage sorry

No. 1888984

She directly lifts this entire concept from Michael Giras The Consumer and then >>1881491 trying to channel Jenny Holzer. This bitch is literally trapped in 2013 someone save her.

No. 1889063

kek i'm waiting for her to post a shining plaquete with "BANNED FROM LOLCOW"

No. 1889070

Please remember to sage I dont want to see her ugly soulless mug on the front page. Would honestly rather see Shay.

No. 1889542

So are there any pictures of beat up naked violated dudes in her art shows? Or is just more coomer shit for moids to gawk at.

No. 1889543

Im actually so tired of shay. I think we need something fresh.

No. 1889956

Sooo…any milk besides her coming from a wealthy, well connected family and shitty 2014 era photography?

No. 1900246

File: 1695039348606.jpg (Spoiler Image,145.83 KB, 1250x594, EGcSqC7X0AEIV9b.jpg)

Not going to necro since it's not exactly milk, but could this photo be plagiarized on picrel ? The pose and the way the hair is positioned are near identical. It's a painting by Fuyuko Matsui.

No. 1910368

Late to this but probably. There’s not an original bone in Maggie’s body. Every piece of “art” she releases is basically a rendition or copy of a tumblr reblog from the 2010s

No. 1911245

She started as Nicole Dollanganger's calf, so the expectations for her are not that high to begin with.
She can use her connections to get her mediocre unoriginal art featured in galleries. It's not like she has to even try to better her art.

If she took pictures of beaten up scrotes, that would be kinda rad. She could even support Amber Heard to get that shock value. But she could never because that's how you lose your moids. Most cows are pickmes and this one is no different.

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