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File: 1525468066896.jpg (53.2 KB, 580x347, tilatequila.jpg)

No. 573849

- "Queen of Myspace", whose fame peaked somewhere around 2007.
- Posts erratically on Instagram and claims to be a prophet of God.
- Says that she is God's bride and will do better things than Jesus
- Condemns homosexuality as perverted, despite having a trashy bisexual MTV show "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila" and being engaged to Casey Johnson.
- Thinks the Earth is flat, threatens to drive to NASA to demand answers.
- Claims to have died in 2012 and says that she was replaced with a clone.
- Sells shitty, overpriced "art" on her website.
- Claims to be behind all the natural disasters in the world, and says that God has struck people dead who insult her.

Website: www.tornadothien.com
Youtube: youtube.com/tornadothien
Instagram: instagram.com/tornadothien

No. 573851

this bitch really named tornado top kek

No. 573855

She's mentally ill.

No. 573857


Yeah, I do sort of feel bad for her, but she's so hateful and mean and always has been.

No. 573863

you forgot her whole nazi shit i agree with anon she mentally ill and someone needs to take her kids
i feel bad for her.

No. 573890


Her first kid's dad isn't going to. She started dating him because she thought he was rich and famous, and bounced when she found out he was broke.

No. 574281

On top of being mentally ill, iirc she had a brain aneurysm back in 2012 and right after that is when all of her really batshit beliefs started coming out…. I definitely think that has something to also do with her behavior.

No. 574284

File: 1525516950475.jpg (61.52 KB, 615x646, tilanazi.jpg)

She was a mess well before that but yeah, I'm inclined to believe she has a TBI from the overdose/aneurysm. Even she says that's the cause.

No. 574301

File: 1525520028232.gif (1.33 MB, 320x180, tumblr_inline_o7kaiu6MZj1r403x…)

Tornado Thien? I know this bitch is cray but what is this name lmao and omg she is pregnant again??? The last time I checked on her she claimed she was brainwashed by the MK Ultra or whatever the name was.
Does she still live with her mum?

She should have shut her mouth and just continue with this entire porn shit that made her famous.

What the hell

No. 574330

File: 1525526146038.png (442.27 KB, 575x571, Screenshot_2018-05-05-09-16-41…)

Tila's real name is Thien Thanh Thi Nyugen, she's vietnamese. I remember her show a shot at love. She's doing whatever she can to stay relevant, I thought she adopted her girlfriend's kid what happened to that?

No. 574336

File: 1525527004001.png (370.36 KB, 432x640, phd61q6hkc2qbwe.png)

It was hilarious when Tila attacked Nikita Dragun for being trans. If anything I thought Tila would be raving Nikita since they are similar in terms of appearance, both southeast asian, both changed their names to some ridiculous white trash shit and both are sluts. Nikita said he won't clap back at Tila cuz she's irrelevant, atleast he didn't feed the troll.

No. 574338

File: 1525527167265.jpg (81.23 KB, 634x817, 8d481214f1215a8d9297224954de6d…)

Some of her Hitler tweets

No. 574339

File: 1525527197238.png (260.16 KB, 413x576, ga2imxa.png)

She blamed the jews for what happened

No. 574342

Has anyone else seen her ridiculous YouTube rants about the Illuminati? She talks about revealing information the whole time and actually says nothing lol. It’s literally her talking in paranoid, delusional, circles. It’s so weird to watch.

No. 574346

File: 1525528046961.jpg (209.57 KB, 750x888, img_8037-1.jpg)

Tila thinks makeup is sorcery and she really hates trans MTF

What happened to her? Drugs? Or did she legit lose her mind?

No. 574350

The child went with Casey's parents.

No. 574356


No. 574381

File: 1525533349062.png (403.45 KB, 1242x1645, E5FDA260-4582-4099-BDF6-A99EF6…)

Is she still pregnant? This was from early March.

No. 574382

File: 1525533387115.png (1.46 MB, 1242x1721, 996BCB53-1CF4-42EB-9D2A-114C04…)

No. 574416

Why would anyone want to breed with crazy? She has a white fetish too.

No. 574427

oh god, now she's going 'quiverfull'? no wonder she is pregnant again.
(that's the crazy-ass brand of Christianity the Duggars follow)

No. 574435

I hope someone(of authority) takes that child away from this psychopath. Poor baby isn’t even born and is already doomed.

I wanted to think this was all elaborate trolling, But I’m pretty sure she is just mentally ill.

She seems a bit old for a sudden jump in insanity. Severe drug abuse? Not sure if she deserves a thread. Sure she’s sorta milky because she’s insane…but she seems legitimately unhinged. And I feel weird about making fun of someone who has no control over her own brain. It’s just sad at this point.

No. 574532


In 2012 she said that she suffered a brain aneurism after a suicidal drug overdose.

No. 574570

I don’t even want to participate in this because it’s obvious she’s schizophrenic… come on guys is it milk when they have a condition that literally warps their brain and it’s clear that they’re sick?

No. 574680

What triggered her to od in 2012?

No. 574715

Her fiancée passed away of diabetic ketoacidosis

No. 574724

brain aneurysms can change you into a completely different person

she got unlucky

No. 574725

i don’t think she’s schizo but i agree that it feels wrong to talk about her here. she’s pretty harmless and clearly very, very mentally ill and in need of a lot of help. all the milk is 5+ years old now.

No. 593664


No, that was never the plan. Casey Johnson's kid Ava-Monroe was in custody of Casey's mother when Casey died. Tila was just shooting her mouth off as per usual.

They weren't even really engaged, and knew each other for like a month. The "engagement ring" that she was wearing in those photos was 100% fake.

She also claimed that Nicky Hilton was going to put down Casey's dogs to bury them with her… said that she refused to give them the dogs/Casey's stuff, forgetting that she was seen by the paps literally carrying out shit to Nicky's car.

She's always been full of shit

No. 593707

File: 1527270281421.png (651.36 KB, 800x1175, Screenshot_2018-05-25-10-39-19…)

She is still pregnant with baby #2 while homeschooling and not vaccinating #1 because vaccines are Satanic ritual abuse.


No. 597697

jfc men really don't have any standards if they're willing to stick it in someone so blatantly crazy

No. 597841

Probably just butthurt deep down that Nikita is more beautiful than she ever was, despite of course being mostly silicone, she still looks way better than Tila in her Heyday.

No. 612309

She got pregnant by a guy she met off Craiglist. She was having her daughter call him daddy.Pretty sure he's gone now but idk. I've tried reporting her for child abuse but nothing happens.(read the rules & usage info)

No. 612337

She never adopted any child, she was only babbling about it at that time (after Casey Johnson died). She also faked a pregnancy, claimed rapper The Game was the father. And there was a lot more drama at the time… She's a lying narcissist desperate for attention.

Unfortunately, much later she had her current child Izzy and now she's supposedly pregnant again (there were some theories that she's faking this pregnancy too using a moon bump/photoshopping herself). But I'm afraid that isn't true. Poor kids.

No. 612346

I don't think she met him on Craigslist, I think he was a "customer"/fan of hers (she used to do paid webcam shows, etc.). The guy, Drake, seemed kind of mentally slow in videos (she's now mostly deleted them), so she probably hoped she would be able to prey on him and use him. She even got married to him, because she's this "godly woman" now and she of course has to prove it to her followers (yes, she still has some psychos following her even after all her insanity). The guy's mom was fighting with her, because to her it was obvious Tila was just using him. I wonder what is going with him and his family now.

Her relationships never last, being with her must be a hell on Earth, she's mentally and physically abusive, etc. - this relationship lasted for about four months and that's a record for her (she usually stays with people for days/weeks at max). I think she married and moved in with him in November and at the end of February, she was back in her parents' guest bedroom in Texas, where she is to this day.

Btw. I wouldn't claim this guy is even the father of her latest child, as she was hanging out with Izzy's dad before moving in with Drake and supposedly they were "trying for a baby". And the timeline of her pregnancy suggests she got pregnant in September. Wouldn't be surprised if she tried to trick Drake and wanted him to help raising someone else's baby.

No. 613173

Btw. this is a video she made shortly after her "aneurysm" (I think her PR manager described it as aneurysm so she wouldn't have to admit that it was a suicide attempt). What most probably happened is that she overdosed on drugs and then attempted suicide.
You can see that she's relatively normal on the video (well, it's obvious even there that she has issues, but she's still relatively normal compared to the present).

Now compare it to any of her recent rant videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/MissTilaTequila/videos

It's obvious to me that she has untreated mental illness. She mentioned bipolar in the past, but it looks more like schizophrenia at this point. But again, she is the one who knows that she has problems (she even bragged about them in the past, because they make her a special snowflake and she loves attention so much), yet refuses to get help and thus potentially endangers her children, people around her, and herself. So it's her decision in the end. And her family is probably afraid of her or doesn't care, otherwise they would push her towards getting treatment. I think it isn't going to end well.

No. 616444

File: 1529551717830.jpg (27.68 KB, 408x612, 97985578.jpg)

So I know I will probably get alot of backlash for this but may I please state how I feel about Miss Tila. So I have been a fan of Tila since November 2006. I really really enjoy her music, love it to death. The odd thing is I can't stop listening to her, it has nothing to do with if she's pretty or not it's just the sheer fact that I am so interested in what she is saying or doing now that I truly am addicted to what she does in life. I love watching her really just be herself. Look here is a better way of putting it, she has influenced my whole entire life from 2006 to now. I own her book, ordered her Sex EP off amazon in 2011, have both seasons of her show. I live for her sound check live intro performances, I have even gotten "Tila Tequila" in bright green ink tatted on my left ankle. It's crazy to think about but I have wayne's dedication 5 cover on my left forearm, lil wayne's head on a rocket ship, young money logo from 2009, tunechi and weezy tatted on my wrist. But yet I have just thought about covering them all up with Tila tats. Why, I really don't know, am I like her, I have no idea. Sure she can be rude at times but I just always try to overlook all that and think, well maybe she's having a bad day. I mean to in some sort of spotlight has to work on some very stressed nerves. Please ladies and gentlemen can we give her a chance?? She is still human. I have based alot of my life on her, if I don't have tila music or tila life in my life then fuck I would be scared to see what would happen to me. Let's have real, and normal convos about this topic please….email me anytime at rgmeezy@gmail.com. if your going to be super mean to me I just ask you do it in a professional manner. I hope everybody has a very blessed evening and great thoughts when you wake up tomorrow :) Night everybody :)

No. 616453


Cool story. You should tell it to Kiwifarms, too.

No. 616629

If you've really been watching her career closely for years, you must have noticed that she's not just "having a bad day". There's an obvious attention-seeking pattern there. And in her recent videos, her untreated mental illness is extremely obvious. Stop being so blinded. Really sad to hear that someone is basing their life on this person. Please find a better role model.

No. 616761

You are correct about her seeking attention, I can't deny that. In her book she even openly states that. I mean I'm not saying she rules the world or anything like that. It really dates back to Myspace days and in 2007 she actually left a very short comment about saying "thank you love so much. Let's keep kickin ass baby!!!!" and I don't know ever since then I just appreciated such a small gesture but to my a big gesture. Nobody else as far as television actors or music artist commented me back. Anyways I'm not saying I agree with her beliefs or views I just love her music so much. I have never felt so happy, when I listen to her I hear raw talent. She really can sing. I'm 31, work 12 hour shifts mon-thurs, own my own home, I don't have any children or anything so I do have alot of free time on the weekends and I have watched every single video she has "preached" in and again I won't deny that at times she does come off as a tad bit rattled. I am just a legit fan. Mainly her music, but she is entertaining to watch, we all have to atleast admit that :) I know I need a new idol, and I won't ever stop loving Tila or Weezy but as time grows I probably won't feel the same I did almost 12 years ago, to this current moment. But never the less I am a fan still lol. Thank you for the feedback :) and to the first person, I don't want it to seem like I'm jumping page to page telling my tila story lol. But thank you so much for the comment. I just stumbled upon this website looking to see if anything within the past month had been reported about her. Have a great day everybody :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 616787


how sad. a body that's a shrine dedicated to a bunch of washed up, empty, talent-less vessels. a TAD bit rattled? she's a literal nazi. an asian nazi, at that. who would've EVER thought.. that's not a tad rattled that's completely ass backwards and inside out. enough blogposting this isnt a fanpage the woman is hateful, extremely delusional/ill, and shouldn't be looked up to. if someone like tornado thrall influences your personal life that much and is allocated that much attention at 31 then i feel really bad for the dull life you been leading.

i don't feel bad talking about tila, she's definitely interesting - but not a role model tf. more like a case study. or a car crash you just can't look away from.

No. 617034

Oh no, you have been put out to pasture. Better take this over to Kiwifarms so we can talk to you about it more, honey.

No. 617322

I passed this thread several times and didn't recognize her until I read the name. I used to use myspace whoretrains and was her friend on myspace before she got famous. never talked to her or anything though, but i remember she had a mohawk haircut and would say controversial shit for attention. imo if you just look at her life, she has always been extremely desperate for attention, wanted to be the absolute center of topic and wasn't afraid to make herself look really bad to get it.

No. 617885

Yeah, it's really "entertaining" watching someone so mentally unstable have and raise kids. That's what disturbs me about her the most right now. I wouldn't mind so much if she was just destroying her own life and career (that would be nothing new with her, anyway), but you have to look at it differently when there are children involved in this mess.

No. 621187

the best is that she drove from Texas to California, married some poor slob named Drake Looschen, got knocked up, and then left him to mooch off her parents again

No. 621190

(she felt she could use some weird technicality/loophole so she wouldn't have to have a kid out of wedlock)

No. 621649

ahahahaha she's clearly reading this as she just went off on some spiel about how not being married is really important to being a prophet and she's one of god's virgins even though she's currently pregnant and has a couple porns.

i think what i find most disturbing about this new personality is she's trying to pass it off like she's always been some puritan, and maybe that's part of being born again, but it's like, dude we have 15+ years of receipts of you acting nothing like the woman of god you say you are now…maybe she's buying into it but considering like 90% of her attacks or prophecies are about the kardashians i'm guessing she's just bitter af

No. 621783

As mentioned here >>>/snow/612346
I don't think this latest kid is even Drake's. I think her ex Thomas Whitaker (who she now hates so much and made multiple videos about) is the actual dad. She just wanted to mooch off of Drake.

No. 621785

Yeah, it's pretty obvious that her whole "religion" is based on her envy towards people who are celebrities or more popular than her. She's constantly ranting about the Kardashians and has been for years, only now it's in this supposed religious context… She's been banned from Hollywood and is butthurt about it to this day.

No. 622321


oh for sure. she's probably thrilled people are reading her even if they're trashing her because at least it's attention. it is just amazing/sad how hateful she is toward everyone now, including whoever had the misfortune of knocking her up

No. 622701

Agreed. At least in the past, she sometimes said nice/optimistic stuff (even if she might not have actually meant it). Now it's just hate, hate, hate 24/7. I really feel sorry for her children and family - it must be terrible to be around someone who's either constantly raging or saying delusional stuff IRL or ignoring you because she has to urgently post these 20 rants on Instagram.

No. 625975

now she's hating on people who use surrogates/gay parents because the kids won't have a mom and it's like, bitch your kids don't have dads so you really shouldn't be trying to take the high road when it comes to kids requiring two parents.

No. 626262

She's being a huge hypocrite constantly. Not a surprise. Most of the time she's ranting about something she's either still doing herself (and not realizing it) or was doing in the past.
For Christ's sake, she was still selling her body for cash just last year (she goes on fuck trips with clients and there's even a video of her leaving and coming back on her Youtube). And that was when she was already "religious" (putting this into quotes on purpose, as she's fake AF). Yet we're supposed to see her as this Virgin Mary now? LOL.

No. 626501

it's just so fucking weird. like she acts like she's always been holier than thou but it's like, lady we know you were an escort and we know you did porn and we know your tits are fake and you're covered in tattoos which is kinda an issue in leviticus so just own your past if you have to go on and preach…though even then it just reads like she's trying to get more traction with this than her whole nazi shit from a couple years ago

No. 627430

she reminds me of that movie heavenly creatures, where those 2 girls decide to just make up their own religion and spiritual world and start believing it. i don't think shes schizo shes just a narcissist who wants to believe shes godlike.

No. 628709

She's definitely a narcissist, agreed. But additional mental health decline can also be observed - just watch one of her old videos from when she was still "famous" and compare it with her current content. She's been going more and more off the rails in recent years.

No. 630321

i love how apparently everyone in hollywood is trans and infertile. judging by her IG page she's the only woman in the history of forever to give birth to a child.

No. 630406

Didn’t she do porn

No. 630865

One "Lesbian Sex Tape" video (Tila Tequila Uncorked) and another fake "sex tape" video, this time with a man (Tila Tequila Backdoored and Squirting) that includes anal scenes.
Her porn can still be watched for free on Pornhub.

No. 633092

File: 1531238327696.jpeg (179.33 KB, 1184x1426, DhmVSw4U8AEOmUT.jpg-large.jpeg)

Nobody is a true Christian unless they practice supersonic warfare prayers and want to kill everyone. She truly sounds like a brain-damaged 12-year-old who watches too much anime.

No. 633158

File: 1531242864578.jpg (120.57 KB, 680x497, N5Z1rXl.jpg)

>it's 2018
>namefagging and blogposting on lolcow dot farm on a post about washed up nobody tila tequila
>using emoticons
>it's 2018 everyone

No. 634285

File: 1531396701824.png (704.68 KB, 1157x414, Tila_Tequila_pedophile.png)

Tila the Hypocrite, episode 666:
Tila loves to rant about pedophiles or about men who have sex with young girls, doesn't she?

It's funny that this is coming from someone who slept with a 17-year-old boy a few years ago, when she herself was over 30 at the time.
A "nice" bonus was that after she broke up with him, she told him to kill himself and also threatened to post "dirty pics" she had of him.
She's absolutely vile.

No. 640422

lately she's just been raging on the kardiashians nonstop, and i mean, i get that raging on the kardashians is fun, but i really have a hard time believing a prophet of jesus who claims to have a direct line with god is talking about which reality tv star has the most botox

No. 668856

File: 1534780343687.png (290.31 KB, 507x508, poorkid.png)

Poor child.

No. 668857

File: 1534780360915.png (248.83 KB, 448x623, poorkid2.png)

No. 668859

Additionally, it seems like she got actually evicted from that last apartment she shared with Drake (that's why she had to return back to Texas to her parents' guest bedroom). And her name is listed as "Nguyen" here, so it looks like she also lied about being married to him (surprise, surprise):

No. 668876

File: 1534781857240.png (447.74 KB, 919x495, drake.png)

And she already hates the supposed father of her second child and wishes death on him (this is how basically each of her "relationships" ends). What a trainwreck.

No. 668877

Heartbreaking. How long will it take for Izzy to have to become a "full time mom" to her sister, because her own mother is too busy ranting on Instagram?

No. 668956

I'm surprised she hasn't had the police called on her. "He will die in a car accident" is specific enough that he could claim he feels his life in in danger.

No. 670003

meanwhile good christian tila apparently spent last night raging about the mtv video awards…as opposed to paying attention to her poor kids

No. 677488

File: 1535758675401.png (512.06 KB, 510x629, hypocrite_bitch.png)

Hmm, hmm. Seems like she forgot that according to her, it's a sin to wear make-up. I wonder if there's one single thing she's not being hypocritical or straight up lying about.

She looks absolutely terrible. Bloated, unhealthy, and like she aged 10 years during her pregnancy.

Also someone supposedly hacked her Instagram, lol. I guess some vigilante got fed up with all her crazy bullshit and took matters into their own hands, because Instagram refuses to do anything, as always.

No. 677491

Also she's back on Youtube, still completely delusional, ranting about gay people and how she's predicting everything that happens around the world. Yikes.

No. 677638

Holy fuck she literally admits to forgetting her two week old daughters name (3:53). She is off her rocker

No. 696514

I was wondering why she had suddenly stopped ranting on Youtube and it looks like the father of her older child (Izzy) is now finally suing for custody. Took him 4 years though and he doesn't seem to mention her mental state, only that she has a "history of neglect".


"Tila Tequila is in jeopardy of losing custody of her 4-year-old daughter after her baby daddy asked a judge for full custody and to cut off unsupervised access to the child from the ex-reality star.

Tila’s ex, Thomas Whitaker, has filed legal documents requesting full custody of Isabella Monroe and argued, “it is in the best interest of the child” that the father is appointed sole managing conservator and able to decide where his daughter lives."

We’re told that Whitaker, who lives in Georgia, does not have a formal custody agreement in place with Tila, who lives in Texas. Whitaker claims his baby mama used to be very accommodating with letting him see Isabella, but says that she has now barred him from visiting, which prompted him to file official documents.

Whitaker also claims, in legal documents, that the former reality star has “engaged in a history or pattern of child neglect,” however he doesn’t want her parental rights stripped away and is requesting that Tila be allowed supervised visits with the child."

No. 755474

File: 1546040180008.gif (15.65 MB, 935x443, zomg.gif)

No. 755493

Her poor parents. I haven't fully caught up with all her videos, as there's A LOT of them and her hateful rants are sometimes really hard/tedious to watch, but it seems there's a lot of in-fighting and conflicts taking place in their household. She sometimes makes it sound like she's straight up abusing her elderly parents (she claims they're "possessed by demons" and she's exorcising them or something; crazy). This bitch should be grateful that they're providing a roof over her head and probably also buying all the food and necessities for her and her kids. Living with her must be quite unbearable for them. I guess no one in her family knows what to do with her.
I hope this doesn't end up with her "exorcising" someone to death.

No. 755584

>She sometimes makes it sound like she's straight up abusing her elderly parents

Elder abuse" is a real thing that happens.

> "exorcising" someone to death.

Uh. I wouldn't put it past her. She's nuttier than a fruitcake.

No. 755698


This bitch is so fucking crazy. She's definitely an unmedicated schizophrenic. Going unmedicated is the absolute worst thing you can do for this illness.

Video above is 4 solid minutes of her laughing in a hysterical manner and screaming the words "holy ghost fire" at her 4 year old daughter, over and over.(Embed this)

No. 755724

I feel bad for her. I think she is really mentally ill.

She looks so different without makeup on

No. 755727

she was mentally ill before she got brain damaged, it's a killer combination

No. 755746

She didn't get brain-damaged (in the sense of aneurysm) as far as I know, she "just" overdosed on drugs. But yeah, her mental illness being unmedicated is certainly making it progress further and further.

No. 755758

The bitch is definitely reading here, as she's now removing videos that have been linked here from her channel. I'm not sure why she's removed this one where she's relatively normally speaking about her "aneurysm" (aka overdose), while she's still keeping some of her other old content (that doesn't exactly make her look like a saint) on her channel. There's no logic to be seen here.

No. 755760

Yeah, I know that the elder abuse happens. It's scary that she has two other siblings and no one is stepping in, instead they're letting their own parents get mistreated. And Tila's kids are growing up in this environment and already picking up disturbing habits, sigh (she has videos on her Youtube with her little 3-year-old girl "fighting demons" and "speaking in tongues" - very troubling). I won't link them here, as it's forbidden to link any content involving children.

Supposedly her sister slapped her, but that's not exactly a constructive solution, is it. Also, it only makes Tila feel like a martyr.

That whole family sounds very dysfunctional.

No. 755855

>I won't link them here, as it's forbidden to link any content involving children.

Funny you mention this bc a farmhand just redtexted someone for failing to embed a video featuring one of her children… hmmmmmm


No. 758283

can we talk about the fact it seems like her parents gave her $20k to leave them alone?

No. 758288

Where did you see this?

No. 759317

i could be wrong because i can't finish a lot of her videos but from what i've pieced together it sounds like they're giving her her inheritance early to get her out of the house because she harasses them and her sister.

No. 825045

Where is she living right now?

I sincerely think someone needs to report this video to Child Protective Services (CPS), in this video she's shaking and tossing her baby around. If the child is left with Tila, I have no doubt the kid will wind up screwed up, either because of abuse and neglect or because of actual brain damage caused by the batshit mother.(read the rules)

No. 825058

Are you retarded? That's not going to give her kid brain damage.
If anything, CPS might need to be involved because she has a loose grip on reality.
The girl needs meds.

No. 825576

I agree the issue is her mental health. I'm not saying the actual actions on the video are going to cause brain damage, but if she's throwing her kid around like that on a video, without any regard for the child, then I wonder how bad it is off camera. Though her older kid seems okay. Don't call people names, Retard

No. 934898

Apparently, Tila is going around accusing Thomas of having a warrant (he doesnt).

Some updates from the comments of this video:

- Pointed a fake gun at her kids and shot it

- Said she was on cocaine

- Left her kids unattended in the car with the windows rolled down

- She commented under this video denying saying that she said Thomas had a warrant, on mobile so I need to figure out how to post it

- Some commenters are saying that her oldest daughter is already taking care of her youngest

- She admits that her youngest is her favourite

- She made a recent video cackling about getting a tax return

- She's claiming that all her rent and bills are now "free", aka, she is on welfare. Says that Jesus pays for everything.

- Video of Tila picking up Isabella from daycare, the little one looked scared when she saw her.

How does she still have her kids? The system is failing them, truly.

No. 934903

At 1:45 she says that she will shave her daughter's head for interrupting her.

No. 934909

In this one, says a police officer has been parking outside her garage, so maybe someone is finally keeping an eye on her. This is last week. Her explanation for it is that he likes her.

No. 935015

I wouldn't trust what she says. She has talked about organized stalking, which is just her clearly unmanaged mental illness talking.

No. 935136

This guy kind of sucks too. He was suing for custody of his daughter and then even didn't have the guts (or didn't wake up in time) to go to court, so Tila "won" by default. Seems like trainwrecks attract other trainwrecks, hm. The main victims in this shitfest are Tila's kids.

No. 935224


Kinda tinfoil but she also hasn't posted to her Youtube in almost a week as well. Usually she uploads several times a day.

No. 935226


Eh, from what I have seen he seems like a good guy, he just doesn't always make the best decisions. Sticking your dick in Tila, for example.

I'd take him as a parent over her any day.

No. 935349

If he's such a great parent, then he should at least try to get custody of his daughter. So far - nothing. The longer the kids stay in Tila's care, the worse outcome for them. His daughter is already showing some troubling behaviors from being in that environment…
Also, from what I understand, he already has several daughters from his previous relationships and lives in a trailer park, so it's not looking good for poor Izzy.

No. 935352

Here is (a pretty deranged) video of Tila celebrating when Thomas missed court.

No. 935494


He said in the comments of his latest video that CPS watches her. He has been saying that for a while but honestly, how the fuck are those kids with her still. I remember watching her leaving them in the car while she went grocery shopping. It happens all the time.

No. 961367

Are short, pudgy, abrasive, crazy Asian ladies a thing? It seems like that's a thing, and she's fitting into a stereotype.

No. 991664

File: 1592847316020.jpeg (325.96 KB, 1189x2048, panties.jpeg)

Back to her old ways, it seems. No more holy, virgin Tila.

No. 991673

File: 1592847699013.jpeg (104.49 KB, 1439x558, eviction.jpeg)

Also, I haven't caught up with her videos (there's a ton of them), so I'm not exactly sure what's going on with her ATM, but it looks like she got evicted from that last place she got when her poor parents gave her her inheritance early. What a failure. Her family must be exhausted from all the problems she's causing them.

No. 991760

I would feel sorry for her, since she's obviously mentally ill, but she has such a nasty, vile personality that it's hard to feel any empathy towards her, tbh.

No. 1003933

"Religion" according to Tila Tequila: Turning coffee into cocaine. Like, seriously? How much worse can she get?

No. 1004106

That's old milk.

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