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File: 1509442901346.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7702.PNG)

No. 412346


Fairly well known in the spoonie, cripple punk and autism tumblr communities

About me: http://superpunkjellyfish.tumblr.com/post/158907782680/about-me
POCD (pedophilic obsessive compulsive disorder) posts: http://superpunkjellyfish.tumblr.com/tagged/pocd
Autism blog: https://autistic-faerie.tumblr.com/#_=_
Cripple posts: http://superpunkjellyfish.tumblr.com/tagged/cpunk
References to Dissociative Identity Disorder: http://superpunkjellyfish.tumblr.com/post/166886946355/superpunkjellyfish-we-want-pizza-but-we-have
- has legally changed his name after Supernatural and has tattoos of it
- recently weasled himself into the spoonie and autism community on tumblr despite having predominantly self diagnosed conditions, (autism is self diagnosed)
- calls himself a "cripple punk"
- alluded to having POCD which he calls "pedophilic obsessive compulsive disorder" which isn't a valid diagnosis
- has a large following of minors
- ironically has a "anti-MAP" blog
- is currently pretending to have Dissociative Identity Disorder and refers to himself as "we"
- recently attacked a ritual abuse victim for speaking out against satanism as he calls himself a "satanist": http://superpunkjellyfish.tumblr.com/tagged/answers
- has a cane that people allege he doesn't need
- self diagnosed multiple spoonie conditions
- wants a wheelchair
- has several wishlists including a stim toy Wishlist and a Wishlist with a cane on it
- makes stimming gifs despite no evident proof of "diagnosis"
- sends followers to attack if you question or criticise him

No. 412349

Is that supposed to be ironic? That creature in the OP is the fakest looking fakeboi I've ever seen.

No. 412352

Didn't wanna offend the pronouns. That's worse than admitting to intrusive pedophilic thoughts!

No. 412354

i’ve never seen a more punchable face in my entire fucking life. this picture looks like it wants me to respect its pronouns or else it’ll drag me into an undying hell of hot topic, 21 pilots and hatred for parents.

No. 412360

The clothing is so damn tacky.

No. 412392

That about section was a work of art. Also, forgive me bc I'm not very versed on this, but I thought POCD was a real thing where people have obsessive thoughts about harming a child in a sexual way but aren't really pedophiles or something. I have no clue how it works or if it's in the DSM or something new.

No. 412410

It isn’t in the DSM, so no it isn’t a thing. There are some articles on it but it doesn’t have any legit research to back up the label.

No. 412494

OP, post screenshots not just links. People who don't have a tumblr account can't view her blog.

No. 412540

Not to mention if they catch wind of this they might change what they had up.
This person seems pretty milky but wasn't ritual abuse a hoax?

No. 412578

I mean, anecdotal, but I knew a girl who had POCD (by your definition) severely enough to go to a treatment center in the US for a couple months. It's not out of the realm of possibility.

No. 412669

I found this Vice article mentioning it. I think that term is used to describe abuse in religious groups but I'm not sure.


No. 412672


needs speshal pronouns or else it will fuck your kids

this piece of shit needs a bullet, dead serious. what the fuck is it doing interacting with fucking MINORS?

i mean, there's being 3edgy5me and then there's actively interacting with children like a fucking internet predator while admitting to pedophilia.

this is the fucking grossest thing i've seen today.

i wonder if it has friends

No. 412673



No. 412679

Yeah the satanic ritual abuse thing was entirely a hoax. A few attention seekers and edgelords still insist it totally happened and they were forced to sacrifice little Timmy and a goat during preschool but there was never a shred of evidence.

No. 412790

I imagine because it also mentions satanism they mean satanic ritual abuse which besides being accepted as fake at this point is such a weird dated thing to claim. I know Soren who's also
on here claimed it after getting called out but you'd have to be pushing 40 to have been a "victim" right?

No. 413403


I think she might mean certain worries that victims of child molestation sometimes get when they're adults. For example thinking "what a cute kid" and then getting paranoid that they're fucked up for it.
But no self respecting person who really felt like that would broadcast that kind of thing in public. It's just being edgy with a fake diagnosis behind it to dodge getting called out

No. 413629

File: 1509647220700.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0074.PNG)

>bases most of identity around being sooo punk
>only band patch is fucking Gorillaz, everything else is tumblr buzzwords

No. 413636

File: 1509647564986.jpg (199.07 KB, 719x1280, IMG_0075.JPG)

Fuck nevermind, I looked her up on tumblr and there's a "callout blog" with screens of her ex saying she molested her sister

The blog is a-necessarycallout.tumblr.com
There doesn't seem to be anything else there worth posting ATM, it's just a bunch of arguing over whether the asexuals get to identify as LGBT

No. 413709

POCD is just code for "I'm a pedo but it's ok because I'm ill!!"

Although you can have intrusive thoughts involving pedophilia, which is can be a symptom of various mental illnesses.

No. 413712

Just looked at his bio and
>aroace, polyamorous
Nice contradiction.
>secondary special interests are autism
I've never met an autistic person that would put their condition as one of their primary interests. That's some sad shit.

No. 413788

I agree. Autism isn't a hobby and this person is clearly using a condition for asspats. How sad.

No. 413801

I have CPTSD with dissociative features and blackouts from growing up in an abusive and out of control foster home.

I decided to get professional help for it one day. I went to a private hospital in Portland Oregon. All of a sudden my "alters" were really illuminati planted voices and my dissociation was caused by monarch programming.

This was supported by my doctor, therapist, and counseling team.

I got out of there. Got a second opinion, and am pretty normal now.

Doctors and hospitals are willing to support delusions even if there is no evidence of the abuse. As long as they are getting cash from insurance.

Sage for blogging.

No. 413809

File: 1509665125517.jpg (70.22 KB, 338x600, IMG_7779.JPG)

A necrophiliac too, this keeps getting creepier. Screenshot grabbed from the call out blog

No. 413826

This piece of shit is also "Castiel" on Subeta and literally threatens people with death if they don't cater to his/her/its fuckshits.

No. 413831


It even has its list of pseudodiagnoses on its GAMING WEBSITE PROFILE. Don't cut yourself on your edge, girl.

No. 413854

File: 1509669103686.png (109.98 KB, 245x1140, IMG_8582.PNG)

LMAO thanks anon

Jesus how embarrassing is it to be like this AFTER high school

This person is like that one in a million edgy teens who talks BS lying constantly then commits one crime with 3 random edgier dudes, is on the news, cried during the process of the crime and tried to back out bc shit got "too real", is in court claiming to be Christian and apologizing to the family, NBC interview 10 years down the road in prison claiming it was the biggest mistake of their lives and they're an idiot and a pussy and just want to go home.


Top keks all around, so what's this girls real first name, it's a girl right?

No. 413856

Can you link the call out blog plz

No. 413865

No. 413912

you're very welcome, fellow anon. subeta has their own callout blog at subetaspeaks.tumblr.com if you'd like to inform them that their token borderline schizophrenic is a pedo as well.

No. 413921

File: 1509678558593.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0073.PNG)

I had to see this shit and now you all do too.

How unsurprising that this kind of person would be into… that.

No. 413930


Into pedophilia and necrophilia and being a beady-eyed Tumblrsexual while living with her parents. Yep.

No. 414023

How this person excuses touching their sibling because they "thought it was normal" …

No. 414027

File: 1509691466756.jpg (123.65 KB, 720x1280, IMG_7793.JPG)

Samefagging here but here's the proof from their ask fm of them justifying molesting their sister.

No. 414044

After a quick Google there does seem to be a lot of discussion on it. However I’m not sure on the insistence that a full paedo wouldn’t feel guilty about those feelings… maybe just a lot more likely to actually act on them as there’s no other real sexual outlet, like there would be for someone with POCD (and is actually attracted to adults not kids).

Sage for noncon/derail

No. 414122

File: 1509709187188.jpg (310.17 KB, 1200x1197, IMG_7778.JPG)

Moar evidence of Cas's perverted ways

No. 414151


How much gross shit can you justify by saying "Well, I went through trauma and abuse!"?

>This is not an excuse saying I can do whatever the fuck I want

>But don't tell me to change guys I LITERALLY can't, fucking neurotypicals!!

This is why it's hard to come clean about mental illness to people - they assume you're like that.

No. 414183

The fact this person self diagnoses it makes it even worse

No. 414185

Oh boy, she used to go to my school few years ago. She was still Tegan back then, just your ordinary emo. Is this what dropping out of college does to you? Wild.

No. 414612

You've known this creature since school? Wow, interesting to know it has a female name.

No. 414668

give us more

No. 414681

File: 1509758621771.png (121.32 KB, 750x1293, IMG_7809.PNG)

From Cas's "anti pedophile" blog. Admitting to intrusive thoughts about by kids.

No. 414683

File: 1509758654003.png (140.25 KB, 750x1290, IMG_7810.PNG)

Same fag (I apologise – idk how to put multiple images in one post).

No. 414724

Never knew her personally since her and her sister were few years above me, just saw her around the corridors. I think she graduated in 2014, was still fairly normal although she used to run with the local emos in my town, still see her around to this day. I only know about her shenanigans cause I stumbled on her ask.fm like a year ago and now here. Her sister is like a polar opposite of her, once she sent a message to one of facebooks anti-sjw pages how tumblr brainwashed Tegan and they went from best friends to worst enemies or some shit like that. Since I didn’t know any of them personally I can’t say if the molesting shit is true but I really doubt it. She was known to be a bulshitter.

No. 414737

Probably means her "extensive childhood trauma" claims are pure shit too

No. 415787

No. 415898

File: 1509882390487.png (2.46 MB, 750x1334, CEB028C6-0AD7-4482-842A-89FF33…)

No. 417050

And claiming "that's not me, that's some OTHER self-diagnosed-with-everything person on the internet named Castiel! Yeah! Here's a 5yo pic of me that looks nothing like this person! I'm an only child!"

Disowning your sister after you fingerbang them doesn't make you an only child, Tegan, but okay.

No. 418345

Lives in Ireland but somehow diagnosed in Kansas City, despite not having money to travel to the USA. Is this some sort of joke?

No. 418498

Yeah, this why i dont use the punk label. It's a fucking fashion contest amongst pogo punks who used to be scene kids and decided hopping trains is cool.

Cool fucking crust pants. They exist because its cheaper to patch your pants than buy new ones everytime they rip, ya faggot. Preaching anarchy as a fashion statement.
Kek at the yellow laces. Someone call him a skin and see if he rants about skins being nazis.
I have bd and anxiety, so I'm going to touch on this. I have delusions, hallucinations, intrusive thoughts, etc. I don't wear them as a badge of pride, i got therapy and proper meds. I don't tell strangers im mentally ill normally, because it's not my identity. My psych always said "It's not YOUR mania/depression, you HAVE them". Because having a mental illness doesn't mean that's your entire person.

These people really treat their symptoms like speshul snowflake qualities. They really love being miserable. I get blogging about it can help. It has helped me deal with my addiction issues. But this kid needs therapy if everything he's saying is true. Psychotic symptoms like hallucinations (no matter how minor) need to be dealt with.

And as far as the POCD, i mean, it's the way they're handling it isn't even helpful, it's just gross and looking for pity points?

Sage for noncon/blogish

No. 419025

Yeah this person bases their whole persona around their self diagnosed "disorders".

No. 419039

SimilarMinds tests don't count as an official diagnosis, Cassie

No. 419091

Definitely has no ties to KC. I’m deep enough in the KC queer punk circle that all the SJW fakebois are in my extended network. She’d have popped up in a social media group or as a friend suggestion by now, but we don’t have any mutual friends that I can see, and I always make sure to add the most ridiculous people (for obvious reasons).

No. 419106

To them, saying that is "ableist"….the opreshunzzz

No. 419509

File: 1510238700585.png (149.76 KB, 750x1296, IMG_8022.PNG)

The way this freak defends this shit

No. 419555

Fucking hate kids like this thinking they're the shit for dressing this way. They'd get their heads kicked in if they went anywhere near a serious punk venue/group/etc.
I'd love to see this kid in with a group of tradskins and punks over here in the UK. They'd eat her alive.

Sage because.

No. 419760

Hey y'all, this is the person you keep wrongly accusing of being someone else. Thought I'd check out the post that got shit started for some stupid reason?
I am not this person, like, at all. I live in Alabama in the US, not Ireland.
And I've also got papers to prove that I was diagnosed. I've got half a dozen notes written by the doctor from when I was in the hospital, as well as discharge papers, schedules, etc etc.
I'm not a pedophile, never have been. That's fuckin' gross. Not into necro either, that's also gross although honestly this offends me far less because it's just so outlandish.
Also, idk who the hell posted I make death threads but I do not, and never have.
It seems like you guys are trying really hard to make fun of this dude, which is fine, he seems like a fuckboy probably deserves to be hated on. But I am not this person.
So before anyone else anon's me on tumblr take a minute to think of how stupid you sound.
And before you ask why I've got that disclaimer on my page, it's because this shit has gotten me in trouble in the past and I want people to have the chance to understand me.

No. 419761

File: 1510262285970.gif (987.37 KB, 500x234, Z72YDkk.gif)

no one cares.

No. 419763

Then maybe if you don't care so much y'all can stop sending your anons towards me, thanks.
Yeah I've only gotten one so far but I feel like it's only a matter of time.

No. 419766

1) sage your shit.
2) no one cares.
3) shhhhhh.

No. 419768

No one is SENDING anyone to you. If someone decided to message you then they're a dumbass and that's their problem.

No. 419792

This thread is about super"pedo"jellyfish not you buddy.

No. 419800

I know my bro, but the thread is bleeding into my life via some dumbass who has accused me of shit I haven't done, and I wanted to have the chance to prove myself and say I didn't do anything because honestly it's kind of fucked up to be accused of something criminal like this because of someone else.

No. 419853

Best thing to do is just keep quiet and get your head down. The more you react the more people will communicate with you. You're basically baiting people into doing so by coming here to defend yourself.

No. 419998

Are you the subeta user?

No. 420029

Yes I am
but please don't paint a picture of who I am just from my profile and what anonymous users have said about me.

No. 420092

I most certainly acknowledge you are NOT the same person, and I am the OP of this thread. I'm sorry that people have mistaken you due to the name, considering the vileness of this pedo snowflake.

No. 420110

good christ I look at her and see my sister, who is also a ginger

She has to fill in her eyebrows and wear mascara to make them exist on her face

sage for nonsense just please wear suitable makeup your choices look HORRIBLE

No. 420516


I have "Pure O" OCD, which has me thinking all kinds of things no one wants to be running through in their head. Including paedophilia. This person needs help, not to sensationalise their own issues. They're just going to make themselves worse if they construct their whole identity around it.

No. 420715

File: 1510378655019.jpg (225.08 KB, 719x1280, IMG_8078.JPG)

This cow is milkier than I expected.

No. 421658


These gifs are cringe (samefag here)

No. 421669

jfc the level of cringe

>let me just set my camera up to show the world my definitely-not-faked flapping about

No. 421672

File: 1510501204272.jpg (879.89 KB, 1813x2111, yNlQWRM.jpg)

>tfw when a snowflake apparently suffers the same hallucinations that you do

No. 422008

It's so fake and forced it hurts. This person never referred to autism until the last year. It's some sort of "fun" trend for them….pitiful.

No. 422200


I'm guessing, like many, it's a convenient (and seen as untouchable) "excuse" for their behaviour.

No. 422322

They respond to criticism with things such as "sincerely, an autistic disabled nonbinary boy".

Apparently they have a NSFW blog hah

No. 422404



It's okay to explain that you have this or the other condition when confronted about your behaviour. But it's a reason, not an excuse. Most people can learn to manage their behaviour.

No. 422613


she's a pale skinny redhead with green eyes? are you fucking kidding me? why is she doing this to herself >>413629 that's insane. most hot alt-girls that i know are average or ugly when they're not wearing 10 pounds of makeup and edgy clothing. this chick would look 100000 times better without it. and its not even like she's actually some alt chick either. all her pins are gay tumblr shit like supernatural and steven universe. i'm so confused man. why is she out there trying to look as ugly as possible and trying to belong to a scene where she doesn't fit? its so much effort and shit to looking ugly as shit. and for what? fakepunk tumblr cred?

broadcasting this creepy shit to tumblr for attention perplexes me. sure, you got 50 notes… congrats, dude. but you do realize you're making yourself look completely insane to all of your followers? i don't get why that's they want.

are there pics from before she became … well, THAT

No. 422841

oh my god. i know this kid irl, i met them at pride and they ended up unfriending me over asexual discourse…

No. 422843

and yes, they were carrying around a cane and ace flag. :/

No. 422850

File: 1510592801426.png (539.56 KB, 779x513, castiel lolcow.png)

it's always a weird experience seeing someone you know on this site. their fb is "cassiel abner-zeppelin winchester"

No. 422877

oh fucking hellll. That's the most retarded thing I've seen all day.

No. 422906

most redheads look basic. like rachel from rachel and jun.

No. 423044

File: 1510606923908.jpg (91.9 KB, 720x960, 1377321_633735803338476_181440…)

4 years ago

No. 423046

File: 1510607158589.jpg (434.58 KB, 800x700, page.jpg)

No. 423064

From the same city as this chick. Surreal. I will have to look into this

No. 423066

the dublin lgbt community is a MESS

No. 423067

Samefag but fucking yikes she's close with a fair few people I used to be in the same circle as fuckin hell

No. 423068

She's from cork :/ are we just giving ye all the retards? Leighanna rose Walsh included

No. 423069

anon, we probably know each other

No. 423071

if any of you are in the same circles as i run, remus rose treacy has been mentioned on the fakeboi thread once or twice

No. 423075

No way girl this is too weird

No. 423079

Fwiw I can't post an image but her Instagram is punk.rock.jensen.ackles

No. 423080

if you went, pride this year was a mess

No. 423084

it's all supernatural memes i'm cringing so hard

No. 423086

I haven't been in two years because it's always disgraceful. I also saw her at it with a group I know years ago. Pride here brings out a lot of idiots.

What is she doing now? Is she in college?

No. 423089

>>423086 is who in college?

No. 423090


No. 423093

She dropped out.

No. 423095

i was checking up on her fb to answer & noticed their religious views are listed as "LaVeyan Satanism" :/

No. 423098

Do you maybe have more friends in common and can see more pictures from her fb? Also now I will feels weird walking past everyone I know from now on

No. 423099

is this kid just bringing all the irish farmers out of the woodwork??

No. 423101

i have 28 mutual friends w her. we talked at pride & fb friended each other but we're not friends-friends

No. 423111

File: 1510610347794.png (406.39 KB, 469x565, cassiel lolcow.png)

No. 423115

File: 1510610504359.png (310.62 KB, 461x520, cassiel lolcow 2.png)

oh no baby what is you doing

No. 423120

File: 1510610565009.png (39.11 KB, 470x302, cassiel lolcow 3.png)

No. 423123

File: 1510610718008.jpg (65.83 KB, 540x960, 21743260_1452046354842206_5612…)

No. 423127

Jesus we absolutely know each other lmao

Is there not some fucking knowledge of this going around town?? Is nobody aware she claims to have molested her sister and of this paedophile shit??? God almighty hope I never see her irl

No. 423128

File: 1510610982633.jpg (93.6 KB, 640x707, 20245953_1534384469915772_2014…)

they shared this image on their fb i'm gonna die
imagine thinking like this

No. 423129

i have friends who are trauma survivors & it's sickening to think of them hanging around this piece of shit

No. 423130

if we do run in the same circles, do you remember the acecourse earlier this year?? i started that whole thing & still getting shit fr it

No. 423178

Her personal ig is regempuerem. Can't post pic on mobile

No. 423181

What is acecourse?

No. 423194


Probably asexual discourse, which is where everyone fights about whether asexual people are lgbt or not and a lot of aces go on about how theyre more oppressed than anyone else because no one knows they exist

No. 423234

Cas claims to be "aroace" yet brags about sexual things lmaooo right. Aromantic asexual yet is in love with their "partners" and has "sex". Hmmmm.

No. 423240

an aro-ace kiddie fiddler?? that's a first

No. 423319


How edgy!

No. 423323



Where does Abner-Zeppelin come from does anyone know?

No. 423363

that's so retarded that my brain is almost not processing it as real. I don't want to believe anyone could be this cringey, yet here we are. Winchester is also the last name of the two main characters of Supernatural.

It might be a stretch but the actor Jensen Ackles (who plays Dean Winchester on spn) named one of his kids Zeppelin. The fandom is very weirdly obsessed with the actors' personal lives and wives/children so my bet is it's from there.

She could also claim its from led zeppelin but considering how batshit insane the rest of her name changes were I'm betting it's the former not the latter.

No. 423367


1. That's a dumb thing to call a kid
2. People who are THAT invested in tv shows (and the actors in them) really weird me out. I go to the hospital featured in Sherlock sometimes, and there's graffiti everywhere about SHERLOCK LIVES and shit like that. Fuck off, obsessive weirdos, people are trying not to die in here!

No. 423447

They're so obsessed they have supernatural tattoos and gorillaz tattoos. Their attention span will end one day with those interests and they will be stuck with that ink.

They claim to be scared of needles yet have multiple tattoos and piercings.

No. 423453


I can sympathise with that to an extent though.
I have multiple tattoos and used to have multiple piercings. I could deal because it wasn't near a vein and I didn't have to look at it, but stick an IV in me and I'd be crying and shaking.

No. 423529

They are the most manipulative person I've ever come across. They pull the "I wanna kill myself" card constantly when called out.

No. 423562

has anyone called them out on tumblr yet?

No. 423563

went back over the thread and they have, nvm

No. 423564

File: 1510657518131.png (126.22 KB, 909x429, cassiel lolcow 4.png)

No. 423565

File: 1510657733251.png (22.16 KB, 710x356, cassiel lolcow 5.png)

No. 423566

File: 1510657941117.jpg (217.14 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_oz5p3roKBx1wge8t4o1_128…)

No. 423567

they're also strongly anti-recovery

No. 423568

File: 1510658164667.jpg (157.09 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_oyt11ppKVh1wge8t4o1_128…)

No. 423570

No. 423571

File: 1510658563045.png (82 KB, 1040x654, cas ace 1.png)

No. 423572

File: 1510658717833.png (73.45 KB, 1014x568, cas ace 2.png)

No. 423573

File: 1510658819093.png (54.44 KB, 515x789, cas ace 3.png)

No. 423574

some people? abuse their sister? to cope???

No. 423575

so being gay makes you part of the cool fun internet gay squad?
so thats why on the internet nowadways everyone is lgbtq+?

No. 423576

>temper tantrum would require spoons
>which i do not have
>but im trans
>im also queer
>im disabled
>im mentally ill
>im also asexual

No. 423577

if you're weird you're queer and that's VALID

No. 423578

File: 1510659168019.png (87.55 KB, 918x514, cas lolcow.png)

that's mostly all i could get from the callout blog.
i am the backbone of this thread y'all

No. 423580

They're gay despite being aromatic and asexual…makes sense.

No. 423581

File: 1510659914746.png (1.34 KB, 239x37, cas description.png)

this is in their description. it seems to refer to endogenic systems, aka d.i.d. that hasn't formed from trauma. pretty big of them considering their mental illness is very disputable.

No. 423583

File: 1510660146805.png (26.07 KB, 723x409, cas ask.png)

No. 423584

No. 423585

pretty milky of her huh

No. 423586

"Not too shortly after that was let out, Cas declared that they were autistic, themselves. This is pretty ironic since the entire time they were on Ask.fm, they claimed to only have “schizo personality disorder”. It might help for anyone reading this to look that up. They told their partner that they had no symptoms of ptsd. Ironically as well, they end up claiming to have a lot of the same disorders that said ex partner has."
holy SHIT they are faking mental illness

No. 423587

looking back on meeting this person at pride… holy shit, i had no idea they were such an asshole.

No. 423588

I followed this shitstain since 2015 on ask.fm and they never had disabilities until the breakup with their former partners. It was a means to excuse their poor behaviour surrounding the breakup.

No. 423589

they used a cane at pride too >>423588

No. 423590

No. 423601

Probably off Amazon, especially since they have another on their Amazon Wishlist. "Muh sudden disabilitiezzz".

No. 423605

File: 1510662738054.png (7.57 KB, 709x173, cas text post.png)

what do they mean by "ME"

No. 423606

marry me anon

No. 423609

File: 1510662972598.png (16.56 KB, 711x319, cas ain't valid.png)

nice job detailing all your trauma there

No. 423611

This seems more like a plot for a Lifetime movie than a actual series of traumatic events.

No. 423615

File: 1510663149335.png (12.84 KB, 713x391, cas ed.png)

No. 423617

of course they're some sort of sick ana-chan

No. 423620

those posts are so stupid, like by making it you prove that you very much think you're traumatised, dramatically listing your "traumas", so why pretending you have doubts? When you clearly don't? Just write your whiny post and go

No. 423621

File: 1510663481592.png (212.68 KB, 640x1136, 60D65C9E-FCE1-4FA0-B31D-424BE7…)

No. 423622

File: 1510663492545.png (203 KB, 640x1136, 045072F6-6D66-4C1D-B866-A690AD…)

No. 423623

File: 1510663501939.png (192.36 KB, 640x1136, BBB53356-87D6-47ED-B376-4F6F21…)

No. 423624

File: 1510663940045.jpeg (216.95 KB, 341x1053, 959B0AE2-9F05-4508-9F02-8BEA77…)

No. 423625

File: 1510663956907.jpeg (261.49 KB, 346x1049, 381A0EDE-776E-416D-9B87-A97088…)

No. 423626

File: 1510663960461.png (13.62 KB, 709x293, cas psych ward.png)

they were likely in a different place but i was in a psych ward in dublin & wasn't allowed my phone.
also, it's not like being in the mental bin proves you were raped. "you think i'm faking my illnesses? oh well SIKE i was in hospital!" anyone dedicated enough could lie their way into hospital. not saying cas has- they're definitely weird in the head- but it doesn't prove shit.

No. 423627

File: 1510663967184.jpeg (221.87 KB, 366x1056, B8B19D82-1607-450A-8A0C-80A5FF…)

No. 423628

File: 1510664075723.jpg (33.46 KB, 250x333, tumblr_ou0f7zYFFn1vjfcwko1_250…)

nice jacket pedo

No. 423632

File: 1510664301814.jpg (29.46 KB, 240x284, zimmer.jpg)

Guarantee the samefag getting so excited about this thread is from Cork. An ugly and vicious breed of people.

No. 423633

ME is another term for chronic fatigue syndrome

I'm going to call bullshit on the gp diagnosing ptsd. A gp is usually just the first point of contact in terms of mental health - they'll prescribe some meds and refer you to specialists. I can't imagine any half decent gp making such a serious diagnosis themselves instead of passing on their concerns to a psychiatrist

No. 423634

File: 1510664384305.png (426.15 KB, 338x600, cas pride.png)

No. 423635

File: 1510664506251.png (533.73 KB, 715x599, cas pride 2.png)

"happy pride… oh don't forget i totally have chronic pain! it's all about meeeee guyz!"

No. 423637

File: 1510664562920.png (35.21 KB, 76x168, cas afce.png)

No. 423639

File: 1510665011210.png (14.9 KB, 715x241, doubt it cas.png)

i doubt you're tough sorry

No. 423640

File: 1510665163132.jpg (30.59 KB, 540x304, cas tattoos.jpg)

this is tattooed on their body forever haha shit

No. 423644

She seems milky enough but someone here is definitely on some personal vendetta.
I mean you can stay as long you provide milk I guess…? But note that (dry) personal vendetta isn't allowed

No. 423655

no personal vendetta. just bored & getting over-involved in online drama

No. 423684

wow so unique and cool

No. 423736

Fuck man I just realised this is the girl who came into my work one day and completely sperged to me about how she loves supernatural so much and showed me this tattoo which I think was still fresh at the time, she had a friend with her too who was Like "tell her about your name even" and she told me all about how she loves supernatural that she changed her name because of it. Shit I knew I recognised her.

Where are people finding these caps of things her exes have said about her? I honest to god highly doubt she was raped at 17, wondering what school she did her leaving in.

No. 423751

File: 1510678989288.png (29.7 KB, 715x651, cas system.png)

are they backtracking on the did claims?

No. 423780

Bishopstown Community School

No. 423798

Stinks of gossipy personal vendetta imo, who cares where she went to school? Where's the milk?

No. 423804

the milk is everywhere, anon. are you even looking?

No. 423809

mfw nobody has mentioned how cas told their now-ex that they're jealous of their self harm scars and how they think self harm is fun

and then when they tried to defend themselves when people got pissed at them their excuse was "i have a blood kink"

No. 423811

File: 1510684700322.png (60.35 KB, 880x514, hahahahaha.PNG)

No. 423812

sure this totally happened. the samefagging is embarrassing

No. 423814

welp shit

No. 423815

and then everybody on the bus stood up and clapped
seeing as they're "autistic" i might not doubt it

No. 423958

Wtf lmao there isn't even anything spectacular about my story. Just that she is as attention seeking on person and also a lot shorter than I thought, and she was wearing platform boots at the time. Legit just thought she was weird though, even then wouldn't have pinned her as autistic. I used to work in a place that attracted her type anyway so it's not like I have reason to lie about meeting this absolute degenerate. Also I was curious about where she went to school because I could gleam who her exes were without shitting up the thread like some of the samefags above, and get more milk. Everyone is fine with this type of conversation in bigger threads but just because this is a lesser one, everyone is either samefag or bullshitting?

No. 423962

File: 1510692240121.jpg (466.38 KB, 1080x1321, Screenshot_20171114-204300.jpg)

Kill me

No. 424013

… why would an asexual aromantic date?

Like I just went on a google adventure trying to understand this and i still don’t.

No. 424041

stop namefagging, newfriend

No. 424052

Cas has been recently publicly called out on tumblr and the nonsense that followed are enough reason for a thread..:especially considering they apparently went to a psych ward

No. 424060

File: 1510699397518.png (120.6 KB, 1376x668, Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 5.41…)

tl;dr she has no hobbies besides being a pedophilic pathological liar

No. 424061

hi gothfeminist@outlook.com
you must be new

No. 424080

Why is going to a psych ward drama? What's the drama part?

No. 424093

I’m the callout blog runner. It’s shocking to see so many people who know Cas in person. I have much more to post about them but im not trying to do it all at once

No. 424096

Is there something other than DID that has alters that he can claim to have? Cause I’m banking on that, seeing his
response to people asking if he has did

No. 424098

Read the rules namefag newfag

No. 424101

No proof was provided and they were glamourising the hell out of it.

No. 424103

be polite man this is good milk

No. 424108

i'm pretty sure "alters" only applies to d.i.d

No. 424110

In some posts they refer to themselves as "we" and try and refer to alters by saying "somebody's here"

No. 424128

File: 1510706564878.png (322.88 KB, 344x549, Screenshot_236.png)

This person has an amazon wishlist for 'Spoonie' objects, and looks like they live in absolute squalor (more likely that they refuse to clean up after themselves), but maintaining an appearance like this is actually stupidly expensive when you have more important things to be paying for. Faux-punk pants they probably bought off etsy for $80 but claiming they're 'poor', & e-beg when they can. They go out all the time taking selfies with friends- buy & post fetish shit, changing their hair color every week, but yeah. They're totally struggling to get by.

No. 424156


What do they mean by MAP?

No. 424158


I was an inpatient in the UK, we were allowed to keep our phones. But this was about 15 years ago, so no obsessive Tumblr-ing from phones or anything, or really even the ability to take pictures of anyone else. I imagine social media has a lot to do with it now.

No. 424159

>>424156 minor-attracted person, aka pedo

No. 424161


New Rocks! So 2002!

No. 424163

I read the rules and I’m slightly confused. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong lol.

The last post is something I’ve been thinking about a lot. This person is constantly changing their appearance and has on different attire all the time. It would baffle me if they’re actually poor.

No. 424165


Isn't it called "hanging out with friends" these days??

No. 424170


Generally, you don't actually put a name in the Name box. That way we're all "Anonymous". Also write "sage" in the Email box if you're not contributing new milk.

/here ends nice, helpful post

No. 424176

Thank you

No. 424229

File: 1510713576847.jpg (154.54 KB, 744x1205, tumblr_inline_ozftdsznGN1vq3sr…)

here's some admission to sexual abuse by them..

more is on the callout blog but this confirms the "rumours" Cas tries to play it all as.

No. 424264

I feel like I'm reading one long selfpost.

No. 424285


i'm not a native english speaker, but how come she's irish and has no irish accent? does she just have a slight accent? sage for no milk lol, but have this cringy video

No. 424300

I noticed this earlier when I was bored skimming this thread and their blog. the only thing that made me say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ was that after hearing no accent in the videos, she posts a video (all black) at one point when she's ~in the hospital (debatable but she did at least have hospital bed pics before the video) and you can hear an alarm going off loudly and echoing/a voice that sounds British announcing things over an intercom?

No. 424302

samefagging because I watched the video the anon I was replying to posted and as a native English speaker I do hear a hint of something????? In the voice

No. 424308

you can hear the Irish accent in "can't", "actually" and "about", it sounds American otherwise but the American accent comes from Ireland/Scotland so they sometimes sound similar

No. 424328

No. 424346

ur doing good work but dont be so beggy about it, pleading for signal boosting makes it sound more like a vendetta or something personal/sockpuppeting for attention. the shit is damning enough, just open the discourse and let it go, the important people will share it anyway

No. 424370

OP here and I agree. Farmers will find it when needed, I provided the links required in the first post.

No. 424456

"i abused my sister and now people are spreading lies that i abused my sister uwu"

No. 424457

No. 424458

File: 1510750228515.jpg (63.14 KB, 500x487, tumblr_inline_ozftdsLD4l1vq3sr…)

he claims to have osdd1b- "Other specified dissociative disorder"

No. 424459

The second discussed, or OSDD-1b, is defined as “alterations of identity or episodes of possession in an individual who reports no dissociative amnesia.” This usually refers to the presence of parts or alters who never fully assume control in a way that results in a black out or another form of time loss. Alters in this case could be fully differentiated but unable to fully front or may at all times be co-conscious with the host if they do front. OSDD-1b can also refer to experiences of “possession” that are not accompanied by amnesia. Sometimes, individuals with OSDD-1b do experience dissociative amnesia in the form of fugue/trance states, and they may or may not be amnesiac for their trauma history or for more recent traumas, but this dissociative amnesia is unconnected with alter activities and so usually not considered sufficient for a diagnosis of DID.

No. 424483

Callout-anon, you should definitely get screencaps or archive her stuff if/when she deletes what you link to. Just a heads up, since most cows delete fucking everything eventually.

No. 424509

Sage for blogpost, but as someone who actually grew up with an emotionally abusive parent and suffered serious MH problems because of it, this system blog begging for asspats is making me ridiculously angry. It’s so fucking hard to even think about and this dick is like ~blog it~

Triggered AF

No. 424544

File: 1510760982218.png (445.69 KB, 1031x633, cas ex.png)

No. 424562

Sorry for coming off “beggy”. Unfortunately, in my experience, people don’t see things if you only post it once. This person also has an extremely large following so I have to work hard to spread this information or else it will only make it to the people who already knew. The people who already knew are reblogging, yes, but that doesn’t do anything for the people who are only following Cas.

No. 424595

So Cas “stealing” someone’s dramaticized account of their supposed DID (“dark hallway,” such emo) to corroborate her fake off-brand DID “OSDD” is… Who cares. We didn’t need confirmation she’s not autistic because that’s obvious.

No. 424622

Lol so addressing how this person is stealing personal information thag their ex partner told them in order to fake a highly stigmatized disorder isn’t important? What exactly is important

No. 424624

they're stealing someone else's trauma nearly word-for-word

No. 424712

Yeah it sounds emo AF but what do you expect from people who’ve suffered trauma? “My alters come from Candyland and play in soda pop rivers”? Chill out edgelord people do suffer from these things, they are dark and depressing, and Cas is using it as an aesthetic because they’re a fucking cunt.

Sage for angry rant

No. 424747

people pretty much predicted that cas was going to fake did months ago and cas was saying on tumblr that they had it and then when people got mad they suddenly backpedaled to having osdd or something another so it kind of shows just how flippantly theyre throwing this shit around ?

No. 424805

File: 1510783798216.jpg (48.37 KB, 881x336, ugly.jpg)

>constantly posts about their mental health for hundreds of people to see
>insists their mental health is something private

No. 424831

Just wanted to say she's pw'd the system blog, I know for a fact it was still open last night and even most of today because I was looking at it lmao

No. 424858

I was looking at it earlier today too. I wish I could have got caps but I thought the fucking background was going to give me a seizure.

Hi Cas, diddle any kids today?

No. 424860

No. 424870

File: 1510787756877.jpg (153.24 KB, 1080x1019, Let's defend a literal child m…)

Called it. Cows never realize that once it's on the internet, it's forever.

Seems word of her bullshit has gotten around. A lot of trauma bloggers are mentioning the entire thing.

No. 424888

I know that it doesn't matter because it's all fake but I don't get why these people are so virulently against so called tulpas and soulbonds? Is it so they can have a sooper speshul traumababy only club? What's the fucking difference?

No. 424895

First of all, half of Tumblr is faking this “highly stigmatized illness,” so jot that down vendettafag. The source is a blog with no face pics and literally only one personal post that was only made three months ago. It could easily be a sockpuppet or one of the many weird vendetta posters here, not excluding the person who made a fucking callout blog on Tumblr of all places because “the people need to know.”

They “stole” literally 10 words. If the entirety of someone’s disorder - especially one as complex as DID - can be encapsulated in 10 words, maybe it’s not that serious or uh. Real.

You don’t have to tell me mental illness is dark, but poeticizing/romanticizing it John Green-style and then claiming someone STOLE IT is dumb as fuck.

I’m not even white-knighting, but the reaction to a probable sock puppet is beyond retarded and stinks of vendetta.

No. 424925

Pretty remarkable how now screenshots are coming out in the dozens to back up my original post. Whoever found that "system" blog, kudos to you.

The about the system page looks like some sort of roleplay you'd see on neopets.

No. 424931

Read the rules before posting here.

No. 424941

File: 1510792489743.jpg (36.99 KB, 600x528, 140.jpg)

>hi cas, diddle any kids today?

No. 425007

I was friends with/followed this person online for years before all of this came out, after reading everything here I feel sick knowing I trusted them and spent money on them. Disgusting waste of oxygen.

No. 425100


What money did you spend on them?

No. 425124

If you don’t care about what they’re doing or about them being called out why are you even posting on this page lol. You’re just looking to be dick and it’s weird and transparent

No. 425969

Not the same anon but I know they had a gofund me to meet their ex-partners in the USA but when that relationship ended they just ran off with the money.

No. 425980

I don’t think you’re white-knighting, and “stole” is a childish way of describing it, but chill out anon. It’s pretty feasible that someone like Cas would take inspiration from an ex, it’s someone they knew well and would have had intimate knowledge on their mental illness manifested. Whether you find it John Green-esque is personal opinion and frankly means nothing.

No. 426729

Some of the screenshots I've seen of people's experiences with Cas definitely show that there has always been some sort of "clinging" on factor involved

No. 429908


No. 434203

File: 1511948312641.jpg (82.42 KB, 474x750, tumblr_inline_ozftdtwyis1vq3sr…)

No. 434222

So there’s no legit attraction, it’s just something she consciously thinks so she can be weird and different? Cool, what an exciting person she is, using necrophilia for attention. /s

No. 434282

yes, as if that's something to aspire to..

No. 435098


I bought them something from their wishlist when we were friends, I didn't know about the gofundme

No. 436002

I'm sorry that you lost money to this person. They had a gofundme to meet their then-partners.

No. 440887

isnt pocd just a common sub category of intrusive thoughts from ocd? and from what i've read it's not that people with pocd are attracted to children it's that they're afraid they'll molest them. ocd does weird things to you yall including making you afraid you'll do things which are impossible.

No. 441368

Yes, this is correct. It doesn't mean pedophilic obsessive disorder. However cas has made many soren-tier posts about how it makes her unable to look at kids without thinking of abusing or hurting them

No. 441930

File: 1512964102908.jpg (51.87 KB, 404x720, 25188126_368142000315123_10125…)

One of their "alters" is Betty from Riverdale. You can't make this hilarity up hahaha.

No. 442995

doesn't get more tumblr than that

No. 443023

File: 1513126661498.jpeg (237.96 KB, 853x1280, F1C982B3-495D-4FC3-9430-33D925…)

Cas certainly has no issue revealing what they did to their sister to randoms on the internet

No. 446464

Cas has been exposed on actually being a full on necrophile. There are screenshots of him saying he wants to touch dead bodies and worse

No. 456600

File: 1514588182840.png (686.55 KB, 750x1334, 68F24721-FCA5-4675-8E42-195714…)

That’s correct

No. 457498

File: 1514677215489.gif (1.73 MB, 350x350, W6vxvcL.gif)


>someone said my stimming gifs are “fake and embarrassing” and that i’m faking everything so this is my way of saying “fuck you but look at my cool new shirt”


No. 462669

File: 1515168858241.png (38.98 KB, 691x490, Screenshot_444.png)

once a rapist always a rapist
"I prioritized their feelings and their mental health by seeking them out and insisting they tell me directly whether or not I raped them & then posting the whole conversation on tumblr to validate myself"

No. 462693

File: 1515171287444.gif (1.03 MB, 250x250, wtf.gif)

I had to go look at the other ones after watching this .gif and they're even worse

like you'd think she could even just look up a youtube of an actual autistic 'stimming' and try to mimic that but n-no… we get.. this..

No. 462695

Honestly, anons, I did a lot of stupid shit as a teen, but can you imagine looking back on your life and remembering you did THIS shit, and there's immortalized proof of it on the internet?

Fugg, the one where she has to get in that she's using a cane while 'stimming', too. lmao. are you kidding…

Jesus fuck.

No. 462723

File: 1515175133008.jpg (269.03 KB, 901x1280, tumblr_inline_p226y0GNtM1vq3sr…)

im samefagging but he claims that the reason he can't be a rapist is because he's been raped & it's like, totes rude to say that about a rape victim.
I feel like he knows he's going to be arrested for fucking a corpse or something so he's going all out with this turbo-charged mentally ill shit so that when they come for him he'll get off easy cause he's 'mentally unfit' to go to prison or whatever.

No. 464720

How is this person not in a mental hospital?

No. 464745

File: 1515386230764.jpeg (119.4 KB, 1242x931, BF0955AC-CCE5-4F7A-A325-F54907…)

Ok I’m new to this thread and had to go journeying on these blogs myself. This just.. made me honestly lol (1/2)

No. 464746

Deep. AF.

No. 464747

File: 1515386263707.jpeg (57.74 KB, 1242x608, 0F4C9C7A-D054-41B3-8D2B-7F6DB7…)

Fuck dropped pic

No. 464785

as someone with severe ADHD and on the autistic spectrum, this bitch makes me want to kms.

No. 464919

File: 1515406280492.jpg (227.39 KB, 1078x1155, Screenshot_20180108-100246.jpg)

So I couldn't sleep last night and am off work sick today and for a laugh went through her personal tagged tumblr and there are some gems. I'll post a couple and if anyone is interested in more let me know. Pic related is her being 'engaged' to tamanna who she seems to have never met in person and she still lives at home with her parents.

No. 464921

File: 1515406302699.jpg (82.04 KB, 1080x543, Screenshot_20180108-100309.jpg)

No. 464926


Yeah, I can totally imagine Mummy and Daddy are going to the police in still pretty conservative Ireland and tell them their daughter dearest is obsessively fantasizing about raping little kids but the important thing is that someone said something mean about her on the internet.

Haha fuck off.

No. 464928

File: 1515407217197.jpg (324.64 KB, 1073x1550, Screenshot_20180108-102557.jpg)

No. 464930

File: 1515407477975.jpg (84.36 KB, 1068x686, Screenshot_20180108-102848.jpg)

She posted this before going to the hospital, blatantly looking to see what inpatient mental health here is like and likely how to be admitted to inpatient, purely so she could brag about it and post pictures like my next post

No. 464931

File: 1515407533497.jpg (297.3 KB, 1061x895, Screenshot_20180108-102914.jpg)

Finally in inpatient! Most post picture of cat scratches, 13yearold reading level book and teddy for asspats uwu

No. 464939

File: 1515408552906.jpg (92.11 KB, 1051x569, Screenshot_20180108-103551.jpg)

When people don't drop everything and respond to you immediately so you threaten self harm

No. 464940

File: 1515408601270.jpg (131.78 KB, 1073x760, Screenshot_20180108-103629.jpg)

When nobody sends you money for a piercing so you threaten self harm

No. 464941

File: 1515408714632.jpg (194.5 KB, 1070x959, Screenshot_20180108-104642.jpg)

And I'm gonna end my caps here but in classic cas behaviour, "I will use my shit behaviour and excuses to not work and if you make me I will threaten suicide". Literally everything she does screams this sentiment and she has gotten a valid diagnosis of bpd which suits her to the ground and she still throws a tantrum because a doctor won't accept her fucking self diagnosis.

No. 464948

Oh my goodness, how strange! You have to WORK to get money? You don’t just get to sit on your ass all day and collect a check?!?!?!! What is the world coming to?!?!?

This girl is one of the most selfish self absorbed pieces of work I’ve seen in a long time. I have a friend with BPD and even though she’s constantly in and out of jobs she still realizes money won’t materialize out of thin air.

No. 464952


No one I know with autism makes a big deal out of stimming. It's just something they do every day. It's not an event. Regardless of how she stims, it's incredibly suspect that she turns on a camera to record her "totally real and natural stimming" and does this a dozen times over.

>"OK, I have my camera set up, its time to stim!!"

Who the fuck does this

No. 464957


>PURELY because of that bullshit diagnosis, she tried to discharge me

Please. As if people with BPD aren't in and out of the hospital all of the time for being suicidal. They also make psychiatrists a lot of money because they're so unstable. She was actually going to be discharged for being full of shit.

No. 464959


There is nothing punk rock about willingly giving your rights away for no reason, lol wtf

No. 464967

File: 1515412556197.jpg (58.93 KB, 1069x575, Screenshot_20180108-105554.jpg)

I'm back again just because this one is fucking too much. I work a 40 hour week and can get foundation and concealer and powder in penneys that is good quality for a total of like 20 quid? A huge majority of her posts are about being broke but she regularly spends 70e on acrylic nails and this is how much money she spends on makeup and she has the gall to whine about never having money? I can't.

This. Knowing how mental health treatment goes here it is awful but I don't doubt she is an absolute burning pain in the ass to deal with. Seriously imagine having genuinely unwell patients to tend to and this bitch sitting there coming out with the try hard #actuallytraumatised type of thing she posts on Tumblr. There is no help for you cas because you are a retard who wrapped yourself in this tumblr cocoon and who revels in attention and self pity to the nth degree. I feel bad for her parents.

No. 464969

File: 1515412987358.jpg (762.07 KB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_20180108-120213.jpg)

oh my god.
I'm done now.

No. 464970


If she were really autistic would she even be able to tolerate that fishnet? I think that fishnet would make an autistic female want to crawl out of their skin, especially the fishnet top.

No. 464976

Those pants make wannna wanna vomit and start to wear only things you’d find in a glossier ad

No. 465027

The whole first half or so of this thread seem like samefagging and vendetta posting. Using "they/their"- really? Don't enable his/her delusions.

No. 465059

While I agree with the vendetta shit, the non binary label is the least milky thing here and the only thing I would probably actually respect about this person.

No. 465829


Unless it's being held further forward than their body (can't tell in this photo), that cane needs to be a bit shorter or they'll end up with a real injury.

No. 465830


Wait, who the fuck is allowed their smartphone with access to social media when they've just been admitted to inpatient psych? Maybe it's different over in England, but the first 2 days at least it's no phones, and close supervision.

No. 466145

Cas may have bpd but the reason they’re a shit person is because they’re a shit person. As someone with bpd, maybe I’m just well adjusted but i don’t do this kind of shit. It’s common to want to commit suicide and be super unstable but manipulating and lying to people constantly is simply because you’re disgusting

No. 466181

I've been to the same one as cas and know others who have and the general consensus is that if they dont take you seriously they're not going to take everything off you.

No. 466201


I don't know why she decided younow was necessary, but she did, aaand I have a feeling it might become a regular occurrence!

No. 466213


Deleted now? But FROM THE HOSPITAL??

No. 466220

She's not in hospital anymore, the posts above are a few weeks old, she since has posted about how hard life is that they didn't keep her in inpatient, diagnosed her with bpd and that mummy and daddy want her to get a job

No. 466228



No. 466232

> if they dont take you seriously they're not going to take everything off you.
It has nothing to do with "taking you seriously". You can't kill yourself with your phone. I've never heard of an inpatient having their phone taken off them there, unless they're in the lockdown ward which is pretty rare and only for people who are actively trying to hurt themselves/others and can't be controlled. They only take stuff from you that can be used to harm yourself with. We're not in the medieval times or America, you're allowed have your phone in hospital lmao.

No. 466439


We could keep our phones back in '03 when I was in psych inpatients, but now with social media and smartphones, I have friends tell me they're a lot more strict with them.

No. 466441


samefag, sorry, clicked too soon.

They're strict because of safeguarding of other patients. Photos/information etc. could be leaked from inside the hospital and that's a bit issue.

No. 467759

i was ip in dublin and they confiscated our phones. same with the hospitals my friends have been in

No. 467777

File: 1515709792805.png (29.38 KB, 714x454, shut up cas.png)

No. 470195

Oh fucking cunt.
I'm tired of this spoiled cunt pretending it's poor & ebegging every five fucking minutes. The mama and papa put it in a hospital to make it feel better. Real sick people don't have that luxury.
Lord knows a real autistic person would have a fit about that much makeup being caked on their face at all hours of the day, nevermind the tight clothes & fishnets. Of course it doesn't care about the cane being the wrong size. It wouldn't know any better because it's not actually disabled. (And probably doesn't use it enough for it to effect anything permanently)
Big sage for opinions
Sidenote, apparently it has a thing for David Bowie? (Yknow, another child rapist? Surprise!)

No. 483707

Important to note that this person has now been publicly accused of raping his friend. He met this person through tumblr a while ago, gained their trust and stayed with them for a couple weeks. During this time he raped them in their sleep and they woke up. This person has shown and had back up by others to not have any reason to lie, as they were very good friends with him until this exact instance. He’s not only an annoyance, he is a rapist.

No. 483714

This has already been covered extensively here…

No. 486512

File: 1517288604842.png (62.53 KB, 487x536, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 3.02…)

Of course it does. It also has a thing for incest. His "first boner of cas" blog demonstrates him supporting it.

No. 486946

File: 1517334395727.jpg (38.58 KB, 748x370, nOLoGiC.JPG)


>because I don't have a legitimate diagnosis


No. 487382

All of their disorders are fake

No. 495419

I can't imagine what kind of person would actually care about this.

No. 495429

Guess you must've glossed over Cas raping their younger sister.

No. 495450

if you're going to be a rape-apologising twat the least you could do is sage your shit
"Why oh why would people care about an embodiment of tumblrs mentally ill echo chamber being a child rapist, a necrophile & an incest supporter"

No. 495486

Then find her and beat her up or something lol
But instead you're just going to sperg about it forever(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 498085

File: 1518134309756.jpeg (110.19 KB, 461x750, 9ED67127-14D3-41CE-ACAA-0E4B8B…)

Cas claims the accusations of his interest necrophilia are fake including the screenshot proof of him admitting to it, then he changes his story and says his necrophilia is a response to trauma lol

No. 498155

So basically she's a Supernatural obsessed fakeboi and massive edgelord who wants to diddle kids and dead bodies and uses various disabilities and mental illnesses as fashion statements. Like half of everyone else on Tumblr.

Also I don't know about anyone else but I'm skeptical of her claims of being abused.

No. 498436

she reminds me of soren 2.0 lol

Also same here. she has never given an actual story about it and when talking about going to her therapist she specifically has said she doesn't talk about that abuse. Methinks it's because it's total bullshit, the therapist would see through it, cas hasn't thought it through enough, and her parents would be ridiculously shamed if they knew she was carrying on like this. does anyone know what her legal name was previously?

No. 498445

samefag, seems to be Tegan Flynn.

No. 498456

Lol, her parents like all of her profile pictures including her mom who love reacts them and makes comments like "beautiful inside and out". Such abusers

No. 498558

Not that I think it’s relevant in this instance, but emotionally abusive parents do stuff like that to create an image of best parent to the outside world.

No. 498908

I know what you mean, I was raised in an emotionally abusive situation also. I really find the fact that she goes on to the ends of the earth about her brother lying on her or trying to touch her constantly and has gone into huge detail on it, but has never given details on her parents but still constantly trumpeting that they abused her with no details by comparison. Her brother may well have exhibited those behaviours imo and she's making the rest up to get extra muh abuse points bc she didn't get enough from her brother.

No. 499196

That’s true and Cas was saying their parents will report the call out blog to the police yet they openly say online that their parents are hella abusive? Lol wouldn’t they see what Cas is posting about them?

No. 499515

File: 1518242213152.png (23.62 KB, 691x382, Screenshot_666.png)

do her followers even know what she ebegs for? she posts donation links on half of her selfies but it's not like her parents are on the verge of kicking her out (even though she refuses to get a job and dropped out of college they were paying for on top of being a slob).
are they aware they're just giving her money for her 'autistic' splurging on shitty clothes she doesnt wash?
i feel like they have some implication that she's in a dire circumstance but really they're just funding this little dickheads munchie delusions and rape tendencies (the $50 or so she needed to visit the friend she sexually abused in all likeliness came from donations unless her friend himself paid for it)

No. 499610

let's not forget she has been formally diagnosed with none of these. she is a normal girl who probably has anxiety like we all do but it can't just be regular anxiety, it has to be ~extreme exam anxiety~ and it can't just be forgetfulness or anxiety clouding her brain it has to be ~amnesia~ and it can't just be tiredness or laziness or self indulgence, it must be fatigue!
She also randomly posts and tags things with other illnesses that she implies she has.

Her mum is a hippy dippy wellness type woman so I bet cas gets a lot more free reign than a lot of people who carry on like this should.

She has been getting a lot of asks lately that are straight up "hurr durr you're a rapist necrophiliac who rapes rape rape raper you're a raper!!!!" and tbh I think it's disappointingly drawing attention away from the real issues. I legit don't think she is a rapist, I think her weird pedo shit is made up for edge points, honestly. She's too far up her SJW ass to be stupid enough to sink to that level. The issue with her is that she's spoiled and assuming she has every super special diagnosis and autism and is trans and is modeling her life and name and persona after a tv show and is a whiny entitled brat to everyone around her. And the people sperging about her being SO RAPIST are kind of backfiring and making her opposition look like that's the only argument against her.

do you think either parent has actually seen the content of her blog and what she has said about them? I truly wonder.
I bet her trick if she was caught would be to double down on the DID she has been faffing about lately and claim these are false memories, and that she can't be punished for spouting this nonsense bc it's real in her head, just like her nonsensical response to whatever person half assedly claimed she raped her.

No. 500284

I don't think Cas's parents even know about his tumblr. Yeah, the doubling down on the "DID" he claims is what he'll try. I love how he pretends he's not the-forest-system but then slips up on his main blog about it.

No. 500416

File: 1518329637253.jpg (94.49 KB, 658x581, ohgod.JPG)

holy shit thanks for pointing that out, it is literally her

No. 500642

i think that most people know that they're lying about their supposed 'trauma' and 'abuse' - the now-ex that dated them for a while said they never believed it bc of how cas talked about it and how they acted around their parents/how their parents acted around them. and then theres the fact that people have come forward saying cas stole details about their trauma, would randomly talk about their trauma to other people and used it as "shock value" and basically did the tumblr thing of "want to share trauma stories(:" so i really dont think cas ever went through trauma, at least not to the extent that they imply they did. just doesnt add up well when you consider how they basically treat it like some weird game

No. 500764

I'm not saying anything about cas in particular, but this attitude of "if you're traumatised you have to act in a certain way or else you're lying" is really retarded. Often people who are traumatised have poor impulse control, poor emotional regulation, a need for attention/validation from others, and a tendency to misdirect affection/trust which can make then talk about their abuse in inappropriate situations. Or maybe they don't talk about it at all, or anything in between.

No. 500824

How about she's spoiled, AND a rapist. The moment we started collectively recognizing her as a fakeboi turning into denying that she's raped people isn't a good look. She's a rapist & gets off on the idea of sexually abusing people. She has repeatedly defended necrophilia and incest as well as surrounding herself with people who will do the same. It's not fake.
She clearly does not care about anyone but herself, she only uses SJW terminology to shield herself from criticisms.
(and by the way, she ignores asks that are worded better than 'hur dur kill yourself rapist' that she in all likeliness sends to herself cause those ones make her look like a victim. don't fall for it)

No. 500943

File: 1518397397501.jpeg (130.92 KB, 771x1280, DCEC84A3-7173-4672-9104-9CDDC9…)

Trans activist Cas chose to purposely use someone’s dead name. I bet their self diagnosed continuous amnesia will be the excuse for it, despite Cas having to unblock the person first

No. 517830

Just want to make it clear that Cas DID rape his friend and that the friend did not half assedly claim this. They were very straight forward once they felt comfortable enough. That shouldn’t be put down or not taken seriously. He is a rapist and calling him that isn’t taking away from anything else because it’s the truth

No. 519937

he couldn't even say that he certainly didn't do it, he used his self diagnosed "amnesia" to weasel his way out of that. I wouldn't doubt for a second that he took advantage of his friend.

No. 520909

he tried to prove his innocence by saying how "supportive" he was of his friend after he was confronted, as if thats not transparent as hell

No. 523614

No. 523691

yeah he sent them "resources" but still never said if he did it or not..that tells me that he's hiding something (:

No. 535394

you are not supposed to share a lolcow's family's social media. Keep that shit out and leave her family alone.

No. 535401

Deleted it. Essentially she has 1 female sibling and 2 male. Her and the sister were mad close esp around 2014, lived together in 2016, this sister now seems the complete opposite of cas, posts the exact opposite kind of stuff cas would. Their parents lovingly tag them in all kinds of things. I'm just saying the abuse she claims to have from or done to other family members doesn't add up and it's weird.

No. 536326

It doesn't add up because Cas said his parents wanted to report the call out blog lol but wouldn't they find out the claims he's made against them?

No. 564771

when will he an hero

No. 634091

he's changed his url to thehappy-landfill.tumblr.com

No. 643166

No. 655225

File: 1533264898288.jpg (57.3 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_pbf5ehlGTQ1rfuf7…)

turns out he had a MAP blog and has changed superpunkjellyfish to the MAP blog's URL.

he interacted with himself in this old screenshot!

No. 680410

No. 682835

that isn’t his blog he’s interacting with, it’s a different blog with the name blanked out. however i do think it’s super hypocritical of him to be against maps when he’s been a pedo creep in the past lol

No. 684306

lmao hes whining that he feels invalidated

No. 697230

the faker gets faker

No. 702918

No. 758685


I feel as if he's not even trying at this point

No. 761409

Fucking lol oh my god

Also it's prob apparent from the anon who posted her new tumblr but she's now fixated on always sunny and going by Mac on her ig.

No. 788466


Normal Mac, Fat Mac, or Big Mac? This is important.(necro)

No. 789791

File: 1553447127238.jpg (1.46 MB, 1439x2083, Screenshot_20190324-170425_Ins…)

All Macs. (Fat mac is best mac anyway) it's like she saw the recent episodes about macs sexuality and now thinks that's her. Because she has to be the most of everything. Also, pic related, shes sperging about weed a lot lately and hashtagging stonerguys lmao

No. 798668

File: 1555583626469.jpg (246.88 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_ppww1ncyBW1uyw49j_1280.…)

She got this horrible tattoo lmao.
She's currently begging on Tumblr for money for a €600 autism assessment.

No. 799307

has there literally ever been a worse tattoo choice than a giant, shittily done portrait of danny devito? holy fuck

maybe she deserves the autistic diagnosis after all, who the fuck else would get this after watch a season of always sunny? jesus christ

No. 800408

that needs to be put on "thats it, i'm inkshaming".

No. 801603

File: 1556726181316.jpg (497.97 KB, 1436x2113, Screenshot_20190501-165013_Fac…)

Hahahahaha fucking hell. I checked her post and she got it done by literally the WORST person in the entire city, likely because he did it cheaper. Abhorrent.

She posted on her old Instagram in February that she is confirmed for an autism assessment in April, so how is she now begging?? Was she not diagnosed and is insisting on another one? Lmao.

Also, she posted pic related and next post within literally days of each other

No. 801606

File: 1556726224800.jpg (966.09 KB, 1436x1911, Screenshot_20190501-165204_Fac…)


No. 801787

This is so bad, it can't be serious. A huge thigh tattoo thats a poorly done portrait of Danny Devito.

No. 804143

Idk what she's doing anymore.

No. 804188

her new tumblr is linked in the description of this video

No. 804192

also her rambling with the always sunny theme playing in the background is unintentionally hilarious

No. 804196

Isn’t shit like this a dog whistle for ecofascism/Great Replacement or whatever the fuck?

No. 804292

File: 1557456519580.png (89.9 KB, 1192x775, Untitleddsfdf.png)

i swear looking at their face without all the weird crazy make up, the all the piercings, the always sunny theme in the background is nightmare fuel thing no joke. i cant watch it. it hurts.

also i took the liberty of archiving the new blog and about. included the fun comment on the video.

No. 804302

Holy pressured speech, Batman

No. 804647

oh my god, the acting in this is hilarious. i can't believe people actually by her bullshit.

No. 805470

is she still pretending to be poor and abused by her parents for being asked to do chores and get a job lol

No. 806736

she's constantly begging for money so yes

No. 807907

File: 1558104165160.png (35.06 KB, 564x284, Screenshot 2019-05-17 at 15.39…)

exited to see how this turns out. what do you want to bet its going to come back that she's not on the spectrum?

No. 807917

If she's actually getting the assessment… she can probably fake it well enough that she'd get diagnosed, or she'll lie about it.
I don't get why she's getting assessed anyway, she acts like she's 100% sure she has autism, so what's she gonna do if they say otherwise?

No. 808067

>age regression

I swear she’s never met an autistic person and instead based this off of Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting as Arnie Grape.

No. 810244

Why does every psycho bitch on the planet think she wants to be a therapist? Would explain a lot about the therapists I've had though, come to think of it.

No. 810251


same reason every munchie wants to be a doctor?

No. 810961

If she went private she may be handed a diagnosis without actually qualifying for it. Private autism assessments are pretty much a scam preying on desperate actual autists and munchies who got turned away or got a diagnosis they didn't agree with. It's in their interest to give you whatever diagnosis you want, so you recommend their terribly expensive service to others.

If it's a regular psychiatrist, it can go either way. In my experience the assessment goes so quickly and has so many unexpected questions that it'd be difficult to fake it. They also ask the same questions several times or in different ways, so they'd be able to catch any contradictions. Some psychiatrists/teams also make you do a lot of tests to measure things like your ability to identify faces, your sensory sensibilities, your emotional intelligence, etc.
But if she studied the sort of questions they ask, prepared an entire persona to roleplay as and they don't make her pass any tests, she might be able to bullshit them, especially if whoever assesses her has other appointments after hers and doesn't want to waste time being suspicious of her.

No. 811861

It's definitely private and yeah that's what I thought, no reason to not give you the diagnosis after you pay them hundreds.
That actually makes sense for why she went private, she can easily get a "proof" of her autism.

No. 815026

She could just lie and not pay anything, as well

No. 815932

File: 1559310809629.png (48.45 KB, 1080x404, Screenshot_2019-05-31-15-53-24…)

still not autistic m8

No. 815940

>Being happy to be diagnosed with autism

No. 815945

I can understand some happiness. For me it was a huge relief to finally understand what the fuck is wrong with me. Other than that, most days I'd prefer a neurotypical brain.

No. 815949

I can understand feeling relief, however her happiness isn't that. She's just happy she can now brag she's "diagnosed" with autism.

No. 815978

she is very clearly faking it
hopefully she follows in autistic icon chris-chan's footsteps and drops off the face of the earth

No. 815983

What do you mean? Chris-chan is still there, being as ridiculous as ever

No. 816146

in b4 she uses her new autism dx as an excuse for the claims she raped someone

No. 833294

if that was the case, theyd post proof. they have none.

No. 833295

You sir, win the internet for today(a winner is you)

No. 847235

File: 1564687987696.png (37.15 KB, 415x369, cas.png)

saw this posted today

No. 903743

She changed her blog name again. She now goes by the username "antichrister".

No. 903746

I still find it bizarre that her sister still interacts with her regularly, and wonder if this is legit or some kind of weird extra edgy lie cas told someone not expecting it to spread. I don't even think her sister knows this stuff is online about her

No. 903787


Other people have previously said that the sister doesn't get along with them and that they are openly antagonistic towards each other. I think it was posted earlier in this thread by someone who claims to know Cas in person.

No. 903798

File: 1575926042126.png (25.03 KB, 492x349, img48493etX.PNG)

Says she's a compulsive liar on her Askfm page.

No. 904438

I'm the Anon you're replying to, I know them in person, which is why I find it so odd

No. 904460


Does Cas come off as maladjusted or mentally ill as they make themselves out to be online? They paint this image of themselves as unable to function and visibly mentally ill, which seems like a scheme conjured up for attention. But obviously, I don't know because I have never met them.

No. 904522

Very ~quirky~ and obnoxious irl as is her entire friend group, including some random girl who draws on facial hair and a beard just to sit in a cafe. This aside, no she doesn't stick out as maladjusted, struggling, or even autistic in any way whatsoever. Just a childish cringey young adult. Her sister is much nicer, seemingly normal, and holds a job which cas has never seemed to

No. 904548

That's not much of a surprise. They paint this picture that they're fragile and can't function on their own because of mental illness and trauma but it doesn't sound like they were ever even abused.

From what I've heard, the sister has moved out and has a stable job and a life. Cas moved out only to move back in with parents because of "mental illness" aka said they would kill himself if they had to get a job because they refuse to be an adult.

No. 904746

Last I met her, her sister did have a steady job and a boyfriend and all, plus looks great. Their parents are very gentle lovey dovey hippy dippy and supportive of all of them. At worst I could believe her older autistic brother behaved inappropriately towards her, but nothing else tbh.

No. 1121397

File: 1609723431341.png (204.82 KB, 347x750, antichrister.png)

(sorry to mods for necro) but Cas is now claiming to be deaf and hard of hearing.

No. 1121544

no surprise. their whole gaggle of facebook DID munchie friends all are deaf, blind, or mute even if they can hear and see and talk.

i wish that circle of people could be milked but it’s all hidden behind facebook groups.

No. 1121612


what i wouldnt give to be a fly on the wall in some of those facebook groups

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