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File: 1526152322670.jpg (350.7 KB, 749x526, idubbbz girlfriend.jpg)

No. 580510

Last thread: >>>/snow/469461

Anisa-only thread, please. Non-pear related Youtuber discussion can go in the following threads:
Youtubers General Thread: >>260800

previously on:
>Constantly begging for subs and donations on stream
>Anisa's discord chats got leaked (view here >>460537)
>Pearfax Content cop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdc_kJIdaOY
>Anisa warned about coming into the US/being banned - goes anyway
>Anisa is trying to go back to school and come live with idubbbz on a school visa(previously on an idubbbz sponsored youtube visa)
>Anisa talks shit about her only friend's girlfriend on stream
>Got really shitty extensions and took them out in less than a month
>Obsessive over OfflineTV - Especially lilypichu and pokimane. Anisa draws creepy fanart and attempts to copy their style
>Anisa's mom still lurks
>Visiting San Diego/Australia maybe


No. 580515

Content Cuck video

No. 580520

File: 1526152564971.jpg (1.18 MB, 1500x1167, Idubbbz cheater anisa jomha.jp…)

A ex boyfriend cheat sheet for new users - use this as a reference in anisa's storytime

recently her boyfriend "daniel" contacted her about the video she made about him:

see clips here:


No. 580527

File: 1526152888996.jpg (583.15 KB, 766x1116, anita sarkeesian.jpg)

Breaking up with Idubbbz/Ian

Ian's gross

Taking credit for the Tana Mogeau CC

Kailey plz lurk

Peeing in the Shower

Momma Johma wants Sugar Daddies

Anisa being shielded by Ian

Mooching off of Ian

Discord Drama

Jessica Nigri is a Suck Up shit talk

Anisa's content sucks

Chris would defend me…

Plenty Educated

Should I break up with Akaadian for Idubbz *Ian?

No. 580529

File: 1526153028101.png (390.48 KB, 720x656, 1525032292748.png)

Anisa making fun of Venus Angelic's eating disorder
full VOD:

>Jinx level overeaction about Venus' body

>Anisa laughing that people died from surgery
>thanking subs/donations mid making fun of Venus' accent

remember - anisa is a self diagnosed OCD, has eating disorders etc

No. 580545

Great work compiling all this info together. Does anyone think Ian hasn't gone after anyone lately because he knows how much shit there is on his girlfriend now?

No. 580549

Brittany Venti mentions Anisa in her stream, how Anisa copies personalities

No. 580550

So Idubbbz and Anisa are still together? He didn't give a shit about the discord caps?

No. 580556

She’s been calling Shoe0nhead a lot the past few days…HARD. I hope she turns her sights back on pear again soon. Hi Brittany! You’re my favorite farmer!

No. 580558

File: 1526155276159.jpg (23.28 KB, 480x360, 1525677638827.jpg)

>Kailey only cares about the game
>It's only when Anisa keeps bringing the Daniel shit up that she bothers to half-assedly care
>Anisa's on the brink of tears and Kailey still doesn't give a shit

Friend goals.

No. 580561

Apparently he did not give a shit. They went on vacation to Boston together afterwards.
Later this month:
17th She'll be in San Diego (Ian)
19th she'll go to Australia (Max, Katt, Ian)
10 days in Australia, she'll livestream the entire time

No. 580569

I thought she was on the verge of being banned from the US. How the hell is she gonna get back in again?

No. 580595

You know, that did actually come to mind. All of her shitty behavior over the last couple years could make him, by association, seem hypocritical when he CC’s someone.

No. 580596

I couldn't watch that stream, it made me too angry. I'm not familiar with this cow, but she seems obnoxious and like a grade A bitch.

No. 580644

Known about Anisa for years but why do you guys call her pear? There's a seperate girl called pear chan because of her body shape so this is especially confusing.

No. 580650

Because of her pear shaped head, dummy. Are you sure you've known about her for years?

No. 580652

Never noticed that to be her weird feature when there's other features that are

No. 580661

In case you guys missed this;
There's a lot of calling out Pear here.

No. 580668

She tried to clap back to lolcow for calling her a pear by making a twitch emoji with her dog and a pear

Comes off more insecure than anything

No. 580669

Yeah, this was a couple years ago. She backed off after this. I wish she’d start again, honestly

No. 580683

all hail our queen Brittany Venti!! I know she is lurking here so thank you Brittany for your amazing work as always and thank you for exposing bitches like anisa and shoe! keep up gods work!

No. 580730

>our queen
Stop this cringy shit. The right action for the wrong reason is still wrong.

No. 580735

oh come on anon this a hate forum ffs dont take shit so seriously. I think what Brit did was awesome, something most people wouldnt do because they are afraid of the big bad content cop.(derailing)

No. 580743

She's a cow herself, ffs. If Margo amassed a following somehow started doing this shit, any non-retarded person wouldn't randomly start stanning her.
Appreciate the milk, but she's not "our queen".

No. 580763

Is that you? Brittany didn't expose shit, we did. Girl's just as fugly and retarded as pear is lmao.(derailing)

No. 580806

File: 1526169598932.png (272.94 KB, 640x480, 1525147307212.png)

As schizophrenic as this site can be about morals, let's not kid ourselves: Brittany's no "queen" just another titty streaming attention whore that wants to start shit because she literally has nothing better to do with her pathetic life.(derailing)

No. 580815

File: 1526170037517.png (31.11 KB, 577x453, Untitled.png)

Why is Anisa trying to paint the narrative that she has an eating disorder lately?

Especially after she made fun of Venus' dying body

No. 580818

all the turbo retards who made the previous anisa threads notorious fucked off to PULL because autosage is bullying or some shit. please consider following them.

No. 580827

Because Pear chan has this attention whoring need to over exaggerate every aspect of her life.

Remember when she had OCD that made her racist, she was a fitness model in highschool, she's a successful YouTuber, or her totes amazing relationship with Ian that she definitely doesn't regret.

Or she's probably been lurking and is now trying to cover her ass for when Venus's fans end up dragging her, like the spineless pussy she is:
>"I'm also dealing with an eating disorder AND body dysphoria so that makes everything I say A-OK!!"

No. 580881

Anisa was friends with Sky Williams and then she shit talked him when he was defending her against others causing her to lose him as a friend
You guys can probably dig up the tweets and stream clips/vods

No. 580902

Our morals suck, but Britney is a whole new level. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when she calls out shit but she in no queen. She’s not hated all over for nothing

No. 580915

I still remember when she made threads about herself on 4chan, samefagged the hell out of them and screeched about black girls for 100+ posts, lmao.

No. 580919

Anisa probably found an excuse to disassociate from Sky Williams 'cause Idubbz hates him.

No. 580966

this has been covered in the last 11 threads

No. 580970

File: 1526179794660.png (16.16 KB, 572x168, Untitled.png)

Anisa unknowingly wished Ice Poseidon a happy birthday lmao


No. 580973

"did you and grossgore ever make up?"

anisa gets pissy

No. 580985

it should be in the thread recap

No. 581018

This is precious. Like, I cherish this. She’s nothing but a dancing monkey for bits

No. 581020

Trigglypuff. Can’t some things she can’t forgive? She led him on because he was hosting her and she used him and he got upset. She can’t forgive that? GG is no angel, but she was the bad guy in that situation

No. 581034

I sorta agree, but honestly it seems hopeless that Sky is ever gonna do anything about it (even though he keeps saying he will) so it might not be relevant

No. 581051

I think too much time has passed for him to make the video. I think he’ll get a negative response because at this point in time it would appear as if he’s doing it for attention. He can’t afford that tight now, to be honest.

No. 581075

Okay, idiot, if you’re so embarrassed about it why make a tweet? Are you just trying to drudge up some old drama for ye olde attention?

No. 581093

this makes me so mad honestly. the whole "I had anorexia, diagnosed by the doctor" lie is what turned me from her fan to her hater

I guess she hoping that being mentally ill gets her sympathy points and attention. Except she's to lazy to go to MPA and actually read about how it feels to be anorexic, so every thing she says comes of fake and wannarexic

Hey Anisa, if you're reading this, ED's are not fun. Anorexia is more then just eating less. It's rally shitty to have it, but it's more shitty to fake it

She'll start bingeing afterwards, as it usually happens with long restrictions. I cannot wait

No. 581292

yeah, joji is basically that dude who was never meant to be semi-mainstream famous and still falls back on his YT/internet humor to make fun of his insecurities before anyone else can.

he's also the final boss softboy tbh

No. 581382


> he’s also the final boss softboy tbh


No. 581413

File: 1526233228708.jpg (111.81 KB, 1213x2048, 50eu87w5y5801.jpg)

Anisa in a nutshell

No. 581440

I’m literally crying, hahhahahaha

No. 581490

it will all most likely fail and btw this thread is for anisa only if you want to talk about joji do it in the youtubers thread or make a filthy crew thread, unless joji is shading anisa or interacting with idubbbz he is no longer relevant in the pear universe but I do agree with you tho.

>joji thread when?

No. 581522

Someone want to start a joji thread? He’s actually been kind of milky lately and even has a pretty active thread on PULL

No. 581562

someone please edit this with anisa in there 1:44-2:00

No. 581574

File: 1526243412161.jpg (244.57 KB, 800x455, idubbbz girlfriend.jpg)

oo boy this is some meme gold
1:44-2:00 would go perfect with this clip

anyways here's my meme contribution

No. 581583

All the footage of Anisa talking about Ian moving to canada for this vid

No. 581604

It's like she specifically recorded the whore part for Anisa

No. 581660

He basically was doing the “I was hoe, now I’m admittin it” song she used to play on her streams. Makes me hmmmm a little

No. 581827

File: 1526255397371.png (835.45 KB, 1242x2208, 685386CD-6644-4EB5-B6E4-F49B8C…)

Look, my bf idubbbz just responded to someone on Twitter…let me insert myself in the conversation to remind the people I am idubbbz gf.

No. 581843

I know what she was TRYING to do (ahem be funny.) but when you’re actually like that, it’s not funny it’s just serious cringe

No. 581864

OT, but pear’s beloved shoe0nhead discord just got leaked. When will these cows learn.

No. 581882

Anything worth noting?

No. 581888


Ot’d, nothing pear-related. That thread is poppin atm

No. 581962

I know you’re kidding…

No. 581987

thanks i hate it

No. 582003

High key, jealous of all their milk. We’re a tad dry

No. 582139

thanks now ill now go kill myself

No. 582234

File: 1526280776270.png (294.8 KB, 393x459, fatjoj.png)

too bad your boy looks like this now btw theres a youtubers thread here >>460232 go fan girl over there and leave our pear thread alone

No. 582426


No. 582453

Tinfoil time- I wonder if this trip to Australia is a last ditch effort to see if things can work. As soon as Ian surprised her telling her about the trip, it’s been “things are really looking up” from her.

So, if this is possibly an attempt to salvage whatever is left of their quasi relationship, why would pear think it’s a great idea to stream and vlog the whole time? Girl, if you’re somewhere you’ve never been with your guy, why not just enjoy it? Does everything need to be on the internet?

No. 582458

File: 1526308094463.png (774.49 KB, 1242x2208, C3A22386-41D5-475C-A4B2-7B6782…)

Wait, I must’ve missed something… So, all of pear’s female friends are attracted to women? I thought kailey was straight.

No. 582464

she is probably bisexual cuz I remember there was a time where she hated anisa because (back when anisa was dating akaadian) also allegedly anisa wanted to "set k4ley and chris up" its all in past threads

No. 582477

It would make sense for her to form friendships with people who could be attracted to her. Not saying kailey is, but that possibility is how pear must get her rocks off. She does genuinely have an issue with sexualized attention. People that are into you are pretty willing to go to bat for you.

No. 582526

she's dating Idubbbz for his fame, obviously she's going to vlog their trip. His presence will bring her views, and she'll be able to brag about her youtube channel growing, "I'm so happy that people appreciate me as creator, my success is my own, it's not because of my boyfriend, ha ha ha"

why would she enjoy their time together? This is a guy who peed on her. I doubt if she even likes him. She would never look twice at him if he wasn't Idubbbz

No. 582561

She doesn’t get how easy it is to call her on her bullshit. Ian’s inexperience is really making a fool of him.

No. 582562

Tbf she hasn't said anything about vlogging the trip.

No. 582563

Might as well be you’re already planning on irl streams everyday.

No. 582574

Markiplier's girlfriend was in Anisa's chat a few days ago. On a stream after the trip to Boston Anisa mentioned that she met her and Mark at Pax.

No. 582601

I wish people really knew how shitty she is- all this do is encourage her.

No. 582684

she publicly wished markiplier's(or jacksepticeye's) girlfriend Happy Birthday on twitter. These girls she barely knows, yet she didn't wish Cecily happy birthday.

Anisa is the GREATEST friend, not transparent at all.

No. 582692

kek do you all remember the time where she was trying to suck up to marzia but marzia completely ignored her, she was saying shit like "oh marzia is such a fashion icon" "I wish my relationship was as successful as the one felix and marzia have" lol marzia senpai never noticed her.

No. 582699


She (PlanetPeebs) shows up about 35:40

About 49:50 Anisa notices her and immediately makes her a mod.

No. 582705

I honestly think that was the reason she was pushing to join Ian when he went to the U.K. Her brain decided that she and Marzia were totally going to be friiieeeeeeennnndsss

No. 582711

I love that she says “Ian’s always careful about what he puts out on the internet”
Bitxh, you ain’t careful. All you do is share personal details on a daily basis

No. 582716

too bad she couldnt go "because she couldnt leave blitz" (yeh right Ian probably didnt wanted her to embarass him thats why she was so bitchy and needy in her discord chat) lol I wonder if she is actually going to australia haha I have a feeling she wont be going there either. Imagine hanging out with anisa FOR A WHOLE WEEK haha I dont think neither max or katt can take that shit again

No. 582723

There’s no difference between her and your stereotypical vlogger. You can just say, “Stream at around 2:30” We don’t need every tiny mundane detail of what you’re doing. Oh, and this was just a reminder that she’s going to AUS with her idubbbz to hang with their friend maxmoefoe. Just in case anyone forgot.

No. 582727

File: 1526324759592.png (1.58 MB, 1242x2208, EDC50CE8-0D8A-4853-BBAF-419BF7…)

Oops, forgot the pic

No. 582792

One person gifted 200 random people subs and she's happy about it but in a month she'll drop 200 subs lol

No. 582833

File: 1526334050679.jpeg (59.89 KB, 180x320, 8657DFEE-77DE-41B3-981E-2173EA…)

Guyyys, I don’t wear bras with padding anymore.


No. 582897

File: 1526337361181.png (679.28 KB, 1242x2208, 5279F27D-EC5D-48DD-BCD5-D9846A…)

Can’t remember if this was ever covered, sorry if it has but…gross.

No. 582899

File: 1526337391256.jpg (111.91 KB, 750x909, tumblr_p8qpdmmhDG1qa2l0bo2_128…)

She looks so uncomfortable jesus christ

No. 582901

File: 1526337400954.png (1.95 MB, 1242x2208, 1E6846E4-50D0-4EA2-B79B-CDDD08…)

Yeah, pear has friends that like her for her and not idubbbz.

No. 582904

File: 1526337463399.jpg (104.37 KB, 746x1280, tumblr_p8qpdmmhDG1qa2l0bo1_128…)

Poor attempt at bluring those forehead wrinkles pear

No. 582907

Oh look, a new pair of shorts that she’ll wear every fucking day and hardly wash it. Super duper, pear.

No. 582953

File: 1526340312828.jpeg (185.87 KB, 412x498, 81F2EACD-BC5A-4536-B333-899472…)


Lmao pear why

No. 583050

i cant fucking deal with these like two damn denim shorts she constantly wears. honey let your coochie breathe. i thought she revamped her style? fashion queen!

No. 583140

man I feel bad for her poor vagina, why doesnt she wear other things like idk skirts or summer dresses theres a bunch of nice summer clothes that wont clamp your coochie, come on sis let your punani breathe. She looks so greasy.

No. 583157

She doesn’t wash her face. It’s just so dirty.

No. 583176

Another example of whenever she gets any new clothing she does a little ~fashion shoot~ and then makes a stupid tweet/caption to go along with it. She has not taste and her content is pathetic.

No. 583233

The dog is more uncomfortable, because mama Pear is showing off another one of her "one of the dudes casual chic" looks.

No. 583796

File: 1526407817253.jpeg (325.29 KB, 1242x1724, 94AA1732-5027-473A-93D7-68AE41…)

When pear tries to get deep but her “fans” truly only care about Ian

No. 583830

File: 1526410324808.png (1.46 MB, 1649x869, Untitled2.png)

one way to make a quick buck: show your boobs, cleavage, bra, and eat a banana in front of the camera. gr8 content, anisa.

No. 583864

i was literally a fan of hers until 2 days ago until i found the threads here about her, now i just think she’s scum lmao…

not sure if it’s milk but i remember when i was watching her stream the other day and someone donated to her with a message along the lines of “you talk like max” and she went on some thing about how the way she talks is just “her” and the only time her and max talked was when she went to hawaii with them. it was so awkward to watch her explain that—you’d think that spending an extended amount of time with someone like that you’d grow to be friends. guess max couldn’t handle her.

either way i can’t wait for the month to end so i can get my twitch prime sub back and give it to someone who actually deserves it

No. 583875

This is the “success” she is so proud of…people sub for her to act trash and talk about Ian. She knows it. And Ian and his almighty infinate wisdom he likes to portray is getting played like a fiddle. She will be his downfall

No. 583879

No. 583888

i don’t remember when about it was because i had the stream on as background noise but i think it might’ve been the may 8th stream. all of her streams just mesh together in one memory since they’re so generic

No. 583894

What made you like her in the first place if I may ask? She is so insanely unlikable and hypocritical and not even funny or nice to look at, I genuinely don't understand why anyone would support her shit

No. 583896

Shit guys, I gotta clip when I get home from school. She just low key shaded Chad. “If people like Chad’s content, that’s fine” after throwing shade to people who do tinder date streams.

No. 583902


tbh it was just ignorance on my part bc i didn’t do any further digging about her, also i’m so out of touch with youtube/twitch drama and such. i guess i should’ve seen it coming, after reading all this i can’t help but notice how bland her streams are and how whenever she opens her mouth nothing coherent is coming out.

i haven’t used lolcow/4chan since i started university so when i say i’m out of the loop i totally am out of the loop. i didn’t follow her in her titty streamer days either.

as to why i liked her? i literally have no idea now, i hated her yt content and would only ever watch streams now and again. i was just looking for something fun to watch tbh

i want my $3 donation back

No. 583911

the chad thing happens 59 minutes in, cant clip on mobile right now

No. 583913

Yeah, I’m at clinical right now, if someone can clip it and save it off twitch. Chad isnt afraid to call out people.

No. 583917

this isnt a clip so whenever anyone can, clip it before she deletes the vod


No. 584123

Anisa getting to jontron levels here

"White men get shot as much as black men, you just don't see it in the news because it's not interesting. I'm just telling the truth"

No. 584280

OT to the highest, but Brittney just dropped a nuclear bomb on shoe


No. 584313

Requesting links to the previous threads

No. 584316

No. 584320

Thank you.

No. 584325

I want Brittney to make a similar video against Anisa. She's just as shitty, insecure, attention seeking, and hypocritical. Knock her down like she did shoe.

No. 584328

She already did but with all the new info since she made that video, she could probably scrounge up another one

No. 584331

I asked her to revisit in the shoe thread. She’s definitely going to see it since that video confirmed that she is a for sure farmer

No. 584337

Brittany? Pls tell me this you…

No. 584344

File: 1526436971513.png (2.08 MB, 1242x2208, 4D6684DA-2E13-43BA-ABEE-454631…)

Hell. YES!

No. 584349


No. 584350

Been so jelly over shoes thread the last couple days and they are drenched in milk atm…we’re next!

No. 584354

Please please brittany make a good one. The pear fax one wasn't bad but nothing really came out of it. Why does Anisa seem so indestructible?

No. 584355

PEARFAX was great, but we need that extra only Brittany can do

No. 584363

If the discord leaks aren't enough then what is tho? I mean theres only so much Brittany can do unless she knows personal shit

No. 584366

I think it might take some time, but she just may have a few things up her sleeve.

No. 584370

she did mentioned once that she knew some dirty secrets, she can def snoop around some twitch hoes and talk to them ORRR maybe she and sky can do a collab omggggg yesss that would be great

No. 584379

Her dad didn't know she was a titty streamer: https://clips.twitch.tv/BraveBlitheBibimbapPRChase

It was her dad who made her stop titty streaming: https://clips.twitch.tv/DarkFlaccidBorkAllenHuhu

No. 584384

Jesus, I’m not sure we’ll ever hear from Sky. I think he’s let too much time pass on his personal vendetta. It’s been over a year

No. 584408

Pear fax is great, but people don't want to sit down and watch a 30 minute slide show (no offense). I mean, content cop is so successful because there's an actual person putting themselves on the line to expose someone at their own well being and reputation, and exposing someone is more satisfying coming from someone delivering punchlines and witty shit. Also pearfax isnt super accessible to the uninformed/uninvested in the drama and might only reach people who already are super fans of Ian (or Anisa, if she has any lol) in the first place and can just choose to ignore or not believe it.
/rant over

No. 584411

pearfax here yes I totally agree with you, we need someone who is famous and relevant enough (who have a big fan base) like miss brittany or sky to get people to actually listen.

No. 584414

i can taste the milk omg

never loved brittany more

No. 584423

You did a great job, we just need some commentary to go along with it. Oh yeah, watch the stream from today if you can. Full of gems

No. 584428

She shaded Chad today. That’s a great clip

No. 584453

File: 1526441957524.png (41.67 KB, 631x421, pearmilk.png)

lmao'ing @ pear milk. brittany u sneaky bitch ily

No. 584487

File: 1526443100889.png (11.61 KB, 740x191, blinko.png)

lol, this was in the comments of brittany's shoe video

blinko is that loser from anisa's discord, right? i'm so amused rn.

No. 584506

The irony is that’s what people say to Ian when drops a CC

No. 584537

too true. they're all 'yaaas king' thinking he's so hardworking and dedicated and visionary for thinking so far ahead, but when someone exposes their pwecious waifu? then it's pathetic to keep the tea warm to expose someone. white knights are the biggest hypocrites.

No. 584554

kek this is the loser that sent anisa the piss pictures. holy shit lol what a loser, wk anisa and then moving to shoe, yikes!

No. 584790

You know what, maybe he’s a lurks here and he’s one of her wk we get posting now and then

No. 584806

it's possible, he seems pretty invested in defending his trash queen

No. 585056

I hate Anisa but this Brittany chick is super irritating. I can't listen to her for longer than a minute tbh.

No. 585090

>Or she's probably been lurking and is now trying to cover her ass for when Venus's fans end up dragging her, like the spineless pussy she is

Has anyone uploaded the clips to youtube though?

No. 585119

Pearfax saved the VOD so no worries

No. 585353

Brittney I love you <3 keep doing God's work.

No. 585416

did anyone catch anisa's latest stream? she deleted it immediately she must've fucked up somehow

No. 585463

britt is streaming on yt rn, says it's about shoe but i'm hoping for some anisa milk

No. 585470

No. 585509

Good content, thank you for capping this pile of mess lol

No. 585528

lol bitch trying to be zoie burger but more ugly and pear looking

No. 585537

which is hilarious because zoie offered to take her under her wing and help her with her streaming career and anisa picked ian/her failed YT career instead. and now anisa gave up on YT and she fell back on streaming anyway lmao.

No. 585543

serves her right imagine if she was with zoie right now bitch would be making serious coins, with all that luxe shit and she would be living in a mansion going to a list celebrity parties lol pear fails at life

No. 585679

Same. Brittany seems like an even cringier, meaner, more irritating person than Anisa.

No. 585682

LOL no please get out anisa stans

No. 586208

Well boys, let’s see if the ol’ USofA lets her in today. I hope the customs officer didn’t get laid last night.

No. 586354

Where’s she at?

No. 586467

File: 1526586134646.jpeg (698.48 KB, 1169x2079, 5B1B0D2F-D5B2-4700-B64C-6EDDAE…)

Apparently they let her in…San Diego

No. 586595

wow, anisa is truly evil. i'm so glad pearfax posted this to expose her.

No. 586819

OH man, how can someone be so vile? Fucking baldilocks thinking she's the authority on truth when literally no one lies more. Saying Venus is lying when the bald bitch posted "before and after I starved myself for a month :(((" selfies that looked identical KEK. This fucking hairless bitch.

No. 586863

Great work as always, pearfax.

If someone made a reaction openly laughing at her “it’s okay to ask for help” video she would cry and talk about how foul they were for making it a big joke. Then her wk would give her bits and dollars to cheer her up. The pear cycle continues

No. 587004

File: 1526610941446.jpeg (131.15 KB, 328x539, 00DF8FAD-4163-403B-A6E2-523E8F…)


Lmao those facial expressions, acting like she’s so disgusted.

Anyway you’d think an ex titty streamer would know her camera angles. So unflattering.

No. 587008

she looks like she came out of a holly brown sketch lol dat long pear face

No. 587053

No joke she looks like that shekel image

No. 587091

Really such an unfortunate face… just go back to showing your tits the wormy lips arent cutting it

No. 587107

Why? Why does she talk shut about Venus and her ED? Doesn't she remember that she made a video about herself being anorexic?
I guess if you lie so much it's hard to remember all your lies.
If I was her, I would write all my lies down and read it every time I go live or go on twitter to make sure I wont forget about anything and expose myself

No. 587548

Let us reminded that she shit talks as the day as long, but this is the same cow who needed a wk against grossgore. Remember how she cried? She wanted so much empathy, but this is the shit she does.

No. 587871

File: 1526683123283.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1106x1966, BCFB2CEB-4D2B-4736-9008-AEDA8A…)

I can’t with her stupidity…

Pear- I don’t get why this word that’s a pretty well-know double-meaning word is a slur. I HONESTLY don’t

Also pear- I too, am of oppressed people.

No. 587966

God she's like Momo and her need to say Sand n*gger. Canada is so fucking safe she's making all this shit up

No. 587988

She was complaining that someone got banned from twitch for saying it. I thought twitch partners weren’t supposed to talk shit about twitch? And, why even bring it up and rant about it? Right, to show her I’m an edgy chick side.

No. 588010

It's so fucking irritating when she defers to her Muslim father to justify some uneducated, racist remark she makes.
No one wants your take on anything, Pear.

No. 588032

My Muslim father. My father the lawyer. My boyfriend idubbbz. She has no discernible talent. She is not intelligent enough to know when to keep that sausage yap shut. I cannot wait until Brittany dunks on her pear head.

No. 588085

it’s almost as if she can’t think/talk for herself, she always has to use someone else to validiate what she’s saying. it’s so weird and just proves she has no confidence in what she’s actually talking about and she knows she’s dumb as fuck

No. 588092

File: 1526701710380.png (885.93 KB, 1242x2208, A81CFDFC-457E-4E1A-9E2A-EAF114…)

Katt doesn’t want to be embarrassed while this moron is visiting

No. 588095

pears response literally is just a whole bunch of nothing, lmao why is she spending her life giving context like it’s going to change katt’s opinion on the word? meme or not katt thinks it’s wrong to say yet pear is still out her yapping

No. 588099

Story of her life, she doesn’t know when to stfu. She nothing really to add to the context debate.

No. 588104

i really don’t get why she’s so up in arms about this when twitch is a platform that constantly bans users for no reason. probably because she knows she needs to stop fat shaming and skinny shaming women & being a general thot is going to cull her only source of income—her ultimate nightmare is probably having to get a real job instead of doing a “dog park owo” stream every other day

No. 588111


All I see is Pear getting triggered and trying to sound “plenty educated” as usual. That’s her gig.

No. 588171

Her parents are lawyers guys shes good at debates

No. 588316

Why don't we report her streams? Her reacting and making fun of YouTube videos counts as harassment doesn't it?

No. 588325

because it's better for her VOD's to be up for everyone to see how much of a cunt she is

No. 588357

Nah, she already has a contact at twitch that told her to chill when she did the whole fuck/marry/kill thing. There’s no point, let her keep sticking her foot in her mouth.

No. 588378

Bitch you’re fucking white. You’re 8% middle eastern. You’re white, I’m 10% African and guess what- IM WHITE! You’re white! Stop playing a goddamn Halsey and tryna be different because you’re not Caucasian, shut the fuck up. I hate your ass so much for this. Everyone just spam her with slang for white people and watch her say “I’m not white so it doesn’t bother me”. If you were Arab you’d have better eyebrows lmao. You look like a fucking incest crossbred hick.

No. 588380

Her parents are lawyers? I thought lawyers were supposed to be smart? Isn’t marueen kinda crazy? And isn’t her dad suffering from Alzheimer’s? Seems reliable Anisa

No. 588396

File: 1526741727977.png (2.83 MB, 1242x2208, 756A528A-3A27-421D-9D3E-26D8E3…)

Speaking of triggered…why did the description have my dying. You can see the rage in her eyes. Good clip, pearfax

No. 588397

Lebanon (where pear says she has ethnicity from) is like the most white Arab country too, and its arguable whether Lebanese people are actually Arabic or Phoenician, the country is only 50% muslim, isn't very strict about muslim laws etc.

No. 588460


hi, an actual arab here. half of the muslim world doesn’t even claim lebanon. while there’s so many dialects of arabic, lebanese is the most janked.

in conclusion, arabs hate the lebanese and sure as hell don’t claim anisa. as someone born in the middle east with ACTUAL strict muslim parents she act’s like the whitest thot in existence. if i did half the shit she did my parents would’ve disowned me years ago. her arab card is revoked. she needs to stop thinking she can speak for arab/middle eastern people when she grew up in the west and was raised as a white child. she really has no idea how good she has it.

No. 588765

All hail pearfax

No. 589126

This. I’m so sick of her: "I was raised in strict Muslim family" bs. I know nothing about Islam but I dont think titty streaming was sth Muslim girls did.

Blogposting but: I was raised in Catholic family that was pretty chill about religion, but I can't imagine my parents being cool with me showing my boobs for money to strangers online. My mum would probably cut me out off internet. Her mother MODERATED her streams.

Then she said her father was the reason why she ended tity streaming but her mother knew about it all along. Do her parents never talk to each other about what their children are doing? It all seems strange to me

No. 589156

Imagine being a parent watching your child being slandered and insulted on the internet like that and just sitting by watching it. Her mum needs help, how is it “moderating” if she’s just sitting there watching the stream and doing nothing? Her parents are a mess.

No. 589224

Has anyone watched Anisa's new SD stream? Any new milk? I tried watching that but she's sooooo boring. She did looked better there, this hairstyle suits her

No. 589484

nothing relevant she just keeps saying how she is going with australia with her boyfriend idubbbz and how pewds only noticed her because of her boyfriend idubbbz did i mention idubbbz is her boyfriend? really nothing out of the ordinary

No. 589545

She's saying how much she misses San Diego and how great it is but just a while ago she was saying how San Diego is the worst and she wished she could move because the area is too hot and people are mean?? Lol damn this girl can't stop lying

No. 589579

She said that after Australia Ian is coming to Canada for "at least a bit".

No. 589582

Haha, I saw this…what’s a bit? A week? She didn’t seem too sure about that. Let’s see if he even goes

No. 589853

It’s gradually becoming less and less, soon enough he’s ghosting her. Pear I thought he was gonna live with you?

No. 589909

I love pear shading chad, he's just as much a cow as she is lol they would be a much better match than her and Ian imo

No. 589917

lol ian getting cucked by chad when? hahahah wouldnt that be ironic lol

No. 590036


I’ve got questions too. Does her mom moderate every stream? Is she there moderating every single one? And how does that even work? You think she’s just waiting for that text or notification because she has nothing better to do than moderate her super talented daughter’s streams?

What a weird relationship to say the least.

No. 590104

Didn’t her mother see all the nasty comments calling her a slut and such (referring to the titty streamer days btw) and be like, ‘you need to stop doing this’? If I saw my own daughter being subjected to that treatment I’d tell them to stop streaming right away.
And what exactly was she even ‘moderating’ if the chat AND Anisa were both a mess.

Even if she still moderates it’s still fucked because there’s a couple Turkish guys that raid her streams chat every now and again telling her to get her tits out. She just sits by and watches her daughter be insult for $5 donations? It’s so fucked. I can clearly see why Anisa has no class.

No. 590109


I posted this in the previous thread, there's a kotaku article about anisa and her mother which explains everything


No. 590476

Are her parents retired? How does her mom even have time to do this shit

No. 590488

I thought she was a lawyer pear?

No. 590539

File: 1526941351300.png (3.15 MB, 1242x2208, 9FF5869C-E879-4D1F-BEDF-ADE20A…)

Ha! Pearfax, again, your descriptions kill me! Fantastic clip!

No. 590649


Christ, Anisa. Why do she always have to shit on other people's significant others? It makes her sound incredibly immature, like she's jealous or something. Can she actually refrain herself from talking shit about other people online because I hope she understands that they can see it. This will lead up to consequences that'll affect her in the future because whatever she posts online stays there forever. If she has a problem with someone, maybe she should respectfully vent about it to personal friends or offline, not on a Twitch stream.

C'mon, Anisa. You're older than me. You're supposed to be a bit more mature. Fucking act like it. Don't air out your beef about other folks to people that have no reason to be involved in it.

No. 590918

her mouth/lip area bothers me so much i don't know why
and why is she always mentioning "going to the gym" bitch that's not an accomplishment no one's gonna suck your ass cause you go to the gym you basic hoe

No. 590971

File: 1526992027830.png (516.15 KB, 586x603, Untitled.png)

No. 591000

Ian, you do realize you can’t get off a ship. You’re stuck with her.

No. 591001

>wearing sweats for a romantic cruise for ur gf's birthday
couple goals amirite

No. 591006

This is one of those pics that she looks like a mother of 4. Such a smol bean.

No. 591007

I see the yeast infection shorts made the trip.

No. 591015

instead of dressing cute and trying new looks she goes and wears this shit lol wtf pear? you could have worn a nice summer dress heck even a romper would have been a better idea lol she looks like his little sister more than anything

No. 591027

File: 1526998366291.jpeg (271.48 KB, 1242x597, 685566C5-10B6-4D82-A2A4-C080E9…)

They really do deserve each other!

No. 591031

Her birthday is actually June 25th.

No. 591059

why is she celebrating an entire month early? lmao

No. 591060

This screams "I was already planning this and maybe even without you but hey actually lets make this a birthday present so I don't feel bad getting you nothing for your birthday later"

No. 591065

File: 1527001348276.jpeg (909.08 KB, 1242x1470, 72D20E25-5C94-431F-AFBF-9FBA71…)

so awkward, she out here acting like it’s really her birthday an entire month early

No. 591067

Maybe ian just forgot when it was lmao

No. 591069

dating pear for almost 2 years is almost the equivalent of having a lobotomy

No. 591072

File: 1527001966849.jpg (135.72 KB, 1080x1080, 32272254_175661596474168_14386…)

No. 591085

Cute picture of Max and Katt

No. 591100

Don’t disrespect Max like that

No. 591122

oh look its Trans Mofoe

No. 591133

maybe ian got a cruise cus cruise wifi sucks and she won't be able to stream the trip lol

No. 591261

I love how awkward their body language is on every single photo of them. It's really stange. It's almost like she was with him only for his fame and money. Hmmm…

No. 591286

Smart for Ian…two birds one stone. It’s like “here’s your bday gift, don’t ask me for shit next month”

Come to think of it, her bday is around E3/Vidcon, he can’t be fucked dealing with her then

No. 591318

this screams to me that he's not going to canada with her since why wouldn't he celebrate closer to her actual birthday

romantic birthday surprise yet ian brings max and his gf, it's almost like he doesn't want to hang out with just anisa lmao

No. 591408

It's actually Katt's birthday this week, is Anisa being a petty hoe and making it all about her again? lol

No. 591416

Oh shit, really? That’s so sad.

No. 591466

I wonder It was Max’s idea for Katt, but when Anisa posted she couldn’t because she’d look like she was doing what Anisa actually did.

No. 591530

File: 1527036909183.png (152.67 KB, 750x1013, IMG_2099.PNG)

Speaking of birthdays, what's with anisa sucking up to jacksepticeye's, and now markiplier's girlfriend in public? She says this to people she barely knows and keeps celery a secret and doesn't even acknowledge her wtf

Your boyfriend is friends with them, that doesn't mean that their girlfriends are friends with you.

No. 591534

File: 1527037101387.png (125.03 KB, 750x1074, IMG_2100.PNG)

Yeah I'm not sure if the date is accurate but it's May for sure

No. 591566

File: 1527039057620.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, CCA83E8F-16DF-4DBB-B568-2F8043…)

She literally looks like the 40 year old mother of 3 teenage boys. Kek

No. 591597

It must be hot as balls, everyone in Kat's insta is wearing t shirts and tanks, the fuck is anisa doing wearing thick ass sweater

No. 591616

probably insecure about having the body of a mother of three kids

with those hair and sunglasses she looks like michael jackson

No. 591622

I used to respect Ethan, but seeing this tweet I'm not sure how I feel about him now. The whole "boi" instead of "boy" thing is just cringy, and Ethan seems to be insinuating that Anisa is attractive with the "U got some moves boi!". The only reason people like her or pretend to like her are people who kiss Ian's ass.

No. 591623

lmao, Michael Jackson.

No. 591625

This is probably a dumb question, but who is Celery?

No. 591633

pear's edmonton gf who she talked shit about on stream

No. 591653

Even though her makeup looks a bit jacked and really shows off her premature aging, she looks nice and natural here (minus that idiotic smol bean peace sign pose). Maybe it's just nice not to see her styled like a teenager for once.

No. 591724

I think Ethan meant that Ian booking a secret birthday cruise was smooth, and nothing he said had to do with Anisa's level of attractiveness. I also think he's just being nice to her because Ian is his friend. it's still embarrassing for both of them because it's not her birthday.

also, why do they always pose like brother and sister in photos? I sense no chemistry between them, or like they spend so much time away from each other that it's awkward when they're finally together because they don't talk much during the time apart. like they hardly know each other.

also also, it's unfortunate how much Celery looks like Ian.

No. 591732

File: 1527056191212.png (388.29 KB, 785x479, whaaaaat.PNG)

I just don't understand the immense support and praise this woman receives. She's unlikable in every way. I remember when Ian and Anisa were first dating, I was open minded and kind of liked her because she seemed like a positive person and was Ian's gf. But soon after being open minded, I actually watched her videos and her streams and I was very turned off because of how basic and cookie cutter she is. She's a huge follower and has no individuality. Her true self seems to derive from the "basic white girl tumblrina star bucks lover" side of the spectrum while her boyfriend is an edgelord memer type - she's both of these things and it clashes in such a terrible way. There's days she'll post some cringy edgelord joke and the next day she's posting about how much she loves coffee and uses the words "chill" and "gang" non-ironically. When I'm off work and I want something milky from her streams, it's just too boring to watch, so I rely on Pearfax to upload her worst moments on twitch. Seriously, when she goes live next time I'll try to actually get her triggered in the chat because she's so fucking boring.

No. 591752

I feel like Anisa would slowly start morphing into a Rosy O’donnell look alike if she gained weight

No. 591767

kind of related but sssniperwolf got called out for being a "Thot" and "mean because she talks too much shit" by maxmoefoe and nerdcity. basically covering everything anisa is(except being attractive)

if this is how max views sssniperwolf then i cant imagine how much contempt he has for anisa lol

No. 591776

She's leaning at an angle to look smaller next to idubbbz

For reference the top of her head is the same height where Ian's eyes are. Insecure cunt is insecure

No. 591882

She has to do that in order to keep up the whole, I’m 5’6 smol schtick

No. 591900

Max doesn’t seem to interact with her much.

More interesting, I would like to hear her take on the whole Pewds/Alinity thing. Does the whole thot thing get pear all kinds of triggered?

No. 592093

She was asked about that thot thing on the stream, didn't get triggered.

Do you think she still lurks here? On her twitch channel you can see, she's deleting VODs, so she's still super self conscious. But the VOD where she shit talks Venus is still up. I think she would took it down if she saw this thread, or pearfax clipping it.
I don't get how can she not see how this Venus comments make her look like
a) she lied about her anorexia
b) total cunt

Yet she deleted the VOD of her doing insanity?! That was probably the less offensive stream, she'd ever done

No. 592336

lmao at one of the comments on this photo: "before the photo shoot u googled “minion merch under $2”"
Also I am so confused about why there seem to be wrinkles going diagonally across her forehead.

No. 592365

the marks could be from the hat band

No. 592396

Forgive my request for spoonfeeding, but I'm literally like 6 threads behind and don't have time to comb through everything.

I heard her and Ian broke up. Is this true?

Also, any updated milk on the situation with her, Lacie, and Chris?

No. 592417

No. 592453

Too bad she's wider than he is

No. 592492

have there been any discord messages posted here lately? i dont use discord so i was hoping others who were in her server might have posted stuff.

No. 592519

No, they're still together. She just posted couple pics yesterday.
Also, there doesn't seem to be anything going on with her, Chris, and Lacie lately. It doesn't seem like her and Chris interact much anymore, at least not publicly. I could be wrong about that since I don't actually watch her streams beyond the clips posted here. She has since moved on to shitting on her friend Celery's significant other.

No. 592537

idk if this is a dumb question is Celery her real name?

No. 592540

it's Cecily

No. 592549

ever since the leak she's been very cautious to not post stupid shit

anisa and chris don't talk at all besides twitter comebacks. on stream the other week she and chris were like "we haven't talked to eachother in months huh lol"

No. 592601

kailey and Anisa's friendship story over mutual crush on akaadian

No. 592625

didn't she also have a crush on idubbbz and publicly lusted after him on twitter like right before he and Anisa started dating? weird

No. 592626

File: 1527143387724.png (1.22 MB, 1024x1024, idubbbz gf anisa jomha.png)

I wish idubbbz dated sssniperwolf

she has a shitty personality like anisa but at least she's easy to look at

No. 592628

>shipping youtubers

No. 592629

not shipping, just wishful thinking if he had to choose a stupid girl he should've at least got the hotter, skinnier one

No. 592630

File: 1527143867281.jpg (65.89 KB, 591x578, 1697498295352.jpg)

No. 592687

File: 1527156514119.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1241x2208, 0181DD4F-1F9B-4017-9624-37F92D…)

going back to the whole birthday fiasco, she literally advertises her birthday in her instagram bio—i’m still so confused as to why she was acting like it was genuinely her bday… she’s so damn weird, guess she really can’t handle not being in the spotlight since katt’s is coming up one of these days.

No. 592786

lol we should phooshop idubbbz posing with different girls just to spite her

No. 592958

still waiting für soneone to use all those idubbbz greenscreens with cringy pearnisa footage.

No. 593069

File: 1527203066954.png (456.31 KB, 595x518, wdRa091 - Imgur.png)

No. 593071

Someone do one with her arch nemesis Brittany

No. 593073

Poor Joji, he doesn't look too healthy. Guess he wasn't lying in that open letter about the Filthy Frank lifestyle taking a toll on his health.

No. 593094

If a lolcow is too boring to keep up with are they really a lolcow

No. 593095

File: 1527205908933.jpg (16.81 KB, 527x76, 2.JPG)

could it be our pearqueen?

No. 593112

It’s another shuwu, I think

No. 593114

Who is this?
anyways I love how idubbbz looks way better with a different girl, good job

No. 593117

File: 1527207587237.png (1.15 MB, 1612x1604, staysaltyanisa.png)

I gotchu fam here's my botchy ps rendition

No. 593127

lmao I love this meme

someone should do nigri next

No. 593153

File: 1527210781961.jpg (325.01 KB, 595x518, idubbbz girlfriend.jpg)

editing these make me realize how fucking wide anisa is and how tiny all these girls idubbbz follows are lol

clearly he has a preference for SMOL

No. 593172

Yaaaaas! A very niiiiice

No. 593174

The new Britt shuwu vid is another banger. Harder than the last…oh Brittany, you ready for pear?!?

No. 593178

File: 1527212311351.png (993.87 KB, 1502x1486, youwished.png)

here you go bb!

No. 593184

Oh dayum

No. 593200


ehh… maybe not this one.

No. 593204

hahaha omg, you're amazing anon

No. 593205

oh come anon its all in good fun

No. 593226

File: 1527215277136.png (813.42 KB, 1154x1598, imsorry.png)

sorry girls I just couldn't resist, she could be his thicc secret

sage for mental retardation

No. 593231

lmao but as if idubbbz has the capacity to hold a nice conversation with any of this girls tbh

i think they’re perfect for each other…i even thought the cruise thing was a nice gesture and actually considered for a minute there that Ian was a good guy until you guys revealed the truth. Max planned this for his girlfriend’s birthday, probably invited Ian and he liked the plan and it’s basically a double date cruise trip. Not the super secret birthday trip Anisa wants everyone to think it is. Pear you made this all about yourself again smh

No. 593234

lmao, the best part is she's the one who's best fit over anisa's wide body. i love it.

No. 593342

Whatever happened to “guyyyyys, I’m streaming errday when I go to Australia”?

No. 593353

Y'all are sad as fuck, photoshopping that shit. Don't you have men that'll consider getting you a cruise?(derailing)

No. 593356

yknow anisa shits on grossgore all the time but I just checked up on him:
-owns a home
-has a loving gf and now a father to a daughter

the bloke mellowed out and is a chill guy now, meanwhile anisa is balding in an unhappy relationship omegalul

No. 593371

File: 1527224112255.png (1.21 MB, 1024x1024, leafy idubbbz otp.png)

leafy chan and idooops

No. 593375

lol this is awesome!!! leafy is best waifu! hahahaha i love this!

No. 593381

sis… the cruise was probably max's idea and it was probably meant for katt and Ian just cashed in on the idea either that or pearchan as always made everything about herself (her birthday is around late june)

Besides that "cruise" looks a crusty looking old people ferry tour around AU, nothing impressive about that tbh but alright! you go on and keep thinking anisa is smol bean best waifu she is soo lucky she is idoobbbz girlfriend guyzzzz!!!11oneoneone

No. 593395

he looks best with whoever this is

that girl is so pretty wtf

No. 593434

File: 1527232961754.jpg (49.62 KB, 595x275, 44.jpg)

No. 593455

ian is so smart and fucked her over loool

No. 593456

File: 1527236418873.png (133.67 KB, 750x1189, IMG_2115.PNG)

Lies because
1- kat has been uploading stories the entire time on the boat
2- anisa liked stuff on insta/twitter a couple of hours ago

She must be having a shitty time to idubbbz lol

No. 593465

File: 1527239824929.png (795.44 KB, 1138x1388, awwshitt.png)

good for him! unlike the nasty pear he was able to move on and grow as a person.

since you did leafy I went ahead and did Tana but tbh Tana wouldn't be caught dead in such a botchy looking cruise that doesn't even have decent internet btw! I think I will do superwoman next!

No. 593488

File: 1527246608961.jpg (133.06 KB, 1080x996, 33210293_328409487690446_61356…)

No. 593584

No. 593597

Why does pear’s face always have to look like she’s desperately trying to hold in diarrhea? She shouldn’t take pics with girls better looking, as well. Oof

No. 593603

now that is an unfortunate face, wtf why does she always do the peace sign, what a weeb. lol the only good thing is that she really makes Katt look like a supermodel compared to her fugly pear looking self

No. 593606

Honestly hope she doesn’t at all get the internet to stream while she’s out there. Too bad she won’t get to exploit her associates

No. 593637


But the shitty Internet thing also proves how little Ian cares about Anisa’s so called career. She’s been struggling to stream every single day and being very outspoken about trying to be consistent. I understand it’s vacation/muhbirthday but if Ian truly cared and believed in her he would’ve considered this. I mean it’s her JOB and she was very vocal about wanting to stream with her Australian pals. Ian doesn’t give a fuck, or maybe he really did this on purpose to keep her annoying ass on check lol

No. 593645

Yeah, but usually when you have a job you don’t just take off on the fly to fuck about on a vacation. She didn’t have to jump just because Ian said so

No. 593653


And your point is? Obviously Pear has control of her own actions. I’m just saying Ian fails to consider what Anisa wants. Those Australian streams would’ve been the highlight of Pear’s year. She would’ve increased subs for sure.

No. 593672

If she was smart and responsible enough, she would’ve made sure to have planned better. Yeah, Ian probably doesn’t take her “career” seriously. We’ve already established his lack of awareness when it comes to her/other people. But at the end of the day, why should he give a rat’s ass if clearly she doesn’t like she claims to…all it took on her part was actual planning. But no, she was more concerned with shopping and shit than actual stream planning. Did she really think about how she was going to get reliable internet to IRL stream while they were out and about? Obviously not. Her failing career has everything to do with her and no one else.

No. 593687

The hair crimper was the worst thing to happen to her, she looks crazy and unstable

No. 593704

now that is an unfortunate face, wtf why does she always do the peace sign, what a weeb. lol the only good thing is that she really makes Katt look like a supermodel compared to her fugly pear looking self

I agree with this statement, she is a full grown adult and she should take care of her own shit. I mean when ian recorded in the middle of nowhere and him and the crew got stuck in the mud they somehow figured it out and it was dark already. She is 20 something so she should be fully aware, but as always anisa will always blame everyone for her misfortune. she blamed her sister when her dad caught her boobie streaming. she blamed her boyfriends for her "eating disorder"(which was a lie) she blamed sky for getting hurt (she was the one that hurt his feelings btw). So of course she is gonna blame the shitty cruise's shitty internet. Anisa grow up nobody owes you anything.

No. 593928

It's a pic of sssniperwolf from a few years ago

No. 594007

she ONLY agreed to go on this trip because Ian told her she could stream the entire time with Max and Chad LOL

Can't even do that, sad

No. 594016

lol ian trying to sabotage pear anus career confirmed? damn! well serves her right tbh for relying on her internet famous boyfriend for content lol bitch probably thought they were gonna make videos ala filthy frank

No. 594059

woah… did anyone see that last tweet she liked about relationships? A little strange or nah?

No. 594063

Very strange considering
1)tweet is from a nobody account
-meaning someone RT'd it and it RESONATED with her SO MUCH


No. 594066

File: 1527298847616.png (277.96 KB, 750x1334, 99A5C401-78A5-4415-9834-71B5D7…)

definitely. has no internet but uses the internet she does have to like a tweet about shitty relationships lol.

No. 594068

That tweet below it joking about rapists though LOL

Anisa has alluded to be raped/molested and then she does crass shit like this? Home girl is just a bingo sheet at this point:
OCD, Anorexia, Sexual Abuse survivor, whats next?

No. 594092


Don’t forget hate crime survivor. That poor skinny muslim pear.

No. 594160

Eh based on the likes and retweets that tweet is getting, it looks like something that's getting shared around quite a bit. Maybe she thinks Idubbbz is the guy who treats her like a princess lol

No. 594166

File: 1527312684759.png (478.86 KB, 800x920, idubbbz gf bingo sheet.png)

what else do we add on this shit show

No. 594175

>bald patch on head

No. 594188

>idubbbz girlfriend guyz!
>blames others for her bad decisions
>ratty extensions
>fridge body
>hates on other girls (specially boobie streamers) for doing the same shit she does
>makes fun of disabled people
>contradicts herself often
>cheated once, cheated twice
>is jealous of her friends girlfriends

No. 594280

File: 1527335441496.jpg (156.01 KB, 1080x809, 32243865_1495963210515391_4537…)

No. 594281


Lol how about
>I'm not like other gurls. I totally don't even know how to use makeup, I just bought a 50 dollar foundation from sephora because i'm such a gullible dudette.

No. 594282

okay you know what anons, they fit together. Both look extremely unfortunate

No. 594295

lol all I can say is that if they ever make babies those are going to be very ugly looking babies damn they both look so greasy

No. 594296

Of course they look greasy after being out in the rain.

No. 594301

nah they always look even indoors, anisa has admited before that she barely showers lol man those shorts must have multiple yeast cultures in them. ian in his bad unboxing shit he always looks like dumped a lot of oil on himself. so nah sis it aint the rain. lol isnt it funny how she nows look taller than this other pic >>590971 she is practically the same height as edooopz

No. 594303

>anisa has admited before that she barely showers

That not really what she said. https://clips.twitch.tv/RepleteBlueGrasshopperJonCarnage

No. 594305

lol are you a fan or something? there was another stream where she said she didnt showered and plus she always wears the same shorts to everything. she iis such an unfortunate person so ill admit one thing her and ian deserve eachother they can be dirty and greasy together like onion and footface

No. 594317

those peace signs are killing meeee lool

No. 594321

now that you mention it we should add the peace sign to the bingo board

No. 594322

it's been a long time since a content cop do you guys think one will come out soon?is so maybe the person being targeted could bring attention to pear

No. 594323

I am hoping its either jake paul or onision because they have that tendency to bring in the girlfriend in the mess so yesss that would be the smart thing to do for them if they want to fire back at the big bad content cuck. lol omg it would be delicious if they did it on britney venti (dont get me wrong she is awesome bless her for the shuwu) but if he targets her she will have more reasons to destroy anisa and break ians image of being untouchable.

No. 594324

I think in no way ian would go after someone who already criticized pear cause if she is brought into it people will lose mad respect for him,I hope the next content coped person will find brittany's vid on pear and go after her really hard

No. 594325

oh shit what if he does it on sky ohhh shit now hell will break loose and sky will finally team up with britt and destroy anisa for good. but yeah but brits vid is old so hopefully she releases the pear vid soon and someone could also point at pearfax's video there's enough evidence there to hit anisa specially with those discord caps

No. 594326

it won't affect the Paul brothers at all and Onision is a dead meme at this point but I wish is someone who would go in on pear,ricegum was so fucking dumb for not mentioning here

No. 594328

I'm thinking a content cop has to drop this summer it's been too long,also with pear in the picture how could not someone have a clear chance to own ian,he's dating way way worse that people he criticized

No. 594329

oh yeah i know it wont affect their wallet nor their 10 year old fans but you know they have an ego the size of the tallest building in dubai. so they will of course try to strike back. and as for onision he has been asking for it for a long time maybe ian will finally grant him his wish. yeah rice really missed out on a big chance to destroy ian completely but we know rice isnt the smartest guy out there. if sky was smarter he would hit anisa where it hurts the most like keep making more collabs with brandon rogers (like the silly cat video) once anisa notices that sky is working with "her idol" she will fume with rage

No. 594338

It's completely delusional to think there's even the slightest chance he's going to go after youtubers as irrelevant as Sky, Onision or Brittany.

No. 594339

duh! we know its just some "wishful thinking" here lol no need to be a cunt about it.

No. 594340

for sure,and as far as I know there is no hate trend against someone knew he can latch on like leafy,keem,the paulers were so I really have no idea who's next,tho I suppose he already started working on it

No. 594346

What are the main reasons you guys don't like Anisa?

No. 594365

ok ill bite

1. she is a malevolent cunt who makes fun of disabled girls and makes fun of fat people and then tries to make herself the good person when in the past there has been evidence where she is clearly a cunt. then she proceeds to make fun of girls with eating disorders such as venus who has been dealing with that shit for years.

2. she has made fun of girls who do the EXACT SAME SHIT she is doing

3. cheated on her boyfriend

4.she latches on to idubbbz for fame

5. she talks shit about everyone

6. gets jealous of her friends romantic partners if they are girls

7. she once said to a fan "1 2 idubbbz will never notice you" and she basically makes fun of girls who try to get attention from ian

8. shit talks about her own friends personal relationships.

9. airs her relationship laundry publicly on discord.

10. thinks she is above everyone just because she is dating idubbbz

11. uses every opportunity to mention him

12. basically shit talked about sky williams and really hurt his feelings when she was supposedly his "friend" and that "she will never do anything to hurt him" but then proceeded to backstab him

13. she has backstabbed people in the past for an opportunity to ride dick for fame. like that time she was so eager to work with zoie and she begged celestia for an opportunity to meet zoie and collab with her but it was around the same time she started dating idubbbz so bitch went for the dick and deserted the two girls that would have probably boosted her career up.

15. just because idubbbz knows people she thinks she knows them too like for example pewds when he made fun of her shitty art (lol she thinks she will be a future calarts student btw but her art is shit) so she tries to associate herself with her boyfriends friends girlfriends like marzia and the others she is basically a leech and super hungry for fame

16. she gets super salty when people ask ian for photos but nobody ask her for photos

17. she kinda resents her relationship with ian and she said on stream that she one days wants to surpass ian and wants to be invited for that youtube rewind bullshit.

18. the constant bashing of her friends girlfriends for example the whole laci fiasco dont say its "fake news" because theres a shit ton of videos where she talks shit she even calls her a porn star at some point.

19. she seems like the type of girl that will leave someone if they offer her more money or a better living status thats why she didn't dump icuckkkz for chris.

20. her whole "not like other girls" and "one of the boys" persona she always wants to portray herself as a sweet and soft person "smol bean" who doesn't seem to fit in with the world but the reality is different we know anisa is no wallflower and is a total bitter jealous cunt.

21. she changes her personality depending on the type of dick she is riding. if its a sports dude she tries to get in to sports if its an online personality she tries to be one too. if its a youtuber she tries to be a youtuber herself

22. she has a tendency to lead men on and then play victim.

23. she makes shit up about having certain disorders or being "abused" when people have called her out on her bullshit.

I could go on for hours and hours and if you need proof to all these points lurk past threads and you will seek the answers.

No. 594368

whoops i skipped 14

* 14. uses people and once she no longer needs them she forgets about them like celery.

No. 594379

Hey! So I only discovered how scummy she was recently and have been reading the past threads and whatnot. But what happened with her and Sky? I can’t seem to find anything about it apart from Sky’s emo tweets that emulate a 13 year old after a breakup.

No. 594390

Sky talks about it about 2:30 into this video.

No. 594393




the tldr version Anisa and Sky used to be "friends"
Anisa was just pretending to be friends with Sky, and was actually talking shit about him on stream
Sky talks about this in an unlisted video here
Sky was nice to Anisa and defended her when people attacked her
Naturally upset over her lying to him, he confronts her– she apologizes, but goes right back to talking shit a few weeks later
Chris Ray Gun (aka anisas side dick) jumps to Anisa's defense, angry at Sky for sharing a personal conversation and accusing him of manipulating his audience

No. 594395

this is the unlisted vid

No. 594402

what a smol bean <3

No. 594416

Jesus fucking Christ I just watched the clips and then YouTube video and thought she couldn’t get anymore scummy… but somehow she can. How her friends so blind to her shorty personality is beyond me.

No. 594434

Anisa also preaches that she's better than other streamers because she "doesn't care about numbers and followers" but clearly in this clip she's the opposite >>594393

She is scum

No. 594470

Putting their wet hair aside(because of the monsoon) they both don't look like they've been sleeping well(dat bloat+eye bags)

Also despite this being a "birthday" vacation - in Kat's insta-stories, there's a random guy with them(a camera man). So it's more likely this trip is
firstly - a new youtube video
secondly - girls were an after thought

I don't think it's a new content cop because Anisa would be leaking and dropping hints constantly

No. 594489

yasss she is basically the same height as idooopz while looking like a pear fridge nyesss such a kawaii smol bean wallflower! so puree and wholesome! cheats on her boy when she gets the chance! purity at its finest! <3 everyone else is just jelly of pwincess smoll bean anisa

No. 594504

File: 1527359257015.jpg (151.65 KB, 396x339, idubbbz mom.jpg)

holy fuck she's abusing photoshop like hard

get anisa on MTV's catfish

No. 594507

I’m crying at how much she resembles leafyishere kek

No. 594541

she has opposite leafy syndrome

too much chin

No. 594638

File: 1527371177783.png (157.08 KB, 750x827, IMG_2125.PNG)

Good ol reddit

No. 594681

Not a serious reddit user but doesn’t u/anisajomha mean that she posted it?

No. 594724

I don't think this is her, but I believe u/raihnbowkidz is

No. 594727

Her face is just so rough. She’s just so manly

No. 594734

File: 1527380112059.png (77.79 KB, 750x647, IMG_2126.PNG)

Anisa is so PLENTY educated that she consults medical advice from random people on Reddit instead of googling lol

No. 594823

No. 594826


No. 594835

The posts are 6 months old.

No. 594853

She posted these on Reddit during when supposedly idubbbz "nursed her throughout the night"

No. 594854

maybe that's when he peed on her, thought he could treat it like a jellyfish sting.

also, >>594734 lol @ anisa needing to ask fucking reddit of all places what's normal when it comes to puking and then acting like an authority on puking when she called venus a liar about the puking 10x a day thing. "she'd literally be dead hahaha, what a liar, the dehydration alone [insert other plenty educated nonsense here]"

No. 594864

This is the best idubbbz KING OF YOUTUBE and edgelords around the world could do? Hahahahahahahah

No. 594870

No. 594889

No. 594891

check the discord caps…. theres a bunch of shit in the streams she keeps contradicting herself you should have seen akaadian and how he was back then the guy was a mess so if they were suposebly "in good terms" on that why would he react so depressed and putting all those tweets how he couldnt trust people anymore and how he hates girls and he even posted a rant (he deleted) anisa is a scumbag and a few twitch clips wont save her cheating ass, just look how she use to oogle with chris ray gun and how bitchy and shitty she was towards laci green. she use to post a bunch of pics with chris she even went to L.A with him (using the last two months she had before they told her to leave the country which she could have spend with her boyfriend instead but nopeeee she rather spent them with chris and then went to NY together) its pathetic and sad how you still keep defending her despite of all the evidence, brittany, sky and pearfax have posted

No. 594893

I know it's a somewhat unpopular opinion in this thread, but I truly feel like Anisa and Ian are on the same level of attractiveness. He is such an unfortunate looking guy with his beady eyes and receding hairline.

No. 594897

He doesn't have a receding hairline, just a big forehead.

No. 594898

also if they were on good terms when they broke up akaadian would have defended her in regards of the cheating accusations she even said he was gonna ask him to make a statement about it but he never did… that tells you a lot doesnt it? tbh im glad akaadian is finally happy with a girl that is 100 times more hot than anisa and probably 200 times more popular than anisa would ever dream to be. they recently went to the electric daisies carnival and they both looked amazing despite of looking sweaty and what not. so yes anisa deserves ian because he is an ugly greasy piece of shit like herself so in a way she got what she deserved after being such a shitty person, in the end she will never be happy with what she has and she will always resent and hate ian and blame him for everything just like she did with her last boyfriends.

No. 594916

Actually, she only had one month left on her visa. She used half of that time visiting Ian in August.

No. 594920

regardless she could have used that time to be with ian and it was actually two months tho because she went to l.a and then she went to ny and then she went other places before heading back to canada… she also went to the vans warped tour with chris last year yes while still being with ian and she went several times to L.A during that time "she was with ian"

No. 594937

She had been in the US for five months when she went back to Canada at the end of May. So no, she definitely did not have two months left on her visa.

No. 594949

theres pictures and evidence of anisa spending time with chris in new york and L.A regardless if she had two months or not she should have stayed with ian instead of wondering around with chris. I dont get why you defend her so much have you not seen every single fact posted here and yet you still defend her, if youre one of her neckbeards sorry to say but unless you have 1million subscribers or more she wont ride your dick, she will probably just keep on leeching on your money you're probably that blinko guy who is obsessed with pee

No. 594966

It is, believe it or not, possible to dislike Anisa and still disagree with some of the accusations against her.

No. 594967

fair enough, truce. Either way anisa is still and will always be a piece of shit regardless of anything we know she is a horrible human being and she will never change

No. 595180


ok this confuses me. if anisa really has a thing for chris why didn't they get together before she met ian? i thought chris & anisa knew each other before she knew ian.

No. 595184

because she was dating akaadian… remember anisa herself said she started dating idubbbz after breaking up with akaadian btw

No. 595189

I don't think Chris would be interested in dating her, he's dating Laci who (despite having her own flaws) is much nicer and smarter then pear. Chris seem to have some standards

and she is much taller then him

No. 595204

Chris isn’t idubbbz. She doesn’t see people, she sees opportunities.

No. 595284

Remember when anisa argued with Chris and told him YouTube was easy work and twitch was much harder lol

No. 595292

Just because they didn't date doesn't mean they haven't hooked up. for all we know anisa has been sleeping with chris while dating akaadian and idubbbz, she definitely has spent a lot of time alone with chris. but speculation is worthless without anything to back it up. It seems to me that shes definitely at least is interested in chris, and he was/is definitely not interested in actually dating anisa or he would have already. or maybe he wanted to date her and anisa didnt think he was famous enough for her to jump ship. all of it is speculation and yet none of it is stooping too low for pear so who knows. If any of that came true it would not surprise me in the least.

No. 595620

File: 1527477242899.jpg (330.56 KB, 1024x683, 11644968266_1649282509_b.jpg)

isn't that the harbor ferry?
I'm pretty sure thats the Sydney harbor ferry.
note deck color and shape in pic related

No. 595621

i'm not sure which is funnier, her trying to pass off a ferry ride as a cruise or her genuinely not understanding what a cruise is

No. 595625

Maybe they had to use a ferry to transfer onto a cruise, but it's definitely a cruise. Kat took pictures of her room/bed/personal deck.

No. 595631

the so called cruise looked very old and shitty tho it was no fancy cruise. ahah I bet ian only payed like 10 aus dollars for that kek only the best for his precious pear

No. 595713

7. she once said to a fan "1 2 idubbbz will never notice you" and she basically makes fun of girls who try to get attention from ian

is there any proof of this? all i remember is one anon saying it and now everyone accepts it as fact afaik. i would really love to see it but it seems to me it's 'he said she said…'

No. 595737

Alternatively, why did Anisa delete her VOD if there was nothing to hide?

I understand your need to be skeptical but you're giving her too much leeway.

No. 595823

File: 1527508895065.png (150.16 KB, 720x732, DamnPear.png)

Anisa dated idubbz… in May or October 2016? Sorry i forgot. Did she said she knew about idubbz before?

No. 595829

Yikes, like 2 different people.

No. 595879

they were texting and doing shit waaay before they started dating, theres even videos of it but they started dating in october but they were fucking around at twitch con after akaadian left which was back in september 2016 but officially they started "dating" in october in the same day she broke up akaadian theres a discord cap of this around here go do your research

No. 595881

because she deleted the vod, believe it or not I was one of the few that was there and believe me she was a total cunty bitch to his fans I regret not clipping that and keeping it as evidence

No. 595918

She looks like Sarah Huckabee Sanders lmaoo

No. 596094

If anyone wants to play detective on what cruise they're on, here you go

I'm thankful that it seems the couples are doing their own thing on the ship at least. Kat can enjoy herself in peace

No. 596095

File: 1527538617781.png (151.14 KB, 750x1204, IMG_2135.PNG)

No. 596164

File: 1527544600934.png (1.12 MB, 894x626, cruise.png)

No. 596405

“Don’t watch Ian’s content…” -Pear

No. 596461

File: 1527570252682.jpg (136 KB, 520x254, sarah huckabees undocumented d…)

yeah no joke, they both have shitty arched brows and one fucked up eyelid

No. 596487

Sorry I'm new here didn't know how to do anonymous lol. I don't hate Anisa I was just curious as to who they are

No. 596544

No. 596615

A bitch lmao that’s all she’ll ever be

No. 596758

a cheating slut that lies about her life all the time.

No. 596782

For your info.
Instagram: Celeryperry

She is Anisa's friend… i dunno close or 'just' friend but anisa got super jealous when celery/cecilia got gf/bf.

No. 597019

File: 1527627360372.jpeg (712.21 KB, 1242x1233, A4C5CEEB-C946-434D-9393-0954D4…)

Yoooooooo her tits I’m dying

No. 597026

Kek, just saw this and was wondering what was up with the filter she put over the photo

No. 597032

her forearms are larger than his I'm fucking dying, this photo looks more like a mother and son than a couple tbh

No. 597071

Beautiful photo of a mother and her autistic son. Her head is looking quite peary today

No. 597082

File: 1527633380263.png (2.19 MB, 1920x1080, Untitled.png)


No. 597103

She’s not wrong, you know.

No. 597104

Oh look, our next thread pic

No. 597107

nyeesss this def needs to be next threads bless the anon who made this lovely image. it speaks so much truth

No. 597130

File: 1527636690367.jpg (286.17 KB, 2290x1322, anisahuckabeesanders.jpg)

No. 597161

File: 1527640011049.jpg (42.21 KB, 498x360, DeZMP49X4AYiSgx.jpg)

kind of related, H3H3 is being outed for being fucking stupid again and I BET YOU Anisa is going to sing the same tune

calling anisa's statement: "who cares that she called someone an ape, people have CALLED ME SANDN**R!!!"

No. 597205

Sooo, should we start taking bets on how her first stream when she gets back from Australia will go? I’m going to wager crying, she gotta make that money up somehow

No. 597228

"yeah that trip really took a jab at my bank, I need to work on twitch more"

Also - one of her subscribers gifted 100 subs to rando's a month ago, so her subscriber number is gonna tank to 250-300 or less

No. 597311

Jesus christ keep digging that hole, man.

No. 597405

…wow Ethan
>what she said is very offensive
>b-but why should we react in any way? :(

this catering to edgelords shit is going to sink him down to the ocean's bottom

No. 597442

is brittany gonna drop her vid on pear soon?

No. 597761

She’s not done with shuwu yet…

No. 597910

File: 1527716891421.jpg (75.88 KB, 1024x768, DeeNaMuVAAAsxRW.jpg)

this is so cringe holy shit LOL

No. 597911

File: 1527717051970.jpg (94.8 KB, 1024x814, DeeNaMqVAAAHFPK.jpg)

staged and uncomfortable

No. 597928

That dress makes her look pregnant lol

No. 597947

File: 1527718451626.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x999, 1A795744-6A18-4E29-B52F-7BDAD0…)

Mother at son’s graduation awwwww

No. 597949

Wow! So candid! Kek

No. 597950

She really does look so much older than her actual age. damn

No. 597951

To be quite honest these two ugly freaks deserve each other. Heres to hoping they will just fuck off further into irrelevancy forever

No. 597980

Imagine if they end up procreating.

No. 597983

this is such an awkward pic lmao anisa's bright red lipstick only makes her look older and shows off her wide ass lips. idubbbz looks like he stole the suit jacket from his dad to go on a date his mum arranged for him with one of her friends. i wonder who is taking these for them; max or his gf?

No. 597994

she’s posting and trying to look sweet but she’s only managed to look fucking stupid because she’s looking DIRECTLY into lightbulbs…

No. 598105

She could probably fix this a bit by choosing a foundation with a dewey finish rather than a matte one, avoiding liquid lipstick, and not being so heavy handed with her eyebrow makeup. She's toned it down a lot in the past year, but she still looks questionable 90% of the time. That being said, her makeup is probably the least of her worries, since her hair is thinning and she can't dress herself properly. It's like she is actively trying to look 45 here and 15 the rest of the time.

No. 598117

File: 1527727395589.png (786.42 KB, 1024x768, anita sarkeesian.png)

Is this a gold digger?

No. 598125

Holy shit her mouth is huge. The chompers on her. And Ian giving a half ass smile.

No. 598141

True, tho

No. 598334

the cringe is real!!
i only see good Comments in der insta though. someone should send her the last image on twitter, lol

Ian just looks cringy no matter what photo. I wonder how long they will last, all things considered. Ian doesn't strike me as a guy who would put up with someone he doesn't have any interest in; but what do I know?

No. 598363

File: 1527754454562.png (1.13 MB, 1974x1516, ifonly.png)

sorry boyz I had to do it >>597911

No. 598375

10/10 good shit

No. 598417

File: 1527767381200.jpg (22.44 KB, 183x258, 20180531_134629.jpg)

this gets even more awkward when you zoom in on the faces.


No. 598428

her makeup looks so clownish, it’s so unflattering since she already has masculine features

No. 598478

File: 1527776844682.jpeg (871.83 KB, 1202x2136, 56348530-AC5B-4478-BB62-8ECDB9…)

Apparently, that was a fancy dress. A fancy dress.

No. 598484

File: 1527777669589.png (644.66 KB, 1242x2208, D8664B58-6F58-4FD4-9FF5-8D2C93…)

Also, Katt’s bday.

No. 598492

This is purely tinfoiling/projection from my own shitty past relationship, but my guess is that Ian feels like he is doing Anisa a favour by dating her, regardless of how he treats her, and/or it's just easier for him to keep her at arms length and avoid dealing with the public scene she would cause if he broke up with her. In all honesty, he's probably cheating on her. It seems like he follows a lot of randoms similar to Anisa, and he has no shortage of desperate girls reaching out to him via social media. He also never posts pictures of the two of them online, despite her intensive documentation of their relationship. None of his YouTuber buddies seem to have qualms about just acknowledging their partners. Anyways, the fact that he's in a relationship with someone like Anisa, an unsuccessful, financially-dependant, average-looking nobody living in Canada, is baffling (even if he also has an unpleasant personality and is ugly as shit). Surely there must be tons of girls just like her in his immediate area.

No. 598508

I know sssniperwolf is a cow herself but she is pretty and successful and she too has a nobody partner who is just baggage to them (both her and ian have that in common) haha I wouldnt mind seeing them getting in a relationship. she is successful, he is successful both earn their own money and they would be one of the power couples of youtube. Or someone like pokimane or jessica nigri. who are pretty and very successful unlike our ugly nobody fridge looking pear.

No. 598514

File: 1527782876769.jpg (36.42 KB, 690x388, 8cc56a7e-376b-4086-ad19-a54b1a…)

SSSniperwolf's boyfriend is a real hunk.

No. 598515

if that statement is true then Anisa is a model who is half asian and has a very successful twitch career

No. 598545

File: 1527785395816.png (1.35 MB, 2456x1678, Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 9.46…)

LOL guys I know this is a bit off topic but our girl anisa does not follow iblinko (one of her biggest ass kissers on discord and big twitch donators) damn lol she could at least follow the guy after all he does give her money and shit. I know this is retarded but i found it funny how this guy is all white knight and shit and yet his idol does not even follow him on twitter #notworthyenoughtobeananisafan

No. 598579

File: 1527788425520.jpeg (51.13 KB, 1242x289, 5B6F4E5B-C5FC-4B8F-AC04-B85782…)

she doesn’t even acknowledge him on the discord…lmao this was some of the last messages he sent in her server

No. 598584

LOL SAD! hahaha 1..2.. anisa will never notice you!

No. 598730

File: 1527797496199.png (2.52 MB, 1200x999, demipear.png)

oh my god, WHY does she look so old and haggard? i understand the makeup and clothing are aging her even more than usual, but she genuinely looks like she's in her mid to late 30's on an average day (like, she looks around the same age as tati westbrook to me). the girl's 24 and she already has so many wrinkles and saggy skin everywhere. is it genes? lifestyle/diet choices? her past smoking and drinking? i'm just so confused because i've never seen a 25 year old - ever - look SO aged. it's so bad it's reached the point where i'm honestly concerned for her even if she is a horrible bitch. combined with her balding, i really wonder, not for the first time, if she has hormonal issues. i just have to question, does she seriously not realize how bad and unhealthy she looks?

look at her compared to demi lovato, who pear always says she looks exactly like (lol). demi had a rough adolescence with lots of drinking, drugs, and smoking, far worse than anisa ever did to herself. she was overweight and has struggled with bulimia her whole life. she's gained and lost weight so rapidly she's had loose skin issues. she's also two years older than anisa, and like… look at a comparison pic between them. i intentionally picked a pic where demi looks a little rough, is a bit bloated in the face, has the same unflattering red lipstick and wide smile, and like… anisa looks like she could be her mom. and demi's 25 in that pic. it's nuts.

No. 598834

I've never seen someone with nasal labial folds as bad as anisa's. It looks like a dogs mouth

No. 598886

I agree that Anisa looks haggard as all hell, but I do think part of it is that she doesn't know how to take flattering photos of herself and also doesn't seem to edit them aside from whatever cartoon filter/sticker apps she uses. It's not that she absolutely needs to do that, but I do think we become accustomed to expecting it from everyone, especially people trying to make a living off their appearance. As someone who is Anisa's age and also aging miserably, even a small amount of botox can go a long way in seriously toning down those signs of premature aging. The nasal labial folds might be another issue though lol. A lot of people in their 20s probably do/would look more like Anisa if not for injectables and Facetune.

No. 598929

she legit looks like a tranny here. if i saw this picture and didn't know who anisa was, i would 100% think she was mtf. that's so fucking tragic lmao.

No. 598932

File: 1527811308046.jpeg (27.16 KB, 292x289, CB2F9A1B-35F0-4397-A5B4-B63606…)

Lmao, I can't unsee it now.

No. 598946

didn't know $10 was one of the biggest donations lol

No. 598954

LOL! when it comes to anisa it might as well be lol bitch needs to take whatever she can get. haha what a loser but serves him right tho for actually thinking his pear senpai would notice him

No. 599177

File: 1527827564392.jpeg (212.39 KB, 1242x859, 9918DF6F-FF29-4193-93CE-159B98…)

what’s sad is that he stalks this thread clearly so he knows how scummy anisa is and still continues to donate

hi blinko get some help my dude

No. 599205

I know right!? man I kinda feel bad for the piss loving dude, he really puts meaning to the word cuck and doormat for sure. I wonder does he think that just by associating with anisa he is gonna get some idubbbz brownie points or what?

No. 599229

lmaooooo holy shit that's pathetic. what a sad specimen of a human. hey little buddy, get a new hobby. obsessing over twitch hoes and giving them your money isn't going to get them on your dick. apparently it doesn't even get you a twitter follow lol. do something for yourself with your money instead. hell, if you feel a compulsion to be a cuck and give strange women your money, pay for a show from a banging camwhore or something instead. at least you'll get your money's worth. some of them might even pee for you!

No. 599237

oof thats sad
i wonder if anisa will finally follow him back after this to show support or just leave hm dry like the sad fuck he is lol

No. 599239


i have given her in total $10 in donations in the year i have watched her. if $10 in tips makes me a cuck then i guess im gay for the pizza delivery guy

and i'm not even the one who took the screenshot, another mod sent it to me. i havent been here in months lmao

No. 599241

whats worst is that even k4ley follows him but he cant get anisa to follow him HECK even Laci and chris follow him… damn his twitter name should be pee loving cuck. I really doubt she is gonna follow him I mean she basically ignores him on the discord soo lol lets all place our bets ladies see what happens to iblincuck

1…2… Pear and idubbbz will never notice youu

No. 599245


i am a mod you absolute napkin hahaha(no boys allowed)

No. 599246

If we're going to call anisa out, then lets do that. People can like a streamer and support them without lusting or wanting something in return. Where is this thread going? I thought we were talking about Anisa…

No. 599248

i think what's really important to note here is that we've got not one, but two, anisa-stan mods looking out for the pear queen and her cult of betas (all three of them) just like we always suspected. thanks for finally proving it, peeman.

but my dude, please don't equate tipping for services rendered to giving free money to a literally useless twitch thot. what has she ever done for you that justified giving her even $1? hard truth: unless you get famous, she's never gonna fuck you man.

No. 599254

File: 1527833685798.jpg (566.86 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_2153.JPG)

Speaking of kailey( or should we call her cuckley) look at this painful ass pic she posted lol. No wonder anisa has her by herside, this troglodyte makes anisa look like a model in comparison.

No. 599257

File: 1527833975924.png (99.99 KB, 750x947, IMG_2154.PNG)

Lol omg this poor guy is so triggered

Blinko you do realize you sperging about this is going to bring people(from your small audience that like anisa) to this thread and see all of Anisa's lies and shit right? The opposite of what she wants?

Why are anisa fans so fucking dumb lol

No. 599260

>Speaking of kailey (or should we call her cuckley) look at this painful ass pic she posted
>Why are anisa fans so fucking dumb lol

well, you know what they say about pets looking and acting like their owners….

No. 599263


0/10, 1 STAR, D-

No. 599265

now do anisa, blincuck

No. 599273

File: 1527836605550.png (Spoiler Image, 375.15 KB, 712x608, real anorexia.png)

since anisa is so hellbent on gate keeping who has ACTUAL eating disorders, here's a helpful infographic to spot out the REAL girls who suffer

No. 599323

>the classic “my friend showed me” excuse

No. 599408

yep a mod THAT IS NOT FOLLOWED by pear queen Anisa #stillnotworthyenoughtobeananisafan

No. 599459

Our thread is so fucked

No. 599464

no its not, this shit is relevant to anisa in some way because someone really goes out their way and despite of knowing of what a piece of shit anisa is they still kiss ass. Besides there's no milk at the moment so there's no harm done, I do gotta admit brining k4ley's pic was dumb since she is irrelevant, she is ugly but nobody notices cuz she is just that irrelevant. But lets just enjoy the ride until a pear does another fuck up

No. 599491

File: 1527867171732.jpeg (236.14 KB, 1231x1257, 860B691E-80B3-4EE9-A186-9DA9F8…)

did anyone ever talk about this? this shits hilarious

No. 599511

>being this new
that was covered THREADS ago we even had the so called "nudes" which were basically just very lewd and somewhat revealing pictures she claim those were taken during her "anorexia" days go lurk some more newfriend

No. 599780

No the thread is fucked cuz we have mods who are pear stans and autosage

No. 599786

lol id like to think of it as our little sekrit clubzz and it also serves as a filter for those who are really looking for the milk. dont worry, brittney has something up her sleeve and it will soon there will be a rain of pear milk to be had.

No. 599856

File: 1527908067944.jpg (201.57 KB, 1200x1200, CrcoV1fWgAQii9J.jpg)

Meh, Pear also looks embarrassingly bad most of the time too.

No. 599893

File: 1527913229580.png (473.17 KB, 605x870, 1Cff5FE.png)


No. 599902


is this actually him? since he posted caps on twitter it probably is but JEEZ notice how he's saged? hasn't been here in months my ass

No. 599920

she looks like she's about to cry here? jesus

No. 599942


LOL does he think that's a clever way to hit on her or something? what a fucking weirdo

No. 599950

his tweet was liked by anisa's sister(or relative?)

so blinko is important enough to get a follow from her family but not anisa herself?… her precious following account number must remain low for her career I guess

No. 599951

she streamed for a bit and she sounds fucking depressed and broken LOL

No. 600009

stop with the blinko shit, he gets off the attention

No. 600038

it's poetic. she said her n ian were going to break up before their hawaii trip with max and katt, so it's fitting that an aus trip with max and katt be the thing that finally ends it.

also, when the camera flipped to front-facing and we saw her rachet, snaggle-toothed mess of a face, good god even she looked horrified by herself. bitch is nasty.

No. 600092

nah it would be too good and milky if they broke it off but they for sure don't seem happy with eachother,I really wonder how much this will last

No. 600093

is it just me or the hype for the content cop seems to have died down?like for the last one he collabed with a lot of people and everyone would speculate about it when he posted a pic with another youtuber on his tweeter,even keem asked him a couple times when he will upload one

No. 600112

we should ask the mods or the admin to track all his posts and see what he has posted maybe we might find ourselves another dasha here maybe he was the one that posted the discord leaks

No. 600200

I think it's because there's not much else to watch him for, his filler videos are stale. People enjoyed his bad unboxing series but he doesn't offer anything new, he has to find another drama queen like Ricegum to go after if he wants to get hype again. I can't imagine who this could be.

No. 600236

I really doubt that making a cc on a douche like rice or faze or someone like that will help honestly the content cop formula is getting also, plus Anisa singlehandedly destroyed his untouchable status with her airing of their dirty laundry. his shit is pretty boring the only thing that can save him is if he does one of those crazy collabs with max and howtobasic since chad is too busy hanging out with ice poseidon

No. 600260

he really doesn't have anything to offer anymore,except maybe the cc but that's gonna die off too.He rarely uploads I wonder why he cares so little about his youtube channel

No. 600265

offtopic but do you guys think h3h3 is gonna become 'irrelevant' someday,like they already passed their golden age
also what ever happened to joji is he even successful with his music,he's kinda like the soundcloud kids with almost no talent that he used to make fun of

No. 600318

He tweeted a couple of days ago that youtube demonetised all of his video. I can't help but wonder how he's going to get money; he doesn't sell merch often and doesn't stream. Without that sweet sweet youtube money soon it might be anisa who will be the breadwinner in their relationship lmao

No. 600326

i think he’s just living off of the money he made pre-adpocalypse since he would’ve made quite a bit with how popular he was back then. the leafy content cop came out in september of 2016 and raked a good 15m views before the adsense crisis—i remember pewdiepie saying that he made about $50,000 on a 30m view video so i’m guessing ian’s more than fine financially right now, but lord knows what he’s gonna do when the money tap runs dry. youtube’s already listed his channel as mature so any chance of monetisation is going to be an uphill struggle for him unless he finds other avenues of income.

No. 600359

File: 1527974096384.jpg (21.35 KB, 585x131, htb.jpg)

He was just retweeting HowToBasic's tweet. Most of Ian's videos are still monetized.

No. 600458

Sorry, my bad! His videos must be demonetised though; if HTB and pewdiepie are affected idubbbz must be fucked as well

No. 600536

yeah…. dude says "niggerfaggot" in his videos. If HTB is demonetized I seriously doubt Ian is making any money off of his videos any more. He tried to push the Sheep clothing but I don't really think that sold super well. Any he's not streaming that I know of like most youtubers have started doing so I can't imagine he's bringing in much money at all…

No. 600569

1…2…once the money starts running out anisa will abandon you.

No. 600576

She’ll find another poor bastard to climb

No. 600589

>His videos must be demonetised though

No, obviously they're not since they still have ads on them.

No. 600601

That's so funny lol, all of Ian's friends (max, h2B, h3h3) crying about losing their way of life and muh demonitization and here's this smug bastard staying quiet cus he's still making money

No. 600668

File: 1528009803071.png (51.28 KB, 590x461, Untitled.png)

anisa's life is so messy, she didn't even book return flights from Australia

this is so stupid literally why would you go to another country and not do this

No. 600674


well, if they're unsure about how long they're staying i could see it. and sometimes it's cheaper to do separate flights not round trip. maybe she's talking about canada?

No. 600772

she does this all the time. and it's not intentional, she streamed once while she was in SD for a brief period of time and was talking about getting return tickets to Canada (she didn't have any which was why she got detained that one time, remember?). she said she just forgets and it's not a big deal since she flies alone anyway, like… gurl. same stream she said she usually fucks it up and somehow buys two tickets to the destination instead, which ofc was what happened when she stayed in SD to fuck ian while akkadian went ahead. mhmmm.

No. 600856

File: 1528042086124.png (53.07 KB, 592x435, ads.png)

No. 600869

whew looks like sky is yet again part of another brandon rogers video… while Anisa is stuck somewhere in australia with shitty internet connection, stay sad pear.

No. 600878

File: 1528043961768.png (55 KB, 630x489, a.png)

No. 600918

ill correct my statement then
whew looks like sky williams is yet again part of another brandon rogers (her favorite youtuber) video … while Anisa is stuck somehwere in san diego (probably going back to canada soon) with a shitty burping food eating boyfriend, stay sad pear.

I guess sky is actually taking revenge where it hurts her the most I do hope he realizes that. may he continue to collab and brandon and become very good friends with him so he can tell him to never work with anisa ever

lol sage for tinfoiling and reaching

No. 600928

File: 1528046486754.jpg (82.31 KB, 1080x1080, 33031334_1660048557364584_5923…)

No. 600931

soo cute a mom proud of her autistic son

No. 600933

aww these are kinda cute

No. 600944

File: 1528048434117.jpg (118.08 KB, 400x225, nxUOVrc.jpg)

pic on the right reminds me of billy the puppet

No. 600976

Did I miss something? I thought michael jackson died?

No. 601000

Y’all need to give me a minute!!! I’m cackling yo

No. 601007

I like how she convenient covers kats face in the last Polaroid for an Ian Polaroid lol

No. 601039

File: 1528053969320.png (1.2 MB, 1158x1350, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 10.1…)

This is delicious I guess I wasnt so wrong about sky and brandon being friends, lol I hope anisa sees this , rages and realizes she will never be relevant enough to work with brandon rogers

No. 601235

Gtfo Anisa

No. 601268

ooooooh, they fuckin

No. 601298

pffft I wished! that would be the ultimate revenge for sky dating anisa's favorite content creator. I can totally see that affecting her and crying on twitch about it.

No. 601526

File: 1528088997868.jpg (94.08 KB, 640x778, tumblr_olcxfcCUlB1vbyulwo1_128…)

god i wish they get married so she can become
Anisa Washburn

the most gross name ever

No. 601539

I thought his last name was Carter

No. 601563

carter and kovic carlsbad are names to throw us off iirc but honestly idk

No. 601593

you're correct.

it's telling that the only time she looks remotely good is by taking a picture of pictures she's already in so that they become softer/blurrier and hide the details.

No. 601609

Anus Washbum

No. 601614

File: 1528107874421.png (2.68 MB, 1242x2208, 798B4D5D-24A1-4B84-AE5E-BD4E6F…)

is this the sister of his anisa mentioned? ian has crohn’s disease too and he follows her. i’m guessing she was the one that anisa talked to when she was airing all of their dirty laundry on discord.

No. 601616

No, that's not his sister.

No. 601620

File: 1528110090319.png (503.66 KB, 1296x759, Untitled.png)

I was going to say no but their banter is weird, possibly?

No. 601623

>ian has crohn’s disease

He also has osteoporosis and crippling depression.

No. 601627

File: 1528110988736.jpeg (253.63 KB, 1242x784, C916AFA1-A247-4A1B-AC9F-92CCAC…)

upon further research i don’t think she is. she does movie reviews on her channel (and they’re terrible), i’m hoping if they were truly related ian would’ve given her a few tips on how to make a decent youtube video.

No. 601628

File: 1528111010767.png (25.99 KB, 580x271, idubbbz girlfriend h3h3 leafy …)

well this is interesting,

found some old tweets where she was talking shit about h3h3/ethan. She seems more sided with leafy(and still defends him to this day)


video is baleeted now, but how convenient when Anisa meets Ethan in person "the nicest sweetest person I ever met"

No. 601638

original title btw
"Leafy and H3H3 b*tch fight."

No. 601658

File: 1528116035283.png (794.26 KB, 1242x2208, B07CBCBE-4E7E-44D2-BE76-51A9D8…)


No. 601677

lol if only ethan knew what a fucking snake anisa was

I think we need to leave his family out of this shit, the main interest is pear chan and her bullshit. Ians family arent public figures so therefore we need to give them privacy.

No. 601828

If someone could put clips of anisa with her push up bra days on twitch when Ian says "Just admit that you're a whore , you whore yourself out to your family .." lmao


No. 601833

Someone already did that weeks ago. The video got taken down for bullying.

No. 601964

i agree - they've been doxxed in the past along with ian's info by some idiots on 4chan back when he was blowing up. don't really want to see that happen again since they have nothing to do with pear.

No. 601973

exactly i hope the mods delete those images because thats invasion of privacy if that person is in fact ians sister, she has nothing to do with the drama and no I am not an idubbbz fangirl I actually think he is an autistic cuck for letting pear get away with so much shit but yeah just because you dislike certain people doesnt mean youre gonna go and harass the family they have nothing to do with what these two retards are doing online. the same goes for anisa her family. two different things except for the mom she clearly loves being in the public eye she even made it in a kotaku article some time ago and we have seen her lurking these threads in the past but as for her father and siblings i hope nobody harasses them or doxes them they have nothing to do with pears stupid and poor choices.

No. 601999

agreed. but pear's brother and sister have both tried to pull a maureen in the past, too, so they're also fair game imo.

pear streamed with her sister a bunch of times in the past and queerbaited like crazy. they fake-fought on stream about some stupid shit and then when people told them to kiss and make up they literally groped each other and stop-kissed for probably 20 mins before they went off-screen to pretend make out and you could hear the moans and shit. it was fucking nasty. this was so long ago i don't even know if anyone but anisa fans who were around back then would remember, but if you see in her chat anyone making incest jokes and asking about anisa's sister these days, that's where it comes from.

then they streamed themselves irl shopping and groped each other in a victoria's secret around the same time, playing the lesbian incest shit up for the camera. anisa and her sister had some sort of falling out afterwards - which anisa blames on the sister tattling to their dad about anisa's tittystreaming - and she's so fucking bitter when people ask about her sister now. the sister is a successful lawyer and she's engaged to another lawyer, so i'm assuming she's just jealous of the sister tbh.

she's also used her brother muhammad (sp?) for some similarly nasty clickbait in the past, titling a video "hooking up with my bro" or some shit and legit flirting with him in the video. it was gross, especially given anisa's past with her sister AND anisa's comments about being turned on by incest and thinking it's fine with consenting adults (which, iirc, was prompted when people asked if her and her mom have a "special relationship" when they, too, were flirting on anisa's stream, with her mom saying her and anisa have the same body so she feels nostalgic when she sees anisa naked, like… the fuck?). i don't know if she's pandering to the neckbeards by saying that or if she actually believes that when you factor in her behavior??? it's just wrong. idk if the brother vid is still up or if she unlisted it. i'd search but i'm too lazy tbh.

anisa and her family are nasty. the only one i think is innocent is anisa's dad. he tried his best to raise anisa well and give her everything a western daughter wants, and she shat all over their religion, their lineage, him, everything. and he tried to help her and support her by doing the father's day q&a (where he seemed like such a nice, chill dude) and anisa slandered him by making up stories about him selling her to her uncles for sex slavery and shit, and saying he was a scammer as a lawyer and generally horrible stuff. plus he had golddigger maureen as a wife, poor dude. now the poor guy has dementia. i feel legit bad for her dad.

No. 602001

that's not even his sister though just some fangirl, under the rules its fair game

No. 602013

idubbbz is living in canada next week for 6 months apparently lol

milk incoming

No. 602017

here we go again lol. just like he was moving in and they were getting their own house last year, which never happened kek. source?

No. 602018

lmfao i wonder if this means he's actually going to move to canada eventually and give up his connections to people local to him in the youtube community. why on earth would he do this?

No. 602020

No. 602024

If he really does this, I'm going to take it as a sign they're angling to get married and get Anisa a marriage visa. When applying, one of the sort of unspoken requirements is that the couple in question has already put in an effort to visit each other in their home countries and the american has spent at least six months legally living in the applicant's home country. It's meant to sort of prove the validity of and seriousness of the relationship. Cuckfuck ian's gonna marry pear lmao.

No. 602037

I really cant wait for this mess! honestly there will plenty of milk and maybe anisa and ian will be the onion and lainey 2.0. Yes I still have delusions of anisa moving to /pt/ lol but im sure once the mods read this they will laugh and be like "delusion convince yourself" a farmer can only dream. Anyways its gonna be some good milk watching ian ruin his life with a gold digging hoe like pear.

No. 602080

Anisa's apartment is so small they're bound to fight on stream, i'm living for it

No. 602085

Let the good times roll, boys! Milks a comin!

No. 602096

I’m currently in the process of a k1 and I’ve never been told this? I mean it’s obviously their only option, but I don’t think Ian ‘visiting’ Canada makes it extra apparent what they’re planning on doing. I can’t see him visiting for 6 months, though. Hasn’t she said this already and it never came through?

No. 602102

She said on stream very matter of factly multiple times
"Ian? Yeah he's coming next week. He's staying. Yeah like living here, for 6 months"

As much as I would like for them to get married, getting a visa for a Canadian to the US in not easy. I have two rich friends(Canadian/US) who've been dating for 5 years and just got married they still have to go through marriage interrogations to ensure they aren't trying to get a green card or something.

No. 602127

Like I said, I thought it was more of an unspoken requirement. Maybe it differs from everyone, not sure. And I was just drawing on personal experience (and secondhand experience at that) which isn't always absolute, ofc. My best friend married a guy from the UK after about a year of dating. When they were in the process of getting him permanent residence, best friend was told their odds would be better, their application less likely to stall, and the interview would go smoother if there was more tangible proof of their commitment (even more tangible than marriage lol), to which their attorney suggested she live with her husband in the UK for at least the next six months. She did, since it was easier to deal with getting a residence card in the UK than waiting on the US to work out things, and they didn't want to be apart when they'd just married. She wound up living in the UK for around 10 months and then the visa process went pretty quickly. I don't know all the details or specifics (esp. with the legal processes), just what my friend told me. I just remember her saying she wished someone had told her in the beginning she should live in her then-fiance's country for a bit before they married, since it seemed that her stay changed everything for the better.

No. 602260

I'm guessing her and that celery girl are still friends, blitz is on her snap

No. 602262

her and celery are legit gay lovers. pear makes a habit of cheating on ian with single people who then find relationships (chris, celery) and then turning into a jealous cunt when they find their full-time girlfriends and shittalking their gfs (laci, celery's new gf). but anisa's forced herself back into celery's life by moving into her building lmao. celery probably got stuck watching anisa's demon dog while she went to aus.

No. 602306

don't spread things that we have no tangible proof for, even if they're likely. we should be better than rumours.

No. 602385

I think it's also likely that anisa is just using cecily for her car(see: ikea trip and anisa calling her during streaming to ask if they can go grocery shopping)

If she didn't have cecily she would ask her mom to take her everywhere

No. 602390

That makes sense. Why tf is she almost 25 with no car?

No. 602419

she doesn't have a license. that's why Ian wouldn't ever let her drive the jeep.

No. 602448

File: 1528217087810.png (249.51 KB, 505x431, 20180605_114213.png)

Pear in her purest form.
I was watching some of her stream and I couldn't help but to take a screenshot of her face. Kek

No. 602542

>she doesn't have a license
as much as i dislike anisa, i'm not sure what you said was true.

She's done streams before where she and her sister were driving(anisa at the wheel), and ian did eventually let her drive his jeep

No. 602612

hm… there was buzz about her driving the jeep because she didn't have a license tho, it's in all the past threads. i don't keep up with her much these days so it's possible she got her license during her last move. i know she for sure didn't have it before she moved to SD the first time since she talked about relying on her parents to drive her anywhere before she moved to BC where she then relied on her boyfriends to give her rides there because of her lack of license and she hated having to do the same thing with ian and the jeep. if she did get her license, it would make sense why she posted the pic of her keys with the ID holder before she moved back to San Diego briefly.

No. 602628

she definitely can drive because when she was in SD she would talk about driving to starbucks every morning for coffee as part of her routine. she drives, just everyone elses’ cars. also there was that time on stream where she talked about cutting some guy off in a starbucks drive thru and the guy started banging on the window and screaming at her—she had to call the police lmao

No. 602758

I feel very strongly that if he actually makes it out to Canada, he won't last more than 3 weeks before leaving on the grounds that he has to return to California to do some YT thing. Sounds like Ian might be a bit of a doormat in person and just says stuff to shut Anisa up. Based on how she behaves on her streams, she definitely seems like the type to get super weepy and whiney to manipulate people into doing things for her.

No. 602793

File: 1528239399723.jpeg (277.84 KB, 1242x1688, C3C9DEED-A753-4948-955F-2898CB…)

Pear sees that Lauren Southern finally got her play button so she immediately contacts YouTube to ask for hers. Because she’s such a YT icon of course

No. 602794

File: 1528239473566.jpeg (202.71 KB, 1242x1081, 4C77A6C7-136D-45D5-BEBD-249796…)

And pear fans just want her to make more videos…

But she earned that button guys! Just because she doesn’t upload actual content doesn’t mean she’s not a YT creator!

No. 602811

HAHAHAHA this is so funny lol bitch only gained those subs because of idubbbz but here we see her deadass asking for a fricking plaque which she clearly doesnt deserve. is she for real???

No. 602855

File: 1528245214938.gif (800.97 KB, 275x275, 6045877C-1BBD-4397-824B-08813F…)

Anisa thinking how come I’m not Pewdiepie yet?

I bet she thinks she deserves to be Twitter verified too.

No. 602870

In a Pewdiepie’s response video for the Alinity/Twitch thot scandal, he denigrated the sole use of sex appeal as content and to get viewers — stuff that Anisa does. Pewds even mocked eating a banana on stream, like Anisa recently did.

No. 602895

And yet she believes she’s above all that.

The worst part is that she would be more likeable if she would’ve stay true to herself and keep the titty streaming gig.

Ian reminds me of those men who start dating strippers and then shame them for being one until they convince the stripper she’s too good for that. Fuck that. If Anisa had a little bit of self respect she would be shaking those titties rn and getting her coins. Instead she’s begging YT for her plaque…but hey at least she’s getting that ring. Can’t wait for that sweet milk.

No. 602947

File: 1528252577634.png (1.58 MB, 1214x1430, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 7.32…)

>tfw when his pear queen rejects his love
lol holy fuck this guy is such a tryhard! im dying she even replied to him! hahaha but still pear chan does not follow him, 1…2… Anisa will never follow you on twitter

No. 602984


why are we still posting screenshots about this dude/girl

No. 602995

because Anisa replied so its relevant

No. 603125

And he's a fucking mod on here along with one of his fellow anisastan friends. It's very fucking relevant. Bitch has her stalkers on the inside. I can't believe anons ever thought it was just conspiracy to think pear had mod friends when they started targeting our threads from the beginning.

No. 603128

damn we need to go full alex jones here! and find this shit out boys get your tinfoil hats on! its gon be a doozy! but seriously he is relevant due to the fact that anisa will never acknolodge him as an actual friend sure he is a mod on her discord but she doesnt even follow him on social media let alone she probably isnt even subscribed to his youtube channel but we this poor loser trying to be relevant and tbh idk if its because he wants that idubbbz clout or because he really wants some pear bussi. so yeah if this shit keeps up he might even get his own thread the guy is a big cow himself

No. 603207


She said some shit about him on stream today and watched his fucking minecraft videos…

it was at about 1/3 through the first stream I think

No. 603316

Imgur anon here (I only uploaded the caps I'm not the direct sauce), can confirm blinko isn't the leak but I do agree he should get the Dasha/kaka treatment if he's really gonna sit here and flaunt his mod status around though but if he's really a mod guess that'll never happen…

No. 603351

sill does not follow him… lol I hav a feeling the guy is just a clout chaser

No. 603365

those tiny saggy tits are being pushed to high heaven in this pic, holy shit. why would she upload this?

No. 603450

This girl has Anus’s lips and I am triggered

No. 603463


Her lips actually look a lot better than Anissa

No. 603466

please stop posting shit like this on the thread it really doesnt contribute to anything nor helps our situation atm. it makes us look as if we are just looking at anything to nitpick at

No. 603499

Agreed. Let’s not post for the sake posting. We need to be patient for that milk. It’ll start flowing again

No. 603610

Anyone know why "salad bois" is her thing? Like her sub badges are vegetables and her new channel currency is "lettuce" and I don't get it at all. I'm pretty sure it was a thing before she was vegan so like…why? It's so dumb/random

No. 603629

When she rebranded from raihnbowkidz to anisa jomha, she was on call with chris raygun about what she should call her subscribers on twitch(previous raihnBROs) and chris said something akin to "i dont know im eating a salad fuck off" and so it became salad boiz

No. 603690

it was because her and chris use to have a "podcast" which basically consisted of her sperging about laci and calling her a pornstar, and partially flirting with chris and sharing disgusting sex stories. The "podcast' was called the salad bowl and hence the salad boys thing was born

No. 603736

Gawd, I can’t even watch her streams for milk products because she’s so boring and her voice throws me into a murderous rage.

No. 603914

same tbh

No. 604331

this is just autistic sperging, but god, her stupid purple cat owl makes me angry with how ugly it is. You'd think an """artist""" would know when a design is just completely horrible. It's not cute or funny or iconic, and there's nothing about it that even relates to Anisa to make it relevant… actually wait a second… I guess that description fits Anisa pretty well

No. 604938

File: 1528437757177.jpeg (168.63 KB, 1242x715, 5496762A-C7C4-4E31-9B6D-3387BE…)

Sad because her titty streaming days were ten times more productive than whatever she’s pretending to do now. I don’t understand why she won’t get back to it, her sweet pear roots. It’s very clear she misses it and regrets destroying everything she had. For what? Lmao idubbbz. Girl you look back at those days similar to a middle aged mother of five thinking about the good ol’ days.

I think she’ll “ironically” rejoin the titty streaming community soon.

If she truly believed what she said before rebranding herself to fit idubbbz ideals I believe she would kindly tell that fan that she’s flattered but she doesn’t feel comfortable presenting herself in that way. That she doesn’t want to earn money by using her body. Of course Pear doesn’t believe that, she knows she killed her far more rewarding online persona for a douchebag.

Damn stupid Pear got me triggered lol.

No. 604943


I don’t believe this happened btw

My guess would be that she was testing the waters, maybe waiting for someone to suggest she should try her old shtick so she can ironically be Raihnbowkidz again. Where’s my tinfoil hat?

No. 604945

this is glorious! and you're right I agree with you. If she wants to be a hoe she needs to own up to it. I mean look at zoie, yes she is a wreck atm but she owns up to her shit, she knows she is crazy but she doesnt deny it. Its okay to be a hoe and she just needs to get off that high horse of hers and realize that her old content made her more money, didnt she say she use to be able to afford a big apartment on her own and she even had akaadian living with her at some point. Pear you know where the money is at girl, if she wants to get everything back she needs to break up with idubbbz and try to regain her old persona back, there's still time. at this pace she might either get impregnated by ian or married which will basically be the final blow of her dying career. Since Ian seems to be one of those redpill men that probably thinks that the womens place is in the kitchen or some bullshit. so once pear gets hitched with ian it will all be over for her, all her hopes and dreams of becoming a youtuber/famous twitch streamer will banish. she should have left ian for chris tbh or that tyler dude.

sage for mild retardation and intense tinfoiling.

No. 604983

why does she reminisce so much about something that she ‘hated to do’? so being a titty streamer made her uncomfortable and unhappy yet she gets upset literally every day that she doesn’t do it anymore? it makes no sense. i think she’s finally understanding that nobodies turning up to her streams for her bland personality and the only asset she had was jiggling her immensely pushed up tiddies for donations.

tbh i never understood why guys found her attractive (if they even did). she looked like someone who belonged at a blood on the dancefloor concert even when she was at her peak on twitch.

No. 605062

File: 1528458215188.jpeg (770.95 KB, 1242x1496, 977FA67C-6FB9-4CD6-8FBF-BC2BA9…)

No. 605063

File: 1528458233430.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1872, 7CF080C1-AFF2-415C-8F2C-160C4E…)

No. 605117

Yeah, I’m not buying it. Definitely a way to express she misses showing tiddy. She mentions her “tit stream days” periodically and is always nostalgic and never turned off.

No. 605149

>imagine lacking this much self awareness
man does she really think she deserves that play button? does she not know what guilt is?

No. 605156

clip from recent stream


eh.. clean up your shit sometimes, especially if you want to show it publicly

No. 605192

ohh god i hope she does a makeup video so the make up gurus eat her alive. (I want jefree to roast her)

No. 605337

File: 1528483759606.jpeg (265.15 KB, 1242x1237, BF31E95E-F027-4DD8-9C7B-9D3EAB…)


Pear logic: I know I haven’t uploaded in 5 months and I consider YouTube my job. Where’s my reward? Where’s my play button? Where’s my money?

No. 605393

and she doesnt even feel guilt so she hasnt uploaded in 5 months and she deadass thinks she deserves a play button???? back when idubbbz became her promotion pony her views were shit lol but she seriously thinks she deserves the recognition damnn Pear really lacks sense of reality and the shittier fact is that youtube is actually gonna give it to her when they denied other creators their plaque people who actually make effort and upload almost 3 times a week and this piece of pear who hasnt uploaded in 5 months gets one. damn the system is fugged boyz

No. 605408

File: 1528488621957.jpeg (123.45 KB, 1242x540, 83E5C984-ADDC-4991-93E2-4CECE9…)

>>605337 lmao pear

No. 605415

File: 1528489392425.png (896.13 KB, 1242x2208, 717BBD0E-0659-480B-A897-1CB94F…)

Lmfao, people just want to know about Ian

No. 605434

Kinda funny that she wants to make a mediocre versión of Tana’s content. Mediocre boring storytimes with Anisa. At least Tana is outrageous.

No. 605455


She clearly doesn't know what she's doing. She reminded herself she's got youtube channel and decided she has to upload, so now she's looking for ideas.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't it work other way around. You have an idea for content -> you share it with people. Not the way of: youtube is easy money -> I'll have to think about sth to make a video about. She's no creativity, which is why streaming was working better for her. It's much easier, you just have to play a game and entertain the chat, you don't have to actually create sth.

Still, I wish she was doing more youtube. She's such a beautiful train wreck

No. 605459

She has no discernible talent or creativity so she always takes it to Twitter with that “what do you guys wanna see” shit.

No. 605479

File: 1528492945206.png (756.33 KB, 1242x2208, 4A55F95C-AE9A-491A-B989-9FCA3C…)

The levels of irony…

No. 605549

Honestly, twitch is hard. If you're not gaming you have to be good at conversation. Not saying it's harder than youtube, but it's difficult, especially if you're not naturally good at filling up the time. You can't edit yourself so you have to think about every sentence.

However, twitch gets infinitely easier when you have your tits out. Doesn't matter what you say or do, if you sit there you can get money. In fact, it's better the less you say - people aren't there for your chat, they're there for the boobs. No harm in it, just that it's not really so hard at all.

t. a non-titty streamer

No. 605577

Remember when she said keemstar is stupid so he doesn't know what depression or suicide is? Fucking hypocrite

No. 605581

It’s not so much her “point” behind the tweet that I found so hypocritical. Not being able to keep others names out of her mouth (Sky, Zoie, Ice, Pyro) and then getting attention from that shit talk. Not to mention taking Venus’ issues with BD and laughing about them. She has the balls to criticize this dude’s horrendous tweet, when she in fact, is almost par with similar actions.

No. 605594

No. 605631

Why are we posting this? I refuse to watch h3h3 trying to hard cringe and socially retarded idubbbz. Unless Pear is involved or mentioned let me know lol

No. 605798

i always wonder if she's aware how fucking dumb she comes off due to her hypocrisy or whether she's dumb enough that she's completely oblivious to it.

i don't know why ian and h3 are actually still bothering with youtube. ian's not making any money from his channel anymore, and ethan hasn't for a long time. they'd basically stopped making videos so i assumed they'd seen the writing on the wall. guess not

but anyway h3h3 makes several idiotic moves in a month (and many more over the past year or two) that would get anyone else content cop'd. ian instead makes a video with his bff instead.

anyone who uses ian as any form of moral authority (like i see on twitter all the time) is fucking retarded. he's got huge double standards.

No. 605912

can't believe I used to like these people,I wonder how long till other people realize how lazy their content is?also any news from venti on the upcoming pear vid?

No. 606007

No. 606009

I’m not strong enough to watch it. I’d rather waste my time with the idubbbz h3h3 one. I’m predicting lots of excuses. Imagine not doing your job for 5 months, ask for a recognition badge and then come back with nothing but excuses. Grow up Pear.

No. 606029

When you type in anisajomha in YouTube the first suggestion is "anisa idubbbz break up "

Lol, who did this

No. 606047

You know, for how much we hate on Anisa, she really is an amazing editor and content creator. The same three stock sound effects every second, the out of place anime gifs, the rambling incoherent off-the-cuff speeches she gives… I don't think any other youtuber could really come close to that same quality.

No. 606055

she is the next jenna marbles yoo!!

No. 606082

Surprise! It was a life update vid…betcha you didn’t see that coming! She’s trying to site Ian staying in Canada for 6 mos is due to her dad’s deteriorating condition. Once the six months is up, off she’ll go back to SD, I bet. But myyyy dad, guyyys!

Also, says people ask her how she deals with such a public relationship. Biiitch, it’s public because you put it all out there.

No. 606113

File: 1528573659288.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1548, 67F6CFE6-280B-43C6-B0CE-E4EE66…)

Open moth flounder face seems to be a favorite of hers

No. 606118

File: 1528573727525.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x1884, 16030A62-115B-45E3-990F-D59BDA…)

No. 606121

Nitpicking but her facial expressions really show off how uneven her eyes are

No. 606179

File: 1528577516710.png (99.53 KB, 750x1150, IMG_2228.PNG)

No wonder she doesn't post videos lol


No. 606180

bits wants to be tana so badly! hhaha she is basically wearing pretty much the same thing tana wore when idubbbz met her lol and yet she made fun of her for wearing that. ZERO SELF AWARENESS

No. 606181

“The video went over so well”

No. 606211

>the same girl that asked youtube for the silver play button btw

No. 606223


Damn Tana watch out! That outfit, those killer views, and very shortly the storytimes. Can’t wait for Pearcon! Slay!

No. 606376

Now that you pointed it out, I can't stop seeing it haha. She's basically looking in two different directions.

No. 606426

Ughhh tana is such a slut for wearing revealing clothes!!!! Wait

No. 606535

Idubbb is supposed to come to Canada next week but isn't it E3?

There's no way he'd pick anisa over E3 lol

No. 606568

This pic is so unfortunate. These open mouth hand posey pics are so cringe.

No. 606579

is gonna be wild yo! hahaha nobody is allowed to talk shit or big bad icuckkkz is gon get em!

No. 606603

Damn pear really is fucked in the head

No. 606929

File: 1528660895677.jpeg (352.85 KB, 1194x1344, 75A8194D-3D03-4AE5-A3D1-1FFA08…)

Damn what happened?

No. 607060

She must’ve been lurking here again.

No. 607069

>no bully pls
The post.

No. 607087

>I don't sensationalize my life
Bitch. Yes. Yes you fucking DO. Miss I had sex in an elevator and decided to make a video on it like a classless whore.

No. 607120

So wait, are we supposed to take everything she says to heart? Because she says here "I try to share my honest feelings" but not even a couple months ago she says "you don't have to hold everything I say to an utmost truth" https://clips.twitch.tv/DignifiedBraveLegPoooound

Then when you really think about it, her claiming to never try to be something shes not is the biggest lie ever. Her whole life has been chasing personas and lifestyle after lifestyle to try to fit in, whether that's in art, sports, school, boyfriends, youtube, or twitch. It's normal to try to fit in and even to struggle with it hard, but you don't have to do so by constantly lying and hurting people to climb some sort of twisted social ladder. If I didn't know what a scummy person she was I'd almost feel bad. I wonder if the guilt of her horrible life choices is getting to her? I kinda of expect a melt down any day now… And the 6 months in Canada will likely be the end of her relationship and her relevancy.

No. 607168

File: 1528681143528.jpeg (104.92 KB, 750x915, 58AF7A2F-1A71-48EC-9DE2-C3C336…)

Maybe clean your fucking nose?

No. 607189

File: 1528684410749.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1545, 692EC5EC-4C28-491D-A4F3-4CAB36…)

This angle is great for her waist!

HOWEVER not for her shoulders. Why does she insist on wearing these tops intended for someone who doesn’t look like they play football. COVER YOUR DAMN MAN SHOULDERS. Her damn face too. Girl looks best when she has a big toothy grin imo

Final nitpick, girl that outfit is saaaad.

No. 607201

File: 1528686316990.jpeg (95.9 KB, 1242x422, 00449594-935D-479F-80C1-4CE462…)

What Ethan? I read this thinking h3h3 but i’m not sure if she’s friends some other Ethan.

If this dude is really talking about Ethan Klein then goddamn must be annoying that more than half of your followers know nothing about you except your connections.

No. 607264

does anyone have old pictures of idubbbz that are not already on the internet?

No. 607367

her shoulders look fine. she's strategically covering them with hair.
those washed out wrinkled to the oblivion shorts trigger me though.

No. 608100

how do her tits magically disappear in some pictures?

No. 608131

She wears pushup bras a lot. I think she is a D cup in terms of the natural width of her breasts, but they're a little bit flat on top/droopy, which is kind of just how it goes the larger your boobs get. I honestly think she looks way better without those cheap padded pushups though. Huge boobs only accentuate her wide body shape.

No. 608187

File: 1528768408021.jpeg (249.25 KB, 1242x669, B3593870-C97C-4E47-9BBC-9D96F1…)

No. 608191

THANK GOD for Anisa’s relationship advice or mine would be a mess!

No. 608228

Yeah but if you think about it, our pear has Ian wrapped around her finger. Good for her, I mean the guy is moving to Canada. I believe he’s more attached to her than she is to him. That manchild is perfect for Anisa.

No. 608232

I can taste the milk already, its gonna be fresh and delicious! Ian stay in canada will be glorious for this thread

No. 608236

why do these ethots insist on streaming e3? they dont play anything other than fortnite

No. 608270

File: 1528773015871.jpeg (199.03 KB, 750x1096, F4478CF2-67DA-41A4-8E00-9E15FB…)

Lmaoooo, I’m dying about how much she actually resembles a pear.

No. 608281


I'm pretty sure she guilt-tripped him into moving because of her dad's illness.

I just doing see the end-game here, her dad's Alzheimer’s isn't going to get better, so are they planning to stay in Edmonton forever?

No. 608313

tbh I don’t think Ian has the balls to leave Anisa. He knows he got lucky lol. Sure lots of girls would love to get some of that idubbbz d but he could never keep any of those girls. Watch any vlog with Ian and he’s not only socially awkward but extremely immature. Their stream interactions always seem off…and their couple pictures are so weird. I’m not a body language expert but they don’t seem like a normal couple. They always give me that vibe of “yep! Here we are! Couple shot, peace sign, hehe, I’m grabbing your shoulder now”. So uncomfortable.

The truth is that the great almighty idubbbz could never do better than her. Pear queen better get that ring!

No. 608324

i think she just wants to enjoy what time she has with him left and try to get ian to know him before it progresses to a point where it wont be possible

No. 608374

Staying in a small ass apartment in a foreign country is going to be a real test for their relationship.

No. 608410

Tbh that's a lot to put on someone.
'I know I've only been dating this guy for little over a year and most of the time I've been in a different country, but let me ask him to move to a different country so I can shove him into my family's turmoil."

No. 608523

imo, it's the reality of a long distance relationship. and it's really important for that too, moving in with a partner forces you to be together at their best and worse.

it's really good that they're doing it honestly. ian might be okay as a long distance boyfriend but i feel like he has a lot to learn since he's an ex incel

No. 608529

If her Dad does in fact have Alzheimer's, it seems completely understandable that she would want to remain in Canada to be with her family and enjoy the time while he is still fairly well (as the other anon mentioned). Some people in earlier threads gave her shit about moving out, but I think it's worth noting that she should still be allowed to have her own place and some level of independence. Even if she was 100% willing to act as a caretaker for her Dad, it just doesn't sound like he's at the point of significant decline. All that being said, I am a kind of skeptical of what she is saying about the situation since she lies and embellishes so much. Dementia is a symptom of many different conditions, not just aggressively degenerative diseases like Alzheimers. If Ian is actually going to come to Canada, that's a pretty mature and admirable move on his part. However, it's also entirely possible that Anisa is kind of dropping this Alzheimer's stuff on Ian (like another anon pointed out) and using it to work around her own US immigration issues. If Anisa was a mature and considerate girlfriend, she wouldn't pressure her partner to jeopardize his career like that. I sincerely believe Ian is just saying things to Anisa to calm her down, but who knows, he's also an adult and can make decisions for himself.

No. 608660

this isnt an anisa fanclub btw dont forget this is the same nasty bitch that talks about sex with chris and asks for a play button without deserving it

No. 608748

I’m watching Colossal’s stream, and someone asked him about his dating life. He said he’d never discuss it. Mentions idubbbz gf streams and always talks about their personal life and that it’s weird. She’s got that rep amongst the community. I’ll clip when I get off work

No. 608798

No. 608807

LMAO “idubbbz girlfriend” ouch Pear.

Colossal has the capacity to expose Anisa. He’s been very vocal against chicks that use their body for fame and money. Even called out Zoie on the Baited podcast. Clown has nothing to lose, really. Too bad everyone’s so scared of big scary ex incel idubbbz to say a thing. Oh but they notice, this proves they do. I’m sure Chad has a lot to say about Anisa too.

No. 608811

"He never talks about her, but she talks about him quite a lot." Clown is spot on
Interesting to see someone from their community pointing it out, not just us here

No. 608851

Thanks for clippin for me, anon

No. 608853

Clown is super respected, speaks volumes of her shenanigans

No. 608855

Clown doesn’t want to get banned from twitch shit-talking another streamer but, he’s not afraid of anyone. He likes idubbbz, but doesn’t give a shit

No. 608856

He's a big fan of Ian.

No. 608895

Wonder if anyone will bring it up on her stream today

No. 608899

File: 1528836850751.png (4.6 MB, 1242x2208, 889F6D41-0FC9-4CCB-9BF8-DB9AC1…)

Her mole on her stomach is disgusting. She looks malnutritioned and her arms just look like fat and no muscle. Can we just ignore her outfit I might throw up if I look at it. Also her face looks terrible with her hair up, not to mention how thin her hair looks, bleh.

No. 608901

Samefag but also her tits are obviously non existent

No. 608904

idubbbz is one lucky guy to be dating maxmoefoe

No. 608921

butch overload

No. 608923

Why do this strong arm pose when you have so much flab flags?

No. 608929

To get Celery to notice her.

No. 608931

Lmao omg arm definition where? Arm looking like Grocery’s. Shoe would call strong and muscular.

Alright I’m done nitpicking. Credit where credit’s due at least she’s focusing on her health. Pear just use your bod for donations again , you’re on the right track. Nobody cares and you know you miss it. Just say you’re being ironic!

No. 608932

Social experiment kek

No. 608939

File: 1528839451334.png (536.53 KB, 507x731, idubbbz girlfriend anisa jomha…)

was her covering ian's face intentional or some subconscious jab at him that she hates him for being popular while she isnt lol

No. 608999

File: 1528844758443.jpg (34.85 KB, 582x356, akaadian.jpg)

No. 609010

Tranisa Jomhautemess

No. 609012

lol at someone in the chat saying "she hates talking about him she doesn't like when people bring him up!" LMAOO bull fucking shit this bitch LOVES bringing ian up on all her social media accounts.

No. 609122

Hahaha, fuck I love colossal even more now! He definitely dislikes Anisa and I wouldn’t be surprised if other youtubers in that sphere dislike her as well kek

No. 609123

this might be nitpicking but doesn’t anyone else find it so awkward how she tweets her mother sometimes? they talk as if they’re school friends and not mother and daughter and it’s so weird. surely you’d just text or call your daughter if you had a question rather than tweet…

No. 609167

Needless to say every pear interaction is awkward. That dude Chris, ain’t that relationship awkward too? Her relationship with Ian, Celery, Katt, her sister, her mom. All awkward in their own way. Pear so fake nothing seems normal goddamn.

No. 609211

Oh MY GOD! So good.

No. 609243

What does she mean by this?

No. 609358

She's basically saying that he's super in shape and she eventually was going to be in good shape too.
They're both awkward and these little responses don't need to happen

No. 609680

File: 1528916555481.jpeg (739.84 KB, 1242x1409, A93BD155-505D-49C7-92D6-7FA1FB…)

Covering Ian’s face again?

No. 609687

Man not to nitpick but wtf is with her face look at those eyebags, she looks like she barely gets any sleep, either that or she has been crying a lot.

No. 609727

I hope this isnt because Ian isnt coming, I want him to go to canada so bad.

also anisa hyped blitz birthday a couple weeks ago but she ended up not celebrating it at all lol??

No. 609761

Why would she post this? Her body looks okay but her face looks so tragic

No. 609868


I love that we’re all waiting for Ian to go to Canada, thirsty for that sweet milk.

No. 609870

Leafy looks cute here

No. 609962

When is due to be out there?

No. 609965

On tuesday.

No. 609980

Unpopular opinion maybe, but I feel like she actually is kinda pulling off this tomboy look. No makeup almost works better for her than her normal makeup, which is usually poorly applied and heavy handed. Girl is really aging like crazy though, her face is gonna look 45 at 30.

No. 610037

File: 1528937885353.png (48.8 KB, 573x542, kailey gets cucked.png)

you guys think she's talking about this thread? lol

No. 610047

LOL damn k4iley might need a tin foil hat with that reaching she is doing. girl…. okay since I know this lesbian wannabe will likely read this, look k4iley we do have a reason to hate on anisa (cuz we really dont care about you, you're not even milky nor relevant enough to have a thread made about you) she is a cheating piece of shit who mocks other people for the same stuff she does. then goes around lying and manipulating people for personal gain, she even backstabbed friends in order to ride the dick for fame. In other words Anisa is a wolf in sheep's clothing. heck she even talked shit about celerys girlfriend, basically not caring about celery's feelings. you better watch out cuz she might even backstab you next if she deems it necessary, there's a reason why neither pewds nor marzia follow her. I mean look at what she did to poor sky, she even made him cry and feel awful about himself.

No. 610114

Tbh I don’t think this stuff is about this thread at all.

No. 610121

where else tho the girl is not even relevant enough to have hate threads about her, she is only known because of anisa tbh

No. 610130

What in the af?

No. 610131

Well it wouldn’t be the first girl finding this thread and making it all about herself lol.

Maybe I know too many basic bitches but this seems typical to me. The whole “omg people are so mean and hateful, i’m here to help, you’re not alone, let me fix you, my heart is so pure and good”. I dunno.

No. 610135

exactly like that lilbean bitch saying shit like "omg you guys are so pathetic leave anisa alone" hahahaha I just love shit like this tbh. But you're right tho and they even come off as fake. tbh all she wants is that bit of atention towards her.

No. 610142

Pear must’ve lurked and got butthurt again.

No. 610144

Pear attracts those type of girls like flies. Special beans, male idubbbz worshippers and girls who think Anisa is the luckiest for dating such a funny manchild xdxd.

No. 610146

File: 1528945654150.jpeg (168.33 KB, 1242x1022, F7EC0FAB-EDFC-46CA-A5CA-446182…)

Sorry what?

No. 610148

Is she trying to make a pro guy or anti woman joke? i can't tell

No. 610250

It's weird how she's trying to insert herself into this thread tbh.
Sorry no one fucking cares enough to make a thread about you, kailey :(

No. 610266

Anisa is in it for the money, the fame and the views but too bad she doesnt get any of that. Sooner or later (most likely sooner) Idubbbz channel will die out, and it will no longer be lucrative for him. I guess once that happens she will probably jump on the next famous dick.

dear kailey,
1…2…lolcow will never make a thread about you

No. 610337

it's funny how she talked about this on stream hoping we would mention it and then had to post it on twitter because no one watches her retarded streams..
kailey girl, i don't think you're in a position to criticize someone else's life.. your pear friend is 25,doesn't have a college degree,real job or any skill that could provide her a stabile income. her relationship is awful and forced, just like her friendships.
i'm not exactly familiar with your situation but the fact that you constantly invest your time in defending this garbage human being, i'm guessing the person that needs professional help the most is you.

No. 610366

This isn't even about me and it hurt my feelings lmao

No. 610375

File: 1528975540688.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1242x1872, 2A87F9DC-BB70-4A50-A1E9-8C1F6F…)

No. 610394

Wow she really wants to go for that frumpy soccer mom look.. Seriously what the fuck is outfit choice? And that disgruntled look on her face..

Someone help her

No. 610435

File: 1528981898055.jpeg (181.26 KB, 2048x2048, CF512DAB-90B4-4D17-9F77-1A61A8…)

i quickly just sifted through the comments of the photo she’s talking about…it’s literally 3 comments out of 84… she loves making a big deal out of absolutely nothing lmao

No. 610457

I don't think she's "making a big deal out of anything", I think she's just so insecure that the fact that there are 3 people in her comment section don't lick her ass is huge deal for her

No. 610478


This. But I have to admit I am kinda surprised by the number of people that lick her ass.. Like who are these pathetic losers??? Why is there so many of them??

No. 610514

Anisa is their only way to interact with their almighty god idubbbz.

No. 610523

her brows……honey

No. 610547

Tbh she’s covering the ungodly eye bags so I can’t complain too much

No. 610677

She’s live and discussing the colossal thing

No. 610685

File: 1529002879600.png (4.45 MB, 2208x1242, F07CDB06-1681-414E-8B8F-7098B2…)


No. 610686


No. 610687

File: 1529002952072.png (1.59 MB, 1334x750, IMG_2273.PNG)

She looks like a character from Big Mouth

No. 610688

File: 1529002993584.png (4.27 MB, 2208x1242, 5D4033FC-8972-4572-84A8-712902…)

She looks flat af here yo

No. 610693


No. 610703

Made fun of the me too movement

No. 610715

File: 1529004786802.jpeg (47.56 KB, 499x285, 4648148D-4CAD-4768-AF61-4ABBEA…)

Y’all ever see that movie Ghost? Kek

No. 610772

Anyone clip?

No. 610855

File: 1529013413114.jpeg (34.45 KB, 750x269, AB9A2EC3-274D-4EEE-9CC9-C49B11…)

I thought all these instathots unfollowed her, I guess some still support her?

No. 610870

File: 1529015092368.png (54.98 KB, 750x317, IMG_2275.PNG)

>be anisa
>Mental illness and eating disorders positivity UwU
>retweets triggering bullshit like this

Wtf bitch lol at least act sick

No. 610884

Fuck, sorry guys wrong thread haha

No. 610892

can someone clip the part where she talked about colossal thing

No. 610918

fucking really? Of all the things to be against. Especially as a woman.

No. 610970

I can't clip because I'm on mobile but in the Most recent VOD it's from 30-45 mins in. She doesn't comment on it much and brushed it off quickly (i think she realized when she tried to disprove what clown said but mentioned Ian and then proved clown's point)

No. 610996

Lmao daily reminder Kailey used to hate pear chan for daring to date her precious akadian (who she didn't even bag in the end kek)

No. 611069

Since????? Where’s the evidence??

No. 611097

Ffs look up thread >>592601

No. 611333

so if colossal noticed it there must be other who do,like he's friendly to keemstar and chad,why doesn't someone call her out on video?also why wouldn't chad say anything he doesn't seem to give a fuck either

No. 611334

can't find where she talked about colossal,I watched some of her stream for the first time and I'm dying why do people watch her?she has barely any views and uploads every 5 months how does she make money?

No. 611412

She doesn’t hence why she rides famous dick

No. 611422

File: 1529061053964.jpg (57.11 KB, 640x480, Found-Danny-DeVito-900x600-640…)

ok but why does she look exactly like danny devito here

No. 611564

File: 1529080096504.jpg (153.54 KB, 929x871, IMG_2277.JPG)


Messy bitch

No. 611579

i love seeing her put all this effort into a probably unfunny, boring, shitty video just to lose subs every time she posts. it’s hilarious

No. 611685

holy butch. she should honestly just go full lesbian at this point. at least she looks in her element looking like a retarded ellen page. when she tries to be pretty she just looks like a troll in a dress. and it's not like she doesn't like chicks - celery, no one can deny - anyway. embrace the butch, anisa.

No. 611835

No. 611848

Shit as always

No. 611880

This was a really good video, my favorite part was when she got slapped

No. 611883

actual garbage. i'm so sick of her eighth-grade film project looking """skits""" and her basic ass ~motivational~ speeches. like… no one wants your life lessons, anisa. in fact, you're the last person anyone should draw inspiration from. you're 25, you don't have any kind of formal education, you have no career prospects, you lie and cheat and scheme your way through life, your boyfriend is a loser who's losing his star which is the only reason you got with him in the first place, you have no personality or identity of your own. just stop. no one gives a shit about you or the things you say.

No. 611928

Didn’t you guys know that she’s always been one of the d00dz and all these other tiddy streamers aren’t on her L3v3L

No. 612054

File: 1529112527394.png (5.87 MB, 2208x1242, D4EEDF46-E044-418F-8694-6CE234…)

This video talking about the good ol’ days again…when I used to do sports, guys, back then when my life made sense, when I was one of the bros, did I mention I was the ONLY FEMALE, now let me tell you how I dealt with that.

Pear’s prime years where her high school years and her titty streaming days lmao.

Anisa your life ain’t over yet ffs

No. 612077

Who is that in the vid?? I thought idubbbz but they have a bun in their hair?

No. 612122

Man for every 1 passable angle Anisa has, she's got like 99 bad ones. I feel like in itself, the hair, makeup, and outfit would work on a lot of people, but the bra with the open top makes her look sloppy, and the intensity of the brows and lipstick only bring more attention to her dick nose.

No. 612125


No. 612140

Agreed. Anisa has no sense whatsoever for how to cultivate a personal brand. She's not achieved any success whatsoever to rationalize making these kind of advice videos, especially one that seems to be about where she finds the strength to handle the negativity that comes with being an Internet personality. In general, you got to have something to offer before people want to know about you as a person. Aside from those desperate twitch neckbeards, I am guessing that most of the people that follow her channel only know her as Idubbbz girlfriend.

She's also really bad at the performative aspects of YouTube in that she's completely lacking in any charisma or personality. She's not uniquely bad or anything, her content just feels forgettable. Even in her streams where she is apparently in her element, it's usually just pointless rambling or her getting defensive about some question that came up in the chat.

No. 612211

Here's the hooktube link this pear shouldnt get views


No. 612256

How I deal with negativity: I cry about it on my stream but male YouTube videos and tweets pretending like I don't care because I know they don't watch my streams.

No. 612315

File: 1529149615378.jpg (31.41 KB, 500x315, 3535345.jpg)

Anisa pls

No. 613692

File: 1529278772510.jpeg (273.38 KB, 1242x626, BC0F29C0-3C2C-407F-9AD0-A13319…)

No. 613911

Idubbbz is coming to Canada on the 19th boiz, poggers awkward stream content is COMING

No. 613991

Betting $10 that when (read as “if”) he gets there she’s not gonna stream/ make videos for at least a week

No. 614059

lol lets see if he is actually gonna get there, I am doubting he is staying 6 months there tho. lol but none the less I cant wait for the incoming ratchet mess.

No. 614232

anisa is feeling really insecure about her streaming right now though lol, she dropped from 400 to 250 subs in a week. If she takes another week break, shits gonna drop even more

No. 614258

she can hardly do worse than that stretch of like 4 months late last year where she got like, a single five dollar donation, and her viewers were in the 30-60 range lmao

No. 614264

Anisa has been more self aware recently and actually makes an effort to not say "ian" and use "significant other"

Here's another clip of her saying idubbbz likes short hair and she totally didn't cut her hair short for him(even though she has said multiple times she did)


No. 614277

justkidding, can anyone save this entire vod? she talks about ian a lot lol

No. 614434

Anisa- gets triggered when the chat asks about her relationship

Also Anisa- talks about relationship related shit every stream

No. 614454

File: 1529363469896.png (782.43 KB, 1242x2208, 8F934DD0-3223-4C7C-B11F-F2E31F…)

What now?

No. 614472

she banned someone on stream for calling her previous employer, getting her number, and then finding her parent's address and said they sent a swat team apparently? idk

can canadians even get swatted? that seems like an american police thing

No. 614483

nvm disregard this, her mom was in chat calling for people to insult anisa and said her daughter smelled like shit lol

it's probably idubbbz related, who wants to bet he's backing out last minute

No. 614493

Does anyone have a clip of when she logged off? Was she reading a text or something?

No. 614496

It's the last 15 minutes of her recent stream, I can't clip it because it's more than a minute long

Basically during the game she got distracted and kept replying to her text and eventually muted her mic and went away to talk on the phone for 10 minutes(professional streamer guys)

When she came back she seemed flustered and said she had to end the stream without giving any info.

This is so funny because yesterday when idubbbz called during stream she was like "teehee my son called me got to mute to the mic" and talked while sitting there on stream

No. 614541

tRoUbLe In PaRaDiSe?!?
Take a poll: who saw this coming?

a part of me feels bad, then I remember why she wants him there and I’m over it.

No. 614564

Sorry for the out of the loop question, but wtf happened there? Her content seems like the same old garbage, so how did she boost her numbers.

Also I feel very strongly that in about a month (if that) we're going to get an unsolicited relationship advice video about her and Ian's "mutual" decision for Ian to return to the US.

No. 614588

A month or two after Anisa and Idubbbz started dating, she moved to San Diego and slowly stopped streaming(on ian's recommendation), rebranded, and put all her effort into youtube. When money wasn't coming in she sadly went back and there were a lot of streams where she was clearly unhappy and broke down.

She slowly boosted her viewership again by doing daily streams and click baiting with tits(her own words)

it's weird she and ian would rather do 6 months back and forth instead of her going back to school to get a student visa and staying with him long-term. She only needs to do one semester of credits to be eligible for study abroad or some shit but thats too much effort

No. 614593

>Sorry for the out of the loop question, but wtf happened there? Her content seems like the same old garbage, so how did she boost her numbers.

Ian crediting her for her work on the Content Cop and Content Deputy on Ricegum is what happened.

No. 614601

>She slowly boosted her viewership again by doing daily streams and click baiting with tits(her own words)

If you're referring to what she said on yesterdays's stream, she was talking about when she started doing tit streaming as Raihnbowkidz.

No. 614684

Max posted a video with Ian that was partially ruined because of the cameraman. I wonder who filmed it? It looks like it was on the cruise ship. It would be hilarious if Anisa ruined one of Max's videos, just more reason not to like her. Max also says "I think the cameraman's retarded" Although probably just a joke.

No. 614697

there was a bearded white guy with a camera in kat's instagram stories so it's probably him.

BUT i think ian and max filming together on the ship(without the girls) shows more how the trip wasn't really for the girls and more for the guys lmao

poor kat she was left alone on the ship with fucking anisa

No. 614779

File: 1529385740335.png (37.52 KB, 545x142, Szkic.png)

If you're asking so nicely, pear…

No. 614868

File: 1529399841692.png (114.91 KB, 750x914, IMG_2317.PNG)

Anisa will leave her subscribers that pay her monthly without any word but will take the time reply to jacksepticeye's girlfriend for some innoucuous bullshit lmao

Her fans are sheep

No. 614869

*markipliers girlfriend
My bad, they have the same ugly fan art icons - it's easy to mix up

No. 615264

According to her Twitter, last night she stopped streaming suddenly and looked upset. Today, it’s 2pm and no sign of idubbbz and idubbbz gf. I wonder what happened.

No. 615318

Sssniperwolf and anisa follow each other on insta now lol, how the fuck did those two cross?

You think anisa took the memes from here and showed them to lia? Lmao

No. 615393

ah shitt of course sneaky pear snake lol she aint dumb she is keeping all the hoes close that might steal her autistic promotion bank pony away

No. 615400

If he's there, she's not going to be able to resist posting a couples photo for long.

No. 615401

it's so weird
ian doesn't follow sssniperwolf.
all of ian's friends fucking HATE sssniperwolf.
all of the girls anisa tries to appeal to(pokimane, lilypichu) HATE sssniperwolf.
It just seems like a bad move.

No. 615408

Anisa is just a social climber like the lames (Kailey) that latch onto her… there's no way she would pass up an opportunity to be noticed by someone with that much of a social media presence. I don't get why tf Lia would reciprocate though.

No. 615520

No stream today. Saw some of stans in colossal’s chat today. They’re so cringe

No. 615597

File: 1529466438667.jpeg (130.24 KB, 1242x383, B67162FE-68C2-48D0-89A1-ED097A…)


No. 615660

because lia wants idubbbz dick. she has for a while.

i bet anisa celebrated when she got that follow back, thinking she was sneaky and feeling all smug about her famuz followers. which is hilarious because she only gave lia an in with ian.

No. 615759

File: 1529489739921.png (50.99 KB, 674x366, brit.PNG)

Is this a hint at an Anisa video from Brittany Venti? I might be reaching, but people have slated her for wearing the same stuff over again.

No. 615760

Plus the fact that she has made a video criticizing her over her making a big deal for 'changing her top'

No. 615772

Vidcon/tanacon starts tomorrow, did idubbbz really choose Canada over these golden content opportunities lol

I would rather see ian sneak into tanacon and vlog instead of anisa's sad streams tbh

No. 615779

File: 1529492551959.jpg (308.7 KB, 1041x1412, Screenshot_20180620-070125.jpg)

Do you think she got upset on stream because Ian is blowing her off for Tanacon?
That's sad even for anisa

No. 615887


If she is, she needs to get over herself. It would technically be a career move for him, so that's just more important than this move, sorry.

I'm not sure how much advantage living in California has for his career, but if he's tossing it away to move in with this dumbdumb, he's an idiot. Their whole relationship reeks of 2 dumbass teenagers ~*following their hearts*~ instead of being sensible.

No. 615895

i’ve always thought this too!!

i just don’t get why he would move out of living in a central city like LA to be in the middle of nowhere in canada for 6 months… he can’t be that dumb can he?

No. 615900

He lives in San Diego, not LA.

No. 615922


Still pretty close to LA (2ish hrs drive) which is where the YouTube "scene" is. Off the top of my head, he'd lose the ability to easily collab with H3H3 if he moves.

God. It would have been so much more sensible for her to go the student visa route and study for a career that could sponser her after she graduates. They've been dating for almost 2 years but their relationship seems so shallow and NOT AT ALL justifiable for such a huge life change and possible job sacrifice on his part.

No. 615945

Yea right they've been dating for such a long time yet it looks like her only attempt to get a visa was asking people on Twitter how to get one.
Also I'd love to see how they decided on when Ian was supposed to visit. Why wouldn't they wait another week so he can go to vidcon and do his job for once.

No. 615951

I doubt he would want to go to Vidcon if Max is not going.

No. 615957

He might go if Nerd City is going.

No. 616065

I know nerd city sucks off every other """edgy""" popular youtuber but is Ian actually friends with him or did he just phone in a few voicelines?

No. 616068

they're actually friends.

as the other anon said, it's still close. the canada youtube scene is almost non-existent outside of canada itself, and youtube tends to favour showing your videos to people in the same geographic country iirc. which is why it's insane that he'd move to canada and hamper his career so much. definitely 'teenage lovers' type of bahavior.

No. 616342

I don't think they're actually friends. More of acquaintances.

No. 616626

they really have been dating for long,it's so odd that after all this time they still don't know where it's going,I wonder for how long this will last,surely pear wants to trap him with the marriage card someday

No. 616909

File: 1529603791668.jpeg (674.33 KB, 1192x2119, 3765CA8B-AA72-48AD-8645-89BCC5…)

And away we gooooo! Milkfest 2018, boys. It’s upon us

No. 616913


My body is READY. Can't wait to hear about Ian's excuses for delaying moving. He is without a doubt not there since she hasn't shoved it in our faces yet with an awkward selfie. Hopefully she won't sperg out and refuse to talk about it.

No. 616916

File: 1529604082572.jpg (43.55 KB, 586x246, Edmonton.jpg)

No. 616928

This makes the milk creamier

No. 616936

new content cop maybe?I'm curious how pear will try to justify this

No. 616939

Justify what?

No. 617009

she posted with a geolocation of a cafe in Calgary so…maybe??

No. 617063

File: 1529610512487.jpeg (394.04 KB, 750x997, 4D71CFC0-38B0-43E8-B592-AFE14D…)

lmao i am cackling at the complete and utter self awareness of anisa tweeting about getting the play button she doesn't deserve at all and then RT'ing this shit about 'wahhh these snowflake kids keep getting unmerited awards!!!'

you ARE one of those kids, anisa, being rewarded by default. get some fucking perspective.

No. 617145


Tweet her that truth Tea.

No. 617250

idubbbz confirmed in canada !!! here comes milk

No. 617308

She’s streaming now, y’all

No. 617373

she's doing a good job not being baited into talking about him so far on stream

Only mentioned him once about him bringing her headphones back and going out to buy furniture

No. 617461

Anisa making fun of explosions in the sky "it's so weird and bad lmao wtf is this" I expected her to have shit music taste but I think I might be cringing out of this stream I'm not sure how much more I can take

No. 617471

an anisa stream:
>200 people leave the stream
"I need money why dont ppl give me money :("

No. 617935

so idubbbz' address got doxxed and i wont post it but damn anisa wasnt lying, she had to walk an hour roundtrip to get some starbucks.

ian why didnt you let her borrow the jeep sooner you fucking savage

No. 617951

where did it get posted though? i haven’t seen anything

No. 618184

I don't think he got doxxed,there's nothing about it idk what this anon is talking about

No. 618197


No. 618202

i’ve literally looked on 4chan, reddit, twitter, there’s nothing about it. anons probably a pear associate talking out of their ass

No. 618214


eh.. it takes 5 sec google search to find it, but i guess that's to hard for some

I don't want to post a direct link but check out tumblr profile named naegit

No. 618220

That's his parents' adress, not Ian's.

No. 618236

File: 1529688290514.jpg (1.11 MB, 1071x1161, idubbbz doxed by girlfriend.jp…)

it's literally right next to his PO box

ian kept his life secret for so long but who knew all it took was for his gf to constantly take selfies in a bathroom for people find out omegalul

No. 618270

"hehe now you HAVE to move in with me hehe :)"

No. 618311

>it's literally right next to his PO box

What's your point?

No. 618504

He should be the example- you can’t turn a twitch thot into a housewife. They dox you by selfies, and suck your soul kek

No. 618517

In the top left photo the windows look uneven. Like the left window looks higher than the right window. Also the shadow below them is curved then straight. Evidence of shooping me thinks.

No. 618519

maybe, but if you look at anisa's old selfies theres a shit ton of construction tools in their yard. more likely they bought a junk house and are trying to fix it up since 2016. which might explain the different window

interesting clip

No. 618524

I remember Anisa saying that it's a newly built house.

No. 618528

Also that would be the strangest thing to renovate

No. 618530

File: 1529708562326.png (85.54 KB, 560x423, IMG_2330.PNG)

It only came onto the online market in 2016 so maybe shes not lying.
The outside of the home looks like garbage though. Can you imagine dating a super star YouTuber and he takes you to his house that looks like a murder cabin in the middle of no where lol

No. 618542

Does it say how much it cost? A dollar lmao

No. 618581

If she’s pregnant weird cravings and shit

No. 618637

File: 1529718241087.png (1.19 MB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 9.38…)

The other day I was looking at one of her streams thinking her hair actually looked nice these days kek the balding is very real

No. 618653

i just checked prices for homes in the general area and it’s between 500,000USD and 900,000USD. i’m guessing the reason why it’s so secluded is so he can do whacky shit for his videos without being a nuisance to his neighbours. still, i’d expect something a bit more cosmetic for that price, it looks like a shithole on the outside.

No. 618663

File: 1529720727249.png (1.66 MB, 1334x750, IMG_2332.PNG)

The floor near the door looks like the floor in his newest video

No. 618666

For that particular area, and the size of the lot, it’s a good price. He actually was smart, if he does fix it up, if he ever decides to sell he’ll turn a good profit. I live about 50 min from there, SoCal isn’t cheap.

No. 618668

His public record says he and his parents bought the home for 450,000 USD

No. 618673

File: 1529721079047.jpg (77.34 KB, 700x393, IMG_2333.JPG)

No. 618675

File: 1529721135615.jpg (56.39 KB, 700x463, IMG_2334.JPG)

No. 618676

File: 1529721151055.jpg (41.15 KB, 465x700, IMG_2335.JPG)

No. 618687

I actually think the place is amazing! and he has so much land. She's really mean, he made him leave his place and move out to a cereal box.

No. 618708

Make the cereal box an ice box. No way the relationship will last through winter cramped up in that miserable place. Coming from san diego hes gonna die

No. 618919

(old comment but I'm biting)
mod? On here? Anon I'm not too sure that's what he meant, he kept using it as a retort when anons would say that Anisa won't notice him, so that would make it more probable that he was a mod on her discord. Also, use your brain, when farmhands post they have all these flashy additions to their posts so you know they're official.

she actually looks much better here, brows aside, I think she finally took some styling tips. I remember back in the first couple threads when myself and other anons gave fashion advice

that's how imageboards work, this "just google it" attitude is a stupid one to have when you/op made a comment about it without any direct info in the first place, especially when ian has been "doxxed" many times.

ngl this is fucking hilarious

No. 619102

File: 1529767652557.jpeg (880.71 KB, 1194x2123, EF26634D-5A32-4A56-8DD2-53BB0D…)

Looks like jontron popped the question. Bet Anisa will go into full court press…

No. 619111

That's a beautiful ring, white opal. Very nice! Poor Pearnisa, never the bridesmaid, never the bride.

No. 619233

His address is posted on kiwifarms if any farmers wanted to know

No. 619341

File: 1529790117638.jpeg (419.98 KB, 1242x952, 57173F35-1491-41F7-85C5-26DB97…)

No. 619387

>watches lana del rey music video once

No. 619416

Picture idubbbz in a club lmao

Now picture Pearnisa in a club trying to make Ian and her fit in lmao

No. 619489

Don’t think it’ll be too bad. It’ll look like some loser picked up some cheap hooker. They’ll blend right in

No. 619552

Is she trying to act like she wasn’t a bar hoe?

No. 619594

"i only have 3 friends: one in this building(celery), one in vancouver, and one in LA"

damn fucking left kailey in the dust , kailey is in boston btw lol

No. 619604

y'all know the one in L.A is her ex side dick chris ray gunn

No. 619693

File: 1529814438703.png (15.69 KB, 633x758, FA1BF8B2-9E2F-4DB3-9D7C-44C8D4…)

Kailey white knights so hard and for nada.

No. 619776

File: 1529822066542.jpeg (287.42 KB, 1080x1080, 922A0B47-5D33-47C3-B29C-C74B48…)

Aaaaaand, Blair White is also newly engaged. Keep ‘me coming, boys.

No. 619781


this is beautiful, imagine Ian marrying her out of desperation, or even just trying to save face and fit in.

No. 619810

Nah, Ian may be desperate, but he's not that stupid. He seems to be aware that even mentioning her could harm his reputation. Poor pear. I remember one of her AMAs she's said that getting married is on her bucked list

No. 619996

File: 1529857948613.jpeg (300.17 KB, 1242x558, 4D0F46F5-0904-4AE2-9C33-920917…)

Is this about her and Akaadian breaking up while she was cheating on him with Ian?

No. 620001

Apparently all of her previous relationships were 'toxic' so cheating is alright.

No. 620037

Well you know what they say, if the problem follows you, then maybe, just maybe, you're the fucking problem.

I do hope it is about her an Ian because that shit happened like a year and a half ago and it's still all she fixates on. Lmao it's like the biggest part of her personality is her relationship.

No. 620056

oh hell yeah it is lol so in other words "its okay to be a hoe if you found a better dick to ride" man Anisa keeps proving us right in what a hoe she is, if chris were youtube famous and more popular than idubbbz she would have dumped ian to jump on that dick lol too bad laci took that chance away tho.
stay sad and ugly anisa.

No. 620057

I think she liked it to make it seem like she had a “good” reason to leave/cheat on akaadian

No. 620074

I’m sure the post is referring specifically about Ariana and Pete but girl you think this current relationship is better than your last? I’m sure akaadian never pissed on you, hun.

No. 620089

If her relationship was truly toxic with Akaadian, why would still have a correspondence with him now? Usually when a relationship that was toxic ends, people don’t follow and complement each other on social media. I will never buy that as a scapegoat. Pear, you are a dick climber.

No. 620397

This is all just my speculation, but my guess is that Aakadian was probably inexperienced with being in a relationship (since he was a fucking teenager) and more invested in his streaming than spending time with Anisa, so she got bored of him. The funny thing is that this is how Ian also comes off (swap streaming with YouTube). Again, I'm tinfoiling, but I think the fact that she brings up the idea of leaving behind bad relationships so much is because she's trying to sell both herself and her followers on the strength of this relationship with Ian. If it was good, she probably wouldn't fixate so much on being hurt. In the pics of Ian she does post, they both seem so awkward and stiff together.

No. 620423

She deleted this

No. 620523

I think they broke up, she wants to go clubbing and her blaming an ex for a bad relationship is kinda a trend for her

No. 620530

Has there been any mention/sighting of Ian on her streams? What the hell is even going on?

No. 620573

File: 1529891964321.jpg (49.67 KB, 595x263, screencap.jpg)

I know he's just fucking around with people in these tweets, but I wonder if he actually was at tanacon

No. 620644

No. He was no where near Anaheim. He didn’t do last year, his vidcon days are done.

No. 620994

He did go to some con a bit ago but he basically had to go undercover so he wouldn't get swarmed. Also he didn't film or announce it or anything.

No. 621210

Lol anisa is on stream acting as if she's solved the John Benet Ramsey case

She's telling people they're wrong and she has all the facts ??? This case is notoriously unsolved for a reason there is no answer wtf

No. 621256

File: 1529957627620.png (666.92 KB, 903x600, onison banana.png)

can anyone help record and save this? she's doing onision levels of lame now lmao


17minutes in

No. 621262

No. 621301

No. 621312

any idea what he showed them?

They were gone for a solid 5-10 mins and when they got back on stream they didn't mention anything related to ian at all.

No. 621436

File: 1529970997071.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x1697, 0C904973-4434-4981-A255-4A9F6A…)

No. 621441

She actually looks nice here, if it wasn't for that awful, awkward peace sign. But this haircut suits her better than her previous ones.

No. 621455

Celery sold the pic. If you look at anisa it’s ruined. Her corny af tumblr inspired pic is ruined by a chunky pear headed man lady.

No. 621637

Same haircut as lilbeantay?

No. 621639

please stop mentioning her she is irrelevant and an attention seeking whore

No. 622197

File: 1530042853306.jpeg (286.97 KB, 1242x457, 90C35A04-8183-4A35-8346-32D7D6…)

He thinks 300 people will show?? That’s a very generous thought, but okayyy

No. 622231

File: 1530045355278.png (11.34 KB, 592x122, tfw your fans don't even like …)

someone commented this on ian's new video kek

No. 622251

No. 622325


No. 622365

File: 1530054346132.png (762.09 KB, 937x600, idubbbz promotion poney.png)


No. 622414

Well it's about time people are realizing. He can no longer be an invincible king since being with her is a joke and makes him look bad. She is a hideous blood sucking leech with no skills or talent

No. 622418

Damn, that's kinda ugly. I am guessing Ian took her to the mall for her birthday and said I'll get you whatever you want so long as the total is under $1000.

No. 622420

Lol yeah if by nice you mean strongly resembles Lord Farquaad, I'd have to agree. It was definitely better than the rat extensions though.

No. 622422

he did buy her a $1200 camera for her first birthday together, the least he could do was shell out another 1k lol

No. 622429

Why would Ian pay for it? He already gave her a birthday present.

No. 622431

because it's Anisa and Ian is a pushover bitch

No. 622488

>>622365 this is the ugliest bag I’ve ever seen omfg.

No. 622490

Looks like doo-doo. Pear would want that.

No. 622495

That's ugly… really ugly. Why is she trying to make herself look old all the time.

No. 622525

File: 1530069585719.jpg (198.98 KB, 542x936, Screenshot_20180626-231851_Chr…)

You guys remember when she freaked the fuck out because everyone was saying Ian keeps buying her expensive stuff?
She made several statements like "Ian and I connect because neither of us like spending money. We're both really good with money"
Like you cry about not having money but you've been saving up for a "VERY BIG" purchase?
Money grubbing THOT

No. 622526

Is this a fucking joke, or would she seriously carry this ugly shit around with her? I really just don't understand anything she does.

No. 622529

I also just realised,
Didn't she say on stream that Ian was out buying furniture for the apartment?
Why is he spending his money on your apartment that you even said he didn't like while you spend your "hard earned money" on a fucking bag? You dont even have the extra money.
Like, I could buy that bag right now too, but I wont because I dont want to have to start streaming and BEG for money.
Does she not fucking think at all?
Following pear is wild

No. 622536

>You dont even have the extra money

Tbf, she did receive somewhere between 1500 and $2000 in donations on her birthday stream.

No. 622539

but few days before she was complaining how little money she's making now on stream, and that she may not be able to survive on donations and subs only soon. But when she's getting ash she's spending it on the overpriced, fugly bag.
>Ian and I connect because neither of us like spending money. We're both really good with money
Yeah, right

>leather bags held up for years
technically yes, but who wound want to wear the same bag for 7 years, especially this one

No. 622614

Exactly, the only reason she is so comfortable with luxury spending is because she knows she can fall back on Ian and get pity donations.
With her "money isn't everything" bullshit.

No. 622657

File: 1530087485652.png (1.43 MB, 1264x890, idubbbz girlfriend.png)


No. 622663

fucking kek. She is so proud of her pathetic achievement that literally any person off the street that started dating someone as big as Ian could achieve. Meanwhile, Sssniperwolf who is the same age as her gained over 100k subs just in the last week and will soon hit 10 million. Well done pear.

No. 622676


omg, everybody tweet her that Image. iconic indeed!! kekekek

No. 622783

File: 1530111215128.jpeg (1004.83 KB, 1920x1280, E8239607-F9B3-40B8-9D37-B31298…)

Never will you see a pear/dups pic like this

No. 622797

she should use ians money for some plastic surgery next. might as well go all out

No. 622878

not a fan of either of them, but man that's so fucking cute. Rip pearnisa.

No. 623035

wow this is adorable. i wonder if chris ever talked to anisa in private and asked her to stop talking shit about lacey?

No. 623100

Kek juvederm for nasolabial folds would have been slightly cheaper than that ugly ass bag.

No. 623115

I think anisa got some self-awareness when she saw shoe and bunty genuinely befriending and liking laci

after someone pointed out to shoe that anisa shit talked laci in late fall of 2017

1- anisa's mom locked twitter and deleted every tweet related to laci

2- chris, bunty, and anisa's other skeptic community friends did not follow anisa's mom's account anymore.(whether maurheen soft blocked them or they unfollowed we cant confirm)

3- anisa went on a delete spree with all her previous twitch streams(because talked about laci so much she didnt know which streams contained badmouthing and which didnt)

4- laci and anisa became mutual followers on twitter
4a - anisa would get into twitter fights
with laci over petty stupid shit and then
blame it on her period

No. 623156

Vaguely surprised she didn't go full thot and go for an MK bag. I don't understand why Anisa always thinks geriatric = classy. This bag looks like it smells of cherry robutussin and is full of cat hair. Since she peaked in high school, does she think being 25 means resigning yourself to the shittiest of grandma taste?

I don't get this pose? It doesn't even look like he's looking into her eyes or anything.

No. 623176

smells of cherry robutussin and full of cat hair.. im fucking cryin, this is the reason i come around here

No. 623233

Unpopular opinion here but I don’t think the bag itself is that bad. HOWEVER, when one takes into account the aesthetic this silly bitch is going for, it’s a stupid idea.

She’s better off getting a Tory Burch or Kate Spade bag. Something cuter and more youthful looking.

Next you’ll see her show off her new bottle of White Diamonds or Halson or something.

No. 623277

Wannabe melania in her own way maybe

At least she hasn’t been sporting that alien crop top and her single pair of shorts anymore

No. 623299

But those aren't expensive enough.
She's one of those trash thots that realizes she cant use having a boyfriend as a personality anymore so now her personality is having expensive things.

No. 623300

I also personally don't mind the blue one, but she could definitely get something trendier/ less basic in the $150-300 range if she sacrificed buying from a big designer brand.

God damn her outfits/perpetual camel toe last summer triggered me

No. 623345

please let this be next threads pic! this is golden!

No. 623607

File: 1530206854931.jpeg (539.24 KB, 1242x1258, B0A399DB-3D1A-4E51-B25E-54C886…)

No. 623608

File: 1530206874938.jpeg (486.52 KB, 1242x1171, EEB99307-4C51-4335-A532-15AFB0…)

No. 623615

>you selfish cunts
Anisa, you're the last person to call someone else selfish or cunt

No. 623642

The director of Bao literally said she had her own experience as a an immigrant with Chinese parents in mind as her inspiration and wanted Chinese people to feel represented and non-Chinese people to take interest in the culture…like I get Anisa's annoyance but she has no tact damn.

No. 623694

Personally I believe it's because every time Anisa approaches an issue it's just a form of virtue signaling.

She doesn't ever care about issues, it's just "how good is this going to make me look."

No. 623818

yikes, the irony.

No. 624181


No. 624182

I think we should just leave this thread for dead. Like wtf has anisa done that is so “milky” or some shit. She’s annoying and stupid, but she doesn’t do anything that can start a shitstorm.

No. 624183

I agree, I was here from the very beginning and the threads just seem like they're filled with pull users and idubbbz fangirls now, there's so much nitpicking, it's insane.

No. 624309

She's not by any means the worst cow or really milky, but she's done some stuff like lying about having disorders like anorexia and changing her story, being hypocritical, being opportunistic when it comes to dick-jumping. But I agree there isn't much to discuss now that everything has been discussed. I think the threads would become milky if they got married or if she does something really stupid again.

Also, it's worth anything, I'm not from PULL nor am an idubbbz fan (I actually despise him, why I found these threads), but I do agree a good number of people here are though.

No. 624427

If we end the thread we give her the satisfaction of feeling victorious

No. 624730

this thread is unsaged and technically dead, the fact that you searched for it and posted shows you're obsessed and equally part of the problem lol

No. 624846

if you dont like it you could just leave it be, and sure right now things arent milky as of now but soon… you guys will be in for a fun ride just stay tuned or not the choice is yours.

No. 625675

Anisa has definitely done some dumb shit but it's all been discussed. Now the people who post here are really nitpicking like "lmfaoooooooo this bitch really out here breathing she's so stupid and ugly". The thread is dead until she does something dumb again.

No. 625770

Idgaf if this thread is dead now, Anisa is very good at fucking her life up so I feel it’s only a matter of time before she pisses off the wrong person. Add that to the fact that Idubbbz is starting to become less relevant as the days go by since his videos are no longer novel or as entertaining.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread bc I know she’s going to do some dumb shit. She’s due for it, people like her like attention no matter what the context is.

No. 625778

Not trying to fuel this pointless discussion/infighting but you could say that about literally any cow. Interesting that all these random people are stopping in to randomly tell us how there's nothing to see here and to move along.

No. 625872

people are actively shitting on his latest video in the comments which is nice

learn to sage, plus why do you even care? you do know what site you're on, yes?

No. 625928

File: 1530397667539.jpeg (568.02 KB, 1242x1232, 21444E67-2074-4459-B00F-7A5A1C…)

As opposed to “I did something quirky and weird PS IM GOING TO THE GYM” she made some BS saying she got chased

No. 626094

lmao but why does she have to make up such fucking stupid stories tho

hoe has a problem

No. 626122

Who the fuck goes to the gym without socks and appropiate shoes? Ah yes, the pear.

No. 626331

and then everyone started clapping

No. 626427

File: 1530465149101.jpeg (593.42 KB, 1242x1097, 4E1CD6E1-C04B-4961-A955-60C731…)

Qween is becoming more self aware

No. 626708

File: 1530491982732.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 652.94 KB, 1242x1231, 54038FA3-7643-46C1-A7CF-642E39…)

Classic anida without the shorts. Flashbacks to milkier times

No. 627309

File: 1530568732387.png (8.36 MB, 2208x1242, 3A019491-06E0-40C3-9200-82A481…)

Tana wearing a Metallica shirt? How can pear talk to low of her when she even dresses like her? Kek

No. 627784

Is the discord still active? Invite link where

No. 628319

>anisa on stream saying everyone is too hard on Tana, she's only 20

says the person who lead her boyfriend a mob of million teenagers to attack her.

idubbbz would've never done a content cop on tana mongoose if it weren't for anisa egging him on to do it. The tana mongoose content cop is one of the weakest in the series.

No. 629557

File: 1530818692054.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x986, F3F90925-CFE7-4960-95BE-78B926…)

Wat is this look

No. 629600

its pear serving macho man crossdressing for the first time realness

No. 629788

File: 1530836488182.jpg (91.78 KB, 960x720, XCOM-EU_Thin_Man.jpg)

this explains a lot

No. 629849

Damn bitch out here looking like she walked out of Area 51 with that alien ass forehead

No. 629965

Her face is less of a pear here and more of peanut. Nice.

No. 630008

Looks like her mom bought her new clothes. Great content, Anisa.

No. 630195

lol this bitch wants to be tana so badly she is basically a walmart version of Tana. too bad Pear you will never get the views nor the scandals Tana Mango has cuz nobody cares enough about you.

No. 630819

>walmart tana
ahahaha it's so true

No. 630916

I have those pants. They aren’t made to be highwaisted. I am uncomfortable imagining the double wedgies she gives herself when pulling those up so high.

No. 630944

Is she still planning on going back to university? Or was that another idea of hers that got tossed to the wind?

No. 631226

KEK! she said she wanted to go to calarts btw! ahahaha I bet that was just a lie of hers or a thing to snatch herself a visa but she is even too fucking lazy to follow through her own plans. she is such an entitled slob

No. 632877

anisa shits on h3h3 for talking about Tana in the most recent stream.

'its not fair that these men focus on women's looks and not their actions and personalities/morals'
pot calling the kettle black…says the pdrson who said tana dressed like a slut lol


No. 632878

30mins in btw

No. 632907

Pretty sure the main reason every picture of Idubbbz and Anisa is so intensely awkward is because they both have mild autism.

No. 633059

A couple of things bothered me about this. She claims men never go after men with appearances when her boyfriend called keemstar a gnome, insulted leafy's chin etc. Then she claims that we should go after women's morals and ethics. Slut IS attacking someones ethics! It's saying you sleep around, that's the whole point. Anisa should know since she called Tana a slut. Then there's the question of why Anisa feels the need to defend Tana at all when Tana has yet to really make up for her actions in any significant way. Anyway, as usual Anisa has terrible contrarian opinions. Oh and also someone said "go after her shoes" or something and Anisa laughed. Reminded me of "that's a lot of shoes"

No. 633071

>she called Tana a slut

No, she didn't.

No. 633083

Sorry, "dressed" like a slut.
"LOL fuck tana. She's so dumb. She was wearing a fucking bra, nothing else"

No. 633301

1…2… pear will never notice youuu

I find it funny how she use to talk shit about tana back in the day and then her and her retarded boyfriend spent over 400 dollars plus food and gas to see Tana just to make some shitty content cop video which btw it was one of the weakest ones. and now she thinks she is all high and mighty trying to be the voice of reason and defending Tana, lol plot twist maybe she wants to be bffs with Tana so she can get some clout jk jk but yeah Anisa is a fucking hypocrite tbh

No. 633491

File: 1531269558221.png (1.7 MB, 1334x750, IMG_2481.PNG)

I legitimately tried to get a good screen cap of her but she looks bad consistently…

No. 633502

She can’t pull of red lips for shittttt

No. 633571

File: 1531278006896.jpg (416.94 KB, 591x890, idubbbz .jpg)

why is she like this

No. 633624


anisa ends stream early because she got triggered by idubbbz fans (again)

No. 633630

For someone who is really fucking annoying, she gets triggered by stupid shit so easily

No. 633696

at a glance she is not even that ugly, as long as she cuts her brows (wtf is that brow in the lower image) and her forehead out of the image..

but then I twisted my head

No. 633836

lol @ anisa not knowing what buss is, then acting like eating ass isn't a real thing and nobody should do it ew icky. and that butts are nasty ew. What tf does she think gay people do lmao shes so fucking retarded

No. 633926

lol this coming from the same anisa who talked in detail on stream to Chris about fucking one of her exes in the ass with a dildo before he then fucked her in the ass

No. 633965

"ew icky poop comes from there"
"OMG swallowing cum? xD so icky! im so innocent you're hurting my innocent ears"
I can't even tell what she's going for. She either looks like she's 12 years old or a liar. Either way it makes her look bad.

No. 634029

File: 1531347797877.png (66.62 KB, 750x624, IMG_2485.PNG)

In what deluded world does Anisa live in where she thinks her cod roe lips are T H I N N

Newsflash your lips are fat, but you're just ugly

No. 634040

lol, she was legit bragging not even two months ago about having ~naturally full lips~ and talking about how she'd embraced it after being teased as a kid for her big lips wahhh :'(((

No. 634045

She really flip flops wherever the wind blows, it's disgusting

No. 634051

File: 1531350857638.jpeg (434.3 KB, 640x909, 870B52DF-5D39-4C62-B524-FEEF1B…)

No. 634055

To be fair she might’ve meant “big nips”, ‘cause…

No. 634063

File: 1531351766510.jpeg (380.21 KB, 2048x2048, EBAB9FDA-A525-4F57-A807-D7112A…)

Maybe the comments got through to her?

No. 634128

I’m too lazy to watch it all, what happened?

No. 634154

File: 1531369011643.jpg (54.7 KB, 604x404, 22061_1241345802490_1854493_n.…)

maybe ian likes anisa cus she draws shitty cartoons and he grew up around shitty cartoons

No. 634170

Someone kept tipping her and commenting “REEEEE” And she got triggered, said she wasn’t “in the mood for it” and quit

No. 634174

No, what triggered her was that someone made donations with messages quoting the lyrics from Ian's diss track on Ricegum.

No. 634218

File: 1531380307462.png (32.56 KB, 307x254, delusional.png)

Like this?

No. 634794

So she can show her Snapchat message to him about blowing him with his cc uniform on but she’ll get all pissy about AJP lyrics in donations? Ffs, pear sort your life

No. 634887

And now we know she probably doesnt suck dick lol “swallowing is gross”

No. 634987

File: 1531441869664.png (156.74 KB, 750x1189, IMG_2488.PNG)

Looks like idubbbz set up his workspace right next to anisa's bed.

Can you imagine if he did bad unboxing and just fucked Up her room lol

No. 635076

What exactly has she accomplished? Manipulating a youtuber into loving her?

No. 635102

lol pretty much nothing other than a free meal ticket, because we all know ian seems like the type of guy who is pretty much very stingy with his money so I doubt he would be spending big money on our pear chan. poor pear she hoped on the wrong youtuber dick, thinking she will be filled with a lavish lifestyle instead she gets to live in the middle of nowhere in sandiego and in a small shoe box in canada, but hey at least she got her silver play button guyz!

No. 637830

File: 1531714526939.png (78.7 KB, 750x410, IMG_2505.PNG)

This wasn't directed at anisa but since she stalks the offlinetv crew so much maybe she'll stop tracing anime

No. 637928

File: 1531727428113.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1629, E76A66B9-D34A-4883-9BFC-C402D0…)

Sis needs to cut down on the sodium or something her hands are SWOLLEN

No. 638199


Fuck that is an unflattering manicure. That salon really fucked her up.

No. 638261

>>637928 this is a tacky, tasteless person's attempt at looking fancy.

No. 638543

Anisa was on stream talking about Cecily and her girlfriend again. Something about Anisa lending Cecily 75$ to fix an "ugly ass necklace" for her significant other. She's spamming Cecily with texts until she pays it back.

Seems pretty shitty Anisa keeps talking shit about her literal only friend in the area lol. Cecily drives Anisa everywhere, appears in Anisa's videos, and Anisa forces her on stream for content, the least Anisa could do was give Cecily some time to pay it back. (it's literally only been 2-3 days and Anisa is angry af)

No. 638567

Ugh, why can't cecily just, like, get her youtube famous boyfriend to give her cash? so annoying

No. 638586

anisa addressed that actually lmao

"i think my particular friend thinks because of my boyfriend that I am well off, but I'm having a pretty rough month financially"


No. 638590

It's Cecily's girlfriend who owes her the money, not Cecily.

No. 638630

right but anisa is taking out her anger on cecily too, because cecily asked to borrow money for her girlfriend

No. 638668

These awkwardly shot, unedited photos she takes around her house give me intense second-hand embarrassment. Bitch, you're 25!

No. 638795

Anisa could have said no, espically because she fucking loathes cecilys girlfriend because its less attention for anisa.
Tbh the way shes acting i doubt she did it out of the kindess of her heart, its more like she wanted something to hold over her.

No. 638840

File: 1531805367494.jpeg (701.2 KB, 969x899, 6C81E800-24CA-4D1A-9869-D5114B…)

I cropped out her ass in this so she can’t use it to distract you from her face/forehead

No. 638889

File: 1531812460840.jpg (72.21 KB, 750x934, 36967443_249776525804059_18880…)

look at that toothpaste stains on the mirror, she's trying so much but still can't hide what a trash she is

I'm out of the loop, wasn't she going back to uni? what about that?

>I'm having a pretty rough month financially
God, she's always having "rough month financially", cause that's how she's getting money on stream. What a whiny hoe
If you have money problem wouldn't it be wise to, i don't know, not lend someone 75$? I get that she's your friend but you have to pay rent, don't you.
Oh, wait! She can afford to be reckless with money, cause she has rich boyfriend to save her ass when she's broke.

>get french manicure to pretend you're classy
>get it done the most tacky way possible, because you're still Anisa

>the way shes acting i doubt she did it out of the kindess of her heart
I'm trying to think about sth we know Anisa have done out of kindness of her heart… can't think about anything. Any ideas?

No. 639028

File: 1531835212633.jpg (36.03 KB, 555x560, badshoop.jpg)

she's not very skilled at this, ain't she

No. 639193

WTF? Lmao how does she get away with this!

No. 639279

but guys, thats totally a """""Bevel"""" in the mirror… with 10 different notches in it

No. 639319

Someone should see what nerd city thinks of this lmao. Probably too much of a pussy to go after his icons gf tho.

No. 639321

File: 1531853201163.jpg (21.86 KB, 750x433, 37305673_10215666026340182_741…)

No. 639329

that's a huuuuge ridge… like her entire thigh is fucked

No. 639702

mirror ridge my ASS. that's a facetune fail if ever there was one. holy shit, anisa can't even get a simple edit right. can the bitch do anything? ugh, she could have owned up to it at least. doesn't she know it's on trend to admit to facetuning???

No. 639722

I wish nerdcity didn’t suck off Ian so much otherwise, this would make a great thot patrol

No. 639735

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi-kC_JXy7E Surprised no one has posted it yet. I love how all of her stupid storytime videos end with "and that's how I ended up here and I couldn't be happier" as if she's super successful and happy now scraping-by off of old ""fame"", her body, and living off of her boyfriend. So inspirational.

No. 640192

Don't watch the new video, guys, it's just the same old rehashed NO MONEY/NO FRIEND/MUH BOYFRIEND/LEAGUE/TWIITCH SAVED ME
Honestly, the amount of times she talked about 'depression' and twitch is fucking abysmal.

No. 640789

lol Pulling a Pixyteri? Pearnisa pls.

No. 641026