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File: 1485543729727.png (9.08 MB, 3000x3000, 1485511087663.png)

No. 240809

Old thread >>219802

Recent developments:

- Anisa moved in with Ian
- Ian spends $200+ to show up to Tana Mongeau's meet and greet
- Grabs her by the arm and says "saaaaay n**ger" repeatedly until asked to leave
- Anisa films the whole thing
- Everyone continues kissing almighty edupz ass because "it's a meme bro"
- Sky Williams kisses Ian's white mangled dick but shits on Anisa
- Anisa is hurt

Please refrain from whiteknighting Ian and/or excessively shitting on Tana or vice versa. If you want to discuss her exaggeration of the events take it to her thread.

Ian's twitter:

Anisa's twitter:

No. 240817

I guess Ian wasn't playing a character after all.

No. 240819

>- Grabs her by the arm and says "saaaaay n**ger" repeatedly until asked to leave

Wait, I only saw the video where he poses for the pic with her and says it once:


Haven't see him grab her and repeat it, please post it.

No. 240854

Because the video started filming after he had already said it a bunch. Why else would 13 year old teenage girls who had no idea who Idubbbz is take out their phones to record him

No. 240857

No. 240863

this was fucking stupid

No. 240864

LOL someone asked her what's on her bucket list and one of them was "getting married". Gotta get that immigrant visa somehow.

No. 240865

I mean is she living in the US illegally now? OUT OUT OUT

No. 240867

I love the comments she got in this video calling her out. Her content is such trash

No. 240868

I have no idea if she's living there illegally but don't you need either a blood relative, a spouse, or certain skills to qualify for a permanent residence visa?

No. 240873

not if you were born in america

No. 240874

She reminds me of an ugly, super awkward version of Ellen Page. The oversized shirt and shapeless hair also make her look like a chubby latino 12yo scene boy kek

No. 240875


She's trying so hard to be Ian in this. She even stutters the same way he does. Yuck.

No. 240879

She wishes she looked like Ellen Page.

No. 240889

ellen page is pretty goofy looking so that definitely wasnt a compliment

No. 240910

I LOVE Ellen Page and I'm horrified you compared her to this goblin, but I get it. I think it's her voice/accent.

No. 240913

Well yeah but I assumed she was born in Alberta.

No. 240919

Shit my bad I completely forgot she's Canadian . You're right then

No. 240965

Joji best boy

Max is meh

Ian and Chad are pure shit

No. 240978

What has Chad done that makes him pure shit?

No. 240980

she's really cringey holy shit, also those sperm eyebrows tho

No. 240982

not the anon you replied to but IMO he's just extremely unfunny and doesn't have any talents to make up for it.

No. 240987

he's a fat cunt with no talent thats only relevant cause he was dick riding max so hard he became part of the "crew"

No. 240988

He was really pervy in the Twister video.

No. 240990

Not anon, but Chad believes himself to be more important/famous/relevant then he actually is.

He shits on people like Keemstar and is now on podcast with him, he talks about women in a disgusting way (any girl who fucks him is retarded tho)

No. 240991

Maybe a bit OT but John Kuckian made a video about Tana and some unrelated drama with her, but he said he was looking into doing a video about her and Ian drama.

I think if he did do it, he would legit call Ian out on his autism

No. 240993

I mean he did have a girl on his snapchat say "Heil Hitler unser Führer" and do the nazi salute and when called out for it said "it wasn't even anything bad" but considering that this is lolcow I'm sure this isn't enough for people to see him as a weird piece of shit

No. 240997

Yeah, he practically kissed her ass. OT also, she kind of dropped herself in it about the whole "stalker" facade. Basically exaggerating that she had more security in her place than the white house, but apparently her stalker managed to get in there.
Shows how much of a liar she is, and it won't look good with the outcome of this situation with Ian.

No. 241008

Chad sleeps with fans and brags about it

No. 241015


k i just feel no sympathy for tana though those fucking cringe crocodile tears.
ian was cringe but none of what he did can compare to her crying or ian's fans thinking he's a genius

No. 241016

oh my god this was the most painful video to watch… she should not be in front of a camera. It felt very forced and awkward

No. 241018

Can you get off his dick already, fuck.

No. 241019


kek i don't even like ian i just think tana is annoying.
can you soften your hate boner already, fuck.

No. 241020

>can you soften your hate boner already, fuck.

If you supposedly don't like him then this shouldn't trigger you so much. Just stop trying to make him seem not as much of a shit as he is.

No. 241022

Take it to the Tana thread, cunt.

No. 241023

He used to hit on me a lot, but I wasn't interested. Told him multiple times, but he kept being really insistant. Mostly just seemed like typical awkward autist neckbeard tho, never struck me as pure shit. Never watched many of the videos tho so he probably is lol

No. 241024

No. 241027




i mean, you seem really triggered by me simply posting a video about tana and not calling ian every name in the book. i'm tired of shit talking him i just wanted to post about tana which relates to the situation he created.

i feel like ian triggers your very core, you farmers ok?

No. 241028


You're so obvious.

No. 241029

Funny how Ian bragged about how his career will never be ruined and that he's smarter than Keemstar when he's purposely starting drama and making shit that's Sam Pepper tier trash. The REAL smart thing to do is be lowkey and private like Joji. Fucking smug idiot.

No. 241032


damn maybe i am anisa.
subscribe to my channel please <3


> Ianfag.

funny how i can keep claiming how i really don't like the guy but somehow dick riding him kek

No. 241034

Just stop posting you're embarrassing yourself and shitting up the thread

No. 241035


yet everyone keeps replying.
can't complain about shitting up the thread if you keep replying with your shitty "gtfo ian stan!!!1!" comments.

No. 241036


Fuck off with all this shitty pandering.

No. 241037

File: 1485579219531.jpg (159.7 KB, 750x272, IMG_5369.JPG)

Don't worry guys, Anisa's boring slutty stream personality was just a character !!! We'll finally get to see the real her in her scripted YouTube videos!

No. 241038

>funny how i can keep claiming how i really don't like the guy

You can keep claiming this but it falls flat when, y'know, you get pissy over people having a hate boner for him and make posts saying he's not as bad as Tana. Fucking moron.

No. 241039


kek imagine being this mad

No. 241040

I'm triggered over femanons in this thread letting ugly prick YouTubers get away with anything because they hate themselves to the point of wanting to bone this gangly autist while simultaneously going hard on women for doing the same thing as him. Do you not see the problem there?

No. 241041

Pretty mad, yeah. Your point?

No. 241042


i literally don't see any women doing that. someone just posted a link about tana. everyone knows ian is crusty. why is everyone so triggered

No. 241043

>i literally don't see any women doing that.

Are you new?

No. 241046

when will fucking shitty internet personalities stop passing their braindead content off as "a character"???

No. 241048

Could be Ian's horde of teenage boy fans trolling. It's either that, Anisa, or equally stupid women jealous of an 18 year old because she got physical contact with Ian and they didn't

No. 241049

>i'm tired of shit talking him i just wanted to post about tana which relates to the situation he created.

then you're in the wrong thread. please leave or i'll just report your comments until a farmhand bans you so this thread can go back on track to shit talking ian and anisa which is what it's about in case you fucking missed that

No. 241050

They're basically shitposting at this point with "lel u mad", so I think reporting them would be a good idea.

No. 241052

The "lol I ain't even mad" attitude while arguing tells me is anisa, plus we know she lurks cause she's talked about her pear shaped head

Shit talkings easy hiding behind anon, but remember when u got called out for making fun of that paralyzed chick then shit urself when she called u out….. Lmfao me too

No. 241053

When/where did she get called out? Last thread?

No. 241055

Yeah sorry I'm on mobile so I can't link, but she made fun of a paralyzed girl for having a lot of shoes then claimed she was "only observing how she had a lot of shoes! I didndo nuffin wrooong! Y u mad at me?" So funny, she wants to be the female idubbz but she can't handle a bit of backlash

No. 241059

I just saw it, ty.
I don't get why she would make fun of that woman for owning a lot of shoes? Does she think people who are paraplegic just go barefoot or exclusively wear velcro dr scholls?
She basically invited all of the insults in the word towards herself by publicly making fun of a random disabled person. Going downhill so quick

No. 241062

Sage for OT kuckian, but john was acting kinda fake with her to get info. There were multiple times he asked her for proof that she paid her assistant the $30 and she didn't deliver - shed either change the subject or say her cash app was bugged and wouldn't let her scroll down. Her assistant scrolled all the way to the bottom of her app to show no incoming cash, and showed how you cannot delete or edit the view of transactions so Tana was lying. John Kuckian is two faced and is only there for the drama!

No. 241069

They are just reaching. I love how these threads quickly evolved from Cancer Crew threads to "Everyone who doesn't shit on idubbbz every 10 seconds is a stan and a dick rider" thread
Farmers here are fighting with each other more than actually enjoying the tasty milk that's going on right now
Not surprising since I'm sure mostly everyone here are newfags from Tumblr since they are openly threatening other farmers with reports. You don't see that shit in any of the other threads

No. 241085

pffft so no personality generic titty streamer was just a character. wow the reaching this girl does.
what is it with this faux intellectual bullshit thats so prevalent with "anti-sjw" types. all thats missing is she starts wearing glasses and ramps up her vocabulary with misplaced SAT words.

No. 241086

its just a cheap excuse for rebranding without having to completely backpedal and admit theyre fake as fuck.

No. 241093

so is this the thread where we suck each other's dicks while all hating on a man that never dips bellow 5 layers of irony and doesn't give a shit how offended you are over the word NIGGER?

No. 241095

watch her titty streams and then watch her youtube videos. You can't go from being that retarded to moderately self aware. The titty streaming is a character, just like most titty streamers. Sorry to ruin your dreams.

No. 241096

No. 241105

This thread really feels like tumblr ever since Ian dared to "mistreat" his gf on stream, its like everyones delusion of him secretly being a sensible sentimental perfect bf popped so they vent their disappointment here.
And suddenly hes racist and sexist and basically the worst human being ever, even though they were all over his dick before he got his gf.

On another note, didn't he say he wont ever make a cc on girls or something? Was that a joke or did he change his mind after he lost his virginity to pear head.

No. 241106

File: 1485588238529.png (73.86 KB, 587x238, Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 3.23…)

looks like chad has moved in with dasha and cyr

No. 241107

Huh, I guess Chad and Cyr are somewhat close. That explains them tweeting together about Onion (over in Onision's thread)
Sage for OT

No. 241108

wtf why.

No, Filthy Frank is a character. Being fake to pander to your horny 12-yr-old fanboys so they'll donate isn't really a character bc her on-stream personality wasn't that different from her current personality.

No. 241109

kek anisa self aware? youre kidding right? there is no self awareness inside that pear head anon. if there was even a tiny bit she'd pick up right away she a stupid hypocrite without an ounce of intelligence. like who seriously is so desperate for notoriety they'd quit college and learn no basic skills just to become a pathetic attention whore with a generic personality on youtube? fucking youtube is a bubble waiting to burst. google bitches about not getting any profit for having the damned website up so how long do you think before they give up and let all the sad people on there lose their way of making a living? youtube is basically the home of all the television rejects. very few of them ever successfully crossover to tv or movies. and what about dating a nasty asshole like ian? there is not a single modicum of self awareness none. i dont think anybody is stupid enough to think there is unless youre the pear head herself, in which case hi, youre an idiot wasting your life and no one will love you until you learn how to value yourself and quit hating yourself and other women. youtube is not the end all be all of careers and ian doesnt deserve you. even though youre a represible human being right now you can crack open a book and redeem yourself with self improvement and maybe getting some kind of education.

No. 241118

she looks like a bobs burger's character in that thumbnail

No. 241137

Maybe reading will increase her grey matter and help fix that pear shaped head.

No. 241140

Did anyone go to go high school or anything with Anisa? Only asking because she's from my area.

No. 241147


Also Ian has never said he's making a content cop on Tana. It's just pure assumption. Ian hasn't said anything about the situation. He's pretty much letting her crash and burn on her own. At this point he doesn't even need to make a video.

Maybe he recorded it as a gag for one of his videos for all we know. But it's all speculation for now.

No. 241152

what does "put your pussy fingers to the moon" mean? i dint get it

No. 241153


No. 241164

I didn't go to highschool with her personally but I'm very close to someone who basically grew up with her.

No. 241166

Her videos are "moderately self aware" because they're scripted
If she just filmed herself in the moment with no planning or scripting it'd be her same vapid self from the streams

Shes only saying this so she can distance herself from her embarrassing titty streaming rep

No. 241168

Samefagging but literally anyone who's like "the streaming was a character because she's so different in her YouTube!!"
Look at this broad, the YOUTUBE Anisa is a character. Just because she uses her real name now doesn't make her anymore "real" than her titty streams lmao

No. 241178

>And suddenly hes racist and sexist and basically the worst human being ever, even though they were all over his dick before he got his gf.
We're not a single hive mind. Yeah there were some anons saying they found him cute before Anisa, but this is an anonymous board and you don't know who posted what. Therefore, you can't just assume that

No. 241193

I hated this fucker from the get go and am getting massive Schadenfreude every time he screws up. It's also nice to find a place that doesn't worship him. If you're upset people are being mean to your internet boyfriend and having opinions you don't like, maybe you'd be happier on reddit or youtube.

No. 241194

File: 1485616258855.jpg (22.94 KB, 358x358, just browsing.jpg)

He's always looked to me like someone who will be busted in a Walmart toy section on an indecent exposure charge in ten years.

No. 241195

>You don't see that shit in any of the other threads

I have in the old Taylor threads. There's a lot of white knighting for her.

The difference is that most threads here are largely targeted at women or really fucked up men (Onision), whereas, for some unknown reason, the CC dudes have fangirls here who transparently try to make up excuses for everything they do while also tearing Anisa apart for doing the same thing as them. You can even see this happening last thread, there is no "reaching" here. Naturally this is going to point out some obvious fucking double standards, which is especially funny when people in these threads were ragging on Anisa for constantly shitting on her own gender.

No. 241198

Also looks like he has hydrocephaly

Can't believe there are still anons here trying to defend this fucko and whining about him being bashed like c'mon, have some self respect

No. 241199

He looks autistic as fuck and acts it too. I've never liked him and dont get the appeal he has. He's just a glorified onion. I did enjoy him slapping his uggo and she just sat there and took it like the idiot she is. Its hilarious to see how many fags are stanning him.

No. 241200

What's with the scare quotes for mistreat? Do you actually think they weren't dysfunctional on that stream?

No. 241202

i like how you guys are saying that other people are ugly when you know that you are ugly yourself and that's why you probs don't have a bf lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 241207

You have to be 18 or older to post here.

No. 241213

i don't think you're 18 sorry to say the news.

No. 241216

I'll bite. why do you only care about Venus and idubbz new anon?

No. 241241

>Not surprising since I'm sure mostly everyone here are newfags from Tumblr since they are openly threatening other farmers with reports.
To be fair that's how I expect a crowd of mostly sad and bitchy gossip girls getting their joy out of internet drama to behave anyway. Just look at the cream section or remember that one time when a regular faked being a/several robots just to stir shit. Farmers don't need newfags or underage tumblr users to misbehave

No. 241254

Anisa's "character" is basically how Stephanie because "Candy" when she's stripping.

No. 241255


No. 241261

> sorry to say the news
That's a cute way to phrase that

No. 241262


>the projection

No. 241272

it's kind of funny that she's rebranding as anisa jomha, because that's her real name. if she keeps going with this dollar store content cop stuff (she isn't even a content cop. content crossing guard.) then chances are, she's probably going to say something really offensive on video or on her twitter. later in the future, when she gives up on youtube, her future employers will probably google her name and find her saying and doing all this offensive stuff and not hire her. good job, anisa jomha.

No. 241309

You already get articles about her tit streams when you google her name, she was already fucked.

No. 241310

This is pretty minor but it always makes me laugh how much Anisa fakes her personality, like Ian's a dog person and has talked about how much he dislikes cats before and now Anisa says the same thing despite the fact that her old vine account is full of vids of her cat lol, keep being fake to suck up to your bf anisa.

No. 241396

File: 1485661276272.png (132.38 KB, 960x480, fish-154969_960_720.png)

her head shape and weird lips make her look like a cartoon fish

No. 241398

You have articulated exactly what my problem with this thread is, thank you.

Basically if you hate Anisa, you should hate Ian too because she copies him to a T. And if you don't hate Ian too then you're just as bad as her hating on women. I don't get why this guy has so many people defending his shitty autistic actions.

Joji is cool, Max is ok, Chad is fucking gross/unfunny and Ian is proving himself to be so far up his own ass that he thinks that saying something is a meme makes him invincible. And fuck, I guess it does since everyone's still riding his dick on YT and Twitter.

>>harassing a teenager and scaring her

>> fucking hilarious meme bro

No. 241404

did u get this from his twitter? cause if not its now his dp pic and probably prove that him/anisa are lurking…

No. 241410

agreed, she's literally trying to be his *~dream girl~*
Her goal in life is to be a girl that's "one of the guys" that everyone in the group wants to fuck. Think she played on the mens lacrosse team cause she loves the sport? nah
Plays league with her boobs out cause she loves the game? naah
Now she wants to be a member of the filthy gang cause she'll be the ~only girl with a dark sense of humor~

No. 241453

It's been his dp for a while.

No. 241557

Max is such a cringey Ian crony that he's basically shit tier now. He doesn't have to involve himself in this drama shit all the time, yet he does it anyway.

>it's okay when my boytoy does anything because it's a MEME

No. 241559

agree. max defending ian and anisa makes him no better than them and equally shitty. the only decent person in the crew is joji who's got much bigger and better things to do than get involved in bullshit.

No. 241574

While they're all wallowing in pathetic youtube infighting, Joji's having a pretend beef with Ed Sheeran lol. If nothing else, I give him props for being smart enough to be a private person rather than an attention whore like the other three/Anisa.

No. 241576

Didn't she originally want to be like an English teacher or something? How did she fall so damn far?

No. 241632

Maybe she realized you have to actually try to do well in college.

No. 241666

Yeahhhh she went to school to be a cop, a teacher and for art…..dropped out of all 3 ….

No. 241739

File: 1485733148709.jpg (Spoiler Image, 182.62 KB, 1200x799, C3YAPyXVYAAICbT.jpg)


No. 241801

File: 1485740424772.jpg (29.07 KB, 411x358, IMG_6150.JPG)

Wtf why he is honestly disgusting, his 15 minutes has to end.

No. 241812

i stared at this picture for 10 seconds because i couldn't process what i was seeing
this is what i imagine suzy from gg will look like in a year

No. 241823

I bet he'd be okay-looking if he wasn't greasy, obese, and covered in fucking meme tats, and a dumbass to boot.

No. 241825

Love yourself anon

No. 241828

LOL I mean he's disgusting of course but if basically everything about him was different I think he'd be okay-looking,he has okay features.

No. 241901

>Joji unfollowed Jontron on twitter

based joj

No. 241902

late to the party but I'm curious about H3H3, i liked their vids but yeah Ethan has been getting cringier lately.

he looks like Tess Munster in that pic

No. 241905

File: 1485758214452.png (336.98 KB, 1242x1704, IMG_6151.PNG)

She liked that reply, what has she discussed that's controversial? Titty streaming and shit from Laci Green is nothing, why does she think so highly of herself.

No. 241906

File: 1485758335929.png (39.17 KB, 400x275, 1482586827808.png)


No. 241908

>on my personal experience with racism

Yet she's dating a white guy who spouts racist slurs? And filmed him deliberately saying 'nigger' to upset someone? I'd guess her video is going to be about some alt-right shit about how racism isn't a thing anymore, except she's whined about "white people holidays" being forced upon her, so. What the fuck?

No. 241911

thats amazing. jontron's recent tweets show he is a memeing cringelord.

No. 241916

File: 1485759059008.png (212.58 KB, 1239x1223, IMG_6152.PNG)

best boy joji, I wonder if he regrets working with Jontron and Ian for the dumb ~edgy~ crap they are doing now.

No. 241917

Lmao the girls who have let this literal garbage bag heave on top of them must have no self esteem

No. 241919


Wait, what did Jontron do?

No. 241922

Just check out his past few twitter posts; he's been posting some real fuckin' edgy shit about the women's march etc. I don't think there was a scandal beyond that though tbh

No. 241924

Whine about SJWs/the women's march and just generally spewing pro-Trump and pro-white man shit on twitter. He went about it so obnoxiously too.

No. 241926

yeah like even if you don't disagree with his views he was still digging a fucking hole for himself and conveying his opinions in an absolutely retarded manner.

I'm actually surprised wow. Good job joji lol.

Oh boy I can't fucking wait. I hope she doesn't fucking say shit like "Oh it's not that big a deal! Racism is dead! If you complain about racism you're weak/looking for attention!" when she has, as >>241908 said, complained about "white people religions" being forced on her, and also mentioned in videos that she was bullied and called "towelhead" growing up. I might actually respect her a little if she goes against her boyfriend's trends and makes a legit video about her experiences with racism.

No. 241931

File: 1485760311213.png (112.38 KB, 1127x443, Screenshot 2017-01-29 23.04.34…)


Why does she think she's American now.

No. 241934

I love Joji

She'll probably come up with some shit about how racism "isn't a big deal!" or say something about words/racial slurs not meaning much in an effort to excuse Ian's bullshit.

No. 241935

File: 1485760671832.png (191.3 KB, 1103x919, Screenshot 2017-01-29 23.03.15…)

Everything she says is dumb. She's not fucking Muslim, she said so herself. She was just raised Muslim. Lebanon isn't affected by the ban anyway PLUS she's not from there in the first place.

No. 241937

I'll be honest, I can get behind what Jon is saying (and it's not necessarily nor explicitly pro-Trump). He agreed that the travel ban was implemented poorly and would need major revisions, and that a country's govt first and foremost job is to protect its people, not open the floodgates to save everyone else. I don't think he's deliberately anti-sjw. He just has the wrong audience for this shit because his audience is young people and young people are devoutly liberal.

No. 241943

yeah there's merit to what he said and he's said supportive things of both Hillary and Bernie in the past, he just did it in an insensitive way (and also a lot of people who follow internet comedians just could not give less of a shit about their political leanings.)

No. 241947

Beautiful Joji <3 also Hila is still great in my opinion but by the looks of things, she's probably gonna get on her Twitter soapbox and start drama, or shout nigger (as a meme) very soon. Ya know since they're all going downhill

No. 241948

I wonder if arse licking Ethan will start whining at Joji publicly for "not being a real friend" to Jon, like how he attacked PBG?

No. 241951

How much does Hila voice her opinions alongside Ethan? I don't watch his shit or follow him but I've seen some of the stuff he's said second hand, but I'm curious if Hila is outspoken on those opinions on her own, or only when she's in a video with Ethan.

No. 241952

Tbh she's kind of just the cute chilled out side character which occasionally laughs at what Ethan says or comments sarcastically about something. She's quite shy and sweet whereas Ethan is super loud and outspoken. Just gonna assume she's more laid back than he is. Oh and she doesn't sperg out on Twitter, she only posts her art and the odd meme really.

No. 241954

Hila is best girl hands down, id be shocked if she became outspoken on social media.

No. 241955

>Did you know that everyone is oppressed and kill all men and fuck white people and punch people who you disagree with?
>OPPRESSION TEST: Can you drive to McDonalds not in hijab and get biggest Big Mac value meal? If yes: Not oppressed
>I wonder if they came back to life and saw a man marching on DC wearing a pink pussy on his head how fast they would eat cyanide
>You realise you are trying to reach out to people who will absolutely never listen to reason, right?
>I know :(

Doesn't matter if it's not strictly anti-SJW or pro-Trump, he sounds like a fucking tool regardless and his tweets reek of "everyone is stupid except me". This isn't the first time he's gone on passionate rants against pro-women stuff either. It's always suspect when people (Anisa comes to mind) get riled up about this stuff, like for goodness sake, a bunch of women marching doesn't affect you in any way, get over it.

>He just has the wrong audience for this shit because his audience is young people and young people are devoutly liberal.

His audience seems to be lapping it up on twitter.

No. 241958

I know she's said she's a feminist in one of their videos, but she's very quiet about this stuff.

No. 241962

Considering Joji actually went to the women's march, I don't blame him for being put off by Jon's whining about it.

>like how he attacked PBG?

What's this now?

No. 241965


Joji went to the women's march?

No. 241968

his buddy brthr/Alex posted a snapchat story showing they were there at the march. joji stans have caught on that brthr is a good source for instagram/snapchat stories featuring him.

No. 241973

>went to the women's march
my filthy little joji can't be this precious

No. 241977

>Could of
>would of
Dumb bitch.

No. 241978

Holy shit, I can't believe I didn't notice that. The "would've = would of" fuck up is like one of my biggest triggers. And this dumb bitch went to college??

No. 241985

I honestly think Joji is the most rational and the smartest youtuber out there right now. The way he talks to his young fangirls and defends them from people attacking them despite them being obnoxious is a heartwarming thing nowadays because youtubers are on this extreme anti-"sjw" shit that usually attacks young teenage girls so it's very refreshing to see someone who has a persona based on offending people be such a grown ass man behind the scenes. Jontron's fat ass should learn a thing or two from him but like I said.. Joji is an actual adult while Jon is just a manchild

No. 241986

Ok so Jon did like a live stream where he was being obnoxious re: politics saying that Mexicans should stay in Mexico and make it nice. So PBG on Twitter made a tweet posting a pic of bombed Syria and said something like "jontron logic: just stay home and make it nice" or something to the same effect, not tagging Jon.

Then Ethan

No. 241987

(Phone crashed) then Ethan from H3h3 sticks his nose in to stir drama and says (because PBG didn't tag Jon) something like "wow you're not a real friend if you're slamming Jon and didn't even tag him so he could see it"

Then Twitter blew up and Jon acted all morally superior and PBG ended up saying like "we weren't friends anyway, haven't been for a while", ended up apologising to Jon who majestically accepted this peasant's apology (ugh) and was basically publicly licking wounds on his Twitter from fans creating a hug box seeing if he was ok

No. 241988

File: 1485771519390.png (507.39 KB, 630x948, 0000.png)

he replied with "we aren't friends" to ethan's last reply but he seems to have deleted it since. i'll look for the screenshot of that tweet later

No. 241989

It was just super dumb because Jon was saying these questionable things on a PUBLIC STREAM, if he felt ashamed of what he said then he shouldn't have said it. PBG picked up on how messed up it was to tell refugees to stay home but for some reason was painted as the bad guy just because Ethan and Jon have a bigger following.

No. 241991

How can he say that shit about immigrants when he's best friends with Ethan and Hila? Hila is an immigrant and Ethan consistently complains about how horrible Israel is. So does Jon think Hila should just fuck back off there and make it better? Interesting.

No. 241992

Saying the right thing and standing up against alt-right garbage from people with a bigger following is always a losing battle. Mob mentality is alive and well especially when it comes to Youtube where literally 80% of the userbase is absolutely dick dong dumb

No. 241993

Lol honestly Jon's political views should be kept to himself. Isn't he Iranian anyway? Yo Jon, why didn't your parents just make life better in Iran?

No. 241996

Yeah, that's what I never understood.
AFAIK, both of his parents are Iranian immigrants, so his stance on immigration is…odd. To say the least.

No. 242000

I'm not seeing the issue with what he's saying, tbh. Why aren't we honestly working to make 3rd world countries stabler and better so people don't have to leave in the first place? Shouldn't we focus on improving countries as opposed to saying 'well, it's dun fucked, might as well just move you to a new country'.

No. 242001

If people have to explain to you as to why it's not a simple matter of "cleaning up other people's countries" you shouldn't be talking about politics in the first place. This thread isn't the place for that either so don't post shit like this

No. 242006

A lot of people are working to better third world countries, but it's not even remotely easy for reasons that are obvious, never mind how controversial it is for a country to police others. I doubt Jon has gotten off his fat ass to do anything to help improve third world countries, all he's doing with this is using it as a way to deflect or minimize other issues. It's no different than going "well, kids in Africa are starving" when someone tells you they're having problems, it signifies a clear lack of empathy.

No. 242015

File: 1485775969559.png (302.86 KB, 529x563, tumblr_ngcwp3uuhJ1tnyl0po4_540…)

>I honestly think Joji is the most rational and the smartest youtuber out there right now

Considering he's been on YT since 2011 and hasn't been involved in any youtube beef or drama despite being a big name, I'd say this is a fair assertion. Arguably his biggest misstep was when he deleted his Jojivlogs and apparently got mad at his fanbase for not being able to separate him from his character, but he's actually learned from that mistake by just distancing his personal life from fandom altogether. Not sticking his nose into everything like Ethan, Jon, Max, Ian, etc. is a smart move.

No. 242023

File: 1485777020722.png (56.08 KB, 540x265, old joji tweet.png)

can't picture ian or chad saying something like this tbh

No. 242029

lol imagine max writing a comment like that "can all you RETARDED CUNTS stop being RETARDED CUNTS on my INSTAGRAM!!!!!!!"

No. 242032

With all this Jontron, H3H3 talk maybe someone should make general "edgy" youtubers thread? I think it'd be easier then seperate threads for them and with Ethan licking Jontron's ass, it makes sense to keep them together.

I know we suck Jojis dick alot here but he's the only good one, so he deserves it tbh

Fuck I can actually hear him saying that

No. 242039

she drew Ethan from H3 on her board. I wonder if they'll ever do one big collaboration with Ian and Hila.
Her face looks really fat in this too.
I follow her on instagram and she always seems so much Skinner…

No. 242061

I always thought Ethan was more moderate in his views/willing to pretend to be more moderate. I think he's the kind of guy who can't see peoples' faults after he befriends them, hence the ass licking.

She's so stupid it hurts.

No. 242063

We can rebrand the next thread into a general ~~alternative youtuber~~ thread if everyone is okay with that. until then i think it's okay to discuss h3h3, jontron etc. in here as well

No. 242065

Him and Jon have been friends awhile too and he isn't going to just "dump" him for having conflicting political views. That'd be Onision-tier behavior. Jon should keep his mouth shut about that shit because it makes him look retarded and no one follows him for political rants but it's not worth cutting ties with him over.

No. 242072

I don't think Ethan should stop being friends with Jon over that shit. I just think Ethan's behavior over what PBG said >>241988
was a bit extra.

No. 242082

I think he had a point w the first comment but the second one was unnecessary yeah. Why tell him to @ him and then get irritated when he does it?

No. 242083

In the end Ethan can stay friends with and whiteknight for anyone he wants but it says a lot about his character that he's willing to go dick out for someone who would have his wife deported (in theory).

No. 242086

just the way he tries to be the internet police/dad

like who cares if some guy said some shit on twitter why are all these guys so thin skinned.

No. 242109

Honestly I doubt Hila would ever do that. She's a feminist and during a manspreading video Ethan made he was trying to get her to agree with him that it's never a big deal but she wouldn't agree. I don't think she'd go full edge/anti-SJW ever.

No. 242117

File: 1485793513455.jpg (83.48 KB, 600x800, JYVOVBe.jpg)

lol Ok, Anisa. I'm sure the video is going to be about how everyone is a pussy and needs to stop being so PC, because of course she needs to suck up to Ian. I love how she must've forgotten about her tweets last year where she whined about white people and being an oppressed POC.

That shouldn't surprise you. He shit all over everyone for "bullying" other Youtubers and then went on to make videos about Leafy and shit on him with Ian. I guess it's okay to pick on people if you think they deserve it. lol

He's a hypocrite and his content hasn't been good since he became the moralfag police of Youtube. The only reason I really still watch his videos are because I like Hila.

No. 242126


I think he'll forever lick Jon's nuts because Jon employed Hila as an editor while they were having a hard time.

No. 242127

Considering that she's from a Canadian Muslim family and there was just a terror attack on a Canadian mosque, I'm curious to see just how insensitive this video ends up being, if only for da sweet meelk. I wonder if it's going to be about how people used to call her "abyad" ("white" in Arabic) growing up so she can go "SEE, PEOPLE CAN BE RACIST AGAINST WHITES!" while conveniently leaving out that people also used to call her "towelhead".

No. 242132

Correct me if I'm wrong but Jon was only talking about deporting illegal immigrants right? Unless you mean with the whole travel ban thing, Jon said it was poorly implemented. Israel isn't even one of the countries banned.

Did Ethan delete his leafy videos? I never could find them, searching leafy on his channel didn't bring shit up. But Ethan's whole deal is really pretty hypocritical. His "reaction" videos don't amount to much more than bullying, since often the subjects of them see his videos and delete or retaliate accordingly.

No. 242137

He later said on that stream that people who come to America from other countries that are considered to be in a bad state should just go back and make it better there. Which, funnily enough, includes Hila since they never fail to mention how shitty Israel is

No. 242138

He made it unlisted after awhile because he thought it was too personal and thought it was hypocritical to say what someone can and can't make fun of. It was basically just backpedaling and came across as preachy as hell honestly.

Other people have reuploaded it on Youtube though if you wanna see it. I believe it was titled "The Leafy Rant". Here's his video about why he wanted to unlist it though.

What was the point in even unlisting it when he went on to make fun of Leafy in other videos and openly supported Ian when he made the Leafy video where he roasted him to hell and back?

No. 242172

Thanks, that's pretty dumb on his part considering 3/4ths of his channel is making fun of people. Leafy is stupid and unfunny but Ethan's videos are basically the same shit.

No. 242195

I also think it says a lot about him. There are a lot of youtubers on Twitter (mostly animators and gaming youtubers) that are saying they won't stop being friends with someone over their political beliefs. However, I think there is a point where political believes can directly conflict with moral beliefs. I wouldn't be friends with anyone that was basically indirectly shit talking me, family, or other friends because of what they believe in. I understand downgrading a friendship to just being an acquaintance, but I think it says a lot about these youtubers that will stay (or pretend to stay) friends with these people.

No. 242214

Everyone bitching earlier over people bringing the Tana drama and sending people over to her thread but now we've spent days discussing Ethan AND Jon who aren't even part of the CCA what the fuck

No. 242251

File: 1485816707642.png (79.32 KB, 170x260, 1440660673473.png)


I mean it's good that he's not a hateful moron but am I the only one who finds these really cringeworthy?
People who don't own up to how their "satire" is being taken by people and then - ever at one point later in their life - regret it trigger me to no end. I just can't respect them, they're basically admitting to being humongous, ignorant idiots. Whereas people who have questionable content, but never change their views can't be proven to be idiots. They might as well have actually "solid" reasoning for their controversial perspectives as long as they remain somewhat consistent

No. 242267

I honestly don't find it cringeworthy. I would much rather see people regret how some of their content is than see them go through their whole lives being ignorant assholes and being a literal embodiment of their character.

No. 242285

They don't have a thread here and I think its nice to be able to discuss them ITT because it is related..

No. 242292

Eh, I think it's fair enough to not want to be mixed with the character they play. You wouldn't go around thinking angelina jolie is a crazy psychopath just because she played lisa in girl, interrupted. Everyone would think you're a moron if you did, and they'd be right. The fanbase who does this is the most cringeworthy of all because that's exactly what they do, simply because plain acting is not as common on youtube and they're too lazy to use their brains for fifteen seconds and realize how absurd they sound.

No. 242295

Based Hila. I love how she's so cool and stays out of it, meanwhile all the manchild youtubers are being bitchy pissbabies causing drama on Twitter.

No. 242300

It's DRIVEL, not DRIBBLE, Anisa, you moron.

No. 242314

How is it related??? It's less related than the Tana drama and people were pretty pissed about that. Take it to the GG thread then.

No. 242316

She is a fucking retard. Even if it somehow applied to her, it would have only mattered if she was out of the country and trying to get back in. People aren't knocking on doors in every neighborhood and deporting every arabic/ muslim person.

No. 242324

because we were talking about how Joji unfollowed Jon on twitter and speculating as to why.

No. 242332

>How is it related???

They're all friends with each other.

No. 242338

>people were pretty pissed
aka just you by the sound of your posts.

No. 242339

File: 1485823540305.png (324.9 KB, 609x637, c373182a-f638-40bb-a6e5-5f5e39…)

I don't find it cringeworthy at all, I'm glad Joji apologizes for the more offensive stuff he makes. Also worth noting that he's probably refering to the stuff he made when he was a teenager there and, y'know, people have a right to regret shit they did as a teenager. Your reasoning is kind of fucked and sounds like you're just reaching to be mad tbh.

No. 242343

>People who don't own up to how their "satire" is being taken by people and then - ever at one point later in their life - regret it

Except Joji has always been critical of his own fandom and how they react to Frank.

>I just can't respect them, they're basically admitting to being humongous, ignorant idiots

He was a damn teenager when he started doing youtube.

No. 242382

>Except Joji has always been critical of his own fandom and how they react to Frank.
no he hasn't. It doesn't count if that "critical" attitude is also semi-ironic jokes from the character he's playing. He would have to make a clear statement as a person to get that point across

No. 242387

So there's talk in this thread of starting a h3h3 thread here too, but I feel like we could encompass all of anti-SJW YouTube. Include Sargon, shoe0nhead, Lauren Southern, JonTron, h3h3. Maybe even pewdiepie lol. If the Blaire White thread dies she could be moved into it too. I feel like they all don't individually have enough milk but all together the thread could be pretty active.

No. 242393

I'd be down for it. Anti-SJW youtube is as cringey as SJW YT tbh

No. 242401

Yep, I completely agree, by themselves they can't hold their own threads, but together they would, Jontron and h3h3 don't belong ITT unless it directly involves the filthy crew or Anisa.

No. 242402

>It doesn't count if that "critical" attitude is also semi-ironic jokes from the character he's playing

Good thing he's also criticized them while not in character then.

No. 242409

Most of his stuff I wouldn't really count as bullying. Sometimes yes, but it's mostly him criticizing odd content or fake content.

No. 242415


Is it bad that I’m super skeptical about all this? yeah, she has Muslim descent. But appearance wise she looks like any other Plain Jane in the street. People who shout racist stuff are 90% of the time complete strangers, and you’d have to google this bitch to know that she has a Muslim descent. I just don’t see her getting harassed on school or on the streets by racist douchebags, cause again she looks like any other girl in tiny shorts.

Maybe in America. But Canada? Uh… I’ve faced people making fun of me for my nationality, and I have friends who have dealt with racist shit too so I know it does happen… but her? I don’t know.

maybe i'm being a dick here, but i'll go with the other anons saying its bullshit just to further her agenda.

No. 242416

>maybe i'm being a dick here, but i'll go with the other anons saying its bullshit just to further her agenda.
of course it is. please, be less naive.
That you even have to ask this…

No. 242417


i don't care for his content but reading these threads make me like this guy a lot!

also, jontron thread when?

No. 242419


oh man, can't blame her for not bringing that up more often. ethan's fans would tweet her all kinds of stupid shit if she said anything regarding her political beliefs.

No. 242420


i knew ethan was petty since his deleted leafy video. this just reassures it.

No. 242423


yeah, this could be cool. i'm tired of all the ugly ranters making videos about every feminist ever and spending all day in twitter going "nigger!!! lolll i'm edgy :) and if you got offended that's just cuz UR the stupid one! nigger" (pyro, nfrksknsdij whatever his name is, brad banters, the ugly nobodies that don't deserve a thread).

No. 242469

>>240062 this doesn't make sense. How would her dad of just found out she's a titty streamer when her mum was a mod in twitch and there have been articles written about it. She's so full of shit

No. 242471

I don't get why people in this thread are critical of Ethan for changing his views on his actions/video about leafy but Joji being ashamed of previous content and actions is supported

No. 242472

If her dad was shit at the internet it's plausible. If he's as Muslim as people make him out to be, I could see the mom hiding shit from him as well.

No. 242473

In that case overall seems like a dysfunctional family

No. 242475

i think a family would have to be in some way dysfunctional to pop out such an insecure and self hating edgelord of a daughter

No. 242478

I mean I don't doubt the "abyad"/"towelhead" stuff she mentioned in her Labels video, but I think there's a difference between ignorant kids taking cheap potshots over each other based on what they know about each others' families and actual straight-up racism. She probably mentioned that her family is Muslim growing up and people were like "kek towelhead!!" bc kids are dumbasses and are easily amused.

Bc Ethan didn't really change much. He deleted his Leafy video but from what I remember, he supported Ian's Leafy video and was still totally on-board with giving Leafy shit.

Apparently her mother is Muslim too? At least, I remember Anisa saying her mother converted.

No. 242481

I think it's absurd people (or one anon) are criticizing Joji for repeatedly saying he doesn't believe the things the Frank character says and regrets stuff he's done as a teenager.

No. 242483

Ethan comes across as opportunistic and shoves himself into situations or youtube drama that aren't even his business. Plus he's just plain annoying now with his "bawww SJWs" rhetoric.

No. 242486

I'm biased in my opinion anyway, H3h3 are my favourite youtubers

No. 242490

You realize he ripped off Sam Hyde and basically stole his shtick, right?

No. 242493


This. Poor Sammy.

No. 242495

Lol fucking Sam Hyde. I think him and Ethan probably have similar influences but Ethan would never do the absolute dogshit crazy stuff Sam does, that man is in a league of his own.

No. 242497

Sam must not care because he's said that h3h3 is one of his favourite youtubers. Both of them are edgy retards and sam is straight up a pedophile and abusive.

No. 242498

I mean, her family doesn't seem totally broken, so mom is gonna mom. Maybe her mom felt that being a moderator was justifiable enough not to mention it to her dad? Plus, if she converted she might be more lenient than someone born into the religion?

This is all speculation on my part, if anyone knows more, please share.

No. 242499


Didn't he call him a hack or something? Also, how is he abusive and a pedophile?

No. 242502

Ethan made a video back in the day that directly referenced Sam Hyde IIRC.

No. 242504

Irrelevant to me. I find Ethan and Hila charming

No. 242505

It just seems absurd to me that she's being booted from her house by her dad but her mum was more than aware of what she was doing

No. 242506

I guess you had a happy family. Sometimes dads (and moms) are just like that. Maybe he has a temper, i dunno.

No. 242508

>sam is straight up a pedophile and abusive.

No. 242509

Or maybe it's bullshit as she's known to be a liar?

No. 242512

also possible. i did say above that this is just my speculation.

that kind of situation is pretty believable to me though.
>mom finds out about titty stream
>becomes mod to keep watch on daughter
>doesn't tell dad bc fears he would do what he did
>eventually dad finds out anyway, does what he did

this kind of homelife where dad's word is law also breeds the kind of 'i hate my own gender' types; i've seen it happen before.


No. 242514

Why is it absurd to you that parents can have differing opinions?

No. 242524

File: 1485847918669.png (793.33 KB, 1600x2965, szoE8hl.png)

not that anon, but here's this. I got taken advantage of by a guy just like him when I was 15, so it really makes me despise him. But he's not funny or relevant anyways, so whatever.

No. 242530

File: 1485848792617.png (127.07 KB, 1654x957, DHK6zGn.png)

No. 242532

This thread is literally about the Filthy Gang and Ethan is pretty much part of it considering he makes videos with both joji and Ian so yeah it is very related but stay pressed

No. 242541

ethan is criticizing other people and acting all high and mighty even though he's a shithead and joji is reflecting on his personal past mistakes and regretting it.
how can their actions even be comparable? joji isnt pretending to have the moral high ground like ethan likes to think he does. also he's not sending hoards of rabid dumb fans to attack others because of his supposed superiority.

No. 242543

What's absurd is that he was only just finding out that she was a titty streamer when the mother was already aware, modding her twitch (and whiteknighting for her on other social medias) and had even had articles written about how crazy a situation, and the dad had no clue…. and then after he does find out the mother doesn't stop him from kicking out their daughter even though she'd been supporting her "work" the entire time. I think it's bs but if that seems logical or normal to you that's your thing

No. 242545

File: 1485853023819.jpg (368.13 KB, 840x700, 1483081155485.jpg)

what the fuck did i just read?

No. 242547

No. 242555

Why does it seem like those who shill the hardest for the alt-right (Jontron, Blaire White, shoe0nhead, Milo, etc.) are the people alt-righters would gladly exterminate or boot out of their country if given the opportunity?

No. 242556

Wtf did you even see his stream? Jon isn't alt-right, holy shit. He said some dumb shit on twitter but he isn't alt-right just because he said it's shitty to punch someone in the face and run away. He voted for Bernie in the primaries and I'm fairly sure he voted Clinton from the sounds of it. Why are you lying?

No. 242557

Can you read? Anon said he shills the hardest for the alt-right not that he's actually alt-right lol calm down

No. 242559

Fine, alt-right is a stretch, but his views on immigration seem to align with Trump's and make little sense considering he himself is an immigrant. The point is it's bizarre how minorities shill for right-wing opinions.

Also, calm down.

No. 242562

i looked into who shoe0nhead was and i cringed pretty hard. christ what is it with all these self hating bitches sprouting up like weeds all over the internet.
i get it you need to be speshul and important so guys notice you and shit

No. 242563


>Fine, alt-right is a stretch

The fact that you have to clarify that it's a 'stretch' is proof that it's just baseless slagging off on the guy. But come the fuck on. Just because someone is a minority and doesn't prescribe to what you think they should or thinks immigration should have stricter rules doesn't mean they're a jackboot neo-nazi, especially when it's clear they are liberal in the first place. It's disingenuous and I found it annoying.

Milo, Blaire, whatever, those dudes clearly are on the the right side of issues/get into bed with alt-right but don't lump someone in with a bunch of people when all they've said is something about immigration because you think it 'aligns to Trump'. Does China and a lot of Eastern Asia align to Trump to since their immigration policy is strict as well on refugees?

No. 242564

Shoeonhead is boxxy right?

No. 242566

Please stop before i report you for derailing this thread with political discussion

No. 242569

Jesus Christ, get off his dick. All I know about Jon is that he behaved like an ass during GamerGate and now this. Liberal or not, he's an insufferable shithead.

No, she just looks like a boxxy clone.

No. 242579

Maybe if boxxy was fused with a mule

Are you surprised? Any guy who goes on /pol/, be it "ironically" or not, is guaranteed to be a motherfucker.

Considering how many girls he's done this to, he may be worse than Onion. I'm glad his shitty show got canceled. The people who were more or less sucking Sam Hyde's dick a while ago should read those posts.

No. 242580

File: 1485864245348.png (872.54 KB, 663x588, 1472947919050.png)


MDE never dies.

No. 242700

>and then after he does find out the mother doesn't stop him from kicking out their daughter even though she'd been supporting her "work" the entire time.

different anon but unfortunately that sounds pretty plausible. my mom used to verbally abuse me and threaten to kick me out of the house for far less and my dad never said shit about it.

No. 242774

Hasn't every single person on the planet had personal experience with racism? so sick of this race card shit

No. 242775

Disagree with liberals

No. 242776

File: 1485903868931.png (1.81 MB, 1195x1183, Screenshot 2017-01-31 15.02.06…)

I wonder if he posted this on his instagram just to annoy people.

No. 242782

not whiteknight shoe but she seems like shes mellowed out since her earlier videos, she even acknowledges that those aren't really her views anymore, shes more centrist now and calls out a lot of alt-right people on her twitter

sorry i just sperg when she get lumped in with that crowd

No. 242793

yeah like it's not even the first time he's done it, there was a 'controversy' in 2014 when he called someone retarded, who cares.
It feels like someone is samefagging by constantly talking about Jontron, just make a thread?

No. 242812

H3H3's podcast with Idubbbz just came out, anyone listen to it?

No. 242813

It's already been stated that it's not simply his opinions that are the problem, it's the fact that he goes about them in an incredibly obnoxious and nonsensical manner while acting like he's the only person with sense. Why even white knight for such a prick?

>resorting to crying "s-samefag!"

>not being aware of the GG thread

Fuck off.

No. 242822

kek I love it when he triggers the white boi portion of his audience

No. 242824

Ethan removed it according to his tweet.

No. 242841

It's been up for 10 minutes now on his youtube channel.

Is anyone going to watch all 57 minutes and give some notes? Edoops's voice grates on my ears. Skimmed a bit of it and he mentions the rest of the gang.

No. 242882

/snow/ has received an influx of new users recently and it doesn't help that there are a bunch of Tumblr centered threads either
/pt/ seems to be the only board not affected probably because there aren't any Youtuber threads there that has a huge fanbase filled with underage femanons that would rather shit on other farmers than enjoy the milk like this one
>Ian explains where niggerfaggot came from
>Anisa acknowledges his relationship with Max
>Ian mentions how he takes the 1st amendment seriously and envies anti-PC comedians who do the same
>Originally wanted to be a YouTuber Gamer
>Max encouraged him to keep doing Kickstarter Crap later became close because of this
>Discuss other Youtuber and shit
>Likes to "stay out of drama until it emotionally builds up and explodes into one video and never speaks about it again"(On the topic CCs mostly the LEafy one)
>Talks about how he led up to the famous Leafy CC
>Regrets the Fine Bros CC because he just jumped on the trend
>talks about Vidcon experiences and meeting the people he made videos on, felt uncomfortable meeting one of the Fine Bros because of the video he made
>Still thought Vidcon was a pretty positive experience
>People don't really approach him unless he is with the Crew
>Talks about how amazing HtB, Max, and Joji are(obviously doesn't mention the fat cunt no one likes)
>Max will always be his friend and etc because he was the firt popular guy to find his videos and actaully likes his work to the point where he can quote most of it
>Talks about how amazing Joji is for the last few minutes because he was the one who helped H3 and Ian get pretty popular
>Mention how they appreciate Youtubers helping others get big in comparison to Leafy or Ricegum who became popular because of YouTube's shitty site and algorithm
So some old stuff and some new stuff

No. 242885

I've been coming to /snow/ for ages. Stop fucking whining, there have been many threads where farmers argue with each other. Just go to the Taylor/jvloggers/kooter/transtrenders threads.

>because there aren't any Youtuber threads there that has a huge fanbase filled with underage femanons that would rather shit on other farmers than enjoy the milk like this one

This is especially amusing since you're responding to an anon who is attacking other anons for enjoying Jontron milk. Genius.

No. 242887

>Regrets the Fine Bros CC because he just jumped on the trend

Does he not realize trashing other youtubers is a trend in itself?

No. 242918

What is his official Joji music account?

YES! There are so many "anti-SJW" youtubers including the cringewhorty Jontron lastest breakdown kek

No. 242921

his soundcloud:

Would we just create an Anti-SJW YouTube thread in lieu of this one, or could we keep this thread for Anisa/Ian/Chad/Max/Joji and make another one for anyone else?

No. 242925

I think we should combine all of them. Anisa doesn't give milk all the time and there's only so many fruits people can compare her head to. If it's all combined, there could be bountiful milk all the time.

No. 242928

I agree

Funny how it's "Filthy Fank gang" minus Joji because the rest of the guys (and Anisa) became characters themselves like the gang in Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

No. 242957

mite be cool but I consider most of the Cancer Crew and friends (pewdiepie, h3h3, pyro, keem, nfkrz, etc) to be try-hard edgelords that come across as cringey instead of anti-SJWs. They don't really talk much about politics anyway so it wouldn't make any sense to combine them in a thread with Youtubers like Blaire White, Sargon, and shoe.

No. 242960

why not just make a try hard edgelord youtuber thread? It covers everyone.

No. 242963

agree with this

No. 242985


>Anisa acknowledges his relationship with Max

Anisa was on the podcast?

No. 242987

no Ian just mentioned he had a "lovely girlfriend who is in this room." Didn't say her name or anything tho.

No. 242991


No. 243035

File: 1485948403733.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.2 KB, 196x257, alien-bilder-013.jpg)

The only thing I took away from it is further confirmation that Joji is a sweet guy and that Ian is looking more and more like an alien.

The comments were pretty disgusting. It's bad enough they worship the ground this guy walks on, but now they're also praising Anisa and calling them a cute couple.

The people who say this thread is infested with tumblrinas have obviously never checked out the cancer crew tags on tumblr. If this place did have that audience, there would be absurd amounts of Ian ass kissing. They'll toss Jontron aside, but Ian could probably straight up beat Anisa within an inch of her life and they'd still love him.

No. 243036

Low quality milk
Go to the jontron thread on /ot/ ?

No. 243038

>Low quality milk

Yeah, that must be why there's so much discussion over it and anons are enjoying themselves. Whine more.

No. 243114

Second this.
Tons of material including Onion friends.

No. 243126

That's actually pretty interesting. Ian seems so normal when he isn't playing the character he's on his own channel.

No. 243138

>when he isn't playing the character

He's not pulling a Filthy Frank here, that's basically who he is.

No. 243144

I hate the "it's a character!!" thing. You could say that every fucking youtuber is playing "a character" of themselves to some extent, even a lot of vloggers/gurus. Filthy Frank is a character because Joji himself wants his own personality distanced from Frank's. Do you think Ian wants to distance his views from iDubbbz's views? He's probably playing up for the camera a bit but it's just him.

No. 243170

This video really shows that George and Ian aren't that close. It's cool to see h3h3 and George are really tight though.

No. 243260

>Both of them are edgy retards and sam is straight up a pedophile and abusive.

No. 243300

I can believe that Ian isn't playing a character. Compared to his older videos, I feel like it's still him, but he's been gradually making himself/his trait more and more exagerrated and hams it up quite a bit for the camera to where you can be pretty hard-pressed to argue idubbbz is a split entity or a persona. His online presence just seems to be based on "how shocking can my next tweet come off as?" Or something. That's my interpretation, not to defend any cuntiness he's expressed.

Is howtobasic considered part of the Filthy gang?

No. 243331

Best video on the matter tbh

No. 243363

Playing an exaggerated version of yourself =/= playing a character.

No. 243374

Tana Mongo lol

No. 243385

People play characters for various reasons, just bc Joji does it to distance Frank from himself, doesn't mean every Youtuber does it for the same reason.
Ian may not be playing a character like Joji, but its still not 100% his real life self when hes doing the idubbbz vids. Same goes for Ethan, every youtuber exaggerates their persona for entertainment purpose on yt. Idk why some people here are like yea Ians absolutely like idubbbz in real life when you can clearly see that he acts differently when he doesn't play his role or whatever you wanna call it.

Hes still kind of a piece of shit for dating the spineless pear head and pathetically trying to coax her into drama with Zoie, I'm not defending him or anything.

No. 243404

>Joji does it to distance Frank from himself

More like Joji as a person is so drastically different from Frank that it's hard to believe they're even played by the same person. His situation is not remotely comparable to Ian or Ethan, who are clearly just being exaggerated outgoing versions of themselves.

No. 243407

Anisa was on BuntyKing's podcast today. Anyone wanna summarize?

No. 243408

>when you can clearly see that he acts differently when he doesn't play his role or whatever you wanna call it.

Not really? We've seen vlogs of him and he still comes off as a smug autist. One interview doesn't suddenly make him this calm sensible person, especially when you can counteract that with the podcast Ian did with Phil.

>Hes still kind of a piece of shit for dating the spineless pear head

Anisa is basically him. It's kind of fucked that the only fault you can come up with for him is that he's dating her when it's fucking obvious they're peas in a pond.

No. 243412

File: 1485998746620.jpg (474.19 KB, 1024x768, 91854985.jpg)

>peas in a pond

No. 243418

That was the point I was trying to make. Probably was just my poor choice of words that made it seem like I said exagerrating your personality was what a "character" was. My bad

No. 243422

Nah it's my bad, I misread your post and can see what you meant now. Sorry about that.

No. 243436

Goddammit autocorrect.

No. 243455

File: 1486008385975.jpg (47.36 KB, 500x500, sideeye2-500x500.jpg)


Why is Max best friends with trash?

No. 243475

because max has shown himself to equally be trash

No. 243501


How so?

No. 243508

Jesus a fucking hour and a half? No one wants to summarize…

No. 243509

Maybe read the thread the answer isn't too far up.

No. 243517

has anyone figured out who how to basic is or is that still a huge secret

No. 243526

Nope. I bet he's been shown on camera at some point but he's not recognizable so nobody has any way of knowing.

People seem to think it's this dude at timestamp https://youtu.be/mAPBm_0ftAY?t=3m59s

I don't buy it

No. 243529

i wonder how fucking low your self worth has to be to agree to go on a date with anything4views and livestream it. it's so embarrassing to watch

No. 243531

Seriously, it's kind of embarrassing how salty bitches in this thread are. Two threads earlier everyone called Ian cute and was all over his dick but now that he is dating everyone finds hundred reasons to hate him. You all be transparent as shit. I still enjoy his content. I never understood people finding him cute to begin with, I for my part just think he's fucking hilarious and that doesn't change as long as he keeps doing what he does.

No. 243534

she was probably so pissed he didn't say her name considering she forced him to put her in his instagram bio the day they started dating lmao

No. 243537

Oh boy, another post from someone who hasn't actually read these threads and assumes we're all a hivemind. I never thought Ian was cute and, disregarding Anisa, finding out he's not actually playing a character is legit reason enough to find him gross. This "y'all are just jealous" posting got old two threads ago.

And rehashing the same old "I'm gay I have osteoporosis lol niggerfaggot" memes over and over again while opening boxes is not hilarious content. There's a reason Ian had barely any subscribers until he shat on Keemstar and Leafy+leeched off Filthy Frank's popularity.

No. 243538

>and that doesn't change as long as he keeps doing what he does.

making mediocre videos where he tries desperately hard to create new memes? I don't know how anyone could defend his What's in the Box vids, they're just terrible. also it sounds like it's your first time here and that you don't understand the purposes of this board

No. 243540

kek I just realized he probably didn't say her name so people wouldn't look her up. Anisa's a liability to his career, after all. I was disappointed Pyro didn't point out in his Tana/idubbbz video that the woman Ian is walking away with is the same titty streamer he roasted a while ago. But I guess that would risk making his beloved edupps, whom he can't go without mentioning in every other upload, mad at him.

No. 243541

I agree. I don't know where this wave of sjw came from but it more or less happened when IAN started dating Anisa. When was the last time you heard lolcow defending Tana? Also the OP is cringe af.

>says nigger repeatedly

No. 243542

lmao this SJW witch hunt is pathetic, you guys are like a broken record at this point. Sorry if trashing Ian triggers you so much, go to your safe space here fam: https://www.reddit.com/r/Idubbbz/

No. 243544

Maybe instead of pushing out the people who've been here the whole time in these threads before they went to shit you should go back where you came from: https://www.tumblr.com

No. 243545

File: 1486041543670.jpg (62.22 KB, 719x719, 145678987654345.jpg)

>says nigger repeatedly

We've only seen a 3 second long vid of the situation and it cuts off right after "nigger". Ian stans are straight up cancer at this point with their constant derailing, rehashing the same excuses, and whining over lolcow bashing this unfunny faggot. I have never seen this much whiteknighting for a person on here before and it just shows how much leeway guys get

>girl says something shitty

>"lol what an ugly dumb cunt fucking bitch I hate her"
>guy says something shitty
>"he's just playing a character, he was influenced by his girlfriend and bad friends, he was nice in this one interview so it's okay, his only flaw is that he has a shitty girlfriend, sjw's are just triggered, it's a meme, also his pasty inbred face is soooooo dreamy~"

No. 243546

>before they went to shit

You mean before they started trashing your shit tier husbando?


Nice try, but that place is swamped with Ian fangirls. Maybe you'd be happier there.

No. 243550

the girls who filmed the video said they didn't know who he was so why would they take out their phones and film him before he had even said anything? are they clairvoyant? did they know he was gonna say nigger? no, obviously not. he said it a bunch before the girls started filming and that's why they all whipped out their phones. i know sucking ian's emancipated ass every day takes a bit of your brain away each time but try to use whatever is remaining before you post here

No. 243576


It's just assumption. The OP is going with what Tana (a known liar) said on her video. That's the point. And stop whining about derailing when people are doing it with the Jon and H3h3 situation as well. Stop saying everything you don't agree with is cancer.

No. 243578

At this point I really need Ian to release whatever video he's working on with Tana so you can shut the fuck up but based on your posts even when you're proven wrong you'd still defend him. This board is for talking shit about people, maybe you're a tad lost anon

No. 243587

He doesn't need to release a video at this point. She's done her own content cop already lol.

No. 243594

>And stop whining about derailing when people are doing it with the Jon and H3h3 situation as well

At least that's fresh rather than the thousandth painfully obtuse "baaawww y'all are just jealous and salty sjw's, stop being mean to my boyfriend" post, you're doing nothing but inciting bickering with this shit. I don't know why I'm even bothering with you since the point of my post seems to have flown right over your head. See also: >>243550

No. 243769

Wait where does Pyro roast Anisa? I'd love to see that

No. 243774


Nigger is just a word it doesn't mean shit whether it coems from a chick or a dude what does mean shit is when said chick or dude tries to make out it's a big deal, bitches at others for saying it and generally be's a cunt about it which the bitch did, Idubbz didn't. People are laughing at her for being so offended and biased because she happens to be a moron who's female not because she is female.


No. 243777

They're obviously talking about /snow/'s hypocritical treatment of Anisa compared to Ian, newfag.

No. 243778

Both said nigger before multiple times.
Tana as a teenager and idubbbz in his videos.

She apologized, he was doing it for views on his channel.

So both are idiots.

I just hate how he uses this situation to be be the better one, beacuase he used as a meme, as a joke.

Just go fuck yourself Ian, you're not better than her.

No. 243779

What's wrong with you?

No. 243786

Perhaps I missed something because of
>girl says something shitty
which I considered all women since anon did not specify anisa. Calm yo tits fam I'm not defending nor targeting edubbz I couldn't give a fuck about his mediocre content.

This post couldn't be more true.
This thread is starting to shit itself with anons targeting edubbz whiteknights and
I'm going to stop bumping this thread and just lurk because the hysteria is immense

One anon mentioned earlier that this thread is not a hivemind but ya'll convincing me it is. Everyone here's becoming volatile at the drop of a pin and childishly telling each other to go back to tumblr or fucking reddit. P a t h e t i c.

No. 243787

Truuuuuuue. I'm here for milk re: Anisa and her dumb bitch antics, not edoops' attractiveness level or h3h3 or jontron for that matter

No. 243798

File: 1486088631461.jpg (249.73 KB, 769x423, ffff.jpg)

I thought the Ian and George not being close friends theory was stupid but now that I'm rewatching their videos I can't help but see how much distance is between them

No. 243805

how is this evidence. if anything, the fact that they never interact outside of videos is a better indicator of them not being super close.

No. 243811

agreed, this thread is a mess and theres actually some shit i'd like to talk about when it comes to anisa, but it gets drowned by the 100 other posts arguing back and forth. sucks

No. 243814

File: 1486090644086.png (382.59 KB, 1242x1571, IMG_6172.PNG)

Perfect girlfriend Anisa makes her man his breakfast and decides to share it with the world because she's just such a perfect girlfriend~~

Can we just ignore the spergs in this thread and report any off topic shit? It's getting out of control.

No. 243821

Ian looks like he just unhinges his jaw and jams his tongue all the way to the back of your throat and thinks that is good

that is not good

No. 243833

File: 1486093042186.jpg (78.87 KB, 612x667, 1481684630595.jpg)

Wow, a girl who's just "one of the guys" AND can cook? Ian is so lucky to have such a perfect girlfriend. /s

No. 243858

This is a goddamn CC thread, you retarded cunt. Talking about Ian is on-topic and literally the only reason his "attractiveness" came up was because of Ianfags whining about people bashing the guy. Holy shit.

No. 243861

>This post couldn't be more true.
This thread is starting to shit itself with anons targeting edubbz whiteknights

That stopped until the anon you're responding to started that shit up again. Are you really this obtuse?

No. 243865

How old is this bitch again.
Why is she so desperate to show everyone what a clumsily cute gf she is, must be insecure as fuck.

No. 243866

>This post couldn't be more true.
>saying this in response to the post that started up this shitstorm by whining about Ian being criticized in a thread on lolcow dedicated to him

They even brought it up when he was barely being discussed, it's like they stumbled upon this site and decided to regurgitate bullshit that has been said by iDubbbz fangirls in these threads before. Since you seem to have not known about Pyro's roast of Anisa, that already gives away that you haven't been paying attention or been in these threads much either.

No. 243890

Might be because they're both the more reserved types, they gel better with loud abrasive outgoing people like Max than with each other.

Or it could be because Ian is a weird sperg who looks at Joji as being youtube famous, while the other is down to earth and couldn't give two shits about that kind of thing.

No. 243932

If you watch the vlogs that include Joji he's always with the group for like a bit and then he disappears to talk to other people/flirt with girls and he never really partakes in any of their vidcon shenanigans

No. 243942

>Since you seem to have not known about Pyro's roast of Anisa, that already gives away that you haven't been paying attention or been in these threads much either.
Yeah I haven't and neither has >>243769 anon so spill pls instead of bitching about how I haven't been up to speed.

No. 243943

Don't bitch about the content of threads like you have any authority or even know what's happening here then, anon. You're not the brightest.

No. 243944

Read through the old threads. Lurk more newfag

No. 243959

Good on him for being social and not having his life revolve around youtube or youtubers. Youtube "friendships" seem so fake, superficial, and self-serving tbh.

Case in point, Ian and Anisa's relationship.

No. 243965

he seems so fucking anxious and insecure

No. 243968

way before internet ~famedom~ Anisa has been desperate for popularity.
She was willing to step over anyone and forget those who she thought would ruin her ~rep~ even good friends or family.
shes been a liar her whole life, and really is desperate for attention and to seem way cooler that she really is.
yes, she is insecure as fuck.
shes not the hardass she wants everyone to believe she is, girl is sensative af

No. 244000

Btw does tana have a thread too? I fucking hate how fake she is
>Fuck you you fucking nigger this is my house nigger stop talking you fucking nigger
>Guys I thought it meant friend
>It happened when I was 13 even though I am clearly older looking in those videos I AM 100% JUSTIFIED
>Hires a Instragram actor to pretend to be racist so she can kick them out of her psuedo stand up routine
>If you don't believe me on the slave thing Google it or something idk much about this subject but let me talk to you about white privilege
>I cried and feared my life hearing someone say the word nigger
>Most of her storytimes are bullshit and don't make logical sense
Like holy fuck (not saying Ian is better but Jesus their both exceptional)

No. 244002

>Btw does tana have a thread too?

Are you kidding? Is everyone ITT new or incapable of reading?

No. 244012

Both this thread and the Tana thread have a higher than average number of underage retards. The Tana thread especially, tons of people who obviously don't visit image boards. I wonder if we are getting linked on twitter or reddit. I like to believe that farmers wouldn't partake in so much infighting over a 26 yr old manchild who just found his first girlfriend.

No. 244028

you are expecting too much of all these "stans"/underage femanons from whatever fucking site they are pouring in from
They bring their teenage hostility from their hormones here to ruin whatever good the earlier threads had with the defense forces or lynching other "stans" while pretending to discuss the milk when they actually aren't discussing the milk and just jacking off to whatever person they like

No. 244032

Well, let's not forget everyone on youtube who makes "commentary" videos (aka channels who pretty much only talk about drama between cows on youtube) potentially draws in more ppl who have never used an img board style site. Surely the mountain of videos about Tuna Mongoose and her feud with idubbbz will bring some dipshits to plug her or Ian's names into google and stumble onto lolcow. I'm fairly certain the grand majority of people who are subscribed to drama-milking channels are underage or whiteknights defending the cow and find it worth their time to argue with randos on a gossip site.

Back to topic, Ian really comes off as standoffish or really unapproachable to me, George is way more sociable in comparison since he makes it explicit that he separates his character from his real life and accounts. Ian by comparison doesn't do that, he wants to be THE SAVAGE of YOOTOOB. Probably makes him far more hard to predict his reaction, and when someone like Ian is so hard to approach, it makes sense George wouldn't want to be so interactive with him offline.

No. 244044

Considering making a new thread just on anisa, this one has become trash and fucking annoying to read. however I have no experience in making threads, nor do I know if anyone would be interested.. anyone on board ??

No. 244064

99% sure Anisa replied on this thread yesterday, seems like she's reading up on herself. I'd like to see a thread just dedicated to Anisa because I KNOW she wouldn't be able to stop herself from compulsively checking it. >>>/snow/219802

No. 244088

I know for a fact she lurks here, and I agree.. she'd make a fool of herself trying to white knight herself haha, either that or she'll rant and rage about it on twitter, either way… some milky milk may be produced haha

No. 244094

File: 1486148340268.jpeg (16.6 KB, 582x110, anisatriggered.jpeg)

Uhp…I gotta feeling this is her responding on twitter to the comment that triggered her in that thread. So predictable. She can't stop herself.

No. 244106

File: 1486149070507.png (311.74 KB, 1081x1017, Screenshot 2017-02-03 11.08.33…)

>cow chop
Don't fucking fool yourself, Anisa. Your channel is shit.

No. 244137

Proof? Have you already tried asking admin/farmhands for ip check?

No. 244150

this is probably about the wheelchair shoe girl

No. 244154

File: 1486153093401.jpeg (15.15 KB, 1153x71, anisamaybe.jpeg)

No, but that is a very good idea. I'm new, how do we go about getting an admin to do so? I was about to say "Not sure what someone would get out of pretending to be Anisa", but then it immediately dawned on me how much shit it would stir up, especially considering the fact they basically admit to emotionally cheating, long term, on the ex.

That's probably true. This girl sure loves vague phrasing when discussing drama, it reminds me of 15 year olds on Tumblr.

No. 244169

lol sorry, I wrote "i know for a fact" and that was me being dramatic.
however, we've discussed in last thread how much her head looks like a pear and all of a sudden she starts calling herself a pear at the same time…
I totally never saw that post
we should deff get an admin to ip check, but im also new and n00b lol

No. 244171

I love that when she bitched about her related channels she was subbed to leafy when he was showing up there, but she isn't subbed to Max one of her boyfriends good friends and a Creator she considers "good"

No. 244174

I've been here since the first thread and I definitely don't remember seeing this post.

No. 244183

fake as fuck

No. 244185

>>244174 >>244183
That's because it's from a different thread, I linked it a few replies up but here it is again. It's at the bottom: >>>/snow/219802

No. 244186


My noob is showing, I fucked up citing you along with the other farmer, so, yeah, here's the link if you wanna see for yourself, it was posted a day ago: >>>/snow/219802

No. 244205

File: 1486160066987.jpg (1.74 MB, 3992x2340, wtf is an owlcat.jpg)

I'd like to point out the horrible anatomy on Anisa's traced art and in doing so create a much more fun "mascot" than a cat with an owl hat

No. 244220

fucking kek,
your version is cute as hell anon!!

also how obviously traced is that, none of her art has ever looked remotely as good as that. what a dum dum

No. 244221

She's definitely lurking. The old twitter that was mentioned in the other thread is gone. She should learn to cover her tracks better.

No. 244225

if by "old twitter" you mean raihnbowkidz she "rebranded" a while ago and changed her twitter handle.
r u even lurking? lol

No. 244234

Next time we make the new thread, can we atleast do it when the current thread locks automatically at 1200 posts? Whoever is making them is making them before they reach the post limit and it's annoying that we technically have 2 threads happening at the same time.

No. 244247

Don't tell people to lurk if you aren't even lurking yourself.

No. 244249

Oh, god, I went to art school with girls like this. They were the best artist in high school, they get to college and realize they're a small fish in a huge pond, can't handle being one of the shittier artists in class, drop out and inflict their garbage, traced art on the world via deviant art. Then they'll shield their tender egos in an echochamber of dickriding fans who can't tell the difference between shit and actual talent.

Anon's tripod cats>Anisa's tard-owl-cat hybrid.

No. 244254

She doesn't have nearly enough milk to sustain an entire thread, it'd fall into obscurity after a month.

No. 244374

just like when you put in the clip of the girl saying "i don't like reading" in your "SHOOK" video anisa? holy shit you're such a fake bitch

why you gotta talk shit about dunkey anon

No. 244378

>why you gotta talk shit about dunkey
Oops I wasn't, thought I realize now it might've sounded that way. I was saying that Anisa's channel isn't anywhere near the standards of dunkey and Cow Chop and she's fooling herself if she thinks that them being in her related channels makes her as good as them.

No. 244389

>Filthy Frank is her favorite youtube channel

Wonder if she's bitter that Joji will never notice she exists, especially since he does talk to Katt. Meanwhile Max, the one she doesn't give a flying fuck about, gives her all this attention lol.

No. 244458


Max gives her attention?

No. 244505

File: 1486215080059.jpeg (19.69 KB, 708x173, sadasfuck.jpeg)

Hey Anisa

Dude, he could easily take a week of antibiotics and solve the problem. Plus, gas caused by H.pylori is pretty minimal. Belching, as opposed to burping, takes effort. My mom taught me how to belch like that as a kid, it takes less effort to burp and stifle it than go out of your way to belch like he does.

How old are you? You've been dating for, what, a few months? You're already confident you're "not going anywhere"? Either you'll cheat again, he'll get bored/cocky or the relationship will inevitably burn out after a period of time because that's what the vast majority of relationships do. Jesus, you think like a teen girl.

This isn't a romantic fairy tale, you sad fuck.

No. 244832

Idk if it's fake considering the dumbass replied in an old thread? Though it could be one of Ian's tumblr fangirls. Anyone willing to contact a farmhand and ask to check the IP?

No. 244850

If you google "lolcow Anisa" the old thread pops up, so it could be that she is aware of lolcow and was checking to see if she had a thread, or someone told her about it so she googled it (assuming she wasn't already aware of her thread).

No. 245069


Medicine - Ian would starve to death if I wasn't around to cook for him, let alone taking his medicine on the regular.

Ian and I - You wouldn't believe how well are relationship is going, not gonna get into it.

Sad Fuck - Happy Fuck ^.^

No. 245070


LUL… drew that cat from an existing photo, but yeah… my 3 years of University are all a waste.


Check socialblade. I'm on the up and up. The salt in these threads fuckin lift me up.

No. 245100

File: 1486282577679.png (950.57 KB, 2489x1071, Screenshot 2017-02-05 00.13.47…)

good idea, ty for providing more milk ^_^.

No. 245103

Anisa or extreme roleplaying, either way this is sad.

No. 245109

The supposed Anisa poster is posting from Las Vegas, so I doubt it's her. If it's really her, she can confirm by emailing lolcow.farm@gmail.com and be granted a special colored tripcode if she likes.

No. 245112


It's probably some sad idiot trying to bait all of you

No. 245115

Oh god, the idea of Anisa replying was sad, but the thought of some Idubbbz fangirl whiteknighting for her is seriously bumming me out.

If this some Edups/Anisa dickrider, for the love of god, your mother should've done the world a favor and eaten you while your bones were still soft.

No. 245143

Tana lives in Las Vegas!!! Conspiracy oooooh!! Realistically it's probably just a Sad Whiteknight with nothing better to do OR a bored user trying to artificially create milk.

No. 245201

OOF. Sure, I get where she's coming from; context does matter, Tana is a dramatic cunt, etc. However…bitch, how do you even know Jeff Dunham's material? He's possibly the shittiest comedian ever and you chose HIM as your example of edgy, race based humor? Fuckin' a, the cringe.
Also, how the fuck does she not know how to spell "Holocaust"?

It's unfortunate that she's encountered Islamaphobia, that sucks, but just because someone's a PoC, that doesn't give them the authority to tell black people "If you get upset by somebody saying the n word, you're giving it power, get over it." It's just as ridiculous as Tana feeling deeply wounded by Edups dropping the N bomb; neither one of them is black, it's not your place to tell black people how to feel about that slur. Jesus.

Also, I didn't get why everybody was ragging on her looks on lolcow, she always looked hot in her photos, but after watching this video…that…that's one average bitch.

TL;DR: Anisa makes trite AF comments on racism, cites her heritage so "Get over slurs, they're just words", has shit taste in comedians and is a 6/10.

No. 245208

Her "waaah I've been a victim of racism" whining falls flat when she's dating a painfully stereotypical white dude who says racist and homophobic slurs frequently, which she supports. And she can fuck off with this "it gives them power" reasoning, she's not the authority on how POC should feel. She's also in no position to act like she's been hurt by being called a "towelhead" when she's called trans people "trannies", a word that's pretty well known by now to be a slur against them. And she can easily pass as a white girl.

Hypocritical cunt all around.

No. 245222

Yep, exactly. Ethnic/religious/racial minorities aren't a monolith, having Lebanese heritage doesn't make you an expert on what an entirely different community faces in terms of prejudice. I'm Jewish, I've dealt with Antisemitism, but if my boyfriend dropped the N-word on the regular, it wouldn't even occur to me to say "You guys, I've heard people say 'kike' and I was fine, so y'all need to get the fuck over it!" in his defense.

Freedom of speech IS important, censorship IS fucked up, but just because you have the right to say something doesn't mean that you should say it. Displaying basic human decency is pretty fucking important, as well. Being a dick for the sake of it is not admirable, it's just immature, it's just something that ~~edgy~~ teens do in an attempt to test society's boundaries.

If anything, after experiencing the hurt of people discriminating against her/loved ones, she should have an easier time empathizing with others, but, nope, "LOL TRANNIES".

No. 245233

you're getting a bit too much into sjw rhetoric. Just concentrate on the milk

No. 245236

>but just because you have the right to say something doesn't mean that you should say it. Displaying basic human decency is pretty fucking important, as well.

This is a factor that seems to be lost on the "edgy" anti-SJW types. You can say whatever offensive shit you want, that's your right, but freedom of speech doesn't suddenly exempt you from criticism or give you free reign to insult people like an autist and expect no flak in return. If you're with a buddy and they say something like "bruh, can you not say insert slur when we're together, I'd appreciate it", the decent thing to do is just be considerate. This is just basic common sense.

No. 245239

Yes, exactly. Couldn't have said it better myself. I don't agree that I was being an SJW like >>245233 thinks, I really think this stuff is just a matter of basic social skills, human decency and common sense.

No. 245240

Their points are right though and drive home how full of shit Anisa is. She basically picks and chooses what's offensive and what is "just a joke". She can't use the POC card to act like a victim of racism one moment and then turn around and say the people offended by the racist shit Ian does are just triggered SJW's who can't take a joke.

No. 245431

>This weeks big question

this bitch really is Suzy 2.0. inb4 she gains a hundred pounds.

No. 245504


If you went to uni for 3 years and barely learned to trace a photo of a cat, then yeah, I'd agree that was a waste

pot callin' the kettle salty

No. 245768

hahaha fag

No. 245939

Maybe she was always a bit chunky, but used flattering angles to her advantage before, maybe it's her chubby face combined with unflattering clothing, maybe she's actually putting on some pounds, but she actually does look like she's filled out a bit in the "Am I Racist?" video. She's definitely Suzy 2.0, except Suzy has her own money. Anisa's sucking that Edups dick for a roof over her head and video equipment.

I only went to art school for 2 years and I'm better than this bitch. That's not saying very much, I'm not particularly good. Hey, Anisa, get your meal ticket to throw an actually talented artist some cash to draw something decent.

No. 245940

Idubbbz is apparently dropping a new Content Cop today, almost definitely about Tana Mongeau, and I'm eager to see if he makes up for that tryhard, edgelord, n-word stunt with some quality content. I hate Tana, so if he roasts her ass in a witty and clever way, I might gain back some respect for the guy after he dipped his wick in Anisa's desperate cunt.

No. 245960


On his Twitter he said it was going to be out on Wednesday.

No. 245962

If he really wants to redeem himself, this has to be at least as good as his Leafy one

No. 246004

I took one art class in high school and I'm better than her tbh, either she really didn't pay attention in school or she's gotten really rusty (OR she just sucks at translating her skill from traditional media to digital).

It'd have to be pretty fucking good for me to like it because I think the whole situation is petty as fuck.

No. 246081

File: 1486409859831.jpg (51.37 KB, 619x113, edupstweet.jpg)

Huh, weird, I saw this yesterday. I dunno, I haven't seen anything from him on my TL since then, maybe he changed it.

>>245962 >>246004
But, yeah, I definitely agree. It'll have to be entertaining as fuck. If it's on par with his Toy Channel Content Cop, like, if it's just a lazy dig at someone/Tana, then I'll probably unsubscribe. His shit's gotten stale ever since the Leafy CC. It's just him fumbling around, trying to find new formats that work and all that's resulted in was the shitshow that was "What's in the Box" or boring videos of him "interviewing" his famous Youtuber buddies. Dude might've peaked.

Not that anyone would acknowledge it if he DID peak for another 6 months. He'd get by, riding that "OMG IDUBBBZ, CONTENT COP, SO GOOD, GOD OF YOUTUBE, CAN DO NO WRONG" wave because: people are fucking retarded.

No. 246095

what's the point of doing that, honestly? Tana's fans are really young/obsessive and they won't give a shit bout what that fag has to say. if anything it'll just make them like her more because she'll probably cry about it and say he's attacking her, then they'll stan the fuck out of her.

don't see how he could do anything funny with it considering 1. he's not and 2. he's working with a run-of-the-mill basic bitch. the potential mediocrity is p exiting tho.

No. 246118

File: 1486414255047.gif (984.82 KB, 320x196, tumblr_msvhu3VnVe1qat8sbo1_400…)

I mean, you're right. Idubbbz and Tana don't have the crossover audience that he had with Leafy. If he drags her, her fans will crowd around her to shower her with love and attention in "her time of need". She's not interesting as a subject, she's not being a total cunt within the YT community like Keemstar and Leafy, all of her flaws are obvious and they don't require an in depth critique. I'm hoping he doesn't go in on her because, I mean, how could it not be boring? I used to really enjoy him and his content, I personally thought he was funny and clever, but shit, as of late, is making me lose respect for the guy. It's probably pointless to hope this new video isn't total shit. I do like your attitude toward this, though.

No. 246130

Apparently there's a kickstarter crap today and the content cop Wednesday.

No. 246146

File: 1486418088877.png (386.22 KB, 596x593, Untitled.png)

It's probably old news but Kimmi and Joji probably aren't fuck buddies anymore

No. 246154

Think he just said that to fuck with keem

No. 246176

The content cop just dropped and of course it's on tana

No. 246183

No. 246184

idubbbz's new video is sloppily done, I agree with him, but s l o p p y

No. 246185

Here's the actual Content Cop, I haven't watched it yet, but his sub reddit is cumming on themselves over it.

No. 246186

Yeah I'm definitely not a Tana fan but that doesn't do anything for Ian's case either—just proved that he spend hundreds of dollars and 9 hours in the car to totally fucking sperg out for a couple minutes. Super tacky tbh

No. 246189

exactly, haha! can't say i ever got into his videos though. i always thought his EDGY, NON-PC PERSONAAA was a bit excessive. guess that's part of the reason why i'm hoping it'll be a mess.

No. 246191

so unfortunately tana did exaggerate how tight he held her and how many times he dropped the n word, but I still think this video was stupid. imo ian overreacted to being called out and any young woman would be scared or creeped out to have a random white dude who looks as weird as ian not only do what he did, but also weirdly follow after her when she ran off? not a fan of either of them but ian was still way more extra than he needed to be. I hate how much this "drama" has undoubtedly stroked his ego with all the "don't mess with teh idubbbz!!!" bullshit

No. 246193

Hmm this Content Cop is less of a trainwreck than I thought it was gonna be

No. 246194

they're both fucking idiots.
I really hope someone tears idubbbz ass for saying n** because "it's just a meme". I hate how his autistic fanbase praises him for everything he does.
I just hate it when people can get along with anything.

No. 246196


*get away with anything.

No. 246197

Anisa fucking sucks with a camera

No. 246199

Did Anisa draw that retarded ""art"" on Ian's CC computer backgrounds?

No. 246204

Well, fuck, that was boring as hell. His little stunt didn't make a "FREEDOM OF SPEECH, BRAH!" statement or come across as "Oh my god, he went so far out of his way for the lulz! GENIUS", it just came across as a pissy guy holding onto a grudge who knows he can easily bait this basic cunt into an overreaction and milk that for the views. It feels petty, self indulgent, lame, smug.

Also, he's getting lazy. How the fuck was that even a Content Cop? He skimmed over her shit content, but we don't NEED an in depth look of her content either, I wanted something good. Somebody who really deserved to get roasted, somebody who had it coming. Tana's existence means fucking nothing to me, thus, him bitching about her hypocrisy does nothing for me.

God dammit, Idubbbz. You fell flat as fuck.

No. 246206

Yeah, I was peering at that towards the end and sighed. Anisa's contributions just irritated me: shitty art, shitty camera work. Idubbbz's content is going downhill ever since she came into the picture. I guess his capacity for wit was directly correlated to how much of a sad virgin he was.

Thanks, Anisa.

No. 246207

I agree, she's really not relevant at all in terms of the 'circle' he's in, I just don't care about 'she said, he said'.

That being said, I enjoyed the video, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but holy shit he looks AWFUL in it, did he not shower that day ??

No. 246213

I actually liked this video, though i still completely disagree with him going out of his way to bother tana at a meet and greet with her young fans.
His best point imo was the fact that if tana had just called him out for making a shitty cringy joke like the autist he is instead of over dramatizing everything and crying about how victimized she felt, she would've btfo of him and he would have nothing to say on the matter, and if he did complain about her shitting on him for an unfunny joke he would be the one to look like the crybaby.

No. 246214

the fact that he went through all that for such a lame/easy target… lol, and nothing will come out of it.

it'll probably never happen. everyone in their community~~ will just spout that "muh free speech, social statement, don't lash out @me just b/c u don't understand my superior form of comid e" bs until ppl stop caring.

No. 246216

File: 1486426335519.jpg (62.83 KB, 801x328, dumbdumb.jpg)

His dumb as fuck fans.
Jesus Christ, learn to think for yourself!!!

No. 246218


It's just shooting tana-fish in barrel.

No. 246221

File: 1486426483144.jpg (50.27 KB, 721x542, 6tlrx4749trx.jpg)

He might be a prick but he's not ugly. I'd do him tbh and so would all of you

No. 246222

My feelings exactly. She's a member of a section of Youtube that I forget exists for the most part. I just…I just don't care. She insulted him, he baited/pranked her, she did something dumb, he did something dumb. Wow, such entertainment.

And, yeah, I kept staring at his hair/skin, mesmerized by how shiny and greasy he looked.

No. 246224

Idk Tana should be happy he bought some of her merch and bought VIP pass kek.

His video had some funny parts but it wasn't a critique as much as a response. He should've took more time to make it.

No. 246227

File: 1486426744768.jpg (6.11 KB, 200x190, hngg.jpg)

No. 246228

Ian's looks are all over the place. A year or so back: No, I would not have fucked him. No way in hell.

Now? Some days I would, some days I wouldn't. Today, in his CC, he looked fucking horrible, but he looked pretty hot in his Leafy vids. I'd hit it if he looked like that. I like skinny, pale nerds, but they gotta put SOME effort into their appearance.

Also, while I'd fuck him (depending on the day), I wouldn't date the dude. I probably wouldn't even tell my friends I'd fucked him.

No. 246236

He definitely could've done better but it's already almost at 200k likes so I guess she's fucked regardless.

No. 246240

There was never any confirmation that they were to begin with.

>oh they may have shared underwear

He did that with Max too tho.

No. 246241

I don't think most Tana fans really care about Ian. The only other youtuber who they'd care about to stand would be John Kuckian, and he's already covered her plenty with her stories.

No. 246242

>and so would all of you

Keep telling yourself that, tasteless self-hating anon.

No. 246243

When did he "follow after her"? Where was that posted? She walked away, went somewhere else for a bit and he got kicked out. I'm pretty sure she even said that.

No. 246249

He's a flaming hypocrite for going after her when he's dating the perfect target for a content cop. He also comes off as incredibly petty and insecure for going out of his way to do this because "bawww some teenager told me to kill myself". Y'all are too soft on this ugly fuck.

No. 246252

I thought she had said nigger too when he said it?

No. 246253

>beady close set eyes
>caveman brows
>head literally the same shape and size as a grey alien
>receeding hairline+fivehead
>no lips
>scrawny Auschwitz body

Yeah nah, he's a 4/10 at best. Do you just live in a place where that's the norm for men?

No. 246254

File: 1486429254433.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 322x242, he did that.gif)

those likes are just his fanboys that think every thing he says is truuu af (despite the fact that all his claims are super obvious). remember the likes on the leafy one? only him and leafy had a common fanbase so it, like, did something. his and Tana's are v different.

No. 246255

when she walked off he walked after her to see where she went and tried to talk to her more before getting kicked out. it's in the full tana encounter vid on his second channel

No. 246256

>He also comes off as incredibly petty and insecure for going out of his way to do this because "bawww some teenager told me to kill myself".

Yep. Yepx100. Sure, going after Keem and Leafy was part of YouTube drama, but this shit was just him indulging in the most pathetic "HURRR SHE SAID SOMETHING MEAN ABOUT ME, SO…" form of it.

No. 246257

She's 18, of course she's going to behave like an idiot. She's an easy target, he just comes off as a bully with this.

No. 246258

i disagreed with some aspects of the video, i still don't think just anyone can say nigger like they say faggot/kike/etc, at least not yet. but i did enjoy it, really finally has some solid video proof that tana exaggerates about everything.

again, though, anisa is a retard cameraman. and ian going to such lengths for the meme is autistic imo. not gonna lie, both tana and ians channels are sometimes interesting to watch for me, but theyre still both cunts. every youtuber has dirt on them

No. 246259

samefagging but he didn't really insult her in the video or anything, and i think its because some of the critique he got at first was because of the age difference. tbh youtubers picking fights with each other in itself is hilariously pathetic

No. 246261

a twenty-six year old man targeting a teen. It truly is pathetic

No. 246262

There's been solid video proof of her exaggerating everything: youtube.com/tana-mongo. Didn't need some loser to make a 20 minute video to rehash that.

No. 246294

Dude I fucking know right?? If he were to do a "commentary channels" cop like he did the toy channels and fast food review compilations she'd be an excellent candidate.

No. 246298

He comes off so fucking petty. And the first half of the video is him defending his use of the word, but its the same pathetic excuses most teenagers who first find /b/ use. "Freedom of speech! Don't police what I say!" Get the fuck over yourself and grow up.

No. 246300

Your link doesn't work

No. 246301

Its interesting he uses most of the content she's posted after the meet and greet too, minus a few things that started it all. Can't make Content Cops about a Youtubers actual content, now he has to troll and harass people to get them to over react and use that against them. Amazing work you're doing there, Ian.

No. 246303


Yeah but he paid for the ticket, merch and to travel there & wtv, might as well make his video. Just because all the other drama hungry yt channels already made a video about it faster doesn't mean he can't, since it's his own story.

Also this thread is so bad.

No. 246304

This completely. I feel let down.

No. 246306

If you look at his comments section, it's just his mindless fans cheering over how he's "destroyed" Tana's channel. No, this shit's been out for a week and her fans don't care. There is no crossover for Tana and Idubbbz audiences, it makes no difference. Plus, he didn't really call her out on anything (the point of a Content Cop episode) besides her hypocrisy and exaggeration, which were already well documented.

Nobody's destroyed.

Fuck, I swear, all of the Leafy fans that Ian used to mock have swarmed to his channel and switched their diehard, obsessive loyalty from Leafy to him. His fanbase is now exactly what he used to hate.

No. 246313

>Also this thread is so bad.

Cry more, Ianfag.

No. 246315

Funny how this thread and the other thread are completely night and day
Like what's the point of calling these threads the cancer crew threads when the other crew members don't do anything milk worthy
There is no point
I also find it hilarious how everyone claimed to love Ian's Content Cops threads ago, but as soon as he does one on a female YouTuber they hate it.

No. 246317

File: 1486436176472.jpg (35.68 KB, 720x271, c2e33a45-054c-4d09-84c1-c437cd…)


I didn't even know who this Tana bitch was until this, it's like Ian deliberately sought her out because he's desperate for attention and asspats.

No. 246320

File: 1486436270542.png (1.82 KB, 121x96, wew.png)

lmao, are you two autistic or was my post too dumb for anyone to get it? I meant that it doesn't take more than going on over to her channel and watching one of her shitty videos to tell that she over exaggerates everything.

No. 246322


Yawn. Can't you Ian dick riders come up with something original? Why are you still here if seeing him get critiqued triggers you so much?

No. 246323

They're Ian fangirls, of course they're autistic. They're also unable to read and seem desperate to keep grasping the same argument in their fat sweaty fingers.

No. 246327

I'm really sick of people being offensive on purpose because FREEDOM OF SPEECH. It's just exhausting at this point.

No. 246329

Well I guess Tana wasn't hot enough for him to not make a content cop on.

No. 246331

Also samefagging, but

>I also find it hilarious how everyone claimed to love Ian's Content Cops threads ago

No, they didn't. His content has been ho-hum ever since the Leafy content cop, you'd have to be a blind worshipper to argue otherwise. The fact that his stuff has been gradually getting worse when he started dating Anisa is a coincidence.

No. 246350


He caught lightning in a bottle and blew up despite the rest of his content being nowhere near as good as the Leafy Content Cop. He's not really worthy of the amount of attention and praise he's receiving, he's probably feeling a ton of pressure to keep churning out shit that's just as great when he doesn't really have it in him. He's probably worried that everyone will realize he doesn't regularly make Leafy Content Cop tier quality, the older shit is what he's actually capable of doing. He's probably super nervous with all of these new viewers expecting consistently fucking awesome videos and they don't get that he's really never been as good as they think he is. High, unrealistic expectations and him, most likely, feeling pressured explains the drop in quality these past few months.

But his dickriding audience members don't care. He could post a video of himself farting for 20 minutes and they'd call him the God of Youtube.

No. 246351

You are straight-up fucking braindead if you think people don't like the Content Cop because the target was a woman when the whole thread is partially dedicated to shitting on Anisa.

No. 246362


>If you look at his comments section, it's just his mindless fans cheering over how he's "destroyed" Tana's channel. No, this shit's been out for a week and her fans don't care. There is no crossover for Tana and Idubbbz audiences, it makes no difference. Plus, he didn't really call her out on anything (the point of a Content Cop episode) besides her hypocrisy and exaggeration, which were already well documented.

Nobody's destroyed.

I spoke too soon. Max and Ian's fans are bragging about how her sub count is dropping at an insane rate. Socialblade says she's been losing subs since December, but, yeah, the Content Cop is doing damage. I actually feel bad for her. People are so fucking stupid; everything Ian pointed out was already well known among the people aware of Tara's channel, none of this shit is new, but Lord I of Dubbbz declares her an enemy of the state and the mob mentality kicks in. Fucking pathetic.

No. 246367

File: 1486440256014.png (231.56 KB, 1920x953, lol.png)

They don't even have an overlap in fanbases and she's still lost over 1,000 subs. Wow.

No. 246370

I kind of liked this CC. I think he makes a good point about how people treat the n-word. Ultimately, it's not anyone's right to say how a black person should feel about that word, but it is true that the n-word in particular seems to be held on a different pedestal then any other offensive word.

Plus, I watch Tana from time to time and I didn't really realize how hypocritical she could be. It's crazy seeing her preach "love and kindness" one second and then say she'd be happy if Ian hurt his legs. And the clip he had of the moment at her meet and greet was so funny because she acted so dramatic about it but I felt like her reaction when it happened was sort of shock but it also seemed like she was sort of about to laugh?? I think she ultimately has a good heart and she's still young but damn she's dramatic.

No. 246388

I did like the point he made about how people won't say "nigger" but they'll gladly say "faggot" retard" and not care who they hurt.

Also all his fans brazenly using "nigger" as an insult in the comments (something Ian has never done as far as I remember except to insult himself because Quaffine said it to him first) are completely missing the point. I think what that other anon said about Ian's fanbase being full of Leafy fans is pretty accurate.

No. 246395

Not to be a dick, but I don't think anything he said about race/slurs was original or provocative. We already know the n-word is basically like the IRL version of saying "Voldemort" while you can say towelhead without serious ramifications. Sure, you'll feel gross, like I felt gross just writing that, but I literally can't write n*gger w/o censoring it because of how shitty it'd make me feel. It's on a different slur level and we know that, he's not brave or original for pointing this out.

He's not wrong about context, either. Is Leonardo DiCaprio a racist because he dropped a million n-bombs while filming Django Unchained? No, they're lines, it was in the context of a movie. That's obvious, as well, and Tana is fucking stupid for thinking that the word alone is what makes someone a racist. Idubbbz uses "nggerfaggot" as a callback to a funny moment (somebody used the term to insult him) in an older video, he also acknowledges that fans who think it's funny just* because he's saying a slur don't get the actual joke and are idiots, so him using that slur in his video isn't racist based on the context. He's not using the world to devalue somebody based on their race.

However, he's white as fuck and isn't in any position to dictate how black people should feel about that word. Anisa, despite being 1/2 Lebanese, also doesn't any business trying to dictate that shit because being 1/2 Lebanese isn't the same as being black and you can't flash your PoC card and try to lump your ethnicity in with another minority group when you want to get away with being a dick. Saying "It's just a word, you're the one giving it power by being offended" is something tonedeaf, sheltered white people say. Only the most oblivious white people use that argument while they're lecturing others on something they can't possibly, personally understand. Not tryna be an SJW, it's just a fact: a white dude is never gonna fully grasp what it's like to be black.

And, yeah, Tana is two faced and is just her pandering to her audience. I feel like most teen girls do this "Love, equality, tolerance, don't judge people, don't bully, love yourselves, blah blah blah" bullshit and, meanwhile, they're just as catty as teen girls have always been. It's a flattering, self-serving public persona. However, a teen girl saying some bitchy shit that I'm sure Idubbbz could handle emotionally (unless he's that much of an insecure, fragile little pussy) doesn't call for harassing her in person. Knowingly using his platform to destroy her channel as an act of revenge is not a balanced response. It doesn't matter that Tana exaggerated like a motherfucker.

He knows what Content Cop does to channels, he knows the power he has and he decided to react to a girl being kinda cunty by trying to destroy her livelihood. Destroying someone's career is not a reasonable response to a girl being catty and saying "I'd be happy if he broke his legs". I keep seeing fans trying to justify what he's doing by citing that mean quote. No, it doesn't work that way. That's like shooting somebody after they slap you. Ian is just being a brat and a bully, he's high on a power trip.

Rant over. Sorry for length.

No. 246396

It's bullshit tbh, she wasn't cancer spreading cancer like Leafy or Keemstar, he's just siccing his fanbase on some moronic teenage girl. He's a dick, plain and simple.

No. 246397

Thank you for putting my feelings on this into words. Fuck the Ian dick lickers ITT, he has not brought anything new to the table and has basically just set out to ruin an obnoxious but ultimately harmless teenager because of petty reasons.

No. 246414

I never claimed his points on the n word were original, I just said that I think he was making some good points and I even clearly said that he ultimately has no right as a white person to dictate how black people feel about the word, so why did you literally just expand upon what I already said??

Also Tana's channel is not going to suffer that much, let's be real. Everyone's always been pointing out how little of an overlap her fans and his fans there are. I watch both and I'm going to continue to watch both. And ultimately Tana is making a "career" off overexaggerated stories and (sometimes) lies. I'm not saying Ian's channel is any better either. They're both youtubers that don't make very original content, does it really matter if either of their channels die? No. They've already made a fuck ton of money anyway, who cares.

It's just YouTube, it's not that deep.

It's so funny how you guys complain about Ian stans but then make Tana out as this innocent little teen. She's 18, she's legally an adult. She's fine, chill out lmao.

No. 246421

No. 246423

>but then make Tana out as this innocent little teen

Except no one has done that. Pointing out that teenagers are retarded is a simple fact. And there definitely is something wrong when a man in his late 20's goes after someone who isn't even 19. Only someone who's a teen them self would argue that teens are functioning adults.

>Also Tana's channel is not going to suffer that much, let's be real.

It already has and she now has a target painted on her back. There is actual proof ITT that she's already losing subs, but sure, be obtuse.

Try to lower your hackles and not lash out, sis, anon wasn't being mean to you.

No. 246424


Dang. It's kinda concerning, actually lol if Ian is stupid enough or let his ego speak louder ~for meems~, he would get fucking torn to pieces.

No. 246425

Okay, Ian is actually repulsive when he's shirtless. His head looks massive on his tiny underdeveloped body. Why are there girls here sad enough to want to fuck this guy?

No. 246426

>I think he makes a good point about how people treat the n-word.

No he doesn't, most people who avoid the n-word also avoid other slurs like "faggot" and it's acknowledged that the n-word holds a lot of weight in the US, but not so much worldwide, due to its historical baggage there. Do you even SJW?

No. 246430

File: 1486455410017.png (7.22 MB, 3000x3000, IMG_6196.PNG)

But Anon, Ian is just such a step up from her ex, I mean can you compare?

No. 246437

File: 1486458226624.jpg (142.85 KB, 667x680, 14567897654324567.jpg)

Oh gross. This just makes anons like >>246221 look all the more embarrassing.

No. 246440

>Also Tana's channel is not going to suffer that much, let's be real.

You haven't seen the comments on her "the N word" or recent videos, have you? Ian's the new Leafy, his legions of slobbering fans are already swarming on her.

I felt satisfaction watching Leafy get destroyed because he was a complete cunt with too much power who infested most of youtube, but this just feels brutal. She's not a roasting or dramawhore channel, hell I never even knew she existed until this whole mess. She's low hanging fruit that most of idubbbz' fandom had probably never even heard of but now despise with a passion because he tells them what to think. And all because she told him to kill himself, something he's no doubt been told many times by others before? Petty as fuck.

No. 246441

She reminds me of a chihuahua. Likes to bark, prissy, but basically harmless. I mean, she makes videos and she lies in them. She embellishes her life and is turning a profit on it, and I can respect the hustle. She's not hurting anybody all the way up there on her high horse. Keemstar made false pedophile accusations at people and instigated witch hunts. Leafy routinely made fun of children and autists. I'd say that's quite a leap from a teenage bimbo telling idubbbz to kill himself for saying nigger. If he devoted his entire channel to nitpicking hypocrisies his viewership would drop like Leafy's.

He could have made an entertaining video with the same points without focusing on this girl. But of course there has to be some big drama behind it to get the views… Too bad it backfired because everybody made videos about it before him.

No. 246447

does anyone got proof that Anisa traces? i'm no artist by any means, so sorry if i'm missing something super clear. and if she's tracing actual pictures/other drawings we could find them through google images, right? cuz i'm sure she lurks and would hate seeing that we know she's stealing people's shit.

No. 246449


first content cop that i didn't care for tbh. reddit is acting like its the best one so far just cause he says we should all be allowed to say nigger. groundbreaking logic. and now this is going to be quoted every single time a well-liked white person says nigger. i should really unsubscribe by this point, i guess.

No. 246450


>being 15 and having no idea that idubbbz looking guys are everywhere and not attractive

No. 246458

They also haven't seen that the likes on this video is almost as close to his Leafy video. This video is only at 1.5mil views whilst the Leafy one is 15mil.

No. 246459

File: 1486465564356.gif (3.7 MB, 515x300, 3kSTk7Y.gif)

No. 246466

I liked the content cop but he still comes off as a salty autist for reasons >>246441 and >>246249 mentioned. It's like watching two retards going at it and over the internet no less which makes it look even more stupid. How far the human mind has come.

No. 246473

So the content cop was posted to r/videos and is currently on the front page of reddit, with hundreds of fanboys acting as if Ian is youtube Jesus and untouchable, he was also posted to the robot board with some of them(surprisingly) pointing out that he was a creepy, petty shit.

I can't wait till people get tired of his shit, how they aren't tired of it now is amazing, his time will come.

No. 246481

I look forward to the day he becomes irrelevant, if only so his fanbase can fuck off forever. That was part of what made Leafy so unbearable, his fucking cancerous fanbase.

No. 246496

File: 1486475604185.jpg (109 KB, 1137x640, IMG_6100.JPG)

I thought the content cop wasn't as good because of all the other youtubers jumping on the drama bandwagon. So it wasn't really a surprise and most of his points had been made in other videos before he got the chance. it's a bit cringey seeing all the comments especially on reddit calling him a god and unstoppable. Maybe it's because most on the content on YouTube is pretty trash at the moment in comparison. I still like his videos though and I'm going to continue watching them, I thought that it was still a funny meme despite how autistic it was.

No. 246498

>I still like his videos
>I thought that it was still a funny meme

You have to be 18 to post here, kid.

No. 246499

I'm a snake was the only funny moment
But it was really fucking funny tbh

No. 246500


I agree as well, Youtube drama is just on another level; because of how extreme people will go just to call out other youtubers for revenue lmao. Its like highschool bullying but the whole internet knows about it.

No. 246505

Criticizing a woman's march arranged by a woman who's pro-Sharia law doesn't mean you're opposed to legal immigration. Please stop being retarded

No. 246508


The "HE FUCKED ME! WITH! A! TOOTHBRUSH!" part was a little funny too. At least I think so.

No. 246529

I think that's the point though. It's just a meme and not meant to be taken seriously. I enjoyed the video as well although it wasn't his best.

No. 246533

While Ian's Content Cop isn't going to be the nail in Tana's coffin for reasons mentioned already (them not sharing a fanbase) this drama did pretty much ruin Tana's youtube career because it brought out all the videos of her previously saying racial slurs etc.
Within the beauty/vlogger/whateverthefuck community it's already pretty much cemented that she's done and over and those people don't even care or know about Idubbbz so yeah lol.. while the video itself didn't do much his fans digging out old shit and bringing it to light about her did significant damage to her

No. 246534

"not meant to be taken seriously"? Don't be a naive idiot, he has aimed his fans to go and badger this girl and has effectively ruined her career. He knows damn well what he's doing, don't make excuses for him being a shithead.

No. 246535

>while the video itself didn't do much
>It's just a meme and not meant to be taken seriously.


I mean do you people even bother to read this thread?

No. 246544

This literally happens with every Content Cop. It happened with Keemstar as well and if people play their cards right like he did you can easily recover. But like I said, she was already considered to be over and done with before he uploaded this video so yeah it didn't do THAT much, anon. Calm down

No. 246546

This. Ian is absolutely the new Leafy.

He criticized Leafy for being a rampant bully who attacked low hanging fruit and, meanwhile, couldn't handle being bullied himself.
Then what the fuck is Ian doing going so fucking far out of his way to bully and purposefully hurt a chick's career just because she said "go kill yourself" and "I hope he breaks both his legs"? You'd have to be one insecure motherfucker to even care that this irrelevant bitch talked some shit about you, yet this Content Cop was one giant "Bawww I fucking hate Tana because she was mean to me" rant. He wants to bitch out Tana for hypocrisy? Then what about that, how is that not hypocritical? You want to insult people all day long, but feel the need to harass and take down her channel because she insulted you? You wanna use your channel to convince your fans to destroy someone? Goddamn, that feels a lot like some Leafy shit.

He can't take the high road, he's just as bad as any asshole YouTuber who came before him. He went after an easy target because "the hypocrisy!!!1!!!1", but is pulling shit he criticized Leafy for. His fans are fucking sad cunts with a mob mentality.

I'm sad to see all the "he's untouchable", "he's unstoppable", "god of youtube" shit go to his head this fucking much. Don't buy into your own hype, Ian, for fucks sake.

No. 246548


lmao are you serious? He's a fucking joke and everyone hates him. Ever try reading the comments on his videos or looking at his likes/dislikes bar?

No. 246551

She well deserved it for telling him to kill himself and being a hypocrite though. he is petty, he reacted pretty butthurt when keemstar told him he would ruin his career, so I think you can see where he is coming from with tana

No. 246553

Samefag >>246546. Remember how Keemstar was "Untouchable" before, too? Remember how everybody pissed their pants at the idea of getting on Keem's bad side because he had the power to make or break channels? Then he attacked one too many people, threw around one too many pedophile accusations and his own friends turned on him. Then the entire YT community turned on him. Dude's reputation has never recovered.

Buying into your own "Untouchable!" hype doesn't go well. I hope if Ian continues down this path, he get's his comeuppance.

No. 246554

>She well deserved it for telling him to kill himself

No, she didn't. He receives comments like that, serious or not, all the fucking time. Some dumb "literally who?" bimbo doesn't deserve to now be a target of Leafy 2.0's wretched fandom. You have to be at least Keemstar Tier sociopathic to deserve that shit.

No. 246558

He still makes steady money and gets sponsorship deals. Being disliked =/= career end

No. 246559

That's something only an asshole would say. You're an asshole, congrats. If someone told me to kill myself, I would probably try to end their career aswell. That's common sense, maybe not for the ones who throw around "Kill yourself" while being hypocrites themselves.

No. 246560

>He still makes steady money

He's been hemorrhaging subs and views for a while now. He also runs a trashy drama channel, a niche that's entirely different from a teenage girl vlogger. The latter can't recover from something like this.

No. 246562

Tough luck. A content creator doesn't have control over who their Fandom is or what they do. The video did bring good points. You can like it or hate it. Tana had backlash even before the video was out. And it was because of her own damn mouth. If she didn't choose to lie all the time and exaggerate it wouldn't have been so bad.

No. 246564

>She well deserved it for telling him to kill himself and being a hypocrite though

He definitely hears worse on a daily basis and I don't know what the fuck kind of reasoning you're using to determine some random storytime bitch deserves to have her career smashed into dust for one of the most tame, overused insults on the internet. If she'd accused him of being a pedophile, accused him of beating his girlfriend, raping somebody, something along those lines, I'd say "Sure, she got what she deserved". Dumb teens says "Kill yourself" everyday. For his fans to act like he's savage as fuck while bawwing about the fact she said that is just weird, delusional bullshit to justify their king's actions.

No. 246566

>wishes the ruination on a teenager for saying something that Ian himself has said to others
>it's common sense when some rando on the internet tells you to kill yourself to actively ruin their life
>calls someone else an asshole

You sound legitimately deranged, no wonder you like his content.

No. 246568

>Ian did nothing wrong and has no personal responsibility waaahhh I love the taste of his jizz in my mouth

No. 246570

Kill yourself.

No. 246571

Exactly my point, anon! I think you misunderstood me a little. I absolutely agree that Tana won't be able to recover from this and that Ian IS at fault for that because the initial drama has brought up so much dirt from her past. I was just mentioning that her decline started when she uploaded that N-word video and was already considered to be done before Ian's Content Cop (which certainly didn't help don't get me wrong)

No. 246573

Why would I? I am not an asshole like you

No. 246574

You sound mad

No. 246575

Are you lost? Do you know where you are?

No. 246576

I am, yeah.

No. 246577

Your posts say otherwise. Gonna ruin my career now, you sociopathic cunt?

No. 246578

A content creator can choose to be a responsible human being by making a point to tell their fans "don't fall into mob mentality mode, don't just go along with everything I say, think for yourselves". He preaches the importance of critical thinking while lecturing Tana, so why can't he take a second to lecture his own fan base about their blatant, shocking lack of critical thinking skills?

OHHHHH that's right. That AdSense money. He just doesn't want to bite the hand that feeds him.

Plus, John Kuckian (sp?) and others have exposed her shit well beforehand and anyone who was even vaguely aware of her existence knew about her tendency to lie, exaggerate, etc. Nobody cared until the dickriding legion of Idubbbz fans got the go ahead from their lord and master.

No. 246579

>maybe not for the ones who throw around "Kill yourself" while being hypocrites themselves.

lmao you just described Ian. Remember when he, in all seriousness, told Keemstar to kill himself? Where's your karmic justice now, psycho?

No. 246582

I don't think everyone hates keem as much as they used to, he calmed down a lot after the content cop. I follow him on twitter and he was giving away money at christmas to his followers on twitter, he was giving away too much money that his paypal got suspended temporarily. I've seen comments on his videos saying they hate him as a person but he's entertaining and they prefer him over scarce. Like keemstars a retard no doubt, but his existence is just amusing.

No. 246583

Good ol' Ian stans, proving once again that they have absolutely no empathy and prefer being obtuse to make excuses for their beloved hypocritical school shooter.

No. 246584

>lmao you just described Ian. Remember when he, in all seriousness, told Keemstar to kill himself? Where's your karmic justice now, psycho?

Just some more shit that totally destroys Ian's "I'm doing this because I hate hypocrisy" reasoning. Dude is a huge fucking hypocrite. He's contradicted his own points multiple times in this video.

No. 246585

No. 246586

The hate brigade fired right back up again after the whole fallout with The Baited podcast, but that was his doing. Even before that though, I have never seen anyone say anything positive about Keem after the Content Cop.

No. 246589

File: 1486485983162.png (183.33 KB, 420x336, Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 3.42…)

Yeah you've got a point about the Baited drama. There were still some people backing up Keem. I didn't like Tommy c much in it and thought it was pretty scummy when he posted this video and used his kid in the thumbnail though. Very strange seeing middle age men fight over internet drama. They're both retarded.

No. 246590

Nobody compliments Keemstar, nobody likes Keemstar, but I think he's managed to repair his reputation a little. While Clown is clearly still pissed about what went down with Baited, he's not, say, trying to destroy Keemstar's career and discussed shit with him like a civil human being on a newer Baited episode. Leafy, Grade and Keem have mended past shit. People still recognize that he's a total shithead and tell him so all the time, but he seems to be trying to be more self aware and exhibits a bit more impulse control. He's not deliberately fucking with people anymore, as far as I've seen, he seems a bit more humble. I dunno. I wouldn't trust the guy, but I think he learned his lesson and is making some kind of effort to be better.

No. 246591

A content creator controls who their fandom is via the type of content they choose to put out, and how they choose to react when their fandom lashes out at other people. Maybe stop sucking Ian's cock for a minute because he very deliberately caused this situation after his fee fees were hurt by a teenager.

No. 246602

Her net sub loss is like 5k subs so far, that's really not much but it's only been a day. Not very many of her fans will unsub from her just because iDubbbz made a vid on her, but I can imagine quite a few will unsub if they weren't previously aware of Tana using "nigger" so aggressively.

No. 246603

I'm new to this thread, but I have watched some Content Cop videos before, and I thought the new Content Cop video about Tana wasn't really of the same quality as the videos about Leafy and Keemstar etc. because he wasn't really thorough with what he had to say about Tana's content. It's twenty minutes long though (for something really petty and that can be easily brushed off), and he even spent dollars on a road trip, merch and meet and greet tickets for teh lulz, which I thought was too much for mocking a person that doesn't mean anything to him. I think he's quite articulate and his asymmetrical smile is a bit charming, but take away those and it'll be just a 26-year-old butthurt and immature guy who lacks female interaction.

I hope Tana does way more exaggerated storytime (parody) videos, and can actually be funny about it. I think that would help her recover her YouTube career. She shouldn't cry in front of the camera anymore because she has already done that and it made things worse.

No. 246604

File: 1486487357450.jpg (57.99 KB, 500x406, a91e56554c64509f963c3f1f816bb2…)

Why couldn't Ian have made a content cop about someone who deserves it, like Onision or Ricegum? I get no satisfaction seeing him ruin the life of some chick I've never even heard of until now and whose worst crime is apparently over exaggerating stories, telling him to kill himself (babbys first internet insult), and being hypocritical about the N word. This also just makes him seem petty and hypocritical considering 1.) He's been told worse things than to "kill himself" and 2.) He has also told people to kill themselves before. I see defenders of this video say she deserves it for telling Ian to kill himself, where's Ian's "deserved" comeuppance for doing the exact same thing then? And if he's so desperate to make a CC about a woman, why doesn't he take a look at his own awful fucking girlfriend?

If he had made a video targeting people in general who are hypocritical about slurs, that'd be fine, but this is just shitty of him. I don't know how people can defend this.

No. 246609

Lol one time Ian told an extremely generous fan to kill themselves during a livestream over nothing and wouldn't apologize so forgive me for not leaping to his defense when someone else says the same shit to him over twitter.

No. 246610

After seeing so many people jizzing their shorts about how ~SAVAGE~ the Tana Mongeau Content Cop was, how she deserved it and how "he brings up some really interesting points, never thought about that before" (fucking dolts), can I just say how happy I am to see all of you farmers actually using your goddamn brains and seeing what's so stupid and fucked up about what Ian did? Thank god for you guys, thank god somebody gets it. The Internet seems dead set on sucking Ian's dick raw right now and it's such a breath of fresh air to see some people approach this shitshow like decent, intelligent human beings who can think for themselves.

No. 246616

Agreed, I really appreciate that this is probably the only place on the internet capable of critical thought when it comes to this guy. Same goes for Anisa, I'm starting to see her get blindly praised by his fans now too.

No. 246623

>I get no satisfaction seeing him ruin the life
just stop. content cop isn't harrassment, it's just weak ego wank material. I'm not defending him, but don't make it out to be something it isn't. Anyone who paints tana as innocent or even just "not guilty enough to be target of CC" in order to try to criticise his stupid fucking CC video - that's not the way to do it

No. 246627

>And if he's so desperate to make a CC about a woman, why doesn't he take a look at his own awful fucking girlfriend?

I've heard he follows loads of Titty Streamers, so I think he actually appreciates their "hard work". Relying on giving teen boys boners while playing League of Legends as a career and being completely devoid of any real creativity or talent is perfectly acceptable, apparently.

Honestly, I'd bet good money he totally felt a sense of wicked glee going in on Tana because she's the kind of girl in High School who would have laughed at a guy like him. She's the kind of girl who'd have asked him out as a joke. His angry beta side had to have gotten some kind of kick out of punishing the kind of girl who he'd have jerked off to on a nightly basis while simultaneously seething over the fact she wouldn't go to the dance with him.

No. 246635

>content cop isn't harrassment

Yes it fucking is, have you seen the comments on her videos? How naive are you?

>Anyone who paints tana as innocent or even just "not guilty enough to be target of CC" in order to try to criticise his stupid fucking CC video - that's not the way to do it

I don't even know who she is and I've yet to see any decent justification for why she deserves this. The "she told him to kill himself" shit has absolutely no weight when he has done the exact same thing. He's in no position to call out hypocrisy when he's a hypocrite himself. And you are defending him by the sounds of it if all you took away from my post is "no, Tana isn't innocent". What's your beef with this bitch?

No. 246636

I only skimmed the content cop because the events of the Tana shit have been rehashed so many times I don't care anymore, but I think Ian was just pointing out her hypocrisy (preaching love and tolerance, then telling him to kill himself, that she hopes he breaks his legs and loses all of his subs, refusing to say nigger but faggot is ok, etc).

No. 246638

lel Ian stans continue playing the ignorance card and missing the point.

No. 246639

That's nice, but that doesn't make him not a hypocrite fam

No. 246640

He also probably felt glee when he saw that Verified icon beside her Twitter name when he read her reply because wow opportunity!

If it were just an unknown girl tweeting the same reply, it's likewise creepy if he showed up at a public event where she's at just to taunt her.

Anyway, I was thinking, what if Tana was the one to show up at an event he's in and she calls him out in public for using a racial slur… I think she would have come off really immature and petty because she had taken the Internet fight so far. Also crazy. So why would this not apply to Ian as well?

No. 246644

It does totally apply to him. He looks immature, petty and, yep, unhinged. His fans applaud the lengths he went to for the lulz when if she or any other YouTuber had done it, everyone would be giving them side eye right now. Oh, lionizing Idubbbz and treating him as an untouchable, infallible god among men…so healthy and normal.

He points out at one point in his video that she should've called him out as unfunny and immature for the stunt, rather than crying on camera about feeling like her life was in danger. That was just a self deprecating, defense mechanism so he can seem self-aware and dodge people pointing out how fucking stupid and autistic he was for doing that. If he was actually self aware, he wouldn't have driven miles and spent hundreds of dollars for a "joke" that could've miserably failed.

No. 246645

You act as if her career is over. As if Ian just murdered her dog. The backlash she is getting is comments and a few unsubs from her channel. Stop being so o over dramatic.

Next week someone else is going to do something more retarded and the Internet is going to forget. Just stop.

No. 246646

He knew it wouldn't fail, because she's so predictable.

No. 246648

she went on bunty king's podcast. meh
haven't listened to it yet

No. 246651

File: 1486491501888.jpg (25.73 KB, 791x167, TanaSubCountDrop.jpg)

Yeah, because Leafy's career is going great ever since he got Content Cop'd. He's been steadily losing subs ever since, commentary channels laugh at him to this day about how much Ian wrecked him. Leafy's been used as a cautionary tale ever since.

It's not a few unsubs, it's been 10k subs in less than 24 hours. All because she was kinda, sorta mean. Don't try to cite her hypocrisy, Ian was hypocritical multiple times throughout the video, too. The point is that he knows he has the power to seriously fuck over channels and him doing this is an abuse of his power on YouTube. It's not a balanced, reasonable response to what she did, he should've just roasted her over Twitter or something, laughed at her stupidity and moved on. He's being a fucking dick.

No. 246653

Leafy shared subs with idddubz. Tana doesn't.

No. 246655

The whole "the internet forgets" thing hasn't been true in years especially not for youtubers. Plenty of youtubers have fucked up to an extent where their careers never recovered not even years after the fact so idk why people still claim this shit

No. 246657

Yeah, that's what I said until somebody pointed out what was happening on Social Blade. Apparently they did share enough of an audience to make a substantial difference. I'm guessing it's the same Leafy fans who jumped off of his dick straight onto Ian's. They're mostly teen girls, the demographic who watch storytime channels. Ian's audience used to be, like, 90% dudes who were older than the average YouTube audience. Ever since the Leafy CC, Ian's audience has gotten younger, dumber and is filled with fangirls who'd pay money to ride his emaciated body like a rodeo horse.

No. 246665

Her vocal mannerisms are kind of annoying to listen to. Also she's claiming that that girl she made the Mandela Effect video on was "playing the victim card" rather than just defending herself like most normal people would do (bc Anisa NEVER plays the victim card by making vague tweets whenever someone criticizes her. Never.)

No. 246672

No she deserved it lolol. She's been earning a shit ton of money be even has tours made off of the back of lying to people about her life. And let's not forget how Tana fucked over her assistant resently and dragged her publicly and played victim, an assistant with no social media following, all because Tana dirty as fuck and puts pile of clothes ontop of dog shit in her house, fucking gross why would anyone do something like that, then expected her assistant to know it was there and scrape every shit flake from the garment, then didn't pay her THEN LIED AGAIN ABOUT THE WHOLE THING! She's a liar and I'm glad she's been exposed. Boofuckinghoo

No. 246673

wtf, source?

No. 246675


…Uh, yeah, everything you just listed has been covered by John Kuckian and other gossip channels long before. Idubbbz never once touched on the assistant thing. Ian didn't expose her, multiple other channels did. He gave zero fucks about her and her sketchy shit until she tweeted a High School insult at him/talked shit in a livestream and DARED TO INCUR THE WRATH OF IDUBBBZ. Don't try to act like he's being noble by taking her down for what you listed when that, along with her history of using the n-word, was public knowledge. Nobody unsubbed like crazy until Ian triggered the mob mentality reaction that comes along with a Content Cop.

No. 246676

talk shit get hit

No. 246678

Okay, you're clearly 13. Watch out or your mom's gonna see your browsing history. You don't want to lose internet privileges for a month, do you? How are you gonna rub one out if you can't fawn over picture of Ian on Tumblr?

No. 246679

>all that projecting

She fully knew that if she would take on Ian on Twitter she would get shit on. The guy got famous by making content cop videos and she has so much dirt online she was fucked from the start. She brought it all on herself tbh. Should just keep her mouth shut and just dismiss it as cringy the moment it happened

No. 246683

Oof, I couldn't get through it. She's like a knockoff Ellen Page. I feel like her whole vibe is "I saw Juno once and that's everything I want to be."
I also couldn't take the podcast hosts constantly sucking up to her. "She can run with the boys". Oh my fucking god. Nope, that's not condescending towards women whatsoever. "Herpaderp, Anisa curses and plays vidya, so unique, not like the other girls, derp derp."

No. 246702

The ass kissing from the guys is absolutely both amazing and disgusting. What a bunch of whiteknight betafags.

No. 246714

Lol. Stop crying. She's not innocent so I don't feel sorry for her. She shits on other people constantly so why should anyone feel sorry for her that she's now been shat on. This probably does seem like some high school drama shit but he premeditated her reaction and that she would dig her own grave as a liar on youtube and 'destroy' her own career. He didn't do anything wrong but bring it to the light and it was funny as fuck.

No. 246717

also tana telling him to "kill yourself" was back in october, the assistant thing and being exposed by drama channels was recent so get your facts straight or better yet kys.

No. 246720

In the podcast that Anisa did with Bunty (yes I listened to the god awful thing), she mentioned that her and Ian had seen the person filming them when they were walking out of the venue, but had no idea that someone was filming the actual interaction (the side view one). I honestly think that this fucked up his content cop because other youtubers had all of the footage they needed to basically say was was GOING to be said in the content cop.

No. 246726

What point are you even trying to make? Who cares when everything came out, the point is it already came out. How could Idubbbz expose her when all of this dirt was already exposed and thoroughly covered by tons of drama channels. Also, again, dude didn't even touch on the real sketchy shit surrounding Tana. He literally just focused on "Bawww she told me to kill myself for using the n-word, bawww muh free speech."

Anybody who was subscribed to Tana/aware of her channel already knew:
-she treated her assistant like shit
-she shorted her assistant on pay
-attacked her assistant in a video
-had a history of using the n-word, that she didn't use the colloquial "nigga", that she would use "n*igger" to try and insult people.
-that she exaggerates/lies
-that she uses clickbait like a motherfucker

Anybody who didn't know who she was wouldn't know these details, but then, obviously, they wouldn't be the ones unsubbing from her. This information was all released, discussed, covered, what have you. Ian exposed jack shit and her subscribers are fleeing in droves because they have zero critical thinking skills. "I know this shit and don't care–OH, IAN HATES HER. UNSUB."

The intensity of your dickriding is disturbing. I need you to know that.

No. 246730

It wouldn't have fucked up his content cop so bad if he had covered some of the more serious bullshit she did, or went in to the moral ramifications of selling fiction to your fans under the guise of reality. He just didn't want to put in the effort imo.

Of course it's not really "fucked up" because it's having the desired effect, Tana has lost 10,000 subs and counting. Most of his fans are going to say the video was amazing along with other youtube creators, because let's face it, they're his colleagues and not going to hold him to the same level of scrutiny.

The content cop made me laugh a few times, especially that exeggutor bit. Unfortunately it didn't save the entire video, which comes off as so fucking half assed. He can only get away with it because he's the meme god to a lot of people.

No. 246739

Agreed. The girl isn't innocent, he could've done a super scathing critique of her…and not just her, but storytime channels as a genre…exaggerating totally mundane stories and telling them in the most boring, roundabout way to make sure the video reaches the 20 min mark. He could've dragged her ass for preaching love and tolerance while treating her assistant like fucking shit.

But, no, it was just about his own personal beef with her and even that wasn't particularly interesting. I'll admit, I liked the "I'm a snake" bit, but 99% of the the video was either dull or petty. He somehow made me feel bad for a girl who's as dumb, basic and shitty as Tana Mongeau. It's kind of impressive.

No. 246740

>He somehow made me feel bad for a girl who's as dumb, basic and shitty as Tana Mongeau.

Sums up my thoughts on the entire situation. Just… what the fuck, man?

No. 246743

Stop dickriding tana for starts. He clearly states in his video there is nothing for him to say that hasn't already been covered. I wonder why it was covered in mass ayyy oh yeah because the video was leaked of him telling her to say nigger then people identified it was idubbbz. Other than that her 'exposure' was only covered by smaller channels with no strong evidence, just one word against anothers. The main point that was made was how extreme she fabricate the whole situation that lasted 2 minutes if not less 'he put me in a head lock, i tried to break away, i thought he might have a gun and then he started fighting security etc'. He showed all her other videos were most likely 95% bullshit click bait lies which is hilarious. It doesn't matter if he covered the assistant thing, he had no HARD R evidence about that, he used his own clear evidence to out her as a liar fullstop. I'm bringing up the assistant thing to show why she is a shitty person and why we don't feel sorry for her because this would have happened sooner or later, but the evidence presented is legit af. And it's ok for Tana to talk shit about those with a smaller following i.e. her assistant but as soon as the shoe is on the other foot it's all tears. Also you made it sound like ian was only jumping on some bandwagon because his feelings got hurt when the tweet @ him, but that happened months ago and he had clearly premeditated some form of retaliation hence why he never responded back then, but that's just speculation on my part.

No. 246748

Cool black and white thinking, bro. Not taking Idubbbz's side MUST mean I'm a fan of Tana. Criticizing Idubbbz MUST mean I'm on her side, right? That's the only explanation? Despite the fact I just clearly laid out facts about Tana that show she's a cunt? I must love her? You fucking idiot.

I've been a fan of Ian's for a good while and dislike Tana, but I'm still capable of knowing when he's being a twat about things

You're acting as though the video heavily focused on outing her as a liar, as though his whole agenda was to finally catch her in a lie and expose her once and for all. Aha, gotcha! Detective Dubbbz on the case.


This was Ian using his platform as a method of retaliation because her tweet pissed him off. The people saying "Omg she told him to kill himself!!" are idiots, I don't think he was deeply wounded by that. He saw her, an idiot who dared to criticize him, and realized how easily he could rip her apart. She's low hanging fruit, fucking with someone who's too stupid to be able to defend themselves is hardly entertaining. It's just sad. It's a Leafy move. He didn't expose shit, it wasn't made as an expose video. He just used her as a punching bag and as an opportunity to explain to the world why he's not a bad guy for dropping n-bombs.

I even agree that his point about context, but the video was made because he had a grudge and it ruined it for me. Every previous Content Cop was made with Ian as an outside observer who was not involved in the drama, allowing him to seem like a voice of reason. This was drama between him and one stupid girl, he abused the power of Content Cop to take down a girl who was hardly relevant…because she annoyed him. I seriously doubt he would've given a fuck about her if she hadn't criticized him, so I don't buy your theory that her wanted to ONCE AND FOR ALL OUT HER WITH COLD, HARD PROOF.

He was just being a dick. Y'know, it's fine if someone you admire pulls a dick move, right? Stop idolizing the guy so much.

No. 246768

This latest Content Cop is just going to encourage Ian to orchestrate another trolling for teh lulz on another YouTuber that pisses him off. And his braindead followers could also do it on their own to Tana on another meetup, record the experience and feel justified that saying and doing shit like this is all right because it's supposed to be in the context of a joke.

No. 246828

That doesn't sound all that bad tbh, you're way too spiteful of this dumb broad for such petty reasoning. Her platform for "attacking" people seems piss poor considering most had never even heard of her till now.

No. 246829

>teenager lies and supposedly badmouths assistant = WORSE THAN HITLER!!!!!

lmao hi tumblrina

No. 246844

just go to /ourboy/'s channel. He is usually thorough with tana and drama in general.


No. 247074

are you dumb? tana publicly attacked and shit on her assistant who had no following and no fucking hugbox like tana has. she did worse to the girl than idubbbz did to her. stop pulling that she's a teenager, it's irrelevant in the cases that anon pulled up (like cleaning up after her dog ew). she can make her own rational decisions but she decides to be a lying cunt instead.

also, are you all forgetting that she lied about idubbbz assaulting her? putting her in a chokehold, not letting her go, screaming "NIGGER"? if there wasn't video proof, he would be in hot water, especially as an older male. what she did is slander, and i hope she gets karma for that shit.

don't come at me as if i'm an ian stan, though, you dumbfucks. i think his content cop was weak as shit and john kuckian created much better "exposed" videos on her. idubbbz focused so little on her actual content that it seems like it /was/ reactionary to her little tirade on twitter. he could've had a more substantial video if he included more of her stories and her general assholery and uh i dunno charging $100 for tickets and $35 for a shirt when she goes on and on about doing it ~for the fans~ also lying about her stalker and lying about the nail salon that stole her money.

god that part still makes my blood boil, she tried to ruin the livelihood of a small business - her fans flooded the salon's yelp page with bad reviews. why the fuck are do you all care if she loses her career over the content cop? she deserves to have her career destroyed to be fucking honest, she adds nothing of value to youtube and she tried to do the same to other people. not like she would be out on the street either, she has money from exploiting her 12 year old fans and from her parents.

god she's so stupid she could've ended idubbbz if she was released a REAL video instead of crying about "NIGGER!" and exaggerating / lying about the details. even if she didn't know how to react at the time of event, she could've calmed down and talked about what idubbbz did being autistic and pathetic, because it IS. how she owns up to saying a slur in the past and idubbbz driving 9(?) hours to say it to her isn't funny just…cringy.

i wish someone would expose idubbbz. he's not untouchable like all his fanboys believe, he's strategically hiding his derpy gf and how fucking retarded he is under the guise of "it's just satire guys i'm only pretending" but no one really has the power to sway the internet like that at this point

No. 247083

Yeah no, her actions do not warrant this much visceral hatred from you anon and she is hardly Onision or even Keemstar tier awful. Get help, you sound nuts.

No. 247094

>she adds nothing of value to youtube

I didn't know she even existed which goes to show how innocuous and easily avoidable she was. If you don't have a cancerous fanbase that infects every section of youtube like Leafy or Ian's, I don't give a fuck.

No. 247114

what is the point of comparing her to two of the worst people on youtube? she's still a horrible person, just because other people do worse shit doesn't excuse her actions. i'm actually slightly older than her - she's not a fucking kid, she knows what she's doing by manipulating the situation with idubbbz. "visceral" hate lol the worst i did was hope her career ends because of the way she tried to end other people's, you know like what she wished for idubbbz's? except she also said she'd be happy for him to break both his legs and told him to kill himself. but i'm the insane one. k, tana stan.

she occasionally pops up when i watch beauty gurus. you're not the arbiter of what is and isn't youtube cancer lmao

No. 247118

pewdiepie has the power

except pewdiepie likes him :(

it makes me sick to think how happy all this attention to ian must be making anisa

No. 247120

Exactly, she's not adding anything of value just like the thousands of other worthless under-the-radar channels. She's insignificant.

pewdiepie would never lol, he's given ian shoutouts in vids before.

No. 247127

I still don't think she deserves to have her career ruined. I'd heard of her before this, I knew about her past fuckery and thought "Wow. That girl seems like a total asshole." I never really thought much of her past that because she was just some cunty girl. I'd say the only thing that even approaches being shitty enough to warrant having her career wrecked is the salon+fan fiasco, but only if she'd encouraged her fans to do shit like that regularly.

Content Cop destroys your channel, your career/finances and your professional reputation. That's huge. That's something you resort to doing to somebody thoroughly shitty like Leafy or Keemstar who repeatedly hurt and harassed other people. Tana's just a standard bitch; she lies, exaggerates, pulls catty shit i.e. attacking her ex-assistant/friend in a video after they had a falling out. We've all known somebody as cunty as Tana and we just eject them from our lives, we don't try to ruin their livelihood. That's some sociopath shit…and I used to be friends with a sociopath, they would literally try to destroy somebody's life because they'd been slighted or they just felt like going after somebody to feel powerful. That's what Ian's done with Tana.

Keemstar and Leafy seriously deserved that shit, Keemstar kept doxxing people and accusing them of pedophilia, thus, putting their lives in danger. Leafy was attacking vulnerable people and hiding behind his undeserved popularity. Plus, Ian roasted them without the intention of ruining them. He was just calling them out.

Now he knows he can ruin people, now he's on a power trip and you're right, it's fucked that he's viewed and treated as untouchable. It's fucked that people are too afraid to call him out on becoming a petty piece of shit with this recent Tana drama. It's not so much a matter of it being Tana that he's going after, I'm more pissed off about the fact that he's realized the power he wields with Content Cop and is abusing said power. This was something he should've done on a much smaller scale, he should've roasted her on Twitter and thoroughly embarrassed her, teaching her a lesson about humility and thinking before attacking people. Instead, he was like "This girl displeases me, I shall ruin her career." I take real issue with him recklessly using Content Cop as his personal revenge machine for any little thing that pisses him off. I take issue with the fact he planned the downfall of this random bitch since October after a single tweet (seriously, what the fuck?). I take issue with him now believing he can do whatever he wants without fear of repercussion because everybody is enabling that attitude. I take issue with his fans being a horde of mindless zombies who do his bidding.

Tana sucks, Tana deserved some kind of karmic justice, but this was too much.

No. 247139

This is sort of fascinating in a way. Has there ever been something on Youtube like what Ian has with Content Cop? As in one individual having this much power over other people with such a huge outpouring of support for it? Keem and Leafy never had THIS much support, sure they had their fanbases, with Leafy's being especially rabid, but they weren't mainstream, if that makes sense. You didn't have Leafy or Keem videos at the top of /r/videos with dickriders swarming the comment sections. Ian's shaping up to be a precedent and if he gets too blinded by his e-fame he's going to trip and end up a cautionary tale.

No. 247145

Are you all forgetting the whole of youtube was turning against her BEFORE CC was released when only the leaked video of Ian surfaced and everyone drew their own conclusion on it. She dug her own grave at this point. Imagine if she didn't exaggerate the whole thing and try and paint herself as a victim crying on camera and accusing him of putting her in a headlock, there might not have even been a CC and this might of just turned out to be a really long awaited troll considering there would have literally been no evidence that she lies. People are pissed at her because they realise they were suckered in to her videos that were all fabricated. She was hardly small and unknown like everyone is making her out to be, she had 2,427,000 subs. Just because you watch a completely different side of youtube and only just found out about her doesn't mean no one knows about her.

No. 247149

Yeah, I was gonna say we have witnessed something like this before with both Keem and Leafy, but, really, this is like if you combined the shitty power that Keem and Leafy had pre-Content Cops. I guess it's kinda like Highlander; every time Ian takes down a big YouTuber, he absorbs a large part of their fanbase and grows more powerful.

I think this most recent shit is proof that Ian's ego had swelled up to an unhealthy size and I'm sure watching Tana's sub numbers drop like crazy fed his ego some more.

This can't last forever, like, it never did when people were acting similarly in the past. If he continues down this path, he's bound to fuck up at some point and crash.

No. 247150

hes also gained like 300k subs or something today alone, that's gotta feed that huge head as well.

No. 247158

>i'm actually slightly older than her

Well that explains why you sound so unhinged and like you're having a tantrum. Only fellow teenagers argue that teenagers aren't dumb as dirt or that they're """"adults"""". Hate to break it to you, kiddo, but you've got a long way to go till you reach legit maturity.

No. 247159

Yeah, I literally just said that it's not so much about Tana, it's the fact that Ian's realized he can use Content Cop to kill people's careers if they piss him off and that you apparently don't even really need to do that much to set him off. It's also fucked that people are making it worse by feeding into this "Ian is a savage, unstoppable, untouchable force" mythos.

>>everyone drew their own conclusion on it

Yeah, bullshit. You even said it yourself: she was hurting before the Content Cop because she was exposed by people like John Kuckian. Her subscribers learned all that dirt about her, more dirt than Ian covered, and she didn't hemorrhage subs. Idubbbz makes a Content Cop on her, addressing some of the same shit that's been covered before and suddenly her subs are fleeing in droves. It happened with Leafy; anybody with a brain knew he was shitty and his content was awful, multiple channels called him out on it before, but he didn't crash and burn until Ian made the CC. The sheep listen to Ian's take and automatically agree with him. He even called them out on it after the Leafy CC, he said something about how if you were just realizing this shit now and only unsubbing because of the CC, you were a fucking moron. At least 3/4 of his audience are mindless drones.

No. 247161

He still sought her out for petty ass reasons and is a manchild.

No. 247163

>If he continues down this path, he's bound to fuck up at some point and crash

I hope so, he's a talentless hack who doesn't deserve this much fucking praise.

No. 247164

Yeah, when I was 18, my impulse control was absolute garbage, I lacked common sense, I was immature as fuck, y'know, just like 99% of 18 year olds. If you'd pitted me against a 26 year old guy, I'd have come out looking like the idiot, too. Ian's an immature guy, but he easily has the upper hand against an 18 year old girl who doesn't seem particularly smart to begin with. It's not a fair fight, really, and I do sympathize with her on that level.

No. 247166

>he's a talentless hack who doesn't deserve this much fucking praise.

I think he's talented to a certain extent, but nowhere near as talented as somebody like Filthy Frank and definitely nowhere near as talented as everybody seems to think he is. He's overrated as fuck, he's still riding the hype from the success of the Leafy Content Cop, but if you just look at the past four months of content he's put out, you can clearly see he's unable to keep up that level of quality. I think (at least I hope) it will slowly dawn on people that he's not as great as they initially thought he was. The Internet, especially YouTube, turns on people. If you keep acting like a total dick, one by one, people will start getting turned off. Eventually, somebody will speak up and that will encourage more people to speak up and then it builds into a trend of "we hate ____ now". I mean, we've seen it before. It's a cycle.

No. 247168

reported for continuing to talk about me and not at all about the subjects of this thread and the people relevant to it.

maybe h3h3? of course he's not on idubbbz's level, but i see the same kind of support for his kind of content. "vape nation" is everywhere and there seems to overall positive feelings about him. i haven't watched his videos except for "hugh mungus" and the one with idubbbz though, but they also seem to be commentating on other people's stupidity for laughs. h3h3 seems to be nicer, less critical and edgy than ian so maybe his comments aren't as entertaining to audiences and a single vid of his won't explode in the same way.

No. 247169

>only argument is to now cry about reporting

You really do need help, anon.

No. 247173

And it is relevant to the topic at hand because I stand by the belief that Tana behaves the way she does because she's a typical teen. A shitty one, but they basically all are one way or another. I'm starting to think that those who are incredibly unforgiving of her actions are around the same age as her and have some delusion that teens are "adults". Excuse me for thinking that it's incredibly cruel for an adult man to go out of his way to skewer such an easy target when there are far more heinous youtubers out there more deserving of it.

No. 247174

>maybe h3h3?

No, Ethan has been big for a good while now, but he doesn't have this unique power than Ian currently has. When Ethan called out Leafy for bullying children/disabled people and churning out lazy, garbage content, it actually kinda blew up in Ethan's face. He had support, yeah, but Leafy's fanbase was super rabid about defending him. Ethan's even acknowledged that he went about calling out Leafy the wrong way and praised Ian for getting it right. It was nuts because Ethan's argument was completely reasonable and true, but he still got tons of shit for it while Ian covered many of the same points later and was celebrated as a hero.

No. 247180

I think Ethan was shat on for his Leafy video because he was meant to be Leafys "friend" before he called him out, which made Ethan look slimy. Compared to idubbbz who didn't really have anything to do with leafy.

No. 247181

i also give her some leeway - i don't think anyone one can blame her for how she reacted in person. but this fight is different from one irl, such a situation with younger you. she had time to plan and think about what she was going to say, and she didn't have to go on stream in such an emotional state. but she chose to paint him in a very bad light.

another thing is that she's also fought unfair fights before - her assistant is the around the same age and completely unknown.

actually i don't think she is an adult at all? i still feel like a kid as well and don't think of myself as mature even if i'm older than her, but the things she's been doing are not just immature but outright malicious. i'll excuse the usual stupid story times because it gets her views and moneys and it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but attacking people and wishing bad things to happen to them publicly is something you should know not to do at that age. there are plenty more teenage youtubers and i think very few act in such a heinous way like she does.

has content cop always gone for morally bad youtubers or just bad content though? because i remember jinx reload and the toy channels, and i don't think they were near the same level as keem/leafy. either way, this CC came out petty and weak.

No. 247183

Different anon than who that was aimed at, but I'm more Ian's age kek. I don't remember acting that retarded when I was 18, I was practically an adult because legally you are in most places. If this didn't happen who was going to put her in her place and knock her back in to reality. She was on a high doing her tour expecting her assistant, newly made maid, to lick dog shit from up off her garments. If that doesn't sum up her shitty attitude of seeing dog poo and thinking "my assistant will clean that" and throwing clothes on it I don't know what will kek

No. 247185

File: 1486541667388.jpg (86.29 KB, 720x900, 14522807_1786428581629463_8887…)

>when the farmers start to produce more milk than the cows

No. 247186

>If this didn't happen who was going to put her in her place and knock her back in to reality

Her being "put in her place" means nothing to me when it's being done by a hypocritical dickhead like Ian. Context matters.

No. 247191

I just realized something:
We all noticed how rushed and lazy the Tana Content Cop was, how it wasn't as good as previous episodes. I mean, Ian clearly put SOME work into it, showing up at her event to bait her and get footage took time, money and effort, but the video itself was still pretty bleh because it felt like it was all thrown together last minute.

Ever since October, Idubbbz fans have been anticipating the next CC episode and everybody assumed it took so damn long to happen because he was working hard and doing research. I personally assumed the videos he released in between were boring and lazy because he was focusing most of his effort on the larger, bigger project. Everybody was like "Oh, he's working on an Onision/Ricegum/GradeAUnderA one!"

Then we get the Tana Mongeau episode and it's crap. The majority of the effort he put into it was clearly done a week beforehand because that's when the event took place. This means Ian was basically doing jack shit for four months, his other content was lacking in quality because he was just being lazy or didn't have any good ideas. I thought he was pulling a ColossalIsCrazy move by working really hard and putting time and effort into research, that the Tana CC would make up for how much of a petty autist he was at her event, but in reality: the guy wasn't doing anything other than shitting out some lazy, mediocre content once or twice a month.

That kinda speaks volumes to me.

No. 247196

Well next time she will think before telling some random youtuber who doesn't even know her to go kill themselves lel

No. 247197

Ian has also told people to kill themselves, dingus, where's his comeuppance?

No. 247198

>has content cop always gone for morally bad youtubers or just bad content though? because i remember jinx reload and the toy channels, and i don't think they were near the same level as keem/leafy.

Originally it was just him doing a critique similar in style to his Kickstarter Crap videos, but instead of critiquing e-beggars, he was reviewing poor content while also making some jokes at the content creators expense. It wasn't really malicious. Even when he went after the Fine Bros, it wasn't really a scathing roast. The bullying tone started with Keem and Leafy, but it felt justified because both were essentially terrorizing the YT community and making it a shittier platform for everybody. He was bullying them, but it felt like he was doing it for all the right reasons, he was a champion of the people who was standing up to these big channels who had serious influence. He mocked their content and really went in on them.

The Tana one is just a personal vendetta. She talked shit about him and he…as I've said before…knowingly used Content Cop to hurt her channel and brand. He almost definitely wouldn't have used her for an episode if she hadn't directly insulted him and that's why it feels so different and unjustified. He's using CC to hurt content creators who've offended him rather than taking on that "champion of the people" role that was admirable before. Her content was definitely worthy of a roast, but he didn't attack her because she'd been hurting the YT community and being an utter twat to everybody and getting away with it. She'd already been exposed and her channel was suffering. It's different from his original CC's and it's different from the Keem/Leafy CC's. This is the first time he's just used Content Cop to get back at somebody over some personal shit and that's why it's so petty and fucked.

No. 247201

Well they are more than welcome to attempt to meet him and make their own shitty videos about it, but until then……

It's also not about the fact she told him to kill himself, its more of the fact she tried to start shit and then couldn't handle it when they did retaliate. Can't handle the heat, get out the god damn kitchen.

Any way, this is dumb back and forth and milkless, next.

No. 247202

God, you Ian stans are embarrassing.

No. 247205

I just wanted to add that one of the big reasons he went after Keem/why bullying Keem felt justified was because Keemstar was out of control, wielding DramaAlert as a weapon that he could use to destroy channels if you pissed him off. People were afraid of crossing him and he was getting away with fucked up shit, he was untouchable.

Now Ian's seen what he can do after he crushed Leafy and is wielding Content Cop as a weapon to destroy channels if they piss him off. Now he's being lauded as untouchable. He's basically pulled a Keem, he's become the very thing he criticized.

All of the Ian stans who applauded what he did to Keem and Leafy are basically now applauding the new Keem+Leafy. Great jobs, guys.

No. 247208

>All of the Ian stans who applauded what he did to Keem and Leafy are basically now applauding the new Keem+Leafy. Great jobs, guys.

That's because it's the same people. They haven't actually done any introspection or thought about the content; they just like to laugh at other people.

No. 247210

Look at all the arguments from people praising and justifying his actions both ITT and on other sites. They all sound 12 years old, like they just came from reddit, and were former fans of Leafy. Even more alarming when anons like >>247201 claim to be 26.

No. 247217

File: 1486545232211.png (165.69 KB, 1242x1036, IMG_6204.PNG)

I swear the filthy crew tumblr fans are on another level.

Why does this thread seem to have more people sperging out then other threads? It's embarrassing at this stage.

No. 247218

>comparing Ian to a philosopher

these have to be children, there's no way adults would be this impressed by a fucking scrawny rando who got lucky with his audience (he would still be floundering at ~500k subs at the most if he'd never been in Hair Cake, he'd just passed 100k subs at the time).

No. 247219

Most cancer crew tumblr blogs are run by 14-18 year old girls who shlick it to fanfiction of the three main boys fucking each other.

No. 247222

File: 1486547137893.gif (97.02 KB, 400x389, Vietnam-Execution-Fixed_o_9425…)

Called it. I had an inkling that anon was an Anisa troll. Still she is actually as stupid as that anon so it is difficult to tell. Many vietnams died in the holocost.

No. 247223

Ughhhh. Ughh, I'm legitimately disturbed by people being that delusional, easily impressed, obsessive, and willing to blindly praise/follow Ian (or whatever flavor of the month they worshiped before and will worship after).

Seriously, I almost have to believe that these are easily impressionable and influenced teenagers or else I'll lose faith in humanity. If you think anything Ian says is a mindblowing, new perspective from a wise, old soul, then I'm gonna have to pull a Tana and tell you "Kill yourselves". Your average adult has not only already considered the shit Ian is applauded for thinking, they've also most likely realized it's a dumb, poorly thought out, immature idea. The whole "You're giving power to a slur by being offended!" thing is typical of naive, teenage, suburban white kids. "Context matters" is not a revolutionary idea. "You shouldn't bully others if you're an insecure twat who can't handle being bullied as well" is on par with an ancient, Greek philosopher? Are you fucking with me? Hell, most of the time, the shit that comes out of Ian's mouth are belches, calling something "gay" or dick jokes.

For fucks sake.

No. 247226

>Many vietnams died in the holocost.

Oh god, I can picture her saying that in such an earnest voice and then three betas solemnly nodding and murmuring "So smart, so edgy, so interesting, not like the other girls…" while staring at her cleavage.

No. 247241

Tana is still hemorrhaging subs, but her views have been rising at a steady rate. Obviously, she just got a fuck load of publicity and I'm sure people are dropping in on her channel out of curiosity and that initial peak in curiosity will inevitably drop off, but…part of me hopes, in the end, all Ian accomplished was getting this girl more views and, thus, more money.

Trust me, I don't like her, but hear me out: how funny would it be if the first time Ian tries to fuck up someone's channel on purpose, it only ends with more money in her wallet? I'd just love to see his gloating stans reactions to their master actually failing at what he set out to do.

No. 247244

>Seriously, I almost have to believe that these are easily impressionable and influenced teenagers

Rest assured, the majority of Cancer Crew blogs on tumblr state their ages and they're almost always in the 14-18 range. They also are incredibly impressionable and seem to flip flop on opinions at the drop of a hat

>Ian is so gross for using slurs all the time

>ugh he was gross to Tana and Anisa
>I'm really starting to hate him lately
>but I'm still going to reblog gifsets of him because ????
>new content cop comes out
>I'm cool with this white straight fuckboy using slurs and stuff he's just reclaiming them and giving them less power omg excuse me while I go jerk off to Joji/Ian fic

Even their "favorite boy" in the group seems to change every week, it's bizarre how damn fickle they are, like they all have ADD.

Also, seeing stupid teenage girls worship basic youtubers seriously gives me the creeps because it shows how easily they could be taken advantage of by these dudes. And there are like barely any well-adjusted, normal, not-sleazy, not-douchey youtube famous men.

No. 247249

wouldn't that just be wonderful

No. 247254

File: 1486557685993.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.51 KB, 400x300, 62693453.jpg)

He reminds me of pic related in the video

No. 247255

I'm can't stop grimacing after reading that. My face is, apparently, stuck in a grimace now. Forever.

>Also, seeing stupid teenage girls worship basic youtubers seriously gives me the creeps because it shows how easily they could be taken advantage of by these dudes. And there are like barely any well-adjusted, normal, not-sleazy, not-douchey youtube famous men.

That's a legit concern to have. My partner and I joke all the time about how YouTubers are all pedophiles, that the second you have a semi-established channel, you turn into a pedophile. You have no choice, it's in the rules and conditions. Before, when I was a fan of Ian's, he'd say "God, why bother, it's just going to turn out he's been fucking 12 year old girls the whole time."

I'm not saying I think any of the Filthy Crew are sexual predators, but the point is you really never know. Plus, yeah, the obsessive, "bae is perfect, bae can do no wrong" mentality is setting them up for someday finding themselves in their idol's DMs and then, bam, a grown man is asking them to send nudes.

Nothing about his fanbase is healthy or normal. Like, nothing. Everything is extreme, everyone has a black and white POV, they're all incapable of independent thought. It gives me chills.

No. 247258

Haha! Oh, god, that's so dead on.

No joke, I went on YT, typed "Tana Mongeau" into the search bar and one of the first results was a live watch of Idubbbz's sub count vs. Tana's sub count (petty as fuck, what do you expect) and literally 9 out of 10 comments in the chat box was something along the lines of "IF UR WHITE N LOVE SAYING NGGER WATS GOOD", "N1GGER N1GGER N1GGER", "IM A NGGERF*GGOT FOR LIFE"

All of their avatar pictures were white teens. Ian made some legitimate points about slurs and context, but these dildos only heard "SAYING N*GGER IS FUNNY" as the video's message.

$10 says at least one of his fans has gone to school feeling emboldened by Ian's liberal use of slurs and gotten their ass beaten to a pulp.

No. 247264

I don't see why you mentioned that thumbnail. Tommy himself and Dave have both said that thumbnail was made after Keem said Tommy was begging for money on his stream. He made that as a joke because of Keem's ridiculous claims.

Sage for OT.

No. 247266

I think more people will start unsubbing once she puts out more "story time" videos and they start questioning what's true and what's an exaggeration/lie. Then again, that won't really matter to most kids but once they get a bit more mature mentally, I'm sure they'll get tired of wondering what's true or not.

No. 247267

File: 1486559914640.jpg (55.99 KB, 539x960, 6N3v3vU.jpg)


Half of me is thinking "Yeah, I could see that. We got played", the other half thinks "Why would Tana sacrifice her subs? She'd get views, but…that sub loss, tho."

Also, wouldn't Anisa lose her shit over that?

No. 247271

No offense, but please don't be so gullible.

No. 247272

Decided to go look at an old unboxing video the one where he was sent that racist shit and called it a "try hard effort" starts at 4:03

Interesting how he has a comment from a week ago saying "damn I just owned myself" I think it's referring to the the Tana nigger incident and he just posted that comment to try and get in front of people going back that video and pointing out how hypocritical he is.

He tries to get in front of things so he can't be made fun or questioned, he's so fucking insecure you can just tell from shit like this, all he needs is to be caught off guard, unable to defend himself and it'll take awhile because Tana had a real chance of burning his ass and showing the world how truely pathetic he is so he'll be VERY cautious from now.

No. 247276

Oh, absolutely. In the Tana CC he tells her she should've basically turned to him and told him he was an unfunny, tryhard autist for what he did, but missed her chance. To me, that screamed "Hey, I know about 1/2 of you are gonna call me out on this, so lemme just get in inb4 so I can shield my fragile ego."

>The whole foundation of the Leafy CC is "Don't bully if you're too insecure to handle being bullied"

>Constantly proves to be an insecure beta
>Goes in on Tana for her hypocrisy
>Is bullying an idiot teenager for saying "Go kill yourself" and "I hope he breaks both his legs and loses all his subscribers"
>Same behavior he called Leafy out on
>Is hypocrite while bitching out a girl's hypocrisy
>Creates infinity mirror of hypocrisy

Plus, there's even more instances of blatant hypocrisy in his anti-hypocrisy video. Dude puts on the same smug, too cool for school, smartest guy in the room, faux-tough, faux-apathetic facade that certain desperately insecure nerdy guys use in high school. I'm sure y'all knew one of them back in the day, too. Ian manages to somehow come across as desperately nonchalant.

No. 247277

"Please don't notice how delicate I am. Please be distracted by my non-stop self-deprecation, haha, if I point it out first you can't make fun of me for it, those are the rules! Please notice how much I don't care, I care so much about you thinking I don't care. Please take my smug air of superiority at face value and don't realize I'm using it as a self defense mechanism. I'm so insecure that if a joke falls flat, I'll fucking die inside and lay awake at night replaying the moment for weeks. Please…"

No. 247282

I remember thinking when watching his Leafy response video (long before I even discovered this thread or Anisa or any of that shit) that his jab at Leafy "being self deprecating as a defense mechanism or way to protect himself" was hypocritical even then because he pulls the exact same shit all the time.

No. 247284

Oh, also remember how in his "What's in the Box 3" vid, he says something like "what happened to the old iDubbbz content?" after his cringey Philip DeFuckass skit, which sounded to me like he knew the whole video was shit and was preemptively trying to protect himself.

>i-it's bad on purpose guys, I-I don't care what you think

No. 247298

Fuck off already, we're back on track to criticizing Ian for his bullshit.

No. 247325

I mean someone already sent nudes to chad. They were legal but any underage fans would probably feel justified to do the same after seeing that.

No. 247326

Ian himself has called his fans ridiculous for thinking that using slurs is funny just because they're slurs. If Ian did a Content Cop on his own fans I might actually be impressed.

No. 247327

I used to watch Tana's vids as a guilty pleasure and I never gave a shit what was true and what wasn't, I kind of assumed it was all fake, I think a lot of her fans wouldn't care either way.

No. 247352

Saw the content cop he did on Tuna Mongoose last night. Not a bad vid imo, but goddamn this is like… a week or two after the first wave. All this will do is either boost Tana's viewcount for the month or make her slightly infamous until she goes back to being a general nobody after that since people with 1 mil subs just don't stand out among the crowd anymore.

Hopefully Idubbbz quit the What's in the Box series. Those are easily the worst videos on his channel rn.

No. 247354

Oh god, I remember that. I remember him saying something like "I really need you to like this, you guys" in a joking, but still obviously genuine, tone. He'd finished the "Bad Unboxing" series, "Kickstarter Crap" was getting played out, he couldn't completely rely on "Content Cop" as his bread and butter because then he'd just be a cunty drama channel, and now, on top of having no regular format, he had so much new attention on him with such high expectations.

It was so clear he was actually desperate for audience approval, but "Haha, I'm in on the joke, I know I look utterly pathetic, so you can't hurt me by pointing it out!"
I remember feeling really bad for him at that point.

Meanwhile, the Idubbbz subreddit was excitedly gibbering to each other about how "What's in the Box" was actually some form of brilliant, experimental, abstract, performance art.

Yeah, you guys, sure. It was bad on purpose. Sure.

No. 247366

Yes. Yes, that would be actually impressive. He couldn't call it "Content Cop", but it would be the same style. He's at this insane point of his YT career where he gets a million asspats for anything he does, I would seriously admire him if he pushed the boundaries of his "unstoppable" status, tried something new and risky and called out the rampant idiocy within his fanbase. There's so much material there and it would actually be positive:

-the edgelords who just want to see Boss Beta tear down somebody big so they can live vicariously through him and feed their schadenfreude quota would be baffled, but go along with what their god commands.

-The insane fangirls would just nod along, as per usual, and have super duper serious conversations about how "Edoops really needs us to stop/change, you guys, lets do it for him" on Tumblr.

-Misc. assholes who got butthurt would unsub and, thank god, good riddance. Get the fuck out, all they do is contribute to the cancer spreading within his audience.

It would be daring, unprecedented and funny as hell. Ian or Anisa, if you ever see this: Do it. Fucking do it. Don't be a pussy.

No. 247516

Why is Anisa telling people to get over the word nigger when she had it as one of her stream rules that would get you an instant perma ban and also complained that it wasn't a word that she liked people using because of her old ex?

No. 247527

Would be refreshing if he adds variety to Content Cop because shit is getting stale. Have someone sit in a chair in a dark room with the light over their head for an interrogation skit. Play Good Cop Bad Cop. Eat donuts or whatever. Incorporate more police references in the videos… He doesn't always have to be rude when he calls someone out to appear edgy. And he doesn't always have to tolerate the weirdo fans he attracts.

No. 247531

bc she wants Ian to think she's cool.

No. 247565

Because Anisa doesn't really have her own personality and opinions. She's one of those girls who switches who she is depending on who she's dating and/or hanging out with. I gotta say, she and Ian are made for each other when you realize they both come across as insecure, desperate for approval, but also putting up a front, hoping it will trick people into thinking they can't be bothered to care, that they're too cool for school. They both care. A lot.

Ian has a more developed personality, is more opinionated and less prone to compromising his beliefs to please his partner, so Anisa is just adopting all of his views and opinions.

I remember doing that when I was 17 and then realizing that you can't make somebody like you by acting as their mirror. That's not how relationships work. She's too old for this shit, but she's also too old for most of the shit she does. She's immature as fuck.

No. 247571

this is especially evident when you look at her old twitter where all she talked about was sports, school, and "normie" shows. She had plenty of close girl friends back then as well, but these days she says shit like "I just can't be friends with women!!!" on stream because she has to seem like a cool nerd girl that's not like the other girls. She's so transparent and fake.

No. 247572

That's fucking foul, by the way. I can see some of Ian's appeal, on one of his very good days, but Chad is just a gross guy all around. You either have to have a tubby, obnoxious guy fetish or zero self respect to send him nudes.

No. 247575

File: 1486596048499.png (116.93 KB, 1242x850, IMG_6208.PNG)

Kek everyone had forgotten about that by now and yet Anisa brings Sky up AGAIN and reminds people that he shaded her in his vid AGAIN, her and Ian can't seem to let shit go.

Also Anisa and all the edgelords being all "muh freedom of speech!!1!1 muh censorship!!11!" About Ian's vids removed from trending topics, it's a private company you retards, it can do whatever the fuck it pleases with its own website.

No. 247578

File: 1486596201549.png (222.71 KB, 1242x1458, IMG_6209.PNG)

Samefagging but really Anisa?

No. 247590

Yeah, I saw her old twitter and it's like night and day compared to her now.

Growing up, 99% of my friends were guys and I absolutely saw myself as "Not like the other girls! I can only get along with dudes, chicks are just about catty shit and drama! Not me! I alone walk this path!"

I was an idiot. Dudes are just as drama prone and catty (see: Ian) and I've, obviously, met tons of women who are interesting, smart, funny, cool people. Plenty of them would even be categorized as "basic bitches". It's some immature, underdeveloped thinking that stinks of sexism when you think "cool, interesting, funny"="Male traits". Thinking you can't be feminine and funny and rad is stupid. Thinking all women are boring, drama whores is stupid. I mean, this is obvious to most people. You guys know better, but chicks like Anisa are in their 20's and still convinced that to be considered funny and interesting, you have to cater to the beta virgins' REAL GAMER GIRL WHO'LL SAY FUCK AND MAKE A FART JOKE BUT HAVE PERFECT MAKEUP AND TITS fantasy. It's a fuckin' bummer.

No. 247594


Jesus, Anisa. You made a whole career off of using your body to make money. I honestly don't give a fuck if you do it, I have a few sex worker friends, you can do whatever you want with your body, but that's the point. Throwing shade at a girl for showing more skin than you did back in your streaming days (because that was so long ago, right?) is utter retardation. You can't use your body/sexuality to make money and clutch your pearls when another woman feels comfortable dressing that way. It's hypocritical as fuck. Wait…I thought your boyfriend hated hypocrisy? Oh noes!

No. 247609

>I can see some of Ian's appeal

Even after watching him here? >>246421

No. 247617

Haha. I know the vast majority of farmers barf at the idea of even seeing Ian shirtless, but I think he has his days. In his older videos, he looks like a classic, unfuckable beta, but when he put on some weight, grew his hair out and wore contacts in his two Leafy vids and I was like "Yeah, I'd hit it."

In the Tana video, he looks like he's slipping back into unfuckable beta mode. Maybe it's because he has a girlfriend now and doesn't feel like he needs to try? He'd just started dating Anisa around the Leafy vids release, so he was still trying to impress her, but enough time has passed where he can feel fine about going on camera looking like a shlumpfy, greasy mess.

Again, during his good days, I could see myself hooking up with him. I actually kinda like nerdy, pale, slim (not emaciated) guys. It's funny, because my boyfriend is the complete opposite: Alpha, muscular, olive skin, has had a beard since he was 13. My guy's a fucking babe and I'd keep him over Ian any day, but I still have a soft spot for the pale, nerdy types I dated when I was younger.

Ian's voice is a huge turn off, though, and he'll always have cracking, 13 year old, nerd voice. Can't do shit about that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 247618

No amount of weight gain is going to cure his complete lack of shoulders carrying around his massive head. He looks like a freak tbh, there are far superior "nerd types" out there.

No. 247620

Dunno what to tell you. When he puts on a bit of muscle mass and isn't a walking skeleton, has a decent haircut and wears his contacts, I think he has a handsome face. Can't really help what my brain is interpreting as handsome.

Would I fawn over him? No. Would I pursue him? No. Would I date him? No. Just saying that when he makes an effort, I think he's actually a handsome guy. Thing is, he hardly ever makes an effort, so…yeah.

No. 247624

Samefagging. But, yeah, this is a good example, I think, of when he's putting forth some effort and would be fuckable material. He's put on enough weight where he doesn't look like a fucking alien, he looks proportionate. Flattering haircut, showered, not hiding behind his glasses (or awkwardly adjusting them. I fucking hate when he does that), dressing like a grown man in his 20's.

That voice is still there, though, and is guaranteed to instantly makes pussies dryer than the Sahara desert.

No. 247626

His voice is so fucking unattractive fuck. I think he's alright looking as well (disclaimer: I am fucking ugly and cannot afford to have high standards lol) but his voice literally sounds like my kid brother's friend's voice.

No. 247630

I wonder what it was like for 16-17 year old Ian to look around and realize all of his friends' voices had properly changed and that, by now, his should have as well, but he's stuck sounding like a kid who's barely hit puberty. Had to sting at least a little bit. Or, fuck, maybe he's oblivious and doesn't even realize how awful he sounds. Just some poor cunt wandering through life, confused as to why telemarketers keep asking to speak to an adult when he answers the phone. Bummer.

No. 247634

"streaming days" it's only been a few months shut up anisa, fix your sperm eyebrows

No. 247664

>"streaming days" it's only been a few months

She's acting like she wasn't one step up from a camgirl a few months ago. Bitchy little comments about Tana showing skin="I am insecure, so I will imply this girl is a slut so I can feel better about myself for just a moment."

But you're "not like the other girls", right, Anisa? Chicks like you think "all the other girls" are the ones who are drama whores and catty, but you're just so above it all that you can only hang out with men, because men never act like catty little bitches. Right?

Fuuuuck ooffff. Seriously, fix your damn brows.

No. 247674

Oh God, his body. Paper bag over his body, srsly…

To me he looked the best in his Leafy Content Cop video. His old look is stupid. And his hair in the Tana Content Cop looks greasy af.

No. 247675

>Just saying that when he makes an effort, I think he's actually a handsome guy

He's painfully whitebread and average, you can find any dude like him at a Walmart. Get some standards.

No. 247676

…Are you replying to me as though you're disagreeing, but literally repeating the same things I said? Why?

I said more on it here, too. We're on the same page, if you misinterpreted my post somehow.

No. 247679

>awkwardly adjusting them
That's normal for people wearing glasses. I think it would have been less annoying if he didn't self-deprecate on that so much.

No. 247680

Oh, yeah, totally. I just have low standards. Meanwhile I'm dating an objectively hot guy who is the opposite of Ian in terms of appearance. Fuck liking different sorts of people and fuck "whatever floats your boat". That shit's for losers.

Come the fuck on. In the video example I posted, he looks perfectly nice. The guy has good bone structure, nice eyes, he has the potential to be a good looking guy, but he slides back into his standard beta mode and dicks himself over. Again, sorry my brain is interpreting his face to be handsome and that it offends you for some reason.

No. 247683

Why do people get so triggered when someone says they'd fuck Ian? Everyone's attracted to different shit, harp on something else. I feel like every time I read this thread it's the same "Ian's kind of cute I guess" "N-NO HE'S NOT ANON GET SOME STANDARDS" post after post.

No. 247685

Eh. I have shitty vision and have had glasses since 2nd grade, though I've opted to wear contacts for a long time now, and I don't adjust my glasses like he does. Not saying there's really anything wrong with him doing it the way he does, I acknowledge it's kind of irrational for it to irk me, but for some reason it does. Maybe it's his gangly, awkward hands just randomly popping into frame, distracting me as I try to watch.

I actually can't remember him ever calling himself out on doing it, but I'll take your word for it. He's addicted to self-deprecation, he couldn't get by in life without it.

No. 247686

Because he's genuinely ugly and it's bizarre so many anons here still want to fuck this alien looking shit head. Also telling that so many anons will shlick over him while insulting Anisa's appearance in the same breath.

No. 247687

>The guy has good bone structure, nice eyes

Hydrocephaly and tiny eyes? lmao okay fam

No. 247690

Nice blogposting

No. 247691

>Because he's genuinely ugly and it's bizarre so many anons here still want to fuck this alien looking shit head

How do you not get that what people find attractive is subjective? That's why there's terms like "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and "whatever floats your boat". Everybody has different tastes and it really shouldn't bother you so much, the fact that it does is more bizarre than some people thinking he's attractive. It really shouldn't matter to you. Also, saying "I'd hit it" is pretty different from being one of his batshit fangirls, rubbing one out to tumblr gifsets and fanfiction.

>Also telling that so many anons will shlick over him while insulting Anisa's appearance in the same breath.

Yeah, again, what you find attractive is completely subjective. You can think Ian's cute and Anisa's ugly, you can think Ian's ugly and Anisa's cute. It seriously doesn't fucking matter. Everybody agrees they're both assholes, but you're focusing on people having different tastes and acting like a triggered spaz.
Chill the fuck out.

No. 247694

Just fucking ignore them imo, no one wants to read "he's hot" "NO HE'S NOT" over and over. You're not going to change their minds. Some people like nerdy looking betas.

No. 247697

>Also, saying "I'd hit it" is pretty different from being one of his batshit fangirls, rubbing one out to tumblr gifsets and fanfiction.

You're the one writing essays on how attractive he is and getting triggered over being told that he isn't, hun.

No. 247698

Oh, sorry, is reading what equates to 1/4 or less of a single page from a book that fucking taxing for you? Why aren't you embarrassed by the fact you're bitching about reading? You sound like somebody who hates watching foreign movies because "ugh, I don't wanna have to read, though"

No. 247699

…do you not know what blogposting is? How new are you?

No. 247701

Dude, I'm chill. I'm calmly explaining my point of view to you while you repeatedly respond as if I shot your dog in the face for having a difference in opinion. Also, sorry I suck at being concise, still don't know why you're freaking the fuck out over super trivial shit.

No. 247705


You're both fucking idiots and you both sound triggered, shut the fuck up.

No. 247708

Seriously. Everyone needs to accept that 1) people find Ian fuckable and 2) no one wants to hear that you find Ian fuckable.

No. 247709

I agree and I'm one of the fucking idiots. I'd rather focus on the milk than fighting over a difference in taste when neither one of us is gonna change the other's mind. It's whatever.

No. 247724

File: 1486608094077.png (1.91 MB, 1198x1194, Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 1.38…)

Is it really more skin Anisa

No. 247732

File: 1486609228004.jpg (61.06 KB, 1280x720, C4BLsyyUEAEheRc.jpg)

This is the image Ian has as his wallpaper in the Tana Content Cop. It legitimately looks fucking awful. I'm totally self-taught and I can shade better than that (hell, most high school beginners can shade better than that with some direction), if she really went to school for art then the money was fucking wasted.

No. 247735

Oh man… I thought that was some of the cringy shit he usually uses that he found off of deviantart or something. It looks and is absolutely colored like something you'd see out of a cheap children's book, where the author couldn't find a real illustrator, so they used shit stock photos.

No. 247737

File: 1486609539942.jpg (15.74 KB, 320x320, 13671681_281720482203697_94787…)

Yeah it's not more skin at all lol. It just makes her sound fucking salty/envious of Tana.

No. 247740

Tana might look like a female owen wilson, but I think it's fair to say she's better looking than anisa at least.

No. 247750

It seems like she just keeps drawing the same critters over and over with some little variations. The snake is new (and looks like shit), but the only other art I've seen of hers were capybaras, cats and some other rodent that look the same as the mongoose, but with different heads. No idea how she even made it through her foundation classes in art school. Then again, maybe she didn't and repeated them until she finally gave up. I've seen that happen, it's always the kids who grew up thinking they were talented artists just because they could doodle better than their peers, then show up at art school and refuse to accept that they never had any talent to begin with.

No. 247758

Oh, for sure. They're both idiots and assholes, but Tana beats Anisa in the looks department.
I just think it's so weird that Anisa clearly felt threatened enough by Tana to go out of her way to slutshame her when her boyfriend was only posing with this chick to troll her. How insecure do you have to be to feel like you need to throw shade about the amount of skin Tana's showing in a picture with your guy when it's not like he's going to try and get her number afterwards. It's not like seeing a photo of your boyfriend at a party, in a suggestive pose with some random girl. What is there to even feel threatened about? Ian clearly hates her. Just…what?

No. 247767

So true, Idk how his fans don't see what a lazy piece of shit hes been lately. It might be because of his gf or because hes at a point in his career where he doesn't have to put in any effort anymore, so he just slacks off Idk.
I can't believe its been 4 months since his last cc and this lazy, petty, unfunny Tana vid is the best he was capable of coming up with since then?
Its also been almost 3 months since his last kickstarter crap and 3 weeks since he put out any vid at all.
On top of that he looks horrible, seems to have lost any amount of weight/muscle he gained during the jinx or whatever hes called incident and apparently even showering is too much effort.
Its funny how hes trying to pull a h3 with Anisa and jet instead of putting out better content now that hes got a "legit" streamer/youtuber at hand his channel quality goes to shit.

No. 247769

omg and an unfortunate body to match an ugly face

how shitty for her

No. 247785

I'd wondered if he's just focusing more on his relationship/life outside of YouTube, but I also get the feeling he's burned out.

After he got a ton of exposure and positive attention from the Leafy CC, you could see him TRYING with "What's in the Box?" to meet the high expectations. It failed as a format, but you can clearly see that the guy put a lot of time and effort into it. He was still posting videos at a somewhat regular rate.

Then his channel's quality just drastically dropped. Once everyone hated on "What's in the Box?", he proceeded to just release lazy "Yeah, I'm just gonna hang out with my famous YouTuber buddy and film us having a boring conversation" videos and they weren't very frequent. The appearances he made on Ethan's channel were a bit more entertaining, but those were Ethan's/Hila's ideas and work. When Ethan was featured in an Idubbbz video, he'd steal the show and his presence just emphasized how little Ian had to offer in comparison as an entertainer. Showing up on Ethan's channel as a guest is doing the bare minimum, it's basically just you advertising your channel.

Then the highly anticipated CC comes out and: Bleh. Lazy, clearly thrown together at the last minute, not funny, boring, petty and kind of weird. Just a disappointment.

My guess is he's feeling a ton of pressure from his newer audience members who want him to ALWAYS release shit that's Leafy CC tier quality, but he's simply never been that good all the time. If he had been, he'd have blown up way earlier.

>Feels pressure: makes "Whats in the Box"

>Feels bummed, stressed
>Releases lower quality content due to feeling down and stressed
>More pressure from fans who just want a Leafy CC 2.0
>Becomes more bummed, stressed
>More pressure from fans. WE DEMAND A NEW CC, WHERE IS IT.
>Is pissed at Tana, decides she'll do fine as a CC subject.
>Puts the majority of his effort into baiting Tana, that's the only part with any real energy, tosses everything else together.
>Clearly not feeling as passionate about his work
>Looks like shit in the video, has been neglecting to take care of himself

To me, it screams "I'm not having fun anymore, my hobby turned into a shitty job. It's drudgery. I'm procrastinating. I'm stressed, I'm disheartened over my content's quality, my fans are cancer, I can't even be bothered to shower before going on camera. BURN OUT."

I can't really blame him. Other YouTubers describe how shitty it is when it isn't fun to make videos anymore and how much the stress takes a toll on them, both mentally and physically.

>Its funny how hes trying to pull a h3 with Anisa and jet instead of putting out better content now that hes got a "legit" streamer/youtuber at hand his channel quality goes to shit.

The girl can't even film shit well, she's a garbage cameraman. Also, Hila is legitimately half of h3h3, she's not just Ethan's little helper like Anisa is for Ian. She's certainly not capable of picking up the slack if he gets burn out, she has zero talent or creativity.

If he does have burn out, which I really think is the case, he's probably just going to rest on his laurels and rely on the hype surrounding his channel so he can just rake in income without really having to do any real work.

Sorry about the length, I'm really, really shit at being concise :(.

No. 247790

her butt is gross, she should've done some squats with that insanity workout she was doing

No. 247792

she has no curves and it's crazy how a push up bra can do wonders

No. 247805

File: 1486618044530.jpg (210.62 KB, 1288x1218, the snake and the mongoose.jpg)

pls excuse shit linework

No. 247806

he probably feels really pressured to make good money, as well. His parents seems relatively well off from what I've seen but I don't know if they helped him pay for school or not. Assuming they didn't, he earned a bachelor's degree in business that he can't even use because he's basically unhireable now and has to rely on his gimmicky youtube career to pay off the loans. Even if he does have good ideas, he definitely can't afford to try them out right now because they just aren't profitable and he fucked himself over by not staying anonymous enough.

No. 247807

> why did he bring…a pear…
LMAOO amazing job anon! This made my night

No. 247809

File: 1486618730645.jpg (426.34 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_1090.JPG)

yeah judging from her old twitter she loves to slutshame to make herself feel better.

ps: i didn't know we started a new thread so i've been gone for like 20 days and everything turned to shit here lol

No. 247812

that is simply beautiful, anon. thank you.

No. 247813

wow this is amazing. i like how you even got his glasses shape lol

No. 247815

she is a slut though, literally…

No. 247845

And she wonders why other girls don't want to be friends with her.

No. 247849

Of course she's not like the other grils fam she's wearing a starwars t-shirt, the only person I know who unironically wears starwars shit not because it's relative now is my fucking 45 year old father because star wars was very much relevant 30 years ago.
It's exactly like those stupid NASA and Nirvana shirts faggots wear these days when in reality they hate STEM despite relying on such technology for everything and their publicity is exactly what Kurt Cobain blew his head off over. They symbolize obliviousness.

Can you fucks shut up about edubz being totes not attractive it's completely irrelevant to Anisa's buffoonery.

No. 247851

I don't remember him saying something about himself adjusting his glasses frequently on cam, but he has zoomed in to himself doing it a couple of times. I thought self-deprecation is the purpose of that, like haha it's funny it's so dorky blah blah.

No. 247853

OT but I fuckin love space and now I feel like I can't wear NASA shit because people will think I'm a fake bitch because of all the people wearing NASA shirts because "the logo is cool".

I never even noticed him pushing up his glasses a lot because I do the same thing with mine, I think he was just hopping on the self-deprecating humor trend bc he knew that's what his fans wanted to see.

No. 247877

His last name is no actually Carter I'm sure so thats ok for keeping anonymous. I'm not sure what it is but I think it starts with a W. Like why else would he call himself Idubbbz?

No. 247879

Because he… dubbed over content back in the day

Or did you mean "why else would he use a moniker"?

No. 247901

He adjusts his glasses in a very specific way - he does it with his knuckles, not his fingers.

It's how someone who gets, or used to get, their hands dirty often would do it. (people who do manual labor or cook a lot etc.)

No. 247935

He's dyspraxic

No. 247937

why do i feel like 90% of this thread are his ex fangirls pretending they hated him since forever, because they're so disgusted at themselves after he lost his virginity to this pear.

No. 247947

File: 1486652888925.jpg (16.66 KB, 640x360, kyon.jpg)

>it's another one of these posts
>inb4 an Ian stan agrees with this and the thread derails once again

Accept that not everyone likes your reverse pear head husbando for a myriad of valid reasons beyond "baaww Anisa", anon.

No. 247952

"Streaming days" when it has barely been a month or two since she stopped being a titty streamer, but also really Anisa?
Tana appeals to a teenage girls fanbase who's used to lurk on Forever21.com, while you "showed skin" in front of neckbeards for fap material. The two things can't compare.

No. 247980


his last name is Washburn. I forget where but a while back someone found the source of ethan's "business dubbbz" picture with his full name and college info

No. 247982

Oh my god, I think you're right. A friend of mine is dyspraxic and there's always been something about Ian that's reminded me of him and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. They're both skinny, tall and gangly, so I thought it was probably just that, but now I'm like, oh, shit, no. It's the combination of them being so gangly and having weird as fuck coordination.

Now I just feel like kind of a dick for hating on a dude for something he can't help.

Oh well.

No. 247986

"Ian Washburn" is the whitest name I've ever heard. Well, no, not the whitest, it's not as bad as "Benedict Cumberbatch", but "Ian Washburn" is definitely fucking up there.

No. 247997

>she has no curves and it's crazy how a push up bra can do wonders

Oh, man, I know. I thought she had HUGE tits before, but she's not even average. She's like an A cup. How much fucking padding was she using to achieve her streamer tits? Like, 1/3 of the cup would have to be padding.

She is also really shaped like a board of plywood. That's unfortunate. I always felt a bit self conscious about not having awesome, hourglass curves, but shit…I'm Marilyn Monroe compared to her. I don't really get how she drew in all those neckbeards in her audience. I guess, her appeal was: It's a chick.

No. 248002

His content was funny (I'll even admit I liked parts of the Tana video) and I certainly don't hate him, but he can do much better than a "I'm not like other girls" titty streamer who doesn't actually have a personality of her own

No. 248020

>he can do much better than a "I'm not like other girls" titty streamer who doesn't actually have a personality of her own
He seems super socially awkward dude, I don't he's ever had a female friend before, much less a girlfriend. I really don't think he can afford to have high standards.

No. 248031

He's pretty much admitted he was a virgin until Anisa. He definitely doesn't seem like the type to even have friends who are women, yeah, it's like he's one of those guys who view women as an alien species. I don't think it's so much a matter of he can't afford to have high standards, I think it's more like he's so new to dating and women, in general, that he seriously doesn't know any better. I mean, I think most of us can say our first boyfriends or girlfriends were fucking lame. Mine was a total fuckboy idiot, I look back on it and wonder what the hell I was thinking. His beta virgin brain probably saw Anisa and thought "W-wow, s-she's really cute. She likes video games? Oh my god, most girls don't like video games, so coooooool."

No. 248079

This thread needs less blogging and derailing and more sage. Bans will commence.

No. 248089

No, I doubt he can. He's a socially unaware edgelord, I doubt he has girls lining up to date him.

No. 248094

File: 1486671450053.jpg (55.77 KB, 674x501, joshp.jpg)

Meanwhile this is also happening …

No. 248099

damn josh go in. i hope a ton of joji's fans see this.

No. 248118

Fuck yes, this guy gets it. I hope tons of Joji fans baww their hearts out over this, but I hope more stop for a second and realize why people think they're cancerous and maybe take steps to stop being such idiots.

No. 248120

>>Ian's heard worse and he over reacted.
>>Ian just unleashed the mob mentality, all of this was public knowledge."

What idubbbz did, driving 9 hours just to basically harrass her over a tweet was stupid absolutely. Her then making videos and over-exaggerating,and trying to cause a mob mentality on him is okay, but for him to do it back is blowing it out of proportion?

No. 248124

Inb4 shes just an 18yr old girl and he's 26. Or whatever other retarded excuse that's has been used for tana over 30 times on this threads. Anon you're better off discussing this on the tana thread.

No. 248136

File: 1486676347093.jpg (51.09 KB, 669x381, logic.jpg)

I mean… take a look at this.
He's totally right lmao

No. 248137

No, I don't think she's innocent. I knew about her fan's mob mentality with the nail salon ordeal, but I'm pretty sure the power of Ian's fanbase>Tana's fanbase. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not as familiar with her fans. Leafy had an infamously obsessive, dedicated audience with a shitty mob mentality and Ian still ruined his channel. Ian has to know that he has a ton of power on YouTube, he has to be one of the top 5 YouTubers in terms of how easily he can influence his fan's opinions. He wanted to do the same to Tana that he did to Leafy and that feels like an abuse of that influence to me. While Tana tried to turn her fans against him, I don't think anybody would believe she had enough power fuck up his channel, whereas, with Ian's rabid stans, it's a very feasible thing to achieve. Basically, I think she's a dick and deserved some kind of shit from Ian, but to know you can absolutely ruin someone's career and do it because they pissed you off just seems like overkill. I think he couldn't roasted her over through a few tweets and really put her in her place, but…yeah, I just don't like people who have a lot of power, who abuse that power and revel in feeling untouchable. Just grosses me out.

No. 248139

Samefag. Could've roasted her*. He could've/should've done that. Imo, at least.

No. 248148

Jesus. How is that logical? He should stop making content because his audience is filled with stans who can't enjoy shit without going to extremes? In all fairness, they're free to be idiots, but then they should know he's free to dislike their behavior. I don't understand how Joji stans think, I guess. Why get mad that he's not grateful for creepy fanfiction about him rimming Max?

No. 248151

Like tana hasn't ruined people's businesses before? Sure, ian can kill a channel but tana has done this as well to multiple people's jobs and reputation. She kinda reminds me of keem in the sense that she was at a spot where she thought she was untouchable and people had to be worry about her making a story time about them.

In my opinion, she got what was coming to her. Maybe you shouldn't build your career out of lying to gullible teens.

No. 248166

this is gold
tana is a lying dumb bitch,edops destroyed her

No. 248167

i like how y'all pretend to have high ass standarts. ian is a good looking dude

No. 248168

Again, I'm not as familiar with her as a YouTuber; I knew some key things like her using the n-word, treating her assistant like shit, the nail salon, the lies/exaggerating. All of that shit is fucked, yeah, she isn't an innocent, helpless lamb.

I think you don't get that I'm not really defending Tana, I'm not upset that Tana, herself, got fucked over. I'm more grossed out that Ian clearly knows he has the power to successfully destroy a person's channel with a single video and it's gross when one person has that much power and influence and uses it for petty reasons. It's an issue of ethics.

If Tana deserved to get fucked over that hard for the reasons you list, then Ian's just as bad at this point.

No. 248169

No, we're not doing this again.

No. 248173

File: 1486680329158.jpeg (74.25 KB, 600x229, notliketheothergirls.jpeg)

Oh shit, it's Anisa, y'all.

No. 248177

Not really, did you not see the stream with her? Ian's a total creep.

No. 248179

No. 248182

I noticed Joji stans are entitled assholes towards him. They fetishize him, invade his privacy, don't realize that they're not meant to emulate Frank, and then get pissy when he's critical of them.

No. 248183

It was posted two threads ago, did you just get here?

No. 248187

File: 1486681817727.jpg (41.65 KB, 750x315, 4d5eb84b-9b1f-4583-b76c-299922…)

He was joking

No. 248188

File: 1486681843789.jpg (55.19 KB, 736x465, 30f83fdb-a23f-4189-a895-b4052d…)

No. 248190

File: 1486682051378.jpg (63.9 KB, 596x349, answr.jpg)

No. 248198

I believe he really meant half of the stuff he wrote.
His fans are annoying and act dumb.
But he wrote it too harsh - so he's backpaddling to save Jojis image.

No. 248271


well that's just unfortunate

No. 248275

She has the kind of body where she could have a BMI of 17 and still look chubby. It's weird, it's like an optical illusion. I KNOW she's actually a slim girl, but…that body shape. Jeez.

No. 248291

No. 248298

She looks special needs in this picture. It's uncomfortable. I feel like I'm looking at an actual retard in a bikini.

No. 248299

I can see it.

She kinda looks like Emmy Rossum's retarded sister. (sorry emmy)

No. 248311

Her new twitter avi looks nothing like her except for the spermy eyebrows.

No. 248312

>this is the second woman i've ever touched
i died

and that is one pretty mongoose.

No. 248315

Eh, Emmy Rossum is too pretty. She looks like if Mae Whitman had a prominent nose and was retarded.

No. 248325

Something's been bothering me since the Tana Mongeau CC came out: Snakes don't kill Mongoose, Mongoose kill and eat snakes, but "lol she's Tana Mongoose and I'm Ian and snakes and lol and superimposing our faces on animals"

I fucking love this farmers sketch of the scenario, but I don't think Ian or Anisa thought out the "Tana Mongoose versus Ian the Snake" joke.

Or I'm nitpicking. Whichever.

No. 248363

File: 1486703815299.jpg (127.5 KB, 1200x675, C4RHAG2UcAAsb1V.jpg)

Michael from VSauce is doing another collab with Ian.

No. 248365

>1 million farmers vomit in unison at the sight of shirtless Ian

Why, oh god, why does this grown man wear sweatpants all the time and think it's okay? That's something that the weird kids in high school did. We called them Sweatpant Boners. Ian was most definitely a Sweatpant Boner in HS.

No. 248369

File: 1486705023136.jpg (147.08 KB, 1091x1191, nocontext.JPG)

lol so RANDOM XD anisa!! she's the walking stereotype of those girls in high school who only hang out with and pander to a group of guys. she doesn't play video games except for zelda and pokemon / watches "geek" movies except for star wars, marvel/DC, etc. but talks about how much of a gamer grrl and nerd she is. she's not being like those other sluts…but sleeps with most of the group anyways.

>you're not allowed to change your opinion of people

what is with you dumbfucks spamming this same rhetoric like it's some enlightened realization. some anons have always disliked idubbbz. others, like me, started to when they realized how shitty his content has become and how much of an spergy asshole he is irl (e.g. his "caveman" comments to casey neistat, not willing to make CCs on hot girls, the way he interacts with anisa on stream…).

but no idubbbz is a static entity and could have not possibly changed over the course of months.

No. 248370

File: 1486705088404.jpg (26.56 KB, 960x600, marahute.jpg)

>there are anons here that want to fuck this misshapen thing and insist that he's hot

No. 248373

The fact that one of her favorite animes is Naruto says SO much about her. She's into really "shallow" nerd interests.

No. 248374

Is she photoshopping her photos? Her face in photos looks so different than when she's in a video, it's like two different people.

I'm like you, anon, I liked the guy/his content, but it seems like he's gotten super arrogant and petty. I don't know if I just never noticed it before or if he really has become more of a smug dick recently. He has the talent of somebody who should have around 100-200k subs, but got lucky with a a few great videos and beneficial friendships with larger YouTubers. It's very obvious he can't maintain the level of quality you'd expect from a channel of his size, he's gotten lazier and less entertaining since the Leafy CC dropped. I unsubbed after the Tana CC. I'm done waiting for his shit to get better.

Plus, yeah, watching him act like a complete autist while streaming with Anisa clicked something into place for me, like, I had this epiphany where I realized "Oh, god, I know what this dude is really like. I've met guys like this before. Oh, no, that's just sad." I haven't been able to shake the feeling ever since. I just see a smug, spergy beta who only recently lost his virginity to a I'M SUCH A NERD LOL KLAATU BARADA NIKTO AMIRITE GUISE type now.

No. 248376

>not willing to make CCs on hot girls
eh him and his fans would probably consider tana hot or good looking, so that doesn't make too much sense

No. 248382

They're referencing the time Ian said he wouldn't do a Content Cop on any hot girls during a stream.

>"M-maybe if I don't call them stupid cunts, I might get to touch a boob"

No. 248391

His examples of a hot girl during that stream were Zoella and Lilly Singh, for context.

No. 248409

>Sure, ian can kill a channel but tana has done this as well to multiple people's jobs and reputation

By that logic, shouldn't you be gunning for Ian to get ruined as well? Or is it okay when he abuses his power and ruins careers because he's a male whose content you like (lol opening boxes while saying niggerfaggot so funny XD) and you want to bone him due to a complete dearth of taste?

No. 248413

Thank you, yes, this.

I have a feeling if Ian keeps this shit up, in 6 months to a year, people are gonna get tired of him using Content Cop as a weapon like Keemstar used Twitter/Drama Alert. Some people will start feeling uneasy and annoyed, then somebody is going to finally pipe up and roast his ass.

It will come full circle. If Ian doesn't check his ego, it's practically inevitable. It's the nature of YouTube.

>Youtuber does something shitty, people laugh and/or give asspats

>YouTuber gets away with shitty behavior
>Youtuber feels powerful, intimidates others
>People are afraid, don't wanna incur their wrath
>Anger finally outweighs fear, somebody finally hits back
>Everybody turns on YouTuber, orgy of hate ensues
>It's the hip new thing: Hate ____
>YouTuber is humbled and humiliated
>New YouTuber takes their place

No. 248416

I think it's more likely Ian will run out of high profile people to content cop on, his fans will realize everything else he does is bland and mediocre, they'll eventually lose interest, and he'll just peter out like Epic Meal Time.

One look at any comments section on his videos pretty much gives away that they're only there for content cops and desperately trying to make memes out of any video he makes. This will get old after a (unfortunately long) while, his shtick is not sustainable in the long run.

No. 248417


Can anybody think of any really big, longtime YouTubers who've maintained their success while also being complete bullies and cunts? I personally can't.

You can be catty from time to time, but most people prefer to work with nice, stable adults. Onision will never be as big as Ian or H3H3 because he's a crazy, dramatic shithead. They'll put up with having a business relationship with a total asshole, but won't stick by them.

One of the biggest reasons Clown is so popular and successful on YouTube despite having, like, less than 10 videos is because he's a genuinely a good guy. People really like him

Ian bullying to gain success isn't really sustainable.

No. 248419

Actually, yeah, you make a really good point. Nobody's coming for the "Comedians eat __ while riding __" episodes. His videos in between CC's is mediocre at best, he just happened to catch lightning in a bottle with Content Cop.

I hope he's investing his money wisely, imagine trying to go back to a normal job and have to explain you have barely any work experience and a 5 year gap on your resume because: YouTube.

No. 248421

>Can anybody think of any really big, longtime YouTubers who've maintained their success while also being complete bullies and cunts? I personally can't.
Leafyishere?, and a lot of the commentary crowd e.g pyrocynical, nfkrz, Lt corbis etc. I suppose they aren't exactly longtime but are worth mentioning because their sub counts are decent.

Though it should be noted that with most for example leafy his content is very much individualistic he doesn't collab with others since his shit is basically him complaining about some stupid shit to himself or talking shit about some kid or stupid person.

>You can be catty from time to time, but most people prefer to work with nice, stable adults.

This is completely true and a solid reason why people became hesitant of certain channels like that of leafys and distanced themselves from his channel, H3H3 did some serious damage to his channel but luckily twelvies are an easy demographic to prey on.

No. 248422

how did cancer crew become the cancer crew anyways? looking back at idubbbz's kickstarter crap and such videos they were okay, nothing special. was it joji moving that made him unable to film with the old cast or? they seemed pretty fine and dandy

No. 248423

I don't doubt that Josh Pan hates his fans. Listening to the radio thing they did, all the guys minus Joji were complete condescending rude pricks to every person, particularly the girls, that called in for Joji, to the point where they seemed jealous and bitter. I think the only section of his fandom that Joji has little tolerance for are the cringey memers who say "ey b0ss xD" to him, he seems to take everything else in stride.

I wouldn't blame him for hating his entire fucking fanbase though, they're seriously creepy and disrespectful.

No. 248424

>was it joji moving that made him unable to film with the old cast or?

Yup, he said in an old comment that Red Dick and co. all live in Japan so he's unable to film with them. It was Max that brought the cancer crew together.

No. 248425

See none of those are longtime though, that's the point that other anon was trying to make I think. Most of the youtubers who have maintained a large audience of millions for years + maintained channel growth are not bullies and have other talents/merits to fall back on.

No. 248426

a lot of the questions were really dumb and immature like "lolol how tight is ian's ass??" (which, in hindsight, might've annoyed george a little because he and Ian don't really seem close). I can't believe people would just throw away a chance to ask him about his music like that.

No. 248427

>Leafyishere?, and a lot of the commentary crowd e.g pyrocynical, nfkrz, Lt corbis etc.

I was thinking more along the lines of somebody like…Markiplier. Like, getting popular and staying popular and their sub count exponentially growing. I mean, I guess, I'm not actually even that familiar with Markiplier and couldn't tell you his sub count, I just know he's incredibly popular and also nice.

But, yeah, commentary channels are drama central; they're constantly shit talking their peers, they constantly start shit among themselves. Leafy is bleeding subs like a motherfucker after being a dick for so long and receiving some karmic justice. I've seen people resenting LtCorbis' becoming arrogant. H3H3 has had to seriously fix his image and makes and effort to be nice to everybody ever since his flub with Leafy and Pyro. If your channels main draw is "I bully my peers and destroy their channels", like…phoo, nobody's gonna have your back if somebody finally comes for you.

No. 248428

I replied to one of Josh Pan's "Joji hates you guys" tweets agreeing with him and he DM'd me saying something like "Oh my god, what are you thinking, you can't reason with these children. They'll come after you. Godspeed."

He genuinely dislikes them.

No. 248430

>like…phoo, nobody's gonna have your back if somebody finally comes for you

Well Max would instantly be on his dick like white on rice, but most Cancer Crew fans don't give two shits about Max. Philly D would probably shill for him as well. I don't really get why Phil seems to try so hard to be in Ian's friend circle, he comes across as a dork trying to befriend the edgy cool kids.

No. 248432

post screenshot

No. 248433

That's true, Max rides Ian's dick hard, but yeah, like you said, most Cancer Crew fans don't care about him. Plus, Ian's made jokes about how Max's channel is dying, so I don't think Max has much YouTuber clout.

>Philly D would probably shill for him as well. I don't really get why Phil seems to try so hard to be in Ian's friend circle, he comes across as a dork trying to befriend the edgy cool kids.

Yeah, what is that? 3/4 of the time I even hear Ian mentioning Phil, he doesn't sound crazy about the guy, he'll kind of mock him. There's a chance Phil wants to Ian to like him/to join the "cool kid club" because of that popularity. People wanna be friends with/fuck cool, popular, trending people. If Ian faced some kind of Leafy-esque fiasco, would Phill jump in to defend him or would he look around at the shift in attitude towards Ian, notice it would hurt his brand to associate with the "Most Hated YouTuber of the Month", stand back and do nothing? I kinda feel like it'd be the latter, Phil's a business savvy guy.

Like, do dorks try to befriend the edgy cool kids if they suddenly become dorks? Nah, they'll look for the new crew of cool kids.

No. 248434

I knew somebody was gonna ask for that and I was just wondering if it's fucked up to do. Like, would that be violating an unspoken trust sorta thing? Would it come back to bite Josh Pan (and maybe Joji, too) in the ass if I posted it? He literally only said something like "What are you thinking, nooo, don't", but it feels kinda unethical. Errrr, I don't know. Lemme think it over.

No. 248435

Don't feel pressured to post it, we'll take your word for it. It's pretty obvious Josh Pan hates them anyway.

No. 248436

girl why you lyin

speak for yourself

No. 248437

Why does it even matter? Josh hates joji's fandom, big whoop.

No. 248438

File: 1486726064524.jpg (512.35 KB, 949x614, whose.jpg)


No. 248439

I'm not about to impulsively post a screenshot of a private conversation, something he obviously didn't feel comfortable posting publicly in a tweet even if it wasn't anything special, just because you think I'm a liar.

Seriously, just let me think it over.

No. 248440

>who's man is this?
>who is man is this?

First she says "could of/should of/would of" and now this. Goddamn, she's retarded.

And of course Max comments on her posts now.

No. 248441

HA kittyphina's boyfriend commented as well

No. 248443

File: 1486726748303.gif (1 MB, 498x278, tenor.gif)

Only 14 year old's are trying to steal your boyfriend, Anisa. Stop being so goddamn insecure.


No. 248457

>First she says "could of/should of/would of"

Oooooof. I know she's in her twenties, but going by everything else I've seen her do/say, I'd have easily guessed she was a dumb 17 year old.
Get a grip on basic grammar, Anisa, and then you might deserve a bit more respect.

No. 248523

>Leafyishere?, and a lot of the commentary crowd e.g pyrocynical, nfkrz, Lt corbis

Is anyone else really tired of commentary channels? I swear they all have the exact same opinions and copy from each others' shticks so much that they're practically indistinguishable. And they're fucking everywhere.

No. 248549

Yeah. I think it's a lot of people hopping on the bandwagon because the genre is popular with viewers and because it's pretty easy to do in comparison to other genres. You just bitch/rant about YouTube drama, current events and maybe shit you personally hate. I feel like even I could do it. Only a few are actually any good or original, the rest really do just copy each other.

Right now, I'm subscribed to more film review/analysis channels (i.e. Bobby Burns, RalphTheMovieMaker, Lessons From the Screenplay), than commentary channels. That's just my personal interest, though, I love film, but it feels like there's so much more potential as a YT genre. You can do comedic reviews, serious plot analysis, break down color theory in movies, screenplays, etc. Not just "Bawwww, this channel sucks, fuck them, they copied my shtick and talked shit about me".

No. 248556

it's not like twitter DMs couldn't be faked either so just don't post it

No. 248595

Ehh, they definitely can be shooped, but I've decided not to post a screenshot anyway. He didn't tweet it publicly for a reason, I assume he doesn't want Joji fans to see him saying it and losing their shit on him/Joji. Knowing how extreme some of them can be, I'm gonna respect that.

No. 248602

it's fucking shirt man, just wear it. I have a NASA shirt I got recently and I love it.

No. 248612

>Who's man
God, there's just no excuse

No. 248626


google the meaning of "whose mans is this"
the use of it as a phrase online got popularized on "black twitter"/NYC (where it originates irl) twitter and then pasty nerds and suburbanites got a hold of it, which is why she's still using it wrong, and in the cringiest possible way, and her fans clearly don't understand it either judging from their "yours xddd" responses

No. 248635

Oh, like a "Whose asshole boyfriend is this, somebody come collect him"

Yeah, she still spelled it "who's" and (I dunno if it's just because it's her using it or what) made it cringey.

No. 248727

ian has less hair

No. 248738

File: 1486774092764.png (265.85 KB, 1242x1481, IMG_6211.PNG)

Some dumb shit happened with Zoie and her vlogging at the CNN building and Anisa decides she needs to weigh in.

I don't understand Anisa's need to add her opinion wherever she wants and doesn't she and Zoie hate each other?

Also her tweeting about walking to Starbucks again, Ian doesn't let her drive the Jeep, yet she called it "my car" in a response tweet to that blurry pic of Ian on top of it.

No. 248753

>Some people see a blonde well put together young girl and have an odd natural hate for them

I just looked it up and basically Zoie got in trouble for filming without permission, a black man is involved (called her out on her shit, I guess) and the guards/police were nicer to the guy so Zoie is crying racism. Like, for once, Anisa's right: it's not a matter of racism, Zoie was just being a dick, but that tweet…

It seriously sounds like she's sucking up hard to Zoie, despite Ian's No Zoies Allowed Rule, while also trying to say "Hey, as one hot girl to another, I know the struggle. People are mean to us for no reason. Probably jealous. Poor hot girl, you couldn't have acted like an asshole while the guy was polite, it's systemic beauty based prejudice."

You were right for one second there, Anisa, and then had to fuck it up for yourself. You can't stop yourself from looking stupid, can you? It's a compulsion.

No. 248766

>Also her tweeting about walking to Starbucks again, Ian doesn't let her drive the Jeep, yet she called it "my car" in a response tweet to that blurry pic of Ian on top of it.

Dude. It only makes sense if your partner and you share a vehicle. If your guy doesn't even trust you behind the wheel of his car, it's not yours. That's about as weird as a kid pointing to their parent's car or a stranger pointing at a taxi and saying "Yeah, my car." No, it fucking isn't. You didn't pay for it, you don't drive it, your ass just rides around in it.

What's the point of even lying about something that mundane?

No. 248803

it's an extension of her possessiveness of him and her obsession with ensuring that the whole world knows that she is dating a youtuber with 3.6 million subs.

Also I wonder if Anisa has proven she can't be trusted behind the wheel of a car or if Ian is just a) protective of his car, or b) doesn't think much of her and just figures she'll wreck it.

No. 248810

I think it would be funny if they fought about the car and she ends up saying, "Me or the jeep. Choose, Ian." and Ian chooses the jeep

No. 248818

He's a big enough asshole to do that, just look at their streams together.

No. 248845

how do you know ian doesn't let her drive the jeep?

No. 248847

True, very true. He could just be protective, that wouldn't be too odd. Still, I choose to believe she was like "Hey, let me take over for a bit" during the road trip to SF and it was just followed by an uneasy silence as Ian tried and failed to figure out a nice way to say "Baby, you really shouldn't drive heavy machinery."

He totally would. As much as he definitely likes the free access to heavily padded breasts, I can also see her making a petty ultimatum to "prove his love" because of her insecurity/immaturity (ONISION STYLE) and the second an ultimatum is made, you're daring the person to say "Okay then. Not you."

>>just look at their streams together.

Oh god, they made more than one? I know they made two and she scrapped the first take (how much more autistic could he have been in the first one?), but have they made more horribly awkward streams?

No. 248855

File: 1486780847336.png (111.3 KB, 1228x818, IMG_6212.PNG)

because of shit like this, it's more interpretation then it being actually said, but if a guy lets his girlfriend walk in total 2 hours to get Starbucks when she could just drive there in his car and with how Ian is, it's not exactly a stretch to think he wouldn't let her drive his car.

No. 248859

>Im going on a hike to retrieve my grande >coconut milk mocha macchiato
>wish me luck,
>god speed.

bitch why

and has she always spaced her tweets like that? reminds me of ian's

No. 248872

you're probably right. i remember she said on her stream that ian doesn't wake up until 3pm, she probably waits around all day for him to wake up so he can drive her around lmao

No. 248883

Before I got my own, every single dude I'd dated let me borrow the their car whenever I needed to. I've dated some assholes, but they never made me walk 2 hours for a coffee. He either has to be a pissy, inconsiderate ween or he's concerned she'll mow down a family if she takes his jeep.
It can't be because she has a Canadian license, driving with one in the US shouldn't be an issue whatsoever. I thought about that for a sec, but it makes no sense. Their relationship is bizarre.

>tfw bae has 3.5 million subscribers, makes at least 6 figures a year and won't even give you uber fare

No. 248902

>i remember she said on her stream that ian doesn't wake up until 3pm

Ian's a stereotypical beta NEET, but still makes bank and gets to stick his dick in a 6.5 on the regular. Everything about him sounds like a greentext story from /r9k/ about winning the lottery. He probably even has piss bottles littered around his bedroom and makes Anisa empty them out. I think I finally understand why his subreddit is filled with people worshiping him, he's living their dream.

No. 248942

you know he's trash when /tv/ proclaims him to be /their guy/

No. 248996

If you add idubbbztv on Snapchat its Ians pic and he keeps asking for nudes can anyone confirm this is his real account?

No. 249001

that's not his snapchat, it's just idubbbz

No. 249008

>go to Tana's instagram
>the fucking comments left by Ian fans

Are these people aware they're Leafy tier cancer? Fuck, they're even worse, I'd gladly take "HISSSSSSSSSS" over "SAAAAYYY NIGGER" at this point. The amount of bullshit Ian is perpetuating is grating.

No. 249017

dupppz is becoming new leafy, no wonder anisa is ~so in love~ with him

No. 249019

File: 1486809932130.gif (1.49 MB, 300x300, 1485075022796.gif)

>Tumblr is now whining about Joji not being a good or nice person because "waaaahhh he doesn't like us!!!"
>the entire reason Joji doesn't like them flies over their heads and they just act like entitled cunts

He's still cordial to them and gives them the time of day, what more do these creepy stalkers want?

No. 249051

>Some people see a blonde well put together young girl and have an odd natural hate for them

Sooooo… Tana? Ironic coming straight from the horse's mouth lol

No. 249065

gonna say that this is very true, other women have a natural wall against blondes especially if they're brunettes. Doesn't matter if you're naturally blonde either, I work in a restaurant and we had a blonde girl who recently dyed her hair red. Before dying her hair she had more trouble with women customers, complaining/not tipping/generally being rude to her. After dying her hair? The problems are nonexistent

No. 249081

Edoops is absolutely becoming the new Leafy, it's very strange to watch. I don't think he even knows that it's happening or maybe he's in denial.
Congrats, Ian, you just convinced about 1/2 of your subscribers, close to 2 million people, that "SAAAAAAAY N*GGER" is a super hilarious meme. You're just fucking lame at this point.

They want him to date them all of them, yet at the same time, only one of them. They wanna feel special, more than anything.
"Oh my god, my prince chose me? He loves how I base my entire sense of humor off of 'Joji did it so it's funny' and then repeating it over and over. He loves how I make bizarre fanfiction and digital art and comment 'Nawwww look at Joji and Ian kiss, I love my boys', he's not creeped out at all. HE LOVES ME."

Also, they don't actually want to date him. Dating him would mean dealing with a complex human being who isn't just a personal meme spouting machine, who has flaws, personal struggles, who farts in the bed, and they definitely don't want that, even if they think they do. So, really, they DEMAND that Joji let them maintain their obsessive, fantasy universe. If he says "I don't like your behavior, y'all are being a bit extra" then


No. 249462

Her content is just fucking boring like who gives a fuck about you working out, trying to be a commentary channel and a ~fitness guru~ make up your mind lmao. I couldn't be bothered watching more than 30 seconds of it.

No. 249468

>cancer crew fans are obnoxious, invasive and shit but guess what? you’re a fucking YOUTUBER. that’s what happens. how ungrateful can you be? that’s some immature shit. if you don’t like the attention and praise, DONT MAKE CONTENT. it’s that simple. my spiteful ass is about to stop watching/listening altogether.

^^^^ Actual comment from a tumblrina. Apparently you waive all rights to be a human being and have privacy when you post shit on youtube.

The even more baffling thing about this is that Joji has stressed repeatedly over the years that he's just some uninteresting guy who values privacy and being at arms length with his fanbase, yet these idiots still act shocked when it turns out that maybe he doesn't like it when they dig up and share "rares" of him of when he was a child like he's some kind of collectible item.

>that unflattering thumbnail

Yeesh, she needs to stop doing that.

No. 249472

Why does she have these cutesy drawings pop up when she's a tryhard edgelord and generally a hateful bitch?

No. 249541

>make a fitness video
>don't show yourself working out

Honest to God, why make a video in the first place?

No. 249623

>make a fitness video
>don't show yourself working out

Honestly, this video is the YouTuber equivalent of posting "Goin' to the gym. Arms and back day. Might use the sauna" as a tweet. Boring as fuck & completely pointless.
Of all the things you could make a video about, why would you make a work out video where you don't work out. Did she think anybody would enjoy this or is she just that unimaginative?

Ian called Tana a basic bitch while dating a painfully ordinary girl who is nowhere near as interesting as Tana's storytime videos and, trust me, I HATE storytime vids.

>cancer crew fans are obnoxious, invasive and shit but guess what? you’re a fucking YOUTUBER. that’s what happens. how ungrateful can you be? that’s some immature shit. if you don’t like the attention and praise, DONT MAKE CONTENT. it’s that simple. my spiteful ass is about to stop watching/listening altogether.

Damn you, George, damn you for not eating up our obsessive attempts to violate your privacy with a smile, damn you for not thank us for being obnoxious. Damn your immaturity for not appreciating my own blatant immaturity. GODDAMN YOU. REEEEEE.

This bitch needs to learn there is a difference between having a healthy appreciation for an e-celeb's work and…whatever the fuck it is she's doing. Most people can watch a Filthy Frank video, appreciate it, laugh and not trade "rares" like we're a member of an online pedophile ring trading CP. For fucks sake, STOP WATCHING. DO IT. I'm sure the dude would prefer it if she threw a tantrum and stopped being a fan. Ughhh.

No. 249661

>I dont want all my videos starting out with me eating food

Well…..don't then…just don't edit it in the beginning then.. i dont understand…
anisa u so quirky and funny /s

No. 249775

File: 1486933177775.png (1.61 MB, 1401x784, nice tits home slice.png)

Naturally Ian undresses in the new vsauce video. Here's one for the stans.

I bet you could fry up some killer empanadas with that grease.

No. 249944

Anisa pls take your bf to the gym with you if he insists on going shirtless in vids all the time.

No. 249959


>Tumblrina finds screenshot

>Zoom in, enhance trope initiated
>Schlicks herself to a closeup up Ian's pallid, unwashed stomach
>The sight of crumbs in his bellybutton sends her over the edge
>Falls asleep, content
>Ian senses the schlickening occurring all over the country from his seat in a computer chair, surrounded by piss bottles, in a dark room, alone
>Deep shame overwhelms him once he realizes what he's become
>Downs a Code Red, it's not enough
>Calls Anisa while she's out on her daily two hour walk to Starbucks
>"Bring me home something stronger"
>"Okay, baby, I lo-"
>Hangs up on her
>Curls up into a ball, stares into the shadows of his bedroom and yearns for a simpler time, a time when he still had integrity

No. 249964

>the schlickening
holy shit anon, you made my afternoon.

No. 249974

Anon, you have my heart.

No. 249979

>"Okay, baby, I lo-"
>Hangs up on her


No. 249998

>the sight of crumbs in his bellybutton sends her over the edge

every part of this post is gold anon

No. 250010


Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only person amused by my bullshit. Thanks, y'all.

No. 250015

His head is so huge compared to his puny body. Standing next to an actual cutie like Michael really emphasizes how disproportionate Ian is.

No. 250026

His giant head and narrow body makes him look childlike and it's making me lowkey nauseous. Thank you Anisa for releasing your qt ex and dating Ian instead. Truely taking one for the team

No. 250029

File: 1486946866284.jpg (176.42 KB, 471x390, michael.jpg)

Idk why Ian keeps looking off cam. Michael is awesome.
>Well don't do you. Do what we say.

Whenever Ian is on cam topless, I am reminded of Schindler's List.

No. 250034

File: 1486947101898.jpg (34.5 KB, 413x395, 1310483412100.jpg)

>"Okay, baby, I lo-"
>Hangs up on her

I'm fucking dead.

No. 250081

File: 1486951018962.jpg (Spoiler Image, 302.27 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_6640.JPG)

Where's Anisa?

No. 250088

Why is that cooking girl in the middle hanging out with a bunch of shitty meme youtubers?

No. 250094

shes the one taking the pic KEK

jk she's probably not allowed to hangout with ians cool friends like ethan and hila

No. 250096

Walking on the side of a highway.

No. 250098

Starbucks in hand of course.

No. 250103

That's basically the first thing that pops into mind when I think of her now: walking, pretty much neglected/ignored by her boyfriend who can't be fucked to give her uber fare and won't drive her because he has to sleep until 3pm.

Though it's unlikely since we know she uploaded that retarded fitness video a day ago and she filmed it in her "ghetto" bedroom in Canada. I thought they moved in together already. While part of me thinks they'd be stupid to move in together after a few months of long distance dating, I'm also kinda snickering.
My friend and I used to call this one girl "The V-Slayer" because she'd fuck virgins and they'd always fall in love with her. It's typical of virgins. Hell, I remember being infatuated with the first guy I kissed. I have a feeling they were just rushing shit because Ian is insanely inexperienced when it comes to relationships and Anisa is a V-Slayer with her sight set on a wealthy e-celeb.

No. 250114

Kinda weird seeing Rosanna Pansino in a pic with Ian lol.

No. 250117

>lumping Vsauce in with the rest of the shitty meme youtubers

No. 250118

They're also rushing shit because anisa wants all his influence points and if she lives in LA with him she can be friends with his friends and in the face of all fangirls

It's also not the first time she dropped everything and moved in with a bf, if i remember correct she dropped out of college at one point to move in with a bf at the time who lived in another province

No. 250130

>It's also not the first time she dropped everything and moved in with a bf, if i remember correct she dropped out of college at one point to move in with a bf at the time who lived in another province

Damn. She really is that stereotypical chick who switches out personalities and dumps everything she's doing in her own life to latch onto her new beau's dreams and goals. It seriously, seriously reminds me of the Cool Girl monologue from Gone Girl…except she's not clever or manipulative enough to succeed doing an overhaul on Ian. Dude doesn't even shower regularly. She's like a dumb, sad version of Amy.

No. 250131

Samefag. Sorry, I'm an idiot.

No. 250134


Not sure if it's been mentioned ITT before but what exactly did Anisa study at college? She said her minor was Kinesiology in the fitness vid but what was her major and did she even end up graduating or is she a premature drop out? I'm confused as shit since he fucks up simple contraction words up and basic grammar.

No. 250155

I think it has been mentioned ITT, but I can't be sure. I know she went to art school for a bit. She seems like an illustration major. No offense to anybody, I was one, too, I just remember a lot of Anisa types. From what I gather, she dropped out. It also seems like she jumped around a lot with majors or schools since she mentions studying different things all the time.

I can't hate on her for dropping out since I've dropped out and gone back 3 times. I can't hate on her for switching up majors since a lot of young people do the same thing. However, I will hate on her and mock the fact she seems like a talentless moron who's too arrogant to acknowledge she isn't smart, interesting, funny or creative enough to make a career as a YouTuber/Streamer.

Fucking up at school doesn't necessarily mean you're dumb, plenty of people aren't any good at school, but she does comes across as uneducated and lazy. She needs to get a real job, stop relying on the internet for cash and stop yearning for fame and attention. There's nothing wrong with working a normal, boring job. I'd respect her 100x more if she did that instead of focusing entirely on YouTube and Twitch, at least it'd prove she has some common sense. I've always respected YouTubers who work a day job and have a channel as a hobby more than those who are clearly setting out just to get money and attention.

No. 250158

It was mentioned before (by me tbh) but was blocked out by all the tana and Ian shit. She went for teaching, art and to be a cop and dropped out of all 3

No. 250161

There we go, your clear answers>my rambling guesses. Sorry you were ignored during the Great Edoops-Mongoose N-Word Fiasco of 2017, anon :/.

No. 250178

I think it's different because he didn't just pick Tana out of the air as an easy CC target. She initiated it by, apropos of nothing, shitting on him on Twitter and telling him he should kill himself for sometimes saying niggerfaggot. That combined her with being a huge hypocrite made her get what she deserved.

I do agree that his fans are becoming like a Leafy army though. He should tell them to shut the fuck up.

No. 250203

>That combined her with being a huge hypocrite made her get what she deserved

He's a huge hypocrite too, get the fuck out of here and stop dragging this shit on.

No. 250207

Right, but the whole point of the Leafy CC is "Don't dish it out if you can't take it" and what screams "I can't take it" more than throwing time and money into an (idiotic) prank, plus, making a video to destroy a channel all because…a clearly stupid 18 year old girl who should mean nothing to him said "kill yourself" over twitter for saying n*ggerfaggot. That's hypocritical. He's bitching out a girl and fucking up her career for being hypocritical by being hypocritical.

Also, he made a point of how saying "kill yourself" was fucked when he's said it plenty. Yeah, I get he was criticizing how she preaches love and tolerance and then says "KYS" while he's at least consistently rude, but people keep bringing it up as though it's justification, as though he was so wronged. It's not and he wasn't. Tana shit talking you shouldn't rustle your jimmies and it CLEARLY rustled his. He doesn't really have a right to tear down a career when he's just as flawed.

I really wish he'd say something to his fans and try to nip that shit in the bud, but I think he's a pandering pussy at this point. He won't.

I think if we keep talking about this, though, everybody's going to be pissed, so…yeah.

No. 250210

File: 1486965448668.gif (495.91 KB, 320x180, Facepalm.gif)

>Ian stans are still reaching to excuse him of his bullshit
>ignoring that he also tells people to kill them self
>ignoring that he's also a hypocrite
>ignoring that he went out of his way to ruin Jinx who did nothing to Ian to incite it

If you're gonna wish death and ruin on Tana then you should be doing the same for edoops, you biased POS.

No. 250212

>I really wish he'd say something to his fans and try to nip that shit in the bud

Why would he? They're just doing what he does.

>spams "I'M GAY I'M GAY I'M GAY" on what'shisname's twitter after he defended Anisa

No. 250215

>spams "I'M GAY I'M GAY I'M GAY" on what'shisname's twitter after he defended Anisa

Wait, Ian did that? I'm not surprised, really, I'm more…flabbergasted that he's that fucking lame. He's THAT lame. Whenever an Idubbbz stan pops out of the woodwork to call him funny and smart, I'm going to remember this and headdesk.

No. 250216

File: 1486966300366.png (103.08 KB, 601x931, 1482458350043.png)

Yeah, here. Bear in mind this happened before Sky started trashing Anisa. This was actually when he was still trying to stick up for her.

No. 250224

Jesus, I don't even like Sky, I have no opinion on him, really, but this made me feel bad for him.
Imagine a very popular YouTuber insulting you the same way a 13 year old would insult somebody and +1,000 people like it. It's fucking lame and everybody immediately goes, "Oh, well, that's Idubbbz so LOL"

I don't know how, but he made me hate him even more. He made me lose even more faith in humanity.

No. 250226

>a clearly stupid 18 year old girl
With a huge Youtube channel and fanbase and even an "international tour".

>Also, he made a point of how saying "kill yourself" was fucked when he's said it plenty.

It's a different context. He says "kill yourself" in videos in a clearly ironic and bantery way. She basically said he is a racist and racists like him should kill themselves/break their legs. It's way more personal. Just like the N word is contextual, I think "kill yourself" also is. Calling someone out as an alleged racist is way more career-ruining than pointing out hypocrisy. Allegations like that have ruined a lot of e-celebs and real celebs.

Also I don't even like 90% of his videos and am not subscribed to him, I just think he was in the right here.

>I think if we keep talking about this, though, everybody's going to be pissed, so…yeah.

It still seems like the hot topic to talk about. Everything else is just shitting on Anisa for being dumb and shallow (which she is, but she's still pretty boring).

>ignoring that he went out of his way to ruin Jinx who did nothing to Ian to incite it
How did he try to ruin him? I thought he just made fun of his shitty content. Obviously he went further with Tana, but Jinx just seemed like a typical Content Cop.

No. 250227

>but Jinx just seemed like a typical Content Cop

Content Cops ruin people. They've even joked about Ian making Jinx homeless. You can't be this dumb.

>It's a different context. He says "kill yourself" in videos in a clearly ironic and bantery way.

Except the time he said that straight faced to Keemstar and someone who donated money to him.

>Calling someone out as an alleged racist


He's done little to prove he isn't racist fam.

No. 250229

That is so fucking childish. Sky makes a lighthearted flirtatious comment toward someone and Ian's like "WOW LOOK AT THIS DUMB FAGGOT CONSTANTLY WAVING HIS SEXUALITY AROUND" like straight dudes aren't saying shit like that to women ALL the fucking time??? "I'm just showing how retarded he is" no you're not Ian you're behaving like a child. Christ.

No. 250234

>Content Cops ruin people. They've even joked about Ian making Jinx homeless. You can't be this dumb.
I don't see how they could ruin people just on their own. It's pretty easy to take them in stride I think. One's reaction to Content Cops is what ruins them. If you put yourself out there making videos, especially putting a personal spin on things, you should expect people to criticize your work. Also, Ian doesn't usually do it in an overtly malicious or personal way (except maybe Tana, but she made it personal first).

Does lolcow "ruin" innocent people by criticizing them or discussing shitty content of theirs? I could call you hypocritical by saying you're trying to OMG RUIN IDUBBBZ'S CAREER!!! by posting in threads like these, but it's really all the same thing. It's perfectly valid freedom of speech, just like any of his Content Cop critiques.

>Except the time he said that straight faced to Keemstar and someone who donated money to him.

Are you using Keemstar's own manipulative "dude I helped you out, how can you do this" defense? He obviously was not saying it to some poor helpless guy.

And nowhere in the Tana video did he act like saying "kill yourself" is fundamentally bad, just that she said it to him. If he acted like she's an awful person just for saying "kill yourself", then yeah it'd be really hypocritical, but he never tried to act indignant just over the phrase itself.

>He's done little to prove he isn't racist fam.

Proving a negative seems kind of hard. Saying niggerfaggot as a humorous in-joke (after someone else called him that) doesn't seem racist to me, though, even if one wants to argue that it's still offensive to do that.

No. 250235

>He says "kill yourself" in videos in a clearly ironic and bantery way.
He told a fan to kill themselves during a livestream and wouldn't apologize, he's a cunt.

No. 250236

File: 1486968623990.png (38.76 KB, 321x322, 134567890876567890-.png)

Do you not realize what content cop's do? It's practically a synonym for "idubbbztv destroys a youtube channel and their career". I mean, Chad even said "you made Jinx homeless" to Ian in one of their videos.

>Calling someone out as an alleged racist is way more career-ruining than pointing out hypocrisy.

Yes, I'm sure Ian's fanbase just dropped him like a hot potato when they found out their white hero who says "nigger" and "gook" all the time was called a racist by some blond literal who.

Nice to see Ian stans play the obtuse card again, it seems to be their only defense.

>It still seems like the hot topic to talk about

Not really, it's just fanboys/girls coming in to kick a dead horse with the same weak excuses and mental gymnastics. Bottom line, you're free to condemn Tana, but at least be consistent and give him shit for doing the same thing as well. Otherwise you're a biased hypocrite.

No. 250237

>Does lolcow "ruin" innocent people by criticizing them or discussing shitty content of theirs?

I doubt this place has close to 6 million people viewing it. Holy shit, your reaching is laughable.

No. 250238

Exactly. Sky wasn't screaming "OH MY GOD MY ENTIRE IDENTITY IS MY SEXUAL ORIENTATION", which could be irritating. I'm queer and even I'm like, holy shit, don't just be Jenny the Lesbian, be Jenny who also happens to be a Lesbian among many other things.

By focusing entirely on Sky's sexuality when he was just making a flirty joke, Ian proved all HE sees Sky as is "That gay man". He projected and revealed a gross part of himself.

No. 250239

>Yes, I'm sure Ian's fanbase just dropped him like a hot potato when they found out their white hero who says "nigger" and "gook" all the time was called a racist by some blond literal who.
If an instance of him being (IMO) genuinely racist were exposed, I think a ton of his fans would drop him and he'd lose public acceptance.

>I doubt this place has close to 6 million people viewing it. Holy shit, your reaching is laughable.
Of course it doesn't, but if it did you and I would still be posting the same shit. You know what I mean.

>He told a fan to kill themselves during a livestream and wouldn't apologize, he's a cunt.
If that's true that's definitely shitty and would make me lose respect for him (though still doesn't make him a hypocrite in this context, since his argument against Tana isn't that she said "kill yourself" or is a cunt to fans).

No. 250240

>And nowhere in the Tana video did he act like saying "kill yourself" is fundamentally bad, just that she said it to him

You can't just use "she told him to kill himself, she deserves it" and then back peddle with "o-oh, it actually isn't a big deal or the reason Ian made the video", broski. Once again, by that reasoning, Ian deserves to get torn apart for saying "kill yourself" to others not in jest. But you're not rooting for that, are you?

>Saying niggerfaggot as a humorous in-joke (after someone else called him that)

>implying he's only said "niggerfaggot" once
>implying he doesn't casually say "nigger" all the time in his videos
>implying he didn't make a blackface joke

Okay, it's clear you haven't actually watched anything of his and don't know what you're talking about at this point. Just stop.

No. 250241

>If an instance of him being (IMO) genuinely racist were exposed

He's covered under several thousand sheets of irony, so no amount of him painting his face black, making jokes about shooting an unarmed black man, saying "nigger" frequently, not having any actual interaction with black people, calling Joji a gook to his face, etc. etc. is going to get him in trouble. Stop being obtuse.

No. 250243

>You can't just use "she told him to kill himself, she deserves it" and then back peddle with "o-oh, it actually isn't a big deal or the reason Ian made the video", broski. Once again, by that reasoning, Ian deserves to get torn apart for saying "kill yourself" to others not in jest. But you're not rooting for that, are you?
Again, it's the context. She told him to kill himself because he's a racist.

If her tweet was "idubbbz is a racist loser who should lose all his subscribers" instead, never once mentioning "kill yourself" or leg-breaking, he would've done all the same things. The "kill yourself" part is completely irrelevant. He never harped on that.

I'm not gonna say he isn't an asshole necessarily, but he's not a hypocrite.

>implying he's only said "niggerfaggot" once
I know he's said it way more than once. I'm just saying it's part of his Youtube character because of how it originated.

>not having any actual interaction with black people

Lol, great argument.

I don't personally think anything you listed is racist or indicate he is racist since they're jokes and done in the context of sketch comedy. I'm not gonna get into an argument about that though, so I won't mention "is/isn't a racist" again. I just don't see any hypocrisy.

No. 250244

>Does lolcow "ruin" innocent people by criticizing them or discussing shitty content of theirs? I could call you hypocritical by saying you're trying to OMG RUIN IDUBBBZ'S CAREER!!! by posting in threads like these, but it's really all the same thing. It's perfectly valid freedom of speech, just like any of his Content Cop critiques.

That is an insanely terrible argument.

Ian has almost 4 million subscribers who are painfully loyal to him, scarily so. There is one guy who has shown a consistent habit of pettiness, insecurity and immaturity who STRONGLY influences close to 4 million people and all of YouTube as a whole. EVERYBODY on that platform is riding his dick hard because of his current popularity. He gets a pass for everything. Everything he does is praised, 24/7 asspats, just because it's him. He's not held accountable or criticized by his peers.
Ian has an INSANE amount of power and he does not use it responsibly. That is fucked.

Lolcow does not influence the internet nearly as much as you think it does, I seriously doubt it influences the internet like /b/ does and it's not as if we're setting out on a raid like they do, either. This is a thread where different people discuss their takes on a certain subject, we aren't purposefully setting out to ruin Ian's career, we aren't descending onto his fan's Tumblr's and somehow successfully changing their minds about him. We do not have the power that Ian has.

We don't hold sway over a significant portion of the internet, but ONE IRRESPONSIBLE, PETTY GUY DOES. That should worry you.

No. 250248

>I'm not gonna say he isn't an asshole necessarily, but he's not a hypocrite.

Read the fucking thread(s), moron.

No. 250250

You're right, it's not a good comparison and I shouldn't have made it. He has much more power because of his audience. I'm just saying that I think criticism of anyone who puts themselves out there falls under fair free speech, just like anything posted here.

No. 250251

>nearly 900 posts in
>still mostly filled with infighting

No. 250252

Oh, you're one of those "he's playing a character!!" people. You seem to have little understanding over everything that's happened thus far and it's pointless arguing with someone who only knows a smidge of what has passed these last few months and who doesn't even watch his other videos or his vlogs.

No. 250254

Just because lolcow doesn't have a huge audience doesn't make us any better. Just far less influential. Plenty of people have found this site, seen us talk shit on someone, and have gone, "gee I didn't realize so and so was such a scumbag, I'm unsubbing." That's what happens when Ian's rabid fanboys see his CC's, just on a far more massive scale.

No. 250255

Well yeah you're right, I pretty much have just seen his CC videos and a few others. I could be missing other hypocritical things he's done. I just don't think him saying "kill yourself" makes him hypocritical for going after Tana because they're said in completely different ways and that's NOT why he attacked Tana.

No. 250256

Everything was back on track till >>250178 showed up and refused to stop despite getting rekt repeatedly and knowing fuck all about what they're talking about.

No. 250259

This is sort of a problem with Youtube in general. Almost all Youtube fanbases are completely cancerous, and they'll follow their dear leader's opinions and likes and dislikes like a cult.

No. 250260

Ian absolutely has the right to free speech, that goes without saying. Nobody here is trying to censor him, we're criticizing the man on what is seen as irresponsible behavior. When you hold sway over that many people, you have to use that power responsibly, you can't lash out impulsively because your feelings are hurt. 4 million people, plus the countless people who are going to just discover you due to this new video, are going to follow your lead, even if you were wrong. None of your peers are going to call you out or defend the person because you're the golden boy. That's when you need to stop and think about how much power has recently landed in your lap and you owe it to others to be smart about it.

No. 250262

That's why the two aren't comparable imo. You can't really compare "this person I'm a fan of is pretty shitty now that I've read all this stuff on them, I'm unsubbing" to "I'm going to attack this person I've never heard of before because some guy I watch on the internet ~roasted~ them."

No. 250263

>because they're said in completely different ways

No, they're not. You can't go "oh Keemstar's a shit so it doesn't count when Ian tells him in all seriousness to kill himself", because Ian is also a shit so him being told to "kill himself" has about the same amount of weight. You also specifically used this as a reason for Tana being targeted and deserving of what Ian did to her.

>I think it's different because he didn't just pick Tana out of the air as an easy CC target. She initiated it by, apropos of nothing, shitting on him on Twitter and telling him he should kill himself

You can't even be consistent in your argument anymore.

No. 250266

I wish someone would make a vid exposing Ian and Anisa (bonus points if you call it "Pearhead Police").

No. 250269

Yes but you can swap "kill yourself" with any other phrase for intense dislike. People say kms/kys all the time nowadays because it's almost always used figuratively.

"Idubbbz is a disgusting motherfucker and I hate him" or whatever carries the same kind of weight. I didn't mean it like her using that specific combination of words made her deserving, though I see why you think I meant it that way. As I said in >>250243, if her tweet was "idubbbz is a racist loser who should lose all his subscribers" I'm 99% sure he would've done all the same things.

As for whether he uses it ironically or unironically (a separate issue since that's not what he went after Tana for and that's not what my problem was), even though the Keemstar one was pretty unironic, it's maybe too edgy even for him but still pretty justified given what a douchenozzle Keemstar is.

No. 250272

Believe me, I've considered doing it, but I don't have an established channel. It would fall into the deepest bowels of YouTube. If it DID pick up any traction, I'd be set upon by all of the insane Ian stans. I'd get doxxed, I'm sure of it.

That's part of what I'm saying about throwing your power around like he does, by using Content Cop like a weapon and proving to others you're willing to seriously, negatively impact their life if they irk you in some way, you silence any opposition that could have some sensible things to say when you go too far. You make people afraid. He's a bully and his fans are fucking crazy, that's what happens.

No. 250273

>it's maybe too edgy even for him but still pretty justified given what a douchenozzle Keemstar is
>it's maybe too edgy even for her but still pretty justified given what a douchenozzle iDubbbz is

Stop riding his dick.

No. 250274

It's easy to not get doxxed if you just make the account on a throwaway email with an alias. Also, plenty of no-name Youtubers have gotten big from videos like that, so even if it started off with no hits it could get traction if the video's actually good.

No. 250276

So you're saying it's okay that Ian did this incredibly petty thing despite being a hypocritical asshole who has been told worse by others and is basically dating a brunette version of her? You have tripped over yourself and moved several goal posts trying to justify this whole mess and make him infallible, please try to spare what little there is left of your dignity and stop ruining the thread.

No. 250286

There's been no goalpost shifting. As I said, my problem was not with Tana specifically saying "kill yourself" to him or anyone. So even if he went and literally murdered Keemstar, it's irrelevant to anything I brought up. All I said is she deserved it because she threw shade at him first, and accused him of being a racist.

And is it petty? Sort of, but it's not really just a vendetta since he had so much material to work with. I'd say enough material to make a Tana CC even if she didn't attack him. If he made a video about everyone who insulted him, it'd be a different story.

Dating Anisa does seem pretty hypocritical of him and I can't speak to anything else he's said or done.

No. 250287

I'm, like, possibly the least tech savvy person out there, so I'm not sure how hard it is to obtain somebody's IP address, but I know making a throwaway email with an alias wouldn't stop anybody from finding that.

How fucked is it that random assholes like me have to seriously take that into consideration. His fans are so unhinged and have such misplaced loyalty, I could put my loved ones at risk.

To any Ian fans reading this thread, think about that. Think about the overall attitude that Ian fosters within his audience. They could swarm my partner's job with phonecalls or some shit, there could be real life consequences…all because I had the gall to call out their favorite memelord. Or, hell, I could directly incur Ian's wrath and his recklessness could set off a lynch mob mindset.

I'm so grossed out that Ian's created this unhealthy environment on this platform. The second any established YouTuber wants to call him out on something, they'd have to worry about their livelihood. UGH. IT'S SO GROSS. This is supposed to just be fun entertainment, not Putin's Russia where any dissenting voices are punished.

No. 250288

Even if someone has your IP address, they can't dox you from that. All they can learn from that is your location within like a 10 - 60 mile radius. And also, they couldn't get your IP just from making a channel unless you click a link someone sends you or something.

No. 250290

Oh, damn, learn something new everyday.

I'm gonna think about it now. I don't have any film equipment besides a mic, so I could just hobble together some shit and do a voice over (which would be smarter anyway). I vaguely remember how to edit a video, I had to do it for a job a few years back. The real thing I have to think about is quality, like, could I personally make a good enough argument and not make an ass of myself.
It's definitely worth considering.

No. 250291

> but it's not really just a vendetta since he had so much material to work with.

What difference does that make? He sought her out because she told him off. She most definitely wasn't on his radar before, she was off on her own corner of youtube. He ruined her and specifically went to her to do the "SAYYY NIGGER" thing because she called a white boy out for saying "nigger" all the time (which he does casually, not as a "character"). That is absolutely petty of him.

No. 250293

File: 1486973354513.jpeg (235.61 KB, 584x412, nice_one_Ethan.jpeg)

Guhhh. Ethan fanning the flames AND taking advantage of the anti-Tana mob mentality. So classy. So charming.

No. 250294

These "men" are children. This whole youtube drama shit is just fucking high school.

No. 250298

Anyone who says "Well, she deserved it! She called Ian a racist, wished he'd break his legs+lose all his subscribers and KILL HIMSELF", seriously, stop. She's a total asshole for dropping N-bombs a few years ago, she's pulled some dick moves, but this shit is going to follow her around forever. Somebody who might've otherwise have hired her, years from now, might find a whole slew of memes that just portray her as a racist. That's not a fair punishment for mistakes she made when she was 15. If we all were held accountable for every shitty thing we did as teenagers to this degree, all of the Ian stans would suddenly change their minds about how fair this is.
This doesn't just effect her channel, this effects her whole life. She was already exposed for the n-word shit, Ian didn't do that, but Ian just spread this shit across the internet like wildfire. Just because she pissed him off, he made her the "SAAAAAAY N!GGER" girl.

No. 250299

I wasn't exactly talking about the Tana thing specifically, but just the current climate on youtube that has been getting worse and worse with every month. These are grown (incredibly imbalanced) men starting or getting into petty arguments and "beef" with other youtubers over fucking everything. Leafy, Keem, Pyro, Ian, Max, Ethan, Ricegum, Jontron, etc. they all behave like teenagers. The fact that there are millions of people out there who adore them is alarming.

To Tana's credit, she's at least acknowledging on twitter that she fucked up rather than trying to pretend like nothing has happened. Seems like the vitriol she's getting is more pronounced than the shit Leafy got, which is weird considering I doubt most of Ian's followers even knew who she was before this.

No. 250304

>Seems like the vitriol she's getting is more pronounced than the shit Leafy got, which is weird considering I doubt most of Ian's followers even knew who she was before this.

Tana probably reminds them of the popular girl that bullied them in middle school.

No. 250305

Oh, I know, I was just looking at that meme Ethan posted because "LOL FUCK HER, LOL ATTENTION" and thinking about how 20 years down the line, somebody she doesn't want seeing this is gonna see it (or other, similar memes).

The whole commentary genre is a fucking cesspool of petty, immature dudes. They spend all of their time switching up between lashing out at strangers and then lashing out at each other. I haven't seen this kinda drama since my late teens, but some of them are in their 30's and loving every second of it. None of them try to talk to their fans about not being a mob of mindless assholes, maybe 1-2 of them make a point to say "Hey, don't attack this person", none of them talk to their fans about thinking they're infallible. Like, Joji does, but he's moved away from being a commentary channel and, to my knowledge, has stayed out of YouTube beef. The rest of them are toddlers.

>Tana probably reminds them of the popular girl that bullied them in middle school.

Yeah, I said at some point ITT that I'm sure Ian felt some kind of wicked glee shitting on Tana and turning 90% of YT against her because she was probably the kind of girl who'd have asked out on a date as a joke and made him go home and cry while still jerking off to her.

No. 250318

It's probably a mix of that and the fact that she's being used as some sort of symbol of SJW oppression. Like if they "defeat" her, they will have saved freedom of speech forever and will now be able to use slurs with impunity.

No. 250325

I think about how Ians fanboys are always "buhhh, muh free speech!" When free speech goes BOTH WAYS. People like you have just as much a right to call out Ian and Anisa as Ian has a right to call out anyone. The only difference is that you could get really fucked up from it, and its just because these retarded fans could actually do real damage! Like, theres a huge difference between free speech and harassment and these fucking sheep don't know that.

No. 250326

Oh, that's definitely a part of it. Ever since the Tana CC dropped, I see white fans using the n-word, partly because it's a meme now and partly because Ian used his basic, suburban white dude "You're giving it power by choosing to be upset" justification to give them permission to use this word. They seem giddy about it. Doesn't seem to occur to them that a white dude doesn't get to be the authority on that, even if Ian was black, it wouldn't be his place to speak for all black people by deeming it suddenly fine to say.

Tana was a nice dummy for them to take out their anti-SJW/progressive left anger on. She doesn't really know what she's talking about, she's not very smart to begin with, she seems like a perfect example of virtue signaling. They can easily beat her in an argument and cheer about showing up those idiot liberals. If Ian ever had to debate an educated, progressive, black person on the subject, he'd most likely lose. Terribly. She was a convenient stand-in.

No. 250333

Samefag. I also have noticed certain things Ian does that encourages groupthink within his fanbase. Onision was recently criticized for how he stresses anybody who disagrees with him is an idiot, which subtly pressures younger, easily influenced fans to think "I don't want to disagree with him because that would mean I'm an idiot."

Ian does the same thing. He's so sure of himself when he discusses certain things, he comes across as smart, he points out how his enemy is so stupid, so when his impressionable fanbase, which is filled with younger and younger fans everyday, see a 26 year old guy they're weirdly loyal to telling them why he's absolutely right about something with a very confident, smug tone and stresses how dumb (whichever person he's shitting on currently) is, the fans think "I don't want to be dumb, I want to be smart and right, I want Ian to like me."

I don't think he's trying to do that, I don't even think Onision was consciously doing that, but it creates that dangerous mob mentality. Nobody wants to be the one person who's wrong, they don't wanna feel stupid.

No. 250348

File: 1486981697569.gif (2.64 MB, 515x394, 156787654356789.gif)

I wonder what would happen if Joji had a falling out with the other 3. Not like a massive youtube drama thing (Joji would never), but if he just quietly stopped following their social media or working with them. Their fans, particularly the tumblr ones, would notice and there's some overlap between his and Ian's fanbase. Would it cause a civil war? Would it be the one thing that could possibly get people to turn on Ian, or at least examine his behavior more critically?

No. 250351

I honestly feel like Joji is already moving away from the group a bit. It might just be because he's focused more on his music, they might just be growing apart or he's realizing they're dicks. I've always felt like Ian was more invested in the friendship than he was, anyway. Also, Joji's more liberal, like he went to the Women's March and has expressed opinions that lean more left while Ian is more right-wing. Not conservative, not really alt-right, just more "I want to say slurs and feminists are the worst". Before, you could have those friendships and politics wouldn't get in the way, but these day it's harder.
Chad's moving away from the group and is more focused on Baited and Cyr and such. Ian's blowing up and Max is riding his dick the whole way. I think they're naturally drifting apart.

I wish Joji would say something; about his own fans, about Ian and about Ian's fans. It would cause an uproar from the Tumblrina fanatics. I could see 15 year old boys being very confused about which side to pick. I think it would cause some kind of hilarious Cancer Crew civil war. Youtubers would pick sides, Ian would bawww hard, fans would clash against clans. The shitty part of me wants it, now.

No. 250361

I feel like Joji says things by not actually saying things, so he might actually show where he stands on the whole thing, but it will fly over the heads of his retarded fans.

He did the video where Pink Guy beats on a Nazi, this comes after Richard Spencer got socked on camera, that clearly shows he's on the "Beat up nazis side" and not the "muhfreedom of speech!! Hateful violent libtards!! " his right wing fans are retarded and don't realise that it shows where he stands.

The picture he took in front of Hidden Figures.

He went to the woman's march and didn't tell anybody but wasn't afraid of being filmed or shown there.

I could be reading into things, but it seems to me he usually prefers not to completely verbalise what he believes because of the backlash it will cause and just shows it in his creativity and art.

No. 250363

Yeah, I actually know what you mean and I agree. Josh Pan is very clear about his take on slurs and racism and Joji's buds with him. I get the sense that Joji was fine with Ian calling him a "gook" because they were close enough where he was cool with him using it in a joking way, like Ian is right about context, but I can't imagine Joji seeing Ian justifying the n-word because "muh freedom of speech" without thinking he looked like an asshole. Anisa threw some mild shade at the Women's March by making some comment on all the signs left out in the rain and Anisa doesn't seem to have her own opinions, personality anymore, she's Ian 2.0, so I'm sure that's a reflection of his feelings on it. Meanwhile, Joji actually participated. Again, it's harder these days to maintain friendships when you have different political views and drifting apart with age is just a part of growing up and changing. Some of them are probably reaching that point where they think "Huh, eating hair cake and yelling shit just because it's offensive doesn't seem so clever anymore."

No. 250366

>I wish Joji would say something

He strikes me as the type who would rather avoid conflict so I don't see that happening. And yeah, he's definitely moderate to left leaning. One thing I appreciate about him is that he takes jabs at basically everyone, Tumblr SJWs and anti-SJW neckbeards alike. I knew something was up when he clarified at the end of that Feminist Bruce Lee vid that he's not ragging on feminism and that it's good for people to stick up for their rights. After being bombarded with all these commentary channels shitting on feminism, the fact that he went out of his way to say that even while playing Frank stuck out. Also,

>Filthy Frank is the embodiment of everything a person should not be. He is anti-PC, anti-social, and anti-couth

>the embodiment of everything a person should not be

I mean that says it all.

I think he's starting to grow out of that sense of humor. He said on that podcast with Anthony Fantano that he has way more fun doing stupid videos like Illegal Crawfish Racing with his friends and would rather do that than the edgy stuff.

No. 250370

Also it should be noted that the Filthy Frank accounts on twitter and instagram are run by about three of his friends, not just him.

No. 250374

I don't get the Hidden Figures reference. What is it about? I don't live in the US, so I don't know, sorry.

Also, I feel bad for Joji when Ian calls him a gook.

No. 250387

It's a movie based on a true story of three black women working as scientists for NASA who were very influential, but never recognized. That's what I've heard at least, I haven't seen it. It's something that anti-PC people would likely see as obnoxious, liberal propaganda. So Joji just posing in front of the poster was pretty weird. Since he seems pretty left of center, I assumed it was a little wink-nudge-nudge about his stance, I don't know if it was him poking fun as liberals or if it meant nothing was just sort of random for the sake of being random.

>Also, I feel bad for Joji when Ian calls him a gook.

Joji seemed fine with it and I thought it was probably because they were they all saying offensive shit BECAUSE it was offensive, they thought it was funny/edgy and Ian wasn't saying it to be mean or cruel.
Sad thing is, Ian probably took "My friend is fine with me using a racial slur, he's CHOOSING not to be offended, so all minority groups should do the same. Get over themselves, stop being PC, respect my freedom of speech!!!! and this means it's okay for me to use slurs" when, in reality, no. My partner and I will make crass jokes about me being jewish, but it's because I know he doesn't mean it in a bad way, it's a joke, and he'd never assume this gives him permission to say things that could hurt other people. It's a matter of tact, being sensitive, respecting other people's boundaries and appreciating the importance of human decency. Ian seems to think it's a battle between his freedom of speech and hyper sensitivity when it's just a matter of being a decent person who understands they're hurting people by using slurs willy nilly and encouraging kids to do the same. Just because your friend lets you call them that, it doesn't give you carte blanche. It's a case by case basis with people, they'll let you know their views on it, so his whole "IT'S ALL OR NOTHING" attitude is stupid. That's an oversimplification of a very complex subject.

No. 250391

Interesting to note that Joji has voiced irritation with the white subset of his fanbase before. He pointed out that a lot of them are hypocritical, in that they'll gleefully lap up any racist remarks made against POC, but the second Joji makes fun of white people as well, they all shit on him and hurl "hurr I bet you have a small dick, gook" insults right back. I think he does have issues with white people who aren't just as critical or self deprecating towards their own race as they are to others. Ian spouting racist slurs while not really showing any signs of criticism towards white people at the same time may be off putting for him.

>I don't know if it was him poking fun as liberals

He said he loves fucking with people, he probably enjoyed all the different interpretations and the "lmao he's being ironic, n-no way he saw that shit, w-what a troll" comments from the idiots who think he's an alt-righter. He did post that picture not long after unfollowing Jontron after the latter went on a rant against immigration and the women's march, so who knows.

No. 250397

File: 1486994240285.png (321.84 KB, 502x524, pearwoman.png)

Says in the video that she wasn't very attractive in this pic back when she had an ED but honestly this is the best pic of her I've ever seen.
Like beside her videos being cringy as hell she's just not easy on the eye at all.

No. 250399

I think it's the ponytail and clothing, it's a flattering look.

No. 250489

yeah the ponytail covers her pearhead

No. 250502

There's a difference between playing a character and playing up your persona for the camera.

Filthy Frank, Pink Guy, Salamander Man, ect.: Characters made by Joji.

Idubbbz: Ian playing up his personality for the camera. He overdramaticizes his reactions- he is not playing a character seperate from himself unlike Joji.

No. 250546

Oh, totally. He also makes fun of the anime fans who wants him to shit on jews, blacks, asians, disabled people, etc., but the second he touches FUCKING ANIME, they lose their shit.
It's either the same group of people or they just overlap with the "HAHAHA FUCKIN GOOKS HAHA…w-wait…w-what was that about white people not liking spicy food?? REEEEEEEE" fans. Oh god, how I love the bizarre hypocrisy of angry alt-right white dudes.



Joji just seems like a chill guy all around. I'm actually happy for his success. Seems like a well adjusted, cool dude.

No. 250561

Oof, oh no, that is a flattering pic of her. I don't wanna encourage an ED in ANYBODY, but some people (ugh, I'm the worst) have body shapes and bone structures that look best when they're very slender. When you're so straight up and down as she is, your frame doesn't carry weight at all. I can relate, I was shaped like a boy as a teen and looked best really skinny. When you've got a body like Scarlett Johansson, then you can be a bit chubbz and look fucking awesome. I feel like such a cunt right now.

I feel bad that she struggled with BDD and Anorexia, but I'm also a little bemused by how she thinks doing hardcore weight loss regimens that result in shedding pounds quickly while also trying to do that buddy system things that pro-ana girls love to do isn't her just falling back into the same habits. She'll lose the weight, then gain it back, then lose it and gain it back. You gotta be smart. I thought the 2-3 pounds a week thing was stupid/lame, but that's how you lose weight and keep it off. Surely as an expert in kinesiology and dieting and shit, she'd know that.

No. 250572

It's like they repeatedly cloned the same guy but it got more fucked up with each duplication. Who is the original; Who knows?

No. 250573


Give all the research to Leafy, he's used to having other people do his work, apparently. People will tune in so quickly to see Leafy going for a round 2. Plus, what would idubbbz come back with? Everyone exposed Leafy so badly last year I'm pretty sure we all know his social. He's got nothing to lose. Or hell, gift the info and idea to some other upcoming "commentary" YouTuber.

No. 250656

File: 1487028732211.png (Spoiler Image, 309.41 KB, 1242x1226, IMG_6224.PNG)

Shadman decides to draw Tana and Ian, nothing graphic but I still put a spoiler on it because it's Shad.

No. 250657


Saw it on /tv/ last night. I was expecting it to get progressively worse and worse but I guess he only drew those two. Thank god.

No. 250678

>My friend is fine with me using a racial slur, he's CHOOSING not to be offended, so all minority groups should do the same. Get over themselves, stop being PC, respect my freedom of speech!!!!

Ugh I bet that's exactly how he thinks. Doesn't help that Anisa is also encouraging him of this mindset.

No. 250679

Hate to sound full Leafy here, but Ian's hairline really is fucked and receding by the looks of it. Might be why he's going with bangs nowadays.

No. 250684


No. 250688

I won't be surprised if he draws loli Tana getting raped by Ian at gun/knife point because of her saying she was afraid if he had one.

Or some other depraved shit his fanboys are clamouring for.

In other news, Max is STILL uploading France "blogs on his second channel, pack openings on his Pokemon channel and games on his gaming channel, not a single thing in his main channel, because he knows people will call out him on not having any of the shit he promised out yet, the same shit people donated thousands to him for.

No. 250693

He probably knows Joji is his real meal