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File: 1507854309306.png (222.98 KB, 314x343, 1507531014904.png)

No. 402768

Last thread: >>>/snow/397551

Anisa-only thread, please. Non-pear related Youtuber discussion can go in the following threads:
Youtubers General Thread: >>260800

previously on:
>Anisa wishes she could go back to being Raihnbowkidz
>admitted to having dated her ex when she was 22 and he was 17
>streamed with Chris and ragequit when chat made her cry by not believing he when she said Ian liked her content, blamed it on PMS
>decided she wants to go back to school, thinks she's good enough to get into CalArts
>nearly cried on-stream again when she talked about quitting streaming for school and how people only watch her to see her fail
>continues to fail at veganism, constantly updates her followers on how she NEEDS meat and feels weak from not eating meat
>attempted to sound "educated" during a twitter debate about veganism, just sounded like an idiot
>constantly spews idiotic opinions about veganism, then tries to paint the people correcting her as "loud and angry"
>"the idea of going vegetarian is looking very tempting to me, only eating meat if I know the farmer" ANISA PLS
>cried on stream AGAIN while reminiscing about the height of her streaming career
>Is in San Diego for 6 months, estimated to be kicked out in April


No. 402772

File: 1507854922777.jpg (110.44 KB, 928x549, Anisa Jomha Sexy Idubbbz Girlf…)

No. 402776

“lyin hoe juice”
LMFAO y’all kill me

No. 402794

Also tears of her exes

Someone make that one too pls

No. 402797

I hope Idubbbz pays for her surgeries cause holy fuck.

No. 402800

legitimately scary.

No. 402802

:D you used my lyin hoe juice edit as the thread pic I'm honored

No. 402842

After writing 3 midterms this week, all I have to look forward to is the video y'all is workin on. Bless.

No. 402852


I don't know. She seems to be improving lately. No milk.

No. 402873

Eh. Disagree entirely.

No. 402879


Then make her interesting. Please.

No. 402881

Say a prayer for our fallen brother poopykins88… they have officially been banned from anisa’s stream. RIP.

No. 402887

Why did they film the Las Vegas strip from a hotel room in the content deputy, She said they drove 5 hours to just get that shot last minute. The excuse to drive there was to see post Malone but they could have filmed him alone, the view of the strip from the hotel window was unecessary.

No. 402888

Playing with the recent tragedy, duh.

No. 402889

Yeah, I figured. Tasteless whores.

No. 402890

>streamed with Chris and ragequit when chat made her cry by not believing he when she said Ian liked her content, blamed it on PMS

Could someone elaborate on these? Don't remember when this happened, can't find any mention of it in the last thread.

No. 402933

File: 1507888469988.jpeg (158.18 KB, 1237x748, 026D6336-CD62-46ED-BAEB-196710…)

Bitch learns fast from Idubbbz. Someone calls you out for being dumb and misinformed, just say it was a joke.

You can see on her other tweets regarding that video, she’s totally not joking.

No. 402934

Trying to impress armouredskeptic, typical pear

No. 402942

You won't be disappointed, it'll be worth the wait.

No. 403008

File: 1507905408064.png (69.29 KB, 710x752, anisa.png)

from idubbbz discord

No. 403088


That maxdron guy in that discord just explained how I feel about the relationship between Ian and Anisa, except for the edgy and racist Jewish/Terrorist comment (nice fans Ian). How could a giant edgy memelord who willingly vomits on camera like Ian and some "positivity & love" person like Anisa be in a relationship? I guess Anisa was right after all when she replied to a comment on one of her youtube videos by saying that opposites attract because this shit makes my brain shit itself. Or maybe she is in a relationship with him for all the 'benefits' whatever those may be or maybe I'm missing something completely.

I guess not even the Untouchable iDubbbz can be free from critisism; he is in a relationship with the infamous Raihnbowkidz and all these threats here are enough evidence if one wants to call her out for her flaws and shittyness.

It is evident that big-time fans of iDubbbz fully despise Anisa.

No. 403096

Yeah, she is just forcing the relationship but Idubbbz is an adult so he should be able to notice it and end it too, so don’t feel sorry for him.

And yeah, all these subs she’s going to make a video for… i’m guessing she’s forcing people to send her stuff since she doesn’t have a real following. Her fans hated her when they noticed she was ugly, idubbbz’ fans hate her, her own friends avoid her… but oh well, let’s give her another week for her to force enough people on her 50k video lol. That video will show all her new subs how much of a lazy uncreative leech she really is.

No. 403126

>How could a giant edgy memelord who willingly vomits on camera like Ian and some "positivity & love" person like Anisa be in a relationship?

It's almost like she's trying to copy Chris and Laci's dynamic that people online kept glamorizing. Because you know Pear's history of copying others.

No. 403128

It's not in the last thread but the one before. She has deleted the stream since then.

No. 403132

lurk more newfag

No. 403168

>wtf why is idubbbz with normies??
Are they for real? idubbbz is as normie as you can get.

No. 403169

>I was only pretending to be retarded

No. 403176

File: 1507929307628.jpg (194.82 KB, 1213x2048, IMG_4444.JPG)

No. 403192

he's essentially dating a female ricegum. in terms of narcissism and delusion they're on similar wavelengths #peargum

honestly so grateful i found this board. i was gonna make a stupid ~content cop~ on this guy he makes me THAT mad… i hate his enabling of edgelords and his misguided preachiness about fwee speech!!1! .. but i think the collaborative thing yall are working on will probably be more effective

No. 403198

It's pretty good so far. Will be worth the wait. The milk will flow soon enough, if we get the right audience.

No. 403210

No, they're not nearly similar.

Ricegum's actually successful.

No. 403217

Well don't forget that people are different when they're not behind the camera. On the H3 podcast Idubbbz seemed a lot more reserved and demure and probably has trouble with girls. He's probably irl a lot more like his super early videos we got a snippet of in Ricegums video. I can see them legitimately getting along irl, she probably laughs at his jokes and makes him feel validated, but it still doesn't make her any less of a retard and a mooch.

No. 403360


these actually look so good i'm jealous… how hard is it to make a cup?(this is an imageboard)

No. 403545

Looks like Sky is leaving youtube. We'll never see his video :(

No. 403556

hey anisa I know you lurk I'll take back every mean thing I've said about you if you hook me up w/ some of that cheesecake

No. 403561

gtfo this isn't an anisa "i love you" club reee out you filthy stans!

No. 403568

I'll throw all my morals away for a lil cheesecake dude I ain't give a fuck

No. 403571

might as well sell your soul to that devil pear then.
rip anon

No. 403613

Kek this thread is dead

No. 403614

thank the two anons who sold their souls to the devil pear for some cheesecake

No. 403702

Yeah, the milk's getting stale. Pear's last video was boring and she hasn't had much milkworthy stuff lately.

No. 403716

Maybe she's trying not to do anything milkworthy knowing this place lol

No. 403720

File: 1508004537439.png (116.79 KB, 1136x446, Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 11.0…)

look no further ladies
>always looking for a chance to mention her bf edups

No. 403916

File: 1508029497422.jpg (36.12 KB, 599x593, 6QaAHE2.jpg)

No. 403917

File: 1508029504300.jpg (58.14 KB, 600x800, gHWjAEd.jpg)

No. 403918

File: 1508029511615.jpg (99.84 KB, 1126x739, lol.jpg)

No. 403919

File: 1508029517391.jpg (53.51 KB, 837x612, writingonherselffordonations.j…)

No. 403923

if you have these pictures you must be pretty close or were pretty close to anisa, man thanks for the contribution do you have any juicy gossip for us?

No. 403925

ntayrt but read the file name, its from insta

No. 403926

If this is Akaadian, she's a nasty hoe for what she did to you. If you have anything else please share…we could use these in our exposee' LMAO

No. 403928

She posted nudes on 4chan back in the day (without her face though) but I haven't saved those.

No. 403929

No. 403930

Can't tell you more, just know that she's a very desperate person who flip flops between things constantly and was (is) desperate for attention.

No. 403931

How do you know it was her?

No. 403932

this thread has been drying up like a sahara desert, thank you for these! Thumbnail for expose vid or nah? just kidding lol

No. 403933

Because she cried about being scared that someone would expose it back then. She was paranoid about it.

No. 403942

I'm new to this thread, can someone explain to me why a guy like IDubbbz who I thought was at least somewhat intelligent would end up with a girl like Anisa?

How did that happeN?

No. 403943



also learn how to sage please

No. 403944

were not gonna spoon feed you newfag, go lurk at older threads

No. 403951

Someone needs to send her these. We don't know her lurk schedule and I need to make sure she knows we have these.

No. 403952

I bet she knows and I bet she is loving every second of it, since thats what she is known for. for being a nasty hoe

No. 403995

File: 1508045431351.png (953.46 KB, 930x596, bbccddc71faed57610821df6676f98…)

And the mirror photos are back

No. 403996

File: 1508045478165.png (865.06 KB, 598x599, b4cb26facd8c4af1d73a8d1aa26266…)

No. 403997

File: 1508045518819.png (882.46 KB, 598x599, 410a068238f8bc7a5b4b8e4e8999ee…)

No. 403999

Girl fix your damn hair. She looks like trailer trash here.

No. 404012

Probably the tattoo

No. 404014

lol where did you get these anon

No. 404042

send them to edups lol

No. 404046

Her body looks nice here. This was during her supposed anorexia phase? Her bmi looks like a normal 19/20, she would never have been diagnosed without a bmi below 17.5. Unless she has OFSED (Other Specified Eating Disorder) but i doubt it cause even then her skin would be bad, rings under eyes etc. Her smug face doesn't exactly say 'i'm about to faint'

No. 404047

Right Anisa, you're so pleased with the weight loss!! Except, i thought when you went vegan for that whole 20 minutes you were worried about your ~sudden drop in weight~ incase triggered a ~relapse~….
Most recovered anorexics try to not obsess over their weight, she's setting a really bad example to those who actually believe she has had anorexia.
Are you recovered from an ed, or are you an image obsessed crash dieter? Which is it Anisa? She gives the vibe of the latter.

No. 404048

I agree that she looks pretty good. I have the same body type and unfortunately it only really looks good when you're either really fit or really slender lol. I feel like she just got too lazy to keep in this shape and blamed it on an eating disorder so people wouldn't criticize her for gaining weight. The thicker and longer hair helps a lot too.

No. 404053

Yeah I get the feeling she put on weight and used ~recovery~ as an excuse. I would feel more sympathy toward her if I actually believed she was anorexic, but I really don't believe it at all. For one thing, we know she lurks here. She's like the biggest lurker here lol she's seen alllll the comments calling her out on her ana lies, if she really was diagnosed she would of by now hit us with some sort of evidence to prove her case, but she hasn't. If she really had it, the anorexic in her would make her want to prove she's not lying ie show documents or talk about the recovery process. The biggest factor that pisses me off in with her mental illness fantasy is how blase she is about how she actually recovered…Does she think it's helpful to act like anorexics just magically get better without professional help?

No. 404066

Someone ask her to do another vegan update video lol

No. 404093

check the tattoo retard if you look at her other pictures thats the same tattoo of the two birds

No. 404158

If it is from Instagram, damn anon must've done some really far digging. Maybe someone should try to confirm, we need some more cpntext2 to this.

No. 404238

She's looking a lot more better. Her body looks more slim, her face looks a little less masculine, her traps are looking less trappy (but maybe that's just posing like in >>403996 ). I'm glad she's making some improvements.

No. 404291

agree that she slimmed down a bit, but. Her one arm is pulled back so it creates an illusion of a smaller frame - she still has her iconic traps, it's just a good pose to hide them. And imho her face looks plenty masculine here, reminds me of fucking Fred Flinston for some reason.

No. 404298

i'm all for self-love but posting three selfies in a row with different poses like that makes me cringe

No. 404299

wtf is she doing with her jaw lol

No. 404301

trying real hard to make it look slimmer

No. 404377

>I'm glad she's making some improvements.
get out please, this place isn't for you or your love of pears.

No. 404392

Agreed. And I feel quite the opposite. I had a good laugh cause she looks like she's gaining weight. No matter what the scale says, she looks bigger. It could always be those skin tight, yeast infected shorts and/or the "more refined, adult like" crop top. Again, her belly button grossed the fuck out of me.

No. 404396

also she is too old to be wearing those clothes, leave that to 15 year olds or 18 year olds. she is what? 24? she needs to start dressing more appropriate to her age and not like some autistic girl who is too old to wear certain clothing. she needs to buy new clothing because damn those shorts probably know what hell is like.

No. 404406

>trailer trash
Kek I honestly thought the same thing. Especially with the bold bra underneath. She looks like she fucked her cousin maybe once or twice. Had her boyfriend's baby at 14 and now she's a stay at home mom while he works at the supermarket. Probably has a shotgun and beats her. She flirts with the mailmen and other men in hopes that they'll save her and whatnot.
''Tis the life of trailer thrashnisa

No. 404420

Wasn't she complaining a week ago that she had gained weight from being vegan and it had made her so unhealthy????

No. 404436

I hate how she fakes being thin with that more than likely lie of not being able to fit in those shorts before just for validation of not being a wide ass trap linebacker (which she is). The clothes are too tight/slutty on her.

No. 404445

The creepy thing is that you can tell what she's trying to accentuate by her gaze. Example: picture three, she doesn't notice how big her arm looks cause she's looking at her boobs

No. 404458

Her beefy arm spoils the thin illusion imo.
Also yeah those clothes would look okay on a teenager but she makes it look so trashy and slutty it makes the whole outfit look gross.
Those fucking shorts need to be thrown into a fire they are so yeasty you could bake a loaf down there

No. 404471

this shit is why this dumbass thread is auto-saged now. good job on putting a potential cow down the shitter with your 14 year old third world nitpicking

No. 404485

Whatever we do, we will be autosaged, so who cares? Milk was flowing, we were disciplined and still mods stated clearly there's no helping it. So I guess we can nitpick a bit, dear condescending-chan.

No. 404523

If you don't like it gtfo. This thread is autosaged cuz mods hates us. There use to be a time where we started behaving better and milk was great but our dear mods told us that was not enough we needed "valuable milk" if you were in this thread long enough you would have known this so gtfo newfag

No. 404590

>14 year old third world nitpicking

Cause only real wimmen have "curves".

No. 404596

do you mean first world nitpicking?

No. 404618

Stop with he fucking infighting. Since idubbbz tagged anisa on his video, we've had a raid of jealous 14 year old Ian stans. (Hence why discord was made) it makes this shit less fun and more rummaging through spastic bullshit to find someone on fucking topic

No. 404652

nobody cares, go cry more. I bet you're the same faggot who was bitching about the nitpicking. Blame the mods if we were off autosage and bans werent ridiculous the discord wouldn't exist in the first place, think about it for a bit. Mods hates us and want this thread to fail and that is all.

No. 404659

Oh boo hoo your thread isn't gonna make it to pt, you poor baby.
Oops forgot to sage!

No. 404662

And I don't care about nitpicking (love it, in fact) so different anon, sorry sweetie

No. 404663

lol I am actually defending you idiots

No. 404709

50k vid released babies!

No. 404715

File: 1508186625388.png (49.4 KB, 640x360, IMG_5967.PNG)

Her plan To get into CalArts will include begging I'm sure.

No. 404717

lmao about four preteen girls and a greasy neckbeard sent her congrats videos. I'm depressed.

No. 404724

I'm glad she's self aware that her art is shitty and she needs someone else to make a quality end card for her(which I doubt she'll credit them well).

What I don't get is how she has no shame in this as someone who wants to go back to art school? Like is she even trying to get better?

No. 404728

only 3 mins of duration
man Anus Pear has been getting and lazier and lazier here. haha most of the "fans" are idubbbz pre-teen fan girls and basement dwelling neckbeards. lol what is this shit? this is why god dont talk to us boyz

No. 404783


Is she only wearing panties with that disgusting hoodie? Such a class act!

No. 404789

is this like an american way of writing numbers or something but since when does 50k have 5 zeroes? kek

No. 404814

She's Canadian, dammit! Don't bring us into this!

No. 404821

No, she's just retarded

No. 404840

Someone post this on idubbbz reddit

No. 404846

It's very clear she was trying to make it rainbow colors, the only problem being there aren't enough numbers to get at least ROYGBV (Indigo is usually OK to go without) so she added a zero, which is a very light purple in some parts of the video

No. 404864

What a stupid reason.

No. 404867

No!! She did it for the mEmEs!!! Haha she was just pretendin! She was referencing Raihnbowtits! Remember her?! Look at the growth!

No. 404879

Sure, it's not a good reason, but it's not worthy of getting misinterpreted as "look how stupid she actually is" but perhaps rather "oh look, she's one of those 'stupid on purpose is funny' people". If we're gonna nitpick, let's at least do it in a way that's reasonable

No. 404881

Considering she has misspelt other words she has written on her blackboard wall in other videos 'femininisim', the 50,0000 does make her look like an idiot, whether it was intentional or not.

No. 404883

Lol the discord is literally nitpicking and no one getting shit done. In the process of trying to expose Anisa these anons have become cunty snowflakes. I never thought I'd agree but women can't get any shit done lol. God bless the sole person working on the video I hope they don't lose their God Damn mind.

No. 404885

lol RIP. although to give them some credit I think anytime you assemble internet strangers for a project it's pretty much doomed to fail with one person doing all the heavy lifting.

No. 404898

If you're avid i hope you get a stroke, goodnight.

No. 404901

Now she used to play a large amount of instruments… oh god!

No. 404903

She's drinking on stream again and the bobbies are out

No. 404904

File: 1508211526940.jpg (316.73 KB, 1280x720, WP_20171017_00_34_30_Pro.jpg)

Hey, "the sole person working on the video here". Look, complain all you guys want and also thanks for the praise, but I'm definitely not doing this alone. If it wasn't for the people in the server, I wouldn't even have started any of this and I would be working with a black screen and no content. What I'm doing is merely occupying my free time, because most of my time is spent in my personal activities and college. Now. I would find your complaining fair if you, who is complaining, were also working on the video and "getting shit done". But if I would be the literal one person working on the project, wouldn't you also calling yourself one of the "cunty snowflakes" who only "nitpick"?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 404906

Yo imma fuck yo twink ass

No. 404907

Im not on discord but i love you. Thank you.

No. 404909

Wait is there a discord for this? Does anyone have a link?

No. 404910

Anisa on stream talking about meeting Ian
"I was super asexual"

No. 404911

someone needs to bring up the "nudes on lolcow"

No. 404912

Why do girls say this? Are they trying to fulfill their bf's gross fantasy that they only ever found them attractive? Shoe says the exact same thing, that she was asexual before meeting tubby.

No. 404913

No. 404915

argh shoe, fucking a fridge. He's cute but He let himself go.

No. 404916

i feel like some girls believe they need to say it to make their guys feel better about their sex skills. all my friends do the same.

No. 404918

Your skin is remarkable

No. 404926

Did you really just post your own face to lolcow? Anyway, good luck on finishing the video.

No. 404931

can somebody gib me da pussi pls!
thanks for the good work man!

No. 404942

No. 404950

Why does she think its ok to use their relationship as a way to get attention? No one wants to hear how 'asexual' you 2 were except for your virgin teen fans. Its really gross to give out personal information like it's nothing. How does she not feel any shame or embarrassment?

People are literally exploiting her for juicy insight on Ian. Ugh.

No. 404952

also the part where "ian watched her first" seems pretty bullshit to me

No. 404967

OH MY FUCKING GOD,when will this stupid hoe stop talking about her boyfriend in all her streams and wearing his stupid pink hoodie ALL THE TIME. It isn't her "fans" she should be thanking for the 50k subs, it's iDubbbz. I wish she were called out more for this during her streams. We need more anons clipping.

No. 405020

No. 405026

Great! More milk. They're going to find her nudes pretty soon

No. 405030

File: 1508244405698.png (46.47 KB, 640x389, IMG_5969.PNG)

Fav comment

No. 405081

something tells me getting all this hate from men is going to hurt her worse than hearing it from women seeing as she's shallow enough to think that we hate her purely out of jealousy.

No. 405099

File: 1508255713478.gif (226.86 KB, 600x600, 729.gif)

Damn, this is so satisfying to read. I hope all of this hate makes it's way over to Ian's subreddit. Maybe then he'll finally stop thinking with his dick, grow some balls, and break up with her.

Of course, because she has no identity outside of what men think of her. She thinks she's better than other women, but when it comes to men, she's willing to mold herself into whatever they want. Fucking pathetic.

No. 405101

It's almost like not all men become blubbering retards/whiteknights when they see a titty streamer like Pear wants to believe.

She also probably thinks dating Ian would protect her, especially now after his recent content cop boost. Shes getting way to egotistical and fucking up her 'nice girl' image.

No. 405107

Sadly, I think he’s in too deep now. (No pun intended kek)

They’ve been together a year and lived together off and on the entire year. He’s probably emotionally invested in her now and actually does have some sort of fucked up idea that he’s in love with her.

Like, dammit, my gf is a fucking fridge who spews out shitty content and contradictory statements on the daily, but I love her anyway

No. 405112

Approx. 51 minutes in her latest stream (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/182843045) she mentions how she thinks some of idubbbz' content is lazy before she tried to backpedal by claiming lazy content actually is a "good" and "neccessary" thing in order to produce great stuff (and how even she can put content out there that she's not happy with). Her intelligence is truly shooting through the roof, and what great work morale! Bet she'd make an excellent employee once the white knight neckbeards grow tired of shooting their load at her tits on their screen.

She also mentions going to see her loverboi Chris Ray Gun in LA later that same day.

No. 405186

fuck you cunt this wasn't me (avid)
i haven't been active on lolcow for a while so you can suck my dick..
I'm obviously not trying to rush anyone i go to discord occasionally to check on the video-making process

No. 405202

Sounds very angry in this clip. Like she has a personal thing against him. Like she tried to DM to get the twitch dick but he's too experienced and doesn't date toad looking hoes so he didn't bother responding or straight out rejected her.

No. 405204

That said, I'm assuming (by income and appearance) he dates pretty girls with lip injections and successful Instagram accounts. I have no actual idea who he dates

No. 405214

He's dating an ugly alien looking girl from a respected, wealthy family.

No. 405221

better than dating an ugly fridge body looking pear head hoe

No. 405245

You would think, but no.

No. 405246

honey this place is not for anisa stans so get your hoe ass out of here and go kiss some pear ass

No. 405287


ice poseidon responding to anisa's comments a

No. 405295

Jfc he sounds like such a douche bag

No. 405296

I'm not an Anisa stan retard, I'm just saying Ice's gf has texts of her cheating on him. Other people beside Anisa can be awful people too!, honeybooboobabydoll.

No. 405298

sure jan, pear ass is waiting for you to kiss it be on your way faggot

No. 405302

What is your problem? I think this is Pear posting trying to cause a stir/infighting.

No. 405304

File: 1508288059763.png (35.3 KB, 640x256, IMG_5970.PNG)

Just a reminder that pear is still desirable despite her head shape, face, body and personality !

No. 405305

I am not pear tho, it takes a special kind of retard to be pear, I just dislike when people defend her or try to make her look in a positive light when we all know she is a piece of trash

No. 405310

Saying another cheater is trash too is not defending Anisa tho.

No. 405331


oh fucking ew, she's so revolting

nobody wants the panties that have been crammed into those sweaty, yeasty, pissy jorts

No. 405365

File: 1508300599693.png (680.25 KB, 1088x454, Untitled.png)

Maureen or Anisa rather is lurking on the discord/lolcow.

She privated her account and removed most of her followers

Probably to cover up anisa/maureen shit talking laci

No. 405384

No. 405386

Literally who the fuck is this guy? Why is his fanbase so autistic?

No. 405412

he's one of the top twitch streamers. twitch content is fucking dumb and so are their users.

No. 405414

This old video recently went viral in the last 4 days earning 1 million views. The world now knows that idubbbz fucks around with his his autistic gf

No. 405474

The response to this is pretty positive and I don't fucking get why people lick idubbbz asshole so hard

No. 405731

after he CC'd leafy he gained a lot of his awful fans. and that combined with small cult/loyal fan base->explosion of popularity = you get a suddenly enormous horde of shitty awful die hard fans that ruin everything. e.g. rick and morty. Not that ian is or ever will that famous lmao. But each time he explodes in popularity the fans get worse and worse

No. 405757

File: 1508381162700.png (821.25 KB, 912x467, 3eddbaed4ea9f79f576e123f7dbecb…)

She's live

No. 405766

>hairstyles that accentuate her baldness
why does she do this to herself

No. 405809

Stream Highlight boyz

https://clips.twitch.tv/ObliviousPoliteHumanWOOP (donation spilling tea)

https://clips.twitch.tv/CloudyEmpathicBoarHumbleLife (pear talking about joji)

https://clips.twitch.tv/RepleteBlueGrasshopperJonCarnage (pear talking about not washing her hair for days)

https://clips.twitch.tv/RockyTalentedLegSoonerLater (pear responding to trolls and telling them what actually triggers her; her weight and face shape)

https://clips.twitch.tv/DarkFlaccidBorkAllenHuhu (pear lying about who asked to stop being a boobie streamer, apparently it wasnt Ian but "it was her dad who asked her to stop doing it" )

https://clips.twitch.tv/SarcasticFreezingAniseBCouch (pear calling boobie streaming "lazy work")

No. 405846

is her cooking pies on stream not lazy work?

No. 405865

File: 1508416152126.png (512.93 KB, 881x422, c382c59e84dc9356f231a3a7183c8f…)

Bless you anon.

So now she's saying she quit titty streaming because her dad forced her to (even though she is 24)???
And titty streaming was lazy work.

No. 405867

didn't she say she missed titty streaming or am i misremembering things?

and its kind of silly that she's calling ice lazy… the guy streamed 24/7 for a pretty long time, although now he's kind of taken time off… believe he has a gf or something. all this bitch does is sit in front of a camera and give her regurgitated opinions

No. 405869

It again seems like she changed her story based on our criticisms.

Anons have pointed out for a girl who grew up in a strict muslim household, she still was able to do things like titty streaming, drinking, being a hoe etc.

It didn't line up so now shes saying this because 1. It gives her an excuse to stop titty streaming 2. Makes her lies sound more believable 3. "Boohooo my daddy is meaaan ); give me pity".

No. 405905

https://oddshot.tv/s/4Ey6iE (bitch blaming the chat for the whole ice poseidon incident)

No. 406060

if i remember correctly her sister ratted her out to her dad about being a titty streamer and she ended up not streaming and getting kicked out for a bit. pretty sure she still isn't on good terms with the sister.

No. 406079

Speaking of, why doesn't she hang out with family since she can't get friends (wtf happened to cecily?)? Does her family hate her that much too? I'd hate her if I were related. In fact, I'd hate all of them. You google Jomha and the shit with threatening the coaches comes up. The whole household looks bad. It's funny that they don't even like eachother.

No. 406114

Lol looks like our lady anus pear made it in the newwwz boyz

No. 406124

I'm hoping poopykins88 is at twitchcon to go say hi to miss pear

No. 406131

My favorite is that he keeps referring to her as "idubbbz girlfriend" I'm sure that grinds her gears.

No. 406156

that comment section lmao. you know idubbbz's gf is going to read every single comment calling her ugly and fat and cry about them all.

No. 406168


this has been discussed here ad nauseam, but the way she tries to imitate ian's style of speaking and mannerisms is so fucking obnoxious

No. 406180

File: 1508467078177.png (77.15 KB, 809x532, dramaalert.png)

gotta love those comments
not pictured: idubbbz fans so delusional that they think he will do a cc on ice

No. 406266

it's seems like they deleted them all

No. 406315

File: 1508504147898.png (153.36 KB, 1530x876, Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 5.47…)

just thought id share a clip you don't need to be a smart ass rude bitch making "witty" insults.


nahh I've seen a bunch

No. 406335

File: 1508508445843.png (116.85 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5972.PNG)

In such a desperate need for asspats

No. 406347

>just thought id share a clip you don't need to be a smart ass rude bitch making "witty" insults.
not the anon you were replying to but they weren't insulting you at all…

No. 406360

Can someone post a NON expiring discord link

No. 406365

No, but here's an expiring one :^)

No. 406416

>this has been discussed here ad nauseam

No. 406435

they are introducing their thought. "This has been said a million times but…"

No. 406441

New video

No. 406450

Ik a lot of you guys hate Shoe but, on her second channel she made a long distance video a month ago and it srsly feels like Anisa watched that and stole everything she said.

No. 406468

god how does she manage to look so old and greasy, that make up is terrible she looks like a 40 year old mom

No. 406496

good video

No. 406515

wtf thats pear fax video cunt!

No. 406529

Why did you think this is a good idea?? Can a mod delete this??

No. 406548

tell pearfax to file a DMCA then, otherwise I think it's a good thing people are reposting it, it spreads around more

No. 406553

pear fax here they could have at least added something else but they just balantly uploaded my vid which is pretty scummy

No. 406555

i'd be hella pissed too and i'm annoyed myself, love your vids on there and discord, so fucking annoying that a fan of Anisa/Ian has made it look like Anisa isn't the one gettig roasted

No. 406650

thanks bb <3 yeah they actually deleted the comments like the cowards they are. lol the thing is that the video shows a different picture of what they are trying to convey in the title.

No. 406669

File: 1508551989150.jpg (98.24 KB, 768x1024, DMnwuQrUQAAgib3.jpg)

peat be looking like a tranny at twitch con

No. 406718

who's that next to her? she's balding worse than pear? is it k4iley???

No. 406723

File: 1508558382518.png (100.47 KB, 632x521, 6YicXt-uQ66xS2NGSHLLXw.png)

only took about a year to get that phat promo. also the whole anisa discord is legit zzzzzz I might make a server that is actually useful. :)

No. 406726

well anon it is friday and barely nobody is at home on a friday night

No. 406728

true here i am in bed wanting some spicy tea before sleeping. anisa doin better than me being at twitchcon with some random girl. should have brought idubbbz and he could have met akkadian who is there. :)))))(:))))))

No. 406729

kek!! hahaha that actually made me laugh! gg anon! oh yeah she doing better than us with that bald head of hers and that man looking body, she is goals for suree, maybe her and akadian and idubbbz and that other chick could have gone on a date together
~~~soo kawaii desu nee~~~

No. 406737


do you even know what ad nauseam means? it's neither rude nor insulting.

No. 406746

idk whats going on at the discord but when you post here can you not post like a 12 year old retard.

No. 406775

no need to be jealous friend just join uss

No. 406780

i have and just find it really kinda not up to the potential it could be? it's like a person that doesn't know how to use discord made it i'm guessing and has no idea how to run a server? no offense. just want to really do justice to this cow.

No. 406784

to be fair there is not a lot going on lol just some people making memes on the pear. but milk wise things are pretty stale at the moment, its not the discord owners fault everything that there is to know about pear chan here has already been discussed. no need to rehash things

No. 406807

File: 1508565726803.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4544.PNG)

oh no honey what is you doing

No. 406808

>>406807 holy shit she is not wearing shorts praise the lord.

No. 406813

bitch going on a night of dick hunting I see… lol bitch has no class

No. 406814

the gaping vag can breathe, hallelujah

anyone want to place bets on how long it takes her to find a popular streamer fuck at twitchcon? i give her one more day before she cheats on ian.

i'm just lol'ing because ~idubbbz gf~ was bitching about ian partying at vidcon and getting drunk, and that's all she seems to be doing lmao.

No. 406816

it's pretty hard to look bad in an outfit like that unless you're obese tbh, but she doesn't look bad here body-wise even if her face looks super ugly and more downs-y than usual. it's annoying that she's treating her dressing like that like anything less than what is though, which is going out for a hoe night. hoe nights are fine and they're fun and shit, but if you're going to hoe it up with your hoe friends, be a proud hoe, damn. and also be a fucking single hoe if you have a history of being unable to stop yourself from cheating.

can't stand posts like that with coy "i just liked the dress tehe ;)" captions. so annoying.

No. 406817

while showing her boobs and her hoe makeup skills. No wonder she didn't wanted to bring mr edups to the party lol it might ruin her hoe nights

No. 406819

i really can't help but wonder if ian is a legit cuck at moments like these.

No. 406821

same! I mean who would let their partner dress up like a hoe and go on a night to hoe around. first of all why would he let her go to twitchcon in the first place, god he really is a dog.

No. 406822

We all know what Anisa does when she goes to Twitchcon. The girl's on a mission to find new dick, as is her tradition.

No. 406824

yeah. i mean, if anisa could at all be trusted not to be a nasty skank and cheat on her boyfriends, and she were actually there to network with other twitch streamers and not just spend the whole weekend going out and being slutty when she has a bf, it would be completely fine. no one would bat an eye. but… there's something very very off here. ian knows the kind of person she is, and he must see the shit she's been posting today and tonight… idk how he could not be concerned and not see that as her being disrespectful of their relationship at the very least.

also, anisa said she was giving up on twitch so it honestly makes zero sense for her to be there unless she had ulterior motives like we know she did last year. maybe it really is >>406822 a tradition for her lmao.

No. 406827

Really hoping this finds its way to IcePoseidon's fans. They have experience with cheating hoes.

No. 406828

I wonder if she ran into Akaadian. He's there.

No. 406831

Isn't that Ian in the back of the photo?

No. 406835

File: 1508576178172.jpg (497.62 KB, 750x1071, IMG_7887.JPG)

She's so trashy

No. 406836

Lol no, it's kailey. They've been together all day. Ian didn't go with her to twitchcon.

No. 406837

kek who the fuck told her this was a good picture? lol that posture gurll, is she trying to audition for a porn tape?

No. 406839

She looks some kind of fucked up tbh.

No. 406840

the person is wearing high heeled booties, has girl's legs, and long hair in the reflection of the window anon.

No. 406841

lol for real! hahaha honestly…
Anus Pear I know you lurk the shit out of this place so here is something for you, those people that told you that taking this picture was a good idea aint your friends girl! get better friends!!!

No. 406865

All I can think of

No. 406877

I'm sorry but she looks like an old prostitute. She has no idea how to dress.

No. 406989

I can't wrap my head around her lack of self awareness. She honestly thinks she looks like an Instagram model or something when she's an extremely average frumpy looking girl trying to dress sexy but just ends up looking like a hooker. It's really sad.

Also that 'strict muslim household upbringing' sure is showing!

No. 406991

when did she complain about that? is there proof out there
also i thought ian didn't drink lol

No. 406993

she is just not like other girls anon

No. 407005

it's in one of her deleted streams. when vidcon came around people were asking about ian and what he thought of the shitshow it was turning into. i think someone asked if they'd see him there. she got visibly annoyed & upset and said no, because ian only goes there to party, and he was probably blackout drunk with max or something. and ian does drink, all you have to do is watch a single one of max's vlogs ian's featured in.

anyway, there's talk about anisa bitching about ian going to vidcon in that stream in one of the old threads. we were all wondering if ian would find a new golddigger to fuck there, and anisa looked worried about the same thing. right after, actually, is when she started copying beantay, so maybe she really was insecure about it.

No. 407006

you can tell she's one of those girls who will buy size 6 when she's a 10 just because she can just about squeeze into it. I think she's more a 12 anyway. Uk sizes I mean btw, lol it's so tight i can see the outline of her belly button, also why does her knees look so weird like just above the knees on the outsides…bad shoop any chance?

No. 407014

File: 1508606019217.png (1.21 MB, 750x1071, pearshoop.png)

i almost answered that she just has weird fat deposits on her knees, but then i looked at the pic again, and shit, it does look like a bad shoop. i wouldn't be surprised if she did a shitty drunken facetune tbh. on her left leg, the top of her calf is thin at the top of her boot and then just weirdly bulges out with fat above that. unless anisa has a tumor there, bad shoop. pic related.

and yeah, if i had to guess her size, i'd say about a US 6-8, which is about a UK 12 i think. she's gained a lottt of weight. maybe dressing like a hoe makes her feel thin again i dunno.

No. 407019

lmao, you can see the curving lines on the carpet where she pushed that spot in. definite shoop. what a weird thing to photoshop.

No. 407020

I don't see it. She has been working out and it looks like her thigh muscle flexing from trying to hold that unnatural pose for long enough to take what ended up being a shitty selfie anyway.

No. 407041

I don't see it either. But this dress and boots make her look huge. She looks fat. Plain and simple. And when anon pointed out the belly button thing, she suddenly looked bigger. This is why you don't go to Charlotte Ruse when you don't have the perfect body. She looks like a thot and her tits look tiny in comparison. This is probably her response to all the comments calling her ugly on keems video. She's definitely started to let herself go.

No. 407068

Might just be the darkness that gives the optical illusion of a warp, anisa is too fucking stupid and lazy to shoop

No. 407106

Agreed. What’s sad is that if she just bought clothes in the size she is (most likely US size 6) she would look so much better lol.
Average size here in America is literally a US size 10/12, she’s nowhere near that and is definitely more slender than most women. And yet they carry themselves better and look twice as good in their clothes because they are buying clothes their own size.

No. 407249


Was she never taught how to not look so…cheap? There are plenty of ways for a woman to look sexy/desirable and not look trashy, yet Anisa as no idea how. she thinks small tight clothes that show lots of skin/boob/ass = sexy when it doesn't, it makes her look as anons said, like a cheap hooker.

@ Anisa pls get some female friends, or at least someone who'll be honest and not let you walk around looking so gross.

No. 407254

File: 1508634763894.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5974.PNG)

No. 407256

File: 1508634926722.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5975.PNG)

I found who she got the dress for

No. 407259

The choker looks cute but goddamn Anisa please do something about those crusty lips and wobbly liner.

No. 407266

Their lips match… i wonder how her lip color got to his mouth.

No. 407286

Her neck is too fat/short for chokersl

No. 407296

isnt that tyler1 one of ice poseidon friends? hahaha wtf?

No. 407319

File: 1508640168527.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 91CF01C3-F314-4E0E-8818-A0FB50…)

Her damn muffin top in this pic… Anisa ffs get a pair of shorts that fucking fit you

No. 407347

File: 1508641668693.png (241.36 KB, 500x591, Pearhoe2016.png)

No. 407360


>>who would let their partner dress up like a hoe

you seriously need to grow the fuck up

No. 407362

not that anon but why are you here?

No. 407365

and you need to get the fuck out of here and stop trying to start fights with other anons here, I bet you're an anisa stan trying to stir the pot or something, so you grow the fuck up and stop being a nitpicking cunt. kys

No. 407373

Just report and ignore, no need to spam the thread with senseless infighting. It's proabably Anisa trying to distract us from the real milk so lets ignore and move on.

I guess she has been wanting to "meet" with this tyler dude, interesting…. I wonder if they did something else other than just "meet"

No. 407379

ruh rohh!
looks like someone is triggered, go back to tumblr fag :^)

No. 407385

tyler and anisa have been back and forth since she started streaming. he even drew her stuff at one point. I think they're like Chris and Anisa where there's a lot of back and forth flirting but nothing else

No. 407386

bummer that would have been good milk right there, but yeah why did she bothered to dress up so nice for a "simple night out" idk call it tinfoiling but there's something more to the story

No. 407387

I understand now why this thread is permasaged

No. 407389

twitchcon is just a drink/party con so her outfit isn't unusual, though it's not what everyone else is wearing if you take a look at the streams.

If you look in the picture she posted, her friend in the background isn't dressed up so its likely she just wore the dress to take pics and be done with it.

find something else to do with your saturday night, i heard crocheting is fun

No. 407391

she's having a ~girlz weekend~ including partying.

idk who else was there besides k4iley who i think is getting ready in the back of this pic >>406807 tho.

personally, i can't recall a single time any of my girls' weekends/nights out ended WITHOUT someone cheating on their bf tbh, even if it was just kissing. ESPECIALLY if guys those girls had flirted with - like anisa flirts with chris, tyler, etc. - before were with us. but maybe my friends are just hoes, iunno. but still, usually when girls in relationships escape for a weekend with their single friends and go out partyng, it's because they're bored/upset/unhappy with their relationship and want male attention. if you've been in a shitty relationship, chances are you know what i mean.

No. 407393

she wore it to go out, though. >>406835 was for sure taken later in the night given how smudged her makeup is. i doubt she put the dress on for a picture, took it off to go out, and then put it back on for another picture when she got back.

No. 407395

Absolute top kek
Y'all notice the craziest shit

Def think they "hung out" later that night

No. 407397

I'm not seeing any difference in her makeup. I'm sure it's just different poses

No. 407398

Crusty ass lips. Hoe needs some chapstick for that mouth, not more dicks

No. 407399

that guy looks like one of anisa's ex-fuckbuddies, jeff. also realizing anisa might be some weird racial fetishist. she said something in an old raihnbowtitz stream about liking "light-skinned chocolate guys" or something like that and it seems like every guy she casually hooks up with or flirts with is a POC. yet she only seriously dates white dudes. this is actually kind of fucked up.

No. 407402

nah I think she dated a black guy at one point. though I do cringe when people refer to brown or black people as "chocolate" lol.

No. 407421

usually everyone's tagging pictures of eachother by now so its
1)she went out with just whoever shes rooming with and didnt go hard
2)she didnt go out

No. 407428

or option no. 3: she's so irrelevant that no one knows who she is to be able tag her.

No. 407458

The fact that the threads are a trainwreck isn't enough to chase me away, anon. Because thankfully, Anisa is even more of a trainwreck.
And it's not Saturday night all over the world lol.

No. 407482

File: 1508666485120.jpg (180.93 KB, 900x1200, Ctyt1HIXgAAIxie.jpg)

This one is old. Seems like she's been interested in him for a while.

No. 407484

shit, she's always been big

i know she says she's 5'6, but even next to ian who's like 6'1 or something, she looks almost the same fucking height

how tall is this bitch? the height + linebacker body + manface make her legit look like a tranny, holy fuck

No. 407497

tyler is 5'6"
she does look kinda…wide though

No. 407524

k4iley is not at twitchcon. i'm a friend of hers and her social anxiety is too bad to go. she's also not associating with anisa anymore, for reasons unknown to me (other than the obvious).

No. 407529

Aww hell ye

No. 407534

File: 1508679855482.png (1.03 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5981.PNG)

She's with some new friend named lex

No. 407545


I saw k4iley in chat in anisa's most recent stream… Not sure if I believe you but thanks for the info!

No. 407570

that's why she's so pressed all the time. she's not cute and dainty like she wants to be. she just looks like fucking Shrek

No. 407604

That's from the Twitchcon where she cheated on Akaadian with Ian. Maybe she actually got 3 dicks that weekend.

No. 407669

nobody cares about loser k4ley tell her she is fucking irrelevant and only hangs with Anisa to gain her some fans but yeah bitch will always be ugly and irrelevant, not uglier than anisa but still more irrelevant

No. 407687

Tits look lopsided.
hi k4iley

No. 407826

Very wide.

No. 407847


Her tits are so lop-sided. And those lines around her mouth. Yikes.

No. 407874

No. 407878


you sound triggered. does daddie get cross when princess wears a skirt above the knee and call you a slut?

No. 407901

No. 407916

When will the video of her being exposed be posted and where will it be?

No. 407936

He's 5'6"? Well she's got her knee bent and still looks about an inch taller so lmao

No. 407965

File: 1508726395271.jpg (114.18 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8892.JPG)

Strained smile

No. 407987

Not gonna lie I like her outfit but wtf is wrong with her face (that can be said all the time)

No. 408012

The chloe moretz meme body type.

No. 408074

File: 1508745410096.jpg (74.11 KB, 1080x720, 2934982349.jpg)

glad I'm not the only person who thinks of the Buff Chloe Moretz meme when I see the pear's massive traps

No. 408242


At least Chloe has a pretty face.

No. 408258

Any video coming out on YT exposing her?

No. 408259


No. 408260


Ian should do a CC on her

No. 408875

File: 1508865979192.png (68.42 KB, 640x601, IMG_6001.PNG)


No. 408883

Hi hero this is your hacker, I am still watching you.(???)

No. 409817

No. 409821

No. 409840

File: 1509054780748.jpg (632.01 KB, 1069x1570, Screenshot_20171026-165013.jpg)

Ian looks so enthused to be drinking a basic white girl expensive coffee. Why isn't this bitch ever driving? I always see him driving in her snaps and etc.

No. 409848

Pear tries so hard to sound so much like her autist bf edupz. Like why so much commentary on pointless shit? "Im anisa listen to my monotone edgy im depresses voice"


No. 410036

i honestly don't think she has her license. i remember her talking about her mom driving her everywhere and taking her grocery shopping and dropping her off/picking her up at the gym and stuff. she also mentioned once in a stream that ian banned her from driving the jeep because he didn't trust her with it LMAO.

No. 410201

LMAO this bitch is a fucking burden on everyone it seems. Like you're a grown ass woman, get a license. Do something productive with the free money the greasy neckbeards throw at you when you are IRL streaming half the time on twitch. Fucking hell..

No. 410250

that thing where couples mimic each other's facial expressions is finally happening to ian. anisa tried to become ian as soon as she started dating him, but ian never seemed to do that weird couple thing until now. he's making the pinched anus face, curled lip and all. pear must be so proud of herself.

No. 410335

Does anyone know how much money she makes off of YouTube and twitch? Without Ian's income of course

No. 410417

she once said she made 50 bucks per month. I think a youtuber makes .10 cents per 1000 views

No. 410475

Let me see if I did the math rigjt.

She earns 69 dollars in total for streaming on twitch every month?

No. 410477

yeah pretty much! you hit the nail

No. 410491

From the looks of it, he just looks legit disgusted at what he drank and probably bought.

Also on tumblr has anyone seen those videos where Anisa and Ian were livestreaming(I think?)


Its awkward to watch them be together. Their interactions belong in a cringe complication.

No. 410608

i couldn't tell if she wanted to start crying or stab him when she saw his face lmao, but you can see the moment where she realizes "this is, before anything, IDUBBBZ" and she does her fake sob laugh to appease him.

ian's such a sad little sperg tho. he thinks he's being funny by screaming bitch, but you can see he really does have feelings for her and just doesn't know how to express anything.

No. 410803

File: 1509181720136.jpg (42.85 KB, 400x400, 34121_10150214917195424_638035…)

No. 411177

omg what happened to this thread it used to be so fast moving.

No. 411241

File: 1509246532245.jpg (26.28 KB, 273x369, IMG_8999.JPG)

No. 411293

That's what I was wondering too. I guess the milk's dry?

No. 411403

File: 1509290951640.png (495.19 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6026.PNG)

Besides her usual bs she's been laying low. Sort of disappointing but I'm sure she won't last. As soon as she gets sick of idubbbz ignoring her so he can masturbate alone, she'll reveal herself again

No. 411431

lmao I remember that zombiunicorn chick being mentioned on older threads as one of the girls Ian finds beautiful. I think it was PhillyD's podcast? Anisa is jealous. That girl has huge tits, over 220k subscribers on youtube and is doing leagues better than her.

But ffs even as a cow, Anisa is a failure. The milk probably won't start really flowing until..
1. she breaks up with her ATM/Chauffeur
2. he breaks up with her after learning how to uncuck himself and find his balls
3. she's publicly outed as the cheater she is.

No. 411665

She's too quiet. (She's streaming soon btw) after she had that ice drama, she's been laying low. I'm sure she and Mr. privacy got into a fight over it and he told her to shut the fuck up, and she decided to wisen up.

No. 411683

She's streaming now

No. 411745

She also did a stream 3 days ago that's still up.

I only watched a few moments of her current stream but she was already telling people to get out if they were just there for Ian because he's rarely on stream, that this channel isn't his content or his channel, etc.

Apparently, she dyed his hair for whatever their couple Halloween costume is (she tweeted recently that she was working on) but so far no photographs.

No. 411760

10 bucks it's Harley and the Joker

No. 411761

It’s markiplier and his dog chica lol
So stupid. Nobody is going to get it

No. 411763

Are you serious haha how did you find this out?

No. 411773

She literally talked about it last stream. In detail lol.

No. 411813

But…. why?

No. 411885

File: 1509367332990.png (634.21 KB, 859x596, 9ce2e261c286d12be47423051a7e63…)

No. 411962


Because "it's kind of a meme". She even made a tail for herself and had a collar with Chica's name on it.

I'm cringing into the next universe imagining them at the party in LA dressed like this. She supposedly took lots of pictures for this Halloween so we might see this disaster in a day or two.

Apparently, they were in LA because they're filming something. She made it sound like both her and Ian were involved with it but I can't tell if that's just her attaching herself to her famous bf or if they're actually doing a project together.

No. 411963

Thats.. thats retarded. Harley and Joker would have been better. Has Ian and Mark ever talked to one another?

Wouldn't surprise me if Anisa still wants Joji but he avoids her like the plague so maybe she's after Mark lol, another Asian D that's more successful than idubbbz

No. 412037


they spoke once at least once at VidCon in 2016.

No. 412173

Anisa Logic

>doesn't like that sky talked about a girl's suicide because it triggered her

>Today's stream: describes multiple people's suicides in graphic detail and pausing half way to say ”HEY WOOOW THANKS FOR THE BITS(Twitch money)!-anyways so he killed himself in the hotel and"

No. 412176


cut through all the suicide details to the part where she starts getting donations while describing suicide lul

No. 412208

When will someone upload a video to expose her? Or is it just a no go

No. 412228

I’m not sure anyone has the standing on social media for it to make an impact. Or maybe I’m just thinking about it in terms of YT. But I hope it happens. She’s doing way too much shady shit to go without criticism.

No. 412262

File: 1509426207991.png (87.75 KB, 266x294, Rice&mark.png)

I thought that's because mark roasted ricegum?

No. 412312

yeah, what the hell happened? i thought we had a discord group working on it but it's been ages since i've heard anything.

No. 412327

I'm not part of the discord but how do you guys think videos are made? magic? wait like a month or something and stop asking everyday ffs. have some common sense

No. 412599

No need to get aggressive. You guys just missed a really good window. Now that she's laying low, no ones gonna care

No. 412604

the ricegum vs ian thing would have been an opportune moment to content cop the fuck out of The Content Cop for having a girlfriend as scummy and social climb-y as those he makes a living off roasting

No. 412606

What's up with her laying low, anyway? Maybe it's because I'm just now actively paying attention to her but her being quiet seems really recent?

No. 412639

Maybe icuckkkz told her to stop being such a loud mouth pear or maybe she fucked Tyler and doesn't want ice fans to know shit now that she is on their radar she def did something and doesn't want people to know shit

No. 412667

A number of things

1 - twitchcon just ended, recovery time
2 - idubbbz is making a new video and he's making her be camera man
3 - waiting for ice poseidon drama to die out
4 - waiting for keemstar drama to die out(from ice)

No. 412668

Now that Dave from BIAB made that recent video, it seems like the only window. I feel like the longer the wait the deeper Idubbz falls into the hole shes dug for him. I really do feel as if Ian was/is completely different IRL. Shes probs his first everything and hes easily manipulated. Hes snart though so, the sooner the better. I wish I was talented enough to do so but Ill be honest…Id just be an embarrassment.

No. 412749

That makes sense. I hadn’t considered her hiding from drama since she’s always thirsty for attention.

She’s set to stream again tonight. Is there any way to save her streams in case she deletes or privatizes them? I thought someone was doing it earlier in the pear saga.

No. 412757

File: 1509508447437.png (458.58 KB, 734x439, anis.png)

No. 412761

File: 1509508943058.png (531.65 KB, 750x1334, pearina collab with idubbbz2.0…)

Looks like she wasn't lying this time. Ian filled her getting smacked over the head with a bottle and he voiced someone in Chris's new video. Guess he finally got that Idubbbz appearance he was after?

No. 412765

She's not a titty streamer anymore u guiiisssseeeeeee

No. 412777

it's halloween! where's the costume?

No. 412846

Y'all are salty for no reason. No wonder this thread is auto-saged.

No. 412893

No. 412930

this thread is dead. That makes you the one who's salty for no reason, hun.

No. 412990

Thread is dead because anisa is laying low and boring. Ice drama and Keem drama shut her up. She has too much to lose if she was exposed by them both.
It'd be milky if they teamed up and did their own content cop on her. Considering Ian would never.

No. 413016

It's almost too bad we can't hand over the stuff we have to them so they can expose her.

No. 413085

I'm sure they both would prefer to go after idubbbz and take down the "legend" than his nobody girlfriend.
If they did, for whatever reason, decide to REALLY go after her, she'd probably make a stream showing tits and crying and people would get over it.

No. 413161

this thread is auto-saged, which means you come back to check it despite not caring about the subject. you're creepy.

No. 413165

I mean why not hand it over to them? Expose her and embarass Ian to the point where he cant say anything because everythimg we have on her is true. Maybe he will wise up

No. 413193

Yeah, she's nobody but that didn't stop Ice from ripping into her or Keem from covering it and using Idubbbz's name for that clickbait.

They have the platform for it. I don't know how big Ice is but who doesn't know Keemstar? The question then becomes how to get it to either of them.

No. 413293

File: 1509590402156.jpeg (104.02 KB, 640x568, B266D196-05F0-4939-B08C-BFB909…)


Probably beating a dead horse at this point but Pear got dragged again on Ice’s subreddit yesterday

No. 413346

Top kek at the fact she contoured her tits and used a super pale highlight which is painfully visible. Titty streamer? Nah, she's a performance artist. Lmao

No. 413410


oh look! she dressed up as herself…a huge bitch

No. 413707

I thought I saw somewhere on this thread that a gentleman was working on the video, did he change his mind? Props to him if hes still on it. The ice thing is also a opening for us to expose.

No. 413823


You are acting stupider than anisa rn by asking the same shit constantly without reading above

No. 413890


Oh please, hop off it will ya? Different people can have the same question. Maybe they didn't go through the whole thread thoroughly, geez people like you just turn things so ugly. You compare those above to anisa but youre more like her than anyone else. You got triggered so easily. Wouldnt suprise me if you were an anisa stan.

No. 413907

In less ugly news, she's streaming tonight if anyone wants to be brave and sit through it.

No. 413914


lmao could be interesting since joji's album drops today and she's ~such a big fan~, i'm hoping she will talk about him

No. 413949

She's wearing the same dress from twitchcon >>406807

No. 413953

So much for her feeling uncomfortable having her tits out again

No. 414324

Good catch! I never would have noticed that!

No. 414335

I'm sorry you're retarded and can't sage

No. 414399

Not that anon but isn't the whole thread on sage anyways? I don't think mods really give a shit whether we use it or not.

No. 414526

File: 1509747771877.png (69.44 KB, 609x355, more streams guis.png)

Buckle up, I guess. It will be interesting to see if she follows through/can keep up with it. She's admitted in a recent stream that "can only do two things" (the examples she gave were school and YouTube or stream and school) but once she adds that third thing, it blows up in her face.

No. 414705

lol Its all saged! Nice try, the good ol' "Im in 8th grade and call people retarded because I'm just that bad" Bite me.(stop)

No. 414808

I'm 99% sure she lurks here, at around 1:40:17 (I don't know how to do twitch clips I'm sorry!) on this stream, she talks about how she thinks her body in manly

No. 415009

Trying to find the comment on her YT where someone called her out on harassing Laci. I still dont undertsand why she likes cheap Idubbz.

No. 415104

i mean she could also just tell that from looking in the mirror

No. 415287

It’s like going for the knock off when you have the brand name sitting at home: it makes no damn sense

No. 415398

Guess theres not gonna be a video, its been more than a month the ice drama has already died, she has gone quiet. nobody fucking cares about her anymore. you discord people failed to produce a video. the discord is as dead as this thread, glad the mods have this on auto sage

No. 415403

oh yeah and they get super antsy when people ask about the video, but so far there has been no updates on it. I really doubt they will ever release anything it has been far too long. Even if they do release it, its probably too late. what a bunch of wankers

No. 415413

bummout! what a letdown I was really looking forward to that video, but so far it looks like nobody is gonna release anything. Plus there's no more milk, Anisa has been very quiet these last few weeks. She probably wants to lay on the low now that people are paying attention to her. Those Ice fans are really vicious.

No. 415531

File: 1509842526408.png (23.54 KB, 585x129, download (2).png)

No. 415571

typical Anisa clinging to other people's fame for attention or as Ice fans would say a "leech" "Anisaleech"

No. 415575

File: 1509845686260.png (507 KB, 697x665, bigforyou.png)

I got round to watching her stream and i never realized how big her shoulder are.She should never wear this type of clothing and learn how to dress for her body type.

No. 415580

holy shit she looks like a drag queen, dang must be hard being a pear faced bitch with a manly fridge like body. Those breasts look like a breast plate from boobs for queens, bitch has fake written all over her. lol sad

No. 415628

I hate the discord but holy fuck you guys are entitled snowflakes. Literally how do you think videos are made?? With a job, school, etc do you expect someone to spend all their time combing for info and make the video to end her career in a week? Fucking idups too at least a month to end leafys with a content cop

Go eat a dick entitled snowflakes, you're being worse than the discord chat and that's saying A L O T lol

No. 415665

Why do you hate the discord?

No. 415721

someone is triggered

No. 415863

If u had problem with discord…said it in discord..not here.

No. 415884

shame the video project is a bust, would've been cool to see (I guess)

No. 416128

File: 1509988974182.png (20.95 KB, 583x239, Untitled.png)

No. 416162

File: 1509991128781.png (46.79 KB, 614x274, download_2.png)

for those that arent convinced that the mods/admins hates us (for no god damn reason) here's what our dear ex admin bitch Regina had to say about the whole situation. basically mocking us, i dont get it if you hate this thread so much ban it then, why even feature it on the lolcow banner if you guys hate the anisa thread so much

No. 416189

This is a gossip site. People will talk shit, that's the point.

No. 416200

yeah but admins and mods are expected to behave a little bit more moderate. if you run a site you need not to get involved in the drama or at least pretend you're neutral about it. but they say things "we will get the thread off autosage once there's actual milk/drama" and then they say shit like this, so its obvious they hate this thread and no wonder they let the spammer raid this place for 3 hours until they did something to get rid of them. which is bullshit tbh

No. 416208

damn here I thought some anons were tinfoiling

No. 416271

>I automatically takes threads less seriously if they start with a photoshopped pic
That makes me feel slightly responsible for the threads remaining autosaged since I made the last 5 or so threads lol.
>juvenile insults
What, like Grease, Onion, Moomoo, Kaka, etc.? "Keekweek" wasn't juvenile? This is an imageboard for fucks sake, having stupid nicknames for things is part of the culture. People in the Anisa threads are nitpicky and occasionally delusional though I'll give her that.

No. 416295

typical Regina opening her mouth to let the flies in, I thought she learned her lesson after the whole doxing incident. I guess now we know why she "resigned" as the admin bitch cant stay professional, I wished there was a lolcow thread on regina, she is probably the biggest cow on this site (besides being fat).

No. 416452

Anyone have a thread or more deets ? Anyone more of a cow than anisa must be fun to follow.

No. 416470

here you go bb, this is old news btw but since Regina decided to talk shit about us we might as well expose her shit too

No. 416950

she is that weird german chick who is super obsessed with those disgusting rat things what are they called? opossums? kek I didn't know she was the old admin. Pathetic, why does she care so much? I agree if she hates this thread just ban it, plain and simple. she makes fun of photoshop threads and usually the onion threads always have a photoshop OP image, the hypocrisy is real folks

No. 417206


The samefagging is out of control. If you have to agree with yourself, at least be subtle about it.

>That makes me feel slightly responsible for the threads remaining autosaged since I made the last 5 or so threads lol.

Autosaging has nothing to do with OP pictures or ex-staff's personal opinion.

No. 417224

The reason this thread exists is neutrality. The mods have a right to see this thread as manure when it consists of nitpicking and no milk.

No. 417272

>Autosaging has nothing to do with OP pictures or ex-staff's personal opinion.
nah I didn't think it did, that part wasn't really serious.

No. 417317

>the mods/admins hates us (for no god damn reason)
Zero self awareness. Stop for a moment and look at the shitshow Anisa threads have been for ages because of people like you and the samefag >>416950
She definitely had potential as a snowflake, but the threads have been nothing but a circlejerk full of nitpicking, tinfoiling and no milk whatsoever for a good while, and that's why they're autosaged. Not because "modz h8 us". And the fact that you felt the need to drag ex-staff members' that have nothing to do with autosage into this speaks volumes about the general maturity level ITT.

No. 417357

just kill this thread already nobody but petty people even posts in it

No. 417652

first you had to get a containment thread, then your thread was autosaged and now you still blame everyone but yourselves. wake up and realize how pathetic you look even compared to other less retarded farmers

No. 418171

File: 1510113480589.png (220.84 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6083.PNG)

I thought she doesn't know makeuppppppp

No. 418174

File: 1510113651961.png (146.41 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6084.PNG)

No. 418544

Yikes! I'm guessing she heard about the Jaclyn and SR milk, it's pretty funny that SHE has an input on cheating considering what she did to Akaadian lol

No. 418777

I think this is a front. She's probably getting more questions asking about the cheating and she's covering it up with Washi tape. This ho is transparent af

No. 419123

She's complaining on stream about people only watching her because of Ian. She has been complaining about this for a year now.

No. 419513

She honestly thinks her shit is good enough without Ian???? His shit isn't great, don't get me wrong, but you can understand to some length why people watch him. Her, on the other hand, no one would honestly go out of their way to watch a six minute video on something she read about or the way she feeeeeels. She has no pay off. You don't learn something, you're not entertained, you don't get something decent to look at, nothing! So why in the goddamn world would someone willing watch complete shit? Oh yeah, cause they like your boyfriend.

No. 419798

TBH I believe that lolcow mods hate us. I won't go so far to say that Anisa is a janitor here but she's definitely friends with one of them or fucking them LOL.

No. 419808

we don't need lolcow let's go literally anywhere else

i suggest pull

No. 419917

I'm cool with a PULL thread, it'd be easier to document the shit she's done. Does anyone have an account with permissions to create an entirely new thread though?

No. 420390

this is why this thread is a laughing stock. Embarrassing

No. 420398

We have a few schizos ITT, but Anisa is still a cow.

No. 420539

File: 1510343792451.png (676.44 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6096.PNG)

She comes out of hiding

No. 420544

File: 1510344043370.png (156.13 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6097.PNG)

Why is no one updating on her dumb shit??

No. 420892

Wow wtf is wrong with her. I'm not sure what happened either but the thread completely died. It's strange considering how active it was.

Anyway. Her new video

No. 420964


Now that she's back in the States she's looking pudgier than ever. She doesn't even whine about going to the gym anymore since she probably don't.

Also everyone asking her about the Vegan for a year thing in the comment section is giving me life.

No. 421311

Wait I thought the old admin was a guy?

No. 421340

Not really much to say besides how she's still mimicking idubbbz, esp when she got to the cheerios. And the hoodie she's wearing is much more suitable for her frame than the tanks she's been wearing.

No. 421343

Sage in email field, anon.

And he was, but he stepped down. There has been a couple of reshuffles of ownership and farmhands.

No. 421656

she's going for the humor of an idubbbz bad unboxing but she's not entertaining at all so it's just a genuinely terrible unboxing

No. 421690

Not to mention the obvious addition of having Ian grab her coffee and talk when she eats the tuna. She could've easily muted that and made it look like she was caught or some shit. She's not even hiding it anymore

No. 421827

lol somebody asked her about aakadian and her cheating in the livestream

No. 422137

And let me guess, she didn't acknowledge it?

No. 422445

you got a time stamp? there's a lot to go through

No. 422472

No. 422475

File: 1510539333807.png (649.24 KB, 597x595, ca9bc582f2e6862bc8d2d9e5b70f13…)

New on ig. She hasn't been posting much lately

No. 422485

No. 422731

She's so transparent. If she weren't such a cunt about it it wouldn't be as annoying but she's obviously trying to show off her no tits and no ass self

No. 423165

thelaxwhore twitter - ask.fm thelacrossewhore ???

No. 423227

What are you trying to say??

No. 423249

Anisa's old twitter is GoalieLaxtitute, I don't think thelaxwhore is Anisa.

No. 423269

>>423249 but @lacrossewhore on twit is her from 2009 so I wouldn't be surprised if it was her.

No. 423546

Anyone has made a PULL thread yet?

I plan to do so

No. 424105

Please go there, stay there, and don't come back, newfag.

No. 424152

tbh some of you in the thread are more retarded than PULLtards and that's saying a lot LOL - having the anonymity removed by making a dischord chat made a lot of you intolerable af

if you do make one do you need help with the summary post? if you do we can brainstorm it here

No. 424155

Oh! Thank you so much. I actually plan to go back on some threads and get the crucial info's but a little help would be great!

No. 425094



Anisa's story on how they broke up constantly changes. Current version: It was a shitty relationship, akaadian was shitty and she moved on.

Most recent recollection of events as of 11/13/17 -

Akaadian blocked Anisa initially, they followed eachother back for a while and then unfollowed eachother again. Anisa still tries to talk to Akaadian's friends on twitter once in a while.

>Zoie Burgher

Anisa wanted to befriend Zoie and Celestia and when they extended her to be in a video, Anisa turned them down because "idubbbz said it was a bad idea".
Anisa proceeded to make fun of Zoie on twitter: calling her vagina roast beef(tweet deleted), "Does Zoie have more than one bra guys?".
Anisa also made a parody video of Zoie's scarce video, the video she was invited to be a part of. Zoie called Anisa out which led to Anisa deleting the DEAR SCARCE video.

Zoie has Anisa blocked.
Anisa still follows Celestia, but Celestia doesn't follow back anymore.

Anisa contradicting herself about the situation:

>Sky Williams

Sky and Anisa were mutuals on twitter. Sky would always defend Anisa when people would shit talk her, especially from Celestia Vega and Zoie Burgher. A scene from Anisa's stream shows Anisa thinks Sky is a "piece of shit" but remains mutuals because he has a lot of followers and is " a valuable human being".

valuable shit sky:

Sky addressing Anisa:

>Ice Poseidon

Calls Ice Poseidon a lazy fuck


>Chris Ray Gun/ Laci Green

Anisa deleted all her streams from 2016-2017 after a fan asked shoe, Chris, and Laci if they felt uncomfortable about Anisa talking shit about Laci constantly.

idk what else to add but this is what I got so far

No. 425152

If someone is creating a new thread,discord or PULL or just something else please invite me! I cant get enough of this!

No. 426435

Lol fuck this boring bitch if you keeping up with her at this point y’all lives must be boring as FUCK. Call me when Ian and her break up also fuck that fat bitch Regina, like anyone cares what her fatass think

No. 426964

Do you have anything better to do but obsessively check and diss an autosaged thread, Stan bitch get a life lol

No. 427002

post referred to anisa as 'super sweet' lol thatll get her ego going

No. 427011

kek new video title and script

"Post Malone is my best friend"

hey guys anisa here, I was looking around twitch and I happened to watch h3h3 podcast I am friends with Ethan and Hila btw… My best friend Post Malone was doing an interview with them and he said I was one of the nicest sweetest persons he met, see guys I told you he really liked me! anways that is todays videos
anisa out

(insert shitty cat art image with generic music)

No. 427583

So are there no clips left of Anisa talking shit about Laci?

No. 427586

yes they are all over twitch, the videos however a whole different story but the clip captures are on twitch you just have to look or check past threads

No. 427790

File: 1511110500304.png (670.86 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6146.PNG)

No. 428014

This looks like some shit a middle schooler would paint, in both skill level and subject matter. Fucking Kim Jong un and guinea pigs, really? it's like she's trying to be edgy and also ~sO RaNdOm XD~

No. 428033


kek anon i didnt even notice that was a guinea pig until you pointed it out

No. 428070

CalArts Entry level ladies and gentlemen. Yes Anisa you will def get accepted in such prestigious school.

No. 428131

Newest video. People are calling her cringey and accusing her of cheating in the comments lol.

No. 428134

File: 1511145242754.png (45.59 KB, 1322x250, Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 6.33…)

lol watch chu mean homie eheheheh

No. 428359

File: 1511169849113.jpeg (198.49 KB, 1334x750, 8214BBD2-F27C-4E03-8DB8-8A6663…)

When you try your hardest to look smart. (Sorry Pear had to crop the tits out to show something even faker than that)

No. 428360

hahaha omg this is fucking gold! I guess something faker than pear is her glasses. Jebus it must suck to be her and her constant seeking for validation. Bet she got those at party city

No. 428395

What are you even trying to say?

No. 428404

her glasses are fake

No. 428525

fake vs real : The stronger prescription you have, the thicker the lenses will be.

No. 429055

Fake how? Like they're shooped or just because the lenses aren't super thick?

No. 429098

Most of fake glasses are made from very cheap shiny plastic with very shiny reflective lenses. Real glasses are usually treated with some kind of anti-reflective film.

That picture shows you that they are shiny and no thickness. Just normal glasses for fashion.

No. 429110

So either she’s really dumb to have paid for a pair of glasses with nothing but uv protection or she’s really dumb and is trying the “ig baddie glasses aesthetic” and is bragging about some plastic glasses. Either way, it’s sad and it doesn’t make her look smart.

Have a feeling she will make a video about this “you guys, i needed glasses bc i had an accident when i was younger, i only need them for when i take selfies, i suffer from this medical condition that makes me seem dumb and dyslexic online but wearing glasses does help, i see HD now”

No. 429233

File: 1511269919900.jpeg (49.73 KB, 1156x222, asfgh.jpeg)

I don't know about the prescription but if they are authentic raybans that's $173 ,$323 with lens: http://www.lenscrafters.com/lc-us/ray-ban/8053672686500

While some people might think she's trying to fit in with her peeps (Ian, Chris, Laci, Kailey), I think one of the reason she got glasses is because they break up a fat face. I know because I do this too and it makes my face slimmer.

No. 429245

File: 1511271662891.png (74.28 KB, 539x503, Rayban.png)

No. 429361

Even if the prescription is real, she wasted her money for fashion glasses. With that thin of a lens, she could have gotten some cheap ok looking ones for a fraction of the cost as she was clearly fine not wearing glasses before and will continue to be fine only wearing them when she absolutely needs to.

No. 429455


i don't know if hers are real but mine definitely are and always reflect lights. they are a pretty weak prescription, and people who don't wear glasses are able to look through them easily. but they do make a world of a difference to me and for that reason i wear them almost 24/7.

i think she's a moron and all but i don't think this is evidence at all.

No. 429649

Same anon. Mine are reflective and also not multifocal, which allows you to wear them always. I would hazard a guess that they are the most basic "reading" lense you can get, not meant to be worn for everyday use but instead for computers and reading. HD my ass lol

No. 429950

why are some of you acting like you've only heard about glasses but never seen them irl? Pretty obvious she has anti reflective lenses (hence the slight green reflex on her selfies), it's not like the reflex NEVER shows, just much less and you can still see the eyes through it. Probably gonna be called Anisa for this lol but srsly this glasses nitpicking is so spergy.

No. 430142

She’s not being called out “bc glasses”, she’s being called out because she’s lying about needing glasses and not being able to “see in HD”.

Also because this is yet another transformation she “needed” instead of admitting she just wanted to look like someone else.

No. 430296


Who fucking cares though? They're glasses. I'm starting to understand why the mods hate us.

No. 430310

It's too bad WE can see those pores in HD

No. 430311

give it a rest will ya? there's no milk right now and anisa hasnt done anything retarded lately. so RIP

No. 430375

New video

No. 430510

She's streaming I think. Not that it matters. Even her haters are getting bored with her. She has no audience.

No. 430521

This is definitely the worst video she has done, does she notice how many things she’d advicing others of not doing that she is doing right now? Do not marry but yes move in with someone a month after you started dating. She focused on the scaring/gaslighting/fighting/insecurity of a relationship, gee, i wonder why those subjects are important to her when dating idubbbz. She has no friends and no job, so maybe she should listen to her own advice.

“Eventually they will have to like you” what kind of advice is this? this girl is planning on marrying idubbbz when his family and friends don’t approve?

No. 431494

I dont understand why she always talks about relationships. Like being in a 1 year relationship makes u an expert wtf

No. 431532

Her views on stream didn't go over 240 tonight. Yikes she's not doing well.

No. 431734

File: 1511628683868.png (48.96 KB, 678x442, wut.png)

Just found this on the comments and I laughed. Also Anisa liking this comment just seems like it's confirming it when it never happened.

No. 431737

File: 1511629047654.png (26.85 KB, 566x339, lol.png)

Also this


No. 431819

File: 1511641246539.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.43 KB, 410x614, anusa.jpg)

I found porn of Anisa

No. 431914


Yeah this is crappy advice anisa

No. 431915

She wishes for a collab. C'mon pear now why would max and ian drag their channel's down?

No. 431917

Saw that, all the ian talk can't bring in the views either

No. 431918

So much this

No. 432090

File: 1511673380931.gif (3.51 MB, 600x450, pearposting.gif)

posted this over in the /ot/ starter packs thread, figured I may as well put it here too lol

No. 432102

Seriously, how pathetic can you be….
I went to the comments in her video and it's all just her liking the comments. Sad.

No. 432106

kys and fuck this thread as well

No. 432109

Also Max hates Pearnisa lol

No. 432111

damn dude that's a pretty severe reaction to my lighthearted meme pic

she likes every comment that says the slightest nice thing about her it's kind of sad

No. 432112

I am just sick and tired of this thread being the laughing stock of the mods and the other farmers.

No. 432136

you're one of the reasons tho, you're not helping the situation with your asspain

No. 432227

>REEEEE I'm entitled to talking shit but nobody may talk shit that I don't agree with!!!!!!

No. 432262

I have and still follow this thread religiously and don't take any offense by this. Learn to laugh at yourself a little. Makes life a little more enjoyable

No. 432542

Yeah. Same. And are they really wrong? Haha. Don't take things so seriously, anon.

No. 432753

File: 1511799067200.png (492.08 KB, 655x750, qurllll.png)

rlly girl

goddamn it she doesn't deserve all these nice things

not jealous just angry how she doesn't deserve nice things seeing after what she did to her exes

No. 432910

Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Tara from the walking dead?

No. 433325


Please tell me someone has proof of this. He recently replied to one of her tweets helping her out with a demonetization prob so I thought he was coming around.

No. 433328

File: 1511831494910.jpg (59.75 KB, 480x474, Pearnisa.jpg)

I don't remember this one coming out with the original batch of anniversary photos. She can't even keep a straight face kissing him.

No. 433446

Where did this even come from?

No. 433469

What did pear do? I don't know much about her pre-idubbbz except titty streaming and generally being stupid.

No. 433741

That jaw line is so fucking weird. I noticed it in the clip where idubz knocks her headphones off mid stream.

No. 434411

File: 1511980877812.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 3AD93B78-366F-4806-9DF2-C48AF3…)

Looks like someone is finally allowed to drive The Jeep

No. 434437

File: 1511983330786.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 7FE727B5-022F-42B4-A67A-BA907B…)

I forgot to add this one as well…

No. 434447

What cheap H&M bullshit is on her head??

No. 434663


It's a toque. Jesus Christ, y'all are criticizing her for going to the dog park?

No. 434706

No one cares if she goes to the dog park. Actually her only good quality is how she seems to care a lot about Blitz(even though he got ran over)

No. 434808

Ian wouldn’t let her drive his Jeep for a really long time. I can’t remember if she had a license in Canda. But she used to talk about how she had to walk for over an hour to get Starbucks when she visited him.

I missed this story. When did Blitz get run over???

No. 435267

File: 1512083979790.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, EEE3F39B-85EF-4196-9306-F68131…)

welp. it’s official I guess. he’s letting her drive his car lmao.

No. 435268

She had him off the leash and a cyclist ran him over.

No. 435303

maybe he hopes she'll be pulled over and deported

No. 436217

New boring video. Couldn't watch. I can't believe she nearly has 90k subs

No. 436425

What's hard to believe? Her boyfriend with millions of subs boosted her

No. 436484


No. 436803

Yea looking at her shit its incredible how shes at 90k.
But considering that Ian credited her sorry ass she should have gained way more subscribers by now? Seems like even his fanboys can see how bad her content is.

No. 436880

File: 1512317960786.png (84.16 KB, 720x651, Screenshot_2017-12-03-10-09-16…)

idk it looks like people probably just felt sorry for her as a result of the ice poseidon shit, it's not like her abysmal views are improving. Two popular people referring to her as "idubbbz gf" in video/stream probably piqued curiosity. People will realize her content is boring deluded rambling soon enough, she doesn't even deserve to hit that goal. I'm almost surprised she didn't try to milk the situation as a poor cyberbullying victim

No. 437782

It’s still early. I’m sure it will happen soon enough given her habit of never being responsible for anything.

No. 437943

File: 1512438293474.png (75.57 KB, 720x366, Capture _2017-12-04-19-41-37.p…)

so why don't you stop, pear?

No. 438126

Who is she talking about?? That's literally her…?

No. 439777

Didn't she say she doesn't bothering showering for days? Or was that someone else.

No. 439970

File: 1512691071131.png (74.63 KB, 1278x286, Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 7.36…)

I really cant with this girl, so instead of being happy for her boyfriend's success she resents him and thinks she can actually surpass him, this is fucking sad, its like that time where she got all salty because fans were asking to take pics with ian and not her. why is she like this?

No. 439976

File: 1512691813433.png (596.93 KB, 1288x818, Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 7.40…)

samefag but I thought id share this one as well, I guess anisa really cant stay away from the chris D

No. 440392

File: 1512760235253.png (122.7 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6258.PNG)

Reminder: no one gives a shit about you, anisa

No. 440542

What the fuck? What made her do a 180?
> what if Im more successful than ian ^3^ watch out yt rewind 2018!!! teehee
> I'd decline if they'd ask me tbh.

Take everything out of the current narrative, you'd think those two were dating.
Is she still in SD?

No. 440801

She claims that "we have family to go to" since they had to evacuate.

No. 441142

I literally cannot comprehend how delusional she is

No. 441601

Guys, I think she meant that Ian is a huge creator on youtube, but he gets ignored by youtube, because he's not family friendly. She just meant that they are more likely to invite a nobody like her than a creator as controversial as Idubbbz.

No. 441631

I think she's pretty controversial herself to be honest. She's got multiple personalities and she's an ex titty streamer. I doubt they'd invite her, even if she were somewhat popular on YouTube

No. 443160

File: 1513140479177.png (79.32 KB, 170x260, 1485816707642.png)

wow, i know it's been said before but this thread has completely lost it's momentum. what the fuck ever happened to the discord and the anon who was putting together that exposure video?
>inb4 "u jus need2 wait more and stop being an impatient cunt"
that video really should have took like 2 weeks tops with all the people that were grouping together

No. 443345

yep getting autosaged and having mods that hate the thread does the trick, people lose motivation to work on things. there's probably potential milk out there but alas we wont get to see any of that

No. 443753

Yeah what happened in the discord server?

No. 443870

stop with the "mods hating the thread" already ffs. I guess people got bored. I'm sure she's still milky but I'm not into her milk enough to cap what she says and watch her streams. I just liked following what she does here, and I guess others were the same. When more involved and active anons left, the thread died. Like no one forbids you from watching her streams and posting tweets or shit and reviving this thread. If you care, don't just wait for others to do the work

No. 443964

facts dont lie, we once asked to get off autosage and the mods said the thread wasnt milky enough it was back when the whole ian content cop vs rice gum was happening and when she was blowing up but alright sure "mods dont hate us"
got it!

No. 444354

its still being worked on.hope to have it out by january 2018. to be fair, there is literally only one dude workin on it. the rest of the people have just been collecting screen caps/vods etc. theres a LOT of shit to sift through.. we already have some scenes uploaded but they are unlisted.

No. 444756

File: 1513371354529.jpg (408.05 KB, 1040x642, wtf.jpg)

so this is from the latest unboxing vid and I added a pic of chris and damn we all see through your shit Anisa. haha

>if I cant have him ill turn my boyfriend in to his clone

No. 444771

I'm new to /snow/ but a long time fan of Ian and Anisa.

Why the hate?

No. 444775

No. 444788

File: 1513374040529.jpg (72.83 KB, 564x501, 345236326236.jpg)


imma stay.

Not because this chan is any good, its fucking trash.

Just to piss you off ^u^(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 444789

enjoy your ban faggot

No. 444790

File: 1513374251430.jpg (45.14 KB, 450x500, 1424908440180.jpg)


oh no, how will I ever circumvent an extremely basic IP ban.

Bad chan = thick as shit lurkers(ban evasion)

No. 444792

Hahaha.. jesus

No. 444809

>fan of Anisa

Was it her shitty pumpkin spice video that made you roll on the floor with laughter? This bitch is lame and untalented.

No. 445183

Can anyone link the discord here? I'm curious.

No. 445243

yeah so you can go and report shit to your pear goddess fuck off dude. the discord is shit btw

No. 445377

this thread was dead my dude wyd

No. 445417

you think you are so slick for "trolling" a thread that is one of the most dead ones here and only like 3 people still frequent it
but sure go change your IP again, seems totally worth it

No. 445456

File: 1513462413118.jpg (42.41 KB, 541x498, 1426461426457.jpg)

oh shit now replies are getting deleted

this is fun

No. 445466

Jesus Christ, I remember this chick from lacrosse.

No. 445467

Not lacrosse. Ringette. Sorry.

No. 445573

why dont you just read the fucking 11 threads of shit on it and learn yourself we arent going to do the work for you

No. 445623

File: 1513488542594.gif (875.05 KB, 232x320, 394894385.gif)

smh @ the state of the anisa thread these days, the only milk is from a sole anon trolling a dead thread for a weeks-dry cow.

I'll take what I can get I guess.

No. 445989


No. 447004

can anyone please link the discord? I really want to see the milk

No. 447574

there's none. what delusion is you living baby

No. 448046

I wonder if Ians recent hair change is for a content cop. Wonder what Anisa would do if it's on Chris.

No. 448049

no it was for a markaplier cosplay but anisa fucked up and left ians hair looking like shit she even said so in her stream where she dressed as a slutty dog

No. 448183

Hahah what. Looks like I've been missing out lol. He should shave it, lmao.

No. 448316

File: 1513754757244.png (142.79 KB, 640x740, IMG_6325.PNG)

Seriously who wears makeup to the gym??? I know she doesn't wash her face ever but cmon that's so dumb. Not a good selfie, at least.
She was smart enough to cover that forehead, props for that.

No. 448318

she cant even put on mascara right, yeah why even wear make up at the gym its gonna become runny plus you dont need to look your best to go to the fucking gym but I guess you do if you're Tryhard Anisa

No. 448325

Shes quite pretty

No. 448424

1 2 idubbbz will never notice youuu

No. 448550

Yeah, she has that beautiful pornstar face.

No. 448558

I guess she didn't learned her lesson after the whole ice poseidon incident. lets see what the pyro fanbase does

No. 448562

No. 448880

I honestly hope they stay together so idubbbz can terrorize her like this forever

No. 448949

What is that painting in the background though

No. 449147

I like how she can't laugh at anything he says /does without looking to make sure the camera can see her laughing
He's not even being funny she's just forcing herself to laugh to make them look "cute". You don't look cute, you look fucking stupid. It's been a year, stop acting like you're in high school

No. 449148

It's pretty shit but it's not as bad as the fucking demon dog. Still really bad though

No. 449912

It's not very convincing either. You can tell when Ian pisses her off, she looks like she's about to cry.

Who finds that funny or cute anyway? That would fuck me up.

No. 450394

I've always wondered why whenever she would laugh, she looks like she's about to cry.

No. 450458

So Ian is… most likely making fun of the #metoo on twitter. Where is our poor abused "nisser" now?

No. 451298

File: 1514078594580.jpeg (185.67 KB, 750x1186, A48E7E9E-7951-4809-A598-0CAB47…)

I was creeping her twitter and thought this was hilarious…… she’s trying to look like someone who’s “thicc” bc she’s straight up fat

No. 451413

So did anyone else notice that Joji is making fun of Ian on that last video?

No. 451541

which video?

No. 451639


are you talking about the new Ian video

No. 451946

File: 1514172962875.png (274.51 KB, 987x565, Capture.PNG)

she reached 100,000 today. Wish someone in the comments would point out that she should be thanking her boyfriend…

No. 452148

he briefly mentions him in the 88rising video "above the clouds" but it's hard to make out what hes saying? could've been talking about another ian

No. 452151

can you timestamp when, I don't think he mentioned him.

No. 452196

No. 452200

Bitch where? She hasn't been pretty since 2015 Rahinbowkidz.

No. 452273

thanks. He could've been talking about Ian Simpson aka Kevin Abstract, which would make more sense IMO. Either way it didn't sound like he was making fun of anyone.

No. 452388

Still sounding and acting just like Idubbbz

No. 452486

what happened to "stop forcing your white people festivities on me"? can't have that attitude with an edgy bf I guess

No. 452543

Oh god the tryhard fake stuttering at 1:24, she's like an Idubbz skinwalker. Why is she soooo dumb?

No. 453785

I’m getting the mix of ChrisRayGun and Akaadian with Ian’s new look tbh

No. 454895

Also pewdiepie’s super blonde hair

No. 455066

It’s funny: Anisa wants to look like that one Twitter ho for idubbz and idubbz wants to look like ray gun for Anisa. So sweet.

No. 455925

File: 1514523534776.png (19.91 KB, 642x155, fffffff.png)

pyro responds to anisa talking shit about him

video he commented on here:

No. 455927

youtube mirror post

No. 456905

People are losing interest in Idubbbz, and Anisa by extension. The less popular he becomes, the less popular she becomes. He's her only claim to fame.

No. 456910


This dude delivered a video before you fuckos.

No. 456921

I'd really love to see edups stand up for Anisa. He won't, obviously.

No. 457009

you mean hypothetically? Because people are not losing interest in him at all, he still scores millions views on whatever shitty content he puts up.
yeah he won't. He only picks up "fights" with creators most people despise, co he's secure in getting approvement. When you think about it, he's a coward and a weak man. He only screams from up above at people already lying on the ground.

No. 457332

this guy's channel is dedicated to making EXPOSED!videos, and it seems like he's doing this full time.
From what I remember, the anons working on this were very few, and they had a lot of stuff to go through without much help. Not to mention this video idea was only for shits and giggles from people who are using this site as a guilty pleasure.
Not saying I'm not with you on the disappointment boat for the unreleased video, but a bit harsh there

No. 457384

Tana and Ricegum are still doing well despite getting 'exposed' for flexing and being dumb, rich kids saying stupid shit. Keem's alrightish. The one creator that did kinda die was Leafy, after everyone was already sick of him. I'm sure the next CC would be Greg and I think every youtuber has already given their input on onion and then some. Yeah, his 'fights' are always calculated and have been for a while. Remember that stream where he admitted to never cc Lilly or Zoella?

If everyone and any community was fair game, including Felix, H3H3, Pyro - anyone, then he'd be a different, no-bs person. But that isn't the case. It'll always be low-hanging, rotting fruit.

No. 458023

Why is he bothering to respond to a nobody? If idubbbz says it, that’s one thing, but she’s a nobody? She’s attacking ice and pyro for the drama. Similar to onion, it’s an “all press is good press “. Whether it’s good or bad terms, it gets her name out there. I say: stop feeding the rat and let her die off. People are so insecure they respond to any hate that comes their way though..

No. 458731

omg one of Anisa's twitch subs leaked a bunch of shit from her discord and gave it to pear fax

No. 458735


I can't stand Anisa, but what a shitty thing to do. She was just venting.

No. 458742

wow. kind of shitty of him to be so obstinate about their relationship, kind of shitty of her to air their dirty laundry on discord like that, and kind of shitty of whoever leaked these to leak them. that's fucked that even Ian's family is saying he's toxic and she's just telling everybody on her discord about it

No. 458768

highlights for anyone who got no time/patience for watching:
>ian doesn't clean, his room smells like trash
>he sometimes doesn't call Anisa in days
>when she's with him, he's super into the relationship, when she's out, he is distant
>Anisa was very close to breaking up
>he's censoring her a lot, he "always wants control", there's a power issue
>he's afraid of commitment
>even his sister noticed he's shit to Anisa, she thinks a breakup would be a wake up call to him, she and also his parents warned Ian about it before even Anisa came to visit
>Anisa thinks it's his "youtube ego", "he's so far up his own ass it's beyond saving" (lol)
>he always puts his work image before her
>doesn't like responsibility
>"is a manchild in many ways" (omg I'm loving it)
>he doesn't trust anyone
>she said no to living with him for another month
>she knew about the content cop farmers were preparing (Maureen told her lol) and was afraid people had caps from her discord and Ian would lose her trust (maybe you shouldn't have shittalked him in the first place). Funny, because she jumped all over them but no one really leaked anything here, we haven't had that info, and now, when our thread is dead, someone leaks it to a hatechannel lol.
Her fans hate her more than we do, apparently.

No. 458798


Anyone got a link to her discord?

Hopefully someone who's willing.


No. 458813

>he sometimes doesn't call Anisa in days
>when she's with him, he's super into the relationship, when she's out, he is distant
There is a lot wrong with Anisa, but good on her for not making a permanent move there (yet). The thing about LDRs is it’s so fucking easy to be all new and shiny when you hardly see each other. Communication is so so important. If your SO doesn’t give a shit when you’re physically not around sexing and giving them attention, well, that’s probably all the relationship means to them. I will respect her so much more if she dumps him. Ian is gross.

No. 458839

Why is she even subjecting herself to a shitty relationship? For subs? It’s not worth it to deal with a manchild, his trash cave, and the way he’s treating her. She has nobody in the U.S. except him, she should go back to Canada where she has her family

No. 458899

this was posted in r/idubbbz but everyone is still saying it's fake lol there's nothing anyone can do to prove anisa is fucking retarded unless she says it straight up through the mouth i guess

No. 458904

samefag , but it's definitely not fake because she wrote "should of" and "some one". LOL unless someone is really good at impersonating pear

No. 458943


nah this is real for sure I can tell

No. 458946


by the pixels?

No. 458960

Yeah, Idubbbz seems like a weird guy but she can’t say she didn’t see that coming. The guy has videos eating his own vomit. Also, remember who here has the dirtiest room and is always criticized for wearing the same bra for months long, the old makeup, and she can’t deny it because there is proof on her dirtiness.

Telling her fans those things about him is a shitty move because she did know idubbbz doesn’t like his private life out there, to the people who say it was venting, I don’t know, who “vents” about their private life and their very private boyfriend to everyone you know? Clearly she wanted to clear her name by making his name dirty too. She’s the good one you guys, Ian aka idubbbz who is currently staying at pewdiepie’s house (which she wanted to go to but couldn’t, there is a tweet about this) is the evil dumb one. This is just like the kidnap story KimmiSmiles made up about her boyfriend who just didn’t want to date her anymore. They are just getting off by the idea that people will feel pity for them and see them like the good girlfriends.

The dates on her “venting” have their purpose because they match her online breakdowns aka twitch streams, twitter TMIs, and quite shitty videos on youtube lol.

Also, who would fake being her fans aka della, ufho, skitzoturtle, kailey, etc.

Anyway, let’s wait for Anisa to say it’s fake and that she was “trolling” us all even Idubbbz.

No. 458986

the problem is that even were this to be provably real (which such imgaes aren't…) this would all be straight from anisa. who we already know lies and exaggerates things about past (or current) relationships, or hell anything about her life. i really really want to believe that ian's as much of a pos as this makes out (and lets be honest it sounds kinda true) but we should be erring on the side of caution for now.

let's hope this blows up in some way

No. 459112

What a mess.
I don't believe this is fake. Anisa even admits in the discord the only person she has in America is Ian. It sounds like she just really needed someone to talk to so she confided in the discord.

She also states that it would be damaging to Ian if this got out to the public.

I actually feel really bad for Anisa. Ian sounds insecure, manipulative and too immature for a relationship. Anisa sounds like she wants to make it work but Ian refuses to listen.

If she really wanted people to know this in public she would complain about it on stream.

I think this is 100% legit.

No. 459119

>Anisa even admits in the discord the only person she has in America is Ian. It sounds like she just really needed someone to talk to so she confided in the discord.

She was living in Canada at that point though.

No. 459128

File: 1514848195724.png (71.91 KB, 700x431, Screenshot (09).png)

No. 459186

Just venting? I can't with you guys how are there people left sympathizing with her at this point.
The only shitty thing happening there was her telling some complete strangers on the internet the most personal shit about her bf. Even if he was some unknown guy it would have been a disgusting thing to do. But spilling personal shit about a "public figure", especially someone who keeps their personal life a secret, is beyond fucked up.
She even went as far as talking about his family.
Somehow I can't believe this shit is real, it'd be such a retarded thing to do even for her standards.

No. 459189

She spills a lot of shit publicly on her streams, it's not too much of a stretch that she'd be even worse in her discord where she has some supposed "privacy".

Do people really think someone would actually go out of their way to fake several discord convos? Like, not just impersonate Anisa but also all of these other people replying?

No. 459271

pyro is friends with a lot of furries and they have this idgaf about anything attitude, pyro doesn't give a shit about anisa. He's not responding to her he's just memeing.

No. 459289


Aside from possible photoshopping, why would anyone "leak" things from her server only to have it fake? Seems too much work for me. (Organizing every specks of pixels, etc.)

Besides, if one would leak something, it would be because they want to expose her, whether for laughs or justice.

Also, what she says does fit Idubbbz based on the previous info we have about him.

No. 459290

Also love how the thread is slowly yet surely coming alive


No. 459291

I have a very good feeling about what's coming up next, and by good, I mean "bad" for Anisa.

Welp, karma comes, even though it doesn't seem to be.

No. 459296

lmao she mentioned nigri's thirsting for joji r u jealous anisa

No. 459301

File: 1514864300006.jpg (418.26 KB, 600x970, anisa jomha idubbbz girlfriend…)

Hey Anisa discord! I'm glad you used my collage, I made this one too and you're free to use it.

Thanks so much for the hard work pear fax crew!

No. 459306

File: 1514864619442.jpg (89.28 KB, 611x305, fsfssf.jpg)

Interesting tidbit

One of Ricegum's main point was that idubbbz took months to make the content cop on him(with pewdiepie), if he was on a trip during 8/25 then it would be at least 2 months(CC dropped in 10/11) of work idubbbz put into this

a lot of idubbbz friends - max, fatcunt, etc argued ian didnt spend more than a month on this but the facts are here

No. 459316

The Content Cop on Ricegum was released 10/3

No. 459317

its funny how they are now implying all of this is fake, i mean who would through go all the trouble faking those caps its like more than 20 images or so. These fans are delusional, she even has said so much shit in videos and they cant see the truth even if it hits them with a brick.

No. 459319

fuck you're right, at least a month though.

ian had the video removed by youtube so the exact date of the video dropping is fuzzy

No. 459322

File: 1514865751786.jpg (228.31 KB, 700x523, idubbbz gf gets mad at idubbbz…)

This milk is delicious

No. 459325

their argument is because the channel that posted the video only posts hate or negative videos about anisa so it must be fake.

No. 459326

File: 1514865954584.png (33.16 KB, 406x431, 8360e08bfbb5bd9b2f33e2d52466bb…)

He was making the Ricegum content cop in 2016

No. 459332

I use to be part of her server and believe me this is real. pear fax only submitted a small fraction of the milk. a group of people is working on releasing more caps in the following days so stay tuned!

No. 459337

I love you i am in your church god bless you and all that doubted you we are indebted

No. 459345

One of the excuses I saw from the idubbbz bros in the subreddit that because there were so many spelling errors and sentence structure mistakes that it couldn't possibly be Anisa because English is her first language. Oh how naive…..
Honestly, I think their both in the wrong. Ian is a shitty boyfriend but Anisa should be venting about it to her friends or family, not in a discord with fans. Or maybe she should have just confronted him instead of being a doormat.

No. 459349

where is this subreddit? I haven't seen any discussion relating to the discord leaks

No. 459350

No. 459353

File: 1514867651345.jpg (221.33 KB, 1670x948, Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 8.16…)

No. 459356

why you exposing the bringer of milk lol

No. 459359

nah I am not "exposing them" just showing proof that this is real we gonna need receipts to prove these caps are legit I bet anisa is sending her minions to spread this "fake news" message

No. 459360

fair, good shit keep it coming

No. 459365

yall retards if you think that account was the one who leaked

No. 459367

first of all, I never said they were the ones who gave the milk. second stop trying to start a fight and lets enjoy the milk for once

No. 459368

milk is good, but make sure to explain your intentions. I don't want my milk spoiled by misunderstandings

No. 459384

No. 459389

No. 459392

No. 459393

No. 459395

Because of the logan paul japanese suicide shit drama circuits aren't picking this up. if you guys have twitters try and hit up keemstar, scarce, or any other drama channel to help this gain momentum.

tweeting to idubbbz, maxmoefoe, anything4views, ojessicanigri would help too

No. 459396

No. 459400

No. 459404

No. 459408

>He peed on my leg and thought it was funny
what the FUCK

No. 459410

No. 459411

File: 1514873177846.png (30.18 KB, 621x252, screenshot-discordapp.com-2017…)

No. 459412

their other argument is that its being taken out of context they just can’t admit their king idups is actually a shif

No. 459413

No. 459417

>I met him two days after his 26th birthday
if she first met him in 2016 that means he's 27 now and he's pretending to be a year younger than he is. It's almost like he's aware how embarrassing his career is lmao.

No. 459421

k4iley: "anisa texted me last night about the leaked[chats] - its not my drama to deal with"

No. 459430

>"he said he'll never find someone like me and wants to make it work"

spoken like true babu's first love

No. 459432

>tana was my idea
no wonder it was so shitty
>she was wearing nothing but a bra
is that nostalgia i hear, miss pear?

No. 459472

File: 1514881594453.jpg (114.55 KB, 693x398, ANIS AJOMHA PEE FETISH.jpg)

Anisa opened up her discord and is not saying whether or not these caps are real or not

No. 459473

No. 459476

Very sus. In a way she is confirming she did say all that by now inviting everyone to her discord.

No. 459477

im not a titty streamer

No. 459479

File: 1514882441446.jpg (16.82 KB, 630x279, 2.jpg)

No. 459480

lmao she stopped letting people come in because of the trolling

No. 459481

File: 1514882468218.png (43.54 KB, 667x469, 2.png)

No. 459482

File: 1514882503996.png (41.19 KB, 641x469, 3.png)

No. 459483

File: 1514882520350.png (43.51 KB, 679x469, 4.png)

No. 459484

File: 1514882548705.png (37.85 KB, 442x469, 5.png)

No. 459485

File: 1514882566479.png (290.43 KB, 613x468, 6.png)

No. 459488

For those without context
this is Hassan Bokhari, a twitch worker

No. 459493

This shit could not have leaked at a worse time… for fucks sake. this will never surface in the current shitstorm that just got unleashed by logan paul

No. 459496

yeah this sucks, but I think Keem is on it. He dropped into the discord for a while without saying anything

No. 459509

No. 459510

File: 1514885565102.png (64.43 KB, 728x703, reynoodle_doodle.PNG)

No. 459511

who this

No. 459512

>tfw dry sarcasm is all reynad knows
google reynad. It's some streamer, no idea who and how "important" since I'm not into twitch at all
But lol at her oversharing and him cutting her off immediately

No. 459584

how are you ppl finding her DMs? is she being hacked

No. 459657

idk Maureen, you gotta find out yourself

No. 459765

What is she talking about? Guns, drugs,huh? Those messages are from 2015..how many people did she piss off?

No. 459768

Looks to me like she only wanted to show how very educated she is, even back in 2015 she wanted to prove how “smart” she is by giving made up facts to back her arguments.

No. 459774

File: 1514920695209.jpeg (67.13 KB, 750x424, 91B8841D-AD05-4488-921A-AC235E…)

Wow, we can see she was texting Akaadian right at the bottom.

No. 459777

Ah,okay Thanks! You're right that's what it looks like.

No. 459931

She just loves to emphasize her relationship in every sentence she speaks.
“Me n Ian”
“MY house”
“I’m in IANS car”
“our skype”
nobody irl cares about Ian and he’s barely “internet famous”. I know her mother tells her these things matter but they really don’t. It’s not worth it to sleep in trash and get vomited on by a literal greaseball for 5 internet fames.

No. 459971

Any comment from Keemstar, Ian, or anyone?

No. 460003

nah everyone is too busy shitting on logan paul

No. 460018

she should get him a fruit basket

No. 460090

People who Ian does content cops on can now use this against him.gg anisa..

No. 460163

i feel like everyone is retarded. maybe keem? idk

No. 460208

the truth is that even if they had all this info which is enough to make a good counter video nobody has the guts nor the balls to go against the "mean top dog content cop" of youtube everyone is too pussy to do it and only nobody channels like pearfax and others do it because they got nothing to lose

No. 460224

can someone make one link that contains all the new pics/leaks? so it's all in one spot, easier to send to keemstar or whatever than a bunch of scattered links.

No. 460368

people went through all the trouble getting this so why dont you do it instead of asking others to do it

No. 460403

You'd be surprised. This is being talked about on Twitter and other forums. A few are trying to get mister metokur to look at it. He's known to cover diaperfurs, so a YouTuber pissing on his girlfriend may peak his interest. Who knows?

No. 460439

Oldie but a goodie (Scarce video she deleted)

No. 460480

I live in Alberta and I've never heard anyone talk like she does. She's so obviously copying Ian's manor of speech and it's super fucking creepy.

No. 460498

LOL im friends with chad anything4views i desperately want to ask him and get some perspective from ian's side of all this

No. 460518

are they even friends though? I feel like Ian always hated him and they had a total fall out when chad buddied with keem. he doesn't know shit.

No. 460521

so anisa basically confirmed that maureen is lurking on us here

No. 460537

File: 1514988925536.jpg (765.23 KB, 906x900, Anisa Jomha Idubbbz Girlfriend…)

Anisa Leaked Discord Master Post:

Breaking up with Idubbbz/Ian

Ian's gross

Taking credit for the Tana Mogeau CC

Kailey plz lurk

Peeing in the Shower

Momma Johma wants Sugar Daddies

Anisa being shielded by Ian

Mooching off of Ian

Discord Drama

Nigri shit talk

Anisa's content sucks

Chris would defend me…

Plenty Educated

No. 460541

does ian know about these screenshots?
maybe he will actually break up with her after he sees this

No. 460555

i don't think they're friends anymore, i watched the stream chad did with max recently and he kept shitting on idubbbz

No. 460564

yeah love it when he said anisa says some dumb shit. he talks pretty regularly with ian. not joji though

No. 460571

what did he say? luv me some sweet Ian roasting
if he doesn't know yet, he'll soon do

No. 460578

Idubbbz is the R.Kelly of yt. Lol

No. 460587

it was after the release of the ajp content cop and views kept shitting on him and the cc basically lol max would just stay silent whenever he did that, seemed really awkward. another interesting bit was when chad left for a while and max was left alone on the stream. he was asked about the cancer crew and he basically confirmed it was dead and that although they've shot a lot of videos they "can't be released for some reason"

No. 460597


Well, I guess this explains why she dislikes the Content Cop on Leafy.

No. 460754

I'm unsageing this thread for this leak, please remember to stay on topic and keep the nitpicking down.

No. 460793

What is unsageing?(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 460797

I found the newfag!
it means that the thread can be bump btw please learn to sage (type sage in the email field)

No. 460827

You got a link to the stream?

No. 460851

No. 461015

No word from edups? Everyone is asking for a CC on logan paul but do we really need one? I mean c'mon.

No. 461035

Thank you anon. I haven't bothered with this thread in forever but this is some good milk.

It was pretty obvious how not compatible they were. I can't believe she bitch about him like this behind his back. I hope he'll understand this is not normal and dumb her fake ass.

No. 461047

Pls anons, we've finally been unsaged after how long and you're not saging non-contributing posts. From the bottom of my milky heart, put sage in the email field so we can live peacefully amongst the other flakes. <3

No. 461049

Nah he’s not going to put drama out in the open, not when it involves him. He’s more of a “Toss the grenade and let the others react” kind of guy. He does his content cop, maybe content deputy, and that’s it. No involvement with the cancer crew drama either. I doubt he’d say anything. We’ll get all our info on the break up from Anisa-chan.

No. 461085

I haven't visited Anisa threads in months because they lacked milk but holy shit this is what I was waiting for and way greater than I ever imagined. Thank you for the milk.

No. 461086

Anisa kind of doxxed Ian with her IRL shopping stream, no one knew where in San Diego Ian lived but now we know the closest mall near them

No. 461096

that place is close to vista where his parents live

No. 461105

lol all of these youtubers are so fucking fake. a few months ago they looked like they were best friends, now they backstab each other with no remorse

No. 461106

guys please sage unless you have something to contribute to the thread

No. 461161

A part of me wants to feel bad for her talking about her shitty relationship, failing channel, her own subs talking shit about her behind her back, her life just going nowhere and being miserable, but then I watch like 5 seconds of one of her videos and all those feelings just go away. She's always starting shit, always shit talking, has such a nasty, crass fake as hell persona and a mouth that needs to be washed out with soap.

A part of me would hope that these leaks would lead to get dumped by Ian, and actually realize that this YT celebrity stuff just isn't for her. It clearly isn't, she hasn't got the charm, the looks, the humor, and her channel is just nonsense and all over the place. The only thing she had going for her was being a twitch hottie and she gave that up. She should just try to be a normal person and get her life together, none of this works for her.

sage for useless rant

No. 461207

he's the male equivalent to a butter face

No. 461211

File: 1515038967544.jpg (152.58 KB, 1125x1148, tynsQCP.jpg)

his name is tyler and yeah she has been interested in him for a while he is a pretty famous streamer. back in the day she use to @ him a lot and try to ass kiss

No. 461305

white pages is saying he or his family name owns property nearby carlsbad

maybe she and ian were visiting their family?(Rule 4.1)

No. 461309

I thought Carter was a fake name?

No. 461313

File: 1515045321371.png (24.7 KB, 620x314, Untitled.png)

I don't know, he puts a lot of info out there to throw people off(his birthday for example)

but I did find this

No. 461338

Carter isn't his last name. It's been revealed a couple of times on here already. Let it go.

All his PO boxes were also always in Vista so everyone knew they live around that area.

No. 461360

lads, i gave up on this thread after all of the "WE'RE GONNA CC PEAR XDDDD" shitposting, and now this thread is on the first page.

this milk is pretty creamy despite mostly confirming what we already suspected - that ian didn't give a fuck about her - but what was the "first relationship scare"? how many times have they almost broken up?

No. 461370


omg that sounds exactly like how i pictured ian to be. during his kickstart videos he looked nerdy but normal. during the begining of the content cop shit he looked like a well adjusted guy making jokes too. but nowadays (since last year i feel) i can't watch or stand him. i unsubed and catch a few of his videos here and there but he just seem like a different person to me. like a egomaniac manchild. again, i don't feel like he was this before.

feelsgood.jpg to know that he's actually losing it and that's what the personality shift is about. also i hate anisa but she needs to dump him asap, she's plain but doesn't deserve a edgy dude who is going back to being 15

No. 461371

to be fair we had all this information for months but we were waiting for the right time to release it, so we sent the info to pearfax and they helped us with that. We are still are working on another video it will be out soon so stay tuned for that as well. we have gathered everything we needed.

No. 461373

File: 1515048862367.jpg (227.82 KB, 900x1200, DNmTRWmWsAEro5g.jpg)


>ian idubbbz isn't emotionally mature to handle adult relationships

>the man who says nigger on camera to make money and is the hero of edgy kids everywhere
>he's actually a fuckin moron who thinks he's better and smarter than everyone

shocker but what did she expect tho

No. 461379


>He kept saying "I won't find some one like you again and I want to make it work

>its like he has an on and off switch
>He's idubbbz. That's all he cares about at the end of the day

Anisa should have broke up with this dude like yesterday. typical behavior of someone who is going to keep shitting on you because you're weak as hell.

No. 461382

Maybe she should just break up with him instead of threatening him many times to break up with him (and then telling everyone about it). That’s manipulative and cruel.

According to what is visible in their videos and these leaks, they’re both disgusting people but Idubbbz has the success and the money to do whatever he wants, Anisa is just a leech playing victim in every situation and she found her biggest evil boyfriend yet “the horrible idubbbz”.

No. 461395

The first scare was when Pear wanted to break it off before the Hawaii trip but Ian made her comprimise by having her move back to Canada and keeping it long distance.

No. 461551

File: 1515068342197.jpg (20.79 KB, 593x136, rawefdfhgjhj.jpg)

lol she's still shading Ian, isn't she

No. 461559

has she reacted to the leak at all?

No. 461566

today/tomorrow (different timezones, don't judge me) she'll stream so milky thing to do would be for some farmers to pop up and mention the leaks. I'm pretty sure she knows about them so she'll be easily triggerable

No. 461571

> messages bitching about bf and relationship gets leaked online
> proceeds to add fuel to fire by retweeting hints at their relationship being shit

it's like she's doing the opposite of damage control.

No. 461598

Can we talk about her timeline for 2018?

>April: Visa expires, back to Deadmonton.

>May - August: S/S courses at UofA so she can get enough credits to transfer to an US Art school
>Sept: Get Visa, start CalArts, Ian proposes and live her smol bean dream life.

Am I missing anything?

Also, It's been awhile since I've been in Uni, when do you have to apply and send in your portfolio to start school in the Fall?

No. 461619

File: 1515079937082.png (29.77 KB, 512x299, Screenshot (684).png)

No. 461646

The "I wont find someone like you again" thing would have been a huge red flag to me. It sounds like a compliment, but it's just typical guy shit, it's too much work to find someone to replace her with, not 'you're so special and unique and mean so much to me, you're one of a kind' that is just so shallow. If that's his only reason for being with her, he doesn't want to go through the hassle of finding another bitch to put up with his nasty behavior, then she's either way more insecure than I thought, or she really is only with him for the fame and notoriety, which seems to be waning anyway. She's scared to break up because she doesn't want to think she's losing a chance at success. But he doesn't support or encourage or give her exposure at all so why the fuck stay? She's such an idiot it's ridiculous.

No. 461664

Oh my the milk is just keeps a-flowin'!

So she's on a sponsored visa? I'm not an expert on US visas, but does she mean a work sponsored visa, or a K1 (fiance)visa?

If it's the work sponsored visa, it would finally make sense why Ian had to credit Pear in her CC! They had to show that she is indeed employed by "idubbbztv".

If it's a K1, well that just opens a new can of worms.

No. 461674

She deleted the "compromised" discord, made a new one open to the public (it's been linked here) and her subs/"close friends" are pulling the jelly haters shtick.

No. 461680

yeah cause we’re jealous of this disaster of a relationship ~eyeroll~

No. 461683

the link to the discord is dead unless I missed a new one…

No. 461694

I think it's a work sponsored visa. She mentioned something about needing a certain number of subs to stay on the visa. I agree that the credit might have something to do with that. As the leak shows, Anisa says that Ian says he feels bad for not crediting her for the Tana thing but still won't come out and give her credit for that or anything she may have done before.

No. 461710

File: 1515088006403.jpg (108.05 KB, 600x415, 65489465498.jpg)


> she was wearing a fucking bra

> nothing else

No. 461730

kek-iddy-kek this is gold anon!
Someone please post it to her reddit lol

No. 461799

I thought this kind of streaming was banned on twitch?
I wonder if Ian is embarrassed by her

No. 461844

they are both people that should never be in an adult relationship. pear can't stop making shit up and blabbing to people who dont really need to know what's going on for asspats (hence the discord leaks), and ian appears to be a hell of a sociopath (what a surprise /s).

cba to find it but there was a link on her twitter from a couple of days ago

why on earth would she even want to claim the tana thing as her own? i thought that with the benefit of time, people were in agreement that the tana cc was kind of in bad taste.

this is from far before the recent outrage around titty streaming. ian probably doesnt care, just like he doesnt seem to care about the rest of their relationship.

No. 461848

>when do you have to apply and send in your portfolio to start school in the Fall?
For most unis by the Fall/Winter the year before. Since most people get their acceptances in the Spring/Summer before school starts. She was talking a lot about taking classes in the spring but she hasn't mentioned it at all and purposely ignores questions about school so I think "going back to school" was another one of her half assed attempts to seem less pathetic.

No. 461857

That’s the one I tried meh

No. 462167

This whole thread was a ride to read through, holy shit

No. 462253

Why would he be though? He knew how embarrassing she is before they got together and she hasn't stopped being embarrassing since soo.
Then again he told her to stop associating with Zoie so he actually might have been embarrassed by her former profession. Sadly for him she never really stopped being a titty streamer.
The one thing he and Anisa seem to have in common is being hypocrites.

No. 462399

is it even legal for ian to pretend to be an organization/corporation or to pretend that 'idubbbztv' is a legitimate entity and anisa is in his employ? legitimately asking because it sounds pretty shady, if not outright illegal, to me.

No. 462412

yep. anyone can get an ein and legally be a sole proprietorship and they just fund for the visa.

No. 462549

anyone caught anything interesting from her stream?

No. 462556

File: 1515149483782.jpg (89.11 KB, 723x407, raihnbowtitz.jpg)

samefag because I've just watched a bit.
>a sob story from twitchcon. She came up to another streamer girl and went for a hug and the girl said ew. Anisa got a panic attack (sure). Then she was talking with someone and that girl came up and said she can't wait to see Anisa crash and burn and her channels die and snapped her fingers with biiiitch.
Why does it sounds like a nightmare Anisa dreamed at night and not a real story? lol
>watched some of her old titty-streams (confirmed using double bra)
My connection started acting up so I don't know if she addressed the leak at all

No. 462561

max and chad are still friends, both think anisa is too good for Ian but they agree she says some dumb shit lol

No. 462573

eurofag here but she said it wasn't ian who sponsored it but idubbbz which makes it seem like she was hired by him? i skimmed through some rules for getting a sponsored visa and it seems like unless she's a family member she'd be unlikely to get it. she might be on a h-1b visa though

No. 462625

max doesn't like anisa tho lol. like, at all. anisa seemed to have gotten into it with katt after their hawaii trip too.

i can't be the only one who remembers anisa and max arguing on twitter because anisa was being a condescending dumb-shit who was acting all ~plenty educated~ about relationships despite her number of failed ones? max gave up on responding to her and just ended it with an 'lol' or something.

if max and chad no longer like ian, they definitely don't give a shit about the hoe they only tolerated for him.

No. 462824

Yeah, she said she was being sponsored by idubbbz and was his """employee""". In whatever screencap you could tell she was basically mocking the government and the sham of a business Ian pretended to have to be able to sponsor her.

I'm pretty sure you're right that you can only sponsor a family member if you're using the 'personal' sponsor or whatever.

I'm an american so I don't know tons about (american) visas, but my ex was an aussie who'd looked at ways to stay in the US after his student visa was out and he'd looked into sponsoring. As far as I know, there are basically two forms of visas gained that way. One is between employer and employee, and the company fronts the bill for you living in the U.S. while you work toward citizenship or whatever.

The second option is the 'personal' one, and like I said I'm pretty sure you're right and that can only happen between relatives like parent and child, uncle and nephew, grandparent and grandchild, or engaged couples (not just people who are dating), etc. My ex had an american step-dad and I know he was trying to see if he could use that for some kind of visa, and sponsoring came up. I'm not sure what happened since we broke up, but I'm 90% sure you can only sponsor family members or otherwise you have to be a legit business and be employing someone.

Really hoping Pear gets ICE on her ass tbh.

No. 462936

I find the "work sponsorship visa" a little suspicious. Everything I've read about it requires at least a bachelors degree/specialized skills/a shitload of money. All of which we know Miss Pear lacks. There are a few visas (I looked at https://www.migrationexpert.com/work_visa/) which might have loopholes that could be exploited by a good enough immigration lawyer, which she's mentioned them talking to before.

I think it makes more sense that she's just lying and back on the tourist visa, since the time between this move and the first one, is about the right time to wait between tourist visas. I think it's fucked that she's so willing to get red flagged by US Immigration than Ian is willing to visit her for more than a week. In Canada, you can sponsor a common-law partner (a person you're dating & living with but not necessarily engaged or married to) for residency.

If you/he (or anyone else) still cares, maybe your ex would be interested in the Aussie-only E3 visa. It's like the H1B but has a quota that's hardly ever filled. The TN1 visa is the Canadian/Mexican equivalent to the H1B.

No. 463382


i've read about the specialized bit as well and i think they used the whole youtube thing being relatively new for their advantage and maybe said she's a researcher for ian's videos or something.

i know that the visa for engaged couples is insanely difficult to get though so i doubt they'd bother with that, plus it requires you to get married within 6 months or so

No. 463666

pewdiepie featured a clip of anisa in his video and shaded her art. starts at 6:16

No. 463671

He doesn’t even know who she is. He doesn’t know he’s watching the world famous idubbbz gf.

No. 463686

lmaooo. this is made all the better by the fact that in her self-important discord rants, she mentioned pewds by name like 100x so everyone would know her bf ~idubbbz~ was hanging with pewds. and dude doesn't even know she exists hahahaha. this is too good.

No. 463687

I loved how he asked "is that idubbbz?" the guy did a content cop video with him and he doesnt know about his girlfriend kek shows how much Ian mentions Anisa

No. 463690

Let me get this straight, Ian has been over at pewd's house before and never once brought up Pear as his gf? Lolol I know it might have been a business only encounter but you just know Pear would be offended that he doesn't mention her at all to anyone he meets. Especially when she's trying to gain views, you'd think he help her in that way but nope he's completely focus on himself.

No. 463692

I guess we now know why neither marzia nor pewds follow anisa

No. 463695

not just that, but when ian stayed with pewds, they were near to breaking up. anisa was freaking out about it to the point of ranting to her discord/anyone who'd listen about her bf idubbbz being a big meanie. :'( the entire time ian was with pewdiepie, anisa was wondering if she'd be bugging ian if she called him while he was hanging out with felix and wondering if it was bad timing to talk about their relationship, etc. meanwhile ian hadn't even mentioned anisa was his gf to the friend he was staying with lmao. plus we can't forget ian hadn't called her for 4+ days while he was staying with felix. hm, gotta wonder what he was doing, not even mentioning his gf once, during that period of silence.

anisa is so fucking stupid.

No. 463697

i don't think it's just a business only relationship. ian didn't just pop by for a visit - he'd stayed with them for a while during the time he was in the UK. i know it's mentioned in one of dave's videos from that time. how does anisa not see that ian is clearly still embarrassed of her? there's no other reason for him to omit having a gf to his close friends, other than maybe wanting to hook up with other girls when he's hanging out with those guys?

No. 463700

The look of genuine confusion on his face when he asks, "Is that idubbbz?" I'm fucking dying. He has absolutely no clue who Anisa is other than another failure of a streamer who's shitty at art.

No. 463705

i bet 100 bucks she is gonna cry to her "friends" about this on discord

No. 463707

I don't understand why you're all assuming he hasn't mentioned to Pewdiepie that he has a girlfriend just because he didn't recognize Anisa in the video.

No. 463710

we dont need this kind of negativity in our thread so anisa fan please leave this place you are not welcomed here

No. 463711

Exactly this. Plenty of guys like to keep there relationships private, whats wrong with that? I know alot of people who keep their personal information personal and theres nothing at all wrong with that. Ian probably mentioned Anisa and talked about her to Pewdiepie, but maybe he didn't see pictures of her or watch her videos.Some one as busy as him probably doesn't have time to watch videos that are not relavent to the kind of content they make.

No. 463713

Lol in this place I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not. You all are so hateful sometimes.

No. 463714

you clearly did not read the leaked chats, I can tell. Anisa complained Ian won't mention her, defend her or say anything not because ~he's private uwu~ but because he's paranoid about his image (and she's angry it's more important to him than her). This just more or less confirms he doesn't talk about her etc not only publicly but even with his friends. No wonder she's pissed off tbh

No. 463716

Well, he has mentioned her in podcasts and in his instagram bio it says "@anisajomha is one spicy enchilada". So it's not like he's trying to keep fact that he has a girlfriend a secret.

No. 463718

i agree. he doesn't want her involved in any part of his life that isn't just the two of them. he wants to keep his love life (really just anisa and her checkered past tbh) wholly removed from every other part of his life because she's bad for his image. she also said quite a few times in the chats that ian wants to control her own "image" and that he doesn't like her past persona and how it affects him (i'm paraphrasing here). ian is embarrassed of her and the titty-streaming. he knows that she's bad for public perception of him and that really is what he cares about most at the end of the day.

i don't blame her for being upset either, but she knew what she was getting into tbh. it was a mistake for both of them to ever even enter this relationship. anisa has been in enough relationships that she should have known what she was getting into, and she should have never let ian keep her hidden like a dirty little secret and control her life (hurting her career by giving up the celestia/zoie connections just because ian told her they were bad for his image, wtf) if it made her feel so bad. she lets him do these things, and for what? having a famous bf? …who doesn't even mention you? lol. and ian should have chosen his first girlfriend more carefully if he wanted someone who'd be good for his image. you don't make a whore your queen, etc. if he wanted a marzia or a hila, he shouldn't have picked someone like anisa, plain and simple.

No. 463722

Anisa forced him to write that in his bio, lol. She gave him an ultimatum and he caved. She wanted a lot more than just that, but she settled on the brief mention (which she wrote herself kek). You guys are in for some treats soon.

No. 463733

>how does anisa not see that ian is clearly still embarrassed of her? there's no other reason for him to omit having a gf to his close friends, other than maybe wanting to hook up with other girls when he's hanging out with those guys?

Who are these "close friends" you're referring to?

No. 463740

yeah i feel like he doesn't have any friends left i dunno if that's because of his relationship with anisa or what

No. 463741

I thought this might be an old video but he just put this up. Do you think idubbbz was aware he was going to do this? They were together during Anisa drama so he probably did it for him. Or he really doesn't know and I don't know which is more hilarious.

No. 463743

friendly reminder to sage your shit if you dont want this thread to go back to autosage (sage goes in email field)

No. 463744

He said he was just looking at the top stream related videos or something, and the idubbbz fucks with anisa ones have gotten some traction. I don't think pewdiepie plans out his videos that far honestly, so it seems like he really doesn't recognize pear

No. 463746

he doesn't know because this video with anisa and ian had a lot of views anyway
if you google live stream fails her video would pop up for sure

No. 463747

File: 1515280411451.jpg (121.56 KB, 800x878, IMG_20180106_181014.jpg)

Yeah pear he totally "liked" your "fan art". I don't know why but looking at this depresses me. She wants to be noticed so badly.

No. 463749

Is this butthurt sarcasm or is she that retarded? He clearly didn't like it, he had the "wtf is this weird ugly shit" rection.

No. 463750

no, she's actually that retarded

No. 463752

Haha she's so fucking desperate for even a shred of attention from pewds

No. 463758

do you guys think pewds saw it and chose to ignore her?

No. 463760

He probably gets tons of mentions, even if he saw it he might have assumed this Anisa person was some random nobody, or even that she was "fan" that drew the "fanart" instead of the streamer in the video he watched.

No. 463768

most likely,though I wonder how Ian isn't cringing to death at her jumping at any attention she gets,like felix literally made fun of her painting

No. 463770

He has friends, but Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye and the rest of the youtubers he hung out with in the UK are definitely not his close friends.

No. 463771

is he still friends with max?I knew he was in the back of one of his squirrels vid but that was a while ago

No. 463782

I think so,Max basically made his channel popular,well him and George

No. 463783

yeah, he's still friends with max but not with joji and chad

No. 463784

Please sage your shit anon, I'm pretty sure you're one person WKing ians "friendships". Its non-contributive so fucking sage.

No. 463785

I saw someone post discord leaks on keem's twitter,I wonder why he hasn't jumped on that…he sometimes puts pewdiepie in the title just for a meaningless tweet he made

No. 463794

I honestly don't think so. Something happened between Max and Ian for sure, maybe the same thing that happened to Max/Katt and Anisa on that Hawaii trip that turned Anisa and Katt into very aggressive frenemies.

Ian and Joji are extremely similar at this point tbh. Joji abandoned his friends for his music, and once that took off he never looked back at the people who stuck with him during the YT years and upgraded his friends to include better-knowns in the industry. Ian is very much the same, except he expanded on his YT fame and upgraded his friends: pewds, BIAB, jacksfilms, h3h3, freaking Post Malone, etc. It's kind of shitty considering it was Max who kickstarted Ian's career, in all honesty, but whatever. Fame always changes people.

No. 463795

conspiracy time: it's maureen.

No. 463798

>pewds, BIAB, jacksfilms, h3h3, freaking Post Malone
Are they really friends? I know they did flashy collabs and shit but I doubt they've hung out much besides that stuff.

No. 463801

>>463794 very true,I think h3h3 mentioned he'll have Ian back on the podcast,maybe more stuff will come up cause last time they did talk about max,joji etc.

No. 463803

felix and jack seem like good people I doubt they would be actual friends with Ian,I'm surprised ethan and hila can stand to be around anisa,since hila is like the complete opposite of her

No. 463807


'felix' 'good people' hahaha

No. 463811

Has felix done anything that bad? The nazi jokes/ n word shit was dumb of him but seemed kind of overblown to me, unless there's something else too.

No. 463812

No one knows but them, but he seems to be friends with pewds and BIAB at the very least. When you stay at someone's house for weeks, you tend to develop some kind of friendship beyond a working level. Just my opinion, but what do I know?

But he's definitely legit friends (and not just 'working friends') with jacksfilms and has been for a while. In one of Max's old vlogs, Jack's seen getting pretty drunk with Ian and Max and you can tell he's totally 'off', meaning not in YT'er work mode. Vid related, starts around 2:34. Jack had no reason to hang out with them and drink with them other than being friends with them and wanting to chill with them - it's not like they ever collab'd together.

No. 463813

>I honestly don't think so. Something happened between Max and Ian for sure, maybe the same thing that happened to Max/Katt and Anisa on that Hawaii trip that turned Anisa and Katt into very aggressive frenemies.

Anisa and Katt are hanging out together at Disneyland today btw.

No. 463889

ngl that beaver or capybara is a lot better than i thought she was capable of painting. her past pieces were so, so horrible. i wonder if she even did it.

No. 463922

Why was she so desperate to be mentioned as his gf as soon as she possibly could?
People here are talking shit like why does he not promote her, but why should he? As a big youtuber wouldn't you want some kind of reassurance that your failed twitch streamer wannabe future youtuber gf isn't just in it for the exposure before promoting her?
The only decent thing she could've done to prove that its not only about the Idubbbz fame would've been to keep their relationship private in the beginning and see how it works out before telling anyone.

No. 463924

She is streaming right now with Katt

No. 463925

A semi collab video, filmed at the same time as that vid

No. 463938

Joji used to be so hot, fffuck. Also Ian looked so much happier back then. It's like being with Anisa drained the life out of him lol. Anisa had every right to be worried about Ian having commitment issues tbh - he's clearly happier when he's single and free to do what he wants.

No. 463942

Katt looks so gorg next to Anisa lmao I feel kinda bad

No. 463958

katt has some serious moonface going on - looks like a thyroid issue or legit lupus or something because she's so thin otherwise - but yeah, she's really pretty next to anisa. it was super hard to watch tbh since anisa straight up looks like an ogre next to a feminine looking girl like katt. anisa looks so goddamn manly, holy shit.

anyone even know why they were hanging out?

No. 463960

screencaps please?

No. 463962


BIAB and Ian are old time friends. There are super old vlogs of them being together on vacation. Same for Jack, he and Ian go back, and Jack often mentions Ian on his channel casually. They are definitely good friends. Judging from the podcast Ethan and Hila are also pretty close to him not just work wise. And they are kind of connected through Joji and Maxmoefoe too as far as I am aware. The only one I dont think is actually friends w Ian is Post Malone. I think he really just agreed to be in his video because of connections like H3 I am guessing.

No. 463963

File: 1515304695262.png (617.67 KB, 717x393, jkj.PNG)

No. 463964

File: 1515304710432.png (658.18 KB, 712x383, ju.PNG)

No. 463965

i dont think she's that thin. she just gains weight in her face and has wide, prominent cheekbones.

No. 463967

>that fucking neck
what is wrong with pear's genes, for real

No. 463970

I just realized her neck is wider than her forehead. Lmao.

Sage for nitpick but jesus christ.

No. 463975

File: 1515305475960.jpg (111.31 KB, 1080x881, PlrjkQ7.jpg)

>The only one I dont think is actually friends w Ian is Post Malone. I think he really just agreed to be in his video because of connections like H3 I am guessing.

No. 463980

Why is anus streaming someone else on their stream right now?


No. 463990

The amount of anisa fans in this thread is fucking cancerous I thought you guys hated this place why are you even here?

No. 463997

From my very limited knowledge of Twitch (I honestly hate the platform, I only use it to watch 2 streamers) what Anisa is doing is hosting. She isn't streaming someone elses stream but just hosting it on her Twitch channel as sort of a promotion.

No. 464064

Nah they are both fugly.
No he hasn't done anything bad, Felix is pretty sound. That anon is probably a WSJ reader or some shit.

No. 464070

Kat looks fine, I think she just has a round face in general. Anisa, per usual, cannot style herself to save her life. Those glasses make her brows look cro-magnon tier and foundation lips are never a good look.

as for why Anisa wants Ian to acknowledge her so badly - probably equal parts attention and, well, who wants to feel like they're being hidden by their partner? I don't blame Ian for doing it from a business perspective, but he obviously doesn't know how to make that clear to his needy gf.

I think they deserve each othrr tbh. Anisa is a pathetic chest and Ian is a soulless autist. Don't feel bad for either of them.

No. 464072

pathetic cheat* soz

No. 464074

tbh if I was dating a famous youtube/e-celeb whatever I would absolutely want to avoid being mentioned on all his public social media. I wouldn't want to be denied to a guys friends and family of course, but I don't see the appeal in wanting attention from someone's hordes of mindless fanboys. That's just me though. Sage for OT

No. 464076

>I think they deserve each othrr tbh. Anisa is a pathetic chest and Ian is a soulless autist. Don't feel bad for either of them.
>Anisa is a pathetic cheat

this tbh. so many people - anisa damage-control fans i'm assuming - have been bawwing ITT about how mean ian is to poor nisser. :'( and yeah, it's shitty if he's hiding her from his friends like pewds and wants to "control" her image (though we only have anisa's word to go on with that). like you said - soulless autist.

but i feel like no one's mentioning the "chris would defend me unlike ian - ian only cares about his youtube persona", "chris is better than ian that way", "i'm talking to chris about [random thing here]" rants in the discord leaks. yeah, we all knew she cheated on akaadian with ian and suspected the chris cheating, but those discord leaks were pretty freaking damaging when it comes to showing anisa comparing her boyfriend to other men. and portraying those other men in a more favorable light while shit-talking her bf in a public forum.

like, who tf does that?

No. 464084

no shit. can we stop trying to guess who is and isn't friends with pear's boyfriend? it's barely even relevant.

No. 464086

No. 464094

>pear cries about Ian not defending her the way Chris does
>but apparently Ian sperged out on Katt over a joke involving his and Anisa's future kids?
Is that what I'm supposed to take away from this? Anusa's obnoxious horse laughter kind of overpowers all the audio.

No. 464098

What she means is, Ian won't defend her publicly online.

No. 464099

I don't any of pear's internet-recorded exploits are worthy of defending to be fair.

No. 464119

Anisa doesn't care about privacy, her oversharing on twitch and discord are indicative of that. She wants so badly to be known as the untouchable idubbbz's gf for attention and views.

No. 464122

The ironic thing is she actually brings down idubbbz' "untouchable" status just by being associated with him.

No. 464148

yep. anisas problem is that she's TOO touchable. she's pathetic, transparent, insecure, overshares, and constantly needs attention and reassurance. if she could play it cool like Ian and never put anything out there about their relationship or herself they'd be much more interesting (and compatible, presumably). but she tries way too fucking hard.

No. 464151

plus she suddenly became a relationship expert when they started dating.. 50% of her tweets and yt videos are about relationships it's pretty obvious that she's constantly trying to emphasize that she's dating "idubbbz"

No. 464394

File: 1515359725460.jpg (33.5 KB, 348x380, fdfdfdfd.jpg)

under Ian's new vid
at least his fanboys know who she is am I right…? lulz

No. 464443

i went through the comments looking for that one, couldn't find it but lmao, it's always good when they see past the tits. too bad most of his fanboys white-knight anisa because they live vicariously through ian and him being with anisa makes them feel like they're getting their dicks sucked, too. look at his subreddit - anyone says one bad word about her and they get downvoted and sperged at. for every one smart idubbbz fan, there are 100 blindly devout, underage idiots.

No. 464449

it's….a guinea pig.

No. 464451

fucking hell, i'm dying.

No. 464454

It's a capybara. Her reasoning: "Because capybaras can make friends with anything; I made a picture of a capybara befriending [Kim Jon Il]."

paraphrased for proper spelling and world knowledge.

No. 464543

File: 1515370357673.jpeg (247.01 KB, 750x1070, 8DD17860-7089-4785-ADE9-553B70…)

Kat posted this on her twitter with the caption: “dragged anisa to LA to corrupt her”

Starting 2018 without talking to idubbbz even though they live together, talking shit about him and their relationship, and hanging out with other guys far away from him but using idubbbz money. Sounds like twitchcon 2016 all over. When is the next horrible abusive relationship video coming?

No. 464548

lmao. am i the only one who feels like katt is being sneaky af and sabotaging anisa? no? just me? but damn, anisa taking pics with random bar skeeves makes that hotel room her and katt got for just themselves for the weekend look 1000x more suspicious. i guess maybe anisa's reverting back to her old bar-whore, one night stand days.

>hanging out with other guys far away from him but using idubbbz money
the best part of this is how MUCH idubbbz money is being spent on anisa atm. it's not just him paying for her living expenses, we found out in the discord leaks he's SPONSORING her to live in the US. he's shelling out a shit-ton of money for her just to live here.

anisa's straight-up scum. those guys in the pic aren't even cute lol.

No. 464549

File: 1515371026946.jpeg (176.51 KB, 750x846, 9BE251EF-DB6A-43D1-A4A7-3CBF54…)

Anisa looks way manlier than any of the guys there. Gotta love that “mature fashion style” she is rocking right now 10/10.

No. 464552

why are they hanging out with random old men lol

No. 464553

Looks like 4 dudes hitting on kat.

No. 464556

ot but how tall is anisa?

No. 464557

This tbh. Katt is really pretty as a side note.

No. 464562

she says she's 5'5" or 5'6" (it changes depending on the stream/AMA), but she's a known liar. when she's standing next to ian who's 6'0, they're of a near equal height. imo she's closer to 5'8" or 5'9". she's very very manly.

No. 464563

>Starting 2018 without talking to idubbbz even though they live together

Where do you get this from?

No. 464566

different anon so maybe they know something more, but she tweeted that passive-aggressive tweet on NYE about people in mature relationships not needing to communicate all the time or something kek. and not even a month before she was bitching about ian ignoring her for days.

No. 464567

who are those cringy old guys?are they just bar strangers trying to smash?

No. 464568

I get such a gross vibe from these pics. Like pear is constantly saying how socially anxious she is about social situations and her she is drinking with a bunch of old random bar guys. Ugh.

No. 464570

She said it on her stream, somebody asked where he was, she said that idubbbz was very busy working because youtube is his work and that twitch is her career and she is very grateful for it (which of course nobody asked her about). Also she’s been streaming a lot and doing everything by herself now.

No. 464572

I thought Kat was a nice and good girl like Marzia…lol nope

No. 464577

they're def bar randos lol. have some fucking standards, ladies.

who wants to place bets on them bringing those dudes - or other dudes - back to the hotel room they got for the sole purpose of spending the weekend partying? they're both trash.

No. 464579

pretty sure Kat is a homewrecker, as she was fucking max while he was dating another chick.

No. 464583

katt's nicer than anisa but she's far from being a 'good girl' like marzia or hila. when she started fucking max, he was still in a relationship with his ex xantia. she was literally the other woman.

No. 464587

Any sources for this?

No. 464590

its all over the old threads max ex answered some questions on tumblr and she also commented on max insta about her camara its all over the other threads go lurk more

No. 464593

File: 1515372795568.png (1.21 MB, 1132x1488, Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 4.37…)

samefag but I guess were not gonna get keemstar to help us spread the drama because apparently he is a fan of anisa now

No. 464594

File: 1515372841207.jpg (643.44 KB, 1242x1790, 1489708584845.jpg)

Here's the first of the tumblr asks.

No. 464596

File: 1515372879960.jpg (401.58 KB, 1242x1511, 1489731402470.jpg)

More tumblr explanations from Max's ex.

No. 464598

File: 1515372978999.png (543.13 KB, 932x585, 1489730451956.png)

Max kept - or lost - his ex's camera and used it to take the first pic of him and Katt together he posted on IG weeks after the breakup with Xantia.

No. 464599

File: 1515373070757.png (587.88 KB, 956x604, 1489730484702.png)

No. 464601

they are all such shit people I am actually disgusted…so bummed only Pear fax is working to expose the shit anisa does

No. 464603

honestly i think he saw the milk that was spilt and hes hoping for more…. and he knows she overshares so if she feels like theyre on good terms the more she'll open up to him if he pops in her dms to ask about drama

No. 464606

Doesn’t look like he is a fan, looks more like he’s waiting on that drama with a canadian starbucks… because she’s canadian?

No. 464607

its a bunch of individuals who have actually helped get all this info, a bunch of discord people sent the info to pear fax so its just them and the pear fax channel is just probably a bunch of people working together to get it done

No. 464608

I hope so anon,I think he would be blind if he couldn't see the milk,was this before or after the discord leak?

No. 464611

He posted the picture because she said on her stream that she's missing Tim Hortons since moving to California.

No. 464613

ew i could tell katt was gross from the stream. she would fake laugh with anisa and it was SO BAD. she also would like pose for the camera and it just seemed sus. people who do both those things, esp to a male twitch audience, just… ugh. that's really gross of him and her to do, and rubbing it in her face for no reason? gross.

No. 464633

keem's got that smug 'waiting for milk' face lmao. he's basically telling anisa he's watching her every move. i have no clue how this could be seen as a friendly thing.

No. 464643

No. 464645

>that sneaky 'lol' from keem in the chat

No. 464646

her boobs look fatter. maybe it's because she's back to double-layering the push-ups (look at the straps digging into her fucking shoulders, christ) or something else. her face and hands are puffy af too, which makes me wonder… is she pregnant?

No. 464648

lol that seems like such a stretch…I don't think she's pregnant,she just wears two bras or sth

No. 464649

Tim Hortons isn't even good.

No. 464652

do you guys think keem is aware of the leaks and now he is onto pear?

No. 464653

She says that she has bought new bras and that her previous ones didn't fit her.

No. 464657

what's that got to do with it?like who cares when she buys bras

No. 464660


No. 464679

maybe these guys r family or close friends or something? idk i dont wanna sound like girls cant have male friends outside of their bf but these pics are rubbing me the wrong way

No. 464694

Sage for tinfoil, but she probably wasn’t getting any money from icuck so they found gross guys to buy them drinks

No. 464698

posting it on social media for their bfs to see? damn theyre really desperate (and gross)

No. 464706

girls act that way when they're not getting the attention they want from their bfs. hell, i've done it before, my friends have done it before. we at least had the good sense to pick attractive guys tho. not some old bar uggos.

No. 464707

Katt said that they're friends.

No. 464718

and katt's trustworthy lol. just saying they legit look like typical middle-aged dive bar regulars who hit on any young girl.

No. 464742

lol omg i cannot with middle aged men wearing abercrombie, lmfao

No. 464755

In the comments, Katt says she’s at a gay bar. Sure, Jan.

No. 464808

>girls act that way when they're not getting the attention they want from their bfs
Sage for ot but just because you and nisser act that way doesn't mean everyone does.

No. 465302

File: 1515449470486.jpg (79.91 KB, 248x275, anisa is kylo ren thicc.jpg)

anisa is petite and thicc

No. 465394

OH my god this is gold…poor kylo ren tho

Btw is there any milk from her stream with Kat?

No. 465827

lol anon c'mon, look at his face! He's watching for milk, and only milk…Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions anon.

No. 465834

The same day Anisa had this break down https://imgur.com/a/dyIoEhttps://imgur.com/a/dyIoE

she immediately went to talk to chris despite not talking to him for a week. quick back up rebound just in case she and idubbbz really did break up.

by the way, keem is taking stories right now on twitter so if you have an account, hit him up

No. 465873

I messaged him, I think the more anons who dm him about it the better. It's annoying that they all seem to think talking about Anisa will get them a content cop, Ian clearly couldn't give a rats ass about her and would probably never let himself look as petty or whipped as he would if he publicly defended her. She's literally got the worst, most autistic boyfriend in terms of sticking up for her over shit, yet for some reason people still think she's untouchable?! LOL Felix would probably do more over someone talking about Marzia than Ian over Anisa. He really doesn't care lol

No. 465878

dm keem about the leak all of youuu nowww

No. 465886

ditto this. the more people who message him the more likely he is to mention it.

No. 465956

LMFAO god bless you anon

No. 465977

File: 1515510617810.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180109-090744.png)

When anisa used to have friends but noticed she's an insufferable cunt now

No. 465980

File: 1515510645330.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180109-090840.png)

No. 466034

File: 1515515058624.png (10.06 KB, 528x188, Screenshot (55).png)

What is the timeline for this https://vocaroo.com/i/s1F7PK3S2Xbe

No. 466059

Gotta admit but, she looks prettier back then than now.

But still a gold digger nonetheless.

No. 466061

Jesus Christ, that bra and jeans

Talk about attention hungry and horrible fashion sense

No. 466066

She was a less fat-faced and had a more flattering haircut.

No. 466067

What even is this? It sounds like some kind of joke but I don't get the joke.

No. 466068

It's not a joke but it's a recording of Anisa trying to sound "sexy".

No. 466083

lmao, this gets me every time. it was originally found in the temp thread.


it was 4 months ago, iirc exact date was end of September? it matches up with her planning on breaking up with Ian and hoeing it with Chris. imo she probably posted for male attention, thinking she'd be breaking up with her bf.

No. 466104

>"my favorite movie is ernest goes to camp"
>"I uploaded a picture of my blanket covered in shit to facebook but my mom made me delete it"
>weird fake gasps and moans
Where was the sexy again?

No. 466248

she really brings her voice to a brand new level of cringey

No. 466252

That's obviously not Anisa.

No. 466281

No. 466284

shiiiit the video is finally up ????
all of you share this asap on every social media

No. 466286

Haven't watched yet but 30 mins, really? You couldn't have made it into shorter vids?

No. 466291

this could blow up regardless

No. 466295

send this to keem

No. 466297

content cop vids are usually long because they go really deep so I think they wanted to capture the essense of a content cop and showing every little thing wrong with her, come on anon beggers cant be choosers m8

No. 466304

instead of bitching why dont you make one yourself then, it took everyone a while to get this done, so far this vid is pretty good

thanks for this you guys did an awesome job!

No. 466322

Watched it now and it was ok, hope everyone will see it lol

No. 466363

she's streaming rn we should all tell her about the video

No. 466364

Still watching, so far so good! But the title could be better, with capital letters to seem more "youtubery" and baity

No. 466378

Fucking awesome! Haven't finished the vid yet but it seems very good.

No. 466387

Also, adding on, I was convinced the vid was a lost cause but I can see why it took a while. I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

No. 466403

File: 1515539001806.png (48.38 KB, 692x388, download_889.png)

No. 466428

I feel like this is missing a lot of good clips, especially of anisa talking shit about lacie. It’s still p solid tho. Nice job guys.

No. 466430

I second this. Capitalize all of them, and if not, at least all the first letters. People are more likely to click.

I applaud those who came together to do this. The somebodies in the community have been too pussy/blind to see talk about this bullshit, so it's nice to see it all in one spot. Nice work ladies <3

No. 466436

watching it rn,congrats on all the hard work,very well done

No. 466444

Wow, this is so complete. Except for the long lost video where she said she wanted Ian and Joji to penetrate her just a few months before she “casually met” Idubbbz.

Did anyone see the courage the cowardly dog tshirt on her stream today “casually” 3 days after joji asked on ig about that show?

No. 466466

damn I want more anon pls

No. 466467

File: 1515544815056.png (15.91 KB, 622x176, screenshot9544.png)

No. 466468

did someone tweet the vid to keem on the dramaalert dm account?

No. 466488


Oh my god, she's so fucking stupid. Hahaha

No. 466494

bless u anon

No. 466495

does someone know if this vid was mentioned in her chat stream?

No. 466523

she knows about the vid, is pretty distressed and saying she isn't going to watch/address it

No. 466526

File: 1515592907231.png (51.98 KB, 756x361, 7xzzz73jeks8w.png)

Her discord was trying to take the 100K video down

No. 466562

they are pathetic

No. 466566


Someone back the vid up

No. 466593

File: 1515599317955.png (288.83 KB, 592x569, k4iley.png)

No. 466598

who's that retarded bitch

No. 466603

A wannabe streamer who leeches off of Anisa for god knows what reason.

No. 466606

Other people coming to fight her battles? No way!

No. 466608

when did anisa mention content cuck video in her latest stream?
i can't watch the whole thing because it's boring af so if someone could post the exact time when she mentions it that would be nice

No. 466610

Can someone tell me how they are going to possibly defend Anisa sharing Ian’s private business???

No. 466618

I linked it in her chat, but she didn't see/acknowledge it and it got drowned out.

The comments on the 100k video is full of her white knights saying the screenshots were faked lol.

No. 466621

File: 1515600890967.png (51.57 KB, 463x430, z8fjj8zzzzhek9.png)

No. 466624

people have been saying that she is allowed to talk to her 'friends' about her problems etc which is really funny considering those people are not her friends, but her pathetic subscribers

No. 466628


Are you going to defend Keemstar's stupid nigger comment because it happened years ago?

Are you going to defend Tana's nigger comments because it happened years ago?

Are you going to defend Leafy making fun of that autistic kid because it happened years ago?

Are you going to defend Ricegum's comments to the rape victim because it happened years ago?

No, you won't. You laughed at and agreed with those videos because you have no relationship with the people 'exposed.' Get off your fucking high horse, I don't give a shit about you being a teen. Think critically and stop making a fucking fool of yourself.

No. 466652

File: 1515602953018.png (61.13 KB, 507x626, Screenshot (982).png)

Date with idubbbz was on the 3rd of October then broke up with matt on the 8th of October

No. 466665

lol I thought they were "broken up for six months" by the time she got together with idubbbz

she's a lyin thot, and an ugly one at that

No. 466673

File: 1515604450182.jpg (43.63 KB, 354x706, 1497505673352.jpg)


No. 466676

I can smell the swamp ass from those shorts from here!

No. 466679

how did this woman end up like this?

No. 466682

Self loathing

No. 466689

File: 1515605246793.png (50.54 KB, 834x333, zzyhbhbjk8z.png)

On the 7th of october she had a discussion with the neckbeard subs about breaking up with matt

No. 466690

File: 1515605268390.png (9.82 KB, 819x72, 0zzzhh77r6fczzz.png)

No. 466695

wtf how is Ian still with her after this?I mean he's a douche too but talking about your relationship with strangers like this is so awful

No. 466698

I wonder if he has even seen it.

No. 466712

seems like it was a great idea to take this thread off auto-sage … sigh.

No. 466722

shut up maureen

No. 466727

that is l i t e r a l l y maureen lmao

No. 466733

she dun goofed with lying about that whole situation. People would understand if she came clean about it, damn, it's pretty clear she didn't like matt at this point in their relationship and looked for a way out. and when she met ian they clicked bla bla and she had a reason to break up. it's shitty and she hurt akaadian but yeah you can justify that if you try hard enough. but now she lied so much she can't really save face anymore, all that lying makes the situation x100 worse.

No. 466743

File: 1515608753204.jpg (303.07 KB, 1080x1668, Screenshot_20180110-132404_1.j…)

Their anniversary is 8 October

No. 466754

File: 1515609703972.png (86.83 KB, 614x431, 00xxxjvvuinlnff.png)

No. 466757

File: 1515610057938.png (20.54 KB, 789x189, 00zzgahmaureen.png)

Maureen checks up on this thread regularly because she is obsessed

No. 466761

Why does she
Type like this
It's fucking

No. 466762

>we knew we loved eachother the first night we met
this is too corny to handle
also lol the king of edgelords being an autistic romantic softboi, uwu much. few months later, he pees on her in the shower kek

No. 466843


No. 466846

maureen learned a new word to keep up with the cool internet kids

No. 466847

geez guys just drop it,it's not what the server's for

No. 466853

I wonder if scarce would go after pear,idk if Keem is actually gonna bring her up on dramaalert,no one big seems to have the courage to call her out

No. 466857

keem is too pussy to bring pear out to the light he only did it that one time because of ice poseidon but I doubt there will be more times. but scarce however could if he and zoie are still close then he def should it will give him views

No. 466862

ik keem's a coward but I don't understand why,like Idubbbz would never defend her in my opinion and keem has dona so much shit and still gets away with it,he had a cc done on him you'd think this would be the best way to get back at ian

No. 466867

>video clips and messages straight from the horses mouth
>not factual information
fucking KEK. and although i agree with her about how we all change i feel like a lot of the things pear does goes against common sense and decency. like cheating when you're still in a relationship.

No. 466873


Fuck off maureen. You're the reason Anisa is the way she is. Terrible parenting. Shame on you.

No. 466894

kailey deleted her spergfest "out of respect for the person involved" lol. it was actually because people were going to the video and seeing all of Anisa's shittiness. 10/10 job kailey.

No. 466901

keem is too busy covering the paul brothers situation for click bait. If it were any other time this would've been picked up

No. 466903

Yeah, k4iley tweeting about the discord leaks and yt videos was also a way of them accepting it was all true, since k4iley is also involved in the leaks I guess she tried to clean her name before Anisa and well, that was a fail for both of them.

No. 466941

smart kid

No. 466989

File: 1515630922327.jpg (143.93 KB, 1515x719, fwfjy3t3wfsz.jpg)

The imgur post with her shit talking idubbbz is at 700+ views, good job fam

No. 467099

File: 1515639648373.jpg (41.1 KB, 1280x720, cawww.jpg)

You know anisa, you should really only confide your relationship problems to one or to people you trust. If you did that you wouldnt have this problem and/or you'd know who is leaking your shittalking.

No. 467118

does anyone know why sky williams didn't expose pear?idk much about it but I couldn't find anything specific about what happened between him and anisa

No. 467119

YT views take a while to update, but video is sitting at 16k right now. What I think is most special tho is the 350+ comments calling her out for being the golddigging, cheating hoe she is. It's beautiful. A new comment pops up every few mins. I've been keeping an eye on it and all activity has increased a lot in the last hour or so. I wonder if it got posted somewhere. I know ian's subreddit keeps deleting it kek.

No. 467122

i wish it blew up more than that,how many views would it take for a bigger youtuber to mention it?

No. 467124

its still the first day. give it time, grasshopper.

No. 467129

ok babe

No. 467134

Has anyone tweeted the video to Sky? He would love it

No. 467143

please don't forget to sage for non contributing posts, we finally got off autosage so please don't make us go back to that

No. 467145

No. 467162

Lol Anisa is such a cunt.

No. 467229

File: 1515651114126.png (85.35 KB, 575x502, idubbbz gf going down.png)

speak of the devil

No. 467245

File: 1515652915743.png (708.94 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_2018-01-11-00-31-39…)

when did she decide she has OCD? did the thought of having an ED and anxiety bore her that quickly?

the video is really good. a bit hard to read all of the tea and without a narrator you do have to read all of it to make it comprehensive, but still good work. I'm not sure it'll hit her because she really isn't too big of a deal and with the Paul Bros being the big news right now.. it's a bit frustrating.

No. 467247

File: 1515653214713.jpg (255.44 KB, 800x446, idubbbz anisa jomha racist.jpg)

couple goals <3

No. 467249

so is sky gonna make a vid on pear after all?

No. 467253

oh god she's so ugly,please guys keep posting so this image goes away

No. 467255

kek. all the idubbbz fanboys who commented on the vid and had no clue who Anisa was before that, agree with you. i honestly hope the bitch reads all of them calling her bald and ugly and chubby. she can't say they're jealous "1 2 idubbbz will never notice you" fan girls now. bitch is just ugly. nothing makes her more upset than people who don't find her attractive in any way.

No. 467264

our prayers were heard

No. 467266


No. 467275

don't get ya hopes up, he was saying the same shit… how long ago? very idk. don't trust him with that anymore

No. 467280

hey pearfax, i cant edit videos but anisa is a huge hypocrite here when saying 'other twitch streamers only care about the numbers and take advantage od you:

goes on for 4 mins

and heres the vod of her saying shes only friends with sky because of his numbers and how useful he could be later

anisa's twitch con story of someone calling her a bitch is here:

she also makes a claim she makes MORE money than she did in her boob days, when her donations/bits show the highest she's gotten this month was 30$

No. 467314

Jesus if I were Pear I’d be so fucking stressed right now.
The truth is like a ticking fucking time bomb.

No. 467337

she hasn't mentioned anything about it lol pretending that it doesn't exist
I wonder if any of these youtubers with whom she had beef with will mention content cuck

No. 467359

several people were bringing attention to the video in anything4views latest stream

No. 467412

Does anyone know who she was talking about from the twitch con story? The person that said omg ew and the drunk chick?

No. 467442

people instream speculated zoie burgher but I thought it mightve been kelly jean, sssniperwolf, or brittany venti since they openly hate anisa

anisa is so ready to drop names and drag people in real life so whoever it is must be above her popularity wise

btw did you notice how spazzy and trembling she became when she started telling the story? that helped me believe it was an actua' true stpry. the only other time she shook that bad was when chris called her youtube perception stupid

No. 467515

File: 1515692170382.png (196.68 KB, 720x944, Screenshot_2018-01-11-11-33-18…)

I wish more people would spam pear, keem and even h3. I wanna see this get big.

No. 467560


Brittney calling out anus for not changing her streaming style just changing her shirt.

No. 467654

to make the video blow up cant you just fuck with reddit and make it on the front page?

No. 467662

where could it be posted? it would probably not gain traction on /r/videos and it keeps getting deleted by /r/idubbbz because they're all pussies.

No. 467672

the best bet would to put it on /r/Videos, because since it has idubbbz in the title it could get noticed

No. 467698

pear is streaming

No. 467699

I hate Anisa too and all but Brittney is such a dumb fucking bitch. Pot calling the kettle black.

No. 467705

can someone link her the vid on her stream?

No. 467722

I think tweeting it at drama channels and just random youtubers that may be interested would help. The vid got more views when sky answered someone's tweet about it and I guess his viewers picked it up. Honestly I don't frequent reddit so idk shit but aren't there any drama/trashy/etc subreddits that would be fitting?

No. 467723

File: 1515704897120.jpg (7 KB, 317x122, cuck.jpg)

Was spamming the chat with links to the video (and typing Content cuck?) and she at first removed my comments but then banned me. kek

No. 467726

>>467722 i think sending to the youtubers works as well, but if a video on any video reddit page has idubbbz and exposed in the title it would blow up.

No. 467730

i suspect it wouldn't go too far in /r/videos, but it couldn't hurt to try? think of any other subreddits and crosspost to them. drama channels, even smaller ones, might help though. if people see that there's views to be had on this then that's how the content will be made.

on another note: she has really gone overboard with the makeup this stream. i've just noticed that the way her mouth moves when she speaks is kinda weird and unnerving.

No. 467734

>>467730 i tried sending it to r/videos, but my karma is too low for it to show up, cuz i never use reddit

No. 467760

not seeing it posted on reddit, but it just gained 2.5k views in 20 or so minutes, so I feel like someone posted it somewhere. hm….

No. 467796

No Brittany Stan but she accomplished what anisa claimed to do, unlike anisa she was actually acting and has multiple personalities? I can't stand her but I do give her props for that

No. 467823

share this on reddit
and by the way keem is such a pussy for not reporting on this goldmine of drama … he must have noticed it on twitter but chose to ignore it

No. 467824

He's on "vacation" lol

No. 467830

did anyone link it to the idubbbz discord? they're not very fond of Anisa and they're good at spamming shit tbh.

No. 467850

yeah good idea

No. 467873

if you guys really want shit seen you should've made short punchy clips and gotten twitch chat to spam them in big streams (sodapoppin, greekgoodx, mitchjones, etc.) who watch drama shit all the time.

No. 467876

samefagging because i forgot to add - there's no way they're going to sit through a 30 minute video, esp not while they're streaming, limiting the audience vastly. people don't have attention spans for 30 minute youtube videos. that shit is almost as long as a movie.

No. 467884

well make something yourself you little shit instead of shitting other people for their hard work. anyone can spit shit but barely no one does anything so shut the fuck up and go do something(infighting)

No. 468182

video is almost at 50k, will probably exceed that by a lot tomorrow. apparently it's popping up in people's recommended videos, didn't expect that. well done everyone.

No. 468188

yeah I watched one of ian's squirrel vids and the video was recommended on the side lmao

No. 468215

Same, kek. I watched the bird video and it's right on the side. Those idubbbz fans in the comments are ready to take up a crusade against Anisa lmao.

No. 468217

any milk from her stream?I just couldn't watch it ,it's too goddamn cringy

No. 468233

File: 1515750274588.png (41.36 KB, 605x400, haha.png)

No. 468248

It has also apparently been showing up as a suggested video in people's notifications.

She said her raihnbowkidz demographic was 20-40 year old men because only they were able to "see the humor behind it all" (aka tits). Played league and whined that her viewers were bored watching her play league.

No. 468252

Does Anisa have fake/augmented in any way tits?

No. 468253

File: 1515756553179.jpg (35.8 KB, 716x430, zzz8hdz9wjd3.jpg)

No. 468256

nope she just uses two bras for maximum income yes?

No. 468257

kek no. she has average sized tits that she pushes up with push up bras.
shes just being an attention whore and trying to make people notice her tits

No. 468261

it's her old schtick. She loves complaining about her boobs as if they're so huge and a pain omg so enormous and heavy, suuuuch a burden you guys. But you can see >>468253 here that her boobs are average size, a size that doesn't hurt while moving, sleeping on one's stomach etc. Actual big-boobed girls should seriously chew her out for this

No. 468279

Content Cuck video now nearly 50k views