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File: 1517873564807.gif (3.05 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 494393

Jaquie Blake Beckwith, AKA chronically_jaquie, is one of the general Munchausen's/OTT thread’s (current thread >>>/snow/484900) Munchie Queens.

That's right Munchies! For the low price of "your soul" Adjustable Jaquie herself will teach you the ins and outs of lying to your doctors to get exactly what you want!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chronically_jaquie
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helper_dog_harlow
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKaX0dQwEUgTafzCZ2yEjUQ
new Google Doc spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NSkEmPhXjkaO2q0MjJ3NUAPwwZv7tGff2VCJrOUp598/edit#gid=0

- She has a Patreon for people to pay her to be "sick".
- She appears to have maybe? a few genuine illnesses, but overall contradicts herself 99% of the time.
- She has two newly-separated button tubes but shoves crap food into her pie hole most of the day. Claims she cannot tolerate her formula, and has to get a special type, but can eat fried crap.
- She has a service dog (Harlow) who does tasks that she is quite capable of doing (like grabbing a blanket across the room).
- Her service dog does not get worked the way a service dog should.
- She will not respond to messages online (except on her Patreon) because of "safety issues" (though we're pretty sure it's because she wants money to talk to her).
- She will not allow people to send her mail because she is too sick.
- Refers to herself as a "genetic anomaly".
- Claims to have EDS, POTS, MCAS, narcolepsy, cataplexy, autism, unspecified immune problems, a mutated mitochondria, Complex Bullshit Disorder, and too many other things. Surprisingly, Factitious Disorder is not on her list.
- She appears to be copying Mary Frey, but has skin walkers and Jaquie wannabes that follow her every move.
- She loves her pain medication (di-lah-dud)

She enjoys deleting comments that call her out, and has an excuse or explanation for everything, something that is found psychologically in pathological liars.

Everyone is tired of her, even her family, and some people in the Munchie thread, so here's a place to talk about her to your heart's content.

Previous thread >>>/snow/485233

No. 494399

Now featuring a functioning Google Doc link and Gif Cover Image.

No. 494400

The gif kills me! Looks awesome!

No. 494402

Oprah has "live your best life" trademarked.

And, "Living our best possible life" is grammatically incorrect unless all of us are going to live the one best possible life.

It works for a family that considers family life as one life…"We're the Jackson family and we live our best possible life."

Sage for dragging out the grammar lesson; I'm just not a fan of that saying, but then again, I won't be purchasing "merch" either.

Ah, heck, maybe it is grammatically correct; maybe all of her followers do want to live the one best life as illustrated by Jaquie's daily vlogs.

No. 494404

My favorite parts are Harlow wagging his tail as his slavemistress gets whats coming to her and the fish panicking as they realize they'll be forced to listen to her whining about her condishunz.

No. 494410

Kek Harlows thinking "fishtankfishtankFISHTANK told you there was a fish tank"

No. 494415

because it's Jaquie I have to ask, did she run into that fish tank on purpose because she knew Judd was filming?

No. 494416

I don't think so, I just think she was a dumbass. She was on autopilot and tried to look back at Judd so she wasn't steering.

No. 494422

Haha wasnt Janjan pissed at Jaq for giving her grammar lessons when they were playing summer camp in hospital?

No. 494426

I am the anon who requested the gif. Brochure anon, I raise my cup to you for your awesomeness. You never let us down.

No. 494428

File: 1517874771384.png (286.41 KB, 742x960, 86D5FB88-B90C-4C62-AD5C-04AFC0…)


The incomparable Dan Cilley has already staked his claim on the phrase, "Live the best life possible."

No. 494431

I'm just doing my Munchie Busting duty folks. If the Jaq threads all fill up as quickly as the last one, I'm gonna be in business for a while.
If you have images you want considered for future covers/features, I'm thinking about starting up a Google Drive for us to put all the Jaq edits and screenshots.

No. 494437

>>494272 In fairness, Publix is so ubiquitous in Florida that it's basically equivalent to saying you went to the grocery store. Like saying Kleenex for tissue or Band-Aid for adhesive bandage. (Source: Am Floridian) The others are definitely OTT, though.

No. 494439

Kek next event ladies and gentleman, the munchie bustin here at the chronic illness county fair

No. 494441

Can we all take a moment to acknowledge that being a butthole physical therapist would be the absolute worst job in the whole world??? God bless the brave souls who are able to do that every day!

No. 494445

>A new study has found eating raw chicken increases the risk of dogs developing a paralysing and sometimes fatal condition by more than 70 times.


No. 494447

Step right up! You there! Yes you! Would you like to throw this ball of "Common Sense" at one of the fiiiine Munchies lined up before you?

No. 494452

No way, everyone knows those munchie games are rigged and fake! Kek

No. 494460

Haha I was kinda hoping we could zap them with a cattle prod then lasso them and knock them over into the dust

No. 494467

If I knew how to develop games, I would make a flash game where we wrestle munchies into submission.

No. 494480

If she was feeding harlow quality raw chicken it would prob be okay, but she gets the worst shit possible because she looks at price not quality. Most cases of meat contamination are due to the living conditions (I.e. overcrowding) and disgusting slaughter facilities, that's where the meat gets contaminated. Same thing with eggs–the salmonella usually comes from ON the egg(shell) not inside it. Sage for farmfagging but I'm immunocompromised and never once have I gotten sick from spending all day butchering chickens and goats and I don't wear gloves (short nails) and don't wash my hands every 5 seconds. But I wouldn't set foot in a commercial slaughterhouse without a hazmat suit on. Harlow gets the lowest/cheapest quality of meat, which makes up the bulk of her diet. Yet Jaq drops all kinds of money on a giant new tv, redecorating the hideous house, etc.
Priorities y'all! #freeharlow

No. 494485

Can there be a bonus round that involves various food items being smashed in their ugly mugs? It would feel so very satisfying to smash Janjan with a cream burlee.

No. 494493

At least Cilly's phrase is grammatically correct and no one owns the phrase…yet…

The grammar under the photo however…(omg, I hate people who act like me…I'm taking my grammar book and going back to my cave now.)

No. 494516

File: 1517878558389.jpeg (481.07 KB, 1241x1953, 7DFCB58F-954C-46CA-87F8-E78006…)

There is no way, unless you LITERALLY HAVE NO LIPS, for her smile to look like this unless she’s forcing it.

oWo my smile isn’t Autistic enough, gotta look like I’m at the fucking dentist.

No. 494529

File: 1517878809880.jpeg (689.38 KB, 1242x1968, BE177202-9933-4B94-B0DB-CDF725…)


No. 494534

Why does she think people want to even see her tubes? You can't say you want to be treated like everyone else ('healthy' people) and break stigmas and all that if you constantly are showing off the very things that make you different from most people. Of course she wants to have her cake and eat it too. Ugh yuck poor Judd

No. 494536

Thank you :)

No. 494539

I'd be so interested to see what the "body language youtubers" think of AJ and her little chronic illness speeches.

No. 494540

Look at the bottom of her leggings at the waist band, you can’t even see her belly button. You can clearly tell she’s covering up half of her stomach because she’s gained so much fucking weight! She’s such a cow. She looks fatter and fatter every time she’s on camera I swear.
And about her smile, I don’t think Jaquie truly knows how to genuinely smile. That’s why it looks like that. Because she’s fucking sociopathic lol.

No. 494541

In older photos, pre-Autism diagnosis, she definitely knows how to smile.

No. 494546

Among other things I actually find this notion very offensive, I totally agree she try’s to ham up the autism but a lot of things she does furthers stereotypes Bc that’s what her knowledge is based off of, sensory processing disorder does not equate to half of the stuff she tries to pass off with her autism. The particular senses that spd effect are more vistibular (balance) kek if u though of janjan, tactile (clothes: sooper v neck) and proprioceptive (strength and body coordinated movement together) which she seems to have no problems with! That last one would make her have difficulties completing sterile processes manipulating the needles to fill them mixing her banana bags all that she would struggle with but she doesn’t!

Instead she takes general aspects that are misunderstood about autism and equates that with her issues…and also spd is still debated about and whether it’s a condition independen from autism, hope this makes sense it’s just annoying that she can mislead ppl with all these big words and drag all these ppl with autism through the mud.

No. 494552

Autism and SPD are independent and can exist without each other. I developed SPD after a brain infection. Never had overstimulation issues before that, and not autistic.

No. 494562

i was ten seconds from going off on kate farms instagram for featuring Chronically Lying as their ambassador but i used the little self restraint i have left to forget about it

No. 494573

Thanks for sharing,

Also part of it is rudeness and being polite are learned behaviors jaq doesn’t have problems learning how to relate to the chronic community she misleads a bunch of ppl but can’t learn how to be polite? It just doesn’t make sense Bc it’s adjustable jaq

No. 494579

This must be something she asleep or applied for, Mary has a larger following and more views, (not to mention she’s in some yt commercial for a breathing machine) tbh this whole thing has Jaquie grubby raw chicken fingers all over it

No. 494581

The whole point of low profile tubes is to have them be less noticeable. Same with a port, but she’s got that hanging out as well. And no one’s told her it’s feeding tube awareness week, not jaquie awareness week. (Who am I kidding? Every day is jaquie appreciation kek).

No. 494589

On the subject of self awareness: this first livestream she steamrolled over poor Judd EVERY time he tried to answer a question or talk about himself. Even though it was questions from The People. Everyone around Jaq is a prop to be used to her advantage. Hence her getting annoyed at Judd answering and always cutting him off and talking about herself. She thinks the viewers watch HER and her alone and Judd is just an accessory. I digress….each subsequent live stream she got less and obnoxious about being an attention hog. Something it seems like someone with little to no self awareness would struggle to recognize let alone be able to change in a few months time.
For anyone (everyone kek) that can't stomach Jaquie live, she basically talks over Judd the entire time and literally every time he says something or answers a question she talks over him until he stops. Every time. And she acts annoyed that he had the gall to speak during HER livestream but she keeps wanting him to scoot over closer to her so he's better situated in the frame of Happy Couple. This video made me incredibly sad for Judd.

No. 494600

Two small notes from today's blog. Judd says, "Jaq won't eat that, but she WILL eat this." He doesn't say can or can't. Could be nothing but I thought it was interesting.

Secondly, Jaq wants to eat some cake because she's sad her dad had to leave. Now, cake is often a comfort food and that's fine but between this and eating some ice cream immediately after surgery to 'feel better', I think that's huge evidence of a super unhealthy relationship with food. (Everything is, but still.)

No. 494604

Oh, come the fuck on lol. She is many things but fat is not one of them.

Dat smile tho…

No. 494623

Okay. Yes she’s not FAT. Technically speaking. I said fatter, as in she looks bigger than she did before. It’s just a term. Have you seen her old photos? She actually did look “malnourizsheddd” at a time and frail. But she’s gained so much weight than before. Hope that’s clearer.

No. 494624

I was thinking similar things when she was talking about Judd’s conversation with her godfather who was there to see HER. She said they had alottttt to talk about it and you can read it on her face that she was upset, she concludes with I had fun with my dad … basically hinting that she didn’t have as much fun with her godfather Bc Judd was talking…. SO Narcissistic I can’t get over it and rude too!

And I wondered if she thought about if this stuff is obvious to viewers but she thinks everyone will believe her if she says it’s her autism even though her diagnosis wouldn’t denote these behaviors

But Bc of the narcissist quality she thinks she’s so great at what she does everyone will believe her, it’s the same quality that makes serial killers in court espouse these terribley incriminating story’s and think they’ll still be seen as innocent in the eyes of the jury

No. 494726

File: 1517889863305.png (785.88 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5692.PNG)

Wow she looks nasty here. Like she desperately needs a good wash. And out of all the pics to choose, why choose one where she's fondling her port for a feeding tube promo?

No. 494746

She’s not fat, but she’s definitely gained weight, and is pretty healthy looking for someone claiming malnutrition from time to time still. It’s only been a couple weeks since she said she thought she maybe needed TPN.

No. 494751

She gives them a ton of press, and they seem to advertise mainly on social media. What’s interesting is that Kate’s farms and that nourish formula are not actually approved for tube feeding by most home health companies. So she’s either worked out something with them or her insurance company, or she’s paying for it herself. Real food blends like that, especially at the 1.5 concentration, can fuck up a feeding pump. Unless she bought the pump herself, her home health company’s probably not real thrilled (mostly you rent a pump, insurance pays a monthly fee for the rental. Those pumps are like $1000 upfront, which insurance companies don’t want to pay as a patient may end up not using it permanently. There’s plenty for sale online tho).

No. 494769

Mary does have a larger following but she doesn't use Kate Farms. So there's that.

No. 494782


She wanted to, but it wasn't compatible with her enzyme cartridges and trying to take enzymes every 2 hours around the clock put a damper on her life. Surprise, surprise. When you have a real illness, your actual medical needs to before being the trendiest toobie spoonie on the Instagram.

No. 494795

What's going on with her eyes here? She looks cartoonishly insane, like she had an eye twitch and this one taken in the middle of one. She's starting to look strung out.

No. 494847

Autism, obviously.

No. 494886

This is nice. I'll bookmark it. That way, if I ever feel low or anxious or if I can't sleep and feel stressed, I'll just watch this for a couple of minutes and I can feel all stress and every negative emotion leave my body and mind. It helps with pain, too. Take a deep breath, and I'm ready to start my day anew! Pfew…

No. 494941


Is she running at 20ml or do my eyes deceive me?

No. 494944

Yep she is!

No. 494949

What rate should she be at?

No. 494953

She says 45 ml/hr I think is her goal rate. You never know with her though. 20 ml/hr for 23 hrs - giving the extra fourth for set up, filling feed bags, getting washed and dressed etc would be 690 calories. She is not very active at all but needs far more than that, around 1500/1600 calories a day. So she is absolutely eating a fair amount orally.

No. 494955

I agree. She has to be eating over 1000 calories orally to be gaining weight. I doubt she even runs her feeds for 23 hours so your estimate may be too generous.

No. 494981

The bullshit was so strong in the feeding tube awareness video I had to practically stop myself from screaming at my phone. She wasn't in and out of the hospital before her tube due to malnutrition. If anything, she's been in the hospital more since it. And darn near 100% if not 100% of her hospital visits are voluntary. And what "adventures" has she had since getting a feeding tube? Getting a second tube and developing a ketamine addiction? Can't do that powered by menchies alone.

No. 494982

File: 1517921443954.png (Spoiler Image, 719.7 KB, 1242x2208, 5026FE48-4B16-4569-B626-84A49C…)

No. 495047

Ahhhh her "fans" are so gullible. Yes, believe everything you see on tv and the internet, without question or critical thinking. Especially when someone is asking you for money. Because no one EVER lies, especially to strangers on the internet.

No. 495072

“Plenty of evidence” kek. The delusion is strong. Jaquie has never, ever been at a less-than-healthy weight.

No. 495100

File: 1517933060483.jpeg (56.97 KB, 600x420, DD36D063-706E-49C4-A984-D0169C…)

I just want to trim those ends sooooo bad!!!!!!

No. 495108

Agree it looks horrible. Longer isn't always better.

No. 495112

Doesn't Janiece post her vlogs earlier pretty much every day? What do we bet she's back in the hospital already?

If they want to talk about evidence, I'm pretty sure the evidence against Jaquie is much stronger.

BTW: on which video was that comment made? I wanted to look it up, but it's probably removed now, isn't it? I couldn't find it anyway.

No. 495123


Nah, her patrons aren't paying for CC. Most of the videos are auto-generated.

No. 495138

Judd was so manically happy going to publix by himself.

No. 495152

Its probably pretty freeing to get to leave the toddler and all their toys at home and get to 'adult' by himself. Kinda surprised he didn't just post up in publix to watch the Super Bowl in peace

No. 495156

The patrons think they're helping pay for cc. That's jaquies whole reasoning behind the patreon. Initially at least. But everyone but the patrons can see clearly where their money is going and it ain't closed captions.

No. 495157

File: 1517936684952.jpg (88.2 KB, 1302x1456, FPSnXez.jpg)

Janiece, charming as ever. "I know you will all be very excited, because I am seeing a new doctor this week!"


Apparently, this new doctor she is seeing tomorrow, is a rheumatologist. She never specified WHY she is seeing a rheumy, though. My guess is she will either try to munchie herself into a new diagnosis because of her ANA test which she said a while ago was positive but she never specified the titre, and for those of you who don't know this: ANA can point to an auto-immune disorder (it's most often associated with lupus) but a positive test especially with a low titre is VERY common in healthy individuals, especially females. If the titre is low and no other markers point to an auto-immune disease, they should pretty much consider it to be negative.

So that's one option. She hopes the rheumy will find something wrong with her, because positive ANA possibly (but not probably) pointing towards Crohns is not enough for her. OR she goes because of her 'muscular pain' she has been mentioning more lately, and she'll get her very own diagnosis of fibromyalgia (which is, coincidentally or not, also associated with a low titre ANA test). OR - third option - she'll try to get an EDS diagnosis. I guess we'll know more tomorrow.

No. 495159

And her vlog. Not much milk in there, so I'd say spare yourself the time. She has not ONCE complained of her abdominal pain or mentioned anything to do with feces, and she was even walking into the stores with no wheelchair in sight. If you're reading this Janiece, keep it up! THIS is how you're going to feel better physically. Now just find a good therapist so you can work on your mental problems as well. (REALLY, I promise if you find the right one, it'll help you. Both mentally AND physically, because a LOT of your symptoms can be psychosomatic or otherwise stress-related. Not that you'll listen to anyone who will tell you that, but that doesn't mean it's not true.)

No. 495163

I'm sorry anon, Paul misplaced the camera charger. That's WAY worse, of course. Really stuff for not just any, but your WORST nightmares.

No. 495173

Seriously?? What an boring vlog it must have been then if that was the most 'exciting' part. Anon, bless you for taking a bullet for all us so we don't have to watch it too. But if she's shit herself I'd watch for sure. Dammit Janjan you boring cow

No. 495184


Did she ever follow-up with the potential endometriosis diagnosis? Positive ANA is associated with endo, too.

No. 495187

Jaq is posting later in the day than she did pre-surgery. She used to post by 11 or 12 (her time), not it's not until 2 or 3. I'm curious that she hasn't addressed this at all.

No. 495191

She just posted a vlog I think about 20 mins ago? So this one was closer to her normal time than the past week.

No. 495195

Jan just posted a vlog not Jaquie. Jaq is posting later because (educated guess here) she sleeps different times on account of Judd working nights.

No. 495197

Jaq has too with a bunch of rubbish 'tube hacks'.

No. 495200

I might be remembering incorrectly, but wasn't Jaquie the one who was pushing her to see a rheumatologist? Maybe even one she recommended?

No. 495209


Okay, she posted more on-time today, but I was wondering if it had anything to do with J&J's new speculated relationship terms. Perhaps Jaq used to get up first thing in the morning and edit and Judd said, "If you can do that, you can manage to get up and make me breakfast and spend time with me," or something, which pushed back her posting time.

No. 495252


We’re all fucked if she has lupus or endo. That bitch can’t handle a goddamn hang nail… or a CT scan IV. Dafuq? You stupid cunt - probably blamed the nurses for not having x-ray vision. But it’s fine, nothing some nasty soup from a hole in the wall anime cafe won’t fix! So much hate for this one so this clearly is sage. But guys what would she do if she really did have pain? She’s insufferable already. I don’t know how Paul can look at her let alone stick up for her in the hospital. Does. Not. Compute.

No. 495295

2 things struck me about the vlog

Number one is that she changed from a needlewoth black plastic to yellow - the yellow needle is bigger and “flushed so much faster in the hospital so I decided to order these y’all” then she comments with a shit eating grin it feeeeels so much better… the only difference is it’s faster… so obviously she’s admitting to liking the rush!!!!

And second she explains that she things the new stoma is ripping and tearing Bc of the weight of the dangler… and Bc of her EDS healing…. then says this wouldn’t happen if she had a button… more button angling! Why did this not happen with her other stoma? Did she forget to have eds healing then?

No. 495299

correction a needle with *

No. 495318

So much looking away and face touching when talking about the J-Stoma/dangler toob situation. Brochure anon could create a whole new collage from that alone.

No. 495322

Her biggest hack for feeding tooobz are tooobie pads. Wow ya'll. Ground breaking.

No. 495326

You would think it would be something a bit more helpful? Like, hacks for sleeping while hooked up to your feeding tube? Like, how to make sure it doesn't become disconnected?

No. 495329

and she is buying even more toobie padz b/c she wants them to match. who frign cares? you are an adult and they are UNDER YOUR SHIRT. Yes I am yelling. This is ridiculous. Yes, underwear is under clothing too and I know some people like bras and panties to match but I am pretty sure she is not seducing Judd with her toooob.

No. 495330

She has waaaaay more than enough of her toob pads. The only reason she should buy more is if they are falling apart. Which they are not.

No. 495335

So I re-watched Mary Frey's J tube surgery again and she had problems with her bladder 'waking up' too.

No. 495347

So rediculous she always gets ideas from other people for fucks sake! Not like it has anything to do with the drugs there pumping you with! I bet she refused to pee like JanJan refused to poo poo, toddlers folks we are readying toddlers.

No. 495350

Whoops meant dealing with toddlers*

No. 495353

It's basically underwear. Personally I don't care that she buys them even if she doesn't need them: some people buy a new set of lingerie every week because they like it and it makes them feel good. I'm not into that, but if someone is and they have the money for it; I don't care. But I don't need to KNOW about it and I definitely don't need to SEE it. I mean; wel all have our quirks and if hers would be she really, really liked it to have matching tube pads.. OK(ish). But SHE KEEPS SHOWING THEM. And yes I am screaming too, because it IS crazy. Every time she lifts up her shirt I feel like screaming at my screen 'cause I don't need to effin see your stupid 'tubie pads'. She has NO sense of decenty and NO I'm not buying that it's because of her 'autism'. Her friends and family are obviously not telling her how inappropriate it is, because they don't even (dare? feel they can? whatever?) tell her to stop vlogging during family get togethers. And Judd just rolls his eyes whenever she starts cemxplaining (mixture of explaining and complaining) about one of her various ailments when they are in the car or at dinner together.

No. 495368

If she had problems with it ripping and tearing, it would have happened to her old one, too, and it would happen with her button, because when a button is connected, it is exactly the same as a long tube. It’s also taped to her abdomen, so it’s not even hanging or pulling at all. She’s so desperate to try to prove EDS, even though she has none of the symptoms and has been told by a real geneticist (at Mayo) that she doesn’t have it. If anything she heals faster than the average person. She was wandering around the hospital and playing board games when most people would be doing calm activities (albeit at home).

No. 495389

I wouldn't be surprised if her loved ones have attempted to talk to her about similar situations before and got the, "I have Autism. STOP JUDGING ME!" spiel and so now they just keep their mouths shut.

No. 495402

Silly anon, she doesn’t actually keep it hooked up overnight, because it’s inconvenient and more importantly no one can see it and give her attention for it!

No. 495423

She clearly has no idea what delayed healing in EDS would look or be like. A few vlogs ago she literally said "as you can see, my incision is healing nicely" and a few minutes later "I'm having more pain because of my delayed healing". Erm.. no, you don't. And when the home health nurse came by she also said that her wound was healing FINE, yet now this stoma problem is due to her EDS? Yeah right. If she had trouble healing due to EDS, it would take WAY longer for her incision to heal, the stitches could even tear out and the surgeon most likely would have used a special technique to suture her. Plus she would have thin and atrophic scarrring, or hypertrophic scars. And she would have larger hematomas after surgery (or even spontaneous) that would be bigger and last for longer. She has shown NO sign of this. And some people with EDS have relatively normal skin and little problems with healing (but they would bruise more easily and probably have ugly scars) but she complains about it all the time. First of all you can't have ALL symptoms of a syndrome like Ehlers Danlos (hence the syndrome) but second: you can't claim a symptoms without ever showing signs of it. Unless of course you're adjustible Jaquie. She probably thinks if she says it often everyone around her will believe she actually has delayed healing and eventually, it will become true.

No. 495425

File: 1517949712486.png (162.1 KB, 1080x1084, IMG_20180206_203957.png)

Someone calling AJ out on her latest video for tubie hacks.

No. 495444

Does anyone remember if Jaq's pain doc is a rheumatologist? She says her pain doc is a 1.5 hrs away—and Janiece is going to see a rheumatologist–and she lives in Orlando, coincidentally 1.5 hrs from Jaq. Maybe they are having a BOGO appt?

No. 495446

Don't know if they're seeing the same doc, but yes, Jaq's pain doc is a rheumatologist (which doesn't make sense to me, but hey - in Jaquies world doctors practicing outside their scope of expertise is pretty much the norm).

No. 495467

Slightly OT but..

Who in the hell is prescribing AJ with contact lenses? If she is sooo soooper immunodeficient, she’s just opening herself up for acanthamoeba or pseudomonas infections!

On days I’m “fatigued” and “crashing”, I can’t even put my glasses on - and she has the ability to put contacts in? Especially since with her prescription she would be easily able to cope without any correction at home!

Sage for rage and optomfag

No. 495497

Kek it’s also illegal to claim an illness and profit from it but Jaqo doesn’t know laws Bc of her autism and brain fog, really hard to remember that y’all

No. 495550

File: 1517955961430.png (Spoiler Image, 154.11 KB, 749x680, IMG_0287.PNG)

Saged for non milk/venting.

But this. This is, above all else, the greatest crime Jaquie is commiting.

It's one thing to commit insurance fraud. It's one thing to lie. It's one thing to exaggerate. It's one thing to malinger. It's one thing to make a profit based on those lies and exaggerations. But this is the worst of it.

Giving false hope to really young, vulnerable children and teenagers who are chronically unwell. They idolise people like Jaquie. They see that they have the same diagnoses at them, and Jaquie can do all these amazing things! She can live a life! Go out! Socialise! Have a cute dog! And they see that Jaquie is 'able to do that' thanks to all the toys. Of course they will see one plus one and think 'I can be like that too'.

She is literally influencing kids with her bullshit, and giving them hope of a better quality of life. These kids don't realise that with chronic illness, you always have to start at the bottom. You have to try the most basic treatments, go through the hell of side effects with no efficacy, gain weight, get a moon face, and still feel like shit. You have to fight for doctors to give yon tbe time of day, face long waiting lists.

Sorry for ranting but this is what upsets me so much about Jaquie and other munchies. They present a totally false reality of life with chronic illness, because they are well or much more well than they claim, they lie and cheat and doctor shop their way to getting what they want, and still get to do everything they want. They get the asspats without the missing out on everything that matters and that's yoh enjoy, aka chronic illness.

It's just disgusting.

No. 495553


It was on her feeding tube awareness video. You're correct that it's gone now.

No. 495556

File: 1517956320097.png (2.95 MB, 1242x2208, A98015B7-9141-495D-9F42-9C0E0F…)


You're not the only one to think that.

No. 495567

Today Jaq says KF did a article on her and she's "humbled" by it. I genuinely think she doesn't understand what that phrase means. It makes almost no sense in this context/ on this subject/ with her attitude.

No. 495573

No. 495577

YEAH I’ve thought the same thing too. How tf do you wear contacts if you’re immune system is so bad??

No. 495582

File: 1517958255765.jpg (49 KB, 769x285, jbattitude.JPG)

Yeah, she's changing attitudes about it alright. kek

No. 495584

Could they GET any further up her ass?

No. 495594

Not unless they make enemas.

No. 495595

Kek she’s creating whole new stigmas. She’s so full of bullshit, and it’s really insulting to people who are actually sick but who quietly live like normal adults.

No. 495596

If she really has this rare mitochondrial disease why isn't she being studied? Where are the journal articles? Why would doctors turn her away instead of jumping at the chance to discover/help/publish etc?

No. 495599

Late to the party but portfag here.
Black plastic is 22g, which is a thinner needle, and yellow is 20g, so it's a bit bigger.
However, this doesn't influence how "fast" things infuse because each port has a max amount of fluid it can take per hour. For mine it's 350mL an hour- this doesn't change with the needle you use.

She might think it flushes faster, but that's because you're pushing the fluid through a tiny bit wider needle. In the long run it doesn't make anything go faster.

No. 495600

Direct quote from article "At 21, Jaquie has more experience navigating doctors and treatment strategies than most people twice her age."
If that doesn't set off red flags I don't know what does. Navigating doctors? Um, okay…

No. 495601

I’m sure Kate’s Farms would love to know that their magic formula is the favorite of people who aren’t actually sick, just pretending to be. It’s not even recommended by medical professionals as a food-based tube formula. It’s not supposed to be used with infinity pumps at all, another munchie favorite.

No. 495602

This is terrifying. It's one thing to be a self-advocate. It's another thing to self-diagnose and doctor shop until someone diagnoses you with said self-diagnosis.

No. 495605

Lesson #3: Honesty Brings People Closer

I don't think I need to say anything else.

No. 495719

File: 1517968216887.png (142.45 KB, 637x1102, IMG_4427.PNG)

Jaquie absolutely should be at least be disclosing her KF relationship from here on out. It says right here plain as day she vlogged about needing a new formula and a viewer put KF in touch with her and sent her free shit, which she just happened to mention on her VLOG. How is that NOT advertising?!?

No. 495721

File: 1517968282397.png (96.65 KB, 640x1093, IMG_4428.PNG)

AND THEN it says this at the end of the "article"?? This is how they end commercials for pharmaceutical meds. This is an ad.

No. 495722

Complete with a handy link to make it easy for you rabid Jaquie fans at home to buy her very same KF peptide formula. Ad. Motherfucking ad.

No. 495789


Her hack for sleeping is to not use it at night. Because she doesn't effing need it.

No. 495802


Again with the freaking zebras for EDS. The only "zebra" illness literally every spoonie on Instagram and YouTube has or thinks they have.

No. 495808


And she plugged brave souls blankets again.

No. 495814

Where did you see her script? She said recently her eyes have gotten worse. I'm curious if her new script is worse how little did she need corrective lenses before?

No. 495821

Who is to say it wasn’t Jaquie under another alias or you tuber name who contacted kate farms I mean her viewers are dumb and subservient enough to do so but I feel like this has as anon said Jaquie raw feeding fingers all over it.

No. 495845


Good find.

The problem is giving chronically I'll people false hope for the kind of life they may live- literally with gadgets, a healthcare system that caters to their every whim and no symptoms ever.

However, it also pushes people to want to be ill at an influencable age. The 12 year old with POTS really does just need Gatorade and water and will probably grow out of it- that's why it's a syndrome, not a disease. But with Jaquie's help she can go down the munchie rabbit hole. It's no wonder KF is all over Jacquie. This 12 year old could be a new customer in 8 years that's to Jacquie's inspiration.

No. 495851

It’s so sad but it’s true it is important to advertise to children Bc they are future buyers, but seeing the comments from twelve year olds terrifies me, and not only the need to be sick but document it in such a way as jaq or jam does it like it’s diffetent if you are bringing awareness but I see munchie pages and even yt videos of kids talking about there gp appointments and like ppl like Dani from the main munchie thread even has one it’s just creating a void that does not need to be filled

No. 495852

If we're to believe this KF ad, Jaq didn't hit puberty until 15?!

No. 495878


I used to teach autistic kids, and a lot of it was about socialising appropriately. Autistic 6 year olds could learn not to ask personal questions, why can't grown up Jaq?

No. 495883


If you read the full spiel of partners and sponsors in her video text, she has a link so her viewers can do the CC themselves! FOR FREE!

No. 495895


Jaquie makes me ASHAMED to have EDS and POTS. I worry that people will look at me and wonder if I'm faking too because she's so full of shit. Or they'll think I can't have it because I don't have a fucking port in my chest on show and because of CJ everybody knows POTS is treated with saline infusions.

Sage for rageblogging

No. 495896


kek, the only reason she has such experience is because she sees as many doctors as it takes to get diagnosed for each illness she wants!

No. 495958

It's not unheard of for people with eating disorders to have a delayed period. Plus some people are just late bloomers.

No. 495970


Also true for very active kids, so if she was really training 6 days a week and going to the gym (as she's said), it'd be expected for her to be delayed.

No. 495974

So she’s running it at what, 20 ml an hour? for a maximum of maybe 12-16 hours a day. That’s only 360-480 calories a day. Sure, she totally needs that tube.

No. 495998

It bothers me what she says about mitochondrial diesease. There isn’t any way she has what only 1 other person has. It’s so understudied, they only know about a few mutations. And there’s actually only 4 doctors In the us who are certified and trained in this. Not in Florida. So no one knows how to treat it or diagnosis it. Also the testing process is very extreme and takes months. And a lot of people don’t have access to the testing. So there are more then the two of them with it. UGHHH! It makes me so angry cause I couldn’t find anyone who understood mito or pots and I found her (my friend did) and I trusted her. I thought wow. And then I realized how much worse I was. And what a lie she was. And my heart was crushed.

No. 496027


I'm sorry you had that experience with her. When did you start to realise she was lying?

(For future reference, you don't need to put any name in the name field, and the word "sage" goes in the email field.)

No. 496050

Anon, hopefully you can find some comfort in knowing you aren't alone, that's why many people end up here and also feel betrayed by Jaquie. What she is doing is not okay for MANY reasons but the absolute worst is the mindfuck she does to genuinely sick people. It's dispicable and shameful. Take comfort in knowing you are nothing like Jaquie. There are more good people than bad, Jaquie can never change that.

No. 496099

Ops I’m still learning here. Sorry! Uhm I don’t know. The first time I said something to my mom she said she sounded like a hypochondriac. I defended her but I was like wait she kinda does. Why does she need to talk about her asthma. That’s not a chronic illness. I actually have a port for iv fluids per several doctors and have made a world of a difference. So I believed her. But like I also was on tons of medicines. And when I was a patron she wouldn’t help me with that stuff. Only thing was fluids. Which was weird. Then when I asked about mayo and she said it was so awful flags went off. I kept watching but more skeptical. And no longer a Patreon. I got discouraged cause I was much worse. And then once I got the confirmation on my mito digonisis here didn’t line up. Her testing nothing. And she claims that’s what caused everything (which technically it can). I was like okay. So I stumbled across this board and started with oh they are dramatic. But things lined up and no one was wrong. So it was a process. Especially since many people here don’t believe ports are a way to treat pots. But I think it’s situational. Everyone needs different treatment. But ya! Glad I’m here. Sad it took me so long.

No. 496143

What kind of tests would she have gotten if she really had mito?

No. 496150


she says Mayo was awful because they told her she didn't have POTS or EDS.

No. 496161

She said on her video it was only -1.25 the day she had her test done

No. 496170

Well there’s different levels. First is blood and urine. Second is more blood. Third is genetic testing through a special company. I won’t go into details but you and your parents have to do it to make sure it’s not something you have from them and they don’t have symptoms. They then send off all your diagnosis and symptoms and it comes back showing if you do l or don’t have the mutations. But there are levels before that can rule you out. I had about 40 bottles and 3 pee cups! And then spit stuff. She claims a skin test. To my knowledge I know nothing about that being the test.

Yes to me on video in the party Patreon she said they just weren’t helpful. And a lot of people don’t like them. To ask more about it on a Facebook post group page. I thought that was strange. Shouldn’t she be able to give me details.

No. 496187

(first time posting, hope I’m replying to the right comment!)

i feel the same, Anon… a good friend of mine passed away from complications of mito (among other illnesses) so reading that KF article genuinely made me feel sick. i supported her in the beginning and thought her “goal” of awareness was great, so it was incredibly hurtful to find out that sphe was lying and exploiting illnesses she doesn’t even have. she has no idea how much harm she’s causing

sage for blogging

No. 496188

Kek that's a good reminder that mothers know best! Whatever path you took to arrive here and more importantly to realize the scale of jaquies Complex Bullshit Disorder, we're all glad you have seen the light.

A lot of the issues farmers here have with Jaquie are not so much that we don't believe the treatments work (like infusions for POTS) but that jaquie doesn't need it because IF she even has POTS which is debatable, she doesn't have a severe case of it therefore the port is unnecessary. Many MANY of her "chronic illnesses" are like that–she shows almost no symptoms or symptoms that make no sense, but has the treatment plan of someone that has the worst case ever of every single diagnosis. Yet she blow dries/straightens her hair, cooks, has a very active social life, VLOGS 7 days a week, keeps her house spotless etc etc, ALL things chronically ill people would love to do (kek except the vlogging part maybe) but they are too busy actually being sick to do these things. Hence, adjustable Jaquie was born. Chronic illness affects everyone different y'all…except it gives Jaquie magical energy superpowers that no other sick person possesses.
Sage for all the raaaaaaage

No. 496212

What sweet irony if her KF ad has done the opposite of bringing her subs and actually caused a lot of people to see her for the lying pile of garbage she is

No. 496220

Ugh! Mito is awful. It’s not something to joke about. It’s scary!

Yes I get that now! Just took a while! I agree. I just hope more people see the light!

No. 496233


Well, she wouldn't WANT to give details because then she'd have to explain that doctors at Mayo had told her she didn't have the illness she claims to have.

No. 496249

Did janiece actually go to mayo? All I remember her saying about it was that it "wasn't for her"..but was that because she went and had a bad experience or because doctor Jaquie convinced her it would be a waste of time? I swear Jaquie has some real sneaky and conniving plans for janjan. Jaquies the cat and janjans the mouse walking riiiiiight into the trap.

No. 496278


Off topic, but asthma is a chronic illness. It's just one in jaq's laundry list though.

No. 496296

File: 1517993013960.png (70.09 KB, 750x537, IMG_0364.PNG)

Yeah she said in a comment on one of her vlog that she went to Mayo but the one in Jacksonville I think. Photo 1 of 2

No. 496297

File: 1517993037342.png (47.11 KB, 750x374, IMG_0366.PNG)

Photo 2 of 2

No. 496299

File: 1517993111138.png (45.49 KB, 749x430, IMG_0365.PNG)

Also I thought this was comedy gold.

Doctor: 'The bad news is you have Cancer. The good news is we can treat it with chemotherapy'

Patient. 'But I love my hair'

No. 496304

this is fucking bat shit. this just confirms she is looking for the answers SHE WANTS, not the real answers. if the real problem is she needs to be gluten-free, she will keep eating gluten until someone else gives her an alternate diagnosis. is she stubborn? or just really dumb? does she genuinely think that if you have GI issues from gluten, you can just will them to be caused by something else instead?

No. 496325

Kek. For Janiece, that's how it works, I'm sure.

Doctor: "You need pelvic floor PT"
Janiece: "But I hate PT"

Doctor: "You need to be more active"
Janiece: "But I love lying in bed all day and watching movies"

Doctor: "You need to follow up with your GI out-patient"
Janiece: "But I love being in the hospital"

Doctor: "You need this CT with contrast"
Janiece: "But I don't want to wait for the nurse to find a vein"

Doctor: "You need to drink more"
Janiece: "But I can't find my sippy cup"

The right answer to this particular suggestion would've been: "I have been tested for celiac disease and I don't have it. I've also done a trial period of not eating gluten, but it didn't help me." Which, by the way, if we are to believe her, is ALL true. Although.. would Janiece know what gluten even IS?

>>Third is genetic testing through a special company. I won’t go into details but you and your parents have to do it to make sure it’s not something you have from them and they don’t have symptoms.

That makes SO much sense! And no, she never did that. We've been discussing here a while ago how her doctors would even know that the mutations they found in her genetic material cause her problems if there are (almost) no other people known with the same mutations? How do we know that whatever her geneticist found was not completely incidental? So yes, it makes perfectly sense to test her parents in a case like that, and they didn't. If we are to believe Jaquie, her doctor immediately assumed that the mutation(s) were causing all of her problems and that was that.

Thanks for that information. And welcome here. We're always glad to welcome new people who have seen the light, but especially if these people used to be Patrons or otherwise actively supported Jaquie. I'd say you're in better company now, and it's completely free as well. I really hate it how Jaquie has misled so many people who are chronically ill themselves and thought she could help them or they could learn from her. As we all know, the opposite is true. Jaquie is an awful role model for those with chronic illness and on top of that doesn't even have half of the things she is claiming. She makes people doubt themselves, their treatment plans, their doctors and their sanity. It sickens me to think how many more vulnerable people are still out there who look up to her and have no idea what she is doing to them and to so many others who are truly suffering from the things she is claiming or other illnesses.

No. 496379

I completely agree.

I know she’s a huge munchie, but she still makes me feel like I accomplish nothing compared to her when it comes to POTS/EDS.

Watching her get all these treatments and have them not work (because she doesn’t need them) makes me wonder if the treatments I’m having will stop working.

Sage for depressing blogging, but it’s relevant because Jaquie is an asshole.

No. 496413


Does the mayo clinic do psychiatric care? Maybe they said they can’t help her because it’s not a physical problem…

No. 496453

Anon, and others here whom it might concern: please, whenever you can, use an adblocker if you're watching her videos so you don't contribute to Jaquies YT income. It's not difficult to install one - I'm kind of a nitwit when it comes to browser settings and all that but I managed to install one and get it to work. Google wil help you find one for the browser you are using.

On a different note: Janiece's vlog is up. Not much milk, so I'm not even going to post it.

-They went to a lab for the Prometheus test because that was faster than waiting for them to come do the test at home (she would have to wait almost a week longer and she is so sick she can't - although she cancelled the CT scan herself only a few days ago).
-First lab didn't have the stuff they needed so they drove to another hospital.
-It was Pauls birthday and they all had cake (including Janiece).
-Her mom was dancing in her bathrobe and Janiece thought it was funny enough to include it in her vlog.
-She's seeing the rheumatologist tomorrow (I'm pretty sure that's what she said yesterday as well, but I may be wrong.)
-They had a family game night.
-Again no complaining today of diarrhea or abdominal pain. I have no idea if that means she is having normal BM's cause it seems like she always mentions it if she has any poop issue, but of course we can't be sure.

No. 496487

We haven’t had a good skinwalker video in a while… so here ya go, anons. Have puke bags ready because she “cries” and is spreading feeding tube awareness! Gag! We haven’t heard much from her lately… just dog pictures… but wow she’s pathetic.

No. 496504

I'm sorry to hear about how this has affected you (Jaquie's idiocy). Don't let her get you down at all. I'm so glad you made it here! I don't have any major illnesses, but like you I trusted her and then started getting suspicious when her stories began sounding off. The ones who manage their illnesses without asking for ridiculous amounts of attention are the true warriors.

No. 496506

>>I was barely eating 3-500 calories a day, if even that.

Your eating disorder is showing, Amanda.

I don't particularly like to watch the entire video, but does anyone know what happened between her TPN fail and now? Is she able to 'tolerate' her feeds again? If so, what changed?

Also, what's with all the name dropping of specific brands? "Thanks to my Kate Farms nutriton, my infinity pump and my Vibedration backpack and also my Mic-key button, I can now.. blahblah. Who talks like that? Who even thinks like that? Normal people would say/think "thanks to my feeding tube.." and that's it. Is she hoping someone will sponsor her? Or is she just copying Jaquie, just like she does with pretty much everything else?

No. 496509

Wow. Just, wow. She can't be THAT uncomfortable in the gut or she would be willing to try ANYTHING no matter how much she loved one particular food stuff

No. 496528

Top kek anon, this was perfect! Further proving jan is a toddler just like Jaq.

I know your comment about jan even knowing what gluten is was prob sarcastic but as a pastry school fag I feel compelled to say for the record: gluten is a subject covered EXTENSIVELY, in the nutrition course, The safety/sani class (covers food allergens) AND its heavily discussed in the 6 week class on breads. Also cream burlee..not a real thing. Typo, you say? No, Jan is literally that dumb. According to her linked-in she finished a two year degree in pastry from LCB. Unless they added that program before they were all shut down, that degree doesn't exist at LCB, it's a 10 month program and you get a certificate at the end, a tall chef hat and a chef coat with your name on it. For the low low price of around $30,000. If she actually completed her edu and is so fucking stupid about all things food maybe she should try to get her loans forgiven, especially if they have a worthless dumbass clause.

No. 496546

And you would think that someone who went to culinary school would know how to access recipes of good food without gluten.

No. 496550

>>I know your comment about jan even knowing what gluten is was prob sarcastic
You know.. I was really not sure. I think that some people following a gluten free diet don't even know what gluten exactly is and does. Who even says "I love gluten?" Many vegans and vegetarians DO love gluten, because it makes for an awesome meat substitute. But I think most people don't even know that. Many people have no idea what gluten even IS, all they know about it is that some people can't eat it and maybe that many grains contain gluten, but my guess is that's about the extend of it. Unless she actually likes seitan, most people wouldn't say "I love gluten", but "I love grains", or even "but I like bread/pastry/cake/etc." But Jan says she loves gluten. Gluten itself doesn't have much taste, so what does she mean when she says that?

(Also, that's pretty darn stupid, to have a degree on your resume that doesn't actually exist. Not just 'stupid' as in dumb, but it'll also make sure that employers either won't hire you, or can fire you for lying on your application if they find out about it later. And are you telling us that Janiece did a 10-month course that took her two years? And what qualifications would she have with that certificate?)

No. 496555

Something that I forgot to bring up. At one of the Patron Parties, Jaquie was asked if she had a blue rim around her iris.

For anyone that's confused, one of the symptoms/traits of EDS is having a blue rim around your iris. This is because of faulty collagen and your eye is made mostly out of, you guessed it, collagen.

Jaquie said that she didn't have this blue rim. That's strange because it's prominent in EDS. Maybe it's not required or she doesn't actually have it?

No. 496558

What I don't understand is how Paul can actually endorse janjans shit and take her seriously having an actual chronic illness himself (which is debatably more debilitating/serious than all of janjans "many illnesses" combined). Like, how can he, as a person with actual Crohns Disease, think that what janjan is angling for is okay or normal???

No. 496560

Blue sclera are a symptom of (certain types of) Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which is a connective tissue disorder related to EDS. While some people with EDS can have a slightly blueish sclera, it is not one of the criteria of EDS and it's not even seen very often in patients with EDS.

No. 496562

sage for medfagging but since this was brought up any geneticist or any MD really that's worth their salt and knows their shit about EDS will look at the eyes while ticking off the initial boxes for further workups to diagnose any type of it. but we know AJ doctor shops until she gets the diagnosis she wants on any given week. fuck having an important marker for EDS, our munchie princess wants that sweet sweet diagnosis and she will get it!

No. 496563

Not to mention the fact that she literally called Crohn's a "simple illness" in one of her vlogs, what the actual fuck???

No. 496566

That's one of the great mysteries right there. Paul even said in one of the hospital vlogs that Crohns per se it not a very big deal, but that what Janiece has, all these different chronic illnesses, IS a big deal and makes her so much more complex.

Well, I'm sorry, but I think that a disease that has chemotherapy drugs as an important treatment and causes many patients to have an ileostomy and have their colon removed, IS kind of a big deal, don't you think, Paul? Not to mention that badly controlled Crohns can be VERY debilitating and has people doubled over and literally spend hours every day on the toilet.

No. 496568

I was at LCB 10 years ago but they were (pretty sure every location has been shut down) basically a diploma mill, you could "graduate" having learned nothing. You got out of it however much you wanted depending on the effort you put in. 10 months doesn't seem like long but you're in class for 6 hours a day and its very fast paced. They don't teach recipes so much as the 'how' and 'why' and science behind baking.

Very interesting indeed if she could even finish the 10 months. The classes are all 3 or 6 weeks, and if you miss more than a few days in any course you fail because you have to attend a certain percentage of each class to pass it. Missing one day of class you could easily miss learning entire baking techniques. If her health was so bad back then she would have missed enough class to have to repeat some. Kek well maybe she did take 2 years to get her pastry cert then?

About gluten–because it's one of the building blocks of baking (it literally is what holds baked goods together and helps gives food it's texture) it's talked about allllllll the time. It would be like going to carpenter school and "graduating" without knowing what a nail is.

She posted an insta pic of her plated dessert final in her way back when pics and it looked like a dumpster fire.

No. 496586


I think the trick is just not to compare yourself to Jaquie at all. Except "she's lying and I'm not".

No. 496609

And he is ON one of those drugs, and even mentioned that it makes him immunocompromised (when janiece had a cold and paul was disinfecting the house because she was spreading her nasty germs everywhere and having no consideration for others). But no, janiece's chronic illnesses are SUCH a bigger deal and she can sit on her ass and in bed watching disney films for the rest of her life while paul works to support her lazy ass. That's probably why he's so into the patreon and vlogs now, he knows it's the only way she will EVER bring their household any income. What would happen if paul had to have major surgery for his crohns and couldnt work for a while? we know for sure that janjan wouldn't step up to take on the role as breadwinner

No. 496619


So they were able to find a vein on her poor dehydrated overused arms at the lab? And JanJan didn't just walk out?

No. 496670

I really wanna see this plated dessert final!

No. 496694

File: 1518029834524.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5698.PNG)

No. 496695


> ubber

> desert

Girl shoulda gone to English classes, not culinary school.

No. 496703

Whichever anon made the bet that AJ was going to head down the narcotic pain med route, collect your winnings. Also, an IVP muscle relaxant…Robaxin. I guess we will see if she can actually stick to the recommended dosage, which is on for one day, drug free for 48 hours. And, the coveted CBD oil…AJ with so much pain with today's vlog. But able to go out on "adventures" just a few days earlier…but when she wants IV drugs from the doctor's…puts on the sick face. So much for turning her life around.

No. 496707


I wonder how much her poorly-fitting wheelchair is contributing to her increased pain? Although she probably just realised that the main symptom of EDS is pain and she should therefore be medicated appropriately.

No. 496714


She's ridiculous. Telling her pain management doctor she's basically bed bound with pain. Okay. Yeah Jaq. Whatever.

And falling because she had to walk 10 feet without her wheelchair or pet dog?

She's so worried about reacting to CBD oil but not afraid of having a fucking golden retriever in bed with her when she knows she's allergic to dogs. Keep it up, AJ. The addictions continue.

No. 496719

She has managed to find either the stupidest or the most unethical doctors on the planet. Or maybe they are both.

No. 496721

I honestly cannot believe that the physician would allow her to push an IV muscle relaxant at home, on top of IV benadryl, and whatever the fuck she takes for her narcolespsy. They are literally asking for her to become unconscious. How are none of her physicians catching on to the fact that she is pushing IV meds to make herself unconscious? With no one at home with her at night? That's asking for a malpractice suit right there. Or death.

No. 496739

A muscle relaxant in EDS? That's just asking for more problems. I mean, there can be situations in EDS when a muscle relaxant IS a good idea, mainly to facilitate relocation of a dislocated joint, but she clearly doesn't need that. And prescribing a muscle relaxant for pain relief and long-term pain relief at that, is just a dumb idea in general. It creates addicts and although there may be situations when short-term use can be helpful, in most situations it's been proven to be no more useful than a placebo. But it has MUCH more side effects. And to prescribe it to someone who had EDS, POTS, weakness and who already falls down often (or at least, who claims to) is a very, VERY bad idea.

But of course her doctor is 'very knowledgable' when it comes to EDS and medications. Suuure. And she has also a rib in her lower back that keeps dislocating. If that's true she definitely has a 'weird anatomy', because people normally don't have ribs in our lower back. Her ribs apparently are everywhere, because a few months ago she talked about how her PT put back a dislocated rib and she pointed to her neck while she was talking about where that rib was.

Again she proofs that she has NO CLUE. HOW can her doctor keep her seriously and prescribe yet another highly addictive drug?

No. 496766

Ugh. This is BEC but I hate how she says "we" for everything. The type of surgery WE did… and she can not pronounce roux. It is not row, like row your boat Jaquie. It is rew. Stepping away now..

No. 496793

In today’s vlog she has to go pee so bad they stop at a gas station and she “didn’t have the time” to get her wheelchair and Harlow…. but like a real disabled person wouldn’t have the choice

“But wait y’all I fell and Mom made me laugh y’all”!

So she still has to prove how sick she is even though she knows the whole process of her not needing the dog and chair make her sound the opposite…. would have been better saving face if she didn’t mention it at all…

No. 496804

She says she can't continue to spend hours at a time unable to do anything because of her spasms. Is it just me or did we just hear about these spasms in the last few weeks? Not only that but ALL she does is vlog and watch Disney movies. And occasionally take an Adventure with Babe. Which of course in her true Adjustable Nature never seems to be canceled by her sicknesses.

No. 496834

Seriously, he probably asked her how much time she spends in bed/on the couch and she told him, leaving out the part where it's by CHOICE and she's watching Netflix, not writhing in pain unable to stand.

No. 496855

Would Jaq taking muscle relaxers make her even more likely to dislocate something? Assuming she has EDS of course

No. 496859

It really depends. Many people who ACTUALLY have EDS have insanely tight/tense muscles because their bodies are working overtime to hold themselves together….so muscle relaxers (at an appropriate dose) can help with that. If you don't have super tight muscles, well…y'all gonna be some floppy flop floppers.

No. 496861

Yes, EDS specialists say that muscle relaxers do make you more prone to dislocating. At least certain ones. This is because your muscles very often have to work hard to support the joints as the ligaments/tendons are less effective at this. Another reason why exercize even if its light , where possible is advised. So you do not loose muscle strength. So with Jaq, being inactive combined with taking muscle relaxers is not a good combination (if she had EDS of course) I wouldn't be surprised if we get lots of dislocation videos when she finds this out.

No. 496862

And you guys like how it was her doctor that recommended narcotics and this IV muscle relaxer? No way would SHE ever consider narcotics (insert snarky laugh here) but he saw how this was affecting her quality of life so here ya go, honey. Enjoy your newest addiction.

I’m just in awe of what this little bitch can get people to do! Today’s video was just a long faker face and her being in the car and in so much pain. Wha wan waaah! She doesn’t even know what REAL pain is. I’m still just kind of in a stuper from today’s video about her sooper severe pain and spasms (which, anon, yes she’s only ever mentioned these spasms in her legs… this stomach spasm BS is new to us).

I saw this coming. It was inevitable because she can’t just be normal… she’s gotta be extra, gotta get the views… at the expense of everyone else… friends, family, her poor malnourished dog. I called palliative care may be a future angle some time back and this is pretty damn close.

And if any anon can shed light on the normalcy of getting IV muscle relaxers, I’d love to hear how common it is? If it is even common treatment for pain/fake EDS? I don’t get how she just keeps getting sooon fed these insane and invasive treatments and drugs. All about living her best possible life, y’all!

No. 496877


Yup. There are numerous stories in the press of wheelchair users having to soil themselves because the accessible toilets were out of order on the train, or close calls because of non disabled people misusing accessible toilets.

Harlow is obviously SO vital to her… kek
The "service dog" scheme in the US is a fucking joke. Anyone can claim their dog as a service dog as long as they pretend it knows when they're going to faint and it's relatively well behaved in public.

No. 496882


I need benzodiazepines to help with muscle spasms sometimes where they are tighter (usually shoulders and neck where they work hardest to keep the stupid joints in place). But it's so suspicious that Jaq hasn't mentioned this before, until it's helped get her another drug she can push into her port.

No. 496883

I have really bad spasms from actual EDS and have never heard of anyone needing IV muscle relaxers. The exact kind she talks about actually (Robaxin/Methocarbamol) is one that I’ve taken before and it’s not recommended for long term use as it stops having any affects after about 2 weeks, at least according to some studies. Not to mention, it’s pretty week as far as muscle relaxers go. Flexeril, Gabapentin, etc. Are better for EDS-related muscle pain.

No. 496885

Medfag here, sage for blogging.
I have a port due to a non-operable brain tumor, diagnosed 5 years ago. I have had 3 strokes due to complications (so here is my sage for blogging). I get chemo every 2-4 weeks, depending on my treatment cycle. I have never once had treatment at home, OR when I have been off of treatment, have pushed to allow my port to have been flushed at home. I have been in multiple states where I have required IV fluids on and off, and have just popped into the infusion center, got the fluids and went home. Maybe it is a location thing, but it is not something that seems to be offered or advocated for here.

Also, medfag, I work as an advanced practice nurse. I have NEVER heard of allowing individuals to push muscle relaxants at home via IVP. The same with IV benadryl. I honestly cannot say it is a common practice, and I think it is very dangerous. I see it as a Michael Jackson scenario, that needs to be tested out in the hospital for a few nights, especially if she falls on her way to the car on a normal day. I can't believe any health care provider with a license would order an IVP med like that to be given at home by a lay person.

No. 496890

Yup I've only heard of gabapentinbeing used medication wise.
Generally with EDS you don't really go on medications for it as such (like you might be on stuff for associated conditions but not the joint hypermobility itself). Things like physio, hydrotherapy etc. Learning how to roll out tight muscles, stretch to a safe amount (not overstretch). Hydrotherapy is also good because the water pressure prevents blood pooling.
Does Jaquie do these things? Nope! We just see her move less and less!
Also her going on about muscle spasms and the amount of pain she claims to have despite NO dislocations is just..bullshit.

No. 496896


She's started remembering to complain about her hip subluxating.

People have speculated that she's confusing snapping hip with "subluxating", which while not a full dislocation is still incredibly painful.

No. 496899

Predicting Jaquie is going to get into trouble with all of the IV meds she is pushing. If there is even a grain of truth to her inability to absorb medications, I can see her pushing extra doses and then crashing when they DO absorb and she gets the cumulative effect. She'd better get her Med Alert necklace on and teach Harlow to unlock the front door–I think a visit from the EMTs will be her next adventure. The adventure after that will be drug rehab.

No. 496910

"My body processes medication differently due to my Complex Bullshit Disorder, so I accidentally overdosed on my Methocarbomol which is for my muscular spasms which are due to my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I had to press my emergency alert button and Harlow alerted to my overdose by bringing me ranch dressing! I'll be in the hospital for ten weeks. Send money."

No. 496920

I think Jaquie frequently confuses "not feeling well" with feeling unmotivated.

No. 496924

Amongst the other outright lies in here, where she says she loves hearing other people's stories, are you fucking kidding me? She's all about people fawning over her. I've never seen her respond beyond a cursory few lines to anyone who comments on her vlogs or insta, unless she's pumping them for symptom and diagnostic info. She makes me so angry.

No. 496941

JFC, she acts like she's auditioning for a reality show or something.

But, to the anon who named her skinwalker, top kek , it gets me laughing every time.

No. 496968

Lately it seems like Jaq has been falling every time she has to walk without a mobility aid in front of someone. Mostly since she learned about AFOs and foot drop. But also since she started angling for a wheelchair.

My issue is, it seems like she makes no effort to be careful. If you KNEW you were that prone to falling, you'd learn to be more careful right? Looking where you're going, focusing on moving your feet, slowing down etc. Especially if you have EDS and a fall could easily mean disclosing something! (if her EDS is so bad she needs all this medical equipment and drugs she'd definitely have injured herself more with all these falls)

Today she was in a hurry to get to to the bathroom so didn't grab her walker or her chair. But instead of falling on her way to the toilet, when she would've been way more likely to, she fell on her way BACK. When she had time to go slow. Also when she wasn't at risk of pissing/shitting herself kek. That's convenient.

No. 496984

Top kek anon

No. 496992

Because 100% of her every move is fake. Of course she falls on the way after, the only thing real about any of that was that she prob legit had to pee really bad. She may be full of shit but she's also a girl and let's face it, we aren't known for being able to 'hold it' for very long. She's too prissy and self aware to fake fall on the way TO the bathroom because she might actually pee her pants, healthy OR fake ill. She's not devoted enough to her acting craft to go to that length unless people stop believing her and she has to take it to that level. It would be quite hilarious actually if she had to take it up to that notch. She and Jan could get into a public pants-pooping showdown.

No. 497037


I just watched this. Or at least part of it. Someone asked her if she has a stim (I think that's the word? I'm forgetful. Part of her autism which idk but I'm guessing it's similar to a nervous tick. Something you have to do when you're feeling overwhelmed or whatever? Forgive me if I got that wrong.)

She said she picks her lips. And she has done for as long as she can remember. Well that explains the state of them. But.. I'm wondering if it's in fact some form of OCD. She does seem pretty OCD and I don't say that lightly, I have OCD and I know what it can do to a person. Skin picking can be part of that.

She is very ritualistic and also anal about her cleaning. Having a rigid cleaning schedule and managing to stick to it when you're very ill is a red flag. You don't bother to clean, especially deep cleaning, when you feel like complete shit, unless you've got some form of obsession. I would know lol. Even with OCD, there's times where you just physically can not do it no matter what. She doesn't complain about this as much as she would if she were as sick as she claims. But we already know that.

I do know enough about OCD, but I don't know a lot about Autism. Are these traits common in autism? Are they as prevalent as they are in Jaq even when the person is not so autistic that they can't do all the shit she can do?

There would be no shame in her having a mental illness like OCD. And if she did have OCD, she'd be justified in struggling more lately due to her apparently awful and worsening medical crises. Yet she constantly, so adamantly denies any mental illness and acts like that'd be shameful. Instead she blames the compulsive skin picking on her autism, and blames the obsessive cleaning on her compromised immune system (yet she will happily kiss Harlow around her mouth after eating raw meat, and let Harlow sleep next to her when she hasn't been bathed in god knows how long)

No. 497048

This REALLY pisses me off an autistic stim is short for self stimulating behavior, most commonly noticed with people high on the spectrum they are repetitive motions verbal utterances that usually manifest in flailing, rocking etc

With autism really anything repetitive self stimulating could be a stim, but the thing that really defines it as an autistic stim is the fact that it interferes with normal behavior and the persons day - atoms mitigate snxiety and therefor happen in nerotypical ppl like jaqui. I would not consider her lip picking a stim.

No. 497051

stims mitigate anxiety *

No. 497056


Agree anon. Lip picking is technically a Body Focussed Repetitive Behaviour like chewing your nails or picking at your skin which is more OCD than autism.

She's going to start stimming now, I know it.

No. 497057

I wouldn’t consider jaqui to have ocd. One of the things with ocd is that it’s not just about obsessive cleaning. One can have an obsessive cleaning regimen but that doesn’t mean ocd.

The thing that would be more convincing was if she had anxiety relating to not cleaning or diverging from her normal pattern, which she doesn’t she is very spontaneous for an ill person.

Also kek she doesn’t have anxiety y’all! One of the major components of ocd being the anxiety. Not taking her word just speculating based on how she acts I don’t see her anxious about not cleaning when she cannot for example in hospital

No. 497058

Exactly, you can probably get that I’m a psychfag from the tone but something about her wanting and feigning symptoms of ppl with intellectual disability I find most offensive. Perhaps I’m used to the faking physical sickness there’s a lot of munchies, but wanting to be mentally challenged and feigning those behaviors that are usually undesirable by society for attention is just so hard to watch. This woman is mental

No. 497060

Psych fag here.
Everything you described could in fact be Autism too, yes. In fact OCD is prevalent in Autism. Most people who have Autism have some form of OCD. So the obsessive, rigidness, cleaning, and even picking can all be Autism. But could also be OCD lol. It’s hard because they both have very similar and overlapping symptoms. Like a lot of disorders. But Autistics typically very rigid in schedules and sticking to them. So if she always cleaned in the past once a week then there’s no way she’ll sway from that, no matter how “ill” she is.

No. 497061

I agree about the OCD, her rigid cleaning screams OCD. Are there any HEALTHY people that super clean their bathrooms and kitchen twice a week? I haven't been healthy enough to give a shit about a clean house in a decade so I've lost sight of what's normal. I just clean what I can, when I can and accept the rest will be dusty or have dog hair balls. And I have severe seasonal allergies and even that misery doesn't give me magical energy to clean more. I want whatever delusional magic pill Jaq takes that her allergies and asthma can give her the stamina to dust every day and play Merry Maid

Sage for med blogging and ps fuck you Jaquie

No. 497072

It doesn’t matter how strict her regimen is as anon suggested, OCD would mean in the absence of the behavior she gets anxiety, which she never expresses

No. 497074

Would her vlogging be considered a stim? Like always having to have the camera and be holding it and talking to it?

No. 497081


No. Definitely an unhealthy obsession though. Some people are obsessed with watching vlogs. Some with filming/editing/showing off their lives for financial gain.

No. 497083

No. This is not considered stimming. Stimming is self-soothing behavior that Autistic people do to self-regulate. Here are a few stims that are symptomatic to Autism: rocking, hand-flapping, hand wrangling, hitting your chin with the side of your hand.

No. 497084

File: 1518051943716.png (130.25 KB, 750x907, IMG_0384.PNG)

Ahh yes. I have been waiting for this. I have saged for medfagfing and pain fagging but it does explain what a massive bunch of lies Jaquie is saying here with her explanations of pain and the drugs.

So Jaquie claims such severe MCAS, she requires a port and IV Benadryl.

Guess what are two of three biggest risks for people with true MCAS?

1) Medications
2) Sedation and Anaesthesia
(Third one is dental surgery)

In people with MCAS, more often than not they have to have their medications made specifically for them, free of all dyes, flavours, and anything else. If they need to trial a new medication, they often do it in the emergency room in a resuscitation bay. That is how high the risk is for life threatening and severe anaphylaxis.

But Jaquie? Oh no, she's fine to start Intravenous heavy duty medications. There's zero thought as to her reacting to them. But it's the biggest damn risk and is fraught with hell for patients with MCAS.

Whoever made the Michael Jackson comment is spot on. She is going to very quickly spiral out of control with addiction here.

For the average patient with chronic pain and EDS (ie everyone but Jaquie), chronic pain is very common, and it's something which requires lifelong management. You escalate slowly, carefully, and it's a holistic approach.

The first stage is usually trying something like a Tricyclic anti depressant such as low dose Endep (Amitriptyline). You can then move onto things like Gabapentin already mention, and it's cousin drug Lyrica (Pregabalin).

In amongst all this you work with a psychologist for pain management/helping you deal with the shitty hand that is true EDS/chronic illness. You of course participate in physical rehabilitation to protect your tissue and as much strengthening as possible

. Not doing physical rehab with EDS is like having Leukaemia and not doing chemo. Sure, it's an option. But it's not gonna work out for you.

Then you have pain drugs such as Oxycodone for acute things; so in the case of EDS, a dislocation. Most people are really hesitant to use anything outside of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen regularly because with true pain you are always scared of how bad it could be be one day, and you want to save the big guns for then; so that you know it will work.

Then you have some of the more intensive stuff for people towards the more severe end of the spectrum of chronic pain and EDS. You can do week long subcutaneous Ketamine infusions which is a brilliant option for chronic pain and calming down the central nervous system long term (How Jaquie explains it works make no sense). You can often get 6-12 months significant benefit from these infusions.

Then there's a million procedures and other crap I won't keep rambling on about. The point is this; No one, and I mean no one, treats chronic pain how this is being treated.

Especially if you claim to have such dangerous MCAS.

I don't know what the laws are where Jaquie is (I'm not in the US) but I'm fairly confident that you would absolutely not be allowed to hold a drivers licence if you're on prescribed IV muscle relaxants.

Also if anyone's interested here's a very basic list of crucial drugs to avoid in Mast Cell disorders, based on best practice and peer reviewed studies. I don't remember what drugs Jaquie takes/has taken in the past without incident but other eagle eyed viewers may spot more holes in Jaquie's story with this

No. 497085

There is something called dermatillomania, which just means compulsive skin picking, That falls into body focused repetitive behaviour like the other anon said. Its basically similar to trichotillomania except instead of hair pulling its skin picking.

No. 497089


We don't often see her unable to stick to her cleaning routine, and when she's too sick to clean she has also been too sick to vlog. I think she is so afraid of people seeing her with any symptoms of mental illness, she wouldn't show it if she was having a freak out over not being able to clean.

When have we ever seen any mess in her house? Seriously? I haven't. Ever. Just look at her hospital room, it's fucking spotless. All the medical shit that gets delivered would be a lot for anyone. Yet she always organises it asap. And I mean asap.

Look I know obsessive cleaning doesn't always mean OCD. I'm just saying, she exhibits a lot of characteristics that go along with OCD. Which I do agree could possibly just be autism.

I know first hand that it is very possible to hide OCD when you have control over who sees what. I wouldn't put it past her to just not show us her anxiety, especially given her rigid stance on her own "lack of mental illness". Any anxiety witnessed by Judd or her mom could be explained away by "muh autism".

No. 497095


I don't (that I know of) have MCAS but have reacted mildly to multiple medications including antibiotics and steroids (face swelling, mouth tingling etc) and I always found it weird that Jaq could take so much unless she's chasing everything with benedryl.

Also with NSAIDs - they set off my asthma badly and I don't usually have bad asthma so her love for Toradol strikes me as odd.

sage for semi-blogging

No. 497099

There’s a difference between personality traits and having a mental illness i just don’t see enough functional impairment that would qualify her for OCD

I feel that she has isolated herself to her world Bc ppl can catch on to her inconsistencies in person so she has fewer friends. For example Julian. This is a bit tangentle but I feel her cleaning is more of something to do to film and it also makes her seem more “deficient” in her immunity if she stresses she’s a neat freak. To me I feel it’s all part of the show and this ocd speculation is a nothing burger

No. 497100

Except her recurrent unexplained severe-but-treatable-at-home-with-IV-benny could be anxiety attacks.

Not surprised Toradol made the don't take list! Because of all the fillers and crap in it, it's a known risk for allergic reactions in people without allergies let alone someone claiming MCAS. And the GI risks with toradol. Holy shit. Whichever doctors gave her that to have at home should lose their license.
She's definitely going the way of Michael Jackson. Propofol was on the "tolerate" list and very interesting fentanyl was too. She's prob angling for that and straight to OD city

No. 497112

Yes I have thought this for a while her angioedema attacks (that hilariously don’t involve swelling) are psychosomatic and that’s why she experienced them around leaving the hospital Bc she is u guessed it anxious!

She does experience anxiety no doubt about it but everyone does and it’s matural the things she worry’s about. But let’s remember this isint a normal person it’s through the filter of a munchieso things normal ppl would worry about like having surgery she doesn’t worry about.

She worry’s about pain and that’s telling Bc ppl with eds are known to have higher pain tolerances and jaqui does not fit that mold whatsoever

No. 497120

Kek Jaquie doesn't really have enough symptoms or medical evidence of anything she says and she still manages to collect diagnosis like they're going out of style. If she saw a psych she would have no trouble being diagnosed with any number of things, OCD likely included. We don't see everything in her vlogs. She's never gonna show herself having any mental symptoms because it would make her vulnerable and ruin her carefully constructed public persona

No. 497128

I haven't watched her pain Dr vlog, did she actually say in it she's gonna take CBD oil? Or is it still speculation based on her side-effect hunting posts in fb groups? Somehow I would find it shocking if she volunteers the info that she's taking it since she seems like such a tight ass goodie goodie

No. 497131

I totally agree but is she not shooting herself in the foot? I mean to have the list of illnesses she has and have no anxiety? No doubt or fear?

She’s piling on the list of the diagnosis yet doesn’t manage to experience the physical or mental symptoms that come with it - and to a psychfag that’s alarming! It shows that she isint struggling as much as she claims physically. You can be tenacious and a warrior fighter but everyone with those problems is bound to have some mental side effects and her not including that in order to keep her persona up is definitely a red flag

No. 497134

At one point (maybe still??) she also claimed chronic urticaria (hives). Never have I seen actual hives on her except when she had the allergy skin prick test, and those looked contained to where the actual pricks were, NOT all over her body. I'd love the ability to gift her with my head to toe hives I had for 2 1/2 years and see what she thinks of that diagnosis then. There's no bigger whiny wimpy baby on earth besides Jaquie, except janjan.

No. 497138

Notice how she said it’s not thc it’s cbd so no psychogenic effects…. perhaps she’s been lurking why would a sick person need to prove they’re not trying to get high off a med, surely she’s just all out of options? No not at all she has a guilty conscious and this random comment about the effects shows she is aware this CBD request could seem drug seeking

No. 497139

Everyone go check out this video about Benadryl aborting true anaphylaxis, apparently it’s a myth. Uh oh jacqui the jig is up!


No. 497144

It's a huge red flag that she is soooo sick but she rarely has to cancel or change plans. That's one of the first things to go when you're that sick. And prob why being ill can cause a person to lose the majority of their friends. If you always cancel last minute or never feel up to going to social events, eventually all but the kindest most empathetic souls just stop inviting you. Again, not our AJ! She has plans and is always able to stick to them. And that's why chronically ill people really should include psych and their overall mental health in treatment plans. It's not normal to be sick, it's not normal to be a shut-in, it's not normal to have no hobbies because you're too sick (talking about truly sick people not Jaq/Jan/fakers), and humans aren't programmed that way. Just because you have no choice doesn't make it easy. That's the part though that Jaquie and janiece get all wrong because they are too selfish and stupid to go all-in with the faking and have to gasp actually sacrifice what they love.

No. 497146

Kek I didn't notice because I haven't watched it. So does she talk about taking CBD in the vlog or not???

No. 497148

I think that link is supposed to go up top in the YT embed spot, so we can see a preview of the vid we're clicking on instead of a rando link from a rando anon on the internet

No. 497151


In a way she HAS lost all her hobbies and interests except for vlogging. She used to do martial arts (black belt despite those "serious muscle problems" her whole life), photography, used to train service dogs (not just her own). She has no friends except for Janiece that she mentions or we see. I think her friends have dispersed because she was becoming intolerable in her obsessions with illness.

No. 497153

I’ll remember that next time my bad

No. 497155

Thanks anon :) hopefully I'm not the only one that feels better clicking YT links that you can see a thumbnail of. Kek I'd hate it to be Janjan rick rolling us with a poop-cam link or something we all unsuspectingly click on

No. 497159

Yea I’m always a cautious clicker but for some reason I forgot the reciprocal when posting… was too excited to post and kek at JanJan both her and jaws illness is a big rick roll, you think your clicking on a sick girls YouTube channel but instead I get a big shit eating grin of a maniac

No. 497161

That aspect of it actually does fit with chronically ill people…only problem with Jaquie is that she never grieved losing the life she thought she would have and the future she envisioned. Being as young as she is and as "sick" (kek yeah right) as she is, she 99.99% would be struggling with a lot of sadness of what she has lost. She rarely talks about her "old" life. It's odd and detached. Its the equivilant of someone losing their partner and instead of acting sad or talking about them all the time, they just go on like nothing happened and the person never existed. Denial IS a stage of grief and it's common to go out of order or move back and forth between the stages but…full on denial for that long should be a red flag to her family to get her mental help. Because that shit ain't normal or healthy. There's no shame in admitting you're depressed if you are going through bad or difficult things. It would be NORMAL in her situation. When life is shitty it's normal to be depressed. It's scary if life is shitty and you shrug your shoulders and go to disney

No. 497169


Since she's connived her way into diagnoses and "tools", maybe she considers the sacrifices worth it to be The Sickest Ever.

No. 497191


Not sure if you remember or not, but Jaq was at one time (Feb of 2017ish, I’ll try to find it) prescribed Lyrica but “I don’t even think I’ll fill it because it’s a psychiatric drug and I don’t want to be messing with my moods.” So yeah, she didn’t even try anything progressive… straight to the big guns for our gal. Only the best for the Queen who’s too good for normal medical procedures and medications.

Has any anon ever estimted what her weekly home health cost is? Now, this is just a rough estimate from a bit of medfagging and a quick stop at Dr. Google’s office… but the zofran and Benadryl alone at her frequency and doses are around $4,000-5,000 weekly… then add those good ol’ vitamins (you know she says it like that just to piss people off kek) and fluids and she’s running up quite the bill… and that’s without that sooper speshul Kate Farms formula… so I’m guessing all of that has got to be like $15,000 a week for her insurance to foot the bill? And that’s not even including any of the ridiculous gadgets she buys on Etsy. But yeah she’s a leech and I’m really surprised that the fluid AND med shortage has not affected her. But again, if we’ve learned one thing it’s that Jaquie gets what Jaquie wants… cruising it cool in the Barbie Car while Babe is off slaving away to pay for her shit or to avoid her.

And she buys a bunch of stuff her home health doesn’t offer too… so even more money down the munchiehole! Those dressings for her port are really expensive from what I can tell by googling around trying to figure out how much she spends just on that shit because she’s sooo allergic uh huh ok. Oh shit I forgot to factor in her epipens and possible regular med costs. We’re looking at getting upwards of 15k a week to maintain this bitch? Just puts it into perspective seeing how entitled and shit she thinks she is.

No. 497200


Even though loads of drugs can affect your mood even though they're not "psychiatric" drugs. Heck, as someone with epilepsy she should have thought about Lyrica which is also used for seizure prevention.

No. 497201


Remember the snorting Toradol video - Sprix is what the nasal Toradol is called. I forgot how funny her reaction was… so priceless! She took that snort and grabbed her face like she got kicked by a horse and died ten times over again. Brochure anon may have fun with a screengrab from that night… Babe was back recording like the good service human he is and she flails around and yells at him/the meds. Ahh shit I’ll find it for shits and giggles and screengrabz for dayyyyys. Here she is reacting to the NORMAL side effect of this drug kek Judd apparently wins at internet because he finds out that’s normal. Jaq was not pleased. No more snorting NSAIDs for her. Seeing her displeasure was pleasing kek

No. 497202


Fun fact: many helpful drugs have side effects. People who actually benefit from the drugs put up with these side effects without being a fucking baby.

Eagerly awaiting screengrabs.

No. 497206


Lyrica is not a psychiatric drug.

Under most insurance plans, prescription medications have a copay of no more than $40.

She likely meets the out-of-pocket maximum very quickly.

No. 497223

File: 1518058296641.png (398.26 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0392.PNG)

I think I answered my own question.

No. 497230


Is there a checkbox for All of the Above + bat shit crazy?

No. 497232


Whoops sorry, didn’tt mean to post the video again.

No. 497268

She just doesn't want to be on anything that can't be pushed through her port. I think pushing meds is part of her ritual.

Interesting too how she says she's the first person her doc was able to get this drug approved for. Of course, because she's Jaquie and Jaquie gets whatever she wants.

No. 497272

Even people who have been sick all or most of their lives grieve, it’s just for the life they could have had if they were healthy. If you’re sick, you are constantly reminded of what your illness is taking away from you.
And she never, ever worries about money, which is probably the worst part of chronic illness. Copays and medications and general over the counter stuff adds up quick, and there’s often not money left over for shopping or adventures. Most people aren’t buying different tube feeding backpacks and tons of tube pads and new mattresses, because they’re broke. And they regret having to spend money to stay alive that could be used for fun things like Disneyland if they were healthy.

No. 497283


I didn't even know IV muscle relaxants existed and I've been a nurse for 10 years

No. 497294


Of course she had to pee badly. She's unnecessarily pumping herself full of saline and formula

No. 497304


InB4 she asks for Baclofen via intrathecal pump.

No. 497308

Does the copay apply to each different med? Because if it does that would add up fast. She's gotta be on like 20 different meds at this point

No. 497311


Absolutely she is addicted to the process separately from the effects of the drugs. Similarly, many IV drug addicts become addicted to the process of rigging a shot and injecting.

No. 497312


Yes, but it's usually the same copay for all medications. Some plans include a mail order pharmacy which charges a lower copay and/or a lower copay on a 90-day supply.

No. 497313

Dunno if you factored in that just her narcolepsy sleepytime med is in the 4-5000 a month range and if she also takes provigil or similar that can run 500-1000 month. She's an idiot because even if she's not faking everything and has some legit conditions, her insurance company will at some point start to look into her sky high costs. I hope her beloved tricare has a lifetime cap and she reaches it in a few years and because trump undid some Obamacare safeguards she'll end up shopping the open market health plans with all her precious chronic illnesses being considered oh-so precious pre-existing conditions. She'd have to get ALOT of patrons to afford coverage in that case. I wonder how many of her conditions would magically be all better then?

No. 497314


Shit I didn’t even think of the expense of just the narcolepsy med. so with that I’d say easy 20k a month… when she’s NOT admitted to the hospital drinking her Yoo-hoo and shoving ice cream down her throat.

No. 497319

Yeah she's prob gonna get investigated for insurance fraud, whether she knows she's being investigated or not. That's the good thing about electronic medical records and pretty sure HIPAA doesn't preclude your own insurance company from accessing your records of anything they paid for. I'm gonna pop some popcorn and cross my fingers there's a jaquies goin to prison vlog coming our way soon!

No. 497327

Oh god I really hope they send a fraud spotter to park near her house and catch her doing healthy people stuff. Their eyes would probably pop out of their head when they see her walk out the door talking to a camera, lift her wheelchair down the one or two steps, then get in it and zoom away, arm outstretched holding the camera, Harlow dragged along side her. No tripping. No off balance. No sign of pain/fatigue/seizures/POTS/ANYTHING

Aaaaaand handcuffs. Don't ruin it, fellow anons. Just let a farmer dream kek

But, knowing that cows luck she'll have anaphylaxis from the handcuffs and be rushed to hospital for a sweet benny/epi rush and she'll make her mad-dash escape and jump into her awaiting Barbie car, Harlow doggie-smiling proudly beside it, and the roomba plays the part of "tugboat". And with that I'll say, thanks for joining us on our adventure <awww shucks hand/arm movement>

No. 497339

Depends on your insurance, actually. It’s either a 20% copay until you’ve met either your deductible or your out of pocket maximum, or it’s a tiered system with some meds being cheap, and others at a set amount of 10, 40, or 60 dollars (or more, possibly). For example, a $300 med without insurance may be your full $250 copy for insurance company A, but it’s 100% covered each month after for the year. But if you’ve got company B, it’s a set price of $10, every month or whenever you refill it (insurance also dictates if you can get a 30 day supply or 90 days). Insurance is a bitch to figure out, and in the end you almost always owe money to someone.

No. 497342

Good god that sounds complicated. I wonder if Jaq does the bookkeeping for the household too? Her to-do lost every day must be enormous

No. 497358


We haven't see much of her infusing lately. I think the IV fluids shortage is effecting her and she's just not acknowledging it.

No. 497361


Don't give her ideas

No. 497371

Whatever happened to the home PT that was prescribed after the surgery? I don't believe we've heard or seen anything that since she has been home at all. Perhaps it would have helped prevent the fall when AJ damn near pissed herself.

Sage for no milk

No. 497385

Some insurance plans have absolutely no copays once you meet all deductibles and the out of pocket maximum which I'm sure she does quite quickly.

No. 497391

Premonition: based on the whole "wahhhh I can't pee after surgery which is totally not a totally normal and common side effect!" And today/yesterday's "I had to pee so suddenly and so badly!" She may be gunning for interstitial cystitis or another bladder problem; or she may be pushing at more widespread autonomic dysfunction and:or nerve damage in her spine. (Cauda Equina - sp?)

No. 497398

There's nothing glamorous or ass-patty about IC and it's about as invisible an illness as one can get since almost all the symptoms are internal. Maybe if she's got such bad pelvic pain that she's doubled over all the time but none of her other "severe pain" does that so why start now? She's gonna go for a way more visible or toy-filled diagnosis I bet

No. 497400

I think she's just drug seeking at this point. She doesn't care about the diagnosis anymore, just the sweet sweet drugs. The more IV the better.

No. 497407

Kek We will definitely know if she reads here if this comes up!

I do think it has now come to drug seeking >>497400
though especially her efforts to save face like “it won’t get me high y’all, just trying to help my severe pain from my chronic illness EDS” that’s a bit paraphrased but the notion that she’s need to claim it won’t get her high shows she either feels guilt about lying or is just trying to keep up that good girl persona

No. 497417

For sure, it’s almost like she’s collecting prescriptions now since she’s already diagnosed with, well, everything.

No. 497423

File: 1518075899609.png (4.15 MB, 1242x2208, AEF8BD2F-C09F-4ACC-841F-1D52EE…)

This guy thinks she'll go to a pain clinic that involves pt, ot, and psych? That's laughable

No. 497424

File: 1518075959051.jpeg (382.49 KB, 1242x2208, 6807774C-BFEC-45E5-B3BC-4F6ED8…)

This has to be a farmer who knows she ain't doing any pt

No. 497426

File: 1518076010372.jpeg (330.44 KB, 1242x2208, A2167CDA-E5E9-4994-8093-EA1D73…)

Is this the same person who recommended WebMD to JanJan?

No. 497430

File: 1518076117997.jpeg (360.12 KB, 1242x2208, D88E3376-C184-43D5-99A2-FC7C00…)

Oh good, now the medical professionals in the comments are recommended chemo for Jaquie. Exactly what condition does she have that methotrexate would treat? Maybe now she'll get one.

No. 497471

It's called la belle indifférence: an emotional detachment from physical symptoms where the patient seems to lack any kind of normal worry or mood disturbance that one would expect in a patient with these symptoms. It's often associated with conversion disorder (psychogenic neurological symptoms). Although one has to be VERY careful to make conclusions about the nature of the patients complaints based on this phenomenon because recent research shows it's not really that strongly correlated with conversion/hysteria-like symptoms and patients with true neurological disease can exhibit it as well - in Jaquies case though, it is spot on.

It's also a known fact that the more invasive a treatment is, the stronger the placebo effect. For example, two placebo pills are more effective than one, and an IV placebo is MUCH more effective than a placebo pill. So if Jaquie says that a certain med works for her if she pushes it through her port but not if she takes it by mouth, that could very well be true. But that doesn't necessarily mean that it has anything to do with how the drug is being absorbed.

No. 497475

Wait, would her SmartDrive bracelet still work if she is in handcuffs? I think it would, because you don't have to tap on or near the rims, but you just have to tap while the wristband is in contact (via bluetooth, methinks?) with the SmartDrive. So you can add to you phantasy: Jaquie zooming away in her barbie car while in handcuffs and Judd trying to explain to his colleagues how he really, really didn't know that his wife was defrauding the insurance company and that he has nothing to do with it.

No. 497483


She would feels the effects faster with IV versus oral. If there is a rush to be had which she enjoys, then she would say IV is better.

And while the ROI of drugs affects its bioavailability and thus the strength of its effects, dosage amounts are adjusted to achieve equivalent efficacy when switching from one to another. Dilaudid is a prime example; its bioavailability via IV is over 3x that of oral. Hence why people with addictions will switch to an ROI that provides better bioavailability to overcome tolerance. If she is pursuing the highs of her meds, by opting for IV from the get go, she has no way of increasing her high as her tolerance increases aside from increasing dosage.

No. 497502

File: 1518088042592.png (668.19 KB, 1041x1569, IMG_20180208_110637.png)

This seems very much aimed at Jaquie. Thoughts?

No. 497511

I've seen at least 2 others do awareness videos with pictures of others in at the end, so maybe not but then again those two others don't go on Adventures every day or are able to meticulously clean their house top to bottom twice a week. I think it could be about AJ but it might not be.

No. 497545

JanJan goes to see the rheumatologist. She says she did a lot of research to find this doctor so I guess she's claiming she isn't seeing Jaquie's dr or seeing this one on Jaq's recommendation.

The doctor thinks it's GI issues but is still ordering a lupus test that's super expensive and might not be covered by her insurance (JanJan doesn't seem to care about that. But I guess she doesn't have to work to pay for it, Paul does) He also did a physical exam of her joints but pointed out she's pumped so full of antibiotics and prednisone that he can't draw any conclusions from the current state of her.

She finally did the blood draw for the Chron's testing.

Jan did a rant about getting comments from people accusing her of 'being excited about being sick'…. Has she even had any comments like that on her videos or is she admitting to reading here?

No. 497547

She has tri-care I’m assuming standard which until she meets her cap (which it’s been a while since I’ve had to deal with Tri-care so who knows how it’s been changed) the copay is 10% of each thing until it totals (again it’s been like five years and they are always changing) the cap. Then the rest of the year you’re not paying anything. And how the fuck she gets shit covered on tricare is beyond me. Because without blogging let’s just say I have a lot of experience getting stuff covered via tricare.

No. 497551

I didn’t watch but if it was just the first test there is a super high chance of false positive and that’s why they have a secondary test. True story it’s never Lupus.

No. 497553

Paul is obsessed with guns like Judd is obsessed with Star Wars. Jan cares about guns as much as Jaq cares about Star Wars, except with the added sanctimonious twist that she grew up 'believing Jesus would protect her' so she has no need for guns.

I always wondered why Judd wasn't more bummed his wife doesn't even try to show an interest in his hobby but I guess he just thinks it's normal since it happens in his best friend's marriage too.

No. 497562

File: 1518100596253.jpg (200.36 KB, 1629x1234, kjbbIEn.jpg)

>>Jan did a rant about getting comments from people accusing her of 'being excited about being sick'

No shit. You know why? Because she IS excited about it. Or let's say it this way: she shows excitement. If she is not excited, maybe she shouldn't act like she is? I swear, if you would watch her videos on mute, you would think she was talking about her most favorite things in the world!

I still don't get why she did go and see that rheumatologist though. As far as I'm aware, she has NO symptoms of Lupus or any other auto-immune or rheumatological disorder. Unless you count the muscle pain she sometimes talks about, which many rheumatologists would be happy to slap a diagnosis of fibromyalgia on. Unless of course her pain is too mild/doesn't occur in all four quadrants of her body/etc. It doesn't seem like most of them care too much for the diagnostic criteria, so she'd have to present VERY different for the doc not to dx her with it. Unless she went to one who doesn't believe in it, which frankly they might be right about (not saying the symptoms of fibromyalgia patients aren't real, I just am not sure it's a distinct disease entity or just lazy diagnostics).

So why does he think she needs a very expensive 'Lupus test'? Which, btw, doesn't really exist? Lupus is hard to diagnose in most cases it can present very different from patient to patient. I guess the test they'll do is for anti-dsDNA, which STILL won't enable him to either rule out or diagnose lupus. Pic related: patient has to meet at least four criteria, of which at least one laboratory and one clinical one. So if she has both 'positive' ANA (and I put that in quotation marks because she never specified the titre so it could very well be a low titre might make her even LESS likely to have lupus because most lupus patients will have a high titre) and anti-dsDNA she still needs two more criteria to have lupus and one of them HAS to be a clinical one.

Can patients in the US see a specialist without a referral? Because I wonder who would ever refer her to see a rheumatologist with only a positive ANA test. Even if she would have a high titre, it would be far more cost-effective (both in terms of money/recourses and in patients time and energy) to await the further testing for Crohns: if the Prometheus test would come back as high suspicion for Crohns, that would explain the high titre ANA in itself. If she has no other symptoms, it's useless to have her see another specialist. Of course, if she herself choose to see him, that would make more sense: in that case she would just be jumping at the opportunity to get another diagnosis, no matter how slim the chances would be.

No. 497571

>>True story it’s never Lupus.
Kek you hide your Vicodin in a Lupus textbook as well?

-> House M.D. reference. Which, btw, makes me wonder about how House would react to patients like JanJan and Jaquie. I'm guessing he would find out pretty soon that they're bullshitting and kick their ass to the curb but not before making a sarcastic remark. And he would find them boring as heck.

This is also where people like Jaquie but especially Janiece get their story SO wrong. They say that doctors don't like complicated cases and don't want to treat them because they don't understand chronic illnesses and prefer to treat a simple case. While there might be a very tiny percentage of doctors who are like that, most of them LIVE for complex cases. They get excited about it and they do everything to find out what's wrong. Especially internal medicine doctors like GI's and neuro-/rheumatologists: their job often entails a bit if detective work and they love to have a rare or complex case.

Janiece says the GI at the hospital who discharged her recently told her "I don't know what to tell you" or "I don't know what else to do". The way she tells it, she implies that the doctor doesn't care and just wanted her out of there. The truth is very likely that he just meant "I just told you that whatever is wrong with you we cannot fix it during your admission and you just need to follow up with your own GI out-patient because you do not need to be admitted any more. I don't know what else to tell you (because I already told you this but you don't seem to want to hear me)". And not: "you are such a complex case that I am out of options" or however Janiece fantasizes the doctor will think about her.

(Sorry, it a bit off-topic but she annoys me SO much it gets almost unbearable at times.)

No. 497586

File: 1518103210907.png (684.45 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5700.PNG)

How can she say her pain is more manageable because of the adjustable bed when just yesterday she told us that she is considering narcotics and cbd oil because of muh sooper suhvere pain? Adjustable Jaquie and her adjustable bed claims aren't making any sense

No. 497589

File: 1518103404790.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5701.PNG)

Skinwalker is sailing through the Munchie Academy with top marks. Kek

No. 497593

She even individualized her feeding pump and put her name on it. Because you know, if you accidentally leave it at a friends' house, they don't have to call the whole gang to find out who's pump it is, right? So much more convenient!

No. 497610

Kek anon. I don't know though, paging through a few of the Florida spoonie accounts it is a bit disturbing to see just how many people are outfitted with a custom TiLite Barbie/Ken car, a golden retriever, feeding tooob and vibedration pack.

No. 497615

Ooooh yeah boy did she ever get comments about being happy being sick. Someone went OFF on her and ripped her a new one and basically said to everyone watching Jaquie and Jan they were bad examples of living with chronic illness, vlogging about it and focusing on symptoms instead of using the energy to live life. And how strange it was that Jan smiles so much at bad news. Of course the comments are all deleted now. Thanks to an unintended narco nap I didn't get screenshots.
But, I'm sure there will be more. Kek her talking about mean comments in the vlog prob isn't gonna help her get less comments but will prob do the opposite.

No. 497619

Janiece is way too thin-skinned to be a successful YouTuber or social media personality.

No. 497620

I wonder how many of them go to the same Dr. Quack(s) in Florida to get the lines, tubes and drugs. They need to find a shrink to share too b/c this whole Can You Top This thing is spiraling. No way can they all have exactly the same symptoms and diagnoses. Now they are all going to be on the narcotic train that Jaq is promoting. So damaging to young girls obsessed with watching them.

No. 497622

Kek adjustable Jaquie in her adjustable bed. It's perfect.

No. 497624

I predict the crap hitting the fan when she reads here. I don't think she has the ability to stay away like Jaquie.

No. 497625

I know, it's quite disturbing. Another thing I found watching a few of these 'feeding tube awareness videos' was that almost all of them that are made by people who seem to be munchie/OTT is that they ALL seem to have gotten their surgical tube in the last year. Of course almost all of them have a button and a very large percentage is on KF formula.

I'm not a social media person and I didn't follow the spoonie community before I found lolcow a half year or so ago. So I don't know if this is a new trend or if feeding tubes were so ubiquitous among chronic illness vloggers/IGers before the last year or so, but I'm quite sure there has been an increase in certain diagnoses in the last few years.

Would doctors and other caregivers pick up on this trend? They should, shouldn't they? I mean, if at first you see e.g. three patients a year with GP who have a feeding tube and suddenly you see six or eight every month, I'd say that stands out. The increase of a certain diagnosis can be attributed to better awareness of an illness and increased attention for it during training, but increase of invasive treatments is another thing alltogether. If there is a sudden increase in the use of feeding tubes among a certain patient group, that should either go together with a decrease in mortality or patients severely debilitated by that disease. If not, that would mean that either patients with that disease are for some sinister reason far more sicker than they were a decade or even a few years ago, OR that patients don't really need the feeding tubes and either conservative treatment is of lesser quality or simply not being offered, or the patients are pushing for it too fast/are exaggerating their symptoms in order to get one.

Can any medfags/nursefags or other health care professionals weigh in? Is the increase in the use of feeding tubes amongst this or other patient groups already noticable in (some) practices, and if so, what do you/your colleagues attribute it to?

No. 497634

She doesn't even have to read here to implode if she's being called out in the comment section of her vlogs and actually addressing said comments IN her vlogs. Jaquie just deletes the hate and pretends like it didn't happen. Janjan addressing it directly, I think the bear is a few pokes away from going on an epic temper tantrum that will lose her all her subs.
Think about the impact if even a handful of her "fans" saw the why are you so happy about being sick comments and it got them thinking, you know, she IS weirdly happy and excited about all this. After all, comparing our own experiences to that of Jan or Jaq is what sets off the red flags for most of us in the first place. If she had half a brain she'd take a lesson from AJ Academy and delete, block and move on in silence. Kek but janjans method is WAY more fun for farmers

No. 497644

This is kinda what has happened with Lyme disease, in the last 5ish years everyone suddenly has chronic Lyme and ports and long term IV antibiotics. As someone that has(had?) a long term Lyme infection I personally don't believe in "chronic Lyme" and I've seen a huge difference in all my doctors in their attitudes in the last several years. Not a good difference. But a "oh you have Lyme? Riiiiiight" because they think you're there for a port and IV drugs. I'd surmise the same goes for any "trendy" medical diagnosis. Basically the more people that have all these "chronic Lyme" treatments (or GP and tubes) the MORE medical professionals think anyone with Lyme, GP, etc is full of shit. Some people may have a legit need for a port and IV antibiotics or a feeding tube but in general it's OTT and doesn't help because they were likely misdiagnosed in the first place.
Sorry that's long winded medblogging but I'm trying to answer your question, and really you can replace Lyme with GP or any other spoonie fav illness and the same applies. The more medical professionals start seeing healthy-seeming people with tubes and ports the more they'll start to question the people who legit need them. People that actually have GP will be treated like fakers because of all the ones that, whether intentionally or through overzealous treatment plans by doctors, make everyone look full of shit. And a lot of people that truly do have GP or POTS or any of j and Js maladies will have an even harder time finding good care. They have the platform to cause ALOT of damage. Scary shit.

No. 497650

Look how hard it is for a lot of people to get pain meds (obvs not counting Jaq since she always gets precisely what she wants) because of the opiod epidemic. It's so prevelant that doctors assume you're there for a fix before they'll believe you are legit in pain. You could be puking and about to pass out from severe pain and they STILL question and scrutinize to make sure you aren't faking. My doctor retired and when I was calling around to find a new gp I had more than one receptionist ask what my health issues were (presumeably to match with a doctor in that area of practice) and then snap at me that "our office doesn't prescribe narcotics". All I asked for was a fucking appointment to establish with a new doctor. Didn't mention, ask or say a word about wanting or even needing a script for pain meds. As someone with actual chronic pain (although mmj is my pain med of choice) it was demoralizing to be treated that way. It pisses me off SO MUCH to think about that happening to other people because of shit-can humans like Jaq and Jan. Especially knowing ALOT of their fans are so young and impressionable. I was far into adulthood when that happened and it still makes me distrust the medical profession as a whole because it felt like shit to be treated that way.

No. 497655

Anyone know if this is still up or if AJ responded at all?

No. 497656

I went to look for it the other day and it seemed to be deleted.

No. 497657

I don't see it now. I don't know if she ever reacted to it though. The person who wrote the comment used to come here, maybe she still lurks? If you read this EFM, can you reply if Jaq ever commented back? Did she block you, or just remove the comments?

No. 497659


They have to be seeing the same providers. I just can't believe that there's multiple docs doing the same bullshit.

No. 497663

Medfag info: Policy in hospitals is to rate and/or treat pain hourly, which is now being investigated as instilling the idea that pain meds are readily available. If patients are offered/given pain meds after a legitimate illness or surgery, to bring pain scores down to an acceptable level, it instills opiod relief that crosses over into psychological dependence. Yes, real physical pain needs to be controlled but not to the degree that we are creating then discharging addicts or those with addictive personalities. Now the FDA is starting to regulate opiods but some unethical docs find ways around that until their narcotic license pops up too frequently in the registry. These girls are going to be in a real jackpot later if they get addicted because it is painfully hard/sometimes impossible to retrain brain pain receptors that have been drowned in opiods. Not WKing these toddler minds who are killing their health for internet fame, but just a clue where some of it might begin. Shame on medicine that has pushed opiod pain control across the spectrum of patients. Probably why Janiece's docs dismissed themselves from her case since her scenario of supposed chronic pain is so prevalent in hospitals and always suspicious for drug-seeking.

No. 497664

That is wrong on even another level. Now she's purposely hiding her affiliations? How deceitful can you get?!

No. 497672

New vlog is up. Jaq shows how she sets up her feed but, does not show setting the rate and volume or the screen. A little suspicious as to her rate. She also bakes brownies for her doctors. Has a date night despite in the morning/beginning of the vlog saying how much pain she is in complete with sick face.

No. 497675

Whoa! So her pain dr said when she dislocates joints it causes an injury..WHEN has she ever dislocated anything? I think there was one rib one time that her massage therapist put into place 🙄

No. 497676

Today's vlog.

No. 497677

I would also dispute that her rib was fully dislocated. If you're hypermobile and see a regular physio or massage therapist they will get a bitt OTT on making your joints click. Clicking 'back into place' doesn't = dislocation!

No. 497679

“ya’ll I’m just not sure about narcotics , I’m gonna have to think about this.”
“Well we’re home now and I went ahead and got the rx filled, he knows WE best”

No. 497680

Because she hasn't already shown that in 19 million other vlogs. She is running out of things to do/talk about in her vlogs.

No. 497681

How would she even know what was dislocated? Not that she DOES dislocate but in 2 separate vlogs she pointed to her neck then to her low back saying RIBS dislocated. Not even Jaq's supposed weird anatomy can explain that!

No. 497683

My best guess is that she thinks that ribs are spine vertebrae and her back…cracks??? She's an idiot. But it's the only way it could be in her neck and her lower back.

No. 497685

At around 1:25 in todays vlog she shakes her banana bag. Shouldn't that cause muh sooper suhvere dislocashuns becuz of muh eds? Or at least pain? Or am I being overly critical?

No. 497686


No she never replied and she's still not disclosing her affiliation which is breaking law and YouTube rules.

No. 497688

Yeah, I definitely am NOT buying that. Actual rib dislocations are truly excruciating. You want to scream in pain but you can't because you can hardly breathe. I'd rather dislocate my shoulder fifty times than my rib one time.

Slipping ribs, ribs slighty going out of place and them shifting just a little bit further than they would in a healthy person, that's a WHOLE different ballgame. But you don't just show up at your PT and they tell you that your rib is dislocated. A very slight sublux maybe, but at least 99% of the time when your PT clicks or cracks your ribs or vertebrae, it's not a sublux even if you have EDS. It's just the joint moving a bit further than usual with a slight force so you hear it clicking, but that's more comparable to the cracking of knuckles that most people can do than it is to subluxing or dislocating a joint.

No. 497690


But yes she deleted it. Didn't block me. I did consider commenting again but she would just delete it.

No. 497693


Yes very deceitful. Which is why I commented on her video..But, she deleted it.

It actually makes me pretty angry that she is being dishonest to her fans. All that BS about how of course she'd disclose sponsorships yet she isn't. She earns money from Vibedration that we know of. Goodness knows what else she isn't disclosing.

Doesn't care that it's illegal and against YouTube's terms. It's a shame more people don't actually comment and pull her up about it. It only seems to be mostly me going head on with her about issues. So looks like I'm just a hater.

Wish more people would wake up and see for what it really is.

No. 497695

And not react to it? That's… wow. So she knows (now, at least) that she is breaking the law and YT rules, but she doesn't even acknowledge it. That's bad.

No. 497708


Yep.. I left another comment on her latest video. It'll get deleted again no doubt.

No. 497710

At least Judd acknowledges that baking brownies for her doctors is weird. I feel weirded out thinking about it. But I am not a fan of potlucks etc bc you just don't know what goes on in other people's homes. So maybe I am just weird. But it seems like unnecessary ass kissing and if I were the doctor I would discreetly throw them in the bin.

No. 497711

She already deleted my comment on her new video.

No. 497713

What was your comment?

No. 497718

File: 1518113314229.png (712.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180208-180117.png)


This. I can't see it on her video unless my app is glitching. I commented under a second acc too but that's not showing either.

No. 497721

It's not there. She really is a deceitful fraud.

No. 497729


If this doesn't showcase her genuine character, I don't know what will. I give up commenting if she's just going to auto delete my comments.

Keep an eye on Amazon links..chances are they're affiliate, too. As I use Amazon affiliates but unlike her, I disclose.

No. 497730

File: 1518113820715.jpeg (283.54 KB, 640x870, 46208892-DF3E-40BC-A50C-4CDB63…)

Why can’t she just admit she gets a little $$ when someone uses her code?? She could even lie and say all proceeds go to her cc and awareness to look at her Barbie car

No. 497731

File: 1518113918502.png (73.35 KB, 747x420, IMG_0407.PNG)

Check out the last line.

No. 497737

Well that's a flag. Usually when someone has to say how honest they are, it's because they are not. Why would a truthful person feel the need to explicitly state their honesty?

No. 497738

Jaq's 2/8 vlog:
1. Excellent dexterity mixing her infusion bag and waving it in the air to mix the solution, and shaking her Kate Farms carton over her head to shake, and vigorously whisking thick brownie batter, despite debilitating joint pain.
2. Pretty mobile sitting cross-legged on the couch.
3. Todays vlog brought to you by promoting: Kate Farms, Entity pump, Vibdration backpack, Brave Souls blanket, Hanger AFOs, Duncan Hines brownie mix.

My last comment is that if she absorbs her Kate Farms so well–no let me rephrase that–her BODY (apparently her BODY is a separate entity from the whole Jaquie, since she refers to it separately)—absorbs it so well, then how does her BODY recognize meds thru the JP and NOT absorb them? Thus her need for IV meds? Just wondering, because SURELY she doesn't love the rush of IV meds.

No. 497741

Is it true if a YTer blocks you, it appears to you that your comments are still there but everyone else doesn't see them? So unless you have multiple accounts you'd never know you were blocked?

No. 497745

Lets Say she is being sponsored, and hasn't dislodged.

I guarantee it will just become 'so y'all because of my narcolepsy and all the severe pain that I'm in, and with having been in the hospital so much and my La roux alphabet soup procedure, I forgot to share with you the super exciting news that Vibrator Beds R Us has chosen us as a sponsor because they are so inspired by how we live life with my diagnoses of Ehlers Danlos and gastroparesis and mast cell'….

She'll spin it so that it ends up being further 'proof' of how sick she is.

No. 497748

Dislodged. I meant disclosed but I'm thrilled with that typo because I literally imagine Jaquie trying to tell the truth like someone dislodging a piece of Menchies from her throat with the Heimlich maneuver

No. 497751


Yup! It's only because I switched accounts that I saw both were deleted.

No. 497753

Does no one else notice she said to her doctor she doesn’t think she can handle another stick? She kept saying her arms have been drawn too much, as if she was hoping she would get some sort of line for future testing and/or treatments

No. 497754

Or she'll blame it on muh Autism. And her fans will eat it up. Somehow she will try to spin that she simply didn't understand sponsorships and affiliates y'all while counting on her fans to not notice that anyone intelligent enough to "navigate" doctors and do her own port care, stoma care, deal with insurance, run a vlog and multiple social media accounts couldn't possibly be that dense.

No. 497756

In jaquies pain management Dr vlog that I'm just now watching–holy SHIT. I haven't gotten all the way through it but first she has a follow up with the surgeon, then she rides 1 1/2 hours in the car, falls down on the way, sees the pain management doctor, and has a 1 1/2 hour ride home. She said something on the ride there about how she felt like she was going to fall asleep like it was embarrassing or something she didn't want to happen. I have narco and really bad neck problems and if I had to ride in a car that long to see a doctor and riding in the car was the worst thing ever for my neck pain, I would sleep. The whole way there and the whole way back. I just don't get it—sleep is something people with severe chronic pain tend to do ALOT of unless their pain keeps them awake. But between her narco and GHB she likely doesn't have much trouble sleeping even with pain. If the car rides really make her neck hurt THAT bad the only reason she sees a doctor that far away is drug seeking or a serious addiction. She doesn't live in a tiny town ffs, it's not like there are NO pain management doctors within her driving range and you can't tell me every.single.one is terrible according to Jaquie. The one she drives for just gives her what she wants

No. 497758

Also JFC she can't keep spending hours at a time not doing anything because of muscle spasms? Fuuuuuuuuuck you Jaquie. Try not being able to do ANYTHING for DAYS because of muscle spasms. Oh my lord the rage she makes me feel. And how the hell can she hold her arms up to vlog if she has been having severe abdominal spasms this whole time? She should be curled up in a friggin ball or doubled over. She's so full of shit

No. 497759


No. 497760


She’s full of shit.

No. 497764

She must really like the euphoria and hyped up sex drive from the GHB. If you have so many chronic illnesses that treatment for one conflicts with another you pick the lesser of 2 evils. It can be kind of a catch-22 but still—she can't take narcotics to control her "sooper debilitating pain that severely lessens her quality of life" because then she wouldn't be able to take her narco meds (GHB). If she takes narcotics she might not be in as much pain but she'll have more sleep attacks and cataplexy from not taking the GHB.
Personally, even though uncontrolled narco is a BITCH and I don't even have cataplexy, I would STILL opt to be in less pain and just find ways to make do with the narcolepsy. You know, like tens of thousands of other people with narcolepsy that cant take or can't afford GHB or provigil. So, if she's willing to stay in as much pain as she claims that says a lot about her love for the GHB rush.

No. 497766


That's also crazy bullshit because she got the port after a couple of infusions so she surely hasn't had that many sticks. Also, in order for sticks to blow your veins, there need to be several done in a small amount of time. Some people get weekly blood draws and they are fine without a port. She doesn't get "sticks" more than once a week so she's totally fine.

No. 497771

Previous anon was talking about JanJan not AJ. It just wasn't very clear at first bc she referenced the main thread post. If you look at her next reference it's JanJan's vlog from today.

No. 497772

It's like the settlement ambulance chasers - "I need my money, and I need it now!"

Find the right doctor - "I need my munchie supplies, and I need them now!"

Vid link for reference.

No. 497779

When Jaquie was in her diagnosis hunting phase and getting test after test she always looked to me like she was wearing foundation a few shades too light to make herself appear pale. Now Janjan is starting to look like that. Pale but they don't look sick pale and have no bags under their eyes, dark circles, nothing.

No. 497782


Notice how she always gets the symptoms of things after she's decided she has them?

She never mentioned chronic pain before a neurologist suggested she might have EDS. Most people with it endure pain for years before getting a diagnosis.

No. 497786

File: 1518117427259.png (102.27 KB, 640x1001, IMG_4453.PNG)


No. 497795

It's great how Janjan was worried the rheumy doing a joint exam would be too much for her poor needle stuck hurty arms but she had zero trouble holding the very same arms up to fucking VLOG

No. 497796

Damn that was harsh. But omg I love that commenter.

She currently has 43 replies on today's video, 10 of which are from the same person. Stalker much? Sure Jaq, keep telling your rabid fans that you will be alone all week. Super smart.

No. 497797

I'm confused about why when Janjan was in hospital and had the IV already hooked up getting meds and fluids but had to get stuck a million times for blood draws. It isn't possible to draw blood out of an arm or hand IV?

No. 497798

Oh my gosh top kek to this you tube comment she’s right though! With every diagnosis her quality of life was worse and she started to do less

First she was only using the chair when she couldn’t walk or was in pain —> every outing is in chair

Then she said she’d only use smartdrive when she was going up hills or those long Disney trips y’all —> uses it to roll through aquarium

Like honey nothing about these treatments have been life altering in a positive way!

And another one,

I’m just going to vent when I really need it y’all I still need the calories for my “newtrishun” —> proceeds to get entire surgery that pretty much results in stoma for the purpose of venting

No. 497800

Jesus she's an idiot. She takes a date rape drug to sleep at night and anyone with half a brain can google earth right to her door. She makes it no secret Judd works nights and blabs whenever he won't be in town. JFC Jaquie. Get some sense.

No. 497801

She is definitely starting to angle for the port this is what she’s trying to lead us and hopefully for her, her doctors to as well. I don’t think she’s going to be successful for these reasons anon explained about her not recovering so many sticks a week (or a short time) so she’s not early getting blown veins and doesn’t require a port sorry can’t find the exact medfag comment it’s far up there before jaws milk today

No. 497808


Usually you can draw blood out of any IV when it's first put in, but after it's been in a bit the results will be dilutional from the IV medications and you risk the vein collapsing.

No. 497810

general question: would it be ethical or unethical for their doctors to use their vlogs as part of their medical decision making? on one hand, having the information from the vlogs but not considering it in decisions seems like a deliberately blind choice and is therefore unethical. on the other, the vlogs are not information specifically shared with the doctor for the purpose of medical diagnoses or decisions, so I could see how it might be ethical to ignore the vlog info.

No. 497820

In the most recent vlog where she mentions having to get used to a non-sterile protocol for the feeds, she almost quotes Mary Frey word-for-word from when she got her tube. She also "discovered" how to tape the tube to her stomach a few videos ago (which of course is not causing her to have tearing issues because her body just cant handle anyyythingggggg) and talked about it just like Mary did a few weeks/months/whenever ago. I wonder if Jaq will get a random nose bleed sometime this week…

Also got to love how she's really trying to drive the point home about her pain and spasms, leaving in these shots where she is fake-wincing and rubbing her neck etc. Make sure we all know that she RLY RLY needs those muscle relaxers and just can't help it.

No. 497823

Not that I ever comment on these cows videos but…I may or may not have made a nice comment on Jaqs newest vlog, on a brand new email address. Asking her to do more cleaning hacks about how she cleans her cleaning things having such bad allergies. Playing the part of nice fan. It IMMEDIATELY disappeared so it either got flagged as spam (not sure why it would?) or she added a bunch of new words to her "off limits" list. So I guess screenshot your shit before you post it. Must be getting too many haters commenting and can't keep up with the deleting kek

No. 497831

I don’t understand why stoma spasms are a reason to slow or stop feeds? The liquid is in the jej and it’s not the nutrition in that place causing the spasms she’s saying it’s the stoma or around it

I feel like she makes up things and just says me and my dr or we or he suggested when it’s really her Bc nearly every single time her tx options aren’t common or the meds aren’t the usual ones even with the anaphylaxis.

She reports to us a very different story but it’s just to easy to point out her inconsistency’s Bc some of most ppl probably really have the illness and they know it doesn’t allign.
Sorry for tangent wanted to get all these parts in

No. 497835

Does YT give creators the ability to ban by IP address? That could explain the new accounts getting auto blocked and prevent trolls from creating endless free email accounts?

No. 497836

She probably has set up some algorithm for her comments that if include certain words it’s deleted.

Or she’s very quick in what she wants deleted.

Kek you should re comment in your nice tone but leave out trigger words like allergies and stuff and just say something about how your comment got deleted whoops y’all!

Kek she probably has it set up to delete comments that ask about… deleted comments. Someone’s on the Defence!

No. 497851

File: 1518120381283.png (254.46 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5710.PNG)

You're there anon. Right below the comment about crap your pants awareness week.

No. 497858

I did, it went straight to nevernever land.

No. 497860

i want brochure anon to do a brochure of all the troll comments AJ gets for posterity

No. 497861

Oh yay! So the first one had words in it like allergies, MCAS, "hacks" and dammit I wish I had screenshotted it. Bahhhhhh
I wonder what the no-no words are?!?

No. 497863

I would LOVE to help with that. I usually have more fun and find more milk perusing the comment section anyway. The vlogs are intolerable to me at this point, not even from a train-wreck watching perspective

No. 497864

Hahaaha whoever that Glenda pearl is is hilarious

No. 497877

File: 1518121309981.png (234.18 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5711.PNG)

The higglighted comment will get deleted for sure once Jaq becomes conscious enough from her narc rush to read today's comments.
And then the one below it is a poor soul who finds joy in AJ even though her own stuff won't ge covered by insurance. Sad.

No. 497883

File: 1518121854555.png (56.88 KB, 621x288, IMG_4458.PNG)

She got owned by a commenter

No. 497892

YT does allow creators to ban certain words and phrases. Anything containing those words or phrases get automatically sent to a different folder and never appear as actual comments. I've always suspected this is one of the ways Jaquie keeps her comment section so "nice"

No. 497895

Its heartwarming to see people asking more questions of j and j. I think some of these questions are from legit viewers that have similar health problems and are confused by Jaq and Jan's claims. I truly don't think every commenter is a farmer. Kek but they will prob be soon if they're having doubts

No. 497958

Can anyone see comment by 'magnus at' about affiliation issues? It's my spare account I created ages ago for something else.

Can't tell if it's actually viewable to everyone.

No. 497959

Forgot to say it's on her newest video.

No. 497994


No to both. Suspicious filtering!

No. 498039

Was she claiming her mito caused her EDS? I don’t remember that. Also, it’s entirely not true as they are both separate genetic diseases controlled by vastly different genes.

No. 498044

I assume she approved the KF "article"
(Ad) so yup, she is claiming that.

No. 498050

File: 1518131771653.png (198.74 KB, 2418x470, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 6.13…)

I would love to make a brochure, blog, or image board of all the troll comments…

Also this comment made me chuckle. Sure Karla, because the most reliable information on medical treatments comes from Pinterest and YouTube.

This line in the comment made me stop though, "You are unlikely to have a reaction to CBD oil because your body manufactures it."

That is absolutely a lie unless you are a hemp plant yourself.

"You will learn that you have what is called an endocannibinoid system that keeps many of your endocrine as well as many other systems in balance."

Again, unless I'm missing something, we humans do not produce CBD oil.

No. 498065

Kek that's funny! Humans are definitely hemp plants. I think what she meant is humans have an endocanabanoid (or something like that) receptor in the brain, not that we produce it. Aaaaaaand that's why people shouldn't get medical info from the internet. Pinterest of all places.

No. 498070

One thing (of many) that's so sad about Jan/Jaq's vlogs/influence is there are many folks in the comments talking about how they cannot get the tests or treatments Jan/Jaq are getting cause they're so expensive. This is especially notable about Jan's lupus test that is supposedly definitive. They seem to seriously take this all for granted. Jan even shrugs at the test being "so expensive" and not covered by insurance.

No. 498092

JanJan is incredibly intitled and ppl are getting close in the comments but I feel like the next comment coming is: what if there just isint anything wrong with you?

I need to hear a Jan jan rant on what justification she has for waisting gobs of money and not seeing that coveted diagnosis. Why can’t she just take a break and do some of the things recommended to her?

Sometimes u get costipation when you eat like SHIT. And sometimes u get diarrhea when u take laxatives and do enemas

She doesn’t need tubes she needs activity and a healthier diet, we can even play the severe gi issue game and put her on bland diet or anything, the lifestyle isint healthy so she’s not tip top u don’t have these illnesses Jan give it up!

I cannot wait for the Prometheus to deny her crohns she believes she has. Also I cannot believe how open she is about her dr shopping none of these munchies have any shame or care that it’s obvious to viewers she’s looking for diagnosis it’s like part of the criteria in the DSM for munchausen

Lastly, how long is she going to milk this dry cough? I can deal with excessive mary coughing Bc she has cf and I’m actually used to her doing that it’s not as offputing when Jan squeezes out a forced throat clear - it almost seems like a tic now, like one gotta cough so they know I’m ill, it’s like a nervous habit

No. 498099

Wouldn't muscle relaxors be a big no-no for someone with EDS?

No. 498115

Not necessarily. In people with actual hEDS, their muscles are almost constantly active to help do the job their ligaments don't do. This can lead to extremely stiff and painful muscles, so while a relaxant might be dangerous in that it could possibly increase the instability in the joint, it would also help the musculo stress they're going through.

Correct me if I'm wrong about anything.

Sage for medfag.

No. 498122

sage for asking if i'm allowed to quickly medfag and explain because science why mito absolutely cannot cause eds? i have a sciencey answer.

No. 498130

Obvs not a mod but it seems relevant to the discussion. Other anons?

No. 498133

I'd love to hear, I think it's directly relevant to our dear Jaquie

No. 498139

i'm a medfag who happens to be friends with a geneticist and i was curious and asked them about what causes genes to "mutate". typically the EDS genes have a mutation in the gene sequence that causes them to malfunction. in very extremely rare cases there's a flaw in string of genetic code that causes the gene to work at all, preventing it functioning either entirely or enough to cause problems. they don't yet know which one of these problems causes hEDS. the vEDS and cEDS genes are fairly well known to be mutated and not be full stop "turned off" so to speak with the exception of rare cases. mito is not even on the same line of "code" or in the same "sequence" as the gene(s) that cause EDS. mito cannot jump to some other line of human genetic code and mutate a gene that's not even in the same family. there is a gene for marfan syndrome that if it's mutated on one end, you get diabetes and on the other end, you get marfan syndrome, but that was only recently discovered and the same cannot be said for any type of EDS. they've isolated all the genes except the hEDS gene. i saged this. PLEASE don't ban me i won't reply with any more science facts.

No. 498142

Small doses can help that exact muscle pain, but doesn’t increase much dislocations more than usual, if at all, if you’ve got adequate muscle mass. If relaxed muscles led to more dislocations, someone with eds wouldn’t be able to relax any of their muscles at all, at any time. They’d have to be constantly mindful of keeping them flexed. . And small doses of relaxers just stop the micro-knots in the muscles that cause most of the severe Eds pain, but the muscles themselves still work and move and tense when necessary.

No. 498143

Not a medfag, kind of a science fag, but I do know this is correct. Also, hEDS is suspected to be caused by multiple genes (unlike the other EDS types), which is why you have to have a parent with it (it’s a dominant trait].

No. 498147

This is fascinating to know, thanks anon!

No. 498150

no problem! i have been waiting for when i could positively prove AJ wrong with science and the opportunity presented itself!

No. 498177

Well, AJ doesn't have a parent who has it. She says that her mom has mild symptoms of it. But nothing debilitating. So, from what I understand, Jaquie says that her mom is a carrier for hEDS?

No. 498188

I'm on opiates for chronic pain due to nerve damage from an aggressive disease and I find that if you bring print outs from the pharmacy of your medication history to your appointments, be it at a clinic or a doctor's office, they will be much more likely to work with you and not suspect you of drug seeking as they can see everything you've already legitimately tried and failed to work for your condition.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 498358

No one is a carrier for hEDS, you either have it or you don’t. Carriers only exist in illnesses that are recessive; hEDS is dominant. You absolutely have to have a parent who has it, to the point where they also meet the diagnostic criteria.

No. 498360


IDK. I follow lots of people with chronic illnesses and I've seen a few "feeding tube awareness" videos, not just from Jaquie.

No. 498362

Not your blog, newfag(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 498364


It's normal for each person in a couple to have some hobbies the other doesn't partake in, otherwise you'd be creepily joined at the hip all the time. But J&J don't seem to share ANY hobbies unless you count filming.

No. 498379

Disney movies. Eye roll…

No. 498404


For EDS hypermobility it's believed to be Autosomal Dominant (they haven't found The Gene yet for hypermobility type)

So there are two ways you inherit it.
A) You have a parent who has it. There is a 50/50 chance of passing it on or
B) Due to a spontaneous mutation (called de novo)

So you can either have it because you have a parent with it, or you can have it due to shitty bad luck. But once you have it, you will always have a 50/50 chance of passing it on to your spawn. It's.not a type of genetic inheritance where you can be a carrier for the disease but not actually have the disease (cystic fibrosis for example)

Saged for genetic fagging

No. 498410

Unless it’s a result of multiple gene mutations, in which case spontaneous mutation is very, very unlikely.

No. 498437

Doesn't Jaquie say she is a spontaneous mutation?

No. 498458


Could we report her videos featuring the Vibedration backpack for non-disclosure of sponsorship? Or is that too close to cow tipping?

No. 498471


Yeah I'm sure Judd LOVES Disney movies…

No. 498503

File: 1518158854213.jpeg (238.63 KB, 750x1176, 3C561C8B-79CD-4B94-8A34-B3A657…)

i’d like to thank youtube for putting these two videos next to each other and giving me a little laugh

No. 498506

That might be a little too close to cow-tipping. And besides, do we really want to take the time to report 100+ of her videos? I don't think any of us have time for that.

No. 498542

She said today to someone on Instagram that she is not sponsored by them

No. 498562


She's not sponsored but she is an "affiliate" which means she gets money off her purchases from them when someone purchases via her link. I'm not sure the rules on disclosing that.

No. 498587


It's same thing. Sponsor/affiliate/ambassador - it you're getting money you legally HAVE to disclose it.

In her case, every video that has her vibedration backpack link and code in description HAS to have a clear disclosure.

Same on Instagram etc. It's against YouTube's terms to not disclose and FTC states you legally need to disclose.

No. 498590

So do we have proof/confirmation that she is aoonsored/an affiliate of theirs? Or is it still speculation at this point? I'm really interested because after seeing her blatantly say today she isn't sponsored by them (and was rude as hell to the IG person that asked), I would absolutely be delighted to see her caught out in such a blatant lie.

No. 498623

I've seen on Mary Freys videos a pop-up saying 'this video features a sponsored product' or something. Surprised jaquie doesn't do that, considering she copies her on just about everything else

No. 498655

Yeah that’s pretty much impossible for hEDS. It’s possible for the other types, but hEDS is suspected to be cause by multiple genes, making a spontaneous mutation that perfectly matched hEDS incredibly unlikely (if not impossible). Also, how did hers get diagnosed by genetic testing, when hEDS can’t be genetically tested for? And she doesn’t have another type of EDS, because the POTS/MCAS/GP cluster only occurs with hEDS. Not that all that matters, since we know she doesn’t have eds, but you’d think she’s at least do some decent research, or at least 15 minutes googling shit.

No. 498666

i'm surprised she didn't claim a more severe type of EDS or shop around for symptoms because an organ prolapse sounds right up her alley!

No. 498679


Nah, she’s too prudish to talk about pelvic organ prolapse. It’s embarrassing and horrible. She wouldn’t want that.

No. 498683

it's so nice she gets to choose what happens to her!

No. 498706


To get a code from vibedration you have to be an ambassador, which in turn allows you you earn.

I have friends who asked to get a 10% off code for followers and were told to join the programme to get it.

No. 498708

It doesn't have to be money. It's supposed to be disclosed if you get money, free products, special treatment or perks, etc.

So, KF. AMT. Vibedration. Lots. Did any of YOU with feeding tubes get an in home demonstration of tube choices that you were allowed to use for your own financial gain? And get to keep a souvenir? Get flowers delivered to your hospital room by a feeding tube rep? An anon posted the FTC rules a few threads back. She should be disclosing a lot of this stuff.

No. 498719

The rules for disclosing are pretty clear and basically say that you should disclose if there's even a chance a viewer might be swayed by your product placement, endorsement etc. You're supposed to err on the side of caution. And the disclosure can't be hidden or buried somewhere, it has to legally be IN the video or at the very TOP of the description and even putting a disclosure in the description isn't preferred because not everyone reads that. Frey life has been sponsored, I've seen vids where they disclose in description AND at the beginning of the video say "today's vlog sponsored by"
Also the FTC requires disclosure if a simple majority (pretty sure thats what it's called) would be swindled by not knowing it was an ad. As in, if even a handful of people wouldn't know it was an ad, it must be disclosed. So, all those ex Jaq anons here that bought vibdration backpacks falling apart after a week, or an $80 brave soul blanket because they saw Jaquie do it.. The simple majority rule would have protected them. Fucking Jaquie

No. 498724

I have also seen videos where the Freys endorse something and specifically say, we are not sponsored by X we just really like this.
Jaquie is a manipulative lying sack of shit.

No. 498727

Jaquie was asked in the comments about the coupon code, she said vibedration "just gave it to her"
This topic was discussed heavily anfew threads back with pics and info about the law. If you weren't around here back then it's def worth checking out!

No. 498755

Jan has two blood draws for the lupus test and is once again super dehydrated making the whole process an ordeal. Wasn't she supposed to be drinking three clear ensures a day along with her regular meals? She's in the car for 45 min each way for the blood draws and only bothers to take a few sips of a smoothie Paul made for her.

She raves about the rheumy. She thinks he 'takes her seriously' because he decided to do this completely unnecessary lupus test while at the same time telling her he doesn't think it's anything other than GI issues. According to her if he'd told her it was GI issues and sent her away without doing any tests, that would be dismissing her. She's so dumb.

No. 498758


I’m not watching that because life’s too fucking short but I’m sure she’s angling for a port.

No. 498762

the ending omg. She’s bringing up the commenter again who said she loves being sick and thanking the other commenters who rectified her.
Also question,
What happened to Janjan not being able to walk and using a wheelchair all the time? How come that magically disappeared? She was even considering getting a custom chair for a while. What a fucking phase that was!

No. 498763

Of course, he could just have told her: "You know, ANA is a very aspecific test. It is quite common for healthy people, especially women, to have a positive ANA. In your case your GI is still investigating Crohns, so as you have no joint of systemic issues, I don't think it is necessary to put you through any more testing on my account. Even if the testing for Crohns comes back negative, you still don't have to worry about that ANA test because you don't have any issues that point to lupus or another systemic autoimmune disease."

That would be a) taking her seriously b) putting her mind at ease and c) not have her do totally unessecary testing, thus saving her time and money.

But according to Janiece, that would have somehow been WORSE?

Urgh. I just can't with her. She doesn't understand how ANY of it works.

No. 498764


kek that effing thumbnail. You'd think someone had chopped a limb off not done a simple blood draw.

Also is this a common thing in the US? There is a definitive blood test to confirm this disease, except it's super expensive and most labs don't do it and not all insurances cover it… And even though this disease has never had a simple yes/no test for some reason this test isn't on the international stage being heralded as a miracle. Huh.

No. 498765

i know we discussed this already but this bitch really makes me mad. her stomach is not paralyzed and she wasn't starving to death before her tooobzzzz

No. 498768

You know what's crazy about Janiece? She's losing her hearing. That's a legitimate medical issue she could base her channel around if she wanted to an illness vlogger. She could do storytimes about her childhood ear issues. She could educate people about how ear issues affect her balance and about vestibular migraines. She could talk about the process of coming to terms with hearing loss that's getting worse every year. She could discuss why she wants a hearing aid over learning ASL.

Instead she's tilting at windmills trying to get all the spoonie diagnosis all the instagram cool kids have. I wonder how much of her munchie obsession is to avoid having to deal with her actual issues.

No. 498770

Kek what's the pain all about? Is she bitching about pain from the blood draw??

No. 498772

Not just the pain from the blood draw. The pain from the nurses flicking her arm with their fingers to get the vein to pop up! The absolute agony!!!!!!!

No. 498777

You are right. But even with her hearing issues she is OTT and just downright crazy. Maybe it's because that makes it less real, but it is still crazy. Recently she talked about how she has progressive hearling loss in one ear in particular and that she will probably get a hearing aid in the future. Because, and here it comes: "I have seen one that looks very cool and isn't visible at all" (I'm paraphrasing, but it was something like that).

I mean.. I understand how it must outright SUCK to need a hearing aid, particularly at such a young age, but if I was losing my hearing and I mean really losing it to the point of not being able to follow normal conversations, I wouldn't care what it would look like, I would want to get the kind of hearing aid that compensated my hearing loss best. Maybe, just maybe I would secretly also want one that is also not very visible, but I would be ashamed of my vanity so it would be a secret wish and certainly NOT something I would showcase on YouTube. Not would it ever be something to base my choice for a particular hearing aid upon. (And I do have some visible aids for other disabilities, so I think I am allowed to say that.)

No. 498781


This. And she doesn't appear to be pursuing treatment for her hearing problems. In one of her recent videos filmed in the hospital in which she describes her hearing problems she says that she uses tissue in one of her ears to muffle frequencies that bother her. Why doesn't she get custom ear plugs with different attenuation filters?

No. 498784

Okay I'm sorry but if you claim to be in chronic pain or having severe pain and discomfort for weeks on end a BLOOD DRAW is the least of your worries. Unless you have some kind of pain disorder where even your skin being touched hurts like hell and we all know janiece doesn't. How can she be such a fucking baby about a blood draw? Shit if you have chronic pain, a new different kind of pain, even very temporary can be a welcome relief. She is so OTT it's disgusting

No. 498785

Because somewhere long ago when she first used a tissue and saw the random attention it got her she figured why stop? She's going way OTT trying to get diagnosed for issues she likely doesn't have but has a known ear issue and uses a tissue to treat it when there are actual medical options? Come on.

No. 498793

I guess this tells us a more about Janieces pain threshold and ability to bear pain than anything else. If she is bitching about that, even if she is a hard stick, it puts her 'unbearable abdominal pain' into a whole different perspective. For most people who are used to deal with pain, the 'pain' of a blood draw would hardly even register. Doesn't even matter how bad your veins are or how often they have to try.

It only confirms my suspicion that Janiece has IBS and is just hugely exaggerating her pain. IBS pain can become pretty bad, but it's almost never constant and after an few days of bad cramping it can be almost gone for weeks sometimes. Janiece hasn't even mentioned her abdominal pain in a couple of days, and knowing her she would mention it if it was bothering her even a little bit. So I guess it's safe to say she doesn't have real problems these days. So then why is she dehydrated? She must be doing it to herself. Like anon said: we don't even see her drink during her vlogs. When she was in hospital for that barium scan she had to drink three bottles of contrast and she took one sip decided it was 'actually not bad' and screwed the cap on again. If that is how she always drinks, that explains her dehydration.

Funny thing is, if Janiece is in a situation where even a slight touch hurts her and things that would hardly register as discomfort for most people she experiences as extremely painful, then maybe she would benefit from a ketamine infusion. Not the way Jaquie gets them though, because those are proven not to have any lasting benefit after the infusion is done.

No. 498812

The LAST thing jan needs is a ketamine infusion! The only pain she truly has is pain associated with her diagnosis chasing. If you can't handle a blood draw enough that you avoid an important diagnostic test you don't have anything wrong with you except that you're a munchie. She is full of shit and doesn't have any pain.

No. 498833


It also strongly suggests that she takes everything way too far. I don’t believe she has proper diarrhoea.

No. 498863

Kek anon, you mean if you had severe diarrhea YOU wouldn't go to Disney and out to dinner and gallivanting around town?? Pssshhhhhhh
(Kidding obvs)

No. 498868

I really hope the Prometheus test comes back negative. I’ll laugh my ass off.

No. 498875


Not only that but I’d visit my “immunocompromised” best friend and lie in her hospital bed too.

No. 498877

During flu season no less.

No. 498888

You'd probably convince her to start feeding her service dog raw meat, too? Oh, and tell everyone you are sooo much sicker than your SO with Crohns and have him do all the cooking and cleaning in the house on top of his fulltime job while you lie in your bed bitching about doctors and nurses while watching a Disney movie?

What a delighful person you are, I already love you just for that.

No. 498893

This all def sounds like someone I would want as a bff. I mean, how considerate right?
Jaq and Jan are made for each other because anyone else would have enough self respect to say WTF?????

No. 498910

File: 1518201715650.png (103.49 KB, 749x1055, IMG_5715.PNG)

AJ announced another vlogging break this morning on her Patreon. No way in hell I'm paying $2 to read it though. Any other anons have access?

No. 498914

Do you know the actual name of the test, or more specific info?

No. 498917

Aww poor baby Jaquie can't keep up with keeping her lies straight

No. 498921


But her pain cup was already full and now this new pain is making it overflow. Or whatever bs analogy Jaq's bs doctor had.

No. 498924

File: 1518202439035.png (29.18 KB, 640x341, IMG_4463.PNG)

Kek Jan really is dumb

No. 498929

Yeah as someone's who's pain cup is constantly about to overflow….gonna call bullshit on that. If she was in THAT much pain that a blood draw sent her over she wouldn't have been able to ride in the car that long to get to the place that did the blood draw. JFC janiece pisses me off

No. 498947

The Videbration backpack works when you enter her code. She receives credit based on your purchase. The link does not "look like" an affiliate link, but the "coupon code" provides a discount to you and a kickback to her. She needs to disclose that.

No. 498959

File: 1518204775613.png (103.67 KB, 634x704, IMG_4464.PNG)

Am I reading this right? Jan went for an entire week somewhere to get a blood draw and they couldn't do it despite trying every single day??? Is that even possible to be THAT hard of a stick and they don't try anything differently or specific to hard stick patients?

No. 498960

File: 1518204983877.png (3.68 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5442.PNG)

If I was one of the other people in the waiting room at that clinic I would be PISSED to know this chick has posted video of me. You can also hear them calling names.

No. 498961

I think it's kind of shitty that she is only announcing it on her Patreon page. There is nothing on YT - where she has 98,000 subs or IG - where she has 41,000 followers. Apparently the only fans who matter to her are the 189 who pay her to be sick.

No. 498963

That's why most medical offices don't allow filming. WHAT a cunt.

No. 498964

Fuuuuuck she's back to 189?

No. 498967

I hope someone calls her out for this. This is just wrong.

No. 498969

I know we aren't supposed to medblog but hopefully this is relevant. I know we're all different but.. I have tiny veins that often don't cooperate, I'm frequently dehydrated and usually dont even drink water prior to blood draws. I have low BP and thickened blood. I've had blood draws probably 100 times and there are only 2, MAYBE 3 times they had to stick me more than once. And something always comes out once they're in, even if it takes a looooong time to fill up the test tubes. I guess I just don't understand how jan can be stuck repeatedly FOR A WEEK straight and she's embarrassed because not even a trickle would come out? Is she completely making this blood draw issue up for drama?

No. 498971

Is Jan drinking a smoothie going to help at all with her dehydration? If she's so bad she's getting 3 or 4 days of vlogs from the stupid blood draw problem shouldn't she just chug a dang bottle of water and not sip on a smoothie?

No. 498979

Is it cow tipping if we join as a patreon specifically to gather milk and share it here? I've been reeeeally thinking about switching my dogs to raw and getting one on one skype sessions to help me along the way. Obvs the thought of giving either of these cows money is repulsive. But the thought of them continuing to exploit people and fuck with their heads is even more repulsive.

No. 498980

The bitch is back. Vlogging break must start tmrw?

No. 498993

She's making chicken tonight knowing that Judd will not be in town and she hasn't even asked her mom if she can come by yet. "If I am cooking, I need someone who can eat it!" um… sure Jaq. Because everyone just randomly cooks up food that they can't eat with the hope that someone might stop by and eat it for them. At best she is being stupid and wasteful. But I am betting full of shit.

No. 498994

Love how little miss $15k wheelchair is claiming CBD oil is possibly too "cost prohibitive". Apparently she would just need sooooooo much of it because she is sooooooo poorly.

No. 498997

Kek she makes dinner for her and mommy. Chicken (shocker!) with mayo and parm cheese. Roast potatoes with parm cheese, butter AND cheddar cheese added at the end for good measure. And lightly cooked broccoli. All in all a great GP friendly meal.
And why is Jaquie suddenly acting stoned and giggly and forgetting what she was about to say? Is this the CBD show she's putting on, how she thinks she should be acting?
I'm gonna die laughing if she takes a flavored kind. Straight CBD, unlikely to react. Flavored CBD when you claim MCAS? No way.

No. 498998

Most definitely not unless Paul blended ice, water and whatever the green shit is. She needs clear fluids for hydration - water, Gatorade, etc.

No. 499002

She flavored the chicken and potatoes with exactly the same stuff. Garlic, season-all and Parmesan cheese. Um. Okay Jaq. You clearly "love" to cook and are so good at coming up with unique and exciting recipes. I feel sorry for the people who have to eat that crap.

No. 499003

JFC it's not even that expensive, especially compared to half her other meds and especially if it helps and she can eliminate some of her other meds. So, Jaquie only wants treatments that insurance covers and if she has to pay out of pocket a few hundred bucks a month for a med that 100% will help with no side effects to boot, THATS too expensive and not doable? GTFO Jaquie. Your patrons pay for it anyway what are you worried about?

No. 499005

>why is Jaquie suddenly acting stoned and giggly and forgetting what she was about to say?

I'm gonna go with dosing herself with the leftover narcotics from her surgery + her new IV muscle relaxers.

No. 499006

Wow she is extremely ditzy in this video and that is not like her at all. Plus what is with all the not ending the vlog at night instances? Is it because she is stoned (from whatever) and passing out?

No. 499008

Can we talk about HOW she made that dinner? Was the chicken already cut into strips? Potatoes already washed and cut into wedges? Was it hard for her to stir the chicken and mayo and seasoning together, since it's pretty thick and chunky and she dislocates so easy? Hard to reach up in the cabinets to get the spices? Bend down to get the food from the fridge? Did she get it all ready, then turn the oven on to preheat? That's a small kitchen. You'd think with her severe heat intolerance if she was in there preparing dinner while the oven was on preheating it would be too warm. And if heat makes her pass out is it safe to be bending over a hot oven to take things in and out? Who washed the dishes and disinfected the kitchen from the raw chicken?
I have SO MANY questions

No. 499011

I thought maybe she thinks that's how the CBD is supposed to make her act

No. 499012

Except she says she hasn't tried it yet…

No. 499026

The only thing I can answer for sure is that she prepped the chicken the day before because she said she let it marinate in the mayo-parm goo overnight. Good point about the heat intolerance/oven issue. She bakes a lot of stuff. Granted it's winter but I can't imagine turning on the oven in humid ass Florida in the warmer months. And she seems to think nothing of it.

No. 499028

The most interesting part of Jaqs new vlog is when she says she's running feeds "appropriately" but her weight hasn't come up yet (since her surgery)? Whaaaaat? She's at her goal rate AND eating more than she did before her surgery. If she's running feeds appropriately, not puking, not having diarrhea a la Janjan, and having more oral intake WHERE is all this nutrition going? With all that you'd think her team would be alarmed she hasn't gained anything. Good ol g tube purging strikes again

No. 499034

She should take financial tips from Aubrey, who seems to have bought a stores entire stock of some kind of oils.

No. 499037

The most valuable lesson I ever learned in school was in 1st grade, we had to write an instructional paper about how to make a pb and j sandwich. Our teacher then followed our exact instructions (quite literally) to make a sandwich and it wasn't pretty. I always flash back to that and recognize all the tiny steps involved to get to the final product. Jaquies dinner took ALOT of steps that would have been difficult if not impossible because of all the things she wants us to believe are wrong with her. Yet not a single difficulty is shown in the vlog. If she edited OUT how she gets around a hot oven with her heat intolerance, or how she reaches the top shelves with her dizziness/passing out issues, how can she possibly claim to be an advocate?

No. 499040

That chicken looked disgusting. I feel bad for her poor fridge having to house it overnight

No. 499042

Buh-on, Buh-on, Buh-on, Buh-on, Buh-on, ugh yes, BEC, but for fucks sake say it right.

No. 499044

According to Jaquie. Not the most reliable of sources.

No. 499051

My money's on the vlog break is because either 1) she's trying the CBD and doesn't want to have to film
2) she's staying with mommy while judds gone because she's scared to be home alone
3) desperate to make it to 100,000 and hopes a break and fantastical comeback will seal the deal

No. 499053

Is aubrey her skinwalker?

No. 499055

If she was scared to be alone a) she wouldn't open the door at night to strange sounds (cat video) and b) she wouldn't announce that her husband is working nights/going out of town for overnights. Plus, if she really wanted Mommy to be with her, she would make her stay in the "hospital room". No way would soooper speshul Jaq go stay in someone's guest room when they live in the same neighborhood.

No. 499057

No. Spoonie_life Amanda is.

No. 499064

We have been discussing this in the general munchie thread too! Also there’s another girl life with stripes or something who has what appears to be using an identical pink Barbie car complete with smart drive, she must be getting up there in the revered munchie status ppl are starting to copy her, jan jan, Aubrey, Amanda, and others

No. 499069

My point is that she says she hasn't even bought it yet - so why would she be putting on a show of how she "thinks" cbd affects people? It's just not a reasonable explanation for her sudden behavior. (In b4 "yeah but she's jaq she's not reasonable).

No. 499070

I would say she’s dipping into that liquid pain med she was given after the surgery discharge…which is so stupid because the further away from surgery the less frequent she should use it. Haven’t watched the vid yet but based on the anons descriptions of how she’s acting I’d say she is high

No. 499075

No one here seems to believe a word of what Jaquie says, ever. If you think someone's a liar it stands to reason that they could be lying about anything and everything, including if they are about to start CBD or have been using it for several days already. That's all. For all we know she went out and got some the first time her pain doctor mentioned it and she was snooping around on the fb boards for side effects. What was that, a week ago?

No. 499076

File: 1518211888240.png (1.8 MB, 1334x750, 4B2D58B9-F7B1-4087-B5DB-B5A38A…)

Why are jaqs lips so fucked up? There’s not reason for her to be dehydrated with all the unnecessary infusions, and her skin and hair look fine.

I feel like she naws in her lips to get them looking dry and as though they are peeling. I never see her doing it which makes it seem more to me like she’s hiding the behavior so we just see chapped lips and think dehydration

I wonder what, if any, other things she does physically to herself (other than taking innapropriate me combos and unnessary tx)

No. 499077

Are you new? She has admitted she picks at her lips and can't control it. Read the threads.

No. 499078

An ex-patron of hers said a few days ago that she said during a "Patron party" that she had some sort of compulsion picking or biting her lips. She probably doesn's do it on camera because that kinds of behaviors show mainly when someone is not actively doing something with their hands. I.e. in bed or when watching TV or reading a book.

No. 499082

Maybe she's subconsciously putting on a show for herself? As in, she thinks if she takes it she will get high so because of the placebo effect she acts high? She could have been lying about using it already and just not wanted to tell the viewers she already started. Which would make sense with her behavior today. She's been taking all her other pain meds off and on since surgery and NEVER acted this happy and stoner-ifffic.

No. 499083

I was just saying I never see her do it, and I watch most vlogs, I’m not new I was speculating about an aspect of her behavior that I don’t see but she talks about hop off my d and add to the thread instead

No. 499085

the placebo effect won’t work if she’s administering it herself, she is aware what it is. For a placebo there would have to be a control group and another group the placebo effect happens when each group doesn’t know what they are getting

No. 499088

The placebo effect is SO much more than that. It is in every situation where a treatment is given. If a patient takes a pill or gets another treatment, part of the effect of that treatment is the expectation of the effect. The pharmacological effect of a pill is enhanced by the expection of the patient. So if a patient has a higher expectation of the pill working, it could work better then if they expected it not to work. In fact, is has even been proven that given the proper circumstances, a placebo can even work if the patient knows they were given a placebo.

I digress, but I just want to say that the placebo effect can and does also occur if the patient administers a drug themself.

No. 499092

File: 1518213406658.png (372.52 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4468.PNG)

For you, brochure anon. For the jan collection.

No. 499095

Agree. The brain is crazy powerful. Placebos are a thing even in self administered drugs.

No. 499098

File: 1518213782716.png (29.58 KB, 619x240, IMG_4476.PNG)

Kek this is the kind of shit my grandma says about her medical alert necklace. It's within easy reach..til she falls and can't reach it and lays on the floor for hours waiting to be found. If Jaquie thought she might actually need the medical alert she'd have it ON HER PERSON 24 hours a day. Nearby isn't good enough and in an emergency can be the same as not having it at all. Another epic waste of money all in the name of tools

No. 499099


The placebo effect occurs when a patient's expectations and perceptions of a drug or treatment elicit a psychological and/or somatic response which is not attributable to the drug or treatment.

No. 499102

File: 1518213930735.png (39.7 KB, 622x277, IMG_4475.PNG)

Flavored oils and MCAS seem like a bad idea. And, more ideas for undisclosed sponsorships and free products!

No. 499106

File: 1518214003885.png (43.26 KB, 640x261, IMG_4470.PNG)

Jaq vlog commenter.

No. 499107

So, CBD oil making her act high even though it technically shouldn't unless it's a CBD/THC blend?

No. 499108

It’s hard to gauge the effectiveness on these ketamine infusions when the patients aren’t ones with chronic pain, but from what I have heard/learned it only works temporarily after the treatment. If jaq is claiming her pain is gone for a while and then comes back mearer to the next infusion, evidence for more somatic reactions or just overall lieinv about the effects to justify her need for it to the people?

No. 499110

File: 1518214219902.png (35.29 KB, 613x284, IMG_4474.PNG)

Any bets Jaq is gonna post questions on this fb group now that someone pointed it out?
Also didn't know a nasal spray was an option. Kek Jaqs favorite!

No. 499113

She claims it works really good for like a week for neck pain and all month for her migraines. Which is interesting because often in severe neck pain that's what triggers the migraines. So you'd think the migraine relief would be about the same as the neck pain relief. But–everyone experiences chronic illnesses differently y'all

No. 499116

Yea back to the placebo, which is weird she says it doesn’t have those effects Bc it’s cbd oil but then acts strange regardless. She never said she expected to experience that so why is she acting this way

Her expectation doesn’t match up with how she’s acting

No. 499117

Kek yet another contradiction! She really needs to research more before she starts stringing her story together.

No. 499118

Her justification for never trying it before included among other things that she didn't want anything that would make her feel high or have psychological effects. If she has it in her head that any marijuana or hemp product gets you "high" it could cause her behavior. Even if she researched it and found that CBD doesn't make you high, she could have YEARS of ingrained mmj rumors in her head that override her recent research. Just a thought

No. 499120


But she hasn't even gotten it yet.

No. 499121

Or kek, she may be truthful in not having tried it yet. Even pathological liars tell the truth at times. However, she definitely was acting odd in today's video, super ditzy, giggling more than usual, stumbling over her words when normally she is very articulate. It certainly appears as though she was high on something. Or thought she was.

No. 499122

That’s what i suggested, she may be dipping into the liquid pain meds from discharge

No. 499124

Did she try the muscle relaxer yet?

No. 499125

She’s definitely purging through her g tube, she’s probably never stopped. Remember after her most recent surgery, they specifically told her she could “drain” her g tube, but not her j tube? If she wasn’t eating, then maybe she could call it draining, but she eats a ton, so she’s draining the food she eats out of her stomach. Which is purging. Plus she still barely runs her tube, so it’s not like she’s getting more than a meal’s worth of calories from it daily.

No. 499126

Going back to JanJan for a moment, has anyone who watches noticed how much more she’s back acting and taking like jaqui?

Sitting on the floor cross legged with her SD, using similar robotic hand gestures and referring to normal everyday things as adventures

Surely jaqui watches her, I wonder how she feels about her emulating her likeness? Flattery or jealousy that someone is acting like her and possibly getting ass pats about her cute and up beat character in the comments

No. 499129

A simple lie leads to more lies. A liar never lies just once or they would be caught. You end up lying to cover up your lies, then having to lie about THAT lie and before you know it it's impossible to keep straight what you lied about and to who. In the beginning I do think Jaq researched. She just got greedy and got in way over her head and is struggling now to keep up. When liars get cornered they retreat to think back over their story and pave over any holes. Then, right back to it. Hence jaquies vlog break.

It's interesting when she was having "chronic illnesses" before she could keep it straight better. Then she had actual, not-fake RNY surgery, REAL pain and real drugs and she lost her grasp on her carefully crafted narrative.

No. 499138

Remember she doesn't always vlog or talk about 100 of her day.
She had that ass cheek boil for a while and had maybe even seen the doctor once for it already before she ever mentioned a WORD about it in the Vlog.
When she has mentioned CBD the last few vlogs it's been thrown in at the end or talked about with an attitude like she's embarrassed or scared it'll lose her subs. She barely mentioned it at the end of a vlog to feel out the response in the comments. People were positive and encouraging so next day she "forgets" to say goodnight (kek or just didn't include the footage she filmed of her saying goodnight) so she can current-day vlog for several minutes about trying CBD. And she's MUCH more relaxed while talking about it this time. Because she knows the response will be good. When she's back from Vlog Break I guarantee she will have "started" CBD while she was gone. She already started it but didn't want to say until she saw what the reaction would be. Never underestimate a shrewd businesswoman. Jaquie is very methodical and good at the game of social media presence and thinking about how something will affect her overall income ability. She was afraid mmj or CBD would alienate a big chunk of her base. Now that she knows it won't, Barbie car smooth sailing here we cooooooome

No. 499139


I personally am placing my bets/hopes/dreams that the increasing Jaquie and Jan competitiveness will lead to a fall out of epic proportions. Jaquie's ego is way too big to handle having someone else steal the sick attention off her. It's okay for now as Jan doesn't have any diagnosis or toys. But Jan's so hellbent on getting them, she will not stop until she has a diagnosis. It doesn't need to be the right one. It just needs to exist. We know she will only accept a diagnosis as answers. Whereas people with true chronic illness know that more often than not, you don't get clear cut answers.

There's enough incompetent and negligent doctors out there to give Jan what she wants (as we have learned from all these munchies).

Jaquie'a ego absolutely will not cope, and I really believe it will lead to a falling out of Biblical proportions. We already know Jan lacks the class and social awareness to not bad mouth off like a crazy person, and would have no problems posting vlogs about Jaquie's inconsistencies, and her partner is strange enough that he would go all out with it too, as we've already seen with them bad mouthing the doctors.

I sincerely hope within 6 months I can come back to this post and gloat with the knowledge that it indeed comes true.

No. 499143

Jan is like a chameleon! I think her haters and the comments calling her out are making her switch up her style. She prob is so dumb she thinks emulating all things Jaquie will make her viewers nicer to her. Jaquie is too selfish to help her dumb dumb friend Jan out with the YT so jan doesn't know about the whole auto filtering lots of words from the comments thing. Jaquies getting off on jan copying her and being envious of her seemingly nice The People that's really just heavily controlled by, you guessed it, Jaquie!

The comment section on Jan's video today was OTfuckinT! Jan responded to almost every.single.comment for a while. It made me wonder if she was commenting on her own vlogs as someone else and then replying as Raw Life. Because they were all comments and responses like bambambam. Hard to imagine she has that many rabid fans that watch a vlog the second it's posted and immediately comment on it?

No. 499145

>I sincerely hope within 6 months I can come back to this post and gloat with the knowledge that it indeed comes true.

So do I dear anon. So do I.

No. 499146

Oh anon, I hope you're right! It would suck for judd and Paul though, they'd have to sneak around to see each other like they were the mistresses

No. 499148

At this rate, both of them are going to end up dead from unnecessary surgeries and medications before they’re 40. Jaquie’s already a bulimic drug addict who’s going under the knife for no reason at all, an janjan’s happily following in her footsteps. Jaquie’s been incredibly lucky so far that she hasn’t had any complications from anything, but she’s young and the body is more forgiving at that age. In 5, 10 years, not so much.

Watching her fall more and more into munchiedom is like watching a train wreck, horrifying but you just can’t turn away. I wonder if anyone will be able to stop either of them before it’s too late.

No. 499189

Judd might be able to stop Jaquie but I doubt that her Mom would dare try considering that she has already been banned from her life once and had to work her way back in. I would say that she will do anything AJ wants.

No. 499190


Actually, anal prolapses are quite common in hEDS. Funny how no one prominent ever talks about that, it doesn't quite fit their image. Plus I think if it happened to Jaq she'd faint dead away.

No. 499192


It makes me feel quite nauseous that her constant raving about the AMT button could propel a young person who already has a feeding tube to insist on unnecessary surgery just to have the same button as Jaquie. That's the real damage she's doing.

No. 499200


Are there any documented cases of death resulting from Munchausen's (factitious disorder imposed on self)? I can't find any, and everything written about prognosis does not mention prognosis if untreated.

No. 499202

I definetly thought that with JanJan and her self posting comments, and answering. the questions were like to prompt her to answer in a way that propels her story along, and provide information/proof of how she’s sooper sick

I’m glad I brought this up, Bc your point is so valid, there’s no way jaq could handle sharing the spotlight even though there are other sick youtubers, janiece is her friend and jaq has always been “sicker” it probably killed jaq when jan was saying over and over in different videos that she’s thinner than jaqui - I think that’s why at the end of the newest video she comments on how she’s underweigt again

No. 499204

You can always search google scholar if your not getting great results I tried to look into deaths by munch, but most story’s or info coming up is munch by proxy

No. 499227

It's prob hard to track because it would just look like an accidental OD or post-surgical complication or suicide. Unless the person was diagnosed as having munch before they died, it would be pretty hard to find at autopsy since a lot of typical millennial munchie claims would be hard to see after death (POTS and GP come to mind) unless they were claiming to have cancer or a brain tumor or something glaringly obvious. But unless they suspect death by munchie they'd never really double check a million diagnosis someone had and do a psych eval post mortem (kek obvs that part). The MBP ones are more obvious and make the news a lot when they happen, especially when it results in death. Maybe that could explain why those cases are easier to find

No. 499238

File: 1518223945462.png (77.21 KB, 640x1000, IMG_4477.PNG)

Holy shit dudes. I think I just found their "cheat sheet" and how especially Jaquie knows just what to say.

I googled "has anyone ever died from conversion disorder" (haha ironically as a practice run before I tried a deep dive for death by munchie) and this ad popped up on the next page I looked at. You input a symptom and it tells you what a doctor will examine, look for, ask, and why. Everything a munchie would need to know to get the diagnosis they want.

No. 499240

File: 1518224173660.png (111.55 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4478.PNG)

Kek didn't Jan's diarrhea persist on fasting when she was tooooo sick to eat anything and was wasting away?

No. 499242

Good explanation I was thinking something similar, the common recorded m proxy are usually cause of death is that sudden infantt death than they see like foreign things in a tox screen or something,

No. 499243

I always thought about this when she claims diarrhea and fasting, if your pooping your eating that’s the only way kek

No. 499246

It HAS to happen, even if it's rare, right? Even if someone is faking the reason they had surgery, they are still human and can have very real complications (bad reaction to anesthesia, surgeon error, infection, etc) that could very well kill them. And unless they fake taking all those meds there's probably a lot of munchies that accidentally OD and die. Whoaaaa with all the stuff Jaquie is on, if she's faking her ailments and really taking all those drugs she WILL OD. Interesting angle, I'm gonna start watching the vlogs from a different perspective when she does her meds that aren't just saline and vituhmins

No. 499249


Technically yes. There's a famous case of a woman who had the most severe documented case of Munchausens, and one of the select few who was successfully treated and reformed.

She lived a Munchie free life for a long time and worked very very hard to do so. She then developed severe abdo pain. No doctor would touch her with a ten foot pole as her history with Munchausens had been all abdo related (hundreds of surgeries).

Dr Mark Feldman who is considered the Munchausen expert, and who treated her, realised she was truly sick and got her tested finally.

She was diagnosed with aggressive cancer and died as a result of it being detected far too late.

No. 499251

She better hope she's faking because none of those things it lists for diarrhea when fasting sound good. Although most also appear to be already ruled out by her endless colonoscopies and pill cams and endoscopies and cat scans and xrays. Oh and stool tests and the failed balloon pooping and mashed potato squeeze out. Holy shit. Literally.

No. 499256

THAT is really fucking sad. And another reason why Jaquie getting young kids to think they have something wrong and that it's cool and they can be part of the spoonie community..that shit will follow them FOREVER if they start going to doctors and trying to get diagnosis and tubes and ports. And this same thing could happen. Cry wolf and eventually no one listens. That's terrifying

No. 499262

Question for medfags. Well it's a 2 parter!
If Jaquie is faking her anaphylaxis AND faking that she used her Epi would that be obvious by the time she got driven by car (not ambulance) to the hospital and got triaged? Or would it look the same as, say, someone really excited (high pulse and resp rate) or experiencing a giant thrill?
And part 2, if Jaquie is faking her anaphylaxis but ACTUALLY using the epi would that be obvious in any way by the time she got to the hospital and was triaged?
I don't know how long the effects of an epi or anaphylaxis are obvious. Kek well minus the rash, swelling, and abject terror that usually linger for at least a while unless you're Jaquie

No. 499266

Kek also for the record I am not asking this because I'm trying to be a munchie, I'm trying to figure out if she could be pretending to be using all the stuff she says. Because it's ALOT of stuff she's on. Like even for an addict. She has her shit WAY too together to be that big of an addict. She wouldn't be functional at all if she was healthy and taking all that. Not 7 days a week. She has lots of time at home and she's the only one that organizes/manages her meds. Couldnt she easily empty out the med vials and replace the liquid with something else and no one would know?

No. 499268


I guess not. But I'd gather up as much milk as you could then cancel your patronage asap.

No. 499271

File: 1518226179898.png (90.77 KB, 632x866, IMG_4479.PNG)

Janjan, doctor google is calling. He has your diagnosis. Same one a real, trained doctor gave you.

No. 499274


She doesn't want anything that makes her high or could have psychological effects yet she's had multiple ketamine infusions and on-demand Dilaudid. Riiight.

No. 499277

Kek if either of them read here, they'll see that people here have been thinking about infiltrating their patreons. Now even if we openly talk about it (hiiiiiii Jaquie and janiece!!) and no one actually pays them any money, they'll always wonder if one of us did and there's a wolf in sheeps clothing. Outfoxed, munchies! May every email, skype, and patron party forevermore be filled with a nice dose of paranoia!! Bahahhahaha

No. 499282

File: 1518226995855.png (69.53 KB, 621x620, IMG_4467.PNG)

That's a head scratcher. Never heard of gluten free making someone worse. Unless she's allergic to some of the gluten replacements (xanthan gum, etc)?? Have you guys ever heard of or experienced gf aggravating GI problems?

No. 499296


only if all your dietary fibre comes from bread products….

No. 499322

Even the gluten free stuff has fiber though. Gluten isn't a fiber, it's a protein (gluten means "glue" in Latin) that provides stretch and texture and shape. Gluten is the reason you can knead bread dough and it goes from sticky mess to soft silky dough ball. If you tried to knead gluten free bread dough you'd just be kneading forever and it wouldn't change at all. Sorry guys, pastry fag. Can't help it.

No. 499363

From what I’ve been told, an epi pen only holds off anaphylaxis for 15-20 minutes, which is why the protocol for using one (at least in the k-12 education system) is to call 911 immediately after giving it, or simultaneously if there’s multiple people around. It’s designed to keep someone in anaphylaxis from dying until they get real medical help.

No. 499369


Also you're supposed to go to the ER after using an Epi Pen even if it's successful in halting the anaphylaxis because of the effects on the body of the epi.

No. 499391

File: 1518233198794.png (162.87 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5722.PNG)

So there's this on her YT comments today

No. 499393

File: 1518233234551.png (203.67 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5723.PNG)

And this

No. 499401


Judd wants no part of this bullshit any more, I'm guessing.

No. 499409

Yeeeahhhh that's weird. If it was the National Guard they can say it was. They just can't say where he is deployed to.

Apparently with whatever is going on she a) can't vlog about anything for 3 days at least, b) she can say WHERE he is going and WHEN but not WHY…weird.

No. 499424

Wow, if that isn't a troll that persons friend is gonna be sooooooooo pissed when they get fired

No. 499425

Kek I love how her fans adorably ask "don't they follow hippa" as if it is an optional thing to follow something required by law and also heavily enforced/fined when said law is violated. And also, it's HIPAA.

No. 499438


I think it's pretty obviously a troll. Can you imagine Jaquie and Judd having sex?

No. 499444

File: 1518237273950.png (1001.39 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_5455.PNG)

Also, she's gonna get a hilarious surprise if their birth control is "I don't get my period."

No. 499446

It's definitely weird. If it's so private why not avoid the topic entirely?

No. 499447

She's so stupid. It actually is possible to get pregnant without a period.

No. 499450

File: 1518237981806.png (57.3 KB, 766x557, ovulate.png)

No. 499459

No. 499470


I'm roaring with laughter that the screen cap has a trailer for an s&m movie playing at the top. In a discussion about jaquies reproductive organs and sex life. Kek anon was that coincidence?

No. 499471

Who did Janiece post a video of? I guess I missed something?

What's in this photo is all you see of that woman, so she would be difficult to identify.

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?

No. 499474

She doesn't get her periods though because she takes some kind of bc pill that suppresses it, also stopping her from ovulating. Although she has taken a lot of antibiotics, which are notorious for making bc ineffective. I hope entitled little princess has to have her period for a few months. God what a baby.

No. 499475

God what a whiny bunch of cows looking for asspats of their own. HIPAA is a huge deal, and hospital management would take it very seriously.

No. 499480

I think the reason you aren't supposed to film in medical settings and why they say it violates HIPAA is because it doesn't matter if someone is easily identifiable. They shouldn't be identifiable at all. What if that was an abortion clinic? What if the half of that lady and her hairdo and tattoo were very recognizable to someone she say, had a restraining order against, and they recognized her AND the clinic she was at and tracked her down? What if she was there for reasons she doesn't want to share with anyone but someone sees her in that video and asks what she was doing at the doctor? Yes it would be random. But that's not the point. Those people are in what they feel is a private medical setting and they shouldn't have to worry about being videotaped. They have an expectation of privacy. The kind you don't have if you're just walking down the street or shopping in the grocery store.

No. 499483

Complete coincidence but I did snicker a bit.

No. 499488

File: 1518240628551.png (40.51 KB, 571x247, Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 05.2…)

This shit pisses me off no end. Why can't you just answer a fucking question? Oh, because you get money for YT views. Dick.

No. 499490

Kek right! No way were there that many violations in one place that management did nothing about. Sage for HIPPA-blogging but a friend accessed my med records where he worked (he had a psychotic break not that it excuses it AT ALL) and when I reported it the CEO, COO and HR person came immediately to interview me and it was a HUGE deal. He got fired, someone that was peripherally involved got fired. Immediately. And they changed the records software, overhauled protocols and retrained staff with regards to HIPAA, which did not come cheap. And the hospital may have also been fined $100,000 but I stopped caring once the psycho didn't have access to my records anymore.
Hospitals and medical offices may overlook a lot of other shit but the one thing they don't overlook is a HIPAA violation. Unreported vios can get them downgraded, de-funded or shut down entirely. Not to mention for the people violating they can lose their license to practice, not just their current job. Hence the reason HIPAA is considered the golden rule that even rule breakers don't fuck with.
Sage for blogging

No. 499491

Also, other than “POTS” (that’s about as real as jaquie’s), she hasn’t really been diagnosed with anything, other than her butthole issues that need pt.

No. 499492

Kek I'm surprised she didn't refer them directly to her patreon page and tell them to join for the inside info on her chronic illnesses

No. 499493

Narcolepsy. But, pretty much everyone here with experience in the narco dept has called bullshit on both Jan and Jaquie

No. 499509

And vestibular migraines. Which are like normal migraines, except they often dont have the headache pain which, for anyone that has migraines, knows it's THE WORST part. Dizziness and fullness/discomfort in the ears are the most common symptoms. In some people that could be debilitating but for the majority, not something they'd probably even consider a chronic illness even if it happens frequently. These cows with their OTT everything. If they have a symptom it's not just a little hive or a small muscle spasm or diarrhea from eating shitty food. No, the sky is falling! It's the worst of all that could be worse! Need asspats stat!

No. 499523

You are right about the seriousness of HIPAA, which just begs the question….What could that person possibly be counting as 8 violations?

sage for being soooooo nosy

No. 499534

I couldn't tell from that persons comment despite re-reading it over and over. They're either someone who works in a medical setting and saw 8 coworkers (or one coworker 8 times?) do something that violated HIPAA. And the people have "moved on to someone else" meaning they are violating a different persons privacy now?? But then the same person says the next comment down that they themselves have PTSD from it which makes more sense if they themselves were violated, not if their coworkers did something. Either way, dannnnnnnng commenters! If someone violates your privacy that many times and you let it slide thats bad on you. And if you knew your coworkers were doing it and management did nothing you should have gone higher up the chain of command and sounded the alarm bells loud. So bad on you either way. Way to enable.
I can say, because I've been sexually assaulted by a good friend and had my medical privacy violated by another friend, I honestly don't know which one made me feel more yucky and did more lasting damage. HIPAA is serious business.

No. 499536

As an aside, I'm inclined to believe the person in Jaquie's comments who said nothing was done when there were violations. I discovered an ongoing privacy violation regarding my medical record involving more than one person, and when I filed a complaint with the hospital they denied any wrongdoing and made excuses for the people who shouldn't have been looking at my chart. I had to take the complaint to a government authority who agreed that my rights had been violated but really only had the power to give the hospital a slap on the wrist. There are financial penalties for individuals and hospitals in my country for this type of violation, but they have literally never been made against any hospital for the entire time the privacy act has been in place.
Similarly, a hospital employee lost HIS job as a direct result of multiple coworkers accessing his medical records. The hospital defended the coworkers and denied any wrongdoing took place (although I believe they lost a wrongful termination lawsuit). Perhaps people like Jacquie shouldn't be so confident that their privacy is being appropriately protected, because it very well might not be! In my experience the hospital just does their own "investigation" and then lies to cover up any wrongdoing. Sage for blogging.

No. 499542

Oh my god anon, that's terrible. I'm sorry that happened to you. I can't imagine how that felt to be violated like that and then to make it even worse have nothing be done until you fought for it. That's disgraceful for such a serious offense to be brushed aside like that.
Back to the milk we go, every time there's too much human supporting human here people get banned and it suuuucks to sit on the sidelines when you have fresh milk overflowin the bucket

No. 499544

It is funny Jaquie is taking a break. Last time she took a break the farmers got restless and dug up all kinds of interesting nuggets from the 'net. Hopefully she's not scrubbing her internet past trying to beat us to the punch kek

No. 499549

That's AWFUL!! I'm sorry that happened to you!

Not really milk, so I saged, but the person claiming the 8 violations posted a second time about having PTSD from the experience. I still don't understand how she/he knows they are on to the next person unless he/she also works there? But she/he writes…

I just went through hell, people violating mine. I have PTSD from the violations. It was and is a nightmare for me and my family as well. 8 people who work at a hospital spread it around that I was dying. Then, 2 from my doctors office told a bunch of inaccurate things. So, yes, it does happen and it's awful. And, everybody still has their jobs, none however are medical professionals. 10 clerical workers.

No. 499552

File: 1518245747445.png (54.32 KB, 413x349, IMG_4484.PNG)

Maybe Jaq has hired more comment security guards and backup singers. Fans are answering questions for her now.
From "how i prepare my feeding tube nutrition"

No. 499553

Regarding HIPAA violations, do you think people come across Jaq or Jan's vlogs or see them vlogging, start watching and then look up their records just to see if they can figure out her story? Or does that trigger some HIPAA alarm? (I don't work in the med profession so I don't know how electronic files work from a staff member's perspective.)

No. 499554

My vote: She's probably seeing a trauma specialist after finding out she has to pay self-employment tax on her earnings.

But, she uses Patreon money for captions, which is a legitimate business expense, and, therefore, deductible, so it's probably all okay.

Sage…but really do wonder if Jaq and Jan understand the financial implications of YT.

No. 499556


Even CBD/THC tincture is fat soluable and takes awhile to become therapeutic then just sorta stays at a steady state. You might be calm and happy but certainly not high. Vaping high THC oils can get you high but that's about it in the medical marijuana world.

No. 499559

Wow that sounds super random that 10 people all got together and conspired to spread rumors about a random (known to them? Stranger? Coworker?) person. Weird shit happens but 10 people willing to risk their jobs? And was this person really dying and the 10 people told everyone, or did these 10 people make up a story that this person was dying when in fact they were not? Because it doesn't take a HIPAA violation to make up a story about someone…anyone can do that.
Clerical is basically having the MOST access to medical records. They have to follow HIPAA just as much as anyone else. This persons story is all over the place.

No. 499560


If she can't get the port wet how come she can shower?

And if she's at constant risk of anaphylaxis isn't that what the Epi Pens are for?

No. 499561


Until she presents proof that she's paying for captioning, I won't believe it.

No. 499563


Without receipts, IRS will not believe it either.

No. 499565


I've suspected that about Jan for awhile

No. 499568

When mine happened the software they had didn't tell them how long my file was accessed or what parts, just the time and who did it. They changed the software after that because I was very disconcerted and angry with them that they weren't able to tell me if it was chart notes (my Dr used a scribe so literally every word I said in every appointment was in my file) or general vitals, etc and they couldn't tell me if my file was accessed for two minutes or two hours. Because it was someone who knew me, they also changed hospital policy that every single employee had to make a list of any of their friends and family that they knew or suspected used that facility and HR blocked employee access to all those patients. If they tried to access it anyway (or even on accident by a clerical person hitting "next" absentmindedly) they were hauled in for questioning. This was 10 years ago so I would guess the software has improved even more with different alarm bells and much better tracking. Most people would prob value their jobs over Jaquie curiosity but there are always those who can't control themselves so I wouldn't be surprised if one cog in the machine that is her "team" sneaked a peak or had a legit reason for pulling her file but snooped a few pages past where they should have. I bet FOR SURE at least a few people that work in her doctors offices watch her vlogs and know she's full of it. She prob wears her merch to appointments to troll for new fans. Like an airplane pulling a banner in the sky, but Barbie car style
Ps (Sage for blogging, just tryna answer)

No. 499569

2 excellent questions!

No. 499571

Kek imagine how.much.medical.paperwork there would be to sift through if she got audited in a few years? I hear being self employed and claiming business expenses is the best way to trigger an audit.

No. 499572

That same commenter (V) left another really long super sad comment on the same video and said how much she looks up to Jaquie and how inspired she is by her. Reading it made me so pissed at Jaquie. She's a real heartless bitch for messing with people that just need a friend and some honesty and respect.

No. 499576

Hey admins, want to do something about all the fucking blogging that’s ruining the thread????

No. 499578

Jaquies vlog where she sets up the banana bag and nutrition… that's the first time I remember actually hearing the sound of the 2 pumps. She's sitting on the couch with the banana bag and pump on her walker and the feed bag next to her. They're the same pumps and camera she's always had right? Am I hearing things? Or NOT hearing things in all her other vlogs?

No. 499581


Does she have a single professionally captioned video?

No. 499583

I always thought the ones that said "CC" next to the video (on a phone screen at least) were the pro ones and the auto translate ones are auto so on all of them? Is that not right? The "CC" is most definitely not on all her videos and not even all the most recent ones despite that sweet patron money flowing in

No. 499585

File: 1518249941695.png (160.51 KB, 640x1097, IMG_4489.PNG)

Like this?

No. 499590

File: 1518250604573.png (142.89 KB, 640x1075, IMG_4490.PNG)

Has Jan-can always included the offer of raw food help for dogs and cats or is that a new appeal to a broader audience?
She currently has 23 patrons if anyone's interested.

No. 499592

File: 1518250919569.png (109.25 KB, 640x1085, IMG_4491.PNG)

Kek good to see where her priorities are. At 6:43am when sooooooo sick in hospital she's posting on patreon about how slow the hospital Internet is so the vlog will be late? Not the vlog will be late because I'm in hospital sooper sick and in pain and shitting myself? JFC did she set an alarm just to wake up early enough to upload her vlog?

No. 499596

Here's how much control over comments YT creators have and how much it can be automated. To the point where they can approve certain users to have comments appear no matter what they say, and have other users blocked no matter what they say. And words on the no-no list said by someone on the approved list are okay.


No. 499615

I think CC just means manual closed captions. I know her clan has done some for her for free.

No. 499644

I wonder what words she has on that list..

Would a comment like
"Hi Jaquie, I love your vlogs. Can I ask you for some advice? I have this friend and she was recently diagnosed with factitious disorder, also known as munchausen syndrome. Blahblah…"
be blocked? Or does she mainly use it to filter out true spam?

No. 499686

I'm betting Paul, the YT Wannabe posted for her. He's taking over!

No. 499688

With Jaq's supposed plant allergies, I'm wondering if she will have a big fat anaphylactic reaction to the CBD oil. From what I've heard, it's more the terenes in the oil that cause reactions, but wouldn't that be a hoot if she had a FAIL on that? Some of her injectables are not all that compatible–opiods/benadryl/robaxin/toradol. I wonder if anyone warned her—based on her Giggle Fest yesterday.

No. 499689

But the 'sadly' and the 'flexing muscle emoticon' points to Janiece. How many days into her admission is this? I got the impression that the first few were done by Paul, then Janiece took over and then it was Paul again. That's just me going by mainly the comments, though. There were a few days somewhere midway through her admission where Janiece reacted to almost every comment she got.

Btw, am I the only one who finds it really hard to read text that has so many emoticons in it? In my mind the sentence pauses while I am trying to figure out how I should read that sign. As Janiece abuses emoticons like she got them for sale by the dozen and they are taking up space in her closet, her texts are particularly hard to read.

No. 499690

I have no idea. Do you think she is planning it? I DO think it is very strange that she was asking about possible reactions to CBD oil, while I don't think she has ever researched any other med she was getting. Her ketamine, all sorts of abx, her daily meds she has been taken for a long time, the dilaudid she got in the hospital, not even the opioid her pain doc supposedly wants her to take as needed. She just takes it all, but for a completely natural remedy that has shown to have very little side effects, she is suddenly hesitant to use it? Not only when it comes to possible allergic reactions, but she is also talking about the costs and that she doesn't know where she should buy it. For someone who never seems to pause and think about the costs of anything she uses AND has a rich daddy who we know was chipping in for at least the part of her barbie car that wasn't covered by insurance (I think she said she got 80 or 85% of it covered? Even so, with a 15000-20000 dollar chair, 15% is STILL a lot), that seems a bit out of character.

No. 499732

I think part of it is the Good Girl image she is trying to portray. Like another anon said further upthread, she was testing the waters with her fan base to see what type of response she would get to trying something alternative. Once the response was overwhelmingly positive, she let her guard down in regards to her concerns. But I also wouldn't put it past her to plan a reaction. In order to be a chronic illness vlogger when you aren't truly chronically ill, there have to be continual manufactured crises/drama in order to keep people interested.

No. 499734

I've been thinking for a while that she's going to "react" to the cbd oil so that she has an excuse to use the dilootid long term - "you guys I'm just out of options"

No. 499736

I agree that what the other anon said makes sense with how she is acting. But I don't really get why she would be so worried about it. CBD oil has become extremely main stream, and it's not even MMJ she is trying that can have a psychoactive effect (note how Jaquie called it "psychogenic effect"? Kek. Psychogenic means "of psychological origin", which is VERY different from 'psychoactive'). Even if she would use MMJ with a high THC content I don't see how that would bother her fanbase, and she didn't seem to think it necessary to test the reaction of 'the people' when she was on a dilaudid pump or when she talked about using a narcotic painkiller to use 'as needed'.

No. 499755

Jaquie lives in an extremely closed, sheltered world though. She has virtually no friends outside of the spoonie community and even then I would guess Janiece is her only true friend. Yes, the stigma behind CBD and MMJ has all but disappeared in the last few years but because Jaquie lives in her own little world, she likely doesn't know that.

No. 499796

Just what I was thinking too! And she'll blame her alleged "mast cell" for it, even though many MCAS people can safely use CBD products despite reacting to pretty much everything…

No. 499799

dude jaquie isn't even part of the spoonie community. her following to follower ratio is vomit inducing. she doesn't want friends. she wants ass pats and pink things and to be a lazy cucumber and cracker eating dry haired chapped lipped cow

No. 499830

Janieces vlog is up. As I watched it I tried to remember some quotes of stuff that didn't make sense, but a few minutes in I had to stop the vlog and start writing it down, because there was too much that didn't seem to make sense. So these are the quotes I have for you:

>>Today was accomplishment (mumble mumble). It’s a sad accomplishment, but the small things mean.. a lot. (Perks up) I made my own smoothie today! (Sad face/slower pace again) Fruit smoothie. And that means a lot because.. I don’t know if you guys can see, I am shaking (camera starts to focus on trembling hands). And the shake is throughout my whole body, in my legs, my hands.. And.. (starts talking in high childish voice) we think it’s from the malnourishment.. maybe, possibly, who knows. (Normal voice) BUT, I was able to accomplish my own smoothie, and it was super difficult, because (mumble) the whole time shaking, and dropping things, and it’s not very eas.. (cough, cough, turns head, coughs again) not very easy, but I am happy that I was able to do this! Super exciting.

Isn't a smoothie like.. THE most easy thing to make? It's not like she had to blend all that fruit by hand, right?

>>My brother has been super helpful with me and my medical issues lately. And, the first week while he was here on vacation, (starts talking like she is planning to conspire some grand EVIL) we spent it in the hospital, because of ME (manical laughter)

I swear, this part is SO weird to watch because of her expressions. I'll post some screenshots later.

They went to universal studios and the odd quotes go on:

>>The first time we tried to come, it was an epic fail. I couldn’t handle it, I still had my GI problems..

"I still had my GI problems"? Thus implying she is symptom free now?

>>But: today we took precautions. We have the wheelchair here, of course we have Orion here, we have.. (Paul interrupts with:) water, gatorade, snacks, all the good stuff. (Janiece goes on:) yes, we are taking precautions with my health, we have everything that I need, all my medications, and I am taking it super easy.

So.. taking water and snacks on an outing are precautions for her health? Now I get why she can be dehydrated: if they normally don't pack water or anything else to drink when they go away for the better part of a day.. And they normally don't take her meds with them, too? Yes, now I'm starting to understand things.

>>And if we do end up having to leave early, he (her brother) is very understanding and I know that he is still happy that he knows that I did try to make a sacrifice and bring him here.

Yes Janiece, that's a HUGE sacrifice, I am sure. (Btw, her dad paid for the tickets.)

>>We’re using my disability pass, mainly for my brother.

What?? I assume it's against the rules to let someone else use your pass?

>>I have, of course with my vestibular migraines, very bad muscular problems

Since when does vestibular migraine cause muscular problems??

>>But, you know.. everybody has their own illnesses, and my muscles were just tensing up bad during this ride.

No, not 'everybody' has a chronic illness. What does she even mean here?

>>We do have a mission, to try.. butter beer! And I know some of you guys.. 'isnt’t that gonna kill your stomach?' Whenever I am gonna try something.. new, I only.. Me and.. we’re all three gonna share this drink, I am probably gonna have a couple of sips, you know.. I am (airquotes) adventurous (crazy villain grin to camera). Couple of sips, like probably three sips, and I know it’s butterscotch, probably flavored, sooo.. (dirty grimace) I’m not going to go crazy with this. And.. I know some of you guys are going to freak out.. I am not a big Harry Potter fan. Sorry. Paul has all the movies, he loves Harry Potter, I’m.. (Paul interrupts) I watched it as a kid. (Janiece goes on:) I am not a huge fan.. BUT we’re gonna go, try some butter beer, let’s see how it goes. And I will show you guys my reaction (points at camera with a strict school miss face).

I'll just leave it at that. This is crazy enough in and of itself. If she is afraid people will be critical of her food/drink choices, why not just.. I don't know, NOT film it? OR of course you could stick to your bland diet. You know, 'cause you're so super sick and all and they shouldn't even have discharged you yet?

>>Sadly I am going to start to feel some abdominal pain and discomfort. Sometimes I wish it would go away.. but that’s the chronic illness life. But I’ve had a couple things to nibble on here and there.. But what can I do? All I can do is power through, and hopefully it’ll just go away on it’s own sometime today.

I think this shows us that she felt fine today, but only at the end of the day did she start having some 'discomfort'. I find it funny how she uses that word so often. Discomfort for most people means a step down from pain. It's not painful per se, but it doesn't feel good either. Janiece is always having pain and discomfort. Maybe because in reality all it is is discomfort? I don't know. She said this btw while the men were off buying food for themselves. So even though Janiece was specifically told to EAT more, she decides against it because she already had a "couple of things to nibble on here and there" (copying Jaquie much, Janiece??) and she is feeling 'some discomfort'. And she sometimes wishes it would go away. Not always, of course. Because most of the time, she is completely fine. At least, I think that is what we can infer from this? I'm really not sure though. "That's chronic illness life". NO Janiece, it isn't. You don't know what is wrong with you, so you cannot know wether it is even due to an illness and wether it is chronic.

No. 499833

And money. Isn't that what it's always about, with everything? She's lazy, has no skills that translate to real-world employment, and no confidence in herself to find and learn a career path other than YT (and is afraid to try and fail) so she plays sick to get easy asspats, and money, because she thinks she is good at playing sick. Kek but she can't even do that right.

No. 499837

File: 1518286899511.jpg (810.44 KB, 4259x5319, JkFVEIy.jpg)

Like I said in this post >>499830 there was a part at the beginning when Janiece was talking about her brother coming over and how he spent the first week of his vacation in the hospital because of her. You'll have to watch the video to see the full impact of this, but when she says

>>My brother has been super helpful with me and my medical issues lately. And, the first week while he was here on vacation we spent in the hospital, because of ME

When she says "my medical issues" she starts to grin like she is planning some evil takeover. It's really odd to see. Then it starts again, right on "vacation" and the rest of that sentence. I tried to capture it in the stills.

And I swear, this is NOT how she talks the whole video and I did NOT go out of my way to capture some odd grimace that you don't even see unless you slown down the video. If you watch it, you'll see that at that specific point in time (it starts just after the 1.00 minute mark, if anyone wants to see it) her demeanor changes and she starts to smirk in a way that in my opinion almost can only be interpreted like she planned the whole thing. It's almost scary to watch because of how her expressions change and then after that sentence go back to her normal (but still odd, because it's Janiece) facial expressions.

No. 499842

You rock, anon! That was super thorough and one of the best recaps I've seen on here. MUCH better than having to watch that insufferable cow (though poor you having to!). Janiece is BAT SHIT crazy.

So…her arms are all better from the blood draw or what? Kek they were so hurty (from all the pokes in hospital) for days after but suddenly the pokes for the Prometheus and lupus tests she wanted so bad have magically stopped hurting after less than a day? Who knew the cure for all things chronic illness was universal studios and fucking butter beer. Goddamn, I've been doing it all wrong for the last 20 years.

No. 499847

Haha wasn't it just yesterday an anon remarked how jan never used a wheelchair anymore and here she is in a wheelchair

No. 499852

I've never heard of a vestibular migraine causing muscle pain. Never. Does she even know anything about the diagnosis she claims or did she just draw them out of a hat and run with it? She talks about chronic illnesses with the such glee it's REALLY fuckin weird

No. 499855


Dude, you’re not malnourished and dehydrated. You’d be in bed all the time if you were but you’re as adjustable as your best friend it seems.

No. 499861

The comments on Jan's vlog are interesting, yet again. There are some commenters I recognize that comment ALL the time but also a bunch of randos that jan quickly responded to AGAIN. I thought she was maybe commenting and replying to herself but there's no typos so…Paul commenting and Janjan replying? She's funny if she thinks patrolling the comment section directly after she posts a vlog will fix the haters commenting…pssssst janiece, comments can be posted 24 hours a day.

No. 499869

Interesting how she's starting using the Jaq-isms 'nibble' and 'a few sips'. She's probably dehydrated because she too dumb to cotton on when Jaq says she just having a few sips, she's lying.

No. 499870

How jan talks about chronic illnesses and how eager she is to "have" them reminds me of a group of kids that all get to have the latest fad toy except the one kid who's parents said no and they feel sad and totally left out of the fun, and all they're fixated on is how they can finagle it for themselves too so they can run off and play with everyone else. It's like jan thinks that the only way her friends will accept her is if she ALSO is sick and she finds it embarrassing to be healthy.
How anyone can feel this way about BEING HEALTHY though–ahhh janiece being sick all the time suuuuuucks, you don't want that life.

No. 499878

When her GI symptoms started, like the first day or so, she already said about her new symptoms: "That's chronic illness for ya'"

I just wanted to scream at the screen: NO, JANIECE, IT ISN'T! She is acting as if every single symptom she can have just HAS to be because of some chronic problem. She decided that for herself from day ONE. Instead of just saying: "well, everyone gets a stomach virus now and then", she incorporated it immediately into her 'chronic illness' narrative. It's the same with her cough. Normal people would think they just have a cold or something, but Janiece immediately sees a specialist for furter testing.

No. 499897

God I hope the town hall meeting tmrw helps you to find a different rock to crawl under. There are threads on lolcow that are 100% just to talk shit and be assholes, which seems right up your ally. Jaquies thread includes a lot of anons that were personally affected by her in negative ways and are here for more than just being a dick to make themselves feel better. I'd venture a guess that the majority of anons here don't particularly make it a habit of bullying others outside of this thread and prob don't frequent lolcow other than to discuss Jaquie. Yes there's a lot of blogging at times (yes it's against the rules) but there's also a lot of insider milk that provides insight into her munchie ways. Info we wouldn't have if new anons are scared to post here because god forbid they have to share a personal tidbit that's relevant to the discussion about JAQUIE (why we're all here) and they're worried sick they'll get banned for blogging.
Maybe some of us are here for a deeper delve into munchiedom than just bashing someone and moving on. Maybe some of us here need to understand why Jaquie did what she did. So if you just want to be an asshole and talk shit about people with no constructive discussion about MBI (again, kinda what this thread is about) go find a thread with likeminded people.
Now, tattle tale to admins and get me banned for being off topic. But I saged my post just like you saged yours and, just like yours contributed nothing to milk neither did mine. So if this is a bannable post your whiny tattle tale one should be too.
So if we are banned can we still participate in the town hall or what?

No. 499900

Because she wants so badly to be part of the exclusive spoonie club. That's some cult-level shit.

No. 499901

slow clap-

Thanks anon, I planned on typing up something similar but I'm lazy and also forgetful.

No. 499904

We will be discussing the munchie thread(s) during the townhall tomorrow. Until then please continue to report the posts.

No. 499908

No prob :)

No. 499910

If someone's on a ban during the town hall are they able to participate?

No. 499913

File: 1518290857172.png (123.15 KB, 640x1042, IMG_4492.PNG)

Jan's reply at the bottom, what a bitch.

Her fans must be getting all their diagnostic advice from Dr. Jaquie?? MALS is probably the last thing anyone would be looking for in janjan because she's NOT SICK and MALS is very very rare. God these cows and their fans make me lose hope for humanity

No. 499931

File: 1518291498698.png (92.4 KB, 744x511, IMG_0476.PNG)

How to tell a Munchie from a True Sick Person No 536:

A truly sick person doesn't feel shame about enjoying their good days because they get so few of them, so when they do get a good day, they make the most of it cause they know they have every right. The only second thoughts they have are 'man I'm going to pay for this tomorrow'.

A Munchie tells everyone that they aren't being ashamed about having a good day, and spends the whole good day reverting back to the fact they are sick.

Also. No need to be stuck in our beds. Huh. Turns out for those of us actually sick, we've been doing it wrong all this time…to the fun park we go!! #noshame

No. 499934

File: 1518291643979.png (159.55 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4493.PNG)

Starting to think a large part of Jan's problem is the way she thinks about medical problems.
This persons comment about losing prescription sunglasses—and jan replies something about how it's worse when it's a medical need. Commenter didn't say medically necessary, they said prescription.
Now, technically and very loosely defined, one could consider needing prescription sunglasses a medical need. This commenter didn't specify the sunglasses were for migraines, blindness, or anything generally considered "medical" so for all we know it was just run of the mill bad vision like a shit to of people have. Yet jan JUMPS at the chance to call something medical. She's exactly the kind of assclown that would in all seriousness consider anything other than 20/20 vision a chronic illness.

No. 499937

Kek I think a bunch of us have been doing it all wrong. Here I thought I had chronic illness all figured out, just enjoying my good days when I get them, putting zero thought into the fact that a good day had finally come. How much more enjoyable they could have all been if only I'd paused to feel shame and embarrassment about feeling decent, reminded myself that was okay to feel, then spent all day constantly thinking about how bad I'd feel if this were only a bad day.
Jan is like the land of opposites. It's baffling. Absolutely baffling.

No. 499939

(Not blogging, the "I" here is intended to be like a general "we" not specific to me and only me)

No. 499941

You think??

She has the shits for a week and calls it a chronic illness.

In my house that's called 'Ducks Disease' or 'Parma Karma' in the case of food poisoning.

No. 499944

Kek anon, you're too nice! A week?? She had the shits for A DAY and was already talking about her chronic illness and plotting to get her student loans forgiven. Janiece seems to be on a whole other level of delusional crazy from the crazytown Jaquie lives in

No. 499951

You're right, I forgot I was giving the benefit of the doubt to the very person that creates doubt within me about whether we have truly evolved as far as we think.

I always imagine Janiece saying 'That's the Raw Life' as 'Roar Life' and each and every time I am overcome with the mental imagery of her eating Orion's raw chicken wings.

But you're right I think the difference between Jaquie and Janiece is where it stems from. For Jaquie, it's deception. For Janiece, it's delusion. That's what it boils down to.

Sages for disturbing mental imagery

No. 499957

Also, WTF, that comment at the top and Jan's response?!? She's on her positivity trip and responding "thank you" to tons of nice comments and people complementing her. This person says jan looks better and better each day and like she's having a terrific time.
Instead of saying thank you, Jan turns it back around to pain and sickness. Disneys better because it's easier on her body and better for SD. Way to Warrior, Jan-can.
There's a placebo effect of sorts for frame of mind too, and Jan's responses to things like this commenter or when she says "I'm going to get really sick again I just know it" are a large part of why she is stuck and fixated on being chronically ill. She ignores the improvements and focuses 100% on the tiny little symptoms that are NO BIG DEAL and spends all her energy making mountains out of mole hills when really she should be– I don't know, playing with the moles–?? Kek now she's gonna start in on a skin cancer kick because someone mentioned moles

No. 499965


For all the other normal lurker anons that believe in this milky thread don't let them turn this into anon munchie blogpost hell because I'm too lazy to do the townhall thing.

And tell the admins to remind everyone "sage for blogposting" was banned like a year ago.

No. 499969

Kek you're right, that IS a disturbing mental image. Maybe not a big jump to picture her savagely tearing into a live chicken while ensconced in a straight jacket?? That's the path she's headed down.

Jaquie I can kinda see naive people being inspired by because she can be engaging at times (to the unsuspecting at least). Janjan, I don't understand AT all. Her creepy smiling at inappropriate moments just makes her wholly unsuited for any kind of advocacy or awareness job.

Holy shit can you imagine if someone with shit-eating grinz disorder had a job as a newscaster? Smiling their way through reporting on stabbings and famine and war? Nooooobody would watch because that shit ain't right. It sets off human being alarm bells that this person is dangerous and far from sane. Even to people that believe her health bullshit I just don't get how the grinz aren't a repulsive turnoff??

No. 499970


Yeah that's where I think the greatest difference is between Jaquie and Jan. I think Jan is much more hypochondria in the truest sense of health anxiety. She absolutely 110% believes with every fibre of her being that she is chronically ill, and needs a diagnoses like you and I need air. She knows (I mean knows in the sense of her personally knowing and believing, as opposed to reality) there is something terribly wrong, and she has to be diagnosed.

The majority of people who actually develops a chronic illness,'in the early days/years (because we live in reality and have to wait for appointments and don't bake our special doctors special brownies) desperately unwell and all you want is to feel better. It doesn't enter your head that you have a chronic illness. You don't even know what a chronic illness is until later.

Like if you look at Jaquie, she has all these diagnoses which anyone else would find devastating and terrifying (to a degree, and then you get on with life. Saged and sorry for blogging but I have similiar diagnoses and sometimes it's really scary and sad but you also get on with life).

She isn't scared. She isn't devastated. She is in complete control at all times. And it's not her 'Autism'. She's cold, calculating, methodical.

Whereas Jan is crazed and unpredictable and jumping around all over the damn place.

It would actually be fascinating to get a clinical psych fag to compare the two of them personality wise.

No. 499975

Are you too lazy to read the thread and see all the milk that's in it? The blogging gets old and excessive but have you been around here when a bunch of people are banned at once? There is NO milk. It's fucking boring as hell. I'd rather have some than none. Hopefully everyone participating in the town hall can figure out a way for it to work for everybody.
In the meantime, since most everyone except newfags sages their posts that are even remotely bloggy or not directly contributing to the milk why don't you try clicking the fucking "hide saged posts" button

No. 499981

This was spot on!

No. 499989

Yes!! Jaquie being cold calculating and methodical. In her situation, at her age, with her (alleged) dozens of diagnosis and all her tubes and meds, she should be devastated, angry, depressed, anxious. The stages of grief. But she's not, she just goes on like NOTHING is abnormal. It's not abnormal if she was born really sick and just ever knew different. But until a few years ago she was (seemingly) healthy, active and had her whole life in front of her.

It's true that everyone does react to stress and tragedy differently. But…if you come home and find your spouse dead in a puddle of blood and when the cops show up you act calm and nonchalant like this is something you encounter every day….well they're probably gonna think you're a psychopath that just murdered your wife. In a cold, calculating methodical way. Because 99.95% of the time, you did. Otherwise you'd be an emotional wreck.

No. 499994

Jan eats sushi right? Or did? At first all her weird neuro stuff when she thought she was having a stroke made me think of botulism. But she'd be dead by now or they would have caught it. At least, I hope to god they would have with all the labs she's had done!

But she could have a different neurotoxin from fish. There are even some that can whack your body out in weird ways, like reversing the sensations of hot and cold. Janjan said when they did her blood draw she was ice cold, and she was shaking badly in today's vlog. She can fake a lot of shit (kek claw hands anyone?) but she wasn't concentrating enough on the faking to have been faking the shaking.

No. 500000


It’s common to shake from low blood sugar due to not eating.

No. 500003

>>Holy shit can you imagine if someone with shit-eating grinz disorder had a job as a newscaster? Smiling their way through reporting on stabbings and famine and war? Nooooobody would watch because that shit ain't right. It sets off human being alarm bells that this person is dangerous and far from sane. Even to people that believe her health bullshit I just don't get how the grinz aren't a repulsive turnoff??

THIS. I really don't understand how Janiece can have not only a following, but also so many people telling her in the comments that they love her and that she is being 'inspiring'. Sometimes I think 'have you been watching the same video? The same PERSON, even?'

And YES, her inappropriate smiling is SO weird. Like you say, it's like a newsreader bringing political and more or less neutral news in an appriopriate way, but then suddenly if they are reading about a horrific murder they start grinning like Janiece? "Sadly, the police found a bunch of detached baby heads on the beach last night.. gha ha hahaha". Because that's akin to what Janiece is doing. Whenever she is talking about how bad her health is, how much weight she has lost, and especially, how worried other people are about her, she is SMILING.

So in a way I agree with anon here >>499970, mostly because it sounds like a good really good and well-worded description of the difference between Jan and Jaq. But then I'm thinking: but hypochondriacs aren't gleeful when it comes to their diagnosis. They aren't glad that they have lost weight, or that their doctor tells them "you are really very sick". They are terrified when they are told that. So I really can't class Janiece one way or the other. The way she handles her symptoms and her illnesses just makes no sense to me.

I'm confused a bit, sometimes I wonder if what we are talking about right now, analyzing the situation is also thought of as 'blogging' or at the very least 'non-contributing' to the milk? Because in the striktest sense it may not be milk, but is IS very interesting. It is to me, at least. Because the actual 'woo is me' blogging is quite rare these day. The "I really have this illness and I am sicker and better then her" we haven't seen in a long time. And maybe someone talks from experience sometimes a little, like "Let me tell you, if you have anaphylaxis you don't have time to do blahblah", but if it's useful information I think most people don't really care that someone hints at an experience with something that may or may not be their own personal experience. Personally, I think that should be OK as long as someone is sharing useful information. Sometimes it's almost impossible to share information and make it clear that you know what you are talking about without sharing a bit of personal information as well.

No. 500007

A lot of the random nice comments on janjans vlogs lately sound ALOT like Jaquie. Like, a lot a lot.

No. 500008

excellent point

No. 500014

Agree, anon. At this point I'm so scared to get banned that the only things I don't sage are if I link to a new vlog. Maybe some of the anons that are the most upset with the "blogging" are having to read through a lot of posts with milk included, because they got on everyone's asses saying SAGE YOUR SHIT NEWFAG. Now everyone sages evvvverything because it's not clear what's bannable and what's an acceptable discussion. The town hall will address all this, I'm sure. But as far as I knew, this wasn't solely an image board where you post an image and then….crickets because no discussing amongst yourselves allowed. I thought the whole point of lolcow was to discuss the cows, and if they're medical cows how can they be discussed without medical input?
Tomorrow will bring answers :)

No. 500024

And how will we know about the outcome of this discussion? Because I am one of those people another anon just mentioned, that only comes here for this and sometimes the general munchie thread, and am not otherwise interested in making fun of other people and/or active on other parts of lolcow.

No. 500026

Same here. I'd imagine there'll be a link at the top by the rules/useage info saying those have been updated, or a link similar to the one announcing the town hall that goes over what was discussed/decided.

No. 500029

Hello psychfag in compating the personalities of the two many of the traits I would attribute to jaqui is in the narcissist category. Many times we will question how she excpects is to believe her especially when many of the ppl watching have her illnesses. This is where the overconfidence barrier comes in. The overconfidence barrier is when people believe they have more accuracy in there judgments than they should. Jaqui Bc of this element will say things in a pretty well read and intelligent way with a concise delivery it almost sounds like it’s right out of the book. Just like how she says we thought about this tx or Ik my body best so I know what to suggest. Basically, she thinks she’s better at playing this game than she really is.

Janiece on the other hand is a product of her environment and the social connections with her husband and family, she has been babies quite a lot, and spoiled. Her blunted affect is somewhat abrasive and by no means as cutesy and warrior like as she believes. The way she treats approaches the medical system in my mind is so strange and can possibly be attrivuted to the social learning theory, where new behaviors are squired by imitating others. This is why she is decending so quickly, it’s obvious she’s watched and is learning from other munchies with chronic illness, because of the way she approaches things. Like when she goes to a new dr, she is nervous Bc she knows she doesn’t have the illness and is in fear of getting turned away, she has seen this same process with many other ppl, and now expects it for herself, the problem is she’s imitating munchies not actual ppl with chronic illness (I don’t see many convincing chronic illness ppl on YT who aren’t munchie)

I can go into more but that’s just a few elements I see with each for now, didn’t want it too long

No. 500032

File: 1518297227096.png (39.92 KB, 640x409, IMG_4495.PNG)

Kek I really think this commenter is a farmer but sometimes I see comments from them that are just legit seeming and it throws me off. If that's a farmer, tip of my hat to you! You've mastered the art of patience and not getting blocked while still getting a good jab in and raising zero suspicion. Even Jan Jan approves

No. 500033

I am guessing a death like one we can foresee Jacquie's would be labeled as an OD by the coroner after the toxicology report would come back showing she was on so many different opiate painkillers and muscle relaxers, all at very high doses.

No. 500035

YES! Many thanks, psych anon! That makes a lot of sense. Do you think there's a chance of either of them getting out of the hole or are they both on an unstoppable collision course with their fake health destinies?

No. 500038

As much as Jaquie disgusts me down to my bones and I have zero respect for her, I will feel like shit if she does OD. She's dispicable but still a human being with people that care about her that would be hurt by her death. I hope she can somehow find a way to get help and try to fix the damage she has done to herself and others

No. 500049

She takes GHB also at night which is insanely dangerous to mix with painkillers and muscle relaxers.

Since Jaq is curator of her medical records maybe all her various doctors don't get an accurate med list from her? "Due to my narcoplepsy which studies show make me feel like I haven't slept in 72 hours, I must have forgotten to write down that I dose myself with toradol and take GHB every night. Silly me. Now, how about that IV dilaudid, huh doc? I'm in suuuuuuch bad pain, I've been hurting for hours! I had to cancel my lunch plans!! Can you believe it?!!? My LUNCH plans!! Although due to my gastroparesis, which is delayed stomach emptying due to partially….."
Aaaand she gets the meds she wants so she will GTFO and shut her damn mouth. God what a pain in the ass she must be to have as a patient

No. 500058

You're right, she is gleeful. That's the most apt word for that Sideshow Bob laugh and grin that she does.

I've been trying to work out who she reminded me of, but that's it; Sideshow Bob. Which is appproroiafe given she's Jaquie's sideshow.

Brochure Anon, if you're out there, two photos comparing Jan's maniacal grin with Sideshow Bob would be amazing

No. 500064

I do wonder what Jaquie is up to at the moment. She said she isn't updating Harlow's page at the moment as it's easier to only do one.

She has said she'll be taking another break from Vlogging.

She keeps talking about the medicinal CBD and potential reactions. She is talking about losing weight.

She's up to something, or something is up. They have also been trying to do a bit of re branding with their slogan etc.

Anyone want to place some predictions on what trick she will pull out of her hat next?

Also, I guarantee her and Jan are competing with one another and weight loss right now. It's blatantly obvious.

Could the taking a break have something to do with the Julian fall out?

No. 500068

I was thinking of Jim Carey's big grin in THE MASK.

No. 500071

There needs to be s chance to save face for them to even think about coming out of this. Tbh I think Janiece has the best opportunity to change her life as in the past she had actual goals and was able to try to achieve them (pastry school) but for jaqui she doesn’t have anything motivating her to want to change this behavior, the more she isolated herself from normal activities like how she did tae kwan do or karate, and photography. Perhaps she’s indilging her clogging hobby by blogging, but I don’t feel that photography alone will fulfill her enough to make her want to quit the munchie behavior.

Both would need to acknowledge that they are aware they are not as sick as they believe.

I think the best way for jaqui to get out of this would be to go back to the start with eds and have both her parents tested. If both negative, she does not have the disease, and there’s no other testing of gene mutation that would cause her to have it

Next the illnesses that she claims come from it. If jaqui determined that both her parents don’t have eds, and she doesn’t, logically she could explain away her dysautonomia - pots and gp, all things that stem from this eds diagnosis. She could chalk most anything up to the cyclic vommiting

Also because cyclic vommiting is from an unknown cause, knowing this I think could help her to decide that her “angiogram” like she has stated is from an unknown cause, and perhaps could come to terms with the fact that she doesn’t present with any swelling which is angioedma

Most of the tx for getting out of munchie land is face saving, ppl don’t want to stop Bc they are embarrassed and ashamed of lying —> which is why jan feels giilt about having good days unlike a normal chronic person.

Jaqui woukd need to stick with one doctor, which I don’t see likely. A known dr shopper, would not stay if any of these factors of her illness came into question. I feel it would need to come from the dr she most trusts and has established a repor with but this won’t happen, Bc he seems to be unaware of her true psychological state.

So to sum it up, if the motivation to have a better life is there, anything is possible, however jaqui is very happy like this and most happy when ppl are doting over her and catering for her. She is happy and doesn’t experience limiting physical symptoms Bc her illnesses aren’t real - she gets to indulge her addiction, be called a warrior, and be lazy. She’s carved out her perfect life and unless something happens where Judd cannot support her, she’s in it for the longhall

JanJan is lazy, being sick and getting a diagnosis is the only thing I’ve seen her persist with, even raw feeding isnow left up to Paul. Perhaps she’ll get sick of fighting and advicateing for herself and leave the diagnosis journey up to her caring husband, if they don’t get diagnosis after a while he may get burned out, ruing their relationship or maybe just Jans munchie dreams.

No. 500075

I'm suspicious too. For months she used to go to Jan Jan's every week or every other week, and in the last vlog she did say Judd was going away to Orlando. Why didn't she go stay with Jan Jan and Paul? Instead of being home alone all weekend? Why couldn't Judd just drop her off there? She was clearly on the phone with Jan Jan on Jan's vlog, so they still speak, and are on good terms.

I agree, she is up to something. Why couldn't she go and meet her brother? Granted, all speculation, but none the less, why?

The reasoning she gave her one commenter if, that they can't always sheer the details of the where's and why Judd is going somewhere has never stopped them before…and has not stopped her from going places to visit.

Again, just weird.

No. 500077

>>She's up to something, or something is up.

Well put, and I agree. It is very uncommon for her to take a break from vlogging. Even when she was in the hospital with, as she called it, "relentless back to back anaphyaxis" or something like that, she managed to make a vlog every.single.day. Think about that: some anons have estimated that the editing alone will take at least three hours a day, but she NEVER skipped one day until that couple of days when she suddenly couldn't eat because her feeding tube wasn't working. ONE time she had a very short vlog of maybe three minutes because of an anaphylaxis episode (I think? She was admitted, anyway) but she never skipped a day before that.

Even just after her most recent J-tube surgery she posted a vlog the day after her operation of the day of the operation. And though she didn't vlog for I think two days, she still managed to put up a pre-prepared video.

So I was very surprised that she took a break from vlogging just after she got home. We already said to each other that something had to be going on because it was so strange that Jaquie, who never skips a vlog, was taking a vlog-cation while she was already home and had showed while she was admitted that she had healed to the point of walking around and putting her arms above her head for the sole purpose of some weird power-pose.

And now she is taking another break? And it's not because something is really wrong? That doesn't make sense. Of course, we have seen that she is quickly running out of material, but we also know that Jaq will just MAKE the drame if it doesn't happen on it's own. She is getting her AFO's and braces shortly, she has a 'dilemma' (as if!) wether or not to start using a narcotic painkiller, she is scheduled for another cat tranquilizer, she can go on adventures and take Harlow out by herself, so she'll have enough material if she wants to vlog.

So something HAS to be going on. Either between her and Judd, or something else she is not willing to talk about. Something is up. It may not be a very dramatic thing, but something HAS to be up.

No. 500089

Kek I'm glad this was linked because I hadn't seen it but did see it discussed here. Besides Jaq driving into the fish tank, her reaction to that nasal toradol spray was the funniest Jaquie moment ever. What a baby. And what an excuse for that sweet IV toradol.
She says it's one of the worst migraines of her life (kek but not THE worst) but she's got a camera in her face and she's in a room with all the lights on. Then she starts talking about how bad the nasal spray hurt and how she had discussed this with her doctor, IV Toradol yeah!!! And promptly forgets her migraine was sooper bad, even as she proclaims the medicine didn't even work. All over the place, this girl.

No. 500097

Speaking of Jaq going out with Harlow on adventures by themselves. She said her SPD makes her unable to navigate even parking lots without Judd or she would walk into cars. But, she's gone solo to appointments before and how does she drive her Barbie car around to the dog park without Judd? One time she even pointed out a different way she could have gone home if her wheelchair could go in grassy dirt. That sounds like pretty good spatial awareness.

No. 500100

I can't WAIT to see Jaquie all decked out in head to toe braces. Other anons have said they're uncomfortable and can make you really hot. I give her 1 full day and 2 partial days of vlogging with them before they only make an appearance when she needs a crisis

No. 500104

It is weird. Paul and JanJan live in a townhouse though and with a room for Mom, their room and Jan's brother staying there, maybe there is no room for Jaq/Harlow and all her toys? Or maybe it's something else. Regardless I agree that something is going on.

No. 500109

Yeah, but this thread is also turning into a clusterfuck of spoonies using jaquie and janjan to crow about how sick they are, which is not the point, and up until recently wasn’t allowed. We’re here to gossip about cows, not to have to read about even more special snowflakes who think they can brag about how much sicker they are if they slap a reference to jaq in there and sage it.

No. 500113

Omg it’s gonna be the Christmas Story, where the kid in the snowsuit just falls flat over. It’s interesting she hasn’t gove with braces earlier, that’s usually the first thing EDs munchies do.

No. 500116

I don’t care if I sound like a bitch, this is supposed to be just such a thread. If you want somewhere to talk about your feelings and how sick you are, try tumblr or insta like all the other spoonies. Don’t spoil the milk with your whining and bitching that you can’t talk about yourself. Also, try reading the rules, newfag. Any blogposting is banned. If you don’t like it, too bad, go back to your safe place.

No. 500122

Peep the top of the page, there's a town hall meeting about this tmrw, already discussed in the thread. Prob in saged posts because it doesn't fit the rules of contributing directly to the milk. So let's stop discussing it ffs and get back to the milk. That is why you're here right? So, contribute.

No. 500176

File: 1518306251032.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5732.PNG)

Looks like Skinwalker is winning the weight loss war. Sorry Jaq n Jan.

No. 500227


God why do all these tube munchies have to pose with their stomach out? Clearly not showing off AT ALL (/s)

If they were actually concerned about their weight they wouldn't be so obviously proud of it.

No. 500251

I'm really excited to see what happens in the adventures of Jaquie Jan.

Close knit, problematic girlfriends that compete with each other can go two ways. Either they have a fall out of epic proportions (and have to discuss it to an extent because they're so closely affiliated with each other) or they stick by each other because they're so fucking co-dependant and have no other friends. Also Paul/Judd.

They could fall out if one of them questions the others inconsistencies. But I feel like this wouldn't happen any time soon because they both have inconsistencies and they know calling out the other person would open themselves up to questioning.

I feel like Jan wouldn't sabotage her friendship with Jacquie because she's getting that precious exposure / more YT views, subs, IG followers, patreon etc etc. I think putting up with Jaq's bullshit would be worth that for her. But she is also a hot headed, spoiled little brat. So who knows. She might feel like she's got enough to go on her own now and is craving some drama. Who knows, maybe she could get a viral video calling out queen b munch on all her lies (one can only hope???!!!). In a spectacular moment of "I've got what I need from you, now time to bring you down"

On the flipside, Jaq would potentially have something to lose in cutting off Jan. As I said, she'd have to answer to it eventually because they're so closely affiliated. It's not like with Julian where she could just not mention anything. He was only around occasionally and he doesn't have the YT connection to her like Jan does. I feel like people would ask questions and if she ended up having to answer to it, she'd risk losing some of her precious reputation. She needs all the public friends she can get at this point. Can't act like a sweet, kind, honest, funny and ever popular girl without em.

So these girls both have motives for putting up with each other as long as possible. But both these girls have big egos. Both seem to have a very low tolerance for shade. Jaq herself says she's had to cut people out of her life, fuck I mean she even cut out her own mother for like 6 months. And if you look back on Jan's IG you'll see she used to have a much more varied social life. She'll walk out on a damn nurse and sass them on the vlog if she so much as takes a moment to find a vein.

But they both have something to gain from each other and are pretty much each other's only friend at this point. And I'm sure Judd and Paul would try to keep them on good terms.

IDK I'm sure there's more to it but I'm rambling and not very coherent today. What do you guys think?

No. 500253

File: 1518311975479.png (59.85 KB, 640x760, IMG_4500.PNG)

I'm confused. Watching janjans chronic illness video (first time and holy shit balls I can't make it past like 5 minutes) She says "like I told you last night I took my narcolepsy medication that would keep me up for a very long extended night. Now I am hitting the side effects of it sadly. I had plans with (???) today but sadly I'm gonna take more narcolepsy meds to make me stay up. That's the bad thing about the medication, it gives you such a rush and makes you stay up. You wanna keep taking them but the more you take them the less effective it is"
What the actual fuck. This is how you ABUSE narco meds janiece, not how you take them properly. WHY is she taking a stimulant that's making her stay up all night and then taking more to fight off the sleepy from being up all night? If it's so strong that you take it during the day and you're still up all night lower the goddamn dose, don't take MORE. Jeeeeeesus. I never really thought Janjan was an addict but now I'm thinking otherwise.

No. 500257

Narcopelsy is a great diagnosis for an addict to be given if they're drug shopping. The night time meds for the rich and/or lucky are GHB (I don't think Janjan takes this but I may be wrong?) which gives very much the same euphoric high and sex drive supercharge as ecstasy. And for the daytime, what's essentially pharmaceutical grade meth. That's what jan was referencing in the video anon posted above.

I don't think she has narcolepsy. Or REM intrusions. I think those "dream reenactments" are psychotic breaks, either from general psychosis or a drug induced one. She figured out a way to get the diagnosis to get the drugs to feed her rush.

No. 500260


Dat brow tho. How does she ever think that's "on fleek"? She's honest to god delusional when it comes to herself. Not just her appearance but her attitude and personality as well. She seems to care more about appearing to be a "beautiful" "fabulous" "chronic illness warrior" than actually taking care of herself and fucking drinking water, eating and moving.

No. 500263

There are cannabanoids present in human breast milk which is why we have the receptor for them.

No. 500264

I've been waiting for some kind of cease and desist or harassment or libel suit from them against lolcow. Judd is in LE and Paul is a private detective, and the skepticism of their ladies has hit an all-time high. But funny thing about that (besides first amendment and they put this shit all out in public) is that would prob allow Jaqs medical records in some way shape or form into a court hearing if they want to prove she's being libeled (slandered?) so it would be hilarious of them to try.
Jaquie prob took a break just to mess with the haters and stir up controversy and conspiracy theories and make it over 100,000 subs when she makes her triumphant return. There didn't seem any drama between j and j when they were on the phone the other night but also, that whole Jaquie phone thing in Jan's vlog was weird. If you're on the phone with someone WHY would you suddenly pick up the camera and start vlogging mid conversation, then act mildly irritated when the person you're on the phone with shouts hi and tries to be in your vlog?!? Why the need to show she and Jaquie are phone bffs?

No. 500266

I hope ten years from now jan watches these vlogs back and is embarrassed. Because I sure am embarrassed for her watching them right now

No. 500268

The way she describes her REM intrusions sounds an awful lot like schizophrenia

No. 500272

That’s sparked my interest I’ll have to actually watch the video now,

she just gets worse and worse with her complaints her gauge on pain and discomfort are totally warped

No. 500273


Yeah that's a good point. My first theory is 1) are there any big events on this weekend in Florida? Something she wants to go to without getting caught? Or something else like a couples weekend where Judd has put his foot down

2) I'm not from the US, is it possible that they have been cautioned about the ways she is making an income etc?

3) Maybe something to do with lolcow/other controversy but I doubt that as it would bring too much attention to some of her medical claims

No. 500275

File: 1518314903507.png (80.47 KB, 640x643, IMG_4501.PNG)

Janjan claims narco with REM intrusions (dreaming while awake) and REM behavior disorder (not being fully paralyzed when in REM and acting out your dreams). I'm struggling to find anything about having both things at once because they appear to be 2 distinct "chronic illnesses" as janiece would say. Not a lot of research and most of what I found was comparing REM intrusions to near death experiences. She also says when she has REM intrusions she's drifting in and out of sleep and has no idea what's real and what's a dream. Apparently most people know immediately it's a dream or not. But not Janjan! Anyway.

No. 500277

Endocannabinoids also heavily feature in mood regulation. People given a medication to block these receptors and decrease appetite became so suicidal the study had to be stopped.

No. 500278

It's from 3-7 minutes into the vid roughly

No. 500290

Good call anon! There's a orchestra performance of the music of star wars and star trek, maybe Judd isn't going out of town and they're going to this for him, it wouldn't fit her "SPD". Then there's the Florida State Fair which has some kind of Disney thing. There's also a Renaissance festival, but that doesn't seem like their scene.

No. 500291

I hope for their sake he's taking a trip somewhere to investigate in-patient rehab or mental health hospitals so they can all have an intervention with Jaquie

No. 500292

I’m in an EDS group Jaq is in. I’m not going to post it because I don’t want to out myself. It’s only for Floridians and this weekend there was a meet up.

No. 500293

Hahaa that would be hilarious if she got caught by a fan taking a break from vlogging her chronic illnesses to have a normal night out on the town doing things she claims to be incapable of doing. But she is AJ so…..

No. 500294

Anon for the win!

No. 500297

You don’t have to say anything personal we’d rather you didn’t. Is there anything you can tell us about jaqui was she pressuring you to answer illness questions, did she bring Harlow and or come in a wheel chair? Anything you can tell us would be exciting

No. 500298

Ironic timing since her braces and AFOs are arriving next week. Just in time for her to pump other EDSers for info this weekend, then have a dislocating crisis early next week, but then her new tools get here and fix it all, helping her keep moving forward yet again.

No. 500299

Oh no I didn’t go to the meet up, I didn’t feel up to it unfortunately. I wish I had though. So I’m not sure or not if she went. I brought it up because maybe she didn’t want to vlog or announce it for fear of being attacked lol. Could be the reason she’s taking a break. I have a feeling it’s also bigger than this though. I’m going to try to see if I can ask others if she went though. And come back with info.

No. 500306

Sorry you didn't feel good anon, it sucks to miss things you wanted to do but comes with the territory as you know. Well unless you're Jaquie or Janjan, then you're never too sick to do all the fun stuff kek

We'd love more milk but don't make waves in a support group you legit want to be in.

No. 500313

They've all been a lot happier lately. Maybe we're all wrong and it's actually something good that's up. Like Judd is going for a job interview somewhere else that's not night shift. Like working with his bff Paul, the private detective. Jaquie's a selfish biotch she prob wouldn't think twice about moving now that mommy had relocated to be near her. What's her mom gonna do, protest and risk getting cut off again?

No. 500351

Nah. If Judd wasn't on nights he would actually have to be with Jaquie. Kek. At 23 as a rookie cop chances are that anywhere he goes he would end up on nights. Those are seniority based jobs. Newbie gets the shit.

No. 500385


She wants so badly to have incurable illnesses so she never has to work.

No. 500389


Why would Jan, who has no problems with her joints or skeletal system, need rides that are "gentler on her body"?

No. 500390

Kek nights do give him away time from toddler Jaquie, you're right. Night shifts also pay better and in certain occupations aren't seen as a bad thing because that's where all the action is. They're often, but not necessarily always, pawned off on newbies. But again, that's a pretty damn good excuse to not have to deal with jaquies bs, so he was probably thrilled at a year of nights. Poor guy.

No. 500394

>>499830 fantastic summary of janjans vlog may explain it. Apparently her vestibular migraines are now causing terrible muscle pain. Because, ???????? Makes no sense. The 2 are not related unless she means muscle spasms in her neck, which she has never once complained about. But remember jan once described Paul as "disabled" because he was on crutches for something. She's not the sharpest knife in the kitchen. She prob couldn't even cut soft butter.

No. 500396


What's more worrying is she said her SPD/spatial awareness is that bad but she still drives!!

No. 500399

And WTF is someone claiming to be sooper disabled by vestibular migraines even doing going on rides, gentle or not? That'll aggravate the bejesus outta her symptoms.

No. 500401

But anon, don't you see? It's Disney World. Everyone knows that vestibular migraines disappear the moment you get there. It's like magic!

No. 500408

I don't get how she can drive with her neck hurting as bad as she claims it does all the time, on top of narco, seizures, etc. Somehow she has bad pain as a passenger but not driver? You turn your head ALOT when you drive. Funny thing about severe neck pain though is you CAN'T turn your head. Not fast enough to safely drive anyway, and severe pain usually causes limited ROM which is kinda a big deal when driving. But Jaquie doesn't give a fuuuuuuck about anyone else

No. 500410


I'm more willing to believe she's exaggerating her neck pain - and also the drop foot (because that wouldn't be helpful for using pedals!). But magically gets better some days when she needs to drive to pick up her groceries.

No. 500414

Kek she is a pain in the neck, maybe she just got confused with that?

No. 500419

Interesting side note.

Jan's Vlog for 2/8/18 is 'Back to Back blood tests'

Jaquie's Vlog for 2/8/18 is 'Back to back Dr -Apps'

I so hope my prediction was right and they competition is beginning

No. 500427

The answer is yes, but if you have to ask…

Reminder to everyone in this thread: no blogging. Not even if you think your medical condition or your aunt's neighbor's dog groomer's niece's illness is totally relevant.

No. 500487

File: 1518345236860.jpg (942.13 KB, 2782x3518, OCMlZlC.jpg)

If that's true, I already did some work for him!

If you ARE reading her Judd: Just tell Jaquie that she is now so sick she needs to be in-patient and she'll immediately agree to it. You're welcome!

No. 500489

Did I hear right and Jaquie said she tried to bribe Judd to stay by making that barf-tastic creamy chicken dinner? She made way more of a scene about him leaving than she usually does. That coupled with the vlogging break has to mean something is up. Where ever he went, Jaq didn't want him to go. Maybe he's going to see a divorce lawyer kek.

No. 500508

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think someone mentioned in a previous thread that Judd is in the reserves? This is the weekend for them to go away for training this month

No. 500519

He is but she has mentioned multiple times that he was away for Guard duty, but that she couldn't disclose his whereabouts due to security reasons. Plus this anon >>500489 is right, she did try to bribe him with her barf-tastic chicken. If he was really leaving for Guard duty he wouldn't have any control over leaving and she would know that.

No. 500531

Jan is visiting Jaq while Judd is away.

No. 500533

What??? I thought she was sooo suuuper sick? What the hell is going on?

No. 500534

Does Jan drive? How did she get there?

No. 500535

OK, now Jaquies break from vlogging makes even less sense. If Janiece is there and she is vlogging (and taking time out of their day together to edit and shit) then why wouldn't Jaquie do the same? Plus, there's obviously nothing going on she doesn't want us to see.

So WHY? Why this break and why now?

No. 500537

So weird. If it was anyone other than Jaquie I would think that maybe she is trying to Help JanJan get more viewers but that doesn't seem like her at all. Plus, why not just SAY that. Look for our Adjustable Adventures on Janiece's channel this weekend y'all!

No. 500540

A few minutes into the video, Janiece tells us how their weekend together is going to be:

>>We're just going to be lying there and be like: "I'm sick! I'm sick, are you sick? We're both sick!"

>>That's how it's gonna be.

That is - presumably - what Janieces' ideal weekend looks like? I don't know.

Now look at her facial expressions while she is saying this and immediately after:

(see next post:)

No. 500542

File: 1518361079017.jpg (642.65 KB, 2294x4239, H8AsnjH.jpg)


Just to remember everyone, those commenters who said that Janiece liked being sick, were totally wrong. That was very uncalled for and I don't know how they could be thinking that.

No. 500550

I actually watched the whole vlog. And now I kinda wish I didn't. It's crazy.

First, we get the Janiece glee over how 'fun' it's gonna be when Jaquie and she will be lying on the bed together talking about how sick they both are.

At the house, Janiece jokes about Jaquies "double feeding tube".

Then, we get treated to Jaquie 'climbing' the stairs on her side(?) kind of, because that's "the safe way", according to her.

After that, she hands Janiece a present that is a case with sharp tools in it (I think tweezers and stuff) that admittedly, look a bit like surgical scalpels and Janiece asks first "do you want me to do surgery on you?" and then she gets even more enthusiastic and asks "does this mean you are finally going to give me my feeding tube??" Just.. WTF?

And to cement that crazy, when they are sitting on the couch Janiece starts talking about her and Jaquie getting matching tattoos. Jaquie says she is not gonna get a tattoo because "I don't want unnecessairy needles" (when has unnecessairy ever stopped you before, Jaquie?) and asks Janiece if she isn't tired of needles. THEN Janiece says "we could get matching port placements." Yes, she went there.

So by this point, it is absolutely clear to every viewer with half a brain that this means that the game is on! It's a contest now on who is the sickest of them both and who can get the most medical toys.

Really, if you want to maintain your sanity, DON'T watch this vlog. I'll try and capture a still or two of Jaquie climing the stairs in her ridiculous way, so you really have NO reason anymore to want to watch it. And if you somehow still decide to click the link.. don't say I didn't warn you(!)

No. 500555

I haven't watched this shitshow yet but…maybe they DO read here and that has something to do with all the weird secrecy? They normally vlog evvvery dull moment. Why stop now?

No. 500556

Okay now that is really, really disturbing. Psych fag, are you here? Can we get an analysis?

No. 500557

I had to laugh when Janiece figured out they were tools for manicures & facials, Jaq says 'I've told Janiece if she ever DECIDES to get into working, she should do that [ie beauty stuff] because she loves it". Nice to see even Adjustable Jaquie can't justify Janiece's refusal to work or go to school.

No. 500558

Paul went as well. Janiece makes it sound like she and Jaq are having a girls weekend but in actuality Paul drove her and seems to be staying over too.

No. 500560

Wait Paul does real estate now?? Wtf is she talking about Paul listing houses and taking pics with his drone? I thought he was a private investigator. Did I wake up in a parallel universe?

No. 500561

File: 1518363335542.jpg (874.9 KB, 2690x10000, 01OB9SW.jpg)

So this is Jaquie climing the stairs.

First of all, that is NOT an easy way to climb the stairs. If you have weak legs or you are dizzy and are afraid to fall, you just go up on your bum backwards. You don't keep twisting your back and your whole body around to get to the next step. You don't lean on your elbow if you have instable joints and you don't watch take several steps in one go. Also, if your neck is bothering you, all that twisting is pretty darn stupid. You know where the next step IS, so you don't have to twist around to see it.

Plus, she is laughing the whole time because she KNOWS it is a silly thing to do. She thinks it is kind of hilarious, and so does Jan. If this was the way she always climbed the stairs, she wouldn't think of it as funny. If you have a funny walk because of weak or spastic muscles, you don't laugh your head off every time you stand up and walk a few steps, you just DO it. You and everyone around you is used to it.

Even Harlow is standing there thinking "Dafuq lady, why not just do it like you always do it? Ya' know, when there's no camera?"

No. 500562

I am a psychfag. But you don't need that to figure out what it going on here. My professional opinion: they are bananas. Both of them.

No. 500563

Isn't it Paul's birthday soon? The men are probably shooting guns all weekend while the ladies play sick.

No. 500565

idk what's up with Paul - in an early vlog Janiece was talking about how he likes to collect qualifications. He's apparently licensed to do a bunch of stuff like real estate and being PI and i think Jan said something about investment advice? It's weird. But if he's making bank on all his side hustles, it would explain why neither of them batted an eyelid at the expensive lupus test insurance wasn't going to cover.

No. 500566

Judd's not there.

No. 500567

Is her brother still in town? Did she really leave Orlando to go visit someone who is ALWAYS within a couple hours drive while she has an out of town visitor?

No. 500569

Kek well that's a given! They're both fucked in the head. I was just curious the angle of the motivation behind some of the things they said. Going on and on about how they're such bffs, does Janiece have any choice other than to be sick? Jaquie is clearly in it for the long haul. The only way for Janjan to keep up is to be sick too. I feel like this is like when your friend has cancer and you shave your head in solidarity. This is just the extreme, crazy munchie version.

No. 500572

Good question! I did not think of that, because she doesn't mention him anywhere in the vlog. She just mentions that the little dog (who's name is pronounced Yodi by Paul and Yori by Janiece, so I don't know what (s)he is called) will be taken care of by her mum.

But they also didn't say goodbye to him yesterday. Maybe he is off to visit other family members, but she doesn't tell us where he is. I wonder if he'll just show up again in the vlog when they get back home?

No. 500574

He must be really good at the hustle then. You don't see many 22 year olds that already have owned a home for going on 2 years, that is filled with grown up expensive furniture, and that eat out all the time, travel, go to Disney, buy vlog toys and run up the doctor bills without batting an eye. Someones gotta be helping them or they have rich family or something. Paul doesn't strike me as such a go-getter that this would all be possible on his salary alone.

No. 500575

Agree it seems like Paul comes from money. But don't forget that JanJan's Mom lives there too. She has a job and I doubt she is staying rent free. Plus some or most of that furniture could be hers. It's hard to say for sure but most people her Mom's age have collected quite a few items in their lifespan.

No. 500579

Did Paul go to college or has he been working full time since he was 18?

No. 500584

Honestly, I've never been able to figure Janiece out. As I said yesterday in response to someone who said Janiece seems to have genuine fear like a hypochondriac: it seems like that some of the time, but hypochondriacs aren't gleeful about their symptoms. Janiece likes losing weight, she likes it if other people are worried about her and she would like it if doctors would start talking about feeding tubes. Just a doctor telling her that she might need a tube if she goes on like this would make her genuinely HAPPY. Her glee about being sick is up there at the same level as Aubreys, only Janiece isn't even trying to hide it.

I think a diagnosis of factitious disorder would be fitting, even though the reason why she wants to be sick is different for her than it is for Jaquie. The thing about factitious disorder is that people know they are feigning symptoms, but they don't know WHY. There is some sort of inner motivation that makes them want to have the patient/sick role. What this precise motivation IS, can differ for every patient. I think in Janieces case the 'belonging' factors into it somehow, like you already say. The sicker she is, the more she belongs in this spoonie community she feels she should belong to. The fact that her best - and probably only - friend is also a professional spoonie (and even refered to herself like that in the past) probably is cementing that feeling for her. She sees Jaquie is succesful because she has more followers and a higher YT+Patreon income, so if she wants to be succesful, she has to copy Jaquie in some way.

But I also think that Janiece is driven by fear and uncertainty at some level, but I'm not even sure why I think that. Maybe she also feels better about herself if she can control her doctors like Jaquie controls hers: if she can angle for a tube or a port and succeeds in getting what she wants, she probably feels like she can control whatever is going on in her head a little better.

I have to say, I'm more of a research psychologist and my clinical experience is very limited, so I may be out of my league here. I feel confident speculating about diagnostics if I happen to have some experience with that particular diagnosis, but I'm not a profiler, so I'm not really the person to analyse someones personality or deepest motivations.

No. 500586

You'd think if Janjan spent 2 years in pastry school (haha that's a laugh) that jaquie would be picturing Jan working in that field someday? Jan likes popping zits but she didn't go to esthetician school, she went to pastry school. It's not like she was in class 20 years ago. It was like, a year and a half ago. Obvs she didn't make it through enough schooling that her bff even remembers she wanted to be a pastry chef. That's what I got out of that exchange anyways.
I realize jan could have realized she didn't enjoy baking like she thought but girl claims to have earned a 2 year degree in it. Recently.

No. 500587

Anon, you are most def in the right field! Everything you've said makes 100% sense and helps explain a lot about munchie motivation. Have you been around long enough here to know janjans ex did very bad things? Could that factor in to why she has such an intense drive to fit in and enmesh herself with Jaquie, some sort of protective 'bubble' she can sink herself into?

No. 500602

Absolutely. FII is often an 'out' for women (they almost always are women) who somehow cannot make it - whatever the 'it' is. Sometimes it stems from extreme perfectionism, which I think is why we see so much overlap of FII/FD with eating disorders. They hold themself to high standards and cannot succeed at a level where they think they should, so being sick gives them an excuse to not function at the level they would want to be at. Whether that is work-related or in school or as a wife, mother or friend: if they are sick they can still make it seem like they would have made it if only they wouldn't have had the bad luck to get ill like they did.

And where perfectionism is a high bar someone sets themself, for others there is an external 'bar' someone holds them to: their parents had expected more of them, or their professors though they were such a gifted student yet for whatever reason they never made it through university.

There can be all sorts of reasons why someone wouldn't be able to be as succesful (in the broadest sense of the word) as they would want to be. And suffering a terrible trauma can definitely be one of those reasons. Any psychological problem can be one: physical illness doesn't have the same stigma, so it's easier to say you are chronically ill and therefore cannot work (or do whatever it is people would expect of you) than it is to say that you are mentally instable and are afraid to go out into the adult world and work at jobs you don't necessarily like very much to be able to study for one you do. Factitious disorder often develops during puberty or adolescense, when a person should transition from the relatively sheltered world of a teenager to the adult world that is so much harsher and where you are expected to take responsibility for your own actions - including your failures. Being sick relieves you – at least partially – of that responsibility. With Jaquie and Janiece they almost paint a metaphor of this with their love of all things Disney, having favorite colours, the way they let their husband take care of them, etc.

The so called spoonie community I think is full of people who either don't want to grow up or who never got a chance to. It stands to reason Janiece would feel 'safe' there. Plus, she doesn't have any other group that she truly belongs to: she is a christian, but she and Paul don't seem to go to church and she has detached herself from the more fundamentalistic way of thinking she was brought up with. Pauls family doesn't really accept her (at least not fully) and she probably doesn't want to be reminded of her highschool years, so she isn't in contact with any of the friends she had back then. She doesn't work, so there's no colleagues she affiliates with. Her only friend seems to be Jaquie, and she functions as some sort of role model for many chronically ill people, and also seems to move only in spoonie circles.

So what else could she do? Unless she would actively seek out new friends, she basically had no other direction to go than further inside the spoonie community. And frankly, I don't know that she is able to make new friends. She isn't a very likable person. I am really, REALLY sorry she had to go through that trauma and I suspect she was never given the support a person should get after a life-altering traumatic event like that. But that doesn't change the fact that she is not an easy person to go along with. She is high maintenance, entitled, has a rash kind of humor most people simply wouldn't think of as funny and she seems to have no interests or hobbies to speak of that she could bond over with a new prospective friend. Moving closer to Jaquie and insert herself in her community must have been a really attractive option to her. And as she decended further into munchiedom, she must have noticed that the more medical drama she had, the more people watched her videos and the more comments she got. So I think for her, getting a diagnosis or even a doctor expressing worry, must feel like this immense validation that she does belong in that community because she is really sick.

And I think THAT is the 'glee' that we see. She knows it is inappropriate to be happy about being sick, but she also knows that being sick will get her closer to that which she desires so, so badly, so she just can't help showing her relief and joy whenever a test shows that there might actually be something wrong.

Now, I also think that for Janiece the way she feels about her body is factoring into this. I think she is hypervigilant about anything that does on in her body and maybe there's also a somatoform factor in all of this. Because Janiece wants to be ill. And although I did not like the kind of 'mystical spin' that one of her commenters that was featured here a few days ago puts on it, in a way they were right when they said that "your body is hearing what you are saying". If you expect to become even sicker, chances are that you WILL become sicker. That's just how the body works. It even has it's own name: the nocebo effect, which is the opposite as the placebo. In the placebo effect, your symptoms get better because you expect them to. (And many other factors that I won't go into right now). With the nocebo effect, your symptoms get worse because you expect them to.

Oh, and there’s that odd saviour-complex that Pauls seems to have, so he has taken it upon him to take care of his sick wife. In order to do that, she MUST of course be sick.

But this post is already getting far too long. Those are just my two cents about Janiece. As I said before: I've never really been able to figure her out. I feel there is much more to it, but what I described above I think is definitely one piece of the puzzle.

No. 500609


Well they need a service human

No. 500610

Fascinating analysis, anon.

No. 500616

So the person who can climb her walker to dust can't climb stairs? And she expects people to believe this?

No. 500619

Yup, but it's because "this is the safest way". Because you know she only climbs her walker and dusts the lower and upper shelves when Judd is standing right behind her, holder her walker and ready to catch her when she falls. And she climbed the stairs that way because there was no one in the home to e.g. walk behind her so they could catch her if she lost her balance. She did not do that while Janiece AND Paul where just standing at the feet of the stairs, doing nothing.

O, wait.. it's the other way around, isn't it? I always mix these things up. So hard to keep track of her bullshit. Ya' know, they don't call it complex bullshit disorder for nothing, people!

No. 500623

that makes janiece and the "why" make so much more sense now! Thanks anon

No. 500624

That term is one of the most offensive things to ever come out of these cows mouths. Who says that about their loved one??

No. 500628


No. 500629

O, I almost forgot: I didn't catch this in the screenshots for some reason, but she didn't just sit on her bum when she got to the next step. She folded one leg under her bum, like the way she sits most of the time.

So first she sat down on one step, then she stood up while twisting her body half around, she leaned on her wrist and then her elbow, pulls up her body while going sideways, stands on one leg, folding the other leg under her while sitting herself down on the next step. Then she turns around again, twists her back and neck so she can look behind her with her body facing forward, puts one hand behind her and leans on it, and so on.

If you want to watch it, it's in the vlog starting at about 6.27 minutes. It's really weird to see because it is so bleeping obvious that she is making it HARDER on herself, not easier. A bit like when she kneeled down to lift her walker over the doggie door at Janiece's home. NO common sense whatsoever, 100% for show to make herself look like a poor weak sick girl, and at the same time not realizing that what she is doing is doing exactly the opposite. NO ONE for whom walking up the stairs is actually difficult would do it like that.

No. 500640

I've noticed jaquies "raising awareness" videos have significantly less views than a lot of her normal daily vlogging ones. Wonder how many of her 'normal vlog' views are from people watching specifically to see the train wreck that is Jaquie and they don't give a flying fuck about her feeding tube awareness videos because they don't believe her sob story. It is kinda fascinating to watch

No. 500641

File: 1518372669430.png (220.24 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5734.PNG)

Surprised this doesn't have a snotty comment yet

No. 500644

File: 1518373049981.png (7.53 MB, 2208x1242, E9F81C74-4043-4381-8102-934067…)

I watched the vlog. Some interesting things for sure. At 5:54 Jaquie walks with her walker. I screenshotted it but it’s very quick. There was no sign of unusual gait or no sign at ALL of foot drop. She doesn’t seem like someone who has any struggle at all with walking. She also walks again at 6:50 with absoloutely no struggle or foot drop. You don’t have to watch the whole video but it’s worth watching those parts.

No. 500649

I'm glad you mentioned that. It jumped out at me too, both when she was on the walker and stood up to plop down in the chair, and especially when she stood back up and zoomed off in her walker. She looked like she was moving on fast forward she was so quick with no sign of struggling to get up, no sign of dizziness no sign of footdrop. If she falls all the time like she says she really needs to slow down. You'd think falling a million times would ingrain that in your head but not AJ!

No. 500652

Kek they have a point so it'll be deleted soon I'm sure

No. 500653

I think this is because Janiece is the one that is blogging. Thus, Jaquie doesn't have much, if any control over what is shown. We know if Jaquie was editing it, she would make sure that stuff was edited out.

No. 500654

The only license I've found for Paul is a real estate license. For PI work and investments you have to have an active license. If he's giving investment advice and something goes sour he could go to prison or pay a very hefty fine.

No. 500655

Her gait is completely normal. She even walks a few steps without her walker (when she is walking towards it with her gift for Janiece in her hand) without any difficulty.

Normally, if someone has to use their walker even inside the house and goes as far as to buy a second walker so she can have one upstairs and one downstairs, you'd expect their walking to be pretty bad, wouldn't you? But not for Jaquie. She has NO difficulty with walking, or with getting up from the floor.

I don't think she ever actually films it, but clearly she wouldn't sit on the floor ALL THE FUCKING TIME if it was even remotely difficult for her to get back up. And getting back up from the floor is WAY harder than walking. Look at people who have mild walking issues, like elderly people who's walking still looks pretty normal but they have difficulty walking long distances. People have trouble getting up from the floor LONG before they actually get problems with walking. VERY LONG before that. So we are to assume that it takes her fifteen minutes to get up from the floor and it is a real struggle to her but she still elects to sit down on the floor like 80% of the time? Yeah, right.

No. 500657

File: 1518374165174.png (324.8 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5735.PNG)

Oh the irony. Skinwalker Copycat Jaquie is telling others to be themselves and not be a copy. These cows are too much.

No. 500658

Does he do all this shit at one time, out of one office? Like, someone could hire him as a PI to investigate their dishonest acting spouse, and while they're there get advice about how to hide sorry, invest money to keep it from said spouse, then help them find a new house so they can kick spouse to the curb? Kek maybe Judd needs to hire him…

Although, some of the overlap isn't that unheard of. The private investigator world includes bounty hunters, which deal in bail bonds which are a form of insurance. So a lot of PIs do also have some form of insurance license. Insurance agents also sell investments (though under a dif license than say, auto insurance) and there's quite a bit of licensure overlap in real estate/insurance. With Paul's other license collection I wouldn't be surprised to hear he's also got some form of casualty insurance license. Or will be adding it to the collection. Maybe a license to sell mortgage products while he's at it? So he can be the well-rounded grownup while his wife is the well-rounded munchie attention whore. Perfect

No. 500662


Why would this be easier than just walking up the damn stairs?? Why not face the bannister, hold onto it with both hands and go up one foot at a time?
Oh, because she's got to be "special" and also, bizarrely, prove how mobile she is at the same time.

No. 500664

Janiece did mention before that he does all sorts of things, I believe all for the family business. Real estate, insurance and PI stuff. Maybe even more, I don't know. I don't know what kind of company they have. I also don't know if his income is solely based on the hours he works. For the amount of time he is in the vlogs and goes to doctors or goes out with Janiece pretty much all day, he doesn't seem to work that many hours. If you look at their house and their lifestyle, that doesn't seem to make much sense.

No. 500665

Well gosh. That's a great way to sublux or dislocate something when an arm or leg gives out while twisting around like that! Oh wait.

No. 500667

You're right. I've said I wondered why she didn't just go up backwards on her bum if she was so afraid of falling, but honestly, if she can go up this way, she can also walk. And if she really has such a difficult time tackling the stairs: why haven't they installed a second bannister? If you have trouble walking or any kind of weakness in your legs, having a bannister on either side can really be a game changer.

No. 500673

From their company's Facebook page. I am not sure if posting the link is against the rules… Paul is definitely an okay topic because he regularly vlogs with JanJan but the rest of his family I would guess would be off limits.
>>Paul E.Ibertis
Licensed investigators/partner licensed and private investigation, and license and insurance and 30 states. Experience in background checks, missing persons and in charge of our Orlando area agency.
Description from Nov 2016.

No. 500675

Since people are throwing out analysis of J & J, how about Jaq is the shepherd and Jan is the sheep? Jaq has absolutely no ambition and no motivation to retrieve any normal health, any normal career, or creating a normal family life. Live friends (not anonymous media "friends"), co-workers and even family could easily piece the pieces of her deception and inconsistencies together, can separate the truth from the lies, once around her often enough. I'm guessing even her mother is back in her good graces as long as she toes the line regarding Jaq's illness scheme.

Jaq found a media audience that lets her feel popular and successful (as long as she doesn't read threads like this one) to the degree that she has a half-assed dream of getting a degree in internet media. But she is thwarting even that dream/lie by her obsession for her cyclical rotation of invisible (imaginary?) illnesses. She was out and about within the past week, but now has to crawl up the stairs. Coincidentally she has her AFO appt and her Special K pain injections coming up soon, so she MUST display symptoms. She wraps her media people up in her charade, gleaning sympathy, admiration and praise for soldiering through her gravely discomforting illnesses. (And I have a hunch her reasoning for the YT/IG break is to hook the car-wreck rubberneckers who are addicted to her channels and are having their own withdrawal symptoms—and will subscribe/patreon to be in her loop, once she restarts).

Janiece is her little wannabe sheep who is one part envy, one part admiration (and one part plain stupid) who is jelly of Jaq's "hardships" and she craves that same admiration she sees from Jaq's YT followers/patreons comments and support. Jan is scrambling for a piece of the chronically ill and disabled life so she too can vlog her "victories over CI" and capture some fans, although Jan is more likely to vlog her "failures over CI". She witnesses Jaq's intense satisfaction for a job well done of manipulating doctors and media fans and clearly interprets it as Jaquie being loved and cared for. Absolutely no insight that Jaq has self-injuring behavior and is wasting medical and insurance resources needed by truly ill people or that faking the majority of any true illness has warped her life and family/friend relationships forever. No insight that Jaq isn't following doctor's recommendations for support stockings (which Jan should be wearing also, with her POTS), to follow a prescribed diet, regular PT routine, etc. Jan can't even hold in that big cheesy grin of hers when she talks of hopefully being diagnosed or about how worried people are about her.

What I cannot get a handle on is Judd and Paul endorsing, supporting and lately, jumping in on the vlogging to promote their toddler-behavior wives. What young man sees a happy future for himself in all of this?

No. 500680

I spoke to a paramedic about munchausens once and she told me they had a patient who called 999 multiple times a WEEK and this patient eventually died because they called 999, genuinely needed help for a genuine reason but they didn’t show up for an hour because they didn’t believe it to be urgent.

No. 500682

Is it cyber bullying awareness month or something?? Why all of a sudden are all these cows crowing about being positive and supporting each other and hating on the haters? It's like a fucking Girl Scout campfire koombyah. I'm sure we would all love to think that our opinions here on lolcow are getting to these bitches but I doubt it. The haters must be coming at them from every angle and they can't ignore it anymore. Easy to just NOT read lolcow. But if your charade is up and you're getting it from all your social medias and every which way, and you can't get your asspats without having to also see the hate, that'll be hard for them. Not to mention the dread it must instill in them if they think The people have turned on them and are questioning them a lot more. And because new/potential subs (dollar signs to these cows) might see it and question their authenticity before they get a chance to sub or be a patron, that puts them on the defensive. And it's not like people would change their minds and sub..If you suspected Jaquie was faking before you even watched a video I doubt you'd sub or give her any money. It's a one shot deal, she's gotta get as much money as quickly as possible before people catch on. Thats how all scams work. Cuz once the gig is up, it's up. So, launch an anti bullying campaign and look like a spoonie hero. Double down on the us-against-them sick vs healthy. That's how you end up with rabid fans accusing haters of being jealous of Janjan. Jealous of what, exactly?? Her illnesses? WTF does jan have that anyone that's not a munchie would be jealous of? Gaahhhhhhhh these girls.

Also I feel like "doubters" is a much better word to use than haters??

No. 500684

Silly anon, a second banister makes too much sense and she can't take it out on the town with her for asspats. Jaquie doesn't do basic.

No. 500688

Thank you for the mental image of her making Harlow carry an extra bannister everywhere like a big stick.

No. 500690

Well you could have the image of a service human carrying a bannister around instead! Kek

No. 500692

Gawd I hope Judd would "accidentally" swing it around and clock Jaquie a good one upside the head

No. 500694

Not sure if it's against the rules per se, but I'd say good on you for not posting links or screenshots. Like you say: his family didn't ask for any of this.

That's said. Like that woman discussed yesterday, who also died basically because she cried wolf one too many times. There was also a case quite recently I believe, of a woman who came into the ER and told them she had symptoms X or Y (they were alarming symptoms, I just don't remember what they were) and while she was waiting for the doctor to see her, she went to the bathroom. She didn't come out of there for the longest time, and when they got concerned and finally opened the bathroom door, they found her dead to do a drug overdose. They found all sorts of meds and syringes and other stuff in her handbag that proved that she tried to use the medication to induce symptoms and that she did not intend to OD. Her medical history also revealed that she had been to dozens of hospitals with all sorts of complaints, had explorative surgeries etc., and that past doctors already flagged her for factitious disorder. Maybe they even confronted her at some point, but I don't remember for sure.

So, yes, people most definitely die from it. But I think most of the time the official cause of death is either OD or it is a complication of medical treatment. Factitious disorder often cannot be definitively proven in live patients, so that wouldn't be different for patients who have died.

No. 500696

File: 1518376520094.png (107.03 KB, 638x1092, IMG_4506.PNG)

Haha the campfire feel goodz in the comment section didn't last long. Her commenters are calling out each other now

No. 500697

Also, janiece has replied to almost every.single.comment on today's vlog. Jaquies gotta be busy doing something else or her own project because a narcissist like her wouldn't be too thrilled to be ignored while jan interacts with her spoonie following.

No. 500699


This picture makes me happy because Harlow and Orion get to hang out with other dogs for once.

No. 500710

Orion lives with another dog. Harlow doesn't get anywhere near the exercise and interaction she needs though I agree with that.

No. 500721

In response to these I made some similar points on my analysis but went at it from the prospective of personality, a bit long but some relevant points to add >>500029
Kind of got lost behind all the saged posts but I ld like to recirculate my ideas

No. 500734

File: 1518381061986.png (372.97 KB, 750x1334, ED39F4FD-C9A7-4BF7-B38A-EAD95C…)

Part 1 Skinwalker getting called out for starving herself

No. 500736

File: 1518381097007.png (241.8 KB, 750x1334, DBF200DF-8EAD-4457-BB12-F0A72B…)

Part 2

No. 500737

She did an IG story about it yesterday and today. If there is a way to post something like that I am too dumb. Yesterday it was in writing and today she basically mocks them with a song (that I do not recognize) Super mature. She is rivaling Janiece in maturity and ability to navigate social media.

No. 500739

File: 1518381388889.png (235.58 KB, 750x1334, A12C2181-7972-4F70-B757-8467A8…)

Part 3
the highlights
How dare you I do not have an ed
Mentions malnutrition and how her body is fighting 24/7–> a mary reveference to a body with cf that actually does have systems fighting 24/7 to lose weight

Also malnutrition is the result of the wait loss it didn’t cause it idiot.

Malabsorption as well from the gp or whatever

Finally claims she can complain Bc she didn’t choose this etc, I find her response rediculous Bc she chooses to munch her way into illness just like some ppl chose to not fight there ed behaviors she’s no better than any other munchie who’s complaining about a thin body for asspats ffs she’s not even ana chan skinny

Just like janiece yea your thinnER but not emaciated, these women’s perceptions of themselves is warped

No. 500750

And one of the causes of GP is an ED.

Maybe I'm wrong but it seems like most people who have lost a lot of weight from genuine health issues (aside from an ED which is genuine but doesn't apply here as it is entangled in body image) don't go around always pulling their shirts up and posting pics of "how much weight they've lost" or "how skinny" they have gotten unless they are having body image issues. Most people wouldn't feel the need to call attention to it because if you're actually malnourished and gonna die without TPN guess what, you look like SHIT. You don't need to tell people and you certainly don't have the energy to post pics of yourself pulling your shirt up and soaking in the asspats.

I like how she said she'd be 100% happy again when she's 100% healthy again but that will never happen then proceeds to talk about how positive she is. eyeroll

No. 500765

I hate when there's no milk and somehow skinwalker always shows up. This isn't her thread. It's one thing if she's posting about Jaquie but jfc no one cares about her eating disorder

No. 500770

I couldn't agree more with your theory that it absolves of responsibility.

I've noticed a real profile amongst these munchies. They are fully grown women in every sense; physically, chronologically, developmentally (ie no Intellectual Disability like Down Syndrome).

But they live as Girls not women. It may not seem like much, but bear with me. Here's a collection of traits I am consistently noticing amongst these women in the spoonie community.

-Women, but refer to themselves as girls (eg. Aubrey's YT is 'chronicles of a chronically ill girl')

No. 500776

It called Jaquie's Munchie Academy for a reason, bitchfag. If she isn't a graduate with honors, I don't know who else possibly could be.

No. 500783

Sorry, had a major glitch. Post continued.

-Women, but present as girls

-De sexualised. Sex sells in every possible arena except when it comes to this spoonie concept. It's as de sexualised as possible. Continued

-Good girl image. No swearing, no sexual innuendo, no adult jokes, no discussion of sexuality in any way, shape or form. When Jaquie swore in a recent vlog, her followers lost their minds.

-No partying, no drugs, no alcohol. Not because of their illness but because they wouldn't do something like that

-Dress sense. Again, like a young teenage girl-tween. Leggings, patterned, pink. Modest. Headbands. Basic makeup. They try to look younger.

- Merchandise. It's tween and teenage girls who go crazy for merchandise, like One Direction posters and matching t shirts etc.

These women do it with sick merchandise. The Barbie chairs, the backpacks, the rainbow feed bags. Adult women with illnesses usually want to be as discreet as possible, you wouldn't even know they had lines or pegs etc.

But the Munchie girl not only wants everyone to know, but it has to match too. It's a formation of their identity.

-No hobbies or pursuits other than illness. If they vlog, or blog, or photograph, it's just illness related. They aren't studying on the side in the hopes to become well enough to work an accessible, flexible job, have a career. Its just…illness.

-Escaping reality. Every time something isn't going their way, they have a medical emergency. Same if the attention isn't on them.

I knew a munchie who was one of the worst (she photographed herself with an iPod cord in her nose and pretended it was an NG).

Her Dad was going away for his Birthday with his new girlfriend. She told him that if he went, she wouldn't eat.

She went on food strike, got admitted.

And he still went away, which was glorious.

Feel free to add to the Munchie Girl Personality Profile.

No. 500794

Kek I know munchies have a mental disorder and it shouldn't be funny but the mental image of someone putting a phone charger cord up their nose and passing it off as an ng tube is hilarious

No. 500797


And doing this with her phone in one hand!

No. 500798

I agree especially because the ed route is likely how both jaqui, janiece and now amanda have got here, all three have manipulated there intake and lied to viewers in order to appear sick.

Also the need to appear as though she doesn’t have an ed is similar to jaq in how she claims to not have any mental illness

Both vehemently deny accusations that poke holes in there chronic persona

No. 500799

Maybe she's so strung out on all her meds she really doesn't realize how absolutely ridiculous she looks. That's how I go up the stairs! (Said no one, ever)

No. 500800

Haha the phone clutched in her hand. The munchie equivilant of a frat boy passing out and not spilling his beer. Hashtag priorities

No. 500802

It seems that Jaquie was really rattled by whatever happened around the time that Julian split. That seems to be when the vlogcations started, and in Jan's vlog today, other than her stupid staircase show, she seemed dismissive of health banter with Jan.

No. 500804

File: 1518385523115.png (1.28 MB, 1334x750, FBF5B401-30A2-4F14-A91D-0DA995…)

Oh the excitement of being sick, you think she’d dial down the shit eating grin after all these hater comments…. nope, couldn’t be happier to be sick with jaq!

No. 500816

I'd be rattled too if I'd befriended someone, hijacked a bunch of health conditions from them, then was found out and cut out of that persons life. If he knows the truth about her "illnesses" and quit talking to her she's gotta feel like the sky could fall at any time if he decides to talk.
Julian posted that thing about being positive despite your illnesses and suddenly jaquies full of positivity and living life. She could be trying to get in his good graces and show him she's trying to change. Not that she's capable but-

No. 500832


Adding to the MGPP:

- Husband or boyfriend who is more like a carer (I get that partners are often carers for their sick spouses, but I mean the lack of romance/spark/contact shown, only "Get me this"/"Peeeterrrrrr…..")

- The same brands as every other Munchie Girl. You can't be a real munchie if your feed backpack isn't Vibedration or your leggings aren't wherever the hell Jaq gets hers

- ENDLESS POSITIVITY. Normal people with chronic illnesses get depressed about it, they have to adapt to their new situation (which can be changing all the time). But Munchie Girl takes it in her stride with a big gaping smile and a thumbs up, she's plucky like that.

No. 500833


Oh, and I forgot


No. 500834

That’s believeble it’s likely that he knows more than what he has said here, I wonder if he straight up confronted her

I would love to see how she responded immediately after someone confronts her with information that points to her taking not like a YouTube comment call out but an in person one from someone she trusts

No. 500838


In my mind, it's "immediately feigns anaphylaxis".

No. 500842

Kek that being one of the most questionable thing that happens to her. Feigns anaphylaxis and begins violently scratching face to appear red. (Not a hive in sight)

No. 500843

You’re right on the money anon.

No. 500845

Not well.

No. 500848

I know we want the milk from him but good on him if he doesn't share her business. Think of how terrifying it would be knowing you had a fight with a friend that knows all your secrets (normal people secrets not lying cow) and there's nothing to stop them from sharing your business all over the internet. Now imagine how much MORE terrifying if the dirt they had on you was that you were exploiting and defrauding people via your business and you could go to jail. Holy shit.

No. 500852

Ooooh to have been a fly on THAT wall! Kek

But seriously, confronting someone like Jaquie has to be really difficult so kudos to anyone with the guts to do it

No. 500853

She wouldn’t have to be terrified if she wasn’t doing something wrong. Point blank. However, I don’t think Jaquie quite understands her far reaching damage or what exactly she’s doing. It’s so hard to say for me. Sometimes she seems self aware and able to get what she wants, when she wants, and then other times she doesn’t understand the basics of human emotion and how she could’ve possibly hurt your feelings. Or maybe it’s a concept she didn’t grasp. I personally believe she put herself around others who were chronically ill and then started to also believe she felt those same symptoms. The way she shamelessly showcases herself tells me that she doesn’t quite realize her demeanor and that she just picked the behaviors up. But obviously your friends wouldn’t take well to this kind of stuff, so you’re bound to be called out eventually. If you’re around anyone intuitive or even half intelligent, they’ll pick up. Janiece doesn’t care because she’s so similar to her, but in her own way. Not the same way as Jaquie.
Hope this helps.

No. 500859

It does help, thank you anon. I hope more people around her see through it and say something. She needs help and there's no chance of her getting it if she's surrounded by enablers. Her and janiece are gonna feed off each other til there's nothing left but the pill shells in janjans poop.

No. 500861

You’re welcome. Wish I could say more. But I can’t.
You guys understand that though.
I agree. She needs the help. Wish she would get it.

No. 500862

Kek nice work anon, the screen cap with the munchie grin and CC that says the word "sick" 4 times in one sentence perfectly sums up Janjan! She's a whack job.

No. 500865

I still think she's a sociopath and the reason she doesn't understand human emotions is because she doesn't actually have them like the rest of us do. She can fake them at times but then at other times reactions are truly beyond her grasp. I am not saying she isn't smart. I am just saying she's empty and doesn't care.

No. 500868

Actually her being a sociopath is kind of exactly what I was saying. She uses people. Everyone in her life serves her a purpose. That’s all I’m gonna say.
But yeah, she doesn’t really display much emotion, only when needed. She pretty much is a benefit her self type of person. Which is sociopathic. I don’t know per say she’s full blown but definitely has the tendacies. Her lack of empathy and emotions is different than Autism. While Autistic people COULD be manipulative and have been, it’s rarer.. and not to the extent she manipulates.
So yeah!

No. 500872

Ugh I feel awful for everyone around Jaquie that gets sucked into her bullshit, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Sociopaths can be very charming, that's how they get away with it. It can be hard to shake free of their grasp but quite the achievement to manage to do it

No. 500874

That perfectly explains why when she met Judd she said he "fit her agenda". And that didn't seem to bother him at all..but he doesn't mind being called a service human either so who the hell knows how shitty he's willing to be treated.

No. 500877

Yeah. It was very convincing at first. It takes a while to catch on especially if you have an interaction with someone like her in person. It really starts to blur the lines between reality and fantasy.

No. 500878

Has there ever been a sighting of Janjan putting her pastry school education to use? Cookies? A cake? Anything? She seems oddly detached from food (unless it's dole whips, does that even count as a good??) so baking is such a head scratching education choice for her to have made

No. 500881

Thats why she's doing so much damage around her. People in her orbit stop being able to distinguish what's real and what's not and start to question their own reality. Perfect example is janjan. Good on you for getting out without losing your mind. I wish we could all hug you.

No. 500883


Do you reckon Janiece was just a regular human with a history of ear problems before she met Jaq? How can Paul not see that?

No. 500888

Sometimes it's hard to see people change when you see them every day. But if Paul (or Judd for that matter) were to go back and watch really old vlogs maybe he'd pick up on something.

Question for Julian. If Jaquie was to quit vlogging and get LOTS of help (like inpatient level as long as it takes) and take active steps daily to be a less shitty human being would you ever be her friend in any form again?

No. 500889

I would fully support it and stand by. Probably offer some help, but not sure I could ever trust her again. It’s hard to answer. But the trust would be the biggest thing. Even if I did it’d take a long time to build back up.

No. 500896


You don't have to answer this if it's going to incriminate you (or even if you just don't want to). Did Jaq directly mimic some of your symptoms? I understand you have nerve damage so that might have been where her "drop foot" came from.

No. 500915

Won’t go into details,
But let’s just say the turning point in the friendship was her getting the custom chair right after me.
And we can also say,
She didn’t know what foot drop was before she met me.

No. 500920

It's obvious you've thought a lot about this, and very commendable that you recognize it's possible to lend support to someone without trusting them or wanting anything to do with them, while still wishing them the best. The measure of character isn't how one treats friends, but enemies. (Not that Jaqs your enemy but you know what I mean)

No. 500922

Kek I'm not sure she knows what foot drop is still

No. 500923

We understand. We appreciate anything you can tell us.

That moment when you realized what Jaquie's intentions were must have been awful. You get a custom wheel chair, she all of a sudden has a need for a custom wheel chair. She learns what foot drop is, and all of a sudden, she has foot drop.

It's like she doesn't have a true "sense" of who she is and must copy all these aspects of others in order to gain that sense of self. If that makes any sense.

No. 500925

>>500920 Do you have any insight onto how she is getting her doctors to prescribe all this completely unnecessary stuff for her?

No. 500929

I'm sorry you've had to deal with her.
I'm not sorry that she's being called out like this, she totally deserves it.
She deserves this kind of doubt and humiliation because she's taken advantage of so many people, lied to so many, and continues to corrupt so many more.
I hope, when it finally happens, when she finally gets called out in a way that can't be refuted, that she realizes the damage she's done. She can't ever come back from this. She has dug such a deep hole that after everything crashes around her, she won't be able to get anyone to believe her. She won't be able to say or do anything without people doubting her. She'll be constantly looking over her shoulder, and that's what she deserves.

No. 500930

Jaquies like a sponge, soaking it all up. But like the Today's Sponge kind that got banned because she gave everyone nasty infections. (Haha sry, I'm old, google it if you don't know what that is)

No. 500936

If she ever gets caught she will hopefully do at least a little jail time. Insurance fraud is a really, really big deal. And if she's faking or even exaggerating her illnesses on the insurance company's dime they won't be too happy about funding it. Although Tricare–do military spouses get military court too or civilian? Karmas a bitch. I'd love to see her have a sentencing hearing in open court where everyone she's wronged gets to confront her and tell her how she mentally mind fucked them and tried to derail their lives.

No. 500937

Kek I can't wait to see the shenanigans j and j get up to in tomorrow's vlog. Will they move from the couch?? How many times will they discuss being sick? Will janiece still have GI symptoms or will she forget she's supposed to be sick <dry cough dry cough>

No. 500938

I'm sure it's regular open court for Jaquie.

No. 500939

I’ve been wanting to go down this path with jaqui. Both psychopath and sociopath share the same diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder - which could involve many traits an aspects that jaqui attributes to muh autism

The difference is a psychopath is born and a sociopath is made as a result of situation or physical trauma to the head

Jaqui if her illnesses aren’t real would match up with a lot of the criteria:
Regularly breaking law - disclose agreements, and getting money for fake diseases
Losing and discovering friends and family and in general, others like her audience
Does not consider safety of others - puts information that makes it easy to find her and Judd

And more, the only thing that doesn’t fit is that psychopath and sociopath are often impulsive where she seems more calculated.(don't armchair)

No. 500940

Although that could be argued because while they are impulsive, some psycho/sociopaths can also be incredibly calculating and pattern driven. (Makes me think of some of the Criminal Minds cases)

No. 500941

This anons well thought out post about how Jaquie could un-munchie herself gracefully (if there is such a thing) makes so much sense. I hope Jaquie lurks here and sees it and sees there IS a way out if she can just take the first step toward it. Although if she's a sociopath rather than a munchie am I correct in assuming these steps would not apply and there isn't really a path for her to follow to try to make things right?

No. 500944


Thanks. I'm so sorry she used your friendship like that.

No. 500954

I find it bizarre that Jaquie doesn't give out her email because of her weird stranger danger but doesn't give a fuck that her snail mail address is out there for anyone with half a brain to find.

Kek but if she's in prison just think of the fan mail she'll have pouring in.

No. 500955

Unlucky for her my degree is in psychology and I’ve researched/written many papers on antisocial personality disorder. While everything you said is right with particular things they can be very cold and calculated. Especially when it comes to something they want. Unfortunately a lot of them suffer from anger/rage or child like tendacies if they don’t get what they want which can lead to impulsive behavior.
It can be hard to recognize you’re dealing with a sociopath in person unfortunately. They aren’t the type of people you ever see in therapy. Usually just getting in trouble. But hey maybe now that I’ve been up and close I’ll write my dissertation or a case study about this.

No. 500964

Anger/rage and childlike tendencies…like her temper tantrums she throws and blames on her autism?

No. 500969

It’s seen often in sociopaths especially. Sometimes they regress and do strange things. There’s been a lot of study on it. This is because they usually have had some type of detrimental trauma happen in childhood their brain couldn’t deal with. But occasionally when they don’t get their way, (because a sociopath ALWAYS wants to get their way), that’s when they can turn impulsive, reckless, angry, or regress to something childlike that resembles their past. Sometimes they even emulate things from childhood to cope, it’s seen a lot when sociopaths murder or become serial killers.

No. 500970

Honestly I'd love to see this kind of dissertation written from the viewpoint of someone who actually has chronic illnesses. This would be an interesting read, and I can just imagine Jaquie reading it, not knowing it was about her, and being like "Omg right!? People are crazy."

I do think it's very interesting how many munchies will adamantly reject the idea of mental illness. It's common amongst people with chronic illness so honestly they're more likely to stick out with their unerring positivity and lack of mental health issues.

No. 500982

Oh the irony that them being so steadfast in NOT HAVING MENTAL ILLNESS is what shows their true munchie colors. It's very abnormal to not struggle mentally when you are legitimately that sick. Not to mention that the "chronic illnesses" munchies favor also have symptoms that directly relate to mental health and the meds can also alter moods. So for all of them to be on top top shape mentally?? No. Never gonna happen.

I hate the damage these cows are doing when there's already such a stigma about mental illness and here they are making it even worse.

No. 500988

When she got tested for Autism, if she actually did, it seemed like they were testing for Autism and not testing to make sure it's not something else? It seemed like they were so sure it was Autism that they didn't even think it was anything else.

I'm just putting this tidbit in here because I feel like it is relevant. I had to get tested for personality disorders when I was getting tested for Autism. This is because personality disorders can masquerade as Autism.

It should absolutely be a requirement that all adults getting tested for ASD must also get tested for personality disorders. I really believe that if they would have tested to make sure AJ didn't have a personality disorder masquerading as Autism, I believe they would have caught it. I could be wrong though. They could have tested her for personality disorders and they didn't catch it.

No. 500991

She got what’s called a full neuropsych examination. This test includes math, personality assessment, reading skills, IQ, working memory, and it could even show a neuropsychologist if you have certain conditions like Alzheimer’s/dementia, or if you’re brain was affected by MS or something of the sorts. This test is often used to determine Autism. It could basically tell you any disorder mentally you have going on except probably antisocial personality disorder. Because they are the type of individuals who would just sway the entire test to whatever results they wanted to come out.

No. 500993


psych anon, your mentioning of not getting what they want leading to impulsive behaviour…. are you lurking in the general Munchies thread because there was an instance of that this week that was glaringly obvious.

No. 500994


kek which is why she came out "autistic"

No. 501000

No I don’t go on the general thread. Just this one.
I’m not Psych anon. Although I guess I am one now lol.
I’m just……
“Someone” that knew Jaq

No. 501008

Kek interesting… For some reason I always figured brochure anon and julian were one and the same. Idk why.
Shows how much I know

No. 501011

Ahahaha. I wish my editing skills were that good. But no unfortunately I’m not as tech savvy as brochure anon.

No. 501012


Sorry, I misread and didn't realise you were the same person.

There's a girl who really wants to be Jaquie in the general thread (or get her level of YouTube income). She was desperate for a button instead of danger tube but they wouldn't give her one…. two days later she's in the ER having ripped out HER ENTIRE GJ TUBE. "By accident". I don't think it takes a psych to work out what's happened there.

No. 501022

Wow. Wtf?????

No. 501024

I'm almost flattered.
I'm glad we have something like this for if Jaq ever does wind up being prosecuted for insurance fraud etc. the internet can be really helpful in providing information because a lot of people (like Jaquie) think they can never be caught and put everything out there.

It'd be hard to refute any of the stuff that would be brought against her because nothing on the internet is ever really gone, even if she were to delete her channel.

As a side note, I think it'd be worth it to download and save some of her milkiest videos/images in case she ever does try to disappear.
-Brochure Anon

No. 501038

Kek how do we go about figuring out which vlogs and instas are the most milky? Jaquie lives in a milk bath. She's all pruney. That's why jan-can gets the shits when she feeds off Jaquie

No. 501041

That is also true. I think the "About My Chronic Illnesses" is definitely one to keep, because that's one that is uses to consistently debunk what she says.

No. 501045

Was this a recent thing, like around the jtube surgery time? (If you feel ok answering)

There was lots of speculation about some major event transpiring shortly after she got home from hospital/took the <first> vlog break that caused her to come back as the new and improved Jaquie

No. 501053

She better hope she never gets caught or prosecuted. This case would be a slam dunk with all the video evidence available. Unless she pleaded insanity and then it would actually be in her favor to have all the vlogs as evidence. She's conniving and calculated enough that it's not outside the realm of possibility that she's already thought of all possible outcomes. She just thinks she's too smart to get caught but doesn't mean she doesn't have a contingency plan.

No. 501064

And getting an insanity plea is EXTREMELY difficult. You would either have to a) have some serious psychosis going on or b) have a brain tumor that would cause the behavior.

No. 501068


don't give her ideas!

No. 501069

File: 1518406213824.png (116.61 KB, 640x616, IMG_4510.PNG)

Jan replied. Girl can't have a single thought that's not OTT. Commenter suggested walking. Said it helped her alot.
Jan responds with she's not ready to work out yet. They didn't suggest you do cardio and run a mile uphill, just that you go for a slow walk. JFC

It's gonna be hilarious if all her diagnosis shopping uncovers a real problem she DIDNT want to be diagnosed with, with a treatment she will not enjoy or get asspats from. She's gonna have a hard time brushing it aside like the gastritis/IBS/anal muscle issues since she's made the last 2 weeks of vlogs solely about her GI issues and "getting answers". Now The People want answers.

No. 501074


She really has been studying the Jaquie rule book! "Everyone is different!". Yes, but unless your body is SO super unique, the basics like drinking more water and taking a little more exercise won't kill you.

No. 501077

File: 1518406885182.png (123.55 KB, 640x660, IMG_4513.PNG)

Assuming she means the boat ride and her vestibular issues?? because a safari causing trouble is quite bizarre. But then, she can go on Disney rides no prob and says she has muscle pain from something that doesn't cause muscle pain. Who knows. She's as adjustable as Jaquie.

No. 501081

File: 1518407067926.png (44.69 KB, 625x330, IMG_4515.PNG)

Guessing this is a creative troll? Tanglin buttholes
Kek if not, what an unfortunately chosen username

No. 501085

Kek she's jaquies star pupil!

No. 501087

File: 1518407191435.png (116.81 KB, 2412x450, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.4…)

Don't think anyone posted this yet…

Sure, Jan. You should definitely have a feeding tube because you're soooo malnourished.

No. 501090

File: 1518407330711.png (79.55 KB, 1142x398, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.4…)

And this one. Look out guys! Lime Green Munchie Machine coming soon!

Which makes me rage because she has absolutely NO reason for a wheelchair. At least Jaquie fakes EDS and such, Jan doesn't have anything that would warrant a wheelchair.

No. 501096

Jeeeesus h. She'll never walk again if she gets a wheelchair, her muscles will atrophy so bad! At least Jaquie is home alone a lot so she can eat and move around freely with no chance of being caught.

No. 501106

At about 1:50 in (after the kinda offensive fake funeral for her hair straightener) she legit runs up a staircase full speed. While vlogging. This was in October. Right around that timeframe she had also floated the idea of a custom wheelchair. Looks like she needs one (eyeroll)

No. 501138


I'm a dumbass who can't work out how to post a picture but this is from Orion's insta from the day they went to Universal. I'm kind of shocked at how slim JanJan's legs are given her ever present double chin. Not malnourished skinny, just normal healthy slim that doesn't match the weight she carries in her face. Having the vlogging camera right up in her face every video is not a flattering portrayal of her actual body shape.

No. 501142

File: 1518411559028.png (174.46 KB, 750x794, IMG_0526.PNG)

Dear mother of potatoes. Does she genuinely believe fhat her folllowers are So stupid, they would believe that she serves vegetables on her plate and doesn't eat them?

At best that is the most wasteful thing I've ever heard (if it were true so…I sleep easier)

This is on her 'back to back dr apps' vlog, the latest one.

Image 1 of 2

No. 501143


Is she on predisolone? That can give you moon face if you take it for long enough.

No. 501145

File: 1518411596154.png (73.89 KB, 750x401, IMG_0525.PNG)


Image 2 of 2

No. 501147

Yeah she is on pred and yes she potentially has the moon face (from someone with a current pred moon face) but it could also be a bulimic face. I personally have no experience or expertise insporting this though

No. 501149

What. The. Absolute. Fuck. She has completely lost the plot. Is this the beginning of the end? I know that seems OTT but I literally cannot comprehend for even a split second why anyone would do that let alone expect anyone to believe it. She is an adult and she cooks her own food and serves herself. Why????? Jaquie? And HOW does that make sense?

No. 501157


Do you know how long she's been on it? Because the moon face has been around longer than the terminal dry cough.

No. 501160


She definitely eats them, why else would she put them on her plate? That's a step away from the ol' chew-and-spit. Or else she eats then vomits it up/"vents" so she doesn't aggravate her GP. If she even has it….

No. 501165

Kek yeah why on earth would she put them on her plate if she KNOWS she can't eat them? Because she thinks they look pretty?

No. 501168

Her face has always looked like that in my opinion. It's disproportionate to the size of her body. Kek although ironic she's attending jaquies school of bad acting. Most actors have GIANT heads compared to their body because they fill the frame better. Jan got something right at least.

No. 501170

I don't think it's OTT (and still laughing about the first 3 sentences of your response), Jaquie seems WAY out there lately and she's got so many lies and stories at this point, she can't keep straight what's what. AND she has haters to deal with, I think it's really messing with her carefully controlled world and throwing her off balance, hence the spiral.

No. 501172

Oh but she can't vent through her toob guys, it'll clog. Dr. Jaquie said so.

No. 501174

She's basically become the Ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail. So caught up in her lies that she's making new ones without realizing they interfere with her old ones.

No. 501189


kek, she needs to study the googledoc

No. 501210

It's not about "working out" you dill, it's about walking, it's about building up strength. First you walk to the letter box, next you walk to next door, then the end of the street.

So passive aggressive and overall bonkers!

No. 501219

How can her current team not be helping much, are unsure how to proceed and they are looking into other options when SHE walked out on an important diagnostic test (ct scan) and her "team" has ordered a shit-ton of tests that she hasn't even gotten the results from yet? She wants a diagnosis so frantically she can't even wait for the labs to confirm or deny it before already looking for the next doctor to be a dick to?? Ok janiece.

No. 501220

Perfect example because Jaquie IS a snake

No. 501226

For someone who has Autism, Jaquie rarely ever stims, and she is always so, so still.

No. 501228

How are cucumbers okay but other veggies are not? Once again, jaquie’s story doesn’t add up.
She doesn’t have GP, by her own admission her gastric emptying test came back normal. Not to mention all the shit you can see her eating on her vlogs. I’m sure she stuffs her face with all sorts of food stuffs when the camera’s off, she maintains her weight while on an infants amount of feeds through her tube.

No. 501231

She’s also doctor shopping, which she undoubtedly learned from jaq. Her current doctors aren’t doing what she wants, probably she begged for a picc line or a port, and home infusions, and her doctor didn’t give it a to her. So it’s off to find a new doc that’ll give her the the unnecessary treatment she wants.