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File: 1518725688650.jpg (160.01 KB, 1296x1126, ManipJAq.jpg)

No. 504054

Jaquie Blake Beckwith, AKA chronically_jaquie, is one of the general Munchausen's/OTT thread’s (current thread >>>/snow/498309) Munchie Queens.

That's right Munchies! For the low price of "your soul" Adjustable Jaquie herself will teach you the ins and outs of lying to your doctors to get exactly what you want!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chronically_jaquie
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helper_dog_harlow
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKaX0dQwEUgTafzCZ2yEjUQ
new Google Doc spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NSkEmPhXjkaO2q0MjJ3NUAPwwZv7tGff2VCJrOUp598/edit#gid=0

- She has a Patreon for people to pay her to be "sick".
- She appears to have maybe? a few genuine illnesses, but overall contradicts herself 99% of the time.
- She has two newly-separated button tubes but shoves crap food into her pie hole most of the day. Claims she cannot tolerate her formula, and has to get a special type, but can eat fried crap.
- She has a service dog (Harlow) who does tasks that she is quite capable of doing (like grabbing a blanket across the room).
- Her service dog does not get worked the way a service dog should.
- She will not respond to messages online (except on her Patreon) because of "safety issues" (though we're pretty sure it's because she wants money to talk to her).
- She will not allow people to send her mail because she is too sick.
- Refers to herself as a "genetic anomaly".
- Claims to have EDS, POTS, MCAS, narcolepsy, cataplexy, autism, unspecified immune problems, a mutated mitochondria, Complex Bullshit Disorder, and too many other things. Surprisingly, Factitious Disorder is not on her list.
- She appears to be copying Mary Frey, but has skin walkers and Jaquie wannabes that follow her every move.
- She loves her pain medications Special K, Tor-uh-dawl, and di-lah-dud.

She enjoys deleting comments that call her out, and has an excuse or explanation for everything, something that is found psychologically in pathological liars.

Everyone is "sick" of her lies. Feel free to discuss her to your heart's content.

Previous thread >>>/snow/494393

No. 504070

Oh brochure anon, you are the best! Hilarious new pic.

No. 504071


bless you, brochure anon

No. 504099

It's. So. Beautiful.

No. 504112

Once again, Brochure Anon does not disappoint. And I was just thinking how you were going to outdo your last masterpiece, which I like to call “The Keep Moving Forward GIF” which I probably watched a minimum of 50 times. Maybe more. Hard to say. This is indeed lovely.

No. 504131

"The Keep Moving Forward GIF" …. TOP kek anon.

No. 504133

Keep moving forward, even if there's a wall! LOL Anon.

No. 504149

I 100% think Jaq is reading the boards… Finally saying her heart rate is in the 160s (its not or else she would be short of breath) but she finally learned from the boards that in your 20s a high heart rate is actually above 160. I love how she assumes her heart rate is that high but did she ever check it and show anyone… Nope. This video is full of lies and more lies from the comfort of her adjustable bed.

No. 504159

There have been lot of coincidences lately, including her magically offering a recipe for today's pulled pork after other anons yesterday mentioned her fried rice lie.

No. 504169

Hah! Kek and her super low blood sugars in the 70s and 80s… which her magical service dog just happens to alert her to. Hold on… ok sorry had to pull my rolled eyeballs out from the back of my head.

Oh and sick face was extra today. She looks like maybe she’s going through withdrawal - which would explain her POTS being so bad, extra nausea, looking like shit (o, wait that’s daily for her)… if you’ve ever see someone in withdrawal before, that’s what she looked like in today’s shit parade.

Me thinks she’s confusing her sooper bad symptoms with super bad jonesin’ for her next lala fix.

No. 504173

I saw an opportunity in today's vlog and I sprinted with it. I really hope Jaquie enjoys it when she reads here.

In other news, I wish I could afford that bougie CBD oil she bought. Jeeesus.

$149.95 a bottle and she "doesn't even know if it will work". For fucks sake, buy something like Pure Kana to start with, a high quality but relatively cheap CBD oil.
It wouldn't surprise me if she gets Charlotte's Web considering how freaking extra she is.
(Sage for cbd fag)

No. 504177

So I watched an old 'Frey Life' video earlier and Oliver is trained to alert Mary at blood sugars of 70 and below. So Harlow does the same, Another coincidence?

No. 504189

When she said that she talked to Judd and he said she had continue using it twice a day until the bottle was gone and then she could try another brand if it hadn't made a difference it certainly leads one to believe that she called him hoping to order a different brand today. How much do you wanna bet she has a "reaction" to an ingredient that is in the brand she has now but isn't in the Lazarus brand she's jonesing for so that she can get it ASAP. She just wants a high and nothing will compare to that sweet sweet special K and Dilly. She could smoke weed and it wouldn't be enough compared to what she is searching for.

No. 504190

File: 1518732431118.png (137.09 KB, 749x725, IMG_0671.PNG)

I live in Australia hence know nothing about CBD oil or anything else because our Govenmennt sucks. Anyway, any CBD/Hemp fags out there able to shed any insight into this? Did she really only buy hemp oil?

Also, can't you guys get a prescription for medical marijuana? Wouldn't she just…do that?

Pic 1 of 2

No. 504203

Australia note: its use is now legal for chronic pain conditions here. Only some drs can prescribe it then you get a license to import.

No. 504216


Only selected states and territories, and particular conditions depending on the state/territory.

No. 504226


Each state is different, but from what I gathered from a quick search is that mmj is legal in Florida for these conditions:
cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, positive status for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Crohn's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic nonmalignant pain caused by a qualifying medical condition or that originates from a qualified medical condition or other debilitating medical conditions comparable to those listed.

No. 504232

I need to look into it myself for Victoria.

No. 504251

Kek the best part of the whole thing is it just shows how stupid she thinks her audience is. Because very few dogs can actually do diabetic alert. It’s not really a “teachable” task but more of a natural ability that you can fine tune with a very regimented and rigorous blood glucose alert training process once the dog has shown signs that it could possibly do that type of scent work. So, it’s very rare and it’s the reason why trained diabetic alert dogs are upward of $20K… so the likelihood of Harlow actually doing an alert to Jaquie’s “lows” is like slim to none. Also her lows are like low normal so even a real diabetic alert dog would likely not alert to her. So, again… Jaquie’s a fucking moron and thinks her viewers are slobbering clueless fucks. Slurp.

No. 504264

Not only that but Harlow is always in her face, nudging her, bumping her, half the time she has no idea what Harlow wants (probably some attention for fucks sake) I think Jaquie has a symptom or an episode after one of Harlows 90 nudges a day and then correlates that as an alert.

No. 504266

File: 1518736516871.jpeg (2.11 MB, 1242x1846, 1EC81FCA-A67C-49D5-B0C8-73F448…)

Oh almost forgot. Skinwalker got her “custom lightweight wheelchair” today and while not an exact replica to the OG Barbie Car, it’s eerily similar… I think the only difference is the color… so yeah basically another act of worship to Queen Munch. How cute. They can ride around together now with matching doggies, Barbie Cars, patches, smartdrives, adjustable beds, Bravesoul blankets, low-profile buh-uns, backpacks, saline bag covers, feeding pumps, feeding bags, IV Benadryl, uhh what did I miss? Wow it’s super creepy now that I see it all spelled out. They could start a wheelchair gang and get matching leather jackets.

No. 504272

That and since she prepares her raw meals with unsanitary methods she probably just looks like a giant t-bone to Harlow.

No. 504278

I doubt Mary Frey has a true diabetic alert dog either. They are very expensive (I’ve heard that same $20k cost), and need extensive training. She’s actually sick, for sure, but she’s still pretty extra.

No. 504279

Yet she was still able to vlog. So not that sick.

No. 504342

The Pink Ladies….oh wait, that name is taken.

No. 504359

Oliver isnt a diabetic service dog

No. 504363

I find it very weird that Mary has a service dog. Considering the only real service it provides is pulling her up and bracing. If her service dog alerted to low blood sugar she wouldnt need the dexcom. Jaq only uses her poor dog as another thing to show off in public. Harlow is clearly not up to real service dog standards.

No. 504368

He does a lot more than just bracing(namefagging)

No. 504370


They didn't get him as one, no. But they realized he could alert when they were working with a trainer and trained him to do it themselves themselves.

No. 504372

yes its called natural alert since dogs can pick up some scents just like chronically.amy dog can pick up her changes in her heart rate

No. 504376

I know Jaquies home address(you need to calm down)

No. 504393

Well keep it to yourself.
Posting about it is against the rules and just creepy.
If you really want to do something about it, we’re not endorsing it.

No. 504403

whats gonna happen, someone going to call the police? I think not becuase this whole tread is a police case worthy(you need to calm down)

No. 504411

Like what? CFers don't need service dogs. The only thing I've ever seen Ollie do is pull, brace, and grab bottles. I know he is a real, trained, service dog but he honestly doesn't have much of a purpose to a CFer. Anyone know if Harlow was trained by a real service dog trainer or did jaq do it herself and manipulate the system too?

No. 504415

Kek obviously you’re new here, nothing here is anything the police would give two fucks about. And learn to sage.

No. 504416

Come on now, don’t be a creep. That’s crossing a line. Keep it to yourself. There is no reason for it to be posted here. We’re here for the milk, not to be creepy stalkers.

No. 504417

Ollie does heavy & light mobility and non weight bearing mobility. Theres a lot a dog can do for a CFer. Harlow was completely owner trained but had some advice help from a trainer

No. 504419

All Y'all are creeps, you guys all know so much about random sick people and all you guys do is stalk till you find something out, you dont consider that creepy?(wk)

No. 504420

No one needs a service dog for eds, pots, vaccine injury, fibro, mito, and all the other popular spoonie/munchie illnesses, yet they all have them. In the spoonie crowd, the majority of service dogs seem to be just another accessory to try to convince people that they’re actually ill.

No. 504421

Reposting already-publicly posting social media is far from stalking. Sounds like maybe you’re a cow who doesn’t like their lies being pointed out kek. And learn 2 sage, moron.

No. 504423

a dog can help with literally anything

No. 504424

dont know what sage is dumbass(read the rules & usage info)

No. 504429


kek, it can if you say it can. There are a lot of magical untrained seizure/hypo/migraine detection dogs out there

No. 504431


Does it ever occur to you that all we know about these parasitic malingerers is what they themselves post on social media?

No. 504435

For real. There’s a huge difference. If you don’t want your dirty laundry aired for all to see, don’t post it online, for pete sake. People aren’t dumb. If you’re a lying cow, it’s going to get caught sooner or later, especially if someone daily vlogs their bullshit.

No. 504454

Kek so did jan-can finally discover our farm or what? I think the cats about to come out the bag and all the munchies are in a tizzy

No. 504456

And our common sense. Which the cows obvs have none of. Will they let Jaquie vlog from jail?

No. 504470

Based on the grammar, multiple bans, and the unironic use of ya’ll, it could have been both of them. Hmmmm…. wonder if all this is hitting a little too close to home and someone is starting to freak out a bit.

No. 504475

File: 1518747440198.png (25.75 KB, 629x244, IMG_4639.PNG)

OH.my.god. From jaquies CBD cherry poppin vlog (although like all virgins she admits she did it the night before for the real first time, but just the tip so doesn't count)

No. 504480

Mary's dog, Oliver, was trained by a dog trainer to do low blood sugar alerts. He stayed with the trainer for 8 months.

No. 504481

If there's words in red on an anons comment does that mean that person got banned? Because there were 4 anons with the red. If that's 4 separate people coming here ALL at once to piss and moan how unfair their public shit being discussed is, that'd be a pretty big indicator of mass panic aboard the S.S. Spoonie. Do rats go down with the ship or jump off? I can't remember

No. 504483


Kek. I have a migraine detection service head

No. 504488


No. Some words (like "triggered") automatically come out in red.

No. 504489


Red words are mod comments. It would say they were put out to pasture if banned

No. 504491

Kek but Jaquie did it herself while also being sooper sick AND daily vlogging. because she's just that good of a dog trainer. (Sarcasm)

No. 504494

Yes, I meant the mod comments. I guess I thought banning and being put out to pasture were the same but different things.

No. 504499

Are you like a Mary advertiser or something? Peter is that you?

No. 504502


Kek I can just imagine it now

"Peeeeteeerr! someone said something mean about me on the interneettt! Go fix itttt!"

No. 504505

I think mod comments may come with a temporary ban, and being put out to pasture means a permanent ban, but I’m not 100% sure. One of my older posts got commented on for blogging (my bad), and it came with a temporary ban.

No. 504516

Mine too, that's why I was curious. 4 unique anons at once panic-commenting is a lot different scenario than 1 anon getting mod admonished 4 times in a row.

No. 504519

Top kek anon
Though I do feel bad when I see her mentioned here (unless it's in the context of Jaq stealing ideas etc) because she's def not a munchie.

No. 504525


I find it so weird that here Mary Frey is defended and no one can criticise her, yet on the Mary Frey thread on GG, it's Jaq whose been held up as a paragon of "doing something with your life while very ill" keks galore!

No. 504529

Oh, she’s no angel. Yes, she’s sick, but there are lots of people with cf who live fulfilling lives without broadcasting them on the internet for asspats.

No. 504541

Mary’s actually sick, and jaquie’s totally faking, but both are about as OTT as you can get. Jaquie just looks worse because she’s not going to eventually die from her (fake) illnesses.

No. 504543


I just couldn't get past the vomiting. Like, it sucks, but why is this grownass woman puking into a towel and not a basin???

No. 504544

Of course jaq could just as easily die from sepsis from her constant fucking with her central line, or od from all the meds she’s mainlining.

No. 504547

Because the light color of the towel is much more aesthetically pleasing, and provides a better background for filming said vomit.

No. 504549

So a bunch of newfags WK her and her SD and now Mary's vlogs are being posted here and discussed? FFS go discuss her and her vlogs on the general munchie thread but this isn't the place.

No. 504562

Kek Jaquie does "do something with her life while very ill". It's called "playing sick" and she spends all her energy every day faking it and documenting it publicly on the 'net. Some might even say it's a full time job

No. 504647


The same anon threatened to post her address twice in the general thread.

No. 504666

What a nut job. If that’s not Jaquie or one of her minions trying to bait someone into doing something illegal so they can sue, bring charges, or whatever, I’d be really surprised. I hope for her sake it is a situation like that or just a troll, because that’s creepy as fuck. Guess that’s a risk you take when posting your life online, but yikes. Also, if it is her, she’s seriously misunderstanding the point of all this. We aren’t creepy stalkers out to get her. Many of us are former fans, or people who actually have one of the illnesses she claims, who have seen through her bullshit and are sick of it. I’d love to see her crash and burn, but I’m not going to tip the cow to cause it. She’s already doing a great job of doing it to herself. No help needed from us.

No. 504675

Someone should make her a KF thread and actually dox her. I'd love to see her minions freak out.(Seriously?)

No. 504737

Also THC and CBD interact with a lot of meds. If a medication says you can't take it with grapefruit then CBD is out too.

No. 504740

Wow never heard that before. About the grapefruit. Source?

No. 504741


Grapefruit increases absorption of meds, can stop them working properly (too much at once) and puts strain on the systems that excrete them. I actually found a note about this earlier while researching a medication I'm trialling:


No. 504742

File: 1518769638256.jpeg (151.15 KB, 752x782, image.jpeg)


I found this with a quick search. It gives the concise explanation.

No. 504798

File: 1518779750796.png (699.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-16-20-56-34…)

Did anyone else have this ad?

No. 504822

Kek the ad or the poop-button video at the bottom?

JanJan, this is great news for your sadly health GI issues. Just push that spot and bam, yer poopin. Or is that not as fun as your beloved enema?

We can’t wait to hear about your sick girl slumber party with Jaq this weekend. Instead of makeovers you can give each other enemas, push each other around in the Barbie Car and shove ice cream down each other’s throats. So! Much! Fun!

No. 504827

>>JanJan, this is great news for your sadly health GI issues. Just push that spot and bam, yer poopin.

Sadly that would be too much work for me, because my health is not doing the best and this body just can't take much more.

No. 504868

Can we talk about how odd that chair look? the wheels are tiny and placed so far back. Also weird choice of back for someone with EDS

No. 504869

Am I correct in reading the thread from yesterday that at roughly the same time, suddenly an anon is threatening to post jaquies address, and also there are anons whining about how mean and unfair we all are?? Those are complete opposite ends of the spectrum and pretty unusual if all of a sudden out of nowhere a dipshit troll shows up AND a bunch of rabid Jaquie asskissers.
I think your assessment is dead on, thinking they can say that and get everyone here to sharpen their pitchforks. Her fans must be as dumb as Jaquie is thinking that will work.
Is there already a term for asshats like jaquies minions that come here and try to derail the thread and plant bullshit ideas?

No. 504871

It’s not just jaquie and her fans, it’s the whole spoonie community. They all enable each other, failing to call out OTT behavior and things that don’t make sense, suggesting further invasive treatments, and encouraging each other to “fundraise” with gofuckmes and paypals, and sharing and promoting each other’s. And if anyone dares to criticize anyone in the community, or even benignly askes questions, they are screamed at, blocked, and ridiculed.

No. 504872

Third that. And to the person threatening to post Jaquie's address my overall reaction was, oooooh you can Google!. Gasp. Want an award? Fucktard.
We have been infiltrated by morons.

No. 504874

File: 1518794180296.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5769.PNG)

This is the chair from the front

No. 504875


The last person on IG in the spoonie community who called someone out got banned from Instagram.

No. 504876


Well at least she has a supportive cushion… still wincing at the back, mind.

No. 504885

From Instagram?? Wow, that must really have been something. Is there anything out there about what happened, or has everything been blocked/deleted? I'd like to read up on that!

No. 504887

is there a reason she couldn't use the one in the background to sit at a desk?
Besides it's failure to be pink?

No. 504888

Well there's quite a difference between a custom and a standard chair. Not that she needs any of them kek

No. 504891

Yes, of course, but why does she claim to need it?

No. 504895

Muh POTS, muh EDS, muh malnutrisun from muh gastropareeeesis.

No. 504903

it's honestly really weird that we've never really seen her in a wheelchair before.. guess it wasn't interesting enough before she found out in came in barbie pink and with a smartdrive

No. 504904

Honestly, walking would benefit her the most if she actually had any of those. Walk, and take breaks. People who get wheelchairs for anything but the very beginning of treatment for severe POTS are doing themselves a horrible disservice.

No. 504905

Agree. Bad thing about regularly visiting one spoonie on IG is that IG then thinks you want to know about alllll the spoonies. I ended up on a page of someone else with her combo of diseases and she… wait for it.. goes to the gym regulalry and walks 5K races. So there's that.

No. 504908


It's all been deleted :(

No. 504910

Do you know what happened? I mean, I can get someone be banned/shunned from the so called spoonie community, but banned from Instagram is really about fifteen steps further than that.

No. 504912


A callout gone wrong. The person who was blocked posted about it in the general munchie thread the other day.

No. 504916

More details please. What happened and what was said? I saw someone saying they were deleted but not what exactly was said in the call-out or who it was about or anything.

No. 504917

What does this have to do with Jaquie?

No. 504920

I find it rather interesting (and kinda funny) that in the past couple of weeks the more prominent OTT spoonies have posted sniveling about their haters and taken breaks. The spoonie community isn’t the place to go for real chronic illness people. It’s basically a club of little bitches who want people to look at them because they are special and sick. They get sucked in and then change their username to Chronically <insert whiny bitch name here>, start chasing diagnoses and it’s all over after that at which it becomes a contest to outsick each other under the guise of “spreading awareness, y’all!”

No. 504923


I don't trust anyone with "chronically" in their name not to be hamming it up outrageously.

No. 504927


No. 504930

Kek they say they don't want to be defined by their illnesses but then they define themselves with their lame spoonie user names. JFC

No. 504936

I wish so badly there was a "medically verified" check mark or something for people who want to blog about their illness. It might not stop all the munchies but it would def slow down the trend and help people know who has a real illness and who is just self diagnosing and hashtagging everything. But this will probably never happen because HIPAA

No. 504939


No. 504942

Saw one who ice skates every day. Does Jac say only heat bothers her, or “extreme” temps either way?

And I guess it’s Jac’s whole point with the invisible illnesses thing, but I see her sitting in the Barbie car and this other woman doing jumps in a freezing cold ice rink and they both have pots and shouldn’t they look different in some way??? Is anything really that invisible, that you’d look just alike if it weren’t for the Barbie car?

No. 504946

If YT really cares about a safe community they could do an 18+ on medical vlogs. But they won't because money.

No. 504949

Kek anyone else think it odd Judd described the heated seats in the new car as if it was a feature Jaquie would really enjoy? He said it would help with her pain. Like the heating pad…but she's heat intolerant? So, some heat is okay, just not any that doesn't come with asspats and fake warrioring?

No. 504963

New video is up. She's having issues surprise surprise.

No. 504964

Right? I noticed that too. They have to get a remote starter so that she can have the AC running before she gets in but she is going to use the heated seat option on a set of leather seats in Florida? Um, ok.

No. 504965

Why is Jan-can back?

No. 504966


Not WKing, but heat on sore joints is lovely. You just have to make sure there's some circulating air to get a balance. IDK why heated seats are necessary in Florida though!

No. 504967


jaysus I thought there were two of her!

No. 504971

Wow. That must have been SUCH a shock for you. We feel you, anon. I can't imagine the trauma of thinking, even just for a split-second, there are TWO Jaquies in this world! I'm truly sorry you had to go through that.

Did your service dog alert to your racing heart and cold sweat?

No. 504977

Top kek at Jan's sick puppy face in the thumbnail

No. 504979

She mentioned in yesterdays vlog that she was seeing a GI who was very close to where Jaquie lives. I wonder if it is a doc that she recommended? Maybe she'll talk about that in todays vlog. It's crazy though that she didn't even wait for her test results to come back. I think I would be pissed if I were her doctor. He is doing all this work, even do testing that she doesn't really need to rule out every possible disease, took care of her through two hospital admissions, and she doesn't even have the decency of just waiting for the results of this super specialized and expensive test before running off to another doctor.

No. 504980

What a perfect opportunity for her hack doctor to take her port out and stop some of this nonsense too bad that won't happen.

No. 504982

No one ever said that heat on sore joints didn't help. The point is that Miss Sooper Suhvere Heat Intolerance and Car Sickness is choosing to use heat in a car in Florida where even if you have the AC on the sun is still beating on you through the windshield. She is soooper adjustable. A heating pad in on the couch with no direct sunlight is a bit different.

No. 504984


I don't know, I think he just wanted a chin rub.

No. 504990

Must be Jaquie's doc because JanJan is now getting infusions for her 'uncontrolled POTS' and her perpetual case of the shits.

No. 504994



No. 504996

Every time Jaquie posts what she's making for dinner I cringe. 1. She is definitely eating regular meals because she always makes enough food for herself as well as her guests or Judd. 2. She makes the most high fat and high calorie meals that are never made with fresh food. Always made with cans of slop vegetables thrown into a slow cooker.
-This proves that she is getting plenty of calories and the feeding tube is 100% unnecessary.

If she isn't going to promote healthy eating for people with GP (and normal people) than why even bother showing us that load of crap that she pretends she doesn't put down her pie hole. No wonder her body is slow processing food. Its full of preservatives!

No. 504997

Thanks anon. I can't stomach Jan's vlogs so I rarely know more than what is posted at the Farm.

No. 504998

She might have found someone else to copy… Christina, the one she mentioned also get's her CBD products from Theramu had exactly this issue a while ago…

No. 505000

The POTS diagnosed by Dr Jaquie, duh!

No. 505002

Don't forget this new GI is going to FINALLY treat her extremely concerning cough. You know the one her pulmonologist wanted to treat but she refused to go back and do the PFTs she wimped out on the first time around?

No. 505011

Also, she made this because it's JanJan's favorite. You know, Janiece, who can hardly eat anything because of her super severe shits and needs three Ensures a day just to keep her weight up? Who was discharged far too early because she was so weak and had lost so much weight because she can't eat and is supposed to be on a bland diet?

>>Must be Jaquie's doc because JanJan is now getting infusions for her 'uncontrolled POTS' and her perpetual case of the shits.

Shit, you can't be serious. Ok, I'll have to go now, and find a wall to repeatedly bang my head against. Aaaaaah!

No. 505014

The AC on blast only does so much, if they don’t have covered parking, it’s just gonna be hot af no matter what. I’m looking forward to Jaquie saying she’s so sooper symptomatic that she can’t even tolerate her special pre-cooled munchmobile.

No. 505021

Poor Paul is having a Crohn’s flare up, he actually looks sick….and it’s his birthday. Yet, his wife drags him to her doctor’s appt and dismisses his health in lieu of blabbing about her “GI symptoms”.

No. 505029

I'm just waiting until the summer when she never leaves the house or sees the sun and so her vitamin D levels drop so low that her calcium levels then begin to drop from never doing any exercise. Then she'll complain about how she now has severe arthritis and osteoporosis. And I'm sure it'll be due to her EDS, POTS, or other various diseases and not in anyway her fault for deconditioning herself and destroying her own body.

No. 505031


and then he gets to take his munchie wife’s munchie friend to the ER because her port is blocked. Poor Paul!

No. 505035

And then she'll really need at home IV narcotics for all the pain.

But don't worry guys she'll still be able to take her trips to Disney World once a week.

No. 505040

And unnecessary second opinion by dr google

No. 505041

she talks about her non-existent EDS today and how it makes her healing process very tricky. while looking to the side the whole time. we know your tells you lying bitch.

No. 505044

Haaaahahahahaaa… she couldn't watch her precious Grey's because the rating is above where her parental controls are set on her TV. Toddler rating I am sure.

No. 505052

I hope in some weird world that the cable guy knows shes a toddler munchie and set up her tv with parental controls just to mess with her.

No. 505054



No. 505064

My favorite "tell" from this one is when she's bitching about her port and how she has to go to the ER because…her port has no blood return?

Anyways, she details all the things she tried and JanJan tosses in "she even did a handstand!" Jaq looks panicked, glances around the room, back at JanJan "no I did NOT!"

No. 505070

It's pretty interesting too how she said they managed to get blood return at the ER. Just like when she used to go into the ER for her kinked tube she couldn't flush but the doctor somehow could? Would she be dumb enough to escalate to fucking with her port now that she can't fuck with her tube anymore?

No. 505071

Kek even if a port doesn’t work, it’s not something to go to the ER for, as she doesn’t actually depend on it, nor is she supposed to use it every day. And not having blood return doesn’t mean a port doesn’t work, too. Doesn’t she have home health? That’s something they evaluate and can contact your doctor about if necessary. It’s probably just clogged a little, and home health can totally fix that. But I would love to see her make a huge ass deal about it and go to the ER, where they take it out and don’t put another line in since she doesn’t need one. Interesting that it happened exactly when she showed up to “sooper sick” janjan’s house.

No. 505077

Kek I didn’t realize she already went. Of course she went, and was fine, she’s such a munchie cow. Honestly, what was she aiming for? A new port? A central line?

No. 505078

Fuck, right? She can hardly keep her eyes on the camera when she’s talking about her EDS and the whole narcotics speech (again). Just take your drugs and quit trying to act all stoic. And of course she’s the one that told the doctor that Jan’s shits and coughs are out of control. Oh and her fake POTS. Because docs look at Jaq and salivate see daddy’s checkbook opening. So of course she took Jan to see her concierge doc.

I’m wondering one thing… if any of you have like had the shits due to flu or food poisoning or whatever… what happens when you cough while having the squirts? Yah. So I guess it’s good that Jaq has leather seats in the Munchmobile and leather couches… oh and she even has a bedside commode for her in the “hospital” room. What a good bestie.

Poor Paul. Had to take the Queen to the ER for something ERs don’t even do… usually the home health sends a de-clogging kit to the house and a nurse comes to administer it. If that doesn’t work then they send you and your janky ass port to get a study. Definitely something you totes needed to go to the ER in the middle of the night for though.

I just got done watching both of those hot messes… save your retinas and ears. It’s pretty bad. They are both just feeding off each other. JanJan is harder to watch. I accidentally fell asleep the other day watching her vlog which resulted in some terrifying nightmares. I woke up in cold sweats and I wasn’t stuck on whore island with Jaq and Jan. Phew.

They need to take their Christmas tree down.

No. 505080

I think she wanted to be the center of attention. Between Paul's birthday and Janiece's 'successful' doctor's appointment and Judd being at work, she was suffering from a severe lack of limelight.

No. 505083

I don't think the munchie mobile seats need to worry, Jan clearly doesn't actually have diarrhea. We never see her running to the bathroom. At most she has loose stool when she does go.

No. 505085

Ding! Ding! Ding!

She can’t handle anyone else being most extra. Like after Jan’s appt she was fully equipped with faker face and didn’t seem happy for JanJan hitting munchie 2nd base getting infusions! “You can watch her vlog if you want to know what happened. I feel so bad wahwahwah.”

No. 505086

Did anyone else notice that Paul was able to just open the door to AJ's apartment when they first arrived? Does that mean that she is dumb enough to keep her front door unlocked?

No. 505088

Honestly, I have no idea how she’s avoided getting sick this winter with all the shit going around, and her being in the hospital and ER nearly every week. And with her horrible immune system kek. She’s got that stupid mask, sure, but we all know she touches everything and then touches her face (eyes, nose, mouth, all the openings to the body where germs get in). And she probably uses her feeding tube and port without washing her hands. Gross.

No. 505090

Kek the way she talks about it she should be in Depends, using plastic seat covers and never leave the house.

Oh wait! The new ambulance has a third row perfect for that bedside commode Jaq has. Fully equipped and all the extras means so much more now.

No. 505091

Seriously? AJ can sit in the back of her Explorer when she is with her bestie but just TWO vlogs ago she said that she gets too carsick to ride in the backseat of her own car anymore? Really Jaquie?!?

No. 505093

Are they giving janjan a line as well? Since that’s exactly what she needs for her imaginary health problems. As evidenced by numerous IG posts, all she seems to do is lay in bed and go to Disney, maybe if she actually did things with her life, she’d feel better. They both would.

No. 505094

It wasn’t specifically mentioned but you KNOW with as much as she bitched about her sooper terrribull veins that she’s angling that way for sure.

No. 505096


Poor Paul is probably going to get the flu from taking Jaq to the ER - isn't he ACTUALLY immunocompromised from the meds he takes for Chrons?!

No. 505102

Is that saline shortage still going on or what?

No. 505106


I am continually surprised that Paul never tells Jan to man the fuck up.

No. 505107

That funny view count thing might be happening again, I'm keeping an eagle eye in it over the next hour.
Anyone know if it's normal for YT view counts to be vastly different in different places? Like the count it shows when you just go to YT homepage and the new Jaq vlog pops up it shows 1 number. If you search "chronically Jaquie" the results screen shows a dif number. And if you click on her channel from the search results, then on "videos" it has yet another view count. They were different by a thousand-ish. This same shit happened the other day when her views were being funny

No. 505109

Paul gets off on it. Maybe not sexually but he definitely gets some psychological gratification out of playing the doting husband willing to advocate for his frail wife.

No. 505121

Agree. He popped into that same weird role when he took AJ to the ER, correcting her and talking over her on the vlog/ride home.

No. 505123

Anybody else think it is weird that Jaq went to the doctor with Jan. Not only because of flu season but if it is Jaqs same doctor and the doctor saw Jaq there for her friends appointment trying to get them to diagnose Jan with the same diseases that Jaq has wouldn't you think it's a red flag and start to be suspicious of both of them?

No. 505125

Oh no, it was VERY weird.

No. 505132


No doc should diagnose someone with POTS if they've had diarrhea, eating issues lately. Dehydration can mimic the symptoms.

No. 505134

This is really confusing. She said that she can't sit in the backseat because she gets carsick because of her SPD. However, in this episode, she is sitting in the backseat. Here's the thing though. It's possible to sit in the backseat like Jaquie's doing and not get carsick. You just gotta lean a bit toward the middle so you can see straight through the windshield. I didn't see any leaning whatsoever on AJ's part.

No. 505137

File: 1518807816332.png (3.29 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_5643.PNG)

Aside from everything else I thought that given the shooting that happened TWO DAYS AGO in their state, it was in extremely poor taste for Paul & JanJan to joke about wanting an AR-15.

No. 505139

>>So of course she took Jan to see her concierge doc.

I definitely think that that's what's happening here. I tried to pay attention to the room they were in and see if it was the same as the one Jaquie has pictured herself in. It think it could be the same room. Plus, there's only so much doctors who would even prescribe home IV fluids. Jaquie had to try five doctors or so, and most of them she saw because they were recommended by other POTS patients.

And Jaqs "POTS doctor" is an internist. I think the whole point of a second opinion is lost on her. The idea is you see someone who is more specialized or at least has the same level of expertise as your current doctor. Not going from a GI doc (who is a specialized internist) to a general internist who specializes in concierge medicine. I wonder if she still wants to search for her precious 'answers' to her shitting problems. If so, she'll probably have to see a GI doc still. So.. will she go back to her current GI for her test results? Or see another GI? And just exactly WHAT does she think will happen when she comes in after she already started, via another doctor, the most OTT treatment that was ever invented? (Well OK, TPN would be even more OTT for loose stools, but any type of infusions is really, REALLY OTT for her type of problems.) Does she think that will help her case? I highly doubt it. I think it will only help her being flagged for probable factitous disorder and being refered to psychiatry. But sure, go ahead with your infusions, Janiece.

No. 505141

File: 1518807948604.jpg (981.65 KB, 3729x8067, P8CO1Lh.jpg)

My side-by-side of both offices.

No. 505145

File: 1518808029192.jpg (89.05 KB, 1594x522, WAmqtIZ.jpg)

Another one, just for the coloring/lighting. Could this be the same colour of tiles, just with different lighting? I'll try and see if I can find a vlog of Jaquie at her "POTS doctor" to see how it looks in her vlog.

No. 505153

Lots of people have ARs and aren't shooting up schools though. But this isn't the time or the place to talk about opinions on guns. Back to the milk.

No. 505154

File: 1518808407761.jpg (307.33 KB, 1665x1070, yinbI5T.jpg)

O, they already lost a sub over it. I started Janieces comment and was taken aback that she started with "I understand it is a very sensitive time" and there was no cussing or calling names of any kind. Then I read further ahead, and saw that it was Paul replying. Remember, Janiece said a while ago she didn't care for guns and grew up with a dislike for it, but Paul was tought different and he likes guns. So that explains the non-bitchy comment.

No. 505157

well, the dog in that picture looks a lot lighter/colorless as well, so I think it could very well be the lightning because if that's not Harlow it's Orion and he is darker than her

No. 505161


Nah, the dog by the walker is Harlow. Jaquie just has a much better camera, the colour is richer.

No. 505164


WTF with that last phrase, "guns are not bad".

No. 505165

No, it's Harlow both times. Jaquie said in the vlog "Orion's on the other side".

Which was very odd to me, because it is Janieces appointment. So Janiece has to leave her service dog outside, and Jaquie takes hers. Riiight. Still, Harlow is much lighter on the left, and looks about the same shade as the tiles, as she does on the right. So I say it could be the same office. But I'm not sure. The tiles seem a bit bigger on the right as well, but that could be just the angle.

Like I said: I'll have to look up a Jaquie vlog for better comparison.

Also, does Janiece say anywhere what kind of specialist she is seeing? I thought she said yesterday she was seeing a GI, but it could be that she just said 'second opinion' and my mind filled in the blanks because you'd assume if someone has GI issues and are already under the care of one, they would see a GI for a second opinion as well.

No. 505177

I don't think Orion was outside the exam room. I think he was just lying on the floor on the opposite side of the examination table to where Jaquie's chair was, so she couldn't get him on camera.

It's so weird to me that Jaquie came INTO the exam room with Jan. When she said she was going for moral support I assumed she meant to keep them company in the waiting room. I've taken friends to the doctor before/had friends take me and I would never think to go into the exam room with them, especially not if their husband was there too.

No. 505180

Thanks for this comparison! I think they are different doctors. I don't think they would remove the half wall molding. Also the lighting is different. I think Jaqs doctor has the blue florescent lights and Jans doctor has regular white/yellow lights. I think Jaq and Jan have the same camera. I remember her in the boring ass story time vlog Jaqs camera died and they had to use Jans but Jaq said "we have the same camera."

No. 505183

But how about if you were faking your illness and had brought your friend to your whackjob doctor to get the same bullshit diagnosis and uncommon treatment? Janjans an idiot. I'd want to be in her appointment too and make sure she didn't blab her mouth with the doctor and expose me as a fake. Jaquie is control freak of the century. Why do you think she "helps" Janjan with anything? So she can run the show. Control the narrative.

No. 505185


IN this case I don't think it's weird, but I had to get into the J&J munchie mindset…. Jan Jan doesn't know the magic words to use to get what you want from doctors. Jaq is "advocating" for her to get unnecessary medical procedures.

No. 505186

Just FYI same camera doesn't mean filming with the same settings. We know Jaq messes with hers because she was able to figure out how to adjust it so bedroom vlogging didn't look such a weird color.

No. 505195

Can we talk for a sec about how Jaq ALWAYS goes to the ER for shit and tries to act responsible and say she called home health nurse and they told her to go to ER. Like they were concerned for her and going to the ER wasn't her idea.

When really, if you call any of those nurse hotlines they will 95% of the time tell you to go to the ER. Because in the US fear of being sued trumps all else. They can't give you medical advice on the phone unless it's basic bandaid on a booboo type shit. So of course they're gonna tell her to go to the ER.

No. 505199

She sees a non-POTS specialist as her POTS specialist because the actual POTS specialist she went to (at Mayo) confirmed that she doesn’t have POTS. I would imagine janjan also does not have a valid diagnosis.

No. 505206

Do we know who gave Jan the POTS diagnosis? It was like one day she just started saying she has POTS kinda sliding it in under the radar.

No. 505207

There’s a huge difference between calling a nurse hotline and calling your assigned home health nurse who knows you. Your actual home health nurse will tell you to go to the ER only if it is actually necessary, which is not that often, as they can help with most issues. Besides, a non-working port for someone that can take oral meds and only gets infusions 3 times a week won’t get any help from an ER, they would most likely tell you to call your doctor and send you home.

No. 505208

Sage for medfagging, but the home health I have always used says they'll send someone over in the morning if you don't think it is an emergency. However, I thought it was odd that all she did was move her arm around a bunch and keep pushing saline. I think the first thing they ever do when the line isn't working is to push heparin to declog the line. I truly doubt that her port is blocked by fibers. It was likely that something stuck in it that needed to move out of the tube.

No. 505214

How the fuck would moving her arms around get her port unclogged?

No. 505215

File: 1518810239282.png (76.5 KB, 640x1106, IMG_4660.PNG)

She reads here. I'd bet my left nut on it. Talking about her tube difficulties and she almost started to lift her shirt and make us all barf but thought better of it.
This was just discussed, that most people with tubes aren't always lifting their goddamn shirts and NO ONE wants to see that shit! Jesus I have quite a list for her if she's going to start taking requests from us about what we want her to do differently.

Dear Jaquie,
Please do the world a favor and stop vlogging and be a normal adult with a menial job and invisible chronic illnesses. Love, the universe

No. 505219

Nice catch anon. I noticed her say something about the two tubes she so desperately needs … bullshit… but missed her instinct to raise her shirt. Or maybe she did and she edited it out.

No. 505220

Yeah and Jaquie called her home health nurse. Who told her to go to the ER. Allegedly. So either Jaquie is lying about that, or her home health nurse thought it was an emergency (which makes no sense).

It must be sooper infuriating if anyone on her "team" watches her vlogs because it's not like they can call her out when she outright lies.

No. 505223

Some people with tubes don’t even want to look at their own tubes if they don’t have to. There’s nothing attractive or even that interesting about feeding tubes at all, unless you count keeping someone from dying. But that’s not jaquie, nor do we want to see her tube unless someone’s taking it out and not putting another back in and getting her treatment for her eating disorder and drug addiction.

No. 505224

File: 1518810584980.png (1.65 MB, 1334x750, IMG_5774.PNG)

Except she did raise her shirt like 10 seconds after your screen grab. So there's that.

No. 505229

Nope no editing around the almost shirt lifting. Unless she's REALLY good, like academy award for outstanding achievment in editing kind of good. But she's not. She's just really, really savvy and caught herself in time. But her grubby raw chicken paws gave her intentions away anyway. Hi Jaquie!

No. 505231

Kek that's how hard she is to watch. I've only made it as far as the screen grab. It takes me all day to watch one of these cows shit show vlogs. One minute on, few hours off. Rinse. Repeat. Bang head against wall.

No. 505232

Oh look, a very unnecessary and unspecial feeding tube. Just what we all didn’t need to see from Miss Munchie Pants. Although it is interesting that she’s covered in tape, yet has never had a rash or reaction to it, like is so common in mcas.

No. 505236

Yeah I made it about 15 seconds in one time, and that’s as much as I’ve been able to watch her for. It’s just so, so cringeworthy, and also infuriating that she’s gotten away with it all.

No. 505237

I'm with you there. I never make it through more than two or three minutes of Jan-can and can only stomach AJ the whole way through about half the time.

No. 505238

Jaquies alien feet need a diagnosis stat. She needs to put some goddamn shoes on.

No. 505240

She has magic skin. Magic.

No. 505249

Ew she still has those nasty ass steristrips on… which means she hasn’t showered much in a month. I think they only withstand one or two showers before falling off.

Gross, Jaq. Put your phone down and go shower FFS.

No. 505250

Ignoring how creepy and fucked up this anon is, it's curious etc KF has to do with anything? Of all the random shit to say while being a pos, WHY say start a KF thread? Is that somehow related to the great Munchie Freakout of 2018? Was the anon that predicted the KF article would be Jaqs downfall right? If all the spoonies and munchies have their panties in a knot simultaneously what was the trigger (damnredwordsbah!) that spooked them all?

No. 505257

Kek I wouldn't be surprised if she bought steristrips online and keeps reapplying them to keep up the delayed healing charade. No asspats if you healed okay and removed the strips like any normal human.

No. 505263

Kek I'm pretty sure that anon meant KIWI Farms, not Kate Farms

No. 505266

Top kek anon. That was great. Wouldn't put it past her for a second.

No. 505268


I admit I also thought Kate Farms? before I realised they meant Kiwi Farm!

No. 505271

Even for people who have real eds and actual delayed healing don’t need steri strips that long, if it’s actually still a problem gauze (or a bandaid) is sufficient, if you need anything at all. You’re not actively bleeding for weeks or months.

No. 505275

Top kek, I can imagine them cutting off her supply, and her trying to claim death by malnutrition without the one sooper special thing she claims to depend on. Not the cheesy chicken and creamy pasta, of course!

No. 505286

If jaquies port issue was such an emergency I wonder what she would have done if Paul wasn't conveniently there to take her to ER. Judd was at work. Would she have made mommy drop everything or called an ambulance? Because generally if you really think it's an emergency and you have no ride to the hospital that is kinda what ambulances are for..

No. 505291

Well fuck me sideways I'm an idiot. KIWI farms makes a lot more sense kek

No. 505293


It was only an emergency because she wanted to remind Jan and Paul that she was the most sick.

No. 505294

Wound closure guidance for EDS with skin complications is not to steristrip or use disolvable stitches externally but to use silk stitches and not to apply tension to close the wound.

No. 505298

I wonder if it’s their policy to always recommend ER to cover their asses. And if AJ knew that. She could have thought eh, my port is accessed and used all the time, really low chance it’s a clot, this can wait until morning. But she had company and wasn’t the center of attention so why waste the opportunity to make a big deal out of calling her sooper speshul personal home nurse who will tell her to go to the ER and yay center of attention again!

No. 505303

In a drug haze I took my steristrips off the same day I had lapro surgery. No blood. No guts falling out. They DO suture you back together, the steristrips just make sure the actual incision stays shut on the surface so the scarring is minimal. Jaquie is waaaay OTT yet again

No. 505304

About three quarters through the vlog she says "y'all know how much I rely on this port. If I go into anaphylaxis and it just isn't working at all… " and then she changes directions and says she didn't want to worry about a possible blood clot. If you go into anaphylaxis that is what your EPI pen is for. Benadryl does not abort true anaphylaxis. What she should have said was, the CBD thing isn't giving me the buzz I was hoping for so I need the Benny rush and can't go without it.

No. 505309

The nurse, in all actuality, could have just as easily told her to calm the fuck down and make an appointment to see her dr the next day. The only person who says the nurse told her to go to the ER is Jaquie. Jaquie lies.

No. 505312


kek the nurse probably saw who was calling and turned her phone off.

No. 505317

With how OTT she is I'd think she'd jump at the chance to ride in an ambulance and film it for The People.
Oh wait thats right. Jaq had that sooper scary ambulance ride where they were so mean to her and she went all autistic non verbal on them. Any bets what "set her off" was the medics calling bullshit on her? So she went "nonverbal" because she hates confrontation? I mean, what ELSE would you do if you were called out and cornered in a tiny enclosed box?

No. 505320

Top kek anon

No. 505328

>> Because generally if you really think it's an emergency and you have no ride to the hospital that is kinda what ambulances are for..

Curious, but is that really how it works in the US? Or just in a munchies mind? Where I live, that's what taxi's are for. Good luck getting an ambulance because you have "no one to drive you", if you can sit upright and don't need constant monitoring you don't need one. And quite frankly, they are right.

No. 505331

The part about the handstand…holy shite Jaquie was PISSED. It threw her off balance for a second. It's actually disturbing how quickly jaquies brain recalculates to keep her story going and how fast she can sense how something will appear or be interpretted by her viewers and reassure people. Especially since she claims brain fog and autism. Not buyin it

No. 505332


Jaq won't take cabs. For safety reasons.

No. 505336


can you tell me the time for the handstand comment? I can't deal with this bitch today but I want to see that.

Brainfog, girl let me show you brainfog. I have heart failure and would KILL for your amazing manipulative brain powers.
Sage for rage powerlevelling. I'm homicidal.

No. 505343

About 9 mins in.

No. 505346

File: 1518814510868.jpg (106.94 KB, 1830x599, TJEeetD.jpg)

I found a very short clip from one of Jaquies vlogs at her "POTS doctor".

Left is from Janieces vlog of today, right is from Jaquies, a few months ago.

I still think they could very well be the same office. HOLY shit, think of how weird that is: not only going with your friend to their doctor and basically asking the doctor to have them started on the same treatment YOU are getting, but taking her to your OWN doctor for that. Wow.

No. 505351

File: 1518814640208.png (44.54 KB, 833x208, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 20.5…)

probably unintentional but keks to both of these comments

No. 505353

I don't know much about ports, admittedly. But a potential blood clot in a port sounds like a pretty big emergency. If it was a clot and broke loose she could be dead in minutes. Ditto for anaphylaxis if you've already taken benny and epi and it's not working. If you legit think you're about to die you don't take the time to call a taxi, you call 911. Because yes, a taxi WILL take you to the hospital just like an ambulance. Except an ambulance has a medic giving you treatment while another medic drives. So theres that.
I knew someone who went into labor at home and had a prolapsed cord, went by private car to hospital and the baby died. Had they called 911 they would have been given proper instruction how to put fingers inside the vagina to keep the cord from being compressed and they would have taken a living baby home instead of having to bury it.

No. 505355

Or ambulances

No. 505356

It's possible, I wouldn't discount it but tile flooring is everywhere in Florida - except Jaquie's apartment of course because our super adjustable munchie with all her immunodeficiency isn't bothered by carpet that has been lived on by gawd knows how many renters.

No. 505357

I'm pretty sure the tile on the upper left in the right photo is the same as the lower right one in the left. They both have the same weirdly formed spot. And it would be the the same orientation from the perspective of the chair

No. 505358

JFC if she brought jan to HER doctor she's either a thousand times dumber than we all thought or she's tired of the charade and wants to get caught. What fun to get caught AND bring your bff down with you! Jan is sooooo lucky to have a friend like Jaquie.

No. 505360

Let's not forget that taking medication down a j tube, whilst you still have to wait for it to kick in, kicks in faster than if you were to take it orally or into the stomach. So she could always take liquid benadryl down her J tube. Or liquid toradol, or any of her IV medication. That's if she were taking it for the correct thing and not to get a rush of course. As other anons have said benadryl for true anaphalaxis is not near enough to 'abort' it.

No. 505361

Those are medical emergencies. Anon said that "not having a ride" would normally be a reason to call an ambulance. That what I wondered about: if you have a legitimate need to be seen in the ER but you don't have a ride, would an ambulance be called in the US? If you have, say, a broken arm?

No. 505363


kek we couldn't have the injury to her self-assuredness!

No. 505364

File: 1518815038000.png (32.95 KB, 638x346, IMG_4661.PNG)

That carpet in jaquies house looks absolutely disgusting. How long has it been since they shampooed it?? Jaquie, make your service human rent a Rug Doctor or something.

And Harlows coat bothers me. It looks so dry and brittle and gross. I feel bad for that dog

No. 505365

But they also have the same type of chairs, AND the doctor is willing to prescribe home(?) infusions to someone without a clear reason. The latter is maybe even more convincing to say it would be the same practice. I'm not sure of course, but I do think it's a pretty big coincidence. Also, if she saw a GI, why would he focus on her POTS and her cough? That doesn't make any sense.

No. 505368

To some degree I would think it would depend on age, other risk factors, the area you live in etc. Yeah a taxi is cheaper but in the area I come from they may or may not show up for you. There is only one taxi company and they are notoriously awful.

No. 505369

File: 1518815434846.jpg (406.06 KB, 1830x599, spotontiles.jpg)

this is the spot I'm talking about. Also, the orientation of the chairs for better understanding, hopefully. And please forgive me my shaky circles and lines, I'll try to do better next time

No. 505370

I'm the anon that said that. I suck at words but I was trying to get at, there are some things that even IF you have a ride you would STILL call an ambulance. Like if you have a heart attack when your spouse is home you don't say hmmm since you're here, wouldja give me a ride? No. You call for help. Potential blood clot in a line running directly to your heart? Call for help. To me this says she never thinks it's an emergency, even anaphylaxis. Which WE all know, but her viewers don't. But to me this is one of the biggest indications she's full of shit. She wants it both ways- a problem that she gets ER asspats and drop-everything attention, but not SO bad that those around her call 911 even if she says not to. If she was (hypothetically) called out for bullshit before by a medic she'd avoid it at all costs. Sry I feel like this makes no sense still.

No. 505372

I live 45 minutes from the nearest town with a hospital. I can't drive and I'm home alone a lot. If I broke my arm or leg and couldn't get ahold of a neighbor I would most definitely call an ambulance. I'd cringe while doing it because of the bill certain to follow but what other choice is there?

No. 505378

Top kek to you Jaquie! A whole year with no port trouble at all despite being accessed 24/7. And one day with the idea that bff might get a port also and now your port is having issues. Huh
I smell a BOGO port surgery coming up!

No. 505379

File: 1518816145004.jpg (247.79 KB, 2964x1426, eT9s9gi.jpg)

Yeah, I saw the spot you meant andd turned it for you. Good catch! I'm still not 100% sure, but you could be right.

No. 505381

You guys should be in forensics or something. Kek.

No. 505383

Nah, screw that. I'm calling it. I think you are right. Like you said, the position of the chair is the same. Plus all the other coincidences. I'm saying I'm sure now. I totally called it: she took Janiece to her POTS concierge doc.

No. 505385

Paul and Jan are both so repulsive with gifts. Greedy little pigs. Yuck.
Paul asks his sis how much the bass pro gift card she got him is for and she said "$25" and he immediately says oh, bare minimum here, scraping the bottom of the barrel.
How about a thank you, you giant fucking hemorrhoid of society??

No. 505387

Aww teamwork!

No. 505389

Anaphylaxis fagging here but with true anaphylaxis not only does Benadryl not do shit, but you absolutely do not have time to be drawing up Benadryl and accessing your port in a sterile manner. The reasons Epi Pens are basically an automatic gun of adrenaline is because you Have. No. Time. You need that shit as of two minutes ago. Your entire body is going into circulatory arrest with every passing second. so you really think you have the time and brain function to access a port in a completely sterile way, and draw up Benadryl?


People with true severe anaphylaxis rarely get give ports because of this exact reason, and because most paramedics aren't trained to access them. So they have the misfortune like my family member (saged and sorry for blogging) of getting repeated Intra Osseous access (literally drilling into someone's bone marrow with zero pain relief or anaesthesia in order to get IV access).

And every time you use an epi pen, you have to call for an ambulance. So for someone with such severe anaphylaxis, Jaquie certainly doesn't need any ambulances or epi pens.

I didn't know about her bad ambulance experience (only been following this shit storm for a few months) is someone able to link? It WOULD explain why she only has anaphylaxis in hospital. But if she is having anaphylaxis in hospital it also triggers a full code and I don't know if she's ever had that? But she sure as hell makes sure so as not to have paramedics involved which the more you think about it is highly unusual for Jaquie, as usually she loves the more drama the better. So she obviously was blatantly called out for bullshitting by the paramedics which makes me very very happy inside.

No. 505393

I confirmed with a reliable source that the office they visited is indeed Jaq’s POTS doctor.

Whatever anon said it’s a stupid move in Jaq’s part is right. Jan’s a loose cannon.

No. 505395

Kek, I'm honestly feeling pretty good about myself now. But most props should go to anon who spotted the spot (pun totally intended), because I didn't see that. I was planning to study the patterns of the tiles next, but no need to anymore!

I love how they somehow avoided to mention that Janieces "second opinion" was Jaquies concierge doctor. They both didn't mention this pretty significant detail, probably because they KNEW how odd it seems, and we totally figured it out.

No. 505401

In Jan's vlog 7:53 in when she says "hey fatty" is she saying that to Jaquie????
Jan must be tickled pink to weigh less than jaq.

No. 505402

See, I knew it. O how I hope this is the beginning of the end. However he DID agree to infusions for Janiece, which is so, SO odd. I'd say if an already suspicious patient (even if he only realized that on a subconscious level) comes in with a friend who in part has the same diagnoses and 'advocates' for her to have the same OTT (in his mind likely: 'top of the line') treatment.. normally a doctor would be VERY careful moving forward. But not this doctor: he'll probably refer her for a port within a matter of weeks. That's how it happened with Jaquie and it's very clear now that both Janiece and Jaquie wanted the infusions to happen. They probably don't even care about what's actually going on with Janiece, they just wanted her to get a port and home infusions. Next step will be a feeding tube for her.

No. 505403

the spot spotting anon is always glad to be of service

No. 505405

Yup. Doc probably either weighed her or asked her about her weight, so it came up again that Jaquie weighs now more then Janiece. And Janiece is loving it, of course.

No. 505408

Sorry, if me and my bestie both had significant GI issues that were severe enough to be disabling (their words not mine) and we had both lost a shit ton of weight and were claiming to be malnourished…that "fatty" joke would have set me the fuck off.

No. 505410

Look at the bright side, guys. Jan will be knocked on her ass the first time Jaq pushes some Benadryl in Jan’s port… so maybe the vlogs will be shorter because she’s gonna be drooling asleep taking Benadryl naps.

I’ve also began to wonder… her port probs… anyone think it could be related to her reading here how we talk about her port never giving her problems?

No. 505411

And rightly so. Especially as Jaquie told us a few days ago that she is still not at her post-surgery goal weight. It would be a bit different (though still tasteless) if Jaquie was at her goal weight and feeling good about what her weight was right now.

No. 505412

Well that sounds an awful lot like cow tipping. You aren't supposed to get involved irl
Unless you confirmed that with either jan, Jaq Paul or Judd there would likely be a HIPAA violation involved for your source.
Maybe reread the rules and go back to lurking for a while?

No. 505417

There are people here that knew Jan and Jaq IRL before they became farmers. Maybe read the thread before you give tips to anons.

No. 505418

If someone already knows her IRL it's (imho) different. Or maybe they know someone who knows her.. doesn't necessarily have to be someone who works at that office or who knows her proffessionally.

No. 505419

Yes. Which is why, she will now have port problems and will have a ride in an ambulance for some sort of crisis. More and more lately something's talked about here and magically in the next day or two there it is in the vlog!

No. 505421

There’s no “HIPPA” violation. Chill your grill. It’s someone that knows them in real life and has been to the office.
Not everything is like that. Like other anon said, some of us actually have known them, been patreons, or etc.

No. 505424


Does this doctor get paid to recommend medical procedures by the companies whose equipment will be used in said procedure??

No. 505425

Someone irl that comes here to talk shit but is still friendly enough with them to know the deets on their doctors the day of their appointments while not having anything to do with a job regarding their doctors? There's been so many anons here lately trying to bait people into stuff and start shit, so sorry if I'm wrong but this seemed in a similar vein to that.

No. 505427

Top kek I hope you meant "HIPPA" as a joke??

No. 505428

When you say POTS "concierge" doctor are anons being sarcastic or is that a real thing?

No. 505429

Maybe someone who used to be friendly with her and went there one or two times with her? Someone we have also seen in the vlog a few times?

Plus: it doesn't matter much. Even if they would be a troll (which I don't think so), we already figured it out ourselves by good ol' side-by-side comparisons of vlogs and pics.

No. 505431

It's a real thing. Concierge doctors at least, not sure about a POTS specializing one.

In some places they're called other things. I belong to one, but they call it a health co-op. But they don't just give patients what they want, not all "concierge" docs are just giving out whatever treatments people "buy"

No. 505434

Very interesting thought anon, maybe you're on to something

No. 505437

Didn't someone figure out who her doctor was and the practice advertised with being specialised in POTS/dysautonomia and some other related things? Or am I confusing her with someone else now?

No. 505439

I chuckled as soon as I saw her cow ass was sitting in the back, after she just talked about how she can't.

Also, Jaq almost seems almost anxious after leaving the hospital with her port non issue. Silly me! She doesn't have anxiety.

No. 505442

There were doctors names on the white boards in hospital and one of those names does indeed have a practice specializing in that. Not concrete proof but interesting coincidence

No. 505443


Oh that was beautiful!
Jan: You even did a handstand!
Jaq: (scornfully) I did nooot *INSTANT LOOK TO THE SIDE

No. 505447

Kek the lighting made it hard to tell for sure but it kinda looked like Jaq got red in the face after that handstand comment. It's even more interesting to rewatch just those 5 seconds and look at different things each time. Jaqs eyes and face, the jan looks when she says it then trails off as Jaquie responds. Jaquie doesn't even have to tell Jan to jump, Jan just preemptively does it before she gets told to. She's like a meek little mouse that Jaquie bats around

No. 505449

I just googled this and I am shocked. Wow. I feel like patients paying extra for better treatment goes against ethics. I cannot believe this. I am so angry now. She is not sick she is a daddy munchie who will pay anything to get the attention she wants. What a psychopath. Complete psychopath!

No. 505454

No wonder she isn't scared to go to her own doctor with Jan. She's paying him plus making him so much money from all the insurance paying tests that she requests.

No. 505458

She is scared, that's why she went into Jan's appointment with her. So she can hear evvvvverything Jan-can says to the doctor and be ready to refute it if jan says something that goes against what the doctor knows. Remember, we have no way of knowing if each of jaquies doctors knows about the other ones and what diagnosis/meds they all have her on. If Jaquie withholds the right tidbits from each doctor she could be getting prescribed all kinds of crazy things she'd never in a million years get if they had the whole picture. Which would help a lot to explain HOW she is able to get prescribed all this shit. All it would take is jan opening her big mouth a la handstands

No. 505464

He’s obviously not a very good doctor, as he’s treating both of them for conditions they blatantly don’t have. He’s in it for the money 100%, and doesn’t seem to give a flying fuck about jaquie’s possible complications just from having a port. Regular infusions through an iv at a hospital or infusion center are pretty benign, but any type of central line in someone who doesn’t need it is an unacceptable risk as far as I’m concerned. I hope he loses his medical license before anyone dies.

No. 505472

Depends on how her concierge doctor is set up. Mine is $80/month and includes as many visits as I need and anything they do in house (UAs, ultrasound, EKG, casts, splints, toradol shots, etc etc) is free. Any outside stuff my regular health insurance covers. If her doctor is the same way he would want to see LESS of Jaquie because he would make the same $$ off her whether she comes in 1 time a month or 25 times. And any diagnostics she needed, unless he was doing them in-house, would make money for the blood lab, imaging center whatever, not him. Not uncommon though for doctors to be part owners in imaging centers so in a roundabout way he COULD be double dipping.
Maybe he's allowing the port and all the drugs she takes because she is a giant pain in his ass and he'll prescribe ANYTHING if it will make her stop calling and coming in every day(medfagging)

No. 505474

At around 8:17 or so in Jan-can's vlog from today she basically said that Jaquie took over the appointment. Imagine that.

No. 505482

I'm so confused because they are going on and on to justify jan/can getting infusions and saying her POTS isn't well controlled at all….where the fuck is this supposed POTS? Is she editing out 100% of the symptoms? She had no trouble kneeling/squatting/bending over/standing while she was washing Orion the other day. She doesn't even show her heart rate monitor anymore. Jaquie doesn't either. Jaquie has also stopped over explaining her every symptom too. I suspect they're both cutting back on including anything specific (like an unedited blood sugar check or pulse and oxygen levels, feed pump rate, etc) in their vlogs that will give the "haters" fodder to pick apart and find holes in. They're in panic mode trying to save their shit show from collapsing

No. 505485

On anon you didn't know? Jaquie has autism so it's okay that she is a complete asshole.

No. 505492

Jaq was probably panicking that Janjan would say something she didn't like and gosh darn it but no ones figured out how to edit real life yet!

No. 505497

Kek I'm waiting for one of them to slip up somewhere irl that they can't edit, like at the doctor. They live in a bubble of vlogging themselves, responding to social media about themselves and being focused on me me me and muh sicknesses for the majority of their days. Mentally, that's gotta alter your version of the real world and how you behave when out in it.

No. 505500

The same phenomenon if you are used to a smart phone or computer with touch screen but forget that everything else isn't always gonna be touch screen too, and you find yourself trying to swipe or zoom with your fingers on the screen of your circa 2009 dell computer.

No. 505506

Kek, or want to skip ahead a boring conversation.. in real life.

Seriously though, this stupid move HAS to have ramifications. Just wait for Janiece to go back to her actual GI doc .

No. 505521

File: 1518823596222.jpg (605.04 KB, 2048x2048, 6948D1C5-4FBC-4A5F-A9B8-42F237…)

Plenty of people with ports basically telling Jaquie that there's really nothing wrong, and it's really easily fixed. But of course her team might want her to have another study! Because we think it's best to be safe.

No. 505526

How does she already know about a dye study? It’s not exactly common knowledge. It’s almost like she googled port problems and saw that it was something that could be done, and that it required actually going to a hospital or clinic and having it done, unlike CapFlow which can be done at home. Strange.

No. 505527

Probably from watching other vloggers? We all know she gets at least as much of her information from fellow 'spoonies' as from her own doctors.

No. 505528

Supposedly the home health nurse sent her to the ER for the dye study and then the ER told her they don't do them. It's either done as planned outpatient or inpatient. So either the nurse is stupid or Jaquie is lying.

No. 505529

File: 1518824236801.jpg (483.65 KB, 2048x2048, 0B245231-F856-41CE-8541-FEC995…)

I thought some of you might appreciate the progression of Jaquie's facial expressions when Janiece blabs that she did a handstand to get her port to get blood return.

No. 505533

Kek nice work! Not to be an asshole (but I am one so..) but I was secretly hoping for a gif of the moment like the fish tank crash

Is that being greedy?

No. 505535

If that's not a recurring zit on her cheek she should really get that looked at. Could be cancer.

No. 505537

Sadly I am not brochure anon, and do not have those godly skills. Brochure Anon are you out there? Such a gif would be amazing.

No. 505538

No blood return is a bullshit reason to go to the ER. As anon said above, if it flushes, there's no clot.
The first time she had blood return issues, she should have been a good little patient and remembered what what her nurse probably taught her.

Pull the needle back but kept it in the skin, and then re-insert it through the silicon barrier. Boom. Instant blood return.
Since she uses it so often, it wouldn't surprise me if she's starting to fuck up the silicon barrier, which could have absolutely been the cause of her problems.

Gif coming soon my dudes.

No. 505544

Woah did anyone else notice Jan stare into the camera and shake her head when Jaq was talking about the Fibrin sheath? Is she trying to send us a message?! Blink twice if Jaquie is a munchie!

Head shake is at 7:50

No. 505549

I did see it, but I think it was just because Jaq had been trying for a while and Jan knew she started to vlog so was shaking with either a 'nope, it's really not working' or a 'guyz, it's Jaquie AGAIN having something wrong with her' - face.

No. 505555

File: 1518825438588.gif (4.18 MB, 480x270, giphy (2).gif)

With subtitles

-Brochure Anon

No. 505556

I did. I though t was cause Jaq had an excuse to steal all the attention though.

No. 505558

File: 1518825487767.gif (3.93 MB, 480x270, giphy (3).gif)

Without Subtitles.

-Brochure Anon

(enjoy the lies in vivid Technicolor)

No. 505559

lol that eyeroll is so forced

No. 505560

Kek I kinda thought Janjan looked like a woman possessed by Satan, frozen in time. Or just regular nutjob jan, asleep with her eyes open. Until she shook her head and ruined the moment.

No. 505561

Holy cow I've read through the last thread and all of this one, this chick is nuts

No. 505564

Also, a clot tends to have symptoms. I do love that she dragged them all to the ER, and definitely waiting a while, just to find out that she’s totally and completely fine. Serves them all right for being either munchies or munchie enablers.

No. 505568

Notice how Jan starts to cough right after Jaq "rolls" her eyes. Maybe Jaq's a witch! Cursing Doctors to believe her lies and making Judd her little servant with a "love" spell! Kek.

No. 505591

Top kek. Amazing!

No. 505596

Terrible, but I hope Jan finds she has something like cancer and needs chemo just to see the eyeroll from Jaq every time Jan would say she has cancer and Jaq couldn't complain and be the sickest anymore.

No. 505609

Except janjan would become even more insufferable. I hope a medical professional tells them both they’re fine and just full of shit.

No. 505616

But if that would happen, Jaquie would find a way to make Jan being sick all about herself. Remember, it's all about her.

No. 505623

When you can't get blood return the first they do is make raise your arm in case your vessels are being pinched off any where. Rearranging your arms moves things around. At least that's my understanding.

No. 505639

Brochure anon will you marry me??

Goddamn that gif made my shittastic day a hundred times better

No. 505640

Haha this instantly made me have a mental image of Jaquie with a holy halo over her head

Yes, she is nuts. If you're new to the farm, welcome!

No. 505655

Paul and Janjan have keys so they probably just unlocked it. But Jaquie is an idiot so anythings possible

No. 505662

I'll see if I can sort out which vlog she talks about the scary mean ambulance people in. In the meantime I think towards the bottom of the previous thread, an anon did ALOT of work putting together timelines of stuff and it may include jaquies allergic reaction bullshit.

And I'm not positive on this but I think even Jaquie has said some of her doctors don't think she's having anaphylaxis. For prob the exact reasons you pointed out. Or maybe it was that one didn't put it in her chart because it wasn't a witnessed reaction. At any rate, even her in hospital anaphylaxis she most of the time manages to treat herself with her own epi pens because the hospital staff "doesn't get there quick enough"

I find her lack of ambulance rides very strange also. But it's not like she has anxiety about it or PTSD from the bully paramedics. Dear Jaquie has NO MENTAL ILLNESS y'all. None.

No. 505663

I think marriage might tie down my creative capabilities. I will stay as free as the milk that runneth from the cup of Jaquie.

But seriously, this vlog was just gagworthy. I kinda want to post something here and see if she will do/mention it in a future video.

-Brochure Anon

No. 505669

Please do! Even if it doesn't work it'll be good entertainment

No. 505679

I guess because I have shit for brains I decided to watch jaquies all about my port video, which I had never previously subjected myself to. Like all Jaquie videos I can't get past the first few minutes. I did have a tremendous laugh when she said she had been diagnosed with "over 8 chronic illnesses". So….9? Or 100?

But her All About My "insert bullshit thing here" vlogs are sooooo painfully scripted and overrehearsed. She was still in school when she made all these. She's going to school for some kind of media relations thing right? Did she make these horrid "informational" videos for a school project so she could subject her classmates to this bullshit and get sympathy there to? AND get a bunch of extra asspats on YT without having to do any more than post the same videos to her channel?

Jaquie's the strangest lazy person because she finds ways to stay lazy but the ways are a lot of friggin work. It makes zero sense. Well it does if she's too scared to fail at adulting that she's finding every reason NOT to even try.

Here's the DL, the "over 8" is blessedly at the very beginning. Ok Jaquie.

No. 505685

Ok made it through 5 minutes. Gahhhhhhh

Watching her talk about her port and the risks involved, it legit made my stomach sink. It's viscerally disturbing. This bitch is for sure fucking with some part of her port to deliberately cause issues. She probably jammed a piece of raw chicken inside it. She is like 5 stops past the exit for crazy town.

No. 505686

She actually used to be in school for Occupational Therapy. She changed her major to media relations.
I’m assuming after the vlogging.

No. 505688

File: 1518832757686.png (65.55 KB, 636x398, IMG_4666.PNG)

Methinks she's been plotting a port crisis for some time and was saving the big guns for a rainy day. Well Jaquie, Janjan shit herself and down came the rain. Time to bust it out, your bff is stealin yer munchie thunder.

Here's Dr Jaqs disclaimer about her port from her port video. She has been plotting her sweet IV pain meds for a while it seems.

No. 505689

File: 1518832834567.png (59.18 KB, 590x408, IMG_4668.PNG)

And her disclaimer about having issues with her port. Talking about she hasn't had any YET. In a disappointed way not a relieved way.

No. 505691

Dear god I hope she never tries to get an adulting job irl that she ever has to read aloud from a script.

No. 505698

Ahh I forgot about that! I wonder if she seized and cataplexied her way through college too or just high school.

No. 505713

After talking about her port being an even bigger risk because of her EDS and immunodeficiency she legit says this:

"A port has a lot of pros. One- My doctor says it has a liiiiiiiiittle less of an infection risk than other types of lines. I know that opinion varies but, I LIKE IT ANYWAYS so I'll just agree with what he says" then she awkward clamp jaw giggles

What the fuggedy fuck
If she doesn't want her shit to come unraveled she really needs to go back and re-shoot all these "education" vids and remove some of the glee and desperation. Jan-can gets the grinz and jaquies glee comes across in word form. They belong together.

No. 505724

Ok, so I've been doing some outside research to compare Jaq to a person that is for real seriously ill. If you have never seen someone who is not a munchie post a video about an episode that they happened to catch on video unintentionally you really should watch them to compare. I just watched one about a girl who had narcolepsy and cataplexy and let me tell you Jaq is lying about everything. She has never even once had anything remotely similar to what a real narc/cataplexy episode looks like. Just because she is tired, fatigued, and sleeping a long time it does not even come close to what narcolepsy is! I am so distraught right now from this I just want to shake and scream at her for lying about it.

No. 505730

File: 1518835758405.gif (10.44 MB, 764x439, jaw.gif)

Pretty smooth…

No. 505736

What is this pointing out? My brain just isn't picking up what you're trying to put down?

No. 505740

I'm guessing the speed and ease with which Jaquie moves out of doggie way and maneuvers her walker so she can sit down

No. 505741

Anon, can you post a link of that vid? I'm curious to see it and compare to Queen munchie

No. 505804

She’s literally walking perfectly normal over to get her walker kek

No. 505821

She certainly does spin around fast for someone with weak muscles, foot drop, poor proprioception, unstable joints, nerve damage, malnutrition, and who's dizzy all the time!

No. 505841

Crazy because I think my YT ended up autoplaying the other night and I swear when I woke up I saw the same type of video. The girl was recording a demo or how-to and she had narcolepsy with cataplexy as well. She caught a sleep attack (I think that’s what it’s called) on video while she was recording. I totally forgot I even saw this in my sleepy stupor that night until anon mentioned it and jogged my memory. I’ll see if I can find it for you, anon.

Also for the anons wanting to see Jaq’s ambulance ride it’s one of the ones at end of Jan/beginning of Feb if I remember correctly. I’ll try to find that too.

And those how-to videos are so scripted and planned and just horrible. Who can talk about a port for 30+ mins?

And to the anon who talks about Jaq getting an adulting job. I was thinking she’d do really well directing traffic with her amazing skill of arm motions and hand gestures. Maybe a little reverse skinwalker business some she used to work at Disney parking cars. Maybe directing airplanes at the airports?

Ok off to see if i can find those vids.

No. 505850


This was a suggested vid for me after watching AJ's most recent vlog. It sounds like this is the video everyone else was watching… Apologies if this isn't the right video.

No. 505858

Kek that's the perfect job for her!

No. 505867

That looks fucking terrifying.

Don’t let Jaq see it though!

I also feel bad for the girl because she’s into acting and stuff but was afraid to disclose that because she was terrified of people accusing her of faking. (Although I will say if she’s faking it’s some of the best acting I’ve seen. Maybe No-Oscar Jaq should take a lesson or two.)

No. 505874

Kek I thought it looked fake. And that was before I saw that she was an actor.
Also anyone who says at the beginning of a video that they weren't going to upload it but eventually decided to to raise awareness, then proceeds to make a channel filled with narcolepsy videos and videos of them being super symptomatic… it kinda veers the person off into OTT territory at best.

Maybe I'm too cynical?

No. 505877

File: 1518848487121.png (125.14 KB, 640x1106, IMG_4674.PNG)

Old Jaquie vlog. This is where her internet EDS friend sent her, highly recommended. It sounds like a friggin munchie asspat academy to me.

No. 505878

File: 1518848527612.png (111.14 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4675.PNG)

Munchie review

No. 505879

File: 1518848591194.png (114.95 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4676.PNG)

Does wonders for backbone pain (???? Is that an actual diagnosis or did they write this review BEFORE they saw a doctor?)

No. 505881

File: 1518848752818.png (120.77 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4680.PNG)

Aaaand personally I wouldn't trust a doctor with 3 glaringly obvious typos, a grammatical error and a lot of missing periods in the Patient Bill Of Rights.
Not to nitpick.

No. 505906

File: 1518850423130.png (76.13 KB, 640x813, IMG_4682.PNG)

Well doesn't that just beat em all. Judd "jokes" that Jaquie faked her anaphylaxis so she wouldn't have to go see Star Wars.

Judd seems dumber than a box of rocks but maybe he's smarter than he seems. Gotta give him props for covering jaquies ugly mug with his hand whenever he gets to hold the camera for "sign off". Best part of the vlogs.

No. 505976

I found it odd, too. For one thing, cataplexy happens with intense emotions and I don't see that here. But it's a bit off-topic, so I won't go into it further.

>>Anaphylaxis fagging here but with true anaphylaxis not only does Benadryl not do shit, but you absolutely do not have time to be drawing up Benadryl and accessing your port in a sterile manner. The reasons Epi Pens are basically an automatic gun of adrenaline is because you Have. No. Time.

That is the reason why - according to Jaquie - she needs her port accessed 24/7. This negates the whole point of having a port vs a picc or another type of central line, but that's her narrative. She needs it accessed 24/7 and I believe she also has her IV benadryl pre-drawn or whatever so she can administer it quickly. When her attacks move quickly, she cannot do this herself and needs Judd or someone else to do this. That's why it is totally safe for her to be alone at home most of the time. O, wait.. I'm confused. O, that's why she has her alarm button that she doesn't wear but has somewhere 'nearby'. And that she did NOT set to call 911 whenever she pushes it, but instead she gave them numbers of Judd and her mother so they get called when she presses the alarm. Totally safe, I'm sure.

Of course, even when we go with her explanation, she still has the option of using epi when she is at home alone and doesn't have the dexterity to alcohol swab her port cap, connect a saline syringe and push saline, disconnect, swab the cab again, connect the benadryl syringe, disconnect, swab again and connect the second saline flush. Luckily for her, she rarely has reactions when she is home by herself. And of course now this is mentioned here, she just might have one in the next week or so..

Now even Jaquie admits that benadryl doesn't abort a true anaphylaxis attack. That is, sometimes. Sometimes she says the benadryl is just for severe allergic reactions that might develop into anaphylaxis if she doesn't push her IV benny. But most of the time, she says she uses the benny to 'abort' an anaphylactic reaction.

Oh, I found the vlog where she had a reaction on campus and had a bad experience with the paramedics. If I remember correctly, they said something like "we know you are playing us with some of this, and some of it, I'm sure, is real". Sounds spot on, right?

(Edit: I just skipped through parts of the video and the one of the day after where she explains what happened when the ambulance came, but this is not the time she had her bad experience. According to her, they "coordinated with Judd and Judd told them about my autism and they were very respectful so I didn't have a traumatic experience this time". So I'll have to search on for that one video. Isn't it strange though, that you are having a life threatening episode and the EMT's "coordinate" with a loved one ON THE PHONE? How is that even possible? Anyway, I'll keep on searching for that other video. It must be before the one I included.)

No. 505981

File: 1518860719957.jpg (272.03 KB, 2736x1824, 6xe2sdY.jpg)

Found it. Ambulance took her to the hospital and
>>Even though I had this gut feeling that I should stay, because my episodes usually reoccur shortly after, I went home because I had a horrible experience with the ambulance, which I'll explain most likely tomorrow. I just don't feel well enough to do so now, I just wanted to get home so I went home. And then a few hours later, I had an even more severe allergic reaction and I used both epi-pens because if y'all don't know I just happened to find one a few days ago in my school backpack so now I'm completely out of epi-pens, the hospital said they'd help me out with one though. And I'm here now, with rashes and just.. episodes where I couldn't breathe because my throat swelled shut, and IV medications and things like that, so they are admitting me, and I'll be here for at least tonight. If I don't have any incidents, I can go home tomorrow. But.. that didn't go well last time, I was here for nine days with recurrent anaphylaxis.

(Spoiler alert: this admission was eight days.)

So this is where I'm not sure what to think of it all. Sometimes I think she really must have had at least a few anaphylactic reactions, because the doctors sure seemed to think she had them. A few times she talked about almost being intubated and needing supplemental oxygen after a reaction because her oxygen level was too low without it. I assume that doctors would actually LOOK into her throat before concluding the is having anaphylaxis? So either she must have been self-inducing which I don't think even Jaquie is crazy enough for, OR she had a few true anaphylaxis episodes and is faking/exaggerating most of her other 'reactions'? I'm really not sure. Maybe if she truly had one or three anaphylactic reactions, she got so scared that she either 'treats' every little itch or panicky-feeling with benadryl because it scares the living shit out of her? Or she liked the attention of having actual life-threatening episodes and decided to fake more of those?

We all know that Jaquie is a master manipulator, but I find it hard to believe that even Jaquie would be able to talk doctors into multiple hospital stays of over a week each without ANY physical signs of true anaphylaxis. What do you guys think of this?

I'm posting the vlog where she explains her bad experience with the paramedics next.

No. 505982


The actual quote of the paramedic was: "I know you're playing some of this.. and some of it must be real."

No. 505985

File: 1518861025044.jpg (251.75 KB, 2736x1824, BAVsxV2.jpg)


That sure seems like the proper order of handling things if you're having a life-threatening allergic reaction, right?

No. 505991

Thank you for finding the vlog where she talks about the ambulance ride!

I think it's really important to remember the old saying: Almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. If they almost intubated her (according to Jaquie, our only source on this as it pertains to her) they couldn't have been worried. The whole reason anaphylaxis is life threatening is because your throat swells shut. Quickly. The epi relaxes it so your airway opens back up. The swelling is fast and if they wait too long to intubate, you're fucked. Because then they CANT because your airway is too swollen to get anything past. Then you get yourself a nice emergency trach.

Intubation is considered pretty low risk, especially when the alternative is to die or have a hole cut in your windpipe. They'd intubate just in case to be safe rather than hold off and see. If they were concerned, that is. One would assume they looked inside her mouth at her throat but again, we can't assume because they may have taken her word for it or known she was faking. Or she could have been uncooperative (but would she tell viewers that? No). If they suspected it was fake that makes a lot more sense for them almost intubating but not. And jaquies idea of almost might be that there was an intubation kit on the same floor as her. Which isn't the same kind of "almost" as a rapid response team at her bedside, prepping the supplies to actually do the procedure.

Once again Jaquie is full of shit.

Oh, and if you had anaphylaxis and went in the bambulance, came home and had an even WORSE reaction hours later and you were UNCONSCIOUS would your husband really give you an epi and drive you to hospital himself?? What, after he carried her limp dying body to the car and buckled her in? He's an irresponsible fuck if he did that.

Long winded, apologies.

With Jaquie, every step of the way you have to stop and ask yourself, what proof is there, besides her word, that her doctors have ever said or done ANY of the stuff she claims? She could be making 95% of it up. Even what she "shows" on camera is easily faked and she's careful to never show the beginning, just the end. I.e. "I just passed out from my POTS, my heart rate is still high (shows fingertip HR monitor). Notice she NEVER films an unedited clip of her picking up the HR monitor, putting it on and, unedited, showing the result. Because she has to run around or do handstands first to make it high. She always has that camera in her hand. Always. But we're supposed to believe NONE of this is caught on film?

No. 505992

Pretty sure her anaphylaxis is panic attacks or just spasms in her throat (often anxiety related). She recovers fast, her "rashes" disappear as soon as she gets her benny and she never visibly swells. The only thing that's anaphylaxis-y about her anaphylaxis is that that's what Jaquie calls it. Unless she keeps getting the worse shit doctors and rapid response teams, the only common denominator is her.

She's a spoiled little bitch who doesn't like needles so she pretended to go nonverbal in the ambulance because she didn't want an IV in her forearm because she was scared of the pain. They called her out for faking and her response was the equivilant of "neener neener I'll show you, I'll just be difficult then".

And if they filed a complaint against the medics and actually had a case, we would have heard about it. But we didn't. Which means either they didn't file a complaint or they did and the ambulance company stood behind their employees. I'm sure they documented the everliving shit outta their time with her because they were suspicious from the get-go. Not their first rodeo.

Ps Jaquie makes me rage. Clearly

No. 505993

Also, this: http://epmonthly.com/article/when-patients-lie/
This was fascinating and kinda made me think that Jaquie has to be red flagged already. She's conniving and good at research but that would take some serious detective work on her part to figure out which hospital systems and various seemingly unrelated hospitals actually DO share records.

And this: https://www.google.com/amp/www.serenityrehab.org/blog/information/addicts-using-gastroparesis-abuse-prescription-drugs/amp/

Eerily similar to the behavior we see from Jaquie. And, now, Janjan.

No. 505994

You are absolutely right about the 'almost' part, certainly in regard to being intubated. Plus Jaq is being very OTT about it, she even named one of her vlogs "not having a tube down my throat = succes", which is a kind of "severely sick by association"-trick many munchies seem to use. Like Dom in the general munchie thread a few days ago when a doc in the ER wouldn't give her IV saline and she told him that "some POTS patients have a port and IV saline 24/7", which makes their condition SEEM more severe simply by associating themselves with something that IS more severe. Jaquie wasn't intubated during ANY of her hospital stays for anaphylaxis, so her mentioning it in the title of her vlog no less, is just being OTT.

BUT: she WAS admitted on at least three occasions for over a week. And she WAS on supplemental oxygen a few times. And a doctor DID prescribe her both IV benadryl and epipens. A doctor DID agree with leaving her port accessed 24/7, specifically for her allergic reactions. Now we know that the doctor who handles her port care and prescribes most (if not all) of her IV meds is her "POTS doctor" and he is - most likely - some sort of concierge doctor and seems to give her pretty much anything she wants, so everything he (allegedly) says or does, doesn't really count. But that still leaves us with her epipens, multiple hospital admissions and treatment during those admissions.
And like I said, I find it hard to believe that her doctors wouldn't be able to see the difference between an panic attack or a faked episode and true anaphylaxis.

Although, I would also find it very hard to believe that a doctor would give someone IV saline infusions and a central line for a non-official POTS diagnosis without making SURE the patient has tried everything from compression stockings to cardio to DRINKING enough water/electrolytes if I hadn't gone through her IG myself and hadn't seen how that happened.

So I guess what I'm saying is.. I just don't know. I KNOW she is very good at what she does and I KNOW she is a liar. But my mind doesn't want to believe that NO doctor or nurse would see through her during a hospital stay where there would be more opportunity to observe her and see with their own eyes the symptom that she would merely self-report if they saw her on an out-patient basis. And I believe she DOES have allergies, so I think that other than outright faking everything, it is also possible that she either had a milder allergic reaction and then freaked out OR faked the rest (thus having actual allergic symptoms AND making it look like anaphylaxis) or that she actually had a few true anaphylactic episodes. I really think it can go either way, and I'm not sure if we'll ever find out the real truth behind it.

No. 505997

It's all mind games, anon. And we all fall for it to various levels because of humans instinct to believe other people and not question the most basic details.

She could have held her breath while she was alone in the room and deliberately made her o2 stats drop. This would likely simultaneously increase her heart rate. A little frantic scratching at herself to make a "rash" and voila.
Doctors assume patients aren't faking. If she presses her call button and has done all these things to appear about to keel over, they generally treat as if it's anaphylaxis because there's no time to "verify". I just posted a link to an article by an ER doc. In a nutshell, they are required to run diagnostics or provide treatment EVEN IF they suspect a faker. And as other anons have posted about, there are munchies who end up having a legit emergency and no one believes them and they die. So even if they're 99 percent sure she's faking, she still gets real treatment for anaphylaxis, whether she has it or not. Because they don't have time to disprove her.

Jaquie has stated numerous times (especially when she first got her port) that now SHE is in control of her care. She's supposed to infuse certain amounts a set number of days per week. But she changes it to suit her needs. She's supposed to push IV benny over 3-6 minutes but because that's not good enough she does it faster. She does what she wants when she wants it. She's found doctors that have no spine and allow her care to be dictated not by them but by her. Her doctor doesn't "allow" her to keep her port accessed 24/7, she just does it because she wants to. Because she claims anaphylaxis no one tries hard to stop her. But most of her sketchy care choices and OTT treatments we all think are her doctors are most likely JAQUIE demanding it and they give her what she wants.

No. 506003

When it's time for the next thread can this EPMonthly article be included in the info at the top? It conveniently explains how doctors deal with fakers going to the same unnecessary surgery lengths as dear Jaquie AND it defines the various forms of malingering, munchie-ing etc.

No. 506012


Severe anaphylaxis fagging here.

If you're in severe recurrent anaphylaxis the first thing they do is get you into resus and have an entire anaesthetics and ENT team ready. If they feel they have time, ENT will whack a scope down your airways and video/have a look. They can instantly tell if there's swelling, angiodema, or wherher it's something else such as a severe laryngospam (symptoms can mimic severe anaphylaxis but on scope it looks very different).

They do NOT put you on pissy nasal cannulas. You're instantly hooked up to a Hudson mask nebuliser of adrenaline, OR non invasive ventilation (BiPap).

Nasal oxygen isn't going to do a damn thing in severe anaphylaxis. You will be hit with everything. IV Dexamerhasone, IV adrenaline, subcut adrenaline, nebulised adrenaline. If you are in the exceptionally rare and severe case of ongoing anaphylaxis for several days, you are hooked up tona constant IV infusion of adrenaline which continues to drip away, and then have IV adrenaline shots as needed for breakthrough.

And the person who said they don't hesitate with intimating; you're absolutely right. They don't. If they leave it one minute two late, they can't get the damn tube down and you're going to have to give them an emergency trach or something like an awake fibre optic intubation which is totally horrific for the patient.

I haven't saged this because I feel it will help show how full of shit Jaquie is with her 'anaphylaxis'.

The main points being; she wouldn't be on a nasal cannula, she would be on a Hudson mask of nebulised adrenaline or Bipap

If she had 9 days of ongoing anaphylaxis she would spend that in the ICU. Anaphylaxis triggers a full code and has to be managed in either emergency or ICU. It cannot be managed on a general ward.

In anaphylaxis you do NOT have the physical or brain function to go through the process of injecting Benadryl into a port in a sterile manner even if it's always accessed. There's still a lot of extremely careful work involved.

You cannot speak with anaphylaxis because you can't breathe. You use every single breath fighting for it. It feels like you're being strangled, because you are.

If you are in the rare severe case of ongoing anaphylaxis for days, you have a constant IV adrenaline infusion.

You are kept in the ICU, not the ward.

Paramedics do not have time in anything that's REMOTELY an emergency to be calling relatives. And you don't give a shit about your Aurism and how people are talking to you because you can't breathe. Breathing is all you care about.

So yeah sorry for anaphylaxis fagging I really hope it's okay I didn't sage but I do feel it provides clarity here.

No. 506015


If you're in a hospital and you use your own epi-pen due to anaphylaxis they would still monitor you carefully afterwards due to a possibility of it recurring.

No. 506016

Absolutely. Also I just watched the second video of her coughing and it's actually infuriated me. You can't fucking speak with anaphylaxis nor do you want to even try because it makes things so much worse. Also isn't it amazing how adjustable Jaquie never gets the 'embarrassing' symptoms like uncontrolled diarrhoea with her anaphylaxis?

She definitely deserves a medal for being the first person on the planet to have the only type of anaphylaxis in which you are able to not only film yourself but film yourself speaking!

Also I won't say what because I believe she's been reading here lately but let's just say the time of day in which she has 'anaphylaxis' is highly interesting.

No. 506018


I almost suspect she started taking Occupational Therapy in order to learn what tools to aim for…

No. 506027

What are the side effects of using all those epipens when she's not actually having anaphylaxis? I was always under the impression that using them when not needed did a number on your body but she doesn't see too be suffering for taking them so idk what to think?

No. 506038

She almost never actually uses epi pens, just her precious Benadryl, so even if it was a mane issue, it's one she is very rarely exposed to.

It won't harm you (that's why they always advise you epi pen even with any amdoubt, as using an epi pen unnecessarily won't kill you, but not using one when you need to will).

For the average person, you feel like you've been hit by a truck. You shake severely afterwards, some people shake so much it can look like convulsions. You get significant tachycardia, and feel like your heart is going to jump out of your chest. You often get really hot and then really cold. It can induce arrythmia such as VT, it's not common but it can happen, so it's another reason every time you use be epi pen you have to call for an ambulance immediately.

So that's an average person. For someone with POTS/Dysautonomia? Times the effects by a million. You will feel exceptionally sick. You will have severe tachycardia. It might raise your BP, but you won't feel better from that, as you'll be feeling so extremely sick from the tachycardia. You can also suffer severe muscle pain, severe fatigue, but can't sleep because your entire system is in massive overload.

Basically you feel pretty sick after using an epi pen for anyone, but for someone with Dysautonomia, it's a million times worse. And that's not including how you feel from having just suffered anaphylaxis too.

No. 506042

Thank you for this elaborate description. I know very little about anaphylaxis, so any info - especially from experience - helps. (And I hope you won't be banned for this: please admins, sometimes information like this really helps us understand what's happening!)

Can I play devils advocate for a bit? Not to WK Jaquie (I think I would get physically sick if I even tried to do that!) but just to exclude any explanations Jaquie or her minions would have to refute what you are trying to say here. I really hope you, or anyone else who has knowledge on this subject, will respond to it.

>>They do NOT put you on pissy nasal cannulas. You're instantly hooked up to a Hudson mask nebuliser of adrenaline, OR non invasive ventilation (BiPap).

I'm sure Jaquie would say something like: "of course they did not put me on O2 via nasal cannula during an attack. They aborted my attack with (insert IV benadryl, epi or any other drug that is used for anaphylaxis) so I was not actively having anaphylaxis anymore. They gave me supplemental O2 to help my body recuperate after the attack."

>>If she had 9 days of ongoing anaphylaxis she would spend that in the ICU. Anaphylaxis triggers a full code and has to be managed in either emergency or ICU. It cannot be managed on a general ward.

Jaquie: "I didn't have ongoing anaphylaxis, I had several anaphylactic reactions in a short amount of time. These were treated by the rapid response team. After my second (or whatever) reaction, they moved me to the progressive care unit, which is one step down from ICU. I'm sure if I would have had continuous reactions instead of recurring ones, they would have moved me to the ICU."

>>In anaphylaxis you do NOT have the physical or brain function to go through the process of injecting Benadryl into a port in a sterile manner even if it's always accessed. There's still a lot of extremely careful work involved.

"Which is why I have my epipens when I have a severe and rapid-moving reaction. My anaphylaxis-like episodes are caused by my (insert bullshit disorder of the week, probably immunodysfunction or whatever she gets IVIG for) so you can't really compare them to 'normal' anphylactic reactions. When I have a slow-moving angioedema attack, I can treat it myself with IV benadryl before it turns into full-blown anaphylaxis. Usually, babe has to do it for me. When I have a severe reaction or one that moves very fast, or when the IV benadryl doesn't work, we WILL use my epipen.

>>If you are in the rare severe case of ongoing anaphylaxis for days, you have a constant IV adrenaline infusion.

Jaquie: (silence, frantically Googling for exceptions to this rule.)

>>Paramedics do not have time in anything that's REMOTELY an emergency to be calling relatives. And you don't give a shit about your Aurism and how people are talking to you because you can't breathe. Breathing is all you care about.

Jaquie: "my anaphylaxis was already under control at that point, because I used my epipen. My doctor has told me to always go the the ER whenever I had to use my epipen, because it makes my POTS go out of control and I sometimes have recurrent episodes of anaphylaxis. This is why they had time to call Judd. If I would not have been stable, they would of course have treated me first."

—PLEASE note that I am NOT playing Jaquie because I believe her or because I am WK'ing her. I am just trying to figure this out and I am hoping that by putting myself in her position and thinking what arguments she would use, I can get the information to disprove what she is trying to tell us.

No. 506047

Definitely know you're not white knighting/can definitely see your logic here.

The thing with Jaquie is she will always have an explanation for everything, all of the time. It's her thing. She relies on the good nature of people who are usually uninformed on these issues. Her audience is a whole heap of people who are usually living with chronic illnesses but people who aren't medically literate, and people who don't have popular illnesses/illnesses which receive sympathy. Sadly, watching people like Jaquie is the closest thing they receive to any validation or support.

Whereas medically literate chronically ill patients are the ones who either initially followed her then ended up here, or people who spotted her bullshit from the outset.

But at the end of the day, no matter what she says, immunologists, anaesthetists, and ENT'a would laugh in her face. But that's not her audience. So she will always have an answer, and even if the answer makes no logical sense from a medical perspective, her audience aren't going to be aware of that. So her additional lies end up actually just becoming more 'proof'.

You raise some great points. If nothing else, it just demonstrates why these people are so, so hard to out and expose. People who have genuine illnesses with genuine treatmernts rarely need to give an explanation, because common sense doesn't need explaining.

No one needs to ask 'why are you having insulin for type 1 diabetes?' Or 'why are you having chemotheraly for Lupus related Nephritis?'.

People only need to give explanations when things don't add up.

No. 506057

Holy shit, anon! That Gastroparesis article is incredibly spot on! I have always been told the drug-seekers and malingerers always use “abdominal pain” and “nausea/vomiting” to attempt a score of some hospital heroin… this article is so insanely spot on because GP can’t really be diagnosed at the ER, generally they treat you, performing expensive tests (which divert from actual sick and injured), and when nothing alarming comes back they send you home. If you claim you have GP, they really can’t disprove you so they go with it and treat you. You ALWAYS see OTT/munchasauruses on IG - “Muh gastropareeeesis so bad. Much vomit. Must ER” all the fucking time. No wonder they use GP. It’s a legitimate disease and why would anyone lie about having it? To have that specific of an article written, it’s a big enough deal. Great find, anon. Oh, did anyone else giggle with glee just a little when JanJan’s GES came back completely normal? I may or may not have yelled “told ya so” when she had to tell us it was negative.

Anaphylacxis Fag Anon - well, I definitely learned some things and appreciate the information. You’re so right about the whole “cant talk” thing. I saw a kid in anaphylaxis once. She bit a sandwich with a giant fucking bee on it and it stung her in her mouth. She had this look of terror on her face and couldn’t talk. Luckily she had an epipen with her and was okay after an ER trip. So when I see Jaq’s reaction coughing and forced scratching and sickface and compare it to the kid, it’s nauseating! She’s such a fraud. Making a mockery of these truly sick people, truly allergic people, etc.

Her web of lies can’t hold up forever because more and more people are starting to call bullshit.

No. 506061

>>If nothing else, it just demonstrates why these people are so, so hard to out and expose.

Very true. If I can think of those responses while I KNOW most of what she says is BS and I am 100% sure she has factitious disorder but just think that there might be a degree of truth in some of her reported conditions (which are then exaggerated, faked or lied about), people who believe her and think she is the god of all things spoonie can definitely think of it. And they DO. People defend her in the comment section all the time. Jaquie doesn't even have to reply to trolls or negative comments, if she waits long enough it will be done for her.

I think part of it is I just don't know jack about anaphylaxis. Hence why I find it hard to believe someone would be hospitalized for it multiple times for over a week without any physical finding. The POTS-infusions things I tracked back myself on her IG, and I know how she manipulated her docs into that. Well, not exactly how, but I know she did it. Some of her other conditions I know enough about to be able to tell she is not making any sense. But her anaphylaxis still puzzles me. I definitely don't think that it is all real, because the pattern doesn't make sense and benadryl can't abort anaphylaxis. But like I said before: I do believe that maybe she either has a milder allergic reaction combined with her freaking out and/or grossly exaggerating, or that she has had one of a few anaphylactic reactions in the past that caused her to treat every minor itch with benadryl 'just in case', or to feign attacks because she likes either the benadryl or the attention - or both, of course.

I've also been searching the web for "factitous anaphylaxis" and found quite some interesting articles. One of them can be found here http://www.jacionline.org/article/0091-6749(75)90120-7/pdf I'm just not sure if the article has been mentioned or linked before in one of these threads. (I know I have seen it before, but I'm not sure if I found it through these threads or just via Google). Another interesting one is this http://www.jacionline.org/article/S0091-6749(95)70225-3/fulltext about somatoform anaphylaxis. Apparently, undifferentiated somatoform idiopathic anaphylaxis (US-IA) is a recognized subtype of idiopathic anaphylaxis. I never knew that! It's interesting, and as far as I am concerned it should be in the differential diagnosis of Jaquies anaphylactic episodes - along with factitious anaphylaxis, of course.

No. 506062

Most hospitals wouldn’t let you keep your own meds or epipen with you. But somehow Jaq always has her epipen sitting on the tray table serving two purposes - to use and feign “omg it hit me too fast to even call the nurse!” And also to remind us how sick she is. So can understand why nurses and doctors just think she’s telling the truth. For a person going through anaphylaxis for real, if they use the epipen most of the rashes, swelling, etc. goes away pretty fast. So she must me telling the truth because she used her epi!

I’m actually kind of surprised she never tried to get the Continuous Diphenhydramine Pump when she was having all those reactions. It would add to her extraness. But maybe it’s because she likes the Benadryl rush when she pushes it and the pump wouldn’t give her a rush.

No. 506065


Pseudo anaphylaxis is very much a thing. It's actually not that hard for it to be mistaken for real anaphylaxis.

Doctors act quickly, they give you adrenaline, and then usually patients get better and rheangioedma of their airways goes back down.

The only way to definitely prove someone is not having anaphylaxis at the time is if you put a scope down, which is usually done if it's complex/severe and they are planning to likely Intubate, or if they feel it could be laryngospasm.

You also suffer an elevated tryptase during anaphylaxis, so if you take a tryptase blood test during/within a couple hours of the anaphylaxis, the results will confirm or deny whether it's true anaphylaxis.

Jaquie totally screwed herself though by saying she had such severe ana that she lost consciousness and Judd then DROVE her to the hospital. She wouldn't have been able to maintain her own airway, once you're at the point of no consciousness, you then proceed to cardiac arrest.

So there's no way in hell you could survive severe ana with LOC whilst being driven in the car and no one breathing for you. That proves it's either psychological or something else, but proves it's definitely not anaphylaxis.

No. 506070

Janiece just posted her video. (Fairly early in the morning for somebody complaining about having to get up for an "early" 9AM breakfast").

Jan's doctor (also possibly Jaq's doctor?) told her she needed more exercise which is exactly what that person in the comments she bitched at told her to do. She was also prescribed compression socks and small meals throughout the day. Again, stuff she could have figured out herself if she had two brain cells to rub together.

Jan apparently has to be checked for MALS. It sounds like a suggestion of Dr. Jaq though because she's been "talking to Janiece about it a lot lately."

Jan failed to get an EDS dx but "maybe in the future [she'll] look more into it."

Jaq reports that "not every doctor is created equally" about being able to get Jan infusions with this doctor but not her others. Jan's infusions are 2Ls 2x a week but not normal saline. Jan has been "recommended" for a port as well. Even the receptionist thought Jan might already have a port, apparently. (Makes me think more that this office specializes with unneeded care.) Jan also got some prescriptions for her cough somehow but this doctor is not a pulmonologist.

Jan has been advised to avoid dairy which is really gonna screw over her chicken/cream cheese/cream of chicken recipe.

Despite this being Jan's vlog, Jaq explains it all and notes that "we're going back in March" as if she is going to come to Jan's appointment again.

Jaq, possibly the worlds least compliant patient, notes that "if you're not getting anywhere with your current doctor, who need to find somebody who will treat you".

And she lies about not having a recipe for the teriyaki fried rice again. They also get some Girl Scout Cookies, which of course is GP approved specifically for Jaquie. Jan looks forward to eating cake that I presume isn't dairy free.

Sorry for long post, this particular vlog is a whole fucking lot!

No. 506079

I watched the vlog. And.. I don't know what to say. Usually watching Janieces vlogs makes me filled with rage. But now.. I'm sure it sounds super weird, but now I am just filled with compassion for her. I'm actually close to tears because of what Jaquie and her doctor are doing to her.

During the vlog, Janiece and Jaquie are sitting on the couch. Janiece looks genuinely uncomfortable, while Jaquie explains how much time this doctor took for Janiece and all the OTT treatments and tests he is going to order for her. There is no sign of Janieces usual glee or her cheesy smile. When they are talking about Janieces health and explaining about what happened during the appointment, Jaquie is doing almost all the talking.

If I would actually know Janiece IRL, even if I hardly knew her and I had the same kind of (rage-y) feelings towards her most of the time, I would call her up and go visit her and plead with her not to let Jaquie pull her down further. I would tell her how worried I was about her and how it is NOT normal what this doctor is doing.

A while ago she has said that Jaquies POTS is like a hundred times worse (something along that lines), thus implying that her case is not very severe. She also said once "I will never get a port." Now, this doctor has ordered her infusions AND also wants her to get a port BEFORE even trying out the infusions, because he merely asked Janiece if she knew infusions helped her, and she answered "yes". This is SO outrageous, that doctor should truly loose his licence. He is putting her at risk for all sorts of serious and life-threatening complications. I could MAYBE imagine if she really had SEVERE diarrhea that they might have her do infusions because of her POTS, just until they had figured out what was going on. If her veins were really so bad, they could give her a PICC line, just to hold her over until they fixed her diarrhea. Instead, he advised her to do exersise and wear compression stockings and drink lots of fluids, but without awaiting the results of that all (which has proven to be the BEST treatment for POTS out there!) he is already referring her for a fucking port. This is just SO wrong. Plus, she CANNOT have such severe diarrhea, because they went for a - I don't know - two and a half, three hour drive? I'm guessing if her diarrhea would have been so bad they had to stop every half hour, they would have filmed during at least one of those stops. She obviously isn't half as bad as she wants us to believe! Maybe she has loose stools, but NOT severe diarrhea. So if she is dehydrated, she is not drinking enough. And if for some very strange and highly unlikely reason she IS enough drinking and she is still dehydrated, they should figure out what the F is going on, not sticking a central line in her and pumping her full of fluids!

I don't know man, this is just wrong, and beyond sad. Janiece could be saved from her own munchie-ness. Someone should snatch her and put her in an in-patient centre for physical rehab and AWAY from Jaquie. They should have a sit-down with Paul and either have him see the light, or keep him away from her for at least a couple of weeks as well. She should have psychiatric care and someone should explain to her that she CAN get back her health, but that it's not going to happen with IV fluids and a port.

This is just setting her up for failure and we can't do anything else then just watching her while her life is being destroyed by someone she thinks of as her best friend and an unscrupulous doctor.

No. 506080

>>>Jan failed to get an EDS dx but "maybe in the future [she'll] look more into it."

Kek so she doesn’t have a lifelong genetic syndrome now, but she might later.
And getting a port now, before even trying infusions, is a totally insane idea that is not only unnecessary in general, but unnecessarily dangerous.

No. 506082


I'll sage this because it is medfagging but, you're spot on. We keep Epi locked up in every patient room (and it's not even really locked up, it just has a very easy code so we can punch numbers and bam big ol' epi shots are right there) for this reason. If Jaq "needed" it, her nurse would be able to grab it just as quickly as her picking it out of her hospital sleepover bag. The fact she administers her own medication in the hospital could get her in some deep shit. As soon as we catch a patient with their own medicines we send them down to the pharmacy to be locked up until they are released. For fucks sake the patient is admitted for treatment by medical professionals, not admitted for self-treatment under medical supervision. She cant wrap her munchie brain around that and it drives me nuts. You are NOT a nurse WackJaq. If you're going to stab yourself with unnecessary epi keep that shit at home.

No. 506091

This was the clincher for me when I rewatched that vlog last night. If she lost consciousness no way would Babe, Husband Of The Year, load her into the car and drive her himself.
Do LE officers receive basic lifesaving classes during training? I feel safe assuming at the VERY least they have to get cert in CPR?

No. 506106

Pretty sure I woke up to a nightmare… I just saw Jan’s thumbnail and it fills me with rage for that bitch…

But maybe this will be entertaining to watch… going in. Pray for me.

I will report back for those that can’t bring themselves to watch Jaq trying to walk with her new Barbie exoskeleton.

No. 506108

Ah yes, the pants pooping. Because being minutes away from suffocating to death isn't bad enough. Funny thing though, if you ARE having anaphylaxis you literally don't give a shit (kek pun intended) because the only thing on your mind is sheer panic and not dying. Jaquie needs to practice and do more research before her next round of severe unexplained anaphylaxis. Okay Jaquie? DO BETTER. COMMIT to your story girl, all the way! Poop dem pants!

No. 506109

Go with god, dear anon.

No. 506110

>>So there's no way in hell you could survive severe ana with LOC whilst being driven in the car and no one breathing for you.

That's good info, thanks! (Devil's advocate anon here) I did find it VERY strange that Judd would drive her after an episode that's, according to Jaq, much worse than the one she had earlier that day which she called an ambulance for. That didn't make much sense to me. But I assumed that what we discussed earlier - that it's not uncommon in the US to call an ambulance in situations where technically a cab would do - explained at least a part of that. (So: her first episode was not as bad and she was stable but had to go to the ER 'just in case' and she didn't have a ride so she called an ambulance.)

I did not know that LOC due to anaphylaxis meant that shit already had hit the fan to that degree. I assumed she lost consciousness due to hypoxia and the epi opened her airway, thus stabilizing her at least temporarily so Judd could drive her.

I understand that's not the case? If that's true, then she has indeed screwed herself over. What's more, it means that Judd is either going along with her lies and knew it wasn't a true emergency, OR he is just an idiot. And to be honest, I don't know which of those two is more likely.

No. 506111

I watched it and wanted to kill myself 2 minutes in

No. 506112

Kek good luck my friend. May the belly of the beast spit you gently back out the other side

No. 506113

File: 1518883087663.png (836.41 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (27).png)

I am watching to and already she showed her feed rate. That was mentioned here yesterday. She had it at 60. What's the bets that is just for the camera for show.

No. 506115

O suuuuure. You can see she really needs braces to stabilize her hips and knees just by how she is sitting, right?


No. 506117

Isn't that 'GO'? I'm pretty sure that pump says something like "let go to stop", or something like that while priming. And that the actual feed rate is displayed much more to the right.

No. 506120

Pretty sure it did say 60. It was really hard to get a good shot as it was literally on the screen for a second. I might be wrong of course.

No. 506122

It's very interesting to think of all this from judds perspective but I can't figure it out, my best guess is he has some version of Stockholm or he's just so over it and tired of her bullshit that he "plays along" because it's easier than fearing her wrath. She's apparently thrown temper tantrums in public before when she didn't get her way. He prob can't jump off the boat at this point because they're in the middle of the ocean but he also can't rock the boat too much or into the drink he goes. He's trapped. But he's also enabling her.

No. 506124

It’s been 100% confirmed to be the same.

Soooo, Jan - who hasn’t taken down her GD Christmas tree because of her poorly sadly health GI issues - needs to exercise? Kek

No. 506125

It says go. If you tip your screen you can see that it's missing some of the line (so it's a G and not a 6, does that make sense lol?)

No. 506127

Ah that does make sense, my mistake!

No. 506130

File: 1518883670910.jpg (627.69 KB, 2733x3633, K7jOGTb.jpg)

I'm sorry, but it has to be GO. It's what it does while priming, see the first picture. She is even pressing the right button for it. The lower picture is a pump with a rate of 60, which is shown more to the right and which it shows without pressing any buttons.

No. 506134

O sorry, I was off looking for pics while you were already discussing this. I'll just let my post up for others who might wonder though.

No. 506140

So….if Harlow alerts to Jaqs one million different episodes, why is she comfortable doing her PT that made her lightheaded and out of breath while Harlow ignores her and plays with orion??? An alert dog should be on duty all the time right? Even if she's at home? It's not like jan can think or move quick enough to catch her if she passes out.

No. 506141

And isn't it very interesting how they carefully avoid mentioning this fact? Even in todays vlog (of Janiece, I haven't seen Jaqs) where they are talking about how good this doctor is and how "not all doctors are created equally".

They just don't want "the people" to know this. I wonder why? (She said sarcastically). Maybe.. because they realize how fucking CRAZY that sounds? To take your friend to your own doctor who isn't even the right kind of specialist for her current problems? And to have them start the SAME OTT treatment? Yeah, that's weird. It's beyond weird.

They mentioned that Janiece is also seeing a GI for "another second opinion" and how that doctor is also close to Jaquie. I wonder if that is Jaquies GI doc? If she goes with her to him too AND does all the talking for her, I'm really gonna loose my shit. This is just TOO fucking weird.

No. 506148

File: 1518884413438.png (51.11 KB, 640x472, IMG_4686.PNG)

Kek judds stone face in the car. He actually DOES live in the real, adult world and now that he's out of the house a lot without Jaq I wonder if he's seeing through her shit more? It would be kinda hard not to??

And where has Jaqs mommy been lately? Did she get cut off again?

No. 506158

so…she can use that thing she pulled out from under the TV with er arms, but can't propel a wheelchair… somehow I have trouble believing

No. 506163

well has she even tried? She got her chair and powerassist at the same time. And it seem like she uses her smartdrive everywhere she goes now

No. 506169

I just can't fathom how Jaquie can keep these shenanigans up for much longer. It used to be that some parts of her vlogs were like whaaaaaaaat? And now it's the entire vlog that is outside the realm of logic and believability.

I liked how she was running the show even at the Hanger clinic appointment. After half a second of having one of the wrist braces on she starts to remove it and says "okay now the left one". Chop chop. I think she realized during the fitting holy shit, these are ALOT of new tools to keep track of. I don't think she was expecting the appointment to go like that, she just wanted to get her new toys and be outta there. She hadn't planned on repeated fittings and adjustments.

I predict (unless she reads here) that the AFOS will gather dust somewhere and it will be several weeks before princess "has time and energy" to go shoe shopping so she can actually wear the AFOs.
Also predict her neck brace will flare up some other issue or she'll be back on the anaphylaxis trip and blame it on the material in the brace.
And all the other braces will trigger her heat intolerance and she won't use any of this shit. Ever.

No. 506170

How many days do you think she'll actually wear those braces she's supposed to wear all the time before she gets bored with them/finds them too hot and uncomfortable to bother with?

No. 506174

I think she "tried" back when she had the Twion wheels and is was raining at Disney, although not for very long and trying is probably the wrong word

No. 506178

Plus her technique is horrible and it was even worse back then. She said her muscles ached afterwards. No shit, if you haven't been using a certain muscle group and you suddenly start to, you feel it. She also said that "it felt like it would make her shoulders sublux", but even Jaquie herself has never reported a sublux of her shoulder. So how TF would she know how it feels? Also, if your shoulders are really unstable, you don't really feel they are almost going out of joint. You know, proprioceptive feedback of the ligaments and all. If your ligaments don't tighten like they would normally do but stretch and stretch, you don't get the proprioceptive feedback that's telling you you are going to dislocate a joint. Sure, if you actually have a couple of dozen subluxations/dislocations of that same joint you learn to recognize the feeling, but she had never had a shoulder subluxate. So she wouldn't know.

She was self-propelling for the very first time (because for some strange reason, the chair they used for incidental use couldn't be self-propelled), was sitting in a chair that is a terrible fit for her (among many other things, it is far too wide for her) AND didn't know how to propel. So she was sore afterwards. Yeah, no surprise there.

No. 506179

File: 1518886499636.jpeg (691.59 KB, 1242x1680, 14182BAA-3E8D-4EF6-90BB-2749E5…)

If the Smartdrive is really that smart it will find the nearest ravine and drive Jaq off all Maximum Overdrive style.

Kek so I couldn’t remember what the name of Maximum Overdrive was so I asked our buddy Dr. Google “what’s the movie where semi trucks come to life and kill people?” And then I found the description for Ghost in the Machine and about died laughing… I think I figured out why Jaq is a heartless bitch with no soul… it was sucked from her like poor Karl here. RIP

No. 506192

She’s so ott it looks like medical fetish shit. If I saw her rolling around in public at her healthy weight, long and thick hair, braces and tubes, I’d be wondering why these people are bringing everyone into their kink.

(Yes her hair is raggedy looking. Cut off 6 inches of split ends and get a decent conditioner and it would be shiny and fine. 10 minutes of sun, some cerave and lip balm and her skin would look fine.)

No. 506208

Top kek anon. We can only hope her smart drive is that smart! Haha

No. 506211

It's prob hackable so theoretically possible. Good ol technology. What a terrifying thought

No. 506214


Oh wow if they have them in every room why is she bringing her own pens?

Here they do tell you to bring your own so I assumed that it was the same in the us.

No. 506232

File: 1518890684731.jpeg (218.25 KB, 870x1100, C4879F94-2E01-4728-83A7-70FF20…)

No. 506234

Top kek anon!

You just made a ridiculously OTT vlog a little more bearable.

No. 506239

File: 1518891070179.jpeg (327.9 KB, 1475x1272, A76AAE3C-C7F2-4537-B5D0-658593…)

Here’s her most recent pump photo, it’s definitely set to 20 ml/hr

No. 506244

File: 1518891529351.jpeg (225.65 KB, 1056x1095, B0D66369-1730-4A1E-B626-CFCDFD…)

Here’s 20 ml/hr, and that same rate partially covered. Also, that formula does not look like a 1.5 cal formula, although it may just be the brand. However, it does look suspiciously like she watered it down.

No. 506257

I skipped forward randomly and it landed perfectly at her saying "I love the colorrrrr" as he was fitting the leg braces. Jesus. And apparently she's still going back for her hip braces but just couldn't make it through the appointment to fit those because she was "fading"… Her fades look a lot like someone nodding off from being high as fuck.

Now I'm at the end and the GP princess can't eat normal dinner like everyone else, so instead she's eating s'mores cookies. It's great you can see she's just about to dig in, then doofy Judd points the camera at her and mentions it and she immediately looks horrified and takes like two tiny bites of her cookie and sits it down and is just looking at him like "Can you put the camera down now so I can shove cookies into my face without viewers questioning it."

I find Jan to be unbearable so I don't watch her shit, but doesn't she "have" GP too? Or whatever horrible digestive constant pooping issue… She's eating grocery store sushi with the boys.

Now more bitching about and fucking with the port, laying in bed with Jan while she coughs all over everything. This is such a train wreck…

No. 506260

Jesus is there any point in even doing feeds at that point?

I was watching some random vlog yesterday that had a baby on it who was on a feeding tube and it was set to 25 ml/hr so she’s getting less nutrition than an infant.

Oh and did you guys like the “can’t tolerate feeds but can eat Girl Scout cookies” BS? And you KNOW she and JanJan nommed some of that cake when it thawed. I had to chase my eyeballs around on the floor after that eyeroll.

I have so much to say after watching the vlogs today but it’s like the fucking Twilight Zone. It all seems crazy. O, cuz it is!

No. 506263

Yeah, 'cause she had stoma pain, which 'thankfully' didn't get worse when she was running her feeds, but then it did and then it didn't and now again it does? Oh wait, then it didn't and it was the spasms she still had that made it she can't run her feeds at her goal rate. But she HAS already reached her day rate so she can disconnect during the night. Erm.. at this point, I don't even know what her reasoning is for not running feeds like she is supposed to. She constantly goes back and forward from being able to run them and then not being able to run at her goal rate.

No. 506265

Good point anon! Watering it down is something that never had occurred to me til you said that. But it does sound very Jaquie, gotta compete in the skinny-off with bff jan-can

No. 506269

Nah she doesn’t have GP. She passed the gastric emptying study with flying colors. They say that the GI thinks Jan may have Crohn’s so they are waiting for those results. But that’s not soon enough for Jan so she’s already got. Second opinion set up. And OMFG she does not have fucking MALS. Really? Another very rare disease that your bestie Jaq claims to have too? Wow maybe you two can head over to whore island together and get two for one MALS surgeries. Say hi to Aubrey for us! And putting a port in that asshole insufferable hose beast Jan without even seeing if fluids help? What. The. Fuck?

This isn’t even real life any more.

No. 506272

Janiece doesn't have GP. Doesn't even "have" it, kek. She had a GES that came back perfectly normal. So - she wrote on her IG: "No GP for me!" like she wrote "no more candy for me!" or whatever. I'm sure she was very disappointed. But she DID schedule an ultrasound for MALS that Jaq/Jan's concierge doctor refered her for, because of course he looks at something like that which doesn't even explain her pooping issues and is a controversial diagnosis in it's own right.

But they DID say that the sushi was for "the three of them", and because Jaquie was eating cookies I think that means Janiece was eating it? Sure, that sounds very much like the bland diet she needs. Because why the hell not?

OK, re the braces: that knee braces don't do jack if you have any degree of actual instability. That neck brace is so rigid it will hurt SO bad on your jaws.. unless of course you don't have any joint issues, so I'm sure she will be fine. I mean: if you have really bad neck instability I assume you can get used to it, but when you're starting to use it, it will hurt.

Oh, and Janiece's cough "isn't contagious", so "don't worry!" But they don't even know what it IS yet, so how can they know she isn't contagious? And they DO know she is still spreading germs around by coughing, right? Right? Nah, maybe I'm expecting too much of them..

No. 506273


Someone who actually needs AFOs has already commented recommending tube socks to wear with them because they make your legs sweat. Let's see how Ms Sooper Severe Heat Intolerance deals!

No. 506277

>>This isn’t even real life any more.

At this point, that actually sounds like the best explanation for everything that is happening in their vlogs lately. They are just fucking with us. They are not sick, but are two C-actresses hired to see how far they can take this. That MUST be it.

No. 506279


Ah, ok I was confused then, I thought she was claiming to have GP. I knew she was having some sort of issue… Regardless, I definitely think publix sushi isn't exactly what someone with constant digestive issues should be eating.

No. 506280

O yeah. Miss "I can't wear compresson stockings because my heat intolerance is so bad." But can wear fifteen different braces? Sure, sounds reasonable.

No. 506283

File: 1518893454604.png (45.87 KB, 797x147, Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 18.4…)

She's getting defensive in the comments already kek

No. 506286


sorry samefag, but how the fuck will AFOS help with KNEE hyperextension? And she's never mentioned ankle instability - I guess that turned up after her black belt in martial arts and utter bullshit.

No. 506291

Do braces help that much? Came across the instagram of a girl who broke her neck during a hospital bed transfer, while in a halo. I don't know anything about eds, but her ig made it look like small movements can do a lot of damage and it's more about managing the damage than actually being able to prevent it.

No. 506295

They don't. Especially if you have actual joint instability. Even in a cast, an EDSer can dislocate joints. That might not be true for everyone and certainly not for everyone in every situation and for every joint, but if the instability is severe, many joints are impossible to stabilize with a brace. Let alone the kind of 'sleeve like' confection braces she is showing in the vlog.

No. 506298

For EDS, short term, yeah, but not long term. They’re only recommended short term for injuries and unstable joints, but long term physical therapy is the gold standard of treatment for both preventing dislocations and joint stability, and for pain. Wearing braces on joints that don’t sublex or dislocation all the time is actually a good way to make them bad, as you lose the muscle strength that supports the joints. Very, very few people actually need a neck brace, too. Plus, EDS has the same rate of bone breaks as the general population, if not less, because you’re more prone to the soft tissue being damaged while the bone stays intact. Even if she actually had EDS, she doesn’t have joint dislocations, and has perfectly fine mobility, so braces would not be recommended.

No. 506299

They can help with mild hyperextension. Not if there's actual instability though and you need enough muscle strength to work with. It's difficult to explain, but it's based upon a biomechanical thing called ground reaction force.

No. 506301

Neither one of them have GP, but it hasn’t stopped jaquie from getting all her toobz. Her GES was normal as well.

No. 506302

Well, it was borderline slow. Technically it could be classified as delayed emptying. Certainly not something that would warrant a feeding tube, but also not entirely normal.

No. 506304

Many actual EDS specialist prefer their patients not to brace, unless it’s for just a couple of days to relieve pain or after an injury. Wearing braces all the time, and especially such bulky ones, is a good way to fuck up your joints even more. Plus, you need muscle mass to help POTS as well, and braces cause muscle atrophy. If she actually had EDS and POTS, she’d be shooting herself in the foot. Luckily for her, she doesn’t, and she probably will only wear them when she goes out in public or vlogs, so she’ll be fine, other than being a total fucking munchie.

No. 506306

I stand corrected. But still closer to normal than actual GP, and she probably caused it herself with medication and her eating disorder. Her actual emptying rate (without her fucking with it) is probably pretty damn close to normal.

No. 506307

Not only that, but it can also cause skin tearing. I know someone who has EDS and got leg braces and, guess what? It caused skin tearing on her legs. Well, this isn't a problem for Jaquie, because she doesn't have skin tearing. But then again… does she even have EDS?

No. 506308

About her cough, even if it wasn't something contageous that doesn't mean she can't become contagious if she gets sick with something else. She said a few days ago (maybe a week idk) her cough was "changing". So then how does she KNOW if it's changing because she's coming down with something contageous on top of her soooper severe seasonal asthma or whatever the fucketty fuck she has, or if her nbd chronic dry "cough" is still the only issue?
For someone claiming immunocompromised body, jan coughing all over like that is just as dangerous as someone having diarrhea and not washing their hands and touching every surface of your house.

Don't worry guys, my diarrhea isn't contagious, it's from my crohns! Yeah but it still has germs in it. Lungs are filled with bacteria and crap, if you're coughing even from a non-contagious thing, you can still spread germs. Just like if you wipe chrones poop particles in places, someone can still get sick. Healthy bodies are FULL of germs.

No. 506314

Brochure Anon here…
Top marks young Padawan. Holy shit. Unless something funnier happens between now and then, this should definitely be the next cover image.

No. 506319

Kek good I'm not 100% crazy because even if you're totally joking, I have wondered that. If her daddy has a crapload of money… money buys anything. A film studio with hospital sets, some medical props and there you go. Almost all her "medical supplies" can be found online or Craigslist. Hell, my bf works at the hospital and we have all KINDS of medical shit I could dig up and in a few hours be Spoonie of the Year. Enough for pictures on social media anyway.
It ALL being faked (with sets and all) sounds batshit crazy but then, so does everything they're doing now. That would be HILARIOUS if they've been trolling everyone this whole time. But still, jail worthy. Because patreon. If daddy's funding the hospital sets though that would mean no jail for insurance fraud which kinda takes the wind out of my sails. I was really, really hoping to see her have to do time.

No. 506324

Even tube and port supplies can be ordered off eBay. It’s great for people who struggle to afford them, but then munchies can get them, too, sans prescription.

No. 506325

It’s like that girl, Sarah Smith, who a few years ago claimed cf to get money and asspats, while really she just had an eating disorder and was a totally munchie. She eventually got caught and had to delete all her social media and even move.

No. 506335

Did she go to jail for fraud? If this munchie money making business is as prevalent as it seems they'll eventually decide to make an example out of someone. I know just the person! She's been shown on the news all over the world with her SD kek

No. 506340

I really wish AJ's feeding pump had some sort of chip her doctor could hook up and look over her rates. As far as we know she's prescribed a certain rate and runs it god-awfully slow until she goes in to see him. Thus "I have no idea why I'm not gaining weight! Need another tube!" It would be so great for her doctor to see what she's actually doing out of his office. No wonder she had such a difficult time getting her rate up while she was constantly monitored in the hospital..her body was freaking the fuck out at actual nutrition.

No. 506342

This would actually explain why Judd and Paul are unphased by all this. Happy wife, happy life. Some girls play house, others play pretend and are sick in the hospital that daddy bought. As long as the house is clean, dinners on the table and they get the occasional blow job, what's to complain about? They both have actual, real life jobs so it's not that different from them coming home from work and playing make believe with their toddlers. Just a little creepy, the sex part.

No. 506343

And now she’s also given herself a 30% chance of getting Roux Stasis Syndrome since she had the RNY toob procedure. Roux Stasis was mentioned a few threads back and the anon explained that it could actually make her back up so bad that she puked up actual feces. I can’t wait for the day she tells us about what it’s like to puke up poop.

At this point it’s safe to say she’s performing self-harm and now she’s pulling the puppet strings for her biffles JanJan. She’s a fucking psycho. The way she talked about Jan’s appt was really strange… her tone was different and she was almost cocky.

No. 506348

TOP KEK what if it did?? Almost anything can be remotely monitored. Our solar panels, electric meter, propane tank and thermostat are all able to be remotely accessed without our permission in our house (also why we have no other "smart" appliances, that shit is creepy as all getout).
People's butt vibrators were even being hacked remotely and they also make "smart" toothbrushes and coffee pots. Evvvverything has the potential to be tracked, or hacked.

Goddamn that would be funny if her doctors are sitting back and gathering the proof from her very own devices and Jaq is la-do-daaaaing through her days thinking she got off Scott free

The best part is, if Jaq reads here (hiiiiiii Jaquie!) she probably DID just shit her pants at even the possibility of her tools spying on her. No anaphylaxis needed. A true miracle.

No. 506349


It's the cockiness of having made a doctor prescribe something by sheer will alone. Jan has no medical need for saline, much less a port. One failed IV insert is not port-worthy. Jaquie no doubt feels powerful, gets a rush from having control - and control over her own body (which those with actual illnesses don't have). It's quite ED-like actually.

No. 506378

Some pumps have the ability for the doctor or pharmacist to plug in a USB cable and download the info of when it ran, how long, etc. I know for a fact that her pump for fluids has that ability. It also has the ability for the pharmacist to upload the specs they want the patient to use during infusions. Generally, you (patient) can’t change settings because the pharmacist has the ability to “lock” the pump so you can’t change it. AND I know that Jaq’s is unlocked or she had the passcode because she mentioned it like some time around when she first got it and said something like “my physicians trust me so I have the ability to increase and decrease my rates for infusions.” So who knows if she’s even slowing her saline, lactated fingers and banana bags down too. If she’s doing that it would explain why her POTS has been sooo soooooper bad the last few days. I mean she could never infuse and feed for all we know. The only source of her actual feeds and infusions is herself. And if she’s a true muncho, which we know she is, she would want those worsening symptoms from not infusing and like anon said “I dunno why I’m not gaining, Dr. Quackomoneybags!! I must need TPN!” Which, I digress a tiny bit, I’m really shocked she hasn’t done… yet. And because of her history of getting whatever the fuck she wants, the good doctor will bow down and grant your highness a shiny new tube but it must be a buh-on to see if that fixes her weight loss.

But back to the original reason of the post - some pumps do have that ability but only if they send it in to the home health pharmacy and they download the use/rate info. I will say though that I’m not sure if those infinity pumps have the same feature. I’ll go see what I can find in regards to that.

Any anon know what’s so special about the infinity pump over other makes and models of feeding pumps? It seems like they all have that pump. Amanda skin walker even decoupaged her name on hers! In pink! So cute, guys.

No. 506382

Talking about control for a second… like anon said, she loves having control. I wonder if that’s why she and JanJan don’t do live broadcasts anymore. She would always seem flustered and shit when they used to have them… because everything about those live broadcasts is out of control.

No. 506383

I think it's a generally widely used pump for mobile patients. It's quite small and lightweight, the second smallest pump I've ever seen is about twice the size

No. 506384

It's a small pump that is very lightweight and also (imo) gives less errors than the other pumps.

I am pretty sure it's not an option for a doctor to read it out. I could grab the booklet but I don't think I remember it being in there.

No. 506396

that control thing makes sense. I've been wondering why she "coaches" like this. I mean, janjan being oh so sick takes attention away from her and if she's in it for the attention that makes no sense. So what else could it be?
Maybe she just ran out of material, so she introduced janjan illness like a new charakter?
Maybe so she can point to her and say 'see, it's not that weird, other people are sick like me too' because she couldn't find a real world example?

I just can't get my head around it

No. 506398

>>Dr. Quackomoneybags

Can I propose we use this to refer to her (and now also JanJans) doctor in the future? I think it's better thsn "POTS concierge doctor". Like, by a LOT. Kek.

No. 506408

I've said this before, and I'll say it again…The way she acts reminds me of a pedophile "grooming" a child. She's manipulating and grooming everyone around her to be her perfect little caretakers. She wants to control every aspect of life she can, be it hers or someone else's.

With regards to Jan, I honestly think Jaquie wants to be seen as a savior. She wants to fuck Jan up so she can swoop in and diagnose/save her.

No. 506418

Janice is going to be getting a port? What the actual fuck?!

Do these doctors not understand the risks involved with having central lines placed… It may look like a badge of honour now but when you are left with long term clots and organ damage due to sepsis you will be thinking twice about that decision.

No. 506458


I wondered that too, but I think it's so should she be successful, Jan can keep saying "when Jaquie told the doctor I was ill and I got the port", "Jaquie helped me", "Jaquie ADVOCATED for me"

Like in some fucked up way this is how she "helps" other people with illnesses. "Illnesses".

No. 506490

Janiece, if you are reading this. It's not too late to back out of everything. If you want to get out of playing this charade, of living this false life, there's still hope. There's help available. Don't let Jaquie tell you otherwise. Also, a suggestion, a friend who advocates for you to get treatments for illnesses that you don't have is not really your friend.

No. 506502

What kind of a weird world do you have to live in where getting a port is normal (outside of cancer treatment!). PICC lines last ages is peripheral IVs are a BIG problem.

The idea of having a port should be terrifing, it should not be something you just go 'oh ok' to if you don't have a life threatening condition!

No. 506529


We're living in a world where people think this IS normal for non-life-threatening illness thanks to IG spoonies becoming the norm.

No. 506536

Right?! She has a line to her heart for water and an OTC allergy drug they give to toddlers, pregnant women, dogs, cats…wtf. Get some benadryl chewies and a yeti cup.

No. 506583

You're so right. I wish these chronic illness bloggers would stop glorifying there diseases and "tools"!! Sage for friend blogging, but my friend had cancer and needed a port and she hated it! It was itchy under her skin and the tape bothered her and she got it out the second the doctor said she was in remission. Ports are not fun and not cool. Neither is feeding tubes or anything else. None of this is something to praise! Chemo poisons you. Filling their body willingly with all these drugs is going to damage their organs. Why do they never mention the bad effects that everything they are doing has over a long period of time!

No. 506650

It sounds uncomfortable af. Like you’d feel it under your skin every time you move your arm and the tubing flopping around would tug at the skin. I know people with SPD are sensitive to different things, but I thought that was, like, sound or touch or visual. Not “can’t tolerate big girl pants but port is a-ok” kinda different

No. 506654

File: 1518914195569.png (78.62 KB, 640x1087, IMG_4691.PNG)

Is this what foot drop looks like??

No. 506670

Ports and tubes are uncomfortable and often painful, and prone to problems, no matter how careful you are. No sane person wants either, unless the alternative is dying. No sane person being the key phrase. Jaquie and Janiece are seriously mentally ill, though that does not excuse their behavior at all.

No. 506675

Home infusion pumps can be accessed by medical professionals to check rates and such, there are codes that can be inputted to allow a patient to change their infusion rate, but only between a specific range (say anywhere between 50-350 ml/hr). Medical professionals are not supposed to give out those codes, so I’m suspicious that she claims to have the code. Once the rate range is changed, then the patient can program any rate they want every time they use the pump, within that range.
The feeding pump is a different story. The one she has was designed with children in mind, so it’s waterproof, drop resistant, and super simple to use. There’s no way for anyone to access past information, probably because people fucking with their rates isn’t something that should happen. Iv pumps have them because they’re often used for medication, including pain medication, which has to be monitored. Also, feeding pumps are accurate within 3-5 ml, whereas iv pumps have to be super, super exact. They’re also a lot more expensive. A brand new iv pump for home use runs about $2000-$5000, while a feeding pump like jaquie’s is only $950, although with both pumps you usually just pay a monthly usage fee to the home health company.
TL;dr, no, her doctor has no way of knowing that she’s running her tube slower than an infant b

No. 506699

Kek I thought it pretty fitting for this dude. I mean the only one more quacky is the fuckwit “doctor” that’s doing these crazy ketamine sedated joint injections + IV muscle relaxers + narcotics so Jaq can live “her very best life.” That guy is going to enjoy prison when they find Jaq laying on the bathroom floor in a pile of her vomit dead.

But anything for my quality of life so I can live my best life and keep moving forward, y’all.

She literary doesn’t give a fuck that she looks ridiculous in her new suit of armor. I am giddy that brochure anon has so much media to choose from for the next thread. It’s really disturbing seeing how truly excited she is about her new fetish toys. She went into that almost manic mode she goes in when she talks about her medical toys. Like a child that knows she’s going to get candy when they get to their destination. It’s so fucking whack how she gets off on allllll of this crazy shit.

If you are newer to watching her, if you want to be mind blown… go watch a vlog from January of last year. She is a completely different person now.

No. 506703

Duh Iof course not! She only has a foot drop when she thinks people are watching her walk or paying attention to her gait. She didn’t realize the camera was on her and forgot to edit out that part since it makes you look normal.

Her defensive replies in the thread are hilarious. She really does hate being backed into a corner.

No. 506706

One where money literally buys you whatever you want. Listen to this one… there are these places (owned by doctors of course) called “integrative medicine centers” that are complete one stop shops (and a munchie’s heaven) that insurance denies A LOT. But, you have the option to pay cash. They usually are DOs… and there are also PAs, RNs (that run the in-house infusion center), chiropractors, life coaches, etc. Well, apparently if you become their patient and start these different types of infusions of vitamins and weird shit they send you to a surgeon for a port! And it’s a surgeon they “hand pick” for you (hello kickbacks!). The whole thing sounds so scam-ish to me. So yeah, that’s the kind of world… no longer are ports (that pose a huge infection risk) just for cancer patients.

No. 506719


Pics of the defensive replies?

No. 506721

No, I don’t think so. She might have gotten into some legal trouble, but the problem with munchies is that people willingly give them money, with no exchange of goods or services. So the money and whatnot is essentially a gift, and since it was freely given, the munchie hasn’t done anything illegal even though the “gift” was given under false pretenses. Sarah got enough hate that she was totally off social media for a long time, and only came back under a different name, and left the state she lived in. She was discussed in a an old /pt/ thread here >>>/pt/86418

No. 506725

File: 1518920142317.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 175.14 KB, 590x582, 2DB1CFC2-44A5-4792-946D-39F9AC…)

For anyone who’s curious

No. 506739

Kek that screen cap was from Jan's vlog, that's why Jaquie wants to babysit her so much. Although with all the yappin Jaquie did and cutting jan off mid sentence over and over again it may as well have been jaquies vlog.

No. 506749

I am terrified for JanJan. She seems to lack the degree of independent thinking required to get out of this downward spiral Jaq is pulling her into. Unlike Jaq, I don't think JanJan will be so happy with the end result.

No. 506754

Yeah today's vlog(s) were truly disturbing. Jaquies in a narcissist spiral, all the haters are getting to her. It was funny whenever Jaquie talked over Janjan she seemed just fine, but as soon as jan mentioned jaquies PT and "what a trooper" Jaquie is, suddenly Jaquie is out of breath and she proceeds to talk about how difficult her workout was. Two seconds later when Jan talks again, you can see Jaq breathing normal in the background. It's like she's not even trying anymore.

I swear Jaquie WANTS to get caught. Maybe only subconsciously but nonetheless.

No. 506773

I hope Judd refuses to go out in public with her. That cap of her sitting there with her backpack and that ridiculous neck brace, holding up her pink AFOs makes her look so crazy. The neck brace made me think of that movie Crash. Someone needs to show it to Jaquie and tell her that's what she brings to mind when she shows off her exoskeleton.

No. 506783

There's a movie with Kristin wiig called Welcome To Me. It's about a mentally ill woman who wins the lottery and basically spends a crapload of money to buy her own tv show about herself. Everyone around her knows she's a mess but she has money so they basically do whatever she wants and have no backbone. Not shockingly, it's a total shitshow. It reminds me of Jaquie. She's basically made the YT equivilant of a talkshow focused entirely on herself

No. 506785

File: 1518924901795.png (961.57 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_5661.PNG)

Yeah, sure Jaq. Like you wouldn't have jumped at the chance to post it.

No. 506800

Interesting she says "if they do happen" not "when they do happen"

FMB (fuck my brain) we need a language analyzer for this but I can't think of the dang word. An expert at reading between the lines and why people choose certain words.

No. 506801

File: 1518925253928.jpeg (25.6 KB, 236x338, E3735DC5-5791-4ABC-A348-A30048…)

No. 506802


No. 506807

Possibly even a cunning one…(I'm sorry!)

No. 506808

Kek a great band, the cunninglinguists

If a linguist is the word equivilant of a body language expert then yes. It's curious she subconsciously used "if" to describe something she consistently has happen a lot.

No. 506819

I find it interesting that most of the munchies that get caught claim they have CF. The CF community is very good at figuring out who is lying because nobody with CF wants to be sick. Everyone with EDS and POTS seems to loveee being sick. I want so badly for Jaq to be exposed for lying.

No. 506827

Video from 2016- is that Janiece in the dark glasses and wheelchair? wuuuuut is going on jaq almost looks like the normal one

No. 506828

Seeing the word “if” in the question could have thrown her off.
I know it’s a common phenomenon for people to type a word they just heard/said in conversation, even if the word they meant to type was totally different!

No. 506831

Wow. She actually looks like a person, who cares about other people.

Also idk if it’s just me, but Harlow looks like she’s trying to greet other people while Jaq is hugging Judd. A “real” service dog wouldn’t greet unless told to, am I right?

No. 506837

At least the ones who participate in the communities and groups. Part of it is the whole “eds zebra” thing, where they’re happy to be sick because it makes them special and ‘rare’. Actually having EDS and POTS isn’t fun at all, and they always seem to leave out all the actual day to day things that are tedious, painful, and frustrating. Like the arguing with insurance, the still having to pay your bills and take out the trash, and being lonely because you can’t keep up any semblance of a social life, or you can but don’t have anything to talk about since being sick takes up all your time. What is interesting is how nearly every IG/YT spoonie lives with at least one other person who does things for them. Real chronic illness often requires working if possible at all, because it’s impossible to live independently and afford medical care, even if you are on government assistance (in the us). They don’t exactly pay a true livable amount. And if you’re actually that sick, your top priority isn’t going to be vlogging and keeping up several thriving social media accounts. EDS and POTS people that you see seem all terrible, but there are legitimate sufferers who aren’t attention whores.

No. 506860

Anon posted them earlier in the thread. Sorry I wasn’t specific, just saying how I thought it was funny. However I was going to go look myself and I’ll post any good milk I find.

No. 506865

File: 1518928778336.png (36.42 KB, 639x328, IMG_4671.PNG)

Apparently I'm the always cynical anon, I thought the same as you, at first. But then Judds mom and sister, Jaqs dad, Paul and Jan-can and some random dude with a sign that said "Judd", they were all standing around waiting to greet him too and Jaquie monopolized him the whole time. Every time he made a move to go hug someone else she held her arms up in "hug demand". Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Her sobs could just have easily been for herself because her service human was home and she could really start to up the munchie ante. Remember, shortly after Judd got back she was filling their days with doctor after doctor and tests and procedures. Judd, I started getting sooooo sick when you got home. I'm so sorry the focus was all on me instead of you. And now that I have all these speshul problems this is the new life you get! Yay! You're my heeeeeero (bats eyes, dislocates something).

She did say in their valentine q and a 2017 that when they met he fit her "agenda". This is a pic of judds face when she said it. He looks thrilled! Kek

I'm skeptical of every iota of Jaquie. Her motivations are always herself.

No. 506874

There's like 20 more comments on Jan's vlog in the last hour. I'm gonna try to read them before she gets to deleting. She's been on a roll tonight

No. 506888

It's all pretty much asskissing. What a letdown

No. 506902

Oh, I’m cynical as hell, but was fairly shocked with the public image she was portraying in the beginning.

Although I’m confused…With her “cataplexy” it makes it seem like only her legs are affected, but I thought it usually effected multiple parts of the body. Also, usually people go to sleep after these attacks if they actually have narcolepsy…So what’s the truth Jaq?

No. 506905

That’s Jan! She almost looks drunk to me! She stands up! Jaq has makeup, normal clothes, and normal emotions. They look like a fairly normal couple who survived a deployment and are extremely in love. But jaq is being the center of attention. You’ll notice his mom and sister are there. And so is her dad. And she just keeps pulling him back (not that I blame her!) but still! She also has some muscle definition in her arms. What happened to her?

No. 506910

Here’s a question: where is jaqs mom! Did she stand up to her? Any ideas? When did we see her last?

No. 506911

I wondered the same thing earlier. We haven't seen mommy in a while now

No. 506913

File: 1518932364133.png (3.27 MB, 1242x2208, 9E0542F4-1A84-44B5-A9E7-9061D3…)

These comments on JanJan’s vlog are nutso. Jaq is apparently doing all the talking because JanJan is too sob to.

No. 506916

File: 1518932452779.png (3.45 MB, 1242x2208, 9C867C53-8851-4D3A-B748-E7E173…)

And now she’s gonna be pushing for a MCAS diagnosis. You don’t remember she has POTS because she freaking doesn’t.

No. 506923

Oh someone in the comments casually
mentioned two surgical procedures jan "might need" for her tachycardia and said which side to get her port done on for ease of future surgical procedures

Why do these people all start mapping out their treatment plans before they ever even get a diagnosis?? That shit isn't normal.

No. 506926

"A friend" sent me this. It obvs went straight to neverneverland, assuming whatever pissed about was deleted too.

No. 506927

File: 1518933158972.png (98.29 KB, 448x452, IMG_4703.PNG)

Kek forgot to attach image

No. 506930

File: 1518933477969.png (32.27 KB, 588x136, IMG_4704.PNG)

This comment

No. 506932

And it seemed like she would have stood up if she really could. Far cry from taking the Barbie car into public bathrooms. But the cataplexy thing is weird, I didn't know it was just legs. I think maybe his family was somewhere else and he saw them first, then they walked with him to find Jaq? Maybe they had their moment already and this was J's moment.

No. 506934

Jesus fuck. A pacemaker?! Really?! First of all that is a pretty extreme leap to make and second, a pacer does not have to be placed on the left. WTF ever.

No. 506936

Kek right???? Just how many munchies ARE there in internet land? It's terrifying

No. 506938

If Jaquie can't navigate crowds and parking lots because of her SPD how does she zoom her Barbie car in narrow places and squeeze past people, with Harlow at her side, without ever hitting anything? I mean she crashed into a fish tank but she's never run over an innocent pedestrian. Does her SPD not happen in the wherlchair?

So many inconsistencies.

No. 506943

Whose video was this? Jaquie's or Jan Jan's. That poor girl. :(

No. 506955

File: 1518935321868.png (28.9 KB, 748x294, IMG_0772.PNG)

I reckon this comment on Jan Jan's video takes the fucking cake.

No. 506972

It was on Jan's.

I get why they delete trolls and vulgar stuff but it really sucks when they delete actual fans that maybe just aren't well spoken. It's pretty cruel.

No. 506974

OHmygod what is that, some kind of demented potsie high-five?!! What the actual fuck

No. 506990

They are being really snobby. They only allow comments that kiss their asses or agree with them. Anyone that questions them, even if it's a legit question, half the time they delete and block. They're acting like 5th grade girls (so, enormous bitches). And I'm not sure in what world excluding people from a supposed all-inclusive feel goodery like Camp Spoonie is acceptable practice. Aren't they supposed to love and accept everyone because they DONT judge based on disability or invisible illnesses, because they know how it feels to be judged for things you can't control?! Talk about hypocritical.

No. 506995

This really pisses me off. I'm so angry and hurt for that girl. If it wasn't for the fact that it would be considered cowtipping, I would go on her video and rip her a new asshole. And Janiece can't even pull the "I have muh Autismz!" card like Jaquie could in this situation. In this situation, I feel like AJ would be more tactful. Again, they are both horrible. And they are both snobby. But I would LIKE to think that AJ wouldn't delete that comment.

No. 506997

Jesus it just keeps getting weirder and crazier! Who the fuck are all of these bat shit crazy fans giving port placement advice to make sure the future cardiac surgeries for JanJans fake tachycardia are in the clear? OMFG The whole “spoonie community” is fucking nuts. This may seem like blogging but I recognized this about a year and a half ago, around the time I discovered Jaquie. Her posts seemed so planned and then she started vlogging and those sounded scripted. That’s when I took some steps back and decided something was really fishy. I had friends who worshipped her and it took months and months of me telling them how crazy she is to get them to realize it. I went to Google and for a long time I never found anything other than articles about how amazing Harlow is and saying how Jaquie is a fighter blah blah blah. But I kept at it and slowly little things started popping up here and there… and then it finally happened that she started being talked about on lolcow OTT/munchies and I would never post, just read. And when she got her own thread is when I knew I was finally not alone. I guess what I’m trying to say is that (I hope) people are starting to clue in to her BS more and more every day as Jaq and Jan just keep digging their grave deeper and deeper. So it’s going to be interesting to watch it unfold and have you guys to talk about it as it does. For the longest time I was like how am I the only person that sees this because of her ninja skills at deleting comments. So glad I’m not alone in how much I despise these bitches.

And honestly, I never saw it getting to this level of CRAZY.

No. 507004

In a lot of ways it's a self fulfilling prophecy.

You get sick-get asspats for being sick- Nedd to up the ante and get sicker- Get more assists fkr being sicker, and on it goes.

Throw in doctor shopping and acquiring unnecessary gadgets from that, it becomes proof of being sicker, and then becomes even easier to get more gadgets which gets moreasspats.

But I guarantee you, with time, they will slip up. I hope to
God it doesn't end in a tragedy where Jaquie or Jan Jan accidentally overdoses or gets septic in their ports. But either a new doctor will see the combo of meds one of them are on and say 'no what he fuck' and report one of their fellow colleagues, or Jaquie and Jan turning up to the same doctors with the same
Issues going to one another's appointments, a new doctor at the clinic will twig, or they will go to the emergency room one too many times a la Aubrey.

It might take one month, it might take three years. But one day this will all unravel because they will push the stakes too far, or a doctor with a conscience will say ''this girl is gonna go
Michael Jackson on our asses if we don't change something now'.

Give it time, it will happen. I just hope to God it's not something tragic from which they cannot return.

No. 507012

Well said, anon. The other tragic possible ending is one of their sheeple trying to be them, gets port, gets sepsis and either almost dies or dies. I’m not sure anyone would be able to piece the pieces of that kind of tragedy back to Jaquie or Jan is what I fear. Most of these comments by dilusional fans are from the under 20 crowd into early 20s. Those who have been around the block of real chronic illness can see right through their BS. Just like real service dog trainers see Harlow and Orion as glorified trick dogs. But, like you said… time will tell.

No. 507018

It would prob get auto deleted anyway anon

No. 507022

Those of you that also follow other cows and their debauchery, is this amount of bullshit and quickly escalating death spiral a normal thing? Do all cows eventually self implode in spectacular fashion?

No. 507030

I wonder if Jaq and Jan's shared doc knows they were bffs before they both came down with a bunch of rare disorders.

If he doesn't know or was led to believe they met after they got sick it wouldn't be as weird and red flaggy. Cuz then it would be logical and totally normal to assume they met in a support group for rare disorders or something and became besties

No. 507035

You mean the doctor who prescribes a port for someone with mild POTS who hasn't trialled any of the basic POTS treatments, medications, or lifestyle changes, and who saw jan in the appointment with the other patient he has done the SAME thing for, with the same totally dubious clinical reasoning?

Somehow I doubt they would be concerned. If they feel comfortable with a life threatening medical device and intervention for mild POTS that isn't being treated, I doubt that any of that would be a concern to him, so long a stbeur pockets are continuing to be lined.

No. 507040

File: 1518943990310.png (329.29 KB, 948x1158, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 2.38…)

Former Jaquie fan here. I used to be a Patron but stopped giving her money/being a Patron about a month ago due to way too many inconsistencies. Apparently, more and more people are doing the same thing now and she is still losing Patrons. I know a lot of you have wondered about her Patreon page, and to be honest, it’s not that exciting. She rarely posts updates that have not already been mentioned on her vlogs or social media. It's mostly pictures of Harlow or selfies of her at doctor's appointments. She does post some polls about upcoming videos or items to include in her merchandise shop (that she has not publicized yet but is planning on doing). The most disappointing part for me is that she hardly ever responds to comments that her Patrons write.

I know that people on here think that Jaquie wants money to be able to talk to her, but she rarely converses with her supporters, if ever. So she wants the money, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to actually answer her Patrons comments. I’d say that every one out of 60 comments gets a response, and even then, it’s extremely brief. I thought that she would actually take the time to communicate with people who paid her money as an act of gratitude towards them for their support, but she doesn’t. She comments more on her YouTube channel than on her Patreon, which is messed up to me. These are people that are willingly giving her money and she hardly acknowledges them.

If you don’t believe me that I used to be a die-hard fan before, here is proof of my contribution to her, with certain information obviously covered for privacy. I used to look up to her so much, but now, I don’t. I feel like I've been brainwashed into thinking her way of life is normal. It’s sad how people change when fame gets to them and when they can have all of the medical devices in the world at their disposal. I’m all for mobility aids and for tools that make life with illness easier/more manageable, but it just seems excessive at this point.

I don’t think she is a bad person per say. I just think she is so caught up with being sick ("sick?") that it has taken over her life and that she’s too focused on documenting her every move. That’s no way to live. So many young people look up to her and it's not realistic to see someone who can get every single medical device that they so desire and every supportive doctor out there to be on their side. Chronic illness sucks and most doctors simply don't give their patients as much attention as Jaquie gets. Getting diagnosed is a pain in the ass and doctors are usually jerks because they don't believe that young people can be chronically ill. It took me soooooo long just to be diagnosed with ONE chronic illness and to be taken seriously. I wish it were as easy as doctor shopping. I don’t like how she deletes YouTube comments either. There’s going to be criticism, especially since she is using unconventional treatment methods. It’s better to face it than to just make it disappear. It’s also very suspicious when “negative” comments or speculating comments vanish. I just really don’t like that.

No. 507048

Firstly anon welcome if you haven't been here before.

I'm so sorry that you have been hurt by Jaquie in so many ways, and on so many levels. Please don't feel brainwashed or silly or anything else. Sadly people like Jaquie are experts at this. Like Dr Marc Feldman says (he is the main doctor and psychiatrist in Munchausen's and factitious disorder) that it's the main reason people don't come forward and these people get away with being deceptive; because people are embarrassed.

But remember, it just shows the good qualities in you. It shows you're trusting, and that you believe the good in people. Don't lose hold of those qualities despite what Jaquie and others like her do to our levels of trust towards others.

It's probably taken a lot of courage to post your experiences here. Most of us are here because we've either also been duped by Jaquie directly, or by people like her.

You're right about the risk she poses to young people. The reality is, most of us go through years, even decades, of hell, of not being diagnosed, of not getting treatments we desperately need, often thanks to people like Jaquie who burn doctors.

I've read a few things from the perspective of doctors burned by Munchie patients and the peofsssional and personal humiliation it brings to them is crushing. And sadly; the genuine ones are those who suffer.

Saged for blogging or whatever.

No. 507054

Thank you so much for your comment. I do try and see the best in people and I think that's why I have been so blindsided by her behavior. At one point, I wanted to get a port because of her. I watched her entire "About My Port" video because I wanted to be prepared when bringing the idea up to my doctor. I thought that would be the answer to all of my problems with POTS. My doctor said "no way" and that he would never prescribe a port for POTS. I'm really glad now that I didn't go that route and that my doctor wouldn't give me one. Having a port shouldn't be a trendy spoonie accessory, but Jaquie makes it seem like it is and that every POTS patient should be able to get one. I have seen this thread only once or twice before and to be honest, I thought it was really mean, so I just ignored it. Now that my perspective has changed, I understand where you all are coming from and I actually agree with what you are saying. I hope that I am using this board correctly, but I apologize if I am not.

No. 507064

>>And now she’s gonna be pushing for a MCAS diagnosis.

They actually talked about that in the vlog. Dr. Quackomoneybags mentioned MCAS, and Jaquie said something like "he doesn't think she has it, but because it goes together with POTS so often, he wants to check it out" (something like that).

So this is what's happening: a doctor is testing/treating a person based NOT on their symptoms, but because they supposedly have a condition that has a correlation with another condition. Jan is actually VERY lucky that she apparently doesn't have real joint hypermobility. Just imagine: if she would have been a bit hypermobile (like 10% of women and maybe up to 15% or more of hispanic women!) he probably would have diagnosed her with EDS as well. Never mind that joint hypermobility is NOT a connective tissue disorder in at least 9 out of 10 patients and never mind that she doesn't fit the criteria for EDS (OR JHS/HSD) by FAR.

This is probably also the reason why he is testing her for MALS: he had Jaquie tested because he said it was more common in patients with dysautonomia (I don't know if that's actually the case?). Never mind the fact that Janiece according to her OWN report didn't have ANY pain with eating during her hospital admission with Christmas, which proofs that she CAN eat and can eat without pain as well.

The problem is: 10-25% of healthy people have some degree of compression of the celiac artery. In only a very small percentage of people, this actually causes symptoms. So it is VERY difficult to discern whether a patient actually has MALS. The surgery is NOT minor, and the outcome is often disappointing. Probably because in most cases, the compression doesn't actually cause the symptoms.
So what if she is one of those people who have some degree of compression? I really hope, for her sake, that she doesn't. Because if she DOES, I'm sure that dr. Quackomoneybags will refer her to a surgeon that specializes in MALS surgery and he WILL want to operate on her because she reports such severe symptoms and HAS actually lost a lot of weight.

Janiece thinks visiting this doctor is one of the best things that ever happened to her, but not too long after today she will look back on it and she will realize that is actually was the WORST thing she could ever do.


Yeah, dr. Quackomoneybags is not gonna care. Besides, it's very possible they conveniently forgot to tell him that little tidbit. Just like they carefully steer clear of actually telling their fans that Janieces new doctor is the same doctor that has been prescribing all those OTT treatments to Jaquie. They know very well what information makes them look suspicious so they'd better keep it to themselves.

No. 507066

>>Although I’m confused… With her “cataplexy” it makes it seem like only her legs are affected, but I thought it usually effected multiple parts of the body.

It's not uncommon to have just localized weakness. Some people go limp all over their body, but it's not uncommon to only have some knee buckling. Or to feel weak but not actually go limp, like feeling like your neck can't support your head.

Jaquie was off her meds at this point in time, I seem to remember because of some insurance mix-up that always happens at the beginning of the year? Anyway, her cataplexy was worse than normal because of that.

As for Janiece.. I don't think they ever mentioned why she was in a wheelchair at that point in time. My guess is vestibular migraine, because I don't think she had any other diagnosis at that point. Someone said she looked drunk, which might be explained by severe dizziness.

I don't know about everyone else, but I actually liked seeing Jaquie in that video. I think it might be the only display of real emotion she ever showed in any of her vlogs.

No. 507073

I was the same when I first found this thread. But then the more I read, the more I understood.

Just make sure you write the word 'sage' in the part where it says email, unless it's direct 'milk' like a scfeenshot of something of Jaquie's etc. And the main thing to avoid getting banned is not like talking about personal illness unless it provides insight/clarity specifically to do with the milk etc. Hopefully people will show some leniency as you work out the rules, some are more forgiving than others.

People absolutely LOVE it when former paetrons of Jaquie's are here, because you're able to poetics insight that most of us don't have. You'll find a number of former Paetron people here who went through exactly the same as you.

Ir's horrifying how Jaquie normalises these extremely invasive treatments. I personally burst into tears when I saw Jan was getting IV fluids yesterday. Not meaning to blog so I'll only mention super briefly but basically my own quality of life is non existent due to severe Dysautonomia. It just hurt to know that someone with mild POTS can access treatment they don't need, but so many of us at the severe spectrum just need to accept minimal quality of life.

It must have been a really distressing time for you re the port thing but you're absolutely right in being glad you didn't get one. The risks etc are absolutely phenomenal and the benefits absolutely do not outweigh the risks in Jaquie and Jan's clinical situation

No. 507074

File: 1518949959980.png (738.96 KB, 984x1292, Skype Sessions.png)

Same Patreon anon here. I forgot to add these Skype sessions. For the low price of just $50, you can talk to Jaquie for one hour via Skype. What a steal. So she hardly talks to people in the Patreon comments section WHO ALREADY PAY HER, but she will be more than happy to be collect 50 bucks for a short video call. Sketchy AF.

Thank you for the info and for your support! I will try and keep the posts focused on Jaquie rather than myself.

No. 507076

Thanks for sharing this additional information!

what were the main things Jaquie said on Paetron that really made your alarm bells go off that things may not be quite as they seem?

No. 507078

It was mostly that she never, ever talked about the money going towards the captions, which is why most of the Patrons were there in the first place. Other Patrons asked her questions and commented (like I said before), and even helpful information was completely ignored. She responded to one of my comments, and I commented a lot, thinking she'd actually talk to me. Nope. It didn't seem right to me that a Patreon that was supposed to be used for captions never mentioned the captions in the posts. The posts mostly involved the pictures like I said before, as well as talking about getting different doctors when she didn't like the one she had. She claimed she wanted a second opinion, which seems to be a trend. She talked about her pain meds A LOT, especially Ketamine and her Toradol injections. Like, more than normal. She also changed the $10 tier level so that it only included one "Patreon party" rather than two per month. She offered another reward instead but I don't remember what it was. She did say that she didn't have as much time for the parties as she initially thought she would and that doing two lives a month was too much for her. I would think that it would be important to talk with people who are giving you money, but I guess not. She has time to vlog, but not do two montly live video sessions. Seems weird to me.

No. 507087

Incredible how she can upload a ten to fifteen minute vlog daily, which would be a few hours of editing, for free viewers, but can't do one or two hours a month for paying customers just sitting chatting at her screen.

It drives me mad how rude she is to people who ask on the vlogs about captions. Someone recently commented saying they are deaf and require captions, and Jaquie was rude as hell and said they had to wait and it takes a few days after submitting or whatever.

And then when people gave feedback that some of her new music was too loud/distracting which isn't accessible for people with sensory procsssing disorders or people with hearing loss, she told them to just put captions on. And there were multiple comments about the same thing. Anyone else would go hey that's good feedback thanks.

Jaquie was just like nope you're wrong, just put CC on.

Thanks for any and all info you're able to give us!

No. 507090

>>People absolutely LOVE it when former paetrons of Jaquie's are here, because you're able to poetics insight that most of us don't have.

As much as we like getting inside-information that would not be otherwise available, it's even more that it is reassuring to see that even people who not only liked her video but were actively supporting her, can see the light. To me that's an even bigger part, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who thinks like that. It gives me genuine joy to know that there is a way back even for those people she somehow tricked into giving her money. You guys once were convinced she was doing something good in this world (I assume, or else you wouldn't support her) and you were STILL able to take a step back and see that things just didn't add up. And not only that, you came here because you see that she isn't just some poor girl who thinks she is sick and is exaggerating because she is feeling lonely or whatever, but that she is truly doing damage.

Take the anon who said they asked their doctor for a port and were turned down. They could have been flagged for a possible factitious disorder because they were actively asking for an unneeded and invasive treatment. They could have been refered to psychiatry because of this. They could even have been discharged from their doctors' service. And if after that they would start looking for another doctor, they could be seen as doctor shopping and that could have been another red flag for possible factitious disorder. Really, this could have gone SO wrong and it would all have started with Jaquie.

But Jaquie doesn't care about that. She doesn't care that she is giving bad and potentially damaging advice. All she cares about it money and asspats. I think the fact that she didn't reply to Patrons speaks volumes: those were the people she already got money from, so would rather invest her time in potential new victims on YouTube and Instagram than spend her time on the people that were supporting her.

So yes, I'm glad you guys are here. Not just for any milk you could provide, but because it reflects the hope there is for all those other people she got her grubby fingers on who still think she is the godess of spoonies and who look at her as an example for how to deal with doctors and treatment.

No. 507101

File: 1518953726638.png (193.78 KB, 1046x904, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 5.19…)

That's exactly what I thought, too. As for the snarky comments, that's so unprofessional of her to do that and honestly, really insulting to other people who have disabilities. She should be inclusive of everyone, not just select people. P.S. Here is her exact wording for as to why she could not do the two monthly Patreon parties. I forgot to include the image earlier. "It would be much easier to do one per month." More like "I'd rather spend my time deleting negative YouTube comments than talking with my supporters."

No. 507103

Wait she's at college?

How the eff did I miss this?! Is it because she literally never posts about doing normal things and only sick things? I'm genuinely shocked.

No. 507105

I'm pretty sure she started out the year taking one online class, but I don't know if she is still doing that. She talked about it in her vlog back in December or January, I believe. I haven't really heard her mention it since then.

No. 507112

Did someone already find out (like, for sure) who Jaquies POTS doctor is? I am trying to find out right now, but if we already know this it'd just be a waste of time.

No. 507122


Yeah I think it was up a little earlier in the thread, like the clinic she goes to etc, and how it's very much a 'personalised' paying for what you want type of system .

No. 507143

Just watching this AFO nonsense… she said she "loves the color" more than she loves any other aspect of these "tools". How is that now a huge red-flag to everyone around her that these are wardrobe accessories, not medical necessities?

No. 507144

I am so perplexed by everything that is happening with JanJan. Given her self-reported symptoms, none of the things she's being tested for except Crohn's make any sense to me. Allowing for the fact that she's exaggerating the severity of her diarrhea, does anyone have any idea what could be wrong with her?

My money is on rectal dysfunction just like the very first doctor she consulted suggested. Will she ever do that physical therapy that could actually help her feel better?

No. 507150


I also don't think she has rectal dysfunction given she is having diarrhea (not constipation) and isn't incontinent.

I think if she just cuts out dairy she'll probably see a huge improvement. About half of the hispanic population of North America are lactose intolerant, greater for people who don't have european ancestory.
It literally should have been the first thing she cut out.

No. 507152

Could very well be IBS. Hence the alternating constipation and diarrhea. Some food intolerance maybe as well. Can for sure make for some major cramping. Normally not hospital admission-worthy, but can be pretty disabling at times.

No. 507168

I just remembered something. I know AJ said she didn't want her fans sending her stuff because of allergens and stuff. She said the same thing to her Patrons. That she wouldn't even consider opening up a PO Box for them to send stuff. Yet she can have Hidden Valley Ranch send a bunch of toys for Harlow and it's NBD for her allergies…

No. 507178

File: 1518966477190.jpg (185.67 KB, 1903x1562, ezbADhO.jpg)

I'm not sure if it was 100% confirmed yet that a doctor mentioned her before, dr. Trevino is Jaqs (and now also Jans) dr., but I found a pic of his exam room and it is the same as the room in some of Jaqs pictures and vlogs.

Not that the info matters much because his website is so generic that I can't even find if he specializes in certain disorders so can't really confirm he is a quack or not. Maybe to look for reviews. I find it interesting though that he doesn't really seem to be a dysautonomia specialist. He IS listed on a dysautonomia site as recommended doctor, but that doesn't really tell you much. He seems to run a general family practice. He's also closer to Jaq then I would've thought, in Clearwater. According to Google, it would be a 30 min drive for her. Maybe even less, depending on where she lives exactly.

No. 507184

Kek I wonder if those Skype sessions are just like her livethreads when she still did them. An opportunity to showcase Jaquie, Jaquie Jaquie.

No. 507185

Is lactose intolerance something that happens suddenly, though? She was totally fine GI-wise before Thanksgiving and only focused on her vestibular migraines. She mentioned having constipation problems all the way back since she was a kid but her mom didn't take it seriously, but she gave no mention of a history of diarrhea.

No. 507187

Thank you so much for posting here. It is disconcerting that she is such a bitch even to people who pay her. I have a few questions if you don't mind.
I am curious, does she try to coach or otherwise direct people toward diagnoses or doctors? I am sorry what happened to you with the port situation.
Did Jaq talk about what happened with Julian?
Did she talk about what happened with her Mom?
Did you guys ever get to talk to Judd or get any feeling about how he is handling all of this?
I wonder if she lets her guard down more on Patreon or used to. I suspect now that people are growing more suspicious, she is more guarded. She is so fucking OTT with getting the braces..I am always wondering, when are people going to realize how excessive she is?! I thought the second tube would be the final straw but I think the whole AFO situation should be a huge red flag. She is so full of shit with the foot drop thing.
Thank you again for being here and sharing with us. Many of us were uneasy about the site at first too but quickly learned that this wasn't just a 'make fun of disabled people' page, the callout threads make legit observations, at least in the Jaq and OTT/Munchie threads.

Wow, I had no idea HVR sent her toys for Harlow! She is so full of shit it's disgusting.

No. 507190

File: 1518967738293.jpg (287.23 KB, 2736x1603, YxGGkbo.jpg)

I'm still on dr. Quackomoneybags trail and well.. the "moneybags" part at least seems to be quite accurate.

(If I'm boring you to death with useless details please say so: I'll just shut up about it if that's the case.)

No. 507191

When she had them all laid out on the floor and said she got so many new tools, I 100% thought she said she got so many new TOYS. Which would be a more fitting word to describe them, for her, since she doesn't need them

No. 507192

Did anyone else notice how since jaquies fancy asspat doctor told janjan to exercise, wear compression leggings and drink more water she acts like she plans on doing it? I mean, if she's had POTS this whole time….shouldn't her other doctors have suggested it to? Why suddenly is she into trying?? Maybe this doctor can recommend some anal PT, gastritis meds and a personality transplant and Jan can be the best possible her

No. 507193

HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! That is a HUGE differential! The fact that the money is from medical companies, it would make a lot of sense that he is a shill for tubes and ports and all kinds of things. Wow. Just wow.

No. 507198

File: 1518968297016.jpg (238.46 KB, 633x1706, Qe1sWQK.jpg)

I have to add, he is running some sort of research centre alongside his practice. So I think that explains where the money comes from. I'm trying to figure out how legit it is, but he mentions a LOT of trials and articles that PubMed has no matching publications for. I also found the report in the picture, but no additional information regarding it.

No. 507200

I hope Judd makes her wear that uncomfortable looking af neck brace every time he drives her somewhere just to spite her.

No. 507201

Daaaaaaang anon, good find! So he's getting a crapload of kickbacks and money from what, drug companies and medical suppliers? Kek he probably taught Jaquie all she knows about when it counts as sponsorship.

No. 507204

File: 1518968825209.jpg (526.72 KB, 3450x1611, 6pu47er.jpg)

Here's a convenient breakdown for you.

Sometimes I'm amazed at what information the internet will give us.

No. 507209

Hi Judd!!

Kek I know you're not but it would be hilarious if he posted that comment here. I don't doubt it's crossed his mind about the neck brace. When Jaq said she looked weird with it on he reassured her it was an important tool. I read that like he anticipated her already looking for excuses to NOT wear it and is intent on making her follow through.

Also to all the new anons here, you aren't alone. You aren't crazy. You're not a bad person for being here. I struggled with feeling bad posting here at first because normally I stay away from internet bullying. But I realized JAQUIE is the bully and a lot of farmers are trying to heal from her bullshit fuckery. So I feel better trying to help prove her, one person, wrong if it helps prevent countless others from experiencing what a lot of us did.
Jaquie pisses me off daily but when there are new ex Jaq anons here reading how she has messed with their emotions and irl stuff fills me with rage and sadness. Sorry for blogging.

No. 507220

In the US, a lot of medical schools are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and the entire education doctors get is centered almost entirely around what drugs to prescribe and for what. They aren't taught much at all about healthy lifestyles, non-pharmaceutical interventions, how to be proactive in preventing issues in the first place, etc.

It's always about money first. And second. And third.

No. 507221

Oh ok that is different then. These could be grants based on research.

No. 507227

Oh no they're prob kickbacks.
Sorry, no coffee yet so I wasn't clear. Having your medical school built and funded with "generous" gifts from pharma companies, they also help shape the curriculum. Before pharma was so involved in funneling money into medical education, doctors learned more useful things. Like how to tell a patient to exercise and improve their diet, quit smoking, whatnot. And that used to be firstline treatment. THEN if that didn't work they tried meds. But now that pharma is so involved, they set up the training to teach meds first, lifestyle changes not needed.

Getting coffee now kek

No. 507231

One of my doctors tries to write me a script for high blood pressure meds. Every appointment. And every appointment I have to remind her that my blood pressure is ALWAYS high at the beginning of my appointment because I have medical anxiety from my HIPAA violation experience. If they do a blood pressure reading at the end of the appointment it's actually lower than normal.
I know that's blogging but my point is, if I trusted my doctor 100%, especially because they "went to school for it", I would be on meds for high blood pressure when in fact I don't have high blood pressure. They prescribe first, ask questions never.

Yes my doctor sucks in many aspects. Small town.

No. 507259

File: 1518972794344.png (61.02 KB, 602x724, IMG_5797.PNG)

A pic of Jaq with her neck brace for those of us who can't handle watching the vlogs.

No. 507273

File: 1518973638458.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5798.PNG)

Proof that they are fucking toddlers. The caption says that their stuffed animals are best friends for life.

No. 507280

New vlog is up. They went on a road trip and she did not wear the new neck brace. Harlow alerted to her 'fainting spell'.They took Judds mom to epcott, again no neck brace in the car. She was training Harlow to touch the button again for the door, pointing above the button to get her to 'touch'. No reason to need Harlow to do that. Sick face at the end.She also says she used medication before she left the house, so probably the new narcotic.

No. 507282

So weird. Didn't Jaquie pretend to be a doggie until she was like 12 too? What happened to them both to make them want to act like small children forever? That part is kinda sad to think about. But plenty of people have fucked up childhoods and grow up to be decent, well-adjusted adults.

No. 507283

No. 507293

Jaquie actually looks unwell in todays vlog, and yesterday towards the end as well. She either stepped up her acting game, she is using meds that don't agree with her, or.. dare I say it? Se might actually be unwell.

No. 507294

Jaq gets a kid's meal at epcot, futhering the toddler image. I don't know if we've seen her do that before.

No. 507308

She's done it before. And also milk in a wine glass with a straw.

No. 507315


Okay this is going to be a weird post, have saged for experimenting– I study psych and the whole Jacqui side show blows my mind.

Watching the behaviour she displays on the blog I was like: I bet I can replicate symptoms with environment. I had a routine check up scheduled on a Monday after a weekend with no plans, so, experiment time.
I had had an insane week with work/study and so was rather physically shattered, so imagine a body low on iron going forward:

For TWO DAYS, I made myself stay in bed with my neck elevated by a pillow to watch films. I drank very little. I ate mainly sugar. I did little exercise. I took rather hot showers. I spoke to very few people, from Friday afternoon onwards. I hermitted myself.

1- you get really bad neck pain and almost migraine headaches from having your neck like that. Bonus, it fucks with the neck muscles causing mass tension in the neck area, so if you show someone they go ooooh wow your neck looks weird

2- your stomach wants to die. Legit, I wanted to die. I felt like absolute shit. My stomach was bloated, made gross noises, I felt so much pain by day two. Lower left side was solid as a rock. Why? No drinking kills the lower intestine, there is no water to suck outta your poop, hello constipation-connie.

3- social isolation made me want to do crazy things after about a day. Like, I wanted to post on social media a lot, and I kept checking my phone insanely always, because I wanted to talk to people or see people. Screen time seemed to heighten this. My BF was like please stop fucking messaging me my god by Sunday night.

4- every time you stand up you want to fall over and your vision goes. Combo dehydration and postural

Also, my lips were gross by the end of day two. Like… gross.

No sunlight and no water made me get a sick as shit face.

in the morning at the doc appointment for something else, and I was like while I am here I check something for me, I have been conducting an experiment. And I ran through all my symptoms, showed my gastric bloating, my heart was all over the shop, BP was insane doing the good old get up sit down.

He was like: That sounds like POTS, which is (explanation), (mentioned a few other things) and delayed gastric emptying. I would recommend you should get you a GI followup and a referral to a cardiologist.
and I was like: Okay, would you say that laying down for two days and eating sugar would be a major contributor
And he laughed and was like HECK YEAH, you lunatic. Please drink water! Laying down after you eat will ruin your stomach! Also, go get some sun, you look pale.

In 2 DAYS I was able to collect enough symptoms to have a doctor recommending GI studies and referrals.

Imagine if you were like that for a week.
Or a month…
And you said that you had a good and healthy, active lifestyle.
And you were too lazy to get a job.
And people made a fuss over you when you were sick?

At worst, the girl has mild anaemia from a poor diet, which she exacerbated by being a dickhead, and the lack of oxygen and dehydration resulted in POTS symptoms, lack of standing up broke her stomach a tiny bit, and the best thing is her lifestyle keeps the symptoms relevant.

she isn't getting toys to cure her illness, she is literally setting up shop to long haul this chronic illness until she dies of old age and natural causes. Or, heart failure due to way too much cream chicken.

also her EDS thing is so mild and bullshit, I work with a few performers with legit EDS, who are way more hyper mobile, one with actual foot drop, and they get on with their day. No wheelchair required.
She looks unwell because she's been in bed with JanJan for a weekend.

No. 507319

To answer your questions, I personally did not see her direct people towards diagnoses, but that's mainly because she almost never answered questions. I've seen all of her posts on there and she barely engages with her Patrons. I don't know if she talked about Julian because I haven't been a Patron for about a month and she didn't post anything before that and never mentioned him. However, she has posted some vlogging break updates, but said they were due to her health. I can't see what she posts now unless it's public, but it looks like she did post another vlogging break back when the when the whole occurrence with her and Julian happened based off of the title of the post. I guess we will never know for sure. I doubt she said anything more beyond that she's taking a break for personal reasons because that's what she has said before. She never mentioned what happens with her mom as far as I know. She's only posted a photo or two of her mom with Harlow, but that's about it. Judd was never on the page. It was mainly about Jaquie, her hospital admissions/pain, her vlogs, some polls, lots of thumbs up pictures, and Harlow. She has posted some pics of Judd and Harlow before, but the caption was always short and was never from Judd's perspective. I never once heard anything from Judd on that page and she hardly talked about him anyways.

No. 507320

Are you serious?? I hope not. The only actually unwell Jaq could be is that she caught the flu or something. If you think a day and a half of looking under the weather negates her 2+ years of faking it daily you should have your head examined. Not trying to be rude. Just, even if she's faking the chronic stuff, she isn't immune to occasional healthy people things. It IS flu season and she spends ALOT of time in hospitals and medical offices and snuggling in bed with bff who coughs and ALSO spends a lot of time in hospitals. And Jaquie is married to a LEO who deals with the public. Germ city.

No. 507321

Kek, Judd's mom is visiting, of course Jaq ups the drama. Can't let Judd's attention be on anyone but her!

No. 507322

Holy, holy shitballs. First, that is true commitment to research! Second, that is horrifying that in TWO DAYS and with minimal effort it whacked your body out.
Good call on the sugar only though, Jaquie can ever manage to eat real food but she can always stomach (bahahaha pun) dessert.

I'm curious if you told your doctor you didn't really need to see a GI and it was an experiment, or if now your med records are fucked and say you have possible POTS and GI issues?

No. 507326

I wonder if her and Judd have some mutually beneficial arrangement. Wouldn't be the first time people stay in a relationship or marriage because they have needs that can't be met if they were both on their own. Kek mind out of the gutter, not talking about S-E-X

No. 507327

100% did not get referrals, and as soon as I said what I had been up to he wasn't going to pass any on. Did give me the disclaimer of if this persists beyond you being an idiot come back. But heck no I do not want to see a GI and have a camera put up my butt!

No preexisting GI complications beyond an eating disorder about 10 years ago thanks to Dance. And no, none of this went on my record as needing investigation. I think he typed discussed diet and exercise importance or something along the lines of.

sorry for the intensely long post. Back to the milk we go, with knowledge it is all total shit.

No. 507329

File: 1518977423383.png (1.97 MB, 1340x1082, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 1.07…)

How the fuck is Harlow alerting to fainting while Jaq is sitting down?

If she's fainting after being seated for a while then it's not POTS, it's a cardiac issue or gasp bullshit.

Also, note the Lying Eyes when she said "My POTS has really been tempermental lately."

No. 507330

File: 1518977481255.png (1.88 MB, 1314x1066, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 1.07…)

Also Lying Eyes when she said "She gave me a 10 minute warning before I actually passed out."

No. 507333

If you have severe diarrhea wouldn't a feeding tube make it worse because your nutrition is all liquid so you don't have enough fiber to make it solid. Anyone know if this is true? So wouldn't a feeding tube be a bad idea for someone like Janjan and give her the runs even more?

No. 507335

I sure as shit hope she quits driving now if she's gonna start claiming her POTS makes her almost faint in the car, however infrequent it is. WTF Jaquie??!?

No. 507337

>>If you think a day and a half of looking under the weather negates her 2+ years of faking it daily you should have your head examined.

Ok, that's.. one way of taking my post and giving it a spin. You DO realize I never actually said something about this negating anything, just that she may for once actually feel some discomfort? Like, being a bit tired, or sleep deprived (maybe she has been watching videos all night with Janiece) or having a headcold or something?

I mean, I'd be glad to have my head examined if you feel I really need to, but maybe I should go for a second opinion first? I'm sure Jaquie knows a really good doctor who can refer me for all sorts of unnecessary testing!

No. 507338

Okay so where's the neck brace? She JUST GOT IT because her neck hurts soooooo bad on car trips. They just drove to Orlando the next day and she didn't wear it? Okay Jaquie. Riiiight.

No. 507339

Top kek if this persists longer than you being an idiot. That made me laugh

No. 507341

She is so adjustable she will definitely have a reason why it's safe to drive when she isn't looking for increased views or asspats. How can her pots be out of control when she is doing infusions three times a week? Oh wait, because she literally goes from her bed to her couch to her wheelchair.

No. 507342

Jaquie could diagnosis you, no need to even get a second opinion or find a fancy asspat doctor.

I think anon was just trying to clarify what you meant by your comment about Jaq "actually being unwell", not jump down your throat.

No. 507343

She won't wear it because she said it makes her look weird. Which further points to her mental illness if she thinks her Barbie car, Service Dog, pink AFO's and pink walker DON'T make her look weird. If she is striving for normalcy she is definitely down the wrong path. And no, this is nothing against anyone who legitimately needs devices for their needs. But I think we have more than proven that she is a faker at least 90% of the time and "exacerbates" most of her "illnesses".

No. 507344

Where I live, all the kids menus say stuff like for "12 years and younger only" and it wouldn't matter if you were in a wheelchair of whatevs, they'd make you order an adult meal off the adult menu. At the most they'd let you have a starter as your main course if you wanted something small. Are things less strict in the US or is this another case of Jaquie getting what Jaquie wants?

Although to be fair, in her pink barbie car, I could see the restaurant assuming she has the mind of a child and not wanting to embarrass her carer, Judd, by asking questions…

No. 507345

And she has been running extra fluids on top of that. At least twice this week she has ran a liter extra saline during the night. Because she can't be a normal person and drink some more, have some more salt, use compression stockings (it's winter, after all) or I don't know.. DO SOME EXERCISE or whatever, she needs more IV fluids if her POTS is acting up. STAT.

Oh, and she can still drive even if her POTS is now so bad that she almost passed out sitting down because Harlow will alert to her. 15 minutes before she has a seizure, 14 for a sleep attack, 10 for a fainting episode and exactly 8 for migraine. Oh, and of course 12 minutes before she pukes and always, always exactly 9,5 minutes before she has to pee.

So OF COURSE she can still drive. You just don't understand how chronic illnesses work. No one does. Only Jaquie.

No. 507346

I think it depends on the restaurant. There's not an actual law or anything, it's just policy that wouldn't matter to most people because usually the kids menu consists of chicken fingers, kraft mac n cheese and maybe a small cheeseburger with fruit slices, carrots or fries. Most adults going out to eat want something more than the typical 5 year old's meal.

No. 507348

Sheeeeeeesh I need to re-read my Adjustable Jaquie University handbook, I keep forgetting that everyone experiences chronic illness differently. Kek

What she means to say is everyone experiences chronic illnesses differently than jaquie

No. 507351

It's her caveat to do whatever she wants whenever she wants and have no one question her. Or to invalidate the people who dare to question her.

No. 507353

Typical of AJ meal choices, that kids menu. Fried stuff. Cheese. More fried stuff. Very GP friendly.

No. 507355

How is she not peeing every minute of the day?
I got 1 L of fluid at a hospital once and was up to pee every 10 minutes.

If she isn't dehydrated (which she shouldn't be) she'd be peeing a whole lot.

No. 507357

A while ago she replied to a question regarding this in one of her vlogs. Someone asked if she had to pee more on infusion days. Her response was: "No, because I guess my body.. needs it" (with questioning face and up and down gesturing towards her body)

So that probably means she is hardly drinking at all. I can't think of any other explanation.

No. 507359

It conveniently also explains away any inconsistencies that her viewers may have noticed or been wondering about.

Dear Jaquie: If everyone experiences it differently Jaquie, then stfu about YOUR tools and treatments and what works for YOU because it's not relevant to anyone else by your own logic. So daily vlog about something else in your life and leave chronic illness out of it. I hope she reads here. Fuck.

No. 507361

>>What she means to say is everyone experiences chronic illnesses differently than jaquie

That's a good one! Will have to remember that.

Probably, but they came across like they thought I was saying that because she looked a bit unwell in this vlog, her whole story must be true. I said nothing of the sort. It was merely an observation. Like if she would've busted her head open and I would've said: "wow, that looks painful" and someone would've replied: "If you think her story about chronic pain is real, you should have your head examined!" Erm, no, I did not say that anything she is telling us is true, just that she looks actually a bit unwell to me. Beyond her sick face, I mean. Of course, that could mean anything or even nothing at all, but she still looks a bit off to me. And that's all I said.

No. 507362

If she is taking some sort of narcotic that could be what's caused the fainting while sitting down thing and therefore make her look unwell? It's well known they can drop your blood pressure and make you dizzy and sleepy. Maybe she knew it would make her feel crappy and get her plenty of attention from babe.

No. 507364

Won't not wearing the neck brace raise a lot of red flags with her viewers who actually DO have EDS and have to wear braces? I'd seriously question someone after that even if I didn't before.

Yesterday, Jaquie said how nice the neck brace felt when she tried it on. This was before she saw a mirror. Told hanger clinic dude her doctor specifically wanted her to wear it on car rides. Sees her reflection in the mirror on the way home and remarks how she looks weird.

The VERY NEXT day she goes on a long car ride. No brace. No complaints of neck pain, just her POTS flaring up.

Jaquie IS a genetic anomaly. She's the only human on earth that can have a chronic illness cured or sent into remission just by having the tool to treat it in her possession

GP symptoms, gone after the J tube surgery. Can eat all the crap food she wants again. No more nausea, bloating, cramping, constantly throwing up her "2 bites"

Severe neck pain in the car, gone because she now has a neck brace in the house. No need to WEAR it, having it under the same roof works just as well as wearing it.

She is nuts.

No. 507366

AYFKM? Did she legit say she won't wear it because it makes her look weird?! Shocking, I know, but generally people who need medical aids aren't using them for the look you dumb bitch!

No. 507367

So I wonder if the doctors she goes to uses electronic medical records…

For example, EPIC, one of the bigger EMR companies, have this feature called Care-Everywhere. This feature allows doctors to see patient’s records (not all, but tests, diagnosis, and meds at least) from other hospitals in same region/locality, as long as patient grants access.

Doctor’s don’t always talk about it - and they often just ask you to sign release without telling you why - I only found out b/c one of my doc told me, after he switched hospitals and was annoyed he couldn’t see everything from previous hospital.

Wonder if Jaq knows about it, if/when that feature will start unraveling… Or is it that the docs she goes to don’t have the ‘big name’ EMR systems because they are small private practices (easier to ‘hide’ records when each doc is independently running their office). Or…. she knows and denied granting permission to share, which will seeem sketchy as fuck, and docs can still call up each other and ask for fax, the old school way.

Sage for some blogging.

No. 507371

Possibly. She talked about maybe trying a narcotic on an as-needed basis. She doesn't say if she decided on it but it's possible she did. I also think she has some of her liquid narcotic leftover from post-surgery.

Of course, in theory, she would have to stop her Xyrem for at least a few days before using a narcotic painkiller, but hey, this is Jaquie. Like others have said, she is practically going full Michael Jackson with her "very knowledgable" pain doctor.

And there's also her CBD oil, which we KNOW she just started. Might be the effect of the CBD, or a nocebo-effect because Jaquie doesn't want it to work because it's not covered by insurance and/or because it doesn't give her a high.

She did say she took "medicine" before leaving the house though. Doesn't specify what she took. That it strange enough in itself. Normally she says what she took, the route of administration (IV, "through my tube", liquid, etc.) and maybe even the brand name, so her talking about "medicine" (not even "pain medicine") is sketchy in and of itself.

No. 507373

That scab on her face looks a lot like scratching scabs some folks get while in hospital receiving IV narcotics.

Also how is someone with MCAS taking narcotics without it flaring? Normal people have mast cell reaction with narcotics hence the itching.

No. 507377

I don't know if I can find it again, but I did some searching for her POTS doctor today and one website listed him for three different electronic filing systems as "no", as in he didn't use them. I don't know anything about those systems in the US though, so I don't know if those were systems that are used a lot and if there are other systems that are used for electronic patient records that maybe he does use.

No. 507379

Erm, that was me. We could argue all day about misunderstanding something and asking for clarification, but it would be much more productive to get back to the milk.

No. 507381


I thought she seemed upset the brace isn’t as pretty as the one Christina Doughtery has (I think I butchered her last name).

No. 507385

She didn't say that, no. She said it made her look weird.
Then the next day she didn't wear it.

One could logically conclude she didnt wear it because it made her look weird but who knows because she hasn't addressed it that I know of. But someone who really has bad neck pain wouldn't give a flying monkey fuck if it made them look weird because it would make them feel better. But Jaquie doesn't want to feel better, she wants to look cute on camera. But I agree with the anon earlier, how does she think a neck brace is too embarrassing but a mask, wheelchair, 2 tubes, a port, a SD, service human, headphones and a vlogging camera in her face arent?

No. 507389

Anon I think you answered your own question.
As long as the patient grants access.

If they don't, no sharing.

No. 507397

File: 1518981359176.jpg (20.49 KB, 405x405, SUcRHed.jpg)

I really don't understand why they gave her this kind of rigid neck brace in the first place. They are uncomfortable AF. If she is looking for some relief during long car rides, she should just go with either a soft or a semi-rigid one like in the pic. Having a brace during long car rides is literally the ONLY thing she was getting a that made any kind of sense. But not a one that completely immobilizes her like the one she got. First of all, she doesn't need that. It's not comfortable, you can't even look around a bit so you start twisting your back trying to when talking to the person next to you or when looking out the window. And because they are extremely uncomfortable, there is not way in hell the pros will outweigh the cons for her. It will likely even make her pain worse.

No can do, I'm having my head examined!

(sorry, joking. Ok, we misunderstood. It happens. I'm still having my head examined, though. I've been looking forward to it ever since you suggested it, and I'm not backing out now.)

(Edit: reposted because I forgot to add the pic. See, I need that exam!)

No. 507406

I know this is a totally morbid question but I can't help wondering, is it safe to wear a neck brace in a car? If they got into a car accident while she was wearing it would it protect her neck or make her more likely to be injured?

No. 507407

It seems pretty weird that they would prescribe a neck brace specifically for pain during car rides if it would be unsafe. But maybe I am missing something.

No. 507408

I'm by no means a HIPAA expert but if a patient won't sign a form granting permission for their records to be shared electronically, that covers faxing too unless it specifies only EPIC (or whatever other name).

Doctors can't share your records with other doctors in any way unless you give them permission. Even if they refer you to a specialist or they want to talk to their doctor buddies about your case, they cannot use your records without your permission. Doctors do talk amongst themselves, but they're usually really careful to keep it VERY general and even then you can violate unintentionally. My spouse works in the hospital and we live in a small town. He rarely talks about work other than to say they were really busy or had a super complex surgical case. If he came home and said "yeah at work last night we removed this huge cancerous tumor from this lady we thought had appendicitis". Well that seems okay, but what if I knew from my bff that my bffs aunt had an emergency appy that night and even though my spouse gave no specifics, I now know my bffs aunt has cancer? This didnt really happen, but this is why doctors talking about patients even in vague ways can still violate HIPAA. Again, not a HIPAA expert

No. 507421

Kek yikes anon, maybe you shouldn't let dr Jaquie diagnose you then if you might have a real problem with brain fog or memory :) She'd have you scheduled for an unnecessary brain transplant like, yesterday

No. 507426

She probably requested this kind because it's extra. It was custom, from a specialist. Nothing off the shelf will do for Jaquie, and nothing that isn't 100% covered by insurance. God forbid she have to shell out $20 of her own money to buy a softer one (she'll actually wear maybe) off of Amazon.
She's really hung up on the whole only wanting things that insurance covers. She's committed to faking for the ass pats but apparently not so committed that she will dip into her own pocket. Even the CBD she complained about the price which is RIDICULOUS. They aren't hurting for money. $120 for a med is NOTHING if it helps. But it's a lot to spend on a med if you faking and don't need it
I bet if insurance suddenly covered her CBD it would work.

No. 507430

File: 1518983253183.jpeg (65.4 KB, 1242x356, 991A585E-7A06-445E-AB0D-E0FFC5…)

No. 507431

File: 1518983298515.jpeg (381.91 KB, 1242x2207, 62DEE323-E39F-49AC-B3F8-90B7C5…)

Just combing through some funny Jaquie comments on her AFO video.
Yeah Jaquie,.. how DID you get that EDS? Diagnosis? And also the foot drop? Oh? No response lol. That’s interesting

No. 507452

AHHHH Jaquie makes me so mad! There's a comment on today's vlog from someone seeing their doctor for a port consult next week and they asked a port question. That part didn't make me rage, that person might legit need a port.

But then they responded to THEIR OWN comment and APOLOGIZED for asking and said they went and watched Jaqs port video. Okay…so it's okay for Jaquie to ask everyone else questions but if someone asks HER one they get told "check out my fuckittyfuck video, it will explain everything" and now her fans have seen that answer so many times that they self-correct and watch the video before Jaquie gets a chance to be a dick? That makes me sad for that commenter. Not posting pic because I know not how to do it on my phone and also scribble out the username. I wanted to give that person a hug.

Jaquie could have answered this persons question in 2 seconds. They asked what kind of port she has. Of course the info is in her POTS video but why should someone (especially someone who is ill and prob has limited energy) have to go find her POTS video and watch through it just to get an answer it would have taken Jaquie 3 seconds to type? This is not how awareness is spread. This is how Jaquie puts Jaquie first, again and like always, and directs fans to click on her videos to get those views. She is seriously lazy in every way possible.

No. 507465

Kek I'm dying reading jaquies comments right now on her new vlog. There are SO many asking about the neck brace and why she didn't wear it. SO MANY people. They can't all be farmers, so even her legit fans are immediately seeing holes in her story now?? Wow she is at the beginning of the end

No. 507475

File: 1518984954312.png (72.55 KB, 637x454, IMG_4708.PNG)

Major eye roll.
Yes, Jaquie who has shown little to no memory impairment EVER forgot to bring her neck brace she got yesterday specifically for long car rides
She remembers to bring Ellie with her to hospital even in an emergency, and never forgets her vlog camera, batteries, memory cards, charger cords…but while thoughtfully taking her time to pack for a planned trip she leaves her new tool behind on accident. Jaquie uses a fog machine to create her brain fog. Handily it comes with an off switch. Sure wish mine did too. But hey, everyone experiences chronic illness differently than Jaquie so..

Her fans are brainwashed by her, I feel awful for them.

No. 507487

I don't know what time of day yesterday she filmed the Disney footage that's in today's vlog, or what time the comment yesterday was made on this thread, but yesterday anon said how strange it was that Jaquie needed help to keep from walking out into traffic in parking lots but has no trouble zooming her wheelchair through crowds.

Guess what Jaquie says in today's vlog??! Judd is pushing her wheelchair because it got crowded at Disney she doesn't want to hit anybody.

No. 507489

File: 1518985724065.png (30.54 KB, 932x192, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 3.28…)

I wonder if this was a slight callout for "muh austizm" not being bothered by the noise in the restaurant.

No. 507495

File: 1518985810731.png (147.46 KB, 2122x392, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 3.30…)

Might be a farmer, but kek at this.

No. 507498

No. 507503

I think/hope the port referral might have scared her? But maybe I'm just way too optimistic…

I noticed, that she's like 'I ate a few bites' like she always says, but then she showed Judds plate and it's almost full, so it's the begining of the meal so… while truthful, just a few bites at this point in time says almost nothing (well, except maybe that she can eat a few bites at a normal speed)

A standard formula contains enough fiber. Some people get diarrhea at the beginning and some get constipation, but usually that evens out real quickly

No. 507504

For those of you who were looking for somewhere to discuss Jaquie with usernames while still being anon, this might be what you're looking for.

No. 507509


I dunno if you guys are aware but once you have your gallbladder out, you really cannot eat fatty food without getting 'ducks diseease'. Anything too fatty or rich will go through you quicker than Jaquie wheeling into the wall at the aquarium.

I absolutely guarantee you that if Janiece overhauled her diet to an IBS friendly diet (Low FODMAP), did pelvic physiotherapiy (helps you manage rectal and digestive disorders), did a physical exercise program tailored to someone with POTS, got reconditioned, drank water, and got some dMn hobbies, she would be cured.

Same goes for Jaquie, except over a longer period because she's even more reconditioned. Almost most the drugs they are on can cause their issues or at the very minimum make them worse/interact.

It's like a Munchie case I read of recently where they died because they were going to 20 different doctors, none who knew about the others, and they got prescribed a lethal cocktail of medication betweeen them all and the OD'd and died.

On that note, another thing I find weird (unless it's a US thing??) is how Jaquie and Janiece chase up and take copies of their own files to appointments. Here everything is faxed or emailed over from your existing doctors, you aren't actually allowed to even access your own old files unless you apply and give justification as to why you want them and it has to be approved, takes several months etc.

No. 507513

Somehow, time and time again the rules don't apply to Jaquie.
And now, apparently, janiece either.

No. 507514

>On that note, another thing I find weird (unless it's a US thing??) is how Jaquie and Janiece chase up and take copies of their own files to appointments. Here everything is faxed or emailed

I have a feeling part of it is that Jaq needs to see everything the doc has written about her to make sure it doesn't conflict with her story for new Docs.

No. 507515

I second that feeling

No. 507522

This is interesting and the last minute or so when they talk about the damage this can do really drives home how Jaquie and Co can fuck up things for a bunch of people.

No. 507543

hey, i posted the comment about jaquie posting a youtube video showing her "EDS" symptoms… i doubt she wont show it, but i know a lot of information about her and her friends… i wish i could say the stuff i know on here, but it unfortunately interferes with the rules here… I live very close to her lets just say….. and i know that a lot of what she says is WRONG
sorry if im not doing this correctly, this is my first time posting.

No. 507551

Welcome, anon! If your post doesn't directly add to the milk, you just type sage in the email field (right above where you type the comment) and you don't have to write "sage" in your post though some anons do. This is so anons can opt to only view unsaged posts/direct milk

We loooove milk here but not any that violates the rules or would out you.

No. 507554

Also, I'm sorry you live in close proximity to our dear Jaquie and have to smell her bullshit up close and personal. It must be nightmare inducing!

No. 507558

Would said milk be allowed on the KiwiFarms thread?

No. 507559

I'm just going to say this, she doesnt live in tampa. and the hanger clinic she went to, is not where she says.. she went to a high school near me. Jaquie doesnt know me personally nor do i know her personally. But living where she does, i recognize the doctors offices she goes to etc. all of it.
I can contribute a lot of info about her doctors and where they are located and who to search for because i know where they are. I want to help contribute.

No. 507569

Absolutely allowed.

Anon, go to kiwifarms if you really think what you need to say is against the rules here. I'm not sure how something you saw with your own eyes could be against the rules but obviously I don't know what you need to say.

No. 507570

i will answer questions, because im still learning how to use this site

No. 507582

Do you know anyone that knew her from high school since your schools were close?

No. 507585

She doesn't live in Tampa? That would be.. NUTS. A plot twist like we've never seen.

But how about the anons who said they could follow Google streetview right to her front door?

No. 507587

I'm super curious what rumors and speculations, if any, are going around that area about her doctors? Like, do they have good reputations or are they known for being whatever the munchie-toy equivilant to a pill-mill would be called?

No. 507592

Film studio, daddy's paying for a film studio for her to produce her delightful fanciful works of fiction. Hospital set, interior apartment set, they film the exterior shots of the real complex. Kek

FYI I'm (maybe) joking, and not the same anon that is new and has potential milk. What a shit show THAT would be to misunderstand, everyone would think new anon just confirmed our wild conspiracy theories

No. 507595

Isn't Bradenton just across Tampa Bay? So she's somewhere in the area. I'm not one of the anons who looked for her address so I'm not sure where she actually lives but I'm assuming she says Tampa/Tampa Bay for simplicity or "safety"

No. 507597

Not necessarily. All food is liquid by the time it reaches the intestines, thanks to the gastric secretions and muscular contractions of the stomach. However, diarrhoea is the most common side effect of tube feeding, partly due to feed intolerance (and most tube fed people have at least a little feed intolerance, if they're actually running it at a suitable rate and not a rate that's used for neonates) and partially due to the osmolarity of the feed (but we adapt to it over time).

But those that have been tube fed for more than a few months shouldn't have any diarhhoea. The large intestine pulls out the water. We can even get constipated if we don't flush/ pump in enough additional water 🙂

No. 507598

Apologies for the smilie, I didn't mean to add it…. new phone! Sorry!

No. 507599

bradenton is close to an hour from tampa. in an older video Judd had his uniform on showing the county he works for and it confirmed it for me because i live in that county and it doesnt seem like he makes an hour commute to work everyday. Manatee County. This will add up from all of the places she goes to on a daily basis are in Manatee county…

No. 507600

If she lives in the general area that would be fine by me. So I wonder what anon means when they say she doesn't live in Tampa.

Also, we know her dr. isn't in Tampa but in Clearwater. Also that she often goes to a hospital IN Tampa. Unless that whiteboard that included the hospital name is in a studio indeed..

No. 507602

i know for a fact that janiece went to Dr. phillips high school.

No. 507617

Yeah Jaquie went there too, I remember seeing it when I was googling her name and her photog award from that school came up. Jaquie used to live in Orlando and so did Judd. They later moved to Tampa Bay area which is where we all presumed they lived currently. But now they might not?? Huh?

No. 507620

she doesnt live in tampa, youre correct that she used to live in orlando, but she now lives in Bradenton fl. ive seen her at various groceries stores, many restaurants etc.

No. 507623

She is close to the Tampa Bay area. Manatee County is in the area, right? Apparently under an hour commute. Maybe my definition of "in the area" is different from living in a huge state lol

No. 507624

Is she always vlogging in full munchie gear or do you ever see her out and about looking normal?

No. 507631

the areas are definitely not the same. its about 45 mins and with traffic could be close to an hour. she lives in the small town of bradenton and "shockingly" she seems very normal when the cameras arent on her…

No. 507634

Well.. I can say, I just have been able to find at least ONE landmark of ONE of her vlogs.. in Bradenton.

No. 507638

I watched a random old vee-log of jaquies yesterday and she was going on and on about how they LOVE their apartment because it's on the water and they really wanted an in-unit washer and dryer but its okay we're on the water so they use the laundromat in their giant apartment complex.

So….I have a severe allergy to short wiry dog hair. I have to rent a place that I don't love because it HAS an in-unit W/D. I can't use the laundromat because if anyone right before me had dogs with that type hair, it contaminates my clothes and I get hives.

Jaquie has all these sooper bad allergies AND MCAS but she's totally fine using a laundromat with a bunch of strangers? I mean, Judd does the laundry (supposedly) but Jaquie still wears the clothes. In all her Vog-maskin fans-don't-hug-me-if-u-see-me germ paranoia she is fine and never reacts to other people's detergents and allergens left behind in the machines?

And on tomorrow's vlog, Jaquie has an anaphylaxis reaction just after she puts on a clean pair of toddler pants. But she doesn't poop- the pants because her speshul anaphylaxis doesn't work like that

No. 507640

My head just exploded. I mean I expected that answer but…wow.
Are you saying without the camera in her face she goes out shopping and appears to have no trouble with anything that she has trouble with when the cameras are on?

No. 507642

Wow. That never occured to me! But you are 100% right, being able to share a laundromat with a bunch of strangers if you supposedly react to almost anything is SUPER weird!

No. 507645

all i can tell you is that shes been lying about where she lives (which leads everyone to believe she has been lying about much more) and that the times ive ran into her, she doesnt seem like she has many of the illnesses she claims to have…..
ive been to the hanger clinic in bradenton before, and point blank recognized it in her vlog, but there are many locations in tampa….why would she travel 48-50 mins to go to this specific one in brandenton when there are plenty in tampa where she "lives"…..

No. 507647

It'd be amazing if you could snap pictures of her when she's out and about all normal kek.

Lolcow nightly presents: 48 Hours…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 507652

Yeah if her allergies are as severe as she says she would have issues with that.

At my worst I reacted to the plastic CHAIR in my doctors office that the previous patient and her "ESA" dog with short wiry hair had sat in before I did. They wiped it down with medical office sterilizing cleaning whatevers (kek sorry brain melt) and I still broke out in hives like I had the dog on my lap. Jaquie is 110% completely and totally full of shit about her allergies to "everything" and her MCAS.

No. 507655

in a recent vlog she mentions that her and judd are going to go the the mall, right? why would you travel almost an hour away just to go to the mall? tampa has incredible malls. the mall that she went to and had harlow push the wheelchair button is a mall like 15 minutes away from where she lives, in bradenton. not sure why she would go to such a crappy mall here rather than the better malls in "tampa" where she "lives"

No. 507662

I don't really consider this lying (and in my mind she said Tampa Bay Area a few times, anyone here with a better memory?) Don't get me wrong, I have no intention of wking and I do believe she lies a lot, but, considering she is broadcasting to the internet, that means to the whole damn planet(and theoretically ISS, although I don't think they watch her) I think that's specific enough. It's actually one of her smartest moves if you ask me. Quite frankly, from here Florida seems kind of more specific than anybody would need to know

No. 507663


I think the reason she doesn't like doing the lives is because she can't pre-script her explanations for things. She's more likely to accidentally give something away or contradict herself.

No. 507665

Ah okay, wow what a nutter. Bradenton it is!

Thanks for coming here to share what you know, we all really appreciate it!

No. 507666

I've never lived in big cities but I know sometimes if people live in a lesser-known town or city they say they're from the closest big city just because it avoids the "oh, where is that" question and answer. Is Bradenton close enough to Tampa and she isn't outright lying, just generalizing? Btw not WKing, just not sure if it's a deliberate lie or a convenience kinda thing

No. 507668

OMG please don't even say that. Pretty sure that shit is called stalking. Please do not ever try to interfere with cows IRL you guys. It's against the rules and over the line IMHO.

No. 507670

I think if you google Judd that comes up. And he's a republican. He REALLY needs to lock that shit down on google. Is he even really a LEO or is that part of the racket too?

No. 507674

im only saying what i see in what she puts out, and what i see when i happen to run into her. im not stalking. I only mention this to help search for her doctors and where they are located. knowing this could help figure out where her doctors are.

No. 507680

I agree with you in terms of doing it for this site (not the anon that said that btw) but at the same time, people in general taking her pic in public is kinda what goes with the territory of being a social media "star". Prob cow tipping for this farm but irl taking a pic of your favorite YouTube sensation if you see them somewhere is a far cry from stalking. Unless maybe you're sticking a camera under the bathroom stall or something, then stalking is BY FAR the least of your worries.

No. 507682


I'm formerly from the area and if her doc is in Clearwater and she's shopping in Bradenton there's also a possibility she's from St Petersburg, used to be up there daily while living in St Pete

No. 507686

I agree that it's actually quite smart NOT to practically give out your address.

BUT.. I wonder if she couldn't just have said "I live in South Florida" without having everyone think she lived in Tampa. What I wonder is this what this anon asks >>507666 which is whether Bradenton is close enough to Tampa that it could be considered to be in the "Tampa bay area".

No. 507693

>>507682 She doesnt live in st. pete because when janiece visited her recently in a vlog she was going over the skyway bridge…. and since janiece lives in orlando the only way she could be crossing the skyway is going south of tampa. since tampa isnt south of the skyway bridge, she wouldnt need to cross that bridge. she doesnt live in st pete, she lives in bradenton

No. 507694

OH, and it's not really as relevant where her doctors are, but it is interesting to see if the docs she goes to are quacks or not. If for example they would be known as doctors who always go with the most OTT treatment and are the IV saline/port implanting equivalent of a pill mill, or if they are respected doctors in their area. It would also be interesting to know if e.g. she really sought out doctors who are actually specializing in the conditions she has, or that she is intentionally seeking out some poor schmucks who don't know their bum from their elbow and who think they are helping her by doing whatever she asks them to do. Or if they are known woo practitioners.

These things are interesting. And they are the only reason why I tried to figure out what doctor she was seeing. Not because I plan to go undercover as a patient or a receptionist or a service dog in the waiting room. Or whatever.

No. 507700

Ok, that's clear. But is that close enough to be considered in the "Tampa bay area"? I mean, surely you aren't the only one to ever see her vlogs who lives nearby enough to be able to tell the difference. You'd expect more people calling her out on this if what she told people about where she lived was an outright lie. Right?

Also: I'm not really sure how I feel about this being out in the open now. Sure, it's fun to know, and I believe that most of us are relatively harmless. We do not wish any harm on her. But other people might, and given the nature of the internet, this info is now easy to find for everyone, not just a bunch of farmers who don't hate Jaquie per se, but just the harm she is doing to others.

No. 507703

i will not speak on the matter anymore. I just wanted to say what i knew considering i live in the area and have seen her. not trying to stalk or anything. just so happen to have known the same people and live in the same area, cant blame me! hope my information that i could provide helped in anyway! thanks.

No. 507709

Thanks! So she lives in Bradenton which is about an hour drive from Tampa. Good to know.

Wonder if she's deliberately being deceptive when she says Tamp Bay or if that's really how she describes the greater area ornfor anonymity

No. 507714

I didn't realise just how fucking easy it is to find her address. Simple google search with only names and state. I'm not from Florida, so I don't even have context of location to help me.

Jaq, so much for safety.

No. 507716

Okay, so what milk do you have other than her living somewhere different from implied? Can you describe exactly what you have seen or talked to those other people about it? I think as long as this is knowledge you already have it would be very interesting to hear.

No. 507722

O no, I don't blame you. You have seen her IRL, so can't help seeing inconsistencies. It's just that.. well exactly like I already said: I'm not sure how I feel about it being out in the open now. Jaquie probably never mentioned where she is really living because she wanted to protect herself. She is an idiot most of the time and doesn't seem to care about the privace of others too (beeper numbers on the whiteboard when she was in hospital, not blurring out their licence number plates when she put her wheelchair in the car once, etc.) but not giving out this specific information was actually pretty smart. It was probably Judds idea, kek.

Anyhow: it's out now. Just like her other inconsistencies and lies, I guess. I mean: lots of her private medical info is already out there, both things the mentioned in her vlogs (that she was diagnosed with complex bullshit disorder, that she is on IV saline, has two feeding tubes, etc.) and the things we pieced together by watching her and actually paying attention (that she has factitious disorder, that she is often running her feeds far too slow, that she is on provigil (modafinil) and Xyrem - things she never mentioned in the vlog, but were clear either because she showed us more than she planned, or because it could be understood from context). So yeah: I guess she should expect other private info to come out as well, sooner or later. Like the thread over on Kiwi Farms that someone linked to said: "with fame came scrutiny". SHE is putting the information out there, so we cannot be blamed if we actually put two and two together. I just hope that no one uses any of the information we were able to find for things that are far more crazy than the blowing off steam that most of us use this thread for.

No. 507726

This, yes! If you say she looks quite normal when the camera is off, do you mean she doesn't wear the mask all the time outside? She can walk normally? Does she always have either her walker or wheelchair with her? Have you ever seen her do things she supposedly cannot do?

No. 507733

I just did a Google search.

We've been speculating about Judd being out of town to Orlando some time ago and Jaquie saying something like "we cannot always mention where he is going", or something like that.

A family member of Judd died about three weeks ago. In Orlando. I'm not going to post screenshots for - I assume - obvious reasons, but I think that means we don't have to speculate about why Judd suddenly was off to his family in Orlando. There likely were no relationship issues or whatever going on; just a personal thing they simply didn't want to mention.

No. 507749

Wow so Jaquie can go to Orlando to have play dates with jan and see all her doctors but she can't go with him when someone in his fam died? What, Youtube wouldn't give her time off? What a supportive wife

No. 507751

File: 1518998448379.png (416.57 KB, 2048x1536, 04966BFD-B0F6-42BE-B066-73226A…)

This confirms where they live

No. 507756

Hey jerks - apparently during the townhall there was a poll re: the munchie threads so better get your shit packed for kiwifarms.

No. 507757



No. 507759

What kind of poll?

No. 507773


I was in the townhall the entire time and couldnt vote in the poll.

Everyone needs to get their shit together I guess? To much blogging they say. Too much bullying one precious snowflake who should leave lolcow said. TBH I do lurk other threads and DIDN'T come here for munchie stuff but stayed for it.

This thread stays way more on topic than others but some farmers just dislike it. Let's all be on our best behaviors.

No. 507778

Definitely too much blogging. Who’s the person they say is picked on too much?

No. 507786

The person seemed to be saying we were picking on each other? Something about picking on actually sick people. Sounded overly sensitive especially considering no one should be going "we I'm actually so sooper sick"

It wasn't very clear but started an instant dog pile about wanting to nuke these threads.

You all should have gone to town hall!

We should definitely get back to the milk becaus I fell like we're being watched now.(attempting to deceive staff)

No. 507792

So what is happening? What did they vote on? Is the thread being shut down? Or in danger of being shut down?

I have to say, sometimes I don't even know what's being called blogging and what's not. There's a lot of saged posts here and there's theorizing, but imo that's not the same as blogging. If some of us are taking stuff too far, why not give a warning and some info about what is and isn't allowed on here? Of course there's the rules, but they're not always clear cut.

No. 507795

Thanks for demonstrating why munchie threads are being banned. Check out the same fagging.

No. 507798

It was one person who was being very vocal about "picking on actual sick people" and pissed everyone off. They got muted and then muted again when they made another account.

It was the the stuff that gets people banned for "medfagging" they were discussing.

No. 507811

You realize I can see you replying to yourself and I can see your posts. Looks like you're the one blogging and encouraging doxxing spergchan

No. 507822

So can you please ban the samefag? And let us get back to the milk?

No. 507826

samefagging isn't posting one right after the other, it's replying to yourself acting like you're a different poster. just fyi.

No. 507843

Kek thank you! This all made me so confused, I was just typing a comment asking about that. I thought it was 2 anons saying the same thing too. Kek there should be a dictionary section in the rules or posting info somewhere

No. 507853

So all munchie threads are being banned? Just because we’ve been getting assholes that don’t follow the rules? I’m genuinely curious, why can’t just the people who go off topic or blogpost be banned, instead of ruining it for the rest of us?

No. 507855

There is a terminology thread: >>>/meta/1706

According to that, samefagging can also mean making multiple back-to-back posts without indicating that it is the same poster. Which doesn't always have to be deceptive, but is often annoying. (I'm paraphrasing the thread.)

Sometimes I react to myself because I want to add something and I preface it by saying something like "sorry to samefag, but blahblah". I'm not sure if that is what the rules call for or even correct use of terminology, but that way I try to prevent being deceptive by letting people know that it's not a second anon agreeing with me but that is in fact the same person.

(And now I am afraid this can be seen as blogging. Like I said: the rules alone aren't always clear. Or I'm just dumb, also very possible, of course.)

No. 507856

EDIT: ^ this person beat me to it
Btw double posting to correct your own posts is discouraged.



I think people forget this thread and the info page on the front of lolcow.

No. 507863

Thank you, I didn't even know that existed! I only knew about the ones at the top of this thread because I never go to the main page. I only read this thread and get to it by clicking on it in my history so I bypass main page. But now that I know there IS a dictionary of sorts I have reading to do.

No. 507877

Well Janjan lately is much more interesting and milky than Jaquie so hopefully she's not too sickly from her diarrhea to give us some good amusement tomorrow. Personally I'm really excited for the vlog where she brokenheartedly tells us all her fancy labs came back normal or that she has crohns. Paul has crohns and gets no special treatment or asspats because of it, so if Janjan ends up having it too she can't be too OTT with her I'm soooo sick. Her husband goes to work AND takes care of her with no complaint. What an example to set for Jan. She can really turn this all around if she ditches the toddler Jaquie and gets chronic illness life lessons from Paul instead.

No. 507884

O, but they are already setting it up for her being SO much worse off them him, even if she ends up having Crohns. Paul himself said while she was in hospital that Crohns in itself is not a very big deal (I'm sure a LOT of his fellow patients would disagree with him there!) but that it's so much worse for Janiece, because she has all those things wrong with her AND GI issues.

I don't understand why Paul isn't seeing this, but he isn't. He is totally and absolutely enabling her.

No. 507889

Same, I am more interested in JanJan at the moment. Plenty of milk.

I don't believe she will report in on tests that are normal, and not what she is angling for. I believe that Coach Jaquie has already advised her to make sure she ignores "unfavorable" test results for her own narrative.

No. 507897

But she doesn't have "all those other things wrong" with her. She has POTS, which would be well controlled if she followed even the most basic recommendations, and she never appears to be having any symptoms of it in the first place. She has vestibular migraines that make her dizzy. Millions of people have migraines and it sucks but only a small number are actually disabled by them. She has narcopelsy but seems to have it well controlled and rarely shows symptoms. I just don't see what she has wrong with her thats so sooper bad??? The fact that Paul lives with her and sees her every day yet still encourages this line of thinking is mind boggling. She needs to be told to man the fuck up, not coddled and encouraged to overact every little thing. Sorry, kinda stating the obvious here I guess!

No. 507900

Kek I forgot Professor Jaquie is a firm believer of "if at first you don't succeed try, and try, and try again"
When it comes to diagnosis hunting at least.

No. 507931

Wow Judd was a real asshole in today's vlog. Either he's getting sick of Jaq's shit or his true colors are starting to shine.

First he was seriously bummed and complaining about the perfectly acceptable and neat looking car trashcan Jaq got.

Then when they get to Epcot or wherever, Jaq forgets her smart drive watch and her magic band. So Judd gets out the camera to film Jaq and complain about her forgetting stuff. She'd been "sick" so he should've been more supportive (kek maybe he knows she wasn't really sick). She explains "I'm a mess.". She was struggling to put on the watch and Judd says "hurry up I'm hungry! We're waiting on you" and she still can't put the watch on, so she throws her head back in frustration and he says "don't take MORE time!!" And she says "heelllp" and looks legit upset, holding her hands out. Judd says "aww jesus…" And just keeps filming her. Judd's MOM finally steps in and says "here I'll help." Judd is just laughing and filming. He mumbles something I can't make out about "even Harlow's [had enough?]"

Honestly I thought that was so rude of him. If that was my husband I'd be mad as hell. How hard is it to just help your wife when you see her really struggling to put something on? If he'd just helped her instead of standing there filming her struggle, whining and laughing at her, the whole thing could've gone a lot faster. I mean fuck dude.

No. 507950

Well Jaquie is an asshole in every vlog so maybe it's fair he got a turn? Remember jaquie edits the vlog. She can edit him nice or, if they're fighting, she can edit him mean. Jaquie looked like a stone cold psychotic bitch in the car, maybe Judd was sick of her shit because she had been extra OTT that day. To me when I watched it I got the impression she was being a whiney brat and didn't want to go and Judd forced her because he KNOWS she's full of it. As anon pointed out earlier, Jaquie always has a crisis or flare when someone else is about to be the center of attention. Happy birthday, Ann!

She said something in the car about how she didn't think she'd feel up to going but decided to. "Decided to" could be jaquie speak for "Judd said uhhhh fuck no, I'm not staying home to babysit you, we're going"

Her bitch face was like a toddler pissed off about being in time out.

No. 507957

We will know her doc is a flake if they recommend ablation. Ablations are not recommeneded for POTS. They are actually known to make it worse (so Jan may actually want one. They seem to want things that make it worse for them!)

No. 507963

File: 1519005714028.png (114.85 KB, 640x909, IMG_4709.PNG)

Same fagging, here's a pic of the bitch face. Rarely have we seen this face on Jaquie. It sent shivers down my spine.

No. 507979

File: 1519006292143.png (25.99 KB, 638x158, IMG_4710.PNG)

Jesus H Christ on a bicycle Jaquie, stop the mind fuckery of the innocents. For real.

No. 508032

I kind of thought the same thing in the zoo video. I don't know how to interpret his actions 100%. Sometimes he acts like he thinks she's full of it and is cracking up, yet he still goes along with the whole "well it's a great new tool for you!" when she's looking insane with a neck brace on.

No. 508078

Please don't punish everyone for the shitty actions of a few. Obviously the threads are very popular and it seems shitty to ban the topics altogether because of newfag fucktardery.

Now, to everyone else: Please get this through your heads:
SAGEING DOES NOT MAKE BLOGGING OKAY! People are always saying 'sage for blogging but…'. No. As for not knowing the rules or how to imageboard, many of you are not integrated into imageboard culture and I can understand why staff are annoyed. READ THE RULES. We say this over and over and people just don't.

No. 508111

File: 1519011812533.png (58.15 KB, 639x732, IMG_4711.PNG)

Well here's an image for you, anon. With love.

I just had the sitting on the couch equivilant of car tires screeching to a halt: Roundabouts where the screen shot is from, Jaquie says she was on a low histamine diet. Ummmmm. WHAT? When??! Did she ever talk about this anywhere else and I just somehow missed it? I thought I'd heard all her ridiculous tales but maybe not

No. 508118

I've never heard any nonsense about her trying a low histamine diet. I somehow don't think cheesy creamy chicken teriyaki fried rice is on that diet.

No. 508124

This was a vlog from January 2017 and admittedly I haven't watched many of her 85 days of anaphylaxis hospitalization but the random ones I've seen the hospital was serving her pancakes, bagels and bacon so she def wasn't on a low histamine diet then.

No. 508128

Didn't you know, Anon? The low histamine diet consists of whatever AJ wants to stuff in her mouth.

No. 508129

Dammit I always forget. Jaquie is so special she defies logic and no rules can contain her

Maybe she considers a low histamine diet one that includes a lot of Benadryl? Kek

No. 508164

Except that Jan probably doesn’t have pots, either. Her only symptoms are her reported ones, and those sound super textbook/google list. She’s probably just claiming it because that’s what jaquie did, and it got jaquie a port, infusions, a wheelchair, and a resulting diagnosis of GP and all the toys that cane with.

No. 508200

File: 1519020297398.png (171.86 KB, 1832x754, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 12.0…)

Sassy Jaquie is back at it again. My god. Would it kill her to be nice to her followers for once?? Something is seriously wrong with her. She herself "can't understand" jokes, yet she says she was joking and gets feisty whenever it's pointed out? Yeah, I don't buy that. If someone talked to her like this, she would be furious.

No. 508208

But Anon… AJ has Autism. So, she has an excuse to be rude. She can't help it. Because Autism.

No. 508233

I believe the Sunshine Act made this type of data available to the public to prevent kickbacks behind closed doors. Which is why docs now have to declare the value of any "gifts" received from pharma, etc.

No. 508339

I've been thinking about it. Jaquie claims that Harlow can predict her faints well in advance. She faints from her 'POTS''.

With POTS, it's called POSTURAL for a reason. When you're upright, your BP bottoms out. When you lay or sit down, it stableises, at least to the point where you're conscious etc.

How the eff can Harlow be predicting a faint then? Does she know that Jaquie is going to be standing upright? What's the physiological explanation behind it? Ie, can Harlow smell future postural positions of Jaquie?

So either A) Jaquie's faints are not from POTS
B) Harlow cannot actually predict these faints
C) Jaquie is not actually fainting
D) all of the above.

Harlow is incredible being able to predict what time Jaquie is going to be walking around upright.

And if Harlow did 'predict' she was going to Faint so far in advance, wouldn't you use stay laying down? Then you will prevent the faint altogether because it's postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, not supine orthostatic tachycardia syndrome

No. 508348

It is one of the many things that makes no sense!
Even if she had vasovagual syncope (BP and HR crashing) you feel it coming and if it is a regular thing you get to recognise those signs and react to them (by sitting/laying down).

There is no way Harlow can predict her fainting but I also don't think Jaquie has ever fainted, she may have lost conciousness due to her other conditions (potentially…if we believe those).

No. 508350

Or psychosomatic fainting. And yeah, you know.. if you don't do any exercise and dehydrate yourself, it's not difficult to get at LEAST pre-syncopal whenever you stand up. According to her own admission she doesn't have to pee more when she is infusing, so I guess that means she hardly drinks anything? Although, between that and her tube feeds (even at a much lower rate) and her 'nibbles' or 'few bites' of food, she shouldn't really be dehydrated. So I don't know.. maybe it's the inactivity alone, or maybe she's just lying about it.

I posted an interesting article in the general munchie thread a few days ago, which when I found it, made me even more sceptical about "seizure alert dogs" than I already was. Apparently, ALL evidence about dogs alerting to a seizure (i.e. before they are happening) is anecdotal and almost all of it is based on self-report. The studies that have been done (although very limited) that showed dog behavior during (video) EEG seem to suggest that dogs are actually more prone to alert to psychogenic seizures versus epileptic ones. There is also some concern that the dogs behavior might actually trigger the (psychogenic) seizure.

I found some evidence on alerts to other conditions, e.g. for alerting to hypoglycemia positive predictive value was about 30% in most studies, and for migraines it was even lower. I didn't actually find info on "fainting alerts" (mostly because I assumed these aren't even a thing, so I didn't search for it) but I think we can extrapolate that data. I know we've said it before, but I think it's very likely that Jaquie has actually conditioned herself to react to Harlows so called 'alerts'. She thinks he is alerting, so she develops symptoms. Those symptoms might be real in the sense that they are not put on and she isn't consciously faking them (or they might NOT, of course) but they are also not fainting spells that were prevented because Harlow was there.

No. 508362


If I were Judd I'd be relieved she didn't "feel up to" coming to the family funeral. She'd probably start shooting benedryl into her port in the middle of the service…

No. 508377

Wow, anyone see the comment section of her most recent video? Normally I would screenshot and post it, but there so. many. of. them. This time the critical comments actually just might be in the majority. And every critical comment gets immediate upvotes as well. Just, wow.

I think I'll start screenshotting some just to have the evidence, but cutting it to shape and blacking out the user names would really be SO much work.


No. 508382

(Same anon as >>508377)

I've screenshotted quite a few comments and maybe will post some of them later, but I have to go back to work now.

I'll recap though: the critical comments were not in the majority (yet) they probably just stood out to me. It's mainly people asking why she didn't wear her super special neck brace, and at least three or four people saying things like "cause she doesn't really need it" or "they are not comfortable, especially if you are not in as much pain as she says she is" - things like that. And a few comments of which I'm not sure if they are sarcastic or not, like compliments on her hair and nails, and "it sucks your POTS is acting up, whenever mine does I am in bed for a week" - things like that.

But really, a LOT of people asking why she didn't wear her neck brace. I think about eight to ten comments to specifically ask that. And for every comment I'm sure there are at least 30 people thinking the same thing and not commenting. Her story is starting to unravel FAST now. Or maybe that's just what I'm hoping for..

No. 508384


Honestly, more and more- it seems like most service dogs are bull. Obviously seeing eye dogs are helpful. I can imagine they’re helpful for ptsd victims, in an emotional support sort of way. But that’s about it. Maybe some mobility stuff.

No. 508385


The bullshit is the "medical alert" stuff. Very few dogs can do that, and it's a natural talent.

Service dogs are important and helpful for many groups - blind, deaf, wheelchair users. But magical "fainting seizure and blood sugar alert dogs" are not as common as Instagram would have you think.

No. 508386

Seizure respond dogs are still helpful, and dogs that are trained to retrieve dropped items for e.g. wheelchair users. Dogs can help people get undressed, e.g. pull their socks of or help pull their trousers down while they are holding on to something to stabilise themselves. Or dogs helping to get their coat off. For some people, this can mean cutting down on carer hours. It makes a difference if you can go to the toilet by yourself and then only have to call for help to get off the toilet again, as opposed to either hold it until a carer is there or have to pee at previously set times.

But all those dogs that are mainly there to 'alert' to episodes of either seizures, migraines, fainting or whatever.. yeah, those are probably at least 98% BS.

No. 508398

No. 508400

Samefag. JFC the first minute she says go to my patreon, check out my patreon like ten times. Okay Jan, we get it. There's a reason you STILL only have 24 patrons. Nobody wants to pay to learn about raw diets and only hear about your literal shit.

No. 508417

Didn't AJ get a new computer and a new camera already? Why does she still need it on her Patreon?

No. 508434

Because she's a selfish soul-less greedy cow. And when she's ready to upgrade that sweet sweet camera again, money in the bank, baby!

The patrons are paying for her medical shit too. Lucky them, it must be such an honor

No. 508440

File: 1519056473029.png (65.74 KB, 640x1084, IMG_4713.PNG)

I know that scale is probably there so bro can weigh his suitcase.. but I still had lots of fun picturing jan-can saying Hey Brother! Wanna see how much weight I've lost one last time before you go so you can worry lots about me and come back real soon to wipe my poopie bottom?

No. 508467

No. 508471

Still no neck brace in the car! You would think if she 'forgot' the amount of comments yesterday would jog her memory.

No. 508475

Didn't she say somewhere she weighed herself every day? If that's the case, I think we can safely say that if the scale is out there, Janiece stood on it at some point today. Even if the initial reason was to weigh the trunk.

Where I live, pretty much ALL dieticians, whether you are healthy and trying to gain or lose or whether you are actually sick and severely malnourished, will tell you to weigh once a week, and not more because that'll only show you minor and normal fluctuations and make you obsessed and do nothing to help you. I'm guessing that won't be all too different in the US.

She said in her vlog that her brother had visited her before, but now for some reason he didn't really want to leave. Janiece quickly helped him identify the cause of his unease: "is it maybe because my health is so bad, because you see how much worse I am?" And he admitted yes, that might be it.
She is obsessed with how much other people are worrying over her. It's sad, really, because in her mind, it probably makes her feel more loved. I'm pretty sure that most sick people would never mention something like that in a public vlog, because it's such a vulnerable thing. It hurts to see how other people are worried about you. How your situation is hurting others. Just like most people who lost a lot of weight due to illness would try to hide it, because it's embarassing and it's painful to think of it.
Yet these munchies parade it around like some badge of honour: "See how much weight I have lost!" "I now weight even less than poor sick Jaquie" or "they were all so worried about me". Like they want to scream: "Now I am REALLY sick and this is my proof. LOOK at me!" It's really strange to watch, especially if you know from experience the reaction of most actual sick people to these things.

Wait, did she remove THAT comment? >>508459 Or other ones?

No. 508479

File: 1519059024594.png (56.78 KB, 640x1005, IMG_4718.PNG)

Oh no, she held up THIS neck brace. Which to me doesn't look at all like the one from Hanger. She's really gone off the rails. What did she do, go to walgreens and buy one because everyone and their dog brought it up after yesterday when she didn't wear it?

No. 508486

In the time it took me to read her comments she had deleted 4. She had 24 when I started reading, I always refresh the page when I'm done to update the numbers, and there were 20.

No. 508488

File: 1519059463236.jpg (307.47 KB, 2736x1824, xXZ5Z0c.jpg)

That's what I thought at first, but when she holds it up later you can see it IS the Hanger neckbrace.

It's uncomfortable. Yeah, that's what anyone with half a brain could've told you. They are not MEANT to be. They are meant for severe instability or to heal after you have broken your a vertebra in your neck FFS. If you want comfort and a little support during car rides, you go with a soft brace. Not a brace that's literally made to completely immobilize your neck to prevent paralyses for people with severe damage.

No. 508494

Another Adjustable Jaquie miracle! She used to get car sick in the back seat of their old car but wonder of wonders, she doesn't get car sick in the back seat of the new one! (She says while making Judd sit in the back while his mom drives and Jaq rides shotgun.)

No. 508496

Kek that's what I get for not watching the whole thing. I just.cant.

I deleted that post/image because, as it turns out, having a roommate that has similar jan/Jaq/lolcow interests that sometimes uses your devices without telling you (and forgets to log out) can make things really confusing, and I felt weird posting it once I was informed. Gahhhh

No. 508498

Well, Jaquie certainly has been deleting a lot of the comments on yesterdays vlog. I've still got them though, so I will post them later. I just don't have the time right now.

No. 508501

I just hope sometimes that Jaquie talks to Judd about the increase in critical comments.

Jaquie: "It's so frustrating babe, these people in the comment section are saying how I'm not really sick and how I don't really need all my 'tools'."

Judd: "Awww, I'm so sorry. Wait, what exactly are they saying?" (making mental notes).

Wouldn't that be great? Maybe, just maybe that eventually will bring him here and he won't be able to stop reading..

No. 508503

If you can't stand the heat get yer ass out the kitchen. She needs to listen to more Coolio and change her motto to thanks for joining us on our fantastic voyage

No. 508504

File: 1519060904649.jpeg (411.86 KB, 1242x2208, 684FA9F3-F5AC-43B5-A723-359234…)

These are some of the comments she deleted this morning from her previous video

No. 508505

File: 1519060932973.jpeg (481.03 KB, 1242x2208, 6EEB6EEF-5D3A-46DB-9E82-72006C…)

No. 508506

File: 1519060946589.jpeg (295.79 KB, 1242x2208, 068ADD34-ED1B-4C82-81A5-6E476A…)

No. 508511

God I hope at least a few of her fans saw those before they were removed

No. 508515


I thought she didn't do anything medical she couldn't get on insurance. Unlike actual chronically ill people who have to decide between life-changing treatment and keeping their house…

No. 508518

File: 1519062124370.png (72.22 KB, 623x523, IMG_4719.PNG)

So the AFOS suddenly help her with her POTS too?!? I can't wait to see tomorrow's vlog. If she goes out with just Harlow and pink plastic sweaty legs, and no wheelchair or walker or Judd my eyes are gonna legit explode from my skull.

No. 508520

She doesn't. Except the CBD. But she has an annual out of pocket she does have to pay and insurance doesn't pay for gas and snacks and car maintenance to get to all her out of town doctors. So her patrons are prob funding her new ride too because it's a tool to get her to the givers of the tools.

No. 508523

Oops forgot to also say, if she doesn't wear her neck brace because it's uncomfortable that's really insulting to actual sick people too. She doesn't care if she needs something or will use it, she just wants to hoard every free toy she can. Meanwhile people who WOULD wear that because they NEED it can't afford it or insurance won't cover it. Gotta be like a slap in the face to some viewers

No. 508526


She doesn't need a neck brace that extreme for "pain when traveling". She doesn't have CCI or a chiari malformation, she's just got to have The Best version of every tool. She knows she looks ridiculous in it though, so it'll be quietly retired. I think the AFOs will soon too - they'll be causing hot sweaty legs and since she can't even deal with compression stockings how can she magically manage those?

No. 508531

File: 1519062830987.png (36.75 KB, 588x111, Screenshot.png)

Ha! Chronically Amy (from the general munchie thread) is calling Jaq out! Hilarious!

No. 508535

File: 1519063126371.png (5.48 MB, 1242x2208, 6B8C9657-DF4F-45A8-B640-E9F422…)

Anyone else notice at 2:40 Judd is about to say that jaq would complain if her shoes aren’t the right color? But she looks at him a certain way then he stops mid sentence?

No. 508540


She's going to hate the AFOs soon, when she can't wear what shoes she wants.

No. 508545

I think she got the grey ones not the pink ones just to prove him wrong and say she was going for 'comfort' not style!

No. 508552

Whoa plot twist! Will she delete it or address it? Kinda damned if you do, damned if you don't

No. 508554

Diabetic alert dogs are a very real thing, and it it something that can be scent trained, it does not HAVE to be a natural ability.

Sage for dogfagging

No. 508555

File: 1519064293341.png (93.13 KB, 600x372, Screen Shot 2.png)

She addressed it and Amy wussed out. Too bad.

No. 508562

Or she is skeptical and smart. If she was anyone else Jaquie would have deleted it and never responded. But now, there's that first comment in all its glory and unless people click to see the replies, it could be enough to plant the seeds of doubt.

No. 508566

Jaquie doesn’t have POTS, she got the whole autonomic testing sequence done at mayo, and they found she didn’t have it at all.

No. 508578


So she ignored the actual experts and found a "POTS literate" doctor kek

No. 508590

Pretty much sums up her MO with everything. Ignore experts, find quack.

No. 508592

It's too bad if they're deleting these threads, I have a feeling there's about to be a boatload of insider milk coming this way. I read the rules at KF and not gonna lie, it sounded a little scary like a psycho hacker would be on my doorstep the next day.

No. 508598

File: 1519066574098.png (101.11 KB, 640x888, IMG_4720.PNG)

Could have sworn earlier today she had more subs.

No. 508600

Disagree. If that were the case diabetic alert dogs would have a normal service dog price tag. I have a fully trained diabetic alert dog and have for four years.

Sage for owning a diabetic alert dog

No. 508608

File: 1519067153764.png (36.8 KB, 637x272, IMG_4723.PNG)

Uhhh wasn't it just like yesterday she got the neck brace and tried it on AT HANGER where one can only assume they could have adjusted it for the car ride she was taking the next day?? And while she was at Hanger she said it felt SO good to have on and it didn't interfere with her port
Now suddenly it's the opposite. I guess she is reliably adjustable kek

No. 508614

File: 1519067382688.png (42.63 KB, 629x267, IMG_4724.PNG)

Okay I truly think she's gone off the deep end. They even make chuck taylors with Velcro, it was literally the first result when I googled "Velcro shoes adult"

No. 508621

…superga, vans, addidas

Also she was told to get shoes with support and she got mesh trainers with light foam soles.

If her ankles were actually unstable she wouldn't have been wearing slip on boots, she would have got lace up boots a bit like hiking boots or actual hiking boots/ kickers. Then she wouldn't even need AFOs…oh yeh she doesn't!

No. 508623

Well, the more toys AJ gets, the more asspats.

No. 508624

File: 1519067960015.png (60.64 KB, 640x355, IMG_4727.PNG)

Top kek this is a ballsy question and jaq even answered it

No. 508626

File: 1519068102568.png (31.49 KB, 638x217, IMG_4725.PNG)

I have so much good shit from the comments. Is it annoying? I always feel annoying posting pic after pic but then, this IS an image board so…

No. 508630

Samefag here, she's lost 2 more subs since I posted that pic. Hold on to your hats ladies and gentleman, the end is near. I was hoping her channel would implode before she reached her sweet sweet goal of 100k, maybe there's still hope kek

No. 508638

She looks ridiculous. What in the world is wrong with her that she thinks this is normal? This is the most OTT, stupid thing I have ever seen on YouTube.

No. 508643

File: 1519068775290.png (10.92 KB, 379x82, IMG_4728.PNG)

Sick burn, I wonder if dear Jaquie will get it?

No. 508644


I'm not falling for this, no way. When you get new GLASSES, they make sure they're fitted for your face before you leave the store. A brace is no different.

No. 508645

File: 1519068844873.png (52.39 KB, 1056x500, gg.png)

… another young person she's convinced that having a port is normal outside of a last resort.

No. 508650

Haha well from the looks of things you aren't the only one. Even other spoonies are starting to turn on her. She pushed it too far. She should have stopped 5 toys ago but now even her die-hard fans are like whaaaaaaaat is going on? Bye, Jaquie

No. 508656

File: 1519069077277.png (46.39 KB, 638x304, IMG_4726.PNG)

Yeah, not supposed to wear them 24/7. Before she got all the braces she droned on and on about how they weren't to wear full time because they would make her muscles atrophy. FFS it's so unbelievable I almost feel like she's trolling us

No. 508657

I wish I'd found this place sooner. Medfag who found AJ through the viral HVR Harlow video, I started watching her out of curiosity to see what her life is like with all the illnesses she has.

Considered Patroning her but instead I sent her an email and instagram message to offer free professional CC with a 3 day turnaround on new videos and a slow repairing of old video captions because I felt bad for her and the shitty captions were starting to bother me when I was watching. She never replied and it set my alarms off to start looking for inconsistencies - if you were so desperately seeking those perfusshional clersed kapshuns for your otherabled viewers you wouldn't ignore someone who offers you their service for free unless you just wanted that sub money for something else, right? Not like she ever did get those CCs done right anyway which was another massive tip off.

Been following along for quite a number of threads but never bothered to post. I just wanted to add that tidbit onto the pile before the board explodes or whatever they're going to be doing with it.

No. 508663

That was generous of you to offer to help, I can see why her not responding would raise suspicions. Curious though how you were able to email her since she doesn't give that info out? Was this a long time ago?

If her patreon is to pay for CC it isn't working. Half of even her new vids don't seem to be professionally captioned.

No. 508667

File: 1519069630066.png (65.45 KB, 636x374, IMG_4729.PNG)

Too bad due to her "autism" she won't get to enjoy her own pun

No. 508669


It was quite a while ago when AJ was making a big deal about CCs in almost every video because DA VIEWERS (she obviously cares sooo much about her viewers).

I might be misquoting myself as I do a lot of emailing in a day - could have just as easily been youtube, I know I used instagram and at least one other method to try to reach out anyway.

No. 508672

Yeah jaquies been a real asshat to her viewers in the comments when they nicely say a vlog was difficult for them. If she ripped janiece a new asshole like she does to her fans jan wouldn't need butt PT

No. 508673

Are they really going to do away with these threads? If so, wouldn't they have closed and locked this one immediately?

No. 508675

File: 1519070182587.png (133.03 KB, 633x1099, IMG_4730.PNG)

She is indeed losing subs. As of this moment anyway.

No. 508691

Seems like they're trying to push everyone to KF so they can close the munchie threads here and still keep the traffic.

No. 508697

File: 1519070792701.png (76.46 KB, 500x500, jaqandjulinsta.png)

Well, we all know that Jaquie and Julian are no longer friends. I checked a few weeks ago, and they were following each other on Insta. Well, I checked about 20 minutes ago, and guess what, they're no longer following each other on Instagram. The pics on the left are from Jaquie's Instagram, while the pictures on the right are from Harlow's Instagram. Even though their friendship ending was common knowledge, this makes it more official.

No. 508698

I don't think it will take off the same way because of registering etc. But maybe. It was fun while it lasted.

No. 508710

ahh it was, wasn't it?

Thanks for the memories lolcow

No. 508716

I wanted to reply only because I have a little experience with this. I had a port for a little over a year (sage for medical jargon shit I fukin no ok) my line would get clogged like weekly. Just because I have an autoimmune disorder that sometimes causes me to clot extra on the end of the tube near my heart?? Idfk BUT it was never an ER thing. I would call my home health nurse, they would schedule to come out ASAP, we would use cathflow and a stop-gap to get rid of the clot.. BAM! As long as the nurse knew what she was doing it was no problem. I've never gone to the ER specifically for a blocked line but I've had a blocked line while in the ER and instead of calling the PICC team the doc just shoved an IV the my neck so I could get the appropriate meds and then get the line unblocked by my home health team. Anytime I've ever been in an ER and my line is blocked they look at me like 'we don't give a fuck about that line as long as we can get a VAIN.. ANY vein. We don't give a fuck. We aren't specialist in line care (and they really aren't they won't even try to unblock it.. nurse or doctor unless they have been trained to do so. So I don't know why in the HELL she is going to the ER for a line that won't flush. ANYWAY my point is: having a blocked line (whether she's doing it intentionally or purposefully) is NEVER a reason to go to the ER unless your line-placing physician has called ahead OR your line is used for medication that you could DIE being without (ex: TPN) in just a few days. Even then, unless you feel hotness/tenderness around site, it's likely it can be helped my home health care nurse and then the nurse will tell you whether or not he/she thinks it should be looked at in an ER/ call a supervisor and ask their advice. Jaquie mentions non of that which frustrates me to NO END(blogging)

No. 508723

File: 1519071884660.png (52.81 KB, 633x303, IMG_4732.PNG)

Is she high on pain meds or just in a hurry to fill the comment section with nice back and forths to distract from the haters and plot holes? She usually doesn't make typos let alone multiples

No. 508744

Erm, OK.. but the walker was for her balance issues from POTS, right? And general weakness in her legs? Not ankle instability or foot drop.

No. 508748

You know, now that I think about it I feel like I offered to work on the CC as well (although I'm not a pro - just a fast typist in the tech industry) and she ignored me as well.

That would take away her excuse for additional cash flow from her poor, misguided patrons.

This chick disgusts me more every day.

No. 508749

I don't get it either. She supposedly can't sense herself fainting, but her dog can. She needed a wheelchair and walker due to her many mobility issues that are now supposedly completely fixed by AFOs, that while I am sure weren't cheap, are likely a drop in the bucket compared to her other two mobility "tools". She'll be lucky if her insurance company doesn't sue her.

No. 508754

They won't sue her, they'll press charges for insurance fraud. Then they can legally ask the court for restitution. She's not just ripping them off, she's actually committing an assortment of felonies. Allegedly.

No. 508757

Samefag and didnt add this before because I don't want to blog but I formerly worked in the insurance industry. They don't waste their time suing. Fraud cuts into their bottom line, they HATE that shit. I personally reported clients we suspected of fraud on more than one occasion. One did jail time and she just ripped the company off for like 75k.

Imagine how much money Jaqs insurance companies have forked over for her care. It's gotta be over a million, at least.

No. 508763

I distinctly remember that just before she got her barbie car she was very happy about having walked a few steps without her walker inside her home and that was because she was able to restart one of her POTS meds. So that implies that the use of her walker is mainly for her POTS. Plus she uses the seat very often, because she gets/acts out of breath after every few steps. One would assume because of her POTS. A walker doesn't really do much if you actually can put less strength on a leg or a joint in your leg; you'd need crutches or a walkerframe (as opposed to a rollator) for that. A rollator like she uses it for balance issues and maybe a little weakness. She uses her rollator INSIDE THE HOUSE FFS, which normally people only do if they really cannot put one leg in front of the other. If they can walk even a little bit, they wobble inside the home because there's enough furniture and walls to hold onto if you are in danger of losing balance.

O men, I REALLY hope they won't just delete this threads without letting us know first. Closing would be bad enough, but deleting it? PLEASE admins, if this is coming AT LEAST let us know some time before so we can start archiving the really good milk. There's so much actual proof in this threads, it would really be a shame to have that all gone.

But of course, now she has her sweaty PINK AFO's so she can suddenly walk much further.

No. 508765

File: 1519075030539.png (43.38 KB, 611x273, IMG_4733.PNG)

Apparently yes, AFOs magically fix everything. Apparently when she faints from her POTS she doesn't faceplant.

No. 508766

File: 1519075108641.png (92.05 KB, 640x371, IMG_4735.PNG)

And as a follow up, any guesses what's gonna happen in a few days when the life changing AFOs mess up her skin and make her sweaty?

No. 508770

File: 1519075440490.png (74.44 KB, 640x389, IMG_4736.PNG)

She's so sassy and defensive

No. 508771

The sweat will kinda glue her skin to the plastic. It's super hard to get them off if you don't wear a long sock between your skin and the afo. Genuine EDSers end up tearing their skin when trying to get them off…. (I learned that the hard way, with my KAFO. It was bloody hilarious) so that's another thing to look for- if her skin is undamaged after removing a sweaty afo then it's even less likely she has EDS!

No. 508776

Not only that but it's just not normal. I don't care what age a person is, when illness or injury majorly changes your life, it's mourned. I am not saying sit around and cry everyday and never adapt to a new normal, but it greatly disservices anyone who is going through the normal grieving stages of a major life change due to illness or injury when she makes comments like that. She is not normal.

No. 508779

File: 1519076059525.jpg (331.21 KB, 2736x1824, pamrdMe.jpg)

So now they're also sleeping in the same bed when Judd is home? Is he sleeping in the guest room with Paul?

No. 508783

It's interesting she worded it that way and it was also worded that exact same way when it was discussed here. Mourning, grieving etc.

Pretty insightful for a young, super sick autistic girl who has no mental health problems and seemingly never misses a beat about her whole life being derailed right when it was about to start

And if she DOES and never vlogs it, she's not doing a very good job of spreading awareness by editing it out.

No. 508788

File: 1519076808990.png (1.17 MB, 1536x1300, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 3.46…)

Cue "The Bitch is Back" by Elton John…

No. 508789

File: 1519076902745.png (113.81 KB, 626x515, IMG_4744.PNG)

I guess we know the next crisis

No. 508793

Wowwww. Next she'll need surgery for that. Or another brace. She's unstoppable in her fuckery.

No. 508794

File: 1519077131535.png (142.18 KB, 617x596, IMG_4745.PNG)

Bitch, please. The guy at Hanger told you you had foot drop. Jesus Christ no wonder she has so many diagnosis.

No. 508796

I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s going for a spinal/neck surgery/fusion. There’s an ott EDSer who posts tons of pictures of hers (even though it was a while ago), complete with a halo and lots of attention from medical professionals. Those are actually not recommended for eds generally, they’re only done in extreme situations, but some doctors seem to not care about that. Plus, with jaquie’s history, I’m sure she’d be able to get whatever surgery she wanted.

No. 508797

-she was tested for neuropathy and doesn’t have it. And no one develops it later in life if you have it from eds/dysautonomia, you’re born with it and it progresses, but you have problems starting in childhood. Nor does she actually have EDS or dysautonomia, or any other condition that causes neuropathy.
-neuropathy, especially the kind that results from EDS and dysautonomia, doesn’t cause foot drop. It does cause painful, burning, and visibly red and sometimes swollen feet, but doesn’t affect walking outside of the pain. But no foot drop whatsoever.

No. 508809

Honestly I don't think she has a single physical thing wrong with her, not even her narco and epilepsy.

Jan-can, on the other hand, on the occasion has said stuff that makes her narco kind of believable but from some of her earlier vids she was/is abusing her provigil. I'm curious to know if Jaq got diagnosed with narco AFTER she met jan and found out (and had to one up her with the addition of cataplexy) about it. And you'd think if a teenage girl suddenly out of nowhere started losing muscle control and collapsing to the floor, they would have tested her for all kinds of other shit before they decided to do a sleep study. And I don't know, maybe discovered some of her other "illnesses" in the process?

And how did she do martial arts with cataplexy? Seems very unlikely a teenage girl in high school would be given GHB or even Provigil.

Now, her having mental problems, that's a whole other thing. Because she has lotttttts of those.

No. 508814

I know I am stating the obvious here, but when she was talking about needing shoes with insoles that come out I realized that it meant she didn't even have orthotics before this. No supportive shoes, no arch supports, nada. She just jumped straight to AFO's. Even if she HAD drop foot, there would be a lot of other possible solutions that are much more simple and less obtrusive.

EVEN if her symptoms would be real and she HAD partial drop foot (that was not just due to muscle weakness but actual nerve damage) and ankle instability, AFO's would still be ridiculously OTT. EVEN if she would have done PT for her ankles for a couple of months and she would really need some sort of external support, it would still never be the treatment a doctor would have you start out with.

This shouldn't surprise us, of course. She is AGAIN skipping all the usual steps that are appropriate for someone with her alleged symptoms and going straight for the most over-the-top, most visible, most expensive, most lazy and of course, most PINK treatment she can get.

It's the same with her neck brace. Normally if someone with EDS has a lot of neck pain during car rides, you'd start of with PT, trying out the headrest in another position, maybe trying another headrest, a neck pillow, THEN if that all doesn't work, maybe a soft foam collar for longer rides. No sane person would even WANT that ridiculous thing she got herself unless they absolutely, really needed it. And then they would STILL hate it with a vengeance. I mean, she doesn't have EDS of course, but the crazy thing is that even if she DID, those 'tools' still don't make any sense.

The only upside of it all seems to be that people are finally starting to see it. There have been crazy things before, but I truly think she won't be able to hold this facade up for much longer. She'll either have to change her channel drastically, or she WILL eventually fall in this deep, deep hole she has been digging for herself for such a long time. People aren't buying it anymore. Combine that with the fact that more and more comments are openly critical (and she can't ALWAYS be there to delete comments, so people will have the opportunity to read them first) and over time there will be more and more people who will start asking questions (even if only to themselves) and for whom things will finally click. And YES, I am SO very happy about that. I hope she'll go out with a bang.

No. 508816

Most likely this is just her standing over tense or in a more correct leg position but not engaging her core to tuck in her butt. Basic basic physio information. Pretty much what happens when you let a tech diagnose you with conditions and you don't learn to use 'tools' with a physio!

No. 508818

Holy shit. She is exhausting to keep up with as a random viewer. I can't imagine how draining this must be to everyone around her. Judd is an enabler and also acts like an idiot sometimes but I just watched some of her first videos (showing Harlow's skills) and she is a completely different person and is walking around dressed well with her hair and makeup done and isn't completely monotone. She's been 'sick' for a while but I don't think he knew what he was signing up for.

I love that people are calling her out but I'm afraid she's just going to tuck tail and go offline for a while, or stick to patreon only. It would be a shame if that happened before she is exposed.

No. 508821

Okay as much “chronic pain” that she is in, how does she contort her legs and feet into weird positions while sitting on the couch? If you watch her videos and look at her while she’s sitting on the couch, for someone who is as fragile as she claims….

No. 508823

File: 1519079535043.png (1.4 MB, 1536x2048, B63DCDA8-8169-414D-A065-79C54E…)

I would guess because this is what she used to be like, and I think he naively thought she’d eventually be normal again. Although she was already full-on munchie when he proposed and they got married, so it’s kind of his own fault.

No. 508824

Because she has no chronic pain. She makes it all up and does all these normal people things without thinking about it because it doesnt hurt. People with pain still sometimes "forget" (not the right word but if you're new to chronic pain you have years of moving your body certain ways to untrain your brain from) and sit or move in ways that hurt. BUT—it hurts, so they change position.

Oh, our dear adjustable Jaquie.

No. 508827

File: 1519079748683.png (75.88 KB, 1080x648, 20180219_223416.png)

No. 508828

File: 1519079792307.png (2.33 MB, 1512x1598, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 4.33…)

These are Jaquie's designs that she is planning on putting in her merch shop to make more money off of innocent people. Yes, I used to be a Patron. Not anymore. Enjoy!

No. 508831

Kek well he wouldn't be the first one to make a huge mistake in deciding to get married

Maybe since they got married when they did mostly so she could go on his Tricare (her medical expenses were off the hook by then!) he thought her having extra fancy insurance coverage would legit get her better enough to act like a real, living human with goals and interests. Instead….he got this. Oopsie kek

No. 508837

Top kek thanks anon!

Her pics are decent-ish but mygod the clothing. Did she time travel backwards or what? That new day shirt looks like a McDonald's ad from my youth.

No. 508839

File: 1519080327152.jpeg (457.23 KB, 1242x1441, 97B7FEA2-E336-491E-A9C2-73E5A2…)

No. 508840

File: 1519080345418.jpeg (246.9 KB, 1241x803, 6C5A670F-61A2-4FB9-971B-061BF3…)

No. 508841

Haha was that a sarcastic comment Jaq thought was real?

No. 508842

Ooooooh snap

No. 508845

Which video are those on or did she already delete it??

No. 508846


It appears so, to me the comment reaks of sarcasm but apparently AJ can't smell it.

No. 508848


She will be hitting the delete button on those ASAP.

No. 508849

Oh no! She needs to go get that checked out!

No. 508853

She deleted them within record time. Apparently AJ doesn't want people knowing the truth. Not surprising. She's been on a roll today deleting comments from her "First Steps" video. Just go to the video and keep refreshing the page. The "negative" comments magically disappear every time.

No. 508855

She already deleted.
They are my comments lol. Just wanted to share. But she did in fact see them! It only took her 1 minute to delete each of those. She’s insane.

No. 508858


Shh. Don't tell her that! She might diagnose herself with anosmia…

No. 508863

File: 1519081147791.png (75.76 KB, 557x363, IMG_4739.PNG)

This never even made it past the auto block. I've noticed a few random comments appear that weren't there before but have an old timestamp. So she does go through the quarantine folder and approve some stuff. God what a self esteem booster that folder must be for her to read through kek

No. 508864

Did you sign out and then check? Because as long as you're signed in to the account the comment was from you still see it even if it went straight to blocked. You have to sign out to see that it's gone. Even nice comments get autoblocked, it's weird that that neuropathy one slipped through her hundred banned words filter!

No. 508865


She is 100% lying and we have proof of that in her youtube video. You can see at 00:02:19 that Paul is sitting on the sofa when she's walking super fast and with complete stability to the patio door.

No. 508867

File: 1519081762918.png (4.93 MB, 1242x2208, 9AABAD8D-8750-4911-9AD2-7F2AB3…)

In that same video she’s on the ground moving her legs in very contorted positions for someone who easily gets knee and hip dislocations? And she jerks her neck too but she needs a neck brace? And how about her “easily bruised” skin associated with EDS ?….not buying I️t she looks completely healthy

No. 508872

File: 1519082056638.png (64.03 KB, 636x979, IMG_4753.PNG)

I'm glad you brought that vlog up again, something about it bothered me but I have real bad eyeballs so not sure. Is this mildew all over the window frame? If it is, obvs it's hard to avoid it (on metal framed windows especially) when you live in a humid climate but with her OTT cleaning regimen I was surprised to see any at all. If that is what I'm seeing kek

No. 508873

Psssst anon, it's because she is

No. 508875

Honestly in this position the biggest 'no' factor for me is how she has got her arm round Harlow and holding her hands, this puts weight on the left shoulder.
Imagine putting your arm around someone next to you, but in the hand of that arm you're holding a bag of groceries…not comfortable.

At least with the sitting position (she should know it is a bad idea) but often how you sit might be comfortable and it is only when you try to get up you have pain/ clicks. For instance with EDS it can be that your bed is too comfortable, it is too soft, you relax too much and you sublux/dislocate and because you're stretchy subluxations and dislocations aren't always painful when they happen, it can be they only hurt when you try and move…and can't! Hence people dislocating in their sleep and also a fair proportion of people using braces/ posture braces at night only but not bracing in the day time (when their muscles are engaged and they can be more aware of not sitting in dodgy positions).

But Jaquie just doesn't have EDS…

No. 508877

Pretty sure she's also sans walker here. You can see her shadow on the wall and (albeit vague) reflection on the glass door. And of course her camera in outstretched hand, and because of how excited she is about the dolphins, also for sure not paying attention and actively thinking about how to put her feet down or how to lift them.

No. 508881

Dunno if it matters if they're really locking these threads but just heads up for newfags, if you comment on your own comment you're supposed to say so. And if you're new here but haven't lurked and read backwards a bit, you'll get people in a tizzy for rehashing stuff we already (just) talked about.

No. 508914

It’s so weird to me that they sleep in the same bed. I stopped sharing beds with my friends during sleepovers when I was like, 9 maybe?

No. 508916

New anon here and I'm sure I'll mess up. I'm sorry. Been lurking since late Aug 2017. I really hope these boards aren't taken down. Don't think the KF thread's gonna be nearly as vibrant.

I just want to chime in about ketamine, because I haven't really seen anyone speak too much from experience. NOT trying to blog. I was recently trying to do ketamine infusions for depression/anxiety. So, it's infused with IV fluids over an hour. Dosage based on body weight. I can absolutely tell you that while you feel quite out of it, you don't get all goofy/loopy like she does with her ketamine. Also, AS SOON AS KETAMINE is stopped, the effects start wearing off. It doesn't linger! You start coming out within minutes. She was so clearly trying to act "loopy" for show. The only part that she said that was accurate is that it does absolutely feel like there's a lag time between what you are thinking of doing and then being able to actually DO it. It just takes effort. That part is freaky.

So, from a ketamine experience, I can tell you that this screams bullshit to me. (Not that anything else she does/says DOESN'T scream bullshit…)

No. 508917

File: 1519083978356.jpg (423.52 KB, 1242x1947, IMG_2036.jpg)

Lookout y'all AFO's aren't as comfortable as she thought!

Fishing about her back hurting again.

No. 508920

File: 1519084020261.jpg (418.45 KB, 1242x1939, IMG_2037.jpg)

Second image.

Sounds like she isn't wearing them as much as she should.

No. 508939

I was thinking she was going for spinal surgery, but maybe next will be a back brace. Also, that girl she’s talking to is a bit ott for a service dog person; she’s been talking about getting a dog and asking for money to get a dog for a long time, but just buys shit for her non existent dog and still doesn’t have one (but maybe actually getting one soon?). I don’t think she’s a munchie, but she’s equally obnoxious.

No. 508949


Wow, so many good comments these days and she’s not even deleting them all

No. 508953

File: 1519085296097.png (136.1 KB, 640x1095, IMG_4754.PNG)

Did Hanger not give her any instruction at all or is she having issues because she just does whatever the fuck she wants regardless of what she's told?

Googled "should AFOs be worn all the time" and this is one of the first things that come up. Why does she diagnose all her complex medical bullshit via Dr Google but she can't use google to look up the most basic of shit? She makes me want to bash my head against a wall

No. 508969

I went back to watch two of her wheelchair vlogs, the one from 7/19 ("Making the choice for a custom wheelchair", https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIEnc-865KM) and from 9/19 ("Why do I need my walker.. and wheelchair approval" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyz3E6dGe2I)

I've transcribed parts of the vlogs. And guess what? It's ALL about the POTS. And in passing, chronic pain. The reason she got her WC was her POTS. The reason she got a custom WC was her EDS. Of course nothing about falling a lot, tripping over her own feet or having trouble lifting her feet up. No gait abnormalities. No nothing.

The transcripts:

“My POTS is giving me issues that past few days. My POTS doctor and I have actually noticed a pattern. And I dont know if y’all saw the vlog from this weekend “three service dogs train at the mall”, well we went to the mall, it was a big mall and walked around. And even though we took a lot of breaks, it was a big ordeal for my body to handle, because of my POTS, which is where my autonomic nervous system can’t regulate bloodflow correctly and it causes painful blood pooling and dizzyness and it can cause fainting, and a slew of symptoms. And we noticed that everytime I do something big like that, I crash with my POTS for a few days to a few weeks afterwards. And it’s very counterproductive to my health. And I’ve actually really been limiting myself in when I go out and do because of that crash. It’s very hard for me to be upright and walking for long periods of time. Some days I can, but most days I can’t, because of my POTS. And it’s not just the mall, it’s like going to Disney and going out and just enjoying an outing with Judd and going grocery shopping. I always crash after grocery shopping, it’s very difficult. Like walking through Walmart and em.. I’m limiting myself because of it. So my doctor actually suggested getting a custom, lightweight wheelchair through insurance. At first I was kinda like, erm.. I already use Harlow for counterbalance, and I have my walker, but if walking is the problem, then the only real solution is a wheelchair. And we already have a wheelchair, but it’s actually a transport chair, meaning I can’t push myself in it, somebody else has to. And we could go out and buy a normal wheelchair, but those are big, heavy, bulky, they are not made custom to my body, so it would be very painful for me to push myself in those because of my Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and those would put me in a higher risk to dislocate my joints. And so.. some days I wouldn’t need the wheelchair. Like I said in the past: it’s important for me to walk and be as active as possible with my POTS, but it’s about finding the balance: some days it’s OK for me to walk, but other days walking would be counterproductive and make me worse. And on those days, the wheelchair would be a really good tool. So I think this would be a good option to look into, and today I have an appointment with my POTS doctor that is a wheelchair evaluation to see if this IS a good option for me. So I’m really interested to see what comes of this appointment, and of course I will let you guys know how it goes.

(She talks a bit about in the mall, she talked to this girl who used a wheelchair parttime and how it helped her. Jaquie adds “She doesn’t have POTS, but like I said: wheelchairs are used for all different types of reaons.. blahblah if it can be another tool to help me in my battles.. blahblah.")

Back at home, sick face:
“this is the crash I’m talking about. It’s just.. the longer I’m upright, standing, walking, the harder my heart has to work to compensate from my autonomic nervous systems inability to regulate blood flow and the more symptomatic I become. And if I didn’t sit or lay down to give my heart a brake every fifteen minutes or so, I would have definitely passed out. And those near-syncope or near-fainting episodes that I get every fifteen minutes or so, are very draining. Very exhausing. And a lot of other symptoms come with it, and the more I get it, the harder it becomes. And I have like.. five-ish, more then five of them in that trip to wallmart alone, and it’s a struggle. My mom has been around me more frequently lately. She is really seeing how hard it is, and it is surprising to her, and I’m really starting to understand my doctors recommendation for the wheelchair and I’m starting to see how this is one of these days where it could help me. Cause some days, I CAN walk through wallmart and maybe only have one near-syncope spell. Today is not one of those days. I’m thankful I made it through, I’m thankful I was able to.. prevent the syncope, because sometimes that doesn’t always happen and now.. I’m …" (am gonna rest etc.)

"The appointment went really well. My doctor actually told me that if I’m getting to the point where I’m having near-syncope, we need to change something. Because the goal is to not let my symptoms escalate that much. So he was very pro-wheelchair for me. He was happy to evaluate me and to confirm that a wheelchair would be a good additional tool to use against my chronic illnesses. And he said that it would not only be useful for my POTS, but good for my chronic pain and my balance issues and things like that."

"My mobility has been really poor lately. A few months ago, I was using the walker, but it was on and off. It wasn’t constant like it is now. I’m feeling weak, dizzy, off balance, and my chronic pain has increased, making it difficult for me to move efficiently. So we know the areas that are causing my issues, and we’re actively working on treatments in this areas, but I’m still going to talk to this doctor about it, because he takes a very active role in ALL of my health concerns, not jus POTS, and it will be nice for us to both know of the concrete plan we have, moving forward. And of course I will update y’all after the appointment, but for now.. I’m gonna rest until Amber gets here, because blahblah"

After the appointment she is telling the “many areas” that contribute to her poor walking and being so dependent on her walker lately:

“One is I am extremely weak lately, and the weakness is due to my intolerance to my feeding tube formula (blahblah, we’re switching it soon, blahblah). Another area is my chronic pain. Unfortunately, it has been getting worse, and it’s really difficult to move well when you’re hurting so much and your joints are giving out. And.. it’s just causing problems due to my Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. And if y’all remember, I recently found a EDS-literate pain management doctor" (Paraphrasing from here on: I’m gonna get injections in my neck, getting cat valium, etc.
Another area is that my POTS is getting worse. I have been fainting more ‘cause formula diarrhea, so more fluids for now until new formula arrives. Insurance company is not paying for one of two POTS meds, they’re appealing the denial and doc gave me free samples. Oh, and IVIG that will also help with POTS.
But will also need wheelchair. Cause even at my best, I still could not walk long distances due to fainting and chronic pain


No. 508980


Amanda Hugandkiss 😂😂😂👍

No. 508985


Somehow that didn't slip past 'muh autism' – bahaha. I greatly appreciate the effort!

No. 508989


Someone leaving this life progressing into illness that is truly beyond her control would ABSOLUTELY be grieving, hardcore. She was gorgeous. I can’t believe Judd isn’t grieving more.

No. 508991

File: 1519086372918.png (63.13 KB, 402x382, IMG_4757.PNG)

The funny thing is by dear Jaquie answering all these questions lately she's putting herself and her stupendous work of fiction into a smaller and smaller box.

No. 508996

So literally no mention of neuropathy, difficulty lifting the legs, foot drop, or any of that. I also see another lie, she said her doctor suggested the custom wheelchair. This isn’t true. It was her idea her doctor never ever suggested that. She saw Julian’s wheelchair and said “I want one in pink” that’s a quote. From her directly.

No. 509001

Everyone with EDS has stretchy skin to some degree, even with hEDS. It’s part of it, and part of what distinguishes EDS from JHS and benign hypermobility. So much so that doctors test your skin before making a diagnosis. And if she doesn’t have stretchy skin or neuropathy, she can’t have slow healing, since those are the two things that contribute to it (stretchy skin is a result of collagen defects in your skin, which is also the cause of it tearing easily and not healing, and bruising easier. So no stretchy skin, no other symptoms, no eds).

No. 509003

Anon, this is transcribed in the order it was in the vlog, correct?
Some things popped out.

"I have an appointment with my POTS doctor that is a wheelchair evaluation"

THEN: "so he was very pro wheel chair for me. He was happy to evaluate me and to confirm that a wheelchair would be a good additional tool to use"

Okay well if the appointment going in WAS a wheelchair eval I sure hope he was happy to eval you, thats why you had the appointment. Which kinda makes it seem like she had a regular appointment and brought up a wheelchair herself and fancy mcquackinmoney or whatever the fuck did what Jaquie wanted and gave her an eval.

No. 509004

Read the fucking rules and sage your posts that don’t add anything new. https://lolcow.farm/rules
We’re at risk of losing all munchie-related threads because people think that reading and following the rules is optional

No. 509006

I think they did add something in pointing out what wasn't mentioned in those videos.
Yeah they should sage, but they still contributed to the conversation.

Aren't wheelchair evaluations usually with a specialist at a wheelchair clinic? where they test your gait, how far you can walk, etc? An evaluation isn't done at the doctor's office, just the recommendation.

No. 509007

Kek that's hilarious. On first glance she's well researched but then the more she adds to the tale the more apparent it is that she only understands the basics of her "illnesses" from Dr Google but doesn't understand them up, down, backwards and sideways like almost anyone else would if they were diagnosed with something.

No. 509012


Well when she started claiming the illnesses she does she just got the symptom list from Google…

No. 509013

Jeeeeeeeeesus are you serious? She's getting so bad at her lies it's actually really comical

No. 509014

Not really sure how I wasn’t on topic. So I don’t see why it needs to be saged. I was pointing out the flaws in the transcript. And I also was saying something I heard her say.

Not my problem if you don’t want details from someone who interacted with this witch in person. I’ll gladly take my info else where

No. 509021

Yeah but a google search only tells you so much. The human body has SO many parts it's not even funny. Tiny parts that can have big trouble and only then do you get an anatomy lesson and learn things google can't teach you because you don't know to search for them. That's where her story is tripping her up.

No. 509022

We all just caught her in a lie. She commented that her skin isn’t stretchy, however in that video she clear as day said that due to her EDS, her skin is “fragile and stretchy” lol…. interesting huh

No. 509025

I think everyone is scared the threads will be deleted and is trying to save the ship. Maybe that anon didn't realize from your comment that you heard her say that (irl) and thought maybe you got that bit from a vlog or something

No. 509026

You only don’t sage when you’re posting something totally new, that starts a new conversation, like a new screenshot. You sage on a response to a comment, even if you feel like have something new to say.

No. 509029

(Same anon).
That’s still not new, because it was a comment on something that’s been discussed before, even though it was on topic. Also, this is an image board, so if it’s not saged, there usually has to be some visual evidence of some sort.

No. 509036

Isn't it ironic (dontcha think) how yesterday some of us said how much more milky jan-can is, and here the very next day her vlog was posted here but 99% of the posts were about Jaquie
Kek the world works in mysterious ways

No. 509037


reposting the vid because I'm a dumb newfag who failed to sage properly

for those who didn't see before at 24:40 mark she admits to having stretch skin, which she later claimed she did not have. >>508991

No. 509044

File: 1519088978094.jpeg (319.68 KB, 1242x2208, 4935EA23-7A89-4045-97D8-5A755D…)

Seems like they’re on to her BS

No. 509049

I did before reposting. Apologies again either way, definitely bad timing.

No. 509054

No worries, learning from mistakes is good! It's if you (general "you", not YOU) keep making the same ones that it leads to trouble. Kek on here and irl

No. 509058

Am I the only one picturing Jaquie seeing this comment and frantically re-watching her all about muh chronic illness video to refresh her memory about what she claimed??

No. 509068

Either way, presumably it doesn't change over time right? Like if you say you have stretchy skin…..can it become not stretchy?

No. 509071

Of course! If you have AJ's Complex Bullshit Disorder!

Or a shit ton of Botox.

No. 509075

File: 1519090269616.png (236.43 KB, 500x500, why the f you lying aj.png)

I'm not brochure anon, heck, I come no where near brochure anon's magic brochure making powers. But I created this for everyone's enjoyment. Because… why not?

No. 509078

Kek is it the CBD oil making her too relaxed to be on top of her game? My god, I'm starting to worry she may actually have a brain tumor or something (calm down people, sarcasm). She's been absolutely nuts today keeping track of her lies

No. 509082



I hope you downloaded the srt file rather than laboriously transcribing manually? I am the transcript anon from the Raven thread.

No. 509095

No, it really doesn’t. You’re either born with eds and stretchy skin, or you’re not. It’s more noticeable as you age, however, only because people of the same age are getting tougher skin, and later wrinkles, spots and saggy skin, while people with at least hEDS don’t have many skin changes at all. Skin stays soft and stretchy and resists wrinkles (even at 50 & 60 years old).

No. 509099

Regarding shutting down the munchie threads:

During the meeting Admin held a vote and the result was over 4x in favor of shutting down all of the munchie threads once the current threads max out.

The primary criticism is that these threads are full of sick people calling out other sick people and have become like the anachan threads.

I countered that these threads are the only active documentation of MBI behavior anywhere and that these threads provide a safe space for former fans who have been negatively affected by the munchies' behavior. I attempted to discuss how medfagging has its place in the context of exposing munchie lies, but the chat was moving too fast.

The issue may be that admin and mods are being overwhelmed by reports of blogposting, and shutting down the threads is an easy way to deal with it. But admin stated that many posts which incur bans do not get flagged (red text); this has the effect of minimizing the issue and not demonstrating which behaviors violate the rules.

Why the anons who do not like these threads can't simply ignore them was not discussed.

Perhaps we can write a petition?

No. 509135

I'm behind here. Why are the threads shutting down?

No. 509138

Read. The. Thread.

No. 509159


But honestly, I think Jaq is slipping and sliding out of control now. I don't think it's long before someone loses patience and makes a public post to out her.

No. 509171


all those narcotics are making her brain soggy

No. 509175

By the time I was able to vote during the town hall, the poll was gone. But, your attempts to lobby for the threads was noble. These threads need to exist, or the munchies win. The threads are just starting to enlighten a new generation of former munchie devotees and show them what a fraud these fakers are. If they want to compress it to a single thread, fine, but hopefully they aren't scrapped totally.

No. 509178

She’s also running out of reasonable things to do and get for her faux illnesses. As far as EDS, POTS, MCAS, and GP go, at least, she’s already got most of the most intensive and invasive treatments for all of them; other than joint fusions and TPN, there’s not a whole lot else that can be done, in general. And she’s already been denied TPN, and joint fusions are not done very often at all for EDS, and usually are only done for recurring full dislocations (which she has no history of and can’t fake).

No. 509180

I think scrapping them all together would be a bad idea, they lose a lot of traffic on the site. Many people are here just for this thread and maybe the general munchie thread, but there’s also some of us that come mainly for these ones but also follow a few other, non munchie threads as well. And these threads are always some of the top ones as far as things being posted (although I do realize some of that is from people not saging correctly). I seriously hope they keep at least something for us.

No. 509184


I'm new and only here for this thread because I used to be a fan of Jaquie before I started seeing inconsistencies and needed confirmation.

I'm honestly confused as to what is the difference between this thread and other threads on lolcow… They're all about calling out bullshit from social media people. I would even say that it's MORE important to keep a thread against munchies to prevent anyone else from falling pray to their bullshit and seeking similar harmful treatments, rather than keeping, say, a thread about a youtuber you don't like because you think they make bad art even though it's not hurting anyone. I'm baffled by the decision, given how the entire site exists solely to bash people. How is THIS one singled out as unwelcomed?

I don't buy the "sick people calling out other sick people thing". I haven't seen this happen that much, and you could just get a new Admin/Mod to take care of the thread. I'm sure plenty of us would love to help.

Anyways, it doesn't seem like talking about it will help save these threads. If anyone has the knowledge/resources to create another safe anonymous space to call out munchies' inconsistencies, please let us know where to go before this gets closed :(

No. 509186

File: 1519098182810.jpeg (802.43 KB, 1241x1834, 8AF89769-53B9-4611-A697-F5910D…)

Further Milk about jaquies “non stretching” skin…..

No. 509190

Someone needs to go public with all this. I have a feeling we're getting close to someone getting fed up and making a callout video or post.

Unfortunately, if she stops munching and leaves social media, we lose a lot of our entertainment kek.

No. 509200

Did she ever go see that geneticist? Because just having hypermobility and potentially minor stretchy skin isn't enough for an EDS diagnosis. They even made the criteria for hypermobile type more restrictive recently and the other types are found via genetic testing

No. 5092