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File: 1517241337965.jpg (1.03 MB, 2400x3000, sick.jpg)

No. 485233

Jaquie Blake Beckwith, AKA chronically_jaquie, is one of the general Munchausen's/OTT thread’s (current thread >>>/snow/484900) Munchie Queens.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chronically_jaquie
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helper_dog_harlow
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKaX0dQwEUgTafzCZ2yEjUQ
new Google Doc spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/d/1NSkEmPhXjkaO2q0MjJ3NUAPwwZv7tGff2VCJrOUp598/edit#gid=0

- She has a Patreon for people to pay her to be "sick".
- She appears to have maybe? a few genuine illnesses, but overall contradicts herself 99% of the time.
- She has two newly-separated button tubes but shoves crap food into her pie hole most of the day. Claims she cannot tolerate her formula, and has to get a special type, but can eat fried crap.
- She has a service dog (Harlow) who does tasks that she is quite capable of doing (like grabbing a blanket across the room).
- Her service dog does not get worked the way a service dog should.
- She will not respond to messages online (except on her Patreon) because of "safety issues" (though we're pretty sure it's because she wants money to talk to her).
- She will not allow people to send her mail because she is too sick.
- Refers to herself as a "genetic anomaly".
- Claims to have EDS, POTS, MCAS, narcolepsy, cataplexy, autism, unspecified immune problems, a mutated mitochondria, Complex Bullshit Disorder, and too many other things. Surprisingly, Factitious Disorder is not on her list.
- She appears to be copying Mary Frey, but has skin walkers and Jaquie wannabes that follow her every move.
- She loves her pain medication (di-lah-dud)

She enjoys deleting comments that call her out, and has an excuse or explanation for everything, something that is found psychologically in pathological liars.

Everyone is tired of her, even her family, and some people in the Munchie thread, so here's a place to talk about her to your heart's content.

Previous thread >>>/snow/477337

No. 485237

Yessssssssssss thank you anon!! I laughed anew

No. 485243


…featuring her star pupil Janiece!

No. 485244

The link for the google doc doesn't work. I'm placing one that does. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NSkEmPhXjkaO2q0MjJ3NUAPwwZv7tGff2VCJrOUp598/edit#gid=0

No. 485250

Damn, I had a feeling that would happen! Thank you anon! Wish we could pin posts!

No. 485254

HOW is jan-can eating all these bananas and making the peels look so intact and undisturbed? With only one functioning hand too. Very on fleek

No. 485255


Maybe Paul is peeling them for her?

No. 485265

Who says she is eating them? Seems to me she doesn't. I assumed >>485254 was joking.

No. 485266

They're unpeeled. Unpeeled and uneaten. I guess she could be eating other bananas and those are the extras…

No. 485270

Yah I twas jus jokin dudes. She doesn't eat them. They're for her anal PT. Duh.

No. 485334

Apparently all of the intravenous calcium and potassium they gave JanJan at the hospital infused into her left arm but was very selective on what muscles/nerves it affected, seeing as how only her right hand was cured! She must have "weird anantomy" just like Jaq. It's funny how someone with such frequent diarrhea can be so full of shit.

No. 485339

Still not Vlogs from Jaquie… does anybody think she’s finally given up her act? Maybe this surgery was what she needed to realize how deep of a hole she had dug for herself. Or maybe taking a break from blogging made her realize how much of her days she spends focusing on all of her illnesses instead of just getting a life.

No. 485341

Nope, I think she is just a) withdrawing and b) wanting the 'oh we're so pleased you're back, we were so worried!' and then saying how she was too ill to vlog etc.

No. 485343

We can only hope anon. I truly hope Jaq can get the help she needs.

No. 485376

Probably wants people to beg for her to come back.

No. 485380

She took another break not too long ago. She'll be back. No way would she give up the crazy train that easily.

No. 485386

Probably taking a break since her views were down and she’s hoping there will be a huge spike when she comes back because everyone will be curious what she has been doing

No. 485388

Have to say, I didn't expect her to be able to keep away from her fans for this long. And although I REALLY hope it'll give her some insight and she will ask for real help (as opposed to 'help' in being more sick/a better munchie) I am afraid it'll take a LOT more for her to see the light. She has gotten herself into a pretty deep hole. Actually getting out of an elaborate factitious disorder is hard for anyone, let alone someone who has made so much of her life public. It'll be REALLY hard to find a way out AND safe face.

No. 485396

I've been thinking this as well. Because up until this point she's had ALOT of crap done to her but nothing even remotely close to the RNYJ. Most of her other pain and symptoms are easily dismissed as nonexistant or uber OTT. But she can't fake the pain from her very real RNY. Look at it this way– if you go around saying that every day someone comes up and punches you in the face but you just shrug and go about your business, but then one day someone comes up and ACTUALLY punches you in the face…would it make you stop and reconsider your daily bullshit? Because now that you how it really feels to get punched and look back at your lies you realize you look like a total asshat. (Generic 'you' in this example, don't want any anon to think this is directed at anyone here)

No. 485407

The surgery has sunk in and melted her mind because she got a big dose of reality. When I got my tubes tied the last thing I remember before going under was sheer and complete panic and wanting to scream waaaaait stop. Not because I was afraid of the surgery or pain, or having second thoughts but because I realized I was about to be surgically altered with no going back. After 15 years I still vividly remember how that felt, and it was a surgery I 100% wanted, needed and have never for a second regretted. So I guess I can easier understand how if Jaq experienced something even remotely similar and DIDNT actually need the surgery (but did it for attention or drugs or whatever her motives are) how that would completely break her. Blogging but htf can I explain that otherwise? Sry

No. 485419

I second that anon. She may be despicable but she's also a person that is clearly struggling, albiet not with what she claims but she is very unwell nonetheless.

No. 485420

It's Jaquie. If she were too sick to vlog she would be in the hospital vlogging about it kek

No. 485432

I agree. To some degree I think that we are assuming she has the ability to self reflect. I may be wrong, but I don't think she does. She seems to be narcissistic and self absorbed but not self reflective. There is definitely a reason for her absence but I would lean more towards further manipulation than self reflection.

No. 485434

She has gained three patrons and a few hundred YT followers in the last couple days.

No. 485438

Yuck, poor souls

No. 485457

Narcissists have an unbelievable ability to have a degree of self reflection (maybe not of a deep mental kind but some form) when it comes to themselves and how something is affecting them. I was raised by one, they can def feel some form of sympathy/empathy for themselves and ironically it's usually a massively OTT display of it. It's just everyone else they feel nothing toward unless it directly impacts them in a big way. And again, they only feel for the portion of it that has to do with them and them alone or something that causes them to lose face or take a blow to their self esteem that is already so fragile. So Jaq creates a false persona of sick girl that gives her inflated ego that she knows deep down is a lie. But she's already running so fast down that slippery slope she can't stop the momentum and has to keep sliding down to survive. Has major surgery because the facade was starting to crack. Instead of repairing it the surgery cracked it even more and she knows the games almost up. A trapped narcissist goes into a mental death spiral pretty quickly and starts making desperate and obvious attempts to repair the only important thing-their image and false inflated ego. End tangent.

No. 485463

Yeah, I think if she had the awareness to think long term and to realize what she's doing, she would have backed off after the port surgery or her first tube surgery. Instead, she dove headfirst into a second, more invasive tube surgery, and clearly loved the attention. She’s too obsessed with the asspats and munchie fame at this point, because she is a narcissist. However, some of it also may be her age, which definitely can cause the inability to see long term consequences. When she’s 30 and no one cares any more, she may regret everything. Or she won’t, because she is incredibly narcissistic. I don’t see her getting away from manipulating people into caring about her any time soon.

No. 485468

She barely gets any likes or comments on her Patron posts. She has been right around 200 Patrons for quite a while now and gets less than 10 comments and just a handful more likes. I wonder how many of her Patrons are set up on automatic debit and are more accidental Patrons at this point than anything else. They don't notice that few dollars being withdrawn every month and have basically forgotten they signed up… ?

No. 485474

File: 1517255112809.png (147.31 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4200.PNG)

No. 485475

File: 1517255137356.png (149.66 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4199.PNG)

No. 485480

Vulnerable nars is Jaq.

No. 485482

Top kek that would be hilarious (although not for the patrons)

No. 485496

File: 1517255742436.png (160.13 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4201.PNG)

No. 485507

Jaquie, if you're lurking, you can talk to us. It's anon so we wouldnt know it's you but we might be able to help you or at least give you some sense that you aren't alone and there is a way back to truth and light and better health in every capacity. The bravest thing one can do is stand up and admit they made a mistake or a wrong turn but are ready to set it right. How many lives you could truly impact for GOOD by being open and honest

No. 485510


She's probably been taking the opportunity to not have to use the walker/wheelchair, and to stuff her face now she's off camera.

No. 485522

Omg we can only hope! In another note. I hope this doesn’t out me… But it’s too good to pass up to tell you guys. A friend of mine (I still associate lightly in the chronic illness community), heard first source from Julian that him and Jaq aren’t friends anymore. I might regret this but I just couldn’t resist after seeing the previous thread’s conversation.

No. 485529

File: 1517256815269.png (787.59 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5625.PNG)

Pretty sure that's fried chicken on JanJan's plate

No. 485531

Well, that certainly explains why she didn't react at all when people pointed out to her that Julian had been on TV. It's odd that she couldn't even bring herself to say something like "yes, I have seen it!" without having to say anything about her and Julian being in contact or not.

No. 485534

Or even being happy for him even though they have parted ways. That would be the mature reaction. I would love the scoop on that but understand if anon can't give.

No. 485536

Saging because just rage but does it drive anybody else up the goddamn wall when Janiece describes her health as "not the best"? She's not "feeling the best" or "my health isn't the best" or she's not "doing the best". Which, might actually be truthful because she's not actually doing bad (or as bad as she'd want us to think.) It's one of the worst parts of her vlog.

No. 485540

Okay so the other night here when the ex Jaq anon was posting I could feel the overpowering emotions in my own body (sounds like horseshit I know but bear with me). I assumed it was from what the ex Jaq anon was describing and I was worried about them because of how intense I was feeling what they were. That's why I posted the hotline #. But it wasnt the ex Jaq anon, it was a different anon that saw that number at the exact right time and I think I was feeling that anons pain and assuming it was the other. Every time I think about Jaq and her situation the last few days instead of the usual anger and frustration I have the same overwhelming feeling of emotional pain (not my own) I felt the other night. I really don't want some weird wooey telepathic connection to Jaq but this is a thing that has been happening at random since I was little. I actually am a little worried about her. Sage, blogging, woo-fagging etc etc

No. 485544

So you are worried about her, am I understanding you right?

No. 485546

I don’t want to give gory details because I will definitely be outed. Probably already am taking a huge risk here. I may lose a friend, hopefully they can understand the good cause though lol. All I can say is that he ended the friendship.

No. 485548

I'd say good for him. I understand you can't say too much (although it IS a true pitty) but we can speculate, of course. I'm guessing he wised up, probably helped a bit by what he was reading her. Maybe she tried to pick his brain for details about his conditions and he finally realized that it wasn't because she was interesting in him, but it was to further her own agenda.

No. 485553

I was going to say anon, I wonder if the things we said here actually started to resonate with him. Especially since we know he read here before.

No. 485558

Yes I can't shake the same goddamn feeling I had the other night. All weekend I've also had a very strong suspicion that one of the new anons here was either Jac/Jan/Julian (sorry if that just somehow made someone feel outed/unannonned)

No. 485563

I feel like after hearing this information about them not being friends anymore that ex-jaq anon was Julian. And tbh that’s a bit heart breaking to me. Of course I can’t be sure it was but it’s just a feeling.

No. 485565

I don't know if I believe people can sense other peoples emotions in this sense, although to be honest I have experienced similar things when I was younger. Could be coincidence, projection, etc. I don't know.

But if I assume for the sake of argument that you are feeling something that has to do with Jaquie, then don't forget she probably IS in real pain. Possibly for the first time ever she has felt and is feeling real pain. I'd say it's quite possible she is feeling depressed because she was in a lot of pain and coming home from hospital is somewhat unsettling for a lot of people. Even if you're glad to be home, often coming home after a long stay makes your emotions come more to the surface. Maybe she also is realizing that she did this to herself, and her mental state would certainly not be helped by opioid withdrawal as well.

No. 485566

It might be AJ, Julian has been here before and announced who it was. There is no way that Janiece has the self control not to go completely ape-shit if she was reading here.

No. 485584

I don't know how to explain it but if you've had similar things hopefully get it. It's not really a thought so much as just a feeling. A knowing without having to think about it. Like when someone asks what color is this and you say red. You don't think about the answer you just feel or know that it's red. Fml I'm horrid at describing. But whoever's hurt I'm feeling it's not just a little depression. It's a desperate and terrified kind of defeated hiding in the corner shaking kind of feeling. I think she is scared and wants to be different but doesn't know how and thinks everyone will hate her. It feels insurmountable but it's not. Anons, think about how scary making a MAJOR life change can be, especially one that involves you standing up and admitting that you have really, really messed up. In a way getting the courage to take the first step feels like jumping off a cliff and not knowing if you have a parachute or not. Fuck this woo and I did not ask for it.

No. 485590

Don't forget, her entire life and identity is this so to admit it was a lie and she needs help is basically wiping her to a blank slate that she has to start all over at discovering herself. Kinda a terrifying prospect for a 21 year old

No. 485596

Anon I wanna ask a question when youre right here and can answer fast a yes or no and then I can delete the orig post. All anons, would this work/is it allowed? So they wouldn't be outing themselves except to who reads in those few minutes? No names or specifics just a very vague yes or no about a random item that's been discussed the last few days

No. 485597

Are you forgetting the massively horrible person that Jaquie is? Not only has she dug a hole for herself, she's been encouraging and coaching other people to do the same along with her.

She wasn't the person posting here.

No. 485599

We also know she's been posting on FB groups, pulling the same old BS

No. 485601

Helllll no not forgetting. She has acted in a terrible and despicable way but even the worst monsters have the capacity to change. Maybe showing her compassion will help lead her the right direction vs forgetting she is still a human and making her feel like even more shit about herself

No. 485604

It's possible, but you want to watch the time frame for removing your posts. (Not that anon, btw)

No. 485605

Either way I hope she gets exposed for being a fraud and destroying people's lives and mental well being. And I hope she gets to spend some time in jail for insurance fraud.

No. 485606

Screenshots last forever.

So they're not friends anymore. He's posted here and lurks so it's unlikely he was much of a friend in the first place. Maybe nothing specific actually happened to end it. If you look at her IG she's lost MANY friends due to her bullshit. It's nothing new.

No. 485607

That's why I only wanna ask if I know they'll answer right away. Its 30 mins right? To delete?

No. 485610

AJ? is that you?

No. 485611

I legitimately don't think she's capable of change on her own. You're starting to sound like a thinly veiled WK

No. 485612

I can’t help but think the shit has hit the fan in their household. Judd hasn’t even picked up the camera to go on for 2 min to give an update, nor her mom. How can she be in more physical pain now than when in hospital vlogging daily? There was even one day with two vlogs ..no ig either.. something is up..something is definitely up and it’s not that she’s recovering.

No. 485613

Fuck no. I think she's a monster. I just think it's strange that some of you are obsessing over details when it's obvious she cannot make or keep friends, excluding Jan

No. 485614

Kek that is the last thing I'd ever want to do. Jaquie used to make menrage inside but now I find it entertaining. Janjan, on the other hand. I have a hard time watching her even for the insane amounts of chuckles and milk she throws out

No. 485615

Didn't she say in one of the FB group posts that she was in more pain now then right after the surgery? How that's possible? She was on a lot of dilly then.

No. 485616

You sure about the excluding Janjan? Has she brought Jaquie up at all the last few vlogs? I've only been able to stomach the first few minutes of Jan's drivel each day (which sadly amounts to about one mumbled raaaaambling sentence)

No. 485617

You answered your own question. She probably didn't feel anything with the PCA and is being a huge baby now that she's actually in pain at home.

No. 485618

And isn't she posting to her patrons that recovery is going great?

No. 485620

Yeah, I'm actually not sure about that. I think they're just de facto friends because of their husbands but she does stick around and tag along. That's more that the other people (like CFS girl who just dissapeared) at least.

No. 485621

Judd was PISSED at Jaq in the last vlog. Their interaction when he was about to leave to go get dinner was pretty telling that something had happened

No. 485623

What’s the question? I’m the anon.

No. 485624

I wish Judd still tweeted :( That would be GOLD

No. 485627

No lol. I’m not Judd or Adjustable Jaquie.

No. 485628


I wonder if the lack of comments/likes on Patreon posts is because her most hardcore stans will have already left 10 fawning YT comments.

No. 485629

Jaq just posted on instagram!

No. 485633

File: 1517260098323.jpeg (530.63 KB, 1239x2024, 01687256-E17E-4FF5-971D-2400C3…)

We were right, she just loves the attention. Vlog coming tomorrow!

No. 485638

I just threw up. God what a nice break it's been

No. 485640

That face she's making is fucking horrifying. And do I see dilated pupils?

No. 485643

She hasn't been able to shower for what, two weeks? And that was magical to her? She clearly never was in or had major surgery or even was bedridden for a severe flu or other sickness. I'd like to know what she would think of not being able to shower for six weeks or three months after being in a cast from neck to hip (or shoulder to knee, whatever: any big cast).

No. 485648

shit I feel so bad for the empath farmer who truly thought this idiot was in emotional pain or distress. I believe the empath anon but I feel bad they had to experience emotional or physical pain because of this utter psychopath

No. 485649

She would hate it but luckily for her it's not part of the adjustable Jaq all inclusive spoonie package. She uses the same vast well of energy to blow dry and straighten her hair and make sure she cleans the bathrooms AND kitchen twice a week. Not at all unrealistic goals let alone successfully accomplished ones (sarrrrrcasm)

No. 485657


empath farmer can go back to feeling bad for people who've been taken in by Jaquie.

No. 485658


I know I'm nitpicking. She spelled gastroparesis wrong.

No. 485661

Kek that's me. I hate it with every fiber of my being but I guess sometimes it is useful. I once saved the house from burning down because I saw how the fire started in my head and sat watch. Everyone thought I was full of shit (I was hysterically crying saying the house was gonna catch fire and like 8 yrs old) until the folded newspaper someone set down flopped open onto a lit candle and knocked it over. Just as I knew it would. Also knew 10 minutes before I broke my arm that I was going to break it. The mind works in mysterious ways. Back to the milk!

No. 485665

Kek prob all the drugz clouded the ol speller

No. 485672

Nah, her pupils look pretty normal there, but she does look stressed out. Something about her eyes here just looks unhappy no matter what her gaping mouth is doing.

No. 485675

I bet the vlog tomorrow will be at least half an hour long and within the next few days she'll also put out at least one new all about my newest unnecessary toy vlog with, of course, early patreon access to make them all feel special.

No. 485676

I agree. But I also think it could be extreme fatigue that makes them look like this.

No. 485678

There's a lot of little wisps of hair for a picture that's supposed to look fresh out of the shower with wet hair.

No. 485679

Maybe empath farmer is picking up Judd's emotions?
Surely by now he's realised what a shit show he's got into!

No. 485683

There are a lot of subtle indications (kek or not so subtle if you see the Judd Jaq juice opening moments) that something has shaken up the very square group that is Judd/Jaq/Paul/Janjan. Maybe whatever happened is also what made Jan suddenly feel better being in hospital for diarrhea she's had for the last month (or longer)??

No. 485686

Judd seemed totally over it and completely lost in his own thoughts when they were driving home from hospital. Same thing with Paul when they were driving (to and from her appts I think?)

No. 485709

I wonder about that at times. The guy is 23 years old, fit, healthy and with Queen Munch. What will their life be like in 10 years and whyyyyy has he given up so much for liar? There's no way the Patreon/YT money is worth it. It's not like she's raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

No. 485717

She misspelled genuinely too. Is it because she is stoned?

No. 485718

Kek maybe she's got cream burlee from Janjan all over her fingers and can't type

No. 485723

God I hope she starts using mmj or CBD so she won't be as likely to delete comments about munchies

No. 485740

Maybe she WAS reading here and misspelled things in her rush to post a pic and million hashtags of her miraculous recovery to prove us wrong. It looks like she wrapped a towel around her <dry> head real quick and snapped a pic

No. 485742

Also, crew neck shirt and no port tubez showing. Interesting.

No. 485754


The crew neck is so that we can't tell how chunky her collar bones are getting…that is NOT a malnourished neck. For once, she actually looks healthy, so she has to hide that and cover it up because AJ is supposed to be sooper sick. Someone has clearly been eating well since she has been home.

No. 485765

File: 1517265320356.jpeg (214.22 KB, 1242x1191, D3E1A816-7CCD-472F-A417-679B6D…)

Interesting chain of comments on her recent Instagram photo. We can’t see the other commenters because possibly she’s already blocked them? She’s waists no time!

No. 485767


Opioids cause pinned pupils, not dilated.

No. 485769


OMG that's actually a good rationale as to why she's been wearing crew necks recently. Chunking up in hospital!

No. 485777

She looks like she's been crying, and not just a little, but sobbing. She's got the empty eyes you get after a heavy cry when you're emotionally drained.

No. 485780

Agree. She looks extremely unhappy.

No. 485785

Maybe her ports gone. It would seem she's seen her pain management doc since leaving hospital since she was sniffing around about the CBD on his recommendation. If she's seen other doctors since as well, maybe one or all are onto her and somehow convinced her to just stop the insanity (well..to begin to anyway). Her insta post was lacking in at least half the normal number of every-diagnosis-ever-had-no-matter-how-unrelated hash tagging

No. 485798

File: 1517266490402.jpeg (311.7 KB, 1242x1486, AF09E30B-2935-4FB4-BA15-1E1458…)

Port was still there as of January 18th, you can see the tube coming down.

No. 485803

I have a feeling her and Judd have been fighting since she got home. She was probably already dealing with the surgery being way more real and painful than she thought, and then she expected Judd to be her devoted caretaker in her recovery but Judd works nights. Only a couple days of incredibly disturbed sleep due to a needy, inconsiderate spouse makes people really quick to snap and go off over shit they just go along with normally. If they have been fighting over her crap it’s definitely long overdue.

No. 485813

File: 1517266830185.jpeg (538.99 KB, 1161x1487, 5F593474-73D9-4B6B-94CD-B7610A…)

Take a look at how normal the both of them used to be. I’m always searching both their instas for dirt. More photos to come. Besides the service dogs which isn’t a huge deal, they are wearing normal clothes, taking care of themselves. I mean Jesus.

No. 485824

They look like completely different people, especially Jaquie. She looks pretty together, and she's wearing real clothes instead of toddler clothes!

No. 485826

Yes but that was also 11 days ago. I have no clue what's involved in having a port removed it was just a thought

No. 485828

File: 1517267050513.jpeg (583.24 KB, 1242x1240, B8B1556C-7C40-4C72-93F2-2BEF6F…)

I also decided to post this goody. Because how could someone with supposed EDS be kneeling on fucking CONCRETE??? I knew she knelt on the carpet but concrete, cmon Jaquie. They both are so much more able bodied in this photo. If you have EDS you would’ve always had it.

No. 485833

Agree. Night shift is difficult even for relationships that don't include major ongoing stressors

No. 485834

File: 1517267118444.jpeg (454.38 KB, 1238x1377, 813C240C-3EB2-41B3-A2F1-1533A8…)

And then thirdly… this is apparently Janiece. Of which I am SSShhhooooookdd. I mean who the fuck is that? I can’t believe she used to look this decent!

No. 485839

This cant have been that long ago could it?? Isn't Orion only like 1 1/2 now?? He's closer to full grown in this pic than puppy

No. 485844

But not AJ! She only has symptoms once she's told she has a condition or researches it and decides it's a diagnosis she wants.

No. 485846

Is this Oakley and puppy Harlow??

No. 485848

How long ago was this? I just don't understand who the hell approved all of the feeding tubes when she isn't even close to being underweight. She has never once, even now, looked underweight to me. I'm even more convinced she is a prescription drug addict.

No. 485856

Jeans, leg warmers and boots? Am I seeing that right? In Florida? On what looks like a gorgeous, sunny day? Must not have been told about the heat intolerance yet either

No. 485865

File: 1517267911307.jpeg (91.61 KB, 1242x377, F55F80E7-0DCB-44E1-8D1B-498423…)

I also just found Jaquie’s old twitter. I know it’s her because of replies with Judd and the age. Seems our girl does have a sense of humor and is aware of certain social construct. You’d have to be to say something like that.

No. 485870

So apparently, she deserved the outfit more than the other person because she has narcolepsy? Wow. just wow.

No. 485874

Yeah! Her entitlement goes way back anon. Way back.

No. 485876

Remember Jaq stopped saying exactly how much weight she had lost? She could have lied to the GI to make her toob need look urgent and not phoney. I'm sure they weighed her but she could easily have lied about her starting weight and said ermaghad I only weigh 115 pounds on your scale, Dr Pepper? But I'm usually 135 and I weighed myself a week ago and it was 130. You mean I've lost all this weight so suddenly? I'm malnourished I need a tube stat!

No. 485879

Kek great find anon

No. 485884

Apparently enmeshing her identity with a diagnosis goes way back to. Suuuuuper healthy.

No. 485893

File: 1517268565069.jpeg (69.47 KB, 1238x489, 277D7175-BCC9-4205-A2BE-F726F5…)

I’m on a roll today YA’LL as Jaq would say. Apparently there’s an exclusive Patreon page on Facebook… oh boy how tempted am I to get in there. Can’t imagine the milk. I’m still digging for dirt, I have another photo. Hope you guys don’t mind.

No. 485894

I guess I really don't understand how qualifying for a feeding tube works because to me I view 115lbs totally healthy even if she did lose 15lbs quickly. When a person is headed to being under 100lbs is when I think that their body is truly struggling. Even with GP, if you can somehow maintain a weight above 100lbs then you must be absorbing enough calories to not need a tube. I'm just baffled.

No. 485896

File: 1517268674924.jpeg (516.37 KB, 1242x1324, 0ED10FB2-1F0F-45B4-90B7-3BF9CA…)

I’m having a blast here. All this is just right on the internet for eyes to see. Anyways, found this post searching Jaqs name on FB. Poor girl thinks she has to justify her actions because Jaq has poisoned her mind into thinking if you’re sick you NEED a wheelchair, mask, and a port. Here’s a first hand example of her evil doings on the younger generation.

No. 485898

We're all here for the milk, have at it anon!

No. 485904

i follow someone who disclosed their bmi as 15 and they don't have a tube and they just seem to follow the gp rec'd diet but we all know that's not special enough for aj

No. 485912

Anon, I just threw random numbers in there to illustrate how easy it would be to make it look worse than it was by just lying about your starting weight. I have no idea how tall she is or what she weighs but she sure has never ever looked malnourished and in need of toobz

No. 485913

Oh, I remember this page. This was made by her Sustainer patrons. AJ has nothing to do with this page or its creation.

No. 485920

We have speculated about the bulimia jaq may - have I watched a recent video where she went on an adventure to the dentist, and she’s nervous about going Judd says she’ll go to any other dr get any procedure but is afraid of the dentist! You’d think she’d say it’s bc of her autism but no mention and if so why does that not effect other dr visits?! Bulimics notoriously fear the dentist and she fits in perfectly

Also if she is vomiting and doesn’t want to stop I can see why she pushed for the stomach tube, it is dangerous to throw up with an ng and that is a big interruption in her plan this hasn’t been brought up when talking about her tube journey y’all. but I feel like when she angled for it she must have been more open about the “syclic vommiting” and that is why they went straight to the stomach tube…. however to the viewers it makes her sound more sick and severe if she doesn’t mention that vommiting and attributes it to sooper severe gp. also it validates how “sick” she really is Bc why would they do this tube first and not any nasal tube… Bc the patients vommiting and it’s a danger.

No. 485921

There are some things that if you lose more than a percentage of weight or more than like 15 or 20 pounds in a month (without trying and regardless of your overall weight) that cause great concern with doctors. Even if someone weighed 160 pounds, if they suddenly dropped 20 without trying it's alarming. Couple that with her OTT descriptions of how she can't eat and violently pukes everything up and her self-reported symptoms of feeling faint/weak/malnourished…absent them already having red flags about her I can see how she munchied her way to the front of the tube fast track line

No. 485930

So all she'd have to do to look worse than she is, is to know her current weight, add 15 or 20 pounds (or whatever number she knows would put her across the threshold she discovered in her tube research) to the weight on her new patient form at the GI, then act shocked that she weighs so much less than she thought (when really she carefully calculated it all and knew precisely how much she weighed)

No. 485936

I've got quite a few Jaq Facebook posts coming up in a few minutes…

No. 485937

I think she wanted the tube so she could purge through it. She could get caught red handed doing it and no one would think twice. Harder to explain getting caught with your finger down your throat or flushing away that half-digested box of oreo ice cream bars because what it looks like you're doing is exactly that. Not many people would recognize a tube purge.

No. 485939

There are just so many questions for her doctor I have. If I was a doctor I would always be wanting to validate what she is claiming and I feel like no doctor has ever done that they just hand her whatever the hell she wants. But I guess that is why we are all here. Sorry I'm just really struggling coming to terms with realizing that doctors are not doing their jobs. I honestly want to figure out what the doctors are thinking more than Jaq. I already am well aware that she is bat shit crazy.

No. 485940

Kek and in true AJ fashion once the cyclic vomiting syndrome served its purpose and got her the tube it got tossed to the side with all the other no longer useful diagnosis, never to be heard from again

No. 485942

File: 1517269910953.png (66.88 KB, 974x270, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 6.41…)

We'll start with this one…Skiing with your service dog? Not my fragile hEDS Jaquie!

No. 485945

File: 1517270083700.png (76.84 KB, 974x238, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 6.45…)

Let's follow that with this one! So crazy how her epilepsy seems to have magically disappeared!

No. 485946

She can do this partly because of how the healthcare works in the US. Doctors may theoretically have copies of your records and diagnosis/treatment from other doctors. But do they actually read it? Most likely not as a normal practice, only if something comes up. Because they don't have time. So they have to take the patients word for it because 99% of the time the patient isn't feeding them bullshit

No. 485948

File: 1517270178825.png (135.29 KB, 980x430, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 6.46…)

"looking for a doc that is more knowledgable" AKA a complete idiot who will give me whatever I want.

No. 485951

File: 1517270239392.png (142.37 KB, 964x464, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 6.45…)

And already she's seeking out IV fluids when most POTS patients spend years trying other things before getting fluids.

No. 485952

LOOK AT THE SARCASM. Looks like her autism is hanging out with her epilepsy and is no where to be found.

No. 485953

Anon are you … friends with jaq on FB??? She’s private so how are you getting these milky posts? Just curious.

No. 485954

File: 1517270311772.png (235.28 KB, 968x698, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 6.45…)

Aw…Poor Jaq, the doctor didn't believe her!

No. 485955

They're from certain groups I'm a part of. I didn't want to break the rules of the groups, so I blocked out their names ;)

No. 485956

File: 1517270386584.png (73.22 KB, 974x260, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 6.43…)

Gotta symptom shop so she knows what to tell the doctors!

No. 485957

Ohhhhh you sneaky bitch ;) and WOW martial arts for someone with EDS 6 fucking days a week? Are you kidding me? That’s barely probable for a non sick person! She’s really trying to pull the wool over this one.

No. 485958

File: 1517270427930.png (75.34 KB, 972x296, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 6.43…)

I think this is her first mention of allergies/epipen.

No. 485963

File: 1517270511022.png (78.05 KB, 972x302, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 6.42…)

Gotta get those symptoms just right to lie to the doctor! Also, so freaking upset how quickly she got fluids.

No. 485964

File: 1517270560168.png (116.74 KB, 964x354, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 6.46…)

Just…eye roll.

No. 485966

My gp treats me for several conditions diagnosed by other docs and specialists. I seriously doubt she has ever actually looked up the diagnostic testing in my record to verify my claims. What's surprising is that her over-kill of encyclopedic medical knowledge should have been an immediate red flag, especially her being so young and only recently developing symptoms. If someone had been sick for 5, 10, even 20 years and researching, studying, looking for answers etc then it might not set off as many alarm bells. Jaqs should have.'

No. 485968

File: 1517270607616.png (87.63 KB, 970x294, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 6.42…)

Starting to crave that sweet sweet IVIG!

No. 485969

File: 1517270639428.png (74.63 KB, 980x260, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 6.42…)

Further symptom shopping to get the IVIG!

No. 485971

File: 1517270682462.png (80.47 KB, 970x250, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 6.45…)

AKA Which doctor will give me a diagnosis without actually testing me

No. 485973

Are people receptive to her in this board anon? Or do they attack her sometimes? Just curious

No. 485974

File: 1517270732228.png (117.71 KB, 976x368, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 6.46…)

Guys, Mayo couldn't even figure out our speshul gurl…Also first mention of MCAS I believe.

No. 485975

Kek your doctor does a simple blood test to find out your iron level and if it is low enough you get an infusion…

No. 485979

File: 1517270823719.png (140.65 KB, 898x1145, 9f8729ce147aea38f3e684aa67ffa1…)

found this on tumblr, do I direct them to this thread or not?

Sage for not sure if to sage or not.

No. 485982

File: 1517270908455.png (359.74 KB, 966x1472, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 7.06…)

This member seems to be suspicious of how suddenly she got ill when all these things are genetic!

No. 485983

Martial arts 6 days PLUS going to the gym. She's unbelievable. Kek literally

No. 485984

File: 1517270939092.png (108.07 KB, 974x356, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 6.44…)


No. 485990

Anon this is fascinating, thanks for the detective work! Jaqs been researching heavily to play the perfect part. Kek but she still sucks ass at it

No. 485991

All of these questions are just doctor shopping.. Why does she never ask the questions to her current doctor and have him refer her to who he is connected with. This is such a redflag.

No. 485993

Of course! (This is brochure anon btw) Just doing my duty!

No. 485999

It's striking that she is fixated, with EVERYTHING, on the fact that she's still having symptoms, no matter how much improved they are from before. It's like she expects that she can take a pill that will take away 100% of her issues. Sorry bitch, nothing works like that. Meds can help but that's part of the whole shit show of chronic illness. The bad parts are ALWAYS there too. She wants perfection from her treatments and anything less to her means its a failed treatment

No. 486002

Oh my god!!!!! Another poor soul that was entrapped in Jaqs spindly no good finger nail having hands! Yes anon, please refer them to this board. All ex-Jaqs should feel not alone in their suspicions.

No. 486004

This is fucking heartbreaking

No. 486006

It's amazing how every single drug question is an IV drug. She never once has asked about any other alternatives. She only wants to shoot herself up IV.

No. 486007

They DO have a good point about her immunodeficinecies interfering with the Lyme testing. That should have immediately given cause to Jaq to revisit that disease….but only if she truly believed she had immuno issues. Which she doesnt, so she didn't care

No. 486009

Do you EVER sleep anon?

No. 486011

Interesting how every single post pretty much is her asking other people what they experienced. It’s easy to claim the right symptoms, but she then doesn’t have the test results to back it up. Mayo does extensive testing for POTS, and they don’t get it wrong. Jaquie just didn’t like what her early doctors said, so she shopped. An$ she doesn’t have mals, look at the crap she eats!

No. 486012


Another thing that Jac gets wrong about chronic illness is her belief that treatments should equal not experiencing any symptoms. For example, people who experience chronic pain don't expect to be pain free 24/7 from a single dose or treatment, I speak from experience. The goal is to obtain a lower level of pain that, while still present, allows the person to function effectively in their daily life. The goal is to make conditions manageable while living a normal life as much as possible. She seems to think a treatment is only viable if it obliterates all signs of a disease, and thus pursues more treatments. This seems like a red flag to me, along with a hundred other things, that she doesn't actually have any of these chronic conditions.

No. 486015

But where would she have even picked up Lyme? She barely goes outside, and when she does she’s pretty much totally covered up, and not out in actual nature. And the poor dog barely goes outside, too. Unless she’s got some special form of indoor Lyme, I think she’s fine (physically at least).

No. 486019

Ohmygod how many eager eyes will be on her vlog tomorrow looking for all the clues and tells. Kek and she'll just be thinking LOOK how popular I am! Oh my gosh y'all are wonderful! Kek

No. 486020


I didn't see your post until after I posted. I guess we were both thinking alike about Jacs bullshit.

No. 486021

It's also the phrasing. She's narrowed it down to get exactly, precisely what she's looking for. I'm not in any physical illness groups but I am in some mental illness ones and nobody posts like this. Posts usually are like "What do you do when you feel [whatever] and what helps the most?" but not like "Here is a specific treatment, what doctors give it and how can I get it and also how does the treatment feel?"

No. 486038

Welllll fuck. I have Lyme. Not a munchie. Don't claim chronic Lyme or Lyme warrior status. Ticks are EVERYWHERE. Well, except Antarctica. They can hitch a ride on any number of things and even find their way into your house on a pet, friends pet, or even friend. Possible to bite you without you having to go outside. I'm in CA and found a lone star tick (rarely if ever seen here) on some bedding shortly after a houseful of friends and their dogs left from, you guessed it, Texas. also some evidence shows Lyme may be sexually transmitted and it can possibly be passed from mom to fetus, in blood and plasma products (IVIG for example) and from other biting insects. I got infected by a black widow bite (unless I got bit by a tick around the same time and didn't see it which I guess is possible). Sage for blogging and medfagging

No. 486047

I slept last night! Unlike our munchie, I actually have a sleep disorder! Glad I continue to be useful here!

No. 486048

Yeah it's interesting that her focus is on narrowing down side effects or what she should expect to feel or have improved.

No. 486056

I'm not posting screenshots, but I've had confirmation from Julian he is not friends with Jaq anymore - I don't want to disclose any reasoning behind it, or any screenshots.
If Julian wants to discuss it - he will discuss it himself in his own time, so we can move on from that subject.

No. 486060

Kek prob cuz we understand the chronic part of chronically ill. To me if you have a "chronic" condition that can be 100% controlled with meds or some kind of intervention, I would consider that cured, not chronic. Mayhap Jaq considers a rebranding as perpetually cured jaquie?

No. 486064

"Back to the milk"… how is this not milk? Kek, remember to take your meds anon

No. 486071

Am I having deja vu or didn't we already find this out earlier today? Read the board anon

No. 486076

Personally I believe Lyme is like mono and in almost all of us but only causes trouble if your immune system can't stay on top of it (injury, sickness, major stress etc). The fact that Jaq has lived all over the world wouldnt help diagnostics since there are hundreds of strains worldwide and the lab testing only looks for some strains. And usually they're only checking for tick borne illnesses that are common around your immediate, current vicinity and not looking back to where else you've traveled or lived. She could have no Lyme but erlichiosis or babesia or other disease transmitted via tick.

No. 486082

We did talk about it. But I think our anon here is saying she spoke with him. Saying they could post milky screenshots but they won’t. Interesting!!!!! I wish you could anon.

No. 486085

I think she has nothing but Munchhausen's. She's an IV prescription drug addict that wants attention.

No. 486088

Whatever she has, it sure is a fascinating shit show to watch

No. 486095

I told Julian I wouldn't post out of respect to him, he knows who I am, and I don't want him getting slandered by her.

He's too much of a respectable person for me to fuck over like that - sorry :(

No. 486101

Well does he know that you're airing his Jaquie business on here for him, screen caps or not? I mean he's def posted here before but he was always very careful to remain neutral and not badmouth anyone.

No. 486104

So you see Jaq as someone that would be vengeful and spiteful? Do you think this is part of why peeps around her don't call her out more often?

No. 486111


Maybe I'm more cynical, but I'm seeing this as her fishing for even more special treatments and diagnoses, not a magic cure.

No. 486115

I think if her private information was released she actually might do something. Which is why I can see Julian being afraid to come forward. Because he probably has first accounts. You have to remember that. I’m sure Jaquie would not like that threat to her image. She has such a large fan base. I’d be afraid as well.

No. 486116

She's going to run out of diagnosis and treatments and meds eventually, especially at the rate she's collecting them. You can only climb the munchie ladder so high before you run outta rungs.

No. 486117


I see her more likely to play the victim.

No. 486118


kek, before you got to go for the big C, or heart failure.

No. 486125

She's only 21, that's ALOT of years ahead of her that she'll have to play the part of sick girl. It'll get old fast when Judd gets bored playing mr nurse and starts living a life outside of her illnesses.

No. 486126

Anon, can you say if you know Jaq too or just Julian?

No. 486132

He did seem very respectable and like a good guy from the little that we saw him post here. He could have anonymously talked mad shit but he didn't. I think that's why when an anon tried to call him a munchie they got corrected real quick

No. 486133

Can't wait for the day the "We're Taking a Break" vlog comes and it's just Jaq sobbing and admitting to being a munchie so Judd doesn't leave her.

No. 486139

I don't get how she is dumb enough to think if some people around her know she's faking that it will never get out? If I was faking all that stuff and even one person found out it was a sham I'd be done with my foolin. Guess I have neither the balls nor the confidence to be a munchie. Shucks.

No. 486143

Yes he's aware I've posted on his behalf and he's thanked me for it. He does not wish to comment on anything that has happened, he gave me permission to confirm that he and jaq are no longer on talking terms

>>486104 Julian has said to me that he would come out and say exactly what has happened, BUT he doesn't want to be slandered, which I can 100% understand.

He's also confirmed that jaq knows the threads exist but does not read them, because she avoids anything negative towards herself & does not like confrontation, so sorry to whoever said they hoped she had found the thread and that's why she stopped blogging, that speculation has been ruled out :(

>>486126 I have my own past with jaq, but I don't particularly want to discuss all the gory details of it, but the long and the short is she was making out that my doctors were wrong and she knew what was wrong with me 100% and that I should get another doctor. Which is apparently a typical jaq thing to say and do to people, I removed myself from her BS when I realised what she was doing.

No. 486151

Kek I have a theory about that but not sure I wanna share, especially since there's been so many anons of late that are or might be directly in contact with Jaq or her friends or others in her circle. I don't want to throw out a theory accusing non-munchie people of non-munchie things that might be way out in left field (and have repurcussions for people) just because they're loosely associated with Jaq

No. 486154

Aw dammit anon! I think we all secretly hoped she read here. The wind has left my sails. And huge thank you to clearing up the Julian stuff :)

No. 486155


Can Julian tell us whether this was his decision or Jaquie's to cease contact?

No. 486158

Ohhh do tell, anon.
I'd like to hear the theory. At the end of the day - it is only a THEORY. Not fact, pure speculation, therefore you can say what you want, anyone who thinks lolcow is 10000% facts and not pure speculation, is probably an idiot if the people in association with jaq did see it, they'd probably laugh and think "okay then"

No. 486162

Previous in the thread when other anon came on and said they heard from a source they weren’t friends anymore, said HE ended the friendship.

No. 486163

Julian ended the friendship, that's all I want to say on that one.

No. 486165

Good for you for not letting her medically bully you! She's got alotta balls, that Jaquie. She seems to be giving Janjan the same Dr Jaquie treatment too unfortunately

No. 486178

She was giving me tips on what to say to them, to push them in the "right direction" in treating my illness, such as saying things to them like "maybe X Y and Z would improve my quality of life" "I am miserable how I am right now, maybe this would help solve that issue" etc, saying how to angle for things you want and basically teaching me how to outright manipulate doctors, which quite frankly I found disgusting.

I would rather trust my doctor than someone who punches holes in their body for fun, and not the fun type of trendy piercing holes, she takes piercings to the next level!!!

No. 486181

The day Jaquie is stopped is the day I'll be able to sleep at night. I want so badly for the world to see what kind of harmful influence she is.

No. 486188

Well let's say that Jane Doe has caught on to Jaq and while Jaq is safely ensconced in hospital, she voices her concerns to Judd. Judd has that aha moment and realizes jaquies played him for a fool and breaks down and sobs into Jane Doe's arms. They realize omg there's something between us and it's not a Dr Pepper. Over the weekend while Jaqs been laying low, it's been because Judd told her he was on to what she was doing and leaving her. In my theory he doesn't yet tell her he's realized he's in love with Jane Doe, the girl who dared to tell him the truth about Jaq despite how hard it was to do

No. 486191

What a manipulative piece of shit Jaq is. Holy shit

No. 486192

"This season on Keeping up with the Munchies"…kek

No. 486197

Kek hey, I said it was way out in left field

No. 486212

It goes with an idea I have that if Judd gives her the option of come clean or lose him, she'll come clean, she doesn't want to have to take care of herself.

No. 486216

There was also the "I've been doing some research on my diagnosis of illness X and medication Y and Z have helped X Y and Z, maybe I could try what they're trying with medications A B and C haven't worked" technique.

Of course, there's also things she recommends like playing up on symptoms but not making it too obvious, and the jaq classic "if the doctor doesn't believe you, ask for a second opinion, if that doctor doesn't believe you, ask another doctor, and tell them all exactly the same thing"

Manipulative is an understatement, she knows how to lie and she is very good at it, but she's not good at keeping her story straight. I am honestly convinced she has a personality disorder.

No. 486220

I don't think Jaquie will ever admit it. She'd tell the world she has gotten better and leave but never admit she lied. Ever.

No. 486222

Inferesting. If I had a beard I'd be stroking it right now mulling this over

No. 486230

Not keeping it all straight is because she got greedy and went for waaaay OTT overkill too many conditions. Lying 101: keep it as simple as possible. Prob esp important if you're gunna daily vlog your lies for the internet to pick apart

No. 486242


I definitely think there's something going on with Jaq and Judd. Even if it's as minor as him being frustrated with her post-surgery needs, because she's sold the extra toobz to him as things to help her get better, but really she just winds up as bad as before still looking for the next toy.

No. 486250

So I've only been lurking a few months posting a few wks and Jaq and Janjan are the only munchies I watch. Am I just here at the right time to see things start going off the rails quickly or is this the speed with which all cows around here lose friends/fans/grasp on reality? The number of ex patrons and subscribers in the last week, and anons that know her or know someone who knows her is astounding (kek although it's anonymous so maybe there's only 1 or 2 but it seems like more? My brain sucks)

No. 486257

Poor Judd. At home he has a toddler to take care of and then he goes to work and is a cop? What a fucking juxtaposition that is

No. 486258

I think it is more a case of countless people are starting to open their eyes to the amount of shit she talks, and how much she lies.
People are realising she is contradicting herself and more genuinely sick people are asking their doctors about the treatment options she takes, which then makes their doctors say "what the fuck?", then they explain jaq the magical adjustable barbie car driving unicorn to their doctors, and their doctors are like "what the fuck? No. That's now how it works" and then they get educated by their medical professionals, google Münchausen syndrome and end up here.

Sage for speculation of how people are realising she's full of shit.

No. 486267

Kek the mental image of a unicorn in a Barbie car en route to the doctor

No. 486269

This happened to me actually. I got diagnosed with a condition that AJ claims that she has. When I mentioned the treatment plan AJ has for this condition, my clinician basically told me, "No. This is not a treatment plan that is used for the condition that you have." To say I was confused was an understatement.

This is why this is so dangerous.

No. 486274

I feel like Jaq giving the disclaimer that everyone experiences chronic illnesses differently gives her some sort mistaken belief that she's not doing anything wrong, when what anon just said proves how dangerous Jaquie really is

No. 486275

So this is exactly what dhes doing to janjan Bc she is not accepted by real sick ppl like Julian she is trying to push others to be sick so she’s not alone!

I see many connections between you and janjan, do you happen to janeice at all

No. 486278


And her disclaimer also allows her to proclaim that she is the most affected by all of her conditions.

No. 486281

Oh my god anon, when I read that anons post I immediately thought of Janjan too

No. 486282

Can you imagine if you tube never existed? These people would not be the way they are..husbands would cater to them a bit but there’s no merch, no patreons, no asspats. The worst they could do is write a blog but that gets old fast. Their lives would be so different if you tube didn’t provide the vessel to the spiral. Makes me sad that is all.

No. 486284


They'd just be lying on the internet, like it used to be.

No. 486285

I am not Janiece, but I am pretty sure that's what she's trying to do to janiece :/
Unfortunately I am really sick, and what made me realise she is full of shit is the way she was trying to teach me how to get the "best" medical treatment (the most extreme) for minor illnesses. I'll give it 2-3 months before Janice's has a shit bag or a nose hose because jaq has told her how to get her own way, then again janiece is as dumb as a box of rocks, so I doubt she will have the intelligence to get that far.

No. 486290

I know your not JanJan because your much more we’ll read, I asked if you know Janiece

No. 486292

I honestly want youtube to make some hardcore rules about medical vlogging. I know people want to share their stories but things have gone to freaking far. And 1 bad apple ruins the bunch.

No. 486294

a bit off topic, but back when i was still a fan of jaq, she came up in a conversation with my parents and my dad said "why doesnt she just kill herself already" when i explained some of her diagnoses and "tools" to him(no one cares)

No. 486295

Oh! Your comment said "do you happen to janiece at all" I assumed you missed the word be or know.
Unfortunately I do not know her. I wish I did because I would be 100% educating her on what black magical fuckery jaq is trying to pull on her.
I honestly hope both Judd and Paul form an intervention on the two of them and put them both in therapy.

No. 486296

I knew it!!!!!

She is a narcissist and a big psycho when anon speculated maybe she was taking days off to boosts Jan Jans page I knew that was unlikely Bc even if something seems altruistic a narcissist and psychopath always have an alterier motive she would never do something for someone else for example help Jan get a diagnosis unless it benefited her in some way. Especially since more sick ppl is more competition in her dumb ass mind!

No. 486298

I'm sorry you're sick, anon. Please know that when you're here you're among others truly struggling as well, and we are all in this together

No. 486300

Yes typo sorry was very excited I couldn’t respond fast enough.

No. 486301

Losing Julian as a friend is really bad for Jaq. Not because like, she lost a friend, I'm sure she doesn't care but because she's featured him in her vlogs multiple times. Her viewers recognize him, followed his insta, noticed his news feature, and they like him. Jaq already committed to her viewers a standing date with Atlas and Harlow at the dog park. They're likely going to notice and it's not something she can cover up with medical words that they won't look up.

Also, I'm sure he doesn't want to rock the boat but if I were him, I'd ask her to either remove or edit him out of those vlogs. She's making money now from his image, in a way, and that's disgusting. It might have been ok as friends but now, no.

No. 486302

That's a really good idea, anon. If nothing else if they made them all 18+ it wouldn't reach such a young and vulnerable audience. 18 is still really young but better than 12 year olds thinking Jaq is a chronic illness advocate/hero

No. 486303

Pfft, don't be sorry.
I'm more bothered about the impact jaq is having on other sock people. It's not right - she needs to be stopped and the sooner she is stopped the better. I think what makes it worse is that Judd is a cop and is backing his fraudulent wife, without even knowing she's a huge fraud. I really do think he takes all of her words at face value and doesn't question any of it. I really hope that the other anons are right and that he has clicked on to what is going on, and has questioned her and called her out, since Julian said earlier that she avoids any form of negativity and doesn't like confrontation, she never responds to it - she just deletes it as we have all witnessed here. I wonder how she will respond to Judd and her family calling her out on her shit, if that is what's happened.

I hope it is really haha!

No. 486304

Kek I'm the dang empathy farmer. I can't help it.

No. 486306


Yep, Jaq is totally a 'vulnerable narcissist' from that psychobabble of earlier

No. 486308

Does anyone find it interesting how little time Judd was in the hospital with her? Like compared to a year ago. He like never left and her mom was never there. I was looking back at her Instagram. She had friends who visited her while she was in the hospital. And we only see janjan anymore. I always thought that maybe her mom was the one she referenced when she said she removed people from her life. But I don’t know now her mom is living In their neighborhood. I can’t imagine being her mom!

No. 486309

I was thinking they should be stricter on the chronic illness clogging, such as "no giving information on who your doctors are, what your treatment plans are and what medications you're taking, life your life as you would, but don't let your illness consume your life entirely"

That is the rule I tend to live by for life in general, it works wonderfully in real life and I am pretty sure it would spread positivity on the YouTube community; just because you're chronically sick, doesn't mean your entire life is your illness; unless you're jaq or jan. In which case, fuck living a normal life, I am too sick to do anything, but hey I'll prep raw food and clean the house while sipping at my unicorn blood to keep my super sick energy levels super high so I can do the things that genuinely chronically sick people can only dream of doing

Rage sage.

No. 486311

Poor Judd, if she does actually get investigated for fraud at some point he will be likely looked at for being complicit even if he's ultimately shown to be one of her victims too. He's a cop. That would be embarrassing to have missed. Not to mention if his own dept is investigating his wife while working next to him every day and having to keep it a secret. Awkward

No. 486317

Same here. When I was still a fan of AJ, I honestly started doubting that my doctor was treating my POTS properly, and was confused why he wasn’t suggesting a port and IV fluids. Keep in mind this doctor is well respected in his field and has dedicated his career to dysautonomia/POTS research. When I eventually pushed a bit harder to try IV saline, he told me flat out that doctors who proscribe it like I was asking about (like how AJ is set up) are committing malpractice and he would not be doing it. I was frustrated then, but am so grateful now. It’s really shitty that AJ is causing people like me and many others to doubt the quality of their care because of all her OTT munchie bullshit.(medfagging)

No. 486320


I literally can't figure out why she would ask this for any other reason that to mimic the symptoms/ results.

No. 486324


Why would she already be concerned that she can't get it permanently if she hasn't even tried it and determined if she likes it? (Because she wants to know if it can cause her to get a port.)

No. 486326

what the fuck even is this one? christ almighty, she's an idiot.

No. 486327

Because she's a manipulative little munchie…
I wonder when she started her dive into the pool of illness. Was it with the "epilepsy"? Did she like the attention of having fits and a service dog? Did she get high off it?

No. 486338


Something that really gets me about these photos is that her smile is really different too. Which illness changed her smile? The autism she developed? It's fucking wackadoodle.

No. 486342

Interesting. Did she say why her mom was toxic? Other anon said Jaq doesn’t read here so I don’t think you have anything to fear.

No. 486343

Jaquie reminds me of the power hungry villain in the Divergent movie series, Jeanine. Who wants to kill anyone that cannot be controlled or comply to her ideas. Jaq would kill her own mother if it could give her at home ketamine.

No. 486347


Maybe Judd and Paul had a heart-to-heart when they visited Jaq like, "what the hell are we doing here, bro?"

No. 486351

I knew something was off with her and her mom! Curious as to how they got back on “good terms”. Makes sense why her mom stayed there and drops everything for her. Wants to keep her daughter in her life. Which I don’t blame her for.

No. 486354

Kek, she visits Disney so much she must be taking tips from all the great Villains there.

No. 486355

Top kek anon! This is spot on

No. 486358


It's almost like Jaq coaches her into how to be a good munchie mom, too. Like, "I'm doing better today, don't you agree mom?" And her mom just always rolls with it, "Yep, so much better today."

No. 486360

From what I remember her saying, it had something to do with her attitude toward Jaquie's chronic illnesses. She went NC with her for about 6 months.

Prior to this, Jaquie told her mom that there were conditions that she needed to fulfill in order to get back in Jaquie's life. Apparently, her mom fulfilled the conditions and here we are.

No. 486361

Holy shit. It's almost like she's grooming everyone around her to be perfect caretakers.

No. 486364

Lol wow so even her own MOTHER didn’t believe her bullshit. This is unfathomable. And now her friend Julian leaves her. All that’s next is Judd to leave or figure it out.

No. 486366

It's outright creepy. "Do what I want, agree with me when I ask you anything and act like everything is fine and has always been this way - or I punish you."

No. 486367

It almost reminds me of a pedophile grooming a child. Like…She has serious mental health issues.

No. 486372


"That was a good appointment. He was helpful. Don't you think, mom? Mom?!"

No. 486373

I can hear the X-Files music in my head…Holy shit guys.

No. 486374

I've been watching reruns of ER. Did anyone ever see the episode where a guy comes in a says he has pernicious anemia and wants a B12 shot? He says his old PCP retired and now he doesn't have a doctor that will give it to him. The ER doc does a work up and tells him that he doesn't have pernicious anemia and doesn't need a B12 shot. Tells him to be thankful and go home and spend time with his friends. Guy says he has no friends outside of pernicious anemia. That was his whole life. He was the president of a support group for it.

Anyway. Sound familiar?

No. 486377

No. 486381

Can you direct me to their blog?

No. 486382

Holy shit anon lmao

No. 486399

I wonder what her mom had to do to get back into her life!

No. 486408

im one of the former jaq fan anons from earlier and im only realizing now how much jaq's bullcrap is pissing me off, around the earlier part of last year i had a mild episode of psychosis, it isnt easy getting used to trusting people and your own judgement again after one of those, and one of the first people i started trusting coming out of it was jaq, i thought she was someone i could watch for support and positivity, you could just imagine how i felt when i realized she was full of shit

sage for rage and blogging but screw jaq for all the ways she screws over other people mentally and physically, i know im not the only person she left feeling like they can't trust people anymore

No. 486409

So sorry for what you went for, but know that we're here for you anon!

No. 486467

lemme guess, you're the empath farmer right?

like the other anon said, thanks, but it's fine, i dont need other people feeling sorry for me

besides, it's chronically jaq's thread, not psychotically anon's thread kek

No. 486475

Wow. You don't have to be an asshole. And I'm not OP or empath anon.

No. 486477

OP here. Not the empath anon, just somebody sorry to see Jaq's hold on someone be so fucking toxic and hurtful. You're in the right place now.

No. 486488

i wasn't trying to be an asshole, sorry if it came off that way, was going for a playful banter vibe but i guess it didn't come across well

didn't mean to offend anyone

No. 486492

It's okay! I probably read it wrong too!
I'm just glad there's a place like this for those who used to look up to Jaquie.

No. 486557

Medfags, hypothetically if one were to have a miraculous recovery and not need their tubes and port anymore, what kind of stuff has to be done to remove them? Is the roux en y something that permanently prevents normal GI function or does the tube come out, stoma close up,!then it's Oreo bars and cream sauce fer dayyyyyyyz?(baiting)

No. 486561

Better to have too many peeps caring about you than none, just consider it a compliment that so many are caring to the point it's annoying! I mean, not to brag that our farm is better than jaquies munchie world but….

No. 486569

File: 1517292528098.png (65.9 KB, 640x980, IMG_4205.PNG)

My fucking head just exploded. Check out the "gift ideas" list!! She made this in sept/oct 2015. Isn't that when she was symptom and side effect "researching" on all the fb boards? WHAT a conniving little bitch. Couldn't figure out how to link to the actual list

No. 486573

File: 1517292757188.png (80.91 KB, 640x789, IMG_4206.PNG)

Kek ever the toddler

No. 486580

File: 1517293187328.png (116.58 KB, 1574x340, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 1.20…)


so she wanted a rheumatoid arthritis awareness bracelet, but for her vomiting syndrome? what???

No. 486584

I had my port removed, due to infection. It’s just as easy as putting it in. The cut right where my previous incision was took it out. Same medicine. And easier recovery. So very very easy for a port. But a port isn’t permanent. It’s a long time iv almost. Like those getting chemo get them and then have them removed!(medfagging)

No. 486586

I'm dying to know if she made this for some legit reason or if she was already big enough on insta that she thought people would buy her shit or was she already plotting her YT career a year in advance? My mind is spinning

No. 486587


maybe a list of gifts she wanted family and friends to get her? when is her birthday?

also maybe leave the rheumatoid arthritis people alone and stop trying to steal their awareness colors for your fake diagnoses jaquie GOD

No. 486588

They have awareness for every illness in existence now so some of the colors have to share 35 dif conditions. Or she was hoping for an RA diagnosis too? Kek actually knowing her, she prob was

No. 486593

I can't help but chuckle at the irony of how easy it was to get an answer to a question, here on lolcow, and we aren't even all here to raise awareness about our assortment of maladies. This farm is my happy place! If someone had asked Jaq a question in the comments or patron party or anywhere else, she'd just say everyone experiences chronic illness different y'all! Yet she's the one proclaiming herself an advocate that's spreading awareness.

No. 486594

Also thank you anon, I didn't realize a port was that simple to take out!

No. 486598

Hey admins, can you please do something about all the freaking blogging? This thread is deteriorating into a spoonie brag fest. Everyone else, STOP BLOGGING. We don’t care, and it’s agaisnt the rules.

No. 486599

File: 1517294475509.png (238.44 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4207.PNG)

Okay now this is just ridiculous. But now I know that huffing, sniffing abuse and inhalent abuse are all red ribbons. How many names does one thing need ffs?

No. 486608

Calm down anon there will be plenty of juicy milk tomorrow. Jesus. Have you caught up or are you skipping ahead? The new farmers can take their insider milk elsewhere I'm sure if you want to be a dick about it

No. 486666

There's a fucking "Fireworks Safety" ribbon. Kek.

No. 486704

True. The very first of her vlogs I saw I knew something wasn't right, just from the sheer amount of diagnoses she was claiming. I was reading her long, long list and if I remember correctly my first thought was "this girl is starving for attention."

No. 486760

Chronicallyxfailing.tumblr.com I think it's the only post but it popped up as I was on the spoonie tag munchie hunting. I think it's someone's throwaway account because they don't want backlash and I quite frankly don't blame them.

No. 486811

There’s a big difference between milk and the people who are just sharing their own sob stories about how sick they are, and hey, it kinda connects to jaquie. We still don’t want to hear how sick you are.

No. 486844

In the anon who was explaining that jaq was trying to tell me how to push doctors in the "right direction" for treatment plans. I never specified the illnesses that I have.

If I came across that way - I apologise, I was just trying to give some insight on how when I reached out to her last year she basically gave me an all out lesson in what to say and how to convince my doctors I needed better treatment, but I stuck with my treatment and actually improved, even though she said it wouldn't.

No. 486846

That is true milk. Yes, at times, some farmers like to go on blog fest but on the same hand some farmers wish they were mods and get butt hurt super easy. So there's both sides. I would hate for potential new farmers to be afraid of posting true milk due to having to use a quick example. Especially if they have interacted with AJ, JanJan or Paul and Judd in real life.

No. 486916

can't wait for today's vlog to be uploaded…what milk will it bring?

No. 486975

Wow. That's bad. Not that I'm surprised, but it's bad. I am sorry that happened to you. But I'm glad you got out. It's almost cult-like how she draws people in and then teaches them to be manipulators like her, isn't it? I'm always amazed at how people react to her IG and YT. People say things like that she's such a sweat soul, that they are 'glad to see her beautiful smile again', that she has changed their life, etc. It's blind adoration. They really think she is this special person who is doing so much good for the community. While in reality.. well, I don't have to delve into that here. We all know the ugly reality of the Jaquie train.

From what you're describing how she was basically teaching you to manipulate your doctors, did you get the impression she knew what she was doing, or did it seem to you she actually thought she was helping you and is just misled herself? I wonder about that sometimes.

OK, good to know Julian knows about this. Also nice to have confirmation that Jaq does know about this thread, but doesn't read. You won't believe the discussions we've had about this in the past. I have to say, I'm kind of surprised she would have the self-control to NOT read more if she knows about this thread. I'm pretty sure if people were talking about ME, I wouldn't be able to keep myself. I would probably hate myself for it, but I would probably read periodically. To be honest I don't know what to think of it. Does anyone (it appears there's more then 1 ex Jaq anon here now) know if she addresses the kind of critique we give here? Or does she just write it off as hate? I mean, does she know that we point out inconsistencies and that we know she has factitious disorder, or does she just think we all hate her and we think she is faking for the heck of it? Factitious disorder is an actual disorder and although it entails feigning - so yes, faking - illness, there are always deep rooted causes for it and it is difficult to treat. We don't say she isn't sick, we just say she is sick in a different way than she wants people to believe. There's a difference.

No. 486982

I am not an ex Jaq anon, but considering how adamant she is about having zero mental illness issues, she probably thinks of us as haters. Just guessing of course, but I have been following her for a super long time. Early on as a fan.

No. 486997

So, you're saying she's a really good liar? That's interesting because she claims she has Autism.

For those of you who don't know, Autistic people tend to be really, really bad liars. As in, you would catch them in the first 5 seconds bad. So, it's just interesting, how Jaquie says she has Autism, yet is an amazing liar… Either she really doesn't have Autism, or she's an outlier.

No. 486998

It's like she knew what she was doing because I explained that my doctor had recommended A and B - but it didn't work well for me, then she said why don't you try C, explain to your doctor that "X Y and Z shows that C is the best option for me"

It really is like she wants people to be able to manipulate their doctors into things. This was before she got super famous on YouTube; this was back in the days of when she had maybe 6,000 subs and her port just fitted. She said things like she had to push her doctors in the right direction and that I should do the same as "you know what is best for you"… basically she said don't trust doctors - they know nothing. "Advocate for yourself" and "push for what you want"

No. 486999

She is a very good liar, but then again I've known people with Asperger's be very manipulative, I honestly don't think she has autism though. Her past internet interactions and the Skype calls I had with her before she got big say otherwise, she seemed totally normal and was very sweet.

No. 487004


yup. It's not a maintenance treatment for POTS at all here in the UK.

No. 487008


BPD/NPD crossover

No. 487042

"I went from having 24/7 help to having to be more independent." Kek, most humans don't have other people who wait on them hand and foot.
Not done watching.

No. 487046

She got a new face mask. I have one of the same brand and I doubt little miss SPD will like this mask because the nose piece wire is extremely hard and sorta uncomfortable. The mask is way cheaper than a Vogmask though and has disposable filters so…

Maskfagging I guess.

No. 487056

Okay so here's the most important things I picked up from the video:
1.Home Health says she's healing very well (No slow EDS heals).
2. Insurance approved IVIG at home.
3. She's starting at home PT again.
4. Insurance approved joint braces and custom AFO's.
5. She's reached her goal rate for 24 hour feeds and is working on daytime rates, but so far seems to be tolerating them pretty well.
6. She had a headache Monday night and an allergic reaction which they "thankfully treated with IV Benadryl".
7. The shoes Harlow brings her are little booties, not something you want to wear if you have the ankle stability issues you claim because they offer no support.
8. Judd only showed up at the end of the video for dinner, so Jaq was pretty much alone all day, didn't talk about falling or fainting, just that she was fatigued.

No. 487065

Okay so, she drove in today's video. Wouldn't a doctor have to release her to drive again after a major abdominal surgery?

No. 487072

Also, silly Jaq "found" her phone in the microwave. Kek.

No. 487073

Does she seem manic in this vlog to anyone else? When she was talking about cooking and her phone and the chicken and potatoes falling apart, it all seemed very fast paced and manic for someone who should be resting and recovering from surgery.

Or maybe she's just too much for me today after a break.

No. 487078

I agree. She seems extremely happy in this video. Even when she was "tired" she just gave the whole "cat got the cream" vibe.

Also interesting to note that she seemed to do fine on her own the entire day, not much help needed I guess.

No. 487082

Yes! And WOW she did a lot in this vlog. Drove to Walmart to get groceries, made several trips back and forth between the car and apartment with the walker bringing groceries in. Put groceries away. Met with home health care, cooked and ate a full meal. But she is sooper sick y'all and recovering.

No. 487084

Even though she calls it surgery it’s at best a procedure which most people who get feeding tubes get to go home that day or the next day. Jacquie just lingered in the hospital forever and is probably mostly healed by now it’s been 10 plus days since her procedure. Which usually with procedures you’re usually allowed to drive the next day unless it’s something done on your arm or leg that inhibits your driving and then you have to wait for PT and a doctor to clear you.

No. 487088

Jaq always keeps the blankets in that basket… but can't get them out of the basket herself so Harlow has to do it… but then how do the blankets get back in the basket?

Common sense would say to keep one blanket on the couch but obviously she doesn't want that, so she IS capable of refolding it and putting it back in the basket– for some reason this is more doable than getting it out of the basket.

No. 487091

Gotcha. Since she said they cut through her abdominal muscles I was thinking it was more like a C-Section where you have to wait weeks to drive. Thanks anon.

No. 487092

If the blanket was a messy pile in the basket I might buy that Harlow is dragging them back but they are always very neatly folded.

No. 487094

File: 1517341642806.png (204.97 KB, 2304x616, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 2.46…)

Just thought I'd share this. She was pretty darn quick to respond.

No. 487117


The only driving restrictions I was given after open abdominal surgery was no driving while still on narcotics. Of course, we don't know whether or not she's still pushing that sweet IV diddly-doo at night for her unbearable 1 ml/hr increase in feed rates…

No. 487118

In Jan's new vlog she asked the GI nurse practitioner about gastroparesis and will be doing the GES. Whats the odd's of that actually being Jaq telling her to ask? I think they are pretty high.

No. 487138

She's been asked this before, somehow she can't tolerate standard rescue meds for MCAS (hydroxyzine, zyrtec, etc) and must use benadryl. She's addicted. She can't fake it enough to get a 24 hours benadryl pump sadly, so she will have to do with pushing it every other day.

No. 487142

Do you have a link to this article, anon? Super interesting!

No. 487174

Some things I found interesting here in JanJan’s vlog from today…

Those hands look a-ok and she forgets to be sick when there’s a present involved. Also, she showed no pain or weakness when opening the juice bottle.

And WOW did she get pissed about people asking about Jaquie on her channel. She goes on a couple minute rant about her not knowing and that’s SHE herself was in the hospital (basically like STFU about Jaq and the spotlight is on me! The royal cuntiness shines through well here.

She got a blanket from Paul’s Mom and looked fine opening it. She looks so normal when she first started “catching us up.”

Also, it’s probably already been mentioned but what in the AF does she need a service dog for? Her sooper severe POTS that she never mentions how or who diagnosed her?

Apparently she’s gone from diarrhea to constipation now - I wonder if the “medications” to help her abdominal pain and “arm/hand” pain. Because there’s the answer on why she’s constipated. Maybe she needs a good OIC med instead kek

Anyways, she’s now malingered her way in to a gastric emptying study - which we know will turn out perfectly normal, just like everything else. It’s scheduled for tomorrow.

And she sure is fine when a) Paul is gone and b) when she’s talking to her sheeple and c) when she’s opening her gifts.

She says “I’m spoiled like that!” several times when she’s opening the Kate Spade blanket. Ugh she’s so fake!

No. 487180

She's not going to admit anything. The most drastic thing she would do is disappear and then try to pop up later in a different fashion.

If she was to find any way to leave this behind, I would guess that she will just choose a different path for her channel - one not based on her "illnesses." Instead, she'll come out and say she is tired of vlogging about her illnesses and will do something else instead. But she's not interesting enough to sustain that, so her channel will die out. That's my prediction.

No. 487191

AJ is right, the commenter obvs didn't see that reaction but she has been watching long enough to know IV Benny is nearly an everyday thing. AJ has filmed several of her supposed reactions, many of which farmers feel are either faked or blown out of proportion. And of course AJ is all "we, we, we" what the fuck ever Jaquie.

No. 487205

I thought the pillcam would've shown it if she had GP? Also, she asked for a GES because she felt full early after not having eaten much for a few weeks. What a shocker. It's even possible the test might show borderline slow motility just because she has been starving herself. I hope for her sake it comes back normal, because if it's even a little slow (like Jaquies was borderline slow) she might end up with the same damage to her body Jaquie has. Urgh.

No. 487215

That makes sense to me. There is no such thing as a symptom free life, I think. That's something I've had to tell myself so I wouldn't psyche myself out thinking I was dying of some kind of disease. And even when you receive treatment, you still have symptoms (some of which are actually caused by the medication you're taking). If I tried to find an answer for every "chronic" thing I have then I wouldn't have time to work, either. kek

No. 487236


"Yes, my team has recommended (after I shopped around for some gullible docs and then bullied them into it) IV Benadryl."

No. 487278

What does the benadryl do for her though? (Besides helping her super special reactions) I only know it sometimes makes me sleepy. Such a weirdo..

No. 487279

You can get a sort of "buzz" from IV Benadryl, and considering our cow seems to already be addicted to other meds, she probably likes the high.

No. 487312

Most mcas specialists do not suggest iv Benadryl for that reason. Oral Benadryl is just as effective, although there are much better meds for mcas. And they also tell you to go to the er if you’re having a serious reaction. Jaquie’s not going to the er any more for her reactions, which tells you that she’s either having very mild reactions, or that she’s not having reactions at all (much more likely, as I’ve never actually seen her showing signs of an allergic reaction). She’s just using the iv Benadryl recreationally at this point.

No. 487325

They probably agreed to it because it’s fairly benign, as far as medications go. And Judd probably likes how it knocks her out. True MCAS is only managed by a multi-drug regime, and an at-home dose of Benadryl definitely does not stop major reactions. And since the uber-specialist at the university basically laughed her out of his office, I’m pretty confident that she doesn’t have it at all. She also seems to scratch herself to try to make it look like a reaction, but in true jaquie fashion, it’s a pretty bad attempt at faking symptoms. She’s just managed to find really, really dumb doctors that will prescribe all sorts of shit, whatever the flavor of the week is.

No. 487350

If she is using it daily (more so if she takes back to back doses) she will develop a physical tolerance. And excessive/over dosages can cause tachycardia and arrhythmias and paradoxical akathisia. Oh, and tripping out (deliriant hallucinogen).

No. 487353


Why does she have a spacer for her inhaler? Aren’t they for kids? Also I know “breathing treatments” make it sound more serious, Janjan but nobody believes your dry forced cough is serious, except you. Another one trying to be like Mary Frey who actually does breathing treatments. Not a Frey fan but at least she is is actually really sick.

No. 487356

Janjan, you can’t have bad diarrhoea one day and constipation the next. Constipation means you poop fewer than 3 times a week. Unless her diarrhoea is “overflow” but then it’s even less likely to be Crohn’s which is what you’re hoping for, right?

No. 487358

what illness do we think aj will covet next? place your bets here and we'll see who was right now that she's back to vee logging

No. 487360


Spacers are recommended for adults, too. Some doctors are more insistent than others.

And breathing treatments delivered with a nebulizer are called precisely that.

No. 487366


Ok fair enough but Still think it’s ridiculously OTT. Let’s put it into perspective - It’s an inhaler for a dry cough.

No. 487387

Ok, so let's be real for a second…we know the answer already (because its the AJ vlog)…but WHY does AJ need home health and home PT, when she has been out of the hospital for two weeks and drove herself to the store today and obviously carried the groceries in today? Drive to a follow up appointment and PT 2 times a week! She doesn't have a drain or an open wound that home health needs to change a bandage for remove for her!

No. 487408


Did she actually get nebulizer treatments? Haven't been able to watch yet.

No. 487410

>>487408 She was referring to using the inhaler through a spacer as 'breathing treatments'. Unless I missed something.

No. 487412


Because of her sooper severe immunodeficiency. Duh, anon! We wouldn't want AJ to catch a case of the sniffles!

No. 487415

I don’t think it’ll be a new illness, just her trying to get tpn. So probably not tolerating her feeds, and more ‘malnutrition’ kek.

No. 487423


Oh, well that's different, then!

Which med was it? She was last pictured with Symbicort and ProAir (both red inhaler).

No. 487441


I'll place 2 bets, bookie!

1) She seemed enamored with those inflatable leg cuffs that she used in the hospital to prevent blood clots. I think her next unnecessary device will be those cuffs because of her "limited mobility".

2) Mary Frey's been talking a lot about her blood sugar issues lately, so I think that her next step is to start complaining about low blood sugars so that she and Mary can be DEXCOM buddies foreverrrrrrr!

No. 487448

Why not go for three stomas and have an ostomy in addition to her G & J toobz? kek

And I second the other anon with the DEXCOM.

No. 487449

bookie anon here can i place my own bets or is that frowned upon? i'm petting on some severe GI issue since she's maxed out on the basics like toobz and gp. next up? some kind of colon issue!

No. 487450

she already opened a door for poop issues by putting her constipation (opioid induced obv but that's too common for her) out there to her legion of ass kissers so why not go for broke and and add one shit problem or another to her repertoire?

No. 487456

Ok here are my Jaq issues from her new video.

1. She mentions being home is hard because of the stairs. Does she not live on the first floor? So shes been climbing stairs everyday in her house but yet she needs a self driving wheelchair?
2. She made dinner for her and Judd. No person who needs 2 feeding tubes can each a chicken stuffed with cream cheese and (fried?) potatoes.
3. I think the person we need to watch to que when Jaquie is lying is Judd. His face LIT up and was so pissed when Jaquie said at 10:36 "I'm not even hungry." LIAR judd knows she is just saying that for the cameras. But we all know this..

Yhats just what stood out to me.

No. 487468

That is what gets me about her. She either thinks her viewers are beyond stupid or she simply doesn't care about inconsistencies such as eating cream filled chicken and potatoes (and Texas Roadhouse the night she came home from the hospital) in addition to going up and down stairs (including the night she came home from the hospital)

No. 487497

I can't believe JaqJaq found another creamy chicken recipe. She really has no creativity with recipes.

No. 487503

No no no Anon, she invented it herself! She was very proud of it! (And manic. Incredibly manic.)

No. 487507

File: 1517360701839.png (1.23 MB, 1390x698, dinner.PNG)

She's really proud of it too, because she didn't "use a recipe" and made it "all up [her]self" as if that's really a skill for something like stuffed chicken. It's not like she made her own baking recipe.

Maybe speculation/nonsense, but does it seem like she doesn't serve Judd much food? She puts so very little sides on his plate. Judd's a fairly muscular dude and he works long shifts. It just doesn't seem like it's enough to feed him after a 12-hour shift + helping her mom with errands, etc.

No. 487539

File: 1517363816203.png (666.91 KB, 854x480, notevenhungry.png)


OMG. You guys. This was his reaction and I'm ROFL

No. 487547

She's been mentioning muscle weakness (since infancy!) a lot which really isn't a huge part of EDS.

Congenital myopathy? Maybe EDS got too trendy for her so she's looking for something more rare she can subtly rewrite her history to fit.

No. 487548

Sage for no milk
I was driving to work thus morning and a commercial came in the radio and talked about nausea and vomiting and I thought to my anon self, this is a weird commercial, I've been reading too much AJ thread. And then, it got even better (or worse?), and continued on with "Do you have gastroparesis? If you think you have gastroparesis, call this number and we can help!". I was like no shit, they actually have an advert for GP! What is the world coming to!

Again sage for off topic and just disbelief in general. Probably paid for by AJ kek.

No. 487558

Jaq is already claiming foot drop and neuropathy. She can't do an MRI due to "muh sensory processing issues", and has avoided a spinal in the past… perhaps she will doctor shop a neurologist who is keen to skip a few diagnostic criteria to give her an MS diagnosis next.

No. 487561

Huh, that's totally weird. Do you remember who put out the ad or what it was for?

No. 487564

Jaquie does not have neuropathy and or foot drop. She’s never come out with a conclusive test to say she has neuropathy, ever. And foot drop takes quite a while to form over a period of time with serious nerve issues. Particularly has to be a certain nerve compressing on the leg. There’s no way she could’ve gone from walking just fine months ago and then suddenly have foot drop. Unless she literally has the type of disease that’s going to kill you. Which we all know she doesn’t.

No. 487565

How did Jaquie get foot drop? I don't think I've ever heard how she damaged her nerves.

No. 487568

She didn’t! Read my above comment

No. 487570

It was for a medication study. The way the was so detailed was cringe-worthy.

No. 487574


Correct. She doesn't have either. She just claims them (as I recall, small fibre neuropathy, and the foot drop for which she is getting AFOs). As I said, she claims them, but we know she is full of shit.

No. 487577

Can we all take a moment and celebrate that Jaquie isn't too pleased with the outcome of her J-tube. The extra leaking is probably going to last forever and she's going to end up with shit juice all over her 24/7 for the rest of her life. I want her to understand that her body is not a fucking game to play operation with! The consequences are real.

No. 487579


I know we say this a lot but it's still astounding to me how she is able to convince insurance to pay for stuff she doesn't need for diagnoses she doesn't have.

No. 487587


I can just picture Jaq passing Janiece something to slow her GI tract down so she "passes" the GES. Ugh. She's MPBing her friend :(

No. 487588


I don't think Janiece would deal well with the prospect of a J tube, or any tube. She's more of a wuss than Jaquie is.

No. 487593


Spacers help distribute the inhaler spray to the airways, and you don't have to get the timing as spot-on. They also help if the patient tends to cough when breathing in quickly (which you have to do when using an inhaler without a spacer).

(& showing my asthmafag credentials here, breathing through a spacer is a handy home neb trick if you want to avoid having to go to the ER)

No. 487594

K first, thanks Anon for that Glorious screen cap, was gonna look for it myself later but I'm lazy. That is the look of a man who regrets his life decisions.

2, maybe she stunts his portions so he will be hungry enough to finish what's left of her food and she won't technically be lying about it?

No. 487596


Hi bookie anon. I'd go for "urinary retention" if Jaq wasn't such a prude about pee and poop. No way she'd willingly have a catheter.

I think now she's got the AFOs and there are hip splints coming she'll look into continuing the cyborg set up with some good old fashioned CERVICAL INSTABILITY. Collars ahoy!

No. 487600


kekkkk omg i live for Judd's snarky expressions!

JUDD are you reading?? Please give us signs!

No. 487601


Muscle weakness since infancy, but she's a black belt in some martial art… right, Jaq.

I think the muscle weakness is what she was trying to use as her "mitrochrondrial illness". But mito is a yes/no thing, not a lot of middle ground, and I suspect she won't be able to bullshit that for long.

No. 487602


She definitely doesn't have the bilateral foot drop she claims - she wouldn't be driving otherwise surely??

No. 487606


The first thing I'd imagine docs telling her is that she needs to try to eat the stuff she's supposed to be eating anyway – bland, BRAT, etc. That is, if she can get the GP dx'd using Jaq's method. We know she doesn't obey this.

Also, question – if she has delayed gastic emptying, how is the shitting out any thing she eats within 30 minutes, supposedly?

I also believe that in an older vlog, Jan joked that Jaq said Jan would have to get a feeding tube next. That's fucking creepy, what with Janiece trying to get a GP dx now.

No. 487610

It's the chronic illness version of throwing the bouquet!

I know that joke was tasteless. It's just unsettling how they're talking about feeding tubes like people talk about marriage, "You're going to get married next!" "You're going to be the next one to get a feeding tube!"

No. 487615

You know what I'm probably going to be the next one to throw up from all this BS. kek. I'll make sure to contact Dr. Jaq afterward so she can self diagnose me with GP, EDS, POTS, MCAS, and foot drop.

No. 487619

It’s super weird, especially when most people hear someone has a feeding tube or needs to get one, their response is “I’m sorry, that really sucks.” They don’t get excited. We know jaq and janjan couldn’t actually handle being sick for even a day. But what gets more asspats than spoonie friend-twins with matching tubes and service dogs?? Although I doubt jaquie would actually be excited to share her spotlight.

No. 487622

She doesn’t even have a single foot drop. Nor the muscle weakness, nor the neuropathy, nor any of it. She’s one of the munchies that we can say for sure is a munchie through and through, because she’s been dumb enough to publicly document all the times she’s been told she didn’t have any of her illnesses.

No. 487635


& at the same time prove that with positive thinking and enough money, you can still be diagnosed with anything you want. Way to beat adversity, you lying bitch!

No. 487637

Has she had an MRI, EMG, NCS, lumbar puncture, or like ANY neurological testing? Or is all of that too conclusive and hard to manipulate for Jaq so she's avoiding it?

No. 487639

I know that foot drop can be caused by bad foot care when a patient is sedated or paralyzed while on a ventilator and the gravity with your feet laying out in front of you pulls downward and causes nerve damage. That is why when someone is on a vent for longer than 2 days they position the feet flexing upward or put tennis shoes on them. Maybe Jaq lays in bed high on all her IV drugs so much that her feet have atrophied so badly it has created foot drop. That is the only thing I can think of that would have caused her foot drop. So basically its another self inflicted problem and not from a disease. Sage for medfagging

No. 487643

I want to note that this only occurs when a patient is sedated so much that they cannot move their arms or legs. Even on ketamine Jaquie can still move her arms and legs. So I highly doubt she has foot drop. Sage again sorry

No. 487644


I think she mentioned having the skin punch test? That's for small fiber neuropathy.

No. 487645


She doesn't spend her days lying on the bed though, we see this in her videos. She's very mobile for all the conditions she claims!

No. 487648

She doesn't have foot drop. She's copying off Julian, just like she copied his wheelchair, his autism, and his EDS, she's trying to copy off his nerve problems too, because she's a pathetic munchie who can't think of her own illnesses so she steals every fucker else's illnesses

Sage for rage

No. 487650

Very true! I don't believe she has foot drop I have never seen her drag her feet when she walks. I was just running through some medical facts out loud trying to understand how she could claim foot drop.

No. 487656

No milk so saging but I wanted to add my experience of why J is really having a negative impact on real chronic ill people.

She honestly makes me feel like a failure when in comparison, she has a million more illnesses than I don yet is always up, dressed, doing house work cooking, etc.

Also I've had people question why I still have a nose hose and not a surgical tube like J because nose hoses are only meant to be super temporary and if you truly need a feeding tube, you'd have one in a snap.

So thanks to J, I've been questioned about the legitimacy of my need for my tube when I have zero oral intake for a variety of reasons. Nevermind the fact that here in UK, many of us with nose hoses wait months, sometimes a year before we get a surgical tube thanks to non emergency surgeries often cancelled for months on end or other reasons.

At one point I questioned myself. Am I lazy? Why can't I do as much as she does? Why are people questioning me bcos J got all ber toys in a matter of like 2 months. It really hit me hard and I found myself struggling extremely badly with depression over it all.

Everyone thinks J's treatment and turnaround times for them are the norm when they're not.

I hope more people see her for what she is. A fraud.

No. 487657


She only mentioned it causing her problems (getting out of the car) once she decided she had it.

No. 487659

I was going to say something similar too. That I was pretty sure Julian had a nerve disease so it’s very likely Jaq is just trying to copy him. We know she’s been known to do so. And since she was around him in person she probably got a lot of “tips” on how to copy. Instead of having to ask Facebook or google for symptoms.

No. 487660


sorry, samefagging, clicked too soon

I think she decided to fake foot drop when she was trying to decide which obvious-but-customisable splints to go for. AFOs are often used by children, and needed usually permanently (for things like cerebral palsy) so can be widely customised.

No. 487664


I think I know who you are, and you're definitely legitimate. I'm almost sure everyone who is sick posting on this board is legitimate. For munchies, Jaq is a lesson in how to doctor shop and fake "looking sick". For the rest of us, she's a cautionary tale in not obsessing over our illness too much.

No. 487667

She would have bitched about that. I had one and hurt a lot afterwards. Plus I doubt she'd miss the chance to vlog about it.

Though she might have decided to "forget" about it when the results came back negative.

No. 487669


This is what I thought, the "forgetting" to catch up on it. Though if someone asked she'd probably say she had it (having googled how to answer).

No. 487673


Next, she'll learn about sedated MRIs (done mainly for little tiny kids that cant hold still) and ask for special-k sedation for scans.

No. 487675

Someone should send her a fuckton of boxes of Special K cereal…She won't get the joke but it'd be hilarious.

No. 487678

yes he does, and I'm not sure if shes copying him or not, but if she is then she has hit lower levels of low than I thought imaginable.

I saw red flags and how pissed off Julian was in her vlog when she was showing off his wheelchair, I really hope Julian does come forth and out her for the monster she is. I feel as though we would all support his decisions here & defend him from the backlash from stans, right?

Irrelevant to this post - but important ish reminder to everyone else:

I've also just remembered that jan jan said she wishes she has a feeding tube when she was on live stream, someone asked her "do you have a feeding tube?" And she said "I wish"

No. 487679


That sickens me, honestly. The only adults I know who have used sedation for MRI have severe autism, to the point where you literally cannot ask them to try and stay still in the MRI machine. Jaquie needs to pull up her big girl panties.

No. 487680

I'm sure he wants to come forwards, I'm sure he has such thick milk it's heavy whipping cream, but Jaquie has so many brainwashed followers that he'd be crucified and he doesn't deserve that.

No. 487681


As much as I'd love for Julian to come forward with his tell-all, it's probably too much of a risk for him with her stans. Also we are supportive of him, sure, but we're anons on the internet, not real life friends. I hope he has some good ones of those to make up for Adjustable (Acquisitional) Jaquie.

No. 487682

I hope he tips off her insurance and her doctors at least. She needs stopping and sectioning, and since he knows her in person, he's not breaking any rules of the lolcow forum.

No. 487687


Oh dear, I hope I haven't outed myself to many people. Although, only a few know about my upset so that's okay.

I really do hope more people don't find themselves questioning their own illnesses and experiences because of some twisted, lying person. No one deserves to feel like that.

Fingers crossed more people find this board and know they're not alone.(stop medfagging and post this on tumblr)

No. 487692

I can't wait to see a Dateline episode about Adjustable Jaquie Blake (not Beckwith because Judd will have divorced her by them)

No. 487718

Maybe she'll get hauled in for practicing medicine without a license and the world will be a safer place

No. 487720


I've had patients with multiple myeloma with multiple compression fractures need sedated MRIs for severe back pain too intense to handle a long scan. Jaq could totally go that route with her munching for more ketamine.

No. 487721

I really think next will be something legitimately life threatening (that she won't really have). Judd is getting fed up, it's only a matter of time before he comes to his senses and tries to leave her, just for her to have something super severe happen and make it look like he's the bad guy if he leaves.

No. 487726

File: 1517375444715.png (122.99 KB, 640x1010, IMG_4212.PNG)

Tech idiot, couldn't figure out how to post link. In nutshell, this might be one of Jaqs AND janjans tricks.

No. 487727

I'm wondering if Judd has always been aware of what's been going on and he's over it. Or if he was in the dark and he is starting to realize what's really going on, and he's angry that AJ tricked him.

No. 487737

So excited to be able to post again forgot to say what the anti-diarrhea does kek

Taking too much can cause a euphoric rush and……heart problems. So, it'll get you high and help you get a diagnosis (or two or three) that you don't have. But it'll look like you do. Jaqs speciality

No. 487747


serious question– could she do this? that seems insane, to pump "nutrition" into one hole in your body and then have it come right back out a hole 2 inches away. but I guess it's theoretically possible– having "nutrition" go through 10 feet of your digestive track is better than not at all, I guess, from a medical standpoint.

No. 487748

File: 1517376590515.png (702.79 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4213.PNG)

I noticed only some of her vlogs have the "cc" next to them. Does that "cc" indicate vlogs that were captioned by the company her patrons help pay? And if so is it possible that JAQUIE is being paid to caption them? All the most recent vlogs esp since her surgery don't have the "cc". Thought I remembered seeing somewhere that anyone can apply to do the captioning and be paid. Might be wrong, long day.

No. 487757


I'd love to know if Judd reads here. Judd, if you're reading this, do a thumbs up at some point in the next vlog.

No. 487759

Her fantards are doing it for free.

No. 487761


She used the spacer for two puffs of Symbicort while Paul narrated. She inhaled while lying down nearly horizontally when she should be sitting up. She did not show herself shaking the inhaler, but there was a cut in the video. She said that compressing the inhaler provided exercise for her hand and that she would use her bad hand; she uttered an unconvincing "Ow" as she did.

No. 487762

If Jaquie hates confrontation and drama and that's her excuse for supposedly not reading here, why is she even bringing up her haters, her mom drama, etc during her patron parties? Isn't bringing up traumatic or emotional things at a group event the OPPOSITE of avoiding confrontation?

No. 487765

Serious? WTF?! Then WHY is she purporting to collect money from patreon to pay for closed captioning?

No. 487767


I'll put money on it that she'll be in the ER within 24 hours of him leaving her.

No. 487768


It hasn't always been that obvious. Epilepsy and narcolepsy were pretty weird but not unbelievable. She probably used them for attention, but it was more believable that she was doing it for "advocacy" and "awareness". This spiral hit hard over the last year– seriously, 18 months ago she was a normal person. Maybe she was just sick enough that it appealed to a savior complex within him.

No. 487769

No, but only because I'm the idiot that posts screen shots because I don't know how to make a link. It's a fascinating read though, it explains almost all of Jaquie

No. 487772


if she acknowledges she reads here, then she has to acknowledge the claims and come up with ways to refute them. I don't 100% believe she doesn't read here, I guess she just claims she doesn't.

No. 487782

I agree with you. I don't think she can resist reading here but she's too smart to admit it

No. 487784

Agree. I strongly suspect BPD in mommy that (as is common) also caused BPD in jaq with a dose of npd. I'm super curious what gave her the balls to go NC for half a year though. Because she's 21 now so presumeably this was when she was 19 or 20. That's young. And she says she's autistic. So, young autistic girl cuts off mom for 6 mos, gives her a list of requirements to be allowed back in, then rebuilds mommy relationship to point where she trusts her enough to let her caretake and be around at Jaqs most vulnerable times (post ketamine, post surgery etc)????? She may claim no mental problems but she sure as muthafuckin shit didn't do all that without the help of a lot of therapy. No fucking way.

No. 487785

I'm waiting for the day she snaps and has a video where she spends the entire time refuting all the "lies" about her on here.

No. 487787

Whoever figures out the timing of the spiral and what set her off should win all the prizes of the entire world. Thats the key to the mysterious case of the bad actor

No. 487788


I already called her out on this on her video when I saw two months worth hadn't been captioned. Her excuse was she doesn't make enough on patreon to caption all as she's below her goal (determine that she makes a min of.$250 from her 5 executive producer patrons). She also uses money for medical expenses.

Despite the fact the video she put out announcing her patreon said first and foremost it was for captions.

I called her out months ago, my comments ended up shared here. But yeah, she's just spending patron money on herself.

No. 487790

Back to facebook this brochure overlord goes…

No. 487791


Typo - despite not determine.

No. 487792

Kek I've seen other YTers call out/show on screen comments from haters. I always figured they were putting one on blast as a lesson to others–mean comment me and I might show your comment and your screen name to my loyal subscribers. I wouldn't want my comment shown like that even if it was something nice or supportive!

No. 487794

File: 1517378709365.jpeg (320.44 KB, 1242x1870, 05103A02-E854-4269-9C65-4CCDFF…)

I must get access to this! I’m sure this contains stuff before her spiral!

No. 487797

File: 1517378840624.png (417.26 KB, 2168x966, Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 1.07…)

Found her etsy

No. 487798

File: 1517378888102.png (2.06 MB, 2394x1220, Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 1.07…)

No. 487800

Kek good luck… (another entirely diff ex jaq anon here)…she doesn't accept friend requests there. Not even when she's busy using her "spoonie" account to mine illness info from you & Egg you on to dr shop your way into a permanent central line.

No. 487801

even if it's not there, I will find something on the internet…

No. 487802

Cant stomach her today. Was the vlog a bunch of days edited together? Because she says her narco is what causes her to leave shit in random places. If her narco was that bad that she's doing stuff like that she should NOT have been driving that day. At all. Generally a bad narco day, you know it from the moment you wake up, and you say hmm that sucks, I was supposed to drive to A B and C today but now my plans are ruined because I'm too sleepy to safely drive. Jaquie has such magical powers to be able to stick to her plans no matter what her chronic bullshit illnesses throw at her. Not possible. Just, not.

No. 487806

File: 1517379280696.png (126.36 KB, 1318x536, Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 1.13…)

No. 487808

Very interesting indeed

She also rarely if ever mentions CVS anymore

No. 487813

I read this the other day too! For some reason it came up when I was googling Jaquie. XoJane is the worst but that article was definitely interesting

No. 487814

Can anyone tell me is Jaquie's full name Jaquie? Or is it Jaqueline?

No. 487822


I thought in the "all about my illnesses" video her epilepsy was suspect when she talked about how normal EEGs won't catch it because of how deep in the brain they originate.

No. 487824

Can't help you there anon

No. 487826

It's Jaqueline. Her mom pronounces it like Jack-uh-lean. I hope that helps!

No. 487828

She is so full of shit. It amazes me that she hasn't been called out sooner. But as many anons have pointed out, she's so good at her mental mind tricks that fans question themselves and their own illnesses and doctors before they question Jaquie.

No. 487833

Kek there was a character on weekend update last wknd that had a voice volume control disease so rare only zero people had been diagnosed with it. Basically he used it as an excuse to treat the hosts like shit and be a rude asshole then say they were being rude because he has a disease and it's not his fault. At the end surprise surprise he was faking it. Sound like anyone we know?

No. 487835


I guess delusions originate deep in the brain.

No. 487838


This parady was literally linked her

No. 487842

I'm hoping someone'll do a parody of the chronically Jaquie channel. She would LOVE that kek
Or vlog recaps with cool sound effects every time she
1) mentions a diagnosis
2) touches her hair or face/looks to the side
3) pushes IV anything
4) eats GP unfriendly food

No. 487844

Kek it was a pretty spot on impression of Jaquies ways. Uncanny! If it was an old skit I'd have thought she used it as one of her study materials for how to use your faked diseases to make others feel like shit about themselves.

No. 487846

No. 487848


The net has been thoroughly mined over the course of the last 6+ threads.

No. 487849

ex pateons and Jaq anons, how long did the skypes and patron parties last? 20 minutes? An hour? Did Jaq seem to get tired, confused/brain fogged, overstimulated, sore or in pain, that kind of thing? Did she move around a lot like she was generally uncomfortable (as in, chronic pain)? Or was she the same Jaquie from start to finish?

No. 487850

Thank you anon!

No. 487851

I'm an ex-patron. The Skype parties typically lasted between 30 - 60 minutes depending on how she was feeling that day. She would get tired at the end. And she would end by telling us she was tired and she was heading out.

She didn't look confused/brain fogged or overstimulated to me. Without turning this into a blog, I struggle with reading body language because of my ASD. So the only time I could tell that she was struggling with anything was if she came out and said so. I really wish I could be of more help.

No. 487863

That was lots of help, actually! Kek I always imagined her being totally normal during these and forgetting to act sick or symptomatic because all the attention being on her gives her such a giddy narcissistic high. Thanks to you I'm rethinking some parts of my hypothesis :)

No. 487867

Found her next big adventure! She'll steal this persons idea but have to be OTT about it so she'll have Harlow AND Peacock.


No. 487872


Not with her SPD.

The woman in the story doesn't appear to claim to have any conditions necessitating an ESA. She's just a pretentious artist trying to cheat the system.


Sage for OT.

No. 487876

Playing doctor here, Janjan has adenovirus. Ironically, it IS contagious. Don't tell jaquie or she'll come down with symptoms because she's immunocompromised kek
Also ironically given the 'does Jaq have Lyme discussion' from whatever night was, I just felt a crawling sensation on my neck, which usually is fun nerve stuff. Nope. It was a tick.
Back to janiece! https://news.google.com/news/amp?caurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnn.com%2F2018%2F01%2F30%2Fhealth%2Fadenoviruses-mimic-flu%2Findex.html#pt0-519453

No. 487882

It sounded like a publicity stunt to me, also Jaqs style. Stage cute animal things (ranch dressing) or some customer service issue with a major airline (peacock denial) and go viral, get new subs/fans=money. End goal with Jaq is always money. And asspats. But she seems to think she's above having a "normal" job like all us ordinary peons. Not Jaquie! She's so wonderful her job is literally paying people to admire her and treat her like the munchie queen she is.

Also, I don't think Jaquie has SPD. Or autism.

No. 487886

When AJ says “we”, who is she referring to?? It’s excessive!!

No. 487893


I was being sarcastic re. AJ's SPD.

Not a publicity stunt. Ventiko was travelling from NY to Los Angeles and was trying to cheat her peacock's way onto a plane. She ended up driving instead.

No. 487896

Forgive me admins, if this breaks a rule but hopefully a grey area– any homeowners in California that live in stick built house in a wildfire risk area (so a fuckload of people) your homeowners insurance is prob gonna be non-renewed whenever it comes 'round again, and the only option will be the state run high risk limited coverage. Heads up and sorry for PSA fagging. Empath anon out(???)

No. 487899

Same ex-patron here. I just realized I said they were Skype parties. The patron parties are not on Skype. They're Livestreams that take place on YouTube. Like the ones she used to do a while back.

No. 487938

GTFO with this shit anon, it's gone too far

No. 487946

OK, I gather at some point that an anon posted something about J's mom being toxic, and then revealed specifics about their relationship issues, but then deleted? Please re-post, or someone fill me in. I am very curious and based on the comments that followed, that info was really significant. What is the deal with her mom?

No. 487963

OK, I know this has been said before, but what's the use of a home health nurse coming by five days or so after you've been discharged from hospital? I know it is customary for a nurse to come by THE SAME DAY you're discharged after certain operations (it is where I live, anyway). E.g. when you got an ostomy they often come to check on the patient because caring for it by yourself can be overwhelming at first so they check how you are doing. If you are discharged with tube feedings for the first time, they come by to set up the pump and explain everything because the hospital uses a different pump so you get a pump delivered and have to learn how to use it. But she already has a pump and also knows how to take care of her stoma. They only thing I can think of they can do is check her incision, but as she can drive, she should just go to her GP four wound checks. Most probable this isn't even necessairy, because I assume she has a follow-up appointment within two weeks or so with her surgeon (depending on the type of sutures they used). Yet not only did a home nurse come by, (s)he is coming next week and the week next to that as well. WHY?

As to Janiece: I'm with the anon who said she can't have obstipation only one DAY following diarrhea. Severe diarrhea, by her account. But her account makes no sense whatsoever, as I'm sure we all know.

First of all, if she would have diarrhea so severe that everything went straight trough her, she wouldn't be vlogging. And if she somehow did manage to vlog, we would see her walking to and from the toilet more often. Yet we only see her lying in bed. Second, if it was so severe they woulnd't keep feeding her even solid food and they would have her IV wide open to replenish fluids - which they hadn't.

It's also a bit suspicious that BOTH times she was admitted she came in with severe diarrhea and during her stay it went away. At home she had diarrhea again. Now she has supposedly gone from very severe diarrhea to constipation. As this is Janiece and Janiece thinks she has to go every single day and if she doesn't go she is sick, she probably just got better and doesn't have diarrhea anymore. She hasn't gone to the bathroom in 24 hours and she thinks that means she is constipated. That's my theory anyway. And as another anon said, if everything she eats comes out 30 mintues later, she cannot have GP. But this is Janiece, so there's no way to know how severe her diarrhea actually was.

No. 487969

WTAF? Where did this come from? It has nothing to do with Jaq or even a spoonie issue? I'm pretty sure this is the most random post I've actually ever encountered on here.

No. 488001

File: 1517401697410.jpg (179.83 KB, 1650x832, sQqLfZ9.jpg)

This is a comment from the video the day before. What. The. Actual. Fuck., Janiece? Come on!

Anyone care to 'guess' who the 'we' in her reply are? Doctor Jaquie and Janiece, maybe? Or, I believe Paul asked about this during her previous hospital stay. Suuuuure. Someone comes in with an electrolyte inbalance due to not eating and diarrhea (possibly purging) and instead of figuring out what's wrong, sending her to a dietician and making sure she sticks to her diet, you give her at home infusions. Sounds like a great idea, isn't it? If they TRULY would be worried about her intake, they should give her nose hose so she can give herself formula and extra fluids if needed. Infusions is VERY OTT. A tube even if for idiopathic diarrhea (that disappears after a few days in-patients and isn't even chronic but rather episodic when she is at home), but home infusions? Yeah.

No. 488003

File: 1517402558803.jpg (149.8 KB, 1154x1196, VpFVXv3.jpg)

Some comments from Janieces most recent video.

1. There was some discussion recently wether she should be on a GF diet. In her Insta she said somewhere she tried it for her migraines and later that it first helped her GI symptoms but then it did not (anymore). So why she started it is vague, but she does not have celiac.
2. GOLD. She really should do that.
3. She didn't think of that?? She either is very stupid, or she doesn't know how narcolepsy works. Or both, of course.
4 & 5. It's interesting how she reacted to a LOT of comments, including no. 4. and comments posted both before and after no. 5. was posted. But she didn't react to no. 5. Didn't fit her story, maybe?

P.S.: I posted this one first and then >>488001 but had to correct something in this one. That's why I refer to the 'video from the day before' in the previous post. Sorry 'bout that.

No. 488102

She had that nerve conduction testing… but I don't know if that's relevant to what you guys are talking about.

No. 488114

There was some discussion here wether the results of that test were based solely on self-report, or if is was an objective test. I'm not sure if we ever got a clear answer on that one.

No. 488119

This wasn't mentioned in her vlogs. But apparently, AJ got upset because one of the nurses was giving her crap about Harlow. In the past, whenever this happened, she always mentioned it. IDK why she didn't mention it now.

No. 488128

Guess you can't answer how you know that without exposing yourself (though I am curious). But do you know what kind of crap and how she reacted to it?

No. 488135

I'm an ex-patron. The charge nurse was asking for Harlow's papers.

No. 488141

So AJ went to victory martial arts, which it looks like has 48 locations. Places like that love to put people in competitions, but I can't find any that she was in. Finding anything about her other than articles about Harlow is pretty difficult.

Her mom has been arrested twice in Florida, back in 2006 for failure to comply both times.

Her brother's name is Justin, but there are so many Justin Blake's I can't find more than that.

No. 488143

Although the nurse was wrong to ask that (well, ignorant; she probably meant well) I never understood why they should be allowed to take Harlow to visit her. Yes, she is a service dog, but her services are not needed while she is in hospital. Judd brings her in, and he doesn't need to take her to be able to visit Jaquie. And Jaquie isn't alone, so she doesn't need Harlow. Apparently she also doesn't need her to do her life-saving alerts while she is admitted. When she is coming with Judd just to visit Jaquie, she is basically a pet they bring to cheer her up. And ESA's are not allowed in the hospital.

No. 488151

I know she’s gotten them done before. But she never came out with results. She literally just started claiming foot drop and neuropathy later on in the vlogs. Assuming everyone forgot she didn’t have results. Because that’s what Jaquie does. You’d have to have a severe type of neuropathy, progressive, for this to ACTUALLY happen. So if she was diagnosed with something as such, we’d be hearing about it. And trust me, we didn’t. I’m an ex-Jaq anon by the way. You can trust my word.

No. 488153

I’m not trying to WK for Jaquie but just five some insight into service dogs. Because I actually work with them. Service dogs do a lot more than just tasks for their owners, they bring independence and comfort as well. So a lot of the times when someone’s just been through a really hard surgery they want their partner in crime next to them. That dog is always with them 24/7 so it’s hard to not have them. Dogs bring a lot of comfort to people and even lower blood pressure/relieve stress by petting them.

No. 488154

What does failure to comply mean?

How is her mom teaching middle school with a criminal record?

No. 488159

…like an ESA? Which is not allowed in the hospital?

No. 488161

Failure to comply usually means someone was supposed to pay something, do something etc and they didn’t. Something important and court ordered, a ticket. Stuff as such. How is she teaching in FL you ask? Jesus Christ, we have the most LAXXXXXX laws around. Nobody gives.

No. 488165

Depends on what you’re arrested for. The school system tends to focus more on violent crime and obviously crimes against children. I think it also matters if it’s a felony or a misdemeanor. And if you’ve already been hired, they might not even know you’ve been arrested if you never have to go to prison. And if she’s able to lie and manipulate like jaquie does, it’s probably even easier to get away with.

No. 488166

ESA’s are actually allowed in hospitals in some cases. And no like I just said… just because a service dog isn’t doing a task doesn’t mean their prescence isn’t important and needed. They could need to give deep pressure therapy which is just laying hard on the person, but it relieves pain and or anxiety. I’m not going to have an arguement, you either understand or you don’t. But I’ve said my peace here.

No. 488168

Arrests don't show up on criminal records. Convictions do.

No. 488177

I wonder, sometimes, if Harlow is not as well behaved as Jacquie claims she is. She definitely seems like she doesn't bark of course but in the last vlog, she was nosing around at the package Jacqiue got. Jacquie pushed her away outside of frame instead of telling her to leave it, etc. I wonder if this prompts nurses asking.

No. 488181

Read the thread. These have been posted.

No. 488187

File: 1517416847491.jpeg (478.05 KB, 1242x929, 3033D703-3875-42C9-B646-0A75F1…)

Do you guys think this could be about… dundun…. Adjustable Jaq???? Opinions

No. 488190

Tastes like subtle tea. I hope she knows it’s about her.

No. 488193

Subtle tea I am dying anon

No. 488197

Damnit anon you beat. Me to it. I just deleted my screenshot of this post.

Can confirm - it's about jaq.

No. 488212

She doesn't seem to respond to discipline well. Maybe it's bc anytime Jaquie "disciplines" her in the vlogs she is also laughing. But Harlow responds about as well as the average pet when it comes to being told to leave people alone etc, not like a professionally trained service dog.

No. 488226

I have a demylinating polyneuropathy and I don't even have foot drop. She's so full of shit.

No. 488245

She probably has some muscle weakness from inactivity. She'd need PT for that, not AFO's. Or she's just plain faking it, which is also possible. If she truly had foot drop, even partial foot drop like she says her rheumy dx'd her with, we would see it as she walks, and she wouldn't be driving. Even many people who theoretically have enough strength to push the pedals but have proprioceptive issues and/or lack control drive with adaptations because they either can't dose their strength or they have to watch their feet to know what they are doing. I know people with different kinds of conditions who are all able to walk - however badly, and all of them use a wheelchair at least parttime - but use hand controls for this very reason. (Mild) CP, EDS, M.S., chronic leg pain, etc. Jaquie claims have EDS which would affect her proprioception, small fibe neuropathy which affects sensation, foot drop bad enough to necessitate AFO's, undiagnosed 'horrible muscular pain since childhood' in her legs, hips that sublux often (which could very well cause weakness and pins and needles in feet and legs), blood pooling in her legs from POTS, 'horrendous' spasms in her legs quite often on top of general weakness, but she is happily driving everywhere, as long as the drive is under 20 minutes.

No. 488266

Vlog is up

No. 488269

Personally I think the brace and AFO company are just trying to get more $$$ from her. She hadn't mentioned AFOs at all until she went to get her hip/knee braces fitted and then suddenly she was getting AFOs.
She doesn't have foot drop AT ALL and if she did I think she would go for a fancy nerve stimulator rather than AFOs.

No. 488277

Yeah.. Um I live around where Waquie Jaquie lives and yesterday it was cool outside at the very most. Definitely not cold. If she was wearing that with heat intolerance she would’ve passed out.

No. 488286

So Julian posts about not letting illness rule your life then shortly thereafter Jaq posts a vlog where they go to the aquarium, take Harlow for a walk, and get take out. She barely mentions her illnesses at all except for to say that she got a new medic alert bracelet, show off her wheelchair a bit, and wear the ridiculous mask around.

No. 488291

Agree there is basically zero milk in this vlog.
I did find it interesting that she chose to wear her wedding rings on a necklace, because supposedly they interfere with her wheel chair gloves. I could see the diamond ring maybe, the wedding band itself? That seems odd.

No. 488294

Jaquie had a really rough morning. In the afternoon they went to the aquarium, after which she went for a good long walk (in wheelchair) with Harlow, she edited her vlog, and initially they were even planning to go out for dinner, while she is still recovering from her surgery.

I WANT HER ENERGY. What is she on? If that's her special K, I need to get me some of that! (Only my pain doctor says it doesn't work for joint pain and not even nerve pain that stems from an obviously irritated nerve instead of a 'wind up' of the nervous system like in CRPS. As my doc is an actual pain specialist and Jaquie seeks out quacks, it's obvious which one is right here. Unfortunately, I would say. I mean: what if Ketamin actually worked the way she says it does. Wouldn't that be GREAT?)

No. 488296

How did you find out that information about her mom anon? (if it isn't too outing)

No. 488297

File: 1517423618894.png (10.48 MB, 2208x1242, 4F1D26D3-0934-4059-9DFF-F395CF…)

Here’s Jaquie’s excellent wheelchair driving skills as she crashes into a wall. I watched it over and over probably 15 times it was so funny to me. I also hate how she acts paralyzed when she’s in her wheelchair! There was a hole to look under where you look up to see fish and Jaquie was like “yeah you’re supposed to go under.. but..” and just trails off. Like bitch! We’ve all seen you crawl all over the floor and use your damn knees. You’re no stranger to being on your knees.

No. 488298

There is some skim milk maybe… ha… at the end of the vlog she says that Judd can pick where they go out to dinner but that she would like Olive Garden. He said it's too generic. Jump cut to them sitting on the floor at the coffee table unpacking Olive Garden because she decided she was in too much pain to go out. Manipulate much?

No. 488301

she munchnipulates judd and i don't know how he deals with it as long as he has unless he knows and likes that sweet sweet patreon $$$ that buys him his star wars toys

No. 488302

Agreeee about the energy. Especially when you consider that she also got dressed (which can be a big deal for those with chronic illness) and did her stoma care, plus tube care, plus breathing treatments. Common sense would dictate that for someone so ill that she would need to rest after that, especially considering she is recovering. But not AJ! She is ready to take on the world.

No. 488304

It's available on the website My Life. You have to be a paid subscriber to see the details but anyone can see the red flag at the top of the page that she has a criminal or arrest record.

No. 488306

Maybe even more funny is how Harlow just follows her, to almost into that wall.

Also, the way she catches herself? Most EDSers as bad as she claims to have it would dislocate more than one joint from that. Think wrists, shoulders, and kneecaps.

No. 488307

File: 1517423971194.jpeg (65.84 KB, 1242x292, A04FFE9E-C8CF-4076-A9A0-6E37BA…)

I’m just gonna leave this here

No. 488309

File: 1517424033033.jpg (32.99 KB, 600x447, gnocchi.jpg)

And of course, she orders something drenched in cream. Why would someone who doesn't get hungry and gets her nutrishun from a tooob even care about where they went? kek.

No. 488310

Her 'slow healing from EDS' somehow only affects the amount of opioids she needs. Odd, eh? Must be a suuuper rare subtype.

No. 488314

Nothing 'skim' 'bout that there! Kek.

No. 488331

File: 1517424717342.png (2.91 MB, 1712x1132, Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 1.49…)

I also noticed in the vlog that she isn't doing much good of keeping allergens out if she's wearing her new mask like that. I have the same brand and the nose wire is very hard to bend, but once you get it in shape it really forms well to the face. (Doesn't even fog my glasses up)

Jaquie doesn't seem to have fitted the mask to her face, leaving a huge gap for all those nasty allergens to get into.

She switches to her vogmask for the aquarium, guess she wants to look extra sick with those valves.

No. 488339


you're not outed. we speak on IG so I've worked it out but obviously won't share this with anyone.

saged for Adjustable Jaquie Victim Support Group

No. 488343

Google. I found where she had a record so I looked up court documents from counties in Florida with her name until I found the right one.

No. 488344

Can we make this an actual thing?

No. 488355

I've wondered about something like that the last few weeks. Sometimes I would want to know a little more about the people here. Not to create another Instagram or to share illness stories or whatever, but just not be anon and know who is saying what. Plus having a little more information about where everybody is coming from without having to fear bans for blogging. And who knows, maybe actually to help each other through difficult times.

It would even help this board, because I'm no empath anon, but even I can sense that a lot of people are getting annoyed with the amount of sharing and blogging lately.

Maybe a board with an open part and a members-only part people can only apply for after x-amount of posts?

(Sorry if this is against the rules, but how else can we organise to be in contact OFF this board without first sharing a little bit here?)

No. 488362

Janieces vlog is also up. I haven't watched it yet.

No. 488370


Just remember:

4.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.

No. 488371

I third this idea

No. 488372

File: 1517426144177.jpg (363.34 KB, 2736x1824, 8zxKCj7.jpg)

Haven't watched the rest so don't know if she adresses it in the vlog, but apparently she's on morfine. No wonder her diarrhea is gone!

She mentioned before being on painkillers for her abdominal pain, but who TF gives morfine to someone with abdominal pain? More specifially, someone with abdominal pain with no known cause?? Wow.

No. 488375

i skipped around because janjan is boring and without jaq manipulating her i feel like she'd be harmless but to sum up the video:

she had her GES
she doesn't understand how people can do the test outpatient because it's a very long test
she realized how hard physical therapy and occupational therapy actually are now that she's had to do it herself
she never believed they were as hard as they looked
she is supposed to be drinking clear ensure 3 times a day (in between meals)
she didn't mumble as much in this video
talked about the teddy bear paul gave her on their first date
appearances by her brother(s)? and orion
looks a hell of a lot more clean/put together than greasy ass AJ (this isn't a wk it's an observation to my eyes)

No. 488377

Jaquie's Mom is in the vlog on a regular basis though. So to me - and correct me if I am wrong, that allows her mom to be discussed. Her brother not so much.

No. 488378

Learn to sage.

No. 488389


24 hours? halfway through the "I'm leaving" talk she'll be on the floor clutching her throat and grasping for an EpiPen!

No. 488396

There is absolutely no reason for her to use the smartdrive a place like that. Like a chair wasn't enough she also needs a powerassist at all times to be sure she'll decondition as much as possible! maybe a powerchair is next up?

No. 488398


I didn't actually know loperamide was opioid-based. I take it from time to time like I'm sure most people do… maybe JanJan's recent "heart problems" have been from her taking overdoses of something she probably sees as a "safe" medication for her terrible diarrhoea.

No. 488402


She shouldn't be using a medication-delivery system to "exercise" her bad hand, this risks getting an insufficient amount of medication into her lungs. Just get a fucking stressball! Her "asthma" obviously can't be that bad.

No. 488406


I think armchair diagnosing her mother, who we've seen comparatively little of, isn't very helpful.

I more suspect being the (much) younger, practically only child of older parents gave her a sense of entitlement.

No. 488431

This seems totally overkill to me. I didn't think people will say shit if they're not anonymous. Many people who post here were never part of the IG "spoonie" community so you're never going to figure out our identities, if that's what you mean by wondering who we are.

There's already a lolcow Discord, why don't you join that or something?

No. 488439

It depends on the facility, unit and particular clinicians where the patient is admitted. I have had my dog visit me in CCU but she had to be bathed beforehand and we needed a bill of health document from the vet.

No. 488440

I second this. Anonymity is a huge draw to this board and most of us that are here want milk, not a support group. Plus I don't see lolcow being a huge fan of us posting link to somewhere else that would potentially draw users away from this site.

No. 488441

We can still be anon, but have a username so you know who's saying what. That's what I meant. So you can relate something someone has told about themselves in a previous post to what they are saying next.

It won't be for everyone, some people won't like it, others will. I don't see much wrong with that. Some people obviously want to be able to share just a wee little more about themselves, for example to help someone with your own experience. It's not that I want to know what accounts someone has used in the past or whatever, because I've never used any kind of social media account and I'm not planning to either. People could still post milk here and talk about it, but also talk about other stuff off-site.

Just an idea. And it seems some people like the idea.

No. 488444

Exactly. The few people who are very upset appear to already know each other or at least know of each other. They can talk to each other on IG or whatever if they want to but the rest of us will be here.

No. 488448

Maybe something like Discord is what you're looking for but I'm really not sure it's a good idea.

No. 488450

What do you think Jaqs medical alert necklace says? It is tiny and does not have a ton of writing on it. As someone who is required to wear a medical alert bracelet my info could not fit on that skinny bar. And I only have 1 problem unlike Jaq who has 10. Sage

No. 488459

Her medical ID’s (I know she used to wear a pink bracelet) are called Road ID. And with this particular brand you can have a number to call on it where medical personnel gains access to all your medical info. It’s for people who’s entire med info wouldn’t fit on there. You pay a yearly subscription for it. I’m an ex-Patreon and I know her bracelet said something like, “dysautonomia, heat intolerant, don’t separate from service dog, and then it had the number on it. She also had the puzzle piece for Autism on it too.

No. 488465

Will those be the medical records that Jaquie has sanctioned herself, or her complete records? Kek.

Also: if people have to call someone in an emergency, it's not much use in an actual split-second-life-or-death-situation. The most important stuff HAS to be on your bracelet. If you have more info and the info you have is not immediately life-saving, there's the SOS Talisman that has a piece of folded up paper in there which can contain quite a lot of information. Conditions, vaccinations, the number of your GP and a partner/family member/friend, things to look out for (e.g. "joints dislocated easily, be careful with transport" or something like that) and it could even fit your medications and dosages. Although with the amount of diagnoses Jaq has, I'm not sure if THAT would fit on there.

No. 488466

Interesting. Very interesting. See I don't think I would be allowed to do that. I need to people to know whats wrong with me IMMEDIATELY otherwise they could essentially kill me with the wrong medications. If it is a true emergency like a car accident and a medic sees you have a bracelet they must call and get confirmation before they can treat you. Sometimes you only have seconds.

No. 488471

Ex-Patreon again here. Yeah I agree. She had urged me to get one myself. I’m not sure of what her new necklace says though. I haven’t looked closely at that. If I were to guess I’m assuming now it probably says something about her anaphylaxis and maybe drugs she’s taking.

No. 488483

File: 1517430721500.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5642.PNG)

No shame in trying?!? Does anyone else find that an extremely odd statement to make?

No. 488484

I just looked up Road ID. There is not a medical alert symbol on it! How would anyone know to check it?? That's absolutely ridiculous.

No. 488485


Agreed. But farmhands have been known to be overzealous at times.

No. 488487

Why is the scan room painted like that? Is she in a children's hospital??

No. 488488

Does hers have one? It looks like you can buy a piece to add the symbol.

It's interesting she's using them. I've seen other folks recommend them not for medical alert as much as non-verbal autistic children (esp runners) and older folks who have some sort of dementia. As in, not great for medical info but good for knowing if somebody is lost and who to call.

No. 488490

You can buy a charm that has the medical symbol on it. Anyways besides that though, all medical personnel be it firefighters, nurses, EMS, are all trained to check under the shirt and or wrists for medical ID’s. It’s not hard to see, someone would see it. It’s quite in your face, pink even.

No. 488491

Well, aren’t you just a special little snowflake. We don’t care. Don’t blog.

No. 488493

It’s weird, like she wants it to show GP or something. Which we all know is exactly what she wants the test to show, so she too can have a super special purging tube.

No. 488501

she didn't spell it right on her story.

Do we think AJ will get annoyed if Jan has GP? Will people start getting suspect? It's much too big of a coincidence that both these girls have the same illness. POTS is one thing, that's common now in women. But GP? Really?

No. 488506

Yeah clearly she wants it to show GP. Don’t know if you watched the Vlog, I watched the whole thing. But in the beginning-ish she was saying “the doctor and I were talking one on one and I was like we HAVE to figure this out I need an answer this time” because she was saying last time she left the hospital with 10 days worth of medications and once they ran out she felt horrible again. She basically sounded insane trying to force an answer out of the doctor, begging him to diagnose her with something, anything! And it’s a bit suspect how she said she was fine on the Meds with the 10 days and now she’s not? She makes zero sense. She’s worse than Jaquie, she contradicts herself in her own Vlog every other scene.

No. 488508

As long as Jan doesn't try to overtake the Master, I think AJ will be thrilled with a GP diagnosis. She will finally have the munchie prodigy she has been trying so hard to create (based on another ex-Jaq anons sharing their experiences with Jaq 'helping' them get diagnosed)

No. 488521


It's a RoadID. They have a smart version. It might just show the phone number/website and her pin to get the info.

No. 488568


They both have POTS and narcolepsy. They aren’t associated illnesses, so it’s highly unusual that 2 friends both have both conditions.

No. 488574

I agree. People have also been telling her to get tested for EDS. Her being hispanic, chances are she has some degree of hypermobility so if she finds a quack, she might actually get that diagnosis. She has been complaining about muscle pain for some time now, Just like Jaquie did at first. Jaq started out with muscular pain, which morphed into joint pain when she learned about EDS. Janiece might do the same. Since Janiece hasn't been eating for a while, her GES might even show a slightly slow motility. Especially if she is on meds for her diarrhea, which could slow down the stomach as well. So who knows, next they'll both have a diagnosis of narcolepsy, migraine, asthma, EDS, GP and POTS. Will MCAS be next for Janiece? Or would autism be first, so she can be mean and rude and blame it on her aspergers?

No. 488594

File: 1517436592070.jpeg (151.16 KB, 1242x770, 91D24A5E-CB18-4D90-824E-EEC3EC…)

Hmmmm. Interesting. I just found Julian’s tumblr. Appears to still be quite active. It’s full of sexual content, veganism, memes, occasional chronic illness, and other deep extraneous content. My point is, after looking at this I just wonder to myself.. how on earth did they become friends? They seem like individuals worlds apart. I mean he literally seems like someone Jaquie wouldn’t even understand or borderline think is inappropriate? I don’t know how else to say it. I’m wondering if she forced a friendship on him seeing as she has zero friends besides Wacko Janjan. I’m just very curious.

No. 488625

Slightly off topic but imo we will see AJ angling for some cranio-cervical instability soon with her sooper hypermobile neck a la Christina Doherty. Although she most likely wouldn't be able to handle the pain of spinal fusion surgery she would be able to use it as an opportunity to wear a neck brace 24/7 and get some more Special K and dilly doo dah.

(Not that I think Christina is a munchie but I'm sure AJ looks to her for EDS complication inspiration).

Saged for ?OT and no milk

No. 488628

She definitely does! And Christina doesn't seem to realize how ridiculous AJ is, they interact on IG. I'd like to see AJ go through a full spinal fusion like Christina has, she would want to be knocked out 24/7!

No. 488629

Anyone remember if she’s done an upright MRI to check for chiari and cervical instability? Unlike some of her other ‘symptoms’, those are hard to fake. Although negative tests have never stopped her before. It is interesting that she’s not covered in braces, since that seems to be the first step of most eds munchies.

No. 488633

She has not done one of those, no

No. 488639

I feel for Christina. She wants it off her neck brace, but her fusion slipped so she had to have surgery again, on top of surgery for her knee.

I think AJ'S most recent brace kick is because of Christina.

No. 488640

I'm unsure about the MRIs but on the topic of Christina, I remember when she had her fusion last year she mentioned in her vlog how she found the pain pump really difficult to use as the morphine made her feel really nauseous. Now I know AJ's pain pump was dilaudid but did we ever hear her complain of this side effect? You'd think that she wouldn't want to use unnecessary meds that could heighten her sooper severe nausea and vomiting due to her sooper severe gastroparesis

No. 488645

It really makes you realise how fucking ridiculous AJ is when considering the fact that Christina was discharged less than a week after a spinal fusion and AJ milked it to get a 10 DAY admission for a toob placement

No. 488665


She’s had a GES despite being on morphine. I reckon it is likely to come back as showing delayed emptying.

No. 488691


In the UK, they expect you to be off narcotic medication for a certain period of time before an emptying study. I bet she gets a false positive. Someone should also tell Janjan that gastroparesis does not cause diarrhoea.

No. 488695

"Don't separate from service dog."


What would a first repsonder do if they saw "dysautonomia?" Is that a helpful identifier?

No. 488701

Yeah even here in the us there’s a whole list of medications they want you off of for a GES, and also autonomic testing, because those meds can screw with the results.

No. 488704

Why are so many people getting cervical fusions with eds? It’s not recommended at all, because there’s a really low rate of success, yet I’ve seen multiple people on IG recently posting (bragging really) about theirs.

No. 488724

Sage for medfagging
1) separate from service animal: helpful : yes and no. Doggy will likely remain protective but if you are having trouble breathing, bye bye doggy, hello emergency health care. Doggy is there to go get help or bring you a med or drag a magnet over your vagal stimulator. Emergency help is there to make sure you don't die from your resulting illness.

2) dysautonomia: helpful: yes: us medfags will know you'll come around if we put your feet up, and if you don't then maybe something else is really wrong, like you're having a real heart attack, or AJ developed a shrimp allergy because she actually eats so much shrimp and for once, had anaphylaxis instead of pretending to faint.

It really depends on what else is more important…in AJs case, not much is really intensive.

No. 488725

File: 1517442720416.jpg (615.55 KB, 804x1470, Screenshot_20180131-175027.jpg)

Here's Christina's explanation on why she had it done.

No. 488734


kek all the tubie pads

No. 488739

I've been wondering this too. It's especially alarming because the only people I've seen have this ELECTIVE surgery are very young women that already have a slew of health problems. In very few cases I'm sure it's the best option but I highly doubt it is for the majority of them. People seem to think this huge surgery is going to fix them for life.

No. 488754


Don't ban me please, I'm directly responding to a question this person asked. My husband is a first responder, I asked if he would know what to do differently or what he would think if he saw a medical alert bracelet that said "dysautonomia". He said he doesn't know what that is and typically they don't have time to google things so it would be of no help in the field. He thought it was related to autoimmune disease.

No. 488756

I had morphine once in the emergency room and had severe nausea from it as well. (It did nothing for my pain or mood.) I didn't know it was a normal side effect (is it?) because no one mentions it. Everyone just waxes lyrical about getting high on morphine.

No. 488759


Sage for OT.

A hospital near me (no where near Jan) has some rooms painted with Dr Seuss murals as it used to be part of a pediatric wing that got relocated out. They just don't always paint over murals since there's really no need.

No. 488760

It's a pretty common side effect of opiates, I'm fairly certain.

No. 488765

Yes nausea and vomiting are very common with opiates. Sometimes in the ER they give anti-nausea meds with morphine if they have to give it. On that note perhaps Jan is getting zofran with her precious morphine. Yet another one that will slow down motility and trick the GES. Although she hasn't actually mentioned nausea medication/zofran in the vlogs.

No. 488766

Thanks for responding. I could see a first responder hesitating before doing much more beyond life-saving care if it wasn't clear what it was.


No. 488768


Nausea is a common side effect of morphine specifically. IV ondansetron is usually coadministered.

No. 488770

Nausea is a side effect of morphine.

No. 488802

Loperamide is an opioid but it doesn't pass the blood brain barrier, so no high. Imo the FDA are being assholes by restricting it, addicts just use it to get through withdrawal without shitting their pants.

I wouldn't be surprised if these munchies are taking it by the handful and failing to disclose as much before GI tests. I'm sure it would mess up results significantly, and most people don't realize how effective a medication it really is. Although ironically, if you have something serious like IBD, it barely works.

No. 488808

She wasn't on morphine though, she was on Dilaudid (hydromorphone), right? Dilaudid is a semisynthetic whereas morphine is natural and causes a greater histamine release which is reslonsible for more side effects.

No. 488815


It's not an opioid per se. It is an opioid-receptor agonist. It's primary action is to slow gastric motility.

It is currently in the news.

FDA wants to curb abuse of Imodium, 'the poor man's methadone'


No. 488818


Yes, Jaquie was (is still?) on dilaudid.

No. 488828

i don't think we've discussed enough that she crashed her wheelchair into a fish tank.

No. 488833


no one cares. don’t post people here that you don’t want associated with cows.

No. 488857

As someone who used a SmartDriveMX+2 once, I can kinda understand her running into the wall. (Though it's still fucking hilarious.)

To start, you double tap the wheel , tap it again to set the speed, and then double tap to disengage. You can't make it stop immediately, so if you're approaching a barrier you'd have to disengage and slow down manually.

Not giving her credit, because she's had this chair for a while and should know how to work it better, but Smart Drive is a cruel mistress in tight spaces.

(sage for wheelchairfag)

No. 488884

I think it just goes to show how much she probably doesn’t use the chair off camera.

No. 488916

I would love to have that on a loop. It made my day. She really is dangerous in that thing though. It's a miracle she didn't end up crashing into those whale bones she kept driving through.

No. 488929

File: 1517454228559.gif (3.05 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Your wish is my command.
Brochure Anon

No. 488960

Absolutely not. Physical therapy is less invasive, less expensive, and a hell of a lot more effective long-term. She’s also making a point to show off her picc line, which at the very least screams OTT. No decent EDS specialist would recommend that surgery on someone that young for sure.

No. 488966


If you truly need EMS you don't need Harlow there to get you a blanket or some Ranch dressing.

No. 488977


Loperamide isn't restricted. You can buy a box of 400 online right now if you want. Lomotil is restricted.

No. 488984


True MVP again tonight

No. 488987


I have no idea who this chick is but this whole post screams OTT

No. 488989

File: 1517457919312.png (111.83 KB, 640x1136, 4DE06799-375A-4F6B-A84F-D549EE…)

They just want to change the packaging. It can get you high, but only if you take a ton of it.

No. 488991

File: 1517457940352.png (109.92 KB, 640x1136, 9CA34116-DAA7-4AF2-8CA1-0F7105…)

No. 489043

I might have to go watch the video to see how long and hard Judd laughs at her!!! Omg. Hitting the tank. Hilarious!

No. 489057


shouldn't her hand have subluxed from the impact yall

No. 489069

If she actually had eds, possibly. Luckily for her, she doesn’t, so I’m sure she’s fine, although I’m guessing her ego is a bit bruised. She did post the video, though, which is bizarre.

No. 489076

File: 1517463336270.png (2.06 MB, 1854x1184, Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 12.3…)

how many instagram accounts does she have? Here's one that she abandoned in 2013, featuring service dog Osten and lil Judd


No. 489079


Samefag >>488815

All opioids are opioid receptor agonists, but not all agonists are opioids for the purposes of classification and thus scheduling.

No. 489081

That service dog is probably the one that she got from a service that ripped them off.

No. 489085

Does she mean pass out and faint? Or pass out asleep?

Cause this is waaaay before she started angling for POTS.

No. 489096


Through Jaq's old instagram account I found her half-brother, who has to be 20 years old than her. He has a daughter who was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. Jaq's health problems began less than a year later.

No. 489098

Oh shit…

No. 489100


Boom. There it is

No. 489143

O. Wow. Did we finally find what set her off?

No. 489151

I wonder. I've seen her describe narcolepsy sleep attacks like passing out. Literally ("it's basically passing out from narcolepsy" - paraphrasing here, don't remember the exact quote) but also explaining that when Harlow 'alerts' her, she know she is gonna have a sleep attack but can't stop it. So she finds a place where she can lie down and then waits for it to come. But that's not how narcolepsy works at all. If you keep active, you can often keep yourself awake. If you are sleepy and you're going to lie down, then yeah, you know you are going to fall asleep because you are hella sleepy. I always assumed her narcolepsy to be real because it is one of her first diagnoses and because I assumed they would not only do a sleep latency test (hook you up to an EEG for 24 hours and ask you to lie down at times X, Y and Z and time how long it takes for you to fall asleep) but also do an LP for for hypocretin. Someone in this thread (well, a previous incarnation of it) told me they don't always do an LP if someone comes in with symptoms of narcolepsy. And when I read her descriptions I really started to doubt it. I still don't know what to believe about her narcolepsy. But as I see it, she either is very bad at explaining her symptoms, is misinformed (e.g. someone told her there's no use fighting it and just have a nap when you need to and she misinterpreted it?), has a very atypical presentation, or doesn't have it.

As she describes her narcolepsy sleep attacks as 'passing out', your question is very valid. Also I'm not sure IF she even had her diagnosis yet by that point. I think she did, because I seem to remember she got her first SD because both her epilepsy and her narcolepsy were so out of control? But that's the way Jaquie tells it, and she is notorious for rewriting her own (symptom) history.

From the early posts of her current Instagram, it doesn't seem like the "low blood pressure" symptoms she reported back then had her pass out. I don't remember her reporting it. It started with low BP and dizziness, not too long after she also mentioned heat intolerance, and it only changed to tachycardia after she learned about POTS. I think she talked about passing out before that from her "low BP", but I'm really not sure if that was as early as this post.

So I think at this point we cannot know. I will look back at her early IG posts (I'm the one who went through her and Harlow's IG a few threads ago and posted that long series that showed how certain stuff developed) to see if she is talking about passing out in the early days of H's account. Will post back when I find it.

(Sorry for my rambling, I always need a lot of words when I'm tired.)

No. 489154

I looked it up, and I think she means "passing out" as having a sleep attack. Again: it doesn't make much sense to describe narcolepsy like that, but she did often refer to it that way like in >>414968 or >>414974 (links to my old post of her/Harlow IG). She only mentions dizzy spells, difficulty bending down and balance issues in relation to her low BP. And once that stairs are tricky when her "BP drops". I don't think she ever mentioned fainting due to low BP by then. That's in posts from december '15 and january '16, so it doesn't seem to make sense that she would have fainting spells in '13. We can't be entirely sure though, of course.

No. 489163

Screenshots pls??

No. 489167

Isn't that against the rules?

No. 489169

she travels out of state for PT twice a week

No. 489170


Were is this info exactly? Can you screen cap it? I went snooping, found two accounts which I think are his, if I've got his name right. One profile had nothing but a pic of an angry owl. The other account had a pic of who I assume is his daughter? I guess? No caption. And the profile pic is something about child cancer. But nothing explicitly saying that his kid was diagnosed. The pic of her was from 2012. Only like on it was by jaq's "itsmejaquie" account.

No. 489202


I'm not going to share any screenshots or the url because Jaquie's brother and his family didn't do anything wrong and it's a child, but it wasn't through instagram photos or captions. There's a blog connected to the brother's wife's instagram that says all of this.

No. 489223

I’ve noticed that Alex and Levi on Instagram as alexlikesvlogs no longer follow Jaquie and Harlow. Alex in the early days would hang out with jaq and they trained their service dogs together… interesting.

No. 489233

Has Jaquie ever actually explicitly mentioned her brother/not being close to him? If she has, which vee-log is it in?

No. 489236

Wouldn't that have also been the year she graduated high school? 2013, not 2012. I can't remember for sure how old she is

No. 489269

What do you make of her cousin saying before she was diagnosed with narcolepsy she used to collapse (cataplexy) whenever she was excited about winning in Mario Kart?

No. 489270

This sounds like classic textbook narcolepsy—to jaquie. Kek. As in she took the common misconception that most people with narcopelsy randomly fall asleep mid sentence, or when walking down the street etc. because that's what Jaquie does, she claims a diagnosis and fits her symptoms accordingly. She just didn't do her homework. Then when she did, suddenly when she passes out it's because she has narco with cataplexy. But correct me if I'm wrong, with cataplexy you can't TELL you're about to have an attack so her saying she feels it coming and lays down…that's impossible. Also impossible, how much holding still and still staying awake she does. As anon pointed out, narcos figure out pretty quickly that to be quiet or not move a lot often means falling asleep. Hence many narcoleptics not being able to drive, or stay awake for an entire movie let alone a fucking marathon, while lying in bed or on the couch wrapped in blankets which can make even NONnarcos have an unintended nap. And again, if she truly had narco she would NOT be 100 percent symptom free because it doesn't work that way. Pretending to leave your phone or mayo in the micro once in a while doesn't count either Jaquie.

No. 489271

She faked it.

No. 489272

Wow that explains so much. Thanks for not screencapping, they deserve privacy, but excellent find.

No. 489278

Doesn't FFA or some similar organization like that give dogs (puppies really) to hs kids to do basic socializing/training? Happened all the time at my school. Then they'd hand them off to the organization actually training them for SD tasks once they behaved in public, new sit, stay etc. Jaq prob saw that and wanted attention and to boss people (DONT TOUCH my SD in training kek) but she didn't want to join the FFA. Too young to be employed as a dog trainer so she decided to fake an illness so she could have and train her own SD. Hope that makes sense (real narco here, apologies)

No. 489281


different anon here but I have narcolepsy and if I didn't know anything about Jaquie I would say that sounds legit because I had a similar experience. The "passing out" she referred to when tubing would have to be cataplexy. But it's weird that she would say "passing out," since it only looks like you passed out to everyone else. You yourself are fully conscious. And that's a very severe form of cataplexy. If I had something like that, no way in hell would I put myself in a situation where I could fucking drown.

It's possible that she has narcolepsy but the rest of her conditions are bullshit. It's also possible that she read up on narcolepsy before she was diagnosed and knew what weird symptoms (collapsing when excited over mario kart) to pretend to have.

No. 489292

That would explain it. Another thing both Jaquie and Janiece don't get right about narcolepsy is how they say that they are always exhausted and naps makes them even worse. Janiece literally says she can't take naps because it makes her worse (because of REM intrusions) and Jaquie answered a comment on her IG ages ago where someone asked her if she felt better after a nap or worse that she is "always exhausted" and naps don't really make her feel better. But one of the defining characteristics of narcolepsy is that naps ARE refreshing, but only for a short amount of time. That's what distinguishes it from certain other conditions. They also don't seem to make a distinction between fatigue and sleepiness. Of course narcolepsy can cause fatigue as well, but diagnostically it's VERY important to make that distinction. To be honest especially Janieces symptoms sounds much more like chronic fatigue to me than narcolepsy.

Though what I still find odd if Jaquie doesn't have it, is how many naps she takes during the day. Taking regular naps takes discipline, at least it does for me. Many people with fatigue due to whatever chronic illness don't feel like lying down because it makes them feel 80 years old. Also, it's difficult to time your naps and go asleep before you collapse. Most people I know find it hard to find that balance and they just go on until they just can't. Sometimes they're even too tired to get themselves to bed. Jaquie takes a lot of naps during the day and if you aren't either very disciplined OR you just can't function without them, it's difficult to maintain that. Even most chronically ill people who technically should take naps mostly can go on without them for a while. It's only in the long run their fatigue and/or sleepiness catched up on them. Hence why it takes discipline to take naps every single day. I don't really see how and why she takes so many naps if she doesn't really need it. Naps are boring.

No. 489296

But that's just it: what she calls "passing out from narcolepsy" is NOT the cataplexy. I'll look up the screenshot where she talks about it. She mentions both cataplexy AND what she calls "REM attacks" (I think? I might misremember) and those she refers to as "passing out". I'll look up the screenshots I posted before and repost them. I'll be a couple of minutes.

No. 489299

She takes so many naps because she's bored. She sits at home doing nothing all day, may as well nap away the hours til Judd or her mom get off work and she can bug them.

No. 489310


lol then yeah she's full of shit unless she has some crazy severe form that I'm not sure even exists, in which case she wouldn't be able to do much of anything. And I would imagine that her doctors would have her license taken away between that and her "epilepsy."

No. 489317

File: 1517501555255.jpg (210.18 KB, 1066x882, vZsRsWi.jpg)

And that's not the first time she refers to it that way. See the links I gave before in this post >>489154

No. 489319

It's been pointed out in these threads before about the nap thing. Unrefreshing naps are IH not narco. Lots of same symptoms and sleep study results but that's the big difference.

No. 489323

File: 1517501809332.jpg (549.54 KB, 1968x1196, oqp8hIP.jpg)

Might as well repost the entire image. If you want to see the complete series, start here:

No. 489327

Did Jaq even DO a sleep test to get her narco diagnosis? She really doesn't seem to have any symptoms of it besides self reported and it's pretty easy to lie about being sleepy.

No. 489332

She didn't haven an (open) Instagram or other social media account back then, and I don't think she ever talked about it. So unless I missed her explaining how she was diagnosed, we really have no way to know. It could be in her "all about my chronic illnesses!" video, but I don't really fancy having to watch that one. I have seen most of it though and don't think she talks about how she was diagnosed. Just what the symptoms are.

No. 489337

This shit pisses me off because she's so manipulative and seeks out doctors that are shit or unethical and she ALWAYS gets her way and gets what she wants. Treatments, diagnosis, etc. she's not a good liar and doesn't have a "backstory" that makes sense to anyone with half a medical brain. HOW DOES SHE DO IT?
Sage for rage

No. 489344

Something happened just before or right around when she started vlogging that made her spiral even quicker, even if the relatives cancer was the initial trigger. Good find anon! But I think we're still missing a crucial thing. Maybe it was Judd being deployed, or starting the vlogs and quickly becoming addicted to the asspats? Self loathing? Fight with mommy who thinks she's faking and suddenly she has allllll these new and worsening diagnosis? See mom, look how sooper sick I am, don't you feel bad now for doubting me?! Now, kiss my feet, do my bidding, jump through my hoops and you can be in my life again.

No. 489356

Jaquie mentioned in one of the vlogs at Judd's moms house that when Judd was at basic training, she stayed with his mom. Which I thought was interesting considering how awkward she acts around his mom all the time. I wonder if she fell back on her 'illnesses' to have an excuse to hole up in her bedroom and not talk to Judd's family?

No. 489359

OK, I looked it up. And it is indeed in her "all about my complex bullshit disorder" video. She says she began having trouble staying awake in middle school (US fags, what age is that?) but what actually lead to her first sleep study was her excessive sleep walking. The initial sleep study showed signs of narcolepsy. After that, she had several more sleep studies and MSLT's (multiple sleep latency tests, where they measure how long it takes you to fall asleep during the day). After several studies, she was diagnosed with narcolepsy with cataplexy at age 15. She did not mention having had an LP.

What stands out to me about that is the "multiple" sleep studies and "multiple MSLT's". Why would she need more than one? Usually, one is enough to diagnose the problem. The only reason to repeat would be to assess how well a patients responds to treatment. And even then I'd think a MWT (maintenance of wakefullness test) would be more useful than a MSLT. I'm not sure if her first tests simply were not conclusive or if this is an early sign of doctor shopping, maybe on account of her parents since she was quite young.

Also good to know that apparently, she did not actually go to the doctor with symptoms of sleepiness and cataplexy. So even if the sleepiness might have been there, I think it's very possible the cataplexy was planted in her mind after doctors started asking if she ever experienced lack of muscle tone with certain emotions. We all know she has a LONG history of rewriting her own history and morphing her symptoms to textbook symptoms of a disorder only after she learns about a given disorder. She might have been just tired or maybe have hypersomnia and changed that into typical symptoms of narcolepsy.

No. 489366

Kek heard about this on news, I bet empath anon had all the doom and gloom feels for themself not Jaquie. Irony. Jaquie doesn't have emotions to feel because she's a robot psychopath. Silly anon

No. 489367


middle school (age 11 to 14ish) is a pretty common time for narcolepsy to start showing up, and MLSTs and the overnight test are what diagnoses it. The overnight rules out any other causes of sleepiness (like apnea) and the MLST looks for how long it takes to fall asleep and enter REM (which you shouldn't do at all in that short of a time period). You shouldn't need more than one unless the test is inconclusive or you just keep doing them until you get the result you want. It is possible to get a false positive if you know what you're doing.

I once went to a new doctor who wanted me to take the test again before he would treat me, but I refused because it's expensive and I would've had to go off my medication for several weeks, which would have made me unable to work.

No. 489368

Sorry but if it takes several sleep studies to "pass" and get the diag you were hoping for that's not the same as having it. Jaq and Jan are hilarious

No. 489374

You know what can make you feel tired all the time in middle school? Growth spurts. Hormonal changes. Stress from social awfulness that is being a middle-school aged girl. Drama at home. SO MANY things that easily explain it and should have been addressed before even going the medical diagnosis route. If Jaqs parents pushed her repeatedly to go have sleep test after sleep test maybe she's a munchie by proxy? Can that continue into adulthood if there's enough mental fuckery going on on all sides?

No. 489380

I just watched the rest of the segment. She says that at the time of her diagnosis, she slept over 18 hours a day. That definitely sounds more like either idiopathic hypersomnia with long sleep time (which is considered a subtype of IH) or chronic fatigue. Hypersonmia with long sleep time AND chronic fatigue is also common in depression, by the way.

She talks about how she used to have sleep attacks where she would just drop to the ground asleep without any warning. I have NEVER heard of anyone with narcolepsy having that kind of sleep attacks. If people are not sitting down or lying down they often either don't fall asleep OR their extreme sleepiness expresses itself in automatic behaviour, so they just go on with whatever they are doing and can seem fine to the casual observer, but they don't realize. It's sort of like sleep walking during the day. Jaquie seems to have an obsession with disorders that cause her to drop to the ground and/or completely incapacitate her out of nowhere: epilepsy, her special type of narcolepsy, fainting in POTS, severe allergic reactions, etc.

She explains things like putting mayo in the microwave or keys in the fridge as automatic behavior due to her narcolepsy. It seems a bit odd to me that someone who's narcolepsy is supposedly very well controlled (she shouldn't be driving if it wasn't) would still have this kind of automatic behavior. She does say that she only experiences automatic behavior when her narcolepsy is very bad. Well, if that is the case, then why was she driving in yesterdays vlog? She was driving on the very same day when she found her phone in the microwave. Fortunately we know she probably is either faking or exaggerating, but if that wasn't the case, then I would be very sorry for everyone who has loved ones in Florida.

No. 489383

Yes, MBP can cause Munchausens in adulthood.

No. 489385


it's too bad that tv shows don't do a little more research before putting people like this on them, because one reason why it takes so long for people to get a narcolepsy diagnosis (except Jaquie, of course) and why it's believed to be under-diagnosed is because people don't realize they have it because they think they have to be suddenly falling asleep with no warning in the middle of waterskiing, because that's what irresponsible shows like this say.

No. 489386

What if the reason her mom went NC was that she realized Jaq was becoming a Munchie? What if her mom realized what she did when Jaq was younger was wrong, and when she saw the Munchie behavior she cut herself off so Jaq couldn't use her?

No. 489388

I'm glad my "Complex Bullshit Disorder" thing has caught on. Kek.

No. 489389

She was already beginning to spiral at this point but her dad did have a stroke in September 2016 which she described as having happened "out of nowhere". Probably got upset about the attention suddenly turning away from her and reacted by regressing to her toddler self and puncturing herself with toobz at an alarming rate.

No. 489390

That's because it is spot on, anon!

See, Jaquie thinks she has all this different disorders and her geneticist thinks he can tie most of them together because she is a genetic anomaly apparently. But you had the answer all along. There IS an explanation for ALL her disorders: CBD.

No. 489408

Interesting anon. We all assumed Jaq went NC because that's what Jaq said but–that means we're trusting Jaq isn't lying. Which prob isn't a smart choice. Something is very off in the mommy/daughter dynamic from both sides. They each seem to despise the other on a very deep instinctual level and it manifests as OTT way of interacting. Example, if Jaq asks (tells?) mommy to praise her for wiping her own butt or eating 1 bite of food, and mommy responds with a yes baby, or yes jack-a-Lynn, you did soooo good. It's like the way people talk to little kids, giving them praise for a drawing that in your head you think "that fucking sucks little Timmy, you have zero talent". So you say good job and fake it. But not with the contempt and disdain Jaqs mom has when talking like that to Jaq. They despise each other but are super codependent. No empath anon, just had bpd mom and narcissist dad

No. 489421

Or maybe Jaq has been OTT/Munchie the whole time and kept demanding to get re-tested. The reason they hate each other is Jaq is mad mummy dearest doesn't believe how sick she is, and mom is just fed up with having a munchie toddler.

No. 489427

I may be 100% wrong, but her mother doesn't strike me as MBP mom. I think she meant well, and her taking Jaquie to multiple doctors was more a product of a "everything for my little girl" mentality. And of course by the time Jaquie was 14/15, it's very possible Jaq already had mastered the art of manipulation to a reasonable degree.

I'm not sure why I don't think of her mom as being MBP, and probably most actual MBP moms (they are almost always female) don't give off an "MBP vibe" or they would've been caught earlier. But the way Jaquie interacts with her mom about her illnesses it's more Jaquie feeding the information (including opinions about doctors) to her mom. The conversations they have in the car seem very 'stiff' (can't find the right english word, but I guess you know what I mean) and unnatural. It's Jaquie prompting her mom: "what did you think of that doctor, mom? He was good, wasn't he?" Mom: "Yes, he was good." Her mother knows what Jaquie wants to hear and she is kind of following her lead. When it was revealed a few nights ago that Jaquie has basically set requirements for her mother to be allowed back into her life, those stiff conversations and the way she taught her mom parts of her medical care when she first came live with them made SO much more sense to me. She was teaching her mother what to do and how to act, and even what opinion to have about her doctors. She's experienced in training dogs, and it almost seems like she is handling her mom the same way. Prompting her, rewarding her if she gets it right and ignoring her when she doesn't.

No. 489428

O wait, I was typing >>489427 and somehow didn't read your post first. But we both interpreted certain aspects of their interaction the same way. That makes an even stronger case.

No. 489437

And mommy dearest goes along with it because she fears the repurcussions of stating her own (conflicting) opinion. One of the best books about interacting with someone with BPD is called I Hate You, Don't Leave Me. That's Jaq and her mom. Jaquie hates her but needs her to validate her doctors and illnesses, and as an extra dose of OTT power play forces her to do so. Mommy hates Jaq but needs her so she can play concerned mom and keep up the charade, and she fears jaquies rage if she does anything but play along. They need each other because they're in an unbreakable cycle. Hence the NC for 6 months and diving back in because "conditions" were met.

No. 489451

I forgot to add something. Apparently, while Jaquie was NC with her mom, she had her blocked from her phone. Yet, Jaquie claimed that when her mom fulfilled the conditions, her mom was able to call her phone and leave a voice message. I'm not sure if that's how it works…

No. 489452

Can anyone link to jaq's mama drama? I don't remember her talking about conditions or any issues with her mother, but man I want to see it so bad and I can't find it. If anyone has a source I'd greatly appreciate it!

No. 489456

No can do. This was information relayed to her patrons during a patron party.

No. 489464

It's a dynamic you'd prob only ever pick up on if you drew the parenting short straw when it comes to mental illness and especially BPD. Having a mom with BPD that focuses all the negative onto the daughter is supposedly the worst kind of mind fuckery for the kid. Some famous psych dude from way back called that form "soul killer". Kek so not funny but kinda because Jaquie doesn't have a soul but if she did it's black and shriveled and she needs to get a diagnosis stat! I'll try to find the article again and link it

No. 489477

A lot of this is armchair quarterbacking like panties-in-a-bunch anon rags on us for doing (but apparently same anon sees no problem in medical armchair quarterbacking). Personality disorders (like many here suspect Jaq of having) are notorious for being scarily hard to see and pick up in people. Unless you have had to live with/deal with fallout from one yourself. Then it's pretty easy to see, hence the armchair quarterbacking. Same for her medical stuff–if you yourself have what Jaq says you know she's full of shit, vs someone that doesn't have that condition and therefore prob doesn't know what symptoms of Jaqs don't make any sense. Sage for rambling

No. 489495

No. 489504

She's trying embarassingly hard to get another viral video. she always words the titles differently when she's hoping it'll go mainstream

No. 489509

Seriously? I have a great relationship with my parents; the weirdness of Jaq around her mom and mom around Jaq is just VERY obvious.

No. 489512

File: 1517513146532.png (55.81 KB, 588x848, IMG_4223.PNG)

Did Jaquie get a French manicure on the way home from the hospital? I couldn't figure out why her hands looked so different as she's waving them around. I don't remember her nails looking this nice.

No. 489516

A lot of anons get riled up when discussing mommys mental health. Which is fair because she's not the munchie, Jaq is. But Jaq is fair game and talking about her mental health, it's hard for it to NOT lead back to her mom. Kek interesting that it's obvious to people with healthy parents too, I would have thought otherwise too

No. 489527

No. 489531

Kek so they ruled out GP. Janjan will be so disappointed when she wakes up

No. 489533

File: 1517514079352.png (67.37 KB, 635x670, IMG_4224.PNG)

So THIS is the face she makes when talking about how she slept all day because her narco is really bad. Why does she always grin like the Cheshire Cat

No. 489535

How many more pointless tests are they going to do before they have her checked out by a psychologist?

No. 489540

File: 1517514274696.png (62.49 KB, 564x526, IMG_4225.PNG)

And her "alarmed because Jaquie weighs more than her" face

No. 489543

File: 1517514421036.png (62.1 KB, 587x501, IMG_4227.PNG)

Aaaand when she was reliving how she had symptoms of a stroke and it was scary. Notice the upturned corners on her mouth. Also known as a smile.

No. 489551

I'm only 5 minutes into jancans vlog and holy crap I want to sock her a good one in the face.
She says for THREE DAYS before she went to the ER her hands were cramping up. Didn't she see the NP at her GIs office the day before the hospitalization? And th NP was so concerned she told her to go to the hospital? That's got me really curious if Jan mentioned the hand cramping in her spot or decided later it had happened. That seems like the kind of thing your doctor would send you to the hospital for, in the back of an ambulance. Especially if she's having sooper severe diarrhea like she claimed.

No. 489563

Paul is pushing for her to stay in the hospital. And JanJan has a ratty looking stuffed animal too. These people are ridiculous.

No. 489570

And she's getting morphine???? If your tummy hurts that bad put the fucking camera down and act like an actual sick and in pain person. jeeeeeesus

No. 489578

To Paul's credit tho he HAS figured out a way to get more camera time. Judd didn't even try. Translation- Judd not into fame and asspats. Paul is. Judd goes along with Jaqs shit, Paul encourages Jan to be a munchie.

No. 489587

Not sure about in the US but in the UK a red band with a drug written on it means you're allergic to that drug so it might be that?

No. 489595

Calcium, magnesium and potassium are electrolytes—not VITAMINS. NumbDumb JanJan and her narrator Paul het a big FAIL on that!

No. 489600

They are just now testing her thyroid? Seriously? That would account for some of the exhaustion, the cramping, the constipation, the stomach aches (from constipation), other levels being off. It only controls the entire body.

No. 489603

How pissed do you think Jaquie will be if Jan gets diagnosed with an actual, serious illness?

No. 489606

Wow you guys, AJ's patron count is 185. That is the lowest I have ever seen it. Yesterday it was 197.

No. 489609

Next suggestion Jan wil do: testing her for MALS. Can I put money on that?

No. 489610

Kek the hospital shoulda asked Dr Jaquie for a consult, she's a walking encyclopedia of medical knowledge

No. 489612

Kek that makes my day

No. 489614

What kind of specialists diagnose shit eating grin syndrome? Jan needs to see one of those for a full workup

No. 489641


They’re both clearly in the healthy BMI range. Neither are malnourished nor have they ever been.

No. 489653

JanJan even more so. She’s nearly got a double chin. I don’t understand why anyone thinks she is unable to eat kek

No. 489662

Vlog is up.

No. 489668

File: 1517519064546.jpg (466.02 KB, 1968x1583, WcpTqKK.jpg)

I decided to Google that Prometheus test Janiece wants to do so badly. One of the first hits was this interesting discussion I found on this website: http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthread.php?t=33535


No. 489685

File: 1517519663565.jpg (557.32 KB, 1968x1629, oG6aRwb.jpg)

Besides the fact that the test is apparently not very reliable (which is interesting enough on it's own) another interesting point is raised in reply #15 where it is mentioned that IBS can cause microscopic inflammation. Now I was almost sure I had heard that somewhere and have always thought Janieces symptoms were most likely IBS, but I was not sure when or where I heard that so had not mentioned it. Now Janiece has had clear upper and lower scopes and even had two colonoscopies in a few months time. All clear. Then the pillcam showed 'minor inflammation', which is the reason her doc wants to do the Prometheus test. But apparently, that finding can be 100% consistent with IBS as well. As are pretty much all her other GI symptoms. Hm…


(Argh, I keep messing up this post. Hope this one is right, finally.)

No. 489692

Interesting in todays vlog regarding her 'not being able to eat' is that Paul mentions that she hardly ate anything yesterday. She only ate her small standardized meal for the GES (not so small, imho) and had a snack in the afternoon. What was worrying according to Paul is she now experienced that if she hardly eats, she doesn't have stomach pain. So that makes it harder for her to eat more, because she now knows she is in more pain if she eats more.

But.. both have been telling us for WEEKS that she was hardly eating anything. She had lost a lot of weight and was malnourished etc. because she was hardly eating. So how can she only now discover that if she eats less, she doesn't have that much pain? That doesn't make any sense.

No. 489705

Anyone know what exactly goes into a banana bag? Could Jaquies 'nerve damage' and foot weakness be caused by an overdose of vitamin B6?

No. 489711


Some people’s version of “hardly eating” is biased.

No. 489720

She was afraid she wouldn't get to the dog park 'cause it was "so far"… she's in a wheelchair that drives itself. How taxing can that possibly be?

No. 489721

Thiamine, folic acid and magnesium.

No. 489722

re: aj's new vlog

this bitch is doing IVIG at home and there are actual sick people who can't even get it approved at an infusion center.

also this bitch is stupid enough to think she can "infuse IVIG on the go" kek i despite her so much

No. 489724

lets not give her any ideas but unless she has the MTHRFR gene she doesn't need the folic acid? can a medfag weigh in? saged for stupid question

No. 489727

Now she is down to 184 Patrons. Woot.

No. 489729

If she has reported low to no intake for a few days plus the cramps and her bloods then they likely gave it to her to ensure no refeeding syndrome occured

No. 489731

i was asking about aj's banana bag sorry for the confusion! does she really need the folic acid every single time she uses a banana bag?

No. 489732

She also said that had she tried to walk that far that her joints would have dislocted and she would have fainted. She is so OTT.

No. 489733

she also calls NSAIDS nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs why can't she just say NSAID like a normal person who takes pain meds?!

No. 489734

SO how does AJ get that heavy ass wheelchair out the front door and down a step or two? I know they aren’t keeping a $15,000 wheelchair in the back of the car and even if they were she’d have to lift it to get it down? Can you imagine seeing someone carry a wheelchair down steps then get in it? She doesn’t film that part cause that wouldn’t look right

No. 489735

Once again she seems to not have this new mask fitted properly. If she was sooo super allergic to plants, it would be letting in a lot of allergens through the gap in the top.

Also why the hell does she get IVIG?! She doesn't have an autoimmune disorder.

No. 489741

Top kek anon, that is a pretty funny picture with lifting the wheel chair down the step, getting into it and zooming away. I wonder if having Jaq as an neighbor is a giant head scratcher. Like people that are OTT limping because of a "hurt" ankle and limp on the left one day and the right the next. We may never see much of her day and the shit she edits out but just imagine the kinds of crap her neighbors must see glancing out their window or passing her on the sidewalk or parking lot

No. 489742

Jaq ALMOST forgot (kek) that she had IV Toradol at home that she could push for her hip pain. She obviously was able to lift the Barbie car in and out of the apartment. SHe took Harlow to the dogpark—I didn't see a pink pooper-scooper so she must have done a dump-and-dash. She mentioned Harlow hadn't been getting enough exercise, where her mom lives, and that she tripped over her own 2 feet—to confirm the foot drop. Also mentioned that her vit-a-min and electrolyte levels drop (like BFF JanJan) unless she does the banana bag. All of these have been mentioned on this thread. Also her mention of all of the positives reflects Julian's recent statement about not letting an illness define the person. Coincidence?

No. 489754

And after she pushed her Toradol, the pain was a little better, and she was able to take a shower. I dunno, but for most chronically ill or disabled people, taking a shower is VERY intensive. We also know she doesn't keep her special shower chair in the bathroom but in her 'hospital room'. So not only did she have to undress herself, wash herself, step into the shower/unto the shower chair and keep her arms above her head so she could wash her hair and then blow dry her hair (by thirty seconds at a time, kek), dry herself, get dressed and get into bed, but she also had to drag that extra wide shower chair to the bathroom and put in IN the bath so she could transfer herself onto it. I mean, Judd wasn't home, so she had to do it herself. But she was in SO much pain, y'all.

Also: she was supposed to go for her special K the day before yesterday, but she had to cancel because she just couldn't do it. Yet the day immediately after that, she was able to go out with Judd. So she couldn't lie into a hospital bed two days ago because she is not yet recovered, but yesterday she could go out and today she could go outside to the dag park and train with Harlow? O. OK.

No. 489771

File: 1517523661342.jpg (61.43 KB, 1575x469, iNhb1cr.jpg)

Janiece apparently is NOT on morphine. I assumed because she had a band with "morphine" printed on it that it meant she was on morphine, but apparently it means they shouldn't give it to her.

That still leaves the question what they ARE giving her. She has said multiple times that they are giving her 'medication' for her abdominal pain, but she never specified what she is taking for it.

Another thing, and I have mentioned it before but I keep wondering about this: why the HELL do they keep giving her antibiotics for her diarrhea? Most people get diarrhea if they are on antibiotics, even if they had no GI problems whatsoever before. During her last stay they also gave her steroids, which made NO sense. Maybe it would make sense if they gave it to her now because the pill cam showed minor inflammation so I can imagine them giving her steriods as a hail Mary pass, but antibiotics? AGAIN?

No. 489778

Oh ffs janiece, if your pain is so bad you need morphine you don't give a rats ass what it does to your narcolepsy. Jesus Effin h Christ. Why does this chick want to stay awake so bad if she's so miserable?!! Most peeps in the hospital would be relieved if they suddenly developed narcolepsy and could sleep til they were diagnosed/treated/released

No. 489779

The only reason I could see them giving her antibiotics would be if her white blood cells are elevated from an infection/autoimmune problem but they should have ended them a while ago, especially if they have her on steroids now as the steroids would help bring down the inflamation. Antibiotics should only be taken for a short amount of time if you have GI problems and them taking her off would also most likely help with her appetite, but no she HAD to try appetite enhancing drugs that didnt even end up working.

sage for medfagging

No. 489790

I couldn't quite figure that out either. I wonder if she didn't have anyone who was willing to drive her and sit through the embarrassment of her screaming about NOOOO PAAAAAIINNN and cows in the recovery room.

No. 489792

Do they ever even consider the side effects of each of these? Or how it complicates diagnosis and can skew test results?? If you're trying a new med or meds every day for one or two days then switching to a totally different kind, where do you know when the original problem stops and the side effects begin? Jan wants a diagnosis so bad she has tunnel vision. Anyone sick would want answers, obviously. But usually they're too busy being sick to be telling their doctors what meds to try and what tests to run. I bet their doctors all HATE Jan and Jaq

No. 489799


She was only on steroids for 10 days, from when she was discharged from hospital just before Christmas.

If they suspect an autoimmune disease, they’ll trial 2-4 weeks.

No. 489800

I get the impression that Jaq's family (Judd & mom) have recently had a serious talk with her about independence.
Vlog break and then a fresh start with activities, collecting groceries (her carefully considered explanation for that didn't take into account the steps up to her front door), neighbourhood strolls…

It's like all that stuff people have been saying about how each 'tool' she gets makes her sicker, rather than enabling her to do stuff. Suddenly she's discovered she can use her shiny pink badges of spoonie bravery to actually do things and go outside.

No. 489819

It's a subtle overhaul of her channel because she isn't autistic and she does pay attention to all her "haters". She's realized everyone is figuring it out and she found the limit of what people blindly believe and what they see as bullshit. Toe the line then back off. Now all her tools will start actually "helping" her "chronic illnesses"

No. 489823

Hopefully, now people will see that doing all these things while chronically ill, recovering from major surgery. and taking care of a house is impossible.

No. 489825


sage for blogging/medfagging again but i was recently discharged from a hospital in florida after a dx of severe uc and they only had me on antibiotics for a few days to bring down my white blood cells, still on steroids ~2 weeks later and was told to keep taking them for ~3 weeks after discharge. if it is ibd/crohns/whatever i’m assuming they would treat it in a similar way but imo it’s probably ibs since her upper and lower scopes came back normal. Even still she should not be on antibiotics ten days later, ESPECIALLY if theyre tracing all of this back to gi issues, shes just going to get worse or at the very least not improve

No. 489832

Did anyone else notice that Harlow was totally limping in today's vlog? As they were leaving the dogpark, Jaquie said she looked relaxed, but she was clearly favoring her left front leg, walking all wonky. And when they got home and Jaq was talking about hooking up her fluids, Harlow licked her "wrist" on that leg. She's so out of shape it's no wonder if she sprained something with all that running. And Jaquie didn't even notice! Ugh.

Sage for ranting about the poor dog.

No. 489835

I sincerely wonder how she ever got it approved. It's a standard treatment for a condition I have but every insurance has different approval guidelines and tend to be strict with it.

Hopefully she won't hear about the new IM IVIG. It's supposed to be great :(

No. 489850

I think it's so strange that they didn't consider like putting Harlow in a doggie day care or ya know, paying somebody to walk her, during that hospital time. Just like…be responsible if you have a dog that has that much excess energy.

She claims her two accomplishments for yesterday (today's vlog) are going to the dog park and finding a new setting on her camera, but if she has a vlog out tomorrow then she's obviously lying. We talk about it all the time but it's like she doesn't want anybody to consider the vlog editing time work that she does but it clearly takes time and effort to put the videos together. It's such shit.

No. 489852

Just like jancan doesn't consider daily vlogging (and all that goes with it) a job. Particularly when she thinks she's so disabled that she shouldn't have to pay her student loans back. She's capable of having a job that pays better than YT but it's her passion so she chooses to spend 7 days a week pursuing it. Same with Jaquie. Except she actually makes good money at her job considering her work experience kek

No. 489882

My guess is she didn't go for the special K because someone has caught on to what she is doing. Maybe that's why all of a sudden she is asking questions about CBD?

No. 489891

They must be giving her some kind of narcotic since she keeps bringing up the fact that she can't take her narcolepsy meds with the medication they're giving her at the hospital (and I'm pretty sure she takes the same narcolepsy med as jaq which can't be taken with opioids)

No. 489919

I was watching Jaq's latest vee-log and she's talking about how when Harlow is on normal dog time vs. working its fine for people to approach and pet her, etc. Uh, I get if she's at the dog park, how that would be ok. But how are people supposed to know since every other person we see with service dogs don't want you approaching EVER, which I understand. Seems like a mixed message to send.
Also, she needs to stop with the "my tools" crap, it's so damn annoying. Maybe she'll read here and stop saying it. Since she seems like she might be lurking here, after so many anons mentioning that Harlow needs exercise and play time then suddenly she's all about that today. She may say she doesn't read here, but someone as calculated and self centered as she is wouldn't be able to resist.

No. 489965

File: 1517534633167.png (1.01 MB, 622x1344, daskinwalker.png)

Jaquie's SWF seems to have moved on from copying Jaquie to copying herself … two different Instagrams from two different days here

No. 489978

That’s a common ana chan pose for making themselves look thinner. Maybe someone’s trying to justify that feeding tube.

No. 489986

Long time lurker, first time poster, so I hope I'm doing this right. Jaquie said in her latest post that 'fainting, chronic pain, joint dislocations are much more manageable' thanks to her wheelchair.

Has Jaqui actually ever posted about particular joint dislocations apart from mentioning it generally? For someone with supposedly such chronic/extensive EDS, in the 6 months or so I've been following her 'antics', i cannot remember her posting about specific joint dislocations, going to emergency for relocations/reductions, taping her joints to stabilise them, etc. Nor of course does she engage in intensive physiotherapy, nor has she had prolotherapy, which is only available if there is no engagement from ligaments. Ie, only for people severely affected.

I often think it would be great to have a double column posted in this thread of a 'fact versus fiction' of Jaqui's adjustable adventure claims. There is so many layers to her stories, they are ever changing. But if you see them compiled simply, the inconsistencies are easily evident, particularly to those who are newly suspicious of her claims.

Ie 'Claim' Has severe anaphylaxis. Reality: can speak during attacks, therefore no airway involvement (hoarse voice/voice changes are a huge sign), no rash, no swelling, no ICU admissions, rarely needs epi pens.

Claim/ severe gastroparesis requiring feeding tube.

Reality; Gastric Emptying Study showed minimal delayed emptying, aka no severe gastroparesis. Mild at best. Able to eat many non friendly Gp Solids. Only 'unable' to eat solids if tube isn't working. Never mentions vomiting. Menchies etc.

Anyway just an idea, once you start to compile it up and contrast it like that, it's actually pretty mind blowing how dependent she is on complex details and layering her story.

Saged for newfangled/non contribution.

No. 490005

Welcome, anon! Dying to know, you said you've been watching our precious Jaq for 6 months. How long did it take before you started growing suspicious? it's fascinating what brings new people here, what aspect of AJ set off red flags first!

No. 490034

Thank you! I've tried repeatedly but can't work out how to reply to comments. Sorry for being a newfangled, tips please to get it right?

It was actually a friend who first told me Jaquie was the worst when we were discussing munchies.

It was quickly evident from being A) medically literate and B) living with similar illnesses, that things just didnt add up.

For me, the biggest red flat is when people discuss 'firing' their doctors. I've always found that to be a classic munchie behaviour and term. The average chronically Ill person is so desperate for help, these will continue to see a medical professional if they are awful/uncaring, because we usually have no alternative, doubt ourselves etc. Doubting yourself I think is one of the biggest things that separates a munchie from non munchies. Every sick non munchie person has asked themselves 'what if this is in my head? What if I'm going crazy?''. A munhje never asks themselves that.

You put up with shitty treatment from doctors because you have waited usually months to see them, and don't have other options. And you're desperate. That medical contact is your lifeline, something you may have waited 6 awful months and paid $300 for. You can't 'fire them' because you're too unwell, and too desperate.

A munchie can 'fire' a doctor because that doctor represents nothing more to them than another tool in their toolkit. If it doesn't work? You can just get rid of it, as there are no consequences, as opposed to if you're sick and that means you're now totally alone.

Sorry for the non contribution/ramble.

I think the biggest 'this is bullshit' sign for me was Jaquie's so called anaphylaxis. It's laughable.

Medfagfing but she must be the only anaphylaxis patient on the planet who doesn't experience impending doom, vocal changes, uncontrolled diarrhoea, loss of consciousness, and gets better WITHOUT adrenaline.

No. 490055

Just click o the post number of the comment you're responding to and the number will appear in the comment box.

Check out the usage tips, specifically number because this probably wasn't very helpful. https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 490085

I've always found the "firing" thing weird too! Insurance doesn't always cover a multitude of doctors either, so sometimes there is seriously no other options.

I'm glad you've seen the light like many of us have.

No. 490092

Deleting because I might be giving too much info.

No. 490121


A high white count is almost meaningless is someone on steroids due to demarginalization

No. 490207

Maybe I’m a munchie but I don’t see the problem with ceasing to see a doctor/not adding them to your “team”? I mean anybody whose chronically ill knows that not every doctor fits for every patient whether that be because they don’t know about their conditions enough, aren’t comfortable with them, or personalities don’t match.

I mean I do understand there’s a line to be drawn here but I feel like saying they only munchies “fire” doctors paints and unfair image to people who DO have options. If you can see a different doctor and the one you’ve seen doesn’t fit well with you, there’s no harm seeing a different doctors.

I do think Jaquie takes it to a whole new level - it seems like she fires doctors just for not giving her the treatment she wants. That’s definitely munchie behavior. I don’t think non-munchies normally go into a doctor in the first place gunning for a particular treatment plan. Why? Because most non-munchies trust their doctors opinion since they’re the ones that went to medical school.

No. 490284

There’s a big difference between searching for a doctor you mesh well with, and doctor-shopping for the provider that will not only prescribe the treatments you want, but also either diagnose you with, or honor another diagnosis of, illnesses that you definitely don’t have. Munchies tend to ‘fire’ doctors who refuse to acknowledge a wrong diagnosis or don’t go along with totally unnecessary and inappropriate treatments. It’s not the doctor they dislike, it’s that the doctor refuses to play along. Jaquie saw some of the top doctors in the country, but they wouldn’t diagnosis her with the EDS, POTS, and GP she clearly doesn’t have, so she left to find someone who would, despite her testing negative for all of those.

No. 490332

I clicked the comment I'm replying to so let's hope this works.

I should have specified; A non munchie will find the whole discontinuing a doctor who has been unhelpful very distressing. They will be left distressed by the coldness of the doctor, as well as being back to square one with no help.

A munchie, for them it's just like a cold transaction. They are annoyed they haven't got what they wanted (specific diagnosis they are angling for, tube) and their ego is offended, hence their needing to assert themselves as firing the doctor. But it won't distress them. A non munchie will say 'I'm no longer seeing that doctor' if they say anything at all (most people find it upsetting and embarrassing) except for munchies who will take great pride in telling everyone that they FIRED their doctor. Generally the rule is if you ever say to yourself 'oh my god is that munchie behaviour of mine?' Don't worry; you aren't a munchie. Munchies won't ask that.

No. 490383

Can a medfag explain why (assuming she isn't faking, kek) Jaquie needs saline infusions and a feeding tube? Wouldn't her feeding formula be designed to keep her adequately hydrated as long as she runs it at the correct rate for the correct amount of hours?

No. 490387

>>Has Jaqui actually ever posted about particular joint dislocations apart from mentioning it generally?
When one of her doctors (the neurologist she went to for her migraines, to be precise) told her she had some hypermobile joints and therefore had EDS (I think we all know that having some hypermobile joints definitely does NOT equal having EDS) someone told her in the comments about the symptoms of EDS. Dislocations, for one thing. She answered then that she did 'not think' she had ever had a dislocation or a subluxation of a joint.

But over time, the hip pain she sometimes talked about slowly morphed into 'a feeling of being out of place' and a 'popping and clicking sensation'. She had never mentioned that before. After a while, she changed that into 'hip subluxations'. She would sometimes say things like 'my hip subluxed a few days ago, and it's still causing pain today'. But then if you went back to her previous posts of that week, she never mentioned having a sublux on the day it supposedly happened. There's only one time I can remember where she talked about a sublux on the day it - supposedly - happened. That was maybe two or three months(?) ago. She never talked about how it happened, what she was doing when it happened, if she had to put it back herself or if it just popped back by itself - nada. Just 'my hip just subluxed so I am in pain'. She also mentioned one time that her ribs had slipped out of place and her physio had to put it back. But strangely, she pointed to her neck when she was talking about that. So who knows. In her "all about my chronic illnesses!" video she says that her most problematic areas are her hips that sublux, her ribs that dislocate and her neck where the vertebrae often slip out of place. I'm not buying any of it.

As you say, she NEVER talks about having actual dislocations. I'd say the first time her hip actually subluxed would have been a traumatic experience. A hip, as many of us undoubtedly know, is a pretty stable joint of itself simply because the socket is pretty deep. Most EDSers who may often have dislocations of shoulders, wrists and kneecaps will never experience a hip dislocation or even a hip sublux for this very reason. And while it is easy to pop a finger, jaw or even a kneecap back in place once you know how, a hip is not so easy. Of course with a subluxation a joint sometimes may pop back by itself or it will do so after you wiggle a bit around or you change your position, but Jaquie never talks about this. She just tells us that she had a hip sublux and that's it. And unless someone also has developmental hip dysplasia (immature hip) it is extremely unlikely that EDS would affect her hips to the point of causing subluxations while she has never had a dislocation or even a subluxation of one of the joints that's much more prone to instability like a shoulder or a kneecap.

My theory is that maybe she has a snapping hip, but it's probably not even that. Maybe her hip clicks or pops now and then and she thinks it's a sublux, but to be honest I think she knows what she is doing and she knows it's not a true sublux. Or she just doesn't care what it is and it suits her that the click - or whatever she is experiencing - fits her story.

She also said when she first got her wheelchair and she was using it without power assist that it 'gave her the feeling like her shoulders were going to sublux'. Whatever that might be.
The funny thing is that with EDS, it's very hard to actually feel when you're joints are going to sublux. The feeling your shoulder is going to sublux is caused by the ligaments being stretched to a certain point. But with shoulder instability in EDS, the ligaments will just keep stretching and won't give any proprioceptive feedback that the joint is going too far. Unless you have shoulder instability in EDS and specifically trained for this in PT, having the 'feeling' your shoulder is going to sublux more often than not means that your shoulder is not extremely lax. It may be instable due to other reasons, but you probably won't have a shoulder joint that can easily be pushed out of socket in almost any direction.

She IS persuing bracing for her 'instable joints', but those are prescribed by her pain management doctor. Putting aside how fundamentally STUPID it would be to use braces simply for pain relief if you have EDS, she clearly has no real joint instability. She never showed us, talked about it (in a way that made sense), had physio for it, or did anything to stabilise a joint or prevent them from dislocating in any way whatsoever. She also never went to the ER for a dislocation or had to use a sling/brace/tape temporarily after a dislocation or a bad sublux. Instead, she is getting braces for both knees, hips, wrists and for her neck PLUS AFO's, all at the same time. That's not how it works EVER in EDS, of course. If a brace is even needed, most of the time it will be fitted on one joint at the time that either keeps subluxing or had a traumatic dislocation so needs some rests. You don't just go to a clinic to get a zillion braces for all of your joints.

Jaquie of course, doesn't know that. She doesn't know how EDS works and what it does, so she just does what she thinks a person with EDS would do. She probably has seen EDS patients with braces and asked her doctor about them. Her doctor is the one who prescribes her special K and routinely injects her joints with Toradol so we already know he is an idiot, so he agreed to prescribe them. And we get to see RoboJaq shortly.

No. 490398

I'm not a medfag, but first of all tube feeding most of the time doesn't give you all you fluid requirements. It depends a bit on the rate and the type of formula. You could get it from formula alone, but you'd need a formula that's less calorific. Less calories per ml equals more fluid per ml. Jaquie's formula is a 1.5 (meaning 1.5 calorie per ml) so if she would be 100% dependent on that she'd need about (just a rough estimate) 600-700 ml per day of fluids with that. Even Jaquie acknowledges she's not 100% dependent though, so she gets less formula and would need more fluids.

But that's not even the reason she has infusions. She got saline infusions before she started angling for a feeding tube. She has infusions because of her POTS, which is a treatment that's hardly ever given outside the US and it should be only reserved for the most severe cases. For those severe cases though, it can greatly help with symptoms of tachycardia and low BP, especially if someone has hypovolemia (low blood volume) because it not only increases fluids and gives extra salt, but because it is infused directly into the blood stream it also boosts blood volume.

Patients with POTS should drink more (sometimes a LOT) more than what's recommended for most healthy patients and most are also on a high-sodium diet. Say she would need to drink 3.5 liter a day for her POTS (I don't know what's generally recommended, it's an educated guess) and she gets like 1 from her formula (she would get more formula, but it doesn't cound all as fluids) she would need to drink 2.5 liter extra water (or gatorade, or another elektrolyte mix) a day. Most patients would be able to manage that easily. Even those with GP, because fluids generally go through the stomach quite fast even with a very limited motility. But Jaquie being Jaquie, wanted the most OTT treatment there is for POTS so she looks more sick. The story on how she got to have those infusions is quite funny, too. I'll look it up for you and post the link to it.

No. 490404

People who truly have EDS and vlog usually at some point do a vlog where they show off how stretchy their skin is or how hypermobile their joints are. We've never seen AJ do that and if it were impressive I can't imagine she would miss the opportunity.

No. 490407

Link to the series on how she got her precious IV fluids: >>407608

Brochure anon (or other anons who sometimes start new threads): I know I am promoting my own work here and it's not the first time either, but is it an idea to include links to my series (and other insightful ones) in the header of the next thread(s)? If everyone hates the fact that I keep referring to my own series just tell me, but it WAS a lot of work and it DOES give a lot of information. It might be useful both for people new to the thread to see what we have uncovered until now, and it also might prevent people from spending hours of work that's already been done. If I remember correctly, I made three series of postings from going through her and Harlow's IG.

No. 490411

Very true. The ONLY thing Jaquie has ever shown us that could be considered hypermobile is that she can touch her thumb to her wrist. And although I don't think it's a good idea to show of your party tricks if you have EDS, most patients have a lot of things that they could show without hurting themselves. Hyperextension of elbows and knees, skin stretchiness, or subluxations that would happen all the time anyway. If e.g. you have a shoulder that subluxes with pretty much every movement, it doesn't hurt your shoulder to put on a spagetti top one day and aim the camera to it. And if she truly had such severe delayed healing, she could simply show us any scars she has (like from her port surgery) to show the widening and either atrophic or hypertrophic nature of the scar. She never even showed us some bruises.

We HAVE however, seen a lot of proof that she does NOT have EDS or in any case that her symptoms simply cannot be as severe as she says they are.
-She has filmed herself sitting cross legged on the floor many times while telling us how she just subluxed her hip recently and it now hurts so much.
-She has shown us how she can lift her arms far above her head without discomfort. (For most EDSers, if they could even do that, that would be a perfect opportunity to show how they reduce their shoulders after they dislocated.)
-She has many pictures and videos of herself kneeling on a hard surface. But she needs those knee braces, y'all.
-There's video's of her doing a 'tug war' with Harlow. Uncontrolled tugging could easily dislocate wrists, elbows and shoulders.
-Her wheelchair crash at the aquarium is a good one: the way she caught herself without any joint dislocations or other damage.
- …
There's more, of course. These were just the things I could think of from the top of my head. Another nice one disproving hip, back AND neck problems would be her "all about my complex bullshit disorder" video, where she was sitting on the floor cross legged for over an hour (even if she did that in parts) AND had her infusion backpack on her back the whole time. Wouldn't you want to put that thing down on the floor if you had shoulder, neck or back problems?

And there's SO much more..

No. 490423

Jan is losing faith in her medical team for not finding anything wrong with her! Maybe it's because she's not sick…

No. 490424

Erm.. a bit premature, isn't it? They are still waiting on that Prometheus test, so it's not like they have stopped looking for what could be wrong.

Also, just the other day she was SO happy that the docs had told her they wouldn't discharge her this time until they had found what's wrong. (Dunno how long it takes for that Prometheus test to come back, but if she is stable I can't see a reason why she couldn't wait for results at home. They can do blood tests every week and/or have her follow up with her primary if they are worried.)

No. 490439

And again, we can see beeper numbers and the name of that doctor she said she didn't like. I'm sure he'd be thrilled if he knew about that.

I like how she didn't even adress the fact that her GES came back normal. Not in yesterdays vlog and not in todays vlog either. Yesterday Paul told us it was normal and Janiece never even acknowledged it. I bet she was hoping for it to show gastroparesis. She even humble bragged how hard it was to eat the radioactive meal and how something just had to be wrong for her to struggle so much to finish it. I can't figure out why they indulged her and did the test instead of just telling her that 1. her symptoms don't fit gastroparesis and 2. the pill cam would have shown it and it didn't.

She clearly is taking a LOT of notes from Jaquie. She also predicts her next health crisis, with is VERY suspicious. As soon as she is done with her meds, she'll have her next crisis. Never mind that they are working to correct her electrolyte levels and that they'll probably prescribe her Ensure at home as well: she will hit 'rock bottom' (her words, not mine) as soon as her treatment course is done and she will be back at the hospital. Of course, if she predicts it like that, it'll probably happen. Only next time her levels will probably be normal, because it's pretty much impossible to loose so much electrolytes in a few days time.

O, and both her and Paul STILL don't know the difference between electrolytes and vitamins. It was annoying the first few times, but it gets more annoying every time they keep repeating it.

Paul definitely has some sort of saviour-complex. You'd think with him having an actual chronic illness that can be quite serious, he'd be a bit more down to earth about Janieces problems. But no. Crohns per se it not such a big deal says Paul, but if you throw vestibular migraine, narcolepsy and POTS in the mix it is all SO much more complex. No it is not. Maybe there is one or two meds that interact or have side effects that affect someone with those conditions more, but what the FUCK has her vestibular migraine to do with her her GI tract? How is diarrhea more complex to manage because of narcolepsy? I don't see it. The sense of entitlement is enormous with this one. She thinks she is the only one who sees a GI and has other things wrong with her as well. She has so many conditions that it makes her case extremely complex. So she needs to find a better doctor because she thinks her GI doesn't want to deal with her because she is too complex because of all of her other conditions. Urgh. Do they REALLY think that she is so special? How many conditions and chronic illnesses do they think the average geriatric patient has, for example? Comorbidity is EXTREMELY common. So is migraine and POTS, by the way. AND IBS. But if Janiece has it, it's sooo special.

Sage for Janiece-rage, but it's getting SO annoying. She is NOT a complex case. In fact, there is hardly anything wrong with her. I am willing to acknowledge that there is a chance that her GI problems turn out to have an actual medical cause, but that STILL doesn't make her special. Most people don't even mention non-relevant conditions to their specialists, because they are specialists and they deal with a specific part of your medical problems. But Janiece of course needs a GI that takes her vestibular migraines, her POTS and her narcolepsy into account. And just WHAT does she think a GI can do with that?

Argh. I have to stop this post before I break my keyboard.

No. 490470


Then I'm going to hazard a guess that her epilepsy is total bullshit. EEGs pick up any abnormal brain activity. PNES anyone?

No. 490474

That was my first guess but then she went on to say she had a specialized EEG at Mayo and that's where they discovered that she did have epilepsy but because of how deep it was in the brain a normal EEG doesn't pick up on it. And now I don't know what to think of it anymore.

Maybe any medfags can weigh in on it? It's in her "All about my chronic illnesses" video and fortunately for us she created a time index so there's no need to watch the hour-plus video. Any part of it is hard to watch though, just for the fact that she sounds and looks awfully rehearsed. Like an actress doing a parody on bad acting.

No. 490477


Honestly, I think the only issue with her mom is that she dared to question Jaquie's illnesses or need for the toobs/toys.

No. 490479

She was limping BRUTALLY. I can't believe she kept running her beside the wheelchair with her hips like that.

No. 490489

I don't know what happened, but I agree that it seems something has changed. It has been going on for longer, though. After her Instagram hiatus, she dialed down the hashtag abuse by quite a lot.

It could be a coincidence that both of her post surgery-hiatus vlog were much less medical and more about things she can do, but it could also mean something has happened. Maybe her fall-out with Julian has something to do with it? In his IG post that I'm almost sure was about that, he talked about taking a step back and not letting illness define your life, not equating being ill with your identity, etc. Of course we don't know what happened, but even if there hasn't been an actual confrontation between those two, it's very likely that she knows what's up and she still reads his Instagram posts.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see if she actually is trying to change her channel or if it's just a temporary thing or a coincidence after all.

No. 490508


Maybe Jan's diarrhea has to do with her handling raw meat for her dog's diet all the time. She's not the brightest, maybe she doesn't use gloves.

No. 490516

Vestibular migraines do not make Jan special. She name drops this particular diagnosis ALL the time but WHEN has she EVER shown any symptoms of it? I've never seen her be off balance or complain about dizziness or her ears feeling full or seeing spots or feeling nauseous from a headache or even HAVING a headache. To me just because you've been diagnosed with something doesn't give you the right to bring it up all the time unless all the time, it is causing major issues. And even then most normal people don't talk about their diagnosis all the time. have interstitial cystitis, and I pee like 25 times a day. But if I complain at all it's just "ughhhhh I have to pee AGAIN" not "due to my interstitial cystitis, an incurable often untreatable condition I need to urinate again and it's really annoying". People like that are intolerable to be around, as evidenced by the shrinking number of friends and whatnot around j and j

No. 490517

No. 490542

Brochure Anon here.
I think that’s a good idea. Having some references to previous projects like that would be a good thing to have in the description do people can easily find them!

No. 490547

She uses gloves. In this particular case, Jaquie is the dumb one as she doesn't use them.

No. 490556

I've never understood the fuss about gloves. Wearing gloves when handling food is generally for whoever is consuming the food not eating it. And in the case of food service you're supposed to wash your hands before putting on gloves because you have to touch them to put them on. Dirty hands manipulating clean gloves means dirty gloves.
How is someone more safe from salmonella if they accidentally rub their eye with a raw chicken finger, whether said finger has a glove on or not? Her wearing gloves or Jaquie not makes zero difference unless they have an open wound on their hand somewhere. They just have to wash their hands thoroughly when they're done. Not WKing.

No. 490558

Sorry I meant "consuming the food, not preparing it"

Not awake yet.

No. 490564

From my experience wearing gloves does make you less likely to touch your face or your hair because touching your face with a gloved hand doesn't feel anything like just touching your face regularly. You're much less likely to do it unconsciously. Or at least I am.

Also you know Jaquie doesn't have a nail brush in her kitchen to get the raw meat juices out from under her nails so for that alone, wearing gloves would be beneficial.

But most of all, she needs to tie her stringy, fried hair back when she preps raw meals because her hair is always falling in the raw chicken.

No. 490575

It's raw meat. While it is true that thoroughly washing hands will also protect you, it's also a simple matter of risk reduction. If you wear gloves, you can't get stuff under your finger nails etc. Most people just don't wash their hands very good. Handling your own chicken breast is one thing, but Jaquie is/was spending almost a whole day handling raw meat for her dog. Is she scrubbing her hands thoroughly before every break she takes? Scrubbing her nails? If she does that's a good thing, but she'll also scrub her hands raw (especially if she actually had EDS, as the skin is much more fragile in actual EDS patients) which in turn greatly increases the chances of contracting whatever is in that raw meat.

No. 490595

And AJ is sat there complaining about her sooper hypermobile subluxing hips! Imagine having to work 24/7 and haul stuff around all day like poor Harlow does

No. 490599

If she has enough money to buy a $15k wheelchair for kicks. She can definitely afford to hire a dog walker for Harlow.

No. 490601

Anyone notice something about her hip swing as well? I know some dogs just walk like that and it doesn't always mean something, but am I alone in thinking it's getting worse lately?

No. 490605

Well, she did not have to buy the wheelchair herself of course, but I think it is abundantly clear that they are not struggling for money. But even if they did: her mother could've slept in their 'hospital room' instead of in the actual hosptital with her grown ass daughter and spend some time with Harlow every day. Even with daily visits to Jaquie she probably would've been less tired at the end of the admission than she was staying with Jaquie the whole time.

No. 490625

Has no one ever questioned Jaqs narcolepsy either? I watched a documentary in psych and studied sleep and narcolepsy is a severe and debilitating condition, that can stop people from
Being able to function at all. Ignoring all the other issues she says she has, she should be suffering far more than she clearly is from it. I’ve never seen true cataplexy or evidence of any narcolepsy in her videos. I find it baffling. I have no experience with her other proclaimed health issues but the narcolepsy is the thing that made me question just how sick she says she is.

No. 490634

She says that she doesn't have cataplexy but otherwise I agree with you.

No. 490647

Kind of a random comment but I noticed today on her Teespring T-shirt page that her campaign didn't reach it's goal. It doesn't say what said goal was so idk if she set it ridiculously high but it's interesting that she is going to proceed with new merch considering the first one flopped.

No. 490648

Vlog is up

No. 490650

It's weird enough she kneels on the floor all the time instead of sitting on the sofa that's right there but making the home health nurse kneel on the floor too is beyond rude.

No. 490652

This anon was talking about jaquie, who does or claims to have cataplexy. Jan claims narco but no cataplexy.

No. 490653

Ha! She had a 'crisis' freaking out about a stray cat coming into her house and both Judd and her mom refused to drop everything and deal with it for her.

No. 490656

for someone so selfish she was actually very kind to that cat and what she said about not wanting to just put it back outside was so very unlike her usual self absorbed behavior…weird.

No. 490662


Jaquie's narcolepsy was discussed extensively in this thread.

No. 490665


kek maybe she needs to train Harlow to be a buffer between the out of control chair and a wall!

No. 490670

Yeah, I was surprised at that! And for once I could understand her a bit. I know people who are afraid of cats (I myself love them) and I could imagine how being tired and all she just did not know what to do. She actually seemed a bit autistic in that clip. The calling Judd was pointless though; he was at work, what could he do? And if she actually had some sort of panic attack because of her fear of cats on top of fatigue and autism, I do not think she would be able to go on filming. But the way she told herself "it's just a cat" and "it actually kind of sweet" was very out of character. I mean, she vastly overreacted of course, but still the way she dealt with it was.. almost sweet? Weird I really don't know what to think of it.

No. 490681


There are a lot of high functioning people with narcolepsy. Jimmy Kimmel is one.

No. 490688

Question on the panhypogammaglobulinemia - Isn't this confirmed by labs? Do they have to take labs continuously to see if she still needs it?

Do we know what medications she takes for her epilepsy? I found a study that relates diphenylhydantoin to causing the panhypoblahblahblah in HIV positive patients. Could Jaq be ODing on the epilepsy meds to cause that?

No. 490691

Kek too bad judds not a fireman or he could have actually come to help poor jaqjaq

No. 490692

I've only heard her claim that diag once and it was waaaaaay at the beginning. She abandoned it I'm guessing because it didn't fit with future diags she decided were worse and came with more speshul toys and tubes

No. 490696

She stopped her epilepsy meds about.. a year ago or so? But her diagnosis of panhypothingy was also a while ago. And yes, you'd think they would monitor it to see if her numbers actually increase from taking the IVIG.

I saw or read in an older post/vlog of hers (sorry, really don't remember where) a while ago that she mentioned one of the lab values that she has been saying is too low was borderline normal (so on the low side) instead of too low like she has been saying for a long time. I don't remember which value that was and where I saw it, but if I ever remember or stumble on it again, I will post it here.

No. 490698

He *could"have come: "ma'am, we hear there's a domestic disturbance here?"


No. 490699


Thanks, anon. That's good info.

If it's borderline normal, you'd think they would just monitor instead of wasting an expensive treatment that uses "a thousand" donors to get a single dose.

No. 490704

Well, that was one of the values. I wish my memory was better though..

No. 490705

I mean, she's so disabled and all and if the cat could have triggered an anaphylaxis episode….isn't the cop motto to protect and serve?

No. 490711

OT but I did once see a cop show up, lights flashing, when someone called them (nonemergency line) about a tarantula on the sidewalk on a chilly night. Obviously someone's escaped pet. In under 5 minutes a uniformed officer was there and had "detained" the spider. Kept it in the precinct til the owner claimed it. That was a small town but, it's not unheard of for cops to go out of their way to help. I'm kinda surprised Jaq DIDNT freak out that much and call emergency if no one else would drop everything to help

No. 490719

It was discussed a few threads back and if I remember correctly it was decided it was a BS diagnosis. I'll see if I can find anything.

The fact that she gets IVIG makes me rage. CIDP patients get denied it left and right leading to a significant worsening of symptoms.

No. 490725


Maybe this will be helpful

No. 490727

No. 490780

I noticed in today's vlog the home health nurse did the solumedrol (hope that's right) TOTALLY different than Jaq. The nurse pushed the top down and kind of rolled the bottle around to mix it, then took the sticker off the top where the needle goes in.
Jaquie took the sticker off FIRST, then pushed the top cap thingy in then SHOOK the bottle to mix it. I have no clue about this particular med but that seems a lot different than the methods the nurse used.

No. 490783

I noticed that too. At the very least the cap should of come off last in my opinion cause touching all on it with the cap off even if wiped before administering may increase the risk of things being spread. I am not a medfag though so I may be totally wrong.

No. 490785

It's fascinating how Jaqs mind works. Toradol is what she used to take when she used to have bad migraines. She took oral tablets, she says they worked (but now says oral meds don't) and they almost always made her throw up but it was worth it because they helped. Now she doesn't have migraines but takes toradol for "pain" and it suddenly doesn't make her nauseous?? She's so all over the place that not even a single thing she says or does makes sense anymore

Also didn't she used to say the IVIG made her tired and worn out the day after? And now today because her and Judd have something fun planned the day after, she's saying with the IVIG its always hard the day of, better the day after then worse the day after that?!

No. 490787

She is a lying sack of shit.

No. 490793

Something has happened either in Jaqs world beyond her control or in her munchie head, is it just me or does she seem somehow less frantic about her health? Suddenly instead of dwelling on symptoms she's doing more like Mary frey and showing the medical stuff but also doing actual normal people stuff for a change. To me it seems like Jaq finally got what she wanted. Besides the asspats and drugs and all that what else would she be so satisfied with a j tube for? If she puts all her nutrition through that and bypasses her stomach, could she be eating a bunch of crap and "venting and draining" without the normal consequences (electrolyte imbalance etc) since she's still having all the nutrition go in past the stomach? As in she's finally happy because she got the ED dream setup? Or is that not how it works?

No. 490797

I wasn't sure about this particular drug either but the shaking vs rolling around gently can mean nothing or be bad. Most definitely the sticker (on there for a reason) should prob be the LAST thing to come off, especially since she jammed her grubby paw down onto it without the sticker to push the cap down. Kek with no gloves on and lottsa hair touching.

No. 490807

So did Jaquie dig through the medical waste garbage to pull out all the drug vials to line up for show and tell, or did she ask the nurse to leave them out so she could have easier access to show them off on social media later? Because she says she slept through all but the last 20 minutes of it so presumably the nurse used most of those vials and disposed of the empties without Jaqs direct supervision. Mygod how I wish we could be in people's heads while they're interacting with Jaq, reading their thoughts. I bet it's entertaining as all getout

No. 490919


At least with these vague GI complaints there's always good Ol' IBS to fall back on.

No. 490920

Didn't you know, Anon? IBS isn't rare or dire enough?

No. 490921

So, I was watching Janiece's vlog from yesterday 2-1 - and she said something while talking about board games that I found INCREDIBLY telling. "If you don't get caught, it's not cheating!". I have a feeling she has the same approach to lying/faking health problems…

No. 490936

When did they change AJ's IVIG to every two weeks? I thought it was once a month?

No. 490954


The same time the switched it back to homecare and gave her more unnecessary steroids and IV fluids and toradol to go with it.

No. 490955

She is definitely reading here. Yesterday someone criticized her for saying non-steroidal anti inflammatory instead of NSAID like the rest of the world and today she says NSAID.

No. 490974

I'm catching up and watching and it's like she doesn't pay attention or learn at all. She again calls it saline after the nurse told her it was sterile water, corrects herself but says "sterile water or whatever".

I also love how she says that "missing one day of nutrition" won't matter but she stopped vlogging for like 2 days after her tube kinked for like…one day.

No. 490982

File: 1517613826988.png (1.85 MB, 1350x1346, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 6.20…)

um, is she trying to bend her fucking needle? why isn't she stabilizing the bottle with her other hand?

also, when I fill syringes, you start with air in the syringe, push it into the bottle and the pull in the liquid while pulling the needle back so you avoid adding any extra air.

No. 490985

Don’t forget she started suffering from “malnutrition” in a day as well kek. Hey tube seems to have the special magical power of giving her nutrition without really being used, but only if it has the potential to be used. It’s honestly the stupidest lie ever, that she needs that tube.

No. 490987

How bitchy she is being about doctors is wild. We also see that Jacquie has been coaching her and encouraging her to fire her GI. It also seems like Jan is actually getting a lot of doctors attention considering it seems like every single symptom she has can be attributed to not eating right…and she admits to not eating right. I'd love to see a doctor demand she keep a food journal or similar.

Also, Jan claims scary movies make her nacrolepsy worse. Can anybody confirm if that makes sense? Does she mean cataplexy? Also, should Paul really be doing his own maintenance on hospital doors??

No. 490990

File: 1517614295282.png (535.48 KB, 870x672, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 6.31…)

Can this cat be our new Savior? El Gordito Gato?

No. 490997

Which one, Jaq or Janiece?

No. 490998

IDK, but that cat is just adorable!

sage for OT

No. 491015


We roll gently instead of shake to avoid unnecessary air bubbles that can be really hard to get out. But Jaq doesn't even inject air before she draws up medication, so I doubt she cares about the potential air bubbles she's shooting into her port.

No. 491018

Funny that you should say that, like give that reason. She posted in that tubie group ages ago now that she accidentally ran air through her pump into her feeding tube. No matter how many people told her it was not serious and she would fart it out, she insisted on calling her GI thinking it to be super serious.

No. 491020

sorry samefag, I tried to screen shot this a few days ago and the post was gone, but I can have one last look.

No. 491024


Ahah. I actually laughed a little out loud. Yeah, air into the feeding tube is just going to cramp and cause gas. Air into the port is a whole other ballgame if it's a large enough amount.

No. 491026

Post was deleted I am actually disappointed as it was such comical reading!

No. 491030

Can't that kinda stuff kill someone? Injecting air into a port?

No. 491032

File: 1517617711649.jpeg (176.51 KB, 640x881, A526D4FB-D124-4229-8D41-31A3DA…)

I stand corrected I found the post.

No. 491040

Yeah, this is nonsense. Absolute nonsense. Unless when janjan watches horror movies she is bored to tears, then maybe. Now, I can only speak for my own personal experience but what makes narcolepsy worse for me is quiet, holding still for too long, and being bored. Since Jan and Jaq both love nothing more than to lay in bed or on the couch and watch Disney movies, and they never have an issue staying awake I don't see how a horror movie would make her narco worse and other types of movies are fine. Horseshit.

No. 491044

(Talking about just Jan here. Jaqs cataplexy in theory could be triggered by scary movies but anons question I was answering was about Jan and her scary movie intolerance)

No. 491053

Has anyone else noticed that Jan hasn't been on a BRAT or liquid diet this whole hospital stay? Meaning her docs don't think her GI issues are serious enough to warrant it? If she was having diarrhea anywhere near as bad as she claims, they would absolutely have her on BRAT or similar. She seems to be getting totally normal hospital meals, maybe a couple extra bananas. I mean heck, if she was having such bad diarrhea she would probably be asking for BRAT.

I really think they're just going thru the motions, doing tests to rule anything real out just in case, but they know it's IBS at most. Otherwise they'd have her on a modified diet for at least part of her stay.

No. 491072

You’re supposed to get all the air out of those bags before staring them, which she of course never does. But it’s not even that much of an issue, like other anons said, she’d just fart it out. Jaquie manages to take things that cause very few problems for most people and turn them into crisis after crisis.

No. 491078


No. 491097

You'd need about 50mL of air to be dangerous, but 20 mL at one time, like a fast push, can cause air embolism. Basically the whole IV tube length of air all at once.

No. 491146

I thought it was cool Paul did that actually. A lot of people would pester hospital staff to sort it. All it needed was oiling and it took little effort on his behalf to sort it without burdening hospital crew.

No. 491208


Air in a port isn't the same as air in a j-tube. A j-tube is your GI tract so it's like swallowing air. Air in a port is putting air in your heart. But like another Anon said, it needs to be a lot.

No. 491269

File: 1517630632924.png (1.88 MB, 1354x1112, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 11.0…)

Janjan looks like she's got the typical "villain plotting their next move" look here. She was talking about how her health will "definitely decline" once she leaves the hospital. Me thinks it's because you're a munchie.

No. 491318

Jan's mentality and saying stuff like that is just going to keep her sick or at least thinking she's sick. She should really try thinking she's going to feel better and focus on that. The glass is half full Janjan. Look at Jaquie out enjoying life now with all her sooper chronic illnesses! They are both idiots.

No. 491319

Her lips look so scabby and gross. Is that from the vomiting or does she get cold sores?

No. 491328

It’s the purging, either orally or as a result of dehydration from using her tube.

No. 491331

Her recent aquarium vlog was super weird in that her lips visibly changed multiple times throughout the video. I didn't think it was possible for lips to heal that quickly. Makes me wonder what the timeline for that video actually was.

No. 491423


So she is totally into Uno. So into it she had to send Paul to go buy it because apparently they don't already own her fav game

No. 491425


I think so too. It takes forever to get anything to happen though maintenance at the hospital I work at. Every unit has a stash of screwdrivers and wd-40 stashed away somewhere for minor jobs.

No. 491426

File: 1517645554632.png (3.65 MB, 1242x2208, 92F67673-1396-41C7-A71E-E99C18…)

Two great comments in a row

No. 491458

I saw that comment. It has been brought up before, as well. Even during her last hospital stay, Paul supposedly asked the doctor if maybe it was a good idea for Jan to do home infusions and the doctor thought it was a good idea. That doctor is either an alumnus of the Jaqueline Blake school of malpractice, or Paul is lying/twisting the truth. Jaquie doing saline infusions for orthostatic intolerance is bad enough, but if they give Janiece home infusions for episodic diarrhea of unknown cause that probably will turn out to be IBS, I will loose my shit. For some reason, Janiece annoys me SO much more than Jaquie does, which is really saying a lot. I can't really put my finger on it, but I think it's because she doesn't even try to hide her attitude of entitlement and she is just straight up being a bitch to her caregivers. I don't know. Maybe the fact that her moves are so obvious will finally prompt her doctors to call in a psychiatrist. If they did that to Jaquie she would probably tell her doctors she is keeping an open mind or whatever and try to manipulate the psychiatrist to feel sorry for her poor, sick self, but Janiece I think is far more likely to just throw a tantrum and take her shit to another hospital. We'll just have to wait and see though. They'll probably finally kick her ass to the curb, but of course per her own prediction, she'll be back within a week or so. Maybe go to the ER of another hospital in hopes of finding "a doc willing to take on my case", which roughly translates as "an idiot doctor willing to do everything I ask". Maybe she'll ask for a repeat GES and try to manipulate the outcome. (And please don't post here HOW this kind of stuff could be done, because if Jaquie is reading this, I'm sure she would tell Janiece. Just to 'steer her doctors in the right direction', of course. Ugh.)

No. 491463

Perfect find, anon!

Though to be honest, finding the right still in Janieces video's is not that hard. She really looks and sounds like a villain when she is talking about her health. Her facial expression whenever she is talking about things like weight loss, other symptoms and how other people worry about her is pretty much always that of a sarcastig villain plotting a move. "I have lost sooo much weight, that is really not good" <- insert maniacal laugh. If someone who didn't know her would watch her vlogs without sound, I'm sure they could never guess what she was talking about.

No. 491475

File: 1517653108460.jpg (169.7 KB, 1395x1196, 6bvq4WC.jpg)

Janiece doesn't think she is 'bad enough' for an NG tube. But she is 'thinking about' home infusions.

I just can't. Is she really this stupid, or does she think infusions are more glamorous than a tube? Or what?

No. 491539

File: 1517661655095.jpg (65.27 KB, 1573x474, Q0EzhUO.jpg)

Comment from Janiece's most recent vlog.

She was too special for Mayo? 'Sadly', of course. Everything is always 'sadly' with Janiece, even when it's not sad at all.

Does anyone know/remember when she went to Mayo? It obviously wasn't for her poop problems. Maybe her narcolepsy? POTS? I'm curious. They probably told her she was fine, so it 'wasn't for her'. Like it's a matter of taste or personal preference which doctors are good.

No. 491541

File: 1517662117931.jpg (92.61 KB, 1647x503, ujRL5tL.jpg)

..and finally a common sense comment. Up until now, everyone is telling her how horrible her doctor is for wanting to discharge her and how she should chain herself to the bed and ask for home infusions and get tested for MALS and whatever.

And just to be clear: she never actually told us clearly what her symptoms were. Her account is all over the place: from diarrhea to constipation in one day, thinking she can't digest her pills because she pooped out a shell, 'horrible pains', but able to eat a dole whip the next day (although that was a while ago) a bland diet that she was 'doing well on' but stopped two days later because they went out to eat and it 'would be worth it', not being able to eat at home yet able to when in hospital, going in with other symptoms then admitted for others.. it's a holy mess of symptoms and frankly it's not a surprise her doctors can't make heads or tails of it.

No. 491549


I really believe this is the beginning of the end for Janice. She was quite literally almost spitting with anger whilst explaining that she's going home and the doctors reasoning.

In the video today she doesn't say 'I just hope I don't get worse'. She says, verbatim 'so it's gonna happen again, my health is going to get bad very quickly, and who knows what, WHEN the next time I come in, how bad am I gonna be then?'. She says it in the time of a challenge. She doesn't say 'if I come back'. It's 'when'.

She's also very upset that her Doctor has given her perfectly sound, reasonable advice of following up with her usual treating team, and increasing her exercise and mobility. A brilliant idea given she supposedly has POTS and is currently very de conditioned.

In summary of Janiece; She went to hospital due to 'severe diarrhoea' leading to 'claw hand' from 'low potassium'.

Doctors have performed a Gastric Emptying Study at her request and it was negative.

Her presenting complaint of diarrhoea and claw hand has stopped.

No diarrhoea. No claw hand.

She wishes to be kept in because, despite saying she was now constipated, she could get diarrhoea again. So they should be keeping her admitted at a cost of lord knows how much, and taking up a bed that could be used by seriously unwell patients, inn CAEE she gets sick again.

She's fallen down the rabbit hole. My bet is she will next be seeing Jaquie's doctors.

No. 491551


tone not time. case not CAEE. Apologies and sage for not proof reading. I may need to present to the emergency department for claw hand typing.

No. 491559

Listening to her rant about being discharged… she orchestrated this entire ordeal just because her regular GI wouldn't give her an appointment as quickly as she would have liked (because she doesn't have anything wrong with her). I feel bad for her with the crazy traumatic things that happened when she was younger but holy shit she's nuts. She needs a shrink, stat.

No. 491562

I suspected that was not sure because she also seemed to like the NP. Remember has last admission? Coincidentally, that was shortly after she tried to get her GI to see her sooner b/c she pooped out some empty pill shells, and he wouldn't.

Disclaimer: I didn't see her new vlog yet, so don't know what she said exactly.

No. 491567

Just saw the vlog. They are taking GOOD CARE of her, she just doesn't see it. They stabilized her. They kept her for a longgg time after she was already fine. They are giving her Ensure, extra electrolytes and a multivitamine for at home, are going to follow up with her out-patient AND told her to come back if she gets worse. What the HECK does she want them to do for her on top of that? Keep her indefinitely? Install a port right then and there so she can do all her oral supplements IV? Give her a small bowel transplant? What?

No. 491569

She wants to be told what every munchie wants to be told: that she has a super rare diagnosis and the doctor can't believe what a brave little trooper she is. Here's a bajillion pills and his number on speed dial so she can call him direct whenever she wants.

No. 491571

What I don't get about her - I mean, I do get it because she wants attention, not to actually feel better - but even if she thinks the doctors are blowing smoke up her ass about an improved diet and exercise helping her symptoms, why wouldn't you just do it? You know every single doctor is going to suggest it, so why not just do it so you can say you did it and it didn't work, what now?

No. 491579

Paul is only adding fuel to the fire. If he’d say “let’s see what we can do at home, let’s do our best to not come back, we can do this! Etc” but he’s practically gonna do a uturn in the hospital parking lot if she has a smelly toot.

No. 491589

He's almost worse than she is. I'm dissapointed in him. At first I thought he was the reasonable out of the four (Jaquie, Judd, Janiece and Paul). He seemed a pretty down-to-earth guy. He was the one with a real chronic illness living his life, working, etc. He also tried to feed Janiece a FODMAP diet and helped her stick to it. But theeenn.. I don't know what happened, but he decided he had to be her saviour or prince charming or whatever and he made everything ten times worse. He 'explains' Janiece to her doctors and to her viewers, tells them 100X that they have to take ALL her diseases into account, and is overall doing more damage than good. Whenever Janiece tries to explain her symptoms or why she is worried, Paul takes the camera and explains is for her. She doesn't mind of course 'cause she's not very good with words and likes it if other people are worried, but he is just blinded by whatever it is he is suffering from. The difference is that I think that he would be able to see what he is doing, but he just doensn't want to. He likes his the role he is playing right now: being the supporting husband and advocate for his sick wife with and almost MBP-like quality to it.

No. 491593

I'm starting to think this is turning into "The Paul Show". He's in the forefront of most of the recent videos, pleading Janiece's case with his supposed vast medical knowledge (yet he also doesn't know the difference between a vitamin and an electrolyte). All he needs is the hero costume with cape. Neither of them see that she hasn't followed any of the previous recommendations–bland diet, Gatorade, more oral fluids, butt PT, etc, which labels her a noncompliant patient. The docs solved her current problems, gave her supplements to take and stabilized her lab values but P & J have no insight that if she is consistently noncompliant with recommendations, that is what makes her hard to treat—not because "the case is so difficult". If she can lay in a hospital bed and watch children's cartoons and Disney movies incessantly and vlog, it gives the medical staff a vibe of "I'm a child", what with the pouting alternating with the foolish ear-to-ear cheesy grin and the "blah-face-droopy eyes-mumbling-talk". Also, there is a big difference between asking a doctor if this or that might help versus telling a doctor what you want. Janiece is just disappointed she couldn't get a list of diagnoses to compete in the Jaquie Show. And Paul is disappointed he won't have any reason to play hero. They both really are intolerable to watch. Face it, she's just not chronically ill—-and needs to follow the regimen. Quit coddling her Paul—then you WILL be the hero.

No. 491630

Has Janjan ever said if she got checked for food allergies? That would explain almost all her GI issues. But she probably doesn't want that because it's easy to fix and doesn't come with any cool toys

No. 491639

File: 1517673079855.png (60.78 KB, 633x542, IMG_4281.PNG)

Yessss!! And a win to the commenter!

No. 491640

Briefly back to Jaquie's cat situation, she said she heard something outside the door, couldn't see anything through the peephole so she just opened it. A young woman at home alone at night hears suspicious noises outside and opens the door? She's lucky it was just a cat. She really has no common sense whatsoever. Especially considering that she is somewhat of a public figure and anons have stated Google led them to her front door.

No. 491644

File: 1517673209755.png (162.83 KB, 640x984, IMG_4282.PNG)

Another kek

No. 491645

When you put it like that.. she could also have set it up, lured the cat into her home because she didn't know how to fill her vlog. Or is that too conspiracy-theory woo hoo to think?

No. 491651

I always wonder if these kinds of comments are from people who don't watch her often, people who are kind of dumb and don't see through her, or if they are of the trying-to-be-diplomatic-but-I-know-you-are-full-of-it variety. Both with her and Jaquie, though Jaquie I think has a lot more of the latter variety. (But also of the first two, of course.)

No. 491653

That cat thing seemed so very staged to me. Jaq and her bad acting. She probably borrowed the cat from a neighbor. Kek

But seriously, some YTers have been caught doing pranks and whatnot where it came out they paid actors to be involved or the person being pranked plays along for the vlog but in real life was in on it. There is absolutely nothing that says some of jaquies antics arent in the same umbrella. She could be "running her infusions" and pushing IV meds through her port that used to be real but someone along the way made her have it removed so now she slaps a tagaderm on there, feeds the toob somewhere else and "infuses". Would anyone be able to tell the difference from a vlog she controls the narrative (and shots and camera angles) for?

No. 491658

Kek nothins too wacky for wacky Jaquie (except wacky tobaccy)

No. 491667

From the wording and phrasing used my guess is a lot of the comments are from people that read or post here.

Lately both Jaq and Janjan say stuff in their vlogs, usually about people giving ideas, input etc in the comment section, and I always find myself thinking….interesting. maybe someone in the YT comments said that, but I know for a fact it was also something an anon said here. Methinks they're both prob reading here AND getting shit in the YT comments and they forget where they read what and are inadvertently responding to comments that were actually made here which would be HILARIOUS

No. 491674

I think they also make shit up sometimes. And in one of her hospital vlogs Janiece said "a lot of people have been asking what is wrong illness I have". There was ONE comment. ONE person asking "what is wrong with her? Why is she in hospital?" And Jan twisted that to "a lot of people" to give her an excuse to tell everyone about her vestibular migraine etc. Erm, Janiece: when you are in hospital and people ask you 'what is wrong with you' they don't want to hear your complete medical history. They want to know what landed you in hospital. But any excuse to tell everyone about ALL conditions she was ever diagnosed with, of course.

No. 491677

Mygod all her asskissers in the comments. Poor janjan, they're telling her to get off her ass and move around and it's mean?? Do any of the idiots commenting her words of "support" know how good moving around is for almost EVERY health problem, ESPECIALLY digestive issues. Jesus of Jan's docs told her to drink more water her fans would protest and say "that doctor is terrible and dumb! Drinking water will make you drown. Is he trying to kill
You?" Seriously, maybe the answer isn't bad doctors but bad patient. She's gonna get medical blackballed faster than she can get home and go to Disney for a dole whip

No. 491683

I don't think we've actually seen her up and walking around once this past week…only in bed and being pushed in the wheel chair. She can sure run her mouth and doesn't seem ill.

No. 491684

But a lot of people here have been asking questions about whats wrong with her. If you're getting similar questions from 2 sources (YT and the farm) but have to pretend like it's all from one (YT) it's easy to mix this kind of stuff up. Right janiece? All the big bad questions are all a-jumble in that thick skull of yours?

No. 491687

If these 2 cows were truly anything even remotely like a true health advocate they wouldn't edit out the footage of them walking around, eating, trying to do everything they can to get better. How are you an advocate for chronic illness of any kind when all you show is bitching about doctors and laying in a bed complaining? It's disgusting. And pathetic.

No. 491692

They also get it all wrong. More activity IS adviced by doctors also if you are malnourished. It helps with digestion, apetite and of course is good for your overal health.

My hospital gives out a leaflet to all patients seen by the dietician who were labeled as either malnourished or at risk for malnutrition. It gives general info about nutrition, eating small meals, eating together with other people because it helps you to eat more, etc. Is also states explicitly that it is recommended to take a brisk walk if you can before meals. Obviously it's not advisable to run marathons, but to go outside and to do gentle activity is VERY good for malnourished patients. Unless you are at the point your heart might give out from any kind of stress, but well.. she's NOT THERE. Obviously.

No. 491696

can we give Julian a medal?

No. 491706

Absolutely right! A true health advocate focuses on what they are doing to PREVENT health issues with a healthy diet, routine exercise, getting fresh air, taking rest breaks, respecting medical advice, seeking and following therapies such as PT and coping techniques froma a mental health counselor, etc. Life isn't about wheelchairs, ports, tubes and prescriptions. Preschool is over. Time for adult activities, adult movies, adult clothes and normal interactions with healthy friends and families with interest and joy in being with them. It's a great big world out there girls. Grow up!

No. 491713


It seems that often, when couples start having connection/ communication issues, one step they take is to try and focus on having "dates". It gives them chance to have a new experience together and also gives them something to talk about outside the humdrum of daily life.

It's so weird that Jaq has been so active lately– she's never like this, let alone within a month of a surgery. I wonder if this is a bit beyond her choice and moreso Judd's demands…

No. 491718

If that is the reason they're going out together more, I'm honestly glad for them that they're trying to make a change (and I'm glad Judd put his foot down and demanded it). Next step is putting down the camera and enjoying each other's company…

No. 491727

Jaquie, if you ARE reading here, congratulations on making an effort since you got out of the hospital, by getting out of the house and finding joy in life. You can turn a lot of the negativity around if you also show that you can walk, eat and exercise WITHOUT depending solely on your "tools". Be the person who uses them only when you CAN'T, not the munchie who CAN at least some of the time. Let that healthy attitude be who/what young girls want to copy, not the doom and gloom girl.

No. 491728

Catching up and it's wild. She rolls her eyes at the vitamin suggestions they gave her to take as if it's useless information.
It's not.
Given that she and Paul cannot tell what a vitamin even is, it's not like they could have figured that out themselves.

No. 491749

She must be reading here, surely!

No. 491752

I honestly think Jaq has started to realize how much she would lose if she keeps being such a hardcore munchie and she's trying to put in an effort towards "normalcy" now. This vlog wasn't hard to watch because besides the Barbie Car, she and Judd were just a normal couple.

No. 491767

They do act like something major has transpired between the 2 of them. Maybe when she was deciding on her j tube surgery and she said Judd and her mom both wanted her to have it and that helped her decide—maybe Judd and mommy both had a serious talk with her and said NO MORE, after this surgery it's time to stop the shenanigans (kek to use Jan's word by actually properly) and actually keep moving forward. Judd has the attitude of a man that gave her an ultimatum of join me on the bright side or peace out

No. 491770

Well said anon, well said! If she does all that she actually could be a good role model, whether she's faking her shit or not. At least she won't be damaging other people in the process and if she's being positive and encouraging actual sick people to push through it dare I say where's the harm in her faking? Kek besides that pesky insurance fraud issue..

No. 491771

If Jaq says walking to the dog park would cause her to dislocate a bunch no way are they having sex. If your hips dislocate from walking?!? There's no sex swing or sex pillows that'll help you. Poor Judd.

No. 491773

On the other hand, I think JanJan is a hopeless cause. She and her wannabe-YT-star can disappear.

No. 491774

Spreading your legs actually pushes the hip into the socket, so if you're creative there might be ways..

Except that I do not believe for one minute she ever had an actual hip subluxation, let alone a dislocation.

No. 491775

wannabe-YT-star-husband, I meant

No. 491778

Isn't it funny how Jaquie seems to have decided to turn her channel around and have a more positive vibe while Janiece is going down the munchie rabbit hole faster than anyone has ever seen? While Jaquie is coaching her, nonetheless? It's odd. Also odd how Jaquie didn't come to visit her in hospital. I know people in Janiece's comment section said that she couldn't come because she was still recovering blahblah, but she seems to do better than ever. I know I am jaleous at her energy levels. If she can go out to the aquarium, she would be able to visit Janiece in hospital if she really wanted to, right?

No. 491781

Wow I haven't watched jaquies vlog yet but just from the thumbnail she seems to be abandoning her leggings and v neck shirt attire along with her bad attitude. You go, girl. I hate myself for feeling even the smallest bit happy for her to have maybe discovered how people with chronic illnesses actually live their lives. Hint, it's just like everyone else. No asspats required.

No. 491788

Especially since Jaq apparently bullied Jan into visiting her after she was in the hospital even though Jan was sick and didn't want to go. But, Jaquie is incredibly selfish so it's not surprising.

I think everyone is fighting with jaquie or has told her in some form they're done with her bullshit. She's taking a play from the keep your friends close enemies closer playbook when it comes to Jan. Bait and switch (and Jaq reads here)–we say Jaq is queen munchie and she loses more and more subs and patrons. So she acts different and magically her tools start working, as she simultaneously convinces Janiece to go down the munchie hole. Because it takes the focus off jaquies munchiness and focuses it alllll on Janjan. It's a good plan, mad props to Jaquie for being calculating and methodical in her life choices

No. 491791

Anon, Please don't be jealous of jaquies energy. Keep in mind that on top of faking most if not all her illnesses except complex bullshit disorder, the meds she takes for some of them (cough cough narcolepsy) would give anyone tons of energy. It's like comparing how fast skinny sal gains muscle at the gym to how quickly steroid sam does it. Jaq has lots of energy because she's cheating.

No. 491793

People are giving Jaq too much credit. She has already "scheduled" to be sick in her next vlog, from the delayed reaction to her IVIG, despite pushing extra IV drugs. Her trips out of the house are just blips on the radar because she makes her living being a dramatic faker and manipulator. She's just teasing Babe with her "See, I'm fun" trickery. Her next date is with her heating pad and the couch or her bed. Her bad habits are too hard to break.

No. 491804

Kek with all the toradol she's using she's gonna end up back in the hospital. Maybe that's what she's after, a giant pity party. I was doing soooo much better y'all and enjoying life and feeling some freedom and suddenly it was all gone and now I'm really sick again. Asspats please!
She's mentally ill with some (or many) things no matter which way you slice it.

No. 491806


Not to mention a few doses of IV solumedrol.

No. 491813

I would not be surprised in the least if she’s planning some huge crisis to end up back in the hospital (maybe with the TPN she’s been coveting). She’s in too deep and needs the asspats too much to give up being a munchie, and I’m sure janjan’s hospitalization so soon after hers has her plotting how to get that sweet, sweet attention focused back on her again. Yet her simple-tube-surgery-turned-complete-hospital-disaster didn’t get her quite the number of followers and asspats she was expecting, so now she has to come up with something new and wilder to top everything else. Besides, people are getting sick of the whole EDS-POTS-GP-etc crew that’s constantly having problems and crises, (it’s obvious that nearly all of them are faking), and it’s just not special any more. So I guarantee she’s searching for something that’s both rare and unique, to set her apart.

Tl;dr there’s a huge jaquie train wreck coming, it’s only a matter of what it’ll be and when.

No. 491814

For sure–NSAIDS and steroids are really hard on the stomach lining—and since Jaq can't absorb, that swill sits in her belly, eating a hole thru the lining. Just what she needs, another hole!

No. 491817

Kek. I may or may not be already on modafinil and notice no other effects than just staying awake.

BUT I meant it more in a general way: lots of anons give props to her for finally doing something and showing how she just goes out and lives her life, but it STILL doesn't add up. She went out with Judd two days ago, had her IVIG yesterday and she went out again today. When they went to the aquarium we already said to each other how no one who would actually have even only two or three of the disorders she claims to have as severe as she claims would be able to do that about three or four weeks after surgery no less, yet Jaquie is doing it all.

Today she not only went out again, but she also cleverly disarmed any critique that might come by talking about not being ashamed of your good days. Bear in mind that she claims to only be able to do ONE online class a week because of her illnesses and energy level, yet she is able to go out for who knows how long two days in one week. And the day in between wasn't even a rest day, it was a day on which she received a medical treatment that is quite draining.

I really hope she is actually turning her life around, but even if she does I'm not sure if it'll be much better. We've already read people who said they felt guilty because Jaquie was able to do so much more than they could and she always cleaned her house etc., and they felt like they're being lazy for not being able to do more. If Jaq starts living her life that good for her (really!) but she can't do that and still claim the five billion illnesses she claims to have. Because no one has all those things wrong with them and also the energy to go out twice in one week AND do intens treatments a few weeks after they had surgery, no less. It's just not possible.

No. 491819

Sage for blogging but my hips dislocate when I walk and I still manage to have sex so I certainly hope AJ isn’t using that as the worlds dumbest excuse to avoid actually having a normal human relationship. Like if your hips pop out that much, you’ve just got to live with it - there’s not much that can be done but it’s also not like you’re gonna die from a sex-related hip dislocation.

No. 491820

File: 1517683853556.png (3.74 MB, 1242x2208, 207CAB70-941C-40E3-A6E2-31FEB4…)

JanJan is definitely where the milk has been. Here's a few comment highlights for your enjoyment.

Gotta get that direct phone number to the attending even when he's off

No. 491821

File: 1517683904942.png (4.04 MB, 1242x2208, 898B1F74-CD24-4208-9158-0BF32E…)

She just needs some miraculous Kate Farms

No. 491823

File: 1517683950570.png (3.18 MB, 1242x2208, 50423ADD-7483-4D54-9AA2-D06ADA…)

Dr. Kerri recommends a PICC. Perhaps with a side of CLABSI

No. 491835

Why a picc though? Everyone knows a self-respecting munchie gets a port nowadays. Or do like Aubrey and get a port AND a PICC. Maybe throw in a suprapubic catheter for good measure, so she can really give her poor body a rest by connecting a night drainage bag so she doesn't have to get up every time she has to go to the bathroom? But there's her diarrhea still, of course. I know! They could do a loop ileostomy. Just until they find the cause of course, and then they can reverse it. But she needs to restrict her activity more, because if she starts being more active she might actually bring her HR down and not fulfill the diagnostic requirements for POTS anymore.

No. 491838

Ah yes, but are you taking it because you have the condition it's prescribed for? If someone who, say doesnt have that problem took it it would prob cause a noticeable difference. but if you actually need it, it just makes you feel closer to normal.

It's the same as the somewhat common misconception that in hospital pain meds will make someone super high. Not true, if you really need them for extreme pain they make you act more normal than anything because they take away the symptom (pain) that was causing the issue

No. 491847

My money is on JanJan getting a NJ tube to rest her fragile stomach. She won't be as on fleek with a nose tube but she can endorse Kate Farms and get it free. Then she can get a Bob's Burgers backpack to carry her nutrition in while she watchs cartoons from her bed—if she can stay awake. Don't worry, Paul will explain it all.

No. 491848

That shit made my chest hurt like nobody's business and I had to stop taking it, which sucks big time from a sleepy standpoint. And I have no heart problems. It amazes and infuriates me that Jaq and Jan both supposedly have such sooper severe POTS that they can barely function yet they have nooooooo issues with the drugs for narcolepsy. Or for any of their conditions for that matter. They're such delicate little snowflakes yet can be pumped full of pharmaceuticals with no ill effects. Meanwhile those of us with one or two of their conditions try and (often) fail with every med available and just have to suck it up and deal with it. And those with many conditions play symptom whack-a-mole: what med helps one condition makes another worse or this med might help but it counteracts with this other med that you HAVE to take, so you end up living with a lot of ongoing symptoms because there's no other choice. Sage for blogging/medical rage

No. 491850

Kek oh the delicious irony in carrying your feed bag in a bobs burgers backpack

No. 491858

Learn to sage newfag

No. 491864

I feel like her PSA towards the beginning of the vlog about not judging chronic illness people for going out and enjoying life was Jaquie talking directly to all of us farmers. She 100% reads here and is using what we say to turn around her "image" and try to taunt us all. Kek or is that giving her too much credit??

No. 491907

Too much credit. Jaq only knows how to be sickly, not well-with-a-few-completely-treatable-and-able-to-live-with-comfortably diagnoses (if there's any truth to those). She is just defending her fellow "warriors" (AKA Munchies) by giving a PSA reprimanding the rest of us that these poor sick people deserve to have fun if they have a good day, without being judged. But who is the YT person most guilty of perpetuating the need-to-stay-home-because-I'm-so-chronically-sick-and-if-I-go-out-I-nned-a-shitload-of-medical-tools thought? BINGO! Chronically Jaquie—she even uses it in her name! Yet, the Munchies are allowed free reign to criticize medical people if they don't give them the diagnosis/treatment/tube they are begging for and they're allowed to treat friends and family like their personal handmaidens without consideration that these people have jobs and lives. Your BFF might have diarrhea, Jaq, but you are full of crap!

No. 491921

why are we giving Julian a medal?

No. 491925

Doesn’t look like she’s losing loads of weight.

No. 491935

Hi, have you read this thread? At all?

No. 491948

Pssst. Go to Julian's Instagram for the answer.

No. 491958

File: 1517693537992.jpeg (202.96 KB, 638x780, 367369C5-73D6-45D8-80B7-651733…)

Looks like now Jan is out if hospital, Jaq may end up back in. This was a post in a group just now.

No. 491971

Well, I for one was wondering what we would have left to discuss now that Julian has been given a medal, Janiece is out of the hospital, and Jaq found grown-up clothes.

I guess I shouldn't have worried that the milk was drying up.


No. 491973

Nah, no worries. Plus, Janiece is more milky every day. She's already planning her next admission. She admitted to it in her vlog today.

No. 491978


I didn't notice the clothes! A definite improvement.

No. 491982

Lemme guess you're the anon that called Julian a munchie and got butt hurt when no one agreed with you

No. 491985

Kek so Jaq and Jan have a revolving door at the hospital or what? 1 gets out 1 gets in. When it will stop nobody knows.

No. 491986

I have no idea why you would say that based on my comment, but no, that was not me.

No. 491998

inb4 janiece gets hospitalized for scurvy

No. 492001

Prob it was that you included Julian getting a medal in a response to a post that had nothing to do with Julian? Guess I (wrongly it seems??) assumed you were bent out of shape about him getting a medal, which I attributed to you being the anon who thinks he's a munchie. Apologies.

I have to say though, I'm pretty excited for the milk another hospital trip will bring, from Jaq or Janjan. Every trip they take to hospital is just that many more chances for someone, ANYONE, that is involved in their care to red flag them and catch them in their lies.

No. 492003

Kek that would be hilarious

No. 492006

It would be so ironic if jaquies newfound good attitude and leaving the house to do normal things was because of the CBD that she was always so against. (Not the complex bullshit disorder kind, but the medicinal kind.)

No. 492011

Not bent out of shape about anything. Just summarizing the last few days…someone gave Julian a medal (so he seems all good), Jaquie found her grown-up clothes and did some normal things (so she seems all good), and Janiece got discharged (and she should be all good).

Just pausing to wonder if the milk is drying up. Everything said with good humor.

I'm sure you won't have to wait long for the next hospitalization

No. 492069

It's so great that Jaquie and Jan are so smart that they know better than allllll the doctors that went to school and trained and have been in practice longer than these 2 numnuts have even been alive. Because google can teach you everything you would have learned in med school and residency, right girls? (feeling the need to point out what should be obvious, that this is sarcasm)

No. 492080


Also, she needs to slow her munchie roll, pun intended. If she wants to keep this act up long term she has to have some periods of improvement to punctuate all her drama. You need the dark and the light, so to speak. If she's all drama, all the time, people will get bored or suspicious. If she has some periods of doing better then it makes the drama of a "relapse" or new issue that much more dramatic. Plus, she was leaving herself very little room for upping her game if she plans on taking this far into the future.

No. 492200

The worst part of the ‘advice’ is that this Kerri person is suggesting TPN as well (without saying it explicitly, but “nutrients” and “picc line” is pretty telling). JanJan needs neither a picc line or any type of feeding tube or tpn. That commenter is likely a munchie herself.

No. 492274

When I read the vlog and Instagram comments that suggest piccs and banana bags and other things, I always wonder if those are treatments that the commenter would really like to have…sort of THEIR wish list, too. And if Janiece can get it, maybe their doc will give it to them, too, eventually.

Maybe I'm reading too much into the vlog and instagram comments.

No. 492308

Or what said commenter has already weaseled their way into. A good portion of j and j’s followers are probably munchies or way ott themselves. It’s the only way those videos would be tolerable.

No. 492335

Hey now. That's not fair. Yeah, there are probably a bunch of munchies who follow them. But there are also a bunch of misguided fans who think that J & J are doing a lot of good by "advocating" for chronic illnesses and spreading awareness. I was one of them. Someday, they will eventually see the truth like I did. That J & J are actually causing a lot of damage to those who are chronically ill and are reinforcing the very stigmas that they "claim to want to eradicate".

No. 492352

Some are likely the parents of actually sick kids who sadly got drug in by Jaquie while trying to help their child. I wouldn't be surprised. Others could be crazy OTT or MBP parents, too.

No. 492355

I don't think just a fan would comment with treatment opinions. That would require some firsthand experience or more research than the average fan would put in.

No. 492386

Chill, I didn’t say all of them. Just a lot of them. We know that plenty of these cows follow each other and share ‘tips and techniques’. They say it’s to help them, but instead they all ge sicker and sicker (and from illness that aren’t progressive).

No. 492387

And they always suggest the most invasive things. Where are all the people with pots suggesting increased fluids and exercise to janjan? They’re not suggesting the standard, proven treatments (and those that are are shot down immediately by either the j’s or their insane fans who say that “you don’t know her!!”)

No. 492402

Did anyone notice what looked like a bruise or hickey on jaquies neck when she had her hair pulled over to the other side?

No. 492411

I can't help but wonder if some of the comments are from fake accounts they created themselves.

No. 492430

Screenshot pls

No. 492447

File: 1517719892184.jpeg (95.98 KB, 666x734, 1706AE9F-C5E4-49B6-B0C9-F5B567…)

No. 492452

File: 1517720626935.jpeg (649.89 KB, 1241x1541, 28E496F6-6DDB-426A-9F97-7E2B84…)

Just so you guys know,
This photo is only from March 27, 2017. So how can Jaq and Janjan go from this to the bullshit they are at now? JAQUIE IS WALKING at Disney World,!?! I am shocked. She literally uses her damn wheelchair everywhere now. This is evidence of a blatant lie.

No. 492455

I misinterpreted what you said. That's my bad.

No. 492456

What makes it interesting is that you can see a lip outline. Yep. Definitely a hickey.

No. 492465

Okay! I thought I was crazy! I was like why are you showing it off? Sorry I didn’t post picture. New here!

No. 492481

File: 1517723720141.png (63.7 KB, 548x787, IMG_4304.PNG)

Yet her neck looks fine when she took Harlow on a walk earlier that day. Afternoon delight or shadow?

No. 492511

Forgive me if this has already been discussed. But that new mask is a total JOKE. Seriously she might as well not bother. It's completely open around the top and keeps falling down over her nose. It's made of pretty fabric but functionally is completely pointless and I feel like she knows this. She's literally just wearing it for the "cool sick girl!" look. Drives me nuts.

No. 492528

OR is she hoarding footage and releasing it strategically?

No. 492537

I said the same thing. I have that exact mask (they are about $12 on Amazon so a lot cheaper than those fucking vogmasks) the nose metal is hard to bend, but once you shape it, the mask sits really flush to your face. She's just being lazy.

No. 492569

I was looking through an old vlog just out of curiosity. And at about 9:45 (I think) Jaq falls/nearly faints. Apparently. She said she just got "super dizzy from her POTS and just didn't feel well because of her allergy testing.

But immediately leading up to this fainting spell she's walking around the room, seems fine if not just "tired and wants to go home". She was laughing, trying to find somebody because they had been waiting ages. Then suddenly she falls and has to stop herself smacking her head on the bench. The whole thing looked fake, but I mean you don't even have to watch it to know it was fake. It physically doesn't make sense. POTS doesn't work that way. It just dosn't. You feel yourself getting dizzy LONG before you faint.

Found it funny also