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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

File: 1499750063083.png (492.83 KB, 572x538, lauren southern.png)

No. 350440

The Alt Right's wannabe Scandi snowflake.

A Canadian YouTuber known for pandering to her omega White Nationalist followers (while claiming she's totally NOT a white nationalist!), posting cringey youtube videos calling for the return of tradishunal wimmin and societies (while being the opposite of traditional herself), trying to stop migrant boats entering Europe, and desperately trying to cling to her 19 percent(!) Scandi heritage, dying her hair but insisting that she's a natural blonde.

Recent drama includes her and her groupies getting beaten up by ANTIFA protesters, in part due to her wearing an Identity Europa T shirt. Her tearful YouTube apologies ensue.

She's also rumored to be dating Luke Rudkowski, a leader of the right-wing conspiracy group "We Are Change".

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCla6APLHX6W3FeNLc8PYuvg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lauren_Southern
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurencheriie/

No. 350443

No. 350446

I don't want to be an edgelord but I wish she'd get beat up once and for all. It infuriate me to see this Canadian bitch cling to "muh nordic heritage" and promote nationalism in a place she doesn't even belong, I just fucking hate American alt right retards who act like they are part of Europe. It's a cultural thing not a blood thing. My arab neighbor is more European than her.

No. 350452

How old is she? Why isn't she birthing babies and saving the white race?

No. 350464

isn't she canadian? why is she obsessed with america?

No. 350475

File: 1499756548487.jpg (43.57 KB, 784x431, recess_ashley.jpg)

Lol bitch take off that ugly ass beanie and sort your fucking roots out.

Cuz we are the home of Trump and guns and the kkk. Seriously though what a damn poser.

Is she like mtf? That voice is absurd.

No. 350485

File: 1499757844212.jpg (94.97 KB, 482x517, img_3803.jpg)

>My arab neighbor is more European than her.

Jesus Christ you people are brainwashed.

No. 350504

That muslim girl is probably more of a traditional woman then Lauren is. I bet she's secretly jealous of all those dirty sand women that get married off young, pop out a ton of babies and end up chained to some inbred who believes firmly in traditional gender roles.

Oh wait I forgot, it's only bad when muslims are backwards misogynist reactionaries. It doesn't count when the alt-right tradfuckers believe in the same regressive rhetoric because they're white or something. Makes sense.

No. 350505

File: 1499761463638.gif (1.9 MB, 375x197, Boy-That-Escalated-Quickly-Anc…)


No. 350578

File: 1499780673094.png (145.92 KB, 599x525, healthcare.png)

Birth control isn't health care….um ok. I went on birth control at 11 to control periods that were so heavy and painful I was in hot sweats 24/7 and had periods for over 2 weeks, but please keep telling me why they're not health care and just for whores who wanna fuck all the time!1

No. 350581

Seeing as lauren is a woman, you would think she would understand. Maybe just a little bit.

Or at the very least do some goddamn research and see that many women use birth control for other health concerns. I know people who are celibate that still take BC.

But hey, it's something for women, so they have to shit on it.

No. 350587


Get out of my swamp

No. 350589

Bare arms?

That isn't very modest and traditional

No. 350591

I don't think she wants to marry her cousin, anon. There's quite a cliff between a muslim on benefits and a blue collar traditionalist.

No. 350595

that would be an off-label prescription that uses birth control drugs not as contraception but as a type of hormone therapy. in that case, the drugs actually treat something.

No. 350599

What point are you trying to make?

No. 350600

Maybe this is her interpretation of 'the right to bear arms'.

No. 350603

Why are so many canadians coming here to get famous. There is a thriving industry in canada. That means you have no talent. So many cringy no talent copycats are from the uk. Those guys need to focus on their country. All this sad cheap extreme porn is them and eastern europe. But eastern europe is poor so its understandable. Deport her. Foreign trash.
Just like milo. I guess our crazy white people cant even man their own movement.

No. 350611

Are you trying to make a point?
I know people on lolcow are retarded but I didn't think anyone would legit think that a canadian blonde bitch is more european than an arab person living in Europe just because she is white. Do you know that we have minorities (like blacks or arabs) living in our country since multiple generations?

No. 350613

File: 1499785494982.png (682.76 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0799.PNG)

No. 350619

Agreed so much with this, they claim to be for freedom of speech and discussion, but shit on anyone who has a different opinion from them. Saged for a blog post, but once I was in an anti sjw facebook group out of curiosity, I said race mixing isn't a bad thing in response they attempted to dox me, messaged a person they thought was my dad (lol) and said I deserve to be raped/die….freedome of speech tho amirite?>>350618

No. 350620

File: 1499786346522.png (24.3 KB, 661x124, bleh.png)

Now she's trying to crawl up Pewdiepie's ass and wants that Scandi dick, all because of that time he splerged out about SJWs. He's taken you thirsty hoe. Go back to fucking that Pinocchio nose polack Luke.

This is something I find really creepy about the alt right. The opportunistic way they try to groom anyone who they think might listen. They think of shoving the red pill down people's throats like it's a conquest.

Lauren claims to love 'diversity of ideas and opinions' (her actual words) but that's such horseshit. She just wants to stay in her little white nationalist echo chamber, with her cucked patreon fanboys kissing her ass every 0.3 seconds.

Kinda reminds me of Laci Green and how disgusting the alt right and /pol/ were towards her. Then when she started dating Chris Ray Gun and dropped the feminism schtick, it was like 'Oh Laci's cool now, she thinks like us, yes Laci you can be in our gang now, you're my wife now.' I find it so snake-y and manipulative. Like yes Laci, go hang with the side that spent years debasing you, mocking your every word, and even made a game where they can punch you in the face.

No. 350626

Sage for obviously off-topic but what is so bad about clinging on to your bloodline? I'll never understand why Europeans get so asshurt over Americans stating their ancestry. It doesn't affect you in any negative way.

If an American of Chinese descent can call themselves Chinese than an American of Swedish/Irish/Hungarian whatever European ancestry they have should be allowed to say such and appreciate that country's culture.

Lauren might only have a smidge of whatever she claims to have in her DNA but that doesn't mean she can't appreciate that, no? This is just as autistic as SJW niggers who scream at white people for stating they have a little bit of African blood in them and want to appreciate black culture.


No. 350627

Fertility is not a disease. Just like you wouldn't expect insurance to cover breast enhancements to improve your sex life, neither should birth control for the purpose of contraception be covered.

No. 350628

edit: accidentally said "AMerican" instead of "Canadian" but you catch my drift.

No. 350629

Exactly, that pile of shit about 'freedom of speech' and 'diversity of opinion' is pure gaslighting - they love silencing and censoring people just as much, if not moreso, than the hard left does.

At least Trump doesn't pretend to care about the left or freedom of speech. The way he shuts people down, calls them 'fake news' and insults their appearance is far more true to alt right protocol.

In Stefan Molyneux and Lauren's latest video, she actually asks 'Are we going to have to bring in the right wing death squads now?' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05slPcJ0s0I&t=914s Around 14:22 mark.

The hypocrisy of their statements just seems to fly right over their heads.

No. 350630

>living in our country since multiple generations?

and it's those "native born" third worlders that are committing all the acts of terror.

No. 350634

This tbh

Some dumb Canadian bitch bleaching her hair and stating her ethnicity should be the least of your worries, fucking morons.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 350639

There is absolutely nothing wrong with 'clinging on to your bloodline' and choosing a white partner because you want white children. Who you date and have kids with is a very personal choice and at the end of the day, people are going to choose whatever partner is suited best to them, not just because of race. Some people are only attracted to whites, that's fine, that's their preference. People should be allowed to date whoever the fuck they want.

The thing that's so gross and cringey are these angry, sexually frustrated, socially and emotionally stunted neckbeards, claiming that white women should be with THEM, despite their massive shortcomings.
And the disgusting names they call women who choose to marry outside of the white race. Like yeah, how dare a white woman choose someone normal, decent, who has a wider mix of genetics (which is healthier) than date some misogynistic panzerweenie NEET, just because he happens to be white. Hmm, such a mystery.

No. 350642

>How The Baby Boomers, Immigration, and Islam Screwed my Generation

loool Lauren, how exactly are these things screwing you up?

No. 350643

no1curr, go back to /pol/

No. 350648

How can you claim to love freedom of speech while simultaneously shilling for Nazis, one of the most totalitarian and anti free speech movements in history?

Just shows what a crock of shit their ideology is. When they say they love freedom of speech, all they really mean is they want to be able to call people niggers and spics publicly, without any consequences.

No. 350649

You cunts are so fucking annoying, probably even worse than SJWs at this point. Don't participate in the thread if you're going to constantly whiteknight for this cow and sperg your 1488 opinions all over the place. I promise you that outside of /pol/, nobody gives a fuck.

No. 350650

In what way does my post indicate I'm from /pol/, you humongous idiot?

No1curr about your non-contribution and petty bitching over hair bleach either. Keep the tears flowing.

No. 350651

Hi Lauren, you're up early today.

No. 350652

>hurrrdurrr im an idiot have no intelligent argument so Imma screech GO BACK 2 /POL/ that'll show em!!1!

No. 350653

Why is Viagra covered?

No. 350654

File: 1499789644890.jpg (76.6 KB, 600x536, kek.jpg)

Bad post!

No. 350655

>stupid Lauren, mass immigration from the Middle East and Africa isn't a problem, Muslims born in the UK are quintessentially more British than Prince Philip

>no that's retarded

>fucking /pol/ no one asked you go away reeeeeeeeeeeee

there's plenty of gossip to explore but you idiots insist on making the thread about politics instead.

No. 350656

Impotence is a disorder of sexual function. Fertility is not.

No. 350657

Is that all you can come up with to defend your idiocy?

I came here for milk on Lauren, not some retarded europoors autistically screeching over hair bleach and ethnicity.

No. 350659

The British Royals just spent £200 million of taxpayers money on renovations for Buckingham palace. If anyone's a leech and a strain on our resources, it's the fucking British monarchy.

Nice try, clearly a butthurt fanboy and Lauren shill LARPing as a farmer, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out when they ban you.

No. 350660

Maybe I said that because you shouldn't be derailing this thread with pointless arguments, not because I actually give a fuck about indulging you with some in-depth rebuttal.
>Muslims born in the UK are quintessentially more British than Prince Philip
Again, never said that. I'm just telling you retards to stay on topic.

No. 350661

File: 1499790156721.jpg (26.51 KB, 625x626, bait.jpg)

No. 350663

It's worse than that, it's actually £370 million of taxpayers money that the Royals are spending on renovations. Sage for OT.

No. 350665

File: 1499790588638.png (107.88 KB, 910x640, 1498511288619.png)

if anyone is to be compared to /pol/, it's you idiots.

there are hourly threads on /pol/ shitting on Lauren.

No. 350666

File: 1499790649564.jpg (37.6 KB, 400x462, 1491803299999.jpg)

>the last several posts

Seriously, stop the political sperging and stay on-topic.

No. 350669

Why should anyone give a shit if grandma and grandpa can't have sex anymore? Why should we pay for it?

No. 350670

There are just as many Lauren shills on /pol/ as there are ~haturz~. Lauren's a lurker and usually any thread about her is taken down within an hour or two so her fanboys are clearly doing her dirty work for her. So much for freedom of speech.

No. 350672

Damn I totally forgot she ran for public office. I'm pretty sure she was only around 19/20 too. I can't imagine what that would have been like since her views have changed so much in such a short amount of time. Would her policies have flipped too? lmao

No. 350675

She basically went from libertarian to fashy authoritarian right in a few months. Still just as stupid though, possibly even moreso. Noticed her email is no longer 'lauren4liberty' either. I guess totalitarianism is more up her street.

No. 350676

File: 1499791398334.png (59.45 KB, 591x179, Screenshot 2017-07-11 09.41.14…)

Someone threw pee on her?? Kek

I did happen to find this old thread likely started by Lauren herself. Kind of pathetic when even the /pol/tards she desperately tries to appeal to catch on to her relentless selfposting. Opinion still seemed fairly split at the time between brainless austist thirst and wising up to her antics though.


No. 350677

Love how your only responses are typical ad hominems that don't do any damage
>go back to [insert board/website]!!
>hi [insert person being discussed]!1!
>ur just a whiteknight!!
Just proves you have nothing of value to say and are a compulsive buzzword spouter.

If my original post was so pointless then why did you reply to it and drag it out into this long argument? Nice going.

No. 350679

That "long argument" to you is 1 reply from me >>350649 kek

No. 350680

>Someone threw pee on her

Twice actually. First time was human piss at some tranny event, 2nd time was a bottle of fox urine in NYC.



Look at her smiling, she clearly loves all this attention and victimhood.

No. 350684

fine. then every woman with vaginismus is also shit out of luck.

No. 350685

File: 1499792210045.png (270.96 KB, 463x341, Screenshot 2017-07-11 09.52.27…)

Oops, correction. 2 replies if you count the one where I told you to stop derailing again. It's still not a long drawn out argument. Sorry.

>Someone just threw pee on me, better smile and keep on recording!!! This will definitely make me look like a martyr!

I thought you were exaggerating. Who smiles and films while getting excrement thrown on them? Maybe it's from disbelief but I'd be losing my shit.

No. 350687

she's also had water thrown at her.

willing to bet you can't immediate tell the difference between having pee and water thrown on your immediately either.

No. 350690

File: 1499792394199.png (50.29 KB, 637x453, 1461563344488.png)

what a kinky slut, definitely a piss piglet

No. 350694

The smell would be a dead giveaway for starters?

Fox urine has an extremely pungent odour and is used for keeping cats out of people's gardens. Lauren was complaining about the terrible smell on twitter that day when she was looking for help in identifying it. In the first video she seemed to know it was human piss immediately and was obviously repulsed, despite the less pungent smell of human urine. Yet in the second video she's still smiling and filming. Weird.

No. 350695

The guy she was with said they were throwing "piss and shit." If I heard the words throwing, shit, and piss in the same sentence while feeling something on my arm, I'd get the fuck out of there as quickly as possible.

No. 350697

>The values that built the west have been forgotten […]
Did this idiot write the description of her book off of the Family Guy intro?

No. 350708

File: 1499794214989.png (92.99 KB, 624x589, Randall is a faggot.png)

we've gone from

>freedom of speech is an inalienable human right endowed by God


>ummmmm the 1st amendment only applies to the government

No. 350724

>who has a wider mix of genetics (which is healthier)

It's not so healthy when you cant find a donor organ for your kid.

No. 350725

>How can you claim to love freedom of speech while simultaneously shilling for Nazis, one of the most totalitarian and anti free speech movements in history?

Freedom (of speech) for your own tribe, death to all the others.

No. 350735

Nazis wanted to off so many white ethnic groups just for being "Slavic asiatics" and considered everyone non-Nordic or Germanic beneath them so its crazy when people try to affix nazism to some type of pan-white identity. The Nazis themselves didn't care for most of Europe and neither do these idiots (note that Lauren is ashamed to be part Spanish, even though they had one of the biggest colonial empires at one point.)

These people only care about hair and eye color.

No. 350749

File: 1499800295291.png (20.27 KB, 505x158, deusvult.png)

>that title
Can any fellow farmers actually go out of their way to maybe buy this so we can get some screenshots of pages or choice quotes? She's probably going to try and come off as intellectual, but with a title like that, it's going to be chock full of fun things.

Pic related is just from that "Look Inside" Amazon preview.

>I'm not like the other washed up millennial kids

>I say "Deus Vult", despite not knowing it's meaning
>The Crusaders were totally good, guys!

No. 350751

We don't want her back.

No. 350754

Omg you explained exactly what I find creepy about the alt right.

Their weird preoccupation with "breeding" that just turns my stomach.

No. 350763

Anyone else getting the same "not like other gurls" vibe from Lauren as we do from Pearnisa? I feel like her entire schtick is just her pathetic way to get male attention.

She seems like the type that would draw a swastika on her tits and camwhore on /pol/.

To be fair though, anon, any kind of extremism is about hug boxes, shoving beliefs down peoples throats, etc. Everything you said is the same argument as to why antifa and SJW's are so retarded.

No. 350770

>that screenshot

sounds like some kind of 4chan copypasta meant for posting in cringe threads

No. 350780



I'm not gonna go through it myself but here it is for download if anyone wants to read it.

No. 350822

TBF stefan is a fucking idiot, anyone who listens to him especially about womens healthcare is also a fucking idiot.


No. 350825

Damn making a career out of those things sure screwed her up!

There is one Finnish poster that is obsessed with her. People there keep saying
>well she's doing more dan u!
Yeah if my job was to start shit and to fly around on beta bucks I'd be doing more too.

No I think she's right to be saying desu valt, it was a war between Christians and Muslims because Muslims were invading and attacking christians(it's the same in their countries today) and being the same. It's contextually correct for her to use it regardless of if they are gud guys are not.

No. 350828

>>No. 350665

lol great pic

No. 350838

Lauren seems to think Europe is like some Bible Belt nation. It's mostly historical things like old churches, as it should be.

No. 350846

Her little gun toting amurka photo shoot is funny to me because she never even comes to the south so she has no idea how much it sucks. She goes to Berkeley and NYC and that's pretty much it. She only sees the best, and ironically most liberal, cities in America.

If she ever actually comes down here she'll be wearing a maple leaf bandana instead of an American flag so fast once she realizes how much it blows.

No. 350878

Right. I'm sure being the only blonde gun toting Trump loving conservative in the whole of Canada makes her feel special, come down to a Confederate state where chicks like this are ten a penny. She thinks she's so damn ~subversive~, it's hilarious. At least real Southern state girls are a hell of a lot tougher and genuinely traditional, as opposed to this pampered little Canadian shill, acting like she has all the answers.

No. 350882

Does Lauren ever consider where preaching all this edgelord shit is going for her? Look at Milo Yiannopoulos and Tomi Lahren, their career's are already falling apart…when this "it's cool 2 be edgy!1" trend dies, where does she think she'll be?

No. 350887

On Fox, I guess? She's already on Greg Gutfeld's show all the time. Probably preparing to edge into the network.

No. 350890

Yeah, she just needs to suck Greg's dick some more and then she'll be a shoe-in for Fox.

To me Lauren's always seemed like more of a fringe nutjob than a mainstream republican. That's probably why the libertarian party appealed to her as it's full of crazies.

She's clearly a contrarian and a shit stirrer more than anything though. If Trump had won with a 99% majority or something similarly ridiculous, she'd probably have switched over to shilling for the 'underdog left' by now. Some people just have a persecution complex and love feeling like freedom fighter snowflakes.
Even though Trump won, the alt right still seem to see themselves as the underdog.

No. 350903

She was actually kicked out of the Libertarian Party for a short time for being too nuts for them, kek

No. 350904

File: 1499826393944.jpg (23.92 KB, 412x315, mark.jpg)

No. 350914

File: 1499828152631.png (58.95 KB, 495x277, Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 2.57…)

Found an epub of her book. Here's a great excerpt, lmao.

No. 350916

But anti-feminists, 9/11 truthers, and MRAs make up 98% of their demographic lmao.

A perfect example of a Libertarian is Alex Jones, and he's actually one of the more decent upstanding ones, kek.

As someone already mentioned, Lauren is way too preachy and authoritarian to be a true libertarian. No wonder it didn't last. Knowing she ran for public office is a hoot though. Man this kid has some ego on her for someone who talks like an edgy, know-it-all ninth grader.

No. 350917

Gee, it's almost like people can like different things at the same time, without having to 'substitute' anything. The more you know, huh Lauren?

You keep listening to your Frank Sinatra/Basshunter playlists.

No. 350918

File: 1499829051239.png (32.25 KB, 478x159, Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 3.11…)

Fucking yikes. If any other woman put this piece into a book she wrote, Lauren would be decrying her as another victim of the fall of western civilization.
This book is the gift that keeps on giving, anons.

No. 350920

File: 1499829080177.jpg (214.19 KB, 480x723, IMG_20170712_040710.jpg)

I think she's finally fucking lost her mind. So flag burning is okay now? Doesn't get more anti free speech or authoritarian than that. Welp, that's the entirety of the R.O.I and half of Scotland she's alienated thus far.

No. 350922

Lol, how self aggrandizing can you get, I always had an inkling that she was a narc. Does she have any self awareness? Like any whatsoever? Wonder what her creepy dad thought when he read that part of her book, kek. Her parents must be so proud.

No. 350924

File: 1499829501661.png (49.89 KB, 474x242, Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 3.18…)

>spend the introduction of your book complaining that millenials are too rebellious, irresponsible, edgy and young
>complain that neocons made the conservative movement too responsible, non-rebellious, less edgy and "stuffy"
It's almost like she has no real conviction, she just wants to complain to make herself look good.

No. 350926

I know nothing about Ireland vs Northern Ireland in regards to the U.K., but aren't Irish people who want Northern Ireland to be a part of Ireland just….nationalists? You know, that thing that lauren staunchly supports in literally every other circumstance? I completely understand hating the IRA and some of their tactics, but lauren is always joking about her fucking right wing death squads so I wouldn't be surprised if she supported political violence for ones country.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm sure I'm really simplifying the situation here, if not completely misunderstanding it.

No. 350933

This could be straight out of /r/lewronggeneration

Also notice how all of her bad examples are female…hmm…

No. 350934

Well my family are Irish so I know a lot about this, don't worry about oversimplifying, to be honest events like these are just an excuse for Loyalists to aggravate and taunt Irish Nationalists and have a giant piss-up afterwards.

Tommy Robinson is obviously friends with Lauren and he's on the Loyalist side, so I'm not sure that Lauren is exactly going to be rooting for the nationalists. To be honest it's a very complicated and messy issue, it's really none of their business and nothing to do with either of them, especially not Lauren, who is not Irish or even British, and admits she knows nothing about the history of Ireland.

The DUP have become emboldened due to their coalition with the British PM. That's why these events are having such a resurgence and tensions have been reignited.

No. 350944

What the fuck am I reading. This feels like it would be in some cringe thread.

What is she "guilty as charged"? What's the context?

No. 350950

>hating on queen of pop MeGOD Trainor

what a tasteless hack

No. 350953


you sound like a cunt

No. 350959

What a fucking idiot.

No. 350960

File: 1499836447299.png (75.27 KB, 468x347, Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 5.14…)

Here's the full context.

No. 350962

>"Yes I am a childless, single loser who prefers to have other losers masturbate to me."


No. 350964

Was Rick Wilson even fucking wrong though? lmao

No. 350967

She has cosplayed?

No. 350985

File: 1499842121708.jpg (80.03 KB, 640x960, 1499810886339.jpg)

she's not lying.

No. 350993

I'm not surprised, cosplay tends to attract a lot of shitty, attention-starved narcs. She just found a different neckbeard base to leech from so she wouldn't have to get as competitive…

No. 351002

File: 1499844982045.jpg (596.58 KB, 1600x2400, catherinecosplay.jpg)

Aren't all her anime cosplays blonde-ish pandery "waifu" types like this? I know she did Samus from the alt-right thread and here's a really awful Catherine for you.

Her complex about always having blonde hair is actually really creepy.

No. 351008

I wonder why she never does this stuff anymore? Seems weird she just dropped it in favor of whatever you would like to call the shit she does now. I guess it really was about attention and nothing else.

No. 351010

She'd have never gotten the fanbase she has now as an alt-right anti-feminist had she stayed a cosplayer dressing up as slutty characters. Because she looks like every other average white girl. She needed to get more niche to stand out and make that betabux.

No. 351021

File: 1499848807325.jpg (126.41 KB, 1440x2560, glorious master race.jpg)

peep the 14/88 tattoo on this glorious not inbred at all aryan specimen

No. 351034

>Like yes Laci, go hang with the side that spent years debasing you, mocking your every word, and even made a game where they can punch you in the face.

And then she whines about SJW's on her twitter day after day while gushing about how wonderful and open the right are. I guess all the vile shit anti-SJW's have been throwing her way for years doesn't count anymore when a couple big name alt-righters engage in "open dialogue" with you. I'm surprised she doesn't have a thread here yet tbh.

Sage/apologies for OT.

No. 351037

This really proves how bad blonde hair looks on her. She would look so much better with brown hair, it's crazy to think that fake blonde hair dye makes her feel more white or whatever.

No. 351040

Her tits in that picture disturb me.

No. 351041

Ofc, can't be the ideal Aryan waifu unless you have long, blonde extensions for your fanboys to fap to.

No. 351055

I never understood this hatred for the MRA. Maybe it's because I'm not American / Canadian. Over here the closest thing to men'right activists are men who dress up in spiderman costumes and climb on a bridge.

No. 351059


It's as if I am reading posts written by some self-important, autistic 15 yr old, posted on an anime forum's off-topic discussion section.

No. 351066

File: 1499858842650.jpg (271.95 KB, 742x618, Untitled.jpg)

Found the whole book.

Cringe as fuck

No. 351068

File: 1499859127254.jpg (50.5 KB, 745x162, Capture.JPG)

No. 351074

i'm a historian in training (not like it matters on here lol). i wrote a buuunnncch of papers about the crusades in college. Like everythibg else she has literally no idea what she is talking about. maybe she should spend less money on hair bleach and more on a history book. Because trying to put her dumbed down understanding of middle eastern politics to the Crusades is fucking stupid. She should stick to bothering refugees and attention whoring to kekistani incels. Christ.

No. 351076

Yikes. Not gonna get into her dumb arguments. But seriously she should have gotten a ghostwriter. Because she simply can't write for shit.

No. 351078


Oh Jesus, I'm so embarrassed for her. Who is this royal 'we' that has been fighting Islam for 1400 years and why is she a part of it?

Lauren you're a fucking 20 year old Canadian hack 'journalist' - and I'm using that term very lightly indeed. That's it. You aren't part of any righteous cause or higher purpose and in fact if there was one you'd doing it a disservice, you fucking clown.

No. 351085

File: 1499861898102.png (16 KB, 452x60, Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 5.32…)

Whoever was in charge of proofreading for this either didn't give a fuck or was trying to make her sound even worse.

No. 351086

File: 1499861943579.png (33.65 KB, 458x124, Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 12.2…)

One more.
>become get

No. 351089

File: 1499862737148.png (77.7 KB, 484x387, Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 12.3…)

>Pshh…Nothing personnel, millenials….

No. 351092

If you go on Goodreads, you can see her loyal fanboys attacking people who dared give her book 1 star. Sad!

No. 351098

File: 1499865206580.jpg (59.85 KB, 760x381, Capture.JPG)


No. 351101

File: 1499865787283.jpg (139.15 KB, 750x521, Capture.JPG)

>let me write about something irrelevant, sprinkle some 4chan memes and try to make a point

No. 351119

File: 1499868044010.jpg (182.82 KB, 500x750, sucker_punch_cosplay_03.jpg)

>Her complex about always having blonde hair is actually really creepy.


No. 351120

File: 1499868132641.jpg (148.15 KB, 900x599, LS cosplay.jpg)

>Her complex about always having blonde hair is actually really creepy.

oops again

No. 351123

She looks so much better and younger like this. Lauren, why do you keep dying your hair that cheap blonde colour?

No. 351167

Honestly i don't think dark hair makes her look younger, look at the date, she wasn't even 18 here…

No. 351168

Lmao so she is fugly both as a brunette and a blonde.

No. 351169

File: 1499875511833.jpg (44.64 KB, 596x628, ed7.jpg)

Why exactly is she lumping herself in with the Crusaders and trying to condense the entire history of the Crusades into a few sentences in her book, when she cries after witnessing guys get a couple scraped knees? Kek. That's so reductionist and she sounds exactly like one of these WE WUZ KINGZ N SHIT morons.

Reminds me of that time Richard Spencer said 'B-but we were Romans!' during a debate. Like ok Dick, you can play make believe 'WE WUZ ROMANS N SHIT' if you want.

No. 351170

Bleach blonde makes her look like a lot lizard, brunette just brings out her weird frog-like features.

No. 351172

Lauren is the one who suggested 'bringing in right wing death squads' in response to 'her horror' of witnessing antifa smashing a couple of shop windows, yet she's calling the Left authoritarian? Sorry Lauren, once you start condoning Nazism and the SS, you don't really have the moral high ground here.

No. 351174

I was wondering if she hired a ghost writer, I guess this proves it really is Lauren, no ghostwriter would let this much cringe go into one book.

Why has nobody had the guts to tell her how bad and amateurish her writing is? Is everyone too scared to tell her the truth i.e. that she can't write and should stick to posting memes and harassing the crews of boats?

Why claim to love freedom of speech and 'diversity of opinion', when you constantly surround yourself with ass kissers and people who tell you whatever you want to hear?

No. 351175

she probably looks younger because she was like 16 in that photo

No. 351179

>become get

So have you become get redpilled yet, anon? Kek.

No. 351202


16? That's tragic. She looks 25.


she hasn't accomplished enough in her life to be this pretentious. Does she even have a degree?

No. 351216

File: 1499882740849.jpg (28.05 KB, 1333x70, Capture.JPG)

No. 351217

Lol I like how she tries to distance herself from 'millennial' as much as possible while still writing and sounding like one.
Sorry Lauren, but you ARE the millennial.
Jerry Springer music

No. 351219

File: 1499883039804.jpg (72.58 KB, 1409x194, Capture.JPG)

Also dumb cunt blocked a humanitarian medical-aid ship because she thought it was le migrant invasion boat.

No. 351224

Nope, she dropped out and decided to focus on plagiarizing 4chan posts for her book and milking her fanboys for shekels instead.

No. 351229

I wish I could favorite posts on here.

No. 351231

Isn't she already doing the verbal variant of drawing a swastika on her tits and camwhoring on /pol/? I don't see her in modest feminine clothing, caring for her husband and birthing white babies. She's not even subtle about using her appearance to get attention from thirsty guys online and idk if she's following a single one of the tenets she's preaching.

No. 351232

File: 1499884210103.jpg (281.3 KB, 2048x1365, 1485375926545.jpg)

those NGO boats ARE migrant invasion boats. who do you think they have on board?

No. 351235

File: 1499884293522.gif (1.12 MB, 275x180, 1497832344706.gif)

>She is of Danish descent, her family emigrated from Denmark
You can't write your own wikipedia page, Lauren. This is sad and pathetic.
Anyway, lmao at the delusion and the obsession with this Scandinavian shit when, if I recall correctly, she's actually more hispanic and only had like 0,02% of Scandi blood

No. 351238

Do you know these people aka Generation Identity have raised about $100K and are apparently 'patrolling' the med in a hired boat?

No. 351241

>I want to run [the world] because of my ideas [regardless of me being a woman]
peep that actually feminist rhetoric

No. 351246

File: 1499885314249.jpg (55.51 KB, 500x672, sailor_pluto_meioh_setsuna_fro…)

>that Pluto
It's funny that she's cosplaying as the most POC-looking Sailor scout.

No. 351248

>most POC-looking
>most POC-looking
>most POC-looking
about a character from a show about japanese high school girls
you could have just said tannest

No. 351249

I said that because a lot of people in the west think of the Sailor Scouts as white-looking, especially in the case of Usagi.
Calm your autism, Laurenposter-anon.

No. 351250

File: 1499885708419.png (262.4 KB, 600x600, redpepe.png)

I can't believe she actually blocked a Doctor without border ship…. They are a very respected organization in my country, damn, I'm so fucking triggered right now.

No. 351251

Well yeah she is, and I think I actually have more respect for titty streamers. At least they don't LARP as patriots and spew pseudo intellectual bullshit mostly based on conspiracy theory and fearmongering. I'm all for keeping Europe's heritage, but what she's doing is just irl trolling and locking the stable door after the horse has bolted.
She should have been patrolling the med during 2015/2016, during the real migrant crisis.

I'm pretty conservative and I've met lots of lovely conservative women who are truly traditional family people, but something about Lauren just rubs me up the wrong way. Her whole act just seems like a marketing gimmick.

No. 351252

you have the same mindset as those terrible fanartists who draw anime characters to look practically black because japanese people don't look POC enough for them

No. 351277

Erm, okay. Great job on getting triggered over nothing.

No. 351302

>I'm gonna prove you wrong anon!
>she looks just as bad in dark hair colors
Was she really under 20 in all these cosplay photos? She always looks like she's around 30 to me. When exactly did she stop? How old is she right now as well?

No. 351315

File: 1499891619461.jpg (61.37 KB, 600x600, laurenlightbrown.jpg)

I looked at Lauren's instagram and this is from June 16th. This is supposed to be her "natural hair color". Her skin also looks really, really tan and clashes with the cool ash blonde as well, as though she's supposed to be darker in coloring. She does not at all look like a natural mousy brown/ash blonde.

She also looks terribly aged.

No. 351317

this is unbelievably bad. her writing is bad. her lack of any actual facts or citations to back up her assertions is bad. her argument structure is bad. even if she insists on making such inane points, she could do it a million times more effectively if she actually cracked a book and cited some sources instead of just rambling about her imaginary version of the crusades.

i'm also astounded that she flipped shit over her spanish heritage. you'd think this girl would love to be related to ferdinand and isabella. the reconquista, the inquisition, the colonization of the americas…AND isabel and her daughters were all blonde, too! what's not to love?

…although knowing any of that would require that she actually got through western civ instead of dropping out of college to become whatever the fuck she is now.

No. 351325

Is there a color that she actually looks good in?

No. 351330

lmao, the slums of Milwaukee. I like how she thinks going to any protest is a big statement and going into "enemy frontlines". Unless you're wearing something inflammatory, like she and her boyfriend stupidly did in OPs picture, no one's going to say anything.

No. 351333

She and everyone who takes these tests always take the results too literally anyway. It doesn't mean there's some recent mystery Spaniard in her family tree, there's a known genetic overlap between Spain, Britain and Ireland. Galicia in the north of Spain is historically Celtic. If she has any British/Irish, which she probably does being a white Canadian, then that's probably why it appeared…

No. 351335

File: 1499893155477.png (884.23 KB, 1000x733, mantilla-española-vintage-by-…)

North Americans think Spain = Mexico

She's a special breed of tard so I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 351337

I want to bring up the fact that she had piss thrown at her twice, but she looked like she was into that so it doesn't count.

No. 351339


going back and reading the comments on this are gold

No. 351347

File: 1499894899262.jpg (82.45 KB, 360x480, tulisa.jpg)

She just looks like a typical chav to me, kinda like Tulisa (who is actually Greek). One of those girls who just really doesn't suit being blonde, but is desperate to be blonde.

No. 351348

it's funny because she's all for tradition apparently but sticks here breasts out everywhere, nice try bitch

No. 351363

File: 1499895812314.png (580.24 KB, 1365x768, lauren.png)

No. 351364

File: 1499895918127.png (56.08 KB, 866x280, lauren2.png)


vomits for 15 minutes straight

No. 351366

File: 1499895985383.jpg (76.43 KB, 577x1024, 1482489134312.jpg)

she's 22

I don't know, this seems to be the latest cosplay

No. 351370


I like tank tops. LOOOL who the fuck hm wonder why

No. 351371

Peep that nose contour, kek.

No. 351374

I feel like I need a magnifying glass in order to be able to see her nonexistent lips.

No. 351375

File: 1499896545756.jpg (49.28 KB, 540x960, 1463085177848.jpg)

No. 351376

File: 1499896603178.png (49.74 KB, 389x468, thethirst.png)

I'd love a compilation of thirsty Lauren comments like that last one here. Just glancing at any comment section on her social media is full of the most embarrassing, groveling beta worship I've ever seen. They don't just see her as "hot" to them but "educated" so they make the cringiest comments, trying to "appeal to her intelligence" and pretending they'd like her as a real partner.

No. 351378

File: 1499896768718.jpg (146.82 KB, 1920x1080, 858319_113271485523189_1073655…)

No. 351379

she looks "young for 40" here

No. 351380

File: 1499896957373.jpg (42.01 KB, 576x864, 1482489977368.jpg)

the top comment on one of her videos is "I WANT TO FUCK YOU," don't remember which one

No. 351381

What even are these cosplays from? It looks like she made a shift from anime and weeby cosplays to distinctly more ~European~ looking cosplays, probably because it was getting her more attention.

No. 351383

No. 351385

Kek, of course she had to love Skyrim. Oppressed northerners wanting to send the tanned guys away from their lands? She was probably drooling on herself.

No. 351387

File: 1499897541243.jpg (42.13 KB, 486x621, IMG_20170713_001138.jpg)

she was born in 1995?


No. 351391

Don't forget all the D*nmer in the ghetto

No. 351393

File: 1499897971204.png (237.89 KB, 1242x1207, IMG_8341.PNG)

Her sister is older than her and still manages to look younger than Lauren.

No. 351396

I've been laughing at this for the last 5 minutes, my ribs actually hurt. The most worried, unsure looking Viking I've ever seen. She doesn't look ready for battle.

No. 351398

File: 1499898188124.png (1.35 MB, 1355x609, twit.png)

have you seen her twitter page?

No. 351399

Of course, most of these comments will be from either 15 year old acne ridden /pol/acks, or 55 year old balding rednecks.

No. 351400

File: 1499898249004.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 1482490631526.png)

No. 351401

Wow. Her sister is ridiculously pretty.

No. 351403

I wonder if her sister shares her views?

No. 351404

File: 1499898426466.jpg (310.81 KB, 1474x1080, 281038_10152248413285253_69152…)

No. 351406

I see her sister also suffers from dark roots yet totally blond Scandi hair syndrome as well. Oh dear, it's genetic…

No. 351407

File: 1499898517794.png (204.95 KB, 694x724, Nazi_nurd.png)

It's really no surprise that Lauren prefers backwards magic-haters that are bar none the suckiest race to play as, over more cosmopolitan and civilized folk just because they're blonder.

Trash taste.

No. 351408

File: 1499898527480.png (407.58 KB, 583x465, laurenbrunette.png)

Lol anon this is before she realized going 1488 will give her attention.

She definitely has a complex now

No. 351409

Wow, what is her sisters name or social media? She definitely won out of the genetics in her family.
>that typical Southern family bad dye job and obsession with platinum blonde, though

Is her sister some proud alt-right scandie princess too? Why do we hear nothing of her family, anyway? I've been wondering this since she flies around so much, but where does she actually get all that money? She no longer works for Rebel Media, Youtube ad revenue pays like garbage, and all we're aware of is her Patreon. I really don't believe that's her sole source of money, since she travels all the time and seemed to be more than well off long before her "career", like fellow alt-right star Milo.

Is her family rich or something? How did she even get a job with Rebel Media to begin with when she was just some cosplaying weeb with no following or degree? Something tells me she has money somewhere so she can afford her fake "journalist" lifestyle.

No. 351410

File: 1499898590736.png (269.11 KB, 557x552, 1499898574.png)

no, her sister is very left.

No. 351411

Prettier than Lauren, but big nose and gummy overbite. I think she's a massive weeb.

No. 351412

File: 1499898632743.jpg (51.7 KB, 604x445, 1927582_135098185252_1923062_n…)

No. 351415

Christ, talk about throwing your sister to the dogs. Long as she doesn't open any snaps sent to her.

No. 351416

File: 1499898799991.png (85.5 KB, 651x427, kek123.png)

I went onto some of the profiles to see what kind of dudes are leaving these comments and my suspicions were proved right.

Most are either /pol/acks with 5 followers, or creepy, married, 50 year old men who are old enough to be her father.

No. 351419

Her dad looks so…gay.

No. 351420

File: 1499898852023.jpg (668.06 KB, 1108x1920, tumblr_nzfulkbEXo1qektt1o1_128…)

No. 351423

Dunno, her roots look way too grown out, like she doesn't really give a fuck about trying to maintain a visage of ~Scandiness~ like her sister. My friend gets lazy when she bleaches her hair to dye it pastel colors and it looks like that when she grows it out.

So it's more neglect than anything.

No. 351424

Terrible shoop in the 2nd pic, I snorted.

Her hair looks greasy and filthy too. I guess if that's the look she was going for…

No. 351425

File: 1499898955790.jpg (648.31 KB, 776x1014, 1477272015055.jpg)

Jessica Southern

No. 351430

The only person who looks remotely Scandi is her grandfather who I assume is the guy on the far right (kek). Rest just look like typical Anglo white people.

No. 351432

Who is everyone in this image? Lauren has such a daddy complex, always fighting for her "fathers" and worshiping Fathers Day every time it comes around. He's also the one that told her she was "almost all Scandinavian" and he was "100% Scandinavian" (in her own words form the DNA test video). She clearly got her weird self image and views from her father.

No. 351433

No. 351434

File: 1499899287490.jpg (122.98 KB, 1080x1350, 15305969_1808620459408193_3681…)

No. 351435

File: 1499899318691.jpg (127.4 KB, 750x995, 1482468169608.jpg)

Lauren from that same trip

No. 351437

Her blog is so peaceful. I actually really like it.

No. 351438

I agree, I think she has some weird Electra complex where she puts her dad on and his views on a pedestal. Sage for armchair.

No. 351439

Tag the sponsor, kek

No. 351441

Her dad kinda looks like Justin Trudeau

>Our VERY liberal Prime Minister, for the unaware

No. 351443

Her sister is just some peaceful tumblr girl and cosplayer, I kind of like her. She looks like she's so much more genuine in her interests and more like what Lauren would've been had she not gotten so "redpilled".
Oh no. Won't /pol/ and the alt-right find this kind of thing ~degenerate~? Or is it only okay when Lauren sluts it up?

No. 351444

File: 1499899795007.png (104.7 KB, 953x462, lmao.png)

Her AMA is gold.

Of course she had to throw in an 3edgy5me Ayn Rand quote aka the woman that sociopathic business and law school students worship.

No. 351445

File: 1499899888907.jpg (104.52 KB, 720x960, 1494268329978.jpg)

that's not Lauren, that's her older sister.

No. 351447

Apparently complimenting people who you personally find unattractive is causing the 'downfall of civilization' now.

No. 351450

No. 351451

File: 1499900120069.png (52.47 KB, 960x282, laurennofriends.png)

Tfw you start spouting racist rhetoric and suddenly no one wants to be your friendo :'(

No. 351452

I know it's not her, I just meant her rabid fanbase would probably hate her sister over these photos, but overlook it if Lauren did sexy photos like that.

And yeah, that sister is definitely the cutest. Lauren looks like someone's old aunt here, lmao.

No. 351455

File: 1499900531640.jpg (91.9 KB, 640x640, 1169090_352643304881626_329427…)

No. 351458

File: 1499900799658.png (142.42 KB, 878x378, daddyissues.png)

>'What about the mass amount of disease and death in native societies? Do you think we need some modernity and modern technology to help people not suffer?'

You mean all the diseases and death brought over and caused by whites? Because the natives seemed to be doing just fine up until that point.

Also, how was medicine in the pioneer days 'modern' or 'advanced' in any way?

No. 351459

>You mean all the death and diseases brought over and caused by whites? Cause the natives seemed to be doing just fine up until that point.

oh anon, nobody could possible be that naive.

No. 351460

What I don't understand about Lauren is why she cares so much what other women are doing. Other women choosing to go to college, party, whatever the fuck else during their 20's isn't stopping her getting married and knocked up.

Also the reason young people aren't getting married and having kids these days is because most of us can't afford it, it has nothing to do with the ~leftist agenda~ liberals aren't stopping it. It's our economy, most of us can't walk straight out of high school and get a job that pays enough to afford a house, a wedding and kids. Getting a half decent job requires a college education for both men and women. Why is she blaming the left for this? Also again, other people choosing not to be ~traditional houswives~ isn't stopping her doing it.

No. 351463

File: 1499900923752.jpg (114.88 KB, 960x640, 560894_10151961855960253_14236…)

No. 351464

They were still doing better than when whites came over, that's for sure. Unless you define smallpox blankets and genocide as being 'advanced'.

No. 351465

smallpox blankets are a myth, the germ theory of disease was only formed in the 1890s. there's no way Westerners had enough medical knowledge to intentionally spread smallpox as a means of biological warfare.

No. 351466

If more women started doing what she's doing i.e. virtue signalling to Kekistani incels and political titty streaming in order to get donations, she'd hate it. There are a lot prettier and smarter women out there who would rake in far more subs and patreons.

No. 351467

File: 1499901125022.jpg (5.66 MB, 2592x3888, 589733a234395aeae0acb4a16666b9…)

No. 351468

I actually think there's still plenty of true modern "traditional" types out there. They're just way more lowkey and not famous types, so you're not as aware of them. I see them all the time on Facebook having kids in their 20s with stereotypical conservative families. They're just actually busy with family and not preaching, unlike Lauren.

No. 351469

File: 1499901192199.jpg (4.87 MB, 2501x3820, 7efda4313127bb3389b11be36caa10…)

No. 351470

People still knew smallpox was catching. You think whites had no knowledge of natives easily dying of smallpox up until then? You sound like the naive one here.

No. 351471


she'd never have an answer to any of these questions outside of ">m-muh degenerate fanboys on 4chins say so"

No. 351472

File: 1499901272340.jpg (4.6 MB, 3668x2445, 8c76aa0649bf3354151fa3b8f29ad4…)

No. 351473

Projecting a bit much anon? If you want to get technical, they're all POC if the whole cast of characters are Japanese. Oh no!

Clearly the better Southern sister. She's super cute too.

No. 351474

they knew disease could be spread person-to-person and from dead bodies. they had no concept of asymptomatic disease carriers or fomites.

No. 351477

File: 1499901474540.jpg (81.02 KB, 960x638, COF9syVUwAAqsD5.jpg)

No. 351479

>there's no way Westerners had enough medical knowledge to intentionally spread smallpox as a means of biological warfare.

That's funny, because according to Lauren and her dad, whites were so advanced, modernized and high tech, that white immigrants and conquistadors were necessary to improve the native people's health and death rates (despite the opposite happening).

Something's not adding up here :^)

No. 351482

File: 1499901526096.jpg (64.52 KB, 509x768, COF9sxwUEAAlDcv.jpg)

Vancouver is the same cosplaying scene that birthed Sheena Duquette too

No. 351485

whites still had better medicine than the traditional voodoo shit natives had.

No. 351487

tragic samus

No. 351489

This image really sums up what Lauren is all about. It's kind of interesting seeing her and her sister parallel her. She clearly loved the cosplay whore feeling and the male attention she was getting from it. Her sister just does cosplay she likes with what looks like her boyfriend and has fun.

No. 351492

Whatever makes you feel better about yourself anon

No. 351494

She has fucking autoplay music

No. 351495

Asymptomatic disease carriers and formites are irrelevant to my arguments, but ok, kek.

My point being that prior knowledge of germs isn't necessary to purposefully infect people. The Mongols used to throw dead plague ridden corpses into towns as biological warfare, do you think Genghis Khan knew about germs and microbes? Give me a break.

You're assuming no pioneer ever put a smallpox infected person or corpse near some native people (whether intentionally or unintentionally), watched how easily natives would succumb to smallpox, and saw how many of them died. It wouldn't have been hard to notice a pattern. You seem like you're trying to sound intelligent but unfortunately you just contradicted yourself, and helped disprove Lauren and her father's point. So thanks.

No. 351496

Hi Lauren :)

No. 351497

>The Mongols used to throw dead plague ridden corpses into towns as biological warfare

like I said, people were able to figure out disease came from corpses. they DIDN'T know that fleas were actually the vector for the Black Plague.

so you actually have any evidence that western fighters used any of the tactics you suggest against the native population? you started with smallpox blankets, which I proved was bullshit, then moved on to "uhhh they sent sick people instead"
smallpox still used to kill white people too, and someone showing symptoms is too ill to travel into the middle of a potentially hostile native camp.

stop this shit, it's off topic.

No. 351499

oh ffs i'm not lauren don't start that "hi kiki" shit

No. 351500

i agree. obviously these men are 10/10 6'3" Aryan alpha males

No. 351501

Sooo you want someone to be beaten for their opinions? wtf is wrong with people

No. 351508

File: 1499903336202.jpg (138.07 KB, 1280x720, 1499460646931.jpg)

trad af

No. 351509

File: 1499903382214.gif (1.84 MB, 294x212, 1484105285593.gif)

No. 351514

File: 1499903841382.gif (372.98 KB, 320x267, 92cb4b4618daa8cb53592ad35faebc…)

cute thighs

her sisters blog isn't that great tbh i was expecting a follow worthy blog not autoplay and weed leaves

No. 351515

>stop this shit, I'm losing the argument

Lol I never said that during the old days, white pioneers sent sick people into native camps as an intentional form of biological warfare, you're cherrypicking now.

I said it wouldn't have been hard to notice a pattern of how easily and fast natives would succumb to smallpox, nor would it have been hard to miss the fact that they were dying in such huge numbers of a disease with obvious external symptoms i.e. SMALLPOX.

And I'm sure the pioneers were smart enough to notice that a person would develop smallpox, if they shared clothing or a blanket with someone who already had smallpox. I might not be able to 'prove' it, but it's entirely possible.

Given how many natives were murdered, you think nobody dared exploit that pattern because, in your opinion, the pioneers were just 'too nice' to ever do such a thing? Please.

And yes, it is relevant to the topic, because Lauren's opinion is that whites improved Native people's lives with all 'muh Claudius Galen medical knowledge' and 'muh 16th century technology'. Sorry but I don't really see how almost wiping out an entire people 'improves' things for them.


No. 351517

File: 1499904042423.png (233.01 KB, 375x465, 1436675254891.png)

her sister seems nice, i wonder what she thinks of lauren's antics?

No. 351518

It's funny cause her sister's blog seems like that of a typical farmer on here.

I also think it's funny how she reblogs from blogs such as 'celebrities-of-color'. I wonder if Lauren will have a sudden change of heart and turn into her in a few years, or vice versa.

No. 351519

It'd be funny if during one of these low brow 'reports' of hers that the same neckbeards from her fanbase would do those "FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY" flybys.
She'd probably think it's a compliment and not something /pol/ and /b/ tards do to fuck with media.

Maybe if she continues to be exposed as an attention whore and impure coalburner we might see some cannibalism in action.

No. 351521

File: 1499904457375.jpg (113.6 KB, 1080x810, MAGAattentionheadgear.jpg)

God, Lauren is so transparent when she does shit like this. Just think of any traditional journalist, especially one reporting on the ground, and what they wear. It's always professional.

This dumb bitch has gone into the heart of more violent Antifa and BLM protests without any type of gear in videos before. More recently, she was smart enough to wear a helmet, but, well, she did this to it. She wonders why she was targeted in that "I'm Sorry" video lmao.

She just wants attention to be on her at all times and it takes away from any """journalism""" she does. There's a reason why Rebel Media asked her to leave.

No. 351523

>one sister does everything to please daddy
>one sister does everything to rebel against daddy

so who has the bigger daddy issues?

I wonder why she never challenged him on anything. Maybe he didn't outright tell her to believe anything, but it sounds like she gave into the power of suggestion.

No. 351524


nobody does that retarded shit anymore, it was kinda funny for a month 2 years ago

No. 351526

How do you know she's a coalburner? I've seen a lot of people on /pol/ call her that too but does anyone have proof of it? Sounds juicy. I remember Shoe lost shitloads of alt right fans when they found out she had dated a black guy.

No. 351527

File: 1499904634807.jpg (123.27 KB, 612x553, 1482468465662.jpg)

>Rebel Media asked her to leave

she happened to leave right before Ezra packed the entire newsroom on a plane to Jerusalem

what a cohencidence.

No. 351528

File: 1499904657598.jpg (91.08 KB, 750x562, rainbowbetaboy.jpg)

From the Berkeley protests. Looks like her and her boyfriend from that nose. Strange how he's always "mysteriously" with her everywhere.

No. 351529

>one sister does everything to please daddy
>one sister does everything to rebel against daddy

>So who has the bigger daddy issues?

It's quite intriguing.

No. 351530

File: 1499904737122.jpg (391.59 KB, 2048x1536, C5ibOfuXQAAzzUR.jpg)

>does anyone have proof of it?

one time she took a couple of selfies with a black guy at a libertarian conference in Mexico.

No. 351531

File: 1499904765417.jpg (44.42 KB, 640x640, 1489199014790.jpg)

No. 351532

I believe she had a few pictures taken with a black guy, someone posted it somewhere here but I don't recall when.

No. 351533

nigga lol

No. 351534

File: 1499904831117.jpg (425.12 KB, 1064x986, 1489117476285.jpg)

/pol/ turned this into a fanfic.

No. 351537


No. 351538

Just seems like a paranoid /pol/ meme because god forbid she get anywhere close to a black man. I think she is dating nose boy.

No. 351539

Her fanboys were trying to defend her by saying that she left because she was so 'morally opposed' to going to Israel and did it out of respect for her 'alt right integrity' (we all know the alt right is highly anti-Semitic and as are most of their memes).

However, I think it is FAR more likely that she left during that specific time, because she knew what a devastating impact it would have on her fanbase. She's been getting called a Jew and a shill since she first started, and going on such a trip with Ezra Levant (who is Jewish) would have really hurt her career. No doubt that she saw how angrily her fanbase reacted to that black guy at The Rebel making the 'Nationalism Is Stupid' video, which received so many dislikes, and led to lots of her fans unsubbing from TheRebel channel. Everything with Lauren is a tactical move to keep the patreon cash rolling in. Remember that she's unemployed now, so she needed it.

Pretty sneaky, huh?

Sage for armchair.

No. 351542

She doesn't get to talk about whites being superior and get a pass for only 'hanging out' with the black guy.
Her male followers are white and enjoy the fantasy of her rejecting big black cock in favor for their loser pencil dicks for the white race. C'mon anon. These are racial purists she's dealing with.

No. 351544

File: 1499905196161.jpg (186.59 KB, 1280x720, canadianbitch.jpg)

More American related headgear at protests despite being Canadian.

No. 351545

File: 1499905217189.jpg (209.72 KB, 1920x1080, Luke.jpg)

>nose boy

are Slavs white?

No. 351546

File: 1499905258959.jpg (37.25 KB, 405x720, Cn5VkmZUMAANr9b.jpg)

she's not exactly subtle

No. 351549

File: 1499905365772.jpg (47.92 KB, 800x445, 20150713-212215-8587-800x445.j…)

Was she shooting for anus lips?
That's how you get puckered anus lips.

No. 351550

File: 1499905537513.jpg (152.96 KB, 1280x720, 1468635281144.jpg)

this is a bad post.

No. 351551

He looks like an uglier version of Putin, with a much bigger nose. Maybe her Putin fetish has reached its peak.

I also remember her posting a lot of Slavic memes a little while ago, so it probably ties in with the time she started dating Luke.

No. 351552

It's weird the alt-right would care who she dated in the first place. Aren't Italians mongrels and the scum of Europe according to those people?

A big shnozz isn't a very good way to determine someone's race. Lots of Brits have giant noses for example.

No. 351553

I'm laughing that some huge American flag plastered over her wall. I imagine it's in some peaceful, suburban Canadian neighborhood where she roleplays she's American. She's conveniently far away from the very worst of the protests in America.

Does she even have any roots in America? Is this more roleplaying like with her Danish roots?

No. 351554

File: 1499905797235.jpg (67.64 KB, 480x480, 12135204_629652007175025_34070…)

No. 351555

That I've seen, Canadians love dressing up in the American flag because of "memes".

No. 351560

For someone who constantly preaches the importance of 'identity' and 'roots' she doesn't seem to have a very clear identity, unless she's going for 'whiteness' which varies so much from place to place. Even then, she clings onto cultures which have nothing to do with her. LARPing as a hairy Viking warrior, a redneck Yankee hick, a scummy Slavic gopnik, a Germanic maiden, cosplaying all these random anime characters. Maybe she should just stick to playing dress-up.

No. 351561

my god is she hideous

No. 351562

Lol lots of Brits have big noses, but I don't think I've ever seen a Brit with a nose as huge as Luke's. Just saying.

No. 351564

Isn't being big nosed a mostly caucasian thing though? I've never heard of people with big noses not being white.

No. 351565

No. 351568

File: 1499906778328.jpg (99.2 KB, 1150x551, polmeme.jpg)

I saw this pic while looking for an image of her and actually had to make sure all of the tweets were real. They are.

No. 351570

girl what
just look at what the rhinoplasty capital of the world is

No. 351572


this is frikin proof shes an attention whore

No. 351573

This pretty much sums up my doubt in any white nationalist/power movements. There's no sense of… unity? I mean how can you claim Europe for Europeans and then balk at the possibility of Spanish ancestry.

She cosplayed before all of this shit, so those tweets were probably jokes/ironic.

Though, now that I think of it, why would she cosplay if her daddy showed her the true white path since elementary school?

No. 351574

File: 1499906960726.jpg (152.88 KB, 1200x675, embarassingmagapants.jpg)

No. 351575

File: 1499906981437.jpg (172.87 KB, 675x1200, pandering.jpg)

No. 351576

she was doing anime cosplays before she made those tweets, though

No. 351578

File: 1499907128418.jpg (130.45 KB, 1000x1778, morecameltoe.jpg)

Of course her creepy omegas really focused on this part. Lauren seems to love "accidentally" giving cameltoes. This looks so damn creepy with the print.

No. 351581

Lol sorry, it's just that I'm Asian so most noses on white people look big to me. (Not a negative either, I think tall noses look very elegant tbh)

No. 351582

There are poc that have strong nose bridges, though it isn't uncommon in white people either. Just take a look at people of middle eastern, indian, or even hispanic descent?

No. 351583

Actually not factually correct, alot of traditional Medicine is used today in fact. Except today we crush up bark and put it in a pill brand it as aspirin and call it ~modern~

No. 351597

I can't believe this is the same chick who constantly slut shames other women and looks down on women like Ariana Grande calling them 'the downfall of the west', just because Ariana wears a miniskirt and a pushup bra. The hypocrisy is unbelievable. Clearly Lauren is just a typical attention whore narc who can't stand to see other women doing better than her.

No. 351600


Stop self posting, Lauren.

No. 351603

I was thinking that too, Lauren's mom and dad kinda look like Trudeau and his wife, kek.

No. 351606

those are two different people, retard

No. 351611

I seriously believe she's the one who's been posting her own cosplays ITT lmao. The "oops" when someone said she's weirdly fixated on being blond sounded a little too passive-aggressive to be neutral.

No. 351614

Lauren are you mad someone called your sister prettier/skinnier than you? Lol.

No. 351616

She's such a narc I wouldn't be surprised if she googles herself all the time and lurks her thread. I know she greentexts, lurks and self posts on 4chan a lot and /pol/ always calls her out for it, kek.

No. 351618

Wouldn't be surprised if it were either Lauren or some of Lauren's ~beta orbiters~ coming to the defense of their trad queen.

No. 351623

This. That little 'oops' was a dead giveaway, and posting a gratuitous picture with the little passive aggressive comment is Lauren's exact style of comeback. Lauren as /snow/ lurker confirmed.

No. 351634

hey lauren if youre reading this you need to get off your high horse because there are tons of women prettier than you who do a much better job actually practicing what they preach without the attention seeking

No. 351641

File: 1499917272376.png (1.27 MB, 1601x898, 1499530548629.png)

/pol/ doesn't even know this place exists, I doubt Lauren does.

at least not yet.

No. 351645

Well she's friends with Shoe who always references lolcow in her videos. If June saw a Lauren thread on here she'd probably tell her about it.

No. 351648

This, she's totally here. Hope admins are tracking IPs, and the sudden odd VPNs to disguise the fact…

No. 351649

When has Shoe referenced us?

No. 351655

Shoe doesnt reference the site, she just calls people who make feminist content 'lolcows'
Knowing how assblasted Shoe gets at any form of criticism, she wouldn't knowingly promote this

No. 351656

She calls people lolcows a lot so I'm sure she's been on here and knows about this board. Also some people have suspected she selfposts in her own thread from time to time, so…make of that what you will.

No. 351658

Which videos are those? Do you have links to any of them?

No. 351661

anyone who reads ED knows what a lolcow is

No. 351666

Lauren tldr: Rules for thee but not for me
Does she really think she'd be able to be a ""journalist"" in the conservative, male headed society she wants? Nah, sorry you're a housewife now with the rest of us, go pop out some kids or you're a failure. No cosplay either! Make clothes for your five kids! You're not the exception to their woman hate.

No. 351680

I find it ironic that Lauren slut shames women, yet her entire career is built on male attention lmao.

No. 351684

too true. She thrives on being treated like a sex object by the far right basement dwellers.

No. 351688

Why are some women so ungrateful for the hard work of past feminists?

No. 351689

Honestly, if it was ugly or fat or even covered up more, I doubt she'd even be relevant. I know she's no super model so don't accuse me of being her or white knighting, my point is if she was even slightly unattractive her fan boys wouldn't give a shit about her. The crowd she's pandering to literally see her as a sex object.

No. 351691

lol this Fantano vid…

>"I'm Lauren Southern and I do """journalism""" for people who can't handle reality!" You're Canadian and you're conservative, there's like no reason for you to exist. You're like a low-fat Oreo.

No. 351705

Lauren is ok. She seemed to go off the deep end recently, but I appreciate potentially putting yourself in harms way to get the truth

No. 351706

What truth has she revealed, dude?

No. 351729

Doctors without borders might make Africa a better place. They are making Europe worse by shipping in the refugees.

No. 351731

Sage your off topic please.

No. 351732

my bf called her a 6/10 and that seemed fitting to me. above average, but barely.

i'm glad she's losing fans

No. 351764

ew her sister looks like a 13 year old with a horeseface

No. 351767

>> What are muslims, jews and africans

No. 351769

Just because your nose is flat it doesnt mean its not big


No. 351773

That's a terrible example anon, that's hardly a potato nose. Though yes, all races can have big noses, great. Let's not derail any further though?

Sage your autism.

No. 351826

I didn't notice this post.
An American of Chinese descent will be at least half Chinese, and people of mixed race or nationality already feel like they don't belong to either races/nationalities fully.
While, if you only had a distant relative from the Middle Ages that was maybe (maybe) Danish you can't go around saying that you're Danish. It would be like those "cherokee princesses" who only have 0,1% of cherokee blood.
Lauren's claim that her grandgrandparents were Danish and went to the USA during World War II is only based on the fact that her grandgrandfather apparently owned a Danish truck.
My father owns an Opel car, so I must be German.

No. 351860

>jews, muslims

lmfao what?

No. 351871

File: 1499963358531.png (519.07 KB, 553x526, 1499662327860.png)


the nose knows.

No. 351905

It's one thing to be X by heritage, and another thing to be culturally X imo. An American Chinese person can be as "Chinese" as they want in the US, but no Chinese person in China will view them the same, not even family members.

I think it's a problem for North Americans to be able to freely claim they're X if all they lived and known was North America. You're fucking North American. Maybe your parents are Irish, but how Irish can you fucking be if you've never stepped foot in Ireland.

No. 351909

got theyre both fugly

No. 351911

Found some vintage Lauren cringe from her sister's YouTube.

No. 351913

File: 1499971787677.jpg (665.11 KB, 1200x630, lauren_southern.jpg)


No. 351914

File: 1499971956166.png (1.19 MB, 820x1238, dfkjdk.png)

From her sister's blog. Even her sister thinks she's an attention-whore.

No. 351915


im embarrassed

No. 351917

Aaaand the cream of the crop from her sister's Tumblr, a recording of Lauren Southern farting and burping, like a beautiful traditional waifu.


So feminine.

No. 351920


her sister can't spell either lmaoooo

No. 351921

her sister's blog is honestly disgusting. kinda whoreish honestly

No. 351933

Nah, she's cute. Calm your hateboner, anon.

No. 351935


calm your boner though she's passable nothing special tbf

No. 351947

Cool, maybe sage your derailment?

No. 351948

I hope we're going to find out this was Lauren dragging her own sister out of petty jealousy.

No. 351949

Like fantano content even better he reviews other albums but doesn't make anything meaningful himself

Not Lauren btw just hate that baldie

No. 351966

wtf I love lauren's sister now

I can't believe she dragged her like that

No. 352014

Ya'all better archive her sisters stuff. I dunno, they seem close, she's also a weeb they both took a similar photo of the boat tip(sisters looks better)

No. 352023

I love old Lauren cringe. She seems so much more real in these. She was just some cosplayer before she turned into a cringey redpill qween.

No. 352025

Sometimes I wonder if Lauren genuinely wants to be male or something. She sure idolizes men to a ridiculous extent and has quite a masc vibe. I remember she even once admitted on twitter that she is 'basically a neckbeard in the body of a 21 year old blonde'.

Maybe that whole 'changing my gender to male ha ha amirite ;)' thing wasn't quite as ironic as everyone thought…

No. 352027

File: 1499985190161.png (415.9 KB, 570x382, 1477273042714.png)

No. 352030

I know she changed it for a joke, I'm just saying, she has a weird fixation on masculinity.

The funniest thing is she could looks like she could genuinely be a MTF.

No. 352031

So she's 5'7/8? Certified manbeast.

No. 352037

womanlets can't give you strong sons.

No. 352050

File: 1499988179097.jpg (10.92 KB, 397x362, 1488071164596.jpg)

why the fuck would anyone care about what Stefan Molyneux has to say on the subject? He literally hates women.

No. 352067

You're the anon that keeps shilling for Lauren, right? Stop sockpuppeting in this thread, Lauren. We know it's you.

No. 352070

That's so disgusting. Real feminine and civilized.

Also I like how her sister used a trigger warning. Her sister is likeable actually, simply because she seems the antithesis of Lauren.

No. 352079

She looks strangely bloated and Jocelyn Wildenstein-esque here.

No. 352080

New video from our traditional waifu, more generalising of the entire female gender. The top rated commentes are enough to make you throw up.

No. 352095

I like how she only mentions women "trading up" but ignores her audience of 30+ year old neckbeards who expect hot 18 year olds to be begging for their hand in marriage.

No. 352096

Why would anyone need 'traditionalist relationship advice' from two unmarried young know-it-alls who are barely twenty and therefore at their biological peak SMV?

All decent looking, non-obese women at that age will get plenty of offers. There is no 'dating strategy'.

Literally all you have to do is sit at a bar and wait to be approached.

No. 352100

>when women have more choices, they're more dissatisfied
Excuse me, what? She's literally telling women not to date powerful, handsome, or famous men because that's aiming too high and you shouldn't just be satisfied with what you have, but also have fewer choices. It also makes you superficial I guess to be attracted to someone who has date-able traits.

Also fuck Lauren for directing this at women in particular. Her male audience full of 40 year old men, lusting over her 22 year old body looks need this message most.

Where did she get this "Trading Up" term from? It sounds really incel and MGTOW to me. I've never personally heard any girl I know say that or want this.

No. 352109

It's literally an incel/MGTOW fantasy, zero women I know say "my boyfriend needs to look like a male model and be rich" women I know, their requirements are very rarely looks based and more be caring, sensitive, interesting, funny etc as for money, it's just be able to support themselves and not be a neet lmao. SO UNREALISTIC.

No. 352112

Yeah they call it "hypergamy". Magically it never applies to the old men lusting after hot 20 year olds, though. Go to /r/RedPillWomen and you will see these sad ladies self-flagellating over it all the time.

>"Hey I have so-and-so problem with the guy I'm dating, and I think he doesn't have the qualities I want in a Captain"

>"Sweetie, that's just your hypergamous nature talking. Get off your pedestal, you're not that great. Go bake him a nice apple pie and then suck his dick or you'll be one of those spinsters who has Hit The Wall and eternally alone!"

>"OMG thank you!! You're right, I'll go be a good first-mate right away!"

No. 352126

Some samefags and spammers have been temporarily banned.

No. 352141

Goddamn I hate this shit so much. The comment section makes me want to hang myself from a tree.

No. 352177

File: 1500002019139.png (22.81 KB, 638x100, Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 10.1…)

This is the one and only result of videos like these. Young women are not watching them and saying "hey I have to do things differently!" Men are watching them and discussing how much they hate women in the comments. That's it.

You're doing great things, Lauren.

No. 352179


Lauren's sister is an attention whore just like her, just in a different way. Christ, their parents must be so disappointed. How do you fuck up both your daughters so badly that they're this desperate for male attention?

No. 352180

There's a difference between the two anon, Lauren's sister isn't preaching "modesty and tradation!" while doing this shit. Let's not act like neckbeards and offended by adult women showing their bodies.

No. 352185

Molyneux is such a creepy and embarrassing cow, he deserves his own thread tbh.

No. 352188

honestly you see more skin on instagram models, calm down. Like the other Anon said, she isn't the one preaching modesty and tradition.

Poor guy, millennial girls just don't want to rethink their wicked, nontraditional, Jezebel-esqe ways. Stone them!

No. 352198

I would absolutely love this and get behind it. There's so many alt-right and redpill cows I feel like we haven't gone through yet. Lauren is so full of milk.
It's so pathetic how so many of the comments on the video were asking her to lez out. These are the same guys that are really homophobic, but I guess it's okay when it's Lauren. The hypocrisy of Lauren and her fans drives me crazy.

No. 352200


Lesbians usually get a pass from homophobes if they're "hot" (mileage varies, ofc).

It's only the real hardcore Christian ones that have any problem with it for sure.

No. 352258

>she was born in Surrey

Oh shit, that explains a lot. Surrey is like the dog patch of BC, the place is inhabited by nothing but pure redneck trash.

No. 352270

Considering Lauren is Canadian, she and her father should be aware of a little thing called "residential schools". Which basically involved white people taking native children from their families, stripping them of their culture and "assimilating" them into white culture, and literally abusing/raping them. I'm willing to bet Native societies in Canada were far happier before whiteies came over.

No. 352355

File: 1500035374545.jpg (87.8 KB, 787x499, Bswqt9CIUAAB6c0.jpg)

Interesting how Lauren and other alt-righters/traditionalists never talk about male promiscuity.
She talks like "trading up" is a thing that happens only with women. And men who leave their wives for a younger piece of meat? Oh that's women's fault too.
I guess topic of male promiscuity is too liberal/feminist/leftist/blue pilled for her and her fanbase. Men are always the victims!!

I hope she gets herself a true red pill husband who will treat her like a child and replace her with a new shiny toy when she hits the wall. (and oh boy, she is not aging well)

Here is a pic from MGTOW, site where Lauren gets material for her videos.

No. 352356

>when you find out that he is having an affair, you may be in a rage, but if you make a fuss, you are denying the man "face"…
jesus cocksucking christ
simple solution: be a woman who marries a woman, problem solved.

No. 352359

>don't be picky
>stay with a man who cheats on you
>have no education

So have absolutely no standards for myself? Sounds great.

No. 352379

So that she can look """Aryan"""

No. 352446

Do these butthurt losers think that by churning out shit like this, they'll manage to brainwash women into settling for them? Wow that is fucking pathetic kek

No. 352482

File: 1500053834355.png (40.88 KB, 186x156, 1492502111569.png)


WTF is going here

No. 352586

her traditional housewife stuff is cringey but she is on point about the shit thats going down in europe. looking forward to her vlogs on that anti-NGO ship with Martin Sellner.

No. 352590

So does Lauren want us to believe that she will one day give up all of this male attention, groveling, and worship to be a housewife?

Nope. Don't buy it. She clearly thrives off of attention, and staying in the kitchen with one man and a bunch of kids won't award her that. She can drag instagram girls and pop stars for wanting attention as much as she wants, but she isn't fooling anyone and it's quite clear she is no different. Just own it. Admit it. And stop trying to drag other women into your bullshit. Just because you can find a couple DailyMail articles or whateverthefuck showing that a woman "traded up" and left her husband doesn't mean that this is a problem with all feeeeeemales, or that it is even a strictly female issue. It isn't.

No. 352685

THIS. i mean… some of us have self esteem. "i-i'm nordic! i-i hate feminists! i-i'm totally a reaaall journalist!"
it comes from a place of insecurity. she reminds me of serena joy from the handmaid's tale tbh.

No. 352688

Agree, but she's just replaying what other people have said she's not particularly original.

No. 352694

she's definitely not a natural light blonde. her hair color has no definition to it, it's one solid pane of yellow, no highlights or lowlights, it doesn't match her eyebrows and eyelashes. and she has roots growing in in that pic of her drivers license. but i guess admiting she colors her hair would be admitting shes a vapid FEEEEMMMAAAALLLEEE to her pol audience. just like the trolling she did with that fake makeup tutorial, she can't admit she does like feminine stuff without turning it into a joke.
if she did, her audience would call her vapid but… i thought she wants to be a "trad wife"? if anything, doing stuff like simple makeup tutorials and sewing tutorials would appeal to women. you know, the ones the traditionalists and those identity europa dweebs desperately need to be in their movement? but her stuff is not and never will be for other women. it's "virtue signalling" to pol. pol doesn't realize what natural makeup looks like? or that women use hair dye? just never mention it! try to to trigger their raging madonna whore complex and you'll be fine! be one of the duuudddddeeeesss!

No. 352695

i've seen some of their macros they make to try to get women to be traditional housewives. everything is wrong! down to even the font choice. they can't even pretend to be women convincingly, because they don't understand women on a fundamental level. won't even bother to lurk on pinterest or something to get an idea of what traditionally minded women look at and like. lmao!

No. 352696

Exactly on your last point. I hope all this pandering to misogynists comes back to bite her in the ass at some point and cause her to question what she is really doing, but I don't it ever will.

No. 352698

If a woman criticizes her, notice she calls them feminists like in this video.
>I just know I'm going to get feminists in the comments saying "wow, you want women to be in abusive relationships?"
Like, how does calling your bullshit out make anyone a feminist, male or female? You said to stay in mediocre relationships and "settle up".

No. 352699

right! if you read "right wing women" by andrea dworkin, it explains these pol bootlickers and female neets perfectly.
the only thing that brings me joy is if we do go back to some horrible patriarchal hellscape, shes gonna be there too.

No. 352701

I've been in threads on pol of her and they do seem to know she is caked to hell.

Everyone thinks she's jewish(rich) the owner of rebel is Jewish too. Lots of people get jobs via nepotism.

I don't think she's ever claimed it was her real hair colour, correct me if I'm wrong you always see her roots in various places.

No. 352704

i'm kind of glad pol is calling her out. i'm a dirty lefty and i'm sick of hearing about her. i guess they aren't thinking with their small penises for once in their lives! now if only they could do the same with shoe…

No. 352707

Nono there are still definitely some beta virgins defending her. Tbh a lot of redditors have shitted up pol with their being nice crap.

No. 352708

File: 1500073537360.png (489.97 KB, 629x788, degeneratewaterfam.png)

I don't for a second, believe Lauren actually thinks about half the thing she preaches, and she follows absolutely none of what she preaches. Lauren has a really, really carefully crafted image. She especially tailors it to white supremacists, /pol/, redpillers, the alt-right, MGTOW, and incels. None of those places get women really, especially girls like Lauren. That way, she has little female competition and almost no criticism, while getting the worshiping male fanbase she needs so much. Notice if a girl does criticize her, she brands them a feminist.

She spouts MGTOW and Incel lines like "marrying up", which don't really exist like these paranoid groups think they do. I've caught her in videos and on twitter using words like "degenerate" which is distinctly /pol/ language and very alt right in general. It's basically their word that's equivalent to the SJW's "problematic", for those who aren't aware.

Lauren clearly scours these places then tries to sing their tune for cash and attention.

No. 352712

File: 1500073783049.jpg (20.45 KB, 400x400, 6Y-FOESK_400x400.jpg)

>that fanboy

No. 352714

truly a top tier aryan specimen. someone get this man a white wife immediately!

No. 352722

/pol/ has been calling her out for a while now


No. 352724

File: 1500074754930.png (123.63 KB, 750x724, IMG_0744.PNG)

Standard fan

No. 352725

File: 1500074805112.png (116.54 KB, 750x802, IMG_0745.PNG)

Pls pay attention senpai

No. 352727

File: 1500074877067.png (168.42 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0723.PNG)

No. 352729

Literally just scrolled above in this thread


Also fake blondes love to wear Rasta hobo hats when their roots grow out. No other reason to wear that nasty bean cap

No. 352737

Gee nice Instagram nails lauren. I thought you were above all that? That stuff is for riots ruining western civilization!!!

Please binge some more makeup tutorials and sort out your eyebrows as well

No. 352754

File: 1500077431091.png (35.85 KB, 477x176, Screenshot 2017-07-14 05.08.40…)

No. 352792

File: 1500084305982.png (53.5 KB, 598x227, Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 9.04…)

Do you mean <20% Danish, Lauren?

No. 352794

File: 1500084714458.png (15.2 KB, 587x188, memes.png)

>andrea dworkin
>patriarchal hellscape

tumblr is that way, legbeard

I don't think she's ever denied dyeing her hair. all she's said is that she isn't naturally a brunette, but instead an ashy blonde.

/pol/ hates shoe.

>I've caught her in videos and on twitter using words like "degenerate" which is distinctly /pol/ language

Lauren is a meme-spouting newfag. she hasn't posted as much on twitter lately because she can't play fag hag to Milo and Pizza Party Ben anymore.

No. 352879

She's never denied it but i think it's kinda weird how she can't own her natural color either. It's pretty much established that light blonde children have their color darken with age. The bleach job just looks like she's hiding more than she really is.

Maybe I'm reaching, but it's so unnatural looking you can't help but speculate. She might benefit from some lowlights or something.

No. 352880

what the fuck? she's only 21?

i thought she was a haggard looking late 20's. if you told me she was 35 i would have believed you

can't wait for the next few years, she's going to age so badly. ((she already is))

No. 352912

one thing i enjoy is that she criticizes 'young' people for doing shit she does herself. its like a train wreck making fun of another train wreck

No. 352914

I find it funny that her fans hate women expressing interest in anything feminine (make-up, hair dye etc) but want perfect traditional wives. So basically do make-up etc but make sure to do it in private and don't you dare express any joy over it! Just suck off boyfie while he shitposts on reddit then cook him a meal like a good female.

No. 352958

>"I'm Danish"
>her whole family is Canadian
>has probably never been to Denmark
>can't even speak Danish
After transracials, we have transnationals. She has nationality dysphoria. She feels Danish, so she must be.

No. 352959

Given that she herself argues that 'European" isn't a race, how can she be Danish when she doesn't speak the language, hasn't lived in the country nor does she know the culture in the way that someone who grew up there would?

I usually find it ridiculous when an American asks me where I'm from and sometimes, when I tell them, they're like "Oh, I'm also ___!" even though they can't speak a word in my language and all they know is the stereotypical stuff that Americans seem to focus on.

She's Canadian, big deal. Her insistence on being Danish is not that much less ridiculous than people who insist they're watever-kin.

Pot, kettle and all that.

No. 352965

File: 1500131866662.jpg (142.83 KB, 690x402, 48dfb9744c0bf52b23450b45289b15…)

Oooh found this juicy screenshot in their thread

No. 352977

So, she is Jewish after all. Really makes you think.

No. 352998

File: 1500140236216.png (749.1 KB, 1349x3826, lauren sperg 1.png)

that guy is an obsessive sperg

No. 353012

If Joe Scarborough had a fat lesbian daughter.

If these guys weren't giving her money, she'd be laughing in their faces.

What era traditional housewives do these types want, anyway? At the beginning of last century makeup was for prostitutes and actresses, who weren't much better than whores in many people's eyes. But in the 50's, which a lot of these guys seem to be nostalgic for, wearing makeup was pretty much mandatory for every respectable woman and not wearing makeup when out in public was considered slatternly. Unless they were part of a strict religious sect, of course. Can Lauren's fans be considered a religious sect?

No. 353054

They probably want women to wear makeup for the good of their boners, they just don't want women to get joy out of it and turn it into a community like the girls on YouTube and instagram do. That's the impression I get anyway.

Plus they seem to think lauren wears minimal makeup despite the fact she has a full wing going every single day…so they aren't very good judges of what is and isn't makeup.

No. 353069

Here's Lauren's latest groundbreaking video of her walking the streets of Paris. So fascinating. Wow.

No. 353091

The comments are more frustrating than Lauren. I hate when Americans feel the need to push their opinion on European politics, despite the vast majority of them either have next to zero knowledge of modern Europe and our history, or (more often) getting all of their "knowledge" from watching fucking YouTube videos. You cannot possibly know what any part of Europe is really like from videos as it's so easy to cherry pick (like Lauren is doing here).
sage for opinion

No. 353098

people who aren't white….walking around minding their own business?! THE FUCKING AUDACITY I'm surprised Lauren didn't raped then bombed.

No. 353142

Why did she need to speed it up? It's hard to focus on if women are wearing french plaits or not (really Lorenzo, that's what upsets you?)

No. 353143

Easy, because if any white people were (they were) it would be easy to miss them but she slowed it down whenever some people with ~ethnic~ clothing were there.

No. 353146

I think that since the pol/incel types get worked up easily by macros, they figured that they could reach women the same way.

But all of their macros for women sound like they were written by aliens.

No. 353163

ikr all this Youtube Universery bullshit is terrible. Lauren is just some attention-hungry bitch w/ a camera, why do some people see her as a credible source? like she didn't even finish college loll

No. 353170

They also don't even seem to actually care about European culture beyond ranting about immigrants. Some of the comments about ideal (white) Paris sounds like BS straight from American TV

can you post some? they sound hilarious
maybe in the alt right general if it's too OT here

No. 353258

I agree with this video, it's a lot more reasonable than I expected it to be. The problem is very real in our society but it affects both male and female not female only like this video puts emphasis on. Men are pulling this bullshit too.

Usually I find her intolerable but she has a point here.

No. 353301

File: 1500174590238.png (270.32 KB, 598x524, Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 10.0…)

Oh Lauren….back in the kitchen you go.

No. 353313

She's not wrong. There are enclaves in every country, and they have their own little community and most never need to actually learn English. There will be the head guy who might own a factory who can speak English and then that person might hire their own them for cheap tax free labour, as they can be the translators they don't really need to learn. Also most government places offer a translating service these days. My parents lived here for 30 years and still need me to do their paperwork/translate.

No. 353321

The point of the pic is that they don't need to learn English if they're moving to France…

No. 353346

>They're not speaking English

The point is that she doesn't know any fucking thing about Europe and only looks at it through her own North American worldview. She needs to go the fuck back to Canada and protect her own country from migrants if that's what she cares about instead of meddling in the affairs of every European country she doesn't have citizenship in. She can't even speak French herself.

No. 353349

These dumbasses can't understand women and they're like failures right out of the gate. They basically think women are emotional idiots and admit to seeing them as children in intelligence, yet somehow women are so hard to get as wives and always see through them. Gee, it's like we know when we see failures. They don't even want to try to understand us so don't get why all their shitty macros blow up in their faces. It's like they're legitimately sexist or something.

If they actually took two seconds off their shitty reddit hovels and /pol/ boards, looked at places like pinterest and Facebook like you said, they'd see there's so many "traditional housewives" everywhere.

Lauren is at least fun because she's playing them. She is really calculated and they can't see through it lmao.

No. 353368

this bitch thick and not in the good way

No. 353413

A huge metropolitan city, being racially/ethnically/culturally diverse?!?!?! It's a sure sign of the downfall of European civilization as we know it, guys!!!!

No. 353416

you don't see that much "diversity" in huge metropolitan cities like Tokyo, Shanghai, or Lagos.

No. 353440

File: 1500195172213.gif (1.99 MB, 540x268, 0e2f4db5-e2f0-4495-ba5f-a40ee1…)

Who cares?

No. 353441

You can see a lot of white people in Tokyo.

No. 353503

Uh-huh… Maybe that's because Japan is a lot further away from the countries people are emigrating from and they're stricter about immigration…

No. 353533

but das racis

No. 353534

That's completely retarded. I don't know what "group" you were part of, but I'm close personal friends with a TONNE of "anti-sjws" and not only are 99% of them totally ok with race mixing, like 60% or more of them do it personally.
Even if my anecdote doesn't convince you, maybe you should look within and see how convincing yours is. Lol.

No. 353543

I am friends with "anti sjws" too and probably would be considered one by a lot of people (identifying as that is cringey tho) I just think the "anti sjw" term and argument for free speech is used by actual bigots, yet they're often ignored as it'd be "pc" to point it out.

Just go on any anti sjw fb group, subreddit, even youtube comments and you'll find them. People say what people say on the internet means nothing, but if that's the kinda people you're attracting there's an issue. Yet if you call them out you're accused of being "triggered" and being an "sjw" kek. Not really sure what your intention with your reply here was, "not all anti sjws" uh yeah I know and never claimed that, was just giving a little story from an anti sjw facebook group, where people were using their real names etc to preach legitimate racism etc then doxxing people for disagreeing lol.

No. 354124

Not going to continue this discussion because it's pretty much unrelated, but that's precisely why I'm wondering why you brought it up in the first place. This is a thread about Lauren and her oft-retarded, racist following, why are you even bringing other people into it like she and her rabidly Alt-Right fucktard fans are representative of the "anti-sjw" community? And you did bring it up as if it's relevant or an overarching trend in that group of people, so don't say you didn't.

Stick to talking about Lauren and not blogposting unrelated shit about random Facebook groups and how totes meen they r.

So this is on-topic, rah rah Lauren has bad roots and split ends, rah rah.

No. 354262

New video

this is kinda disturbing tbh

No. 354310

you just don't understand Europe, you racist American

those people are more French than Marie Curie.

No. 354314

How often does Lauren travel? How long has she been in Paris anyway? I was thinking there might be some indication on her Twitter.

She always seems so loaded to literally be traveling cross-country in search of the worst American protests or situations in Europe. It really seems like she just appears the moment something happens.

No. 354341

I'm so sick of her using the dumbass #defendeurope hashtag. Europe doesn't need some random college dropout Canadian to "defend it" and she actually is not accomplishing shit. i doubt she would ever enlist for any kind of duty to actively work to solve the problems she bitches about. She's so obnoxious.

Also the comments on her "trading up" video just keep getting worse and worse and it's fucking pathetic that she defends that shit and caters to the people who spew it. She's so self hating.

No. 354362

It was relevant at the time and just a little side note lol, you replied to a comment that was days old then tell me to stay on topic? lmao

I find it ironic Lauren is so about "protecting European culture" but also appears to be for brexit from what I've seen? Also the comments saying "I've heard of London it's in the middle east!1" brexit isn't anything to do with the middle east lol. I don't agree with these people attacking her, but she went to cause trouble and cries when they tell her to fuck off?

No. 354377

File: 1500344480899.png (642.84 KB, 692x429, jester.png)

Oh God. Lauren's cosplay headgear strikes again. She's so British now and loves the Union Jack and Brexit.

No. 354385

She's so embarrassing, she turns up at a brexit rally as a Canadian wearing a union jack hat and clearly trying to mock/antagonise them. Then cries "reee they're censoring me!1" when a woman tries to explain to her why she's getting negative attention.

No. 354400

>hat gets thrown in the garbage can
>she picks it out of the garbage and puts it back on again without a beat
What the fuck? This and the "smiling while piss is thrown in your face" thing are really making me wonder about her.

No. 354406


She's asking to get stabbed or shot.
Like a klan member yelling nigger in downtown Detroit. Good thing these people seem relatively peaceful and only ask the bitch to fuck off.

No. 354407

The woman who comes up and tells her she's disingenuous for getting upset because she obviously just came to start conflict is absolutely right.

No. 354455

Agreed, she seemed pretty reasonable. Lauren was the one being overly emotional comparing it to the short skirt = you deserve rape argument, as a woman wearing a short skirt isn't going out to get raped. She, however did go to cause conflict and was egging them on to get a reaction.

No. 354461

Even the guy who took her hat was pretty peaceful imo lol, "that's in poor taste" it is in poor taste to mock people for being upset after the brexit vote. It was a hugely emotional event for Britain with many fearing for the future. The people in this video are literally just standing around talking, asking her to leave as she's being disrespectful, while she walks around trying to cause trouble and being a bitch.

No. 354626

The way her voice cracked when she said "punching people!!!" @ the 6:10 minute mark…

No. 354630

This is so cringe. She's being ignored by people for the most part and acting like she's better than everyone lol

No. 354640

She's so fucking whiny it's ~unreal~

No. 354824

How many times are these fucking assholes going to rehash this same topic? Why do they even care? And why is it ALWAYS DIRECTED AT WOMEN.

As if some men don't think they're entitled to a blonde 19 year old bikini model. Fuck off.

No. 354850


Can we just build a wall around the Continental US yet? Give Alaska and Hawaii to Canada and let Nature takes its course. /s

Seriously, though, this is getting pathetic now. I wish ten years would pass more quickly so they can look back at all this shit and go what the fuck was I thinking?

No. 354912

nigga I can't even begin to explain how retarded that comment of yours is. We have yDNA – we have something called "haplotypes," and these things show where we are from. You may be Polish in South America, but you're still Polish categorically. She was saying that European is not a race because the white race is mostly broken down into R1a and R1b, ethnicities are filed underneath them – Europe isn't the only place with native whites. Saying "European race" is just like saying "amalgamation." Saying that you are "European" doesn't tell anyone anything. That could mean west, east, French, Italian, Spanish, Slavic, etc when all of those ethnicities have their own characteristics.

Even if PA Polish or PA Dutch people here don't understand their heritage they still have it in their ancestry. It isn't a hard concept.

Would you also not consider a Caribbean man Caribbean if he lived in Russia?

Like holy shit control your autism. People find heritage interesting, it's not all that weird.

No. 354923

I literally no ZERO women irl that have insanely high standards, literally none. Yet I can name a lot of fat neckbeards I know irl who think they deserve models. Why is this "hypergamy" argument always directed at women?

No. 354927

No. 354967

There's nothing wrong with wanting to find out or acknowledging what your ethnic heritage is, genetically.

There is, however, a pretty vast difference between being genetically Danish, and being culturally Danish. It's akin to some weeaboo talking about being 1/4 Japanese where the "Japanese" grandparent is actually born and raised in Hawaii.

North Americans view ethnicity by genetics, and everyone else view it through culture.

No. 354970

File: 1500422892915.jpg (218.91 KB, 908x811, 1454569283157.jpg)

I can make up anecdotal evidence too.

No. 354986

What is your point? All Mgtow and red pullers go off of is anecdotal evidence to say AWALT. anyone can find stories to fit their narrative but it is in no way representative of every female. Or even a majority.

No. 355088

um, that's just proving her point. that woman has insanely LOW standards

No. 355092

File: 1500435528093.png (38.38 KB, 1020x278, atheism.png)

Also I'm pretty sure that user is a troll, I remember screenshotting another post they made "(pic related)

No. 355190

There's fucks like Lucas Werner who exist, not so anecdotal now ;) Also your post proved nothing, how does that mean she has insanely high standards? lol. I'm not sure why people keep coming on this thread to be like "gottem" nobody cares.

No. 355509

I'll save you the trouble of admitting you don't know what the word "anecdotal" means

No. 355607

File: 1500498357057.png (531.84 KB, 928x520, Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 4.03…)

Maybe…the problem is you, Lauren? For looking down on any woman that didn't marry the first dude she slept with. And saying that women are the dumber sex. And criticizing women for liking the things they like. The list goes on.

The "not like other girls" attitude tends to drive away other girls. Nobody really wants to spend time with someone who thinks they are better than them based off of trivial factors.

No. 355632

>act like a total bitch to everyone
>no one wants to be your friend because of it

No. 355634

LOL how unaware can you possibly get? What a dumb skank.

No. 355647

Brittany's Earth is flat.

But honestly I find Lauren's "y dun I have no girl frands" more tolerable than the nice spineless girls who contribute nothing to comversations. Hers is so much easier to pinpoint.

No. 355651

She's an actual flat earther? Jesus Christ

No. 355859

>be Lauren, a catty girl who insults and mocks other girls constantly for doing things she herself refuses to do
>complain that it's hard to make female friends "in a world of feminism and cattiness ~"
If feminism worked the way she seems to think it does, she'd probably be swimming in friendship.

No. 355873

That disgusting nordaboo disrespects Italy with her presence.

No. 355881

He literally has posted his quest for young women online, has been banned from places for creeping on women it's all been proven, it's not anecdotal I don't know him personally. I know about him due to the news stories and things he's posted online, jfc you're slow.

No. 355897

File: 1500518903074.jpg (28.74 KB, 450x450, c43.jpg)


No. 356264

File: 1500574517281.png (21.63 KB, 311x106, Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 1.14…)

oh my fucking god

No. 356266

File: 1500574650720.png (22.88 KB, 287x131, Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 1.16…)

Sorry, one more because these comments on her insta post are just too good.

The reason you have no female friends couldn't possibly be because you think they're all sluts, could it?

No. 356406

No. 356408

ugh so good
is he an incel

No. 356418

Nope. A woman.

No. 356420

That's so pathetic. Couldn't possibly be her personality or the fact that she comes off as combative towards other women…no, she's just not fat enough for our approval. I'd laugh if this weren't so sadly delusional…

No. 356431

File: 1500595420686.png (98.17 KB, 595x412, Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 7.01…)

Lauren's Patreon got deleted. I wonder if she will have trouble making her money to travel all across the world now.

The fact that people pay money out of their own pockets for her to do anything baffles me.

No. 356446

That's right cucks, put your monies directly into her pocket so she can plan more vacations–erm, I meant–'journalistic pursuits.'
At least on patreon there was an air that she had to produce content, now it's just e-begging.

No. 356469


YouTube videos demonetized, Patreon deleted… I wonder what the fuck she's going to do now that her ""career"" is crumbling before her very eyes - and only a few years into it, too. kek

No. 356488

File: 1500602697849.png (169.66 KB, 1337x360, thread.png)

is this one of you guys? lol

No. 356496

Oh, she definitely made money on this. She is going to be in pain now. That was Lauren's income because she left Rebel Media and Youtube won't pay anything now.

This is great because she can stop her absolutely insane and destructive "activism" she's done recently, like stopping Doctor's With No Borders boats. She was annoying before and provoked people at protests, but she was actually getting into very illegal and dangerous territory recently.

No. 356868

I wonder if her paypal could be banned for the same reason that led Patreon to delete her

No. 356937

I wonder what her chances of ever having a normal job are after all of her "activism" dies. When she starts to age and it's clear that she doesn't practice what she preaches, all of her orbiters are going to stop throwing cash her way. I also don't think she has what it takes to be a talking head or an actual reporter. And she really does have ties to some white nationalists so I assume a lot of employers won't want to touch that with a ten foot pole.

But she's a "traditional" woman, so I guess her end goal is to leech off of some strong aryan 4chan poster forever. And in that case, she'll be fine.

No. 357003

She really didn't think this through tbh. The only way she can salvage anything is by dropping this charade and going back to college, but that would also expose her as a fraud to all her fanboys.

No. 357008

File: 1500665989475.png (25.11 KB, 375x87, Screenshot 2017-07-21 12.37.08…)

Enjoy being shackled to your shitty ideology, dumbass.

No. 357073

What is she even talking about? You have no shackles. You travel around the world on other people's dimes and don't have to take responsibility for any of your shitty actions. Stop whining lauren.

No. 357179

Shackled like, a woman who is surrounded by men who view her as an inferior creature?

No. 357200

File: 1500679639142.png (171.27 KB, 590x1478, danish.png)

Once again pulling the Danish card

No. 357203

i wonder how actual danes feel seeing this. very creepy.

No. 357205

She realizes anyone on the internet can find her ancestry results video right?

No. 357234

I'm pretty sure she's just pretending it doesn't exist/count until her new ancestry results come back and (she hopes) gives a more favorable result.

No. 357268

File: 1500688010727.png (47.21 KB, 319x296, Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 8.45…)

So Lauren set up a website called patreonsucks.com, and this is the lowest reward tier she offers.

So this what manospherians refer to as "beta bucks", huh?

No. 357274

She just uploaded a video explaining why her Patreon was deleted

Lol she is desperate for that cash

No. 357277

of course she is, she has no other skills and going to college/getting a real job would be untraditional of her

No. 357280

File: 1500690333154.png (159.49 KB, 386x309, uh ohh.png)

>People can kill me but they can't kill an idea


But holy hell she is so fucking mad lmao

No. 357285

no, didn't you hear her?! she's not mad. she finds it funny! hysterical even!

now would be a good time to marry some misogynist dickwad and start popping out white bbs, Lauren.

No. 357355

You know, Lauren is exactly what her people call "SJW professional victims". They fight first, then cry when they get "hurt" and beg for money. She is exactly that right now.

She started the whole thing with blocking boats coming into the border, which is highly illegal. Naturally, Patreon shuts her down because she violates their terms of service. This somehow makes her the victim of mean old Patreon silencing "free speech". She can do whatever she wants as long as it's peaceful, like her stupid videos, but she was actually getting into violence with how she instigates people and getting into illegal activities. I think she honestly thought she was untouchable.

It's such a horrible thing to have a beta fanbase that'll back you up no matter what and support literally anything you do. Maybe this will stop her for now. It'd be fun if her PayPal got terminated as well.

No. 357364

>That's an incredible claim, Patreon
Didn't she try to disrupt a boat full of people from crossing over to Italy because "THEY'RE CRIMINALS AND RAPEFUGEES", only for them to be part of (or supported by? Not really clear on the specifics) a totally legitimate organization that had something to do with doctors?
And didn't she admit to going to an antifa rally and inadvertently getting her colleagues doxxed, targeted and beaten up? I don't blame them for cutting her loose.

No. 357370

she looks like that annoying tranny from youtube

No. 357483

Holy shit she's just like those white weeb girls who claim they're Japanese. So, after weeaboos and koreaboos, a new delusional type rises… The scandiboo.

She really thinks she's this revolutionary martyr à la Martin Luther King. Except that Luther King fought for rights, she fights to take away rights.

No. 357596

>> 357268

oh my god did she seriously just make this site. this is the cringiest shit i have ever seen. cry more because your beta followers can't give you shekels you don't even deserve

No. 357608

Ikr kek

No. 358063

File: 1500801384286.png (46.22 KB, 475x222, hmm.png)

really gets the goggle noggin

No. 358098

Yeah we don't want her, no scandi wants her, thank you very much. No scandi uses their country as an ethnicity, thats weird and bizarre. She doesnt even look danish to be honest, so she doesn't have that going for her. Eitherway, Danes are more germanic these days than nordic. They're at this point a bit of an outcast in the nordic society.

Lauren always comes off as a functional autist >>358063 like described here, she's a scandiboo who uses it as a crutch. It's like all the "I'm IRISH!" Americans who are continuously made fun out of. Albeit, Lauren doesn't even try to be be danish. She never "embraces" her roots, unless it's to bring it up to her neckbeards to jack off to.

No. 358712

File: 1500855738821.jpg (57.8 KB, 700x639, 1500271475716.jpg)

she needs a baby in her womb if she wants to not be a hippo crate

No. 358882

i wonder why she doesn't claim her spanish ancestry lol

No. 359748

File: 1500967021353.jpg (44.4 KB, 750x573, rip in pasta.jpg)

Because they're more """mixed""" aka not pure white aryans like Scandis supposedly are.

I hope the next DNA test Lorenzo Sotomayor takes reveals some Italian ancestry too.

No. 359753

Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but: doesn't the whole of humanity come from Africa anyway and the "races" with lighter hair just evolved differently after some time spent in places with shitty weather (I guess so they could for example absorb more vitamin D, since dark skin and not much sun mean you're lower on it than lighter skinned people)?

I mean, as pretty as blue eyes are, you're more at risk of glaucoma, there's nothing "superior" about it.

(Just making it clear: I'm not hating on anyone, you're all beautiful and all that, I just don't understand the claim of superiority people like Lauren seem to make.)

No. 359760

File: 1500970675608.jpg (127.49 KB, 550x440, skin-colour-map-indigenous-peo…)

This is probably what you're thinking of.

Blue eyes they believe were a genetic mutation from up north. It's really mundane and just small evolutionary things for climates when you actually look at them. When people claim racial supremacy based on race it's just so dumb.

No. 359765

These idiots don't make a whole lot of sense in general. Lauren seems to adopt the mindset of many white nationalists in her belief that Europeans are somehow above everybody else due to their innate intelligence and ability to lord over others. By that same logic she take more pride in having Spanish ancestry than Danish, since they were one of the first European countries to colonize the new world and become a superpower because of it. They even ruled over lily white Netherlands for a time.

It's not really about preserving European culture for these people, what they want to "preserve" is essentially skin, hair, and eye colors like in the map >>359760 posted.

No. 360597

File: 1501042457106.jpg (89.3 KB, 1041x1301, teyrqsmiv73z.jpg)

Lauren's putting on a little pudge

No. 360612

Where is this photo from?

And what the fuck is that hair color doing

No. 360615

Wait a sec, do I spot a ~degenerate~ belly piercing???

No. 360639

No. 360873

How traditional of her lmao

No. 360890

That's extremely dumb of her. Shouldn't she be proud of it, since Spain was once a great and strong empire that gave contribution to Lauren's dearest "Deus vult" cause with the inquisition and all?

Is that an ash blonde? With her warm complexion?

No. 360931

File: 1501084869174.png (240.61 KB, 786x517, 0707126625m.png)

If she claimed her "Spanish ancestry", that would be even more cringeworthy than how she harps on about her grandparents from Denmark. It's unlikely she has any recent Spaniards hiding in her family tree from the past few hundred years. She's a white Canadian, she probably has a significant amount of British ancestry, the Iberian likely comes from that. They overlap genetically. Lauren doesn't know much about history, and neither do most people in this thread.

So can we finally put talking about her being Spanish to rest?

No. 360968

it's the same in all politics, ultra leftists and ultra right are all the same shit

just emotional bullshit based on no logic

No. 361003

She looks like a muppet.

No. 361166

File: 1501104445149.jpg (138.62 KB, 750x874, 1501089942940.jpg)

since I know lolcow is full of tranny apologists

No. 361168

File: 1501104535274.png (421.08 KB, 983x376, 1476085753746.png)

>le horseshoe theory

No. 361170

since when? this isn't tumblr.gov, there are way less tranny dickriders here.

No. 361230

>our military
fucking lol. Lauren please stop LARPing as an American you're embarrassing yourself.

No. 361238

Well. Lauren is going to explain to you liberal cuck nay-sayers WHY she is so invested in Europe. Hopefully this video will educate you.

No. 361241

File: 1501114843352.gif (370.67 KB, 500x281, ha.gif)

>I don't expect to do this my whole life, I expect to pass on the torch when I have kids and get married

Beta Husband Plan confirmed

The clock is ticking Lauren, better hurry up or all those RedPillers will soon think you've hit the wall!

No. 361271

It always shocks me how manly her voice is. She honestly sounds like she's on T.

No. 361292

File: 1501119479761.png (23.61 KB, 805x125, yikes.PNG)

>lots of people told me they're sad they weren't at the "BATTLE of Berkeley"

these people actually think they're fighting a war kek

No. 361316

the words "white babies" disgusts me so much at this point. Everytime I see it I get the urge to punch something. Their obsession with breeding without considering the wellbeing of these potential white babies is creepy and off-putting. Having children purely to placate the insane followers of your political ideology is fucking evil.

I doubt half of these people even care about children.

No. 361354

a lot of these people are bonafide sociopaths. of course they'd make terrible parents.

No. 361356

AGREED. It's so much creepier to me than "white kids" or "white children" because it's like the actual human being the child will become doesn't matter, so long as it can count toward increasing the White American percentage once it pops out.

No. 361374

Exactly. They won't stay "white babies" forever. They are going to become fully formed people who these fuckheads are responsible for guiding through life and trying to raise. None of them seem capable of the compassion and care that requires.

No. 361386

File: 1501129149969.png (465.06 KB, 1000x1050, genocide.png)

Ah yes, the true answer to white genocide

No. 361391

Holy fuck these freaks are seriously deranged. 21 is past the prime childbearing age? Um, that IS the prime childbearing age, not 15 or whatever the fuck their retarded nazi ass thinks it is.

No. 361457

I've always wondered if these guys know how creepy it is to talk about "white babies" and "breeding"? Or do they bring it up to women because in their minds, all women want to have a bunch of kids? Like, do they truly believe it, or are they trying to "connect" to women in their own fucked up way?

No. 361472

Alt-right men are seriously so crazed and venomous. They should honestly be the last group of men any self-respecting person tries to appeal to. Just the fact he's so paranoid that they went to Italy to get "enriched by Somalians" shows how wildly frothing at the mouth and paranoid they all are. They actually think demanding girls settle down at the ripe old age of 21 and submit to a husbands authority forever afterwards and retire is something that can happen in reality.

No. 361481

They probably want to believe it since they think that women should only be mothers and wives and nothing more. They don't care about connecting women. A woman could tell them everything she wants out of life and they would still say "no, nature dictates that you want to submit to a man and have babies. don't fight your nature." These fucking 18 year old boys think they know more about what women want and what is good for women than the women themselves.

like no, dude. Tons of women want to be surgeons, therapists, exc. and never have children. Get over it.

No. 361507

But she's besties with Theryn Meyer and Blaire White

No. 361518

File: 1501154857624.jpeg (61.14 KB, 599x450, dOnaWrbU2.jpeg)

It's not even 21, it's been proven that mid-twenties is the age when woman is most fertile.
These fucks are just ephebophiles who want a teenage girl who is more prone to manipulation to be their house slave.

No. 361521

File: 1501154991037.jpg (276.27 KB, 1020x680, lauren-southern.jpg)

>hit the wall

She definitely hit it even though she was born in 1995

No. 362186

Viagra is used as a heartbeat stabiliser when you're in shock, to help height sickness and as a pulmonary medicine, its main purpose isn't to make you hard, it's a secondary effect. But keep talking shit it's cool.

No. 362194

well i mean, lauren is apparently legally male in canada lmao. she got her birth certificate changed for a video to prove a point about transtrenders. but still. she's not feminine at all. she's like… the girl in high school who tries to hang out with guys and joke and play video games but just gets interrupted all the time and mocked by them.

No. 362236

I think we can all agree that these people are nuts, but at least they're pointing out Lauren's hypocritical behavior. She preaches something and does the opposite, acting as if kissing alt-right's socio ass would grant her some sort of immunity card against their misogyny.
No Lauren, in order to escape from the "thot" label by your own community all you have to do is take your own advice and be a slave.

No. 362245

That's not why grandpa takes it and you know it.

No. 362254

Birth control is used for many different medical purposes other than fucking as well, yet people talk shit about that being covered all the time. Because fuck women, of course.

No. 362356

Fuck people and their fees about the ~medical uses of Viagra~ nobody gives a shit about a woman's pain when it comes to managing it with birth control. Because female birth control is just for sluts who want an unprotected gangbang.

No. 362364

Anyone else find it funny that Lauren hasn't commented on any actual policy or issues since the election? She's so obsessed with American politics and Trump yet nothing. No "reporting" on the healthcare debacle or anything like that.

Does she cling onto the refugee issue because it's simple and requires no critical thinking or knowledge of how governments work?

No. 362365

And by "it's simple", I mean that she takes a very simple stance on that issue.

No. 362453

You'd be surprised how useful viagra/sildenafil is, that's why the military uses it so much, ED is not the main use. But ofc it's all about le evil erections and le patriarchy.

No. 362454

so would you say the same thing about birth control?

No. 362483

Of course, when did I say otherwise? Just because I think Viagra is really necessary doesn't mean I think the pill isn't. It's not all black and white, it's not that hard to understand. Here I see people shitting on viagra because the pill isn't as supported, and I think that's a horrible approach to things. It's not a "us vs them".

No. 362489

no1curr. this isn't a thread about how much you love viagra, so stop derailing and learn to sage.

No. 362502

Pretty much yeah. she's also completely silent on Canadian politics

No. 362531


Canadian side of things is kinda boring so I don't see her commenting on it as it wouldn't give her any spotlight material

I'm surprised she hasn't done much for mentioning the Trump side of things lately

No. 362575

I mean Andrew Scheer became leader of the CPC recently and he's a traditional Catholic Jesuit with five children. You would think that she would be creaming herself over that but she hasn't said anything

No. 362576

No Lauren.

No. 362648

Stop derailing about viagra/the pill.

No. 363749

She is really not bitter about patreon kicking her ass off their platform AT ALL guys. Not even a little.

No. 363810

Any guesses on how much longer til she goes broke and shackles up with a husband?

No. 363822

I'm seriously excited to see what she has to do for money now. A lot of people in that skeptic/alt-right/redpill sphere become t-shirt salesmen.

Regarding that video
>hey I'm not trying to kill people
Ignoring the fact she was doing highly illegal activities and stopping "human trafficking" aka random boats, some humanitarian aid boats. In this video, she thinks Interpol is now involved in keeping tabs on her and the Italian police were following her and her accessory friend everywhere. It wouldn't happen if she was just a "journalist".

No. 363853

No. 363855

File: 1501484503531.png (870.88 KB, 1280x720, 1477326221599.png)

she sure seems to enjoy cross dressing.

No. 364047

>no napkins or wipes in sight
>eating the entire mass of meat instead of a rib at a time
>sauce all over drink
Who taught this woman to eat ribs jfc

No. 364139

File: 1501533130356.jpg (172.42 KB, 1200x800, Lauren_Thumb_1200x800_Oct_3_.j…)

chill your tits, it was a gag from her "I'm now legally a man" video.

No. 364141

File: 1501533356803.jpg (15.49 KB, 524x245, DGFG6jlWsAEg0gf.jpg)

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of beta orbiters suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced

No. 364155

She would make a p cute butch lesbian honestly. I like this look on her.

No. 364160

Emma Blackery?

No. 364167


I see her pulling an Alex jones and pitch everything from pills to wet wipes

No. 364174

Nah, as long as it's a white guy, I'm pretty sure this just helps her brand even more.

No. 364180

I know she just did it for the gag, but is there any problems she could have for being legally male while obviously still being a cis female? I imagine she doesn’t actually use the ID for anything other than waving it around in SJWs’ faces.

No. 364214

File: 1501540415246.png (587.24 KB, 851x475, lauren.png)

She's holding polish money in this video. Is she in Poland? Why?

No. 364216

At least Alex Jones can be funny at times

No. 364228

File: 1501543137463.png (50.79 KB, 500x446, wb.png)

Brittany changed her relationship status less than a day after Lauren. Neckbeards reacting as expected.

No. 364229

her boyfriend is Polish.

No. 364237

>dating a lowly pole
What is everyone going to think? I doubt /pol/ has decided if Slavs are white or not yet.

No. 364294

I thought that Luke guy was from NYC? he just has polish ancestry?

Does he actually live in Poland?

No. 364312

these people would fail a turing test

No. 364320

he's Polish. his family moved to Brooklyn from Poland.

No. 364331

lol she deleted that post

No. 364332

I knew without maxing this pic that there'd be at least three "white babies" comments.

No. 364334

she's dating an immigrant? how ironic

No. 364366

I usually roll my eyes at the "she lurks here" comments, but this actually makes me wonder if she or her sister does. It seems weird to suddenly delete that post after all these years, no?

No. 364454

What a tragic hairline

No. 364470

File: 1501571467917.jpg (375.85 KB, 1280x720, L-and-L-thumb-WP.jpg)

he's what, about 10 years older than she is?

No. 364530

Go away Lauren.

He must be rich, she could at least do better than someone that fugly.

No. 364531

Wtf Lauren, do you want your children to be balding numales??

No. 364538


Slavic nationalism is a big thing actually… And the nationalist movement - on the verge of fascism, as many say and notice - is rising in Poland and being given asspats from the gov, so yeah, without looking him and his greasy shit up I can say he's from this crowd. That's probably what lured in wannabe-blonde chick Lauren.

No. 364556

File: 1501588054131.jpg (13.81 KB, 160x160, alby-grant-160.jpg)

He looks like Alby from Big Love

No. 364563

File: 1501590153396.jpg (22.32 KB, 630x270, anders-breivik-fascist-salute.…)

I personally think he look like an ana Anders Behring Breivik … that empty stare. kinda suiting

No. 364576

second gen kids often double down on white/asian supremacy in my experience, especially if they grow up in nyc and are told how smart they are by the adults around them. if you live in a place with lots of public resources and diversity trying to shut it all down is a good way to be a special snowflake.

No. 364596

he just looks like every other slav ever. those eyes, that nose, that dull, grey-ish complexion, the premature balding and terrible hair… slav culture 101. their kids'll prolly be fug.

No. 364629

dude looks like fucking lars von trier

Also, if Brittany changed her relationship status soon after I'm going to go ahead and assume she's fucking the Martin Sellner guy. She keeps posting pictures of them together. Which is pretty funny, because I'm almost positive why Brittany joined this "movement" is to get male attention/have the satisfaction of being one of the token women in the movement.

No. 364706

kek, i'm a slav and this triggered me, i'll have you know i have a great complexion

No. 364750

I'm a Slav too and I have to agree with the first anon lol, most BLOND slavic men look like this, fucking ew. Weakass hair, you can't style it for life, balding in high school. Huge noses and no lips.
But with darker hair handsomery (?) raises, so I'm just agreeing partly
Sorry for sperging.

No. 364810

i've always found slav women better looking than than slav men, to be honest.

how long do you guys think it'll be until Lorenzo realizes she's fucked up her future by throwing it all away on some fanbase that is steadily turning on her? even if she does wake up and finish college, it's not like she'll be able to find a job easily now that she's attached her name to this "activism."

No. 364814

Here we fucking go again.

Lauren, if you can't make female friends, the problem is YOU. Almost every female I know has no problem making female friends. Probably because we don't go around calling them whores and feminazis.

No. 364815

File: 1501624376073.png (52.08 KB, 646x198, Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 4.52…)

samefag, but one of many lovely responses to that video.

No. 364826

File: 1501625337659.jpg (143.65 KB, 1021x1021, QgueZTgN.jpg)


Or the bastard son of Ryan Stiles

No. 364838

sorry, I didn't really mean every other slav ever. a lot of y'all are cute, but a lot of y'all also look like sick potatoes.

No. 364931

File: 1501638391465.jpg (1.78 KB, 124x125, 098980.jpg)

>when you suck at making friends so you blame every woman but yourself
>when you're only 22 but you feel confident in giving people blanket advice about how 30-year-old women feel
really get the ol' neurons firing

No. 364941

my thing is what the hell is the end goal of these videos? most of their audience is men, yet they target these videos towards women. does lauren really care about what women she will never meet are doing with their lives? what does it even matter to them? do they consider getting a masters degree or working to take care of yourself feminism now?

and like…they do realize relationships don't always work out right? they act like its feasible for every woman ever to meet a man she wants to spend the rest of her life with at like age 20. do they seriously advocate for people to get married to the first person they are with for longer than 6 months, regardless of whether they think it will work out or not? they act like a stable marriage is just this thing that you can achieve as soon as you want to with little to no effort. i know very few women who actually ~rode the cock carousel~ in their 20s, but i know plenty who were in 5+ year relationships that suddenly ended and they had to go out and start dating again when they were 26/27.

honestly the person i know whose life i envy the most never had a husband or children. she spent her life teaching, working in her community, and is now retired with her own peaceful little spot in the city she lives. why the hell do they act like that is the ultimate sin?

sage & tldr: why do they even make videos like this? what are they trying to accomplish? and do they really have nothing better to do than care about what other strangers are doing?

No. 365087

Yeah, the one of the guys, type of whore. Rolling my eyes.

Women don't want to put up with you it means theres something fucked with you, because women have no incentive to be friends with you like beta males do, if you even want to call those friends.

To get money from beta orbits.

No. 365090

>my thing is what the hell is the end goal of these videos? most of their audience is men, yet they target these videos towards women. does lauren really care about what women she will never meet are doing with their lives? what does it even matter to them? do they consider getting a masters degree or working to take care of yourself feminism now?

I think that Lauren just makes these videos for the money. She doesn't care what women she hasn't met are doing…but her audience does.

I think these alt-right guys do think that anything short of getting married and popping out kids is feminism. A lot of their pet causes have to do with sex, and who is having sex with whom. They seem very afraid that they will never get a wife and kids, because now there isn't a "formula" to get one. Even if they do "the right things", they aren't guaranteed a wife and kids, and I think that is very upsetting to them.

Even the whole "white genocide" conspiracy has to do with fucking. Women are having sex with the "wrong" people, and starting families with them.

No. 365093

File: 1501667517352.png (900.72 KB, 1024x763, 1501664824561.png)

wew lad

No. 365110

Oh god someone please make this the next OP pic.

No. 365136

attention. male attention in a niche where they are able to stand out when they otherwise wouldn't be able to; compared to instahoes these girls are average-below average. but if they appeal to this specific group, they are seen as unique, special, intelligent, beautiful, white, whatever.

i have to admit i agree with a lot of tradfem but i'm not fully white (aka pure) so that aspect of 'making white babies' is upsetting to me.

that's why i don't respect women like lauren. she's not genuine. she preaches what will garner her the most attention and adoration.
her 'i'm not a white nationalist' video was calculated and she lurks everywhere. she's not stupid, i'll give her that, but hopefully her fame lasts only a short while before she fizzles out and has to settle down with some guy she doesn't even love because she has no other options because she ruined them herself.

No. 365184

Lauren's baby should have dark hair and tanned skin kek

No. 365329

File: 1501698292183.png (22.62 KB, 594x105, Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 1.24…)

"I only grant women basic human respect if they agree with everything I think."

No. 365404

*I only grant women a morsel of respect if they hate themselves

No. 365423

Lauren Southern lurks lolcow. Someone must have tipped the cow as Lauren and her sister have since deleted some of their more milky posts, for example the recording of Lauren loudly burping/farting like a good trad waifu.

Given that it was posted to tumblr years ago, it's very strange that it should suddenly disappear shortly after it was posted in Lauren's thread. Luckily it has been archived anyway so all is not lost.

Remember to archive all potentially milky content, dear farmers :^)

No. 365427

2 weeks later: "why is it so hard to find girlfriends? girls are so mean :("

No. 365608

So the co-founder of Patreon agreed to do a live interview on why Lauren Southern was banned. Content starts at about 8:15

I thought he did an amazing job of explaining Patreon's content policy and how Lauren broke that policy (while most CEOs would just ignore and wait for it to blow over) but of course her fanboys are still angry about it and calling him a leftist cuck SJW buzzwords buzzwords

No. 365905

Lauren, your son is going to hate you for mating with an early balding male.

No. 366832

Lauren, please never set foot in Italy again.

No. 367787

New video talks about her redpill moments

No. 367980

File: 1502064965283.gif (997.82 KB, 500x306, disappointed.gif)

Jesus could she get any more narcissistic?

yes lauren you're just like our childhood heroes for attempting to stop migrant boats filled with people attempting to flee a shitty country, wtf?

>I realized people were monetizing Goodness

something something Patreon, hmmm? what would you do without the betas to fund your sight-seeing vacations to Italy?

No. 368048

Seriously. All the beta orbiter attention has really gone to her head. In one of those videos with Brittany Pettibone she actually refers to them as "revolutionaries."

They have literally accomplished nothing.

No. 368053

What kills me is that she goes into how traumatized she was that some shitty mission trip she went on didn't do jack shit for the people there. If she was so passionate, why didn't she do anything about it? Organize her own fundraiser that actually did something useful? Surely taking positive action like that in the face of overwhelming odds is closer to her vision of childhood heroism than whinging about not making betabux on Patreon.

No. 368073

File: 1502074722353.png (18.21 KB, 835x106, jbr.png)

The ones who stopped thinking with their penis for 0.0002 seconds are realizing this

No. 368158

I agree that shes shitty but who cares about them? They can afford a boat ride and to potentially die during that ride but can't wait or work to get citizenship? Fuck off lmao.

No. 368165

File: 1502093334794.png (140.4 KB, 750x1036, IMG_1146.PNG)

>totally natural guiz

Of course there are retarded orbits who don't know how dying your hair works(hint you can't undye it)

No. 368179

ok i finally watched a video of this girl's, her 'what every girl needs to hear' or something and honesty i thought it made a lot of sense?

what's so wrong with what she said?

i dont' know that much about her except that some of her views are dumb but that seemed reasonable tbh

also lauren since u lurk, glad u dyed ur hair but you should try winging out your eyeliner a bit farther. the way you have now makes your eyes seem to close together for your face

No. 368182

>they act like its feasible for every woman ever to meet a man she wants to spend the rest of her life with at like age 20.
The thing that drives me nuts about this the most is that the only thing they consider worse than being 25+ and single and childless is being a single mother. Rushing into marriage and kids is a recipe for single motherhood rates skyrocketing, because it's a fucking retarded and short sighted thing to do.

No. 368183

>ok i finally watched a video of this girl's, her 'what every girl needs to hear' or something and honesty i thought it made a lot of sense?

That's just like, your opinion, man.

Not everyone wants to be shitting out kids for the rest of their lives.

No. 368184

Who would have thought theres discussion on other thoughts she's stolen?

No. 368187

of course i get that but she's saying that statistically women are happier with a stable marriage and kids.

that's cool that not everyone wants that, or doesnt think they do right now, but there's nothing wrong with warning people about things that may affect their future happiness. she's not saying you can't choose to not have kids or go sleep around if that's what you want, she's saying that you're free to do that but it very well may not make you happy and you should be aware of that.

No. 368188


I'm already married and I'm pretty happy about that and with having kids too. I've wanted to be a mommy since seeing how happy and fulfilled my mom looked having me and everyone else.
I guess I'm just a little happy that kid number five isn't happening just yet (I'm mormon). It's difficult enough caring for four.
This is just because I know a lot of women want like ten or something now with a future husband.

Sage for blogpost

No. 368193

>four kids going on five
>knows people who want ten

I am disgusted with society. Traditionalists need to fall off the face of the earth. Why would you even share that on here?

No. 368194

>she's saying that statistically women are happier with a stable marriage and kids

Then why isn't she practicing what she preaches?

Personally, being married off young, and having kids until my uterus falls out isn't appealing.

No. 368204

Yikes. If that's what you want, then more power to you.

I just think it is hilarious that Lauren talks about marriage and children when she hasn't experienced either.

No. 368205

>she's saying that you're free to do that but it very well may not make you happy and you should be aware of that.

Why is my romantic life any of her business?

No. 368208

that's one of the reasons i'm not a fan of her personally but again, how is what she is saying in that video wrong in any way

it's not about your romantic life personally, you self absorbed moron. it's about society as a whole and happiness as a human bean.

No. 368209

accidentally hit reply before i finished but also she says you can do what you want but what's wrong with being given the option to make an informed decision

No. 368211

I am skeptical of anyone who thinks they can measure "happiness". Like, our Mormon friend up there said that she was very happy. But, her life is a nightmare to me. Like, it is great that she is happy, but I wouldn't want to adopt her lifestyle in the hopes that it would make me happy, too.

Just because a study says that women with children are happy doesn't mean that unhappy women will suddenly love life if they get married and have kids. Correlation does not equal causation. Happiness is also very relative, and marriages can end for any reason. There is nothing in life that will guarantee happiness. Happiness is personal. What makes you happy could make me miserable, and vice versa.

So, there is nothing "wrong" with what she is saying, except the assumption that because a certain lifestyle "produces" happiness.

No. 368213

But why is she assuming that people are uninformed that marriage and children is a path in life?

No. 368228

>stable marriages are happy
Wow.. next you'll tell me water is wet.

You focused on one thing but don't find the other things said ridiculous?

No. 368233

But people wouldn't even know that marriage and kids was am option before they heard it from the mouth of lauren southern, apparently

She is spreading marriage awareness

No. 368293

She reduces women to their sexual market value and nothing else. That's what is wrong with it. I guess this is a controversial opinion on the internet these days, but women are worth more than a fucking incubator and a maid.

No. 368296

lmao this. "every girl" knows damn well that is an option, some just aren't choosing it.

No. 368305

Pls stop with these strawmen pol

No. 368309

>Lauren needs to inform """"women"""" (beta fanboys) about what makes us happy because clearly we are too dumb to understand our true desires and wants ourselves

Thank you Lauren, I was blinded by feminism but this YouTube video has made me see the light, kek

No. 368312

Lauren invented marriage

No. 368313

Every girl on the planet knows that marriage and kids is an option. The ridiculousness of her argument is urging women to throw personal improvement (higher education, independence, work experience) to the wind and jump into marriage and family in their early 20s because men might not find them hot anymore at age 25+. That's seriously gross. You don't have an issue with that?

No. 368325

Sage for me sharing. Im 30. A virgin no nothing until 26. That guy was separated and lied. I never really dated. I havent been with anyone since. Morally Im probably "cleaner" than her. But since im old im inferior? Anywho, I had personal issues and I couldnt see myself dealing with men. Now im on a journey to find a guy. Its hard to get pass the first convo because so many guys are like these altright. They think they know everything. I just want to date. They lie at the start to set boundries and see if they can get as much as possible.
Lauren doesnt know what she is talking about. Isnt she shacking up with a guy. If she was comitted she would be dating to find a white guy and give him a family while taking care his existing family. Instead shes dress skimpy shaking up.

No. 368577

church missions, medical missions, even MSF are just bandaids on a hemorrhage. if anything, they prop up failing systems. there's nothing helpful the west can do, other than quit playing "white man's burden" and trying to save the third world from themselves.

No. 368581

ugh, white people reproducing, amirite?

No. 368590

She's right that there is a pattern, reported life satisfaction does SEEM higher in married persons. How people look at this depends on the study sometimes it's as simple as a quiz or we might look at related things, even life expectancy was looked into in some cases.
You're also correct that just because there exists a pattern does not mean this will be true for the individual.

Lauren is retarded because people like her over-generalize and think they can speak for everyone.
When people talk about a group don't see people as unique individuals, more like an abstract blob fitting certain criteria. She's a fucking tard because she doesn't realize this.

No. 368604

>She's a fucking tard because she doesn't realize this.

She isn't even married! She has no kids! Why would I nuke my life, and get married/pool out babies because Lauren fucking Southern told me to?

That is what baffles me the most. She doesn't even practice what she preaches.

No. 368606

Poop out babies*

No. 368710

What the fuck are you going on about, retard?

No. 369012

Here's her old abandoned youtube account.


No. 369028

Only tenuously related: an unhappy woman or man will make life miserable for their children if they decide to have a family just because some study said most people of a certain sex find a family life fulfilling.

No. 370370

File: 1502421603494.png (626.05 KB, 636x1615, FireShot Screen Capture #043 -…)

I wonder how Lauren will respond to this

No. 370373

that is not how human anatomy works tho

No. 370516

I heard she and Tim Pool fucked? Anyone know if its actually true?

No. 370629

I'm honestly so over right wing dudes calling women "thots." I feel bad that her sister is on their radar now.

Where did you hear this?

No. 370747

sounds like some /pol/ "Lauren has fucked every man she's appeared on camera with" bullshit

No. 370852

File: 1502486281998.png (2.53 MB, 1426x1277, js ass.png)

I'd say it's photoshop, but there are multiple pictures of her enormous butt at different angles

something ain't right

No. 370858

She definitely has a nice figure but the photo on the right definitely has been photoshopped to make her legs/body longer and her butt rounder.

No. 370862

she has a nice figure in the left picture on the left photo, but the pic on the right looks fake from how her butt creasess

No. 370913

File: 1502495238155.jpg (516.9 KB, 969x1113, p7Xt29I.jpg)

there's an entire set though

that's a lot of photoshop


No. 370927

I feel like this is really easy to miss in this god awful video, but she says at 0:54 she actually does reads all her Instagram comments. That means she's completely aware of the creepy "produce white babies" and alt-right neckbeard comments about her.

No. 370928

I mean…yes, it IS a lot of photoshop, lol. It's a professional shoot with significant post editing even aside from the reshaping of her body. She's hot without PS, but literally the human body does not work the way many of those images are trying to say it does. You can also see the super clean lines at her waist, butt, hips, and upper thighs. Her proportions also change pretty drastically from image to image. In the shots where she's sitting down, she's much more natural and unshopped.

It appears that they've trimmed her waist and exaggerated her butt, and the combination is too extreme to look real.

Sage bc nothing to do with Lauren's insanity.

No. 370929

How the fuck do you think the people you're with aren't gonna catch heat when you're wearing a fascist tee shirt at an Antifa demo?

No. 370930


wew lad

No. 370947

It's so funny because they encourage and enable the behavior they discussed at the beginning from their male followers. By calling all women thots, feminazis, and saying that they are the dumber sex, you feed into the thoughts these men already have about women. That's why they have mgtows and redpillers in their mentions constantly - because Lauren promotes their talking points from a female perspective.

No. 370951

also I find it funny that around the 8:40 mark they describe a character from 50 shades of gray as being weak, pathetic, lacking a personality and aspirations. You mean how ~trads~ encourage women to be? Fuck off.

No. 370976

Generation identitare is crypto fascist fam
Even if you disagree she knew for a fact Antifa think they are

No. 371113

File: 1502518325251.png (141.49 KB, 582x340, Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 1.11…)

grovel more.

No. 371212

I feel bad for men. They've had so many problems throughout history rooted in not being respected enough by women. Oh wait..

No. 371224


Someone on reddit claiming they know someone who went to school with Lauren and she was weird/easy back then. Not sure if it's true but it'd be funny if it was, I hope OP gets back with more proof.

No. 371229

All that supposed person needs to do is go through the brown guys Facebook pages but alas, they're doing jack shit. Even posting more pictures of him.

No. 371234

I doubt all that is true because it would just be too perfect, but if it was, how rich would it be that a reformed "slut" runs around calling women who aren't married by 25 and wear shorts thots? I guess it would make sense if there was some projection involved.

No. 371245

Was she actually a dropout? That's the only part that's interesting to me.

I honestly think Lauren's weird white Euro-loving, anti-muslim, Trump-voting views are pretty simple. She was born and raised in a conservative christian white family. Be around any normal christian conservatives and her values and "what she fights for" is actually pretty stereotypical and not special at all.

No. 371255

She is definitely a drop out, yes. Not sure about the other stuff.

No. 371419

lmao these dumb bitches. Why are they still talking and voicing opinions when they're supposed to be ~traditional women~? Shouldn't they be busy getting knocked up by fat Aryan incel neckbeards and then spend the rest of their days in the kitchen?

No. 371468

>all the images are from 4plebs archives

they're fucking idiots falling for a /pol/ larper.

how many party sluts did you know in high school who made TF2 videos on the side? >>351911

this girl was a fucking nerd in high school. that's the only reason she was even exposed to 4chan/pol/redpill shit in the first place.

No. 371613

weird she hasn't said anything yet about today

No. 371680

You mean the rally? She has.

No. 371828

Party girls aren't the only ones who can be slutty. Honestly, by far the most disgusting sluts I've ever met have been nerdy girls.

No. 371996

yep, and they are desperate for attention so they cheat a lot as well

No. 372194

Sorry for nitpicking but has she really dyed her hair fucking silver and is claiming it's natural? lmao

No. 374241

5:06 in this video

Lauren was fired from the Rebel because she refused to make a video asking for more money for their Israel trip when more than enough had already been raised from their crowdfunding effort.

direct link to that timestamp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3UKAivWrio&t=5m6s

No. 374274

So now we know how she was able to finance her little trip abroad right after she left Rebel – she took the hush money.

No. 374350

not necessarily. she probably had an NDA in her contract and didn't know to what extent she could dish. remember, she's only 22 and probably not terribly knowledgeable about these things.

it just seems unlikely that Ezra had to pay her off to keep her quiet when good old intimidation would do.

No. 374392

What a fucking slut, why did her father/husband let her post this filth online????

No. 374468

It makes me laugh that Lauren claimed to have left Rebel out of 'journalistic integrity' and 'loyalty' to her alt right fanbase. And what makes me laugh even more is that people actually believe her.

Ezra Levant is Jewish. The alt right is openly and aggressively anti-Semitic. /Pol/ and the alt right have been calling Rebel controlled opposition, and have been claiming that Ezra is a shill, since day 1. Lauren knew that making a pro Israel video would have effectively ended her career among the alt right and she would immediately be classed as a shill.

So she jumped ship from Rebel at the perfect time which would benefit her in every way. The fact she left right before the rest of Rebel flew to Israel made her look less of a shill.

She is crafty for using Rebel as a springboard to kick-start her 'career' in journalism. Ezra probably has a lot of dirt on her, this is why she won't openly come out as 1488, despite dog whistling like crazy, because she knows Ezra could blackmail her.

If Lauren was so 'loyal' like she claims, she would have left Rebel months and months ago. Clearly she just cared more about the money and realised that by leaving Rebel at the right time she could both improve her reputation among the alt right AND earn more money through patreon, seeing as she was popular enough by then in her own right.

No. 374508

Is it alright for us to have a topic on Gavin McInnes yet?

No. 374846

He's apparently left the Rebel dumpster fire for a "larger competitor" (infowars?). It's extremely ooc for him to be so quiet about things. Not really sure if Ezra was able to buy his silence since the dude's rich already. We'll have to wait and see.

No. 374905

It's entirely possible Ezra has dirt, or Gavin is that fucked up and is buddies with Ezra.

I'm also surprised if you guys read, Faith Goldy got fired last night.

Since Gavin and Faith left, looks like Jay is still gonna stay unless he leaves, as Ezra would come out as a racist and kick out the token

No. 374944

just a while ago they were calling her jewish

No. 374958

>Lauren claimed to have left Rebel out of 'journalistic integrity' and 'loyalty' to her alt right fanbase

when and where did she ever say this?

No. 374960

File: 1503091315384.jpg (3.15 MB, 2000x2129, 1501615305881.jpg)

>calling Lauren Jewish

what else is new.

No. 375022

Always thought she was a snake. She came out of nowhere didn't even graduate and surged popularity, and got a job at a media company was weird.

No. 375064

Simonsen is a biblical name, and those names are popular in Denmark since it is/was a christian nation, holy shit their reaching, is everyone called Maria also a jew? kek

No. 375231

Anyone with a slightly longish nose or dark hair is Jewish to them.

No. 375561

There's more chance she's Jewish rather than Danish, though. End of the story is that she's full of shit for her "muh Denmark descent" bs

No. 376966

File: 1503378056866.png (78.99 KB, 527x388, FireShot Screen Capture #066 -…)

I have to congratulate whoever posted this.

now we just need the fart/burp mp3 from >>351917 to be spread around twitter

No. 377636

More proof that her shills lurk this thread.

Let's make the mp3 of her farting viral.
Anyone have it archived?

No. 377778

No. 377780

There is one Finnish dude that's obsesssed with her and is the one spamming her threads on pol, I'll bet he is here.

Actually her bfs Instagram isn't so bad he does some humanitarian stuff.

No. 377783

File: 1503476035695.jpg (708.13 KB, 1160x992, 1503380007860.jpg)

the posters who hate her are worse than the Finn. they're the ones who make all the threads.

you'll only ever see Finn dude respond to someone who is out and out lying about her and posting defamatory shit like this.

No. 377990

You're referring to Luke, right? Hmm, for someone who fronts such a 'woke' organization like WAC he seems to post pretty basic political memes lol.

Lauren and Jess start most of their own threads on /pol/ or at least spam them with gratuitous selfposts.

No. 377997

Thank you kind anon.

>'Oh my gosh my mom found that super embarrassing video of me, so embarrassing amirite guise? FUQ'
>Continues to shamelessly promote said video to her 300K+ followers anyway.

Is she even trying to conceal her dirty famewhore tricks anymore?

No. 378083

I wonder if Lauren is disturbed that people take the time to make shit like this? I wonder how she honestly feels about her fanbase/audience?

I would have quit this shit a long time ago and just applied for real jobs once people started giving me this kind of attention. That's just me though.

No. 378088

File: 1503521456351.jpg (345.24 KB, 1920x1080, 1502386822001.jpg)

>Is she even trying to conceal her dirty famewhore tricks anymore?

she deleted the tweet. not sure how long it was up.

she has a hatedom that rivals her fandom. a lot of you seem to think the MGTOW fags are her fans; from the /pol/ threads and comments on her videos, it seems they fucking hate her. every time she's brought up, there's always someone saying that women shouldn't be in public expressing political opinions, and that they should remain subservient to men. imo all the idiots posting shit about her having white babies are not her fans, but people who obsessively loathe her.

No. 378093

File: 1503521709125.jpg (1.72 MB, 1500x1200, 1503381937625.jpg)

btw, one fag who hates her is behind most of the "Lauren's sister" posting

No. 378095

File: 1503521775280.jpg (431.67 KB, 1996x1070, 1502747036159.jpg)

No. 378096

Damn, she looks like she could be the other girl's mom in that pic.

No. 378097

wew lauren looks straight up like the hardcore christian fundie mom she claims to want to be.

No. 378101

File: 1503522107794.jpg (229.47 KB, 1152x2048, CzHsQJrWEAA75zf.jpg)

Lauren cannot into toner, it seems. this isn't the first time.

No. 378103

Though I disagree with most of what she says, I think Brittany is extremely gorgeous so I'm not surprised that Lauren looks shitty next to her and all of her fanboys are moving on to Brittany.

Probably not the best career move to be joining forces with her, Lauren. ;)

No. 378104

She looks quite plain and boring with the new brown hair.

I think if she dyed it a much darker shade of brown it'd be more flattering. The medium brown just washes her out.

No. 378110

What points don't you agree with her on?

Brittany is naturally pretty and has gorgeous blue eyes.

I haven't seen many fanboys kissing Brittany's ass like they do Lauren. Which is strange.

She also seems more authentically 'feminine' and traditional to me. Lauren is more like a shitposter trying to be 'one of the boyz'.

No. 378113

File: 1503522746254.png (318.48 KB, 525x543, twitter_com_catherine.png)

a reminder that if you ever become a public figure, the internet will find your cosplay photos

No. 378114

I doubt Lauren cares when people make these weird things. She's all for being edgy under 'freedom of speech' and has posted her fair share of un-PC memes.

No. 378118

We've already seen these, anon. Enough of the cosplay spam already.

No. 378123

File: 1503522975874.png (24.78 KB, 320x145, Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 4.15…)

I just try to avoid the whole TRP/modern women are trash and can't do anything right area of youtube, which Brittany overlaps with. I'm a pretty sensitive person and although I know its ~nothing personal~ I don't enjoy reading that I'm unintelligent/worthless except for producing babies just because I have a vagina. It depresses me that people think of women that way, or make sweeping generalizations about them.

Aside from that, I'm not a nationalist or religious so there just isn't much for me to relate to with her content.

I haven't seen as many fanboys, but on her and Lauren's joint videos they seem to be there. I have seen things like pic related on videos with her sister and I find it really sad. Parts of her audience are just as cunty as Lauren's.

No. 378134

Yeah technically I'm "traditional" but at this point I would never call myself that or feel the desire to interact with any of these people, especially the men. It honestly puts me off relationships altogether just in case they turn out to be one of them. I'd rather be alone forever than be with someone who insists I'm so inferior everyday.

I wonder why none of these guys who despise "thots" and seethe over women wearing denim shorts ever bring up her cosplay days? There are a lot of scantily clad pictures of her, including that one with her basking in the attention of three men staring at her ass lmao. Do they find it acceptable as long as it's cosplay?

No. 378161

I don't understand why they think they deserve all those patreonbux. How much does it cost to sit in their bedrooms and stream?

I mean sure Lauren goes abroad a lot, but then she comes back with like 20 minutes of footage. The rest of her trip is probably just pure vacation time.

And it's not like she's going to places like the Gaza strip either, she goes to Italy, Paris, NYC, and a bunch of other holiday destinations. Just because she filmed in Calais, doesn't mean she was slumming it in the jungle camp.

She's cucking all those orbiter-kuns.

Also, I think she's genuinely mad that her sister is gaining more attention than her. Someone asked her if her sister is single, and she replied 'Her boyfriend's name is Chad.'

Seemed like she was deliberately trying to make her sound like a Stacey, just to put her MGTOW followers off.

No. 378162

You described Lauren to a T lmao.

No. 378164

Well, she dropped out of college, destroyed her chances to get a normal job and isn't married yet. Someone needs to pay for her manicures.

No. 378165

File: 1503526837153.png (360.66 KB, 597x419, timeline.png)

Why is a black person holding a confederate flag

No. 378206

File: 1503531417194.png (255.21 KB, 684x540, literally Chad.png)

>'Her boyfriend's name is Chad.'

is it salt if it's true?

No. 378230

He's a coon

No. 378254

>Is it salt if it's true?

Oh absolutely. If she truly didn't care about her sister's rising popularity, she could have just not answered that question in the first place.

Lauren's dating someone, but she's not come out and admitted it yet. So why expose your sister's personal life to your 300,000 followers and not your own?

You don't think it's weird that out of all the tweets she gets about Jess, that's the one she decides to answer? Seems pretty passive aggressive to me.

No. 378263

Hmm. Remember ages ago when Jess asked Lauren to promote her snapchat, and Lauren did it, but made sure to drop the bit about her being into 'raves and other degeneracy'. Most of the replies to that tweet were from dudes kissing Lauren's ass for being the 'traditional sister', despite Jess clearly being prettier.

Lauren doesn't exactly seem like someone who enjoys being one-upped.

No. 378270

Well, she sure came off looking better than Jessu as a result, at least in front of her hymen-obsessed fanboys. I can't believe how sneaky that is.

No. 378284

I'm not surprised. Lauren seems to put way too much emphasis on "sexual market value" and women's main worth in a relationship as being attractive judging by a couple of her videos, so I'm sure she has hangups about that.

Plus a lot of people are already accusing her of "hitting the wall" and saying that Jess looks way younger so…that can't feel good. Especially since Jess is older, I'm pretty sure.

No. 378294

File: 1503541393173.png (866.69 KB, 542x896, 1500425832040.png)

her sister has an underdeveloped elfin look that I don't find as attractive as Lauren

no one is complementing her face though, everyone seems to be lusting after her photoshopped ass

No. 378478

Her face is very meh, its shaped like a banana

No. 378485

Shes even more mannish than Lauren.

No. 378486



No. 378491

lmao since when are "chads" balding neckbeards

No. 378654

I noticed it too, there's one idiot posting Lauren's sister on /tv/

No. 378891

>no one is complementing her face though

lol how do you know? unless you've been stalking literally all her threads. lauren isn't exactly model tier either.

No. 379690

my favorite part about that is she is ramping up her criticism of communism - which is fine - but it's an awfully convenient time to be doing that. I've barely seen her condemn nazism/far right violence. She's basically the queen of 'whataboutism'.

The only reason she is starting to focus in on communism more is becuase of antifa. Yet antifa bothers her WAY more than far right extremists. Maybe because she agrees with one of them and sees no problem….

No. 379694

I'm not buying all this 'let Nazis protest peacefully under freedom of speech' and 'if you don't let Nazis speak, YOU'RE the Nazi' bullshit.

Like imagine being so desperate to defend something so authoritarian, un-American and anti-liberty as National Socialism.

White pride or whatever, okay fine, nothing wrong with being proud of your race, but 'peaceful Nazism'?

Isn't that an oxymoron, seeing as the entire doctrine of Nazism is based on fascistic violence and genociding people who aren't Nazis so that their Nazi ideology can flourish? The doctrines of Communism and Islam are also similar in that regard.

The cognitive dissonance in people like Lauren is astounding. When it comes down to it, she's a hypocritical idiot.

I want to see her discuss this issue with someone like Ben Shapiro (who would own her smug dumb ass in a debate), instead of staying in her little alt right circle jerk where everyone just agrees with each other.

No. 379709

Antifa is closer to nazi ism than the right wingers are. Socialism, no guns, distribution of wealth, aka reliance on he govt. The thing is the govt isnt always on your side or for the people, that's why the right to bear arms is good. During the nazi days, their guns were taken away and told they would be re-registered and given back by that never happened. When your government turns on you, you can defend yourself, and let's not pretend the government are good decent wholesome people who aren't corrupt af.

It's cute to be all peaceful and stuff but when the time comes, you'll be wishing you could have defended yourself.

No. 379711

>She's basically the queen of 'whataboutism'.

Exactly this. You could be talking about cats, and the alt right brigade would probably show up out of nowhere and yell 'BUT WHAT ABOUT DOGS?!'

Instead of some honest introspection (on both sides) after the Charlottesville incident, there would be 5 minutes (if that) of fake contrition from the right side. Now it's descended into a shitshow of fingerpointing and 'but-but they're worse than us!' It's beyond pathetic. Lauren is just a contrarian.

We get it. If you're waving a Nazi OR a Communist flag you must be an idiot. But believe it or not Lauren, just because you hate one does not mean you love the other. Criticizing NatSoc doesn't make you an antifa commie by default.

Some of us just want to live in a world where we don't have totalitarian governments, right or left wing. Is that too much to ask?

Funnily enough, this is pretty much the same conditions that led up to WW2. Communist and Nazi fanatics getting into fights and starting trouble because they had nothing better to do. It's like these people have learned absolutely nothing from history.

No. 379712

Also I would like to say a lot of people here seem to rely on other people being kind, rather than defending themselves. Ahhh if only we lived in utopia, but alas we don't.

I get the feeling a lot of people here are ~privledged~ and just simply don't have to deal with as much negative shit irl. So they say dumb dreamy things like that, because it doesn't affect them directly.

No. 379713

do you buy your toilet paper on the deep web?

No. 379715

File: 1503703507723.png (521.6 KB, 585x1408, Lauren Southern (@Lauren_South…)

>I want to see her discuss this issue with someone like (((Ben Shapiro))) (who would own her smug dumb ass in a debate)

Ben is a great debater - when he's debating someone who places more value on "lived experiences" and social justice over objective fact and equality under the law. as soon as he's outside his comfort zone, he shuts down.

No. 379719

Saying Nazism is socialism just because it has 'socialism' in the title, is like saying The Democratic People's Republic of North Korea is democratic, just because it has 'democratic' in the title.

And okay Mr Alex 1776 Jones, calm your tits. Why on earth are you bringing up the second amendment? Nobody here is saying they want to take away your guns (apart from misguided lefties and commies, but hey, I'm not responsible for their anti constitution idiocy)

Nazism and Communism are both totally un-American and anti-constitution. But this is a thread specifically about the Lauren, her ties to the alt right and their condonance and tolerance of Nazism.

If you want to talk about annoying Commie journalists and activists, go start your own thread.

No. 379721

>using triple parenthesis

Well done on confirming you're either Lauren or one of her fanboy shills from /pol/.

No. 379725

>I get the feeling a lot of people here are ~privledged~ and just simply don't have to deal with as much negative shit irl. So they say dumb dreamy things like that, because it doesn't affect them directly.

Can you be more specific on how you consider these people to be more privileged (correct spelling) than you?

And if you're right wing this is just funny bc you're literally playing the privilege card like the stupid SJWs you enjoy triggering.

No. 379734

Is this an old screenshot or did Lauren really just tweet at him a few minutes after >>379694 mentioned him?

No. 379738

jesus christ you missed the point of both these posts. but ok if you want to play semantics, how about we call them "right wing extremists" instead of "nazis". Better?

No. 379743

>and as much as you have a right in the US to express that opinion, people also have just as much a right to judge and condemn you for it.

This. That's how freedom of speech and thought works. People telling you to shut up or thinking you're gross is not 'fascism'. That's THEIR right.

The constitution works both ways. That's what I love about the USA.

No. 379744

It's an old screenshot, after Ben came out with that article.

I have an inkling that she lurks, but I doubt she'd be THAT blatant lol.

No. 379745

Finally made a video about Canada

No. 379761

I can't stand Trudeau, he's done a LOT of shitty underhanded things and he's most likely a globalist. She calls his leadership 'a dictatorship' but Lauren has defended people like Richard Spencer, whose views are even more fascistic and dictator-like.

Say hypothetically, Richard Spencer was a country's leader, would she still be whining about his 'evil dictatorship' or would she let it slide because they share similar views/'muh freedom of speech'?

The bias here is pretty clear. Seems she has a case of doublethink.

No. 379766

And yes obviously Trudeau has more political power and social standing than Spencer (although in terms of influence, Spencer is getting more and more popular)

I'm saying it's strange how quick Lauren is to point out authoritarian and unreasonable behavior in leftists, but when it comes to condemning right wing people for the same behavior, she either dances round the subject, or doesn't do it at all.

I find that hypocritical and pretty indicative of whose side she is on.

No. 379804

Distribution of wealth, free healthcare(good luck in line when you get cancer) all similar things that want them to be dependant on the govt. At least go read about what Hitler wanted lmao.

No. 379808

An example, When those people say "letthe refugeez" in, they most likely live in a nice suburb, leeching off of someone. It's also rich POC who pretend to be oppressed that do this shit. You jerk yourself off but don't need to deal with them AT ALL. So of course you'd say let them in. People like me who need to live around them who used to be the jerk off topic? Well fuck me, I'm old news, let's just forget since ya'lol already came. It's all about the newbies now.

When it comes down to actually helping you will back out. For example, there are programs to house refugees, do any of them take part? Absolutely not. Do they even go to communities to volunteer? Nope, it's all about jerking themselves off. Slackivism.

Yeah, hence why I put ~'s around it, it's cringey but there isn't a better word for it.

No. 379809

Also betting your health is fine and so is everyone in your families. When one of you get a disease, private healthcare can help you immensely, lots of public healthcare people need to wait in line for their turn at a kidney. This can take years while you deteriorate.

Why would they care about this when they're not even sick to begin with?

No. 379812

Who the fuck are you directing this to? How do you know anybody's situation here or what their political views are?

We were talking about how lauren goes easy on far right extremism and actively goes after the left instead, even after Charlottesville. Nobody was talking about refugees.

No. 379839

I'm amazed she did a video about Canada for once. If anything, it's Canada that's in danger of losing their freedom of speech. Didn't they just recently pass a bunch of online hate speech laws?

Hmm, maybe you should be focusing on protesting your own country's censorship laws, Lauren.

I don't know why everyone is so worried about America losing their freedom of speech. Nobody is tearing up the constitution, you need to relax. Your speech and expression is still protected.

This isn't about thought policing or silencing people, it's about preventing people like Spencer and other NatSoc followers from gaining the political power to ACT ON their violent Nazi beliefs.

I haven't seen antifa getting a good press in MSM, so why should the alt right get a good press either? Both movements are full of violent nutjobs.

No. 379842

I'm not talking about left or right, I'm talking about people who say ridiculous things in regards to things that don't affect them. Soup kitchening does not take their money, or resources, if you have time for it, it's nothing. Like, I spend time doing my own hobbies because I enjoy it, same for them.

When it comes to spending large amounts of money on say sponsoring someone to come here over taking a holiday most will take the holiday. The person who takes the sponsorship is usually family.

I never said he loved his people, but he made them dependant on him. Same thing with relationships, if you're a woman stuck in a relationship it's no skills other than being a housewife, you're fucked if you ever get divorced. Independence is necessary.

>hurrrrrrrr u dunno da REEEL me!

Yawn. The things said give me a good idea I'm sure you can assume things about me too, fair game. Nice lack of denial ;).

No. 379849

Any asset that can be transformed or consumed to produce a benefit can be considered a resource though.

And volunteering takes up people's time, which is a resource. It also takes their labour, depending on what kind of voluntary work it is. And they're giving up an opportunity where they could have been working another job and earning a wage.

It's not just rich kids who volunteer either. I know plenty of working class people who enjoy volunteering in their spare time.

Anyway this is derailing so we'll just have to agree to disagree.

No. 379862

Literally all I said was that Lauren goes soft on right wing extremists. Don't know what you could have deduced about me from that, it's pretty much a fact and has nothing to do with me. She even admits she has a bias. I said nothing about immigrants or open borders. But ok cool.

No. 380400

I've been watching some of Lauren's videos and I can't dispute her concerns about the West falling into the snakepit of cultural Marxism, how Europe is gradually being taken over by waves of Muslim migrants, how incompatible Islam is with Western values, the danger of globalism etc. I don't know how anyone could really dispute these points. The evidence is mounting up. Of course, I didn't need Lauren to tell me this!

I find Lauren as a person quite smug and judgemental, and sometimes I think she tries too hard to be edgy, but in most of her political videos, the points she makes are kind of right.

That said, I don't think Lauren is some original thinker, other writers, journalists and even youtubers have been making these same points for years.

Lauren's understanding of these issues seems quite shallow and she doesn't really go in-depth when discussing them, which kind of makes it seem like she's jumping on the easy money bandwagon.

I don't think she deserves all those beta bux for what is basically plagiarizing other people's ideas and parroting them to an impressionable demographic, either. It's not like streaming from your bedroom is hard work. But she is a capitalist after all.

No. 380566

ia with all of this. imo this is the pretty clear response to her/this whole topic, from a logical perspective.

No. 380668


No. 380694


I think there are far more competent and intelligent political commentators out there than Lauren, most of the time she seems to be flying by the seat of her pants. Her schtick is more 'Ethnonationalism for Dummies' tier.

She gets a free pass most of the time simply because she's a relatively qt blonde (well, used to be blonde) girl. If she wasn't I doubt anyone would really give a fuck about what she has to say, she's been mostly lauded for her looks rather than merits and I think it's really inflated her ego to a ridiculous level.

It seems anyone with a youtube channel can label themselves an 'activist' or 'political commentator' nowadays. But that's just the weird ancap times we are living in I guess.

I agree with Lauren on certain topics, but you have to admit her behavior is still pretty milky.

No. 380699

Lol is that supposed to be a stormfront reference?

You don't have to be a stormfag or even right wing to realize Europe is facing some pretty serious problems as a result of Islam (and to a lesser extent, the rise of right wing fascism), my guy.

It's okay to have an honest dialogue on important issues (though obviously this isn't the right place for such derailing)

I just think some people here are nitpicking over certain things.

No. 381928

File: 1503961240570.png (286.89 KB, 591x590, Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 5.58…)

And which one are you more like, Lauren?

Why are these people so self righteous and quick to knock others down because they didn't follow their acceptable life path? That's the individuals mistake to make. Doesn't affect anybody else…so I'm not sure why they circlejerk about things like this all the time.

No. 381931

File: 1503961333740.png (64.5 KB, 633x305, Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 6.01…)

And there's tons of primo alt-right revenge fantasies in the replies.

muh hypergamy

No. 382029

File: 1503965822804.gif (920.49 KB, 245x254, klaugh.gif)

>all of this coming from a poli-sci University drop out living off Patreon bux and the bank of Mom and Dad

Absolute kek

No. 382109

lolcow? nitpick? never!

No. 382182

It's not even the nitpicking over her appearance that annoys me (bc that's 90% of content on this site so why change it). It's the flat-out denial and mocking her when she's telling the truth. She is an arrogant pain in the ass but you don't have to automatically oppose whatever she's saying when there's a grain of truth to it, just because you don't like her personality.

Lolcow is full of crypto-feminists, cat ladies and Hillary supporters who unironically use terms like 'white privilege' so it doesn't even surprise me. This board is worse than plebbit sometimes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 382269

Hello, /pol/. Please go be stupid somewhere else.

No. 382621

But she's horrible at it.
Didn't you ever learn that even if you say things with grains of truths, nobody is going to listen to you if you're an asshole? She is, and half of her shit isn't backed up with proper citations or facts. She's just assured because she knows if she bleaches her hair, has tits out, and says she dislikes the brown people some neckbeard will always be there to whiteknight.
Lauren only cares about Lauren. Not Europe, not white people, and not you.

No. 382821

The fact that >>382182 got reported just proves their point tbh. Is this LC or leftycow?

That's not an argument.(Polfag)

No. 382836


Have you ever taken a class on western feminism? Serious question

No. 382849


>I'm a female

Well, if you have to announce it on lolcow, you probably a /pol/ robot. doot doot.

No. 382852

File: 1504052296171.jpg (62.85 KB, 480x415, a742bd83f60d7a53ecff1d53aa826d…)

>I'm a female

No. 382958

>she isn't 'getting' anything from me
If you watch her videos and visit her sites without adblock you are literally her revenue.
You also advocate for her in random corners of the internet which likely convinces others at some point to do the same.

Even if you don't idealize fucking her, you are promoting her by toting that she is someone who is to be taken seriously (which she should not be).

No. 383040

Lol my post got deleted. Never knew you were so into silencing people with different opinions, leftycow. How fashy of you.

The truth is, my darlings, that there are women out there who don't have the same views as you. More and more women are moving away from feminism. Get used to it. It doesn't make them snowflakes, it just means they are thinking for themselves. Shaming and ridiculing women who don't conform to your views just reinforces the stereotype of the cult-like mentality of feminism.

Sadly women have a habit of ostracizing anyone who doesn't conform to the tribe. If you don't have the 'right' views or the 'right' clothes or makeup, they automatically shun you. Sad!

No. 383050

Shouldn't you be shitting out a toilet baby or something?

No. 383063

Hmm, I wonder why so many women are turning away from feminism. Such a mystery.

No. 383072

Go back to pol or do your husband's laundry

No. 383116

>Lol my post got deleted

Truth is, they could've kept your posts active and you'd still be the same dumb sack of outcast shit. Now shoo on back to Lauren's social media so you can get in line to suck her hispanic clam with the rest of the cheeto-dust neckbeard tribe.

No. 383135

File: 1504105736627.gif (1.38 MB, 294x350, drumpf.gif)

>implying I care what a triggered feminist landwhale thinks

You are one toasty roastie. Thanks for all the feminist tears btw, they're keeping my skin so hydrated and soft.

And no thanks, I'm straight. Sounds like you're projecting some weird frustrated lesbian fantasy you have for Lauren. That explains your hateboner.



The silent majority won. You're fighting a losing battle, legbeard-chan. Conservatism is the new counter culture.

Enjoy Drumpf's presidency!

No. 383140

Yes I totally believe that a woman would call another woman a roastie.

For fucks sake dude move on already.

No. 383143

I'm a woman and I have no problem calling a roastie a roastie lol.

No. 383146

Maybe you have spent too much time with /pol/ then. Roastie is a pathetic insult especially coming from another woman. Also just gross sounding.

Yes we know that not all women are feminists. Not even sure how we got on this topic but It really doesn't have much to do with lauren.

No. 383154

I find plenty of words offensive and gross, but I'm not going around telling people what they can and can't say. This is lolcow, plenty of bitchy and offensive shit gets thrown around all the time. It's only when someone says something about race or feminism that everyone piles on in outrage, bc for some reason that's 'taboo'. Which is pathetic.

No. 383155

File: 1504107103629.jpg (105.29 KB, 400x300, 327876.jpg)

>y-you feminist!
>"you're the reason trump won"

No. 383157

Then go have a white baby for a pol true believer and gtfo

I am going to have -1 baby just for you.

No. 383161

>y-you're black!

-2 babies now.

No. 383162

and nothing of value was lost

No. 383164

Want to know what poltards don't get? That they can't just come into forums with women on them, and pretend to be women as if we would just eat up their bullshit.

This is a thread making fun of lauren and her milk. She doesn't even live your bullshit.

So you're not going to convince anyone to start having ~white babies~ with some neckbeard because of your rhetoric on a goddamn lolcow board. Read the fucking room.

No. 383168

B-but I thought vendetta threads were banned, anon?

No. 383169


This. This is not the time or place for this shit.

Roastie anon: go back to /pol/ and make a Women Hate Thread pt. 3400 and you'll feel a lot better. No one really wants to see that shit here. Enough derailing.

No. 383174

The funniest part is, I actually used to be a liberal/feminist until Lauren Southern (among many other sources and books) helped redpill me and see what a crock of shit liberalism is. Lmao. Stop acting like you speak for everyone.

No. 383179

Honestly, what's so great about her?

No. 383181

What's so bad about her?

No. 383182

INB4 'she's a nazi!'

No. 383184

Um…read the thread? Like, you're in the Lauren thread so examples of her milk and drama are right here.

You're the one who is singing her praises. So tell me how she convinced you to become a red pilled woman.

No. 383185

I never thought I would see a right-wing wk being more cringy than the occasional sjw wks we get. Just go to /ot/ if you must cry about how feminazis stole your ice cream.

No. 383187

Some of the worst pol bait that I've ever seen tbh.

No. 383188

I don't see much drama or scandalous shit. The worst thing she does is leech off her patrons, but I'm not a patron and those people are giving her money voluntarily, so why should I care? If they want to send her money, that's up to them. If people here are so salty, why don't they start their own patreon?

The only 'drama' is idiots screeching about how she's a Nazi when she clearly isn't, or fabricating stories about how she 'fired a flare at a boat full of helpless refugees' which is similarly ridiculous. You need to stop reaching so hard, it just makes it easier to dismiss what you're saying about her.

No. 383190



>this is pol bait

Literally none of these things discredit what I'm saying.

No. 383191

What's so great about her?

No. 383193

You're not saying much dude.

No. 383195

What /are/ you saying? Because you haven't told us how she turned you into a red pilled woman yet.

No. 383197

Sockpuppeting is against the rules, faggot.

No. 383203

You've come to the wrong place. 90% of lolcow is depressed insecure NEETs tearing down other women over their flaws, so you should already know the kind of people who frequent this board.

No. 383207

You are talking to more than one person. But we'd all like to know why you love Lauren southern so much.

No. 383236

File: 1504114312639.jpg (319.3 KB, 649x466, Z9afQos.jpg)

>this weird fakegirl /pol/ster itt trying to convince anons he's got a vulva, that Lauren did nothing wrong, and how Trump is the greatest evar

No. 383237

File: 1504114652073.png (Spoiler Image, 2.35 MB, 4202x3498, 1478722791364.png)

i-it was HER TURN!!!

No. 383241

File: 1504114927612.jpg (107.51 KB, 1280x720, srsjournalism.jpg)

Anyone who still gives Trump unfettered support after all that's happened should be considered a political and intellectual invalid right alongside Lauren's illegitimate tittyshow.

No. 383268

No. 383278

Lauren and her boyfriend obviously found this thread lol.

No. 383302

Or some of her 300,000 followers?

No. 383344

I doubt it. This person sounds very young. Lauren can at least express herself better.

The irony of this photo kills me.

No. 383414

This has to be the same fag from the abortion thread in /g/

No. 389476

Bumping with a video destroying Lauren's "white replacement" tirade. It's pretty gud, though it is from July.

No. 389483

File: 1505846635953.png (54.24 KB, 589x223, Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 1.38…)

Well now that the thread is bumped I guess I'll post this. Maybe it's just me but this bothered me for some reason?

Maybe I just hate her so much I'm looking for shit to be irrirated by…but I guess I just don't like the idea that Lauren Southern can qualify what a "bad woman" is. Like I can only imagine what 'bad' means to her in this case. Wants to work outside the home? Doesn't want kids? Doesn't want to be in a relationship with a man who thinks of her as a bangmaid and live-in cleaning service? Basically any woman who does the opposite of what tradcons and the alt-right deem as their 'role'?

No. 389493


Sage because necro but when you zoom in on the right pic the furniture is bent. Not the chair but the actual drawers.
She was careful to try and shoop it back into place but didn't straighten it enough and left the proportions odd.

No. 389516

File: 1505852381229.jpg (24.88 KB, 600x315, C2YF5SbWEAQJKIb.jpg)

There are some nice male sex dolls around now. So bad men need not fear?

No. 389525

File: 1505853763798.jpg (705.36 KB, 955x1285, l89Xmww.jpg)

The thighs are very obviously photoshopped in this one. It looks ridiculous.

What kind of man would even want to live with a sex robot wife anyway? So pathetic. They really think women will be jealous flock to them.

No. 389527

NGL sex dolls creep me the fuck out. I don't think people should be shamed if they want to purchase one because I think people need to do what they need to do to be happy in life but that being said…how do you sleep with that in your house?

Also the fact that men can so easily replace women with sex bots really shows the dirt-low opinion they have of women. A lot of them say when sex bots can also make sandwiches that women will be obsolete lmao. So, really it's no loss for women, because I think (most) of us don't want to be in a relationship with someone who sees no difference between us and a literal object, to the point where they can replace a woman with an object and still feel the same. Just my personal thoughts on it.

No. 389585

feminists flipping their shit over sexbots reminds me of abortion advocates flipping their shit over artificial wombs

No. 389598

I've yet to see any feminists flipping out over sexbots. I just see a lot of men and anti-fems assuming that they will.

I think I saw one article but I forget where it was…but overall I really don't think feminists going to care that much. If someone wants to fuck a doll in their own home that shouldn't be anybody's business. But acting like choosing dolls over women is some kind of punishment or revenge for women not piping down and doing what you want is….kind of funny and misguided.

No. 389650

I lurk /pol/ in search of milk and there's always at least 2-3 Lauren Southern threads at any given times. She absolutely makes them herself or has people making them for her to keep her relevant.

I know she's a narc but I cannot figure out her end goal. I genuinely am starting to believe that she craves attention, nothing more. She was a loser in high school we know this.

No. 389655

I agree if anything I think sex dolls are a good thing if it keeps men who want to treat women like sex objects purely away from real women lmao.

No. 389757

I thought it was pretty obvious she just likes the attention, she surely wouldnt get any based on anything like looks or smarts alone, but with a niche fanbase such as the alt right in which she panders to she does quite alright. she's slightly above average in looks and kinda intelligent so she got lucky to find somewhere she thrives.

it won't last long though.

No. 389760

>I've yet to see any feminists flipping out over sexbots. I just see a lot of men and anti-fems assuming that they will.

Same here. It's ironic because every time I read some beta gloating about how mad and jelly women will be over his future sex robot, it just reminds me how obsessed with us they are. Delusional too, because if they're not having sex with real women, real women aren't going to care about them having sex with dolls. It'll just be looked down on as a weird thing for losers, like fleshlights or onaholes. And normal men will continue seeking out real women for the ego/status boost it provides at the very least, even if they preferred fucking dolls.

It's also funny because I'd like a sex robot of my own, provided it was so hyper futuristic that it's basically like a real man (movement and all) but without the male brain inside it. That's my least favourite part.

No. 391220

File: 1506125035074.png (13.29 KB, 585x107, millenials.png)

She's regressing into "I'm 14 and this is deep" territory

No. 391256

File: 1506133395602.png (275.74 KB, 591x529, Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 9.18…)

heh I was watching her flip out over this on twitter too. Notice how she thumbed down the video and it hasn't even started yet. Notice the description of the video, key words being AREN'T ALWAYS. I don't even think she watched the video at all…they weren't saying nobody should have kids. It was basically a video targeted towards people who have pretty much made the decision not to have kids, and highlighting the reasons why that can be a good decision for some. She also made the point that if you don't have kids nobody will be there to take care of you when you're old…sounds pretty selfish to me.

Some people don't want to start a family? I'm sure you'll be fine, Lauren. I swear these obsessive natalists are insane.

No. 391269

You're a fucking millennial Lauren, shut the fuck up.
>hurr maybe if I try to distance myself from my own age group I can appear more mature than I actually am

No. 391279

this thread is wild to read holy shit, i actually know jess irl and she is honestly the complete opposite of her sister, except for that weird old man voice they both have.

No. 391283

File: 1506136546756.png (47.99 KB, 597x213, Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 10.1…)

I don't even know what Lauren's problem is at this point.

Would you respect her more if she set up a Patreon and shilled for cash instead of aiming for medical school, Lauren?

No. 391287

Jesus Christ Lauren. I dunno if I was on my deathbed and I didn't have any kids but I knew I'd saved/improved thousands of lives I'd be pretty pleased with myself lol.

No. 391289

Oh shit, does she really think women will regret following their dreams to become professionals like doctors, because they didn't have time to pop out kids or be housewives?

How come she spends her 20s sailing around the Mediterranean trying to drown refugees? Shouldn't she be starting a traditional family and tweeting on the tradwife hashtag?

No. 391290

File: 1506138037965.png (72.04 KB, 641x318, Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 10.3…)

That seems to be part of it. A lot of people mentioned that in the replies.

No. 391292

File: 1506138149499.png (39.01 KB, 646x142, Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 10.3…)

And, additionally, a lot of fucking assholes are shitting on this girl for saying she wants to be a doctor. I wonder what these people do for a living?

And does Lauren really think she is improving society in any way shape or form? She devalues the contribution that DOCTORS make to society meanwhile she….wait what does she actually do again?

That dumbass tweet triggered me and I'm not even a doctor.

No. 391293

She sure as fuck isn't trying to make it easier for female doctors to also have families, that's for sure.

They can't shit on women for being financially dependent on men if they go out and get themselves a career, so they have to shit on women who want to be doctors first.

No. 391294

She's an idiot. Not to mention I don't think I've ever met a female doctor that didn't have children. Actually I've never met ANY doctor that didn't have a family. It's not that big a fucking deal if some women don't want both. So she might end up regretting it. WHO CARES LAUREN IT'S NOT YOUR LIFE. It boggles my fucking mind that she thinks she can apply trends to every individual. I can't wait for her obviously career-oriented ass to get married and pop out some fuckin ~~~°☆.。.:*・°☆white babies°☆.。.:*・°☆~~~~ so she'll get to worn out to make videos and I won't have to listen to her stupid-ass opinions anymore.

No. 391301

I hear millenials gush over babies and talk about how excited they are to have kids all the time, they just can't fucking afford it. The men can't afford it either Lauren, how are women supposed to be """trad uwu""" if many millenial men don't make enough money to support a family? She'd probably say "oh marry an older man it's natural" but does she expect younger men to just not date at all? If she thinks all women belong in the home, does she also think all men want to be the sole provider of a household?

No. 391305

Any stories?

No. 391307

God what an insufferable cunt.

No. 391311

Seriously. And even if there was a female doctor who didn't have children (by choice), is Lauren fucking Southern really going to stand in front of her and tell her she would be better off in the kitchen?

Where does she get off saying this shit? She displays no talent, no original thought, no humanitarian efforts, she's not even pretending to be a journalist shedding light on the real issues anymore. She lives off of donations from people who barely even respect her.

No. 391343

Does Lauren have a good relationship with her sister? Or is she mean to her because Jess is the hotter one?

No. 391345

File: 1506145508019.png (96.04 KB, 719x542, 20170922_223831.png)

Maybe Lauren feels like she has to shut down other women's aspirations to assuage the fact that she's talentless and uninspired. At least that girl would look back on her life knowing that she made a difference in many people's lives and was financially secure.
Nice belittling someone who wants to help others btw. Fucking cunt.

No. 391346

was at a party with her, she likes getting high on psychedelics. she really likes this once character from gta 5 that apparently looks like her bf so there's that (and her bf is a fucking dj lol). shes actually really nice and attends all the big BC cons so shes also a part of the cos community. shes just a sweet party girl tbh.

No. 391347

as far as i know, no. they have total opposite views of the world. her sister is very in-your-face about her beliefs where as jess is very hippie dippy and "love others!!!"

No. 391348

was a reply to >>391343 not >>391279, kinda tipsy irl lol sorry

No. 391386

Her sister is definitely the manic pixie dream girl type, that's for sure

No. 391445

Took a look at his bio and of course he's 19.

Like people mentioned, some put off having kids for financial reasons. I dated conservative guys who didn't want to be in a relationship just yet because they needed more financial security, which hey, no big deal.

But what gets me is these fanboys here want you to be trad, but if you're not making enough money, you're a gold digger who's after their money. So which is it with these guys?

No. 391447

That's rich, coming from the girl who's spending her "prime time to have babies" by traveling around Europe, LARPing as a ~Scandinavian princess~, without a husband and without a family. Tick tock Lauren

Aka "I'm too dumb and lazy to engage in a career, so I'll shit on women who unlike me have real ambitions and didn't drop out of college". That's some real jealousy over there.

No. 391450


She's free to have as many children as she likes to make up for the rest of us. But we all know she won't be doing that.

No. 391582

Lauren is such a bitter cunt tbh. She can't resist dragging other people down to make herself feel better because deep down she knows the life she's chosen for herself is hollow and pointless. Enjoy making a career out of being a repulsive, hate-filled attention whore, bitch.

No. 391625

File: 1506198434245.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.89 KB, 200x250, 1506184126928s.jpg)

posted in /tv/, people saying it's Lauren. from what I heard someone tweeted this at her and they were immediately blocked.

No. 391631

What am I even looking at…

No. 391633

Chastity belt over a diaper supposedly being worn by Lauren

No. 391635

It would be funny if that was her, but it isn't. Here's the source: https://0nedirtyboy.tumblr.com/tagged/mine (link is a nsfw ab/dl blog)

But I wouldn't be surprised if Lauren is into weird shit though.

No. 391640

thought this was the shaygnar thread for a sec

No. 391645

File: 1506201289519.jpg (60.67 KB, 488x448, no flares allowed.jpg)


how disappointing.

No. 391736

File: 1506214844009.png (269.25 KB, 641x504, Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 7.57…)

This is relatively unimportant but it caught my eye…so I was reading the twitter of this youtuber called Nightmare Fuel. He posted a tweet of a portion of Lauren's "what every girl needs to hear" or whatever video. This was one of the replies.

Has anyone else heard anything about Lauren shaving years off of her age? I've heard of women doing that in Hollywood and entertainment so that they can have a longer career…but why would some bullshit vlogger feel the need to do that?

Just curious if there's any proof of this. It seems like a weird thing for someone to make up out of thin air, but shit it happens.

No. 391740

Also when I tried to find others talking about Lauren's age, I found this. Fucking yikes.


It's quite harsh. But then again these are the types of people she agrees with and supports so…

No. 391772

It's not that weird that someone accused her of this, what's weird is how old and busted she looks at 22. If she did it, it's probably because all the bullshit she spews has made her insecure about her age.

No. 391792

It's harsh, but it's completely true. She has shit genes. Mishmash European women like her age terribly. She probably never learned to take care of her skin or apply sunscreen as a teen, so the degradation is happening even faster.

No. 391795

> she has shit genes

Idk if her genes are really that shitty, because her sister is fucking stunning. I think she's older than Lauren and could still pass for 18. It must be a lifestyle thing with Lauren…or lack of skincare, like you said.

No. 391800

she just has older looking features. her skin doesn't look terrible, but doesnt look like she takes great care of it.

she honest to god looks at least 30 though. her sister definitely has better luck.

No. 391801

you can have the same parents and still get different gene mixes, you know. like my sister is a foot shorter and fatter and we look nothing alike, but she looks younger than me even though shes 3 years older.

just shit luck

No. 391806

File: 1506234717845.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.82 KB, 300x579, steatopygia.jpg)

>Mishmash European women like her

if only she were an exotic Nubian kween(racebaiting)

No. 391826

It's not okay to say that 'white babies' are superior, but all those people riding the all white peolpe age like milk meme is pissing me off as well…
I'm exactly the same age as her and i don't have a single friend that looks anywhere near as old as her. I guess that most users are from the us or europe and everybody thinks she looks way older - in conclusion looking like this is definaty NOT the standard for europeans!
So quit saying having eurpean genes is shit, she's either simply ugly or lying about her age.

No. 391845

Their both fugly but Lauren has a nicer face and a non-horsey smile, her sister is the definition of a butterface

No. 391846

Its to feel like "Maybe white women are prettier, but atleast i have this one thing that makes me better! r-right?" Its insecurity, the trick is to not give a shit and flaunt your shit regardless of race

No. 391881

File: 1506263256262.gif (477.65 KB, 250x199, giphy (1).gif)

Wait, she's 22…? I keep assuming she's 27-28 by looking at her

No. 391919

You sure you're not the one who's insecure? I'm white and I agree a lot of white people do age like shit… who cares?

No. 391926

Its because of sun damage, white people have less melanin so less natural sun protection, just use sunscreen everyday then the "race related" aging isnt a thing.

And its not about caring its just stupid racism like "all asian have small eyes" "all black people have ugly hair" it should just stop.

No. 391978

File: 1506280785745.jpg (17.43 KB, 480x559, FB_IMG_1506280636687.jpg)

All i think of when she babbles right wing rhetoric.

No. 392223

File: 1506312648704.jpg (178.16 KB, 1108x1200, IMG_1515.JPG)

Smoking is the quickest way to lower your SMV, Lauren. And your fanboys already think you're hitting the wall. Be careful!

(In all seriousness, she looks like a fun normal 22 year old college student here. Definitely a more likeable side of her.)

No. 392285

She bawleted her Facebook when she blew up, wonder how much of a "thot" she was. If you look around Instagram you can see her looking like a typical clubslut.

No. 392298

just like Tomi Lahren with her "popping pussy" tweets

No. 392304

She has the typical facial taughtness and shininess of botox-face, I think that is part of why she looks so aged

No. 393175

Why is only one of these posters banned for racebaiting? Hm…

No. 393383

No no anon, it's not that white women age poorly, it's that white women like Lauren often have the genetic equivalent of mud sludge. She's a bunch of different white races slopped together and got the worst traits of any of them. She doesn't have any of the beautiful traits that individual white races are known for. She's just staggeringly below average.

No. 393926

File: 1506560938124.png (35.4 KB, 640x146, Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 8.07…)

> Lauren

> hot trad dane

Wew buddy.

No. 403298

File: 1507947491499.png (646.34 KB, 637x1319, vegas.png)

Oh god she's a Vegas Truther

No. 405266

she kind of gets a pathetic amount of retweets and faves for her follower count

>inb4 this comment hurts her ego and she buys RT bots

No. 406093

File: 1508458205840.png (245.34 KB, 580x381, Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.05…)

Lauren apparently did an interview with Black "Fffffuck Freely" Pigeon. Whew man I can't wait to hear this.

He did a video about women destroying civilizations just by…existing and being able to make their own independent choices basically. The classic "2emotional to be trusted with decisions" argument. That's one thing I don't think I've seen Lauren address and would love to see. She wants to be traditional and all that, but she also thrives off of politics and is very opinionated. Is she willing to give up her right to vote and have a say? Somehow I doubt that.

No. 406117

File: 1508460841289.png (21.55 KB, 593x242, pigeon.png)

No. 406130

I really don't understand women who want to interact/buddy up with those that view them as lesser or even despicable creatures. To each their own, but it still baffles me.

No. 406140

I think for Lauren it's all about getting beta bux. But in general, it seems like these women have low self-esteem and are therefore OK with lowering their perceived value to society, so long as they can be protected and provided for

No. 406145

Idk man I have the lowest self esteem on Earth and even I won't willingly align myself with misogynists. And actually a big reason why I avoid misogynist men so diligently is BECAUSE I have low self esteem. I already hate myself enough that I don't need men to do it for me.

I think another part of it (aside from $$$) might be because she just hates other women that much. And thinks she's different so she will be treated differently I guess? But if you read her comment sections you can see that is becoming less true by the day….

No. 406159

File: 1508464877260.webm (5.77 MB, 1280x720, bps.webm)

speaking of blackpigeonspeaks, this is actually him

No. 406160

>budding manboobies

something about the shape of his mouth really bothers me too

No. 406162

Is he literally one of those infamous sex tourist types?

He has such a comfy voice. Should have never done the face reveal, my dude.

No. 406195

Oh god, I like how this guy is exactly how I imagined him to be. Some guy with widows peak, premature greying, and dad bod. I swear I've met someone's father just like this.

Not to derail this too much from Lauren, but BPS is really his own cow, for those that don't know. He's a disgusting Japanophile who's got "alt-lite" opinions on race and thinks the west should be as "culturally unified" as Japan is. I don't know how stupid you have to be to think that the melting pot of America should be "one race" like he wants or to think that the endless mix of European countries and races are capable of being "one culture like Japan". All his videos got that /pol/ type brainwashing along with some subtle weeb. He is constantly citing Japan as a society Europe and America should try to live up to.

He's also the type to pearl clutch at sex and is a devout Christian. I like how he glosses over the fact that there's forms of prostitution in Japan and it's a very successful non-Christian nation that could care less about his religion.

>"Hook-up style love hotels are great and tax free condoms are amazing!"

I guess it's okay when it's Japan, but in the West, just porn alone is destroying society, apparently. Video related from his channel.
Lauren would be into dd/lg with how she worships her own dad and is always the first to defend against "the attack on fathers in modern society".

No. 406197

Never even watched any of his other videos other than the 'Women Destroy Civilizations' (or whatever it was called) one, which had over a million views and I think around 30,000+ thumbs up, less than 10,000 thumbs down, and one of the most disturbingly misogynistic comment sections of all time. It's now hidden by Youtube unless you dig for it in his channel but…it was pretty well received.

And that always scared me. I really wonder how big of a threat this line of thinking is. It seems to be spreading, thanks to Lauren and her ilk.

No. 406198

Shaun did a pretty good takedown of his Women Destroy Civilizations video.

It's actually fucking insane how much BPS twists statistics. None of his cronies even bothered to fight in the comments section since Shaun obliterated him in this video

No. 406212

holy shit was it really titled like that?? what a colossal fucking loser

No. 406218

This is fantastic, thanks very much for posting.

No. 406283

>yellow-fevered pervert
every time

No. 406308

I don't mean to minimise the way you feel, but there is at least one hypothesis that might offer you comfort: most normal people won't even see that video suggested to them, because they don't watch the right videos. I wasn't even aware it existed before you mentioned it.

Of the normal people who do see it suggested, I would expect that a lot of them will just roll their eyes at the title and think "Nutcase…" and just don't watch it.
The people who do end up watching are a self selected group: either people who strongly agree (possibly the majority) or people who strongly disagree and even bother with this particular kind of loser.

No. 406378

This was amazing, thanks anon! If you guys have any milk about thin BPS guy, please share here >>303084

No. 406537

File: 1508537608623.jpg (48.41 KB, 625x469, 1508532951170.jpg)

guys the black pigeon video is by far the least interesting Lauren drama going on right now

Laura Loomer is going nuclear on Lauren

No. 406577

What false rape accusations? Did we totally miss that? Are they really that desperate? LOL. I don't even know.

No. 406579


No. 406763

This is bizarre and I can't figure out how or when it started. They just started going after each other suddenly, unless someone deleted a bunch of tweets (Cassandra?)

Either way, both Laura and Lauren's audiences, who don't overlap as much I as I would have thought, aren't liking it. They're talking about how ugly this behavior is and all the girls commenting are like ~this is why I have no feeeemale friends so catty.~

I also find it funny that this behavior is where Lauren's fanboys draw the line and find her off-putting. I guess because she's showing she's just like their interpretation of other women by participating in drama, so she's no longer one of the guys?

No. 406938

Isn't that Cassandra girl the one who threw a dancing party for that fat man that was shamed on 4chan? What is she doing with Scandiboo?

No. 407288

File: 1508638032400.jpg (84.29 KB, 960x788, 0445db7038ac0c31c8c42dba3ff1ea…)


No. 407366

File: 1508644137386.png (121.35 KB, 585x516, Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 10.4…)

Lauren all of a sudden caring about sexual assault victims. I doubt it's a coincidence that she treats this case this way instead of mocking it because the victim in this case is a man.

He's not one of those evil dumb modern whores who were probably just asking for it anyway.

No. 407371

File: 1508644411959.png (632.56 KB, 1059x355, Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 10.5…)

Also RooshV tweeted this and then someone left it under Lauren's apology tweet. This shit grosses me the fuck out.

But I doubt Lauren even sees anything wrong with that post, since this is the kind of shit she says about other women. She shouldn't be surprised when her insane tradcunt followers turn it back on her.

No. 407372

File: 1508644425162.jpg (96.31 KB, 480x640, ls.jpg)


No. 407375

>False rape accusations are becoming an epidemic!
>Unless if it's an accusation against a refugee, then it's 100% real and needs to always be taken seriously

No. 407381

She was a liberal Bernie supporter but stuff happened and she became a trump supporter and joined this alt right whore clique.

No. 407383

And she apparently was a camgirl? or at least had some nudes floating around. Some dude is calling her out and posting screenshots of it on Lauren's current tweets about this situation. Would rather not repost tbh.

No. 407396

You fucking nit, post them

No. 407492

I love your fupa lauren <33333

No. 407513

No. 407585

I'm a bit lost - what's the drama regarding "false rape accusations" about? Source?

No. 407588

I once watched a video of them watching some videos where girls explain why they don't shave. The only thing I remember from that video was them screeching eww and
>I don't like these feminists who don't shave telling us what to do! They should just shave like it's not that hard!
I love the hypocrisy, kek

No. 407589

File: 1508688887366.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 30.25 KB, 416x372, 3F814137-8292-46B9-9B8E-2286B4…)

No. 408062

lol I decided to google her and she was apparently a "left leaning anarchist"
of course she was
none of these people can stick to their guns on fucking anything
it's all about choosing the edgiest title that will give them attention

No. 408461

Sorry if this has already been posted but I just watched it and it made me so mad lmao.

Basically she's yet again whining at people for not having kids in their 20's and said you shouldn't even think about finances while having kids. Okay Lauren, let's not consider families having to go to fucking food banks just to feed themselves, let's not consider fear of eviction if you can't pay your rent while having kids let's just not consider any of that before having kids and not prepare ourselves cause it's "continuing muh bloodline!1" She's so blissfully unaware of what being poor really is and this video shows it.

She also says something along the lines of "getting a million likes on instagram doesn't compare to having a child" BITCH YOUR ENTIRE FUCKING CAREER AND LIFE LINE IS BASED ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Why doesn't she just get on with it and have babies if it's sew amazing? Nobody is stopping you having kids, Lauren.

Also the fucking irony she's whining "people are being shamed into not having kids cause words!1" yet she'll make fun of people she goes to purposefully piss off at protests for getting mad at her cause free peach!1 triggered!1

No. 408481

She's such a hypocrite. People are being shamed into not having kids? She's the one who takes any opportunity to shame a woman for not having kids, and insisting that it's the only possible thing they could be unhappy about in life. Can't find it now but she jumped at the opportunity to retweet a woman who said her decision to have kids was the right one for her, and then someone dug through her other tweets to find ones talking about depression and unhappiness. Lauren LOVED that.

These people are incapable of seeing anything outside of black and white. Lauren constantly mentions the instagram thing, or drug use, as if a) marrying and having children at 22 or b) partying hard throughout your twenties fucking 30 dudes are the only options. THEY AREN'T. Plenty of people work hard in their twenties, don't spend their lives on instagram or at the club, yet still don't find the time or finances to be married with children.

Sorry for slightly ranting but this pisses me off more than anything about her. Notice how she STILL isn't married or pregnant, almost as if she knows that becoming those things is more difficult and a riskier decision than she tries to insinuate. Almost as if she KNOWS that there is more to life than that for a lot people, and (most) women want to educate themselves or work towards being financially stable prior to having a family, if they even want one at all. Even LAUREN HERSELF is focusing on her career right now, and living it up/traveling while she's young. And who can honestly blame her? Of course a lot of women wan to be mothers or housewives, but that isn't realistic for a lot of people for a lot of reasons. Lauren looks at other women who are doing EXACTLY what she's doing and derides them for doing it, telling them they would be happier if they did XYZ. But Lauren herself seems pretty happy, no? She seems to think every woman should just be able to drop everything and become ~trad~ immediately. She doesn't actually seem to care about financially and emotionally stable families as much as she says she does.

She's just the worst kind of conservative, always concerned about what others are doing and belittling them if they are doing things in a way she deems 'wrong.' I am her age and I can't imagine preaching to my 300k followers as if I have everything figured out. And I really wish she would stop using the whole "but it makes women happier!!11" argument, as if she gives a shit about other women.

No. 408483

Also, I love the MGTOWs turning against her in the comment section. It was bound to happen eventually. I always found it weird that tradcons and MGTOWs ran so close in the same circles because they promote complete opposite lifestyles, but I guess the one thing they always had in common was disdain for women.

No. 408491

OT but what exactly do MGTOWs want women to do? lol. They hate "sluts" but don't want to marry women and want to sleep around with said "sluts" are women just meant to sit with their legs open between the ages of 18 and 29 then kill themselves as soon as they turn 30 in a perfect MGTOW world? lol exaggeration obviously but I don't get what they want.

No. 408498

Yeah that sounds about right. They never outright say that but they wouldn't be upset if that happened lmao. In fact I've seen them celebrate when there's one of those stories in the news about women who kill themselves once they hit 30 and aren't married when all their friends are or whatever. It's sick.

They really just hate women, period. They want women's rights to be taken away, especially when it comes to marriage/divorce. Other than that, they just want to complain about how much they hate women on the internet. Some of the posts on their subreddit are approaching serious "bitch eating crackers" territory. They just hate that women exist. But at the same time screech about how much they definitely DON'T CARE about women and what they do.

No. 408507

Full interview with BPS. Not even five minutes in and he's already back on his ~the womz are wrecking civilization~ bullshit.

No. 408509

Also this video with him, she's trying to show how totez nice he is by saving pigeons. At 5.20 he blames women for pigeons dying/getting injured because women get their haircut and they get tangled up in their hair that's put in the trash. Yes bins full of women's hair is such a common sight, it's not like salon's have their own bins for hair.

Also he carries the poor pigeon in a box that's in a carrier bag the entire day lmao. Such animal activism tho.

No. 408525

It just cracks me up man. People like BPS and Lauren practically beg women to have white babies in their shitty videos to save the white race, but then they bitch if women have kids with the WRONG person, they bitch if a woman gets married and the marriage ends badly and then those precious white babies require child support because the mother was a good little trad woman who depended on her husband financially and just focused on having kids. Either way, women can't do anything right in their eyes. Don't have kids? You're an evil feminazi whore riding the cock carousel and probably on welfare (what.) Have kids? You're a gold digging whore who just wants to divorce rape men and use your womb as a meal ticket. They're ridiculous.

No. 408527

File: 1508806040625.png (48.38 KB, 665x415, whitu piggu.png)

Really surprised to see the top comment calling him out on his hypocrisy

No. 408528

File: 1508806227333.png (27.21 KB, 630x90, Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 7.49…)

This was the best comment on the vid. These people are batshit lmao.

He let her hold a fuckin dog, dude. It's not that serious.

No. 408544

File: 1508809557978.png (164.26 KB, 552x592, transphobic.png)

Lauren is visibly transphobic, as she doesn't believe in transgender men.

Sage (I think)

No. 408549

Sage goes in the email field. It's not surprising she's transphobic, I'm no terf but I don't think she's really wrong for saying that's dumb lol.

No. 408557

Congrats anon, you found the sole rational thing about lauren

No. 408562

That transgender people don't exist?

No. 408586

File: 1508813459060.jpg (179.76 KB, 998x402, mal.jpg)

I have found a strong Alpha Male in the comments section, and his sidekick, Anime Girl. Together they will redpill us on the females.

No. 408662

Yeah, I guess you could say it like that. Any trans-identifying female is still a woman at the end of the day.

No. 408715

this is disappointing, I thought I would get preventative botox but it makes you look like shit? Damn.

No. 408731

Why hide his face if it's already been shown? "In this line of work, it's scary to show your face!" lmao, I really want to throw his ~secret face~ to some radfems and even his own followers. Show them that their advice is just coming from some graying dadbod man.

>"getting piss thrown on you is more your thing"

It's not even that far in, and I just want to strangle him. He's so condescending to women and I'd have stopped right there. Lauren can at least show her face and do all her protesting in silly hats completely in the open. The men in this movement are all the biggest cowards and are always hiding behind shitty weeby personas and avatars, like "NavyHato" is his twitter handle. The trans, gay, and women icons in their movement aren't even scared and seem to frequent talk shows, violent protests, video podcasts, and social media completely out in the open.

No. 408736

The only time Lauren ever apologizes is when she has done something that can potentially cause her to lose her beta followers.

Honestly, she's petty and tries way too hard to be liked by these beta males. She talks about how there is free speech and how she respects other people's opinions, yet she attacks a random girl for wanting to become a doctor lol I used to be okay with her, but after seeing how petty she really is I don't. I wonder if when she becomes a trad wife, what she will do if her husband decides to leave her and she's stuck with four kids?

No. 408748

I don't believe Lauren is ever going to be a trad wife. It's simply impossible for the lifestyle and high energy, total attention whore type she is. She has backed herself into a corner with this, because standing up for herself is too "liberal". I guess the fun part about watching someone feed sharks is the idea that it's only a matter of time before they turn on her too.

When this heated political climate has calmed down, she'll do a total image change again and take a more publicly "moderate" stance so she can keep her career and lifestyle. She'll then ride out whatever new thing is out there. For example, she went from cosplay whore to preaching to other women to pop out babies and stop being sluts. She'll change tune again.

No. 408751

Funny how these supposedly "anti-porn anti-degeneracy" types are always super porn addicted weebs. Literally every single one I've met and literally almost anime avatar I've got talked to on steam has been the kind of guy that gets triggered over shorts but has screenshots of Quiet/2B and loves media with graphic sexualized rape like Berserk and GOT. God forbid a woman wears something that goes down to midthigh but Vampirella and constant nude/sex scenes are never sexual and are "for the character's authenticity." Guaranteed to bitch about how media is making people gay/trans/have interracial relationships but literal 10yos and/or graphic rape being heavily sexualized and normalized "actually helps pedos not act on it." They always say it in a way where it's obvious they mean themselves but still want to be able to deny it too.

Not to mention how they're always super obsessed with rape. You can't even mention something like almost forgetting to lock your car door in the context of not even being in it without "#notallmen" and "no one is out to rape you." Even the biggest sjws talk about rape less than they do. Every little thing sets them off too, like owning Life is Strange gets you an essay about how they "don't wanna talk about it" but get pissy and complain about you being "triggered" when you don't want to listen to them ramble about their violent fantasies. And yes I meet a ton guys like this irl and online, almost made the biggest mistake of my life with one. At least I've become "woke" correctly this time.

No. 408771

literally no one cares.