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File: 1429643238352.png (395.8 KB, 566x392, Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.02…)

No. 86418

Taralynn McNitt AKA Undressed Skeleton

Her former tumblr:
Her website:

-Basically had a website full of eating disordered tips while pretending to have lost weight in a healthy way.
-Plagiarized recipes, photoshopped her food and was obsessed with sugar-free jello.
-Was going to work with Seventeen Magazine but people reported her and complained.
-Eventually came clean re: her eating disorder and has since gained weight (to a healthy, normal weight) but still photoshops her pictures so that her followers still thinks she's 100 lbs.
-Even photoshops her dog's eyes. -Trolls her thread on getoffmyinternets.net.
-Even posts on her own blog pretending to be a "hater" to get sympathy.
-Left her website directory unlocked and people found pre- and post-photoshopped pics
-Went on a fit bloggers retreat to the Dominican Republic and was clearly not fit (in vids posted from the event, she struggles to do modified push-ups). This is all while she gives work out and nutrition advice on her sites. This kind of surprised all of the other bloggers attending the retreat since they are all legit. -Now refuses to post full-body pics on her accounts since the DR trip showed everyone the truth

Sarah Smith
Her Instagram: https://instagram.com/xblueeyedbarbiex/

Sites exposing her:
-Pretends to have CF
-Has scammed people out of thousands/
-Posts fake hospital selfies and hospital pictures using pics from other people's accounts

No. 86433

File: 1429644507456.png (220.31 KB, 264x554, Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.24…)

Taralynn at the height of her eating disorder (when she was still trying to convince everyone she lost weight the healthy way)

No. 86437

File: 1429644574555.png (116.85 KB, 174x461, Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.28…)

this is a photo that leaked from the DR retreat. Her body is fine, but she hides it on her accounts with angles and strategic poses because she can't admit she's not emaciated anymore

No. 86438

File: 1429644619389.png (319.61 KB, 347x594, Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.29…)

No. 86448

File: 1429645010278.jpg (96.58 KB, 690x476, 112125885748.jpg)

> Even photoshops her dog's eyes

Had to take a look myself and she sure does. I have no idea what the purpose of doing that would be.

No. 86451

I wasn't aware of her. Doing some catch up research.

Dogs eyes though - lol.

No. 86453

FYI the header photo is from her own website. She left the photo directory unsecured and people found all kinds of pre- and post-photoshop pictures.

No. 86455

No. 86457

She admitted to it but she now photoshops her pics to be thinner

No. 86469

Taralynn links:


I don't follow Sarah on instagram because she's private so I can't get recent screencaps but that "truth" instagram has some pretty good ones.

No. 86471

I don't know, man, that just looks like photoshop and the burn tool to me. I doubt that she gained any weight between then and now.

No. 86478

You're not the first to suggest that she's been PSing all along. Here on her old tumblr are some pics at different weights:

No. 86490

no way…

No. 86496

File: 1429648350431.jpg (587.32 KB, 2107x1493, PicMonkey-Collage10.jpg)

>mfw this is the first post I see on her blog
The Photoshop evolution is so clear.
First, she's normal.
Next, she discovers the blur and liquify tools, as well as how to rub the burn tool over every square inch of the picture. Might have also discovered that she can paint over her eyes to make them look more bright at this stage.
After that, she get smart. She realised that she could burn the shit out of the parts of her body where bones should be to make her look emaciated.
Finally, she realised that she can't trick people by burning in bones when she has no sense of anatomy, and went back to a more selective use of the burn tool, while simultaneously discovering filters.
It's so beautiful. Such poetry. I almost shed a tear.

By the way, can an admin please put a formatting section in the Rules or create a FAQ page? That way people won't have to go over how to respond to posts in every thread.

No. 86517

File: 1429649368029.png (267.88 KB, 441x440, SarahSmithmakeup.png)

I've never seen someone wear so much make up in the "hospital"


No. 86520

I never even knew you were able to. I figured wearing make up while being an in patient would affect you getting well, like germs and such from make up? i dunno. It seems really odd to think about wearing makeup while being in a hospital.

No. 86525

Concealed her lips/contoured her cheekbones/put eyeshadow under and around her eyes so they appear puffy and sickly

No. 86534

Exactly what I thought when I saw those.

Also, that "hospital bed" blanket is rather suspicious.

No. 86537

File: 1429650755612.jpg (157.16 KB, 590x582, ss (2015-04-21 at 05.11.04).jp…)

But she has been in the hospital right? She can't just go in a hospital room take pictures and leave? I know she's a scammer and a liar, but she must have something, or at least access to something to be able to take those pictures.

No. 86538


Used to be anorexic. She's bulimic now so she goes to the hospital occasionally.

No. 86540



No. 86541

Ah, thank you!

No. 86542

File: 1429651318764.png (163.97 KB, 309x302, Sarahold.png)


From when she was anorexic

No. 86543

File: 1429651329771.png (339.02 KB, 500x536, middle school gothic.png)

… Her makeup on the 'Blanket at Home' section, though…

No. 86545

You can, but it's kind of a waste of time and makeup. Most people don't bother.

No. 86548


Lol, the comments on this instagram post from the DR fit trip


No. 88253

File: 1429929385768.png (969.42 KB, 1001x599, lololo.png)

No. 88284

Does anyone follow Sarah on instagram? She's private since she got caught and had to make a new IG.

No. 89017

I just don't understand how someone can expect to get away with faking cystic fibrosis. Especially when everything about it is so stupid, like that fucking sick makeup.

What an idiot.

No. 89143

She has equipment from her aunt who died of some lung-related disease. I think she's one of the worst lolcows. She's scammed people out of thousands. I get especially pissed when she asks for medical equipment that she doesn't need since there is probably someone with CF who actually needs it.

No. 89493

rn she's "in the hospital" and has leg compressors on. pretty sure I seen those photos posted before. can't seem to find the Instagram account that was exposing her

No. 92262

eye infection yesterday yet still ~~makeup~~

No. 92294

I want Sarah on an episode of Catfish but it will never happen.

Uh, Tara, what happened to your leg? Photoshop fail…

No. 92295

File: 1430541658181.jpg (225.86 KB, 640x1136, qlyZD86.jpg)

Oops, meant to post this

No. 94486

This picture is kind of popular in vk pro-ana communities.

No. 94487

huh why

No. 94499

The person who was running the truth insta account about her deleted the account. She cited bullying as the reason.

No. 94856

'cause ~*inspiration*~ lol

No. 433903

can someone please tell me whatever happened with this girl!? i noticed the www.blueeyedscam. website has been taken down and i can't find her iG anywhere - what happened!!

No. 433906

It literally took me a second to find out, by simply clicking on her blog in the OP…

No. 821760


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