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File: 1714860291763.png (1.49 MB, 817x1028, threadd.png)

No. 1991796

Coquette aesthetic or "Doelet/Dollette" is the neo Nyphette fashion trend between young women on social media. It's exactly like nymphette, only that it's apparently "less pedophilic" just because they said so (read: hypocrisy) even though the way they fantasize about Dolores Haze and obsess over being petite is exactly the same. They also dress the same, talk the same and post the same crap Tumblr did 10 years ago. Claim to be morally better than nymphettes, but in fact they’re just the same (still into DD/LG, still romanticize abuse of women). Coquettes spend entire days on „girlblogging” (reposting same 10 pictures of Lizzy Grant taken from pinterest), making idiotic whisper memes, posting fawn pictures, posting thinspo and calling themselves „waifs”, even though most of them weight 60kgs, and tagging everything with „Alana champion lily rose depp lana del rey”, even when it has nothing to do with those chicks.

>Alida attends her friend’s wedding, catches,i mean rips the bouquette ouf other girl’s hands >>1935499, >>1935558

>Alida’s new business: sticking some flying illuminati shit tier stickers on clothes >>1937216, >>1937225, >>1937254, >>1940286
>Alida claims she’s of „polish descent” now, bc Polish is a token coquette fantasy (despite coquette thing being 100% nonexistent in Poland) >>1938660
>Alida celebrates 7 year anniversary of „getting kidnapped”, which ultimately kickstarted her Lana Del Rey fantasy lifestyle tier „fame” on the internet >>1954278, >>1940731
>Photos of Ch111loe before nosejob & other surgeries >>1941111, >>1941113, >>1941116, >>1983265
>Nina gets engaged to her geriatric moid >>1938697, >>1940985, >>1940989, >>1941142, >>1941170,
>Susieq (another one of Alida’s friend) also leading „prime life” raising a kid with a geriatric moid >>1941634, >>1941677
>Alida blesses us with new top tier rap bars and poetry >>1941799, >>1942225, >>1942252
>A 19 year old nobody from tiktok throws a fit because she thinks SHE invented a decade old style (at merely 9 year old apparently!) >>1941809, >>1942166
>Alida goes out for a dinner with Jesus >>1943338
>Alida goes to Lana show looking like a miss Piggy >>1948006, >>1948007, >>1948008
>Alida copes about getting called „big” >>1943645, >>1950225
>Alida posts a Lana/Lizzy Grant skinwalker tutorial on youtube >>1951088
>Ch111oe’s attention seeking and posting herself slashing her thighs >>1945291, >>1945292
>Alida gets back with Kamilla, yeah the same russian redhair that robbed and allegedly pushed Alida into the world of poker prostitution >>1954521 Funny thing is, Kamilla admitted to robbing her >>1954524, >>1954620
>still romanticizing her 16 year old self, whilst pretending she’s not >>1962844
>Alida gets triggered when a thinspo account responds „Girl just post your pics and move on”, shows her true colors and replies with „Just eat and move on” >>1963058
>Pretty funny how it’s all fine and dandy to call others fat, laugh at old/fat/ugly women and say shit to teens with eating disorders, but it’s uwu sad and horrible when it happens to Alida herself! >>1964034, >>1963860
>Twitter discovers Alida was a columbiner >>1963055 people start calling her out on being a scammer, racist, proana, using people and so on >>1963380, >>1963381
>Bacon searches for attention elsewhere (youtube). Makes videos about doing ketamine >>1963745
>While Nina spews nasty shit about older women, her mom stays looking prettier and more youthful than her. Oh the irony! >>1963402
>Alida calls to arms all of her loyal round table >>1963793, >>1963796
>anybody that calls her out on her bullshit is actually a Beelzebub >>1963803
>a list of cars that Alida got that further mysteriously disappeared >>1964086, >>1954829
>Alida and Ron dress up as Leon and Mathilda >>1964402 reason being, probably, is the original nuked screenplay on Leon the Proffesional included Leon and Mathilda fucking. Perfect choice for a DDLG enjoyer and a pedo.
>Alida gets exposed yet again for shooping her lips bigger in childhood photos, this time by ppl who went to school with her >>1964839
>Bacon Cain nukes his mothercain tumblr after calling women beasts and slugs/breedable 12 yos, but starts a new tumblr secretly (@pulldrone). >>1967542 Or rather, reuses his old backburner account that’s full of Bacon boasting about doing drugs and gay porn. >>1969326
>anons speculate that Dasha is an Angeltroon from egirl threads >>1969360, >>1969000, >>1969309
>How graceful! Alida announces she won’t kill herself because she doesn’t want the Kurt Cobain effect (a chain of teenage girls killing themselves after her) >>1969505, >>1969781
>being autistic is the new fad for coquettes >>1969686, >>1972381
>Orion Starlight >>1969747, >>1970474
>a new fraction of coquette: zoomers with he/them pronouns >>1970608, >>1970609, >>1970610
>Nina jumps on wannabe ED train >>1970713, >>1970710 because her moid prefers anachans >>1946625, >>1975132
>Nina’s prince charming >>1970719, >>1970724
>Nina turns out to be PULLtard, probably also comes to lolcow for Alida milk >>1971364
>Alida ebegs again >>1972022 For context: she used to have a bunch of mentally ill psychofans always buying her anything she wants >>1972022
>Unhinged vendettafag comes with „CH111loe is trans” tinfoil, does have a point about horrific levels of photoshopping though. Posting bc these are honestly unhinged >>1974339, >>1975125, >>1973168, >>1973179, >>1973183, >>1973187, >>1975128
>Ch111oe uses obscure polish 00’s meme sites to support her slav LARP >>1973613
>Ch111oe gets into a bad car accident >>1975129, >>1975131
>Alida graces us with a biblical take on Israel vs Palestine war >>1973632
>Alida is against contraceptives >>1976270
>Alida admits to hot glueing her shit >>1975838, >>1976696
>Coquette becomes „mainstream” >>1973851 examples of unrelated retarded brands jumping on coquette wagon >>1955453, >>1960337
>Macon deletes pulldrone tumblr after it gets posted on lolcow. Gets to go in a runway show thanks to being a troon >>1976741
>Maya Stolenbesos is a daughter of some rockstar guy who allegedly „toured with Korn and dated Courtney Love”, sounds a bit like bullshit though >>1979567, >>1979569
>Maya writes romanticized Skins UK tier nonsense about her teenage years wherein she’d get drunk at parties like Effy and date a drug dealer like Ginger Bronson >>1982126
>Nina’s creepy ass Valeya Lukyanova tier edit >>1980283
>”i look the same as i did at 17” why getting a botox then? >>1981163, >>1979395
>Nina bitches how Hispanic and black people „contribute nothing to society” >>1982366 whilst beeing a NEET herself >>1982362
>Such a change of heart, Alida suddenly thinks celibacy sucks >>1984547
>Alida’s Shayna tier cringey dance moves >>1985668
>Bacon Ethel Cain has is own thread now >>>/snow/1989982

Coquette aesthetic thread #1: >>>/snow/1410169
Coquette aesthetic thread #2: >>>/snow/1616017
Coquette aesthetic thread #3:
Coquette aesthetic thread #4:

Detailed introduction of all cows discussed in the thread can be seen in THIS post >>1934515 (it's too long for summary post)


No. 1991797

Hope you appreciate this since i'm fucking lazy with lolcow posting as of late and been waiting for someone to post new thread, but guess that will be me. A new place for Alida schizoposting is desperately needed, the cows are milking their own selves

No. 1991832

File: 1714871533951.webm (4.49 MB, 1080x1920, An8Ij.webm)

Thank you OP, much appreciated! I am laughing at the bows.
Sooo Alida thinks she is a singer now along with Brooklyn. Siphoning Brooklyn's interests and lifestyle. Investing herself into the whole music industry thing. She is behaving as was predicted.

No. 1991834

File: 1714871653577.jpg (97.6 KB, 640x1138, w t f.jpg)

also, what even is this?

No. 1991835

It's confirmed that Alida is living with Brooklyn in Nashville. She mustn't be paying any rent. She sits up all night, doesn't have a job therefore I have no clue how she is surviving financially. Is Brooklyn paying for everything? She hasn't been promoting her 'boutique' or showcasing herself making anything, so she wouldn't be getting an income from that.
What has happend to Ron? Nobody knows… No sign of Luna either lately. Unless she has decided to not put her online anymore. She still is only posting Brooklyn constantly. No other friends, so is fixating on her to the max.

No. 1991881

tbh alida’s comeback 'just eat and move on‘ was funny

No. 1991885

She’s LARPing as a based nordic esoteric schizo as if we don’t all know her Floridan trailer trash background.

No. 1991897

What is this? Jesus and Legolas?
yeah but it falls flat a bit when you know she follows this immediately with writing sob stories about her ED and how nobody understands her. The thinspo girl's original response was bitchy as well but can't really blame her since Alida switches from writing about this horrible trauma to romanticizing it and making memes out of it lol even her retarded followers see this
i give it 3 weeks and she'll be back with Ron, then out again, then back and so on. ~in and out of love~

No. 1991909

That is ashtar the alien. It’s something I’ve never cared to read deeply into but there’s a new agey organisation called the galactic federation of light who believe in ashtar the alien. When you look them up I can’t find much but they have/had an incredibly schizo html website somewhere

No. 1991943

File: 1714920969215.jpg (109.96 KB, 868x1260, 9c8a676b313bb3e137a3206fdaba60…)

>Jesus and Legolas
>Ashtar the alien
I googled him and now I'm dying from laughter. So funny how she also made Jesus's eyes blue.

No. 1991948

File: 1714921464814.jpg (6.48 KB, 168x300, fabio.jpg)

I saw one site and they were calling people sheep who didn't follow or believe in the Galactic Federation of Light. Lord Ashtar the Pleiadian alien man is sending me

No. 1991968

ohhh is that why Alida bleaches her dark hair to a crisp and hides her pudgy body? to look more like her cousin Lord Ashtar? kek

No. 1991978

File: 1714929033138.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x1661, IMG_6800.jpeg)

i wouldn’t say she’s hiding her pudgy body when she posted this the other day. gut out and everything.

No. 1991984

She has shayna tier taste in clothing, wtf is this. It's like bad 80s maternity lingerie?

No. 1991985

That hair is to die for I can't lie

No. 1992000

File: 1714934947526.jpeg (454.81 KB, 1125x1971, IMG_4379.jpeg)

Exactly because what is going on here

No. 1992011

that hair is dead*

No. 1992058

The crucifix made of guns on her necklace is so edgy white trash. It encapsulates her and how tryhard she is.

No. 1992074

The Pleiadean “Nordic” starseed alien cult is one of the more hilariously schizo corners of the internet, completely on brand for Alida kek

No. 1992084

Anybody know why Alida abandoned her elvishwolfie account?

No. 1992099

File: 1714967103370.jpg (72.2 KB, 412x704, goldielocks.jpg)

just another one of my probably-not-really-that-funny, shitty edits (but still better than Ron's graphic designs)

No. 1992144

File: 1714998652156.jpeg (1.46 MB, 971x1713, 45B1CA60-B4DB-4A18-887B-2430E4…)

I don’t know if Ch111oe’s surgeon needs to be arrested or praised because this is crazy.

No. 1992146

Is she wearing Brooklyns clothes? They're both delusional tbh.

No. 1992152

Now she’s shapeshifting into Brooklyn.
This is just another era of her having no personally or genuine interest so she has to cling onto to others who do and honestly if I was Brooklyn I wouldn’t want her doing that because it’s disingenuous it’s fake interest to gain attention of her followers, to post online and have everyone go look what I can do now arnt I cool, arnt I not like others girls. That’s literally Alida. She can’t do anything without an audience and an audience for what? She’s soul sucking Brooklyn, who actually aa some talent and had a personality.

Someone in the comments on the video of her playing guitar actually said she already sounds like Jim Morrison. Giving people false delusions online should must be fun for some.

No. 1992153

File: 1715000772777.jpeg (769.51 KB, 828x1543, IMG_2582.jpeg)

No. 1992155

Alida in her couch surfing era, I don’t know how either of these girls pays rent. Or for anything. With Brooklyn it’s giving rich parents.

No. 1992158

that beat me daddy bullshit is ofc lana del rey lyrics

No. 1992163

She looks huge next to Brooklyn
Why would she do herself like that

No. 1992173

I don't get why Brooklyn sounds like such a mouse on the mic, is it because she's trying to sound super feminine and soft and it's taking away from what she can really do? I saw a few videos of her live, and you can barely hear her. Because she's soo girly and uwu, and the instruments end up overpowering her. She comes across as ungenuine and as performative as Alida. If she didn't get hung up on trying to be coquette (from the way she dresses, moves, talks, performs) I honestly wonder what her true style would be. She also has a habit of putting on the reverb or echo, among other tricks that she doesn't need. She has fantastic video presence, but is flat, squeaky and dull when live. She is talented for sure though, just needs to stop focusing on being pretty and more on the craft. She should know this, she grew up in a musician family, music is in the blood. But is trapped in that stupid social media mindset that isn't raw or real. She has her fanbase, but there are a lot of people who would get turned off by it, therefore inhibiting any growth beyond the coquette crowd. She needs to challenge herself, quit being so uptight and move out of this box she has put herself in.
As for Alida, she just desperately wants that fame and will cling onto whatever is there to get it (as long as they have blue eyes and are pretty of course, bonus if they are blonde). This is what she was trying to do with Kamilla but that fell through.
Alida is siphoning Brooklyn so hard, and Brooklyn doesn't seem to care because she grew up being an Alida fangirl. It's a faux and shallow 'friendship', and that means it has no foundation and will fall apart the moment something ignites any friction.
But we shall see!

No. 1992189

File: 1715012103183.webm (2.33 MB, 720x1280, FC47D.webm)

music is my passion

No. 1992190

File: 1715012520891.jpg (254.73 KB, 1290x2293, 44141.jpg)

jazz night
they are both too pedantic about being seen as feminine (like all coquettes) that they don't even match the complex texture of jazz music

No. 1992192

I'm honestly super curious about this too. I don't think Brooklyn even does any regular paid live shows, so how are they surviving in this economy with no jobs? Doubt she's getting that much to pay for Alida as well, just from her music alone. Moneys gotta be coming in from somewhere, someone is funding their lifestyle.

No. 1992202

File: 1715015464773.jpg (12.66 KB, 427x77, LMAO.jpg)

No. 1992216

Those shein plastic clothes

No. 1992218

Sage for nitpick but her hair is so orange and dingy looking without filters

No. 1992233

File: 1715021502289.png (508.17 KB, 1000x562, download.png)

You didn't hear about that weird hyperborea memery? I'd try to explain it but i think that saying that it has a page on the aesthetics wiki is enough kek, it's just schizo "aryan" content

No. 1992239

I guess learning a fourth note was too much for her.

No. 1992243

File: 1715023749751.jpg (265.98 KB, 816x1163, 4688af6.jpg)

!! I just found a few articles on it - all of these beliefs relate to and extend from Esoteric Nazism. These esotericists regard "Aryan Blood" as originally extraterrestrial.
So basically, Alida has outed herself as believing in these religious movements of white superiority. She must have some belief in "divine pure-blood". OKILY WTF
She believes she is of this angelic alien race and that the rest of the world are basically neanderthals if they're not white. This race "descended alongside the abysmal inferiority of Neanderthal Man, an abomination and manifest creation of the demiurge… Of all the races on earth, the Aryans alone preserve the memory of their divine ancestors in their noble blood" and "All other races are the progeny of the demiurge's beast-men, native to the planet"
Sorry I am sperging out but I didn't know it all went deeper than some fabio ken-doll looking alien guy and now it's not so funny. This also relates to her whole Jesus fetish as well ~ that's included in this stupid lore.

No. 1992247

kek this is so embarrassing, the only way it wouldn't be is if they were like 13. then again with those lyrics even then it'd be cringe. also
>jazz night
>one poorly played 2-bar guitar part that loops the entire track

pretty sure Jim Morrison didn't play guitar publicly ever so either this is a troll or a diss or "daddyswhitetiger" is a dipshit. probably the latter

No. 1992255

I don't know about her beliefs, but with regards to the alien stuff it's literally the opposite, all caucasians(not just white people) are mixed with Neanderthals

No. 1992332

This won't work. Alida wants to be the star. Once she realises that in this dynamic she isn't, she will quit. Also will take a lot of hard work/time to reach average musical ability, let alone way above average which is where Brooklyn is at, and we all know Alida is lazy.

No. 1992361

>where Brooklyn is at
I hate to say this but ackshually Alida would be walking into this with an already pre-established fan base. When you consider small-time music artists essentially rely on social med Alida is starting with a significant advantage that Brooklyn doesn't have. The fact that Alida is considered an icon among Brooklyn's own demographic puts her in a position to be recognised before Brooklyn is

No. 1992382

new age hocus pocus spiritualism have always borrowed from turn of the century esoteric nazi stuff. it's very funny. i guess alida's trying to signal she's a pvre aryan starseed from outer space with that fried ass hair.

No. 1992389

She’s lurking the thread again, someone mentioned how she hasn’t been promoting her boutique and guess what she’s now doing once again.

Hi Alida, maybe consider getting a job and some therapy.(hi cow)

No. 1992449

Sad, but true. I often wonder how big her fanbase actually is though. Hard to tell because a lot would be curiosity viewers. There's a definite loud croud who bow down to her every move and fixate on her, for sure. Also you don't need talent to be famous, you just have to be performative.

No. 1992460

At the point where people are making subliminals to try and morph into you with the power of sound it's pretty safe to say she has a large dedicated fan base. Weirdly also probably fans who don't actually know who she is. She still crops up on my pinterest despite not following coquette shit because she's deeply embedded in Internet aesthetic woowoo bullshit culture

No. 1992566

The sad part is that all of those pictures were taken back when she was 15/16, so the girl that they “idolize” doesn’t even look like that girl anymore. So the only version of herself that people care about was from when she was a child, and there’s no way to turn back time. That’s why her follower count has stagnated and why she hasn’t and probably won’t ever go viral for anything recent.

No. 1992570

File: 1715145468148.webm (1.14 MB, 720x1280, 474158D.webm)

They smoke ciggies and weed ALL the time. Every day there's a video of them passing a joint between each other. And in this vid Alida is sitting super snuggly close to some scrote. Her and Ron seem definitely through, for now.

No. 1992571

File: 1715146142117.jpg (89.11 KB, 593x941, 152540.jpg)

lighting one up, all day, every day.
great for a singer's lungs and vocal chords!

No. 1992699

File: 1715200381115.png (542.91 KB, 820x1308, b1.png)

Guys, i found new Ginger Bronson. Not as milky as her but i haven't come across coquette describing herself as a ""poet"" yet. Coquettes are obsessed with her and cite her as "favourite poet" kek, that's ridiculous. reminds me of Kayla Day (and she def knows who Ginger Bronson is lol).
The address is belairsilkandlinen.tumblr.com/

No. 1992700

File: 1715200595200.png (78.92 KB, 796x1166, b3.png)

She plans to release a poetry book but her "poems" are just bullshit like that

No. 1992702

File: 1715200735848.png (142.02 KB, 804x1168, b2.png)

that comment lol.
Btw i found Angel-hel's new address through this blog, now it's vallahdiewaldfee.tumblr.com
Thought Helena nuked her blog to drop the coquette/girblogger bullshit, but i guess she's just attention whoring under new address.

No. 1992720

File: 1715206398647.jpg (80.31 KB, 735x1112, 0ee92a3929529edce41e7e3caef49a…)

They're trying to co-opt Fluttershy now, I think this is very telling

No. 1992721

File: 1715206560976.jpg (31.21 KB, 735x720, fd9347696c5a2ff33ed232f3061dbf…)

I love that one episode where Twilight criticises Fluttershy so she responds by calling her a fat hag bullying her because old men don't fancy her

No. 1992752

File: 1715209974645.jpg (144.47 KB, 1125x2000, tigerrrr.jpg)

What is with the tiger thing? They are all baby tigers apparently. Alida constantly refers to herself as being a baby tiger, and daddy's tiger. Sooo many of her followers do the same.
Whenever I see someone liking anything My Little Pony related as an adult, I automatically think they're a brony or a furry. It doesn't come across as cute as they want it to be.

No. 1992802

File: 1715220986129.jpg (154 KB, 591x1008, 1.jpg)

Definitely done with ronny

No. 1992810

the line where she says "I'm delicious to the maximum, chew him up like bubble gum" is verbatim stolen from an unreleased lana song…

No. 1992848

File: 1715234666396.jpg (24.6 KB, 500x182, tumblr_7bc000822fb6c8449312e0c…)

They're probably referencing this Ginger Bronson tweet

No. 1992864

Nonna it's not stolen kek she's doing a cover of the song, all the lyrics are the lyrics. Alida is quite literally playing the tune of You CAN Be My Daddy by Lana Del Rey

No. 1992903

File: 1715257442084.jpeg (301.45 KB, 373x810, IMG_2620.jpeg)

Good god girl get a grip

No. 1992972

File: 1715272750657.jpeg (1.36 MB, 2999x4000, 2D3F606F-22FC-4065-8674-0EDB01…)

i think you’re right, anon. she’s mass-liking all these whiny posts about moids. and a few days ago she tweeted, “men use to go to war, now they go to raves” as if she didn’t happily go with orion? and wasn’t constantly talking about how life-changing psychedelics were for her?
i give it 3 months before she’s back with him. and if they’re done for good, i give it 6 before she starts crying about him having been abusive to her — which is true, but with how long she spent going back to him and acting like he was a great man, would mostly seem like bait for her followers to tell her how strong she is for leaving.

No. 1993015

File: 1715283261488.jpg (239.47 KB, 1290x2008, 4421692.jpg)

She's so tilted.
She posted this pic on her stories (I just added my own text in an attempt to be comical).
Ron is definitely making her really mad and I agree with everything you said.
I think I will die of shock if she gets another boyfriend and never goes back to him, as is the usual. She is too addicted to him, and I will never understand why.

No. 1993351

On a live she was asked if she was single and she responded while laughing “no I’m saved”

No. 1993380

She probably means she's in a relationship with Jesus or Lord Ashtar.

No. 1993532

File: 1715451866801.jpeg (336.42 KB, 828x1550, IMG_1956.jpeg)

I think they still together because he commented this on her facebook 5 days ago, their relationship is weird and I feel they are fighting and going back and forth all the time

No. 1993535

File: 1715451956773.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x2038, IMG_7069.jpeg)

she’s gotta be consistently lurking because she just posted luna for the first time in probably a month, days after >>1991835
>No sign of Luna either lately. Unless she has decided to not put her online anymore
also posted a happy birthday to a literal who after airt mentioned her lack of friends aside from brooklyn

No. 1993538

File: 1715452254218.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x2031, IMG_7068.jpeg)

“i sick :(“
>toddler-speak at nearly 24
>feels fine enough to put on a full face of makeup and then edit her entire face, lighten her skin tone to that of printer paper, slap a filter on it
>probably just hungover

No. 1993564

Their relationship is so bad and unstable. They fight all the time, she clearly hates living with him (only does so when she has burned out all other options, then eventually always leaves), he refuses to marry her. They both pretend they have this magical, desirable relationship online, and yet everything says otherwise. I don't get why they are still together.
I still wanna know how Alida is surviving financially with literally no job? Esp in this economy, who can do that??? Makes me wonder if Ron is also funding her life, and Brooklyn just allows her to live at her place rent-free?
(of course Ron is a fb boomer)
She's too addicted to her filtered face. We all know her hair is yellow irl.

No. 1993628

File: 1715474814202.jpg (1.9 MB, 1540x4100, lips.jpg)

stupid greasy pedo
so THIS is why she was turning into a esoteric new-age Jesus fanaticist. bc OF COURSE it was coming from him, she's so impressionable.
on his youtube too, he seems to be into techno/dubstep/edm with a 'Christ-Light' twist lmao
bet he sits there doing shrooms to dubstep, imagining he's some self-righteous light warrior above the matrix

No. 1993646

nonnas gonna hate me for this, but the short blonde cut with flared ends is really cute and looks good on her. It would be better if she had her natural brown hair with it. It’s better than the long stringy sausage curl extensions she had on before

No. 1993659

File: 1715483019928.jpg (63.63 KB, 476x667, 1.jpg)

it's actually kinda sad when you see young her, and realise how much she has butchered her face and hair, just to fit into something she deems as perfect. i can easily picture her going full throttle with the plastic surgery (given the money) as she ages. definitely the type to overdo it to the extreme

No. 1993663

DAE think it's fucking weird that this person posted a child's photo

No. 1993664

absolutely. who the fuck posts a child photo and then laments about what they could have looked like? some of these posters…

No. 1993670

File: 1715487152798.jpg (111.83 KB, 517x739, d.jpg)

Aged old milk, but her child photos are literally all over the internet after she posted them herself, mostly edited. There are a bunch of Instagram accs that showcase them, calling her out.

No. 1993710

She already overdid it long ago. Those bloated lips always looked tacky and hideous. This chick is ugly and looks like a clown.

No and this grown woman isn't a child anymore. Is that you? If not, you don't have the mental strength to be browsing this website and should leave forever before your feefees get hurt further.

No. 1993711

At least Ginger could write some stuff that didn't literally sound like a middle schooler's diary. Wtf is this shit?

No. 1993715

Exactly! Defending her as though she is a child still, is weirder. Some need to go back to fb and cry more there, being a self righteous goodie-two-shoes isn't going to cut it around these parts. Her childhood photos are relevant as she posts them all the time herself (usually edited in one way or another) and it also reveals how much of a liar she is. She used to look like a sweet kid, now she just looks EXTREMELY vain and honestly a caricature with over-inflated features. She is far crueller to her young self than we ever could be. She literally gives her childhood photos virtual lip injections to fit her aesthetic, I mean who does that??

No. 1993893

File: 1715552737386.jpeg (813.28 KB, 1170x1021, IMG_7121.jpeg)

no posts celebrating her dead mommy for pity points this mother’s day, just this 30 minute long ramble about mary’s life in a straining childlike voice! filled with lots of sighs, spit swishing around mouth sounds, and “i guess”es.

No. 1993901

What a snoozefest!

No. 1993970

File: 1715574765020.jpg (417.21 KB, 524x2480, brunette.jpg)

I'm surprised that she hasn't ever gone her natural brunette, as she'd be like Lana. Wonder who tripped the wire in her brain to make her believe blonde = best. I mean picrel is the hair she could have…

No. 1993973

Bless her.
She hasn't yet realized that the square, female Ned Flanders personality type that trad men claim to covet in women is appealing to literally no one in real life & will net her -0 views.

No. 1993978

Call me jealous, but it kind of pisses me off that millions are working full time and still living in poverty, and yet here is Alida… who hasn't worked a day in her life. She does absolutely fuck all and is treated with whatever she wants. Everybody out there mollycoddling her like a damn baby. Privileged and spoilt. She's not the only one who lost a parent when they were a teen (even tho she said countless times that she was glad her mother died at the time), she's not the only one who has gone through abuse, but for some reason she gets a whole lot more ongoing empathy than anybody I have ever known. She does those crocodile tears and everybody comes running. But I guess, this is life.

No. 1994000

File: 1715590220196.jpg (213.24 KB, 582x1192, 183201.jpg)

Nina's decaying rotting limp-dick toad. he's one ugly mf
slimeball salesman, how predictable
clear now, dude she doesn't love you, she's with you for your $$$$, bc let's be real here - what else have you got going for you??? what a loser, can't even see it bc he's probably already starting to get dementia. all those dollars and it still doesn't save you from looking like you're about to burst from too much cholesterol.

No. 1994005

>transacted $100M+ of real estate
like wtf asked? who puts shit like that in their bio? i swear x is full of these peacocking fags who try to brag and bignote themselves bc they're that insecure.

No. 1994017

Bios like that make him come across as some shady money launderer. He even looks the part. Why like tweets in regard to age-gap relationships on your professional account too?
Take off the filters and it would look like a 30+ year old sitting in a gaudy kids room.

No. 1994034

she doesn't realize that sooner or later she's going to reach that age and probably her creepy pedophile won't want to be with her either? he will eventually cheat on her with a 19/20 year old girl. it's like, these girls really think they'll be in their 20s forever, time goes by so fast that when you least realize it you'll already be 30. btw she looks horrible and old now at 24, imagine how she will look at 30 with all the botox and surgeries she will be doing, trying everything to still look young.

No. 1994156

File: 1715637067092.jpg (12.62 KB, 320x108, 4231.jpg)

Nina is probably going to end up with Botox atrophy, that younger people get when injecting before they're meant to. Yep, she will be 30 in no time. The way they talk down to women who are at a place they soon will be, is honestly intellectually backward and will come back at them so hard. Also, Nina has a habit of calling other women fat, when she's a bit of a porkchop herself.
Alida and her whole "age-gap relationship" friend group are just vile honestly. And I'm sorry but a few of them give me pedophile ring vibes. My alarm bells go off, every time I look at them.
There's even comments like picrel on his work twitter, and he loves it. He's also a dickhead whenever he talks down to people who don't have money and then blames them for it. He's a showpony pindick so I guess he fits in with the rest of Alida's friends. Absolutely NONE of her friends are humble.

No. 1994157

File: 1715637428831.jpg (7.28 KB, 274x59, 5334.jpg)

And now these freaks are going to breed. I can't believe she literally has sex with this fat repulsive grandpa. It's just sick.

No. 1994162

Alida needs to stop with the child toys and babylike mannerisms. When she is trying her hardest to be child-like, whilst bonking or attempting to attract old men who are into young girls, she could also be considered a pedo. It's fine to collect plushies and things as an adult, but once you cross that line into having a child fetish and start adding everything else into the equation, it's weird. Feeding the pedos.

No. 1994165

File: 1715640619021.jpg (72.79 KB, 338x610, fake.jpg)

….as though she didn't tell the whole world that this friend did a break and enter into her apartment and stole from her…and was the reason she fled LA
Alida has no shame.

No. 1994166

I want to pop their lips with a needle

No. 1994168


She does it because of trauma didnt you know or that’s what her following claims.

Someone accused her of pedobaiting and someone came to her defence saying she was traumatized so she can’t be pedobaiting but this isn’t new for Alida she had a username once jailbait something, and this was when she was an actual teenager.

No. 1994169

File: 1715641466743.jpeg (771.05 KB, 799x5289, Untitled.jpeg)

No. 1994170

File: 1715641558034.jpeg (187.42 KB, 828x1408, IMG_2695.jpeg)

No. 1994172

Anybody who defends the encouragement of pedophilia, is probably a pedo themselves and have that exact same child fetish. Real children come before the poor little traumatised adult who feeds these predators. If you're traumatised by something, you don't directly throw yourself at it or feed it. If you do, then you're a part of the cycle and you get no sympathy from me because suddenly you've also taken on the role of the perpetrator, making you no longer the victim.

No. 1994176

He's too fat and decrepit that he's probably shooting blanks. He looks about as virile as a tub of lard.

No. 1994185

File: 1715644547764.jpg (58.8 KB, 342x529, fake.jpg)

…as if she didn't shit on her friend in a jealous manner on a Live for getting married and she was no longer included in her "girl time"…
NOW she goes overboard in highlighting all of her friends after it was mentioned here that she is fixating on Brooklyn only.

No. 1994190

File: 1715645229113.jpg (73.19 KB, 340x529, fake.jpg)

…as if she wasn't miserable while staying with this friend after she came to take her away from LA and the robbery scenario, and couldn't wait to move out…
…as if this friend didn't introduce her to a band of ageing wealthy pedos…
But keep on romanticising your life and relationships, pretending it's all far more magical than it actually is.

No. 1994193

I wish Kristen and magickspell (idk her name) and others who had a bad time with Alida, spoke out about it, but I guess they didn't want the backlash from all of her pathetic fans

No. 1994206

The thing with Alida is, I start watching her out of boredeom - it's entertainment and I get all of this juicy tea. It's all funny, y'know. Then as time goes on and if I watch her for long enough, it starts being unfunny. In the end, it's nothing short of infuriating, that I have to stop and give it a rest. Consuming too much of Alida's world ends up having a negative effect. Not to mention all of these old geezers connected to her, using their money as a lure for young girls, just flat out give me the ick that can be hard to shake off. And people like Alida allow it and make excuses for it. If she was for women, as she always claims that she is, she would use her platform to call out preying lusty pervs like these, instead of allowing them into her space. She isn't about the divine feminine at all, she sees life through the exact same lens that these old farts do. Young child-like and pretty girls only = divine feminine, in her mind. Everything that she does, is for these old scrotes.
She will be there at Nina's wedding, praising the couple and their age-gap dynamic. She will continue to call Susie's old prune a beautiful soul. She will tell the world that Ron is a Gentleman. She will forever flirt with old men who give her any form of attention, with her deliberate toddler-esque larp. She isn't the divine feminine, she isn't a girl's girl, she does nothing to support women or young girls and their struggles. She encourages it instead. She's just a mold of what she believes men desire.
Her Jehovah-preachy-door-knocking-religious-style rants are also for show, either to appease to the wave of trad men on social media or to be a part of the current big Christian coquette trend. Nothing she ever does, will be genuine and I think I'm done wasting my time looking at her bullshit.

No. 1994207

Okay see you tomorrow!

No. 1994211

Lmao yea who am I kidding, I'm a sucker for the tea. But maybe not tomorrow, I'm staying mad about it all for at least another 2 days and I've got Alida spying sperg fatigue. Her bullshit is too much that I blew a gasket.

No. 1994233

trust me, if she keeps taking this hyper religious route and posting banal shit like her last video, the tea will dry up real quick. church sermons with all that yap yap yapping will have her losing most of her viewers especially when this trend dies down (just like the whole cosmos universe trend during the pandemic that ((surprise surprise)) Alida was also a part of, but dropped for her current fixation)

No. 1994238

how to stop the demons: bore them to death with inane drivel

No. 1994243

We're not demons anymore, we've been demoted. We're like the people who chased down Mother Mary and Jesus apparently. But we still work for Satan lol

No. 1994244

So Alida went from being a blood drinking Satanist, to a manifesting Cosmic new-age enlightener, to now Jesus. Who will she worship next? Odin? Allah? Lord Ashtar's son? Some other made up entity she saw while doing shrooms? It's ridiculous how people take her so seriously.

No. 1994245

she's going through the religions like hotcakes

No. 1994416

If her ugly moid leaves her and she ends up being a single mother herself it’s gonna be so funny. For the sake of the child I hope she’s infertile though.

No. 1994484

File: 1715737355381.jpg (61.29 KB, 594x193, dirtyoldman.jpg)

what's that as his cover pic? epstein island?

No. 1994495

File: 1715742185949.jpeg (382.71 KB, 1170x1999, IMG_7098.jpeg)

but ron didn’t cheat on her/they’re still together/he’s the gweatest daddy teehee

No. 1994503

Oh yea, she said she met him in 2018, so 6 years. and 7 months is the time she moved back in with him. Just dump his ass and move on already and stop sugar glazing something that is pile of shit all of the time.
Seems like Brooklyn is paying for Alida. That's kind of weird, when you think about how much she was copying her to a 'single white female' degree. Almost like she owns Alida now, the one girl she practically idolised. Pretty creepy. She might be talented, but that doesn't stop her from having some kind of an obsession with Alida. They're both retarded.

No. 1994513

Kek I thought the same thing, there’s no way that guy has anything other than dust and autism in his balls to give her

No. 1994524

File: 1715752560168.jpg (99.33 KB, 587x641, whattheactual fuck.jpg)

he's literally liking girls body checking on his professional X account!
omg I wanna punch his crinkled up nuts right off

No. 1994525

Why do him and Nina behave like actual swingers? Seen them both leering over other girls together. It's giving Epstein and Ghislaine

No. 1994528

Reality is giving giving old man pedo leftovers no sane woman dares to go near and mentally ill pedo-baiting pickme.

No. 1994533

Yep MOST women would feel incredibly anxious being around men like these, and their wealth seems to make them believe they are untouchable and can do whatever they like. I hope they never have a daughter because I literally fear for them and their future friends. Alarm bells are GOING OFF over this one. Making me nervous looking at him, holy moly. When you know, you know.

No. 1994534

>their wealth seems to make them believe they are untouchable and can do whatever they like
Which is ironic because their "wealth" isn't shit

No. 1994535

I'm curious how wealthy he actually is too. I mean he says he's multi millionaire, but is he tho? bc people who gloat about how rich they are every moment of the day, usually aren't as rich as they pretend to be. Anyone with actual class doesn't rub it in peoples' faces in an attempt to feel superior and garner attention.
He's probably trying to make out that's an island he sold or owns already.

No. 1994537

Nina right now: "you're all just jealous bc men like Mike don't want ugly old fat hags like you, and wants young girls like me." (as is her usual rhetoric in situations like these and HAG is her favourite word)
like any of us would ever want to be with boomer tards like Mike lmao um no thanks, I'd rather drink bleach

No. 1994542

Guys it isn't an island; it's Laguna Beach lol Anyways, he can brag about being a multi-millionaire all he wants but that doesn't mean much in the parts of California he lurks around these days. Especially doesn't mean anything if you don't have it in cold hard cash. His type likes to brag about how rich they are while putting everything on business credit cards and going home to an empty space with no food in the fridge. Don't fall for any of his BS.

No. 1994543

Not a very big fanbase. Her follower count is absolutely dismal for the decade she's been online and her current engagement rate sucks. In an era where complete nobodies can attain and sustain 500k+ followers, 100k+ likes a post, millions of views, and invites to red carpets because of a single viral moment, her 51.k followers (where no doubt a huge chunk are inactive) and 600-2k likes isn't shit. Doubt she has any real fans at all; just the orbiters we know and one or two weirdo stalkers.

No. 1994546

that's fuckin funny that's Laguuna Beach kek.
He was probably that weird kid in school who got bullied, then grew up and fell into a small pile of money. But he's still insecure and has to toot his own horn everywhere. The type who only dates young chicks for that status thing that moids do to pit themselves against each other, their accessory pieces. Believing the women make them look good, but in fact it just highlights their ugliness and weaknesses even more. This dude is the living embodiment of a fart.

No. 1994550

> living embodiment of a fart
KEK he really is. Scrotes like him are a dime a dozen here. They can think a dumb 20-something on their arm makes them look good but everyone just looks down on them. He's the white collar version of the old man hanging around bars on Sunset telling young women about his time in a band 30 years ago.

No. 1994554

File: 1715757964276.webm (1.09 MB, 576x720, _6mMRShlv3Ckqqup.webm)

Have you all seen that vid going viral, people saying Lana's got a dick lmao. Pretty sure she doesn't have a dick, but it's still funny. Not sure if it will show up well from this clip

No. 1994557

Her replying that to a rage bait account reposting fake rage bait from FaceBook is funnier than it should be. Hang around decaying scrotes long enough and you turn into one.

No. 1994590

File: 1715776663400.jpg (48.33 KB, 589x274, 1715776019345.jpg)

boomer Mike is outdoing Alida with his shitty takes, he actually does make her look like an angel in comparison

No. 1994591

Definite swingers! Or something weird like it.
Nasty old fuckers. Sad that there are so many of them around.

No. 1994601

kek, so nina’s being cheated on left and right just like alida! despite vagueing her all the time for rion’s indiscretions. i knew that hrh wannabe was projecting

No. 1994603

File: 1715780549820.jpg (42.53 KB, 470x307, 20240515-232235.jpg)

Says cholesterolman who likes shite like this.
Anyway, no more spergery today. on a final note: Alida your friends suck and if I see you posting pics from Nina's wedding praising this cocknut and their relationship, I'm going to spazz out majorly on this thread.
Yea these relationships are just AWFUL.
Also, I hate how these old reptiles make fun of women around their age, like, have you looked in the mirror??…HAVE YOU LOOKED IN THE MIRROR?????

No. 1994815

File: 1715834382922.jpg (254.6 KB, 1127x703, lmao.jpg)

because of course this was a thing

No. 1994820

Remember that time Alida started wearing crowns and saying things like "I could marry into royalty if I wanted to" and "I'm coming into my inheritance"… It was around the time she was with that old guy and was orbiting all of those (supposedly wealthy) pedos. She recently said she "could have been an heiress" in that Live. It's all coming together now. She was liking Tate twts like crazy back then too.
Wondering now, if things ever fell through with Brooklyn, if she would go back to them again. She still has the connections there through Nina and Susie.

No. 1994860

why aren't shayna and alida best friends yet

No. 1994872

File: 1715860194105.png (44.89 KB, 722x214, Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 4.44.…)

If any of them truly had an opportunity that would've set them up financially for life, they would've taken it. "I could have been an heiress" sounds like every other old man watching football saying "I could have went pro". Making it sound like you passed up an opportunity is a cope. The reality is they never had an opportunity to begin with.
"MrLottaHoes" sounds like he likes to pretend he is a urinal cake at the local bathhouse. These grown women are beyond retarded associating with any of these closeted broke-asses larping online as Mega-Alpha Wealthy Most Straight with The Hugest Cocks Males™

No. 1994873

I been thinking, lolcow nonnies get a lot of hate but you know what? Every girl out there needs a lolcow nonna in their life because there aint no way any of us here would allow our friends to marry someone like this >>1994590

No. 1994874

Half the time I can't tell if these knobs are rage baiting or being serious. But I am pretty certain they are being for real. They're sick and give me rapist vibes! I wish we could bully them all into oblivion.

No. 1994875

It’s crazy that people like this will talk about how shallow or hoe-y women can be, yet say the most pornsick and perverted stuff like this

No. 1994876

File: 1715863693743.jpg (179.4 KB, 516x926, loser.jpg)

This is so funny, he literally took this in 2019, talking about "accountability" blah blah blah, trying to sound like Andrew Tate and how he was going to be shredded and all. But he's still a big tubguts to this day LOL

No. 1994880

mind you: according to him, girls have to be very young, and have super low bmi (cos he's prob a pedo)

No. 1994884

Honestly, that would be the most entertaining thing of all time to me. That would be pure chaos probably.

No. 1994888

Name a better duo than women who try to look like children for a crumb of any male attention and overweight ugly old men who bash women they’d never have a chance with online kek they all really deserve each other.

No. 1994900

File: 1715871953165.jpg (44.3 KB, 518x277, ninas a retard.jpg)

yea, they really do all deserve each other

No. 1994941

topkek at this absolute retard's autismo machismo misogynypost turning out to be about gaming at the last lines, so alpha. bet he breaks controllers and shit when he loses too. tendies in the oven calm down snookums!

No. 1995016

File: 1715894792425.jpg (492.61 KB, 1080x1074, Fat.jpg)

He prefers skinny small girls yet takes her out for Costco lunch dates. Also kek at his gut not being cut off in the pic.

No. 1995195

File: 1715950817560.jpeg (830.2 KB, 828x1427, IMG_2729.jpeg)

This bitch is insufferable

“I love guns and violence and the south”
“God protect Palestine”

She’s a walking contradiction
And the only reason she’s doing this for clout and people to pat her on the back “oh sweet little innocent baby angel your so woke” meanwhile she’s literally bordering on right wing extremist.

Notice how she doesn’t give her own money or link to anything that could actually help? Because she’s so vapid she doesn’t actually know or care what’s going or wants to do anything to benefit it she just wants the attention it gives her which is disgusting.

I really wish this girl would just fuck off and get a job.

No. 1995217

File: 1715957341179.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3464x3464, A5EAEDA4-35D4-410F-98EC-CF3BB7…)

did she conveniently forget that she was fence-sitting and defending israel 2 months ago by calling the genocide a “biblical war”?

No. 1995218

He’s so fucking disgusting

It’s so much like Shuwu and Preg situation: the moid liking other girls’s thirst traps and some MRA takes, both of them shitting on older women, retarded pickme and repulsive fat scrote. We already know how it ended.

No. 1995281

This is the first time I've seen her pictured with a man who is remotely age and looksmatched to her, and she looks so much better for it. Please run off with your new palestinian boyfriend and away from these awful pedo groomer moids, thanks alida

No. 1995311

Dating a normal guy could fix her, she might have a chance to grow as a person if she isn't constantly reliving trauma from when she was a teen.

No. 1995312

At the very least, she and a normal guy close to her age could be retarded on equal footing together.

No. 1995357

She got a bit of backlash for that >>1995217
So I'm wondering if that's why she did this >>1995195

No. 1995367

File: 1715988972671.jpg (24.09 KB, 587x158, 092234.jpg)

I can't stop laughing how old lardguts feels this way.
These two are like Alida - irritating and comical at the same time.

No. 1995391

File: 1715992522352.png (Spoiler Image,3.17 MB, 828x1792, 1849599E-2495-45E4-811E-A047AF…)

Squidward saying they saw her and called the police bc they thought she was a lost child… isn't she like 5'9 ? she's so pathetic(namefagging)

No. 1995396

Girls are such whiny pussy bitches. If you're not enough of a badass to hang with the Men, then stay AWAY from my roblox server, mom!!

No. 1995414

post a pic of her, I don't remember this cow being posted ITT

No. 1995447

no way this goofy bitch was mistaken for a child

No. 1995472

Is there welfare in America? Is she on some kind of welfare? cos how else is she even surviving? Who pays for her basics, and then all of her materialistic purchases on top? Ron and Brooklyn combined? Living life on easy street. (she would say it's Jesus)

No. 1995516

File: 1716031796356.mp4 (16.31 MB, 720x1274, 20240518212623357.mp4)

Is Alida manic? What are these faces juxtaposed with this text?

No. 1995522

There are many different types of welfare programs in America and she's without a doubt on some kind of program… or multiple.

No. 1995537

That's so freaking creepy. She is absolutely mental. Is she on drugs? You're right, her mannerisms are totally inappropriate and detached.

No. 1995541

I’m gunna say it, this is the most detached and unstable she’s been. Like if she doesn’t actually seek some sort of therapy or something I don’t know where she’ll be in a few years. I’ve seen stuff like this happen with people close and she might be too far gone. Hence why none of her other friends have anything to do with her anymore but also they are aging and maturing and alida is not.

She in her words is her for a reason,
She’s powerful, and broke out of the matrix.
These are not delusions anymore these are things she states as facts and believes.

So she’ll either be insane and homeless or
Soon to be 30 year old woman still posting conspiracies online with no job, kids, family, and barely any friends. But hey guys she has Luna right. My guesses.

I don’t think she realizes she’s right about lot of things. Like she does have a purpose, but she has to be the one to find it. It, like everything else she has ever gotten will not just be handed to her.

It’s sad cause she should want better for herself but she clearly has very low self esteem.

No. 1995547

File: 1716039783308.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1170x2072, IMG_7275.jpeg)

definitely manic. look at her writing about her delusions of something being out to get her, and her delusions of grandeur (invincibility, savior complex)
>I will save my love from this concrete jungle.
>Escape the Matrix
>I will rip everything dark apart.
>I am not fucking playing.
>Don’t underestimate my power.
>Angels are my armor.
she’s going to snap soon and she’s not gonna like the psych ward

No. 1995555

File: 1716040633414.webm (3.72 MB, 1080x1920, 0001.webm)

Honestly, I have been feeling the same way. By the time she is in her 30's, 40's, she's going to be so unhinged and lost forever. You speak your concern tho, and you get called closed minded or ignorant or even a hater. She has been told again and again, to ground herself, before she can no longer. Her friends around her, do absolutely nothing, and instead feed into it or skinwalk as her. She doesn't want to know common sense, she believes she is the one with common sense.
Is weed making her worse? Is she taking other drugs on top of the constant weed?
Even with the religion now, she is taking it to the extreme and she's only going to get worse.
Also, when she gets like this, she sounds like a danger to others. Vids like these, come across as a threat. School shooter vibes. Not saying she's a school shooter or that she would harm others, but this is sure how they sound before they completely flip out and start attacking people. Esp how she slowly uses her finger to highlight the threat part. Who is she going after and what is she going to do to them?

No. 1995577

I get that she wants to be a Christian now but is it too hard to just go to church on Sundays like a normal person? Why she gotta take the zealot route like an absolute nutcase

No. 1995615

LA chewed Alida up and spit her out. I can’t even imagine the horrors she’s seen and been adjacent to. Her whole religious schtick now is such a cope.

No. 1995731

i always got the impression she was exaggerating. not that hollywood isn’t totally fucked, but this idiot romanticizes kidnapping. she’ll do anything for the uwu sadbbyangel tragic backstory.

these press-one are cheap and gross. you definitely can’t get to heaven with these monstrosities.

No. 1995760

Going to church every week is too much to ask for these people because it’s better to sit at home post online how angelic you are and how your kind of spirituality is actually better than everyone else’s lol

No. 1995774

File: 1716083883102.jpg (121.71 KB, 598x949, 115135.jpg)

Living with Brooklyn has already brought the worst out in her. Her eccentricity is growing and she's getting super aggressive. Has anybody else noticed that even Brooklyn looks angry often now too? Even when she's smiling, it doesn't meet her eyes. She seems off. Hard to tell online, but her stories have had a diff tone to them than the usual.

No. 1995780

>who is she going after
any person she deems as a "false jew", she referenced them in other stories and vids.
she's also been getting real aggro about us all here.
ironic how all the over the top religious fags end up becoming the demons themselves. she needs to tone it down before she's put on a watch list esp if she's making threats toward others like a psychopath. if she starts making these types of videos holding a gun or any kind of weapon, i'd get real concerned. if she keeps doing drugs, she could potentially snap. not even exaggerating, this is exactly how these things happen. her and brooklyn are going to end up in the gutter if they don't quit the drugs. acting out like they're damn teenagers. it's all fun and games until…

No. 1995786

File: 1716086235774.jpg (88.72 KB, 1290x2293, 220037.jpg)

Speaking of Brooklyn: She hasn't brought out any new music since forever. She did showcase a new song recently (that has been in the works for months) and it's just awful. Something about, not dating her because she's too young, but she's billions of years old actually. It feels like she's just playing around, smoking weed all of the time. Still doing music but creating fuck all, or half-assed tunes. I'm surprised as she's usually on top of being productive, with goals she always reaches. There's no spark in her anymore and a dullness behind her eyes. Her and Alida are losing it for sure and do honestly seem bad for each other. Alida's also forcing the friendship because god forbid she be proven wrong ever. Could be different in reality, that's just what I'm getting from what I see online.

No. 1995788

abusing weed will do that to you. the first thing that goes out the window is productivity

No. 1995805

Alida's always had this hostile mean darker streak in her. She just hides it well. It's only revealed more now because
1. Brooklyn mirrors Alida
2. Alida mimics whoever she is with
3. Alida is copying her own self, through Brooklyn mirroring her, and all of her traits are more highlighted
They're destroying each other kek
When two skinwalkers collide

No. 1995807

honestly alida's religious babble really just sounds like the same kind of faux-esoteric-egirl-kaliacc-whatever nerd shit, not like she's actually losing it. I feel like if she stopped getting attention from her fans for it she'd 180 immediately kek

No. 1995808

Agree fully, none of this feels authentic. It really seems like she saw more actually schizo/psychotic people on social media getting more reactions and she decided to double down on that sort of persona. Everything she posts seems aggressively scripted in order to align with her current aesthetic.

No. 1995828

Alida complains about being made fun of on the farm, and yet she still goes and creates videos like these. >>1995547
If you don't want to be talked about, then just stop. It's not that hard.
She drags her friends into the spotlight too, on purpose, with her. If she doesn't want them to be on here, she wouldn't highlight them. She's not a good friend at all. She knew doing this would put Brooklyn on the radar along with her. Unless Brooklyn doesn't care and wants to have negative feedback or be associated with Alida's tomfoolery.

No. 1995833

she never got any hate until she met alida. alida's older than her and deliberately sought her out, the exact moment she turned 21, to put into her toxic world. instantly took videos photos to put everywhere. immediately doing stupid things with her that would be ridiculed like riding those bikes with randoms, without helmets. being all over men in clubs. way to sabotage the poor girls career just as she's getting started at a young age… alida knew full well she'd get talked about and she put her right where she wanted her

No. 1995845

I'm not sure if that's mental illness like some anons that try to work it around this narrative lately. If anything she has Instagram Personality Disorder at most, but that's a disorder all of these attention whoring cows have kek. One things for certain, she's really troubled and looks for help in her own fuckedup way but it's in all the wrong places, and she must be really really naive. Like one of those naive people who immediately trust Jehovas, telemarket products, news on TV and whatnot. There's a reason why she stays with Ron and falls wholeheartedly into christianity as some sort of main force in her life, so much that she devotes a good portion of her social space to talking about that.
>constant weed
LA retards smoke weed on a daily basis but absolutely deny they're dealing with addiction, because "weed is not drugs! It's WEED!" kek. that's the equivalent of sugar & McDonalds addiction for them. But if what you're saying is somehow true and Alida has some mental illness like schizophrenia then good luck, weed can makeit worse.

No. 1995846

> I can’t even imagine the horrors she’s seen and been adjacent to
LA definitely chewed her up and spit her out but because of like, the high cost of living kek she didn't see shit here.

No. 1995847

>Soon to be 30 year old woman still posting conspiracies online with no job, kids, family, and barely any friends
Oh fuck off with that bullshit. "Soon to be 30" (she's nearling the wrinkled, wheelchair and diaper wearing age of 30, oh no, zoomers run! Run!) woman and she STILL doesn't have kids and family, and friends, just hangs out with her dog, what a waste for society. How could she! No sympathy for Alida and i agree she should fucking get a job and aim higher than whatever she has now, but you really don't have to parrot this moid tier bullshit about nearing 30 and not having kids

No. 1995860

I don't even know honestly, the more I think about it. I can't tell if it's mental illness or a show, half the time. She has a habit of making me believe she's about to snap but then in the next breath she's not that way at all. She talks differently on her lives, not like an insane person. Wouldn't she be neglecting her physical appearance if she was losing the plot? She'd stop doing her hair etc. And we all know she does love to larp; as whatever her current aesthetic is; on her avatar on social media. Idk I'm no expert and her weirdness is greater than I've had experience with.

No. 1995864

File: 1716119287840.mp4 (2.28 MB, 720x1280, B848877C368110F6C679C26BE4B3EC…)

weekends here, buckle up for a night out on the town. featuring alidas new fake lip piercings. wonder if alida is going to be all over the blokes in the club again

No. 1995866

She looks like a streetwalker 100% of the time.

No. 1995868

File: 1716119671259.mp4 (1015.79 KB, 720x1280, 0F4152C018458C9D9C494920D87046…)

>tell yo bf to back tf up

No. 1995871

…because this is how all good Christian girls behave.

No. 1995880

It sounds like someone’s online and over thirty themselves with none of those things. Relax.
I said that because those are things alida wants not me pushing a narrative onto her.

It’s def mental illness did you see the TikTok about her mom’s eyes? These are things she believes wholeheartedly, she’s delulu(sage your shit/integrate)

No. 1995882

Perfectly relaxed, i'm in my 20's but that doesn't mean i'm considering 30 to be equivalent of 50, or that a woman should have kids and stuff by that age to live a satisfying life. Though maybe that's the way Alida thinks since she's going the tradwifu way and she's afraid of getting old. Stop redditspacing and learn to sage newfag.

No. 1995960

>Living with Brooklyn has already brought the worst out in her. Her eccentricity is growing and she's getting super aggressive.
If anyone else remembers the Slutcasino thread (which are forgotten coquettes actually) that's the vibe I'm starting to pick up from Alida and Brooklyn

No. 1995973

Anyone have updates on slutcasino and the other one? They changed their username or privated or something last time I looked, interesting cows
This really beautiful but very crazy girl called babystorme has been going viral lately, Alida for sure saw that and is maybe trying it out.

No. 1995979

If you're right that's especially embarassing b/c literally everyone forgot about baby storme after her failed exposés

No. 1996072

File: 1716173538678.jpg (46.67 KB, 589x317, 123940.jpg)

Let's drop all of these fat old scrotes into the wild to survive, away from their cosy little lives, and see how long they last and what they could actually "conquer". They wouldn't last a day. Although maybe his fat rolls would keep him alive for a bit longer. Modern life = weakness. Pit them up against those "savages" right now and they'd look like a bunch of soys.

No. 1996073

File: 1716174343996.jpeg (189.29 KB, 1170x744, IMG_7307.jpeg)

that greaseball and his bloated lapdog are perfect for each other. the binge drinking is getting to their brains.

No. 1996074

bros out there house flipping, believing he's conquering the land like a real man

No. 1996075

File: 1716174453758.jpeg (786.61 KB, 1170x1450, IMG_7306.jpeg)

Nina doesn’t realize the split in that mismatched skirt shouldn’t gap that wide

No. 1996080

>i don't even think it's a controversial take
bitch what
if that's not controversial then i'm donkey kong

No. 1996084

>notice me neckbeard-kun!

No. 1996085

Lol definitely fake, been seeing a lot of these kinds of stories on tiktok and instagram of being 'mistaken for a child' its all just autopedophiliac fantasy, tranny tier tbh

No. 1996099

So Alida was homeschooled, Brooklyn was also homeschooled. Why are people who were homeschooled so weird? There's a definite pattern. Is it because they faceplanted the internet their whole youth and it did something to their brains? They didn't get enough social interaction or attention?

No. 1996108

Ha, looks like her fake lip rings were too much because the are gone in this picture.

No. 1996185

I guess she deserves her man, she’s not even attractive, just younger than him. can’t wait to see her meltdown when she gets old and her fat old scrote will exchange her for a another young woman, by then she would have wasted her years on settling with her hideous pig daddy

No. 1996288

File: 1716242074878.jpeg (452.91 KB, 1170x1059, IMG_7334.jpeg)

evidently she likes them enough to make a pic shooped to white walker status her new twitter icon

No. 1996295

Why is “no kids” a point against her though? If anything it’s a blessing when Alida-tier schizocows don’t have children, abuse & neglect isn’t fun or milky to witness. No kid would stand a chance around the disgusting pedophilic moids she interacts with.

No. 1996340

“Divine Feminine” kek

No. 1996365

File: 1716264152858.png (265.08 KB, 591x204, x.png)

maybe this is just me, but i think it's weird whenever i see someone using themselves as their cover pic. it's overkill. have a pic of you with your friends or anything else, but do you really need double pics of yourself like a vain cunt?

No. 1996371

She hasn't read the parts about vanity and pride in the Bible yet.

No. 1996390

did brooklyn always sing about old men desiring younger girls, or is that new? i've only browsed quickly through a few of her songs and it doesn't seem like it but idk. could be alidas influence maybe?
isn't that from her playboy? not very Christian or tradwifey

No. 1996404

File: 1716273671293.mp4 (1.4 MB, 720x1280, i can be mean but ur meaner -3…)

She sent a message out to us on her tiktok, titled "you're so mean" kek
Look stop getting so mad about it and go and ask Mike for a million bucks since he's so rich.

No. 1996408

People were asking how Alida is surviving financially. She might be on welfare, but I'm sure she doesn't have that much money rn. If you notice she hasn't posted any videos showing off new purchases, like she always does. She stopped doing extensions and eyelashes, her clothes are the same, just added in some inexpensive accessories to change them up a bit. Could be why she's getting restless and seems not overly happy atm. She doesn't have much of an income and she'd be hating that.
Probably doesn't pay any rent at Brooklyns and only has enough money for the basics.

No. 1996422

File: 1716277987038.jpg (29.68 KB, 587x190, 175055.jpg)


No. 1996423

too funny how old mike's overtaking alida in being the star of the coquette thread kek

No. 1996448

Also hasn't been getting her nails done, and has press-on ones (nit-picking but true, she ALWAYS got her nails done).
But if she has very little income now, wouldn't she be promoting her online store more? She doesn't seem to be doing anything at all. She can't be working, bc she literally said she sits up all night playing about.

No. 1996449

looks like she went shopping at the dollar store & got herself some fake snake bites (that she prob was hoping looked more like tiger fangs), resin lightning bolt earrings and a bow that you stick on bday presents to make as a hairpiece

No. 1996489

File: 1716300086686.mp4 (1.15 MB, 720x1280, vid.mp4)

This is prob not even milk to anybody but I think her reactions to this thread are hilarious. It's like this constant back and forth between her and us, and in her mind it's literally angels vs demons. Her facial expressions are sending me
Well I guess at least I've got some demons as my besties.

No. 1996494

kek she's just bored and wants something epic to happen in her life like a big apocalyptic showdown between the forces of good and evil. it's exciting, more thrilling than reality. more fun to believe she's being attacked by the forces of the prince of darkness, than some chick who's bored herself sitting on the farm for some reality tv style entertainment

No. 1996498

Let's be real, if Satan did turn up at her door, with all his suave, she'd probably try to flirt with him and call him 'Daddy'. I mean all of these women dance with the devil in the form of these ancient pervs.

No. 1996518

File: 1716306122732.jpg (344.38 KB, 736x952, baphomet is in the house.jpg)

dropping off old Baphomet into the thread so that Alida will quit lurking once she sees him here

No. 1996529

File: 1716309000930.jpeg (338.33 KB, 1024x1024, 7a45c09.jpeg)

That'll probably make her worse LOL

No. 1996531

she's trying so hard to be etheral but no amount of makeup and white clothing will hide how awkward, cheap, kisch, try hard, and unhinged she is

No. 1996697

File: 1716348989736.png (2.98 MB, 1500x2099, Bette_Davis_as_Jane_Hudson_(19…)

everything about this woman is artificial

No. 1996960

File: 1716455626706.mp4 (6.83 MB, 1080x1920, 9YX8DBy1Bhb8.mp4)

I wonder if she washed this dress yet or if it still has those pit stains on it

No. 1996961

this bitch be cosplaying like its halloween every day of the year

No. 1996982

Brooklyn, drop Alida already. Alida is so clunky and awkward.

No. 1997157

They look so dumb with the sneakers. Also this has to be THE worst cover of White Rabbit I’ve heard in my entire life. Probably why the bar is completely fucking empty.

No. 1997158

Seriously. Please take some dance lessons girls. What even is this?

No. 1997220

File: 1716518553332.jpeg (791.3 KB, 1170x1655, IMG_7453.jpeg)

>there's only so much abuse a baby girl can take [teary-eyed emoji]
and there it is, alida vaguely accusing orion of having been abusive. i wonder how this’ll play out.

No. 1997246

File: 1716521665442.jpeg (888.97 KB, 1170x1546, IMG_7456.jpeg)

Hopefully she actually stays away from Orion now.

No. 1997278

When did she get lip piercings?

No. 1997303

That's great news, orion starboi has finally been tossed into space never to return (hopefully). I swear tho, if she replaces him with some other old geezer I'm going to be so pissed.

No. 1997333

File: 1716538196608.jpg (60.99 KB, 574x351, furry.jpg)

Alida's a furry confirmed

No. 1997335

File: 1716539191524.jpg (171.73 KB, 581x956, wat.jpg)

so alida must be sitting there searching for herself on x. she has liked a whole bunch of twts in a row, but all of them are old, some almost 2 years old. weird

No. 1997336

File: 1716539719632.jpg (84.14 KB, 859x395, 183159.jpg)

Idk, I think they are still together, he's still in her highlights. She ALWAYS does this. Sigh.

No. 1997383

Lmao, it's like they are dancing to entirely different music only they can hear. What even is this?

The completely empty dive bar with the hairy shirtless fat man singing definitely makes this funnier somehow.

No. 1997393

Her fake lip rings keep moving all around.

No. 1997610

Alida's life is so bleak because she reminds me of that prostitute bratgrrrl who had such a depressing fate and Alida is on the same path.

No. 1997611

That post from days ago about some anons friend being a neet who fuck with old men for money reminded me of Alida

No. 1997662

File: 1716672875117.jpeg (825.34 KB, 1170x2038, IMG_7535.jpeg)

Taking bets on how long it’ll take her to start posting Onion again

No. 1997788

This isn't a breakup post kek what makes everyone think that? The caption is her trying to be flirty.

No. 1997803

looks like she bought another bow from the dollar store

No. 1997806

File: 1716724998429.png (310.3 KB, 441x431, e.png)

she's one of us now kek
(except for the pretending to be nice part, i'm always a cunt)
bet she's having a vacay with ronald mcdonald now, pretending to be a cutesy toddler uwu baby again. she only gets an attitude when she's away, like in LA and Nashville. complete 180 shift in personality

No. 1997839

File: 1716735704364.jpg (10.33 KB, 451x48, lolol.jpg)

She has been trying to become a superstar for how many years now?
That ship has sailed.

No. 1997840

She gained some serious wait no? she's not a cow i follow but this doesnt even look like her no more

No. 1997841

She mistakes people looking at her everywhere she goes as being special or unique. But it's her outfits. I could legit wear a clown suit and have people look at me everywhere I go too. If you're not dressed in the usual garb, you're gonna stand out.
Truth. She doesn't look the same, Idk what she did to her face, but it's different nowadays. But she uses so many filters now too, so who knows.

No. 1997860

Sounds almost like a thirst trap that Onlyfans women do on their socials. "would you date me?" "who wants me to be their gf", etc for engagement.

No. 1997935

File: 1716761303441.jpeg (1005.43 KB, 828x1225, IMG_2809.jpeg)

This is old but not sure if it was ever posted
From march of last year I believe

No. 1997945

it was posted almost immediately last year >>1798225

No. 1998022

How about starting a revolution where it's illegal for old men to date teenagers. Instead of going around supporting massive age-gap relationships that began when the girl was only a teen.

No. 1998024

File: 1716797347270.mp4 (6.88 MB, 720x900, 7F452FAFA7835AB2D5CB2BF527BEFB…)

ewwwww lmao
she just turned 19 in this
remember tho, their relationship was never sexual…

No. 1998026

>cause they're basic

No. 1998038

It's always so confusing/fascinating to see the combination of someone who is so self and image obsessed, and yet is so unbelievably blind to how retarded they are coming off. MTF levels of delusional, unearned confidence in this one. I don't know that I've ever seen something more awkward/less sexy than this lol and they're like, yep, post it up! I'm gonna be a superstar!!

No. 1998049

she legit did this whole, shayna level of retardation, routine for the camera kek and he's trying to keep up like a seedy pimp who just scored himself a bimbo hooker for the night.
will alida ever tone it down or is she forever gonna be this performative

No. 1998056

she hates raves only when he is going to one on his own bc it brings out her insecurities. scared he's going to run off with some teen raver in a bioluminescent rainbow sparkle butterfly bikini. which, let's be real here, is highly likely

No. 1998068

File: 1716822247698.jpg (365.48 KB, 1290x2293, avenger nuts n bolts.jpg)

Cupping its nuts like she does in the clubs. Wish it came alive and tossed her into space along with Rion.
She's allowed to flirt in the clubs (or anywhere really) but he's not allowed to flirt at raves.
Their relationship dynamic is different to Nina's and Mike's who are total swingers.

No. 1998140

File: 1716845697966.jpg (245.75 KB, 1082x1488, 020.jpg)

Came across another 'exposing celebs' style instagram acc, and saw some pics of Alida they were showcasing without filters. Nothing too interesting, but what's going on with the indent in her upper lip here? I know fuck all about lip fillers, but they look almost deflated/shrivelled or something.

No. 1998309

File: 1716900471088.jpeg (376.74 KB, 828x1276, IMG_2826.jpeg)

Projecting about onion boy

No. 1998371

File: 1716909723275.jpeg (414.71 KB, 1170x880, IMG_7691.jpeg)

not to mention the whiny “i’m so misunderstood” tweets as soon as she’s back in florida

No. 1998378

Did anyone see her comments blowing up on IG after her last “Memorial Day post” someone told a girl to go back to a Mexico for voicing her opinion on Memorial Day lmao

Her orbiters are just as two faced as she is

And where is alida, crying on twitter over a moid of who doesn’t want her anymore instead of defending these “beliefs” shes holds so strongly. Because it’s an act as is everything
done out of vanity.

No. 1998482

I don't know what she's even going on about half the time.

No. 1998669

alida feels generic and boring now, like just another instagram type

No. 1998774

File: 1717021880279.jpeg (963.62 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_7766.jpeg)

“i’ll be ur samurai” kekkk she’d be too scared to break a tacky nail. and wtf is that outfit?

No. 1998777

I wonder what happened to her shirt, bc I swear it's meant to be white. I guess somebody accidentally washed it with that skirt and it came out tinted bluey/purple.

No. 1999006

File: 1717085867670.jpeg (377.34 KB, 1284x859, IMG_1873.jpeg)

very christian discussion alida

No. 1999009

She ripped this word for word from someone else…

No. 1999040

File: 1717088748615.jpeg (507.53 KB, 828x1163, IMG_1520.jpeg)

No. 1999042

Why is she mad at porn? She literally had a playboy page talking about “playing with her daddy”

I feel like she’s subtly exposing everything her and rion fought/fight or disagree apon

She did this before, calling raves demonic.

No. 1999055

Screen caps?
I mean she’s not wrong but she’s too lazy to get a full time job like Shayna, so she’s doing that and pandering to insecure teenagers and old moids

No. 1999058

>you're a cuck… ur looking at another man's cock
lmao I love this too much
Ya, guaranteed Ron has been watching the porn.
I don't want to get tricked into believing they are actually over again, bc every time I think they are done, she starts posting loveydovey perfect couple photos/videos. I WANT THEM TO BE OVER, but…. it usually never is.

No. 1999077

File: 1717094839838.jpeg (746.28 KB, 1170x1371, IMG_7806.jpeg)

she doesn’t give a shit about women being abused or their rapes being taped, only how it affects her relationship and her dating pool if ever she actually leaves that moid

No. 1999252

File: 1717145072118.jpg (80.2 KB, 462x610, 183534.jpg)

stop it
this is stupid and you know it

No. 1999285

Jesus was a blue eyed white man.
Jesus was pewdiepie?

No. 1999345

gotta love how she doubled down on this, even after it being exposed on here, like a smartass kek
alida's relationships are "all eyes on me at all times". if the gaze shifts to another woman she loses her shit. always got to be the center of attention.
for real, i don't get it. she gets copious amounts of attention daily but it's still never enough. there's usually a limit to how much attention one person can take, hers is in overload and yet it's still not enough. being around her must be so draining

No. 1999349

It's because she doesn't work or do anything to expel the energy. She has sooo much free time on her hands - she thinks too much, sleeps too much, wants too much, has moments of absolute insanity and overinflated ego. She's not fighting to survive like most people are; working hard for the bare minimum. She doesn't even exercise, just sits about preening herself and expects everybody to fall at her feet. She has grown up entitled. Her whole world, is literally herself.
If she isn't with ron now, then it has to be a combination of Brooklyn and welfare keeping her afloat.

No. 1999351

so she has a fake service dog and is prob also on welfare. what a fraud. im betting brooklyn is funding most of her lifestyle. brooklyn could be mega rich for all we know, maybe came from a wealthy fam too

No. 1999357

File: 1717178718002.jpg (82.82 KB, 575x517, 040211.jpg)

Meanwhile in tard Mike's likes

No. 1999358

File: 1717178855365.jpg (34.17 KB, 488x299, 040100.jpg)

Going for the youngest legal age possible, means you'd probably go younger if you could

No. 1999359

Men who think they can nab a teenager to date (hint: they can't) give major small dick energy

No. 1999362

File: 1717180338597.mp4 (5.95 MB, 576x1024, festy.mp4)

the way he leans over and looks at the cam lmao, he has such a mean ass face with beady little eyes
you can just tell he has a small cocktail sausage dick

No. 1999378

nina’s under-eye makeup makes her look like she’s been crying. neither of them ever look happy around each other

No. 1999379

So Alida says stuff like >>1999006
and yet hangs out with people like >>1999357
she talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk

No. 1999418

I always get these vibes too whenever I see a much older man with a teenager gf, right on the line of legality.

No. 1999421

Y'know, I kinda feel sorry for Nina sometimes, because there is no way this guy isn't abusive toward her, if he harbours views like these >>1999357 and all of the others we've seen. He seriously seems to hate women, and Nina seems highly impressionable like Alida. Some of the shitty things she says, seem like an extension from him and the people they orbit.

No. 1999434

Nina is a hateful little being like him
She deserves no sympathy

No. 1999443

All men are biologically cucks, Alida. Males are aroused by the notion of other males mating with their women. You kind of need that to keep engaging in sexual competition instead of just giving up or walking away. For the same reason, all males are also hardwired to ruminate about potential cuckoldry scenarios 24/7.

Your dad is a cuck, and so is your oneitis.

No. 1999451

File: 1717191863261.jpg (16.02 KB, 546x100, 073705.jpg)

Alida always talks as though she is on the verge of doing something epic. And then all she does is post another selfie.

No. 1999622

File: 1717231753977.jpg (46.92 KB, 580x309, 172542.jpg)

Why would you say this if you were Slav? Then cover it up/backpeddle by saying you were thinking more about America? What?
She seems so full of shit in every way and the faux broken English kills me. I remember people calling her out for using
>"very basic google translate broken Russian and sometimes Polish"
>"she responded in russian she used male adjectives to refer to herself… So she's probably using a translator"
She's still so suspect, albiet boring.

No. 1999626

File: 1717233284268.jpg (301.23 KB, 2048x1678, GOn6ITlWoAAZNqQ.jpg)

Haven't looked at her profiles for a bit. First pic I see. Overdone blubbery sloppy lips. Scrolled down, and she was complaining about not being able to find modest tops for her big tits. As if she doesn't have them out on her socials all the time for money. Bet it kills her that she's not fully a part of the trad wannabes who talk about purity and modesty every second of the day. All the trads who hate onlyfans. She wants to be a part of all that so bad but can't because she's the complete opposite of what they want in a woman.

No. 1999632

File: 1717236177552.jpg (277.48 KB, 1152x2048, ----.jpg)

Alida's current obsession: being American

No. 1999637

the fake lip rings are not very trad wife/pure angel goddess

No. 1999638

>women are ruining everything boooo
Haha What a crybaby

No. 1999642

It's not hard to put on a white shirt with cherries on it or something. She dresses like Shayna

No. 1999687

Christ that husky looks like he served three tours in Vietnam, jesus

No. 1999695

I don’t want to husky sperg but I have had two in my life (one is currently 13 and still quite healthy) and she is the least ideal owner type for a dog like that. They are sooooo anxious naturally and need loads of play and exercise which miss marshmallow belly clearly doesn’t provide. They also pick up on their main person’s feelings and moods A LOT, so if she is anxious and moody and having fits, the dog will be even more high strung. They are at risk for a lot of health concerns too when not watched carefully. Truly she should have got a purse dog. I hate people who get snow dogs for the aesthetic.

No. 1999711

I can only imagine that flying ALL the time in planes wouldn't be good for them either or constantly moving to new locations. She really does treat Luna like a purse dog for sure.

No. 1999738

File: 1717268600398.jpeg (474.67 KB, 1681x1681, 10762F5B-2848-4B63-BACF-869892…)

Got a new cow for y'all. This girl, her username on tiktok is xoxosloanieb, is going viral on tiktok for her relationship with an old pedophile man. She looks very young and tries to act like a little girl too, typical coquette. The way she dresses, her hairstyles, laughs and acts is weird af, trying to give that ~uwu lolita~ image that all flirts want. Like Alida, she has many "fans" probably younger, wanting to have a relationship like hers.

No. 1999739

File: 1717268920610.mp4 (15.22 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cp9orvnog65h0ak21q…)

here’s a super cringe vid of her and her boyfriend. her laugh is horribly cringe, trying too hard to giggle like a little girl. a lot of people in the comments ask her if he is her father, they probably get off on that. so gross.

No. 1999740

i still can't get over her having a fake service dog. nothing against luna herself but damn
i'll check her out, we do need another milkworthy cow in here
good grief

No. 1999750

The fact that he has no self awareness or shame, and does these vids with her. So they are saying he got with her when she was 18? I soo want to put all of these old soymen peckers into the wood chipper. Too many people can't see that these men are going for the youngest LEGAL age and would go younger if that was legal. In countries where 16 is the legal age, you see these boomers going after them, instead of 18, riight on the line of how far they can go without going to jail. THEY WOULD AND WILL GO YOUNGER IF GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY. Girls need to stick together and stop feeding these pedos.
Why is he doing that same pout that Ron does in photos. Midlife crisis losers.

No. 1999756

File: 1717271915548.jpeg (386.8 KB, 1284x851, IMG_1886.jpeg)

she’s so hateful and stupid, it’s crazy.

No. 1999760

File: 1717273038466.jpg (91.2 KB, 585x304, 060631.jpg)

Yea I was just about to post this too!
Alida, stop skirting around what you're really trying to say. But you can't because you know you'll get eaten alive for it.
Let me translate: People bullied me and called me antisemitic, when I was right all along! I hate Jews and I am a part of the people who believe Hitler was an innocent man and that we should protect all white people because there is a 'white genocide' happening and enter all of the long-winded, right-wing conspiracy parts here. The Jews are behind it all, everything, all of them.
Really don't want to get political (yawn), but this is what she is saying, in the most passive aggressive way possible.

No. 1999762

GOD thumbs up makes me want to die

No. 1999763

Damn hanging out with Brooklyn is really bringing out the redpill in her.
She's all guns, tradshit and conspiracies now.
Being American isn't a flex. Country's a fuk'n clown show.

No. 1999766

i wish the OG PULL site hadn’t been nuked because there was a picture of her and jazmine smirking beside a swastika alida’d drawn in the sand on the very first page
she’s such a fucking liar, she knew what she was doing when she was 16! watch her try to excuse away her “ignorance” with “b-b-but i was homeschooled!” when just recently she’s blamed it on having dated a neo-nazi in his late-20s

No. 1999767

So she’s even driving Brooklyns Jeep around too?

No. 1999768

what happened to her sweet, demure, angelic larp kek

No. 1999772

You can tell she is crafting herself to be a part of the hardcore Republican men on X who want Christianity to take over and who post only beautiful white women; pleading for the saviour of the white race and blue eyes. She even follows a few accounts who post Hitler, claiming that he was a "good man". Some are subtle about it, others not so. She is joining in with the current rage about Trump.
This was ALWAYS in her, but she pushed it down, and it's starting to come out again. She's just an angry insecure little person within, try to hide it as she might, it's coming out more and more recently.

No. 1999776

File: 1717276471713.jpg (239.14 KB, 521x1071, 065424.jpg)

'Vorstellung', 'Ancient Masculinity', 'Our World', they all have connections to Hitler apologists. She seems to like their content.

No. 1999778

File: 1717276957593.jpg (92.57 KB, 591x492, wtf.jpg)

What a hateful zealot. Attracting all of the right people into her space. So freaking weird!
I wonder if she will delete these posts, as they are crossing over a line that she usually doesn't dare to cross.

No. 1999780

I mean I wanted some drama but holy fuck. lmfao kek
These tunnel visioning religious fags always end as the demons themselves

No. 1999782

Idiots like her don't WANT to band together against them, they want them for their money. Hate to break it to you anon but a lot of women are scumbags who will throw each other under the bus for a man with a big enough wallet. She's probably a narc too.

No. 1999786

>people called me antisemitic
..because you are.

No. 1999788

File: 1717278667385.jpeg (252.65 KB, 1170x677, IMG_7890.jpeg)

this is ridiculous considering i could’ve sworn she posted a pic of her kissing the redhead “russian” with a bob last year. anything to appeal to geriatric moids

No. 1999789

Mean spirited sarcasm cranked waaay UP.
She deleted it too! Lucky you caught it!

No. 1999792

I just realised who this girl reminds me of. That psychopath Chris Watts, who killed his wife and daughters, mistress. Nichol. She had that exact same fake laugh and mannerisms.

No. 1999802

bitch really be hating on the Jews and gays today

No. 1999825

She is being vitriolic and then deleting what she posts straight after.

No. 1999856

i love this because her only “fans” are those gross hypno-bimbofication trannies

No. 1999882

She has the grimacing face of a horse-faced 30 year old bank clerk. Lol sorry honey but the loli look isn’t working for you.(sage your shit)

No. 1999953

They teach this shit in GRADE 7 where I live in Canada (I would assume the US is the same especially since many americans are proud of their ancestors serving in ww2, like us) how does a 24 year old not understand basic history and human morality that literal children know. Hell I’d say kids even younger than her understand it if their relatives told them war stories. No one can even blame homeschooling and not finishing school on this one she’s just so genuinely ignorant and stupid. Is there a single topic on earth that she’s actually educated on? And no, conspiracy theories don’t count.

No. 2000061

No different to any other day. She's always hated Jewish people.
Pretty sure she can't even do basic math. She's just a redneck. I honestly believe she has a below average IQ. People throw that insult around a lot these days, but in Alida's case I truly believe it's true. It would explain why she mimics others, has no true personality of her own, blindly believes any conspiracy placed in front of her (without any personal research done, or common sense to guide her), goes to the extreme with religion or political belief, exists solely for the male gaze. She can't seem to grasp that you should take each person as an individual and not lump them into groups. She can't fathom complexity, in any form.

No. 2000066

Ignorance is no excuse for being a terrible human being.

I’m sorry but this girl doesn’t know a thing about being Christ like

And she could literally look it up, she has every tool at her disposable to educate herself but that’s to much work for her.

No. 2000079

File: 1717336752764.jpg (97.26 KB, 576x534, 40602-234831.jpg)

>tHiS iS sO aMeRiCaN cOrE

((This is totally unrelated to anything and I'm derailing, but why is Trump's face still orange? I mean they have proper tanning creams these days that are more bronze than tangerine. I don't get it. And if he's all about white people, then why doesn't he embrace his paleness instead of trying to fake a tan?))

No. 2000085

File: 1717337173771.jpg (125.43 KB, 1061x975, GPArib3WEAAOeXl.jpg)

she wants to fight all the elites and pedos and yet forgets that her main man is one of them

No. 2000087

He gets special consideration, along with Ron and all of the other old men that she orbits.

No. 2000091

I can hear her now, "b-b-but Biden is the pedo!"
They're all pedos you dumb bitch and it would be nice if you expelled your energy toward condemning this entire corrupt clown fiesta, instead of picking and choosing between the pedos. "wake up sheep!" she would say. How about you wake up from being sucked into this two sided shadey shit show you call politics and rise above it all. Wasn't that what you were all about? She believes she's an angel… pfffff… if angels were real I can guarantee they'd be above this bullshit charade.

No. 2000107

She's not helping with the American stereotype lol

No. 2000112

I swear she changes her ~aesthetic~ every 12 weeks. I can't keep up. Ridiculous.

No. 2000157

i've got an average iq and even i'm not as stupid as alida. she must be scraping the barrel for brain cells kek

No. 2000225

File: 1717360643110.jpg (59.3 KB, 579x382, 061155.jpg)

So Nina has a 'podcast'. Question it. I dare you. Bring in all of the actual evidence you can muster and question it. If you want to go there, then go there already.
But neither Alida or Nina would, because they're too dense, weak and scared of actual debate. Alida is afraid of losing fans or getting any backlash. They'd much rather twt out flippant floppy opinions and pretend they are a part of something bigger. In the end, their conspiracies are all word of mouth and they just tag along on the coattails of others' ideas. They wouldn't even know how to compile evidence or fact. Too much work and effort. Taking filtered selfies is all that they know. That and playing bimbo to old pedophiles.

No. 2000227

i cant wait for the day when brooklyn leaves this pathetic cow in the dirt where she belongs

No. 2000229

Alida would make certain that won't ever happen. She'd practically walk through fire to be there when (and if) Brooklyn does make it big. She is her ticket to stardom!…

No. 2000242

File: 1717364942588.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1170x2031, IMG_7934.jpeg)

candid of alida in jazmine’s birthday spam. pastels do her no favors and the fillers she gets in her face make her look doughy with beady eyes. her smile isn’t reaching her eyes kek

No. 2000248

She looks so much older and completely different!

No. 2000419

His face looks as if someone took a vacuum's suction hose and turned it on high at his face, and then pulled away(sage your shit)

No. 2000472

>Theo Vaugn… Joe Rogan yessss
Are either of these men high ranking in coquette circles? Theo Vaugn could pass as a background character in an Ethel Cain music video. But, really? Joe Rogan? Lana wouldn't with a 9 foot pole

No. 2000481

Omg speaking of Lana you just reminded me, alida totally forgot that Lana hates trump, remember when she called upon witches to hex trump on twitter (so based). Lana just cosplays redneck but she’s a normal LA liberal type. I think she’s religious in a casual way that people are to have a community and friends, not to spew hate. I know she follows alida but she follows a few of her viral fans, she probably never actually looks at alida’s posts. Lana would literally hate her for her right wing racism, misogyny, and stupidity.

No. 2000510

File: 1717429670823.jpg (952.32 KB, 1080x2340, 1000008396.jpg)

There's something so disconcerting about a full adult woman pretending to be a young teen/child. Literally all her videos seem to be trying to seem like a hip teen when… idk how old she is, I would have guessed same age as me (26) but I associate skibidi rizz with like highschoolers.

No. 2000511

I was actually wondering about that. Yes she follows a few of her fans. Alida thinks she is special for it, but there are many, and Lana never likes any of her posts, that I have seen.
According to Alida, angels choose one of the two political sides in America. As if… they'd be above human affairs and such stupidity.
Did anybody else notice she posted a video of her at church and is getting called out for being performative in the comments. She doesn't even give a shit about the people she recorded going to church and probably wouldn't want to be posted for all to see on Instagram.

No. 2000513

Sorry for doubleposting, but yes this is SICK. Combine that, with screwing a geriatric and it means she's just another pedo/incest enabler, larping daddy daughter sex. Gross. WHY DO THESE GIRLS WANT TO ROLEPLAY UNDERAGE INCEST WITH THEIR 'DAD'?!?!?! I will never ever ever ever ever get it.

No. 2000514

File: 1717430097794.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1170x1460, IMG_7948.jpeg)

everything is performative for her. she’s deleting the comments calling her out. and then her post-church fun was awkwardly swinging a sword around in brooklyn’s room to a lana song

No. 2000522

File: 1717431638295.png (3 KB, 354x84, .-.png)

That sword video gave me the biggest second hand cringe.
I caught one comment, but it might end up deleted, especially with the amount of likes it is getting. Alida never takes any constructive criticism on board and does it all the more. It is, and always will be, alllll about her. Everyone else is just an NPC.
Side note: she did a video once hating Disney back in 2020 (talked about conspiracies), but she is carrying around a Disney bag now?

No. 2000529

just another insufferable generic ~influencer~
that filter makes her look like she's wearing an actual mask on her face

No. 2000536

Mr millionaire at a planet fitness (the cheapest option for a gym that sometimes has pizza days) JFC

No. 2000549

File: 1717436782164.mp4 (4.92 MB, 720x1280, 447555938_4682368.mp4)

Ready to smite all forces of evil (aka make another cringe video for the gram) in the name of Trump (& Lord Ashtar).

No. 2000551

LMFAO that hyperserious kneel at the end of this routine and her face when she's staring at the cam with the sword up in the air is sending me

No. 2000556

File: 1717437585096.jpg (93.61 KB, 626x500, 035358.jpg)

Because wearing a cross necklace made from guns is totally appropriate for church. And can she fit anymore tabs in that Bible?
I'd post the video inside the church with Brooklyn filming her in the middle of a sermon, but I don't want to put random people trying to have a peaceful Sunday, on here.

No. 2000561

File: 1717438097259.mp4 (1.65 MB, 1080x1920, 8RPjQoXEFze.mp4)

Wheeling around in her church dress .. So much attention seeking spergery.

No. 2000580

File: 1717442364459.jpg (130.19 KB, 586x769, 051332.jpg)

Oh shit, what now? Ron is definitely DONE.
This all might get deleted, so I will try to capture what I can.

No. 2000582

File: 1717442630869.jpeg (218.88 KB, 1170x714, IMG_7959.jpeg)

part of me is glad alida saw the light, the other part thinks she’s only raging because orion’s found another teenager to groom and doesn’t want her back at all anymore
i doubt she’ll apologize for trying to uphold a lie this whole time though

No. 2000585

FINALLY she realises! I hope hope hope she doesn't go back on this though.
All of his pics are still up on her Instagram, and the 'my love' highlights. But she might take them down eventually, we'll see.
Now it's Nina's turn to wake up.

No. 2000593

Wow, I never thought she would actually admit to this. I wish her healing. But now she is going to go full force leech mode on Brooklyn.

No. 2000594

She even finally admitted that she was only 17.
If she cleans up her act, we won't know what to do with ourselves kek

No. 2000596

File: 1717444032483.jpg (16.92 KB, 548x88, 054115.jpg)

Sorry to spin this back around, but I saw this comment and it pretty much sums up how I feel about her post the other day.

No. 2000603

This woman is deeply evil / narcissistic pickme, didn't she admit to dating a Nazi cause she was desperate for male validation? And how is an old man not liking when she acts like a private pornstar a grooming? You all can't be dumb enough to buy into her bullshit and call her just a victim. She's unsalvageable and supports pedophilic shit.

No. 2000620

you called it!

No. 2000656

File: 1717454337798.jpeg (326.27 KB, 1284x792, IMG_1922.jpeg)

okay Alida, and you went along with it? For years? And will probably go back to him at the end of the week.

No. 2000658

File: 1717454441867.jpeg (818.87 KB, 1284x1864, IMG_1924.jpeg)

No. 2000659

File: 1717454700265.jpeg (272.59 KB, 1284x609, IMG_1925.jpeg)

whoever said she’s going to snap out of her idiocy because her and Ryan broke up, you’re retarded because she’s just going deeper down her antisemitic rabbit hole and will start seeing an equally toxic man who shares her beliefs.

No. 2000664

The cat is out of the bag now. She can't ever go back to him and tell the world that they are a magical couple, everybody knows.
This means that Brooklyn is quite literally holding her up. Pretty weird dynamic. Just turned 21, trying to start out in life with her career, and is caretaker to Alida who seems to be spiralling.
In the South too, where men like that are everywhere.

No. 2000681

There’s nothing more boring than listening to a clusterbee bitch constantly rage and whine about all the way their ex wronged them, especially when the clusterbee bitch was a massive enabler for the entire duration of the relationship and defended and indulged in all their mans disgusting shit.

No. 2000686

Ryan must have a new victim and Alida is just finding out about it

No. 2000687

She sounds like a TOTALLY different person, compared to her Youtube. Who even is she?

No. 2000731

I would sooner watch a beheading than experience the immense cringe I know I'll feel upon playing this video

No. 2000736

By the same logic all women are cucks

No. 2000747

File: 1717467965428.jpeg (435.96 KB, 1170x1506, IMG_8004.jpeg)

of course she deleted her tweets about ryan mere hours later. the “my love” highlight is still up. she’s so weak-willed.

No. 2000757

Yea I knew she would delete it all. Same with the Jewish comments.

No. 2000759

File: 1717471629140.gif (64.25 KB, 220x116, gif.gif)

Well done on catching all of that tea ladies!(integrate)

No. 2000769

She’s maxing those filters out to try and look as uwu baby as possible but she doesn’t really have a super baby face imo, I would also have guessed around my age (also 26 kek) which would make it even grosser that she’s trying to sound like she’s high schooler age. Her scrote is so ugly too lmao like he’s ONLY 40 and looks like that? Sad!

No. 2000857

I'm guessing they make more eggs when they suspect that their moid is fucking someone else, or regularly masturbate to videos of prettier, better endowed women having sex with men they'd like to have. Maybe even have specific organ for scooping their moid's semen out of another woman's cooch.

No. 2000864

Lmao. I explained the sperm shovel thing to a moid today and his nervous “th-that’s crazy no way” laughter was something to behold.

No. 2000874

She is going to lose her mind completely when she turns 25 in a year kek

No. 2000923

File: 1717521209311.jpeg (207.24 KB, 1170x747, IMG_8015.jpeg)

she’s back at it. definitely bitter.

No. 2000931

Side note, her lips look fuuuucked here. Straight up duck beak.. no philtrum

No. 2000962

I read this without clicking the tagged post for context and thought you'd lost your mind
I want a video of this interaction kek
The fact his name is actually Ryan makes this more funny somehow, I hope she keeps this energy and actually dumps him

No. 2001095

Kek she’s trying to cope by pathetically romanticizing it since she knows he’ll probably never marry her.

No. 2001120

She desperately wants to be a trad wife. He will never marry you Alida

No. 2001269

Damn this is sad and really shows how unstable she is, he doesn’t wanna be with her or cheated again or won’t marry her (who knows) and she lashes out calling him a groomer, quickly deletes and is like wait daddy ugh gross. I was hoping maybe she’d really seen the light

No. 2001271

I’ve also been thinking about the time in the past when she moved to LA, she claimed that she “left him because he was moving too fast and wanted something too serious too soon”, and how she’s “young still and wants to adventure and find herself” and I’m like.. that was all bullshit huh.

No. 2001377

File: 1717614460719.jpeg (365.31 KB, 1170x724, IMG_8037.jpeg)

she has to be lurking

No. 2001433

>the perfect wife
She really is going for the tradgrift. I wonder if this bleating is to lure in a moid to come rescue her

No. 2001516

Everything she does online is oriented towards this yet she somehow doesn't realize that actual "trad" guys online are going to see her as a trashy, used up whore. At most she's someone they'd cheat on their wives with.

No. 2001541

File: 1717653072086.jpeg (447.34 KB, 1284x1939, IMG_5685.jpeg)

No literally lol all she does is lurk, her recent likes after we dissed her cringey church vid

No. 2001562

File: 1717662226008.png (3.02 MB, 1500x1500, IMG_5701.png)

She’s so tacky I actually can’t. Also Brooklyn definitely lets her live there for free this shit is so twisted, I feel like Alida knows and knew she’s obsessed and would do anything to befriend her and took full advantage of that, and now is clinging to her for ~fame~. So pathetic, I hope one day Brooklyn sees she’s using her

No. 2001568

>dude she doesn't love you
Yes she does. I wish that it were otherwise, but she does
What she sees in him though is anyone's guess. I used to have an iota of respect for him when I thought that he was ashamed of their age gap but obviously I misjudged him

No. 2001571

>Now it's Nina's turn to wake up
Nina wasn't groomed. She was already 22 and paying for her own apartment when ~she~ started pursuing Mike. Mike is an absolute trashbag, but Nina does bear some responsibility in this case

No. 2001587

Has anyone tried to find which church she was larping at?(creepy newfag)

No. 2001591

Who cares what church she’s at? This thread is retarded sometimes . I swear most of the people in this thread are other coquettes trash talking.

No. 2001611

That anon is definitely a stalker moid who wants to see Alida irl
The most traddy incel ones genuinely think the ideal scenario is 1. date in college as a virgin 2. marry that person 3. neither of you have any sexual experience other than each other
And they think anything else is an abject failure, thus writing off most of the female population as used up whores and golddiggers. I admire how much men show their asses (metaphorically) these days because they've revealed themselves to be, as a whole, brain addled and chronically insecure. The idea you have seen 1 other man's dick sends them into depair spirals kek.
Brookyn kinda makes Alida look huge, Alida is just normal size (I am a very similar size roast me etc) but next to such a petite girl it's throwing the perspective off, they look awkward in a lot of photos together

No. 2001630

Brooklyn has an actual personality and genuine interest unlike alida who is just performative, and doesn’t have genuine interest in anything.

Look at everything she’s started and hasn’t pursued, that’s going to be the definition of her entire life because she doesn’t stick with anything because she has no genuine interest in it. Will this get me views, will this make people adore me that’s all she cares about

She’s a the ultimate false prophet

Soon she’ll be posting about how universities and collages/ any type of higher learning is some how evil and controlled by the government to dispel why she does fuck all with her life

And she even had a like talking about therapy is exactly what, qoute “therapy is evil bc it attamepts fo recreat the catholic confession, but instead of talking to a priest your talking to a while woman who voted for Biden”

Hence why she won’t get therapy and will continue to spiral and do nothing productive for herself or her life

Who pays for Lunas food or god forbid vet bills? Brooklyn? If so that’s kind of sad she’s a grown woman proclaiming she’s so strong online yet she literally doesn’t and can’t even take care of herself.

Instead of worrying about being cute online maybe she should be worrying about her real life.

No. 2001653

File: 1717683576369.png (2.67 MB, 828x1792, IMG_2166.png)

It's weird that Brooklyn pays for everything. I found Alida's dad's tiktok (it's @stefanline) and it looks like he's living in Nashville too? I'm not sure, maybe he just went to visit, but I think he's the one paying Alida for everything.(don't post family members)

No. 2001805

File: 1717718728982.png (1.47 MB, 934x1268, Screen Shot 2024-06-07 at 10.0…)

So her dad probably pays for a lot of her things. Now it makes sense.

No. 2001810

One of the best thing about cows who want to be petit and dainty is that they’re usually the antithesis to that. Alida already has such a wide bone structure to begin with and seeing her gain weight just makes it all the more hilarious. Such daddy’s girl, so frail.

No. 2001829

those hair extensions are tragic

No. 2001842

File: 1717727663529.jpeg (685.68 KB, 1170x1249, IMG_8104.jpeg)

when she keeps wearing outfits like this, it solidifies my belief that the comments about her weight gain actually bother her. no one believes she’s “grateful” for the weight gain when she’s also 5’7” and will never fit into the loli nymphet ideal kek

No. 2001846

>transacted 100m in real estate
It's like bragging about being a trillionaire in Zimbabwe dollars

No. 2001868

She needs to just become a gym baddie, she has more of the kind of build that would lend itself to muscle than to being an uwu frail tiny dolly. It’s sad that some girls fall into this particular kind of self-loathing and want to cram their feet into glass slippers four sizes too small when they were born to wear Xena’s boots. and both are hot lady ideals okay but then again it’s Alida and she has her head up her ass in so many ways so, she can keep being a poorly dressed marshmallow

No. 2002178

There’s no way she doesn’t realise what an awful silhouette that outfit creates. If you want to go for the shapeless look to conceal your weight, at least don’t wear a blouse that sticks out stiffly at the sides and makes you look like a Christmas tree rather than a triangle. Jesus Christ. I hope she isn’t inspired by morikei bc that would ruin it for me

No. 2002179

Those sleeves make her shoulders and upper arms look even huger than they already were

No. 2002186

File: 1717805885673.jpeg (162.84 KB, 1170x672, IMG_8147.jpeg)

her slow exposé took a turn. my guess is either by drugging her, or she’s going to come out and say all her “my peach hair matches my bum now!” comments were her “coping” with orion beating her. i sure hope he doesn’t scrounge up the money to try to sue her for defamation.

No. 2002220

File: 1717812096288.webp (142.38 KB, 770x1104, 1FC1A666-AB1B-404D-9AA4-4C3A8D…)

She needs to get a job, hit the gym, stop dressing like a sped, lose the ratty piss yellow extensions, and pray to Lord Ashtar to spiritually cleanse her from the nasty auras of all the dirty old men she entertained to transcend beyond cow status.

No. 2002268

File: 1717820890701.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1284x1762, IMG_1980.jpeg)

now she’s suicide baiting

No. 2002271

This, Alida is one of those naturally beefy taller girls who bulk easily and gain muscle fast. Look how thick her arms are. She should just become a gym thot in lululemons who squats and posts thirst traps on instagram. She really doesn’t suit the coquette aesthetic at all.

No. 2002300

Nothing about this is emo except her fake lip ring. JFC she’s even more retarded than an emo.

No. 2002484

File: 1717878799767.jpeg (59.45 KB, 1284x340, IMG_5706.jpeg)

Deleted post caught lol

No. 2002485

My bad I didn’t see this was already posted smh

No. 2002486

She talks, acts and dresses like a millennial (nothing wrong w millennials) but like the memes they use to make fun of them, the overdramatized memes about them trying to make them look cringe. She is that.

No. 2002489

Omg I forgot about the “it matches my bum” spergs, I never put two and two together that it was that

No. 2002687

AYRT and I’m glad someone else can see it kek she seems like she would put on muscle easily and it would genuinely suit her frame better. She would have hoards of dudes Simping for her like they do for Faith Ordway and other young gymfluencers

No. 2003483

File: 1718126850517.jpeg (2.1 MB, 6170x6170, photo-output.jpeg)


No. 2003600

when i saw that tweet this was the first thing i thought of. it’d be easier to feel bad for her in this situation if she wasn’t glorifying the fuck out of it

No. 2003712

Literally this , she always has glorified it and now he wants someone younger and she’s mad and turning on him

No. 2004302

File: 1718344154203.jpeg (407.32 KB, 1170x936, IMG_8393.jpeg)

she’s going completely off the rails again

No. 2004303

File: 1718344473399.jpeg (240.07 KB, 1170x551, IMG_8394.jpeg)

samefag but i suspect she’s about to have a psychotic break

No. 2004316

Nina's an archeologist. She likes to collect old fossils.
This is vile but not every Jew does this; in fact hardly any do. Every group has their bad eggs within. Even Christians. There are plenty of graphic videos out there, in regards to some of the evil things Christians have done. Just take a look at all of their pedophilic priests within their churches. The horror stories of what goes on within their schools. But she picks and chooses, depending on her bias, her agenda. She's a mean, hateful, arrogant, self-centred girl, a know-it-all and it's obvious she isn't very bright. She can't decipher between individuals and groups. One group = one entity, in her mind. If you are a Jew, and you're a good sweet person, you're still evil/'Satantic' in her vision. Because you're one of "them".

No. 2004318

i have a circle of friends who thought alida was awesome. not a single one of them like her now. safe to say there are a lot who would be feeling the same. she fell off. she's not even interesting anymore. she's fading into oblivion which is ironic because she believed she was going to rise to major celeb level. these days she's just another x user who fights about politics online and believes she is always right. the most unlikeable person that you just wanna forget about her entirely

No. 2004323

You know, I am feeling the same way. I don't want this thread to die, but honestly, I don't even want to look at her anymore. What used to be funny and entertaining, is bordering upsetting now. She makes me feel sick ( and no it's not because your angels are making me feel sick Alida, it's because you're just someone I wish didn't exist in my sight anymore, the same way it's not fun to look at trash ). Pretty funny that she is losing fans and haters. In the end she will get what she deserves - invisibility.

No. 2004328

Fading into irrelevancy. I can picture her losing it at the mere thought of that.

No. 2004363

alida: says something controversial

gets backlash

alida: -cries- why is everybody attacking me

alida: says she hates the jews

gets called antisemitic


No. 2004373

File: 1718371727037.jpg (45.26 KB, 242x689, wtf.jpg)

just saw that video. nasty hair.

No. 2004380

File: 1718373251669.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1284x1805, IMG_2129.jpeg)

the fact that she posted this pic of herself when she looks fucking nuts. need to remember that this is who’s behind all her holier-than-thou tweets.

No. 2004382

things sure have come back around in a full circle. alida's back to being a nazi, hanging out with nazi faggots. unsure why she's so adament that she's not antisemitic.
alida let me give you the clear cut n paste definition-
Antisemitism means prejudice against or hatred of Jews.
put two and two together you dumb cunt

No. 2004392

There's some sissy girly man trying to get with Alida LOL. He does that pout thing too in photos. He has been coming in trying to defend her honour and it's just hysterical. She's not going to get with you bro, give it up, she's still got Ron up in her special lovers album.

No. 2004393

i think i know who. why does she always go for the soys. that dude looks like he cries into his pillow every night

No. 2004394

lmao! That Brandon guy.
Can't wait until she gets married so that I can shit all over it on here.

No. 2004398

File: 1718377236392.png (1.23 MB, 706x947, GPKXge.png)

Well least we now know why she got her fake lip rings.

No. 2004399

File: 1718377456380.jpg (66.75 KB, 695x521, squidward.jpg)

No. 2004406

dude is going to be crying into his soy latte once alida gets back with ryan. at first i thought this goon was her brother. then i realised he was some new guy she was leading on. is he a member of the band or a rando musician? if so, we weren't too far off the mark when we said she'd end up flirting with a band member. seems to hate jews too so they fit

No. 2004414

File: 1718380227675.jpeg (220.6 KB, 1170x738, IMG_8401.jpeg)

same. nina just posted about picking her wedding dress yesterday. i bet it’s a tacky mini dress from house of cb

No. 2004417

Guess at least he's not 50 years old. But yea, I highly doubt she'd get with him. He's just another guy she'll play cutesy with and then discard when she doesn't want him around anymore. Kinda like all those guys in LA. They always believe they're in with a chance and always sulk when reality sets in.
She'll probably be drunk walking down the aisle.

No. 2004440

So how long until Alida starts hanging out with kkk members, they would go nicely with all of her nazi mates.

No. 2004619

File: 1718416475134.jpeg (922.08 KB, 1179x2229, IMG_7976.jpeg)

I wonder what Alida’s feed looks like nowadays

No. 2004627

Yes I noticed that too a little while back, she is literally following accounts who praise Hitler.

No. 2004630

was thinking, idk what brooklyn's stance is on all of this. but so far she seems to have enough common sense not to post how much she hates the Jews, etc. or to interact with Alida's bullshit. but if she's not careful she can kiss her whole career bye-bye down the drain, hanging out with these types. all she'll end up with are nazi followers. alida's already pulling her down. she better start playing her cards right because the internet doesn't forget.

No. 2004637

Brooklyn has intelligence. Alida doesn't. Give it time, an opportunity may come to her where she can solely focus on her music and move on from all of this.

No. 2004649

wouldn't surprise me if she already is

No. 2004651

File: 1718423186225.jpeg (735.59 KB, 1170x1341, IMG_8436.jpeg)

she’s lurking again.

if she hadn’t been exhibiting ever-growing signs of being schizo for years, i’d tinfoil that all this is to appeal to that brandon faggot whiteknighting her who she retweeted. but she’s certainly not into him beyond fueling her ego since he’s constantly being emo over an ex.

No. 2004655

Yep, this is exactly what she does. She's not into him, she just wants all men to want her -to feed her relentlessly humongo ego. He is probably also why she was talking about being emo. She's doing the same thing with her token Palestinian guy and probably a plethora of others.
One thing I am surpised about tho, is that she has never advanced onto any military men. I thought she would be the type to go to places they hang out and leech. Why do I have a feeling that's yet to come.

No. 2004658

bro thinks he's telepathic and yet can't see through alida's bullshit

No. 2004659

She's also following accs that hate black people, so there's that too.

No. 2004664

Oh yes we all know she's about that white superiority. She's rotting from the inside out. It's why she's getting uglier in appearance, because her ugliness from inside is seeping out. The only way she manages to look somewhat pretty is through filters. Kind of like the way a zombie would look if you put a bunch of filters on his face.

No. 2004665

we know now that anybody who actually still supports alida (and who have seen her racist rants on X) are kkk nazi types.
is alida a flat earther too?

No. 2004669

She has mentioned a dome before. I mean at least flat earth and lizard people are funny. Praising Hitler, not so much.
Nina doesn't believe in the holocaust, among other things. Also HATES Jewish people. Everybody Alida interacts with, align with her beliefs.

No. 2004673

Those in the military would put her in her place real quick, the moment she brought up her holocaust denial and Hitler fandom.

No. 2004675

This is fanatastic, sitting back, watching Alida overcook herself into dust. The only support she gets now are from worthless scumbags who don't count, you attract what you put out in the end

No. 2004678

That is true, they wouldn't tolerate it. But don't underestimate her ability to morph into an entirely different character with a whole new set of beliefs, depending on who she is with….

No. 2004707

File: 1718440612359.jpg (227.64 KB, 1032x1027, 1701615347172.jpg)

If Hitler were around today, he'd be all for her blue eye supremacy merch

No. 2004713

File: 1718443589300.jpeg (190.48 KB, 1284x2102, IMG_6111.jpeg)

Lol the girlies hate herrrr

No. 2004715

Her current regime of white knights are all she will have left if she keeps this up.

No. 2004718

her whiteknights are a bit limp dick, they aren't doing a very good job of it. brandon's trying but all he does is squeak and then blocks and runs away like a sissyman LMFAO

No. 2004764

A black girl literally did a video a couple months ago praising alida and promoting how she isn’t problematic to coquette culture because it stems from trauma how she created the sub genre key west kitten, and now alida is doubling down on her nazi ways.

Oh the irony of these people.

No. 2004772

Oh no, the For You page is made partly from things people you follow liked or interacted with so she is definitely seeing Nazi shit on both For You and Following

No. 2004773

I don't understand why these Americunts without any real connection to their vague Euro ancestry simp so hard for Hitler. Like, what's in it for them to blatantly deny he was a POS and go along with the neo nazi delusion? They can't actually believe what they're saying, do they? I mean for the women it's definitely pickmeism… they think that clinging to such hateful values will attract them a strong tradchad who'll take care of them and let them live out their dream of being a tradwife because they have such low confidence in themselves that they need shallow external validation of their desirability and femininity. I guess I can believe the moids being so retarded as to actually believe what they spew but again it's because they need to prop up their fragile masculinity somehow.

No. 2004775

All of those people who would claim "theres no proof that she's a hitler apologist!", and now here it all is, laid out before them. And this isn't even the half of it.
Everything she is doubling down on, is bad, but trust me when I say, she is still holding back. If she speaks aloud, what she has said in private, it would shock the boots off of people who fell for her sweet larp. And yes, that also includes what she really thinks of people of colour.

No. 2004787

when i said i wanted Alida to start talking about conspiracies, i meant the goofball kind. like the aliens in her backyard that time or peoples faces warping into demons or reptiles.
but then damn, she started going on about wanting to take out all the Jews. shit got dark real quick

No. 2004797

According to Alida they're "false Jews" and we aren't allowed to use a capital J for Jew. She wants to harm an entire group of people, because the Bible and internet told her so.
Swinging her weapons around in a threatening manner on X as though she is some kind of virtuous angelic warrior the world needs. She needs to be locked up.

No. 2004808

There's even gay people who follow and defend her and I'm like, DID YOU NOT EVEN READ WHAT SHE SAID ABOUT YOUR PEEPS???
She shat all over pride month. Guess she did delete those posts though, to cover her tracks, so they probably didn't even see it all. Idk. You tell them these things, and they don't want to hear it for some reason.

No. 2004823

File: 1718472755309.png (2.55 MB, 828x1792, IMG_2231.png)

what the fuck is this outfit. i swear alida has had the worst glow down i've ever seen. i guess it's happening to her because of the horrible person she is, it's reflecting on her exterior. there was a time when i thought she was pretty, and dressed well. but now i don't know what happened, something about her face changed and she just looks bad. and her bad outfits don't help the cause, they make her look more terrible.

No. 2004827

File: 1718473438577.jpeg (170.19 KB, 816x816, 5890703F-66A8-471B-8F9A-EBEC7A…)

i really need to know what happened to her. did her lip fillers migrate to her face and that's why she looks so botched? or did she have another surgery? did she gain weight and look fat? did Orion suck all her youth? i don't know, but she is aging like milk, horrible. at some point she will have to stop all that ~pastel babydoll~ because right now she looks terrible, i can't imagine when she is over 27.

No. 2004887

Sad that she still needs to wear hair extensions, even at this short length, because she can't grow her real hair any longer than >>2004373
That's why she looks weird. Because she hyper focuses on her appearance and ends up hacking away at herself in an attempt to look beautiful, but only botches herself in the process. Like her hair as an example.
She can't take a photo without a filter these days, because she looks even worse in reality. She knows it, that's why she's so insecure. It's why she overdresses too. To compensate.
Also why she tries so hard for the male gaze - if they all want her then she's desirable and pretty. Beneath it all, she's just a little vain person with an ugly busted-up heart.

No. 2004889

>>2004823 >>2004887
she fusses & preens too hard over her looks because that's how she gets compliments. can't look normal, or she'll fit in. got to overdo everything to stand out. she's already got mega eyebag wrinkles due to her indented eye sockets that she goes out of her way to try and hide. she legit does look older than her age without all the bells & whistles. to me it looks as tho she got something done while with that rich old guy, so he probably funded her fillers. that's when her face changed. that video of her is from back then

No. 2004893

I forgot to mention this earlier, but Alida's such a two-face. A couple of weeks ago she put up a photo of her standing and smiling next to a lady who had tattoos outside the clubs. The moment I saw it I was thinking, if only this woman knew the shitty things Alida was saying about people with tattoos on her x. Both her and Nina have said mocking things about people with tats. But in that photo, there she was, smiling and being faux nice all over again. What a slimey dirty conniving snake.

No. 2004895

That pic of her on the right, looks as though she's in full costume, about to go on stage for a pantomime as some grandma character.

No. 2004896

It’s just filler - mostly cheek filler. Clinics push cheek filler on everyone to “make you look more youthful” but if your cheeks are fuller than they ever were when you were young, you just end up looking beat.

No. 2004910

Thats what she does. she pretends to be nice to everyone in real life so that people will like her. fake and conceited
She's trying to mix coquette, babydoll and rave style together and looks like a fool.
Ironic how she wants people to focus on her ~blue eyes~ but that's also where her biggest insecurity is, her dark bags and crepey wrinkled skin there.

No. 2004933

Moids will literally rape a baby because they think it will cure AIDS and y'all defend them. Demonic!

No. 2005024

Alida roleplays underage incest sex with her overaged dad figures, feeding the pedos, I doubt she really cares about the kiddies. She only picks and chooses videos to suit her current agenda. Slandering all Jews. She should put some Christians ones up, if she cares that much about it, because there's plenty out there. But she's a bigot, so she won't. She likes to draw sides, all over some imaginary man in the sky.

No. 2005025

Alida HATES being called a bigot, antimsemite and a neo-nazi. She loses her shit whenever she's called out like that. Even though that is what she is by definition of each word.
She's nothing but a bible thumper these days.

No. 2005026

>bible thumper
that's why her youtube's failing and she's losing followers, it's boring shite
she fell off

No. 2005036

some imaginary moid in the sky kek
she even treats jesus like her 'daddy' it's fucking weird.
why does she call scrotes daddy anyway, when she seems to have a close relationship with her biological dad. wouldn't that make your skin crawl?

No. 2005043

Back in the day when she was living with her bio dad, she was simultaneously calling Ryan Daddy. I don't know the psychology behind that, but it sure would give me the ick.

No. 2005045

I'm convinced these cows love being talked about on here. Nina knows that her wedding to harvey weinstein the second, will be laughed at in the threads, but she'll still put up all the photos/vids anyway. Alida knows she'll get shit for everything she does, and yet continues to post it all. Most people wouldn't do that. But guess these cows aren't normal and there's a reason they're on here.

No. 2005047

Any attention is good attention, for some.

No. 2005053

These freaks who praise hitler always combust when you start flaming them and calling them names relating to being a hitler lover. Even though that's what they are. They just don't wanna be the bad guys.
Same reason Alida hates being called an antisemite. She hates the Jews but doesn't want to be called a Jew hater or seen as 'bad'. Doesn't want to be labelled anything negative. In their minds they believe they're coming from the good side.

No. 2005056

Alida despises all Jews and sees them all as demons. In her words it's not being antisemitic, it's instead antisatanic. She's happy with that term instead. Because she is the virtuous good and they are the insidious bad. She's always the golden good, and the innocent little lamb. The way she views the world, is always right. No matter what. If you don't follow her views (even when it comes to imaginary scrotes in the sky), you are wrong.
Imagine being so arrogant and stuck up.

No. 2005059

she just wants to play angels vs demons, bc her life is sad and lacking

No. 2005064

If she wants to play angel and fight off demons for a rush, then just play Elden Ring or WoW or rpg. Sitting on X fighting over religion and politics is lame-o.
I'd tell her to play some shooter to let off steam, but she'd probably sit there pretending she's shooting at Jews or something.

No. 2005068

File: 1718526920489.mp4 (385.75 KB, 720x912, jzzN1Mgvm0Oz-gQX.mp4)

I guess why play games when you can make tiktok videos like these instead LOL

No. 2005069

File: 1718527223664.mp4 (402.82 KB, 720x926, 0EqqdOU8P6U-scsF.mp4)

Alidas new style incoming, I can't tell where it's headed. Goth? Emo?
Hope she goes full goth.

No. 2005071

SHEIN core that’s what she gives

No. 2005072

File: 1718527771535.jpg (144.93 KB, 598x958, kekkles.jpg)

looks like she switched teams. she's on the black angel side now because of emo brandon probably.

No. 2005074

Alida's new fixation: being edgy.

The way she's pointing the gun ready to shoot us and all the Jews.

No. 2005075

Shoot me bitch, I'm made of cookie dough and stardust

No. 2005076

Taking bets on how many times Alida changes her entire aesthetic within one thread. Just when I think she's boring, she goes and switches it up again.

No. 2005077

Ewwwwww ahahahaha the verdict is up she’s not cute “emo” or “coquette” and makes both look so ick and cringe I can’t with this picture help

No. 2005078

Like pls tell me she doesn’t think she looks good here

No. 2005079

The gun cross makes sense now cuz ~saurrrrr edgi guize!~ Imagine changing ur whole personality and interests every time u simp for someone. What disorder makes u do that serious question

No. 2005080

File: 1718529063682.jpg (131.51 KB, 520x928, 190600.jpg)

lmao! I am sitting here wondering the same. Idk if I should be laughing, but she goes from being unfunny to very funny in a flash.

No. 2005081

ngl unstable alida with a gun is a scary thought

No. 2005082

she's telling us that she's full of rage. alida put the gun down and go and get some therapy.

No. 2005097

Damn, the Sucker Punch sequel looks like shit

No. 2005101

I am dying over the emo theme music.
I still can't work out if she's trolling or not.
When you order Sucker Punch from temu.

No. 2005107

The outfit looks cheap and scratchy as fuck.

No. 2005112

im dying she looks so bad omg why would she post that. totally a jumpscare. she looks super old and trying to hard

No. 2005124

She’s so fat and washed up lmao

No. 2005127

the only thing alida praises is dick

Whoever’s she’s riding the next second, or gods.

No. 2005137

I just noticed…is that a mini razor blade swinging on the end of her bikini top? LMAO
Imagine Alida and Shayna doing a photoshoot together.

No. 2005165

The way you can tell she’s never done edgy/dark eye makeup in her entire life KEK she looks so ridiculous like she’s a very heavily themed Barbie (not that she’s anything like Barbie but you get me) that you decided to dress in a different doll’s clothes. The MCR is the cherry on top of that video lmao

No. 2005208

Don't put her onto Sucker Punch. It'll be her new obsession. I'm surprised she's not already skinwalking babydoll

No. 2005213

She's spiraling. Is it unchecked mental illness or a drug addiction? Maybe both? The crude eyeliner reminds me of Luna.

No. 2005239

i’m fucking cackling, this is so stupid and she looks so bad

No. 2005240

what's going on with her feet?

No. 2005257

Did she give up the fake lip rings?

No. 2005368

She did that for a couple of months back in LA when she was working poker tables, when somebody told her she looked like Babydoll.
Oh yea she must have forgotten to put them on to finish the look lol

No. 2005371

this all got flagged as porn for me on X

No. 2005399

I think she may have deleted it all, I can't see it anymore.

No. 2005401

It didn't come up if you're underage (I know because my sister couldn't see it, when I could), or if your settings aren't open for 'sensitive content'. It got auto detected as being porno kek. But she's def deleted it now

No. 2005409

File: 1718611242834.jpg (87.03 KB, 1080x1247, 448538308.jpg)

totally normal

No. 2005410

switching up the fake black lip rings for some snazzy red ones

No. 2005425

I want to know who bought this and is walking down the streets with this number on. I wonder if they bought the jacket with the massive felt and glue eyeball on the back, to wear with it, like a full set.

No. 2005623

Girl needs some new clothes, those pit stains aren’t going anywhere.

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