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File: 1711128241509.jpeg (151.39 KB, 1004x632, IMG_0071.jpeg)

No. 1978896

After several threads filled with blogposting, infighting, and the posting of off-topic (yet still effusive with milk) cows due to low pro-ana cow activity, nonnies of the Pro-Ana Scumbag threads were finally able to agree on something: we need a separate thread for these Cluster B(itches).

This psych ward is open to: diagnosis-in-bio oversharers, headbangers and scratchers, revolving door patients (not munchies), cows with personality disorders, lurkers/posters, and probably some other criteria that are yet to be determined.

Do some of these cows have eating disorders? Yes. Maybe. Kind of.
Does the majority of their milky behaviour have to do with their eating disorder? No.

The Pro-Ana Scumbags thread will inevitably have some cow crossover with the Cluster B(itches) thread from time to time, but please refrain from posting cows whose antics aren't primarily related to their eating disorder in the Scumbags thread.

Last thread: >>>/snow/1933243
(#3 locked due to shit OP)

Laura: https://www.instagram.com/flourishingfxiry/
Posted a 4 month “glow-up”. Such an incredible difference! A photoshopped and filtered picture compared to an unedited one! Laura reunited with Dween, her ex girlfriend, no, friend, no, lover. Whatever their relationship is, it’s weird.

Enara: https://www.instagram.com/enaralouise
Enara presented so much to the hospital that they eventually placed her on palliative psychiatric care. She claimed she no longer has any access to opioids, benozos or antipsychotics. All her admissions were ceased and therapy was reduced. Posted her list of yearly accomplishments, which included receiving an IO line for the fourth time. Bought 19 pairs of doc martens. Enara was tubed for a week. Provided selfie as proof. Enara is currently in a wheelchair for surgery on both of her legs. Let’s not forget Rico, Enara’s PTSD assistance dog (even if Enara herself has.)

Abby: https://www.instagram.com/abbymcollins
The same as always: absolutely no self-awareness, head banging on the daily, going out in public with no shame and her head wrapped up like Mr Bump. The only interesting thing about her to come from this thread is the paedophile predator she is now “best friends” with. Strap in, nonnies, this is a wild one.

Paedo Becca: https://www.instagram.com/becca.mocks.recovery
Filled with trauma. She uses this to manipulate and prey on young, mentally ill girls She tells different people different versions of her trauma. Apparently her grandfather was the leader of a paedo ring at church, but this has been changed with other people. Exchanged roses with Abby on the beach and Abby was found on a queer dating app stating she is bi. Was incest with her sister. Posed for pictures in lingerie with each other. Her sister walks around the house with her tits out.

Colours: https://www.instagram.com/coloursofthedark_bpd_aspd_npd/
Received a letter inviting her to a personality disorder assessment, then promptly received another to say it was a mistake. She had already been seen by that department “without success”. Posted a concerning story stating she wanted to hurt people and they deserve it. She wanted to end them and end herself. Concerning, albeit a little funny.

Becca: https://www.instagram.com/trying_to_recover_becca_2k17/
Has been very quiet. Someone posted to her account saying that she is safe and to definitely NOT ask questions. Made a post about being discharged and spending New Years with her family for the first time since 2017.

Katya: https://www.tiktok.com/@katsrecovery2023
A new cow. Travelled to London to stage a suicide attempt because her local police know she won’t actually do anything. One nonnie had an acquaintance whose mother died of cancer. Katya said, “I’d kill myself if I had you as a daughter too.” She stole someone’s pictures of a stillborn premature baby, claiming it was her son. She bullied someone for their weight until she took her life. Has been accused of killing past pets and animal abuse.

Jaycie: https://www.tiktok.com/@jayciesedrecovery
Her tiktok has been purged (excuse the pun) and now only features one video of herself with a tube (naturally) and a super long caption spewing nothing but bullshit.

Kat: https://www.instagram.com/confessionsofafatanorexic
Relapse baiting by saying she’s been referred to ED services for atypical anorexia. Definitely not the highest level of autistic that she claims to be. Posted about her carers inadequately caring for her. One of them didn’t follow his plan for when Kat inevitably spilled water on her feet and had a meltdown. Her needs were too great for him and he left, saying, “This is bullshit.”

May: https://www.instagram.com/recovery_for_childrens_nursing
Posted a half naked selfie in the proana thread to prove how super anorexic she is. Presented to A&E after apparently not eating for five days. Was allowed out of the hospital to go shopping for “safe foods”. Was discharged as there was nothing wrong with her. Doctors turned down the option to tube her because she would become too attached to it. May was offered day patient again, after dropping out of the last one only a matter of days into it. Was 3kg underweight at her lowest. One doctor wrote, “Reports of not eating are inconsistent with BMI of 17.” Now trying to claim PIP. Keeps baiting that she’s going to discharge herself from ED services. Is threatening to sue the NHS. There was a cow crossover with May and Laura.

Lottie: https://www.tiktok.com/@lottshealing https://www.tiktok.com/@lotsypotsspam
Classic BPD headbanger who pretends to have autism, an ED, ADHD, OCD, PTSD and can’t keep up with her own lies. Also has a terrible moustache. Headbanged every time she was taken off 1:1 observations, and got banned from attending group therapy sessions because she would have fake seizures. Stalked another patient and would constantly sit outside her door, sliding paper notes under the door to her. Rich family is now paying £4000 for a private DBT group. Headbangs the day before like clockwork. Pretends to be an expert by experience for autism. She has even conned PEACE into believing her autism lies.

No. 1978898

This should be thread number 3, retard. The previous one was locked but it shouldn't be considered the 4th.

No. 1978899

Different nonnie than made the last, but for times sake I mostly copied/pasted and just edited out the problematic parts.
First thread as well so I apologies if I also fucked up.

No. 1978900

Chill dude I always thought we moved to the next number when a thread was killed.

No. 1978901

You move on when a thread is finished, not when it's locked by admins early on for being shite.

No. 1978903

Is this an actual board rule or something ornery nonnies have made up to whine about?

If it’s a real posted rule I’ve overlooked over the years I’ll take the L but right now it just seems like a lot of nitpicking from people who could’ve just done it themselves if they care so much.

No. 1978934

You didn't change anything in the op

No. 1978936

I added the intro that was left out, added previous #2 thread link, mentioned the locked #3, and erased all the weird personal commentary and user quotes. The summaries were fine without that nonsense.

No. 1978940

Wow they locked the whole thread over the thread origin story at the the beginning not being there? Kek

No. 1978942

No, it just makes for a nicer thread. It was locked because the original summary had a lot of OPs own personal commentary, as well as quotes from anons that had nothing to do with the cow themselves and their behavior. Book report vibes. I fixed the issues the farmhand cited and tweaked it to fit the standard a bit better, so idk why anyone would still have a problem.

No. 1978949

you didnt change anything though? you just added the beginning part

No. 1979039

not op, but what's the issue? the locked thread write-up was fine apart from the personal commentary done by the previous op, so this op cleaned it up so it abides by rules. she doesn't need to think up another summary when it was right there.

No. 1979082

anyways re: May going back to work, i wonder if she’ll actually commit and move out so she can eat her safe foods in peace. i have endless (and completely undeserved) hopes that these cows go back into society like normal people.

No. 1979114

I doubt it. She's not committed to anything else over the past year, so why would this be the exception?

No. 1979165

File: 1711205705152.png (413.35 KB, 424x688, Screen Shot 2024-03-23 at 9.56…)

She's already foredhadowing trouble with going back (laying the grounds to say it caused a relapse)

No. 1979176

File: 1711207316656.png (40 KB, 600x138, Screen Shot 2024-03-23 at 10.2…)

May apparently does not understand the idea of training. How would the number of therapists specialized in EDs ever increase if services didn't train new ones?

No. 1979184

What a surprise. She was also told little and often w.r.t her eating by the GI consultant back in what, early/mid january, and it's taken her until now to do it.

Considering how long she's been under MH services, I'm surprised she's never had a trainee nurse/doctor/psychologist sit in on her appointments?
Obviously, the trust is looking for folks with previous experience of giving CBT, and they wouldn't be let loose unsupervised straight away! They'll be trained in how to give CBT-E first.

No. 1979193

JFC STFU and do it yourself next time - stop clogging the thread with this shit and let us enjoy the cows.(infighting)

No. 1979195

Typical. She was all nervous about not being cleared for work, 5 seconds later she was excited she got cleared, and 5 seconds after that was upset she was cleared and already talking about how she wouldn’t be able to cut it. She has no business working with people in general, let alone chidlren in a medical setting when she is so wildly unstable in every way imaginable.

No. 1979250

File: 1711226179428.jpeg (57.56 KB, 359x596, kk.jpeg)

Fatya update: got rid of her dog (thank god) to commit herself to full time bpd, went to A&E for a "blood clot" who told her to get lost and go to GP, GP referred to physio (for a blood clot lol cmon kat), called ambo on herself because she couldn't feel her leg or wipe her arse, claimed to be in resus and did a live whilst there, ran off from the hospital, got mad bc no1curr, lied about being sectioned, then apparently last night they had enough and arrested her and chucked her in cells overnight. All in 2-3 days.

No. 1979254

File: 1711226854632.jpeg (398.07 KB, 1192x1974, hhh.jpeg)

Haley (TikTok @lifesucks2216) succeeded in manipulating the ward to put her back on a S3 after baiting them for months because she can't stand being informal (less attention). Claims it was done after she had some huge massive attempt and woke up to staff with a "resus bag" next to her. Proceeded to go on a huge defensive rant after people called her out for wanting to be sectioned.

No. 1979277

Just this one post has been wildly more entertaining the the last threads. Looking forward to more posts on this one please.

No. 1979278

> Looking forward to more posts on this one please.
If you're so bored, you could also go collect the milk yourself instead of requesting that other people do it for you.

No. 1979418

File: 1711278585164.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1179x1668, lll.jpeg)

Lottie (@lottshealing TikTok/insta) posted a lipsync from the hospital 1 day ago announcing a social media break, then immediately posted 5-6 tiktoks sporting a sanitary pad on her neck lmfao. Then edited caption on her hospital vid to remove mention of said social media break. It's also her 21st birthday so gotta have that visible SH (although if you look closely, there is obvs nothing of significance there). So back to regularly scheduled programming, which for her is SHing and faking seizures in group therapy (or SHing on her face/neck bc she said the therapy service told her to cover her arms as she was triggering people on purpose) until they ship her off to the general. She's being purposely vague about the neck and the hospital trip because 1. she did fuck all to her neck and 2. she was in the hospital for less than a day. She keeps pulling this shit like clockwork on the day group therapy happens. It's fucking transparent.

No. 1979420

File: 1711278767372.jpeg (42.93 KB, 360x572, llll.jpeg)

No. 1979490

File: 1711301475221.png (3.54 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0257.png)

New cow alert? Claims to be in recovery, but constantly body checks. Has lost a lot of weight, and is making sure that everyone knows of it.

No. 1979503

File: 1711304141411.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1179x1968, 333.jpeg)

kat's complaining she got "no help" again because the hospital binned her off instead of sectioning her as she desperately wants (again). fucking idiot.

No. 1979528

this was the idiot who was always posting her little summer camp tiktoks at walden. afaik she was in and out of that place a dozen times (or at least she made it seem that way)

No. 1979531

wrong thread, this isn't the pro-ana thread

No. 1979552

Literally!! She’s so annoying.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1979647

File: 1711371464516.jpeg (2.02 MB, 1170x2051, IMG_7665.jpeg)

here we go

No. 1979687

How are people this mentally unstable even allowed to be considered for the medical field?

No. 1979689

File: 1711384621846.jpeg (406.48 KB, 936x1728, jj.jpeg)

Today's episode of Katya's total bullshittery. Claims she's going to be put on a DOLS…that or a coma. Or a morgue. Lol

No. 1979725

File: 1711393524947.jpeg (485.72 KB, 1179x1345, ddd.jpeg)

>>1979647 lol she backpedalled on that fast. posted on her insta story confirming that she "retracted" her email because she didn't want to make "any rash decisions". may your bpd is showing

No. 1979831

File: 1711414934426.png (1.76 MB, 1080x2028, Screenshot_20240325-205559~2.p…)

cow crossover

No. 1979833

is she just reading lolcow and then reaching out to and befriending everyone in her area that we discuss? kek

No. 1979836

it appears so lmfao

No. 1979948

did she ever knew about moisturizer and tweezers? she always looks so crusty

No. 1979955

I bet Mays seething that kat posted this picture of her looking a perfectly healthy weight.

No. 1979964

agree lol bmi 17 where??? she sure doesn’t look it

No. 1979990

She's also really short, which doesn't help matters.

No. 1980006

Ngl I thought the same nonnie - not to bone rattle etc etc but if I saw her walking down the street I’d think she just looked like an average woman?? Idk maybe other cows past and current have tainted my views kek.

No. 1980035

haha omg you're probably right, but that's so funny i thought something different when i saw it, i was thinking at least Kat posted a nice picture of her, her face looks so much better than it usually does in the pics she posts herself. but you called it, she's probably pissed. when the cows literally know and meet through lolcow, they HAVE to know it will get posted here if they share it. there is no way they're not actively seeking to be discussed here. if they really wanted to meet and just bond over their experience of being posted to this site, they would definitely keep it private and ask eachother not to share it.

No. 1980041

File: 1711479113705.jpg (458.52 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-03-26_14_53_16.jp…)

No. 1980095

i don't know anything about this platform she's using for asks but she's gotta be sending these to herself right? i can't imagine multiple people caring enough to send her hate

No. 1980101

Dainty Ana Queen clearly close to death from her ED.

No. 1980104

this picture is actually kind-of sad because it feels like a glimpse of how normal and happy May could be if she'd just let go of the victimization complex and desire to excuse herself from life

No. 1980110

honestly i don't think so. i think she sends herself tells sometimes asking questions or making comments about things just so she can have a reason to post about it when she responds to the questions. but i think all the hate she gets on tellonym is real, although it could be coming from the same people over and over again, but tellonym still seems to be pretty popular on instagram "vent accounts" or whatever you want to call them. and i think it's pretty clear from this site that she does have a lot of people who enjoy snarking on her.

No. 1980112

File: 1711495260515.jpeg (374.68 KB, 940x1734, kjk.jpeg)

Looks like the end of the road for fatya

No. 1980124

she's in the UK right, i think? is it me, or has cows being cut off from services been happening quite a bit lately?

No. 1980129

I agree, I also thought she looked much nicer. This just proves (not that anyone expected any different) that she takes the worst pics of her to elicit shock and concern. Imagine purposely making yourself uglier just to get sympathy from randos online instead of going out and living your life.

No. 1980132

File: 1711500928907.png (438.32 KB, 427x752, Screen Shot 2024-03-26 at 6.40…)

Apparently May's stomach emptying is only borderline delayed, despite her making it out like she has severe gastroparesis that prevents her from eating most things

No. 1980133

File: 1711501025635.png (495.52 KB, 427x764, Screen Shot 2024-03-26 at 6.40…)

May's mother is abusing her by … putting things in the cupboard? I genuinely don't understand what is so upsetting here. Can't May just rearrange?

No. 1980154

It’s her mother’s house she can put her shit where she wants. If May doesn’t like it she can move out. If her mom is so abusive she can go to a shelter. But she won’t because she loves drama and to play victim

No. 1980160

wait a minute, she's never felt excluded from the ED community? lol i'm officially lost, isn't that basically 90% of what she talks about? did she not post a topless pic on here to prove how deathly unwell she is? oh May. and the cabinet thing is just batshit fucking crazy. just put your milk away, mom prob won't even notice, prob doesn't even realize she "stole" your spot in her cabinet, you know? kek.

No. 1980231

this feels like an attempt to larp as autistic lol

No. 1980234

Oh, she is actually diagnosed as autistic. >>1980133
Maybe her mother's put stuff away in the cupboard because May's left like kitchen in a shitheap again (and sounds like she does this frequently/ expects her mother to put up with it until she decides she fancies sorting it out.

No. 1980235

File: 1711536784126.jpg (38.77 KB, 320x711, 419097874_659970719566133_2479…)

May crying wolf (again).
Will she or won't she actually discharge herself from ED services so she doesn't have to do day patient.

No. 1980252

“they’ve made me so fat” yet she complains that she was discharged from the hospital after 4 days on a 450cal meal plan. May i think you’ve made yourself fat

No. 1980253

There’s so much BPD in this screenshot. The forced crying, the dramatization, the fucking boomerang of her sobbing face …

No. 1980274

she's so obnoxiously ugly i can't stand her

No. 1980287

The thing is, she wasn't - in the sense that it wasn't that dietetics had her on only 450 cals. You can find the meal plans that get used when you get admitted in an emergency over the weekend when dietetics aren't in, and even when you weigh 30kg and haven't eaten in a fortnight, you're still brought from sod all to ~1000kcal over like, 4-5 days.

The reason why she was "discharged on only 450cals" is because she was refusing to comply with the meal plan (probably in the hope they'd tube her). Consultant told the nurses not to NG feed, so they were effectively at a impasse; bloods were good enough for home and the hospital clearly need the bed, therefore discharge home.

No. 1980330

so basically they didn’t make her fat lmao she was fat all on her own

No. 1980348

File: 1711564659753.jpg (58.92 KB, 320x711, 418914229_1599882137445536_670…)

Pretty much.

Obviously May's got to flex that she's under the moderate to severe ED service… Give it two days and she'll be all "anorexia nervosa is a mental health disorder, not a weight disorder/ atypical anorexia nervosa shouldn't exist/ your ED is valid no matter what you weigh uwu"

I still don't get why being under CMHT would be so bad - she's clearly got shit going on that the ED service can't deal with.

No. 1980351

“Hate that it’s called that” kek, May no… no you don’t. Just like she’s definitely secretly elated that she apparently ‘isn’t allowed’ to discharge herself. But if she was discharged after apparently requesting, she 100% would do nothing but complain all over social media and play the poor victim. She’s becoming more insufferable jc

No. 1980361

kekekeke in the hospital notes she posted it said she’d refused input from any team other than ED, that’s the only reason she’s not back to CMHT as she’d probably kick off and start refusing to eat again

No. 1980388

she's allowed to discharge herself, they'll just report it to occupational health and she's worried they'll reverse the decision to let her start working again. She's phrased it this way to give the impression of being involuntary.

No. 1980404

File: 1711576630648.jpeg (330.23 KB, 1170x639, IMG_7687.jpeg)

sure May you were on palliative care aged 11

No. 1980656

File: 1711648360941.jpg (1.16 MB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-03-28_13_55_07.jp…)

No. 1980666

File: 1711652255691.jpeg (474.46 KB, 1179x2130, kkk.jpeg)

Lottie has finally been booted out ("suspended") from her private DBT because of an "incident". Does not seem to understand that actions have consequences. I bet her rich parents are thrilled considering she's just pissed £4,000 of their money down the drain

No. 1980773

Wonder if BPD anas like her lie about adhd symptoms to get a diagnosis and the resulting meds. Stimulants given for adhd kill appetite for a lot of people, so there’s good motivation both for another label to crow about and an easy way to restrict via pharmaceuticals.

No. 1980833

File: 1711691700826.jpg (794.48 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-03-29_01_57_37.jp…)

No. 1980837

File: 1711692191348.png (657.06 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240329-015150.png)

No. 1980865

topkek, she - or her weight - is the very definition of “mild” (see picrel). She must be seething at that photo Kat shared of her looking like a perfectly normal, healthy 20something woman

No. 1980866

File: 1711703320285.jpeg (43.43 KB, 548x255, IMG_3243.jpeg)

oops dropped pic

No. 1980885

Ofc they do! There’s a reason so many anachans all of a sudden have adhd. >>1980773

No. 1981338

I don’t get how this bitch is so fucking wrinkly? Isn’t she in her 20s

No. 1981355

File: 1711841022809.jpeg (388.5 KB, 828x618, 400685BF-9EA3-4634-BA15-9D95F5…)

Wow her mother is so insufferable abusive and narcissistic. I can’t believe such a terrible, selfish person would do such a thing! Here is more evidence of how she doesn’t care about her darling disabled daughter

No. 1981390

File: 1711852682988.jpg (670.78 KB, 1170x2083, IMG_8577.jpg)

no but her mother is so cute. how could she possibly hate her

No. 1981393

right? one of her other complaints was that her mother had someone over to help with her something and then was chatting/socializing with them for a while. "oh no, my mom is nice to other people"

No. 1981450

It wasn't that someone had come over to help her as such, he'd come over so her mum could countersign his passport photo. So he wasn't just a random neighbour, her mum's actually known him for years. And how dare they get chatting!

No. 1981524

File: 1711902918668.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1179x1941, lkl.jpeg)

Nah, Lottie, stop pretending you don't make specific behavioural choices and that you're exempt of the consequences (caption incoming)

No. 1981527

File: 1711903121576.jpeg (508.73 KB, 1179x1899, 11cap.jpeg)

>>1981524 Context: she got kicked out of private DBT (caption now reveals this was at the priory, where IIRC she said before she was inpatient last year, the same place she stalked another patient) 3 days ago for what looks like cutting her neck during one of the group sessions. Big colours face-slash energy, but IRL. Is now blaming her "illness" for this and not, you know, her relentless attention seeking manipulative behaviour. Of course no one wants to help you if you take (or rather, pay for) the help and then use it as a personal forum to publicly SH for attention. Christ.

No. 1981531

File: 1711903392601.jpeg (292.06 KB, 1072x1932, h1.jpeg)

Hayley is also back after her account got banned, her new username on TT is helpme4354

No. 1981668

File: 1711942672506.jpg (1023.78 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-03-31_23_36_57.jp…)

No. 1981693

That is one ugly alien looking motherfucker

No. 1981835

Sorry for sooonfeeding request but I tried to look for it. How come incest Becca is now Paedo Becca? What have I missed has she fiddled with kids?

No. 1982219

File: 1712120635809.png (1.57 MB, 853x1561, Screenshots_2024-04-03-00-39-4…)

No. 1982307

File: 1712147571662.jpeg (777.16 KB, 1170x1569, IMG_8638.jpeg)

Oh no not the bullying and discrimination at work poor may

No. 1982313

Kek I remember this one from years ago, hasn’t changed I see… she needs to take the ‘s’ out of ‘beats’ though

No. 1982327

she's just like Laura now, she posts about 20 or so throwback pics of her doing ballet, riding horses, etc. every fucking day

No. 1982329

File: 1712153792500.jpg (439.12 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_20240403_151217_Ins…)

Always some hyperbolic drama with this one. Of course she's neutrophenic 🙄
Not just fucked up her bloods by playing the ED game. She can eat. She's just choosing not to, as she's more likely to get attention through ED stuff than the BPD meltdowns or fake DID shit(emoji)

No. 1982355

First of all, who fucking cares? Secondly, what bullying and discrimination? She’s was taken off work because she was working with vulnerable children (children literally dying from cancer). She couldn’t manage to eat normally and was putting children at risk. That’s not discriminating. That’s smart management. The delusion is real with this one

No. 1982368

So according to May, at various times:
work: bullying/discriminatory/abusive
uni: discriminatory
home: abusive
her mum: narcissistic/abusive
hospital: negligent
ed team: unaccomodating/negligent/insert pretty much any word for “they won’t give me special treatment and I’m big mad about it” here
She’s the eternal victim, isn’t she? The world against poor widdle May.

No. 1982409

Honestly would not surprise me. I have heard story’s from three people that she’s was sexually inappropriate towards them. She’s a predator 100%

No. 1982518

File: 1712206522580.jpg (591.66 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-04-04_00_54_54.jp…)

No. 1982583

File: 1712238542205.png (2.31 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240404-094758.png)

No. 1982584

No. 1982592

File: 1712240432711.jpg (487.99 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-04-04_10_19_54.jp…)

No. 1982627

File: 1712247973261.jpg (315.14 KB, 1440x1236, Collage_2024-04-04_12_24_15~2.…)

boo hoo, life's so stressful and difficult for these disgusting cows

No. 1982671

Does she even have to pay the tax? Pretty sure her rent and all will be covered with her benefits

No. 1982693

exactly. can't stand this cow, always posting about how she did lots of adulting today. lmao bitch..adulting where?!

No. 1982706

File: 1712262874673.jpeg (417.02 KB, 1153x793, IMG_1225.jpeg)

Don’t mind me just adding to the list
>TfL: ableist/discriminatory
kek at calling people to boycott a system they likely have no choice to use because y’know , work. She’s so reactionary and touchy about everything, not to mention thick as mince

No. 1982707

the doctor is a wanker for not admitting her slightly elevated vitals (probably from obesity and dehydration and swallowing her daily battery) but she has anorexia?? kek a real anorexic would do everything she can to not be admitted. the bpd is so fucking obvious with this one, i dont understand how she doesnt see it herself. good on the doctor for not playing into her antics.

No. 1982709

Abelism another word totally overused so people can try not to face consequences of their actions.

No. 1982713

bedroom tax is money taken out of your benefits when you have a spare, unused room in a council house/flat

No. 1982732

Kek that’s now what ableism is, May. You still have to pay your bills like the every other disabled (and non-disabled) person does.

No. 1982733

A real anorexic wouldn’t be asking for an NG tube now that she’s “successfully” fucked her esophagus up enough to not be able to eat.

No. 1982739


This £57 something would be all she'd have to pay to keep her 2 bed house now she doesn't have carers overnight. The rest is covered by housing benefit stuff.

It's not like she has to actually pay the whole rent. Most people would love to only pay <£60 a month rent 🤣(emoji)

No. 1982751

i just don't understand how this fatass expects anyone to believe she's not keeping food down smh

No. 1982752

ha. especially if they didn't even have to earn their own rent money through working/ACTUAL ADULTING.

No. 1982797

i'm from the US so i don't really know what happened or how it works with these bus cards, but i would imagine they'd reactivate her card when she pays off the balance right? but why's there $15 on it if she owes money it? i mean, why would they not take that off the amount she owes. with these cards, they let people ride the bus and rack up charges? i don't know, i'm confused, but regardless she's seriously insane for thinking it's a reason to tell people to boycott the bus lmfao her main character syndrome is truly something else. also, i wonder if she means they were ableist towards her or other people. you know..like non-cow, non-munchie people with real disabilities.

No. 1982798

I genuinely cannot think of anyone or any institution that May doesn't feel victimized by

No. 1982823

File: 1712303540315.jpeg (63.16 KB, 828x291, 28ECE937-4517-468F-873E-713E2F…)

how on earth is that ableism? she didn’t pay her fee and they’ve cancelled her card because of that. it has nothing to do with disabilities. actually grow the fuck up and do something with your life, may.

No. 1982920

File: 1712335042465.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x1441, IMG_7751.jpeg)

imagine carrying a child for nine months, labouring to bring it into the world, clothe and feed it and it turns out to be this fucking whiny

No. 1982923

I think OP just got pedo and preditor confused. She's proven to be a preditor though for sure

No. 1982925

I'm a mother and if I had a daughter turn out like her then I'd also have a daughter on the streets "starving to death"

No. 1982942

File: 1712339385588.jpg (1.21 MB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20240405_184919_Tik…)

Katya is live on tiktok right now saying she goes to the gym and walks the dog so is healthy at 17 stone


No. 1982978

pretty sure a large amount of mothers would not prefer to be supporting their 26 year old adult useless, ungrateful, piece of shit daughter

No. 1982980

is this a filter or are her eyes for real that small

No. 1982985

her eyes look normal to me, maybe you should take a break from the internet for a little bit

No. 1983001

NTA but she does have small eyes and it doesn't help that she looks extremely strung out in every single pic

No. 1983004

you sound like a lying troll.

No. 1983005

plenty of parents kick out their NEET children, I don't know why you find that unbelievable. There have even been court cases in the US where parents evicted their 30-something or 40-something year old children who wouldn't work and contribute to the household

No. 1983011

Ayrt and I'm absolutely not lying. Especially if said daughter was talking shit about me on the internet trying to paint me out as some abusive monster for talking to guests in my own home. The amount of total shit she talks about living with her mom? Leave then!! You're a parent until the day you die, yes, but adult children shouldn't just expect their parents to mollycoddle them forever. You'd cut drug addict kids off for their own sake so why would attention addiction be treated any differently

No. 1983024

What is her TT username???

No. 1983026

can you not literally just click the link in the post you replied to?

No. 1983028

Moans that her mother is apparently ‘abusive’, neglectful, malicious, narcissistic etc etc
Moans/implies that her mum would prefer her not to live there (I mean, could you blame her kek)
Make your mind up May. She moans and complains that much she’s literally contradicting herself. It’s like she always has to complain and pick at something to feed her victim complex. Jfc she’s insufferable at this point.

No. 1983085

File: 1712378549631.png (144.73 KB, 591x623, Screen Shot 2024-04-05 at 11.4…)

Is she actually implying that they put up a maintenance message just to fuck with her?

No. 1983091

i know this is a huge claim, but i swear to god May is the worst, most insufferable cow we've ever discussed in this and the pro-ana scumbags thread

No. 1983111

File: 1712388469125.jpg (176.41 KB, 1080x1920, IAMMoreImportantThanANewborn.j…)

Is she literally taking the piss out of a premie newborn needing hospital care? Fucking hell colours.

No. 1983116

I'm with you nonnie. Genuinely, cannot wait until DP wise up to her party tricks - watch her either deliberately sabotage the trial day or start and then refuse to eat so she gets fortisip. She really should be just under the care of CMHT; she would be at BMI 17 for massive chunks of the north of England. I think it'd very much stop a lot of her attention seeking tbh.(sage your shit)

No. 1983119

When is her DP starting?

No. 1983121

File: 1712394105379.jpeg (370.89 KB, 828x1036, 51EB9E10-B266-4468-B31B-F58180…)

not well enough to hike. poor sick may has convinced some rando on the internet that she’s too unwell to go for a walk

No. 1983129

A thing that's barely human > colours.
For once, I agree with her. She is subhuman.

No. 1983130

16th April is the trial day if my memory hasn't failed.

No. 1983132

nonnie, c'mon, I know you know how to sage

No. 1983134

You're right. I do. This is what I get for posting half-asleep

No. 1983146

File: 1712403268769.jpg (461.41 KB, 2160x1920, LiterallyAskingForIt.jpg)

I've missed recent happenings, I thought she was only getting chat bot messages, but she can't even keep her reasoning straight. Straight after making a tell account she goaded farmers to use her inbox, no one really bit nor cared. Now someone has - or it's her herself - and she's lying about the purpose in the first place and playing the victim.

No. 1983151

This is the most narcissistic assumption and display of paranoid delusion I’ve ever encountered. This girl is sick but it’s not with anorexia.

No. 1983190

exactly, this bitch is psychotic. and ffs has she tried reaching out to any of the people from the hike? phone works both ways. i get not feeling comfortable in a group of new people, and that's fine if she gives up on it, but it's just classic May to act like she's so excluded and no one has checked on her after meeting her once, smfh!

No. 1983217

trial? why is may going to trial? sorry for spoonfeeding request but i follow may closely and haven’t heard of this at all

No. 1983218

She's not going to court, which is now you're interpreting 'trial'. She's doing a 'trial day' at the eating disorder day program to basically see if she can follow the rules and be accepted into the program.

No. 1983219

Day patient trial for her sooper sewious eating disorder

No. 1983225

File: 1712422741073.jpeg (249.4 KB, 828x1214, B8DDFFB9-40BB-4A81-AA87-35648C…)

Somebody asked her that, and her victim complex came out to play again. Wholeheartedly, fuck May. She’s a whiny, selfish, disgusting excuse of a human who thinks everybody and every organisation is out to get her. If she cared so much about what people said on here, she wouldn’t post on her public Twitter and would delete her Instagram.

No. 1983245

I'm absolutely with the other person on this - she's moaning that noones messaged her to be like uwu you're not coming, when she's only been a few times. And it's not like May's capable of giving a shit about anyone but herself.

No. 1983266

either way, if anyone in this hiking group did started getting to know her, i'm sure it wouldn't take long to realize they don't want to get to know her and she would end up being alone in a group of people

No. 1983305

File: 1712434969822.png (1.73 MB, 853x1546, Screenshots_2024-04-06-16-15-1…)

No. 1983316

oh my god i feel like an idiot but thank you for explaining!

No. 1983321

File: 1712439549039.jpeg (1.3 MB, 828x1310, A5D61C14-AC73-47E4-8F7E-6DB616…)

Not milk, just Laura looking like a wee dainty nugget

No. 1983356

File: 1712444856640.jpeg (Spoiler Image,421.84 KB, 808x938, jkj.jpeg)


Mustachio'd attention seeker @lottshealing has fucked herself up good and proper since she got booted from her DBT group at the priory, which was her personal forum for publicly self harming. The "incident" in the group session did not need stitches, you can tell from this picture she posted the day she got kicked out.

No. 1983357

kek why does she look like spagett

No. 1983362

File: 1712445425988.jpeg (73.4 KB, 360x604, lll.jpeg)

Insta post from 5 days ago. Being "in and out of a&e for weeks" lmfao, tracks considering every time she makes a new post she has another stitched up wound, gotta make sure you do one every working day to get that sweet a&e trip! Especially since the priory have now chucked her. Also, "possible admission", sure Lottie. Clearly hasn't happened which is why she's ramped up the SH and moved onto the face for maximum impact. This fucking weapon is literally an NHS "expert by experience" https://peacepathwaybob.org/personal-stories/

No. 1983364

File: 1712445686016.jpeg (64.72 KB, 360x540, opo.jpeg)

Buuuut this TikTok from 3 days ago tells us she didn't get that admission! Hence the new SH on the face. Is bitching about not deserving help because of her BPD. She had private fucking DBT her rich parents paid for and she chose to fuck it up because she just couldn't help herself by Shing/faking a seizure in the group session lmfao. Obvs she has escalated the SH and has defaulted to nOOoOoo BPD discrimination instead of taking a single ounce of responsibility for the fucked up shit she does. Rat

No. 1983376

that is fucking disgusting, cover that shit. ugh if the goal is for people to be sad and feel sorry for her, seeing that is so much more likely to make people just actually be scared and not want anything to do with her.

No. 1983427

File: 1712469757493.jpg (1.17 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20240407_065846_com…)

May trying to make herself look like she has sooper srs autisms again.
As an autistic person, her attention seeking absolutely baffles me.

No. 1983442

She kinda has a point, NHS basically doesn't believe in mental health issues and refuses to treat anyone who isn't a benefit scrounger.

No. 1983445

>fattest woman you have ever seen

No. 1983448

You're not the only one to be denied mental health help by the nhs, pull your socks up and sort your own shit out like everyone else in the UK

No. 1983449

They don't treat people with MH issues who are on benefits either

No. 1983450

>Police and ambulance won't be attending calls relating to me anymore

Good, these people are understaffed, underpaid, underfunded and overworked. There are people who's lives are in danger.

No. 1983456

Are you serious? She’s a whale but Laura is a heifer

No. 1983458

File: 1712478462892.jpeg (91.65 KB, 749x1334, IMG_7559.jpeg)

Has Kat blocked or deleted?(learn to sage)

No. 1983461

Couldn’t tell if that was the front or back of her for a sec.

No. 1983478

not to WK but Kat has been basically locked up for a few years being regularly dosed up with antipsychotics, presumably extra every time she lost her shit, you couldn’t really avoid porking out in that situation

No. 1983557

lmfao this is an underrated comment nona

No. 1983576

File: 1712515931029.jpeg (231.17 KB, 1170x603, IMG_1534.jpeg)

At a bmi of 17 she wouldn’t qualify for any treatment in some parts of the UK, especially as her “ED” doesn’t seem to actually affect her functioning in any part of her life (let’s be real, the work stuff is because she’s fucking insufferable, unable to play nicely with others and probably creates an awful atmosphere with her theatrics)

kek, “kid earmuffs” for her teeny tiny anorexic earsies

Yeah but she’s also a liar, see last sentence in picrel it’s obvious she was massively overeating whether or not that’s due to increased appetite from antipsychotics, she just won’t give up the ~dainty ana~ shtick when she’s been the size of a house for years & didn’t look that ’bad’ even at her thinnest. Time to change the username, katcosplaysautism has a nice ring to it

No. 1983581

Y’all know she took down her account days ago? So why are we still talking about her? She’s not doing/saying anything interesting. Zzz(unsaged retard)

No. 1983582

if you're bored, feel free to post other milk and/or read the rules to learn how to sage

No. 1983583

i wish Kat would encourage her buddy May to do the world a favor and disappear from social media forever.

No. 1983608

jfc, she had to get the most obnoxious ear muffs (that are made for kids!!) rather than a simple pair of ear plugs. she should be embarrassed.

No. 1983612

File: 1712528655081.jpeg (985.33 KB, 1170x2093, IMG_7760.jpeg)

they wouldn’t fund ED inpatient for you because YOU DON’T FUCKING NEED IT MAY does she just spend hours googling inpatient and fantasising about that tube

No. 1983623

okay well we can't just boycott every business that has personally victimized May, because there'd be nothing left

No. 1983632

so she only canceled the trains and didn’t tell anyone, and she expects people to automatically know she’s not going? delusional
have you seen her diet? think of the stereotypical british war food and process it even more. sure jan, the turbo autism only lets you eat ultraprocessed garbage and it’s totally not your fault for overeating even though you’ve been off the antipsychotics for a while now

No. 1983635

Kek antipsychotics don’t automatically fatten you up into an obese cow. There’s serious eating involved. You can absolutely lose weight on antipsychotics without exercise if you don’t shove your gob full of crap.

No. 1983659

File: 1712551765718.jpg (271.65 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-04-08_00_48_45.jp…)

No. 1983669

File: 1712557800048.jpeg (339.19 KB, 828x701, 4D135E35-2088-433D-B004-A3835F…)

May: can’t go on a walk with a few other people.
Also May: goes to a march alone and chats with people from Instagram.
It doesn’t seem to add up, does it, May?

No. 1983689

Actually, medically, it is a side effect that can happen. Hormones and metabolism changes can mean some people epically gain without doing much.

No. 1983692

It WOULD get better if she didn’t create obstacles at every single treatment opportunity, she’s just determined to be the bestest most chronic speshul seed patient so purposely fucks up every type of help offered to her to make it look ‘intractable’ (no way her team isn’t aware of this). I truly think she’s delusional, most anorexics see themselves as bigger than they are or are in denial about being underweight, and here’s may acting like she’s about to keel over and die at a bmi nobody would be overly concerned about in isolation. You’re crap at not eating may, your “ed” is mild, you’re really healthy for someone who claims to have had issues since 10, and that’s a GOOD thing

No. 1983693

God she is so delusional to think BUPA are personally victimising her. No UK health insurance in the country covers pre existing conditions.

No. 1983694

do not unspoiler

No. 1983700

I’m adding it to the list.

The Big Bumper List of People, Places & Institutions That Have Personally Victimised May:
>Work (for not wanting her dramatics on a children’s cancer ward)
>Uni (for correctly telling her she’s not cut out for medicine)
>Her Mother (for talking to a neighbour and using her own kitchen)
>Hospital (for not giving her an unnecessary tube)
>Random healthcare workers (for not giving her an unnecessary tube)
>Her psychiatrist (for not giving her an unnecessary tube and pointing out her BMI isn’t consistent with her claimed intake)
>ED team (St. Ann’s) (for not giving her an unnecessary tube)
>A casual hiking group (for not “reaching out” to her and kissing her arse)
>Transport For London (because she forgot to pay a charge)
>BUPA (for not covering pre-existing conditions or funding inpatient treatment she wouldn’t qualify for and doesn’t need)
>The entire concept of BPD (because the truth hurts)
>lolcor meanies (for documenting all her utter bullshit)

No. 1983701

Pls no ban for spoonfeeding req but I'm new to this cow thread, where can the milk on her being theatrical on a kids ward be found? She will never work in nursing or support herself. Nurses are saints.

No. 1983704

does anyone know what happened to lostallsanityx? she was on another level of lunacy and i miss her antics

No. 1983739

Read the last threads, it’s not hard

No. 1983740

She’s still holding on to that discrimination. If only she would post how she was actually discriminated against

No. 1983750

File: 1712586180476.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x2079, IMG_7763.jpeg)

add BEAT to the list!

No. 1983754

too ableist so she can't get help for the super serious ed

No. 1983763

File: 1712587913396.png (509.51 KB, 842x918, Screen Shot 2024-04-09 at 12.5…)

you would be correct

No. 1983766

Nonnie, I know - I live somewhere where the ED service wouldn't touch her, might "give advice" to CMHT if they were in a good mood i.e. tell them how often she needs her bloods and weight doing (and at best, this would be monthly).
She did indeed. Like go and get the loops/ Flares the rest of us have to deal with noise sensitivity and still get to look 'normal'. I genuinely don't think she's realised (because she's not been told to get these via OT), that the amount of time she spends out the house (and therefore will have them on) and the extent to which they block noise - she'll end up making her noise sensitivity even worse.
Good god May. The reason why the ground rules start with what is basically "Don't dox yourself", is because some of the online groups are for weans who have literally just turned 13.
Having had a look at the ground rules, page 2 includes "don't use numbers when talking about how much you weigh/ how much you're eating." Which is a very standard ground rule for an ED support group, along with don't refer to clinicians by name.

Genuinely, her histrionics exhaust me.

No. 1983771

She’s truly insufferable. These appear to be quite standard rules for ED treatment/support groups. No one is saying you can’t talk about what tour ur going through they’re just saying don’t use details. It’s not hard. I guess she wouldn’t understand though since she’s never really been in treatment despite her life threatening ED.

No. 1983781

Jfc does she literally just sit on her arse every single day searching for people/services/literally fucking anyone to whinge and complain about to enhance her victim complex??

No. 1983783

Apparently yes.

No. 1983838

I cut myself on a packet of monster munch
BOYCOTT THEM THIS IS CLEARLY personal victmisation of a disabled.

No. 1983865

File: 1712614200338.jpeg (338.81 KB, 828x971, AD61911E-6AD8-45F5-A93C-9AE6DD…)

Who was it? Fess up

No. 1983882

File: 1712618493604.jpeg (392.4 KB, 1314x715, IMG_3267.jpeg)

“aww nooooo they won‘t let me poison the chat and purposely trigger 13 year old kids with how sick I pretend to be and make it all about meeeee bloo bloo bloo”

yep, similar here and they wouldn’t tiptoe around her PD either (relevant pic, thought it was kinda funny)

No. 1983887

iirc a while ago the anon who was posting lostallsanity said that she (the anon) unfollowed her and stopped posting about her. i assume no one else has been accepted to follow lostallsanity

No. 1983917

File: 1712629865006.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1290x1860, IMG_0905.jpeg)

I’m not the original anon but i still have her followed. Haven’t posted because I didn’t think anyone cared anymore after her sperg out here. But latest update is just same old same old:

No. 1983919

File: 1712629941875.jpeg (532.13 KB, 1290x2303, IMG_0906.jpeg)

Samefag that was last post 2 days ago and this is the current story

No. 1983925

that's too bad. thanks for the rundown anon

No. 1983956

Tf is AD

No. 1983957

File: 1712639644745.png (127.49 KB, 853x963, Screenshots_2024-04-09-00-50-1…)

No. 1983959

How does that look like something that doesn’t need stitches ?!

No. 1983960

maybe Assistance Dog? Poor Rico.

No. 1983963

thanks for sharing anon
idk about most here but I'm definitely interested in seeing more from her

No. 1983984

Scroll up. The original slash didn’t need stitches, it was barely anything. She went home and added a billion more that DID, turned up to BPD group and got chucked out

No. 1984002

assistance dog, they’re the equivalent of a service dog in the US. no idea if hers is a proper trained AD or if she’s just lying.

No. 1984100


No. 1984122

File: 1712705604263.png (492.73 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240409-193124.png)

lmfao so considerate of enara to white out the sizes so she doesn't trigger anybody lmfaoo girl we know you're a big bitch

No. 1984148

She can't be serious. Someone like her should not be around kids in any capacity.

No. 1984153

File: 1712710375293.jpg (1008.26 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2024-04-09_20_52_30.jp…)

No. 1984268

this is milky how?

No. 1984273

so did lottie cut her neck during the group DBT or turn up to group DBT with an open neck wound? or is this speculation from her previous BPD behaviour?

No. 1984274

the problem with aimee is that she doesn’t actually want to get better. she enjoys the attention. maybe if her family stop coddling her she will realise what a fucking loser she is

No. 1984281


Christ, here she goes again. Imagine if she actually used her intelligence to do something meaningful. Instead, she constantly victimises herself and posts online about how everybody has mistreated her(this is an imageboard)

No. 1984282

shes not intelligent

No. 1984283

Good on St Georges for having some standards and not allowing a dangerous and mentally unstable woman to become a medical doctor, (not that she has anything like the bandwidth or determination to have ever complete the course and residency) imagine if she somehow slipped through the cracks?

No. 1984285

Why do so many cows who claim to be/inflict disabilities on themselves want into the medical profession? Pheebz (fatvegfemme) wanted to be midwife and Enara wants to be a children's nurse. Weird.

No. 1984286

Imageboard, nonna

No. 1984289

NTA but >reeee I'm capable of clicking a link. The thread is too long to screencap anyway.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1984290

Kek she doesn’t even make sense. She says she was prevented from going for a walk during lockdown in 2020 that led to a suicide attempt in 2018? She’s going to burn every damn bridge in her country and she puts it out for the public to see. No one is ever going to hire this bat shit crazy loon.

No. 1984296

File: 1712752087785.png (234.78 KB, 562x2724, ss.png)

Since anon was too lazy to cap

No. 1984309

Much appreciated Nonna, I’m so tired of lazy newfags and their retardation

No. 1984324

Student debt doesn't even work like that in the UK. Kek, she will likely never be expected to pay it back so she basically squandered 82k of taxpayer money on absolutely fuck all.

No. 1984325

thanks for the caps. man, she’s really trying to go viral. any adult looking at her case is going to throw it in the garbage. didn’t she take 5 years to do 1 year of course work? between that and somehow being 82k in student debt in the UK, suspending her right before tuition was due is a mercy. also, is this a BPD lie or did she admit to attempting suicide after being suspended?

No. 1984347

it's just funny that she made this post herself that's so similar to this post anon made about her the other day listing off all the places that have victimized her. she's such a muppet.

No. 1984376

Honestly every time I think she can’t possibly find something else to complain about she never fails to become that little bit more insufferable. If only everyone had a life as difficult as poor May…. How on earth does she cope with her problems and bullying from literally every single fucker in the country it seems, kek this cow is next level.

No. 1984391

Starting your statement on the supposed victimization you faced with "based on a false diagnosis of EUPD" really makes it believable. A person with BPD would never deny their diagnosis or recount mildly stressful situations as incredibly traumatic.
fucking kek

No. 1984397

She’s pinned it to her profile now. Definitely trying to go viral, despite it having 4 likes

No. 1984398

File: 1712782621150.png (46.22 KB, 600x157, Screen Shot 2024-04-10 at 3.56…)

> hello kitty cutlery
Does May own anything that wasn't made for children? I know that adults can like some of those things too, but it's seriously weird when all of her interests are things that are marketed towards young children.

No. 1984400

File: 1712782741910.png (210.45 KB, 597x478, Screen Shot 2024-04-10 at 3.57…)

Also, she seems to understand so little about the reality of medicine. People who work in an ER/A&E absolutely roll their eyes at and treat drunk people dismissively, especially if they're regularly showing up there.

No. 1984417

she really lives in her own delusional little world.

No. 1984420

The emojis are doing too fucking much, as always.
Everyone can click the link, retard. But that link becomes redundant the moment May deletes the post or privates her account or gets banned or whatever else happens. This is a farm. You need to post caps so the context gets archived alongside commentary

No. 1984421

I deeply love that the anon you replied to called everyone else stupid while also admitting that they didn't know how to screenshot the thread

No. 1984480

File: 1712811466355.jpg (386.38 KB, 1252x1257, Collage_2024-04-11_00_56_34~2.…)

No. 1984494

nobody needs their old insulin pumps after five years, jesus. Enara has to know how bpd she sounds in a lot of these responses.

No. 1984504

I worry that the excitement and attention of calling our endoscopy team out of hours generates secondary gain for her based doctor.

No. 1984515

There's usually a time limit on making a complaint like this - often something like 6 months from the date of the final incident you want to complain about - unless you have very good reason to have missed the deadline i.e. you were in hospital at the time. So everything she's whingeing about here has timed out, so the uni has no obligation to investigate, ditto if she's complained about this before, they have no obligation to reinvestigate. And there's procedures and paperwork to do, you don't make a formal complaint via bloody twitter.

I think part of what she's complaining about is that they suspended her the day SFE will have released the final installment of tuition fees to her uni. What she's conveniently neglected to mention, is that this is also the same day that her final installment of student loan also hit her bank account.

No. 1984526

File: 1712831264715.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1170x2406, IMG_8737.jpeg)

Enara saying she doesn’t eat and then buying all this chocolate really contradicts her eating disorder

No. 1984527

File: 1712832379965.jpeg (651.83 KB, 1170x2416, IMG_8740.jpeg)

How many cow crossovers are we going to get from may

No. 1984536

>now that my DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ORDER has expired i cant wait to get back into contact with the person who got the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ORDER to keep me the fuck away from them

No. 1984537

Omg kek is that what that means? I'm losing it, is she for real?

No. 1984540

So from what she’s posted that’s easy to piece together, plus her past bullshit that’s now deleted off her tiktok, the timeline is sort of this:
she had an “incident” in her private dbt group session at the priory, but we don’t know if this was either a headbang/fake seizure/somehow she managed to slash her neck whilst in a therapy group (with what tho which is why it seems unlikely it was a slash)

She posts a TT from a hospital bed a few days later which is old as caption says shes had a “traumatic few days and is home now”. Does not show any neck wound and we all know she fucking would if she had one
Directly a week after the “incident DBT group”, so the next session as it’s weekly, she posts a TT from a car with a larger bandage/more cuts on her neck than before. Says she’s been kicked out of dbt. I feel like if she had somehow managed to slash her throat whilst at a therapy group session in a private hospital they would’ve suspended her soon after, not let her turn up and then do it/do it the day of. I also think they did not know she’d gone away in that week and fucked her face/neck up so when she came back like that for the attention they declined her entry to the group and suspended her on the spot there.
Around this same time she makes an “update” post on her Insta (lottshealing) saying she’s been in and out of a&e for WEEKS which lines up with a new mark appearing on her neck (or face since she’s gone back to this now lol)

TL;DR gotta get that sweet attention, backfires, gets booted from her £££ private dbt and apparently is being banished to an nhs ward today

No. 1984544

Sage for no milk but the OP of the endoscopy tweet is a raging BPD who smashed her face off the walls of a transport taking her to psych and called it “police brutality”

No. 1984560

this will last her months if not until next easter lmao enara come on, no one and i mean absolutely no one is believing that

No. 1984562

lol the other day she said she hasn't checked this page in ages, and i'm sure we all know that's a fucking bullshit ass lie. she's probably attempted to reach out to every single fucking cow posted here, i have no doubt in my mind.

No. 1984567

File: 1712843481155.png (1.53 MB, 853x1563, Screenshots_2024-04-11-09-45-0…)

STILL wearing her hospital bracelet

No. 1984568

Never live down that vanity publishing, enara.

No. 1984569

that's a white watch, nonna

No. 1984571

and scoping (up either your top or bottom end) carries risks. I get the impression that OP has a habit of swallowing stuff she shouldn't, so i can see why endoscopy have decided we now won't go and retrieve objects as routine.

No. 1984573

She really watched the movie 'swallow' and thought 'I want this to be my life'. Pathetic.

No. 1984618

Oh, amazing, another professional text where the only mental illness behind self-harm is bpd. Maybe she should stop writing about herself and stop creating further stigma on people who self-harm and aren't attention seeking cows like herself.

No. 1984620

IDK about "child predator" (ig for certain definitions of predator) but she sets a horrifying example. Even if she covers up her sh and never ever talks about it (unlikely), it's all over her public sm accounts under her real fucking name.

No. 1984626

i really don't believe she's been involved in the pony club or working with kids at all. she's never mentioned attending any events/meetings/lessons or anything in the whole time i've been reading her shit.

No. 1984651

True, also as someone who's worked with kids for 6 years, there are normally some kind of funny anecdotes about the funny stuff they say.

No. 1984660

File: 1712864898012.png (609.78 KB, 704x913, enara.png)

my favurite passages from her chapter lol. the chapter is like 8 pages and its full of bullshit like this. basically her telling nurses how to better coodle her and give her more attention for self harming.

No. 1984684


KEK she’s even written this in first hand it’s all me me me like a diary how embarrassing

No. 1984699

I don’t believe it either. When would she be doing that? Shes either in her bed shopping and plotting how to get admitted next or she’s rocking up to emerg or she’s successfully landed herself a spot in hospital.

No. 1984733

right?! exactly. she barely takes care of her dog, and she's supposedly had over 20 emergency surgeries already THIS YEAR, but we are supposed to believe she's been actively involved in this pony club and mentoring kids, FOH.

No. 1984776

File: 1712882193330.jpg (490.37 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20240412_022913.jpg)

sage for autism but some of those items are more expensive depending on what size you get, so she's at least an AUS 22/24.

No. 1984783

I could have sworn she mentioned getting kicked out of pony club a few threads back. I’ll have to go through when I get a chance and see if I can find it. She also mentioned leasing a pony and nonnies commented on what a waste of money it was since her fat ass is much too larger for any pony, even a draft pony.

No. 1984787

A month ago >>1967721 she didn't renew her membership because another pony club adult was "bullying" her in front of the kids.

No. 1984800

enara has no interest in working with kids. posing as an adult volunteer is just a way for her to be a part of something she's too old for, pathetic. she obviously can't find a hobby with other adults, because she probably feels so fucking inferior around people her own age, as she should.

No. 1984836

File: 1712903441365.jpeg (236.07 KB, 828x512, CEA3A316-A123-4947-A407-27D430…)

May obviously isn’t happy that this post isn’t gaining traction and has now changed it back to the previous pinned thread that got 1k likes. BPD attention seeking much?

No. 1984860

I cant believe this is what she considers academic publishing

No. 1984863

Kek. Next she’ll be a published author with her own chapter in a text book like our other BPD Queen

No. 1984900

Same. I can't get over that informal writing style. Using caps, "literally" etc. while publishing as a level 9000+ medical professional is not a good look, Enara.

No. 1984912

I didn’t know ‘neurodivergent’ was a synonym for ‘entitled BPD attention whore.’ Learn something new everyday, huh.

No. 1984940

File: 1712947095105.png (1.02 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240412-140517.png)

No. 1984977

File: 1712955226306.jpeg (116.27 KB, 375x496, 88B6E582-6789-4B8E-9811-1D9B0C…)

No. 1984993

Please no, we don’t need another Paige Rivers (although as May is practically incapable of writing three words without using pointless emoji, we might yet be spared). Seriously though, we kid but she’d probably love to be published because it’s obvious her being too unintelligent/unsuitable for medicine and failing out gave her a complex. She’s always responding to med Twitter as if she’s qualified instead of the bottom of the rung healthcare assistant she is in reality (not hating on HCAs btw, apppreciate them immensely but May is just so fucking pompous)

Thanks, that’s me not sleeping tonight

No. 1985014

File: 1712959275720.jpeg (349.41 KB, 828x998, 1AD04265-9520-4AB9-8510-27F1EA…)

May with her one year of medical school just trying to help newly qualified nurses

No. 1985046

File: 1712964817074.png (1.59 MB, 853x1559, Screenshots_2024-04-12-19-08-0…)

No. 1985101

In response to a medical student on rotation, too (who incidentally has a mental illness + autism/adhd herself and seems to be coping with medicine just fine - May could never). How can one person be this fucking obnoxious???

No. 1985222

File: 1713033625956.jpg (511.12 KB, 1440x1697, Collage_2024-04-13_14_38_40~2.…)

No. 1985231

File: 1713034641277.jpeg (566.1 KB, 828x1177, 841FBCAF-D55A-409D-8982-032612…)

Because that tweet needed May’s input

No. 1985237

>(eating disorders unit)
Jesus christ we know

No. 1985238

imagine feeling like you peaked as a pre-teen by getting admitted

No. 1985243

It never fails to amaze me how she can manage to make every.single.thing about her in some way, shape or form??

No. 1985247

Correct me if I’m wrong, cause I’m no medfag like May pretends to be, but aren’t ME/CFS and Pervasive refusal syndrome two completely different disorders! The latter being a psychological issue

No. 1985254

Psych Nonnie sage for info but yeah-pervasive refusal is extremely rare and it involves a kid rapidly deteriorating from being completely well to absolutely non functional. The treatment for that is psychiatric.

No. 1985264

holy mother of crotch shots

No. 1985270

File: 1713047445269.png (1.13 MB, 853x1265, Screenshots_2024-04-13-18-27-0…)

No. 1985271

The milk is drying up so bad. Laura and Kat (F it I’m about to WK) are fat but admit it. And pretty much only post positive stuff now… can we make this a May and Enara thread til we get some new cows?

No. 1985370

What exactly do you think she's doing in this picture? She has admittedly lost weight (not much, but some), and posts pictures in her same spot/poses for comparisons >>1983321
And here, she's posed to try and slim her legs down. Nobody walks like this.

No. 1985375

Yeh she poses so bad to try and look less special but so does half the internet? Are we gonna start discussing every person that poses even when they’re not posting milk to go with it? If she was editing them thinner then fine but what person doesn’t pose?

No. 1985388

if you don't want to post about someone, then don't. we can never get any new cow discussions going, because idiots always start screeching that it's a self post or not milky enough. bring your own cows then, and let other people do the same.

No. 1985458

File: 1713108187360.jpeg (648.93 KB, 828x1390, 605955E8-C4D4-43D1-A288-F4027F…)

How is receiving 6 weeks of counselling problematic? She’s in the minority of people who actually receive any support from the NHS, especially when they squander it as much as May does. If it’s not enough for you, May, go private.

No. 1985464

Not to WK, but she is right in the respect that 6 sessions of therapy does absolutely sod all for PTSD. Not so sure why the NHS outsourcing the support of their employees is problematic - it's very common for the MH support you get via your employer to be outsourced to a third party?

No. 1985467

How much ptsd can may have from working extremely part time as a medical assistant

No. 1985469

Must’ve been all of that traumatic ‘bullying’ and discrimination she constantly accuses her workplace of (as well as everyone else), kek.

No. 1985489

Okay so find other charities who offer therapy. A lot of them do it for free or pay what you can. Also, plenty of private therapists offer lower rates for those who can’t afford to pay the full price. She obviously just doesn’t want to put the effort in to get better. Complaining on the internet and getting sweet sweet attention from strangers is too good

No. 1985525

100% she does not want to put it any effort to get better. Any suggestion made to her she has an excuse and reason why it won’t work for her because she’s so speshul.

No. 1985651

File: 1713154965441.jpg (227.29 KB, 1440x821, Collage_2024-04-15_00_21_41~2.…)

No. 1985669

How many books does this girl buy? Like she had 2 full boxes it must be $100s worth, she must have 100s of books to read, stop buying more. Someone take away her funding, or like go to a library

No. 1985724

File: 1713181013163.jpeg (345.65 KB, 828x941, 5580D47F-702D-4752-BFFC-67E8DA…)

Here we go again. Perhaps they suggested quitting her job so she could focus on her studies, which are all paid for by student finance. How she manages to bring ableism into that (and absolutely everything) is beyond me.

No. 1985757

Fuck off Enara, you don’t have aspd: you’re not a sociopath.

No. 1985825

Fucking hell, uni in the UK is subsidised, this tweet does not apply to her.

No. 1985880

File: 1713219576620.jpeg (265.09 KB, 828x755, 00601DA8-7E5F-4E4C-8053-C30C61…)

Complaining yet again. A scan for what? Why is there always something wrong with her that needs investigating? If she gets told she doesn’t have one illness, along comes another one that uses taxpayer’s money to investigate. Surely having worked in the NHS for years, she would know that results take months to come back. But no. She has to spend four hours (??!!) chasing it up because no one can do their job well enough for poor little May. God forbid people are actually dying waiting for test results when she needs hers Right Now!

No. 1985881

I think this is about the "pelvic mass" that was suspicious enough to put her on the ruling-out-cancer track

No. 1985896

I think it’s more the living expenses cause people can’t really work while studying medical school so they can’t pay their rent/groceries/bills. Not the student fees

No. 1985903

You mean she still hasn’t shit? Get the girl a colon prep protocol and send her on her not so merry way.

No. 1985940

You’re a fucking idiot if you think they didn’t rule out backed up stool already

No. 1985941

I think we can all agree that, no matter what, May is definitely full of shit

No. 1985959

you're really white knighting May? oh honey no

No. 1985963

Damn, you sound constipated.

No. 1985970

If they haven’t got back to you…maybe there’s nothing wrong? Maybe they’re too busy dealing with ACTUAL CANCER PATIENTS? Y’know, like the kids you work with?? I’m fucking sick of her shitting on the NHS all the time, as if they should cater to May and May only. “zero empathy” ??? Fuck all the way off.
(Sorry nonnies, it’s just too early for her bullshit)

No. 1985987

File: 1713265896854.jpeg (323.9 KB, 1170x625, IMG_2391.jpeg)

I might be nitpicking but I hate how she’s always implying she’s spent time in hospital as an actual adult. Like shut up, you were admitted like 15 years ago when you were 11 and a literal CHILD (and CAMHS would admit anyone back then) you have no skin in this game

No. 1985989

File: 1713266081809.jpeg (240.79 KB, 1467x351, IMG_3278.jpeg)

>sick of her shitting on the NHS all the time
picrel. thought she didn’t read here?

No. 1985996

Oh, she definitely reads here. She's even posted a selfie to "prove" how super sick she was, when she was in hospital.

The selfie did not prove that.

No. 1985999

Kek okay May.

No. 1986013

yep, my thoughts exactly, i just didn't want to get a "hi cow" ban

No. 1986022

Single parents living on council estates manage to put themselves through uni to become nurses etc. Aside from costs associated with studying what else does May have to pay for. There are many grants available when studying in the UK.

No. 1986024

She is lucky in her area the urgent request for a suspected cancer still operates on a two week wait. The fact they haven't contacted her likely means nothing is found that's concerning. My local area you don't even get the two week urgent cancer referral as the NHS trust is so busy

No. 1986039

Kek yes I thought this reply was particularly obvious too

No. 1986229

File: 1713343538930.jpeg (515.66 KB, 1170x2414, IMG_5345.jpeg)

No. 1986230

Oh… MY. I have hit the JACKPOT!!! I stumbled across ENARA’S old “recovery” account and holy shit, the MILK!!! It’s all her talking about SH, her sooper severe ED, presenting to 3 hospitals in 24 hours and the list goes on… I’ll share a few more screenshots but the account name is @heregoesrecovery__

No. 1986254

damn anon, thank you, how the hell did you find this and how have we not seen it before

No. 1986265

File: 1713361078892.jpeg (480.64 KB, 1170x1080, IMG_8842.jpeg)

Enaras old account has heaps of milk damn

No. 1986276

File: 1713366994124.jpg (136.38 KB, 1080x1618, 1000946788.jpg)

Oh it really is a gold mine.

No. 1986289

File: 1713372702212.jpeg (806.86 KB, 1170x1639, IMG_7835.jpeg)

top kek incoming

No. 1986322

haaaa the funniest part is her saying "friends of mine" lmao girl come on. those don't exist.

No. 1986324

Why is there always fucking something going on in her life that she needs to over exaggerate and cry about online?

No. 1986326

There's absolutely a reason why they've discharged her - they won't have done it for "no reason", like she's trying to portray here.

No. 1986329

Absolute kek. She's gonna end up Colours level of insanity. Does she actually believe the complete shit she constantly speaks? Completely insufferable. No wonder her mum hates her.

No. 1986334

But May, wasn’t it merely days ago you went on your little BPD-fueled ~self-discharge~ rampage (apparently)… to change your mind only minutes later?? Kek karma is a bitch ig?!

No. 1986335

She's worded this as if she has cancer not just having a test

No. 1986336

Is she really trying to use cancer (which she DOESN’T HAVE) as an excuse for being her usual difficult, oppositional self? God she just gets worse. If I had just been told my scans were clear I’d be over the moon, not bitching on Twitter. The hospital was probably looking for any excuse to boot her, just imagine the horrible dynamic she must create on the ward (it only takes one to make things intolerable). She needs to face up to the fact she doesn’t need to be there

No. 1986338

From her whinging to James on Twitter, sounds an awful lot like this was not the first trial day she declined/attempted to rearrange.

No. 1986339

She really does just seem to keep getting worse. They had already been pretty clear that they didn't want her at day patient because she doesn't need to be there and also because she's a fucking brat who makes it miserable for everyone else. They must be chuffed to be able to boot her before she starts. Can't believe the job she has. Can you imagine working with this loon on a children's cancer ward ffs? Unbelievable.

No. 1986351

Maybe they finally told her a "mild to moderate ed" doesn't need day program

No. 1986365

Sage for commentary but if she’d presented at that weight and actually been committed to making real changes and working with them they’d probably have taken her. She’s whining that she couldn’t go when it was offered because it was having building work and her super severe autism couldn’t handle it

No. 1986379

She really chose the worst picture of herself to use as a profile picture

No. 1986382

She wants us to see her sunken in cheek and think “poor anorexic warrior” and not “BPD attention seeking bitch sucking in her cheeks.”

No. 1986385

She doesn’t have any good ones. Very unfortunate looking.

No. 1986390


Thank you nonna for the Enara gold. Turns out I used to follow her in the background. How crazy that she posted all this shit and still does and thought and still thinks she can be a fucking nurse to vulnerable people what the actual fuck she is so deranged??? She should never be a carer for another animal let alone a human

No. 1986391

File: 1713388777662.jpeg (144.33 KB, 828x524, B51F1DAA-B3B9-45A5-A693-D3ABD9…)

May is always doing the most to be the sickest and most hard done by person to exist. When in actuality her life is perfectly fine, she has a terrible victim complex

No. 1986397

little game for you nonnas! You’ve just been told you DON’T have cancer. do you
>1. breathe a big sigh of relief, share the good news with the friends and family you haven’t yet managed to alienate, maybe have a drink or two idk
>2. whinge on social media about how much you hate the NHS and the many, many, many services they provide for you, free of charge
>3. all of 2, plus scrutinise every single piece of medical documentation you have in order to pull up some exhausted, overworked doctor for making a mistake because your monstrous ego can’t hack how the first year of medical school was way too much for you

No. 1986398

But if her scans are clear then how else will she get attention since absolutely everything else has been ruled out? She's so desperate to have something that she is distraught that she's actually quite healthy with no health issues besides maybe needing to drink a glass of water and have a good shit

No. 1986400

is it illegal to pretend to be a SEED patient on the internet and co-opt others’ struggles when you barely (if at all) fit the criteria for mild anorexia?
is it illegal to speedrun every department of the NHS and waste a shitload of resources trying to get a diagnosis of something, anything, to appease your cluster B personality & factitious disorder?

No. 1986401

>She's so desperate to have something that she is distraught that she's actually quite healthy
a tale as old as time
(I miss the old munchie threads)

No. 1986402

It must make her mad that doctors all see through her and she can't get any fun toys like the others

No. 1986403

Picks the ‘best bits’ of her medical drama for the most attention. She literally posted on ig to say her results said she DIDNT have cancer; but obvs can’t say that here or it wouldn’t be so DrAmAtIc and oPpReSsIvE

Countdown to presentation at a&e for ‘not eating’ (or an ‘attempt’)

Sweepstake, I say 6 days.

No. 1986404

This is fucking beautifully put nonna.

No. 1986407

The seed larp always made me laugh barely fits the criteria for an eating disorder and has managed to stay healthy since her childhood stint in hospital

No. 1986413

ugh yes she really does remind me so much of Colours, but i personally think she's even worse tbh

No. 1986419

File: 1713395809487.jpeg (2.61 MB, 1170x2070, IMG_8844.jpeg)

Really may

No. 1986478

Oh ffs y’all think you’re so clever it’s embarrassing. I’m not May nor was I white knighting her, I just am blown away by the stupidity of some people. People with universal healthcare don’t just get referrals for scans if the doctor didn’t already check if it was just some backed up crap? You sound like you have less brain cells than May herself

No. 1986480

Kek no one was serious about her being literally full of shit. It’s called sarcasm and making fun of someone.

I’m willing to bet May self discharged from DP but wants to make it seem like she’s suffered yet another injustice at the hands of the NHS since this seems to be her latest angle for getting attention.

No. 1986481

You know how I know you’re May? Because a normal person understands sarcasm but an autistic one doesn’t. You’d understand they weren’t being literal if you weren’t fucked in the head.

No. 1986482

Kek okay then maybe I have autism but I’m not may

No. 1986483

You give her that long? She was attention seeking from duty nurse at the ED service by halfway through day one and a half, OOH GP and then A&E by day 3 last time! Wouldn't surprise me if she refuses to turn up to her appointment with ED service today (Thursday) and presents to A&E before the week is out.

No. 1986484

File: 1713409602706.jpg (286.43 KB, 828x1518, IMG_20240418_040419.jpg)

I just cannot with May. I don't think I've ever met someone with such a raging persecution complex.

No. 1986486

jesus fucking christ, she's so self-centered. They just offered her whatever appointment time was open, I'm sure.

No. 1986490

Exactly. They'll have given her whatever was free, especially as she's not working, so actually has no restrictions on when she can come. When they give her late afternoon she moans, they give her first thing she also moans.

No. 1986517

File: 1713422150215.jpeg (413.69 KB, 828x964, FF3E57F9-4959-46A3-8B60-373002…)

She’s still crying over the fact she didn’t get a tube. Wah wah poor May

No. 1986518

File: 1713422297712.jpeg (246.85 KB, 828x644, 404C1E60-4A4A-46DB-B247-2EB79F…)

And still calling everything under the sun discrimination and ableism. It’s like she learned those words two weeks ago and now it applies to everything. I truly think she’s the worst cow on this thread. At least Enara is self aware and actually does damage to herself before presenting to hospital. May just sits at home and complains online about literally every aspect of her boring little life.

No. 1986519

she is the worst cow i can think of ever from these threads. it's so fucking weird to me knowing she reads everything written about her here, and she still has no self awareness about how much of a detestable person she is. it really gives you new respect for the cows who had the decency to eventually start getting their shit together or at least stop broadcasting their antics on the internet.

No. 1986524

She doesn't know the meaning of discrimination

No. 1986525

So I might be wrong but would an actual anorexic want a feeding tube so desperately? to the point they deliberately stop eating and willingly present to hospital to beg for one?

No. 1986528

that's exactly what the doctor is pointing out - if your goal is to eat as little as possible and lose weight, you aren't going to go to the hospital repeatedly after just a few days because you'll know that anything they do will cause weight gain. So that behavior suggests that May isn't really after weight loss as a primary goal, but is looking for attention and care from medical providers.

No. 1986531

She's as transparent as glass

No. 1986534

Kek mimics anorexia for one day then runs to hospital

No. 1986536

I wonder if May is trying to get admitted because she wants a long enough stay that they arrange housing for her afterward like a lot of the UK long-term cows and then she can get out of her "abusive" mother's house without having to work

No. 1986540

Fuck me the more that this cow posts the more my actual detest for her grows. She wouldn’t know discrimination, abuse, whatever other shit she wants to spout, if it slapped her in her mild to moderate anorexic face. She needs to grow the fuck up jc

No. 1986541

oh shit, that's a good theory. the 3 cows we know she's tried to befriend (laura, kat, casper) all are living her dream lmfao jeez i figured she reached out to them so they could talk about being regulars on this website, but now you got me thinking she reached out to them to try to figure out how she can get what they got

No. 1986542

Some anorexics won't mind getting a feeding tube because it's almost like a permission to finally eat. But that's usually after suffering for a very long time, so clearly not the case here.

No. 1986553

Agreed, nonnie. I've been on this site for years on the pro ana threads and I honestly cannot think of a single cow as detestable as May. How tf can she not realise her own behaviour is the root cause of all her issues with absolutely every individual and every service she comes into contact with? Complete fucking idiot.

No. 1986564

How has she not realised at 26 that if everyone you meet and every service you're under is randomly having issues with you it may actually be a you problem

No. 1986566

I 100% guarantee that May's response to this would either be "the world isn't designed for autistic people" or "services not conforming to what I want is discrimination, I have special needs"

No. 1986567

“Keen to be managed voluntarily” she must be devastated he didn’t tube her there and then

No. 1986576

A lot of people don’t. Sleep well for years on end. How TF did she expect to become a doctor. Maybe it’s different in the UK about residency in the US is brutal and you work long hours and get literally no sleep for years on end and are still expected to show up for work. She’s the biggest pussy.

No. 1986578

this was absolutely made on one of those fake text screenshots sites. the font, the spacing, none of it actually looks like imessage, even if it was in 2014. imagine being so desperate for valeedayshun that you take the time to write, make, crop, and post this shit

No. 1986585

No. Actual anorexics would avoid anything that makes them gain weight and takes away their control over intake like the plague. Especially at a bmi like May’s they would be focused on keeping their weight loss behaviours hidden and not letting professionals find out and ‘interfere’ with the Ed to cause weight gain.

No. 1986609

File: 1713454852166.jpeg (74.37 KB, 1170x256, IMG_2276.jpeg)

I am going to save some more caps if any more are post worthy. She lurks so she may delete it. It’s quite a look back into her. She is literally still the same. If anything out right posting about her behaviors all the time but still just as vocal. A lot of publicly sharing self harm photos and dropping hints to self harming. Though here’s this.. she was mutuals with fucking KELLY on this account.

No. 1986623

File: 1713460023885.jpeg (241.04 KB, 828x575, F50754D1-1572-4DDB-A2B1-D6EE8C…)

Yes it’s fair. It’s what everybody else gets. You cancelled the appointment, therefore you’re a no-show. Oh no, they’ve given her an appointment that’s at a different time and won’t tell her who she’s seeing. Perhaps (as she should well fucking know) that’s considered normal procedure?! Can you imagine May not being given super special treatment for her super special eating disorder and autism??!! Poor fighter May. Someone replied to her tweet saying it sounds like deliberate sabotage. As if the NHS care enough about a single patient to sabotage their appointments. She’s so fucking self absorbed. I hate her.

No. 1986626

I've never seen someone so utterly delusional even for bpd she seems extra

No. 1986628

Not to mention her late cancels means someone else who needs an appointment more than she does isn’t getting one now. She’s an insufferable hoe bag.

No. 1986632

File: 1713462788496.jpeg (374.45 KB, 1170x778, IMG_7843.jpeg)

C-PTSD now as well!

No. 1986633

honestly i wouldn't worry about her deleting anything from that account. i could be wrong, but she may not be able to access it anymore. nowadays it can be freakin impossible to get back into old accounts if you don't know the password and don't have the same phone number you signed up with.

No. 1986634

That very likely sounds like why they're being counted as no shows - she's cancelling last minute, and therefore can't be reallocated to someone else.

No. 1986640

‘For my probable…’ ah, so she’s attempting diagnosis shopping now, kek. May, the NHS don’t have some personal vendetta against you, you’re no one particularly important they’re just underfunded, overworked and understaffed so don’t have the time to pander to your super special ~needs~ or deal with your bullshit. There’s people who actually need the help and who want it without slagging everything and everyone off so their resources and time will go to the ones who actually need and appreciate it?? She gets under my skin fucking hell how is she this oblivious?!

No. 1986644

Oh yeah I didn’t think about that. I ended up going through it some. It’s actually really wild to read. She let it all hang out at one point.
>>1986623 there’s something about this girl that makes me wonder if she’s delusional or that deep in the BPD sauce or just both.

No. 1986647

She's just making shit up at this point all her physical health scans are clear so now she's claiming a new MH diagnosis how is it probable has she been told this by an actual doctor or is she just Google doctoring

No. 1986648

I swear I'm trying to not medfag/ blogpost.

For context as to why she's now latched onto C-PTSD: autism and C-PTSD occurring together can often get misidentified as EUPD.

She's had EUPD removed as a thing she currently has, but it's not 100% gone from her medical record because it can't be. I personally wouldn't have bragged/celebrated the way she did, considering how she behaves towards clinicians. It'll come back like a nasty case of herpes, and she'll get a shock when it does.

No. 1986672

If the docs saw her posts they’d give her that BPD diagnosis back and never look back kek. She’s the most pathetic, self important, delusional, BPD cow I’ve ever come across.

No. 1986674

she can. all she has to do is light the psych ward on fire like our dear friend kat >>1986623
how can she possibly think that’s discrimination? is it discrimination if you cancel because your appointment gets rescheduled, may? also she doesn’t work right now so she’s free literally whenever. if i was on the phone with some bitch whining about how “i have to cancel because i don’t like the appointment time. it doesn’t fit with my autism and i am unwilling to put in even a modicum of effort.” i would also mark her down as a no-show. phew sorry nonna there’s something about her that brings out my inner alog

No. 1986682

yes, that's common practice for dinner reservations as well. nothing to do with autism.

No. 1986720

What's getting to me is that they gave her the earliest available appointment that day, which most people would see as a sign of them trying to help by getting her seen sooner, and she's complaining because it's too early for her poor little self. Like, what does she actually want? Nothing is good enough for her.

No. 1986739

she also complains about late appointments because then she 'has to worry about it all day beforehand'.

No. 1986826

what makes this profile so special is the fucking amount of feet pics she posted. like, she knows that if she posted pics of herself majority of people would have called her out since day one. also, he feet are gross.

No. 1986833

I honestly think she believes the ED service should bend and accommodate to do exactly what she wants, when she wants it. Does anyone know if she did go to the appointment yesterday, I can't work it out from what she's posted as she's suddenly on about "CMHT won't take me".

No. 1986840

File: 1713522999440.jpeg (372.98 KB, 1170x711, IMG_7844.jpeg)

crowdfund for super special inpatient incoming

No. 1986852

Kek, no May there are services and I’m sure there are plenty of patients with the same co-morbidities that actually go on to make progress in recovery. They’re just not moaning immature little brats like you who seem to be desperate for medical attention and intervention 24/7. The only thing you need to give up fighting for is your super serious anorexia validation and toob kek

No. 1986867

I honestly don't even think she has autism is this another self diagnosis

No. 1986886

She’s currently tweeting quotes from a girl with autism who died with an EUPD misdiagnosis. You weren’t misdiagnosed May, in fact you’re a textbook case

No. 1986887

Quotes from a lass called Fern? Honestly, it's horrific what services did to her.

No. 1986943

Exactly. May has no idea what it’s really like to be refused what you need

No. 1986950

Ironically the pd service is the only one she needs to be seeing

No. 1986964

File: 1713546308220.png (116.34 KB, 688x563, Screenshot 2024-04-19 5.57.01 …)

Googled it and what the actual fuck. She TOLD social services she would kill herself if they took her baby and they still did it. Manslaughter. These cunts decided to deprive a kid of his mother just because? Because autistic people aren't human/capable of parenting? Fucking insane. Hope little man grows up and take revenge on those social workers Kill Bill style.

No. 1986965

>She TOLD social services she would kill herself if they took her baby and they still did it.
Shockingly, threatening suicide to social services doesn't make you seem like someone who should be responsible for a baby.

No. 1986966

…Or it shows that she desperately loves her child and would do anything to keep it? Taking a woman's baby for no reason other than she has autism is fucking evil beyond measure.

No. 1986967

Following on from that, a social services job is not to play God or torture a vulnerable person. I'm not autistic or a mother myself but my God have some compassion and empathy. Senseless.

No. 1986968

There's no information there about why the baby was being taken and I suspect that 'the mother had autism' wasn't the reason, as lots of autistic people have children that aren't taken into care.

No. 1986969

Yes, there is. Because she was in supported housing and had history of self harm. She wasn't a lone parent and was still in a relationship with the father. There was absolutely no reason to take the kid.

No. 1986970

source? I read a few news articles after googling her and all that I could find was criticism about how they handled telling her that the baby would be adopted, nothing concrete about why the baby was put in foster care to begin with.

No. 1986972

whatever reason there is to have the kid adopted there’s no excuse not to ensure someone with a history of serious self harm has support when they’re told it’s happening

No. 1986973

calm down, anon, nobody here has said that - you're arguing against an imaginary person. People aren't familiar with the case and asked why the baby was being taken, that's all.

No. 1986974

File: 1713547854893.png (105.06 KB, 637x491, Screenshot 2024-04-19 6.27.08 …)

No. 1986975

And? Your reading comprehension is terrible. The portion you highlighted is giving background information about her, but nowhere does it say that is specifically why the child was removed or that it was the only reason, even if it contributed.

No. 1986976

That's just background info about her, not the reason(s) her baby was taken.

No. 1986977

This sounds like what may says about herself

No. 1986978

Imbeciles. Social services in the UK will automatically take away someone's baby if the parent has disabilities, however, they can be provided a support worker. Fern was not provided this. Pretty rich of you to assume this woman was a bad or abusive mother when none of this is suggested.

No. 1986979

File: 1713548230985.jpg (63.77 KB, 949x380, fernfoster.JPG)

Apparently she started threatening suicide before the baby was taken, over her boyfriend not being allowed to live with her. https://www.georgejulian.co.uk/2024/04/04/fern-foster-inquest-max-newman/

No. 1986980

nobody is assuming anything, you're just projecting and apparently have terrible reading comprehension. Also, I seriously doubt that anyone in the UK with a disability who has a child automatically loses that child. That's a wild claim and you definitely need to support it.

No. 1986981

File: 1713548313454.jpg (113.62 KB, 976x715, fernfoster2.JPG)

Sounds like she would have been a great mom.

No. 1986982

Okay, but why would they put an ultimatum like that on her and force her to raise a baby alone? These people tried to fuck with her at every turn. Not surprised she killed herself.

No. 1986984

Source? Wow you are utterly cracked to slander a dead young woman like that, OP.

No. 1986985

Source was linked with the first screenshot of the interview. MN is Max Newman, the boyfriend.

No. 1986986

So Moms aren't allowed to have a bad day or say shit they regret? >>1986985

No. 1986987

kek at the idea that posting a screenshot of a transcript from an official inquest is 'slander'

No. 1986988

I'm sorry that you feel personally attacked by me saying that someone with BPD who regularly threatens suicide might not have been the world's best mom.

No. 1986989

File: 1713548648299.png (92.74 KB, 863x535, Screenshot 2024-04-19 6.43.25 …)

With the right support, yes she may have been. You don't know this woman, her circumstances, or if you might crack under the same social services lunatic mindgames.

No. 1986990

She didn't have BPD, she had autism.

No. 1986991

your black and white world view is really tiring; there's nuance here, as there is in most places. Should she have gotten more support around what was happening? Yes, obviously. Is it ridiculous to be concerned about the safety of a child if the parent is repeatedly trying to kill themself? No, that sounds like a reason to be concerned. Were anons here passing any judgement when they asked for more information? No, you idiot, they were asking for more information.

No. 1986992

File: 1713548916289.jpg (92.52 KB, 949x284, fernfoster3.JPG)

It's not clear that she didn't have BPD. Her family denies it and she denied it, but so does May.

No. 1986993

It's not SS's job to play God and take a baby that isn't being abused or in harm's way. The reason the girl killed herself is because social services were repeatedly tormenting her and trying to control her life, for example, by telling her she couldn't raise the baby with his father. What other 'nuance' really needs to be considered where this is not a horrifying failure by the state.

No. 1986994

Yes, and it was later reported that this was a misdiagnosis. She had autism.

No. 1986996

File: 1713549182277.png (155.49 KB, 976x519, Screenshot 2024-04-19 6.52.41 …)

No. 1986997

As before, your reading comprehension is incredibly poor. Anons asked if there was any information about why the baby was removed and you immediately started throwing a fit about how they were attacking a dead woman. Do you honestly not see how that's a batshit insane reaction?

No. 1986999

What do you think a "misdiagnosis" means? Regardless of what anyone wants to call it, the woman in question was clearly unstable, prone to self harm and threatening suicide when things weren't going her way. >>1986993 Why were social services concerned about her living with the father?
I think it was clearly badly mishandled, and it's tragic that a young woman died and her son will grow up without a mother.
This >>1986996 is interesting phrasing- is it confirmed that she ever actually receive an autism diagnosis at all?

No. 1987000

She discovered she was pregnant while in hospital for self-harm. She was a revolving door patient for years, just like Enara is. Her family says she magically got better when she got pregnant. It was just a matter of time before the high of being a new mom wore off and she started being a danger to herself (and by extension, to the helpless infant that was dependent on her) again.

No. 1987001

File: 1713549399044.png (77.52 KB, 961x249, Screenshot 2024-04-19 6.54.13 …)

>woman has history of self harm
>never self harmed during or after pregnancy
>her baby is still taken for funsies

No. 1987002

Yeah, but how could you possibly know that she was for sure going to hurt her baby? You can't, so I feel it's unfair to assume this.

No. 1987003

Having a parent who self-harms and threatens suicide hurts you even if they never lay a finger on you.

No. 1987005

I guess you're right…but they still shouldn't have taken the baby and provided her support.

No. 1987008

Okay as sad as this all is why are we arguing over a random dead girl who has nothing to do with the cows except being posted by one

No. 1987009

Because we want to?

No. 1987011

Every single post in this discussion was saged and nobody alogged! Let's be grateful for small miracles.

No. 1987017

Yet if someone with a PD did that, in the exact same desperate situation, everyone would be calling her a manipulative cow and crowing that this was proof of her inability to be a fit mother.
Don’t get me wrong; that’s a horrific, tragic story and should never have happened. Pure evil, what they did to that poor woman. But people would view it differently if she had a PD instead of autism, and they shouldn’t.

No. 1987026

I agree with you. You seem to know a bit about this case and I’d never heard of it. Do you know why the father was not considered? Why was he not allowed to live with them? It seems they were still together and he was a capable adult, so why was he not given official custody of the child, his own biological child?! Why did he have no rights here? Or Fern’s mother even? They both seem to have been very much in the picture and involved so I don’t understand. Even IF Fern had issues that made her unable to care for a baby (not saying she did), the baby had another parent and at least one grandparent who were involved and responsible, why wouldn’t the father be given official custody?! In reality that would make no difference to Fern as they were together, the baby wouldn’t be going anywhere. Surely kids aren’t taken away for adoption if there are direct relatives who are capable guardians, in this case an actual parent AND at least one grandparent?! I don’t get it.

No. 1987027

Yeah that is very strange that Fern's parents didn't offer to adopt him or take custody of him.

No. 1987029

She clearly had lots of support over the years and it didn’t curb her behavior. They did that baby a favor. No child should have to be raised by a mother constantly slicing and dicing her body up and attempting suicide. Threatening suicide when you don’t get your way is classic BPD. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Imagine if we all just threatened suicide to get our own way and avoid personal responsibility kek. Thats not how the real world works.

No. 1987030

Maybe he didn’t want the baby…

No. 1987031

I see your point, but she didn't do any of that stuff during or after the pregnancy. Maybe this really was a new leaf for her. So what reason was there to take him from her? I know an autistic bipolar woman who had a baby and she completely 180'd after he was born.

No. 1987035

Or the actual father! Taking the baby from her means equally taking it from him. It takes 2 to make a baby and custody should be equal surely…………Why was a child taken from a capable parent? You don’t just do that, and surely adoption is a last resort as it’s a huge undertaking for everyone involved. Much easier for the child to remain in the family with official responsibility given to a direct relative. I assume he couldn’t live with her because she was in some kind of supported accommodation? But………….he’s the father! I must be missing something here. He was the father, right?

No. 1987036

She was clearly still wildly unstable if she got an emai. Saying “it might be best for baby to be adopted” and then killed herself. That reaction right there shows a complete inability to be a healthy safe parent. Nothing was even decided at that point and she chose to go off the deep end without even fighting it.

No. 1987037

Any mother worth her salt would be mortified and suicidal at the thought of their child being taken from them though.

No. 1987038

I’m also assuming there’s a lot more to this case to be talking about adoption then is publicly available. No one just takes babies away from mothers for no reason kek. You can barely get social services to take babies away when there’s demonstrated harm.

No. 1987039

But they wouldn’t do it! Thats the difference.

No. 1987040

I think that behavior shows that the PD diagnosis wasn't wrong. She can have autism and EUPD.

No. 1987041

Got your MD?

No. 1987043

Oh sorry I missed the part where only doctors are allowed to express opinions in this thread that's my bad

No. 1987045

Thinking you know better than a doctor who diagnosed her with autism is insane arrogance anon.

No. 1987047

I never said she wasn't autistic. I said I think she had EUPD also even if she was autistic.

No. 1987049

And sorry for doubleposting but don't we have several cows who are professionally diagnosed with autism that is obviously faked? Since when does doctor shopping a diagnosis make it fact?

No. 1987051

respectfully, can you guys please shut the fuck up about this?

No. 1987052

No. Hide the thread.

No. 1987065

How very ‘cluster b’ of the cluster b thread for it to be filled with infighting.

No. 1987068

You're vile

No. 1987071

kek touche

No. 1987117

File: 1713568983754.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1170x2044, IMG_7858.jpeg)

Jesus Christ

No. 1987118

Wait ? Why the FUCK has she bought that ?

No. 1987122

She listed one for sale a few days ago so this is weird.

No. 1987187

Why are you repeating that she “threatened” suicide? It’s not a threat to express you’re having suicidal ideation

No. 1987218

controversial take here: what happened to her was wrong and terrible and i am in no way blaming this poor young woman for what happened. i think what services did to her was barbaric. but honestly after reading all of the inquests, i don’t think she should have been allowed to get pregnant in the first place/should have gotten abortion.
she found out that she was pregnant after some scans in the hospital after overdosing. regularly expressed (very real!) distress by self-harm or meltdowns, and the distress got to the point where it was life threatening. this might be american thinking where things like MBUs are unthinkable, so it’d be borderline irresponsible to become a new mom knowing full well you won’t have the capacity or support to care for the child.
EUPD or autism, i don’t think she was cut out for the absolute stressor that bringing a baby into the world at 22 is. she was unable to work or live unassisted and even if services hadn’t treated her barbarically, would have required in my assistance too much assistance to reliably care for a child without putting them both in harm’s way.
thanks for listening to this nona’s autism

No. 1987222

samefag here but i just remembered that she only made it to one baby bonding session after it was taken because taking two buses was too much of a trouble. the family noted “a taxi could have been provided” as accommodations.
i think if something that low of a barrier was an unclimbable obstacle, it only proves my point that she was unfit for ever becoming a mother in the first place. from CPS’s standpoint, regardless of why, the mother was clearly unable to provide for her child (their primary concern). her family was unable to help if even getting a taxi was too big a hurdle, so they could not be relied on to pick up the slack. the boyfriend is a bit simple and wasn’t enough services to assist the mother (with consistent past meltdown and self-destructive tendencies who didn’t even have stable housing available) were unavailable at the time, so they made a call in the child’s best interest. was it the right call? no. but when the clock’s ticking and the mother’s competency was very much not there, i can see why it was made.
i have no doubt that this young woman was failed by social services. i also think she was failed by the people around her, who failed to have hard conversations about competency and the reality of the world around her.

No. 1987240

Seconding this, you are vile. Let's see how great a Mum you are when SS are terrorizing you and forcing you into single motherhood by blackmailing you to live away from the child's father. >>1986981

No. 1987241

vile is an uncommmon enough word that I'm just going to assume all of these indignant responses that are totally black/white are from the same person. It can be true that social services could have done better AND that there was probably some validity to their concerns.

No. 1987243

Kek literally what? Every anon who disagrees with you is the same person? Yep. Every bit of misfortune you have ever experienced in your life is me. Dog shit in your yard? Me. Raining on your wedding day? Me. I'm in your walls nonnie.

No. 1987245

nah, but these sorts of posts
all sound like they come from the same person who is taking this extremely personally and projecting a lot. There were other much more sane sounding anons on both sides of the discussion

No. 1987247

Those are me, but the other anon who called you vile is not. I don't have autism or a child. I just know that SS dropped the ball majorly on this one and pretending otherwise and playing 'devil's advocate' in a scrotal, compassion-bereft way is an insult to this woman's memory.
I know someone who had her child almost taken by SS for literally no reason. She did absolutely nothing wrong. The child was quite obese but that is not a reason to take him. SS in the UK can and do pick on people for no reason.

No. 1987252

Reborn dolls are supposed to look life-like. Doesn't stop them being terrifying.

No. 1987253

fair enough, but I'm not the anon that was called vile. Just a little tired of you throwing a fit at even the anons just asking questions and not really opining. Not everyone is familiar with the case, so it's pretty reasonable to ask stuff like "why didn't they want the father to move in or take the kid?" and "why were they removing the kid?" None of those questions are placing blame, they're asking for information.

No. 1987255

File: 1713609353147.png (161.49 KB, 788x573, Screenshot 2024-04-20 11.35.38…)

Inquest found local authority to be at fault for failing to provide legally require support for Fern. Your revolting opinions on mentally ill mothers can cease. Discussion over.

No. 1987256

> Your revolting opinions on mentally ill mothers can cease. Discussion over.
You're not in charge of us, kek. Also, you're willfully misunderstanding what that says. They found that she wasn't supported enough when she was told the baby was being taken, i.e. they should have had a person there to tell her rather than an email.

No. 1987258

File: 1713609572691.png (44.18 KB, 736x156, Screen Shot 2024-04-20 at 5.39…)

No. 1987261

I'm so glad you know better than the judge and coroner who made this ruling. You have bother an MD AND a JD? And you have come to lolcow.farm to share with us your incredible wisdom and insights gained from these accomplishments?! You may be the most accomplished nonnie on this site!

No. 1987262

seriously, what is your problem? you immediately assume that everyone has totally unhinged intentions. My personal opinion is that the article says they failed to offer enough support and that it does not seem to say they were wrong to be concerned for the welfare of the baby. Notice how I didn't say anything about whether the ruling was right or wrong? How I just read the article and then noticed it's not quite what you've been shouting at everyone about?

No. 1987264

No. 1987266

So like. Is Casper going to say this is her child that she claimed to have at 12? I think? That the satanic cult tore to shreds in front of her and made her eat?

No. 1987267

File: 1713612188232.png (587.98 KB, 421x754, Screen Shot 2024-04-20 at 6.22…)

this is incredibly creepy, she's definitely already humanizing the doll

No. 1987272

what? did she really say this?

No. 1987273

>Discussion over.
Colours is that you? Kek(hi cow)

No. 1987278

Hi cow

No. 1987290

aw this gave me soren nostalgia kek

No. 1987292

No way, when did she claim this?

No. 1987328

Different anon but very real albeit expired milk from quite a few years ago (think tumblr times) when she went by Cassie during her whole failed DID larp nonsense

No. 1987350

Hi I'm other "vile" anon and just wanted to pitch in that "vile" isn't uncommon, at least where I'm from. >>1987245
Not to be an asshole but integration means that all posts should blend in. If they "all sound like the same person" but you're being told they're not then the posters have just integrated into the thread

No. 1987375

But was I right?

No. 1987376

File: 1713635493005.png (906.42 KB, 853x968, Screenshots_2024-04-20-13-31-4…)

No. 1987377

i'm pretty sure this is at least her third doll like this. she just got this one, and she just got another one recently like maybe just a week or two ago. and she also was just trying to sell an old one the other day. so i dunno what's up with it, but i don't think these dolls are a new interest.

No. 1987394

This pic looks so wonky, it's psychedelic without the crazy colors. Death, taxes, and Laura doing the splits.

No. 1987416

There was a thread dedicated to her I believe. I found this one but will look for the other one too

No. 1987441

Already been deleted and replaced.
I wager she names it Hope……

No. 1987442

Omg there is another one behind her in this picture.

No. 1987482

File: 1713674182640.png (489.11 KB, 424x710, Screen Shot 2024-04-20 at 11.3…)

May really is just befriending every cow that gets posted here, isn't she?

No. 1987515

jesus christ someone please deliver he some handcream (or a water bottle, but that might be dIscRImInaTiON )

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