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File: 1704117037860.jpeg (162.13 KB, 750x1042, IMG_1082.jpeg)

No. 1949346

Previous four threads:
>> 1905129

A 'trad' in this context is a woman with pronounced "traditionalist" values especially around gender which usually shows up as "anti-feminist" attitudes emphasizing how women should be subservient to men and essentially embrace being "barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen." We all know what a 'thot' is and most of these girls in fact show up on social media with photos not-at-all subtly focusing on their looks. Our "tradthots" mostly try to have the best of both worlds, consciously or not. While claiming traditional values they embrace modernity and many of the gains of feminism in their pursuit of grift and clout.

Most have pickme tendencies and are addicted to the dopamine hits off male attention in social media despite the fact that some are (supposedly happily) married and claim to believe that a woman should reserve her sexuality for her husband.

A few examples are:

Estee Williams
>stay at home gf queen of trads
>Tried to make a reality tv show of family, model and be an influencer to get as much attention as possible but all else failed because of her stupidity and lack of talent so she became a trad and makes sure her breast implants are in the center of her videos in order to get views on tiktok
>Has an army of incel orbiters who get off at her sexualized trad larping
>dresses like a 1950s housewife and
>Tries to have an aesthetic 1950s love story like the Notebook or something pathetic along those lines, aesthetic posts and moids eat it up
>actually can’t cook and pretends to, moids eat it up anyway
>Constantly sperges about trad living and tries to one up everyone

Megha Verma
>Racially insecure indian girl
>Posts unhinged angry rants on twitter about burning women on sticks
>White worshipping pick me
>Married a white pasty 40 year old scrote who's never around with a huge following list of tiktok teens in bikinis
>Got knocked up recently her husband didn't even attend the baby shower
>Takes out her anger on random women online
Social media links:

Lauren Elise Chen
>Formerly known as 'Roaming Millennial', is a mixed race white worshipping YouTuber who fancies herself as an Asian Lauren Southern
>Believes that IQ is mostly genetic and other scientific racism claims
>Interviewed and defended several white supremacist, neo nazi moids such as Richard Spencer ,Nick Fuentes and Stefan Molyneux
>Is against feminism (obviously) writes articles for Evie Magazin seething over more successful liberal women aka tradthot daily
>Her content recently is mostly just red-pilled incels and MGTOW pandering made several videos calling women with a body count "sluts"
>Focuses her rage on women who chose not to have kids mostly made more than 6 or 7 videos seething over them
>Defended mass shooter incels like the UK virgin killer and Rodgers blaming the existence of incels on women and feminism
>Is an Andrew tate stan
>Has a patreon where she coaches incels by repeating Jordan Peterson's advices to them
>Her mug looks uncanny from all the botox and filler when she's not heavily filtering it despite claiming to be a 'traditional woman' kek
>Married to an ugly fuck 'producer' who lusts over big titted insta thots
>Has a useless shit degree in politics and middle eastern studies
Social media links:

Sarah Doe
>Extremely autistic and low IQ
>publicly tweets her husband is abusive
>husband beat up cat to near death and threatened to beat up the baby
>Doesn’t leave, thinks Bible can fix him and says he’s his #1 fan in her bio

Lauren Southern
>Former costhot
>Failed journalist, pissed off both the left and right.
>Got famous for her anti-feminist MRA content
>Was in multiple anti slutwalk videos
>Promoted traditional values and white nationalism
>Dated an ethnic man
>4chan nazis found out and got big mad
>Made multiple shitty documentaries where she misrepresents facts and pushes the far right narrative.
>Recently married, husband is allegedly Asian, she hides his identity
>Whitewashes her poor baby, insists he has green eyes and a ginger gene
>Released a pro-cop documentary
>Ended up a single mom living in a trailor

Hannah Pearl Davis (JustPearlyThings)
>Below average unfortunately shaped woman in her late 20s who constantly larps on the internet as a trad who shits on modern working women despite contradicting her many statements to her scrote orbiters
>Comes from a rich family, mother is a modern working woman who literally owns the family company
>Pearl used to date a black man (imagine what the scrotes would say) who is also a content creator, he left her because of her high body count apparently
>Pearl claims outrageous things like women shouldn’t be able to vote because they don’t have to sign up for the draft, women are unhappy when working and are all medicated despite men being the gender that is more likely to commit suicide, just selective research and bias (etc.)
>sperges about statistics even though she’s selective about the data and flat out lies while making overarching generalizations that feed her stupid shock value statements
>humiliated on the H3 podcast somehow, see more below:
Ethan brings up Pearl stating America was built on good relationships between slaves and their owners, when asked for a source cites “a book I read by Thomas Sowell” and doesn’t follow up
Brings up Pearl’s rich family and mother who owns the family business and is a career woman, despite Pearl claiming to hate career women… this throws Pearly off
Ethan brings up her multiple claims but she gets fussy and starts throwing statistics that aren’t cited and when Ethan actually brings up credible information she looks to the side of her monitor while sighing and stalling, clearly flustered and embarrassed and says “they’re saying the numbers are inflated”
admits to having information spoon fed to her by a group chat on discord during the interview
it’s painfully awkward and Pearl calls the interview “not in good faith” and runs away, abruptly ending the call
>Dwindling views on yt despite spamming algorithm, more views on TikTok

Rebecca Barrett
>She's gained over 10k subs in the last month or so alone
>Decided to become traditional after doing some marriage group with her husband and allegedly realizing that she was apparently the one creating all the problems in her marriage
>Claims she was a "porn addicted feminist" before marriage
>It seems like she was already doing a variety of other trendy types of videos before but her channel was small, now she almost exclusively posts advice content
>Makes advice/reaction videos from the perspective of a married woman talking to single women where she criticizes women for things like leaving their husbands for cheating on them, and is always making comments that are obviously meant for a male audience
>Gets hilariously visibly mad whenever talking about other women even if the women in question are just some women she made up to be mad at or some low hanging cosmo writer fruit
>Went off the deep end with her sexism and attention whoring and made tweets saying 16 year old girls are hotter than adult women only to delete it when the rage got too much for her

Robyn Riley
>Ex yoga teacher and libfem hippie.
>Supports rapist Roosh V
>Used to have pink hair and a nose ring and spent her 20s traveling and dating abusive bums.
>Born again Christian housewife
>Had a baby at 31 married to some Slovakian meat head.
>Writes for Evie magazine aka Tradthot daily

No. 1949347

For all their mocking and insults hurled at “the feminists” and most women who don’t fit into their made-up insufferable tradfem box, all the same claims and flaws they state about bad women can be pointed out about them too.

Imagine thinking you won by choosing tardwifery only to find yourself having to work harder than a 9-5 just to play a house-elf to your moid and kids’ demands and needs first with little to no breaks, a body which looks like that of an obese blue-haired whale after your pregnancies, and seeing your face hitting the wall while your ‘true love’ starts to cheat and get ruder, meaner, not cherishing you and your duty to him.

So for most cases the rewards for self-sacrificing, carrying his children, and playing servant to a ‘soulmate’ are more labour, sagging tarnished facial beauty and figure, also fat stock accumulation. With potential abuse or unfaithfulness or abandonment from the moid’s side. How is it different or better then?!(unsaged retard)

No. 1949352

>I'm sure pur husbands hate working too sometimes
Having a pencil pusher office job for betas like their husbands do doesn't even come close to how hard pregnancy and child care is.
Their scrotes do nothing but browse reddit and jack off to teens during their so called "demanding" jobs.

No. 1949355

This gaslighting doesn’t work anymore because women have 9-5s too and can see for themselves that working and having your own money isn’t harder or more thankless than cleaning up after a moid 24/7 and being financially controlled by him. In my country there are lots of single moms who work AND raise families by themselves or with friends, so it’s glaringly obvious we don’t need moids and their little paychecks. This is also why moids hate single moms so much and insult them at every chance, because it reminds them of their ultimate irrelevance. Tradthots aren’t fooling anyone but themselves.

No. 1949360

>Stress-ugly, fat and overworked 24/7 domestic gawdesses edition
LMAFOOOOO damn anon you really got me with the thread title

No. 1949365

I have a career in tech (AI engineer) it doesn't come close to being a full time bangmaid physical work wise but it sure pays way more kek i mostly work with men and all they do is slack off in their desks and get 6 months pay if layed off and even a paid day off on their birthday plus free food while their stay at home wives are overworked slaving away in the kitchen and getting less than half what they earn. It's a scam only retarded women fall for.

No. 1949380

I have the 'unglamourous' life of a cleaner. My job is important to me and I take pride in it, even if most people don't think much of it. I get paid for my work, I have colleagues and savings. Unlike a husband, if my 'provider' is tired of me, I can find a new job within my field. My job can be physically demanding, but isn't exactly emotionally taxing. I'm not teetering on the edge of psychosis like these stay at home wives.

No. 1949398

You're probably better at cleaning and organizing than any of these tradthots and you actually get paid for it. I'd take being a cleaner any day over unpaid bangmaidry it can be very relaxing

No. 1949403

File: 1704136197980.jpg (126.15 KB, 640x1067, random-fundie-and-conservative…)

No. 1949406

>Women have finally got human rights after so much struggle so i had to start a social media career to remind them of their place as servants to ugly broke wagie moids
Wow she really sold it. I'm leaving college to find a wagie so i can buy ugly used furniture and show it on tiktok.
>Tradwife movement
Didn't she rant about how it's not a movement ? kek

No. 1949408

File: 1704137204014.jpg (42.67 KB, 736x630, smirking.jpg)

>Teach the new generation how to be unpaid bangmaids
Good luck with that Estee. the only reason you got any clout is because the new generation was enraged by your retarded pick me posts kek

No. 1949411

Very creepy when you realize "masculine traits" are really just "adult traits". Tradthots play-act as promiscuous children for moid attention, it's sick.

And even if we take her premise at face value, why would the stress of having to manage a career and home be "solved" by women giving up their careers? Clearly the most logical approach would be to encourage(or shame kek) men into taking a more active role in housework and childcare. Home managed, relationship strain decreased, both keep their careers. No need for all women to be bangmaids.

No. 1949416

>Clearly the most logical approach would be to encourage(or shame kek) men into taking a more active role in housework and childcare.
THIS! and men would get to bond with their children more but gasp they don't give a fuck about spending more time with their kids and see them as a nuisance and just want to use them to keep women down and easy to fuck over.

No. 1949418

i dont frequent this thread but isnt her husband gay?

No. 1949429

File: 1704139883539.jpg (102.58 KB, 750x893, 414885547_8001447843222297_578…)

Ok but why does this bitch have male pattern baldness?

No. 1949438

very feminine to flaunt your bolt ons on the internet

No. 1949442

She's a living proof that men are retarded porn brained subhumans and will let you get away with you hypocritical shit if you show cleavage even if fake (insert Ethots like sniperwolf)

No. 1949530

Very true. Unless they work in a career that involves daily manual labor, these men are basically doing fuck all and jacking off at their jobs. Sitting at a PC all day, chatting with clients, doing paperwork etc is not a real man’s job and never will be.

No. 1949577

File: 1704165443277.jpg (72.41 KB, 640x1387, some-tyson-lexie-james-merch-f…)

No. 1949578

i hope she has xxl size because these are only going to be bought by trannies

No. 1949594

Nobody who is genuinely trad has to virtue signal this desperately in such an on the nose way kek.

No. 1949596

If they ever actually read their bible they would know that Jesus hated attention whores and those who crave the approval of other humans lol.


>Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.

>For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit. For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace. For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God's law; indeed, it cannot. Those who are in the flesh cannot please God.

>But He gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”

>Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus.

>For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ. How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another and you do not seek the glory that is from the one and only God?

>Let no one seek his own good, but the good of his neighbor.

No. 1949603

I knew moms who were literally welders, construction workers, etc and said motherhood was harder than that. funny how they wouldn't dare calling someones private nanny spoiled and pampered even though those nannies get breaks, get to go home at night, paid way more, don't have to cook or clean, etc but if a woman does it 24/7 for free with no breaks and does domestic chores on top of it she has it so easy and is super spoiled and literally any man can do it

No. 1949654

I have no idea how someone can make or buy something like this unironically

No. 1949658

Cringe in all ways but especially because it has a 60s peace and love aesthetic. Maybe it was intentional for the ironic contrast of hippie free love with women being domestic and reproductive slaves who are chained to the home…? Absolutely retarded either way.

No. 1949683

Estee said she was planning to get knocked up in 2024 kek so far no posts about it this bitch is either infertile or is secretly childfree and doesn't want to give up her CAREER as an influencer, she's 26 already so according to moids she has already hit the wall and will be sent empty egg cartoons.
Can't wait for her to take the mommy influencer route and lose her incel followers

No. 1949692

File: 1704193615156.jpg (118.67 KB, 750x754, 414821519_390068780201359_3120…)

Childfree Career women when the moid cheats on them:

No. 1949693

File: 1704193637587.jpg (85.49 KB, 775x789, 415299636_742515283995822_5173…)

No. 1949698

File: 1704194474344.png (175.54 KB, 1259x706, 2024-01-02 (2).png)

No. 1949704

File: 1704197278911.jpeg (171.54 KB, 749x906, IMG_1132.jpeg)

Those post-wall tradmom grifters riddled with anxiety over their kids’ lives and problems can lie and cope about how easy ‘rvturning to farmwork’ is or ‘motherhood is relaxing’, but in reality some of the most sour-faced, competitive, and bitter women are staunch conservatives who end up doing the brunt of labour and sacrifice in the family though “women were not made to work”. Prime grifter examples on Twitter / X.

Also pro-tip: If your man is not willing to work for your submission but insists you serve first, he’s not “the One”!
True men in love have to sacrifice and labour for a woman’s submission, its the natural law if women are not made to work and the sexes are not equal.

No. 1949705

Her browridge is more prominent than her gay husband's.

No. 1949717

you are just as retarded, log off(use reports)

No. 1949726

Shut the fuck up, scrote who no pickme chose. Go back to your crusty mattress while coping with your unemployment being a stupid NEET(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1949729

File: 1704205468533.jpg (138.99 KB, 640x846, taking-larping-to-a-whole-dist…)

No. 1949731

>The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world
That's why all presidents and heads of monarchy who rule the world are mothers. Lmfao
>Women can't do critical thinking
That's why we fought for our rights while society punished us and kept telling us to submit to the gender that makes up 96% of pedophiles.

No. 1949735

Queen Elizabeth?

No. 1949738

Queen Elizabeth was a childfree woman that never married and was so good at being a ruler scrotes started rumors that she was a troon if she got married and had kids her husband would have taken over and left her nothing but a mommy bangmaid with a crown on that's why she never married.

No. 1949739

>women have had the vote for a century and look where we are
uhm (assuming you're american) people live til 100, you don't have 1000s of kids starving in the streets, 18 hours work days are forbidden, you get to retire, the last war was decades ago…?

No. 1949743

He's talking about how his fellow cum stained swet pants wearing, basement dwelling incels aren't allowed to rape women into marrying them anymore. Scrotes are so deficient and insecure they think the world is utter shit if they can't get laid

No. 1949745

File: 1704208411975.jpg (97.02 KB, 640x612, taking-larping-to-a-whole-dist…)

No. 1949753

A man wrote this if not that's whole lotta self hatred and dependent personality disorder to unpack in one post kek

No. 1949763

>I have worked before I met my husband, but I made little
I have never heard this phrasing outside of a movie set centuries ago, absolute fanfiction larp

No. 1949765

Lol this is such projection. Everything he's saying here is exactly what men do with much greater frequency

No. 1949777

Scrotes killed millions of children in war and bashed babies against rocks and trees for centuries still make up 90% of child murderers/rapists but it's muh evil feminists who are the real child killers for giving women to right to abort a 2 week old fetus not even 30 years ago kek Moids are mentally challenged

No. 1949783

File: 1704214898786.jpg (191.31 KB, 640x1054, taking-larping-to-a-whole-dist…)

No. 1949786

post this bangmaid's face

No. 1949788

It’s painfully obvious her husband is gay. She looks miserable.

No. 1949792

File: 1704215807710.jpeg (402.41 KB, 1620x844, 541A7163-64D0-4656-99E3-68BF3A…)

Another tradthot I’ve been following for a while. Her husband tried to kill her. Luckily she left him but she’s still pining after him and allowing her kids to have contact with him.

No. 1949793

File: 1704215940876.jpeg (90.63 KB, 1620x429, B6A81FDF-B26B-4832-8E38-F07EEE…)

If your scrote tries to kill you it’s still all your fault ofc. The tradthot way.

No. 1949794

It's a scrote. The account posts nothing but low effort rainbow colored quotes like "Men make choices Women make babies" it's a fetish account ran by a scrote/troon

No. 1949797

File: 1704216026814.png (307.86 KB, 399x540, jeez.png)

what the fuck did pearl do to her teeth. how is this an improvement, or is it an unfortunate-looking inbetween state ?
ctrl+F'ing her comments gave nothing as well, she may have blocked the keywords.
why is she doing crazy probably painful dental surgeries when her mouth was fine ? she could just hire a stylist to give her sunscreen and good clothes. she's infuriating

No. 1949799

File: 1704216146011.jpeg (191.05 KB, 1620x506, 094D8651-5698-4D9A-BF4E-E42FD9…)

The thanks you get for raising 5 of a mans kids is him trying to murder you in a parking lot and then ditching you because you hit 40.

No. 1949800

Women with self worth and careers after break up

Doormat bangmaids after breaking with their husband who tried to kill them

The dichotomie is real kek

No. 1949802

File: 1704216389083.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1603x1547, 4448396C-9F95-4DFB-9397-1D6A5B…)

This is her and her scrote that tried to strangle her in front of her kids btw

No. 1949804

File: 1704216488662.jpeg (710.37 KB, 1454x1765, 7B96D9B5-9487-4139-9D41-35E73A…)

No. 1949805

He has that early 2000’s abuser phenotype.

No. 1949806

File: 1704216624973.jpg (10.3 KB, 196x206, images.jpg)

>So busy taking care of the wife beater scrote's kids to even process what went down

No. 1949808

Obviously written by a scrote, but the wailing over abortion always makes me laugh. In the 19th century and prior when women were legal rape-chattel with zero power on their own, they still aborted pregnancies. It wasn't uncommon for women to have as many abortions as they did births, and this was a time when having 4+ children was the norm. Abo-bo's didn't start in 1973, and they didn't end in 2022.

No. 1949810

This so sad lol she's pretty and could have done so much better with her life

No. 1949812

>literal horror movie plot is just reality for millions of women around the world
Awful isn’t it? The Y chromosome needs to be annihilated.

No. 1949813

Agree, she’s pretty and looks young for her age, but 5 kids is a lot of baggage to take on even for normie moids let alone the more misogynistic types that are so prevalent today. She wants to find love but already being a mom of 5 is going to be a big hindrance. I feel really bad for her.

No. 1949819

I hope she dumps the scrote fruit on their dad and leaves the state and starts a new life but it would never happen cause women that smart and based usually don't have 5 kids with abusive moids

No. 1949820

gigastacy, she actually dress more 'modestly' than estee and her bolt ons

No. 1949836

There isn’t a surgery on earth that will stop this woman looking like jar jar binks. It’s over.

No. 1949842

i mean what even is this ?
she agreed to pay thousands in return for long-ass teeth and a front gap what the fuck ?

No. 1949847

File: 1704224032646.jpg (84.88 KB, 640x483, taking-larping-to-a-whole-dist…)

No. 1949848

You know the scrote would kill the kids if she dumped them on him

No. 1949877

You know she hasn't read the Bible. My personal favorite verses regarding marriage are in Ephesians, stating that man and wife are ONE flesh. Equally. That you do not have more say than the other partner. Even as a man. The text itself sounds as though it is harping on men to not be shit people. Ephesians 8:5 I believe but it's been a fair minute. I'm in the new testament for now, do forgive me. Nothing I hate more than these women who drone about being submissive instead of the many incredible things we can do and be. Affront to all women. No Holy Mother of God, no Forgiveness thru Christ. Not to mention the other women of the Bible doing things that are the opposite of submission, such as Judith throwing bitch ass Holofernes decapitated body down a well with the help of her maid. The most ignorant of women play up submissiveness. Fetishism is what this is; dick pandering, not Christian marriage. Get real, hoe, call a spade a spade. You're just making scrote behavior worse.

No. 1949884

Wasn’t Jesus besties (and possibly romantically involved) with a literal hooker aka Mary Magdalene, said to love and forgive all sinners and judge not lest ye be judged? Weird how so many Christians are so un-Christlike.

No. 1949888

It's a scrote

No. 1949898

I don’t think so. No biological male would say a woman who isn’t physically beautiful can still be attractive kek.

No. 1949907

The Bible also says that women must submit to their husbands and that he's the equivalent of Christ while she's the "church". Calling husband and wife "one flesh" doesn't detract from the inherent misogyny of Christianity and other Abrahamic religions.

No. 1949939

File: 1704233520997.jpg (134.54 KB, 640x786, taking-larping-to-a-whole-dist…)

No. 1949948

>"I don't like gender studies"
>has borderline tranny understanding of femininity

No. 1949963

It also says men have to love their wives like Christ loved the church, ie happily die for her.

No. 1949965

well then god failed because jesus is the one true moid i guess

No. 1950007

Paul wrote that because Jesus repeatedly referred to himself as a groom, and that the people of the world were like his bride. His first miracle was performed at a wedding - the bride/groom motif is supposed to evoke celebration and happiness, because Jesus also represents a "marriage" of the human and the divine.

Paul was in prison at the time he wrote that, and is making a connection between his wrongful incarceration and these women being in oppressive marriages. He believed that the way he could show the Roman jailers how the followers of Jesus behaved was to be overly compliant and obedient, never resisting arrest or protesting his conviction. Similarly, in the passage that says that wives should submit to their husbands, he's responding to a letter that he received in jail from a church in the ancient Greek city of Ephesus, where there were some women who had accepted Christ but their husbands had not. Paul is telling them that in order to get their husbands to see and believe in Christ, and therefore to get to the point of having an equal marriage, the women had to play the long game and be overly compliant even with the unfair situation of a traditional ancient Greek marriage.

Thus, it's essentially an early nonviolent protest strategy from an incarcerated lawyer giving advice. It's not God telling women that they need to submit to their husbands.(holy derailing)

No. 1950012

#proverb31wife? Let's see all the ~submissive~ things Proverbs 31 says the ideal wife does:

>She considers a field and buys it

>Out of HER earnings she plants a vineyard
>Her arms are strong for her tasks
>She sees that her trading is profitable
>She is clothed in strength and dignity
>She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue
>Her husband praises her:
>"Many women do NOBLE things, but you surpass them all"
>Honor her and let her works bring her praise

So, the ideal Biblical woman is strong, dignified, noble, financially independent, knowledgeable about business, and praised by her husband for speaking up and teaching. It says NOTHING about her being meek, submissive, servile, sweet, soft, or devoted to her husband. Tradthots are so retarded istg. Also Proverbs 31 is probably about Israel personified as a woman, and not an actual woman anyway, but I digress.

No. 1950014

Not to mention the story of Mary and Martha. Jesus goes to hang out at Mary and Martha's house, Mary is just vibing and talking with Jesus while Martha is fussing around cleaning and cooking and doing ~feminine submissive tasks~. Martha gets mad at Mary for just sitting there learning and tells Jesus to tell Mary to help her out. Instead, Jesus says Mary – the woman who is wanting to educate herself and shirk housework – is the one in the right.(derailing)

No. 1950027

Which puts men in the position of God, and women in the position of God's creation. It's misogynistic even if it doesn't sound as brutal as "shut up and obey" parts of the rest of the Bible. This is the same "holy book" that instructs its followers to rape female captives and tells women we exist to be fucked and bred by men. It's inherently, inescapably misogynistic, and no amount of tying yourself into knots trying to find passages that don't sound as violently misogynistic as most won't change that.(derailing)

No. 1950052

Hope the thread doesn't get shut down again, this time for being a religious/philosophy debate. We need a thread for that in OT.

No. 1950054

File: 1704250903908.jpeg (100.79 KB, 640x1384, mom-aunt-lori-and-uncle-whats-…)

No. 1950060

the absolute state of being a pickme, both get alienated by other less retarded women and by the men you kiss the feet of

No. 1950063

Old testament=/=new testament tho. Christians arent to follow the old testament despite doing so and disregarding Jesus's teachings, which literally makes them not christians like they say they are.(derailing)

No. 1950070

this is pretty scrotey, women with lots of children typically have no trouble finding a new long-term partner. it's only moids that think being a single mom makes your dating life a doom

No. 1950094

The online trad wife movement was a meme from chronically online scrotes, now perpetuated by girls like etsee who are too scared to make an OF but still want the attention from males and to make money without calling themselves a career woman

That biblical gender roles scrote isn’t even married iirc or is divorced. He tries hard to write the worst shit but doesn’t even live by what he writes. At this point I think he just posts rage bait for engagement

No. 1950123

Mary Magdalene wasn’t a prostitute, you’ve been lied to. The church lied about her because they were uncomfortable with the influence she had as a woman and they wanted to potray Jesus as a virgin to get more little boys to molest in monasteries. Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ wife.(derailing)

No. 1950150

I find it funny that most "christian" men decide to completely ignore sexual morality standards for themselves while pointing the finger at every woman when this is the exact kind of behavior Jesus spent the entire gospels criticizing
And if men, like most of these based redpillers think, are to be in charge because they're more like God and more responsible, how much more important wouldn't their sexual morality be?

No. 1950151

Jesus straight up tells men a lot of things that they really don't want to hear. Like that even looking at and lusting over women is evil and that they should pluck their eye out if they can't control themselves, etc. Somehow the men that call themselves christians today refuse to listen to the majority of what christ said and act exactly like the pharisees who crucified him

No. 1950152

>funny that most "christian" men decide to completely ignore sexual morality standards for themselves while pointing the finger at every woman
Whole purpose of every Abrahamic religion is to help beta men mate guard while enabling them to engage in degeneracy as long as they say the right things to “repent”. God himself could come down and tell them this but they wouldn’t listen.

No. 1950158

I’ve noticed that women are generally more adherent to religious laws and rules, which is probably why religion was invented by men and peddled by them to control women. Men seem to think they can pick and leave whatever parts of their own doctrine that you like, which is why most religious men are hypocrites.

No. 1950161

Sure..that's why scrotes are so vocal about not wanting to date single moms and call them "damaged goods", write no single moms on their tinder profiles, call other men who date them "cucks" kek even scrotes with kids refuse to date single moms and look down on them. Calling it what it is isn't scrotey. Most people don't want to spend ther time and money raising someone else's kids not even animals do.

No. 1950163

A lot of men don't mind, men who have souls can think beyond muh genes and are (somewhat) capable of love and humanity. It's more common than you think

No. 1950165

What about women who don't want to date single dads ?
Do they have no souls and lack humanity and love too ? (not trying to defend scrotes fuck them all)

No. 1950166

It's different because being a mother is a lot harder, single dads tend to try to offload all responsibility on the woman they rope in. Most are fully willing though
It's weird that you'd make that false equivalence comparison if you aren't a scrote though(derailing/scrotefoiling)

No. 1950167

>men who have souls can think beyond muh genes and are (somewhat) capable of love and humanity
Or men who want to diddle your kids

No. 1950169

Not a scrote just found myself getting shat on by a single dad moid for rejecting him and he used the same arguments you used.(derailing)

No. 1950171

Can this thread be back on topic? first it was triggered scrotes then kiwi fags and now religion sperging ?
Post tradthots.

No. 1950176

File: 1704283007156.png (739.26 KB, 916x605, 2024-01-03.png)

The autism in this post is too dangerous

No. 1950178

File: 1704283132723.png (539.41 KB, 885x669, 2024-01-03 (1).png)

Wtf are they wearing kek

No. 1950179

File: 1704283162816.png (198.89 KB, 863x646, 2024-01-03 (2).png)

No. 1950184

File: 1704285204528.png (663.11 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240103-203054.png)

I'll never understand why some pregnant women decline an ultrasound. Even if not for themselves it could save the child's life. It's a quick, simple and non invasive procedure.

Idiots like this want us to go back to the days where 1 in 7 women died giving birth and half of infants never made it just to stick it to 'modernity'.

I'm not against home birth or low intervention pregnancy and birth but ultrasounds and other simple diagnostic tests like blood pressure and urine swabs are the bare minimum of care.

No. 1950185

Boy needs to put his fucking heels down, he has terrible riding posture. Probably just a photo op.

No. 1950186

File: 1704285476893.png (180.18 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240103-203628.png)

These women are so fucking stupid.

If my mom didn't have an ultrasound we would both be dead by now because she had stage 4 placenta previa. Babies can have heart problems and may need surgery while still in the womb. If you choose a homebirth without even having an ultrasound to see if the baby is healthy then you are a world class idiot.

What a joke these women are.

No. 1950187

>Male baldness pattern hairline
I fucking swear almost all these pick me whores have receding hairlines like the men they pander to!

No. 1950188

Natural selection

No. 1950190

I would like to know if this woman still shaves her legs, armpits, pubic area, plucks any stray hairs on her chin, plucks her eyebrows, waxes her upper lip, shaves her butthole ect. If she still removes hair from other parts of her body then she's a giant hypocrite because she's embracing modernity by not being like her hairy female ancestors and connecting with them.

No. 1950208

Can someone tell me why they literally give so many shits about what other people do? If anything, shouldn’t they be happy that the liberal feminist enemy isn’t having children because it makes their god-fearing army bigger by comparison?

No. 1950212

How is she supposed to bucket trap other women into ripping their pussy open every year for a NEET neo nazi murderer's autism sperm ?

No. 1950213

That comment is the dictionary definition of "ignorance is bliss" yeah knowing stuff is good actually because then you can react to the information. These people are so ignorant, she thinks they just do ultrasounds for funsies and if anything's wrong everyone just shrugs.
>they've convinced everyone that it's "safe" and "beneficial"
>what's an ultrasound gonna do? tell you? lol
Literal moron convention happening here.
Something to be said for the most transparently "doing this solely for the moids" trend to also be one with the highest level of pure idiocy on display, even sexworkers have their shit together better than this

No. 1950217

I have bad news for you about stepfathers and sexual assault/CSA stats if you think men attach themselves to single moms and their kids for any good reasons. (something like 1 in 5 stepfathers will commit CSA, iirc)
It's a very popular porn category as well, (loophole for straight up incest porn) so they are pretty much conditioned to view stepchildren as potential sexual conquests.
I even see single moms advising each other to not post kids online and not mention or show kids on their dating profiles, and not mention the kids or let the moid meet them until they've been dating a while. They are a target for pedo moids.
At least the nasty men who think single moms are discarded goods obviously have no interest in the kids either. Most men are barely interested in their own children nevermind some other man's.
Men who abandon their families are very aware of the situation they are leaving them in.(derailing)

No. 1950256

Pearly getting roasted by the scrotes she panders to

No. 1950293

Yep 1 in 6 women who had a stepfather and 1 in 50 of women who had a biological father reported being sexually abused by them. That study was done in the 80s of roughly 1000 women in California afaik, so the CSA stats now will probably be even higher for both parties due to porn addiction being so prevalent in moids and the general moral decay of society.

No. 1950297

Of course it’s a weird photo op larp. Her chubby little sugar addicted moidlet brats would fall on the floor crying if they cut their finger. Even if she was serious about this, imagine thinking teaching your kids to larp as knights for le upcoming race war is important when all warfare is machine based and will be (and mostly already is) done remotely anyway

Their narcissism, fear of mortality and fear of independence is so funny to witness. No wonder the tradthot movement attracts so many neurotic masochists, narcissists, women with eating disorders, women with dependent personality disorder, womanchildren FTLs, psychopathic control freak scrotes etc. They’re so scared of their own and other peoples freedom and autonomy kek.

Stepdads are generally expected to do fuck all and forming a relationship with the kids let alone just being a decent human being towards them is entirely optional for scrotes. 1 in 6 of them also engage in raping the children

Meanwhile prospective stepmothers are expected to take on the entire responsibility of the dead/gone ex wife AND have new children, while risking being shunned as an evil harpy if she puts a foot wrong and doesn’t spoil the brats to death. Major difference.

No. 1950300

File: 1704302798726.jpeg (172.59 KB, 971x1105, IMG_5287.jpeg)

Too crunchy to get an ultrasound but hair bleach is absolutely fine.

No. 1950309

You're not wrong, but it isn't just abrahamic religions. It's a world wide scrote catastrophe, it boils down to that. There are amazing and powerful goddesses in so many belief systems, women saints, the virgin Mary, empresses/ruling women etc in history. However the scrotes who left offerings for these goddesses/holy women were not any better to the women around them. In the case of the tradthots, the focus is more due to them choosing Christianity without looking at the material in depth, just picking out what they think men want to hear for their little performance. Lots of material there, but they better not dare defend their points, that's the antithesis of submission lol.Too bad that agreeing with men gets you….nothing but shit treatment.It just gives them another reason to laugh at you. The tradthot thinks she's winning when she receives that precious male attention.
Are there Hindu trad women? Bhuddist trad women? The pagan larp trad women are a thing. I just wonder if this "trad" thing extends it's icky fetish-y branches into other types of "traditional values."

No. 1950312

It's kind of like scrotes saying "don't stick your dick in crazy" except they deliberately seek out vulnerable, mentally ill women to manipulate and abuse. In the case of single moms they make an exception for the ones with vulnerable daughters (children). It's all bullshit they spew out of their mouths to dodge accountability.(derailing)

No. 1950363

And? Scrotes also scream their heads off about how much they hate fat girls, old women, and everything else yet all fat girls, oldies and everyone else are perfectly capable of finding long term bfs and husbands. What moids want and what moids say they want are two different things. Even if only 1% of moids wanted to date single moms without being a creep that's still millions upon millions of men(infighting/derailing)

No. 1950365

Pretending that a woman with 5 fucking kids is not gonna have a harder time finding decent partners than someone who doesn't is delulu(infighting/derailing)

No. 1950433

File: 1704326117421.png (367.79 KB, 671x865, not like the other popstars.pn…)

>have a ton of kids when you're still a teenager or you're going to disappear into oblivion and loneliness by the time you're 46
okay and using this kind of hyperbolic, shakespearean tone totally doesn't make you sound jealous and hateful kek. every tweet with this language just reads like someone trying to convince themselves they made the right life choices when they obviously didn't. like picrel where she's comparing herself to taylor swift (bcs taylor swift is totally destroying the white race unlike marie, guise).
>i WILL be happy in 50 years
you will most likely be contacted/seen twice a year (if not completely cut off) by your kids and otherwise abandoned at the old folks home like every other trad woman before and after you.
>Their narcissism, fear of mortality and fear of independence is so funny to witness. No wonder the tradthot movement attracts so many neurotic masochists, narcissists, women with eating disorders, women with dependent personality disorder, womanchildren FTLs, psychopathic control freak scrotes etc. They’re so scared of their own and other peoples freedom and autonomy kek.
yep. they want to keep their kids (and in the mens' case, their wives as well) isolated and incapacitated just to have some insurance that they themselves won't be fading into the abyss or whatever when get older. surprise: that will only make your kids hate you even more. all normal children eventually get to grow up and leave the nest, but varg and marie want to avoid that outcome at all costs because their unhinged opinions and lifestyle have left them with nothing outside of each other and their kids (their "tribe" as they like to put it lmao). much like other trad sects such as the FLDS.

No. 1950437

>is one of the most gorgeous, popular and loved women on the planet
>has more money than god
>can do whatever the fuck she wants whenever she wants without brats tying her down
>millions of moids would drag their balls through broken glass to date her
>is probably a based lesbian too
No wonder Marie is seething, I’d be seething too if I had to live off welfare in a crumbling smelly old farm with broken windows with a deadbeat unemployable felon husband and bunch of annoying fat ugly crotch spawn who you almost died giving birth to

No. 1950439

this is what happens when you have offpsring with old scrotes, their expired sperm gives you tism sons that are going to die like virgins

No. 1950466

When you think about it, regardless of if you're looking at it from an atheist perspective, Christian perspective or, a general spiritual perspective of an afterlife, having kids really doesn't matter.

If atheists are right, then eternal oblivion and no memories regardless if you birthed or not. In the perspective of an afterlife, if you see all your relatives again (according to NDEs/death bed visions that hospice nurses describe patients having) then you're really not dying alone if you're gonna join deceased mom and dad and other relatives in the afterlife.

So what exactly are these tradthots afraid of, when you look at it from a perspective of Pascal's Wager? Very sad they're so attached to such worldly, impermanent things and unaware of their own mortality. Very mentally ill indeed. I couldn't even imagine how neurotic and codependent a mom who had children out of a desperate fear of "dying alone" would be.

No. 1950467

so instead of tearing herself open seven times (or getting herself cut open seven times), taylor just gets to travel the world and that's… bad. right.

No. 1950469

Well yeah but has she had her vag ripped open seven times birthing an aging neo-Nazi's retard spawn? Does she live in a dirty cottage eating processed junk? I bet she doesn't even shit in a bucket

No. 1950534

File: 1704340833770.jpeg (153.25 KB, 750x1624, IMG_1159.jpeg)

Marie is definitely lying and coping about going down the tradmom route.

Also, these are 2 other tradthots who are strongly antifem and they still admit to how childrearing is harder and more aging than a normal career.
If “women were not made to work”, then why don’t the “soulmate” hubbies also step up after their little job shifts and help their wives with the domestic labour? Why is she doing it all and not preserving her beauty and stress-free attitude?
Patriarchial men are Liars, they say “women should be relaxed and sweet and not labour”, yet refuse to step up to help preserve their wife’s beauty and aging by pitching in with the domestic work even though men can “endure more” and go through “military training for days”. Notice how these male freaks choose not to use their “toughness” to ease their wife’s burden and make her relaxed. Definitely not “true love”.

No. 1950536

This is actually a good point. Something like 60% of adult men with autism are virgins. The connection between old sperm and autistic offspring is well established. If tradthots are all about continuing muh bloodline and ensuring your family’s progeny, why are they promoting having children with older men, who are most likely going to die virgins and never breed because of their autism?

No. 1950539

Love isn’t involved in any trad relationships kek at best the moid is just a paypig for the woman and the wife acts as a prostitute for him as he pays her for conditional sex and womb rental fees. Nothing romantic about that.

No. 1950543

i think a big reason the number would go up is moreso women becoming more aware of how inappropriate certain things are that were swept under the rug a lot more in previous generations rather than it actually happening more because its always been pretty common

No. 1950544

Then all these tradtard gorl fibs and deception about “love” and romanticising being a house-elf to a cocky, uncaring, lazy ugly male who only knows to weaponize his money to “force her to be kept in her place” need to be debunked and countered. The red pill manosphere which seeped into the RW circles unfortunately are just trying to change policies and restrict women from certain “privileges” already.

No. 1950550

File: 1704343627650.jpeg (279.48 KB, 750x1624, IMG_1164.jpeg)

This from a certain popular spiteful, vocal rightwing antifem who is rumored to be downlow bi or lesbian though she has her own husband - BUT seems to like obsessing over other women’s pregancies, having “stay-ins” with them at their houses, and always blabbing about having a “commune of women friends together” while also claiming female friendship is toxic and mom groups are paranoid cesspools.

She admits:
>she snaps and has tantrums
>has been neglectful and cleans less because childrearing can be too much for other chores at times
>abandoning the house and kids randomly sometimes
>plying her kids with sweets to pacify them though “we are healthy and watch our weight”

Wow, sounds more like a domestic flop, bad parenting. Wonder where her “soulmate” is and how is he not leading the household if he is the “head”. And why not discipline her for tantrums and neglect since it is not becoming of a good wife? Maybe she too married a naturally femme cuck man, and she dare to pass him off as redpill and masculine? Lies. All these tradthots’ “soulmate bois” should be studied on a case by case basis, is not true love for most. They either got with a gay blade to control or arrogant abuser who likes keeping up appearances. It’s all a coping larp.

No. 1950551

Yep all those memes about uncles who would try to tongue kiss you, ‘bad touch’ relatives, seeing your dads dick etc started with boomers, it was so normalized for men to be pedos in the 60s and 70s that nobody batted an eyelid.

No. 1950552

Like how the man reveals that he's a hoe by writing
>boyfriends: 14
>body count: ???
As if it's gonna be in triple digits or vary significantly from the boyfriend stat.
also she's obviously gay/bi and the men are beards, but men being shortsighted in their hatred of successful women shocker
I don't like taylor (too boring for me) but I think she'll be fine rolling around in her millions/billions for now, moid, keep crying tho

No. 1950563

Even in times past when women married young, they married young men. They should be pushing early 20's women marrying early 20's men if muh peak fertility is what they're so worried about, since sperm quality hits its peak at 19-21 and quickly degrades after

No. 1950609

Also one of the writers for Evie magazine, which is not-so-feminine now and has gone a little acidly cryptofeminist. But still has dick-praising and TradthotGate beauty-posting to cover it to keep the lurking males distracted.

No. 1950632

JustPearlyThings got DEMONITIZED kek watching the whole red pill retards get curb stomped by youtube was a fun ride

No. 1950636

File: 1704365160156.jpg (210.12 KB, 608x811, t590k.jpg)

>Nooooo i'm so not like the other girlzz
Ma'am you have 7 damn kids with a batshit insane murderer that stabbed someone 20 times and live in a french ghetto on welfare provided by tax payers and yes career/working women included that you keep dissing . It's other girls that be happy af they're not like you, this bitch has some nerve

No. 1950637

I don't like Taylor Swift but I hope she remains unmarried and childfree to keep making tradfags seethe.

No. 1950638

It's hilarious actually trad-doormats like Marie think they're raising the next generation of strong manly men but they're actually raising fat autistic medieval LARP retards who are one sonichu medallion away from being the next chris chan

No. 1950642

No. 1950650

File: 1704368624317.jpg (16.17 KB, 468x279, varg in court for neo nazi spe…)

>I'm better than Taylor Swift i have ONE husband and SEVEN children
The line shifts from "bragging" to absolute mockery when you realize who the husband is kek

No. 1950659

>Are there Hindu trad women? Bhuddist trad women?

Women are already expected to be homemakers in most Hindu and Bhuddist majority countries. Also I don't know shit about Hinduism but the nihilistic aspect of Bhuddism, the whole compassion thing, the fetishization of martyrdom are definitely used against women. The difference is that they tend to behave more modestly and don't show off like Christian tradthots or Muslim "princesses" (it's too bad they hate each other ! they could be besties) who feel the need to point out all the time that everyone else is degenerate and brag about their refusal to integrate society while leeching of other women's labor

If her kids got forced into a normal school it would be fucking wild. Imagine bullying the class retard and he calls you an inferior race southron whatever and engages you in a sword fight kek. It's cruel, but part of me hopes that they won't be fully taken away from their parents so that we can still have milk.

You'd think someone who cares about their bloodline would avoid breeding with a weakling yet look at all that. Marie always talks about imaginary ancestors but her entire genealogy has to be weeping, seeing how they ended up. Every time she sleeps with Varg there's a fish up in heaven crying, wishing it never made it out of the water.

No. 1950667

File: 1704372221210.jpg (22.23 KB, 300x300, robert-capron-1.jpg)

>Imagine bullying the class retard and he calls you an inferior race southron whatever and engages you in a sword fight kek
I lmao imagining this scenario with Rowley from diary of a wimpy kid being the retard as he looks identical to Marie's eldest son

No. 1950674

Poor horse. I don't think medieval knights were severely overweight or addicted to sugar.

No. 1950676

>it’s men’s problem if they lust after her
based preacher’s wife kek

No. 1950677

File: 1704374128066.png (377.2 KB, 1548x774, the superior white race everyo…)

>You'd think someone who cares about their bloodline would avoid breeding with a weakling yet look at all that. Marie always talks about imaginary ancestors but her entire genealogy has to be weeping, seeing how they ended up. Every time she sleeps with Varg there's a fish up in heaven crying, wishing it never made it out of the water.
marie wants to have retarded kids, although she is in denial about it. she doesn't see autism as a disability, both her and varg want their kids to have autism as well and think (cope) that it's just the trve evropean sigma mindset. this comes from the people who also argue their own ethnic group are 100% neanderthals, who live in a moldy hut with a shitbucket toilet and no door, and who complain about not being allowed to cram 10 people into a car and drive around without seat belts like people do in africa. if asked, they would claim retarded/disabled people don't deserve to live, but in reality they are dysgenic retards themselves, of the absolute lowest quality. they have no standards despite being eugenicists. marie happily eloped with a middle aged convict lolcow and varg's criteria for pickable women are literally just blue eyes and intact teeth.

No. 1950678

Studies show the biggest predictive factor in child abuse (physical, sexual, emotional or whatever) is a man who is not their father living in the house. Children living with stepfathers and boyfriends are more likely to be abused than children in one- or two-parent houses, and even children in foster care. If I was a single mom I’d avoid dating scrotes like the plague at least until my children were old enough to defend themselves or tell me if something was wrong.(derailing)

No. 1950692

how come authorities havent taken the kids away? no bathroom door screams molestation

No. 1950704

Did anyone in the comments tell her he's way too fat for that horse?

No. 1950705

>check her teeth!
>they do it with horses! Hehe!
He doesn’t give a single reason why or what it indicates. Just check her teeth because they do that with hoses. Just an excuse to be degrading and reduce women to cattle.

No. 1950709

File: 1704381748992.jpeg (185.38 KB, 749x1122, IMG_1178.jpeg)

Even our resident low-iq neurotic tumblr shipper “soulmates” believer bullshitting “we can force chemistry with men” type Peachy is implying that she knows even the “good” conservative men are a-straying and are not wholly in love with their wives as a person because men’s true love is mostly on beauty, just skin-deep. If he doesn’t love you for more than beauty as a person though you may be less than him, how is he “the One”?

No. 1950714

>conservative porn
Basically child porn but with parental consent? That’s the kind of thing conservatives and “trads” like.

No. 1950716

File: 1704382895718.png (340.37 KB, 600x583, 1fb.png)

>Attractive conservative women calendar
>All are blonde blue eyed women
Lauren Chen:

No. 1950732

File: 1704386962091.jpeg (230.3 KB, 749x1331, IMG_1181.jpeg)

Seems like the only 2 commons which bring men to women are sex and beauty. These factors are not a strong foundation to build a “soulmates” type relationship on. Very weak, in fact. All of women’s power and what she can do has to be limited under pleasing men and their erections.

Sex =/= soulmate vibes and feels
Beauty attraction =/= True love
Sometimes using sex appeal and beauty doesn’t work at all and men can still insult you and hurt you over it. Reality is sexist, women’s “superpowers” over men seem very weak and shallow after all. Idiotic women who believe this is enough for “true love” and think men disregarding female personhood is okay should not be trusted.

No. 1950744

>lost fifth place in a swim meet
>crater career to become a tradthot old RW moids to jerk off to
all RW women really are failures, aren't they

No. 1950762

the comment is so grim

No. 1950770

That just sounds like normal life with young children. I can tell that you have never been around young kids anon.

No. 1950773


>No bathroom door.

This has to be the most messed up thing I have read on this thread. This man's wife and kids, even the older ones can't even take a poop in privacy. They have older sons, too. What about when Marie has her monthly visitor? Is she not entitled to privacy? What about when his daughters hit puberty? WTF. I am more concerned than I ever was before.

No. 1950778

NTA it sounds more like being a married single mom to me than "normal life with young kids" it's kinda pathetic that tradwhores complain about the shit show that is motherhood despite preaching how uwu magical, relaxing and happy it is they always slip up and drop the mask kek

No. 1950791

File: 1704396410415.jpg (86.72 KB, 828x1096, estee-williams-pushing-rape-cu…)


No. 1950795

File: 1704396712165.png (225.24 KB, 881x606, 2024-01-04 (2).png)

No. 1950796

Kek. POC pickmes always give me a chuckle, they can sing all the praises of these moids all they want, won't change the fact that their either a beard or the consolation prize for when their fail male can't get a blonde aryan waifu.

No. 1950797

i wanna alog

No. 1950798

File: 1704397110898.png (211.95 KB, 360x624, 2024-01-04 (3).png)

Samefagging but this is the megamind forehead , breast implant jiggling, fried hair having whore that wrote this shit y'all can have fun tearing her apart

No. 1950802

Estee doesn't even have a bunch of kids. She's an unemployed NEET who sits around at home all day on top of being healthy and able bodied. She likely has a lot of excess time on her hands. She has no idea what it's like to work hard and be tired and in pain and completely frazzled before the end of the day.

No. 1950803

>Deleted post
KEK the internet never forgets bestie

No. 1950805

She’s trying so hard to pander and/or bait that it makes me wonder if she has a past she’s trying to bury under a new persona, like she was an ethot or something.

No. 1950806

What would she know? Not like her husband fucks her.

No. 1950807

File: 1704397843544.png (68.61 KB, 1163x333, Estee'shusbandinsta.png)

Speaking of her ugly moid i seen this comment on a post about her and if this is true (probably is) then she's beyond pathetic

No. 1950813

wow thats so sad that people think its ''girly'' and ''sus'' for a man to compliment his wife

No. 1950818

Nobody is saying that and you know it.

No. 1950819

I actually want every trad who’s ever said this to be buried up to their necks in sand and left to bake to death in the middle of a desert. Genuinely.(she's vile but this is still a-logging)

No. 1950900

She's also a forced-birther. Why bother sneering at women telling them to not have sex if they don't want to get pregnant when you think she has a duty to have sex? Mindless.

No. 1950926

Yeah this is really gonna convert more women to the tradthot side. Anything for those sweet right wing paypig gibs.

No. 1950967

Again what would she know about pregnancy and birth with her defective, barren womb, sexless relationship and faggot husband. Nothing.

No. 1950969

I invite this woman to move to an Islamic state if she hates the idea of women voting so much. Retards like this don't deserve to live in developed nations.

No. 1950970

>you sound like a post-wall aged haggard unfeminine tradwife with a fat and ruined post-preg body
Nta but wow that’s very feminist of you.

No. 1950977

The last time a moid tried to attack taylor over being in her 30s with no kids yet, he just disappeared online. Cooper needs that same treatment he’s such a old scrote bitter over how his wife left, pretty sure his daughter doesn’t see him anymore either. He’s so chronically online

Women just can never win in etsees perfect world
no woman should be single or else she’s a failure but also no woman should be unhappy in a marriage and must have duty sex anytime the husband wants regardless. I wonder how often it’s really her husband typing this shit out

No. 1950978

Used up, saggy and wrinkly for WHO? You’re still desperate for men’s approval clearly. We all end up saggy and wrinkly, kids or not. Maybe you should work on your relationship with your own body. Your toothless activism is showing and all you’re doing is being misogynist in another genre. Pathetic really.

No. 1950979

>I wonder how often it’s really her husband typing this shit out
Never. He’s face down at the bathhouse getting his guts rearranged.

No. 1950980

I have a lot of experience caring for young children and they aren't easy to look after. Calm the fuck down. It's actually a nice contrast to trad thots saying that having kids is a big bed of roses. Kids trash your house, they are noisy, they are loud, they are stressful. That's just reality, unless you are blessed to end up with really quiet, calm kids like the ones in Hollywood movies.

No. 1950982

Is there any evidence anywhere that he's gay? That would be hilarious.

No. 1950983

Your body isn't going to stay 16 years old forever. You will age and get saggy, too whether you have kids or not. The misogyny here is off the charts. You are just a pick me by another name.

No. 1950984

>you don’t support men at all.
I don’t, and I also don’t support shallow, catty, moid brained “feminists” like you. I don’t give a fuck what rapist redpill men say about post birth women because they are fucking pedophiles and they will say that about any woman who is remotely sexually mature.(infighting)

No. 1950985

File: 1704440732040.jpeg (66.08 KB, 462x340, IMG_5300.jpeg)

Just look at him.

No. 1950991

>male/female brained

No. 1950995

Yeah, as in primitive, thick as shit and barely human. Moid minded. Male brained. Scrote-headed.

No. 1951018

>Hairline is higher than her scrote
Very feminine indeed.
Remember how Pearl shot her self in the foot when she went off the deep end with that one post "16 year olds are hotter than 25 year olds" i feel like Estee is heading that same way they let the male attention get to them so they start posting disgusting shit to keep it up, Pearl's channel got demonitized short after even tho she deleted that tweet, Estee will end up the same way and the tradwhore trend same as the manosphere is gonna be annihilated as fast as it started. It's gonna be glorious

No. 1951028

It’s the same retarded moid who spergs on every thread. Don’t engage, just report and let him rant about his mommy issues into the void.

No. 1951035

Pearl sexualized her 15 year old sister and humiliated her in front of her incel fans in a recent stream that's why she got demonitized.
Pearl has expressed sexual interest in young teenagers before. I'm worried about her sister's safety.

No. 1951037

>Pearl sexualized her 15 year old sister and humiliated her in front of her incel fans in a recent stream that's why she got demonitized.
What exactly happened? I’m out of the loop.

No. 1951039

i thought pearl got demonetized because she kept posting videos of her talking to young girls on the streets about sex and wouldn’t take the videos down even after the parents reached out to her.

No. 1951151

Pedo Pearl constantly sexualizes underage girls. It was just a matter of time before she got demonetized, even the redpill moid freaks in her replies were telling her to chill out.

No. 1951197

pickmes are disgusting

No. 1951228

>have an entire platform is based off of preventing grooming and the sexualization of children by living a wholesome lifestyle
>embroiled in nonstop scandals because they cannot fucking stop sexualizing children

No. 1951235

File: 1704496330909.png (207.93 KB, 531x759, Pathetic2.png)

Starting the new year with a copium overdose larger than the "my baby has a blue eye gene" one KEK

No. 1951238

File: 1704496621505.png (142.96 KB, 527x632, Pathetic.png)

No. 1951239

Fucking bleak lmao
>my husband palmed me off to other people and spent a tonne of money specifically to avoid lifting a finger or spending time around me and the baby
>but at least he's not doing 'woman behaviour'

No. 1951245

>barren womb
You're probably right. She talked about trying for a baby in 2024 and now is dead silent about it as she pushes 26 lol

No. 1951251

kek she literally did nothing then, his simp bought her a nanny and take out food so she would have to move a finger. Very trad indeed to do absolutely nothing at all while your simp pays for a nanny to tend your baby.

No. 1951261

>a maid a cook and nanny so she can be lazy
Yet she doesn’t see that those maids are working women with jobs , so you’re either a career woman, a trad wife or Other (women working non desk jobs like nannies and maids) in Meg’s world

No. 1951266

Not to white knight but it’s the 5th day of the year guys just because they aren’t announcing all this shit in the first week doesn’t mean she isn’t trying. Frankly I’d kinda be shocked she seems like she’s gonna blow up in pregnancy and there’s the end of that cash cow.

No. 1951281

Lady, you’re kidding yourself. It’s obvious your moid wants fuck all to do with the kid. Probably because it’s not a boy, and also probably because it didn’t come out white passing. A man throwing bare minimum scraps at you just so he can avoid being around his child as much as possible is an absolutely massive red flag.

No. 1951286

>can’t even cook or clean but claims to be trad
>husband stopped trying to look after the kid because he ‘realized he was useless at it’
They both sound like a pair of lazy irresponsible shitheads kek. So yeah, a typical trad couple.

No. 1951292

I feel so bad for her daughter’s psyche. She’s going to be either a mentally ill hideous raging narcissist like Megha, or the nicest girl ever and low self esteem victim of narcissistic parents.

No. 1951303

>admits she’s so lazy that her mom and female relatives did all the child rearing at first and now a nanny/maid does it
Very trad
>admitting she doesn’t have the physical or mental strength to look after 1 child
Pretty pathetic even by normie standards tbh
>thinks her scrote getting her decent healthcare, letting her order takeout a couple times a week, paying a cheap third world woman to clean the house and going on vacation is brag worthy
Bitch…lmao that’s literally just what most moids with a decent income do for their wives. Not anything special.

Holy shit why did she feel the need to post this L and show her ass like that, jfl. It’s so sad that she thinks this is ‘living the high life’ when it’s just normal baseline expectations from a husband, and most husbands have actual love and an emotional connection to their kids on top of that, while hers clearly doesn’t. Sad!

No. 1951311

Pearl didn’t sexualise her sister, please stop spreading disinfo it hurts the legitimacy of the thread
In a world where billions of people are competing for their 5 minutes of fame, you have to be extreme to stand out from the crowd. That’s why we’re seeing these dumb cunts posting more and more controversial takes. They’re absolutely no different from clout chasing zoomer TikTok attention whores. Gotta be as edgy as possible to get noticed.
Agree. What a coincidence that every patriarchal country is a miserable shithole that everyone wants to escape from while feminist countries are happiest and wealthiest every year.

No. 1951313

Too accurate, holy shit nona you have a way with words lmao.

No. 1951323

thats not concrete proof

No. 1951330

File: 1704507508591.png (18.79 KB, 1193x71, Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 9.19.…)

Just report those posts, it's a tranny shitting up multiple threads

No. 1951335

It sounds like she’s not doing “woman things” either if she’s passing her domestic & childcare duties to nannies, maids and her female relatives. She’s not a tradwife, she’s just a lazy NEET and her moid is paying her to stay out of his way so he can go bang other women.

No. 1951403

Men projecting their degeneracy as usual kek.

No. 1951452

Megha's levels of selfloathing is insane

No. 1951478

>Not to white knight but it’s the 5th day of the year guys just because they aren’t announcing all this shit in the first week doesn’t mean she isn’t trying
It's only strange cause Shitsee is a massive attention whore and she would have been posting about it left and right if her 'career' as fetish E-thot wouldn't be destroyed.
>she’s gonna blow up in pregnancy and there’s the end of that cash cow.
This is what we're waiting for. When that big forheaded bitch has a kid her snarky posts shitting on women who don't doll themselves up for the husbands enough will bite her in the ass as i doubt she can handle being a mom (cried about burnout from babysitting kek) her orbiters are also gonna drop her since E-whores survive on the delusions of availability their audience has and those are gone once she becomes a mom. We shall see. Either way she digged her self a hole and is fucked either way. Couldn't happen to a nicer girl.

No. 1951483

>Pearl didn’t sexualise her sister, please stop spreading disinfo it hurts the legitimacy of the thread
She DID sexualise other minors tho on the street asking them questions about "bedroom fun" that's why youtube dropped her.
It's further explained in this video.

No. 1951484

Narcissistic personality disorder.

No. 1951500

I never claimed that disgusting cocklover is a lesbian. Because she is exceptionally ugly and scrotes won't give her a chance normally, sexualising kids is the only way her beloved dicks will give her any attention.
She has repeatedly said she finds children more sexually attractive than adults. If that doesn't convince you she's a pedo I don't know what will.
I don't know why some people itt constantly defend her. Is it because you share her looks? She's a shameless cocksucker and I hope she ropes.(alogging)

No. 1951579

these dumbass conservatives want to be literal welfare queens except chained to their husbands with a bunch of obligations to him instead of just paying taxes. also i'm predicting they're divorcing at the end of the year.

No. 1951580

Anyone notice how retards always comment "Those jealous feminists who don't like this stuff are going to end up in nursing homes!" like on every single trad post and video.

Like on Jasmine Dinis's post where she was giving her daughter Christmas gifts and smugly exclaiming how she gave her daughter the pregnancy barbie instead of the lawyer barbe.

I don't know about you guys but I'm pretty sure that especially if you use something as simple as a family holiday for online attention and use your children as props for your political grift, I don't think they'll want much to do with you after they move out…We'll see how the "trad" movement is doing in a decade.

No. 1951585

the nursing home fear mongering is so retarded because all the previous generations of tradmoms are either in the nursing home rn or already died alone in one with not a single one of their 8 kids there. every woman gets old, treated like shit and dies. trads are not an exception.

No. 1951591

They haven’t made pregnancy Barbies since the 90s and any that do still exist are probably snatched up by toy collectors or auctioned for hundreds even thousands.

No. 1951600

>Those jealous feminists who don't like this stuff are going to end up in nursing home
That's rich considering how plenty of boomer women who had 5 kids plus and spent their lives being homemakers all ended up broke as shit in cheap nursing homes kek while childfree career women live a life of freedom and fun and retire early, who's jealous of who again?

No. 1951601

Isn't money more of a guarantee of quality care in old age anyway, such as being able to afford a luxury retirement condo in La Jolla instead of a ghetto nursing home? It's always hard to tell with all the trad propaganda the algorithm pushes and botted comments yapping about "feminist girlboss CEOs dying in diapers in the nursing home"

No. 1951602

Hey I mean. At least she’s getting something tangible out of this which is more than I can say for most tardthots.

No. 1951614

Tradthots know they suck and that their kids will bail the second they're legally able to, just like tradmoids know their wives are miserable with them and would leave if they could. It's why they want to keep their children/spouses as dependent as possible, and the strategy they take to do this is effectively the same one; tradmoids want to ban divorce, ban birth control and abortion, and marry and impregnate girls before their brains fully develop, and tradthots want the same thing for their daughters. If her daughter becomes a lawyer(or can just provide for herself at all), there's no reason for her to stay in contact with her terrible family–but if she's a miserable, dependent bangmaid just like mommy dearest? Well, then she'll never leave.

No. 1951625

> Those jealous feminists who don't like this stuff are going to end up in nursing homes

the funniest part about this is that none of these trad freaks even care about their own grandparents. for all the LARPing about the importance of "family", they are too online to even talk with said family. inevitably, they let their own parents go to the wolves while they pray for that inheritance check, just like every good conservative does.

No. 1951646

I can’t wait to be getting drunk and talking shit in the nursing home with all the other femcels whilst these bitches are rotting in their graves.

No. 1951687

File: 1704580824147.jpg (4.39 KB, 262x192, eyeroll.jpg)

There's no such thing as "femcel". Women can get laid any time any place they want the only time they're not is when they choose not to. Men are the ones paying women for sex/nudes. Stop using retarded incel terms when refering to the superior gender.

No. 1951746

File: 1704587936604.jpeg (61.64 KB, 749x520, IMG_1204.jpeg)

Another rw woman admitting to the “fake soulmates” LARP.

No. 1951747

File: 1704588829659.jpeg (128.34 KB, 749x835, IMG_1206.jpeg)

Posted by another well-known conservative Catholic who is even a “matchmaker”, ala voyuer tumblr girl-iq shipper who buttinskys her way to force random strangers to get together in an annoying fashion just to watch “drama and seggsual tension”.
They’re starting to crack and realize reality/nature is inherently sexist, you can’t fix a powerhungry bad guy into a soulmate just on sex and servitude alone - you’re just another tool to him.

No. 1951766

stop censoring these tards and post full caps

No. 1951769

The lurking moids and trashcels can go to browsing tweet archives and keywords arduously.(sage your shit)

No. 1951776

It’s a joke, pull the fucking stick out your ass.(infighting)

No. 1951879

You sound like a scrote yourself with your “women can always get laid!!” Rhetoric. It doesn’t count if there isn’t mutual interest, and there rarely is since most men are repulsive and unfuckable. It’s like telling a starving person “you can always eat out of the trash!”(infighting)

No. 1951917

The point is not using the term 'femcel' (an incel term men are trying to get off the ground to pretend women are just as bad when reality proves otherwise), not that women can't be virgins. Please learn to read before infighting.(derailing)

No. 1951930

Thanks for pointing out the obvious anon. That term was red texted by admins for a reason.

No. 1951938

I’m still using it cos I think it’s funny. It’s using their own language against them, reclaiming it if you will. Most people with more than a double digit IQ understand that and don’t need some faggot on an imageboard lecturing them about what words to say or not. You actually give weight enough to incel opinions to change your fucking language?? It will never make any difference.
The words nonny and abuse are also redtexted, as well as many others. It means absolutely nothing. And if it does mean something I don’t care.(infighting/derailing)

No. 1952014

they are deeply unhappy with their own lives so they worry about other people's as a way to cope. it's really that simple

No. 1952036

File: 1704657446611.jpg (57.72 KB, 640x727, ok-than-did-you-ask-permission…)

No. 1952037

File: 1704657478623.jpg (71.97 KB, 640x428, so-disturbing-i-seriously-hope…)

No. 1952066

Her baby looks white tbh.(unsaged baby racesperging)

No. 1952067

Can you even imagine what the men she panders to would considers a) a punishable offence and b) an appropriate punishment? Nintendo Switch joycon lodged in the eyesocket for having boobs that aren't built like AI type shit

No. 1952071

File: 1704661058242.jpeg (775.75 KB, 1144x2130, IMG_3741.jpeg)

This is what Megha feeds her husband. No wonder the poor guy has to order takeout sometimes. This watery shit is supposed to be a stew. In her earlier post she said she’d used good quality meat in there too, RIP

No. 1952076

>be tardwife
>cant cook

No. 1952100

how old is she? this looks like someone just beginning to cook for the first time ever. it's certainly not giving domestic godess. ironically most vegan leftist women i know are way better at cooking and all the other "homesteading" skills than any tradlarper

No. 1952109

it wouldn't pass in any white european country.(unsaged baby racesperging)

No. 1952119

KEK. Either Megha or a delulu Amerimutt.

No. 1952120

Why the hell are the potatoes huge and amazing larp, ice cubes in water and something that looks like a chewy yet watery soup

No. 1952122

Theres so much I could criticize abut this dish but I won’t because I don’t nag to give Megha free tips on better cooking kek. Holy shit tradthots really only have 3 jobs (cooking, cleaning, child rearing) and so far she’s admitted she can’t do any of them and needs other women to help. Pathetic.

Pro tip Megha: if your cooking was actually good then your scrote wouldnt wanna order takeout regularly in the first place.

The second tweet is literally tradthot dogma though?
>all women are naturally rebellious whoreish nagging shrews, but all a woman needs is a masculine caveman who brings meat home for her, marital rapes her and slaps her about a bit and she’ll be fixed

This is literally trad 101 lol

This, toxic cults always target children because they know they’re stupid and their brains haven’t fully developed yet. Interesting how they always claim liberals are trying to brainwash kids when trads and religions do it even more. My guess is they like having tons of young kids to replace the older ones who los interest in the cult and so they can keep churning out more brainwashed baby sheep for the movement.

Tradthots are incredibly ageist and claim a woman’s only value is her looks, cunt and womb. Why would they expect older women to be treated well in their cult?

No. 1952124

>You’re supposed to sear meat before stewing it
>you’re supposed to leave the stew for hours so the gravy gets thick
>the veggies shouldn’t be huge and hard
Not even trad nor do I enjoy cooking but I literally learned this when I was about 10, how the fuck has no one taught her this already at almost 30? Either her mom is extremely neglectful and never taught her anything, or she’s actually braindead and has never cooked before in her life lmao.

No. 1952128

stop saying delulu it makes you look 16

No. 1952143

File: 1704674173924.jpeg (121.51 KB, 440x1353, IMG_1226.jpeg)

RW “antifeminist” girlboss strategy:
>Be a below-mid 3.5/10 eyes-too-far-apart, weak jawline bitch Candace O
>Get to work even though you lie you’re a SAHM
>The price to pay? Say on your attention-seeking show how you love Andrew Tate’s actions and make bi-weekly segments reeing against “modern wahmen” and “feminism” as simp bait.
>While still repeating most of their “modern actions” on the downlow like getting nannies to do your neglected wifely duties and having one of your kids via surrogate.
>And continue to do job without being called out by your simp army as a Cryptofeminist because you are TECHNICALLY working even though your husband is a millionaire, not being 24/7 domestic, simp-farming, and why allowed to travel alone with another man Vivek on a “political tour” though you have an “alpha” husband??
JK her husband George is a pretty faggot who looks like a bottom. Owens controls his ass, its obvious she doesn’t look up to or obey him.

No. 1952184

My favourite part is that she reeeeed about black women not staying loyal to black men, but i guess she was exempt from it all. So typical of women in right wing space, do as i say and not as i do.

No. 1952221

Didn’t her husband say something sexual about her brother once and pretended it was a joke. He’s definitely a fruity fag and I think that’s why Candace is so stressed and pressed all the time.

No. 1952223

File: 1704689128216.jpeg (186.85 KB, 634x731, 50BBD73A-F2B2-43C8-8829-F0CB4D…)

Her kid looks so much like her kek. Short Samuel L Jackson nose, long FAS philtrum, dumb spaced apart cow eyes.

Weird how these trads and right wing scrotes decry white birth rates, talk about ‘beigeoids’ ruining Europe and America, call all mixed race kids ‘ugly goblin mutts’ and other disparaging terms, then proceed to racemix with the first black or asian woman who tolerates them. One rule for me another for thee, it’s clear their motivation regarding being anti racemixing is sexual insecurity and wanting to control white women’s wombs, not any kind of ‘race loyalty’, why else would so many of them be married to non white women?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1952224

>only sear the meat a little at the beginning so that I can afford to let the stew simmer longer
What? Searing itself doesn't take long as it is since it's just getting color on the surface of the meat and building up fond, and you're supposed to let stews simmer for an extended period regardless so the carrot and potato have time to cook. If you absolutely have to, you can thicken it last minute with a bit of butter/cornstach mixture. This is stew 101, literally one of the easiest and most hands-off dishes to make. How does she manage to fuck it up so badly?

No. 1952226

File: 1704689907557.png (455.88 KB, 563x909, D01E8438-0E33-437A-8F1A-68A1C6…)

If these poltards weren’t just pathetic larpers and actually read their ancient holy texts, they would know that ‘Aryanism’ or ‘Nordicism’ is canonically passed on through the mother’s bloodline, not the father’s. Similar to the matrilineal principle in other religions. So by their own logic, if the mom isn’t white then their little darlings won’t get into Valhalla, sorry kek.
(pic not mine, found on wignat trve viking twitter)

No. 1952227

She’s a retarded larper who’s never cooked in her life at age 30.

No. 1952233

According to Google she’s 29. That’s the same average age that ‘normie degenerate’ women first give birth in Canada. And so far she’s struggling with basic cooking cleaning and childcare so much that she needs to pay other women to do it for her.

She’s been really wanting to get pregnant for over a year now and it’s still not happening. She’s either barren or hubby is gay and the Turkey baster isn’t working.

Copium also children have the least melanin in their bodies at birth then darken as they age. If her kid had come out blue eyed and blonde then she would be plastering it all over social media but she’s not because she’s ashamed.

No. 1952258

>sear the meat so i can cook it more
holy shit complete retardation kek

No. 1952261

Or maybe she doesn’t want to give up all the scrote attention she’s getting and is secretly on birth control.

No. 1952286

you could say the same thing about modern online spaces, especially in SJW circles

No. 1952312

Dunno where you got this from but this isn’t any ideology any trad or white nationalist believe. The word Arya or Aryan is sanscrit and connotes that you are aristocracy or of noble blood. People on the right don’t believe there is a maternal bloodline to freya unless you’re talking about zoomers who believe the Oera Linda book is real and not a meme. Most of these people believe in patrilineal bloodlines because even though they’re “pagan” most of their beliefs are just Christianity with a Nordic overlay.

No. 1952320

Matrilineal legitimacy is emphasized in all ancient Steppe-Iranic religions. It’s part of why Yazidis and Zoroastrians (both originally religions of Steppe nomads who came to Iran around 4000 years ago) don’t accept converts or children born of non Yazidi/Zoroastrian mothers as legitimate, and are only ever supposed to marry each other. They also make a big deal about keeping their bloodline pure and ‘conserving the blonde gene’. The matrilineal principle wasn’t originally part of Judaism, it came around 1000-1500 years later, and the idea of it was likely influenced by these neighboring religions.

No. 1952329

First off, someone needs to start a new Trve Vikings thread. That’s where all the Varg and Marie milk goes. Here is the second thread if anyone is interested: >>>/snow/1308872

Most of what’s posted here is old Varg and Marie milk. But since both are active on twitter now we can have a third thread.

Marie is not really a tradthot, she’s more of a tradwife and she doesn’t post thirst traps on the internet. She has a few pick me moments like giving advice about keeping your hair long, bragging about being a child bride to an old man, but those are few and far in between her usual autistic posts.

Taylor Swift attracts hate from the worst of scrotes and the most miserable pick me’s. She’s beautiful, talented, rich and successful unlike Marie who ripped open her vajay more than enough times for an ex convict to brag about her like cattle. Of course she’s pissed

No. 1952330

Well at least Marie has attempted to teach her kids polynomials and shit unlike Karissa Collins whose 13 yo eldest daughter still reads like a first grader because mama can’t be bothered to wake up from her afternoon nap and actually do some homeschooling

No. 1952333

Imagine birthing 7 children for an ex convict whose only hobby is to post “based” comments on twitter until 3 AM. And then he rates your beauty like a merchant who’s proud of his cattle. Also Marie looks like a blonde Gypsy Rose Blanchard.

No. 1952343

File: 1704717680943.jpg (74.86 KB, 714x963, 7e9777a82fa992f8e1a2744e595887…)

This shit belongs on a cursed food page omg lol so gross

No. 1952347

>Went to college
>Failed at studies
>Failed at establishing careers
>Bash college and succesful career women instead of admitting you failed cause of your own stupidity and lack of discipline/ambition
>Turn anti-feminist
>Claim to be a domestic trad wife
>Make cooking, cleaning and child care your whole identity
>Fail at cooking, cleaning and child care
>Cope about how you're a worthless good at nothing bitch

Tradthots are flat out FAILURES.

No. 1952352

You're right. Estee is a pick me attention whore and she knows damn well she's going to lose her mostly neckbeard incel viewers if she has a kid and doesn't have time to layer on makeup and show her bolt ons in every video kek i wish she would get knocked up watching her cry about burnout from being a mom and her dusty ass couch is covered in snot would be fun to watch.

No. 1952360

You’re right here needs to be a new vikangz thread. Out of all the tradthots I probably respect Marie the most, even though she’s a retard at least she walks the walk and isn’t a lazy hypocrite, she’s also a bit less aggressively misogynistic than other trads and admitted that if her kids want to take different paths to hers growing up then that’s their choice and she won’t try to force them to adhere to her principles.
How embarrassing to admit that even taking care of one kid or cooking dinner regularly is too much of a challenge for you. Smegma needs to just admit she’s a lazy parasitic gold digger and nothing else.

I guess that’s why her takes are becoming more radical, got to distract her paypigs from her barren womb.

No. 1952361

>Out of all the tradthots I probably respect Marie the most
She has the craziest most unhinged scrote out of them all an actual nazi murderer and has her kids livivng in awful conditions.

No. 1952371

File: 1704721545401.jpeg (129.51 KB, 547x561, 73FBB48A-FF49-4422-96F5-F90DF6…)

Whats funny is Megha claims she got kicked out of college for being anti vaxx but it was really because she’d posted so much racist, misogynistic and pro murder stuff on her Twitter for all to see and saying dumb shit like calling for lesbians to be burned at the stake. It’s one thing to be an edgy Chudette, but to do it on a public platform where anyone can see it including your employer/school, then being too spineless to admit you said it is a whole new level of pathetic.

No. 1952373

I’m aware nona, but Marie is also severely autistic, was basically super easy to brainwash and manipulate as well as only being 18 at the time, and Varg is such a lolcow I don’t see him as a threat sorry even though he’s a murderer he just seems so non-threatening and pathetic kek. Even among Nazis he’s seen as a lolcow memelord. But at least Marie seems to live the trad lifestyle probably more authentically than any of the rest of them. Even if their lifestyle is retarded, I respect anyone who lives by their retarded doctrine more than larpers.

No. 1952375

File: 1704721961252.gif (265.43 KB, 220x220, fou-rire-giggling.gif)

>Kicked out from a university in Toronto Canada for far right hate speech and anti immigration posts
>Is brown

No. 1952376

That’s not even surprising at all tbh, Indians are far more racist and chuddy than your average white person lol.(racebait)

No. 1952379

Can you screenshot pls nona? I can’t acces the article from Europe for some reason.

No. 1952384

File: 1704722792065.jpeg (203.56 KB, 737x1216, 84018666-08AD-4ACE-BE3A-A8CB17…)

She’s such a greasy ugly witch kek.

No. 1952385

File: 1704722839125.png (852.46 KB, 1249x891, 2024-01-08.png)

It says Meg won some prize as one of three graduate students from Western University’s Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry received the top prize of $20,000 for innovations in artificial intelligence.
So she got kicked out before graduating or what? it says here that she is a graduate student.
Also she looks fugly as hell here


No. 1952389

She got kicked out of her PHD. Also I think it’s only about £11,000 split between 3 people so not very much. Boomers will throw money at anything with the label AI nowadays.

No. 1952394

What was her PHD major ? she never posts about med stuff only her autistic disney princess obsession and novels kek

No. 1952399

It wasn’t just that, she claimed that women in the Middle East live safer and better lives than western women, she also said that Taliban males are more masculine and better at protecting their women, and that Indian men need to man up otherwise Muslim men will start coming to India and raping and taking their women as wives and colonizing them.

She’s really weird and seems to have constant rape/invader fantasies about foreign males raping and colonizing Indian vaginas. She’s definitely one of those weird horny wattpad fanfic girls.

No. 1952401

She's severly autistic kek

No. 1952415

File: 1704727481527.jpeg (355.97 KB, 1125x752, IMG_3158.jpeg)

sounds like pakichan kek
>admitted that if her kids want to take different paths to hers growing up then that’s their choice and she won’t try
caps? either way she's not giving them the opportunity to choose another path in lige since she's indoctrinating her kids and not letting them go to school. if you take a look at her youtube channel the boys are allowed to play and explore creatively (the oldest 2 even have their own channel) while the girls are confined to cooking, basically. she's posted videos where their eldest daughter is making crepes, and one where she's preparing crawfish, not much else. meanwhile the older boys can be seen doing all sorts of projects and seem to be allowed much more free time. that's not to say those boys have it easy, since they're all living in a tiny inadequate shack with loony nazi parents. anyway despite varg and marie's bs about not seeing women as submissive as fundie christians do, they obviously share the exact same values and raise their kids in very similar manners and confine them to strict gender roles. varg has even said catholicism is 80% paganism/his own values kek.

No. 1952416

>New Trve Vikings thread
Please don't summon those retarded racebaiters

No. 1952418

learn to integrate

No. 1952444

maybe we could just post about them itt?

No. 1952449

>when you are 20 you are spoiled for choice
And when you were 19 and "spoiled" with choices in your prime you chose an older, broke af convincted murderer and arsonist neo nazi retard that even obese 40 year old women wouldn't touch that aged like milk, sits on his ass all day on a keyboard and thirsts over blonde thots on twitter younger than you while you do all the work. Pick me's ne prospèrent jamais.

No. 1952450

Why not? From the looks of it she fits right in, her and Varg are not the most interesting anyway.

No. 1952452

Anyone who doesn't live in a shack in the boonies knows she's full of shit. Little old ladies have orbiters in their nursing homes and fuck constantly(hence the constant outbreaks of syphilis and gonorrhea). Male attention is, unfortunately, inescapable

No. 1952486

Was she really kicked out? Didn't she drop out after having brain damage from a fall and concussion?

No. 1952487

Because the autistic placentaverse is a completely different community with little overlap to tardthots.

No. 1952498

>Didn't she drop out after having brain damage from a fall and concussion?
that would explain so much

No. 1952505

Anyone else who lurked the tradthots thread in 2018, pre pandemic and pre 2020 election notice how more extreme tradthots have gotten? It seems so tame looking back, because now it's gotten to the point of pure unhingedness and lunacy. Like it seems more like just annoying suburban republican karens a few years ago and now it's full blown wanting women to be beaten and raped by husbands. I wonder if lockdowns or something fucked them all up.

No. 1952521

She was anorexic (like a lot of these now raw milk and red meat obsessed tradtards) and passed out, hitting her head and was concussed. A lot of people suspect that her concussion changed her personality to be a hateful misogynist… idk.
Someone else who claimed to be friends with her said they invited Megha to their home in NYC as a friend and slutty Megha hit on the host’s boyfriend (maybe around 2019-2020). During the time the former friend said Megha had an ED, barely ate, and was very faint and woozy. I believe this anecdote is mentioned in older tradthots threads too.
A few years later after the concussion she started a PhD.

No. 1952523

Doublepost, the PhD application and enrollment was after Megha was rejected from medical school. She initially wanted to be an MD after undergrad and failed.
She also used to flirt with that RW small headed fitness influencer on Twitter with long curly hair.. does anyone remember his name? They would talk over DMs. He, btw, is married to a Desi woman.

No. 1952549

It’s because the internet is so oversaturated with hot girls and most of these trad bitches are uglay or plain janes at best. The only way to get male attention (like Pearl does for instance) is say increasingly controversial and inflammatory things for clout.

No. 1952552

There’s a big Indian community in my town and most Indian women (and men) I’ve met have affairs on the DL. Cheating is rampant in their communities but they hide it behind this facade of monogamy and traditionalism. I’m not surprised that Megha is desperate and hits on anything that moves, she’s basically a typical horny Indian moid in a wig kek.(blogpost, racebait)

No. 1952556

She was still flirting with guys over twitter as recently as a couple months ago. Some other bodybuilder dude with his shirt off and only a couple thousand followers iirc and going back and forth with him. Tradthots are very slutty and need constant male attention from multiple sources even after marriage, or they’ll die. They project their own inability to be loyal onto other women and call them strumpets and whores, like moids do.

No. 1952610

File: 1704766061061.jpeg (214.21 KB, 1170x1185, IMG_6060.jpeg)

No. 1952637

Many such cases. Antifeminist pickme girls are all very promiscuous and cockloving lmao, the moids who simp and betabux them online are too stupid to know, she says one thing and does another.
Of course even after securing a husband to pedestalize her, its not enough and she still wants orbiter males as backup and numerous simp armies.
This clip from the whatever podcast comes to mind. All the girls who did porn on there said they are not feminist and don’t believe in equality, BUT if their BFs told them to stop fucking other men they would not obey. Contradictory “submissive” behaviour lol. Pickmes are pickmes because they love cock.

No. 1952667

>can’t girlboss or hold down a job
>can’t cook, clean or raise your own kid

I have to give these tradthots props for grifting off men even more retarded than they are, because they’d starve in the streets otherwise. None of them would survive a week in a real “trad” marriage where they’re expected to manage a household. I’m convinced a lot of ethnic tradthots specifically target Western white men for this reason. If Megha married a man from her own culture, her grift would be immediately exposed when she couldn’t do any of the things Indian housewives are expected to do.

No. 1952669

Was she even 18 when that freak first started grooming her? I’m pretty sure that’s the age she married him and started popping out kids to abuse further. Very weird to use the word “respect” for such a vile situation. Do you also respect the Manson Family because they actually murdered people and didn’t just larp about it?

No. 1952693

Why does she think she has free reign to lash out at everyone just because shes brown? Stupid bitch.

No. 1952695

Very good point nona. Ethnic tradthots like to marry white guys because they’re lazy gold diggers and they know white guys usually have the lowest expectations and standards for marriage.(Racebait)

No. 1952696

>weeding psychopaths out of the medical field early before they can harm their patients
Thank you based college dean. She’s batshit insane and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near vulnerable people.

No. 1952732

File: 1704792368186.jpeg (203.97 KB, 750x1624, IMG_1242.jpeg)

Speaking of tradthots who are downlow bisexual/lesbians, here’s another one:

Notsoerudite used to proclaim herself as a “big antifeminist christian tradgirl who fights for men” but has since opened up her marriage with her husband, like Destiny, fucks women in that open marriage and is always the clean-up girl, you know the one who has to eat the pussy out after her man jizzed in it. Not to mention her sketchy past, ew.

Most current cringe of erudite is her trying to start drama with a fresh new antifeminist online (Mary Morgan, the Tim Pool girl) and commenting on her breasts. Ghey. And got called out on it. Doesn’t seem like she was truly “trad and loving men”.

No. 1952745

You sound new to Varg and Marie milk. Placentaverse are different anon, as they are not really thots, the women don’t post sexy pics on the internet because “muh honorable ancestors”, there is a lot of racism, delusion and a little bit of pedoph*lia amongst the older males. (And honestly, the placentaladies are so autistic idk if it’s possible to pull the sultry look with those void autismo eyes)
The main issue is they think they are so different from Christians but they brainwash autistic and impressionable teenagers into giving up your life to live in a hut.

Please, I’ve never started a thread before, and i’m ESL so I’m sure some other anon can put together a better thread summary than me(newfag)

No. 1952748

Varg had quoted this misogynistic take from his wife in an older video, back when he was actively posting on YouTube. (Old milk I know) So she really said that after all.
Somehow I think it’s not just Marie’s autism. She has educated family who are allegedly engineers, descended from European nobles blah blah, but she must have grown in a very male dominated patriarchal family to still have this much internalized misogyny today as a woman in her thirties.

It’s kind of sad, she thinks her ex convict husband is the prize while everyone with a slightly normal brain can she he’s a bigot who ages in dog years

No. 1952751

I’m not the anon who posted that but I remember some guy from their circle was asking if educating the kids in math is really that necessary (because they’re preparing for the post apocalyptic life you know) and she said smt like“my kids must be prepared for all worlds”. She does put the effort in homeschooling. The kids will be messed up with all the indoctrination but at least they’ll have some level of knowledge to fall back on if they decide to integrate into French society later on. I know we are comparing two extremists but Christian families are much worse when it comes to homeschooling.

I don’t have the time to search for caps so you can have a look at her twitter history or no context Varg Vikernes if you really want to read the exact quote(post caps or don't post at all)

No. 1952758

>The nerve of this guy not wanting a mentally unstable unhinged bitch to be working with vulnerable people
This whore is clearly mentally ill and an autist yet she thinks she's better than neurodivergent people kek glad she was kicked out and is now screaming into the void seething about women who actually made it as doctors.

No. 1952766

>the one who has to eat the pussy out after her man jizzed in it.
Because as we all know lesbians just love to shallow semen.

No. 1952770

Keep coping, Erudite’s not gonna fuck you ugly bro. No superstraight female is ever gonna lick pu$$y. She is a bi sodomite, only loves Chads, rich men, and some women to act out bonobo larp scenes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1952777

I’d be legit suicidal if I was a rich Indian woman barred from being a doctor by my own stupidity, but she learns nothing and continues merrily posting her Ls like anyone on earth is impressed. She’s now posting her utter failure to be a housewife and making it crystal clear why her husband avoids being at home, and she STILL believes she’s doing better than other women. It’s the same lack of self-awareness making her post her academic humiliations and her undercooked abomination of a stew while pretending both are a flex. There has to be a word for this level of chronic incurable retardation.

No. 1952779

her mother in law would beat her ass if she married a brown guy kek

No. 1952804

White men are also way more susceptible to tradthot grifting because they believe le evil Western feminist girlbosses are oppressing them. Megha, Estee and their ilk would never pull this shit with moids from actual trad cultures bc they’d immediately get told to shut up, stop whoring on social media and learn to cook properly. Their ideal target audience has no cultural standards for a tradwife and believes any woman who spews misogyny online while jiggling her tits in a floral sundress is “one of the good ones.”

No. 1952821

new trve vikings thread for discussion about varg, marie & co.

No. 1952867

Tradthottry is a form of softcore porn, and like all porn, watching it desensitizes the consumer and makes them seek out increasingly extreme material to get the same dopamine hit. The typical "I listen to muh maaayun and birth the baybeees as gawd intended" is something you can hear from any busted, overweight Christian housewife is the equivalent of a nudie magazine from the 80's; nothing special, barely even noticeable.

No. 1952879

Exactly. The lack of self awareness is insane. She sounds like an edgy 14 year old, not a woman approaching 30. The bonk to the head literally gave her incurable brain damage tbh.

No. 1952930

Men like him are racist and want a white wife and hate how they can’t attract a white feminist girlboss from 27-35 with anything to offer (I leave out 36-42 bc we know his depraved self wouldn’t be attracted to his same age peer).
For the record, nearly all western born women of color (even if some are self hating) would not settle for Megha’s husband’s terms— being jobless, living in Qatar and raising a child alone there with a middle aged man. Even Megha probably wouldn’t have accepted that if she was younger, given her ranting about community. Now she settled for a life where it costs $2000 to for her mom to see her baby. Sad. Even wealthy Desis do not go back and forth frequently.
Meanwhile Megha is bottom of the barrel and could not attract a normal well earning professional man in Canada in his early 30s. That’s how atrocious either of them are…

No. 1953212

Indian men and women in general are very white worshipping and will generally take whatever white partner they can get.

Doesnt matter that he avoids her and the kid as much as possible, spent 3/4 of their marriage so far apart from her, doesnt even get up if he hears their baby crying, didn’t attend the baby shower and shoved Megha onto her mom and sisters for months so he wouldn’t have to deal with any of the post baby drama or problems, can’t stand her cooking and order takeout all the time, blatantly disrespects her, lives in a place full of nouveau riche expat wankers and works for a bunch of nasty backwards Saudi scrotes etc.

Megha is an autistic brain damaged dumbass and doesn’t realize how much she’s exposing both herself and husband when posting these Ls. It’s not looking good.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1953213

Also forgot that he was still following a bunch of very young looking girls shaking their tits on tiktok.

No. 1953221

and yet marie cachet looks about 20 years older than taylor, gee I wonder why.

also this is a surprise to no one but the guy who posted the original tweet has been outed as a charlatan many times, even moids are tired of his shit.

No. 1953228

File: 1704892135064.jpeg (160.95 KB, 749x1070, IMG_1252.jpeg)

Goes to show the lie about “men value virtue and good women above all else” is a lie when the woman is mid or ugly.

Men hate ugly virgins, and notice how they will be mean and rude to a plain-looking or ogre-faced woman who is kind to them and tries to take care of them. Especially if she is their wife.
Rich “high value” “alpha” men always go for the high-class sophisticated beautiful escort/model with a body count who plays a little snobbish, high-maintenance and a challenge, gets him to invest in her so he remembers the sunk cost fallacy and is less likely to dump. And she doesn’t even have to do a chore, he loves her beauty so much he’d rather preserve her as his trophy wife than have her lift a finger.

No. 1953231

It icks me out when people use the phrase "has bodies" to describe the people someone has had sexual relations with. It sounds really dehumanizing and creepy. It makes it sound like you are a serial killer carrying a bunch of corpses around with you.

No. 1953245

when I see things like the excessive maternal deaths of women of color, its because of the malpractice of evil women like megha. that dean saved several lives with his decision.

No. 1953253

men use it because that's what men do. they dehumanize whoever they have sex with. no longer is it human, it's a number. all men care about is that number of, not humans, but bodies.

No. 1953363

File: 1704908812314.png (393.21 KB, 619x584, how to.png)

Estee giving "tips" on how to attract ugly faggot looking men who can't afford to provide furniture.

No. 1953365

File: 1704908924790.png (1.2 MB, 830x828, Gay ass husband.png)

Masculine manly provider she attracted lmao

No. 1953367

File: 1704909044678.png (1.8 MB, 1471x785, ugly-furniture.png)

Her fat ass sitting on that god awful couch her broke faggot husband managed to "provide"

No. 1953368

File: 1704909445244.png (1.2 MB, 846x832, gross-food-and-table.png)

More poor cooking and housekeeping skills for everyone to see kek she's lucky her audience is mostly neckbeard incels who know fuck all about cooking and house decoration or else she would roasted daily for her laughable attempts

No. 1953371

File: 1704909743321.jpg (138.49 KB, 1200x1200, bill-melinda-gates.jpg)

Yeah, the sad truth is that high value men don't value virtue unless they are very religious. But they do value intelligence. Ogrefaced women can make up for their looks by being giant nerds. Picture related, Bill Gates and the woman he married.(derailing newfag)

No. 1953373

File: 1704910078771.jpg (800.52 KB, 2169x1489, Male-Baldness-1.jpg)

that wallpaper is an eye sore soooo outdated.
Seems like the 37 year old scrote tier receding hairline runs in the family lol

No. 1953376

File: 1704911172245.jpg (297.41 KB, 1332x1861, The-Australian-Womens-Weekly-v…)

Can someone explain to me why Evie magazine is so shit? Every article reads like lazy chatgpt clickbait for Facebook boomers. I guess I was expecting articles about trad fashion and homekeeping tips. Old women's magazines are so much better.(unsaged newfag doesn't understand what this thread is for)

No. 1953396

What? Have you seen bill? She’s better than he deserves

No. 1953399

People often forget that female pattern baldness is a thing, it's just less common and more subtle, with the thinning happening primarily at the hairline and partline.

No. 1953404

>12 bodies
Such a confusing way to describe the irrelevant fact that she's had 12 sex partners throughout her life. Saying she "has 12 bodies" really does make it sound like she has a bunch of dead bodies buried in her crawlspace.

No. 1953405

Melinda Gates is a really amazing & lovely woman, I know her through one of her charity projects. They married young for love and she was the catch in that relationship. He was an ugly college dropout dork who got extremely lucky with the market where a lot of other programmers failed. I swear some of you type exactly like moids with this HiGh VaLuE MaN shit. Please log off r/vindicta and get a life.

No. 1953413

>Bill and Melinda Gates married young for love
have you lost your entire mind? she married her boss’s boss’s boss when she was 30 and he was 49
maybe she loved him, but he was already the CEO of the world’s largest software company when they met, and he was clearly interested in a dynastic marriage and heirs and all

No. 1953414

>12 bodies
meanwhile a tinder study showed that the average male will have more than 300 casual encounters by the age of 30.
Fucking used up whores.

No. 1953417

True. There’s already enough empathy deficient psychos in the medical field, we certainly don’t need any more.

No. 1953423

Funny thing is Melinda was dating like 3 different guys at the same time she was seeing Bill and he even said he waited for her to make her mind up about who she was gonna settle for kek.

Those old timey magazines are much more brutally honest and upfront about real problems women had. You’ll find all kinds of home remedies for gross shit like haemorrhoids and vaginal tears after birth, stern advice from older women, actual solutions to problems etc.

Stupid fluffy tradthot zines like Evie are made for the male gaze and pretend women’s shit smells like roses and act like we came out of the womb with manicures and flat ironed hair.

No. 1953426

>Millenial (((tradthot))) zines
Arent kids and husbands simply magical? There’s more fulfilling, wonderful and calming than cleaning up shit and puke all day, right ladies?

>Actual 1950s tradwife magazines

Husbands, mother in laws and kids are fucking awful arent they? Here’s some benzos and wine btw and don’t worry, we’ll send it in an unmarked package so your annoying husband won’t see it and give you shit for it lol.(/pol/tard echo bait)

No. 1953436

Are we just pulling “facts” out of our ass now? They met at a trade conference in 1987, he was 32 and she was 24. Microsoft had just gone public at the time and he’s always credited her for helping to build up the company’s success with him. She was also more educated & attractive than he was. This idea that “high value” Bill stooped to marry an “ogre faced” woman due to her intellect is bullshit. He’s the first one to admit he chased her until she settled for him.

No. 1953443

evie magazine is a propaganda rag funded by rw including no other than peter thiel

No. 1953466

File: 1704922661419.jpeg (501.77 KB, 1280x1067, IMG_3809.jpeg)

She’ll post the wildest takes just to seem edgy. Completely ignoring the fact that infant vaccination programs have saved so many lives.

No. 1953514

wtf is this interior? and why is the food so messy? i hope this was taken before the table(s) was set. these "tradwives" can't even plate properly, and god knows they can't take flattering pictures of themselves or their food. every day i see tradwives online getting absolutely BTFOd in every single aspect of "homemaking" by literally any one of all the modern ebil 35 yo childless catlady girlbosses i know.

No. 1953531

published by one dude and his only reasoning is that SIDS deaths can occur after vaccination. …yeah, because infants get checkups and vaccines every two months. it's correlation.

No. 1953543

File: 1704936849553.jpeg (426.33 KB, 1170x1652, IMG_6124.jpeg)

Megha trying to make it sound like she wasn’t desperate/settled for the first white man she could get and that she wasn’t dumped by her first white moid fiance. I wouldn’t say middle aged has ideal testosterone levels either.

No. 1953580

Is she really still pretending her husband is her “one true love” after all her losses and his neglect and his harems of other families?

Megha should stop lying and get her head out of the smut fiction novels she claims as “good literature”, almost all of the “soulmate” fantasy did not happen to her as narrated except for the fact that he’s rich. But behaviour-wise, totally not a prince charming and why does he look low-T in the face? Kek ugly redhead!

Anyway, its amusing how she tries to make girls do the Barbara the builder thing, many such cases where they have built their broke poor little bfs up only to find he gets cocky and dumps them for a model Stacy. Men never appreciate women’s deeds and duty for the most part, it goes out the window as soon as beauty comes up. Men don’t care what women built with them because they don’t see her as a person as in, her skills cannot make up for looks.

No. 1953586

Listen I hate her guts but why are you calling her fat you fucking bone rattler?

No. 1953592

Is this the guy who marital rapes her? Why is he leaning away as if he’s afraid of her?

No. 1953598

if they knew anything about who rich men marry…. they'd pick the girl on the right. Such an insane amount of rich moids marry ex-escorts it's insane

I'm convinced the only type of moids attracted to the "humble trad homely virgin" types are either ultra-religious or don't even make enough to support a family comfortably anyway

No. 1953635

>T levels
Mens T levels peak at 25 and fall from there so her scrote is well over the hill, mens testosterone also drops after they have kids so lmao the cope

No. 1953636

>I wish I’d married him at 18
And I bet he does too…he clearly has a preference for teenagers.

No. 1953637

I thought the right wing Chud consensus on SIDS is that moms are intentionally smothering their babies to death because women are psychopaths. Now it’s actually vaccines causing it? Interesting…

No. 1953642

The men who fetishize virgin femcel women like the one on the left are generally 4chan basement dweller losers who are insecure about their dick size and not being able to please a woman after she’s experienced bigger and better dicks.

Men who are rich CEOs and such tend to be arrogant go-getters and believe they are the best. As such they dont care about a woman’s past experiences because they believe they are gonna be the best she’s ever had anyway. The only thing they care about is how attractive she is because it reflects his own status and also makes him look more powerful by proxy. As you said a lot of these women worked as models or actresses who slept their way to the top, escorts, sugar babies etc before and the powerbrokers and ceos who wife them genuinely don’t care. Same with very attractive men like athletes and male models. Chads don’t care about a woman’s bodycount. It’s always the ugly insecure men.

No. 1953657

Translation: I wish I had the younger version of my crotchety middle aged husband

No. 1953669

File: 1704975209157.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1290x1528, IMG_3817.jpeg)

My god this creature is a fountain of cringe. First off, her desperation to be white is so obvious. She constantly uses alt-right terms like “retvrn”. Everybody knows that’s a dog-whistle for white ethnostates, of which Megha would not be a part of. It’s embarrassing how badly she wants to seem like part of a group that does not want her. Secondly, the part in that passage that says women would not be allowed custody of their children in the event of a break up. I thought men doing childcare was gay Megha? So why are you supporting this? And she is implicitly supporting domestic violence here - against children, if the husband wills it? Megha thinks it’s sexy to support this kind of submission (evidence that trad thots are literally just fetishists) and sure, if you’re married to a loving and competent man this kind of dynamic could work. But she forgets that there are many selfish, abusive men out there who would use laws like this to torment their wife and children. That’s why stuff like this was outlawed. In Megha’s world, men are pure and noble creatures and women are all hoes (except for her). She has no nuance whatsoever.

No. 1953672

>But she forgets that there are many selfish, abusive men out there who would use laws like this to torment their wife and children.

She doesn’t forget, she just doesn’t care. It’s the same as Estee claiming it’s fine to rape your wife. These moid-panderers genuinely hate other women and don’t want them to have rights. They’re misogynists.

No. 1953675

Cause she's fat with lunch lady arms and not every single person on the internet is an American where bitches like her are considered average weight or even thin. Seeth harder piggy.(infighting)

No. 1953677

As someone said, it's a propaganda rag AND it's underfunded. Pickmes never thrive

No. 1953682

A Libfem youtuber called Rachel Oats made a 2 hours long video on Lauren Chen she was way too nice to her tho and didn't shit on her mostly called her out on her badly researched videos and pandering to misogynistic scrotes. What's interesting is what she mentionned at the start:
Rachel talked to someone that knew Lauren and apparently she was treated very poorly by scrotes in the anti-feminist right wing sphere possibly due to the fact that she's not white passing

No. 1953722

I’m not American, she is normal. You’re just a bone rattler.(infighting)

No. 1953734

her cankles lmao. so feminine uwu

No. 1953767

File: 1704993530242.png (310.4 KB, 931x677, tradthot-drama.png)

Rach4patriarchy got into hot water with another tradthot called Isabella Deluca for making a video where she bakes a cake wearing a tight t shirt that didn't even show any cleavage LMAO

No. 1953768

File: 1704993603409.png (326.48 KB, 819x713, Cake-video.png)

This is the video that got Rachel to chimp out on her for not being modest enough (kek)

No. 1953772

File: 1704994091786.png (269.81 KB, 579x798, tradthot-drama-2.png)

Trad scrote shitting on the tradthots

No. 1953774

File: 1704994186408.png (163.02 KB, 562x750, Isabella response.png)

No. 1953782

And on Christmas no less KEK

No. 1953783

File: 1704995129667.png (220.38 KB, 1134x534, 2024-01-11 (4).png)

Another scrote that calls himself the "godfather of the manosphere" attacked her too and got fucked up kek

No. 1953784

File: 1704995186536.png (278.6 KB, 621x462, 2024-01-11 (5).png)


No. 1953786

File: 1704995245556.png (101.59 KB, 1129x401, 2024-01-11 (6).png)

No. 1953787

File: 1704995277328.png (417.09 KB, 758x628, 2024-01-11 (7).png)

No. 1953788

File: 1704995704979.png (111.28 KB, 1071x285, 2024-01-11 (10).png)

Pearl joined the drama only to make a dumbass outta her self thinking that sharing public pics of someone's insta is doxxing kek

No. 1953790

Well cankles are a mostly female phenomenon so yeah. Out of all the things wrong with the bitch that’s a weird nitpick.

No. 1953791

Her ‘people’ used to think women throwing themselves and their kids on their husbands funeral pyre was normal. It’s in Indians nature to be a bunch of servile scrotum worshipping weirdos. They literally worship dicks in their culture (look up lingams lol it’s literally meant to be Shiva’s dick) very weird people and mentally ill. And they also believe white people are gods in their culture too. It’s not Megha’s fault she’s batshit insane, it’s probably just in her genes to be a weird white scrotum washer.

No. 1953795

Reminder Megha’s ‘people’ used to think women throwing themselves and their kids on their husbands funeral pyre was good and normal until British people outlawed the practice and deemed it barbaric.

They were invaded so many times by so many different races and peoples from Greeks and Brits to Central Asians and Muslims that it mindfucked them forever and made them schizophrenic and obsessed with rape and hierarchies and skin color and caste systems.

Sorry, not even being racist but it’s simply in Indians nature to be a bunch of servile scrotum worshipping weirdos with no pride but insane egos. They literally worship dicks in their culture (look up lingams lol it’s literally meant to be Shiva’s dick) just very weird people and mentally ill. And they also believe white people are gods in their culture too, which is part of why Indian men are so rapey towards anyone with blonde hair and many self hating Indian women are desperate to marry white. It’s not Megha’s fault she’s batshit insane, it’s probably just in her genes to be a weird white scrotum washer. Many such cases.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1953797

File: 1704996369724.png (250.08 KB, 943x758, Oooof.png)

Isabella calling Rach4patriarchy a whore for having 5 kids from 2 different men (it was 3 men actually kek). Tradthot wars.

No. 1953798

Also excuse the doublepost. I’ll take my ban lol.

No. 1953799

Tradthots cannibalizing each other is always hilarious. Their complete inability to form female friendships because of their cattiness and insecurity is extremely evident. I pity them.

No. 1953803

File: 1704996620433.png (108.23 KB, 682x294, DEAD.png)

I'm fucking dying she destroyed Rachel with this one kek

No. 1953804

File: 1704996790501.png (427.62 KB, 831x775, 2024-01-11 (15).png)


No. 1953806

File: 1704997098204.png (354.85 KB, 1452x740, 2024-01-11 (16).png)

Even Megha joined the Tradthot wars lol she's seething cause her moid simps for E-thots with big titts like Isabella

No. 1953824

File: 1705000870180.png (391.06 KB, 907x818, Unhinged .png)

Rach4patriarchy is so fucking unhinged she got her Zombie looking scrote to do an entire 3 hours livestream to further dog pile on the cake tradthot. Summary:
>He called her a "skank" and "slut" >Had another tradthot on there saying she saw her in real life wearing a blue thin straps dress and that she was fat with a fupa
>Told her to drop the pictures and show them just to mock her appearance
>Guest tradthot was full of shit
>Had no actual photos of her
Link to post:

No. 1953829

File: 1705001082967.jpeg (267.16 KB, 1233x1423, IMG_6151.jpeg)

She has been saying “retvrn” for 5+ years, as she fetishizes the past and the conditions women were fighting to escape— megha doesnt “dog whistle” the alt right, she is simply far right, she is simply racist, and she is explicit about it all (eg supporting British colonialism in India, white fetish, etc). There is no subtlety to her, she is not a closeted “alt righter. that accusation belongs to 2018, as it’s quite inadequate to describe people in favor of repealing women’s voting rights and dismantling public schools and ending literacy

No. 1953832

Not the Natalie nunn chin. she thinks she’s better than other south Asian women bc of her light complexion, but she lacks most of the attractive features Indian women have tbh. She also resembles drakes baby momma unfortunately

No. 1953833

Damn she’s kinda right tho…(racebait)

No. 1953839

File: 1705002231477.png (212.74 KB, 1203x706, Moody.png)

This whole war over the cake baking video is wild lmao
Remember the tradthot that married a teenagers she met when he was 15 Isabella Riley Moody?
Her husband asked the cake tradthot (Isabella Deluca) to marry him first but she thought he was too young. Now Isabella Riley Moody joined the tradthot wars too to hate on Isabella Deluca and told her simps to attack her on discord.
This is fucking crazy y'all like a cartoon overlap of Tradthots.

No. 1953840

File: 1705002339365.png (321.66 KB, 1429x681, Isabella Riley Husband.png)

No. 1953842

File: 1705002452411.png (690.78 KB, 1120x732, Isabella Riley Moody telling s…)

Screenshot of her telling her simps to attack her

No. 1953844

File: 1705002553508.png (848.63 KB, 1376x781, bikinipost.png)

Tradthot wars: Isabella Riley Moody round.

No. 1953845

>using birth control, being unmarried past 25, or merely aging at all makes you an unsalvageable mega whore
>b-but it's totally fine to be an old divorcee with five kids from three different fathers if you rely on one of them financially and whore yourself online for moid attention
kek what a dishonest idiot

No. 1953847

File: 1705002653307.png (409.16 KB, 696x851, rachel sending feetpics to sim…)

She does actually whore her self online for attention

No. 1953853

File: 1705002964618.png (279.32 KB, 1084x475, notlookingfor malevalidationuw…)

>Not looking for male attention unlike those E-whores!

No. 1953854

File: 1705003007373.png (331.96 KB, 1059x658, simpingEthan2.png)

>Simping for disgusting fat moid Ethan Ralf

No. 1953855

File: 1705003080638.png (392.64 KB, 628x672, RachelWilsonSimpingforEthanRal…)

No. 1953857

File: 1705003179085.png (511.33 KB, 941x822, rach-simping-EthanRalf.png)

No. 1953858

File: 1705003266472.png (187.25 KB, 1293x566, IsabellaDelucaresponsetoRileyM…)

>The woman your husband wanted to marry first

No. 1953859

>i have dignity, unlike those modern working women!
>sends photos of her piglike cankles at the first opportunity
so modest and virtuous
they aren't fighting over the guy who looks like an eighth grader, are they? seriously?

No. 1953861

File: 1705003703427.png (528.86 KB, 606x832, 2024-01-11 (40).png)

This the mf they're fighting over

No. 1953862

I mean, the huge muumuu doesn't seem that useful, specially because she probably wouldn't be able to do some movements or positions that would lift it. Plus if she wanted to be 100% "modest" (translation: frumpy) she would need to wear huge ass sweatpants too, or hey, even better, a burka, that would make every tradtard happy.

No. 1953876

But the manwhore showing skin next to her is okay?

No. 1953911

Lmao she's actually funny. It's so hard to believe that somebody like her would be a trathot, just why?

>at 15

No. 1953912

oh so you got it from here

No. 1953918

>at 15
Yes they were talking when he was underage and got married when he turned 19 i think she was also skin walking the other tradthot he wanted first kek she's unhinged

No. 1953922

Wow that's rare to see, usually tradmoids want to be in their "prime" (read 50) and then marry.

No. 1953945

kek at this guy being "trad". pretty sure they didn't wear backwards baseball caps in the 50s, skinny Durst

No. 1953965

he's not "trad", just a normal redpill-leaning zoomer

No. 1953967

>stains all over her shirt
>complaining about the recipe being messy
God forbid you put an apron on and distract moids from your fake tits.

No. 1953993

Two ugly bitches teaming up on a hot one. So transparent

No. 1953995

Wasn’t he homeless and addicted to drugs before they met too? So weird

No. 1954066

I can't even hate on this video because she did made life easier for us gathering the milk.

No. 1954078

>she's desperate for a husband
>she edits her photos
>steals tweets
Oh the vendetta is strong, this is hilarious. Editing photos and videos is like 100% of people online these days outside of grandmas, stealing tweets is normal influencer activity. >>1953847
>posting these feet like it's a flex
I thought they were men's feet at first
Love when women fight over garden variety moids you can find on any street corner
It's impossible for the other Isabella to recover from this I'm afraid kek
>army of simps
Where's the anon that said tradthots are closeted lesbians because this is not even an insult, definitely psychosexual crushing between these women

No. 1954115

This thread is full of bone rattlers. Estees figure is probably the best thing about her and it’s much better than some skelly anachans with no curves. It’s just a shame about her face.(moid)

No. 1954137

File: 1705057238067.jpeg (239.13 KB, 1620x672, 1CCF433A-D32A-4472-94AF-E272FB…)

This isn’t even racism, self aware indians will admit India worships white people like gods. It’s pathetic. Once they get their white partner Indian men and women do nothing but bash their own race and desperately try to bleach their own genes out of existence.(racebait)

No. 1954149

Whoa whoa whoa
Not only condoning but encouraging domestic abuse against women AND their children

Is she mentally ill ??

No. 1954153

I’m still too busy laughing at her pen name to take anything she says seriously

>is she mentally ill

No. 1954154

There’s one specific wk who comes into the thread after anything Megha posts and I’m 90% sure it’s herself.

No. 1954165

File: 1705063793844.jpeg (323.39 KB, 1290x874, IMG_3879.jpeg)

Megha is really telling on herself here. She’s so shit at being a mother that she can’t trust herself to make decisions while breastfeeding apparently.

No. 1954169

I like how twitter checkmark became the pronouns in bio of rightoids. Everytime i see an user with a checkmark i just know they are a pickme tradtoth or altright moid.

No. 1954170

Honestly, i respect tradtoths who go for younger men. Much better than settling for 50yo moids.

No. 1954172

Tradthots deserve no respect. They don't even respect themselves.

No. 1954175

I don't think tradthots believe men are pure, I think they have such an extreme case of NLOG they have deluded themselves to think they will be the exception and a man would never harm them because they are too perfect. The thots scrapping among themselves and comparing traits above is a good display of that, plus the "rules" they constantly encourage (he will not leave/abuse me if I do X and Y)

The worst part is this isn't even ancient thinking, plenty of non tradthots believe if some harm is done to a woman (abandoned, raped, whatever) she must have done something to deserve it. Trads are just the extreme version but plenty of normal-seeming women unironically believe this.

No. 1954177

Bitch my driver's education was literally this example, it taught me how to drive. Idk if they're even trying any more.

No. 1954180

File: 1705068084034.jpg (27.99 KB, 459x612, curvy-thin-woman.jpg)

>Estees figure is probably the best thing about her and it’s much better than some skelly anachans with no curves
I love how trannies and fat bitches cope by thinking just cause a woman is thin they must be twigs with no curves, fat doesn't equal curves plenty of fat women who are shaped like a fridge. Keep coping tho kek
>Shitsee is curvy
She's shaped like a fridge that's why she got those ridiculous fake boobs to give her body more definition. Moids are retarded.(derailing)

No. 1954183

File: 1705068306103.png (562.56 KB, 906x660, Rach4IsFat.png)

She sure did it would have been a nightmare scrolling through those tradthot's accounts and losing brain cells. She's also savage af and i'm here for it. She called Rachel fat lmao

No. 1954184

That image has been professionally retouched, anon

No. 1954185

What actually is the tradwife body type they strive for? A lot of these people talk about how women should be skinny but soft, others say chubby, others say a natural wife life on a homestead with make women a size 0 by God's design but also big boobs for breastfeeding. All they do is eat sourdough and prenatal vitamins what do they want

No. 1954189

>What actually is the tradwife body type they strive for?
Huge bolt ons to jiggle in videos and build a scrote following.

No. 1954202

The postwar housewives I've known (who have since passed away) were all barefaced with muscular arms from carrying kids around, kneading dough, and yardwork. Most tasks in the home had to be done by hand before dishwashers and washing machines becams ubiquitous. Remember that these women grew up during the Great Depression and they worked in factories during the war. They were nothing like these dainty little Regina Georges who spend all day on the internet humiliating themselves for male validation.

No. 1954203

Who cares which one is "hottest" to moids? They'd drag whichever one got the most attention or praise on any given day. They never grew out of high school and all of them delight in tormenting each other. Crabs in a bucket, it's hilarious to watch.

No. 1954229

the two genders: breastfeeding and spatially aware

also, how does this gel with the "women must raise the children" part of the trad ideal? if women are too flighty to make decisions about their own lives, why is it fine for them to have effectively total control over an impressionable child's life?

No. 1954231

This is so funny to me as someone who is spergy about biology. Estrogen and progesterone facilitate decision making skills in the brain, androgens increase impulsivity and reduce the ability to keep a calm head. You want to use the “biology” argument? Even in that ballpark it is quite literally the opposite.

No. 1954274

This woman doesn’t even have the body of someone who used to work out and got out of shape. She’s never had muscle definition and it shows, she’s always been a soft body.

No. 1954298

Is she implying women aren’t spatially aware? How would that even make sense from a biological perspective if women are entrusted with making sure her offspring survives? And ignoring the fact men get into far more fatal car crashes than women?

No. 1954302

File: 1705089752795.jpeg (566.38 KB, 1620x720, BFE34B66-9822-44CA-A9DD-34D066…)

>spatially aware
>being trusted to drive cars safely
LMAOOOOOO. Nice meme.

No. 1954309

I mean this sounds more like recklessness rather than a lack of spatial awareness.

No. 1954314

This, the whole point of tradthots is setting up ridiculously high expectations for women (while keeping the bar in hell for men), inevitably failing at them because women are human, then seething and snarking at every other woman who also fails these expectations to try and make themselves look better. Truly miserable wenches.

No. 1954316

No. 1954352

She clearly doesn’t drive tbh (a lot of sheltered femcels on Twitter never learned, from my experience lurking). Driving to work or 2.4 miles to Target is not some harrowing experience. Everyone knows men are stupidly confident but worse drivers than women (less attentive, less cautious, etc). It reflects in car insurance rates and casualties numbers.
She should probably eat a little more too to account for the breastfeeding if she’s walking around faint. anachans are gonna be ana. If women lose all sense of spatiality and context by BFing, how can they watch a toddler running around when they have a newborn?

No. 1954356

Slightly OT but there's so much cognitive dissonance at play when idiots say that women are good parents but bad leaders. They require such similar skillsets. A good parent is empathetic, effective at decision-making, observant, good at planning, and communicative. Those are the exact same soft skills that come into play in leadership. Anecdotally, the best supervisors I've had have been mothers. In both cases, you're overseeing a group of people and looking out for their best interests. You can't push the idea that women are people-oriented only to balk at the idea of women taking on the very people-oriented role of leadership.

No. 1954360

The worst part about her is she is such a narcissist she can’t even acknowledge the downsides of her life. The Middle East is a MUCH better place to raise a family than Canada or England /s.
It’s fine, we all know living in the ME, far away from friends and her tight knit family, with only your husband as company as a new mother is awful. She still wears cheap ugly clothes, her mother only visiting once does not give “spoiled by my rich husband.” & she’s literally complained about England turning Muslim through immigration in the past while she moved to the ME KEK. does her moid even have a plan for returning to the west? I can’t believe she’d agree to relocate there if he wasnt on a contract. That said, it’s not like they could afford a good quality of life in England either. Her moid knows that too.

No. 1954366

Double and I hate to say this but at least you get insight into Varg’s povo life through his processed welfare food, the tradthot Mrs Midwest discussed her health issues from having babies back to back and she’s talked about being on a tight budget.
Despite her life now being the opposite of everything she’s advocated— being by family and raising kids surrounded by a community of likeminded people, living in a western nation with Christian values etc.
she lacks principles just like any leftist she claims tried on values as a trend. She dropped all her self purported values for an uggo white moid that no woman from his 20s-40s wanted to marry (who followed girls shaking their ass on TikTok)

No. 1954375

File: 1705100105053.jpeg (145.89 KB, 750x733, IMG_1270.jpeg)

Another truthpill about double standards and purity for men and women. Men love to pimp women out and demand they fuck him only without giving commitment, one-sided. They hate women they can’t control, also even the whores that submit and are benefitting men at the moment only get treated nice whenever the sex part is taking place. Outside, or when they are doing other things, the man or pimp will still insult, mock and shame her. No coddling or princess treatment is done. Men are selfish like that, they think women’s only piece of humanity is her sex and purity and once they violate it, they “dehumanize” her. Pieces of shit.

No. 1954377

>The Middle East is a MUCH better place to raise a family than Canada or England
Are you serious ?

No. 1954378

Are you retarded, 48 yo, or just installed Internet explorer yesterday? “/s”(infighting)

No. 1954387

Nah just not as terminally online as you are to know every internet slang abbreviation.(infighting)

No. 1954392

File: 1705102784183.jpeg (155.74 KB, 750x1624, IMG_1276.jpeg)

Another antifeminist RW girlboss crone who calls herself “Leila”. Rumor has it this hag has glommed on to some backing from a few rich conservative fundings since 2023 and is trying to make a name for herself.
Although she claimed that she thinks careers are bad for women overall and they should just stick to house elf duties only, and how since young she has given up her college degree to marry an older man “for love” and because she had a strong baby fever after her first child. But now doing the opposite. Hypocrite.

Also, get a load of her “soulmate” kek. Do they look like they have much chemistry together? He looks like he cheated sneakily during middle age. And she still dare to creepily DM younger RW tradthots and lie to them about “relying only on struggle love” is enough for marriage and how “men being bad and cases of abuse” do not signal a need for feminism cuz “soulmates” apparently. What a crock of bullshit. She’s the bitch spreading this fantasy enema and should shut down. Shit clown.

No. 1954398

>Most women are ready to hear that feminism is a lie
Most women are glad feminism is a thing and that they get to have human rights. Guess again ugly bitch.

No. 1954400

shes still begging for e-clout from random men. How can you look down on internet thots and celebrities when you’re just as desperate for the approval of strangers Marie?

No. 1954409

Pick me's don't retire once they're picked. The need for dick cheese validation will always haunt them.

No. 1954417

ah, the noble tradition of “my full time job is to tell other women they shouldn’t have jobs”
Phyllis Schlafly would be proud

No. 1954438

Since she's not an <30 ethot with fake tits to jiggle onscreen, she's gonna get nowhere. It's not women consuming the "feminism is a lie" material, and moids aren't there for stimulating intellectual discussion. They'll just call her post-wall and eggless before switching to tiktok to jerk off to Estee again.

No. 1954457

Brittany Venti is the only person who can change races at will

No. 1954458

File: 1705115499511.jpeg (419.56 KB, 943x733, IMG_0729.jpeg)


No. 1954485

No. 1954506

It’s a moid. Report.

No. 1954507

Most thin women don’t look like that, who are you kidding

No. 1954508

Don’t engage with the moid anon.

No. 1954518

I don’t believe that anyone with a choice would want to live with their young family in Qatar or Dubai tbh. Here in the UK the only people I see moving to Dubai or UAE are trashy wahhabi Pakistani Muslims and Slavic women trying to make money through prostitution. Also, Meghas husband is British, and most British people are not wealthy at all, especially compared to Americans, her Nigel is clearly just there for the money and tax breaks and she’s coping about being rich or loving life there. The UAE is horrible tacky Islamist and full of nouveau riche cringe Arabs and Russians, they simply have no choice but to live there because they need the money from his job. He probably isn’t even earning that much. The average American upper middle class person has more money than the top 5% of British people, British STEM wages are generally very low compared to other places like the US.

Megha is thousands of miles away from her female support network and is unable to make friends with other women wherever she goes. Her husband is also thousands of miles away from his own family. The whole thing is very unnatural and not exactly a good foundation for a family.

No. 1954522

This. What’s sad is you can tell her moid would have preferred an 18 year old blonde white girl with big boobs but none of the tiktok thots he messaged responded to him kek. So he settled for post wall Megha because she was desperate and responsive (literally replies to a message from a stranger online asking if she’d like a tour of Oxford kek, talk about desperate) and also knew she was Indian who are naturally desperate for white pussy/dick in general.

Also speaks volumes that he couldn’t get an Arab moid to give him their teenage daughter in marriage, either he is a lot broker than he claims to be, or he’s so weird and untrustworthy in real life that not even Arab moids would give him a chance to marry into their families.

No. 1954526

Without feminism she would literally be chained to the stove or dead 20 years ago from childbirth kek. The very fact she’s allowed to express opinions without being silenced shows she’s benefited from feminism.

I know women who live in anti feminist countries and they certainly aren’t allowed to post pics of themselves on social media or spout opinions online, they’re too busy popping out kids and cooking meals for their abusive scrotes, and get threatened with violence from the men in their village anytime they dare make an online presence for themselves.

No. 1954527

This lol. In a previous thread a nona pointed out that men are much more naturally antisocial and self centred than women. So why should they be the ones surrounded by people all day at work and mingling?

If anything it’s women who should be out in leadership roles, working with people and collaborating on team projects, mediating and delegating, while the men stay home and wash up and vacuum the floors while ‘being alone with their thoughts’ and ‘getting some peace and quiet’ as they love so much.

No. 1954528

It’s always privileged women who grew up in first world feminist countries, were never assaulted or raped because they grew up in a safe environment full of laws that protect women, usually came from money and sheltered backgrounds, and have also greatly benefited from western womens rights and feminism, that are the ones who decry the evils of feminism and wish to retvrn to patriarchal shitholes. Women in the second and third world and who actually live in patriarchal shitholes are desperately fighting for more feminism.

No. 1954531

People are also forgetting that countries like UAE, while horrible for women in domestic settings, are also weirdly feminist in certain ways.

For example, raping a random woman off the street in the UAE carries life imprisonment and sometimes even death. There are certain rules in Islam like not being allowed to touch women who aren’t your wife, implemented on a daily basis (which is why handshakes between men and women are usually banned in Muslim countries and Muslim men usually drop cards or cash into womens hands or put it on the counter when dealing with them at a till for example) so yeah it’s true you’re less likely to be grabbed and raped while walking around in the UAE or whatever.

But that doesn’t change the fact that private property rape and rape of ‘slaves’ is basically legal in Islam so many moids there end up raping their wives, daughters or maids and they can’t get a case against it because it’s either allowable or you need multiple witnesses. Beating your wife and slaves if they disobey you is also 100% fine and Muslim women aren’t allowed to travel without a male chaperone.

Megha is only singing the UAE’s praises because she’s a non Muslim foreigner there, married to a beta western moid who would never dare abuse her, and grew up in Canada with plenty of rights and a nice beta westernized Indian father. If she actually grew up in the UAE and was married to a Muslim man, it would be a whole different story.(derailing retard)

No. 1954533

I don't think you know what that word means.

No. 1954534

Are you saying it being illegal to rape random women in public is not feminist?

No. 1954540

Nta but you’re really really fucking stupid. It’s not legal in ANY country. Anon is right, you don’t know what feminism means.

No. 1954552

>it’s not legal in any country
Yeah only because of feminism. Retard.

No. 1954558

Rape was a crime long before feminism, because women have historically been viewed as property, thereby making rape a kind of theft.

No. 1954562

This anon
Is right. This is why rape is illegal in the Middle East and this is why women need multiple male witnesses to prove they were raped. Women themselves aren’t considered trustworthy enough by the courts and are often punished for adultery after being raped. Retards like you consider that feminist because you don’t even know the fucking meaning of the word. You post this utter waffle >>1954531
With your retarded Reddit spacing and when people point out the obvious you gaslight them and make out that they’re shitting on feminism in general. Please go back to Reddit you fucking brainless, arrogant moron and stop shitting up the thread.

No. 1954579

Aubrey is such a creep. He perved on my friend when she was 16 and he was a minor league baseball player. I don’t know why anyone takes “red pill” moids seriously, they’re all dysfunctional pedos.

No. 1954598

You’re insane. “Feminist”? Rape rates are low in the UAE because they literally don’t count it as a crime unless it happens to a rich Emirati woman from a “good” family and the perp is foreign. Rape victims regularly get arrested for extramarital sex, drinking alcohol or anything else the police can pin on her to discredit her. Domestic workers are raped, trafficked & abused at insane rates and have zero recourse under the law. You can’t go to any nightclub in Dubai without running into dozens of prostituted women from all over the world. Good luck even seeking medical treatment at a hospital if you’re a foreign rape victim and your attacker(s) are Emirati (personally witnessed that one, fun times!) Please read some feminist literature and stop spreading lies on the internet, it’s embarrassing.


No. 1954599

Stop taking the retard's bait and joining in the UAE/feminism derail. Keep discussions of it on topic and related to Megha.

No. 1954608

File: 1705153739004.jpg (5.54 KB, 208x242, taxidermy-fail.jpg)

She looks like a taxidermy fail but on humans

No. 1954621

File: 1705156397595.png (777.54 KB, 1494x803, roasted1.png)

Shitsee getting roasted in the comment section of her videos.
>People calling her out for monetizing her instagram
>Scrotes calling people who call her out jealous (kek)
>Pick me's calling people who call her out damaged and trauma dumping not all men are so bad trust me sweetie
>Gay husband in the comments hyping her up but it's probably her writing those comments kek

No. 1954622

File: 1705156497724.png (511.22 KB, 1524x723, Estee pretending to be her fag…)

No. 1954624

File: 1705156799563.png (777.93 KB, 1601x784, monetizing insta.png)

No. 1954626

File: 1705156860808.png (569.37 KB, 1554x611, roasted2.png)

She has such a punchable fat face

No. 1954629

File: 1705157164302.png (426.12 KB, 1211x566, roasted 4.png)

It's only brain dead coomer scrotes who are letting her obvious larp slide cause they like having free Onlyfans fetish content to jerk off to

No. 1954630

File: 1705157738275.png (1017.78 KB, 1514x758, ewwww.png)

She's not even trying she must be baiting us at this point.

No. 1954632

File: 1705158150047.png (993.99 KB, 1483x779, burned pancakes .png)

No. 1954633

I thought this was gore lol

No. 1954638

File: 1705158813559.png (1.02 MB, 1579x739, vomit.png)

I can't lmao imagine bragging about how you married a provider then only have one scratched raggedy ass plate to put the slob you cooked in

No. 1954648

These all look like painted steel plates meant for letting items cool off/leaving aside before serving, not for eating off, very odd
Also she must be trolling because this all looks awful

No. 1954658

Right? her food looks something you would find posted on r/shitty food porn kek all that free time and she can't even cook something that dosen't look like vomit. Her only skill is jiggling her implants and she knows it.

No. 1954669

she's trying to kill her beard husband for life insurance kek

No. 1954670

How do you fuck up pancakes? Reminds me of the Fit Vegan Ginger's monstrosities.

No. 1954699

File: 1705167653996.png (13.38 KB, 650x650, 1673650857687.png)

Kekekeke i seriously tought this was a meat dish. You know, venison or something that goes well w berries.
But no no, this bitch just made rhe most unappetizing pancakes the world has ever seen. What a feat

No. 1954702

File: 1705168180241.png (765.71 KB, 806x790, The-wizard-of-Tradthots.png)

What did she do to her nose ? kek

No. 1954709

i though this was a severed dick and we were getting gore spammed

No. 1954715

File: 1705171600181.jpg (4.15 KB, 294x172, itt.jpg)

She has a huge IT clown forhead kek

>Remember Georgie, marital rape was made up by feminism.

No. 1954748

File: 1705178498164.jpeg (337.38 KB, 1136x1385, IMG_6256.jpeg)

Why would you neg your mother online? She’s such a piece of shit

No. 1954750

Baby "cereal" isn't captain crunch. It's iron fortified single grain mush to introduce babies to solid foods. You don't have to give it to them, but you can't just give a baby a fucking steak. Can this dumb bitch make any decisions for herself? Or is she really this stupid?

No. 1954751

…sucking on a piece of steak is not going to influence height lmao what a weird thing to flex on. Lots of people do Baby Lead Weaning and don’t feed their babies rice cereal, that’s mot a political statement, the concept of pureed baby food is a modern idea, most people have done BLW inadvertently through history. This woman didn’t pioneer it.

No. 1954755

File: 1705179377476.gif (676.41 KB, 260x195, smh-gif-1.gif)

She even hates her own mother for not being white and sucks up to her white MIL at her own mother's expense……god this bitch is so mentally ill and insufferable

No. 1954757

File: 1705179741136.png (716.83 KB, 609x727, muh tall strong man.png)

Bitch your tall stongk man is almost your height kek

No. 1954774

Yes, thanks for this perspective on UK/US income.
I’m sure they supplement heavily from Megha’s Substack, Gumroad, and private tutoring. That’s why she mentioned “women working outside the home” in her last tweet.
It reminds me of how tradtard Alex Kaschuta moved from England to her home country of Romania and kept her little email job. Her income from podcasting, Twitter, and substack is significant in Romania.
As for Megha I’m sure they will both financially lean heavy on their families.
Girl, this twink is your “post apocalyptic war lord?” Can this strong man even install a door or mini split? Can he lift and change a tire?

No. 1954782

File: 1705182760486.jpeg (184.31 KB, 1040x1610, IMG_6259.jpeg)

Filtered ass selfie aside, I need to know how selling book club memberships “link in bio, subscribe!” at net $13 a pop and writing once a week (when your baby is 7 months old) is a better trade over working and living in England and Canada near family and getting 12month-18month of paid maternity leave (75-100% of pay, depending)?
She started providing tutoring sessions again 2 months after baby. How is that better than taking a 2 year career break to focus on baby and returning to formal workforce FT or PT with mom and aunt giving a couple days of childcare? Or having a remote, low impact job? Or doing part time professional wage work, like consulting?

No. 1954794

When you're too medium ugly to make money on Onlyfans kek

No. 1954894

Kek is her “soulmate” a transgender ‘male’? What a femme boy, his wrists look as thin as hers, along with v-shape jawline and smallish chest frame.(sage your shit)

No. 1954897

Begone, incel moid(scrotefoiling)

No. 1954903

File: 1705219029289.jpeg (339.79 KB, 1170x1794, IMG_6299.jpeg)

What a weird photograph— they do look happy in this (probably happy to have someone to sleep with) but also like they don’t know each her/are uncomfortable/new to touching eachother. Stiff.
They don’t match or look good together either
Attached. Where is the support system of other women to change your baby’s diapers?

No. 1954910

Megha might as well admit that ‘soulmates’ are a lie and false concept then. Her moid isn’t faithful or excited to help with his new daughter, his IG follows tiktok teen girls and has a 2nd family in Dubai. Not loving behaviour, just a wallet.

>>Just because someone else is lucky enough to have found a gentlecuck who is masculine yet knows how to PUA talk and “romance” manipulate her feelz plus hormones, likes being a plantation workhorse doesn’t mean that it works out the same for everyone.

Women who believe in ‘soulmates’ are so short-sighted and solipsistic, they have the low IQ of a matchmaking shipper Tumblr girl, having stupid OTPs and couple pairings which make no sense or toxic, but think every relationship has the same experience.

You can’t “force” soulmate connections or chemistry with polarity play gender roles, if a guy gets tired or chooses to be bad he will be bad.

She’s beginning to see the default:
>>Men’s version of “true love” is harems and cheating. They don’t really like staying loyal to one woman.
>>Most guys really do use the red pill manosphere techniques to extract sex from girls and manipulate them in LTRs to take advantage while she suffers and call it “struggle love”. If you read you know.
>>Why so many stories of guys pumping and dumping girls then, and all the bad abuses cases, rape, catcalling by married men, older men dumping longterm wife for barely legal stripper online thot then, if ‘soulmates’ naturally existed or can fake chemistry?
>> If more people treasured longterm marriage and could force “chemistry”, then the Titanic writers would not have wrote Rose still pining after some guy she had a fling with on a ship after finding a 2nd guy as husband and family all these years. (sage your shit)

No. 1954913

Do we have any evidence of a second family in Dubai or is this just speculation?

The book club thing is telling. She’s begging for people to join it. If her husband were that rich, she wouldn’t need to work. She could just be reading for pleasure but chooses not to because she enjoys her work - which is absolutely fine. But when leftie women work because they enjoy their craft, Megha thinks it’s causing the decay of society. I was shocked when she tweeted she was resuming her writing work on Substack just 2 months after having a baby. Not very trad.(refuses to sage)

No. 1954924

>"it's not in men's nature to change diapers, stop forcing them to do things they don't want to do"
>try to recruit random women to clean your baby's shit instead of the father
>women don't want to change diapers either
>shocked face
>REEEEE going against your nature REEEE

No. 1954929

Is this fucker even real?

No. 1954933

It isn't a "modern thing". We just stopped pureeing the food with our own mouths. If she wants to be really trad, she can birdfeed the baby.

No. 1954937

>he has a second family in dubai
How do you know this?

No. 1954942

Her scrote is so damn creepy looking, looks like an ageing butch lesbian. Fitting because I’m 99% sure Megha is a closet lesbo due to her extreme and autistic obsession with bashing wlw, yet openly calls other girls hot and talks about their boobs and bodies all the time. I barely check her tweets yet she’s mentioned lesbians at least 4 times that I’ve seen alone.

No. 1954944

Smegma is coping so hard kek. She admitted in the previous tweet (a little up ITT) that at first her husband was supposed to wake up and help when the baby when she was crying in the middle of the night.

Then she admitted that he stopped doing it because ‘he wasn’t any good at it’ but its obviously because he simply couldn’t be bothered, and now he outright refuses to get up when their kid cries.

She can’t handle the glaring red flag that her scrote takes barely anything to do with their child and doesn’t care, so she’d rather talk about how all men who change diapers are gay and effeminate than admit her husband is negligent towards their child and shouldering Smegma with all the responsibility because he’s lazy and doesn’t give a fuck about her or the baby. Classic narc deflection and cope.

No. 1954950

File: 1705234193332.jpeg (262.02 KB, 682x729, 7972BA89-FD86-482A-A9B4-A73575…)

She prefers her mother in law over her own mom because she’s white kek. Megha’s obsession with white women is unsettling to the point she even did everything in her power to try and give birth to a white girl. Average Indian kek they hate themselves so much it’s sad.

>tall and stronk
>barely a few inches taller than Megha who is a shortarse
>narrow sloped shoulders and thin wrists
>recessed chin, round angle-less jaw, and weird puffy hairless chud face
Uh huh keep coping your husband looks like a prison bitch lol.

No. 1954952

Her husband is a metrosexual pampered pooch who works as a fruity little office boy (not very manly occupation is it?) and spends all day ass kissing Arab scrotes with far more money and power than himself, lol this man does nothing for himself or others he only knows how to throw money at problems (including his own kid) to try and make them go away.

No. 1954956

File: 1705235740933.jpg (7.18 KB, 168x300, images (1).jpg)

>Must score with white titktok teens in bikinis

No. 1954957

He's a reject. No attractive blonde blue eyed girl wanted his rat faced manlet ass so he got with a self hating white worshipping brown bitch.

No. 1954976

File: 1705238425455.jpg (145.62 KB, 720x753, 394iti393958tue94t984.jpg)

Someone who spotted the both of them said this. Seems real to me just based on the church detail.

No. 1954980

ew he looks genuinely deformed

No. 1954994

File: 1705242501104.jpg (222.64 KB, 1080x763, Screenshot_2024-01-14-11-18-40…)

Does Megha actually think she's white? Does she not realise she's in an interracial relationship and the people she panders to hate her either secretly or not because she's contributing to white replacement or white genocide?
She's obsessed with white people, it's so creepy how she always posts pictures or paintings of white women, girls or couples. She must really think she's white, she often posts pictures of Mediterranean looking or ethnically ambiguous white women as examples of beauty and I'm sure she thinks she looks like them. She's obsessed with white European cultures, literature, art, languages, I'm sure she's learning Italian because she thinks she looks Italian lol. A couple of days ago she posted in her stories how she feels like a muse from a pre Raphaelite painting or something like that. It's so sad how insecure she is. It must be depressing and miserable being her.

No. 1955002

conservatives are truly retarded. they say shit like this and in the same breath advocate for homeschooling, low taxes so no funds for education and welfare etc. there is already a system like the one she proposes, in secular and progressive countries without "tradition". it's called fucking daycare. besides, she's still coping so hard about having a fruity ass bitch of a man who's too dainty and smol to change a damn diaper. what an absolute failure of a family.

No. 1955014

If Megha's husband ever leaves her and her non white passing baby for a younger white pick me her entire world would be destroyed kek she built her self a house of cards

No. 1955030

>Won't stop sperging about femininity
Lady doth protest too much me thinks. Actual feminine looking women don't have to talk about how feminine they are all the time and post about it they just sit and look feminine/pretty. It's always troon passing bitches like Megha who won't stop talking about it. When it comes to scrotes truth is what makes a woman feminine is purely her looks and not how much of a doormat she is or how she loves babiezz. Moids will take a childfree boss bitch over an average doormat that wants 10 kids if she looked more youthful with clear skin, long healthy hair and was just more attractive and feminine looking. Tradthots are so delusional when they think their hubbies won't drop them for younger more feminine looking women that aren't even trad if they act like good little doormats to them kek They have so much faith in scrotes it's hilarious.

No. 1955064

This. Megha is 100% one of those former coquette anorexic LDR stan girls lmao. She probably seethed that she was getting fem-mogged in that community constantly by pretty teenage white girls with natural long blonde silky hair and 20 inch waists that she left the movement and decided to become a full time butthurt seether instead with less competition aka the ugly right wing womansphere.

Lol conservative moids are funny they’ll go on and on about how only 39% of American babies are born to two white parents anymore and how white genocide is real, then proceed to racemix with the first ethnic woman who shows them any subservience. These self hating ethnic women also have a racial form of tranny dysphoria and think listening to Taylor Swift and swallowing white mens cum will make them blonde white girls. They’re desperate for their daughters to be born as the blonde Regina George Stacies they always wishes they could be, but they never will be because they’re born from dysgenic scrotes and ugly brown pickmes with no self esteem.(racebaiting)

No. 1955069

Luckily for Megha that will likely never happen as her husband is very thirsty and desperate yet gets no reciprocation from anyone except her, kek.
She’s obviously a lesbian and sexually attracted to white women it’s why her husband looks like a ginger dyke. Also sorry but neither her nor her baby would remotely pass for white in any European country, and I say that as a European.
Why the fuck would ANYONE sign up for this lmao she’s retarded and has zero sense for business. At most it will be her and her 3 orbiters circle jerking. I swear these women project their own uselessness onto every other actually capable woman.
Holy fuck kek that looks beyond disgusting. Estee doesn’t even have a child she literally has 1 job which is cooking decent food and neither her nor Megha can do it right. I love how we don’t even have to expose them as larpers they show their asses every time unprompted kek these bitches never cooked a single mean before they turned 25. Eebil feminist career women could pull tastier looking dishes out of their ass.
Tradthots hubbies don’t pay attention to them because they’re ugly boring and useless (and most of their husbands are gay too) so they need to maintain a social media facade through snapchat filters and lip service to keep that sweet validation and grifter paypig bux rolling in. They literally use other men on the internet as pseudohusbands while preaching monogamy and loyalty kek.

No. 1955070

Microchimerism. They're all manly as fuck too, almost troon passing. It has to be some subtle cellular level moidification.

No. 1955073

Tinfoil but if you checked their serum levels, I bet tradthots would test positive for abnormally high testosterone levels for females. Not only do they tend to have manly facial features but they also tend to be hypercompetitive, aggressive, angry, attention seeking, slutty (even though they pretend to be pure) have a history of eating disorders etc all of which are associated with higher testosterone in women. They’re overcompensating for their natural lack of estrogen and femininity.

No. 1955074

File: 1705257368276.jpg (823.83 KB, 1200x873, 2015-05-13-1431550471-6660637-…)

It may be bait, but it's not wrong

No. 1955076

This is also the reason behind the widely cited equality paradox, see: the percentage of Iranian women in engineering and physics vs Sweden where most women (supposedly) pursue humanities. If you are born in the right family, societies that enforce gender segregation occasionally allow for a sweet spot between "virgin" and "husband's slave" wherein women are strongly isolated from incessant moidry - typically years before the woman is expected to get married. In liberal "free" societies, the ever-present burden of moid induced social stress is more atomized and unavoidable, which is something Islamic feminists often allude to without realizing. This is consistent with the findings on female educational achievement in mixed vs segregated environment for every age and country, including the US.

Interestingly enough, US boys tend to perform worse in single sex schooling.(derailing)

No. 1955151

The ‘meat makes you tall/strong’ thing is absolute horseshit btw. I say this as someone who comes from a country where probably 80-90% of our diet is red meat and probably 95% of people or more have steak for dinner every night. Guess what? The average height for males here is 5ft7 lol.

Look at the tallest countries in the world: they’re all European countries who live off a heavily grain based diet and eat a ton of carbs and sweets. Height is like 90% genetics and the reason people are becoming taller is because women are sexually selecting for taller men. You can thank feminism for that btw. Countries that don’t allow females to sexually select are shorter, another drawback of shitty patriarchal arranged marriage societies.

No. 1955158

It sounds like meg is the personification of hearing the word “meme” out loud in public

No. 1955168

More on this?

No. 1955169

Looks like he had a botched nose job kek… Imagine bragging about this 'catch'. Watch her say "looks only matter for women cuz uh we are the muses to our men" while this tumor looking thang porks her, bleakarella!

No. 1955178

File: 1705275133953.jpg (318.8 KB, 1170x1470, IMG_20240114_222907.jpg)

>Also sorry but neither her nor her baby would remotely pass for white in any European country, and I say that as a European
This. Also she needs to realise that the reason why her husband doesn't have a bond with her baby is not because it's gay or whatever for a man to change diapers (what she's been trying to convince people but it's a cope clearly), it's because the baby looks nothing like him. It's actually not surprising at all that a white parent is not able to bond with their non white child, it's because her child looks indian and has her features so it makes sense that her husband doesn't feel close or connected to the baby and doesn't really help like any normal, healthy father would. How can someone's masculinity be threatened by being a loving, helpful, involved father?(racebaiting)

No. 1955179

this dude doesnt look a day under 40

No. 1955181

File: 1705275911515.jpg (598.2 KB, 1170x1458, RDT_20240114_22122047382005635…)

More of Megha admitting her husband can't bond with their baby, but he's providing for them so he's a good father and husband I guess /s.

No. 1955191

high odds that this is weaponized incompetence and he’s just a normal stupid moid who’s like, “you do it so much better than me!” to get out of expected work. + added trad twist of, “you do it so much better than me because of your female biology!”

No. 1955195

You are using weird schizo tranny logic to call them masculine. All those traits are what most internet personality women have. Thats the issue I have with trad thots. They think they are different to leftie thots but they do all the same bullshit they just have a different fortnite skin. "Natural lack of estrogen and femininity" Shutt upp tranny, women don't need to have "beautiful soft round faces", be soft spoken about their views, never be attention seeking and placid to be feminine.

No. 1955201

>Eebil feminist career women could pull tastier looking dishes out of their ass
I am literally an evil feminist career woman and I make delicious home cooked meals every night because I have basic adulting skills. These girls are so stupid they’d literally starve to death if they couldn’t grift off moids even stupider than themselves. Which I guess is a sort of “career”, just an embarrassing one lol

No. 1955205

if your MIL was really trad she wouldnt be reading (education is for MEN). Get this harlot outta here!!

No. 1955213

Statistics don’t lie either, childfree people tend to eat healthier, better quality meals than those with children. Which is pretty ironic with all the tradthot memes about the “fat blue haired feminist who eats microwave meals” myth

No. 1955225

Allowing the mother no free time away from the baby/not allowing the baby to bond with other people is exactly what they tell you not to do, kek. The only thing it's good for is increasing the severity of PPD.

No. 1955235

You got redtexted but this is just true. White scrotes are notorious for having a hard time developing an emotional connection to their half nonwhite babies, especially if the baby looks nothing like them and double especially if the baby is female. It's part of the reason why r/hapas is a thing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1955244

Weird schizo double posting …

No. 1955247

File: 1705300151044.jpeg (401.4 KB, 1170x1580, IMG_6347.jpeg)

tweet attached: If daycare is inherently abusive, guess she’s never learned about the issues of third culture kids and being culturally homeless. Or even just being biracial and having parents out of their depth.
And these are retards that think anything like child development lit or learning about mixed kids’ identity issues or third culture kids is stupid woke shit. You know Megha’s a stupid romance novel female coomer who thinks this rapid marriage and move is all so cosmopolitan and romantic, to just hornily marry someone and make it work.
Meanwhile who’s the psycho ranting about elite globalists when she herself is uselessly educated and culturally rootless? Megha. Who calls Canada a gay cucked country but 1000% made sure her kid would inherit her Canadiancitizenship? Megha

No. 1955259

I pity her child, who is doomed to grow up into a psycho unless they find the energy to rebel and cut off their family.

No. 1955261

These tradthots do way more harmful things to their child than putting them in a daycare. Constantly posting every detail of your personal family life and pictures of your kids as props for your right wing anti feminist grift their whole life like Jasmine Dinis for example, is way more harmful to a child’s mental health than playing with their friends at daycare. Even if it was for a progressive, feminist cause it sounds so horrific to grow up being used as an online prop for a politically captioned post. Black mirror shit.

No. 1955262

Yeah wtf is up with that MJ nose…did he get it botched in Qatar heehee

No. 1955266

Without western feminism giving women the right to choose who they want to marry,, Megha would be property of her father and married to a 5ft5 IT consultant from Delhi and scrubbing his skidmarks in the ganges river everyday. How does she not realize this kek.
She admitted she pays random Filipino women 8 bucks an hour to look after her baby daughter, married a man who jerks off to 14 year old girls, and chose to live in a country notorious notorious for child sex trafficking and full of rapey Muslim scrotes, who is she to lecture anyone about child safety kek.
Lmao Stacy clearly hit a nerve. Cope and seethe Megha, you will never be high E. You will always be a low E autistic femcel with clunky mannish features and a big potato nose.
Holy cope, this is so sad and extremely revealing of her current situation. She’s prepping herself for life as a single mom because she knows it’s inevitable lmao.(hi cow)

No. 1955267

Ignoring the elephant in the room (which is that her husband doesn’t love his kid), it’s obvious that Megha also probably feels threatened by the idea of her daughter creating a bond with her father because she knows now the kid is born, her husband could technically just hire maids and nannies to replace Megha completely (and they’d probably cook and clean far better than she does), so she’s trying to keep her daughter 100% dependent on her and keep her away from her father so he doesn’t start preferring her and ignoring Megha even more than he already does, like insecure narc moms often do.

Purely anecdotal but I know a few girls who had self hating ethnic moms and white fathers, and the ethnic moms are often extremely jealous of their mixed daughters bonding with their fathers and getting preferential treatment over them.
Or scrotes in their eternal genetic panic, can’t bond properly with children who don’t closely resemble them. This is quite a common phenomenon among mixed kids, not sure why you got redtexted since anyone who’s been out in the world and talked to mixed kids knows its true.

>this person is not an individual, they’re just another version of me
This statement reeks of narcissism.

No. 1955269

>a child is not a human being, ITS A LOAF OF BREAD
Wtf she sounds like an actual mommy dearest tier narc psychopath. Your kid isn’t an object, bitch. If you really treasure time with her you wouldn’t be making book onlyfans and paying third world women to nurse her while you attention whore online. Her poor daughter is going to have so many issues because of this crazy cunt.

No. 1955272

What’s concerning is they’ve only been married like one year (which is supposed to be the honeymoon phase when you’re both emotionally and physically most intimate with each other and the most loved up) and already she’s showing that there’s massive cracks in their relationship and lack of love between father and child.
Didnt Lauren Southern have a similar dynamic with her husband? She did 100% of the mom and wife duties and didn’t let her husband do any childcare. Look how her marriage ended up.
Narcmoms like Megha would rather stay in a loveless sexless dysfunctional marriage than admit there’s problems and get divorced in front of the world.

She probably seethes so hard when she sees women posting videos of their normal loving husbands cuddling and playing with their happy kids on instagram while her own aspie scrote would rather work or sleep than talk to her or hold the baby. Bleak. Men who refuse to spend time with their kids as infants are NEVER good fathers later on, Megha. Just remember that.

No. 1955274

Right wing women are ugly and masculine. Ann Coulter, Nikki Haley etc all look like men in drag. But at least they’re actual girlbosses so still superior to tradthots kek. The tradthot movement is a bunch of bitter frumpy 4s or mid e-whores with breast implants and caked in makeup. Truth hurts.

No. 1955279

Tradthots’ behaviours of simp-farming and power-leeching are most masculine. Being horny for lots of men, especially strangers and ugly groypers online, and willing to entertain/entice them for attention is so similar to the “men will wank off to anything even a female in a burka” and “men like sex with many women” behaviours. Even after married many pickmes still post “modest” selfies and reply to the male orbiters under their posts, you can tell they aren’t loyal or doting on their man.

Also, the fact that these tradthots want a spot in the Boys’ Club and want to gain power from their simp armies by saying antifeminist words but doing feminist actions like monetizing their SM, getting a job as a crypto shill, wanting a special title in a men’s group, etc signifies they are dominant underneath their fake bubbly bimbo personas, and wanting tastes of the same status/authority as men to put women down and elevate themselves as “a special exception who can do it all” is so deceitful and male-coded. If they were really all about submission they’d just agree with all the groypers’ sayings without elevating themselves at all or making a brand/platform or job out of it.

And the fact they make their simp armies fight for them when they start unnecessary drama is giving “headship” behaviour though she claims women are not made to lead.(sage your shit)

No. 1955282

any tradcon retard or white trash crunchymom claiming daycare is evil child abyoos is just projecting. reality is that preventing your children from getting socialized and developing their cognitive abilities early is gonna fuck them up, not the other way around. if you're unhappy with the conditions of the daycares or preschools in your country/area, the logical reaction would be to advocate and vote for politics that improve those institutions, i.e. higher taxes that benefit the welfare system. not screeching online about how your mom gave you muh cptsd bpd twauma by "abandoning" you at daycare and not raising you lysa arryn style.

No. 1955290

Are you from Uruguay nonna? Lol

No. 1955292

>daycare is evil, which is why I hired nannies to raise my baby!

No. 1955300

File: 1705317414166.jpg (419.63 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2024-01-15-11-16-09…)

I feel bad for Megha, it's nice that she appreciates our culture, art and literature and she herself admits their superiority, but do you think she knows her favourite classic author Charles Dickens wished he could exterminate the entire Indian race? That would destroy her I'm sure since she keeps going on and on about how an amazing writer he is and how much she loves his books, would she view him the same way knowing that if he was commander in chief, hypothetically, she wouldn't have been born?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1955311

Meat identity politics are closely tied with muh skulinity. There are papers on this, although it's one of those things that are intuitively true anyway.

I try to meme men into being ketocarni tards as often as possible so they get sick and die earlier.

No. 1955320

>women don't need to have "beautiful soft round faces", be soft spoken about their views, never be attention seeking and placid to be feminine.
You mean like this, Aiden ?(infighting)

No. 1955324

>The tradthot movement is a bunch of bitter frumpy 4s or mid e-whores with breast implants and caked in makeup. Truth hurts.
Most accurate description of tradthots ever LOL

No. 1955331

You can reason with self hating people, Megha probably gets horny when she reads stuff like that. She wants to exterminate her own heritage and replace it with European genes. Very mentally ill person, no doubt the product of the toxic caste system mindset. Many such cases.
It’s funny cause I’m pretty sure LatAm countries consume the most red meat per day and LatAm people aren’t exactly known for being tall. But I also support moids slurping down animal fat and giving themselves heart attacks.
Pretty sure even from a ‘retvrn’ evopsych perspective, children were basically raised communally with lots of other kids and women around in a big community. They still actually do this in some countries. She’s retarded.

No. 1955332

Cant reason**

No. 1955334

Just feels like she’s trolling for attention nowadays tbh. Megha’s moral compass is entirely dependent on her scrote. Her scrote could start demanding to be pegged and the same day she would go on twitter and write about how it’s trad and wifely to peg your husband. She’s an attention deprived narc troll lol. I don’t care about anything she says.

Tradthots also forget many nonas here have already been married young, grew up in strict trad religious households, had relationships where they were obedient and submissive and did everything their bf/husbands asked of them while he acted as provider etc, and most of us came out the other side hating it. They need to stop acting like the tradthot lifestyle is some oracle waiting to be discovered: a massive amount of women have already lived that lifestyle either by force, choice or through upbringing, and decided they hated it and left.

No. 1955355

Tradthots, being low IQ, forget that places outside of the first world exist. Places where there's nothing to retvrn to because you can't retvrn somewhere you never left to begin with. Women from such places not only have internet access, but also often move to the first world. And boy let me tell you, that there's quite simply no western white girlboss that LOATHES what tradthots are shilling with the same power that a third world woman does. There's just nothing like directly experiencing how vile moids are whenever they're allowed to be vile. Tradthot shit literally only fools women who have never experienced a traditional patriarchal society in any capacity.

No. 1955387

File: 1705338152086.png (42.64 KB, 607x384, pastyunwashedpickme.PNG)

Ugh butthole eyes (Mary) is a turbo pickme like Pearl who believes women shouldn't be allowed to vote. Her reasoning being women are apparently more susceptible to group-think and that's why we tend to vote left.
Couldn't be because right wing men and pickmes with low self esteem like her constantly demean our intelligence and want to restrict our rights.

It's funny how she dances around the subject when asked if we should also restrict the voting rights of black/Jewish men who vote left wing 80% of the time. (more than white women btw) Like you had no problem specifically saying women shouldn't vote but are too much of a pussy to say the same about ethnic men? Just goes to show its not even about politics these rw ewhores are just self hating losers that want other women to be as miserable as they are.

No. 1955393

Yeah I think we talked about it a few threads ago but a lot of us have that perspective (eg sadly my own mom is a SAHM and my dad’s a POS). My mother has always encouraged me to make money, go to grad school, and I’m Megha’s age and she’s not pushing me for marriage or kids
One of my close friends is the most well adjusted hapa I know, and it’s bc her ethnic mom is a PhD with high earnings. Her parents are NPR libs who read all the books about mixed race parenting. They’re a really lovely family.
Megha’s household is more dependent on her earnings than we know, I am certain, but it’s still not the same situation

No. 1955400

Well said nona. Every woman I know who grew up in a retvrned backwards patriarchal society couldn’t wait to leave it and come to the west and enjoy all the rights feminists won for women. Tradthots are spoiled firstie bitches who’ve never experienced the real world and reality of scrotum societies.

No. 1955402

It’s not surprising, with the exception of literal paypigs, moids in general are selfish fucks who hate handing money over to women and usually grow deeply resentful over it. Megha already knows her marriage is on tenterhooks and that’s probably why she’s trying to drum up some money for herself so she doesn’t rely on her husband too much and make him even more distant. It’s not surprising so many tradthots are desperately trying to monetize their instagrams and youtube channels or even end up being the family breadwinner, contrary to popular belief most men do not like handing their earnings over to women and it’s often a huge factor in marriage breakdowns and eventual abuse.

No. 1955424

Where does this belief that babies need to be with their mothers 24/7 come from? Literally any new mother will say she wants free time to herself, and no legitimate childhood development expert thinks women should completely give up their lives and let it revolve around the baby. That's a surefire way to ensure both baby and mother are miserable.

And how tf did she manage to wrap surrogacy into this? what the fuck lmao. Most kids born via surrogacy aren't related to their surrogate and are with at least one of their bio parents, isn't that what she wants?
What's their proof for women being more suggestible and influenced by emotion? It's men whose policies boil down muh dick to the exclusion of all else. Just look at how republican policies–overwhelmingly considered "masculine"–backfire and leave the places subjected to them in third world-tier squalor.

No. 1955439

The belief comes from male effort at increasing female reproductive investment/cuckoldry prevention. It's not meant to benefit the mother of the child, but rather ensure that the male's reproductive interests are met.

In primates, males will usually physically isolate the female to prevent her from re-mating spreading her resources between different offspring. In human moids physical restriction sometimes has consequences, so they use socially parasitic tactics like guilt tripping and cultural messaging. The theme of using social pressure where material force would ordinarily be at play is easily observed in moid mentality no matter the culture.

No. 1955456

>butthole eyes
kek so true
>women vote left cause muh inferior intellect emotional groupthink yadayada
pure bullshit. women will vote left because it benefits them. because leftist politics actually strive towards equal rights which ofc benefits oppressed groups, that is women and minorities. women are also more likely to rely on and work in the public sector and they prioritize issues like education and healthcare, unlike moids who are selfish parasites who dgaf about the future of society.
also, why does she imply that women being more "oriented toward collectivism" would make them unfit decision makers? if anything that suggests they're way better leaders than men. this attention seeking bitch and all the other trad pickmes should shut their dumb mouths about politics, something they according to themselves don't know shit about.
>What's their proof for women being more suggestible and influenced by emotion?
nonexistent. they just pull it straight out of their asses. when women vote and act in their own interests, they're always called emotional and illogical simply cause men and pickmes believe logic = whatever men want. in reality it's the exact opposite. it's already been proven men in western countries have strayed further and further to the political far right simply because they feel threatened by women gaining more rights, higher wages, advancing academically and in the workplace etc, in these countries. they don't want to have to compete with women (or immigrants) because they're all lazy, insecure retards who could never succeed in life without all the unfair privileges they have carrying them through life.

No. 1955545

File: 1705360565232.jpg (102.01 KB, 640x551, a-series-of-moronic-takes-pt-1…)

Has someone been lurking here?

No. 1955556

File: 1705363326541.jpg (76 KB, 640x1384, im-having-anxiety-about-law-sc…)

No. 1955566

“Missing out” on what exactly? Most of us reject this lifestyle because of learning from the mistakes of our mothers, grandmothers, and other female peers. Not because some “feminist brainwashing”

Also sage for MBTI sperg, but the whole concept of a tradthot is basically XSFJ women who want to force their own desires and interests on to introverted XNTX women who prefer science over cooking.

No. 1955585

i truly wonder how much of the pickme and trad mother crap is due to projecting their own issues with their mothers.

No. 1955614

I'm sure it's not us specifically, i remember Rachel Oates loved making videos about her, as she should, kek. She makes constant hateful posts about 90% of womankind and is shocked that we are all not agreeing with her every word for some reason. It's almost as if the only purpose of her social media career is to get easy validation on living as a woman "correctly" and is feeling a little insecure.

No. 1955624

File: 1705381593563.jpg (62.28 KB, 640x1118, stupid-and-unhinged-fundies-pt…)

No. 1955635

Yep, there’s lots of tiktokers that comment on these accounts, the multiple subreddits like tradfemsnark and fundiesnark…if I had to guess she probably is referencing r/nothowgirlswork, a post about her got 1k+ likes last week. I’m sure she’ll learn about us soon tho

No. 1955636

File: 1705384998179.jpeg (410 KB, 1170x1421, IMG_6352.jpeg)

Doublepost bc I forgot to attach

No. 1955648

this shit reads almost exactly like the sissy hypno bullshit you see troons post.

No. 1955657

>men are stronk independent leaders and ceos
>but they also need a bangmaid mommy to take care of them
Make it make sense

No. 1955662

kek no you’re right nona. xnfj and xsfj are strongly associated with narcissistic personality disorder and prevalent in many cows and munchies like kiki kannibal kek. in parents it’s usually overbearing smothering mommy types who sulk and suicide bait when their kids don’t call them 10 times a day etc. their j makes them unable to realize that there are women who don’t function like they do nor do they care about their boring basic ass interests.
>being raped is better than being unsexy
tradthots have some basic self respect challenge
most tradthots have extreme mommy issues. pearl said she felt neglected by her mom because she was working a lot which is why she hates career women so much and demonizes them so much. people who know megha irl said her mom is a huge narc and also nutty. tahlia (retired from internet former 4chan tradthot) was mentally abused by her histrionic trad catholic mother and physically abused by her narcissistic military dad. marie’s parents no longer speak to her because she married varg against their wishes and accused them of conspiring against them. i almost feel bad for them because they were doomed from the start, but at the same time these women projecting all their mental illness onto their kids and insist on messing up them too without fixing their own issues first, so fuck them.

No. 1955696

This sounds like men need someone to wipe their ass because they're too busy making big brain decisions. Why do they always devalue their own work? As if running a house and raising children is easy, brainless labor. Maybe that's why they all have ipad babies cuz 'it just comes naturally to women'.

No. 1955697

>things you can’t get on your own
>financial support and protection
Soooo you’re saying if women had their own money and all men were dead there’d be no need for them?

No. 1955698

if men are more rational why do they commit 98% of crimes

No. 1955706

That’s a great point nonna. Only if these tradtards knew how vile men can be when they are given the chance. Maybe they know but they don’t care as long as the money keeps coming in .

No. 1955723

Her husband looks like the facial reconstruction of a man who walked the earth 7000 years ago

No. 1955728

This is an oddly specific insult kek

No. 1955731

Oh boy, he wishes. That weak jawed sissy fag would be knocked out and killed by one punch from an actual high t unga bunga caveman kek. Definitely does not look like he grew up on steak and bone marrow stock, looks like his mom still washed his undies for him until he was 35.

No. 1955735

I actually don’t believe that men were ever genuinely providers as a rule, until relatively recently in history when society enforced it to placate the modern wagie male masses. I believe that’s presumptive romanticization of male nature and general evopsych nonsense based on very little evidence.

If you go to rural villages in Africa or South America for instance, what you find is far closer to the true ‘retvrn’ lifestyle that likely remained unchanged for thousands of years.

From what I've read about somewhere like West Africa, it's one of the most polygamous places on Earth. A Dutch explorer provided commentary on what he discovered there and it was basically like this:

>A few guys succeed sexually and get like 7+ wives each

>The rest of the men are basically his underlings and get thrown scraps now and then like a wife he no longer wants
>Because the men aren’t really doing any work anyway, there’s no real resentment there or desire for a ‘beta uprising’
>The soil is easy to till, so the man’s wives do all the labor, while he sits around gossiping like a woman with his male friends, drinking tea and doing no work
>Excess children are pawned off on older wives that he no longer wishes to have sex with and act as nurses and nannies to all the kids, or they are palmed off to his female relatives to raise

Now it may have changed somewhat through modernity and westernization, but from what I gather reading on Africa, Latin America and other hunter gatherer societies that stayed true to their primitive roots far longer than Christianized Europe, that innate male laziness and polygamous streak is still there. You see a similar phenomenon in the Middle East where the men mostly sit around drinking tea and smoking shisha all day while the women work their fingers to the bone with the little money they have, harems were also traditional with women doing all the cooking, all the child rearing and most of the labor too.

The tradthot ideal of a male provider and a wife relaxing at home all day with the kiddies is a very specifically post industrial revolution lifestyle that appeared in the late 1800s. It has nothing to do with actual biology, evolutionary gender roles or nature.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1955742

File: 1705408340788.jpeg (506.21 KB, 1242x1761, 209F95BA-8F55-4E13-95A9-B1F2C8…)

What’s also funny is that in these ‘trad’ hunter gatherer societies, when building a dwelling, the WOMEN do most of the construction, with the moid frontpoles throwing in a few sticks or a thatched roof now and then because they’re taller and can reach better.
Can you imagine if tradthots were told to retvrn to the tradition of building their own mudhut? They’d have a heart attack lmao.

No. 1955753

If "she" felt nervous and hated reading a bunch of tame reddit comments then "she" will enjoy scrolling here lol

No. 1955768

What a terrible wife and mother, reading a book. The only books she should read are cookbooks and cosmopolitan (for the sex tips).

No. 1955786

File: 1705417879031.png (209.92 KB, 720x1433, Screenshot_20240116-231142~2.p…)

The r/redpillwomen sub is depressing. Pickmes never prosper.

No. 1955791

File: 1705418305834.png (126.54 KB, 720x1337, Screenshot_20240116-231952~2.p…)


No. 1955792

posts on that sub all read like fake story bait but it's impossible to tell

No. 1955803

Her "angst" comes from knowing she ruined her life and it's too late to abort. Dear trad women, if your man doesn't shotgun wedding after knocking you up at the minimum, then he never wanted you. Abort and abandon ship!

No. 1955804

Literal man-hating radfems get treated better by their Nigels than these "softly feminine" pickme idiots. They just let men use & abuse them left and right and pretend this makes them morally superior to women who have a spine and self-respect. I just feel bad for the kids born into these shitty dysfunctional situations. As for the pickmes, sucks to suck KEK

No. 1955807

If she wants a baby then the only thing she has to worry about is the fact that it’s formed on curdled old man tard cum. She should abort and get a healthy young sperm donor and raise the child alone.

No. 1955808

>Pickmes never prosper.

Every woman on that sub is with a "captain" that is cheating, addicted to porn, or just straight up hates her. Men will always treat submissive women like garbage and resent them yet rpw think being a surrendered wife or whatever is what will fix their moid's abuse.

A lot of shit on Reddit is fake but some of these stories are most likely real, a personal rpw cow of mine who regularly posts about her porn addicted fiancé also posted pics of her wedding dress/ring in other subs.

No. 1955816

Kek, this is so true. I found that sub years ago when I was a 19 year old with low self esteem and internalized misogyny. Their advice made me get treated like a doormat by men.

Interesting how when I was very young, submissive, and agreeable (everything men claim they want) males hated me but when I got older and more demanding men do whatever I want. Tbh I think a lot of what men say about women is projecting. They secretly want a bitchy woman that they can submit to and serve.

No. 1955817

Everyone with a brain knows that kowtowing and pandering to scrotes isnt how you get respect or safety. If being submissive to moids and acting feminine got you respect, appreciation and love from men then places like japan and MENA wouldn’t be such miserable shitholes for women.

No. 1955828

Right? Moids love women who act like demanding bitches and set high standards. They eat it up. But if you were a slovenly porn addict rape ape with anger problems who couldn't feed himself or wash his own ass, would you respect anyone stupid enough to submit to your "masculine leadership" and call you her "captain"? I sure wouldn't. These moids couldn't captain a bath toy and they know it. They'd have no genetic legacy at all if they couldn't brainwash women even more retarded than them to breed with them. But deep down they know these women are doormats with no standards, and they resent them for it.

No. 1955841

All those women just want to be SAHMs with cute homes and babies. They talk about it in every post. Sadly they bought the cultural propaganda that "femininely submitting" to red pill moids is the best way to make that happen. And then when the moids treat them like shit, knock them up and still refuse to marry them, they get frustrated and ask their idiot sisterhood for advice. And since those women are all also trapped in shitty abusive relationships or chasing deadbeat moids, their only advice is to "just submit more femininely sis!" They'd all achieve their soft life dreams much quicker if they ditched their moids and raised their children together as a "feminine" community, but then all those smegma-encrusted red pill dicks would go unworshipped and the world would end! That's why it's illegal for pickmes to ever prosper.

No. 1955842

Christ that (59M) hit like a truck, only to be followed up with "I've been seeing for a few months now". Isn't it a trad no-no to not only have sex, but unprotected sex with someone you barely know? Especially since he's fucking ancient and obviously not interested in her.

What exactly is the benefit of this lifestyle? She gives up all her self respect, and for what? To be used as a fleshlight by some shitty grandpa and get knocked up by his mutant old man sperm? I thought the whole point of "feminine" self-abnegation was that it would attract a powerful, accomplished, can-get-hard-without-viagra man who will provide for them? All these bitches get are the scraps no other woman wants.

No. 1955845

I wish they knew you just need to move to the countryside and be nice to old ladies and you'll find a husband based on who the old ladies judge to be safe and worthy of you. AFAIK this is actually a tenant of almost every civilisation and culture, the role of the Granny Matchmaker is essential. Such a retard post I'm sorry but needs to be said at least once in here

No. 1955866

Attractive confident high value men dont need a woman to validate them through acting like a pathetic doormat. These dumb cunts claim to have ‘superior male brains’ yet don’t understand the slightest thing about male psychology. A woman acting lowly makes a man feel low value by proxy, it’s an insult to his ego that a woman needs to demean herself in order to make him look more powerful by contrast. Most hot athletic ‘Chads’ and rich guys I’ve met are unironically into dominant feisty women, hell, many of them are into literal ball busting and pegging shit, no kidding.

Literally all moids who demand total submission of women are insecure vulnerable narc losers, mommy issues nutcases, and men with tiny circumcised dicks who are scared a woman is going to castrate them fully next time. It’s a cliché but it’s true. Just look at the dom/sub Reddits and the husbands of tradthots, the ‘daddy doms’ ‘captains’ and ‘masters’ are always cringe betas trying to larp as alphas. Same with Abrahamic religions, circumcision has a direct correlation with hatred of women and madonna whore complexes.

No. 1955875

Evopsych is largely tea leaf reading by mentally ill men. Evolutionary biology is more reliable.

Males are not "providers" in any primate, it's a bird thing. What's not found in ANY animal, even monogamous ones, is females taking care of males - a waste of maternal resources like that would straight up kill the species in nature.

If I had to guess, male brood parasitism is a malignant product of general male parasitism that went uncountered due to civilization, much like everything else.

No. 1955876

Don't forget about legendary cow GimpGirl555, who was discovered on RPW

No. 1955884

File: 1705435527354.jpg (79.74 KB, 640x1075, stupid-and-unhinged-fundies-pt…)

No. 1955885

File: 1705435564008.jpg (127.35 KB, 640x1220, stupid-and-unhinged-fundies-pt…)

No. 1955891

I agree with the last bit. Men shouldn’t be in college because they’re fucking morons who do nothing but get drunk and rape their female peers. They belong in the trades. College is for women. If there’s no men in college then there’s nobody for women to whore around with. Women can take over STEM, politics and everything else, and men can either join the army or be an illiterate manual labourer.

No. 1955893

This is unironically the only way we would get an improved world. Women do the thinking and men build our vision.

No. 1955896

Yeah and that way they get to feel super special about being uwu stongk muscular provider males who build our homes and streets and we no longer have to put up with their testerical nonsense in the work place or politics. Men are so retarded they literally need to feel special over women or they can’t function, and they can’t do that in college since we are more intelligent and work harder more obedient and better at repeating information.

No. 1955901

>male brood parasitism
How do we deal with this? (Pragmatically)

No. 1955919

File: 1705444064087.jpg (95.95 KB, 640x510, a-series-of-moronic-takes-pt-1…)

No. 1955952

>don't send your kids to public school because it's full of degeneracy and lies
>except for retards and the disabled, it's ok for them to go there

No. 1955972

No. 1956003

It's pretty ironic how trads will spit the most angry, vile venom towards their usual targets (working women, working moms, feminists, etc) and then curl up into a little ball and come crying to their lonely incel hugbox the second anyone responds or criticizes them.
I thought they all thought we were "lonely miserable spinsters", why do they care so badly?

No. 1956008

There are some genuinely insane women on there, like a long time wasn’t there that one girl who had tips on how to hide bruises left by their scrote? And anyone who suggested they leave the relationship got banned or told that they were man hating feminists that promoted broken families.
And then there was that time when some people found out that a lot of posters on that sub were actual scrotes from the red pill sub trying to lure in women to their side. Because they’re all chronically online and can never find a date.

I wonder what happened to her kek ? Did she finally get caught by cps

Anti intellectualism is popular with these retards because they don’t want to think anymore or do anything. They’re trad because they’re lazy but still demand the world to work and profess to continue. These are the types who demand to stay home instead of college and drink essential oils but will rush to the ER and demand all the doctors who did go to college to take care of them when they inevitably get sick or injured

No. 1956017

whats the point of bringing children to this world anymore if they cant do anything but be under a tight leash so they dont think for themselves? these retards are abusive parents on the same level as the libfem troons they loatho. But instead of trooning their children at age 4 and getting them castrated at 12 they instead keep them isolated from their world in mudhuts with letrines. Next generation is going to be so fucked.

No. 1956099

Because they’re weak, spineless people. Definition of “can dish it out but can’t take it”

No. 1956107

Narcs spend their whole lives bullying and abusing randos then as soon as someone hits back at them they cry and scream and play victim.

No. 1956110

Human males being parasitic manwhores who make women act as their surrogate mommy while also making women do all the work makes 1000000% more sense biologically, evolutionarily and psychologically speaking, than the idea of men being hardworking monogamist providers. Everyone knows men are far more lazy than women. Look at how many men become loser neet dropouts who play vidya all day compared to women who are killing it educationally and career-wise.

Men are supposed to die in an intertribal chimp war before 25, they were never meant to ‘age like fine wine’ or any other cope. They are useless and expendable in every sense of the word. The world kept turning during WW2 when all the moids got shipped off to murder each other.

No. 1956113

File: 1705493840215.jpeg (68.44 KB, 354x415, 920920C2-4765-436E-9A17-871C8B…)

>infection of host
>genome replication
>viral multiplication
>host cell degeneration
>eventual death or necrosis of host
Why does viral pathology sound exactly like the male reproductive strategy?(derailing)

No. 1956133

>Literal man-hating radfems get treated better by their Nigels than these "softly feminine" pickme idiots.
THAT IS THE SAD PART. You will see a careerist boss bitch that doesn't want any kids and demands the moid to get the snip cause she doesn't want to ruin her body with birth control and she would still get dothed on by her husband and get treated WAY BETTER (those women are usually hot but still) trad whores do way to much and get treated worse than women who put themselves first kek it's poetic.

No. 1956140

Because sexual reproduction probably evolved through viral genome transfer, like a lot of things.

Fun fact: males are uniquely equipped to be mutated by every pathogen ever because of roaming behaviors, low disgust threshold, high recklessness, poor genome stability, inferior immune system and, of course, the fact that balls and prostate are immunoprivileged and thus uniquely equipped to serve as a long term repositories of everything the male caught between 6 months to 4 years prior, if not longer. So technically, a human male turns influenza or COVID into STDs - even if the host "cleared" the infection, chances are, it's still alive and well in his literally pozzed loads. It's not an unpopular opinion that in evolutionary terms, harmful pathogens and males are friends because of a shared goal to erode the female immune system.

I wonder if a good chunk of those spoonie autoimmune mystery diseases in women are simply a result of cohabitation with a walking petri dish.(derailing)

No. 1956142

Wasting resources on grown ass males makes zero sense from a biological perspective, what the hell are you yapping about? Resources are to be spent on females, so they can grow and nurture the next generation, as well as on the offspring so they can grow up and continue the cycle. Not a single animal has parasitic males except for humans, how the hell does it make more sense?

No. 1956146

Mating strategies are antagonistic. It is optimal for a male to be what that anon is describing, but it's also intended to be countered by the female. It is, however, notoriously not optimal for the species if males get their way. That's one of those biological realities that spits in the face of the whole "complementary sexes" narrative. Males are "needed" in a sense that they exert pressure upon females, much like viruses do - but if they succeed at their task, everyone (including males themselves) loses.

No. 1956180

I knew about sexual antagonism and sperm fighting the immune system but I’ve never heard it expressed so eloquently. Do you know why it ended up so unequal for humans (as opposed to birds), or was it just random chance? And also, do you have some more literature on male parasitism in humans specifically?

No. 1956201

I'm interested as well but I think this would probably be more suited for the hidden board

No. 1956206

Human males are innately parasitic. The idea of them being ‘providers’ is nonsense. They are and have always been leeches.

Go to any ‘hunter gatherer’ society and you’ll find that daily ‘hunts’ just aren’t a thing. Most of the time these people live off livestock animals (which the women mostly tend to) or eat vegetables and forage things they find in trees and the ground.

You’ll find that the women do all the child rearing, cooking, gather the food most days, and also usually end up building their dwellings and doing all the rest of the manual work. The moids are usually useless, sitting around smoking hallucinogenic substances and drinking alcohol or chewing on betel nuts. It’s an absolute myth that males are the workers or providers of the human sexes. That only became a thing in modern society where governments needed a massive expendable workforce to die while making large scale buildings and infrastructure but were also scared men wouldn’t do it unless they were bribed with a guaranteed wife and sex. The very fact that 95% of men never got to breed until the implementation of modern societal structures shows how unnatural, topsy turvy and anti biology modern civilization is. There’s no evolutionary or biological basis to the idea of men as the providers. Women work harder, ensure more, provide more and take care of everything and everyone far more than men do. Men are programmed to do fuck all and leech off women.

No. 1956207


No. 1956208

I believe you, but do you have a source for this?

No. 1956209

Btw I’m begging you, write a book or a paper or something because these insights can’t just die when this website kicks the bucket.

No. 1956211

How many times do these wackos need to be told that the high cost of living is the main thing discouraging people from having kids

No. 1956213

It was such a mistake to let you retards out of containment. It's like watching poltards but different drum to beat.
>expecting them to listen
They don't care about the actual why, anon. If you set impossible standards or moving goalposts, you always have someone to look down on.(infighting)

No. 1956214

"I believe your grand theory without a source but do you have one" is just fucking depressing in a context like this. And redundant. You're going to spread it as gospel either way because bias beats facts now and hey, isn't that one of the things we hate about trannies?

No. 1956215

Trads will just the blame the cost of living on working women. According to trads women are evil demons who drive down wages, drive up house costs, smother their babies to death en masse (woke doctors are totally conspiring together to cover this up btw) and generally do nothing but hurt and terrorize poor wittle innocent men. The world would be perfect and beautiful if men were allowed to marry children, own slaves, rape and beat women openly and be allowed to murder people scot-free again

Yup this is why the ‘superior’ Y chromosome is degrading more and more every generation. If you think moids are getting uglier, stupider, worse in every general sense, you’re not imagining it. It’s literally happening in real time to their dna.

Who said men were supposed to live past 25? There’s a reason their testosterone is prime at that time, they were supposed to go to war and die.

No. 1956216

File: 1705514295751.jpg (54.59 KB, 640x314, stupid-and-unhinged-fundies-pt…)

No. 1956217

All of her posts are based on established biological facts, she just interprets them differently.

No. 1956218

Yet you have no refutations. Your precious moids are born to leech and women are 100x harder working than any moid, so get fucked you delusional scrote/pickme.

No. 1956219

Women are inherently feminine just by being born female. God these stupid fucks annoy me so much, they talk about femininity as if it’s something attainable, which is the same line of reasoning trannies have (I will become woman/feminine if I do x) it’s just tranny logic bullshit.

No. 1956222

The way tradthots talk about femininity is fetishistic and sounds like trannies when they first discover thigh high socks, makeup and heels.

>Femininity definition: qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of women or girls.

If you were born with a vagina then you are feminine by nature. Simple as. Just like no amount of makeup heels and plastic surgery will ever make a man feminine, because he is male and therefore masculine, no amount of shein dresses, pie baking and braiding your hair makes you more feminine than another woman. Because you both have wombs and vaginas and xx chromosomes and are therefore feminine by default.

No. 1956224

The one thing I find funny with these egirls/tradthots is that they get really mad about east asian women, lol.. Why is that?

No. 1956226

Can you provide an example?

No. 1956227

a lot of crusty white men have yellow fever. plus asian women are stereotyped as being submissive and feminine. they're mad because they perceive asian women as having an easier time being viewed as docile and feminine and as being seen as attractive by racist scrotes

No. 1956228

Femininity and male sexual selection is dysgenic. Why would you want to breed with short weak docile neotenous submissive women? Then you get short weak submissive neotenous sons. Pretty much antithetical to their retvrn doctrine. Female sexual selection makes men taller, more masculine and attractive. As for women it doesn’t matter if they become more ‘masculine’ looking because men will take nothing they can get anyway and women can’t be incel.

No. 1956231

File: 1705516427625.jpg (76.05 KB, 828x604, m361h7dgom791.jpg)

It's usually twitter e girls. I'm half east asian, but I've seen some of them get really mad about east asian women, mostly because their moids will fetishize them. (Sam Hyde, etc..) I think males fetishizing women are annoying, but I find it funny when tradthots get mad about it, because they like to reiterate how "feminine" they are, yet get mad at the fact that the men they pander to still doesn't pick them, instead of the fact that they fetishize them. However, I have seen the opposite of white men getting mad at white women dating asian men, despite white men being #1 for interracial marriages. I think women and men should shame men more for indulging into this kind of stuff if they're hypocritical about it. It's just baffling to me that these women don't understand that right winged men in these spheres or "trad" larpers are just coomers, but they're just better at lying about it.

No. 1956233

Which part, the pathogen persistence? Or that penile microbiome is expected to have evolved to facilitate conception? Btw, men's own semen and it's immunosuppressive qualities have been implicated in prostate cancer, which I assume is the rationale behind the whole "not nutting gives you cancer" idea in urology - bad news for the semen retentionists, I suppose.



Also, a somewhat relevant idea that the native penile microbiome is the source of bacterial vaginosis has generated a lot of butthurt a while ago kek


This is one of those things that are assumed to be true but aren't really directly referred to polite society/academia. It's a little less PC in papers about animals.

If you read enough journals that describe human male parasitism (or, more broadly, the notion that a male W means everyone's L), you'll discover a hilarious tendency to dance around the subject and try to find a benign spin. This article (and the comments kek) will give you a good idea of how it's usually received:


No. 1956236

File: 1705517130232.jpeg (241.54 KB, 1242x458, IMG_3191.jpeg)

Lmao “it just IS okay, stop asking questions!!!!”

No. 1956245

It's because by his very nature a man couldn't give two shits about his sons. Fuck you, got mine.

The phenomenon you're describing is one of the most trivial human examples of uncountered male sexual success being horrible for males. The human male's optimal strategy is to fuck around past his reproductive prime and then reproduce with a young, usually mid woman who displays visual cues of being easily overpowered. If this union produces a son, he will likely have a frail stature, some degree of mental disability (usually autism), as well as overall poor health/looks due to mutation burden in old sperm. If there is no Petersonian "enforced monogamy", or any other artificial means of interfering with female choice, his son will be an evolutionary dead end.

No. 1956246

This is just run of the mill screeching about muh superior genes wasted. I have seen them berating RW men for getting with Hispanic and black women too and of course we all know how fucking insane RW men get about race mixing.

No. 1956248

I do love that millions of research papers with the hypothesis “are women even human?” can be published and it’s just biotroofs but this is a bridge too far.

No. 1956251

Male reviewers also chimp out when there's a paper studying males that has mostly female authors. I shit you not kek

No. 1956253

the rw hateboner for boomers boggles me. it's so childish and silly how they think that parents in muh olden days were totally honorable people who worked soo hard and were so great because of their noble trad values. generations before boomers literally beat their kids with no consequences. if tradcons were at least fair in their black and white thinking then every category of parents in this picture should be labeled "fuck you entitled brats". i swear every tradcon i've met has had an overly glorified image of their grandparents and a completely broken relationship to their own parents with tons of misdirected anger at them.

No. 1956257

RW men pit white women against Latinas and Asians all the time, saying the former can’t cook, don’t care about the home, etc. it’s just moids way of making women fight for scraps and fosters pickmeism among WOC.
Fleshlights like Megha play into this and complain about how young American working women can’t cook, are detached from fam/ grandparents in childrearing (by American, she means white + she has absolutely no room to talk).
All of it is stupid scrotal games to insult women when they can’t even meet the same standard

No. 1956263

Doublepost but men should just stfu about how ethnic girls supposedly can cook and are better wives compared to white girls and examine why men across races are such abject failures, walking human skidmarks, a more accurate heuristic than any racial categorizations they make abt women. Men are simultaneously broke, retarded, uselessly horny, animalistic, deviant regardless of culture or upbringing, did I mention broke?, and 9.5/10 men can’t put a homecooked healthy meal for 4 on the table if you gave them $100 and a cookbook to do so

No. 1956285

File: 1705526044561.png (139.35 KB, 525x371, 0857A84A-7074-433C-9485-1BDFE3…)

Odd, since Asians actually have the lowest estrogen levels. Latinas have the highest estrogen followed by white women.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1956286

that doesn't have to do with anything related to personality and culture, stop with the weird racebait science

No. 1956287

I’ll never understand people like this. Why do you even search shit like this up in the first place? So weird

No. 1956289

From what I’ve seen the only moids who scream about how awful white women are and how x race women are superior, are mommy issues white moids. The trad movement is rife with damaged goods mommy issues moids, so it is isnt really surprising these failmales spend every waking moment screeching on twitter about ‘degenerate western whores’ and lambasting all the eebil white wimmin who rejected him and refuse to mommy him.

No. 1956295

Why are tradtards so scared of sex yet also simultaneously obsessively picture other men fucking their wives and daughters and imagine getting cucked? Abrahamic sexual neurosis is a hoot.

No. 1956300

Hilarious how RW moids threaten to get an Asian or Latina wife because white women are too liberal when Asian women and Latinas are way more liberal than white women, with hapas being even more liberal than that. Reminds me of that ancient paleocon moid, John Derbyshire I think, who publicly raged that his half-Chinese daughter listened to rap music instead of classical and liked Obama kek

No. 1956306

The asterisk/qualifier is that it’s always an (uneducated, poor) immigrant woman of color, because these scrotes know they have little chance with second gens who don’t have to toil for western citizenship. Plus these second gen women who went to college are similar to white western women in feminist POV and liberal views. Which is awesome
This is true nonna but never forget that most men would buy an immigrant sex slave if they could afford it. Tons of bride trafficking occurs in nonwhite groups too, Chinese men and Viet brides for example.

No. 1956318

Something that's always worth reminding to leftoid women, btw. It's directly against men's fitness interests for men and women to have equal wealth and social status. If you are not poor, they don't get laid. And if they don't get laid, they don't care about your ideology.(derailing)

No. 1956342

I hate that "femininity" is associated with being gentle, meek, passive and submissive in the tradcult. If femininity is even an identifiable state of being, it's just as strong & powerful as masculinity if not more so. There's absolutely no reason a woman perceived as "feminine" can't also be assertive, a leader at work, good at math etc. Even the "Proverbs 31 woman" idealized by Christfags is described as strong, hard working and good at business. This is just pure misogyny.

No. 1956348

I assume this is bait, seems rather bogus. random graph without reference could just be fabricated or done about fraudulently. 'Hispanic' & 'latina' are not real categories of any scientific worth. 'Caucasian' is certainly broad and even more nebulous; could refer to a myriad of different of peoples (hispanic is partly caucasian isn't it). i don't know if high estrogen always equates to a "more submissive" woman; it could well play out differently in real life.(autist taking autist bait)

No. 1956384

what moids think should be meaningless to any sane person

No. 1956432

File: 1705564430961.jpeg (206 KB, 750x1624, IMG_1299.jpeg)

Another RW persona with the word “tradmom” in her twitter bio has also came clean about the “endure and be kind until he changes from a frog into a prince” pickme discourse. Has admitted this strategy does not work, it only serves to reward and enable the man to continue his cheating and bad behaviour, falsely reaffirming him that you’re still his collateral labour tool at home while he fucks around. If a man chooses to be bad, he can and will, even with a marriage and family.

Don’t marry a man who only loves women’s beauty and the things she can do for him, he does not see you as a person, it’s not your soulmate.

No. 1956436

Why the fuck are you covering their identity you retard?

No. 1956439

So you uglycel lurking moids cannot @ them(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1956443

KEK what a fucking cope. You’re protecting them because you’re one of them. Repost without the name blurred or fuck off, this isn’t Reddit.

No. 1956445

File: 1705569976644.png (93.8 KB, 730x720, 5F4201AB-F0D1-4B93-95E2-9D1B36…)

Women with large breasts and narrow waists with wide hips have 37% higher estrogen levels than average women. Obviously Asian women aren’t known for having big boobs or wide hips. So they aren’t as ‘feminine’ as white and Latina women.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1956449

Sexual availability will always trump modesty for moids. Men hate modest, sexually inaccessible women. It’s part of why moids hate lesbians so much and do so much mental gymnastics to try and ‘prove’ that lesbians don’t actually exist and everyone secretly wants his rotten old chode.

An example of this: look at the women who are most popular on 4chan. One is MsFiiire who is a literal onlyfans girl. Another is Ciara who has been awol for the past 2-3 years and is supposedly dead from a drug overdose but still has orbiters who pine over her and at her peak probably had countless orbiter moids from 4chan: she was a well known heroin addict who fucked multiple men. Another hall of fame 4chan girl is Kelly Wang: she is also a former hapa pornstar who did two different FacialAbuse shoots and admitted to using drugs and screwing random men ‘to get back at her dad’. Moids still go crazy for her and she’s probably one of the most popular women of all time on that board: many moids, even the most misogynistic ones, talk about how much they would love to gf/wife her and how they can ‘fix’ her. She’s probably the consistently most popular girl on that board for the last decade. Moids don’t care about bodycounts or purity if the girl is pretty enough AND seems sexually accessible to him. That’s literally all men care about.

No. 1956451

Oh and I’ve literally never seen moids on that board simp for any tradthot kek. Even poltards call them all grifters and ‘born again whores’.

No. 1956468

How can you be spatially aware if you're a reckless driver? What are you even trying to say?

No. 1956472

That if they were fucking up three point turns or something that would be proof of it. But yea if you’re drunk naturally you’re not spatially aware.

No. 1956478

If someone is more likely to be drunk, irresponsible and have low spatial awareness; they are more than likely fucking up three point turns you retard. How can you expect the average emotionally retarded male to be as decent a driver as the average woman? What is your point? Why are you acting like decent driving is an Olympic sport men are bound to be better at than women? Bizarre. You should kys like anon said.

No. 1956492

Because that doesn’t control for it. A better test would be to compare men and women drivers doing three point turns with all else being equal. Saying they’re more likely to do reckless things that impact spatial awareness isn’t the same as having less spatial awareness by default. The argument that they’re more dangerous drivers is strong enough on its own.

No. 1956542

NTA but spatial awareness isn't an immutable trait, you can get and maintain better spatial awareness through a little practice

No. 1956581

brittany venti is retarded the video should've mentioned that cakegirl deluca is a catfishing tradthot who can't hold down a man

No. 1956589

File: 1705607348697.jpeg (138.33 KB, 1170x506, IMG_6402.jpeg)

Yes, Dubai really is the bastion of traditional values, where prostitutes throw themselves at any solo or group of men. (is her reasoning the effect of eating 900cal a day from 19-23?)There’s prostitute call cards littered everywhere on the street, left on your car rental, etc it’s far worse than Las Vegas…. She has no clue what her husband experiences when he walks around places alone, I bet.

No. 1956590

File: 1705608006367.jpeg (275.71 KB, 1170x885, IMG_6401.jpeg)

Doublepost but here’s more of Megha pushing her stupid club instead of meeting people in an IRL community via a free neighborhood bookclub.
And no your husband is not an 18th century gentleman— he was a 40 year old unmarried loser no one else wanted….

No. 1956648

>um my husband could totally capture the world if he wanted to mmkay! but he chooses to be a wagecuck for Arab scrotes who have 1000 times more wealth than him instead
Your husband is another man’s bitch lol.

Yeah a 21st century sandy dystopia full of Russian porta potties, kids who have their eyes gouged out to beg, and Arab pedophiles who buttfuck little boys and rape their maids. A country so stupid that they forgot to put indoor plumbing in their skyscrapers and have to transport a shit truck in and out every day to take away the human sewage. Sounds like paradise. Please stay there you filthy cunt.(racebaiting)

No. 1956656

thank you dubai for volunteering to be the trashcan of humanity. we salute you.

No. 1956658

So I’m guessing Megha’s husband has no intention of ever bringing her back to live in England? Even if you’re married to a UK citizen you need to reside in the UK for at least 3 years. So far that doesn’t seem to be happening. Is he keeping her in Dubai so she can’t get him once he runs back to the UK? lol.

No. 1956660

Girl you couldn’t sense that your first relationship was a disaster nor could you foresee that your first fiancé was gonna jilt you at the altar on your wedding day because he didn’t love you. Safe to say your perception of reality and relationships or way of perceiving how your man feels about you are not reliable or astute, you are as delulu as they come.
Even when not drinking your precious moids still crash way more. And kill more people. Like WAY more. Stfu retard.

No. 1956661

actually kinda sad that they were neithers first choice. they both settled for each other as a backup option when they couldn’t secure who they originally wanted as a partner. grim.

No. 1956682

No idea how UK citizenship laws work, but wouldn't she be able to claim some kind of residency because of their kid? He definitely wants to keep her at an arms length just in case a woman he actually wants lowers her standards enough to pick him, but I don't know how successful he'll be in that if he does get his way. Then again, Megha might be genuinely too brain damaged to pursue a case against him.

No. 1956833

In the UK parents can’t obtain citizenship through their children. Also I’m pretty sure Megha’s kid was born in Canada anyway when she was still with her mom.

No. 1956835

Also I can’t remember the exact time but I’m pretty sure you have to live in the UK for at least 3-5 years before you can qualify to apply for citizenship in the UK even if you’re married to a British citizen. I don’t know if they plan on living back in Canada but I doubt it. Her husband seems kind of sneaky.

No. 1956905

File: 1705683018683.jpeg (226.61 KB, 1290x1363, IMG_4325.jpeg)

Megha couldn’t BE a white girl so she married an ugly old prison lesbian looking white man just so she could give birth to one. But it doesn’t stop there. She posts incessantly about how much she loves colonialism. She will do anything to be accepted by white people and it’s so sad.(racebaiting)

No. 1956906

File: 1705683107867.jpeg (438.11 KB, 1290x2242, IMG_4324.jpeg)

Claims not to want to show her daughter’s face online but shows people just enough so that they can see the child is white.

No. 1956907

File: 1705683193096.jpeg (940.61 KB, 1290x2101, IMG_4328.jpeg)

Roman catholic wedding whilst already pregnant. I’m not a Christian but isn’t this a big no-no?

No. 1956908

File: 1705683327122.jpeg (223.09 KB, 1290x1366, IMG_4326.jpeg)

They look like a lesbian couple

No. 1956910

Kek I thought this was one of those face swap meme pics at first. They both look so dysgenic.

No. 1956914

shotgun wedding, very trad. also she looks like a denisovan render: tiny forehead, tranny jaw, big lumpy nose.
why does he look like the underside of a stingray kek
i think she’s lurking and trying to prove how happy she is with her fake marriage and dysfunctional family

No. 1956920

"underside of a stingray" haha fucking great

No. 1956922

Yeah, Catholic Catechism says premarital sex is a big no-no

No. 1956935

File: 1705688488684.jpg (43.27 KB, 474x315, 2ep6bh.jpg)

Someone needs to tell this bitch that she's not some european blonde doll face whose ancestors were the french nobility and that she's a brown Indian whose ancestors drank cow piss and burned women with their dead husbands kek she's so delusional and self hating it's insane.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1956941

I’m sure they had a legal ceremony prior to the wedding (esp for visa purposes) but technically they had a sacramental marriage under God while pregnant… most bishops accept it but it does vary church to church. And it’s definitely not a best/ideal practice.
Where did she have the baby? The question of the child’s citizenship is interesting

No. 1956966

File: 1705695007896.jpeg (264.08 KB, 1170x2080, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29udGVudC1sZ2EzLT…)

I always feel like throwing up a little when she uses the word "sexy", but maybe I hate it because I associate it with porn brained males

No. 1956972

This is not a normal caption for a 29 year old woman, even among starry eyed newlyweds.

No. 1956976

jesus he looks decrepit and it looks like they live in a shitty floridian apartment building transplanted tp the middle east

No. 1956978

File: 1705696413197.jpg (184.08 KB, 1080x1037, IMG_20240119_181218.jpg)

Here's a Megha classic with her favourite word. She seems like one of those pick mes who think what's wrong with being fetishized as long as he loves me and is with me? I bet her husband has a coloniser fetish, after all he was following lots of ethnic women on tiktok. I really feel bad for her daughter she will be messed up with such parents

No. 1956993

She could pass for Italian or Greek though. She's pretty white.

No. 1957018

Kek no she couldn’t, she’s very obviously indian. And Meds are basically North African anyway.(racebaiting)

No. 1957021

He’s so gross looking, white eyebrows, rubbery lips, covered in liver spots, fat arms with no muscle definition. Literally looks like some trailer trash FTM. Then I remember Indian culture is famous for praising the most hideous male actors as gods so I’m not surprised Megha’s standards are in the gutter.

No. 1957022

Her daughter looks obviously mixed imo, Megha is turning up the brightness of her pics and taking them in direct sunlight as much as possible to lighten them and make her kid look whiter. The reason she’s not showing her daughter’s face is because she didn’t come out with blonde hair and blue eyes like Megha wanted.

No. 1957025

The irony in Megha’s white worshipping and her husband’s chuddiness is that her daughter will probably end up becoming a blue haired liberal and marrying a dark as night black man or some shit. Kids usually rebel against whatever their narc moms try to drum into their head especially when it comes to racist right wing parents. The only people who stay in that lifestyle are generally the ultra WASP-y blonde American Chads and Stacies from the south who still live in their ancestors plantation houses and shiet. I mean, Megha’s husband’s mom is a right wing racist and yet her son ended up with an Indian, so that’s how it usually goes.

No. 1957035

shh this makes the race baiters really angry

megha is more narc than self hating imo

No. 1957068

File: 1705708730067.jpeg (240.16 KB, 1170x856, IMG_6439.jpeg)

I looked up what Desi/Indian communities were saying about Megha on Reddit. I found this comment, it could be and likely is totally fake. But given Megha’s husband’s obsession with the ME, fixating on India seems about right too. it could also just be a moid wanting to bash Megha

No. 1957132

This is obviously some random hindutva type lying about her. They used to make up stories about her getting an abortion too. The asian subreddits are all filled with incels against interracial relationships for their female counterparts. Megha used to shit on indian men a lot more publicly, calling them the least masculine race or something like that before she got married to the white guy of her dreams. I honestly don't even believe the tiktok account is really her husband's anymore. Seems too conveniently thoughtless for a guy who privated his Twitter the moment they got engaged.

No. 1957175

How does someone who praises her father so much get obsessed with white men? I could understand if she had dated a man of color in the mix, but her fiance was white, her college ex Karl Brunet is white, her husband is white. Is her dad actually a jerk she resents and she hasn’t put the pieces together yet? Or did she just consume so much romantic western media she dreamt of her white John Smith/Prince Eric/Edward Cullen KEK and fetishized them? It would be funny if she was a victim of being media brained

No. 1957176

>I mean, Megha’s husband’s mom is a right wing racist and yet her son ended up with an Indian
I don't think she's his endgame at all, he just wanted to get someone locked down before he got too old. He's a more attractive prospect with a partner, since it shows he got someone to be interested in him making him not a complete failure. My bet is his goal is to keep Megha and the spawn at an arm's length until he can find a white girl he's genuinely interested in, get a nice&quick divorce, then go live the rest of his moidy life burdening the woman he actually wants. Most men have zero issues abandoning the "love of the lives" or children when it suits them, and he's no different.

No. 1957194

File: 1705739434206.png (672.78 KB, 788x1028, 91F067DE-AE04-4AAA-B093-E3A571…)

You sound like Megha coping hard and wking yourself kek.
Mommy issues white scrotes and ethnic women both have a hateboner for white women. They’re deeply jealous and resentful towards white women (if you don’t believe me go look under the comments of a song like Best American Girl by Mitski where it’s a bunch of woc crying about how they always wished they were white girls a and how jealous the are of white Stacy)

For an ethnic woman marrying a white guy is her trying to prove to herself and social media that she’s as valuable as a white woman by taking one of her men. For the white moid it’s a way of spiting his white mother and the white society he feels rejected by by mixing with a different race and culture far removed from his own without the bad associations of being rejected and bullied by girls from his own race.(racebaiting)

No. 1957199

I doubt it nona, even if he wanted to that would be difficult for him. He dm’d multiple women and Megha was the only one who took the bait. Dude isn’t exactly swarming with options. Also her husband looks like the kind of guy white women would bully/reject in school because he’s so ginger and freckly/pale (and also a sexist Chud) White women can afford to be pickier and also aren’t desperate enough that they would need to become a slaveish broodmare to lock down a guy with a good job who doesn’t even care about his kid. Why would they take the hard road for a chuddy sub par firecrotch moid? There’s plenty of beautiful trad white slavic women for instance but they have higher standards and can afford to demand a higher price. Megha’s husband chose her because she’s easily pleased and desperate/self loathing.

Weird that Megha posted a pic spam desperately trying to prove that her baby isn’t brown, that her husband is involved with the kid and that she’s happy with him. She 100% lurks and posts here kek. She wouldn’t need to try so hard to prove it if it was true.

No. 1957230

I hope he does leave her kek would be hilarious watching this narc self hating bitch cope and seeth harder over white women

No. 1957231

Her baby is not white passing tho if it even had brown hair and slightly green/light eyes she would spam her face and eyes in the sun all over social media lmao she clearly filters the pics to make her skin lighter and white wash her. That is self loathing.

No. 1957233

File: 1705751750024.jpg (18.27 KB, 480x273, 1_5dkzrblSh_JcJkb-8Q7cVQ.jpg)

Moid rejects are hilarious

No. 1957237

This except white men marrying ethnic but Asian in particular is just him fulfilling a fantasy he has about said ethnicity. If its its Latina, its about how she's "spicy" and if its Asian, its how she's demure and passive.

No. 1957243

I just dread to think that Megha, considering she is anti-birth control, is likely going to get pregnant again within the year and just keep trying again and again to make a blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby. THEN she’ll change her mind about posting her baby’s face online. There’s another tradthot, @ancestoraligned (Bailey) who never posted pictures of her dark-haired, dark-eyed daughters faces online but then she had a blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy and she plastered pictures of him on her Twitter incessantly.

No. 1957249

Hmm nah I don’t see her getting pregnant again for the foreseeable future. She’s struggling to look after one child barely 6 months into her birth, and needs nannies and maids to do everything for her. Plus she’s a former anachan and probably worried about getting fat again.

No. 1957250

File: 1705755741852.jpeg (319.18 KB, 1091x1228, 48914FE7-1893-47AF-A05B-0C3327…)

This. Her baby isn’t white it’s half Indian. Megha is well known for filtering her own skin tone and her baby’s skin tone to look paler in pics and vids. She’s been lurking the thread and is now trying to prove that her baby looks whiter than she actually does irl by putting her in direct sunlight all the time and filtering her to hell. You can see in an unfiltered pic she used that both Megha and her baby aren’t pale and the baby has black hair too.

No. 1957252

File: 1705755887030.jpeg (649.05 KB, 2501x1363, 754F414C-5641-4243-9C93-A55EA5…)

She is filtering the fuck out of her own and her babys complexion now to spite the haterz kek. Truly sad.

No. 1957254

Self hating Asian women and yellow fever moids always do this too. Incels were trying to shoop Brenda Songs kid to have blue eyes and blonde hair in pics when they’re brown. A lot of weird hapamoms shoop their kids eyes and hair lighter too. Sad.(racebaiting)

No. 1957265

File: 1705757793011.jpg (895.5 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2024-01-20-13-12-26…)

This photo was taken by someone else and you can see how dark the baby is despite being censored, also what's with the weird head shape/face?

No. 1957285

Not to wk but you're reaching really hard with this one, the head looks normal I think the editing is messing with your perception of the silhouette. Its arm is the only skin you can really see and it looks light.
Starting to sound like a lot of tardthots in here obsessing over this pale ass mixed baby. Like, you can't keep your sperging to the cow because you're rustled the baby got a drop of brown in it?

No. 1957325

NTA but you're the one reaching and WK that mentally ill bitch. The only reason anons are talking about how the baby came out brown is cause his unhinged mom went on a posting spree of my baby might have brown eyes but she carries the blue eye gene SEE and it was autistic, weird and cowish af(infighting)

No. 1957333

Lol oh fuck off Megha we know it’s you. The only wk ITT specifically only ever whiteknights any post critiquing you, it’s starting to look sus and you should stop. It’s embarrassing.(hi cow)

No. 1957334

I saw this and thought it was a Pakistani troon from the MTF thread kek. Looks like she has more testosterone than her hubby.

No. 1957336

I understand she's a crazy tradcow but the baby isn't dark as claimed even in the picture posted by someone else. It's just getting a little retarded in here.

No. 1957341

If you’re half Indian you’re not white. Please get that through your Amerimutt peabrain.(racebait)

No. 1957343

It’s always the manjawed caveman brow bitches who have a chip on their shoulder and feel the need need to prove how feminine they are. Actually feminine women don’t need to wear performative femininity like a costume, only trannies and insecure women who were socialized as boyish in their youth need to prove themselves like that. I’m not surprised so many Indian and Arab girls become bimbofied pickmes in their 20s because most of them got bullied by boys for being hairy armed and monobrowed in school before they discovered electrolysis and they always have an axe to grind against white women due to white Stacy being noticed and picked over them all the time.(racebaiting)

No. 1957345

That would mindbreak Megha to the point of no return. I think she’d actually go full wattpad sperg emo girl and kill herself. However, I don’t think that her scrote could ever secure a hot blonde woman. So she doesn’t have to worry about that for now. The perks of dating an undesirable man.

No. 1957347

File: 1705768912712.jpeg (228.19 KB, 1242x332, A4EA3B8C-8879-430B-B7D5-A1AC22…)

Lauren the failed YouTuber with a meme degree seething that people with actual qualifications, knowledge and experience in their fields came to the conclusion that women hunted just as much as men did.

No. 1957348

Yes Lauren, believe it or not women have more functions than shitting out babies and weren’t made to sit on their ass all day eating bonbons.

Further debunking the tradthot idea that women are naturally lazy ‘nesters’ and men are hunters. Many archeologists and biologists now believe that prehistoric women probably engaged in hunts just as often as men did.
Pretty obvious I would think. The idea of it being otherwise is, I suppose, the application of modern-day behavior and expectations applied to prehistoric man, which is obviously retarded, and correct me if I'm wrong; was never based on any real evidence. Thousands of years of modern civilization sexual selection for submissive, dumb, childish and weak women is anti survival, and likely was nowhere near as apparent in prehistoric societies (you needed a woman who was going to survive through childbirth naturally and raise your kids to be hunters and warriors, and also be smart enough to survive).

Think about it. If you're hunting, it's likely because easier to come by plant foods are scarce and you're hardly going to have 50% of your available "man"-power sit out in that circumstance. You don’t have to be an expert hunter or particularly agile or athletic to spear a mammoth or wildebeest, especially now we have evidence that early humans often used pitfall style traps to catch large animals, not just ambush killing or chasing animals.

As the article says:
>"There weren't enough people living in groups to be specialised in different tasks. Everyone had to be a generalist to survive,"
And there's fossil evidence to back this up, most importantly.

It may sound like cope, but looking it up there does seem to be discussion about women being more optimised for long-distance/endurance running:



It’s not like the researchers in the article just made it up out of nowhere. As they say;
>Citing an example, oestrogen, which plays an important role in fat metabolism, helps women keep going longer and can delay fatigue.
>Wider hip structures also enabled women to rotate their hips and lengthen their steps, said scientists.
>"The longer steps you can take, the 'cheaper' they are metabolically, and the farther you can get, faster," they said.
>"When you look at human physiology this way, you can think of women as the marathon runners versus men as powerlifters," said study co-author Cara Ocobock, from the University of Notre Dame in the US.

So sure, why not. It's not like they're saying women are physically stronger than men, they’re saying women are optimized for rigorous exercise like the kind used in hunting game and wildlife, and also running over long distances.

No. 1957357

>Has a useless degree in middle eastern studies
>Can't get a high paying career
>Needs to bait neckbeard incels into watching her dog shit videos by using the word FEMINIST in every caption
>Is seething cause other asians are doctors and lawyers
>Meanwhile she needs to sell soap to pol tards who don't even wash their ass cracks to make ends meet

Ethnic tradthots are beyond sad kek

No. 1957367

This. The baby is pale, and just because her mother is a retard there is no need for people to start reaching and saying dumb shit like the baby’s head being a weird shape. It’s a baby ffs. Megha generates enough cringe on her own, no need to drag her baby into it.

No. 1957379

She could pass for a Mediterranean person with a dark complexion who is mixed with an Indian, I'll give you that. I mean, Megha does have a lighter skin and nicer features than most Indian women, but if you put her next to a let's say average German or Polish girl (which belong to the white population she seems to fetishize the most), it would be really hard to considered her white-passing. Also, if she used to be such an exceptional scientist, she is aware that there's basically no chance for her kids to have blonde hair and blue eyes even if the father is white because both parents needs to have the genes for that in their DNA, right? Unless she has some pale white ancestors in her bloodline(racebaiting)

No. 1957400

Anyone else find it odd how there’s a whiteknight ITT who only ever wks Megha?

No. 1957402

The idea you're describing exists because of a certain sense of "fairness", as part of the complementary sexes narrative. If women can do something men obviously can't, men must also be good at something women just "can't" do. Since there is physically no such thing, it has to be societally defined and gatekept.

In evolutionary terms females cannot be this specialized, or even specialized at all. Female specialization would mean an almost certain wipeout if something happened to even half the males, and it did - often. Even something like complete asymmetry in the amount of genetic information suggests male specialization and female generalism.

We as a society entertain the idea of each sex having its own unique and equally important function out of a twisted sense of pity for males. This idea isn't possible if the animal gestates internally and one sex bears the valuable, finite gametes while the other doesn't - not with 8 billion of us on the planet.

No. 1957404

It’s not pale it’s brown. Putting 1000 Chinese whitening snow filters over your kid on instagram videos and claiming it’s pale/white is retarded and redundant. You can clearly see it’s brown and ethnic on unfiltered pics like >>1957250(racebaiting)

No. 1957409

Good point nona. It makes zero sense for women to be incapable of self sufficiency without men, especially when we know that during the ice age and such there was a mass die-off of human males, possibly of up to 95%.

No. 1957424

Isn’t Dubai super liberal compared to other Islamic countries? Like there’s more prostitutes and princes being johns than actual locals there

No. 1957470

Megha’s husband is so soft spoken and feminine. There’s no way he hasn’t taken it up the ass.

No. 1957472

have you considered that indian and arab girls become pick mes because they are more likely to be raised by pick me mothers and in a traditional culture? why are there so many bitter white women in this thread kek

No. 1957473

Him getting someone else is a huge "if", hence why he decided to slum it with Megha for the time being. Unfortunately there are still white women dumb, desperate, or moid-pleasing enough to go for an aging scrote who already has a family, it's just that the numbers are decreasing and moids like Megha's husband have a harder time finding one. If he can't at all, I can see him just checking out of the marriage(as if he hasn't already kek).
Performative white woman hatred is annoying, but it's the result of WoC and white women being pit against one another needlessly. There is no race of man on this planet who doesn't fetishize a "weaker" race of women; Chinese moids whine about Chinese women and dream of getting a submissive Slavic waifu, Latino men prey on Latinas from poorer countries who are almost always more native and/or black by ethnicity, even fucking African moids think "their" women are too uppity and try to traffic poorer ones as wives.

No. 1957475

Only if you're a wealthy foreigner. For others the draconian laws exist just as much as they do in other arab countries.

No. 1957476

Men would exterminate the human population before they let women realize that they don't need men and in fact might be better off without them. It's so pathetic that we have to constantly reassure men that they're mommy's special good boys and aren't completely useless or less they'll freak.

No. 1957492

Males do not exist for anything other than reproduction, namely providing genetic diversity (with the appropriate pressure from females - if it's not exerted they will default to inbreeding for the sake of safety from cuckoldry). Any species wide outcome that doesn't involve the individual male's specific reproductive opportunity will always be worse than total extinction in his mind. Fuck you, got mine. And if I'm not getting mine, no one does.

Incels constantly allude to the fact that they have nothing to lose if they have to live without access to hosts. Males know who they are, even when they're (understandably) unable to internalize it.

No. 1957502

It cracks me up that she tries to frame Dubai of all places as a bastion of traditional culture. It’s basically the Las Vegas of the Gulf for rich Saudis to get drunk, bang hookers and launder money. “Leftism” doesn’t exist there because “left/right” politics is a Western invention that doesn’t apply everywhere on earth. She’s an ignorant idiot, that’s why she couldn’t cut it in academia.

No. 1957507

Not so many, just one. The weird seething about “white Stacy” all has the same (incel male) typing style. Probably the infamous troon who’s obsessed with this thread in particular. There’s an equally retarded Megha wk in the thread who keeps engaging with him but it’s not a bunch of people, just the same boring weirdos always trying to get this thread shut down with irrelevant sperging and racebaiting. I’d just report and move on.

No. 1957508

Hah, yes Vegas conducts stings more than Dubai police do. They completely ignore the issue and do not police it.
If she wants to defend a Middle East Islamic theocracy so much and frame it as better than Canada, she should just stay out and she and her husband can revoke both their western citizenships. Seriously, Canada and England don’t need either of you

No. 1957526

White women don’t even think about brown women. It’s brown women who are obsessed with us.(racebaiting)

No. 1957528

I wish they would. I’d be genuinely thrilled if every tradthot and her wallet with a pulse fucked off to the Middle East permanently and stayed there. Unfortunately most of them insist on staying in nice cushy western countries full of cool things like human rights, high self reported happiness levels and high gdp per capita.

No. 1957574

Nta but kek what? You’ve posted a million unhinged screeds about brown women itt alone, but i doubt you’re even a “woman” since you type like a /pol/ moid

No. 1957579

The white-worshipping is somewhat expected given her background, but it’s extremely weird to see a Christian Indian woman simping for a Muslim theocracy. She seems to be in a permanent identity crisis. Emiratis are very racist on average. She’d be viewed as a whore or domestic worker at best, and her husband as cheap foreign labor. They appear to live in the crappy subsidized flats they house low-level office drones in, and she’s only bragging about her maid & nanny because it’s dirt cheap to buy trafficked women in UAE. Her living standard now is much lower than it would be if she wasn’t a moron and finished medical school, but would it really be Megha if she didn’t loudly announce her Ls?

No. 1957584

Or better yet, the right wingers and tradthots who push for a higher birthrate should move to the impoverished African countries with the high birthrates. They'll hear high birth rate and expect a glamorous 1950s suburb with housewives cooling apple pies on the windowsil and in reality it's insane amounts of poverty and disease.

The west having lower birthrates and "evil careerwomen" are WHY we have such a decent amount of opportunities compared to other countries.

No. 1957587

Then uhhh at the risk of sounding like a fed, why are they still here? Aren’t they made redundant by soerm banks?

No. 1957593

Nta but there's only roughly 5 million years to go before the Ychrom essentially fizzles away due to its inability to reshuffle genes, men are all half-clones and the only thing you and I unique full humans have in common is having to deal with them

No. 1957596

Muslim men colonized north India. Megha is a weirdo with a rape fetish. Any group of men who historically invaded her country and raped her ancestors is attractive to her, apparently.

No. 1957635

Asymmetry in empathy and female tendency to over-humanize (women bear male spawn and thus invest in males)

No. 1957675

You’re kinda right, there is some retard who comes here and INSISTS white women are all malding and seething over qt Asian women taking their men and it just isn’t true. Like with all due respect we don’t care and never compare ourselves to you because you always take the men we don’t want and have already profusely rejected.(racebaiting)

No. 1957722

Interesting now Megha is posting Greek statues and trying to call them handsome women. Kek. Guess the tranny comments got to her.

No. 1957729

File: 1705843918263.jpeg (70.84 KB, 330x565, 2C626532-AA2A-436C-89FB-221769…)

Smegma’s faux-smug envy and seething at liberated feminist white Stacy will always be hilarious.(sage your shit)

No. 1957731

File: 1705844120951.jpeg (124.78 KB, 898x1256, 0C7D7FC7-528E-448A-B917-2441A7…)

Also I realized why she never smiles with teeth and tries to stay as still as possible during streams, she’s really ugly in motion and her mouth is disabled or something. She has a weird underbite and looks like Lord Farquaad mixed with Osama bin Laden when she smiles kek.

No. 1957735

File: 1705844830581.jpeg (141.46 KB, 1004x1288, 17CB5F93-07AF-442C-8F88-42BCB6…)

This is the bitch saying you aren’t feminine enough. Looks like a rapey Taliban moid in a wig.

No. 1957750

File: 1705846654244.jpg (16.28 KB, 480x318, u1qlp.jpg)

>Looks like a rapey Taliban moid in a wig.
>She has a weird underbite and looks like Lord Farquaad mixed with Osama bin Laden when she smiles
KEK i hope she lurks here

No. 1957753

Oh she definitely does.

No. 1957758

He's so fucking gay passing it's hilarious hahahaha
Megha you dumb bitch, you could have never posted pics of him or sperged on how "manly" he is and we would have never known that he looks/talks like a faggot prison bitch

No. 1957778

Well she looks like a tranny or a man in a wig and has a manly nose and jaw, he looks effeminate and gay or like a butch lesbian so I'd say they're made for each other. They both like to think they're the epitome of masculinity and femininity but they're so unaware lol

No. 1957781

Tbh it’s possible, moids buggering each other is a proud British tradition especially among the upper classes and at private schools. Even Boris Johnson’s school was infamous for staff and older boys sexually harassing and raping younger boys.

No. 1957795

> Incels constantly allude to the fact that they have nothing to lose if they have to live without access to hosts. Males know who they are, even when they're (understandably) unable to internalize it.

its still insane to me that "if you arent nice to me ill do a mass shooting" has been normalized in media and is considered acceptable in our society. the extreme amount of privilege moids have for that to even be a proposition is deranged. a large swath of these animals should be locked up in an insane asylum or prison.

No. 1957808

They figured out how useless they were pretty early and spent the next hundreds of years oppressing and brainwashing women into the submissive dogs we are today to make sure they stay relevant despite their low value.

I feel it is just now that women are slowly beginning to wake up and realize that men only make our lives harder and are generally worthless. If men were fully human like us they would turn themselves around and become worthwhile mates. They aren't though, so they'll probably just go apeshit and try to beat us back into subordination.

No. 1957823

That’s what gets me. You’d think for creatures so obsessed with reproducing they would try to make being with them a more attractive proposition than being without them. Women overlook a lot if a man is at least considerate. Obviously it would be fake and opportunistic (like everything men do) but it would work better than chimping out.

No. 1957825

Her obsession with gender roles probably stems from insecurity about looking like a man. And her vehement rants about it being gay for men to change nappies likely stems from the fact that her husband is so feminine. The average woman doesn’t need to panic at the thought of her husband changing their child’s nappy and doing other childcare related tasks every once in a while so she can rest because the average woman didn’t marry a gay-passing man in his 40s that nobody else wanted. They know their man is straight and masculine so they don’t have to constantly monitor his masculinity.

No. 1957832

File: 1705857852569.jpeg (436.48 KB, 1933x899, IMG_5407.jpeg)

This is so fucking embarrassing. How has she not just deleted her profile?

No. 1957835

>You would be an E-whore too if you were attractive
KEK even men hate pick me's

No. 1957836

File: 1705858458783.jpeg (948.75 KB, 1170x1701, IMG_5411.jpeg)

No. 1957839

>Why would i be jealous of people in their twenties shooting for what i have now
No Rachel, women in their 20s don't want to end up as a fat ugly bitch with 5 kids from 3 diffrent men and a receding hairline that sends her feet pics to ugly incels online for free cause she's too ugly to make money on onlyfans like the hot women she seeths over. The cope is off the charts lol

No. 1957840

I thought trads said that all women have to be pretty and made a big deal about how "liberal women are ugly and conservative women are beautiful." like Lauren Chen.

This is a prime example of trad hypocrisy and contradiction. Other examples include.

"Women who work corporate jobs are lazy and get paid a ton to do nothing/go on vacation, while trad motherhood is the most important job in the world" vs. "Women who work corporate jobs are overworked, miserable and exhausted while trad mothers nap in hammocks all day while their husbands make money for them"

"women must be modest and humble and even makeup and heels are sexual" vs "women must make themselves look like 1950s women in full makeup and heels daily or else they're frumpy lesbians"

"We want a higher birthrate no matter what, who cares about child abuse?" vs "How dare you put your child in daycare or have any form of help that allows you to more easily start/raise a family!"

No. 1957845

Beta western men envy the fact that men in other countries (like the Middle East, India etc) are allowed to openly display their chauvinism. Which probably explains why her husband ended up moving to a Gulf state full of backwards scrotes. Likewise brown and black women are often masculinized in western media and are never really depicted as the pretty popular girl. So I can see why Megha and her husband are so insecure about their respective femininity/masculinity and desperate to try and prove it to social media.

It’s kinda like the Aella twitter controversy thing where someone pointed out how White and Asian women can do stuff like burp, fart, not shower, dress like hobos etc and still be seen as inherently feminine and attractive by men. But when black or brown girls behave this way they’re seen as dirty, low class and gross.

Likewise when Arab and Indian men behave misogynistically it’s just seen as an expected part of their culture (people even make casual jokes about them beheading and honor killing their daughters, or stoning their wives to death and such), but if a white guy behaves that way he’s seen as an incel, toxic, told he will never get laid in this town, is generally shunned and seen as a weirdo etc.

I think both sides are generally very butthurt about not being allowed to get away with bad behavior like other races often can.

No. 1957858

>The average woman doesn’t need to panic at the thought of her husband changing their child’s nappy and doing other childcare related tasks every once in a while
The average woman wants her useless husband to do his duty and change diapers more than "every once in a while". It's his job.
>entire schtick is going on about how she's so much better than other women because she sloughed out five broodlings
>not narcissistic
Tradthots aren't known for being smart, but how does she not see the hypocrisy? Also, I definitely don't believe she was ever "the smart girl" kek, unless she was educated alongside actual retards and felt smart by comparison.

No. 1957863

This is so weird. So she’s basically admitting she baby trapped him? I wonder if she specifically targeted a wealthy religious moid who doesn’t believe in abortion so he wouldnt make her get rid of the kid and basically be forced to marry her. This makes their marriage seem even weirder and more toxic than previously thought tbh. She’s really scheming.

No. 1957864

Maybe Meghas husband isn’t the bad guy here after all. Sounds like he wasn’t expecting a baby and they basically had a shotgun wedding while she was 3 months away from giving birth. Which is maybe why he’s so reluctant to do father duties. It’s possible he didn’t even really want kids at all.

No. 1957868

>It’s kinda like the Aella twitter controversy thing where someone pointed out how White and Asian women can do stuff like burp, fart, not shower, dress like hobos etc and still be seen as inherently feminine and attractive by men.
I've never seen this. Do you mean like when men on the internet talk about wanting to worship smelly/dirty women? I don't think that's normal IRL.

No. 1957874

>are you talking about sniff fetish shit
No? Lol. There’s obviously way more social pressure on black and brown women to present themselves as neat, clean, behave more femininely, try hard to display wealth and being upper class etc because they’re not afforded the perception of being clean, good smelling, feminine, wealthy etc by default like Asian and white (especially attractive young skinny) women generally are. Asian and white women can openly discuss gross personal things like not showering for days or free bleeding or whatever, and still generally be seen as feminine and attractive by default (even if some people are grossed out by it), whereas black and brown women are called smelly dirty slovenly disgusting dusty or whatever when they express such sentiments or present themselves like slobs. Partly because there’s already widespread stereotypes about black and Indian women, that they smell bad and such, and there’s anger from scrotes because they don’t look or behave femininely ‘effortlessly’ and generally have to go through a lot more stuff like body hair removal, wearing wigs, etc to be accepted as looking presentable and clean. When you see Indian women being discussed online by scrotes they almost always bring up their smells and body odor (same with black women) It’s just an example of how brown and black girls are discriminated against by default and understandably that breed insecurity and resentment towards girls who can get away with being slobbish and not bathing.

No. 1957878

Stop giving scrotes a pass and blaming women for everything. If a man ejaculates in a woman and she becomes pregnant he deserves everything he gets. Calling women baby trappers is so fucking misogynistic.

No. 1957882

Damn we're derailing ITT but just wanted to reply to say in my small shithole country (North Europe) its basically the opposite. Foreigners are worshipped as cleaner due to Muslim washing rituals and shit being learned about in school, kind of wild tbh they're considered better than us

No. 1957889

If you were a smart girl you'd know that men score higher on every measure of narcissism in every culture, so dodging the rare "female narcissism" isn't a flex. You'd also know that it's common in cerebral narcissists to try and dunk on perceived somatic ones (in this case, the 20 year olds you're transparently jealous of).

No. 1957890

"Smart girls" generally do not have 5 kids either. Even 2, in fact.

No. 1957896

They had an Indian wedding ceremony in Canada before she got pregnant.

No. 1957903

i wonder if they had their marriage certificate done for that one or the second wedding, i mean i doubt she has a lot of catholic followers to disappoint but they wouldnt have been married in the eyes of god.

No. 1957904

You weren’t smart enough to figure out a way to get money that wasn’t tradding out? Bonus: you weren’t smart enough to realize anyone can get knocked up?

No. 1957906

Nta but agreed. Men and women can have but ultimately the moid chooses where to jizz. Men can ultimately control when and if pregnancy happens, this includes men stealthing or jizzing in women even when they agreed to pull out. Women cannot baby trap men unless she goes out of his way to steal his sperm (only happens in freak situations) and men are the only ones who can baby trap majority of the time.

No. 1957909

>Associates with people known for being misogynistic
>Shocked when she gets ripped apart and have people assume the worse of her while ripping apart her appearance
"I didn't think leopards will eat MY face". The sad part is that even if she wanted to be a housewife there's sooo many SAHMs who are pretty feministy she could've associated with, but I guess she wanted to bring down women so badly that she didn't think she is also included in women

No. 1957910

I have never seen an asian woman discuss freebleeding and white libfems who post their period blood are universally hated? white european women are perceived as masculine in the non-black world, including in india among megha's type

No. 1957916

File: 1705870357400.png (197.23 KB, 720x1316, Screenshot_20240122-045313~2.p…)

No. 1957927

This is the classic tradthot arc. They pander to shitty incel men and stupidly believe that earns them a free pass out of misogyny. When the moids tell them no, AWALT and we hate you too, they get all butthurt like “b-but meee? I’m one of the good ones!” It happened to Shoeonhead, Lauren Southern and that whole generation of mid-2010s tradthots, and it’s happening to this new crop of idiots now. Yet they somehow never learn from each other’s mistakes.

No. 1957933

You might be surprised to know black and brown people also view white people as smelly & unclean. There are stereotypes that they smell like wet dogs, don’t cook or season their food right, let their pets walk on kitchen counters and kiss them on the mouth, don’t wash their ass or feet properly in the shower etc. Western white women are characterized as whores, and there are just as many stereotypes about Asian people. Believing people of other races are dirty or unclean is a very universal trait of cultural xenophobia and not at all limited to certain cultures.

No. 1957937

>You might be surprised to know black and brown people also view white people as smelly & unclean
White people from America never developed an awareness of this because they never get to see things like a Chinese native arguing with a Turkish person and bare witness to levels of racism incomprehensible to even the most hard-core American right winger. Every community on earth thinks other communites are a smelly slut

No. 1957947

>in a high risk triplet pregnancy where you must avoid stress and exposure to disease at all costs
>husband suggests he should get to fuck another woman
I hope this is made up. Why would anyone want a moid of this caliber? I thought "masculine, trad" men were supposed to selflessly protect their helpless tradwives, but all they do is put them in harm's way.

No. 1957948

If they were smart enough for basic patern recognition they wouldn't be tradthots.

No. 1957950

File: 1705876282687.gif (984.06 KB, 276x200, time-judge-judy.gif)

5 million years can't come soon enough tbh

No. 1957956

Eh, no? I've never seen white women get viewed as anything but dirty, slovenly, nasty, etc for doing those things. No one thinks slobby white women and free bleeding libfems are still feminine and attractive because of their race. I've seen the "smell" thing used on Indian people as a whole, but that's about it. This really sounds like an internet brain poisoning thing.

No. 1957969

NTA but the copium is strong and I think this is the same person replying 4 times. Attractive slim whites are globally worshipped and upheld as the ideal of beauty, and poc throw each other under the bus all the time to try and date one. The ‘unseasoned chicken’ and ‘wet dog’ jokes are usually thrown out by sjw brown and black women trying to gatekeep and turn their men off men off from pursuing white women (which doesn’t work anyway, white women continue to be worshipped among brown and black men) and sometimes but less so often by insecure poc scrotes who don’t want their women dating white men.

No. 1957971

Nta but you almost sound like an indian moid with a white woman/period blood/stench fetish. Attractive, fit people of all groups are desired, not homeless-looking dirty or fat people who happen to be white (or asian, I suppose). Freebleeders and people who don't shower are generally not considered conventionally attractive.

No. 1957972

God you’re an annoying schizo. You sound like a butthurt Indian woman trying to detract away from the fact that white women are worshipped by Indian men. It’s so well known that it’s a mainstream/normie joke and there are endless YouTube and tiktok videos about it. Indian women also worship mediocre white scrotes. But of course you’re in denial so you’ll just accuse me of being a moid because it’s easier for you to digest. Carry on.(racebaiting)

No. 1957973

Meds and take a shower. I am white.(derailing)

No. 1957975

you're just wrong, most ethnic men see white women as "recreational use only" and would like to try one out without putting a ring on it partly because they are not feminine enough to be considered for a wife

and no one's said you're a moid afaik but…(derailing)

No. 1957977

I was about to say exactly this. Very scrote like language. What white woman would describe WW as "globally worshipped" kek. This is some MOC with a fetish(derailing)

No. 1957980

>samefagging, scrotefoiling and coping
It’s literally a well known phenomenon that moids of colour throw their own women under the bus all the time in pursuit of average white women. Wow also do the same with average ass white moids, being in denial about it just makes you look bitter and disingenuous as fuck. We get it, you’re jealous of whites.(derailing/racebaiting)

No. 1957981

Black men choosing obese white women over attractive slim black women is well documented. Brown men treating getting a white woman like a trophy is well known. Asian and Indian women chasing gross schlubby white moids is also well documented. You’re in denial, we get it.(derailing/racebaiting)

No. 1957982

File: 1705880465918.jpeg (434.09 KB, 576x802, 12843ED3-C2BA-41DA-AA7E-488FAC…)

No. 1957983

File: 1705880591332.jpg (26.61 KB, 640x388, schio.jpg)


No. 1957984

Ayrt I posted >>1957969 as a white western European remarking on how American whites often don't understand that POC people don't have any kind of solidarity with eachother outside of the USA. That is quite literally a true observation of Americans and the inability to comprehend that non-whites are not a monolith who all get along in peace, whereas in Europe we are all very aware that racism is thriving between non-white people(derailing)

No. 1957985

are there really people ITT trying to deny that whites are seen as the universal standard of beauty? black people literally bully each other for being too dark and having kinky hair. people with light eyes and hair get preferential treatment pretty much wherever they go in the world. brazil and india and china import white sperm and eggs for whiter looking babies. come the fuck on.(derailing/racebaiting)

No. 1957988

Lol what? No one mentioned ‘poc solidarity’. We were talking about how white worship is a common thread amongst all ethnicities. Chinese and Turks (the examples you posted) are well known white worshippers who fetishize light hair and eyes. Not sure why you’re changing the subject or moving goalposts. Anyway, enough derailing already.(derailing)

No. 1957989

She is super, super mid. She would look better if she let herself have some sun. She doesn’t look naturally that fair, her neck and forehead have olive shadows. Her husband should buy her braces, pathetic that she isn’t getting more out of him and being a SAHM. He can’t afford $120/monthly braces installments?
And she spent summer 2023 in Canada (presumably to have her baby in the gay society she fake despises).

No. 1957990

>muslims are seen as cleaner than europeans in europe
sorry but as someone living in europe this is straight up bullshit. muslim kids get bullied all the time in european schools for being ‘smelly brown terrorists’. they’re almost as stigmatized for it as indians. absolutely no native european sees muslims as superior to themselves, if anything muslim hate in europe has skyrocketed and become trendy. you are delulu or an american larper.(derailing)

No. 1957991

She looks like little critter.

No. 1957995

Why does the tranny ask for hand pics? Does he think any women here are actually stupid enough to post their body parts for him to wank over?

No. 1957997

You're so insecure and spergy about this "desirability" thing it's kind of embarrassing. Please stop, life isn't TikTok.(derailing)

No. 1957998

Agreed. Shes been bleaching her skin or avoiding sun too much so she looks sickly and yellow and jaundiced now. She needs to accept she’ll never be porcelain skinned or white and she might as well embrace her natural skintone instead of trying to filter and bleach it all the time and make it a weird liver disease color. It’s sad and it doesn’t look good anyway.

No. 1957999

She looks like this Kurdish man who tried to buy me as a wife once.

No. 1958007

No one cares about your blogpost
I don’t think her husband is anywhere near as wealthy as she tries to make out tbh. I saw clips of his UK home on her streams and it looked very very small and basic. Also their condo in Qatar/Dubai or wherever looks very bog standard too. Not fancy at all. I think she was trying to humblebrag about her husband hiring her maids and getting her healthcare (typical Indian mentality, love and marriage = how much money can I squeeze out of my partner, both the men and women are like this tbh) but those things aren’t really expensive or unusual for anyone who’s not super poor tbh.

No. 1958015


No. 1958017

Now you’re getting it nona! The whole point of the trad movement is to set unrealistic standards for women that they’ll always fall short of no matter what they do. It’s designed to fail. It’s a rigged game that women cannot win.

>all men should provide and all women should be housewives

>BUT ALSO all housewives are lazy leeches, female labor is innate and should not be compensated, and women who marry wealthy men who can provide are all gold digging parasitic whores

>women should be modest, not wear evil jooish chemicals in makeup and embrace their natural beauty

>BUT ALSO we are going to mock and bully the fuck out of any women who look unattractive and aren’t put together 24/7 and covered in ‘natural makeup’

>women are the weak histrionic emotional sex, men are the logical rational tough sex

>BUT ALSO men need constant coddling babying and asspats, otherwise they will murder their family or shoot up a mall and they will have every right to do that because they weren’t being coddled enough

>women can’t take responsibility and are naturally like children

>BUT ALSO whenever a man is dysfunctional or does anything bad it’s a woman’s fault, 100% of the time

No. 1958018

You know what's actually cringe? Racebaiting on a 500-person forum, go outside and get a life.(infighting)

No. 1958022

This is either 1) a self-hating Indian scrote with a kink for WW or
2) a WW with nothing going on who has to convince herself her race makes her attractive because nothing else is (you know how white supremacists are always the most inbred trailer trash of white people? that but female version). I'm personally leaning towards the former though because the seething rage about brown women seems personal. Like, nobody except for a self hating brown person would be this bothered by brown people being considered as attractive as white people

No. 1958025

I’m a white woman. And its super obvious you’re a samefagging brown woman who is deeply jealous of white women and posting weird memes while larping as a ‘blonde man’ who doesn’t even know it’s ‘blond’ for men. I just feel bad for you. I hope you get over your hateboner for white women and desire to prove you’re as desirable as us by desperately trying to date our men.(racebaiting)

No. 1958027

I didn’t know Megha and Lauren Chen were posting ITT. Can you stop being so obsessed with white women please. It’s borderline creepy. I know your husbands wank to blonde women behind your backs and it hurts you, but that’s not my fault or problem. Get over it.

No. 1958030

Sage for blog, but anecdotally, in my experience as a North African (with dark hair and eyes and light olive skin), nearly every white man that's been interested in me was a pasty blond with blue or gray eyes (blue/gray eyes are common where I live, but medium brown hair is more common than blond). I guess they like the contrast between our features or something. It's actually easy to get a blond bf as a WOC if you live somewhere where blonds are at least somewhat common. They're definitely not a prize in any way. Same as any other kind of man I guess(derailing/blogposting)

No. 1958032

Moids know that female heterosexuality is basically Stockholm syndrome and that it doesn’t matter how terribly they behave because they’re used to getting their way by coercion or force anyway (and did throughout most of history) there’s no selection pressure on men to be good, virtuous or decent because they know low self esteem women with no standards are abundant and they can always buy a wife from a third world shithole and abuse her to death anyway then repeat. This is what happens when you have a species as parasitic as moids who basically procreated through rape for the last 10,000 years.

No. 1958033

No one asked you dumb baiting troon and your hair isn’t blond it’s brown. Kiki Kannibal tier retard kek, thanks for the laugh anyway and enjoy your ban.(stop responding just report and move on)

No. 1958034

>No man does, for future reference.
We don't care what men think

No. 1958037

Your hair drying wouldn't make it go from dark brown to light blonde. This is such a dumb post topkek

No. 1958038

File: 1705884670466.gif (93.04 KB, 220x206, C6D1E427-9CFF-4F84-94A6-CEBD89…)

not sure if white tranny or larping brown girl, but your posting is a whole new level of pathetic now. stop embarrassing yourself. get some fucking help.

No. 1958039

kek you're shitting up this thread with the same retarded racebaiting and when the rest of us tell you it's retarded we're all samefagging?

No. 1958042

How attention starved and lovestarved and desperate do you need to be as a moid, to attention whore and seek validation from anonymous lolcow users. Jfl. Everyday the new lows of pathetic moid behavior amuses me.

No. 1958043

Nona, you're sitting alone in a dark room racebaiting and giving moids attention on LC.

No. 1958046

Right? You keep bumping a thread to the top of a site with hundreds of users with retardation but if anyone disagrees with you they're the same person? kek

No. 1958047

forgot to sage please forgive

No. 1958049

Mentally ill attention whores like you give interracial relationships a bad name. I hope you realize you’re only increasing the stigma surrounding them when you behave like this.