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File: 1652506333625.jpg (759.35 KB, 1000x1000, twitch.jpg)

No. 1528381

Thread for all twitch drama
Last Thread: >>>/snow/1357741

Recent drama:
>Sykkuno ditches Twitch for YouTube after they called him Sukkuno in company emails
>Idubbbz puts together a boxing match full of Twitch streamers and admits he made the event because he was upset about being made fun of after the onlyfans fiasco.
>Ludwig loses a lot of money but his fans pay his way out of it
>Gus Johnson tries to save his career and downplay his shittiness
>Hasan makes fun of alt-right hug boxes but can no longer take any critique from his own community, banning anyone who opposes him
>BunnyAyu got cancelled after her cunt history got leaked
>idubbbz wife continues to spiral out of control per usual

No. 1528388

File: 1652507062887.jpg (314.36 KB, 2048x2048, FSqj7knWYAYnY9F.jpg)

reposting from the previous thread

Weight Results For TheCreatorClash as well as the official fight order

>Matt Watson: 156.8 LBS

>DAD: 158.2 LBS

>Alex Ernst: 187.2 LBS

>Ryan Magee: 181.2 LBS

>DJ Welch: 215.2 LBS

>Internet Comment Etiquitte: 222.8 LBS

>TheOdd1sout: 185.6 LBS

>I did A Thing: 186.6 LBS

>Minx: 155.4 LBS

>Yodelling Haley: 147.6 LBS

>AB: 180.4 LBS

>Hundar: 186.2 LBS

>Michael Reeves: 121 LBS

>Graham Stephen: 127 LBS

>EpicMealTime: 276.8 LBS

>Egoraptor: 214.4 LBS

>Dr Mike: 188.4 LBS

>Idubbbz: 188 LBS

No. 1528390

>62lbs difference between Harley and Erin
Jesus christ(sage)

No. 1528403

File: 1652509362835.jpeg (621.21 KB, 1125x1503, 2CC4960F-DB2C-4B26-B674-928904…)

Apparently after 200 pounds it’s free game?

No. 1528414

fat and delusional

No. 1528424

Ngl, kinda hope we see erin get his shit rocked. He's so gross and annoying.

No. 1528433

place your bets, Dr Mike is gonna pulverize Idubbbz and I can't wait to see it, same thing will happen to Egoraptor, I think michael reeves will win out against the guy he's fighting, he's weirdly strong for his weight, don't know much about hailey, but minx is chubby and unfit

No. 1528437

No. 1528440

Minx looks fine to me, but considering she's a Twitch streamer, I don't think she's well conditioned. When you're pale like that, it's difficult to see any definition, but she does have some sort of abs. Seems like she only trains her abs and her biceps or some shit like that. She doesn't have much muscle on her back though, which is concerning. Contrary to popular belief, you don't actually need big arms to be good at boxing, it's all in the hips and back, abswise the serratus anterior is what is most important. There's some footage of Minx training at least. Haley doesn't seem like the type who dares to gain muscle, because it'll ruin the dainty innocent waif aesthetic, which can work against her favor. I hope Minx and Haley will actually properly fight and not constantly go
>tee-hee look at us being silly, boys!
It would be hilariously retarded, but a pickme boxingmatch would also enrage me, because people already don't take women's sports seriously. I've not seen women act like that at any (kick)boxing gym I've been to, but I've heard some stories from the UK and the US. I already don't like their promo material, cringy tiktok dances with boxing gloves on etc.

No. 1528442

I mean with how cringe this was >>1528437 it looks like all the fights are going to be amicable “teehee what are we doing” cringe fest. That is except the epic meal time guy, he is going to fuck arin up so bad. A 60 pound difference is nothing to laugh at.

No. 1528446

File: 1652517838286.jpeg (977.6 KB, 1125x1283, AB5D017E-0A71-4637-AA10-B2DA75…)

I think Anisa is depressed all the attention is on Ian and not her. This is the perfect social networking event, especially with all the SW attending, and Anisa is no where in sight. Hell even Chris is attending and she hasn’t taken selfies with him.

No. 1528453

Oh no kek

No. 1528474

why oh no? who is she?(newfag)

No. 1528493

Begins here >>993222
continues here: >>1528491

No. 1528494

*continues here: >>994580

No. 1528532

minx lost enough weight that she had to get skin reduction surgery a while back iirc. she has been training for the fight. i like that giant irish woman.

No. 1528545

Was she obese before streaming or? She's been chubbier than the other streamer girls sure but I've never seen her at a point where I'd think skin reduction was necessary

No. 1528597

I hate this fucking bitch. I want Shoe back.

No. 1528606

take your meds, schizo
the only one here who's obsessed with indian porn is you because you're the only talking about it, fucking faggot(dragging drama across threads)

No. 1528608

the patchy bearded faggot with bleached skin in the bottom right picture is critikalz whatever his name is, isn't it? holy shit he's so skinny, he rigs his camera setup to make him look bigger than he actually is

No. 1528613

Has anyone bought livestream tickets or know anyone who plans to stream it? I want to watch this shit show but I'm not paying $35, I'm not sure how strict they're gonna be on restreams since it's for charity. If there's nothing going on tonight someone could maybe stream it in the movie room if so?

No. 1528627

There’s links on kf just wade through the most recent posts

No. 1528636

File: 1652545938196.jpeg (815.26 KB, 1125x1719, 6D573D18-5355-44D6-AF6F-E06F1A…)

Red “corener” lmao
Leave it to Anisa to fuck up being a basic social media manager. Also i absolutely think Anisa would be catty enough to “accidentally” mess up Minx’s weight

No. 1528638

Oh absolutely because how tf do you fuck that up? lol

No. 1528713

i just googled and around 2019 she was talking about losing 25lbs, but i remember her talking about the skin surgery recently. she does say she catfished as a skinny bitch with filters/angles lol

No. 1528733

No you don't

No. 1528783

File: 1652558647417.png (Spoiler Image, 620.49 KB, 1004x860, jimbo.PNG)

A shooting was livestreamed on Twitch by yet another manifesto anon

No. 1528793

That's like 10kg, you don't get surgery for that kek

No. 1528812

File: 1652561373423.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1125x1730, 3FDE28E0-58E4-42D0-923C-D2C36F…)

Anisa at the event looking like someone’s special cousin. This is her one chance to hoe it up to the max and she isn’t doing it lol I wonder if she’s holding back because idubbbz parents are at the event and she’s embarrassed

No. 1528813

Seems fake and gay

No. 1528817

Who cares

No. 1528818

File: 1652561932415.jpeg (894.92 KB, 1125x1641, 80E53B4B-28C3-4B01-A4AF-FF42C0…)

Unfortunately real

No. 1528821

The part about how it was on twitch and that thread faggot claiming to have the video of it

No. 1528824

look at the article. it was on twitch and there are screenshots from the video at least.

No. 1528875

They're so dumb for making these matchup so unfair, every match is going to last like barley a round. Gonna be so much dead time between

No. 1528876

File: 1652566591893.jpeg (164.66 KB, 1125x589, 634E6C2D-537F-4390-B7B5-A7522D…)

Holy fuck the first match happened and it lasts less than 3 seconds, Matt Watson got absolutely bodied by Dad. This is happening live so I couldn’t get a clear screenshot but the ref stopped it before Matt could’ve been KO’d

No. 1528880

File: 1652566754984.jpeg (526.73 KB, 1125x622, 8BC64E98-A118-4751-A342-D52587…)

Just kidding there was a replay, holy shit Matt got bodied

No. 1528900

nah man ryan and alex's fight went the full 5mins and it was actually really good.

No. 1528901

File: 1652568637806.png (6.26 MB, 2436x1125, C2CE3E1E-3A5E-4529-8BB4-69DCD0…)

Anisa appears and immediately goes for “muh bpd, muh family, muh Alzheimer’s”

No. 1528921

File: 1652570883435.png (996.8 KB, 962x559, tinyboy.PNG)

charlie looks like ellen page

No. 1528926

I don't watch him but I always assumed he was tall, or are the other two just really really tall?

No. 1528927

He's like 5'6

No. 1528934

The fight between minx and Hailey is an actual fight. Also minx went a bit dirty in the first few seconds I wonder if that'll count against her.

No. 1528935

I don’t think it was on purpose, neither are that coordinated

No. 1528937

little man

No. 1528946

this was a surprisingly good fight. i thought minx would wreck hailey in the first round.

No. 1528962

Yeah, yeah, you already said that

No. 1528973

>yellow mom

No. 1528981

charlie looks so unwashed and gross ever since he grew his hair out. Doesn't even look like he combs it, it looks wet and matted.

No. 1528982

He's half asian?

No. 1528984

He makes fun of himself for it all the time

No. 1528988

Idk why so many men grow there hair out and can't even be bothered to deep condition it once in a while. Are they afraid of looking good?

No. 1529009

He just had his nose done, this is so dumb

No. 1529015

idubbbz is getting his shit kicked in

No. 1529016

Idubbbz is getting fucking rocked. Dr Mike looks bored and like he isn't even trying. He probably could have finished it but I'm sure they have some deal to make this last longer.

No. 1529023

we already knew this would happened, it's still actually boring to watch lol.

This event couldn't have gone worse if they tried

No. 1529027

Ian wasn't in conditions at all. He looked like he was about to faint.(learn to sage)

No. 1529028

it’s not even cathartic to watch because mike is just so unlikeable

No. 1529032

>not wearing her ring
icuckzzz at it again!

No. 1529042

File: 1652579796061.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1973x1125, D8E25F9E-D437-4AE0-9AE0-23B660…)

Idubbbz should be grateful he chose a doctor, Dr.Mike was holding back the entire time. Ian pulled some desperate cheap shots too, respect to boxing my ass. Anyways I’m shocked Anisa isn’t going around saying “I’m SO proud of my husband”. She’s either really FOMO”d from dropping out of the Minx fight or she’s embarrassed as fuck for Ian.

No. 1529044

>Anisa at the event looking like someone’s special cousin.
She looks like she's dressing herself as a grade schooler after 9/11. Does she think that her in-laws aren't aware of her tats?

No. 1529048

i was more so talking about the racebaiting tone of the post

No. 1529049

Larp as a burger all you want anisa, you’re still just an ugly fucking canadian

No. 1529087

Did she actually wear that to what was hyped as the event of the year? kek

No. 1529110

File: 1652582790109.jpeg (280.81 KB, 1536x2048, A744AB46-B468-4A3E-A142-56EDB0…)

She was dressed for a funeral compared to the other high profile thots at the event

No. 1529123

File: 1652583888378.jpeg (285.31 KB, 1939x1125, 049734C4-9ED3-4EE3-B27C-489A57…)

The last time Anisa appeared on the stream and she was 3 people behind her husband. It’s like she knew he was gonna lose and didn’t want to associate with him lmao

No. 1529132

His tattoos look so old and faded. Aren't they only like a year old?

No. 1529136

i don't think there's a single man who grew his hair out and looks good. charlie looks like ugly as shit. thankfully cody ko learned his lesson.

No. 1529137

File: 1652584836202.jpeg (21.07 KB, 474x356, b1998a8f2cfa642d5b05ee1bf5bb6b…)

For someone who earns a lot, she could've hired a stylist for the event and dressed better especially if you're getting your photo taken a lot

Both Ian and her have such white-trash taste

No. 1529143

The hype of idubbbz gf nudes died down and she doesn’t make anything on onlyfans lately. Briefly mentioned in Jeff’s video

No. 1529169

Jesus Christ our lord and savior, nonny

No. 1529170

File: 1652587905879.jpeg (973.34 KB, 1125x1690, F8918BF0-E36E-4559-B6CA-FE8B93…)

Not idubbbz coach reposting a story where someone is bootlegging the match LMAO

Honestly though I feel fucking awful for the coach and his wife. They’re normie as fuck and Anisa/Ian have dragged them into the awful internet community.

No. 1529172

File: 1652588147846.jpeg (939.34 KB, 1536x2048, 97BF5978-49E4-4AFD-889B-8214CE…)

A cuck and his queen

No. 1529175

Damn. Ian got fat kek

No. 1529184

And don't forget "muh college education". Bitch immediately had to mention that she trained a dog for animal therapy when asked about a charity.

No. 1529187

Didn't Mike also take an extremely cheap shot immediately off the glove touch? For someone who has been doing this for 10 years against someone like Ian, I don't think Ian's cheap shots made any difference - Ian kept hugging into him, clearly gassed before Mike, and the ref constantly had to reset them. He was just out-matched all around.

No. 1529190

She looks like she bought these outfits off shein, kek. Those boots make her feet look massive too? Absolutely zero fashion sense. Ian is just hideous in every way.

No. 1529194

Anisa needs to stop chasing trends. Ian looks like he just bulked. The tattoos are the best part. Love the big tiddy executioner. Can't take this seriously.

No. 1529195

>an extremely cheap shot
Normal in boxing, what was fucked was idubbbz punching to the back of the doctors head. Also apparently it was supposed to be 4 rounds and 3 minutes(as specified on the twitter) not 5 rounds and 2 minutes. People are speculating Anisa asked them to change it when she saw idubbbz getting bodied. The doctor said on his IG stories that fucked him up a bit.

No. 1529204

File: 1652592040674.webm (2.4 MB, 809x455, 1652578597226.webm)

Once the bell rings and gloves touch it's free game right, but you have to admit that was still a pretty cheap shot. Not to mention, him raising his hand before the announcer even officially calling the fight at the end was a douchebag move too. I mean come on, he isn't even trying in this clip and Ian is so gassed and staggering. He knew he had the fight but he felt like a total douchebag near the end.

Yeah, that was weird and the tweet from the CC Twitter even sounds like Anisa tweeting it. But it clearly got changed so the fight could go on longer because it would've ended much quicker and probably with a KO/TKO. It's the main card, if it lasted as long as Matt and Dad's fight talk about a real fucking let down.

No. 1529207

Anisa runs the CC twitter, with all her spelling errors and poor grammar

No. 1529230

File: 1652595304290.jpeg (740.31 KB, 1125x1723, 86CAF19B-B975-4FEC-B2D7-B48ED4…)

Iirc Idubbbz was fake punching and taunting Dr.Mike before the fight. Overly confident, rude, also stupid because he lost all his stamina after round 1.

Anisa’s tweet just now does push it into the theory that she switched the match from 3 minutes to 2. Probably as a payback towards Dr. Mike.

No. 1529245

File: 1652596582139.webm (1.35 MB, 809x455, 1652578307060.webm)

What? I watched the entire thing live, I hope you have a clip of that or something because I don't remember anything like that from either of them before the fight.

Anisa overreacting as usual even though I also thought that glove touch was a cheap shot, she should just keep her mouth shut especially when it's only been a couple hours after the fight, but she never can. You could also see the fear on her face clear as day when she had her little segment to plug the charities.

No. 1529258

File: 1652597316273.png (481.01 KB, 1080x867, Screenshot_20220513-154736.png)

>Not to mention, him raising his hand before the announcer even officially calling the fight at the end was a douchebag move
It's sorta douchey but it's possible he was told he won right before then, so he just anticipated it. Everyone in the crowd already knew it was his anyways lol. And even if it was showboating, I could give it a pass because Ian was being pretty dumb gloating and making lame disses towards Mike prior to the event. Pic related. Especially when Ian was being weirdly against this sort of ~immature~ behavior and proclaiming he wanted to respect the sport in doing so. And then whining during the weigh-in that Mike shouldn't bUlLy idubbbz back because he's a doctor and is "supposed to be nice".

No. 1529259

sorry I'm retarded and misread. I actually agree with you. I thought you were referring to a different part of the match where idubbbz fans are crying about.

For the taunting, I can't clip it(idk how to webm) but it was right at the beginning before the announcer spoke. Idubbbz was in his corner throwing punches and jumping way before it was time to fight

No. 1529260

>What? I watched the entire thing live, I hope you have a clip of that or something because I don't remember anything like that from either of them before the fight.
Anon probably means the pre-fight where idubbbz was trying to look tough before his walk-out and was air punching at the camera. Ian also came out running against the ropes when he was at the ring. In comparison to Mike, Ian looked like a try hard imo.

No. 1529261

File: 1652597621476.jpg (88.8 KB, 532x748, her.jpg)

idubbbz saying its a joke but the playful fat jokes sure did trigger him enough to make a fat mike edit

No. 1529262

This is h3h3 levels of coping, kek

No. 1529267

Awww, his feelings got hurt. Grow up, Ian. Love that he does not condone this type of behavior yet when he does it, it's okay. Mmmkay. I don't care for Leafy, but I hope he's laughing his ass off. It's funny how Leafy can trigger Ian. Cope and seethe, Ian, cope and seethe.

No. 1529273

Oh it was very obvious he had won, but still just sportsmanship is all. None of the other fighters did that either and made sure to acknowledge their opponent immediately before or after. I can't say much about the weigh-in since I missed that portion yesterday, but that tweet seems to be immature humor (which I guess is ironic in this case from what you said according to his issue at the weigh-in). Mike seemed to be pretty in on the playfulness etc. building up to the event but at this point I have no fucking clue, I've never seen any of Mike's content.

I mean, if you saw the other fights, many were in their corners doing similar shit and throwing punches to keep warmed up etc. so that seems pretty standard to me. Ian bounced off the sides of the rings before as well, but that just seemed more like entertainment than taunting (or just shitty taunting, honestly). Mike was also close and staring him down when Ian walked in, I think they were both just playing things up before the fight and both sucked at it.

He definitely looked goofy as hell compared to Mike getting in the ring but Mike's whole hard stoic shit just comes off as total douchebag also. Like I said to anon above pretty much, they both looked like they didn't know what the fuck to do getting in the ring.

No. 1529281

File: 1652598861921.webm (2.82 MB, 1280x720, 1652579215393.webm)

Forgot another clip.

No. 1529284

>Mike's whole hard stoic shit just comes off as total douchebag also.
Sorta random but I remember during the Esfand pre-fight segment Ian was being really short with his answers and just saying "Yeahh…" to everything Esfand was saying lol. Like a true autist. Then one of the commentators was like "wow, he's so stoic" kek.

No. 1529286

idk what you're trying to show with the clip, but the ref looking like hes dabbing like a fornite character has got me rolling

No. 1529287

That was definitely autismo answering shit like that, everyone else seemed very genuine (at least more than Ian). The commentators were definitely patting Ian's back a little too much but I can't tell if it was intentional/planned or just them sucking him off.

Nothing really (from this one at least), just enjoying posting some of these clips. I have more from Minx/Haley and Alex/Ryan as well, and the ladies were a pretty damn good fight IMO. Think my favorite of the night was Alex and Ryan if I had to pick one.

No. 1529288

@19 mins in
He must be a true autist because he gave one-word answers yesterday too. Like what do you expect ESFAND of all people to do with that? It just goes to show idubbbz without a script is fucking lame.

No. 1529290

(Oops, lost the reply tag)
>Mike's whole hard stoic shit just comes off as total douchebag
Ehh, sorta. He could've played along more but he doesn't necessarily have to. I'm in the "I hate Idubbbz" camp and just appreciate how it highlighted how Ian is out of touch (with his standards, humor, autism, etc)

No. 1529292

File: 1652599986433.jpeg (95.19 KB, 828x1139, F398FB2E-B3E3-4CD0-8A29-19CDFC…)

Boogie what the fuck lmao

No. 1529295

Does anyone have a webm or youtube link of Anisa plugging the charities?

No. 1529296

Would you happen to have a webm of when she literally did a dance move in the middle of the fight? That was pretty rude.

No. 1529304

File: 1652602186222.webm (1.02 MB, 1280x680, 6SLEwB1Mgo1pJpjd.webm)

It's pretty short sorry, will probably try to find a full VOD tomorrow for specific clips but I have more of the fight itself.

No. 1529307

File: 1652602371808.webm (2.7 MB, 809x455, 1652572271784.webm)

No. 1529312

I think he had to gain a lot of fat to be within 10lbs of dr Mike's weight caused by muscles.
Dr Mike has been bagtraining for 10 years, but he doesn't have much experience sparring or fighting.
I don't know if it's a cheap shot? It seems like a normal thing you would learn as part of a drill, he was moving slow af too and his gloves were constantly down. This is a mess and dr Mike would never last against someone who could actually box. No I don't care that Ian is easy, if you don't learn to keep your guard up, you get bad habits and you're going to be in for a rude awakening one day. It's easier to learn something right the first time, than having to unlearn bad habits. Btw don't start with Taekwondo or some shit like that if you ever want to get into kickboxing or MMA, unless you like being knocked out or getting a broken nose.
The clip in this Tweet did look disrespectful, but it's not uncommon to see it happening more and more, because judges are awarding even more points based on aggressiveness nowadays. So a lot of coaches have resorted to teaching students such things, but dr Mike should know better and know he doesn't need that with Ian kek.
It's obvious he won, but bad sportsmanship, respect and shit like that is taken deadly serious. People punch each other in the face one moment and are best friends the next. Both Ian and dr Mike were acting shitty. I think Conor McGregor really started this more new trend, with how he acted towards Mayweather and Nurmagomedov (even posting photos of his wife and saying she's a goat etc.). Ian's tattoos seems to even be a bit of an homage to McGregor's shitty tattoos.
Dr Mike's guard is shit. Yeah it's great he knows how to bob and weave, but he's taking unnecessary hits to the head.
WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE DOING?! It doesn't even look like she's trying to go for a backfist. Why are her arms down? Haley's guard is better in this clip.
This is scrappy, uncoordinated and cringe to look at. Both have forsaken guard and keep their arms down, just swinging at each other. It's important for Haley to get close due to her being shorter, but she should've watched what other short boxers and martial artists do, this is painful.

No. 1529321

Honestly looks like Mike is kind of just lazily boxing Ian? Like he seems so half hearted minus moments like >>1529245 meanwhile Ian is being a whole spaz

No. 1529334

Yeah he's being lazy and he can afford to do that, but it's just going to cause him to form bad habits. Seeing him keeping the gloves so low gives me anxiety.

No. 1529373

Is this supposed to be some ironic 80s-americancore?
Why are men actually retarded?
>cody ko
How did his gf not straight up tell him he looked like a rat during that time? lol
This is so lame.
Made me wince kek This was bad.. I need to see the whole fight.

No. 1529630

Made the mistake of watching it.

No. 1529670

File: 1652645219081.png (8.09 MB, 2436x1125, 67923208-20C6-4C30-83F6-956393…)

A couple threads back, Anisa was crying about her “hook nose” and I had no idea what she meant but these candids. >>1529172 her nose does look kind of trollish. Had it always been that way?

No. 1529733

>WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE DOING?! It doesn't even look like she's trying to go for a backfist. Why are her arms down? Haley's guard is better in this clip.

Backfists are illegal in Boxing. She threw a hook missed and sent herself into a spin decided to play it off, do a full spin and drop her hips pretend it was all an akward taunt rather than an embrassing swing for the hills.(learn2sage)

No. 1529824

File: 1652655154313.jpeg (528.55 KB, 1690x2048, 6EE11B6E-C393-4BFB-B495-07D4DB…)

Her outfit I’m fucking dying

No. 1529856

File: 1652657225498.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1125x1214, B557A412-C2B2-4631-8DC9-D0E8CC…)

Sorry I can’t get over Anisa’s goofy ass shoes

No. 1530238

Damn Dr. Mike looking like a snack i wanna lick the sweat off those abs and idubbbz he looks haggared and fat. It's kinda sad Anisa didn't use this event to network or try furthering her influence honestly all she did was stay in the background she didnt even posted pics with Chris

No. 1530311

I want to see Ian punched in the eye more plz. Anisa looks like someone who shops exclusively at walmart.

No. 1530409

I thought that dance was weird too but minx said on stream today that by round 2, haley had punched the contacts out of her eyes. So her looking wild and crazy wasn't her being overconfident, bitch was literally swinging blind lol.

The vod is privated now because she watched part of the PPV on stream, but i think she mentions it a bit in this clip. https://clips.twitch.tv/SneakySpinelessReubenTBTacoRight-AHyHrlrLylHFcMBq

No. 1530521

why is she even in this picture? she didn't box, chicken.

No. 1530607

Femcel hands typed this

No. 1530638

File: 1652698873556.png (287.7 KB, 315x336, odhjfoidshfiush.PNG)

lol the way she's holding her arm
whatever anon said she looks like someone's special cousin or w/e was 100% spot on

No. 1530644

File: 1652699961395.jpeg (257.75 KB, 1170x1693, 83C1DCEB-045D-40BE-8C92-B92BDD…)

These are Prada and they’re fucking ugly.

No. 1530690

7:26 she said she was 240

No. 1530711

All the money in the world can not buy you style. Anisa is a case in point.

No. 1530720

gross(sage your shit)

No. 1530740

she couldn't stand any more second of not having constant attention

No. 1530741

man she's so fat. icuckz already looked awful, both fat, flabby and twinkish simultaneously, but damn she got huge. They both are such nasty freaks.

No. 1530823

so she has lost almost 100 pounds. good for her. she looks great.

No. 1530870

He's such a retarded fatass.

No. 1531287

I did not need to know Arin Hanson has a hairway to hell on his torso. Thanks Ian

No. 1531313

The doctor addresses the boxing match drama meanwhile ian/anisa, THE CREATORS OF THE EVENT, ignore philip defranco. I guess they're holding onto resentment to Philly"Defuckass"

tl;dw the doctor apologizes and says he was too hyped with adrenaline and didn't mean to. He said he apologized to Anisa privately about it but they're still radio silent on it.

No. 1531315

It looks like they brought in a post-chemo special needs child for a make-a-wish to meet his hero but instead of John Cena all they could afford was Ian and his ragtag troupe of internet retards

No. 1531319

File: 1652760483182.png (316.66 KB, 627x661, kek.png)

She looks like she's doing hand puppets, not flexing. lmao

No. 1531353

File: 1652764975205.jpeg (826.2 KB, 1125x1753, A66759FF-8D17-4ED4-9136-1A3F83…)

Anisa being a cunt on the company twitter. I know Sam is also a cunt, but take the higher ground Jomhas. You’re the ones who begged him for YouTube content.

No. 1531398

File: 1652769570795.jpg (907.54 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220517_013921.jpg)

they both look mentally challenged

No. 1531404

File: 1652770160424.png (170.7 KB, 1080x1200, 20220516063516.png)

Anisa said he lost because of tonsil stones and a cough what a cope

No. 1531434

Idubbbz did say he hasn’t nut in 4 weeks to “prep” for the match, I’m betting it’s much longer than that

No. 1531510

he never coughed once

No. 1531522

Kek forreal? Sorry I’m retarded
She could just. Not say this/offer any excuses. He lost to someone who’s been boxing for 10 years, that’s pretty understandable. Get over it

No. 1531577

Off topic but god damn is Lily’s voice fucking annoying
I can’t believe that so many people truly don’t see the difference between having a high pitched voice (which she no doubt has) and speaking like a fucking toddler

How is Michael listening to that all day ever day and still ok mentally cause I noped out after 1 VOD(no1curr, sage)

No. 1531647

This didn't get the attention it deserved but I laughed nonnie.(sage)

No. 1532010

>tonsil stones

LOL WHAT. Literally everyone has tonsil stones, some people just cough them up or pick them out if they see them. What kind of fucking excuse is that? Is this satire? Did she mean kidney stones? I’m so confused

No. 1532028

idubbbz responds to the drama and says that he lost because Dr. Mike was too competititve and he(Ian) wasn't that into the match anyways. sore loser, COPE

No. 1532126

File: 1652834794037.jpeg (456.24 KB, 1125x1869, FD11A5C8-5A04-4DF2-897A-AEAEB6…)

Anisa high off the attention from the event, being triggered by random people on instagram.

I can’t imagine what goes through Anisa’s mind going through instagram DMs from nonmutuals. I get so much spam as a normie, I imagine her DMs are a cesspool, and yet she still goes through them.

No. 1532355

Too competitive? If anything, he was holding back

No. 1532379

history repeats. hopefully idubbbz will develop a crumbling spine and painkiller addiction

No. 1532478

Why do men do shit like this,I genuinely want to know why they choose act out in the most violent and evil ways possible.

No. 1532522


No. 1532567

Because they’re retarded

No. 1532572

because they have no self-worth and only get it from other people. if they aren't getting positive reinforcement from outside, they'll find negative reinforcement. they are just the biggest attention whores around. they ALL want to be famous.

No. 1532939

meme answer: chemicals in the water making the frogs gay
actual: I've read into this out of curiosity and it comes down to insecurity. Men are feeling more fragile than ever because the ideal male stereotype seems unachievable to this generation. No job, no money, no bitches, they feel emasculated and are unable to take their frustrations out. These stupid, retarded, vulnerable men find comfort in online communities like Q, pol, incel subreddits etc and begin to form a scapegoat to throw all their anger at.

tl;dr retarded scrotes want control but refuse to actually work for it

No. 1533084

File: 1652925092398.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x1353, B4D6DDF5-7AA7-4259-9FC2-30B726…)

Anisa makes fun of men leaning, and then leans

No. 1533739

What even is this post?

No. 1533775

does anyone know more about emiru's situation? it might be stalker related idk. apparently she's getting law enforcement involved

No. 1533989

No. 1534010

Do you have any relevant clips or posts?

No. 1534040

File: 1653034790725.png (52.55 KB, 397x753, emidrama.PNG)

he's talking about this, she pretty much said the same shit on the stream she did wednesday i guess it was, the first one after being gone 5 days. No further details on that stream or thursdays though, this chat pic is about all thats known.

No. 1534250

she spent some time figuring out how to talk about this, cause she is using more or less the exact same words on discord as she did on stream

No. 1534469

anyone see the sam hyde interview where he refers to anisa as a succubus freak woman and ians "entertainment handler" lmaoooooo

No. 1534470

No. 1534555

What's being deleted? I thought mods could only b&, not delete

No. 1534559

File: 1653088803881.jpeg (335.88 KB, 1125x652, F7909706-AB46-4E62-8AA3-604980…)

Idubbbz is letting Anisa go full retard on the company account. In what world is it a good idea for a company to be this biased of their competitors? Also it doesn’t help that Anisa and Ian are super butthurt about the Paul’s because the Paul’s wouldn’t return their calls.

No. 1534570

>Icuckz quoted by SH: Usually I'm the puppet master in these situations (timestamp: 10:20)

No. 1534658

File: 1653096082518.png (547.64 KB, 821x800, ew3.png)

Was watching QTCinderella's stream from yesterday and holy shit Cyr is one ugly goblin without a beard.

No. 1534856

Sage for no contribution, but Cyr used to be really cute back in the day. Alcoholism and Dasha really do a number on ones appearance

No. 1534899

I mean he isn’t a young twink anymore, it’s to be expected

No. 1534907

Cyr's alcoholism really did take away all his boyish good looks and now he just looks like Corey Feldman on meth, but he would look better if he got a haircut and went to a dentist.

No. 1535460

Cyr was best buddies with Onision before he got semi twitch popular - he’ll always be tainted

No. 1535534

File: 1653172978185.jpeg (672.83 KB, 1125x1755, 8CF72DA1-4BA4-4307-83FC-469CB3…)

People who went to The Creator Clash are starting to test positive for covid. Thanks idubbbz and Anisa for creating a super spreader event in Florida

No. 1535810

The full fights were uploaded by idubbbz if anyone wants to watch it

No. 1536016

File: 1653223285607.jpeg (833.32 KB, 1125x1668, 8DA4028A-536F-4643-8BFE-1235CB…)

Hundar also caught covid from the fight, which probably means all the fighters are compromised too

No. 1536034

got to give hayley props for getting in the ring to take a pounding, unlike chicken girl

No. 1536450

this makes no sense
how are these faggots 190lbs?
they both look like skinny dorks to me
and idubbz looks like he has more fat than the faggot on the left
fat is a lot lighter than muscle
so idubbz should've looked bigger (in terms of flab/size

No. 1536452

Newest supermega podcast episode has Matt and Ryan talking about the fight. Both have been taking multiple covid tests and gave both tested negative.

No. 1536456

they both look their weight. a pound of fat weighs about the same as a pound of muscle. and sage next time

No. 1536494

>a pound weighs about the same as a pound
topkek, truth

No. 1536608

No. 1536652

H3H3 had Hundar on to talk with AB about their fight a day or two after creator crash. Hila and Ethan must be freaking. They’ll probably cancel their show again.

No. 1536712


she got pregnant in korea and had an abortion when they got back

she's using thinly veiled stalker implications to cover up her depression since everyone knows she had a stalker in kansas and no one will grill her about going into detail about it

No. 1536725

meds now

No. 1536728

stfu cretin

No. 1536931

>In Texas
Least believable part of this schizo storytime

No. 1536944

Nta but nowhere did they say she got it in Texas. There aren’t closed borders between states, anon. You’re not trapped in the one you live in

No. 1537392

Just heard Anissa on Howard Stern. They goofed on her for while and called it the boobie gamer chronicles, if anyone is interest lmk

No. 1537447

definitely post it if you can. Ian probably looks up to howard as some free speech comedy icon so it would be funny to hear her being mocked by him

No. 1537487

Could you post it or mention which day/video? I’m looking through his stuff now and it’s a boomer mess

No. 1537510

It’s computer clean out day the first topic is hers.
I tried screen grabbing but it cut off half way through.

No. 1537514

Also it’s the 5.17.22 show marked Sal and the Afterlife, second to last topic marked computer clean out
She’s the first topic
HEADS UP: Lots of boomer shit to sift through

And I hope Ian sees this. He and Ethan love Stern. Would be great.

No. 1537580

Nonnie I can archive it for you but I literally can not locate it, please link the location

No. 1537633

File: 1653359812430.jpeg (230.61 KB, 640x661, 19382BA4-C789-4EEB-B710-AC179D…)

God the fact that filters can’t save Anissa’s haircut is a Greek tragedy

No. 1538106

It’s on SiriusXM radio membership only that’s the only way you can get it

No. 1538135

You keep typing her name wrong

No. 1538275

Sorry, idubbbz wife*

No. 1538328

what on earth

No. 1538405


she looks like a yassified ForeverKailyn.

No. 1538882

File: 1653431708932.jpeg (2.16 MB, 3840x3840, 99196208-5BDD-4001-B7DA-57B8AD…)

Anisa is running full on delusion holy shit

No. 1539055

File: 1653444373732.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3829x2905, 9E8D0022-DF4F-40E6-BC26-0E5943…)

Better comparison, she shaved her jaw off lol
In b4 “I did so much fitness I’m all natural”

No. 1539073

it's called better quality, make-up and fat reduction

a jaw surgery would've given her much different lips and cheeks

No. 1539096

Sorry I didn't mean she actually had surgery, just she liquified her jaw sharper. Those pictures are one month apart, too soon for any real life changes to be seen. Especially when she was "so busy" with the boxing event

No. 1539097

they're talking about the pic being edited not actual surgery….

No. 1539212

from what i can tell, a lot of phones can 'beautify' in real time to help the delusion along

No. 1539218

Phone edits lighting, not shrink jaws and neck muscles

No. 1539248

If you needed more reasons to dislike Anisa, idubbbz said she thought she could’ve taken both Haley and Minx down in a fight. Unfortunately she can’t because of her “condition”. What a fucking coward. Even if she actually does have concussion issues, doctors would advise you to stop after the 3rd time, not 5th like she claims.

No. 1539249

Jesus Christ, they’re perfect for each other, the delusional twats. Ian with his “I’m bigger than Dr Mike,” and Anisa with her “I coulda been a contender” bollocks.

No. 1539973

File: 1653523536220.jpeg (372.36 KB, 1536x2048, FToPRuQaMAEJkcd.jpeg)

So Anisa and Ian both got new tats again. Here is a pic of Anisa's new tats. She got a bird and a bug.

No. 1539977

File: 1653523608388.jpeg (371.57 KB, 1536x2048, FToxjLeUYAEjkDY.jpeg)

Ian's tat is fucking hysterical. They really have no personalities. They deserve each other.

No. 1540071

love to hear her explain the deep meaning of a fucking mosquito on her skin

No. 1540428

She sucks…
She sucks idubzz blood…
She is a parasite..
It's perfect

No. 1540635

File: 1653546191069.jpg (157.28 KB, 720x1293, Screenshot_20220525-231644_Chr…)

No. 1540636

File: 1653546316254.jpg (136.96 KB, 720x1289, Screenshot_20220525-231702_Chr…)

No. 1541672

She looks like Jontron here

No. 1542759

That's some funny shit. It turns out that she's LARPing as a Jap because it says on her Facebook page that her real name is Angela Don and her parents are Viet. At first, I thought she was a Jap because of her fake hair and Twitch name (they appropriate the Iranian word 'Aria' and she's using the same fake bang and fake hair that their women get).

This is insane because Viets in Japan aren't treated well, they make them work as slaves by beating them and not giving them any worker visas or rights.

No. 1543182

It is quite obvious that she's vietnamese from her bio, if you can read eslchama

No. 1543408

Viet ppl love faking being Japanese, Hanabunny was pretending to be Japanese for years then she gave up and said she was Viet during an interview at a convention or something

No. 1543919

You're tin foiling. She's an emotionally unstable bitch but larping as a jap isn't one of her traits. Clips of her are available where she cooks Vietnamese food live, speaks it, and streams with her mom in Viet clothing. Not to mention having cutesy Japanese-inspired names is a thing a shitload of female streamers already do.

No. 1544325

The one tin foiling here is you. Aria isn't a Japanese name, just because they're appropriating it (stealing it and claiming it's theirs) doesn't mean it's theirs. You're lying about her being fluent in Vietnamese and happily cooking with her mom. I'm fluent in Vietnamese and what she said in those handful of clips was bad, she doesn't speak the language and she admitted it in those clips, all she did was fail at pronouncing random words that she remembered presumably from her parents. She only did that, much against her will, because some of her viewers pestered her to say something after she failed at hiding being Vietnamese. When she streamed with her mom, it's very obvious that she's ashamed of being a Viet because of how she acted whenever her mom spoke. The hairstyle that she has is what nearly every women in Japan gets, you'll hardly, likely never, see any woman in Vietnam do their hair like that. The Viet, Korean and Chinese diasporas in the West who become Weebs always end up LARPing as a Japanese, just look at that Chinese Twitch streamer "emiru" and that Korean and wannabe Christian YouTuber "emirichu"), haha look at me I'm so Japanese for taking Western names and replacing the L with R, ecksdee! Why they're able to get away with this nonsense in the West is because all four nationalities look indistinguishable from each other and foreigners think it's "racist" to call them out.
Why don't you ask someone in Japan to send their feces over to you when you're fetishizing them this hard.

No. 1544513

Go back to sperging on Reddit. No one wants to see another rando dive into primal retardation whenever one of their people doesn't suck the dick of their culture enough.

No. 1544604

>Aria is not faking being Japanese
>evidence gets presented

No. 1544644

what the fuck am i reading, reddit is a neoliberal cesspool and infested to the brim with weebs, you'll feel right at home if you go there

No. 1544765

Anon, “cutesy” has sardonic connotations, and the majority of that response was a presumptuous bitch fit. I never once said that she spoke Vietnamese, I just said that she’s open about that being her background.

More than any of that as “”evidence” of some painfully bland streamer larping as a Japanese girl, I see another overly prideful Asian superimposing their expectations of what other Asians are supposed to behave and look like. That IS some damn /r/aznidentity shit. What hairstyle is a Viet American supposed to have, retard? Should all Asian children of immigrants have full command of their language?

No. 1544768

*spoke Vietnamese well
Jesus fuck

No. 1544819

>her fake hair
>fake bang

why are you so autistically focused on her hair, do you live in a society where showing hair is not allowed or something? Fucking weirdo

No. 1544882


why are you so autistically triggered on that post, do you live in a society where observations are not allowed or something? Fucking weirdo

No. 1544997

Maybe Anisa and Ian need their own thread. Out of all the streamers I couldn’t care less about them (same goes for other people I’m sure), yet they dominate the entire thread and you people swarm anybody who tries to talk about other people)
They aren’t even prominent streamers ffs.

No. 1545049

based, i dont think I have ever heard about them outside this thread

No. 1545112

probably because the only observation there was to be had was some weeblet username handle and her hair. you’d think in the rant there was going to be evidence like aria constantly spewing random moonspeak and having “ENG OK!” in her profile or whatever, but it was just some abstract asspulls about not knowing her parents’ language well and having bangs. the hell are actual viet women supposed to look like? middle part with long hair wearing a rice hat and ao dai? as if they haven’t been under the Korean wave for the last several years, so they surely have their own distinguishing style.

No. 1545162

>I never once said that she spoke Vietnamese
You did, liar.
>I just said that she’s open about that being her background.
She's not open about it. She admitted she was Vietnamese to her viewers when she failed at hiding her identity. You mentioned she did a stream with her mom and in those clips you can see how resentful and ashamed she is when her mom speaks in Vietnamese.
>overly prideful Asian superimposing their expectations of what other Asians are supposed to behave and look like
That'd be you since you think "Asia" is a Far Eastern monolith and want every Far Easterner to behave like a Westerner.
>That IS some damn /r/aznidentity shit
That's a forum by Chinese/Viet/korean/Jap diasporas who are all failures. Nationalists from China/Vietnam/Korea/Japan hate their guts. Why are you unhinged speds from the West always pretending to be an expert about things that you know nothing about?
>Should all Asian children of immigrants have full command of their language?

No. 1545206

Read my correction below it. You’re a bull seeing red. I never said she spoke it well.
>resentful and ashamed for speaking Vietnamese
If she was just going to be embarrassed about her mom speaking Viet, she would’ve just not come out on stream decked in the clothing with her mom. Show me the clip where she “admitted” it or moments where she tried to pretend to be Japanese, because as far as I can see, all we have is your bull-like primitive perception.

You didn’t clarify how you want a Vietnamese woman in LA to look like. Don’t sit there and look at your esoteric paragraph from before and tell yourself you’re not the unhinged sped. It’s not a strawman when that shit was all you had to offer.

No. 1545430

Are you butthurt we won’t personal army your weird vendetta about aria? We don’t care about her hair or her race. Why don’t you talk about the more problematic parts of her like her fucked up mental breakdowns and her kitten breeding farm?

No. 1545446

the thread needs variety, faggot, this isn't your recruitment place for your personal army against ian and anisa

also stop calling that yellow roastie by that term, why can't you freaks stick to your dog-eating culture?

>it's not evidence because i say so!1!11!!!!1111
go rant somewhere else, you neurotic moron(racebaiting)

No. 1545485

Kek everyone can talk about Anissa but no one can talk about other people. This IS the Twitch thread.

No. 1545491

keep race baiting. you'd have to be desperate for milk that you'd gobble up a nationalistic schizo’s rants. hardly anyone here’s fault that twitch has been dry lately.

No. 1545500

No one is saying you can't talk about other streamers. You're free to post, just like everyone is free to call you a retard.

Also there's just been nothing happening lately. OTK 'drama' is self manufactured for LSF, quqco fucking lacari isn't a surprise, cyr is bloated. I would bring up the ganba thing but xqc/train are going to do it regardless and their fanbase is still going to suck their dicks

No. 1545509

Also for the retards who keep crying they're being silenced, instead of hyper-focusing on her hair, why don't you bring up the most recent drama with Aria regarding her spending? tl;dr otv fans call aria a gold digger for her attitude in vidrel. She had a mental breakdown and said she was just playing a character.

No. 1545559

File: 1654048618489.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2400, Aria Insta Story.jpg)

She also freaked out today because she made a lovely dovey Instagram story about milktpapi and that got upset that people were asking if he was her boyfriend.

No. 1545560

File: 1654048642689.png (41.03 KB, 673x268, aria newt.png)

No. 1545569

where's angela's mental breakdown?

No. 1545570

This reads a lot more like siblings than "lovey dovey" tbh?

No. 1545578

i hope every fag like you who misuses the term schizo will get it

No. 1545681

i hope every schizo like you who misuses the term gay will get it

No. 1545878

Did I always have bad taste or is OTV content just dull now? Not the relationships. Their videos. I couldn't get through any of the ones published in the last few months.

No. 1546190

It comes off as very algo-pandering and nothing funny ever really happens in the vids. Org youtube videos are always like this these days because they have to post out of obligation but also have to be careful about monetization and sponsorship opportunities. Plus youtubers are too image-conscious now and it keeps them from being actually funny. The concept for that vid is already vapid as fuck, but the best they could think of to buy is hairdryers and basketballs?

No. 1546218

he wasn't misusing the term when he called you a fag because you're attracted to anyone who looks like a man since you find yellow women attractive(racebaiting)

No. 1546236

I think they lost their appeal when they added more people plus the combo of the pandemic being over. Which is sad because their earlier videos were interesting, now they’re hard to watch

No. 1546323

File: 1654121591845.jpeg (801.45 KB, 1125x1217, 66FF1A8A-5326-42BE-B859-157113…)

Losing my mind at Anisa looking like a rejected K-pop boy

No. 1546644

>they lost their appeal when they added more people
Yeah, it's felt less cohesive since then. Plus they don't stick out. Whatever role or common gimmick one of the newer members has, it's easily done by one of the older ones. Just overlaps too much.

I think the last video I sincerely enjoyed by them was the reverse charades. It was a collab, but it at least had all the core members.

No. 1546673

The videos are just insanely repetitive at this point.

>Jokes about Brodin being evil making them do weird shit

>Poki tries to act cool and does that horrible screech laugh pretending everything is super funny
>Toast acts aloof and better than everyone while trying to show how smart he is and how he plays the algorithm or some dumb shit like that
>Lily loses or gets the short end of the stick, makes comments about how hot the other girls are or gushes about Michael
>Michael acts chaotic and quirky, makes an edgy joke at least once
>Yvonne gets mad and screams, probably a Starbucks mention
>Scarra just says "Oh my gosh" and "Are you serious?!" over and over again
>Jodi, Sydney, and John are just kinda there

But the general quality of OTV has gone way down since the new members were added and they stopped living together. It was understandable that they wanted to move on and make changes but unfortunately I feel like their shtick has now been compromised at this point.

And honestly, I think besides shifting their content to appeal to sponsors, they have been dumbing it down a lot for all the kids that have started watching. OTV + friends is a huge fandom with K-Pop fan behaviors at this point.

No. 1546684

>Scarra just says "Oh my gosh" and "Are you serious?!"
I heard this in my head like a soundboard lmao.
But yeah, now that you mentioned it, ever since Brodin took over the videos have gotten stale. Sure the production quality and set design are way better, but that alone isn’t fun to watch.

No. 1547147

I don’t know why they added new members. Probably to ease the other’s schedules better? But then they don’t add anything new to the formula, because any trait they do have (ex: ground the chaos, be the normal one, be aloof or ‘cool’, be daring) is already fulfilled by someone else.

Which then again is probably they don’t have everyone in the same video anymore. Which then works against them because people miss the structure of having the older members.

It was ballsy of them to add two people already dating each other to their roster, though, I’ll give them that. I like the new members as individuals just fine - however within the group, therein lies the problem above - it’s like adding more toppings on a cake.

No. 1547427

Holy shit, she really does. The hat would look slightly better on Ian, imo, because it would hide his travesty of a haircut.

No. 1547477

>Probably to ease the other’s schedules better?
yep, they said that they were tired of constantly doing shoots for the main channel

No. 1547692

I thought it was weird that they added three new members at once, but Jodi is easily the biggest out of the three of them and I wonder if she was able to use that as bargaining power to get both her bf and best friend into the new org.

No. 1548109

Jodi isn’t that big and otv was friends with the others long before

No. 1548299

Ian and Anisa are on Hasan's stream. They're so boring. Ian looks like shiiiit.
>typical the n-word was just a phase gais I was only copying comedians
>Anisa takes credit for de-radicalizing Ian because he married a muslim girl kek
How does anyone even unironically follow icuckzzz anymore now that he has lost every edgy contrarian appeal that made up the entirety of his personality cult the first place

No. 1548417

> muslim girl
does she know its a religion and not an ethnicity?

No. 1548624

Ian and Anisa’s endless pathetic excuses are quite entertaining: Anisa tweeted that Ian had tonsil stones and a bad cough (the first has no effect on your fitness, and Ian did not cough once during the entire event), Ian said Dr Mike took it too seriously and was competitive (???), Dr Mike has ten years of experience (well duh, before the fight, you said that didn’t count because it wasn’t actual fighting), Dr Mike cheated (punching after the glove tap, twice, which apparently isn’t against the rules, but Ian also threw three punches at Dr Mike after the bell rang, which is definitely against the rules), Dr Mike cheated again by weighing more than Ian (yes, you knew that, Dr Mike clearly did an aggressive cut to try to get down closer to Ian’s weight, which will have been fucking tough). I’m sure they’ll come up with more. And to stick the boot in, Dr Mike isn’t famous or popular enough according to Ian and Anisa, and doesn’t have enough clout, so now they’re blaming the lower than expected audience on him too. Jesus, I bet Mike rues the day he agreed to do Ian this huge favour.

No. 1548629

“muslim girl” that bares her swollen tits for money on the internet and gets shitty drawings etched all over her body. i’m not sure if ian or anisa is the bigger retard

No. 1549002

i wonder what comedians he was copying

No. 1549132

>male stereotype seems unachievable
>work for it
epic logic

No. 1549138

just look at pictures from him 5 years ago and compare them to him now
he's aged like piss(learn2sage)

No. 1549330

Cyr really has aged like absolute shit. Just goes to show bad alcoholism can age you in just 5 years.

No. 1549643

It means not wallowing in their own self-pity and putting change into their life, small incremental changes. Go to the gym, find a new fucking hobby, stop going to incel hugbox spaces crying about the same fucking thing.

No. 1550531

This thread actually has been overrun by scrotes

No. 1550867

all of lolcow has been bc men can't let women have their own spaces

No. 1550904

what is her father's ethnicity?

No. 1550906

this was typed by a yellow roastie(racebait)

No. 1550907

he didn't age, he just started to excessively drink and eat fast food

No. 1551168

Is that why he looks terrible now? I tuned into his stream yesterday and he was bloated as fuck with a double chin

No. 1551882

File: 1654591955177.jpeg (961.45 KB, 1125x1802, 49A69A74-C55F-4D0F-84F2-9A85D2…)

After going on Hasan’s channel, Anisa has been liking political tweets and lmao this one takes the cake. Anisa, who dropped out of college and a “sex worker on a break”, is worried about the economy because marketing interns make 60k a year. Anisa hasn’t even logged into onlyfans for 3 months, but these girls are the problem smh.

No. 1551906

I watched the first two minutes of that stream and this exchange literally happened, (nonverbatim on Anisa's part):
>Anisa: I used to be a political Twitch streamer
>Hasan, not looking at her: Yeah, anyway…

No. 1552058


No. 1552724

she was only “political” when she was hating on lacy greene over chris ray gun all while she was still dating ian

No. 1552907

Top kek, this. She has no personality of her own, so if she ever mentioned anything political, they were garbled “ideas” she heard Chris say, because she thought he would one day realise how awesome she is. Y’know, like Ian did.

No. 1559104

File: 1655122230587.jpeg (750.1 KB, 828x1423, 0D5B4D7A-151A-4BFB-B0FE-A0318F…)

Why does she have a riot employee's phone number? she probably hoe'd herself out again for it

No. 1559156

>parasocial tiktok-tier video of a mongoloid mischling
>talks like a whore
>has so much make-up that you can peel it off with a spoon
the absolute state of western civilization

No. 1559190

not really that weird, before covid Riot used to constantly invite streamers and there are multiple Riot employees on very friendly terms with some of the League streamers

No. 1559350

The same riot being sued for sexual harassment? No shit they have thots numbers lol

No. 1559866

Pretty gross how she's been whoring herself out to older men ever since she was a teen.

No. 1559928

File: 1655180985736.png (810.77 KB, 1074x1200, wtf.png)

The face of Alcoholism everybody… Also is it just me or is his teeth fucked up? looks like gum disease?

No. 1560029

she's fucking mizkif, not some riot scrub.

emiru only goes for big streamers, first dyrus until his channel died now shitkif.

No. 1560270

emiru and mizkif are just pretending for content, in real life miz is into tranny dick

No. 1560299

She was going after Reckful too before she got Dyrus locked

No. 1560319

Post ur chin, male

No. 1560443

i feel sad about reckful and i'm not sure why.

No. 1560449

>the only reason she got everything she has now was her thristtweeting under every Darius tweet
>has the number of the same rioter who is getting sued for sexual harassment
>still hates other women throughout this day and plays the NLOG route

No. 1560842

that story was unbearably fake, the same kind of shit Ice Poseidon used to make up, his cameraman learned well

emirus never even slept in that room of hers there

No. 1560859

In the stream and later YT video where Critikal/Charlie/penguinz0 went to visit her with some friends, there a handful of weirdos in chat/comments talking about how Charlie should totally date her and how they are so good together. Do I think it's him? No, years ago he talked about being cheated on and how devastating it was but sometimes fame can change people so who knows. Carson is possible but I think it's more likely it's two who are already in relationships, streamer relationships are very high school levels of maturity so they cheat on each other all the time.

No. 1560861

File: 1655249092402.jpeg (40.2 KB, 600x587, B599D3A0-A0A2-4040-8E18-7E4E38…)

Begone scrote

No. 1560864

CrazySlick from what I've seen is actually just a weird creeper scrote who flirts with every twitch thot on the platform. There was that whole thing last year where he tried to take advantage of a drunk girl so I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he starting hitting on Maya or something like that and ruined their friendship.

No. 1560888

not only this, but I thought charlie was in a long term relationship anyway? I could be misremembering though

No. 1560916

File: 1655252788535.jpeg (476.86 KB, 2019x1494, FBFA9A76-76AD-47A5-ADBA-F31964…)

So nice seeing Emiru inspire girls to whore themselves out at a young age, she's such a great role model!

No. 1561020

No way, maya is too old for his tastes lmao

No. 1561021

Can you obvious subhuman scrotes fuck off back to where you come from??? Idgaf you that you hate-jerk to some e thot. Men are not welcomed here.

No. 1561024

File: 1655260006409.jpeg (624.95 KB, 828x1139, 84F17D0A-82C2-49F6-A7CF-2D646E…)

Tbh by the looks of her makeup it seems like she's copying Hannah owo.

No. 1561029

Thread is not for posting literal whos with no specific milk just to bitch about ~whores~ you fucking faggot.
It is literally just e girl makeup. That hannah girl is neither the first or the last.

No. 1561031

Parasocial andys.

No. 1561105

File: 1655266099286.jpeg (60.41 KB, 1024x576, 9F9B0481-A3C9-4833-8363-A3C859…)

She looks like a carbon copy of Whoremiru before she switched to her I'M ASIAN DESU phase.

No. 1561107

It was sykkuno
source: I made it up

He's had the same gf since like 2016 I think

No. 1561143

besides being underage and taken advantage of by gross gamer bros, what has she done recently? We aren't your personal army, being a cute girl on the internet isn't milk.

No. 1561227

There's nothing parasocial about trying to figure out drama a streamer baited with, that word has lost all meaning after big streamers started using it as an insult for fans they don't like

No. 1561302

Nta but it kind of is when OP is tinfoiling possible relationships from literal nothing

No. 1561334

this entire website is parasocial you dumb fucks

No. 1561356

> besides being underage and taken advantage of by gross gamer bros
Was she really though? She actively sought out older successful streamers and gamers until one bit the bait to move her out of nowhere town.

No. 1561735

> roastie
gtfo scrote

No. 1561805

No it's not, she specifically left out any info so her fans would speculate, she could have just not mentioned it at all if she didn't want people talking about it. Gossiping about e-celbs isn't anything like pretending they're your friends

No. 1561919

>she specifically left out any info so her fans would speculate
True parasocial schizo line of thinking for real. Yes people’s personal lives are just ARGs, remember to submit your answer for a prize.

No. 1561928

Like i mentioned a couple post up, that word has just lost all meaning. We are gossiping about random celebrities, how is that like pretending to have a personal relationship with them?

She's a public figure that's been a streamer way long enough to know that when she brings something up fans are going to talk about it. If anything here is parasocial it's you sperging out and defending your favorite streamer like shes a child that's doesn't know any better

No. 1561931

>parasocial andy calling others schizo

No. 1561947

I don’t even know who she is. Is this the only thread you use on this site you fucking transplant? Tinfoiling is against the rules. You’re just fingering your ass and not posting any receipts that might support your claims.

No. 1561956

Tinfoiling what? All i've said is that you're using the word parasocial like an actual retard. Word vomiting common words used around here means nothing when you clearly don't understand any of them.

No. 1562043

xqc made a streamer tier list and hasan had a meltdown, and then either he or miz got lsf to remove the post about it.


No. 1562377

This is an imageboard post screen caps and clips. Nobody wants to go on a deleted reddit thread. God!

No. 1562549

i had to research this to see why it's so kekworthy. he put hasan in 'b' tier but destiny in 'a' tier fucking kek. it's probably manufactured drama anyway.

No. 1562890

File: 1655407084995.jpeg (68.15 KB, 417x417, C53F8D88-5B5A-4569-A193-51BFF0…)

The face of cope
>has millionaire husband
>goes back to selling butthole pictures for pocket money because she’s too much of a feminist to ask for money

No. 1562893

least lebanese person

No. 1563611

Shouldn’t she be learning how to make herself look better the older she gets? How does she keep failing so hard despite the resources available to her?

No. 1563650


No. 1567132

The more that retard keeps sperging about emiru the more based she is. Good on her for making scrotes literally seethe onto a women's forum

No. 1567152

>Yellow roastie

Begone scrote

No. 1567420

LMAO. That man is like 30 years old, and he's throwing a fucking hissy fit because someone placed him in the B-tier instead of A-tier in some meme tierlist. How insecure can a person get?

No. 1567707

True af. I don’t even care about her and I hate miz with passion but I’m glad the emiru faggot is getting cucked by a literal fat lipped soy boy.

No. 1567771

It couldn't get any more obvious that the Chang mod that bans people for "race baiting" when they correctly use the racial term Yellow and point out the obsession Yellow people have with plastic surgeries is the same retard samefag spamming "scrote"(ban evanding)

No. 1568205

>literal fat lipped soy boy
let's not forget a permanently limp dick soy boy as well lmao

No. 1568501

his dick works fine, that's a lie he tells his chat to relate to them, which you can tell because his ex always said it was bullshit and his college friends tell all these stories about him fucking college girls

which is why the emiruposter is so mad, he knows shes paying her rent there by choking on his dick every day and he wishes it was him

No. 1570953

File: 1656099075477.jpeg (357.73 KB, 1125x1911, AC4EC77F-0569-4615-9C6B-B460B8…)

Anisa got new glasses and low key she reminds me of that riddler guy if he were bimbofied

No. 1572549

aside from the tit job she looks like a gendie lmao. manifesting an anisa TiF or nonbinary arc

No. 1572993

ran out of dicks already, changiru?

No. 1573030

File: 1656280379343.jpeg (521.62 KB, 2502x1200, 676AD2B6-4519-4255-B32E-B9A4EB…)

Emiru can never drop stuffing her bra and showing off her anachan stomach

No. 1573052

>haha Anisa so ugly
>look at how ugly she looks
>omg why does she look so ugly
>what is that ugly face shes making
>kek those ugly ass tattoos
holy fuck is this considered milk now? reads like some jealous anons on a pullfag thread thirsting for idubbz.

No. 1573129

Nobody wants idubbbz, also it’s all saged, calm down minimod

No. 1573158

uh huh, sure thing. I'm glad whenever some actual drama occurs in this thread you're here to interrupt it with ugly ass photos of her that you have saved on your PC.

No. 1573175

shut up and post something yourself you nerd

No. 1573222

how many photos of her do you have on your computer?

No. 1573505

We can still see the comments of multiple of you thirsting over his ass lol >>>/snow/1487991

No. 1573583

It’s so characteristic of her to regret Creator Clash, and to tell people that. It does seem to have raised quite a bit of money for charity, been a modest success, brought people who might not normally mix as friends … but all Anisa can think about is the negative attention she’s received for pretending she’s the ultimate expert, then turning out to be a pretentious failure, just like she always does. She just can’t help herself.

No. 1573693

KEK imagine simping for this cuck.

No. 1574159

Crazy how much better she looks just because she learned to do her makeup lmao. She's really cute and I find her voice endearing but I cannot watch her streams due to the constant body-checking.

No. 1574213

i thought it's a tranny, it has the same face as my friend andrew yang
>learned to do her makeup lmao
the fact that it's yellow and was able to use make-up to cosplay as a white girl means it knows how make-up works, retard
>She's really cute
you think shit smells good too, don't you
>I find her voice endearing
it sounds like it got semen stuck in its throat, lmao, you like sucking dicks, don't you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1574361

Yeah her previous persona just screamed male pandering. After breaking up with Dyrus it seemed like she finally did make up to impress herself. Like idk any e-girls who crossplay link for male attention lmao

No. 1574372

File: 1656397970141.png (34.75 KB, 361x38, 5924.png)

So thebunnyjen is leading the cancellation on meowdalyn, but anyone find it funny that 1 day before this she subbed to her for 9 months? Pic from 59:24 in Meowdalyn's latest stream.

No. 1574378

File: 1656399118312.png (767.08 KB, 838x430, 5954.png)

Watching more, thebunnyjen goes on to agree with everything meowdalyn is saying but then a day later is leading a smear campaign against her? Some friend.

No. 1574433

Weren’t these two involved in corroborating stories of SA to take down someone else? they’re constant shit stirrers

No. 1574802

No. 1575359

She has always catered to moids and still does to this day, she can't live without male attention.

No. 1576011

I really don’t think moids give a shit about hazbinhotel

No. 1576395

She took a streaming deal in Saudi Arabia while also saying she’s bisexual during Pride Month lel

No. 1577541

lmao emi and mizkif are fucking retarded. Mizkif needing Hassan to explain why Saudi Arabia is bad and how they stone women and gays to death/ did 9/11 was so inane. I can’t tell if it is content farming or if they are really that stupid. I hope they do it so I can watch the fallout or honor killing that takes place.

No. 1577572

They knew. He was testing the waters a month ago by bringing it up in his offline chat, the same way he did with gambling. There was also a huge controversy a few months ago when one of his friends went to SA for a chess tournament and tried to justify modern slavery.
Emi and Esfand would follow him off a bridge for enough money and subs, but they probably had some idea too. The moron defense is just the least damaging option.

No. 1577801

File: 1656694014027.jpeg (84.23 KB, 1125x705, E5AC8686-47D1-44F8-937E-4F6FC8…)

OTK quietly posting a listing for a PR babysitter for grown adults due to this dumpster fire is so fucking funny.

No. 1577944

Kek, how was this not the first hire after forming a group of neckbeard streamers

No. 1578104

>Saudi Arabia deal
Emiru porta potty inc

No. 1578190

She and Mizkif didn't took the deal. But they would probably take it if it wasn't for the backlash.
Mizkif tried pretty hard to look innocent and stupid on his stream with Hasan, but in reality he was asking about in his offline chat in may. https://imgur.com/a/9ddBZHe
Also, Emiru said on her stream that "they" (she didn't mention who exactly, but probably Mizkif and his crew) showed bunch of articles to her about the country and said that they did had a notion about it the oppressive laws against gay and women.
>There was also a huge controversy a few months ago when one of his friends went to SA for a chess tournament and tried to justify modern slavery.
Actually the tournament happen in Dubai, that is United Arab Emirates, not Saudi Arabia.

On another note, after the backlash Asmongold came out defending his friends, saying that he would probably took the deal if he didn't need to travel. https://livestreamfails.com/clip/139380 https://www.reddit.com/r/LivestreamFail/comments/vob7z0/asmongold_after_learning_more_about_saudi/

No. 1578625

>Asmongold came out defending his friends, saying that he would probably took the deal if he didn't need to travel.

I can't believe that feminist icon asmongold would promote country where women are second class citizens.

I wish they would go there, I would love to see emiru playing fortnight on the scene dressed according to local "dress code" lol

No. 1578783

You would think OTK would have hired one before signing Cyr who continues to be an embarrassing alcoholic. Also OTK desperately needs to sign another female member and I'm surprised they haven't yet.

No. 1579085

somehow cyr is one of their least problematic members

No. 1579113

>Also OTK desperately needs to sign another female member
Didn't Tectone allude to that but said that literally no woman wants to sign up and potentially stay in that sausagefest house?

No. 1579179

I honestly just feel bad for Cyr. He was so drunk on Esfand's stream today and he started drinking around 3pm.
I don't think it's mandatory that OTK members live at Mizkif's house but they could be opening up a 2nd house in LA soon.

No. 1579258

kind of wonder where cyr would be if he had never dated dasha tbh. He always seemed like a bit of an arrogant cunt, but he's just a pathetic, bloated, alcoholic these days.

No. 1579363

Cyr probably would still have a youtube career if he never dated Dasha. It's pretty sad how unhealthy and bloated he looks now but he has been an alcoholic for 10 years straight. What's surprising is that Cyr hasn't even attempted dating anyone since Dasha except maybe talking and flirting with susu_jpg awhile ago.

No. 1579382

I think Mizkif mentioned a lot of companies have turned down sponsorships with OTK because they have only one woman. I guess Malena doesn’t count, even though they still try to use her.
I still remember how salty Mizkif was when she pointed out ShitCon was her event, not OTK’s. And then when Cyr’s announcement party went down in flames he was stumped.

Cyr and Esfand both have hardcore leech vibes. Watching them at group events is pathetic.

No. 1580506

Not surprising. Dasha probably made him weary of the entire female gender kek

No. 1580945

That's true. I imagine Cyr is terrified of women now after dating that demon Dasha for years, but then again Cyr seems to attract crazy people which is why he probably tried to pursue Susu who also has her own history of drama and being a massive cow too.

No. 1581392

All the male OTK streamers are insufferable scrotes and they know it effects sponsorships. Which is why I think they're planning to sign another brand friendly woman streamer with decent viewership.

No. 1581670

they are a stewpot of misogyny

No. 1583111

OTV and all of Fuslie house are going abroad except Miyoung and Sykkuno proceeded by Toast and Miyoung not interacting at all on stream for the past month and you all got Nothing? This could be Lily and Albert all over again! Get to fucking stalking, you idubzz obsessed freaks!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1583249

This has potential for new copy pasta

No. 1583258

Not even SS wants him lmao he deserved dasha, I hope no mentally ill woman tries to “fix” that fuckin mess

No. 1583325

I'm sure he's tried to date, but has to keep it lowkey to avoid Dasha losing her shit. He still plays nice with Dasha on and off. Though I definitely remember Cyr's roomie, spaceboy I think his name is? making an offhand remark about "LA women being crazy" in regards to he and Cyr's experiences. It was around the time they bought the house in texas with Andy. Also around the same time Cyr removed his twitch emote of Dasha despite them having been broken up for some time.

No. 1583333

SS does have a boyfriend, but awhile ago I remember seeing a clip of her friend exposing her for liking Cyr. It's safe to assume they wanted each other at one point and things fizzled out because he's a pathetic, bloated alcoholic.

I'm sure Cyr has tried to date, but the only woman I know of that he has shown interest in on twitch is Susu. I'm not surprised Dasha would try and gate keep who Cyr dates, even though she's on her 3rd "musician" boyfriend of the year.

No. 1583374

They never bought a house in Texas, just got trapped into renting during Covid. Spaceboy moved back to LA and Cyr lives with Alinity now.

No. 1593159

Hasan has been receiving a ton of criticism for calling a viewer the racial term “shitskin”

He says, “if you pasty little shitskin dumb motherfuckers.. er er… shit dick dumb motherfuckers call me "little bro" im gonna whip you like a fucking towel. do you understand? i can snap you in fucking half you dumb little bitch. leave your mothers apartment, first, and then maybe you can use words like ‘little bro’”

He then tried to backtrack and say, “I was trying to say ‘dickskin’ or ‘shitdick’.” The latter is a homophobic slur too kek.

No. 1593164

File: 1658405690437.png (432.42 KB, 600x2321, ZhnGs0Z.png)

He also is asking his fans to brigade mentions of this because he “clearly misspoke”. But people are rightfully criticizing him because he attacked a viewer based on race and economic status (and sexuality if you take the “shitdick” comment as an attack of sexual preference.)

No. 1593211

He literally bragged about raping a prostitute in a sex trafficked brothel but no-one batted an eye until now.

No. 1593334

Why does Hasan always sound like he’s about to cry?

No. 1593495

it's like christmas in july

No. 1593519

File: 1658429676924.jpg (25.07 KB, 1080x305, ctp1r8t8rxc91.jpg)

Probably because he always is

No. 1593605


Wow I hadn't heard about this. But I'm not surprised that other men and his dumb audience don't care.

No. 1593625

Fucking kek. Reddit faggots are disgusting but I can’t lie I love when they grief Hasan. He’s so milkable with those growing tits. Now that he’s fat and balding, I hope people (especially women) will hop off his dick soon. Leftie normies cape for this tranny-bootlick, queer-baiting, sex-buying “male feminist” long enough.

No. 1593661

Completely agree.
I can easily see a Boogie-like downfall transpiring where Hasan continues to remain terminally-online, overshares his moid exploits, and loses goodwill from his fans and the general public by becoming more and more out-of-touch and weird.

No. 1594078

It was mentioned in one of the past threads as far as i remember. People will swipe anything off the rug as long as its about sex or biological women i guess.

No. 1594131

shame, he should

No. 1595134

Is Adept genuinely okay with this? How embarrassing.
Why do men always threaten suicide? lol just do it, you fucking pussy.

No. 1595199

Are you shocked? She’d be okay with much more lmao does she look like the type of woman who would leave a bazillionaire in favor of self respect? She’d get left with nothing, you just know prenups are not negotiable with a scrote like that.

No. 1595244

jeez, you gotta be pretty damn insecure if him watching some ass on stream is gonna end your relationship

No. 1595367

No, it's weird…

No. 1595385

>gaslit by men to conflate disrespect with insecurity
Lmao ok. It’s insecure cool girl cope to let men step all over you out of fear of being viewed as insecure, jealous, bpd, etc.

No. 1595391

L cuck spotted. Heh you aren’t chill with your man openly popping a boner over other women in front of 50 thousands viewers? you’re so insecure lul
Imagine if she drools at buff men with huge bulges on stream. Scrotes would foam at the mouth to call her a whore.

No. 1595935

I’ve also noticed him making fun of fat women often. Didn’t think anything of it up until Adept dedicated a whole stream to talk about her struggle with weight gain because of binge eating disorder a while ago. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems insensitive?

No. 1595938

Are they on a break or something? All I know is that they're on and off, right?

No. 1596133

I’m thinking he’s only alone in Quebec because of the gambling sponsorship. She recently flew to him for a day or two. Also, did a little bit of stalking and she’s always liking his stuff and tweeting about him, so they’re probably still on.

No. 1598897

File: 1658914606311.jpg (Spoiler Image, 332.64 KB, 1536x2048, Dyrus at 203lbs.jpg)


>she’s always liking his stuff and tweeting about him
How pathetic of her.

No. 1599101

what on earth does dyrus have to do with adept and xqc?

No. 1599489

Nothing. I wanted to post him because he looks crazy, but I also wanted to reply to the anon who replied to me, so I merged both into one post just to save space.

No. 1601145

He looks unkempt but at least he doesn't look as obese as he was while dating his clout-chasing fan. Good for him, i guess? But why men can't even bother brushing their hair…? To seem quirky…?

No. 1604526

Disguised Toast's (ex?) Kkatamina was photographed at the Love Lock bridge in Korea with Blaustoise everyone's favorite leech. I mean the two definitely have something in common with her entire identity being a leech of league pros or anyone else with a little clout.

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FZDX0svakAA0ZrI?format=png&name=small(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1604532

Learn how to post a cap retard. No one wants to click random links on an /image/board

No. 1604567

File: 1659384026058.png (390.32 KB, 591x398, FZDX0svakAA0ZrI.png)

nta but here's the image. saged for non-milk

No. 1604622

File: 1659387224701.jpeg (294.36 KB, 1015x640, 115E43D6-B2F5-4EC8-8DF6-C9855D…)

Anyone interested in the Fauxre drama?

No. 1604624

File: 1659387256757.jpeg (50.21 KB, 604x265, 9CFDBD8B-4C60-4D4B-891B-6AEF57…)

No. 1604981

Why do you keep asking that? It literally is twitch DRAMA thread.

No. 1606962

Checks out, her and Toast have been broken up since at least the beginning of July. This is why Toast is staying in Japan longer than everyone else and also why the Japan trip had lineup changes at the last second, and why some people ended up going to Korea after. He has got to learn to stop bringing the girls he dates into his friend circle. Everyone in that group loves Miyoung just like Janet and it was so awkward after the Janet breakup like it's going to be now with Miyoung.

No. 1607117

File: 1659630836029.jpg (466.42 KB, 1440x1799, FB5536FE-2966-4CA2-AF3D-2FE979…)

She's trying so hard to be the instagram baddie but ends up looking like a sweaty middle school boy. Something about her outfits always look like she tried SO hard but it just looks uncomfortable and unfitting. Also wtf is with the underwear up to her chest?

No. 1607123

>>1606962 Miyoung and Janet were both part of the friendship group before they dated Toast though. Miyoung was just brought into fame because Toast wouldn't stop plugging her.

Toast seems a lot more depressed about his breakup with Miyoung compared to when he broke up with Janet. Pretty sure Toast and Miyoung started dating almost immediately after the break up (or potentially some overlap) but now he's feeling pretty lonely.

No. 1607175

I think she’s trying to be like a trashy Ed hardy Americana alt girl. Doesn’t work for her

No. 1607397

File: 1659649628690.png (277.52 KB, 385x548, M.png)

His muscles won't be able to help him with his ugliness.

No. 1607468

Thanks for putting this into words for me. I could never come up with the right way to describe it but that was nice and succinct.

>always looks like shes sweaty/hot and smells like it for some reason

I still can't put my finger on why though
Yeah, again, I don't know what it is, but she always looks uncomfortable and it makes me uncomfortable to look at her. It's like she knows it doesn't work but shes trying so hard anyways and it's clear that she doesn't even believe what she's selling.

Wtf is up with that whole outfit though? And why does she look like she walked into a tattoo shop and said "Make me look like a person who gets tattoos"? The entire thing is bizarre and unsettling. I wonder if she regrets the haircut, tattoos, or style change that she's forced on herself.

No. 1607799

The purse it taking me out. Middle school aesthetic truly

No. 1609237

I remember a photo of her posted by whoever pierced her ear; it was supposedly to show off the piercing, but all I could focus on was all the bits of dry skin flaking off Anisa’s ear and face, while she simultaneously looked greasy. She always looks unwashed and unkempt, and it’s like she dresses to highlight that, rather than minimise it.

No. 1609250

The men in OTK are looking weird these days… Mizkif looks like his face is melting, but Cyr is so creepy looking now with his horrible hairstyle, psychotic stare and crooked buck teeth.

No. 1609494

the dude literally had no reaction, said nothing then quietly closed the clip. we get it, the majority of your couldnt handle having a popular entertainer who interacts with women be your significant other. but this is hardly something i would consider him cucking his SO

No. 1609502

That's a reach. There was a group of 10 people on that bridge. Just because they stand near each other in few frames, doesn't mean anything

>Pretty sure Toast and Miyoung started dating almost immediately after the break up
No, there was at least 3 months

Surprised no one mentioned that it is the second time Toast and Miyoung broke up

No. 1609510

File: 1659872835599.png (379.24 KB, 906x718, Screenshot from 2022-08-05 19-…)

No. 1609520

I mean, he did stare at it quite intently and even let it repeat, that's not really closing out of it quickly. I'd expect better from my scrote. Why was he watching ass-shake videos on tiktok to begin with?

No. 1609552

File: 1659880471175.png (520.99 KB, 928x960, Screen Shot 2022-08-07 at 8.53…)

Still can't wrap my head around how LSF considers Cyr to be attractive. Even his OTK bio. But I guess when you're in a group with Esfand and Asmon looking like you bathe is a plus.

No. 1609562

When was the first time?

No. 1609607

I honestly think it's just people that have seen what Cyr looked like when he was younger and it skews their mind, but in reality he's aged like absolute shit… Dasha ruined him.

No. 1609673

Of course fellow greasy moids think that. He’s an attainable level of “attractiveness” to his also aging balding flabby audience.

No. 1609723

Wow you can actually smell his cigarette breath through this picture, no wonder he's still single.
That is the face of a weird, pathetic alcoholic who got cucked by Chandler Riggs during the time he was actually engaged to marry Dasha.
Then the sad scrote got himself friend zoned by Alinity, Jenna Lynn Meowri and Susu because of his creepy hillbilly teeth.

No. 1609872

She based for that. Who knows if he’d turned out differently if he wasn’t humbled kek he got groomer phenotype.

No. 1609893

When exactly did this whole miyoungxtoast thing went from "yeah i wouldn't be impressed if they were fucking" to "they're 100% dating"?
Was there ever anything concrete or is it just what people assumed after seeing them be friends for an extended period of time?

No. 1609902

Yvonne leaked them holding hands in one of her vlogs, Miyoung was Toast's plus one for his sister's wedding, and Ludwig referred to Miyoung as Toast's girlfriend on stream.

No. 1609913

File: 1659913727798.png (453.63 KB, 595x720, lolol.png)

He probably will turn out exactly like this DadFeels loser… 41 year old washed up actor turned YouTuber and hitting publicly on e-girls 15-20 years younger than himself. He had his 5 minutes of fame with the whole iDubbbz boxing event, but looks like he's trying to leech off of OTK and other bigger Twitch streamers now that all his platforms are dying.

No. 1609935

Hi, Adept. He watches these kinds of clips all the time. That's weird. He'd just look like a coomer (still unattractive and gross) if he did this while single, but since he's in a relationship he still comes off as a coomer but turned up to a vile degenerate. Don't know if you're into that "non-mon" shit, but to outsiders it doesn't feel like real love at all and you should want better for yourself.
This is so fucking funny.

No. 1610089

Nah, it’s disrespectful and he does it often. Women who defend this kind of behavior are trying too hard to be the “cool girl” type that doesn’t get jealous. It’s desperate and makes you look like an idiot.

No. 1611023

>>1609893 If you can't actually tell that they're together you're literally living under a rock. Miyoung pretty much lived with Toast, Toast who "doesn't own any pets" has a cat litter machine in his room. Miyoung is in Toast clothes like 80% of the time. Before Miyoug was even a 'famous twitch streamer' she was filmed multiple times in Toast room background walking in and out of the room and her dog Nabi was seen running around. So yes, they've been dating for a while.

No. 1611074

idubbz turned into a hideous old man overnight. i always found his megamind head to be unattractive, but he could have gotten some quality moids in his 20s if he was gay. but now he looks like a really fat version of april lauren's husband. it's wack how men literally only have 5 years in which they're attractive. don't they learn one healthy habit in 30 years??

No. 1611307

Yo what, Dad is cradle robbing? I don't follow his Twitter

No. 1611329

File: 1660068732151.png (17.71 KB, 500x118, Screenshot.png)

I did some digging and it looks like he has 3 different accounts on both Twitter and Instagram. Seems like he deleted some thirst tweets to JustaMinx who's 25 and Emma Langevin who's 22, but I did find this comment on PeachJars instagram photo who's 26.

No. 1611578

Last time I saw this guy before he was announced for creator clash, he was trying desperately to bait the creepypasta channels with his "ARG". Guess that ended once he could get attention on his own. Hopefully it speeds up his trajectory into obscurity.

No. 1611632

File: 1660091276531.png (431.19 KB, 906x476, ew.png)

According to Cyr "Women prefer me clean shaven" kek maybe in 2019 before he got bloated and his face started drooping. The jowly scrote is delusional and those glasses are criminal ugly on him too.

No. 1611689

Desperate is the best word to describe DadFeels. I'm not even remotely surprised that he's creeping on girls half his age.

No. 1611860

I remember there was a 'stalker' who posted screenshots of Miyoung and Toast playing games on steam/league together for many hours per day even prior to the break up announcement. They could've been friends then but I'm just guessing the time frame between Janet and Miyoung was short. So he wasn't as 'lonely' before as he is feeling now.

No. 1611873

File: 1660117957378.jpg (288.29 KB, 1514x2048, gettyimages-509463048-2048x204…)

Honestly, always thought he was somewhat ugly. At his "peak" he looked good in maaybe a handful of more than likely, edited photos, but otherwise dude still looked like this?

No. 1611879

File: 1660118570573.jpg (94.37 KB, 450x360, AoU5iwPCEAAXn-z.jpg)

That one is from 2016, he's 27. This one is from 2012, he's only 22. Will never understand any of the hype surrounding him. I can only assume hanging around greg's ugly ass must have made him seem "hot" in comparison. kek

No. 1612058

I think Cyr and Greg were only considered attractive to a certain demographic. The emo, goth and edgy alternative girls that still plague Twitter as "Cosplayers" these days.

Wow… hard to believe that's him considering how botched and bloated his face looks now. I think Cyr has to be absolutely delusional if he thinks that he still looks like he did in 2016, when in reality a beard is his best friend these days.

No. 1612377

File: 1660168590090.png (601.21 KB, 826x798, yikes.png)

Cyr is not attractive at all, I mean look at this man's goblin teeth. I guess that's what happens when you neglect the dentist for years, chain smoke cigarettes then live off only coffee and red wine.

No. 1612668

Wait why is this 41 year-old balding greasy moid trying to make a career out of YouTube and Twitch anyway? Shouldn't this old scrote be more focused on settling down with a family instead of hitting on 22 year-olds online? "DadFeels" is an accurate name. kek

No. 1612831

Not caping for the guy, but Nathan Barnatt has been on YT for like 15 years. And Dadfeels has been a pretty successful ARG for a couple years too. But all the creepy comments to young women is especially weird when you consider the "love of his life" died just last year.

No. 1612964

Cyr, Charlie, Hasan, etc the wall is brutal for men lmfaoaoao

No. 1613029

I know this isn't really the place for speculation but I'd love to know what went down to trigger Toast/Miyoung break-up. They seemed okay until, bam! They cut all contact around Sydeon's birthday. The way Fuslie house is huddling around her makes it seem that she either latched onto someone with more clout than Toast, or Toast is full on to blame for the break-up.

Another thing. She really seems to be thriving now. Traveling. Meeting people. She definitely seems to be coming out of this better than before.

No. 1613091

>>1613029 Toast plugged her so hard, both Twitch and socially within the friend group. Toast was likely the person who asked the old Fuslie/Peter/Danny house to take Miyoung in as a roommate when they first started dating, now all the girls are in love with her, so super awkward. He should've just let her continue living with him.

Feels like the group is trying to 'split' them, for example, they went to Japan with Toast, then went to Korea with Miyoung while Toast stayed in Japan. So weird. Also Miyoung admitted that Rae paid for her first class flight tickets to Japan.

(also kindda a toxic thought, but it feels like Miyoung didn't really have any friends prior to dating Toast)

No. 1613133

File: 1660247707719.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, L.jpg)

That's why they all have beards… To hide how hard they hit the wall. kek

No. 1613271

File: 1660257772635.png (1.72 MB, 898x602, Screenshot_20220811-183752.png)

emiru went live accidently for a few minutes yesterday with no makeup on

interesting choice to be casually wearing booty shorts when living in a house full of weeb scrotes

No. 1613281

I have a feeling she's going to troon out soon

No. 1613419

to be fair, she never leaves her room

No. 1613531

She might put on pants when she leaves the room, that's what I did while living with my parents lmao.

No. 1613534

Is there even a bed in that room?

No. 1613550

That's scary kek. How does something like this even happen?

No. 1613592

her room and mizkifs room are the same
a loft one that doesnt get used - she sleeps in mizkifs bed

No. 1613595

>>1613534 Her beds on the left, you can see it in the actual video of her accidental stream not on the screenshot.

No. 1613596


ah yes a schizo
they aren't dating dumbass

No. 1613597

No. 1613599

File: 1660291432439.jpg (160.06 KB, 931x1024, photo_2022-08-04_01-44-28.jpg)

this whore is trying to seduce millionaire and famous mizkif but miz is an immovable object

No. 1613602

immovable? he's watching her in his obs feed and biting his lip at her, scrote

No. 1613610

Can you convert that to a webm, please?

No. 1613612

i dont believe that he is looking at emi seductively but sure it can happen but miz wont just lay hands on her employee, tenant, etc. the power dynamic is way too much and miz understand that and he cares more about his org than his fucking love life, have you seen miz and maya months before they broke up? but i can see them dating in a future but not right now

No. 1613618

File: 1660292486787.webm (1.41 MB, 960x540, shorts lip bite.webm)


he's a scrote and probably already fucking her, their friends lying about it doesnt matter

No. 1613620

lol you're not even 100% sure
>their friends lying about it doesnt matter
yep and i will trust a bunch of losers theorizing (who never dated anyone) in discord if someone is dating or not

No. 1613622

sage your fucking posts

and learn your history here, emirus track record is fucking ugly scrote big streamers for exposure:


No. 1613626

Thank you, lol.

No. 1613639

i saged now, now shut up

i know about emiru's history and you should learn about mizkif's history, he hasn't fucked any girls that wanted to fuck him before/during/after dating maya. when rajj girls came over (hailsbee, qt, etc.), when arianina sent him nudes while she was dating maya and now susu who slept in mizkif's bed but he chose to sleep on his couch or jenna/peach wanting to hang out with him and get high offstream

No. 1613646

Male defending should be in the dsm

No. 1613650

File: 1660296900120.webm (581.57 KB, 1280x720, susu.webm)

stop defending a scrote and stop making shit up, susu slept in emirus bed because she was somewhere else, whose bed do you really think emiru was in?

No. 1613658

LMAO you are insanely naive and blinded by your weird male crush, your streamer has fucked plenty of those clout chasers and others and now he has one living there.

You probably don't even know about the porn star in florida.

No. 1613673

she was obviously telling a joke
here's the full context https://streamable.com/zsk6t9 not that it would matter anyway because you will still think that she slept in emiru's bed

miz told a story on his stream about lacari being too loud that susu came upstairs and asked miz if she could sleep on his bed and that he slept on the couch

No. 1613676

you are probably talking about the cx days
im talking about when miz officialy made streaming his career and started caring more about growing his viewcount

No. 1613678

He fucked a pornstar and hookers with ice in Florida, he fucked hailsbee, he's fucking emiru, he fucked quqco, he sucked a troon dick, and on and on the list goes. From cx days all the way to today.

Your scrote idol is a disgusting degenerate manwhore to this day,and always has been. Now take your male defending and fuck off.

No. 1613686

are there any more ss or vids from this incident? I can't find anything about it

No. 1613689

he got so triggered when stop speeding from ip2 sniped him he always tries to run from his past

No. 1613733

triggered how?

No. 1613751

No. 1613804

came upon xchocobar/Janets OTV wiki page that says her and her boyfriend are apparently over? not sure if anyone here really cares about her, dont really see her being mentioned much but just curious.

No. 1613824

Yeah I guess we don’t care. If it’s not messy then what is there to say.

No. 1613922

That was always the weirdest relationship. They tried to push that dudes twitch career so hard but he had less than zero personality so it failed, but they kept on doing it. I guess he's rich or something.

No. 1614365

interesting, information added to wiki at 12:56 UTC
your post made at 13:57 UTC …suspicious

No. 1614536

Everytime someone brings up the OTV&friends acting like they don’t know them and without caps, it’s probably the weird alogging stalker every girl has mentioned. Post your receipts or fuck off incel

No. 1615331

File: 1660439443325.webm (2.12 MB, 576x1280, T-bWtRVlPdioHPvN.webm)

I didn't think it was possible but it feels like Hasan becomes more of a whiny brat by the day, all the ranting about femcel stalkers and replying to nobodies on twitter. Think it's more of the same old brothel accusations or old clips like this getting dug up more often? Video found in this twitter thread:
He also responded on stream to this person, although I can't find the tweet that started it.

No. 1615334

Hasan is literal scum who fucked trafficking victims. Imagine having the gal to ree about femcel stalkers because people hate you for abusing women in a very un-communist way such as preying on and exploiting the lower class women and actual human trafficking victims. Once a fat incel, always a fat boy incel.

No. 1615336

It's kind of crazy how easily everyone lets him brush off the trafficking thing. He insists that the brothel was only raided for tax evasion, but anyone who bothers looking it up would see that they were raided for human trafficking, tax evasion, and forcing the women to register as independent contractors so they didn't have to provide them benefits. It started with one girl calling the police after her boyfriend raped her and started pimping her out of the brothel, and like 90 something women corroborated her story that there was trafficking going on at this establishment, but it looks like they just arrested the boyfriend because the brothel owners were allowed to say they didn't know anything about the trafficking. John reviews going back years for the place have also mentioned women who can't speak the language and women who clearly don't want to be there, but I guess we're all just supposed to ignore that.

No. 1615545

he sounds like a redneck. He's also an incel that is constantly obsessed with other women.

No. 1615560

he should drop the leftist grift and call other leftists out for being hypocritical. He's not a communist, he is a comedian. There's nothing wrong with making a lot of money but don't call yourself a commie when you are a capitalist. It would be fun if he started shitting on leftists without being a right winger. Most leftists are hypocritical.

No. 1615676

I'm glad that more women on normie social media are finally waking up. It seems the gays and handmadiens don't want to let him go though.

No. 1615721

ive heard of a receding gumline but never gums that overtake the teeth. wtf is this sorcery.

No. 1615780

Looks like Cyr grinds his teeth badly, but is too lazy to book a dentist appointment and get it sorted. He might have overtaken Asmongold for grossest teeth on Twitch right now, which is fitting considering they're both in OTK together.

No. 1615785

Lol calling swerfs and terfs femcels, he talks like how a twitter tranny tweets.

No. 1615846

I'm glad I make sure to always bring it up when he's brought up in any conversation kek. Fucking hate his anti communist bullshit while still larping like one when he makes millions and only ever talks about lukewarm superficial shit. I only ever see liberal scrotes defending and sucking his balls, it's so fucking embarrassing.

No. 1615910

I've heard of long in the tooth but never long in the gum… How the fuck did Mina and Dasha ever find this deformed moid attractive? kek

No. 1616096

It's funny, his fanbase is full of liberals and yet he portrays every issue he doesn't care about as libshit. I still remember when Roe V Wade was overturned, he laughed about how it would finally get the "white liberal Karens" to care about politics again.

No. 1618453

No. 1618513

Anybody have any milk on xqc? He gives off such a bad vibe but I can't put my finger on why

No. 1618530

He's just some idiot moid who goes wherever his gut tells him to go. I don't think he's sinister or hiding something, he's just an idiot.

No. 1618550

Just browse LSF. He doesn’t leave his house or interact with many people aside from his girlfriend and a few of the same streamers, so any drama is on stream. He’s just especially loud and stupid

No. 1618597

He gambles a lot and was kind of a dick about it when people (like his dad) showed concern.

No. 1618670

He's actually autistic and mega ADHD and will just spend the rest of his life online because of this. Also clearly malnourished because he forgets to eat (sometimes his food gets delivered and he's like "oh my food is here!" then ten hours later he's like "oh shit my food") and he doesn't move. He has a large cock though. Overall he's like a meat suit, he lives to vidya and he isn't even that good at it, hence the reaction content and gambling recently.

No. 1618749

Resident juicer aren't you.

No. 1618786

NTA but he's the biggest streamer right now and is decently entertaining.

No. 1618798

Kek you don't have to explain yourself

No. 1618856

ever since charlie started growing his hair out i feel like hes become so soulless. like 2-3 years ago he was pretty funny but starting around covid he almost completely changed personality. now he just kinda repeats the same shit over and over again

No. 1619041

how do you even know how big his dick is kek

No. 1619137

I wonder if he's burnt out.

No. 1619236

I remember in one older video he says a lot of his most popular videos back in the day were made when he was mega depressed, but damn old Charlie content really was much better.

No. 1619307

His old content was golden when he was a faceless monotonous entity that made really stupid scrote-tier jokes, but made it work for the videos he made. It always made me laugh. Now he is such a snore and just another youtuber.

No. 1619355

He accidentally revealed its length and girth against his black sweatpants live on stream during his once in 10 hours stretch

No. 1619550

I know you have the pic, post

No. 1619811

No. 1622039

Miyoung is definitely an interesting character, but I wonder if she's a bit of a climber.

Apparently, from OTV lore, she was introduced to the OTV group by Aria, back then she was dating a league pro. Then she started dating Toast after Joast broke up, while Toast was probably emotionally vulnerable. Then they broke up and got back together again(?). And Toast boosted Miyoung super hard. Then, she got really close to Valkyrae, and apparently that happened during the whole RFLCT incident when Valkyrae was attacked for that blue face cream, and Miyoung got super close to her in a really short timespan (again, while Valky was super emotionally vulnerable), and now they are besties.

Then she moved in with Fuslie/Valkyrae/Sykkuno. Maybe she saw that she didn't need Toast anymore, etc, who knows. But now she seems to be streaming everyday with Sykkuno. Maybe she saw that Sykkuno's star was rising while Toast's star was falling, who knows.

Definitely more to Miyoung than it appears.

No. 1622081

That’s a lot of “apparently” and “who knows”without saging parasocial-chan. How the fuck did you even find this website? From twitter?

No. 1622217


This is all conjecture but the way OTV&F have seemingly split into two camps points to Toast doing something so clearly wrong that Fuslie house no longer wants to associate with him or Miyoung latched onto someone with more clout than Toast and in true clout chasing streamer fashion, they chose her over him. A certain jug headed, covers his mouth when he laughs, voluntary perma incel does fit the description but I find it unlikely.

Nothing else really explains the abruptness and dramatic splintering of their social group. Shit, Miyoung was at Disneyland with Toast and his parents maybe a week before they cut off all contact at around the time of Sydeon's birthday party.(newfag)

No. 1622268

>>1622081 she was dating Adrian Ma, there were some photos of them together but now deleted. I think if you google their names you might find a photo of two. Its kindda true that she and Toast dated very soon after Joast though, if you watch some of Toast older videos you'll see her and her dog in his background a lot, although back then no one really knew who she was and Toast just didnt comment on the girl thats living in his room.
Not sure about the other comments

No. 1622291

Toast literally only got back from Japan like… max 2 weeks ago? and he spent most of that time in the rust tournament. Its obvious him and Miyoung are avoiding each other, I doubt his friend group is avoiding him too. Otherwise why would Rae go to Japan with them.

No. 1622335


I mean, there doesn't have to be real drama for people to 'split' into camps. And they stream/collab with isn't really a great indicator of who they're friends with, or not. And Toast mentioned his Weirdchampness being the reason Janet and he broke up- who knows, he could've been the one who dumped Miyoung. And all streamers are climbers, orbiters, or leeches/'networkers'.

No. 1622381

I don't understand how you got to the conclusion that Toast did something wrong from that. They're her roommates, so they play games with her, and Toast and her broke up, meaning they wouldn't invite Toast to play with them.
Plus they were all playing on the Sunday Among Us lobbies before Japan (sans Miyoung of course), Miyoungs back in the lobbies now that Toast doesn't want to play anymore.

No. 1622600

you're an actual retard if you think sykkuno would be interested in any other females besides gawr gura. He is a literal 4chan 3dpd hating incarnate in hiding,

No. 1622744

Nah, it's obvious Sykkuno is much more cunning than he appears. He knows what kind of audience he has and plays the image. Somehow, his fans think he's this sexless virgin with no life experience while in real life he is like 30+, a multi-millionaire with a master's degree. He knows exactly what he is doing and that is why he is so successful in attracting the audience that he has.

(Also, note that while Sykkuno is known for his "nice guy" image, I have watched OTV a lot and have never really heard anyone talk about him DOING any nice or selfless thing for someone else. It seems he knows how to talk and say nice things, but what he does is all self serving)

As for Sykkuno and Miyoung, I feel there is more behind the scenes. If your "friends" (i.e Sykkuno and Toast are at least "on stream friends") break up, would you really spent everyday streaming with his now ex-gf? Especially when you have other people to collab with, etc? Doesn't smell right to me.

I think the most likely situation is Miyoung moved from league pro -> Toast -> Sykkuno (who is on the rise with his youtube deal, etc), the same way she went from Aria -> OTV girls -> Valkyrae/Fuslie. Keep in mind that Miyoung did a subathon and then proceeded to pretty much stop streaming except to do ads also, nothing wrong with shamelessness of course, streaming is a cut-throat industry.

No. 1622782

how the fuck are you going to write a whole ass unrelated response to >>1622600 fuck off stalker chan, go back to making random twitter accounts and a-logging otv. I'm sure toast will madly fall in love with you one day

No. 1622785

Where can I find out more about trafficking claims?(when you learn to sage)

No. 1622920

There were articles linked in previous threads

No. 1622973

My friend, why are you so angry and aggressive relative to my comments. I'm simply posting some observations. If you have any disagreements with my observations, please point out the specific section which you disagree with.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1622990

I absolutely hate Sykkuno and I’m waiting for the day his ass gets exposed. I don’t generally trust male streamers but I especially distrust him.

No. 1623027

Last I heard Sykkuno was dating weeniedesu, not Miyoung? There's not too much solid proof but some weird stuff (matching Discord icons obviously from the same drawing, playing offline together a lot, apparently living in the same Minecraft house lol) and it tracks with his prior dating history of an artist and also being obsessed with Lily.

No. 1623043

File: 1661225761756.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3072x4096, 971CE24F-5D84-4E22-A95B-5A48FF…)

See this is why I don’t take any OTV shit in this thread seriously. You type in the buzzwords they use from their posts into google/twitter and all you get is burner egg accounts aggressively telling their schizo brainworms into the void. These retards clearly have an agenda and it’s better if we don’t play into it. It’s not even good milk/drama either, oh someone broke up? literally who cares

No. 1623141

>>1623043 The whole purpose of this place is to discuss twitch drama, which generally includes relationships and breaks up lol.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1623142

Fuck off newfag reee

No. 1623147

he's the biggest money dog of them all, everything he does just pretend, his whole "im just an ADHD sperg having fun like u gamers" is just an elaborate act, everything he does he does for money and he constantly spams the show ads button every time the website lets him and i thought the leaked twitch document would finally make people realize this but nobody actually cared

No. 1623154

Now that takes me back. I remember weeniedesu talked shit about a random artist with her friend during a livestream, and when they got caught she went victim mode. No wonder she's always venting on twitter too. If she really is his gf, she should have listened to what his ex said.

No. 1623217

Situations a bit different when your friends ex girlfriend is literally your roommate that you see/talk to everyday and can't really avoid, and shes 'besties' with your other roommates.>>1622744(sage your shit)

No. 1623367

I had to look this shit up because her name sounded familiar. She was the girl who was dating another artist named Kuno or something and they both shit on a girl's art and the entire internet went ham on her kek. I knew Kuno came back but didn't realize she did too.

No. 1623427

She wasn't dating him, but she was (probably still is) his friend in Twitch chat. They both talked shit about the person and made fun of their art for no reason. All I know from her appearance is that she is chubby white woman IRL. I dont like nor trust her because after that she's been keeping her internet presence as "im a shy victim uwu" while trying to get a glimpse of clout.

No. 1623433

Holy shit I forgot about that, lol. So glad I didn't purchase her seal plush.
>she is chubby white woman IRL.
Every time.

No. 1627574

File: 1661637276986.jpeg (754.54 KB, 1125x1578, 0EAB8E92-E071-4006-85C5-6DDD3A…)

The KSI fight is going down and Anisa is in ‘boxing expert commentator” mode

No. 1627578

File: 1661637434499.jpeg (772.16 KB, 1125x1616, 771062F2-9593-4BC1-BDDC-2709A4…)

Also nauseating, Anisa raking in the praise from Dr.Mike even though she’s been shit talking him since idubbbz lost.

No. 1629320

I think he is a bit too big now in terms of views to get exposed. He reminds me a lot of the whole Ellen thing, where Ellen had this brand of being "super nice" but was secretly a real nasty person. Sykkuno even does the whole "oh wow, you were invited? even I wasn't invited" kind of false humility.

He seems also really good at playing the victim, like have watched a few times when he gets called out on something, he will just be like "well i just wanted to play with my friends" or "i was just trying to have a good time" and act hurt and sad. Then the person calling them out looks like a bad guy while playing the victim card.

His fans call it "trolling" but it is basically just straight up lying to people's faces. Like the dude makes millions of dollars, and talk about his "water bill" with a falsely humble "guys, i'm just a small streamer for fun, i need to pay my water bill". If you are a sucker fan, you donate and he makes money, if you call him out, then it's "just trolling for fun, haha", and he wins either way. Just goes to show all the big streamers are successful for a reason, he knows exactly what he is doing, he knows his audience and is very good at it.(sage)

No. 1629336

Isn’t matt from supermega trying to figure out if he has brain damage from the dad fight because after the fight, his eyes have been dilated during night time? Curious stuff, anisa.

No. 1629365

I wonder if iCuckkz was a good boy and she allowed him to watch the Sam Hyde fight too?

No. 1629400

No. 1629426

>could of
She speaks one (1) language, barely. So smart

No. 1629436

File: 1661762309511.jpeg (655.78 KB, 1125x1846, 1E77B596-DF54-44DD-B376-215484…)

If you mention Sam/Keem they get so triggered lmao

No. 1629913

File: 1661801356354.png (Spoiler Image, 937.85 KB, 1161x724, thicc in the head.png)

not graphic but spoiling the bulge just in case

No. 1630121

why would you even post that its just a dick

No. 1630145

sage because it's not really milky but Ludwig got swatted, while the cops were sweeping the attic they fell through the ceiling. They also told Ludwig to get a different job when he asked them why they never call ahead of a SWAT KEK

No. 1630237

more than one nonny asked about it and the video wasn't embedded properly so i took an image of the video and posted it since this is an image board. saged

No. 1630284

Just looks like he has huge nasty balls, like there's more balls than dick.

No. 1630408

Props to Ludwig for knowingly embodying every snooty rich kid in high school.

No. 1630676

Been vaguely following the Jasmine Chiswell/pinuppixie situation since someone tried and failed to make a thread about it on lolcow, related subreddit:

Both of them have been using marilyn's image for clicks for years, Chiswell even had a recent colorpop makeup launch with extremely marilyn-alike photos. But now, suddenly chiswell has dropped vintage fashion and got some shitty hair extensions. Pinuppixie has also been posting videos with slightly better hair extensions recently, it's like they're both moving away from the marilyn look suddenly.
It's more suspicious with chiswell since most of her following happened during the marilyn larping. My tinfoil: the marilyn estate got in touch with both of them, not sure what exactly would be said but likely something about infringement on the copyright/image rights, whatever happened it seems too sudden to be a natural choice/change.
tl:dr marilyn larpers suddenly changing their image in the last few weeks/days for no reason, despite getting famous specifically due to the marilyn larping

No. 1631338

Definitely sounds like they were hit with a lawsuit or cease & desist

No. 1631707

Twitch moids are the worst. This male is saying twitch is sexist against moids because he got perma banned after hate raiding and harassing pokimane for weeks. Of course moids are taking his side that he shouldn't be perma banned anymore, because pokimane is a doormat and "forgave" him after his fans still kept harassing her on twitter. Like yeah there are to many thots on twitch and they are encouring female sexualisation which is wrong. But it makes me seethe that this moid is trying to compare his own situation and saying that he shouldnt be perma banned because twitch thots are a thing. I hope he keeps staying banned just to see him sperg out more about muh male sexism on twitch.

No. 1631715

Does anyone saw the stream that he is criticizing? He says that the woman was having sex on stream but so what? 7 days ban sounds fair

No. 1631728

Waaaah wahhh get fucked male

No. 1632121

I swear to god male streamers need to be forced to do some construction or something useful for their community.

No. 1632531

>>1631715 It was initially a 1 or 2 week ban for making sexual comments/telling his chat to hate raid Poki but he still kept posting shit about her on twitter and telling fans to send hate comments/spam her DMs etc so they perma banned him.

No. 1632591

100 thieves is co-owned by Scooter Braun??? It makes sense how valkyrae got her position now(sage your shit )

No. 1632650

>>1631715 was talking about the stream of the woman who got temp banned. Vidrel.

No. 1635359

File: 1662262472107.jpg (209.02 KB, 1200x900, Fbx3VSTWYAItd6Q.jpg)

just two pals hanging out

No. 1635419

shes going to suck him dry (literally and figuratively) just like she did to dyrus

No. 1635502

Didn't even recognize her without her array of filters

Sorry for asking to be spoonfed but what was the tl;dr of what she did to Dyrus. Need a refresher.

No. 1635508

was just referencing how she got with him when he was a 30k viewer streamer and pro player, and when he kept declining and declining eventually winding up in the few hundreds she eventually left and now she's on to mizkif, who of course by pure coincidence is usually about a…30k viewer streamer (more sometimes but was closer to 30k consistent when she first got her claws in him last year)

she'll ride this one until he crashes eventually too

No. 1635532

File: 1662278661290.jpg (87.24 KB, 1280x720, esfandbonnie.jpg)

Thoughts the new OTK relationship bating Esfand is doing.

No. 1635540

ex camgirl who did b/g scenes and had an onlyfans until the day before she showed up at esfands house and closed it

pretty funny how his friend mizkifs mods were handing out her porn name to everyone in his public discord too

No. 1635542

>Didn't even recognize her without her array of filters
Most of her simps didn't recognize her either.
Her voice is annoying as fuck.

No. 1635551

Thanks nona that's what I thought but my nigel said I would just assuming the worst. From what I did find online sounds like she left him when he wasn't doing well mentally either which is really fucked up if true. Hope her new "friend" pumps and dumps her before she can do it to him.

Can smell them both through this photo

No. 1635570

File: 1662283089226.png (56.84 KB, 400x453, bonnie.PNG)

here's her cam name, courtesy of mizkifs discord mods, im sure google will get you there from that

No. 1635583


i 100% recommend checking emiru's lc thread, she was the funniest (and probably still is) cow on LoL e-girl scene istg. she also kept making him fatter and more depressed by creating drama around LoL e-girls (and his friends) to seem like a true NLOG, always bragging about how she eats only packs of doritos daily and stays thin. boy, the fact that she used two bras to make her chest seem big is hilarious (idk if she does that now, i don't catch up to anything LoL-related for a long time). darius is his own depressed neckbeard and anime coomer but at least he never acted the same way as she did

No. 1635610

>boy, the fact that she used two bras to make her chest seem big is hilarious (idk if she does that now, i don't catch up to anything LoL-related for a long time).
She does actually kek. Honestly I think I'm attached to her because she reminds me of the old lc days.

No. 1635624

Emiru is a snowflake but I couldn’t give less of a shit that she didn’t want to play bang maid to some washed up depressed gamer anymore. Women shouldn’t make themselves responsible for mentally ill scrotes.

No. 1636093

She's still a bangmaid, just to a different manchild crybaby who has more views and money, it's not as if she changed

No. 1636206

Funny how a conventionally attractive woman can meme her moid audience into thinking she's ugly just by insisting on looking like an animu character all the time.

No. 1636314

so by your logic any woman in a relationship is a bangmaid.

No. 1636315

she's fucking mizkif and being his therapist and babysitter in exchange for clout viewers and money

she's a bangmaid just like with dyrus

sage your fucking posts

No. 1636334

babysitter? she doesn't even cook or clean for the house. She also has insane stalker issues so she probably has more issues and there is nothing to say she is a therapist. Literally every streamer complains about content on alts. You are just making shit up, schizo.

No. 1636336

>any woman in a relationship is a bangmaid
9 times out of 10 yeah. Het women’s self respect is abysmal.
The point is that miz has more money so it is a trade up for her. She probably loves it that he’s a tranny chaser so she doesn’t have to fuck him.

No. 1636339

she's doing the exact same thing with mizkif she did with dyrus, fucking and taking care of a manchild in exchange for clout and views and the money that comes with it, anything beyond that is nitpicking, same basic bangmaid role

sage your whiteknight posts

the tranny story was fake, he's been fucking emiru for quite awhile, im not sure if he's less gross than dyrus or not as a step up, but at least he has more money and viewers

No. 1636367

Emiru is a dried up e-thot, she’s not in her prime anymore and she locked herself into getting cycled through nasty scrotes because she doesn’t want to lift a finger and actually work for once

No. 1636370

Do you actually know if she's being his therapist and babysitter?

No. 1636373

stop nitpicking he's a known crybaby manchild, a girlfriend - even a leech one - is the same thing as a therapist and babysitter to them

you think she's not stuck consoling him every time he's upset? have you ever seen his whining on his alt or in his chat, don't be naive

and she has admitted cooking for him when she was taking care of him during his poor baby couldn't sleep phases on her tiktok streams

No. 1636375

So she's acting like a girlfriend? I'm sure he's their for her when she's upset aswell.

No. 1636380

i think you're an emiru whiteknight scrote who has no idea what a healthy relationship is and youre living in denial that she's not his bangmaid for clout/money/fame

you probably think she actually loved dyrus too

telling that you think its a womans job to be the scrotes therapist and cook for him and all that shit, have you ever had a girlfriend?

No. 1636390

Consoling your partner equals = therapist
You have issues(stop)

No. 1636399

not surprising that a scrote doesn't grasp the concept of unequal or uncompensated emotional labor, a partner is never your therapist - but of course we know emiru is being well compensated to fuck and comfort mizkif with all that clout and views, thats why she's there, it's her job, it's how she gets away with barely streaming in a streamer org, fucking the boss has perks

go back your twitch porn forums to jerk off to emiru this isn't the place for you

No. 1636422

File: 1662342711293.jpeg (50.36 KB, 495x372, E2426CA9-5A4F-4F70-A110-60D47C…)

I bet you’re the same faggot who always posts emiru’s pics in /g/ and tries to convince everyone she’s hot. Emiru is an ugly ass thot, she would commit suicide if all the beauty filter and photoshop apps got wiped from the app store.(stop)

No. 1636432

NTA but you sound like a scrote yourself. If anything the emiru spammer is more likely to post retarded “dried up thot” tirade because he’s mad that farmers hate scrotes more than they hate her.

No. 1636449

Lol you don’t have to be a scrote to see that she’s a used rag

No. 1636475

This sounds like something personal to you, chill out.

No. 1636617

Miz is an ADHDfag, and in my experience, moids with ADHD are compelling partners at the beginning because YOU are their newest hyperfixation – Maya has mentioned how generous, helpful, and sweet Miz was to her. ADHD men don't love women; they develop the hobby of wooing a specific woman. As soon as he gets bored of Emi (and he will), he'll "shelve" her (because ADHD men don't know how to treat human beings differently than they treat their Lego sets), and when she pushes back he'll break up with her and springboard to another woman. I don't like Emiru, but acting like she's some kind of harpy for dating a (probably very sweet and attentive, FOR NOW) man in her own age range after being fucking cradle-robbed by a mid-20s League pro when she was a teen is fucking stupid. I don't like Maya either, she's a massive NLOG, but she's a victim of his bullshit, too.

No. 1636706

Emiru went after both of them because of their fame and money and how they would be able to advance her own career. Mizkif and Dyrus being just as fucked up as advertised doesn't somehow remove her agency in her situations.

It simply means all three are shitty in their various ways.

But I absolutely agree on Maya and that Mizkif will sooner or later shelve and dump Emiru when he gets bored the same way he did her.

No. 1636722

ntayrt that was actually me kek. Sorry you partly got banned over my post.

I'm suspecting one of the Emirufags itt is either Dyrus himself or a scrote from her league of simps. I found a small coomer community dedicated to her and other Twitch women while searching her name on Twitter. One of them has to be coming here. The anon in here sounds just as deranged as they do over there.

No. 1636741

>is either Dyrus himself
Dyrus booboo if it is you please move on you can do better

No. 1636743

Dude is a fat neet with a dead career who doesn't go outside. Don't think he is in high demand in the dating market at this point.(learn2sage)

No. 1636750

I don't think it's Dyrus but Emiru used to egosearch a lot back then so she obviously knows of the existence of the thread. I would assume it's her or the coomers. Regardless, figuring it out is not even milk-worthy.

No. 1636758

Unless he troons out you would be surprised

No. 1636933

>you win the internet today sir! take my wholesome seal award! happy cake day!

No. 1637147

>people don’t like emiru

No. 1637648

File: 1662407427079.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 816.12 KB, 1125x1459, 970C3A2E-379C-4A0E-999E-91C600…)

I think it’s so funny that Anisa flew out to celebrate her friend’s bday/self published album launch, but then makes that same friend shoot her onlyfans content the next day lmao. Anisa is truly the embodiment of ME ME ME ME

No. 1637948

File: 1662415677947.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1125x1985, 67AB6FD5-033E-40FB-988C-B8ED0C…)

Tweedledum and tweedledee looking ass

No. 1638270

did she get a bbl?

No. 1638337

No, bbls make your ass look unnaturally round and tend to be ridden with cellulite.

No. 1638357

it's just so sad how unfortunate looking she is. she has a decent body but she's ruined it bc she overcompensated for her busted face.

No. 1638372

So basically what she's saying is, she wants to be a normie influencer?

Calm down, Ms. Venti.

No. 1638378

ah yes after being a pick me for years and ruining twitch and streaming for other women by setting up pick me standards she just… ditches streaming. very cool pokimane.

No. 1638400

that fake crying

No. 1638419

Too bad she mainly has scrote viewers from what I have seen. If she had mainly a female fan base maybe it could work for her. She is an inch away from accepting that she either has to get a new job or open an onlyfans.

No. 1638420

I mean of all influencer burn out videos, hers has been the most well spoken response I’ve seen, albeit a bit dramatic. And tbh I get it, she could totally just take the bestdressed route and just fuck off

No. 1638423

>open an onlyfans
No matter how many times you say this, it’s never going to happen dude

No. 1638593


She just wants to be away from twitch so she doesnt have to see rae steal her ex boytoy hasan

No. 1638618

File: 1662451794526.png (2.65 MB, 2396x1218, male_behaviour.png)

Please go back to Twitter.

No. 1638641

Kek deadass they want to make Poki an OF billionaire, they’re begging to pay $50/month instead of $25, the vendetta is psychosexual

No. 1638655

I'm dying.

No. 1638807

anyone who believes that Hassan is an attractive man should get glasses, and his fanbase are a bunch of retards

No. 1639067

He used to be kind of cute imo but he's aging at a weirdly rapid pace and got ugly af within the past few years

No. 1639073

he must have a hairier back than Ron Jeremy

No. 1640197

File: 1662518513710.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2051x4096, 48ED6600-E257-4192-8107-45F875…)

Leave it to Anisa to somehow spin “I get nervous on airplanes” to “this is why I’m afraid to get pregnant”.

No. 1640521

She specifically says
> I have a severe fear of puking
It’s fair to say this is what she was referring to when she mentioned pregnancy, no?

No. 1640590

No I get that, but Anisa already said during her cancer scare arc she didn’t want to have children or they’ll adopt. Prior to that she said she didn’t want to carry a baby because it would stretch out her belly. In any situation, she will just lie to cope or for attention.

No. 1640724

has valkyrae been reading this thread? lol ~11:40

No. 1641421

That's pretty funny and she's not wrong though… Cyr is an alcoholic with a cigarette addiction who looks ugly af nowadays. What even is that awful hairstyle that he has right now? The greasy scrote needs to get a haircut and go see a dentist.

No. 1641790

File: 1662605429874.jpg (193.68 KB, 1080x889, 3210.jpg)

>getting pissy and triggered
>over youtube comments

For context, tube frogs started commenting on her recent collabs with kawaii ugu western vtubers (despite only a few months back her making fun of everyone and speaking negatively)

No. 1641799

daph always tried to have that "tough girl" image, dishes it out but someone says one negative thing towards her and she does shit like this. I used to like that she went against the meta and played whatever games she felt like, but over the last year or two she's gotten insufferable.

No. 1641801

She's got a big mouth, that's what I love and hate about her.

No. 1641804

Daph is definitely poisoned by the whole "parasocial" narrative she feels she has to run a tight ship on her image.

No. 1641992

She talked shit about them only a few days before she is supposed to collab with the most popular Vtuber company member (hololive), gee i wonder why people are mad. Daph is such a pickme idiot, i swear.

No. 1642024

I don’t have a problem with her “bruh girl” personality, I like daph, but girl, you knew damn well this is the cost of meddling with vcoomer shit. If you thought OTV fags were retarded and sensitive… I hate that she started drawing them and @ing them 24/7, especially interacting with annoying asf moid tubers.

No. 1642411

what did she say? Most Vtubers are cringe, i watch some myself but most are just fucking horrible and annoying. Did she actually trash talk the person she was supposed to collab with or are weebs just upset that she made some comment about a trashy vtuber?

No. 1642414

samefag but holy shit daph seems so fucking annoying. imagine having this loud ass streamer as your neighbour who streams in the middle at the night and yells for hours long.

No. 1642448

Emiru went from leeching off rando high elo players for elo to scrotes like reckful, tyler1, dyrus and miz for clout. She’s forever going to be a clout chaser

No. 1642729

File: 1662675177662.jpeg (317.04 KB, 1918x1254, B7CDEB45-C4B9-45DF-A491-E7EF49…)

is/did sodapoppin really date a vtuber???? veibae or something? is this an inside joke or has he really gone off the deep end? i saw someone ask him in one of his wow streams yesterday if "he and vei" would be online at a certain time and he answered it kek what the fuck i'm so confused. if this is real he has seriously gone off the deep end… he used to be the only streamer i could stomach until. he was so normal in 2016 compared to now. i do realise this could entirely be a joke and i'm being dramatic but kek the thought of him actually dating a vtuber is hard to stomach.

No. 1642731

he's been edating veibae the vtuber for like a year, they wear rings and sleep in discord calls and play games all night together, her simps hate it, its hilarious, theres an amazing copypasta email from one crying about their relationship

google 'sodapoppin veibae letter' without quotes and the first youtube has the whole thing readable

No. 1643006

Sorry idk how to rationally put this. Love watching Nick DeRamio. But drag is apparently black and white and perfect and art and gender positive….straight up straight men do drag and are nasty misogynistic shits. This whole thing makes no sense. These women are not making sense but he's running in circles to make it sound like drag stereotyping women is oki doki. Sorry for link. Ban accepted.
Also talking about "privilege" as a God damn man makes me rage so hard. Nick! Wtf?! You're normally ok. Gotta side with your men huh. "You're very proud of your cis womanhood" (angrily). Replace woman with black or wow.and also: bring in a male voice over to reaffirm your hate against women who hate drag queens. Much ethical journalism. Such professionalism

No. 1643010

Oops. This

No. 1643067

not to be parasocial but wtf is he doing dating a vtuber… is he ok? he's a literal millionaire, he could go out there help someone idk whatever the fuck he's choosing to date an anime character with a pitched up voice on twitch. live and let live but jesus what the hell…

No. 1643076

i also like nick diramio (his shane dawson criticism videos are the best on youtube) and i agree but this would be better in youtube general.

No. 1643080

You do realize vtubers are real people behind the avatar right.

No. 1643085

File: 1662693346810.jpeg (75.18 KB, 510x677, B062299A-9E1D-48B0-9381-57FF9C…)

She's hot, that's all there is to it. Her "degen" online persona also probably appealed to him. There's a reason he has been friends with Kaceytron for so long.(samefagging)

No. 1643093

Do you watch soda at all?? He’s a typical anime degen and prior to dating vei everyone legit thought he was gay. No one simps for soda, and fortunately vei’s fan base doesn’t have many unicorns.

No. 1643204

File: 1662708140108.jpeg (761.54 KB, 1125x1707, C9A59369-6D04-442A-972D-26ED4C…)

Anisa keeps responding to bait. She’s trying to make a “gotcha” moment by saying she was dating him since the tana/ricegum videos but those content cops were horrible lmao

No. 1643222

now one without 6 filters pls

No. 1643259

>he's a literal millionaire, he could go out there help someone idk whatever the fuck he's choosing to date

bruh you make it sound like millionaires choose to go out to help people. news flash, they dont and millionaires date too.

No. 1643567

the tana content cop wasn’t that bad because tana literally set up the entire thing like a rube goldberg machine for him and he just had to record her making a fool out of herself all along the way. ricegum was terrible bc everyone knows ricegum’s content is terrible and even ricegum knows his content is terrible. he wasn’t saying anything new. and his whole section about the girl with the sexual assault conversation came off as him being some white knight when the girl clearly didn’t care much as he pretended to. you could see her influence a lot more in that, especially with that dumb ass diss track. that was clearly her idea.

No. 1643744

>sexual assault conversation
Always thought this was a weird point. Like rice was being insensitive and a dumbass, but at least he wasn’t like Anisa who said women who were sexually assaulted shouldn’t speak about it years later.

No. 1644299

So she's a farmer. It's always the one who has the bubbly, nice act kek

No. 1644434

Before being a vtuber she used to give nudes for boost in Overwatch and was known as being a whore for that, would pretend to be an edgy NLOG and throw n-words, i bet it's all still googleable.

No. 1644577

Post caps

No. 1644579

>makes obvious observation that literally anyone can tell
>omf she’s a farmer
Weird fan behavior

No. 1644638

one of us, ONE OF US

No. 1644676

No she’s a normal fag, if anything she gets worse thrown at her through the twitter kiddies. Daph on the other hand probably lurks often here. Last time someone called her an nlog in thread and she immediately subtweeted about it

No. 1645094

Despite not providing any proof I still genuinely believe this nonna

No. 1645152

sitting in front of a screen for many hours every day does that to you, yeah
he gets called a chad because he bothers exercising, but I mean, so does Tyler1

No. 1645198

The key difference is that Tyler1 is a manlet and that will forever impede him from being viewed a chad. You also can't deny that the gigachad meme does somewhat resemble Hasan. But vaguely, like a memory trying redraw the gigachad.

No. 1645963

File: 1662961110558.jpeg (638.98 KB, 1526x3009, 51B989C8-5E7A-4030-9B8F-579490…)

Today is 9/11, and as usual Anisa asks “how do I make this about me?”

Also don’t believe she ever wore a hijab, if she did, she would be posting that shit everywhere like she does with her “anorexia” teen selfies

No. 1646307

File: 1663005273088.jpeg (860.56 KB, 1768x3836, 861EE3C7-6532-4C44-A7FA-65F016…)

lies about being persecuted as an muslim, worried people will think she’s annoying for lying. Anisa wants to say she’s autistic to excuse her pathological lying behavior

No. 1646408

Daph browses LSF and used to make it obvious she reads PULL before, no surprises. This woman is deranged.

No. 1646530

Omg absolutely unhinged, psychotic even, someone arrest her.

No. 1646548

every streamer browses lsf how is this deranged lmaooo

No. 1646566

Nta but she was obsessed with it and asked her fanbase to manipulate posts(even those that didn’t involve her). I think it resulted in her being banned from lsf but I don’t remember

No. 1646686

Brigade with the purpose to get banned is a classic streamer tactic when they become the target of the week or something, nothing new or unique to her. LSF is a cesspool, who gives a shit about its integrity or whatever. Go back.

No. 1647117

>>1646566 she requested to be banned from LSF, so did a bunch of others.
LSF is pretty boring now though, used to be juicy now its just super tame.

No. 1647187

She only had a career because of lsf labeling her as “hentai” artist. Like it’s amazing she openly hated poki for likes at one point when she was leeching off bigger streamers by drawing them “fanart”

No. 1647222

How is drawing fanart leeching, you’re the one daph vendettafag who brings up the 3 year old poki drama every time cuz you have nothing else lmao. It’s not her fault lsf has a fetish and blows up every asian girl.

No. 1647730

Not the other anons but nice deflect. Lets not forget she was only known for being the Fed molester defender and hating on other girls to protect “poor widdle Hasan”.

No. 1648237

This. She never shown any support towards women unless it benefited her, but jumped on Fed the rapist train and during the Hasan wk saga she always made sure to talk shit about Pokimane like she is a jealous gf or something. Daph is a weirdo.

No. 1648245

NTA but tbf she supports women in a twitterfag libshit way aka calling herself “amouranth feminist”. She and Poki made a show of “squashing the beef” and streamed together to really drive home that they’re chill, i guess. Other than that the only girl she really interacts with is Kyedae. She should really stop WKing Hasan, he doesn’t give a fuck now that she has a bf.

No. 1648313

>Lets not forget she was only known for being the Fed molester defender
Ok defended him how

No. 1648472

go back to the previous threads for the whole thing but tl;dr fed lied to daph so she helped spread fake rumors/unfairly brigaded girls

No. 1648609

??? Fed gaslit everyone, he even gaslit Poki to isolate her from being close to anyone in OTV and Yvonne to point of it ruining the her job. The things Fed might of lied about were probably so damning if they were true anyone would run with it and if not he was a sociopath for gaslighting, but nobody at the time thought he was a literal sociopath with his freak puppet show. It wasn't like she did it with bad intentions or to appease men.

No. 1649663

Baldy is about to be in debt and plans to do a subathon soon. Again.

No. 1649968

how can you admit to making milion dollars last year, having 800k dollars house and beg for money in the same breath. sometimes I wish I were that shameless and obnoxious, it must make his life easier to have no sense of decency

No. 1650030

That would be his like 4th subathon in under one year… Does this balding ogre really not get paid enough money from his fellow scrotes in OTK? I can see why Cyr always looks homeless now with his greasy hair and dirty smoker teeth.

No. 1650166

File: 1663562887177.jpg (24.2 KB, 230x142, 1112.jpg)

so tl;dr sliker stole thousands from friends and fans.

like yes it sucks, but the way people are drama farming off an obviously mental break reminds me of the reckful situation and the forecasts do not look good

No. 1650187

kek as soon as lolcow went down 4 different dramas have happened

No. 1650188

hundreds of thousands he scammed from viewers and other streamers

which now ludwig and xqc say they will pay people back

not sure sliker really learns anything from it in the end, he'll probably do it more, and i still haven't seen satisfactory proof that he actually lost it all gambling instead of just pocketed it.

No. 1650190

Tectone frequently talks about fucking anime girls in front of his wife, no wonder she's depressed and moved out. The insecurity must have been hurting her.

No. 1650238

Not even necessarily insecurity, it's hard to take a man seriously as a partner when he talks about that shit all the time lmao. It's okay to like characters and find them appealing, but frequently talking about wanting to fuck cartoon characters is such middle school boy behavior. I hope she gets some clarity and leaves him lmao.

No. 1650247

The fact that these streamers are babying this mongrel this hard is just sad.
and also the fact that he gets off this easy with them just paying off his debts is just pathetic.

No. 1650266

It gets worse. Imagine proudly proclaiming how much money you’ve wasted on gacha games, then bringing your wife in to get her reaction to it for content. I don’t blame her at all for any sort of discontent she might feel. Honestly I hope she drops his ass.

No. 1650306

i believe this even tho i never saw proof kek

i knew of her cause she was edating a guild leader from the archeage community till she cucked him for soda
the community is small but for anyone who knows it it's a cesspool and most girls just edate guys in that community only cause of how much money theyll spend on them (cause that game is very p2w most "known" people of it are whales)

No. 1650341

God i hope his wife grows a spine and leaves him.

No. 1650393

I don't know who this is but his wife is cute and definitely deserves better Jesus fuck.

No. 1650474

I don't even know why his wife married him. He was a loser weeaboo neet before he blew up for playing gacha games. He used to make videos about how to save money as a NEET. One tip was to pee in a fucking plastic bottle to save water and not flush the toilet. Also if he did use the toilet he would only flush after a couple bathroom trips. I don't know why the wife put up with him but she could do better.

No. 1650497

>779k subscribers
fuck this world seriously

No. 1650554

File: 1663601220482.jpg (236.2 KB, 1080x1452, FISAcH8UcAQjXkK.jpg)

I came across his yt channel when I started playing Genshin and this smelly discord mod looking pedo is just vile. I honestly feel sorry for his wife. also what's with this "I need money" thing? he proclaims himself to be a giga whale and spends thousands of dollars on a chinese game for children, buys a house and somehow is broke? I know his fanbase is braindead but c'mon…

not to vendetta but he just gets under my skin. idk if it's his "obese neckbeard weaboo that watches hentai 24/7" schtick or if it's because he shits up the genshin community with pointless drama but he's just so off putting. pic related

No. 1650570

His wife is a Vtuber named Fream. Haven't stayed for a full stream but she is relatively normal.

No. 1650587

iirc she and Teccy both gained a lot of weight after living together. kek imagine settling down with a fat bald coomer and getting fat yourself, no wonder she's not doing well mentally

No. 1650750

File: 1663612522336.jpeg (150.98 KB, 1600x900, BBDBF607-D4E8-4BAD-8E33-7C7490…)

Absolute OT and nitpicking I guess but I just needed to get off my chest that I really don’t like how Poki looks with her curly hair. It’s pretty rare that I think someone with naturally curly hair looks better with their hair straightened so I’m not a racismfag or something, I think it might be because she really perfected the blowout hairstyle and did the sleek look for so long it’s jarring to see the curls. Idk, I feel like I’m the only one tho so prob unpopular opinion

No. 1650758

xqc and adept broke up! there is a chance!

No. 1650767

he is the stereotype of 'waifu' anime fans who are showerph0bic

No. 1650782

It looks bad because she's not committed to the curl, if she didn't blow out her hair ever again, got a proper curly cut and did a curly hair routine it would look a lot better.
I prefer the curls (fucked up as they are) because with the blowouts you can tell she's got a TON of products in it to keep it from being frizzy, it looks crunchy and stiff lol

No. 1651024

back off he is MINE

No. 1651139

>I’m not a racismfag

She’s white and North African. Stop anon, please kek

No. 1651153

File: 1663628798307.jpg (94.05 KB, 744x649, dsdad.jpg)

can't believe anisa had the literal stage to dress up and advertise her OF and she decides to go no makeup+tshirt+sweats lol

No. 1651156

File: 1663628952602.jpg (85.22 KB, 889x582, oof.jpg)

anyways, the stills from dad's side of creator clash are very sad lol. did idubbbz really expect to win against dr.mike looking like that


No. 1651159

she looks cute here, that hair really suits her

No. 1651163

i agree, it gives off that kid from special ed vibes.

No. 1651184

File: 1663630057357.jpg (102.46 KB, 360x486, scsafa.jpg)

candid anisa in her environment, terminally online

No. 1651189

according to kf when I last read her and idubbbz thread, she seems like she is stepping away from OF

No. 1651193

File: 1663630281196.jpeg (36.26 KB, 202x299, A4072DD5-E985-4163-B721-0B6A42…)

i’m such a turbo autist and have never done this nitpicking before in my life but is she cutting herself?

No. 1651212

I know when I cut myself I sure do one single cut then wear something short enough to reveal it. not trying to be a dick but come on now kek

No. 1651240

Who is this? It might be their cat. Also actual cutters have a huge line of cuts and keloids.

No. 1651244

File: 1663633094087.jpeg (388.98 KB, 1364x2048, 3EE4B11C-7B40-4597-84B8-AF0716…)

It seems like she’s trying to get back into it with a semi professional photo shoot, but damn this is not it. Even with a coomer brain, I don’t think they’d want this

No. 1651249

File: 1663633772705.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1955x1125, 8C897092-C0D5-4047-B949-58767F…)

Uhh holy fuck train is accusing the Austin crew of covering up SA. Cyr came to mind but honestly could be anyone

No. 1651265

she really keeps looking like a greasy little boy no matter what.

No. 1651272

lol that entire community is imploding for how fake as shit they are, they were all business partners and never friends they all operate in the same narc ego fashion: once shit hits the fan, everyone is going down

No. 1651285

File: 1663635836554.jpeg (296.37 KB, 1080x1941, b6f48wC.jpeg)

at least post the (now deleted) tweet

No. 1651301

the tweet is literally in the screencap

No. 1651305

It's CrazySlick dumbass

No. 1651308

File: 1663637349557.png (43.49 KB, 788x148, unknown.png)

No. 1651317

Mizkif's deleted tweet is not in the screencap.

No. 1651329

It had the potential to be a good photo but it's Anisa. She can't pose to save her life. I'm more distracted by her bat tat. Feels like one of those pictures where the eyes look like they are following you around the room.

No. 1651357

He deleted the tweet and apparently called Train to talk it out in private. Truly pathetic. I hope more stuff keeps coming out because I know the Austin crew has a ton of skeletons in their closet. I'm sure that's not the only SA that's been committed at Miz's house either.

No. 1651369

It's not Cyr but his best friend CrazySlick who not surprisingly has always been known for being a creep

No. 1651388

Damn at least post some relevant clips and tweets. Anyway I hope Adept finds a man who respects her. And I hope a farmer gets to date felix and use his moneys to pay for our server bills.

No. 1651400

As funny as that would be I don’t wish that on any girl. Sammy was literally his caretaker/maid/mommy. They’ll probably get back together in a month or something, this is like their 4th break up or something. Last time it was over GTARP ffs

No. 1651422

This one is so public and disrespectful though. Xqc is too lazy and retarded to bother getting his cars he can't even drive back so hopefully she gets to keep them as payment for taking care of his crusty ass for 5 years.

No. 1651491

File: 1663647179503.png (295.35 KB, 1063x560, tweet.png)

'poor me i'm a victim like johnny depp'
god i hate scrotes

No. 1651497

If maya actually participated in covering up SA that's absolutely revolting on her part and not a good look at all, she and QT both candidly discuss their experiences being sexually harassed/raped/victimized on their podcast.

No. 1651528

I can't wait to watch them try to explain themselves out of this. Especially since they and everyone in OTK hold themselves on such a high pedestal and openly rip at others while acting like this off camera.

None of this would've happened if Sammy and X didn't break up kek

No. 1651546

File: 1663652428838.png (84.65 KB, 1667x633, miz.png)

Slick is apparently "missing" now and Miz called the police

No. 1651555

oh wow this kinda doesn't look good

No. 1651557

You actually could still be right. Apparently there's another sexual allegation against another unrelated OTK member. Source: https://livestreamfails.com/clip/143160

No. 1651558

Also did anyone see Ice's tweets? Mizkif is donezo(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1651586

File: 1663656784957.jpg (279.08 KB, 1080x2316, FdEp33xWYAAMpPz.jpg)

at least post the link or some screenshots, ur on an image board
all bets on the sexual assaulter being miz, everything went dead quiet after the initial drama/theories when him and maya broke up and it became really obvious that there was other girls involved to some extent but then we heard absolutely nothing from or about any of them.
something is really off about mizkif, idk what it is, somethings off about maya too and people want to believe that she wouldn't play a role in anything that would hurt another woman but i don't think it's that simple when her entire career and livelihood is/was also tied up in these losers and she's probably done questionable stuff herself.
tinfoil!!! especially if maybe miz pulls the whole "slicks my best friend and i'm really worried about him" thing as a cover because miz is just as bad if not worse and crazyslick being outed initially a year ago made miz realise he had to reel it in a bit and behave himself but he's obviously still stressing about damage control cus there's a bunch of shit that just hasn't seen the light yet and in examples like itsliker where everything can come out all at once i bet he's fretting rn

No. 1651625

Video where she addresses none of the concerns raised.
Maya claims to be sexual abuse victim, for her to act like this is absolutely disgusting.

No. 1651628

File: 1663664142376.png (10.95 KB, 821x91, ratio.png)

No. 1651650

Minx is doing the same thing by saying that slick was just "being himself". Mental gymnastics and blaming her mental illness for her manic state.

No. 1651666

Sorry nona, it was a 5 hour long drama lol. I was overwhelmed and not sure what to cap.

Anyway, Adept came off as gaslighting bitch in their stream so idk about that.

No. 1651668

"we agreed, i mean, she said" ~3:10 mark in that clip
not a good look Maya

No. 1651672

really transparent and shitty that train and xqc only reveal this and speak out about it because miz stated his opinion that gambling should be banned on twitch.
they literally hid this and would continue hiding it if miz just held a different opinion on gambling.

No. 1651704

File: 1663676721325.jpeg (227.64 KB, 1512x1080, F7BC431A-3B34-4492-9C44-FD1217…)

Here’s the other messages

No. 1651705

miz gives me Ted Bundy vibes
tries to charm people in public, but actually a sociopath

No. 1651707

We all knew mizkif was just as edgy as ice behind the scenes so it's nice to finally get some recites on it. Wonder if anyone will care tho

No. 1651716

No. 1651795


It's funny how no one is shitting on Maya for being the one who got Adrianna to tone down her statement and for that stupid SA question - bitch, she isn't a lawyer. Seems as if she had just as much to do with damage control as Miz did, if not more so.

No. 1651796

File: 1663686444592.jpg (193.79 KB, 1080x933, Screenshot_20220920-160643_Chr…)

I wish they'd all just expose each other

No. 1651805

File: 1663686834323.jpeg (166.47 KB, 1196x1254, FdE1StuWIAA9_1s.jpeg)

No. 1651811

and where is QT in all of this? yesterday she was calling out misogony among juicers, but now when her best friend is covering up SA allegations she's silent? I guess everyone is a feminist untill it's your frind that is a sex pest

No. 1651814

huh yeah that seems like the normal behavior of someone whos an innocent victim (>>1651491) with nothing to hide

I hope they find his body with a gunshot wound to the head lmfao

No. 1651819

The guy friend who was awake when Slick touched her said it wasn't SA, the girl it happened to said at the time it wasn't SA, if you were there and was helping with the twitlonger, would you not have suggested that that should be included to avoid people thinking she got butt fucked while drunk?

No. 1651823

she has luckily recently learnt to not shout emotions to try to defend people who don't need defending.

No. 1651825

Mizkif's broke greasy scrote best friend can't sexually harass women anymore so he goes for the sympathy card? CrazySlick really is a fitting name for him…

No. 1651826

>Sexual assault is an act in which one intentionally sexually touches another person without that person's consent, or coerces or physically forces a person to engage in a sexual act against their will.


it was sexual assault

No. 1651831

File: 1663688157967.png (209.55 KB, 504x759, asdfghj.png)

btw maya admitted to it in screencaps

No. 1651845

a lot of moids are like that. stay safe!

No. 1651856

she didn't admit it, she just said that she was assaulted and knows how it feels to be a victim

No. 1651859

she admitted to knowing what it feels like to be sexually assaulted cause she was drugged and raped in college.

No. 1651866

File: 1663691527823.jpeg (42.53 KB, 1170x668, 1.jpeg)

No. 1651896

File: 1663693609608.jpg (591.89 KB, 969x1479, 89.jpg)

Oh boy

No. 1651928

File: 1663696056635.png (11.03 KB, 554x110, slick.png)

slick's alive

No. 1651944

File: 1663696762099.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1200x4652, D69503F7-FB15-4F38-A77B-F79CF5…)

stop posting links and post actual ss you fucking retard
I hope this mf kill himself

No. 1651963

File: 1663698020121.gif (4.31 MB, 441x327, PRAISE HIM.gif)

the death of otk…. GOD IS GOOD!!!

No. 1651964

Everyone is so busy arguing over if it counts as SA or not, when the point that Adrianah was trying to make in her stream is that she got completely iced out of the community and treated like a drama whore making up false accusations when she was pushed into coming out in the first place by these sleazy fucks desperate to control the narrative. She wasn't suicidal over getting touched in her sleep, she admits she's experienced far worse, she wanted to die because everyone threw her under the bus to ironically do what they themselves accused her of, chase clout.

No. 1651965

Why are these pathetic moids still trying to gather sympathy for this CreepySlick scrote? He's a known sexual harasser and that will never change

No. 1651970

thank god, I was so worried

No. 1651972

I fucking hope so but OTK entire viewerbase is incels and lvl 99 handmaidens

No. 1651979

a containment breach… oh no

No. 1651983

OH THANK FUCKING GOD I’m watching clips of it going down, I knew this was going to happen that space is a hotbed of narcissistic internet “personalities” it was bound to go down kek. xQC unironically calling that hairy turkroach a rat was the greatest highlight of streamer drama

No. 1651987

File: 1663698970132.png (109.28 KB, 593x873, Screenshot_19.png)

jadeyanh says she also experienced harassment from slick

No. 1651988

Are you going to provide proof for any of this? Just give us like 5% proof of that please.

No. 1652008

I don't believe anything from this chick. In fact I think her presence actually makes the situation seem less serious then it is. She is a raging attention whore. Always tries to involve herself in drama its pathetic

No. 1652014

show the DMs then bitch what’s you’re being shy for

No. 1652024

Ofc hes found and safe.
This was all a way to try and garner sympathy and make people worry hes suicidal or some shit so that people aren't so hard on him for being a fucking creepy SA'er

No. 1652026

bingo. i hope this shit doesn't work

No. 1652039

>used to give nudes for boost in Overwatch

sorry but this is too ridiculous, i don't believe that. no one would ever do that, that sounds like some degen scrotes fantasy

No. 1652049

Yeah people need to bring up the suicidebait in their tweets. Obvious manipulative attempt.

No. 1652057


I believe it. To be fair, it’s a bit in the extreme side. Usually you just had to play with them. I used to play with guys who would boost for $$$. They usually will add any woman they see playing.

No. 1652065

File: 1663703129016.webm (2.19 MB, 644x360, minxdefending.webm)

Minx defends slick, saying his actions against Adriannah were just him being himself.

No. 1652066

This is Minx shortly after, in the midst of what people are assuming is a manic episode (she cut her hair off with a knife earlier in stream). Miko is in Hawaii and the Botez sisters are in Europe, so she's been home alone. Apparently she tweeted on her alt that QT was coming to take her to rehab but the tweet is now deleted and I don't have caps.

No. 1652070

There was also a Q&A Mizkif did where he allegedly told a story that he had his childhood dog touch his dick nonchalantly to his teenage moid followers and he also stuck his penis inside of a vacuum. Not sure if the story is completely true or not, but come the fuck on

No. 1652079

god. why are these people so fucking strange?

No. 1652120

well that's unfortunate but it wasn't a demon that made her say it's just ron jeremy being ron jeremy. that guy's never getting out of prison

No. 1652130

I have a feeling that being in the Twitch world causes some weird brain rot that reverts people back to this edgy teenager mentality. There's streamers in their 30's that are married yet still act like 16 year olds, watching anime and making high school jokes because they never had to grow up despite being full grown adults.

No. 1652132

It’s probably because their chat is mostly teenage boys. That culture rubs off on a person.

No. 1652135

Gabbie hanna did this, she normalized having a manic episode online to the point that creators now are just gonna blame their shit emotional outbursts on mental illness

No. 1652144

imagine being emiru and dating this scrote, who not only does this shit but goes and tells the world

meanwhile he's housing a sexual predator across the hall from their bedroom, who he has been protecting for years

she's really sunk to a new low with this crew, should have just stuck with dyrus, you wouldnt have as much money but you'd have some standards

No. 1652245

They aren’t politicians or celebrities, they’re normal emotionally stunted adults with a 12th grade high school education w/ no acknowledgement of PR or sliver of intelligence to come up with the realization that putting the same kinds of people in the same room is not going to end up very well. They can’t pay anyone to keep this shit down in the gutters because they already flap their mouths to their audience about every gross thing about themselves and then cry when they’re called out and call these critics “parasocial” it blows my mind

No. 1652272

Mizkif literally has a video on his channel still of him helping Crazyslick pick new victims with a dating gameshow, these people aren't real

embedded and extra archive link: https://archive.ph/cRNYR

No. 1652307

>12th grade high school education
Miz has a degree, as do many other streamers. Sitting around indoors all day on your PC talking to children and retards is pretty stunting no matter your background. Hasan double majored in Political Science and Communications, two things he has repeatedly demonstrated he does not understand.

No. 1652317

She needs to be sectioned or kept away from streaming/social media. Sad she's going through a manic episode, but the state of her room is a concern, and so is her coated tongue (idk, it's the first thing I notice in her clips). Clearly isn't taking care of herself.

No. 1652318

File: 1663712707094.jpg (85.63 KB, 680x680, FdIZYWkWQAsWhIH.jpg)

No. 1652321

Kek, proves that some people are just straight up retarded no matter how long they stay in college

No. 1652336

File: 1663713369808.webm (1.81 MB, 1280x720, juicer.webm)

X just flat-out admitted he leaked the breakup to excuse his skipping out on Shitcamp, meaning he dragged Adept into a public breakup for literally no reason lmfao.

No. 1652359

Explain why you are unable to chat shit without dickride Dyrus. It’s giving faggot.

No. 1652361

Good! But I’m feeling dread thinking about how unbearably smug hasan is gonna be for months to come.

No. 1652369

given that your english is obviously poor, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt you misread the post.

saying Dyrus is less shit than Mizkif is not "dick riding" Dyrus, it's not even a compliment, it's just saying he's less shit and the preferable option of the two

No. 1652380

Lmao fuck her but “Grow up? I’m 5 foot 9” is a hilarious line. Mental illness isn’t an excuse to be a shitty person

Don’t forget the part where she calls Adrianah a clout chaser. Vile.

No. 1652442

Literally EVERYONE that isn’t a casualfag fucking knows mizkif has been awful. Nobody who’s been associated with ice poseidon has ever been “good”. Fuck off with your weird emiru obsession and take it to tiktok general or something where you can nitpick her cosplay

No. 1652473

has miz made a statement or streamed since all this happened. Or is he just lurking in other people's streams about this as he's trying to figure a out PR statement to weasel his way out lmao

No. 1652478

Of course he is, suicide baiting is top deflection method of unstable moids (see every troon and everybody's emo hs ex-boyfriend)

No. 1652481

He was supposed to do a 24 hour stream today but the greasy scrote has just been talking in his offline chat periodically.

No. 1652483

miz removed the otk banner off of his twitter kek

No. 1652487

watching this shit live is wild

also lel at hasan getting blamed for shit and tanking hate while no one says shit about miz and slick what the fuck is wrong with these narcs

No. 1652488

File: 1663719659813.jpeg (642.14 KB, 1242x1622, 484F0BBC-D387-449D-80C3-CB38F7…)

No. 1652493

still right there in his bio hes hiding his sponsors so people dont complain and cost him money thats all it is

No. 1652504

He is getting forced out, I guess. That is hilarious. The org is going to take such a massive nosedive. He'll probably disappear for awhile. Asmongold is a pussy and a coward who won't even stream on his main channel anymore. Soda and Nick are the only other people who get a lot of viewers, and Soda is inconsistent as hell and Nick only streams mornings.

I wish someone would talk about how Asmongold actively platforms and promotes his friend Cody, who was in prison for domestic violence for beating his children's mother. Second offense, too. Someone posted the article in the comments on LSF last year and I can't find it now.

No. 1652508

there's just no way he's ever gonna be done with otk when he's the original owner of it. No matter how much he sold off to asmongold and soda before this drama. He's just doing damage control for himself

No. 1652543

File: 1663721601434.jpeg (508.96 KB, 1242x1654, 59807776-54ED-42EE-9E75-87457A…)

No. 1652544

File: 1663721624309.jpeg (471.1 KB, 1242x1852, 30A36591-A43C-4121-B49C-8DA95D…)

No. 1652545

File: 1663721646899.jpeg (544.28 KB, 1242x1855, B153FFDB-D4DC-4A4E-92E9-2F85FE…)

No. 1652547

File: 1663721669307.jpeg (458.34 KB, 1242x1902, CEF9910D-AD6C-49DD-86AA-06C649…)

No. 1652551

I'm guessing his lawyer wrote this. He doesn't know how to spell or write complete sentences.

No. 1652552

doesn't mentioning covering up for slick, doesn't mention anything about helping slick find girls (victims), or how slick trades on mizkifs name to harass and abuse them

no acceptance of responsibility at all for hardly anything he did

No. 1652553

miz is basically gonna 'step down' for a while and probably gonna come back a few months later

No. 1652608

The people I've hired to look into this indent have told me I did nothing wrong.

No. 1652610

Twitch bans gambling, minx is accused to be another maxwell, holy fuck drama overdose

No. 1652616

I don't think it was for no reason, they were broken up before Shitcamp and QT, adept and all the others wanted him to go and pretend everything was 'normal' between him and adept. Which is pretty nasty imo to be forced to hang out with your ex. He says he just didn't want to go and I think he missed the 'because' part, and he's already explained that before.

X has been trying to separate himself from the Austin group for a while now and now that he's no longer with Adept, he can give 0 fucks about that whole group. I just find it sad to see him and Hasan fighting, I liked it when they got along together

No. 1652622

File: 1663724711864.png (1.85 MB, 747x1670, TwitLonger — When you talk too…)

>minx is accused to be another maxwell
not surprised after her excusing slick

No. 1652624

File: 1663724873189.jpeg (37.97 KB, 670x680, BD2D67A7-3045-4213-B0DA-33C86B…)


No. 1652632

He was never planning to go, even before they broke up though. I don't think him not going had anything to do with Adept tbh. I think he just doesn't like those people and wanted to stay home. He has always been someone who does whatever he wants without thinking how it affects others.

I don't defend Hasan because he is tranny loving, porn sick moid but the fallout between the two of them seems almost entirely Xqc's fault. I don't know if Xqc is on the spectrum or something, but it feels like he misunderstands feelings and emotions and nuance way too often. More than the average scrote.

No. 1652643

>click video
>opens stream
>train justifying possibly ending up homeless from his gambling addiction and his friends just laugh along
the absolute state of twitch

No. 1652659

What makes this all even funnier is that OTK has had a grip on what is and isn't allowed on LSF for so long yet they can not contain this shit show no matter how many mods they had in their pocket

No. 1652663

It IS for no reason BECAUSE he admitted to it. He didn't even have to do that lmao he could have stuck to his story. Adept accused him of being manipulative and using the breakup and he acted like she was crazy, now he just looks like a nutjob actively gaslighting her like that.

No. 1652667

>4 hour late

No. 1652668

lmao sorry, i'm dumb

No. 1652678

So there is still gonn a be gambling. It's so funny watching scrotes in the replies be like WHAT ABOUT THE THOTS GET RID OF THEM TOO

No. 1652689

And yet none of these dudes commenting on OTK shit (Ludwig, Hasan, Moist) outright want to disassociate with Mizkif. All they can say is trite nothing like "blah blah miz should say sowwy".
It's always just that every time Mizkif gets called out for being a rancid scrote. Fucking bunch of pansies butt lickers, all of them.

No. 1652702

He did mention Slick on the third paragraph. Ofc he has to downplay his part because there's fucking legal repercussions and he has to come out looking good.

No. 1652707

Just wait till the tides completely turned. They're clever people. They're waiting out how this thing turns out, if something comes out thats worse that'll make Miz look good or if this truly is his death bed etc. Then they can come down and do the moralizing.

No. 1652718

Nah there were too many grammar/misspellings for this to be work of a PR lawyer. It’s 100% his

No. 1652778

who gonna post the picture of emiru to twitter saying the n word on ask.fm just to pile on? I know some of you still have it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1652780

It’s always the “male feminists” who say they always believe the victim that try to stay “neutral” when their friends get outed as sex pests. Not that I ever bought Hasans pro woman bullshit, but it’s just funny that suddenly saying sorry is a good enough response when you’ve knowingly harbored a predator. Fuck them all

No. 1652789

File: 1663733571114.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 730.14 KB, 1125x926, 432CFE5A-A9FB-49C7-A60A-C267F4…)

I got you

No. 1652790

Hasan is legitimately a huge misogynist. The only "women" I've ever seen him defend outside of his friend group are the men in dresses he pretends are women.

No. 1652801

I’ve never understood how he even has such a huge viewer base after the brothel thing came out. Literally degenerate shit

No. 1652826

Bradley “woman beater schizo poster” Manning comes to mind.
He used to be “hot” that’s it. Every male in breadtube looks like ground turkey that fell on the carpet or are troons. He has many troon simps which is funny bc he would never fuck them no matter how many gay baiting jokes he makes.

No. 1652828

Emiru is looking for her next target to leech off of now that Miz’s reputation is down the drain and he’s put on leave from otk kek

No. 1652831

File: 1663735838165.png (20.49 KB, 720x353, emiru nword.png)

it's right here:

No. 1652832

File: 1663735869753.jpg (199.77 KB, 2308x1729, gxab6w.jpg)

bruh the balls on this bitch doe

No. 1652836

what discord is this totally real screenshot supposed to be from?

No. 1652840

File: 1663736174964.png (14.3 KB, 112x112, LimeD.png)


No. 1652853

…scrote detected

No. 1652877

so fake then, got it.

No. 1652886

How did Ishowspeed become one of the biggest streamers? His streams are retarded

No. 1652902

He appeals to the lowest denominator scrotes.

No. 1652905

being a misogynistic piece of shit gets all the views from boys and men

No. 1652927

File: 1663738606450.png (1.74 MB, 1280x696, victims.PNG)

mizkif was basically doordashing victims to crazyslick

No. 1653060

all his viewers are teenagers and unemployed twitter tards

No. 1653174

2022 on Twitch has been absolute cancer with all the 'content' that was produced. The whole year was this OTK clout fest with desperate streamers trying to get into the Austin and LA circle jerk just to achieve more viewers and get sexually harassed by CreepySlick…

No. 1653189

Being discount store early Xqc

No. 1653218

dont forgot get scammed by sliker

No. 1653352

grown ass adults, spending 8-12 hours a day on twitch, then also terminally on twitter… you think a healthy mind wants to live like that?

No. 1653546

most of these people grew up to be exactly what they hated. feeding into a corporate mindset, selling out for brand deals and giving sexual favors to get to the top telling others they must give sexual favors to achieve their goals or face their public reputation getting damaged. they perpetuate the corporate mindset and culture they rail against and they encourage so many young minds to join them. incredibly predictable but also deeply disturbing.

No. 1653555

File: 1663791846748.jpg (7.29 KB, 225x225, X92asQNU_400x400.jpg)

I'm baffled that people are all surprisedPikachuFace at pic related being a scrote.
Come the fuck on. Look at this fucking pfp.

No. 1653590

LSF seems like it's in full defense mode for Mizkif now. Defending him and saying he didn't know about Slick. Yeah fucking right. Mizkif's house is basically a date rape scenario waiting to happen. He has girls constantly going in and out, getting drunk, and he knows Slick already touched one drunk girl in the past. That should have been the end of it. Miz uses women as props all the time so naturally his friend is going to feel enabled to do the same.

No. 1653765

When did miz become slick's dad? With the responsibilities you are giving miz, it sure sounds like that the case.

No. 1653775

at the very latest he became his dad when he and his girlfriend maya took it upon themselves to help protect Crazyslick from the backlash of Adrianah's accusations in july of 2021

everything since then has been with even more protection from Mizkif than the digusting scrote had before, he was trading on Mizkif's name and clout before then too, but this is an undeniable line

not to mention Mizkif himself had done multiple streams over the years specifically to get girls for Crazyslick

he is responsible

No. 1653789

check the time line, Adrianah only started calling it sexual assault a couple of days ago.

No. 1653794

i dont give a shit when she changed the word, mizkif and maya knew then that he had assaulted her

adrianah not understanding the difference has zero bearing on maya and mizkif knowing damn well what they were trying to clean up last year

everyone knew she was blacked out, everyone knew he was groping her, nitpicking what a confused girl used to describe it doesn't change that it was sexual assault and mizkif and maya sure as fuck knew it

No. 1653796

even her guy friend that stopped slick said at the time it wasn't sexual assault. she is just pissed that she hasn't been able to grow her channel and sees an excellent chance to ride this wave so she can quit her two day jobs and go back to streaming full time.

No. 1653799

groping a passed out girls tits is sexual asssault, period

it doesn't matter if 10 IQ people know the right word to call it

maya absolutely knows that, mizkif should and if he didn't maya sure would have told him

get your scrote ass out of here

No. 1653850

neither maya not mizkif was there when it happened, they had to rely on what adrianah and her guy friend told them, and they told them it wasnt sexual assault. at the time the guy friend described it as "slick tried to touch her neck and chest, I stopped him and told him to get lost". no one touch any tits.

No. 1653860

he did touch her chest, watch her stream again, stop trying to obfuscate that a moid sexually assaulted a girl and your favorite streamer boy covered it up

No. 1653864

Go back

No. 1653980

Moid logic. Knowingly housing and enabling a sex pest/assaulter has consequences. Miz has been associated with Ice, and two of his closest friends have been outted for being racist, sexist, or sexual assault + harassment on multiple women. There is no way Miz was unaware. He just didn't care until it cut into his public image.

No. 1654112

>neither maya not mizkif was there when it happened

Then why the fuck did they go to her house to proofread the twitlonger? Stop white knighting them.

No. 1654135

OTK has such an iron grip on LSF, i don't understand how they do it.

No. 1654138

For fucks sake pay attention. Maya and Miz wouldn't let her call it sexual assault when she first came out about it. Then, despite following their instructions and minimizing what happened, she was treated like a false accuser out to ruin Slick's reputation for clout, so she kept her mouth shut to not make it worse. Her story only "changed" after Train drug it back into the spotlight, forcing her to clarify that she wasn't blackmailed as he put it, but that she was coached and more uncomfortable with what happened than the proofread twitlonger made it seem. Despite following their rules she was exiled from the community and lost all her friends and that was what really hurt her, how the situation was handled.

No. 1654190

react streaming to lsf with your huge audience of 13 year old boys is going to get them brigading for you whether you ask them to or not, but i have no doubt it's organized. miz has said on stream he asks lsf mods to take things down and they do.

No. 1654194

Where did Adrianah talk about the whole being coached thing?
Not asking as a dare, I'm legitimately out of the loop and I want in

No. 1654199

NTA but i went back and looked at the clips because i feel like I've missed a lot too. Might be talking about this clip
where she is talking about Maya trying to convince her to downplay it or just not say anything at all.

No. 1654262

That's fucking disgusting of Maya. I guess it's to be expected from someone who dates Mizkif.
Thanks for the clip.

No. 1654398

maya and mitch went to her guy friend's house to meet adrianah and ask her what had actually happened, to determine if they should evict Slick or not.

novaruu had talked about that night on her stream a few days before so they only knew what novaruu had said. miz wanted to make sure they knew the details (if slick had sexually assuaulted her) before deciding if he would be evicted or not.

when Adrianah told maya that there wasnt any sexual assault (she has later changed her mind. for a few days she called it sexual assault, now she is saying it was sexual harrasment) they let slick keep staying at miz's house as long as he got professional help.

they didn't go there to cover anything up, cause they didn't know what had happened when they went over there.

No. 1654401

sounds like she remembers three different versions of what maya said, at the same time.

No. 1654526

The fact that Maya went over to Adrianah's house after it happened and then vetted the twitlonger is despicable. How the hell was Adrianah supposed to feel anything besides intimidated in that moment? The dude who has a revolving door of women he uses for content totally respects women and had no idea his best friend was a sex pest. To be honest, I'm a little surprised nothing about Miz also harassing women has leaked, but we already know he can't get it up so maybe he isn't interested.

No. 1654531

File: 1663871262499.png (88.83 KB, 1039x547, dfgdhgb.png)

People in their communities are massively brigading on multiple names. This dude is one of Mizkif's mods.

No. 1654547

What's also weird is that Mizkif opted out of his Twitch channel being logged at https://logs.ivr.fi/ so he's clearly been talking to his offline chat about brigading LSF and all other social media…

No. 1654650

bullshit they went over there to intimidate her and gaslight her into calling it harassment so they could save slick, don't be obtuse

No. 1654652

they wanted to intimidate someone, and they sent MAYA? hahaha

No. 1654653

File: 1663877674186.jpg (33.95 KB, 1440x331, 4xovym.jpg)

he had allegations in the Cx era

No. 1654656

That is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. How deep down the parasocial rabbit hole do you need to be to start a secret PR campaign just to save the reputation of your favorite streamer.

No. 1654658

not physically you fucking moron scrote, how dense are you?

the big streamer gf of a huge male streamer versus some girl with a few hundred viewers? she absolutely intimidated her

its like you have no idea what power is, fuck off back to reddit

No. 1654674

stop huffing train's panties

No. 1654726

trainwrecks is a scumfuck harasser and weirdo too

just like slick and his buddy you keep defending mizkif

No. 1654742

Fuck off balls. We can hate multiple scrotes at once trust.

No. 1654812

Emiru is live denouncing Slick and everyone who made the situation about themselves. She's also defending Miz and saying there's no way he knew the full story because "that's not the person I know."

No. 1654829

File: 1663887806151.png (17.72 KB, 348x278, FdK0lfVaAAEQJTC.png)

she made the ENTIRE stream about herself and her fake crying for PR, see pic related "it's not about me, i'll be fine".

she talked about how she "didn't know the person i was living with didn't exist at all" and more bullshit like that, and then near the end of the stream ADMITS to knowing about the Slick allegations before moving into the house, without elaborating.

No. 1654833

The whole stream she sounded like she had brain worms from being an anachan, couldn't really say much about it and what not. I can't believe her pick me-ism would even go that hard to defend miskif

No. 1654857

>ADMITS to knowing about the Slick allegations before moving into the house, without elaborating.
I found this clip in an LSF thread where she says slick is one of her best friends, this was 5 days ago kek

No. 1654862

She said that in today's stream, too. I think sheught actually have brain damage from starving herself:
>Slick, one of my best friends who was always there for me, was lying about who he was
>Miz, my other best friend who was always there for me, cannot possibly be lying about who he is
She doesn't realize how this makes her look??

No. 1654894

kek Emiru is doing PR for Mizkif. Her statement will probably bring Train and xQc to bring out the big phone call stuff.

No. 1654898

Holy shit… kek

No. 1654902

of course she is, she's been riding his dick for clout and otk bucks

she'll defend mizkif until that house is on fire and she has no choice but to leave him in it

No. 1654936

Not to mention Maya and Slick were good friends at the time. Using clout and continued "being friends" as leverage to get the girl to downplay it as much as possible (you don't want to piss off Mizkif now do you?). And then once the whole thing threw over they cut connections with her obviously. Pretty classic tactic.

No. 1654937

File: 1663897588114.jpeg (525.75 KB, 828x753, D681FACB-A173-470E-A46E-50D17C…)

No. 1654939

the call is getting leaked

No. 1654945

XQC is like the biggest streamer, and is always online, this leaking breakup thing is a nothingburger. It was going to get found out one way or another.

No. 1654947

Here's what this means
>Miz doesn't stream for a few months
>some other big drama happens
>"Third Party Investigation" finds that Mizkif did nothing wrong.
>returns to streaming but is no longer a "founder" of OTK, but will still essentially have the same duties in the organization.

No. 1655054

So far the call leak is extremely damning. Mizkif literally admitting his main reason for sending Maya over is because she’s a girl and well liked and trusted. A person present for the confrontation says that Maya was trying her hardest to talk Adrianah out of making the twit longer.

No. 1655061

post link

No. 1655062

you have to respect Mizkif for his loyalty to Slick. regardless of everything else, his loyalty to Slick is admirable

No. 1655079

No we don’t respect miz for shit. Get the fuck off my website newfag.

No. 1655084

destiny leaking it to 50K viewers right now

No. 1655088

not when you realize he has zero empathy for adrianah so its an easy call to cover it up

No. 1655095

nah you don't respect someone who covers for a rapist.

No. 1655103

>adrianna didn't give them permission to come over

No. 1655123

Mitch just went live, oh boy

No. 1655124

Mitch still cannot answer a goddamn question what a retard

No. 1655129

this is a wild ride jesus. Does anyone know when this call happened? It's crazy to hear Asmon completely shift from his Twitch persona to what he is like IRL. What a mess

No. 1655134

Godwins law, I know, but you can say the same thing about Nazis who genuinely believed that rounding up anyone they didn't like and slowly killing them was admirable.

No. 1655136

If it wasnt over already that sealed the deal 30 minutes ago

No. 1655141

I wonder when and if Maya will ever clear her name.

No. 1655143

I think sep 19th, after train's tweet

No. 1655146

miz just accused adrianah of groping cyr and claims that's why she was disinvited to things

reverse uno card

No. 1655147

Why? Asmon is saying that they should let adrianah talk regardless of anything. If anything he sounds like the only mature person there.

No. 1655157

I agree, what I meant was how different he is on stream he's playing WoW raging at Blizz and how he talks to his fanboy audience, now he's super calm and CEO kek. I think it was obvious that even when Asmon 'left' OTK, he made sure that he controlled it from the inside, which is probably the only thing that has kept them going this far. Honestly, he had the most sense to cut Alinity and Slick out of this.

No. 1655163

Bald baby headass bitch is such a fucking scumbag. I’m sure Cyr is sooo traumatized.

No. 1655164

Read rules or gtfo

No. 1655172

they said that's a rumor they heard at the time back then

it's not what he actually did, he groped her chest and kept trying to do it again

No. 1655175

Yeah I had to listen to it again to understand

No. 1655178

File: 1663915610861.jpeg (54.57 KB, 640x671, 11A080A2-B500-4821-A9E7-7E9223…)

No. 1655179

her scrotes acting like she’s a victim in all this is hilarious. as if her actual personality isn’t shit just like the others and she’s pure and uwu

No. 1655182

she should just stfu and lay low. miz would be exploiting this if it happened to anyone else

No. 1655183

File: 1663916287016.jpeg (169.8 KB, 960x1186, 0CB845B1-789C-42FE-A27C-2DF51F…)

Ice posted this on Twitter


tldr miz kept cheating on Maya and organized cover up

No. 1655187

that is fucking grim lmao, if that's true, it makes miz playing the "sad dumpee" card even more putrid

No. 1655202

You buy the "sweet small uwu wouldn't hurt a fly" act from her? No innocent cute flowergirl would ever date Miz. When she is making her own horse headshy by swatting towards its head repeadedly.

No. 1655216

>because of mizfif this guy was able to be a creep to more girls

I guess that is the biggest issue in this whole drama. They were enabling him assaulting and harassing girls

No. 1655228

Damn why do ugly men think they can do this to girls way above their league. If true this is vile

No. 1655232

It's very obvious that Mizkif is a worthless, bottom-of-the-barrel piece of shit. It's possible to make that conclusion by watching like 5 minutes of his stream. What surprises me in this drama is how worthless Minx and Maya truly are, but then again, they're big streamers so it shouldn't be that much of a shock. Minx loves acting like a psychotic, harm-baiting (wanna see me do a flip whilst drunk out of my mind?), attention-seeker on her streams who uses her BPD and "mania" as a pass to act like she's 2 years old and not take responsibility for her unbelievably pathetic and attention-seeking actions. I would legitimately disown my adult child if they publicly acted like Minx does in an average stream of hers, that's how embarrassing she is. Maya is just a bitch who tries to look smol, harmless and cute despite associating with the worst, most narcissistic and psychologically underdeveloped menchildren for the potential clout by proxy.

No. 1655238

Maya is physically small but she never really tries to seem harmless and cute, she talks all the time about having guns and knives and always makes a big deal about how much physical work she does at her sanctuary. The only time she acts somewhat cutesy is when she is very drunk or reacting to something cute, like an animal. She's a bigshot NLOG if anything. And I'm not defending her – if anything it makes it worse that she wants to be a businesswoman but is dumb enough to deal with obvious retards.

No. 1655242

I think she acts cutesy all the time but in her pseudo-tomboy, NLOG, animal-loving kind of way. She's above it and she engages in it at the same time. You can talk about guns, knives and physical work and still be an "uwu look at how small i am in this shirt clothes, i literally wear children's sizes"-girl. It's not a big deal though

No. 1655243

crazy slick knows about miz's secrets, one ice leaked.
slick also was or knows who sexually harrased emiru's old friend bonbi in emiru's house. there's multiple layers to all of this. on top of this shit, emiru came out and backed miz and now looks like an idiot/a codependent gf who willingly hung out with predators after running away from a predator and stalker. they're all trash humans.

Destiny dragging this shit out when he can just have maya and andrea(did i spell that right?) come on and explain their sides to let this end, and move onto Miz being human trash

No. 1655252

where can i find the call on its own?

No. 1655254

It hasn't been released on its own yet, Destiny is reacting to it live (STILL)

No. 1655258

is this porn? i've always wondered… the girl looks so young.

No. 1655260

Yes, its mizkifs face photoshoped over one of those blacked memes

No. 1655262

The fact that it's a pic of himself as a child makes it even more degenerate. These scrotes shouldn't have a platform.

No. 1655331

That trash miz implying that she commited the coverup alone and let the brain dead mitch and barry to dogpile on her? And he still had the audacity to worry more about slick and his own ass against her from the call? I feel so fucking bad for Maya even though the gaslighting allegation hasn't been cleared 100% yet

No. 1655355

Does he react to the call the whole video? If not does anyone have a timestamp, don't particularly want to watch a 12 hour video.

No. 1655381

starts about 7:33

No. 1655395

No. 1655396

Two peas in the pod.

No. 1655409

edited version of the stream with leaked call

No. 1655542

Things I learned: 1) all those moids are retarder

2) Miz loves Slick, but will throw his ex under the bus. For Miz women are disposable. Emiru needs to realize that when its time, Miz will throw her to the wolves. If I was her, I would be looking to get in with the LA crowd.

No. 1655571

miz is done. if your moid friend does something noncey, you ditch their ass you don't try and cover it up because surprise BRO, you're a nonce now as well

No. 1655579

>miz is done
God i wish, watch everyone forget this in a couple of months while he silently returns like nothing happened.

No. 1655583

mizkif is nowhere near as entertaining as he thinks he is. he can't come back from this. mizkif isn't on the level of asmon, soda, xqc, etc. so no he will not come back from this and if it gets extremely serious he might even get banned from the platform, like the smash players.

No. 1655588

Emiru doesn't mind that because she will jump on other popular's guy dick, she is known for that anyway.
> For Miz women are disposable.
for most of the popular content creators or irl men in general tbh, nothing new.

No. 1655630

Didn’t emiru also go for sliker years ago too?

No. 1655639

no, he's never been remotely big enough for her

dyrus had 30k viewers when she got him, mizkif had 30k at a minimum, way higher for special stuff (shows whatever)

sliker has always been smalltime, she'll go for another big streamer once she realizes the mizkif dick-to-cash train has fully derailed

No. 1655648

So true, anon was saying earlier BuT miZ iS LoYAl… loyal my ass. Loyal to a predator but cant be loyal to his girl because hes a complete misogynistic scrote with 0 morals.

No. 1655673

I’m begging you to stop dick riding dyrus, he isn’t even relevant anymore

No. 1655683

do you even know what dick riding means?

i'm not complementing, i just stated what his viewcount was, because that's what emiru cared about with both him and mizkif, and when it goes away so does she

nobody gives a fuck about dyrus on his own, he's been a dead loser for years

No. 1655711

actual retard

No. 1655722

learn to read perhaps?

No. 1655775

I just wanted to pile on to let you know you're a fucking retard

No. 1655782

hasan reacting to xqc and train excited over implications of being shitty

honestly it's funny as fuck, don't care if this tranny loving woman hater gets his ego bruised that streamers much bigger than him don't like him

No. 1655788

she went for reckful and settled for dyrus, then moved on to miz. she’s a professional leech

No. 1655795

File: 1663971975930.jpg (453.8 KB, 1917x2069, bonbimad.jpg)

emiru's tiktok friend bonbibonkers posted on tiktok and insta about how someone harassed her at emirus house in kansas back when she visited

claiming emiru must not really care about women like she said on stream

No. 1655797

Now its emiru's turn to get involved in this

No. 1655834

My favorite part of this whole drama is all this info getting out that should have been public from the start. Make all these scrotes squirm so they never dare trying anything like this again

No. 1655910

File: 1663977020526.jpg (394.77 KB, 1217x1349, FdYBHWYUoAE-lcH.jpg)

Minx apparently is getting help after her manic episode. >>1652066

No. 1655918

sodapoppin seems like a pretty great guy as far as streamer standards go for sure, but lol does he have the most un-self-serving taste in women ever… and a wreck of a dating history. i hope his new gf is "reformed" from her past choices for her sake at least.

No. 1655920

No. 1655921

Sodapoppin is a mega incel, don't fall for it

No. 1655923


No. 1655926

Emiru does anything for scrote attention.

No. 1655930

He was bitter for years after his last gf, he recently calmed down after hooking up with his vtuber but he parroted incel shit for years in-between. I can't point to one clip to prove it he's just one of the few streamers i followed enough to know he's a scrote

No. 1655982

bonbi is saying phillyphan215, emiru's top mod and PAID assistant/employee abused and blackmailed her and she thinks he's been doing it to emiru as well

emiru kicked him out of the house back when it happened but still employs him now

No. 1655986

File: 1663982336535.png (Spoiler Image, 751.15 KB, 726x828, PhillyFan215.png)

Of course it's a fat ugly moid, kek

No. 1655989

No. 1656056

File: 1663988342294.png (17.26 KB, 493x130, unknown.png)

vod is gone but several clips are still up

he was removed as a mod literal minutes after the stream ended, timestamps from yesterday

No. 1656060

We all agree he’s irrelevant, right? So why the fuck do you keep bringing him up as an own to emiru? Emiru makes herself look stupid on her own, why keep bringing up the anger management scrote? You’re coming off as a vendetta fag

No. 1656081


predictably the moid mods removed the post with all the replies and info, here it is

No. 1656137

This explains why bonbi hasn’t posted or shared anything with Emiru in months.

No. 1656138

the unfollowed each other in july on everything

No. 1656146

And yet Emiru kept up their vids. But you know, it felt weird that she was hanging out with a barely 18 year old to begin with. I know these streamers are stunted but how are they not aware of the optics of this situation. She turns 18 and you fly her out almost immediately? Weird as shit.

No. 1656154

then emiru had the nerve to cry about how she felt bad about all these girls coming out with their experiences but didn’t even give the slightest bit of a shit towards someone she once called her bestfriend getting assaulted in her own house. lol. lemao even

No. 1656157

File: 1663999431388.png (7.35 KB, 422x74, emibonfriend.PNG)

emiru claims they stopped being friends for something unrelated to the abusing mod thing

awhile back the rumor was bon helped emiru grow on tiktok but emiru ditched her for mizkif instead of helping as promised and thats why they stopped being friends

might still be true

No. 1656185

File: 1664002054144.png (54.53 KB, 428x495, 4cc01d6e17a246775f3d2ad30116da…)

shes trying to claim she didnt know anything… then why did she kick him out that one night???
shes really bad at lying

No. 1656203

File: 1664004512281.png (27.82 KB, 622x112, FdY1zfcXoBMkVda.png)

No. 1656210

part of me felt something for emiru because seems like she kinda got groomed by scrotes when she was just being a dumbass barely legal girl herself,
but now she's just getting other barely legal girls involved with the same scrotes that fucked her up and repeating the cycle of abuse. fuck her

No. 1656259

her fake crying sad voice makes me want to sentence her to be maxwell's celly. all these shithole sites are another stickam behind the scenes

No. 1656284

>she was groomed
Emiru knew what she was doing. She was baiting any scrote that had some kind of following by being hyper sexual with her appearance and photos. She was desperate to leave nowhere ville and she finally got her ticket with Dyrus

No. 1656294

Why would Emiru even be in that house right now when her friend Mizkif has literally hid from her that he housed a sexual creep while she lived there considering her history of leaving kansas to avoid an irl stalker and unfriending bonnie after that insane creepo mod

No. 1656303

have you seen how popular/rich she's become ever since? that's why

No. 1656348

finally a good xQc take

No. 1656416

I don’t think it’s loyalty. Slick must have some blackmail/dirt on Miz for him to be going out and defending slick this much. Makes no sense for Miz to risk his entire career for Slick.

No. 1656424

watch emiru's birthday wishes for mizkif, he clearly helped her to take care of multiple things, not only stalker problem

No. 1656471

Emiru have always been a desperate NLOG pickme, talking shit about every female LoL streamer around her and claim they copy her for playing ADC role. No way in hell she will ever help any woman out unless it makes her look good.

No. 1656476

I think this is what upsets me about this the most. She has the opportunity to build herself and other women up but instead she panders and protects these scrotes. How can any self respecting woman think “yeah, he won’t do it again” or “this is totally worth it”. If she had come out with this on her own and didn’t protect Mizkif and his rapist friends, people would willingly rally behind her. It’s just nauseating how people are quick to give up their morals for money. She was already rich enough, lol.

No. 1656486

ok so personal tinfoil/theory after listening to the entire thread and no-life reading this shit for a few days
1. crazyslick was clearly known as a massive creep to a lot of people (austin crew especially, and destiny makes a good point about it potentially being common knowledge considering people who didn't even attend parties were knowledgeable about slick being a creep) but he was kept around even though he was a clear liability, you can either read into this or not - but there is things to suggest that there is a REASON slick was kept around/protected beyond beyond being mizkifs only friend - what those reasons are is up to you to decide
2. maya is not at all innocent at all in this situation and she used her own position as a somewhat "powerful" streamer/person with connections to actual powerful streamers in their circle (otk, austin in general, mizkif) which gave her an undeniable stance of control over anyone she interacted with during that time, whether her intention or not it's really hard to see all of the evidence pointing towards her at the moment and think that she was completely unaware of what she was engaging in. looking forward to her comment on all of this cus right now it does not look good
3. both mitch and barry in their own way straight up said that maya gaslit/manipulated/controlled the situation
4. mitch said that mizkif basically orchestrated the entire event of maya and mitch going to adriannas house to try and control the narrative, i personally have bias towards mitch because although he's an unreliable retard he has the most (out of the men) to lose in this situation and is essentially stuck trying to please both parties (miz, his landlord and only protector regarding his career in the past 4~ months or train who was the person who funded most of the entire past year of his life/music/cali/idk how much anyone cares to follow up with mitches life sorry) - despite this i think that if you pay attenti