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No. 1766148

Thread for all twitch drama
Last Thread: >>>/snow/1660389

Recent drama:
>lgbt+ Boycott backfires and makes Hogwarts Legacy the current most popular game
>XQC/Adept are going through a 'divorce' lawsuit
>atrioc on hiatus after buying deepfakes of his friends
>twitchcon lead to serious injuries, andriana chechik broke her back and is recovering
>Amouranth exposed her abusive husband on stream
>OTK returns to normal to no fanfare
>W crew accused of sexual assault
>Anisa removes her tits and idubbbz doubles down on owning the 'haters'

No. 1766459

I hate when people say kek. What a retarded fucking phrase. Just say literally any other phrase for laughter you defunct braindead slug. And it's always at the end of the sentence when they think they said something of value kek kek kek kek kek kys.

Anyways, a lot of things happening on Twitch huh?

No. 1766478

I hate when people don't sage

No. 1766499

No. 1766799

OTK continues to do it's best at ~damage control~ and brought on the most obnoxious, annoying person they could think of as a complete distraction to how much of a garbage fire organization they are. ExtraEmily is one of the most intolerable streamers I've ever had the pain of watching and with her new associations is just everywhere on Twitch.

This insignificant speck paid for an ad in NYC, lost her shit when her face showed up for 3 seconds, and was going up to people asking if they recognized her. Girl you are literally 1 in a million, I need you to put down the main-character glasses and get a clue, I can only handle so much second-hand embarrassment.

Vid related is her streaming and a stranger asks for her to take a picture. Her one-track gerbil brain deciphers his obvious request as 'Oh this guy wants a photo with me because I am famous duh' and we get to see her stupidity on full display.

No. 1766802

Cont. but anyone who prepares raw chicken like this.. I don't have high expectations for streamers, but at least they use the tiniest amount of common sense.. even Asmon was able to prepare a steak somewhat correctly. But if your this clueless on how to safely prepare meat (i.e NOT spreading it through your hair and near your face) it's obviously you have never been taught the basics of life and had everything provided to you. There was another time she rubbed her hand through raw meat, just rinsed her hand with water, and just walked away?? Even Emiru looked grossed out. This is a 28 year old grown-ass adult.

No. 1766841

>leddit spacing
sorry too long didnt read im happy for you or sorry that happened

No. 1766856

>can't read more than 6 sentences
> hehe totally leddit spacing

Sorry for your zoomer brain rot

No. 1767058

thank you for your lecture on cooking safety nonetheless

No. 1767751

Any of y’all paying attention to the absolute retardation that is trannies being mad at ZeplaHQ for playing Hogwarts Legacy?
It’s been trending on Twitter for a few hours and was curious if anyone else was lurking on it. After seeing how people are reacting I’m personally rooting for Zepla to enter her TERF era.

No. 1767758

imagine letting everyone know that you don't know it's actually normal to be taught in school that you should start a new paragraph like >>1766799 did rather than having everything all together unseparated. and then to call it "leddit spacing" because you're a retard who doesn't understand basic writing rules like starting a new paragraph.

idk, maybe go back to tiktok and have the text-to-speech read shit to you. this site might be too difficult for you to navigate.

No. 1767769

This is so embarrassing for you.

No. 1767771

i love zepla so much she doesn't deserve any bad coming to her. she's the most graceful older streamer female and i can relate to her hard being from ukraine and having ADD too

No. 1767773

It's called reddit spacing because (I've never used it because it's full of incels, but) reddit has a page break or whatever in between paragraphs. It's not necessary here, you can hit enter and start a new line without inserting a break.
It isn't correct formatting either, have you ever read a book where every paragraph has a line break in between?
yw for the free explainer

No. 1767778

Love Zepla even more now. You just know the troons are seething extra hard because she’s everything they wish they were, pretty, cute, funny and likeable and feminine.

No. 1767786

Again the troons are attacking a woman. So jealous, ywnbaw btw.

No. 1767813

you sound like you need to lurk and integrate better

No. 1767827

Don't know her but I hope she doesn't ever apologize to the trans cult and peaks more people

No. 1767945

ExtraEmily is better than you in every conceivable way possible. You would be mistaked for a fat rat if you could aford to live in NYC.
She's also a good addition to the org.(sage your shit)

No. 1767952

Being annoying isn’t milk
Sage your wk, she won’t fuck you

No. 1767993

Your hideous chink retard waifu is trash and you should feel bad for defending her.
>Being annoying isn’t milk
That's true. I don't think anyone here should be ranting about ExtraEmily, despite of what I said to the other anon. She has done nothing wrong, yet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1767997

Since I’m not making a new YouTube general thread I’ll post this here (also she is active on twitch anyways so w/e.) Sorry if this doesn’t go here, but the milk is flowing.
28(?) year old Veronica Gillardo, storyboard revisionist of Helluva Boss and ex girlfriend of Chris O’Neil of Oneyplays Decided to date 20 year old LS Mark in secret- oh wait never mind THEY’RE MARRIED and she cheated on him and cucked him twice and she’s an emotionally abusive and manipulative alcoholic.

So, here is her tell-all that only got uploaded because she was called out first.

No. 1767999

No. 1768015

>I’m not making a new YouTube general thread
The current one is still active and this is already being discussed there: >>1766942

No. 1768027

Oh crap, my bad. Disregard.

No. 1768034

why does miz have emis things and clothes in his room? https://imgur.com/a/BBwkvdu(this is an imageboard)

No. 1768038

They're salty because they'll never be witches.

No. 1768057

I havent heard of her, but it's nice to see women in general playing Hogwarts Legacy. Hope she peaks hard and peaks others. Keep playing and be an awesome witch, girl.

No. 1768077

>Woman survives literal war
>Trannies believed they're actually suffering more because of people playing wizard game.

Clown world

No. 1768638

File: 1676469988222.jpg (254.84 KB, 1080x1188, IMG_20230214_124225.jpg)

>An invisible war
Yeah, it's almost like it's all in the trannies mind because basically everyone is catering to them.

No. 1768938

Ones real and can ruin your life and the other ends when you turn your computer off. In no way comparable. Troon brain rot.

No. 1769634

>Anisa removes her tits
What does this mean? Is she having her implants taken out? I only check in on these threads every once in a while and don't really watch these people, I just know she's insufferable and looks extremely uncomfortable anytime she does OF shoots.

No. 1769868

The pics are in the last thread and removed them because she hated how big they were and she lost feeling to her nipples. She also coped she couldn’t box as well because of them

No. 1770448

File: 1676662188310.jpg (187.94 KB, 1080x838, Screenshot_20230216-230031_Twi…)

>be vtuber
>play wizard game
>put on automod to filter and all mention of "trans" to keep the experience "comfy" and free of comment wars
Seems reasonable so far, right?
>trans fans upset and disappointed by this
>people point out that the filter even slapped timeouts for saying "trans rights are human rights"
>start mass blocking people on twitter who mention these things in a disappointed but hate-free way
>vtubing colleague notices the blocking drama brewing and brings attention to it
>makes a tweet saying she will donate $1 for every like to a trans charity
>silvervale thrown under the bus
>silver makes a crying stream to not apologize for anything
>blames "chronically online twitter bullies"
>claims the automod didn't filter the word "trans" (it did)
>claims she was doxed and sent death threats (no proof shown)
>claims she thinks Sirona is a "badass" with a "touching backstory" to try to appeal to trans fans
>claims she supports the game because there are lgbt people who made the game
>wails overdramatically after saying goodbye
>picrel posted after stream ends

Silvervale lied about being doxed just for simps to come white knight her since there's clearly a large simp mob just as angry at the trans crowd as the troons are back at them. It's so transparent how she pulled a Kaceytron for simps to keep giving. She went on break while Froot is still earning charity money. Normally I don't side with troons but the anti-trans idiocy is repulsive. Simps are ignoring facts and logic because big titty avatar cried on stream.

No. 1770458

File: 1676662730214.jpg (179.65 KB, 1080x1227, Screenshot_20230217-133711_Twi…)

No. 1770459

File: 1676662768656.jpeg (34.16 KB, 300x250, 4chan-36a7a96c01d664e8ec7c7b9e…)

Trolls on 4ch's /vt/ thought it would be smart to mass-like this tweet in order to try to "rob" Froot, but instead it's putting even more support for transgender people. Oops.

No. 1770460

all this dumb shit just to say fuck troons and move the fuck on

No. 1770467

But that's the thing, anon. Silvervale wants to be an "LGBT-ally" and got herself into a mess. I think her true intention was to prevent transphobic comments from being posted in chat, but on her crying stream she seemed to be blaming "bullies" and "hate", all while transphobes with an axe to grind think Silvervale is "/ourgirl/" but she absolutely isn't. She's pro-LGBT.

No. 1770472

Why do they always choose the most notoriously bad charities? Mermaids and Trans Lifeline have a ton of drama surrounding them, but big streamers always choose those when it’s time to appease TRAs. I’ve never understood why people donate to gigantic charities with issues rather than smaller ones that would actually need it. Not that I support this particular cause in any way anyway, but why?

No. 1770518

I hope trannies die penniless and in their natural bodies so they're in utter despair while they cross the troonbow bridge.

No. 1770524

File: 1676669927394.jpg (16.17 KB, 591x103, silvervale.JPG)

Kekkkk I remember Moonlight Jewel from Youtube made a doll of Silvervale recently, I went to check the comments and lo and behold, they are in her comment section already too

No. 1770563

What was even the point of adding a chat filter if she was going to cry about being considered a transphobe anyways? It came with the nature of streaming the game. Instead of ignoring retards, she's playing victim and lying about doxxing to make herself seem like a bigger victim.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


No. 1770624

It's a pedo org but Froot doesn't care about any research. Vshojo already threw a charity at a different scammy org before to pretend that they care about war. Froot in general is a big ol cow, it's an open secret that she's been cheating on her bf with random animu fans online and scammed some of the people with her work, then switched to a vtuber to avoid any responsibility.
My only complaint is that trannies started dogwhistling her because twitch automated bot banned the word trans (kek). Its a default bot that shows up when you choose max security mode on your stream. People who watch these lewd panderers are a lot of pretentious coomer sjw so its all about play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1770894

File: 1676715407814.png (187.98 KB, 505x442, 1676679967104954.png)

She didn't even escape it, is the thing lol. Notorious homewrecker. Even now /vt/ is trying to pull some posts from a Discord of some kind where she said some transphobic things from 2018. Unfortunately I can believe someone changing stances within 5 years so it's pretty stale milk unlike the tone picrel sets.

As for the automodding, that catbox clip was actually done by a human moderator and I didn't realize it until after I posted it.
Either way,
>fully aware that the game will get you labeled as a transphobe
>play it anyways
>get labeled as a transphobe
>"omg why are you calling me a transphobe :( wipes tears with sub money"
is also still very funny to me, I cannot feel any sympathy for her.

No. 1772832

I recently found out Brittt and I kinda like her but I can't decide what's worse: accepting 1k from miz to eat a rabbit turd live on stream or getting knocked up by fucking erobb

No. 1773395

Have you considered there must be a reason why she would accept $1000 to eat rabbit feces or marry and start a family with erobb? Maybe there is something there you refuse to see and admit?

No. 1773402

Nothing wrong with being transphobic. No one is calling male streamers transphobic for playing the game.

No. 1773425

What, that she's braindead? That's widely known nothing to hide

No. 1773472

anisa's old clip's getting around again lol, idubbbz needs to ban her off the internet she makes both of them look so bad

No. 1774143

The answer is that she's just as bad of both of them, but if you want to believe that it's because she's stupid, go for it.
I don't disagree, but it's not like he needs any help to look bad.

No. 1779191

File: 1677598241832.png (336.96 KB, 932x1449, Screenshot_20230228-102805-475…)

Kaceytron, Pearface and DeNLOG started a show. I randomly watched a bit in the beginning, Pear was stumbling over herself trying to make a comment about misogyny, I think? She's so fucking dumb.

No. 1783306

Asmongold reacted to Amberlynn Reid. Not necessarily milky, just thought it was an unlikely combination.

No. 1783327

XQC fangirls must be having a rough night.
>XQC goes on Love or Host
>one girl (Zastela) appears to be basically a female version of him
>dressed in similar styles, she's from Quebec, talks in the same unhinged pattern he does
>they're clearly feeling each other the whole time
>she's the fan favorite to win, chat calling her ZQC and XQShe
>get down to final rounds
>he gets flustered suddenly, starts saying he "can't make the same mistakes again"
>eliminates her, picks ExtraEmily of all people as the winner
>Emily actually picked love and wants to play minecraft lmao
>chat crying that this is the worst possible ending

No. 1783372

I like ZQC a lot too, she seems like a nice person. There was definitely some cross-cow contamination going on in there with Jenna Lynn Meowri. Amouranth was funny to watch in the background. TheDanDangler ended up being really entertaining and has cute dogs. ExtraEmily was surprisingly catty and giving off not-like-other-girl vibes.

Tinfoil, but I think this was an OTK payout. The winner of Love or Host got to be XQC's date to the Streamer Awards:
> EE is very off-brand for someone like XQC to be interested in
> EE kept saying they would be great for making content together, especially when he wins Streamer of the Year and she wins IRL Streamer of the Year.
> It looks good for OTK and distracts away from their issues last year. Miz came into the chat when it was announced she won and said congrats. OTK still needs to have distractions from their list of fuck-ups, especially considering Rich Campbell is still listed as one of the owners of OTK
> EE is very well-loved by the OTK group and has the bubbly personality and energy Emiru lacks, so having her pair with XQC would bring a lot of positive attention

tbh I wish he would've just picked Amouranth.. I like those two together when they hang out and think they would go well together at the Streamer Awards.

No. 1783386

I'm not surprised at all that he picks the asian one. Moids don't really care about compatibility. I only ship is him and our resident xqc anon.

No. 1783600

Zastela said Adept actually banned her from her chat during the program.
Tbh, I think xqc choose emily because it seemed she would choose host and he probably didn't want anything with anybody since he is still in the turmoil of court shit.
Most of the girls choose love and I can understand that as having a connection with a huge streamer better than just getting a raid and hate from his fans.

No. 1783609

That was my thought too. Things got too real for him with Zastela, he started thinking about Adept, the rest of the show didn't matter. Emily was clearly there as a clout boost, he thought she picked host, so he picked her as the winner as an easy way out of the harder situation with Zastela. I agree in wishing he would have picked Amouranth instead for the bit though.

No. 1783819

This has become something of a running joke, that he was expecting her to say host (I did too since she mentioned making content and was already going to the streamer awards), and that you could tell he was trying to act excited when she picked love, so now there isn't really a way out of it. He probably would've just preferred to go by himself, and you're right, avoid the Adept drama.

Is Adept even invited to the awards? Funny how QTcinderella dumped her after all the drama came out.

No. 1783924

QT said no one deserves someone elses money. Makes sense.

No. 1784032

File: 1678158941604.jpeg (490.24 KB, 1125x1750, 93BCA29C-9673-4802-8A68-C03C2E…)

Kyedae, a Valorant streamer, was diagnosed with Leukemia. She’s only 21.
I really hope the treatment works, she’s such a nice girl.


No. 1784114

No fucking way…

No. 1784116

Idk who that streamer is but that’s awful

No. 1784124

holy shit that's actually awful, she just got engaged and she's doing school on top of streaming.

No. 1784188

What??? I don’t watch her much but I always thought she was sweet and cute. Hope she beats this.

No. 1784268

Why can't he just choose someone who is like him… why can't he just find another sperg to love… why does he do this to himself, he is going to be miserable and fill the loneliness in him with gambling and bad food and no sleep. Stupid retard.

No. 1784423

It is really sad, she's still streaming and has to deal with braindead scrotes in her chat accusing her of faking cancer.(sage your shit)

No. 1784973

that video is so awkward. that emily girl comes off like a massive pick me even if she's just trying to be funny. twitch asians are so annoying.

No. 1785396

anyone else watch minx? not sure it's particularly milky but I've been keeping track of her for months now and it's been entertaining (and depressing) watching her go from living in a content house and career on the rise to losing half of her viewers and DSMP idol status forever. she grew a ridiculously successful career off of minecraft stans and now they all loathe her.
recently she gave kaicenat thousands of dollars during his subathon and got one night of clout out of it, where kai called her and streamed with her for an hour or so. her view count tripled but she spent the whole time drunkenly slurring, trying to hit on him/make him come over, and trying to make him drink too which he continued to refuse. clip is from that stream and actually got her banned

No. 1785540

she's a mess and not in a hot way. she also hides behind her mental illness, uses it as an excuse to deflect criticism, and clearly engages in dangerous/irresponsible behavior because her brand is Irish Drunken Hot Mess.

I don't get how anyone can enjoy watching her. She's sloppy, dirty, and annoying. I liked her enough on Name Your Price because the other guys knew how to deal with her antics, until she attacked and injured one of the contestants and got booted. Pretty sure she made that all about herself and how ~bad~ she felt for harming a colleague enough to draw blood and force him to leave the game early.

No. 1785555

From the other thread, there's like next to nothing left from the Ludwig gay stuff, I'm not talking about the kissing other streamers thing. There is still a bit about Masayoshi around like post #8 in this thread on him but like this post said most of his stuff is gone too.

https://www.lpsg.com/threads/masayoshi-itzmasayoshi.5243601/(this is an imageboard)

No. 1785591

she’s a sloppy pick me BPD drunk. I never understood the following to begin with.

No. 1785616

honestly I used to watch her solely because I was shocked at how she had an audience, and how someone like that made her way to the top of the platform (at the time). she mostly suffers from twitter disease and can't stop relentlessly putting herself out there even when she knows it will only hurt her image more, like with the NYP incident. iirc that was when stans really started to hate her.
socially retarded streamers should never have been introduced to the LA lifestyle. as a side note she's best friends with kiaraakitty so that should tell you the kind of person she is

No. 1785687

What is the NYP incident? I stopped watching her after qt’s girls trip, her energy was way too chaotic try hard and gave me serious secondhand embarrassment. Seems like it only got worse after that.

No. 1785719

the Name Your Price incident, mentioned here >>1785540 and seen in embedded video at 1:10:05 (can't share from timestamp on mobile, can't use original livestream link for embeds.)
the entire livestream leading up to the injury, she was targeting one of the contestants, making "jokes" about hurting him, generally picking fights because I guess they have some weird history. during one of the ad breaks she crawled up behind him and grabbed him around the legs and they both fell to the floor off-camera. apparently just off-camera there was a piece of furniture (a piano?) and he hit his head on it as he fell. he appeared back from the ad break in a wheelchair, wrote "fuck you minx." then after the next ad break he disappeared again, a replacement contestant was brought in "out of an abundance of caution while we get him checked out, he's a-okay though" according to Austin the host.
he went live later in a Spanish-speaking stream later, saying he was worried he had a concussion and his head bled a lot, but that he's not going to a doctor to save money, doesn't have symptoms of a concussion, and is OK now. sage for old milk.

No. 1785999

She's just like the rest.

No. 1786004

I have to laugh at the fact she thought she would get extra points by being natural. The dude watches coomer TTs of women with BBLs and whatnot.

No. 1786830

Anyone going to watch the Streamer Awards tonight? I personally don't give a lot of merit to the nominees for the awards cause most of it just seems to be whoever is in the top-streamers 'good' books, but I do like to watch it to see what people wear. Last year it was just the guys showing up in formal wear or trying to be edgy and the girls wearing prom dresses. It's like the guys try to be fashionable but don't have any fashion sense whatsoever so they think throwing on all these weird patterns and colors is instantly fashionable?

I voted for only a few categories but tbh there were a bunch of streamers I never heard of. I'm predicting:
>Best IRL: ExtraEmily
>Best Valorant: Kyedae
>Stream game of the year: Valorant
>Best FPS: Nadia (I hope so cause she doxxed a scrote and made a bunch of guys angry)
>Best content organization: I honestly don't know about this one with OTK's mess, 100 Thieves knocking a bunch of people off group, and not hearing much about OTV or VShoujo.. but I think it'll be OTK cause they have the bigger fanbase.
>Best Vtuber: Veibae
>Best Just Chatting: Hasanabi (otherwise he'll just bitch and moan about NOT getting anything)
>Best Variety: XQC (they gotta give him something)
>Best League of their Own: Probably going to be Ludwig, which I hate cause he's just garbage
>Streamer of the Year: It's probably going to be Kaicenat since he blew up with his Feb streamathon (and everyone will just conveniently forget about what happened with the sexual assault that occurred during his party in January)

No. 1786856

I think Jerma might win Streamer of the Year (biased kek) but the "fandom" that's developed over the past year is crazy, they're all autistic enough to spam vote. Though, I don't know enough about Kai, but if Kai's been talking about it on stream or anything then I think he'll probably win. It's sad but I think most people have forgotten about the assault

No. 1786859

i just hope pointcrow doesnt win speedrunner i fucking hate that whiny bitch so much

No. 1786903

both what categories that were going to be included, who the nomeniees should be and who the winners will be are based mainly on fan votes (so less personal picks, but large streamers obviously have an advantage)

No. 1786918

I'm gonna be so upset if Kai wins. I will be watching.

she's gone live as I'm typing this

No. 1786931

How is Squeex doing the best job on the red carpet out of everyone?

No. 1786982

File: 1678583664558.png (243.28 KB, 1080x1000, 0000000.png)

Cyr was easily the ugliest moid there… What's up with his gross tiny teeth?

No. 1786985

Poki is most beautiful girl in the world

No. 1786997

The drama between him and SmallAnt put me off from watching both of em

No. 1787013

File: 1678586828438.png (1.08 MB, 800x800, ct_iceage_sid_21464_10f2d363.p…)

Like a human version of Sid from Ice Age

No. 1787049

File: 1678591204190.jpeg (126.1 KB, 828x1093, 24DFB9E1-8FD8-42B5-B5FE-CAAB0B…)

No. 1787057

Welp. He was cute about 4 years ago. I honestly don’t know what happened to his teeth other than he needs thousands of dollars of work done. I thought he was rich though so what’s the hold up? I feel like he’s one of those hopeless moids who can barely wipe their ass without a woman in their life, and even though Dasha is horrible his hygiene drastically declined since they split.

No. 1787081

samefag I'm pissed that guy ran to protect his rapist friend the moment he could and now he's been crowned Best Streamer, what a disgusting note to end on

No. 1787133

File: 1678601292515.png (343.84 KB, 1340x702, 124.png)

So I was only right on a few predictions kek. Dresses were pretty and streamers looked good tonight. But I have some personal favorites of the night:
>Poki looking like an angel
>Sweetanita was fun to watch as a host, her Tourette's acted up but it was petty light hearted and fun. Though the sniffing people was weird.
>Cyr is/was looking disgusting
>Ludwig is an attention whore and it was starting to get really tiresome.
>Kyadae's win was her make-a-wish. TenZ made a cute reference to her with his win.
>Mizkif doesn't win shit. Got dunked on by Hasan and Frogan. Good times
>JustaMinx was seen for a second or two and looks smashed
>QT and Valkyrae changed into pretty dresses
>XQC has bittersweet speech
>Jerma won a Legacy award with a cute video
>Kai won Streamer of the Year but wasn't there to accept it?

No. 1787140

File: 1678601715713.jpeg (16.31 KB, 275x275, 1678552848415.jpeg)

Also a nonny posted this on the Tiktok thread. Bella Poarch was presenting one of the awards tonight and it was really obvious she fucked up her face with filler, she's only 26. I didn't even recognize her.

No. 1787142

Seeing all of them dressed so beautifully for a bunch of Twitch man children gives me such secondhand embarrassment.

No. 1787154

This is so sad. Also stupid because her whole appeal was looking like a teenager for scrotes and now she looks 40.

No. 1787163

Dasha really fucked Cyr up, he went from cute femboy to lazy alcoholic. It honestly makes no sense why he doesn't get veneers or just any dental work at all, because those are the most disgusting teeth I've ever seen for such a popular scrote on Twitch.

No. 1787197

She can be Trisha's adopted younger sister.

No. 1787280

File: 1678631550682.jpg (122.36 KB, 1632x1224, tmp-cam-6225759661809476628.jp…)

She's been botched for the longest. Pic on the right is her from a billboard interview when worked angles and filters can't save the day vs what she's fooled fans into thinking she looks like on the left it's actually jarring. Pedopanderers and pickmes of all kind truly never prosper.(learn to sage)

No. 1787293

I don't even think this comparison is that jarring. you can still tell it's the same person. I liked her face before, she was kinda weird and uncanny looking to me while still having nice features, creeped me out in a good way. in this picture >>1787140 and the awards show last night, she was unrecognizable. she looks like every other overfilled actress in LA now. her face looks so bottom heavy.

No. 1787302

>Kai won Streamer of the Year but wasn't there to accept it?
get a handjob on stream and win streamer of the year

No. 1787304

ugh you phrased it well, this is how i feel too

No. 1787312

He should've gotten a ban for that. It was clear the girl was giving him a handjob but no way would Twitch ban their biggest black streamer on black history month right at the end of his record subathon.(sage your shit)

No. 1787332

NTA sorry for spoonfeed, but is it any actual drama? I saw something like that in their chats, but it seemed like ppl were memeing

No. 1787397

Not a meme I'm afraid. If you search "pointcrow smallant" on youtube you can find both of their lenghty twitch vods talking about it

No. 1787500

Poki looks great now that she's streaming less. PULL in shambles kek

No. 1787685

not even the otk stans could sway the votes this year kek. i know people bitched about last year being the circlejerk awards but i think this year tops. nobody interesting won except maybe dougdoug for league of their own but apparently ludwig told his chat to vote for him.

No. 1787744

Justaminx ruined the Streamer Awards after-party cause she was too drunk and made a mess of herself. The homeowners had enough and shut it down. When are people just going to start cutting her out of their lives? She gets 0 repercussions for this shit and tbh I feel like she's a lost cause at this point.

No. 1787757

his teeth have always been weirdly small

No. 1787769

File: 1678683303248.jpg (53.25 KB, 1080x698, Screenshot_20230313_005452_Twi…)

I think people are starting hopefully

No. 1787773

she's clearly an alcoholic who needs help. this is triggering as fuck, all my irish family are like this. runs in families innit
I hope she gets her shit together and didn't just ruin her career

the fake charlies were pretty funny

No. 1787788


Minx has been a wreck for a long ass time. the problem is that every time she’s shipped off for “treatment” it’s only ever for a few days to a couple weeks then it’s right back to getting blacked out on stream again. denial is one hell of a drug i guess.

No. 1787792

ayrt wait so she's gotten treatment? it ain't working jfc
people like that need an adult babysitter to keep them off the bottle

No. 1787852

minx has reached the point where she has to stop drinking entirely. she'll never be able to drink casually again. i hope she gets help.

No. 1787855

God this clip is so sad

No. 1787917

>best just chatting: hasanabi
Dear god, this guy was never on my radar and I tried checking some clips, he should win "just mumbling" and "best self-fellating on stream"

No. 1787935

when the whole "covering up sexual assault" thing came out, she ghosted for a few days, her friends said she did not have access to her Twitter and that she was getting help. It lasted for like 2 weeks iirc before she convinced them to give her login info back, and she resumed business as usual, while never addressing the fact that she called a sexual assault victim an attention seeker.

No. 1788006

False. She went against her organization (who demanded she make a scripted YouTube "apology") and went live instead to apologize off-script. The VOD was deleted, she immediately got fired from the org and was kicked out of the house.

No. 1788013

File: 1678727318038.jpg (355.93 KB, 1920x1920, 32421b.jpg)

Wasn't she also a burden on her housemates? Doing dumb shit like damaging walls and riding a bike down the stairs.

I really have no sympathy for her, she's made so many dumbass comments and has a shit sense of humor like picrel. I hate that peoples response to it is just 'oh just a typical minx night'. She's made a career of being a hot mess.

No. 1788020

samefag but QTcinderella talks about how Minx ruined the afterparty. https://twitter.com/Dexerto/status/1635287849846312962?s=20

>Totally wasted

>Refused to leave when security tried to get her out and instead of walking, sank to the floor trying to deadweight herself
>In doing this, hits her head
>Friends are concerned for her and call the ambulance cause she's so fucked up
>Whole party gets shut down

Well hopefully this is the ending I've been waiting for. Ruining an after-party for your blatant alcoholism is enough of a reason for the popular streamer group to cut you out of everything. She even promised QT she wasn't going to drink that night.

No. 1788027

Hi Zastela did you end up shitting yourself when you got rejected?(hi cow)

No. 1788040

File: 1678731142338.webm (4.65 MB, 640x360, QTpatreonpodcast.webm)

thanks for the correction, I knew I was missing some milk (knew she got kicked out of the org but not why) and didn't suspect this. I'm not gonna listen to some random scrote's recap so I went and watched the whole deleted VOD archive.
I'm glad she tried to give a true apology, but its impact was severely undermined when she admitted that she didn't apologize privately to Arianna, she just went live first because she was "too ashamed".
Impulsively going live the day she got out of the psych ward after promising not to, ignoring her friends begging her to end stream, lighting cigarettes indoors on stream, screaming at her cats, random shrieking then laughing that "the meds aren't working", crying, (rightfully, but stupidly) throwing her org under the bus then quickly showing psych ward arts and crafts. None of that paints the picture of a sound mind. She also focused on herself and how bad this made her look for 90% of it.

I embedded video mentioned. low quality because it's just them lying on a couch talking.

People have been blaming QT for inviting an alcoholic to a party with an open bar, even though Minx promised to stay sober. They say that her friends are enabling her. QT is the one who took her to the hospital in September. She gave Minx one more chance and got burned, I doubt it'll happen again.

No. 1788041

also, samefag, Minx admitted on stream before the event that she was going to pregame the awards show and not drink during. You can see pictures of her at the event with a plastic water bottle in her hand. She broke her promise before she even showed up.

No. 1788044

… For planking?

No. 1788051

File: 1678732314505.jpeg (49.78 KB, 1169x651, 01BA7D1E-31F2-4FD4-B703-DBD756…)

Yeah I call bullshit on her saying she thought it was okay if she just got drunk at the after party. She was already drunk when she showed up

No. 1788065

starting around 34:20
QT talking more about the party, as well as her relationship with Minx, on today's Fear& episode. not sageing because this seems like actual milk.
>Minx tried to throw propane heaters into the pool
>Minx tried to throw people into the pool (including Sykkuno kek)
haven't finished listening so not a full recap

she also claims she had a seizure and blacked out for 24 hours, I think she means even before the event? not when she fell and hit her head. or something.

No. 1788072

It's unfortunate, but pedopandering pickmes deserve for this to happen to them imo. It's not going to ruin her streaming career, but some of the creepy moids should fall off now, at least.

No. 1788082

Yeah that's a bizarre nitpick wtf

No. 1788090

File: 1678734749853.jpg (220.47 KB, 2048x922, FpHUKDjaUAAiLeW.jpg)

xQc knows a thing or two about alcohol and QT's after parties…

No. 1788105

That guy is a hikkiNEET with a stash of mcdonalds junk around him, I wonder if people just watch him mumble all day for the freakshow.

No. 1788138

The image posted in her tweet on the left is stolen and shows up on reverse image search. Makes her 'joke' about abortion even more disgusting and attention seeking. I hope she gets help but her behavior is horrible and she needs to spend a lot of time offline in therapy.

No. 1788143

File: 1678739394113.jpeg (78.5 KB, 1169x969, F93B7BF5-5ABB-4C27-AEB0-34ACC6…)

milk incoming. qt popped off on minx on twitter and dropped caps. 1/2

No. 1788144

File: 1678739419543.jpeg (191.42 KB, 1170x1819, 7BAE44F7-F02C-4E60-B35A-DE4A9B…)


No. 1788147

They're all insufferable.

No. 1788148

File: 1678739710330.jpeg (135.03 KB, 946x2048, 34C67701-A04A-415D-9A71-F8B9F5…)

full discord convo

No. 1788157

File: 1678740308839.jpg (323.07 KB, 1284x2778, 20230313_164420.jpg)

someone in the replies of Minx's hospital photos points out the blue restraint around her arm in the red dress, and how hospital staff would never strap a seizure patient down because they could injure themselves worse. They do, however, strap down belligerent drunks while they get their IV fluids.

No. 1788159

File: 1678740751366.png (9.51 KB, 727x167, Capture2.PNG)

Boo hoo, here come the crocodile tears.

No. 1788166

File: 1678741604064.png (906.65 KB, 3120x1440, Screenshot_20230313-170404.png)

she brought her own drink to the event as well, see the plastic water bottle behind her. everyone else is drinking from glasses.

No. 1788172

that's water, you can see the actual drink literally right next to it though on the left, they had/served drinks and you can see them on various tables if you look closer. obviously she shouldnt have had any but she didnt have to smuggle anything they just served her.

No. 1788179

Relatable aside from the McDonald’s tbh

No. 1788185

yeah maybe it's a tinfoil but why would she be the only person to bring her own drink? I genuinely think it's a water bottle full of vodka. In context it just makes more sense. It's a common way of smuggling booze into events, that's entirely on-brand for her, and why would she keep a bottle of water right in front of her on the table where there are water glasses? Drink from the glass and save the bottle for when you're not at the table. Why does the alcoholic have a half-empty bottle of clear liquid in front of her that she brought from home when no other guest brought their own drink?

I'm guessing she didn't think they would serve her by QT's orders, so she brought her own from home. No one else thought they would have to bring their own drinks, because they knew there would be alcohol there.

No. 1788190

File: 1678743903378.jpeg (30.81 KB, 450x270, 1D8FCCD8-8E9C-4F2E-9EEF-CE67A8…)

Is she seriously trying to claim epilepsy when she’s a known sloppy alcoholic and both drinking alcohol and withdrawing from it significantly increase your chance of having seizures? She’ll kill herself if she doesn’t get it together

No. 1788192

she has epilepsy and has been consistent about it and shown meds in the past, years before she was this bad, its real that she has it. blaming it for her behavior however is bullshit in this case, she was drunk and did that shit before any seizure may or may not have happened.

No. 1788219

the epilepsy thing seems like such a deflection from the real issue of her getting way too belligerent. she claims it’s “not an excuse” but the way she’s framing it really makes it clear that she’s looking for sympathy here because nobody has her back anymore in that circle kek. hopefully with qt distancing herself and the backlash will make her see she’s on a dark path and needs real help.

No. 1788220

Don't know much about her but the way people have remained close to Miz/forgiven him when he clearly is not a good guy regardless of the details of the Adrianah situation is disgusting. (kek at Mizkif hairline. bleach blonde is not his color either.) >>1787081 mentioned it but the way streamers continue to praise and defend people who have done honestly unforgiveable things is so gross and it's why I only like twitch for the milk now. Did Frogan do anything else or just Miz association

No. 1788228

QT is live right now, she answered a bunch of questions about the awards event, and then at the very end addressed the situation with Minx. She said (in so many words) that Minx did not have a seizure at the party during the whole issue with security up until and including when the ambulance was called, and that maybe the seizure happened while she was in the ambulance. She then shortly after said "addicts are liars." So it's pretty clear what she thinks happened, but probably doesn't want to get called out for accusing someone of faking a medical emergency for sympathy

she also said basically (paraphrasing) "it's not about the money, I don't want to get paid back. It's not about the money because no amount of money could ever make this right (she said that a couple times.) That being said, it's kind of insidious to ask me for an invoice when she already has my PayPal information."

No. 1788233

This time period was so disturbing to watch and few people were discussing how bad it was until she got kicked out. Around this incident she would continually go live at random times even when she wasn't supposed to, mods would be begging her in chat to stop, someone from the org would hover watching her every move and try to convince her to end live. Once she got in her housemate's bathtub and tried to do a flips with a broken ankle as chat goaded her on. She also went on rants about how much she hated her sister for commenting on her controversy and called her a drug addict as if she has room to speak. I'm tempted to find clips and compile them but her simp mods took down all the vods

Ashamed to say I believed the seizure claim because she does have epilepsy but fuck. She's such a dumbass for posting that as if it proved anything

No. 1788235

one of her claims for the seizure is that she blacked out the entire 24 hour period and couldn't remember anything from the day. QT said on live that it's suspicious that she could remember a bunch of details from the day, including how many drinks she was served during the event, and that she drank one.

I'm waiting for the stream to end and the VOD to go up so I can grab the whole segment of her discussing the situation to upload

No. 1788240

File: 1678771872901.jpg (92.31 KB, 886x809, Capture.JPG)

At first I found it hard to believe she would be so stupid to openly drink right next to the cameras. But that is clearly an alcoholic beverage half drunk next to her and maybe your tinfoil about the bottle is true.
She also looked super drunk at this moment, swaying and shushing the camera, saying something that obviously wasn't picked up (no one else seemed to act this way toward the cameramen). Plus her bangs were greasy as fuck like she was sweaty drunk, they looked normal in picrel from before the event.

So Minx admitted to drinking during the event? I only heard some of it but QT was pulling no punches on that live, even saying she looks at Minx and doesn't at all see the person she once knew. Not sure I remember properly but I thought QT also claimed to have a relative with severe addiction that she still won't speak to despite them being clean now. If so Minx is fucked and QT is essentially blacklisting her from all the streamer functions. Even OTK likely never wants anything to do with her again

No. 1788246

youre telling me you dont think she was at least buzzed when she did that lip liner? lmao

No. 1788248

This is so embarrassing. If she doesn't stop she's going to lose everyone in her life and die a painful death alone in a hospital room where no one but god will hear her cries. Are her parents alcoholics too?
Just that and the fact she likes Hasan too. I don't know anything else about her.

No. 1788253

Minx went live on Kick for 10 minutes today after their Twitter back-and-forth. I will not be posting any clips from that shitty site, sue me, but I watched it. Minx admitted and said that Andrea Botez can confirm, staff randomly brought them 4 drinks to their table during the event. She said she remembers sipping one and saying to Andrea, "I can't drink this."
What you remember QT saying about her relative is accurate. She said she bent over backwards to help her relative, then gave up after trying everything and cut her out of her life, and won't speak to her even now that she is sober+married+kids. So yeah Minx is dead to her.

I fully believe she was drunk before she stepped foot in the event venue

No. 1788255

Minx trying to throw Sykkuno into a pool didn't happen lmao

No. 1788284

File: 1678777002178.jpg (49.2 KB, 600x800, 556f84471d30573402e00730dbf8eb…)

bump don't scroll, cp on mtf thread

No. 1788297

File: 1678779260812.jpg (77.63 KB, 1080x673, Capture.JPG)

Children on twitter were accusing her of attempted murder for this so I'm glad it got taken care of simply to stop their retarded bullshit

I hope that kick stream is still up so I can watch it later but her mods are likely scrubbing the record clean. I'm surprised either of the Botez sisters are still friendly to her

Just found another notable moment from the awards show. I wonder what she was yelling about

No. 1788305

topkek thank you for setting the record straight, so funny to imagine though

as far as I can tell, none of her Kick VODs are deleted as of right now. idk how many times she's streamed on the platform but the after-after-party one is still up. can't figure out how to download it

No. 1788309

Gonna sperg but this is probably the case to a certain extent. I watched the love or host stream and it seemed like most people were making fun of him. I mean he's a 80 iq male who somehow managed to make it to the top despite the complete lack of effort he puts into his content, has incredible wealth and women throwing themselves at him in his DMs yet he's a complete manchild wasting his good years fueling sadboi drama. Hopefully it's all just an act because it makes his complaints about "parasocial" viewers sound pathetic as he was the one stirring the flames and using his very messy private business for "content" which I think is just a cop out to mask the obvious need for attention and his own attachment to his fan's parasocial interest in his relationships with other streamers.

It's good bait and he's obviously playing it up but something tells me he won't have the ability to compartmentalize well enough to not let it affect him, it's obvious he's getting addicted to attention. I smell the first signs of a downwards attention seeking spiral once his relevance fades a little

No. 1788440

No. 1788465

so wait, a streamer had to put on the streamer awards herself? Do these people realize how irrelevant they are or what kek. I find the drama in this thread hilarious when the majority of these kids will be working a 9-5 in complete obscurity within ten years.

No. 1788476

You're really underestimating how much money they make.

No. 1788491

thanks anon. I finally got a screen recording of QT's words on the matter from her twitch stream last night, but the file is fucking huge (>4GB) and I can't figure out how to upload it. It's too big for all online webm converters I can find, too big to even email to myself, should I even bother trying to upload it? It's still in her VODs, she starts talking about it from 2:04:50 for about 10 minutes.

No. 1788516

Maybe upload the 10 minutes?

No. 1788522

A couple million isn't that much any more. I could do that without looking like a complete retard online

No. 1788524

Recently Linus Tech Tips built a PC for him and offhand said "See? You're much smarter than the character you play on stream" while xQc just stood there and stared blankly lol.

No. 1788529

I have a screen recording of those 10 minutes. That's what I'm talking about. The VOD is 8.5 hours, I'm not an idiot trying to download and reupload the entire thing, just the relevant bit

No. 1788565

I second your sentiment, but:
>bleach blonde is not his color
He got it for the Turkey relief donation stream as one of the milestones.
>Did Frogan do anything else
Not really.

No. 1788620

Then get off lolcow and go make your millions then anon.

No. 1788737

minx discussion starts around 2:04:50

No. 1788926

Nobody believes you

No. 1789585

File: 1678970820547.jpeg (89.89 KB, 828x916, 650FC75C-77C7-47BB-9798-A94CDC…)

>taking pics of her grandfather's garden
>focuses on her ass
can someone hack her account and block every male follower she has and then give it back to her

No. 1789607

Who asked for this? Thank you for my daily reminder that I fucking hate moids.

No. 1789735

Isn't CarlyGosh a girl? Doesn't look like a tranny to me.

No. 1789998

Maya says some cringe stuff sometimes but that's just a side effect of growing up a liberal, she's kind of a Stacy tbh and I love that she will happily shit on moids publicly and still get dates/a boyfriend. I just hope her new man is actually cool and not as shit as Miz. I actually started emailing my senator about conservation matters because of her and I know I'm not the only one, she is doing real work and making a difference.

The pic could be anyone, probably not the actual user. Could be a dumb pickme thinking she's being flattering, who knows on the internet though.

No. 1790051

File: 1679025168214.jpg (24.6 KB, 893x337, bruh.JPG)

minx currently on a tweet spree of denial on her alt

No. 1790102

She should've never became a streamer.

No. 1790702

apparently her new bf regularly helps her maintain and build things around the sanctuary. an upgrade from miz i'd say.

No. 1791228

she mentioned that when she got back from her Japan/LA trip, when her bf picked her up at the airport, he brought her flowers. she realized that was the first time one of her bfs had bothered getting her her favorite flower for anything. sounds like a cool dude.

No. 1791232

He's so cute, too.

No. 1792111

File: 1679331204032.jpeg (131.86 KB, 1125x894, A2A9A8CB-A762-429B-9D3B-865C7E…)

>I have BD, I need to get huge tits to cure it!
>the big tits are triggering my BD, I need to remove them!
>I still have BD

God I love Anisa she’s such a retard

No. 1792474

damn we might actually get a TiF or NB anisa arc lol

No. 1792917

saw minx was streaming and went to go see what was going on. she immediately got into a seemingly very real fight with her older sister, they were literally screaming at one another and it seemed like a physical fight was about to go down. minx was screaming that her sister was a pedophile and being really nasty to her because she had leaked info to a viewer apparently. their mom had to take the phone and shut the stream off. hopefully the vod/clips come out

No. 1792967

emiru saw this video of maya and decided to recreate it for mizkif, sadly funny

No. 1792968

File: 1679451257055.png (261.82 KB, 992x712, 1679450493657738.png)

pic to go with the video, saged both

No. 1792994

File: 1679454665857.webm (5.44 MB, 1280x720, vke-gqyFoZ21dVsV.webm)

samefag but videos are up

No. 1793051

Full VOD on YT:

No. 1793057

You don't have to announce your sage, we all can see you saged.

No. 1793060

oh i more meant it to acknowledge that it's not really milk so people can keep scrolling if they aren't interested in just a little laugh at emiru's insecurity yet again

No. 1793061

People were trying to justify clips of this as 'oh this is just how some families communicate with each other, it's nbd' but this is so unhinged. She just sinks lower and lower, they should just ban her off twitch at this point(sage your shit)

No. 1793076

File: 1679471906395.jpeg (105.6 KB, 1170x1433, B95A0B70-08CF-4FDA-B20A-68756B…)

“Americans are so soft” she says as she copyright claims the clip to get it removed lmao. She’s trying to scrub everything

No. 1793096

YIKES it sounds like her dad got physical with her at the end. what a fucking shit show. she was just saying how refreshed she felt for being home kek

No. 1793114

File: 1679479655796.jpeg (64.72 KB, 1170x445, FEBCC544-805D-4DCA-A538-13E970…)

Saw this was tweeted by a music producer I follow. Have we seen Amouranth around Minx at all after her birthday party?

No. 1793116

this isn't the full VOD (anymore?) they chopped the whole end off. I can't find a complete, uncut version of the fight, just various clips

No. 1793133

her subs need to stop her cash flow so she wakes tf up and if that doesn't work then i honestly don't know what else will

No. 1793139

Yeah sure some families communicate like this, usually the ones who produce addict alcoholics and kids who are dead before 30. Totally normal family stuff, for abusive trash people.

No. 1793144

When you grow up in it you don't realize it's fucked up. Not saying that's the case here.

No. 1793169


No. 1793272

https://youtu.be/ydEDQv3EquE(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1793319

Not saying you're wrong per se, because we can't see, but framing it as "getting physical" (which implies physical abuse potential) when it's more likely he restrained her so the sisters wouldn't fight is a bit misleading. There's nothing wrong with restraining someone who's about to get violent and cause harm to others, specially over words.

Either way, she needs help ASAP.

No. 1793387

I lost it when she said that, I haven't laughed this hard in a while.
praying for them. lmao

No. 1793460

oh wow. that is an allegation. who is the girl??
and no i dont think so, but there's been no tension either

No. 1793950

kek shes so fast(newfag)

No. 1794123

I said "got physical" to avoid words implying he pushed/shoved/hit her. Because I realize getting physical with someone can include restraining them from being violent. It's a physical altercation, regardless of who is the aggressor/defender/restrainer.

Just commenting on how him getting physical with her (out of necessity) still makes it an even bigger shit show than just shouting.

No. 1794159

I've heard this same exact argument walking down poorer neighborhoods

No. 1794429

Did the victim said anything? I don't know who the moid is.
No, you're objectively wrong. Restraining someone so they don't attack another person isn't a physical altercation. Specially not legally.

No. 1794939

this guy is shit but he has the whole fight from beginning to end, and it's the only clip I can find of the full thing on YouTube.

legal definitions of "physical altercation" vary state to state in the US, what I said fits the legal definition in my state, maybe not where you live/in Ireland, couldn't find more info specific to her country.
Listening to the clip again, I think Minx got physical with her dad first as he's telling her to get out at 25:35, then she backs off going "whoa whoa whoa" (I'm assuming as he throws her off), then he physically moves her into another room and they continue talking while the stream ends. You hear him say "never again" right at the end.
Let me know if you hear something different anons

No. 1795025

I have the entire stream saved as an .mp4. Anybody know where I can upload the file?

No. 1795032

you can throw it on https://bunkr.la/

No. 1795091

Ok, here's the link.
I had to meddle with some settings to lower the size, but everything looks good.

No. 1795188

Around 01:38:00 minx whispers to her dad and asks him for some of his drink. her mum says “nooo, I’ll leave if you start drinking.” minx takes his glass and gets up to go refill it. her dad pleads “please don’t, I don’t want anymore drink.” She leaves with his glass and goes off camera anyways, you can probably guess what she’s doing. she’s not even trying to hide her alcoholism

No. 1795195

samefag, around 02:07:00 minutes in is when the fight starts. Minx’s sister is making some rambling jokes about “wokeness” and being “unproblematic.” you can see the moment Minx splits on her sister.

No. 1795218

Lol… why…

No. 1795347


seems kinda shitty for her family to be drinking around her during this current saga bc she clearly has no self control. Maybe the whole family has alcohol issues bc if the goal is to get her to stop drinking, blatantly drinking in front of her will surely do wonders in that effort right now. surely.

No. 1795486

minx herself makes jokes about how in Ireland everyone drinks like she does, and Americans are just babies, so I wouldn't be surprised if she learned to have no control because they don't have any control either. drinking around her while she clearly has a problem is a sign that they're part of the problem

No. 1795515

Alcoholism runs in families, I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one of her parents has a drinking problem. i can’t tell what her dad is drinking on that stream but she pours him a pretty big glass of something (I’m guessing either wine or whiskey?) and he drinks all of it in like 20 minutes. He seems a little drunk by the time the fight starts and Minx’s mum even apologizes for him, saying he’s drank too much

No. 1795568

emiru always looks like a tranny.
why exactly did she do this though?

No. 1795639

stated reason? dyed her hair blacker for an "old emiru" stream (that she has since cancelled) and decided to dress up goth too for no particular reason.

real reason? what was posted, she saw the video of maya dressing goth and mizkif getting super horny for it and she wants to please her boyfriend's fetish the same way. sad really.

No. 1795722


emiru is a dumb bangmaid but i kind of doubt she did it to impress her moid. it’s an easy thumbnail for YT views and coomer bait on stream. from clips i’ve seen it doesn’t seem like she even likes mizkif much but maybe she’s really just that fucking boring and monotone 24/7.

No. 1795728

she's that boring, and if maya did it for his fetish emiru certainly isnt above it, bangmaid that she is

No. 1795915

she really does look like a dude there, why does she look really cute sometimes and just awful other times kek

No. 1795981

It doesn't help that she chose pieces an agp tranny would wear.

No. 1797300

File: 1680031762995.png (112.28 KB, 860x662, 9 hours 30,000 dollars.PNG)

Alinity's Americas Cardroom Poker Deal- $30,000 for 9 hours

No. 1797301

File: 1680031808215.png (58.81 KB, 840x381, Contract 1 Capture.PNG)

No. 1797327

we all knew creator clash was just an ego project for idubbbz but they sure made that evident this weekend

>idc make fun of my wife's onlyfans, they're just jokes

>someone makes a joke
>well akshully ur toxic

No. 1797481

File: 1680041565606.png (743.34 KB, 1440x2065, Screenshot_20230328-180917.png)

minx is openly joking about ruining her friend's after-party and posts a photo with drink in hand from that night. she's definitely trying to sweep her drinking problem under the rug

No. 1797688

Is she not wearing shoes in this pic? I dont know what shoes she wore to the event so I cant tell. But she looks hella fucked up. I agree with the other nonnie that said she brought liquor in that water bottle.

No. 1797941

I never understood how gamba streamers were burned at the Stake (kek) in 2022 and Twitch came down hard on them… but poker streams are apparently OK? Poker is still gamba, I don't get why it was OK to do it then but now no one wants to bring the same energy cause it's not meta. The Botez sisters do poker streams even though they openly blasted gamba streamers when it was so 'morally corrupt for the youth'. This contract is literally for promoting gamba, the same as Trainwrecks or XQC.

No. 1797944

twitch only banned like 4 offshore sites, its just that stake was the biggest of them for sponsoring twitch, there's no specific type of gambling that's banned at all, only the sites on their list. it was amazing the complainers ever tried to call it a victory to begin with, it was obviously bullshit.

No. 1798448

It's really bothering me how greasy her hair looks in this photo, and how expensive the backdrop looks contrasted with minx looking so fucked up. Who is that guy? But apparently her and QT are "fine" now (this info came from minx and I find it hard to believe qt let it go that easily after all she said) so she feels like she can joke about it again. And she very lightly admitted to having a problem with drinking but still has taken barely any responsibility. Her ego is huge

No. 1798535

same, every time I've seen her she looks unwashed. does she has BPD or is she just a huge narc? because the lack of shame for so publicly mortifying so many people and herself, the flagrant lies about seizures when there were witnesses. this weird shit >>1792994
she really seems like a nasty piece of work. I come from a family of alcoholics and I've never seen such shamelessness

No. 1798709

QT probably told her "its fine" because she doesn't want to interact with her anymore

No. 1798864

she has bipolar at the very least, but I wouldn't be surprised if she has BPD too. The shame didn't last and now she's back to her usual "I put the 'hot' in hot mess" self.

I agree, QT probably wants to cut her losses and get Minx out of her life, so she said things between them were fine. Minx heard "what you did was fine/you are fine" and is using that as encouragement to keep doing what she's doing (ruining her life with alcoholism)

No. 1799205

Considering creator clash drama, can a new idubbbz anisa thread be made

No. 1799217

I guess you didn’t watch the clips of the stream where she fights with her sister. Right before she starts going off on her, someone in chat says “queer posture” which Minx reads then goes “First of all, yes I’m gay. Second of all, my posture is not bad.” Her sister then responds “Yeah we’re both bisexual, we’re both ADHD, and we both have BPD. How great is that? How fucking great was the genetic lottery there?” as Minx nods in agreement

No. 1799333

in the new Wine About It, QT said that she had to break the news to a streamer's gf that he was cheating on her. I'm nosy and want to know who but there's pretty much no way to narrow it down lol. I was hoping she'd slip up and say if the gf is also a streamer but she didn't specify.

No. 1799447

They were talking about it happening in the middle of the 2 months QT and Maya weren't talking. So late November, early December?

No. 1799563

probably something like that, yeah. it sounded like a viewer tipped her off to it

No. 1799624

it was october, maya says it at the end of the story
presumably someone qts relatively close to, else why would they contact qt
presumably a public relationship as the viewer knows of that situation ("are they in an open relationship?")
At this point qt talks to the guy, week and a half later him and his girl still posting pics together.

No. 1800567

In tweets and on stream she has claimed to have both BPD and bipolar, and seems to mix up the acronyms without any clear distinction, sometimes seems like she thinks they're the same disorder, or thinks BPD stands for bipolar disorder. It's obnoxious she uses her mental health as an excuse/explanation but has been pretty vague and misleading about what exactly is going on

No. 1801693

Theme song for this trash fire of an event. One week left yet no replacement for Froggy. Both Ian and Anisa are very thin skinned. Any predictions for the event?

No. 1802004

Is anyone compiling the home addresses of big twitch streamers?
The addresses of "people" like Amouranth seem to be commonly known but google, yandex, etc. completely censor any lead(do not ask for dox)

No. 1802021

It’s doesn’t help that she fucking screams and verbally abuses chat members everytime they ask for clarification on her actual diagnosis.

No. 1802099

I love how quickly they were able to find a replacement fight when I did a thing had to drop out due to a concussion though. So either it must be really hard to find another manlet as short as Anisa’s true love Chris Ray Gun, or no one wants to sign on to this dumpster fire event and on such short notice, or both. Serves them right for kicking out the only other midget they had

No. 1802513

I definitely think it’s both. What other short muscle bound freak is ready to box at a moments notice? And besides that, whoever it is knows that they’ll become collateral damage in this dumpster fire. The froggy fans will hate on them just because it isn’t froggy, the commentary channels will have a field day, and more than likely the community will dig up their past transgressions as minor as they might be just to prove a point and say froggy did nothing wrong. No one wants to touch this dumpster fire and I don’t blame them. There’s literally zero pros and endless cons of taking froggys place, regardless of if the situation is justified or not.

I’m loving it though, hard to believe Anisa and her mom could torpedo a charity event of all things into the ground. If they had just ignored the little weirdos comment none of this would have happened and there wouldn’t be controversy surrounding charity. And I’m absolutely living for Ian being such a sensitive little moid when all he’s known for is screaming “niggerfaggot” in videos.

No. 1802622

Imagine trying to do your job and your pear and their pearent were constantly fucking you over making you look like an idiot because they can't just shut up. It's clear Anisa takes after her mother.

No. 1802825

File: 1680726924408.jpg (40.08 KB, 603x444, lmao.jpg)

For real, not only did they fuck over frogy, they're punishing chris as a result. They were so desperate for a short fighter they had to resort to looking on twitter, they aren't going to find another short king in time.

No. 1804428

Am I the only one that finds it entirely reasonable to ban someone who's personally insulted one of the co-founder's mother?

Not really aware of more details but if he did it unprovoked then I don't see why you'd still allow him in.

No. 1804464

No, but this is an "everyone loses" scenario. Why is Anisa's mother starting shit? Why is Anisa doubling down? Can't believe I'm siding with a scrote, but if he was a woman instead, shouldn't she defend herself about what people in charge of the event are saying about her? Why does she have tolerate it? Someone do correct me if I misunderstood the timeline of events please.

No. 1804491

it just gets weirder on their part when you remember the whole promo for fights like this IS to talk trash to begin with to get it attention, just an insane reaction and sequence of events

No. 1804846

If it were anyone else’s mother yes, but we’re talking about Maureen here. She instigated the fight and said way nastier shit to Anisa than FF did.

No. 1805163

AdrianahLee is apparently suing Mizkif, Maya and Jake for defamation.


No. 1805165

*sorry not Jake, Jacob aka CrazySlick

No. 1805170

you were technically right, he goes by Jake, but listed as Jacob in the court docs, not to be confused with weird yellow fever jakenbake.

No. 1805297

what do other anons think about Maya's involvement in this? Mizkif is absolute shit in my mind, hated that guy from before there was any "reason" to hate him (stupid as hell, ugly eyebrows, arrogant asshole) but I've always liked Maya and loved her conservation work.
I do believe she went to pressure Adrianah not to say anything, but I can see that it's possible she was being pressured herself by her shitty moid boyfriend at the time to do his dirty work for him

No. 1805340

From Maya's own words Mizkif was about to kick crazyslick out until she convinced him it would be better to get the girls side of the story first(sage your shit)

No. 1805350

I think overall she was just a dumb pickme. She should keep her head down and play with animals. I’m more interested in seeing the scrotes destroyed.

No. 1805354

what is this about?

No. 1805372

Honestly, I think Adrianah is opening for a lot of trouble for herself. I’m not sure how much they have actually said about her that can count as defamation, however she has definitly said a lot of stuff about them that can probably be counted as such. They could definitly counter sue her. She wasn’t a big streamer so it’s not like she lost a lot compared to them. Also, they obviously have a lot more money than her to use in court.

No. 1805461

When did he personally insult Anisa's mom? The whole thing started because Froggy Fresh made a joke saying if he didn't beat up Chris Ray Gun and win, he'd be so disappointed in himself he'd subscribe to Anisa's OnlyFans. Then Maureen, Anisa's mom, responded to him calling him an imp, brain damaged, and said he had small balls, to which FF replied he'd "rather be an imp than a pimp" referring to Ian and said "Anisa come get your mom." Maureen was the only one who personally insulted anyone. Ian was on record in his cope cuck video saying he's fine with Anisa having an OF and people making fun of it. They're just fragile hypocrites who couldn't handle FF going to train with Sam Hyde. That's what this was all really about. They were looking for any excuse they could to kick him for that and not have to admit it was because of Sam

No. 1805485

This is what actually happened. Maureen started shit, Froggy said come get your mom, and then he was booted. Maureen has been a clinger for Anisa's whole "career" and always inserts herself.

No. 1805613

>rather be an imp than a pimp
This one made me laugh because this was what icuck fans were saying as a cope to Anissa’s onlyfans, now they’re saying it’s insulting lll

No. 1806265

File: 1681120506570.jpg (152.23 KB, 1125x1584, leddit.jpg)

I don't know which crowd is responsible for this, but for whatever reason some freaks on reddit keep genderswapping some ecelebs I watch via faceapp
The only reason I've noticed this is because they react to the swaps in their videos when they're scrolling their subreddits, usually their reaction is just them being weirded out but goddamn these guys are persistent
The main ones I'm talking about are xQc & Cody Ko. It's been an ongoing thing since quarantine I've noticed, and It actually freaks me out a little.

What is their objective?
What did they mean by this? Is this actually a thing that happens? Did it work on anyone?

No. 1806320

I think trannies have wanted XQC to transition for a while now. Probably because he's skinny and has long-ish hair sometimes, and he's a gamer. That's it. I think that's the reason. He'd look like a rape goblin if he transitioned though and I don't think he gives a shit about troons at all. They are probably hoping he sees all these posts and it sinks in subconsciously that he'd make such a cute girl but that image doesn't even look like him and I don't think he'd fall for it. Trannies tend to openly groom people this way.

No. 1806407

I regret not making a throwaway account to follow lolcows, did anyone follow Anisa before she locked? Kinda curious about the meltdown, but I guess we have to wait until next weekend

No. 1806423

Cody fans are more normie-leaning in my experience and face-swapping him is just a joke on his subreddits in general (they edit him old, with chad filter, etc).

No. 1806431

I would grant a free pussy grab pass to any moid that openly states that trannies will never be real women. This year I went from disgust to genuine hate and I'm all out of sympathy for transcrazies; I fantasize with big streamers denouncing them so the tranny fans they have will kill themselves in droves.

No. 1806437

Anyone else genuinely think that women may be the a large part of the problem when it comes to trannies?
We're too lenient, tolerant and accepting compared to men generally. Which sometimes is good, but in this case it's not.
Even I was okay with them for a while.
Had they have been ostracized and judged, the problem wouldn't have gotten this widespread.

No. 1806444

Yes. But the trans movement did make it so when women spoke up they were ostracized, fired, threatened and belittled with dehumanizing slurs.

The problem is that comfortable women didn't fight back further due to risk and probably said 'its not worth it'.

No. 1806449

Once again women are to take blame for male behavior? Nah. This is a male problem.

No. 1806450

women are being deceived as to what trannies' true intentions are, but men are still the ones who manifest this desire to be us, and it all comes from a fetish that stems from a hatred of women. men are the problem.

No. 1806458

Men don't fear retaliation from Aiden's if they say "you're not a man". A woman telling a 6'4 former linebacker turned tranny that he isn't a true and valid woman could actually cost us safety and possibly our lives. They love threatening us with violence (unladylike behavior may I add). I'd agree with you if I didn't have to consider this. It's a big reason some women just keep their heads down and try to ignore the whole trans thing imo

No. 1806763

File: 1681190349421.jpg (130.01 KB, 749x902, 122112.jpg)

Details on Adrianah Lee - Miz/Maya/Slick court case from Adrianah's POV

>Adrianah suing for defamation, harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, interference with business relations

>Demands minimum of 250k+courtcosts etc
>Barry, Mitch and Maya ignored entreaties to leave when they came to talk to her
>Maya expressed doubt at her story saying "[Slick] would never do that" and called Slick a "good guy"
>Maya "sought to emotionally undermine and manipulate" her
>Maya also manipulated her by telling Adrianah she would be isolated and that Miz couldn't kick out his best friend
>Maya intensely pressured Adrianah to not release a public statement and instead to let Miz talk about it
>when Adrianah decided on making a twitlonger, Maya forcibly insisted on monitoring and editing what she wrote.
>Maya insisted and forced the statement to disclaim that Rodriguez had assaulted Adrianah, edited down discussion of Adrianah's victimization
>Miz texted Adrianah afterwards and said he feels responsible for Slick
>Miz, Maya, Slick used their status and affiliation with OTK to further damage Adrianah's credibility and reputation
>defendants (miz&co) made allegations about Adrianah committing sexual misconduct to falsely cloud the issue and further cause injury to Adrianah's reputation and credibility
>Miz&Co engaged in acts that defamed Adrianah by falsely accusing her of illegal conduct
>Adrianah suffered the loss of not less than 600k due to defendants

Wine About It is probably gonna get cancelled again

No. 1806787

moids will never cancel hecking wholesome horse swattig birb (died) girl.
Idk what her deal is, she has never looked like she enjoys taking care of her animals in her keeping streams tbh. Just annoyed at them.

No. 1806791

What? Men hate Maya lmao. She has a handful of simps/normies, but many men only follow her to make Riley Reid jokes. Most people are too retarded to notice if she is treating animals badly, and the only reason men can't really come after her is because she doesn't sexualize herself online. They have no ammo.

No. 1806862

Meh, her case sounds weak.

No. 1806880

She is fucking terrible at animal handling. She might be a good bird trainer but her actual husbandry is so bad, especially for nonmammals.

No. 1806886

Yes, insofar as many us being permissive of any and all LGBT+ antics. All these people should be burn at a stake.
>inb4 muh lesbians
99.99% of them wouldn't be gay if a scrote hadn't molested her. Either way, they're also the reason trannies are out of control, so they have have to burn too.
Ah, yes, because every girl who ever voted for someone openly defending trannies was forced to do it at gunpoint. Please.
I hope Adrianah wins and both Mizkif and Maya lose everything. She's a piece of shit too, and people that believe she's just a pick me who did all that for Mizkif's sake are naive or delusional.

No. 1806899

probably just wants a settlement, i'm sure it wont be the first time miz has paid some hush money

No. 1806900

anon I'm sorry, you've posted about this before (I can tell because you always bring up horse swatting) but nobody online actually gives a fuck how she treats the animals. she isn't throwing cats over her shoulder like alinity and that's the only animal experience any twitch viewer has.

No. 1806910

File: 1681221195525.png (6.38 KB, 576x184, alt twt.png)

Honestly, idrc what happens to her.

No. 1807158

Ayrt, I haven't brought up the swatting before. Weird that you think only one person would care about animals.

No. 1807170

It's a shame considering many of the big streamers won't even touch this law suit or talk about it. It's now just attempts to minimize the damage and instead the only mention of it online like LSF is just for stupid OTK moids to bandwagon and call Adrianah a clout-chaser, a 2k viewer Andy that ran out of pity points. It's just so sad that at one point, something like this was taken so seriously and streamers promised they would 'better' the community but now they've adopted a sweep-under-the-rug mentality. Miz suffered 0 damage, he is just as, if not more, successful than ever before and same with Maya (though she would never admit it, she is a spoiled rich kid and never had to fear actual cancellation). I hope she gets something from this because these shitty people don't deserve to get away with it scot-free, literally the worst they had to deal with was shitty online memes and name calling. Disgraceful.

No. 1807175

samefag but I hope Mukitty raises the ranks of twitch viewers enough to topple this double standard and top-streamer control of what is talked about and what isn't, based solely on protecting their own interests. And I love to see streamers squirm when trying to explain their shitty, self-serving actions, especially since it always seem to happen after they swear up and down to be so morally just. Mukitty is a based nonna

No. 1807251

While I agree with your overall point, nobody is forcing streamers not to talk about it, and people get to choose what they want to spend their time doing.

No. 1807277

Women who give lipservice to trannies and shun people who speak against trannies share responsibility for the social climate, yes.

No. 1807278

this is so annoyingly edited

No. 1807357

it's not that I think only one person would care, lots of people criticize her and call her sanctuary an animal prison kek, the swatting thing is just really specific and I've never seen anyone mention it anywhere else on the internet.

No. 1807376

Only wrote the initial message, but I want to clarify that nothing she does (that I've seen on streams, I don't watch her at all anymore) is animal abuse but rather heavy handed and cold. She doesn't seem comfortable with her animals but that is not illegal.
Makes me wonder why she didn't have just sanctuary for birds or if she wishes that she did.

No. 1807442

Praying for the monkeys they're getitng.

No. 1807597

Nonas it's not like I think Maya is without criticisms, but what exactly is bad about how she treats the animals? She seems loving enough, of course she's not going to be treating them like pets if that's what you mean by "cold". I'm personally happy that Alveus is expanding and think their educational content is good.

No. 1807921

She just doesn't seem to enjoy or be comfortable with the animals she works with in her streams. I am aware those animals are not pets… or are they? She had her horse and two dogs before starting the sanctuary. So yeah, some of those are her literal pets.

No. 1807941

xqc, despite being grossed out by those people, also gave them the idea by kissing other men and dressing up as a girl

No. 1808334

That just sounds like a personal opinion then and not anything about Maya's physical treatment of the animals? Imo Maya just has an apathetic disposition 90% of the time but she seems comfortable with the animals still. Not trying to WK but are there any actual criticisms of her husbandry? Like what makes her enclosures animal prisons?

No. 1808471

Look up proper animal husbandry for any of her animals, especially the snake. The snake should have UVA and UVB lighting, a basking spot, a large water dish all the time. Look how Stompy behaves. She turned out two donkeys she can't catch, which means no vet, farrier or dental work. Her horse is headshy. The goats have no manners - and before you say "they're goats" look up Marc Warnke. She handles her animals like a Texan with an exotic animal permit, not any sort of rehabilitator or advocate.
If pet tuber threads were still popular here she'd be ripped apart.

No. 1808778

And it kind of bothers me that she still wears her rings when taking care of the animals. Remember when Stompy swallowed one? It was 2 years ago? And she still wears them today lol. Also he swallowed some other shit before too. If interested, the topic starts at 0:55

No. 1808993

File: 1681570599291.jpeg (114.82 KB, 1125x892, 69497770-CBEA-4D92-9D04-EEF66C…)

Anisa decided to bleach her hair hila klein blonde and I almost didn’t recognize her

No. 1808998

It suits her she looks like trash with three baby daddys.

No. 1809001

File: 1681571099773.jpeg (11.89 KB, 562x562, 6123E3D5-8ECD-4E6E-8A67-CBD62C…)

lol the color is so close to her skin tone she turned her pear face into a block head pic rel

No. 1809012

File: 1681572067013.jpeg (99.48 KB, 495x1239, 726734FA-D3FF-4FC6-83A9-23F990…)

Imagine being married to a millionaire and purposely not only dressing like trailer trash, but wearing the same exact gaudy shit on the one year you leave your seattle basement dwelling home

No. 1809024

Honestly scared what happens if they likely decide to have kids.

No. 1809043

To be fair to him, the dressing up as a girl wasn't his choice and he was super drunk out of his mind. That same night somehow a stranger showed up to the event with the expectation that he was going to have sex with crossdressed Felix, and nobody knows who the man was or how he found the place. I think he kissed other men on the mouth during the same event? I don't know, but guys do that all the time it isn't anything new.

No. 1809059

Pat (Super Best Friends) revealed on his podcast Castle Super Beast that he and his wife Paige are having a baby (she's six months pregnant). Pat was always vocally anti-kids but about three years ago they changed their minds and have been planning for it since. I'm happy for them, they seem like the type to plan things carefully and Pat will probably be a very involved dad.

No. 1809095

File: 1681578716774.jpeg (146.14 KB, 828x1451, 9662C00B-B281-402A-85BA-1E7E63…)

Wonder why nigri is kissing up to her?

No. 1809121

File: 1681579996796.jpg (7.14 KB, 188x268, anisaskye.jpg)

Thought this was a meet n greet pic with my boy Kevvy and Icucks.
Nope, Just Anisa.
(Pic attached for who tf I'm referring to)

No. 1809131

These two have the ugliest tattoos and they both speedran getting them in a manic year. Nonnies, I am very excited about Anisa's coping this year because these two were so shitty to Dr. Mike who is at least eyecandy and behaves like an adult.

No. 1809142

No. 1809144

God anisa’s hair is bleach fried to fuck, she just can’t help but mess with hair. Can’t wait for another bald arc

No. 1809147

her hairsyle is so trashy ew

No. 1809292

I can't wait for Anisa's pregnant and barefoot tradlarp arc. We all know it's coming and she's going to regret getting all those trashy tattoos so much.

No. 1809312

File: 1681598254465.png (255.56 KB, 914x2294, E2Wqg5t.png)

Creator Clash is sponsored by something called Raid Energy, with a huge ad across the center of the ring. I laughed at it, imagining a Raid Shadow Legends energy drink, and googled it to see what it really was. Their site didn't come up in the results at all, instead I got results about how to get more energy in Raid Shadow Legends lmao. Checked twitter and found pic related, no activity on their profile, but lots of replies about a 2018 announcement that has since been deleted. Eventually found their site just by guessing what the url would be.
Lmao, classic Ian and Anisa scamming by shilling for a scam shell company energy drink.

No. 1809314

Same anon, just noticed on their website that the energy drink launched today and only comes in one flavor, plus one hydration formula. Yeah, scam.

No. 1809343

File: 1681601912233.jpeg (93.63 KB, 1125x642, 65AD1465-DB17-4E76-8629-F651B5…)

Damn whether it was William or Froggy, Chris had no fucking chance. Creator Clash “training” is a fucking joke

No. 1809372

File: 1681603940238.webm (5.85 MB, 720x1280, Creator-Clash-2-William.WEBM)

It really is pathetic.

No. 1809378

File: 1681604516483.jpeg (275.84 KB, 1125x1773, DD695CF7-FDD0-4037-9E15-53A55E…)

No fucking way lol
Idubbbz is so paranoid and scared of Sam he’s banning any costumes. The Garfield thing is a long running harmless joke amongst the idubbbz fandom. I don’t know shit about Sam but I’ll choose him over idubbbz after all this clown behavior

No. 1809392

Ian is and has always been a thin skinned bitch. He held a grudge prior to the Sam documentary because Sam flagged a video of his years ago and brings it up in the documentary even. Hope those fans got their money back although who knows how much they already spent on traveling there.

No. 1809394

I dug deeper, apparently they were allowed in after under the condition they have no face coverings inside? So idubbbz, the guy who yelled at Sam to put on a mask in a drive thru, is over correcting by banning face coverings/masks all together?? Seriously

No. 1809398

Good but still fucking stupid. How Ian still has fans is a mystery since he shitted on all his old fans. It is a tad funny when you mention that.

No. 1809438

>Harley makes fun of someone’s mother
>doesn’t get kicked

>froggy makes fun of someone’s mother

>gets kicked

Make it make sense

No. 1809447

File: 1681611824209.jpeg (221.03 KB, 2208x1493, IMG_2696.jpeg)

If he put more effort into this gay little costume than his training I’m going to lose my sides for eternity

No. 1809450

I think it was also the anisa only fans thing and Sam Hyde

No. 1809452

File: 1681612112057.jpeg (126.64 KB, 1648x1185, IMG_2697.jpeg)

Anita out here wearing a used aliexpress slip dress lord help her

No. 1809460

File: 1681613672133.jpg (35.28 KB, 720x394, Screenshot_20230415-7676_Chrom…)

No. 1809462

File: 1681613815634.jpeg (302.92 KB, 2731x1542, F1F9552C-FDB0-4731-923E-2DC248…)


No. 1809463

Is he crying? Also kek at Anisas spotty hair toning

No. 1809464

File: 1681613881079.jpeg (201.49 KB, 945x1643, 6B7AF6B8-0ABE-4AA4-8E23-1ADE07…)

So many L’s from this event, it’s glorious. The empty seats

No. 1809470

sam hyde is a child molesting creep, but how hard is it to have them just pull the masks down for a min for entry?

kek at him losing. also her hair is basically fried dead at this point

No. 1809471

File: 1681614284426.jpeg (154.96 KB, 2731x804, ADBB6439-D090-437F-B1ED-D86F95…)

Idubbbz’ face when everyone encourages him to fight a 3rd time.

Seriously though Alex is such a good sport compared to Ian. Ian was talking mad shit about Alex and how Alex was going to lose. Fuck idubbbz.

No. 1809472

File: 1681614329586.jpeg (127.72 KB, 1075x1320, 20F8A622-0460-4E10-A667-F772FC…)

Oh no my husband lost, well anyways gotta pose for the gram teehee

No. 1809476

File: 1681614485088.jpeg (193.83 KB, 1818x1545, D0E25438-C89B-4CC9-982B-D1AA29…)

For a moment they had hope they could get a draw lol

No. 1809485

The face of a broken man. Good thing, Anisa is always there having his back, egging him on to get more head injuries in exchange for cummies. Any more fights and the dude is going to be mentally challenged.
Really pathetic considering Anisa openly talked shit about Jessica.
Side note, the sudden hair change makes me think Anisa had a manic episode during the Froggy Fresh drama. Funny how much her own actions take a toll on her mental health. She will probably go into another manic depressive episode after the high of the event.

No. 1809489

tonsil stones at it again huh? tragic. what do you think will be their excuse for not winning this time?

No. 1809497

File: 1681616796662.jpeg (379.91 KB, 2495x2097, 648C0410-6DEB-4CB8-8BC8-17E571…)

What a fucking train wreck! 10/10 show

No. 1809502

It's literally a social media fight. Do you want her to be grieving?

No. 1809503

It's literally a social media fight. Do you want her to be grieving?

No. 1809505

File: 1681617727347.webm (8.47 MB, 721x408, 765432697.WEBM)

No. 1809514

File: 1681618338391.webm (6.97 MB, 719x396, 8675309765.WEBM)

No. 1809515

according to sam's twitter he's been following ian around in drag kek

No. 1809517

If they refused to take the masks/coverings at the entrance, then I understand why there was an issue.
Most likely was part of a manic episode. It'll be interesting how her and Ian will act now that it is over.

No. 1809535

He couldn't even handle the first fight. Let this man rest honestly this is fucking sad.

No. 1809545

File: 1681622067521.jpeg (140.39 KB, 1125x837, FBA8D075-537A-432C-A4CF-6CB729…)

I mean did she have to throw up her typical insecure hand sign

No. 1809562

Anisa obviously has some kind of kink/fantasy recently for "tough boxer guy", and both Chris and Ian got pathetically beat. It's lovely to see all their faces.

No. 1809573

They were so fucking rude to Dr. Mike last time too. They love talking trash, they even shat on markiplier for some reason when they were on H3H3. It feels like delicious karma, especially when they wanted idubbbz to get a win and retire after this event.

No. 1809579

Probably heard about what Mark did to Matt Watson…

No. 1809586

What the hell are you talking about?

No. 1809591

Mark was an insensitive asshole to his friends 10 years ago, everyone acknowledges it and mark apologized. why does supermega continue to passive aggressively bring up the beef to this day? Also If idubbbz is buddybusdy with supermega, why did idubbbz invite mark to host his event? If mark truly is evil why even interact with him? Why not give him the Sam Hyde treatment?

No. 1809592

File: 1681629023836.jpeg (64.78 KB, 853x477, 98C42258-2938-493A-9256-5C8C8D…)

Higher res of the Jomha’s crying after their big ass L

No. 1809601

His finale speech was pathetic. "I.. I know I'm not everyone's sniffles cup of tea." Starts bawling his eyes out in between sentences. This dude is so fucking buck broken. I'd feel really bad for him right now if he wasn't such an asshole thinking he can shit on others and claim to be a puppet master. Cringe.

No. 1809605

File: 1681630893405.png (Spoiler Image, 33.4 KB, 296x295, Untitled.png)

Matt took funny nude photos for a SuperMega video. After Matt and Ryan quit editing for him in mid-2016, Mark found the original, uncensored versions and showed everyone they used to work with.
Money, you absolute retard. SuperMega plays nice and Matt is an Olympic-level social climber. Sam Hyde is a fucking nobody compared to Markiplier. Are you high?

No. 1809608

File: 1681631791669.webm (3.64 MB, 360x640, 986544569.WEBM)

Same. So will there be a lawsuit or not on froggy is my question.

No. 1809611

To add further insult to injury, it seems like idubbbz’s dad didn’t attend this year. As he shouldn’t, because Ian shat on him with Anthony Padilla. Imagine airing out your dad’s secret where he was a criminal and jailed for years. ian lacking a father figure is the excuse for his “dirty” humor.

No. 1809614

Idk what's up with Ian and his family, he completely cut them out of his life and he took Anisa's surname in marriage. His mom and dad owna comic publishing business and there's pics of him attending cons with them, wonder what happened.

No. 1809623

There are some issues. His dad was in jail for a while and apparently wanted him acting more manly or something along those lines. Not sure how long his dad was in jail for. There's some more stuff but I can't remember.

No. 1809638

File: 1681636372222.jpeg (394.92 KB, 2048x1299, FtyL06AWwAE-AL-.jpeg)

This got a chuckle out of me.

No. 1809639

Isn't that from the first event? I know we have some charlie fans, but sorry, his facial hair gives me fight or flight.

No. 1809641

The way he's looking up… Oh no..

No. 1809642

File: 1681636983790.jpg (70.11 KB, 720x788, Screenshot_20230415-021956_Bra…)

I got it from this tweet by the gnome. Charlie needs to get his hair trimmed badly.

No. 1809644

there is no case

No. 1809645

stompy is obviously not going to swallow a ring that she is wearing, lol. she also paid to get the ring gastroscopically removed to avoid it damaging stompy, which is certain not the cheap way of doing it.

No. 1809649

It's uwu look

No. 1809651

Confirmed sub.

No. 1809661

File: 1681638301629.jpeg (423.01 KB, 2048x1536, FtzUFxsXoAEhsfS.jpeg)

This looks more like a bad skit.

No. 1809663

Is this because froggy said "better be an imp than a simp"? lmao

No. 1809664

wizardofbarge vibes
Could be lol

No. 1809667

Dude looks 4ft tall kek

No. 1809676

Is that a fucking fake pearl necklace. With that outfit? Lmfao
Also why does she look like she has a scar on her nose and cheek like she was in a fight

No. 1809680

whose the pick-me interviewing him?

No. 1809681

multi-millionaire and business woman, kaitlin

No. 1809685

Yeah, Amouranth.

No. 1809719

Hard to watch. I still feel bad for him. Yeah he's been an asshole but imo Anisa ruined him and his reputation.

No. 1809722

He ruined himself with that haircut and those tattoos- but most of all, his lukewarm humor.

No. 1809726

ntayrt but they're saying that Stompy has already swallowed a ring once. So it's absolutely possible he could do it again. It's a risk she can easily avoid but doesn't even try to. That's irresponsible. Also, risking a second huge vet bill to get it removed should he swallow it again is doubly irresponsible for a sanctuary, where you try to minimize completely avoidable, expensive bills for individual animals. You can put that money towards helping greater numbers of animals find better lives, rather than sinking it all into a problem you were aware of and did nothing to prevent. That's not good welfare practice

No. 1809732

You think stompy ate a ring she was wearing? Taking her rings off was what caused stompy to be able to eat one in the first place.

She knows how fond of shiny things stompy is now, which is why he is not allows outside the pasture (where they make sure to not leave anything metal on the ground).

No. 1809771

Fansly was the same. Try digging on it, similarly ghostly(sage your shit)

No. 1809788

Can you fuckers go back to kiwifarms or somewhere? He is a grown ass man, every choice he's made is his own, he had always been a shithead. I'm not getting what was so great about this Dale gribble N word saying retard before that people claim, "anisa ruined him". Ruined what?
He's always been ugly, he's always been an asshole.

No. 1809806

I mean, he also burps on camera and tries to be nasty as fuck. Fucking Asmongold looks cleaner than him nowadays.

No. 1809838

Thank you. Anisa is a cow but Ian made all these decisions himself. Even going back to the “””golden era”” of Ian he wasn’t interesting, you could always tell he was a nobody who’s only thing was to say and do edgy shit. At least filthy Frank videos has actual funny stuff aside from the edgy stuff if that wasn’t your thing, and even then his stuff was satire 98% of the time and Ian’s was just.. saying stuff and being offensive for no point? Like I said earlier if you watch when FF and the main group do videos Ian was the least funny and boring with no charisma what so ever

No. 1809843

File: 1681664446383.png (46.17 KB, 1269x315, brave_2QXtvnNoUe.png)

I am actually starting to feel a little bit bad for Anisa with the whole internet pushing the narrative that "she ruined Ian". But then I just look back and remember:
>I am sooo much better than other female streamers because I won't titty stream anymore (gets a whole article written about that)
>the whole thing with Tana was actually my idea
>when we started dating I was the big stramer and he was a nobody
>you are all valid at any weight- except when I mock fat girls
>keeps calling herself muslim even though she left the religion and was raised by progressive parents
etc. etc.

Baffles me how she chose to marry him after being obviously unhappy.

No. 1809847

Anisa unironically made him better. The bar was absolutely in hell and he was an obnoxious unsocialized weirdo but at least he seems like a semi functional annoying hipster. Literally anything was better than how much do a terminally online freak he was before.

No. 1809848

Despite this, I don't get why she's letting him keep the pedo-stache and greasy mullet.

No. 1809852

It's misogynistic bullshit being said by men/women pissed Idubbs isn't saying the N word or faggot anymore. You can hate her for everything, but the whole concept is retarded. She could've done none of this and if Idubbz decided to support her sex work and stop being edgy she'd still been the reason. People always blame the woman. People have an outrageous hate for Anisa and it seems like alot of it is because this paradoxical relationship they have with Idubbz, or simply blaming her that he acts differently in a way they don't like. When he genuinely seems hee level. They both are assholes

No. 1809856

Was looking for more CC2 clips and this was recommended. Both of them suck and deserve each other. I hope Anisa doesn’t take the logical route and quits the internet because this milk keeps on coming

No. 1809859

She has an onlyfans, her nudes are public on several sites and she has a long kiwifarms thread when you google her name. Her biggest problem though is that she quit uni and has no specific qualifications for a job, I think she will try to stay an online personality. Ian also has no degree and is too weak for physical labor, so he'll stick to milking his youtube.

No. 1809912

He has a degree in business but he graduated right when his channel started taking off and never had to use it professionally.

No. 1809935

File: 1681675279757.png (349.52 KB, 632x355, 0AC5879F-E9A5-4BCF-94FA-819AA7…)

He can’t get a break even at his own ego event, it’s great

No. 1809980

File: 1681678676385.jpg (39.31 KB, 640x563, ^810A4357C8885BC5CE9A43132326A…)

What is a bangmaid? Is it criticism

No. 1810001

File: 1681680944597.png (846.24 KB, 1864x1048, FEB64F0B-E860-45FC-BCAC-5CA8A0…)

Anisa looks like a mtf and Ian is on his way there

No. 1810004

I'm not an Amouranth fan or hater, but there's some energy between Anisa and her here, like a battle of invisible auras and the memories of Anisa trying to be holier than thou towards titty streamers

No. 1810005

File: 1681681266526.jpg (43.92 KB, 447x250, 5049760-d65a71e0e9ba461319e7b8…)

Here's a close up of Ian.

No. 1810007

Covering the bruises up with a bit of eyeshadow is a cute idea, but that pedo-stache is a sin
Just shave the hair off, there's too many layers of grease and product

No. 1810015

File: 1681683407807.jpg (169.8 KB, 459x250, 5048908-85e252cdd17d644fe3c014…)

Dad versus the H3H3 crew dude was brutal. I only box with my friends.

No. 1810018

File: 1681683654419.jpg (27.61 KB, 250x357, 5049111-c1d1d829c2110d53a627b2…)

Apparently this Zelda character called Tingle is who he was referencing along with trying to relive his glory days ala Reeses' Puffs. Cringe.

No. 1810027

This should’ve been his outfit for the first CC, he took himself too seriously last time walking out with fucking deathgrips.

No. 1810056

File: 1681689572887.png (18.19 KB, 500x500, 219F2143-B06D-46AF-AE91-AC200C…)

I’m going to use “ if you insist” more often because of this fucking meme

No. 1810116

Twitch thot #573

No. 1810120

Anisas hair doesn’t look good at all. Her natural hair is better. Don’t know why she keeps styling herself the worst ways possible

No. 1810148

Are anons still simping for her because of her abusive relationship? She's not a businesswoman for making jerk off material for losers online. She obviously didn't deserve the treatment she got in her relationship and I'm glad she's out of it. But lying like she's some professional businesswoman and not a twitch streamer who makes money off her body is just disingenuous. She doesn't have to be a businesswoman to be respected as a domestic abuse survivor, we don't have to lie about her occupation.

No. 1810155

People here just refuse to admit there's anything wrong with being a literal whore as long as owning scrotes is the outcome. Wanting a woman to keep her dignity and not being of an exploitative undertaking is only a topic worth discussing if a man is making her do it. Don't get me wrong though, I don't think she making her millions at the expense of almost exclusively manchildren is bad per se, but porn in general is a blight, and anyone who defends it is rotten in my eyes.

No. 1810156

People here just refuse to admit there's anything wrong with being a literal whore as long as owning scrotes is the outcome. Wanting a woman to keep her dignity and not being of an exploitative undertaking is only a topic worth discussing if a man is making her do it. Don't get me wrong though, I don't think she making her millions at the expense of almost exclusively manchildren is bad per se, but porn in general is a blight, and anyone who defends it is rotten in my eyes.

No. 1810164

She doesn’t do any other milky behavior besides selling her body so she’s not a cow to me. When she causes drama though I’ll join in,

No. 1810165

Yuck why would anyone want kids

No. 1810174

I didn't say she was a cow, she isn't really. Just that calling her a businesswoman isn't accurate.

No. 1810179

Is stock broker more accurate than business woman then maybe? She has over 6 mill USD in Google, over 1 mill USD in Amazon, over 300k invested in S&P, over 2 mill invested in Activision, owns several 7 Eleven franchices, a plastic ball company and a pool company.

No. 1810181

You can call it what you want but she made the money to become a stock broker by making jerk off material for scrotes. Her actual job title would probably be influencer or twitch streamer.

No. 1810193

I don't watch boxing so correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't some of the fights at creator clash fucked up? That dad guy broke THE RIBS of the h3h3 guy, that's not an "inclusive and wholesome" event.

No. 1810209

I can't with her tattoos.

No. 1810211

File: 1681716513907.png (274.03 KB, 720x1592, Screenshot_20230417_000812.png)

Checked the H3H3 productions reddit and supposedly Ab said on stream he probably broke a rib and went to the hospital. Other places I've read I've seen people write possibly concussed and took liver shots. Picrel is a fucking trash thing to do especially after wailing hard on someone. Main priority is always clout chasing.

No. 1810214

Imagine being a young guy, singing up for this influencer boxing event to get come clout because nobody there is a pro anyway. It's for charity! Anisa says she matches the fighters, babies them and calls to check in, make sure everything is fair and healthy- and this happens.

No. 1810217

How did stompy eat a ring that was not on her finger, does she leave her rings on the floor? She too tiny to put stuff out of reach?

No. 1810218

nta but i remember that it definitely wasn't on her finger, it was when the thing was still young and still at mizkifs house where stuff always was around, certainly careless but her wearing rings on her fingers around the bird is not an issue

No. 1810219

File: 1681718649454.png (86.25 KB, 589x528, Stompy.png)

I'm >>1808778 and I'm honestly wondering how too. I didn't see an answer about it, or a clip explaining unless I missed it. I don't have social media accounts, so I'm limited on what I can view. Also, I finally found the tweet about it. I forgot it was on this account.
But you're right about it happening when he was young.

No. 1810223

Wait a minute- Is she one of the XQCfags?

No. 1810246

File: 1681724512257.webm (11.57 MB, 565x320, 867530974544.WEBM)

Shitpost video with this playing kek.
Agreed. It looked to me that Ian was an outsider looking in with those collab videos. Really stiff and awkward. I don't remember which video but in one of the opening Pokemon cards with Max he did genuinely laugh. Took me by surprise.
>They both are assholes
Yup and both deserve each other.

No. 1810323

Yeah, this was back when stompy was tiny and lived in one of the rooms at Mizkif's house.

No. 1810325

File: 1681742706464.png (7 KB, 742x152, Screenshot 2023-04-17 084402.p…)

She was, but then he started saying she was out of line for her QTcinderella/moistcritical video and she didn't take that well. So she's doubled-down to ripping at streamers

No. 1810347

One of my favorite parts of this is Anisa wearing the event wristband, despite being the one putting on the event. Implying the coordinators, staff, and security have no idea who she is.(sage your shit)

No. 1810423

she is only relevant becasue she is married to Idubbz(sage your shit)

No. 1810533

we're talking about amou not anisa

No. 1810536

File: 1681765647099.png (1.84 MB, 720x2485, Screenshot_20230_140520.png)


No. 1810540

Reminder that these people have like a million dollars sitting around to afford organizing such an event

No. 1810541

clothing sperg moment but I can't get over Anisa wearing an actual undergarment slip meant for gowns vs the modern version of a slip. like holy fuck the fact she thought it was okay to leave the house looking like that is atrocious. even 12yos know better, what the fuck. dont even get me started that it isn't ironed and that frills have been bent from folding.

No. 1810543

The saddest part is that she put this outfit together months ago (iirc) and was super proud of thrifting that slip lmfao

No. 1810553

Is she wearing the same boots under her dress in the second pic or am I being stupid? Because if it is true holy shit it really completes this trash look.

No. 1810569

File: 1681769245057.png (268.15 KB, 596x721, firefox_xjW3nu6Z7I.png)

Nonnies help, I am laughing my ass off

No. 1810583

Anisa just shut the fuck up. Does she have a humiliation fetish?

No. 1810605

File: 1681773256851.jpg (367.26 KB, 680x383, 20230418_011424.jpg)

No. 1810611

File: 1681773496701.gif (5.62 MB, 306x286, cuck.gif)

oh we can't let this die down ever now

No. 1810640

she looks embarrassed

No. 1810668

Why is she sad?

No. 1810673

she can't fix him

No. 1810719

Thought this said married to a loser before expanding the image KEK

No. 1810753

I don't buy that she was "trying not to cry". It looks like that face people make to show empathy to someone that is crying or upset. It doesn't at all look like shes holding back tears. And thats okay, but don't lie about it for pity points.

I honestly can't stand Anisa. I think Ian was funny but I wont say she ruined him. I do think she has a lot of control behind the scenes, but Ians retarded so it is what it is. I dont dislike the blonde hair on her, but thats not saying much considering her past hair styles have all been awful on her. I like her tattoos and they're not bad work, she could and should have done something more put together and better looking than a bunch of random American Traditional pieces randomly made into a sleeve- especially for the money and time it took. And then she dresses like trailer trash to fit the aesthetic I guess but it just looks like shit all together.

Anyways, she looks like Squidward here.

No. 1810762

>It looks like that face people make to show empathy to someone that is crying or upset.
You put into words what I’ve always noticed about her. Anisa rarely hangs out with people on real life, but because of the boxing shit we get to witness her in a group setting and she’s always out of place. She constantly speaks over people and exaggerates her face like a retarded child

No. 1810858

Any milk on Andrea Botez? I like her and was kinda sad she got blown up in the boxing match despite she being a good sport while her opponent looked like she was coming for blood. Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't feel inspired by her and if I'll get disappointed in the future by something I don't know now.

No. 1810861

she is just a normal human, nothing special, like most people.

No. 1810964

No. 1811018

File: 1681840224340.png (106.49 KB, 482x806, 1681835517592.png)

How do they have the money for this? Are they really donating anything to charity? Did Ian dump money into bitcoin years ago and is now milking those funds for his ego?

No. 1811051

Ian was very popular/successful back in the day, and his videos still get views, and he still occasionally makes content. He has revenue streams. Anisa is still a popular streamer despite being a lolcow, she has her revenue stream from that along with onlyfans. I'm sure they get money from more places than just that though, most content creator types do things across multiple platforms. I doubt this is crypto money, they're just successful youtubers/streamers despite how annoying they are.
>are they really dontaing anything to charity
Some autistic youtuber did the math based on what Ian/Anisa have said, as well as the other fighters during the froggy drama, and calculated that each fighter would probably get around 60k, totaling around 1.5M, and then ontop of that there's the cost of renting out Amalie Arena in Tampa which normally would not be cheap but I would imagine they get a discount cause "muh charity", and then the cost of their red carpet venue, and the venues for prior to the fight for the weigh ins, etc. I'm pretty sure they do donate to charity, but it's much less than they make it out to be. The way they talk about it makes it sound like any money they make goes directly to charity which just isn't true. They have A LOT of costs to cover for putting on an event like this, and the money is going to go to covering those costs first. Based on everything I've read/watched I'm assuming <$1M to charity, maybe around ~$500k? Nothing to scoff at but they definitely portray it differently than reality.

No. 1811065

Oh you're definitely right, but I don't think this puts them in a secure position for the future. Ian has deleted some of his controversial videos lately and he has been bleeding subscribers when youtube money is all about views and growing your channel. They are both only relevant nowadays because of cuck memes and Ian getting beaten up, people will get bored and he isn't making a steady stream of content for youtube because he put everything into CC.

Youtuber boxing is falling out of fashion and they don't have any big names fighting because no one who is selling their face wants to get it punched in.

No. 1811076

Nothing seriously bad about her. The worst stuff around her and her sister are all caused by Alex. The worst Andrea has done was having a friendship with Mini-Lad who has been accused of grooming a fan…which is kinda bad now that I think about it.

No. 1811104

File: 1681848519207.webm (5.74 MB, 1080x1920, alexwassabi_1681848162512164.w…)

Fight compilation on Alex Wassabi's instagram kek Ian is fighting for his life

No. 1811192

Ian fell off. hes became boring after 2018(sage your shit)

No. 1811520

I agree with nonnies, they are pretty normal.

XQC called her annoying once cause she interrupted a conversation and said he gambles over and over again. It depends on how you feel about XQC if this is even milky kek.

Alex does do sponsored poker streams, which is gamba, but I don't think Andrea does.

No. 1811540


>AnisaTheGreasy is that really her twitter?

No. 1811595

Yeah, that's been her handle for a while now. She said her brother used to call her that way? I don't get her, it's super awkward and online trolls have been calling her greasy, but I guess that's her way of "totally owning it".

No. 1813322

God the self hate

No. 1813365

It’s not the self hate but the utter delusion.
Anisa/Ian can’t take a joke and try to make fun of themselves first to own the haters. “Haha My bro called me greasy but I’m not actually right? Please reaffirm me I’m insecure”

No. 1814400

Call it lack of self worth or self hate but no woman would be calling herself "greasy" as a quirky joke who doesn't also think low of herself

No. 1814615

I decided to check Anisa's twitter and put myself in the shoes of somebody who never heard of her, but it's all lukewarm tweets about food and lifestyle, almost artificial
I was about to say that she grew up, but then I see her on h3h3 and she just gives me slimey vibes with the way she talks over others and puts herself in the center of everything

No. 1816092

Apparently, a while ago, HAchubby got convinced by her viewers to bot her shitty mobile game sponsor goal. But she got caught and lost a good chunk of money.

No. 1817967

actually it's a 4chan meme made to bait newfags into getting unironically upset over something as benign as the way they space their posts so we could laugh at them
unfortunately this knowledge has been lost so nobody laughs at people like you anymore

No. 1817985

>guys do that all the time
american guys maybe, since they're all low t fags

No. 1818543

File: 1682962286686.png (11.33 KB, 896x233, pain.png)

Oh no…

No. 1818562

Good, he should miss her. She mothered him. There was a clip on LSF of him being sad bc Soda is living his best life and Felix is eating McDonald's every meal and living in filth all alone.

No. 1819629

>smothered him
FTFY. Also Soda and Vei fight constantly; sure, that might be the persona showcase for the viewers, like Nmplol and Malena do, but I have the feeling that this relationship won't last (if Veibae ends up putting her happiness above wanting money, which isn't unfair considering she has to deal with Sodapoppin).

No. 1819659

Anon they're not going to date you.

No. 1819749

Why would me or anyone else want to date xqc or soda? You know, besides for the money or the attention? You could catch better guys literally dumpster diving.

No. 1820150

I think he might have finally lost his mind. Everyone in the comments is mocking him.

No. 1821319

File: 1683315172869.jpeg (227.91 KB, 1170x1503, 7B06C792-50C0-49FB-B020-025C9B…)

Idubbbz fucking lied and did try to sue or scare froggy into silence

No. 1821371

kek he really does seem off something here. I just think he's a nobody who has always been a nobody whose personality just kinda shifts from who he is hanging out with because he doesn't have one of his own

No. 1821649

Thing is for XQC, at this point he won't be able to find anyone that loves him for just him. There will always be some kind of clout or money priority instead, especially seeing what kind of girls he's interested in. Adept and him started when he was small and their relationship most likely started out genuine. When XQC got huge, they broke up, and Adept realized how shitty her life was going to be without him. Looks like it brought out the worst in her, and she tried suing him for everything. Tweets like this make me realize how lonely he must actually be, like how could you even trust anyone, especially him being a French-Canadian growing up entirely different than all these LA/Texas rich kids. So yeah, knowing what awaits you in your dating circles when you probably have pretty simple desires of romance is going to make you look back on past relationships with regret. I feel bad for him.

Soda has always given me manchild vibes, and especially since he and Vei are living together, I wouldn't be surprised if he expects her to take care of the domestic work regardless of her streaming schedule. it'll be a matter of time before they break up.(sage your shit)

No. 1821675

XQZ is a manchild just like Soda, this entire wk reads like “poor XQZ the gold diggers will get his innocent canadian ass” when we know he is a permanently online gaming scrote who actively throws tantrums and Adept was in the background like some bangmaid mom picking up after him before they broke up.

No. 1821743

"I dated Maya in high school and she was just as manipulative back then. If you’ve ever seen her “draw my life”, I’m the boyfriend who got suspended because of something I said.
She came up with this whole narrative of lifelong abuse and torment inflicted by her immediate family. Our relationship ended, I found out she saw a guy behind my back, and I decided to make an idle threat about informing a superior about the abuse. She stormed out of the classroom and I was brought into the principle’s office.
Not only did I get suspended because I ended up covering for her, but I later found out the whole story was bullshit anyway. There’s a place of hatred I have for Maya that has lived inside me for sometime, and it is so so amazing to see her receive her comeuppance."

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLe4qndZd8s(learn to embed)

No. 1821752

did you at least get to fuck her?

No. 1822061

do you not see the quotes on the post you're replying to? they're just quoting a comment from the youtube link they posted.

No. 1822094

i never read the comments

No. 1822698

File: 1683502854779.png (279.75 KB, 972x968, maya72.png)

>"Yes I asked the teacher "where can I report sexual assault?" which was a threat toward her since she just got me detention for texting her how'd I'd break her new boyfriend's legs - She showed the text to the principal. When I asked the question about sxul aslt to the teacher, despite it not being directed at her, she yelled at me and then stormed out of the classroom."
>"She said she was sixally absed by her father every week, and given concussion after concussion from her mom. I've many friends to corroborate this, and she said she'd off herself if we told anyone. So yeah… that's a fun memory to reflect on."

Kind of believable. This guy is directly saying he is this particular ex and using his real name (presumably) as his username.

No. 1822881

I noticed Maya likes to talk in a baby voice with her bfs (both ex and current), so I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she has some issues (don't want to say bpd because I'm not a doctor), but idk. She kind of reminds me of some other cows.

No. 1823065

You don't have to be a doctor to call this one, anyone with experience with bippies knows this is all in their playbook. Yes, BPD is somewhat of a spectrum so there are a handful who aren't like this dealing with milder symptoms, but this is undoubtedly some unhinged BPD behavior.

No. 1823211

Yes, he looks legit, and Maya always gave me the impression that she was a manipulative liar.(sage your shit)

No. 1823219

any talk of aneternalenigma here? hang around the horror speedrunning Twitch community and have been hearing rumors he's gotten into plenty of squabbles with other horror runners who he was previously close with at some GDQ events. i tried to watch him but he's too obnoxious for me

No. 1823283

i hate this bitch but this moid sounds like a psychotic freak

No. 1823503

If what he's saying is true then the only thing he did wrong was texting an obviously hyperbolic threat to Maya about the guy she cheated with, which isn't unheard of for a teenager to do, and nowhere near psychotic… unlike lying about your father raping you weekly and your mother beating the shit out of you.

No. 1823628

Does anyone have video/vod (if that exists) of maya explaining why she kicked her dog out of her house to live on the rescue grounds, while replacing them with ferrets? Or has she never addressed this? Her moid viewers don't seem to care much what is going on with the animals.

No. 1823650

the dogs were kicked out back in the mizkif times because they kept growling and snipping at the other people in the house is what i remember, so they went to stay with her parents for awhile, then to her zoo when she bought it

No. 1823690

Can't even properly socialize dogs but she runs a "sanctuary"

No. 1823704

I don't think you can make dogs become more sociable once they have grown up. A lot of dogs are a one-owner deal too. Not defending her though, I still think the sanctuary is more of an ego thing that a sincere commitment, but I guess time will tell.

No. 1823817

Both the dogs and the ferrets live with her now.

When she moved out of Mizkifs house and to an apartment she wanted the dogs to have more space and she was already at the Alveus every day so the dogs moved in with Ella on the Alveus grounds until she moved there herself as well.

No. 1823917

I think he deleted the comment

No. 1824578

Did Rich just disappear and drop off the face of the earth after his allegations came out? Looking mighty guilty. Did Mia stay with him?

No. 1824591

File: 1683749552786.png (22.61 KB, 598x539, rich still owner 2.png)

rich is still in her twitter banner so seems safe to assume they're still together. rich is still an owner of OTK but is publicly toxic so he just hides and collects paychecks from them forever. asmongold told the victim they can't (or won't) get rid of him in that capacity

No. 1824625

makes sense, you can't really force someone to sell their stocks unless you have some pre-existing contract that opens up for this possibility.

No. 1824730

File: 1683763325886.jpeg (138.5 KB, 1125x1973, E12606EE-631E-4CD0-ACB5-725877…)

Anisa managed to not fuck with her hair for a year and then completely run it to the ground. It looks like a growing bald spot the more her roots grow in

No. 1824887

Yes and yes. Mia still has "I <3 Rich" as her twitter banner.

No. 1824900

File: 1683782174480.png (194.69 KB, 772x737, despair.png)

The Rich Campbell stuff reminds me of another sexual assault that happened relating to a streamer. Remember when Jovi Pena got raped at Kai Cenat's party in January? She did everything she could, got a rape kit, filed a report, talked to Kai privately and it still resulted in her getting tons of hate and harassment from his stupid moid audience. Kai came out of it pretty unscathed, distanced himself from his friend and didn't talk about it anymore. But recently there was an update where the rapist, Richy Jiggy, who was Kai's childhood friend, actually posted a snapchat video he recorded of himself raping Jovi. He tried to post this as 'proof' that it was consensual and she was actively participating. The video apparently has Jovi crying and unmoving, and the audio was conveniently muted. Braindead moids then flooded Jovi's socials again saying how they watched it and looked like she was enjoying it, she's a liar, just the grossest stuff. I don't believe Jovi went ahead and pressed charges against him since she would have been able to live with an acknowledgment and apology, but he had to post this video with her tagged as some 'gotcha'. Now she could potentially get him for revenge porn.

Sage because it's not really twitch related, and I admit Kai isn't really the one to blame for his friends actions, but it just shows you how untouchable these twitch/streamer guys are. I've never seen someone truly held accountable with actual consequences when it comes to wronging women. Mizkif is streaming like nothing ever happened, Rich is still collecting his money, Atrioc is back to streaming with thousands of viewers, Sinatraa is streaming again with no issues. It just makes me want to break my computer into pieces, it's so unfair(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1824926

Why would miz lose his job over having a friend who sexually assaulted someone?

No. 1824928

not trying to be spooonfed but I’m honestly confused how amnesia even had a following to begin with? there is a plethora of copy pastas at any suburban dive bar with the same shit tier tattoos and 9/10 times those grubby moids fuck off after catering to their they/them kurtis conner corner.

No. 1824931

because he tried to cover it up, plus he assaulted a girl himself as well, google mizkif and ayumi_nini

No. 1824948

>how she got her following to begin with
Catering to moids on twitch and later dating Ian. That's literally it. All her lolcow drama is the only thing that's kept her in the public eye since (cheating on her then bf to be with Ian, disavowing her tittystreaming and claiming it was actually a "social experiment", etc etc). She's tried to cope by pretending to be a speshul eggspurt on politics, nutrition, self-help, sports, etc but it all falls flat every time and each attempt only serves to further solidify her lolcow status.
Fuck, I miss the old threads we had.

No. 1825135

No one has ever lost their job from asking someone if they were sexually assaulted.

No. 1825244

I'm not sure if your trying to defend Mizkif by saying it would be ridiculous for him to lose his job over something his friend did. I hope you are just unaware of what happened since it was almost a year ago. But there is a difference between asking someone if they've been SA'd for genuine concern and asking someone because your trying to cover your ass. Miz didn't care about Adrianah Lee getting assualted. He only cared because her talking about would directly hurt his friend, his friends income, and the OTK brand. So he sent Maya to go and talk to her, again not because of genuine concern, but because he thought a woman would be better at trying to talk her out of saying anything, which Maya did attempt to do. If I'm right about what your saying, this just shows how skewed people are about knowing about a situation vs. being directly involved in it.

No. 1825281

Novaruu had already insinuated that Slick had raped Adrianah. It was in their best interest for Adri to speak out on what happened, not to talk her out of saying anything.

No. 1825321

Whose best interest? Mizkifs?

No. 1825323

you're either horribly ill informed or a moid mizkif fan. he and maya absolutely tried to cover it up, the fact that they weren't particularly successful doesn't negate the attempt and its disgusting, and both of them are disgusting people. and that's without even talking about mizkifs comments dismissing it on his alt, or the fact that mizkif SA'd a whole other girl named ayumi_nini himself. he's a terrible person (and super racist)

No. 1825334

No. 1825347


This is 100% based on assumptions. Even Adrianah said she didn't feel like Maya was there to pressure her and that she only started thinking that 2 later when "someone" told her. She talked about it with Dr. K:

She says straight up that she felt like Maya was there to help in the moment. Through that entire thing Adrianah was gaslit over and over into thinking there was some by conspiracy, when there wasn't.

No. 1825360

maya very obviously was sent over there to pressure and intimidate her into changing her story, she partially succeeded as we now know, maya literally rewrote parts of the statement to make it sound less bad for slick so they could keep him in mizkifs house. the fact that adrianah isn't particularly intelligent doesn't change the reality of what happened. maya and mizkif did everything they could to try to cover it up, they couldn't, but minimized it as best they could through their editing of adrianahs story and implying negative impacts to her career.

and now she's suing them, for good reason. probably won't win, but it's pretty clear she understands what happened now.

No. 1825372

Based nonna >>1825360 beat me to it, but I guess her suing OTK, Mizkif, Slick and Maya this April was because they were such uwu kind and considerate people?? Get a grip, I'm even more concerned cause you're probably a good indicator of how people view this situation now that it's gone quiet. 'Miz is such a nice guy, he shaved his head to bring awareness to cancer, such a sweet little bean omg' meanwhile he continues to be a self-preserving asshole who will continue to use others, now he's just gonna be more careful so he doesn't get fucking caught again.

No. 1825382

adrianah told maya that there was no rape or sexual assault, and because of that maya wanted her to include it that in the statement as well to avoid novaruu's diffuse statement giving the wrong impression

we all know who is funding that tragic attempt at a legal case. Train still be gasliting.

No. 1825385

adrianah told maya that slick grabbed her chest while she was passed out, she was unaware what the correct TERM for that act is, but that is sexual assault, and maya damn sure knew that at the time. the original twitlonger described him grabbing her chest. maya knew, mizkif knew, mizkif called it sexual assault ("low tier") on his alt because even his stupid ass knows what grabbing a passed out girls chest means. adrianah being stupid doesn't exonerate them in the slightest. maya and mizkif gaslit, intimidated, and implied threats to adrianah when they rushed over there, and edited her story themselves to minimize the impact to their molester friend. a friend who they let stay in their house, who went on to harass adrianah and other women as well.

nobody give a fuck how she funds it, they deserve to be sued, even if she loses, maya and mizkif are utter scum, and slick is obviously even worse, fuck off with your moid defending tripe. ps: mizkif sexual assaulted ayumi_nini in 2019 as well, these types love protecting each other.

No. 1825410

The court case was already settled out of court in April. All Adrianah wanted was cash, the little attention whore.

No. 1825413

moid spotted

No. 1825419

No. 1825433

that is not what a rule 11 agreement is, xqc and adept filed one too, it just agrees about certain aspects of the process. in this case we saw that filing, it was streamed by a youtuber, it was only about mizkif asking for a few weeks more to respond, nothing else. go look up henryresilient on youtube if you want to see it

also fuck off with your moid propaganda

No. 1825440

ah, yes, the best argument when discussing something, when you have a lot of facts to base your argument on: "moid"

No. 1825442

i gave you accurate information and a source to go watch, you are wrong that it was settled and have no idea what you're talking about. the fact that you are making shit up and defending a sexual assaulter like mizkif indicates you are probably a moid. facts all the way though.

No. 1825461

Ah, good. Sound like adrianah still hasn't gotten paid then. That means there is still oppertinuty for OTK and Mizkif Corp to counter-sue and make sure she ends up bankrrupt having to go back to working two jobs and sucking train's cock to get by.

No. 1825489

theyll settle in the end, because they know discovery in a court case will only further expose mizkif and mayas many misdeeds, it just hasn't happened yet

No. 1825501

Go back to Reddit and learn how to spell faggot

No. 1825503

Honestly the only gossip I want to know from that was what was Maya's college girlfriend like.


No. 1825581

Whether youre a scrote or not you deserve to get raped. Keep caping for rapists, you worthless pick me

No. 1825596

Considering she just misspoke, there is no gossip. She was talking about one of her high school boyfriends
"My ex-girlfriend [boyfriend] loved this girl on the bus. They've made out. Someone sent me a video of it."
>Cheating story
>Someone sent her a video of it
>Bonus: She made him cum at the movies
https://youtu.be/YDptfJhZN-I?t=4826 (until 1:22:10)

No. 1825969

File: 1683919042523.jpeg (117.31 KB, 1125x1296, 71C9E871-F7DE-4F3F-A09D-85CDB7…)

God this platinum blonde arc is going to be so funny. Anisa mentioned on stream she tries not to wash her hair to keep it the way the salon styled it. She’s too retarded to learn how to upkeep it on her own so she’ll probably continue to go a salon every week or so to style/maintain roots/etc. after a month she’ll complain about money and the fragility of her hair, I can see it all.

No. 1826008

since cheaters always cheat again, do you think she already cheated on ian, or is going to?

No. 1826139

was scrolling by and didn't even recognize her for a min, thought it was a guy at first glance. Quite possibly the worse she's ever looked

No. 1826140

File: 1683936621047.jpg (325.27 KB, 2048x1536, immakms.jpg)

5/12/23 stream summary
-anisa spergs about her blonde hair and how much better it is than dark hair
-idubbbz is in the process of creating 2 new videos, one of them is squirrel related
-upcoming couple WOW stream
-reiterates(for like the 5th time) they don't take money from the event and hates that people insinuate they make /any/ money
-they're going to start taking salary for creator clash, but not bc they need it, but because SOOOO many people told them to
-Anisa/idubbbz don't want to host creator clash in california/new york because the rules are too strict, florida is more lax(sounds unsafe as fuck but okay)
-shittalks misfits boxing events and says how much better creatorclash is
-says how fucked it was to be punched in the back of the head, then laughs about kids being punched in the back of the head
-anisa is bored & sick of watching boxing(pro boxer arc over now ig)
-anisa brags how a "love island" contestant wanted to box in creatorclash but now he doesnt want to
-shoenice(?) called Anisa and Maureen a whore, and she's still upset about it
-anisa numberfags and talks about how she wants to give opportunities to lower/struggling content creators
-"it's so hard to choose fighters because THEY DON'T GET THE VIBE!!!!!!! ONE PERSON CAN TOTES RUIN THE VIBE! VIBE VIBE VIBE"
-"We make decisions based on what we think is morally correct"
-Anisa wishes people who respect idubbbz more for fighting because he's never worked out before/had an atheletic background
-Anisa is glad idubbbz isn't fighting next year because that means idubbbz can help HER and she needs SO MUCH help
-Anisa "I don't have many dreams or aspirations"
-Anisa reminds everyone she's a size 2
-Anisa thinks that people who call her fat are loser anime profile lolicons
-idubbbz interrupts the stream and tries to recreate the viral nickelback tweet, anisa mentions her nipples tingle

No. 1826325

"moid" really is a valid argument. they're missing a quater of a chromosome, and the Y still continues to shrink

No. 1826361

She is the embodiment of not knowing who you are and trying to be someone else

No. 1826385

Is there anything as cringeworthy as painting freckles on your face?
>We make decisions based on what we think is morally correct
Top kek.

No. 1826460

she looks like pnp now

No. 1826610

And she didn't get a wig because..? rip her hair.

No. 1826677

File: 1684021114002.jpeg (52.9 KB, 654x866, F9C611C3-07FC-4D27-8462-0756C8…)

She says wigs don’t work for her because she has autism(undiagnosed) ie she’s too fucking lazy to learn how to wear one

No. 1826697

“I can’t wear wigs because I’m autistic” isn’t something I thought I’d ever hear but I guess I’m not surprised

No. 1827143

File: 1684086514961.jpeg (60.4 KB, 679x1159, FBAE4B2F-831A-466F-B61E-6FF850…)

Her hair is so healthy and great you guys

No. 1828286

File: 1684251800720.jpeg (222.52 KB, 1736x1109, FwHUxAfaEAE6plE.jpeg)

I'm hoping there will be milk from Pokimane's party cause she had so many big people there, but I should just expect disappointment. She didn't invite alcoholic Minx and was probably making everyone sign NDAs. I hate how Jenna always have to be the center of attention in every picture, jfc let the birthday girl have her moments.

No. 1828486

To be fair, with those 4 in a picture, Jenna would still be the center of attention… but yeah, she's always super thirsty.

No. 1828586

She's gotta advertise somehow lol

No. 1828768

File: 1684308946268.png (82.68 KB, 611x580, FwTOBpjaQAAK1M7.png)

Emiru alt tabbed and leaked a screencapped convo between her and Mizkif. This convo was during a QnA stream 2 weeks ago where she was also drinking. During the stream she left for around 30 minutes and came back looking as if she has been crying.

No. 1828769

File: 1684308991417.webm (158.79 KB, 852x480, 706001637_L76-Ksv4HfYNqyQG.web…)

No. 1828771

File: 1684309349467.png (11.37 KB, 327x207, FwTAk2LaQAYykmc.png)

Quality of this one is shit, but it reads:

MizKif: heard that 1000x times
so done with this
i don't believe you
at all
Emiru: i'm not trying to attract weird people
i'm sorry
Mizkif: bullshit
Emiru: i don't think of things the same way

No. 1828781

Who is this faggot moid and why does he care what emiru does to make bank? Like how is this news to him when it's the blue print for every twitch thot to feign ignorance?

No. 1828783

The one paying her bills an allowing her to whore herself out in his house.
You can tell she just wants to get payed for doing legit nothing with the conversation. She ain’t pretty enough for that. She’s plain an boring tbh.. don’t see what people like about her. Hence why she’s climbing the boner ladder to get there. Whoever will house her will due.(sage your shit)

No. 1828785

he's her boyfriend, they live together, emiru fucked her way into otk with him, they've bene together since she moved in there, roughly november 2021

No. 1828786

check the emiru thread for more info >>>/snow/336086

No. 1828805

nothing in >>1828785 is scrote or incorrect, emiru is a known gold digger, she did it with dyrus, then she did it with mizkif, they've been together since 2021 now, they hooked up, she moved in, he put her in otk. now she has some % of ownership a year and a half or so later. none of this means mizkif isn't a pile of shit insecure little boy though, as you can see clearly in the dms, but emirus history is well documented in her thread. they are actually a very fitting couple i think

No. 1828817

Scrotes talk a lot about how "women go for bad boys then complain Chad cheats on them" or whatever the fuck, but what about how so many dudes are dying to date twitch steamers, OF girls (but only the ones who do lewds not full nudes bc somehow one is OK and still kawaii ugu and the other is only for whores) and ethots who made their following off lonely simps, then complain about??? Literally them doing exactly what they've always done? Is he that fucking retarded that he thinks people watch emiru for any wholesome reason, has she convinced him of that with all the "omg it's not sexual I don't see it that way!!!" rhetoric? Internet moids/weeb types are so fucking easy to be taken advantage of, just wear enough makeup to look hot, cosplay their fav anime girls and they will let you live in their twitchbux mansion and thot yourself out while he gets called a cuck and still defends you to the death (idubz)

No. 1828874

Not defending Mizkif, who is a known rapist, but let's pretend that Emiru isn't dating like everyone claims, to answer your specific question: He probably cares about it because these messages show she complains about it to him, which must be exhausting. I too have friends that will complain about going drinking to bars and attracting freaks and weirdos but when you tell them to maybe stop going when freaks and weirdos congregate they act like you're saying something illogical and unreasonable.

I'm all for streamers fleecing moids dry, but then don't complain about it when it's the path you continuously choose.

While I agree with you, it's my understanding that before Emiru spent most of her streams just interacting with her viewers ("farming"), she used to do a lot of sponsored cosplays on tiktok, which is how she paid the bills. IIRC someone posted earlier this year that she stopped doing tiktoks daily because she didn't have to anymore (I'm assuming because streaming was paying the bills now).

No. 1829240

quite possible that some of these coomers also cause him some bother by stalkers showing up at their house etc, so regardless of dating, he might have practical reason for wanting her to not cater to the coomer crowd

No. 1829243

- mizkif was mad when he thought maya is going to become bigger streamer than him and even tried to sabotage housewives podcast
- he dumped maya because she was busy with her animal sanctuary and didn't want to serve as viewership multiplier for his stream anymore

- emiru gets 16-18k viewers recently in just chatting wich is close to what mizkif gets when he streams alone
- emiru doesn't go on his stream as often probably telling him it's because of shippers and weirdos as an excuse (that's why discord DMs)

Same thing, mizkif is just angry his 'property' is getting away from him and doesn't need him to get a lot of viewers. Trying to micromanage how she sits is funny though, she was 1k streamer before mizkif and otk, so those are pretty much his viewers and creepy community he created.

No. 1829245

exactly, she was 1-2k before him, all the rest are his viewers, and they're all creeps like mizkif is for a reason, then he gets mad about her catering to the creeps to keep them, the whole thing is ridiculous all around. they're both money grubbing the same fanbase, so neither have a leg to stand on to complain about them, afterall those creeps have made them both millionaires.

No. 1829252

lol that's the second autist manchild control freak she's dating. probably regrets going to bat for him and even fake crying on stream last year, but then again she's pretty much the biggest female streamer on the platform now so she got what she wanted
very fitting couple indeed

No. 1829253

Sorry to ask but is this jenna lynn meowri? I hate that fucking bitch her voice and whole act is so cringe

No. 1829257

Why does he open his goblin mouth when he invited onlyfans hoes all the time on stream? The nerve

No. 1829258

yes, she orbits streamers, hangs out with most of the top ones in both LA and Austin nowadays

No. 1829350

Honestly had no idea it was her boyfriend. Read as a possessive fwb type of scenario.

No. 1829477

>he might have practical reason for wanting her to not cater to the coomer crowd
He could, but it seems he just finds it annoying when it affects him. I hate to embed a video of him because I hate his face and how he talks, but I guess he explains why it bothers him. He also calls her out on it constantly, from what I've found on youtube. (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kHUWPEN2GQ)
People claim they're dating, but I'm not convinced. I believe they have hooked up but I don't see evidence of an actual serious relationship. Sure, Emiru is an opportunist, but I don't think she got in OTK by sucking dick rather than OTK wanting to improve their image by having a woman there (that doesn't mean it's not both though).

No. 1829525

I wonder if any of them have seen her pre-surgery(sage your shit)

No. 1829769

idubbbz apologizes for tana, privated his content cops, and says he loves his wife anisa in latest video

No. 1829771

read the emiru thread, the fist time she slept with him was when he flew her out to LA in september 2021, right after the maya breakup, they met in april of 2021 and had spent all night on calls playing league while he ignored maya, that's why they broke up. then he moved her into his house in november 2021, been together ever since, joined otkin january 2022, ownership stake in feb or march of this year.

No. 1829773

some people assume this, yes

No. 1829776

File: 1684437987937.jpg (88.88 KB, 800x1002, literal cuck chair lmao.jpg)

also because idubbbz is incapable of taking more L's, he's sitting in the corner in a literal cuck chair, beautiful poetry

No. 1829795

>he's sitting in the corner in a literal cuck chair
I've been giggling intermittently for like 10 minutes now.

No. 1829812

File: 1684439496944.jpg (55.35 KB, 530x814, nofuckingway.jpg)

even Boogie is clowning on idubbbz, it's so fucking over lmao

No. 1829834

File: 1684440687636.png (376.26 KB, 2458x1294, icuckzz.png)

kek at the linked charity

No. 1829838

tbh I also miss the old idubbbz. he could have gotten with someone so much more based and/or beautiful than Anisa (which is not saying much). There is not a single redeeming quality to her, it’s a shame that this is how his timeline has progressed.

No. 1829846

all that plastic surgery and yet she still looks like Lena Dunham’s retarded sister

No. 1829906

Can we stop this? He is no better the Anisa, they are equally yoked. All he did was make jokes, defend saying the n word and go after people everyone already disliked and mocked. Nothing is lost, he got exactly what he deserves. To be hated by all with his hypocritical gf. He's no better then her or her him.
Boogie has no room to talk and it's laughable that everyone is running with this narrative that Idubbz is this great loss.

No. 1829929

this pisses me off and should let everyone know he's not sorry. He thought
>Hmmm I did say nigger a lot, so maybe I should donate
>How can i make it woker
>ahh, donate to trans women of color! Yes, black transwomen! Thats a double whammy!"
Like fuck off retard, thats so transparent it's crazy to me. Could'nt even donate to something that benefits all black people, just the one that everyone speaks on to make a point but most of the famous known transwomen are all ugly white men.
I hate this scrote so much.

No. 1831012

just because you give money to niggerfaggots, doesnt mean you didnt make your career off saying niggerfaggot.(racebaiting)

No. 1831134

File: 1684611526510.png (400.46 KB, 1080x2083, Screenshot_20230520-153858-225…)

>my wife is a cow

No. 1831551

Heh, I thought something very similar and was about to post it right after the video was but then I thought "I bet I get banned". Lo and behold…
Top kek. The biggest irony is (if true) that I've read female tauren players were the sweetest and friendliest in all of classic wow to the point they wouldn't get killed by the opposite faction races out of pity when in a server that allowed player killing.

No. 1832866

File: 1684856397976.jpeg (45.5 KB, 1209x353, 601F286B-CC9B-4B8E-878B-FF149E…)

There was minor rumors idubbbz agreed with keffals but here’s the confirmation. imagine believing some coked up tranny because your wife told you too, insane.

No. 1832879

Idubbz and his wife ready don't like people talking about them, you can tell ot bothers the fuck of out of them both even to be critiqued. It probably keeps them up at night thinking somebody is talking shut.
He's also such a fucking coward, you couldn't support Keffals loud and proud, nope. I hope keffals ugly ass knows they don't care about him. They just hate that kiwifarms was talking about them. Thats it. People get on Anisa alot but I feel like it hasn't been touched on enough how fucking weak,shady and retarded Idubbz is on his own. He uses defending his wife as a way to throw people off of him being a huge punk who can dish it but not take it.
I no longer buy the husband who just wants to defend his wife story, nope, this scrote just wants people never to say a bad word about him or his wife, who he sees as his property so it's basically speaking on him. He used to criticize people harshly but now he can't take it.

No. 1832897

Apparently idubbbz was already seething with rustycage before the creatorclash even happened. The video is time stamped so just skip to the third part.

Tl;dw despite neither anisa/idubbbz following rustycage, they stalk his online presence. Idubbbz was very passive aggressive with rustycage instead of kicking him out. Rusty calls Anisa a fridge because she’s shaped like one and she’s cold inside

No. 1832972

Rusty Cage is a Kiwifarmer

No. 1833114

Idk who he is tbh apparently he’s somewhat famous for music? YouTube/google isn’t giving definite answers

No. 1833498

He has a few quite fun songs mostly popular among edgy teens - knife game song, family friendly noose song for example.

No. 1833987

File: 1684974574304.jpeg (73.97 KB, 627x832, D6D6CB84-B289-4982-A626-FB83FB…)

What compels anisa to think putting her roots on display like that was a good idea. Like its giving mtf poon

No. 1834173

She looks like she has no hair- like you can see her entire scalp

No. 1834210

What's with e-whores always smirking?

No. 1834275

File: 1685024373615.jpeg (213.67 KB, 1170x1787, 582F56AA-E134-45E4-98A4-AFCEFF…)

How is she so brave

No. 1834819

She has an ultra rich bf. They're both untouchable kek

No. 1834897

Because she burnt bridges with every female streamer (and so, their boyfriends) by being a toxic bitch
T1 doesnt give a shit about what she says or does or her in general
She is already repulsive so even an acid attack wont affect her
Her only friend is Erobb221 who is married to a literal alt-right tinfoil apocalypse prepper

She has nothing to lose..

No. 1834902

She's right though. I don't get why some people are so adamant to defend child grooming as an integral part of the "LGBT community". Just a few years ago people where finally turning around and condemning child beauty pageants and "funny" halloween costumes because it sexualizes little girls but now it's ok again because muh hecking valid lgbtrinos? Further proof that nothing short of absolute homosexual purge will stop this. They're all the same.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1834911

she hasn't posted a picture of her face in months and months. did her extensive jaw surgery get botched or something? her instagram is gone too. when she went to south korea to get the surgery i thought she'd be impatient and excited to show off her new face but its been radio silence for so long

No. 1834930

How is she not cancelled or T1 not banned from events or sponsorships. There are streamers that have lost their streamer career for less.
I can fix her. I unironically love Macaiyla. Wish she didn't let herself get trampled by T1's fans. She should also leave him.

No. 1834942

The literal definition of a sigma female

No. 1835000

Tbh from her appearances on T1s streams I think her face is still swollen and not looking like she expected yet

No. 1835018

she livestreams almost every day
too lazy to grab a screenshot but her jaw looks fine imo

No. 1835116

She's so boring to watch and comes across trying to larp Tyler's attitude, so had no idea

No. 1835691

Have you considered they're alike and that's why they are together?

No. 1836437

They're together because the bitch would stalk his streams just like every other "not like other girls" edgelord. She larps his personality for a persona like they all do, what's some actual stuff to talk about.

No. 1836580

I mean… it takes a next level of edgelord to go for something like this >>1834275. When's the last time (you) openly decried tranny shit? I sure as hell haven't because I would get fired ASAP. So while she might be the edgiests of pick mes, at the end of he day she has more guts than most people here.

No. 1836718

This. Twitch has no shortage of poop fart humor pick-me’s yet all of them still submit to tranny gag order. Not even “gamer” scrotes are this fearless, most they did was some Hogwarts Legacy fence sitting.

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