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No. 1373450

Allison (Alice) is known on TikTok for being a crunchy mom, vegan, and self-proclaimed tradwife.

>met husband Caleb Bender when she was 14; he was 18

>says she left him for two years because he didn’t want to get married and start a family, so she was ~17 and he was ~21
>got married as soon as she turned 19; immediately got pregnant
>in February 2019, Allison was in a car crash at 29 weeks pregnant
>sent to the hospital in an ambulance; delivered the baby via emergency cesarean
>baby Aurelia didn’t survive
>Allison first blamed the C-section, later the vitamin K injection
>announced second pregnancy in February 2020
>refused prenatal care because she thinks ultrasounds have radiation
>chose to “freebirth” instead
>i.e. gave birth alone on her toilet in their apartment; fished out her own placenta from her uterus two hours later
>Fern was born in August 2020
>Allison believes all women should be willing to die alone in childbirth rather than go to the hospital or have C-sections
>Fern is dressed gender neutral, except when Allison makes him wear her dead daughter’s dresses
>vegan except for her expensive leather baby stroller
>claims her parents were abusive because they fed her meat as a child
>anti-vaxx; bragged about telling people not to wash their hands before holding her newborn, but she’s nervous around people who got the covid vaccine
>lets Fern eat dirt, sticks, rocks, shopping cart handles, etc. because she breastfeeds
>refuses to wear sunscreen or put it on her infant because she thinks vegans can’t get sunburns
>believes she is smarter than doctors despite only having a GED & dropping out of college
>hasn’t worked since she quit Victoria’s Secret during her first pregnancy because #tradwife
>refuses to say what Caleb does for a living; according to a GoFundMe set up after the car crash, he previously worked at a sports bar in a strip mall

There’s definitely loads more and she is sketchy as hell, but all she ever does is posts online, so it’s a lot to sift through.

She’s had some press coverage in the U.S. and U.K., and she obviously likes the attention. Her look has changed drastically since she started getting popular, and it seems slightly at odds with her crunchy all-natural organic vegan persona (hair & lash extensions, acrylic nails, e-girl makeup).

The Sun:
- “I’m a vegan mum & think baby formula should be illegal, I’ll breastfeed my son until he’s 4 & he decides when he sleeps” https://www.the-sun.com/lifestyle/2585143/vegan-mum-baby-formula-illegal-breastfeed-baby-four/
- “I refuse to put sun cream on my baby – people say I’m mad but they’re filled with chemicals & I know I’m right” https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/14984203/refuse-sun-cream-baby-filled-chemicals/
- “Mum feeds her baby like a bird by PRE-CHEWING his food leaving people stunned” https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/15758083/mum-feeds-baby-like-bird-by-pre-chewing-food/

Daily Mirror:
- “Mum defends letting her baby eat dirt and chew on sand to 'build his immune system’” https://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/mum-defends-letting-baby-eat-24000677
- “Mum sparks controversy by refusing to put sunscreen on her nine-month-old baby” https://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/mum-sparks-controversy-refusing-put-24133359

Daily Mail: “Vegan mother, 22, reveals she lets her baby, 8 months, chew sand and rocks and lick shopping cart straps because germs are good for his immune system and her breast milk is 'medicine’” https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-9524743/Vegan-mother-22-lets-baby-eight-months-eat-sand-rocks-lick-shopping-trolleys.html

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alicellani/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@alicellani / https://www.tiktok.com/@aliceandfern
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcvTBOZRCShzsEd0guqg2Qw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Comingupfern1
Amazon wishlist: just kidding, but of course she has multiple

No. 1373474

She spends like $500 a week on groceries yet wastes money on cheap unethical fast fashion. Makes no sense to me.

No. 1373475

they’re on SNAP, and she doesn’t care who’s making her clothes

No. 1373505

saged for no milk but alice does not believe all women should freebirth, she's just fed up with how abusive the birthing industry can be in the usa. she's my favourite tard

No. 1373507

I agree that the American birth system is inherently abusive, but Alice acts like you can only have one or the other. that’s not true. if she actually interacted with other mothers instead of shaming them, she might see that too.

and then she wouldn’t be spreading dangerous misinformation, telling women it’s better to push out a baby alone on the toilet rather than in the presence of midwives and doulas at the hospital or birth center.

No. 1373510

she’s all about CONSENT but poor Baby Fern never consented to any of this, and he is several years away from being able to.

like imagine your whole life being plastered on the internet by your Big Consent mom, before you can say the word “no”

No. 1373518

I have been waiting for this! Thank you for creating this thread anon. I cannot stand this woman’s condescending tone and her hate towards older moms/women. I don’t get why she’s so vile against older moms. It’s very weird. I feel terrible for Fern too having his whole life plastered online. She also puts him into incredibly dangerous situations like eating whole grapes and blueberries, taking him out in the heat without sunscreen, taking him to sketchy parks in the middle of the night. Something is so off with this woman.

No. 1373519

Does anyone know what her husband does that allows her to afford all that? I also think it’s hilarious she talks down on people who are not vegan yet gets her nails done and wears clothes that are not ethically sourced. When she’s called out she says ‘she’s not perfect and at least she’s trying.’ Like girl people wouldn’t call you out for these things if you weren’t so condescending in your tone to others. If she was a vegan that just minded her own business and documented her life with her baby then no one would call her out. But it’s the fact that she’s so belittling in her tone. She reminds me so much of Onision. Especially when she uses that little manipulative voice. Onision does the same thing.

No. 1373534

File: 1637567574911.png (118.55 KB, 1458x1234, Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 2.48…)

the only person she follows on Twitter is Nuance Now. imagine being that desperate.

she posted recently that he started a new job https://www.tiktok.com/@alicellani/video/7031964845998394670

but there's speculation that he got fired from the last one because of her TikToks

the only confirmed employment for either of them is The Hub and Victoria's Secret. the rest is food stamps and Biden Buxxx, which is ironic.

BUT there are also rumors from people who work in organic markets near her that she'll walk around for hours filming, then walk around and put the food back on the shelves.


No. 1373538

I could see her doing that. Posing with the food just to put it back. She brags all the time about how much she spends and it just comes off show offy to me. It’ll be interesting to see her get called out more the more people recognise her in public.

As far as her husband goes that would suck if he lost his job because of her but honestly her account is loaded with dangerous misinformation I wouldn’t doubt it could start affecting his life too.

I wonder if having Bidens money is what’s helping them build this new house. It’s just crazy that she spends an astronomical amount of money while they are building a new home.

No. 1373541

she brags about OUR $300 GROCERY HAUL but it just hits different when you know they bought it on food stamps. especially when she says "everyone can be vegan! beans and rice are cheap!" and then she spends $300 on EBT and brags about it.

I'm glad my tax dollars are going to Baby Fern, I guess.

No. 1373542

I’m curious as to how she will react when Baby Fern gets older and doesn’t want to live the way she does. What if he decides to get vaccinated or eat meat? She says as long as he is informed on his consent then it’ll be fine but I doubt that. I think she will flip a lid and shame all the choices he makes that don’t align with hers.

No. 1373545

She sure will slam the government about not trusting them but has no issues with getting money from them.

Did they ever get Covid? I’ve never seen this woman wear a mask and she’s constantly parading her and her son around groups of people. She also advocates for people to not wash their hands when holding Fern even as a newborn. She made a Tiktok where she was really distraught about an older woman talking to Fern with a mask on. She was so mad that the woman had a mask on around her baby.

It’s so interesting how making your own choices only applies to the choices she agrees with. I’m glad that woman got her all bothered over a mask. Kek

No. 1373548

I’m curious about this too, but I don’t think Alice will ever see Fern as anything but an extension of herself, and she has already said she wants more children, so Fern will be replaced before she has a chance to notice him straying from her plan. He might get lucky.

No. 1373551

Caleb's weed charge is really nothing but it's sketchy that Alice blocks anyone asking about cannabis + pregnancy/breastfeeding.

I mean, she says she's smarter than doctors, so…

No. 1373556

I have noticed that too! There was an unverified claim in one of her comments that she was high when she got into the accident that unfortunately ended her daughters life. They were saying that is why she put up a fight when the EMT wanted to take her to the hospital. I feel terrible for speculating about such a traumatic event but I’m wondering if the two correlates. The comment was gone within seconds.

No. 1373557

she hates older moms partly because she thinks it’s abuse to give birth past basically teenage years. she used to say she wanted something crazy like ten kids but now that she’s an elderly 22 year old shes not sure it’s ethical to ever be pregnant again.

Also, wtf is up with her claiming to be a “frutarian/frugivore” while obviously eating plenty of non-fruit, and saying adults should naturally be under 100 pounds so they can climb fruit trees easier

No. 1373559

I feel bad for that poor bub. I can’t imagine how he will feel when he’s older looking back on all the personal details his mom shared about him online.

She’s clearly very unwell and I think her trauma is clouding a lot of her judgment. She fed Fern whole grapes while he was cradled in her arms. People were rightfully making a fuss about it and she said she trusts Fern to chew his food and if you don’t trust your baby then you shouldn’t feed them certain things.

Like what….

No. 1373564

She honestly makes no sense to me with her whole fruit diet thing. She also mentioned cooked food is terrible for you but majority of her food is freakin cooked.

I don’t know if she posts some things as satire or to get a rise out of people but the truth is she has a decent following with young impressionable girls who will take her for her word and follow exactly what she says. I don’t know, she’s just incredibly dangerous to me.

No. 1373567

she thinks all women should be willing to die in childbirth, but should they be willing to kill or maim their babies too? even without the baby's consent? gosh.

she and @empathic_mamahood should link up. Robyn strangled her baby daughter in her cursed birth canal for the sake of Mamahood, and now poor Luna is a vegetable, but also a lvl 4 reiki master!

No. 1373568

Wtf. I need to look this woman up. What is it with people wanting to put themselves in the most dangerous situations that could potentially kill them and their baby?

No. 1373571

not to derail but this is what happens when you listen to Alice's advice https://www.instagram.com/empathic_mamahood/

No. 1373580

she did say she wanted one kid per year, or something equally silly. before she knew the reality of having even one kid. her only aspiration is to be a housewife. she said so herself.

I really can't figure out her hate for "older moms" other than that they have more freedom than her, which she is constantly overcompensating for. like, look how free my life is, after I drop off my husband for his soul-crushing job in our shared beater car so he can support all three of us on a single income. all the better to qualify for benefits my dear. and then I go grocery shopping and buy a $12 smoothie and stare at my dogshit-encrusted carpet while my kid crawls around on it. what a life.

she's promoting a lot of irresponsible health stuff, but also like… literally all the life advice she's doling out is absolute garbage.

the first time I saw her, she was posted here, talking about how our best bet as women is to baby-trap a man, because our value is decreasing, while his is increasing.

and I'm sorry to Caleb who seems like a nice enough guy (but also a groomer) but… nah babe.

do better, for the sake of your wretched offspring(sage)

No. 1373585

>and I'm sorry to Caleb
I'm not. This is what you get when you're an 18/21 year old who dates 14/17 year olds. He probably either co-signs what she does or doesn't care.

No. 1373588

The only positive thing I’ll say about her parenting is that Fern does seem like a happy toddler. She does seem to love him and I do like her tik toks of him playing on playgrounds and enjoying life. I cannot stand the way she talks about other moms parenting. All about choice and consent but wants formula to be illegal and tries to tell women you’re basically being raped if you go to an obgyn. She needs therapy. She wants someone to blame for her daughters death so she blames doctors and anyone who is pro-doctor.

No. 1373595

I do think she's a good parent to Fern. I did a lot of the same stuff she does (veganism, EBF, baby-led weaning, baby-wearing, cloth diapering, letting my kid take the reins on toilet training, letting them explore freely, basically all the attachment parenting stuff). but I also think she's a victim of extremes. like she doesn't believe she can have a happy chubby vegan EBF baby who also gets regular checkups and a fucking MMR vaccine.

I can empathize with the trajectory her grief has taken, and I admire her crusade for consent. but now she's just putting other women and babies at risk, and it's scary to think this woman has influence over even younger women.

I think he doesn't care. we only ever see him playing video games. Allison is a good handmaiden though. she buys him a PS5 with his own money, and then keeps the baby quiet so he can focus!

No. 1373629

Luna was born with large portions of her brain missing, it's something that happens at random. What a tacky goddamn instagram though, it looks like free access to the freakshow at the circus. No lines, no costs, no crowds. Holy shit

No. 1373654

Why are tradwives so obsessed with natural birth and they despise modern OB GYN that will, you know, help them not die during birth? Giving birth at home is not something to flex on social media. Marie Cachet is the same, she gives advice on Twitter all the time about giving birth. She was advocating home birth for years and then anons discovered that she actually went to the maternity ward for preeclampsia.

No. 1373657

That’s really sad, but I stopped checking her Instagram after I saw the essential oils lol

No. 1373677

When i first opened her insta i thought that was a mean shoop by some troll. I can't belive that baby is real kek

No. 1373724

Luna has multicystic encephalomalacia, and her doctors ruled out everything but a birth injury. it happened because Robyn refused to go to the hospital, and instead left Luna trapped in her birth canal for hours. this deprived her brain of oxygen and eventually turned it into Swiss cheese. Robyn did that to Luna, and Alice is advocating for other women to do the same.

No. 1373743

Oh shit, my bad. The way she described it made it sound genetic. Where can I read more about her? Obviously her instagram narrative isn't trustworthy.

No. 1373763

File: 1637598794721.png (1.04 MB, 2184x3089, 908E910D-CF71-45B2-8A0B-2EAC6E…)

Robyn wants people to believe it’s genetic or just a freak random occurrence, because the awful truth is she caused this herself. her Organic Empathic Magical All-Natural Instagram Free-birth Journey was more important to her than a healthy baby.

hate to say it but the best place to read up on Robyn is her KF thread. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/the-empathic-nutritionist-empathic-mamahood-robyn-grogitsky-ramirez-luna-elva-ramirez-glenn-ramirez-atlas-glenn-standford-ramirez.84621/

these women need therapy, not more babies. not more unearned, uneducated influence.

No. 1373770

You know shit is about to unveil when you see the comma brows

Poor kid

No. 1373773

thank you for making this thread

No. 1373784

My jaw is on the floor. What an absolutely cruel mother to deny your child the medications she needs to make the life you created for her a little more bearable. She’s sick in the damn head. I kept reading and it just kept getting worse.

No. 1373826

File: 1637605023638.jpeg (333.15 KB, 827x1691, 7C0F3237-A31D-4B04-8AC3-B022CE…)

this is minor compared to everything else but she doesn’t know the sex of her dog, Mr./Mrs. Pancake kek


No. 1373843

File: 1637606972847.jpeg (78.31 KB, 828x447, 7D0FE977-B18F-4C37-BB5D-552268…)

Allison’s old Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alicetehspaz/

she hasn’t posted on it since 2015 when she was ~16, but Caleb is following that account. he was ~20 when she was 16.

Caleb: https://www.instagram.com/club_bendover/


No. 1373847

I remember her saying that she had trauma from her accident so she wouldn’t get in a car again, just walk everywhere. But now I see she drives? Is this because she rationalized the accident as not a factor at all in her daughter’s death anymore, so it’s okay to drive now?

No. 1373849

my friend really likes her as a creator, is this a red flag?

No. 1373874

She’s really odd with her pets when I’ve seen them on camera. She never acknowledges them. Her dog will be practically in her face begging for her attention and she pays him no mind. It’s weird.

No. 1373878

She mentioned being starved as a child but she looks fine to me.

No. 1373884

File: 1637609636962.png (2.96 MB, 828x1792, FCEE6B88-B4F4-4FF6-9938-C5E422…)

ALICE wash your damn hands!

No. 1374031

THANK YOU FOR THIS THREAD!!! I am shocked CPS hasn’t been called on this lady yet, she should not be a parent. Also most of her diet advice is very obviously just trying to disguise an eating disorder (she may have mentioned this in the past idk).

No. 1374046

File: 1637623658234.png (4.85 MB, 828x1792, 65201157-FB10-4660-88F7-BD2F04…)

this bitch. where to even start.

also does she know she’ll be 30 in not that many years?

No. 1374056

she loves to hate on "older women" (see: women over 30) as if she herself isn't going to be there in a few years. i've seen her make comments about women "hitting the wall" too and it's genuinely confusing to me. notice how she never makes any comments about men aging, only women

No. 1374066

It’s really gross how she talks about older men wanting teens. She doesn’t do it in an educating way of warning young girls to be weary of men like this.. she does it in a way that comes off gross and she does it to shame older women. Like ‘ha ha men want younger girls and not you!’ She’s so against women if you’re not a young teen mom and it comes off predatory. She reminds me a lot of Onision in her tone of voice, constant attack on one subject and gaslighting.

No. 1374067

i've noticed her obsession with older women and labeling them as jealous and bitter and competing for men's attention. it seems like he has an unhealthy obsession with aging and hitting the "wall". she also mentioned how it's okay and normal for men to be violently attracted to teens cause they want healthy kids and "young moms are better moms". she also said she wished she could give birth at 12 and have kids back to back.

No. 1374068

ironic cause she already looks 30 ish lol from the lack of wearing sunscreen. she try-hards to look like a teen too with that uwu makeup style and she sucks at it.

No. 1374070

I feel like with how much she shits on older moms maybe she’s the one whose jealous of them.

No. 1374071

She does look older then what her age actually is. She filters the hell out of her tiktoks but hasn’t quite mastered that in her YouTube videos. I was shocked to see how different she looked. Hate and lack of sunscreen can age you!

No. 1374072

she literally lets fern eat dirt and soil which can give him serious infections and diseases. most of the soil in nature contains animal feces and if they are contaminated with certain parasites, you can literally go blind. especially that her son is not vaccinated. I'm astonished that cps hasn't taken fern yet. she's literally insane and has trauma from her last pregnancy and that combined with her autism makes it really dangerous for fern
she also mentioned she lets him eat unsanitized cards.

No. 1374074

Do I think Alice loves Fern? Absolutely. Do I think she’s a good mom? Absolutely not. She’s taking her trauma out on this poor kid and only has her best interest in mind. If she was a good mom she’d seek therapy because clearly she has a lot of trauma that’s clouding her judgment on how she raises Fern. She takes Fern to sketched out parks in the middle of the night with just her and Fern. She’s mentioned many times waking him up in the middle of his naps because she’s bored and wants to go out. Don’t even get me started on how she exploits this poor child’s life. She feeds him whole grapes and blueberries and just trusts that he won’t choke. Her hygiene with him is atrocious. She feeds him on the floor next to a trash can in her home (she has pets that constantly walk around her apartment and I’ve seen the state of her apartment. It’s gross) Fern is not vaccinated and she encourages sick people to be around him and hold him. Even said she welcomes Covid. We all know that she encourages him to put everything in his mouth from rocks to dirty shopping cart straps. She’s dressed Fern up in her first daughters dress. I’m sure the list can go on. I see her being very manipulative to fern once he’s old enough to make his own decisions that’s against what she believes. She talks about how he can do whatever he wants but we know how condescending she Is when people don’t follow what she wants. She needs a lot

No. 1374082

File: 1637628925265.jpeg (974.26 KB, 828x1488, 94557D3F-A1DC-43D1-9AAF-E577E5…)

her newest thing is refusing to wear shoes in public, she calls shoes “feet prisons” lol

No. 1374085

you can get pinworms and other parasites from being barefoot, imagine all the doodoo she's stepped on lol.
also she does not look 100 lbs

No. 1374087

her husband literally looks like a chemo rat. poor guy must be exhausted from having to pay for her 500$ extra organic fruit with animal shit on it.

No. 1374089

I really think she does most of this shit for TikTok controversy views.

she has a major case of NLOG syndrome.

No. 1374090

File: 1637629464070.jpeg (595.78 KB, 828x1236, FDC200DB-55BF-462D-90FC-108E68…)

it’s an imageboard nonnie

No. 1374092

File: 1637629688737.jpeg (964.99 KB, 828x1696, FA8950FB-751D-40CA-BF35-DA08BC…)

No. 1374101

>a nice enough guy but also a groomer

No. 1374115

he literally LOOKS like a groomer

I thought he must be rich, because he looks like this, but I think he still works in restaurants. his dad is some kind of CFO in the medical field, which is everything Allison is against, but Caleb’s parents seem to be the ones bankrolling their vegan organic life.

No. 1374132

Shes very plain but not hideous, but seeing her bf those kids are genetically doomed, atleast they'll have strong immune systems if she manages to avoid them dying of some nasty dog crap disease

No. 1374151

File: 1637634897653.jpeg (18.7 KB, 198x306, 6DF4EBD5-99DF-4479-ADBD-18311C…)

sorry to kek at this tragedy but

No. 1374155

She just comes off so filthy.

No. 1374159

This was so weird to me. Poor kid.

No. 1374160

Interesting. I wonder what his family thinks of her? She’s fuckin bizarre.

No. 1374168

anon, no I'm crying!

No. 1374191

She lives in Phoenix btw…somebody on TikTok went spelunking and figured out which Target it was but Alice deleted the comment thread

No. 1374209

But she lives in Arizona. She’s literally just taking her shoes off for the video and to generate engagement. No way she is walking through the target parking lot or the farmers market barefooted in fucking phoenix.

No. 1374297

I think she does a lot of things to get a ride out of people which is kind of scary considering she has young girls taking her word as law.

No. 1374298

She’s so gross. Have you seen the state of her couch? She smashes the food into the couch for Fern to eat. He eats off where their asses have been. It’s nasty.

No. 1374328

Lmao I don’t even think that OB GYN was checking the teens, he was probably just trying to do his job. I don’t believe the nurses’ reaction either, it’s just an outcome of her warped perception of human relations. Even if the story is partially right, old scrotes who do that are always gross and target young pick me’s because they tend to be more naive, inexperienced and willing to do hand maiden stuff. She’s overreacting like a young groomed pick me that she is.

No. 1374343

Does anyone know why she changed her name from ComingupFern?

No. 1374445

No. 1374454

If you look in her YouTube highlights, it shows her animals shitting and pissing all over the carpet of her apartment. It also shows fern eating strawberries and coconuts off that same rug. These people are filthy. She is not a good mom. She used to have two cats, a rabbit and a dog that magically changes sexes. Now she just had the dog and one cat. Wonder what’s happening to the animals… her apartment complex has a 2 animal only rule. Guess the others died due to lack of veterinary care, or were given away.

No. 1374460

File: 1637686546482.webm (4.47 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000c6c31kjc77u2l644sd…)

she said in this video that she changed it because people were confused when she posted content without fern and it wouldnt make sense to keep comingupfern if she has more kids

No. 1374479

Yes she’s disgusting and the fact that her fans are okay with it is so gross. When she was feeding Fern blueberries on the floor by the damn trash can I nearly lost it. I think she’s lazy in her parenting. She wants to do the cool fun stuff like cool parks and river for content. But when it comes to actually making sure he’s safe she doesn’t give a shit. She’d also always on her phone. She has three different tiktoks and a YouTube channel that she posts on multiple times a day everyday. Fern probably knows her through a screen and that’s it. I feel bad that his life is being so heavily documented and broadcasted. Can you imagine when he’s an adult (since he won’t be going to school) and his friends come across these videos of him eating smashed food off his moms gross couch?

No. 1374489

she makes her pets eat a vegan diet (including the cats). and like you said, it’s doubtful she gets them proper veterinary care. otherwise, she would know the sex of her dog.

No. 1374521


Do you think it’s a different dog? Like, when your kids hamster or goldfish dies you go out and get a replacement, and give it the same name and hope nobody notices? Lol… actually her pets aren’t vegan, she had made tiktoks of her getting their food out of the dumpster behind pet stores… which is ultimately worse- half the time, the bags are open, it’s probably contaminated, recalled, or past the use by date.

No. 1374528

How the eff do you not know the sex of a dog living in your home? She literally shows that dog no mind. He or she will be begging for attention while she’s filming her YouTube or tiktoks and she straight ignores them. When she took her pup to the river I was shocked that she even knew they existed. Poor guy was fighting for his life in that river though.

No. 1374529

Yea that’s honestly disgusting and so neglectful. If you have pets you have the responsibility of making sure they are eating their proper diet and getting their vet checkups.. but with how against any type of health care this woman is I can imagine her animals are being neglected in their vet care.

No. 1374531

Her dog is probably not vaccinated either. And if she doesn’t know the sex it’s probably not fixed. Hope it’s not actually a girl and it’s bleeding all over the carpet and couch fern eats his daily meals on.

No. 1374537

File: 1637693712266.jpeg (1.11 MB, 828x1696, D04CBF5B-291D-4B2D-9B4F-A39D92…)

maybe it’s just circumstantial? but she says here on October 20 that Pancake is vegan

No. 1374549

12.5K people liked this. I hope they properly take care of their pets because that’s scary. Animals shouldn’t be vegan if their diet doesn’t call for it. I hope this is one of those times where she’s just being an asshole trying to get a rise out of people.

No. 1374573

thanks for the thread. you can tell this woman cares about the kid, but the amount of shit she says unsubstantiated is crazy. like brushing her teeth with SOAP, letting her kid chew on shopping carts, etc. hope she gets better

No. 1374576


She’s actually said that because she’s gotten the pet food out of the dumpster and didn’t buy it (therefore supporting the meat industry) it’s vegan…. Apparently the time she got eggs out of the trash and cooked them for her husband were vegan too.. Those goal posts keep moving for fernlady….(emoji)

No. 1374686

She really said eggs were vegan because she didn’t buy them? In another video she said eggs were gross and were chicken periods. But I guess nothing really matters as long as she doesn’t pay for it.

No. 1374696


Yeah, consistency isn’t her strong suit. but according to her, a non vegan product is suddenly vegan if you aren’t paying for it, or financially contributing to the cruelty. I guess that means she can go over someone else’s house and eat their meat as long as she didn’t pay for it? what a loophole, LOL

No. 1374774

She constantly moves the goalpost. She was shitting on moms who used colourful/plastic toys and someone spotted some in her house. She went on a rant that she found them on the side of the road so it was okay. WHAT..? She also said if you find meat in the dumpster and eat it it’s technically vegan. This woman’s thought process is so warped. She shames women so hard and then when she gets caught doing exactly that she gaslights and moves the goalposts to justify what she’s doing.. and then continues to shame women for that same thing.

I also hate how she calls people ‘guilty of their choices’ if they challenge her on her views. That’s a nice way to gaslight people. I find her dangerous because her fan base will literally go to war for her.

No. 1374778

Extra comment to elaborate on the ‘guilty of your choices’ she says a lot of really cruel and hateful things like c section isn’t an actual birth and if you don’t breastfeed or have your baby naturally then you’re not going to have a bond with your baby. When moms who have done those things she shits on call her out she throws it in their face that they are ‘bullying and mom shaming her’ and the reason why they are so angry with her is because they know they are guilty for the choices they’ve made.. like formula feeding, c sections, hospital births. She’s really a hateful person. It’s no wonder she doesn’t really have friends and has alienated herself from bee family.

No. 1374787

I wonder what she would say to mothers whose babies didn’t get the vitamin K injection, and died shortly after birth. Probably some shit about how this could’ve easily been prevented if she’d been on the correct vegan organic all-fruit diet or something.

No. 1374791

Man who cares

Shit thread(shitposting)

No. 1374858

not sure if it’s the sun damage, shit diet, teen pregnancy, or heart full of hate, but she’s aging like milk.

at least she got picked tho kek

No. 1374880

Imagine the smell..

No. 1374941

File: 1637723557246.jpeg (262.48 KB, 828x1451, FCA88168-336F-4640-8F4D-CF4166…)

I wonder if pregnancy tests count under her “if it’s free it’s vegan” rule

No. 1374961

She actually made a Tiktok a few days ago saying pregnancy tests are not vegan so she doesn’t use them. I don’t understand how she can be so wreck less. She was very lucky with Fern.. there is no telling if she will have that luck the second time around.

No. 1374963

I’m sorry if this comes off as mean or rude but I’ve been watching some of her YouTube videos and I’ve noticed when she does her long winded talks whenever she looks up her eyes cross a lot. She does it a lot. I’m wondering why?

No. 1374993

She could of made this as a warning to women about how predatory male obgyns are but 30 year women existing with jobs to help deliver babies are worse I guess according to her. I'll never get tradthots who think they're above aging. Like they live in constant fear of being called some eggless hag by scrotes online for being past a certain age

That poor baby's genes

No. 1375028

Does anyone know what the cause of her first babies death was? Her story has changed a few times to a forced c section is what killed her and now her latest is the vitamin k shot.

No. 1375050

It’s in the OP. Car crash.

No. 1375057

she says she won’t cut up grapes because if you can’t trust your baby to chew, the baby shouldn’t be eating. which is true. but then she does the chew and spit thing, and begs attention for it. so which is it?

also, I know she doesn’t actually “read the science” or comprehend it from one big tell, but I won’t say it here. I’m waiting to see if she figures it out herself.

No. 1375061

File: 1637742343309.jpeg (967.43 KB, 828x1524, 316205F3-B5DF-4C9D-958D-F6661E…)

> TW Aurelia’s full death story since people are claiming to know me IRL & post fake ones:


>A man & his kid turned left in front of me at the intersection right next to my apartment. I was going 45, probably 40 at the time of the crash since I had taken my foot off the pedal. Nobody was injured. Emergency came even though NOBODY CALLED THEM, because that’s just what they do when there’s an accident. The emergency responder kept telling me I should get checked out since I was pregnant even though I kept telling him I was fine. I was shy & didn’t know my rights & he persisted and eventually coerced me into the ambulance. When we got there, nobody told us we could leave or even asked if we had gone by our own free will. We arrived to a team of 30 or so people in a room who cut my clothes off and started doing all these tests without consent. Everything was fine. We were sent to L&D to wait on the results of an abruption test. A man came in & told us the test was NEGATIVE, but that he was doing a csection anyway. He did not look at my husband or I when he said this. He just told the nurse next to him he was going to do a csection. I asked why twice and was ignored. The nurse strapped me to a gurney without explaining any risks or asking if that was what I wanted. She started wheeling me off & handed me a paper to sign. I thought I legally didn’t have a choice & signed it. The only thing I’ll ever regret in my life is not leaving the hospital, but I was so shy and didn’t know my rights. I woke up to a different man telling me my daughter was dying. I didn’t believe him until I saw what they had done to her. She was so roughed up. I got to hold her for a minute, but it was clear she was already gone. The man who did the csection told us he didn’t know what happened. We didn’t find out until we got the medical records almost two years later that her HR was fine before the csection and right after until she was given the vitamin k injection. The doc never gave us a reason for doing the csection & changed his story several times in the records

>I was only 29 weeks pregnant at this time, and NO risks were explained to me about surgically extracting a baby that early. Even if she hadn’t died, I would be JUST AS ANGRY at that doctor because she would have suffered lifelong issues.
>Trying to blame what killed Aurelia on any specific thing is like shooting someone with 5 different guns at the same time & then blaming the death on a specific gun. It was a combination of everything. Taking her out too early, giving her a BATH before trying to help her (yep, they bathed her before she died), the vitamin k injection, cutting the cord immediately, not getting immediate skin to skin with mom
>Her autopsy says “toxicology testing not done” I have been trying to get her remains testing privately, but there is no test to test if vitamin k injection killed a baby!!!!!
>This has been reported to VAERS, however I don’t think the VAERS system is intended for vitamin k. If anyone knows where to report vitamin k reactions, please reach out

No. 1375065

File: 1637742617120.jpeg (832.13 KB, 828x1529, FCC34EBB-4388-4CBA-B190-0496B7…)

>Part one of Fern’s unassisted vbac homebirth story:

>At 9pm, I started having contractions and lost my plug. I decided to drive to the grocery store to stock up on produce. When I came back, Caleb and I spent the rest of the night snacking on fruit. I watched a couple of homebirth videos once Caleb went to sleep before the contractions got too intense. After a few hours, they felt nearly unbearable. I didn’t want to watch anything or listen to music at that point. I was too focused. I timed contractions until I decided that was taking too much of my focus and I should just let things happen naturally on their own time. When Caleb woke up that morning, I finally told him Fern was coming soon. The contractions were really intense by that point and I wondered how much longer I could stand them, but I took comfort in knowing women have been giving birth without pain medicine for much longer than they have with. Caleb brought me Chipotle and turned on Adventure Time for me at some point, but I couldn’t eat or watch the show. I was deep in concentration. Around 12am, it was finally time to push. After what felt like a long time of pushing, I started getting nervous. I hopped out of the shower and asked Caleb for the Doppler, but he reassured me everything was okay and reminded me we shouldn’t expose baby to the radiation. I went back into the bathroom, continuing to freak out, and pushed as forcefully as I could, even when I was not having contractions. Fern was born into my arms at 2:34 am. He had the chord wrapped around his neck twice, but was the pinkest newborn I’d ever seen! He cried immediately! I called Caleb into the room and we suctioned his nose & mouth and stared at him in pure love. We finally had a baby.

No. 1375066

File: 1637742735897.jpeg (711.3 KB, 828x1532, 781E751A-6EB5-4970-92F5-A869B9…)

>Part 2 of Fern’s birth story:

>Despite Fern being super pink and crying right away, he did need some help removing mucus from his nose/mouth. We suctioned him for around 20 minutes with a nasal aspirator. We snuggled him, Caleb fell asleep (we had both been up for a very long time at this point) and I nursed Fern. He latched immediately! (Something I had been really nervous about!) Then I waited for Fern’s placenta to be born so I could clean it, set it in a bowl, place Fern in his bassinet, and pass out as we planned on leaving the placenta attached until it naturally detached. Two hours into waiting, it still hadn’t come on it’s own, so I cut the chord a few inches away from my end (so Fern could keep as much chord blood + stem cells as possible), tied a knot in the chord itself, and set Fern in his bassinet. We didn’t even need the chord tie I had made. I don’t know anyone besides an OB who would recommend this much of an intervention, but I was SO exhausted by this point and needed to sleep so I reached my hand in and guided the placenta out and went to sleep.

>I am so thankful we learned of homebirth as I doubt Fern and I would be here without it. Fern likely would have been scooped away from us & rushed to an NICU to be suctioned where they would have vaccinated him without our consent and cut his chord immediately before even attempting to resuscitate him like they did with Aurelia, (+ mutilated his genitals too, since he’s male) they likely would have given me an unnecessary episiotomy that would make me scream every time I saw like I do with my c scar, and they would probably have given me an ungodly amount of pitocin to force my placenta out - or stuck their hands up me themselves. Not to mention that my labor lasted longer than the “allowed time” for a vbac, so I would have had to fight + possibly leave the hospital during labor to escape being cut open again.

>Having gone through a natural birth, I can’t imagine suffering obstetric abuse and then being handed a newborn that depended on me for survival - props to all the women who give birth in hospitals 🥴

No. 1375068

No. 1375077

the real question is what the fuck was Caleb doing while she shit out a whole baby on the toilet

No. 1375088

>I doubt Fern and I would be here without it. Fern likely would have been scooped away from us & rushed to an NICU to be suctionedl
if he needed to be suctioned, they’d do it right there between her legs, and not waited for the snoozy husband to wake up and help. everything they did, she would have signed off on.

>and cut his chord immediately before even attempting to resuscitate him like they did with Aurelia, (+ mutilated his genitals too, since he’s male)
don’t trust anyone who claims to read ALL the LiTeRaTuRe but repeatedly calls the umbilical cord a “chord”

also, they only perform circumcisions if you (the mother) consent to it. so just, don’t?

No. 1375090

Awe man I wish you could share because I’m curious. About the grapes - did you see the tiktok of her giving it to him while he was laying down in her arms? Scary stuff. I’d just rather not risk my baby potentially choking.

No. 1375093

Right! That’s so strange to me. She claimed she didn’t want him there because she was embarrassed of being loud when she had contractions. She said at one point she came out of the bathroom and told him she wanted to go to a hospital and he convinced her she could continue the free birth. That part made me feel weird.. unless she left out the part where she told him to try to convince her to stay home unless something was really wrong. She has a way of leaving shit out in her stories to get the whole picture.. but either way this birth was fucken wreckless and I hate that she’s advocating for others to do this. I’ve seen so many women comment about wanting to do free births but are terrified.

No. 1375094

I’ve noticed she tries to get her points across by fear mongering. I’ve also noticed She will sometimes be right on the money with what she says and then she will end it with a backhanded compliment. Someone mentioned above that she reminds them of Onision and I agree. She even talks in the same soft high pitched voice that he does when he’s trying to manipulate his viewers.

No. 1375096

>She said at one point she came out of the bathroom and told him she wanted to go to a hospital and he convinced her she could continue the free birth. That part made me feel weird.. unless she left out the part where she told him to try to convince her to stay home unless something was really wrong.

whattt. sorry to bring her up again, but this is the same for Robyn/@empathic_mamahood. she mentioned in her now-deleted birth story that she started to worry and wanted to go to the hospital, but Glenn talked her out of it. like who brainwashed who?

she reminds me of Onision, too, for a lot of reasons.

No. 1375119

I always wonder where she gets the idea that men only want teenagers and that at 22 she's losing her value to men. Do you think her husband told her that? If he got with her as a teenager when she believed in being a "submissive housewife"? Makes you wonder

No. 1375121


On one of her instagram posts she said she wanted to use the doppler but Caleb convinced her not to "expose the baby to radiation". He definitely had some part in this.

No. 1375173

she made a post saying she'd leave her husband if he looked at teens or sth. she also said she saved some 16 yo girl from an old guy in a store. cognitive dissonance from her i think she just really wants to be a teen again so she projects that on people

No. 1375200

I feel she is mentally unwell and we are slowly watching her spiral.

No. 1375202

anon dogs can be vegan but cats can't

No. 1375207

They can survive being vegan but that's not optimal, dogs are natural omnivores. They do better with meat in their diets

No. 1375209

They can but they can only be successful on it if all their nutritional needs are still met. Do you really think this lazy woman who can’t even brush her teeth will see to it that her dog is getting a sufficient enough diet to sustain himself? Probably not.

No. 1375316

man that entire thread is just so sad…especially that horror birth story
you have to be extremely masochistic and selfhating to do that to yourself (or let your man do that to you)

No. 1375353

I agree. When I read her birth story with Fern a few weeks ago I had the worst feeling reading it. She really gave birth to her baby entirely alone. She put herself and Fern in such a dangerous situation and then she’s planning on doing it with all her babies. She also highly advocates for other mom to do this too especially first time teen moms. She can say all she wants that she’s not telling anyone to do anything but when you say ‘free birth is amazing because no doctors can kill your baby but do a hospital birth if you want!’ to you and impressionable new moms you’re basically setting a lot of fear into them and telling them their baby WILL die in a hospital. She spreads so much misinformation too that her baby first died because of a forced c section.. then she jumped to the vitamin K shot is what killed her baby. The misinformation she spreads as absolute fact is going to put someone in a lot of danger one day. She needs help. Not a tiktok with half a million people praising her.

No. 1375585

she’s really pitiful, but her insufferable attitude, lack of education, unearned confidence, plus hypocritical condescension makes it all so funny

No. 1375659

Anyone know anything about her background before TikTok? Seems like she may have a somewhat dark past she might be afraid of people finding out about.

No. 1375676

I’ll eat my hat if this man is not a varg stan.

No. 1375707

File: 1637850351948.jpeg (783.67 KB, 828x1711, AD005636-9585-460F-8907-E58DFE…)

No. 1375740

File: 1637856370908.jpeg (6.72 KB, 259x194, goathead.jpeg)

We all know she is lying & just taking them off for pictures & attention. But I live near her and these things called Goatheads are everywhere on the ground. I can't wait until she steps on one, but since she only takes her shoes off for photos, probably won't happen. Bet her baby gets one before her.

No. 1375777

Does this woman ever put her phone down? She posts literal hours of garbage on YouTube and TikTok every day. I feel like Fern probably only knows her through a screen.

No. 1375779

Oh fern defiantly will get one before her. We know she’s bullshitting about shoe prisons and wears shoes for herself. Grosses me out and worries me how she lets her son go barefoot everywhere! Fern is nothing more then her prop to use for controversy.

No. 1375802

If you don't want to feed meat to an animal, don't adopt a dog or cat dumbass. Dogs are opportunistic carnivores, they aren't meant to go without meat. In the wild, canines kill other animals and scavenge for carcasses, they don't give a fuck about your human obsession with ~uwu the poor cows~.

If you want a vegan pet, get a fucking rabbit. Stop choosing to adopt animals whose care you morally object to.

No. 1376059

I think when she has a second kid reality will set in real quick for her.(sage)

No. 1376078

Maybe it's because of her eyesight? According to her most recent YouTube video, she has really bad vision and wears contacts, but that's just my guess.

No. 1376236

She reminds me of that old vegan prostitute from Vancouver who malnourished her son for years.
Back then her parenting was subject to uniform ridicule; it's crazy that this cunt has an audience of thousands taking her seriously. I guess people like her are why there's been an uptick in malnourished babies in the west and Gen alpha is commonly described as 'feral'. These bullshit parenting trends and the morons spreading them need to be deplatformed.

No. 1376384

She’s scary. She was talking about her birth story with Fern and said when her placenta didn’t come out after an hour she stuck her hand up in her and ripped it out. Girl wtfffff her comments were filled with girls calling her badass and brave. No she’s stupid as hell for that.

No. 1377075

Whenever someone asks her how she's going to manage "being on baby's sleep schedule" with more than one child she never answers

No. 1377076

Varg stan with a video game addiction kek

No. 1377109

I just watched one of her YouTube videos and it’s crazy how different she looks from her tiktoks.

No. 1377340

I think it’s because she knows she will go back on her whole ‘baby doesn’t need a schedule and I follow babies schedule.’ There is just no way she will be able to do what she does with Fern sleeping whenever he wants with another baby. I understand you can’t really force a baby to sleep but by the way she’s explained things she hasn’t even tried to get him on a normal schedule. She just lets him do what he wants and that’s that. She’s just incredibly naive and condescending that she refuses to listen to these ‘older moms’ that she hates so much when they try to tell her the no schedule isn’t practical with two kids.

No. 1377341

She edited her Tiktok like crazy! I was shocked to see her in her YouTube videos. She talks so much about men wanting young women because they are youthful and fertile and their faces look super young (and she includes herself in this) when she looks older then what she is.

No. 1377932

She spent all that time complaining that cribs were baby prisons and bragging how she bedshares. Now that kid will only sleep strapped into a car seat while she drives around at midnight in a target parking lot. I wouldn’t call this a parenting win. If that isn’t a perfect example of why not to take her advice I don’t know what is.(learn2sage)

No. 1377956

she also bought a leather Uppababy stroller

idk if I was as crunchy as her but I thought it was weird to put a baby in a stroller instead of wearing or walking…

No. 1377995

Ahh, the stroller tea.
So she bought it because (according to one YouTube video) the older moms she refers to as “posh” with the uppababy strollers and Lululemon leggings all have them. (She sh*ts on older moms but then copies them like a pathetic wannabe) we all commented that it was leather, and for months she spent deleting the comments and blocking. Then she filmed a video of her bragging fern was vegan from conception with him literally CHEWING on the leather bar… kek. a tea acct finally tagged her in a video calling her out, and the very next day she made a video saying she regrets her uppababy purchase, and she did not know it was leather. I know she’s bullshittin’ because it says it all over the website, it SMELLS of leather, and part of the reason it’s so expensive is because it was leather. She then plugs a different vegan stroller instead, saying it’s better.

She then got a partnership with Bombigear, a vegan “eco” stroller but several moms sent them her videos calling C-Sections “surgical extractions” and not birth, as well as other misogynistic takes on women’s fertility and their value to society declining as they age, and the company decided they didn’t wanna play that so they asked her to remove the “paid partnership” flag and all their tags on her advertisement she posted to Instagram and dropped her like a hot potato. The pictures came back up several days later but without the tags, and advertisement part.

Now she never uses the vegan stroller anymore probably because she’s still salty.

No. 1378054

if she’s so obsessed with looking young for her groomer husband, she should drink some water and put on a plant-based sunscreen. even though it’s too late for her.

it’s a good thing she strategically chose this low-value male. they baby-trapped each other <3

No. 1378059

imagine being like, I do ALL THE RESEARCH! I read what others won’t read! does that make you UNCOMFORTABLE? my vegan baby does that make you UNCOMFORTABLE? but I didn’t notice my bougie stroller is made of leather haha oops(sage)

No. 1378067

She’s awful when it comes to his sleep schedule. She advocates hard to basically let your child run themselves rugged until they can’t stand and then you can to put them to bed. It’s hilarious how she judges and shames moms for their parenting method yet when she contradicts herself and goes back on her word she expects grace and tells people they are bullying her when they call her out on her own words.

I also really feel like she puts fern is such dangerous situations. If he wakes up in the middle of the night she takes him out just him and her. They go to parks and pools at like 2am.

No. 1378069

Nice! Love that they dropped her! I remember the stroller drama. This woman is not vegan. She’s plant based. If she was vegan she was stop her consumption of unethical fast fashion. She uses makeup that’s tested on animals or has animal products in it. And the thing is when she’s called out she constantly says that she’s learning and isn’t perfect. Blah blah. If that’s the case then she has no right shaming moms for their diet choices either then.

No. 1378070

Yea it’s funny how she’s talking about the value of older women decreasing when she looks like she’s in her 30’s (which is the primary group she calls ‘old’ )

No. 1378087

did you guys see the post she made on tiktok about a 19 yo mom having her 4th kid. she said the "hate comments" were because older women were jealous of her. she even admitted she cried when she saw the video and had to close tiktok for a while lol. I feel like a lot of her beliefs about older women are just projections of her sick mind.

No. 1378088

Do you guys think she has sex with her husband while fern is around? she said she co sleeps with him and that babies have no concept of time and if you leave them alone for a minute they think they're gonna die. so that makes me think they do it when he is with them in the room which disgusts me. so much for not letting fern have any trauma and being consent informed.(learn2sage)

No. 1378112

She is honestly so weird when it comes to young girls. It’s really gross and predatory. Any chance she gets she tries to shame older moms while being really creepy towards young moms.

No. 1378114

I honestly hope not but I don’t have much hope in her. She is really weird when it comes to Fern and her trauma doesn’t allow her to parent him in a healthy manner. Her husband skeeves me out too. I was watching her Q&A VBAC story on YouTube and she mentioned him discouraging her from going to the hospital when she felt like she couldnt handle the pain while in labour with Fern. That’s freakin sick. And the fact that she praises him for bringing her a burrito while she’s literally in active labour with his child shows me the bar is in hell for these women.

No. 1378118

in my opinion she is kinda pedo herself, it's probably because she got groomed from a young age and thinks all men think like her groomer husband. it's like she's ashamed of her thoughts and tries to project and shame other women cause she thinks they all ultimately think the same( all men want teenagers and that they're jealous of said teens).
she projected her own ideas on her mom too saying she was jealous of her teenage body and tight vagina and feel threatened by her, thinking her husband would have eyes on alice.
she's so mentally ill and delusional. she shouldn't have a platform this big to influence young girls and basically groom them.
she gives off strong lainy vibes

No. 1378160

No they probably do it in the gross couch, then have fern eat his breakfast off it

No. 1378179

File: 1638199909167.jpeg (1.22 MB, 828x1696, 4F184775-1ACA-4FBE-AA0B-FB1C9C…)

speaking of her family. she said in a recent TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@alicellani/video/7035289168356085039 that her entire side of the family isn’t in the picture, but Caleb’s is. does anyone know why? Caleb’s family lives in Bristol TN but Alice’s lives near them. seems like Caleb moved out to AZ for Alice?

either way, why did Allison cut out her whole family?

No. 1378245

Why tf are you posting kids?

No. 1378273

Her entire online personality revolves around her kid read the thread dumbass

No. 1378276

She looks 30 though, not an insult, she looks way older than her age and it kinda defeats her whole fantasy

No. 1378357

File: 1638217990322.jpeg (627.48 KB, 966x925, D03DC9B3-A8E2-437E-A370-A9CC8F…)

I know this is old, but nobody is ever ever jealous of a teen mom. They are pitied if anything. I’m not saying male OBs can’t be pervs but I doubt they are falling head over heels for a teen mom, teen moms are the laughingstock of America and nobody is jealous of you, Alice. Especially if the dad looks like the guy on Scary Movie 2 with the fucked up hand. The nurses were probably staring cause they felt sorry for you and your baby that is poorly cared for.

> tfw some crunchy hippie unwashed pregnant teen mom comes into a clinic

No. 1378366

File: 1638218715471.jpeg (209.52 KB, 827x1697, 856ACA26-DFAE-4FDD-AE40-7D56F7…)

Alice said she literally cried from jealousy over a pregnant 19 year old with 2 kids by 2 baby daddies, plus 2 step kids. and some kind of age gap. https://www.tiktok.com/@aliceandfern/video/7035400514942848303

she’s the only one who’s jealous of teen moms, and she’s projecting it on everyone else. it’s really fucking weird and gross.

No. 1378397

Her hygiene when it comes to Fern is appalling. She sits her ass on that couch, her animals are on that couch and she will literally smash food into it for fern to eat off of. Is she really that lazy to stick him in his high chair and have him eat there?

No. 1378406

She has made allegations that her family didn’t allow her to be vegan growing up so she was basically starved and malnourished because she refused to eat any of their food and they refused to provide her with vegan food. She also said her mom was jealous of her and her beauty because her mom was ‘old.’ She said her mom was jealous at the fact that older men wanted Alice because she was young. She doesn’t really mention her siblings. Someone was able to dig up some photos of her family on another thread here (I will try to remember which one) but she doesn’t look malnourished or starved in the slightest. Her mom seems super proud of her children and kind. She’s always posting them in loving and endearing ways and she did the same with Alice before Alice cut them off. Her siblings seem really happy too in the photos so who really knows. Alice tends to embellish a lot. I think she has a weird jealousy of anyone who doesn’t live the way she wants. I think she’s incredibly manipulative (she reminds me of Onision in that sense. Where there is zero reasoning with him) and maybe her family just grew tired of it once she turned 18. She claims her teeth are messed up not because she doesn’t brush them correctly (she brushes them with soap) but because her family starved her and it messed her teeth up. She said growing up her teeth would literally shed. (Whatever that means)

No. 1378408

She exploits the hell out of this kid. I feel so bad for him. He already had his whole life plastered online before he could even walk.

No. 1378410

I was really surprised when she mentioned she was in her early twenties. I thought early to mid thirties. Especially when you watch her YouTube videos because she hasn’t quite mastered filtering those videos yet.

No. 1378412

SCREAMING at your description of her husband.

Yea I’m an older mom and no shade or shame to those who had babies young but I am in no way envious or jealous of them. I’m grateful I waited because I have way more patience and maturity in my 30’s then I did my early 20’s.

No. 1378415

This makes total sense now. She is the one whose jealous and to make herself feel better she’s placing the blame on older moms. There is something so terribly wrong with her. When I saw her almost lose it in one of her YouTube videos because a woman in mask approached her and fern it sealed it for me that she’s not well at all. She was so bothered and angry that an older woman would dare come up to her baby with a mask on. I believe she called the woman a demon face or something. It was weird. She’s not well. She needs help and I fear that another baby would send her over the edge.

No. 1378436

File: 1638223148226.jpeg (518.31 KB, 1552x1242, D060CED1-F2A8-4F4F-A305-59BAD9…)

Lmao this is the woman she’s crying in jealousy over. All this traumatized BPD gutter rats are the same. Sad!

No. 1378443

the older pics of her are on her old IG >>1373843

I’m curious how Alice and Caleb met, if she was only 14 and he was 18 at the time, and (to my knowledge) he’s from Tennessee while she’s from Arizona. did they meet online?

I’m trying to understand her weird obsession with age and “older moms.” it feels like Caleb has something to do with it.

No. 1378449

File: 1638224564548.jpeg (655.23 KB, 828x1530, 7A29A0D4-4CA3-4D3E-90EB-AB5983…)

she changed her Twitter username


No. 1378499

She’s crying because she wants this girls life? Is she fuckken mad?

No. 1378500

I hate how she gives Fern full Blueberries and grapes.

No. 1378761

i think she has an eating disorder too. there was a tiktok of her saying she feels fat at 100 lbs

No. 1379209

File: 1638302597992.png (354.41 KB, 397x700, Screenshot 2021-11-30 215538.p…)

What kind of thinking was she doing while filming this, if this was true then women who were anachans or did hard sports in their teens which pushed their periods to their late teens/twentys should be the most fertile, even though those factors can lead to higher chances of infertility. Bruh

No. 1379329

File: 1638307353072.jpeg (956.43 KB, 827x1530, C4D6A6F2-101B-4AC6-886F-7725FD…)

the way she has already assigned this poor kid a personality before he has spoken a single word himself

he’s fucked once he grows up and develops his own opinions and preferences.

No. 1379416

she's brainwashed by tradfags and redpill "men" who tell women muh back in caveman days women died at 30 so it's actually a good thing to date and impregnate children. absolute insanity

No. 1379428

she looks like a karen in this one lol

No. 1379506

He’s going to be dealing with a lot because his mother refuses to deal with her own trauma. I think she loves Fern but I think she’s a terrible mom. Once Fern is old enough to say ‘I don’t want to be apart of your social media shit and I want to be vaccinated’ she’s going to lose her ever loving mind. She’s whacked out of her skull. She needs therapy not another baby.

No. 1379560

File: 1638313541595.jpeg (950.65 KB, 828x1696, 7BE7EBA3-89A8-4AF5-98CF-E7C0FE…)

in this one she says if her husband was physically unable to work, she would simply… do gaming? as a job? KEK girl

and she says if her husband refused to work, she would leave. but she doesn’t say what she would do. I guess full-time stay-at-home gamer mama?

No. 1379572

live off alimony and child support(sage)

No. 1379574

Is there something fucking wrong with caleb’s mouth, or is that his smile? It looks like he was smacked with a shovel

No. 1379726

Why does she act like 22 is 80? Maybe she did start her period 10 years ago but she’s still gonna get it for what, another 30 or so years? There’s no doubt in my mind she was groomed by Caleb and probably other adult men as a child and feels “washed up” at the age of fucking 22.(learn2sage)

No. 1379868

Something definitely happened to her to make her act this way. She has the most out there views and it’s scary that she’s responsible for taking care of a kid.

No. 1379922

I swear I'm not an Ostrenga but this lolcow seems to be a pedo lesbian to me. She watched the tiktok of that girl talking about traumatic experiences, it wasn't a happy video about her kids, and got too jealous/aroused.

It's not heterosexual of her to be thinking how tight are other girls bodies and pussies(sage)

No. 1380133

She said camming but the auto captions heard gaming. She’s been considering starting an OnlyFans lmao. Very trad!

No. 1380171

File: 1638336916881.jpeg (440.74 KB, 1242x1804, 958B94B9-818C-4EF0-A084-23D992…)

Has anyone been following this tea account? She had a bunch of videos up basically doing commentary on Alice’s videos, they were pretty savage, and she implied several times that Alice was responsible for her own baby’s death and kept promising to do an expose video explaining everything, but never delivered and has since taken down all of her Alice videos. The interesting thing is that in one of her comments on her own videos she mentioned that she was a follower of Alice and hadn’t been blocked yet, and that Alice believes that they are friendly. Any idea who it could be?

No. 1380187

Honestly I felt this too. The way she salivates over talking about young girls being fertile is uncomfortable. Her being emotional and jealous over that young girls horrific life experiences is demented.

No. 1380285

She’s reporting people’s TikToks about her now

No. 1380291

so she can dish it out, but she can't take it. gotcha. the way she spews the most vile, uninformed shit and then cries about bullying and "adversity" when anyone calls her out.

this person said that her husband signs Caleb's paychecks at his new job, and that he told the new place that he got fired from his last one because of something on Alice's TikTok.

no way? I think you're right, I remember her asking about the pros & cons of starting an OnlyFans, and she recently posted a TikTok about how she romanticizes becoming a stripper until she remembers men go to those places.

No. 1380344


Is she? How do you know?
I remember seeing all the videos for this acct as well, the creator explained that their fiancé somehow worked with Caleb… the tea seemed good.(don't use emojis)

No. 1380349

I think it's weird that she's against cribs (baby jails) and shoes (feet jails) but she's alright with strollers and playpens. I guess one gives her attention and tabloid articles and the other allows her to put on a full face for TikTok

No. 1380362

File: 1638349716564.jpg (132.98 KB, 640x640, 258750821_430849168547149_3546…)

Caleb can't date women his age because they've seen this movie

No. 1380389

imagine plopping your baby in a playpen so you can scroll through Pinterest and film TikToks telling women how to live

No. 1380398

I swear this child only knows his mom through the camera lense. She documents so much. I remember there was one Tiktok where she’s sitting ontop of the playground facing away from Fern while he’s on the ground. You can see him in the background crawling in the opposite direction of her and she’s not even paying attention. He got pretty far too, enough to create a commotion from even her supporters in her comment section to say something. All Fern is to her is an extension of herself and a way to make money and get free shit. I can’t believe the amount of stuff she gets from her followers.

Also her jealousy and weird infatuation with women makes me worried if she were to ever have a girl. I can see her favouring Fern over her and pitting herself against her daughter. I know she suffered a traumatic loss with her daughter but she never talks about her in a loving way. It’s always my first baby or the baby. It’s never her daughter or her daughters name. I think I’ve only ever heard her refer to her daughter by name once and that’s because someone asked if they named her. Maybe it’s just how she copes and I won’t judge her for that if that’s the case.

No. 1380461

Man, Incels really have to stop using looks as an excuse if guys like this can get a decent looking wife who is willing to pop out his genetically inferior babies.

No. 1380556

sage but i wish i could find this specific tiktok of her where someone asked when shes going to stop sleeping in the same bed as fern and she responded "depends on if he goes to college out of state or not". I wouldn't be surprised if she was the kind of mom who would try to be hot in front of her teenage sons friends, that is if shes confident enough to do that even after "hitting the wall" according to herself

No. 1380840

File: 1638389493466.jpeg (169.31 KB, 1170x960, 90AEC45F-47DA-494E-A1D0-6C8B43…)

This girl posted a TikTok asking why Alice thinks she is too old for more kids at age 22 and it got reported.

No. 1381805


It’s funny how she can go to spew the most vile and toxic shit, act like a badass while shaming moms but the second someone challenges her she backs into a corner and cries bullying. She has a massive victim complex it’s no wonder she has no friends or family in her life. She’s insufferable and I feel terrible for little Fern. It’s going to suck growing up with a mom like that. I can imagine him trying to make decisions for himself and her gaslighting and shaming him until he bends to her will. She’s gross and she needs some help.

No. 1382042

Anyone remember the time someone asked her about childhood cancer and she said children get cancer only because "their parents must have exposed them to a lot of toxins"?

No. 1382762

She’s genuinely a mean girl. Someone had also asked if she had any complications with Fern like morning sickness and such and she said no because she’s vegan. Some other vegan moms chimed in saying some of the issues they experienced while pregnant and she completely ignored them.

No. 1382805

I guess in addition to being immune to the sun’s radiation, vegans also do not have hormones or vagus nerves.

t. a vegan who almost died of hyperemesis gravidarum and had to go to the EVIL HOSPITAL

No. 1383139

File: 1638503348693.jpeg (876.22 KB, 828x1530, D21552EB-976C-49B3-99FA-DFA9D0…)

No. 1383219



Is she pregnant again? She does not need another baby. She needs therapy.(sage)

No. 1383293

Tacky as fuck to get pregnant because you reach a certain amount of followers. Girl needs to grow the fuck up.

No. 1384619

I feel terrible for any future daughters she has. Can you imagine when they hit puberty and she tells them their value is going to start decreasing based on the wants of men? She’s abhorrent.

No. 1384720

I hope she never has a daughter. can you imagine how jealous Alice would be of her? she’d be jealous of her youth, jealous anytime Caleb paid her any attention.

speaking of Caleb. she’s said in multiple TikToks that he’s the one pushing for her to have another baby. I’m not sure whether I believe that or not. on one hand, he’s a fucking groomer. on the other, she said she broke up with him for two years because she wanted to start a family and he wasn’t ready.

No. 1384885

I believe it because she's said before that pregnancy is really stressful for her because of losing her first. I wonder if the guy she left was actually Caleb or an ex? I honestly think he's more into her being a housewife than she is

No. 1385126

File: 1638662995915.jpeg (422.51 KB, 1169x2244, E90113ED-CB0F-48D7-B2FF-D0E36B…)

I really hope Fern is getting the proper nutrients. He doesn’t deserve to be unwell because his mother is a nutjob who doesn’t know how to feed a toddler a balanced diet. Vegan diets can be healthy and balanced but just eating fruit aint it. Poor baby is going to have so many problems with his health later on.

No. 1385369

She is so fucking dangerous. You cannot survive on fruit alone and she shows herself eating things other then fruit. She knows her followers will listen to whatever she says so the fact she gives out such dangerous information is infuriating.

I agree about Fern. I honestly think she’s going to mess him up food wise. She already seems to struggle with disordered eating and gives disordered advice to her followers. I could see her passing that on to fern too.

No. 1385510

she made another video about teen pregnancy. at this point she is OBSESSED.
also shaming older moms again

No. 1385531

i dont understand why shes pushing the ”older women hate me cause im a young mom and their husbands want me instead” narrative, 22 is pretty young but its not super rare to see women below the age of 25 with children, who unlike her act like normal people.

No. 1385570

>when we're fertile
The best time to have a baby is in your 20s and early 30s, she's insane. In fact iirc, the ideal age to have a baby is 29-30.
>buy a baby from a teenager

No. 1385646

it's funny cause she said in one of her tiktoks that she's "too old" to have more kids at 22

No. 1385648

she also repeatedly deletes hate comments. on her recent video about c sections not being birth I saw a lot of people disagreeing and I liked their comments but when I checked it again they were all gone

No. 1385707

File: 1638727720743.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1560x1223, A2A72311-231A-4FB1-9B6D-C59850…)

just gonna leave this here

No. 1385805

Alice obviously has an ED. It’s very apparent that she’s posing and bodychecking in a lot of her Tiktok and Instagram content.

No. 1385844

she looks average?

No. 1386009

Omfg is she shooping herself skinnier??? Our skinni kween Alice lmao

No. 1386193

it’s just her autism~*~

she’s obsessed with telling everyone she’s ~only~ 100 lbs, and bragging about her bra size

No. 1386206

Do y’all think she really has autism or is it just something she’s using to scapegoat all the shit she says?

No. 1386280

for someone who doesn't believe in science she sure does cling to her diagnosis or maybe she's not even diagnosed


i've noticed that. she says she's 5'4.5 and 100 lbs but she doesn't even look skinny

No. 1386290

I bet she blames her ABUSIVE parents for getting her vaccinated as a child, so it’s their fault she caught autism kek

No. 1386361

Literally yes. In one of her Tiktok she implied that she caught the tism from her parents forcing her to get vaxxed. She said that Fern is neurotypical and can’t be autistic like her because he has never been vaxxed.

No. 1386374

so much for being the OnLy pErSoN who ReAdS tHe sCiEnCe

No. 1386409

She also said things like not bedsharing and being left to "cry it out" exacerbated her autism. I wonder if she'd even believe it if her son was autistic

No. 1386462

Yea she’s def not autistic. She just trying to find more ways to shit on her parents and people who vax.

No. 1386465

She tries to be so smol bean but she’s just your average girl.

No. 1386570

I am not sure if this is normal or not, but it looks like her son's legs are bowed A LOT. It's showing more and more everyday, you can see it when he walks. Hope she has that under control :-/(:-/)

No. 1386572

this is a screenshot from a tiktok so it could also just be the way the video was paused. although i dont doubt she has an ed and probably does shoop her insta pics

No. 1386601

Most baby’s legs are somewhat bowed until about 24 months, but not that she would pay attention to something like that or see Physio if necessary

No. 1386622

do you think she has ANYTHING under control

No. 1386626

File: 1638823690635.jpeg (1.66 MB, 3600x2400, 60E11FF2-4D36-4096-BDD4-6CC19E…)

>she’s in Mesa

No. 1386658

this gave me anxiety watching fern go far away and she did nothing but recording, imagine if someone snatched him.

her house looks so untidy and they just generally look so unwashed jesus christ.

also i did a quick google search and bow legs come from lack of vitamin D / calcium but he seems to get a lot of sun and drink a lot of milk so idk.

tbh alice going on adventures with fern is kinda cute even tho it is dangerous imo

No. 1386670

She does this all the time with Fern! She her entire focus is completely on the camera while fern is in the background doing something dangerous or walking/crawling further away from her and she literally cannot peel her eyes off the camera. It’s jarring.

No. 1386671

Her and Caleb look filthy. Fern is always dirty too. Unkept onesies, greasy hair, dirty face. I get babies get dirty but he always looks filthy. I don’t think her or Caleb have very good hygiene health.

No. 1386673

I know bowed legs are quite normal on babies but Ferns is reallly bowed out. I guess only time will tell if it’s something to be concerned about or not.

No. 1386907


Well she only washes her body and hair with coconut oil and castile soap so she’s coated in soap scum build up

No. 1387205

File: 1638890338082.png (52.68 KB, 782x579, re.png)

Some comments in the video. Why are 12 yo girls following this woman. I'm not letting my kids on social media.

No. 1387227

>Hi Alice I know you use soap as toothpaste but I've been using pure coconut oil for a while and it seems to work wonderfully! just a recommendation
>use soap as toothpaste
Wtf why does she not use normal toothpaste?

No. 1387230

Because ~*it’s not vegan*~

No. 1387275


For a while she didn’t use anything but water. I feel like she probably smells so bad. She doesn’t use soap and shampoo to shower, she washes her clothes with vinegar and brushes her teeth with soap.

No. 1387277

I do not trust this mentally unstable woman with such a young viewership.

No. 1387503

she literally promotes teen pregnancy to her teenage audience. fucking gross.

No. 1387612

i saw this comment on her tiktok that she was talking about fern having pins/rocks in his poop in some facebook group.(imageboard)

No. 1387640


Post screenshot plz

No. 1387672

I mean we now know that cry it out is super harmful to emotional development

No. 1387819

yes but if she is autistic, that’s probably not why. “crying it out” is horrible but most of us around her age were raised that way. and almost everyone older was. at least in the US. and I know plenty of kids with autism who were never allowed to cry it out.

Alice keeps calling her parents abusive for extremely normal shit. it’s not GOOD and it shouldn’t be normalized, but for her age and the age of her parents, it’s normal.

but that wouldn’t fit into poor Allison’s martyr complex.

No. 1387945

What is it with these tiktok moms exploiting their children like this. Her, Maia Knight, Zoe Laverne. Do they not give two shits about the safety of their kids or is money more important to them?

Alice screams about informed consent but does not offer that same choice to her son. She defended Zoe Laverne exploring her newborn saying that because Zoe’s hospital bills are so expensive she has every right to exploit her daughter and make some money. I’m just curious to see how these kids who grew up being exploited on Tiktok, insta and YouTube fair when they are older. Ready for this trend to die down already.

No. 1387946

I wonder if her sisters are also on Tik Tok/Instagram and are talking about Alice. It would be interesting to hear their side of the story, especially from her parents.

No. 1387947

If you have a screenshot please post. I wouldn’t be surprised. She encourages her son to eat all kinds of shit off the floor and she never watches him while he’s eating. She’s incredibly reckless. I hope baby fern is okay.

No. 1387951

I really want to hear their side. She drags them through the mud like they are the worst people on earth. Yet everything she says is abuse is just normal shit. Her biggest gripe is that they weren’t vegan or they didn’t buy the necessary foods for her to be vegan. But do we know if they could even afford it? Or maybe she’s straight up lying. I noticed when she talks about her ‘abuse’ from her family or ‘bullying’ from the internet she always talks in a baby voice. I think it’s her way of being manipulative.

No. 1387952

It would be interesting to hear their side of the story. Alice reminds me a lot of Onision. She gaslights her fans like he does, she manipulates them like he does, she muddies up the truth to confuse them like he does and she seems to isolate herself from other like he does. Even down to her obsession with teenagers is similar to him. I wouldn’t doubt that her family probably grew tired of her and told her to shape up or get out and since she’s the victim in everything she turned it into something it wasn’t.. abuse.

No. 1388562

File: 1639020999389.jpeg (200 KB, 1792x828, D6899AE0-58AA-4CF0-B4F7-B71C2C…)

her sisters are really young. I wonder if they even know they’re “estranged”, or why. her mom posted this in May.

I’m dying to hear Allison tell the full story!

No. 1388885

OMG I had to go look! You're so right, it's really bad! Also: in that same video she shows chocolate with EGGS listed in the ingredients??? I thought she was vegan? Or is she a carnivore for some cocoa?

No. 1388889

LOL she's a liar…scroll back on her instagram they did a pregnancy announcement for fern using the test. ALSO: in another one of her tiktoks she talked about how she was testing everyday at one point.

No. 1388896

This made me cackle LOL (sage)(sage your dumbassery)

No. 1389059

Isn’t that her current dog?

No. 1391285

File: 1639344545262.jpeg (760.72 KB, 828x1530, 5EDEEBCC-3F50-4DAF-AB10-E3D13A…)

god she’s gross

No. 1391333

No. 1391370

No. 1391867

File: 1639406619813.jpeg (389.13 KB, 1284x1926, 2CAE6949-8625-4399-91A6-FDA2E9…)

I’m not well versed in autists so is imprinting on food a legitimate thing lmao? Her radfemalice account is something too. Also from this video Starbucks is the enemy and freezing food is bad

No. 1391925

File: 1639412426934.jpeg (784.29 KB, 828x1696, FB86B93C-032B-4B84-ACFD-3BFDAD…)

damn, why does she have so many accounts? how does she have the time?


No. 1392099

her face looks super edited in that pfp.
i think she's made many accounts cause people keep posting negative comments on her posts? or reporting it. she mentioned her main got banned multiple times

No. 1392154

File: 1639431372892.png (4.17 MB, 828x1792, 9FFBA58B-D890-4533-B08D-3FC1C7…)

I can’t BELIEVE our all-natural queen is eating microwaved pouches of channa masala. isn’t she worried about the radiation or some stupid shit

No. 1392192

yes, autists are autistic about food. never heard anyone call it imprinting before though.

No. 1392369

she’s obsessed with Freelee but she wants to give nutrition advice

she was groomed by Scary Movie hand guy but she wants to give relationship advice

she’s a #tradwife but also a radfem who aspires to be a stay-at-home-camgirl

also can vegans get acrylics?

No. 1392539

She has 3 different accounts (alicelani, radfemalice, aliceandfern), as well as a youtube chanel and her Instagram account. She spends a minimum of 2hours a day in supermarkets reading the back of every products. Then she gets home and has to store all of her groceries, that’s probably another hour.
Everything she does, she has to film.
When does she find the time to like, do normal things? Spend time with a friend, have a date with her woke and super hot, super smart husband, play with her child without any screen involved…?
She must never ever sleep? If that’s her strategy, it’s doable while she is still a middle aged 22 year old, but once she joins the elderly group of 25 + she is gonna FEEL the lack of sleep.

No. 1392541

And yeah, she has so many accounts because she is juggling between them. She is constantly banned from posting on one or two accounts, so she posts on the back up ones.
ANYBODY KNOWS why her husband got fired because of her videos? There was an account who talked about it, but stopped posting suddenly.

No. 1392593

Vegans can get acrylics but it isn't exactly eco-friendly. Produces a lot of waste for the sake of vanity and none of it is reusable or recyclable. The chemicals use are also harsh and are damaging not only to the natural nail and skin, but to the environment.

No. 1392882

If I had to guess it would probably be due to the anti vax shit. Maybe she mentioned that her husband is unvaccinated for covid? Only other reason I could think of is if she mentioned in a video using a company card to buy stuff for herself, but he works in a restaurant and they don't typically have expense cards. She is very batshit crazy but I do wonder what is a just reason for firing someones spouse for what they do online.

No. 1394862

i feel bad that one day when fern is old enough to get on the internet himself hes going to see how bad his mom exploited him. i guess its a good thing shes deciding to do unschooling with him so he wont have to face any kind of bullying in public school because his mom decided to share every single aspect of this poor kids life. do you think there is ever a time when she doesnt have a camera in his face? i watched a few of her youtube videos and they are long and pointless but in a lot of them shes constantly making tiktoks in them. so while shes recording for youtube shes also doing tiktok. i dont think fern ever gets a break from the camera. i wonder if there is ever a time where she truly just enjoys the moment with him without having to overly document and share it with people. when hes older and resentful of her i think she will have a lot of regrets.

No. 1394865

samefag but i do wonder how he will react to her constantly documenting him once hes a bit older. right now hes a baby so he doesnt get it but say when hes like.. 7 or 10? is she still going to push that camera in his face if he doesnt want it? she talks about informed consent but is it only when it applies to her and what she aggrees with? i dont think she has any issues when it comes to documenting children without their consent because her whole entire social media presence is fern. also when zoe laverne immediatly started exploiting her newborn for money Alices opinion on it was that she has medical bills to pay so she doesnt blame her.. what…?

No. 1394870

This is exactly why. Someone asked her in a comment a while ago why she has so many accounts and she said its because she will get blocked for a few days and unable to post. This girl is obsessed with internet validation. Its weird.

No. 1394874

She seems to always have a camera on and filming. Whether its youtube, tiktok or instagram shes always consumed with filming something. I think shes a sad and lonely woman and she stirs up stuff on the internet to feel something. If she had healthy hobbies and a good group of friends and therapy i think she would find life to be way more fulfilling then creating controversial crap content for the internet. Someone said she reminds them of Onision and i totally see it. He prided himself on being so honest and the most controversial youtuber and she does the same with tiktok. Her whole stance is people disagree with her because shes right and oh so controversial.

No. 1395283

There is one thing that I noticed that she is not emphatic at all and your empathy skills don't get blocked if you are ''autistic''. Basically empathy can be learned not something born with and you can still have empathy for people even you are autistic. She is extremely extremely selfish and has no respect to others and also to her son. In my eyes he is just a cash cow for her. Just look at the all dumb sponsors she gets!! If she ever respected her kid she wouldn't expose a 17 months old baby this much. Gonna sound harsh but I really want to CPS get involves with this. She may be good parent but she is mentally sick and she needs a therapist not a toddler. I want Fern to be happy and healthy. He has no body autonomy, a baby can't consent. A vegan diet is not a proper diet for a developing baby, and she is antivaxx so what happens when he has tetanus? Rub essential oils to the scar?? 600k people can see all of his body and if he ever start to a public school he is screwed. Actually going public is gonna be hell for him at certain age I think the reason why she is gonna homeschool him because she will also do ''School time with baby Fern'' type of content and I won't be surprised at all.

No. 1395295

File: 1639751229727.png (975.26 KB, 1913x929, Ekran Görüntüsü (32).png)

Her ''radfemalice'' account is gone lmao. She basically got roasted by a nurse on tiktok ''raqueltheoverlord''. Raquel basically roasted her ass and Alice couldn't do anything but only comment.

No. 1395296

File: 1639751279799.jpg (323.31 KB, 1920x1080, InkedEkran Görüntüsü (33).jpg)

Alice throwing hissy fit at ''Radfemalice'' part 2

No. 1395297

File: 1639751335386.jpg (209.48 KB, 1906x934, Ekran Görüntüsü (29).jpg)

No. 1395449

Does anyone else low key get the vibe Alice and her husband Caleb are white supremacists?

No. 1395460

Don't know about his groomer husband but there were few that vegan teacher videos that Alice stitched and she was literally praising her for being an amazing person for being a voice for animals and comment section were like she is racist and homophobic you know that right? And she also praised Freelee for god knows why. Probably for feeding her eating disorder. Imo be racist, be homophobic, islamaphobic, anti semetic, like be morally questionable as long as you are a vegan you are the best person in the entire world in Alice's eyes. Which is the most fucked up mentality I have ever seen in a person.

No. 1395542

I'm so glad her radfemalice account is gone lmao. This woman has also been exploiting the lgbt community for brownie points since forever and then goes and aligns herself with the most transphobic branch of feminism ever. Choose a struggle Alice(do you know where you are)

No. 1396073

What’s wrong with being islamophobic lmao, Islamic scrotes are the worst (I’m not racist or homophobic)(Islam derail)

No. 1396076

>>1396073 why are you talking about being Islamaphobic like it is something to be proud of. All religions or practices have their flaws but you can't talk about being Islamaphobic is such an amazing thing to be proud of…

No. 1396087

being islamophobic is honestly the least of this girl's problems but I agree with the other anons who said they have big white supremacist vibes and that Caleb is probably a Varg stan

No. 1396093

Oh come on anon. You’ve seen what happened in Afghanistan? What about the deeply rooted misogyny in Muslim countries. Inequality and acid attacks? Muslim countries in political turmoil and financial difficulties unless they sit on crude oil? All abrahamic religions suck to some degree, but Islam is the worst. I can’t imagine being a woman and defending Islam. I’m not attacking any woman born and coerced into this religion btw, I hate the religion itself.(Islam derail)

No. 1396109

I would think he is a Varg stan, provided that he wasn’t a vegan. He gives me serious Varg stan vibes.

No. 1396265

Wasn't the whole outrage at the vegan teacher lady just twitter nonsense though? Aside from being weird online she didn't really do anything

No. 1397227

File: 1639940907120.jpeg (574.79 KB, 828x1264, 2F35DEE5-9AF1-4B73-A3DA-1D4FC9…)


Has anyone else seen this on TikTok?
this is some CPS level stuff right here

No. 1397323

File: 1639951359428.png (684.62 KB, 1040x990, Screen Shot 2021-12-19 at 5.01…)

oh jfc I was wondering what happened to her rabbit

picrel is her bunny eating an avocado that she dropped on the floor

No. 1397332

Fern is just a cashcow to her and thats it. If she truly loved him she would get help for her rapidly declining mental health. She wouldnt offer him up on a platter infront of millions of viewers exploting his day to day life. She wouldnt feed him whole blueberries and grapes on the floor next to their trash bin. She saw Fern as a way to get money and she went right along with it. Someone earlier mentioned that she seems to lack empathy and i agree. I have never once seen this woman have any kind of warmth or love behind those eyes. Not even when shes looking at her son. She has a camera in his face constantly. Its going to be interesting to see once hes old enough to tell her to get that camera out of his face. We will see how much she supports informed consent then.

No. 1397370

this made my stomach drop. that poor bunny…

No. 1397377

File: 1639954936679.png (449.65 KB, 1698x906, Screen Shot 2021-12-19 at 6.01…)

fuck Alice. it was literally THIS easy.

she can't even be trusted to keep a rabbit alive. she should NOT be in charge of another human.

No. 1397400

Makes sense as to why she never responds to the hundreds of comments asking about her bunny. She will literally answer every question around it and avoid that one like the plague. I dont think shes really a vegan for the animals i think she just doesnt like the taste of meat so doesnt eat it but larps as a super empathetic vegan for the ass pats.

No. 1397445

File: 1639961225084.jpg (1.23 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_12-20-12.45.39.jpg)

I can't help but think they look a little TOO bowed though.. And We know this kid isn't getting enough protein.

No. 1397459

She definitely did something careless that killed her rabbit. I own a few and they are such delicate animals.
This woman doesn't really care about any sort of animal, her dog is constantly matted and begging for attention. They probably never go to the vet either.
Also about Fern's legs, they do seem a bit weird to me, his feet too. I think some of it could be because of a full diaper or using a regular diaper under cloth ones

No. 1397471

I’ve had this exact thought. It’s alarming how dead behind the eyes she is, no love or warmth or connection. There’s NOTHING behind those eyes

No. 1397473

File: 1639964351840.jpeg (225.28 KB, 828x1385, E825C942-9C8C-4179-893E-3374E5…)

I can’t believe this is the hill she choses to die on. She constantly brings it up unprompted like she has a personal vendetta against women who have had c-sections. Why does she care so much?

No. 1397477

she has it on video eating an avocado nonnie, we don't have to tinfoil

No. 1397478

Her first baby died after an emergency c-section so probably trauma

No. 1397486

Nta, but damn that'll do it

No. 1397489

Seems like a weird misattribution. No doctor would choose to deliver a 29 week baby via c-section unless totally medically necessary to save its life; I.e. the baby’s life is as already in danger. This makes it sound like the c-section killed her baby, not that the last-resort c-section failed to save an already dying baby. It’s just really weird because often a c-section is a life-saving procedure for a baby. Like sorry about your dead baby Alice but why is it that you would rather other women’s babies die too?

No. 1397496

She claims it was the vitamin k shot that killed the baby. Vitamin K is used to help with coagulation, and on a picture she posted (which I don't have, goshdarnit) the baby was straight up black.
Speculation has been made that the baby was injured during the crash, and that she was also high. While it's not my llace to say stuff about this tragedy it seems very plausible

No. 1397505

File: 1639968839379.png (4.16 MB, 828x1792, 2E22A9D7-772E-4A26-84AB-D3C08A…)


She turns comments off but some of the tea accounts have already posted it… she’s disgusting.

No. 1397508

I wonder if she didnt really bond with Fern and thats why shes on this war path of saying moms who c section dont actually bond with her baby. I know she didnt have a c section with Fern but with how cold she frigid she comes off to literally everything i wonder if she truly has no bond with Fern and felt nothing when he was born. She just has it out for c section moms. She unfortunately lost her baby because of a car crash. She continues to downplay the car crash and first blames the death of her baby on the c section and now its the vitmamin K shot. I feel for her, i really do. But it doesn't absolve her from the fact that she spreads very false and dangerous information. She needs help. She is projecting her trauma onto others. She is an incredibly miserable and sad person.

No. 1397509

Her eyes creep me out so bad. They are just so empty and cold. Its hilarious that she shames people for eating meat when shes literally killing animals that are in her care. Alice you are no different then those you critique.

No. 1397725

The spark in her eyes is like her upper lip:

No. 1397739

File: 1640007729943.gif (346.73 KB, 400x170, E78E7F08-2BEE-4D67-A7D4-72166A…)

No. 1397752

she probably thinks her pussy is "streched" from pushing a baby out. she even made a video about it and saying women with csection have looser vaginas than women who give brith naturally and trying to cope. ofc her worth is determined by how men precieve her pussy otherwise she would not give a fuck. also she is "traumatized" from her csection and it makes her mad to know other women do it and are fine with it. it probably makes her feel weak

No. 1397759


I can't figure out why she's such a pickme and obsessed with the male gaze when her husband looks like he was pulled out of someone's lint filter. Probably hoping some cryptobro will come sweep her away out of her dirty apartment and knock her up so she can live the IG vegan mommy lifestyle she clearly deserves

No. 1397766

Female Varg stans usually have the same kind of empty gaze.
Scares the sh*t out of me tbh.
Vargtards despise vegans, but they are anti vax, racist etc. They also like to date women who are very young, or literally groom teenagers.
Is this the generic right wing brainwashed groomed woman look? I wonder how much of it is their own mental health issues and autism and how much is the result of being groomed and gaslighted into thinking they are worthless after 25?

No. 1397768

File: 1640012308349.jpeg (98.75 KB, 640x804, CA8E36BD-A765-4DA1-A981-9EC320…)

Former varg stan, had a fallout with Marie cachet over a heated argument about childbirth kek, still has traditional values. Often spergs about natural birth on Twitter despite not having children of her own. Claims to be a doula.

Literally the same eyes

No. 1397772

her being a pickme despite allegedly being "happily married" tells a lot about her relationship. My guess is that she is not happy and not even attracted to her husband and just uses him as a money making machine.

No. 1397808

I don't give a fuck if someone is vegan but raising a baby as vegan is just… I used to be vegan and I know how delicate getting the right nutrients is, it's not just B12. I worry about Fern growing up, I hope she'd be sensible enough to get a dietitian to prescribe a proper vegan diet at least

No. 1397884

Also she claims she'd support Fern if he was trans but that's hilariously contradictory considering she's anti-medicine and anti everything medical and him being trans would mean he'd have to be drugged with the most unnatural and chemically altered shit, not to mention all the hospital stays to get his balls chopped off and get fake tits and everything else.
she will literally just say whatever bullshit to make sure her followers keep stanning her.(imageboard)

No. 1397902

There is no such thing as a proper vegan diet for a child.

No. 1397909

Well considering her child is still being breastfed its not worrying for now, but it will be once he has weaned off breastmilk and doesnt fet his nutrients from that.

No. 1397935

Yes it’s suitable for any stage of life as long as you’re not an idiot and get the right foods

No. 1397977

it's normal till kids turn 4 ish, i don't think babyfern is not getting enough nutrients cause he is breastfed mostly and that provides most of the nutrients he needs but he could develop defeciencies due to parasite infection. he walks barefoot and eats everything off ground and not washing hands after going to public parks. i'm 90% sure he has pinworms at this point

No. 1398011

No, this kid is unhealthy as hell. He doesn't have proper meal times, he snacks on shitty fruit all day. And at 15 months old, her breastmilk probably has next to no nutritive value for him anymore.

No. 1398024

It’s not that the nutritional value of her breast milk changes, it’s still nutritionally valuable. The issue is that as a baby gets older, like pretty much after 6 months, their nutritional needs increase beyond what breastmilk alone can provide. Specifically, children need an abundance of iron rich food to meet their iron needs, which is difficult to get on the best, well planned vegan diets. Alice believes in the erroneous hypothesis that humans are supposed to eat and almost exclusively fruit-based diet. Fern will almost certainly develop iron deficiency, if not anemia, at some point if he stays on his current diet.

No. 1398034

he isnt getting protein from meat which, in theory, is okay but he isnt getting it from any alternatives. i dont remember seeing him eating nuts and seeds or even pulses. its always fruit fruit fruit and coconuts

No. 1398076

File: 1640051385069.jpeg (530.8 KB, 1284x1275, 0CEB8F18-FA4C-43DD-A63C-FF62CF…)

Did anyone see this? Anti bullying Alice making laughing at someone calling another creator the “make a wish foundation” version of her and fern because that creators child is sick and has a feeding tube. Horrible.

No. 1398081

She is a mean person. Like genuinely mean which explains why she has no friends, a gross husband and no family around. She lashes out at everyone because shes miserable with the way her life is.

No. 1398083

Nailed it on the c section! She cannot stand that some women are totally fine with their c sections and have a happy and healthy relationship with their babies. Thats why she tries to minimize their experience and say its "not a birth" but a "surgical extraction" She is an incredibly unhappy woman and rather then seek help she chooses to fear monger and bring other women down.

No. 1398084

This childs poor life is just chaos. Going to sketchy parks in the middle of the night so mom can get some tiktok content, eating food off of a fart and shit infested couch, going to grocery stores at weird hours of the night so mom can film a tiktok. He has no schedule at all. She has mentioned a few times in her tiktoks that shes actually waken him up in the middle of his sleep to take him out. This is why i think shes a bad mom. Shes really selfish and the only thing that matters to her is getting those tiktok views.

No. 1399109

>and on a picture she posted (which I don't have, goshdarnit) the baby was straight up black
She posted a picture of the baby's corpse??????

No. 1399123

I remember seeing it too! I think it was actually a tiktok she made for why she free births or something. I will try to find it after work. But yes she posted her deceased baby. It was crazy.

No. 1399189

I have a kid nephew who has a eating disorder (from autism) where he refuses a lot of foods and has to see a nutritionist on the regular because of it. it's surprising how reversible diet fuck ups are if you take proper vitamins and get okay amounts of protein.

I'm not defending ferns eating habits but I'm hoping he'll be able to bounce back from any deficiencies he's experiencing now. Although his mom is crazy so probably not.

No. 1399402

She did post a picture of the deceased baby, she has posted it a few times I think. It's a picture of her crying and holding the baby, it's very raw honestly and you can obviously tell she was greatly affected by it.
I've tried to find it again but she posts so much content it's almost impossible.

No. 1400044

File: 1640268756210.jpg (242.72 KB, 720x1600, InkedWhatsApp Image 2021-12-23…)

Her dropping out college is nothing but cockshit. I was scrolling around her insta and found an old post about her deceased daughter she most probably got pregnant when she was at highschool. She lost her kid when she was still at HIGHSCHOOL which makes her husband more and more creepy and groomy. Timeline is messy but her being groomed is clear

No. 1400081

She’s referring to her college graduation there, I think she dropped out right before she was supposed to graduate.

It’s incredible to me that she can’t accept the real circumstances of her daughter’s death. She got into an accident, her stomach hit the steering wheel at a really high impact, her placenta abrupted and they delivered her baby via emergency C-section. I just had my first baby and if I got into a car accident at 28 or 29 weeks, I definitely would not have been expecting my baby to make it. It is extremely tragic but she is really grasping at straws to assign blame to anyone but God at this point.

No. 1400150

she quit high school to get her GED and dropped out of community college before she finished her associate’s degree

No. 1400513

supposedly she’s two months pregnant but she won’t take a test because they aren’t vegan. she said she won’t know for sure until the baby starts kicking

No. 1400528

How did you find this out?

No. 1400532

File: 1640313250246.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x2159, B3340DA7-3864-4EB0-A4B6-036BEA…)

she posted a video about being two months late two hours ago and then a series of videos responding to comments on it

No. 1401439

Ooooeuff. Bad if true. I think just to stick it to her haterzzz she will be even more wreckless with this pregnancy

No. 1401458

Pregnancy tests aren't vegan…? What?

No. 1401550

they use monoclonal antibodies, which are harvested from animals

so I guess she’ll also turn down cancer screening and treatments? they also use monoclonal antibodies. good thing she doesn’t believe vegans can get cancer!

No. 1404160

No. 1404184

Her eyes are terrifying

No. 1404583

Probable having a lovers tiff over her buying a mattress that’s bigger than their actual bedroom

No. 1404832

File: 1640856643210.webm (2.06 MB, 576x1024, 6dd9c08bbd42ec7bb1f9d8942de237…)

pregnancy confirmation?

No. 1405929

I hope she's just baiting for tiktok $$$$ because this idiot does NOT need more babies

No. 1407589

Hopefully she's just being the annoying troll that she is and trying to get people riled up. She does not need another baby. She needs to get off tiktok and get some therapy.

No. 1407960

her period is 2+ months late, her milk dried up, and apparently her pets are acting differently around her. I think she’s about to get a thousand times worse with a second baby

No. 1408059

>apparently her pets are acting differently around her

maybe because Alice killed their friend, the bunny.

No. 1408156

Okay I came here to find the meaning behind the “Alice what would you do if fern committed vehicular manslaughter under the influence of horse tranquilizers in Chicago” comment that is frequently left on her videos, but still have no answers??(imageboard)

No. 1410009

File: 1641470773270.png (985.04 KB, 1920x1080, Ekran Görüntüsü (64).png)

Welllll fuck

No. 1410069

I think it's just a running joke off of how many people comment weird/irrelevant questions like "alice what would you do if baby fern married someone who was not vegan? what would you do if baby fern was trans??"

No. 1410271

File: 1641497823037.jpeg (747.74 KB, 828x1432, 0B33402E-A021-453C-A8AC-BBDA72…)

No. 1410344

Have y'all seen the influx of man-hating tiktoks she has been making? Did something happen between her and her husband maybe?

No. 1410355

Something definitely happened. She posted a Tiktok saying “men are so easy” and that her mental health was spiralling. Awkward timing considering she’s pregnant with his child again. I get the feeling she’s not really attracted to him and whatever weird groomer dynamic they had is now bangmaid bed death.

No. 1410424

File: 1641507069425.png (204.01 KB, 315x450, Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 5.11…)

No. 1411018

her life is already soooo depressing, can’t wait til she’s stuck with TWO under two and neither of them have any kind of schedule or structure

No. 1411796

Absolutely nothing behind those eyes. I hope to God she is not pregnant again. Poor Fern has zero structure or schedule I cannot imagine how she will manage with two. On top of that can you imagine if the baby is a girl?

No. 1411804

I can't and I don't want to. Her daughter's mental state will be even worse than Fern's since Alice has this weird and creepy thoughts about teenager girls and teen moms. She literally calls teens fertile and should be pregnant. She also constantly body checks herself which is already a big sign of eating disorder. Her daughter probably will have bad relationship with food.

No. 1411805

>>1408059 in of her yt videos she gave a half avocado to her bunny and someone in the comment section warned her about how dangerous and toxic avocado is for bunnies. I will upload the comment when I will find it. But yeah bunny is probably dead and cat and dog's health is declining since she is feeding them with vegan shit. Hell she doesn't even know her dog's fucking gender I'm pretty sure she didn't take them to a goddamn vet since she is so antivax and all about ''consent''

No. 1411898

She had two cats and now only has one. I think someone called her apartment complex and reported that she has more then two pets. Because 1 cat and 1 bunny disappeared at the same time.

No. 1412037

>>1411898 She doesn't feed her pets vegan food afaik, she feeds them shitty food she finds in the dumpsters of pet stores. Which means the food is probably expired, full of mold or worse. Pretty sure neither the dog nor the cat are spayed/neutered either.

No. 1412155

File: 1641675219768.png (908.8 KB, 518x918, Ekran Görüntüsü (68).png)

I wonder what she will do if fern gets tetanus and rabies. Since she has this fucked up mentality

No. 1412165

her eyes are so empty, like she has been mummified.

No. 1412617

that dead-eyed thousand-yard stare is what happens when you let a man baby-trap you as a teen.

if she’s pregnant again, she’s absolutely fucked

No. 1412642

She is disgusting. She isn't a vegan for any moral reasons she is a vegan to have a superiority complex over others. She is just like Onision it's wild.

No. 1412646

It's is really disturbing how she fetishizes teen pregnancy. Something is wrong with her. It's not okay to talk about teens being so fertile and catching the attention of older in the way that she does.

No. 1412648

I get it that there are issues with doctors and nurses and just the medical field in general.. but the way this woman who sits on her ass and makes tiktoks demonizes actually educated people is laughable. Girl you exploit your son for money.. sit down.

No. 1412649

I had to click off the video of her petting her dog and calling men weak. Her eyes were scary. She is such a hollow person. SO empty. She could benefit from therapy.

No. 1412730

I tried to find a tiktok of her saying something like "when your mom gets jealous of you because your stepdad likes you" idk if that was some weird larp of hers but if not then that could explain some of her mental state, maybe she deleted it or i just missed it.

No. 1412744

She is weirdly hypocritical tho shitting men all over yet she encouragess young girl to get pregnant. Yet she is the one groomed by some dude

No. 1412807

File: 1641739576791.jpg (532.91 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220109-164602_Ins…)

Lmao no Alice

No. 1412812

Has anyone else seen us being mentioned in her comments?

No. 1412930

File: 1641750244692.png (3.1 MB, 750x1334, 1067F479-2790-4261-8004-559F3F…)

She said “my husband is even more pro free birth than me”

Still convinced he puts pressure on her to do it

No. 1413012

why the fuck would he even care. he just doesn’t want to pay another hospital bill.

No. 1413449

They live is subsidize housing I’m sure they had Medicaid. Only reason they have money is the settlement for the car accident. Pretty sure most of it is gone by now tho.

No. 1413513

How do we even know there was a settlement?

No. 1413515

File: 1641787037442.jpeg (170.82 KB, 828x1521, 0C494A22-BC69-49B0-8D83-788359…)


This one?

No. 1413517


She doesn’t have a stepdad. Her father is her bio dad. Both her bio parents are married to each other.

No. 1413756

yes there was. the baby died because of the car accident. his parents hired a lawyer but they settled outside of court. they got about 200,000. i know her brother in law. they dont like her because her crazy opinions on adoption. they adopted a baby after yrs of not being able to get pregnant. they all think that she is crazy, but they kind of just deal with it because they know that if they dont they wont be able to have a relationship with any of them. most of his brother dont live in AZ. i think maybe one of them does and i know her husbands grandfather does. they dont seem they very often.

No. 1413895

if you ever meet her can you smack her in the head and push her down a long ass flight of stairs please

No. 1414112

Anyone knows if her familly is talking about her on any platform? I really need to hear someones else’s side of her life story.

No. 1414420

>>1414112 Found her parents facebook but nope not at all.

No. 1414421

But yeah really curious about their sides cause they seem normal? She has 2 sisters and her parents and they look like a sweet family. She constantly shits on them for no reason.

No. 1414517

So, is someone going to tell her what thin lips imply in regards to beauty & fertility?

No. 1414589

I want to know what her family thinks of her autism and native claim

No. 1414670

File: 1641926019642.jpeg (284.74 KB, 828x1414, D86C08AE-2D9C-496F-A935-19B8DF…)

she claims to be native? kekkkk both her parents are white bread

her thin lips and beady little rat eyes do not bode well for her tradwife future

No. 1414696

Someone is commenting on all her videos telling her that her brother in laws friend is coming for her and that she needs to be careful

No. 1414698

this is an imageboard, post caps

No. 1414712

give solid proof

No. 1414714

File: 1641931452400.jpg (122.66 KB, 712x1265, Screenshot_20220111-200241_Tik…)

No. 1414715

File: 1641931533127.png (810.4 KB, 501x902, Ekran Görüntüsü (72).png)

Okay this is fucking disgusting. Her son literally eat on that floor without any plate. He will get serious infection because of her recklessness. She is not ''building'' immune system, she is risking his life

No. 1414724

File: 1641931953300.png (303.29 KB, 914x883, Ekran Görüntüsü (74).png)

Just found this account. She linked it on her direct.

No. 1414729

File: 1641932253103.png (717.55 KB, 1202x933, Ekran Görüntüsü (75).png)

She keeps talking about informed consent, bodily autonomy, etc but did baby fern ever give consent to get his printed t-shirts and being sold to thousands of people? Or did baby fern ever give consent to being published online to half a million people? She capitalises her own son and she will do that to her unborn baby too. She is getting out of hand. Really disgusting

No. 1414747

Putting your baby on a tshirt to sell the strangers is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen

No. 1414835

uhhhh what. who the fuck would buy this. can you imagine seeing this shirt in public?

when will alice realize she is the way she is, not because she’s autistic, but because she’s retarded and narcissistic?

No. 1414881

for someone who’s passionate about ‘old men being attracted to teen girls’ she sure does pander off her baby son quite a lot

No. 1415710

This is gross. She knows exactly what she is doing and she doesn't care. She defended Zoey Laverene when she exploited her newborn. She said "she has medical bills to pay. i would do the same." Like girl you already are doing the same. Poor Fern never has a moment of privacy with you as his mom.

No. 1415711

That is nastyyy. She is a really filthy person. Poor Fern has to eat off that gross floor. Can you imagine how gross their new home is gonna be? She can't even keep this small apartment tidy.

No. 1415742

One of her old usernames was "radfemalice" which might explain the man hating

No. 1416190

Someone commented on her video asking how she was brushing her child's teeth knowing how she cleans hers (either just water or SOAP!!), but she deleted it right away. That's too bad , I was also really wondering if she was doing the same to him.

No. 1416816

She's probably not even brushing his teeth. She doesn't really seem to take care of him hygiene wise. I get kids are messy but a lot of his clothes have disgusting stains on them.

No. 1417226

That soap definitely isn’t working for her, her teeth are so yellow. I doubt she brushes ferns teeth, she probably thinks all the fruit he eats clean his teeth naturally or something dumb like that.

No. 1417231

I think it’s weird she is on a road trip with Fern without her husband. I wonder if things are rocky with them.

No. 1417329

I 100% think she has taken a pregnancy test, that’s how she’s so sure she’s pregnant. It also irks me how she sticks out her stomach on some videos saying she’s showing and in others she forgets to do it and the pregnancy tummy is gone. She’s been called out too but she deletes comments.

No. 1417399

>>1417231 She never, ever takes road trips with her husband. She's pretty much never with him. It's always just her and Fern. And considering her fucked up sleep schedule she (and Fern) probably never interact with him, it's pathetic. They're clearly using each other, he's using her as a babymaking machine and a housewife who cooks and cleans for him and she's using him for his money.

No. 1417414

He has no money. He works at a restaurant and they live in subsidized apartments. Money come from car accident settlement which is probably running out. Is she really pregnant or is she saying that for attention?

No. 1417433

Sounds like a sad marriage. I wonder if she just doesn’t invite him or he’s rather not go in order to pay for 3k of organic produce a month.

No. 1417523

>not because she’s autistic, but because she’s retarded

No. 1417535

I have no idea who in the right mind would buy this. Imagine being in public and having to explain the picture on the shirt is literally a random baby from the internet.

No. 1417805

File: 1642242731730.png (1.11 MB, 529x923, Ekran Görüntüsü (77).png)

Their marriage is definitely strained. She keeps doing these weird girlboss, bitchy type of videos.


No. 1417847

is she camping with just her and fern?

No. 1417917

>>1417847 It's only her and Fern. She stayed at a hotel, and later at her car and camp.

No. 1418031

Her level of codependence with Fern is going to fuck him up so badly. A toddler should not be an emotional stand-in for her adult husband and the way she just takes their child and leaves is beyond weird.

No. 1418181

I don’t believe she is camping. in the video you see shows fern’s hand dressing against the tent from the outside while she is inside. I honestly think the tent is inside her house or hotel room.

No. 1418191

Fern’s walk seems really off. I sincerely hope she can put her pride aside and take him to an actual doctor.

No. 1418212

Yes I could definitely see her faking a big trip for views. There’s only so much you can do at home.(sage your shit)

No. 1418233

Learn2sage jesus christ the amount of newfaggotry in this thread

No. 1418777

File: 1642345170740.png (12.94 MB, 1284x2778, 47917C65-FDFD-442D-906E-A22921…)

The fact that she doesn’t usually wash her produce that goes directly into a dirty cart without being bagged is disgusting.

No. 1418814

what concerns me now is the fact she doesn't want medical testing or intervention at all. which is typical but the not taking prenatal is a big one. those pills have extremely important benefits for the babies brain and bone development. there's even vegan ones

No. 1418817

^ in the most vague way, its neglect before the baby is even here.(learn2sage)

No. 1418862

Definitely, it’s essential for proper development and to prevent serious issues.

No. 1418878

I see he inherited his daddy's hair. unfortunate.

No. 1418881

File: 1642353714630.png (779.96 KB, 496x824, kek.png)

She is indeed inside with a tent…

No. 1419179

God this whole thing sounds horrifying. Maybe it’s just me but being pregnant and not even knowing how far along you are exactly, and what’s happening in there sounds scary as fuck.

The baby could have any number of health defects, even something super severe like anencephaly (born without parts of the brain and skull, literally a vegetable) they could be severely deformed in other ways or have DS or something. It would be freaky to birth something that could end up really deformed like that and you didn’t know for all those months. Her not taking prénatals increases the risk of anencephaly and other horrible fucked up shit too.

No. 1419379


Not seeking prenatal care is enough to get CPS involved and she's basically begging to be reported by being so obnoxious on social media

No. 1419505

I worry when Fern starts to form his own opinions and have his own views that differ from hers then she is going to throw a colossal fit. I also wonder how all these tiktok kids will feel when they see how much of their lives their own moms exploited. She has made claims in the past that she thinks someone broke into their home and smoked a cigarette because it smelled really badly like smoke when they came back home. I think the story is bull but if she truly believes that then why is she parading her son all over tiktok showing where they are going in real time. She also takes him out at crazy times of the nights which is really scary. It'll be interesting to see in a few years how the kids of her, Maia Knight and any other mommy vlogger who exploits their children for profit feel about it.

No. 1419506

His legs are really bowed. Poor bubba. I hope he is okay. It's a shame she probably will never take him to an actual doctor.

No. 1419507

Yea she's gross. She has Fern literally eat off their kitchen floor right next to their trashcan. She also literally smashes food into her couch for him to eat. Her ass has literally been on that couch and she has him eating off of it. Her lack of hygiene is alarming.

No. 1419510

I haven’t seen anyone comment on Calebs drinking. It seems like in nearly everyone of Alic “shop with me” videos she’s getting CASES of beer. Not that i am one to judge, but it could be some of the reasons why they are always leaving.

No. 1419539

she made a video asking people to guess her age and at that time there were some comments saying she looks late 20s. she deleted all those comments lmao. i bet she thought people would say she looks like a teen like she badly wants to be

No. 1419540

i think fern would end up like gypsy rose. i also think that alice is gonna get a divorce soon and take the babies with her so she can manipulate them on her own

No. 1419542

She most probably has ''orthorexia''. It's an eating disorder basically focuses on clean eating. All organic natural, no gmo, no meat or judging other people for what they eat, spending 300+ dollars at one sitting just for organic food. She's most def has eating disorder, mostly orthorexia. And Fern looks really malnourished it shows from the way he walks. Her comment section says oh he looks healthy or chubby and happy. No. A chubby baby also can be malnourished. Her breast milk is effective till he is 6 months old the other months he needs food like real fucking food. Solid shit like meat, egg, chicken all the other things. Because of her ''veganism'' she is making herself kid sick. Like move to a place that has a mildly cold climate and that kid is fucked like really bad. He will get sick immediately since he has no vax and also because of his poor diet. She can start her videos by saying ''16 months, vegan, organic, no gmo, vaginal birth baby fern'' all she wants. She will ruin his health and development both physically and mentally at a point that it can't be fixed. And also her current pregnancy… I am extremely scared it will be like empathic_mamahood Robyn's pregnancy. This girl wanted her baby to be born BREACH. Like are you that mentally fucked that you wanted your son want to be born like a goddamn vegetable at your home? Ultrasound is just sound. No radiation, no chemicals just soundwave to check your inner organs. Oh yeah but tablet you bought for fern or the phone you give him to shut him up or none of the food you buy has any kind of radiation at all. Suck my left toe Alice. You will ruin a kid's life just for some internet clout.

No. 1419545

Some of moms on tiktok might geniuenly use it just to entertain or like show the cuteness of child but no. The internet is not a place for baby it's way too for baby.

No. 1419552

File: 1642424272040.jpeg (133.83 KB, 739x1600, WhatsApp Image 2022-01-17 at 1…)

No. 1419556

I feel bad for fern. I have a feeling he will grow up with eating issues, His mother doesn’t care that the way shes raising him is going to make it extremely hard for him to assimilate into the real world. It seems like Caleb barely spends any time at home, And alice is just forming an unhealthy toxic dependence on her baby. Keep in mind Alice herself is very young and on top of that autistic, i dont think she realizes this perfect vegan all natural bubble shes trying to build him in is going to end up hurting him in the future. On top of that he will be homeschooled, He’s going to grow up and one day realize he’s popular on an app with thousands of views showing him eating off the floor, Videos of his mom telling the world about how hes not circumsiz3d, and a hell of a lot more. One day, that kid is going to have everything click within him and i hope for Alices sake he doesn’t end up not tolerating her.

No. 1419565

She sort of reminds me of Goddess Katherine from the early 2010's. Once her son was 18, he started eating like a normal human being and moved the fuck away from his insane mother.

No. 1419572

sage. i just have to say, her eyes are so dead. there are only a few people with that look and they are all evil. theres no emotion, no feeling… they are so lifeless(lolcow.farm/info )

No. 1419578

ikr it's so infuriating. she has survival bias

No. 1419579

stop making excuses for this bitch muh young. she is 23 yarsold she should fucking know better. she's just a spolied little cunt from the first world that loves making problems out of nothing. she is infact just retarded and she'll face the consequences sooner or later but i'd be happy to see that so it's a lesson for every dumb bitch out there that thinks she knows better than a doctor.(learn2sage)

No. 1419635

File: 1642436171193.jpeg (216.23 KB, 960x1676, 4BFA0226-C3A4-4B2D-919A-91BBBE…)

she’s really setting him up to be bullied

No. 1419684

There have been a few times she just casually buys cartfuls of beer for him, I’m guessing it’s a regular thing. She also only buys organic beer for him, which idk why that makes a difference if you’re probably getting drunk on the regular.

No. 1419758

I think he just gets drunk and plays video games. I don’t think he interacts much with her or fern.(sage)

No. 1419801

Pretty sure American kids aren’t reading trashy British tabloids

No. 1419941

this is the shit that comes up when they google his name though

No. 1419975

File: 1642457835126.png (108.66 KB, 340x444, 3C041017-2EC5-4E26-832E-B7CD65…)

ooh are we entering the schizo gangstalking arc

No. 1419982

On top of that he won't need to read any tabloids because i'm sure he will be bullied by his peers for his moms behaviour.

No. 1420282

File: 1642491378225.png (934.46 KB, 531x920, Ekran Görüntüsü (84).png)

Kim, there's people that are dying.

No. 1420312

I swear we are watching a woman mentally unravel online. She needs some freakin help. There is nothing behind her beady eyes.

No. 1420682

You must go back to where you came from

No. 1420959

She knows exactly what she is doing she just doesn't care. She isn't a naive young girl. She is a grown woman with a baby who sets out to instigate and hurt others for their decisions.She also has a weird teen pregnancy fetish that comes off really inappropriate. I don't think she is a good person and I don't think with age she will mature. She comes off like the perpetual victim. First it was her family, then it was doctors and nurses, now it's people on Tiktok. She claims that if you are secure in your decisions then you won't get offended by what she says… but she seems to get really offended and pissy when women are secure in their c sections and have a strong bond with their child. She is a malicious woman in a loveless marriage who in turn developed an unhealthy codependency on her son. She wants to have another baby when she is nowhere near fit to have another child. She is incredibly neglectful to Fern and his wellbeing. I honestly hope she is just trolling with this second pregnancy and isn't actually carrying a child. I can see her being even more reckless in this pregnancy just to stick it to the haters.

No. 1421214

Her parents gave her a decent life and took care of her but to her they abused her, she tries to shit on doctors and nurses while the car accident was her fault. She fetishes young teen moms while she hates men. She hates men and shares videos how a woman can be empowered without them while she relies on her husband's money and groomed at young age. She has a young really young audience that takes her words as granted. She is a hypocrite, a fraud and a horrible terrible person that has zero empathy to others.(learn2sage)

No. 1421641

She claims she won't take a simple pregnancy test because they aren't vegan, yet she has the UPPAbaby stroller with alllll the leather handles.(sage)

No. 1421749

File: 1642624855104.jpeg (400.23 KB, 1125x561, C24CC814-8F47-4A98-9FA4-C4E203…)

Oh no she’s kinda based, now I’m conflicted.

can you TikTok newfags learn to sage?

No. 1421795


She violently oscillates between regurgitating basic radical feminist talking points and then claiming she would open an only fans lol. All of her radical feminist shit is from being a follower of Yolanda Norris-Clark aka Bauhauswife aka The Freebirth Society, who is a major cow grifter herself.

No. 1422171

What’s concerning about his bowed legs is he also appears to have enlarged joints at the ankles, knees, wrists and elbows. A large forehead as well. Now, I’m no doctor but vegan babies are known to get rickets from lack of calcium and vitamin d. The bowed legs and enlarged joints are classic signs. So not only are her crazy views harming him, the diet certainly is too. CPS needs to take him away, ASAP if you ask me. Because that woman is not going to bring him to the proper doctor to correct rickets.(unsaged armchairing)

No. 1422449

File: 1642694849212.png (4.38 MB, 828x1792, 3CB01B7F-0595-42EF-B2CE-4FE93E…)

It’s funny because she always talks about making informed decisions.

No. 1422566

File: 1642704873212.jpg (652.17 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220120-205058_Ins…)

Lmao I am laughing crying right now. Now she is shitting on Disney World because they had all junk foods that contains corn syrup and zero organic food options. And she made a "research" which company owns disney world. Lmao this girl is mental

No. 1422567

File: 1642704900949.jpg (782.23 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220120-205101_Ins…)

No. 1422569

Oh lord those eyes I won’t be able to sleep

No. 1422600

Alice “I know I’m smarter than doctors” “I spend $3000 a month on fruit and definitely don’t live in subsidized housing” Bender doesn’t know what a mutual fund is

No. 1422858

I have a conspiracy theory, so bare with me: so she posted weeks ago that she was ‘spiralling’, she’s been (in my unprofessional opinion) having manic ideas of making spontaneous road trips to florida, sleeping in nearby hotels alone, impulse drives to Disneyland, pretending they’re going to Hawaii, etc…. basically all of this disorganised erratic and disjointed activity… does anyone else think her marriage is on the skids and she’s lying about this pregnancy to try and “save” it?

No. 1422896

Sage next time if not posting new Alice milk

But yes I think it’s pretty obvious her marriage is dying

No. 1422975

i saged, but i was wondering if anyone else believes caleb is a huge part of why alice has been acting even more strange lately? i found her old tiktoks recently from a year ago… even then she seemed happier and had a bit of sparkle to herself and her personality. shes left alone with the baby all day, shes constantly buying caleb shopping carts full of beer, it makes me wonder if maybe shes going through some form of abuse. nowadays she seems erratic, always going out alone with her child and even taking vacations without him. i think there is darkness in her life and she uses tiktok as a form of escape. sorry for the lengthy post, but i dont see her as evil… i am 21 myself, and i still feel 18, i dont agree with anything she does WHATSOEVER and that is her fault for being a parent while having unhealed trauma, but i think the recent consistent spiral and odd behavior might have reasoning behind it. even in a youtube video she made introducing us to caleb, the clip where they were all sitting together in the living room felt so odd… she looked almost on edge and barely even talked.

No. 1423270

They’re in a toxic spiral of abuse together. He drinks and plays video games all night after work. She spends all his money and is, well, this. They both are shit people and the only victim is the kid and future kid.

No. 1423434

Or he is starting to call her out for wackiness and lies. Anyone close to her has said she’s a compulsive liar obsessed with money fame and material things. His family doesn’t like her and ppl have been saying friends of his brother having been contacting her. Honestly, we don’t know enough about him to determine what type of person he really is but we sure know what type of person she is. She’s “unhappy” when she doesn’t get her way, starting when she was a child and still as an adult. He has literally given her everything she has wanted car, house… so maybe he’s putting his foot down with her bc enough is never enough for her. Fern should be the one everyone is concerned about.

No. 1423521

reading the recent replies, it does seem like something is happening behind the scenes. but we can't say for sure 100%. I did find it off she was going on these impulsive trips out of state without her husband and seemingly not wearing her wedding ring. it was an odd relationship from the start. Waiting until she was 18, Alice giving the ultimatum that it was a must that she stays home with the children and the man had to abide by that, constantly spending a majority of his money while forming a codependent relationship with fern. idk. we really can't say the truth of their relationship but its pretty evident that Alice needs help. Even Raquel (the obgyn that called her out) made that very clear. It is also concerning between Alice being "pregnant" and the spiral she had mentioned going through. She Is potentially putting this baby in danger (no medical intervention at all) but she's so far in deep, who knows what'll happen.(unsaged tinfoil)

No. 1423602


Please I am begging you armchair psychologists to type the word “sage” into the email field of the post form at the top of the page if you are not posting any new milk

No. 1423732

I feel like she has a really bad victim complex. It is always someone elses fault. When she gets called out she doubles down and tells the commenter they are bullying her even though her entire tiktok is bullying moms who live differently then her. I read here that someone said she is like Onion boy in how she argues and I thought it would be hilarious to see these two do one of his famous debates.

No. 1423734

And a lot of her cosmetic products also aren't vegan. She is so hypocritical.

No. 1423735

His legs always concern me. I just hope baby Fern is okay. I can't imagine he is eating a balanced diet, we've seen the conditions he lives in (his mom and dad are slobs with animal poop on the floor that he crawls and walks on) he doesn't have a structured schedule. She has admitted before to waking him during a nap because she wanted to take him out. She takes him out sometimes at 3 in the freakin morning. Poor kid.

No. 1423739


I think she is a spoiled brat with a perpetual victim complex and doesn't like not getting her way. I also think this is coupled with the trauma she experienced with her daughter. She refused to get help for it and instead had another baby that she exploits for monetary gain. I don't know enough about Caleb to judge him whether he is abusive or not but I see enough of her to know that she is incredibly manipulative and loves to gaslight. He seems to give her what she wants - money, babies, car, new home, he funds her insane shopping sprees. If rumours are true and she really did cause him to get fired from his last job then I can see why he would put his foot down and tell her to shut up on social media. She needs help. My concern is Fern. She has an unhealthy dependency on him and it worries me once he is able to start forming his own opinions and wanting to live his own life apart from his suffocating mom.

No. 1423753

Not only has her outbursts on tt had Caleb fired but Caleb’s brother adopted a child and Caleb’s father is an executive for a large medical network, why would she speak so badly of topics pertaining to his family when his parents have given them so much money. I also don’t think her childhood was near as bad as she portrays and just wanted everything she wanted handed to her, she has made references to the kardashians and wanting things like they have. She is a horrible vindictive narcissist. Feel really bad for fern if she is pregnant and it’s a girl, I believe she will eventually push him aside especially since she has commented she thinks he might be autistic. But you are right about the strange relationship she has built with fern.

No. 1423770

File: 1642834043079.png (4.37 MB, 828x1792, B14F6960-F0D1-4C1B-9D89-9400A7…)

She has to live in subsidized housing in AZ, no way could she ever afford California.

No. 1423787

File: 1642837049126.jpeg (229.49 KB, 828x335, DEED05C5-20DA-445C-97A2-6183BC…)

Is she really paying this much to live in Arizona? Girl is getting ripped off.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1423808

Aren't they literally building a house? She is insuferable.

No. 1423831

blog post but I only know of Alice because a friend of mine likes her and is a dumbass ride or die. she recently told me a friend of hers who was "mutuals" with Alice broke the friendship because Alice clearly is only about the money these days. my friend then defended Alice as a good, "moral" person. these people are nuts and the cognitive dissonance is too much.

No. 1423859



No, she’s in government subsodized housing. it might cost that much for other people, but she’s paying only a tiny fraction of that.

No. 1423864

poor baby already has a fuckeup hairline. Save poor Fern and his hair

No. 1423905

Is it actually confirmed she lives in subsidised housing or is that just a rumour? They seem to have shitloads of money to throw around kek

No. 1423921

when you are writing out a post, the "sage" goes in the email field above the reply box, not in your post itself. and i would be shocked if alice didn't live in subsidized housing; she probably just listed the price of some cute trendy apartment she saw on one of those housing websites and reported it as if she's paying for it herself.

No. 1423924

They live in subsidized and get food stamps too. That’s what she uses when she does a big haul at the grocery store and not the farm store. They only had money after her settlement from the car accident which is how they are building the house but she appears to blowing through the money. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t qualify for the mortgage unless his parents co-sign. The poor guy is working like a dog and she just keeps spending. Ppl are questioning if she’s actually pregnant but makes sense to not take a pregnancy test if she knows she isn’t.

No. 1424005

She’s literally trying to cancel Disney now. This woman is literally insufferable. She picks and chooses what she wants to “expose” or “support” when it’s convienent for her.(Anononous)

No. 1424012

Yep! She’s done her visit so ok to cancel. Ppl need to bombard her comments with Apple mandating vax for its employees, bet she deletes them all bc she won’t give up her phone or ferns iPad.

No. 1424027

Yup! I commented to look into the owners of Great Wolf Lodge and she deleted the comment. Good luck cancelling Disney.
Also this might not mean anything but I think it’s funny that she follows every member of Caleb’s family but none of them follow her back(cowtipping)

No. 1424050

she partially native and they tend to have dark eyes

No. 1424058

If you make a post here and in your post the word “Anonymous” is green, please DELETE your post, resubmit and type the word “sage” into the email field. You do not need to enter information in any other field. You are going to get this thread locked and ruin it for everyone you retarded fucking newfags.

No. 1424062

Does anyone know Caleb’s family’s social medias? Don’t care which social media platform

No. 1424080

sage for retardation but its not the color just the general vibe

No. 1424082


The website of the apartment complex she lives in is very explicit in stating you must make under $40k a year to qualify for their 2 bedroom units which is what they have. The entire complex is section 8.

No. 1424144

no she's not part native lmao, but it has nothing to do with the color

I can't find any evidence that her apartment complex is subsidized/has income limits. also if y'all find links to her or her husband's family, DON'T post them. Caleb is fair game but leave their families alone.

No. 1424171

Don't be retarded, that's not what section 8 is.

No. 1424219

File: 1642887150528.jpeg (625.66 KB, 1014x1914, 91B04D68-673A-455D-989D-0F13FF…)

Our retarded queen “I do more research than doctors” Alice didn’t know gluten free bread exists. Do you think she’s ever heard of celiac disease hmmm

No. 1424271

The apartment complex she lives in is Section 42, not Section 8. It means your AGI must come in below 30% - 50% of the the HUD’s limit depending on the number of individuals in your family and the city you’re renting in. The entire property is Section 42 though, not just particular units.

Section 42 ≠ Section 8. Section 8 is HUD subsidized housing program, whereas Section 42 is the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program which is managed by the IRS and eligibility is reviewed annually.(namefagging )

No. 1424285

File: 1642894039406.png (3.47 MB, 750x1334, 292F954A-EBD2-4DFB-8281-96A2E2…)

At least she got this one right by calling herself stupid

No. 1424291

Lol no. First, her apartment is larger than 800 square feet and she is on some sort of subsidized housing program so she doesn’t pay $2200. The apartment she is referring is a luxury 1 bed that she had posted a tt about when she went to see it. Again more LIESSSSS

No. 1424294

She’s also been deleting the Apple having mandates comments and I saw a comment someone telling her to research pink Himalayan salt and she deleted that too. She’s such a hypocrite

No. 1424678

File: 1642953219094.jpeg (232.97 KB, 828x1548, ACDEE39C-FF9E-4B3C-B4D5-1AC24F…)

Yes they’re under Robert Bender and Wendy Markee Bender. They have a lot of public information about themselves on there. And my guess is they regret getting Allison that lawyer and settlement because she’s blowing it all on vegan pizza and hotel rooms for just herself

No. 1424815

She’s being abused. I have many reasons to believe Caleb is seriously abusive to her. She’s definitely also healing from the traumatic loss of her daughter and I do believe she needs therapy for sure. But her husband is definitely abusive to her. Did anyone notice the alcohol bottles all over the kitchen? There’s much more evidence as well(unsaged tinfoil)

No. 1424819

explain your many reasons you believe she’s being abused, you provided one

No. 1424845

Nah she isn’t. She has collected the bottles and filled with filtered water. She has her settlement money to leave and she wouldn’t hesitate to leave, she has said so.

No. 1424901

the bottles are because she brews beer at home for Caleb

post evidence

No. 1424905


I think she’d 100% hesitate to leave him.

where else is her free ride going to come from? She not only sponges off him, but his parents too and sooner rather than later all her settlement money is going to dry up and she won’t be able to support the lifestyle she’s been pretending to have. Showing off purchases to pregnant teen strangers online is how she’s going to go broke, exactly what eventually happens to many lottery winners who don’t know how to properly manage their finances.

and i also think her ego is too big to leave Caleb because then she’d finally have to admit her entire farce of a marriage was all an act for social media likes and attention, and she’ll need to go back to working at Victorias Secret and put her kid in daycare. For all these reasons, I think she’d go to any length to hide their problems and make it look like everything is great. she has too much hubris to eat her words.

No. 1424915

File: 1642973506558.jpeg (606.76 KB, 1800x1800, 73438B89-C9FE-4D7B-B1F9-41B795…)

we have no way of knowing if SHE is being abused or not, but is anyone going to talk about the mark on this kid’s ankle? It’s very obvious in her tiktok videos but she edits it out in her Instagram post. kinda suss.

No. 1424926

God damn that poor child really does look like he has rickets.

No. 1424936


THANK YOU!!! I can’t believe more people aren’t talking about this. Vegan babies get rickets. Vegan diets aren’t enough for the developing human body to sustain itself. Calcium and vitamin d in plants aren’t as bioavailability as in milk and meat. You don’t see adult vegans with rickets because they had enough nutrients from animal foods when they were babies before they decided to stop consuming them. Fern’s bones, however, are f*ed. Poor, poor baby. Veganism is bringing back rickets, a third world problem, in places it shouldn’t be an issue. Also: no indigenous tribes were or ever have been vegan. HUMANS ARENT MEANT TO BE VEGAN from womb to tomb.

No. 1424940


Honestly it’s probably because he can’t walk with much stability and he fell on his poor soft ankles. Every video of him walking looks like he is going to tumble over with one wrong rolled ankle. I don’t see abuse here, besides the obvious being the projection of her views onto him preventing him from getting a proper diet, sun protection, and doctor’s care.

No. 1424956

He wobbles and is as bow-legged as when he first started walking. Usually improvements in their walking would be noticeable by now. I agree no abuse but definitely neglect. She needs to swallow her pride and have him looked at medically. Have to wonder if Caleb’s parents have raised some concerns to him.

No. 1424962

He definitely has rickets. My mom had rickets for a short while as a baby because my grandma breastfed her for far too long w/o giving her other food, and it stops being nutritious enough to feed a child (a breastfed child NEEDS other food than breastmilk as they grow older).
So Fern not only gets no nutrients from her breast milk but he ALSO gets no nutrients from proper food since he only eats fruit. He's malnourished as hell, hence the bow legs, weird head/face and bruises on his legs.

No. 1424974

Tbh, I'm not even sure if hes getting that much breastmilk, or any for that matter. She said her two pregnancy symptoms were that her milk dried up, and her cat is acting different towards her. I realllly hope it came back because he cannot survive on her vegan diet alone

No. 1424978


Theory time, I don’t even think she is actually pregnant, I think she lost her period and her hormones are all out of whack bc of her diet. Common with long term vegan women to lose their period. Her idol Freelee lost hers and I believe made a video a long time ago about how having a period isn’t healthy. My bets are on that she isn’t pregnant at all. Guess we have to wait 9 months though since crazy won’t take a test

No. 1425003


Let’s take a minute to consider Allison, shall we? There’s no way in hell she wouldn’t know for certain if she was pregnant. She has made pregnancy her entire personality. She claims pregnancy tests aren’t vegan, but neither are her nails, stroller, phone, eyelash extensions, etc…. There’s no way she’d give all these things a pass and then draw the line at pregnancy tests. many people suspect she isn’t pregnant, and I agree with them, but I think Allison absolutely knows for sure whether she is or isn’t. She’d take a pregnancy test even if it meant biting into a huge juicy hotdog, so I don’t buy her “pregnancy tests aren’t vegan” excuse.

No. 1425006


So you’re implying that she is lying about not taking a test? Well, I certainly wouldn’t put that past her to lie for views

No. 1425191


Oh I’m not implying it, I’m saying it straight out. she lies about 99% of her content so why would this be any exception? she’s a compulsive and pathological liar flat out.

No. 1425199

That’s quite the mark. Looks like someone grabbed him hard on his leg. I’ve read people commenting she edits and uses filters a lot on photos and videos.

No. 1425216

She lies about everything and honestly I think she lies about how she does gentle parenting with him. I think she just lets him do whatever the heck she wants but then when he annoys her because he lacks structure I could see her grabbing him to get him to stop whatever he's doing and leaving a mark. I don't see her as being this kind and understanding mother to him. He's content to her and that's it. I am not saying she abuses him but she probably does grab him and yank him when she gets frustrated because of her own doing. I think Fern is left to fend for himself a lot while she records her tiktoks and films her youtube videos. There is never a moment where she isn't recording herself.

No. 1425226

For someone so vegan and all for animals, it surely wasnt hard for her to give up her bunny and her cat, wherever those two went. She views fern as a version of herself shes trying to perfectly craft, and that in itself is evil. She makes it very clear that if fern were to go against her beliefs (veganism, organic, etc) she “wouldn’t be happy with it” yet also says shed support him in whatever he does. This just isn’t true. Poor kid is going to grow up and have no true guidance, once he enters the real world he’ll begin to question everything and essentially fear his mother, ESP because she has broadcasted his entire childhood to the world and formed her own narrative of how he will be as a person. What if her “perfect, cruelty free vegan baby” doesn’t turn out the way she wants? Then what? Will she discard him like she did her animals? She barely even treats her husband with respect… I don’t have high hopes for baby fern.

No. 1425228

Also, The fact she is a POPULAR tiktok influencer with very BOLD and at times controversial opinions, the fact she travels so far and goes just about EVERYWHERE with her baby, being her recent california trip or waking him up in the middle of the night to go on a “late night excursion” what part of her makes this seem safe? Not to mention she posted on her story the other day she left for a bit to pick up caleb from work and left her door unlocked. You are a whole INFLUENCER. You life in not even the safest part of arizona, and you’re leaving your door unlocked? This woman is home alone all day and her address is easily found online. How dumb can she get?

No. 1425261

I'm wondering if she wants something to happen so she can really play into her victim mode. She us just so wreckless with fern

No. 1425318

I can see something happening when/if the baby comes. She has commented he is mischievous when not being directly watched over and with a baby there will be more opportunity which he will figure out quickly. I predict she will have a serious breakdown with having two kids and finances being tight because of the house restricting her freedom. She’s trying too hard to be the cool mom and making him the cool kid with material things. Anyone else notice the kid still isn’t speaking words? I see other tt kids similar in age speaking so many words and starting to put words together for sentences.

No. 1425347

He’s 17 months. He should be able to say 4-6 words and imitate simple words. He can say “oh!” but that’s about it. He might become speech delayed in addition to having rickets.

No. 1425352

I left a comment on one of her videos saying "If he was delayed in any area, would you get him help?" a few people liked it, next thing you know it was deleted. It's truly a shame, poor kid.(cowtipping)

No. 1425356

File: 1643033248109.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1284x1388, 17FABF94-DE0C-478C-955C-20D5A8…)

Looked back at a few videos to see how bad his leg is and fuck. The one on her alicellani account of them at great wolf lodge really shows how bad his legs are and the mark on his left leg. He was visibly limping in this video.

No. 1425362

She deletes 75% of the comments, anything that exposes her real shitty life instead of the privileged perfect life she’s trying to portray. She will often delete all comments left by other crunchy or vegan moms.

No. 1425364

Definitely looks like he fell, he's so wobbly when he walks

No. 1425365

She was live at gwl and ended quickly bc he was crying so maybe that’s when it happened. Again tt more important than watching her son.

No. 1425371

Honestly, I don’t think she interacts with him. His receptive is delayed too. Ever see her read to him? It’s horrible. She was reading a basic animal book where it had a cartoon pic of an animal with the word on each page and she literally would say cow, pig… no pointing to the animal, no relating the sounds of the animal, nothing. She would read 3-4 pages and toss the book aside. The iPad made me laugh when she placed it in front of him and walked away, then said he had no interest in it after 10 mins. Duh, no kidding when she didn’t show him how to use it. I think he will have to self teach himself everything bc she has also said she isn’t toilet training, she will take him to the toilet when he eventually asks. God help that child through life bc homeschooling is going to be a disaster and her defence will be “I didn’t know” like she usually does.

No. 1425388

Yup.. vegan diets should be only for adults. If someone is vegan and feels guilty about raising a non-vegan child, don't have children at all..

No. 1425389

Oh damn, I forgot about about how she said she isn't potty training him. God help this kid

No. 1425441

It doesn’t surprise me he’s not overly interested in the iPad. are we still waiting for 20k on her “crunchyipadbaby” account? I think it’s gonna be a while lol.

No. 1425446

I thibk she is very lazy when it comes to her parenting under the guise of gentle parenting. She uses Fern for her content and that's the extent of her parenting.

No. 1425449

Her reading to fern is strictly for the camera and that's it. I think everything she does with him is just for the camera

No. 1425456

She def does permissive parenting. No sort of boundaries or correction at all

No. 1425464

sorry but both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics say a plant-based diet is suitable for babies and children. children eating a shitty Standard American Diet are more at risk of malnutrition than ones eating well-planned plant-based diets.

now, if all he eats is fruit like she claims, THAT’S a problem. no human regardless of age should be a fucking fruitarian. but this idiot worships Freelee, and she’s going to wind up hurting her baby because of it. she films everything but we never see her put together meals for him, she just squishes a piece of fruit into the couch and lets him loose.

No. 1425479

File: 1643045777539.png (3.42 MB, 750x1334, 8F1A8739-AD99-4194-BDA0-2CCE1A…)

The look on his face, he looks scared to ask for juice and the way she pushes it back because making her tt is more important. I believe this is really what is happening behind her phone. We already know she’s a terrible lazy wife and not so great mother. I think things are not great at home with her harassing him about not being vegan/crunchy enough and him wanting her to step up with cleaning and stop wasting money. My gut feeling they won’t get financing approved for the house and his parents won’t co-sign due to her being irresponsible and selfish with money.

No. 1425481


Correct. A vegan diet is considered suitable for people at any age, but that is under the assumption that you are eating a balance of fresh and fortified (processed) foods. Her diet is so extreme and restricted there is no way she’s serving Fern adequate amounts of like fortified soy milk, pasta etc. because she only buys a bunch of artisanal shit that doesn’t have any nutrition added to it. It is extremely difficult if not impossible to meet the RDI of all of your nutritional needs without supplementation or consuming fortified foods on a vegan diet.

No. 1425533

She just posted a tik tok saying shes going to travel full time now, oh jeez

No. 1425545

jesus fuck. making your kid live in a van/camper with you and giving them no structure or foundation is literally C H I L D A B U S E. once again alice is doing what’s best for her while completely ignoring her babies needs.

No. 1425547

File: 1643049706498.png (7.8 MB, 1125x2436, EFFCC12A-57AF-4CCF-84E0-026FDD…)

great now she can further isolate herself and her kid

No. 1425549

so, without Caleb?

No. 1425550

she deletes comments about caleb. I asked question about him on her insta and she deleted it.

No. 1425552

Things not good at home and she’s trying to up her stats for $. Gotta love all the people gaslighting her though!

No. 1425558

File: 1643050102632.png (942.34 KB, 517x987, Ekran Görüntüsü (87).png)

she might even go to LA she was sharing these videos but how the hell is she going to live there with a toddler

No. 1425564

I think bc he lost his last job from her tt and she won’t stop with the controversial tt’s he doesn’t want anything to do with it. She deletes anything about his family since she called them out on tt after thanksgiving for them having a turkey and “no food suitable for her and the boy”. She is really burning bridges with his entire family and being overly opinionated and insulting about what she doesn’t agree with, like brother’s adoption, dad working for a medical network…

No. 1425585

She's literally biting the hand that feeds her. I wonder if caleb would put his foot down and leave, probs not.

No. 1425643

Maybe with help from his parents and since his family thinks she’s crazy and don’t like her there’s a strong possibility they would. She’s putting a good case together of why she shouldn’t have custody. She’s a runner when things go wrong and a flight risk for him to not see the kid(s).

No. 1425694

Anyone know Alice’s parents or siblings names I wanna look them up? Also how do people know that Calebs family doesn’t like her? (I don’t blame them I’m just curious if people have heard anything) because she always says she loves her husbands family

No. 1425725

One of her videos said “there is no ethical nursing jobs”. It literally made me sick to my stomach. I’m in nursing school and they teach us about consent during EVERY CLASS. She really thinks every nurse is evil

No. 1425797

I feel like we are watching someone in real time have a mental breakdown. I only feel sadness for Fern. He doesn't deserve to be dragged in all this.

No. 1425809

Unfortunately she doesn’t let his dad near him to protect/save him from her. She alienates him from dad.

No. 1425815

Getting major “Dear Zachary” vibes from this bitch

No. 1425852


She follows a lot of Caleb's family but none from her own side. However, through sleuthing I was able to find her sisters' social media accounts, although they are inactive. What's interesting is that I saw one of them followed an old instagram account of Alice's (which has been abandoned since 2019). This account did not follow her back.

Another interesting thing I noticed is that on that same sister's account, somebody commented on one of her posts asking about Alice and wanted to know "[her] perspective." Sister responded that she didn't know who that person (the commenter) was but wanted to continue that conversation over her DMs. This happened in mid-2020, before Alice started to become notorious on tiktok so it can't be someone from there.

No. 1425898

File: 1643070808975.png (2.23 MB, 924x2615, alicefblikes.png)

idk if they have been posted yet but i found alice's fb likes and a review she left


No. 1425900

File: 1643070855684.png (396.09 KB, 872x1376, alicefbreview.png)

No. 1425903

File: 1643071182881.png (1.51 MB, 1834x1352, alicefbinfo.png)


i also found a FB account for comingupfern that appears to be run by her.



No. 1425905

Do you happen to have the sisters username? Or name(do not involve family members)

No. 1425907

File: 1643071641760.png (5.22 MB, 906x6787, weirdassdude.png)

calebs FB likes are also hella stinky but he does like the comingupfern page, but ive scrolled thru a few posts and i havent seen him like anything

No. 1425914

yes she is

No. 1425915

File: 1643072616157.png (180.56 KB, 1168x572, 225.png)

No. 1425930

I'd rather not link any of her family's usernames considering none of them seem to condone Alice's craziness and are not in contact with her. Her sisters do not mention Alice or reference an older sister at all. I know they live in AZ. One of them is in high school and the other is in college (I think). Caleb's family mainly lives in TN or serve in the army.

This shows that his mom is into essential oils. I remember Alice talking about how Caleb's parents "were crunchy before it was popular." or something like that when someone asked how Caleb's family thinks of her.

No. 1425936

Lol I’m into essential oils but I’m the least bit crunchy. Crazy is against essential oils.

No. 1425937

Yeah I totally understand why you don’t wanna link Alice’s family’s account. If someone ends up doing it tho I promise I wouldn’t interact I just wanna do a good old fashion Instagram/Facebook stalk. I just am so curious about her family and their situation now since Alice acts like they’re horrible people!

No. 1425945

I’ve seen videos of Alice with Caleb’s family so they tolerate her but apparently her brother adopted a kid and Caleb’s dad works as a CFO in the medical field so they must be offended by the way she talks about both of those things

No. 1425949

She sounds like Onion boy. Fitting as they both fetishize teen girls.

No. 1425951

Same here. I don't think her family is as bad she says they are. I think she is a spoiled rotten brat and doesn't like not getting her way. She turns everyone who doesn't agree with her into a villain and honestly with her erratic behavior lately I think her husband is next.

No. 1425953

Who is onion boy?

No. 1425959

Onision. Look up his threads, he's a shithead

No. 1425966

A lot of the girls she interacts with on tt are young pregnant or wanna-be pregnant teens. She encourages them to do what they want and not listen to adults not agreeing with her ways. This is who she is targeting with her medical fear mongering.

No. 1425970

Her family aren't active. In the past year, her mom changed her fb cover page then posted about a family vacation to Hawaii. Aside from that, there's been nothing else from her or anyone else. In one of the few family pictures she posted few years back, Allison looks like a normal well-nourished teenage girl. Her vids claim she was always malnourished because she hated eating meat and would snack on bread. She looks healthier then, her eyes had spark and her hair wasn't dry and damaged.

No. 1425972

Right I'm looking at her facebook now. I wonder how bad they couldve been

No. 1425977

They look like a sweet family but you can see how awkward Alice was even as a child. No deprivation like has been portrayed.

No. 1425984

Scroll up and you'll see Alice's old instagram when she was 13-16. Caleb follows that account. Her timeline says she met Caleb when she was 14 and he was 18. Strong groomer vibes

No. 1426022

File: 1643082266505.png (2.95 MB, 750x1334, 21177FF2-31D6-4D23-A5CC-8F9702…)

This could be their breaking point if she refuses to sign the lease to move into a van. Give birth in a dirty van, assuming she is pregnant. They will stink even more and probably get him fired from his job again. Now she’s concerned about money lololol

No. 1426027

Was just gonna say something about this LOL She also liked a comment saying "Men just kill the vibe honestly."

No. 1426028

She blames her yellow teeth on her family starving her and not the fact that she brushes them with bar soap.

No. 1426030

i worry she's just gonna fuck off with fern and dissapear. she is not well.

No. 1426032

I thought she said teeth are supposed to be yellow but she’s probably said both

No. 1426036

All the people in her comments with advice they know nothing about. At least shes realized she will lose a lot of money by cancelling the house, she will be signing the lease.

No. 1426037

Same shes deranged, its honestly scary

No. 1426042

Might just jump on board and start gaslighting her… maybe she will become friends with me

No. 1426047

u wot m8

No. 1426049

File: 1643084926901.jpeg (749.07 KB, 828x1462, AFF2BDC3-AC40-4FC8-A1F6-DA49C3…)

in her most recent video she says baby fern is living in her car with her now, she has her dog as well and says they drove 2 hours away and at the end of the video shows they’re setting up to sleep in the car

No. 1426050

Mother of the year here having her son sleep in a car. Poor Fern. There is no stability in his life.

No. 1426059

File: 1643085696457.png (4.38 MB, 828x1792, 7C7C50CD-37F9-451D-8BAB-2776D5…)

People are already calling her out for lying about only dumpster diving dog food for her dog. It’s a stupid and pretentious lie but I’m glad she might just regularly buy that poor dog some food.

No. 1426066

Anyone else get bad vibes from this trip?

No. 1426070

How so? I think she’s home now tho so that’s good

No. 1426072

the masses are begging to know. is Pancake a boy or girl and how the fuck didn’t you know for over a year

No. 1426074

She really just said she slid down a dangerous, rocky path to the river with Fern and the dog because she couldn’t find the stairs and had to have some strangers help her. She is putting the Fern and Pancake in so much danger, and her supporters are just okay with this. She’s treating it as a joke as if a terrible accident couldn’t have happened and resulted in an injury to the baby.

No. 1426084

File: 1643087746437.png (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 944x1656, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 4.14…)

She just posted a tiktok saying she's only home to grab more stuff

No. 1426086

also, why are ultrasounds to make sure your pregnancy is healthy WRONG but microwaved prepackaged food is right

No. 1426087

those cold dead eyes

No. 1426092

I wonder what’s going on. I hope not an abusive situation if she’s trying to sneak around

No. 1426096

File: 1643088591971.jpeg (201.3 KB, 1201x1800, 04EAC2FB-85AB-4106-ABCB-614A22…)

Neglect at its finest because tt and her phone are more important.

No. 1426100

i think it's more her off her rocker. i think she has some unchecked mental health issues.

No. 1426104

We now know where her wedding ring went. Omfg!

No. 1426123

There's absolutely no way she's going to keep custody of her kid if she's going through with this.

No. 1426125

Hopefully someone steps in soon for Ferns safety. Wtf is Caleb doing?

No. 1426127

File: 1643091672533.png (8.94 MB, 1125x2436, B53340CD-E15B-4947-8C12-F8D1AB…)

Fern is clearly loving that raw vegan diet…. babies are humans too, they should enjoy the food they eat. This face tells me all I need to know about the diet he isn’t consenting to.

No. 1426129

yeah. seems like somethings definitely up with her and caleb. how could it not be, shes taking these long trips without him, implies a lot about her husband in tiktoks… etc. idk its alk strange. i hope fern is ok.

No. 1426131

her nails are filthy and her captions are concerning.

No. 1426133

I think they are at odds of their living preferences, he wants to live in the city with ac, showers and grocery stores near by, she wants to live off grid, eat dirt and bathe in a stream in the middle of no where

No. 1426134

Ppl who have seen her in public say her and fern are dirty and smell

No. 1426135

That’s something they should have thought about before, you know, getting married and having a child. If she wanted freedom, she should have waited on marriage and definitely waited on having a baby.

No. 1426137

I agree but what she wants today usually isn’t what she wants tomorrow

No. 1426138

Aww what a shame. Too bad these things didn’t come up before they brought another life into the world. I can’t keep up with this thread because seeing a baby undernourished and being raised by a lunatic makes me too sad.

No. 1426139

that makes me so sad for fern. she looks like she smells.

No. 1426140


I would never take long trips without my husband… people in happy marriages just don’t go on repeated road trips by themselves. Let alone with the baby and family pet. Doesn’t seem like there really is a #veganfamily that exists. So now dad is out of the picture? Fern is being set up for so much trauma. It’s absolutely insane how she is preaching how healing her lifestyle is but it seems like she is only passing on to Fern generational trauma that will take his whole lifetime to unwind, if he’s lucky. This is such an unfortunate series of events. And only seems to be getting worse.

No. 1426143

Well that’s just sad for fern and the new baby she is supposedly pregnant with. Because it seems like she goes through phases with what she wants. She wants to live a nomadic life of travel and doesn’t seem to even want her husband anymore and may end up feeling like she had her kids too young.

No. 1426144

I’m starting to think he was just a sperm donor and now with baby #2 she just doesn’t care anymore, she has what she wants.

No. 1426145

Her husband comes home to an empty house after a 12 hour shift at the oil fields and Alice is out for days on end with Fern blowing his money. No wonder he drinks so much.

No. 1426154

Why do people think he works in the oil field? Did she say so? When did she say so?

No. 1426241

He’s not coming with her by the looks of things. I really think their marriage is on the rocks, he doesn’t even follow her instagram anymore.

No. 1426248

Woah really? I don't have Instagram so I am unable to see that. I think they are on the rocks. I think she is very mentally unwell. I always thought maybe she was just a brat (and she is) but ever since she told the story about someone breaking into her home and smoking a cigarette but not stealing anything (she made sure to let everyone know they have a lot of expensive things laying around) and that she thought she was being bugged it made me think she is really disturbed and needs help. Her erratically running off with Fern to different states by herself when she is such a controversial person is pretty scary. I just hope for Ferns sake he is safe and she gets her head screwed on right.

No. 1426257

She doesn't give a shit about this kid. I remember when she fed him WHOLE grapes while he was on his back. And I feel like she only did it to get a rise out of people calling her out about the uncut blueberries she fed Fern. She will risk her sons life to stick it to the haters.

No. 1426259


her husband doesn’t work in oil fields lol he works at a restaurant. I know he isn’t a server at ‘The Hub’ anymore, but he works at a different restaurant.

No. 1426262

I keep seeing ppl comment he works in the oil fields and was wondering where that came from. The closest to the oil field industry he worked at was a gas station. He worked at another restaurant after the fire at the hub but got fired and was able to find work within days so he’s either in the food industry still or possibly at a gas station again. Definitely no career bringing in big bucks to support her reckless spending habits.

No. 1426264


In Coconino dogs are required to be on leash, and she lets that thing run around without a leash she’s an extremely irresponsible pet owner.

No. 1426299

10000% Thats why they moved in and got married literally within a few months (I forget how long she said) She just wanted to get married fast to start having kids, very selfish

No. 1426310

exactly. it was just a matter of which guy would slave away for her to provide the lifestyle she’s always wanted

No. 1426319

She said six months. But at the time she wanted to be his submissive housewife and have lots of his kids, and he must have wanted the same. I don’t imagine it’s working out now she’s had such a drastic change in views and personality. Which is fine and normal in relationships when you’re that young, but I fear they’re dragging it out for whatever reason

No. 1426322

She’s expecting him to live up to their agreement but not willing to do the same herself. I’d be agree too if my spouse wanted to stay home and left the house disgusting on a regular basis and always taking off with the kid so I couldn’t spend time with them. He is his damn kid too! She wants the glorified million dollar lifestyle on pennies.

No. 1426403

Right! It's so sad he probs just wants to spend time with his kid after work, but no she's traveling across the US with him. There's no legal action that can take place right? If he goes to the police and is like my wife won't let me see my kid

No. 1426419

He was always content with playing video games whenever he came home. They both knowingly conceived Fern in their low-income apt instead instead of making responsible financial decisions. There should be zero sympathy for Caleb. He has the power and family support to leave if he wants to. If the law is involved, her tt is a goldmine of insanity that will not work in Alice's favor.

No. 1426428

Sometimes people wake up and realize when situations are just not right and want to step up to do better just like her lifestyle choices have changed his priorities could too. But I agree it will have to be his choice to reach out to support systems available to him to help him out. At least he is good with his family and not burned all the bridges like she has with hers.

No. 1426445

I think if anyone were get custody of fern, it would be Caleb’s parents. They seem to have the resources for a lawyer and love their grandkids and Arizona is a grandparents rights state. Even though Alice’s tiktok is insanity, she kind of incriminates him in all of it too- like saying he was mad she wanted to pack an emergency hospital bag

No. 1426448

Do you think Caleb is actively trying to separate from Alice rn? Might explain her recent behavior on tiktok

No. 1426469

Difficult to say who is distancing from who but definitely strained.

No. 1426497

I pray that day comes and all of us can celebrate that Fern will get to start over with normal folks who will care for him the way he needs. Correct his malnutrition issues, give him stability in his home life and care for his hygiene and skin care properly. Sometimes the birth parents just don’t know what the hell they are doing and Alice has proven time and time again, she is not fit to care for a baby, let alone two, in a healthy way.

No. 1426596

I thought they bought lumber and a piece of land for a house?

No. 1426609

Yeah bought a new build, but apparently they haven't even started building it yet and in the contract it says they have up to two years after they signed for them to start.

No. 1426618

File: 1643143778122.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x2070, BB28704C-E9B4-4D7B-A02A-2D9F07…)

But that doesn’t even make sense. How do you abandon a contract when you’ve already signed and agreed to build and put down on lumber already!? And now all these lavish trips? Gas isn’t cheap.

I think she was lying about the house the whole time. It’s like she’s manic or something and a compulsive liar. (Tinfoil)

Check out signs of psychosis. Alice can check off quite a few.

No. 1426622

I dont think shes abandoning it. Apparently the lumber was just there for storage and they're starting the other new builds near her area. But according to her tik tok last night caleb wants to sign the lease again for the apt. for another year, she wants to live out of her car lmao

No. 1426631

The guy should make a tt account and watch her tt’s. I can’t believe someone close to her could watch them and think there is nothing wrong with her

No. 1426633

I’d be sleeping with one eye open if I was him

No. 1426658

She’s clearly so impulsive at the moment and he’s seemingly just standing by letting it all happen

No. 1426664

She’s spending her settlement money so unless he locks her in a closet his hands are tied

No. 1426671

the fuck is a tt?

No. 1426673


No. 1426689

They didn’t BUY anything. The put a deposit down on a new build. A deposit does not equal purchase. In order to own the lot and house, they have to secure a mortgage and put the downpayment on the house on the day they close. Until they close, that lot is not theirs, neither is the building materials.

No. 1426690

File: 1643147023609.png (3.68 MB, 1242x2688, EEFD4B57-8E9F-4C19-90C1-31E1BE…)

How is he going to get to work?

No. 1426693

they each have their own car. She apparently has a Kia Forte now

No. 1426694

oh right nonnie lmao ty

No. 1426812

ultimately I'm the most worried about Fern developing rickets, which farmers already discussed upthread, but I'm curious: is rickets reversible? like the physical symptoms etc?

No. 1426827

It says it’s usually reversed with vitamin D but can need surgery or braces for severe effects. So basically it just won’t matter because she’ll never take him. He will go forever undiagnosed and untreated. Hopefully not in pain.

No. 1426895

I think she does have concerns about rickets and why she has been taking him out in the sun all day everyday but vit d from the sun isn’t enough for their extreme restrictive diet.

No. 1426900

File: 1643160076712.png (128.66 KB, 850x544, 0A8B4C26-845E-4C82-A434-FEB4EC…)


This is what Fern is looking at if he doesn’t get it corrected soon. Lots of problems as an adult. Alice will not be able to hide behind the “all babies have bowed legs” comments. Note how the pediatric diagram is almost exactly how Fern looks when he stands. CPS, come help this poor soul.

No. 1426917

That’s exactly his leg formation and him walking on the outside of his feet. Cps has shown up at her door and she refused to let them in. They’ll need a court order and police assistance to ever get inside.

No. 1426960

Ah, yes, more time in the sun with zero sunscreen.what could go wrong….

No. 1426961

How do you know CPS has shown up? I personally know someone who has phoned in concerns to CPS about her but obviously it’s a private matter that can’t be followed up

No. 1426967

They don’t even need to get inside, she posts her squalid living conditions and her unhygienic apartment straight to social media. She offers the evidence right on a silver platter.

No. 1426973

It almost seems like there’s someone following this thread with consistent inside knowledge about Alice’s circumstances and life events.

No. 1427120

She referenced it but it was a long time ago. Now says to not answer the door if they come a knocking.

No. 1427126

So recently on a live, Alice said that since she had covid she's been tasting cilantro weird. But she's posted multiple tik toks saying she hasnt gotten sick since going vegan.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1427157

This is totally a tinfoil but look at this story I found about another mom who took her kid to on a “spree” of vacation. Then she killed herself and the boy went missing.

People spiral and do crazy shit. Why do I get a bad feeling that she’s going to end up snapping like that, in some kind of way?

No. 1427256

i really hope cps takes that baby away before it's too late for him. poor fern is gonna grow up hating himself and his mom. he'd probably resent her and she's so neglectful towards him it hurts to see and makes me so incredibly angry.
she's so fucking full of herself and will do anything for her ego even if that means endangering baby fern.
someone please save that baby if you can

No. 1427265

File: 1643203676484.png (3.65 MB, 750x1334, DF2EACD8-7E77-4D10-BF09-9A3133…)

Just look how disgusting dirty this apartment is. The couch and his feet. Floors prob haven’t been washed in months. Gross!

No. 1427268

File: 1643203889690.png (1.6 MB, 1920x930, Ekran Görüntüsü (89).png)

This woman always comments on Alice's videos. She is extremely preachy and has this weird daughter-mom relationship with Alice and she agrees with her. Like whenever someone comments about really logical thing like Fern's privacy she get extremely defensive. Alice sent this question to her when she was traveling with Fern alone. Her name is Shannon aka veganmumu. Extremely preachy, extremely toxic

No. 1427274

And you know caleb is lazy as hell and wont bother cleaning either lmao

No. 1427277

File: 1643204642201.png (1.02 MB, 1920x926, Ekran Görüntüsü (88).png)

Just so fucking bizarre I know this isn't her thread but you are 40 fucking something and like being obsessed with some psycho exploits her own baby and invalidating his privacy. Are all the vegans are like this cause her tiktok account is toxic as shit.

No. 1427278

I am sure that Caleb is a fucking incel that sits on his ass and plays video games and like doesn't care about his child or his wife. I expect nothing from him tbh.

No. 1427279

The floors are SOOOOO BAD!

No. 1427282

She uses the same bar of soap that she brushes her teeth with and also rubs that on the floor too to clean. Shes disgusting

No. 1427283

I used to get into it with her; she digs her heels ALL the way in. And has a creepy obsession. I’ve been off tiktok for 6 months and she’s STILL at it!!!

Alice is in some kind of psychosis or bipolar episode. She’s snapping, or she’s trying to get sympathy to start a go fund me or something. I really wanna believe this is all just a joke. Can we assume she doesn’t have health insurance for herself or the boy? Why put the extra risk of shortening both your lifespans living like that? How selfish. (Tinfoil)

Can you imagine that vegan mom coming on here and freaking out when she sees herself has Alice ever addressed this?(don't use emojis/emoticons)

No. 1427284

It’s already an issue that kids are having feeding disorders after catching asymptomatic covid from their parents who got parosmia from it. I can’t imagine how much worse ferns diet would get

No. 1427286

Both Rebecca and veganmumu are weird. Rebecca posts about growing shrooms and veganmumu encourages Alice to go rogue. All are lost souls.

No. 1427289

Ummmm. She wants to stay at home while he brings in the money, he’s is bringing in the money she can clean the damn house. If not, go get a job and contribute to hire a cleaner.

No. 1427293

I also believe they don’t have health insurance which is also why her hatred towards the medical industry and wants a home birth.

No. 1427297

Wdym? He’s the perfect husband and totally hot. He’s a heck of a catch, he’s now using shampoo.

No. 1427302

caleb is the bad guy here, what kind of guy at 18 dates a 14 year old? after losing her baby and being groomed her entire teenage years, i cant say i’m surprised she’s turned out this way. she needs genuine help.

No. 1427309

Someone did snitch this platform in her comments, all I thought was oh shit.

No. 1427319

no one said he wasn't
and sage your shit. i can't stand all these newfags from tiktok

No. 1427322

veganmumu is a whole seperate headcase and probably deserves her own thread on here. lady has some serious mental issues calling fern her “grandbaby” and encouraging Allison to drive 30 hours alone in the car with him to florida. Especially after knowing Allison doesn’t exactly have a shining driving record.

No. 1427323

This is exactly what her comment section on her videos would look like if she didn’t delete all the comments and block everybody, kek

No. 1427325

lol can't believe i may have learned by this thread that i have bowed legs. wtf? would my doctors have caught this since ive been going to the doctors since a child?

No. 1427343

Bowed legs by themselves aren’t always a sign of rickets or other issues. In Fern’s case though, it’s clear he isn’t getting proper nutrition and doesn’t have a doctor overseeing his developmental milestones… I’m sure if your mother fed you normal food, took you to the doctor, etc, your bowed legs are not a sign of something else. My legs are slightly bowed too and apparently it is genetic as I am built like my grandmother who had them. I’ve been a runner and swimmer and never had any leg or hip issues. Fern’s case appears to be correlated with his diet and neglect from mom. In videos where she shows her legs, Alice doesn’t appear to have bowed legs so I don’t think it’s genetic with him.

No. 1427348

I know Alice is bad but I don’t wish CPS upon Fern. Growing up in the foster system can be so damaging and Alice isn’t a bad mom, she loves him but she’s just clearly mentally unwell. It would be nice if he could live with Caleb and the grandparents while Alice gets SERIOUS therapy.

No. 1427365

except she is a bad mom. She is negligent. the kid is missing milestones because he doesn’t have proper brain development due to lack of sleep schedule. Sleep is so important to early brain development. She says cribs are baby jails but the only way he will keep now is if he’s strapped into a car seat. Sleeping in car seat is a high risk factor of SIDS. Fern isn’t vaccinated and she feeds him off of the same floor her pets shit on. She is not a good mom. He should probably be in the care of grandparents.

No. 1427366

Exactly. And don't forget feeding him whole grapes on his back and her filming him swallow her ring

No. 1427372

Sleep and nutrition are both required for brain development. So many missed milestones. Drives me crazy all the people gaslighting her that fern is so smart and advanced and she feeds off of it.

No. 1427375

Whatever came of that!?!

No. 1427376

This is why I'm pro forced sterilisation for autists.(bait)

No. 1427377

Shut up you’re taking it too far

No. 1427385

she's a terrible mom with mental illness? she obviously has trauma and raging eating disorder and bordeline schizo, i agree that fern would be better off being raised by his grandparents. idk about his dad cause he seems to be neglectful too and he encourages alice's behaviour. he even encouraged her not to seek medical help during her labor when she said she wanted to go to a hospital. he's also an alchoholic a groomer. cps would be much better for fern. he's being medically neglected and malnourished and being endangered and exploited by his crazy mom.

No. 1427387

baby fern can't even say dada or mama, most kids his age are able to say a couple words. i suspect he might be autistic like alice and it's so funny cause she said he won't be autistic cause he isn't vaxxed lol. she made a couple vids saying the kid has sensory issues so maybe that's causing the developmental delay. he's also gotten so much skinnier since her milk has dried up and the restrictive raw vegan diet is not nutritious enough for him. poor baby

No. 1427393

When commenting on this thread you need to type


In the e-mail field to protect the thread

No. 1427396

And now she’s removing gluten from their diet, not that gluten is the best but pasta and bread is substance. Is it just me but does dry breastfeeding him seem a lot weird?

No. 1427397

I have an 11 month old that talks more. I think he has early signs of autism and it is making Alice spiral mentally.

No. 1427398

I think its done more as a comfort thing idk

No. 1427408

For her or fern?

No. 1427409

I’m not so sure he does. I think his delays are more from malnutrition and her not having patience to teach him things or spend quality time with him without the phone in his face or her hand. Any sensory issues I’ve seen are normal behaviour for a child being sheltered from human interaction. Hence her making him nocturnal, shopping late at night, taking him to the park at night, taking him to play places 8:00 at night when most kids would be getting ready for bed. There are so many more examples. It’s just recently she’s been integrating him more socially

No. 1427411

Another symptom of rickets is social and developmental delays. I would first think that before autism.

No. 1427415

For fern, i hope not for her lmao

No. 1427422

Say what? It’ll be a cold day in hell before any titty in my house is used as a paci

No. 1427428

Yo, put sage in the email line before you post. Multiple people have already asked you. You’re going to expose the thread and then we won’t have this space anymore.

No. 1427433

Ban them before they ruin it!

No. 1427435

Why hasn't anyone made a thread for Alice on Kiwifarms yet? It would be amazing.

No. 1427451

Agree can someone ban? They're just not doing it.
Think she consulted her husband before deciding that she and Fern are traveling full-time? Or is mommababy the one with all final say on parenting decisions?

No. 1427457



No. 1427470

She probs didnt, just packed everything in the kia and left

No. 1427473

I think she doesn’t give a shit and just leaves. Still the same immature disrespectful person as she was a teen. She’s referenced him a few times for her to come home.

No. 1427543

Alice is fucked in many ways but I don’t think Ferns diet is a major problem. He actually eats better than a lot of American kids. My cousins lived off processed Kraft mac and cheese and chicken nuggets and nothing else. If fern is a frugivore that’s fucked but I don’t think he actually is. I always see fern eating elaborate cooked meals at restaurants or at home with Alice in SO many of her videos and he only recently stopped breast feeding. I feel like she talks so highly about frugivore diet for social media but I honestly doubt that she follows it. She’s a big hypocrite who spreads false info. I pray that it’s all bullshit cuz everyone knows you can’t live off fruit. Hopefully it’s not actually happening!

No. 1427554

It’s fucked up to wish foster care upon a child. Alice clearly loves him and her life REVOLVES around him. He literally will get whatever he wants when he’s able to talk. What she needs is extreme therapy and for fern to live at his grandparents until she gets her shit together. I’m glad he’s gonna have a sibling so they can navigate her crazy together and not be lonely with her. I do think unschooling should be illegal tho 100%. Don’t get me wrong I don’t agree with 90% of her things I just think she needs help, not fern in foster care

No. 1427556

Wtf is she doing now. Is she even still pregnant I’m confused

No. 1427565

Bc they have to sign the lease on their disgusting apartment. Someone already posted the state of her floors and house in general. She claims she bought a plot of land and lumber for a house that she never wants to talk about. The husband knows they need to live within their means and she wants MORE. But now she bought a brand new car and is traveling the country alone? And fern will never see his dad? Maybe she should educated herself on the damage it can do to emotionally yank the kid back and forth from him. Fucking strange. (Tinfoil)

No. 1427566

She’s found off her fucking rocker man…fern is gonna go missing or both of them will. She’ll probably stop posting so ppl think she’s in trouble and she’ll do it for attention and views. I’m calling it

No. 1427571

She loves the instant attention so much, I dont even think she would be able to wait that long

No. 1427580

She idolizes the kardashian lifestyle and has made reference she wants her house white like the kardashians, she wants a kitchen like the kardashians. Her with a white colored house, it will be disgusting within the first month.

No. 1427582

She’s becoming insignificant and it’s driving her crazy

No. 1427643

No. 1427687


This is a great case study that shows that yes, vegan and vegetarian diets can work for babies and children IF and only if they receive proper supplementation of vitamin d and calcium. Nothing in this world wants to be eaten by another being, including plants, which is why they evolved to contain chemicals such as oxalates and phytates that actually damage the internal organs of mammals such as ourselves, and they also make the minerals and vitamins less absorbable for us. That’s why we cook most of our food, because it breaks down these harmful substances. Since Alice isn’t supplementing neither herself or Fern with actually bioavailable vitamin d and calcium, her milk is basically water and Fern is only getting his little kidneys rocked by the plants he eats, as he sinks deeper into undiagnosed and untreated rickets and malnutrition. Alice, plants have feelings too! At least a cow doesn’t try to kill you once it’s turned into a steak and after you’ve eaten it.

No. 1427730


No. 1427735

She is having him watch animal birthing documentaries which she says he enjoys watching. Creepy AF

No. 1427742


I really don’t think she is pregnant. I think she lost her period and her milk dried up because she is malnourished. If she is pregnant, that baby is at high risk for serious issues because she is not supplementing with vitamin d, calcium, and folic acid. Her body has probably already been drained of any residual vitamins she had from childhood with fern’s pregnancy and breastfeeding

No. 1427749

There are several hardcore vegans on tiktok having difficulties getting pregnant or maintaining a viable pregnancy but won’t admit their diet is having negative affects on their body.

No. 1427765


No. 1427770

File: 1643241260243.png (6.79 MB, 1242x2688, 9DBE4110-F814-4190-8DAB-83692A…)

Why are ALL her comments positive…

No. 1427774

she deletes negative comments

No. 1427783

Her comments will drop from over 400 to like 80 from all she deletes. She blocks most of the accounts too.

No. 1427832

I think she’s not pregnant but I also don’t think she lost her period or her milk. I think she’s bullshittin.
if she IS pregnant, she’s definitely already peed on a stick by now. she knows whether she is or isn’t, she’s either lying about not taking a test, or lying about her “symptoms” or both.

No. 1427957

I think she is pregnant cuz her stomach is huge right now but the rest of her is thin. She has a baby bump. Unless she was faking pushing out lol I wouldn’t put it past her

No. 1427973

The one tt I saw her back was really arched trying to show a bump but a few days later at gwl her stomach looked quite flat in here swimsuit. You’re right tho, she would fake it for content

No. 1427997


That’s what I’m saying. She was definitely pushing it out. I would like to see the bump when she is standing up straight. Now she seems to only be wearing black t shirts so it’s much harder to see any bump. Which also makes me more suspicious that there is no pregnancy. We’ve already established she has mental issues so I don’t think pseudocyesis (mental illness of a fake pregnancy) is too far out of Alice’s reality

No. 1428109

She is a very disturbed person. Her poor child my god and the fact that this is all documented for so many to see.

No. 1428110

I agree. I don't think she is pregnant either. I think she enjoys controversy and people talking about her so she fabricated this story to get people riled up. She's twisted. I honestly hope she can't have another baby until she seeks the help she really needs.

No. 1428111

She goes through a deletes all the negative ones. She spends 24/7 on her phone because her video will be hours old and someone will recently leave a negative comment and within seconds it's gone.

No. 1428112

I am literally so grossed out at the person commenting that they are grateful to watch baby Fern grow up. As a mom having a stranger say that would make me disgusted. Alice oversteps Ferns boundaries all the damn time but will scream about doctors and nurses not respecting boundaries. She literally cannot protect her own son from other people intruding in his life. Strangers should not know so much about your child. It reminds me of Maia Knights followers claiming her daughters to be the viewers daughters now too. Both those moms are trash for cashing in on their kids privacy.

No. 1428113

She is travelling by herself and posting it in real time. She has claimed people have broken into her home before and believes it's someone stalking her. She is such a fucken idiot I can't even handle it.

No. 1428250

100% agree, not sure if you've seen mom.uncharted on tik tok but she does a great job showing the dangers and consequences of public parental oversharing on social media. Multiple people have tagged alice, but she has yet to speak on her. Probs cuz she did it with Maia and got tons of backlash from her groupies lmao

No. 1428291

File: 1643299140717.jpeg (293.9 KB, 1242x2058, D0041FC1-7D0A-4B4C-9610-399818…)

Alice simps are next level retarded

No. 1428295

Calebs mother is a crisis therapist. wouldn't she be a mandated reporter. Alice is mentally ill Fern is in danger. His mother has a moral and legal obligation to report her.

No. 1428296

What’s concerning is a lot of the terrible comments like that aren’t from 14 year olds who are dumbass kids, but grown women with their own children

No. 1428325

Then she would know if she reported Alice would cut them off, at least right now she can monitor from a distance. Since fern can’t talk and too young to know what is wrong and right it’s difficult, Alice would just say he’s happy and eating. There have been moment in videos of fern looking scared of her and she ignores it, disliking what he’s eating but he’s starving so eats it. Theory, she’s keeping him delayed with his speech by not really communicatively interacting with him so he can’t speak his choices to her. She talks at him, not with him.

No. 1428350

File: 1643305000268.png (1.99 MB, 750x1334, 68865073-7153-4A64-829C-0EC0B7…)

Wtfffff. People are tagging breanne in the comments and she keeps deleting or blocked breanne so she can’t be tagged anymore. Breanne deserves the opportunity to come back at her. Alice is coward who likes to stir up shit. Alice also looks high af!

No. 1428354

i posted saying that it was all fraud and they birth mother had no intention of giving up the child. they paid her medical bills that were fake. she was on Medicaid and all her bills were paid in full by Medicaid. Alison wrote back saying Medicaid doesn't pay much and that she had a 200,000 bill after Medicaid. People were calling her out and she deleted all of the comments.

No. 1428357

Holy shit that sofa is disgusting. Imagine the smell. And her husband just ignoring the baby in favour of the computer as usual

No. 1428381

Pulling shit from her ass in fine Alice form. Saw your comment and her response. So obv they don’t have Medicaid or she would know she wouldn’t have gotten a 200k bill and they would be severely in debt and filing bankruptcy which means not qualifying for a mortgage and no house. Such a compulsive bs’ing liar!!!!!

No. 1428383

Even more disgusting are the ppl in the comments defending the couch

No. 1428387

the bill was probably before Medicaid. The first bill I got for when I had my son was somewhere around 30,000, but then I got a second revised bill that was only around 1,500 after insurance (I don't have Medicaid).

No. 1428393

She could mean the bill before insurance. A car crash and an emergency c-section would be at least 200k I’m sure. But Medicaid would cover all of it, considering their income level too

No. 1428470

File: 1643311797225.png (4.55 MB, 828x1792, 027CB777-5E69-44B1-A809-9D0D96…)

Shaggy made an appearance lmfao

No. 1428476

Shaggy doo didn’t look impressed either. She needs to clean the couch and vacuum/mop floors instead. I’m sure there’s laundry and dishes to be done too

No. 1428548


Wow he looks SOOOOO healthy and nourished from that superior diet they’re on, not at all like he has black circles under his eyes and listless, dull, sad hair. Do y’all think he sneaks unapproved by Alice food items at the restaurant he works at? There’s no way this guy goes into work and brings a case of bananas and coconut waters with him.

No. 1428550

He’s the one who got her into veganism in the first place

No. 1428552

I dont think so because i remember her saying she would cook him "organic dead bodies" before they went vegan, I think she was the one that made them both vegan

No. 1428581

She was wanting to be vegan before meeting him hence why she says her parents abused and neglected her bc they would eat meat and not buy her food she wanted and “let her starve”

No. 1428589

Most definitely he does. He also started using shampoo, probably bc he stank and his hair was greasy all the time. Gross thought of eating at the restaurant where he’s handling food.

No. 1428590

File: 1643319029621.png (7.39 MB, 1242x2208, 8669E3AF-DDD4-475D-8668-7CAB97…)

Absolutely cannot fucking wait for Alice’s mommy blogwhore arc. This bitch looks like Tina Belcher.

No. 1428599

Bahahahaha. As if she would let strange men near or see her coochie. She brings up sw when she needs to bring her views or comments up. She cycles through her controversial topics.

No. 1428615

her cooch be nasty smelling and dirty

No. 1428619

someone's trying to convince me that Alice has been "openly gay" for a while. is this true bc despite following her antics and this thread for a few months I absolutely do not get lesbian from her. maybe she's in denial idk

No. 1428632

this is what she does. she makes wild and ridiculous accusations. Attacks people. Shames people but when she gets held accountable for the trash she spews from her disgusting unbrushed mouth she cries being bullied and shamed. She is unhinged.

No. 1428634

I genuinely hope the uproar for this becomes overwhelming for Alice and she won't be able to delete or be on top of all the comments calling her out. She bullies people left and right for THEIR decisions but runs and hides when people call her out.

Girl your floors are disgusting and your son eats off your couch that probably has your ass juices on it. Invest your time in properly cleaning your home and you won't have time to be in everyones business.

No. 1428635

she just acts like that for attention. if she was gay she wouldn't pander to men and say shit about how men prefer teens. or maybe her gross obsession with teen girls is somehow her being "gay" but i don't wanna disrespect lesbians like that lol

No. 1428637

they are probably just as filthy as her.

No. 1428640

Can you imagine working all day, giving your wife whatever she wants and then coming home to a dumpster while your wife is dancing for tiktok.

No. 1428641

They both look so unhealthy. Their diet cannot be sufficient enough.

No. 1428644

I just keep thinking of her lack of hygiene and I just cannot imagine how gross this is going to be.

No. 1428647

Her obsession with teens especially pregnant teens and their fertility make me so uncomfortable.

No. 1428650

someone asked her on tiktok if she tore her cooch when she gave birth and she said she doesn't know cause she didn't look. i just don't believe her. she strikes me as someone who would be obsessed with their body and body check alot especially that she said she has been thinking alot about doing sw so it makes me believe she thinks her body looks good lol. she probably had tears but lied on tiktok to make it look like homebirth doesn't have any negative results.

No. 1428651

chances are we're gonna see her mutilated badly healed coochie on her of

No. 1428656

She said it took 8 months for down there to “feel normal” she def tore lol

No. 1428665

she's literally touching that dirty ass thing and then touching her son. her nails are dirty af. omg SHE IS FILTHY. at least she used to get her nails done.

No. 1428667

File: 1643323461016.jpeg (238.92 KB, 828x1462, 89281C07-4438-4631-8826-8CA435…)

I try not to make fun of people’s teeth because of how hard it can be to get dental care but this bitch is WILLINGLY “washing” her teeth with bar soap and look how yellow they look. i’m so worried for Fern’s teeth

No. 1428668

That's exactly it. I am not knocking homebirths at all but she is never honest about the possible consequences of doing a homebirth. It's good to be educated on both the good and the bad from a homebirth or hospital birth. But she makes it seem like if you take your baby to a hospital they will die when babies and mothers have also died in homebirth. She just spews really dangerous stuff with absolutely no backing behind it. I think she is a really mean person on the inside and she wants everyone to feel as miserable as her.

No. 1428669

She has got to smell so bad. Her and Fern always look so dirty. His clothes are always stained and her hair is always greasy.

No. 1428670

you can literally see the plaque. Omgg.

No. 1428689

she looks insane and homeless

No. 1428691


Yeah not only does she brush her teeth with actual soap she eats so much fruit. Sugar is sugar and fruit sugar breaks down enamel and feeds mouth bacteria just like regular old sugar. Girl has gotta have some nasty cavities

No. 1428696

The way she smiled for fern was like a vampire going in for an attack. She also uses a whitening filter for fern’s teeth. Someone asked her if she brushed his teeth and she deleted the comment. I can imagine what they really look like.

No. 1428699


The people in the comments encouraging her like fr…. y’all wanna see that??? Those cold dead eyes and dirty nails? I can’t even vomits

No. 1428704

They are probably all secret accounts just for her to leave comments.

No. 1428716

Love how she flirts with radical feminism when it comes to her fake scrote bashing and anti surrogacy/commercial adoption but of course has zero critique of pornography or prostitution because it means she can make money while being a lazy whore.

No. 1428722


She is a hypocrite. A mentally ill one at that.

No. 1428724

Mild tea but I saw her once at a non organic grocery store in town and just thought it was funny because she only films in sprouts/whole foods

No. 1428727

Figured. I think a lot of things she does is specifically for social media. She is a hypocrite.

No. 1428735

Just like she would go to clothing stores, try stuff on for tt and walk out without buying anything till employees started exposing her do she stopped. Ppl started calling her out that she was also doing the same at expensive grocery stores, filling a cart then abandoning the cart in the store while fern at produce while walking around.

No. 1428739

I haate how she does that with Fern. One - aren't a lot of produce priced by weight? and two - she will literally hand Fern dirty fruit that others have probably touched, coughed and sneezed all over. This girls hygiene is just non existent and she is documenting for the world to see.

No. 1428753

that baby def has worms. gross

No. 1428761

Or let’s him eat half a package of blueberries then throws the package on a shelf somewhere. She is so money driven that she would do anything for free stuff or questionable actions to earn money. She’s a trump loving hustler.

No. 1428762

I really hope she gets caught doing that and is made to pay for it. She has such an entitled attitude about herself it's disgusting.

No. 1428775

Theory… her “dumpster diving” is her actually picking up merch employees have intentionally thrown out. She’s a pick up person of inside employee theft rings, wouldn’t be the first time it was done.

No. 1428779

Anyone else getting the vibe her husband may have someone on the side or at least talking to someone?

No. 1428780

I see half eaten packages on random shelves in Walmart all the time

No. 1428797

Caleb does not have enough of a presence on social media to speculate on that, but, I can see where you’re coming from. Men have emotional needs, too, and I don’t imagine Alice is very warm or loving towards her sperm donor / wage slave. It would not surprise me if he was talking to someone else on the side. Maybe that’s where Alice’s jealousy of teens comes from, and he has another teen tradwife waiting in the wings for after she fucks off with Fern. Who knows.

No. 1428850

her face does look like it has aged at least 5 years in the last 6 months

No. 1428864

File: 1643332842644.jpeg (383.15 KB, 1800x1800, 1D5D01B3-9F11-40C4-944C-684B9B…)

ffffff disgusting

No. 1428876

She's deleting SOOO many comments on this lmao

No. 1428883

She only posts stupid outrageous TikTok’s when her numbers are down and needs money

No. 1428884

Curious if tt still pays her for all the comments she deletes. She isn’t making a lot of money off comments if they don’t.

No. 1428890

TT pays you for comments?

No. 1428900

I think views, likes and comments

No. 1428901

File: 1643334430911.jpeg (390.48 KB, 750x839, 52FD634F-7FD7-4526-93CA-E00AA0…)

Best comment

No. 1428909


It still seems like 90% of the comments are shocked and disgusted… what’s she gonna do delete them all? But she is messed up in the head so I’m sure she is enjoying the attention. Also, it’s obvious that she’s not faking this. The times I’ve gone barefoot before, your feet really do get stained. She’ll have some real nasty freaks on her OF looking for this content. Again, poor Fern. His mother is a basket case and he will be embarrassed to call her his mother once he is old enough to understand what she is doing.

No. 1428915

this is fucking unhinged. she is so unwell. poor baby fern his mom is losing her god damn mind.

No. 1428916

Can you imagine if Fern doesn't want to live the same life she does? I could see her having a colossal meltdown over it.

No. 1428918

i think he surely won't want the same as his mom lol. he will hate her guts

No. 1428919

He will have the same relationship with her as she does with her family

No. 1428920

and it'll be all her fault. she is insufferable and makes everyone around her miserable it seems.

No. 1428922

we should collectively call the cps on her but it won't make her learn from her mistakes. it'd just make her whine and cry about how bad the government is. i think the only way she would come to her senses is if fern gets really sick from her retardation. i fucking hate this woman so much(don’t encourage cowtipping)

No. 1428926

I could see Fern getting really sick to the point of needing the hospital and her refusing and Calebs family having to step in. I don't think Fern is safe with Alice. I never did even when she first started out. There was something so damn off about her and how codependent she is on Fern. It's all so unhealthy.

No. 1428928

File: 1643336221915.jpg (947.58 KB, 1079x2002, Screenshot_20220127-211629_Tik…)

>they will probably censor this now that I'm bringing attention to it

No. 1428929

Calling cps would push her into hiding and no one watching over him. Unfortunately I don’t think cps would remove him for what she is doing. If medical issues were to arise where she took him to the hospital and drs reported neglect then cps would remove

No. 1428939

Who is they, what is this and who is I’m?

No. 1428941

those beady eyes, thin lips and disgusting fingernails.

No. 1428945

Read the forum rules and don’t suggest about cow tipping, newfag anon

No. 1428946

I thought this too. She claims to be a radfem but exhibits Onision-level disgusting scrote behavior. Has anyone ever commented asking her what she thinks of trans people? I’m curious if she’d pretend to be a TRA or pretend to be a radfem, and how her groupies would react

No. 1428948

Ppl have asked if fern was trans if she’d support him and she said yes but that was a long while ago and her views have been more discriminatory lately.

No. 1428956

File: 1643338421570.jpeg (192.26 KB, 828x1513, 4A970443-CE70-4037-B2CD-05478B…)


That girl Allison idolises cow “Zoe Durant” aka xozoezxo on Instagram has posted some VERY transphobic shit. (Sept 8) And Allison comments “🔥” so do with that information what you will.

No. 1428957

She just said Instagram is "abusive" because they dont pay people for posting content. I literally cant

No. 1428958

Is it just me or is her aliceandfern account not showing up anymore? Maybe I was blocked but I have a second tiktok which I’ve never interacted with her on and none of the videos from that account are showing there either… did she get deleted???

No. 1428959

She is known for saying stuff to appease her audience and gets caught playing both sides of fences till she finally has to admit her true thoughts or agree with the one who she would most benefit from being their ally.

No. 1428960

no its alicellanispam now, she changed it

No. 1428962


Ah okay, I see now someone above said that. Thanks!

No. 1428966

She has been purposefully vague/supportive anytime someone brings up troony shit probably because all her fans are extremely online zoomers who would dump her if she was publicly transphobic, but she admires fake radfem freaks like Yolande/Bauhauswife

No. 1429221

It’s funny she’s changing all the names to HER name only? Even though the content is about fern and was her rise to fame? Narc behavior.

No. 1429228

I thought maybe it meant she would be posting less about Fern but I highly doubt that. She said changes were coming to the account though, we’ll see…

No. 1429232


Unrelated but there’s also a cat litter box SOMEWHERE in the small, already filthy apartment. I just KNOW it is reeks, bc there’s no way she’s scooping that.

Also for an animal lover, she sure is fine leaving her cat behind on this new van life.

Okay back ti regularly schedule business…
She thinks she can live and sustain herself on just social media, but I don’t see her getting any “bigger” fame wise. Her YouTube is a flop but her insta gets more traction so she wishes it counted for something instead of using it as a fun picture app to document and share moments. Is she literally posting just for strangers bc it sounds like she’s alienated all her friends and family. And don’t tell me fern is in playgroups regularly, bc his speech is not progressing. Your 18-month-old should be using at least 20 words of different kinds, like nouns, verbs, prepositions, adjectives, and social words, like “hi” and “bye”. Also listed: Brings an object from another room when asked (follows 1-part directions)
Sings simple songs
Mixes real words and jargon

Now she only shows us snippets, I tried to think that. But she would be the first one to brag about his accomplishments, as breastfed baby’s and vegans and the unvaccinated turn out to be baby geniuses without autism. All of them. (Sarcasm)

If anything she’s dwindling in relevance. I give it another year before we are all coming back to this thread like “oh I forgot about her, wonder where she is now?”

She’s sick of the life she told Caleb she wanted and think about how unfair that is for him. He is holding up his part but she’s certainly not holding up for her agreement they made of her being a home maker.

I admit she had a cute setup for ferns birthday and lots of trees for Christmas, but where did that effort go, even for light housekeeping (as we can see the state of her floors.)

And why had she been throwing money around and talking about how much she spends all the time? Did fern really need TWO cars? What’s the update on unschooling, bc certainly fern should be getting some structured stimulation. Their brains are like sponges rn and he’s he will behind and it’s going to be more difficult for him to catch up when he’s older. She is setting him up for failure and he’s only, what? 18-19 months? Or is he younger?

(All of this is basically tinfoil speculation, but I wonder how accurate it will be in a few years,

No. 1429239

It’s so odd though because fern is why everyone is there? And now she’s trying to rebrand every few weeks and it’s so weird and not working and I think she’s panicking. I wanna believe that because the alternative is her ACTUALLY going off the deep end.

People asked for more day in the life’s of baby fern and more cooking recipes and she rarely incorporates those in comparison to the other “reply” and shaming videos. Is she just gonna discard and ignore fern now? Half the time it’s not even true, she lies all the time and is such a hypocrite.

A few really bad examples:
She dumpster dives; but when telling her birth story she said she threw her placenta into their apartment garbage “even though people dumpster dive in there” and then she laughed. (I will try and find the video, there’s a lot to sift through!)
(biological waste is not meant for the garbage) imagine the freaks who would collect those if that’s where they put kidneys, hearts etc.

And also when someone brought up having to replace the couch someday and how expensive they are now a days. And how a plate or high chair could easily add years onto their couches life. She did a video reply “if you’re broke just say that” UM WHAT MRS PUBLIC ASSISTANCE AND DUMPSTER DIVER!

(Not making fun of either of those things; I am on assistance too. And dumpster diving is a great way to reduce waste) but it’s the blatant disrespect to the commenter who wasn’t being mean at all compared to others in the comments.

And her few weird stans who provide her with questions she loves answering in a controversial way.

I’m absorbed in it all don’t judge me lol

No. 1429255

Honestly that’s what needs to happen. Fern abs literally every baby on Tik Tok deserves privacy. Not to have their face fucking blasted everywhere.

No. 1429256

I think some of the questions she answers are staged by her fake accounts. I know she has them bc I’ve noticed them and called her out and poof the account disappeared. She eats out or orders food delivery a lot so either she doesn’t actually purchase all the groceries in her cart or food rots. People were commenting not liking her negative attacking TikTok’s anymore. She has multiple personalities and we haven’t seen the freakish slutty emo girl in a while. Remember the couch interaction and ppl trying to explain it wasn’t necessarily about the money but respect for things you own. Her house is going to be a disgusting shithole within a month of them moving in. I’m looking forward to her dealing with the HOA, every HOA has an extreme Karen. (Assuming they still get the house)

No. 1429275

File: 1643384467572.jpeg (470.17 KB, 1800x1800, 2EBBD4F0-EF3A-467A-ABE3-773412…)

The look of wtf was that. She’s going to start drinking immunity shots bc someone else does, what a sheep. Bet she makes fern keep drinking them.

No. 1429281

His poor little brain is trying to comprehend why his mother keeps feeding him disgusting food. But his survival instincts know it’s all he is getting for nourishment so he accepts his fate. I want to see a video of baby fern eating an egg or cheese or a small piece of meat. Guarantee he would not be making those faces. Maybe one day, when you get out, little one

No. 1429290

I’ve seen that fearful mistrusting look on fern’s face several times. Poor child

No. 1429299

I know this is one of the least shocking Alice things, but how fucked up is it for HER to comment on how intense the smell of pepper is, can’t even finish it herself without the tiniest sips, and then gives it to fern. As a mom it’s just the opposite of what you do. If my baby was ASKING for a sip, I would explain it’s spicy and question if he actually wants to try.

No. 1429301

Exactly!!! Did she actually think he would fucking like it?

No. 1429307

That’s the thing, she doesn’t explain things to him. Explaining opens up the possibility of him saying no. Exactly what she accuses her parents of doing which created a “toxic environment” for her, if it was a toxic environment for her then it’s a toxic environment for fern too.

No. 1429308

And then giggles afterwards

No. 1429309


Hehehe it’s so funny to feed my baby things he doesn’t like… because how could he not like it it’s the optimal diet for humans and I know everything. Because consent for me but not for my baby. She is so backwards

No. 1429353

Definitely. And it’s a little scary how he will be two this year and I’m not sure he even has any words in his vocabulary. Maybe if she never teaches him to speak he will just have to be her companion for life.

No. 1429388

I don’t think any. If she made a tt about how brilliant he was for putting cucumbers in a jar she would be posting tt of his words. Also, when people ask if he can say any words she deletes the comment. But of coarse her diehards defend saying it’s normal to not be saying any words yet.

No. 1429405


It can be normal but he still will likely need speech therapy… some things just happen regardless of how well you raise the kid. (Not saying she is raising him well lol) My brother went to speech therapy around age two even though my parents interacted and talked to him the way they were supposed to etc. I can see Alice recording these tiktoks all day where she does is silent dances or is eating or just staring at the camera, then spending the rest of her time deleting comments and watching videos, giving Fern no language engagement at all

No. 1429486


Yup she was claiming he could walk months before there were any videos of him walking. For a girl who has no problem showing receipts of every shopping spree she’s done, she sure makes a lot of claims (like having an associates degree) without showing any receipts. She also regularly claims he’s a whole month younger than he actually is, I think she must know he’s delayed.

No. 1429496

She will cover the dates on the shopping receipts so who knows if it’s actually valid.

No. 1429499

An associates degree is equivalent to a high school diploma designed for drop outs. She has made reference to him possibly being autistic so she knows he is delayed. Low hopes for him ever getting speech therapy. Sad future for him if she unschools him. You’d think she would want better for him than a minimum wage job like his dad but she’ll teach him to be a hustler and grifter.

No. 1429626

I was just thinking, she takes Fern to a naturopath for yearly check-ups, any chance they will mention his development, bow legs, or any other issue? Honestly even if they do, that doesn't mean she'll follow up with treatment, and thats what worries me

No. 1429631

I don’t believe her that she has taken him.

No. 1429633

I remember seeing a picture of them at the naturopath but that was probs only once lol

No. 1429634

This is how I picture her time with Fern too. She always has a camera in his face whether it's for tiktok or youtube. I think once she's done recording him her interactions with him cease. That's how he was able to swallow her ring because she does not pay attention to him.

No. 1429653

She’s also a lot crazier now then when he was first born.

No. 1429656

She does a lot of editing to manipulate her tt

No. 1429692

There’s a litter box somewhere in there…I imagine they don’t care for that either.. probably reeks.

No. 1429694

She said she “had to” to “get cps off your back”

No. 1429699

If they aren’t cleaning the box regularly then the cat is peeing in the apartment

No. 1429708

No doubt, probs peein n shittin everywhere. The dog too

No. 1429794

our gorl is trying to convince more teenage girls to have babies while being the perfect example of why they shouldn’t

No. 1430374

I truly don’t understand her agenda of coercing teens into having children

No. 1430552

Omg no I can smell it from here. THERE USED TO BE A RABBITT TOO!!!!!! I’m throwing up bye

No. 1430556

go to the new thread

No. 1430557


No. 1430697

Yeah where?

No. 1430747

Someone tell me where the new thread is

No. 1430774

There shouldn't be a new thread until we reach 1100-1200 posts. This thread has just barely reached 800

No. 1430778

File: 1643557147849.png (2.39 MB, 1242x2208, BD0C7DF5-5E42-41C1-97EE-18B894…)

She is definitely reading this thread because now she’s trying to trannypander

No. 1430781


Which is rich because Alice idolizes that girl 2nthepink who is a well known transphobe who posts intentionally inflammatory trash against that community. Sorry, Allison, we don’t buy your fake pandering.

No. 1430867

“Had” body dismorphia? She made a tiktok asking if she looked big and then stated she was 100LBS. And another person on this thread saw her duping herself skinner with poor photoshop. She still had issues and is in no place to give advice on the matter

No. 1430868

Her weird stans bite right into it too.

No. 1430876

She’s encouraging Ed. She’s becoming desperate so she’s using freelee, orision and other controversial influencers tactics to target “lost” souls looking for someone to listen to them. She will manipulate them by feeding into their addictions or traumas for their following. All to fulfill her need for popularity and money. Imagine what she says to them in dm.

No. 1430897

I dont think she's coping with Fern based on the erratic videos recently. He seemed to be a pretty placid baby which is pretty much what she wants, not a toddler or actual child with their own feelings or wants. She also plans on home-schooling him which as well as possibly impacting his physical growth by not giving him proper nutrition, he's also going to struggle for the rest of his life because she's not going to teach him anything he'll need, I doubt she understands alot of things academically and probably only wants to teach him a few select things that she agrees with

No. 1430973

Homeschooling is so fucked up and controlling, let the kid make friends and memories and a life of his own. He only has one childhood and it’s not for her fucking TikTok.

No. 1431029

We are watching an ensuing eruption. I feel bad to say this but I’m breaking out the popcorn. Shits gonna get weird OR she’s gonna disappear entirely off the internet.

It’s like she’s TRYING to get kidnapped or assaulted by putting her self and fern out there like this. Being reckless with both their lives, it’s terrible. Something really bad is gonna happen I can just see it, but I hope I’m wrong :(

Where do you guys see this going?? And what happened to the house she’s building (allegedly)

No. 1431035

if I remember correctly, she’s not even planning on homeschooling Fern. She wants to do “unschooling” which is just a wook way of saying that she’s not going to deliberately teach him anything. I’m all for experience-based learning but Fern literally has 0 structure in his life. It’s honestly scary

No. 1431056

Yes, shes putting them in very dangerous situations. I genuinely dont know why she thinks its a good idea to travel alone with him. What is going on in her head??? Its scary

Yeah that kid is not gonna learn a single thing while unschooling, I feel so bad for him. How are you going to prepare yourself for anything in life with 0 structure?

No. 1431137


in her latest tik-tok she reckons his life is “pReTtY CrAzY”…. and then they go to the mall and eat sushi. um…. that’s what she considers crazy? Ok.

Things many people have done by 18 mos of age that Fern has never done:

(Actually) swim in the ocean
Have a passport
travel outside the country
travel by rail
go on a boat
Have play date with the same group of friends more than once
Make art/ use paints etc
Allison doesn’t have a single mom friend willing for themselves or their kid to be shown playing with them. Most people make tik-toks with friends. Not Alice.

honestly his life is really boring and nowhere near as interesting as Allison thinks it is kek

No. 1431216

File: 1643603434672.jpeg (876.41 KB, 828x1433, FE7FF3A5-739D-4831-889F-F96075…)

No. 1431248

She looks like she’s in her 40s. Bitch needs some sunscreen.

No. 1431322

Sorry but no, most people never get to go on a boat or leave the country>>1431137

No. 1431407

It's the veganism, all of them age up pretty badly

No. 1431490

File: 1643643442371.jpeg (169.1 KB, 750x933, 48816DEC-F276-4B85-A32D-026E03…)

Her teeth are more disgusting than my 80 year old grandmas natural teeth

No. 1431535


Sage your shit or don’t post here. And just because you don’t do these things doesn’t mean you need to convince yourself or others that “most” people don’t either.

No. 1431546

I feel like we are watching a mentally unwell woman spiral in real time. Not only is she unwell but she’s also incredibly cunning and manipulative. Poor fern being mixed into this.

No. 1431551

stinky(no contribution)

No. 1431587

I wonder if it's possible to get the email field pre-populated with "sage" or a placeholder since people keep forgetting.

Anyway of course Alice is bragging that the only time she DOES get her feet cut by glass, it's when she's wearing feet prisons. Thank goodness these people are nocturnal I guess so Fern doesn't have to step on 110+ degree daytime concrete barefoot. And the way she gloats that people don't notice that she's barefoot until "past the point of no return" aka when she's checking out at her daily $700 produce haul that she encourages Fern to eat unwashed despite the fact that most produce is priced by weight. So much entitlement. Such little regard for anyone but Alice.

No. 1431625

So many people in her comments questioning if she is or was ever pregnant and she keeps deleting them and bump update comments. I think it was a hoax to get her views up. It has made more people realize just how bat-shit crazy she is. Save fern from him narcissistic psychotic mum

No. 1431651

I don’t think she is pregnant. I bet in a couple months she going to blame the “bump” on gluten and say it went away when she cut it out of her diet.

No. 1431719

It is the user’s job to integrate on this website. Read the rules or get banned. This is just one of hundreds of threads, threads where anons are contributing and posting appropriately. I understand that this thread is being flooded by newfags from TikTok but you’re on the Farms now, get it together.

No. 1431753

File: 1643668732350.jpeg (163.67 KB, 828x1219, 4C388032-8111-46FF-9E9C-3A3A1A…)

I hope she’s faking for views but she’s also crazy enough to actually have a baby for more attention. She believes women are infertile by their late 20’s so at the very least she’s probably trying to get pregnant. In this video from the 17th it honestly looks like she could be early on in a pregnancy, it could also just be her purposely pushing her stomach out or bloating though, so who knows.

No. 1431758

In the video about nail reveal in the comments she responds to someone saying that she only about 10 percent sure she’s pregnant. That’s sick to lie about that for attention.

No. 1431774

Yeah I'm saging my own shit, I was suggesting it because it's a continual issue with newcomers.

No. 1431785

Groomers like young girls and Alice is aging rapidly and not gracefully. She is really letting herself go, being dirty, yellow teeth covered in plaque, lack of sleep with bags under her eyes and leathery skin. Fern is looking more like his dad everyday.

No. 1431811

her hair looks like shit now

No. 1431825

It’s cuz she doesn’t use any products, so her curls just get matted together

No. 1431831

Her restrictive diet too

No. 1431838

It’s probably falling out because of her shit diet. She thinks being vegan is as simple as just not eating animal products and has no idea how to be vegan and still make decent nutritious meals. I wouldn’t be surprised if her “late period” is just her body shutting down unnecessary functions because of nutrient deficiencies.

No. 1431956

Oh 100%. It’s happened to other vegans before, she is no exception to it. After two pregnancies and breastfeeding with a diet of primarily fruit and no supplements, her womb doesn’t have what it needs to have a cycle anymore, let alone another baby. She is not pregnant. Which is why she ignores all of those “bump update” comment requests.

No. 1432094

So she’s lying about being pregnant for attention and to minimize how her nutrient deficient diet is affecting her body. Gross. I wonder how Caleb feels about her starving herself into infertility, when they had an agreement to try for one baby every year for up to ten years.

No. 1432128


I get the sense that they are really on the outs. She is never home, and she deletes all comments that ask about how he feels about her constantly being away.

She used to be pretty into her home life, making meals and talking about being a housewife, but now she doesn’t even pretend to do anything for him.

She eats out every single meal now, which is also suspicious considering how much money she is spending at the grocery store.

I would feel bad for the man, but he deserves it for grooming a 14 year old. I wonder why his rich daddy hasn’t stepped in.(sage)

No. 1432130

Yes def, did you see her most recent tik tok? Putting her in Fern in a dangerous situation, a random truck followed her from the parking lot down to the river and parked next to her, probs waiting for her to get out. she left which is good but all of this traveling alone will just put her in more danger, hopefully nothing happens. She is really playing with their lives

No. 1432147

Anyone notice her TikTok view numbers are all over the place? A post 6 hrs ago has under 20k views but a 5 hr post has almost 800k views, is she buying views?

No. 1432149

Can you even do that on tik tok lol

No. 1432164

Interesting… same tt at 7 hours has 1mil views but she has under 300k followers. You can buy anything if you know where to look.

No. 1432337

Maybe that’s where all her weird stans came from. She pays them in coconut water

No. 1432434

She does this so much and it’s infuriating. I remember a TikTok where she took him to a random park at 3am. People were asking her why she goes out in the middle of the night by herself with her baby and she recorded a bunch of strangers walking around the park saying ‘we are never alone there are always people out at this time!’ Yea but probably not the right people. I think she’s a malicious person and hates being challenged in her beliefs so she retaliates by being reckless. A lot of people told her that her free birth with Fern was dangerous and now with her new fake pregnancy she’s not even going to test or do any kind of check ups. It seems like she puts herself in dangerous situations to stick it to the haters.

No. 1433252

Is there a new thread? Someone drop the link if so!

No. 1433292

wondering the same

No. 1433300

Anyone else think Alice has an inkling that Fern might have rickets? Its probs a long shot but the first thing that came up when I typed "at home remedies for rickets" is giving the child a massage with coconut oil, and thats what shes been doing the past couple videos lol

No. 1433303

New threads start after 1200 replies, this one only has 880. The milk is just slow rn
Please type sage in the email field if you don’t have anything milky to contribute.

No. 1433305

Surely she must notice or at least see the comments about it

No. 1433306

holy shit, if so that's hilariously dire. definitely plausible tinfoil.

No. 1433311

Sigh a simple Google search shows that many cases of rickets can be resolved with calcium and vitamin D supplements… Such a simple and available fix to a problem she CAUSED. But of course she's probably going to try to feed her poor baby a ton of oranges and then take him out to get sunburnt sans sun protection. This poor, sweet little boy…

It just hit me that Fern is probably not going to be taught to read/write, basic math or science, or anything practical really. Just conspiracy theories. Alice is making him so very dependent on her, her, her. I hope his grandparents can step in and do ANYTHING to help the poor little dude out

No. 1433312

File: 1643847929071.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1284x2039, 4F62AEDD-FA2A-4C93-97D9-236655…)

wow ferns “dad” cant even get off his phone to play with his son, it’s sad they think just their presence with no interaction will build some sort of bond with this lonely kid

No. 1433315

Fern looks so messy :( could they have at least washed and brushed his hair?

No. 1433319

Apparently he rarely gets a bath. Alice says she only gives him a bath if he gets "really" dirty but idk what her definition of that is

No. 1433320

I also noticed fern is in some kind of character or word printed tshirt which Alice had talked down about those kinds of clothes. But decided now that he’s not a baby she doesn’t care to dress him in cute outfits anymore.

He’s sleeping less and less during the day so I’m sure she’s tired and overwhelmed. And apparently selfish to shop for her self and not for him. It was probably a Christmas gift from when the family was over. All of this speculation of course. But I feel there’s so much beneath the surface we haven’t even begun to scratch.

No. 1433321

File: 1643848532661.jpeg (248.05 KB, 828x1309, 16DD015A-7459-419F-AFF3-C15B46…)

His grandparents can’t possibly watch this and think his legs are healthy looking

No. 1433322

Can he even speak yet? :( isn’t that typical of this age?

No. 1433323

He’s going to grow up to be a fat greasy gamer living in his room. I say fat bc once he gets a taste of fast food he will be out of control from being deprived and not taught how to regulate choices.

She will find someone to diagnose him with autism and her excuse not to teach him but also won’t get any development assistance, only financial assistance.

No. 1433324

No. 1433328

File: 1643849047730.jpg (344.05 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20220202-194341_Tik…)

vitamin d you say?

No. 1433331

Loser parents of the year award goes to…

No. 1433334

We know they all stink and ppl have commented seeing them in public and they were so ripe and the boy filthy

No. 1433341

It really looks like not only does he have rickets, he has hip displasia too. Those hips of his look so splayed out sideways. He is starting to look weirder and sicker the older he gets. Something is definitely off for poor Fern. Feed him milk!!!! Or at least some freaking supplements. But it’s probably too late for either of those. Surgery will be needed soon, if he doesn’t fall and injure himself badly first.

No. 1433352

i agree, i think her money is running low and she doesn’t really have the resources to buy the target baby clothes anymore, she just posted a video of her shopping at a thrift store for some baby clothes

No. 1433353

Who in their right mind only feeds their kid 2 avocados and a glass of orange juice for breakfast? Does she even cook anymore? Seriously some bad lazy parenting.

No. 1433354

She wants a van or mini school bus to travel in

No. 1433355

The hip issues could’ve come from improper baby wearing too.

Does anyone else notice she never has sponsers either? Nobody wants to associate with her B.S. … I think ONCE she did a diaper one even though she was supposedly cloth diapering (can’t keep up). And that’s how most influencers make their money, not so much views/likes/follows (maybe I’m wrong though)

No. 1433357

I have never seen him interact with him, although I feel like she doesn't let him have much say and is quite controlling.

Also I've noticed he's had dark bags under his eyes in a few videos recently. Just slowly starting to look malnourished and signs are becoming more obvious as he gets older

No. 1433358

He also has a saggy diaper most of the too and cant walk properly cuz its in the way

No. 1433359

I reckon it'll be less than a year before it's very evident and she disappears or some of her fans turn on her

No. 1433369

File: 1643852066611.gif (349.39 KB, 240x240, 070D67AD-4ED1-4736-95B1-499773…)

No. 1433373

She had a stroller deal with a stroller that had leather seat and handles but a group of moms snaked her to the company as being vegan so they pulled their deal. She was getting a lot negative comments about her selling out to the company. Afterwards she trashed the company on social media. I don’t think she had a diaper deal but was using disposables under a cloth diaper shell while telling everyone she only uses cloth. You could see the disposable diaper because she didn’t fasten the shell correctly.

No. 1433379

Yep the brand was bombigear. She lost the partnership because women were sending the brand all the videos where she doubles down on her whole dumbass "C-section aren't birth they're a surgical extraction!" stance. She now pushes fern around in the leather UPPAbaby stroller because her morals definitely take a backseat when she's butthurt.

No. 1433382


She did a stroller ad but a whole FB group of people critical of her complained to the brand and sent them her videos calling c-sections “surgical extractions” and her saying womens’ value decreases with age and the brand made her take the ad down and remove their tags.

No. 1433386


No, the uppababy vista she bought had the leather. The bombigear stroller she had the brand partnership is fully vegan AND made from recycled materials. They fired her.

No. 1433389


the leather stroller she had was uppababy vista. She never had a partnership with them, she bought the stroller because she sees the posh older mums with them while she’s shopping and she’s trying to be like them.

No. 1433390

Also I think whenever she wants something that isn't vegan, she just purchases it and then later claims she had no idea

No. 1433393

Yeah same shit she did with Disney lmao Was talking shit on disney saying she had no idea how bad they were blah blah but goes and buys tickets and bashes them after the fact.

No. 1433404

Yes she definitely purchased the UPPAbaby because it's very posh and spendy. She's copying the geriatric 31 year old moms whose husbands she claims want someone young like her

No. 1433421


ACCURATE. she even referenced the “posh 30 year old moms with uppababy strollers” in a video where she was driving to a shopping district. During the day, she frequents these shopping places apparently populated by older mothers in their thirties who have partners with well-paying jobs. She tries to be like them but when she realizes she never will (not even when she’s their age) she goes home and makes tik-toks hating on them and telling them their value has decreased (because she is jealous) without considering how absolutely stupidly envious she sounds.

She didn’t have that stroller when fern was born. She bought it when he turned one. so my theory is when that supposed “settlement” check hit, that was the first thing she bought… whereas the moms she’s trying to be like bought them before their babies are even born.

No. 1433441

Right and just wanna say, it's totally fine to want expensive stuff, to splurge, etc. Who can really say they've always been perfect with money down to the individual transaction? Buy the UPPAbaby stroller if it makes you happy girl.
It's the moving goal posts and hypocrisy (with the Disney tickets, stroller, fast fashion, iphones, acrylic nails) + the endless shaming of others that make this girls consumption unbearable to watch

No. 1433454


She is burning through that settlement money at breakneck speed too with her manic spending sprees. She’s going to end up just like those lottery winners who all end up going broke, filing for bankruptcy, and getting all their big purchases re-po’d

No. 1433466

The settlement money is probably to be the down payment for the house because there is no way he will get approved for a $300,000+ mortgage on a minimum wage job, her spending habits, on his third job in two years and a single income family.

No. 1433486

Wait till the underwriter takes a good long look at her very regular spending habits. She’s screwed when they look at her debit history. RIP approved mortgage lol… you can’t just tell the bank “I’m going to stop spending like this when we have mortgage payments to make!” Suddenly all those daily smoothies, sushi, steadfast farm hauls, king mattresses, and ‘uprooted kitchen’ sandwiches aren’t going to look as cute

No. 1433490

Even WITH a downpayment they won’t get approved if her spending isn’t within the means of his paycheck. Doubt he claims tips either so they’re royally farked. Would love to see his tax returns kek

No. 1433575

Can a burger chan please explain why CPS are still now involved?

No. 1433649


(Omg I almost forgot to sage lol)

No. 1433650

Omg what’s the fb group please link!

No. 1433680

She’s back to pretending she’s pregnant on her alicellanispam tiktok account. She went thrift shopping for “Fern & Fetus”

No. 1433686


I think she deleted this TT of her husband, wonder why.

No. 1433703

The tt is still posted. Just shows what pos parents they really are, one with a social media addiction and the other on Pokémon go. The neglect will get worse if there is a baby.

No. 1433706

fern is getting really skinny too. i wonder if her milk is dry still

No. 1433707

That’s what happens when a kid only eats 2 avocados and a glass of oj for breakfast. His other meals aren’t much either.

No. 1433751

File: 1643905805360.jpeg (211.55 KB, 828x1437, 62FE7DC7-41FD-444E-9AEC-438260…)

Her dogs haircut is awful. I’m scared for Pancake. It eats dumpster food and I’ve never seen Alice use a leash.

No. 1433774

You’d think someone who claims to spend thousands a month on organic fruit would have $50 dollars to get her dogs hair cut every couple of months. But that would mean she’d have to have a few less 6 dollar coconut waters every month.

No. 1433782

She’s selfish and only wants to spend money on herself. Her spending on fern is lessening. Stopped with the excessive toys. She claims to print the white onesies herself so she probably bought a large amount of plain white for cheap from Amazon and then throws them out when too dirty. Bought to print and sell but became too lazy? So no, she would not spend money on the dog or cat. Guaranteed neither is up to date with shots or registered.

No. 1433838

Poor dog looks like it fell into a paper shredder wtf

No. 1433901

She’s said her pets aren’t vaccinated or spayed/neutered. She never mentioned whether or not they’re registered but I highly doubt it.

No. 1433912

Goodness why not give the dog a trim in the bathtub to contain the mess? That apartment is such unhygienic chaos

No. 1433918

Yeah after her giving food to Fern from the carpet and opening coconuts on the carpet as well I doubt they’re getting any of their security deposit back. I wonder the total damage they’ve done to their apartment. Cleanliness isn’t her forte.

No. 1433930

The kitchen would be the last place to trim the dog. Gross!!

No. 1433947

Sigh same. Thrifting is wonderful: very sustainable and super environmentally conscious but we know our vegan queen doesn't actually care about the environment, other people, or animals. I hope not but money from the settlement might be running low. If so, that's seriously so sad… That $$ spent carefully and slowly could be life changing. How did she blow through $200k in under two years. :| What manic outlets is she gonna have left when blowing $$$ isn't an option

No. 1433966

She seems like an angry woman with a lot of unresolved trauma that she is taking out on her followers and son. Poor Fern is so dependent on a mentally ill and viscous woman.. Ferns dad is a useless sack of shit too.

No. 1433968

Can someone PLEASE post the alleged police report from her car crash with Aurelia here?

No. 1433987

I vaguely remember hearing that it was released on tt a long time ago but it got deleted eventually. Alice once posted it but had A LOT of parts censored.

Also, Ive noticed that none of her videos reference her daughter. When she first started out, she always incorporated her daughter's death/car accident every now and then.

No. 1434038

Does she not have anyone in her life who cares enough about Fern to step in?

No. 1434068

File: 1643937049746.png (2.25 MB, 828x1792, al.png)

His legs/hips look SO bad omg. How does Alice think this is normal

No. 1434069

Anyone else finding it weird she’s keeps calling the baby a fetus? Maybe it’ll be fetus (Charlie) so she can keep calling fern baby fern. Sounds very detached and uncaring.

No. 1434070

Her narcissism won’t let her admit wrong-doing and defeat. Very sad fern is the one having to keep suffering because of her mental illness.

No. 1434209

She just comes off cold and detached from everything. Once Fern is able to make his own decisions and no longer wants to live the life she has planned for him she will be done with him too.

No. 1434232

The highest temperature today in the area they live is 58 degrees. It's cold enough that Fern needs a sweater and pants. Yet she doesn't think this small child needs shoes.

No. 1434248

Damn I thought maybe this was a bad angle but I went and watched the video and holy shit. He is going to grow up deformed and in pain if he doesn’t get help. Who the fuck cares about following a stupid lifestyle if it means sacrificing the health and safety of the most precious person in your life.

No. 1434250

He would fall down more than he already does or roll over his ankles if he was to wear shoes since he walks on the outsides of his feet. If he ends up with permanent leg and hip issues because she wouldn’t have them looked at that he figures out it was due to her neglect. She will convince him it was the medical system fault and not hers.