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File: 1648493232980.jpeg (251.31 KB, 828x822, alice.jpeg)

No. 1485104

Alice Bender is known on TikTok for being a barefoot crunchy mom, vegan, and self-proclaimed radfem tradwife.

FKA radfemalice / aliceandfern / comingupfern / aureliasmama

>still “pregnant”
>Caleb has been using toothpaste, body spray, and household cleaners while Alice is gone
>Alice hates him
>Fern still doesn’t talk
>Blippi is now his father
>Alice is “planning” another “trip”
>everyone is still filthy
>Alice still refuses to talk about that leaked TikTok
>newfriends still don’t know how to integrate

>Allison Roza met Caleb Bender when she was 14; he was 18
>says she left him for two years because he didn’t want to get married and start a family
>had an abortion at 16; hasn’t said whether it was Caleb who got her pregnant or someone else
>eloped with Caleb in Las Vegas as soon as she turned 19 (July 2018)
>immediately got pregnant
>Allison was in a car crash at 29 weeks pregnant (February 2019)
>sent to the hospital in an ambulance; delivered the baby via emergency cesarean
>baby Aurelia didn’t survive
>Alice first blamed the C-section, later the vitamin K injection
>announced second pregnancy in February 2020
>refused prenatal care because she thinks ultrasounds have radiation
>chose to “freebirth” instead
>i.e. gave birth alone on her toilet in their apartment; fished out her own placenta from her uterus two hours later
>Fern was born in August 2020
>Allison believes all women should be willing to die alone in childbirth rather than go to the hospital or have C-sections
>Fern is dressed gender neutral, except when Allison makes him wear her dead daughter’s dresses
>vegan except for her expensive leather baby stroller
>claims her parents were abusive because they fed her meat as a child
>anti-vaxx; bragged about telling people not to wash their hands before holding her newborn, but she’s nervous around people who got the covid vaccine
>lets Fern eat dirt, sticks, rocks, shopping cart handles, etc. because she breastfeeds
>refuses to wear sunscreen or put it on her infant because she thinks vegans can’t get sunburns
>believes she is smarter than doctors despite only having a GED & dropping out of college
>hasn’t worked since she quit Victoria’s Secret during her first pregnancy because #tradwife
>refuses to say what Caleb does for a living; according to a GoFundMe set up after the car crash, he previously worked at a sports bar in a strip mall
>claims to be pregnant again as of December 2021; due July 2022
>refuses to do a pregnancy test or any kind of prenatal care whatsoever
>leaked TikTok in which Alice leaves early from a visit with Caleb’s family, claiming that he has screamed at Fern when he cries ever since he was a newborn, and that’s why she & Fern are always driving around
>Alice refuses to address this
>still having a baby with Caleb
>still encouraging teen girls to do the same
>still planning to “freebirth” this baby and “unschool” both kids

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@alicellani / https://www.tiktok.com/@alicellanispam / https://www.tiktok.com/@crunchyipadbaby
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alicellani/ / https://www.instagram.com/comingupferneats/ (inactive) / https://www.instagram.com/alicesavestrash/ (inactive)
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcvTBOZRCShzsEd0guqg2Qw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/alicellani
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/allisonroza/
Amazon wishlist: just kidding, but of course she has multiple

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No. 1485113

File: 1648493627473.jpeg (345.3 KB, 1800x1800, AEE67F67-DA71-4C4A-84BB-564979…)

Ohhhh that mischievous look.

No. 1485136

File: 1648495106687.jpeg (717.07 KB, 3264x3264, 9B196762-2179-4ADE-8FFD-056E36…)

Nasty shoes ON THE BED. Ferns shirt. Ferns teeth. Did she try and whiten them again? Her getting pregnant again on purpose when she hasn’t even figured out how to parent fern. She’s having more kids for selfish reasons and all the wrong reasons and only the kids suffer. Save fern and potential fetus

No. 1485178

File: 1648498551622.png (4.28 MB, 750x1334, 180ABB38-7536-4E26-BCFB-693563…)

She can’t even let fern play with another kid without being more than two feet away. Stop smothering your kid Alice.

No. 1485257

File: 1648505449858.jpg (348.34 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220328-180938_Tik…)

instead Alice just closes the door and lets her 19 month old run around the apartment unattended.

No. 1485283

Jokes on Alice bc she’s never actually parented Fern in any way.

No. 1485288

File: 1648506719698.jpeg (2.04 MB, 1170x2283, 58F96157-6C02-4DC5-9F2A-A6FDE4…)

What has she fed him that’s spicy??

No. 1485300

She’s in delusional fantasy land. She has the perfect idea of how she wants her life to go and how she wants fern to be. And reality doesn’t fit. So instead she comes to tiktok to share her fake life she wishes she had. Nobody seems to ever respond to this, but how come she did huge nursery prep for auriela and fern but has done NOTHING to prepare for this baby she’s having. And I feel like her bump keeps changing sizes and hardness. Sometimes it just looks funny. Something is def wrong if it doesn’t keep growing.

If this is all real, she looks dead and it’s likely her hemoglobin and Keon are low… when she loses all that blood and fluid during birth it’s going to be an awful feeling and experience for her. I hope she makes it.

No. 1485309

File: 1648508186024.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1170x2283, A1BDD729-FC3A-4E5B-A6A0-DC7421…)

Another way to contain her child. The next vid she says that she won’t have to worry about him ignoring a boundary such as staying within 20 feet because he’ll be playing while on the leash. Like he knows what “20 feet away” means

No. 1485310

File: 1648508291411.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1371, Screenshot_20220328-154814~2.p…)

She… really believes that every man she comes across wants to leave his oldddddd 28 year old wife, have sex with her, wife her up, and foot the bill on her unbelievable spending habits.

No. 1485317

The homeless ones are the only ones who would find her teeth attractive.

No. 1485321

So she can read the body language of men “checking her out” but can’t read fern’s? Get over yourself Alice!

No. 1485331

Yeah thats what happens when you don't wear shoes in target, people are going to look at you weird

No. 1485337

Oh Alice, they aren’t checking you out bc they think you’re hot, it’s bc you look 40 trying to dress like a 16 year old who has a kid who is filthy dirty and y’all stink!

No. 1485338

she needs to take her meds. she's hallucinating again.

No. 1485344

girl. you're dirty and barefoot with your pregnant belly hanging out of the clothes you're purposely buying to look like a teen. dragging around a dirty, barefoot, screaming toddler while you dance in public for TikTok. it's not just the men who are staring, but it's not for the reason you think.

so much coconut water. still so thirsty.

No. 1485349

Leash on the dog? No. Leash on her kid? Yes. So now we know fern doesn’t listen or come back to her when she calls to him, like he’s supposed to do at 2.

He can wave and bring her things on cue. That’s the extent I’ve seen. She is such a hypocrite for using a leash… before kids she would’ve called it lazy and “it’s a you problem” if you can’t figure it out. Fern must have worse behavior than I thought.

They should put “feral and unvetted” on the leash so people know not to interact with him.

No. 1485363


So she will shit on moms who use cribs because they are baby prisons but will put a leash on her child. She’s such a fucking idiot.

No. 1485372

Having her account banned has her a little unhinged lol

No. 1485379

Honestly! She should take it as a sign. Why doesn’t she just post on her main?

No. 1485383

File: 1648512247991.jpeg (53.28 KB, 317x519, 85DF409A-7D62-4B0A-B531-461ABE…)

Fern be like, wtf mom

No. 1485425

File: 1648515206529.jpeg (344.83 KB, 1800x1800, A760749B-F722-4216-9BDB-6F441F…)

Now she considers playing on tt a job. Lol
Well Alice, when you break the rules you get fired so take it as tt has fired you.
Yes, they do not have to pay you bc IT ISN’T A JOB!
She’s such a dimwit.

No. 1485432

Where is fern during all that time? That is so sad.

No. 1485441

Maybe her naive followers will finally realize she doesn’t give two shits about them or fern and it’s all lies and putting fern in danger for views and money. She is not raising fern, he is a prop and being exploited by her.

No. 1485453

It’s like she brainwashed them! I caught myself with an expensive ass coconut water in my hand the other day. I was like “no..” and I’ve been craving fruit and smoothies. I need to take a break man LMAO it’s those evil hypnotic eyes… don’t look right at her.

No. 1485457

LMFAO there is NO WAY you said this because i've been thinking the same thing. like ever since that video leaked she started doing some long distance telepathy. been unplugged since i noticed the weird creepy feeling lmfao

No. 1485458

She could beat fern with her kayak paddle on a live and her followers would still just pretend like it didn’t happen and praise her the next day for being “such a good mom”. “We all snap sometines” “it’s not like fern died. He had to learn to like the kayak”

No. 1485474

What I imagine fern is like: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTdm8teAq/

No. 1485483

She’s live now, she said that she was planning to use coconut oil as sunscreen. Would love to see how that plays out for her. And she admitted to getting sunburned while they were in FL.

No. 1485490

I had to shut it off it was putting me to sleep. She’s so boring and uneducated and a fraud. She’s like Elizabeth Holmes.

No. 1485495

She wouldn’t answer why she couldn’t travel with her account banned. She didn’t want to tell them she’s poor and needed the money she for the road trip and she’s still accusing tt of banning her cuz they didn’t want to pay her.

No. 1485500

File: 1648519818397.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, 9CFDBB6C-BE90-4402-8593-F9680E…)

She’s bribing gifts again. Such a grifter.

No. 1485506

Yep, she probably had a payday coming up from the creator fund. Once you’re banned the funds don’t get released

No. 1485511

She said she was to be paid out March 27 and they banned her March 26. Maybe she shouldn’t have called paediatricians pedos if she needed the money.

No. 1485527

probably banned her bc she pays for views. she must really be hurting lately. she seems so desperate for money. grifting on lives, buying views, posting a bunch of non-controversial boring shit

No. 1485590

omg I bought a kombucha last time I went grocery shopping to see what the hype was. Spoiler alert, it’s foul. I also bought a whole bunch of healthy food and was telling my husband I want to go on a vegan diet for a little bit (mostly to lose weight lol) but I was like fuck, is this bitch getting in my head?!

No. 1485604

Buying views/followers. Also could have been a ban for spreading misinformation like I brought up in the last thread.

No. 1485616

On live… just said this was the first time she’s ever been banned on her spam account and has only been once on her main account but only for a minute. SHE’S LYING! She’s been banned so many times on both of those accounts!!

No. 1485650

the v-shape of her leggings is at odds with her pregnant belly and it looks weird. this is such a nitpick but it's been bugging me

No. 1485724

Alice approving of and signing off on fan accounts being made for her and her infant really gross me out. Not to get horribly personal, and delete if this is breaking the rules about exposing yourself, but I’m Gen Z (18 y/o) and have spent the majority of my life with and on the internet. As a young teenager, like middle school age, I fancied myself a social media influencer and had a small account with >10k followers. People (other middle schoolers probably) made ‘fan accounts’ for me, and then eventually got bored and abandoned them. It’s now impossible for me to get them taken down because of Instagram’s shitty copyright claim system and the fact that I look a lot younger in those photos. So there are now photos of me on ‘fan accounts’, ones that will likely forever be on the internet and associated with the stupidass fandom I was in. This is what’s gonna happen with Fern. There will forever be baby pictures and videos and weird edits of his involuntary time on the internet, ones that will follow him for the rest of his life. Alice needs to be safer and smarter.

https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdmYvHgc/ this is what set me off. why is someone making edits of a baby as if he’s some celebrity?

No. 1485754

All that hard graft she did aimlessly driving for days, all the non vegan sushi, the canoe saga,
the house plant phase ….all for nothing.
Maybe now she'll fuck off, parent her spawn, and do something useful with her life.
More likely she'll go extra batshit for a month or so trying to regain some followers
"Is this legal" made me laugh, I thought she was "extremely intelligent", surely she read the small print?

No. 1485756

File: 1648542817284.png (6.82 MB, 1536x2048, A8C081C4-29F8-42BC-A508-07456F…)


its so strange how these pants have the exact same v shape as all my “under the bump” undies from Motherhood Maternity brand…so like why are these juniors stores making pants to look like maternity underwear?

It’s giving undies out in chipotle vibes(don't use emojis)

No. 1485772

File: 1648546153353.png (1.56 MB, 828x1792, 53B60A97-F4E3-4FB7-A65B-9359A5…)

She’s so annoying

No. 1485773

haha now she knows how we feel about her censoring the comments on her videos

No. 1485777

File: 1648547326360.jpeg (755.56 KB, 1536x876, EA273653-B98F-41D3-8FD1-E3DAB1…)

Alanis Morissette sings faintly in background


No. 1485783

It’s bc she hiked them up so far.. they’re meant to be under the whole bump, not pulled up like that.

No. 1485785

File: 1648548236251.jpg (229.96 KB, 1080x1635, Screenshot_20220329-125041_Ins…)

>>1485772 which is more annoying? Her or her culty followers that thinks every word in her mouth valid? Just like they did to kayak now they are doing the same exact shit spamming to this juice company. She censors and nitpicks for a reason cause she is really influental to almost every fucking idiot in tt. She is a fucking idiot but she knows how to control her audience and censor, just like Caleb's money and Fern, she loves controlling her little army of uneducated white moms and teens. But the funny thing is she thinks she is superrior of them but she is an idiot aswell

No. 1485829

On her live last night, she said the next step for her was to start posting more content on YouTube. I guess since her TikTok’s been banned she thinks longer videos with an insane amount of ad breaks will give her a steady income replacement? Good luck lol.
Her YouTube videos are incredibly boring, she literally just records herself folding laundry in silence while Fern roams around unsupervised in the background. Plus I don’t see her gaining much of an audience on the tube, though doubtless her cult of personality will watch her videos.

No. 1485839

File: 1648556160740.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1551, 7FF89DE9-1D2D-4364-B060-803B01…)

Just saw this on my fyp looks like more people are seeing the leaked vid

No. 1485854

She’s going to have to address the video at some point. I get that she doesn’t want to draw attention to it because no matter how you look at it, it’s bad, but it’s not just going to go away because she’s ignoring it. Lots of people on her livestream last night were asking about the video, and I’m sure there are lots of comments about it that she has to delete every time she posts.

No. 1485855

The more it gets leaked someone will call cps. I refuse to give her money with her selfish spending.

No. 1485858

The comments of people saying she needs help financially and that’s why she can’t leave her abuser have my blood boiling. She could drain their entire bank account and it doesn’t seem like Caleb would say anything

No. 1485859

Ppl keep saying she needs to leave with fern for his safety but he isn’t safe with her either.

No. 1485863

the more i see of her the more disgusting she becomes in my eyes. everything she does is for money. she makes controversial videos to gain attention for some bucks. taking advantage of her child etc. if they ever get divorced fern is gonna be left with her and be alice's cashcow. i feel sorry for him. she's a narcissist apathatic bitch.

No. 1485864

I got into it with that yoshi lady, about refusing to give her money and basically said I’ll donate money and goods to the foster family if fern was ever to be removed but not to her.

No. 1485869

She’s a grifter and her tactics are becoming more bold and not her just trying to be the sweet innocent victim. Ppl really start to question Alice’s integrity when a video like that gets leaked and she avoids it.

No. 1485886

Especially as shes always going on about breaking the cycle and abusive parents her and Caleb are no different

No. 1485906

Has anyone else seen @alliefelker made a video about the dangers of free birthing and the comments are full of Alice stans tagging her begging her to retaliate? Get ready for a response video full of mean girl shit and misinformation under the guise of “facts”

No. 1485920

This girl makes some really good points in her videos. Especially emphasizing how monitoring pregnancies save lives, and how you can both trust your body/intuition AND use a Doppler or ultrasound, they’re not mutually exclusive and that kind of divisive thinking is what leads people to become radicalized like Alison.


No. 1485981

I think Alice is secretly using her Doppler and not telling anyone.

No. 1485990

Did she delete? I can’t find it on her page.

No. 1486026

lmao is that a bottle of olive oil on the tv stand

No. 1486074

She’s a fraud and a cheat and compulsive liar. Evil bitch, all evil behind those black eyes.

No. 1486076

File: 1648577290275.jpeg (308.75 KB, 1242x880, 8AF93463-0453-442D-8F3E-9AEFD1…)

Tinfoil: do you think she buys her comments too? Somehow? Is what’s in the picture even possible???

No. 1486077

Maybe she won’t show her whole belly and hides the bottom bc there’s stretch marks and she told everyone vegans don’t get stretch marks. Or she’s stretching her womb. I’m sure now that you mentioned it, it’ll be in her next TikTok’s. Imagine the greasy ass sheets. BLUH

No. 1486079

File: 1648577459645.jpg (117.67 KB, 719x759, Screenshot_20220329-141059_Red…)

No. 1486080

Alice Stan’s probably mass reported and it’s either under review or taken down for “bullying”

No. 1486083

I think she does it to hide stretch marks. Or they just don’t fit right. Why didn’t she get maternity stuff?

No. 1486084

No. 1486085

She thinks she looks sexy dressing like a teenager with her pregnant belly popped out. That’s why she bought so much stuff from Aerie and Brandy Melville, rather than maternity clothing for a grown woman.

No. 1486107

File: 1648578822958.png (778.97 KB, 750x1334, 8711F3DC-E372-4EC2-91C0-7E7152…)

This was the stats on that account yesterday day morning. I think she is buying followers and likes.

No. 1486112

Omg I’m glad you have that! Absolutely she is! They don’t approve of that stuff do they? Could get her kicked off for good. She better watch herself.

No. 1486115

File: 1648579487721.jpeg (612.57 KB, 1800x1800, 8E9C471C-E895-4F5E-9D6D-C38369…)

Alice’s next vacation mom. This lady lives in an rv and unschools her kids but she’s actually smart and teaches her kids things.

No. 1486116

What do you think Alice is like in person? Do you think she doesn’t stay long bc it’s awkward? And then she makes some weird excuse to leave? Or maybe when fern melts down she says “oh he’s tired we have to go”

No. 1486120

So she basically wants to leave Caleb. But won’t do it till she has a van she can live in and raise her kids to be feral? Shit is fucked up. She is so unrealistic. Get a real work from home job like other struggling low and middle class moms. Lazy cunt.

No. 1486123

she’s awkward, cold and impersonal, standoffish, passive aggressive, and unable to hide her massive superiority complex in person. I’m sure the mothers she visited on her last road trip have stories. I’m also not convinced that they don’t read/post here lol

No. 1486132

Can we please not repost posts from reddit

No. 1486136

Why not? Because I don’t have Reddit and can’t see them.

No. 1486142

Explain why please

No. 1486146

It’s Alice…kek

No. 1486154

don’t post links without screenshots

No. 1486157

File: 1648581539616.png (972.06 KB, 828x1792, 6C6E781D-E4D2-4441-901A-FFBFD8…)

Maybe stop spreading so much harmful misinformation online then Alice huh

No. 1486160

She’s so fucking pathetic. Your husband is your main source of income, and your settlement. They should review her spending again. Get a fucking job Alice.

No. 1486165

Why are you having another kid if you can’t afford it? And using something unreliable for a “main source of income” is stupid as fuck.

Breeders are disgusting and she’s the type of person that’s literally everything wrong with the world. She belongs in the south where she can be racist and conservative unbothered. Be around your own inconsiderate kind. Screw you Alice. You’re ruining a little boys life. I won’t include the fetus because I think it’s dead in there. Tinfoil or whatever.

No. 1486166

Ikr acting like she’s an impoverished minimum wage worker like get a grip

No. 1486169

File: 1648582028395.png (3.4 MB, 750x1334, 2CB316F6-30D3-4814-ACE7-65B1A8…)

Sometimes you can’t help but love the little guy. Lol

No. 1486171

I don’t get why she doesn’t just use her main and post there?

No. 1486173

What about her other account?

No. 1486174

Return her clothes if she’s that hard up.

No. 1486175

She should just eat more fruit and she wouldn’t need glasses

No. 1486179

Well go on Reddit then it’s annoying Reposting it here when you could just go search it

No. 1486181

This is her sign to not leave him unattended awake while they are sleeping… terrible twos.

No. 1486182

This made my day. I’m not even joking. I even ate my favorite Mexican food today from a hole in the wall place. The broken glasses still win.

Anyone remember when she took her glasses off and said she was gonna fix her eyes by not wearing glasses or contacts? If that’s not karma in action.

If she’s on MA they are VERY picky about what you can and can’t get. One new pair of glasses a year. No contacts. So, yikes. It’s gonna cost her unless she’s ready for another pair. She comes off pretty broke begging on Instagram so if she magically shows up with new glasses we know she’s lying about her bank account being empty.

No. 1486183

I’m willing to bet money that one of the conditions for Caleb not giving a shit about Alison neglecting Fern by spending 12 hours on Tiktok everyday, was that she brings in some spending money of her own through social media. Now that she can’t get paid for exploiting Fern, she’s freaking out.

No. 1486184

They don’t even have covers in the outlets

No. 1486187

How come she doesn’t use her main account?

No. 1486193

I have seen her wearing clear frame glasses but it’s been a bit so maybe fern broke those too

No. 1486194

We repost tiktoks when “we could just go look it up” … stop clogging the thread. I don’t have time to scroll multiple gossip sites. I have a job. This one does the best job. Click “hide saged posts” and you won’t have to look at it. People also post Instagram all the time. There’s no difference. Whoever posted the screen shots, keep it up. (As long as it’s not against the rules)

No. 1486196

Maybe lost them in the mess, hoard of an apartment.

No. 1486197

because just reposting things from another shithole forum onto this board is stupid and shitting up the thread, especially posts like “I heard a neighbour called cps” and just copy pasting links.
Why would Alice not want Reddit posts reposted onto here, do you think they have some secret special milk she does not want to be spread? Please think

No. 1486200

She’s been banned there multiple times too so if she gets banned permanently she doesn’t have an account with a lot of followers till she builds the crunchyipad account up

No. 1486201

Exactly it’s not new gossip or anything really worth posting

No. 1486203

I. Don’t. Have. Time. To. Scroll. Multiple. Sites. Put this idiot out to pasture. This is about archiving and following everything and gossiping about what we think. I never would’ve know that if it wasn’t posted here and I know I’m not alone with that. We don’t know if anything Alice says is true and speculate the same way we hear other things we don’t know are true (baby, house, income, ferns health, etc.) and it’s important to know someone reported and it’s not like the kitty genovese case.

No. 1486207

Kek = joke … and I wasn’t even replying to that. YOU think.

No. 1486208

No. 1486212

If we only post stuff that’s confirmed we wouldn’t have much of a thread.

No. 1486215

Well. Not anything you can do about them posting it if it didn’t break the rules. Sorry.(infighting)

No. 1486222

This isn't a thread for you dumb bitch. No one cares that you have a job. So does everyone else. That's why we don't want to scroll through endless contentless reddit posts every day from you retarded newfaggots who refuse to integrate.
>Put this idiot out to pasture
God just shut the fuck up. You don't know what you're talking about. This thread should be locked so all these retards can go back to reddit.

No. 1486279

Yall need to shut the fuck up. This thread isn't about you. Stop clogging it up with your lame ass arguments.

No. 1486340

Do the official rules say we can post them or not? Can a mod or whatever answer this? Thought this was an image board.

No. 1486344

She must have a decent amount of strikes to be so careful not to post much and be super careful/unproblematic. She must be on her last strike or close.

No. 1486351

File: 1648594641068.png (9.07 MB, 1284x2778, 1200F1F2-AD05-4559-A828-F3802D…)

How much attention does she need?

No. 1486356

File: 1648594887188.jpg (714.6 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220329-160043_Tik…)

I could never in my life imagine buying gifts for strangers on the internet. Especially ones who spend 1k a day

No. 1486359

The registry only has the 2 least expensive things bought off of it. I would not be surprised if she just bought those for herself and this video is just an add for her registry

No. 1486360

I’m not a farmhand but I feel like it would be fine IF people also post screenshots with it. some of us don’t want to click her tiktok to give her views.

but also, people constantly post screenshots from her tiktok without context or comment, or even a link to the video, which is just as bad imo. the rules don’t ban links (obviously), but they DO say no low-effort posts.

also it would be better to download and reupload the videos but I know that’s wishful thinking kek

No. 1486364

Especially when she doesn’t need any of the things on her registry. An $80 nursing pillow? And a Boppy? They do the same thing. She also doesn’t need a second single stroller but I could understand if she wanted a double. She’s fucking ridiculous

No. 1486366

when has she ever used a nursing pillow? anyone who’s breastfed one child will tell you it’s a waste of money, and wouldn’t buy it for the second.

tinfoil but I think Alice will just resell most of this shit on Facebook Marketplace

No. 1486368

I cannot believe the number of comments there were about this thread on her live a few seconds ago. Someone even said “lolcow and Reddit are exposing Alice’s lies” but isn’t this cowtipping?

No. 1486370

yes it is! will y’all fucking STOP

No. 1486372

Some of the comments were also asking her about the leaked video. She very obviously ignored those comments and jumped to the ones from her stans. Most of the questions were so redundant, like why are pregnancy tests not vegan, etc. She also received a lot of gifts. Maybe she’s trying to earn some money for her next extravagant grocery haul.

No. 1486375

Cuz her fucking Stan’s found this thread and now they’re exposing it. Go back to Alice’s comment section Stan’s, pls and thanks

No. 1486378


Ooof disagree. Had a csection and it was the only way I could comfortably breastfeed

I seriously don’t know HOW or WHERE she’s storing this stuff. Like Fern’s room is packed. It’s a tiny ass apartment.

No. 1486380

She’s been going live 2-3 times a day. Definitely for the gifts

No. 1486416

So she’s really okay with using r*pe to describe nurses giving their patients pitocin?

No. 1486439


Does she know the definition of rape? Giving someone a medicine without them knowing is terrible but not rape.

No. 1486470

damn I forgot about C-sections, sorry. that is true. but Alice is smarter than doctors and she knows for a fact she won’t need to have a cesarean after VBAC so I’m still convinced she’s just grifting for things to sell

No. 1486527

She deleted the video saying giving patients medicine is rape. she should really start thinking before she posts.

No. 1486535

Or did tiktok take it down?

No. 1486615

File: 1648614357997.jpeg (603.72 KB, 1800x1800, 09C73E62-EA12-4DB6-920B-63F7AF…)

Some education for Alice from a paediatric ER doctor.

No. 1486619

I really cannot believe someone who considers themselves to be a health nut does not see this, you know? Like geez

No. 1486679

Read the last threads to get a feel please too many newbies who are spamming with nonsense just to say something

No. 1486681

It’s so bad for your digestive system drinking that much juice without carbs or proper meals

No. 1486682

This for sure. She also said she doesn’t feel her content is good enough for her main so she posts it on her spam?

No. 1486683

File: 1648625107871.png (2.77 MB, 828x1792, 3A8755E6-B499-428A-A9DE-066075…)

I’d find it creepy a complete stranger on the internet making fan pages and edits of your child

No. 1486686

File: 1648625367492.png (1.43 MB, 828x1792, 1AA144BD-E373-47BC-8898-ECD098…)

Lol willow with her approve comments that Alice put her on like girl get a hobby why are you so concerned about trivial comments if you’re both so content with your choices

No. 1486687

They’re ruining their interaction potential by deleting comments so much less likely to be on the fyp etc

No. 1486692

File: 1648625844079.jpeg (902.13 KB, 828x1465, 8EF78F64-6AAE-4C1B-8DB3-E77843…)

She has soooo much attitude in this video she’s such a mean girl

No. 1486696

Also Alice has deeeep cleaned tf out of her old controversial videos on her main when I see one someone’s stitched she’s always deleted it.. defo on the verge of getting Her account deleted

No. 1486718

They got even creepier. Go look at the account.

No. 1486780

You don’t realise how bad of a mum Alice is until you see normal good parenting like Maia knight

No. 1486785

I've seen mentions of settlement money, but the documents I've seen list "Alice" Bender. Her legal name is Allison so that can't be her. Am I missing

No. 1486787

Maia Knight is a cow too from what I've seen.

No. 1486789

Yeah I just mean the basics of normal parenting kids sleeping in cribs in actual nightwear, taking care of them properly making sure they’re clean and well fed etc.

No. 1486791

There was another car accident settlement case for an Alice bender in Florida, not the same Alice.

No. 1486803

Late reply, but the follower to like count is totally normal for tiktok, since that’s a total of likes on all of the videos + videos show up on random peoples fyps who can like them as well. Sometimes you’ll see people who had like 1-2 viral video(s) with 1,000,000+ likes and 350 followers.

No. 1486807

File: 1648644733386.jpeg (261.54 KB, 828x1287, 2FA99562-B3F4-4508-9D8C-32733C…)

Her house used to be so nice and clean before she had fern it’s so sad

No. 1486808

File: 1648644772625.jpeg (269.56 KB, 828x1316, CE0775AF-7F37-4677-9754-E462C1…)

No. 1486811

File: 1648644853587.jpeg (276.25 KB, 828x1182, 75A1B190-27BE-4479-8868-775420…)


I wonder what triggered her from being the perfect stereotypical housewife who cleans and cooks for her husband to the complete opposite? Maybe her husbands abuse made her despise him

No. 1486813

File: 1648644989802.jpeg (517.56 KB, 828x1543, F0FFE351-B5E2-4805-AAC7-ED66D4…)

Now she doesn’t even wear her ring and Caleb is more like her roommate girl leave him already and start a new life

No. 1486814

Maia is awful too. Just in different ways.

No. 1486815

File: 1648645128415.jpg (370.91 KB, 1080x1548, Screenshot_20220330-155758_Ins…)

What the actual fuck?

No. 1486820

But like wouldnt fern not be born if they Aurelia still lived? Its very odd

No. 1486823

So invasive a random stranger making an edit like that

No. 1486830


She is mentally ill because she is malnourished. She wasn’t vegan during this time and now she is and only eats fruit coconut water and disgusting bean tortilla concoctions, 0 supplementation…. Malnourishment doesn’t just make you skinny, it starves your brain. She’s so far gone. Idk how she can look in the mirror and think she is healthier now, mental illness explains it though. I think it’s what has caused her to change so much from the homemaker she used to be. She is not well.

No. 1486832

She’s the definition of orthorexia

No. 1486835

she doesn’t wear the ring because fern ate it lmao

No. 1486836

She is mentally ill because she traumatically lost her daughter in a car accident and hasn’t received any mental health treatment to relieve any of the pain. Most of her behavior is much more easily explained by trauma than malnourishment. She literally has no life in her eyes.

No. 1486839

File: 1648646698485.jpeg (781.27 KB, 828x1272, 7E20DF2C-DDF0-4B9C-9219-BE0B9D…)

Even in this photo from last year her carpets used to be so clean now she just lets the cats dogs poop all over them And leaves it there it’s gross. She needs to pull herself together wow

No. 1486840

I agree with this, I think if it was true malnourishment she would not have the energy she does.
She is on her fourth pregnancy at 22 and has one delayed child. She’s awful, but her life sure has been traumatic and it’s just getting worse. It’s so sad she isn’t taking care of the fetus at all because I don’t think anyone knows what will come if/when the baby has issues.

No. 1486842

She’s gonna become even more mentally unwell and unhinged when she has to deal with a screaming baby and toddler all on her own.. so sad

No. 1486843

She has such deeeeep rooted trauma you’d think she’d try get therapy and help to make her a better mom for fern and the fetus

No. 1486851

File: 1648647434645.jpeg (366.6 KB, 828x1307, D90452BE-2DCD-4A4E-A0A7-081E94…)

Her hatred of hospitals and medical intervention is most likely a PTSD symptom She needs help it’s insane no one in her life pulls her away from the phone for a bit and gets her some help

No. 1486852


Maia is an alcoholic, terminally ODD redneck whore who only didn’t abort her babies to stick it to the baby daddy who spurned her. She’s a lazy, disgusting and neglectful mother, total cow will probably have her own thread eventually.

No. 1486884

i have a theory. You remember when alice wanted to do of and changed her mind after her husband agreed? i think it was a shit test to see if her husband still cares about her and she realized he's not possessive of her at all. he does not care about her in the slightest and it's ok if his wife's naked body is seen by thousands if not millions of strangers. she said it did not sit well with her that he agreed…

No. 1486898

File: 1648652222866.jpg (1 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220330-075642_Red…)

Fan account unintentionally highlights their body odor

No. 1486900

I dont think she ever intended to do OF nor asked Caleb about it. Just her trying to boost her content and get reactions out of people /more views and comments

No. 1486913

File: 1648653051292.png (319.56 KB, 448x717, Screenshot 2022-03-30 181014.p…)

she used to look like a teen and now she looks late 20s. crazy how much fuller her face used to be

No. 1486919

It really might be the influence of Zoe Zaina 2nthepink girl? They both comment to each other posts and they are following each other. Zoe is whole other terrible. She has OF and she feeds her creepy old man audiences lactation kink with these strange breastfeeding videos and shares weird breastfeed photos on her insta she actually needs her own thread in this forum. I'm actually shocked that Alice didn't visit her

No. 1487044

She looks like a troon version of Venus Angelic.

No. 1487065

File: 1648663362420.jpeg (1.1 MB, 3222x2872, 1D8A5899-599E-4D81-B016-049C0F…)

Looks like she doesn’t understand the meaning of “permanent”

No. 1487092


No means no, Alice! Tiktok does not consent!!

No. 1487130

File: 1648667035041.jpeg (103.87 KB, 750x652, 5C981D27-6566-47A3-BFD2-0E0B7E…)

I don’t know if anybody cares or is familiar with Carly but the other day I went to check Alice’s following and this was the first thing I saw.
For anybody who doesn’t know, she is/was another Mom “influencer” who exploits her obese toddler with a special secret medical condition on the internet for money and comments from pedophiles and freaks.
Her child is a little older than Fern I think? but neither does she talk nor is able to move properly.
Recently she decided to stop posting on her big account and made a private one which Alice follows. Makes me wonder if they are close since there are not many people following but I’ve never seen them interact.
Child exploiters stick together I guess

No. 1487140

Why would someone draw this unsolicited that’s so weird

No. 1487145

File: 1648668651834.png (2.58 MB, 828x1792, 7E94E31A-7AD0-44B0-9A5B-03D535…)

Scrounging off her fans now for cashapp tips omd

No. 1487150

File: 1648668893023.jpeg (166.71 KB, 828x1169, 30D09A70-9264-4494-93E5-C3AE52…)

Her YouTube is so boring as well she’s never gonna make money off it

No. 1487157

I’m new. What happened to the bunny?(spoonfeeding)

No. 1487165

it ate avocado and died

No. 1487241

She won't survive? Let's pretend that she got a good amount of views and subs people would still eat her alive because of her parenting view and how shitty she is. She would be like any other family channel that to point up her fuckery just like any other family channel.

No. 1487318

File: 1648678989185.png (1 MB, 828x1792, EF346301-4BC5-44CF-B2DD-F75D3A…)

Her I’m mysteriously ridiculously wealthy persona breaking down

No. 1487325

File: 1648679113634.png (1.47 MB, 828x1792, 77AC2BB0-5521-49A9-891C-AEB154…)

Oh dear she’s such a crazy government conspiracy theorist like girl you break the rules you get suspended grow up

No. 1487327

File: 1648679255541.png (1012.46 KB, 828x1792, 2E0DE852-6E8E-4BD2-887F-B5E634…)

Why’s this so funny lmao

Yeah go on and sue tiktok

No. 1487341

i wonder how much she was getting lmao

No. 1487342

"i don't care about my followers i only want money"
LMAO she's becoming unhinged. if you're poor just say that Allison.

No. 1487344

Yeah in-laws aren’t going to pay for this settlement to fund your ridiculous life like last time

No. 1487360

She says this with no sense of irony that she also decides who is allowed to comment what on her videos

No. 1487362

It’s really funny how she’s so conspiratorial about “these people” and “the elites” who supposedly control society. Pure projection, that’s what she wants to be. A mysterious, wealthy, control freak.

No. 1487508

Maia’s kids aren’t clean and well taken care of. She changes their sleepers like once or twice a week, leaves them awake in the crib for an hour every morning with dirty diapers and last night’s bottle of curdled milk to sip on, they sleep on puked on sheets because she can’t be bothered to change them, she was told by the FBI that CSAM is being made with the content she posts of her kids, and carried on as normal, and her entire house is a hoarder saftey hazard. She even drives after drinking, with her kids in the car. Not to mention the fact that she won’t comfort her kids when they cry because they’ll apparently cry either way, even if it’s been an hour+z

Maia uses the conventional aspects of parenting to disguise how she neglects her kids.
Alice neglects her kid with delusional anti common sense practices.

I don’t think you could pump out a single non neglectful parent even if you put all of their good traits together.

No. 1487527


Maia's kids look clean and well taken care of, all kids in diapers wake up with a little bit of a used diaper, you can't be up all night to change it every minute. I never seen the diapers full through. the twins look like they are in fresh, clean clothes. Her house does not look like hoarder, i don't know how you are seeing that. The bottles look fresh and not spolied at all. Is there proof she drives with her kids in the car after drinking? also there's nothing wrong with a mom having a drink after her kids go to bed as long as she doesn't get drunk. her kid's sheets don't look puked or dirty at all. maybe im biased because I like maia's videos but I think you guys are trying to really make maia seem like a horrible parents when she not and there is really nothing to back up the claim that she is a bad mother. her kids look happy,healthy and very much well taken care of. you need to put more focus on the parents on tiktok that are actually neglecting and abusing their children.

No. 1487541

Holy shit are you serious? She has admitted several times that she lets her babies sit in their shit soiled diapers for hours in the morning because she’s too lazy to go get them, she drinks regularly with her babies literally in her lap, like getting drunk almost every night. She has clearly driven drunk numerous times if you do even a little bit of investigation. Her house has uncovered electrical outlets within the babies’ reach that she lets them crawl all around and touch, she never measures formula properly, and worst of all she gives them bottles throughout the night instead of properly weaning them and they end up with multiple hours old nasty bottles in their crib in the morning that they drink. I don’t even understand how you can be on a board like this criticizing Alice and not see a fellow white trash child exploiter like Maia as a huge problem? The worst thing about her is that she got knocked up after a one night stand with a man who made it perfectly clear he didn’t want her to have kids, decided to keep them when she could’ve easily gotten an abortion, and now she acts like some kind of martyr who has been left stuck with two babies and she constantly needs help from her friends and families to raise them because it’s just soooo hard to raise twins alone. Obviously it’s hard! Why tf would you keep an unplanned pregnancy from a man who will never help you???

No. 1487543


Giving the whole world video access to your home and children to the point where anyone can easily find your address and basically trace your schedule throughout the day is neglect. Exploiting your children online for money is abuse. EVERY mommy blogger is a narcissistic abuser and we are going to be flooded with trauma testimony from these kids over the next few decades.

No. 1487552

It’s clear you don’t understand a lot of Maia’s videos.

Either way, her kids are clean and well taken care of. Where’s the proof of the CSAM thing? I’ve heard of it but where’s the proof? Leave her alone, this thread is about Alice. Go make a new one if you wanna bitch.

No. 1487554

She literally posted about it herself on Instagram. You need to pull your head out of your ass if you think it’s normal to leave kids for 1-2 hours every morning with dirty diapers and last night’s bottle (which she’s self admitted to, and you can see the bottles with gross old milk in them in her videos), and that that’s what being well taken care of is.

No. 1487560

Kids go to bed with bottles - sure it’s not the best practice but like… it’s not hurting them either. They drink all the formula before bed so what? And ok? Kids sleep for 12 hours and wake up.. she gives them baths in the morning as well. Why are you so obsessed with her? None of her photos on her IG are inappropriate at all. Get your head out of your ass and get over your issues. You are weird af. This thread is about Alice.

No. 1487564

She posted on Instagram about being contacted by law enforcement about her kids being used for CSAM dumbass. Stop clogging the thread with Maia Stan bullshit.

No. 1487570

Go make a thread about Maia then fuckwad

No. 1487576

It sounds like she’s a shit parent if what you’re saying is true. Go make a thread about her and collect proof of what you’re saying

No. 1487639

yay maia thread

No. 1487660

This thread is about Alice, not Maia. Quit clogging up the thread with unrelated shit and PLEASE get the subject back on Alice.

No. 1487670

File: 1648701546010.png (6.61 MB, 1242x2688, 679AF08B-98BB-4BCE-8A21-3DF3BD…)

this is my first time using this so excuse if I’m doing anything wrong but she put her PayPal in her bio now, she’s really desperate

No. 1487741

File: 1648704133555.jpeg (284.54 KB, 828x923, 65DC499E-A3AA-4940-8619-115D13…)

Ngl im surprised tiktok didn’t ban her sooner she blatantly breaks the rules

No. 1487747

File: 1648704316644.jpeg (1.21 MB, 828x1380, 95D0B7A5-C569-49B9-9BAD-D8CAF4…)

He’s so unstable walking with his legs poor fern

No. 1487761

File: 1648704634673.jpeg (1.11 MB, 828x1425, 99574D62-2C7B-4745-A000-A4505C…)

Making fern sleep in a dog bed in the car omd

No. 1487764

Omg his legs are sooo bad in her recent videos it’s like his ankles are slanted

No. 1487774

File: 1648704983086.jpeg (938.97 KB, 828x1561, BFA8DBFA-8B52-40D0-B8D6-0CFEF6…)

His legs in this video are sooo so bad he can’t even walk normally Jesus Alice take him to the doctor you’re the worst parent ever

No. 1487776

File: 1648705111138.jpeg (190.63 KB, 406x644, C8AEA101-1045-4143-ADB9-AE6C1E…)

He walks like he’s learning to walk for the first time

No. 1487782

File: 1648705225236.jpeg (377.07 KB, 828x753, C2C25F71-E7C0-4BF9-A4E5-97796B…)

Someone commented she’s got a pregnancy glow

No. 1487797

I'm scared for fern, I feel like he's gonna end up dying cause of her neglect and the plants she exposes him too and she's gonna blame it on some other shit

No. 1487799

File: 1648705765145.jpeg (933.82 KB, 828x1383, 80D5B582-660C-4A9C-A75C-36086D…)

Lol at the girl Alice collabed with

No. 1487800

Plants she exposes him to? Wut

No. 1487802

The herbal shit rather then real medicine

No. 1487807

File: 1648705930175.jpeg (375.38 KB, 421x1274, 4BC77930-AFE7-499D-BF2A-128D99…)

Not Alice trying to dress like a teen.. the skirt looks like a school skirt

No. 1487808

same here nonny, especially with the new baby on the way I just feel like more neglect will happen. I feel so bad for that baby it’s unsettling

No. 1487816

File: 1648706140596.jpeg (757.66 KB, 828x1596, C0051429-A4FC-4466-90D4-6E4DC1…)

Men speaking when they’re not spoken to????

She’s such a weird man hater maybe she just needs to leave her groomer abusive husband n get therapy jesussss

No. 1487826

tbh she reminds me a lot of women of radblr who are in relationships with men, their nigels are almost always psychos who are far worse then nomral men

No. 1487827

That's actually a very based take, they should just shut the fuck up.

No. 1487834

I'm honestly surprised fern isn't dead or hasn't gotten severely sick at this point, she "ground" him daily by exposing his skin to the dirt or random river, the fact he hasn't gotten an infection is a miracle

No. 1487846

File: 1648708503895.jpg (39.84 KB, 404x581, Screenshot_20220331-022753_Tik…)

i feel like his legs are just getting worse!!! this is medical neglect and just abuse to sit there and do nothing about it. how can you watch your child struggle?!! how do the other moms she sees not say something!!?? I feel so bad for Fern, he deserves better.

No. 1487850

He looks like he has rickets. I really hope Alice puts her fear of doctors aside and get this poor baby checked out.

No. 1487852

File: 1648708729318.jpg (19.39 KB, 320x240, 76B.jpg)

I feel someone's gonna end up calling child protective services on her, they'll take fern away for his own safety and she's gonna lose her mind, It will destroy her

No. 1487856


atleast CPS would take Fern to get checked out ASAP. that will make you lose it more because he saw "the evil doctor"

No. 1487857

Her fans are becoming so aware she’s just using fern for money now..

No. 1487860

File: 1648709428516.jpeg (130.9 KB, 828x486, 10B58FEA-764B-4A9B-98E0-5C1F16…)

He trips all the time from what we can see

No. 1487862

File: 1648709535109.jpeg (134.38 KB, 828x349, 0D38A07C-AA74-4D4B-A26E-031A91…)

Poor baby.. why would you even risk the latter

No. 1487863

No. 1487864

Bow legs are supposed to get better as they get older not worse.. definite alarm bells

No. 1487865

File: 1648709630467.jpg (84.48 KB, 720x618, Screenshot_20220331-024703_Chr…)

No. 1487867

File: 1648709657353.jpeg (240.66 KB, 828x1138, 58902380-D9C7-4178-9CA4-9F939C…)

His ankles are so thick as well……

No. 1487872

does anyone have that screenshot of her claiming she wants to raise fern to be autistic, cause autistic people are more intelligent then regular people

No. 1487875

CPS barely does anything but the state of fern is concerning, I am baffled how even any of her followers can just accept her parenting. Alice is milky it’s one for her to live her “crunchy” lifestyle on her own, but she has a child that is showing no signs of progression and clear medical neglect. Her BPD/NPD or whatever the fuck harming her child. I honestly hope the people she has come in contact with on TT put their “clout” aside and do the right thing. There’s no cow tipping here but seriously Fern is not getting any better and I wouldn’t be shocked given her past if it turns into some dark saga

No. 1487892

yeah, I used to be skeptical of the rickets talk because my baby had bowed legs when he was very young but by Fern’s age they were definitely getting better, and they’re fine now. Fern’s look to be getting worse, or at least not improving at all. I’m not sure it’s rickets, but something is wrong.

just take the kid to the fucking doctor, Alice!

No. 1487910

File: 1648713904958.png (376.69 KB, 828x1792, 0DB96962-EF9F-4752-BD41-B85A5B…)

Could be a reach but he’s likely b12 deficient too gonna cause so many problems

No. 1487915

File: 1648714050263.jpeg (304.56 KB, 828x1669, 9ED8A48C-C58B-4852-B2D2-FABCE4…)


Difficulty walking..involuntary arm movements

No. 1487918

Alice is definitely anaemic / b12 deficient too with how pale and sickly her skin looks

No. 1487919

File: 1648714382421.jpeg (131.11 KB, 828x852, 2AA7BD7C-6FB1-4F0A-B875-AE0EE7…)

No. 1487928

File: 1648714893324.jpeg (244.91 KB, 1170x408, 43850EE2-70DF-4E90-85DE-74BEC6…)

Alice liked this comment on a video about her birthing location, which she said she wouldn’t give away for safety reasons.

This woman is about to give birth in the fucking wilderness


No. 1487929

File: 1648714942762.jpeg (837.59 KB, 828x1446, DCDFDEDF-923F-4102-A431-A3209D…)

She definitely reads here Ahahahaha we were talking about blippi

No. 1487934

Can see her dog is biting it’s tail in one of her recent vids it will be completely infested with fleas I stg

No. 1487941

File: 1648715954836.jpeg (273.92 KB, 827x1231, F32B8995-D714-47FA-A3E6-73F601…)

Alice: I’m pro choice and respect other peoples decisions

Also Alice:

No. 1487948

File: 1648716937603.jpg (275.76 KB, 946x2048, Eziug_bVcAA3V6Y.jpg)

I think one of the funniest thing about her is that she acts like her son will grow up trauma free just bc they’re vegan & she uses gentle/attachment parenting. fern If he makes up to adulthood will likely grow up feeling smothered. undeveloped body, loads of phycological issues. She needs to stop acting like the gold standard of a mom

No. 1487949

File: 1648716938542.jpeg (108.62 KB, 828x247, BBB8932C-64EE-428F-BAEF-61DE94…)

She loves to talk about the risks of hospital births but never informs people of the risks of home birthing very contradictory of her whole ethos

No. 1487951

File: 1648717210329.jpeg (375.21 KB, 828x1145, 0E3BFE0C-83E8-44F2-A3D5-53911A…)

Have such a bad feeling about this birth woweeee especially as she’s not exactly the pinnacle of health rn

No. 1487952

Right like he’s gonna be traumatised by having this life online he didn’t consent to

No. 1487961

>undeveloped body
Why would that be? I don't agree with her on many things but I don't think she's doing bad in the physical development department.
I'm not a frequenter on these threads so apologies if this is repetitive but what bothers me the most about her is definitely the unassisted pregnancy. It is so stupid to me that we've come so far as a society medically that we've decreased the death rate and complications rate of mothers at birth yet some retard tradhags refuse to use the medical services that are there to ensure the safety of themselves and their babies, just because they want to do it the "traditional" way. It's infuriating, especially when there's cases of these types of mothers ruining their childrens' lives, like the Empathetic Mamahood woman.

No. 1487963

>She’s such a weird man hater
Kek do you know where you are

No. 1487965

Bwwaaahaha I am by no means jealous of a man who shits all over his friends' penises!!!!! What the hell, she is delusional

No. 1487966

Like I hate men too you can guarantee I would not be letting my kid watch that man on YouTube if I knew about his "dark past"

No. 1487967

surprised no one's pointed out "my babies growing up", she proffered when fern was a immobile baby who just drank breastmilk and had no freewill. Now that he is a fussy, visibly unwell toddler, she has no idea what to do with him.
I’m scared that when the new baby gets here Fern will be neglected even more since she’ll have a fun new baby to use as a prop.

No. 1487977

if she's not going to feed him anything other than fruit can she at least find a supplement that's safe for babies to take? jfc

No. 1488029

lol but it's "unnatural"

No. 1488050

she doesn’t care. he sleeps alone in a little ball on the couch or in a dog bed. she treats him like he’s her little pet instead of her son.

No. 1488071

And we all know how she takes care of her pets….

No. 1488075

How many days has she been wearing this same outfit now

No. 1488086

She’s been rocking the young-girl-at-Easter getup for a few days in a row now. Is she trying to prove a point that she can keep white clothes clean? Lol

No. 1488167

File: 1648745846764.jpg (447.27 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220331-105731_Tik…)

Is her main account gone? I've never interacted or followed it so I'd be surprised if I was blocked.

No. 1488170

File: 1648745990385.jpeg (504.35 KB, 750x742, FA8C6558-746F-46B8-A3D9-039051…)

i snorted at this

No. 1488175


it does that for me too. but if you find one of her videos you can go to her account. thats weird tho.

No. 1488180

the account is still there but it looks like TikTok banned @alicellani from search KEK

No. 1488222

This actually happens every few months and I always hope it’s cause she was banned but in reality they just make take her off search for a few days. Tiktok is weird

No. 1488295

I'm hoping this is the beginning of the end for her tbh.
No one's going to follow her onto YouTube, her content suits 30 second videos because she's not educated enough about any of her choices to actually speak on them…her YouTube content is already next level boring.
She won't be able to work '12 hour days with no days off' with a toddler and a newborn.
Her moneys drying up, so no more exciting shopping.
Her marriage is fucked and everyone knows, so no more 'Daddy Fern'rubbish.
She had a niche following with the freebirth anti medicine crunchy stuff, but she's exhausted that now.
Fingers crossed, ey.

No. 1488316

File: 1648756684498.png (7.63 MB, 1242x2688, 1D625BCB-1AF5-4CEC-B2CA-39D1B0…)

Lol she definitely reads us, “all the vitamin d” after we just talked about ferns Vit D deficiency

No. 1488326

File: 1648757597472.jpg (599.97 KB, 703x1260, Screenshot_20220331-161241_Ins…)

Why is she so far away from him

No. 1488341

If he's vit D deficient he's likely also calcium deficient, you need vit D to absorb calcium properly.

No. 1488367

They may have banned her IP address in total.

No. 1488388

File: 1648761559946.png (2.75 MB, 828x1792, 38DA7C6F-0763-455F-B835-C0F961…)

1 week after giving birth to fern she was having sex?!? I seriously hope she’s joking

No. 1488417

She’s saying 6-8 months, which is actually way longer than suggested , maybe she had vaginismus. She just posted it unclearly, follow the colons

No. 1488418

nah it says 6-8 months, it goes from top down. I’m actually surprised at home realistic that is coming from her. I’m also shocked she said 1 year for her body to go back. Shouldn’t she bounce right back since she’s vegan? She’s barely gained any weight anyway.

No. 1488419

No they didn’t

No. 1488420

sorry just realized this is based off of her birth with fern…and I did all of those things (some in shorter time frames) with a hospital birth so what’s her point? Obviously a c-section is gonna be harder to recover from than vaginal. Has nothing to do with being home or the hospital.

No. 1488425

There’s no way her uterus was back to its original size in 2 days. It takes about 6 weeks to shrink back down.

No. 1488469

Right, for me personally pain with intimacy was gone completely by 6 months with my natural hospital birth (and I tore). Maybe unknown tearing with no stitches isn’t the move. She also claims she pulled her own placenta out, and as someone who needed a manual placenta removal that shocks me if she actually did

No. 1488668

File: 1648782178297.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220331-210221_Tik…)

Feet prisons!

No. 1488720

people have been saying a neighbour has called cps on her. I think maybe that is why she all of sudden is not travelling soon not because she got banned she could post videos on her new spam or main. she can't leave her area while being investigited?

No. 1488743

And she scrubbed her page of a bunch of videos someone said. Not sure if cps creeps your social media as part of the investigations.

No. 1488771

She posted this video explaining why she unplugged her four (???) hydroponic growing systems, saying that it’s hard to take care of them when traveling, and that it takes an hour to water them. She said that Caleb WOULD water them, but she “wouldn’t ask him to do that.”

What? You wouldn’t ask your spouse to water your household plants while you’re traveling for a week? Such an obvious lie, she has no problem asking for much grander things. It’s clear that Caleb is just fucking lazy and won’t do it.

No. 1488774

I looked it up and legally if it is a public Social media they can use it as evidence

No. 1488776

This video is hard to watch. It’s Alice with a box of the wellness shots that she bought before—the ones she offered Fern in the past and he disliked because it was spicy. She asked hie if he wanted the shot despite knowing that he finds them spicy, and smiled and laughed when he tasted some of it and seemed to dislike it, and then continued to ask if he wanted more.

He also waddled into the room, threw a hunk of tofu that he had in his hand, dumped out a wellness shot, and visibly started to fuss and freak out whenever Alice tried to take something out of his hand. I know toddlers are like that sometimes but he’s acting feral and Alice just seems to find it funny. The only audible word out of his mouth was ‘no’ in response to the shot: everything else was just squawking.


No. 1488796

she thinks "you have the right to not participate in the investigation" (which is untrue) wonder how that is working for her.

No. 1488797

Her talking videos are so incredibly boring I can’t watch more than 10 seconds lol

No. 1488798

Poor baby’s skin without suncream

No. 1488800

No it’s because she got money from her spam and she only went travelling for the content and now she won’t go

No. 1488801

Every single controversial video about c sections, vaccines the lot is all deleted from her main page! Especially ones people have stitched when you click on the original video she’s deleted it

No. 1488802

She deleted the ones of fern eating blueberries off the floor next to the bin hahaha all the screenshots are on these threads anyway

No. 1488804

File: 1648796276625.png (2.99 MB, 828x1792, 39C84E0E-A69E-4F8C-A398-A64196…)

If you look up alicellani or Alice and fern on tiktok loads of people have stitched her vids and she’s deleted them all hmm

No. 1488805

File: 1648796382139.png (2.78 MB, 828x1792, E661F9AA-DD87-4A99-88C2-F85E37…)

Feeding him a whole grape that barely fits in his mouth while she’s swaddling him as well and he can’t move should he start choking

No. 1488808

File: 1648796872408.jpeg (734.52 KB, 828x1518, 0993BDEA-38CA-4F53-B88B-A87A61…)

Ferns dinner

No. 1488842

what the fuck is that

No. 1488851

You guys need to learn to post the video it’s gone now and it makes this site and your posts futile

No. 1488852

Handful of tofu and a wellness shot that fern threw/dumped on the floor. Idk why she lets it sit there instead of just fucking cleaning it up jfc, but of course then she’d have to stop recording her little videos for 5 seconds to do so.

No. 1488878

It’s not deleted. But can you tell the rest of us how to do it properly? When I seles “choose file” and try and upload a video it always results in errors for me.

No. 1488880

She was laughing at him instead. Wonder if that part of her “gentle parenting” … there’s supposed to be natural consequences where he picks it up himself. Doubt she did that.

No. 1488881

Out of curiosity from the cps workers point of view, does that lolcow come up when you search alices name? (Idk anymore bc my browser pops up with sites that are visited a lot on my computer, so I don’t have an unbias way to check lol)

No. 1488903

Yeah it does! It’s literally the first result when u type in Allison Roza or Allison bender. For me at least

No. 1488906

File: 1648815190241.jpeg (252.91 KB, 750x1291, 4C10B6DD-967F-4FF7-AB78-A13B5E…)

Just a heads up to you anon and everybody else posting links: TikTok shows you who shared the link like your whole account, you can disable it in your settings I think but be careful since Alice could lurk in here and then block you
Videos need to be in WebM format. There are lots of converters online but you can’t view them on mobile iirc
Picrel are first three searches that come up for me when you search “Alice bender” I am not from the UK btw. CPS sucks and I doubt they will look through these threads but if they actually do she’s kinda fucked

No. 1488907

NTA, but I believe the file has to be a .webm and the file size has to be under 20mb, otherwise to post id suggest making a throwaway dropbox and posting a link to that rather than to tt.

No. 1488942

It's been said several times through several threads but nobody likes to listen. Convert it to webm through a site like this or use dropbox

No. 1488959

Lolcow shows up higher in the results if you come here. That may not be the case for everyone.

No. 1488964

I found this thread by trying to look up information about her. I knew this website existed, but hadn’t visited it before on this device.

No. 1488966

is this true if you download the video on a browser or is it just if you share it from the app?

No. 1488995

She didn’t delete them, TT did when they banned her account.

No. 1488997

Last night she said to travel in your car you need mason jars with lids to pee in. Is she storing her piss? Couldn’t you just dump it out the window and not need a lid..and not need multiple jars..

No. 1489038

How absolutely revolting. I think she pisses in the jars so she doesn’t have to get out of her car at night. What about Fern and Fetus? I doubt she’s changing diapers very often in her Kia. The car must wreak of human waste.

No. 1489042

U mean tiktok sharing your account? It’s only if you send links, so when you use the share option. Downloaded videos are fine
I used a private browser that’s doesn’t have search history and such but I looked it up on a fam members phone and it was still there. I think it’s because it has a lot of visitors per day idk tho

No. 1489064


I wouldn't be surpised if she raises them with water then drinks from them

No. 1489310

or she could just pee outside???? wtf that is rank

No. 1489311

imagine she misses and splashes some pee in her car

No. 1489336

File: 1648845693411.jpeg (1.04 MB, 828x1652, 9C7E4E0B-9A6C-47DA-90CD-FAC109…)

She’s live rn I’ve been watching for a hot minute and you can hear fern whining in the background but he’s no where to be seen. She’s asking for fruit name suggestions for her new baby and so far she likes the name avocado.

No. 1489351

When I saw strawberry, plum and coconut were top contenders

No. 1489357

She literally sits on live to say contrarian shit for views(namefag)

No. 1489359

>fruit name suggestions for her new baby and so far she likes the name avocado
the more and more alice gets posted here the more she seems like a deranged social experiment to me. it'd be funny if it weren't for poor fern and the next baby

No. 1489402

at least fern is an actual name. avocado ffs? that kid is gonna get bullied so hard lmao

No. 1489436

If it's a girl, I am just hoping for that poor kids sake that Alice goes with something like Ivy. Boom. It matches her older brother's name and is properly crunchy, while also not being a cruel name to give a child. Alice – Strawberry isn't a crunchy name, it's a cruel one. Strawberry Bender? Nooo

No. 1489517

For someone who claims to have “done her research” about vaccines etc, she really shows her ignorance when she buys a generator without researching how wattage works.

No. 1489565

File: 1648862885991.jpeg (1.1 MB, 828x1443, 96F27D11-172B-4DCD-92C8-088D73…)

More overcooked, bland food for tonight.

No. 1489567

Plum could be normal

No. 1489624

File: 1648866370165.png (3.07 MB, 750x1334, 27E52468-A4FA-40C9-8459-57FBAC…)

People are saying to name the baby sage kek
It’s fitting I guess

No. 1489627

File: 1648866779818.png (3.2 MB, 750x1334, 2A6DD122-D99A-4706-92DC-9E57BA…)

I didn’t get a recording of what she said but she held up a stained onesie and said “aw this one was so cute i guess it’s toilet paper now” that’s rancid
Imagine your mom wiping her ass with your baby clothes

No. 1489684

usually when my baby stains her shirts I use them as eating shirts. who tf uses it as toliet paper that's gross. does it just sit in the trash and smell out the apartment after??

No. 1489740

Did anyone else on the live hear her yell at her cat because it was about to pee? She said it's not allowed to pee in Fern's room…does that mean it can pee anywhere else? She then smelt the baby hat in her hand to "make sure it doesn't smell like cat pee"

No. 1489765

why is her cat even peeing outside of it's litter?! cats only do that if the litter is really dirty or they have a problem. maybe it is not neutered and it is spraying???

No. 1489815

I feel so sorry for that poor cat.

No. 1490077

The cat is definitely not neutered. On the same live someone asked if she was okay with spaying and neutering animals and she said “all I’m going to say is I would be mad if someone knocked me out and made it so I couldn’t have babies”

No. 1490094

File: 1648916768892.png (3.2 MB, 1170x2532, D7475FD9-6A0C-4A8C-BEC2-7A67BB…)

She went to see her “house” in the middle of the night and is walking around an active construction site with no shoes (and her dog off-leash as usual).

No. 1490144

File: 1648920104631.png (1.85 MB, 828x1792, 7B7E9B79-F2B3-4FED-8974-8BD290…)

She’s such a fucking dumbass. Fern can’t consent to being on camera either

No. 1490155


she's really stupid. neutering cats is doing the best for them. stray animals are a problem and neutering cats stop them from producing more kittens to run the street and die from no food or extreme cold. does she want cats to have babies on the street?

No. 1490232

I don't think she'd care if humans had babies on the street lmfao

No. 1490234

wow. fuck Alice. I’m so sick of this idiot and I hate that she’s reproducing yet again.

No. 1490237

does she think female cats enjoy sex? because they don’t seem to

No. 1490240

File: 1648925203645.png (9.6 MB, 1284x2778, 011393A5-6E29-47BB-BF35-EB58CE…)

She’s complaining about the pregnancy now and how overwhelmed she is lol. Good luck.

No. 1490242

File: 1648925325645.png (7.92 MB, 1284x2778, 12598659-FEB9-495D-BED0-5E7C1C…)

Can’t even take the “nature baby” out anymore without electronics. Apparently Fern doesn’t sleep until 3am. She’s walking around her ghetto apartment complex in the dark

No. 1490276

His hands looks tan or sunburn. Should a toddler have a tan?

No. 1490333

File: 1648928744139.jpg (250.55 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220402-224314_Tik…)

According to this tiktok Alice's leaked video has been reported to Arizona DCF. She blocked me on her crunchyipadbaby account when I asked her if she was getting investigated by CPS? I hope it is true and she and her husband would be investigated. Hoping best for Fern


No. 1490735

Watching Fern grow up is both the funniest and the saddest thing ever. Sad for incredibly obvious reasons, but funny because all of the things Alice said Fern wouldn’t do because of her ‘superior’ parenting style, he’s now doing. Throwing wild tantrums, having a horrible sleep schedule, being overly dependent on her, not talking nearly enough for his age, not sleeping through the night…. he’s worse off than other ‘normal’ toddlers and I hope it’s killing Alice knowing that she did this to him. That her lifestyle choices aren’t helping, but are harming her child.

(To clarify, none of the pain and suffering that that poor baby is going through is funny—seeing Alice contradict herself and her ‘beliefs’ is what I find humorous.)

No. 1490752

Why is her toddler using the bassinet attachment for infants? Why isn’t he sitting in the normal seat for toddlers? He can easily launch himself out and bust his head open.

No. 1490786

She’s gotta keep him a baby for her own weird fetishes

No. 1490933


she doesn't want to grow up to have different views. I get the vibe she will be one of those annoying mother inlaws who just criticizes everything their son's wife does and tells her how she should parent. probably will have a meltdown if her grandchildren eat meat or wear sunscreen.

No. 1490949

File: 1648953450376.jpeg (241.38 KB, 1280x901, 56DE3219-87D8-44FE-9337-50D078…)

legs. they’re looking more and more painful. sorry for the reddit repost, but this is the clearest photo I’ve seen of Fern’s legs and I haven’t seen this photo in this thread.

No. 1490951

On his leg, do those not look like fingerprint bruises? Or am I tripping

No. 1490998


wouldn't be surpised if Caleb started pressing his fingers into Fern's skin when he gets mad. that is what it looks like.

No. 1491019


she smelt Fern's clothes and the cat peed on it she said "our cat sneaks in this room and pees on everything" that room must smell horrible! why doesn't she shut the door to keep the cat out so her cat can't pee on her kid's clothes??? I don't know what's wrong with her cat and why she just lets it pee everywhere but I have a cat who really likes to nap in my toddler's room and walk around with her in her room and not once has he gone to the bathroom on my kid's clothes, bed etc it's really not normal for cats to do that unless there's a problem like uti or bladder stones its sad that cat won't get the help she needs though. if she has a case with cps having that cat pee smell in her kid's room and on their clothes is going to make her case worse.

No. 1491036

cats pee when they’re angry or when they cannot use their box anymore, or if they’re having issues w/ their bladder like a UTI. whatever the cause, it’s because she’s a negligent pet owner.

No. 1491095

File: 1648965050139.jpg (128.35 KB, 720x1119, Screenshot_20220403-012321_Tik…)

she would really benefit from a daily vaccum rountine

No. 1491098

Or get a robovac and schedule it 3x a week like I do.

No. 1491112

File: 1648967060645.png (501.66 KB, 1242x2208, 2517FA88-DCD0-4CC8-A391-933054…)

God it is so fucking annoying how hard people simp for Alice even in the snark sub. Imagine believing that Alice, after all she has said and done, isn’t a completely free agent with the ability to leave her skid dishwasher husband any time she chooses. She is obviously the breadwinner in the family and even if she wasn’t she could easily start a podcast or some other scummy influencer grift and make enough money to live independently (if she stops blowing $500 a day on organic bananas or wtf she buys). Idgaf if it’s “victim blaming” she is actively choosing with her retard rat brain to stay with slack jaw goat man

No. 1491118

File: 1648968280165.jpeg (356.87 KB, 1241x725, 2FFBAC98-F67D-4769-9665-AA801C…)

Lots of tea spilled in this Reddit thread. Caleb is (still) a confirmed drug dealer.


No. 1491120

If she had any intention to leave him why tf is she having another baby with him? no women that wants to leave their husband who abuses their child would ever want to have another baby with them and to get herself more stuck.

No. 1491128

she met a guy she barely knew, rushed getting pregnant, rushed moving in together then rushed getting married and sadly that put her in a bad spot. Caleb most likely saw how easy she was because she wanted this housewife, mother life and so he could control her with money and children and keep her stuck. he's a groomer so it's not stocking that he would do this. I feel bad for her kind of but she's a mother and it's her job to protect Fern and get out.

No. 1491131

File: 1648969914952.jpg (45.02 KB, 548x447, Screenshot_20220403-030535_Red…)

wonder if this is true?? I think that would be aganist the law to run away from cps? I see this just causing more issues with her case if it's true wtf is she thinking

No. 1491134

File: 1648970859925.jpeg (892.64 KB, 1170x1812, DC2934E7-72BD-44BF-BDE1-A1804D…)

this person claims to have talked to brianna and gained information about alice from her. i don’t know how believable this is but they’re certainly speaking with confidence. does anyone know if they’re the OP of the video of alice talking about caleb “hitting fern’s tummy?” their tiktok is opwdjrh

No. 1491135

File: 1648970899605.jpeg (548.61 KB, 1154x1967, 786411B5-7D3E-4943-A20B-E87787…)

also claiming that caleb deals

No. 1491146

File: 1648972967641.jpeg (150.06 KB, 828x438, 46829311-FDF7-4847-828A-EFB0FD…)

Why does Alice constantly block people whenever they offer help or advice that is in her best interest

No. 1491159

Caleb is a fucking nutcase. Are they saying he’s the one who’s preventing Alice from taking Fern to a doctor about his legs and such?

No. 1491196

I think it’s getting harder and more painful for him to walk. And that’s why he’s in the stroller all the time. (IMO)

No. 1491197

Okay this is honestly stupid. Caleb doesn’t make or sell crack and I doubt he sells weed either. He’s just a normal dumb fuck

No. 1491198

I do not believe for a second Caleb is the one “preventing them from seeing a doctor” go walk into any fucking ER. They HAVE to treat you. SHE won’t take him bc she knows CPS will get involved (for real) for neglect. His legs and gait are BAD you guys. She should’ve had him evaluated so long ago. She’s being so reckless with this pregnancy and her whole life. It’s like she wants something to happen to herself.

No. 1491307

and she's pushing it on other helpless naive teens? she's evil

No. 1491311

I don't believe Caleb controls their finances. Alice goes on shopping sprees and spends 1k a day on useless shit they don't need and not to mention she has her own income from tiktok. You're telling me she can't save up 100 usd for a doctor visit or sth???

No. 1491318

Swear it’s her in here trying to make him her scape goat… we ain’t buying it turd licker. She 100% wears the pants in that family.

No. 1491323

I don’t believe for one second Caleb is smart enough to be a mastermind manipulator abusive groomer like Alison and her stans make him out to be. He’s not very bright or educated, and drunk/high all the time. You can’t tell me Alison doesn’t wear the pants in their relationship.
I’m not defending him at all, he’s a piece of shit for taking her up on her offer of ~teenage pregnancy tradwife barbie~ when that was her persona. And a poor excuse of a father for not stepping up to the plate and doing better for his son.

No. 1491328


I honestly think he is more intellectually delayed than he is a “groomer” and Alice is retard abusing him

No. 1491346

It doesn’t matter if you reported someone to CPS, they don’t give you “updates” on that persons case. It’s private. No one knows any details of the case, all we know is there IS a case because multiple people have reported her. After one they HAVE to look in. If anyone claims to have inside info, it’s false.

No. 1491369

realistically cps won't do shit. There were cases where kids were being abused and starved and cps failed them and only found out when kids sadly passed away.

No. 1491395

I think fern's rickets stems from the lack of calcium in his diet rather than vitamin D deficiency. toddlers need 700 mg of calcium per day and i don't see him ever eating anything high in calcium. poor baby

No. 1491411

Kek anon but to me he seems like one of those men that like to complain about cancel culture and freedom of speech like Joe Rogan, very much “I do my own thing, don’t tell me what to do” so when people tell him (or Alice) to take their disease ridden child to a doctor, he would do the opposite just because.
In one of her tiktok, Alice said he didn’t like going on camera because he didn’t like people telling him what to do or how to live his life, sth along those lines.
A lot of men seeking tradwife type women or grooming them into those are like that. If we found his twitter it probs would be full of retweets of free speech, anti sjw anti liberal gov etc stuff

No. 1491412

File: 1649003032385.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 482.26 KB, 750x1186, 157E58E8-E5AD-421F-B788-1DBB61…)

sorry for doubleposting but when I was looking for potential twitter usernames (I didn’t find any) I stumbled across this Alice fan recreating her gourmet soup and cheese tortilla. Spoilered that abomination

No. 1491504

This. CPS is basically where the social work majors who barely got their degree end up and most are there to collect a paycheck.

No. 1491565

File: 1649012766449.jpg (139.7 KB, 529x637, Screenshot_20220403-150508_Red…)

Lazy neglectful parent who just lets her child walk around with a soaked full diaper while she open packages.

No. 1491581

agree. also Alice said in the past that Caleb wasn't vegan at first and she's the one who pushed him toward it, and he also tries to use normal hygiene and household products when Alice isn't around. I don't buy that he's the one forcing her to avoid doctors, or that he pushed her into this crunchy lifestyle. if anything it's the other way around.

No. 1491597

Isn’t his dad some medical director ceo wonder what made him so anti medicine

No. 1491603


Exactly! She posted an annoyed video that Caleb was using shampoo one time

No. 1491604

Her spam tiktok defo isn’t gonna grow as big as the last one especially as her username doesn’t have Alice or fern in it if you searched for them

No. 1491608

File: 1649018053863.png (287.16 KB, 828x1792, 57A9EA4D-BDF6-40B3-8078-261CED…)

Lol imagine Caleb searching Alice on tiktok and seeing this in the drop down search

No. 1491626

File: 1649019731103.jpg (833.12 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220403-220133_Tik…)

No. 1491630

She's finally realising she only wants tiny babies who do everything they're told and not a toddler who is independent and requires actual attention.

No. 1491646

Maybe the Redditors are confusing celebs minor weed possession charge as him being a drug dealer oh dear

No. 1491653

File: 1649021866158.png (1.02 MB, 1242x2208, DB55CAD6-E33C-4C5F-9F73-187F2B…)


Well that 18 year old Irish OF whore Gxcc1 claims to have watched “about 50” videos of Alice detailing the abuse, his drug dealing etc

No. 1491675

fetus kicking is posted on her insta story

No. 1491678

Wow, the way she removed anything that could possibly identify that as being her stomach. I feel that there's no way she's really pregnant.

No. 1491696

If Alice really is pregnant and her baby is miraculously born healthy and well, I really fucking hope it’s not a girl. That poor baby would no doubt suffer from numerous UTIs as a result of Alice’s negligence in changing her diaper. For someone who is supposedly so concerned about her health, Alice’s disregard for the well-being of her children is heartbreaking.

No. 1491752

File: 1649029723430.jpg (202.79 KB, 720x1314, Screenshot_20220403-194703_Tik…)

didn't see renew her lease for her apartment for another year? therefore they can't move out until the year lease is up??

No. 1491756

Wow she has severe man-hands.

No. 1491779

Depends on the rules at their complex. Mine requires a yearly renewal, but can be let out of the lease without penalty as long as proper notice is given.

No. 1491784

File: 1649032141539.jpg (987.05 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220403-182827_Tik…)

Her lives are so boring. She just stares at the screen and thanks people for sending gifts. And yet I can't stop watching.

No. 1491786


feeding him uncut grapes again. no regard for his safety

No. 1491787

File: 1649032313282.png (8.9 MB, 1284x2778, 09692FAB-34F5-4012-91EF-EEC566…)

Nasty ass carpets for sure

No. 1491807


aint nobody jealous yikes

No. 1491808


He’s going to end up getting one lodged in his throat, going several minutes without oxygen and end up retarded like his mom and dad

No. 1491810

File: 1649034520817.jpeg (667.99 KB, 828x1530, 7C5E9EEE-9F67-438C-ABAF-E52B7B…)

Posted with a sound saying “people get exhausted trying to figure me out, and I just let them.” Is that a nod to the thread + subreddit?

No. 1491852

The subreddit has turned to absolute shit, it was meant to be a snark sub but just has people constantly talking about how sad they are for Alice and how abusive Caleb is, you get downvoted for saying anything against Alice now pretty much, sticking to this thread instead

No. 1491859


Yeah any non-anon snark space is vulnerable to simpery and cuckery

No. 1491864

literally i was just thinking it was cancer. like because alice may be being abused it now excuses the fact she’s a shitty person and mother? lmao nope. at the end of the day regardless of caleb she is the one actively abusing Fern.

No. 1491906

I'm seriously grossed out by her wearing these low pants and crop tops purely to show off her "pregnant" stomach. literally no pregnant women do this.
HONEY if you are really pregnant, for fucks sake get a check up because that baby is probs dead in there.

(imo she's just getting fat from the copious amount of fruit sugars, her arms are getting big too)

No. 1491931


Yeah it’s pretty mind-boggling how they trip over themselves to “believe all wahmen” in spite of the fact that we all know that Alice is a compulsive liar, an unreliable narrator and a BPD attention seeker. Literally why should anyone believe she’s being abused by Caleb? It doesn’t make any sense given the personality that she has shown everyone, and it’s not anyone’s responsibility to look past the surface and try to assume/interpret things that she doesn’t show us. Alice has deliberately cultivated a public persona as some kind of zoomer girl boss who trapped a paypig who lets her wear the pants in the family, and she basically runs this image as a pyramid scheme/sex trafficking op by trying to convince other young women to follow in her foot steps. Obviously as a woman I understand the issue with victim blaming, but at the same time women are not invalids and we have accountability in our lives.

No. 1491942

Her fucking feet are making my ankles hurt

No. 1491943

taking it too far by saying fetus is dead there. i wouldn't wish that on any mother

No. 1491994

File: 1649049330979.webm (3.56 MB, 576x1024, 093377def461aa1a050ee847833bc1…)

I think I'm losing it, is this a green screen?

No. 1492009

File: 1649050598979.webm (3.49 MB, 576x1024, 078015930b8cfc8437af407f020a94…)

Just in case she deleted these videos here's another fake house. I guess she thinks her dumb teenage followers will fall for this shit.

No. 1492012

File: 1649050944702.jpg (173.05 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220403-223925.jpg)

Completely agree. Posting for others here, not even a bellybutton. Complete BS. TikTok doesn't take down videos of babies kicking tummies (actually how I learned how my placenta was positioned) and neither would insta. She's okay running around half naked like trailer trash but won't upload a real video of baby kicking? You'd think she'd find that magical and post a stupid romantic clip or some shit, but no.

No. 1492016


Why are people still saying Alice isn’t pregnant like cmon don’t be ridiculous

No. 1492018

Great question nonny, I have two reasons
I am about the same height and weight as Alice and my husband and I were musing about this so I pushed out my stomach as far as it would go… And what do you know, it looked the same.
Also, all she has to do to make a video like she did on insta is cause her skin to move outside of the frame. Boom. Super tiny baby movement. And if I'm wrong, I'll eat crow.

No. 1492019

Don’t be ridiculous

No. 1492020

File: 1649052907043.jpeg (825.75 KB, 828x1259, B7CAF877-8A71-4FA4-9C95-8C2C4E…)

She’s pregnant stop all the tinfoil she posted a tiktok that the baby was kicking so much it was annoying her

No. 1492021

File: 1649053155117.png (5.3 MB, 828x1792, 1ABA08DA-4491-40A7-9756-D99CBF…)

Lol this just came up on my fyp


No. 1492025

I don't know if it could be a green screen but the floor doesn't really match up with her body if that makes sense?

No. 1492036

File: 1649056248565.jpeg (761.62 KB, 828x1612, 9F96FA10-280D-4917-B77F-842372…)

Trying to be Rihanna dressing like this kek looks like trailer trash

No. 1492037

The outline of her body too, even the lighting is all wrong. Everything around her is so frozen. There's no shadow of her body. Her feet aren't in the frames again

No. 1492042

If she is faking this pregnancy for financial gain, she can be charged for it. (I am unsure if grifting counts.)

No. 1492047

Omd this faking pregnancy conspiracy is so crazy stop being so ridiculous

No. 1492055

Not a green screen. In the TT she posted about Trisha Paytas a tree behind her head can be seen blowing in the wind towards the end.

No. 1492075

I know she's not very curvy but MAN those pants are not doing her ass any favors. Too bad some of her baby weight didn't go there instead of her flabby arms. She could've gotten some thirst traps in before fetus arrives.

Should her bump be growing by now, though? Like I swear it's the same size as it was over a month ago. I don't think she's "not pregnant" but I do believe something is really wrong with the growth of the baby and/or it's dead. (NOBODY is wishing death upon the fetus, we are making educated guesses based on her behavior and life style choices during the pregnancy. She has not been taking care of herself or taken the baby into consideration this whole pregnancy, so there is a chance that this is an outcome)

No. 1492086

My "Biden bucks" (EBT/Food Stamps) should be going into my account any day now… Which means hers are too. Get ready for a grocery haul tiktok full of juice and sushi y'all.. lmao

No. 1492095

Anyone have the link or the saved video when she did the walkthrough on her 1990s “model home”?

I wanna do a comparison

No. 1492096

The thing I’m most confused about with the “new home” is the fact that it looks like it’s from 1998. I looked through all the new homes that are being built in that area and they’re all very 2020 with very updated furniture. Even the windows on that model look 20+ years old and the carpet is disgusting and dirty. This can’t possibly be a new build.

No. 1492099

I don't believe the fake pregnancy either but you need to keep in mind ANYTHING is possible with this lying bitch. For gods sake, she prances around a house build as if it's her own. She claims she's broke yet splurges on everything. (but nothing for fern or the new baby, and there's a lot you need to prepare for a new baby). But she spent all of this money on kayak bullshit, because that's necessary when you're on a budget. Get fern a fucking bed and some new clothes that actually fit and aren't stained you selfish cunt. And some healthy fucking toddler food that he actually likes and doesn't eat because he has to (like a dog/cat)

God I fucking hate her for abusing her son. Feed that kid some almond or soy milk so he can get some calcium. Ever notice after we started saying that, she suddenly feeds him tofu, seaweed, and figs, which are all online as "calcium sources"? She's worried too, you can tell. But not about fern, she care about fixing his legs so people won't talk anymore. Still a selfish motive.

No. 1492102

Those fucking awful shoes. Her feet look like kayaks.
I can't believe she spent good money on those outfits, they're so so bad

No. 1492104

I’m compiling now. Took a little scrolling. Writing this so nobody else wastes their time and to put it in the right format lol

No. 1492115

File: 1649073879339.jpeg (203.19 KB, 827x1524, 39F5F563-7229-4266-9869-A906D2…)

Alice has a couple of girly outfits on her baby registry Amazon wish list. I wonder if she did something to find out the gender. Or, since the 19 year old with 4 kids that Alice was so jealous of she was literally crying just had her baby girl, Alice is competing. Either way, if she is pregnant, I hope for the sake of the baby and Fern, it’s a boy.

No. 1492123

She's not faking her pregnancy and that is not a fucking green screen! It may not be her house, it would be easy for her to just go film in any new build. There are a ton of programs that help poor people buy houses. She's full of shit about the equity etc. but its very possible they are buying a house.

No. 1492124

File: 1649074852309.png (7.81 MB, 1242x2688, CE717180-AE27-4203-A275-49042F…)

Well the baby will be all set. Wont she? (Forgot to crop my pfp out. I don’t follow her and I don’t care)

No. 1492127

File: 1649075647047.jpeg (1.28 MB, 3264x3264, 357532CE-06F1-4C66-8900-32AE19…)

All of her “tours” were mostly on her other account but I pulled a few things.
Sept 25th: “most likely our dirt” — nothing concrete (ha-ha) yet.
Dec 8th: lumber, still no “closing” on the house announcement. So we can assume it didn’t happen bc she would’ve made a huge deal about it. (Cont.)

No. 1492139

File: 1649076504751.jpeg (798.51 KB, 3264x3264, 8A8FA2DF-78F0-4071-867C-799127…)

Yet this here says 2 years. Contradicting. Also she was apartment hunting AFTER the house was being built. (Cont.)

No. 1492148

File: 1649077288644.jpeg (769.23 KB, 3264x3264, 969B8289-526C-45BD-A27B-E142C5…)

She said “we won’t close till 9-12 months” “it’s not official-official” “most likely be our dirt” that was in September. But here she is in November claiming they already purchased it.

If any of this is true, and she wanted a newer nicer apartment before the house was done, she could’ve had time to do that. But she didn’t because she can’t because she doesn’t have the finances. I remember her saying she wanted a bigger place before she had more kids. Guess that went out the window. She will get that much more $ from the govt for having another kid too. Probably a motive.

And I’m sorry, but (correct me if I’m wrong) affordable housing, which we’ve established they’re on, will NOT cover apartments like that or mortgages on houses. If you can’t buy necessities for your kids, how are you going to afford a mortgage and upkeep on the house?

I agree. She went somewhere to find out the sex. But I know she still has all those clothes stashed away. It’s weird to see how much more excited she was for fern and auriela than this baby.

When you scroll the Instagram from bottom to top you can see her decline from the effort she puts into fern. and it’s really kind of sad.

No. 1492157

File: 1649078270452.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3264x3264, 57A49446-8A2A-44FF-B505-971378…)

Pancake gets a whole setup and fern gets nothing kek

No. 1492160

File: 1649078792067.jpg (211.63 KB, 1268x1066, Untitled 2.jpg)

Same concrete wall in both

No. 1492161

File: 1649079116923.jpeg (1.91 MB, 1242x1843, 7DA41784-9F36-4AC2-84B8-7DD762…)

Mouth prison. Hand prisons. Feet prisons.

No. 1492162

She’s an utter mess but this is a ridiculous nitpick, it’s totally normal for babies to use pacifiers and mitts so they don’t scratch themselves in their sleep. Their nails are tiny, hard to trim and can be sharp.

No. 1492165

What part of the house would that be? She said she paid extra for side yards “to put fruit trees” she was like “our house won’t look like this because it has side yards”

It’s likely she’s going back to the same spot because it’s progressing in the same timeline as she said hers is. Wonder what happens when she can’t move in.

Also. If this is real. Can someone please explain to me in what world a one income household on WIC and every other govt program known to man, can get a mortgage on a house like that. Because id like to apply.

Did they maybe put a down payment down with the settlement money? Are they aware what happens to the house when they can’t make the payments? Good fucking luck.

They’ll for real be homeless living in their cars bc it’ll be hard to get a new apartment with the state of the world and also the state of the one they have now. Def gonna get something on their record for destroying the carpet with animal feces and cat piss and not getting their deposit back.

No. 1492166

Ummm are you fucking new here???? She has bashed binkis and shoes (and the equivalent of shoes are on his hands)

The point isn’t what he’s wearing. The point is the hypocrisy. Dumbass.

No. 1492175

First I want to say its absolutely possible that she's full of shit, but also possible that she's not. I want this board to stay legit and there are too many fucking conspiracy theories. My sister is an Alice obsessed/hating pediatric PA (physician's assistant) and thinks it's a joke that people think he has fucking rickets and that he's delayed. His fine motor skills are excellent. Have you seen him with a cup? There are a TON of programs to help someone on section 8 buy a house. It's not easy but its very doable.

No. 1492179

tinfoil since no way to confirm but to go off of this my family got accepted into a HUD program that is made for people making 80% or less of the AMI to purchase a house. A big reason was my partner’s native status. I would bet she’s in the same program.

No. 1492185

File: 1649081750996.jpeg (466.18 KB, 1242x1089, CDEB91C4-FFFD-433B-8E76-ADCEE5…)

So because he can hold a cup that means his legs and language must be fine too! LOL go scroll through tiktok with the hashtag “22 months” or however fern is. He. Is. Delayed. Had he gained ANY new words besides one syllable sounds. He is almost 2 and has no way to communicate what he wants. You think that’s normal?

Maybe he’s delayed because his mom doesn’t take the time to teach him anything and he’s not supposed to be on an iPad most of the day without any purpose or supervision. Blippi is melting his brain.

No. 1492188

But does ONE low wage income cut it?

Why is she buying a house with her abuser?

No. 1492191

File: 1649082218396.jpg (50.36 KB, 650x434, focused_225317248-stock-photo-…)

lmao it really does look like it, picrel is what i found for "house construction site" looks really alike all the stock photos

No. 1492194

File: 1649082576166.jpeg (900.63 KB, 1242x2070, 9A0B93E9-CEF8-4884-9937-1CDB86…)

Sleep paralysis demon. Is that her attempt to be sexy?

No. 1492199

File: 1649082996377.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3264x3264, 4F6A740B-0121-40B0-BF34-DC0AFA…)

I find it weird she’s flat as a board when she claims her milk comes in so early.

Even if she keeps it, frozen breast milk is only good for 6 months. Does she think that whole supply in her freezer is still good?

No. 1492206

Yes I do think it’s normal. I have 3 kids. Everything is up in the air until they turn 2.5-3. If he wasn’t walking at all, or making any sounds, or not smiling or making eye contact, that would be an issue.
She’s a ignorant filthy disgusting piece of human garbage who puts fern in danger everyday it seems. But he doesn’t have FUCKING RICKETS! Jfc!

No. 1492208

We are a family of the same size and I am a full time student, so yeah it can. Once again, this is entirely speculation but the organization in question also gave us a grant worth a hefty sum to use as a down payment/pay off debts and a finical advisor to help us get a mortgage and the grant. We are in an entirely different part of the country than her but to my knowledge this is a federal program. We are also getting a new build, but it’s much different than what she is supposedly getting and once again entirely speculation and don’t want to ID myself by giving away too much info. And the abuser thing? I think that Caleb isn’t nearly as bad as Alice makes him out to be, as another anon said she’s insane and a liar so the claims don’t hold water. Another tinfoil: I bet Caleb’s family is co-signing/funding this purchase- if it even exists. If it is a similar program that we are a part of she’ll never admit it cause it will crack her wealthy persona. Either way, none of this is particularly milky.

No. 1492227

File: 1649085047324.jpeg (1.45 MB, 3264x3264, 1418520E-50E1-47A4-AB84-E705B8…)

I agree with you. I’m also in disbelief that someone with zero knowledge or interest just throws that much faith and commitment into being able to finance a house and everything that goes in it. I will be glad to see a house for her growing family, but why the non-stop spending on everything BUT things for their new house? Reminder Her last two baby prep looked like this (and more if you look)

Not saying she’s not preggo or without house…but it says a lot about her mental health tbh. She doesn’t care about anything anymore. Spending gives her dopamine. Risk taking makes her feel something. She’s sick in the head (in the kindest way possible) and needs help bc it’s starting to affect the well being of fern and a new baby. Maybe she thought a little girl would fix her pain and she found out it’s a girl (tinfoil per the girly clothes on her registry) and it hasn’t fixed the pain at all and she’s losing it even more. (Sorry for the pic crops. Hard to fit in all of them)

No. 1492228

He can’t walk correctly so yeah, something is wrong. Maybe not rickets but something. For you to sit here and say there’s nothing wrong with fern will be a wildly unpopular statement here because it’s rather obvious to the rest of us.

No. 1492229

Well that’s fucking unfair to the rest of us, especially when seeing someone like HER benefit from it when she votes against programs like that and spends her money in the way that she does. Poor people get better benefits than the working class. I’m quitting my job. Fucking twisted. But I guess we’ll find out for sure in about a year. Remind me to come back bc my belief is they she’ll be completely irrelevant by then.

She may have bought a house but what about everything that goes in it? Ya know? It’s like she’s physically incapable of being responsible with anything. Including money and her children.

No. 1492236

tinfoil but i think she really wants a daughter to live vicariously through her and make her be something she couldn't be which is getting knocked up at 12 and having a bunch of kids by 20. i fear for that kid's life.

No. 1492244

His dad is a health cfo but is pro trump anti vaxx and anti medicine as well. It doesn’t make sense. The proof is found on his Twitter

No. 1492246

There are a couple of people tweeting screenshots from that leaked video at Caleb’s father. I’m all for snarking but this is crossing a line

No. 1492250

Yeah they’re from Reddit

No. 1492251

fucking redditors have zero boundaries

No. 1492269

Yeah I got suspended for good off there. Oops

No. 1492293


You clearly don’t have delayed kids. Fern has less words then my autistic toddler did at that age. It’s concerning. It is possible to have severe delays at his age. The myth that some kids just talk later is ableist af. As for the rickets it might not be. But his legs are extremely concerning. Again I had a kid who had to see a dr because he walked the same and had bowed legs. It requires monitoring and if it is not better by next year he will require surgery. Fern is not being checked by a dr like he should be at this point.

No parent in there right mind can look at him and say something is not wrong.

No. 1492301

File: 1649091289552.jpeg (2.64 MB, 4032x3024, 78C3FF5E-A841-4FDC-A879-FCF648…)

Today I made peppermint tea. I unfortunately put it in a mason jar and now I can’t stop thinking that it’s alices dehydrated road-trip urine. There’s even lid for it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1492311

If your sister works in that field, what does she say is wrong with fern’s legs then? If it’s not rickets then it’s something else and a consequence from the lack of calcium (which he def has if Alice doesn’t secretly give him supplements) would be rickets, wouldn’t it?
Not a medfag so i don’t know what else could be wrong with his legs but they really do not look right

No. 1492417

Hip dysplasia or rickets

No. 1492435

What Twitter?

No. 1492444

File: 1649097654649.jpeg (568.85 KB, 828x1319, 89CC6178-3ED9-45FC-8437-BE3829…)

Why you so angry babe

He’s vitamin d and b12 deficient cos of their diet and has the symptoms of rickets.

I won’t post the screenshot cos I’ll get banned for posting it again but you’re vitamin b12 and d deficiency on a strict vegan diet with no supplements and if you get breastfed by a vegan mum.

He has the symptoms of rickets. She’s always carrying him or putting him in a stroller and when he is walking he hobbles about and trips all the time. He has bow legs that are only getting worse over time and thick ankles.

No. 1492451


No. 1492454

File: 1649098027064.jpeg (504.16 KB, 828x1257, 15B341EE-846C-45E3-8E06-085E50…)

Kids who are breast fed and don’t get vitamin d supplement too are at risk

No. 1492455

File: 1649098049036.jpeg (97.4 KB, 828x403, 0D34B7CD-EC52-4D3E-8EBC-E70F48…)

No. 1492459

File: 1649098163294.jpeg (264.56 KB, 828x550, 3D2EB37B-D240-4888-AC2C-EB06EC…)

The absolute irony that Alice thinks fern won’t sleep till midnight and will stay up all night is natural.. it’s a symptom he’s vitamin d deficient

No. 1492463

File: 1649098260193.png (376.57 KB, 828x1792, 30414894-C193-4944-B572-C47889…)

No. 1492474

Poor fern is going to be so at risk of getting skin cancer because he’s always in the Arizona sun without sunscreen

No. 1492480

Please go read these reviews for blippi you will not regret it https://www.commonsensemedia.org/tv-reviews/blippi/user-reviews/adult

No. 1492482

File: 1649098809730.jpeg (523.25 KB, 1242x1037, 6BA440CD-839E-4D06-AB98-D0C196…)

No. 1492486

Calebs brother kid at almost 2 is MILES ahead of fern even from this little clip omg


No. 1492495

File: 1649099534152.jpeg (848.61 KB, 828x1479, 14213B45-BBA5-453B-9978-A5E64D…)

Wtf is Alice doing taking over this girls tiktok lol

No. 1492501

File: 1649099996976.jpeg (498.04 KB, 828x1558, AF42EAE1-6D5B-4437-8C6D-5FBFAE…)

I wonder what Alice had said and deleted….

No. 1492502

Okay this is Interesting. Caleb and his mom and dad seem to be pretty far down the q anon rabbit hole but this brother and younger brother Noah seem to be pro Black Lives Matter anti republican so this family dynamic is interesting

No. 1492503

I think it was like “how do you know they’re the problem and not you?” Something along the lines of that

No. 1492510

File: 1649100928001.jpeg (439.71 KB, 828x1275, 51DB96B3-DB6B-4387-96BF-AE6C1A…)

Right! Seems to be opposite of fathers beliefs but they’re still close I wonder if Caleb is the black sheep of the family

No. 1492511

File: 1649101049532.jpeg (511.39 KB, 828x1591, 16131660-8275-48DD-BEEB-07C38A…)

Calebs brother adopted his son as well and Alice is very publicly anti adoption bet that’s an awkward family thanksgiving

No. 1492543

She looks so much better without the ghetto lashes

>I love that my 2yo learns and is having fun but he gets really upset when it's time to turn blippi off.
This is pretty fucked up tbh and ofc Fern is the exact same way

Also sorry for blog posting but my SIL tried raising my newborn nephew as a lazy vegan (but breastfed) and he didn't start making words until I told my brother they need to to knock it off. Coincidence? Perhaps… It really made me mad because my sister-in-law would often "cheat" with her veganism for funsies or convenience, but my nephew wasn't allowed to do so. They started feeding him off their plates and eventually he was allowed to eat normally and he's fine now. Babies' brains need fat for development. I found an article or two about veganism in babies delaying speech in particular but I can't find them anymore. Poor fern, if that is indeed what is happening. I'm a little bit skeptical like the medfag sister anon but time will tell.

No. 1492545

File: 1649103138297.jpg (671.23 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220404-161034_Tik…)

She made a post talking about narcissists other than her awful family. More Caleb shade?

No. 1492547

File: 1649103199727.jpg (29.08 KB, 1067x245, Screenshot 2022-04-04 131321.j…)

No. 1492565

Yeah or that Brianna girl

No. 1492570

File: 1649104836283.jpeg (42.7 KB, 364x788, 5D56B267-1FEE-46DD-8828-01E533…)

Why does she read with one eye squinting

No. 1492575

File: 1649105055176.png (829.08 KB, 828x1792, 17C9AAE0-3B2A-4C99-8C2A-F11819…)

She definitely knows she’s having a girl cos

No. 1492597

it’s weird how she was obsessed with gender-neutral everything for Fern (except when putting him in his dead sister’s super girly dresses) but she chooses pink and frills and bows for a baby girl.

No. 1492625

I truly believe she doesn’t actually research the ingredients that she’s so afraid of and that “give her nightmares” according to one of her recent posts. She just thinks that more ingredients = toxic harmful poison for everyone without any critical thought or further investigation. If she does actually do research she only reads bias or unreliable sources because there’s no need for her to be so afraid of “chemicals” when literally everything is chemicals.

No. 1492630

This. Humans are chemical creatures. She seems like the kind of ignorant person who would be scared of water if it was labelled as dihydrogen monoxide, lol.

No. 1492650

She kinda already did this with citric acid.

No. 1492652

Shirty eyesight. A lot of people do this.

No. 1492664

She deleted a comment I wrote that said citric acid was usually lemon juice(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1492669

As an early childhood educator, my two cents is that Fern is definitely delayed. His speech delays are probably the most concerning from a teaching perspective. Homeschooling is one thing but Alice seems to make no concentrated effort to read to him or introduce early language concepts at all. (Throwing an iPad with Blippi on it doesn't count.) Toddlers live for/learn best with repetition and unfortunately, that is too "restrictive" and "abusive" for Alices' manic, chaotic lifestyle. Motor-development wise he seems okay for now, at least until the vitamin deficiencies catch up to him. I'm not a doctor but I imagine the damage already done from not maintaining a circadian rhythm and waking him up at all hours of the day/night to "adventure" will effect his sleep and stress hormones for the rest of his life.(armchairing)

No. 1492682

Nuance now is the biggest incel account my god

No. 1492812

File: 1649119337971.jpeg (673.3 KB, 1242x2178, 43191F08-1B5F-45EF-B35F-1CBA1D…)

Why does she lie all the damn time

No. 1492815

It’s funny she did alllll that to prevent “no long term studies done” and her kid is still fucked up…imagine that.

No. 1492827

How is this a lie? She's stated that she had "safe" ultrasounds with Fern.

No. 1492833

All ultrasounds are the same and use the same sound waves you ding bat. She had a ultrasound to find out ferns sex, she’s said that. So she lied saying she didn’t. She probably went in a pro-life van to find out, where none of their equipment is even legit (tinfoil on that last lol)

No. 1492843

File: 1649120868435.jpg (439.83 KB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20220404-190442_Ins…)

I know where how ultrasounds work, but if you read the rest of that sentence she is not denying that she's had an ultrasound. Somehow the one or ones she has had, according to her are "safe" but ones done by doctors are not.

No. 1492851

But that’s still a huge misinformation lie? All ultrasounds are the same. She knows this because she’s deleted hundreds of comments of people educating her.

Ultrasounds are only okay when Alice wants to know if she’s having a girl replacement or a boy she’ll hate and neglect. But any other diagnostic ultrasound would fry the baby like an egg, right then and there.

Maybe if she skipped that ultrasound fern wouldn’t be so slow. (Joking of course bc ultrasounds DONT cause issues. They find issues and fix them before they can be a danger to mom and baby.) Alice is a fucking troll. I won’t stop till she’s off her platform. I can’t believe tiktok is letting her go on. Shes not a good look for them spreading misinformation and influencing teen moms to have two kids by twenty and give birth alone in their bathroom.

Alice would rather have an in sanitized ceramic toilet bowl catch her baby than a doctor or nurse or midwife or even her husband etc. Let that sink in. We are maxed out on crazy here. Can it go any lower?

No. 1492858

File: 1649121504581.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x1221, 502AD667-C9CB-4837-B444-2505DD…)

Too bad she doesn’t still put in this effort

No. 1492888

File: 1649124037862.jpg (714.29 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220404-190013_Ins…)

No. 1493103

File: 1649135910936.png (738.4 KB, 828x1792, EB9E640B-6855-4A85-80E3-828C6A…)

Ferns wish list?? If she can afford $2000 of groceries every month can’t she buy her son a $3 book on her own

No. 1493107

File: 1649136165914.jpeg (339.81 KB, 828x1526, 95F89E6E-0E2E-49F2-B7F9-FF8960…)

He’s gonna be so embarassed as an adult

No. 1493109

File: 1649136373152.png (5.09 MB, 828x1792, D23B56EF-40AA-469B-9A90-42B57D…)

The caption.. it’s his choice Alice

No. 1493208

Did she really have to say "girlfriends" ? It's odd.

No. 1493291

File: 1649156704840.jpeg (309.99 KB, 1169x1651, F9C1C177-245E-4C5B-8716-18066B…)


Here was the old screenshot from another thread.

No. 1493310

okay there's nothing wrong, almost every mom does this and its actually kinda cute

No. 1493312

File: 1649159625342.png (112.72 KB, 320x260, it never ends.png)

>except when putting him in his dead sister’s super girly dresses
excuse me, she did what

No. 1493313

Romanticizing child relationships is gross and uncomfortable. But so is everything Alice does.

It’s weird she invited kids over to clean her kids room for her? Even they are more clean and motherly than her and they’re like 8 years old

No. 1493319

File: 1649160236609.png (7.67 MB, 1242x2688, 44000248-E866-43BE-8CFF-57BD03…)

This is from an old video but from when someone asked her what she’d do if fern chose to start eating meat and if she’d teach him it’s okay as long as he’s informed about what it is. That was her response.

She doesn’t actually believe in informed consent, she believes in manipulation and control. She’s probably losing it that she no longer controls everything her husband does. (Like the shampoo and bleach)

No. 1493322

File: 1649160451411.jpg (123.33 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

sage for OT but as a south asian I notice a eerie similarity with the way alice interacts with fern and most south asian households, a codependent mother-son relationship where the son(usually the eldest) becomes an emotional stand-in for a woman's husband

No. 1493324

File: 1649160887452.jpeg (394.46 KB, 1242x647, 1697873B-600F-44C2-8903-C72FD7…)

Omg stop I just was googling this trying to find the right words to put my thoughts into. Came across this that reminded me of her to fern.

No. 1493352

He is not old enough to have a tiny Hot Wheels, especially if he eats things like her ring. Hope no one buys it.

No. 1493417

>damage already done from not maintaining a circadian rhythm and waking him up at all hours of the day/night to "adventure" will effect his sleep and stress hormones for the rest of his life.
ECE student here, and I totally agree with all of your observations. My psych of learning class this week is literally about self-regulation, and the importance of having a consistent sleep routine for the crucial role sleep plays in the development of self-regulation skills, and general cognitive development in childhood and beyond. Poor Fern is being set up to suffer.
I want to be encouraging for Fern's sake, and say that it's not too late to change for the better, and a little goes a long way. Simply putting him on a regular sleep schedule, reading to him, or even putting some toddler language learning videos on the iPad instead of Blippi, would be helpful! And give him a vegan calcium supplement while you're at it.

No. 1493450

File: 1649172954618.png (9.01 MB, 1242x2688, 3997B908-4AFB-4291-90EA-C37B9A…)

She has no idea what age appropriate toys to ask for, because she’s an idiot. So much for early education college courses. She has the entire internet to help her to help her child and she chooses to be lazy and willfully ignorant. It’s so sad to witness. Someone else should make the list for her. Maybe she needs to just sort through the toys he already has and not be a pack rat and add more.

No. 1493473

File: 1649175329053.jpg (59.92 KB, 374x424, 66045378248320.jpg)

I choose to have hope about this, I have a feeling in my gut that despite all the retardation of his parents that Fern might be able to overcome it, that he might become a decent human being

No. 1493520

What’s odd to me is that people are buying baby registry gifts for someone who won’t even confirm that they’re pregnant, let alone girl clothes? Also the gifts on live? She literally goes on live, collects gifts, then spontaneously ends the live without saying anything. So strange to me. I would feel so taken advantage of if I were a fan of hers.

No. 1493548

We all know Alice never really did cloth diapers and just put them over the disposables for optics, but as someone who owns that exact diaper, I have no idea how she put it on so incorrectly. It’s a very simple concept

No. 1493564

File: 1649181200006.jpg (202.59 KB, 1080x1760, 20220405_125140.jpg)

alice is asking for this toy set for fern.. which clearly has an egg and cow's milk. wonder if she'd take those away before he could have it

No. 1493590

File: 1649182905549.jpg (167.44 KB, 720x1318, Screenshot_20220405-141829_Tik…)

she said this is the cat's litter box?!! Is she just gonna let the cat go to washroom on it! that's so gross, that smell!!! just get the cat sprayed ffs

No. 1493591

Wtf?? My cat use that kind of thing
That is for scratching! Oh god just buy a goddamn litter this is so fucking disgusting.(sage )

No. 1493593

The cat probably has a fucking raging UTI but of course Alice doesnt believe in vets cuz shes dumb as fuck

No. 1493607

in the tt she claims they have a regular litter box and then this monstrosity because the cat likes to pee on “soft things”. so they got this specifically for the cat to piss on

No. 1493611

File: 1649184502293.png (205.7 KB, 640x427, scream_cat.png)

for the love of god, please someone take that cat and baby away from her, she will fuck up both of them

No. 1493614

maybe she's just not keeping up with cleaning the litter box. cats will avoid going in the litter box if it's dirty or def has something medical going on or is in heat and spraying everywhere. That poor cat has to suffer because of her, honestly if she doesn't want to take her pets to a vet then she shouldn't have even gotten pets. not taking your animal to the vet is animal abuse.

No. 1493615

File: 1649185310907.jpg (2.4 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20220405_114931532.j…)

You know she smelly when laundry detergent is the worst smell to her. Why is she so repulsive??

And clearly her cat needs to go to the vet if it's peeing outside it's box. They don't do it just for fun

No. 1493643

No wonder the cat pisses all over the house if it doesn't have a proper litter box or the ability to go outside.
Most cats like to dig in the litter/dirt, I have heard of some cats getting confused with fluffy surfaces and peeing on them too (something to do with the feeling of the texture for them) so no wonder it pees everywhere if it thinks its normal to pee on soft furnishing.
Also all the cat trees I have had have removable and washable padding so you can actually clean it, this is a cheap ass cat tree which you can't even clean if your cat pisses on it wtf why doesn't she buy a new one and a litter tray.

No. 1493645

You know that apartment smells absolutely rancid.

No. 1493661

She’s made a video reading through her baby registry from 5 years ago and calling all the products on it “toxic” which really rubs me up the wrong way. Not only are these products not toxic, but if she genuinely cared she might actually try and educate people on what she perceives to be bad ingredients, and back these perceptions up with studies and facts instead of her just laughing and saying “toxic” to anything that’s not plain water.

No. 1493663

And further to this, I don’t understand how she can’t see that her hair is suffering from her water only washing, it’s so stringy and matted it moves as one clump whenever she touches it.

No. 1493671

My cat did this, we took him to the vet straight away and he had a stone blockage in his urethra and needed surgery. I can guarantee the cat is in pain or trying to send her a message about SOMETHING

No. 1493674

It’s like she wants an excuse to put the cat down for peeing outside the box or whatever. Like it’s gonna disappear from her videos and we will know why.

No. 1493676


But she’s ~vegan for the animals!!!!~

No. 1493700

It looks like she doesn’t own a brush. And I’m struggling to understand how it’s not smelly as fuck

No. 1493702

She really said “you have so much unresolved trauma from your parents pushing a binkie in your mouth! Don’t do it to your kids, break the cycle!” As if using a pacifier is emotional abuse…

No. 1493714

File: 1649192091568.jpeg (1.97 MB, 3264x3264, 7EB930F7-A4B0-4912-A19A-8B775C…)

Yet here we are lol

No. 1493717


she also said at the end of the video "you are just buying everything your parents did with you even through it gave you trauma" yes because using safe baby products for your child traumaizes them for life??? Make it make sense. she also said you don't a baby thermometer which is just terrible and dangerous advice since high fevers in babies and toddlers could cause seizures.

No. 1493871

Febrile seizures are not inherently dangerous and are not always caused by high fevers. Fevers are a symptom that something is going on and super high fevers can indicate very serious illnesses. Anything over 101 in an infant is concerning and requires medical attention but we all know how that would play out with Alice

No. 1494038

File: 1649211524254.jpg (749.41 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220405-201816_Tik…)

Anyone else wonder if she's cleaning for a CPS inspection?

No. 1494145

File: 1649219913141.png (5.81 MB, 1125x2436, 3694CE0C-4367-4F5F-B2C9-79F2B4…)

The people in the comments asking her where she got her pants. You mean the ones stuck between her crack? No thanks. What a weird angle to film yourself in such ill fitting clothing, Alice

No. 1494183


those pants did her dirty. it doesn't suit her at all tbh and just looks odd

No. 1494222

File: 1649224278458.jpg (49.13 KB, 492x391, Screenshot_20220406-014951_Red…)

dishes on her floor??

No. 1494224


right next to the outlet too. how safe.

No. 1494238

Jesus who's she pretending to be now? She's gone for the retro cool aesthetic mommy, must be sick of being pregnant trailer trash teen.
Either way her bum is absolutely starving in those god awful things.

No. 1494247

I go into 100s of less than desirable homes with my job. It's ALWAYS the smell of cat piss that hits first and clings to your clothes. The homeowners don't smell it anymore.
I can absolutely guarantee the place reeks, especially as she won't be attempting to clean it properly.
Make it look as instagrammable as you want Alice, you stink.

No. 1494268

She’s spreading her bullshit about microwaves being harmful and “leeching radiation into your food/home” if she knew anything at all about radiation she’d know that microwave radiation isn’t going to kill you or give you cancer whilst you heat up a bowl of soup, and there’s background radiation anywhere she goes. Not to mention the dissonance between her hatred of microwave radiation and yet she’s constantly on her phone. Don’t people like her usually worry about radiation from phones being harmful?

No. 1494312

File: 1649234029387.png (3.8 MB, 828x1792, BFF23686-EDEE-4EE7-B071-C69654…)

Little girls?

No. 1494315

File: 1649234612628.png (4.65 MB, 828x1792, 6ED2A590-945D-4A69-B059-73B75E…)

She’s so blatantly disrespectful to her husband making fun of using his card when they’re fighting definitely not a happy marriage

No. 1494318

I'm a mother, I love my child and even plan to have another one some time later, but this is just pure BS, pushing this on young girls is absurd and will ruin their lives

No. 1494319

File: 1649234731412.jpeg (123.61 KB, 793x935, 6981E945-0D56-4F51-8E5E-6DF5F9…)

What even is this outfit

No. 1494320

File: 1649234866764.png (4.1 MB, 828x1792, 939F2152-44D1-4AFA-A2F7-801B97…)

Her hair omg??? Why does it look all matted at the top

No. 1494322

File: 1649234988985.png (5.26 MB, 828x1792, 38AF3442-2ECB-42A6-A7E3-014799…)


No. 1494377

Blatantly disrespectful to the husband who beats her kid? Who gives a fuck.

No. 1494380

File: 1649243207362.jpg (118.56 KB, 1246x336, Untitled 2.jpg)

Not to mention most doctors recommend pregnant women stay away from cat piss and shit because it can be very harmful to a pregnancy.

No. 1494382

Shut up, Alison stan. If you’re going to believe everything this bitch says as holy gospel, go back to Reddit. I’m so sick of people believing her victim narrative. We’ve only heard that, that happened because of a sympathetic video she posted on her friends only. But you know what we have SEEN? Her smack Fern’s hand away in a livestream, and that Tiktok she uploaded where she was BLATANTLY pinching him with her acrylic nails.
Caleb is her scapegoat.

No. 1494386

File: 1649244362398.jpeg (281.4 KB, 1242x586, 7D250808-A058-41F1-B977-E8A468…)

Checks out…kek

No. 1494391

I don't give a shit about alison or her dumbass husband, all I care about is the safety of Fern

No. 1494392

Can I tell y’all something EXTREMELY ironic? Vinegar and baking soda neutralizes cat pee odor and is EXACTLY what I use to scrub the litter pans, despite me being a chemical queen (obviously only using pet safe stuff on their stuff, but nothing worked as good on keeping the smell away between litter pan changes) I used to scrub the pans between every change and now I do it maybe twice a month. Maybe she will see this and get to scrubbing.

She had that whole family over to her house just the other day…how were they not gagging?

No. 1494396

> Her smack Fern’s hand away in a livestream, and that Tiktok she uploaded where she was BLATANTLY pinching him with her acrylic nails.
NTA, but funny how nobody posted screenshots here because it was not blatant at all and the other off-camera and just assumed without proof. So you’re willing to assume shit that makes her look bad (which she does a fine enough job by herself btw), but won’t take her word that she’s exposing Fern to an abusive KNOWN groomer and substance abuser?

Sad, this was such a milky thread before the tinfoil went off the rails.

No. 1494397

There were screenshots of the pinching. Go find them

No. 1494400

It’s >>1483400 and it’s not proof of anything it’s not a ‘pinch’ she is literally just moving him with her hand to stop him kek

No. 1494405

I agree with you anon. Anons here freak out about Alice’s abuse to Fern caused by pure ignorance, laziness and inattention but they surprisingly didn’t freak out when Caleb deliberately hit his child. and before you tell me that Alice is a pathology liar, I don’t think anybody would make up such a serious lie about their husband. This is especially true for Alice because she tries so hard to paint a “perfect family” picture on social media. Pretty sure pothead Caleb is more dangerous to the family than Alice is.

No. 1494407

I did post a whole reel of screenshots here of the pinching. It was at the smoothie shop. I would’ve posted the whole video but I don’t know how to embed the link and she’s probably deleted it already.

Yeah her husband sucks, but that doesn’t take away from her abusing fern too. Her AND her husband can both be abusers. It’s not unheard of. Neither of them care about ferns well being. We’ve established that much.

Substance abuse? She buys him the alcohol. And weed doesn’t even count. If anything it would help him chill out and deal with a screaming toddler.

And despite his substance abuse problem and hitting their child, they both decided to have another baby. They’re both fucked up in the head and need therapy not a new infant. Babies don’t fix relationships, or resolve trauma. Good fucking luck to them. Praying for their cat who is clearly sick and praying for fern who is growing up in they awful fucking mess. He’s going to grow up to write a book about this horror someday.

No. 1494411

She says that he mistreats fern and then goes and purposely has ANOTHER baby with him? Her answer to one child getting abused is to….have another?

Get fucked alice stan. Nobody is saying she’s lying but she may have been over exaggerating considering the fact she’s still buying a house and having kids with him.

She’s over here making long term plans with the person who hurt fern, yet you’re saying WE aren’t enraged enough?

There’s like 1/2 a thread of just talking about that leaked video. We were and still are upset about it, but Alice clearly isn’t concerned about it anymore so why should we???

No. 1494412

Don’t sympathise with his substance abuse FFS. A screaming baby is not an excuse.

But I do agree that both of them are equally irresponsible when it comes to Fern, although I have to say I personally think Caleb is the bigger abuser - he groomed Alice, isolated her from her family, from his family background, I believe he’s responsible for making Alice go against medicine. If Alice is THIS fucked up, it’s probably because of Caleb.

No. 1494413

There were screenshots of the pinching, and I personally watched the livestream with my own eyes. Other anons have commented that they saw it happen, too. Scroll up. I wish I had recorded it. I’m not assuming anything, going solely off of what has slipped through the cracks of her editing. Also - I don’t doubt that Caleb is abusing substances and is very toxic to Alison and Fern! What I won’t do is believe her poor me I’m such a helpless victim narrative. She has so many resources available to her if she wanted to leave her situation. She’s part of the problem, and she’s pulling the wool over her stans eyes by blaming her retarded alcoholic wageslave, just like she does with her other controversies.
Fuck Caleb, fuck Alison, save Fern and Fetus.

No. 1494416

You can say Alice didn’t swat his hand or pinch him with video evidence…but you believe her account of Caleb’s abuse from only a video?

What the fuck is this trash? I believe the Caleb thing but I also clearly see where people are seeing glimpses of what Alice is truly like. If you don’t wanna believe those screenshots, fine. But She neglects and abuses him physically, mentally and emotionally in tons of other ways that have worse and longer effects (some life long) than pinching and swatting. Get it together. We’re in this for fern. And taking her account down so she can’t spread dangerous lies anymore.

No. 1494419

Isolated her from her family? She said her family abused her and were narcissists and she never wanted to see them again. she details her child abused all of the time. How are you gonna sit here and blame Caleb for that?

No. 1494421

I still believe that tinfoil an anon in the previous thread mentioned, she wants to keep Fern dependent on her. she's purposefully keeping him delayed so he can't learn to have a mind of his own/his own opinions and she can continue to control him. She claims to care about a child's consent but has never listened to Fern when he tells her no.

No. 1494422

Did you even watch the video? She clearly did not pinch him and acting like he is being smacked and pinched on camera is just doing a disservice to helping him because once you actually see the video it’s clear he isn’t. It just makes people claiming this stuff to look bad. Like that anon above, when talking about finger bruises on Fern’s legs, trying to say Caleb might “press his finger into him” kek. You just sound retarded and everyone is going to write whatever you say off as tinfoil because you keep coming up with these stories even when it’s on video it’s not.

I’m not contributing to the infighting after this post. She does a hundred things and documents it herself that are horrible, and you anons are really incessant on tinfoiling? Come on.

No. 1494437

File: 1649250359585.png (Spoiler Image, 4.46 MB, 750x1624, 13A10A8F-9403-4FA1-B8ED-5AB2E8…)

Anyone else extremely weirded out by this TikTok? The crochet is cute, but did you hear the audio she put with it? “I think she’s coming back?” Does she think this baby is going to be the reincarnation of Aurelia? Tinfoil, of course, but that’s the only thing I can think seeing this.

No. 1494449

I think she’s chosen the audio and the crochet design to fit the rainbow baby theme.

No. 1494451

Fern was the rainbow baby, not this new one. it really does seem like she found out she's having a girl (or has just decided she is) and is projecting her dead daughter onto the new child.

bitch, go to therapy!

No. 1494458

Maybe she had a secret ultrasound to determine the sex and she knows it’s a girl. That’s probably how she’s so confident and her entire registry is girly. Tinfoil.

No. 1494466

My interpretation was a lot of her videos yesterday actually showed her being productive – she's organizing the apartment, picked up some useful things at Target, spend time with her husband… and therefore maybe she's thinking she's in a better place and getting her life back under control? As a Mom myself, I go through periods where all I can do is the bare minimum and it's amazing when I have a good day and get a lot accomplished. I didn't get a weird vibe off of this particular video.

No. 1494646

File: 1649269902985.jpg (65.35 KB, 439x844, Screenshot_20220406-143021_Tik…)

his feet…

No. 1494655

I just realized her pfp is Fern literally holding a tablet, like WTF she's such a comically bad mother

No. 1494723

She is a comically bad mother but also it’s supposed to be a joke, her username is @crunchyipadbaby, hence you know the pfp of the crunchy baby with the ipad.

No. 1494784

Alice wiped her ass with the restaurnts hand towels… people have been calling them asking if they have reusable toilet paper like she said and they are saying the cloths are for hand drying. Im dead. I feel bad for the worker who had to pick them up

No. 1494798


what the actual fuck

No. 1494861

my guess it wasn't in the stalls and near the sink so what made her think it was toilet paper? what place wants people to wipe their ass with cloth for them to wash espically a restaurant. I wouldn't want to eat at a place where people's ass wiped cloths are there on display in the bathroom

No. 1494864

such a disgusting pig

No. 1494865

The Giving Tree in Phoenix needs to ban this stinky bitch for life

No. 1494867

She would have seen the tp in the stall. She was refusing to use it.

No. 1494871

no fucking restaurant would have reusable TP. if there's blood or piss or shit, they're supposed to call biohazard waste people to come deal with it. they're not just going to bag up human shit and send it to their linen people to clean. Alice is so retarded.

No. 1494884

Why? Why do this? Because toilet paper is treated with chemicals or something??? Why is leaving your skidmarks on a towel in a public place preferable to using toilet paper? The mental illness of it all!!

No. 1494906

File: 1649288312807.jpg (73.92 KB, 750x1000, o.jpg)


The cloth wipes are next to the sink to dry your hands!

Why would nasty ass Alice think its ok to wipe your ass with them!(newfaggotry)

No. 1494913

File: 1649288462034.jpg (58.37 KB, 750x1000, o (1).jpg)

The cloth wipes are next to the sink to dry your hands!

Why would nasty ass Alice think its ok to wipe your ass with them!

Also clearly these are outside of the actual bathroom stall.

No. 1494944

Jesus Christ, she took a hand towel from the sink outside into the toilet and wiped her ass with it? That is so fucking sick. Then what did she do with her biohazard, just leave it in the toilet room for one of the staff to deal with? Disgusting.

No. 1494948

I'm fucking cackling, she carried the towel with her into the bathroom? then brought it out and threw it in the bin? how is she this stupid?

sage goes in the email field btw

No. 1495006

those simps are getting banned now
do you know which thread? i'm trying to find them
im trying to find them

No. 1495007

can somebody please explain what this means:

sage nonmilk and don't ask to be spoonfed DYOR

idk what that means but it said i was banned for asking if she said anything about the caleb situation and saying if shes on ebt she's lying(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1495023

You’re literally asking to be spoonfed right now. Either fuck off or don’t post until you’ve integrated retard

No. 1495091

In case she deletes the vid of her admitting she wiped her ass with hand towels it’s up on imgur


No. 1495178

Her Instagram stories are so weird she wants strangers to drop their toddlers off at their house at 7pm so fern can play with them.

It’s kinda sad though he’s only around Alice 24/7 he needs to play and be around other kids

No. 1495182

File: 1649311736081.png (347.58 KB, 828x1792, 9C1E5E6F-6CE0-4C09-AF79-A303C5…)

So weird

No. 1495184

File: 1649312182514.jpeg (777.47 KB, 828x1365, 09195E98-B1D5-43DC-98AA-E733B5…)

Fern looks so tired in this video let the poor baby sleep Alice

No. 1495185

File: 1649312286981.png (5.14 MB, 828x1792, 8FC2D8ED-D90E-4795-AA2C-3B908A…)

Look how long his trousers are he’s gonna trip wtf

No. 1495186


looks like she has just woke him up for the video

No. 1495188

File: 1649312459407.jpeg (822.61 KB, 828x1469, CFF4FACC-0A25-4E1C-B38A-3B21A2…)

She definitely has already done one

No. 1495189

Right! He looks so grumpy and out of it.. she wakes him up from sleeping all the time for her selfish reasons

No. 1495191

File: 1649312656525.jpeg (68.04 KB, 368x796, 0E97D97B-3812-4D2A-980E-879A95…)

Howwwww does her bump go that flat if she’s seeing full limbs already

No. 1495195

Surely sleeping in normal tight pj pants won’t be good for the baby.. someone commented someone but her some maternity pants kek

No. 1495197

File: 1649313114324.png (4.67 MB, 828x1792, 0A4341DB-0F3C-46EF-B27B-AF9CEE…)

He looks so grumpy lately she’s just gonna neglect him for the new baby who will be a better prop for tt videos

No. 1495205

File: 1649313719460.jpg (116.69 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220407-024051_Red…)

they now gotta add a "please use for hand washing only" sign because of Alice lmaooo

No. 1495207

File: 1649314249563.jpeg (537.64 KB, 814x1512, 8FE49D2E-9CC9-4D24-BE43-92199A…)

She probably means this she just followed on insta

No. 1495208

File: 1649314358867.jpeg (620.23 KB, 828x1558, 8D97925F-2EB3-4B9D-9091-EBD210…)

Ooooooh she recently followed a chiropractor maybe she’s gonna take fern kek

No. 1495211


No. 1495212

File: 1649314545218.jpeg (138.56 KB, 828x459, F1FE6448-94E8-4E28-9768-FF2810…)

So many people are commenting omd

No. 1495297

File: 1649321697227.jpg (994.15 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220407-025322_Tik…)

And back to destroying the couch.

No. 1495343

Why does she have to wait for the new baby? She could make fern one? In shades of green would be super cute. Why does she care about this baby way more than fern? Someone really needs to go and save all her tiktoks from the beginning of her motherhood journey where she said only old moms get tired and if you needed a break from your kids she said “iF yOu DiDnT wAnNa Be a MoM jUsT sAy ThAt”

Tinfoil and new topic from that: but I think the reason fern likes the car so much is because Alice can’t bother him and he gets to sleep.

No. 1495346

This is not “free range” parenting or whatever bullshit she likes to spew. This is so fucking lazy! How about teaching him pride of ownership or hygiene?! She’s not crunchy she’s an ignorant slob.

No. 1495349

I hope they 86’d her from the restaurant.. also: does she just not wash her hands in public since she’s scared of the soap? Like, anywhere she goes? Just skips it? Even after ferns diaper changes? Because That’s fucking gross.

No. 1495361

She is fucking gross! Let's look at the last 48 hours. She revealed her cat pisses outside of the litter box and that's ok, actually, she encourages it. She wiped her smelly vag with a towel and left it for some poor kid who probably makes min. wage to clean.

No. 1495367

She is a hypocrite of the highest order. She is constantly changing her opinions based on what is convenient for her. She can do this because she filters out comments that call her out or deletes videos that go against whatever her belief of the week is.

Tinfoil: her newfound excitement about the "fetus" this week is because she actually did go to a doctor, had an ultrasound, and knows the baby is ok. Probably found out the sex too and is going to pretend she found out from an at-home blood test.(learn2sage)

No. 1495382

I really hope your tinfoil is true! I just want the baby to be okay

No. 1495387

File: 1649335503872.png (2.93 MB, 828x1792, 232317B1-C75B-4ACA-A2E1-5A08E5…)

Look at Caleb’s pupils gah damn

No. 1495408

However, look what the fetus is being born into. I hope it’s born healthy but also if spirit guides said “be born dead or live with that family” I’d take the high road back to heaven:

No. 1495411

Tinfoil: she will try to get fern to start nursing and tandem nurse and not have to worry about his nutrition as much and he will be re-attatched to her. It would make fern easier to calm down. And she’ll get all the attention she wants when she tandems in public. I truly believe anything is possible with this fucked up bitch.

No. 1495416

Was this before or after his shampoo endeavors? His hair is greasy as fuck. He needs to switch brands. But we’re proud of you bro.

No. 1495417

What happened to the road-trip she was gonna take?

No. 1495418

File: 1649339312479.png (4.34 MB, 1170x2532, CC9489B2-58C1-4E6D-9A86-0AA99A…)

why does she say stuff like this as if she’s proud of it? you aren’t unique or special for depriving your child of sleep

No. 1495422

After, she posted this yesterday it’s from the hand cloth restaurant video LOL

No. 1495423

File: 1649339515141.jpeg (339.75 KB, 827x1393, 427B8012-2A37-4445-8DCD-50C189…)

They look so awkward with eachother

No. 1495424

Because it’s all an act.

No. 1495426

You can still see the matting in her hair. Back left.

No. 1495432


They literally look like Brian Froud puppets

No. 1495437

My man is high as a kite lmao. Has to puff some good cush to deal with Alice's bs

No. 1495441

Did anyone grab screenshots of her comments on the Giving Tree’s Instagram before she deleted them?

No. 1495442

They shared it on reddit

No. 1495447

File: 1649340834896.jpeg (452.3 KB, 1745x934, DB81A9F8-7BF0-4481-8B46-B629A2…)

Thanks anon I found it. Just want to make sure everything is on the board here where it won’t get deleted.

No. 1495448

Her ears keep growing with every lie she tells.

No. 1495449

Thank you! She has already deleted all her comments.

No. 1495452

She probably went back and actually rewatched it and listened to her own words and was like “oh shit…they’re right..”

No. 1495460


I honestly cannot even comprehend how you could recover from this level of humiliation. She literally made a publicly viewable on TikTok confessing to the world that she wiped her ass on hand towels at a public restaurant and then after one pathetic attempt to gaslight/gatekeep/girlboss she gives up and deletes her comments.

No. 1495461

LOVE how she doesn't even touch on the rickets and dirty diapers because she knows it's true

No. 1495473

I hate defending this bitch but she never flat out said she wiped herself with the cloths in the bathroom. She should know better by now but I don’t think she expected anyone to look up the restaurant and check, so she made it seem like it was in substitution of toilet paper without actually saying it. Everyone has been giving her shit (no pun intended) lately about it being unsanitary, so I feel like this was her way of being like “look, even this restaurant does it, it’s normal” but it backfired.

The way she said it was “they don’t have a bidet but they do have cloth wipes in the bathroom”. While most people would take this as “you can’t bidet your ass but you can wipe it with cloth” it could also be taken as “they’re not eco friendly with toilet paper but they don’t have paper towels”

She has a habit of wording things in a way that is deceiving and vague so that she can backtrack when she’s called out. Like I said, she never specifically said that these cloth wipes were for your ass or that that’s how she used them. If she does decide to comment on this situation she’s just gonna say it’s not her fault that everyone took it the wrong way.

No. 1495474

Someone already posted screen shots of her commenting and firing back and then she deleted her comments but someone got screen shots before. Keep up.

No. 1495476

yea just realized that sorry..the pictures wouldn’t load so I skimmed over that part. but funny how she did exactly what I expected

No. 1495477

they look like they haven't bathed in 20 years yikes

No. 1495478

She did say that though. Her words were “they have disposable wipes and reusable wipes” However, the restaurant does NOT have disposable paper towels. What other disposable wipes was she referring to?

No. 1495482

am I seeing a completely different video? I never heard her say disposable wipes

No. 1495483

she said at the end "they had disposable wipes and reusable wipes"

No. 1495500

She hasn’t even taken him outside except the other day with Caleb. Kid is going stir crazy going from hours of outside a day to none.

No. 1495503

Holy shit he looks ugly and musty kek
Yeah i agree, it’s kinda clear to me she just meant a towel but the way the first anon who wrote about it described this wipegate shit made me think she just waddled out the stall with her pants around her ankles and took a towel from the sink to wipe her ass, also
>Your poor child has rickets and never has a clean diaper
sounds like somebody from here so a reminder to not interact with cows; do not touch the poo, even with disposable wipes

No. 1495546

And no mental stimulation. We’ve already established blippi doesn’t count. I’m still wondering what happened to her road-trip.. the thing is, is she used to show him coco melon and curious George (in Spanish eye roll) but still… it’s like she really really doesn’t care. Kids his age are NOT supposed to have more than an hour of screen time and supervised with educational stuff. Common sense. Blippi is hypnotic and probably brainwashing (tinfoil). But it shuts him up so Alice puts it on 24/7.

No. 1495548

Her persona just like completely changed overnight to liking Caleb again and cleaning. Still hasn’t tended to ferns hygiene. She’s talking the new babies wardrobe when fern has hardly any clothes. And doesn’t have a bed. She said she’s let him sleep him there when he wanted but clearly went back on that:. I hate her so much for going back on her word on that.

In the videos of the girls clean there’s the bed RIGHT THERE but Alice won’t put it out for for god knows what reason. I hate her so much.

No. 1495553

She blocked me.. has she posted fern walking recently? Have they started improving at all?(cowtipping)

No. 1495617

File: 1649361836032.png (3.77 MB, 828x1792, 3C3A4BC7-6ED2-4A3A-B4E9-8126D3…)

do any of y'all find this odd?

No. 1495620

wow she's such a feminist you guys!! staying with your abuser husband that hit your toddler is okay as long as he doesn't have a say in your unborn child's name!

No. 1495628

She has said she like blippi cuz he eats fruit.

No. 1495670

oh that’s funny…she mustve posted that one on the account she blocked me from

No. 1495681

I am wondering if her actions could constitute medical neglect under AZ law?
Here is the definition of types of physical neglect that could apply to her.

Refusal of Health Care - Failure to provide or allow needed care in accord with recommendations of a competent health care professional for a physical injury, illness, medical condition, or impairment.

Delay in Health Care - Failure to seek timely and appropriate medical care for a serious health problem which any reasonable layman would have recognized as needing professional medical attention.

Other Physical Neglect - Conspicuous inattention to avoidable hazards in the home; inadequate nutrition, clothing, or hygiene; and other forms of reckless disregard of the child's safety and welfare, such as driving with the child while intoxicated, leaving a young child unattended in a motor vehicle, and so forth.

source: https://www.azcourts.gov/casa/Training/Training-Courses/Childhood-Neglect

No. 1495879

File: 1649383707642.jpg (342.81 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220407-220732_Ins…)

No. 1495888

No. 1495891

God, she's fucking disgusting.

No. 1495926

File: 1649387977813.jpg (22.89 KB, 392x392, 1647544680641.jpg)

can someone please explain to me where she is politically? she makes so many contradictory statements and life choices, like on one hand she presents herself as a pink-pilled all natural vegan radical feminist and on other hand she's part tradthot and wants teenage girls to be barefoot pregnant, I have legitimately never seen someone be this much of oxymoron

No. 1495934

She gets her politics from Yolande Norris Clark/Bauhaus Wife who is a radfem antivaxxer who has eight kids and then like conservative talk radio.

No. 1495938

you'd be surprised, there's a bunch of irony-poisoned radfem tradwife fascists like her on radblr, they jump from pagan socialist to greek orthodox feminist to stalinist atheist 5 times a year, their talking points are a bag of alt-lite, pink-pill FDS and obscure 20th century political theory

No. 1495944

File: 1649389259968.png (4.57 MB, 828x1792, 7E5A3689-B7F2-4EA2-A894-8C4BF8…)


No. 1495947

Wow! The family spend time together doing something actually it appropriate for Fern and Alice didn't spend all day on her phone. And it didn't involve reusable toilet paper!

No. 1495973

that poor cast iron skillet will be another victim of Alice’s retardation. at least she didn’t wipe her ass with it

No. 1495976

And her content changed from huge grocery store $500 hauls everyday to help I’m actually so poor send me money

No. 1495978

Read previous threads she follows patriot az party on insta trump supporter

Calebs dad veryyyyyyyy pro trump anti vax too

No. 1495981

I think she bases her personality off who she’s following on social media at the time she’s not original or has different views at all she just copies other people

No. 1495983

Remember she said they’ve went through like 100 pans or something

No. 1495989

File: 1649394151536.png (4.27 MB, 828x1792, 6C401432-5E35-4403-A42B-20A25F…)

Does she have to say girlfriends every time just say friends the kids 2 it’s weird

No. 1495994

File: 1649394538902.jpeg (898.27 KB, 828x1420, 33B9C388-937D-45CB-BFFE-712115…)


No. 1495998

File: 1649394653470.jpeg (250.57 KB, 828x480, 090905D7-DA65-46DF-8217-919D39…)

No because he can’t talk only the word no because he’s all about informed consent and saying no to healthcare

No. 1495999

File: 1649394723300.jpeg (419.28 KB, 828x753, C680B41B-47FE-4AAE-9AB1-4A3A63…)

You just know the cat is suffering so much it’s so sad

No. 1496002

File: 1649395017858.png (5.64 MB, 828x1792, 8895CC83-E396-4549-AE93-8BA8C9…)

People have commented this before but he always has finger like bruises on his legs … is that maybe why she kept him in trousers when it was boiling in Florida cos she needed to hide them when they were obvious there’s bruises alll the way round

No. 1496003

File: 1649395117073.png (5.87 MB, 828x1792, 47DAEE71-9682-44BD-96AA-0775B2…)

She photoshops on insta but can still see

No. 1496005

File: 1649395217382.png (6.18 MB, 828x1792, 4CD263D5-93F9-4167-961C-DD4420…)

No. 1496018

I feel so sorry for that poor cat.. we need to rescue them!!!! She prolly deprives then of meat too poor cat

No. 1496021

You're supposed to season them and she obviously didn't.

Cover it in cooking oil and then burn the oil on.

No. 1496026


No. 1496037

File: 1649402083147.jpg (97.42 KB, 720x619, Screenshot_20220408-031326_Tik…)

not Alice shaming a mom for letting her child play outside their apartment with another kid when she lets her 19 month old run around the house at night while she sleeps

No. 1496061

so Alice is making a 5-7 year old girl into a villain for not wanting to play with a dirty toddler that can’t talk?
And this little girl also lives in low-income housing, and apparently is left unsupervised outside for who-knows how long, with a mother that noticeably ignores her?
And all Alice can do is post tiktoks accusing a child of not being a good enough friend just because she wants to play with a toy car…

No. 1496099


Isn't she always the victim, though? She's always being followed by some creep; other moms are always mean, other kids, are mean to Fern (there was an incident at Great Wolf Lodge). She's a professional victim….her parents, doctors Caleb, when it's convenient…

No. 1496153

What happened at Great Wolf?

No. 1496160

She had posted that baby Fern got bullied for the first time. I don't remember details but I think another kid pushed him or something. Not cool, but not abnormal behavior for children either.

No. 1496189

I’m not an expert on early childhood development like Alice so I could be totally off base here, but this video was so strange to watch. Alice is talking and trying to engage him and he just…. hardly talks, only waddling around. I’ve worked with toddlers and their mamas around Fern’s age before: they usually are able to understand what's being said to them and reply back, and can string together small sentences. They also talk constantly. Fern said……the word alphabet, maybe? This video, more than anything else, has convinced me that he’s significantly delayed and it makes me so sad. He’s clearly a smart and excitable little kid and it sucks to know that he could be thriving if Alice actually tried.

Also, here’s a link to the video: I converted it to the proper type of file and uploaded to dropbox, but can’t figure out how to attach it onto this thread. I’ve been posting for a month but am still kind of a newfag.

No. 1496222

This right here is what I come to this thread for

No. 1496223

Also could be bc he’s falling all the time or bumping into stuff when he’s off balance. I’m an Alice hater but just throwing in another tinfoil and don’t wanna assume abuse

No. 1496224

Uneven creases in legs is also sign of hip dysplasia tinfoil

No. 1496255

He’s not even babbling and Alice doesn’t actually engage with him. She might say something to him, but she’s more saying it to the camera and Fern just happens to be there. There’s no engagement, no language modeling, no interaction, just nothing.

No. 1496258


I don’t think this is evidence of “abuse” but of anemia/some other deficiency. When you have a little kid you do have to grab them a lot and sometimes hold them to get their clothes on, brush their teeth etc. but if they are healthy firm pressure won’t leave bruises like that. When my iron plummets I am covered in little bruises like that from completely non-aggressive touch. I have little finger print bruises on my breasts from my baby holding them while she nurses.

No. 1496266

Youu might be into something…tinfoil of course but Thanks for addressing!

No. 1496267

The reason Alice didn’t eat real meals with her “friends” on the road trip is because fern eats like a rabid dog. And he probably doesn’t behave and is glued to the iPad when he’s not eating. I could go on all day.

No. 1496308

you can upload a webm file with the 'choose file' button just like an image, there is a size limit but idk what it is off the top of my head

No. 1496424

Alice, where's the bunny?

No. 1496469

So she just posted that she and her husband are switching vehicles. She stated that she bought her vehicle on the last day she could buy it. She also talks about how proud she is because she bought it, it's hers. People that have actually bought a new vehicle, is there a time frame under which you can buy a new vehicle? Also if you're married, can you buy a vehicle in just your name?

No. 1496477

Yes a married women can buy her own vehicle in only her name, as for the time frame it could have been the dealer telling her it’s on sale but won’t be for long And she fell for it

No. 1496499

Thank you, I've never purchased a new vehicle nor am I married so I wasn't sure.

No. 1496535

File: 1649460227195.png (3.92 MB, 1870x1384, Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 5.22…)

the bin where she threw her shit cloth was in the middle of the restaurant KEK

No. 1496576

she won't use sunscreen but inhales cat piss/litter while pregnant. what sense does that make

No. 1496583

Why wouldn't a married woman be able to buy a car, this is wild anon.

No. 1496597

File: 1649467357741.jpg (364.89 KB, 718x974, Screenshot_20220408-212041_Ins…)

blocking the kid's face doesn't change that she is creepy taking a photo of someone's kid in public without the parent's consent

No. 1496600

File: 1649467524031.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220408-192411_Tik…)

Literally had a crib. Wonder if she'll set it back up/get a new one for the fetus.

No. 1496609

Why does she think she’s a celebrity?

No. 1496711

imagine the smell of the hot sun hitting her nasty oily sweaty dirty cat piss hair

No. 1496765

File: 1649485461888.jpg (150.05 KB, 719x1465, Screenshot_20220409-022242_Tik…)

this account is gold lmaooo

No. 1496820

she let fern throw away a $70 mouse pad….

No. 1496987

Write sage in the email line before posting

Elaborate.. Video? Link?
Not doubting it, but if it’s confirmed, I’ll be shocked if people continue to buy her things on her wish list despite those types of videos.

Fern is such a snot. She gives him what he wants so he doesn’t throw a fit. It’s gonna get harder to appease those wants as he gets older. Eventually he will learn to speak, right?

No. 1497060

File: 1649522805876.jpg (934.93 KB, 1152x1738, RDT_20220409_12461715737718251…)

She has like one braincell

No. 1497262

File: 1649540618263.png (6.43 MB, 1242x2688, D48F8588-F56C-4796-80B7-938F2F…)

am I seeing things or wtf is on her cheek

No. 1497274

It’s the shadow of her hair I think

No. 1497364

I like to think that her whole account is satire because theres no way someone out there really thinks having a premature baby at home with no medical professionals is safe.

Those minutes between the baby arriving and an ambulance arriving is so vital and I really hope her idiot followers don’t take this advice on board.

No. 1497370

Bets on when feral fern jr. will be born? Hopefully blippi is around to sign the birth certificate since that’s who will be raising it.

No. 1497374

I really hope Alice reached out to that restaurant to apologize for her online behavior resulting in that.

She needs to shut her platform down. Nothing good comes of it.

No. 1497521

File: 1649559602982.jpg (36.32 KB, 385x347, Screenshot_20220409-225837_Tik…)

so plastic bottles are bad but plastic ziplock bags are okay? maje it make sense

No. 1497531

Blippi is the father

No. 1497603

File: 1649570877988.jpg (39.31 KB, 720x300, Screenshot_20220410-020749_Red…)

Yikes (old comment)

No. 1497681

File: 1649587739453.png (6.5 MB, 828x1792, 73F9A7A6-5061-47BF-B629-8AD80B…)

Looooooool the irony her posting this after months of not.. definitely lurks here her content always aligns with stuff criticised on this thread

Surely if she was so content with her parenting choices she wouldn’t have anything to prove and wouldn’t feel the need to heavily censor criticism and comments

No. 1497682

Wow she’s cured cancer! The genius that she is cleverer than any doctor!

No. 1497684

File: 1649587956329.jpeg (131.93 KB, 289x626, BA5ECACF-DC14-43BE-96EF-BE5A77…)

Why are her under eyes like that

No. 1497685

Just as I said…huge grocery haul when EBT went in.

No. 1497686

She uses plastic bottles too? Has she claimed she doesn’t? She buys bottled water like it’s nobody’s business and includes them in hauls and they’re always in the background of her TikTok’s

No. 1497687

File: 1649588150039.jpeg (208.19 KB, 366x791, FAC36854-A411-4AFF-8270-108739…)

She looks beaten up af

No. 1497689

I had childhood cancer and imagine someone said that to my mom. That angered me a lot, what in the actual fuck? ANY sponser that she gets should see that. They would tear anu parents heart apart thinking it was their fault.

No. 1497690

Dr. Internet says “sunken eyes are usually just a result of aging, dehydration, or not getting enough sleep” checks out. kek

No. 1497691

She literally doesn’t believe in diabetes treatments either thinks you can cure it with fruit

No. 1497692

Follows lots of Instagram pages about naturally controlling diabetes

No. 1497693

Is she trying to prove a point with her brushing her teeth or something? Does she only do it on tiktok and no other days and that’s why they’re as bad as they are?

No. 1497694

File: 1649588559078.jpeg (1.06 MB, 828x1437, 488122AF-2177-46F3-B21B-923920…)

Non clout friends only … says the one that only met up with tt creators with huge followings kek

No. 1497695

File: 1649588687062.png (3.38 MB, 828x1792, 9715EEA5-CCBB-47B8-9A48-C36B5A…)

No. 1497696

File: 1649588726565.png (3.7 MB, 828x1792, 0E48094E-3BF9-4ECB-8FB6-E2E39C…)

Passive aggressive anti covid

No. 1497697

File: 1649588862496.jpeg (875.15 KB, 828x1538, 82A39EB2-2009-4000-831A-55F7ED…)

Smh she just followed this insta

No. 1497699


For someone who says such bold things on the internet, why would she black out her stickers. Don’t be shy Alice. Shiw us(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1497700

People are stillll commenting on that cafes insta that they use reusable toilet paper Alice needs to keep her mouth shut and stop spreading misinformation

No. 1497702

Diabetic here…fruit will raise your blood sugar, A LOT. It will not make it better it will make it the opposite. Insulin is the only way to treat diabetes. That’s why they’ve bottled it up and charge it for $400. It’s exactly what she’s said, but pharma fucking sucks. I get it, trust me I do. But clearly it still serves a purpose in some ways (aka producing life saving medications).

No. 1497703

File: 1649589226462.jpeg (420.43 KB, 828x1457, 8DA0FF75-0DAE-49F0-8C72-3AC05A…)

No. 1497705

why is she still so hung up on that when the mask mandates are over and all the vax mandates drama is over too?

Pour your energy into preparing for your kid. Or paying attention to the one you already have.

It’s like she loves giving birth but actually hates kids. That’s the vibe I’ve gotten by the way she treats fern.

No. 1497706

File: 1649589406678.jpeg (321.95 KB, 828x1526, 3993A191-0589-4959-8BE2-1DCC4C…)

Ya the diabetes insta accounts are very pro fruit

No. 1497708

Yup she’s never gonna properly educate him because he can’t consent to learning kek . And because she’s lazy he’ll just be a feral child mentally yearssss behind his peers

No. 1497712

Fruit isn’t bad for diabetes. IN MODERATION. Fruit can be bad for diabetes who consume too much and who only eat high sugar fruits (bananas, kiwis, mangos, grapes, watermelon, etc)

If you’re someone who is undiagnosed and has diabetes…fruit will NOT help treat or cure them. Fruit does NOT “prevent” diabetes. And that’s the disconnect Alice is having. That is saying “fruit isn’t bad for diabetes” which is true, but she twisted it to mean whatever she wants it to mean. I’m sure she’ll post a tiktok about it soon.

Thought she said fern couldn’t have diabetes because it’s not in their families?

No. 1497713

File: 1649590443803.png (14.69 MB, 1242x2688, 2BBF9F58-BC85-4C17-8A70-8375E2…)

Are toddlers supposed to wear gold chains around their neck? Is this a fashion statement? Lmao

No. 1497714

It’s an amber necklace babes

No. 1497715

Yea it’s high in sugar I have diabetes if I drank as much juice as she does I’d be six feet under

No. 1497716

File: 1649590630029.jpeg (658.31 KB, 1242x1153, 2A89BEB8-8E19-4510-BC55-753A6E…)

It’s still detrimental to his health babes

No. 1497725

My diabetes app: log your meal: ten gallons of apple juice lmao

No. 1497733

Put me on time out if this isn’t the right thread for this, but, do you think she eventually would’ve became the same neglectful mom she is to fern to auriela (had she survived) ?

I wanna believe she would’ve made a good mom before all of this, but something else is telling me fame would’ve made her into the same conceited, narcissistic person she is now and things wouldve been no different for auriela than they are for fern. But idk

No. 1497778


She wouldn’t have fame if it wasn’t for Aurelia’s death. She’d be another nobody on the Internet spewing bullshit nobody wants to listen to. She literally profited off of her child’s death.

No. 1497816

fern is on a baby leash now….. i pray she doesn't think it's gonna help

No. 1497818

File: 1649600627408.png (3.79 MB, 828x1792, E55DE978-CC29-44D7-AE4B-09E4F8…)

No. 1497832

She showed her old baby registry and it had a ton of shit that she would not approve of now. She said something along the lines of she’s glad she was more “educated” when she had fern because that baby would have been filled with poisons and emotionally damaged or some shit. So she might have actually raised Aurelia fairly normally at first.

No. 1497846


She is genuinely disgusting.

No. 1497851

I am married and just bought a car in January in only my name. It’s definitely totally legal.

No. 1497872

would you like a medal for this

No. 1497896

File: 1649607965561.png (9.44 MB, 1242x2688, C5446D7C-6336-4C66-A3FF-87B72B…)

She knows it’s a girl and is gonna crochet it stuff. No way she’d buy pink yarn for anything else.

No. 1497897

He’s gonna throw a fit whenever she tries to pull him backwards. She doesn’t even put her dog on a leash, what does that say to you?

No. 1497931

Minus the fact she would have most likely pushed her into teen pregnancy…

No. 1497969

For fern it was all gender neutral clothing but now it’s pink feminine now she knows it’s a girl

No. 1497971

File: 1649618442412.png (787.31 KB, 828x1792, 37748601-26E5-41CC-91C8-BE7094…)

Fernie for life hahahahaha

No. 1497972

I still can’t believe fern is allowed to just run free during the night while they’re asleep

No. 1497978

File: 1649618840903.jpeg (680.81 KB, 828x1603, 93466773-9B41-4DDC-ABFC-13DB21…)

She should be due in 8-10 weeks since she’s seeing a limb up that high

No. 1497980

Why would you not get an ultrasound to see the baby is okay I don’t get it

Ultrasound is bad but phones and WiFi 24/7 isn’t????

No. 1497983

I’m scared for her labour she’s at risk of so much going wrong especially as she doesn’t look healthy at all

No. 1498001

It’s selfish as fuck. She’s ferns mom too and it’s not fair to be careless with herself and take away his mom. Especially after she’s made him so dependent on her.

No. 1498002

Yup imagine she’s in labour as long as she was last time as well Caleb will be absent as ever like he was in the first birth and in general and fern will be traumatised.. the chaos

No. 1498006

File: 1649620456410.png (4.73 MB, 828x1792, 5E3760A6-35CC-4B5D-B891-083D4B…)

Not her at some anti vax rally

No. 1498007

Healthy as can be with rickets

No. 1498011

File: 1649620687003.jpeg (1.17 MB, 828x1792, 0F4DEC72-7C6F-46FB-8BC8-1C7635…)

No. 1498013

File: 1649620773435.jpeg (135.46 KB, 264x571, E27AA916-9569-4CE2-9959-79C01D…)


She looks like such a weirdo in public man

No. 1498015

File: 1649620899223.png (4.94 MB, 828x1792, 023CDC01-6DD5-4361-B7E8-9ED14F…)

No. 1498019

File: 1649621073258.png (2.54 MB, 828x1792, 02D9D49F-7266-4BE2-A926-18F5D9…)

She’s at an anti mandate rally in LA

No. 1498039


His dependance on her makes me wonder how she’s possibly gonna manage labor and birth with a needy toddler running about. We all know Caleb does fuck all

No. 1498049

Literally looks homeless or like a hobo

No. 1498060

She couldn't even be bothered to at least run a brush through her hair

No. 1498084

She’s really let herself go over the years

No. 1498092

barefoot and pregnant at an antivax rally with her toddler omfg i can't man

No. 1498130

Literally looks like she strolled out of the trailer park. Fucking disgusting hag.

No. 1498131

I am blown away if she is actually pregnant. Hasn't confirmed it only "confirmation" is a "limb" she supposedly saw. Her "bump" videos make absolutely zero sense at all. Buying girl things makes it questionable if she is lying and receiving prenatal care. But what really does not make sense is one video is her with a bump the next is without a bump and her own self saying she looks bloated. Shes mentioned before in the past that gluten causes her to bloat and herself eating too much ie. Chipotle also causes her to bloat. Its an absolute insult for those who are trying for a kid of their own watching someone wildly assume they are pregnant and say the bump "chooses to come and go when it pleases." And there are "bump days" and "no bump days" with according to her all her pregnancies are like this. The baby can't just climb out of the uterus then slip back in the next day. Not how pregnancy generally works. If anyone looks back on her older photos with Fern when she was pregnant that bump never disappeared it only got bigger over time… so all pregnancies? Questionable. Shes quite possibly the biggest delusional scam artist if this pregnancy continues in the fall/winter given she should be due in the summer. Her supposedly cult like fans buying her gifts off her amazon registry is maddening to watch. Theres a condition called psuedocyesis. Its called a false pregnancy where women experience if not all symptoms (ie. swollen belly, enlarged breasts, sensation of fetal movements) of pregnancy but in reality its something entirely different. Majority of it is also in the brain as well triggering the release of pregnancy hormones. Which honestly given her videos wouldn't be a surprise if she has a untreated hormonal imbalance which her trusty naturopath (if she ever sees one) can help with.

No. 1498133

She essentially did…she’s only missing the cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

No. 1498136


This is a wild reach. She’s pregnant. She can’t even make enough effort to brush her hair, you really think she’d go this far to fake a pregnancy?

No. 1498142

I more so think it’s ridiculous that people are buying gifts for someone who won’t confirm if she is or not. I’m wondering if she started posting about being “maybe pregnant”, wasn’t, and then started really trying to get pregnant and did, and is now less far along than everyone is assuming?

No. 1498143

Bet she’s on the prowl for some dumb old conservative man to be her sugar daddy

No. 1498149

I never understood why people buy “influencers” gifts at all. They can afford it themselves. She can too surely and proves it with her grocery store trips

No. 1498153

Maybe not anymore considering she said she was leaving to go back “on the road” again like 3 weeks ago, then changed it to “I’m leaving as soon as I get my old account back” lol

No. 1498172


Does she own any other outfits? Or is this her only trashy attire?

No. 1498179

Oksooo tinfoil but what if the reason she needed to go buy new clothes is because she used her old stuff and reusable wipes but they aren’t actually reusing them just throwing them away, which is why she had to cut up clothes.

No. 1498187

File: 1649634096474.png (13.21 MB, 1284x2778, DD352598-ADDD-4FE7-BFB9-771733…)

She’s absolutely starved for attention she’s getting it from crack heads on skid row

No. 1498189


I wouldn’t put it past her, plus I’m sure she soon realized washing her clothes with vinegar doesn’t get the shit stains/smells out.

No. 1498212

I am so scared for Fern right now. I really hope they don't just sleep in the car in Downtown LA. And she's advertising where they are. And walking around with everything exposed, no shoes, etc….

No. 1498307

She bought 6 outfits looking all very similar

No. 1498342

Her mouth looks like it stinks.

No. 1498344


While I do believe that she’s pregnant (and liken the lack of bump to her supremely deteriorated health & diet), I’m going to say that I still wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out she wasn’t and she tried to semi-casually write it off as some medically-faulted accident again to further her agenda. “Medicine has killed 2/3 of my babies.”


Honestly, she’s the type of girl to see a male on the street and question if they made eyes at her and then imagine them approaching her and this will be the story she tells. Alice is so ugly that it’s almost offensive. If someone got close enough to her, they’d get a whiff of her likely putrid stench too. Nobody is approaching this girl in public. I don’t doubt that they are looking, but that’s probably because they are wondering why she has no shoes on and is dressed that way.

No. 1498355

If this was a part of some tv series about horrible people, I'd think this was hilarious but knowing she's an actual person and she's doing its horrifying

No. 1498390

Why is she wearing that preteen mini skirt out in public everyone else is wearing trousers etc

No. 1498392

Dressing for the pedo groomer male gaze

No. 1498397

File: 1649655701770.png (4.49 MB, 828x1792, 0090B11C-A8D6-4407-A213-339FD3…)

The teeth

No. 1498403

File: 1649656005527.png (4.09 MB, 828x1792, 943DA621-1A0D-4FDB-AA6C-06EB73…)


No. 1498406

File: 1649656144721.jpeg (595.43 KB, 828x1361, F14B916F-0CD4-4C1D-9E80-1B6ECF…)

She literally has no care about her safety or her children’s always putting them in dangerous situations. Walking about alone barefoot wearing revealing cropped clothes at least her comments have sense

No. 1498424

the fact that fern is still alive is an absolute miracle

No. 1498434

Lol Alice blocked me on insta for commenting an anti mandate rally smh(cowtipping)

No. 1498435

File: 1649660113069.jpeg (257.58 KB, 1170x1392, B5E58A36-A9A9-4201-AF3E-B92564…)

got blocked on Instagram just for liking this comment kek(touched the poop)

No. 1498443

File: 1649661521479.jpg (17.83 KB, 214x232, 1629233701004.jpg)

this image is so fucking hilarious, fern in his likely dirty diaper walking carelessly with a leash attached to him, while alice checks herself out in her skimpy outfit, thinking to herself "damm I look hot" while being literally barefoot

No. 1498454

And then the contrast of the crowd of people in the background dressed normally

No. 1498462

Califag here: I’m almost certain that they’re going to get some kind of infection/illness from walking around barefoot in LA. LA and San Francisco are notorious for broken glass (either from bottles or needles), human fecal matter/piss on the sidewalk, etc.

No. 1498481

Especially when they were like a block from skid row

No. 1498551

Does Alice think before she sleeps in a car with a toddler in the middle of god knows where? wtf man https://www.dropbox.com/s/525xk82llojxvbo/IMG_9649.webm?dl=0

No. 1498573

Hate to burst your bubble but babies can absolutely change their position by the day, even by the hour. Especially if your uterus is tilted backwards. My family would joke that sometimes my son would “disappear” for a day. She IS pregnant and her bump is no indication of how far along she is so you all just look dumb trying to speculate. It’s still fuck Alice but damn this shit is unreadable when you keep beating this dead horse

No. 1498586

Probably telling everyone she>>1498424
I mean… he’s only two, ya know? The more he explores when they’re around bodies of water the more I worry he might end up a drowning victim

No. 1498588

What exactly doesn’t she have the freedom to do? She doesn’t need to mask or vaccinate. That’s all that was about. So fucking stupid. How far is LA from where she lives? Sounds like a waste of time and money. Certainly nothing fern wanted to do.

No. 1498590

Her registry says July 31 and we base the dates we think she’s due off of the actual information she’s given us from her own tiktoks (I think I’m x weeks along. The app said x weeks along, etc)

Nobody is guessing how far long she is bc of the bump.

No. 1498598

It’s sad that she clearly knows that something is wrong too, yet she does nothing about it. And doesn’t address it. Does she really hope to just ignore it and it’ll go away? These are life. long. issues that she’s setting him up for. And why can he still not talk? I never see him excited and interacting with other people. He just is kinda “there”

No. 1498604

The caption…that’s not HER element, that’s HIS element. Anyone taking pictures of them were laughing at them and how ridiculous they both look.

I think fern is probably showing (tinfoil) some behavioral and authority issues and it’s gotten pretty bad for Alice to use A LEASH of all things. She lets him be so far away from her, even when it’s knowingly. That’s why I think the leash is for her convenience and not as much caring for ferns safety. She can be as absentminded as she wants taking TikTok’s without having to actually pay attention to him.

No. 1498630

Exactly she said it was for his safety in public places but if she cared about his safety so much why does she park in shady areas, take him out in the middle of the night and sleep in her car

No. 1498649

File: 1649687085614.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220411-072352_Ins…)

Guesses on who these people are?? Looks like she may not have slept in the car? but found some people to use for the night

No. 1498655

the alicesnark reddit page isn’t even a snark page anymore with too many restrictions

No. 1498674

somebody get that baby away from those psychos

No. 1498684

I'm worried that something really serious is going to happen to Fern/her kids. She keeps putting herself and Fern in compromising situations and one day it's gonna go wrong. When the other baby comes it's going to be a shitshow, she can't even handle one child.

No. 1498710

Agreed. I was thinking why someone would want a leash on their kid. The only thing I can think of is that you can let them wander a bit without having to watch them. Alice can be on her phone and be inattentive to her hearts content while having her kid in range.

No. 1498717

Dear god that’s frightening…. The root canals this woman will need… hope she saved some of the settlement for that…. The whole top right side of her mouth looks beyond repair. Girl’s gonna need dentures by 30.

No. 1498731

There other reasons besides bad parenting to need a kid leash. Personally, I used one during to toddler years to allow my autistic kids to safely wander. We used one that had stretch to it. My oldest wouldn’t hold hands and was a very free spirit. My youngest would bolt into the lake at the zoo or park within seconds. So there were reasons but it is obvious her reasons are to be a bad parent. I’m just happy because it gets him out of that damn carrier that he looks so uncomfortable in.

No. 1498761

It’s something else to draw attention to her.

No. 1499001


nevermind, she makes them very easy to locate if some sicko wanted to find them.

No. 1499031

She should put a Google air tag or whatever in the lining of the backpack kek

No. 1499179

the use of the boomer word "snark" should have been a big tell anon

No. 1499182

File: 1649730206577.jpg (425.38 KB, 1080x1264, Screenshot_20220411-202029_Ins…)

Her teeth whitening game is strong….

No. 1499183

File: 1649730237193.jpg (311.7 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20220411-202004_Tik…)

….but not strong enough.

No. 1499188

Why bother with the whitening filters? We all know she's too lazy to even brush with baking soda. How long before Fern steps on a rusty nail or discarded hypodermic needle during their barefoot LA vacation? She's totally fine with not taking him to a doctor for the rickets so I have a bad feeling she'll be cool with tetanus. Poor Fern.

No. 1499196

A post on the aliceandfernsnark subreddit was just people gawking at how beautiful she is. I can honestly say I don’t see it

No. 1499208

File: 1649734225431.jpg (807.49 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220411-202719_Tik…)

Yall are just jealous because she looks so young /s

No. 1499337

File: 1649745417984.jpeg (82.32 KB, 828x1792, DEFA22DA-79F9-48F4-8724-431792…)

The reality

No. 1499367

The tartar buildup along her gumline is a sign that she just doesn’t brush on a routine basis at all. How is she not embarrassed?

No. 1499379

File: 1649751179786.png (4.13 MB, 828x1792, B0E5696C-E516-4822-88AC-A37DC2…)

No. 1499380

The fact fern STILL can’t say any new words just no

No. 1499381

She doesn’t believe in toothpaste she did a whole YouTube video about how bad it is to scrub your teeth lol

No. 1499383

Same with ferns teeth so much tartar on the bottom she edits out

No. 1499387

File: 1649752254396.jpeg (161.65 KB, 828x517, 26C0D796-0CF3-4D43-9D17-C82FF7…)

Lol did she mean to delete this and accidentally pinned it

No. 1499389

File: 1649752485752.png (6.46 MB, 828x1792, 2B1B6130-487F-44ED-9A10-FE7D76…)

His whole leg is facing outwards so he can’t walk steadily one foot after the other he does this weird hop bounce thing like he’s taking his first steps

No. 1499391

File: 1649752890581.png (387.75 KB, 828x1792, 1EE1F96D-30F0-43AD-B11A-F44AF8…)


No. 1499396

Would love to hear her logic on why her and ferns teeth are decaying and yellow if they live such a perfect healthy toxin free lifestyle? And why she feels the need to Edit and whiten their teeth

No. 1499398

The replies omfg. Alice stans are truly blind morons.

No. 1499462

Might’ve pinned it in order to block everyone who liked the comment too kek

No. 1499463

They banned me bc I said fern wasn’t cute and told me it was bullying they’ll lose people real quick with ban happy mods like that(don't use emojis)

No. 1499464

Delete this if you can figure out how. You can’t use emojis here and they’ll ban your IP for a day to tell you that!

No. 1499466

She’ll say some bullshit about why teeth are supposed to be yellow and that she’s right and everyone else is wrong and they’ll die of cancer bc they use toothpaste and chemicals

No. 1499470

PS I don’t think fern is cute anymore either. I’ve said that here before. Just that he used to be adorable as a baby and now he just looks like some typical messy spoiled brat toddler. Nothing special. I definetly wouldn’t consider him cute anymore but I’m not cute either so…it’s okay lol

No. 1499471

Maybe she should’ve gotten a reborn doll instead of adopting 2 kittens, a puppy and a bunny and having a human baby. None of them deserve(d) to suffer at her neglectful, slap happy hand.

No. 1499511

I’d like to hear her justification for her rotting molars. A lot of health problems come from bad oral hygiene and decaying teeth. For someone so healthy body conscience you’d think she would take better care of them.

No. 1499512

They are definitely catering to the more neutral posters.

No. 1499593

even with no toothpaste it shouldn't look like that if you just scrubbed it with a toothbrush. she isn't brushing her teeth period

No. 1499627

That's not just tartar, the white ring means decay is already starting. Her teeth will turn brown soon.

No. 1499702

Fern is soon to follow if nobody steps in. Caleb felt dirty without shampoo. IMAGINE HOW YOUR SON FEELS! It’s honestly so sad. Caleb is probably using the shampoo as body wash too. As he should. Tinfoil. If Caleb and Alice are reading this: bathe your kid

No. 1499706

Too bad she’s a psycho. If she loves being pregnant for attention she could make bank off being a surrogate. Then again, she wouldn’t get through the screening. They’ll take one look at her diet and be like “wtf..” kek

No. 1499838

lol the girl who posted this comment said on reddit that she pinned the comment and then blocked her. really weird

No. 1499907

File: 1649804238103.jpeg (37.08 KB, 558x460, 83DC384A-0A5B-44B4-B66D-8D269A…)

Look at our main goof Caleb. If there is a house his pops is the one that’s buying it.

No. 1499933

File: 1649806720149.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1284x1269, 093A060C-EAD6-4B75-9589-0C8ACE…)


I think this all of the time and agree with anons who have since responded.. she is SO conscious of their teeth in photos, to the point of making them look unnaturally white. It’s as though she thinks that she can spoon feed us lies about scratching at your teeth every few days with baking soda can make them whiter than a hollywood smile..

No. 1499953

I forgot about the house!! kek
Since you mentioned it here she will probably do a house update soon now. It’s like clock work

No. 1499958

File: 1649808910580.jpeg (381.94 KB, 1241x1805, 733CACE7-6E09-44C6-8EBA-D70C5F…)

Day in the life of baby fern…Baby fern plays in his poopy diaper because his mom doesn’t give him any other toys or stimulation. He skips the hand wipes and dives right into a bag of veggie puff chips his mom considers a meal. Cue the coconut water.

No. 1499964

File: 1649809385799.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1547, C784C58D-96D3-487F-83AF-380D10…)

Surprised we didn’t get any “this man made eyes at me while I was there and his old middle aged wife was so jealous of me and my feral toddler and trashy maternity wear.” Posts from Alice from this rally. Lol

No. 1499966

The crowd looked like a bunch of uptight karens

No. 1499969

Her diet is not automatically sufficient just because she eats a barrel of bananas everyday. Have we learned nothing from freelee?

No. 1500003


“toxin this, chemical that” - feeds child highly processed snack loaded with sodium in a plastic bag.

No. 1500361

everything Alice “knows” came from Freelee. Alice claims to worship her.

she’s not at the level of crunchy yet where she’s heard of microplastics kek

No. 1500392

All of Alice’s ideas come from other people. FreeLee’s frugivore diet, and bauhauswife/Yolanda’s free birth radfem philosophy come to mind as the most obvious examples, but I’m sure we could find more evidence of her skinwalking.
I was watching some of Alice’s old Tiktok videos where she promotes being a tradwife as some feminist power move, back when Fern was a baby and she used to clean and actually cook. That version of Alice is like a mix of FreeLee and Mrs. Midwest, lol. She’s like a Crunchy Classically Abby but instead of shaming women for dressing immodestly she shames women for not being barefoot and pregnant totally dependent on some scrote.

No. 1500411

I haven’t watched anything Freelee in years but she at least used to look decently healthy and clean right? How can Alice look up to Freelee, someone with washed and brushed hair and who looks their age, but then look matted, old, and crusty?

No. 1500445

Does it bother anyone else how she’ll make blanket statements about babies/toddlers and what they’re “supposed” to do? For example how she said recently “toddlers prefer little snacks all day, not meals because their tummies are too small” and “babies are supposed to be born super small”
It’s almost as though all kids are different. Maybe just say Fern prefers these things rather than implying that if your kid does any different it’s wrong?

No. 1500464

File: 1649867819861.jpeg (398.93 KB, 960x1792, BE9F7952-6E5A-45CF-849F-1C0B2C…)

She’s actually delusional.. I’ll take things that didn’t happen for 1000

No. 1500645

She’s back onto her street whore makeup phase I see.

No. 1500669

For her to be so anti GMO, I'm sure she understands by herself and Fern eating bananas someone must have told her she supports GMO right?

No. 1500764


That's Racheal Oberlin AKA Bree Olsen AKA Charlie sheens pornstar ex girlfriend who he dubbed one of his "godesses"

How in the world they know each other is beyond me.

No. 1500906

File: 1649896350347.jpg (724.95 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220413-182503_Tik…)

Oh I hope Fern can get some help!

No. 1501036

File: 1649905797838.jpg (457.8 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220413-230905_Tik…)

Why is she blending up whole potatoes???!!!

No. 1501247

they're the tiny ones too, it would take 5 minutes to boil and mash them up. i know this is a nitpick but jfc why can't she do anything like a normal person?

No. 1501280

File: 1649926723728.png (4.15 MB, 828x1792, CF45A254-87EE-448B-B1DA-8C55F5…)

No. 1501282

File: 1649926862530.png (5.18 MB, 828x1792, 6A4D41CC-93C1-40F5-8AF8-B859FB…)

Cooking queen

No. 1501284

Fucking hell can't believe she thought sticking potatoes in a blender would work at cutting them up. |
Can't she just cut them up by hand?
I'm not sure what type of hash browns shes trying to make but you can mash or dice up potatoes by hand, it's not that hard.

No. 1501286

File: 1649927155765.jpeg (656.94 KB, 631x1365, CE759DA8-698E-4F54-9ECC-D4D58B…)

No. 1501289

File: 1649927317454.png (4.69 MB, 828x1792, B220117E-489A-46AD-87BB-2A0CE2…)

How will it when he’s too young to understand what’s going on

No. 1501290

File: 1649927483793.jpeg (828.84 KB, 828x1500, E7E4F906-27FF-4341-864F-BB5A8A…)

Seems like she’s trying to look like that zapressa girl

No. 1501292

File: 1649927811539.png (4.17 MB, 828x1792, 71F88942-3C0B-4623-8723-38303C…)

Won’t use a pregnancy test cos of animal bodies does she know iPhones use animal products gelatin etc lmao

No. 1501298

File: 1649928358520.png (4.55 MB, 828x1792, 61F125FA-6547-4A9F-974C-AFB266…)

Neither is printer ink kek Or is it organic vegan toxin free ink

No. 1501300

Kek she says her old carpet cleaner broke after a few uses… I wonder wht

No. 1501315


She’s a moron, that’s why.

No. 1501355

He’s going to see blood and screaming. He’s going to be terrified

No. 1501382

Lol they sell organic frozen grated hash browns you just have to cook them in a pan??!? I’m vegan and she makes me embarrassed to be associated with that word show potatoes respect alice

No. 1501383

File: 1649941070080.jpeg (412.16 KB, 549x684, DF920581-0C15-438B-A649-4B2300…)

Sf they sell these at Whole Foods

No. 1501413


As many anons suspected, now we know why she was cleaning her house. Here I thought the dimwit might actually be nesting.


It would have taken her less time, energy, and frustration to do this by hand instead of doing using a tool that she’s obviously unfamiliar with (ie. a basic blender smh). This is a small testament to how absolutely stubborn and bullheaded Alice is. She refuses to admit she had a bad idea or did something wrong. Hope her potato water was worth it kek. $500 grocery hauls, just to eat fucking potato water for supper.


Agreed. It’s going to be a horrifyingly traumatic experience for him and, even if he can’t coherently keep those memories, he’ll still store them + the trauma.

That’s if she has a flawless birth. We all know that she won’t, the way she has continued to neglect herself and deny the child prenatal care. Tinfoil, she wants something to be wrong with it. She wants all of her babies to be dependent on her and her will. Dependence is top tier compliance for Alice.

No. 1501457

She’s so dumb. I’m sure the great majority of the produce she eats are GMO’s - genetically modified to be pest and blight resistant so that pesticides don’t have to be used. When it comes to produce in the modern day the farmer will either use pesticides or GMO’s. There is no other way to ensure a harvest. She would understand this if she was even 1% as crunchy as she says.

No. 1501458

As someone who was witness to 3 of my siblings being born…it was NOT beautiful! And especially because my parents were wackjob crunchy fundies (like Alice but with cult like southern religion tossed in.) we had NO idea about what was really going on. And it IS traumatic. Parents that do this are nothing but selfish assholes who shouldn't be having more children.

No. 1501512

She wants to be like Lunas mom Robyn tinfoil

No. 1501518

File: 1649952044283.jpg (309.17 KB, 1010x1948, Alice.jpg)

Omg. This picture is her responding to the comment you see. She isn't saying someone called CPS on her. Jesus.

No. 1501561


Meh, I don’t lurk Tik Tok - I’m less familiar with their format. Granted, I could specifically go to her page and avoid all of the uninteresting low brow zoomer shit. Sorry for my confusion! Damn, it would have been satisfying to know that she’d be (finally) encroached on by CPS.

No. 1501610

File: 1649959955860.png (818.56 KB, 828x1792, 4CDBA6E5-A5DF-49F6-94DA-D754A7…)

Someone on Reddit messaged Hoover, (she posted that vacuum video yesterday cleaning her carpet with one) bye bye sponsorship

No. 1501726

That’s f’ing disgusting

No. 1501727

cuz she’s a dumb ass

No. 1501739


and here I thought that they were all about neutrality on reddit kek. love both the ambition and outcome here, here’s to hoping we see it acknowledged by alice & what kind of narc rhetoric she’s going to angle it with..

“actually, i cancelled my own partnership because animals cAn’T cOnSeNt tO mOdElliNg iN aDs”

No. 1502104

I watched my siblings be born. It was a wonderful experience. It wasn’t traumatizing, it was beautiful. Just to show a different experience, as yours may not be as universal as you think

No. 1502134

>>1501561 She probably has…how would anyone know? I can't see her making that public.

No. 1502137

kek this is amazing! One screenshot I'm hanging on to is her response to some saying if a kid gets cancer it's the parent's fault for giving them chemicals. No company is going to want to be associated with someone who shames the parents of pediatric cancer patients.

No. 1502246


Her kid would probably sleep at night if he wasn’t being overstimulated by cartoons…sage for newfag and no actual contribution…

No. 1502267


Toddlers are supposed to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day…does she actually fuqqing say this? My kid is 1 next week and she eats so much already…tf “they have small tummies” no shit but that doesn’t mean you starve them and only feed them coconut water…no wonder fern chugs those bottles…

No. 1502315

Yep, she did. My kid is/was the same way. Point is it’s lame as hell for her to be making videos about what kids or babies are “supposed to” be doing when every kids different. Some like eating a lot some don’t. She of all people shouldn’t be speaking on what kids “should” be doing

No. 1502363

Yeah I don’t disagree. She shouldn’t be giving food advice or saying “kids should do x,y, or z” it’s extremely harmful to create food anxiety or negative food associations to infants/toddlers in general. I actually liked Alice until I found these threads…my opinion has changed lol

No. 1502414

In her new videos about cars shes once again spreading dangerous misinformation about radiation and EMF exposure, another example of her bullshit pseudoscience. It really infuriates me because she, like many people, clearly does not understand the way that radiation works and just uses it as a scare tactic.

No. 1502422


What happened to her “baby’s are supposed to be chubby to survive in the wilderness” fern looks very lean to me. I agree with everyone else’s tinfoil that fern does NOT get the proper nutrition opportunities, not because his mom doesn’t have the ability to provide him that, it’s just that she’s lazy and won’t. Now that he’s a toddler she thinks she’s crossed some kind of finish line where there are no more risks and fern with “survive” now when there’s SO many other preventable ways that toddlers die. And she probably does a lot of them. Tinfoil all of this but especially this part. She has an ED and hates fatness so she projects it onto fern. She feeds him bits of what SHE eats and calls it good. If fern is drinking excessively then it could be a sign of diabetes. That was my first symptom and rapid weight loss. He doesn’t need to eat a lot bc high blood sugar makes you not feel well. Could all of the fruit push him over the edge? There’s a lot of sugar in those coconut waters too. I drank one yesterday. I’m a newfag still here was this post okay?

No. 1502433

And never makes the room dark and quiet and calm for him. She could’ve transformed his nursery into a such a cute calm space if she cared about him. The baby will co sleep so it doesn’t need a nursery so it needs to be ferns room. And he’s so ready for it too.

Also side note: I’m still skeptical about this pregnancy being healthy enough to survive…and frankly concerned about Alice surviving too if her hemoglobin is low…I have GI bleeds and when you get too low it’s very life threatening and you need blood asap! And imagine the blood and fluid loss pregnancy requires. Sheesh! She will be half dead asking for Caleb to shove a banana down her throat to cure her blood loss.

Still wondering if she’s secretly been to her naturopath to make sure she’s in well enough shape. At the same time I just don’t know. Her packing a hospital bag just seems very hypocritical to me. “I know better than you now save my life” she’s gonna sue them no matter what. She’s just an awful person I hate her. But I also hope for her to have a safe birth and healthy babe. Sadly we’ll watch post partum depression because she is not physically, mentally or emotionally or financially ready for 2 under 2 and the stress or moving into their new house and clearing out their apartment all without any help since they have no friends to help.

No. 1502528

i know this is horrible to say…. but she deserves to suffer for her negligence with this pregnancy, she purposefully endangers herself, her child and her unborn child with the way she treats her body and the situations she puts herself into. maybe once she sees actual consequences things will change, but i highly doubt it. i have no sympathy for mothers who willingly damage their children's health for some bullshit ideology. she doesn't deserve to have kids and honestly i hope this pregnancy fails and she suffers for it because another child shouldn't have to be raised by her

No. 1502544

agreed. she needs to face consequences

No. 1502553

Not sure she would change her ways even if something horrible happened

No. 1502583


She is incompetent enough with what would’ve been a normally abled child. She would absolutely not be able to handle a medically fragile child. She would cause it even more harm with her refusal of medical interventions.

No. 1502594

Literally just mine Luna and Robyn!! Is everyone here familiar with them?

No. 1502606


The empathic mama or whatever? She’s always given me the ick as well.

No. 1502621

File: 1650067854069.jpg (1.24 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220415-180738_Ins…)

I am not vegan or anything like that, but there is no way I would put non-packaged food in a plastic Easter egg and then let my child eat it. Alice confuses me so much!

No. 1502629

Sounds like she’s gonna force the neighborhood orphans into an Easter egg hunt

No. 1502645


I'm sure there's vegan easter chocolate/candy? what kid wants grapes and rasins

No. 1502671

You mean choking hazards inside non food grade plastic sitting in the hot Arizona sun?

No. 1502683

File: 1650073818373.png (6.13 MB, 1170x2532, 304175F3-02EE-43E9-8CBB-EA2C4B…)

Why would she buy this!

No. 1502685

I’m horrified. She also said she would never do “fake” holidays with fern or lie to him so I guess another lie?

No. 1502779

This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

No. 1502786

She can’t seem to keep whatever the hell she’s saying consistent

No. 1502800

You did great baby

No. 1502808

I wonder if Alice ever feels stupid sometimes for spouting all this anti medicine and doctors ideology knowing the cause of her daughters death was a car accident not the hospital

No. 1502810

File: 1650085095482.png (5.24 MB, 828x1792, A47A0928-6F53-4160-BC59-5F5F9E…)

Omg she says she thinks she can do an Easter egg hunt for under $700 in what world is she on tf

No. 1502812

File: 1650085387666.png (3.48 MB, 828x1792, 5B1B04F6-F131-4679-A261-F3F661…)

Homegirl paid $100 for a bunny suit

No. 1502813

File: 1650085461744.jpeg (720.97 KB, 828x1352, E8AB4385-ACCA-4C5C-94D9-BCA073…)

I can’t stop laughing wtf

No. 1502814

File: 1650085657994.jpeg (899.4 KB, 828x1405, 44A0104F-1937-4DD6-A78A-84F81F…)

Why does she have to say girlfriends everytime it’s weird. God forbid she has a baby girl she’ll make her get a boyfriend so young and sexualise it the freak that she is get help Alice you were groomed

No. 1502816

File: 1650085904906.png (5.27 MB, 828x1792, E82435D5-EC2D-484C-BE80-8B606C…)

Does she not get worried with such a big following posting her exact whereabouts 24/7 especially with a big following and a young toddler you need to be careful like wtf

No. 1502819

I’ve commented on his bowed legs n rickets for ages but it does look like he’s growing out of them as he’s getting older have to admit

No. 1502822

She’s got vegan lash extensions that she does at home which she says looks better than getting them done kek.. also can’t help but think how dirtyyy they will be as she won’t be cleansing the area like you’re supposed to with extensions

No. 1502823

File: 1650086260155.jpeg (147 KB, 297x597, D4FE4382-2F9C-4E52-9B44-92102A…)

No. 1502825

File: 1650086451561.png (3.47 MB, 828x1792, B12B3652-021D-4F48-9EE3-3520A3…)

All the comments she’s yet to delete are like why would you need your husbands permission for that .. her stans are arguing it’s because it’s his money and a big purchase? But she happily spends hundreds daily anyway

No. 1502827

File: 1650086627949.png (4.33 MB, 828x1792, 58164C2E-74EC-467F-917B-13290E…)

Fern isn’t even a cute prop to use for videos and views anymore he’s gonna get straight up abandoned when the new tt baby comes

No. 1502828

All the beers on top of the cupboard lol

No. 1502829

File: 1650086783762.png (3.21 MB, 828x1792, 29E515FC-BD8D-4F57-AED6-FB83F5…)


No. 1502830

File: 1650086847955.png (3.53 MB, 828x1792, 8F6B55A1-FCC2-4D2B-91B1-D2F483…)

Who posts this like girl clean up and train your animals

No. 1502831

File: 1650086968921.png (4.77 MB, 828x1792, 379B89FA-320F-47E9-95DC-907EA4…)

Lol this girl posted nothing screams neglect more than letting your baby walk barefoot in DTLA

No. 1502832

File: 1650087115662.jpeg (390.08 KB, 828x825, 41B4BB9D-1450-44BB-9B3C-422E21…)

No. 1502833

File: 1650087222511.jpeg (502.2 KB, 828x1018, 1C68ADBA-CA96-47B5-B621-5EC595…)

This would be Alice comment section if she didn’t block everyone

No. 1502838

File: 1650087633058.png (457.56 KB, 828x1792, 96624772-6BFF-4F15-9ECA-EA19C3…)

How anyone can praise alices parenting is beyond me fern is showing basically every sign of neglect

No. 1502840

He literally couldn’t go to public school even if he wanted to he’d just get taken away by cps with the state he’s in

No. 1502841

File: 1650088029172.jpeg (259.12 KB, 828x808, 43B76C07-5465-48C5-9B1D-58E6A1…)

No. 1503039

File: 1650121516254.jpg (219.91 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220416-095958_Tik…)

Newfag here,
Has anyone else seen the account posting in her comments, pretending to be Allison's MIL?
It's only following other crunchy creators, maybe a weird alt account for Alice to snoop or spam her own posts? Tinfoil, of course but it's weird.

No. 1503046

I’ve seen that! It’s so weird. Could possibly be a burner of hers, I’m sure she has many

No. 1503078

Caleb’s mom Wendy

No. 1503099

File: 1650126420043.jpg (238.77 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220416-100032_Tik…)

I don't think it's his mum, the account really only follows the women Alice tried to collaborate with. I doubt Calabs mom is that obsessed with Alice's content.

No. 1503183

They have a whole page too! Look it up! It’s really bad, she is REALLY bad (Robyn)

No. 1503202

Wait a damn minute…is Shannon vegan mumu ferns grandma? Kek

No. 1503215

Robyn has a thread here, she's fucking batshit >>>/snow/1446741

I thought Alice was anti-coffee? she said people who drink caffeine just need more fruit. wonder if there's a TikTok barista she's trying to skinwalk or something.

No. 1503222

Benderboymom could 100% be Alice…. Why? Fern’s last name is Bender, and he’s a boy. She isn’t not “bender boy mom”. My bet is she’s casually implying the account belongs to Caleb’s mum

No. 1503275

It isn't supposed to be Alice based on the comments she has left on Alice's videos. They said things like, "You know he loves to spoil you, Alice!" on the video with the dragon fruit, and something about how big her grandbabies were getting in one of the weird exposed belly dancing videos inside of their new construction house.
Tinfoil, but I believe it's someone (Alice) pretending to be Caleb's mother. It's weird as fuck.

No. 1503297

I truly think when people go through a trauma like that they truly start to believe their delusions for self preservation or something. Don’t get me wrong, I hate her with all of my being but I think she has doubled down on her lie so many times it’s true to her.

No. 1503318

File: 1650151879482.jpeg (565.5 KB, 523x1270, 84D2A03D-C043-4C2C-8724-8EAD62…)

Has he really regressed back to crawling? Poor little guy.
Check out father of the year in the back not wanting to be in her Tik Tok.

No. 1503329

File: 1650152784557.jpg (82.12 KB, 720x897, Screenshot_20220416-160921_Tik…)

It's strange.

No. 1503332

File: 1650152914814.jpeg (923.11 KB, 1131x1214, AE416CFC-79B3-4C08-B7C0-11F1A2…)

Easy… cat pee.

No. 1503440

File: 1650162051118.png (4.25 MB, 828x1792, 159B9FC8-38B1-4272-B53F-8CA01D…)

Why will she address asd but nothing else wrong with him? Maybe she's trying to play it off like his delays are from asd (which wouldn't be her fault) and not from malnourishment. But didn't she say that vaccines cause autism? I can't find it now

No. 1503445

File: 1650162579815.jpeg (563.47 KB, 1936x1936, 14C3DFD8-ED39-4364-9064-61DEF3…)

No. 1503446

File: 1650162630841.jpeg (564.59 KB, 1936x1936, 30465918-2260-4A3F-9FA5-29F033…)

Except she'll share everything else about him before he can consent.

No. 1503454

File: 1650163591588.png (2.74 MB, 828x1792, 59B81DB4-A3AE-426E-BB36-D08750…)

Not that he’s winning any father of the year awards anyways but I can’t imagine he even wants to try when his agency over his own child is constantly disregarded by Alice. I really think things could’ve been different for fern, maybe even Aurelia if she’d listen to the other parent involved. She literally just uses him for his money and his sperm.

No. 1503473

I guess Alice IS sad, desperate and weird enough to do such a thing

No. 1503477

Maybe Caleb lurks here kek cos we were talking about fern having his own room

No. 1503478

File: 1650169807953.png (2.15 MB, 828x1792, 533C346B-E807-4149-9140-2FCFB2…)

But Alice babe you censor your comments

No. 1503481

File: 1650170107002.png (6.01 MB, 828x1792, 84302ED1-AEDE-42CF-8B7B-7A8755…)

He’s so exhausted girl let him sleep messing him up so bad

No. 1503482

She’s so crazy she thinks this will work even though everyone will be on different sleep schedules.. is she gonna wake fern and disrupt him all through the night with a newborn?????

No. 1503484

File: 1650170276495.jpeg (164.16 KB, 828x258, B5452D1B-F3CF-4779-8696-2BCD76…)

The irony like she posts every second of his life without his consent on the internet to millions of people

No. 1503502

No. 1503607

No exposed mid drift, cheerleader outfit worn to Easter breakfast? Her relatives missed out…kek