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File: 1651183367050.jpg (327.74 KB, 794x610, 1650860518073.jpg)

No. 1514475

Alice Bender is known on TikTok for being a barefoot crunchy mom, vegan, and self-proclaimed radfem tradwife.

FKA aliceandfern / alicellanispam / aureliasmama / comingupfern / radfemalice

>turned 23
>obviously pregnant
>still hasn’t bothered with any sort of prenatal care besides drinking red raspberry leaf tea
>still planning to freebirth and make Fern watch
>also planning a “lotus birth” in which she puts the placenta in a bowl and keeps it attached to the baby until it rots off
>attempted this with Fern but it was too stinky, so she threw her placenta in the apartment dumpster (in Arizona, in August)
>went to a café that had cloth hand towels in the bathroom; proceeded to wipe her ass with them and post about it >>>/snow/1494784
>café posted a PSA urging not to wipe your ass with their hand towels >>>/snow/1495879
>anon posted the police report from her accident >>>/snow/1506200, >>>/snow/1506201
>Alice is exclusively dressing herself in fast fashion meant for teenagers
>took Fern on a leash to an anti-vax rally in Downtown LA; both were barefoot >>>/snow/1498011
>Alice was recently against caffeine; said people who drink coffee are addicts who need more fruit
>bought an $1800 espresso machine to become a “coffee influencer”
>surprised to find out “it’s not as easy as it looks”
>still claiming the hospital murdered her baby >>>/snow/1509246
>Alice just learned how to make smoothies; now smoothies are her personality
>reddit sleuth figured out that Caleb works at a burger joint, and it’s not even organic >>>/snow/1513961
>still hasn’t addressed the leaked TikTok; still pretending it never happened
>anons still speculating about Fern’s bowed legs and developmental delays
>everyone is still filthy

>Allison Roza met Caleb Bender when she was 14; he was 18
>says she left him for two years because he didn’t want to get married and start a family
>had an abortion at 16; hasn’t said whether it was Caleb who got her pregnant or someone else
>eloped with Caleb in Las Vegas as soon as she turned 19 (July 2018)
>immediately got pregnant
>Allison was in a car crash at 29 weeks pregnant (February 2019)
>sent to the hospital in an ambulance; delivered the baby via emergency cesarean
>baby Aurelia didn’t survive
>Alice first blamed the C-section, later the vitamin K injection
>announced second pregnancy in February 2020
>refused prenatal care because she thinks ultrasounds have radiation
>chose to “freebirth” instead
>i.e. gave birth alone on her toilet in their apartment; fished out her own placenta from her uterus two hours later
>Fern was born in August 2020
>Allison believes all women should be willing to die alone in childbirth rather than go to the hospital or have C-sections
>Fern is dressed gender neutral, except when Allison makes him wear her dead daughter’s dresses
>vegan except for her expensive leather baby stroller
>claims her parents were abusive because they fed her meat as a child
>anti-vax; bragged about telling people not to wash their hands before holding her newborn, but she’s nervous around people who got the covid vaccine
>lets Fern eat dirt, sticks, rocks, shopping cart handles, etc. because she breastfeeds
>refuses to wear sunscreen or put it on her infant because she thinks vegans can’t get sunburns
>believes she is smarter than doctors despite only having a GED & dropping out of college
>hasn’t worked since she quit Victoria’s Secret during her first pregnancy because #tradwife
>Caleb works at a burger joint
>claims to be pregnant again as of December 2021; due July 2022
>refuses to do a pregnancy test or any kind of prenatal care whatsoever
>leaked TikTok in which Alice leaves early from a visit with Caleb’s family, claiming that he has screamed at Fern when he cries ever since he was a newborn, and that’s why she & Fern are always driving around
>Alice refuses to address this
>still having a baby with Caleb
>still encouraging teen girls to do the same
>still planning to “freebirth” this baby and “unschool” both kids

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@alicellani / https://www.tiktok.com/@crunchyipadbaby / https://www.tiktok.com/@alicellanispam (banned)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alicellani/ / https://www.instagram.com/comingupferneats/ (inactive) / https://www.instagram.com/alicesavestrash/ (inactive)
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcvTBOZRCShzsEd0guqg2Qw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/alicellani
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/allisonroza/
Amazon wishlist: just kidding, but of course she has multiple

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#2 >>>/snow/1437264
#3 >>>/snow/1459875
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No. 1514522

Not milky, but I’m surprised she isn’t at least more crunchy or eco about Nurse Baby Fern’s clothes. Those little boutiques are always looking for promo.

No. 1514659

File: 1651198354061.jpg (540.14 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220428-205633_Ins…)

Alice, stop.

No. 1514660

She removed all of the comments talking about his teeth.

No. 1514682

I don’t know if it’s ever been covered, I’ve never seen it discussed (but always wondered): Why is Caleb’s mouth like that?

No. 1514724

It might just be how he smiles? Fern has a similar smile.

No. 1514793

this is fucking nightmare fuel.

No. 1514803

I am predicting Alice giving birth in the car or outside on one of her many road trips while Fern is "supervised" by a Blippi video. She doesn't care about her own safety nor that of Fern or his unborn sibling. Alice is only thinking of attention an unassisted road trip birth will give her from her equally stupid fans.

No. 1514878

File: 1651214092996.jpeg (284.17 KB, 1242x2688, 42F7D789-541F-4295-944D-D47A91…)

alice’s mom posted this old pic with her in it about a year ago — would be kinda weird to post it if they were on bad terms, no?

No. 1514879

File: 1651214157229.jpeg (625.69 KB, 1242x1645, 37ED0893-9653-45DF-B41A-80A233…)

she used to look so…. normal

No. 1514882


The pic is old Alice's youngest sister is like 15 now and she looks like she's 8 in the photo.

Perhaps to keep up appearances or something.

No. 1514887

The milk has almost run completely dry here but videos condemning Alice have been popping up all over my FYP so I had to come see what's been happening.

Hypothetical question, say the baby dies during birth, who the hell is Alice gonna blame it on if she's so convinced that everything she's doing (or not doing lmao) during this pregnancy is safe?

No. 1514889

Cute ass dog

No. 1514923

She'll always find someone other than herself to blame. She probably blames ferns legs on the fact she wore shoes during her pregnancy or some shit.

I've seen loads of vids on my fyp about it too and the Alice stans flood the comments with "lol thats reaching, she's such a good mom and ferns so healthy"

No. 1514932

she was "malnourished" btw

No. 1514937

The subreddit is supplying most of the milk now, too bad it’s full of fucking idiots. I was glad to see that this thread was so active today, because I’ve missed the unabashed insults and cruelty.

No. 1514979

OK don't hate me for this tinfoil….but I reckon maybe Caleb is actually possibly a nice guy.
How many people must he have worked with that knew about Alice's TikTok, and never leaked where he worked, even tho this thread and others have been discussing it. Maybe he's well liked.

Still needs to wash his fucking hair, house and child occasionally though.

No. 1514989


He could very well just be a decent person & is just too stupid to grab Fern and run for the hills and we're just being dumb taking Alice at her word. Or he's just as rotten as she is just in other areas & they stay together because of that. We'll never really know because we only ever get miss Allison's stories on their lives.

No. 1514992

All we know about him is what Alice (a pathological liar) has told us. So I agree, besides the grooming there’s nothing but her word of mouth. And a bunch of ppl reached out to help her and she did nothing but delete her comments. She said “Caleb was crunchier than her in some ways” where? Show me where? You know? “He wouldn’t fall 9-1-1 and forced me to have the home birth” she can call 911 herself. She has also stated before that Caleb slept through the whole thing and she woke him in the morning to “meet his son”

No. 1515003

File: 1651231546227.jpg (173.05 KB, 720x1232, Screenshot_20220428-182044_Tik…)

She's trying to brag about her hair, bc she hasn't washed it in a year, but it looks like it might jump off of her head and run away if it gets spooked.

No. 1515013

Tinfoil but I think she's actually bald and uses orange cat (dyed brown with beet juice, spinach, and organic blueberries) to sit on her head all day. That's why we haven't seen him lately.
Not very crunchy, Allison.

No. 1515153


I wouldn’t say Fern has a similar smile to Caleb’s, perhaps vaguely in a non-noticeable way. Caleb’s is extreme. I cant tell if that’s jaw misalignment or some kind of paralyzed nerve thing? It doesn’t matter, but it’s always jumped out at me! I was wondering if it was knowledge and I’m missing something.


Kek, anon. As hilarious as this is, I’m now one thousand percent expecting Alice to blame his legs on her use of foot prisons while pregnant.

I also agree, she’ll point her finger at everything and anyone before herself. An anon in the past thread said she’d blame the dyes in her clothing before she accepted accountability and that’s exactly the vibe.. although, she is wearing cheap fast fashion and there has been all of that clickbait about the chemicals on Shein clothing. It’d be an easy reach for her, with “support.”

One thing that I think people are overlooking is that Alice still has Caleb in her arsenal to use as a scapegoat. We know she’s not shy of throwing him under the bus or portraying him as “the bad guy.” I could see her controlling the narrative and manipulating the story into her botched birth being Caleb’s fault.

No. 1515161

>radfem tradwife
Someone's gotta let the online youth know that thinking trannies are gross, recognizing that men and women are different, and wanting to get married and have kids is literally just being a normie.

No. 1515226


Go away, Caleb. nobody cares.

No. 1515251

not the poster but i think she was just saying Alice is a normie

No. 1515254

I’m newer to this thread does anyone have a link or description of the leaked tik tok?

No. 1515271

I think you can go to the snark page on Reddit and find it.

No. 1515276

File: 1651252320915.jpg (549.06 KB, 720x1600, 1651252228998.jpg)

Just search her spam account and it's this video.

No. 1515294

Not the poster either but just to reaffirm this point - so called normies, most normal people you encounter IRL, hold these opinions. Some more publicly than others, but everybody's thinking it even if nobody will say it. This might change in the future as older millenials die out and woke rainbow youths take over, but for now, most people are 'transphobic' by Twitter's standards.
Identity politics are a waste of energy, whether that's on the left or the right. Gen Z is so caught up in identity politics one way or the other, nobody wants to be a boring normie. That's why people like Alice call themselves radfem tradwives, 'cause it sounds cool and 'based' and makes her feel more interesting than she really is. Even though the term itself is a complete contradiction kek

No. 1515338

Type sage into the comments before you post newfag

No. 1515340

She’s a pick me girl lol

No. 1515409

when's her birthday? i swear she said she was born in june, not april

No. 1515433

she is trying to be as young and "fertile" as possible

No. 1515467

Her birthday just passed, it was last week

No. 1515528

Yet she looks 40

No. 1515530

File: 1651269600288.png (4.7 MB, 828x1792, 562B32FB-7B00-4DB6-927A-DE0BB7…)

She just looks so unhealthy and gaunt in her face

No. 1515537

How is she bragging about her hair when her ends look like that? She needs like six inches chopped off at minimum. It’s so bad.

No. 1515553

File: 1651270852165.png (5.11 MB, 828x1792, AD6A6385-57CC-4ED9-83EC-938E8B…)

The absolute state of this child

No. 1515557

File: 1651271013671.png (4.21 MB, 828x1792, 382DE6F5-449F-4A9E-BDBA-0DC846…)

She’s drinking brew dr kombucha which you’re not supposed to do while pregnant because it’s not pasteurized. This new baby is gonna die

No. 1515558

People genuinely comment if she’s got dreads

No. 1515571

OMG her teeth editing is SO BAD on her latest insta pic there’s 3 completely different shades

No. 1515575

File: 1651272283857.png (5.19 MB, 828x1792, 83A5FCAA-978A-4BEE-9E87-7A982F…)

Rotten teeth

I thought she said teeth are supposed to be naturally yellow so why is she editing them neon white

No. 1515576

If it was she probably wouldn't drink it in the first place. There are crunchy moms in my life who believe anything pasteurized is evil & will kill you and your children.

No. 1515577


No. 1515587

All the ricket preachers were wrong ferns grown out of his bowed legs

No. 1515595

File: 1651272960313.png (5.84 MB, 828x1792, 7B47F417-DD97-4BED-9801-37F3C8…)

Level up brightening from Alice

No. 1515597

File: 1651273040173.jpeg (116.29 KB, 828x326, EE1BC8C8-4241-4FFA-9013-137C38…)

Suffering from tooth decay at age 2 it’s neglect

No. 1515624

Please tell us how you came to this conclusion?

No. 1515627

File: 1651274293325.jpeg (2.55 MB, 1242x2688, E70AB476-8940-46ED-A836-6EA30B…)

says who? his legs still look abnormally bowed in her vids, i think’s she’s been editing them in her instagram pictures

No. 1515631

Nice try Alice.

No. 1515690

100% edited you can see the blurriness around the right leg.

No. 1515776

File: 1651286324927.png (5.09 MB, 828x1792, DAA1BDA6-9A54-4CB7-9013-BC5E4C…)

She looks so grey and unhealthy for someone only 23!

No. 1515779

Are you dumb it’s a tiktok screenshot from a video not edited

No. 1515781

Because they’re getting better over time and straighter as he’s growing I think everyone is blindsided because they want something to be wrong with him so much I’m just admitting they look better

No. 1515783

But Alice would have to pre approve all his friends like she does now

No. 1515784

I feel so bad for Fern. he's absolutely fucked. my crunchy kid is school-aged and I google all his potential playdate parents. imagine finding THIS shit

No. 1515786

Omg when the new baby comes she will have even less time to teach fern to speak he will just be able to say 1 word forever

No. 1515789

File: 1651286809088.jpeg (156.23 KB, 828x296, B218BD76-2FA1-4996-B4FC-374284…)

No. 1515796

Despite all Alices failings she does seem a good mum only in the sense that she always take fern on fun days out and plays with him he always looks so happy too

No. 1515797


I’m not familiar enough with the filters to know whether this makes sense, but somebody said before it seemed liked she was using “the skinny filter” on Fern to make his legs appear straighter in filters?

I don’t think his body looks otherwise altered in the videos though and I can’t imagine it’d only affect his legs.

No. 1515804

Thats sooooo extreme and tinfoil a lot of people in this thread chat the most rubbish … a skinny filter on him cmon I know we all hate Alice but stop with the elaborate nonsense

No. 1515807

File: 1651287427172.png (1.06 MB, 828x1792, 6C3ACD10-09B4-4DAC-8054-90964F…)

Apparently this can affect you when you allow your cat to use your furniture as a free range litter box like Alice does grossssssss

No. 1515899

According to Caleb’s mom’s facebook post today, caleb’s mom is going to be watching Fern for the next WEEK! I wonder if this is because Alice has to get him out of the house and away from CPS in case they visit

No. 1515908

I think they're going to Hawaii, I'm shocked baby fern isn't going with them though.

No. 1515928


Fern isn't 18 months he's 20 months, his own grandmother doesn't even know his age

No. 1515958

Maybe Caleb’s mom will feed fern some real food for a week

No. 1515983

k and?
am I missing something or what does this have to do with the editing?

sage your shit, newfag

No. 1515984

god what a fucking trashbag

No. 1516008

Stfu and go back to Reddit, simp

No. 1516014

Wow this is interesting… kind of sad though as he will experience normality for the first time ever

No. 1516016

File: 1651303573843.jpeg (164.13 KB, 828x753, 7EF87006-5314-47E5-9B12-1023AA…)


Unless it’s another grandkid cos why would they leave fern to go on vacation

No. 1516018

File: 1651303671201.png (655.5 KB, 828x1792, 368CC569-00FD-436A-9063-9805A3…)


No. 1516021

File: 1651303805786.png (5.52 MB, 828x1792, 9B8FDC57-751A-4DA8-8BB6-82BDCA…)

The grandparents are gonna lose their minds when fern has no table manners and eats like this

No. 1516023

And when they see the state of his teeth

No. 1516024

File: 1651304008156.jpeg (316.27 KB, 427x924, 419E6B41-D207-4929-B348-A33993…)

Complete feral child so sad ehst she’s doing to him save fern

No. 1516039

File: 1651309973748.jpg (5.21 MB, 4330x5773, 1651309600167.jpg)

Alice's eating disorder or lack of doet education is killing her entire family. Calab looked relatively normal a few years ago and has just shriveled into the man-raisin that he is currently. I'm a vegetarian, I have been for 13 years, and I would never force my eating habits upon my husband or children. It isn't ethical.

No. 1516090

He looks the same, just greasier and unhappy. I guarantee you he eats at his job/behind Alice’s back. He will be fine

No. 1516159

lol what a weird reach, do you really think alice could force him to eat her diet if he didn't want to? plus regardless of diet he can get enough calories. he's always looked deformed

No. 1516196

Yeah she’s a tradwife anyways she does whatever he says kek

No. 1516200

she bought all these groceries 6 days before they leave town

No. 1516211

Someone caused a HUGE fuss and told them (redditors) to stop posting screenshots from Reddit. Could be why it’s so dry here. I stopped as I thought it was against the rules. Obviously just don’t post repeat milk from our already existing threads.

No. 1516217

File: 1651338253360.jpg (153.8 KB, 720x947, Screenshot_20220430-113356_Ins…)

Oh my fucking God. This looks so unsafe.

No. 1516226

Strangling hazard to the left

No. 1516239

Whyd she wait so long to ask? And no WAY fern is gonna sit in there nice when he seems to have adapted to that other stroller and sleeping in a ball in the bassinet.

Maybe this is an intervention…

Tinfoil to it all kek

No. 1516245

This could also be alcoholism. He could eat at work and peck at Alice’s meal pretending to like it. I was exremely nutrient deficient when I finally went in to get help. We know he drinks so it’s plausible.

No. 1516251


Just so she could make a video about it.

No. 1516303

No it’s just cos the regular people that post here have been quiet And there’s generally no tea

No. 1516304

Especially cos she was so exhausted from 10000 hours of labour alone risky af

No. 1516307

Anyoneeeee who works in hospitality knows you eat food from the company on shift and everyone is so stressed drinking drug problems

No. 1516311

File: 1651342822959.png (4.34 MB, 828x1792, 008C7F10-F1FA-4298-8201-E6331D…)

Big bruise on his leg

No. 1516312

File: 1651342964835.png (3.57 MB, 828x1792, 5AC76ED6-9E7F-4212-8880-81423B…)

Why’s her house look like a trap house

No. 1516313

some of the restaurants I’ve worked in even had “family meal” where everyone eats a free meal together. most definitely never vegan. not sure if this is that kind of place though, it looks more like a Chili’s type of place

No. 1516314

I don’t understand the mini fridge and microwave in her… living room?

No. 1516317

File: 1651343549046.jpeg (276.67 KB, 1242x2688, 728DE9C5-8572-430D-83A9-F82877…)

Do you think fern gets a chance to toke? Also saggy diaper spotted.(tinfoil)

No. 1516319

Caleb keeps his beer there, Alice said (and probably his leftover cheeseburgers to hide them from Alice)

No. 1516332

File: 1651344474514.jpeg (489.57 KB, 1800x1800, 85D8B285-5A33-4043-B38C-9170C5…)


That’s nothing. Check out this huge burn he had when they were in California in January. First photo was screenshot from a video and was edited out for an Instagram post. Second photo is recent and you can see it has healed somewhat. How little supervision does a toddler need around dangerous items for them to burn themselves this bad?

No. 1516353

It honestly looks like he’s sunburnt in the first one. Like thats been filtered out too.

No. 1516434

this is a reach - obviously Caleb took the picture. I’ve slept with my baby in what would be considered unsafe sleep situations while my fiance is awake keeping an eye on us. I’m sure she did this while Caleb wasn’t there/awake, too, but this picture itself doesn’t really prove any wrong doing.

No. 1516473

The baby still must be freezing

No. 1516486

we know the temperature in that house now? in AZ with no air conditioning?

No. 1516499


The burn is on his ankle

No. 1516508


Real strange looking feet…

No. 1516524

Go back

No. 1516527

The trip is sudden. Maybe they are avoiding cps or grandparents convinced the to get fern looked at by a doctor in TN after all the heat.

No. 1516559

File: 1651364009781.jpeg (374.54 KB, 1170x1849, 970176C1-BBEF-4D2A-8B35-7DF792…)

Look at the fucking piss? Stain on the carpet.. also I hope ferns face and legs are just dirty and that’s not bruises..

Side note: who tf let’s their kid drive a car like that inside their small apartment??

No. 1516630

File: 1651373240998.png (2.27 MB, 1080x2300, Screenshot_20220430-194214.png)

This is an older post, but I was catching up on her Instagram… Where is fern in this picture? Maybe this is a nitpick, but they were in LA and she let him far enough away to get out of her perfect frame?

No. 1516658


She was using a leash on him in LA, I wouldn't be surprised if she tied him up to a pole like a dog while she took pictures

No. 1516705

Noo lol they’ve been planning a summer trip to Hawaii since start of the year

No. 1516706

SOOOOOO much tinfoil on here lately what is going on man it’s not bruises on his face just food mess

Pls just try to post facts instead of stupid conspiracy nonsense

No. 1516707

Can see your pfp bestie

No. 1516708

New tea not nitpicking old stuff we’ve already talked about on the previous threads just going in circles

No. 1516709

File: 1651387235424.jpeg (633.3 KB, 828x1455, C38AD274-9502-43EF-8AEA-1B026B…)

Muzzle free smh

No. 1516752

File: 1651397004379.jpg (185.44 KB, 1080x1666, Screenshot_20220501-102417_Tik…)

So confused I thought muzzle meant bra because wtf does this weird try hard sexy dance have to do masks.

No. 1516814

Does anyone know if she would get any money for being native, since she is an official member of the tribe and all. I bet she afford all of her food bc of food stamps and general government help depending on how much she makes with TT

No. 1516901

Doesn’t Hawaii require a vaccination to travel there?

No. 1516947


Considering they went to Tennessee to visit Caleb’s mom, I don’t see what Hawaii has to do with anything

No. 1516948

They abandoned their Hawaii plans cuz it was too costly. Their going to TN to visit Caleb’s family.

No. 1516951

its not unethical to feed your kids vegetarian retard, if thats your big takeaway as to why theyre so unhealthy you're missing the point

No. 1516990

It is weird to feed a toddler/child a vegan or vegetarian diet, it lacks important vitamins that a kid needs to grow. He or she can decide later on if they want to be vegetarian or some crap

No. 1517046

I'm in my 30s and have never ever eaten meat in my life. Safe to say, I've grown beautifully.

Careful, you may start sounding like Alice on a 'Formula fed isn't really fed' rant, mistaking opinion for fact and sounding like a cunt.

No. 1517057

Lol I grew up vegetarian with fortified foods and supplements and I’m fine

No. 1517323

Alice was speeding with her unborn child and toddler in the car. That’s reckless as f*ck. Is she trying to repeat history or something?

No. 1517393

do we know she had Fern with her? still definitely put Fetus at risk

No. 1517425

File: 1651454891037.png (664.28 KB, 828x1792, BA44CAA4-A118-44E5-A8D5-1C1167…)

Just checked her Tik toks she checked the house on April 2nd as well as clean juice lol she now has a court date tho

No. 1517475

Not sure, but Fern almost never leaves her side

No. 1517484

We can't know for absolute certain that Fern was with her, but considering she takes him literally everywhere I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 1517545

Omg imagine how scruffy she will look in court

No. 1517547

File: 1651465913625.png (5.85 MB, 828x1792, DEF8705E-A03D-4FEC-A03C-C11A93…)

Not barefoot in the airport

No. 1517554

Kinda scary she’s documenting every minute of his life to millions of people what if he grows up and he just wants a quiet normal life. He could end up despising her for putting him out there and technically exploiting him for money, gifts etc

No. 1517558

And it’s not even like occasional posts and updates with him it’s everyday every hour his every move he has no privacy in his life

No. 1517591

I remember her saying that she thinks he will thank her because she jumpstarted his influencer career if he chooses to pursue one. She's wild.

No. 1517660

Yeah I remember someone asked what if fern says he doesn’t like it and she said she would delete everything looool no chance

No. 1517715

She didn’t take the countless news articles, YouTube videos and forums discussing her into account, how is she going to delete those? Her abusing and embarrassing her children will forever stay on the internet.
Man, I feel so sorry for these (future) kids

No. 1517861

A lot of people say that they think Tiktok is funding her lifestyle but I’m doubtful.

To put into perspective what she might earn from Tiktok, this information might be useful.

This guy (MrHeyNowAndEJ) said on Tiktok this week that he made $136 last month from the creator fund.

He has 2.4 million followers and gets 60k > 150k views usually on videos with a select few going viral.

I know Alice gets more but come on. She’s probably making $300-400. she gets literally no sponsorships either because she is a pr disaster for any company that gets involved with her.

… actually maybe $500 as she begs for gifts on lives

No. 1517958

File: 1651524354166.jpeg (641.74 KB, 1170x2268, 2201E298-14DE-4C9E-95FF-20E8F2…)

Literally no one is telling this dumb bitch she needs to be feeding that boy fruit roll ups.

No. 1517961

veganism is one of the few things a lot of people both here and reddit actually defend her on. she won’t address any of the real criticism.

No. 1517963

No one is saying she has to feed him meet either.

Like the vegan diet he is currently on is not sufficient but a proper vegan diet would help him.

No. 1517967

she looks 30 here

No. 1517979

All they eat is vegan junk food, including fruit leather which is pretty much just a nastier fruit roll up that still has a bunch of added sugar

No. 1518092

Even if i dont think toddlers should be vegan, he would be fine if he got supplements and a better diet
Unfortunately it is hard to feed toddlers and sometimes theres no rhyme or reason to what they will/wont eat. Limiting their diet obviously makes it harder if they're not good eaters in the first place. Being able to give a picky eater a cup of milks helps a lot.

No. 1518165

Did anyone catch the tik tok she deleted where Alice admits to shitting in Caleb's mini fridge to protest his addiction to Hungry Mans??

No. 1518214

Alice is tight with the in-laws because they’re the ones holding the purse strings

Father Bender
>Christ follower, husband, father, grandfather, musician, patriot. Healthcare CFO.

Mother Bender
>I am a wife of 22 years and a mother of five boys ranging in age from 16 to 30. I have been counseling women, children and couples for over 10 years. I am a Licensed Associate Counselor, LAC Additionally, I have over 23 years of 12-step experience as both a sponsee and sponsor working the program. While I have worked at several agencies and counseled clients in many areas, my specialties are women's issues, relationship issues, and addictions.

No. 1518221


No. 1518259

whaaaaaaaat??? this bitch is legit mentally ill

No. 1518374


That can't be real LMAO

No. 1518510

I don’t understand why she keeps calling her diet fruitarian and now raw vegan when she’s just regular vegan, not even whole foods

No. 1518617

Maybe the vacation is really an INTERVENTION for Alice
She looks absolutely miserable being there. Awww it sucks having to be a normal functioning human in society, doesn’t it alice. She’s such a misfit loser

No. 1518619

tell me you screen recorded it

No. 1518648

Literally taking notes from amber heard

No. 1519222

Wow this went viral af https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLtoY7xp/

No. 1519223

No. 1519237

Fern most definitely got a haircut, it’s extremely obvious in her recent posts. Obvious tinfoil but something about this whole trip to Calebs parents feels very patronizing(?) and weird… something feels off

No. 1519240

Yeah definitely

No. 1519303

This is damage control she’s still performing from the sub that exploded on reddit. It’s a shit show though, I don’t even bother going over there because it’s 30,000 people posting 12 month old shit from here, and another 30,000 people asking questions to shit that’s been answered months ago because they’re too stupid to read. To me, it looks like Alice right now is trying to divert the attention of whatever fans she still has left by mimicking more of her early material.

No. 1519318

It’s a shitshow cuz the mods are a bunch 17-20 year old kids who don’t understand anything of relevance and delete it. Explains all the gossipy posts. Their histories are interesting. It has also been infiltrated by vegans, I don’t have anything against veganism and enjoy a vegan meal occasionally, but they are arguing anything slightest against a vegan meal or comments of ferns diet. Also, anything mentioned of this platform or linked is automatically deleted.

No. 1519324


Agreed, the mods (some have only month old accounts) are wankers. I’ve watched them bitching and moaning about actual stuff of relevance, and allowing dumb anti-science bullshit all over the place. That sub’s gone to shit.

No. 1519377

Frrrrr the mod who puts hearts on all their comments I swear is 12 and acting like everyone is their bestie. Puke

No. 1519387

there is one mod who has a newer account but actually knows what they are talking about I’ve held amazing intellectual convos with them and sometimes their comments are witty af pissed myself a few times laughing they have to be older then 20

No. 1519388

I know it’s dry but why are you posting these shit posts?

No. 1519427

No. 1519466

Omg they have their age(17) in their reddit bio how was that not caught in the mod screening process? It’s becoming more of a joke by the minute

No. 1519601

Tinfoil but this trip is purely to show cos they have a support system. It's the cleanest Fern has been in months

No. 1519602

To show it’s not just on this thread people are aware of alices Facetuning

No. 1519603

Yeah probably so he doesn’t look bad to the family? But maybe that makes no sense cos she shows him looking filthy to millions

No. 1519721

File: 1651699229550.jpeg (1.21 MB, 689x1304, 703F8294-9860-4AAA-9CE9-05B27C…)

You know his mom braided his hair. Looking good Caleb!

No. 1519748

He literally doesn’t look like scum, and fern doesn’t look as dirty and looks like a toddler! The only person who hasn’t changed is Alice lmao they need to move near them this trip is doing them well

No. 1519961

File: 1651714469654.png (4.22 MB, 828x1792, 683C6F00-451E-4F65-913C-CD7C45…)

Omg!!!! Is the mil checking ferns legs loool

No. 1519986

Yeah with a fake doctor :/ better than nothing I guess tho Lmao, maybe alice is getting an adjustment(:/)

No. 1519997

Chiro is woo-central. I doubt they’ll do anything but make sure they’re not vaccinating, crack his spine in a few places, sprinkle some oil onto his feet, and convince them they need to buy their in-house line of collagen powder, herbal detox, and supplements.

No. 1520033

It’s a quack chiropractor like the one she interacts with in az

No. 1520035

File: 1651718627433.jpeg (187.56 KB, 750x1086, 73770FFF-5B2B-4C78-8FDF-379B94…)

Lots of voodoo potion

No. 1520039

Go check zapressa ig story

No. 1520054

This is an imageboard

No. 1520055

File: 1651720375150.jpeg (449.11 KB, 1284x2251, 5BD2AAC9-A34A-4A31-AEB6-F1BEF2…)

No. 1520056

File: 1651720410976.png (5.29 MB, 1284x2778, 964C9E19-F059-48AC-AEC9-DA3AD8…)

No. 1520057

File: 1651720445090.png (3.4 MB, 1284x2778, F60F217F-F9A5-4F72-8065-BE5C1B…)

No. 1520060

File: 1651720470698.png (3.9 MB, 1284x2778, CD4307B1-CB41-405F-8DB3-60A197…)

No. 1520061

File: 1651720496265.png (4.03 MB, 1284x2778, F9FCAE48-0D45-4F1C-AF41-C36BE7…)

No. 1520065

File: 1651720534188.png (5.42 MB, 1284x2778, A92AC169-1459-4F9B-9F4A-C07225…)

No. 1520067

File: 1651720558471.png (6.95 MB, 1284x2778, 8501FA1F-3AEC-4A42-9F3B-127C88…)

No. 1520068

File: 1651720587165.png (6.04 MB, 1284x2778, 92C3E763-4C6D-4CA2-B780-5556B0…)

No. 1520083

Scroll up I posted about that huge burn 4 days ago. She edited it out of the Instagram photos but I saw it in the videos and took. Screen grab. Recently I saw a photo of Caleb picking up fern and noticed a pink spot where the burn had healed so it must have been a burn, not a bruise

No. 1520085

File: 1651721804773.png (1.42 MB, 828x1792, 5E210C58-0DD1-44BB-9BCD-052D0E…)

No. 1520086

File: 1651721827627.png (1.12 MB, 828x1792, 33DCBB8C-EBEE-49D9-888C-95B598…)

No. 1520105


the burn (ty nona)

I've been wondering about it since I saw it. how does a baby get a burn like that? she's mentioned letting Fern just roam around the house alone while she and Caleb sleep. I don't think that would be so bad with proper baby-proofing, but she doesn't seem to believe in that either. what in the hell did this baby burn the back of his ankle on?

No. 1520111


Some people speculated it might look like a curling iron, by the shape…? Did Alice curl her hair in the days leading up to her LA trip??

No. 1520117

File: 1651724256941.png (1.11 MB, 828x1792, 5B74723F-DC79-4580-8E1F-276AC9…)

Confirmed she makes videos pointing stuff out subtly

No. 1520234

To be fair I have curly hair & never brush but def style it so it never looks this ratty.. hair complaints are the least of anybody’s worries for Alice

No. 1520317

Lol that she ate french fries at Disney

No. 1520341

for the ppl asking about caleb’s smile: it’s been like that since he was a little kid. none of his other siblings have it so it’s probably a birth defect or something happened when he was just a baby(rule 3.2)

No. 1520350

lol this is funny, alice is still a bad person for posting her child 24/7 and "even sacrificing her reputation for views and money" like.. she could just get an education and a reliable job if she really wants to provide for her kids and be a good role model- instead she uses them to shill her weird ideologies and gain clout on social media. sounds like a weird cope to me, plenty of shitty people seem sweet on the outside and are totally different behind closed doors. although it is nice to hear that fern eats stuff like rice and fries off camera lmao

No. 1520364


What one is he, all of the smiles look normal to me?

No. 1520395

Calebs dad has it bob bender

No. 1520479

far left. you can clearly see

No. 1520503

She made a reference to curling her hair the other day… a set up to this? Goes to show just how much a pos Alice really is to put her kids through this. Don’t trust either one of them.

No. 1520530

Tinfoil but Caleb's dad and brothers are almost all active duty or prior service and I wonder if he has a Palsy that kept him from enlisting? I know that a family history doesn't mean that everyone has to choose the same path, but like I said, tinfoil.

No. 1520644

File: 1651770215027.jpeg (183.92 KB, 828x383, BCB18C19-DF93-4D98-A0EA-AE0BB1…)

No. 1520651

File: 1651770503238.jpeg (838.93 KB, 828x1628, 3D98181E-8E8B-4875-81E7-6C2F7F…)


No. 1520658

File: 1651771101777.jpeg (1.11 MB, 828x1504, 42144D23-BD47-41E6-8628-3279B5…)

Is that why Alice kept fern in jumpers and trousers when everyone was in summer clothes to hide the burn

No. 1520797


I don’t think this is even tinfoil it sounds legit to me. The oldest son of Wendy’s was at their wedding, and isn’t anything like the other four. Context clues tell me he might be hers from a previous relationship. Anyone else notice that?

No. 1520809

lmao she does the same shit to everyone else, this is what fern is gonna be thinking in several years

No. 1520840

sorry I’m new to her specifically, but..
>still hasn’t bothered with any sort of prenatal care besides drinking red raspberry leaf tea
she’s not gonna be happy when she finds out firsthand that raspberry tea causes miscarriages kek

No. 1521216

What the fuck does Amber Heard have to do with anything here, JD worshipping retard?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1521230

sorry for ot but chill out lmfao, they were just making a joke because amber heard did the same thing (shit in her partners bed)(derailing)

No. 1521305

lolcow.farm is for truths. That is not one of them

No. 1521310


Wait, Amber didnt shit the bed? Sorry for OT and I hate nasty old scrote Derp but seems pretty clear Amber is a BPD bedpooper (which JD deserves every second of what she dishes out for marrying someone young enough to be his daughter)(shut up about Amber Heard)

No. 1521338

Why don't you both go create your OWN thread on Amber Heards alleged bedshit. It's not at ALL relevant one way or another to Alice.

No. 1521508

But she was the one using them for “clout”. That zapressa woman asked to meet up so their children could play and Alice only cared about making controversial hit tiktoks
Maybe she’s just baiting and I fell for it kek cause there is no way a person can have such a lack of self reflection, right?
sorry for further derailing but there’s a heard and depp thread >>>/ot/1159092 a lot of the shit (no pun intended) scrotes and pick mes use against her has been disproven

No. 1521562

Alice literally drove across the country just to show up at random TikTok moms’ homes and film cOnTeNt with them. she only makes “friends” for clout.

No. 1521641

That isn’t making friends, she that’s using people. She uses Caleb for money and uses fern as a prop. If only more of the moms would speak out especially Carly.

No. 1521696

Tbh I don't know how much we can trust Zapressa's words either. It sounds like she doesn't want anyone to shit on Alice & is still defending her for whatever reason. Sounds like she just wants clout herself, which isn't surprising given her shtick is being a camwhore mom.

No. 1521731

it's like a plan for both of them to get more attention by starting tiktok "drama". everything alice does or say is to get views she's shameless

No. 1521908

Honestly I didn’t even think about that, I think you are right nonas because surely she would have known that somebody would still send those stories to alice, so what’s the point of “sneakily spilling her secrets” (that are quite harmless imo like we didn’t know she also eats fried things and loves controversy).
Maybe a little tiktok drama will make up for the loss of her other account and keep generating content while she’s on vacay, for both parties

No. 1521913

Alice has also been known to use burner accounts, so there's no way (IMO) that she wouldn't have seen that shit on one of the 40 burners her schizo ass needs. Zapressa also stated she didn't feel the need to report the burn on Fern's leg is concerning, as she'll confirm that's what it looked like on her Instagram story. Total clout-chase.

No. 1521932

I thought the same, zapressa is defs doing it for clout. Just making it sound like she's revealing a lot to make it seem like she has credibility. Alice is behind her as the puppeteer, stirring the drama pot.

No. 1521970

File: 1651879858648.png (9.33 MB, 1170x2532, 70BAC451-E470-4B2E-B1CB-CF189C…)

Anyone know why ferns eye was very off in this video. The whole video one eye looks off.

No. 1521981

He’s having a hard time opening up the one eye and controlling the muscles around that eye it looks like. Probably because something the chiropractor did…..

No. 1522022

File: 1651886481685.png (848.26 KB, 874x1004, goodfuckinggodwhy.png)

the face of nightmares

No. 1522229

And she wouldn’t meet the veganmumu lady who was obsessed with her because she had a low follow count.

No. 1522230

She’s definitely carrying very small… especially as she barely eats

No. 1522233

File: 1651910187816.png (5.51 MB, 828x1792, 63F1FCDB-9C70-49B9-B9E7-200C70…)

Forgot the tiktok teeth whitening filter

No. 1522392

She'll easily need dentures by 30.

No. 1522580

girl, you look so old, wear some fucking SUNSCREEN

No. 1522676


We have no idea how far along she is, how can you say she's carrying small?

No. 1522700

Shes talked about her last period in the early weeks so yeah we and her know. Don't buy her "so clueless and I don't even care anyway" bs. She knows even if only guesstimate from the last period

No. 1522981

Nah she cooks her food to mush and won’t need the dentures.

No. 1524787

Imagine her trying to make videos without teeth though, even more nightmarish. I'm sure she'll come up with a retarded "organic" all-natural reason to disregard dentures or implants as well.

No. 1525019

Or she will just make her own dental implants out of pebbles baby Fern collects and a hot glue gun.

No. 1525246

File: 1652218698604.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1284x2077, 726DF391-907F-464F-9DE4-C78B4D…)

Shit, she didn’t blink once in that whole video.

No. 1525776

File: 1652284624737.jpeg (291.52 KB, 828x1792, 26543A3D-AD95-4907-8605-F4A127…)

When she says she hasn’t worn shoes in years just know she is lying

No. 1526153

Sliding like this is sooooo dangerous. Not like she’d care

No. 1526395

the page she harassed tiktok for a month @allicellanispam is back- but it's private

No. 1526482

Did I miss something? She's just randomly living in her car again with Fern? Isn't it like 100 degrees in Arizona?

No. 1526793

Wait really? I thought it would be safe to slide with a tiny tot rather than chuck em down by themselves. I’m learning all kinds of things NOT to do from seeing her be discussed here (besides the no brainers, like taking my kid to the doctor and not letting them eat off cat piss floors)

No. 1527142

Yeah the kids leg can get caught between you and the slide, and break. It’s terrible

No. 1527152

Oh ouch yikes! Ugh and poor Fern doesn’t need any more leg problems. I feel like if he broke a bone it wouldn’t heal right because he’s not getting all the nutrients he needs

No. 1527256

File: 1652409733243.webm (1.76 MB, 576x1024, 49c4c3303c6f443b8d79e8204b61d5…)

this does not look normal, but it doesn’t look like rickets. it looks like a kid whose groin hurts from diaper rash or just an overloaded diaper.

No. 1527265

the kid's had rickets for months now. He's probably adapting to the disability with this weird walk. I can't imagine you see untreated rickets in American children very often, so it should have been corrected by now.

No. 1527272

could be minor hip dysplasia.

No. 1527305

I have to say this here since Reddit would never accept it- Fern is just not a cute looking toddler. It’s totally irrelevant to anything but I had to let it out(it’s not okay here either)

No. 1527357

>>1527305 l2sage or go back to reddit, newfag

No. 1527619

I agree. Alice just went on a road trip to go sit in the dirt and probably didn't stop to change Fern at all on the way up there. She won't use Zinc oxide as sunscreen so I doubt she uses it as diaper cream for Fern. Poor little guy.

No. 1527809

Tinfoil: Alice will continue to have babies in order to stay controversial and “relevant. These couple of months leading up to the birth have been so boring and the only thing that’s keeping probably half of us interested is seeing what kind of shit show will ensue with this home birth.

No. 1527860

She’s boring and knowing everything she does or says is just to grift makes her unworthy to watch

No. 1528082

File: 1652485198022.png (2.23 MB, 1064x1882, Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 7.38…)

I don’t get how she can stand to live like this.

No. 1528664


Priorities. Caleb is immersed in video games when he’s home, while she’s immersed in her phone. It’s probably easier for them to stand the filth than it is is for either of them to pry themselves from their tech of choice.

No. 1528820

File: 1652562066981.png (3.46 MB, 1774x1738, Screen Shot 2022-05-14 at 4.59…)

Alice’s “spam” account is unbanned and she’s smug as ever.


No. 1529176

File: 1652588447473.jpeg (812.85 KB, 828x1465, FBBDDE73-6ADD-4C25-92FF-FEB86F…)

She sounds so controlling, like Caleb/Fern/Fetus are not allowed to use toilet paper if they want to because she doesn’t like the chemicals!1!’ in tp.

No. 1529329

File: 1652606381944.png (5.28 MB, 828x1792, 51FC8817-A8F8-4DAF-ACBC-2DEC52…)

No. 1529370

someday soon, Alice is going to have to explain to her children that Mommy never finished school or got a job, so she could only support them by exploiting them on the internet. grim

No. 1529531


I can’t even fathom what her back teeth look like if these are the front. I’m actually in shock that she’s allowed her teeth to deteriorate to this point. She probably thinks she’s doing her immune system a solid by swallowing all of that bacteria or some kind of spiralled shit like that. Aren’t some gum diseases considered harmful to the unborn? I don’t know if that’s an actual medical concern or more of just a caution. REGARDLESS it ain’t good to have your mouth in that state.

No. 1529546

Not to mention the fact that pregnancy can destroy your teeth from the minerals being leeched off her body for the fetus. As soon as that baby is born they’re going to start crumbling in her mouth, because she eats nothing remotely close to the foods you need to remineralize the body

No. 1530517

>Aren’t some gum diseases considered harmful to the unborn?
An infection in your mouth can kill you by e.g. going to your brain (meningitis) or to your heart because the bacteria travels thru the bloodstream, so yes, if one of her teeth is rotting right now, it could be lethal to her unborn child.
It’s even discouraged to kiss newborns on the mouth because of their weak immune systems, now imagine all the extra bacteria and disease in her mouth

No. 1530710

plus, cavities themselves are contagious. she eats nothing but sugar, and doesn’t use toothpaste. then kisses Fern on the mouth and shares food & drinks with him.

No. 1531136

File: 1652746603059.jpeg (152.94 KB, 749x1281, 776CB410-AFCA-4E09-B801-45F72F…)

she bird feeds him with that nasty mouth

No. 1531273

File: 1652755184682.png (148.53 KB, 828x1792, 5515CA47-55F0-44BD-8C73-DEE23D…)

Her crunchyipadbaby account has been banned

No. 1531292

this thread is so dead lately. did she get boring?

No. 1531310

File: 1652759551687.jpeg (382.62 KB, 1170x2144, 21A258FC-2C53-4950-AC1B-C36A6F…)

Why is she being so rough with her poor cat? The cat keeps checking out her phone and she either aggressively pulls it to her or pushes it to the ground and away.

No. 1531507

She’s just really repetitive and basically does her same old being nasty and saying the same controversial things that are not shocking anymore like they were at the beginning. Milk is stale right now and I think most of us are looking up the thread occasionally cause we wanna know what happens with this second pregnancy

No. 1531538

This.. I’m essentially waiting for the train to derail. And to watch what excuse she uses for why they never move into the ”house they’re building”

No. 1531671

the fact that she is going to bedshare with two adults' and toddler in a queen bed… that doesn't sound too safe

No. 1531945

This is a good point.
Don’t know if this behavior continued, but it sounds like fern puts himself to bed on the couch sometimes, probably trying to get his own space bc it’s too crowded. But I wonder if jealousy from new baby will change that.

I kick my cat when there’s a guest overnight in my Queen bed. It’s actually a huge difference from Q to K. While not as large a difference F to Q

No. 1532343

Poor baby fern is being dropped from blended cashews to blended oats. They must be completely out of settlement cash.

On the plus side, their apartment seems to be on the up. She's ACTUALLY cleaning the feces out of the carpets with a legitimate carpet cleaner instead of a scrub brush and her toothpaste bar.

No. 1532420

It’s just for attention and views? Did you not see the zapressa texts

No. 1532499

so? doesn’t matter WHY she’s doing it, she is still spitting food from her nasty mouth into her kid’s.

No. 1532795

does anyone have that tiktok of her rubbing her literal black feet on her carpet and on her bed. it was replying to the comment that was like "do you ever wash ur feet" I looked everywhere and i cant find it

No. 1533884

File: 1653009852370.jpg (204.59 KB, 1080x2037, Screenshot_20220326-100854_Tik…)


She deleted the video so it's gone. I diddnt save it but I have screenshots, she's so filthy.

No. 1536676

File: 1653270972184.jpeg (959.61 KB, 1125x1421, A0B563B7-642A-4772-9008-BC2EBE…)

poor kid looks sunburnt even with all the enhancing and filters. in the same post she showed the temperature on her car and it was 99 degrees. couldnt fucking imagine walking around in the hot arizona sun without spf kek

No. 1536735

Her obsession with the freaking bonnets drives me nuts! No the baby should not be wearing a bonnet all the time! It’s freaking summer in Arizona!

No. 1536768

her life style isn't sustainable and likely cps will take fern away, I think she'll go to the deep end after that

No. 1536987

For babies it might be hunger, gas or just that they need a break from noise and activity. Here are some ways babies and young children show distress: Children's forehead may wrinkle. They may scrunch up their eyes and frown or pout.

I know he's not an "infant" but same concept.

No. 1536991

File: 1653311601736.png (600.29 KB, 852x548, This one is perfect.png)

Submitting possible future thread pics…

No. 1537160


Yes! CPS intervention and involvement is an inevitable course of action here. The only question is how far things will spiral out of control when their entrance into the situation happens. Alice’s infamy is paramount in her life - nothing is more precious, not even her offspring. This is evidenced so clearly by her irresponsibility/recklessness with both their care and safety. She’ll feel internal pressure to push the boundaries for attention, probably sooner than later since people are starting to get bored with her… and she’ll take it too far. I’m not from the states, so I don’t know how heavy handed your CPS system is and how easy it’d be for her to redeem herself in the eyes of the system. Where I’m from, it can be as easy as taking a parenting course or cutting ties with the other parent (if they are deemed abusive or dangerous). Fern deserves a better life than this. I believe that Alice loves him but I don’t believe for a second that she has the maturity nor correct judgement to parent. She may never. The animals also need to be removed from her care. I don’t mention fetus because I have a hard time believing she will bring the child earthside. The only positive thing that could come from her home birth is irreparable damage to her reproductive organs that’ll prevent her from being capable of having future pregnancies.

No. 1538874

File: 1653430429739.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1125x2005, 90173EF7-D3B4-4953-9623-07220C…)

wonder why she’s choosing to scribble his face in this picture?

No. 1538934

The ammonia in cat urine can cause irritation of the bronchial membranes in your lungs, and lead to lots of coughing, as well as severe injury to the tissues in your trachea and lungs. She’s got some cat piss disease and I bet she passed it along to fetus fern

No. 1539050

100% this is what is aggravating her system but ofc she’ll blame the supposed asthma that doesn’t bother her at all when she’s walking around in the hot Arizona sun all day or sleeping in a stuffy car.

No. 1540540

File: 1653539759375.jpg (539.82 KB, 1260x2030, 20220525_233447.jpg)

MIGHT be stale but I'm guessing Fern was born with congenital calcaneovalgus and whenever it didn't go away on its own, Alice never took him to the doctor for intervention. It can result in crooked legs. You're supposed to do daily stretches on their feet and avoid swaddles if a baby is born with this birth defect but I think we all know that our lazy queen would not bother.

No. 1540582

Alice’s math ain’t mathing with her Caleb story. can y’all help?
>Alice (b. April 1999?) met Caleb (b. Sep 1995) when she was 14
>abortion at 16
>got together when she was 18
>broke up for two years because Caleb (reasonably) didn’t want a family yet
>but Alice was pregnant with Aurelia at 19?

No. 1540644

File: 1653548086232.png (1.41 MB, 1552x934, kjhgfghjkljhnbvg.png)

I know she's playing dumb on purpose to seem like she's not worried about any of the risks, but it just makes her look even more clueless and naive. The infant mortality rate for babies born in a US hospital is about 4 out of every 10,000. Home birth infant deaths are harder to account for because a lot go unreported, but the statistic is usually around 1 in 1000. You are gambling on your daughters life for tiktok clout Alice, remember that.

No. 1540687

She just does and says stuff like this for engagement and attention, she’s so transparent

No. 1540698

ew, I wonder how she feels that she’s not “cute” pregnant anymore. she has the distinct look of someone who won’t stop getting knocked up.

No. 1540753


The guy she had the abortion with wasn’t Caleb, it was the dude with the tattoos from her Twitter videos. He was called Jeremy

No. 1540990

She looks quite big to have another 2 months to go, is her due date sooner?

No. 1540996

I think she's due in July based on her previous videos. She said her period was a month late whenever she announced that pregnancy tests weren't vegan, if you go back that puts her due around July.

No. 1541125

Wonder does fern have a black eye or something if she's covering his face recently.
Or maybe she's just trying to copy people like Bobbi Althoff in keeping their child's "privacy"

No. 1541129

File: 1653597491085.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220526-213307_Tik…)

Meant to add this screenshot

No. 1541133

File: 1653597734526.jpg (69.14 KB, 543x450, Screenshot_20220526-214046_Tik…)

Is his hair all cut/shaved short or is it just me?

No. 1541321

I’m tinfoiling he fell and hit his head and maybe his face got banged up or scraped too.

No. 1541322

File: 1653613555511.png (6.14 MB, 1242x2688, 47CFCFE0-875C-461F-89EC-DE1CD4…)

Closer look

No. 1541363


Alice has no nephews on her side and the only nephew on Caleb's side is an older boy. It's Fern in the videos.

No. 1541382

That’s been a trend for a bit on TikTok since videos with kids on the app are often shared to CP trading servers

No. 1541477

Alice sold shirts with Ferns face on them, she doesn't give a fuck about protecting his privacy or future identity. My best guess is that she's testing the algorithm or trying to drive up views based on speculation.

No. 1542088

Probably his diseased teeth making his face swell up

No. 1542477

File: 1653744843382.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1284x1556, 376719A1-81FF-45C7-8E90-2D2CAB…)

She probably is trying so hard to emulate those lulu/athleisure Tik Tok moms here. Monkey see, monkey do.. not very well.

No. 1542638

nothing crunchy about Target, Alice

No. 1543080

What makes you think she’s actually telling the truth? She’s a compulsive liar!

No. 1543209

File: 1653806553161.jpeg (369.14 KB, 1170x2032, 5392AF58-8109-4B5C-8D23-FA793C…)

So she’s talking about how she was looking at her “future” neighbors backyards on google earth to see who has playgrounds. And one backyard, in her words, had a basic bitch playground, and how the HOAs rules are something like the playground can’t have a platform about a certain height and they have to agree to any playground you want to bring. I hate HOAs but sounds like typical HOA rules. She says she’s going to submit a proposal to change that OR they might go look somewhere else. Who wants to bet come September when they are suppose to move in that this’ll be the reason she claims they don’t move in and not the truth that they can’t afford it/can’t get approved for the loan.

No. 1543329

File: 1653828983023.jpg (422.64 KB, 1075x1678, Screenshot_20220529-135650_Tik…)

Girl looks a fucking mess.
I'm sorry but trying to sexualise your heavily pregnant body with your toddler in tow is fucking weird. Put some bloody clothes on.

Also her outdoor crunchy forager phase clearly never kicked off, she's more obsessed with buying shit than ever

No. 1543447


If she didn’t have the following she does more people would see her for what she is. A trailer trash teen mom that can’t stop getting knocked up and won’t mature pst the age of 17.

No. 1543448


Just cuz Rihanna did it doesn’t mean you should do it, Alice.

No. 1543548

What a coincidence she's talking about HOA right after daughterandthings posted about a violation notice she received from hers about her grass being too tall because it's a "growing garden" you're such a copycat Alice. If they were really moving she would know it's under HOA and they always have strict rules. So many of her neighbors would be calling cps on them

No. 1543666

How can she see finished neighbours backyards when the entire neighbourhood is new builds and her neighbours homes were being built at the same time? You can see the other houses being built in old TikTok’s. She’s such a liar and good luck to her changing HOA rules lmfaooo

No. 1543668

she’s drumming up controversy cuz her tt’s are boring af and she needs all the 13 year olds to speak up in her support

No. 1543790

File: 1653872174309.jpg (167.59 KB, 720x1157, Screenshot_20220529-194744_Tik…)

Oh, okay.

No. 1543793

Unfortunately she loves herself more and she will keep using her children for her personal gain.

No. 1543801

Never said she didn’t love him, only that she loves herself more.

No. 1544202

File: 1653923415044.png (497.41 KB, 621x679, Screenshot 2022-05-30 180939.p…)

are these veins normal?

No. 1544226

some (mostly pale) people have them, I have them, too and nothing is wrong with my body

No. 1544279

They can be. They can also be cause for concern. Each person is different. I would say they are probably normal because they can commonly show up more when pregnant and breast feeding

No. 1544579

I’m 34 weeks pregnant and my chest has veins like that. It’s normal but unsettling for sure.

No. 1544849

But narcissists don’t perceive love as an abstract experience of connection, empathy, and warmth. They don’t recognize love as a mutual take-and-give. Instead, love is purely transactional. It’s about what other people offer them, rather than the other way around. It isn’t “love” in the typical sense.

No. 1544853

No. 1545149

File: 1654020920850.jpg (530.07 KB, 1080x1883, Screenshot_20220531-191203_Tik…)

Does she have an braincells left?!
Poor child

No. 1545402

It’s absolutely normal and common to have visible veins during pregnancy, even in places that you’d normally not notice them at all. It’s due to the increase of blood volume.

Bang on, anon! A lot of these mothers relish in their children, seeing them as perfect reflections of themselves (/accessories), but then the drama begins once they learn to talk and start to experiment with independence.

No. 1545701

Why is she suddenly covering fern is it to get attention

No. 1545703

She won’t show his face anymore? Bit late slice

No. 1545708

File: 1654065018317.png (4.07 MB, 828x1792, 6640819A-674A-4E64-9F77-2FD45B…)

He can speak??

No. 1545807

I doubt it's actual words. I would have said good morning to my son and he would have tried to mimic what I said, and it just comes out like "blah blahblah".
But I knew what he was trying to say.
But she wouldn't explain it like that, she wants us to believe he can speak coherently

No. 1545960

Hell no, he only babbles like an infant. Instead of fantasizing he can speak she needs to have him tested for therapy.

No. 1546706

Agreeing with previous anons — If he could actually speak, she’d record it for the world to see/hear. He can’t speak.

No. 1547638

File: 1654226877145.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1284x1277, 43C3C181-584C-4C7E-AD62-65CACE…)

sure, let’s put shoes on him when he’s NOT walking on the ground.

No. 1547688

Gotta protect his feet from the microplastics in the swing seat but the pesticides and broken glass on the ground are beneficial to his immune system.

No. 1547834

File: 1654254736634.jpeg (262.04 KB, 1170x2180, 96DC3482-6805-4364-82BF-FEB501…)

this is one of the more rank things she’s done lately. Who uses gym equipment barefoot? One, it’s dangerous, two, it’s disgusting, and three, I’m very certain this is against the terms and conditions she signed. she’s so fucking dirty.

No. 1548497

If something as mild as this is really considered child endangerment then letting your kids take their shoes off at the beach must be full blown abuse, considering that’s basically letting them walk in broken glass.

No. 1548550

File: 1654312808265.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1284x1289, 14293257-E0D9-43FF-92B0-FF9C83…)

strange that, despite all of her strange beliefs (and weird societal notions), she’d feel compelled to shave her pits and bits. your performance veil is showing, alice.

No. 1548651

I’m sorry but you really can’t see the difference between walking around a construction site barefoot, and walking on the beach?

No. 1548734

How does she shave her bits with an enlarged belly in the way?

No. 1548749

File: 1654342794215.jpeg (340.47 KB, 1242x697, 53C3C0C0-5FEB-4183-8FE0-703308…)

Fern is literally fucked. He already is super slow and begins with no signs of getting caught up. And now a baby sibling is going to occupy her completely till he reaches his next birthday, so there’s no way he’s going to have the opportunity to get caught up.

No. 1548750

Hair removal cream maybe? Probably not though bc her weirdness with chemicals. I always said, one day her teeth will start to improve and we will know she’s fake and using teeth whitening behind closed doors. Nothings wrong with it but for her it highlights her hypocrisy even further

No. 1548751

Also there’s a weird outline on the side of her arm. I think she’s edited it.

No. 1548754

Lmao imagine shopping at Target and you walk by and see this photo shoot happening

No. 1548792

Does anybody else think this picture looks weird? Maybe it’s just the angle but something looks off to me like >>1548751 said, there’s an outline and the proportions look weird

No. 1548797

lol ally from the bullman bunch did a Phoenix TikTok meetup and of course Alice wasn't invited. I'm sure she would have drank some milk to hang out with some actual PHX mom content creators

No. 1549099

Of course RadfemAlice shaves her pits. She’s obsessed with looking like a child, and I bet Caleb is the type of scrote who thinks women’s body hair is gross.

No. 1550299

Sometimes for a little slight second I feel just the tiniest bit bad for talking shit about a woman who in essence is just a random mom and her kids, but then I stop feeling bad because she’s exactly that. A mom and her kids crooning all over the internet with her attention seeking behavior. It’s very obvious that she was extremely traumatized by being forced into doing the emergency cesarean, and is even more traumatized by the death of her oldest child, but that doesn’t and never will make any of her behavior excusable. It’s one thing to be a crunchy homesteading tradwife but it’s another to not be paying enough attention to your kid. A line needed to be drawn miles back.

No. 1550631

File: 1654486460719.jpg (194.54 KB, 720x1259, Screenshot_20220605-223130_Tik…)

Poor Fern just seems like he's so uncomfortable.

No. 1550685

never thought i would see this quite literal retard take on here. i mean i expected it from reddit but… damn. the beach is a place where you are SUPPOSED to be barefoot. construction sites have safety regulations for a reason, and you’re being willfully ignorant if you are seriously sitting here pretending to not know that they are covered in building materials such as fiberglass, nails, staples, and jagged concrete. OSHA exists for a reason. Pretty sure children are not even allowed in open construction sites even if they are wearing shoes. please stop with this retardism kek

No. 1551382

She was a fucking psycho before she lost her daughter. There was no era of Alice being stable. The trauma intensified things, but in these situations it’s literally only a matter of time before something (ie. anything) triggers a spiral.

No. 1554415

File: 1654784452700.jpeg (449.73 KB, 684x1146, 6CE5CBD7-6488-4C44-A21C-E709B6…)

This is dually nightmare fuel and new sub pic material. I had to share.

No. 1554942

File: 1654806976028.jpeg (705.06 KB, 872x1333, 364E4B34-F037-4988-994F-92E251…)

“Many autistic people like to bend their arms at about a 90 degree angle with their hands out in front of them. Some may droop their wrists. The autistic community has affectionately dubbed this pose “T-Rex arms.”

Kids got mad sensory issues and Alice is rubbing sand all over him… fucking bitch

No. 1555040

That's not just sand, according to her, its nature's suncream!

No. 1555053

Oh yeah I agree. I just think this pushed her from being a general psycho egirl to becoming someone who is dangerous.

I feel bad that she lost her daughter, I really do, but we're watching in real time what happens when you don't get help for your trauma. If she loses this baby too God knows how far off the deep end she'll go.

As for Fern, he'll be lucky if he doesn't grow up to be a serial killer. This whole 'letting the kid choose everything' is just going to create a spoiled monster who can't even function in society.

No. 1555377


Crazy, I thought vegans didn't need sunscreen.

No. 1555688


If she were to lose this baby she’s gonna start looking at fern as some sort of god for being the only one to survive. Calling it now.

No. 1556022

and didn't she lose the first baby because of her reckless behavior like speeding causing the accident? i think she's always been so careless which makes her dangerous

No. 1556710

File: 1654911503300.png (8.15 MB, 1284x2778, 51B90A94-B603-4AD2-AD8D-38CF42…)

what she should be worrying about is the added ingredients under her nails

No. 1556744

>>1556710 dear god that makes me want to vomit.

No. 1557305

File: 1654969066145.png (5.08 MB, 1242x2688, 0785569C-1B20-449B-8D9F-36EE1C…)

There’s so much shit between her teeth…nasty bitch

No. 1557659

Oh dear god, her nails and her teeth are nasty, I can only imagine what is growing between her toes

No. 1557661

And crusty ass lips bc she never hydrates

No. 1557989

File: 1655014744835.png (2.24 MB, 828x1792, CEB3C830-F6BD-436D-BCEF-7A6D88…)

Alice posted a bar of soap that she uses to brush her teeth. After literally 2 seconds of digging, I found the IG of the company, and they put out a statement that they put goats milk in all the bars. Not very vegan or her. I wonder if it gives her nightmares like she claims fishing does (not my screenshot)

No. 1558117

File: 1655033050336.png (507.47 KB, 1242x2688, 0E3D2BFC-0CD7-4C9B-9FFE-415DB3…)

I personally think she’s not autistic. She has this (IMO, speculation)(armchairing)

No. 1558249

Istg she’s worrying about the wrong shit

No. 1558301

She ticks off every point on the list.

No. 1558319

she’s literally fucking BRUSHING HER TEETH WITH A BAR OF HAND SOAP and you chose to focus on the fact that it’s not a vegan product? who cares about her veganism larp when she is literally rubbing salty hand soap on her gums and teeth

No. 1558617

She will stop using bar soap to brush her teeth cuz it isn’t vegan and not cuz it’s gross. Her using bar soap has been hashed out so many times, it’s old news

No. 1558896

File: 1655096214503.jpg (150.53 KB, 720x1441, Screenshot_20220612-235400_Chr…)

Where does it say goatsmilk? I don't read labels often so I could be missing something but I'd assume it would have it listed?

No. 1559050

File: 1655112642642.png (2.53 MB, 2430x2160, Goat’s Milk Soap.PNG)

They seem to use goat’s milk on special orders. I couldn’t find the statement >>1557989 found. The closest thing was picrel from their Instagram highlights titled “Goat Milk Soap”. Full disclosure, I didn’t include all 6 slides, only the potentially relevant ones.

No. 1559659

File: 1655159888411.jpg (341.55 KB, 1080x1874, Screenshot_20220613-233249_Tik…)

Oh hun, no. They're not checking you out, they can't stop staring because you look like a dirty tramp, and you dress like a tween.

No. 1559875

She’s so fucking delusional

No. 1559878

File: 1655177235997.png (9.85 MB, 1242x2688, FB3080D7-26DA-464B-BFEC-EB6DDC…)

Full diaper. Wet shirt. What the fuck did she do while trying to edit his leg??? Did she put it through a taffy stretcher like on willy wonka? Looks like his foot is swollen and she’s trying to hide it, or something. Where did his toes go?

I bet she’s in clean dry clothes, leaving fern in feces and soaking wet. Fucking bitch. She doesn’t deserve children. She probably is only having this baby bc she thinks it will help her “career” on tiktok. She’s so far out of touch with reality. It’s sad all we can do is watch the train crash, given she won’t change or take advice from anyone. She’s self destructing and taking her kids along with her.

No. 1559925

File: 1655180697398.jpeg (396.69 KB, 1125x664, 6E376AF7-F1F9-4FB2-ACEB-A12969…)

this was a comment alice made on that couple who posts “what we eat in a day as high raw vegans”

am i reading this wrong or is alice straight up making fun of people who can’t afford to spend their lives eating papaya and jackfruit?

No. 1560292

Her classist attitude is nothing new. She posted “if you’re broke, just say that” on a video where she’s destroying her couch with food letting fern eat off of it. She lives in wage based housing and her hauls line up with the weeks that food stamps and cash assistance are distributed. Her husband is (was?) a front of the house worker, possibly manager? at a restaurant. That doesn’t pull in that much, one year I made more than my bosses salary waiting tables bc of my average tip percentage.

They have no money. I believe they returned the kia bc of this, when their heads were too far underwater. I also don’t believe they’re building a house. I don’t believe those two kunckleheads have anywhere near the financial requirements to obtain one.

I honestly believe she is so disgusting that when she is in public ppl see a heavily pregnant woman with a second infant (bc fern looks like a baby, not a toddler) at her hip and offer her money the same way homeless people ask for money.

No. 1560812

File: 1655245507260.png (8.23 MB, 1242x2688, 4F5E81B1-E11E-49DD-ACBB-453797…)

Probably cuz you’re fucking terrible at it. Also, what a privileged comment to make. She claims her parents are abusive, and for what? Not buying her a car on her 16th bday?

Maybe it was after she got knocked up and had an abortion and they were trying to keep track of her, rightfully.

She talks about how poor she was growing up, yet she wanted to bring a child into that home and into poverty? Nobody with a miserable childhood would want to bring their child into this world to have those same parents who traumatized you to help or even be around their kids.

I hate this stupid cunt. I hope Caleb scoops up both babies after Alice is passed out after the birth and RUNS. Allison needs professional, inpatient therapy sooner rather than later. She’s unhinged and it’s going to kill her children or at the very least set them up for a lifetime of physical and social issues.

No. 1560813

File: 1655246084783.png (8.69 MB, 1242x2688, 184AFCDF-4D89-4842-B0C4-2DDA91…)

He’s regressed to crawling, I know for a fact I’ve seen him do stairs holding onto the railing…
“A 2 year old walks up and down stairs holding on to support” it’s on the milestone list. This is so fucking sad.

No. 1560824

File: 1655247113447.png (8.52 MB, 1242x2688, 789AEF08-5C05-47E5-BD5D-9CAD37…)

That looks like sunscreen on her chest. Hypocritical, misinforming bitch.

No. 1560913

File: 1655252545901.png (5.14 MB, 1242x2688, EEE879C0-169C-4088-9167-419C87…)

Ferns: 1: legs edited, and clearly crooked 2: standing on animal piss 3: saggy diaper down to his knees

Someone save this child.

No. 1561359

File: 1655295716838.jpg (353.22 KB, 1080x1822, Screenshot_20220615-131858_Tik…)

Ah yes, fern will sit by while his mother screams and bleeds out..
I can picture fern playing with his new sibling's umbilical cord while she lies passed out in some river.

No. 1561367

Munching on it to survive bc there’s no mango trees on the side of the highway for fart to climb in Washington. Only the strong survive.

No. 1561540

File: 1655308151717.png (9.16 MB, 1242x2688, 0C19D834-2F1F-419F-84BF-D953F3…)

Disgusting mirror but redeems himself with toothpaste.

Also looks like contact lenses…

“Contact lenses are categorized as Class II medical devices, so most are tested on animals, typically rabbits. ”

NOT vegan. Glasses only.

No. 1561548

File: 1655308973684.png (8.19 MB, 1242x2688, 4A720998-EC56-401A-9879-8EEE4A…)

(In reference to her husband)
So This is her admitting she wears extensions (soooo crunchy) I’ve never seen a photo where his hair is longer. That’s probably what all the matting is about in her rats nest. Old tape ins tangled and hanging off. wonder if any spiders have built a nest in there.

No. 1561557

File: 1655309856854.png (8.58 MB, 1242x2688, 8632E17B-8521-4F43-9D2D-560571…)

Put your hands up if you haven’t brushed your hair in years

No. 1561560

File: 1655310012921.jpeg (331.73 KB, 642x768, 9401A01C-2254-4F69-9650-1F4808…)

Fern literally about to step on puke in bare feet…then he climbs into a dog bed with Alice where they SLEEP. Fucking gross dude

No. 1561564

When do we think fetus will arive

No. 1561589

Idk but she wants it in the middle of nowhere so nobody can call police/EMS who are mandated reporters and will report ferns extreme neglect.

If he were to wander off and disappear, she would 100% have nobody to blame but herself. And same with the new baby arriving.

If it dies Alice has to report it or it’s serious charges. And it’s illegal to transport a corpse across state lines. Probably illegal to bring a rotting organ across state lines too. Kek

(Not wishing bad on any of the kids, but I wish someone would whack some sense into this emaciated broad.

No. 1562289

File: 1655350915962.jpeg (353.74 KB, 860x709, 3D1C8282-5DB8-498D-896D-63714D…)

I know we rag on her teeth a lot but this is particularly bad. They are literally rotting out of her mouth, I’ve never seen them look THIS bad. The filter must’ve came off or something.

No. 1562564

File: 1655383238613.png (8.33 MB, 1242x2688, EA8E9ABF-E401-40C7-B256-BCA308…)

This is from her latest video…she looks deranged and extremely unwell… things really don’t look good, outcome-wise, for her or fetus if she’s planning to birth in this condition.

No. 1564209

for real, like she's creating a recipe for disaster and it's crazy how we can all watch it happen but can't really do anything about it. like wtf, i wonder what the birth will be like for real

No. 1564517

Chiclets from a 1994 candy dispenser at the family friendly restaurant.

No. 1564533

I really dont like alice, but im honestly kind of concerned about how this birth will go for her and her clump of cells.

God forbid shes on the road with screaming baby 1 and goes into labor at all, let alone if she has some sort of complication.

No. 1564720

She knows the risks. She’s doing it on purpose. I have a good feeling she isn’t going to make it.. She looks EXTREMELY unwell. Her teeth look worse, her hair is falling out and breaking off. Her eyes are sunken and she’s like a weird gray color when she isn’t using trick of the light or a filter.

The swollen purple bags under her eyes show how exhausted she is.

The baseline at which she is entering this birth is 10x worse than fern.

That’s my prediction. She’s gonna not gonna survive bc of how negative of a baseline she is starting from.

She chose this. Maybe it’s a long drawn out method to end her own life. Her final cry for attention.

No. 1569838

Jesus, our crunchy vegan queen isn't going out in the way of suicide via fetus. She's too much of a narcissist to even think about letting herself go. Stop being so dramatic, it isn't that deep.

Yesterday fern was eating oatmeal while sitting on the plush comforting asphalt in the literal road, and today, Allison is booked for maternity photos.

Let's expect the depressing upcoming content of Fern running around barefoot in a truckstop bathroom while Mama Neglect gets her crunchy self beautified.

No. 1570627

Yikes, have the summerfags arrived or are scrotes browsing this thread? The typing is very dramatic so it could be either or. Anyway, she's just a naive PTSD ridden vitamin deficient "crunchy mom" propaganda victim who's looking at life with rose tinted glasses, it's not that fucking deep relax faggot.

No. 1570778

It’s much more than ptsd and propaganda influence which y’all use to excuse her behaviour. She’s been bat-shit crazy needing therapy long before caleb or losing a child.

No. 1570798

Why are you trying to justify her behavior? I think there's something seriously wrong with her that probably began at childhood. Imagine saying 'it's not that deep' when there's actual child neglect involved and she has another on the way.

No. 1570872

"y'all" Unironically kill yourself.

Do you know what justify means you brain damaged half wit? Show me where exactly I provided justifications or excuses. I'm saying she's a naive mental case who spends too much time online, no where did I say that it wasn't her fault and responsibility. Clutch you're pearls elsewhere I said "it's not that deep" to the bizarre fanfiction that fucking fag cooked up about her wanting to die in labor on purpose and added 5 empty spaces for dramatic effect, it's a retarded take and deserves to be shamed.

No. 1571102

it makes zero sense to me that they are “building a house” (quotations because i’m unconvinced) when alice is fixated with “van/sedan life” and being on the road.. why not commit to the lifestyle, instead of literally doing the opposite (planting roots). yet another question mark in the web of alice’s online presence. i understand that she’s alleging to be obtaining the new build via funding for tribe members, but if you guys (americans) have a program like that then surely you also have something for vehicle purchases. we do across the boarder for those with treaty status.

No. 1572693

File: 1656258399005.png (8.7 MB, 1242x2688, 1F1B699C-52BE-47A3-842D-D384CB…)

Man hands and clearly wipes her face on her sleeve. Pick a struggle

No. 1572887

File: 1656269379953.png (5.05 MB, 828x1792, 47CF8F40-CEBB-40FC-9DF9-825000…)

Admitting they can’t afford the house. Imagine prioritizing an espresso machine and a kayak plus all the other random shit she compulsively buys over a nice home in a nice neighborhood for your son

No. 1573091

File: 1656286453837.png (5.42 MB, 1242x2688, 4E8196C3-6AF2-4978-8704-C91841…)

Reminds me of Alice and her emotional incest

No. 1574764

Has anyone ever noticed that she randomly does/doesn't wear her wedding ring? But other days she's flaunting it? I wonder if she's taking it off during road tripping..

No. 1575169

Afraid to be mugged for her $100 fake diamond wedding ring lol

No. 1575698

A wedding ring wouldn’t vibe with her wanna-be teen look.

No. 1575979


Are you kidding? A heart shaped engagement ring is possibly the most immature thing she could wear.

No. 1576508

anon, i retract.. i did not realize we were talking a heart shaped ring kek. i’ve neither seen, nor noticed it. i’m newer to alice (circa two threads ago) and don’t have tik tok so i’ve missed any ring posts. brutal!

No. 1578973

Isn't it interesting that she says that she has this "urge to stay home" and thinks the baby is coming soon when she originally wanted to be completely isolated in the woods or whatever?

No. 1579420

She’s feeding her audience for views and likes

No. 1579691

Not even $100…it was from a department store. Prob $20 if I had to guess.

No. 1580146

$20 Walmart ring

No. 1580466

which is funny, because they came into all that settlement money and blew it on espresso machines and thousands of dollars in coconut water…. but didn’t think to get herself a quality ring made of better materials that will last.

No. 1581332

File: 1657062962148.png (4.23 MB, 1242x2688, DB323660-1293-422E-B669-BFDB81…)

Like to comment ratio..oof she’s dodging all the comments calling her out for possibly lying about the house.

No. 1581672

She lives in serious scumsville if needing all those security devices.

No. 1581706

Has anyone found any info on the results of her court hearing?

No. 1582108

File: 1657145020141.png (6.36 MB, 1242x2688, A9B0EEC5-FA01-4261-94CB-709BF4…)

This bitch is seriously “working out” in a skirt and flip flops…what is she thinking?

No. 1582122

File: 1657145643565.jpeg (1018.31 KB, 1242x1232, 93EF6EE8-53BD-4363-B7FE-93C74B…)

The fact that he still fits in this is so sad.

No. 1583296

what’s up with her raising her tshirts way above her belly for her videos? it can clearly fit if she were to pull it down.. is she trying to play into some kind of fetish

No. 1583784

The silence of this thread is getting real eerie. It feels like everybody is holding their breath, especially after her last video on TikTok. Alice has been on such a downhill slope for the last several months now and it’s only getting worse. I only hope the fetus comes safely and can have a chance at a normal life

No. 1583804

Completely agree. I'm actually scared it almost feels like I'm going into labor. She's nesting now for sure, you can tell by her content.

No. 1584062

I don’t think she is going to come out Alice. She looks dehydrated and like she has low hemoglobin, like the grey skin tint in videos she doesn’t edit, it’s the skin tint I had when I had a GI bleed. Your hemoglobin can only go so low before you die and there will be no emergency blood transfusions at the Alice palace general hospital.

That baby has sucked all the life from her.

Also wanna point how Fern is floppy and limp in her latest video jumping around with him at the splash pad. She hardly shows him anymore so something makes me think something is really wrong with him.

Like you said, it’s eerie in here bc I think a lot of us know that this likely won’t end well for anyone in that family.

And another unrelated thing: whyd she hire a cleaner if Caleb is fine with cleaning (as shown in other videos) ? I don’t get why you’d spend money on that if he’s done it in the past. She spends so much unnecessary money.

No. 1584174

File: 1657385055206.jpg (453.86 KB, 1080x1840, Screenshot_20220709-174107_Tik…)

No please what is this raggedy ass outfit?
Could fry an egg in that hair too, vom.

Also, I wonder is she just hanging about this house getting content until they tell her to leave, or will she find another building site once the real owners of this house move in?

No. 1584807

If that house is real, she’s gonna destroy it with her hoarding and pet shit/piss. She can’t and won’t keep the litter box clean. She won’t bother to vaccum. Her neighbors are gonna HATE HER and she’s gonna come on tiktok bitching about HOA penalties and send her Stan’s to attack whatever review page she can find. The same way she tore apart the doctor on Google reviews (as seen on here)

All of this is more of an educated guess, but I’ll put tinfoil just in case.

Truthfully I don’t see her surviving this birth or it requiring her a long hospital stay after EMTs eventually come. She’s playing a really dangerous game.

No. 1584842


To be fair, I think some of the silence is also the result of boredom. No matter how hard Alice tries to get even negative attentions, it’s repetitive. She’s losing relevance. The same ol’ tricks aren’t entertaining the crowd anymore. The only interesting things on the docket are speculation on her impending labour and whether or not they will actually move into this house. Both things are close enough, but there is only so many times the anons are going to tinfoil the construction pics or medfag the birth before you just wait to see what happens.

It’s a shame, this was one of my favourite cows/threads for a while. Perhaps it’ll get back there, or maybe it’ll crash to another end like LBW.

No. 1585101

she’s just not as compelling once you realize she’ll do or say anything for attention and TikTok $$$. I wonder if she realizes how many people are only watching to see what happens with this birth, and that they’ll be out as soon as it happens. then she’ll really have to up the ante. wonder what kind of stupid shit she’ll get up to next.

No. 1585183

On point, anon. This nut probably has already jotted down the most outrageous post-natal shit she could find in effort to engage as much reaction as possible.

No. 1585921

File: 1657572009460.jpeg (202.89 KB, 1125x1635, 9A88136B-1E6C-4161-A0E2-4FA8B2…)

pain relief? you’re telling me her son is in pain from his tooth decay caused by her neglect and she’s worried about it being “natural?”

No. 1586200

i’m surprised that vEgAnS can get cavities in Alice’s world…

No. 1586435

If the cavities are that bad the dentist will either give him laughing gas or put him out to fix the cavities or pull teeth cuz of his age and not wanting him to be traumatized… so basically the boy will be stuck living in pain cuz she will never go for that and blame the dentist as incompetent. Bet he’s been crying a lot in pain and why she has backed off some with giving him sugars.

No. 1586477

File: 1657642097875.png (3.75 MB, 750x1334, 71513289-5AFF-49C8-99B6-D3D260…)

This is gross

No. 1586478

File: 1657642131939.png (2.82 MB, 750x1334, 56A859E2-2B1E-4AC4-B686-17BC64…)

No. 1586530

great, ruin Fern’s $300 toy, one of the few things they own that’s developmentally appropriate for him. oh well, it’s not like she spent her money.

No. 1588963

File: 1657921810305.png (5.05 MB, 1242x2688, 617F0E93-3E4A-4C7D-A6A3-8938B8…)

Buys $500 dollar cars but let’s him sit in piss and take his picture. Change your fucking kid…his diaper AND his clothes. Negligent piece of shit.

No. 1589387

Who doesn’t have a plan for when they’re in labor? She’s literally a feral cat who goes and looks for a soft place to hide out and pop out their spawn. Even the zoo plans special pens for laboring animals and their young. I really wonder if Alice suffered brain damage as a child bc she is literally retarded. And unhinged too for that matter. I hope EMS gets called as a welfare check from the neighbors when she’s screaming her head off birthing. I hope they force her into a psych hold and that fern is forced to be given medical attention for his legs and teeth.

No. 1589389

File: 1657970049311.png (5.62 MB, 1242x2688, 56B8BA3F-6B49-4873-BB55-7128B2…)

Same picture different zoom… shows a tear in his armpit and his shirt is filthy. How come Alice makes herself so presentable in her “maternity” skirts and swimsuit but fern is in clothes that don’t fit or are soiled/ripped. Poor fern, his shirt was probably used as toilet paper.

No. 1593118

Why does she hide/censors ferns face on tiktok now but posts it on Instagram

No. 1593123

Your guess is as good as ours. Next time, don’t forget to sage.

No. 1594003

Did anyone see the most recent haul tikotk on her spam account where she’s claiming to be indigenous? Is this new or has she said this before?

No. 1594023

that’s how they are getting the house, she belongs to one of the tribes and is a status indian.

No. 1595636

Her last friend birdie (@rootedinabundancefarm ) posted a video about how Caleb is abusing Fern physically and “at least” emotionally abusing Alice.

Birdie has since private the video, and then her whole account.

No. 1595654

File: 1658612485388.jpg (257.74 KB, 1170x2532, qnphvq2oxcd91.jpg)

I tried to upload the video, but it’s too long. it’s here though: https://www.reddit.com/r/aliceandfernsnark/comments/w66ndc/seen_this_about_alice_and_fern_being_abused/

Birdie says Caleb abuses Alice, Fern, and their pets. she reiterates that he hurts Fern and threatens to kill him. Birdie said she offered to help Alice escape and let her stay there, but Alice went back to Caleb and blocked her. she also said in the comments that there’s an open CPS case.

then she posted this and went private.

No. 1595747

Jeez, this is really wild

No. 1595755

File: 1658618624428.png (388.7 KB, 828x1792, 847FCD4E-6D80-47EE-B400-C51179…)

The subreddit is imploding. The mods continue to defend Caleb and claim that they have an inside source that they can’t disclose. Many users are fed up

No. 1595766

File: 1658619243355.jpg (179.71 KB, 1170x2080, 41t59ezyjdd91.jpg)

they’re saying one of their mods is a gaming buddy of Caleb’s, so there’s no way he could be abusive. tbh the mods over there are proving to be cows themselves. someone made a sub just for them kek, picrel
also https://www.reddit.com/r/alicenfern/

No. 1595807

File: 1658622086853.png (1.99 MB, 828x1792, DC8991A8-277E-4829-849E-50DB71…)

No way, this is gold. It’s funny that everything is exploding when Alice has barely been posting. I want more info on the mods

No. 1595820

I’m not sure what the best thing to do in Birdie's situation would be, but surely blasting it all over TikTok isn’t it. Alice sucks but I’m worried about her (mostly Fern & Fetus though).

I’m still slightly skeptical though. all of this hinges on the idea that Alice was being honest with Birdie in the first place, and we know this bitch will say anything for a drop of cLoUt or attention.

No. 1595821

wait, there’s a new subreddit? this is hilarious

No. 1595831

File: 1658626197931.jpeg (199.93 KB, 1242x454, 17AC9AEC-85F4-4063-B4B7-ED65AA…)

No. 1595851

The mods are a bunch of kids who know nothing. I stopped reading it bc of all their crap.

No. 1595856

Why would someone so close to Caleb be permitted to be a mod? Just bc someone games with Caleb doesn’t mean they know him outside of his gaming world.

More tea… it was someone within his circle who leaked his employment through an anonymous account on Reddit. The person abandoned the account before the post was removed from Reddit.

No. 1595918

It’s not like there is a high bar to being a mod… another mod just needs to accept them. I’ve not seen enough to know that the mods are totally in cahoots with Caleb, but it’s possible. I hope someone has milk.

No. 1595946

File: 1658641073009.jpeg (203.82 KB, 1242x1048, BA0D7C01-7E02-4F00-9C05-8E7B90…)

Caleb is cheating on Alice allegedly

No. 1595947

This is from the AMA that is happening on the subreddit right now.

This is from someone who supposably knows Alice and Caleb but won’t disclose their identity.

No. 1595951

there’s an AMA on her subreddit right now with someone who is “verified” according to mods. https://www.reddit.com/r/aliceandfernsnark/comments/w6mdse/this_is_the_ama/

I’m still going through it but some juicy things:
>Caleb “isn’t faithful to her”
>Alice is aware he has cheated on her
>she hasn’t had any kind of prenatal care yet, but might soon in order to comply with DFCS (!)
>Fern used to suffer from some kind of medical neglect, but is doing better now (teeth?)
>sounds like she has to start taking him to an actual pediatrician and follow up with referrals to comply with DFCS, too
>Alice was censoring his face recently because of his dental work
>this person doesn’t know what happened to the bunny she killed with the avocado, but she rehomed a second bunny and a cat
>the house is apparently real
>Alice is aware of her sub, and reads it (so she probably reads here too kek)
>she wanted to go to the hospital during labor with Fern, but Caleb stopped her
>she didn’t receive a scholarship to Cornell (lol we been knew)
>she’s less crunchy IRL
>this person has never witnessed abuse, but has heard Caleb yell at Alice
>also says neither is innocent in the abuse
>she doesn’t have many real life friends left, but she lies to them too
>Caleb is as uninvolved IRL as he seems online
>he is more anti-government than crunchy (so people can stop speculating that he “made” her be crunchy)
>some of her crunchy views he agrees with, others he just deals with
>Fern still can’t talk like Alice pretends he does
>Alice’s “traumatic” childhood is an exaggeration with “seeds of truth”

No. 1595952

File: 1658642220114.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 306.81 KB, 1242x858, 0687D933-815B-4FB9-BA90-430535…)

More alleged cheating

No. 1595953

File: 1658642413484.jpeg (5.23 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

who on earth would ever cheat with this

No. 1595954


Ratchet Arizonian teenagers

No. 1595956

File: 1658642981266.gif (265.03 KB, 498x275, hahahaha-laughing.gif)

maybe that’s why Alice is so obsessed with being a ~teen~
maybe this is why Caleb has been using toothpaste and shampoo when she’s out kek

No. 1595965

I get alice is a shit person at times, but are you all such pick-me's that you'd rather make fun of a woman being cheated on, then show righteous anger at her scumbag husband

No. 1595967

they’re both scumbags and alice has been such a pick-me in the past, putting other women down for shit like “you had a c-section!” “you had a baby at 26 instead of 12, grandma!" so this is all just fucking hilarious

No. 1595968

We can do both nonnie.

No. 1595970

Exactly lmao. It’s already well established that Caleb is greasy troglodyte deadbeat that no one likes, but these threads are for ALICE who is a fucking idiot that has been promoting her lifestyle as perfect and ideal to teen girls on TikTok for like 2 years now. The fact that her husband is literally sticking his dick in other women after she made all those videos saying men will cheat on you if you aren’t young and pretty enough is just the chef’s kiss of revelations.

No. 1595971

here are all of this person’s replies; they’re replying in other Alice threads now, too. https://www.reddit.com/user/RedNoose49/?sort=new

No. 1596035

bless you for this greentext anon

No. 1596156

Call me evil but I’m in the same mindset as you. “It I hit a million followers I’ll host daddy ferns new child” she’s fucked up. This is gonna end so badly. She looks so anemic and she’s not starting from the same strength as she did with ferns birth.

I really hope the baby is ok, but I get the feeling one or both lives will be lost due to her stupidity. It’s a really sad reality and it’s gonna be interesting coming back here after everything is said and done:

No. 1596250


She’s just such a fucking arrogant, unpleasant and vicious asshole it’s really hard to feel bad for her even though she has experienced objectively tragic and horrible things. She’s still pretty young, maybe if she has time for a redemption arc after shit hits rock bottom, but I wouldn’t hold my breath

No. 1596285

the thing that gets me is that she promoted this vile shit all over the internet, encouraged teens to get pregnant to have the perfect family TikTok life like her, put down everyone else in the process, lied to/about and cut out anyone who cares about her, now she’s bringing another baby into this mess (because she got a million follows u guys!!!) while she neglects the first one.

just. fuck her.

No. 1596390

>mentally ill woman is suffering
>fuck her, she deserves it
are y'all serious

No. 1596396

She plays on her “mental illness” so yes fuck her she does deserve it

No. 1596403

>mental illness excuses literal child abuse and neglect

No. 1596436

Uh, no. Saying someone deserves domestic abuse is not okay.

No. 1596449

no one is saying that. Alice deserves the shit she’s getting. quit being dramatic

No. 1596453

A shitty person deserves to have shitty things happen to them. Fern and fetus don’t deserve the neglect and abuse she puts them through.(a-log)

No. 1596468

she brought that upon herself.
everyone seems to forget that she literally advertised her life to her teen audience. told teen girls to get married and have kids cause they're the most "fertile". told her young impressionable fans that older women who warn them are just jealous old cunts and every 30+ woman is just jealous of a teenager girl's fertility. told them having a career as a wife is just being given a "bad deal". also accusing and shit-talking her poor family online.
she dug her grave and she can lie in it

No. 1596513


No one says she “deserves” abuse. At a certain point I think everyone just has to accept that if something really bad is going to happen, it was going to happen regardless of any snarking online, and it’s going to happen because unfortunately Alice is refusing to do the right thing for her children because she’s either too stupid or too stubborn. She has been such an outspoken, opinionated, arrogant know-it-all for years now and has been selling her “trad” lifestyle to teen girls they way an MLM hun sells shitty oils. She has been bragging and showing off about how good she has it and how great it is to get married and pregnant as a teenager, be financially dependent on a man blah blah blah, all of THAT behaviour overshadows whatever victimization she has gone through by a long shot. She is the moral equivalent of a pimp or predatory drug dealer. Most of them have tragic stories, too

No. 1596551

morbid question.

supposedly, when Alice changed her mind during labor and wanted to go to the hospital, Caleb didn’t let her. what would happen to them now if the same thing happens, but the baby dies? what would happen to Caleb if Alice and the baby both die? would he face any consequences at all for stopping her?

No. 1596556


I mean, good luck proving that. The same thing happened to Robyn/empathetic mama hood with her husband. 3 days in labor and he refused to let her go when she finally decided she wanted to and now they have a living potato for a daughter.

No. 1596746

play pickme games, win pickme prizes

No. 1597039

”have”…as in THAT POOR CHILD IS STILL ALIVE!?! Robyn took them off all it’s pain medication and anti seizure meds the last I tuned in, and it made me sick I had to stop following. I just know the kid is suffering :(

No. 1597043

Call be cold hearted bc I believe the same thing. I could give a fuck what happens to her after all the vile things she said and what she’s doing to fern. This new baby isn’t even here yet and she’s already neglected it by not seeking any prenatal care and plans to neglect it leaving the placenta attached. She self imploded like all social media obsessed birth givers but won’t ever leave bc she’s addicted to eye fucking herself in the camera.

No. 1597045

Child abuse warrants the same behavior to come back around to you. ALICE IS ABUSIVE are you forgetting that? Fern can’t walk or speak at 2 years old and is getting no intervention. And apparently is getting beat by his father (who also beats the animals). She’s a die hard vegan yet allows that to happen? She’s a fucking vile piece of shit and I hope social services takes those kids and gives them to a family who will love and care for them, preferably Caleb’s parents. They raised 2/3 kids right at least…fern has better luck with them than his fucktard parents. Polio is making a come back, there’s a case in New York. Hopefully it doesn’t make its way to AZ for ferns sake.

No. 1597057

did they raise caleb right though? he’s an abusive POS who works as a fry cook while repeatedly popping out kids be he hates

No. 1597101

That’s why I said only 2/3… better chance than a stranger foster family. What would you want to see happen?

No. 1597109

>birth givers

No. 1597110

God it's a relief to see some sanity amongst the madness. On top of how sad it is to see this mentally ill PTSD ridden abused woman in a steady decline everyone seems to forget there's 2 children involved in this situation as well. No Alice isn't absolved of her wrongdoings because she's mentally ill but it does in part explain her poor choices, and why she needs some external help to get her and Fern and fetus away from Caleb because she clearly isn't in the right mindset to do so herself. Don't bother sperging at me in the replies about how Alice deserves it because she's a pick me blah blah it's already been said a million times. I don't care, and I'm like 90% convinced a lot of you are men or teenagers at this point because none of you seem to have enough maturity or common sense to grasp the situation at hand here so just let me add my 2 cents like the rest of you have.

No. 1597132

Saluting you, nona. I was resigned to this being a hopeless situation destined solely for tragedy. It’s a relief to know that external forces are intervening and there is a glimmer of hope for the futures of both Fern & Fetus. If Alice is diagnosed autistic (which is kind of moot because regardless she obviously is) then it is quite likely that Fern is as well. When you add the fact that he is NOT talking at age 2, a literal red flag in his development, then it’s even more reason to worry. Early intervention is crucial and gives the best prognosis. Even if the autism is only presenting as small quirks and speech delay right now, that’s not necessarily going to be the base for how he’ll continue on. Regression is definitely a thing. If both Alice and Fern have autism, that’s now two close relatives for Fetus and their likelihood of also having it now jumps. I know that the autism is one of many details, but how this is handled could mean the world of difference for Fern’s quality of life as he ages. I’m truly hoping that he gets the supports that he needs and, if Alice is unable to accept that, then that he is taken from her and placed with someone in a better state or mind/health themselves to allow him a better future.

No. 1597276

In her recent tiktok on the bed she is unwrapping stuff and she says aww it’s for your baby sister fern!

Wonder how she found out the gender!

No. 1597287

the person who did the AMA mentioned that she has to get prenatal care for this baby in order to comply with DFCS. surely they did an ultrasound to check the baby’s heart, position, growth etc. or maybe she had a blood test?

No. 1597289

the one that says thank you ann right? i’m pretty sure she says “it’s for your brother or sister” it’s just sped up so it’s hard to notice(learn2sage)

No. 1597299

Calebs parents are die hard anti vax trump supporters check his dads twitter bobbender67

No. 1597303

She had birdie who offered help for Alice to escape and stay with her she blocked her

No. 1597309

It’s actually terrifying how this birth is going to go!!!!! What if there are complications and Caleb refuses to let her go to hospital. How is he going to cope with two crying children. She needs to come to her senses and put her children’s safety first and leave

No. 1597310

Makes sense all the snidey comments towards her husband on tt and the weird road trips clearly to do with the cheating and abuse

No. 1597311

She could potentially be in labor rn

No. 1597313

I swear I thought she was anti bassinet but she got one

No. 1597315

All fern can say is wow and yeah this child is 2 and complete feral! He’s hardly going to progress when she’s going to be focused on the newborn saveeeee fern!!!!!!

No. 1597317

Makes sense why she is so anti men when she has a trauma bond with her literal abusive husband who says he will kill fern according to birdies tt

No. 1597321

No I mean like child protective services needs to intervene, Alice will probably never be able to see the situation for what it truly is and even when she has moments of clarity and exposes Caleb's abusive behavior towards Fern she just reverts back to denial and returns to him. That's why she needs some authority to make that decision for her, it's essentially like getting an abused wife to leave her spouse. It's nearly impossible to get through to the abuse victim and if there's kids in the mix it's even harder. Good for Birdie for trying though, I wish Alice would've stayed with her.

No. 1597325

In her old tt where she’s talking about how her placenta wouldn’t come out and she had to put her hand in and get it out her husband literally fell asleep after she gave birth n was asleep the whole time she was doing this wtf

No. 1597326

it’s INSANE why they haven’t intervened I don’t get why birdie posted it on Tt what good does that do? Call the police? Call CPS???

No. 1597327

Birdie says she justifies calebs abuse to fern bc it’s him being angry about the death of their daughter? Like idc there is no excuse for child abuse

No. 1597328

Actually I guess she was just explaining the situation and making people aware that she tried to help but she refused

No. 1597344

That’s some twisted messed up justification

No. 1597363

according to that AMA, CPS (DFCS) is already involved

No. 1597841

Even Maia knights baby’s can speak more words than fern

No. 1598087

This is a cope. I’m going to boldly put it out there and say Caleb gives little to no fucks about Aurelia’s passing, especially this many years out. If he does use it himself to justify his own behaviour then it’s nothing more than a crutch or manipulative tactic to play on Alice’s PTSD. Full stop, that’s not me trying to victimize Alice. It’s just a predictable move in their mutually abusive relationship. She probably loves to tell people he’s so affected by her death, even though she knows deep down that he’s not (or at least nowhere near that impacted) because it helps give the incident external significance in her storyline. The most empathetic of men aren’t so moved by this kind of loss. They are more connected with the mother than a child they’d never met or bonded with (mom gets to bond and attach during the time in utero). I also struggle to believe that this loser is hurt over losing a daughter, you can easily understand his mentality towards women. Had Fern passed, perhaps he might have guilted Alice for losing his son. Not his daughter though.

Caleb doesn’t give a flying fuck about Alice or the kids, alive or dead or baking. If your first child was lost tragically in a birthing process, wouldn’t you at least be inclined to be actively participating? There is no way he considers Alice capable or intelligent. This is further backed by how he treats her. I also doubt he was hung up to have this new baby. We are supposed to believe Caleb, who Alice initially broke up with because he “wasn’t ready” to have a family, was desperate to have another child with Alice, who fixates on young birth/pregnancy? Caleb probably figured it’d keep her busy & out of his hair so he could fuck other women (… girls?) without interference.

No. 1598334

Can we please stop defending and feeling bad for this pickme bitch? She's not some trapped battered woman, she has explicitly said she puts up with this shit so that she doesn't have to get a job or sell her pussy. She had a settlement that she could have used to leave and spent it on garbage for tiktok likes. She neglects her child, enables his father to abuse him, and deliberately created a brand new victim of her disgusting situation. All so she can fake-live her dream of being a kept woman influencer.
Yes Caleb is absolutely horrible and vomit inducing but women who enable these types of scrotes and breed with them are even worse because they should know better. She's no more mentally ill than any of the other autists we make fun of here and she's a child abuser on top of it. Get a grip.

No. 1598360

going to add animal abuser to your laundry list here!

No. 1598656

Caleb's parents have 5 children not 3

No. 1598954

File: 1658921052131.jpeg (114.23 KB, 828x846, 76270A68-56B4-479E-8639-84C37B…)

She makes her parents out to be Abusive monsters when she was a kid bc she wanted to be vegan and they didn’t let her. But then she’s saying fern can’t make his own free decisions till he’s 18 lol

No. 1598968

Fern was born with a rare foot deformity god knows what this baby will have wrong with it

No. 1598973

Someone said she’s posting old draft videos to capitalise on the increased engagement after the Holley Stevenson videos

No. 1598983

File: 1658923267399.jpeg (201.96 KB, 828x386, 8CD3EBF2-9DE6-4FAC-BFCB-5C4E59…)


No. 1599337

File: 1658952867385.png (1.74 MB, 1242x2208, 50B540B4-0C76-4A0B-AEB7-D01895…)

Mods are claiming Caleb messaged them this

No. 1599353

"I work 12 hours a day and don't get to spend time with my son" is playing video games every time he appears on camera in alice's videos

No. 1599354

where did you get this from lol I can't find it on the subreddit

No. 1599360

It’s been deleted and uploaded like 5 times lmao it’s now on the new sub


No. 1599373

Sounds like bullshit. Abusive moid is getting found out and him and his shit family lie. Fern deserves better all around

No. 1599375

Highly doubt it is him. If he wanted to see her tt bad enough he would make another account and had concerns long ago especially when his employment was posted. I have my doubts about the “verified friend” too. A lot of the answers didn’t seem witnessed but more what Alice tells her and we all know Alice is a liar.

No. 1599416

it's so painfully fake

No. 1599417

why would Caleb make a post crying on Reddit instead of doing sth IRL? makes no sense

No. 1599591

this shit is totally fake, caleb wouldn’t be taking it to reddit to set the record straight.. especially if he was this heated. this is just some bored shit disturber trying to seem like a source while also turning up the tempo. caleb doesn’t give a fuck what we all think about him and i don’t need an “insider” to know that.

No. 1599709

File: 1658982760362.jpeg (41.13 KB, 252x214, F4C1357E-1357-4DFB-945E-6BA276…)

posted on her instagram a few minutes ago, what the fuck is wrong with her toe? it looks necrotic.

No. 1600173

anon it's just sand…

No. 1600891

sand on her foot in the TJ max?(don't use emojis)

No. 1601158

I thought it was the beach sorry lol

No. 1601399

File: 1659118577263.png (5.69 MB, 828x1792, 7372C7FC-AE56-411D-8BAF-8D4E1E…)

Mrs. girl is lookin rough

No. 1601498

she’s aged damn near 10+ years in the past few months. it becomes more apparent when she’s out of those wannabe teenie bopper clothes.

No. 1601615

File: 1659133962759.png (1.66 MB, 900x1520, Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 6.32…)

given her obsession with youth, I’m surprised she never considered that every kid you have ages you. literally drains your life force. not good when you had none to begin with~

Alice recently started working out (in flip flops and shorts) so now she’s the CEO of working out

No. 1601687

I lost my shit reading this comment, anon. Thanks for that laugh attack

No. 1601690

Paul Dano is that you?

No. 1601694

Can’t believe the gym is allowing her to work out without doctor’s consent to cover themselves from liability if something happened to her

No. 1601736

It's a 24hr gym and she only goes at night

No. 1601773

That has nothing to do with medical approval

No. 1601825


I think she’s only working out because she realizes her metabolism is going to be shot to absolute hell after this baby comes and she’s trying to mitigate the outcome a bit.
I just know anyone else in the gym at the same time as her is laughing at how fucking stupid she looks.

No. 1602047

why do we never see her c-section scar despite her showing off her belly all the time?

No. 1602093

it's probably below her panty line.

No. 1602403

File: 1659210409289.jpeg (378.4 KB, 1242x1122, F50DD062-F34E-49E8-9373-921A2E…)


She posted it in a Freebirther group a while back, I saved the screenshot but I left the group so I can’t remember what the exact name was

No. 1603117

I just don’t understand how she thinks she is capable of delivering a baby on her own and dealing with possible complications, especially if her husband won’t let her go to the hospital

No. 1603183

Why is she posting so many drafts

No. 1604277

File: 1659350788620.png (653.1 KB, 663x936, Screenshot 2022-08-01 134612.p…)

she likes to brag about how she went back to being skinny right away. yikes

No. 1604440

Bc she has an eating disorder. It’s so gross how she posts video about how skinny she was right after giving birth when half of her fans are actual preteen girls. I feel so bad for her daughter(if the baby is a girl) and Fern, my mom was very anti fat/pro dieting and it completely destroyed how I view food and my body image, I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.

No. 1604654

File: 1659390422842.png (7.9 MB, 1242x2688, 7F05365B-2B07-4562-9731-B3D2E6…)

She put on jewlery (rings and bracelet) 12 hours after a picture of her grey deathly body passed out in the bed? Where fern is laying there like a naked mole rat when he should’ve been swaddled bc new horns need that. I fucking hate her so much. Pathological liar.

No. 1604658

Unnecessary c-section…probably trying to farm sympathy even though she’s LYING. She killed her own baby speeding and crashing her car and prolonging seeing a medical provider.

No. 1604734

Not wking bc I think her waiting a while after the accident before going to the hospital is probably why her baby passed away but, she was actually driving decently slow and it was another car that crashed into her. She only got the payout bc the other driver was confirmed at fault.

No. 1604804

Where’s proof of the payout? Never seen it in any sub and it’s a no fault state. Also, are you new here???

She has stated over and over that she delayed care significantly by refusing the EMS opinion to go to the hospital bc there was a red mark across the belly (everyone second counts with a possible placenta detachment). And the doctors did whatever they could. She blames the vitamin k shot too. When in reality it was the crash. It doesn’t matter how the crash happened as much as it matters how catastrophic it was to the pregnancy. The crash killed the babyx

No. 1604858

I literally said I think the baby died because she refused medical care kek?
>I think her waiting a while after the accident before going to the hospital is probably why her baby passed away
I guess I shouldn’t be surprised you can’t read because you obviously didn’t even read the accident report that states the other driver (a father who was distracted by his child) was the one who caused the accident. There is proof of the payout but I’m not spoonfeeling someone as rude as you. Figure it out yourself, or don’t idc.

No. 1605648

This is an image board, so if you have proof of the settlement, you should post it. I didn’t know settlement information for civil cases were available to the public. I’ve been following these threads for awhile and have never see anything but hearsay.

No. 1605974

File: 1659540013118.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1284x2261, 7F9E0F8C-8B38-41D1-8775-BCF927…)

oh, for fuck sakes. trim the poor kid’s bangs or at least use the grease from not washing to push them to the side. poor fern already has his legs working against him as a walking hazard, he doesn’t need partial visibility in the mix too.

No. 1606051

File: 1659546948296.jpeg (250.19 KB, 828x1650, DCD8A204-CBB9-4B18-B740-1327BD…)

nta but they might be talking about the one or two TTs she’s made about the settlement (picrel)? i don’t personally count those as proof because she lies so much. i do however have no issues believing she got a settlement. obligatory tinfoil but when someone is in a car accident and injured, insurance companies offer them a bodily injury settlement to prevent litigation, i believe the amount is based on damages. she most likely received the policy's max settlement because the accident resulted in her daughters death. i would be more surprised if she didn’t get some kind of payout after reading the report.

No. 1606114

I might get attacked for this but whatever, god knows what fate waited for Aurelia in a life with Alice as her mom if this accident had never happened. I cant fathom how much having a daughter would send Alice spiralling and unfortunately we might soon find out.

No. 1606834

I hope she bites the bullet and goes to a hospital, or at least go to a hospital and lie about it. She’s endangering her unborn baby’s safety as well as her own and is about to traumatize poor Fern if she takes him to this birth trip.

Even Marie Cachet the queen of trads, the most beloved wife of Varg Vikernes revealed that she had hospital births due to preeclampsia and had post partum hemorrhage after bragging about how women have the strength to give birth, home births are better, civilization sucks yada yada.

No. 1607055

Alice seems incredibly detached from Caleb these days, there is obviously a pronounced change in the nature of their relationship. If she wanted to buckle and go to the hospital, I don’t know if Caleb’s refusal would have the same weight as it did with birthing Fern. Everyone thinks they are going to do XYZ when they go into their birthing plan and it’s not uncommon for shit to change real fast once pain gets louder than your thoughts. Yes, she stuck it out with Fern. Yes, she could use that history to justify sticking it out again. BUT, there is a chance that this time will be different (because every birth IS different). We can easily gather that she is going into this birth in worse condition - physically, mentally, relationally. The care of Fern will also be a factor. If Caleb does behave the way that’s been speculated towards Fern, I’d imagine it will happen when he shoulders some obvious responsibility for him while Alice is incapable in active labour. This alone will affect her ability to cope. My tinfoil is that this will end in a hospital birth. My question is whether Alice will be honest about it.

No. 1607086

her bump is literally twice the size the bump she had with fern and given that she tore rly badly and there is significant scar tissue down there idk how she will manage it this time without getting severe infection

No. 1607217

File: 1659637753011.png (735.6 KB, 1231x781, Screenshot 2022-08-04 212849.p…)

love how delusional she is to think 30lbs weight gain for someone as underweight as her is too much?? it's literally the recommended amount for pregnant women

No. 1607544

20lb of that is going to be gone within days of her giving birth, if she survives it. Baby, placenta, water retention. It’s not even like this is fat gained. I don’t really think she’s actually disturbed or upset, this is her trying to flex being a regular weight while balls-deep in pregnancy.

No. 1607627

And to shame those who put on more weight

No. 1607802

Can someone explain to me why exactly Caleb refused her to go to the hospital with fern? Because he isn’t like “super crunchy” he uses hygiene products and does whatever. So why would he care if she got medical assistance? Is it some sort of abusive flex? But she does seem pretty detached from him. Lately, over the summer while pregnant she shows more pictures and stories of herself on the road and in car than she does at home. Seems like she’s basically living out of her car most of the time, again I suppose.

No. 1607804

Generally speaking second births are much quicker and easier especially within a few years I doubt it’ll be “harder” than fern. But who knows if the baby has any complications even something as common as a heart defect untreated could kill this baby.

No. 1607834

She's in labor apparently, bets on how long and if she seeks medical attention?

No. 1607849

Omg I'm so scared for her baby.

No. 1607864

There’s a belief system that says “our souls choose our parents”… auriela took one look at her future with Alice and Caleb and said “aight ima head out”

No. 1607867

Alice coached Caleb (like the other freebirthers) to talk them out if seeking medical help. He didn’t block the door and tell her no, she could’ve called an ambulance.

“Caleb wouldn’t let her go” I don’t believe that for a second. Robyn with that baby Luna said the exact thing about her birth story, “her husband made her stay when she wanted to go to the hospital” that community is psychotic. Luna came out with severe deficits since she was starved of air and is basically a potato Robyn uses to dress up. Both her and Alice are fucking exploitive and evil and should be sterilized and banned from the internet.

No. 1607868

How do you know? This is an image board, please include proof before posting shit like that. Also, Sage your comments before posting

No. 1607872

My prediction, baby is still born and Alice dies of blood loss.

I don’t wish that on them, but it’s a very realistic prediction. She looks lifeless, pale, sickly as it is. She’s going into birth at her weakest point, it’s not going to turn out well.

No. 1607881

File: 1659694425997.jpg (272.19 KB, 1080x2064, Screenshot_20220805-201034_Tik…)


Alice said she was going to use the Dory sound on tiktok when she goes into labor. She used the sound and wrote "let's turn this fetus into a baby" so I'm pretty sure she's in labor.

No. 1607896

My favorite part of this is never having to see her gut out in every single video again and (hopefully) she retires the skirts. They just aren’t working for you, honey.

No. 1607935

File: 1659704659469.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1284x2027, ACAF10C8-A17D-48AE-ACB5-0B4F09…)

welp, they both survived the birth. no other details yet. i’m thoroughly shocked.

No. 1607937

File: 1659704753734.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 1284x1596, 2F21AFFC-F082-495B-99EA-2315EA…)

samefag, i guess that i shouldn’t have saged my last post. picrel for your cringes and to bump the thread.

No. 1607939

as much as I hate her, I would never wish a bad birth on anyone, I'm glad the baby and her survived

No. 1607941

File: 1659705308047.png (1.43 MB, 828x1792, C0980F7B-4479-4ADA-85BC-34AA10…)

Ew she had fern in the tub while she was giving birth

No. 1607942

The pics of the blood bath are so gory

No. 1607949

Thank God. I've been so worried she would kill that baby. Seems she had a doula with her and didn't just wing it. I hope this new distraction gives other people in her life time to help fern, though.

No. 1607952

Is it a boy or girl

No. 1607985

of course she did, I know she's autistic(I am as well) and I never do this type of traumatizing shit with my son

No. 1608015

i'm glad the birth actually seemed to go well, but i thought the same too. she looks so sinister in these pics to me lol

No. 1608021

that hasn’t been revealed yet. my thoughts keep telling me that it looks boyish but my common sense reminds me that it looks like a standard infant. the boyish notion is probably just my brain recognizing the familiarity with fern.

No. 1608024


What makes you think she had a doula with her? She's been pretty outspoken about wanting to freebirth why would she have a doula?

No. 1608142

Y’all I made a mistake to check the birth pictures while eating eggs and saw the placenta. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh pls send help

Anyway I’m happy that she survived and the baby is okay.

No. 1608278

File: 1659731635427.png (5.39 MB, 828x1792, 09D429FC-D922-469F-8252-5B1852…)

Tiktok has marked this vid as sensitive content lol

No. 1608279

The baby hasn’t been in the world a day and already is posted permanently on the Internet what about consent Alice xxxx

No. 1608286

File: 1659732319358.jpeg (375.1 KB, 828x1132, 37B28EF6-2F56-4739-9C72-4F0972…)

No. 1608293

people usually get thicker hair while they’re pregnant, but she’s straight up balding. glad they’re safe tho

No. 1608311

It has Alice’s ears…lmaooo

No. 1608312

All it’s ever gonna know is a camera in its face. And blippi.

No. 1608314

I think it’s disgusting and grossly irresponsible for them to have ANOTHER baby after she can’t already take care of fern and can’t afford her life. Like what the fuck?

No. 1608331

Right? it blows my mind that a family already struggling so much financially, emotionally, and relationship wise chose to bring another child into the shit show. Good thing her kids are going to be home schooled because crusty spent their college money buying gas for her road trips and organic mangos. I’ve got nothing against low income individuals but if you’re already struggling maybe don’t bring a kid into the world just to struggle with you, poverty gets passed down generations because of selfish people like Alice. Not to mention Alice herself said Caleb gets mad and sometimes violent when Fern cries, who would want to bring another baby into that environment ?

No. 1608345

alice sees “being a mom” as her claim to fame and, ultimately, a meal ticket. she’ll reason that she’s doing her part to lift them from poverty by continuing to expand their roster. she isn’t smart enough to figure out that more mouths to feed equals more demands for money.

No. 1608391

it's like she hasn't even thought about how much a child will cost. especially later years when they actually start wanting things, eating more food, clothes, etc. i'm praying for these kids because they do not deserve to have such deplorable parents

No. 1608509

File: 1659752798818.jpeg (868.86 KB, 1536x2048, D81CAC41-F95D-478D-9E1E-B18739…)

It’s just gonna sit in the Tupperware right next to the nice headboard aughh that’s an accident waiting to happen. Also having the placenta just open to the air where it can collect microorganisms. cheers

No. 1608515

>alice sees “being a mom” as … a meal ticket
exactly. she literally said this. she thinks women should just shit out as many children as possible with whichever man is dumb enough to donate his sperm, as a form of insurance — now the man has to pay up. college? job? that’s man stuff, just get knocked up.

No. 1608555

File: 1659758982636.jpg (69.09 KB, 720x825, 94u82ibie7361.jpg)

kek, literally picrel

No. 1608587

File: 1659762239026.jpeg (265.82 KB, 828x1423, 1E52B92E-E32B-489B-8E15-75060D…)

This is disgusting and so unsafe? Like if the child rolls over at all it has a risk of not only suffocating but snapping the fragile cord. People really shouldn’t be allowed to do whatever weird shit they want to their infants.

No. 1608593

awww what a cute bab—OH SWEET JESUS WHAT IS THAT THING

oh, that's just my rotting placenta

No. 1608624

Why does it look like that? I don't expect it to be bright red after a while but what the fuck?

No. 1608630

it’s decaying, so she covered it in herbs

No. 1608661

Kek she's marinating it, it's going to make a mean steak!

No. 1608668

Great, hope the flies find it and some larvae start crawling through it soon.
Also, I grew up on a farm and cats and cows actually eat the placenta right away, so keeping it attached is not even natural.

No. 1608689

y’all be nice. at least she didn’t toss the rotting placenta in the apartment dumpster this time.

No. 1608694

who will try to eat the placenta first: Pancake or Fern?

No. 1608753

What the fuck just cut the damn cord

No. 1608755

Welp, not having bbq’d steak for dinner tonight anymore. Thanks for the vomit in my mouth too.

No. 1608776

Where tf do you think it’s going afterwards? Imagine the stench in the Arizona heat, marinating in a closed dumpster after rotting away for days and days beforehand. She’s a dumpster diver herself, not sure why she’d do something like this. She’s an inconsiderate selfish cunt in every aspect of her life, especially parenting and being a “wife”.

No. 1608781

She’s going to freeze it so she can bury it in the yard at the house. Can’t remember the source, but burying the placenta in the yard is an old native tradition. Possibly an article on Twitter.

No. 1608790

Nonnas, maybe I'm just being optimistic, but I really hope that having a positive birth experience will allow Alice to turn a new leaf and start making some better decisions. A lot of her crazy behaviour seems to stem from her traumatic births. For her kids's sake maybe now she can do some healing and take better care of herself and her family. Not Caleb though, fuck that scrote. (Alice if you're reading this, dump his ass)

No. 1608798

File: 1659797977133.jpg (184 KB, 700x1027, Shrooms.jpg)

Mmm, mushrooms

No. 1608804

But she didn’t do it with fern? It’s interesting how she’s already making momentum’s with the new baby and not with fern. She had fucked up one kid already at 2 years of age, is this like a “redo” ?

No. 1608812

Nta but probably

t. eldest

No. 1608813

the source was reddit and that’s not why she’s doing it. that’s a Navajo thing, Alice is Potawatomi. she’s just doing it because it’s trendy in crunchy circles.

No. 1608816

File: 1659799282822.jpeg (412.03 KB, 1242x759, 851DFA17-4DD6-4C98-8779-F152BE…)

Alice is complicit in the abuse, she should have both kids taken from her.

As for Caleb? He’s probably like “Yay, another punching bag!” Alice is shit for not taking the opportunity to get her kids out of harms way. I mean, besides fern getting punched in the stomach, look at their sleeping arrangement. She’s fucking retarded, so is Caleb. Why didn’t god make them infertile.

Also, I wonder why she’s not using the dirty ass owlet. The shit all over it probably didn’t come out with vinegar.

No. 1608817

It looks like it’s wrapped in a DISH TOWEL

No. 1608828

I don’t have a reddit account so not my source. She weaves in and out of returning to “traditional” ways, kinda like the handmaids but for her native.

No. 1608829

agree that Alice is complicit but IMO bedsharing won’t be what gets these kids. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/16/well/family/sudden-infant-death-syndrome-study.html

it’s going to be some easily-preventable infection that we eradicated in the 1800s. but at least it’s all-natural!

No. 1608862

File: 1659803504922.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1284x1439, 6F5EDDDE-6671-4AD5-B584-CD0375…)

dare we question alice’s placement of this white heart? she is obviously trying to cover something up on fern’s back.

No. 1608875

i'd believe some tinfoil on this easily, nonnie. funny that she's become so fucking sus to the point that even a little emoji covering her kid raises suspicion of physical injury

No. 1608923

I hope she’s just being slightly more privet and covering him up because he’s only wearing a diaper, but it’s Alice so it could be anything.

No. 1608935

Standby for the crazy exploitive tt’s

No. 1609005

File: 1659814359544.jpg (65.84 KB, 828x828, 7fh3fznn64g91.jpg)

here’s Caleb seasoning the placenta

No. 1609010

File: 1659814695430.jpg (23.93 KB, 475x414, 1612315643870.jpg)

this is the worst fucking thing I've ever seen. Never eating meat again kek

No. 1609030

Are they gonna eat it

No. 1609032

It’s against tiktok guidelines to exploit your kid online, I keep reporting it.

No. 1609036

She’s gonna shove it back into her birth hole to soak up the witchy herbs, which will magically and organically cure her ripped taint.

No. 1609054

I really can't tell what would be worse, if the baby is either a boy or a girl, she really wanted a girl and if the baby is a boy she will likely resent him and probably try to get pregnant for a third time, If the baby's a girl, then she's gonna force her fundie standards of femininity on her and groom her to get pregnant at 16
Both are bad endings

No. 1609058

She’s gonna pretend it’s auriela reincarnated…wouldn’t surprise me if she gave it the same name. Maybe she’ll name it placenta.

No. 1609060

She’s gonna preach all that shit and the girl is gonna find this snark and all her contradictions.

Imagine she gets her period and Alice hands her a dirty vinegar wash cloth… the girl asks for pads or tampons and Alice doesn’t buy them for her bc she’s fucked up like that.

They’re gonna have their entire childhood plastered everywhere, and grow up in their psychotic abusive parents shadow in a cat urine and caca filled apartment. (Or house soon I guess?)

No. 1609077

I’m being serious. I really want to know what she’s said she’s going to do with it if she has

No. 1609082

Bury it in the backyard at their “house” but it’s not gonna make it that long. Does she plan to freeze it after it’s rotted? Idk. That’s seriously what I’ve “heard” tinfoil ig, I saw it I just don’t remember where

No. 1609156

i heard this too, but if they're burying it then i don't understand why they are seasoning it…

No. 1609188

To mask the stench of rotting flesh, naturally

No. 1609456

Nah mate it’s to preserve it

No. 1609491


It's actually abit of both.

The salt is to preserve it, the lavender and other shit is to mask the smell because otherwise it would stink so bad as it's decaying.

No. 1609578

There’s a way to preserve meat without a fridge (probably wouldn’t fit with all the fruit in there anyways) but curing mean is NOT just sprinkling herbs and letting it sit in a basin.

No. 1609595

File: 1659887839751.jpeg (847.3 KB, 1242x1230, 571079A1-5348-4851-BC69-7708E1…)

Is she drinking her afterbirth water? What is that?

No. 1609656

Probably raspberry tea made to look like the birth water for reactions and views. She’s working her social media hard! Her grifting attempts will never stop.

No. 1609724

it’s rotting organic tissue, so it’s going to smell similar to a dead animal after a few days. The salt and herbs “cure” it so it dries it out and masks the smell at the same time. From what I’ve read it’s pretty standard for lotus birth crazies to do this because otherwise it smells like death and is kinda unbearable.

No. 1609759

lol omg i feel sorry that i asked.. it just didn't seem to me like they were curing it correctly because it's just sitting open to the air in that tub. why wouldn't they at least but it in a ziploc bag or something? damn they're disgusting

No. 1609763

they didn't even put enough salt on that thing to prevent rotting…

No. 1609792

have any of you ever had a small animal die under/near your house? after a few days it really is unbearable. this is what her house smells like right now. christ. I feel so sorry for her neighbors, who can probably smell the shit through the walls, the way people sometimes are the ones to report a dead neighbor because they start to smell them.

No. 1609834

has anyone noticed that she’s still calling the baby “fetus?” she has called them that 4/5 times since they’ve been born. i’m not sure why but it gives me really detatched vibes. kind of uncomfortable

No. 1609901

Probably so she doesn’t slip out the gender or name.

No. 1609916

Why wouldn't she just call it "baby" then? The fetus has been born. It's not inside her anymore, it's post-natal not pre-natal so the fetus has officially become a baby. Is it not done being born because the placenta's still attached? If the placenta gets infected and kills the baby will she say it died in childbirth?

No. 1609939

Nothing screams earth mother like seasoning your placenta with Kirkland spices from Costco.

No. 1610022

They HAVE to report it…there’s plenty of video that the thing exists so if she disappears off social media we will know why. Tampering with a corpse is a crime. that bitch belongs in prison for child neglect and endangerment and fed non organic, meaty prison slop. I hate her so god damn much. Her luck is going to run out. I truly don’t think Alice would’ve had another baby if she wasn’t so big on tiktok. I feel like she did it to “keep up with” mom influencers. She got pregnant with hers right around the time of Willow and Bobbi. Also why is she sending fern to the park with someone who hit him and expressed violence in the past? I’m really confused.

No. 1610040

anon, have you ever once suspected that alice has any concern for fern’s safety and well-being?

No. 1610120

Honestly, never. She’s a mega cunt and a horseshit mom. I hope both of those kids are taken from her. She doesn’t deserve children.

No. 1610161

actually kind of concerned at the moment because i’m pretty sure this is the longest she has ever gone without posting. wonder if something happened.

No. 1610165

Mate she’s probably sleeping why are you so obsessed with her that is what’s concerning

No. 1610247

kek you’re also on this thread retard, it’s obviously unlike her to go so long without posting

No. 1610263

She’s too self absorbed and greedy to sleep

No. 1610330

Anon you sound so unhinged. Pretty sure even in the shittiest prisons in us they offer a vegetarian option due to religious reasons. Beyond that I doubt seriously she planned getting pregnant at the same time as other people, I think it just happened to be a time when other people were pregnant. The thing about these mom vloggers is that one of them is pregnant at any given time.

No. 1610873

File: 1660015163253.jpeg (630.19 KB, 1242x2042, 07FEB2E2-6A32-4674-9DE0-FA0C92…)

No. 1610884

File: 1660018105105.jpeg (76.62 KB, 828x580, D452783E-5C1E-4580-AF3B-51CFE1…)

It’s a boy. Caleb’s mom posted this.

No. 1610889

File: 1660018516355.jpeg (206.08 KB, 828x1380, A24D0856-DB3C-47F1-B713-F80369…)

Another ss from caleb’s dad’s twitter just for extra proof.

No. 1610905

well either a)she's gonna raise the new boy as a surrogate daughter or b) try to pregnant again after a couple months until she finally gets a girl

No. 1610912


It was so obvious it was a boy she would have flaunted her daughter the second she came out, she wanted a girl so bad I know she's upset for sure.

No. 1610914

File: 1660021370806.jpeg (73.3 KB, 828x586, 26623F8D-69AA-4CEE-A46C-55B0EB…)

Sombody asked what the babies name was, this was father in laws response.

No. 1610923

As the days pass you can see less joy in her face. PPD may hit her hard this time

No. 1610975

You literally want her to be depressed

No. 1611077

Chill with the wants

No. 1611124

whiteknight alice fan detected

No. 1611125

love how she's keeping baby's gender a secret cause she wanted a girl and she got a boy instead lol.
i hope that bitch never gets pregnant with a girl cause she would groom her and force her to get pregnant at 12

No. 1611156

You know she'll get pregnant again, that's exactly the type of person Alice is

No. 1611309

File: 1660067106062.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1284x2018, 9FEDD5AA-3139-4C3F-93E9-BD9FC5…)

Real or troll?

No. 1611323

Trolling. Her following is dwindling

No. 1611340

She’s copying Bobbi with trolling the name

No. 1611354

Cashew is probably a temp nickname, I suspect she didn’t have any male names picked so she’s still deciding. I think she’ll wait a while to reveal the name to keep engagement up. I am curious how long she would’ve dragged out the gender reveal if it wasn’t for her in laws though.

No. 1611359

she deserves to at least be depressed after the shit she's done

No. 1611367

File: 1660071047490.png (4.32 MB, 828x1792, 0963FE63-17E6-4F53-9B7D-621E0D…)

Her baby is so ugly I guess it doesn’t help that she dresses it like tingle from legend of Zelda. Truly tho they all look like they have some chromosomes missing.

No. 1611369

She shamed moms about stuff like that. Said that they’re old and can’t keep up or that “if you don’t wanna be a mom, just say that” when ppl said wait till fern gets older and has another baby she’s gonna realize the advise from those other moms commenting stitching etc. she deserves to feel the wrath. I’m ecstatic it’s a boy.

No. 1611371

It looks like a reborn…she really should’ve gone with that option since she’s psychotic and can’t even take of one baby. Ferns gonna regress and start to crawl again. Continue not to talk. And the Stan’s will say it’s normal like the stupid fucks they are.

No. 1611373

Whoa, Alice is an abusive pos but let’s not bully an actual infant just because they got the misfortune of being born as her child. Poor baby is a victim in all of this.

No. 1611375

Are you new here? Go back to Reddit ffs.

No. 1611376

File: 1660071516020.jpeg (189.06 KB, 1242x428, B288C311-B929-4FED-A75E-884E74…)

We have a chance

No. 1611378

nta but snarking on minors and showing their face has always been against the rules of lolcow. new admin is just lazy and only enforces it half the time.

No. 1611384

I give it a month before she starts spiraling bc she didn’t have a girl and can’t pretend it’s a girl since the gender has been exposed.

No. 1611385

Contact the lolcow rules maker, don’t whine to ppl who can’t do anything abt it. Go look at Robyn grogitsky and Lunas page.

No. 1611388

She will continue to cope with her daughters death with unhealthy behaviors that will not work. (plays dress up by dressing fern in her auriela clothes and bow if I remember correctly, having more children to fill the void, overspending and tiktok giving that dopamine rush to feel better) She needs a professional who will help her figure her shit out. Wont ever do it bc she can do no wrong. Typical narc behavior.

No. 1611437

Anon believe it or not some babies are just ugly

No. 1611461

Fern would be cute if Alice took care of his hair and hygiene and dressed him in age appropriate clothing. Instead he looks like he’s been left in a house alone to fend for himself.

No. 1611774

Those kids look like they have a abnormality. Or they are just ugly. I have seeing "Omg so cute" no they aren't. Alice isn't pretty either.

No. 1611835

Her ears are extremely unfortunate and so are her yellow chiclet teeth. Her style choice doesn’t do her any favors either.

No. 1611868

anyone else feel like an exasperated empathy for her rn? I loathe Alice and am fully aware of and agree with the fact that she's a horrible mother but my God, having TWO moidlets with that pale, abusive Slenderman Caleb… that's hell. I'd wanna kms if I were her.

No. 1611882

The kids look completely like Alice. In this situation, as in with THESE parents, resembling Alice manages to be the more fortunate option tho. Kid is also probably going to be non speaking autistic, like big brother Fern.

No. 1611886

Nona, he can't read. Even if you read it to him he wouldn't understand.
I've seen some pretty ugly babies grow up to be way cuter. Don't worry about it

No. 1611918

File: 1660125321950.png (576.54 KB, 523x699, Screenshot 2022-08-10 125510.p…)

I'm glad she didn't bounce back as quickly as the last time and she still has a tummy.
it's good that she's humbled LMAO

No. 1611922

second and subsequent babies are harder to bounce back from, but that’s just her uterus, which will take a couple weeks to go back to normal size.

No. 1611925

yea but with fern, she pretended like her belly was flat only 12 hours after birth. we all know she lies tho cause it's physically impossible for that to have happened

No. 1611941

my tinfoil is that Alice is only sticking with Caleb until she pops out her coveted baby girl. I hate this bitch for publicly putting him on blast for being aBuSiVe, yet continuing to birth his babies and put them at risk, too. either she’s a piece of shit for lying about abuse, or she’s a piece of shit for continuing to have babies with him and stay with him.

No. 1611945

Zero empathy. She made her bed…

No. 1611951

The forehead and bridge of the nose area look a little off on the baby. Watch the development.

No. 1611954

File: 1660132595548.png (329.35 KB, 624x490, Screenshot 2022-08-10 145657.p…)

also the head shape looks weird

No. 1611968

Something definitely looks wrong with it. She’s such a smug cunt in that birth picture, as if her other home born child didn’t end up with hip and leg problems and slow cognition. Like, we didn’t forget about poor fern and all his issues? You’re not out of the woods yet, she has no idea if there’s anything wrong, more will show overtime and she’ll start censoring the baby too.

Does anyone think it’s fucking weird she doesn’t show ferns face anymore, but only the baby? WhTs the logic with that? You only care about one kids privacy? If you can’t speak that means you automatically consent? She’s a disgusting horseshit mother. Where’s CPS when you need them.

No. 1611971

She’s provably gonna feel that way when the PPD hits when the honeymoon phase is over.

No. 1611978

Zero empathy for a worthless cunt who says it’s parents fault for their kid having cancer. I had cancer when I was 12 and I know my mom would be so hurt if someone said that to her. I wanna punch that annoying twat right in her dead eyes. I hope she is miserable when the reality sets in after in-laws leave and she’s all alone with the two goobers.

No. 1611989

What about the love handles? She just looks…swollen. Even her face. I’m so glad she’s focused on her raging ED and body issues, i your kid is here and all you have to post about us how the baby made you “chubby” ? And how it “ruined” her body? I hope it gets bad enough where she goes to the hospital.

I bet that’s why she’s religiously pumping bc it burns so many calories.

I’m so excited to watch her crash and burn and get what she deserves.

No baby will ever fill the whole of auriela dumb bitch, go to therapy. Babies will not fill that void regardless of having more and what they genders are.

Wonder what she’s gonna do with all that baby girl stuff now?

No. 1612026

we already know she’s not above dressing her son like their dead sister, so she’ll probably just keep all the baby girl stuff for her morbid dress-up time.

No. 1612035

She didn't have a name picked out for the kid because she was so damn dead set on having a girl. Wonder if he'll end up being nameless his whole life because Alice probably resents him. Also notice she doesn't ever really post with Fern since baby's birth? New baby is the "star" now.

No. 1612061


This is super common especially among women who make having babies their whole personality. The youngest is always the favorite until they pop out the next one. You'll see them talk all the time about how their other kids start to get on their nerves once they have a new potato to dangle from their tit.

No. 1612242

Eh she deserves everything she gets imo. She’s an appalling mother who abuser her children publicly for the world to see. Harming your kids because your to big of a narcissist to admit you’re wrong and misinformed is disgusting. I don’t think anyone could make me feel bad for her at this point.

No. 1612411

Troon him out

No. 1612444

File: 1660173516703.png (5.38 MB, 828x1792, E85B3BAE-095A-4D28-A9C6-37B21F…)

Ferns hair is so greasy they obviously never wash it

No. 1612539

Already the forgotten child

No. 1612574

kek anon you are totally right about the pumping, she’s desperate to burn that weight off.

No. 1612622

Why doesn’t she put her school girl skirt and flaunt her birthing ? I’m surprised she isn’t back in there yet rubbing her bloody afterbirth all over the machines to get bacteria in it to train her immune system to stitch it closed.

No. 1612641

File: 1660188185784.jpg (98.03 KB, 1200x675, VL56SXZK676735XWDBCF4XYWOU.jpg)

cashew kind of looks like the dueling banjos kid

No. 1612644

File: 1660188630850.jpeg (1001.35 KB, 1242x1134, 3754B1A2-69A3-4B54-BB1F-1A0244…)

I raise you: Sid from toy story

No. 1612646

Oh jeez, the way she says cashew too, it can’t be the kids name?

No. 1612733

She obviously thought it was going to be a girl and had a fruit name picked like she said. The name cashew only appeared super recently in her tt vid comments

No. 1612794

She has zero attachment to this baby bc it has a penis m kek I mean, you can’t hold your own newborn for a bottle? Not to mention it’s literally a safety issue (choking and ear infections are risks of feeding flat on back) plus, isn’t feeding time part of like, bonding and stuff? She’s such a cold evil cunt.

No. 1612847

File: 1660226012196.png (4.69 MB, 828x1792, 47109C9A-0B83-4ED2-A8C0-34AB79…)

Serious question, are all these little plastic bags crunchy?

No. 1612858

She’s a fake crunchy so it doesn’t matter

No. 1612876

File: 1660229221650.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x1911, 776AE0DC-4565-4075-9C69-DCF4C8…)

Pardon the length…

This isn’t the flex she thinks it is, it’s fucking sad. Obviously he’s been cooped in the house since the birth and stuff so it’s not even like you can excuse it bc “he’s been playing hard all day” … the other picture I saw was him sleeping next to baby. When is the last time any of us have seen fern alert, playing, happy, talking etc. ? So. Fucking. Sad.

Alice you miserable piece of shit, get your tubby ass off the scale and put your child in A dark quiet room with an appropriate bed and let him catch up on sleep.

Also, didn’t she talk about how AMAZING the bond is with freebirth? Yet she won’t even hold the baby to feed it the bottle and jetted off to target to get away from it as soon as her taint stopped bleeding.

Also, I bet she only hired cleaners bc the in-laws were coming, nothing to do with her caring about her kids wallowing around in squaller. Fern would still be smearing cat shit into the carpet every step and playing on the floor in cat piss if it weren’t for Reddit calling her out.

God really tried to tell her “motherhood isn’t for you” by calling auriela home. Bitch didn’t listen and now is paying the price for her own stupid mistakes. Maybe not fern but def having the second one when she completely failed (and continues to fail) the first baby she had.

She’s realizing it’s not just tiktoks and instagrams, it’s her real, actual life. And I think she’s miserable with her choices and where she is and the awful human, wife and mother she’s become.

Eat shit Alice. You deserve every problem you have and I’m glad you got cheated on. If your kids tragically end up with cancer I hope a shitty person tells you the same thing you told another mom of a cancer kid, then it was her fault.

No. 1612890

File: 1660230548596.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1284x2226, 56C2DE2D-EDC5-4777-B05E-32BD2F…)

Agreed. Here, we all thought she had “cheated” her sans pre-natal care BS to confirm the gender. That was actually soothing tinfoil because it was like, yeah she’s a fucking half-wit for pushing this stuff on people, but at least she probably actually isn’t following it. But, NOPE. Alice is just one of those dumbasses who somehow think their “maternal intuition” (kek) was unquestionable, meanwhile that “intuition” is really unhealthy projection. Sorry Alice, no girls for you to compete with! Considering that’s what would happen the second that they hit double digits.

She’s probably finding solace in the fact that she still has her little trophy/accessory for now but wait until she has two screaming autistic kids hobbling around with their rickets. We’ll see how zen and intuitive she is then.

No. 1612898

She truly looks miserable and not from sleep deprivation. I also noticed in a tiktok that the baby was looking a little jaundice. Anyone know if the in-laws are still there?

No. 1612938

She seems to only care about showing us how much she pumps, how much weight she is or isn’t, and body checking. I guess there are some photos of the babies but not nearly as much as her rancid breast milk photos. Like no one on earth cares about how much volume you’re pumping Alice.

No. 1612976

File: 1660237897705.jpeg (636.22 KB, 2048x2048, 5773AE57-2E3F-4132-87F6-0C923F…)

i swear she must just be trying to troll but at the same time how can you take it this far? fuck alice sympathizers in this chat. this woman is synonymous with abuse. i wouldn’t be surprised if she punches fern too, the way she abused the cat.

No. 1612981

I’ve been wondering this for days, I’m not sure if the baby is actually jaundiced or if it’s just a yellowy filter on her videos? I’m pretty sure the in-laws left though.

No. 1612983

File: 1660238443152.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.09 MB, 1284x2232, A26D896A-C308-4B9A-80BC-635CF9…)

samefag, i retract. i thought the bag was cashew swaddled initially. i see she’s simply trying to attend to our observations that she’s not doing anything with fern.

No. 1613019

His sleeping schedule is obviously messed up bless him so sad

No. 1613021

My exact thoughts too!

No. 1613127

pardon for asking to be spoonfed but I don’t have tiktok and using it in browser is absolutely infuriating, is she bottle feeding the newborn while not holding him? Why, when she’s capable of breastfeeding and has done before as seen on her Instagram, and she’s been acting like it makes you a superior mother?

No. 1613156

She says she is having sensory issues breastfeeding right now so she is bottle feeding and has shown doing so with the babes lying flat down. But she posted pics 2 days ago breastfeeding so who knows what is truthful coming from her hypocritical mouth. She is obsessed with weight and could be constantly pumping to bring her weight down. She is totally detached from this child compared to how she was with fern, she could be spiraling into a manic episode already bc the babes wasn’t a girl.

No. 1613225

Omg let the poor kid walk! He needs exercise to be able to sleep ffs, and that metal must be so hot and uncomfortable for him to sit on. She really has no clue what she's doing.

No. 1613227

ayrt, thanks! She really doesn’t seem to bond with her new one except for the performative social media posts and I think you and the other nonas are right about pumping to burn calories. Can you imagine if a year ago, any other creator would have said she didn’t want to breastfeed because of sensory issues, how Alice would look down on her for not being a perfect mom?
Everything she’s been preaching is really coming back to bite her in the ass and it’s sad that innocent children are involved.

No. 1613232

He’s wearing shoes and a cute outfit, in laws def brought stuff for him. How sad that they find it necessary? How are they supportive of their sons nasty bitchass wife who keeps popping out kids collecting her welfare checks, where’s the money going Alice? You abusive piece of shit.

No. 1613311

She’ll be filing the paperwork and submitting for a birth certificate super quick to collect the money.

No. 1613326


Nah, she’s not gonna stop popping em out until she gets the girl that will fully replace Aurelia.

No. 1613633

She’ll take a “road-trip” with Fern and fetus and stuff them into a fire station baby abandonment box 1000 miles away. And then delete all comments from fans when they start asking where they are.

No. 1613635

He looks like a literal infant here. Is he not turning 2 in august? I know there’s plenty wrong with him already but could his growth be stunted due to lack of sleep?

No. 1613636

File: 1660295453762.jpeg (348.48 KB, 1242x839, 941782B4-4F8E-4C86-BB65-7265DE…)

No. 1613637

File: 1660295845765.jpeg (426.02 KB, 1242x883, CD1FFF75-0355-4929-B7EF-6C94FA…)

No. 1613638

Hmm..Obstructive sleep apnea is a weird way to spell Alice

No. 1613988

It's crazy how we can just watch this mother fuck up her child's health for life and can't do anything about it

No. 1613995

The and the grandparents also just sit back and do nothing. They should apply for temporary custody and turn Alice and Caleb into CPS. They might lose their son and daughter in law bc they won’t ever want to speak to them again, but isn’t it worth saving 2 children from a life of suffering and abuse?

Does she even want to be a mother anymore at this point, bc it feels like she checked out.

Alices kids should go to the family member who adopted their child and let them raise them. Anything is better than leaving them with Alice and Caleb. Why did two people with no business having a kid plan to have TWO (and possibly more). I just can’t.

No. 1614017

File: 1660324175627.jpeg (123.08 KB, 676x724, B69BBB4A-366F-4D26-A269-7BFC85…)

The kid went through major dental repair from too much sugar and inadequate brushing and she buys him gummies. Gummies are the worst for teeth, she’s so stupid.

No. 1614018

File: 1660324366910.jpeg (59.46 KB, 510x503, 2502CBDF-229C-49BC-95FB-3F5AA8…)

I hope to god she isn’t using the old milk in the bottles in the fridge

No. 1614027

Is this tinfoil?

No. 1614049

File: 1660326068038.jpeg (700.65 KB, 607x1159, E5D6B49D-4B52-4A83-9868-3A3A9E…)

Yeah, let’s get Caleb trashed so he can pass out on the baby. These two are fucking retards.

No. 1614154

My personal tinfoil is that she buys all the beer in bulk for him, only shows him on the video games and claims he is abusive or a bad dad to make him look bad. I really hope he is just being kept from doing anything and was waiting for the baby to be born to take action and get both fern and baby to safety and he really is a good dad but she presents him like a bad dad to try and win future court cases.

Arizona try’s for 50/50 custody automatically but any proof she has could win her case of him only getting visitation.

But most of why I think this is because I don’t believe a word she says. She seems very manipulative.

No. 1614170

Absolutely. Like the boy who cried wolf

No. 1614183

That’s why she cut ties with her family bc they wouldn’t put up with her bs

No. 1614185

File: 1660338331353.png (4.34 MB, 828x1792, 7F8FD4E0-DBB4-47A8-BBD2-9AA488…)

Calebs greasy hair wtf.. how is he allowed to work at a restaurant

No. 1614271


Stop sucking Caleb's cock, they're just as bad as each other

No. 1614368

Plot twist. That was posted by the girl Caleb cheated on Alice with kek

No. 1614507

I think he could be equally as bad but I will never know because he is not a tiktoker like Alice is. I just secretly hope it’s the case that he is actually a decent dad and Alice portrays him bad. I hope it for ferns and cashews sake because they deserve someone good if ever they get away. But sure yeah I’m definitely sucking his cock because I hope these kids have a parent who truly loves them.

No. 1614616

I hate the idea of calling this kid cashew it’s so stupid please

No. 1614640

the way Alice says the word ‘cashew’ (cuh-SHOO) makes me irrationally angry kek

No. 1614763

unless alice bothers to name this earthside “fetus,” his name is cashew.

No. 1614810

Tinfoil: Alice pretends to have a really good relationship with her in-laws the same way she pretends to have a good relationship with caleb and other moms she mentions?

No. 1614833

File: 1660400664895.jpeg (381.84 KB, 550x1016, 66B62837-D339-4D2C-B26E-8385C1…)

Baby officially turning to a toddler and gender disappoint/PPD…damn…double homicide.

No. 1614892


Not tinfoil, completely accurate

No. 1615038

File: 1660415285515.png (631.51 KB, 513x1160, Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 10.5…)


No. 1615053

File: 1660416276178.png (5.77 MB, 828x1792, C98248A8-CA23-434B-A390-54942C…)

I also love how she talked so much about how they’d all be cosleeping together once fetus arrived and yet here he is, in the bassinet, with way too many blankets. After all the shit she talked there’s no way she doesn’t know this is unsafe.

No. 1615108

Possibly has down’s syndrome?

No. 1615112

That poor child being named after a Costco container.

No. 1615206


What a weird thing to suggest. He has no visible markers of Downs.

No. 1615257

Idk it’s ears are pretty fucked up

No. 1615291


If he was a decent Dad he would take his poor child who's clearly in pain to the doctor. He wouldnt let his son be sleep deprived because of Alice's manic episodes. He sits around, let's Alice abuse and neglect his son while he sits on his ass all day playing video games not even caring if his children are halfway across the country sleeping in a car on the side of the road and walking barefoot in downtown LA. He literally doesn't give a shit about his children otherwise he'd do something about it. Stop with the Caleb saviour bullshit, we don't gaf go back to reddit I know they love sucking his cock over there

No. 1615309


Have you seen his mothers?

No. 1615350

he literally has alice’s ears. these children are her splitting image.

and good fucking god, she actually is naming this child cashew. i am horrified.

No. 1615352

You mean cuh-shoo, should just call him sneeze

No. 1615398

Alice is so gross. Ugly and a fucking dumbass. I believe in my should soul that caleb is a simpleton and alice is the manipulator. He is just stupid and let's get do everything because he foreknowledge know any better. She has said multiple times she keeps him away from anything parent related unless he's on tt buying groceries or lunch. I think he may be on the spectrum and married A because he couldn't do any better. She was desperate for the trad wife life and now she's planning an escape once she has her girl. All the "abuse" shit is so she can gain full custody to have full control over those kids' lives. Caleb wouldn't enforce vegan diet or any of her stupid shit. Shes manipulative and already setting it up.

No. 1615429

Alice is literally autistic, its in her bio, she is not male manipulator, she's an idiot traumatized women

No. 1615441

Really bad take. They’re codependent on each other. You’re right in that he doesn’t really care about anything, but Alice isn’t some master manipulator. They’re both idiots anon.

No. 1615449

Literally nobody fucking cares. There’s lots of autistic parents out there that don’t abuse the fuck out of their kids. Get your head out of your ass. Her and Caleb are both retards.

No. 1615479


No. 1615612

Huge ears and named after a nut. Good thing she isolates her kids from the world bc that boy would have a tough time on the playground. Imagine him playing tag “cash-you if I can rickety elf boy”

No. 1615799

File: 1660496643408.jpeg (266.77 KB, 828x1615, 2BA70E41-189E-4D8E-BF69-36A953…)

miss “I nEvEr wEiGh MySeLf” showing off her ED again. nitpick but she looks 40 in this video.

No. 1615828

You’re being generous with 40. Black isn’t even slimming on her here, you can still see her love handles chubbin out, time for a few sizes bigger Allison. You’re an old worn out mom of 2 boys, embrace it.

No. 1615870

Exactly why she was constantly pumping and not breastfeeding.

No. 1615875

Has she admitted he's a boy yet? Wouldn't surprise me if she ends up saying baby can choose their gender and try and raise him as a girl

No. 1615878

I'm sure soon enough she will post him in pink and everyone will congratulate her on her girl

No. 1615897

Yes, she’s started calling them he in tiktoks. I guess after her father in law stole her thunder she just skipped the whole gender reveal thing lol.

No. 1615927

Fern is certainly autistic and the chance of Cuh-shoo being autistic are twenty fold the average that already exists with Alice being diagnosed autistic herself. These children will receive no early intervention, despite Fern presenting clear signs at 2 yrs old (no language). If they do get supports, it’s because they’ll be ripped away from Alice and in the system. They’ll age out into long term in-patient care facilities living a long and lonely sad life. But sure, Alice - Keeping popping out your shit genetics.

No. 1616055

So she’s going back to 100% breastfeeding now that she’s almost at her pre-pregnancy weight.

No. 1616064

What a selfish cunt

No. 1616164

Lol facts

No. 1616165

You are old and bigger Alice now admit it you need to go shopping and put the teen clothes in the bin

No. 1616167

Literally broadcasting her blatant ED to the world and putting it on her poor kids

No. 1616171

I’ve seen people speculate that fern is autistic. Is it only because of the speech delay or are there other signs? I feel like I don’t see him doing any kind of glaringly autistic behaviors

No. 1616172

I don’t buy it, there’s no way she’s 4 pounds from her pre pregnancy weight. She’s not fat or even chubby but her arms and legs used to be sticks and they’re noticeably bigger lately. It’s not a bad thing because I think she was underweight before, I just think she’s lying about losing all the weight.

No. 1616204

Speech delay can be from not having enough input speech to copy or converse with. Even having a TV on will help.

No. 1616488


It won’t, actually. A lot of parents think that but children actually need to be spoken to by the adults and peers in their lives to learn language.

As far as fern being autistic, I highly doubt it to be honest. There’s no signs aside from his speech delay and he only has that cuz he has no friends and his parents are neglectful.

No. 1616505

She used to let fart watch curious George but for some reason she would have it on in Spanish.

No. 1616510

There was another video where she was with him at the beach and was rubbing sand all over his body and his face looked disgusted and he had his arms up in that weird t-rex arms pose. And he’s done that thing with his arms a few other times but other than that I haven’t noticed any telling features.

He’s just a docile, sleep deprived toddler. I never see him running, playing, happy etc.

unrelated: How sad is it that she isn’t planning anything fun for his birthday when she went all out for his first birthday last year. She’ll probably buy him another car and call it good. Poor kid doesn’t even get to actually use them.

No. 1616513

File: 1660566087023.jpeg (794.37 KB, 601x1192, 97763141-4A8D-4AD9-9BBF-5CEA78…)

This looks like a public place seeing as there’s park benches in the background. Is she not aware how many chemicals and how much fertilizer they use to maintain grass like that in such a hot, dry climate? And now it’s all over your newborns skin. Congrats Allison, another reason on the list of why you’re a negligent piece of shit. You belong in jail for disfiguring fern.

No. 1616530

She wants people to send fern stuff for his birthday so she doesn’t have to buy him stuff.

No. 1616742

File: 1660581934195.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1284x2232, 4AC7AB63-2001-496C-BE93-043463…)


No. 1616748

This timing doesn’t check out. She did not even have the land till fern was like 8 months old, I swear.

Why is she insinuating the house was a thing before she conceived fern?

She’s so full of it. She wants to manipulate her followers and not have to answer questions about it. She’s a slimey snakey bitch.

No. 1616753

His lack of speech at age 2 would be enough for a doctor to red flag him and begin referrals for assessments. They also rule out hearing impairment before narrowing in on learning/developmental. Alice being diagnosed autistic herself would double the concerns that arise from Fern lacking speech and meaningful language at age 2. Autism has a strong genetic component. Aside from the language delay, which IN ITSELF is concern enough, he does hand flapping and seems to have sensory issues (as other anons said). Sometimes a child seems otherwise NT outside of the delayed speech and then with every year they continue to regress into higher needs. Sure, this isn’t proof that he is autistic. Odds are that he is though, just from having speech delay and a diagnosed mother. I’m the mother of an autistic son (10 yrs old) who started off similar to Fern, ie. speech delay being the first red flag at age 2. Not a doctor or an official expert, but I’m familiar enough with the ins and outs.

No. 1616775

But Alice has NEVER been diagnosed, she gave herself that label so ferbs lack of speech may be other causes like neglect by lack of interaction. What ever happened to his “girl” friends?

No. 1616781

File: 1660584765550.jpeg (312.97 KB, 1170x2532, A310738B-1F6E-41FA-9A24-58D769…)

The fuck Alice! Sneeze does not need to be in a car seat that long it's bad enough you do it to fern let alone a newborn who shouldn't be in a car seat for longer periods

No. 1616799

Ferbie and Sneezie… love it!

No. 1616806

I’m going to tell you right now that Fern is not deprived of interaction and language exposure to the extent that y’all are trying to imply. Children’s brains are designed to absorb. If he was locked in an empty room with zero interaction for months on years, then yes. That would be social deprivation hindering him from communicating. Even overhearing strangers talk to each other, is exposure. He’s not closeted from the physical world, rather he’s inappropriately inserted into it.

I’m pretty sure it’s been confirmed that Alice is diagnosed Autistic but, let’s say she is actually self-diagnosed.. are you going to tell me that you don’t agree?

No. 1616810

Not really. She likes to portray the symptoms of autism and use them to con her audience and to excuse her behaviour.

No. 1616836

“I always have to be covered up. Even if it’s hot” kek

No. 1616844

Alice was absolutely never diagnosed and never claimed to be. She said she is self “diagnosed”

No. 1616848

This. she googled symptoms and has a fun time getting into character every now and again. That’s pretty much the extent of it.

No. 1616849

She said she self diagnosed and also said she wasn’t born autistic she caught it when her parents got her vaccinated. I highly doubt she’s autistic, but I’m not a doctor.

No. 1616884

Bahahaha “caught” autism. She can’t seriously be that dumb to think someone can catch autism? But she is a denier of covid. I can’t with that dumb pos

No. 1616886

Wants to join in defending the orange turd

No. 1616888

File: 1660591776254.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1728, AD729645-F2C0-4237-BA21-ABA617…)

Whyd she stop taking fern to the pool? Separate: She claims she was a volunteer swim instructor. So why doesn’t she teach fern to swim? Ferns not a baby anymore so she just stops taking him?

No. 1616891

File: 1660591919224.jpeg (480.27 KB, 1242x687, 54B1B895-D282-432D-83CC-EC7038…)

Kek no wonder fern is all messed up, look how she carried him

No. 1616894

File: 1660592280689.png (9.61 MB, 1242x2688, 4C085FCE-AA22-43D0-A5DA-B47682…)

Now she’s the opposite, keeping him awake days at a time to suit her unhinged mania. I am about to put together a collage of ferns faces in her videos where he’s passed out or looks absolutely crabby and miserable. I’ll be back…it’s gonna be a lot

No. 1616901

File: 1660592807103.png (4.32 MB, 1242x2688, 754805CB-ECBE-4984-96A2-736420…)

They hired a builder almost a year ago? Does that line up with her other lies?

No. 1616912

File: 1660593795339.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3264x3264, 46630A0A-506E-4F43-8395-A9D8BA…)

No. 1616921

I know this is a filter but omg has the past year absolutely wreaked havoc on Alice’s appearance. She actually had the potential to be cute before (if she took care of herself). She’s aged 10 years in 12 months and has become a droopy and lumpy hag that’ll never bounce back. I wonder what Caleb’s side pieces look like? It’s a good chance that they are co-workers from the restaurant he works at. Restaurants are notorious for that kind of shit.

No. 1616934

It gets worse. At 1 point she claimed she was diagnosed at 3 months old because she cried in a movie theater. Then she claimed it was because her parent vaccinated her. Then self diagnosis. It’s been different everytime she talks about her diagnosis.

I do not believe she is actually autistic because her reasons are the things you see on tiktok that can be traits of other similar conditions or stereotypes. Also her reasons are all things she has proven she doesn’t do.

Not liking to show skin
Being great with animals and kids.

Like those aren’t autistic traits and even if they were she doesn’t actually have them.

Now could she be, yes
Am I a doctor who could make a diagnosis from her videos, no and it wouldn’t be ethical for a dr to do so

Could fern potentially be autistic from what we have seen, yes
He is delayed in social and communication skills. He shows a lot of the traits needed. With or without a potentially autistic mother he should be evaluated
But he also shows several other delays in motor and fine motor skills which likely is due to neglect so that would need to be resolved first.

My knowledge is not from being a dr but from being an autistic mom of two kids who has worked with various special needs people and programs my entire life. Many of these programs train you to look out for the signs. Because you are a mandated reporter.

Also to the person who said you can’t learn to talk from tv. That’s old info that has been updated. Autistic children specifically tend to learn better from watching tv or educational videos. It’s currently being heavily studied but they are noticing a difference in using educational shows to aide in language development. But it obviously hasn’t helped fern soooooo. Alice should be trying to actually teach him.

No. 1616942

File: 1660596079552.jpeg (1.35 MB, 2742x3440, AF2116DD-8D7D-45F3-B569-0C563C…)

The worst part is just like everything else Alice goes back and forth between saying fern’s autistic, saying she doesn’t know yet, and calling him neurotypical. She can never keep her story straight, at this point not even she knows if he’s autistic or not and probably never will because she’s a shit mother who neglects her kids needs.

No. 1616978

The naive teenage hostess

No. 1616981

File: 1660599432813.jpeg (599.82 KB, 1242x514, BDC9C7FA-D46F-454A-9014-90524D…)

“Baby shew” sounds like shrew to me

No. 1616982

File: 1660599465836.jpeg (426.87 KB, 1800x1800, EF058A4D-B7A8-4CA9-A88E-37AEA7…)

A few more…

No. 1616983

How is she not so embarrassed for showcasing her ears like that… it should be illegal for her to wear a bun like that.

No. 1616985

File: 1660599549696.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x2043, 8957631F-575E-4D17-B581-6A5EE6…)

No. 1616988

File: 1660599672754.png (10.31 MB, 1242x2688, F43A5801-4193-45EB-997A-84F3D8…)

Do you think she’ll do this to baby shrew?

No. 1617271

Oh absolutely! Especially she had pink and girly stuff on her registry people probably bought

No. 1617357

Sorry, ferb is ugly. He looks like an old man in a giant baby's body. I can't stand the sight of Alice either but i need to see this ship sink.(nitpicking a toddler)

No. 1617359

Lol at all the comments on ig

" I just know it's a girl Alice"

" it's not a boy, she's just dressing them gender neutral"

No. 1617369

File: 1660627906440.png (71.24 KB, 224x313, ferb.PNG)

Take that back

No. 1617547

That’s the cute ferb!

No. 1617569

we’ve never seen her mention crocheting/knitting/whatever this is before, have we? $10 says she bought this and she’s pretending she made it kek

No. 1617819

Men will fuck anything so who knows if Caleb is bagging girls better looking than Alice

No. 1617838

Alice literally anyone without supply issues can pump and pump and pump like you do until you pump 10oz every time. You’re giving yourself a painful oversupply. Stop acting like it’s a flex lol

No. 1617937

I did that. I pumped until for my kids because their sensory issues made them not like breast feeding. So I pumped and had an over supply naturally before we started pumping.

My kid was still almost failure to thrive because not all breast milk is fatty enough

No. 1617973

Anon, it’d be even juicier if the woman (women?) were even less attractive than Alice.

No. 1617988

It won't last forever. Once her supply regulates she won't be able to pump like that again. Usually at 6 weeks it'll start to slow down dramatically. I don't think she's all for breastfeeding this time around. Her gender disappointment is too strong

No. 1618434

Extra juicy: she’s a 17 year old stay at home daughter and vegan and Alice was seething a little extra bc he cheated on her with someone way younger and more youthful. Kek

No. 1618435

File: 1660740033908.jpeg (169.65 KB, 783x855, 5A3657B4-207A-4B1E-B549-529562…)

It’s sad that exploiting her children has made them the target of insults. This is from a completely random video about jeans yet the reference to Ferns leg has got almost 15k likes.

No. 1618478

Sad but also that’s pretty hilarious

No. 1618501

Imagine becoming synonymous with a disability before you can even talk jfc

No. 1618594

No. 1618598

File: 1660759501647.jpeg (83.84 KB, 828x468, 64F31BFB-111E-4D02-9F6E-F3B294…)

FIL on twitter. stg this man loves to expose her lol.

No. 1618668

If Alice ever had her kids taken away, she would still continue birthing more children like a psycho, can’t accept and get help to teach her how to be a mom. Don’t leave him in his own filth while you film his every move, never enriching him. Learn about the dangers of everything she’s doing. I know this might not be true but I truly think she’s trying to cause harm or death so she get attention on top of having rid one child and made room for auriela reincarnate. She’s tempting fate one way or another. I hate that nasty bitch. I hope she reincarnated a home birth baby that ended up like Luna. She deserves all the karma.

No. 1619023

I sincerely think they despise Alice just like the rest of us. Alice likes to paint the picture that they like her and vice versa but in reality it’s the opposite. I bet you could cut the tension in that room with a knife. Especially since she smeared their sons reputation all across the internet, saying he allegedly hit fern and threatened to kill him. Wonder if that came up at family dinner time.

No. 1619226

I bet there isn’t as much tension as there is awkwardness, I think Alice is too narcissistic and autistic to realize they hate her. I’m sure her internet following doesn’t help it’s not like boomers understand that.

No. 1619255

With how openly public Alice has been about her relationship with her family and cutting all ties they probably tread water around her for fear of her doing the same to them. We all know they see her social media and how she uses it as a tool for revenge and can quickly determine just how crazy and unstable Alice really is.

No. 1619296

File: 1660836065420.png (4.68 MB, 828x1792, A5EC6C23-3B10-464E-B1C8-D7ED85…)

Why is he yellow

No. 1619300

File: 1660836250014.jpeg (224.25 KB, 804x1373, 768A9A89-FE7A-4375-AB00-B1A78A…)

She’s so frumpy now.. time to put the schoolgirl outfits in the dumpster alice

No. 1619302

Her content sucks now

No. 1619308

Possibly jaundice.

No. 1619317

It has always sucked. If she isn’t mom shaming, putting her kid(s) in harms way or grifting then she is just a boring monotone nut job.

No. 1619332

she clearly looks 20 pounds heavier than she was and she claims to be 100 lbs now?

No. 1619356

She was showing the weight on the scale for a
while but once she said "I'm back to my pre
baby weight" she stopped showing the scale.
She didn't lose the weight and is just
pretending she did.
Pretty sure she’s said she’s 5’5 or 5’6 making 100 pounds underweight, this is not what an underweight woman looks like lol.

No. 1619393

The right top of his head looks like highlighter yellow. Take it to a doctor, what if it’s liver failure.

No. 1619403

His bilirubin levels are going to cause serious brain damage.

No. 1619405

Nahhh she only sees $$$ when it comes to Caleb and his family. I can’t imagine the parents cutting off Caleb ever, so they probably cough up money when they’re short on cash. Idk, tinfoil I guess… but seems plausible given the fact that she spends so carelessly, they HAVE to have had bills that they couldn’t pay bc the months she has mania and drives cross country when gas prices are $4. I’m sure they want Caleb to leave her ass. If only he woke up and realized. He really fucked himself into this. Why? WHY? The court won’t appoint either of these clowns custody if they went to court. Ain’t no way.. foster care immediately. Best interest of the child.

Unrelated: does Alice play into calebs teen fetish And dress in teen clothes or a cheer outfit, just so he can get it up?

No. 1619408

i just can't believe that somebody would willingly keep their newborn from getting professional help from a doctor. god why why why is she so retarded, it hurts to see her post herself fucking up her own children

No. 1619425

On a good note, it seems he has shoes on more often. Either she’s phasing out that ridiculous habit. Either that or it’s only bc the in-laws are in town.

No. 1619427

Caleb thought he was gonna move from his mama, who does everything for him, to a wife that is gonna do the same. And karma of some kind served him Alice. Best of luck bro. Kek

No. 1619513

The rest of the family has brain damage from being brainwashed by the alt right. Little future patriot gonna fit right in with the family.

No. 1619540

God she just says she wants to start travelling with fart and shoe

No. 1619542

File: 1660858933232.png (5.14 MB, 828x1792, 13DACDDF-E1CE-45B5-B43C-F5AACB…)

Fern looks uhh ..

No. 1619543

File: 1660858977159.jpeg (841.53 KB, 828x1350, DCF39C8E-ED0A-4675-A065-C4BA93…)

Cut his hair out his eyes Jesus

No. 1619544

He’s been in that t shirt for 2 days straight

No. 1619551

I wonder who looked after their pets while they were away

P.s your kids shouldn’t be your source of income alice. You’re all for consent unless it’s about your kids

No. 1619557

So Caleb can cheat on her again lol

No. 1619646

bc the stupid bitch kept the cord attached so long

No. 1619699

File: 1660869150169.png (7.88 MB, 1170x2532, 6D0712AE-36D4-486A-B51F-26F7DA…)

What are those bottles? Is Caleb decorating this apartment like a college dorm room?

No. 1619705

Maybe infant hyperbilirubinemia (which causes jaundice, like >>1619308
said). It isn't uncommon and usually sorts itself out over time, I think.

No. 1619713

She’s prepared for an apocalypse and filled them with water

No. 1619775

Did she document the placenta situation after it no longer was attached to Shoo? I saw all of the seasoning (kek) but nothing afterwards and now it’s clearly detached. I know her “big plan” was to bury it in the new build backyard.. I’m that Canadian anon, our developments go over a year (or more) without landscaping AFTER the homeowners move in.. Idk if it’s similar across the border, but I wouldn’t doubt it since NewCon coordination is notoriously shit since so most of these trades/contractors are useless men.

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