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File: 1670190122282.png (702.2 KB, 723x415, Capture.PNG)

No. 1432539

>no racebait

>Previous thread- >>1424437

No. 1432549

99% of female youtubers are boring and unoriginal

No. 1432552

Vax mandates were dumb but mask mandates were a good idea and I wish we kept them. Didn't get so much as a head cold during the lockdowns because everyone was masked and handwashing and businesses were cleaning high touch surfaces. Now everyone is disgusting again and I've been sick on and off since October. Anyone caught coughing without covering their mouth should be sent to the gulag and have a mask surgically attached to their face forever. Fucking disgusting.

No. 1432558

99.9% of YouTubers male or female are boring, unoriginal, full of shit, and self obsessed no matter how genuine they seem, because you have to be self obsessed at a core level to believe you're interesting enough to post yourself like that.

No. 1432560

File: 1670191304916.jpg (27.76 KB, 534x800, nyaa~.jpg)

Ghosting people you aren't even friends with is no big deal and if you complain about it you deserve to get made fun of.

No. 1432561

I'm sad to say I agree with you, anon.
OT but I realized that a female YouTuber I looked up to and saw as beautiful, smart, funny and all those positive adjectives, was merely regurgitating and stealing zoomer jokes as well as manipulating her image by lighting and angles. Kinda sad, but what are ya gonna do?

No. 1432563

Poor bait. This place is such a bummer right now.

No. 1432570

I feel like such a pick me because 99% of youtubers I watch are scrotes.
>Jerma's old streams
>Random scrotes talking about games
>Null's streams
>True crime scrotes who don't put their face in the thumbnail
I did like the iZZZY chick but I learned she was non-binary and I realized that her stuff wasn't that great. I think it's more so that my "interests" are scrote like. I'm not into fashion/really cute games/book reviews or things that a lot of women on youtube talk about. I usually just watch whatever shows up on my youtube home because it's tuned to what I like. I don't think they suck though. I just need to broaden my horizens

No. 1432573

i love masks. I like being a little anonymous ninja. And aside from getting gd covid from my ex, I haven't been sick from a contagious disease since march 2020

No. 1432576

I feel the same about Izzzy. Used to like her, but her whole demeanor is so annoying. NLOG with the whole Garfield obsession and shit. Also, she was sponsored by that retarded "buy land in Scotland"-scam.

No. 1432583

Can anybody tell me about Chad Chad because I have the worst feeling that she’s an NLOG pickme handmaiden sort

No. 1432588

It's so generic, isn't there like 15 youtubers with the same Orange cat obession? Is it a super woke thing?

No. 1432592

same, the only one i like is Plumbella, i dont even play the sims i just think she's funny. Its so weird though how most female channels follow the same pattern
>they film themselves either on their room or their bed
>little to no editing
>tired, very obviously trying to sound ironic voice, god forbid they show emotion
>libfems and handmaidens
kek, you are right. That sex pest Quinton Reviews also had an obssesion with Garfield. Ironic poisoned people are the worst.

No. 1432595

you’re insane, please get a better immune system sweaty

No. 1432605

I guess it's "quirky" since Garfield has gained so much traction and meme status these past couple of years. But with that, it feel like people claiming to like orange cat so much are just pandering for epic meme points.

No. 1432615

She's funny, but I bet she's a troon worshipper like every other female youtuber.

No. 1432619

Plumbella is an embarrassing genderspecial mess kek

No. 1432622

idk she barely talks about them so i dont care, its practically impossible to not find either a libfem or pickme female youtuber. So take what you can, y'know.

No. 1432643

I’m the opposite, when I open any longer video and a male voice comes out i turn it off and search for a woman covering the topic because moids speak for hours without making a point. I almost exclusively watch women on yt
Since I saw a TikTok where hundreds of moids said in comments how ghosting is better than rejecting if you only went on one date and realising that I myself probably prefer ghosting to some passive aggressive rejection after one date, I have absolutely no regrets ghosting someone I barely know. Better no interaction than a negative cringe one imo

No. 1432652

Fair enough!

No. 1432753

I've seen most of her videos and I actually really love her, I would say her content is somewhat similar to those guys who started on vine and ended up big on youtube like Danny Gonzalez and his buddies. A lot of those guys have videos reacting to antifeminist/manosphere type content but I feel like it's always very shallow and "look at me, I'm such a good man" while saying the most basic of things, so I actually love that Chad Chad has become prominent in making the same sort of stuff but frankly better. I imagine she's probably down with troon bullshit but I haven't seen her make any points about it in her videos, the majority of her politically charged points are just some pretty universally feminist stuff, obviously palatable to libs but imo not painfully libfem-y

No. 1432780

Plumbella is the biggest Youtube Sims retard out of all of them and I hate her with all my heart. I tried to get into her multiple times out of boredom, but I cannot get through even one of her videos. I'd even rather watch the bland boring Aussie couple than her.

No. 1432785

why though?

No. 1432826

tbh now that im older even "friends" are not safe. why the fuck do you and i want to know what kind of breakfast we have? banal conversation because we were besties in high school? social media was a mistake, people use to move on from other people regularly

No. 1432851


No. 1433190

Ew that one dude? He’s so up his own ass I can’t stand that fucker. Plumbella is just an autistic girl who hates tories

No. 1434647

File: 1670344969095.jpg (43.24 KB, 615x409, PAY-BENCH2BRIGHTON_PICTURESJPG…)

I dont feel sorry for homeless men, in fact i think they are disgusting and i am tired of people feeling pity for them. Its their own fault for choosing drugs/alcohol over their families. I am tired of going out for a walk in the morning and having to smell their rancid odor and them visually polluting every park i go to. Homeless shelters should be only for women/children, moids arent at risk and if they want money they can work on the coal mines. Cities would be 100% better if we just put them down like dogs.

No. 1434651

I fucking hate them. Also if I see they are using kids with them to beg on the side of the road in the winter I call the cops. Don't make your kid suffer because you are too much of a druggie to go to a shelter

No. 1434655

Women who chase dick for money are pathetic. Get a job.

No. 1434658

Real. Send them to the mines

No. 1434663

Agreed anon. They do nothing but stink up the place and make me feel unsafe, I've also been chased and followed and yelled at by them before. The way they pace around the same public places over and over is so unnerving.

No. 1434664

File: 1670345800227.jpg (39.1 KB, 640x960, 1669611799512.jpg)

I am so tired of cities getting uglier thanks to them too, they closed all of the water fountains in my city because they would take a bath there, ew. Whats the point of living on a city and paying top dollars if the local goverment is going to bend the knee for 5 drug addicts who dont have the decency to off themselves and make their problem everyone elses. Sorry i sound super harsh and mean but i truly do hate them and how they ruin my city. Even the stray cats are more useful because at least they keep the rats away and are cute and friendly and actually dont smell foul.

No. 1434677

This but with all men

No. 1434731

I'd be more sympathetic if they wouldn't be violent and creep on women when you want to help them. If men think male homelessness is a big social issue, it should be solely their responsibility to handle

No. 1434882

File: 1670360619190.png (63.3 KB, 1093x386, 785686756756210022.png)

This thread was made by a newfag. I dislike the fact that when it is pointed out that another farmer is a newfag and doesn't venture out of /ot/ and/or /pt/ which often then not, results in a muddled lashing from said newfag defending themself and then accusing them of being a newfag, either based on nothing, because of said accusation or the fact not everyone on here is an American with proper spelling and grammar.
How difficult is it to check other boards e.g. /meta/ useful board while not as fun as some, it has its uses along with the front page and clicking on the links at the very top and centre of the page. semi picrel

No. 1434888

Men live life on easy mode. If they end up homeless, it's usually their own fault. There is probably a small percentage of men that need help, but most are crazy men addicted to drugs. they always harass and are violent with women. Most homeless men should be put into an area to fight each other for my entertainment.

No. 1435203

I get why men would want younger women but what kind of mental Illness do you have as a woman who is willing to fuck a 50 year old if you are under the age of 45

No. 1435209

My husbando is almost 50 and he is so sexy. I guess that's the mental illness talking though kek

No. 1435210

they have been memed by media to think ''men age like wine'' and they should be glad to be trophy wifes or whatever. Really lame stuff.

No. 1435246

You severely underestimate the damage society has done to women's self-esteem, sexuality, and confidence as a whole

No. 1435262

I’m a woman with low self esteem and I have no desire to blow old men

No. 1435267

Same, kek. I even have crushes on them sometimes but only from tv shows. You have to be retarded to think one hot celebrity 50 year old is the example and not the exception.

No. 1435279

I have a minor celebrity crush that is 53 that I would fuck, but I'm in my early forties. You couldn't pay me to mess with 50 year olds when I was in my twenties.

No. 1435284

Somebody older than 35 on lolcow !?! You are a rare gem.

No. 1435285

That's because you're not brainwashed. Most people just fall in line with what they're expected to do without questioning.

No. 1435294

I might be stunted emotionally, because I can not give up on imageboards completely. Will probably post on some altchan from a nursing home when that time comes.

No. 1435301

File: 1670379487111.jpeg (62.82 KB, 630x1200, CD5C5536-CAE3-4773-8E9F-D55921…)

This is my most scrotish take but I can’t imagine who would ever get close enough to Matt Lauer to get sexually assaulted by him. He is so fucking vomit inducingly ugly he looks like an uncanny valley Jim Henson puppet of what’s supposed to just be a normal person

No. 1435302

You can say this about a loooooooooooooooooooooot of men

No. 1435304

I do to be honest

No. 1435306

If you are too dumb and lazy for school and you have parents that don’t want to take all your money you should focus on saving money. I know a girl who had 100k by 30 working at Walmart.

No. 1435463

File: 1670388353825.jpeg (191.81 KB, 1200x800, 70637CA9-B537-4689-8D14-9AD14C…)

The only reason why people like ice spice is because she doesn’t really have a personality and is cute. She kind of just looks at you with that blank expression with no opinions or emotions. If she had a personality like other female rappers she would get more hate for her garbage music. She keeps her mouth shut, shows her ass and writes music about being hot. Nothing for scrotes to get mad about.

No. 1435468

>she doesn’t have a personality
She does, you’re just projecting whatever you want onto her evidently. Her music just sucks. Who cares? Are you upset people are memeing her and putting her on your timeline or something, because you can just ignore it

No. 1435472

I don’t hate her but she doesn’t have a personality. She just sits there, smiles cutely and looks hot. I noticed more men defend her and like her compared to other rappers because she’s more suitable for their tastes because she just smiles and doesn’t say much.

No. 1435494

Her tweets are funny

No. 1435499

You keep posting this, but that's all I have to say. No judgement here.

No. 1435504

I’m talking about her personality. Her non famous friend had way more personality in that video.

No. 1435507

This sounds like bullshit something isn’t adding up. She lived rent free or was selling pussy

No. 1435509

So you’re saying her personal thoughts and replies shared over a course of 8 years is not her personality? Is that not more indicative than a video where you are expected to be sidelined and look pretty or whatever? Idk

No. 1435514

She makes her money from entertaining not posting on twitter. She’s boring on stage and in interviews. Most of her scrote fans don’t go in her twitter they like her because she doesn’t talk much and shows ass.

No. 1435702

People that photobash (basically "digital painting" that consist in putting together 3D models and actual pictures and then putting on some filters) shouldn't be allowed to bitch at AI art, because it's the same principle.
AI art puts together other people works, they get assets from other people (without crediting) and then voilà, you have another soulless, grey ocean with space view in the sky, boring ass painting.
If you're bitching about Ai art, learn how to fucking paint and draw, not putting photoshop lightning filters on pictures.

No. 1435715

I thought I liked older guys because I have some oji husbandos but I've since realized 3DPD men can't compare to 2Ds so everything is fine now.

No. 1435719

File: 1670411922587.png (556.35 KB, 608x812, JIoijvl22.png)

Reminds me of this picture explaining AI art.

No. 1435720

You wouldn't be saying that if you ever actually tried photobashing

No. 1435728

What if I work in the videogame industry and I see people bitching about AI art on a daily basis and then I can say the majority of concept artist are just really good copypasters who cannot draw a stick figure even if they tried?
The industry works very fast so we cannot expect actual quality, but I'm talking about people who landed a job here with the same muddy/cloudy portfolio of sci fi scenarios but cannot literally draw a face. They can't, yet they bitch about ai art being soulless and not genuine.
I agree with AI art not being the best for artists but I agree with that only if an actual artist say that, not people who download assets and then put it together on photoshop, which is what most concept artist do. Not all of them, most.

No. 1435737

Painters of the past would definitely scoff at "digital artists" and insist they're cheating, too.

No. 1435738

Because they are.

No. 1435741

File: 1670415082029.jpg (1.36 MB, 1200x1200, rs_1200x1200-221013181548-1200…)

Pigtails don't look good on anyone. At this point being an adult and wearing pigtails just makes me think you're a ddlg weirdo

(I'm also a hypocrite though, I think twin braids can be cute)

No. 1435743

It's more impressive to do quality art when you can't ctrl+z it away, so they wouldn't be wrong

No. 1435744

With most mediums, you can definitely fix mistakes. Oil painting is known to be the easiest to fix.

No. 1435745

>I can say the majority of concept artist are just really good copypasters who cannot draw a stick figure even if they tried?
You sound like an envious QA who couldn't land a concept art job lmao
You don't need to be good at drawing to be a good concept artist, and vice versa - a lot of people who are good at drawing are shitty concept artists beacuse they don't have good ideas. Ability to draw a face is not some amazing foundation-of-all knowledge. And while photobashing is easier than painting from zero, it still requires a lot of skill, which can't be said about AI art.

No. 1435750

Only the medium has changed, not the skill. If you can't draw, you can't draw period. No matter if traditional or digital.
Nonnie, my point was about who is allowed to bitch about what. People who don't have good ideas but can draw and have artistic fundamentals have the right to bitching about ai generated art, people who copy and paste elements, which is the same principle of ai,cannot. That's it. If photobashing can be used for concept, then also ai can be used for concept.

No. 1435752

Nta. Yeah, but even that is a process different from just clicking "undo" or pushing two buttons.

No. 1435755

I tend to agree but then I make one exception

No. 1435759

File: 1670416656649.jpg (112.53 KB, 1024x679, d148b43655b2776f599b9999cbe0cd…)

Drawing digitally is a lot easier than traditionally. You don't even need to know how to draw a circle if everything is digital, you have an instant undo button, you can play around with layers, etc.
I do agree with you that people who just photobash don't have the right to complain as much, but I also feel like creating art will always get "easier" as technology advances. Very soon, concept will matter much more than raw skill. AI doesn't even copy and paste, it gets "trained" on what objects are, learns their shapes and forms new images based on said knowledge. If this were not the case, AI art would easily be cancelled the same way we can (eventually) recognize when people trace multiple images for one.

No. 1435812

I find them cute on everyone and hate how it’s only considered a hairstyle for children

No. 1435817

There is nothing wrong with diet pop. I’m not wasting calories on a drink.

No. 1435818

>AI doesn't even copy and paste, it gets "trained" on what objects are, learns their shapes and forms new images based on said knowledge. If this were not the case, AI art would easily be cancelled the same way we can (eventually) recognize when people trace multiple images for one.
you don't know anything about ai art, do you?

No. 1435830

it's so annoying how you can't drink a diet coke without being questioned why you're drinking it instead of regular. like i'm not going to tell you it's because of the calories or you'll roll your eyes at me..

No. 1435843

I'm not watching calories but with inflation and some new sugar tax hitting lately (at the same time) I'm like.. for cheapness sake I'll now go for diet lol

I don't know how widespread that sugar tax is but for the first time where I live you can now buy beer cheaper than soda. Wut?

No. 1435854

If we can detect mental or severe physical disabilities before birth they should be aborted. No exceptions. Non negotiable. Your drooling 36 year old toddler does nothing for society.

No. 1435861

i thought she was a rapper not a comedian? since when is being funny a requirement for an artist? ariana grande doesn't have a personality either but you don't see people complaining that she's boring.

No. 1435871

Yes he does things to society but only very negative shit. I agree with you.

No. 1435877

>you have parents that don't want to take all your money

No. 1435879

Why are you comparing a successful talented singer, who has a audience for her music, to someone I've seen people praise for being nice/pretty/good tweets vs. Praise for her actual skills/music? Ariana doesn't have to do what a lot of artists do, because she's established and makes music people want to hear regardless of her personality.

No. 1435882

I didn’t say it was a requirement I’m just saying that people like her because she’s a pretty woman who doesn’t talk much. People hated on her like every other female rapper until they realized she was just blank and pretty like they want women to be.

No. 1435884

If you can’t draw traditionally, you can’t draw digitally. Digital speeds things up but it doesn’t magically make a shitty artist good. None of you have never worked as a professional artist, have you?

No. 1435885

Diet soda tastes like shit and plus, artificial sweeteners are extremely unhealthy if consumed daily. At least if you drink regular soda you can just walk it off.

No. 1435886

>Your drooling 36 year old toddler does nothing for society
Thought this was about neets for a sec lol

No. 1435903

I’m kid going to walk off 200 calories when I can just not have it

No. 1435906

you'll have more trouble when the fake sugar fucks up your insulin.

No. 1435910

I got into an argument with some woman years ago who said all children deserve to be born, even if they are severely and mentally damaged. Stupid bitch. It is not society's job to raise your shit choices.

No. 1435915

>doesn’t know about aspartame

No. 1435916

It sounds like you don't, the copy/paste meme was already refuted in the image here >>1435719. Look into how embeddings and models work if you have the time, too. It's not just "copy paste an arm and head here", it literally recreates based on data, which is also why you get fucked up abominations..

No. 1435919

Women in large age gap relationships is not a phenomenon that only happens because of grooming and creepiness. Assuming the girl is of age and it isn’t just straight up a crime, those are still the biggest moral problems with it, but I think we need to address the other reason that it happens if we want to shift societal viewpoints. The reason the behavior is enforced is that both men and unbased women are conditioned by media to believe men are “high status catches” as a single 40 year old baldoid making like $100k whereas their female counterparts are used up, worthless and belong on r/whereareallthegoodmen - this cultural misconception can also play a role in women wanting to be with older men as it is heavily glamorized, because that’s when men “are really men”.
I think there should be an effort to make more content online promoting the cringe factor of old men going after younger girls, not just the morality angle, because the morality angle is ignored by men (“muh biological instinct”) and also torn down by pick mes (“my geriatric king gives me $20 a month for McDonald’s he’s so much more generous and nice than an age appropriate guy, sorry you can’t be me #spoiled”).
I think moralistic arguments against age gaps are completely correct, but they are only going to win over people with moral compasses. To reach the others, you have to make it seem “uncool”, and moralizing isn’t that “cool”. Lolcow proves that misandry can be really funny, and I think making TikToks and memes talking about how cringe and useless older men are can convince others through laughter and reverse social pressure.
Plus, it uses the YouTube feminist cringe compilation tactic against men, those videos being a large reason why feminism is so virulently hated even today.

No. 1435930

That would never work because young girls will just claim everyone is jealous of them and older women would just get called jealous hags for bringing it up. Only men would have the power to change that.

No. 1435944

>those videos being a large reason why feminism is so virulently hated even today
lmao this is the dumbest thing i've read all day and anon is defending diet soda upthread.

No. 1435952

That’s why you have to attack it with faceless accounts and humor. The younger girls who are doing this that weren’t groomed think it’s “badass dark triad succubus” to catch an ugly old man who would literally hook up with anyone. if younger girls don’t see it as cool or edgy, it won’t be promoted by them. Case in point, the fact that younger girls like myself have been awakened to this in the last few years - it’s a slow cycle, but viewpoints can change.
Plus, young men my age are also starting to be memed into liking milfs. Everyone is “mommy” now. While older women do not need to get involved with the majority of those pornsick freaks, there’s definitely some societal viewpoints changing as we speak.

No. 1435954

Men have always hated feminism, but you cannot deny that gamergate and the feminist cringe compilation genre ignited unprecedented levels of seethe among all ages of men - including those barely old enough to know what feminism “is”, and tons of women “distancing” themselves from the triggered feminists. If you talk to even non-online people, they literally think feminism is “blue hairs” screeching about male tears. They had a huge impact.

No. 1435956

that's not what i meant, but okay. and again, that's not how it works. it's literally just using tags/keywords/google search to find related images and identifying shapes in them and stitching them together. it uses the same technology that phone cameras and beauty apps use for face/body etc detection. it's not actually learning or anything like you think.

No. 1435960

talking to terminally online people in real life doesn't make them normies, anon. most normies hate feminism because of the mainstream media focus on microaggressions during the mid to late 2010s. the average person isn't watching a cringe compilation. and the average person isn't a mgtow redditor screaming slurs on xbox live.

No. 1435966

That’s what I mean though, so I don’t think we disagree, those viral videos spread to places like Fox News because the news is run exclusively by the terminally online and SJW feminism = rage = eyes glued to the screen. Even if people aren’t fully aware of the online culture around it, those types of videos spread easily. Cringe compilation humor is done now, but gender war bait against women is reasonably popular on tiktok, and I think we can harness the new vernacular for misandry as well

No. 1435968

it was never those videos, god you are dense. it was all corporate level hr shit.
what the fuck are you on about?

No. 1435978

She's not interesting or talented enough to warrant this level of white knighting, people are allowed to dislike her for whatever reason they have

No. 1435985

Again, learn how models work. It doesn't "Google search" or just "stitch things together".

No. 1436002

it does. are you the same idiot from moo's thread who thinks it's shareware?

No. 1436014

Even Googling "how AI art is made" or SD's process will explain this and GAN for you. What a bizarre hill to die on.
>Moo thread
Nvm, you were probably too retarded for this topic to begin with.

No. 1436018

are you even an artist? or in the art community? you really have no idea what you're talking about. ai art is essentially photobashing, but with drawings. that's why you can find the exact images the ai took bits from.

No. 1436020

No, you can't lol

No. 1436023

I am, that's why I'm telling you you're wrong. You have no clue how AI art generation works, probably because you only found out about it by raging retards on Twitter.
>that's why you can find the exact images the ai took bits from.

No. 1436133

>asks for source
>says lol just google it when defending her points
you're getting played by ai companies. sorry.

No. 1436139

Nta, but people have found watermarks in AI art.

No. 1436140

A full hour later, having how it works explained to you multiple times, and this is all you could come up with to respond? Kek

No. 1436146

Also NTA, but that doesn't mean the images themselves are directly taken from elsewhere, it means the AI was trained to recreate watermarks by the data it was fed. The whole point of AI art is that the images are unique while imitating "styles", not raw pictures.

No. 1436152

artists have found their watermarks in ai images.

No. 1436156

People can owe you money and items of yours that they borrowed and broke. People can owe you an apology if they genuinely fucked up and you have given them the chance to reedem themselves. But nobody owes you their attention. If you think of attention as a commodity that other people owe you, be prepared for everyone to clock you as needy (and even scary) and abandon you.

No. 1436157

Then explain why people are making programs to identify what images were stolen from? AI art doesn't work how you think it does.

No. 1436159

You don't understand how training or datasets work.

No. 1436163

An app is being made (by a Japanese person, I remember it well) to identify if an image is AI-generated, and that's easy to identify because the PNG chunks literally have a code purposely built into them that marks them as AI generated so that they don't get fed back into the AI and muddy the training.
If you're not lying about this app and mean something else, please post the link, that'd be a bombshell.

No. 1436165

and you don't know what photobashing is.

No. 1436166

Not talking about the same thing. Also, you seem to be acting like AI art is an actual AI system, which is probably why you're confused.

No. 1436167

I get that it's easier to jump to "It's just automatic photobashing" because it's hard to wrap your head around how it works, but you're incorrect. That's all anyone has said.

No. 1436171

then explain some of the shit in the art thread about ai taking art being drawn on a live stream and "finishing" it. you're so wrong about this because you're not in the community don't see what's happening in reality.

No. 1436172

Then what are you talking about? You've been confused about this all thread. Do you know what a model is? Or a neutral network? Have you ever used an AI art generator?

No. 1436173

Art AI generators don't use models or neural networks, are you confused? Where did you hear that?

No. 1436174

>then explain some of the shit in the art thread about ai taking art being drawn on a live stream and "finishing" it.
You really think img2img is the default of how generation works, and that's why you're lost on this. Again, this is how it's obvious you only know about this because of Twitter screeching.
>you're so wrong about this because you're not in the community don't see what's happening in reality.
This is another easy jump you've made, because no one in the art community is allowed to be educated on this or disagree with you, just follow the easiest meme.

No. 1436178

and yet you're parroting shit that's being fed to you by programmers trying to cover their asses. ai images are banned from being sold because of how they work. use your brain.

No. 1436181

how much are the chinese paying you to shill AI?

No. 1436182

>Art AI generators don't use models
…They do. Multiple.
SD is just one, there are many others commonly used. This is literally how the software is trained. GAN is literally a model that uses neural networks, and it's used to create AI art.
You're either fully retarded, or just baiting hard.

No. 1436190

you're literally just parroting dev bs. again. if you don't understand what you're talking about, stop arguing.

No. 1436191

I'm not parroting shit, it's just that I've actually used it, looked into how it works and that's why I'm not a seething retard about it. You're free to cry and rant about shills and scamming, but it'd help you to actually learn. By the way
>thinking you have to pay for AI art generators
Again, confirming you don't know how any of this works. Anyone who's looked into this even a little bit outside of scamming clueless normies knows how to use it for free. Please go back to Twitter.

No. 1436197

>"Explain this!"
>gets an explanation
>"I-It's all just dev BS!!"
Embarrassing. Anyway, still waiting for you to back up literally any of your claims about "pieces of images" with proof. I've posted a source.

No. 1436203

fucking thank you. anon is literally gaslighting the art community. ai shit has been banned from anime cons because of things that have already been said.
>inb4 it's just modeling and database bro
ya okay, whatever you want to believe.

No. 1436212

It's been banned because it pushes out actual artists and copies their styles (even though the actual outputs are unique), not because it's a tracing/photobashing machine. This is what happens when you lack nuance, everyone is "gaslighting" you and defending the thing you don't like if they're not willfully ignorant the way you are.

No. 1436213

your source explains the theory behind it, not the practice.
>b-but i researched!
if you're not an artist that has first hand experience with it sit down. you're just shilling lipservice at this point. please tell me why ai art is banned from anime cons and why selling it breaches copyright law if it's all just ~OC created by a database~

No. 1436217

lmao, this is the most pathetic thing you've said yet. anime cons are interested in profit, if it was just to protect everyone's feefees they'd allow them in the dealers room, which is for mass produced stuff.

No. 1436219

I've already stated I am, twice now, but since you're blind and raging (and I can tell you have zero experience with it by the nonsense you've been saying), you're just going to actually push lipservice and call everything shilling kek.

No. 1436225

This reminds of how some digital artists were bitching about inktober cause those losers couldn't be assed to draw on some paper.

No. 1436230

>not like the other artists
can't wait till your stuff gets stolen and you change your tune.

No. 1436234

Cool, post a single source to back up your claims. Where are the "bits of images" in AI outputs? It seems like you're incapable of understanding how the software works and why there's a debate around it. "It's photobashing" isn't the answer, it doesn't collage together a bunch of images like you're imagining, but you're clearly too dumb and stubborn to get that. Try using it for yourself, if you can even figure that much out.

No. 1436238

No, there are tons of artists that aren't retarded about this topic. This is purely a Twitterfag problem. Getting corrected when you've misunderstood something is immediately "You're saying AI art is GOOD?!" in your mind, it's fucking sad.

No. 1436244

I was having this exact argument with a scrote the other day. I think some people are just too retarded to understand why artists hate AI. How many articles do people need to link y'all before you understand that AI steals art from artists and uses that to spit out it's images?

Just say you don't respect artists but want (even more) free/cheap access to pretty pictures.

No. 1436245

NTA but do you really just close your eyes when you see that stuff on twitter? You have to be male to be this obtuse. It's all over the place. If you think everyone on twitter is just mad that they're being replaced you're so incorrect. Anons have already mentioned that artists have had their signatures or watermarks stolen. If you really believe that AI training is precise enough to copy something exactly that it looks stolen or traced, what are you even arguing about?

No. 1436247

why don't you post them instead of some conceptual bullshit.

No. 1436249

It steals styles, not images, and that's why it's not literally illegal and why regulating or spotting it is difficult. If it was photobashing, you could easily identify the pictures used for every output and be done with it. There would be no debate.

No. 1436253

that's because anon is clearly a scrote trying to fit in by reeing about twitterfags, when it's mainly japanese artists having their work stolen by the chinese. that's why he won't say anything but "just trust bro" and gets angry and whines for sources when only posting one thing in reference to one particular program.

No. 1436257

>If it was photobashing, you could easily identify the pictures used for every output and be done with it.
people have been identifying that. you're just denying it for whatever reason.

No. 1436270

>It's all over the place.
Then post an example. I haven't seen it. I'm not male just because I rubbed two brain cells together to figure out something relatively simple.
>If you think everyone on twitter is just mad that they're being replaced you're so incorrect.
Nice strawman.
>Anons have already mentioned that artists have had their signatures or watermarks stolen.
I've explained why that happens. Random pictures of things the artists have drawn aren't shoved into one image, the AI just sees the signature, thinks "This is part of the style", and spits out its own version of that within the paramaters of the prompt it's fed. What are you missing?
>If you really believe that AI training is precise enough to copy something exactly that it looks stolen or traced, what are you even arguing about?
Because it's not traced or photobashed. That's exactly why it's even being argued back and forth. It would be easy if that was the case. You don't understand that, take having it pointed out as veneration of AI or whatever, and now you're raging.

Post what? Have you read any of my posts?

I'm 95% sure that mods can look at my post history, but sure. Disagreeing with you makes me a man.

No. 1436275

Where? If I'm wrong on this, I'll be happy to take the L. Post the proof.

No. 1436277

Why are AIfags so obnoxious, and why do they act so weird when people are against AI.

No. 1436279

because it's a grift. anon is probably trying to invest in it or something. that's why i think they're a moid, they sound like an nft cuck.

No. 1436282

Actually knowing how AI works isn't the same as "being an AIfag" or supporting it. Staying dumb won't help any of us put a stop to these things, but you're probably not an artist so you don't get it.

No. 1436291

Again with the "shill", and now it's "NFTs". Keep the tinfoils coming. Anyone who pays or places money for this on either end is a complete idiot, and I can say that confidently because I actually get how it works.

No. 1436296

>You can't be an artist because I disagree with you!

No. 1436300

No, it's because you lack critical thinking on this subject, and most likely don't even really care. It's just another bandwagon for you.

No. 1436302

I think you're the bandwagoner. This has got to be a scrote, only they can manage to be condescending as shit and flat out wrong at the same time. It must be the Y chromosomes secret talent.

No. 1436306

if you understood how it works you'd understand how it steals art. if it's using a database to draw off of, it's still stealing and basically tracing. it's the same as modifying an original work by distorting the drawing and changing the colors. just because you don't think it's literally doing that doesn't mean it's not stealing.

No. 1436309

they're the same idiot who thinks digital art is easier than traditional kek

No. 1436316

see >>1436275. You're literally wrong, and doubling down on it. I've backed up what I've said to this point. Calling me a scrote won't change that.

I didn't say "It doesn't steal art", I said it steals styles, and that's why it's not easy to regulate.
>it's the same as modifying an original work by distorting the drawing and changing the colors.
This isn't what it's doing, this is where you're getting wrong. It's not twisting or bending an existing drawing and flipping colors, or combining a bunch of drawings. It's taking from the models it's given and creating unique images that mirror the styles of them. This isn't my opinion, this is literally just how it works. I'm not saying it's not copying or theft, I'm saying the "It's tracing and photobashing!" argument is a misnomer, and just fucks up the whole debate because it gets disputed every time.

No. 1436321

you keep saying it as if every ai program works the same. you also can't read.

No. 1436322

It actually is, by definition. There is less work in drawing on a tablet and being able to undo or modify things at will in seconds than on fucking up a painting or some other traditional medium, and having to fix it. That doesn't make it less respectable, but it is easier and convenient. It's retarded how much that hurts your feelings.

No. 1436325

Okay, what AI program are you talking about? Because I'm talking about the one that gets used for these arguments.
>you also can't read.
You're the one who can't read, and that's why this entire argument happened. Again, you think everyone who isn't stupid on purpose is an AI shill. It's classic twitter mentality.

No. 1436328

That's not how it works. I still don't understand what you're missing. If an AI program creates a 1:1 exact copy of a signature, it's not just interpreting an art style, this is just getting ridiculous now.

No. 1436332

>If an AI program creates a 1:1 exact copy of a signature, it's not just interpreting an art style,
Do you think it just crops out the signature and stamps it on?

No. 1436334

idk if this is actually that unpopular of an opinion but i don't have an issue with people "speaking about themselves". like, of course it reads as narcissistic when somebody pretends that their experiences are somehow "worth" more than yours, or when somebody is poor at listening/is prone to cutting you off. but it just seems obvious to me that people would speak about themselves a lot, because our own perspective is the only one that we have. and i don't take offense when i discuss one of my own difficulties and somebody relates one of their own experiences to it. and i like to hear about even the mundane elements of my friends' lives. like yeah, tell me what you ate for breakfast, and what your favorite song is, and what you enjoyed or disliked about your most recent date. i love you and i want to know about the things that are important to you. as long as we respect each other equally, you should be able to talk about yourself some, and i should be able to talk about myself some too.

No. 1436335

nice projection. it's easier to create something digitally but it's not easier to learn and get skills from. digital drawing gimps your skill because you're not actually learning anything about how to draw.

No. 1436338

>she doesn't know
I'm sorry, anon.

No. 1436339

Yup, you sound like a dumb scrote who hasn't picked up a pen to draw since highschool, where you drew penises on the desk during history class. It's like your retarded Y chromosome is screaming at us to notice it. Either that or you have end stage female autism and will be transitioning soon.

No. 1436341

i'm done trying to explain to ai fag how it actually works because she/he is too dead set on defending it and digging their heels in about being wrong. i hope someone falls for the grift because you're really dead set on believing all that.

No. 1436342

So, you actually agree that it's easier, but you got mad because you thought I was saying it "takes less skill"? Please learn to read.

You sound like an actual unhinged scrote or tranny writing fanfics about dicks and highschool, please seek help.

No. 1436347

The issue is that I and literally anyone else who actually knows about this does know, but I guess it's more fun to rage about made-up concepts. Once again, if it's "all over the place", please show me. I'll be happy to be wrong, because that'd mean anons aren't being willfully idiotic.

Where's the defense? I pointed out something wrong, had "That's just dev BS, I'm right, trust me!!" screeched at me with no proof, then got called a shill/grifter for reasons I still don't get. You've been wrong.

No. 1436348

it's clearly a guy. reasoning with him is useless (and i'm pretty sure he thinks we're all samefagging) i stopped responding when i realized they think all these programs work the way they read about. maybe that fake nude photo of bernie sanders would help them understand that they're wrong but it's not my problem if they're choosing to be stupid. he really doesn't get it. and yes i read what he linked, he really doesn't understand what it's saying.

No. 1436352

aren't you getting tired of lugging those goalposts around?

No. 1436359

What goalposts? I asked to see proof it's just photobashed images.

No. 1436361

…How do you think AI that uses photographs works then? Do you really think that AI programs make unique pieces that simply "copy the styles".

No. 1436367

Like I said, the "img2img" function isn't the default mode of AI art generators. You have to actually input one specific image (not many) for it to edit, and at point, it's more like a fiter with AI-generated details added on than a standalone "AI art" image. There's a difference between that and model use.

No. 1436373

Samefag, again, before the "It's a scrote grift NFT cuck trying to shill AI" sperging starts again, that doesn't make it acceptable, but it's the reason why it can't just be "banned" easily.
Specific images that are edited using AI could easily be banned, but when it comes to images that are generated purely from prompts and directed to work within the parameters of a style, the whole "Does it 'count'?" argument comes into play. We need better anti-AI arguments about this, because every time this misconception about collaging or copy/pasting springs up, it gets shut down by anyone who knows about it.

No. 1436374

this is just one of those "if you have to ask" things i guess. if you actually understood anything in >>1436182 you'd understand that it's saying it's photobashing on a pixel by pixel level. that's what the "noise" is in ai art. it can't interpret what to put in that space so it throws pieces of things from the database on top of it. it's really not that complicated. it literally draws off the database to compile pieces from it into art. what's so hard about this? that's how it generates art and how it "copies" art styles, it's literally taking pieces from them and sorting them. all it's doing is sorting pieces of drawings from a database.

No. 1436376

Genshin Impact guys don't have any sex appeal and I don't understand the obsession. They didn't even try to make them hot and they barely register as guys to me, especially their models make them look like they have small shoulders and wide hips. Meanwhile all of the girls are overly sexualized.

No. 1436378

images that are generated purely from prompts
you mean keywords. you really don't understand how rudimentary ai shit is. they got you fooled real good.

No. 1436381

i don't get why people praise it as some female gaze game. it's fucking from china, are they ignoring all the male fanservice? they probably think that no muscle man = no male gaze or something.

No. 1436390

It's "photobashing" if you consider pattern recognition and shaping based around parameters to be "photobashing", and at that point, you might as well argue that all artists photobash when they create from reference. If you generate an image of a dog with AI, it's not a bunch of dogs mashed together, it's the trained data of what a "dog" looks like being used to create something standalone. This is what you don't get, especially if you're the anon who thought models and neural networks had nothing to do with this from the start and was calling everything "dev BS".

There's a difference between a keyword and a prompt. If you knew how embeddings, inversions or anything model-related worked, you'd know this and not liken the two.

No. 1436395

you're being lied to. how many times do we need to repeat that?

No. 1436397

Do you have a single shred of proof? Have you ever used this kind of software? If you haven't, you've literally swallowed lies and think screeching in every direction will help artists. It won't.

No. 1436402

>If you generate an image of a dog with AI, it's not a bunch of dogs mashed together, it's the trained data of what a "dog" looks like being used to create something standalone.
This is what you are confused about. AI doesn't create something standalone based on "learning what a dog is supposed to be". The database itself is being used to frankenstein the pieces of images together. This is why people compare it to photobashing. The AI doesn't use the database as a reference, it's a repository. That's why drawings of real things or photos are always messed up slightly and need to be altered.

No. 1436408

you don't have any proof either. the reference you posted supports that it's just complex photobashing you're just too up your own ass to get that. you keep saying how you really "get" what's happening but all you've done was really buy into what they're selling you.

No. 1436410

>The database itself is being used to frankenstein the pieces of images together.
If this is the case, there should be posts demonstrating just this. Either you or other anon claimed that you can find the "exact images the AI took bits from" in >>1436023, and that there's a service being made that "identifies what images were stolen from" in >>1436157. A link to either of these would be great, and the whole thing could be put to rest.

No. 1436416

If literally everything that explains it is just "what they're selling" (still haven't paid shit and never will), you've never used this for yourself to see how it works, and you also can't post any proof of what you're claiming besides insisting everything is a mass NFT conspiracy, then there's no end to this.

No. 1436422

are you esl? i'm trying to say it's a lie. the program doesn't work the way the companies claim it does. if you don't believe that, sorry. but i'm done. i can't explain it to you any other way.

No. 1436426

>They're lying (Source: just trust me)
Yeah, that's not believable. Goodnight, anon.

No. 1436430

stop trying to help the scrote understand. He's dug his heels into the ground and will never admit he was wrong and a woman was correct, it's boring as hell and he's probably jobless so he'll keep this up all day.

No. 1436434

File: 1670444879974.jpg (558.6 KB, 3000x1688, 22wednesday-review-videoSixtee…)

There's no reason for Wednesday to be so badly written. There's a lot to work with when it comes to Wednesday herself and her family, but it's like they got the laziest writers and spent all the budget on advertising. None of the new characters they introduced are interesting, all the moids are unattractive, and the "mystery" is contrived. It's hard to get invested in any of the relationship stuff it tries to push. I'm mostly disappointed because this show was shilled absolutely everywhere. Even Euphoria wasn't this bad.
Also, I wasn't mad about Gomez's casting, because he was always ugly to me.

No. 1436438

If this place is around within the next two years the accusing everyone of being a tranny or a scrote will be the new “hi cow”. I’m predicting it.

No. 1436442

Being miserable is a choice and I think many people need to pick themselves up and realize their life isn't that bad. I read the New York Times every day and the comments section on every article no matter how trivial the topic, are people complaining or saying they hate this or that. Grow up and stop whining. I'm so glad I don't have a miserable, woe is me personality like so many others do. I hate and pity them.

No. 1436443

Legit we should just kill homeless men one time one handed me a crumpled up muddy balled up dollar at work

No. 1436447

You most likely aren’t broke or a minority that’s why.

No. 1436449

>I read the New York Times every day

No. 1436451

Probably some rich snob who lives in nyc and drinks Starbucks everyday

No. 1436452

>I read the New York Times

No. 1436453

I agree with you anon. I'll be wearing pigtails even when I'm 80, sue me.

No. 1436455

Firstly people who snore are subhuman. They are the bulldogs of humanity and shouldn't breed.
Secondly cheesecake is a lie. It's not a cake, it's something disgusting pretending to be a cake and all of you who think it's good are manipulated into beliveing it is. It just appeard out of nowhere and suddenly everybody wanted a cheesecake and went on and on about how good it is. Fucking hipsters with their coffe and cheesecake. Cake is good, this sorry excuse for a cake is NOT and that goes for, AND ESPECIALLY FOR, Kish! The salty brother of cheesecake. VILE GARBAGE.

No. 1436461

I hate the bangs so much. It makes it look like a bad goth girl cosplay. They had a formula written and it wasnt going to work, because Addam's family in the 60s went against the white picket fence family dynamic. And the 90s was just a fun, cooky family dynamic. What was Addam's family in 2022 suppose to even offer?

No. 1436464

Average farmer experience is like
>call someone a scrote in one thread
>get called a scrote in another thread
>rinse and repeat
It's the scrotoid-karmic cycle

No. 1436467

A functional family unit in which Wednesday and her Goff ways are fully supported by her goff family. Tired of the same "teen girl rebels against mom, gets a boyfriend and has a bestie that's her polar opposite but they're inseparable" dynamic. I loved the OG Addams family but ofc nothing good is just allowed to stay good. Why does Wednesday Addams need a fuckin love interest just let her be actually antisocial

No. 1436475

This is such a minor thing, but I hated looking at her face just because it always seems like the actress is pushing her jaw out. I don't know if that's actually part of the performance or that's just the actress' normal face, but it looks uncomfortable.
In the end it's just a generic YA novel template story mixed with the Addams family IP for marketability. There was zero vision here.

No. 1436477

i love when anons end an arguement by calling an anon a scrote and other buzzwords because it just shows how terminally asshurt they are. its utterly hilarious to see what an anon will make up to feel right when they've made themselves look fucking retarded. "Look at this retard that thinks digital art is easier!?! you still have to learn to draw!!" this anon is so stupid she needs a handler kek

No. 1436574

Female friends who snitch on their cheating friends were just jealous haters looking for a reason to one up their friend

No. 1436583

t. cheater who got caught

No. 1436587

Wish this kind of thing was actually common, unfortunately everyone likes to quietly watch the drama and "not meddle in someone else's business"
my "friends" were aware my ex was cheating around and saying he doesn't love me for a good year before I found out but didn't want to meddle, it was years ago and i feel like I'll never process this betrayal

No. 1436588

Real. If my friends put me in mortal danger to protect the perceived dignity of a man I would beat her to death with a fucking pole, send her to meet Nigel in hell.

No. 1436597

Unless you're a lesbian this will never happen. Scrotes cover for their cheating scrote friends all the time. In the rare cases where they don't, it's usually because he wants to fuck you and feels like his friend doesn't deserve to have "both".

Based. Scrotes will pretty much never rat out their friends. Women should behave similarly. If I was cheating on my moid and a friend snitched I'd assume she's a giant pickme, or that she's a giant pickme who wants my Nigel.

No. 1436601

I have no trust in moids to do the right thing ever, but it were women in my case, who acted like best, kindest, supportive friends to me while knowing very well whats going on. That's why it hurts, because I used to believe in women much more.

No. 1436615

I don't totally agree with this but I'd definitely rat out a male friend cheating on his gf quicker than a female friend cheating on her bf if I'm being honest. I don't like anybody expecting me to hold up a lie for them and would have a hard time seeing them as a friend after that, but I'd feel worse for the "victim" of the cheating if it was a woman. Actually I'd probably just stop hanging out with the friend bringing her moid around and expecting me to look him in the eyes and act normal when I know he's being cheated on rather than expose anything.

No. 1436633

A man is liable to get violent if he finds out about cheating, so I would never snitch just in case he harms her. I would tell her to dump his ass though, if he's not good enough to be exclusive with he's not worth her time at all.

No. 1436645

A lot of careers require too much school. There is no reason someone needs to be in school longer than a year to become a nurse for example.

No. 1436654

>There is no reason someone needs to be in school longer than a year to become a nurse for example
You kidding?

No. 1436670

I will never understand coworkers who come in on their day off to hang out. If you already work there 3-6x a week coming in on a day off to spend even more time there seems retarded. Unless you're getting some form of benefit like free wifi, access to something, or lunch.

No. 1436697

No I’m not. Most of the stuff nurses do cnas are doing with like 4 months of training.

No. 1436700

Same fag also I think to become a doctor it should only take 4 years. 8 years is so unnecessary

No. 1436706

Agreed, and also doctor's should be trusted based on skill, not necessarily a degree. We get many corrupt doctors who barely know how to do their actual job and also prey on patients, yet they still are able to be in the field simply because they had the money to attend the classes for 8 years.

No. 1436721

Female loneliness is so much worse than male loneliness. Boring pick me friends who you can’t tell anything to, scrotes who just want sex, having to be scared every night because you live alone and there’s always some creep wanting to end your life because you exist. At least scrotes have their equally terrible loyal friends who they can tell any disgusting thing to.

No. 1436726

Women get mad at their friends cheating on their scrote as if they are being cheated on themselves

No. 1436738

They could have a really shitty home life. When I was living with my parents I would come into work sometimes on my day off to have lunch with my friend who also worked there. We weren't even that close but I wanted to get away from my loud crazy mom.

No. 1436741

I CONSTANTLY see men bragging about how easily men make friends with each other because women are too crazy and not as "chill" as men, but then turn around and talk about how lonely they are. Literally go outside and start conversations with every person you see for about a week and you will have friends if you're a moid. Women don't have that option because other women are reasonably guarded and usually stick to the friends they already have, and men will take advantage of friendly women. It's not like men have high standards for friends anyway. My ex always complained about his friends being cringe, annoying, embarrassing, racist, etc., but still happily moved in with them when he left me. Mf went to George Floyd protests but is now living with a white guy who calls everyone nigger, but it's ok because they like the same anime. If men share one hobby or can make each other laugh they will be friends, you'd have to be unfathomably retarded to not have friends as a man.

No. 1436751

Scrotes also can get relationships so much easier. Even school shooters had friends who hung out with them despite knowing they were unhinged. I think by lonely they mean they don’t have hot chicks to give them money and be their house keeper.

No. 1436770

Hard agree, especially with the pickme friends. I feel terrible thinking this, but it's so discouraging how soulless so many women are. Obviously you nonnies don't count <3 I can't say I have experience with moids being creepy towards me, but one thing for sure is that at least when a moid doesn't fit in with other moids, they always have the option to befriend women and be embraced. A woman don't have that option as men don't see women as anything but holes or liaisons to access a more favourable hole. It sucks how little spaces thee are for women who are outcasts, it could have probably saved so many women from falling into the aiden/4chan trap.

No. 1436784

They are not writing Wednesday Addams. This is an original story with the Addams family characters pasted on. It's like the worst fanfic.

No. 1436836

There's more than just wound dressing and vital signs that goes into nursing.

No. 1436844

Like what passing meds?lol

No. 1436851

inserting catheders and hitting old people

No. 1436854

Which doesn’t take 4 years Tom learn kek

No. 1436856

not paki-chan, but some of you yaoi lovers really just have a porn addiction and you should definitely consider therapy instead of writing essays on why you can reclaim being a fujoshi lmao

No. 1436858

>not one hot, long haired male
Should've scrapped it all.
Anyway, anyone else wanted to kts when she described her friend as emojis?

No. 1436862

Fuck no anon, if my friend is cheating on her bf, i will resent her for telling me. Her moid will most likely flip out on me is he found out she confided in me for it. I'm sorry, but I wouldn't give a shit about what he did to my friend, it's every woman for herself and I don't want to be involved. I can't even get mad at the scrote if he gets upset, it's just a very cringey situation and I don't really want to be friends with drama whores.

No. 1436866

You sound boring and lame

No. 1436870

Boring because i don't like covering for the crimes of a retard and having beef with a potentially violent scrote? Ok. I'd rather they get beaten by the scrote and not me.

No. 1436874

Nta Medication education, diagnosing, assisting with surgery and procedures, doing small surgeries themselves, setting up a care plan, prescribing medication, being an EMT etc. 2,5-4 years for the basis, during a shortage there are fast track programs, 1 year specialization afterwards to as an example surgery assistant or EMT. Might be different in other countries.

No. 1436879

Going too hard on the bait.

No. 1436889

We should behead cheaters, not even joking. I'm sick of degenerates and how they always shift blame and call everybody who calls their shit out a prude or a boring grandma.

No. 1436894

>I'm sorry, but I wouldn't give a shit about what he did to my friend, it's every woman for herself and I don't want to be involved.
Doesn't sound much like a friendship, more an acquaintance, or you have a low standard of connection for when you call someone a friend. I'd help mine with hiding a dead body, metaphorically speaking of course. If you wouldn't care that they'd be harmed, they're not your friend.

No. 1436906

i feel like this is probably bait but i'm biting.

i fucking hate cheaters, and i try to surround myself with people with similar values to my own so luckily i've never dealt with this. i'm gay, i don't want your man and i am not jealous. i don't care what anyone thinks of me or one upping you. it's about you doing a shitty thing to someone you're supposed to love. tbh doesn't even matter at all what the gender of the friend and their partner. i just cannot stand people who can't just use their words to say they don't want to be with their partner anymore. it is not hard at all. i will cover and lie for my friends if it's an understandable situation, but i've almost never seen a good reason for cheating.

obviously exceptions, i feel like with women being outed for cheating can put them in danger (although this is easily avoidable by not being a whore), but in a situation where i knew the other partner would react badly (or do not know them well enough to know what they would do) i probably would not say shit but just cut off the friend. i don't fuck with cheaters regardless.

No. 1436926

My unpopular opinion then is that I have more respect for straight women who cheat on their scrotes than straight women who are devoted, loyal and then inevitably get used up and discarded. I have sympathy for both, but I feel like it's to a certain degree stupid and misguided to be loyal to a creature who can't be loyal back anyway statistically speaking. Straight relationships are different from lesbian relationships.

No. 1436941

Just like most scrotes are awesome and giving friends but treat their partners like crap, I believe women can be the same. Just because she’s treating her bf like shit doesn’t mean she won’t be a good and loyal friend to me.

No. 1436949

nta if anything, if they're not overly devoted to their Nigel, they probably isolate themselves less, spend more time with their friends and are actually better and more loyal friends than the type who will be super devoted and spend all her time in a bubble with Nigel, until shit inevitably blows up and she's left isolated and alone. They'll also be less likely to throw women under the bus to protect scrotes.

No. 1436951

I understand why you'd think this way but in my experience, I've never known a single person who shamelessly cheats that doesn't also have some other thing wrong with them morally, or at the very least will project and harshly judge and ridicule other cheaters. My best friend in college was cheating on her bf (she didn't even tell me lol I found her "anonymous" messages on a local forum) but she would always say cheating should be illegal and also was extremely misogynistic. Very few people are cheating "strategically". They're doing it because they are selfish, manipulative, or lack impulse control.

True, but having a life with your friends outside of your bf doesn't mean you can't be loyal. How would a woman who is entertaining TWO men be a better friend?

No. 1436955

Why were you "friends" with an extremely misogynistic person in the first place? I think that's the bigger problem than the cheating. If I have a friend in a straight relationship who comes back from a business trip and had some sort of fling while there, I'm not going to suddenly drop her and act like she's a morally bankrupt and a bad friend. She didn't cheat on me, she cheated on her Nigel, who is probably cheating himself or at least wishes he could. College students in general aren't exactly renowned for being selfless and having impulse control, so they're not really a great metric in general.

No. 1436956

Narcan is a good idea in theory but too many junkies rely on it and are too comfortable with over dosing because of it. I haaaaate when they whine about how its everyone's moral duty to carry narcan for emergencies because "it could save a life" fuck off its not my problem you choose to be an irresponsible junkie.

No. 1436958


>I've never known a single person who shamelessly cheats that doesn't also have some other thing wrong with them morally

yeah this, or they just have other issues in general. that's why i don't fuck with cheaters lol. i also just hate it when people don't hold their friends to any standards because 'they're nice to me though!' i've seen that logic to justify a lot of shitty behaviour

No. 1436959

I'd been her best friend for years, and I was dumb and didn't know how to end friendships. I grew a spine eventually and just never talked to her again. Your example is understandable tbh, I'd mind my business in that case especially if the friend is already a good friend to me.

No. 1436964

artfags have the most inane arguments to the extent that its become annoying to even have to read posts like 'well actually im an artist and you don't know what you're talking, about sit down.'

and i do traditional and digital art myself but seeing people say this shit knowing full well their 'art'is most likely fanart of flavour of the month pokemon characters or something is just funny. you guys have nothing better to do than complain lmao, go study your fundamentals or find literally any better use of your time. like if you work in the industry i might have some respect for someone's opinions, but i really get sick of reading the same tired arguments coming from hobbyists

No. 1436969

One thing for sure, i personally don't give a fuck if somebody overdoses on drugs. There's literally no reason to ever touch them, if something bad happens to you, i don't see why i, somebody who is not a healthcare professional should give a shit.

No. 1436970

You say that, but tbh that's how I feel unironically. I think friends are highly disposable and the minute they inconvenience me they are out of my life immediately. Not worth it for the minor entertainment they give me.

No. 1436975

You sound like you're boring

No. 1436980

I don't feel bad for women in straight relationships. In this year you should know better than to be with fucking scrotes.

No. 1436982

why is anon boring just bc she has standards for her friends? sorry all your friends are shitty people but stop projecting

No. 1436984

i don't think you want friends at all

No. 1436993

some of them say "i work in the industry, i'm a professional" and it turns out they just mean they've done like one "actual" job, and the rest of what they do is shitpost in a group chat with lazy people in between consooming and the occasional FOTM fan art. i feel like for some people, calling themselves "an artist" is the closest thing they have to any sort of prestige, so they're extremely insecure about it.

No. 1437007

"You got abused? Well you shouldn't of been dating men"

No. 1437010

Women "lying" about rape or using makeup or something to fake physical abuse is often a cry for help from an already abusive relationship that simply isn't considered "serious" enough that they can properly express how the relationship traumatized them

No. 1437017

Can you name one good reason to date moids? Nope

No. 1437019

Fuck this thread right now, you people are sucking the fun out of everything, damn.

No. 1437025

ikr it happens all the time. They take minor things too seriously. Twitter mentality is in their brains and they don't even know it.

No. 1437036

It seems like the whole "this is what you signed up for" speech only ever happens to women if women complain about things like shitty PTSD inducing jobs yet I never see people dare tell military moids, cop moids or anything else "this is what they signed up for" when they discuss the hardships of their job

No. 1437037

It's even worse when you're a woman who is raising a kid with a moid. You're setting up your kids for sexual abuse. Disgusting. Wives really are huge pickmes who sell off their daughters

No. 1437040

Agreed, people should say it to more moids, kekk.

No. 1437042

It always makes me roll my eyes when someone uses "You're a scrote" for shit that has nothing to do with scrotes. You can tell it's some weird bruised ego thing, they want to "punish" other anons.

No. 1437043

I sometimes feel this way too, anon. But it won't ever do any good to say so. Women will always attack other women for pointing out that their Nigel is the person most likely to rape, beat, and kill them. The truth about how fucking awful men are is too disgusting to deal with and women would rather live in denial and delusion.

No. 1437047

I got called a scrote for saying drugstore makeup is just a good as expensive brands lmfao as if scrotes give two shits

No. 1437048

uh anon, the anon itt being called a scrote clearly was one. read what you're replying to.

No. 1437054

I did, nothing about what that anon said is scrotelike just because they disagreed on how AI works and said digital art is easier to create. Stop doing this shit.

No. 1437056

Gen x is just as bad, if not worse than their boomer counterparts. Theyve done their fair share to steal from and fuck over the generations after them.. I think a lot of the flack boomers get is misdirected anger which should be pointed towards gen x. Gen x are some of the most selfish parents and grandparents I've ever seen.

No. 1437059

>claiming everyone who has a problem with ai art is a twitterfag
>not male
sure thing, anon.

No. 1437064

That's not what they said, but alright. Anyway, anons calling "scrote" over everything has become a problem. I hope it peters down, but I know infights are just like that.

No. 1437068

Some people on here just seem like they’re desperate to “win” any disagreement they get into. If they fail they just start calling the other person a scrote/tranny. If they deny it, they’ll just keep barking “scrote! Tranny!” For hours on end. Possibly even go into /meta and say “there’s a tranny in x thread!! The person is infighting!”.

No. 1437069

NTA but they did say that multiple times. Them claiming that the only people who are angry "don't understand how AI works" when they don't seem to understand why people are mad is very scrote behavior. They were just saying the same thing over and over again. And they're wrong about digital art. Who am I kidding you're probably them.

No. 1437073

Now there are drugs circulating with animal tranquilizers that Narcan doesn't work on

No. 1437079

>Possibly even go into /meta and say “there’s a tranny in x thread!! The person is infighting!”.
I've seen that so many times, it's wild. "Mods, ban this person for arguing with me (and no, I won't stop arguing with them)". When I suspect a scrote, I just report and let the mods handle it. The funniest part is when they try to make it seem like being rude or disregarding each other is scrote behavior, when they're literally doing it too.

No. 1437081

great ai art faggot is back. china isn't going to fuck you, shill.

No. 1437082

Ghost World is the shittest film I’ve ever seen in my fucking life and the scrote who wrote it needs to burn in hell forever. It’s about some teenage girls who are close (Thora birch, scarlet Johansson) friends but they decide to prank Steve buschemi when he leaves a pathetic advert in the papers. He’s like forty years old and she’s seventeen. For some reason Thora birches character falls in love with him, fucks him and treats her best friend who always has her back and just wants to move in with her like shit. In the end she’s so triggered by him getting a gf his own age that she basically storms off in a huff and disappears. He realises in the end that he’s more compatable with the seventeen year old because he’s a man child so he starts flipping out and ends up in a mental hospital. So why bother moving in with your best friend when you can throw it all away to fuck some ugly forty year old scrote? And then move away to a place where nobody knows you, away from your friend and your nice dad? Stupid pickme bitch. But she’s so qUiRkY so it’s ok. She just hated being around scarletts character because she gets more moid attention and that’s the only thing this moron cares about.

No. 1437085

File: 1670489708548.jpeg (238.85 KB, 1000x900, C0EACA71-00C6-472A-ADA8-50DFD1…)

Waaaaah life is so hard because scrotes want to fuck my friend more than they do me! That’s not fair I wear quirky clothes with bins and shit on them waaaah!

No. 1437086

Anons who insist everyone is the last person they argued with are embarrassing. Let your infights go.

No. 1437089

Agreed. I fucking hate that movie

No. 1437092

maybe don't sound like the idiot they were arguing with then?

No. 1437094

Take your meds already.

No. 1437098

what the hell are you talking about?

No. 1437102

Everyone is saying how old men date young girls but I literally don’t know a single friend or even a distant acquaintance my age who is dating someone over 7 years older than her. Even the pretty ones that don’t wanna work snatched young attractive rich guys. No one wants old men even if they’re rich unless they’re straight up celebrity rich which is like 0.00000001% of older men. And celebrity rich women also get much younger bfs so don’t worry about this scrote cope.

No. 1437110

What I said.

No. 1437114

are you implying i was someone who was arguing with you?

No. 1437116

No? That's literally what you were doing, I'm saying to give it a rest.

No. 1437121

In my personal experience, I've only really seen high school girls go for older guys. Even most of my mom's friends are dating younger attractive men. Old men's value on the dating market is very low, and only mentally disturbed young women, that are memed into dealing with their mental problems through fucking old scrotes are falling for it.

No. 1437126

I only knew one girl who had a large age gap (got pregnant with a 40 something at 19) and they hated each other, I think they fucked and got drunk and then tried to ghost each other, he only let her live with him while pregnant and then she got kicked out after the baby came and she posted a bunch of tiktoks about shitty baby daddies. They exist for sure but any girl who thinks an older man will respect, love or care for them is delusional

No. 1437130

File: 1670494806918.jpg (56.65 KB, 493x600, chad and stacy.jpg)

Tourists who complain about a place being full of tourists and joke about not wanting to be "dumb tourists" are way worse than said dumb normie tourists.

I live in a city that's tourist-heavy year-round. I can avoid packs of Chinese people shepherded around by their tour guide. I can avoid retired Kevins and Susans visiting the famous sites, I just don't go there. I can avoid any obvious tourist or at the very least talk to them when I feel like it.
I can't avoid Becky and Olivia filming tiktoks in my small bumfuck nowhere town, desperately cosplaying Europeans and annoying the locals with their idiocy when they inevitably get lost, scammed or hurt because they got piss drunk on cheap wine and expect strangers to babysit them. Like, sorry babe, you're not the main character, you're literally an even dumber tourist.

No. 1437134

I think it's only a very specific demographic that would date older men, and if you're in such environment you'd think everyone does so, but if you're not then it would seem like it's not even happening. When you watch reality tv a lot of these girls there (so you know, super pretty and vain ones) say they tend to date much older men; but me being a semi-hikki retard of course don't know anyone like this IRL. Maybe if I was partying a lot I would

No. 1437135

isnt the whole point that in the end, once enid sleeps w buscemis character, she realises it was completely dissatisfying and a mistake, and she immediately regrets it and ghosts his ass. and then the movie basically paints him as pathetic for wanting this 17 year old girl over the stable age appropriate gf he had, and it literally shows him moving back in w his mother like a pathetic loser. meanwhile enid gets on that bus which is meant to be some kind of metaphor i suppose for leaving her old shitty life behind and starting anew.
youre allowed to hate the film but i feel like your criticisms are kind of missing the point, idk

No. 1437141

Agreed, also anons who assume they know which anon posted what are embarrassing and annoying.

No. 1437152

Ayrt and I party a lot, somehow managed to have one friend group that are total nerds and the other are party girls and the party girls seem to date younger rather than older. Some even lie about their age to get with much younger guys, like 10 years younger which is a bit much imo. My mom works in reality tv (administration) and it’s all fake, even the relationships, everyone also cheats on everyone when they “date”.
Maybe it’s cultural but I honestly think that while young women used to date older men for resources now it’s a pure scrote cope that they’ll get a hot young gf in their perceived middle age prime (around 40). It happens but it’s really rare.

No. 1437159

I've known plenty of trashy people in my life so I've seen a lot, starting from pedo shit to fresh 20-s dating 30-40 year old scrotes. No one really wants a 35+ man though, so I don't know where incels get that cope. These relationships were also 96% about financial support either directly or indirectly.

No. 1437168

hate that waste of time movie so much and i watched it exactly at the age/stage in life enid was in. couldnt stand her at all she was so insufferable and ungrateful but i feel bad for her for what that creepy scrote did to her, i agree with the previous anon who said the movie clearly painted him as pathetic and its really only in this instance that i felt bad for enjd because he was just taking advantage of her. yuck. otherwise she made me angry the whole time and i couldnt sympathize with her at all even though i was also drifting apart my only friend back then

No. 1437170

They usually think they're a nymphette or something but in reality most of them are just ugly and greasy with mental problems

No. 1437176

The best protein bars are the kind that taste like a mouthful of vaguely artificial flavored dirt that has been pressed into the shape of a rectangle. The ones that taste like a delicious candy bar are cheating.

No. 1437204

For real, I was eating some protein bar that tasted great and I checked the wrapping and it said it was something like 30% protein and 40% sugar.

No. 1437243

I also live and work in a tourist heavy location and I’ve had tourists come up to me while I’m busy and ask me “what’s a nice place to go where there are no tourists?” Idfk man, McDonald’s? The job centre? Fuck off why don’t you? I can’t afford to go to any of these places and I’m supposed to know the crowd that frequents these places?

No. 1437247

>My best friend in college was cheating on her bf (she didn't even tell me lol I found her "anonymous" messages on a local forum) but she would always say cheating should be illegal and also was extremely misogynistic.

Your college friend had it right.
Women cheat for justified reasons and it is more logically sound for women to cheat when relationships with scrotes will often disadvantage them or put them at some kind of risk where they stand to lose.
Men cheat because they are entitled and spoiled misogynists who think not having dinner made for them is abuse, or that their women being too sick or exhausted to fuck every night makes them frigid. Men cheat for no damn good reasons.

No. 1437257

File: 1670507827280.jpeg (71.15 KB, 533x640, 1EDC477B-C3EE-4FAE-A04D-E3132F…)

This game should get canned. It’s literally just pedobait. No one even knows how it plays and the only discussion surrounding it are moids talking about how they want to fuck the little girl.
It’s bad enough when it’s lolicon but this looks like a real child.

No. 1437260

Why does every modern game looks souless like this

No. 1437263

Technology went far enough to give us realistic graphics so a bunch of games don't even give a fuck about art direction anymore.

No. 1437296

It’s interesting how easily straight women are manipulated and abused by their scrote but they suddenly understand poor treatment when it’s from their female friends. They will dump a friend for missing one birthday dinner but will stay in a relationship with a man punching their lips in for years. Make it make sense.

No. 1437299

I get what you are saying but if a woman is being beat, she's being brainwashed and abused. A lot of abused women protect their abusive boyfriends, it's not just out of "Pick Me-ism" but a deeper more mental thing.
Also, if a girl is getting her "Lip punched" by a scrote but cutting her friends off for missing a birthday party or something, I don't know maybe it's some kind of isolation going on? Maybe I'm over thinking it.

No. 1437301

I just noticed women have every excuse for staying with a scrote but can drop their friend immediately over anything

No. 1437303

I hate what modern games have become. All they care about is realistic graphics, zero gameplay, zero story.
Why are all men pedos??

No. 1437306

Tons of them are living with the scrotes so it's harder to just up and leave in some situations. Sometimes they have a codependency issue along with it, maybe the scrote makes her become reliant on him by taking lower paying jobs, etc. Obv her female friends missing a birthday party isn't something to lose a friend over and it sounds more like displaced anger towards an external stressor instead of the man in the room.

No. 1437307

that's what the movie is about!? Nonnies on the movie thread played it a while back. Mental illness. Girls who dump their friends for men are garbage. I dont understand why so many women do this. Also, the girl on the right (Not scarjo) looks annoying as fuck. Sleeping with a 40 year old man as a teen is disgusting.

No. 1437308

I agree but I just don't like the idea of bringing up abuse. Like that brings a while nother situation into it.
Dumping your friend and staying what your cheating fucked up scrote? Shitty. Letting a man treat you however but having high standards for female friends? Shitty.
Being in abusive relationship with a scrote and staying with him but dropping friends over tiny petty shit? It's deeper then that. I say this as someone whose watched this situation with a relative and knew it wasn't simple as-
>Dumb pick me bitch, gets beat on by her boyfriend but stopped talking to me because I didn't answer her call.
He was literally isolating her, making her feel like nobody but him could be trusted. Everytime something would happen with a friend, she always took it as, "nobody cares like he does" or some weird shit.
Thats all i'm saying

No. 1437309

There a lot of 'not my nigel' posters on lolcow. It's insufferable.

No. 1437312

Japanophiles be like 'But it's not a real child. It's art!'
I don't know if this is a JP game or not, but if it is, that's even more disturbing.

No. 1437314

RIP to your skin though. I think drugstore eyeliner and eyeshadows are whatever, but I am not putting cheap ass foundation on my face.

No. 1437315

Most women are pickmes 100%

No. 1437318

I always see women saying it came as a shock to them when their nigel ended up a porn addict, cheater or an ass suddenly and I don’t believe it. Men are so bad at being fake and hiding their true personality I highly doubt after 3 months there were no signs at all. Or you could just really be stupid and oblivious.

No. 1437319

Women need to stop complaining about scrotes and then turn around to fuck one. It's pathetic.

No. 1437321

It absolutely is, you'd never see so much effort into making a child "beautiful" in a western game

No. 1437325

A lot of the complaining about straight women being straight is getting annoying, we get it, You hate scrotes ( I hate 99% of them as well) but straight women date men. Just because we sleep with/date men doesn't mean that whatever happens to us doesn't matter because, "Why did you date a man in the first place?"
Comes off like some weird victim blaming shit, to excuse/silence women who want to speak out about Men who just so happen to be staight.

No. 1437327

That's horrifying. Japanese men should be nuked or castrated. Why are so many of them obsessed with pedophilia?

No. 1437331

There is really not a good reason to date men though. Would you date a rabid animal? Straight women get so defensive and act like they have zero control of their actions. Of course I am talking about straight wine in developed countries that have a ton of alternatives to dating and getting fucked by men

No. 1437333

Ntayrt but you are obviously extremely misogynistic. I'm getting a hint of sour grapes, too.

No. 1437337

Agreed. There's nuance to it, I generally feel like women shouldn't strive to be in a relationship or pursue them but if you find yourself with a good man (very rare but not impossible) idk why people think they have every right to criticise you for it. You cannot change your sexuality or being attracted to men, but you can change and heighten your standards and improve your own life so that you would reduce the risk of being with a deadbeat scrote and know what signs to spot and be unapologetic about having high standards in the first place.
If women are attracted to men they're not going to stop wanting to date them or be in love with them. The most practical solution is to get women to first focus on themselves, make sure they're mentally well, financially stable and have high standards in males etc before dating is on the table. And btw, I don't like the emphasis on relationship/dating culture either as if it's essential but there are always going to be women who, at some point in their life, would like a boyfriend and potential husband.

No. 1437338

In straight myself but I wonder why other straight women put themselves through the work of dating men.
>have to make sure you don’t fuck him to early so that he doesn’t feel he has too much power over you or doesn’t ghost you
>have to play hard to get so he doesn’t think you’re easy
>have to play it cool during the talking stage and deal with ghosting and waiting for him to come back 3 weeks later etc
>have to fake it during sex

The list goes on and on. Seems like a full time job that you aren’t getting paid for.

No. 1437339

I like slow rain sounds more than loud thunderstorms as sound videos to sleep with. YouTube still keeps shoving very loud thunderstorms to me though.

No. 1437342

Nobody needs to give you a reason. This kind of shit comes off like, "There's no reason not to date a transwoman if you are into women" type of conversation.
I agree, MOST men suck, but If you are sexually attracted to men then date them. So what? Straight women should force themselves to be with other women? Or just not date at all??
i'm not a "Not all men" just a "date who you are attracted too" type of person. It's another way to shame/blame women for a MALE problem. Straight women should'nt get abused or treated badly simply for being straight and into men. It's a MALE issue, so why should women be the one to solve it instead of the men who are the problem? The only advice I give is vet men, date men who you truly like and seem to be good.
There's very few but straight women like men, and thats not going to stop so what can we do? I can complain about scrotes and the issues with scrotes, even to a scrote i'm dating and still be right about those issues. Sleeping with me/dating me won't solve the issue of scrotes anyway.

No. 1437343

You don't have to do any of this shit though. THIS is taking responsblity and doing what you want and checking the fuck out when things aren't what you want.

No. 1437344

Agree! I'm a lesbian, but I wish more women would empower themselves first. So many women rely on men financially. They dont even own properly in their own name or have a degree. You hear about so many women living with scrotes and have no where to go. Please love yourselves first, ladies.
I'm not going to be angry about women's choice in their spouse, but women being financially independent is so very important.

No. 1437345

Nta I don’t think women should have to become lesbians. I think they need to go about dating in a new way because what we are doing now makes us look like clowns.

No. 1437347

You do have to do that with most men though or be single

No. 1437348

I like men but I don't date them, it's not that hard, I like dicks and muscles but I wouldn't touch a scrote nor I would pursue romance with them they're not capable of emotion

No. 1437349

Youtube keeps recommending me channels I have zero interests in. Then when i tell them to hide/not recommend anymore, they still pop up. wtf youtube

No. 1437350

same anon, ALSO Lesbians have been getting attacked by men in dresses daily, so it's not like "Not dating men" fixes the issue anyway, even for women not attracted to men. They still stick their dicks where they want and if they are violent, they'll do it to whatever woman they can

No. 1437351

I dunno who that other anon is but you dont choose who you want to date and it's not fair to place the blame solely on women who want to date men. I think my personal issue is when women throw other women under the bus FOR male attention and other men. Or they dont give a shit about feminism.

No. 1437352

and thats your choice, saying "it's not that hard" is silly, yeah it's not hard for you, but other women live different lives. I feel icky because I feel I'm defending scrotes, when I'm really trying to defend the weird logic of
>Dont feel sorry for women who are straight, just don't date men
It's retarded

No. 1437354

Pick Me-ism is 100% a huge issue and I too have issues with women who put dicks above everything

No. 1437356

What is it about scrotes that makes it so hard for you not to fuck them?most of you aren’t even having orgasms

No. 1437357

Let's just agree there's no point in dating men unless you are extremely discerning and are able to drop them as soon as they show any sign of being misogynistic, abusive, ambivalent, emotionally retarded, lacking empathy. Otherwise you'll just end up in being abused and taken advantage of 99% of the time.

No. 1437358

If women actually united and stood together, so much could get done. Women are 100 percent smarter and stronger than men. We can build society. We have babies and are academically better in every way than men. I love being a woman and I wish so bad we could stop fighting each other.

No. 1437360

Reasons to date someone:
Most women don't cum from dick
Men are incapable of feeling
Then, what's the reason you're pursuing them? Delusion?

No. 1437361

I feel like i'm getting trolled and someone is snickering behind the keyboard or something, so i'm no longer continuing this conversation with you

No. 1437368

If a woman needs to have orgasm free sex that badly that’s fine but I do think women need to go about dating differently and stop hoping they are going to find a decent one to truly fall inlove with.

No. 1437370

>Most women don't cum from dick
This is why I refuse to do PIV and only receive oral/clit stimulation. What the fuck is the point of risking pregnancy if you're not going to orgasm at least 100 times from it.

No. 1437372

>extremely discerning

I think one of the main issues is that most women have no idea how to differentiate a man genuinely liking them and love bombing despite it being super obvious

No. 1437373

I've never met a pick-me and I'm starting to think only femcels can actually see them

No. 1437376

>because it didnt happen to me, it's not real!

No. 1437381

She didn't say that weirdo

No. 1437382


Straight women mistake love bombing for romance. “Omg my nigel gave me roses everyday after knowing me a week and took me to 5 star restaurants! I can’t believe he all of a sudden he’s this cold and abusive!”.

No. 1437386

It's confusing because women on average are much more emotionally intelligent than men, yet so easily manipulated by them. I guess it's a matter of lack of self-esteem and self-worth.

No. 1437390

Same thoughts. Also people here seem to be overly obsessed and controlling over other people's relationships, like they think they're actually able to influence people.

No. 1437434

If you genuinely believe femcela exist you probable are a pickme and that's why other pickmes seem normal to you

No. 1437504

Most straight women are pretty stupid

No. 1437515

Calling straight women stupid is not magically going to turn them into lesbians. The problem with sexuality is that it's pretty damn immutable, so us stupid straight women have to deal with the hand we're dealt.

No. 1437521

It’s like of course if a guy is talking about marriage, paying for everything, buying you tons of gifts and complimenting you all the time after knowing you 3 months he’s love bombing but a lot of straight women don’t get this. I personally love to be love bombed and just enjoy it while it lasts.

No. 1437548

glad i'm not the only one that thought that was a shitshow. there are literal deranged people haunting these threads sometimes, kek.

No. 1437562

Calling them stupid isn’t going to make them want to scissor with you, lesbochan

No. 1437588

>another game about a child
Can men think of any new ideas at all?

No. 1437594

You don't actually have to fuck anyone to be straight/gay/bi/whatever.

No. 1437606

Pretty sure there's a cyborg child scp that looks exactly like this.

No. 1437609

NTA but calling out straight women for their stupidity has nothing to do with sexuality. Lesbians dont wanna fuck straight women, especially if they're sleeping with a bunch of stupid men.

No. 1437612

They don't want to fuck us, but they sure are obsessed with our sex lives.

No. 1437614

Wanting to fuck someone who wants to kill you - it couldn’t be me

No. 1437631

Why does it matter so much to you then? If all straight women are just retards, be great and leave them alone, I don't get what you are trying to convince them of?

No. 1437634

Kek, right. They want to say shit like how they are "superior" to straight women and want nothing to do with them, meanwhile they can't go 2 minutes without making petty comments about or criticising their choices. Doesn't add up, really. You'd think if they were so content in their utopic female separatist lesbian communes then they'd just let het women do their thing. Apparently not, though.
The thing is, people like this can't be reasoned with. They apparently don't care about straight women yet can't stop talking about it - consider themselves superior yet exert energy on crying about the straights every day on imageboards and how silly and stupid they must be for wanting to act on their attraction.
You could propose a practical and reasonable solution to all this shit by just saying something like "straight women should be financially/emotionally/mentally stable before dating men" but that's still not a good enough answer for them, they don't care about finding some sort of middle ground and are hellbent on calling them silly retard pickme's instead.

No. 1437643

What it boils down to is that it's really easy to go for separatism if you're actually attracted to women because you don't have to give up every semblance of emotional intimacy and sex. For a straight woman that is a pretty hard task to do and it is annoying when lesbians and bisexuals can't acknowledge that.

No. 1437645

You don’t want people to comment on your dating choices while you’re with the scrote but but when you break up we are all supposed to give you ass pats because you were “groomed “ and “manipulated”. I could respect you more if you just said “yeah I fucked up, learned and I won’t do it again” but you’ll do it again then cry that you were groomed and taken advantage of, rinse and repeat.

No. 1437649

Every single human being wants asspats and hugs when they go through a difficult break up. That goes for lesbians and straight women. What is the point of having friends if you're not there to support each other?

No. 1437656

It’s fine to want comfort after a break up but I don’t like it when straight women use the excuse that they were manipulated in shitty relationships. How were you manipulated when the scrote is doing shit right in front of your face?

No. 1437659

Why the fuck are you talking as if you knew that one anon in particular for several years?

No. 1437663

I really don't care about camwhores abuse or sob stories. You have to deliberately choose to expose yourself online like that when it's a known fact men are evil creatures who like to humiliate women any chance they can get. It's such a pedophilic industry that promotes violence against innocent women and children. Being a camwhore is being a muse to the abuse men want to get off to. Boohoo you decided to self harm by showing your asshole to the world and now it came to bite you back when you decided to stop. Like women aren't babies, they know what they're getting into and I hate that people patronize the retarded choices we make as if we don't fully know the consequences. The only exception is being actually retarded.

No. 1437667

You are just fucking retarded, no true friend would validate self-destructive behaviour. Plenty of women have tossed friends for shit like this and I don't blame them.

No. 1437669

Some people are easily manipulated especially when they are young and naive.

No. 1437673

Plenty of women toss friends for stupid reasons and then they wonder why they have no friends. The art of being empathetic while questioning bad choices is lost on some people.

No. 1437674

Wlw communities have the same problem. How many “uhaul lesbians” end up in toxic relationships with bad boundaries because they move too fast? No one wants to hear their SO is a shit head, while in a relationship even when they are.

No. 1437677

>How were you manipulated when the scrote is doing shit right in front of your face?
Because said scrote will openly disrespect you and then blame everything on you - this is literally how emotional abuse works. Many women and girls don't have the experience, support network, self-esteem or finances to leave a situation like that. How can you not understand this? Honestly, I can't believe I have to explain this shit in 2022.

No. 1437680

You sound incredibly scrote-brained to have the audacity to say shit like this. I hope you get the help you so desperately need.

No. 1437681

I get that but then women tend to leave one bad relationship, learn nothing and just say “well this nigel is different” then proceed to ignore every red flag again and then surprise pikachu when he reveals he’s a pedo or a porn addict.

No. 1437683

File: 1670528264114.gif (2.79 MB, 476x480, 1653944175431.gif)

Lord anon, i hope you are baiting. If you are going to fuck around with shitty scrotes, please stop having female friends who will potentially get caught in the crossfire. That's all we ask. Stop venting, leave everyone alone. Don't call the police either. Rest in your decision.

No. 1437688

>Don't call the police either.
Please fuck off with this bullshit. Nta, but stop pretending like you care about women or hate men if you're just going to say that women with dangerous men shouldn't call authorities to help them.

No. 1437692

There are plenty of lesbians who have had a crush on a straight woman at some point in their life.

No. 1437696

This made me think of asexuals. The ones who are dating a guy and they're like "well I'm asexual but he's not so.." Hearing that always fucks me up for a sec

No. 1437697

Oh definitely, agree. Having a crush isn't the same actively pursuing a straight woman for a relationship however. There are so many beautiful women out there.

No. 1437699

You really don't care about women one bit. It is scary that women can be like this and still call themselves feminist.

No. 1437702

there is obviously a troll here. There are plenty of lesbians on lolcow who dont give a shit, but I have a feeling this person is a moid who keeps calling straight women stupid. I would ignore them

No. 1437705

What the fuck is wrong with you

No. 1437706

Women can be retarded and zero-empathy, doesn't make them moids.

No. 1437707

I feel like “women” with this mentality are just a different breed of NLog. They screech and complain about how they don’t want female friends like that, but also complain how they have no female friends. It’s always like gee I wonder why?

No. 1437708

Too late, already reported it as scrote.

No. 1437711

I guess I’m scrote brained then. Now when my friends come to me with relationship problems I just see it as entertainment. One of my friends recently came to me telling me that her bf secretly met up with a girl from fortnight and she found out but she’s staying with him because he met her platonically. Useless trying to help them.

No. 1437715

You clearly resent them, why even be friends?

No. 1437722

I don’t resent them but I really don’t give a shit about the poor treatment they get from their bfs. One of my friends bf hit on me right in front of her and I have no idea how she didn’t catch that, if I did bring it up she would probably claim I’m trying to take her man. Typical heterosexual delusion.

No. 1437729

I get this shit happening when my friends aren't even straight women. Clinging to toxic all the way. Thats people for you. Thats gays, thats straights, that's just people in shitty relationships.

No. 1437744

>I don’t resent them but I don’t have any empathy for them either
It’s a wonder someone like you even has friends to begin with.

No. 1437747

>Typical heterosexual delusion.
Jealous people come in all sexualities tho kek

No. 1437770

It's best to stop responding. There's someone who said in another thread they like to start arguments on here for fun and/or this is a scrote/troon wanting to start trouble by pretending to be a scorned friend/lesbian who hates men so much, straight women deserve it, don't vent to me, don't call the police. Just take the abuse you deserve for being attracted to men and/or BE SILENT and take the abuse. Which makes me feels this is a scrote the most.

No. 1437778

they don't even look good on children either imo

No. 1437792

Aren’t you complaining about the same shit they are? You don’t like the way they treat you and they would deny you get treated that way. Why are you staying with women who gaslight you? Why are you complaining? Just be alone why disrespect yourself if you’re a boss babe

No. 1437820

File: 1670534582436.jpg (97.43 KB, 1200x630, f579895f-6688-448d-8000-4ca631…)

Blocking out the haters

No. 1437825

I would never interracial date again even though I’m black and my preference is Leonardo DiCaprio types. I’ve never had a good experience with interracial dating. Dating scrotes outside of your race is a recipe for disaster.

No. 1437837

same, and i’m arab. what did you find difficult about it? for me it’s the lack of understanding on their part and casual racism that they expect you to take as a joke

No. 1437841

Racist parents, they hold me to higher standards than their own women, silly unfunny jokes.

No. 1437860

Furries are part of LGBT culture, whether anyone likes it or not.

No. 1437870

Do the police even help women who are being abused? They are moids so they make the situation even worse. I’ve never had a good experience calling the police for shit like that

No. 1437872

I don’t mean to racebait but how are Arab men? Are there good ones? My image of them is not very good

No. 1437876

nta but I don't recommend it. They treat their own women like shit and they look at women of other races, esp white women, as some sort of porn-ish trophy.
I've met a few arab men who integrated into western society pretty well and were not degenerates but most of them are very stubborn culturally especially in regards to women.

No. 1437877

samefag, I don't recommend dating them* my bad

No. 1437879

Their want their girlfriends or wives to be their second mom usually. I don't know why they all have mommy issues. It's not just Arabs, but still.

No. 1437923

Idg why Megan markle acts shocked that she got treated like shit by the royal family.

No. 1437930

Shayna aloggers needs to take a break from the threads and lolcow

No. 1437940

This statement is like looking at your reflection through a window

No. 1437951

AYRT, it depends where they’re from in the Arab world largely. Gulf states probably treat their women the worst but each country has stereotypes in how they abuse women- like Egyptians are known for being street harassers and rapists whilst Algerian men have a rep for being wife beaters. Dating a fresh Arab man is a big no no I’d say for a non Arab girl, they’re mostly pieces of shit that salivate over western women or if not just have 0 respect for women. I have a brother and most of his friends are Arab, they are some of the most nice and respectful guys I know but they’re educated and have integrated in our country whilst also maintaining the good aspects of the culture. Overall I’d say be very cautious but a lot of nonnies on here who shit on Arab men are clearly massive racists or just only have experiences with low iq uneducated immigrant arabs.

No. 1437957

Samefag but also a lot of Arab men will refuse to marry outside of their race or really commit to non Arab women so if an Arab guy acts really cagey about meeting parents/long term commitment dump him immediately. The more accepting ones are usually like Lebanese, Moroccan and Tunisian.

No. 1437973

File: 1670543012230.png (1.83 MB, 1272x1062, HeyBeechItsMeYourChair.png)

>I feel like such a pick me because 99% of youtubers I watch are scrotes.

Same. I really miss Jenna Marbles. Some of her videos like the one where she painted her face to camouflage into her chair made me laugh so hard I cried

No. 1437975

Being fat with no tits is like a curse. It’s like god is saying he hates you.

No. 1437982

im normal weight with massive fat arms i think god hates me too. it looks bizarre

No. 1437996

Tunisian, really? I was on a holiday in Tunisia and almost got attacked for not wearing hijab in a tourist area. Tunisian men would shout at me and other women from far away even though we were doing nothing wrong and there isn’t even mandatory hijab enforced by the law there or anything.

No. 1438007

the linda lindas make me cringe on so many different levels and i hated those few months where every gen xer who dabbled in punk was sharing that video making some comment like "the kids are alright"

No. 1438015

I like Chad Chad's videos, but I'm always super worried a female youtube I like is sucking tranny propaganda. At least male youtubers dont pull this shit.

No. 1438058

File: 1670546655064.jpg (59.23 KB, 560x564, 1648335477688.jpg)

very true, lets stop having any form of female character in any game ever because moids are going to jack off to it.

No. 1438084

Arab men are garbage. It doesnt matter if they are islamic or not, they are raised in a super sexist mindset that women are below dogs and cattle.

No. 1438097

this is me right now. i'm chunky but i naturally have very little breast tissue at any weight, instead it just looks like i have fat little man titties and it makes me want to punch them off.

No. 1438122

This makes no sense

No. 1438224

Can you name one advantage to dating men? There's just zero reason to put yourself in that disgusting position. I have nothing against straight women who choose to remain celibate

No. 1438249

Nonnie this game is made by Japanese pedos. I like female characters in games but this is literally a pedo fantasy.

No. 1438253

> by Japanese pedos.
capcom arent pedos what the fuck are you talking about

No. 1438257

Radfem lesbians ruined the lighthearted mood this site used to have, we can't go a single day now without some tame post being turned into a political argument about why straight women are rape enabling devils and should just be celebate for the rest of their lives. It feels very scrotey especially the ones who judge straight women as "lesser" or "tainted" for having taken dick before. It's a very immature mindset and feels like this place has been invaded by 17 year old tumblr radfem separatists or something.

No. 1438280

Anon the radfems have been here for a good while. I’d rather deal with political infighting than going back to how lolcow started with moids posting everywhere. Besides theres the rest of the internet that has antiterf and antiradfem spaces you can go there leave this little hellhole for the people that can stand it

No. 1438293

Tbf straight women keep writing stupid vents here about letting their obviously abusive/shitty bfs ruin their lives and we are all supposed to say "yas sis keep being miserable!". WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU ALL WANT??? They complain about scrotes the hardest out of anybody here! Nothing we do will make scrotes better, if you want to live a drama free, maybe don't have a bf? If not, then shut the fuck up and keep crying on the bathroom floor.

No. 1438305

Just because you see a post that upsets you doesn't mean you have to respond to it. You sound as miserable as they are and that's impressive.

No. 1438308

>Everyone is germaphobic and inside, therefore not exposed to anything
>Immune systems lower
>Everything is back to normal and everyone is getting sick again
>MuSt Be MaSkS
I worked seeing new people daily throughout the entire pandemic and haven't gotten sick despite traveling and being around children, try not having an interior immune system

No. 1438309

I don't blame them, women get blasted for literally anything. Even bailey is being cancelled for doing some casual shit while talking about true crime which is what most scrotes do anyway. Plus when women make jokes they get criticized for it a lot more

No. 1438311

Girl what are you talking about? Why are you assuming I'm talking about one specific situation of a nona venting about her boyfriend, I'm talking about you freaks injecting your dumb politics into literally everything including stuff not even about a boyfriend or scrote. The reading comprehension on here just gets worse and worse, do you dykes not know how to read or something?

Yeah and I've been here for like 7 years and it's never been this irritating before. Also the scrotes are still here, not sure why you think the abundance of radfems has made the men leave if anything it's the opposite.

No. 1438312

I can complain about sympathy baiting all i like, don't feel too triggered about it.

No. 1438318

Can you explain to me why most butch dykes are fucking morbidly obese? Is it because they’re miserable and have to eat their feelings, because straight women don’t want to rub against their gunt? (That means gut/cunt, in case you didn’t know)

No. 1438324

Faggots are on

No. 1438325

>apparently all I am is a stupid dyke that can’t read
You’re also incredibly creepy and you come across as rapey as fuck.

No. 1438328

Why is she rapey. You are weird

No. 1438330

Stop playing the victim, you are being antagonistic and annoying.

No. 1438331

Butch dykes can also be incredibly creepy. One tried to kidnap me from a hotel when I was about 8 years old and then chased after me when I didn’t want to go with her. Luckily she was a fat cunt like most butch dykes and couldn’t keep up.

No. 1438332

It’s actually the perv dyke that has been inserting her incelesque views into every single /ot/ thread. Nobody wants to rub against her fishy cunt and she needs to accept that.

No. 1438334

Because she can’t stop crying and screaming about women being straight and uses phrases like “cock gargling whores”. She sounds like a fucking incel. You people need to stop thinking lesbos are these bastions of feminist enlightenment. So many of them are misogynist and male aligned.

No. 1438335

Why are you talking like a cunted homosexual male relax

No. 1438339

First anon your replying too
>I know that the sperging you are talking about is in direct to people nonas shitty bfs they constantly complain about.
Literally any time someone mentions a man you biters come to spew your immature political beliefs at everyone. Even if the anon is simply saying a story with a man involved, you nloggy lesbians can't help but come in full force frothing at the mouth. And even if the anon is complaining about her bf does every bf complaint really need a string of replies from you dykes? You're just repeating the same things over and over at this point. We get it, your not like other girls because your not straight, congrats on not having any other aspects to your personality other than that.

No. 1438340

Why is ms fat butch talking like an incel heterosexual male? Then she starts crying and getting offended when people rightfully >>1438321
call her a fat, weirdo dyke?

No. 1438342

File: 1670568157874.png (36.71 KB, 1841x280, Screenshot (15699).png)

Why'd you delete it faggot? Don't be shy, stand by the autistic dumps you take all over this site.

No. 1438345

I didn’t delete it, it’s right here
Damn, you really are a fat dyke who can’t read aren’t you?

No. 1438347

File: 1670568426783.gif (8.55 MB, 498x498, 72744643-E0ED-4B08-8C57-35078A…)

Oh my god same, I have a weird fridge torso too and I miss wearing small shirts and looking cute. I wish I just gained weight proportionally instead of being Mexican.

No. 1438351

Girly no I'm talking about the middle post of the angry nlog dyke talking about some anon getting raped in her sleep. Post >>1438321
For some reason I couldn't crop any further than that and had to include the post above and below it.

No. 1438361

Yeah. I knew an Arab guy who had a great mother and he ended up being exposed for being hella racist and grooming and abusing teen girls

No. 1438366

I didn't tag a post in >>1438342 because I was talking to a deleted post. Post number >>1438321 that the dyke deleted which is why I included it in the screenshot. I thought you'd understand I wasn't talking about the post in the top of the screenshot because it isn't deleted. You are the retard you fucking idiot, I replied to you because you assumed I was talking about your post when I wasn't. Jfc is everyone here completely retarded and illiterate?

No. 1438372

File: 1670569276661.png (41.85 KB, 1857x313, Screenshot (15701).png)

Kill yourself. Useless retard.

No. 1438375

Maybe you should just give up? You’re trying to call other people retards but you can’t even post correctly. It’s embarrassing.

No. 1438379

being light haired and light eyed does not automatically make someone look more striking and the blonde light eyed barbie stereotype was moid manufactured propaganda

No. 1438381

Can we all agree to stop responding to the moid larping as a lesbian or whatever this person is? They have been spamming for days now. It's getting annoying.

No. 1438385

I don't personally have anything against lesbian farmers (and especially not irl lesbians), but honestly it's kind of hard for me to feel bad for them in discussions like this because of how often I've seen lesbian anons being antagonistic and starting infights over non-lesbian women during my time here. Everyone has their moment in the hot seat shrug.

No. 1438387

I really miss 24/hr stores and stores open until 23:00-2:00. I'm working so much during the day-night I have to sacrifice sleep or my singular day off to get more fresh produce. It was easier to go right after work with a small list.

No. 1438389

None of my posts are tagged incorrectly but nice try

No. 1438391

They’re behaving like creepy moids, they deserve to be treated like it. Sorry I’m not woke and if you call me a “dumb cunt/whore” I’m going to call you a fat dyke.

No. 1438399

Same but I have a baby so my schedule is always thrown way off and then when I want to go to the store it's crowded as fuck. I miss the nostalgic of being able to get makeup, bras, produce and soda at 3am

No. 1438401

I can name many instances of capcom sexualizing their underaged (and even childlike) characters.
Are you really gonna pretend like it doesn’t exist? And pretend like a game about a faceless adult moid self insert carrying around and impossibly attractive a little girl (all while the camera lingers on her bare legs and feet) isn’t pedo pandering? The fact that virtually all discussion around this game is just men cumming themselves to children should make that painfully obvious. You’re probably a moid yourself.

No. 1438406

Social media as a whole would be greatly benefited with the removal of the 'numbers' next to likes or retweets.

No. 1438408


No. 1438409

Yes!! I miss it being so dead too because it made looking at new items and getting what I want quicker. It feels like weird whiplash to be at the store where every single corner a new person is. Really irritating when someone blocks what you need by staring or coming down an isle they dont grab anything from. I hate the daytime shoppers.

No. 1438410

Same. I was hoping Walmart would become 24 hour again after the pandemic, but it doesn't look like that's happening.

No. 1438411

Because your letting a rapist pedophile murderer touch you, your signing off on his behavior.

No. 1438413

Booorrriiinnnggg baaaaiiitttt

No. 1438423

File: 1670573065016.jpg (36.94 KB, 434x542, 2d0e52992fa2b5eed3c65e73255843…)

I haven't watched the new Wednesday Addams show, but from what I've seen, it looks pretty cringey. She's the same emotionless edgelord, except not as well-written. IMO 90s Wednesday was at her peak and the following movies and musicals have been sub par. If you're gonna do a show about her you might as well get Christina Ricci back.

No. 1438428

I miss when shows weren't exclusively about relationships to be interesting

No. 1438429

I had to ditch the show as soon as it became clear that wednesday was an nlog with like 3 love interests

No. 1438432

Wednesday was always literally not like other girls, that was the joke. That she was different and didn't really realize it. Just like the rest of the family, kinda oblivious and just believed they were totally normal. They changed up the formula so much, that there's no reason to even tie it to the Addams family anymore. Could've been any other random edgy character.

No. 1438435

that's not an nlog though, nlog is actively trying.

No. 1438439

They’re behaving like creepy moids, they deserve to be treated like it. Sorry I’m not woke and if you call me a “dumb cunt/whore” I’m going to call you a fat dyke.

No. 1438441

You already posted this >>1438391

No. 1438460

I’m low key jealous of lesbians. I know women can be just as toxic as men but at least if you want to have a partner you’re sexually attracted to it’s easier to find cute women who actually act like they want to be in the same room as you. As a straight woman it’s very hard to have any physical standards for a man at all. Not to mention men hit the wall so much faster and harder than women. You might have a cute Leonardo DiCaprio type at 24 and within a year he will look like a bridge troll.

No. 1438466

>it’s easier to find cute women who actually act like they want to be in the same room as you
Most women are straight and many don't actually feel comfortable being in the same room as an obvious lesbian lel. Finding another samesex attracted woman is pretty difficult.

No. 1438495

>made me laugh so hard I cried
One of the rare youtubers that made me do that. The one where she put rhinestones on her face had me crying kek

No. 1438497

I honestly have a hard time believing they're not actually larping moids. The reason being is that as a straight married woman, I met multiple lc lesbian anons online and none of them gave a shit or were ever antagonistic towards me or other straight women they interacted with.
It's either angsty lesbian baby radfem teen twitterfags as another nonnie said, or larping moids. Anyone unironically calling women cock gargling whores on lc has to be male and I won't believe otherwise

No. 1438504

File: 1670584893247.jpg (61.46 KB, 680x545, 898.jpg)

I don't hate men. I just don't care about them. I don't want to be part of their lies. I'm done playing a role. Life isn't a theatre or a church. I'm done with their processions. I'm myself, I'm enough. I will only love those who love me. Hate and love are never the same.

No. 1438509

It's more just something that came into mind looking at the image you posted, but it's so funny how many men are nihilistic, wannabe agent-of-chaos "nothing matters, nothing has real effect, you can do anything (abuse women, children, etc.), it's ultimately meaningless", but if a guy hits on them or if you tell them to kiss or fuck a man then, they chimp out

No. 1438524

It's meaningless for them because they want us to believe that women and children's life are meaningless.

No. 1438534

My favourite one is this. She makes a chair out of jeans from a 5 minute craft video.

No. 1438553

Babe those are troons/regular XYs larping as lesbians. I refuse to believe they're women. Unless it's a baby "radfem" who doesn't truly understand what feminism actually means.

No. 1438643

Britney griner does not look like a troon. Just say what you want to say, that you think black women who are tall or dont have tons of makeup and weave look like men to you.

No. 1438652

File: 1670600593653.jpg (320.73 KB, 2000x1333, 221018104750-01-brittney-grine…)

I don't think she's a troon either, but the average black woman does not look like Brittany Grinner. Come on lol

No. 1438664

There's no homeless people per se in my country, but the ones that loiter around and sleep in shelters are there because of drugs, alcohol or schizophrenia or all of the above. We also pay out the ass in taxes so that prisoners can get therapy and go to rehab with no guarantee that it will ever work. It's like 80% men, with the other 20% being wives, girlfriends or exes of such men. I've rarely been catcalled but when I did it was always by an unwashed junkie.
I love my country but hate the judicial system that makes normal people pay for them to drink and shoot up drugs. Rapists and kiddy diddlers also get a slap on the wrist while traumatized victims can't even get therapy because the queues are so long.

Hate it here.

No. 1438665

That's a reach stretch Armstrong would be impressed of, nonnerz. She's abnormally large and built for a woman of any race.

No. 1438667

She's styled in a very masclunine way, doesn't have breasts, she's very tall with a deep voice. If you made her white with a jerma hair cut, people would still be like, "IS that a man? or not?
I don't think it's racism or "because she's black" As far as i know she styles herself to look tomboyish and pulls it off well.
Also if she is intersex then it's more of the intersextion then what are simplifing it too. In a way it comes off kind of racists to assume THATS why nonnies think she may be a man.

No. 1438670

yeah bc the average WNBA player benefits from the frame and muscular structure that Brittney has. The average man in America looks nothing like Shaq or Larry Bird but the average NBA player does. this is normal for almost every sport.

No. 1438671

File: 1670601896969.png (783.5 KB, 714x801, Screenshot_20221209-100315.png)

Lmfao i used to hate my proportions for the same reason. at least we can look good in ruffle sleeves and v necks like pic attached. My only weird insecurity now are my baby hands lol

No. 1438675

She is not a troon, but it is an embarrassment that a fuckup and ungrateful athlete warrants the exchange of the most notorious arms dealer ever while leaving a teacher who had a similar drug charge and a Marine who may or may not have been a spy rotting in Russia. She's an embarrassment and so is our President for acceding to this. I hope it gets used against him in the election.

No. 1438679

Did she really fuck up or did they plant it? Just because she plead guilty, doesn't mean she actually did it. You actually think anything goes fair there? Not like other legal systems are much better, but we know the reputation of the Russian one and especially in this geopolitical climate.
She's not even that muscular. If anything she's so tall and lanky, that she's quite skinny and has trouble putting on muscle.

No. 1438683

File: 1670602230100.jpg (296.95 KB, 1920x1080, sub-buzz-1822-1579729739-4.jpg)

I miss her, she was so cute without scrote-pandering, I miss her goofy dogs, she was so fun and her content remained wholesome and yet the psychos online went after her anyway. That was a better time online.

No. 1438691

> Did she really fuck up or did they plant it?
Allegedly she was trying to bring even more drugs, but her coaches/teammates prevented her, and she still brought what the caught her for. She was notorious as being a huge pothead and having a bad attitude on and off court. I absolutely believe she did it on purpose and the claims it was either planted or brought accidentally are cope. It is peak Ugly American behavior and out of stupidity (not considering the geopolitical situation) entitlement (thinking she is special and can get away with it.) She was given an extreme sentence, so the Russians could pull exactly this. It's a massive win for Putin not even really because he gets Bout back (it is doubtful he will still be useful) but he gets to show other oligarchs he has their back AND embarrass the US by getting a notorious figure for an idiot like Griner.

No. 1438695

she doesn’t need as much muscle mass for her position as center bc her arm span is pretty long. she’s 6’9 but her arm span is 7’3. that’s why she’s probably the best center in the WNBA. she’s blocked something like 500 shots in her career.

No. 1438701

File: 1670602609672.jpg (212.93 KB, 900x1200, D7RQPq0VUAAW8pb.jpg)

I'm just saying that because it's a reach to make this about black women as a whole, even tall and/or skinny ones who don't wear heavy makeup. Never seen anyone say Angel Haze is a tranny, and she often goes out of her way to try and look androgynous.

No. 1438709

Yeah I'm not saying she needs more muscle, but I think it's weird that some nonnas are acting like she's unnaturally muscular, when she's just pretty lanky. I wish I was that tall honestly kek

No. 1438711

File: 1670603051423.jpeg (10.32 KB, 275x183, download (18).jpeg)

All the pics of her getting lead around by the Russian guards were pretty striking, towering over both the men and women. One thing I do feel bad for her about is that she was notably taller than the beds in the jail, that has to suck. But play stupid games win stupid prizes

No. 1438716

No way the media wouldn't be repeating on and on about her being a brave transwoman if she were and Russia would just treat her as a man too. The tinfoil makes no sense.

No. 1438717

File: 1670603261418.jpg (158 KB, 1000x329, ants.jpg)

what a great pic!

No. 1438723

oh i misunderstood your post then, my bad. yeah she’s not like a freak by any means. her height is honestly insane but not impossible for women to have.

No. 1438732

she's so hot ngl. I hope the retards accusing her of being a man don't inspire her to troon out of something

No. 1438768

Fds was the only place on the internet that actually had good dating advice for women. I’m so glad I found it before it went down hill and learned a lot from it. Women hated it because it made them face their stupid and pick me behaviors and men hated it because it set standards they couldn’t reach.

No. 1438769

she is so sexy. moids hate her because she's taller than them and more masculine than they will ever be with their receding hairlines and dad bods. they can't stand a woman who's more muscular/taller/better looking than they are

No. 1438778

this is how me and the girls look in our aliexpress platform boots amen

No. 1438781

listen up here you cheeky wotsit, just because society sexualised 'pigtails' (plaits, if we're talking proper english), doesn't mean they're for 'weirdos'. They are objectively convenient, protective for wavy/curly hair, and simple. They make a rope out of hair that WOULD be soft, perfect for whipping all who oppose. And, obviously, they are iconic, as they have been around for ages. I wear my plaits with the chavviest, edgiest clothes I have, nothing 'ddlg' about that. And if you think otherwise, you can come to Dover and we'll have a rumble, we'll see who's a 'ddlg weirdo' alright? ♥ take care love xx

No. 1438817

I don't think so, anon.

No. 1438822

People who can’t go out and do things alone are so immature. I go to the movies alone, restaurants alone, bars alone. Stop acting like a little girl and crying because you can’t go anywhere because you don’t have a scrote or friends. “Bbb-but what if people think I’m weird going out on my own”…bitch grow up.

No. 1438832

Yeah caring what strangers think is pretty retarded ngl

No. 1438833

Totally agree with this.

No. 1438846

To be fair if you're a woman in a dangerous area you WILL get bothered by men trying to "join" you and some will even look for a chance to follow you. I use to go out all the time by myself and got followed multiple times

No. 1438848

Its good that you have the privilege for that where you live but women in other countries and continents exist…shocking

No. 1438851

I’m talking about people who complain about not wanting to go out alone because they are scared of looking like “losers”

No. 1438863

People who go out alone tend to be losers 99% of the time though

No. 1438867

I’d rather be a loser than sit in my bed rooting and complaining that I cant go to my favorite restaurant because no one will go with me

No. 1438871

I go to Chuck E Cheese alone and have the time of my life. The best moments are when you come across the instance of some random child swipes the play card 10 times and abandons the game with 8 credits in it and you get to use their credits and win tickets for them.
I used to skate and go to a karaoke bar by myself. It's so fulfilling.

No. 1438896

This is me but with concerts. Why stay at home and miss out a beloved music act on tour just because I couldn't find somebody who is also into a obscure niche band. Fuck that, I will go alone and have a blast.

Love this

No. 1438912

I'm a loser who is having fun though. I go to the zoo and theme parks alone, because nobody else cares to go. Which is fine by me, I get to choose what to do or where to walk to the whole time. I also couldn't find anyone who wanted to see Benedetta with me.

No. 1438976

Asexual people should stay out of relationships.

No. 1438997

What a bizarre, self-limiting belief. What do you do when you can’t get anyone to do something with you? Just stay home on lolcow?

No. 1438998

I didn't know they'd let you into chuck e cheese without a kid. Do you just borrow one or have they changed the rules? If it's the later, I know where I'm going for my 27th birthday.

No. 1438999

I went to the zoo by myself and it was so much fun. I got to wander at my own pace, not feel guilty or worry if the person with me is bored, much better experience than when I went with my scrote ex. I prefer going places alone.

No. 1439038

It's pretty easy to get people to do things with you if you actually have a friend group

No. 1439052

Based on this I know you actually don't have a large enough group of friends with diverse interests, because it's usually like herding cats.

No. 1439054

this is true sadly. When i used to go out alone i used to get targeted by weirdos or shop workers all the time.

No. 1439076

I'd moreso consider someone a loser if they weren't confident enough to enjoy their own company.

No. 1439089

its hard to act confident when people treat you weirdly for going out alone.

No. 1439100

I'm sorry but this is cringe. Are you a ddlg-fag? Why else would you invade a children's space like this? Entitlement? Need for attention?

No. 1439102

ayrt yeah exactly, I also went past some habitats twice, so I could catch the penguins being fed and their silly behavior (they all were pushing each other and skipping the queue, then collectively decided they had enough, even though I don't think every penguin took a fishie. They all started to ignore the zookeeper, who then had to pick up the leftovers lmfao)

No. 1439111

Silence, retard.

No. 1439153

don't be such a little bitch lol

No. 1439174

I'm a loser who is having fun and touching grass and loving every single second of it. I go everywhere alone and i am not ashamed.

No. 1439186

I'm a straight woman who thinks that straight woman should be celibate. Having sex with moids is absolutely disgusting and there's zero reason to do it(bait)

No. 1439189

Stale bait

No. 1439190

Same, men should be talked shit about and their degeneracy highlighted. It's the only way to end it or at least help others avoid it.

No. 1439191

>Reeing about muh ugly dykes
It's the troon, how shocking kek.

No. 1439196

at least if they are preoccupied by other women willing to date them they aren’t bothering me but actually that isn’t true because they are constantly trying to cheat.(bait)

No. 1439199

>Having sex with moids is absolutely disgusting and there's zero reason to do it
Maybe you're just not straight lol

No. 1439203

File: 1670628693930.jpg (55.87 KB, 720x227, 1649370677573.jpg)

Reminds me of the troon who would seethe about women shitting on men here. Also picrel never4get kek. Scrotes really think women don't date them and are lesbians because of muh evil feminazis and think psyops on basket weaving forums will ensure there shit genetics will pass on and they will have a wife to treat as a servant/object kek.
Nta but dick is abundant and of low value and moids treat women like shit. Men have done this to themselves.

No. 1439204

She could still be sexually attracted to them, while not being sexually attracted to women at all. Stop this nonsense of accusing everyone of being a lesbian, lesbo, dyke, or whatever, the moment they say scrotes who are notorious for not washing their ass are disgusting. You don't choose your orientation and there are so many women who lament being straight, it's a cliche.

No. 1439207

I assume it is male. Moids cannot conceptualize the idea of women rejecting them for something they can change because it means they shouldn't be hedonistic degenerates for once.

No. 1439208

I’m straight and sex with men turned me asexual. Unlike that anon I think women should date and fuck scrotes just don’t be retarded about it which most women usually are. But I really don’t care because I think relationship fails are funny and makes me feel better about myself and being forever alone.

No. 1439209

>that screencap
KEK holy shit

No. 1439212

Outside & on every other virtual forum out there nobody gives a shit that straight women are fucking moids and are in relationships with them, in some cases you're even treated better for it. On this site a lot of the threads are about men whether that's negative (reddit hate for example) or the thirst threads in /g/ & /m/ but a very small group of edgy lesbians calling you a dick muncher or something sets you off so badly. Just log off kek or scroll past? I find all the husbando threads annoying but I hide it and go my own way. I just don't get this anger some of you show just because one or two anons (who you assumed to be lesbian) said fucking scrotes is disgusting or something like that. This separatist lesbian probably isn't a lesbian but a scrote & probably the same rabid scrote who called women who get plastic surgery cock garglers in the celebricow thread. But I guess whether its a moid or not doesn't really matter, you just want to remind lesbians of their place.

No. 1439216

Samefag and I’d also like to add when ever I feel bad about being single I go into the vent thread or relationship threads and laugh at anons and their scrotes. It makes me feel great because at least I’m not that pathetic like that girl whose scrote is controlling her eating times.

No. 1439223

I'm straight and the idea of sex with moids turned me on but so many moids are terrible. Not even foreplay can fix the disgust I feel when they start rubbing my damn urethra like they're trying to start a fire and at that point I'm too in pain to go any further

No. 1439249

Based nonnie

No. 1439271

I don't get how nonnies here aren't peaked by this shit.

No. 1439273

Agreed, but i think most of them are full of shit about being asexual in the first place.

No. 1439312

Relax it's a joke, I don't need a paragraph about how people can't change their orientation jeez. Bunch of uptight nonas lately

No. 1439402

Every bodily fluid is funny in some way and it's not childish to think so.

No. 1439415

And so are farts, fight me I dare yas!

No. 1439445

Not All Fujos disclaimer, but the fujos who will literally be flicking the bean to yaoi yet want to talk about how any sort of het content is inherently "cringe" and "boring", sorry to say but your real life "cringe" and "boring" heterosexual attraction to men is why you're masturbating to yaoi. I don't care if you don't like fictional straight content, keep fujoing on, but no you don't have any sort of special adjacency to the elgeebeeteas because you like to watch men fuck each other, so you just sound like a clown when you complain about those cringey hets exactly like the tumblr retards that make either their real or fake gayness their whole persona

No. 1439478

Damn, she's hot…

No. 1439499

damn, she's hot as fuck. Be still my heart.

No. 1439513

Many of the women who whine about pretty privilege are humble bragging. They act as if ugly women don’t get harrassed by men when they do and can even get gaslit about it.

No. 1439595

We need less thinking like this tbh. If you assert that the harmless thing you're doing is normal, then most people will shrug and let it be. I feel like we can give ourselves victim complexes that are a self-fulfilling prophecy. Yes there's always someone that'll give you shit but you can choose not to take it.

No. 1439651

I'm gonna blood-prank ya!

No. 1439725

I love using period tracker apps. I used to use Clue but now I use Flo. I don't care about 'omg they track and sell your data'. I think they are super helpful and accurate IMO

No. 1439756

I love it too. Currently using clue, was it worth to switch to flo?

No. 1439757

I'm a clue nonnie too, its very accurate been for my fucked up cycle. I love feeling off and remembering the clue app and seeing I'm on day 25 of my cycle. Suddenly my moods make sense kek

No. 1439758

Idk if it’s humble bragging but like moids they subconsciously believe ugly women don’t get sexually harassed. For example “pretty privilege isn’t real because scrotes try to rape me or cat call me” as if these aren’t things that happen to ugly and average women too.

No. 1439769

Being pretty does have its down falls. And the biggest con of being pretty has nothing to do with scrotes but it’s having a mom or older relatives who are jealous of your looks. They will try to pass off jealous behavior like cutting your hair off, ruining your clothes etc as punishment when they really are just jealous.

No. 1439774

I don't get the point of them if you are regular and not trying for a baby. It's not like it ever surprises me and it comes on gradually not like a tidal wave of blood. And if I had a problem like it being too long or heavy I'd notice normally

No. 1439775

And people going out of their way to get bad pictures of you. I'm average but I've seen so many people, men and women shove cameras into pretty friends faces trying to get the worse angle possible, "fixing" their hair, picking unflattering outfits and unflattering makeup, etc

No. 1439778

It's good to make sure you're regular in case of accidental pregnancy or other issues that you could lose track of periods for
>Inb4 don't be stupid
Well bravo if you can remember every single date of every period you have but that's not reality for most women

No. 1439781

Yeah I guess I am pretty great thanks

No. 1439783

I love them too. Clue helped me realise that the rash on my inner thighs I was getting every month always happened around ovulation time, and that the problem was happening while I was sleeping nude and it was too wet down there because of the thinner discharge and it was giving me a bit of a yeast rash. I now just wear loose underwear and panty liners and it isn't half as bad anymore.
I wouldn't have been able to clock that without some sort of tracking app, plus the fact it lets me know if my cycle gets really long from exercising a bit too much. I find those apps really beneficial for pointing out patterns or issues that doctors would usually dismiss or not even acknowledge.

No. 1439793

And of course you can’t say anything because they will just gas light you

No. 1439796

why is it that even in terfy female only spaces that are meant SOLELY for talking about entertainment/hobbies/etc some of these retards still. cannot. shut. the FUCK UP about moids for five fucking seconds. i go into female only hobby communities and whatever to FORGET that moids exist, not to hear some fucking retard whining about them constantly when it isn't even related. shit will go from someone saying 'i like this movie!' to the same handful of retards perking up just to go 'oh well that movie reminds me of some man who sexually assaulted me a decade ago who i still want to die and that in turn reminds me of my friend who has a shitty boyfriend and that reminds me of-' and then the conversation totally derails into talking about men, AGAIN. jesus FUCK. Can i have one place where i don't have to listen to people recount tales of moid abuse and rape and murder and violence UNPROMPTED???

No. 1439797

If you want conversations like that you shouldn’t be talking to terfs. You need to go to hobby spaces with normie women who haven’t been damaged by scrote or are unaware of their evil nature.

No. 1439798

Yeah lol. I had a roommate I swear would low key try to sabotage my appearance. She would pick out colors that would obviously look bad against my skin tone and baggy outfits that would emphasize my top heavyness. I thought she just had bad style but would say weird stuff like "everyone hates hair extensions I had to remove all mine to look good" when I wanted to get extensions, but would go get a weave the following week. Obviously this is nothing compared to what unfortunate looking women go through but there definitely are issues attractive women face

No. 1439811

Men fell in love quicker than women do. A man knows he wants to marry you without even speaking to you. If it’s taking years to figure out if he wants to marry you or longer than a month to ask you to be his gf, just know he doesn’t like you and you’re wasting your time.

No. 1439816

I have nothing to add except I relate a lot. I hate moods as much as the next terf but I do my best to not let them live rent free in my head and take up my free time when I'm supposed to be doing things I love. I don't know how some terves don't see that.

No. 1439837

Even when we are discussing moids it's so annoying when anons turn everything into a discussion about troons, specifically on /2X/. I wanna rage about moids running sex trafficking rings,abusing girls, shooting up things and everything else I don't care endless discussions revolving around the Canadian fag who wore the Z cup boob prosthetic for the millionthe time

No. 1439845

>A man knows he wants to marry you without even speaking to you
Thats not a good thing.

No. 1439858

NTAYRT but yeah, it's not necessarily a good thing but the advice is just for women who want to be married and have been a live in girlfriend for 5 years. That moid has no intention of making her his wife, he's just enjoying the free bangmaids services she provides. Most males know how they intend on treating a woman within the first few months of dating her. And they rarely change tune.

No. 1439879

They don’t get paid enough to care

No. 1439885

>karens blah blah blah
such a moid-tier take even if you aren't one

No. 1439887

Make your own sandwich fatty.

No. 1439889

The other day I went to Starbuck and the managed to serve me a cold drink when I ordered a hot caramel latte. Almost went back to ask them to remake it, but it took so fuckin long for them to serve me I didn't want to eat into any more of my lunch break. I don't see why they should be paid more than like $16 a hr tbh. I get they have long hours and have to deal with shitty people all the time, but what happens when it's them that suck? I get why they have to deal with Karen's sometimes. If you're not studying or actively trying to get a better job, at least do the one you're at right.

No. 1439891

You’re just mad because somebody took your shitty bait for once.

No. 1439893

All these trans fats are terrible for your mood. Eat a damn vegetable for once.

No. 1439898

Imagine thinking that human beings working a shitty job deserve to be treated like shit. Accidents and mix ups happen. Horrendous take anon.

No. 1439905

>Don’t get an attitude because I don’t want cold food or I want a sandwich made how I want it made.
Never had a fastfood worker give me an attitude over that, but maybe it more has to do with your behavior. A smile and not having an attitude yourself can do wonders. If you show hostile behavior and body language, you're going to get it back.

No. 1439906

Right? Most people are more than happy to apologise and fix their mistakes if the customer doesn’t act like a snarling entitled brat about it. Anon can’t see that because she lacks empathy and is entitled.

No. 1439911

This is true. Of course fast food employees are people and so some are bound to be rude, but in general if you're not an asshole they won't be one either. A lot of people can't be reasonable though and pitch fits over their burger and nuggies not being perfect.

No. 1439912

My unpopular opinion is that most people are nice and polite, workers AND customers alike, coming across an unhinged person is rare (depends a lot on where you live ofc) which is why bad experiences are more memorable.

No. 1439914

Who hasn't been to a city center before? If anything, they're nicer than some rural place where they don't want the money of people who aren't from the area.

No. 1439922

anon you are so stupid, those cities you mentioned both the customers and workers are rude. The customers there have daily brawls with each other but you expect the workers to be nice?

No. 1439927

not everyone is fucking moids without protection.

No. 1439956

Protection can always fail

No. 1439965

>just need some dick
a moid wrote this post

No. 1439966

File: 1670694353600.png (412.46 KB, 337x547, andrea dworkin.png)

If you're a radfem, you shouldn't be fat, or at the very least you shouldn't be content with being fat/overweight in general. This also applies to being very underweight but I'm gonna be specific about obesity/being fat here.
It's pretty hypocritical to be contently overweight and also call yourself radfem.
Maybe this is just my experience, but every time I've brought up the importance of physically liberating women (aka being strong and healthy, not just focused on aesthetic goals like being an anachan or having a fat ass) a lot of radfems have taken it personally and pulled the "fatphobia" card like they're breaking beauty norms by just being obese and lazy.
Sorry, but how on earth are you going to achieve your dream seperatist women's commune if you can't even walk up the stairs without getting out of breath, or you can't even lift furniture and carry heavy things because you have no muscle mass? Being physically healthy reduces the risk of so many health issues specific to women. It also means you won't be relying on moids as much because if you are strong, you have a better chance of carrying heavy shit and doing manual labour on your own.

No. 1439974

Major kek

No. 1439977

This made me want to work out

No. 1439980

Fat acceptance is evil anyway.

No. 1439983

File: 1670696224913.jpg (117.55 KB, 1200x630, mary-daly.jpg)

a lot of early radfem theorists were campus academic types, who are not known for their physical fitness and many radfems considered working out a "masculinist trait" that supported the patriarchy, I remember one column maybe written by mary daly (or some other radfem) talking about how kicking games were proof of male aggression and need for domination

No. 1439985

If you didn't (or don't) say anything when some women get/got called "Ling-Ling", "May Lee", "Shaniqua", "Pocahontas", "Carmen Sandiego", etc as insults, it's dumb to expect other women to say anything about "Karen" being used as an insult.

No. 1439990

should have told that to dworkin then, retard

No. 1439997

Fair enough

No. 1439998

File: 1670697313312.jpg (32.66 KB, 563x622, andrea dworkin 2.jpg)

Yeah you're right nonnie, Dworkin was a retard. Unfortunately she's dead so I can't really educate her on how being morbidly obese is actually not a liberating move. Oh well!
>>working out a "masculinist trait" that supported the patriarchy
Damn, that's actually ridiculous and way too far kek. Must have been miserable not being able to exercise because of the fear of being "masculine". Just genuinely sounds retarded and not far from the same shit that misogynists say about how women shouldn't have muscles.

No. 1440010

File: 1670699136390.jpg (86.41 KB, 720x379, PozpIv3.jpg)

masculinist not masculine, masculinist means male worshiping or male idolizing, their logic was more similar to picrel i.e working out and exercise is something rightwing fascists do

No. 1440017

Thanks for clarifying nonna. Still equally as retarded, the picrel you included is excellent as I've also encountered so many leftists who want to associate being physically healthy with muh fascism too.

No. 1440019

File: 1670699650897.jpg (675.32 KB, 535x700, soviet-sport-poster-long-shot.…)

I feel like this should apply to skinny women too. I've known a lot of women who are always weak and listless due to maintaining a chronic caloric deficiency for appearance reasons. A noodly skinnyfat is just as useless as a hambeast if we're talking about the capacity to do labor - in that sense, we should all be aiming for the thick-ankled soviet ideal.

No. 1440020

I’m built like that girl in the photo and I’d rather die than stay like this forever

No. 1440026

Kek, thank god fascists nowadays are sedentary slobs too or we'd be doomed.

No. 1440027

I agree so hard with this.

No. 1440028

Agreed! Also your picrel is my body type and I love stocky strong legs and overall strength in women. I used to be very skinny with no muscle mass and I didn't even look underweight thanks to high body fat. Both ends are useless and not practical for women.

No. 1440029

File: 1670700443315.jpg (976.27 KB, 1380x4214, 02.jpg)

there's nothing more pathetic then people using ideology to justify being lazy and out of shape, this is a mindset that just makes me lose all hope

No. 1440033

there's nothing wrong with her body. it's not like she's fat or extremely skinny

No. 1440034

File: 1670700784941.jpeg (178.38 KB, 650x975, FB34EA2F-343A-4ED6-8EB8-3B8335…)

When you are average weight or fat you actually have to be good at styling yourself. When I was skinny I could just put on anything and look high class and sophisticated but now that I’m bigger I need to actually have a sense of style and I don’t.

No. 1440036

There’s nothing wrong with it but I don’t like it. Plus I look like a grandma in anything not tight fitted.

No. 1440038

>I hate fat men alright
Weird, I don't remember posting in whatever board that is.
>you can be fat and healthy
>voluntary suicide
It's nice they specified it in case a canadian was reading.

No. 1440040

ew, no thanks. You can lean muscled and not this big.

No. 1440043

Why did you pick an example where the pants look so bad that it's distracting?

No. 1440047

That’s what I mean. The outfit looks like shit and she has to be skinny to kind of get away with it. When skinny girls dress like shit people just see it as high fashion or edgy.

No. 1440049

She’s built like lena Dunham. Big everywhere but her her tits and a flat ass. No Ty.

No. 1440050

That outfit isn't so bad, but you're right. it's because she has a skinny build and a waist. having no waist for fat women is disgusting. they're usually really mishapen dont wear clothing that looks garbage on them.

No. 1440055

File: 1670701434913.png (462.65 KB, 1467x610, pirate toy.png)

that bag is so ugly. it reminds me of cheap chinese toys/props/DIYs where they paint the thing black and then just paint the top of the relief gold to make it look old. i mean it looks exactly like that

No. 1440056

If you two think this is big then I really think you need to stay offline for a little while and gain some perspective. IG baddies have ruined your brain to near-irrepairable levels.

No. 1440059

She’s definitely not small

No. 1440060

Anons are really nitpicking the body of a soviet propaganda illustration lmao.

No. 1440064

No one said she was small. But she's not even remotely similar to Lena Dunham. Lena is literally obese and the photo is just a woman who doesn't have a huge ass and a huge chest.

No. 1440065

I know where we are but the boards feel like they're skewing way more immature lately

No. 1440067

File: 1670701747780.jpeg (73.05 KB, 634x568, 32C095A1-3AA4-4C37-9432-AB396C…)

She’s built exactly like a young Lena dunham

No. 1440070

We have had an influx of twitterfags and other retards from other sites because people have been posting the site name elsewhere recently. That's why we now have spergs reeing about plastic surgery and trying to appeal to scrotes and troonsphobia etc.

No. 1440071

She has a small chest and similar legs but is still nowhere near as fat as Lena in this pic.
Anons will literally look at pictures or art of pretty average women with natural bodies and be like "ugh what a fridge waist/no tits/flat ass I will kill myself if I ever look like this" like atp just get off the internet and go take a walk.

No. 1440072

Since when did Lena Dunham ever have delts like that Soviet woman?

No. 1440073

Somehow hearing women say that an illustration of a regular athletic looking woman looks fat 'everywhere but her tits and ass' is more depressing than if a moid says it. Bleak

No. 1440074

You newbies always try to play it off like you’re an old fag but wouldn’t have survived the kind of shit we were talking in here pre 2014 kek

No. 1440076

Are you really telling me Dunhan fits the revolutionary proletariat woman ideal with those thin shapeless arms?

No. 1440079

Literally. I see so many female powerlifters and weightlifters who look like that pic and for them to reduce it down to "no tits and ass thus she is hideous" is just incredibly depressing. You know we're fucked when a depiction of a naturally athletic female body is now considered "fat" or "disgusting".

No. 1440083

Interesting how being a powerlifter is natural but being thin is “useless”. Most women arent powerlifting. Most women go to work, it a decent diet and go for walks but because they are thin they need to hit the gym in your eyes.

No. 1440087

Being thin to the point where you are not healthy and don't have sufficient muscle mass is absolutely useless. I'm not talking about a naturally lean/thin but still healthy body, I'm talking about being skinny fat or anachan. It's objectively bad for you, the same as being fat is.
>but because they are thin they need to hit the gym in your eyes.
I never said this. Either you're projecting or just making shit up on the spot to suit your narrative. Women come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes - if you are naturally thin, great, just make sure you have a healthy level of muscle on you because it's good for you. You don't need to be a powerlifter. I really cannot make this any more clear.

No. 1440089

I'm like this woman, and have strong legs, but my arms are so fucking weak

No. 1440091

You have to manipulate your body in some way to have a powerlifters body therefore it’s not natural. It’s more natural to be “skinny fat”actually because that’s what most of us would look like with moderate exercise(walks at the park, week end bike rides etc) and a balanced diet.

No. 1440094

Wow. I'm uncertain if this is an unpopular opinion, but the woman in your picrel is stunning. Soviet Lady looks like she could support her entire body weight on her big toe and it makes me want to work out extra hard so I can be half as strong as she looks.

No. 1440098

>manipulate your body in some way to have a powerlifters body
You mean have a consistent exercise routine with strength training? That's still natural. When I said natural I'm talking about not surgically altered or not via steroids, you're obviously not understanding my point. I'm aware not every woman wants to be a powerlifter, but they are still naturally athletic.
>It’s more natural to be “skinny fat” actually because that’s what most of us would look like with moderate exercise
No, stop coping. Skinny fat is a product of lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle. Having very little muscle mass is still objectively bad for you, even as a woman. Humans aren't meant to be skinny fat, thus it's unnatural. Even if you just went on a few walks and worked out with resistance bands at home you would eventually not become skinny fat. This is from someone who spend most of her life in that situation.
You're probably assuming that I'm shaming women who are skinny fat or thin as if it's some sort of counter-move but I'm not, I have been super thin, skinny fat and also overweight, and none of those stages in my life were healthy.

No. 1440101

you didn't ask but i was you last year. you can build strength in your arms by doing wall push-ups first, then progress to floor push-ups with knees down then regular ones when you're able to. also plank is amazing for arm endurance and some strength when you're just starting out. also if you have an outdoor gym/playground somewhere in your area go and hang from the bar. this is all free and you won't spend a lot of time either just gotta do it every/every other day. just look up vids on proper form before you do, if you decide to start. i wasn't consistent at all and there's still a major improvement in my strength and even bicep size when flexed

No. 1440103

It’s not normal to be at the gym everyday and overly watching what you eat. Moderate exercise and a balanced diet is the way to go. I don’t need to try to mold my body to compete with scrotes.

No. 1440104

Yeah and eventually you grow out of it or get tired of the insane nitpicking and how anything with a healthy BMI was fat and you should kys if you have nasolabial folds. People don't keep the same attitude for almost a decade and many oldfags became feminists and realized the error of their ways and moved to the offtopic boards permanently. Maybe some are still anachans rattling away, but you can't expect that of everyone.
Having a sedentary lifestyle isn't natural. Most women had some musculature back in the day when they had to perform manual labor, like every other human. Washing machines didn't always exist and you had to grow your own food.

No. 1440110

Nta but the post that kicked off the discussion was an opinion about how radfems shouldn't be content with being very unfit, whether that be by being fat or skinny, because in the context of female liberation it's better to be fit and healthy (and aesthetics are usually viewed as more important than genuine health when it comes to women's bodies). Obviously some women have slender builds but are healthy and athletic, but that's not who the post was about. A lot of thin women (myself included kek, though I'm trying to change) are unfit skinnyfats who nearly black out when they have to lift something heavy.

No. 1440111

The fact that you associate these things with having muscle mass on you as a woman is fucking insane to me. You don't have to go to the gym every day nor do you have to meticulously monitor what you eat. The only thing you have to do is be consistent with healthy food and doing some form of strength-training. You're literally just coping.
>I don’t need to try to mold my body to compete with scrotes.
None of this is to compete with scrotes. It's about being objectively healthy and lowering your risk of certain health problems that arise with having high body fat, as well as improving your life in general.
>Moderate exercise and a balanced diet
Yeah, it's almost like this is what I've been saying for the past hour yet you want to associate lifting weights with competing with men. Might as well join the fat radfems while you're at it. Grow up.

No. 1440113

Show me a picture of what you consider skinny fat tho lol

No. 1440114

NTA but what kind of mentality is this "getting fit/preventing osteoporosis = competing with men" bullshit. You get strong because your quality of life improves greatly and you prevent cracking your bones from one fall when you're 50

Thanks, anon. I actually used to try to work up to a full pushup a year back, but it got so monotone because I was doing the same movements in my routines and I just dropped them because I had no mental capacity of thinking of something new. I might just go and hang from the bar in my park, I was just always a bit intimidated by all the men stretching there.

No. 1440115

I swear being skinny fat is a result of calorie deficit (if ur not naturally at that weight) and not exercising during your weight loss, so your muscle went away along with your fat? I don't see the commotion here. Having little muscle isn't good. You can be a skinny fit woman, no?

No. 1440120

Don't you guys ever get tired of having the same debates about women's bodies and how they should and should not look, what is or isn't attractive enough, or how they should or should not be every other day.

No. 1440122

File: 1670703760955.jpeg (133.03 KB, 900x600, 682B71AD-BD94-4938-AD06-33FE37…)

I’m assuming by skinny fat they mean something like pic related. No muscle or abs and are soft/thin. No fat but no muscle definition.

No. 1440124

If anything the Soviets would use her as anti-american propaganda.

No. 1440126

skinny fat just means being at a normal bmi with no muscle definition anon, doesn't matter if that happened after weight loss or not
>so your muscle went away along with your fat
how likely do you think fat people are to have substantial muscle mass lol

No. 1440129

It might just be their bone structure/fat distribution though. I used to have a friend that is half a foot shorter than me and heavier, but her waist looked extremely tiny compared to those pics and me. I've been working out + lifting for a year, and I can lift over 200 pounds yet look chunky. Hell, I look obese in a lot of clothes in spite of having a 20% body fat.

No. 1440134

Sorry for blog, but I had an easier time putting on muscle when overweight compared to when I was average weight. Bodyweight resistance exercise is more effective when you have more body to resist. It's not going to help Obese Moidface McGee who camps in front of the tv and lives on doritos, but Chubby Sally will probably have killer legs after a few months of daily lunges.

No. 1440137

'skinnyfat' isn't an actual thing that exists outside of bonerattlers on the internet, log off. didn't the word literally come from those retarded obese Americans on Instagram trying to shame moderately obese people for not being MORE obese than they already are?

No. 1440139

I think Ariana grande is still pretty

No. 1440140

Skinnyfat precedes Instagram by a lot.

No. 1440143

No, the term "skinny-fat" has been around for a while and before whatever you're describing. It's to describe bodies that weigh little but have a lot of body fat and very little muscle mass. Idk what you're trying to reference but it's not this.

No. 1440144

Yeah, a lot of people don't realize how bone structure can make you look "fatter." If your ribcage is wide and/or your torso is short, it can make you look like you have a thick waist despite not being fat.

No. 1440152


No. 1440153

She's prettier now imo but she's always been a beautiful woman so. People are really obsessed with acting as if she looks unrecognisable but she didn't change much. I think the comments on her face are really overexaggerated especially regarding her "asian fishing." I sort of feel bad for her because she's been deeply insecure for awhile now like the weird obsession with the left side of her face during the early parts of her career.

No. 1440155

Your original point was about powerlifters >>1440079 and not the general population. Nonna was right here that most women aren't powerlifting. >>1440083
Then you proceed to sperg about normal people having muscle mass. Both of you are right and agree, but the point was twisted because anon segued from powerlifers to the general population.

No. 1440157

File: 1670705766145.jpeg (371.23 KB, 2048x1663, 6C8F2AA8-62D3-40B5-927F-1A51AC…)

This is skinny fat

No. 1440159

File: 1670705818769.jpg (293.54 KB, 1000x1501, woman-image-in-soviet-propagan…)

Exactly. People see someone with a bigger size caused by muscle and automatically think it's the same as being obese, because to them women taking up more space, even in the form of muscle, is bad. Big forearms from carrying things isn't the same as having sausages for arms. Having delts isn't the same as having fat arms. Having strong legs which ground you to the earth, isn't the same as fat legs. Having a sedentary lifestyle is unnatural and yes if you have an office job sitting 8 hours a day, you do have to workout in your free time to be healthy.
nta but if you're pretty fat you can get quite strong calves from lugging around all that weight kek

No. 1440163

i honestly wish some moids would just go do it rather than whine about how mens' mental health isn't being taken seriously and how it's somehow womens' fault lol

No. 1440164

That's how male skinnyfat actually looks, it's just that most women don't gain pot bellies. Your pic is every man that was proud of eating like shit and being skinny when they hit 25+

No. 1440165

People who really work hard to work out and eat super healthy are wasting their time. They act like by doing so they are going to be immortal. At the end of the day you’re going to die at 80 like most people.

No. 1440167

I have abs now but it's extremely uncanny valley on my body and I look much worse than that "skinnyfat" girl–I almost look like a troon. I've also noticed that a woman that literally just had small bones also get flack for not eating anything even though their ribcage is half the size of mine and their body fat is higher than mine. Yes, skinnyfat exists, but half of it simply is fueled by people that want to justify hating what actually is a healthy body as well as the fixation.

No. 1440168

>They act like by doing so they are going to be immortal
no one thinks like this unless they're retarded, it's mostly that people don't want to be obese and die of heart disease by 40

No. 1440170

A lot of it depends on quality of life. Would you rather be pain and medication free, or do you want aches and pains and pills you have to buy and take every day? Working out is also excellent for mobility.

No. 1440171

File: 1670706320950.jpg (75.88 KB, 611x502, 82_year_old_badass.jpg)

Yeah and there's totally no difference between the last decade of an obese smoker's life and the last decade of fit person's life. Totally same quality. No point trying to be healthy, we're all going to die anyway. Completely no difference. Totally.

No. 1440172

You can not be obese without working out everyday and eating chicken breasts. I can have Burger King here and there and not hit the gym every day and be fine. The end result is still death.

No. 1440174

You don’t need to work out everyday or eat super healthy to do that. It doesn’t have to be extremes on both sides. Most Korean and Japanese people don’t go to the gym but they walk around everywhere. Going to the gym is dumb.

No. 1440176

>Going to the gym is dumb.
spoken like a true retard and/or someone who is privileged enough to have a massive house to work out in

No. 1440177

You don’t need to go to the gym at all. Just eat right and go for walks everyday and be active. I’m tired of gym dwellers acting like they won’t die at 80 like everyone else and anyone who doesn’t live like them is going to break all their bones or be obese.

No. 1440178

Fit people are far less likely to get health complications and discomforts during their lifetime you absolute fucking retard kek

No. 1440180

Working out everyday isn't even recommended, because rest days are when you grow stronger. And if you expend more energy, you can also eat more without gaining weight. You're absolutely retarded if you think every gymgoer only eats chicken breasts and never goes out to eat.
What do you think happens to your bones after menopause? Having some walks everyday doesn't replace the natural activity level humans used to have before we entered this sedentary hellscape.

No. 1440181

I go to the gym because it's great value for money and lets me use a lot of strength-training equipment that i couldn't afford and wouldn't have space to use otherwise. Enjoy your walks though you chihuahua retard

No. 1440183

You can be fit without going to the gym and thinking too hard about it. The best advice is to eat fresh food and try to walk or ride your bike when you can not this gym and meal prep nonsense.

No. 1440187

I don't know why the goalpost has to move. The gym has a lot of interesting things to try and it seems like you are fixated on ascribing an extremist mindset "I'll be immortal!" on people that are trying to just trying to workout. Why seethe like this and pretend all gymgoers are anal and never eat a burger in spite of this being statistically not true?

I ended up investing in some weight-lifting stuff for my home because I enjoy lifting, it feels good, I hate the gym, but not everyone is gonna do that.

No. 1440189

What scientific evidence do you have that you’re more likely to get osteoporosis from going on walks and bike riding over meal prep and going to gym? There isn’t any. You just like to feel better than other because you waste your time at the gym like an idiot.

No. 1440190

you are in absolutely no position to be giving anyone advice on diet or fitness given that you think gyms and meal prepping (both very good useful things in moderation) are useless? why do i feel like you personally don't enjoy the gym or meal prepping and now you expect everyone to agree with your dislike of them kek

No. 1440191

Anon women after menopause are recommended to do strength exercises everyday because it can slow the rate of osteoporosis. Walking is fine but it won’t make you healthier than the people who go out for jogs/running.

No. 1440193

You can go to a gym and not do meal plans and protein powders, if your goal isn't to bulk up

No. 1440195

>You just like to feel better than other because you waste your time at the gym like an idiot
Nah you're projecting because you've probably had a negative experience at the gym and instead of working past that and overcoming your insecurities you've got some sort of personal vendetta against people who find it enjoyable and useful to go to the gym/develop meal habits and prep food.

No. 1440197

Some people can't walk around everywhere so they go to the gym. Every body is different. Few people don't need to work out or eat healthy to be "fine". However, each healthy workout and processed food avoided will make you feel even better. The benefits of healthy eating and exercise are literally proven. It's your choice whether you want to live without them and what you want to put into your physical health. You'll be fine, I'm sure, but if you exercised regularly and ate well, you'd be feeling more fine.

No. 1440200

Where does upper body health come into play with your plan here?

No. 1440202

nta but there's research on how weight lifting actually does help improve bone health as compared to lighter forms of exercise. Certain kinds of exercise has different effects than others. You seem like you're extremely insecure because, like…you like walking? That's great, but why get pissed off at people that do other stuff?
I wish I meal prepped cuz cooking twice a day is annoying.

No. 1440203

I haven't been to the gym in over 2 years. I pick up logs in the forest and lift them above my head, carry heavy shit and do calisthenics. I don't mealplan, I know how to get enough protein and sustenance. Cycling isn't working out, it's transport which every normal person should do every day and is not enough to prevent osteoporosis. If that were the case, osteoporosis wouldn't exist in the Netherlands and newsflash, it definitely fucking does.

No. 1440205

Are you some lumberjack lady? That's hot.

No. 1440206

File: 1670707363144.gif (2.23 MB, 448x640, amberlynn-reid-amber-lynn.gif)

>The end result is still death

No. 1440211

Nah just a cheapskate trying to stay fit despite having a sedentary office job.
I've been defending going to the gym the whole time in this thread.

No. 1440215

To be fair that nonny was being obnoxious but I doubt she was actually trying to defend deathfats and more trying to take shots at people that work hard at their fitness. Like, crab mentality type stuff.

No. 1440216

Right? Pick up the nearest granny and take her into the store, then bring her groceries back

No. 1440244

Yeah holy shit this is bleak. That's a normal fucking woman. I wish edtwt users stayed in edtwt.

No. 1440255

I like being thin and Paris chic. I will probably get osteoporosis when I get older but at least I will look cute until then.

No. 1440262

kuromi and my melody have zero chemistry

No. 1440266

Most dancing forms marketed to bored middle-class women are lame as fuck and of course most time are very coomerish. Bellydancing isn't impressive as a dance, and is also associated with seduction. Don't get me started on pole dancing, which is defended by "oh, it needs core strength though". Might be, you'll still not "reclaim" poledancing as some serious gymnastic sport

No. 1440276

Good for you. Just don’t talk too much shit in person, because you’re a very easy person to beat up.

No. 1440277

It sucks because pole fitness is a real thing that looks very different from pole dancing but finding a legit class IRL is near impossible and free online resources are slim.

No. 1440279

File: 1670711620958.jpg (92.21 KB, 1169x1169, EtsRhb2VkAIhfT-.jpg)

Yeah and that's why I avoided this place as a teenager. Petty, bitchy, and cruel. To be fair still is pretty cruel, but now I enjoy seeing a place where we can openly shit on scrotes and troons.
This. I stuggled with ED most my life. Finally getting a healthy mindset of what a natural and healthy womans body is supposed to look like. We get criticism by moids enough already, don't need to shit on other women with normal body size for not having "big enough tits/ass" jesus, grow up.

No. 1440287

She has a fat gut. Big difference.

No. 1440300

I can't speak for it's origins nor it's use as entertainment for moids but you should look up some actual middle eastern belly dancing. It is Incredibly impressive, taxing on the body, and requires a lot of core and leg strength as well as very very impressive balance.

I agree with you that the types marketed to bored housewives who want to be sexy and exotic for their husbands isn't shit but belly dancing is an absolute art form. I hate that it's eye candy for men (not solely but partly) but I would never shame the women who have worked that hard at it.

No. 1440303

So yesterday only lesbians are radfems and now only women who workout? Take your meds.

No. 1440305

Basically you have to be big boned and gay to be a true feminist according to these people

No. 1440308

Grow a thicker skin

No. 1440313

File: 1670713366783.jpg (205.23 KB, 1024x1024, istockphoto-544588746-1024x102…)

I'm a gold star radfem, I don't even have a father, my mother just selected her fittest egg to raise

No. 1440316

It’s funny that you post a picture like that since most women with those body types generally end up losing their periods. Women with those body types are on the same tier as ana chans.

No. 1440327

Yes literally the exact same bodytype as >>1440019 This is what happens if you accidentally pick up something heavy and do anything other than walking and cycling.

No. 1440354

>dworkin was a retard
how so ? did you made a huge protest against porn culture like her ? nor speeches ? books ? oh well

No. 1440355

No one said this you fat retard. Take your heart disease meds.

No. 1440361

It was a joke you inbred medieval village jester. I'm literally a radfem myself. I just don't agree with being overweight/obese/any sort of physically healthy lifestyle as an "f-you" to patriarchal culture. It's all 100% pure, concentrated cope.

No. 1440363

Yeah kek, it's like the celebrity thread leaked.

No. 1440365

Samefag, physically unhealthy*.

No. 1440367

How about you mind your business and let people look how they want. Focus on some real feminist issues.

No. 1440371

Troon? The troon used to ree a lot about women being fat and subhuman immoral both here and on the other basket weaver site https://crystal.cafe/b/res/147993.html#q153896 kek. Considering the spamming we've been getting today and yesterday it might worth be just reporting and letting farmhands decide.

No. 1440373

File: 1670715799830.jpg (56.93 KB, 919x1024, 3kyfn6.jpg)

it waff a jfoke yiu imbredf medfieval fillage fester i am a rafffem myfelf

No. 1440375

It wasn't about looks.

No. 1440378

Post hand kek.

No. 1440379

Samefag, just >>1440375 .

No. 1440382

>Anyone who disagrees with me must be a tranny!!!
This is the unpopular opinions thread, and my poin was never about aesthetics. Again, you retards misunderstand because you're insecure about yourself. Integrate, and go lift some weights - your bones will thank you.

No. 1440386

Shit like that doesn't bother me now but it's still childish and stupid, especially coming from another woman.

I swear women can be our own worse enemies.

No. 1440389

The hand poster in the thread linked is also the confirmed tranny and was confirmed by farmhands after doing the same thing here >>>/ot/1340322

No. 1440390

let's not bring that again,it's so dumb

No. 1440391

Not all women are mature and nurturing. Accept that and move on. Some of us are bitches and we need a place to be toxic just like scrotes do. And that’s an unpopular opinion.

No. 1440392

Fat hands seething about fat people? Just like the depp thread.

No. 1440395

yeah theres fat in human bodies retard, thanks for pointing out i dont wanna end up like a sack of bones, posts your hands too retard

No. 1440396

I dont even understand what people are arguing about at this point. It's always better to be healthy and strong. Not a fatfuck or anorexic. Get healthy first, then worry about aesthetic. Guarantee most of us here need to at least get some mild weight lifting in.

No. 1440398

I think she was asking for my hand, nonnie. blushes

No. 1440399

Can you retards cut this shit out

No. 1440400

Honestly, fair point tbh.

No. 1440402

nah im the one who posted the retard wojack for for her and she mentionned me lmao

No. 1440403

There is a difference between having healthy levels of body fat vs being obese or overweight. You know this, you just have no argument, so you're chatting shit and desperate. I'm not going to post my hand, you can report me all you want, I genuinely do not care.
Thank you, this was my entire point. Part (not all) of liberating yourself and finding proper freedom as a woman is understanding and taking care of your body - having a healthy balance of fat and muscle so you can be strong and not rely on moids as much for physical tasks. Women have been brainwashed to enjoy either being surgically altered, anachan or now just morbidly obese - one of the best things you can do, especially if you're a radfem, is enjoy getting in shape for your health and to feel good. I can't believe people are this mad at me for saying it kek

No. 1440404

Infighting and handposting newfags, I swear to god.

No. 1440406

All opinions discarded.

No. 1440407

imagine finding the tiniest detail to make yourself coping longer

No. 1440412

I can’t ever prove I’m a woman becuz I got man hands dayum

No. 1440413

lemme see

No. 1440422

Same tbh I think the HAES movement is just something used against women to make our lifespans shorter and make us dependent on needing expensive medical care. Doesn’t help that when women gain an absurd amount of weight we get hormone problems or make existing conditions worse and need to be put on medicine that makes us more sick in the long run. When women live unhealthy lifestyles it could be dangerous for us because of hormone imbalances that happen when overweight which can cause certain cancers. When men try to mold how women should live we get extremes that no one can handle and that serve no purpose other than to please them and create a partner that cannot live withhout them. The more healthy a woman is the more independent we become and the less separated we are from other women. In a perfect world we would all be healthy and strong, not have slap fights between anachans and overweight women, and not push each other down for male attention.

No. 1440437

File: 1670717976030.jpeg (253.86 KB, 1500x1875, 13A82B89-9873-48B7-9624-EE9159…)

Having a big ass depends on the length of your ass crack. If you have a shorter ass crack you’ll never get a big butt even with squats. People with long ass cracks generally have bigger asses. I noticed most black women have long ass cracks and most East Asian women have short ass cracks.

No. 1440438

ethnicity unimportant, shayna confirms

No. 1440440

This is true and this will probably make a lot of people mad kek

No. 1440456

>Having a big ass depends on the length of your ass crack.
Weirdest sentence I've read in a minute. Anyway I have to disagree. Long ass cracks emphasize a big booty, but it's all about the muscle.

No. 1440457

short crack = small hams, never gonna have bubbles without the foundation for them

No. 1440458

Nope because my ass is big and I have never worked out but I have a long ass crack. Big butts are genetic like big breasts.

No. 1440465

I have a big butt and long crack too. I say it's about the muscle cause that's mostly what ass is made of, not because of working out.

No. 1440487

File: 1670721140185.png (836.09 KB, 1080x1080, Jul19_CFASandwich_pdp.png)

Chick-fil-a sandwiches are not that good. That bread they use is very nice though.

No. 1440489

is it seriously just a slab of chicken jammed in a bun? only a sliver of pickle? it looks so unappealing.

No. 1440494

I don't mean to dismiss your struggles, but I've never seen a woman look like a troon unless she was obese. Just because you don't have an hourglass or pear figure doesn't mean you look like a troon.

No. 1440507

File: 1670722784487.jpg (1.19 MB, 1439x2561, Screenshot_20221210_193810_Fir…)

More women should do these things so men would think twice. Instead of crying about it (men get off to that and victim impact statements etc.)

No. 1440526

Insanely based queen. He deserved it, disgusting scrote.

No. 1440568

Based and justified. Men will continue to be degenerates until they face real consequences from actual potential harm to something as small as women no longer being interested in them.

No. 1440572

Autist the post was just making fun of you for having shit taste.

No. 1440574

Jade Janks did nothing wrong

No. 1440578

Queen Shit

No. 1440580

Shit like this makes me wanna die tbh, hope she doesn't have to serve any time for that. I can't imagine how violated she must've felt to have someone she probably looked to as a father betray like that.

No. 1440583

I automatically assume any woman who claims to “LOVE” anal is a pickme

No. 1440586

not unpopular, especially not here
one of them is going to spawn in this thread within 15 minutes though

No. 1440642

It’s suspicious that every female rapper is bisexual. All of these bitches can’t be faggots. I don’t believe them.

No. 1440648

File: 1670732483279.gif (3.77 MB, 498x498, 1670087645889.gif)

>All these bitches can’t be faggots

No. 1440654

I assume the same for any woman who says she loves to give blow jobs.

No. 1440655

I like giving bjs under very specific circumstances

No. 1440663

I love anal and sucking dick I do not care. But that is my business.

No. 1440766

Sorry she's going to jail. The law is made to excuse immediate scrote chimpouts, a crime of passion. If you plan or think about it, it's premeditated. You can only get away with it if you act immediately. It's easier legally speaking to defend a woman who stabbed a scrote 50 times immediately, than this.

No. 1440795

genuinely asking but do you assume that lesbian women are lying in the fem fantasies thread when they talk about how much they wanna eat pussy?
i know its the unpopular opinion there, but straight women can and are allowed to enjoy giving oral. as long as they understand that the guy they do it to should be equally excited about giving them oral, there is no issue imo.

No. 1440800

I love this song by The Knife so much, I don’t even mind a tranny is lip synching it because it’s already so weird

No. 1440808

Just shaming women who stay fit in general regardless of what sort of dance they do is just moid behavior. Reminds me of moids who mock women who do booty boot camps or some stupid shit just to, in the same breath, bitch about women who don't workout being unattractive

No. 1440889

Minimalism is pushed by corporations so we get comfortable with the idea of never owning anything

No. 1440890

This is one of my favorite songs of all time.

No. 1440891

That’s a female impersonator btw no correlation

No. 1440893

This is an unpopular opinion on this site only but I don't get the nonnies hating on Wednesday so much. I saw it and yeah it's a little cringe but it's a show for teens. She was like a goth Nancy drew going to ripoff hogwarts and honestly that's better than most teen shows out there rn. It's not sexualized like euphoria and the like and it doesn't have the oppressive patriarchal cult like in sabrina.

No. 1440896

Nah, they're probably not. I think some of them are, but most of it is just to appeal to coomer tendencies. Most of them remind me of the type of pickme who would never shut up about about being ~so gay~ but if you ever mentioned the concept of doing oral on a woman (or doing any sexual activity on her) they would be grossed out.

No. 1440897

damn, that's the same tranny who shat up another thread on CC saying that women who ghost are "worse than rapists" kek

No. 1440898

Idk why they acted like a show about a cringe goth in black box dye braids (as she has literally always been) is cringe. It had been that way since forever, Wednesdays lines have always been that kind of garbage

No. 1440910

Ummm you should definitely check traditional middle eastern belly dance. It requires a lot of skill and core strength, and it’s not always sexy, there are different forms of belly dance like tribal

No. 1440911

I've never watched anything Wednesday related and I don't like to watch movies a lot but the few clips I saw online kinda made me wanna watch it.

No. 1440912

The people calling her an NLOG and an edge lord are so dumb. Isn’t that the point? She comes from a family of freaks doesn’t she? I’m not going to watch the show because I’m done watching tv shows about high school at nearly 30 years old, but I would of loved it if i was a teen. It was much better than Skins and all the other trash i used to watch.

No. 1440917

I just wish moids would fuck off yelling about our appearances in public. Ive experienced both men calling me a dog and barking at me shouting “I wouldn’t” etc, and also men shouting “you’re hot” and whistling at me and they both fucking suck. Being called ugly is embarrassing and degrading and being called hot is frightening and degrading.

No. 1440918

>as she has always literally been
What the fuck are you on about? Christina Ricci wasn't the first depiction of her. Even the 50's show wasn't the first depiction of her, she started as a comic character almost 100 years ago.
She's from a family of freaks who are convinced that they are completely normal and pillars of the community. They always got upset when they ever felt like they didn't fit in and would argue to the contrary. That was the whole joke, the obliviousness. I think that's a bigger issue than her being edgy. They have removed her so far from the premise, they could've made the show completely divorced from the Addams family property and it would be fine, since it's so unrelated. The show would be fine imo if they hadn't tried to tie it in with the Addams family, but instead just made a show about an original creepy girl character. Or at least did something more with the idea that she's suddenly the normal one in a strange world. It seems more like a missed opportunity.

No. 1440920

The Munsters are superior to the Addams Family

No. 1440922

Raichu is better than Pikachu.

No. 1440926

I was just thinking about this too! My butt isn't flat but it will always be very small because I just don't have a big enough crack.

No. 1440932

the “i’m so normal” larp on here is more embarrassing than being a hikki or a husbandofag. it’s an imageboard lol, the culture caters to freaks and retards, you’re fucking embarrassing getting on an anonymous website as a “normie” to anonymously fight mentally ill and socially aberrant people. you’re a pussy not able to be stacy irl so you larp it on a past it shitty imageboard

No. 1440936


I think Christina Ricca was the best looking Wednesday though. She definitely had the freaky little girl image with her huge forehead. Just my opinion.

I wish they would stop remaking the Adams family though it’s getting dry.

No. 1440937

I also use Clue and it gives me a little peace to see that my wack emotions are because my period is coming up, it helps me manage my emotions better. But I also got an e-mail one time about pregnancy planning from a local hospital when I forgot to track my period one month. Not sure if it's related to the app/roe v. wade conspiracies/myself aging or what. But I'm not gonna stop anyways.

No. 1440939


It just looks overrated and the Adams family is just done. We get it. Wednesday is quirky not like other girls but yet wants approval by her preppy peers. It’s been done.

No. 1440940

I think it's believable that "normal" appearing people use this site, this doesn't necessarily mean they're normal in the head though. Just look at how many people will appear normal at face value just for it to later be exposed they're murderers, rapists, run drug schemes, stalk their ex bf or something, now imagine how many "normal" people will go off the bat and do only mildly wrong and weird things

No. 1440941

Hahaha based, the stacey larpers are so embarrassing

No. 1440942


You could say the same for the Tik Tok generation. All of those kids either are butchered by tranny fuel or mentally deranged from doing absolutely stupid shit.

No. 1440947

This. The concept of "stacy" is made up by bitter people who think others must have perfect lives, even though we've been shown over and over again that looks can be deceiving. It's like a bedtime story they tell themselves.
The world is full of freaks and retards, some are just more successful and better at hiding it than others. Case in point, Angelina Jolie having meltdowns in comment sections defending herself, Jennifer Aniston following accounts that bash Amber Heard and Jolie, celebrities who fume about gossip and even talk about coming to Lolcow, etc.

No. 1440948

Agreed, it is pathetic. There's Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more, those websites are full with "normie" people with normie interests and opinions…if you're lurking here you're either not as normie as you think (non-mainstream opinions like tranny hate or manhate), you're a classic weeb/weirdo or mentally ill, there's no in-between

No. 1440950

I feel like anons who refer to themselves as normies are just people who are able to integrate better. I personally agree with tranny and man hate but would never project it, at least publicly because of the amount of backlash it would receive plus it would be cringe, I imagine most "normies" here aren't necessarily pretending they're just like any other person but they're just better at integrating in society

No. 1440953

But why are you assuming people are talking about celebrities when they say "Stacey?" I don't think anyone above the age of 16 actually think celebrities are the height of normality and success, they're all complete trainwrecks. "Stacey" usually refers to someone who has the majority of their life in order: a job/career, decent social life, decent relationships, well adjusted with society, mental health in check, physical appearance/health decent. Not someone who's flawless and never struggles.

No. 1440955

No but how is it every single female rapper is bisexual though but never have gfs

No. 1440960

The show was done by Tim burton of course it’s shit

No. 1440965

I brought up celebrities as examples because those are easy names to list, examples of successful/wealthy, physically attractive people who have all the opportunity in the world to not be so fucked in the head. Many normal people do weird and deranged things too, but they don't let it consume their lives or show it the way a lot of rejects do. You also won't hear about it unless you know them very closely. I'm sure a lot of the insane spergs even here don't wear it on their sleeve IRL, either. If you're physically average, take a shower and don't throw tantrums in public, most people will assume you are a "normie". If you're very attractive and have a lot of friends (even if they're fake or you secretly fight all the time), they will assume you are a stacy.
>a job/career, decent social life, decent relationships, well adjusted with society, mental health in check, physical appearance/health decent.
I feel like society in itself isn't "well-adjusted" these days, people just have to manage. Some just handle it better than others. That's why there's so many obviously predatory or false things being pushed as mental health tips or hacks, and why female socialization are so fucked.

No. 1440971

>I brought up celebrities as examples because those are easy names to list, examples of successful/wealthy, physically attractive people who have all the opportunity in the world to not be so fucked in the head.
I think that's where I disagree though because most female celebrities are put through abuse and severe sexual objectification/degradation, seems like a recipe for disaster.

>I feel like society in itself isn't "well-adjusted" these days, people just have to manage. Some just handle it better than others.

Agreed, and the people who do handle it well while keeping the majority of those things I listed in check I would consider "Stacey's." I've only known a few in real life, one being my sister lol. Seeing her navigate life somewhat easily and being able to handle any issue that comes her way, even when shit gets bad, is what I would consider a "Stacey" type. Also being extremely social and able to get along with almost anyone while maintaining decade long close friendships. Not people that are perfect, just better adjusted at handling their shit.

No. 1440977

The thing about female celebrities being abused is a good point, I didn't think of that, though I feel like how women and girls are socialized in general also plays into that.
>Seeing her navigate life somewhat easily and being able to handle any issue that comes her way, even when shit gets bad, is what I would consider a "Stacey" type. Also being extremely social and able to get along with almost anyone while maintaining decade long close friendships.
In this same light, I don't think it's that preposterous that some people can post on Lolcow and do just this, though. You don't necessarily have to fail at all those things to post here, it depends more on what you actually post and which threads you frequent. It's not really especially fucked up the way 8chan or 4chan often are, just unpopular, and some might prefer that. I think the OP post about "stacey larps" is more related to that fake image of being "perfect" (I agree some anons might larp that, but again it's not real), because the mindset seems too "black and white" otherwise.

No. 1441010

>In this same light, I don't think it's that preposterous that some people can post on Lolcow and do just this, though. You don't necessarily have to fail at all those things to post here, it depends more on what you actually post and which threads you frequent.
Yeah I feel you, I could definitely see a "Stacey" type being a part time farmer. I guess I was thinking more of the types that are on here all the time and frequent threads in ot like vent/dumbass/unpopular opinions/stupid questions/etc. Like the farmers that are on here everyday and have spent years here and know all the lore. I think it's just hard for me to see a "Stacey" type or person like my sister being a full time farmer like that because of the time it takes to do that, and how little free time someone like her has. But I agree I could definitely picture someone like her having the time and desire to hang out in a thread or two. Glad she doesn't know about lc though cause that would be awkward as fuck if she ever saw my vents about her lol

No. 1441019

People who constantly complain that TikTok/Twitter is toxic/retarded are more annoying than TikTokers/Twitter users themselves. We get it–everyone gets it. Stop pointing out the obvious it's repetitive. It's beating a dead horse at this point.

No. 1441031

People who say social media is toxic and addictive but porn is totes empowering, healthy and prevents rape, should have their voting rights revoked. It’s not social media’s fault that the majority of people choose to be fucking retards with no self respect and no filter. It’s not social media’s fault that people don’t want to monitor their own children and let them get radicalised and groomed by pedos.

No. 1441037

I think you overestimate obscurity of lolcow. There's quite a lot of users and I doubt everyone is mentally ill hiki or a secret psycho. A lot of people are just interested in internet drama or a female community.

No. 1441040

The "I'll pay you money to show me this piece of evidence" infighters are cringe but based, I actually wish more people would do it since it's one of the best ways to call out strawmanners or people who blantantly make shit up for the sake of argument. Nothing really reveals the truth if you're unable to point out something or show evidence for whatever cause you're supporting, even if there's a small chance of cash out of it

No. 1441049

you weirdos are so fucking embarrassing kek. imagine calling other people pathetic when you genuinely think being this much of an unsocialised retard is somehow symbolic of being better than other people (not to mention unironically believing in 'staceys' or whatever, christ). you're aware you can be a ~neet~ or a ~hikki~ or whatever the fuck and even make it your whole entire sad personality without also being an obnoxious shithead about it, right?

No. 1441059

>You people are so embarrassing for thinking you're better than other people, now here's why I'm better than you

No. 1441074

People who hate on social media are usually just too ugly and boring to post anything. If they were attractive or interesting they’d like socal media because they could participate.

No. 1441076

Nta, but that's not what they said kek

No. 1441077

Yeah well we didn't say any of what she accused me and the other nonnies of saying either

No. 1441081

the problem is, if someone wants to infight and sperg out, they'll just keep ignoring your requests for proof of anything they claim. you might get a "you must be a troon bc you disagree with my opinion", kek.

No. 1441082

Bold take you must live a charmed life (not dealing with harassing pms/stalker, having to guard your online rep for work, family drama) for some of us it's safer and easier to not participate. You can go "oh just lock it down then" but it's not that simple

No. 1441083

It's retarded to constantly seethe about it on an unhinged manner, like just don't use it if you don't like it. I swear the people who constantly complain about it, use it themselves, because how else are you keeping up with all the latest drama which has your panties in a twist now? However there's enough reason to not like social media. Maybe you don't feel like giving up your privacy or having to kowtow to TRA's in order to not be cancelled constantly and fired.

No. 1441084

i get the sense that anons like that think everyone on the site must be "abnormal", not because they 100% believe it's the case, but because it's the most comforting thing for them. they probably secretly imagine that they're the most normal ones on the site and are super self-aware, but they get a thrill whenever a hikki anon, an abused anon or husbandofag anon posts about themselves.
i'm saying this based on the spite they seem to hold around "normalcy" and stacy-ness. like it seems extremely important to them who is a freak and who isn't.

No. 1441086

Lolcow really shows me that women care too much what people think. If you have to post nudes to prove you’re not a troon or you get anxious about fighting with anons. Like bitch they cant see you kek

No. 1441087

You both are making a whole lotta weird presumptions based off not much at all

No. 1441089

i mean, what was the catalyst for this post >>1440932? that anon and those in agreement also seem to be making presumptions based on not much
>you’re a pussy not able to be stacy irl so you larp it on a past it shitty imageboard
this part especially

No. 1441090

hikikomori are just lazy as fuck. These days they could at least get a from home job but they won’t even do that.

No. 1441092

>If you have to post nudes to prove you’re not a troon
There was multiple anons who did this? I only ever saw one do it I didn't know there were several

No. 1441095

Some of us do lead normal (or at least mostly normal) lives outside of this site though. If anything, it's more embarrassing and retarded to be seething at the thought of some anonymous farmers not being hikkineets or whatever, which for some reason anons keep doing. This isn't some secret club for weird girls, if normal people want to use Lolcow then it's not a big deal as long as they adhere to the rules and culture here.

No. 1441099

I mean some people probably do that though, larp as someone cooler than they are irl. Imo it's weirder to insinuate anons get a kick out of hearing women detailing abuse than it is to assume some normies are just larping.
>but they get a thrill whenever a hikki anon, an abused anon or husbandofag anon posts about themselves.
Not sure if your that anon but that's just weird and disturbing, I don't think anyone here is getting "thrills" out of hearing about abuse victims (at least I hope not jeez)

No. 1441100

Yeah but it's an easy way to shut an argument up. It would be easier to use on moids because I feel like moids will make up more outrageous shit unlike anons here whom only really seem to just take other anons words out of contexts. Moids will make up shit like there phenomenons of all men being raped and beat in their own homes and get blamed for it or that there's concentration camps for trannies or some shit

No. 1441101

you'd be surprised how many normal people are into the dark recesses of the internet. you don't know what everyone is doing

No. 1441102

if you are attractive and interesting on social media, people will steal from you and scrotes will harass you. skinwalkers and weirdos, especially moids, are a huge problem. sometimes, you don't even have to post your face, and some people will still just copy your creations or "vibe" if they're good lol. also, if you don't like attention from strangers, there's no real point. IME only boring/basic or ugly people tend to get away with just having a public page and posting whatever without any issue.
only private social media really makes sense, but even in that case, it's not like you're that obliged to share your beauty and thoughts with everyone you know.

No. 1441103

Pound animals suck, going to a breeder is always preferable so you don't get an animal with health problems and mental illness

No. 1441107

Nta, but some anon itt admitted that they like reading posts about women in bad relationships because it makes them feel better about themselves.

No. 1441108

Idk all the pretty girls I know love posting their pictures and having scrotes comment for a quick ego boost. I personally don’t like it because I’m ugly. This why I assume only ugly people and losers hate on social media.

No. 1441109

i just really can't imagine anyone but someone who prefers for other people to be in a lower position than themselves to be so invested in strangers possibly "larping" as "normal" in an anonymous space where we can't prove anything regardless.
this includes abuse and mental illness, and there absolutely are anons here like that. there was a lesbian anon in this very thread saying she took her own straight "friends" being abused by their bfs as entertainment.

No. 1441111

Well I don't know about the others but I'm not really invested in it I just said "hahaha based, stacey larpers are embarrassing." It's more of a tinfoil I have rather than something I'm invested in or hoping for. I hope people aren't coming here to try to mentally "one up" people in worse off situations than them, especially people who have been abused. But I guess if stacey larpers are possible than so is that.
>there was a lesbian anon in this very thread saying she took her own straight "friends" being abused by their bfs as entertainment.
Shit like that makes me wanna leave and never come back.

Fuck that's depressing

No. 1441115

it sounds like they enjoy attention from scrotes, but not every pretty woman does. conversely, there are also ugly women who love scrote attention. plus, if they don't have a distinct style or make art, they probably don't have to worry about being copied (or at least not noticeably).

No. 1441118

Samefag but I forgot to add, I find comfort in reading anons stories that are similar to mine because it makes me feel less alone with the stuff I've gone through. When I hear stories of women who are doing "worse" it makes me sad and wish I could help in some way or say something of comfort. When I hear about women who are doing "better" I find it motivating. It makes me not wanna be here to think that some anons are so vindictive they want other anons to be doing poorly, I'm going to think twice about venting about my shitty life now lol

No. 1441120

Wasn’t this site built on making fun of women who are uglier and doing worse than us though? No shit vindictive people such as me would be attracted to this place.

No. 1441121

Fair point, ot has a whole different vibe to it than the cow threads though. (except celebricows)

No. 1441122

The attention I could get from other lesbians is not worth TRA's in my comments and DM's screeching about pronouns, trying to get me fired for not wanting to add them. Or TiMs in the comments and DM's trying to hit on me.

No. 1441124

>People are copying my vibe!!
I've only ever single a handful of actual skin walking lol. Unless you're underage who the fuck cares if people copy your "vibe"?

No. 1441125

A lot of cows like pt, Venus and shayna are harmless but people come here to make fun of them because they are losers. Can’t expect the same anons posting over there to come here and be nurturing mom types who care about you. This all just falls under people expect women to be nice and we just all aren’t.

No. 1441128

nta, but yes, but things have branched off from that with /ot/ and /g/ and /m/. we can talk casually, discuss our lives, draw and watch things without having it affect our real lives, and without having to present ourselves as wholly unproblematic or whatever. we don't even have to like or validate moids or listen to them talk down to us.
i don't know about others, but i used to follow cows in /snow/ and ended up growing out of the anachan nonsense and the nasolabial fold autism. most of our "legacy" cows just make me sad or bored now, the tranny threads are probably the only consistently milky threads imo. if it weren't for the other boards and community activities, i'd probably have left this site, and i don't think i'm alone. cc isn't the same.

No. 1441130

I'm not really expecting anyone to be nurturing motherly types, and I don't expect that of women just because they are women. All I said was I hope anons aren't getting a sick thrill out of nonnies talking about abuse they've endured.

No. 1441132

If people saw women in a normal light you could just say “some anons are bitches but a lot of you are cool” but since we are dealing with women it has to be all or nothing “OMG SOME ANONS ARE MEAN AND I CANT BELIEVE A WOMAN WOULD ACT LIKE THAT. MAKES ME NEVER WANT TO COME HERE AGAIN!”. We are human kek get over it.

No. 1441133

if you express your talents and creativity, and have someone else co-opt what you make for profit or quick attention, it's demoralizing, cheap and off-putting. even worse if they blantantly plagiarize you and are rewarded more than you are for it. from that standpoint, it makes perfect sense to keep your creations to yourself. i don't think this is difficult to grasp for anyone above 18, or that doesn't skinwalk.

No. 1441134

The tinfoil that it was a scrote will remain firmly on my head.

No. 1441136

I don't see what any of that has to do with anons reacting inappropriately to abuse, specifically targeted towards anonymous confessions on here. On r9k or some shit, laughing at women's abuse is expected of them but we still consider it gross and cruel, idk why we aren't allowed to call out anons for the same behavior just because somehow we're asking women to be therapists by not being inhumane to abuse vents

No. 1441137

…That's not what I said at all, what are you so mad about?

No. 1441139

>if it weren't for the other boards and community activities, i'd probably have left this site, and i don't think i'm alone.
nah, you're not alone. i follow the mtf thread and have a giggle at some of the other cows sometimes but i've always detested the nasolabial nitpicking analysis and the whole "she has a fridge body let's laugh at it" shit on this site. i don't believe it should be censored but it's kind of annoying regardless kek.
i love lc, because it's the only female-oriented space that doesn't enable trannies, libfems or male bullshit and you can freely say shit like "retard" without 3 handmaidens coming to arrest you because you did a hecking ableist slur. many nonnas here are also very kind and very funny without feeling the need to censor themselves or erase their natural personalities! however, sometimes i also hate sharing a space with raging seething anachans, baiters, poorly-disguised trannies attempting to larp and women with BDD who feel it necessary to spread their mental retardation onto others e.g the nasolabial fold and fridge-waist fiascos. it's just sad that this is pretty much the only space like this (that i know of, anyway).

No. 1441140

You’re allowed to just don’t have that “women should be bigger than this mentality”because you’re literally on a bullying site which makes you a hypocrite. Also, people laugh at celebrities making dumb relationship choices, what’s the difference?

No. 1441141

Please, integrate. What the hell happened to the "lurk more" era of the internet?

No. 1441144

Nah I believe it, lesbians grow up use to the fact majority of people are straight and don't have some weird hatred against women for dating men and not them, it's usually scrotes who get upset at women dating men who aren't them

I also always found it sus how many "my girlfriend ….." posts are here tbh, especially the ones specifically complaining about women are discussing the creepy behavior they have towards their ex girlfriends or whatever. Makes me wonder how many moids are just trying to pass as a lesbian post to bitch about their girlfriend

No. 1441145

Why are you assuming it's normal to take pleasure in hearing about abuse?

No. 1441147

Dumb relationship choices =\= getting a kick out of women being abused and making sure they can see you laughing about it

No. 1441149

It keeps me from interacting with scrotes. It’s like seeing a crack head and you’re reminded of why you don’t go back to meth even if it felt good sometimes.

No. 1441150

When I was dealing with shitty scrotes the people would made fun of me and called me a loser were the ones who made me snap out of it. The ones who were like “awww he’s an asshole you deserve better” went in one ear and out the other because I already knew he was an asshole. The shame associated with being seen as desperate is what made me leave.

No. 1441154

That doesn't mean it will help every woman, and it doesn't give anyone any justification for making fun of and getting pleasure out of women being abused. Especially when it's someone you don't even know. I keep seeing anons say this and it's weird as fuck.

No. 1441156

>The shame associated with being seen as desperate is what made me leave.
Same. A lot of people hate this but it's true. Shame is a huge motivator in society that we're seeming to lose grip of.

No. 1441157

This isn't normal though lol. You're just a bitch

No. 1441158

Yeah I agree, when I was being abused this just made me keep quiet and be in denial out of fear of being "that desperate woman who let a man abuse her", even then it was hard for me to get help after out of shame. One size doesn't fit all and some of these can make it worse

No. 1441161

I really don’t care if it helps them or not. If they are acting stupid I’m going to point out what they are doing is stupid. I’m just anon anyway.

No. 1441167

Samefag but it's also clear that dumbasses like you are projecting however you felt about being an abuse victim onto other women who are abuse victims.

No. 1441168

I only care about women who are getting physically abused. If you’re someone who lets your scrote play mental games like calling you fat and cheating I don’t care. Sorry.

No. 1441176

>If you’re someone who lets your scrote play mental games like calling you fat and cheating I don’t care
why not?

No. 1441178

I think I'm ugly but a lot of other people don't, and my perception is so skewed based on my mental health and body dysmorphia where I have no idea what I actually look like

No. 1441183

Because it should be obvious to leave a scrote who calls you fat, ugly and cheats. Physical abuse is more serious because a man can flip out and kill you if you try to leave. If you’re dealing with men who pump and dump you, ghost a lot, make it clear that they don’t find you attractive I really don’t consider that serious abuse, those are the people I laugh at.

No. 1441190

>obvious to leave a scrote who calls you fat, ugly and cheats.
What if the woman in question cannot afford to leave? Emotional abuse isn't obvious or instant, and that's how so many scrotes get away with it.

No. 1441191

I’m talking about the ones who stay because they are “in love”.

No. 1441196

The amount we spay and neuter pets in the US is unethical. My coworkers actually talk bad about anyone who doesn't spay, yet no one talks about the side effects of removing the uterus/ovaries and testicles.
I hear that other countries are different while still avoiding accidental pregnancies, but I don't think the culture in America could ever handle that. So if I tell these idiots not to spay their pet, either they're going to let it run around making puppies everywhere and leading to overpopulation, or else they're not going to set any money aside for of the female gets pyometra and they'll just let her die.

No. 1441198

My house smells like straight up cat piss because my male cat is in heat and wants to spray everywhere. He screams at the top of his lungs every night and try’s to mate with my arm. He’s getting neutered.

No. 1441199

Why the fuck didn’t you neuter him before?

No. 1441201

What are the side effects of spaying/neutering dogs or cats? I thought they were at an increased risk of cancer otherwise. Also pregnancy complications for female animals.

No. 1441202

Are you sure that's correct? I live in a country where stray animals are next to non-existent because of the accessibility of spaying and neutering and I've never heard of anyone having a pet with spaying-related issues.

Not saying you're wrong but I've just never heard of it.

No. 1441203

Because I read somewhere that it’s not healthy for them. Then he started showing his in heat symptoms and he’s annoying as fuck. He was a kitten when I got him and this is his first heat.

No. 1441204

Absolute gigastacy. Added to my queens folder

No. 1441207

File: 1670781107743.jpg (73.22 KB, 648x411, tumblr_3b8c8a8bf057f69661ea22d…)

labels are cringe, but i guess i'm "proship" because i genuinely do not care what people do in fiction so long as they know it's wrong irl.

that said, i think how "weird" proship/dead dove fan content is directly relates to the thing in question. i'm not going to blink twice at someone who makes porn content of girls from Hot Girl Harem Show where the high-school aged mc can romance everyone from his 30 y/o teacher to his sister in middle school (because that is something not to be taken seriously), but i do squint at those who do pic related.

No. 1441215

I've read that spaying/neutering makes them more likely to have bone and hip issues, which makes sense because women experience significant bone loss once they go through menopause.

It's also very bad to spay/neuter before 6 months of age, because that harms normal body development and they will get even more health issues from it.

No. 1441218

Absolutely hate how these writers try to soften the image of sex offenders and perverts. Butterfly farm owner, why should I care?

No. 1441220

Unfortunately the writers of Evangelion wanted to have it both ways, which only undermined their own message.

No. 1441228

I think it’s emotionally immature retard behavior to throw away meaningful relationships in the pursuit of “finding yourself” because actually finding yourself actually has A LOT to do with how you interact with the people you want to keep in your life

No. 1441230

Marriages are about women. Attention whore grooms who want to be IN THE SPOTLIGHT should just get fag-married to the truck drivers they blow on the side. Fuck you and your singing, we have an orchestra. If you disobey the woman once more I will rip your voice box out.

No. 1441233

Yeah but sometimes certain relationships do need to be sacrificed if you want to build a better life for yourself. I’m talking about the bad influences, not just any old regular functional relationship.

No. 1441237

AYRT and that’s definitely true, not all relationships are worth keeping around. I guess I’ve just been on the burnt end on forming a lot of meaningful connections with really immature people who take it for granted and then come back with their tails between their legs years later when they realize that a lot of people are just very surface level. Both romantic and platonic

No. 1441243

File: 1670783724061.jpg (413.52 KB, 2590x1934, He-Likes-Having-His-Ears-Pinne…)

people need to stop grabbing their cats ears and yanking them back like this. it isn't cute and it doesn't look very painless

No. 1441246

i do this and call him a bunny cat

No. 1441256

The only people I met who throw away good relationships are moids who want to throw away quality women so they can fuck around. I also hate moids who pull the whole "I'm not happy" type deal because they rely on their girlfriends for happiness when it's their own fault they're overly critical, depressed, refuse to build good friendships, etc. Most moids have main character syndrome so it roots into that too. I feel like moids never take relationships seriously which is why they're so willing to break up for any possible reason, even if it's a long term relationship as if ending a several years relationship is NBD

No. 1441266

I don't yank back my cats ears but I'll pull back both sides of his face with my hands and hold them there gently so he can move if he wants to and he just won't despite looking like he hates it kek

No. 1441271

I'm tired of the narrative that only stupid women are capable of having human emotions. To some women, being called ugly and having the man cheat or other forms of emotional abuse isn't necessarily the most obvious red flag since a lot of women grow up in households where that's the norm and that's all the love they've known, and it can be hard to really get it through ones head what behavior is normal and what are "normal relationship problems"

Anyway, I'm happy you were privileged enough to be taught red flags in men but that's not the reality most women face, and they certainly shouldn't be laughed at for having to go through such.

No. 1441273

i'm not wearing my glasses so i thought she was wearing a beret

No. 1441276

i like yaoi and shipping.

No. 1441277

I wasn’t taught but I learned through people letting me know I was a clown and they were right.

No. 1441288

Good for you, not everyone has that and women who grow up with abusive families often get bashed for everything they do so they're taught to take "people calling them a clown" with a grain of salt since you could literally just exist around people and they'd call you a clown. It's hard to unlearn everything you've ever known, but shitting on women who grew up differently than you, that then led to them being abused, is a certain type of evil

No. 1441291

if anon wants to laugh at women in shitty relationships then let her, she will get the boomerang back anyway.

No. 1441293

File: 1670786007721.jpeg (440.06 KB, 1908x1146, 19BDCE24-CEC3-4291-B121-2CD1E5…)

Well that’s on them, I’m not a therapist. That still doesn’t mean they don’t look like clowns to me. Look at this beautiful woman crying in pain because a scrote who looks like a frog and makes less money than her cheated. I’m glad that’s not me because I have something called shame. I’d be super embarrassed if I were her.

No. 1441297

ok but you were a dumb bitch who was in a shitty relationship with a scrote too because you are a retard.

So are you okay with people also making fun of you the same way or do the rules not apply.

No. 1441302

It's… Their fault they didn't have the same upbringing as you?

No. 1441305

It's embarrassing to start hysterically laughing at distressed women because you wanna pretend to be edgy to shit on women in toxic relationships

No. 1441309

I mean yes I was a dumb bitch at one point I didn’t like being told I was a goof ball but now I appreciate it. When ever I feel like I’m lonely or want to feel desired I look at other womens relationship and I’m happy I’m not longer dumb.

No. 1441310

did you reply to wrong anon.

No. 1441316

I wish you held men accountable for their actions as much as you hold women being victimized by then for.

No. 1441319

You can hold someone accountable all day doesn’t mean they give a shit and men don’t.

No. 1441329

I’m not laughing at them to their face just alone in my bed room after a few shots of vodka when I’m bored . Especially when these same girls would look down on me for not dating or having a bf.

No. 1441343

I get positive attention from both men and women when I post on instagram but I still hate it and deleted it from my phone. Scrolling through reels is very mindlessly addictive and I would end up wasting time without even realizing it. Now I just occasionally post from my web browser, collect attention, and then log back off kek.

No. 1441346

this conversation reminded me of the time i vented about an aspect of my body, and then i later saw an anon in the same thread talk about "laughing" when she reads posts about anons with that aspect feeling bad (she had the exact opposite condition to me), and another anon agreed with her. they were proud of it. i generally don't like to post in the vent threads anymore, there are definitely some mentally ill weirdos here. i don't fall for the justifications they make for it, either, especially re: abuse. it's just sadism and crabs in the bucket mentality.

No. 1441371

It was likely a samefag, another one (possibly the same one?) Did the same in CC to a girl talking about how she was groomed as a teenager, and an anon replied calling her stupid and stuff and claimed "she expected people to mommy her", and then said something along the lines of "we are all laughing at her". Idk, they have a weird obsession with making women in distress feel like they're being laughed at, it's probably a moid with a weird creepy fetish

No. 1441376

So you make up a hypothetical situation in which "they'd probably bully you" about anonymous women who vent about their relationship. That just sounds like you coping, not for being single but you just sound like a shitty person if you're not an abusive moid yourself and doing everything you can to blame and make fun of women is how you cope. I can't imagine an actual woman who got emotionally abused laughing at women who are in the shoes they once were
Is this the adult version of "boys will be boys" or something?

No. 1441377

is that really what you think?

No. 1441381

i was there when that happened in cc and im pretty sure that anon was either the troon or the other moid because they were openly posting that they were in that thread.

Also did you see when the troon said that he plans to set up his spam-bots?

No. 1441383

Yeah, it's so fucking weird he has the same pattern of trying to convince women "we're all laughing". Last I been to CC the macromastia and giantess fetish moid was back and I just left again kek. Men need to be banned from the internet

No. 1441384

People love to hate on tifs….but what is one good thing society sees in a woman other than giving birth, youth and beauty.

I cant even hate on tifs, no one likes to be on the receiving end.
I hate mtf but im okay with tifs idc about the raging replies for privileged radfems.

No. 1441385

It was the troon. He was banned later.

No. 1441387

>giantess fetish moid.
that moid also posted here but he got banned kek.

No. 1441389

I know I’m a shitty person you don’t have to be an internet therapist lol looking at other womens relationship failures keep me away from men and happy in my solitude.

>I can’t imagine

Idk why you can’t believe it because there are women who have done worse than just making fun of goof balls in shitty relationships.

No. 1441395

>are privileged enough to fuck with your hormones, chop off your tits, emotionally strong-arm people into calling you a man and be socially sanctioned to check out of misogyny
>insist it's women who disagree with this that are the privileged ones

No. 1441399

Because generally women don't laugh at abuse victims unless they themselves are abusers or are caping for abusive men. If you're doing it for no other reason than you just hate women in relationships you don't consider "real abuse" then you just seem moid-y. Shitty behavior comes from both genders in different ways

No. 1441401

>It's hard to unlearn everything you've ever known
Not for me, dad was an pos cheater, mom was a mega pickme who never protected us, I just used my brain and connected the dots myself, I don't need someone else to tell me a moid calling me a ugly whore is wrong is quite obvious it is wrong

No. 1441402

There are women in real life who make fun of other women to their face. I’m not sure why you think it would be impossible for a woman to act this way anonymously kek

No. 1441404

do you realize how traumatized or fucked up someone has to be to become a tif/ftm? Unlike mtf troons who get privilege's like being seen as a protected class in the west or as something spiritual in other countries……ftm/transmen/tifs get NONE of that, the lgbt doesnt give a fuck about ftm's and they are always left last when it comes to lobbying for something or help, and they are viewed as failure women.

Most ftm come from misogynistic environments and i dont think being told ''youre just as strong as a men, stop hating yourself, you are a failure women, but you need to have babies'' will fix any of that.
Idk some of the tif hate is fucking weird to me because they are harmless, honestly if it helps them cope with trauma idk if i should meddle.

No. 1441408

agreed, some anons here are far from reality from what ever farts they are sniffing in the echochamber of radblr.
I know multiple women in real life that support rapists, and me and this girl were once watching a video about abortion and she was against it and i asked her ''ok but what if she was underage and raped'' and she told me ''so what, its still her fault''

No. 1441409

Did you not read?
I'm happy that was your reality but that's not reality for plenty of women, a lot of women are taught men calling them ugly is "helping them" or just normal flip out, I was personally taught when men chimp outs it's my fault and that any other man would do it to me unless I did what they wanted. There's plenty of poor people that go from rags to riches but you shouldn't hate poor people for simply existing and just living in the environment they were taught to be in, same goes for women who were taught being in an abusive relationship is normal

No. 1441415

all the things you mentioned are good reasons to hate them. i'm not even radfem but tifs are embarrassing. they think pretending to be men absolves them from the issues of being a woman.

No. 1441416

I think it’s better for anons to vent online about their relationship issues before going to their in real life female friends to vent and have an anon tell them they are goofy and you can learn without embarrassment. When you go and tell a female friend irl your relationship issues the first thing she’s going to do is bring it up if you get into an argument with her or she’s going to tell her bf or other friends your problems. Do you really think your friends irl don’t think you’re retarded when you tell them about your relationship issues?

No. 1441418

anons on the site will claim women are incapable of saying things like this and then turn around and bitch about pick mes.

No. 1441419

it doesnt absolve them but if you are born in a hyper-patriarchal culture than larping as a man helps cope with the trauma and issues.

And to be fair even normal women who are not tifs still try to cope, but theirs is even worse and more dangerous than tifs considering they become tradthots, pedopanderers, nlogs etc etc.

While both are trash id rather talk to a tif than a tradthot anyday.

No. 1441420

Tell me you're poor without telling me you're right. Most anons here are old enough to have careers and even families and just lolcow because it's a very rare majority female only imageboard. Also, lolcow has been around for 8+ years at this point, so a lot of people moved here from 4chan and other places that became infested with majority men.

No. 1441423

there are tons of traumatized women. ""cis"" women/radfems from very poor environments or third world countries where domestic and sexual abuse on women is normal, girls get mutilated at birth, and girls are denied education don't even have the option to troon out, and if they tried they'd get beaten and/or laughed at, no "look at my mastectomy scars guys i'm so cool call me faun just dyed my hair teal hehe". the only option is to grow the fuck up and create one's own life path as a woman. even moreso if you are a lesbian. it is very privileged to have the option to troon out, no buts about it.
>''youre just as strong as a men, stop hating yourself, you are a failure women, but you need to have babies'
what radfem says any woman has to have babies or calls women "failure women"? wtf?
>Idk some of the tif hate is fucking weird to me because they are harmless, honestly if it helps them cope with trauma idk if i should meddle.
ime a lot of them are complete pickmes, self-hating lesbians who sometimes take out their internalized misogyny on other women, or aggravating fujoshi, on top of the biggest public figures trying to groom young girls into transitioning. the lgbt treats them badly as another feature of misogyny, not a bug, and instead of standing against it, they lean into it as if they deserve it for being born female, complain about "the terfs" and "cis foids" all while kowtowing to TIMs and acting as their attack dogs.

No. 1441427

they're still a problem. and they are worse for us conceptually than tims are because they destroy the concept of women who aren't stereotypes existing. butch? tif. gnc? tif! tomboy? definitely a tif! trans ideology only hurts women both ways.

No. 1441428

a lot of tifs are from wealthy, upper middle class "progressive" backgrounds. how many mexican, pakistani, nigerian tifs do you see? especially compared to american or european ones posting online about being heckin valid?
>And to be fair even normal women who are not tifs still try to cope, but theirs is even worse and more dangerous than tifs considering they become tradthots, pedopanderers, nlogs etc etc.
i've met so many tifs that meet each of those categories. their ultimate nlogism is believing themselves to be so much better than other girls that they're not girls at all.

No. 1441430

They think the only way a woman can be mean is if she’s been traumatized. Their logic isn’t far off from scrotes. We don’t get to be multi dimensional people I guess kek

No. 1441434

Christina ricci is my favorite wednesday hands down. The 1960s Wednesday was ADORABLE, but I love her version is like a pre-teen and says it like it is. The iconic forehead too. Giving wednesday bangs and making her gen z ruined her entirely.

No. 1441436

>the lgbt treats them badly as another feature of misogyny,
i know its a feature of misoginy.
I stand by the other things i said though, and also you are wrong, there are tifs in some third world countries.
Those traumatized women you mentioned also resort to acting like pickmes to cope, becoming a tif isnt the only form of pickmeism.

What have you ever done to help a another woman/girl, people love to pretend to care when its too late, but do you actually give a fuck about women being brainwashed into transitioning or do you just want to gossip about ftm/tifs.

>how many mexican.
This one isnt holding up, because there are tifs in mexico and in Latam. Also are you seriously using pakistan as a example? They dont have any rights so they're not allowed to transition evern if they want to so i dont see the point of this.

No. 1441440

The new 2022 batman movie was boring and didn't need to be three hours long
I already forgot 80% of the film

No. 1441443

Most women become ftms because they want to look like cute anime boys and K-pop boys. They want to have those cute fan service relationships like male K-pop idols have. Their attraction to them has turned into them wanting to actually be them. This is why many of them become regretful after transitioning when they start balding and becoming ugly like their dad.

No. 1441444

Actual goals. Holyshit. Good on her!!

No. 1441449

um i dont like tifs but this is so wrong on so many levels where do i begin.

No. 1441451

>I stand by the other things i said though, and also you are wrong, there are tifs in some third world countries.
they are an extremely small percent compared to TiMs and privileged rich women and girls who can have an entire family and social group validate their new gender identity.
>Those traumatized women you mentioned also resort to acting like pickmes to cope, becoming a tif isnt the only form of pickmeism.
this is just whataboutism, yes it's all bad. guess what, though? no one defends pickme behavior, so why should being a TIF be any different?
>What have you ever done to help a another woman/girl, people love to pretend to care when its too late, but do you actually give a fuck about women being brainwashed into transitioning or do you just want to gossip about ftm/tifs.
i personally try to help the women in my life where i can and support women's rights. not sure why you think tifs should be given the go-ahead even while they deliberately brainwash others and actually harm other women and girls more than any gossipy anon here in doing so.

>This one isnt holding up, because there are tifs in mexico and in Latam.

see above
>Also are you seriously using pakistan as a example? They dont have any rights so they're not allowed to transition evern if they want to so i dont see the point of this.
that's exactly my point. they don't have the right. it's ridiculous to pretend women who don't troon out are "privileged"

No. 1441453

that isn't really an unpopular opinion on these boards
but there are literally five different threads for this topic. Go there

No. 1441454

i agree. this is why most oldfags left.

No. 1441455

Most mtf are boy love fans or K-pop stans and I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

No. 1441456

Is she being added to our Queen hall of fame for women murdering men? Because more of them should. Notice she had a real reason. I'll support her.

No. 1441457

Even if they are blood related, this is incest to me. He agreed to become her step dad, then exploited her nudes? He deserved to die. She did nothing wrong.

No. 1441459

are you baiting or just retarded, cant even use the proper term and are generalizing. Also its ftm not mtf.

No. 1441460

I don't think comparing different circumstances counts on this issue. All women suffer discrimination and they react differently to it, tifs being upper middle class doesn't negate the fact they're still deeply affected by their circumstances like any other women

No. 1441461

I wish the lipstick alley thread would re-open. I just want to talk about how badly the site has declined with the Stans and male identified fonts/takes. That place has to be the most miserable place online and YES more so then here.
At least 90% of us don't pretend to be stacy's with our shit togeather and the people we dislike aren't just random IG girls who are with rappers/rich men they want to fuck or parasocial relationships.

No. 1441463

To the internet, "being goofy" is anything from not making your man dinner to taking abuse

No. 1441467

I meant to say ftm. I think both male and female troons have fetishy reasons for transitioning usually. They cannot imagine being in the kind of relationships they want as a woman.

No. 1441469

I had to stop lurking there, they're way more mentally ill and vile than some anons here which is impressive since this is an imageboard

No. 1441473

Most ftms are internalizing sexism. I still shop in the men's section for jeans because they fit my hips better and have pockets. I am a very obvious GNC tomboy and most people would probably think I'm ftm irl but women who hates themselves troon out. they gain zero respect from anyone and it's not like they suddenly have privilege.

No. 1441475

anons who try to bring tranny hate to every single thread are just as, if even more annoying than the people they complain about. I'm just going to report the bait and move on

No. 1441476

just say you're a tif and go. no one needs to be sympathetic about how tifs poorly cope with the issues we all deal with

No. 1441479

Then explain the ones who regret transitioning only because it made them look like shit and I’ve seen plenty of ftm like that. They regret transitioning because they didn’t end up looking like skinny shotacon twinks and ended up looking like the men in their family.

No. 1441481

you have black and white thinking, not everyone's a monolith, even among troons.

No. 1441482

okay, but anon purposely tried to frame radfems as "privileged" and implied tifs are facing a whole new level of trauma. 99.9% of women in hyper-patriarchal cultures never troon out, and most don't even have the option.

No. 1441483

>And it's not the scrotes/larping women either. The only thing LSA has going for it is that it's mostly gender critical, however thats it. The site overhelmingly supports selling yourself to scrotes if he's rich or famous. They just hate outright sex workers who don't pretend they are bad bitches for sleeping with old crusty moids and "Securing the bags".
At least here I feel some kind of sisterhood. A lot of the reasons why certain women are hated is because certain scrotes "Like" them. These scrotes don't even treat these women "better' and are also huge fucking assholes. I can't get behind that. If I could have a cross between lolcow and lipstick alley for a black gossip forum I'd be so fucking happy.

No. 1441484

Women will never be men. Even when they are GNC and dress in 'male' clothing, you can still clock a woman with her height and bone structure. I dont know much about trans stuff, but it seems most ftms are uneducated and want to troon out because they are groomed into thinking any super non feminine thing = MAN. they're retarded.

No. 1441486

LSA hate white women but worship white men like Chris evans. They are like no better than twitter users sometimes

No. 1441487

This is why I like jlongbones content. Even though she is a bit of a pick me girl I like how she says what she wants and is not afraid to drop slurs like "faggot" or say "retarded". I love the streams where she gets together with her friends on discord and they make fun of a comic.

No. 1441488

i remember it being bannable to sperg about trannys in other threads that were not the tranny hate containment threads in snow, sadly the rules are not being enforced anymore.

No. 1441490

I mean a lot of women cope badly with misogyny, it doesn't negate their frustration or trauma. And I'm not a tif, just sympathetic to women hurting themselves on an attempt to escape abuse, its just tragic imo

No. 1441491

The ftm in the beginning of the video is who I’m talking about. They only regret transitioning because they ended up looking like shit. Like no shit you’re going to bald.

No. 1441495

i literally never tried to frame all of them, just the ones who are chronically online like you. If the shoe fits i guess.

No. 1441496

they hate white women more than all scrotes in general

No. 1441499

this is happening because one anon brought up trannies and said women who don't support them are privileged. why would you expect others to not disagree?

No. 1441500

i don't like lsa but this is a big lie lol. they hate trannies and scrotes even more than lolcow, and i'm pretty sure they hated them before lolcow too

No. 1441502

spoilers, you're talking to the OP defending herself.

No. 1441504

anon you know damn well im talking about how anons have to talk about trannies on the offtopic boards all the time.
stop acting obtuse on purpose for fucks sake.

No. 1441505

an equal for all 3, and I didn't say the whole of lolcow, I said white women

No. 1441508

People believe this narrative of black women hating on them because they are the desired race but i see non black women hating on black women far more and unprovoked

No. 1441509

And I remember that was after old Admin got rid of the threads in ot, then moved it to the hidden board, then closed the hidden board until it was finally opened back up again and accused every manhate or troonhate nonna of being redditfags. Even though many were oldfags who first peaked in scrote cow and pickme threads.

No. 1441510

no there are other anons who agree with me too, the mods can even check our posts to confirm. Its the unpopular opinion thread, im allowed to feel sorry for tifs and not everyone who disagrees with you is the same person.

No. 1441511

Everyone reacts to trauma differently, what you see as an "obvious fact" is not registered as such by the mentally ill, in this case, tifs

No. 1441514

it's definitely not equal anon, come on kek
>I didn't say the whole of lolcow, I said white women
i meant they hate scrotes and trannies more than lolcow does, doubt most of them even know about lolcow

No. 1441515

lol thats not true at all, i was there when that happened. Im guessing you were one of the retards who used to spam meta back in the day. All of you kept on responding to the the scrotes who would post in that thread or reply to their bait which made them post more and you would start leaking your shit in other threads too, you know how derailing and responding to bait was viewed more seriously back then.

No. 1441518

don't you remember when that basketball's black son took a white girl to prom and the amount of backlash and drama it caused? she got SO much hate. imagine the difference if it would be the other way round. it isn't the same.

anyway that's enough now because anytime someone brings up lsa or 'black women' the mods come out of hiding.

No. 1441520

No, I just left for a couple years until manhate was allowed again.

No. 1441522

This, I can't hate them they're too far gone, I feel bad for every women who goes this far just to cope with misogyny and tifs are no exception. They need help as any other women would in such an scenario.

And its also funny that she mentions ultra misogynistic societies and third world countries as a gotcha towards tifs, women living in those cultures may not troon out but their coping mechanisms are equally as fucked up

No. 1441523

cry me a river
i hate troons but i agree with you because im so fucking tired of anons talking about trannies in every offtopic thread because this is not what the board was about. I want the jannys to start enforcing the ''dont bring them up other than the containment thread rule'' again but im wondering i they are afraid to do that again considering the harassment the previous admin faced when she enforced those rules.

No. 1441524

agreed. i think a lot of them do it to impress their black moids (and then they act surprised when the moid goes on to moid on them later, like they swallowed all the pickme tier nonsense about how black women are the bad ones and deserve abuse and it could never happen to them bc they're non-black). i've even seen some self-proclaimed feminists act weird and passive-aggressive about black women, it's sad.

No. 1441530

>And its also funny that she mentions ultra misogynistic societies and third world countries as a gotcha towards tifs, women living in those cultures may not troon out but their coping mechanisms are equally as fucked up
that anon who called you a samefag didn't say that, i did. keep up that whataboutism. no one defends tradthots, nlogs or pickmes. in the same vein, tifs are also not defended. the most abused women on earth are not tifs. so long and goodnight

No. 1441532

kinda like how black women HATE when white woman date black moids.

No. 1441536

I’m black and I only hate it because black men have done such a smear campaign against us that I can’t even date outside my race that easily. So they can have their fun and everything has to be hard for me.

No. 1441537

this is such a pathetic response. i'm literally a third world woman you absolute bonobo, you didn't say "chronically online radfems" or anything similar, you straight up said anyone who replied to you disagreeing is a privileged radfem. calling other women privileged that can't and don't transition and acting like they don't know misogyny is ridiculous.

No. 1441539

thats not me, If you cant handle a diff opinion on a imageboard on a unpopular opinion thread then please go back to whatever echochamber shithole you came out of. Also you really need to stop using everyone is a samefag as your schizophrenic comeback if you dont have anything to add, youre not winning the argument on this basket wearing forum.

No. 1441541

I understand, but it is such a common and accepted thing for black women online to seriously hate white women for dating black scrotes. I think it is an insecurity thing.

No. 1441542

I'm a thirdie, and trauma is not a competition. All I see is a mentally ill woman coping with misogyny, I understand her frustration, trannies are yet another consequence of misogyny

No. 1441544

when did i accuse you of being a samefag? the first sentence in my post is "that anon who called you a samefag didn't say that, i did". take your medication, you're proving to be the #1 schizo in this thread going in circles.

No. 1441546

Secretly there are only 5 nonnas on here and everyone is just infighting constantly.

No. 1441549

You’d be insecure too if you got called ugly etc to your face and online. Can’t shame people for reacting to their environment.

No. 1441551

anon when im talking about priveleged radfems…im obviously talking about the privileged neet-life ones. Why would you come to mind , if youre not privileged then why get mad, That reply is not for you then, so move on

No. 1441556

anon do you even know what you are saying/typing, are you esl pls stop and take your classes.

No. 1441557

it goes both ways anon, black women love to play the victim

No. 1441558

>trauma is not a competition
this is what the anon who claimed radfems = privilege needs to understand
>All I see is a mentally ill woman coping with misogyny, I understand her frustration, trannies are yet another consequence of misogyny
yeah, much like all other forms of unhealthy copes. why should that be supported or ignored when the main driving issues around transition is the false image of it being pushed as an "escape" for other vulnerable young girls and women? all of it is wrong, and no woman is wrong in calling it bad.

No. 1441562

you literally don't know who you're replying to at this point, and you're accusing random people of saying things while crying that it's actually happening to you. if english is your first language, take it again.