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File: 1547104166497.jpeg (131.45 KB, 1000x750, 6CAB1387-0049-4A78-AC9C-CAA65B…)

No. 762065

Canadian-American “fashion-art rock” band that thinks they’re European and oh so posh and glamorous! But also so relatable and unique! Most of the people who follow this band are either too young to know better or are the same kind of overgrown teenage-twenty-somethings who shop at Hot Topic and still want to marry Gerard Way.

Band accounts:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/palayeroyale/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PalayeRoyale

Consists of the brothers Sebastian Danzig (26, guitarist), Remington Leith (24, singer), and Emerson Barrett (22, drummer).
>used to be a Disney boy band called Kropp Circle
>dropped “Kropp” as their last names and changed their band name because they hate their dad
>upload “Royal Television” to youtube, a series of long and boring vlogs of them being idiots on tour
>bad tour planning, canceled gigs, and terrible meet-and-greets. Broke someone else’s drum set once in an attempt to be so punk and cool with the kids, then got defensive when people called them out on it
>play the victims all the time. It’s never their fault, guys, it’s always because of the venue/headliner band/sound system/bus/weather/etc.
>“take inspiration” from fans (steal) for their merch designs, sometimes holding “contests” in order to manipulate fans into giving them art for little to no compensation
>charge insane prices for crap merch, including a low-quality eyeshadow palette ($65) and a flimsy photo book printed on the cheapest paper they could get ($20, most photos in it available online for free)
>friends with Bella Thorne and Black Veil Brides, and probably loads of other celebricows
>weird-looking alien faces, dress like damn fools, and Emerson and Remington wear a ton of ill-fitting women’s clothes
>insane fanbase called the “Soldiers of the Royal Council” that will start drama and pick fights over anything that exists.

Sebastian Danzig
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sebastiandanzig/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sebastiandanzig
>seems to be the sole manager for the band’s insane, nonstop touring schedule, stretching himself too thin, resulting in…
>anger management issues, broadcasted in Royal Television because that’s something you’d totally want to wave around for the public to see
>alcohol issues, shown in Royal Television and demonstrated by him turning up wasted to VIP meet-and-greets
>recently claimed he’s sober now and that doesn’t have any problems at all!
>no verbal filter, earning him the labels transphobic and sexist from everyone except the most ride-or-die fans
>runs the band’s social media, snaps at anyone who dares question him or his brothers
>makes his life public via his instagram stories and then gets upset when people talk about it

Remington Leith
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/remingtonleith/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/remingtonleith
>is so sassy omg guise so funny and relatable and it’s not weird at all for a 24-year-old to act like a teenage girl
>cheated on his last girlfriend with his current girlfriend, Monica, a full-time instathot model and part-time photoshop disaster
>“doesn’t want to make his relationships public” but lets Monica constantly flex on his teenage fans about her rockstar boyfriend via social media
>he’s a facetune fiasco in his own right
>keeps straining his voice because he never learned how to sing properly and he screams from his throat
>not good for anything except for being in a band, by his own admission at a Q&A session, backed up by his brothers in an interview with RockSound

Emerson Barrett
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emersonbarrett/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/emersonbarrett
>thinks his art is god-tier quality (surprise: it’s not)
>so deep, much genius, very philosophy, insufferable instagram captions about the meaning of life
>acts like he invented Buddhism, really just regurgitates Alan Watts
>wrote two “philosophy” books that are just as bad as you’d expect
>possibly anti-vaccine, definitely tinfoil hat
>serial shop-lifter and petty thief who brags about stealing clothes and art supplies
>pretended that his recent art film won awards at major film festivals when anyone with google can spot his lie
>uses Muh Depressions as a fashion accessory
>girlfriend looks like a Bratz blow-up doll and is only slightly less obnoxious with her philosophy bullshit than he is. Also brags about being 90lbs, claims it’s genetics and never photoshop, and there’s more cheap plastic in her body than at LEGOland

Bonus cow! Stephanie Rachel, their mom, who inserts herself into everything she can
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/4stephanierachel/
Twitter: https:/.twitter.com/PARLIAMENTLLC
>acts like a real Mama Rose and takes her sons’ current success personally, as if she’s the one touring and playing shows
>claims she designed the Palaye Royale swirly logo when actually it’s a public domain clip art ornament
>claims to be such a good brand consultant and band manager for Palaye when most of the stuff she’s taking credit for was either Sumerian Records’ or Sebastian’s doing
>has her own cluster of “fans” who are really just Palaye Royale fans who suck up to her to get closer to the band

No. 762067

File: 1547104369013.jpeg (3.64 MB, 1362x7642, 3BA28F6B-E32C-4DA5-855B-C9474B…)

Article from Kerrang magazine that tells a little more about them and really lets you see the arrogance and lack of intellect. Apologies for the shit stitch job but I figured this would be easier for people since the site I found this on has a bad interface.


No. 762068

Latest episode of Royal Television. Around the 5:17 mark you get the screaming. Which they shared publicly for some reason.

No. 762069

File: 1547104741146.jpeg (305.59 KB, 1321x1672, 0B3AA72D-795E-4CBA-A3A8-6FE690…)

Fan encounters. Identity masked because poster is underage.

They actually ran out of merch because the band forgot to order stuff correctly, not because of a shipment issue. Also note that the venue staff are the evil ones, not ever the band and their associates.

No. 762070

File: 1547104795105.jpeg (364.15 KB, 816x1839, 81AEB5C7-5932-42BF-80BA-B3CACD…)

But they’re so perfect, guys! They care about their fans so much!

No. 762071

File: 1547105004486.jpeg (514.45 KB, 1497x1486, 2C4B1083-698B-4070-9863-9A5A40…)

Payton was their old merch girl who has talked about Sebastian yelling at her constantly for no reason and the other guys treating her like dirt. In Royal Television they constantly berate her and say she stinks. And they chose to put that footage on youtube for some reason.

No. 762072

File: 1547105106075.png (840.31 KB, 1500x886, 95526DCC-9C43-4A60-BA24-046D3F…)

Drum kit incident and Sebastian’s excuses.

No. 762074

File: 1547105248664.jpeg (820.89 KB, 942x1502, 68746FCA-248F-4DD7-90DD-DEE777…)

From twitter, commenter’s handle cropped out because of age.

No. 762076


Thanks for the top notch OP!

>Sebastian Danzig

>Remington Leith
>Emerson Barrett

Did their parents really name them after their own record and VHS collection?

No. 762077

File: 1547105456539.jpeg (101.53 KB, 750x744, 8DBE0D4B-308B-4F8A-AC7C-36FAA1…)

This is one of the eyeshadow palettes Palaye Royale have released. It is made of cheap cardboard, the shadows are patchy and easily duped, and a couple of people have reported the mirror arriving broken because of bad packaging.

No. 762079

Attach “Kropp” to the end those, but yeah, those are unfortunately their actual first and middle names.

No. 762081

File: 1547105747592.jpeg (382.12 KB, 1314x1055, DECBADD1-532E-4EC3-A741-5F24B3…)

Sebastian’s fabulous PR hack job when people were seriously concerned about the public fighting between Sebastian and Remington. So sensitive to his young, concerned, teenage fans.

No. 762084

File: 1547105884105.jpeg (62.13 KB, 749x672, 52102894-2934-4568-BE81-BE6C56…)

Fans were recently calling him out for alcohol use and/or abuse. He tweeted this and then deleted it shortly after.

It should be noted that alcohol was likely involved in the fights shown in Royal Television and that Sebastian is known to bring gin onstage instead of water to rehydrate.

No. 762085

File: 1547106027980.jpeg (433.58 KB, 1300x1908, 60B70F2D-BD06-4688-88DB-C0D766…)

Remington’s Instagram selfies vs. video screenshots and someone else’s photo. Possible ridiculous photoshopper thread candidate.

No. 762086

File: 1547106155277.jpeg (198.46 KB, 750x1031, 520B7DDE-FE81-4C05-BDEC-CAD2F8…)

Remington’s girlfriend. She’s pretty good at photoshop…except when she isn’t.

Her eyes say bedroom, but her wrist says hospital.

No. 762087

File: 1547106224739.jpeg (118.95 KB, 617x569, ED4A3252-B98D-4E40-8A79-91CD79…)

“depression is so fun and relatable guise, join our club!”

Caption has since been deleted when fans called them out, no further apology issued.

No. 762088

File: 1547106380491.png (1.03 MB, 813x1024, 01DD213D-6BC5-4C39-B004-3A1AFE…)

Emerson’s eye strain-inducing drawings were brought up in an artist salt thread in ot a while back. It’s not the worst thing ever put on paper, but it sure ain’t worth the prices he charges for it.

No. 762089

Is every single one of these posts just samefag over and over again except for >>762076 ? No one cares about your band vendetta.

No. 762090

File: 1547106572770.png (5.89 MB, 3219x1554, BDD8FE27-83F6-4F6F-9E59-E4F2F7…)

From Emerson’s books, first book on the left, second book on the right. I don’t have a copy of either but a friend sent me some pics and yikes. Apparently Emerson dropped out of high school, which I can believe, but what I can’t believe is that he graduated middle school given how bad his writing is. He was definitely high when he wrote both of these books.

No. 762091

People asked for this thread.

No. 762094


No. 762095

File: 1547106716476.jpeg (129.45 KB, 1103x814, D95B5189-3098-4879-AC86-537652…)

From mom’s instagram, then from a royalty-free clip art site.

No. 762096

I’ve never heard of these people, but it seems like a shitshow and I’m interested. Seems like OP is just backing up the claims in the OP.

If you don’t like it, collapse the thread and move on.

No. 762098

No. 762101

File: 1547107440082.jpg (233.04 KB, 483x648, badcosplayteam.jpg)

Pic related is what I see when looking at their pictures. Their style and fashion that they hyped so much about in that article is ridiculous.

>"I'd rather starve and die as an artist, than be a normal sheep"
Dear god they are way more insufferable than I imagined

How much did he charge?

anon pls, she rotated the thing herself, give her some credit.

No. 762104

These look like photos of physical copies of books. You mean to tell me this shit was published? On actual paper?

No. 762105

There's barely even 3 mentions of a thread and almost no comments about them otherwise. This did not warrant its own thread. Make an anonymous tumblr for your vendetta next time, no need to clog up the board with your incessant commentary about a band no one has heard of or cares about.

No. 762111

I’m the anon you’re replying to, but I’m not OP.

Seriously, just collapse the thread and move on.

No. 762114

i dunno dude, they seem pretty milky to me and i have no idea who they are

No. 762132

They are all styled in such recycled cliche rock and roll ways. They're just aping talented and interesting performers from the past. It's a really great strategy, younger people can't see these roots and get hooked. All the drama comes with the territory. I don't see how this is worthy of a thread. It's just a rehash of a rehash of a rehash of the same rocker bullshit that's existed for decades

No. 762148


Ditto, I’d not heard of them until I saw this, but I think there’s potential. They look like the kind of dudes Shingles would attach herself to

>charge insane prices for crap merch, including a low-quality eyeshadow palette ($65)

I’m cackling maniacally at this, I don’t know why I find it so hilarious but here we are.

No. 762153


i'm one of the anons who asked for a thread. i'm a fan of their music but trust me these guys have milk on the regular. i wouldn't be surprised if they find out about this thread and sperg.

and maybe i missed it but they're going to be releasing a comic book or graphic novel or something starring THEM and this world they created? idk but it's pretentious as hell.

No. 762160

Those apostrophes are killing me.

No. 762212

Oh God! Never heard of them before, but now my interest has peaked!
The more I look into them the more I cringe!
They are like soundcloud rappers only butchering a different music subculture!
Cringe Royal! Thanks for the thread anon, I was rather bored today!

No. 762228

They're touring with Enter Shikari soon and there's been a massive effort to get them kicked off of the tour. Rou even addressed the situation: https://twitter.com/RouReynolds/status/1047553074246479872/photo/1

No. 762271

Never heard of these people, but wtf is with that dumb name? Palaye? Is that some autistic way of spelling palais? It reminds me of people who type wah-lah when it’s supposed to be voila.
Prime 3deep5me material, congratulations

No. 762410

File: 1547162214781.jpeg (157.07 KB, 937x1171, AA929457-B751-4A3E-8605-70E30C…)

Pic and clout goggles related.

They also are big Lil Peep fans.

No. 762732

off-topic on my part but I think this is an interesting kind of thread to have on /snow/ and I'll be following to see milk even though I've barely heard of this group. Different yet refreshing from milking the standard eceleb, you know?

No. 762736

Agreed, as long as it doesn't just dissolve into anons nitpicking their eyeliner or skincare then I'm interested, if the thread dies then it will just sink out of view anyway

I actually saw these guys crop up on YouTube recently out of nowhere, the algorithm keeps pushing them to me in the same way it pushed Pale Waves. Similar issue of an attention grabbing nostalgic visual style but bland, forgettable music.

No. 762796

>brags about being 90 lbs
Thats not an amazing feat. Thats pretty average for anyone whos 5 foot or a little taller.

No. 762798

None of them look anything like Prompto lmao. They wish.

No. 762877

Thirding, I’d never heard of them until the instagram thread. Really interested in this thread for some reason, we don’t have nearly as many male cows. I honestly thought they were ~trans~ when I saw people asking for a thread on them, and had to check to make sure I didn’t accidentally click on the fakeboi thread.

Can OP or whoever post more cringey Instagram posts? Thanks for the milk!

No. 762908

LMFAO they really just took a lil Tracy line and ran with it’s their thing

No. 763177

Yes, but published is a loose term. Self-publishing/vanity publishing is what happened.

Not amazing, but it is underweight for her height, coupled with the fact that she does the typical song and dance about how she eats soooo much literally five big meals a day and it’s all metabolism idk y im so skinny guys.

He’s not fakeboi, but wait until you hear Remington’s speaking voice. Singing is bearable, but the first time I heard him talk I thought he was a skinny butch lesbian. Puberty bailed on him too soon.

No. 763233

I'm here for this thread. Never heard of them before but the milk is fresh and tbh I think their music is catchy. Since the Emilie Autumn thread is dead they can be my new go to guilty pleasure lolcow band.

No. 763538

File: 1547345633690.jpeg (342 KB, 1267x1372, B3D7B18F-9F45-4D04-B16A-96331A…)

The ever-changing face of Remington

I think this guy must have some facial dysmoriphia or at least he’s very self-conscious about his nose. He hides behind Snapchat filters a lot of the time and he said in a livestream once that he hates his face without makeup, which is something because his makeup is so bad.

No. 763540

File: 1547346200806.jpeg (177.23 KB, 750x993, 336FB54C-7120-4267-911F-772670…)

Apparently Emerson started a fight at their London show tonight. Superfans are so sympathetic, saying whoever said stuff should have stayed quiet. Nothing about how Emerson is a grown man who should know how to get over himself and walk away.

No. 763544

The samefagging in this thread is wild. Since when have farmers ever sounded like this?

No. 763553

I'm one of the anons you listed. I thought it was surprising to see an all male indie band here and I'm sure the others also found it interesting. I mainly posted to show support for the thread since some people expressed they thought that this band shouldn't have one

No. 763576

I'm the >>762114 anon and i've been browsing for years.
It's suspicious how you're the only one who thinks these guys don't warrant a thread when multiple other anons have expressed interest in their potential milk.
Like everyone else said, hide the thread if it offends you.

No. 763616

The ones that seem super fake are >>762212

But maybe this band just attract a certain kind of cringe farmer.

No. 763726

File: 1547397945876.png (85.13 KB, 612x457, Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 11.4…)


i wonder if someone said something about his art and he got his feefees hurt.
pic related.

No. 763859


I was >>763233 and I knew my post was cringe when I wrote it but why would a non-farmer know there is an Emilie Autumn thread hidden in the depths of the catalog. I'm just happy to see a thread that's not about a cam girl of questionable hygiene.

No. 764774

What a conundrum.
They are cringe as fuck. Like, I couldn't get through an entire YouTube video, I was so secondhand embarrassed for them.

HOWEVER…. Their music is pretty good….

Feeling very conflicted.

No. 764801

yeah this thread is aids pls sage yourself shill

No. 764835

It seems pretty narcissistic of them to only promo the band as the 3 brothers when there are actually 2 other members.

No. 764841

This is common, anon. A lot of bands have tons of other musicians that aren't part of the band. They do get touring credit and album credit.

Hmmm, interesting band. From the way they dressed I thought they were going to sound waaaay worse. Some kind of generic "Kinks" wanna-be try hards. Not good, but I've heard worse. Gotta kek at their "image" and what the hell they're thinking. It's like Slash got lost in an early 2000s emo kid's closet.

No. 766436

File: 1547587963341.jpeg (338.51 KB, 1295x756, 193691B1-7F75-4292-9BF4-65AF67…)

Kicked off stage for not following venue rules, throw a fit, claim they didn’t know, insult the venue. Kek.

No. 766475

>>766436 did the whole concert stop or just their performance? it would be awful if they caused fans to miss the main band because of their shitty antics.

No. 766476

>>766436 samefagging but https://www.altpress.com/news/palaye-royale-remington-leith-concert/ it was only their set that got cancelled.

No. 769279

http://discoveredmagazine.com/2019/01/palaye-royale-have-been-kicked-out-of-another-venue-where-do-we-draw-the-line/ they've been kicked out of another venue. I hope they get kicked off of the tour before my date.

No. 769436


So, lemme make sure I’m getting this right. So far on this one tour, they’ve gotten in a fight at a venue and been kicked out of two others? Jesus Christ. This is the tour with Enter Shikari I’m assuming. I like them but hopefully they take this as a lesson that they should listen to their fans a little in these cases. Embarrassing.

No. 771843

File: 1548467144614.jpeg (458.85 KB, 1125x1980, F149B9B9-973D-4936-B260-7C7038…)

I mean they could try following venue rules & maybe they wouldn’t get hurt? Idk maybe it’s too hard of a concept to understand

No. 772187

File: 1548538233339.jpeg (396.33 KB, 1337x909, A773D9E7-5EAA-4A9D-A5E5-A02C73…)

The band is trying to spin it like they didn’t break a rule or fight back. Except Remington did fight back, as seen in their own video. He refuses to go with security at first and he’s flailing and struggling like he’s trying to get back up over the rail. Even if he wasn’t actively fighting them any sane security guard would assume he was.

On top of that, Rou from Enter Shikari responded to a Palaye fan who was whining and demanding to know why security stepped in, pic related. Because it’s obvi the headliner’s fault that their opener is this dumb.

These tour dates with ES cover less than a month, and somehow Palaye has managed to cram in at least two significant fights, getting shut down at least twice, getting kicked out of venues three times, a concussion, a dislocated knee, this fight with security, and beef with half of all ES fans.

No. 772204

I saw ES released a statement defending Palaye Royal on the 21st. I have screenshots but I don’t know how to upload multiple in the same post (I usually just lurk).

While getting those screen shots I found out they’ll be playing a show near me soon, maybe there will be milk. A friend was also at one of these ES shows, I can see if he has any thing I can add from it.

No. 772219

I've seen a lot of videos of them lately, even considered going to their concert soon but they are such a disapointment as band. I like some of their songs, but just their ego is enormous.

No. 772223

File: 1548546020719.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1071x5000, 0917884F-871F-46F9-8D4F-15613D…)

You can’t upload multiple images to one post, but you can stitch a few together. I assume this is the statement you’re referring to, the one after the second fight Emerson started?

I won’t defend the three dumbasses, but ES had their hands tied and had to make this statement. There were literal threats of violence passed around on twitter, and while the fanbase is cringy af preteens dont deserve to have grown adults threatening to injure them or their idols.

No. 772227

it's only been what, two weeks into this tour, and how many times has enter shikari had to apologize on behalf of the trouble these losers have been getting into on a regular basis? i don't get it, they seem like SUCH a liability/ way more trouble than it's worth. i'm wondering what it'll take for them to actually get themselves kicked off the tour and how much more ES will be able to put up with them

No. 772330

Yes, that’s the one! Thank you! I agree, the fans shouldn’t get hurt and they shouldn’t have to witness their idols get hurt at the very least! I’m honestly surprised ES is touring with them, it’s been quite a while but I was a fan years and years ago and wouldn’t have thought they’d go on tour with a band that sounds like they’re impersonating Buckcherry doing an impersonation of Kings of Leon.

They do seem like such a liability, it really isn’t doing them any favors and it could reflect poorly on ES.

No. 773192

the perspective is so off here that it looks like the picture is falling apart.

No. 773982

File: 1548967101419.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 7A5A1FE7-095B-4465-B6CE-E7A433…)

He’s milking this for all the sympathy he can get.

No. 774040

He is such a pussy, I often forget that they are adults.

No. 774041

What a fucking man baby. that's nothing.

No. 774086

File: 1548984906795.jpeg (1.36 MB, 2124x1301, 56B6ED8B-B347-4963-AC5A-40D5A9…)

New palette released today looking even cheaper than the last. Because nobody learned anything from the first one they released. Or the two quads they released before that.

Did I mention it sold out in under 12 hours? Most of their fans are as dumb as they are.

No. 774151


they're stupidly priced for the quality. how do they get away with making them priced like that? i can't believe the fans actually fork over that + shipping.

No. 774551

File: 1549139532740.jpeg (713.82 KB, 1350x1432, 924E0E47-4EFD-4B0A-9ECF-FD9AF2…)

People in the comments of this were asking about him saying he was going to shut down his site. Turns out it was a publicity stunt to get impressionable kids to fork over more money faster. And then when people called him out on his bullshit he threatened to take it down completely. What a surprise.

No. 775030

I know they shouldn't have gone against venue rules, but when I saw them the other day they did the same shit that got them kicked out of other venues and it was fine. In fact, jumping into the crowds happens a lot at this venue. Maybe they figured it wasn't a big deal if other venues allow it? The main band jumped into the crowd as well.

No. 776345

File: 1549683640749.jpeg (326.43 KB, 1125x761, 99E3C232-1954-4118-A0FE-28EF21…)

These guys are delusional

No. 776377


why do all these tumblr faggots think "literally" is a particle that somehow changes the truth status of a statement that is factually wrong

No. 776396

Getting strong Onion vibes from him. The "essence of my soul" books, the manipulative quotes telling his fans what to think of him, attention whore…

No. 776399

Thank you, Emerson. Very deep.

No. 776708


Stagediving is fine in some venues. The situation changes when there's a balcony because it would be dangerous for someone to fall off off the balcony and crush people standing underneath.

Also, some bands/artists have a 'legendary status', meaning the venue will kind of allow shit like stagediving/crowdsurfing etc. We had The Dillinger Escape Plan over a few times and the singer always jumps off/on everything in a dangerous way, but he knows what he's doing. PR obviously think they're legends or whatever, when they're clearly not.

Sage for venuesperging

No. 777090

This is total bullshit. There's a reason why every religious tradition teaches that the human condition is inherently full of suffering and the only way to escape it is through religious practice. Compassion is one thing, but the idea of 'repairing' the world sounds like New Age materialist bullshit and the ability to 'feel' empathy is directly connected both to how someone is raised and their inherent ability to visualize situations they're not experiencing/haven't experienced.
He's definitely a 2deep4u Greg type. How long until the first sexual assault/grooming scandal occurs?

No. 779863

File: 1550696683937.png (558.07 KB, 822x534, Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 4.02…)

I think their whole schtick is pretty genius, profit-wise, even though obviously none of it's true/it's all ripped off. I'm interested in the mom. In interviews, they refer to her as being a "rock n' roll photographer" but on her Instagram it's all shitty pinterest quote screenshots, photos of her cash-cow sons and this one crappy pic of Bowie repeated over and over. Like, if you really were any sort of photographer, wouldn't you at least provide photos of your work beyond this singular crappy crowd POV shot?

Sage because I literally have never posted on this website but must know more about wtf these guys are on about lol, my apologies.

No. 779870

Also lol @ "professionally photographed at age 16"… unless exploiting your children is a generational family business for these people.

No. 795773

File: 1554708195810.jpeg (274.03 KB, 1124x1794, ED7E0182-7676-4077-AF33-8FE936…)

keep catching this loser in tracys ig comments, Tracy stays ignoring him thank god but it’s funny since he’s passed off his lyrics as their own thing before ( >>762087)

No. 803203

File: 1557337308743.jpeg (712.3 KB, 640x975, 1C982C16-399D-4786-B3E9-DE78ED…)

What shit-tier Twilight cosplay is happening here? Very punk!

No. 807881

File: 1558097369096.jpeg (333.97 KB, 640x994, F5B86EB0-7FE3-4CD2-B93B-38E917…)

No. 807916

No. 807937

Why was this dog in the street in the first place? Or more to the point, why did they bring Sebastian’s girlfriend’s dog on tour at all? A testosterone-packed tour bus sounds like an unhealthy place for a dog to be living for a month or two.

No. 807949

Seems like a shitty publicity stunt to boost a badass image for going to jail while maintaining their righteous “defenders of the underdog” (sorry) persona.
Also who tf goes to jail for throwing coffee at a car?

No. 964392

hi FUCK YOU. these boys are amazing. most of the things you have just said are fucking LIES. these boys have saved my life and are amazing. the fan base of the royal council is a family and we all support EACHOTHER. not ignorant cows like yourself, maam.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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