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File: 1642119446931.jpg (56.29 KB, 500x625, tumblr_dc3e68f0e78266d0950e389…)

No. 1416588

A self-obsessed „gothic af but actually not like other goths cause she wears white not black!” drama queen with a long history of lulzy fandom milk, who made mental illness into lifestyle. Once upon a time a violin/industrial sensation in gothic and indie circles, now a forgotten gem from the past. Ruined her own career and all business opportunities, alienated her fanbase enough to turn a pretty big fandom into a dead zone, but still delusional enough to think she’s some huge star who’s doomed for Broadway success. Those who stick around still do it mostly for the milk that Rat Queen keeps delivering nonetheless, even if she can’t deliver anything else on time. Now that the Mistress of self-indulgence comes back with the threats of her Asylum musical finally coming to Broadway in March 2022 (well, at least coming to workshop), let us dust off this ancient relic on a proper board this time.

Previous thread on /pt

>Pretends to be 2 years younger, despite her 1st album and public records listing her birthdate as 1977

>Lies that her whole family died in a fire, despite the fact in 2004 she posted a journal entry saying her father just died of lung cancer (which she later promptly deleted and continued lying to fans). All her family is alive and well. Her mother's a famous ice skating costume maker. She used to fund her career and make her early costumes; around 1997-2000 she had an online shop called Enchant Clothing & Costumes. Emilie was the shop's "model". >>44949 >>45139
>Her mother spoken up on the matter, saying EA's narrative is bullshit >>44946 >>73798 Her mother also posted previously unreleased photos of Emilie on her Pinterest: an 1997 costume fitting photos and a photo of Emilie with siblings, with a caption "Before I died in a fire"
>Claims to be related to "that Liddel" despite the fact there's only one living relative of Alice Liddel and EA is in no way related to her or anyone from that family
>a failed classical violinist who still makes beginner mistakes and just plays sped up scales, but claims to be a virtuoso, and better than everyone else basically
>says her book is some unspoken masterpiece
>sold like 20-page max short story The Gown which she plagiarized from Yellow Wallpaper
>scams her fans left and right, snaps at fans and business partners, caused many, many fandom dramas (more on this later)
>incredibly self-obsessed, cannot admit to any mistakes, doesn’t handle criticism well (read: writes long rants, sends angry messages, bans/blocks people)
>40yo but still either screams at her teen fans online or, alternatively, boasts to them about her skills while putting down others
>known for hopping on different trends, copycating and skinwalking her idols whilst talking shit on them or making herself seem better in some way
>suits her style and interests accordingly to who she dates at the time
>Opheliac era aesthetics, shows and the album themes were almost entirely ripped off from obscure band Ophelia Rising
>cashed on fake lesbian thing, implying she likes girls, actually definition of straight
>fakes British accent, badly
>photoshops tf out of her pictures these days
>gets lip fillers/possibly botox but says she only uses essential oils and green tea
>claims everybody copies her, including Lady Gaga and Zack Snyder
>says she’s never been featured in any mainstream corporate magazines, actually was interviewed by Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Playboy, Bizarre and promoted by MTV and Hot Topic
>quit all her gothic aesthetic and these days mostly dresses like hippie auntie doing witchy new-age Instagram shit and fake positivity

Mental illness and book related drama
>self-released a very poorly-written book, The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls, severly overpriced. She continues to rewrite and rerelease the same book for 10+ years. Used to be call it "autobiographical", now she calls it "fantasy novel". She describes her stay in a modern day "psych ward" in LA and a story of victorian era Mary Sue version of herself. To put it mildly, Emilie moans about being the biggest victim on earth whilst being the most annoying brat ever, thinking head doctor is hitting on her, calling random boys "rapists in training", hating on drug addicts and pretty much mocking all patients (while claiming be a mental health activist).
>Claims to be a „history nut” and that her book is 100% historically accurate, but she can’t get most basic facts from victorian era straight
>treats bipolar disorder as a lifestyle, romanticizes tf out of it
>romanticized self-harm
>makes jokes of people with other mental illnesses
>implies „just depression” is somehow less valid than bipolar
>actually spreads misinformation on bipolar disorder
>loves to shit on Britney, just because press told she’s bipolar which hurt Emilie’s feelings,
>calling bipolar people crazy is a no no, but dedicating several pages of your book just to making „clever” jokes and 100 versions of „nuts” type offences for a detoxing crack addict is a-ok
>claims she has a real „psych ward cell number” despite ward cells not being existent anymore, tattoed it on her arm (W14A)
>gives out „cell mate numbers” alike to fans. Lots of fans got the same inmate numbers. After she came up with NFT idea she planned to sell/auction inmate numbers as well
>She danced/stripped on a wheelchair live; after accusations of being ableist, she got pissed af and justified wheelchair act with being forced to be wheeled around instead of walking free while at hospital, which seemingly was her biggest trauma ever

Fandom drama
>used to have very popular fandom forum, but everyone who dared to criticize her in even the slightest way ended up banned. To say banhammering was heavy is an understatement
>often snapped at fans online and then had angry sperg sessions
>CosetteAlice incident: when she got pissed over ppl complaining about yet another re-re-re-re-release of Opheliac, a forum user told her to drink some tea and calm down, EA snapped and all hell broke loose (also Fucking Patronizing Fucking meme was born). >>45593 That was the first serious drama that split the fandom
>Following the incident, the fandom split into several fractions. Banned forum users (The Reformers or Rebel Rats) made their own forums and blogs to get their popcorn and kek at the fandom going down in flames. Many people that got fucked over by EA often stopped by at forums to expose her ass. If you posted on those forums, you got a ban. If you associated with Wayward Victorian Confessions or Troll Like a Girl blogs, you got a ban. No kidding, a 30yo woman and her admins/mods cared for shit like that.
>sold pricey VIP meet-and-greet tickets despite being indie artist, not a celebrity
>when fans joked about free tickets, EA went on a massive rant which basically was her bitching she’s sooo poor "But know that whatever your station in life, your age, gender, or profession, you make far more money than I do!"
>somehow it didn’t stop her from getting an expensive apartment in LA and now a penthouse/apt in a center of Manhattan, flaunting expensive hotels, champagnes, clubs, restaurants and countless Broadway shows
>Past scams: Emilie auctioned a lot of personal stuff including her costumes (went for literal thousands >>44914) but also her Iphone and iPod. Several winners never got their items
>The release of her book was constantly delayed. Fans were offered a bundle of a book, CD and a tote bag; the budles were sent out about half a year if not 1 year later. Some never got their bundles
>Emilie had a paid fanclub, promised a lot, provided only a couple of bad quality pics and scarce livestreams before closing. Fans who bought a 100$ lifetime days/months before fanclub closing, RIP your money
>literally planned to SELL her one and only official music video on DVD
>Closed forum without a warning after receiving a call from a stalker. This was a death rattle of her career and fandom.
>She put out TAFWVG audiobook on sale, saying it’ll be ready by July 2014. People naively jumped to buy shit, but the product wasn’t even finished. It took her 2 years to read and record a 200-300 pages book. Probably would’ve taken her longer if people didn’t start trying to get refunds and talking about suing her.
>there’s a rumour she actually forced Wingedzephyr to take her EA lyric videos off youtube, but can’t confirm
>started two puzzle contests, Enchant Puzzle in 2003 and blah blah the Spoon of Royals around 2017, neither were solvable as she never gave clear instructions
>the content of TAFWVG audiobook doesn’t match with the content of the original book, then she released yet another version as ebook and then paperback
>used to delete negative reviews of her book on Goodreads

Crumpet drama
>Used to perform with Bloody Crumpets, a group of alt models and circus performers. As of now, she fell out with all of them.
>She didn't pay her Crumpets initially, which is why Vecona, Jacinda and Joo Hee left >>45136
>Scared off all the girls she planned to make next Crumpets. Apnea was warned by Vecona and she bailed out, then EA flooded her with hysterical angry messages >>45114
>Vecona was asked to make a bunch of new costumes and billed EA for materials, but EA refused to pay her. Aprella had enough of her bullshit and left midtour. >>45114 Not sure why Contessa left, but she's not friends with EA anymore. Ulorin Vex wanted to come back, but EA didn’t invite her for the next tour. Maggots left Crumpets already when EA was on endless hiatus.
>Finally, after long years of friendship, fell out with her Crumpet best friend, Veronica Varlow. Ppl suspected it was either because Emilie’s racism drama or bc Emilie never supported VV during her battle with cancer.

Businesses and bands drama
>Had sponsorship deals with Aromaleigh, RockLoveJewellery and ManicPanic, never did her part of the deal. Aromaleigh and jewellery owner exposed her on Reform forums, RockLoveJewellery owner was getting angry mails EA and Bunny.
>recorded violins for Courtney Love's solo album (which got cut out), toured with CL (like 4 shows max), later moaned CL stunted her career by forcing her to pee in a bottle so Courtney could fake drug test.
>shits on Courtney but also copycats her all her career (faerie costume, crossed out heart logo, her book aesthetic)
>Has a history of fucking coworkers for fame (Billy Corgan, Brendon Small, one of Trisol label heads)
>dumped her longtime boyfriend for Billy Corgan, only to be dumped by him a few months later and base half of Opheliac on that shit >>789658 >>45177
>Velvel Acid Christ did a remix for her, EA said she hates it, put it on EP nonetheless, didn't give the band any cut
>Begged Attrition for a collab, took her years to even provide her vocals, didn't even finish and went radio silent. Attrition published the track nonetheless, she got angry

Darren Lynn Bousmann/The Devil’s Carnival era saga 2011-2015
>Used to play pretty original music she named "violindustrial/victorian industrial". Threw it all to play lazy musical-styled shit after she met Darren Lynn Bousmann, a director of Saw series and Repo! The Genetic Opera fame.
>played a role of Painted Doll character in Bousmann's musical film, The Devil's Carnival, and did it quite horribly. It made her believe she's an extremely talented Hollywood tier movie star nonetheless
>Ever since meeting DLB, having her own Broadway musical based on her book became her life-consuming obsession.
>The grand opening was scheduled to 2013 taking place on Broadway, don’t think Broadway knows
> For awhile she pretended they are besties, but forgot about Bousmann once she saw she can’t milk him any longer.
>around that time started dating actor Marc Senter; considered it mandatory to overshare their flirting and all details of their intimate life
>claimed to be asexual, up until sleeping with Marc, thought it appropriate to boast online that she's not asexual anymore because she just had good sex
>flogged and involved Marc in everything Asylum-related, making people pretty much done with him.

Shop scams
>used to have Willow Tech House online shop with her friend Flee, sold beauty products as well as cheap recycled stuff (Disney shirts/lunchboxes with just lace sewn on)
>sells abysmally ugly merch at Asylum Emporium shop, spent last 10 years pretty much just hyping her sweatshop-sourced stuff but swearing it’s ethically made
>people said her Asylum Teas were just repackaged from another tea brand
>figuringes, gifts, jewellery, tea sets she sold at Asylum Emporium were just some 1$ ebay shit
>sold incredibly overpriced 65$ Asylum stripe leggins that had frays
>a number of people ordered Asylum 3rd edition book, only to discover the site charged their account and then said „sold out” 2 hours later. they didn’t get their books or money back
>sold old fucking tour passes for 75$ and old signed Opheliac cds for 150$ despite the fact these go on ebay for as little as 4$, autographed by EA and all Crumpets

Recent drama
>in 2018 she released Behind The Musical album which was a huge disappointment, as it was major Andrew Lloyd Webber ripoff and a copy of various other musicals.
>a few years ago she sold „super ultra limited amount asylum chokers buy now!!!” She made like 10 or more „very limited” batches of shitty chokers (100$+ each). WVC and PULL users pointed out she made them of 50 cent materials from ebay
>racism/BLM incident: EA’s POC fans asked her to support them on BLM matter, but Emilie snapped at them on insta, saying her fans don’t need to be told the obvious like idiots. Later posted a black pic just so they fuck off, and blocked them. Ppl started calling her out, so she went to that one BLM march and took pics. She started deleting comments she didn’t like. Claimed that because of drama „her Asylum emporium and CD sales WENT THROUGH THE ROOF and she donated that to BLM cause”. Ppl asked her to show receipts of donation, but she never provided and went on blocking/deleting spree. Then claimed she didn’t silence POC fans, she just blocked ppl because of „blatant abuse and porn accounts spamming”. Except there was no such thing according to screenshots of deleted comment sections. Lots of people has had enough at that point. Shefightslikeagirl blog has receipts of this mess
>burnt sage and did preachy witchy voodoo shit talk as a reaction to drama. „New York, she’s cleansing right now”
>mostly posts annoying spiritual-chanting-incense-nature plant mom hippie auntie magic shit all year, mixes/appropriates eastern religions
>Emilie started selling NFTS. tried to sell „rare unreleased photo from FLAG session”, which turned out to be old fucking pic that was around the web for literal YEARS. Ignored ppl telling her of negative environmental impact of NFTS, ofc.
>Attempted to sell NFTs of her old paintings for 20,000$
>Suddenly turned a highly priced „painter”, except she painted maybe one pic so far
>sells bullshit fine art prints of asylum wallpaper and plague rat for 200$ despite the fact these were once available to buy on her site for like 15$ max
>Because nobody cared about her NFTs, Emilie became a „fine art maker”, which apparently means she sticks hospital bracelets onto canvas and splatters white paint
>dresses her 8 months old puppy Darjeeling in a „service dog” vest, so she can take her dog to public places. Too bad her dog’s too young to even start training (must be at least 2 years old)
>now started milking fans through auctions: auctioned a handwritten score sheet, claiming it would benefit mental illness charity, no one knows what percent benefitted charity and what benefitted Emilie
>literally made her fans pay HER so they can advertize her song: auctioned rights to her new song for 2 weeks, so they can post it or not. Congrats to the one who shilled 1,188 $, we’ll all hear it later for free either way
>her only official fanspace now is Striped Stocking Society Facebook group, to be invited you have to prove you purchased new paperback and do a round of stupid challenges. EA still gracefully hands out bans, so SSS counts about 600 people (the forum had 10k users in its height)

EA links:

Links related to drama and EA related sites
a history of fandom drama:
insta/BLM receipts explained in order:
https://shefightslikeagirl.tumblr.com/instagramincident (https://shefightslikeagirl.tumblr.com/nft
has receipts/trivia on old milk and fandom history in instagram stories:

No. 1416592

File: 1642119631176.png (847.19 KB, 695x1900, plague rat.png)

For anons who asked for new EA thread. Enjoy.
Adding a couple of screens.

No. 1416596

File: 1642119755019.jpg (140.4 KB, 500x625, tumblr_27121ffa268cfaa3ecfbf03…)

No. 1416599

File: 1642119828004.png (201.82 KB, 744x1972, servicedog.png)

An explanation why service dog thing is impossible

No. 1416619

Excited for this thread. So she's basically even worse now.

No. 1416634

oh yes. ofc career wise, nothing is going on for her, but she still milky drama queen and there are still fandom dramas.
i'm surprised Veva finally left her. wonder what was the last straw…
one thing i wonder about though: where she gets that huge money from. i know her stupid fans will give away all their money just to make Emilie happy, but there must be something else that allows her to live practically next to Central Park

No. 1416638

File: 1642122634717.png (1.71 MB, 1071x725, ps1.png)

btw… Emilie with photoshop

No. 1416639

File: 1642122821336.png (1.23 MB, 1426x852, ps2.png)

Emilie in reality

No. 1416661

she looks like a russian mail-order bride in these

No. 1416670

Lol it's ~Hospital Bride~, her new character, cuz she can't live without tying everything to her shit story.
I can't believe that Art Basel thing agreed to showcase her shit art. technically it's her first creation ever of this kind, but she already thinks she's some mind-breaking artist.

No. 1416678

I'm stunned that there are people still following and supporting her. What a shit show of a human.

No. 1416689

File: 1642126425071.png (74 KB, 1036x458, Capture d’écran 2022-01-14 à…)

her insta bio is sending me. the ego

No. 1416697

Here's one of the girls she blocked (there were 2 others originally and they did their videos too). she obviously retells what happened, but i'm posting because the girl reads aloud EA's bitchy post on the BLM incident, and it somehow sounds even WORSE when you hear it read aloud, not just in text. ofc she makes everything about herself.

it's ironic how she's convinced she's this enlightened, humble, charitable person who's now devoted to spreading positivity and "helping others". in this post, she didn't snap at fans with angry messages full of swears, but somehow this "assertive" and "calm" response is even worse.

No. 1416705

File: 1642127626723.png (469.72 KB, 394x841, tumblr_b8ea5aeffec9359198811b0…)

Samefag, anyone heard her new music? We Have Instructions and Portraits, the song she just auctioned. Someone on WVC pointed out the melody is ripped from Beauty and The Beast song. also did a cover of The Passenger that pretends to be classic EA but it just sounds like shit
i agree with this confession. nobody believes this musical is happening

No. 1416718

hopefully this thread will get the 1 or 2 deranged EA posters to stop blasting her discount hot topic, hot-cross-buns-level "music" at every anon who asks for music recs LMFAO

No. 1416721

is she ana? sorry for ot. her arms…idk, not muscle? some dancers are very tiny but their arms don't look like that to me?

No. 1416734

Can someone summarize what part of her music is plagiarized as claims in the image there?
Isn't she some kind of long-term vegan? She's always been thin, but some long-term vegans I've seen irl eventually start looking rough.

No. 1416735

File: 1642131063978.png (857.16 KB, 934x620, eaa11234.png)

not ana but could be some restrictive eating. she's tiny and was always thin, but she used to be way skinnier at one point in 2008. apparently she was vegan and developed food allergies as well as copper toxicity, so she coudln't eat alot of stuff. this one's 2009 but that was her skinnier moment too.

No. 1416740

File: 1642131366304.jpg (55.81 KB, 770x752, 3ab224ac995343b1880a3d6704eaf6…)

she claims to be naturally skinny and she reaaaly hates fat people, she fatshamed people hard in her book. but i noticed she used to be kinda fuller in her early Enchant days (picrel). In her book she mentions she once had a major record deal at 17 or something (that's the same age she's in this pic) and the label people told her she's too fat, so she stopped eating…

No. 1416742

File: 1642131689260.jpg (14.4 KB, 298x370, f919c94a5265d1ba3c3d3fc06c08b3…)

Also EA lurks her tag on insta (no surprise) and comments pics. I've noticed how she once left a comment under Enchant era pic and said something like "Aw back when I still had baby fat on my cheeks!". Like… girl what fat.
Bear in mind it was this pic, when she already lost weight. makes one wonder. tinfoil: she's already been on the thinner side BUT she eats strict/does excercise and she's kinda more controlling than needed… but who knows

No. 1416768

im not sure but i do remember that in the first edition of her book (I haven't read the updated ones) she bitched at a nurse for assuming she had an ED and in the book EA calls said nurse a fat bitch or something kek

No. 1416791

ntayrt but that is a normal sized woman. i am a naturally skinny person and this size looks "big" to us. not bad or anything, just that genetically thin people never have arms that look like that. in childhood i used to see pictures of famine victims and not understand what was supposed to look weird. again, not a weight sperg, just that naturally noodle people don't ever look big enough to not get into a magazine

No. 1416792

wtf is this picture, amanda palmer in 2008-lookin' low budget cringe fest

No. 1416804

File: 1642139804590.jpg (154.39 KB, 1080x642, IMG_20220114_065353.jpg)

Holy shit, thank you! What prompted making this thread today?
This is another vital resource. It has her biography debullshitted as well as past drama described.
Why? You think we don't know she's a cow? Her music is still enjoyable to some people, who cares. I also don't like everything posted/rec'd by other anons.
See picrel, it's all from Enchant aka her first album

No. 1416805

Finally a new thread about our goff queen! I remember when I read the old one, got shocked at the price tags of the items she was selling. Like, a handwritten copy of a song of hers, clothes she wore at her concerts, but they were overpriced af and not really worth it IIRC.

No. 1416810

File: 1642140673564.png (141.64 KB, 500x665, 1641215552073.png)

I posted this already in one of the old celebricows threads, but reposting since both sides of the conversation trigger me. This is for the updated lyric sheet for One Foot In Front Of The Other
>Goff queen
I hate that she wants to be a hippie musical sperg nowadays

No. 1416812

it's not veganism or copper toxicity she's absolutely an anachan and i suspect if the situation calls for it, she'd indulge munchieism. no question at all.

No. 1416903

>later moaned Courtney Love stunted her career by forcing her to pee in a bottle so Courtney could fake drug test

Let's be honest, this one claim is probably 200% true

No. 1416931

I mean yeah. I think she only hinted at it in TAFWVG? I would be pissed too lol

No. 1416932


> in childhood i used to see pictures of famine victims and not understand what was supposed to look weird

No. 1416983

Yup, it is normal sized person. That's WHY i said it's ridiculous that she thought that's fat, or even that Enchant era pic is fat!
Ever is practically identical to Love Ridden. I'm pretty sure people called out all the musical ripoffs on WVC or elsewhere, but i personally know nothing about musicals, maybe if i find i'll post. Definitely rips Andrew Lloyd Webber work at most

No. 1416988

File: 1642165781088.png (522.85 KB, 566x501, books.png)

she not only hinted in the book but also outwardly boasted about that one incident all her career, lol. Courtney was a cokehead at the time and they took away her kid, so yeah she was a mess. the point is, Emilie was so hurt by her uwu, but she didn't mind copycating Courtney's Dirty Blonde book and crossed heart logo. ironically, Courtney was seen protecting Emilie on pinterest from sceptical commenters a couple years back and talks positively on her
btw there was a chapter on an older faded drug addict celebrity who sat in the bar and they had a talk and EA just argued with her about having bipolar cause celeb told her she doesn't and EA pulled a diagnosis paper/lithium out of her purse, lmaoo. wonder if this was about Courtney

No. 1416989

2007 trashy live in Germany when she supposedly ran out of drugs/got drunk/got manic, cause "nazi border guards didn't let her take her pills to Germany" lol.
she screeches "LOUDER" at some point. she took that one from Courtney kek

No. 1416993

File: 1642166639022.png (390.38 KB, 960x834, 3463466.png)

I forgot to mention this idiot claimed they chopped her hair off at the psych ward in 2009. in fact she cut it off cause she fried her hair.

No. 1417133

I wouldn't say she outright stole Dirty Blonde from Courtney Love since Emilie's book is a 'diary' with a plot + novella smashed together. The aesthetic inspiration is definitely there.
Did she really say that they cut-off her hair in the ward? The tweet makes it sound like she did it herself. I'm forgetful when it comes to some bits of EA lore. I guess if she did claim that as truth, it would be an inspiration for the 'they've got the pirate, they are cutting off her curls and she is screaming' scene
This makes me think of the one show in the club where there was a party on the lower lever and EA stopped singing because she was pissed. Also her "ironic" flashing

No. 1417137

my parents had a national geographic subscription! it was pretty great.

No. 1417184

not sure if she implied it elsewhere, or if i misread the original tweet, that's just what i remembered. maybe she just meant she was abused and it made her cut her hair, but it's EA, also could be the other way. I don't think it was inspo for cutting Captain's hair, because EA's hair cutting happened in 2009 and she wrote the book (along with that scene) in 2007/2008, even if she released it with a delay.

As for CL, I obviously meant it's a copy aesthetic wise. BUT theres one thing, EA made a whole big deal about not being able to write with a pen, so she got a red crayon and how she wrote with it. In Courtney's book there was a letter all written in red crayon, in which CL mentions she's at correctional facility for girls i think, and that they're not allowed pens here so she snuck a red crayon.

No. 1417190

This one still amuses me, even if the venue was allegedly so horrible and they ignored her etc. It's still throwing a snowflake tantrum.

No. 1417201

This thread is great, I remember going to a Birthday Massacre show that EA opened for, and at the end, she had this super cringe speech about how awesome her fans were and how she wanted to give a special shoutout to all the strong men in the audience. It was unbelievably pickme but in a two-way because she was talking about the guys in the crowd like "they weren't the woman-hating rapists because they saw EA!" pandering

No. 1417232

>>1417201 NTA but I envy you for you went to a TBM concert!

>>1416810 I can totally see why you would get triggered. I doubt she remembers the girl, does she even care about her fans? Plus, who buys a lyric sheet for such price? The craziness of it all.

No. 1417270

haha yes, she used to do say this shit at the end of each FLAG show. i remember the outrage over her singing "Even if you're ONLY a boy, you can fight like a girl" instead of "even if you are a boy". guess this was her way of placating people
she remembers them as long as she needs to permaban someone, or when she wants to milk some more money. she realized idiots are willing to just bid huge amounts on whatever she sells, so she'll just write/make whatever quickly on the spot.

No. 1417323

i used to get drunk with sara and rainbow every night. we were neighbours/had a block crew on this little street where we all lived for like 10 years. nate gave me his hat from when he used to be a california park ranger and i still have it. i and a few other local homeless kids slept on sara's couch on and off. mike hammer, rainbow, and their manager have been utter shits to sara ever since she turned 35. shitting on her weight, her looks, like she doesn't carry the whole band. rainbow, hammer, and owie are all cheating whores too. long story short, chibi is awesome and i love her.

No. 1417454

File: 1642203438035.png (1.35 MB, 1202x712, 63537635.png)

noticed someone on WVC mentioning this post and found it. sure one gets lip filler from lying on the side kek keep telling yourself that, Emilie
wow, that's so cool. i also heard Chibi's a very nice person! others suck. i wonder what is she doing these days. haven't heard of TBM or her in a long long while.

No. 1417464

>>1417323 I can't get over how lucky you are, damn! I didn't know they were this trashy, but I guess all scrotes shame women for "hitting the wall" or some dumbassery like that. Chibi does seem to be a sweetheart, I'd love to meet her in person. I hope TBM comes to my area once the pandemic is over.
>>1417270 Now that almost sounds like a joke. Moids use the "fight like a girl" as an insult, most of them would laugh at her.

No. 1417465

i think she finally cut off a lot of shitty people from her life. like most women, she was way too forgiving of users, misogynists, and hateful freaks until age 45. personally i hope the band break up so she can finally be fully free of scrotery.

No. 1417466

File: 1642204625161.png (1.36 MB, 1206x1232, sfggfd.png)

The way this woman writes is so insufferable. She's got less than 3 months to alleged Asylum musical premiere (or start of rehearsals? idk), but instead of doing actual work, she talks about running 2ce a day and diet. and marathons.
i'm starting to believe she's anachan and not that damn natural skinny. especially since i remember how after she quit veganism and went vegetarian, she immediately gained weight and looked normal. at some point she had armspan fuller than Veva. if the story of photoshoot people telling her she's too fat, they had a huge impact on her future health/attitude towards fat people…
(ironically, lots of her most rabid fans are overweight)

No. 1417472

that's good to hear. not a huge fan but hope she goes solo or gets all female band this time. do something fresh. i'm sorry but it's crazy to hear these men mocked her for turning 35… 35 is like second 25, that's young! like adult but not a matron.

No. 1417473

she did a whole big fucking deal about "taking the term back". like, usually fight like a girl is an insult, but she turns it into compliment because if girls fight, for their survival or family or whatever, they fight hardcore, fight to the death. i kinda like that point of view. but i was fucking done with her repeating this in every damn interview in 2012.

No. 1417567

it wasn't really about the number specifically, they just shit on her super hard for looking older or gaining the slightest amount of weight. their manager and producer used to ask her how she got to work and stuff, like trying to make sure she'd been riding her bike. and ofc people look "older" if they are in pjs and no makeup. it was just privileged scrotes who got tons of groupies acting like retards. nate was the only good one. keep in mind the other guys had been friends with her since like age 18, and she and rainbow had actually been a couple in their 20s. total jerks imo

No. 1417798

Are you kidding me? She constantly cuts off "shitty" people in her life. She also cannot work with other people, always has to do EVERYTHING herself. I'm sorry, but if you constantly have to cut off shitty people from your life, from different social groups, you may be the problem.
She's not gonna be a regular musician for a long time, it's been musical this and that for almost 10 years
As >>1417270 said, it was a reaction to people (including fakebois) being offended by the line "even if you're only a boy, you can fight like a girl" and "I'll get my revenge on the world or a least 49% of the people in it/and if I wake up with blood on my hands". Hilarious since that's based. Also her book is pretty misandrist, down to rebutting "not all men" with a character who falls in love with her self-insert and wants to help her escape while leaving all the other inmates to death. Emilie chews him out for not doing anything to help women and being passive, even if he is not actively hurting them. I think that part may have been changed/edited in the paperback since romance with Veronica takes place of the one with Thomson. Also there is a gorey and needlessly visceral scene of the inmates torturing and killing the scrote responsible for murdering and torturing women. Which is justice, but that part was hard to read TBH.
EA/TBM has been my dream lineup tbh, so I was jealous of amerifags who could attend. Same with the Asylum Experience thing. I was naive enough to think that it will come to my country sooner or later. While I was reading about TBM, I wanted to ask "are the guys assholes as you can expect?" and I'm not shocked to find out at least some of them are shit. Damn. No wonder Chibi appeared to be depressed on her Instagram. IDK how much it would be possible for her to go solo, I'm afraid it would be an Alice Glass situation again. Yes, Chibi's voice is half of their success. But the other half is the 80's goth/industrial/whatever inspired soundscapes that the scrotes create. Unless Chibi is writing music too? Please correct me.
Have any of you read Boring Girls? You know that the description of misogyny in the metal community is something she has lived through. Must have been cathartic to write the novel.

No. 1417800

>She's got less than 3 months to alleged Asylum musical premiere (or start of rehearsals? idk
It's only rehearsals and apparently it doesn't mean shit in terms of the musical happening. Either bonnytymepyrate explained it or someone on WVC, I will try to find the post.
samefag, I don't want to repost for the 3rd time as I'm on phone

No. 1417812

File: 1642243724421.png (755.66 KB, 669x2810, screencapture-asylumplaguedoct…)

Posting for those who may have not seen and archival purposes (all the drama links from the sidebar are gone, unless someone archived them on archive.is - which Im doing with what's available)

No. 1417813

File: 1642243745026.png (156 KB, 1111x1566, screencapture-web-archive-org-…)

No. 1417830

I wish i knew who made that tumblr. And wish they posted more like they promised.

No. 1417875

I know, right? Forever curious what they wanted to post.

No. 1417903

Thats very specific info. The ran away from home/mother made one last costume. Lowkey wonder if its one of her siblings or early friends she fucked over. A convo with Ladyparasyte or her boyfriend would be very interesting ofc it was possible.

No. 1418010

boring girls was great. she'd never written a book before. my girlfriend threw up on the sidewalk at the release party and then we got drunk at sara's job and i almost fell off the roof. good times! man can't believe it was 7 years ago. i miss sara but hope she never goes back to the people who insulted and took advantage of her in the guise of "friendship"

No. 1418014

yes the scrotes write the music, but each one can't do it on their own. there's like, a chords guy who can't really play good guitar (rainbow), a good playing guitarist who can't write but knows studio stuff (hammer), the bassist changes a lot but is always good, and the piano guy owie is also really good at his instrument. but each on their own is useless (except for nate but i think he left a while ago and didn't join til 2012 anyway)

No. 1418266

Wait but she hasnt left TBM? I think there was a new song recently. I'm so jealous you knew Chibi!
Kek at useless scrotes. It's sad but I still think that from a career/music standpoint, it's best if they stick together. If they split, I think it would be like when Ben Moody (also a gross abusive scrote) got kicked (rightfully) from Evanescence. The music never recovered. At the same time, Chibi shouldn't have to deal with disgusting harassment… so obviously I would support her if she left, no matter what.

No. 1418294

the real sad thing about the shitty men was that they were guys she'd been near-lifelong friends with. or "friends" i guess. just goes to show how men walk all over any woman who gives a shit about them i guess.

No. 1418296

On the topic of EA, she seems to have burnt all the bridges. the only people she hangs out with is Marc and her voice teacher. i find it kinda ironic she finally complied and hired a Broadway voice teacher, she'd be too proud to do it in FLAG era.
I really wonder if she replaces/renames/dumps Veronica character now that Veva got done with her shit… Btw someone mentioned Thomas character who wanted to run away with self insert Emily but leaving girls behind, i think EA kept it and kinda romanticizes that plot point now, like its a big tragic lost romance and Thomas is such a good man who was some hero or some shit. maybe she goes this way

No. 1418297

>but she hasnt left TBM
i meant in her life in general. she had so many annoying retards hanging around her for the whole time i knew her. one actually tried to rape her and she was heartbroken. he was someone she thought of as a close friend, too.

No. 1418770

File: 1642344750995.jpg (178.48 KB, 1743x687, Capture.JPG)

>Btw someone mentioned Thomas character who wanted to run away with self insert Emily but leaving girls behind, i think EA kept it and kinda romanticizes that plot point now, like its a big tragic lost romance and Thomas is such a good man who was some hero or some shit. maybe she goes this way
Yeah, that was me. There was some slight hint of optimism in the original narrative, since she gave him her blessing to change the fate of women by taking photos and showing to the world what is happening to them. It was a good message IMO. If you claim to be "one of the good ones", than actually do something for women. Don't stand aside and just support the one who is special to you, like you are John Fucking Smith.
Weird thing that Thompson was based on an actual historical figure. I guess it's explained by Emilie's drug addled mind hallucinating the whole Asylum world.
Anyway ever since Emilie has gotten with Marc, she has progressively started being less and less pinkpilled. She should keep her relationship and politics separate (I know it's difficult). I would love to compare the fragment in two versions of the novel. I've read the paperback a long time ago and felt like Thomson was put on the back burner for Veronica. I know Emilie is shilling Thomson and his quote because it's the most well-known and beloved part of the book (one of the Kardashians reposted it on Instagram without knowing the source, kek). Since VeVa is no longer in Emilie's life and Marc is her everything, I wouldn't be surprised if she backed down on #NotAllMen. It has already happened before. She has ruined her message in the music video for FLAG where a guard (Marc obviously) kisses Emilie and passes her the key to the prison. What the actual fuck. At least in the book it was remorseful Madame Mournington who gave the key to the girls.

No. 1419223

>I guess it's explained by Emilie's drug addled mind hallucinating the whole Asylum world.
She always claims she hallucinated it for real. I don't believe she really hallucinated a whole damn asylum saga, or thought she's getting letters on a tissue paper. A plot idea - yes. It was actually good plot idea that could have been developed better, but that's EA so it went how it went.
>music video for FLAG where a guard (Marc obviously) kisses Emilie and passes her the key to the prison
Lets be honest, plot of music video didn't exist. she made the video solely so she had excuse to kiss Marc lol. everything sucked in that video, from out of sync shots to whole "very not victorian/asylum" location, to very modern lamps/backstage mirrors with lights surrounding the mirror(?), to a very fucking modern makeup palette (lmao). good it exists at all but its bad.
Btw, she has about 1 hour worth of FLAG music video behind the scenes footage with interviews and shit, which she promised to release but ofc didn't. what a waste. this, 2008 DVD that was canceled literally last minute, Opheliac tour mockumentary (or was it just the jokes it exists?), Liar bathtubs video (2 actually! one was early Opheliac made by Emilie which was the one allegedly stolen, and another one was to be directed by Veva's old husband).

No. 1419306

TBM were great in concert, I think I saw them twice over the years. Could not remember a single thing about EA's opening act other then what I mentioned. Hearing what people are doing to Chibi sucks, and explains why she was acting weird on social media a few years ago.

No. 1419332

Yeah honestly I've loved TBM since I was a kid. I still think their sound is magical. I never knew much about them personally and never saw them live. I did read Boring Girls and so assumed she had lived through some shit. But reading all of this has really tainted the band now. Really, all of my ideals from a younger age have been crushed. Shit men everywhere.

No. 1419499

I really want to know more about what happened with her and DLB and Terrance Zdunich after the second The Devil's Carnival film. They were all besties but then something happened during filming (I think) that changed everything.

No. 1419619

I was scrolling through this thread thinking TBM stood for some other band, holy shit
It's so cool to think EA and TBM were in a lineup, but reading this is depressing. I assumed the whole band were great friends. This is unsurprising for scrotes, I guess

No. 1419640

She posted Portraits song online. It took THAT SHORT to just wait and have the song online a few days later, for free. What was the fucking point of buying it? what? the girl who bought it didn't post in on yt, didn't post it on her website, didn't use it to generate any move to her site, or to gain followers, which even EA mentioned she had a chance to use it as. what was the fucking point. stay being stupid i guess
Btw EA's already planning to do more auctions, like putting out yet another handwritten score of Portraits. with a triangle section. tempting isn't it

No. 1419663

File: 1642437828565.jpg (81.83 KB, 1080x866, tumblr_pu57orJ5wU1vwmjo8o1_128…)

No idea what happened with Terrence. maybe TDC fans know. but tbh i can't see any active TDC fans communities anymore. Repo is probably more enjoyed, but everyone just forgot about TDC.
Everybody thought they burned bridges but during BLM incident Marc tagged DLB just so he comments positively on EA's oracle post, cause they literally have no friends who'd care otherwise. don't think they see each other though.
EA's still on good terms with Bousmann, she just doesn't talk to him/pretend to be besties with anymore, cause she can no longer use him to her benefits. Bousmann has kids, lives in LA and apparently went into escape rooms business (which btw he invited EA to work on, she was some kinda mysterious person sitting in escape room, in 2016).

No. 1419673

File: 1642438601063.jpg (163.47 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_oppa1yyhol1vwmjo8o1_128…)

If EA wanted to do the movie, she'd probably still be chasing after him, but she wants that stupid Broadway show.
I find it pretty ironic how she basically immediately called him best friend after meeting him, and how she always would literally hang from him. it looked like she flirted with him hardcore. i think she knew well what she was doing.

No. 1419677

File: 1642438905038.jpg (114.07 KB, 480x737, tumblr_pu57orJ5wU1vwmjo8o5_500…)

bonus pic

No. 1419701

I see a fellow woman of old EA culture lol. I have forgot some of that stuff somehow (I've always thought that the Asylum world was made up and not Ackchyually Hallucinated according to EA)
Someone on WVC claimed that nothing happened, they just moved into different places. Terrence to be with his family and EA to pursue ~Asylum musical on Broadway 2014~. Don't quote me on that.
Movie - even a musical movie, like Repo - would be the best way of getting her Asylum story out. But no, she made some musical friends and now she's obsessed with Broadway. Funny how EA's tastes were easily influenced by her partners. I know that it's natural to an extent, but it seems quite drastic in Emilie's case. The fandom has been suspicious of EA hanging with Bousman, they also thought she's flirting with him despite his wife.
Here's the song. People on WVC claim that it rips of part from the ballroom scene in Beauty and the Beast. Thoughts?
Is that EA? Doesn't look like her filtered self at all

No. 1419740

I'm so tariffed she's gonna have a kid one day, so many of these psychos often have kids at some point and become comically horrible parents

No. 1419745

File: 1642442979061.png (1.31 MB, 870x884, ea unedited.png)

Bousmann reportedly tried to contact her for years for a project, i can see Emilie sensing he had a great admiration/crush(?) on her and using it well. don't think she went too far with it, but she definitely was sending some misleading messages.
haven't listened yet but i can see it being B&TB ripoff, especially since she reportedly mentioned once Beauty & the Beast was her favourite Disney movie lol
>boar pic
def Emilie. That's from the same event. took it from Bonny pirate but remember seeing them on insta when they were posted. Yeah, she doesn't look as smooth as she used to anymore. well, she's in her 40's, idk how long she thinks she can hide it…

No. 1419747

She won't, she's said 100 times she has ~tokophobia~. and this year had stories about her dog having to be spayed, and she wrote she "kinda wishes to be spayed too". lol
remember how she had to get off the contraceptive pills for whatever reason, and how she told her entire fandom "Contr. pills, eeew. Ladies, don't do that." very wise advice, Emilie.

No. 1419750

I have known plenty of women who've said similar things about never wanting kids then suddenly in their late 30's decide to have kids out of nowhere

No. 1419761

File: 1642443909050.png (700.71 KB, 426x858, eeaa.png)

2016 pic but still, unedited, from Marc's insta. remember ppl doing edit comparison shots on WVC. Don't know why she does this, she looks like a normal woman her age here. she makes herself look like a fool.
For the sake of the child's wellbeing, let's pray she doesn't change mind then. (i totally can see her alleged future kid running away from her in adulthood too. sorry but true)

No. 1419800

Those neck tendons.. Eek!

Also what's up with women who are ~counter culture~ and ~non-conforming~ actually completely conforming to societal beauty standards?

No. 1419816

she's definitely seen some shit too. she saw pretty much every man she knew fall for the most disgusting and creepy groupie stuff. i couldn't believe some of the fucked up shit she told me she'd seen girls do after concerts.

No. 1419819

she looks cute. low ponytails are just a bad choice on anyone

No. 1420038

wearing costumes is more fun if you're highly traditionally attractive. if i conformed really well to beauty standards i'd totally get a million tattoos and piercings and wear a neon green tutu

No. 1420050

File: 1642463147982.jpg (83.34 KB, 500x281, tumblr_667c23f0ee4cc9ab9b84a03…)

From WVC. kek, good luck with that

Unrelated but it just got to me that it's been 10 years since she released FLAG and in 2 years it'll be 10 years since she last performed live.
for all EA's talk about "nonconformism" and shit, she's always been obsessed about her looks. I mean, look at her changing identity and wardrobe for each new boyfriend. remember her throwing out all platform shoes so she's not taller from Marc? EA's far from non conforming.

No. 1420071

Neon green and excessive piercings are ugly on everyone, no matter how conventionally attractive you looked before you attached a bunch of metal to your face.

No. 1420076

False, when I was going through my alt-girl phase and had a huge neon green side-pony I was the hottest bitch in town. Agree piercings are lame though.(no1curr)

No. 1420177

File: 1642475587382.jpg (51.92 KB, 490x470, 1642076517293.jpg)

I'm sorry but this is what she reminds me of(sage)

No. 1420243

It's just another flavor of pickme-ism. Why fight against other conventionally attractive women when you can hijack another culture entirely?

No. 1420493

She isn't in her 30's though, she's 44. Doesn't seem likely to me for her to change her mind now. Especially since she would had a large(r) chance of getting a turboautist. I don't really see why anyone should be 'horrified' of her getting a kid since the chance is so slight… unless she adopts a future asylum girl uwu.
>remember her throwing out all platform shoes so she's not taller from Marc? EA's far from non conforming.
Has she admitted to doing that, or is that a hypotesis??? God, I never knew. I have a pretty good knowledge of EA lore as I've been around for a relatively long time… and yet I learn new shit here. Incredible!
>hijack another culture entirely
??? Are you saying that she's just doing it for scrotes and is basically a fake gamer girl? I disagree, at least her lyrics were the fartest thing from pickme shit.

No. 1420518

Kek, i forgot she's whole 44yo. i'm not one of those who scream "GASP you cant have kids at 40 omggg" but if she's 44-45 and haven't decided to have kids yet, i don't think she'll change mind suddenly. especially since a kid would ~threaten her impending Broadway career~. she bought a dog instead.
>Has she admitted to doing that, or is that a hypotesis?
She wrote it on twitter, yes. no idea how to search for it now, but that was something like how big is her love to sacrifice and get rid off all her platform boots for Marc

No. 1420530

She mentioned holding auditions for males for the musical rn… remember when she told how she'll definitely hold auditions for fans and let all interested know? lol.
Loved how she would say that TDC actors will 100% act in her musical, like Adam Pascal as Stockhill, Ted Neeley as her/asylum rat (Edgar? Edward?) and Sarah Brightman as Madam Mournington (LMAO good luck hiring Sarah Brightman, Emilie).
vid related her musical song with Adam Pascal from 2015

No. 1420560

>Are you saying that she's just doing it for scrotes and is basically a fake gamer girl?
nta but I think she's doing it for the "girlies and gays" I think she desires to be a queer icon and plays up a fake I hate all men persona, I remember there was a period on tumblr where every bored edgy white teenage girl was a "misandrist" and trying to be edgy but then they all got boyfriends and became libfems later on
same with Asexuals really, their all Asexual until a guy actually starts showing interest in them

No. 1420781

doesn't really have anything to do with your post nonny, but I was obsessed with this live song when it came out (my senior year of high school) because to me it felt the most remniscent of Opheliac era, and was far better than anything on FLAG so I kept hoping she and Pascal would release a studio version… never happened just like with Willow (supposedly Morrisey was supposed to duet with her) and instead she recorded a studio version of this song dueting herself (kek) which definitely took the magic away from it. i love the little harpsichord (?) thing in the background of this song that makes me nostalgic for Opheliac days. sage for sperging but this brought me back.

No. 1422063

File: 1642645043179.png (232.28 KB, 500x267, tumblr_547c2f0d08de0bfd3e0a87d…)

Kek it's getting more and more ridiculous. some Disney fan should run through entire album, i'm sure soon we'll hear of more ripoffs like that.

On a side note i couldn't help but notice how much better is Swan Princess, i mean actress singing her part. Sounds 1000 times better than Emilie. Her voice sounds so pleasant and natural compared to EA's irritating nasal, piercing whining. And the highest tones are oddly low quality/distorting? like when you scream too loud to a low quality microphone. The fake British, lmaoo. Don't Kiss Me is even worse. Her fake accent has unintended comical effect, will literally make people laugh at wrong times, cause it's worse than Slavic or German middleschoolers making British accent impression. The voice she puts on Behind Asylum album is literally what an untrained person sounds like when parodying musical singing. She'll stand like a sore thumb if that mess ever goes live.
Girl should've stuck to FLAG album, in original arrangements, fake orchestra Cubase pads and lots of harpsichord. slap some deleted demos and just change lyrics slightly, if she cannot write new shit. And stop listening to soundtracks for copycat supply. Sage for opinion sperg.

No. 1422081

Remember this gem:https://atdt.freeshell.org/k5/story_2011_10_11_195235_82.html(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1422689

this thread is such a blast from the past, thank you anons. I always wondered what happened to joo-hee, of course it was because emilie wasn't paying her. did she fall out with flee? I mean I know she must have, I just never heard why.

No. 1422731

Emilie didn't pay FLee too kek

No. 1422740

Ah. She's taking notes from Amanda Palmer I see.

No. 1422955

I don't think she fell out with Flee because of specific drama, EA just stop giving a fuck about her at some point, which is kinda returning pattern i see. i'll drop bits i remember about her:
EA met Flee as far back as Enchant era, Flee saw her dressed as faerie at even and thought she's a hotel/even hostess instead of an artist. They had their first fallingout around 2006. Flee wrote on forum that she didn't know that Emilie went to the hospital because at that time she just had a baby and was too busy being a mother, so they lost contact briefly.
Flee once had an issue with Wayward Victorian Confessions. She was an EA forum admin and in 2009 people were hating on her for banning accounts left and right. Flee requested admins to stop accepting confessions about her.
Flee and EA were friends as long as they both lived in Chicago/ran the forum. could be even less than that cause they already kinda grew apart in FLAG era. Later EA moved to LA.
Flee has a tumblr where she advertized EA's endless merch for years. people say she's still onboard shilling her shit but i read speculations that the blog is on some sort of automatic run. Idk how one sets that up but it looks like tumblr automatically reposts eveyr new shit from her store… (cause if she does this manually, then lmao good luck i guess, nobody even reads that blog anymore.)

No. 1422967

Samefag, want to add that old forum post of Flee added to the fire of fandom speculations, remember when everybody argued when exactly the hospital stay happened? PRs thought it's 2006 but then she said like nah you thought wrong, it's 2009… tf. gotta find some old receipts.
Now she claims everywhere it was in 2007.
The book clearly alludes to Brendon Small being the shitty unsupportive boyfriend and suicide attempt taking place in his bathroom, which would place the beginning of the story at somewhere 2007. and you know the rest, getting manic in a hospital and hallucinating a whole Asylum world, blah blah blah. except… it makes no sense timeline wise. while she still dated Small, she recorded Unlaced in his studio, and all tracks are Asylum-based. her journals are filled with "from Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls" shit since beginning of 2006 if not even earlier. Idk if she's trying to push the "i hallucinated Asylum like REALLY!/I made it to deal with hospital trauma!" thing for real, but she forgot she had that thing around for years lol.

No. 1424224

Fairly certain she stayed in hospital more than once. It was definitely discussed on the older/original thread

No. 1424235

File: 1642888899381.jpeg (396.85 KB, 828x1413, 796C40BA-67F2-4C63-BC00-A5EF4F…)

Another auction is happening. At least it’s something physical and handwritten this time

No. 1424326

yeah, that was probably a couple hospital stays mixed. Descriptions of severly awful conditions are really made up though. Like wards and armed guards guiding the emergency-suicide watch room.
I just don't like how EA treats her fans like idiots with stuff like that. this, victorian era inconsistencies, her own fucking life story (parents, age etc.) as well as obviously stealing music. like… people can check/figure out different things.
guess she found new way of making toy money for a while. she already auctioned handwritten One Foot sheet. at least selling Thank God I'm Pretty sheet made sense cause the song was more meaningful to the fandom.

No. 1424332

File: 1642898788247.png (263.8 KB, 412x1148, brit.png)

Old news ofc, but I thought about it recently with all the news about Britney and conservatorship. the shit Emilie barked about the poor woman was vile. all that shit like "Britney is stupid fuck on drugs, Britney isn't bipolar cuz i'm bipolar and didn't shave my head!" Britney was obviously ill, be it bipolar or not, and had a public breakdown. but it's not valid cause she did drugs, right. she cannot sit with Emilie at ~cool crazy chicks~ table

No. 1425573

It’s fucked because Britney and all other female celebrities are essentially brainwashed and sexually abused so that they psychologically break and are easier to control. She made millions, and even on far smaller scales those women are just puppets to strategically prostitute, humiliate, and objectify while they hold onto the illusion that they have a career or any freedom at all. The men who run that industry get off on how deep their “power” (institutionalized abuse and inferiority issues) goes and can control the most publicized faces, they’re the same men who abuse sex trafficked children and women in Thailand to smile. They live to go home and lie to anyone taking a critical eye to the industry that they’re in any way decent people, contemptible smiles knowing they have too much “power” to be caught. I think it is that woman Lou Taylor who is connected to this deeply misogynistic narrative about existing to further male accomplishments, standing behind her husband, and the secretive brotherhoods within the entertainment industry do exist. They have access to mass media and repetition to influence people, degrading women is how they silence us and initiate other men into the illusion of power misogyny and violence can give them. The only time you can hear the traces of who Britney really is is when she is not doing the baby voice she was forced to do her entire life, I believe when she’s advocating for herself on the stand and recounting the truly horrific circus animal conditions she was living under, can you hear her speak much more normally and with an agency you can feel has been repressed for an inhuman amount of time.

I was never interested in Emilie, just read posts here, and it’s really disappointing that she has to tear down other women without correcting it currently. Mental illnesses that involve anything psychotic or hallucinatory still get you ostracized and openly abused, especially as a woman and even as an artist where you have to maintain a level of creativity which obviously entails not succumbing to being over medicated through social pressure driven by misunderstanding and misogyny. She’s 44 and if she spoke up about women’s human rights before, I don’t believe she could just stop evolving her critical thinking about how fucked things are among artists and deep seated sexism in mental health. Her perspective as a grown woman with the life she’s lived is infinitely more interesting than this watered down asylum fetish that challenges nothing, nothing at all, when she’s watching her former more talented friends get thrown out of a creative space that they held up as if they’re trash.

However her getting cosmetic work doesn’t mean she’s “conforming” just because there are some universally admired characteristics of beauty that she too is also emulating. It’s still a superficial facet of who she is and shouldn’t be a way to judge her mind or character, I’m assuming she lies about it because even other women would consider her lesser for doing something artificial, which is dumb because it’s a creative act. Lastly idk who the men mentioned in this thread are but they all sound like fucking incels and a subculture facade is the only reason they have a sex life.

No. 1426711

Weird humble brag. But just because you're skinnier doesn't mean she's not skinny here. That'd be like saying people who are 50lbs overweight aren't fat because some people are 100lbs overweight.

No. 1427421

Yes, well said anon. Not even a Britney fan and idk much about her music, but I think the real Britney was also on that Mona Lisa track. she took this song straight to the radio and told people to play it now, because this track is very personal and she's proud of it but she knows her label wouldn't let her release it otherwise. and she was right. apparently there was a whole album in the works that got scrapped. As for horrid baby voice, these idiots don't realize they did her wrong with that decision, cause doing squeeky/high baby voice for years seriously strains vocal cords.
Britney has been through 13-15 years of real inprisonment (don't remember when exactly they locked her up) and exploitation, even longer if we count in the years of career in which everybody else had decisive word but her. Emilie was in a hospital for 2 weeks max, even if it were multiple stays, and all she witnessed was just standard hospital treatment. And yet made her entire personality and career revolve around that hospital stay, fetishizing ward cells, inmate numbers, pretending they "scheduled electroconvulsive treatment for her, in modern day year 2007 in LA", lol.
What is sad is that I really don't think Emilie changed her mind on Britney at all. doubt she cared when she heard the conservatorship news, doubt she feels bad for her. doubt she regrets all the words she said on her. iirc she still kept that shit included in 2016/2017 version of the book. she's vile, she'll mock other mentally ill people just cause she's jealous of them, or doesn't like their music or whatever. guess i shouldn't be surprised after all, all she really did in her Asylum book was mocking people with all other mental illnesses, unless they fit her Opheliac pale-faced beauty ideal, whilst making herself the prime #1 Miss Victim.
As for her lip fillers/botox treatment, people aren't mad that she does it, they're irritated cause she lies about it and pretends to be some organic herbalist fashion guru who mastered youthful appearance just by bathing in green tea and self-made essential oils. remember when she lied about such unimportant details as "she never uses drugstore cosmetics, she always makes ALL of her makeup herself" but then posted selfies full of pretty mainstream makeup gear like Mac or Maybelline. that's just stupid, she treats everyone like they're idiots and she can tell them anything. because she lied to people so many times about important cases, people are now pissed even when she lies about irrelevant small stuff.

No. 1427427

File: 1643216980156.png (2.2 MB, 968x1696, eaa.png)

Kek what a fucking narcissist, she'll now post 10000s of identical shots from that bathroom. guess all the WVC comments on her photoshopping got to her and she tries to show she's as smooth and young on camera as she is on photos (filters are on hard, lol). I know she's trying to show off the headpiece but i can't at her rolling and throwing that head around so many times just to show off her best angles. she always does that head-high jawline/neck exposed pose, even in selfies with fans, which is kinda pathetic.

No. 1427606

She was always super vain and constantly eye-fucking herself. I think that’s what I always found so off putting about her. Like the 4 little videos she did about wayward victorian girl and their virtues or some shit and it was her playing around with her corset and stockings. It came off so strange.

No. 1427659

i think the lessons of WVG videos weren't so jarring yet then bc it went well with Opheliac era, i mean it was only the beginning of her act. she had a brief moment when she was more "punktorian" instead of fully fledged ~asyloom inmate~. but yeah, that was already there at the time.

i liked her old journal photos, but when social media started, she fully went into it, like her insta is 10 years worth of countless selfies, self-praise and vids. and like you say, eye-fucking herself. this is so apparent on VIP interviews that are online. kek i vaguely recall ppl on WVC who won the "Skype call from Emilie" thing and said she just looked down at the part of the screen that shows herself.
Also, EA always posts stuff 2ce, once normal post and then same content on stories. and she likes her own posts.

No. 1427686

File: 1643236580802.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.88 KB, 521x794, A famine victim boy in India.j…)

>i used to see pictures of famine victims and not understand what was supposed to look weird
??? This sounds like your parents starved you and you didn't realize. I'm naturally skinny but what the fuck is this skinnygossip.com-tier cringe lmao. Don't make up such weird shit ffs

No. 1427703

Is this a white dress + veil stage costume or a white dress + veil wedding outfit? (It's a slip though?) I'm pretty out of the loop for EA's current relationship status.
I'm completely guessing here, but I'd guess it's a stage outfit because I've never seen that kind of hair dryer anywhere other than a hotel and it makes more sense to put on a costume when traveling to perform but idk.

No. 1427720

File: 1643238413312.png (1.05 MB, 1204x758, fhfghfh.png)

she's def not married, the costume could be wedding clothes (she used wedding dresses in costumes before), but this one's a costume for her ~Asylum~ new character. she dressed like that for that NFT convent where they exhibited her "art" (that being said wonder who they had to pay off to be included in that thing). the other pics are indeed taken in hotel pre-gallery show.

No. 1428338

File: 1643303084945.png (418.64 KB, 840x1568, 3333.png)

So… the place that's staging her musical is a school. all roles will be played by students.
I can't believe she somehow swallowed that roles will be played by institute randoms, not Ted Neely or Sarah Brightman. tinfoil, she hopes her musical will somehow blow up in popularity and Broadway comes to her door and then she'd drop IAMT people like hot potato. she's fucking delusional.

still better than filming herself all year in Majestic Theatre staff rooms pretending she works there though, lol

No. 1428346

File: 1643304277888.png (1.02 MB, 946x708, scr.png)

The one who won the auction probably paid fat stack of couple thousand dollars and didn't even get the fuckign sheets, just to support the musical. either she lies or her fans are fucked in the head. that's basically giving her the cash for nothing. i can't believe it… no wonder she can allow living so comfortably on top of Manhattan.

No. 1428813

File: 1643330639009.png (691.13 KB, 932x1468, 2.png)

Samefag but this is really suspicious. People are thinking EA used a sockpuppet on her own auction. A "mysterious winner" shilled money but his "wish" was that Emilie auctions his prize (Portraits notes) again, so other Plague Rats can win.
Haven't looked into it personally but anons on WVC said the highest bid on that 1st Portraits auction was only 400$ before ending, but mysterious account jumped last time and… just gave her 3500 dollars out of the blue. And didn't want the notes, just to donate to Emilie.
Lol it'so stupid, she used fake account to up the price and start again. 1st auction stopped at 400$, today's 2nd round started from 400$ and is going up… thoughts?

No. 1428820

File: 1643330871418.png (560.21 KB, 503x710, auction.png)

Additionally she made a whole site for Asylum auctions, so she plans more.
she never stated how much of money allegedly goes to Trevor Project… can she go one fucking day without scamming her fans, lol.

No. 1428821

Pretty much how shill bidding goes on ebay, actual bidders get sniped and the item gets relisted, she just added a narcissistic story to it

No. 1428834

Damn, so she's been learning these ebay tactics. she even said her new site is "like ebay except not looking like shit", kek.
it's 100 times more apparent in her case though

No. 1428935

File: 1643336606349.jpg (762.33 KB, 971x2125, Screenshot_20220127-212041_Ins…)

I can't believe it's the year 2022 and I'm in an emilie autumn thread, kek

Pic posted about 20 mins ago. Muh offensive skinny body.

No. 1428965

haha, right? she still produces fandom milk, maybe even more than ever. her bullshit is just piling and piling.

Did… did this idiot mention she blurred out not bc nude tits but "offensive ribcage"? yeah go on repeat it 100 times that you're so anachan and ~controversial~. if you think that's offensive, why fucking posting. wtf

No. 1428968

File: 1643339842380.jpg (131.81 KB, 500x624, tumblr_2915cd8cdedd3dc535a3eb7…)

From her recent newsletter
>not doing anything
>stuck in their egoistic minds
>consumed by their aggrandizing personas
>filtered selfies

LMAOOO the world is so fake but sure you are better than this, right Emilie? with your endless shooped selfies and vids of yourself getting aroused at the sight of your own reflection in the mirror, edited to the point your filter doesn't follow your head movements. kek

No. 1429091

I reposted the source of the multiple hospital stays here
Kek pretty sure she promised her dead fanclub a priority in the auditions for the musical. Someone correct me on that, but I knew something like that happened.
What an ana-chan

No. 1429099

File: 1643353516472.jpg (229.98 KB, 1080x756, IMG_20220128_080238.jpg)

Welp, bonnytymepyrate is dead too. There goes one of the last three bastions of EA fandom left . A shame, but I understand it.

No. 1429222

not sure about fanclub, but i remember her replying to random fans on insta even LAST YEAR that sure, ofc she'll contact THEM PERSONALLY so they can audition. like, she implied she'll remember of each specific one account who asked, can you believe lol. she's bullshiting hard and they all took the bait as always.
she won't open auditions to fans, that's for sure. remember when she held fan auditions for Fight Like a Girl video? people got dressed and and all and they're barely there in the vid for about half a second, barely visible in the corner of the camera.
Damn. i mean, i understand too, there's not much to post anymore. looks like Disney admin is done with EA too. strange, she always whiteknighted her hard.
Shefightslikeagirl and WVC are the last ones left… EA interviews tumblr got deleted accidentally

No. 1429724

Pretty sure that Disneyadmin is bonnytymepyrate and iveru on discuss. BTP loss is a huge hit because it focused on deep EA lore and fandom history that is unavailable to new fans which leads to ignorant comments (I don't mean criticising EA). I think now that the blog is dead, it's high time to archive it page after page on archive.org so it doesn't disappear along with Emilie autumn interviews (admin accidentally deleted it among with her main blog, what a nightmare - it had insane amount of EA interviews, many of them probably lost forever now).

No. 1430292

This. BTP was great cause it collected all rare stuff from the past, thigns that were most enjoyable about EA and fandom. all awesome pics from Opheliac and Enchant era, journals etc. I think it's also worth noting how weird this whole situation is. Plenty of old stuff is disappearing from the internet, her history is constantly blurring, erased, rewritten… EA actively contributes to lying about and erasing her past. i'm sure if she could, she'd erase all trace of Enchant/Opheliac era from her career. i mean she already doesn't list Enchant nor Your Sugar Sits Untouched.
i'm not very old EA fan myself, but it's kind of crazy to join fandom past in 2016-2022 cause well, there's nothing to join anymore. technically EA's reputation is dead, but she still has enough of new, naive and somewhat wealthy fans, lured by her sadgirl madgirl antics, convinced poor Emilie needs all the money & support! THAT is crazy.

No. 1430750

File: 1643553213076.png (365.06 KB, 474x772, 111.png)

Kek, that unnecessary flex. you're best at everything EA, probably even better than actual Germans.
apparently Disney admin quit Bonny pyrate because she's done with the fandom, not Emilie. she's disappointed that fandom posts such "bullshit" on WVC (expressing how they don't like Emilie using playback in the past). kek so predictable. i loved her website but yeah, she's such a whiteknight. imagine getting so personally offended with someone else's opinions

No. 1431648

Do you have a source on the BTP thing? Her farewell post really made it sound like she's no longer into EA

No. 1431714

File: 1643666019060.png (726.22 KB, 802x1460, btp.png)

Disney admin has an offshoot BTP blog where she… idk, talks to herself about updates, bitches about fandom and it's pettiness and excites over new Asylum Emporium products.

And yeah, i find her & Shefightslikeagirl's admin opinion on EA's playback kinda cringe. yes, it's old news af but is it so controversial to call "EA the virtuoso" fake over her using playback her entire career? they swore up and down it is literally impossible for EA to play live (kek), so she's totes justified and based. as a musician… bitch, no.

No. 1431722

File: 1643666349888.png (369.81 KB, 1588x1598, btp2.png)

I get that she spent loads of time making BTP, and some people apparently sent her harassment messages (?), but my problem with Disney admin is that she always tends to make lowkey excuses for Emilie. "Yes she did it wrong etc. BUT. Yes she behaved like shit BUT". That she blames entire fandom for her lack of motivation to continue the blog, or to engage in Emilie stuff or whatever. (and apparently she means WVC confessions, not anything relating to her blog - besides a couple weird texts, she got hefty likes/reblogs ratio and people really loved that blog. That's pretty childish, basing her opinion/future of her blog on WVC confessions.) Yes, we bitch fucking aaall the time, but she needs to understand people are not going to be silent when EA causes dramas and serves shit literally all the time. Because she disappointed ppl so many times, people are obv going to be more harsh toward her, and more likely reminice on old dramas.

people criticize EA but everybody loved her blog nonetheless, so idk why she demands the fandom to be a certain level of stanning EA unconditionally for her to continue. i'm thankful for BTP blog and her having enough of obsession to keep an EA archive, but i'm lowkey done with her stan mentality and secretly bitching about fandom. like honey, paradox is the fandom's attitude is the smallest problem in this fandom.

No. 1431750

samefag, but i'm confused over DA claiming EA dropped Alice Liddel & family died in a fire thing. since when she dropped it? i could swear she still keeps the Alice Liddel bullshit in newer books, she just doesn't mention it that often. for some reason she suddenly had/has an odd phase of looking back fondly on her father (thought she didn't like him/lowkey accused of some shit???), writing about his tough life in Germany, and now she's learning German bc of her heritage. and just bc she doesn't talk about her other family doesn't mean she backed from "muh American McGee fire storyline". "died in a fire" definitely wasn't just an obtuse metaphor. she never clarified things/apologized. Disney Admin just sees what she wants to see.

"fandom is abusive to EA" is some high level bullshit. criticism ain't abuse. she verges weirdly close to Emilie's logic.

No. 1433402

File: 1643853913015.png (1.78 MB, 1118x1486, Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 9.04…)

Kek, Emilie Autumn disabled purchase links to any of her products on her Asylum Emporium "storefront"

No. 1433508

File: 1643864511850.jpg (103.14 KB, 691x456, IMG_20220203_055749.jpg)

She has mentioned it again in a WVC comment. I remembered her posting that pic at her childhood house (how did we figure that's what it was? Hope she straight up said it), but not the fire story being taken out of the new book edition. Funny how DisneyAdmin gave up on BTP, but not whiteknighting EA

No. 1433837

File: 1643913715139.png (747.29 KB, 1066x2108, 374564.png)

I also don't remember her editing out the fire thing in the newest versions… wish i could check both versions but i dont remember the pages where it was. Her childhood house (and yes it was Emilie calling it so) doesn't prove anything. it wasn't even a house pic, it was her standing by the railing/road/trees and looking at something. i think she did it intentionally, so it doesn't show full untouched house. if she wanted, she could as well imply she went to look at tragic "fire remains" of the house. anyways the pic proves nothing cause she still doesn't mention her mother/siblings, only talks about father and fetishing how he had German/Irish/British origin (yes, she changed her claims between Irish/British multiple times, kek). she never change the fire story, just doesn't talk about that.
I'm pretty sure i've seen Disney Admin claim recently that EA also changed the "Liddel" claim, which is straight up bullshit.

This is so odd, she whiteknights even in least important cases. like this anon sent a meme showing that EA at least used to produce alot of music and good shows in the past, but now expects us to be excited at her shit water bottles, but Disney Admin throws a card "~but she always had auctions~"

No. 1433917

File: 1643920890001.jpg (792.87 KB, 1078x1516, Screenshot_20220203-204043_Ins…)

So this is on show at an exhibition. Can anyone explain wtf I'm looking at?

No. 1433919

File: 1643921064664.png (259.75 KB, 1206x1463, iveru.png)

sigh why is she still saying EA didn't rip Ophelia Rising? there's been definitive proof she ripped them off (throwing crumpets, backing dancers with umbrellas, message, etc.) Here's an article related:

Idk, doing free promotion for EA on musical sites is like another level? i just think it's unhealthy this level of whiteknight/stanning to the point of blaming half of EA's problems on the fandom.
(wish she didn't leave before scanning interviews for SFLAG archive, i know she has lots of these & promised to scan.)

No. 1433920

um… hands with hospital bracelts strings strapped onto? ofc a take on ~bipolar~ and ~asylum~
Anyways, EA finally sold her music score for 8000$. unbelievable.

(wish she stopped using her dog as a prop)

No. 1433924

File: 1643921573806.png (683.58 KB, 914x1462, eeeaa.png)

The state of this self-important shit…
on topic of self-written press leaflets, someone on WVC linked this blast for the past:

No. 1433942

Imagine thinking being mentally ill is special in 2022 when every person online claims at least 2 genders and 5 mental disorders

No. 1433969

File: 1643927426747.png (821.97 KB, 1856x2328, thestory.png)

she always though being bipolar is some magical, extremely rare thing that only occures to best of the best, not "just depression" mortals lol

I cannot believe i've never seen her website story before, it's such a kekworthy read
>Oxford University in London
>university's curriculum
bullshit, her book wasn't in a textbooks list, her book was mentioned in a "History of a Leech" book that was ACTUALLY part of that curriculum list. means there was like 1 or 2 sentences on her in some short tiny book about leeches, think someone even scanned this to show.

No. 1434007

I hope it's more like "sold". An anonymous account bid on it. Apparently the price was much lower before… idk she did the "actually the winner just wanted to donate the money and let someone else buy the lyrics uwu". Maybe I am delusional since I really want to believe that nobody is mental enough to give her all that money for a scrap of paper.
I personally disagree about EA being responsible for her fans cutting themselves, same as with regards claiming to be bipolar just to be like muh Emilie. Some people (mostly teens I guess) will do any stupid shit because they want to be just like their idol. They have free will and it's not like EA started #cutforEmilie kek
I love the cutting diary and how fucked up it is, because it's so honest about what goes through a cutter's head. Nobody would do that if it was all bad, or their mental state wasn't warped. I appreciate the "problematic" honesty.

No. 1434008

File: 1643931506575.jpg (399.97 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_c9ee369d1d5b50c0f870f95…)

No. 1434074

I don't think that EA is responsible for somebody starting cutting either. I mentioned bc that sentence is kinda odd to me… Rather than copycats "i'm cutting to be like Emilie" i meant more actual troubled fans searching for coping mechanisms, thinking "if it helped her so much, i can try too". Ngl she gave pretty convincing explanation, kind of validating her SH & listing reasons why it's normal, intead of thinking of it as a problem.
I just think if we say EA's not responsible for people SH-ing after reading the book, then she's also not responsible for them stopping cutting altogether. it's kindof impossible to definitively say my book empowered thousands to get better, or worse. in both cases, it's ultimately a person's decision. Idk maybe i just think it's odd because personally i wouldn't say something like that about my book, that's a bit too much of belief yr own book as to be so influential/powerful. like i'd rather see it as review of the book, not author's onw opinion. hence my small nitpick

That ofc doesn't mean that i think she shouldn't have written cutting diary. tbh these were the best parts of the book, even if some of her wording, all the "pretty, pretty crimson tears" etc. was verging on unnecessary romanticizing

No. 1434087

the 1st time it was def her "winning" the auction and cosplaying uwu generous inmate who's dream is to give away the prize and restart auction. she prob was unsatisfied with max amount before auc. ending (400/500$). typical, she starts to value herself more bc she's money hungry.
8000$ however is hysterical, and apparently it jumped from 5000$ last minute? if that's some lost Plague Rats, then they're rich zoomers who don't know how auctions work. if that's her, then she's trying hike up future auctions' expected sums. or to show off she's "worth so much"?…

No. 1434112

File: 1643939724559.png (1.14 MB, 1227x1708, auctions.png)

For comparison.
1000-2000$ were the prices of all legendary corsets/costumes. some of the highest bids, Rat tail sold for 2500, corset for 2000+. First score auction (One Foot in front) sold for 3100$.
Scam "anonymous" offered 3500$ for nothing. he "would" pay more than for 2 classic EA corsets.
Highest auction in EA history, Rat Queen mask went for 10600$ (ridiculous, but it was only her 1st costume auction & ppl didn't expect more i guess). The new winner will pay 8000 fucking dollars for… a couple of sheets of paper. and a pencil. signed.
(Meanwhile, signed Enchant puzzle, old ass Opheliacs, signed by Emilie as well as full Crumpet combo, were floating on ebay for mere 10$…)

No. 1434187

File: 1643944547855.png (582.14 KB, 500x750, tumblr_0f62e15755da9a54e596566…)

I've meant to ask about this anyway, but NGL picrel surprised me. Has anyone ever heard of bipolar people waking up at 4'O Clock everyday? Seems like bullshit tbh.
I had big respect for her running BTP, but this is fucking ridiculous
>meant more actual troubled fans searching for coping mechanisms, thinking "if it helped her so much, i can try too". Ngl she gave pretty convincing explanation, kind of validating her SH & listing reasons why it's normal, intead of thinking of it as a problem.
I'm glad that EA didn't censor the cutting diaries. They may be "wrong", but accurately present the point of view of many cutters. I found it comforting and informative. When you've been cutting for a long time, it truly seems normal, you have your toolkit and rituals, you learn to enjoy it etc. I know EA's book didn't have a reach (and the paperback got censored to hell), but it's important for people to understand why others do "bad" things, ie that it's not out of stupidity.
>That ofc doesn't mean that i think she shouldn't have written cutting diary. tbh these were the best parts of the book, even if some of her wording, all the "pretty, pretty crimson tears" etc. was verging on unnecessary romanticizing
I don't mind for the above reason. I've read a review of Linda Sexton's memoir and apparently she called cutting "playing music on the keyboard of her wrist". It's just something that cutters do I guess.
>I just think if we say EA's not responsible for people SH-ing after reading the book, then she's also not responsible for them stopping cutting altogether.
I agree with you completely. The whole "stopped cutting' thing sounds very Onision to boot kek.
Could the inflation account for the price difference between the rat queen costume parts and the sheet of paper? Just kidding, no way it's only this with a difference of 6000 $. I'm shocked that she is able to extract so much money out of her dying fanbase. Maybe I'm wrong, but I somehow doubt that she has more fans now than in the Ophelia or FLAG era. Maybe I'm wrong, since her Instagram followers number is probably higher than 16 000 of forum users (really not sure of the number and I cannot find the source).
>(Meanwhile, signed Enchant puzzle, old ass Opheliacs, signed by Emilie as well as full Crumpet combo, were floating on ebay for mere 10$…)
God, I wish I knew about that

No. 1434196

I think towards the very beginning of the pandemic studies came out that 52% of people have some form of a mental illness, but obviously access to treatment, stigma, and quality of treatment is super fucked up. A lot of women get sexually abused and commit suicide from inpatient, and men do as well at much lower rates. If you research treatment, most places have wrongful death lawsuits and covered up histories of multiple rapes, and even straight up protecting those men in power. Institutional abuse is unfortunately rampant, it just gets white washed hard as fuck because they make the money to be able to do that. Most places are staffed by people that are cynical and will take advantage of you, as if they’re not already using you for insurance and ways for you to remain financially dependent. Think about the psychology of the kind of person who would work jobs like that, especially a man.

It’s very fucking rare to be in a position to have access to assistance, and even more rare that it’s safe if you are a woman. Community help is a lot more trustworthy in some cases, but that obviously doesn’t handle psychiatry, just group therapy that can foster co-regulation and human bonding which is lost when afflicted people tend to isolate. I was just starting to skim this thread and caught a glimpse about self harm and how she’s gone beyond a performance of a Victorian mental patient or whatever tf. When people for real self harm it’s a disturbing self soothing act that is far more complicated than is ever talked about, and happens with a level of dissociation from the body. It is chemically addictive, and no one will ever take you seriously, and will somehow blame you for other people harming themselves when you don’t have full cognition or any way to just “snap out of it”. Predators will take that as a signal to take advantage of you.

Idk what she wrote or anyone else but if she is someone that has claimed to suffer institutional abuse, I get using art and performance as an outlet or way to confront it even if it’s disturbing, I don’t understand how seeing young people imitating you wouldn’t alarm some biological part of you at least. I know men don’t care how their work affects people, but they’re treated completely differently in the mental health industry. I always thought she was lame so I don’t want to act like she’s more influential than she is, it’s fucked up how there’s no real effort to respond to institutional misogyny and abuse outside of something lyrical, and give a form of confrontation to it.

No. 1434198

I agree with you and really appreciate your perspective. There definitely is a distinction, I agree she like anyone else can make disturbing art, and I hate how when people consume content from someone they know is mentally ill, they expect mental stability and Mommy guidance when it’s supposed to be disturbing. There’s countless famous memoirs from male junkies who lament the adoration for their drugs, no one expects “accountability” or uses that an an excuse to attack them and blame addiction on.

That being said I wouldn’t write that either, and if you know your demographic is so young then you should be respectful towards who is reading it. There’s ways to do that without necessarily sacrificing content. Cold water therapy and holding ice to your skin is a great substitute and is taught in basic DBT. No idea why she couldn’t slip that in and prevent people from the supposed abuse she’s gone through.

No. 1434556

From my understanding, the person who sent confession has trauma/some other illness that causes insomnia. The "all bipolars wake up at 4 o'clock" thing EA pushes is completely madeup. never read any scientific article, nor personal writing that proves all bipolars, or even large part wakes up at 4 o'clock.
Not surprising bc Emilie spread alot of misinformation on bipolar disorder. For example she always said "bipolar disorder is not like depression where you just get it at some point, bipolar disorder is only inherited/genetic!" which is not true because bipolar can be either genetic, OR developed at some point in life due to stress, trauma or drug addiction.
>It's just something that cutters do I guess.
Idk, i get that some think like that, but not every cutter in the world romanticizes their own cutting. i don't want to make it a blogpost, but i'll briefly mention for the context: i'm an ex-cutter and i didn't have such thoughts, perhaps that's why i felt like rolling my eyes at some stuff. i get why it's soothing. i know how it's like to be frowned upon. i don't understand however this odd fetishization, or feeling proud, or a weird need to show it off to the world - perhaps bc i was treated kind of viciously whenever my sleeves accidentally slipped up enought to make ppl notice something. so it's not that much that I think "omg she has bad influence on others", i think some of the things she wrote are ridiculously bad in writing style/almost munchie. she writes about such sad and serious things, but at some points i really wanted her to shut up already, because some fragments had an odd, puffed up, completely unintentional comedic effect (sorry), which i didn't have with other 2 diaries. like some descriptions weren't just memoirs of self-cutter, some read like expansion of Emilie Autumn's obsessive love for Emilie Autumn and all things related.
So i dislike several descriptions as someone who had similar experience, but again it's my personal opinion.

Adding to my previous posts, i personally think the amount of "ah beautiful blooddrops" was unnecessary, but she could ofc save everything she wanted to keep. still it would be cool if she added more words about how faulty/fucked up it was and how she doesn't think like that anymore, like from perspective of time passed. Or included alternative ways like >>1434198 said. Even if that was some banal tumblr stuff like a nurse giving her advice to cut up carton box/soap instead, or an author disclaimer. That would fit with the idea of being mental health activist, and would serve as at least an attempt at discouraging ppl from repeating her mistakes.

No. 1434573

NTA obviously
I feel that
>I hate how when people consume content from someone they know is mentally ill, they expect mental stability and Mommy guidance when it’s supposed to be disturbing.
is in direct conflict with
>That being said I wouldn’t write that either, and if you know your demographic is so young then you should be respectful towards who is reading it. There’s ways to do that without necessarily sacrificing content
Either she is allowed to express her mental fuckups freely, or she is a mommy responsible for her fans' therapy and future decisions. I do not see a way of compromising those two viewpoints. She isn't Hannah Montana or whatever squeaky clean celebrity is currently pushed at teens. Sure, young people may be into EA, but she isn't specifically targeting or creating for them. Especially since TAFWVG was expensive as fuck and not affordable for many teens (especially younger ones).
It also triggers me that nobody holds scrotes to the same level of scrutiny. They can admit to rape, abuse and battery and people will be like 'uwu it was all a part of his redemption arc' while endlessly nitpicking women. I don't agree with everything EA did, but I stand by the principle of honesty in art over being unproblematic. fuck scrotes though
>Cold water therapy and holding ice to your skin is a great substitute and is taught in basic DBT. No idea why she couldn’t slip that in and prevent people from the supposed abuse she’s gone through.
Probably because she hasn't done that herself, and the book is 100% her, her experiences and her narcissism. While it wouldn't hurt, she's not responsible for being anyone's therapist or mommy. Honestly, I would feel fake as fuck if I was writing a memoir about my personal experiences and had to put in some fake PSA for the readers.
>like some descriptions weren't just memoirs of self-cutter, some read like expansion of Emilie Autumn's obsessive love for Emilie Autumn and all things related.
That sounds exactly like memoirs of Emilie Autumn the cutter kek
>an author disclaimer
I'm 100% here for that, if it's written with compassion. It's sad that EA never lived up to being a mental health activist. She's always been an Emilie Autumn activist.

No. 1434589

I think people question her mental institution abuse because of the way she presented it in her book. The "abuse" was pretty much standard treatment in every institution. How she presents it:
>she had to wait in an emergency room for a couple days, before she gets a bed/room available
>bitches they took away all her belongings (what did she expect?)
>didn't let her use sharp pens/pencils and that nurse only snuck her a crayon (again, what did she expect?)
>didn't let her use a notebook with metal wire spiral
>food is bad/scrambled eggs aren't in the "toasty, brown/black color" (lmao)
>bitches that she doesn't have a separate room but has to lie with several other patients
>bitches that she has to go to toilet with a nurse, that bathroom doors don't have locks
>bitches they forced her to go to meetings
>bitches she had to wait a few days to meet a doctor
>bitches that counselor is so fat he's close to heart attack
>bitches that a nurse is morbidly obese bitch
>moans that they forced her to see a nutritonist/that they all thought she had ED (she admitted she didn't eat for days, didn't eat much in hospital and that she was very underweight at the time)
>writes several long pages of bitching that her placed a detoxing crack addict next to her cell, calling offensive names, calling her various versions of "MAD", even though she's gravely offended when that name is used against HER
>"how they dare they, everybody knows it's a crime to put a suicidally depressed girl next to shrieking, mad, aggressive crack addict?!"
There's more to be found, but it's pretty much the extent of hospital abuse.
As for other questionable things:
>writes that she lived in a "ward", which aren't a thing these days
>mental insitution had a board that literally said "PSYCH WARD"
>they were guarded by arms with heavy ammunition
As for her "abuse" from Dr Sharpe, she claims to be stalked by him and that he sure fell in love with her, which can be a subject to discuss since some agree with her opinion, others think Sharpe did nothing that indicated he's some psycho stalker. personally idk about that, sure she had a reason to panic but… he didn't abuse her? he just talked to her/visited her website…

>I always thought she was lame so I don’t want to act like she’s more influential than she is, it’s fucked up how there’s no real effort to respond to institutional misogyny and abuse outside of something lyrical, and give a form of confrontation to it.

I agree with this, as much as she claims to be mental health activist, she really did nothing important in that field, besides donating a few cents to Trevor Project. And she made nasty jokes at every other mentally ill patient in her book, which doesn't go very well with her opinion that her book is peak mental health activism.
she's only a MH activist when it concerns herself.

No. 1434600

File: 1643999529840.jpg (89.56 KB, 500x661, tumblr_6b9e08456cce07c5a94795c…)

While i don't necessarily agree with the confession saying she's NPD, it basically sums up it all. She was indignant that they treated her like everybody else in psychiatric hospital.
she called everybody else truly psycho people, while bipolar girls are just pretty, intelligent girls being persecuted by the world - i kid you not, here's more or less a quote:
"My crime is just that i was a sad, sad girl, and i'm being punished by society for that".

No. 1434635

File: 1644001240893.jpg (25.84 KB, 532x278, farmers.JPG)

I knew you guys have been sending WVC asks for the last two weeks, but you could have been more subtle LOL

No. 1434659

File: 1644002321976.png (965.8 KB, 946x816, azealia.png)

kek, not the one who sent it but i thought the same thing
we were depraved of such a milky drama blessing

No. 1434668

File: 1644003263089.jpg (455.41 KB, 1080x1864, Screenshot_20220204-193158_Ins…)

Not milk, but notable cow Jessicka Addams is following EA.

No. 1434698

File: 1644004928823.jpg (28.15 KB, 609x284, iveruBTP.JPG)

Are we pretending Iveru isn't BTP/Disney Admin or am I retarded and somehow they aren't the same person?
Wasn't Jessicka a liar too? I don't remember the details of her drama. They should team up, the fallout would be legendary

No. 1434702

She's quite rightly vocal about some important issues. But also has massive BPD spergs, insane tinfoil explosions and blockfests. It's impossible for most to tell the difference between valid statements and unbridled mental illness when it comes to her. So very similar to Emilie.

No. 1434704

Iveru IS definitely BTP/Disney Admin. I mean, i didn't know about it before other anon mentioned, but it lines up for me. i can always recognize DisneyAdmin's severe whiteknighting "Emilie made a mistake BUT fandom was mean to her". plus Iveru posts a lot of old, old fandom info, so it lines up for me. she quit BTP but still whiteknights EA in comments.

No. 1434712

Yep, Jessica is a liar/cow. she actually has a thread on lolcow.
I don't think Jessica cares much about EA, she probably followed her at some point in the past and liked her dog post, otherwise she probably doesn't care much.
No threat of them interacting, EA always flakes on collabs -flaked on Voltaire (based, he frequented Perdita Woodley's The Chateu) among others and made horrid Attrition drama

No. 1435246

File: 1644075301524.png (124.89 KB, 798x1084, 1111111.png)

Kek, ofc DisneyAdmin deleted her comment when she got further questioned. that's not the first time. When someone said EA always abandons projects, i think DA wrote Emilie's computers were robbed multiple times (that story was total bullshit, she told her house was robbed by mysterious criminals when she slept/sat in the other room just cause she was late with Opheliac EP orders, lol) and she told in interview that she can't find alot of stuff cause it got stolen/she doesn't know whichd drive she has it on, but when she was asked to give the source, she immediately deleted.

She obviously has extensive archive and knowledge on EA lore, but she uses fake info/unconfirmed assumptions to whiteknight.

No. 1436446

Yeah I have read her sideblog where she mentions having all the resources in a smug way. I really want to browse the new Asylum book for Emilie retconning the fire story. Maybe I will

No. 1436453

File: 1644184778885.png (335.43 KB, 560x668, Screenshot 2022-02-06 22.54.22…)

How come I never heard about it? WTF

No. 1437026

Yeah i forgot about this too. Crumpets had antique medical tools (Veronica had huge syringe, not sure about others, looks like Contessa had some sort of evil spoon tool) and from the way they pranced around with these tools, it was kinda bound to happen imo. looking at pics from that show, EA had a patch on her face. not sure why she needed to go to hospital pre- and post show, but then again it's facial area so maybe it bled a lot. Worth mentioning that despite them both swearing they're separating in piece and friendship, they both stopped interacting and following each other almost immediately.
OT but omg i just got reminded how cringe this song is.

idk i'm starting to change mind on DisneyAdmin alot, it's such a childish and mean attitude. Nevermind - SFLG admin is slowly working on rebuilding the archive with a help of several smaller EA blogs: https://emilieautumnarchives.tumblr.com/
I have new version and old PDF so i could check too but i have no idea which chapters this was in

No. 1438139

I somehow have only heard the official story on Contessa leaving (probably something with pursuing her own goals), so it's interesting to hear about this. I have a relatively big knowledge of EA lore, but clearly miss a lot of information. It's fun, she's my fave cow.
I have done ctrl+f equivalent with terms "family", "fire", "died". I haven't found anything beyond some hits in the Emily with a y story. So it seems like she has quietly removed those parts. You can try the same or give me more terms to look for. IDK how to feel about that change, the "new" version of the book is inferior to the original one in almost every way. Deleting the bullshit doesn't change that she has never retconned the lie.
God Bless the SFLAG admin - wonder if it's the same one who accidentally deleted the whole blog. Either way, I'm grateful.

No. 1438167

Same, i'm not even very old of an EA fan but i just loved to read on drama. As for Contessa, she def talked about taking care of her own career etc. To my knowledge EA mentioned her 1ce or 2ce in press after her leaving but then stopped/unfollowed. so they either tried hard to keep whatever drama away from fans, or EA just flaked on her cause she doesn't care about ppl she cannot use anymore.
I have bigger problem cause i have old book in PDF (which is just like pages/pictures scanned - anyways i remember i downloaded it from lolcow,someone threw a link in the past) and new version as physical book. I'm afraid she might've deleted it from the book too, but that doesn't mean she backed on the story whatsoever. i think she regretted that lie for sure as it's still stringing after her, but she did nothing to officially dispel it. (you can try "burn/burnt" too)

EA interviews admin definitely was once on board of SFLG in the past, but there's a different admin now. i have some interviews too, will probably send.(tbh FLAG interviews are of less importance, they're 99% always same shit)

No. 1439345

I never heard about this either. I wouldn't be surprised, but like the other anon said, having antique medical tools on stage like that sounds like an accident just WAITING to happen. it would be more emilie's fault than contessa's if anything.

No. 1439727

File: 1644513267639.jpg (137.41 KB, 500x625, tumblr_cd057cbd04d10231f8076f6…)

The more I see twitterfag buzzword spergouts like picrel, the less I care about the BLM drama. It was hardly the worst thing EA did and people got into frenzy over it because racial politics. Wake the fuck up! She never does her job as a mental health advocate and doesn't even virtue signal on the days related to various mental illnesses, I bet she doesn't even comment much on the hot topics of the year like high profile suicides. And yet those whiny pissbabies got mad because she virtue signaled for BLM the wrong way? None of that fucking matters LMFAO and I would 'silence BIPOC voices' myself if they came at me like retards for not pandering to their asses in the correct way.
Repeat after me: Emilie. Does. Not. Care.

No. 1467454

Ok so it got waay longer than i intended, and i really hope it won’t spawn an infight, but anyway. I agree this post on WVC was irritating. Now the rest of your post, i disagree. Not because i especially care for that BLM drama - because you use the same dumb logic that EA and her remaining stans use.
>I would 'silence BIPOC voices' myself if they came at me like retards for not pandering to their asses in the correct way
Anon, do you like being silenced? Did you like being silenced by Emilie on her forums? these banned ppl from forum also deserved it because they didn't pander to her ass in the correct way? ‘

"Whiny pissbabies" were upset cause stuff EA wrote was mean, ignorant and fucked up, and eventually blamed her fans for shit that didn't happen while making herself morally better. And don’t spin it that POC should be eternally grateful even if EA in fact did nothing at all initially. that „trendy black pic” does nothing, so no wonder they criticized her. even if she later went to march and stuff it meant nothing, cause EA already showed her stance very clear, and her further actions looked like fake concern. that disaster is largely EA’s fault.

>>got mad because she virtue signaled for BLM the wrong way?

Lol wtf is a „good way” of virtue signaling if that was wrong way? there’s just virtue signaling, it is literally pretending you're so noble just to show it off to others. that's what she did with her lame posts. If Emilie didn't even want to support POC, why change mind and write all that fake bullshit later ~Asylum march for the better future~? It's just her hypocritical attitude that's lame, first EA didn't give a fuck and yelled at fans, but then she did some fake 180 and acted as if she made such a big sacrifice by taking some aesthetic selfies, and supplemented it wit purple prose on grand asylum fight, presenting herself as morally above everyone (AND plugging her asylum corona masks, lol). she could've just donated cash, or shut up and refrain from any kind of support like she implied in the very beginning.

what bothered more than her opinions on POC/BLM was just her idiotic behaviour. That she lied to fans faces (again), called a normal discussion „bullying” and deleted comments. And ofc making herself a victim. People died, but of course it doesn't matter, cause the biggest victim in this whole situation is Emilie Autumn Liddel. Rich white girl who got extremely bullied! She said she got excessive, horrible bullying in comments. She didn't, all responses got archived before she deleted them, and all were extremely polite. then she bitched she deleted them cause there were disgusting porn accounts spamming! There weren't. Someone on WVC explained the situation: it was a burlesque community discussing the thing, so by "disgusting porn" EA referred to accounts of burlesque artists/pinup girls. So much for repping burlesque/showgirls, kek.

Finally, worst thing of all: she made a smug remark there was some benefit of this after all, because of this drama Asylum Emporium and her music sales were highest in her history, so now she's going to do some good and donate that ~unusually huge profit~ to BLM case. People asked her to show a receipt of her donation, understandably. Veva had no problem with showing the receipt of her donation. EA of course had. I guess it says a lot about where exactly that big money went to.

I think things could’ve deescalated in the beginning, but after her freakout, EA could only blame herself for what was next. She’s 40+yo woman who flips shit when she experiences even smallest piece of criticism. Yes anons posting stuff like „she must answer for this! Unfollow her now!” are very irritating, but no, it’s not like nothing happened and EA did nothing wrong.

No. 1470073

>Anon, do you like being silenced? Did you like being silenced by Emilie on her forums? these banned ppl from forum also deserved it because they didn't pander to her ass in the correct way?
I meant that fans were angry cause Emilie didn't put more effort into something that was meaningless in the first place.
Also I have an allergy to sjw buzzwords like "bipoc voices". Would it be fine to silence fans of a different skin colour?
>Lol wtf is a „good way” of virtue signaling if that was wrong way? there’s just virtue signaling, it is literally pretending you're so noble just to show it off to others
I was kind of sarcastic because that's all twitterfags wanted her to do kek. They just got angry because she posted the black square instead of writing how brave and stunning the protesters are.
I don't support murder of black people in the USA, but I'm so removed from the situation it's probably hard for me to look at it the way fans did. It just seemed funny to me that EA never gives a fuck about anyone but herself, throws the BLM online activists a bone and then gets trashed for not doing things the right way even though she's done more than usual because she got pressured into it. Just look at EA's zero reaction to the war in Ukraine.
TLDR I'm sure you are right, but I found both sides of the drama insufferable.

No. 1470084

Sorry too lazy to repost, but I agree that the fake donation is fucking wrong. And I'm in awe of the burlesque comments dirty delete.

No. 1472968

Ayrt. Yeah i was pissed that she deleted ALL comments, not "black ppl voices". Because she deleted various. i agree
>I was kind of sarcastic because that's all twitterfags wanted her to do kek. They just got angry because she posted the black square
Hmm i think she could've just posted organization links and call it a day. worked for others, lol. and when EA started flooding that march pics with high and mighty, i guess it just stood out how fake it was so the argument didn't end then.
Ok i guess i didn't get your sarcasm then, and i get your point cause i was rather removed from it too. i'm from a different country so i didn't even post a single thing on BLM then. but i kind of rolled my eyes at celebrities who did the black square still. cause it looked like they did this not out of support, they did it as asort of flash mob "heyy, all celebs are jumping on the new challenge, pls join!" I think people shouldn't pressure others to post their own comments on every case, cause who cares what celebs think on this and that, though.
>Just look at EA's zero reaction to the war in Ukraine.
You know what's interesting? Everyone's less angry at her for not reacting to war in Ukraine than to BLM. which looking objectively, war in Ukraine is much bigger thing. I'm glad she didn't start talking her bullshit though, it would probably be awful if she did speak out.
I guess the problem is, everybody'sstill looking up to that "intellectual" Emilie who commented on feminism and social problems in her journals, so they expect her to be outspoken AND empathetic now. But surprise! that was in fucking 2004. And even then she had really stupid points, like her talk on muslim women or like when she would repeat in each interview that "America is no longer racist, but it's still antifeministic" or some shit. She's just sheltered stupid fuck with no empathy, ppl should know after her dirty talk on Britney and junkies.

No. 1473106

File: 1647630041017.png (1.28 MB, 1426x832, new1.png)

>Deliciously sedated
Fuck, she's STILL fetishizing all things ~hospital~.

No. 1473116

File: 1647630271562.png (625.92 KB, 1446x830, new3.png)

Imagine begging for a plain fucking hospital robe.
I still remember that 2009 pic she took in a hospital operating room, dressed in that kind of thin robe you wear when you go for operation, hiking up that robe and showing off her ~striped stockings~ and underwear. means she either had an operation OR she just asked them for this robe just for a quick hospital selfie? either way fucked up. i'd post but of course i can't find it now

No. 1473127

File: 1647630734440.png (806.28 KB, 1040x2008, lmao.png)

Also, she made a new blog to talk shit about her songs and look. 42yo and STILL going on and on about that one time she showed her tits onstage, ~*totally ironically as a fuck you to scrote who screamed take your top off*~
Hilarious how she thinks her stupid musical will ever get to other countries, no, STAGED in all the other countries with other casts. Japanese girls getting topless! cause sure your stupid workshop is going to ever get outside that 1 theatre lol

No. 1473926

her writing is so fucking insufferable

No. 1474117

File: 1647714621564.jpg (100.27 KB, 816x604, charlotte.JPG)

So Veronica has officially became a JooHee #2 (or is it #3? Have I missed some other renamed character based on an acquaintance of hers?)
>You know what's interesting? Everyone's less angry at her for not reacting to war in Ukraine than to BLM. which looking objectively, war in Ukraine is much bigger thing.
Super interesting how everyone seems to be borderline defending EA's lack of stance ("why do you want her to comment, Ukraine is so far away/EA wouldn't have anything good to say anyway or would say something tone deaf anyway???"), which makes me think that the BLM outrage really was partially fuelled by the americentric sjw (part of) fanbase. The kind of I could picture with retarded takes like 'people only care about Ukrainians because they are white'.
>She's just sheltered stupid fuck with no empathy, ppl should know after her dirty talk on Britney and junkies.
I agree with you. It's disappointing that she hasn't gotten better with age and more mental health awareness in general. I feel like most people would, but I guess EA never had to since she can just cut off anyone who doesn't kiss her ass.
>Fuck, she's STILL fetishizing all things ~hospital~.
I don't mind it as much (it's onbrand kek) as her oh so quirky prose (or however you want to call it):
>help me down my little medical mystery path ♥

No. 1474121

File: 1647714709667.gif (521.27 KB, 481x161, ezgif-2-c0521cf617.gif)

Oh god, so she's still thinking that showing your tits off is anything but encouraged under patriarchy?
>The Japanese Emilie/Emily is going to rule the world
The weeb jumped out like crazy lmfao. I wonder if twitterfags will get bent out of shape over POC fetishization?

No. 1474371

File: 1647728726609.jpg (47.44 KB, 500x435, tumblr_5f725b5696af1f47bc465e7…)

Yeah, it's just so hypocritical. I definitely don't fucking want her to speak a single word on Ukraine war, cause she'd 10000% would center it all around HERSELF and how SHE is the victim of this war. But i'm kinda amazed at fandom's reaction to it, from confessions like these to fucking WVC admins flipping shit and getting snarky as fuck in tags, yelling "i TOLD YOU? I TOLD YOU? I TOLD YOU SHE'D GET SLANDERED EVEN IF SHE POSTS ANYTHING? EVEN IF SHE POSTS A TEACUP INSTEAD?" duude this is so fucking childish, everything that went down like 7-10 pages ago on Confessions. (I left it out but i can post screenshots for archive's sake if someone wants.)
I also noticed that the people who felt sad/weird that she didn't say anything were people from Poland/ppl living close to Ukraine. It's clear why. People who are actively engaging in helping, and people here are so shook by what's going on, that it seems weird to them that others wouldn't have a personal need to say something, anything, or help, you know. i get it.
As for amerifags, incredible to see that people only care passionately for BLM, but when someone points out her silence on Ukraine, then that anon gets fucking LAUGHED DOWN by everyone from commenters to fucking admins. Cause oh well, it's just a war, right? War is small potatoes compared to BLM? And besides, "it's all our fault that Emilie said nothing"
So i guess it's pretty dependent on nationality on commenters, lol. Again, i'm rather strongly against Emilie talking her shit on Ukraine. what i don't like is some of WVC admins & commenters attitude

No. 1474374

No fucking way, she did it. We knew it's only a matter of time before she erases Veronica… an end of an era. Funny though that she literally had to reupload From Gutters To Stars on YT to add that info, because previously the file said Emily & Veronica. Fuck, her fucking Behind The Musical album repeatedly said Emily & Veronica! Her book said Veronica…
Wait. Does it mean that she's going to release 5th edition of book, just to cut out every single Veronica? LMAO

Funny enough, i could've sworn there was some other character called Charlotte, in the original 1st edition.

No. 1474398

File: 1647730599600.png (259.46 KB, 824x2096, ww1.png)

Btw I think it's hilarious that she excuses this decision with "Charlotte is more historically accurate!" Hey Emilie, how about you better fix THESE blatant historical inaccuracies?
(spoiler: it's hysterical)


No. 1474401

File: 1647730800894.png (365.33 KB, 774x1944, ww2.png)

Part 2

No. 1474453

File: 1647734911101.png (358.66 KB, 798x1948, ww3.png)

part 3

No. 1474466

File: 1647735668833.png (374.09 KB, 824x1964, ww4.png)

part 4

No. 1482487

File: 1648333651555.png (1.11 MB, 932x1808, 00888.png)

New era's coming. Emilie is threatening to delete Instagram. She already privated all posts on Twitter and Facebook. What's funny is that she plans to write on this new blog, but she 100% will abandon/delete that blog just like she did with other ones.

That's such a hilarious rant, what pissed her off was that Instagram blocked her and algorithm showed her that nobody fucking cares about her insta anymore

No. 1482493

File: 1648333846436.png (108.19 KB, 924x699, 008889.png)

Topkek. Emilie is frustrated that no one likes her selfies.
She'll regret this sooner than she expects, where else will she get her validation

No. 1497219

File: 1649536577561.png (911.92 KB, 959x1920, tumblr_7c7632df4bc9aac9473f7ce…)

BTP has privated her blog without any warning and was shocked that the remaining 6 EA fans were scared, even though we've lost EA Interviews the same way not that long ago. While I am super thankful for her archiving content, the histrionics with the blog are exhausting (BTP is no dead/oh wait it isn't when I want to post TDC pics for a friend/now it's shut down/wtf why is everyone in an uproar over this?!)

No. 1497453

Tbh i expected this. Wanted to archive her blog but that's a monstrous work to do, stopped at a few first pages. I even briefly wondered if she found lolcow and mentions of her here.
I'm speaking overall like everybody speaks in the thread, but if she reads this - fine, because i want to say a couple of things.
If Bonny freaked out over mentions of herself here, just wanna notice: everything we posted here was taken from what she posted online herself. and people knew about her second account, bc she posted it earlier on BTP. we don't have a proof Idoru is her side account, but her writing style (or rather, her whiteknighting style) is very recognizable. we're just commons browsing WVC and other EA sites, just put 2 and 2 together.

No. 1497469

samefag, wanna add a bit.
I think it won't be a reach to say that 100% of remaining fandom (and ppl that post here) loves or at least appreciates her blog. And it would be awesome if she kept it online. But yes, the histrionics, as anon earlier said, around that blog are very exhausting. it's sad to see the girl has no objectivity whatsoever. she reads a couple of opinions on WVC and judges fandom through the lens of someone's comment. if someone writes something she doesn't like, she often locks her blog for months, and before that she gets snarky in comments, tags, or runs to her 2nd account to write how oh so disappointed she is with everyone! and how she has tons of material she wanted to post but maybe she doesn't anymore bc people don't lick Emilie's ass as much as she wants them to. This is really tiring, sometimes she puts on that stuck up better-than-you, "i have something, actually i have entire bibliography, but i won't share it with you!" attitude, its irritating, and fucking childish. what is there to understand? Emilie let her fanbase down time and time again one way or another, and the other ppl still interested are also disappointed overall. and have the right to express disappointment, that's what WVC is for! both positive and negative comments. those ppl bitching on WVC still love old EA nostalgia and BTP blog. wanna make comprehensive website archiving some artist's content? don't make it dependent on your private feelings toward's fandom, and don't lock your blog just cause someone has a different opinion than you. and btw, it's just a blog. There are more important things in the world than a blog on hiatus or not. and definitely more important things that if you manage to buy that Violin Promo on ebay before anyone else in that dead fandom, because you feel entitled to, or not. sorry if it sounds harsh.
Having said all that, i hope she brings it back though, i loved her EA costume posts.

No. 1497644

File: 1649581148851.jpg (78.33 KB, 1017x414, IMG_20220410_105422.jpg)

Iveru pretty much admitted to being BTP here. I really don't see how fandom panicking in reaction to her going "FINE, no more EA archive for you" in reaction to getting some (possibly rude) ask about her being EA associate is overreacting. Nice to be told how we are supposed to feel, Iveru.
IDK if she has posted something about it on the BTP Admin blog, but hardly anyone knows about it so if passport protecting BTP wasn't supposed to be throwing a fit, she could have just inform via asks to WVC and SFLAG. I call BS.

No. 1497870

she purged her BTP sideblog.
As for overreacting, SHE overreacts af. gets a couple of rude comments and then BAM - collective responsibility. happened a couple of times. nobody cared that she dramatically left, then came back "for a friend" with a snarky "don't get your hopes up, just for a moment, leaving you again". wtf, maybe calm down a little? don't believe she doesn't get the thrill, even subconsciously, out of knowing she locked that content away from everyone and saved for herself. I mean, perhaps we're wrong and she really wanted to do update (even if she didn't private it last time she had update but ok), but she already shown that behaviour before. back when she flexed having all the Opheliac era magazines on her sideblog, announcing she's going to provide what she has, then immediately going on hiatus.
Working for EA is a stupid tinfoil tho, EA has no business having someone archive the years of her life she's ashamed of, especially Enchant era and all of the journals (!). But i know BTP boasted about the blog to Emilie directly.

No. 1497889

File: 1649607097264.png (37.61 KB, 774x350, 6644.png)

samefag, apparently it's true that people send her anon hate? at least they send it to WVC now. weird
Here's what someone said on the "plant" theory, kek. idk this is funny, she has Courtney for that job. Btw Emilie closed Striped Stocking Society as well as other shit except IG, it aligned with BTP temporary hiatus.

No. 1512148

I swear to god SFLAG admin refuses to inform EA fandom that the entire journal archive on BTP had been saved on archive.is. Wouldn't be surprised if she used that source for her archive… Which is fine, the journals were meant to be shared except IDK why she keeps the other archive secret. Perhaps her own would look less miraculous then?

No. 1512629

File: 1651021114333.png (1.03 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20220426-205605.png)

SFLAG Admin here. I literally posted about it / thanked the anon on the archives page and every post has a link referencing back to the source I'm pulling from (web archive, archive.is, live sites, etc). Not keeping anything a secret? Sorry if it came across that way.

No. 1512633


SFLAG Admin again. She used to be one of the mods that helped me out, but hasn't been for years. Left the blog a loooong time ago. It's just me now.


I'll go back to lurking now haha(emoji)

No. 1513100

Hi SFLG admin. so all archives are on archive.is? I was especially worried about 2005 and 2006 archive as it was missing on web machine. thanks for keeping an archive nonetheless. if you you come back later to posting interviews, i've seen
millionsofstrageshadows found a blog that apparently used to revlog stuff from EA interviews and that way saved some

Anyways from EA news: musical is not in the Spring schedule of workshop as predictable, and EA's releasing ASMR vids now. waiting for inevitable new bunch of Asylum Emporium shilling, probably 100000th exquisite quality golden or silver inmate necklace lol

No. 1513107

Perhaps this will sound controversial, but it's kinda pointless and stupid that SFLAG admin has to comb through archives. If BTP was half decent person, she'd just send the archive or just select parts in Word or something. Her site was great but i can't help the impression this looks like a case of "keeping all treasures just to herself".
not trying to paint her as the new villain of the fandom, just overall tired of these temper tantrums.

No. 1513266


It seems to be! There are over 200 archives of BTP from archive.is. I've gotten through 2001-2004, parts of 2005, and some of 2012 onward. Working out of order to keep myself interested. The nostalgia is stroooong.

The interviews are so much harder to find. Most of the live links are dead and weren't archived. millionsofstrangeshadows has been amazing at finding things.

No. 1513893

Yes, I have archived everything a year ago in fear of it disappearing. Looks like I was right.
It's cool, I think it would be nice to post a link or something on the main blog (as probably more people see it). You also need to know the address, as they are hosted at journal.bonnytymepyrate.tumblr.com (if I remember correctly) and not her regular address. Despite my bitching, I'm glad it was helpful. I've alwa3ys wanted a pdf or epub with all of EA's diaries but IDK how to make it, honestly.
Funny how the EA fandom members are present on all the spaces we still have to discuss her!
I wish I have also archived the interviews. Somehow I never took the time. I wish the Admin didn't delete her main account without realising that EA Interviews will be nuked as well and some people will be sad. Fandom archives are priceless, and that was a really great one. I cannot believe that we've lost it all due to a few clicks.
Agree with you 100%. So glad that I got a hunch and at least archived the journals (hope I haven't missed any entry, it took me days to do this)

No. 1514076

SFLAG Admin again——I totally can. I'll put together a list of where I'm archiving from and post it the next time I reblog an update on the archive as a whole. I've gotten through 2004, most of 2005, and archived a lot of stuff from 2010 onward that's still live. It's a lot faster to do the live stuff. Also had someone send me a lot of old newsletters I'll post eventually.

No. 1514119

i think it's https://journal.bonnytymepyrate.com/ on archive.is and then you select which year you want.
>I wish the Admin didn't delete her main account without realising that EA Interviews will be nuked as well and some people will be sad
That is exactly what happened, Admin deleted blog but wasn't aware it would also delete all her sideblogs and she felt bad afterwards. If that makes you feel better, i think most if not all of the Opheliac and Enchant era interviews hosted on EAI blog are archived. what's missing are mostly FLAG era interviews. so in my opinion not much of value was lost as she always told the same stuff at that point. what i mourn is the loss of interviews hosted by fan forums & communities though.
Which brings me to feeling sad for all the EA forums and fan places being lost forever. to my knowledge the only forum that's still up is Areyousuffering.de She had so much of fans all over the world! and she let it go just like that.
Thank you for everyone archiving journals and still hosting blogs, i still love browsing old stuff for nostalgia hit.

No. 1541953

File: 1653687675727.png (820.66 KB, 666x834, EAx.png)

Damn, the amount of shoop/filters she slaps on her face these days is surreal. on face and her neck too, it's nowhere near this smooth in reality. does she really think ppl don't notice how ridiculous it looks?
She's premiering The Gown audiobook on YT in 2 days, as if anybody wanted that. wonder if she actually reads the horrid 30 questions "did you read the book carefully?" study she put as a page count filler, lol.

No. 1542829

i have to say this is why i don't read about the personal life of artists anymore. i got really into Emilie in the spring of 2020. heard of her before but decided to give Opheliac a proper listen and was immediately obsessed. was intrigued to find out more about the person who wrote and sung all of those songs and least to say i regretted ever being curious. haven't really been able to listen to her music since then, just left a sour taste in my mouth and filtered the music to be not as good. it's a shame but lesson learnt: don't look up artists if you really like their music. moth musicians are crazy anyway, but still, this is next level.

No. 1542905

File: 1653774089757.jpg (86.26 KB, 334x500, eapic5.jpg)

While we're at it, i'd like to mention something that wasn't in the OP summary. When ppl say EA romanticizes cutting, some say Cutting Diary is ok because it's a snapshot of a cutter's mindset at the time and shouldn't be censored. I agree. However, there are other examples of her glamorizing SH. I'm not talking about how she wore "bloody" red paint bandages onstage - she had a history with it, i guess it was her way of referencing it and tying it with Asylum shit. But THIS SHOOT? Wtf is this? She was posing for a magazine, it had like 6 separate mag covers and in each of them she was holding bloody razors and razorblades, in a very sexualized way. Sexy chick poses, placing razors on her lips etc. Notice she has fake blood (i guess) splatters on her fingers and legs… wtf. There's no explanation for this. I mean sure, she had a history of cutting for real, unlike other cows who fake self harm with lipstick and bandages (like Arrow De Wilde) but this shoot is nothing more than glamorizing razorblades and self harm, and it sucks.

(idk if i should spoiler this, but its fake blood so)

No. 1542908

File: 1653774312630.jpg (27.99 KB, 334x500, eapic2.jpg)

She also had a stage thing during Liar where she literally pulled out fake razorblade and fake slashed her hands. This was later replaced with Maggots cutting her arms and finally with some other shit i guess. this was questionable too.

No. 1542909

This sounds equally lame but as a non zoomer, fake or even real blood used in an edgy way was just something artists did back then, how old are you? It definitely was and is cringe but nothing major

No. 1542915

File: 1653774450670.jpg (40.74 KB, 400x600, eapic1.jpg)

This one is of her with a razorblade in her lips.
yeah, i know the feeling. i listen to EA if i have that rare need, but ofc i don't support her anymore and don't wish her success in her "career" (lol, technically there's no career anway). i feel like older ex fans either are completely done with her, or check up her shit every few months to have a laugh, but overall tons of people stopped listening to her for good.
Listen to Rasputina, at least they're decent & talented people.

No. 1542916

i agree with >>1542909 it's cringe but complaining about this is zoomer-tier

No. 1542923

Jfc, not a zoomer. Just saying it's super cringe. Yeah, super sexy, cutting and razors. Also mentioning this cause it somehow felt against her message, she wanted to portray it as a serious and personal thing but then made it into a shoot.

No. 1543252

oh I never noticed the razor. the only explanation I can think of is that it was the photographer's idea to take photos with the implied self-harm… she still went with it so idk. I'm not trying to whiteknight her, I can see her thinking this is brilliant and on brand for her.

No. 1543534

yeah, could be the case but i wouldn't be surprised if that was HER brilliant idea either. she already had graphics with Opheliac logo adorned with bloodstains before. it's in no way sensational, of course. but it's really weird to me, self harmers who been here done that usually are too ashamed and would never parade around with razors in their lips, posing suggestively with blades for a magazine cover. tbh this makes me think she's even more cynical, everything to prove how "goth" and cool she is, just to make alt teens load that cash. as in, maybe that Emily Fritzges tumblr was right and her goth phase was a well thought out career move and playing with razorblades for "cool" imagery was included in the packet. "Beautiful suffering" et al.
I'm surprised at anons who screeched about zoomer rhetoric and how they think its normal. yeah, nobody's cancelling her over old fucking razor shoot, but interesting how you guys think this is ok but then you go to other threads and treat photoshopping or some stupid tweets like worst thing ever lmao

No. 1543539

File: 1653848591837.jpg (55.89 KB, 500x332, wwvc.jpg)

Anyways got reminded of her shitty behaviour at VIPs. remember when people started talking how EA rolled her eyes at her fans when they turned away, or looked at Crumpets and rolled her eyes at them and laughed. there was also a thing where she shouted at Contessa or at someone else and Contessa was shocked.
Here's the effects of her lying about backstory. i remember there was also another fan relation where a girl got emotional told her she lost her family in the fire too and EA just went awkward and gave a shit answer like that too. At the time people were accusing them of lying in the comments, cause how could the mistress be so "out of character" like that! lol how naive this fandom used to be.

No. 1543719

Samefag, I have more context now. i forgot that the magazine she posed for was in fact called Razorblade Society, hence the blade theme… that explains the whole cringe edgelord shoot. I keep it up that it's weird for an ex-cutter (or ongoing cutter at the time?) to do a photoshoot like this. it could've looked better if she for example wore a razorblade necklace or something, or at least resigned for "blood" on her body. but yeah here's that.

No. 1543881

gotta say, i can't blame her for being weird about a stranger (fan, but stranger) opening up about their traumatic history at an event. shit's inappropriate. what did the fan expect her to do?

No. 1543947

Wow it's almost like she's a human being who just got trauma dumped on by someone who is now expecting them to say something in return. I'd feel awkward too tbf.

No. 1544073

I'd feel awkward too but what i'm saying is she caused these situations herself. she recklessly lied about a whole lot of shit and the whole "tragic" backstory, and with the kind of fandom it is, someone with similar stories would eventually come up to her and mention, because they thought she's honest and could relate. sure it's fucking awkward, but that's what happen when you fake your own trauma and you're confronted with someone who lived it and felt sorry for you, in vain. the irony of the whole situation.
Is EA doing anything different though? all of EA's career EA has been trauma dumping on her fans, 3/4 of which was fake. All of her interviews, she's trauma dumping to strangers and boasting about bipolar disorder, every intimate bit of her life. i think that's even more awkward.

No. 1544528

File: 1653950974708.jpg (54.99 KB, 1242x202, EA.jpg)

Bitch is still lying about being related to Alice Liddel.Someone asked her specifically on live.
The collective cringe the fandom is going through. People were really ready to forgive her that one.

No. 1544537

File: 1653951476144.png (38.37 KB, 930x454, EA2.png)

No. 1544748

I think her idea with all the self-harm reenacting may have been something like selling her suffering and slapping others with it. "You want the beautiful depressed Ophelia? Sure, I will give you that!!!". I do think this photoshoot isn't great in that regard, though. It's a cutesy pinup, it isn't angry or subversive (I cannot explain myself better, sorry). It clashes with her message. It's hard for me to care much, since it's been so long ago. Personally I don't mind the simulated self-harm as a part of her theatrics.
The goth Emilie clearly was a phase, but I'm not sure if it was cynically calculated. Sucks to say, but Emilie easily gets influenced by her (boy)friends. I wish Marc influenced her to shoot the Asylum movie/musical instead of going with the stage production.
>I'm surprised at anons who screeched about zoomer rhetoric and how they think its normal. yeah, nobody's cancelling her over old fucking razor shoot, but interesting how you guys think this is ok but then you go to other threads and treat photoshopping or some stupid tweets like worst thing ever lmao
Honestly you lost me there. Farmers aren't a hive mind. And zoomers are still stupid if they whine how Emilie bad cause cutting diary isn't safe for babies to read or something lmfao
What a weird plot twist kek
>what i'm saying is she caused these situations herself
Eh, not really. Fans trauma dump on all kinds of artists. She only caused people with specific trauma dumps to talk to her. It would happen anyway. Especially since people had no idea it's bad to do that, those were different times.
>Is EA doing anything different though? all of EA's career EA has been trauma dumping on her fans
Come on, it's not the same. She was an artist. You don't like her "trauma dumping", you check out. You aren't supposed to comfort or react to her, which is a part of why trauma dumping sucks.
Kinda regret missing the chat though she's so boring now I guess it doesn't matter. I first read her reply as straight, then sarcastic in the first part than straight again… I don't even know anymore. Wonder what bonny thinks about that, since she claimed EA is no longer lying about it.

No. 1544885

I mainly mentioned it cause i only noticed her holding the razors/having blood on her body for that shoot. certainly not presenting it as something to be newly angry about or something, just mentioning that it clashes weirdly with everything.
>Honestly you lost me there
I don't mean cutting diary, as i said whining about cutting diary is unnecessary. that diary is just a diary of what happened to her, this photo cover feels inappropriate not as a "bad influence to babies" - it's just weird to see a self harmer doing a shoot like that. but Emilie romanticizes everything about her so no shock here.
And i don't want anyone here to rage or get all "how could she" about the self harm photoshoot. but it's just weird to see that anons think posting about celebs/indie musicians romanticizing self harm is zoomer tier or pointless. alot of people here care more for people photoshopping or dressing ugly or whatever, which in my opinion is 10 times more zoomer than calling out romanticizing self harm, but whatever. yeah i know different ppl post here.

As for the other stuff you said, idk i feel like EA is a magnet for maybe the wrong people to listen to her shit. ofc when you're mental illness-focused like that in your music, it's a bait for unstable people and all sorts of situations can happen. personally i've never been as attatched to her as other fans and she didn't have such influence on me, but maybe because i was an adult when i discovered her.
I'd argue that her fanbase is more likely to trauma dump, cause statistically she probably baits much more mentally ill/traumatized fans. Tbh i think trauma dumps situations happened also bc Emilie posed as this mental health advocate and was selling her Asylum as a place where you can tell her everything, bc we're family blah blah blah. and ofc it turned out it doesn't work like that.

No. 1544887

File: 1653999378146.png (153.61 KB, 882x660, screen.png)

>Sucks to say, but Emilie easily gets influenced by her (boy)friends. I wish Marc influenced her to shoot the Asylum movie
Good point. yeah, she's always a mirror of her boyfriends AND friends. flee and others used to be alt chicks going to goth clubs etc. She's a buddhist hippie tier normie now because Marc is.
Honestly? I hope Marc discouraged her from this shit completely. he worked in music/theater industry, writes screenplays if my tinfoil is correct, he should know that this shit has no chance of success. she's been obsessing over asylum musical for 12 years, if i were him i'd be fucking done with EA still bitching about that. that's a very unrealistic dream, and she's wasting her life chasing impossible. but perhaps if he told her the truth, she'd dump him. this or perhaps he doesn't care. I'm sure Marc knows about everything - about her shopping scams, moneygrabbing, lashing out at fans, etc. and he supports her in it all. Tbh he's not as cute and supportive as EA's fans like to say, he just seems to be as shallow as Emilie.
>Wonder what bonny thinks about that, since she claimed EA is no longer lying about it.
looks like she's disappointed. maybe it's a lesson to stop interpreting Emilie the way she likes and explaining it to fans as if her predictions are true.

No. 1544962

whoops, i meant i wish he discouraged instead of i hope he discouraged. too late to delete.

No. 1545304

>writes screenplays if my tinfoil is correct
hit me up with more of that tinfoil! Extremely interesting.
> Tbh he's not as cute and supportive as EA's fans like to say, he just seems to be as shallow as Emilie.
He seemed to me like a hopeless Emilie simp, but I don't know enough about him to judge.

No. 1545364

File: 1654032532564.png (1.99 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220531-231208.png)

Sure anon! people thought about it alot, i remember reading a PULL discussion regarding this. i mean, first off. no way he's not rich af. he must have rich parents, or got huge ass inheritance. they're living too pricey/high off to afford Manhattan/Central Park apartment and going to Broadway show everyday for him not being rich. As for my tinfoil… here's why i think so:

1. Marc is allegedly involved in some current movie project. He's said to be working in the film industry, but he hasn't played in any movie since TDC. the shit he played in were mostly crappy movies, no way he makes such big money on a couple of indies/z-listers.

2. In 2016 they had an (ofc) unreleased project, Marc planned to make a movie "The Right Place" or something, and Emilie was supposed to play a role in that film. I'm sure BTP had a whole post about it with receipts and pics. EA was supposed to wear a dress based on a costume made of flowers by some big designer. She also visited the movie set. for a while, she was posting pics of The Right Place's screenplay. project ofc died out, but that thing was written/produced by Marc and some other guy.

3. A couple years ago she was constantly posting screenplay papers and implying she was writing her own screenplay

4. She mentioned that she was writing a screenplay film in which she and Marc are supposed to play main roles and asked Marc if this would be any logical to the plot if she made herself go topless/naked in one scene and Marc said "no" (kek)

5. There's a specific photo of some screenplay on his computer, gotta find it. Makes me think he ghostwrites screenplays and sells them. Perhaps he belongs to some ghostwriter team, who knows. i swear i've seem him post some sort of office meeting of a writing team but not sure what was that. he's got friends in the industry (most notable were new Pet Sematary makers i think).

No. 1545374

File: 1654033276819.jpg (331.7 KB, 1052x1645, Screenshot_20220531-231141.jpg)

EA writing a screenplay, because ofc she has to do everything that her boyfriends do.

No. 1545377

File: 1654033445209.jpg (393.57 KB, 1080x1624, Screenshot_20220531-230525.jpg)

This is the pic in question. Look at the Word document, For Us These Are The Days - date of edition. On the bottom: Scene 21 and Action. On his desktop, behind the document you can see "Scre/2020" named document, implying "Screenplay and date". To me it looks like he's writing screenplays for clients, cause wtf else would you do. unless he writes tons of screenplays for funsies and then abandons all his projects like Emilie (kek)

(btw Emilie clearly mimics Marc's methods, she writes her musical libretto the same way, grouping versions of the play by date of last edit.)

No. 1545378

Came from the front page and seriously thought this was Lillee Jean. She looks way different than I remembered.

No. 1545379

File: 1654033554558.jpg (275.78 KB, 1080x1471, Screenshot_20220531-231049.jpg)

One of the Right Place associated pics.

No. 1545384

Yeah… she looks like new age hippie aunt/mormon woman now. ugly grandma clothing, not just normie clothing but straight up ugly clothes. she's the epitome of normal, boring person now. saying this as somewhat alt girl who has no problem throwing on normal tshirt and jeans, but this is just… boring. she doesn't wear her costumes anymore and clearly is ashamed of her "goth" phase.

No. 1545413

It seems like she’s now desperate to be seen as a “movie star” or celebrity in general in the society that Marc is around and she knows she’s too cringe to be anyhow impressive for them because all she ever created is content for emo teenagers. Seems like she desperately wants to be taken seriously.

No. 1545424

Yeah. and that's sad. she changed her interests and wardrobe with each boyfriend/friends. When it was Birdfeeder, she was all about ~COMPUTERS! I'm such A MAC NUT!~ then "Muh metal shredding" when it was Brendon Small, then glam rock with a new tour guy and ofc all musical when she met Bousmann and Marc. the only guy who didn't have time to influence her was Corgan, lol.
I think she actually looks like a walking parody NOW. it's 2022 and she changed slightly into hippie dress/leggins and adidas sort of normie but straight after TDC, she dressed and did her hair like a movie star, and acted like a diva. she really thought there would be more propositions, lol.
It's a bit frustrating because hey, nobody forces her to color hair and wear goth makeup and fishnets. but she's got a ton of corsets and bloomers and costumes that actually FIT the Asylum world. these aren't inherently emo, these are actually period-inspired so being ashamed even of corsets is kinda extreme

No. 1545440

File: 1654038214920.png (1.94 MB, 1202x858, xxxxxxxxxxxxx.png)

Adding that they've been together for almost what, 10, 11 years? and Marc is still a massive simp. i don't wish them bad or anything but i'm very curious what would happen if they split. would she still be hellbent on Broadway musical? would she dump her style? would she get a new guy to rip the aesthetic from?
I mean iirc when TDC started shooting and she first met him, she still had pink hair and dressed in pink sort of normie-but-with-an-alt-twist sort of clothes. after she started acting, there was a period when she literally skinwalked her own movie character in real life and even behaved like The Painted Doll. there was this breif transition period when she didn't completely turn into hippie grandma, she still wore creamy white lacy dresses a'la cheap ripoff Courtey Love. this is all interesting to me cause i've never seen a person who'd change as often and as radically as her

No. 1545753

This is what happens when you tell people you’re bipolar because it sounds edgy and Victorian but you’re really just borderline. She’s a pathological liar with no sense of self who just imitates other people and gets super defensive when not praised.

No. 1545765

Do you think she's lied about being bipolar? She could have been misdiagnosed thanks to doctor shopping. I remember her bitching at a doctor trying to diagnose her with borderline instead of bipolar. IDK, there is a chance she has both. I realize that she's lied so much it's hard to take any word of hers seriously, but I've always took this part of EA lore as a fact. Why would she lie about it? Because borderline isn't treated with meds? At thee time of EA's best years, all mental illness was stigmatised.

No. 1545767

Because borderline is a persoanlity disorder, not a speshul mental illness, and it’s less dignified because borderline pretty much makes you a cray bitch who can’t keep a relationship and acts pathetic often, meanwhile with bipolar it has more to do with your muh special suffering and not just you being an attention seeker who can’t be alone and can’t handle rejection. Borderline women have lots in common with incel / niceguy behaviours that are considered pathetic.

I would not be surprised at all if she was malingering and doctor shopping to get bipolar diagnosis. After all it’s not like diagnostic process is super objective.

No. 1545930

Because it's stigmatized and has really bad name among other disorders, so to speak. She got really pissed off when doctor suggested it looks like borderline. EA preaches about muh mental activism and stigmatizing illnesses, but she herself repeats the same opinions on borderline as society. from the way she reacted with righteous anger about that diagnose, i understood she thinks rather lowly of borderline disorder.
it's not out of question with the way she has temper tantrums, reacts with aggression to people pointing out her flaws, cuts away people from her life with an ease (especially if they fuck with her somehow) and forms friendships/fucks for shoutouts and career push. also the infamous changing-personality-for-new-boyfriend, i noticed borderline cows often have that pattern.

No. 1545939

>I would not be surprised at all if she was malingering and doctor shopping to get bipolar diagnosis.
I wouldn't be surprised either. i vaguely recall her bitching about paying enormously big money for a doctor visit just so the doctor prescribes her the meds she wants. i don't remember if she mentioned this for real or if it's just my imagination, but it sounds like she went through a few doctors and then went to the priciest, because other ones didn't want to prescribe her that med.
she never mentioned her manic phases before Opheliac era. she said she was only diagnosed with "major depression" around Enchant. mentioned her life depending on Zoloft or whatever. so i guess she got bipolar diagnosis later. i think she favoured bipolar because, you know, manic highs, she probably feels flattered to have this "creative" sickness of the best artists and composers! so unique! and, my God, i rolled by eyes hard at how she always bitched how bipolar disorder is superior than just normie depression. yes Emilie, i'm such a peasant.

No. 1546811

Yeah frankly all her behaviour screams borderline. If she actually had any psychosis, mania, etc., she’d milk it to no end. She’s like amber turd, kek.

No. 1547122

Tbh it's possible she has both bipolar and borderline… idk, are psychotic episodes/manias also present in borderline? She claims she made Unlaced album while manic phase and that she remembers nothing from that time. i could believe that, she seemed so hyped up at the time and recording of this album took her surprisingly small time compared to Opheliac that was recorded throughout 2004-2006 or FLAG which on the other hand was completely uninspired and forced (which she sort of admited herself…)
What surprises me a little is that she seems to never mention having manic or depressive phases anymore, ever since meeting Marc. not that we could guess her state from pics or vids posted online, but she… at least makes impression that she's happy now and doesn't experience episodes anymore. maybe she just has the right meds or doesn't mention it, but even she kind of implied her suffering is a problem of the past. idk.

No. 1547138

File: 1654188643965.png (1.21 MB, 932x1626, clov.png)

Interestingly, EA probably hates Courtney Love because she told her she thinks she doesn't have bipolar (also prob bc Courtney dated Billy Corgan after he dumped Emilie). Originally, she didn't care much about pissing drug tests, in her diaries EA wrote something about meeting up with CLove in 2005 and later both CL and Corgan in 2004 or 2005. so she was still friends with her after Chelsea tour, but she started to talk shit on her later.
On the other hand, the celebrity she mentioned might be someone else, that part of the book doesn't really mention the faking drug test reference. hmm forever curious who was that.

No. 1547308

It’s highly unlikely to have both as they’re conflicting with one another? Despite seeming similar because of the oscillation between depression and mania. Some people with rapid cycling bipolar might be misdiagnosed with BPD but aside from that those are two completely separate conditions that rarely overlap if ever. BPD suffices as umbrella term for all her behaviours and claims tbh.

Mental illness doesn’t disappear when you just “start being happy” or meet a new guy who entertains your ego. That’s just cluster B.

Also she only seems to be “sick” when she’s unhappy in life, or she’s mentioning the “suffering” retrospectively. It’s never “things are grew but I am having an episode”. That’s not mental illness. Plus everything she claimed / did suits all too well the narcissistic narrative that she was going for for aesthetic/artistic reasons and vanity.

BPD folks with histrionic tendencies are usually down to romanticise and spectacle their idea of their own experience, with as many artistic liberties as possible just for the drama and ego.

Yeah she’s just a cluster B bitch.

No. 1547494

Damn if we told this on WVC we'd be eaten up alive, everybody there thinks she's 100% true on her bipolar and suggesting borderline and especially NPD is glared upon.
She still romanticizes bipolar, one of her "fine art" sculptures title had something to do with it. Idk maybe she's just secretive these days, but she indeed behaves like "depression mode" is past her and she's just "stabilized" enough not to sway in any of the sides you know. she made it sound like she had such a difficulty writing FLAG and forcing herself to write, while previous albums were writing themselves on their own in a way because she was manic. she said she had to learn how to get in that right mindset naturally and push herself to write, instead of relying on her mania and music suddenly appearing in her head & flowing smoothly… As if now she doesn't have mania anymore, ever. Idk but is that how it works though? it's uncurable, so even with good drugs phases might come back at some point, just less hardcore i suppose? hmm. or maybe she gets manic but doesn't write music then anymore. yeah i think it's very possible she was misdiagnosed.

No. 1547746

I bet any money that she is just exaggerating, normal people also experience phases of being inspired vs not being inspired. She might have just not had the right ideas how to put it all together. The fact that someone can be more productive for few weeks doesn’t mean they’re manic. I’d take all she says with a grain of salt.

Plus BPD people are like this as well, this still doesn’t scream bipolar. Her whining about it and romanticising bipolar screams borderline though. Bipolar is a mood disorder, not a “I’m a crazy bitch” disorder. She has way too many proven behaviours over many years that show the cluster B, which also can absolutely get better and more manageable with age.

No. 1547763

Cue her making “sexy photo shoots” in mental institution, if that’s not borderline / histrionic idk what is

No. 1547839

Are bipolar and BPD treated much differently? cause if she has borderline, she took typically bipolar meds (lithium, benzos, etc)
Also noticing that she claims to have BD variant 1, which is more psychotic/visions, voices hearing based, as opposed to version 2 which is basically being depressed all the time and rarely experiencing short small hypermanic phase (now that's more believable for her). But, she first wrote she onyl heard voices in the past. then changes mind and while in the ~asylum~ she hears them again and… hallucinates Stockhill. yeah right. also, she has a way of fighting voices - she plays out Pachelbel cannon in her head, and poof, gone. I mean, that's… too "romantic" and glamourous to be true? sounds like something fitting for a book, not real life.

No. 1547843

The most bpd thing she did to me was allegedly leaving Corgan's house at night after their latest argument, switching off alarms, then planning to throw herself into the lake behind his house. then changing mind and going back to write "In The Lake". i mean, how desperate one must be to want to kill themselves after an argument with a fucking Corgan
most nonsensical rage of fit she had, besides CosetteAlice, was when some fan said they're done with "Lady Gaga/EA" discourse, and EA told her she'll NEVER be able to buy FLAG if her life depends on her, kek.

No. 1548007

>are psychotic episodes also present in borderline?

>i mean, how desperate one must be to want to kill themselves after an argument with a fucking Corgan
Isn't he an abuser like all the other famous scrotes? And he was her boyfriend at the time, so it's different.

No. 1548127

Yeah all her bipolar claims are literally her making a self inserted fanfic. It’s unrealistic and romanticised to the fullest. She is borderline alright.

No. 1548128

Yes, they’re treated differently and they’re completely different things. They’re not even close to being similar from professional perspective, only from interactions they may seem sometimes similar because of manic impulsive behaviour, suicidal tendencies, extreme moods, etc. But a borderline person just absolutely has no chill, bipolars often have phases of normality so to speak, and then have hypo/manic episodes or depressive episodes and there are subtypes depending on how often / long / which ones show up. Bipolar doesn’t make histrionic raging birches with ego issues, pathogical liars, people romanticising their lives and unstable interpersonal relationships and unstable sense of self. That’s all borderline.

No. 1548837

>Isn't he an abuser like all the other famous scrotes? And he was her boyfriend at the time, so it's different.
No idea, i always had an impression that Corgan just manipulated her hard, but didn't abuse her physically. i read somewhere she played on 2 fronts with previous bf leaving him as a backup, but Corgan demanded to decide and she did, moved to his house, losing a couple of friends in turn. and then, only a couple months later he kicked her out. Corgan is racist, homophobic, bigoted, narc, idk something else, and judging by I Know Where You Sleep, he was kinda ashamed of Emilie or didn't want their relationship be known to public. and i think the whole "i want to mix out blood ad put it in the ground" line from Liar is true, like some kinda "magic ritual" he wanted her to do. in one of her diaries she mentions meeting with Courtney and going to Billy Corgan's house for a spell, whatever that means.
As for abuse, she was very vague and sort of beating around the bush. for a long time, people thought that Sharpe doctor raped her in the "asylum", even though she never mentions anything like that (and ppl even went on a hunt trying to track him). then, Gothic Lolita implies she was raped/assaulted at a very young age. idk what to think of that. idk maybe something happened at her music school like getting harassed/treated inappropriately who knows. as for Corgan, i think he was just insufferable pompous asshole. i think she'd say something more if he abused her, but ofc no way to know. i always thought, how could she get so influenced by someone as pathetic as Corgan but unfortunately it seemed she loved him a lot.

No. 1548843

File: 1654352551652.png (304.58 KB, 502x637, merch.png)

Any opinions on rat sneakers? i mean, even my cheap ass 4$ brandless sneakers bought in some shitty shop look better than this. it makes me tired to think there are ppl out there who will throw themselves at it just cause rat logo.
that's crazy, that means she's been mistreated all her life. she thinks her meds are helping her, when in fact she just… doesn't experience bipolar disorder symptoms.

No. 1548896

Most likely scenario IMO: she’s collecting all the victim cards to seem edgy and suffering and misunderstood, probably one of her exes was older than her and after dumping her she felt like her naivety was exploited and bam, we have gothic Lolita. I wouldn’t search for actual facts in her music, and if anything take it with large grain of salt because she’s known to completely fabricate events for asspats (like her family dying in the fire, she just wanted to emulate Alice Liddell from Alice: Madness Returns, the gothic version of Alice in wonderland, also hence her Liddell family obsession), and grossly exaggerating events to match her over the top emotional response to them. I bet some doctor made an inappropriate comment or so (wouldn’t surprise me, I’m far from blaming men’s behaviour on promiscuity of women but her attitude of the ~asylum life~, but her sexy outfits and photo shoots were really fucking weird and inappropriate during her few weeks stay at the asylum (which also she turned into “years spent in mental institutions”)) and she made up an entire story about rape and abortion.

She has extremely rich internal fantasy life where she’s the main character and she makes tons of shit up and she has extreme emotional responses to mundane stuff (hi borderline) hence her elaborate weird and fake stories.

No. 1548966

>probably one of her exes was older than her
Corgan was much older than her. i won't give the source now but she said something that implied she didn't even have that much of boyfriends before, and Corgan was probably her second one
>Alice Liddell from Alice: Madness Returns,
she emulated American McGee's Alice, which is the first version of the game as Madness Returns only came out in 2011, but it's just minor detail
>and she made up an entire story about rape and abortion.
Tbh i believe rape story can be fabricated, but abortion was real. the boyfriend she got pregnant with and which she shittalks in TAFWVG (can't blame her, seems like he didn't understand or give a fuck abt her) was Brendon Small. she pretty much described a few hospitals stay, one being 2006 and another 2007 fresh before Germany tours. she just manipulated that info for her comfort later (the infamous "i went to psych ward and Opheliac is written about that/oh no no, you plague rats got it wrong, i tried suicide and went to asylum AFTER Opheliac!"). btw the suicide attempt from the first chapter takes place in Small's bathroom (pink tiles). other stuff is fabricated, especially hospital stay elements

No. 1548977

Things i think she made up:
>obviously hospital stay parts, some things described
>that she was made to wear hospital robe on a completely naked body ONLY, with striped stockings that would be normally taken away
>that she wrote in a book, with red crayon
>that she wrote lists to herself in psych ward (well ofc)
>ward and cell in the hospital, as well as "psych ward" written on the wall
>that girl who was scheduled to have ECT. she met an anorexic girl with androgynous short black haircut, which she immediately liked. to be it screams "Winona Ryder in Girl, Interrupted"
>her child prodigy violinist past is veery much exaggerated
>"abuse in psych ward" is very confusing. wtf did they exactly do? the problem were bad conditions/ppl not pandering to her correct way. i get hospitals can be shitty, and i'd probably be mad at staff too if i had to be locked up, but nobody actually abused her?

No. 1548985

Besides the abortion you mentioned she did say she had to get an abortion after said alleged rape in the hospital, so it still suggests she made up more abortions

No. 1548989

I can believe that she made dramatic notes to herself with a red crayon, but still her documented behaviour from hospital stay screams BPD nightmare honestly. She’s just so attention seeking and self-romanticising and exaggerating the narrative.

No. 1549052

>No idea, i always had an impression that Corgan just manipulated her hard,
Yeah, I meant mentally abused. It's still abuse, especially when a famous celebrity scrote does it to a youngish woman who is pretty much nobody.
>then, Gothic Lolita implies she was raped/assaulted at a very young age. idk what to think of that. idk maybe something happened at her music school like getting harassed/treated inappropriately who knows.
I've always thought that she was sexually abused by a man in her family (not necessarily the closest one, though maybe they haven't stopped it and that's why she cut all of them off). But of course that is only what I thought based on Gothic Lolita, the original print of TAFWVG and God knows what old EA material. IDK, maybe the fairy story retelling in Enchant reprint also points to something…? But that would imply someone her age rather than a rapist uncle creep.
The school thing could have been another issue.
>probably one of her exes was older than her and after dumping her she felt like her naivety was exploited
Yeah I bet that's exactly what would happen in that scenario (or had happened). Of course I'm not saying that would be the same thing as CSA.
I need to browse my copy of TAFWVG, but I'm pretty sure she alleged there that she was raped as a little girl.
>and she made up an entire story about rape and abortion.
Huh? I know she's a liar, but that is taking it too far since you don't have anything to base that assumption on. I'm with the other anon >>1548966 on that.

No. 1549183

She literally said few years ago that when in asylum the doctor raped her and the hospital gave her an abortion, like if that ever happened it would be international news and massive lawsuit, possibly PTSD and what not. She trivialises extremes in her stories which makes her sound extremely unreliable, and like she never even experienced such things. She never talked about those things in a way people normally do? She always came off to me as “I am so troubled, pity me, the biggest woe is me, by the way buy my crap”. I never got a vibe of honesty from her. When she’s pressed to say something true or confirm/deny something she gets super pissed, defensive and attacking, throwing the whole “how dare you question me”. Intuition tells me she made at least most of that stuff up, and wasn’t very smart about it because that’s not how the world works.

No. 1549186

File: 1654376121827.png (111.28 KB, 1074x812, gothiclolita.png)

>I meant mentally abused. It's still abuse
Alright. got it
>you mentioned she did say she had to get an abortion after said alleged rape in the hospital
No no, she didn't say such thing. sorry if i phrased it wrongly. the abortion was very clearly not a rape effect. she even mentioned her boyfriend was cold and didn't give a fuck about her feelings after abortion. However, rape was mentioned elsewhere. i can't remember how she phrased it in the book, but she also mentioned in interviews i guess. just that she was raped. as for hospital, she only said ABUSED in hospital. and i've seen fans interpreting it that she was raped in hospital, by that doctor, even though nothing she said indicated that. complicated
>I've always thought that she was sexually abused by a man in her family
I thought she was harassed by music teacher. she never said anything like that, but Emily-with-a-Y in the story was basically pimped out in the music conservatoire and made to be a future whore, later sold by a director to Count and at Count's home she was abused (beated up bloody? raped? i don't remember). Count also was peeking at her through the hole in the wall like a creep. i thought, maybe this means she experienced somehing different? Btw look at this journal excerpt… on the other hand, Gothic Lolita lyrics imply it's about a very young girl, like toddler/child. hmm

No. 1549188

>She literally said few years ago that when in asylum the doctor raped her and the hospital gave her an abortion,
Can you find the source of this? Cause this is SUCH a massive BULLSHIT, i can't. she's awful pathological liar if she claimed such shit. she always talked as if she had abortion ONLY ONCE (with Small), and seems like she never comes back to the "i was raped as psych ward!" shit. yeah, i don't believe it, Emilie, sorry.

No. 1549270

File: 1654380667092.jpg (150.91 KB, 500x640, 1tumblr_njqhr6MF1k1r3moc7o1_50…)

>her sexy outfits and photo shoots were really fucking weird and inappropriate during her few weeks stay at the asylum
Related. I found the photo i told you about. unfortunately it's half covered with a confession (a shitty one, as someone tries to poorly imitate EA's family lol), but still. like, wtf is that? she's in a hospital, in a robe, next to machinery, ofc taking time to use the ~asylumy hospital surroundings~ and do sexy themed pic, quick before doctor comes in. really, Emilie?

No. 1549332

That’s some histrionic bullshit there. Bipolar my ass.

No. 1549634

Oh I forgot the exact Gothic Lolita quote, thank you for bringing it up. Definitely something fucked up happened in the school. I will browse my copy of TAFWVG and see if there truly is some other mention of abuse in her childhood. The GL quote does sound like it's the thing that happened to her and that's it, but IDK.

No. 1550203

File: 1654457496952.jpg (100.4 KB, 703x362, clea.jpg)

No. 1550499

been around in fandom forever; never heard of this. you're gonna have to back it up.

No. 1550528

Saw this on the first page, girl that happens literally all the time now and even more so in the past. Google psych ward sexual abuse and how many false inpatient centers get shut down because they are being used to sex traffic people. Why the fuck would that be in headlines, asylums literally started because of eugenics propaganda that picked up around ww2 and have always been money making operations to push drugs and remove vulnerable people from their families, including children. Not saying they don’t or can’t help some people, but holy shit of you think this doesn’t happen and gets called something else so the industry can protect itself. Do you not think that rapists would want a job where they can just claim their patient is “insane” and no one would question them? It happens all the fucking time. If you look into patient suicides, they are almost always tied to sexual abuse and that can include male patients if you want to be that person.

No. 1550535

>She literally said few years ago that when in asylum the doctor raped her and the hospital gave her an abortion, like if that ever happened it would be international news and massive lawsuit, possibly PTSD and what not.
bless you nonnie; i don't want to jump on you because i don't disagree that EA makes things up, but this is such a sheltered take.

No. 1550824

Not that anon, of course abuse happens in psychiatric hospitals. nobody's arguing that it happens, however i don't think like that anon said, that it would end up on newspaper pages/lawsuit. to do so, EA would have to report this/contact media etc. and successfully go through all the stuff related with it, and huge chance no one would believe her.
I'm waiting for the anon to back it up with a quote that she was raped in the psych ward, not sure if Emilie ever said anything like that, but she's been really weirdly manipulating the info whatever fits better the narrative today. SO i'm not surprised at all that some people thought she's been raped in the hospital. Tthere was a part of the fanbase that seriously thought she was raped by that Sharpe doctor, or whatever was his real name. seen this mentioned on WVC like it's a fact. the only doctor rape that happens in the book is in Emily-with-a-Y story where asylum staff just rapes. i'm not even sure if we find the right quote anymore, unless it's in the book, especially if it turns out to be fan interpretation. i always had impression that she ws raped before hospital, bc when she's in the facility she's already very mistrustful towards men and calls a random boy "rapist in training". she talked about some creep who jacked off to her in a public transport too

No. 1552008

File: 1654609571783.png (143.64 KB, 942x864, 888888888.png)

Someone's been reading thread much?
Anon, if you're so rightneously angry, maybe you get the courage to say it in the place where you read about it, not running to WVC to bitch. nobody gives af about you taking the great offence kek

No. 1552025

File: 1654610783301.jpg (101.52 KB, 500x650, 11tumblr_431da630614cf307cc3a1…)

No. 1553497

haven't had the time to properly browse TAFWVG and only found online references from tertiary sources to Emilie suffering from abuse from age 6. Does anyone know what's that refering to, or source of it?

No. 1553702

I also recall something like that, and Gothic Lolita seems fitting for that info, if you consider her lyrics to be 100% autobiographicaly accurate, that is.
I think we'd have to read the book in entirety/at least until we find the correct quote, cause i don't remember exact chapters. i have new version in paperback which has a lot of stuff from her life edited out. as for original coffeetable book, i have it in PDF but i only skim it sometimes, as i hate reading from the screen. it's kinda pathetic but i'm hoping one day i'll be rich enough to buy 1st/2nd edition and read it like a civilized person, not from computer screen, but that won't happen in the near future.

No. 1556444

File: 1654896967645.png (37.42 KB, 962x470, btpclosing.png)

Bonny Tyme Pyrate deleted her site.
i can't say i didn't see that coming.
idk what to say. i feel weird, because now it makes impression that was she severly bullied by entire fandom or something. which is unfair cause certainly not entire.

No. 1556453

File: 1654897647429.jpg (41.15 KB, 418x460, emilie-autumn-80539.jpg)

I mean was her website just an archive in a way for old EA lore?

No. 1556467

Yeah, most organized and resourceful archive of EA old stuff. AND she had very entertaining post series where she wrote about EA's costumes, providing photos from different shows and showing their "evolution" for a lack of better word. rare pics too. Pretty much the blog was an eye-candy to look at, because of it documenting old EA stuff in an organized way. she also used to be the only person with full journal archive, up until some anon saved all that shit on archive.is and SFLG reposted on her blog.
she was the only one person who was eager to make a site like that, in the era of overall fandom disappointment. but the constant "i quit/no i come back/i log off again/bye" histrionics around the blog were really irritating.

No. 1556472

File: 1654898477927.png (42.85 KB, 814x526, bpt.png)

this is what she posted on one of her other blogs like a year ago… So she was pretty much "my way or nothing" here. the fandom wasn't "positive" enough about EA for her liking, so she stopped posting.
i'm sorry but that's annoying. the fandom's personal opinions should have zero fucks to do with your blog. she should just to it for those who WERE enthusiastic enough. and those who didn't lick those sparkling boots also loved that site, so i don't see the problem. this is stupid af, did Battered Rose said fuck it and closed just because fandom started to hate Emilie? (answer for curious: they actually closed not to pay for the site anymore, and well EA stopped doing anythign at all at the time.)

No. 1556477

samefag. on WVC there used to be a confession like 2-3 days ago that said "How many times will we have to throw a pity party before BTP reopens" but i guess admins deleted it now. i think this is what possibly triggered her.

No. 1556519

SFLAG announced the deletion before that confession posted if I remember right. I think the confession was in response to her explanation why she hadn't reopened (before she deleted).

No. 1556533

idk maybe you're right. i remember though just a few days ago SFLAG got an ask and replied saying BTP is on hiatus but coming back so tht closing was maybe not unexpected but… sudden

No. 1556538

it's just a shame to think she worked a long time and made a lot of posts and then… boom, nothing.
i'm glad that i at least managed to save up Offaeriesandspoons blogs before she closed.

No. 1556561

Borderline unhinged anon rushes to defence of borderline unhinged EA because she took it personally. Yawn.

No. 1556577

File: 1654903732586.jpg (76.75 KB, 500x500, tumblr_e3511a0d267992063d2181f…)

This sums up my feelings towars festival. except i'm not really sad, nor happy for her, maybe just disappointed. her musical album makes he feel nothing. it's that much impactful.

No. 1556701

Her time was 10 years ago.

No. 1556712

File: 1654911678203.png (55.4 KB, 942x488, wtfffff.png)

Damn, apparently people are sending some nasty hate messages about BTP for real? it's just a blog. i didn't always agree with her, but ppl have reaally weird reactions to a girl closing a blog. it's not like the world has ended.
(i hope they don't blame us for sending these)

No. 1556734

i seriously think meeting with Marc guy stunted her career. (not even mentioning Darren Lynn, he was actually a missed opportunity. If she was wise, they would've made the asylum film a fucking decade ago.) idk, maybe got too comfy sitting at home and making easy money. or honing her new girlfriend persona. sure, it's fine if she wanted to relax and live normal life and not tour, but it somehow drained her creativity later on.

No. 1556820

There’s something to it but also considering all her previous ventures I’d say she stunted her own career by having no work ethics, just fantasy land.

No. 1557041

File: 1654939363873.jpg (166.88 KB, 720x675, IMG_20220611_111952.jpg)

Jesus fucking Christ, this is just vile. Whoever is writing this shit, please just stop.

No. 1557103

Omg… i think it's right to assume no one from here had a hand in this? Cause this is some other shit, this is stalking. that moron stalked her private accounts to know who she married? this is sick. seriously, fucking stop.
BTP if you're reading this, ignore that disgusting person. i'm sorry for saying you're moody or whatever, i didn't know that you were going through actual harassment from stalker. i wouldn't be surprised if all hate came from that person. i hope you know who is that so you can report them.

No. 1557131

Not an Emilie fan so this is a driveby comment, but for that blog owner and the woman getting weird comments, from my experience it's like 90% chance just one deranged person writing the crazy comments trying to make it seem like multiple people. Generally really dedicated haters are few and if that one troll stops, all the hate stops because it was just one person drumming up hate.

Happens here on lolcow too, some threads do have dedicated posters who keep threads alive, when it's in the 1-3 numbers a thread can die easy when the main hater gives up for whatever reason (scorpioasshoe's thread suddenly dying coinciding with her breaking up with her husband being a good example)

Anyway, for the people involved, don't let it get you down because I guarantee it's mostly one person doing it.

No. 1557442

It would cost her nothing to leave the blog inactive as an EA archive.
Fuck that, maybe it's just just a silly fandom of a cowish musician but I hate seeing stuff just disappear from the net forever. I hope BTP enjoys sitting on hoard of EA content that others have permanently lost access to.
and FYI, I'm not the psycho attacking her (which is just deranged), just a poster who's been annoyed with her shit for a long time.

No. 1557453

I feel a weird mix of empathy for her dealing with psycho anon, and a kind of annoyance with not leaving the blog, like you said. she could've just left it as it is, eventually delete blog posts that felt more personal, if there were even any of that kind, and stop checking inbox. yeah it's irritating that she sort of sits on that stuff alone. i rolled my eyes hard when she flexed having a stack of old interviews and announced she'll scan them, but then she said no, perhaps because people bitched at EA on WVC alot at the time. whatever.

No. 1557456

She could have given a heads up about the deletion, but I guess her feelings matter more… Which I understand they do, I'm just sick of this fandom being the fucking worst with archiving content. First the EA interviews accidentally nuking the blog, then BTP… I'm sure there were some other sources lost to time. Christ, thank God the journals are on archive.is. Imagine BTP taking that with her too

No. 1557475

File: 1654977106592.png (701.99 KB, 662x600, 45.png)

As for rare EA stuff, most of that can be found here IMO. the pinterest board has a ton of rare stuff especially in Candid and Enchant boards, Meetmebeneathmybalcony has a fuckton of very early Opheliac era pics and Germany tour, while Facebook site has a lot of photoshoots, live pics and even rare fan VIP photos where EA wears rare combination of costumes which are personally my favourite


IMO that's everything BTP had or even fucking more.

No. 1557494

File: 1654977766418.jpg (95.61 KB, 385x577, 00tumblr_pwzxcsCSUB1yuiiemo2_4…)

Everything else from her old websites is more or less archived on various blogs, but you can use Wayback Machine and browse her old site for galleries.
The only thing NOBODY ever archived, which i'm bitter about, are photos from the time she recorded album with Courtney Love. The only full set i found lately are from just one show, but she had a lot from her tour to France and some from the shows she played with CL. i liked the look she had when she played with CL.

No. 1557506

i have an impression she was some sort of huge EA collector, only second to iceaxe, but at some point she started putting on this weird attitude "i'm not sharing my toys", which can be annoying. or maybe we misunderstand it and she was just unmotivated/depressed to post anything. heck, even i have a couple of rare EA photos and i'm too lazy to post them anywhere rn.
honestly? i miss the old internet days of fan sites like Battered Rose, forums, blogs, back when everybody had detailed, photoshot-masterpiece tier sites and blogs with detailed banners and stuff. now ppl are lazy af, just throw shit on insta and go lol tumblr sites are still that basic minimum. fuck even myspace used to be more personalized and decorated site rather than bland facebook/IG

No. 1558108

Post them, post them! Maybe on tumblr, I like its tagging system

No. 1558125

yea or here, lolcow exclusive photos. you saw it here first!
i had no idea (or rather, forgot) about most of these blogs, so thank you! the problem is that bt had those good ea original posts that someone mentioned - about reeditions of her books, evolution of corsets etc. damn shame to see it go.
love the photo of ea in her sparkly boots and bloomers, those were the times ehhh. so much interesting content. nowadays there is nothing, even her blog posts are written like she took some basic 'influencer/social media engagement' class instead of sharing what's going on in her head/life atm

No. 1559162

haha, alright. i haven't decided yet, i have side EA blog but that would make me come off anon here. i'll look for them on my comp and i'll see if i'm going to post it there on here as lolcow exclusive lol

No. 1559163

File: 1655128304190.png (480.37 KB, 900x1058, monster high.png)

Wtf is this description kek

No. 1559360

File: 1655142008915.png (62.83 KB, 970x584, update.png)

Update: BTP shared her archive with SFLG. thanks Bonny.

No. 1561078

EA is really desperate to get on that dark academia trend
Super happy about that, glad that BTP has changed her mind and decided to share some information with others

No. 1563745

File: 1655479878767.jpg (19.61 KB, 300x400, 1098492_417261185057450_186818…)

Nah, she's just out of ideas, or looks up to other shit-merch-pumping people. or takes everything that's an option in that chinese factory she takes from.
If she was any smart, she'd make a comeback to her old styles, even if in a small way. Fairies, corset tops, fishnets, victorian inspo and mall goth are popping among zoomers and nostalgic millenials, people love everything 2006 goth or "fairycore".
Anyways, two rare pics for you

No. 1563748

File: 1655480020337.jpg (23.83 KB, 300x400, 988286_417266241723611_8284012…)

No. 1563750

File: 1655480315476.jpg (68.36 KB, 500x360, tumblr_nm58nwjsAm1r3moc7o1_500…)

i've had this blank but can't find it, so WVC version. i like her style from that time, shame she almost never wore that top. i think she looked best back then.

No. 1563757

File: 1655480752523.jpg (77.71 KB, 382x800, 254653_280678448715725_1846183…)

it's one of my fav

No. 1570472

Ilysm, thank you for posting those!!!

No. 1571022

File: 1656104843293.jpg (102.55 KB, 500x650, ewatch.jpg)

Bhahaha why. why Emilie. sorry but who's willing to buy this shit lmao
here you are anon! i'm gonna dig for more treasures on my disc

No. 1571139

She's so out of touch of what the fandom wants. bring back the handmade soaps, oils,etc. Hell do an EA plush of each era, or of that cartoon rat of hers.

No. 1571646

it wasn't even hers, Vecona drew the rat logo, but EA was hellbent on insisting its hers lol

No. 1577058

File: 1656625623897.jpg (53.89 KB, 500x610, emilie.jpg)

>Yes, this hat is riduculous. I'm protecting my +~ gothic pallor ~~+
>that babysmooth shoop
Someone please tell her to stop

No. 1577060

Idk what's more ridiculous lately, that biscuit watch, those Madame de Pompadour slippers (signed Asylum Academy London, cause it sure has much to with that), or hilariously outdated 2012 tier Keep Calm and Quit Social Media t-shirts.

No. 1577067

I can't believe how out of touch she is with what her fanbase wants. What the fuck

No. 1577069

it is just funny at this point
it's like she took a glance at WVC nd said "oh, they want me to be gothic again, lemme pull this fake goth cap"

No. 1577430

File: 1656652716970.jpg (62.59 KB, 472x566, tumblr_pa40u3jSEb1r3moc7o1_500…)

I know she has always been super thin, but it's getting closer to bone-rattling for her.

No. 1577472

she apparently has some digestive problem, or at least she's been diagnosed in that way (according to her blog), so now of course all girlies are jumping up ppl's throats in WVC comment section barking SHUT THE FUCK UP, SHE HAS GI ALL HER LIFE NOT EAATING DISORDER STOP WITH YOUR ARMCHAIRING BITCH etc etc.
Perhaps. Perhaps it was aaall vegan diet and allergies. But she fucking stated in her book she stopped eating in her teens after someone told her she's too fat for music industry, and she says she stopped eating during Opheliac era. she fucking mentioned eating her stupid digestive bisquits as lunch/dinner. she's restrictive af and she hates fatties more that ppl on LC. she's obsessed with being thin and sickly victorian, and no she was never "natural anachan", her mother's photos prove she wasn't. is that not enough to speculate she at least used to have ED? i actually thought she did, maybe i'm wrong and it was an illness all along, but these idiots are more irritating than actual "armchairing" lol.

No. 1577562

I just want OP to know that the thread description is golden. Genuinely beautiful prose

No. 1578021

EA also got triggered in TAFWVVG when the nurse suspected she may have an eating disorder. She sounded like those insufferable anas who think that they are oppressed because someone makes a retarded 'eat a sandwich' joke

No. 1578040

Yeah. both her & her own fanbase yell and scream and behave like having ED is the worst degradation possible. idk what's there to be ashamed of. there are cases of people who used to have ana or close to ana, but came back to health and normal eating without psych wards etc., getting back on the right track faster than others. maybe she's like that. i'll never believe that she doesn't eat quite small OR that she isn't scared of gaining weight though.

No. 1578090

samefag, saying
>idk what's there to be ashamed of.
i mean i know what people are ashamed of it, but it's almost like EA looks down on people having eating disorders, like she's "above this", you know what i mean. people in psych ward thinking she has ED were probably annoying to her, but she behaved so riduculously bitchy in the book that i honestly couldn't empathize with her in this regard.

No. 1578620

Idk if she has an ED but she does have a history of projection and shaming others with stuff she herself has but she’s covering it up with something more ~speshul~, like she’d shit on BPD constantly like she’s above it. Very self hate vibes.

No. 1578799

… fat? her collarbone is protruding, she looks malnourished. if she's "fat" I don't want to see what you think is skinny

No. 1578926

someone's trying to be "ironic", or it's an anachan passing by.

No. 1579248

Who all here thinks she should have just stayed goth aesthetic and created some of her own operas based on cool stuff instead of this bland aesthetic and psyc ward shit that's played out to fuck and back

No. 1579298

lmao bitch you were never a goth and you know it, she even said herself her music wasn't goth in an interview years ago. not that you can't be a goth and make non-goth music but I just know she isn't lmao

psych ward shit is her entire identity

No. 1579331

That style fits her best. Not this beige basic bitch joggerwear shit she wears.

No. 1579347

hahahah yeah i remember. "I'm not gothic cuzi wear white!" And then later she did a spin and says she's a goth (don't remember the source though)

No. 1579438


I mean she really should have done stuff right after the Devils Carnival(when she still had some fame)

No. 1579543

Agreed. I think most of you know this, but i still sometimes think about it. She first said FLAG is supposed to be "much more metal" than Opheliac. i remember she posted some song title that was called "I Lost My Mind But I've Found My Body" or something. but then she met fucking Bousmann and everything went to shit.

The film could safely do without the Doll. guess it was just an insert written specially for EA cause Bousmann has a crush on her or something.

No. 1579728

She should have banged him instead of Mark then maybe the movie would have happened.

No. 1579745

Ironically, the movie would have happen without it, if only Emilie moved her ass and let her Broadway bullshit go. Bousmann was 100% eager to do the movie, but Emilie wanted Broadway first.

No. 1580050

File: 1656920469526.jpg (49.52 KB, 500x366, tumblr_504e9af0ec3dad9654ec0f8…)

No. 1593825

File: 1658448503011.jpg (99.23 KB, 720x910, EAA.jpg)

Anons, she released a new, super self obsessed post with "100 things about me" and it's just BOOMING with bullshit and narcissism. Also i'm sure those of you who tinfoiled that she's borderline now bipolar will find it an interesting read, cause there's just a lot of things…

Sorry, i'm not posting a screenshot cause honestly it's too big to screen, but posting rare Opheliac pic (!). and here have links:

No. 1593842

>My fingers are double jointed (I’ve had to come up with some violin techniques of my own to manage).
kek, ofc she's making excuses for herself. I've seen violin players saying she did dumb technique mistakes, which should've been explained and fixed by her teachers while she was still only beginning.
>I am chill as ice in a crisis.
Really, Emilie. Really?
>I suffered from chronic, blinding migraines from my early childhood until my early adulthood (which means that I’ve had to do a good many violin competitions without being able to see).
yes yes, you're so genius, Emilie

>I’ve written two screenplays and the pilot for a TV series (you’ll be hearing more about this soon;)

Told you guys! Marc's a screenplay ghostwriter.
>If you call one of the most prominent corporations in Chicago, the voice you’ll hear on all of the automated prompts is mine (it takes an entire 2 days to record ALL numbers, letters, commonly used words, phrases, etc.)
>I once worked as a house painter (interiors).
wow… so she's doing something besides her "art". surprised tbh
now this is important
>When I was small and my family was losing their home, I offered to make jewelry and sell it in the driveway to help raise funds so we could stay. (My offer was not received kindly, so we’ll never know if I could have single-handedly saved the proverbial farm with my beaded earrings, will we?)
how awful that family must have been! (and nah i'm having it hard to believe they lost any house, they were super fucking rich. but idk.)
As a child, I rarely wore shoes, and would show up to orchestra rehearsal barefoot. It was only when a conductor said to me in front of everyone, “we really have to find you some shoes” that I even noticed.
OMFG NO. Not her with the American McGees Alice Liddel sad "i was poor muh family abandoned me" bullshit AGAIN? implying her family left her BAREFOOT at the academy? (cause why else mention this?) i swear bitch is trying imply her family wasn't rich and/or that they left her abandoned and mistreated… She had a horse. They bought her hundreds of thousands worth violin equipment, all when she was a child. what an idiot
>I’ve been full-blown punched in the face, bloody nose and all (school bully didn’t appreciate my sticking up for another girl).
>Oh! How could I forget! Years later, I was punched in the face AGAIN and given a fractured nose, this time in a stage combat class with a less-than-conscientious gentleman student for a fight partner (this is why my snout is a bit crooked).
somehow i can't believe this one.
>I was temp working as the receptionist for a major radio station when I received an email from the music programmer and show host, asking if “EA’s album” (my teenage one) could be sent to him at the station
sure, keep believing
>I still have the hospital gown and the red crayon from my psych ward stay where the Asylum book was written. Also the spiral notebook. Also an IV tube and a teabag wrapper.
pffft, IV TUBE. jfc still on the asylum/hospital train. she's OBSESSED
>I once went to a New Orleans psychic to ask about my sexuality. (And then performed at the House of Blues three hours later.)

there's more of it and i'm still reading but i just can't at this woman, the milk is flowing

No. 1593999

They would never give out a spiral notebook in a fucking psych ward, that obviously contains a long wire that could even be potentially sharpened. They would not allow her to keep or steal an IV tube, that goes against sanitary guidelines and would get someone in serious and very unnecessary trouble. Having to be committed can be one of the most deep experiences a human being has to go through, and she’s describing it like a fucking field trip with the most interesting part being the “authentic asylum” “souvenirs”. Put her in a dumpster.

No. 1594215

this is absolutely ridiculously hilarious. It's 2022 and she's in her 40s and she's publishing the modern day equivalent of "im a hyper omega werewolf, doesn't like to talk, will slap you if you touch me, drinks human blood, broods, is emo"

No. 1594251

and it's not even FULL thing! i listed just a couple of beginning things that irked me, but there's second half i haven't even sat around to analyze. bitch is crazy, but not in the cool way she wants to be. Hearing a couple of things like she was diagnosed with bipolar only after Opheliac, and the whole IV tube bs, i'm starting to think anons who said she never went to psych ward, or she went only bc she was diagnosis hunting, are right. she's a pathological liar. i can only believe less extreme things, or stuff she already mentioned before

No. 1594263

>Speaking of which, I’ve trained a three-year-old thoroughbred ex-racehorse to jump 5-foot+ Olympic-grade fences and not kill me.

3 is the earliest age where you start training horses to be ridden. They're not done growing until then. Whatever poor horse EA damaged with extreme training way too early in its life, it wasn't an "ex-racehorse". At this point I'm convinced she's both a pathological liar as well as a full blown case of NPD. She is incapable of opening her mouth without lying and being grandiose. It comes off as delusional, just not in the qUiRkY hOt InMaTe way she fancies herself to be.

No. 1594284

That's the same case with her dog. She started training him when he was only a small puppy, and implied he's fully trained service dog, even though training is complete onyl at 2 or 3 yrs old, nd it requires professional trainer (i think it was discussed upthread too). That or she never even trained him at all. and let's be real, some of WVC-whiteknights might get offended and say "u NEVER KNOW!!! WHAT SHE NEEDS!!!", but nah. She has absolutely no condition requiring a trained dog, aside maybe from being scared of humans/crowds. but i think she isn't, she's bullshiting here.

No. 1594569

File: 1658513472293.jpg (471.59 KB, 1038x1300, blog.jpg)

Please tell us you're NLOG without telling us you're NLOG.
jfc, it's just "facts about her" but most of them are such blatant lies, while others are here to highlight how much of a ~specialsnowflake~ she is.

No. 1595740

File: 1658617955642.png (162.82 KB, 1012x586, 1112.png)

Damn, someone's really salty about what you wrote guys. People, either ones posting here or others having same thoughts, comment now on the 100things and of course they came rushing to say they all collect rubbish from their hospital stay too.
Now for the newfags lurking, no one's villifying "Big Evil Cluster B", some of anons posting on the boards have borderline too. you don't have to flip out every time someone says it out loud. and you can hoard every used gauze or every piece of chewed gum stuck at your "asylum ward" wall all you want, but the point is she does fetishize her stay, she made nearly 16 years about romanticizing it. it's more than just ~coping~. but what's the point of this even, when her fanbase is exactly the same like artist they praise - overromanticizing their misery.

No. 1595749

Give me the name of the psych ward that gave her a literal spiral fucking notebook.

No. 1595784

It's not impossible at all in case of racehorses. Most of the time training begins when the horse is just barely above one year old and common competing starting age is around 2. Usually they retire by 4-5 so it wouldn't be out of realm of possibility for a 3 year old as well, if it didn't show any promise or whatever. So yeah, I dont disagree she's a known liar and personally I doubt she'd be able to teach such horse such difficult jumps this soon but technically it wouldn't be impossible to at least begin jumping training at that age
(sorry for a horsegirl sperg)

No. 1595789

File: 1658620447467.png (1.86 MB, 944x1080, 3555555.png)

I know nothing about horses, but people seem to think similarly to anon.
Someone in the comments claims this:
>My best friend is a horse trainer and can confirm. I was horrified to read that and hoped it was a typo and she meant 13 year old horse or something. I’m sure she’s just lying, thankfully.

I'm really confused, everyone says something different

No. 1595794

haha. all these fans have their "asyloom stories" and everybody claims they let them take surprisingly a lot of dangerous stuff. sure. I guess "wards" in LA allow not only spiral notebooks but also long striped stockings.

No. 1595861

Lol they actually do not they will give you something from the left behind collection, buy your ass something from Walgreens, or you get two hospital gowns worn back to back. The staff that work there will literally get fired over anything at all because it could end in serious injury or death at times, they have a government protocol to follow just like prison systems. Every patient signs the paperwork surrendering their rights, and if you pull some dumb shit they can force you into longer care to fuck you over just because they can, arrest you, or put you on antipsychotics just to make you fat and dough brained.

Psych wards are often holding places for people and men awaiting trial for various reasons, you don’t want to be wearing anything but an entire industrial camping tent in a place like a city psych ward. I am also literally never going to let the spiral notebook thing go until I get a name, you can’t have a fucking entire WIRE in a psychiatric ward.

No. 1596064

The TV show thing pilot has me curious and terrified. Wonder if it is related to the swimming pool thing.

No. 1596072

File: 1658665248168.png (685.55 KB, 992x2448, ring.png)

Hahaha, this woman is just impossible. Here's her new post about her new shitty ring (and YES, this ring can be found on Aliexpress). But she pretends it's the whole ~Little Inmate~ huge thing!

Here's the abysmal listing description:
>The newest Inmate in the Asylum has a gentle heart still. Only just beginning to sense the horrors to come, she holds tight to her childish dreams as long as she can. In time, her heart will turn blood red, and finally black. But for now, her innocence holds firm, belying the dormant strength she will soon call upon.
>Fear not for the little Inmate…behind her still sugared heart is already everything she will need, to fight and to love.
>Main stone: Pink Emerald
>Surrounding stones: Diamond fire >Cubic Zirconia
>Metal: Rose Gold plated 925 Sterling Silver

AND YES, she literally called it "PINK EMERALD". There's no such thing as pink emeralds, Emilie.

No. 1596073

Whoever bought that tv pilot thing is gonna ruin their own reputation. that or this won't even happen at all, same as IAMX completely dropped her musical.

No. 1596095

File: 1658667311670.png (276.89 KB, 709x336, ror.PNG)

Race horses don't get such humane treatment, they're exploited as soon as possible, otherwise that's true the earliest age to start training is three.
Here you have information coming from a charity organization that helps taking care of retirees, when you look at horses available of retraining you'll see a few 3 years old available.

No. 1596102

The tv pilot thing is 100% marcs. He actually ghostwrites for tv and films a lot

No. 1596113

yep. she probably had like 1-2 scenes suggestion/details involvement, that's all.

No. 1596114

if that horse was already a race horse before (meaning, exploited) then EA's even a bigger piece of shit if she forced it to do olympic tricks.I imagine that horse wanted to be left the fuck alone in piece.

No. 1596119

That's for sure, the story could be true but it doesn't paint her in a good light at all then. And if lie, why lie about something that would make you seem cruel?

No. 1596143

youre all assuming that ea even came into contact with an actual ex racehorse and has miraculous horse training abilities in the first place. shes spinning a mighty yarn here nonas. its a lie

No. 1596158

true, idk why i wasted my breath. she's stupid af

No. 1596159

Racehorses aren’t hard to come by. Their career is typically done by 3-5 years old and they’re sold at auction, half the time to slaughterhouses. Thousands of thoroughbreds are killed each year because no one else wants them. She’s definitely exaggerating but everything she said is in the realm of possibility for someone who rides and owns horses. The reason I don’t believe it is because she’s shown herself to be a pretty average rider.

No. 1596167

horseracing and riding is shitty, Emilie is gross for either doing it or lying about it, and so are anons ITT

No. 1596175

She is so insufferable with her inmate shit. She sounds like a broken record or an old grandma who talks only about one specific era that she still remembers. Sure grandma lets put you to bed.jpg

No. 1596178

Shes been in a mental hospital for a short amount of time almost 20 years ago. I think its time to give the whole asyloom inmate thing a rest. Having been on psychiatric hold isnt special anymore nowadays

Also tbh it would be fine if she just had a vague horror hospital/psych ward aesthetic without tying everything back to some nebulous narrative about taking a stand against the actual contemporary medical industry. I start getting really into the aesthetic but then her neverending navelgazing kills it

No. 1596284

what the fuck are you on about? everybody speaking in this thread expressed their distaste for Emilie and how she claims to have forcibly trained a horse that's already been exploited and forced to do things he probably didn't want to. she's lying probably, but even if she lies, it's fucked to claim to be abusing an animal.

No. 1596293

>I start getting really into the aesthetic
if you're a new fan, lucky you. i'm not even that much of a new fan (starting 2014/2015) and I've been done with her bullshit really fast.

What's even more creepy is how much she fetishizes that short hospital stay. Also… isn't it suspicious that she only mentions IV tube and gown now? Why didn't she mention having that shit years ago? knowing how much of an exhibitionist she is, i'd think she'd flex having this in her book, at the VERY least. why is she only talking about it now? nevermind, what's matter is that it was sooo traumatic, but she keeps treasures and trinkets from the asylum, almost.
i really don't care that half of WVC whiteknights will rush to tell me "they 100% smuggled something out of asylum and have asylum souvenirs too". if there's anything i've learned about Emilie and her fandom, it's that she and her fans often lie about their hospital stays.

No. 1596294

i genuinely think she could have an audience again if she just started investing her time/effort into the aesthetic and trying to build the audience around that. that's primarily what her audience was built around to start with (and let's be fair, the Opheliac-era violin shredding/industrial stuff sounded cool also)

she literally just needs to shut up about her personal life, pay her artists, make original music again, and she'd see renewed interest in her career. This entire thread - as someone who remembers her as a high-school fan, as someone who even admired her back then, and looked up to her as some kind of - feminist indie goth resistance icon or whatever - this is sad to see.

Emilie, what happened to you?

No. 1596310

she could THAT easily have people back, if she came back to Opheliac/fairy aesthetics… but i don't think she's capable of writing good songs/even imitating victoriandustrial. Passenger cover is best testament of that.

she created her own demise and she's too stubborn to take any advice. at this rate, i don't even feel bad for her. she's been such a bitch to everyone, i guess she'll never change. she should be treated but not for her bipolar, maybe she should treat her self-obsession first.

No. 1596315

DUDE grunge fairy is even so popular it's a search term on aliexpress right now but NOPE

'hospital bride' it is, instead of one of the people who originated the entire 'grunge fairy' movement propagating it. this is stupid.

do you think it was just Brendon Small writing/arranging all of the Opheliac-era songs for her?

No. 1596322

nah. She started recording Opheliac back in 2004 and 2005. i'm sure she already had Swallow recorded in 2004, Liar, I want my Innocence Back and Marry Me in 2005. Shallot was Enchant era song. she dated Small in 2006/2007. i think she was capable of arranging her own songs, back THEN.
That being said, honestly? Unlaced is the effect of her dating Small. She just wanted to have METAL, METAL album with shredding, to rival her bf. yep there i said it.

As for "fairycore"… she had BEST costumes. but she'll never make a good use of it. i doubt she's even aware that it's trending, i mean she's not on Tumblr (bc she hates WVC and Troll Like a Girl hehehe) and she's not a zoomer anymore. she's in her own little bubble. sigh

No. 1596344

that's even worse. that means she had all of this creative potential inside of her in order to make the whole Opheliac album without outside influence and then she just let that ability spark and die.

i genuinely attribute her 'fairycore' outfits to her mom's ability as a profession costume-maker - everything EA had to come up after she 'ran away' was sub-par. i'm not surprised she didn't actually send any of the original costumes after she 'auctioned' them off - they're irreplaceable and probably way higher quality than she can afford to get them replaced with.

No. 1596353

Idk… sometimes it just happens. I write songs too and right now i feel incredibly burned out and haven't been able to make anything good in several years. as for Emilie, maybe it was all her bipolar? like, she wrote it all when she was manic. and now she can't, properly medicated. plus her work used to be more personal… she made it because she needed to express feelings, not to HAVE SOOPER ASYLOON BROADWAY SHOW 2014.

As for costumes, 100%. Emilie's only costumes were made in FLAG era, and they sucked. eventually, those tail end 2009 costumes. But let's be honest… she didn't even put any work in them, she just bought shit on etsy and put crystals on! Like pink corset in crystals. Aprella had just pink leathery sort of corset, probably from etsy. Maggots had red one… Veva had some of her own wardrobe and some made. as for bloomers? 100% etsy. the only original costuems she had was in early Opheliac when Vecona did them from the scratch, and Enchant era done by her mother.

No. 1596355

wait a second… she did send out Vecona costumes? the only problem was that she sold that 4 o'clock Tim Burton dress and the fan thought she'd get it whole, but Emilie had shirt/top only, and skirt was owned by Vecona (or the other way around). and in effect they had to sort it out. Rat Mask and corsets were delivered, i've even seen a fan posting closeup photos/fan wearing them. she didn't deliver iPod/iPhone and other stuff.

No. 1596357

unless you meant costumes made by her mother… she never sold them

No. 1597097

>>1596355 oh she did delived her iPhone. With her number in the contact info. That was the reason for EA Forum closing down, actually…

The fan that bought this iPhone, at one point he had some sort of beef with forum moderators. He got banned, couldn't get over it, and he decided that the best way to sort it out is to contact Emilie. So, he called her on the number that was still somewhere in iPhone's info. Emilie panicked, called him a stalker, and decided that the forum is not worth it.

I don't even blame her for that, I would freak out myself.

No. 1597102

then she didn't deliver ipod, or another phone. idon't remember. i heard she promised some bundles to top forum posters or something and never sen out

No. 1597395

Selling your iphone to a fan is the height of stupidity, though emilie does live for drama, obviously something like this will happen

No. 1597531

You know what anons… ofc it's not fine how the obsessive fan called her. But, what do you expect when you leave your contacts and sell it to your fans, which are known for being obsessive? not saying it's exacly her fault, cause the fan should refrain from this and she didn't notice her fault. But i think you have to value yourself waay to highly to think you're so important and interesting to offer to sell your cracked, used old phone, or ipod, for literal auction. who cares that there's your poser playlist left (from most basic industrial bands) inside. How much did it even go for?

As for forum, she would be 100% safe to leave it as it is, just ban the fan, instead of deleting and effectively shooting your own fandom down. but whatever, that milk is already long long spilled.

No. 1597539

nevermind, found it.
Personal iPhone: 630.00 USD

i thought it'd be more tbh. but then again, it's perfectly normal here where i live. in Europe, iPhones go for fucking 600 and 700$ at the very least. goods for the rich.

No. 1597613

File: 1658794894279.png (1.15 MB, 1092x1804, iphone.png)

pfff… sure Emilie, you're so scared of phones, and of selfies probably too… our anti-internet queen!

No. 1597848

File: 1658817896212.jpg (63.49 KB, 500x333, tumblr_d606765bb60b1afc339b378…)

You spergs are too obvious kek

No. 1598074

File: 1658852259516.jpg (107.2 KB, 540x960, 2em.jpg)

haha, for me it was this. hi farmers!

No. 1598409

Ernie the weimaraner was Brendon Small's dog. If he's the dog who found her, the attempt happened while she was living with him in LA and working on Laced/Unlaced.

No. 1598418

yes. i find it interesting though how she told different story each time. First she claimed it was before Opheliac, then after, then she said "Opheliac is about asylum too" and then said she added a couple of new songs onto opheliac, inspired by psych ward. whatever.
Flee and Bunny said she went to psych ward in 2006 though. i think she went several times, for shorter and longer times, but she always changed story versions about her suicide attempt date.

No. 1598861

I can't remember who it was, but I think someone close to her confirmed that she indeed has been hospitalized several times. That wouldn't surprise me.

No. 1599008

There was a 2006 stay (confirmed by fLee), a 2007 stay (THE stay) that is semi-connected to her performance at WGT when she's on a drug withdrawal, and a 2009 stay (confirmed by EA). There may be another 2007 stay but my memory is spotty.

No. 1599147

My god. The entire 100 things about me + the latest post about bipolar disorder are just 100% her lurking here and getting defensive that people see through her bullshit diagnosis and are aware that she’s in cluster B. But sure, as they say: fake it until you make it. Maybe if she repeats it 10000th time it will become true. Her post about the bipolar disorder podcast has 0 meaning besides “look at me, I’m bipolar! Please believe me”.

No. 1599349

That was Bunny, the information can be found on AsylumPlagueDoctor tumblr

No. 1599352

File: 1658953766107.png (5.5 MB, 3156x1544, eablog.png)

Uwu i'm so frightened. i read ur comments plgue rats and see you're dobting me, so i'm producing low effort bipolar post to remind you i'm THRIVING bipolar.
uncanny russian living doll vibes

No. 1599380

She is the new felice fawn of 2013 honestly. The raging borderline and narcissism. The infantile self-inserted fanfics when being grossly older than the fans. Spot the difference.

No. 1599403

she was around much longer than Felice. it's almost like Felice was the new Emilie Autumn, lol. Emilie didn't exctly ran off with the money, except that time she almost did (audiobook), and managed to shit it out last minute before people try to do something legally. but Felice at least stopped at one point and removed herself from the net, Emilie carries on and still scams her fanbase, just in legal fucking way. is some ways, she's even worse than Felice. she just won't stop, and there are still people whiteknighting her, even on WVC.
people who are like "omGz SHUT UP she's not narcissist"… what exactly else do you need her to do to realize that's it? lol

No. 1599483

Agreed. Also, not that there is anything inherently wrong with showing womens breasts, but it does look pretty hilarious to see a 40 years old woman posting thirst trap selfies with her boob almost all out and the infantile hand at lips. Not to mention her blog entries sound like she’s intellectually stunted. What happened to her? Is it just me or did she used to be more coherent and having some sort of substance? Or was I just a naive teenager like what’s left of her fan base?

She seems really dumb and shallow.

No. 1599493

Yeah, that and the anachan mirror naked pic from a few months back. i mean. do whatever you like at whatever age, but her "muh glittertits out" thing was always cringe even at 30yo. remember when she flashed people, as "sarcasticTM fuck you" to people who demanded her to flash them. and anons who were present at the venue said it was just 1 guy who said it maybe once, not "all show long". lmao

The only time i think she was coherent was Enchant era. people live to think she was SO ELOQUENT!!! during Opheliac era, but looking back now? she sounds like idiot who tries to come across as ~intelligent~ and ~well read~. 2006-2007 interviews arethe only i can stomach from opheliac era.

2004-2005 journals and Enchant era articles are a pure pleasure to read, but then again, maybe that was just pose too. Enchant up until 2004 was the only time she sounded somewhat humble. i guess she was alwys self-obsessed, but fame and her narc supplier fandom enabled her.

No. 1599898

File: 1658992215479.jpg (605.87 KB, 1080x1969, Screenshot_2022-07-28-09-08-40…)

What the fuck

No. 1599988

File: 1658996971885.png (252.88 KB, 646x560, Screenshot_512.png)

her greatest accomplishment could be getting a dress-up doll in stardoll.I'm surprised she hasn't bragged about it

No. 1600009

Well, IMO it doesn't count tbh as it happened back when on every forum there was at least one Emilie Autumn fan. Building such a devoted fanbase was her greatest achievement. Too bad she absolutely trashed it (and still does with what little remained of it)

No. 1600068

She's the somehow even more mental Amanda Palmer.

No. 1600077

File: 1659007480049.jpg (120.63 KB, 500x625, 2tumblr_19c854d77ee7b5f02230a3…)

It's not an accomplishment for her, because she can't make cash on stardoll haha
well, of course. of course. Shoutout to this naive little inmate (in pink emeralds ofc) who thought it's ~genuine~~

No. 1600087

I feel so bad for that fan.
I actually enjoyed the #100 things about me, as cowish and self-centered it was. As another person said, at least it was an attempt to connect with her fanbase. Most of her posts are shitty advertisements or trying too hard to pose as some influencer. She's applying some generic "build an audience" advice and it comes off as completely dishonest (which she is, I'm sure)
I had high hopes about this, I don't doubt she (or Marc) could be lurking here, but it wasn't that direct or milky… Even though her tone was annoying. Muh bipolar so scawwy uwu

No. 1600089

File: 1659008500236.png (253.68 KB, 1658x920, myspace.png)

>Too bad she absolutely trashed it (and still does with what little remained of it)
I love how she woke up one day and realized that nobody likes her instaagram posts and threw a tantrum that instagrm and algorhythm doesn't promote her posts well enough (lmaoo). then flexed having 160,000 followers on newsletter email list and opted on spamming mails again. Bitch, some of them are a) old fans who throw your posts into spam b) dead ass accounts. The people who signed for the newsletter are as fucking old as Myspace days.
anyways, have an embarassing EA myspace anecdote.

No. 1600094

File: 1659009152434.jpg (40.99 KB, 500x448, 51SYLRMozML.jpg)

Love reading about fan encounters with EA. Is that Lanaboards? Based if yes kek
>EA being snobbish toward other artist
I've been forever curious who was the "Tori Amos rip-off" that she bashed for having her CDs distributed by Starbucks (or something) and being supported by a rich daddy. I've done some googling and think it could have been Hilary McRae. I may be wrong though, I don't remember if the timing of EA bitching overlapped with Heather's album release. She certainly looks like the kind of normie artist EA would hate.

No. 1600134

No, it's PULL. It's archived, you can read whole thread.

Hah same, same… Interesting. I've never seen any propositions who might it be! worth diving into it to see, i'll check Hilary McRae later.
The clue: she was recording at Inky's studios, but there's no way to check the real name of Inky, or HOW the studio is really called (Mad Villain Studios is just EA's name of it i think…) some fan from WVC said he once said he visited Inky's studio in Chicago, and that Inky has a computer tech job, but not much more. nothing to help identify.

No. 1600164

File: 1659015899184.png (261.95 KB, 1626x634, violin1.png)

Here are super interesting posts from actual cello player. another poster sent links to Emilie's 2011 VIP classic violin playing as well as a few previous lives, and that person just told it as it is, pointing out raging beginner techical mistakes and how fucking average Emilie really is.

(unrelated but i remember that PULL users also tore her jewllery/choker thing down, showing exact ebay sources where she took each part from and how much she paid - literally 99cents materials, lol.)

No. 1600167

File: 1659016095832.png (194.11 KB, 1434x734, violin22.png)

part 2

No. 1600174

File: 1659016642204.png (153.17 KB, 1452x638, violin3.png)


No. 1600175

File: 1659016823924.png (165.1 KB, 1434x982, violin4.png)

And most interesting one, anon lists out prices that EA's violins usually go for. she got her first violin when she was 4 year old. TONS of money invested in that kid.

She also had a bow that belonged to Yehudi Menuhin. I don't even want to imagine what money it went for.

No. 1600183

Adding to Tori Amos ripoff, she posted the rant on July 22, 2005.

No. 1600453

Yeah, Hilary's record has been released on 2008 so it does not check out unless it's been in production for so long… I have no idea who else could it be though, and I'm obsessed cause it's like the biggest EA mystery to me.

No. 1600473

I think it could be her. it could drag on for a few years, who knows. Especially if the label told her to re-record everything. Is there any info available about her parents? Either way, Starbucks promotion/label makes me think it's her. or someone that never even made career and everything fell through…
I mentioned Inky, but now that i think it didn't have to be Inky's studio. it could be Courtney Love, Billy Corgan or any other studio Emilie recorded at earlier.

No. 1600649

Oh nona, i have seen everyone from small artists, influencers etc whinge about "muh algorithm". I had no idea Instagram could possibly purposely repress so many people kek

No. 1600671

Cellist is accurate. String instruments in particular are hard as hell to retain skill in without frequent practise because the finger positions must be so, so precise. Compared to the finger positions on a piano where you can't hit a note between two other notes, it's very difficult.

No. 1600676

Ahh, she didn't realise that sometimes better equipment doesn't mean you suddenly get better too. I've seen people make those bright orange squeaky beginner violins sound good!

No. 1600698

I'm thinking, maybe her parents were disappointed that they bought her all this EXPENSIVE ASS shit and then she said haha fuck it i'll just prance around using keyboard and playback.
Considering the amount of money they pushed in her, it's even more egregrious and unbelievable how she claims she couldn't afford nodes vocal surgery back when she started singing (and she said she started singing around Enchant era). So your parents could effortlessly throw overall 50 000$ (more or less) on your equipment, but couldn't afford like 700$-1000$ surgery? Sure Emilie.

No. 1600726

File: 1659047791965.jpg (470.05 KB, 1386x1990, eainterview.jpg)

Hahaha she sounds like a 6 year old in this. "That's interesting" just admit she hit a nerve, Emilie, because you have nothing besides your technique, and even THAT is shit.

No. 1600735

File: 1659048132552.png (92.79 KB, 1336x498, viola.png)

KEK this only gets worse.
>you can't skip the training! except I can bc i'm virtuoso
>all viola players are shit
>if you play viola, you're not ~good enough~ to play violin
>all violinists in rock are shitty violinists
>e-violinists use distortion to hide lack of skill
>"I chose to do what I’m doing." bitch and you think others didn't choose? because people who like rock don't exist?
>>"If I were a failed classical violinist, I wouldn’t be a successful non-classical one."
hahahahh the fucking sheer irony of it all. this cow just milks herself with that virtuoso sperging.

No. 1600762

I did some digging earlier and if I remember correctly, her father is a (plastic?) surgeon. I need to recheck.
American anons, does this sound rich to you? Hilariously enough, it seems to me that both Hilary and Emilie can be both coming from a relatively rich background.
>Considering that she's only 21, it's tempting to dismiss McRae as some sort of overnight sensation. And yet she's been playing piano since childhood and moving forward ever since. Inspired by her stint in a summer training program at Boston's renowned Berklee School of Music, she was only 15 when she cut her first set of demos at Spectrum Studios in Pompano Beach with engineer and eventual producer Zach Ziskin. That was the beginning of an auspicious trajectory, launched after two more years of study at Berklee, followed by tours of Central and South America as keyboardist and back-up vocalist for Latin superstar Christian Castro.
Here's more info on how she got that Starbucks contract:
On her father:
>Hilary McRae is a 21-year-old writer/singer/pianist who lives with her father in Boca Raton FL.
Interesting that her bio mentioned that…
Eh, but she supposedly signed the contract pas 2006, when she was still writing her songs:
>She began writing these songs during the two years she spent at Boston's prestigious Berklee School of Music, which had awarded her a scholarship to study songwriting after an audition during which she sang one of her originals and Don Henley's "Heart of the Matter." Additional song ideas came to her during the summer of 2006, while she toured Central and South America as the keyboardist and backing vocalist for Latin superstar Christian Castro.
So maybe it was someone else after all. No hate mean toward either Hilary or the mysterious woman, I'm just curious who triggered Emilie so bad.

No. 1600776

not american but that sounds super rich to me. In Europe plastic surgeons and doctors are one of the richest, so reason to doubt it's otherwise in US…
Emilie comes from very rich family, upper middle class t the very lest. Her mother is a famous figure skating costume maker. idk who her father was. One of her sister Sunshine Fritzges is a well known bodybuilder. i remember i've seen once a fan on some forum saying her sister was very upset by the whole situation (EA flaking on them)

No. 1600778

AAnyways it's very rich of Emilie to laugh at other womn getting funded by rich daddy, when Enchant album was funded by her mother (she sold costumes to fund it).

ALSO she has a fucking nerve to say someone's a Tori Amos copycat, when she was known for being a huge Amos fangirl in Enchant Era. "What If" is not just inspired, it's ripped NOTE AFTER NOTE from "Silent All These Years" by Tori.

No. 1601092

Oh god, I never made the connection of EA complaining of a bootleg Tori while ripping her off on Enchant. And not only her, Fiona Apple (Ever/Love Ridden) and Imogen Heap (Castle Down/Candlelight).
Pot, meet kettle kek

No. 1601204

It's even worse and more blatant, because well. i assume Emilie has perfect pitch, so you can't just think "aha, maybe Emilie ripped it mistakenly". No, because Emilie knew exactly the chord and note progressions in both songs, and they were identical. Especially those moments right before chorus. Ever is another can of worms, it sounds identically like Love Ridden throughout entire song. i like Enchant but i guess i see why she doesn't want to play it anymore. (she did quite awful versions of What If sometimes though).

A couple other anons pointed out Second Hand Faith sounds like Fiona's Criminal, but it's less obvious (chorus).

No. 1601214

File: 1659096049794.jpg (155.09 KB, 540x960, iphone.jpg)

And like clockwork.

No. 1601724

Not as much of a direct copy, but her song “Willow” sure sounds a lot like Depeche Mode’s “Somebody”.

No. 1601815

Even this post could be considered an excuse to shill the podcast of her friend/associate. Incredible

No. 1601840

I bet 10000% this post is to shill her new necklace. Look closely, she's wearing a violin-shaped necklace with "Emilie". Tomorrow she'll probably post like
>Dear inmates, after receiving whooping 500 of messages begging me to release the violin inmate necklace, i'm generously putting this gorgeous top quality emeral rose quartz shit in my shop so you can stare at this in the morning and remember about Little Inmate or whatever bullshit i've just made up to shill my aliexpress shit, and get reminded you should drop your bitterness and forget that i fuck up, lie and scam you daily for years, because it's uuuh it's bitter, and hinders your growth, anyways try my newest Inmate Windows XP custom wallpaper and Asylum mood ring which turns red as flashes "Are you suffering?" and (…)

No. 1601847

She sells iOS phone package that doesn't work. 20$ for graphics that are useless cause nothing fucking works. Scamming fans still going strong i see.

No. 1602139

She released also nothing worthy for the past few years. At this point her job is simply aliexperess shit shop model.

No. 1602171

File: 1659188968848.jpg (239.23 KB, 965x1920, shoes.jpg)

Here comes Felice Autumn the scammer again! her boots are shit and she doesn't respond to emails. Refunds? not available in this country! And then she locked comments again.
I'm sorry for these fans, but LOL at their naivety. This chick is still hopeful enough to blame fucking "asylum shop rats" (customer service) for everything. nah ladies, it's all on Emilie. i'm sure her shop workers tried to reason with her for years, but Emilie told them no.

No. 1603522

File: 1659288068618.jpg (107.17 KB, 500x667, tumblr_0730316d67f9db2bd729f0f…)

So OP was fine with giving her money to a racist until she got scammed. EA's fanbase keeps telling on itself

No. 1603581

File: 1659290221247.jpg (105.41 KB, 540x960, tumblr_a501549b08ac7b968937fc1…)

At least those dresses actually are related to the Asylum. The problem is that they have nothing on the shifts that she sold a few years ago (also for an insane price) and there is no place to wear those. Would be great to buy an Asylum shift and go see her show in it, especially if everyone tried to dress as the Asylum inmates (home-made costumes welcome). Nowadays, there is no point to owning what looks like a dirty dress
oops forgot to sage

No. 1603699

Hah. Interesting to see how the Visa dispute goes, but i don't feel bad for the idiots who got scammed. What were you expecting? Everybody warned you that shit she sells is cheap ass awful quality trash sweatshop made in China. Everybody warned you that she scams her fans and doesn't refund anyone. WHAT were you idiots expecting?

No. 1604183

Agreed. I know that people in this thread tend to hate Emilie for her massive ego and I don't particularly care for that neither but if I had to be honest, I unironically loved her music from the Enchant and Opheliac era, I still listen to those songs from time to time even today but unfortunately >>1596353 does bring a good point that perhaps Emilie has simply lost her spark.

I can't comment much on the FLAG era because honestly I dropped off of her music at that time. Fight Like a Girl was a nice song but overall I wasn't impressed and preferred Opheliac over it, FLAG just felt too… Generic in some strange way that I could never describe. So I missed a lot of the drama that happened in that time but all I know is that when I finally got around to listening to more of her newer music, it didn't give me the feelings of awe and wonder that the Enchant and Opheliac era stuff gave me.

>Maybe she wrote that stuff when manic

I think that's totally plausable and it sucks because while I would love to see Emilie get back on her feet, ditch or at least tone down the pretentious ego, and make "fairycore" related music again, it's clear that she just doesn't have the ability to do that anymore probably because she's now stable. And her personal life has more or less mellowed out now, she doesn't seem to be involved in any scenes and more then likely doesn't get out as much as she used to.

No. 1604236

She was just desperate to put it out so she worked. I’m not buying her manic bullshit, if anything considering the tone of Opheliac she channelled her borderline dramas with exes into songs. Her persona back then was also all about being edgy, attention seeking, NLOG. Now Marc is enabling all her shit so she has no reason to throw hands.

No. 1604289

Idk. I'm seriously starting to believe she's a narcissist medically, not just figuratively.
>Now Marc is enabling all her shit
So i'm not the only one thinking that, good. I'm done with anons on WVC who kept sending this "OMG Emilie and Marc re perfect couple!!! Marc is so cute he's such a supportive boyfriend! I wanna cry when i look at their photos!!!" sort of stuff.
Like, sure, they're pefrect for each other, they're both same sort of scammer moneythristy leeches apparently. He knows about everything she does and he's alright with that. that guy must be either head over heels in blinding love, or equally shallow as her. i mean, good for them. but yeah he's an enabler.

No. 1604292

File: 1659353992554.jpg (50.05 KB, 400x487, etumblr_f90c5c3716311855839343…)

Ah, one more thing. I 100% believe she's anachan, well eating disordered in some way. Remember when she called those British digestive bisquits/crackers her dinner? I just remembered how she sperged about fasting so she looks good, for like 2 days or so before shooting FLAG video.
girl is obsessed, idc. she can have allergies, digestive problems, whatever WVC shout about. but she does have a fear of going fat. also peek the Diet Coke next to computer.

No. 1604354

Yea this has been an open secret for a long time. Ever since her book came out with long passages about how much her self insert is repulsed by fat nurses and inmates and how her crew are all perfect porcelain skinny princesses everyone just knew. The origin is probably that time in her teens where she claims she was rejected by a label for being "too fat" (despite her not being fat at all at any time). Honestly judging by her recent pics she's still anachan but in a vegan hippie mom way now

No. 1604376

>her crew are all perfect porcelain skinny princesses
This. In 1st edition there was even something about locked up women (i think it was during the Ophelia Gallery shit) like "Our complexion is milky white, porcelain, with blue veins showing that everyone in London would DIE for" (not exact words, can't find it now). And someone on WVC said there's no way women locked up in dark, wet places for years without any hygiene would get "porcelain milky complexion", they would get ulcers, infections, bedsores and whatnot.

Which reminds me of another first edition thing
>I've been depressed/mentally ill for so long that I'm learned how do to it. I'm doing it beautifully and with class.
Idc if it's her ~uwu sarcasm~, because her actions clearly show otherwise. She really considers her "suffering" beautiful and romantic.

No. 1604467

The distinction in her book between the undignified, drug addicted and overtly crazy fat inmates vs. the skinny pale precious beautiful tragic sad girls was always some massive clown shit. Doesn't she constantly refer to herself as a mental illness advocate and activist? She should know that most "inmates" in psychiatric hospitals are firmly the "wrong" kind of crazy. Most of the ones I knew were severely underweight/overweight and genuinely unlikable and difficult to talk to. You're not going into a psych clinic finding your tribe of likeminded tragic uwu sadgirls. See this is why people tinfoil about her never having been in the asylum. The first thing you notice in there is how difficult your fellow patients are to deal with

No. 1604506

the only women she liked in her asyloom were her ideal, pale, goffik opheliac thrope. that is:

1. Anachan, pale, goth club-goer, androgynous cut she liked, scheduled for ECT at 4 o'clock (ofc). they talked and became friends, then the girl went away and EA "have never seen her again" lol. i'm 100% against electroshock therapy, but she made it sound so idiotically dramatic… Also, that girl was 100% her version of Winona Ryder/Girl, Interrupted character.
2. Violet, sexually abused elder lady who screamed tf at all the scrotes who came even slightly close to her. But even then EA treated her very Fucking Patronizing Fucking.
3. some thin, pale chick that almost got hit by an inmate who smashed a guitar.

And yes she does. She does call herself mental health activist, even on the fucking book sleeve.
I feel like Emilie perhaps went to psych ward, but everything she described is some huge bullshit, which she based on Girl, interrupted. She even said that her stay was "worse than Girl, Interrupted and pretty comparable to One Cuckoo Flew Over The Nest.

No. 1606525

What's the racism tea?

No. 1606530

Girl Interrupted and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest are set in 1968 and 1962 respectively, so I have serious doubts that a stay in an American psych facility could be in any way comparable by the time she went.

No. 1606904

Her black fans asked her to support the BLM case, then she snapped at them to fuck off and blocked, then acted performative and got criticized, it onl went further and that's where the problem really started IMO. she started blocking and spewing ridiculous accusations at her fans, then had a nerve & boasted she made biggest cash in the history on the whole drama (lmao) and quickly added but ofc i'll graciously donate to BLM so fucks, but she didn't show donate proof (as opposed to Veva) so everyone assumed she donated nothing.
To understand i guess you'll have read everything here in order:


she also said some lowkey racist dismissive shit in the past, before the whole drama, and back in FLAG era she claimed racism is no longer a thing in America.

No. 1611608

File: 1660089265483.jpg (52.23 KB, 500x413, shoop2.jpg)

Well damn, Emilie lost her mind again. A few days ago she started talking about her "secrets how to make every pic ICONIC"… and boom, ofc she wants to make cash on this too.
30$ for her photoshop presents, or rahter, instruction how to whitewash your photo, because of course goth = pale skin.

And of course she's stupid enough to claim that photos on the left are untouched. sure jan, cause ought to believe that this pic is "straight out of camera", especially that baby smooth tendon-free neck and pasty, perfect face with smooth & blend brush streaks all over. and some warm filter slapped on. bitch please

No. 1611614

File: 1660089858652.jpg (42.73 KB, 500x261, shop drama1.jpg)

Very wise Emilie, using black woman photo and bleaching her skin lighter, especially after huge drama and in turn whole fandom calling her racist anyway. if it was anyone else, it'd slip under the radar but considering her racist ass has been agressive towards black people and obsessing over snow white skin for years… no one's gonna look at it any other way after shit she said. she's throwing the bait and creating her own problems

she only made the pic look worse btw

No. 1611618

File: 1660090163185.png (1.26 MB, 972x722, shop.png)

she's trying to cash in on literally anything right now, why not selling used up tips or cigarettes like toopoor?

This is cracking me up that she tries to sell this, or even fucking desktop wallpaper for 30$ minimum. Like bitch, you can achieve same effects if not better in 2 minutes, without fucking Photoshop, in every free online editor tool. what the fuck

No. 1611642

Which one of these is the after
I hope it's not left cause that one's almost unreadable lmao

No. 1611649

left is before, right is after. pretty much all of the after are just paler. she claims before is unretouched but both pics are redone and exaggerated

No. 1611783

>she also said some lowkey racist dismissive shit in the past, before the whole drama, and back in FLAG era she claimed racism is no longer a thing in America.
More on this? Really sad to hear that, I used to be a huge fan of her music and didn't get much exposure to her opinions

No. 1611948

File: 1660131606141.png (179.94 KB, 500x252, goth.png)

I'm trying to find but i can't for now. i'll keep trying but it's going to he tough now that EA interviews is gone, and some of FLAG interviews are gone from the net. not sure if i'll find it at all. here's what i found for now:

>She has clearly grown frustrated at how common and acceptable the words are. “Think about if somebody said ‘You fight like a black person.’ Would that be OK? Fuck no!” she exclaims “There would be a huge fucking riot, people would come down on it, it would be so, so completely unacceptable, but you can say that about girls and it is more than fine, in many cases it’s even funny.”

She would always tell THIS^ and one time (or a few times, idr) she either asked "Which by the way, is racism still a thing?" OR even more probable, she said something like "We're at the point where racism is no longer a problem/a thing in America, but misogyny is".

aside from that… her obsession with unusually pale skin is apparent, from chapters in her book telling how London aristocrats are jealous of asylum inmates and of their sickly white pallor. she's known to walk around with umbrella and tons of sunscreen on, even if the summer is over, bc she's so scared of going just 1 shade darker, lmao.

Finally, there were long time rumours that Emilie doesn't like black fans and treated them rather cold at M&Gs, but this one i can't verify.

No. 1612100

I never understood that slogan, what is the original white meat?

No. 1612101

While I do believe that Emilia likely has stereotypical and probably racist viewe about non-white people, I think claiming her obsession with having white skin is racial based is kind of a stretch, Goths have had an obsession with having pale chalk skin and dark hair since forever, its just an outdated aesthetic that she refuses to give up

No. 1612102

File: 1660147401945.jpeg (469.42 KB, 1170x1002, EBC3EAC8-6B8F-4972-837D-AACB2A…)

To be fair sunscreen and umbrella are not milky, just normal stuff to not get sun damage. Anyways, EA is at it again with a wonderful ~ChAlLeNgE~, she’s not even pretending anymore that she thinks her fans have collective 60 IQ points and she just wants to rip them off.

No. 1612108

i think it would be correct back in 2007, but Emilie isn't goth anymore. Despite her milking her audience with stupid "gothic af" merch, she very clearly has no interest in anything goth/gothic anymore. More: she seems rather visibly embarassed about her old style. And the irony is that back in opheliac era she was claiming she's NOT goth (she altered between "i'm so goth" and "i'm not goth duh" a few times). the pale skin obsession remained, and i'm not even sure if that has anything to do with her goth phase tbh

No. 1612114

It may not be milky, but i think it's kind of laughable that she carries it around and can't do without protecting her skin at all cost. it's way more than protecting skin, she wants it to be as pale as possible, and she clearly treats her ~unusually white skin~ as another NLOG point. i'm not sure if this has to do with her racist views, it's just stupid. how many people slap on sunscreen and take umbrella all fucking year except winter, in New York? people don't care.

>use my shitty preset (which i know you have because you're sofucking dumb you'll buy anything from me), anyway

Yes, sure Emilie. everybody's jumping eagerly on your new challenge. I hope desperate idiots who will participate at least know they can get same results with free edit tools from google or even inbuilt iphone apps

No. 1612121

The original white meat is chicken. The other white meat is pork. It was a slogan used to get people to eat pork instead of chicken

No. 1612129

The theories that Emilie is bdp make more sense if you take Swallow seriously.

> I'll tell the truth all of my songs

> Are pretty much the fucking same
> I'm not a faerie but I need
> More than this life so I became
> This creature representing more to you
> Than just another girl
> And if I had a chance to change my mind
> I wouldn't for the world

> I don't want to be a legend

> Oh well that's a god-damned lie, I do
> To say I do this for the people
> I admit is hardly true

Admitting her own creation of a false sense to secure her vision of herself as unique. Fantasies about grandiosity. Awareness of the gap between her dreams of uniqueness and the reality of her music.

The delusions of grandeur could be bipolar manic phase, but the rest seems more in line with borderline or some other cluster b.

Opheliac also sounds like a self aware description of losing control, manipulation attempts, fear of rejection. Honestly Opheliac the album seems like the last time she had anything interesting to say about herself in music- FLAG is too fantastical and boring.

No. 1612134

she admitted in Enchant era interview that "she's not above creating fantastic dramas and madeup stories just to have something to write about"

No. 1612496

Pretty much that screams BPD. But she didn’t like it so she went doctor shopping to fish for the more ~special~ diagnosis.

No. 1612497

She is consistent with BPD because in bipolar the grandiosity and what not during manic episodes look different. They’re practically psychotic episodes, meanwhile with BPD those people just use the outlandish lies to manipulate others and expand their feelings of self importance and superiority. They need attention and the audience. Bipolar is different, it’s an actual mental illness.

No. 1617548

File: 1660645519690.jpg (508.01 KB, 1080x1753, IMG_20220816_122310.jpg)

EA does AMA, kind off.


She expects fans calling her out so questions can only be sent via email.
I cannot with the photos that she has chosen to go with the post, they have a narcissistic ana-chan vibes

No. 1617551

File: 1660645918409.jpg (592.39 KB, 1080x1950, Screenshot_2022-08-16-12-26-11…)

No. 1617607

>So there are no comments. This too is heartbreaking in the sense that, and you may not realize this, but I desperately want to connect more completely with you—to be able to intelligently converse and share and exchange. We can do that in person, of course, because the wrong people never show up in person. Isn’t that funny… So, perhaps we’ll have to arrange that;).
>wrong people

what a bitch. the whiny, bitchy tone of her voice, the accusation in it all, as if it's aall WRONG PEOPLE's fault. you closed all those spaces, Emilie, because you couldn't stand anything but people licking your ass. what a sissy

No. 1617609

I think she's leading up to an expensive meet and greet based on this and her recent post on Insta of some old meet and greet photo, anyone who has any number of followers or community knows you do not long to connect with them, especially not in person, (it's work, and people who demand from you hold no mystique) she longs to keep wringing that cash out of her followers

No. 1617611

File: 1660655069942.png (1.03 MB, 986x647, journal.png)

Apparently she sent emails to people that got faulty/shitty merch and were trying to contact her for MONTHS. she didn't give refunds, ofc. She offered free JOURNAL PRINT PDF DOWNLOAD. seriously emilie. seriously?

No. 1617612

File: 1660655124914.jpg (94.76 KB, 500x667, 1ea.jpg)

No. 1617620

Most of her newest posts on insta have just people calling her out. asylum emporium ig is all people dragging her, as they should.
Anyways, bitch is clearly reading WVC religiously and seeing comments.

you think so? i honestly can't imagine her doing real meet and greet. she wouldn't be able to control who comes in and who not, who's the "right people" and "wrong people" lol
why does this pic looks badly shooped? whats up with her arms

No. 1619436

File: 1660848423441.png (87.78 KB, 491x502, Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 19.46…)

Few are falling for it.
Also is she really on Broadway or can you fudge the location data on instagram?

No. 1619477

You can just select a location on Instagram, doesn't mean you're actually there.

Her business decisions are very 00s, like selling stuff from aliexpress or whatever when normie girls have been shopping there for cheap stuff since the mid 2010s, that would only have worked in like 2005 when people didn't know better. Same as expensive adobe presents when, as those comments state, you can do all this stuff free with an app now. Also adobe are out of favour in the art community because of their crazy subsciption fees, again you can get free or cheap programs that do the same thing now.
Even the way she advertises it with "magazine cover" is so dated.
However idiots do still buy her stuff or she wouldn't keep doing it, but she is supposed to be a musician so maybe make some music instead of running a merch stall full time.

No. 1619519

She apparently lives in Manhattan centre, like she can see Central Park from her window. definitely threw A LOT of cash into a dream that won't come true.

No. 1619537

File: 1660858271266.png (1.01 MB, 1384x830, krr.png)

I thought a bit if i should post about it or not, but that account isn't private or anything, all in the open, so i shouldn't care tbh. You know how Emilie is towards most of her fans, right? She doesn't care about anyone. Occasionally compliments someone, but very occasionally. So it was even weirder for me to discover that Emilie has this very odd "relationship" of sorts, friendly i mean, with one chick on Insta.

Katrinrosenrot is her handle, she has two interests only. One is drawing, another is stanning Emilie, always. I mean she's LIVING through Emilie only. Take each post of EA and she's always there, confessing her endless love. Seems like a typical stan in a parasocial relationship with The Mistress, no big deal. Except, Emilie is following her back, and leaves her comments too almost on each post.
It's kind of weird to see, cause the chick is not exactly anachan opheliac nymph sized, and Emilie despises fat people. Maybe she feels she owes her something, because the chick lives so vicariously through EA, probably buys all her Emporium shit too. But it somehow crosses the border a little.

Katrinrosenrot draws a lot of Emilie & Asylum related fan art. She also… draws her comic/graphic novel called Heart Gear. It's some sort of Stockhill-asylum tier shit taking place in some sort of bordello, iirc.(?) The lead character is called… Evelyn Liddel. And she also plans to do, you guessed it, a musical! She writes songs and holds castings for it. She also draws her characters in asylum/EA crossover.

Idk what EA is doing, but i don't think it benefits that chick in the slightest. She's sitting at home, drawing EA fanart, drawing her ripoff story, writing comments on EA's insta, eventually slapping on red wig and cosplaying Emilie. And EA is only encouraging her. She seems to think she's some sort of insider, I've seen her thanking Emilie and Marc for being her friends and being in her life or whatever. Idk it's just weird. I feel sort of bad for that girl, and idk this seems like rather unhealthy obsession. And EA only keeps it up, probably so that Katrin continues to buy her dropshipped trash.

Thoughts? Opinions?

No. 1619538

File: 1660858426481.png (141.44 KB, 740x858, krrr.png)

examples of comments shared, but it's just on every post, or every second post.
also kek, the girl is drawing NSFW burlesque themed pics as well and Emilie is complimenting them. But when her fans who work in actual burlesque scene and have pinup profile pics leave comments on her insta, she calls it "disgusting porn bots" lol

No. 1619560

I don't have much to add to this but I've seen this account before and I too reacted the same way you did. EA is cold and haughty towards her fans unless she's trying to butter them up to sell them something… and she rarely bothers to acknowledge them in the comments even then. Katrin is probably her biggest cash cow who pays the bills. With that level of obsession, the amount of money she'd be willing to spend must be endless.

No. 1619571

Girl probably gives Emilie a bunch of money, there's no reason to have that kind of communication with a fan unless they're you're #1 sponsor

No. 1619580

i would hope for this girls sanity she realizes one day that EA is using her. But i doubt it'll happen soon. She probably knows about stuff EA does and doesn't care. she's probably the one sending "you're all so mean! why are you cruel to Emilie!" type of confessions to WVC.

The others who still buy at emporium are similar. About 10-12 accounts of the same trade, W14A_inmate tier handle, just less obsessed.

No. 1619603

Why is she doing this? She could easily gain a lot of money, make her fanbase happy and attract a slew of new fans if she got a little more creative about things.
New music, even if it's not exactly the same as the old stuff (something that's a sort of updated callback to the fairy/Enchant era would be especially clever these days, everyone loves "fairycore/grunge"). Clothes and accessories that are actually interesting, even rare/one of a kind pieces if she doesn't want to get stuck producing them or having them produced 24/7. Collab with some cool indie designers/artists to make merch. Hell, personal blog posts and poetry. I think even book or film reviews/recommendations would excite people. She could literally do something as simple as playing and commenting on "gothic-style" games like Alice: Madness Returns or Mad Father, she's already popular enough that it'd bring on positive buzz. Do something good for an animal charity or group, something related to rats or mice. Just…something. It didn't have to be this way.
I get the sense that she wants to lean away from the whole "gothic/alt" thing and get more into "serious" theatre content, but then it frustrates her that people aren't as into that, so she puts out very half-assed content like the "Asylum" digital journal, which doesn't satisfy anyone, and she gets even more frustrated.

No. 1619658

It's because she NEVER acknowledges she did something wrong, and never takes any sort of advice. she's convinced she's always right.
The problem is, she doesn't sell what her fans want to buy. She sells garbage that SHE would buy and wear.
She obviously hates Enchant and now seems like she hates Opheliac era too. she's clearly ashamed of goth phase (it WAS a phase, mom!). She's been fixated on this Broadway/musical nonsense for 12 years now. sad. i guess the reason she's still in it is she honestly believes she WILL debut on Broadway, cause she thinks she is so BRILLIANT and made for Broadway. like, for real. she's fucked in the head, but not in the cool, glittery way. Perhaps she is that medically legit narcissist after all. Borderline chicks can be a lot, but i think they are never as self-obsessed and delusional as her.

Idk, i don't even want her to get better at this point. I'm past the point of that. let her fuck it up if she wants. she's ruined her fandom, that's her choice. all her choices. People have been warning her and giving her super valuable advice FOR YEARS, and she reads WVC for real. she's seen it all, but she doesn't care. she thinks she's right. She clearly isn't interested in music anymore. I get it, i stopped making music/art too because i'm depressed as fuck. But her problem is that she just want to be famous. she wants to HAVE music, but she doesn't like making or playing music. She just wants to HAVE Broadway show, and be an instagram influencer.

No. 1619675

She showed herself "making music" she wipped out cubase DAW with stuff loaded but didn't even bother to play it. Lol.

And yeah the whole Broadway thing is lame AF her fans aren't the Broadway type.

I used to like her as well but cmon emilie…

No. 1619680

>She clearly isn't interested in music anymore. I get it, i stopped making music/art too because i'm depressed as fuck. But her problem is that she just want to be famous. she wants to HAVE music, but she doesn't like making or playing music. She just wants to HAVE Broadway show, and be an instagram influencer.

Maybe I'm biased as a "creative" but making music is not that hard, like honestly coming up with creative tat to sell people is harder than making music.

No. 1619691

I think you've got a little bit of a misunderstanding cause you're right, music seems way too easy to make these days. Half the time you can pay someone else to do it or outsource ("sample") a beat or a pre-existing song, and the other half you've got tech skills that lets garbage sound good.

Unfortunately, EA has a very niche and unique sound that is hard to just shit out and not commonly written by others. Her lyrics, quite frankly, are weirdly chaotic and very easy to spot as her own. Writing style does exist in lyrics– it's how I could tell Ryan Ross had written half of nearly witches. Some people just write like only themselves.

She could easily shit something out, but it would be shit, and she's too up her own ass about being a wunderkind to actually serve up that shit to her still existing fans. I don't think her music is easy to make. And it's even harder to enjoy/sell.

No. 1619692

And Samefag cause I forgot– a tattoo and a song are not at all the same kind of art. Those are two entirely different skills. Like, not even the same world of art. Not at all comparable.

No. 1619695

Ayrt, it's not easy to make a music that is good. She made Behind The Music album, but is it good? it's shit.

All the shitty pop stuff you hear on the supermarket radio, even all the mediocre bands in indie band cow thread. it is music, but it is bad, or boring.

It's definitely not easy to create something brilliant, to write a vocal line that is not only original but good too. i mean sure anyone can write some music, but it's not easy to do really good stuff. Emilie was probably in some sort of creative/"manic" mode when she made Opheliac, but now she can't write a good song for shit

No. 1620921

Tbh the BTM album is shit because she is aping Andrew Lloyd Webber or whatever instead of making music to express herself.
Personally I've enjoyed the Passenger cover (wasn't crazy about it though), but most fans hated it… So it's not so easy for her nowadays to make something that most of her fanbase loves.

No. 1620981

Yes but that doesn't change the fact these songs are bad. Ignore musical, ignore ALW ripoff, the compositions are just truly bad on their own. Sometimes people rip off others but manage to transform it into something good, but this is not the case. FLAG was objectively more EA than BTM but it still had shit moments, just shit melodies and arrangements.
It's good if you like it, but i think Passenger is only good because the song is good. If you judge anything else, it was all purely Cubase shit. Opheliac was Cubase too, but it was good cubase shit. Opheliac was well made and original, this… not so much. the "electronic" sounds she made the cover of were very generic, something a beginner could make in 2 hours. too much "new FLAG musical emilie" for my liking, I was disappointed.

>So it's not so easy for her nowadays to make something that most of her fanbase loves.

it's not, but it just happens sometimes. people get less creative and stop writing good songs completely, it's not exclusive to Emilie

No. 1621257

atrt, Tat meaning crap/rubbish/trash not tattoos (not sure if that's only an English slang word, sorry for the misunderstanding if so), I make music myself to some degree (a little bit like hers, which is why I say so) she puts so much energy into maintaining her image and merch stall that she could put into writing.

No. 1621523

I notice a lot of people in the fandom just want her to write music, and tour. I honestly don't care. Even if she writes new music and makes new album, it will be just unlistenable, boring, musical crap, and she's NOT going to tour. i don't have any hope for the better. pretty much stay for the milk atm. Idk it's past the point. FLAG was shit but now putting all recent years into perspective, it was the last moderately enjoyable time. the ship has sailed long ago

No. 1622560

I honestly don't the songs she released for the musical are terrible. They're decent. Where they absolutely fail though is as actually compelling narrative musical songs in a completed show. They're mostly just characters singing about who they are. I can't imagine any coherent story being created with these songs. They are pretty hollow imitations of what EA thinks a goffik showtune would sound like. They're okay but they fail as a musical soundtrack

No. 1622892

Idk. I find them unlistenable, but i hate musicals in general. People interested in musicals explained she ripped off melodies from various other musicals, and overall sound is copied from Andrew Lloyd Webber, so it falls flat bc it's not hers, in some places. maybe it sounds good if you like that kind of thing, but to average listener it's generic af/ Her voice sounds unnaturally sugary fake and pretentious
I also think the problem is nobody fucking nobody wants this musical at this point. her fans & ex fans are fed up, and outsider people don't care either

No. 1677975

File: 1666048183681.png (175.08 KB, 1028x1664, wvcc.png)

Lol the drama rn on WVC. Nurse admin was "akshually" correcting everyone whilst whiteknighting EA hard on priv account, and when ppl started arguing, she blocked and deleted first all comments that didn't agree with her point of view, then yeeted everything, "because one of accounts was pro ana" or something. kind of funny to see.

The argument was over whether Emilie Autumn is anti-medication or not. i'm interested what you anons think on this subject, anons saying she is mentioned "Take The Pill" and that time she told her fans not to do birth control. someone mentioned her glorifying bipolar & cutting as a reason her fans denied to get help/meds as well.

No. 1677979

File: 1666048293322.png (1.25 MB, 786x908, wvccc.png)

it was all in response to this confession.

No. 1677984

If the account is a joint account with her personal one than maybe it would block on both.
As for the confession it's stupid to blame a SONG for your personal medical choices. IIRC the comments were talking about how they avoided being sectioned specifically because of Emilie(?)

The amount of blame these people put on Emilie for their own personal choices is astounding

No. 1677996

File: 1666049589303.png (268.65 KB, 1440x1069, wayward.png)

>So I blocked the accounts
>Matter solved
Kinda sounds like she intentionally blocked them from the wayward account specifically for disagreeing with her.
It's funny they judge Emilie for the way she handles things and then handle things themselves so badly. The admin of that blog do have their own personal issues with health and mental health based on a recent NAC, but they are not really allowing a place for free discussion if they post confessions and then hop under them to immediately disagree with them and block anyone who argues.

No. 1678002

I think everybody started the argument (EA is anti-med) because of how Nurse initially reacted to OP. she deleted that comment quickly before, but it was kinda snarky lulz ur wrong etc.

No. 1679136

Umm… nope. I make music using the most complex DAW… bitwig.. it's extremely hard to make a very good song in it using nothing but midi and synths like I do, no loops or samples…

Just a midi controller, synths, and the DAW.

And mixing and mastering is a whole nother art of itself… make sure levels are good, frequencies don't clash, reverb and delay is just right,the right amount of compression to give the track glue, sidechaining, metering, etc…

It's extremely complex stuff that takes decades to reach Grammy level.

No. 1679351

File: 1666198027654.png (121.48 KB, 1004x976, new.png)

An interesting ask. Yeah, i remember that drama. Idk how it came that this topic was brought up originally, I think maybe they were discussing if Emilie is against trans people or not (mainly because said "tranny" is the past). Admins ofc were like NOOO TRANSPHOBES FUCK OFF and then some girl disagreed on trans thing and explained why (being understandably terrified of them, because she was raped in a bathroom by a troon.) Admins were cold af to her and honestly treated her horribly.

No. 1679357

File: 1666198810105.jpeg (882.04 KB, 1125x720, 591FBD7E-B81F-42A6-996F-8DCD06…)

I’m surprised EA hasn’t come for Petals and Poison foaming at the mouth yet. Her new “collection” isn’t even subtle. I feel like shes doing what EA did, but the “world building” for her music just isn’t as immersive and it just doesn’t hit the same way, but at least she gives her fans unique merch most of the time and doesn’t seem like a crazy bitch. She’s like, EA 2.0 but is just kinda missing the something something that made people so crazy into EA.

Her new asylum collection is so blatant though. Like, logo and everything.

No. 1679360

File: 1666199025490.jpeg (5.37 MB, 3087x4114, F529D216-A71A-4C44-B4D1-D85C60…)

The logos next to each other

No. 1679362

The 'no true tranny' phallacy

No. 1679368

i'm trying to search for those posts i mentioned rn
woah, that's true. Maybe she doesn't know (yet). Or, maybe she can't make a fuss because she stole her asylum logo back in a day as well?
Speaking of ripoffs, I'm surprised EA didn't say anything about Arrow de Wilde ripping off her costumes. i know she would if this was 2010 lol

No. 1679372

I feel like there's gotta be milk in the wealthy LA goth community but no one's spilling the tea

No. 1679412

Alright i found posts i mentioned. not sure if anybody wants to see though? it's old milk and more related to WVC readers being cows than EA so idk.

No. 1679419

Please drop the ancient milk

No. 1679449

File: 1666206480178.png (325.14 KB, 1236x1952, wvc2.png)

Girl just said that if EA is transphobic, then she might have good reasons to be. WVC admins immediately accuse her of sending transphobic slurs in a thinly veiled way, and say whatever her opinion and why, doesn't matter, fuck off.
>you can go to a therapy for treating PTSD, trans person can't become not-trans uwu
Uh, right, you're only raped, no big deal. you can go to a doctor and get better, male is a true victim cause he cannot go woman organically!

No. 1679450

File: 1666206557180.png (541.63 KB, 1152x1564, wvc3.png)

The biggest cows are honestly some of the idiots replying in the comments.
"a lot of them are pedos, rapists and abusive to women"
>WVC: oh NO you're transphobic!!!!
>anons: lol NO THEY DOn'T shOW me tHe pErCenTaGe

Damn what tf is wrong with them. Yes there are trans people who don't rape/abuse, but then there also are huge numbers of those who DO. That's why males, also males on hormones, shouldn't be allowed in women bathrooms. Because, HOW are women supposed to recognize which trans woman is a rapist and which just wants to pee? HOW? Go and see? Just check? Walk inside and see yourself if that trans is a rapist or not?
>Some anti-trans movements admitted trans bathroom predator is entirely made up
No words. Sure, it's made up, all the victims are just lying~ *~i'm a passionate feminist, but i choose to protect trans rapists over women~

No. 1679577

It looks like a collab. There's a link to an EA song on their asylum page.

No. 1679611

Hmm… if so she has weird attitude towards promoting anything of value. In October her book was released in Germany, in German, but she said nothing.

No one mentioned yet, but she deleted all of the dropshipping stuff, all bags and shit. also deleted everything relating to BLM (but it's been gone for a longer while iirc)

No. 1679756

It’s not a collab. She put some EA songs on a Halloween playlist for the asylum but that’s it. If you even go to the collabs tab on the website she’s not even mentioned.

No. 1680981



kek nonnie

No. 1730323

I wanna steal Marc from her. Need me a bootlicker bf who will support my bullshit and root for me just as much.

No. 1730353

File: 1671408899871.jpg (48.38 KB, 500x677, tumblr_c07d056f01751f136470da0…)

Why someone bumped? Anyways, while we're at it. Guess Emilie Autumn disappeared from the surface of the earth.
She didn't even reply to those 20 questions thing she announced a year ago or something. (not even talking about musical, heh.) She's not posting on insta either i think. Weirdly enough, she has some new feature in Sonic Seducer magazine lately.

And weirdest thing that hasn't been mentioned here. Google (guess mistakenly) added her to… fucking Maroon5 tour list, lel

No. 1730354

Also i'll leave a small observation i don't think i've seen mentioned by fans that often… TAFWVG is HEAVILY ripping The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter. The whole chapters of Mary Sue being bought by Count de Rothsberg, living in his mansion, getting abused (possibly raped? i don't remember), discovering that he was a stash of pornography books/paintings, finding out he killed The Captain's sister by hanging her on the ceiling on some sort of torture device(?) and left to bleed. Even how Emily escaped Count with a help of her family relative. It's just sort of lifted from Angela Carter. It's fitting, because stories like that were real in XIX century, but it was hard not to notice similarities while re-reading The Bloody Chamber lately.

No. 1732123

I was hoping someone would blatantly rip her off to spur her into action for something, even if it's just sperging

No. 1770699

File: 1676689009780.png (86.79 KB, 1094x574, Screenshot 2023-02-17 at 9.55.…)

Latest from WaywardVictorianConfessions!

No. 1770851

I kind of believe this. She was very underweight and manic eyed in the last pics she posted

No. 1770858

If this is real, I hope she recovers

No. 1770868

same. it's also very clear she has a restrictive ED that has been spiralling for years. i don't know why the fandom, who has no problem with her bipolar and who often romaticize mental illness themselves, keep attacking anyone who brings this up as "bodyshaming" and what not. ea has posted extensively about what she eats, that she eats, the endless list of things she cuts out from her diet due to mysterious allusions to health, while simultaneously growing skinnier and skinnier. she's been looking really sickly for a long while now. i guess if you're not ash-tier spoopy then it's not enough for her fanbase to care?

i hope ea recovers if it's true. she seems to be truly happy with marc and i hope she'll get to go back to her little family and get back on track.

No. 1770893

Damn i hope she’ll get the help she needs.
Wasn’t she vegan? I remember when she was posting on Twitter about how harmful it is to eat tofu because of the estrogen. Back then I didn’t know lolcow but was already thinking about her cow behavior and she clearly has the tinfoil hat on.

No. 1770943

I dont really believe this unless that anon gives source. I've seen anon on WVC deny this alreaey, saying theyve seen Marc posting recent insta story of him and their dog and EA was in the sight. Nobody screenshotted though.

I believe she had ana problem again at most and also was done with social media bc ppl were mocking her idiotic decisions. Notice she never posted 20 questions, wonder what kind of messages she got.

No. 1770947

She stopped vegan and went vege in 2012 or so bc she got stomach ulcers. I remember she eve gained weight noticeably at the time.
She def has ED. She clearly talked about starving herself as teen bc someone called her fat and she always talks about digestive bisquits as a dinner and whatnot. She also announced fasting for 3 days to look good for FLAG video shooting, and she wasnt naturally spoopy in those early pics modeling her morhers costumes. Her fans are dumb as fuck for denying its ED.

No. 1781575

My bet’s on munchie & ED getting out of control and her losing touch with reality. Like already her hospital bride shit and the robe pictures were super odd behaviours.

No. 1781586

Tinfoil: the entire hospital bride concept and her recent spiral stems from Marc not wanting to put a ring on it, and her acting out in true BPD fashion with the ED, hinting at brides and morality and her health issues.

No. 1781748

kek, WVC anons are watching, you BET they're gonna bitch about you now bc called her "munchie". i mean, stomach ulcers/copper toxicity/lots of food allergies, which she all claimed at some point, is a common result of long time vegan diet. I don't remember her newest health problems, something gastric i think she mentioned on old insta post. ED is something i definitely believe she has, i mean she left no ground to doubt with her behaviour.
Hospital bride/bracelet "fine art" is just her typical bullshit, always on her hospital theme. i'd be very surprised if she wanted to get married so bad. she joked about getting married/their future child but idk.

No. 1781768

File: 1677859723760.png (1.19 MB, 824x758, ea.png)

Marc seems to be very busy with his new film project "Old Man" lately and attended some film festivals. i'm actually surprised because a lot of very famous actors came to premiere. maybe tinfoil that he's financially based film producer/screenwriter and Z lister actor on the side was true.

i looked up these events, i'm surprised EA didn't take a chance to pose on the walls. i thought, is it her in the audience? the hairdo looks like her. that was november last year though.

No. 1781778

File: 1677860296463.png (918.87 KB, 694x918, marc.png)

Again, i think Marc ghostwrites screenwrites.

>18 months ago this special human sent me a script by an unknown play-write that I couldn’t put down. I agreed to produce it with @paperstreetpictures and despite a pandemic and some crazy curveballs, we are here.

No. 1794996

he cute
I want to steal him from her(sage your shit)

No. 1853552

File: 1687793212126.png (296.37 KB, 1426x844, ea.png)

Surprise, she's back on Instagram. And of course she's not posting anything normal, she's shilling AI apps art, kek.

No. 1853553

File: 1687793284532.png (107.37 KB, 930x1448, ea2.png)

This is ridiculous… she learned nothing after her NFT phase, did she

No. 1853554

File: 1687793582854.png (30.64 KB, 718x708, ea3.png)

Girl is crazy, pretending she painted this by hand, all on her own. you can just SEE it's AI.

No. 1853563

It would take many years of hardcore learning and work to be able to paint at this level. Her insta should have been full of similar art through the years and works in progress shots. Who is she trying to fool?

No. 1853587

File: 1687798624331.jpg (61.18 KB, 450x620, tumblr_l1nljd6Bta1qbhyiro1_500…)

The only painting she's done by hand was iirc that one with the rat. That and those half-painted, half-drawn with felt tip pen pics of pink Lithium bottles and leeches with various "quirks" (sorry, mental illnesses that unfortunately aren't as cOoL as Emilie's bipolar). All included in original version of her book, so all dated 2007-2010 at best. Yes, that's all the extent of her artworks.
(If we exclude these badly done drawings she posted on her site in Enchant era, picrel example)

No. 1853605

samefag, fuck there was a bunch of very bad pencil drawings by her, looking much worse than the one posted above, but ofc I can't find any archives now. Archive.org became unusable because her pages were always entirely based on Flash, so now nothing works, and google yields nothing. I'm sure these drawings are stashed away on some old EA fan tumblr blogs, but i can't find anything. Anyways, my point is she was never good at art. she kinda sucked at "realistic" pencil pics. yes it's been 20 years, but i don't believe she ever practiced drawing, much less painting before NFT/muh hospital trash as art~ era.

No. 1853610

File: 1687800936140.jpg (12.86 KB, 264x370, tumblr_ojwuaxSGDn1tadmplo1_400…)

found two.

No. 1853615

File: 1687802147730.jpg (22 KB, 399x370, tumblr_ojwuaxSGDn1tadmplo2_400…)

No. 1853616

The faces are derpy but the rest is not bad

No. 1853621

Yep i'm mostly talking about faces. Weird to think she'd go from this to this full detailed painting. All of this aside, you can just tell it's AI painting by how it looks, idk. Guess the whole "you won't be able to tell if it's computer or real!" aspect of AI isn't really true after all

No. 1853631

The comments are hilarious nobody is buying this shit and everyone suspects AI. This id the most ridiculous shit so far but typical for her to try to obviously scam without much effort of hiding it.

No. 1853634

Just waiting for inevitable dirty delete of entire comment section & leaving maybe 2 positive comments from those 2 obsessed plague rats who always kiss her ass. and maybe Marc, if he even commented yet lol

No. 1853665

I have never seen this blind to her own target audience.

No. 1853703

Never seen this before, but cringe if she’s saying she drew this. It’s an illustration of Alice (in Wonderland) by Arthur Rackham. Cringe even if she doesn’t claim she drew it. “The story of miss emilie autumn”
Really no original thought in that head, huh? Everything including your “backstory” being pilfered from other artist’s work…

No. 1853738

Is that literally lifted from the book? i thought she re-drew that identically from original Alice drawing, but i don't remember if she stated the source material. It's a shame that "the story of Emilie Autumn" part of the 2002 website doesn't work, because i would expect she included some bullshit fake story in that section (aka artists biography page).
I wonder why she never pushed the "i'm Alice Liddel descendant!" story back in Enchant era… I mean, she had a person (unrelated in any way to Alice Liddel) with Liddel surname in her family (who she saw about once in her life btw according to her, lol). but she didn't try to milk it until Opheliac era

No. 1853805

you can tell she didn’t paint this because it looks nothing like her and you know this idiot would only ever paint herself. so happy to see she’s ugly now btw.

No. 1854018

"Inspired by her own costumes, bipolar brain, and theatrical aesthetic, EA's new artworks delve into magical realism for the first time. Combining digital and physical painting on canvas, she completes the pieces with the crackled glaze of a centuries-old classic, giving a wink to the dichotomy between old and very, very new."
Lots of words for "midjourney fantasy prompts"

No. 1854040

This literally looks like shit Grimes would post

No. 1854059

File: 1687853500684.png (54.12 KB, 886x634, 1e.png)

>EA's new artworks delve into magical realism for the first time.
Good that it's stated on site, but she never claarified it's digital neither on instagrm nor on her website. Guess she changed that just now, seeing the backlash.
This is how it is described now versus how it used to be just yesterday, kek.

No. 1854061

File: 1687853679542.png (39.82 KB, 930x546, 23.png)

and no, i don't believe it's mixed. I don't think she painted a single thing here and then added "a bit" of AI… that's not art, Emilie.
The funny thing is bitch would be sperging sooo much against AI art & music back in Opheliac era, especially past 2010

No. 1854062

File: 1687853940973.png (266.78 KB, 956x1468, eax.png)

The idiocy of her writings, so fucking pretentious.
>off to record
bitch please, we know you aren't.
What's left to "record", anyway? Another 3 hours of new musical songs that won't ever happen? I thought she's recorded all of her shitty musical songs by now.

No. 1854069

File: 1687856313726.jpg (35.38 KB, 604x579, IMGE_29211.jpg)

I can't tell if I respect her persistence or am in awe of her complete delusion. Most mid-par artists usually give up around their 40s, but she's still going strong. What will happen next? Who knows. Though I predict her becoming a Tradthot.

No. 1854083

I read in her comments someone mentioning it's only crypto left for her to try, so Ratcoin is next kek

No. 1854214

I lurk the waywardvictorianconfessions blog and people have been posting worried about her silence, very on brand for her to come back scamming with obvious midjourney art which she 'painted'
Sounds like she prints it on canvas and puts a glaze over it so it's a 'painting' - art Twitter has outed a few fake artists doing stuff like this. prepare for the fake 'sketches' or fake palette/studio setup to be photographed as proof.

No. 1854276

File: 1687884228717.jpg (309.96 KB, 1416x1024, vW4qZRwIUeuSO.jpg)

>Though I predict her becoming a Tradthot.
It's actually not that much of an out-there prediction btw- see, most of the former 'riot grrls' who didn't end up with the fame they had imagined for themselves. Instead, they settled down and married slightly more successful men. For example, Kathleen Hanna married one of the former Beastie Boys, and another one (whose name I forget) was a writer associated with the Riot Grrrl movement and used to read Solanas. However, when the audience wasn't there and, most importantly, there was no money to be made, she married a man and had two-three sons(she even wrote a blog piece about it that was shared among MRA circles) so yeah faux feminists giving up their ideals for male security is expected imo.

No. 1854389

File: 1687892605735.png (248.85 KB, 622x1318, new.png)

New "art" from Emilie. This REALLy looks like something out of Grimes "inspo" folder, kek.
I'm very curious why she called this "Biscuits". Makes me think of that time she sperged on twitter how she's eating a small packet of digestive biscuits only for dinner. anachan vibes

No. 1854403

>Mixed media, digital and acrylic paint on canvas.
Why is she doubling down on this? The image got the tell-tale signs of AI like no hands, strange anatomy and random pieces of cloth and flowers placed in an odd way.

No. 1854417

To Kathleen’s husband’s credit he openly identifies as a feminist. He got in trouble a while back for speaking out about how he disliked gay guys (called them faggots lol) and trannies when growing up in NYC because they would harass him and his underage friends when they walked by them on the street outside gay clubs and stuff, he basically called a bunch of them out for being creepy predatory pedos, which caused quite a lot of seething among trannies and gays. His dad was accused of sexual assault by a number of women who worked with him and Adam said he believed the women and sided with them against his dad. So yeah he actually seems quite decent for a moid. Sorry for OT.

No. 1854418

File: 1687894478022.jpeg (182.33 KB, 1242x1669, 05F12019-FFA2-48F7-A50B-20EAE8…)

No. 1854430

Very embarrassing to post your midjourney generations as if they are your own paintings (and sell prints!) like this, like a kid running out of mcdonalds with their fries and calling themselves a chef.
You just typed words into the art stealing machine. Anyone who has used Midjourney knows you can get a result like this in your first few tries as well.

No. 1854432

so she printed out some AI art and painted on top of it to fix some shit and claims its her art now?

No. 1854435

Sage for OT, but I remember a Twitter video where a group of men were making very sexual comments in front a group of children, and gay men in the comments were laughing along, thinking it was the funniest thing in the world, there's something really messed up about gay male culture.

No. 1854493

File: 1687901253350.png (2.27 MB, 1488x1976, 222d.png)

More of the shit she's selling, taken from this site https://www.saatchiart.com/account/artworks/1838737
This is hysterical. WHO is buying these? Did she really think "Oh i'll just go on with that, my fans are dumb, at least same 5 of my fat psychofans with W14B type usernames will buy my new shit because they always do"

No. 1854495

Oh boo-hoo. Every girl experiences something like this and they (sadly) don't become man haters about it. Sounds like he's bitter and jealous gay men don't want to fuck him anymore now that he's wrinkly like a raisin.

No. 1854518

The sugar high one that even has the typical ai mutation/deformity.
I feel bad for her longtime fans who were/are so inspired by her, she hasn't put out music in so long, hasn't toured in like a decade, and just churns out rubbish for them to buy along with false promises of actual art. Like imagine spending hundreds to receive your ai art prints in the mail that you could have made yourself by typing victorian roses flowers pillar pink dress white hair or some shit

No. 1854528

I just can't believe how lazy and uninspired one can be… she just lacks ANY sort of passion or even any WILL do make art. I mean, guess she'd like to, but rather she wants to have her art already done, without having to do any job. It's like she wants to have a reputation of an artist, painter, sculpter etc all of the sudden, but she doesn't want to tire herself too much. All for easy money and narc fuel.

Still, it's all just done for a quick cash grab - what is she even doing for herself these days, truly? Any activities, hobbies she enjoys honestly? cause clearly she isn't interested in music & art for real, not unless it can be easily faked/stolen/half-assed, and unless it brings her money ofc.
All i can think of is she did ballet, maybe cooking. Maybe practising witchy voodoo fake asian buddah shit with Marc. Not much else.

No. 1854553

Projecting troon/haggot detected.

No. 1854617

For all that she’s always been a liar about her life and scammed, I always thought her music was good. Especially in Opheliac, her songs had good hooks and she felt more comfy singing. Then she got fixated on that musical idea with FLAG and you have to ask why. She was never a best seller but spending years on a musical (like those sell either) is hardly good for your career either. She seemed to use to like music and is the sole songwriter on her music. Does she not care anymore? Is all she cares about her dumb book and turning it into a musical that will never sell, and hawking trinkets and AI art on Instagram? I wonder if she burned all her musical bridges and that’s why she hasn’t put out music, if she scams all the people who’ve worked with her then word of mouth won’t be good.

No. 1854694

File: 1687929450128.jpg (43.78 KB, 640x360, IMG_6792.jpg)

again sage for OT, but they have a weird relationship I have known about Kathleen Hanna being married to Ad-rock for a long time but I still can't wrap my head around it. Adding to the weirdness is:
>They've been together since the mid-90s so during a good part of the Beastie Boys active years.
>I guess this partly explains the BB going "woke: during the 90s and apologizing to women for their 80s output.
>They have an elementary school aged son despite being in their 50s, who they are secretive about.(some tinfoil that they used a surrogate)

No. 1854772

File: 1687946327723.png (35.69 KB, 668x720, eaapic2.png)

Kek anons, i'm ugly laughing, can't believe this. Is she reading here? She just posted one of these bad drawings pre-Enchant era, and bending back forwards trying to convince everyone that these ABSOLTUELY prove that her ~AI~ style was always there! Omg, so ~fully cooked~, everything was there!

>Oh my goodness, his eyebrow! His flipping eyebrow! That's exactly how I draw them now! I think Biscuits has that eyebrow! I honestly can't believe it…it was all there, even then!

Jfc, the reach… is she fucking serious

>I regret that all of my earlier childish drawings and paintings were lost in the fire

kek sure jan

No. 1854775

File: 1687946425893.png (193.82 KB, 588x720, eaapic.png)

No. 1854783

File: 1687947722146.jpg (85.18 KB, 1000x1000, 973a085b93e7d7538388dee59f9092…)

>I wonder if she burned all her musical bridges and that’s why she hasn’t put out music
Essentially. I mean, she did put out parts of her musical intended songs in like 2018 or around, but nobody in her fandom fucking remembers this album exists so… If you lurk earlier posts from the thread you have all the info on what happened, her musical was intended to be staged by some shitty workshop organization, but obviously nothing came out of it (probably because they criticized her or asked to change something, lol). She burned bridges with the rest of people, Darren Lynn Bousmann theoretically still likes her but for some reason Emilie isn't interested. Maybe Bousmann was more interested in filming the musical, and she was always dumb enough to screech "Broadway first! THEN the film!".
Not even mentioning Adam Pascal, Ted Neely or fucking Sarah Brightman (kek), all of which she "planned" to cast in her musical, that was equivalent of a 6 year old saying he wants to be the king when he grows up.

No. 1854793

File: 1687951281115.png (46.49 KB, 722x802, 55.png)

Update: she edited her posts, now she's talking about her "art process" in Maya 3D.
Bitch please. These faces are those generic loli manga living doll type faces you can always find in AI-created shit posted by other cows like Grimes and whatnot.

No. 1854796

Is…is she really trying to pass off that VERY obvious AI art as hand drawn? I’m screaming

No. 1854797

Yes anon, that's the whole point of the drama. And the arguments she used (Enchant drawing having "similar style" elements)… kek
Anyways i see people are really roasting her in the comments, not only for lying & use of AI but also for pushing "muh family died in a fire" story again. EA's definitely reading comments and WVC, she indirectly to certain comments in her updated posts, lol

No. 1854798

I used to think that the whole 'Tortured Victorian Girl' was just a character she was playing,(like a lot of musicians do.) I had no idea that it was actually genuine up until a few years ago. Honestly, she could still save some face by claiming it was all a LARP.

No. 1854805

>This old bad sketch has a vaguely similar eyebrow shape as this AI pic so it proves that I painted it!!
Does she simply not understand that you can't fool actual artists or anyone who knows anything about AI or has more than 3 braincells?

No. 1854810

No, she's very much used to having fans who say "NO ITS NOT EA! HOW DARE YOU DOUBT OUR QUEEN! She said it's digital, now what? And if it's AI, so what? She's a struggling artist, she's trying to pay a rent, have you thought of what? And if she's lying, so what, her music saved me! NFT, AI, i still love you Emilie no matter what!! AI is art!! You're just jealous! Unfollow her!" etc. I mean that's exactly what her stans say in her comment section rn (arguing with those who call her out), quite amusing read.

Seen people laughing at this on her Reddit sub and I don't know if Troll Like a Girl blog is still going, but it would be the best time now for all the memes, kek.

No. 1854819

>Maya 3D
Who does she think she's fooling, Maya is mainly used for video games and is very expensive to license, why craft such a ridiculous lie when she could have just said Procreate or CSP? I mean we can still see it's AI generated but it would have been slightly less outlandish.

No. 1854947

File: 1687974394085.jpg (45.48 KB, 1152x648, Autodesk-Maya-interface.jpg)

"and do some 3d sculpting and lighting"
Picrel is the program she's saying she uses to rough out the shapes despite none of this ai art having an appearance of 3d and this obviously being a complex program nobody would use to rough out a sketch.
I kinda think her character is Emilie, the lying scammer who pretends to handpaint ai art, who pretends to be related to alice liddel, who pretends her family died in a fire, like it very much is a character and your suspension of disbelief is required to appreciate it, since it's all so ridiculous.

No. 1854956

It's like she just quickly had to Google what professional artists use. "Oh yes, I of course use the.. peeks Apple Pen and…the procreate app as well, I use these things just like my fellow artists!"

No. 1854964

the account is gone from the website..

No. 1854975

I wish Ea would have done something like florence did for the Odyssey. Do a bunch of music videos that tell the story of her book/musical. Hell its something she could do on her own with different costumes and shit, but I feel she has no musical interest anymore.

No. 1854983

kek you’re right. I wonder if she deleted it or if the company did? here’s an archive from yesterday https://web.archive.org/web/20230627121502/https://www.saatchiart.com/account/artworks/1838737

god she’s so embarrassing

No. 1854987

She always doubles down, she must have got mass reported for ai art since it seems this website is specifically for emerging artists making actual art.
That additional blurb >>1854793
was probably her fumbling after they contacted her for proof of authenticity, but of course she has zero videos or screenshots of her process which is kinda required these days.
Wonder if she'll go into hiding again or steamroll ahead.

No. 1855010

File: 1687983042042.jpg (133.44 KB, 600x1000, daughterofcow.jpg)

I got super inspired by Emilie Autumn the Amazing Artist and made my own drawing with the uhh inDesign and Blender and finishing touches with Paint Shop Pro

No. 1855022

Kek amazing, and you finished it with acrylic on canvas right?

No. 1855319

Omg anon this is amazing how you obviously hand painted this on canvas and the eyebrow totes lookes like your old sketches!

No. 1855430

File: 1688056082462.jpeg (165.89 KB, 828x1426, 3D88704F-2029-4188-A30B-52C05E…)

>Oh, I've written a post on Biscuits over at the blog which I may delete in 5 minutes.
Is she trying to play catch with us?

No. 1855432

File: 1688056190713.png (85.48 KB, 828x1792, B3345B9F-A2CF-499F-9373-E93478…)

What auto immune disease does she have?

No. 1855433

File: 1688056245826.png (107.6 KB, 828x1792, 3D84A859-46B6-4A52-AB6D-4EE51B…)

No. 1855437

File: 1688056658075.jpg (31.2 KB, 766x360, sMsjuvB0h8D_large-3051244067.j…)

>See that eyebrow?
That red herring needs to become a meme.

No. 1855461

did she slap some painting filter on this in photoshop or what?

No. 1855491

No idea, she mentioned getting treatments for some auto immune stuff a year ago but idk if she named the illness. Interesting that she talks about "losing tits and ass" and feeling less feminine… i mean there were times in Opheliac era when she was very boney, because of uclers in stomach as well as various allergies after vegan diet. she always denied ED but some stuff made people wonder… like when she starved herself bc someone called her fat, or that she didn't eat because she was depressed. she gained some in FLAG era and yes she was very skinny again in the last 8+ years, but not much more than in say 2007. If she supposedly lost drastic amounts of weight now, what illness could it be?

Also why do i feel like she's reading here, I was the anon wondering about meaning of Biscuits and how skinny the AI girl is vs other chicks AI (sorry, Emilie) "painted"

No. 1855497

File: 1688063392944.png (38.16 KB, 744x974, cc.png)

There are already tons of comments like that "Who cares it's AI! She's sick! Leave her alone!1!".
Like ok, she is ill, but still scamming? I hope she didn't write that post only to distract people so they stop calling her out.

No. 1855523

She is clearly bringing up health issues as some sort of shield. Oh poor me, don't tell me mean true things like how my pictures are AI generated because I'm sick and will faint if I hear critcism. And some are falling for it.

No. 1855779

File: 1688101955830.png (248.63 KB, 826x870, Img_81.png)

Honestly this whole fiasco shows she probably doesn't have any close friends or anyone looking out for her, cause they would have told her that this was retarded and would get her in trouble.

No. 1855822

>he probably doesn't have any close friends
>cause they would have told her that this was retarded
But they couldn't, because then EA would throw a rage fit and they wouldn't be friends anymore. (and their name in the libretto would be mysteriously changed to Charlotte kek)

No. 1855870

I'm placing my bets on Ehler-Danlos Syndrome and POTs, because she's always 10 years behind.

Or Rheumatoid arthritis, to be appropriately "Victorian"

No. 1855877

File: 1688131835416.jpg (41.01 KB, 457x354, 1f66c355011ce5982b24675f719cc8…)

This is old as fuck and unrelated, but this "i cut my hair off bc they abused me in psych waard!!!" post reminded me of something. I always had this impression she cut her hair off way, way earlier than that. Show was 2009, pics i post are 2008. She used to hide that real hair well, but if you look at 2008 live pics you can see her orange hair peeking from under wigs and stuff. so she either cut it off bc of hair damage or to fit the wig better. she then uncovered her bob when it grew out a bit.
Ngl kinda cringe that she tried to build this "just got abused in psychward lel" story around it, a whole year later.

No. 1855878


No. 1855907

I have rheumatoid arthritis, and none of that prevents eating lol. My bet is on gastopareisis, so she can get a feeding tube for those sympathy points, and to cover her ED, like the other munchie girlies. Honestly if she’s too lazy to produce music (what she’s actually good at), and the AI bullshit gets bad feedback and doen’t feed her ego’s need for attention and admiration, I can totally see her going down the munchie path as a “valid” excuse to stop making music and too feed her covert narcissism.

No. 1856304

File: 1688178242026.png (642.16 KB, 1080x1981, Screenshot_20230630-212322~2.p…)

Her newest "painting". This one is more believable but the ties are conspicuously hidden.

No. 1856308

Gastroparesis also isn’t autoimmune. There’s over 100 autoimmune diseases and she didn’t even state what part of her is affected so I’m assuming she’s full of shit. Anything from eosinophilic esophagitis to celiac disease could make maintaining one’s weight difficult but the simplest answer is her choosing not to eat and insisting it’s not her fault.
Yes, I definitely agree with you. Even if she does have an autoimmune issue they’re extremely common in women. I don’t believe anything this try hard idiot says. I’m embarrassed that I briefly thought she was cool when I was lie 12 but quickly snapped out of it when I saw a video of her trying to perform live. I’m kinda shocked that she hasn’t quietly disappeared to teach Suzuki violin to little kids or something. Do her few remaining diehard sperg fans toss enough money at her to support her?

No. 1856312

Honestly, it seems like she severely misunderstands her appeal and her target audience. People liked her dark, atmospheric and kinda edgy music (I liked it once), and in this era of coquettes, she could be even bigger than she ever was if she just knew how to market herself correctly.

No. 1856324

I see where you’re coming from but I think her appeal was always her image more so than her music. I remember back in the Opheliac days people would use pictures of her in edgy collages while not even realizing she was a musician. The coquettes probably consider her an old lady and woke types would accuse her of mocking the mentally ill and/or making light of psychiatric abuse. She needs to move on; her chance at being anything other than a MySpace musician passed over a decade ago. No idea who her target audience is or has ever been aside from teenage girls (and those with the mentality of teenage girls lol) who think being mentally ill makes one interesting.

No. 1856400

Kek at the feet. It's a simple picture, but hiding the toes (did the AI generate too many?) is very suspicious. She is too old and talented for this AI lie shit, it's just bizarre behaviour. This is motivating me to go practice my actual art skills. She is like an inspiration of how to not end up.

No. 1856431

It feels hysteric because… she DIDN'T. NEED. to use AI to paint this. She drew the original striped-stocking legs for the 2016(?) text-only version of Asylum book (albeit it was based on actual photo taken at AsylumExperience tours iirc so this could've been just a photoshop edit…).
That's so brilliant Emilie, especially the way you draw hands and feet

No. 1856437

She's not enough for coquettes, not pink frilly lace daddy uwu enough. I don't think they know about her at all. If anything, i've seen her reblogged at mall-goth/00's goth vampire freaks tumblrs (which is ironic because majority of zoomers never witnessed that time, not even 2007-2010 emo). But even that's not much, i see tumblr now hides posts older than 2-3 years ago so it feels like desert in her tag (too bad cause i'm nostalgic for 2010 EA content on tumblr with all the shitty memes etc). Idk about her "fame" on tiktok but i dont suppose she's thriving or anything.
The problem with her, she'd be absolutely famous NOW if she continued the Enchant fairy or Opheliac aesthetic, because 00's style, fairies, shitty mall goth clothes, corsets are trending now. I mean look, you can find these Enchant type camo corsets in every shop (i mean ofc cheap material/viscoze crop tops not real corsets but still). Zoomers would swallow this. Like ok, she doesn't have to be goth & pander to alt people, but no idea who is her target audience now, with SUCH tasteless merch… maybe 40+yo upper east side NYC women living rich and going to restaurants/Broadway shows, eventually people in I Heart NYC shirts. just people with bad taste, like her.

>I’m kinda shocked that she hasn’t quietly disappeared to teach Suzuki violin to little kids or something.
She can't, she hasn't touched the violin in more than a decade. Obviously she had jaw problems, but i think it's also that she didn't want. The violin players i discussed EA with said after 10+ years of not playing she absolutely has no skill anymore. like she maybe can play something, but never on a level to record/play live (and even back in her old times she always used playback and on VIPs she presented bad technique or beginner mistakes)

No. 1856471

tbf that does describe her music well. It wasn't bad per se; it was serviceable but nothing particularly memorable. It was more about the aesthetics than anything else.

No. 1856477

File: 1688217570982.png (112.92 KB, 365x374, Screenshot_20230701-151840.png)

>The problem with her, she'd be absolutely famous NOW if she continued the Enchant fairy or Opheliac aesthetic

I wish she would. As a teen I bought something from her Willowtech "handmade clothing" site in the mid-00s. A black skirt with pink lace. It's cute but selling it for multiple times the price would bring in a little extra cash rn. I only found the thumbnail, tho. I wonder if she actually made it, bc one of the buttons is slightly off center.

No. 1856485

File: 1688218938011.png (610.84 KB, 623x659, qqqqqqqq.png)

I think you'd make a pretty good money if you decided to sell it, her fans are crazy about old rare merch especially Willow Tech House/Enchant era. That being said, i think she 100% didn't make that skirt, she probably bought it and… added lace. I mean nearly all of WTH stuff (besides handmade chokers, soaps etc) were like that. She would literally just buy Disney tshirts and Disney lunchboxes and sew lace on it, kek.

No. 1856494

File: 1688219263957.png (1.56 MB, 798x898, 12.png)

Looking back now, majority of WTH stuff looks ugly and cheap. Definitely not worth the prices it went for. i know, Enchant/preOpheliac era vibes and all, but maybe besides handmade chokers, nothing in her shop was worth anything. It's just a bit of readymade something with a bit of lace or pink ribbon on top (that Walmart pink rag with just a butterfly glued on, lol). She was always lazy, she just had more halfbaked projects ideas which she'd pursue and abandon midway. Now she doesn't even try unless someone else can do it for her (chinese factories, AI, you name it).

No. 1856502

you're probably right that it wasn't completely handmade, but iirc there was only one for sale. It was a big deal for me at the time, I had to get my mother to order it with a credit card and I gave her my cash.

I never found a good shirt to wear with it because of how high-waisted it was. I did wear it a couple times. I'll inspect take some pics when I get home next week lol. It was 75 USD. I stopped liking EA during the Asylum period

No. 1856520

>I stopped liking EA during the Asylum period
That's interesting viewpoint because fans who liked her in Enchant era and stopped during Opheliac are rare to come across online. it's always people who came around 2007 and got "disenchanted" with her later on.

Anyways anons who said her Myspace Opheliac era was aimed at unstable teen girls are right. I heard in Enchant era she apparently had much much more varied and older audience. Like people who liked classical music, jazz, rock and generally older adults coming to her shows too. They left somewhere aroun Opheliac era and she was left with screaming underagers as fan base.

No. 1856543

>They left somewhere aroun Opheliac era and she was left with screaming underagers as fan base.
and the fan-base grew up and she only got worse, so does she have now expect a few hundred supporters?

No. 1856577

it's true, I went to one of her shows as a younger teen when I visited Chicago and the audience was full of older teens and adults. I didn't mind that at the time, in Europe it's not that uncommon to have mixed audiences for some genres. In retrospect the whole legend about how she was some musical genius was pretty dubious and I feel a bit stupid for liking the Enchant style and her songs without lyrics after finding out some of them were copied/stolen. When the Opheliac screamy stuff came out, and the romanticization of being in a psych hospital, it was such a U-turn from what I had liked before. Then the additional scammy stuff (stuff stolen, a fire, always excuses), I lost interest in her.

Sorry, this is blogposting a bit. I'm probably really lucky that I bought the skirt before she starting scamming everyone. I would have been heartbroken and embarrassed to have be scammed back then bc my (not from US) mom also asked a million questions about whether this was a legitimate shop site kek

No. 1856657

I guess you were pretty lucky you weren't scammed nonnie, surprisingly i heard nothing about WTH being a scam though. Guess she still cared back then. Enchant was great costume wise and musically cool 00's nostalgia vibe, but its just so upsetting that her best songs were plagiarized. What If is Silent all Those Years and Ever is note by note copied from Love Ridden by Fiona Apple, these 2 are already too blatant and yet there's much more
Opheliac still stands her most original album, and she accidentally managed to make something unique (shame the shows were ripped from Ophelia Rising tho). People search but cannot find stuff exactly in this vein, the closest you can find is Rasputina and the albums they did with Chris Vrenna.

>a few hundred supporters
If she's lucky. Striped Stockings facebook group was about 600, on instagraam she gets about 100 comments and maybe 2000 likes per post (6000 if it's old pic from Opheliac era, kek) I'm seriously wondering if it isn't that she now has even less active supporters/fans than in Enchant era.

No. 1856745

Wow, I didn’t realize she didn’t play anymore. She was already pretty sloppy during the Opheliac era but for whatever reason I just assumed she practiced regularly. I’m a classical musician and I’ve noticed that those who branch into other genres usually wind up abandoning classical music for the easier stuff and develop a weird holier than thou attitude. Some simply become better, more well rounded musicians but they seem to be the minority.

I still think she could teach beginner violin lessons if she spent some time reacquainting herself with proper technique but considering she’s proud of dropping out of IU she wouldn’t be able to charge any more than college kids who also teach lessons. I’d say she could market beginner adult lessons to her fan base via Skype (video music lessons, especially for beginners, are scammy as hell) but I don’t think she has enough obsessive fans left.

How does she even support herself? Somehow I don’t think simply being Emilie Autumn is enough to pay the bills.

No. 1856936

File: 1688286220594.png (1.09 MB, 824x1090, marc.png)

If you had a break and didn't check up on her in years, i advice you nonna to take a look at this thread's summary, it tells everything that happened from old ass dramas to recent, even more ridiculous ones.
I don't know about that, maybe. She'd need to really practice, tbh she'd be a bit like a beginner herself at this point. Violin is really hard instrument, the longer you don't play the more it stunts your abilities. The problem with her is also that she learned bad techniques and was always too proud to unlearn (to the point she quit her expensive music school because teachers criticized her or something) and well. It shows. no wonder she had to undergo surgery years later. i remember there was a talk about this exact subject and someone on PULL made a list how much her violins & accessories possibly costed and it just blew my mind >>1600175 But I feel like she has aversion to violin at this point. For her giving lessons to fans is probably an "insult to her abilities", delusional bitch always called herself a virtuoso.
>How does she even support herself? Somehow I don’t think simply being Emilie Autumn is enough to pay the bills.
Iirc she made just 20,000k easily just on her shitty 2$ worth ebay materials chokers a few years ago, so there are idiots willing to buy her shit. She has Asylum Emporium shop selling ugliest chinese asylum-themed shit ever, except it looks nothing like original asylum. I think majority of her money comes from Marc, though. He must either come from a rich family or he makes a lot doing his film stuff. He's a Z-list actor only part time, he was seen writing some movie scripts and this post indicates he's a producer.

No. 1857027

He radiates crazy, I have a feeling her hiatus and general shitbaggery ia due to her dedicating her energy to him, taking his advice etc. bpd cows tend to fall into the toxic moid hole easily and then you see their achievements cease and falter. Not saying he's abusive or anything, but it's pretty easy for a man to use financial incentives (e.g. where they live) to isolate and control a woman.

No. 1857054

Eh, she's always been a shitbag. She was a liar and a scammer back in the days of Corgan, Brendon Small, that Elf guy, whatever was called the guy she secretly dated before FLAG/Devils Carnival era. It's absolutely nothing new. She was also always suiting her entire style and hobbies accordingly to guys she dated at the time. Most of them were apparently shitty boyfriends, yet they didn't stunt her career - quite the opposite, she made a few of her best albums. If anything, she found the guy who panders to her needs/reinforces her in everything she believes and never criticizes her. Which is great for her personally but he just claps at everything she does, including her "Broadway career", NFTs, scams, whatever, and keeps her as delusional as ever. She was already kinda drained of all creativity in FLAG era, before officially dating Marc (probably partly due to being medicated). I think they're just well off financially and EA got lazy because she really doesn't have to try anymore. As for her hiatus, people were mad at her and she probably got some interesting "questions" for he Ask Me Anything thing which prompted her to fuck off for a while.

No. 1857390

File: 1688373257796.png (467.3 KB, 1174x762, 7.png)

Kek she posted a video of her putting tiny little dots on a chin of readymade AI shit and therefore ~proving~ she's painted it herself. Her tiny brained fans are already triumphing and yelling "See? See? She showed you didn't she! Oh Emilie i'm so relieved uwu"

No. 1857392

File: 1688373353805.png (691.44 KB, 634x818, 7d.png)

>Self Portrait of a Bipolar Brain
the saga just stark raving sanely rages on i see

No. 1857393

File: 1688373558019.png (682.17 KB, 616x816, n.png)

>The Morning Pages lasted beyond the morning and because something very unexpected indeed. To see how she was made and for detailed close ups (when you zoom in you see how simple the strokes actually are that make this up, it's shocking), tappity over to the blog at emilieautumn.com or the infamous bio link. I love you and I hope you find beauty in something today,

I just love how she's shitting out these "Morning Pages" and it takes her less than 5 minutes in AI creator, but she acts like she just works so fast with a paintbrush everyday, so fucking productive

No. 1857445

File: 1688387416489.png (196.83 KB, 1080x934, Screenshot_20230703-132957.png)

>4 hours
>doing pretend drawing on a chin even though that is like, nobody's final touches
>drawn on procreate… which records the entirety of the process passively
>just… picrel. it's just a non artist's description of an artist's process

Don't really follow this cow but my god, she talks of everything she does in such an insufferable way.

No. 1857527

That's actually hilarious that she is claiming to use a specific program that records everything yet only has that "painting" clip to show for it.
And she has somehow become a master artist shitting out a completed painting every day (in a few hours, no less, maybe 4 hours to add her paintovers to the ai generations) despite only doing competent scrawls before now. Sure Jan.

She kinda fucked up by launching with the most obvious midjourney shit and then diverting to a more convincing painterly style, like I doubt everyone would have been calling it ai if she launched with this >>1857393
Imo the eyes and face we see here look like she overpainted it since midjourney doesn't make faces like this, they are generally perfect serene videogame waifus, but the rest is likely generated unless she furnishes us with a painting video.

No. 1857528

File: 1688403452146.jpg (119.66 KB, 500x722, tumblr_3db44adc9322c828b66bd51…)

Lol a new fan is having a tantrum because allegedly anons on WVC "warmly namedrop lolcow and kiwifarms"
Speaking of which. If they talk about lolcow on WVC, then it means Emilie 100% knows about this thread.

No. 1857531

There's a lot of "the cow is coming from inside the house" on WVC, there is a deranged one recently about Emilie not "saving" her like any indie musician is required to save anyone, this one sounds just as full of shit as Emilie herself

No. 1857536

File: 1688403819979.png (695.02 KB, 930x1956, tumblr.png)

Samefag but… autoimmune anon, can we get your opinion on this post? the only reason why a person buys special type ice cream is when they can't eat eggs, cream, sugar etc (or wants less calories) but no idea how autoimmune illnesses affect this.

No. 1857539

>there is a deranged one recently about Emilie not "saving" her like any indie musician is required to
Kek yeah, i thought the same. some deranged anon yelling about her being a munchie and and not saving her life like she's supposed to, lmao.

No. 1857550

this made me think: is emilie autumn an earlier version of the same archetype grimes filled/fills?

No. 1857563

Not really. EA actually studied music enough to get into a desirable undergrad (the studios at IU are massive and they take a ton of undergrads but Jacobs still has an excellent reputation) and Grimes can’t even read music or play any instrument. Or sing imo lol. I understand she hasn’t played in a while but she’s still is and will always be more knowledgeable about music than retard Grimes. source - am string musician but play a much larger member of the violin family

No. 1857579

This. She studied classical and jazz at prestigious music school, can play and compose in both genres. You can argue how good are her compositions (i'm talking about non Opheliac stuff, pre-Enchant, Jane Brooks Projects etc) but she can write a song for herself, unlike Grimes. Also audiences they appealed to were a little different.

No. 1857633

keto icecream is just sugar free dairy fat and cow tit water. It's "healthier" than mixing refined sugars with breast milk and saturated fat.

No. 1857945

File: 1688459701446.jpg (59.02 KB, 266x375, AliceMadnessReturns.jpg)

sage for OT, but she could make quite the comeback if she ever thought of collaborating with American McGee. It's very obvious that she "borrowed" elements of her "backstory" from his game, so why not come full circle and just commit to the bit?

No. 1857947

It would only make sense if she still had that "gothic cred"/look to go along with alice and her mall goth emo dresses, lol. I'm sure Alice games fans wouldn't care for Emilie's musical endeavours. There was a rumour though she was going to be involved in his new project…? I don't know where i took it from so sorry, guess there was a brief period of speculation on WVC. whatever it was, probably isn't happening anyway. BUT the actual fact is American McGee follows her and commented on her instagram some time ago, kek. No, really. That's pretty funny because her entire "traumatic childhood backstory" (and maybe le epic battle with your evil doctor) is based on a fucking computer game.

No. 1857953

File: 1688464227122.jpg (2.39 MB, 828x2948, dc7b28610912e5c84f9905deb7d83d…)

Nonna, it was the edgelord alt-girl game once, especially madness returns so it's not surprising she took inspiration from it.

No. 1857983

Yep, sequel was very much alternative edgelord, ironically it's even more "Opheliac/Asylum" tier than the first one. I quite like 2000 soundtrack and i always wondered if she got the idea for I Want My Innocence Back beat from The Funhouse.

No. 1858168

File: 1688496077280.png (1.61 MB, 1608x1158, id.png)

Emilie's new "art". Anyways, she basically "clears up" that it's not AI now, "nothing else needed". sure girl
>Made entirely in Procreate with an Apple pencil, nothing else needed.

No. 1858170

File: 1688496238772.jpg (400.15 KB, 964x1370, 11w.jpg)

The way she writes is insufferable
“Some Girls Are Bigger Than Other" and slaps a pic of herself kek, is that a freudian slip or intentional?

No. 1858194

This is genuinely hard to witness. I know she's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but even she should be able to tell that 99% of people can see that is clearly AI Art.

No. 1858218

Isn't it telling how these pieces all just appear one after another, no dates or times attached, we are supposed to believe she is handpainting one or several finished art pieces a day after being generally creatively inactive for over a decade and never specialising in, nor studying or learning illustration at any point. At least she could attach some fake dates to these and say she made them over the past year for more convincingness, but she's thriving off the attention and the suckers buying prints, so no need to make this convincing in the slightest.
I have a feeling she's throwing 'Micheal Hussar' into her prompts for these and doing some minor overpainting.

No. 1858222

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others is a Smiths song, and not a good one (I say as a Smiths fan) she has covered the Smiths in the past (hence unhinged 'I know it's over, but it never really began' lyric quote from that anon on WVC.)
Imo she's using that title as another ED dogwhistle.

No. 1858232

File: 1688503498824.png (234.18 KB, 800x406, Screenshot_20230704-224617.png)

I just got caught up on all the EA drama and I'm loving this cow atm. What a brazen display of narcissism, art fraud, delusion, and medical/anachan baiting. She really never stopped believing she's an alien angel mistreated by the world. Her "100 things about me" read very similarly to lies told by Stefany Lauren. Is this lie about performing blind a common cow thing??

No. 1858251

Unfortunately, she has enough of idiots screaming in her comments "Emelie it's beautifulll!1! Fuck haters! It's not AI art, she said it's digital seee? see now? And it it's AI so what! who cares! Andy Warhol stole all his work, artists steal! Therefore its alright!" etc. As long as she has morons kissing her ass, she can just go on posting new shitty AI art, ignoring backlash and pretending it's all drawn by her. She will never own up, her game is always pretend, pretend, deny, deny. what's more curious is, aare there still any people willing to buy this? How?
Damn, you're right. Either way, yeah there's something weirdly ED dogwhistling about her posts lately, almost like a subconscious showoff.

No. 1858252

Topkek at 91.

No. 1858262

File: 1688507669547.jpg (223.88 KB, 974x440, eaaa.jpg)

I wondered how she was able to bake and eat (allegedly) so much of cakes, muffins, pastries etc as an anachan. Or at least a person with some kind of ED, and a lot of food allergies. Obviously her cakes were vegan/maybe sugar free but still, girls with EDs are crazy about counting calories and cakes just have a lot of them. Came across this post, she mentions not eating "anything solid" in 4 days after eating a birthday cake… though it could be because she was physically sick at the time, but sounds a bit like "eat the cake, now fasting for a few days" method. Idk.
>The cinnamon scone is a delightful 2 pounds lighter than your average scone, which is a good thing as it’s the first solid thing I’ve digested since the most obscene birthday cake of four days ago
Yeah, 100 things about me post is solid gold, i forgot how ridiculous this was!

No. 1858462

Not only is she shitting out these at an alarming speed, but the style of the most recent ones and this >>1853552
are very different. I guess she is going for "painterly" now so she can add little details by hand and try to shut up the people commenting that it's obvious AI. It would be hard to pretend to paint on the more detailed and smooth AI art.

No. 1859051

She did get jaw surgery and spend over a year on a liquid diet.(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1859086

"my crew member still believes I saved his life. And I still believe there is a demon inside me."
and I still can't believe this woman is in her 40's talking like darkness dementia raven way

No. 1859131

File: 1688626018774.jpg (159.3 KB, 936x842, xx.jpg)

The ~resident artist inmate~ is trying hard to prove she paints! peek the pointless layers on the side, lol. Amazing

No. 1859132

I know this is autistic but I can't get over the fact that Electronic Arts and Emilie Autumn both have the same initials and whenever I see EA I think of both. And both are awful.

That's Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way to you, ma'am.

No. 1859133

She was on a liquid diet due to jaw surgery in what, 2017? 2018? The journal post in question is from 2005.

No. 1859142

That's probably a coincidence.

No. 1859146

I know it's a coincidence, I just think it's funny

No. 1859148

This just looks like she painted over the AI generated face and then put it back after to make it appear like she added those details in herself.

kek. obviously nonna, go to bed.

No. 1859157

No, that's a destiny. Her mother was surely a huge fan of Electronic Arts games

No. 1859372

Where was she in Russia that she experienced that? AFAIK she was in St.Petersburg and Moscow and I doubt she would have encountered any violence (especially murder-type-violence) in the streets.
But sure, Russia sounds crime-ridden and scary and exotic enough for the story to pass without setting off red flags for being racist. Why even specify a country in this case?
It immediately sounds off if you actually live in Russia, but maybe she's not counting on having many fans over here left and that's an added detail that makes the story more passable. Yeah, sure, maybe she's telling the truth there, but the way she worded it sets off so many red flags for me.

No. 1859409

This is just pathetic on whole another level

No. 1859438

File: 1688684514422.png (1.27 MB, 864x1263, Screenshot_20230706-160353.png)

don't worry, anon, it sounds off no matter what. EA was/is living in Chicago, which isn't a scary place but it's also not known for being safe everywhere late at night. She probably made up this whole event to make herself sound cool (and like you said, if she pretended it happened in Russia, people are less likely to wonder if she made up a racially charged story).

More AI today! My nonnies, this whole arc has rekindled my interest in EA as a cow and maybe in life itself. I visit her IG, I see the obviously fake AI and her attempts to make it look like she's drawing "details." I read the comments. I sputter with laughter. I can't decide if I love or hate EA for this, but I can say this: her utter lack of response to the comments is some transcendental level of self-absorption that I almost admire it. She is a cow outstanding among the herd, mooing to herself alone. I hope we get a lot more of this because other cows are boring rn and I just want to know how far she's gonna take it.

No. 1859499

off topic, but I can't believe she's still selling the "my whole family died in a fire" story, this is just embarrassing. when I first became a fan of her it would have been circa 2010 and she still had the post up about her dad dying from cancer, considering opheliac came out in 2006, means she probably came up with that lie later on. not sure why she thinks anyone is still falling for it since it has been thoroughly disproven

No. 1859616

>I can say this: her utter lack of response to the comments is some transcendental level of self-absorption that I almost admire it. She is a cow outstanding among the herd, mooing to herself alone

Kek, I agree, the way she stubbornly pretends to have painted AI art is fascinating, she is the most interesting cow right now.

No. 1859641

File: 1688719190360.jpg (266.03 KB, 720x936, tumblr_2ca138c8872501a07617d4f…)

>her utter lack of response to the comments
Yeah, instead she's almost passive aggressively responding indirectly in her posts. And she's still reading WVC. hence all the "proof" videos, sudden insistence on "OmGZZ look at this eyebrow!!!" when WVC mentioned some eyebrow fuckup (i forgot what it was) and even posted old ass Enchant drawing right after other examples of her 90s art were posted on lolcow. So she's reading it all day, but still insists it's oh so real and just slaps more and more lazy AI readymade mcdonals tier "art". The lack of shame is honestly incredible. Maybe she thinks fuck this i get the last laugh, because there are still morons buying. example picrel. if she managed to sell out this tiny little ugly shit…

No. 1859642

I remember she yeeted that journal post from the forum at some point. And best thing is, do you remember the circumstances of her revealing the fire story? A fan of hers said she identifies with Emilie so much because they both lost their father to cancer. And this bitch just tweeted back at her "My whole family died in a fire". what a scumbag.
She also made people working for her lie about it too, i remember her manager repeating her mantra as well. And you know what's funny? She suddenly had a change of heart past 2016 (iirc) and would write posts (won't find them now, but it's either on her old instagram posts, website posts, newsletter or what) casually mentioning her father, writing something about dying from lung cancer again. And quite fondly reminiscing about him and his european past. At least 2 posts about him. I remember being taken aback when i read it, because 1. in that 2004 journal she wrote about hating him/disliking him and 2. well… she first thought tooth and nail to show "all her family died in a fire" and then casually switched back to the old story, but still leaving her mother and siblings in the fire

No. 1859645

File: 1688720868905.jpg (351.69 KB, 934x900, z22.jpg)

>This painting makes me extremely uncomfortable, so much so that I stopped working on her several times over the past few days.
aka "I've seen people mention i shit out my art way too fast, quick, i need to keep appearances!"
>For reference, “Safe” is the song in the Asylum Musical in which the scene from the Asylum Book plays out wherein Emilie rants about “the middle of the street being the only safe place to walk.”
how long is this musical already? She has FLAG, maybe 3 songs fom Opheliac reworked, Behind The Musical songs and a long, long, long list of snippets/titles seen in her countless insta stories. This is already too long. And i swear she mentioned "just currently" writing a song about "Emilie walking in the middle of the road" like a year ago?
Other than that, i get she was probably catcalled a lot but i find this pic & text weirdly… i don't even know. It's how its expressed now what she says. It's not showing the shocking reality imo. All the talk of "prey" and "deer" and shocked anime waifu face makes me think of coquettes thinking they're delicate Bambi fawn proudly imagining that men chase after them.

No. 1859655

I like how her bullshit has more layers of bullshit within it
>I remember this moment (elaborates)
>No mention of age, time, location, what specifically happened to prompt this reaction
That's not how memories work, you don't just remember feelings but have absolutely no context or event attached to them. And generally it isn't one moment where you go from thinking you're a dude to suddenly realising you are getting sexualised or are unsafe, it's a sliding scale of experiences which is precisely why she doesn't actually remember it.

No. 1860006

if i were a billionaire, i would buy exactly one of her expensive bullshit AI creations, just to ensure that this extremely entertaining art saga continues. Has anyone tried to recreate these things using MidJourney or whatever?

No. 1860108

>Has anyone tried to recreate these things
Well there's this amazing acrylic on canvas by anon right here! look at the eyebrow! >>1855010
No need to buy her crap, she's shitting out new stuff at alarming speed nonetheless. If it doesn't sell out so well, she's gonna delete it all in 6 months, just like she deleted all traces of NFT and dropshipping stuff, lol. But guess idiots are buying, just to prove something. she drags in dumbest, easy to manipulate, most naive people who for some reason have the most money to spare.

No. 1860367

Gosh nonna! Honestly mine doesnt even look that good because I was too lazy to open it up in Clip Studio and use blend tool to make it look like brushstrokes. Also, I think EA is definitely using Midjourney (which I've never tried), in which it seems way easier to create intricate pieces than Stable Diffusion, which requires all kind of addons and to make a highly detailed piece. I doubt she's THAT good at promptcrafting. But I did try to think some prompts she's been using, like burlesque, baroque, columns, bustle, flowers etc… Would be nice to see someone try it on Midjourney.

No. 1860459

nta but I prefer your ai art to Emilie's, did you use stable diffusion? The results are very good if so, I could mostly only get abominations on there when I used it a few months ago. Midjourney is definitely a "press here for art" deal like you get a professional finished artpiece in one or two tries, even with very simple prompts. Emilie is definitely writing like ten prompts, smashing "/imagine" on discord and then scrawling over the top.
Ironically by doing any overpainting at all she's doing more than the ai bros who do nil, but it's still scamming to pretend you did the rest of the work by hand.

No. 1860551

File: 1688856723715.jpg (991.62 KB, 1002x3552, AImilie.jpg)

Here we go nonnies, another cash grab

No. 1860596

She thinks she deserves $23,195 every month (before tax, fees etc) for typing girl thin painterly paint splotch pink white hair purple eyes and then spending 15 minutes writing pink text over the top.
I wonder how many die hard fans she has? Can't be more than maybe 200 based on her level of fame, like the ones who will buy everything she puts out to add to their Emilie pile and cry about their inmate numbers. She's hoping to rinse them of every penny they have, clearly, like I bet some people think if they buy enough of her shit she'll be motivated to put out music and tour again, but I doubt it personally considering what a low profile she has been keeping for years.

No. 1860779

This is pathetic
For comparison, Frank Iero released a painting for a new album that was the same size on the same type of canvas (I think) numbered and everything and it was less than $100 and he actually has a following
She really has no idea who she is in the field anymore. She doesn't make music, her musical is never going to happen, and most people who follow her just want to watch a train wreck
(I say this despite >>1859641 claiming 100 necklaces sold out but honestly I don't put it past EA to fib the numbers to look relevant and in fashion)

No. 1860817

>if you don't feel spendy don't fret, enjoy my AI pics uwu but also absolutely feel spendy, by the way i'm bipolar, i'm sick, i'm bullied by AI haters uwu~
>not as overkill as you'd think once you see what eBay sells under my name, bless them
>not as overkill
So fucking salty over fake Emilie Autumn signed microphone fakes, topkek

No. 1860940

can someone with access to midjourney try to replicate her works?

No. 1861078

File: 1688932173931.png (325.12 KB, 470x844, rat.png)

New art from our goffik queen AI cough uh, i mean EA
this time around she just draws on pieces of hair, cause ofc it proves so much

No. 1861079

File: 1688932265199.jpg (112.4 KB, 924x462, tumblr_c9ccd1ea0648d7ae7e773d0…)

Having hard time believing this.

No. 1861099

Couldn't she have just started writing a new story or something, and charged people for updates, handwritten manuscripts, etc? The AI slop is so sad and obvious.

No. 1861106

File: 1688934517567.jpg (380.5 KB, 1280x1757, tumblr_b594dbee877786b7f93cce4…)

Ot but this confession (kek) pic reminded me I always thought it was kinda cringe of her to take photos of her hand plugged at the hospital (sorry ESLfag here, i don't know how to properly call it). and frame it and slap in a collage in her book. Very ~bruised poor trauma doll tumblrina sadbbydoll~ vibes, they post stuff exactly like that except she did it before that. It can never compete with showing your knickers and taking selfies while being at a real hospital about to undergo actual medical procedure lmao >>1549270

No. 1861184

IV is a really basic standard procedure nurses do for almost anyone they take blood from or who even just needs a saline IV for dehydration. No idea why people always post it for sympathy and attention when it’s actually a sign likely nothing serious is wrong especially if you are photographing it.

No. 1861466

File: 1688989451815.png (122.86 KB, 864x454, Screenshot_20230710-134114~2.p…)

Artists saying she's pumping these out faster than any other digital artist they know. (Maybe it's obvious to farmers but I'm not an artist at all so I don't know how long it takes to paint digitally.)

No. 1861638

File: 1689015653959.jpg (102.56 KB, 461x810, tumblr_8fc142212a22ce3e4598f5a…)

Lol why am i only seeing this now? Omri Koresh (an art director of American McGee's Alice) called her out. not on fire story, ironically, but still.
I wonder what he means by "I have known her since my highschool years"?… if he says they're the same age, that means he knew her personally in the 90's? That means he knows about her family/real name too. hmm

No. 1861687

I'm an artist and I'm very fast, but I get bored before I reach that very high level of refinement you see in AI art. The reason why Midjourney AI art is so good is it's heavily trained on Artstation art, which is all professionals who generally get paid about 5k for some splash art or character design. So they stole from the best of the best, and Artstation even shut down the #noai protests artists did on there, being owned by Epic Games it's very cannibalistic to be promoting the use of/stopping artists protesting against their own art being regurgitated.
If you think of art in scales of 1 to 20 with splash game art being 20 and a sketch being 1, no actual artist I follow is gonna get past about level 8 in one day, which is a full colour painting with some roughness in terms of shape and form. That super smooth, refined, highly detailed, symmetrical and high realism art at level 20 takes many passes of refining, repainting, adjusting and that's why it's literally impossible to make in a day (without half killing yourself and not sleeping at least) so to see these level 20 artpieces come out on subsequent days proves without a doubt it is ai.
Interestingly she is currently posting some 3d art with zero ai to be seen, ironically making an actual artpiece amidst all the thievery. I'm sure in her mind it's more like collaging, she uses the ai art as part of her "collage" which she paints over, but until she paints that level 20 (or even level 8 would be fine) art herself and shows a timelapse I don't think people are gonna trust her.

No. 1861767

this is an excellent explanation for someone like me, who has 0 experience or skill in that area but really wanted to know more about it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You explained it so well. I'm always insanely impressed with people who can paint and draw with any degree of realism. I realized I had no idea what a digital painting even would take as far as patience and skill, etc. Now I know because you helped me understand. While it was always obvious EA was using AI and barely modifying anything, I understand the time involved in digital painting now. Wow, do her whiteknights look exceptionally stupid.

No. 1862100

File: 1689061412758.png (435.18 KB, 450x818, unlaced.png)

She just posted og handwritten notes of Unlaced. As a musician, i appove that kind of post compared to AI bullshit, and especially because violin playing fans always wanted notes, but she posted them before a couple of times. Part of it ws in Unlaced booklet iirc. I refuse to believe it was posted now for any other particular reason than to placate idiots.

No. 1863187

File: 1689200508403.webm (3.86 MB, 1080x1920, Scammer reversed.webm)

Emilie posted a "timelapse" video where she painted OVER the ai art, then reversed the video and sped it up to try and make it look like a painting timelapse. I reversed it back and slowed it down, does this look like a painting process video to you? She's blatantly just drawing thick blocks of paint over each section in an attempt to scam, there is no actual painting or refinement happening here.

No. 1863192

File: 1689200666780.webm (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, scammer1.webm)

Sorry for the cursed reversed music, I'm crying, anyway this is the version she posted

No. 1863222

Yeah, it's really obvious that's what she's doing. It's kind of a clever way to fake a process I guess. It reminds me of when Mythbusters demonstrated how someone could "solve" a Rubik's cube blindfolded by just handing them a solved cube, having the person randomly mix it around, and then reversing the footage. If you know how painting actually works, though, it's not just a blurry mess that randomly becomes sharper. It's starting with large shapes, areas of color, value etc and then refining it more as you go. The background splatters in particular are the kind of thing that would be added at the very end only; they would never have started as blurry blobs.

No. 1863227

Everyone in the comments is calling her out so I don't think her "timelapse" worked. She could actually repaint her ai art generations, like a study, and then she would have an original piece of art she actually painted and owned the copyright to, girl really needs to look into copyright of AI art - there is none where all handmade art gains automatic copyright. Even if everyone believes her she still has no rights over the image. And as far as we can see she can actually draw so why not just paint it if you want to be a digital artist, she's so dedicated to scamming and lying.

No. 1863240

File: 1689204523134.png (1.03 MB, 924x840, eae.png)

Anon i was just running to post same thing, i'm crying. She's squirming and sweating trying to fake something fast and post as a "proof", but girl this isn't it, people aren't that fucking DUMB i can't. I honestly thought she would just ignore "post video" requests, but this, this is better than anything i could ever imagine. Didn't think she'd go as far as to try to actually fake some video, just painting over a ready AI pic and then using eraser… fucking kek i love it.
Anyone can tell what she'd done here, even people who never use digital art programs

No. 1863243

I love when dumb cows tell on themselves. This isn't even convincing in the slightest.

No. 1863247

I lowkey wish some sort of art channels on youtube/artists overall called her out, as in making a video commentary analyzing her timelapse vids, her "art" etc. Not even to fuck her up, i genuinely think this would be interesting video. EA's art scams are great material for that sort of commentary thing. Also maybe then her dedicated bootlickers would shut up for 5 minutes.

No. 1863270


No. 1863393

The thing I don't get is, why lie? Like, I do traditional art but if someone wants to make a digital collage with AI, print it, and add paint on top, who fuckin cares? It's so bizarre how she's DETERMINED to make herself out to be 100% hand drawn, when there's actually no shame in using AI as a tool as long as you're not actively trying to deceive people or scam yourself into hand drawn categories.

No. 1863422

>>1863192 that hair is CRAZY. No one in their right mind paints like this. Why would you put a dirty smear to represent a paint splatter?

No. 1863554

File: 1689227975110.png (339.45 KB, 464x470, 66.png)

Omg she won't stop will she? You guys pissed her off i see. She just posted speedpaint that looks a bit more accurate… but it's A DIFFERENT PIC. Looking much more like her actual drawings from the past, but it's nothing like her previous picture, nothing like these elaborate Sucker Punch waifus in steampunk corsets and cascades of fake flowers lol.

No. 1863589

I feel like she was planning on trying to pass this off as the beginning of the other painting at first and then just posted it as something else when she realized it wasn't convincing lol

No. 1863603

I have tears in my eyes, the reversed music is amazing kekkk
But it's also amazing that she thinks she can fool actual digital artists by doing this.
And are we supposed to believe that an artist with this low of a skill level also painted this? >>1853552
Gotta love how she absolutely refuses to give up her lie that everyone sees through and just provides more and more evidence that the art isn't hers. This is on another level of hole digging entirely.

No. 1863609

The sad thing she still has a devoted group of bootlicker psychofans… and i guess casual fans who just follow her, but are brainless enough to believe her and yell at everyone "SEE? What more proof you want? unfollow her!". As long as she has them, she's encouraged to fake even more. They really think this is the same drawing style as Bisquits and her other Alita Battle Angel tier paintings which i forgot titles of. mindblowing
Manifesting artist youtubers to take a look at this, and do their own Bisquits type pic copies in Midjourney just to prove a point

No. 1863617

File: 1689240507383.jpg (139.21 KB, 736x978, raffaello-sketch.jpg)

I saw a fan post "of course it looks worse it's just a sketch". But a skilled artist would show her excellent knowledge of anatomy in a simple sketch and have developed a way to smoothly get lines and paint down quickly. A simple sketch will show an artist's level of understanding of fundamentals. It certainly shows Emilie's real level very well.

No. 1863709

I saw this on the front page and thought this was Steven Universe fan art KEK
EA is so fucking lazy, this is the funniest thing she’s done in a long time

No. 1863967

File: 1689297229180.png (189.36 KB, 864x1020, Screenshot_20230713-020953~2.p…)

This cow is producing some high-quality milk. I will never cowtip but god I hope it never stops. Every part of this is so funny to me, including how she won't reply directly to comments (both admirable and deplorable) but only by passive-aggressively posting new "art." Does she ever delete stuff? Should I be screenshotting more comments? It's a little sad how some people have supported her for so long and are now getting lied to constantly. I'm not one of those people but I do feel bad for them, because it's possible to be a fan of her music without knowing all the sordid details about her lies. But now they're just getting hit in the face with lie after lie.

Does EA have history with drugs? Sorry if that's a dumb q, I don't remember her being open about using them though.

No. 1863969

File: 1689297462428.jpeg (5.04 MB, 3072x4096, IMG_0774.jpeg)

She just posted another speed paint to prove she did it all herself. Except it’s an eye. A basic ass middle school eye. Here it is compared to all the other eyes, it’s the bottom right one. This is so embarrassing.

No. 1864048

Don't forget the caption where she describes how "unsatisfying" ai art is - er I mean "digital art" because it's "too easy" - that's why there is no speedpaint for any of her realistic human "paintings" and only one singular eye as shown above, because it's simply too easy.
I think we are getting an insight into how all her art and music is made, bit of stealing and bit of her own work, claim you did it all and add some bullshit story to convince the suckers.
>Tea Time Challenge: Can you paint a creepy eye before the water boils?
I am just so fast and talented!!!1
>I have to say that I’ve been doing a great deal of digital painting in the recent past whilst I’ve been spending more time in bed and in doctors offices than out of them, and yet, as convenient as that is when there are visions tumbling out of my head that I need to see become a reality in some form or other, I do find digital art incredibly unsatisfying.
Pressing buttons to generate ai art is unsatisfying, yes
>I’m never impressed by it when I see my own or that of others because, quite frankly, there’s an undo button. You can do anything. It’s not messy, there’s no drying time, and your clothes don’t get ruined.
>It’s relatively easy,
Still waiting for the speedpaint gurl
>at least in comparison with literally anything else I do (programming/recording engineering/composing/singing/playing the Tchaikovsky violin concerto/writing a now in preproduction screenplay/etc.), and though I know logically that if photography or abstract splatter paint can be considered real art, then so can something begun on an iPad, I can’t disguise the lack of achievement I feel when a bit is finished, and which is why, for me to take any pleasure in it, I have to add something physical and make it into a mixed media affair where at least one dress and half the floor has been destroyed.
>Thus, I’m going to go melt some plastic medical materials and crack open the resin.

No. 1864059

the reversed music kinda sounds like a chorus of cows mooing to some jaunty bg music. Appropriate. kek

No. 1864080

>I’m never impressed by it when I see my own
Of course she isn't, because it's either AI or subpar skill.
>or that of others
Oh dear. Now she is shitting on the real work done by artists who actually paint digitally, and they're pissed. This is not going to end well.
>a chorus of cows mooing to some jaunty bg music
Perfect, I laughed so hard kek

No. 1864085

File: 1689318883371.png (124.83 KB, 728x830, ea1].png)

Fuck i'm crying, the narcissism is stratospheric. OF COURSE she must post a classic "i'm better than you, it's so fucking easy i despise it, but i still do it, but everybody but me sucks~ rant
>I’m never impressed by it when I see my own
Well duh, maybe it's because it's not drawn by you, Emilie?
>or that of others
Of course, ~i'm better thn you, i'm better than all the artists in the world~ Fuck this is just her version of "I'm a vIrTuOsO and other rock violinists suck bc they're failed violinist but not meh because I CHOSE IT!" and "Viola players play viola because they couldn't play the violin"
>It’s relatively easy, at least in comparison with literally anything else I do (programming/recording engineering/composing/singing/playing)
Show us the speedpaint of first 5 art pictures you posted then
>the Tchaikovsky violin concerto
yeah no girl. this is just me being a bitch now but i don't believe she plays her violin these days, even before jaw surgeries and ~mystery illness~.

The eye drawing is the easiest thing to do, even people without any skill can draw decent looking eyes. Show me the speedpaint of ENTIRE Lilacs, Sugar High and Blue and then we can talk, Emilie

No. 1864127

samefag but
>Does she ever delete stuff?
Yes. She's known for deleting comments and blocking people who criticize her even slightly. The recent "don't delete, just ignore, well pretend i ignore" attitude is completely new. Guess she thought it would be harder to control it all now. However, i think it's important to screenshot her posts, because she deletes them too. I see she deleted all traces of her dropshippping era, NFT posts and even BLM posts. i wonder if she deletes all AI pics in 2 months.

>Does EA have history with drugs?

Drugs as in meds, well she's been on lithium, antidepressants and maybe Ativan iirc, but i suspect you're asking about different type of drugs. So no, she proudly boasts she's never done drugs. She really, REALLY hates drug addicts, the junkiefobia (how should i call this lol?) is comparable to her big fatphobia. Back in the day she would rage at Britney Spears ("SHE'S NOT BIPOLAR! SHE'S JUST A DUMBFUCK ON DRUGS! I NEVER SHAVED MY HEAD!1!1"), and in her book she made a whole section about detoxing crack addict and she's just absolutely cruel in her description. Yes that chick might've been annoying, but Emilie of course treated it personally, because ofc putting a "raging Queen of Nuttersby" next to her is an intended assault on poor Emilie Autumn, kek. That's not just singular case, every time she spoke something about junkies you could feel the tint of superiority in her tone and you just knew she looks down on them. there was a callout tumblr about this, i'll see if i can find it.
EA does have a history with alcohol though, not alcoholic per see but judging by journals, photos and drunk-chats with fans online she was definitely drinking in Opheliac era.

No. 1864173

Thanks, this was the same vague memory I had, but I know that weed and psychedelics are more mainstream now, so I wondered if she ever started using that. (I don't care what she does.) However, her particular overconfidence and lying is something I've noticed in people abusing coke or Rx stimulants (an ex-friend of mine started lying her ass off and acting selfish af after she got a coke habit). So I wondered.

No. 1864180

File: 1689342712209.png (3.64 MB, 892x2262, fragments.png)

Alright, found it there's this section from the book. Annotations not mine but lol i agree. During my junkie years, i always found these fragments annoying and ignorant, it feels like she has no empathy at all. like she cannot comprehend addictions often stem from… you know, depression or mental illness or some trauma. But nah junkies don't have such beautiful depression like Emilie, junkies only take drugs to be annoying
>Don't they know that you outh not to put someone who throws terrifying tantrums next to a suicidal girl?!!
i'm sorry this makes me kek everytime, imagine such delusion of self-importance

The only time she's seen drugs was watching Courtney Love smoke crack, but i believe her that she never participated. She's too against i don't think she'd even try weed.
Nah, it's 100% Emilie in Emilie. The joke is no drugs are needed, she's like that sober, always been. Just got encouraged by psychofans to get worse and allowed her real self "shine", and that real self isn't as beautiful as she'd like to think. People have been speculating about her having Narcissistic Personality Disorder or BPD, and while WVC bitch and moan how wrong it is all the time, i'm really not surprised by such speculations.

No. 1864231

NPD involves having and telling grandiouse fantasies of how great you are, like claiming you're a master digital artist and how easy it is despite using AI, so it's not a completely off speculation. NPD people generally have meltdowns when criticized however. EA hasn't answered recent negative comments. Maybe the ones from sycophant fans are enough to keep her going? Interesting cow behaviour regardless of what you call it.

No. 1864259

Yeah, or it really could be just bipolar and that is that, but she's just a shitty person whose narcissism (not medical, as in NPD, just general behaviour), egocentrism, victim mentality (i'm the biggest victim in the world, all the actual pSyChOs in the psych ward are there to taunt meh!) lack of ability to accept any sort of critique and thinking she can do no wrong stems from… their personality. There's a lot of people like that in the world, without any disorders. I think majority of us on this thread used to be fans at some point so we're used to it, but it might be interesting to see from the point of view of someone who never listened to her and instead discovered her as a cow. Imo she's one of the biggest cows here with neverending milk. she's sort of like Felice Fawn of alternative/music, except EA's scams go way way back before Felice, and that grew beyond anything Felice has ever done.

No. 1864475

wow, she's a real stuck-up POS. Her ED (real or fake) just adds to this disdain for people with other mental illnesses

No. 1864517

NLOL, not like the other loons, superior to everyone in the psych ward
I was familiar with her music and liked some of it but was never a fan, like most people in her comments who have been to gigs, bought merch, etc. From someone who hasn't witnessed her cow behaviour live in action before it's delightful, like she's posting some new shit every day and trying to convince everyone she is a prodigy. I know why she hasn't released music etc for so long, the appearance of being a talented prodigy who is better than everyone else is vital for her, hence exaggerating her violin playing abilities (can't believe her fans still believe she was a pro at 7 like she claims) and using playback.
Her fans are so interesting too, so dedicated in the face of absurdity, definitely a high quality cow
She is talented but her insistence on being the best and doubling down on everything is unusual, I haven't come across another musician like this, most people are happy just to make their art without winning some imaginary competition, ties in with the suspected ED too so she can be "the thinnest" person in the room.
AI brought her out of the woodwork because it was an easy way to claim superiority, she gave it away with the post about how "easy" digital art is and how she doesn't even like looking at other people's art (an opinion I've never once heard from a digital artist like wtf)

No. 1865194

She's like the vicky shingles of bpd

No. 1865742

File: 1689530057489.png (470.17 KB, 1038x540, q111111111.png)

Queen of fine art is back at it again! I can't, now she claims making shit clay + IV + silver paint shit takes her a couple of weeks and therefore is sooo ~artsy~ and hard, but "drawing" Bisquits took maybe 5 short easy hours, no big deal!

>This all sounds very pretentious I know, and I firmly believe that talking about art of any kind always will, so we’ll just let it and enjoy the giggle

why yes Emilie, we know you're reading the comments, we know

No. 1865749

Her hospital collage art is bad, but at least it actually exists unlike the AI shit she tries to pass off as hers

No. 1865853

It's crazy that she's 43 years old and her entire personality is like a 14 year old girls, all she cares about is thar dated sucker punch medical equipment aesthetic. Really odd.

No. 1866075

It's interesting how melting and gluing some shit together is actually far more simple than illustrating a proportionally and dimensionally accurate, and aesthetically pleasing human, yet she claims the difficult task takes 5 hours yet the task a drunken child could do takes weeks. I think it's because nobody else is melting medical equipment therefore she has nobody to compete with, and claim to be the fastest/smartest/most talented.
Any artist knows doing fine and accurate detail work is far more mentally taxing than making elaborate and random pasta shapes art, which is what her "sculpture" consists of like there is zero mental challenge or skill involved in her spiky, painted lumps. But agree that at least it's something she actually made.

No. 1866329

I'm being serious, does she any have friends?

No. 1866435

I can only think of her voice lesson teacher, besides Marc ofc. But this woman only yaaassss queeens in her comment section, whatever she does.
Marc seems to have a lot of friends and contacts in the industry and judging from his profile, Emilie likes to join them sometimes for some ~sooper cool Manhattan ultra expensive restaurant dinner~

No. 1866436

Gotta love how she herself keeps proving that she didn't paint the AI pics. She pretends glueing some shit together takes longer and is more satisfying than completing a detailed painting at master level.

No. 1866684

What is the appeal of these "artworks"? They are ugly as sin to me and have no emotional resonance. Is it just "oooh it's an IV tube" or what?

No. 1868486


She's obsessed with medical equipment bc it fits her "modern day asylum where everyone is sedated 24/7" thing. Also, she did this thing a while ago where she claimed she had kept an IV tube from her psych ward as a memento.

No. 1868571

Nah nah she bought that shit off Amazon

No. 1869252

Have you seen her latest posts signed with E "every skill ill ever have will be in question" Autumn lol. Yeah just post a veginner level speedpaint of an eye to show us all, and add art made from IV tube. Kek i cant believe she wrote this, our passive aggressive "unbothered queen"
(Sorry couldnt add screenshot today at all for whatever strange reason, can somebody else instead)

No. 1869345

File: 1690044612325.jpg (413.14 KB, 1068x2353, Screenshot_20230722_115200.jpg)

No. 1869510

She is so annoying. Emilie, you can draw and paint well on your own. You look like a joke because you refuse to

No. 1870050

She has now switched the comments off for all her recent posts despite half of the comments even on the ai posts still crawling up her ass. All the recent replies on her actual irl art were 100% positive but there are only like 10-20 per post. idk if she's been blocking people or just her medical art is not provoking much of a reaction.

No. 1870273

all her non-ai art is ugly imo, especially all this stupid resin shit. she is delusional

sorry for accidentally bumping the thread (deleted my unsaged post), internet went out and when page reloaded, sage was gone but my monkey brain just clicked post

No. 1870305

I actually don't hate her medical art, but yeah…world's away from her ai "paintings"

interestingly she posted a clip drawing an eye in pencil and proving without a doubt she didn't create fully rendered humans in 4 hours like she claims, she should have at least claimed they took her a few weeks like a reasonable person would

No. 1870333

File: 1690237444603.png (642.67 KB, 864x1423, Screenshot_20230725-002455.png)

That's fair, art is subjective. Can you say what you do like about it? Maybe I haven't seen the right pieces or don't understand what it is trying to convey. I'm open to learning how to appreciate it though.

here's the eye. lol

No. 1870417

Can a fan or ex-fan of her tell me what is appealing about her as a musician? Her manner of singing is atrocious, extremely melodramatic, over-the-top and I can only imagine the cringe faces she makes while doing so. I hate how her music sounds so synthetic, soulless, and made crudely with software (stock and amateur music has this quality). How she plays electric violin with an ecstatic face, but it's just fast noise

No. 1870534

File: 1690269109868.jpg (130.29 KB, 638x640, ab67616d0000b2730636c86a080368…)

I would have assumed most of us here were former fans, but to answer your question, her appeal was mostly her aesthetic rather than her musical ability. If you were a somewhat edgelord MySpace/early Tumblr-user back in the day, you would have stumbled upon her music and listened to it, it was fine but seemed better then it was when we were younger.

No. 1870542

For me it was clashing stuff like harpsichord with electronics and violin with somewhat rock (but only in remixes done by other better artists for her, think Dead is The New Alive renix by Dope Stars inc.) Now i know theres Rasputina and theyve always been better at it. For others, well her fans were all suicidal and treated her whiney childish lyrics like a bible (im sorry but Misery Loves Company for example is horrid). Same with her bullshit book. I thankfully discovered her past the school years so i just cringed instead of romanticizing cutting with razorblade while drinking tea and blasting opheliac and memorizing entirety of TAFWVG and whiteknighting my rat queen whe evil Reformers attack her. Id say everyone came for the aesthetics like another anon said, she used to have a very nice style, nice photoshoots. Remove all that and nobody cares except for psychos forming parasocial relationships witb her. But they only do so because of her old look, old lyrics and her book happened. Shes a magnet for troubled AND unfortunately, troubled but naive people. You anon are 100% right in your post though.
She added a caption how her hands are soooo shaky depending on the day… hope its a half assed explanation for why her drawings suck, not hinting at her illness as an excuse and indulging munchieism.

No. 1870543

Samefag but adding anon is right, the music is just synthesizer, mostly. Harpsichord was always midi shit, sometimes sped up like i 4 oclock. Violin was real at least on Enchant and Opheliac, and apparently Joo Hee played cello on Opheliac. FLAG is entirely cubase nonsense. Enchant had more live instruments but its very badly produced.
Again, 4 o'clock is her worst executed song harpsichord wise, its worse than in other songs. You can hear its just a toy playing. And yes her violin is just soulless, slacker scales played at double speed.

No. 1870571

Thank you. I actually found her when I was when I was a young teen, but only "Swallow" was enjoyable. Seeing her here as a cow after 13 years made me listen to some of her stuff and I was so taken aback, I began to wonder if her antics skewed my view. I still like her look from the Opheliac era, it's quite unique and it's a shame she looks so boring and washed out now

No. 1870604

I found her early work with real violin (Enchant and On A Day) beautiful and the aesthetic interesting. There wasn't much like it at the time. I didn't know some of it was copied from other artists at the time. I still think that if she had stuck with this style, she would be less of a self-indulgent twat. She is and has been obsessed with being the victim since Opheliac.

No. 1870618

I think compared to anything else modern art you might see in a gallery, it fits in, like the story is half of the piece and dramatised medical history is interesting in a way. I've also definitely seen worse modern art sculptures with less meaning, so within that sphere of stuff I can imagine looking at them in a gallery and saying "hmm" kek.
My guess is she has a gallery opening she is preparing for, and the pieces will likely be listed for crazy prices (compared to the effort involved) like $1-4,000+ each, hence her knocking out so many at speed
I think it's a mix of her aesthetic and her crazy personality we are seeing in action, her live shows seemed very theatrical and interesting and seemed to be core memories for fans.
Her music is definitely not unique and a little jarring, but I think the persona and aesthetic play a part in why she still has fans.

No. 1871677

File: 1690488519870.jpg (471.22 KB, 1080x1397, Screenshot_20230727_150751.jpg)


No. 1871757

Did she turned off comments of her posts? lol

No. 1872072

Why is synesthesia often perceived as a mark of a creative genius, some rare talent that allows to see more than others? And then we have people with synestesia boasting about it. Who cares that the number 4 is pink if it doesn't help create some masterpiece? It's absolutely common to associate the blue colour with sadness, yellow with something joyous or aggravating, November brings up the images of yellow leaves and grey rain etc.

No. 1872180

File: 1690564952524.jpg (365.39 KB, 1021x1800, Screenshot_20.jpg)

Kek this is not the photo that appeared in Playboy.
>and before my tits disappeared. I mean really…they’re massive. And I’ve decided…I like them better now.
This is the second time she talks about her tits disappearing and idc, this time around this seems like typical anachan humblebrag. like why exactly can't you stop talking about how your tits disappeared?

No. 1872214

File: 1690568234488.jpg (14.42 KB, 257x365, tumblr_mgp9fepNVL1rjvpcmo1_400…)

Searched forever but here's the original pic published in Playboy. it was just a tiny tiny excerpt with a few words on Courtney Love's violinist and hot girls stripping and singing Thank God I'm Pretty etc.
Not that its important, but since there's reason why she was once called Glittertits in 2010 lol. The whole point is, idk where she got idea that above photo was from Playboy but anyways her tits were never big, and in pic she posted she has a corset & 2 or 3 bras, obviously bending down etc. It feels like she only brought up this anecdote and random photo from google to highlight how much weight she lost and how oh so better she looks now, which is. weird. wasn't she crying about "losing femininity" in Biquit post just weeks ago?