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File: 1651426624501.jpg (791.54 KB, 3000x2100, depp v heard.jpg)

No. 1157897

Thread to discuss or post information about the Amber Heard and Johnny Deppp Trial case.
Previous thread: >>1149295

No. 1157904

Holy fuck, how are nonnies already on the third thread? I took a short breaks yous blazed the second one so fast

No. 1157995

Johnny Depp is so ugly and fat. I wouldn’t fuck him I bet he reeks of piss and alcohol

No. 1158000

Depp urinates in foayers

No. 1158012

I think depp is so attractive, before turd stressed debby out he actually was handsome. In that movie I watched yesterday he literally looks no older than 30. I love him so much him and Jack Sparrow…and he’s genuinely a good guy.

No. 1158014

Anon I agree, I liked him much better young. But you are brave to post this here kek

No. 1158017

There’s few men I like and I cannot tolerate it that my husbando is being attacked by masses.

No. 1158043

He’s being shilled

No. 1158049

It's very unrealistic to think that literally everyone except Amber is lying.
Lol ok, Depp lied (but not about all things I'm sure), maybe he paid off a few people, but I have no reason not to believe his exes. You can look for reasons, you can tinfoil that Mr. Debt has paid off everyone (with what money).
Bit it can't be just Amber telling the truth. (I'm sure she's also lying about select things). That's really pushing it even for a fangirl.

No. 1158077

Why are you so obsessed with him, 80iq-chan? Also he ruined himself with alcohol and drugs. A beautiful model can't ruin men.

No. 1158132

I don’t think anons are saying that everyone but Amber is lying, but if you go on Reddit or Twitter or Facebook or some shit, normies think she is lying about EVERYTHING and that Johnny’s word is law. This is a familiar situation for women who have been victims of male manipulators. /ot/ has been largely pro-women so obviously anons push back against that narrative here.

No. 1158156

Nayrt but I agree with this mindset. Every time the case crosses my path on other sites, people are still spouting the same tired points ("Amber cut his finger/shit in his bed and she's an evil witch") even if they were proven wrong. It's always demonizing Amber entirely and conveniently not addressing any of the bullshit Johnny is doing or has done. As you said, normies are convinced she's lying about everything and won't see reason.

I wish there were an all-facts no bullshit cliffnotes of the trial that goes through and proves/disproves the claims from both sides just to quickly pull it up and use it in conversation even though that still wouldn't get some people to change their minds or sway their opinion, I'm sure.

No. 1158184

File: 1651440453403.jpg (105.17 KB, 1232x253, jkasdjfadskfjaslkdfjasd.jpg)

>maybe he paid off a few people
They're literally his employees
>but I have no reason not to believe his exes
Picrel and other than her one statement, she keeps Depp at arms length. Winona was also underage while dating Depp when he was 25-26. He might not have been physically abusive, but he literally slept with a minor and groomed her?

No. 1158198

Did anyone talk to people irl about this case? I've explained a bit to my friends and they were all on the same side and thought Amber was right. A male friend even told me he thought it was hilarious people actually believed a woman could've abused a man in the ways Depp accuses Amber of.
I really believe most people who support him are chronically online man/womanchildren and maybe some companies or social media celebs who appeal to that audience.

No. 1158213

File: 1651442714495.jpeg (219.17 KB, 1057x1500, A279E3EA-1F49-4B40-BF15-9DC61B…)

Don’t forget about another woman he groomed: Christina Ricci who he met while dating Winona. On the set of mermaids He is a total piece of shit, he probably fancied that Winona was playing a 14 year old

No. 1158225

>I've explained a bit
And what did you exactly say?

No. 1158270

None of that proves or even indicates they were lying, you are really reaching. Believe all women, but only of they're called Amber Heard, huh?
I know Johnny is a lying abusive creepy junkie. I do not know that Vanessa or Winona are liars and I refuse to call them such just because it fits some narrative.

No. 1158283

File: 1651448697845.jpg (259.05 KB, 900x1600, debtford Wife.jpg)

No. 1158284

How is anons believing Winnona wasn't abused as she stated, but Heard was due to age/time/addiction, not believing Winnona?
>'Aren't you guys like believe all women?'
Lmao, fuck of with the 'you guys all believe the same things' shit.

No. 1158285

I don’t know if you’re a scrote or a woman, if you are a woman that’s really sad. Hop on the treadmill either way you fat fanatic of someone who will never ever know you exist.

No. 1158287

are you retared? Just because he didn't abuse Winnona or Vanessa, it doesn't mean he didn't abuse Amber? The fuck is this autistic scrote logic

No. 1158303

Lol you retards can't even read and start foaming at the mouth
Try actually reading the posts
Or keep reeeeing for no reason, it's amusing ngl

No. 1158306

File: 1651450615204.jpg (152.07 KB, 1600x900, johnny debt.jpg)

kek seethe fatty

No. 1158307

Go carry Amber's baby to term

No. 1158308

why do you need to be spoonfed?

No. 1158309

File: 1651450706949.png (76.87 KB, 340x234, 1645335677916.png)

They're the same pic

No. 1158311

File: 1651450760236.jpg (93.43 KB, 688x496, 17316_900 (1).jpg)

I don't blame either for what they said, but I think they can definitely be influenced or biased. Winona dated Depp when she was a minor and while she wasn't physically abused, I don't know if that might have skewed her perception of what is considered "normal". You also cannot predict what someone is going to be like 20+ years later, after their brain has been fried by cocaine, meth, alcohol etc. She also retracted her statements. Vanessa never married Depp, so at the moment of separation, she was a single mother with no legal guarantees from her much wealthier ex-boyfriend. She would be stupid to drag him through the mud. There's a reason Depp called her an extortionate French cunt and I understand why she did what she did, because he gave her no legal guarantees. She defended him, but at the same time keeps him at arms length and didn't want to comfort him after the split with Amber privately. >>1157390 Doesn't sound like she's on great terms with him and the defense was just for show. She's not even being called as a character witness, is she?

No. 1158312

oh it's male.

No. 1158316

I refuse to call two women I don't know liars just because it fits some narrative.
It's a good rule to have in life in general, not just this transient event.

No. 1158317

No one is calling them liars you brain dead scrote.

No. 1158320

You're either terminally autistic or retarded. Someone isn't a liar if they don't know any better and I'm not giving any moral judgement on either Winona or Vanessa. I'm empathizing, sympathizing, whatever with their situation.

No. 1158321

No they were just implying what they said wasn't true. Potato potato.

No. 1158322

No. 1158323

you want to purposefully miss the point and youre fucking exhausting. I feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with your bullshit irl

No. 1158328

>I'm empathizing, sympathizing, whatever with their situation
You're inventing a narrative. You don't know shit about these people. You refuse to take their word and project your own thoughts and feelings

No. 1158329

It can BOTH be true that he NEVER abused Winnona or Vannessa and DID abuse Amber. These things do not rely on each other to be true. See your Doctor for further help.

No. 1158331

Oh my god it's the illiterate one.
Stop posting before you've read the exchange

No. 1158332

>calls someone else illiterate
>literally misspells half the post and has to dirty delete and repost spastically
top kek, stay retarded.

No. 1158334

File: 1651451671708.jpg (150.55 KB, 800x1200, Johnny notice me.jpg)

get 'em girl do it for daddy

No. 1158338

File: 1651451767856.jpg (72.95 KB, 553x472, kjdfklasdjfklsadfjaklsdfj.jpg)

Saying that what someone said isn't true, isn't the same as calling someone a liar. "Liar" means that it was intentional, but I'm more thinking in the direction of ignorant, out of the loop, unqualified, biased, under duress etc.
I'm looking at the evidence which has been provided for both trials, looking at statements made inside and outside of court and by insiders and drawing a conclusion based on those. I'm refraining from morally judging either Winona or Vanessa, because I can empathize and sympathize with the idea of having been groomed as a minor or being pressured by your ex, especially when your children with him at that time were underage (Jack Depp was 14 in 2016 when she made those statements and Lily Rose was 16) and he could've fucked things up for you and the kids.

No. 1158340

You are so fucking stupid it’s unreal. NOBODY is saying what they said isn’t true. NOBODY is trying to even interpret their weirds differently. They are just saying that Amber didn’t have the same experience as they did. How is that hard for you to understand?

No. 1158341

At least that anon had enough to sense to delete their post and reword it. You just keep coming here and spewing your nonsense with no shame. No helping you, is there?

No. 1158342

I'm done with you and your bullshit
I'm not interested in your skitzo narratives and ~empathy~

No. 1158346

>You just keep coming here and spewing your nonsense with no shame. No helping you, is there?
There are multiple anons responding to you.
>I'm not interested in your skitzo narratives
You know what's a schizo narrative? Believing that a scrote with a 150mil networth is an uwu victim and that people who are on his payroll are trustworthy witnesses. Or that people who dated him over 20 years ago when they were a minor can predict the future.

No. 1158349

File: 1651452492337.png (112.08 KB, 900x420, 10188_900.png)

No. 1158350

>Don't you guys believe all women?
False, this is just how men interpret to protect their own interests/beliefs. In truth we often believe women because they have often proved to be the victim and have the most likely chance of being so due to varying reasons such as being less agressive then men/less ristaking/being a smaller size in comparison to a male perpatrator, and the evidence often lining up with that analysis, such as in this case where he only alleges abuse after her own allegations, basically DARVO, to try and negate her first allegations. Men purposefully interperate it as irrationally believing all women no matter the circumstance to hold their own irrational belief that we are wrong regardless of the likelihood of a man being the perpetrator of a violent crime. Basically they wish to perceive themselves as victims due to various sexual failures which they wish to blame on womens progress, which is true, women won't choose shitty men when aware they have the option, but men see this as a bad thing due to their drive to reproduce/coom/pass on legacy outranking their desires for a safe and productive society which can be achieved if they lost out in the genetic race. Everyone remember the Gabby Patito case? Same thing happened. She alleged abuse/was believed to have abused her, so he DARVO'd it and said actually she abused me and is just a BPD bitch. It's a common tactic in the new age with newmales weaponizing societies more equal minded cultural attitude.

No. 1158351

There are multiple anons responding to you too, those posts you linked weren't by the same person

No. 1158354

File: 1651452648177.png (62.05 KB, 900x278, 10325_900.png)

No. 1158356

File: 1651452698407.jpg (36.55 KB, 818x129, 10813_900.jpg)

No. 1158359

schizo-chan pretending to be multiple posters kek

No. 1158362

File: 1651452957339.jpg (63.43 KB, 1753x610, ksdjflkadsjfakldsjfs.jpg)

projection, does it get any more schizo than defending a violent scrote?

No. 1158364

anon you're confused. >>1158341 is the depp defender.

No. 1158368

This >>1158341 is probably 80IQchan

No. 1158373

File: 1651453511731.webm (838.64 KB, 640x360, AUDIO-RECORDING-Snippet-of-wha…)

No. 1158375

It’s insane how just because johnnys team brought up her having bpd a switch in your brains was turned on and you’re wholeheartedly defending him. Any of you can get abused by a moid and then get called crazy by the same violent ape that abused you, You’re not safe from being painted as crazy either. Just keep that in mind

No. 1158379

>3 therapists says Amber doesn't have bpd
>Depp says she has bpd
>depp hires therapist and tells her over dinner amber has bpd
>therapist says amber has bpd
>anons: ok but she has bpd so she sucks just as much

No. 1158382

I don’t understand BPD that well but I can’t believe people are just going with that BPD is extreme fear of abandonment and aren’t those people are more likely to be abused?

No. 1158383

File: 1651454036263.webm (1.25 MB, 642x360, Tsn8HQQuJEREh_Dz.webm)

No. 1158388

File: 1651454404595.webm (1.75 MB, 622x360, qOaKBVgoGcGZz_s2.webm)

No. 1158390

you'd be correct, especially among women. bpd or not you can't abuse a rich millionaire scrote. BPD here is just a haha funny insult since most cows show symptoms of it and it's a running joke on this site. but autistic anons don't know when to quit it especially when it comes to situations like this since they lack empathy

No. 1158398

I was the one who made that post and I responded to the wrong poster. I was confused about who the original anon was responding too, my bad.I am not a deppdefender by any means lol, just a confused poster. Sorry anons!

No. 1158405

File: 1651455387268.jpg (137.88 KB, 471x594, B612_20220501_183515_469.jpg)

say 10 hail ambers and u are forgiven

No. 1158408

File: 1651455508436.jpg (62.59 KB, 500x573, OCXNj.jpg)

No. 1158437

I hope to never see amber turds resting bitch face in the theatres or online ever again after this.

No. 1158451

File: 1651457469937.jpg (54.23 KB, 736x722, b1fe658b20a3eb3800269ea15be076…)

Just hide the thread

No. 1158463

File: 1651458286513.png (94.8 KB, 768x768, B8805792-A72F-48CD-BED1-2383A9…)

I’m saying them rn she is my queen

I kiss you, anon

No. 1158466

I hope somehow both lose so I can watch everyone seethe

No. 1158467

File: 1651458516230.png (111.22 KB, 767x933, Trade-Offer-I-receive-a-kiss-Y…)

You get a kiss back

No. 1158468

No. 1158470

very true. not considering these factors would be stupid.

No. 1158491

Considering them for what?
I'll take Vanessa's and Winona's word about their own life over some autist on an imageboard posting their half-baked take on it

No. 1158492

File: 1651459959327.jpg (400.37 KB, 1280x1600, proud depp fan.jpg)

that's right hon

No. 1158495

why do anons in here think its okay to call other woman fat? insanely moid like behavior and why the fuck is another anons appearance important? you are either a bitchy ana chan or overweight yourself and projecting.

No. 1158499

File: 1651460348035.jpg (354.72 KB, 1079x767, Screenshot_20220502-125340_Fac…)

No. 1158501

File: 1651460467297.jpg (173.22 KB, 540x720, pink.jpg)

what are your pronouns nonny?

No. 1158502

kek twitter is that way ->

No. 1158503

Stop self posting already you retarded whore

No. 1158504

Just ignore the spammers

No. 1158505

seethe fatty

No. 1158506


No. 1158508

you don't belong on lc if you're going to bring anons down for looks alone. stop projecting ana chan

No. 1158509

holy newfag

No. 1158510

No. 1158512

They don't belong here because you must be over 18 to do so

No. 1158513

No. 1158514

quick! hide from depp

No. 1158518

If people didn't want to be made fun of for being fat a. don't use imageboards where that is allowed in the rules, 2. don't ree all anons who believe Heard was abused are ebil fat lesbians and anons won't try and prove that in fact the Deppfags are often pickmes with varying issues as to why the cape for men, one including weight as they wish to be seen as desirable and need to present something other women don't, aka doormat behaviour.

No. 1158528

Yep. Patito case as mentioned.

No. 1158530

Holy shit you are projecting so much. Between this, the skitzo upthread, the idealization of amber, you are now seeming far more unhinged than deppfags.
80IQ-chan, you are the most sane and normal here
It's as if Depp's team is writing all the "pro-amber" posts.

No. 1158535

fatty fat

No. 1158537

No. 1158538

you are way too worked up over being called fat on an imageboard

No. 1158540

I don't believe in psychiatry, but I'm on the verge of starting to believe in bpd, no joke
I thought it was just kindergarten-level banter before I read the above post. I noticed (how can you not) that many people posting itt have issues. Issues that make them identify with Amber. I thought that issue was abuse. I'm having second thoughts.

No. 1158544

anon just ignore the shitposters? it's not that serious.

No. 1158548

I did, when I thought they were shitposters. but I now think they're actually serious. Read >>1158518
That sounds like an actual worldview, she really thinks that, even if just deep down

No. 1158549

Kek, grow up. This is an imageboard. Grow a thicker skin or hide the thread.

No. 1158550

grow the fuck up

No. 1158551

Honestly I’m starting to think you might have BPD the way you try to manipulate other anons into posting the way you want and insecurely internalize everything their saying as if it’s not just shitposting.

No. 1158552

Say the ones throwing around kindergarten insults

No. 1158554

Deppfag, please post rebuttal to anons points rather than reeing everyone has BPD for making fun of you for being fat and your handpic. You keep avoiding the proven UK court allegations, the texts he has sent talking about killing and raping her, and just saying it's all lies and posting 'Heard REKT' compilations of edited trial footage.

No. 1158555

Not the fat poster, just think you are thin skinned and crying after reeing everyone is an evil fat lez for disagreeing with you without posing a good case why she is abusive.

No. 1158556

No, I'm not doing this to gain internet points
You keep fusing all posters you don't like into one. You're all like the PR team Amber fired, you're not doing her any favours, just making someone on the fence like me steer away from your side

No. 1158557

nta but she literally cut his finger off and gave him black eyes? amber fans think all women are queens who can do no harm

No. 1158558

So do you. Now post rebuttal. You sound like Depps missinfo team kek.
Proof? That hasn't been proven in court.

No. 1158560

So no, you can't post a decent rebuttal other than unproven claims as opposed to something that has been proven in court, and are just taking Depps word. Cool.

No. 1158561

he admitted to cutting his own finger off, his doctor said he cut his own finger off, there are texts of depp saying he did it to himself. If she gave him black eyes, show me the proof?

No. 1158562

we dont want pick mes on our side. fuck off

No. 1158563

Rebuttal to what, that I'm fat?!

No. 1158565

Then what are you doing it for? You just want to control other anons posting because it offends you personally.

Here we go. Thinking about making a copypasta to reply to anons like this…

Anon, if you’re not baiting and actually misinformed, he cut off his own finger and has never had black eyes from her, it was HER who had the black eyes.

No. 1158567

yes prove it

No. 1158568

>It's fact because Johnny says it happened.
You have no argument.

No. 1158572

It started because Depp defender seethed that we just hate Depp because we are all evil fat lez radfems etc, not because he's likely abusive considering the case so far, proven evidence, and personal connections/past behaviour/druggy lifestyle.

No. 1158575

No. 1158576

File: 1651463839391.jpeg (285.2 KB, 1120x1419, 73C85826-F06A-4046-9FF7-5746FF…)

It’s mostly ironic how the fangirls of him are literally fat, like the lady with the llamas and the chicks booing AH outside court, he called amber heard fat and flabby. He also called the mother of Lilly Rose a “withered cunt” so all the old women defending him look dumb as fuck too, there’s some girl I went to school with on Facebook who is annoying with defending him and she is literally obese she keeps posting stupid stuff like picrel

No. 1158577

Why are zodiac fags always brain dead?

No. 1158582

File: 1651464239539.jpeg (134.69 KB, 730x1200, 8128B8B8-9D52-49A5-9289-53EA28…)

This is another one. She’s fat and cakes makeup on and uses a shitload of filters.. she shares shit like 8+posts a day, I don’t think people who post this think critically.

No. 1158587

Both Amberfags and Deppfags obviously identify with them. There will be no nuance from them. This is personal for them.

No. 1158588

Have you even read up thread, he literally lied about the fingers. How are you as a woman not concerned for AH? Men are villifying and discrediting her

No. 1158589

Samefag, I already said in previous thrwd they are being manipulated by media into it because these two millionaires aren't representative of people in general.

No. 1158592

wow youre so enlightened if not narcisstic for needing someone to represent you personally to give a shit.

No. 1158601

Wait, are you scolding me for not giving a shit about millionaire celebrities hahaha hahaha
When did they give a shit about me
Here, I can sing them "Imagine" when the trial is over. That will be enough fucks given in reciprocation.

No. 1158602

Why post in the thread if you do not care?

No. 1158603

>kiwifarmer hating on sexy ass grandpa depp

No. 1158604

Do you really care about the state of Shayna's vagina? Then why do you post

No. 1158609

Really wanna know what turdfans look like tbh. Because all the deppfags I’ve seen on tiktok are beautiful women of color.

No. 1158613

>Because all the deppfags I’ve seen on tiktok are beautiful women of color.
Fanfiction lol

No. 1158614

White mentally ill BPD sex workers like Amber who are ugly and could never bag fat uber-wealthy old scrotes like Amber but still identify with her.

No. 1158616

Nah. I’m a woman of color and quite attractive ngl. Lots of white women imitate the way I look naturally.

No. 1158620

File: 1651467720386.jpg (121.26 KB, 1300x1019, casual-computing-4082722.jpg)

No. 1158638

I hope Deppwhores go on a diet so I never see desperate jealous whores defend abusive men who will never look at them ever again.

No. 1158639

Racebait-chan, back at it again? Go back to Twitter please.

No. 1158640

So I take it you use the w word for any woman you dislike? How about this, what do you call a woman that slept with Elon Musk AND James Franco on the very same night? Sexually courageous?

No. 1158641

No. 1158642

Of course we have the “blonde” racist turk camping here forever as well.

No. 1158645

>>1158640 this was meant to >>1158638

No. 1158650

Whore is someone who fucks over other women for male approval and perhaps to fuck the said man. Curry is a whore, Amber isn't.

No. 1158655

You need a psychologist and a dictionary, ASAP.

No. 1158659

Calling out a woman who slept with a married man and diagnosed her with a mental illness the said man asked her to… You think that's not something that should be called out? You think a normal woman sleeping around is worse than sabotaging a victim and fucking her over? Kek.

No. 1158661

Post your hand

No. 1158662

The doctor and actor did not sleep together, it’s something only rude women itt think. Meanwhile it’s confirmed the other two gross gentlemen did sleep with your beloved actress. I bet the women who made us accessible in STEM are rolling in their graves now.

No. 1158665

Kek. "she" wouldn't be able to. The only people I've seen hate on blonde women as hard are men who got fucked over by a blonde woman. The whole Karen stereotype being reinforced by middle age men on reddit is a proof of this, they're shitting on blonde women specifically and they also think being blonde is a privilege because it gets their pornsick attention.

No. 1158666

File: 1651470498845.jpeg (27 KB, 612x408, E548B077-0867-486B-B467-F40E83…)

Delusional. I’d post the tiktok vids where attractive women are actually calling out heard’s bs, but I can’t, you dishwater blonde loonies will harass the poor women.

No. 1158667

>ah wahh but what about the autistic men I want to impress?
>the woman who obviously slept with a married man and did a huge malpractice just to please him definitely isn't something men would use against women's work ethic tho!! Trust me!!

No. 1158668

Ok this poster is confirmed to be a /pol/scrote larping. Why else would they not be able to post their hand? It's best to ignore and report them as pure racebait from now on.

No. 1158669

100% projecting. I don’t want to post my hand, weirdo freak.

No. 1158671

What’s the proof? Because she’s an attractive woman?

No. 1158676

File: 1651471058261.jpeg (165.37 KB, 750x938, D07146BE-80DB-4163-B1D7-D13C01…)

At this point I think it’s just one seething anon who comes in this thread and baits. Who gets so irrationally angry about something that they can’t change, no matter how much they cry, and won’t affect them at all?

No. 1158677

Even if they're different, they're all pathetic. One admits to being a legal retard, other has a weird blonde fetish, other is probably a man who stole some rings from his grandma just to send a handpic. The same dude ended up asking other anons to post their bodies once they were called fat, definitely not something a woman would do imo.

You might be right because they've all ignored the hand pic request, since you could easily tell from a handpic if they're samefagging.

No. 1158679

you guys are more obsessive and autistic than the people you mentioned, are you fr lmfao

No. 1158680

I was the anon who said post bodies, completely unrelated to the hand pic anon.
I can smell you from here bulimia anons

No. 1158681

You keep calling deppfags fatties and I’m in fact saying that on tiktok I’ve seen the contrary.

No. 1158682

You also thought everyone onsite was obese and said kibbefags were fake pictures. You're a schizo.

No. 1158683

get trolled, seethe and cope autist chan

No. 1158684

same, deppfags all seem (and look) normal to me on socials

No. 1158686

You're the one who had a meltdown that day, kek. You kept screeching we couldn't be supermodels and asked for body pictures, whatever that means. You weren't trolling, it's quite obvious someone struck a nerve and you lost it to the point you thought women here were stealing pictures to post in kibbe just to look thin. I'm not ana or bulimic but you most likely are very much obese.

No. 1158688

Why aren't you posting a handpic then? Are you the small minority that's obese?

No. 1158691

sure amberlynn, whatever you say

No. 1158695

Because it’s disturbing. I’ll elaborate. Because no matter how normal and feminine my hand looks, you’d find a way to slutshame and fatshame me just based on my hand. Because truthfully, women don’t like each other no matter what we do or say. So no, fuck off and let me be.

No. 1158702

>women are women's biggest enemies!
With each post, you make it more apparent you're a scrote. Fuck off.

No. 1158708

I didn’t call any Deppfags fatties. I just think it’s pathetic how you guys feel the need to come in here defending the honor of a bunch of losers who defend a disgusting druggie, lol. Like, really? “They’re not fat I’ve seen hot ones I promise they’re not fat!!!” Doesn’t change the fact they are pathetic and deserve to be bullied.

No. 1158712

she's fucking right, you anons in here have been the most toxic anons we've had in a while and thats why no one likes this fucking thread and why no one thinks you're true feminists

No. 1158718

No one here is claiming to be a feminist, you're the ones who called us radfem and dykes. Though I'd say defending an abusive man cause you wanna fuck him is worse than calling a fat whore for what she is, fat and ugly. This is a gossipforum, fattie. Of course people are going to be petty when needed, stop acting like this is a wholesome feminist website.

Also, you wouldn't post if you hated this thread. This is the most attention you'll get in your lifetime, we've seen countless Deppfans come and beg to be spoonfed- would they come here time and time and beg so bad if they really hated the thread? Seethe and diet.

No. 1158719

you seem super insufferable.

No. 1158720

Says the one defending a 60 year old abusive druggie because she wants to fuck him. Are you supposed to be the real fehmunist? Kek.

No. 1158722

It's obviously just a scrote. Let's stop replying to Depp fags and just discuss the case.

No. 1158745

I wish Youtube didn't put videos about the trial in their default recommendation page. It's all clickbait like "depp's lawyer being annoyed for 5 minutes" as if it's a cutesy video and not a serious trial for domestic abuse accusations.

No. 1158757

I don't agree with how social media is managed at all. They all work for an agenda and this time they're trying to make normies see Depp as a poor little boy while accusing Amber of being an actual witch, this is just a psyop to make people blame victims because scrotes thinj #metoo got out of hand and now they have to take responsibility for their crimes.
Twitter had a very weird agenda too, you could be a proud pedo and you wouldn't get banned but misgendering someone or even being mean to men, especially the aforementioned pedos, would get you banned.
Thankfully most normies aren't too invested and normal men I've spoken to laughed because they know a skinny woman can't overpower a fat older man. Only chronically online people have weird views about the case.

No. 1158776

Nah. You’re lying.

No. 1158783

Update on the Alpacas

No. 1158787

probably can't overpower but she can still do damage. I'm also a tiny woman and i bit one nazi's wrist to the artery. If you are vicious enough you can hurt someone even if you're small so i wouldn't be laughing if i was those normie men.

No. 1158830

Yeah you can hurt them but Depp is a druggie who would've hit back. And he actually did, kek since he was the one who hit her.
About which part? Twitter? Youtube? The male or female friend?

No. 1158890

File: 1651487247811.png (1.22 MB, 1276x802, youreapwhatyousow.PNG)

ktubi had the rum diaries on the first page so i put it on. as her character is leaving after they met the first time, he says, "oh god. why did she have to happen? just when i was doing so good without her." it's perfect.

No. 1159092

New day new cahntent

No. 1159164

I feel so bad for Amber. She intentionally didn't discuss the sexual assault in the UK trial and now she's gonna have to discuss it while being mocked on social media. Mocked by the very people who claim to support DV victims.

No. 1159195

File: 1651505271162.png (497.27 KB, 744x507, amberbird.PNG)

the uk trial has no relevance

No. 1159216

Not a strong day for witnesses I guess

No. 1159257

The point is that she's going to be retraumatized in court while the world calls her a lying BPD cunt.

No. 1159300

Why is this man allowed to tell his whole lifestory without anyone telling him to get to the point

No. 1159311

Imagine if Amber had started her testimony talking about her mother and speaking at the pace of snail. She'd be crucified.

No. 1159320

File: 1651510640699.jpg (52.57 KB, 890x667, depp.jpg)

>i was doing so good without her.
Deppfags are delusional kek

No. 1159325

What an ugly fat bitch. Another hefty deppford wife and her fat cuck husband.

No. 1159338

>”He looked surprised and reached out”
He was probably surprised at how FUCKING FAT you are and reached out to SMACK THE FUCK OUT OF YOU because he is a WOMAN ABUSER

No. 1159360

File: 1651512128396.png (37 KB, 752x224, gray.png)

Jennifer Grey revealed that Johnny Depp was emotionally abusive during their relationship

No. 1159367

Imagine driving your fattie wife so she can support your husbando. Kek. I'd almost feel bad for him.
>Tfw you're a celebrity who always had teens or young women who were conventionally attractive as your fans but now you only have mentally ill old fatties who stalk you.
Depp is probably more traumatized by Deppwives than he is from Amber.

No. 1159419

i just realized that this thread is autosaged now….

No. 1159442

Mods suck boo

No. 1159445

Tbh this thread sucks I don't blame them. We keep feeding the Depp trolls and then yelling about who is fat like Depp wouldn't call Eugenia Cooney herself a fatass while he put out a cigarette on her

No. 1159458

So? It's chaotic. If I wanted to have a serious discussion I wouldn't do it on a fringe imageboard

No. 1159465

we deserve it

No. 1159476

and yet 4chan for girls is the only place online that isn't dickriding for a wifebeater. this fringe image board is our last hope smh

No. 1159490

It's what happens when money controls (social) media. It's not isolated to this trial. It's why you had only rabidly pro-vaxx stuff on Reddit, it's why these big platforms only ever take one side they have interests in and push it. It's more the fault of bots than moids.

No. 1159514

well is sucks that this thread is autosaged, i hope that ist still active….

Also does anyone know when Amber and her team will start their testimony?

No. 1159515

It's because some anons samefagged and cried in meta. It's weird though, same anons also wanted covid and war thread autosaged because it triggered them but nothing happened to those.
On the bright side, there aren't as many pickmes or weirdos itt looking for infights anymore.

No. 1159518

You guys don't take into account how much money is in this and how big of a factor that is. This is not just a couple fighting. Far from it.

No. 1159522

I think they're going to go last, for maximum impact

No. 1159549

What do you think is the bigger plan, anon? I was thinking it was to stop the #metoo movement and frame women as deserving the abuse/rape/etc. as it was in the past.

No. 1159566

the financial lawyer they had on earlier today talked at lenght about me too so i think you are right

he said big stars can get away with drugs and bad behavior but not sexual assault/domestic violence anymore which is…. debatable at best

No. 1159567

Ultimately they're fighting for money and popularity. This is a defamation case.
Keep in mind there are many people orbiting either of them trying to get a slice of the cake.

No. 1159581

Samefag, the sums in question are 50 million USD for this and 100 million USD for the countersuit.
People kill for far less.

No. 1160020

>stars can get away with drugs and bad behavior but not sexual assault/domestic violence anymore
Debatable, as you said, and they phrase it like it's a bad thing. 'Nooo, you can't hate me for the terrible things I do, you can't tell people what I've done.' I think it's why men who claim that rich people/hollywood is satanic and full of pedos will turn around and say women in hollywood/rich circles who accuse men of heinous shit (the sex which commits most heinous shit and the members with the most power and money) are liars. It's because they want to be the rich man, and the women fighting back against the powerful one who uses his status to totally hedonistically destroys the fantasy of them becoming the hedonist powerful man some day and getting everything they want.

No. 1160298

It's really mindboggling how people everywhere are caping for these millionaire celebs and identifying with them. They'd never cape and identify with you.
Deppfags are braindead and literally fell for memes. Memes.
Many of you here cape for Amber while she'd use you as breeding cattle, she's a gold digger that pocketed money meant for cancer charity and childrens hospital, had no problem hanging our with Marylin Manson when she was partying and only started talking about "women's rights" when it suited her.
There's so much money in these trials the pool is swimming with sharks, and you all think it's some social justice thing, you are so naive.

No. 1160442

And just to remind you how this started, Mr. Debt squandered a shitton of money and had liquidity problems. He fired his old council and the new one, full of money-hungry unscrupulous people no doubt, started advising him to sue left and right. First to sue his ex financial team, then the paper, now Amber. Imo this was not the best long-term solution for his financial issues, but it was the one that would fill the pockets of his new advisors fastest, they are taking advantage of a rich junkie.
It was always about the money. For a lot of people involved.
They're also trying to fight over their reputation or worth millions. Warner Bros and Disney are the ones that have the highest stake in this.
Do you see who the interested parties are? Not third world poor women, that's for sure. It's about the money, and you won't be getting a piece.

No. 1160462

thank god. each side of you is toxic asf and you belong deep in the pages of the board.

No. 1160469

Don't be obtuse. Idgaf about Amber Heard. I'm upset and fascinated with the hate mob against her for being an abuse victim. Confirmation that metoo was the bs I always thought it was

No. 1160493

Of course it was. It was a manufactured Hollywood phenomenon, a political tool. It never concerned itself with harassment women in factories face for example. The elite leading women's rights? Puhlease.

No. 1160634

Despite all the things you said about Amber, she still doesn’t deserve the way she is treated.

No. 1160701

You're right Amber isn't enough of a feminist so I'll defend a rapist, necrophiliac pedophile instead. Thank you anon.

No. 1160721

False dichotomy blah blah

No. 1160757

Do you know what that word means? They are literally at odds. One of them is going to win the case and one is going to lose, one is worthy of defense/found innocent in the eyes of the law, and one won’t be. It’s literally not a false dichotomy.

No. 1160778

They are at odds. I don't have to be. It's not me on trial. I don't like either of them.
They're fighting a defamation case. It's not my reputation at stake. It's not my fight. ​

It's absolutely a false dichotomy that I have to be in one camp or the other.
They should take all those millions and instead of putting out this circus do something worthwhile with that money.

No. 1160782

(But let me be honest, I am gawking at the circus)

No. 1160800

Cancer charities are a fucking scam anyway and I could rant about it all day. Why aren't you having a crusade against the CEO's pocketing money then huh? Or how about every hospital's admin since fucking ever? Or insurance companies? Big pharma charging a fuck ton and requiring prior authorizations for every fucking thing? Amber with her measly 8mil isn't even as rich as all those scrote CEO's making a big buck off of sick people's back. A whole lot of fucking women wouldn't support me or any other woman due to internalized misogyny and they still don't deserve to be abused, they still don't deserve to be sued for speaking out and they don't deserve the massive fucking dogpile that happens every single time, whether they're famous or not. Don't use cancer patients to try to get people to support a bloated pedo scrote.

No. 1160840

>Don't use cancer patients to try to get people to support a bloated pedo scrote.
Lol. Literally did none of that. And I'm ​not having a crusade against anyone. Wonder what you'll try to pin on me next.

I'm sharing my opinions on current events. This entire thing is deliberately and strategically promoted in the public eye by Depp's and Heard's teams. It's not a social justice thing, it's a buttload of money thing.

These Hollywood people are not my ally, but they want me to be theirs. Haha. Fuck them.

No. 1160868

I still want to have a one night stand with Johnny Depp and the sexual fantasies I have about it warrants enough to write fanfictions and post it here.

No. 1160871

> They are at odds. I don't have to be.
People mentally putting themselves in the seat of the jury and sharing their opinions has been going on since courts have existed. You’re not going to change anyone’s behavior now, and fence-sitting looks retarded and morally bankrupt in this situation. Besides, if you came in here to tell people what they should or shouldn’t be discussing, you might as well have not posted at all.

No. 1160872

Go ahead. The threads pretty dead now that it’s in auto-sage. Might as well give us something to laugh at.

No. 1160874

He can't get it up, 80iq chan
I'm happy as a puppy that someone is finally discussing things here again and I'm not alone! I don't care how I look to you, I'll keep saying my piece

No. 1160878

I was thinking of that, maybe the drugs he takes keeps it up. Oh god the fantasies I have might as well become literature. I am a bit busy now but they will come I promise. If I don’t write my fantasies I will moan in public.

No. 1160880

File: 1651571376023.jpeg (135.41 KB, 750x630, BE8C3022-4E4C-4533-A729-09877F…)

As long as this shitshow continues, I will be here to lovingly argue and shitpost with you, anon. Even if it’s just the two of us kek

No. 1160887

Hear hear!

No. 1160925

coke notoriously causes ED

No. 1160934

Clicked on a video of one of the YT laywer guys talking about yesterday, thinking it'll at least help me remember the bulletpoints while on lunch. And he says "witness confirmed they were mutually verbally abusive, which is bad for Depp", but… it was already fucking clear he was verbally abusive towards her from the recordings?? He screams and calls her fat ass, do they think the jury didn't realize that before that testimony?

No. 1160950

the scrote YT lawyers are fucking retarded, it's like their Y chromosome has overridden any knowledge they might've acquired in lawschool, many don't even have any irl experience. They hear the recordings and their scrote brains just go "haha Depp is funny, Amber deserved it, she IS a fatass, he is so based", they don't register it as verbally abusive.

No. 1160952

The drunkard raped his wife with a bottle. His dick gets up only in your fantasies.

No. 1160953

Those recordings are very hard to listen to, my pressure goes up. They are what locks me in my view that they're both shit.

No. 1160968

Probably why he's so jealous and suspicious of everyone he dates too. He can't get it up and can't have sex, since he wouldn't go down on anyone either. Probably why he's also so lesbophobic.
Ah yes, because a scrote admitting to headbutting, putting out cigarettes, constantly berating her for years, is totally on the same level as one recording of Amber admitting she slapped him that one time. Go masturbate to your "debby" webby somewhere else.

No. 1160989

There's no need to level them. I can think they're both shit. Shit people get abused all the time.
Miss me with the involvement in this mess. They're somehow both trailer trash and rich celebrities.
Neither of those are my worlds.

No. 1161224

Happy to see this thread got autosaged.

No. 1161349

you're no fun

No. 1161515

Most people here IRL seem to think that they're both shit, and Amber needs consequences. Watching the court case - she's certainly gotten off lightly thus far, i don't understand why anons are up her arse on this thread. I get you want to stick up for fellow women but christ on a bike, there's no excusing a lot of what she's done.

No. 1161531

Has Amber even covered her side yet? I’m tired of Johnny’s so-called witnesses.

No. 1161559

It should be today, deps lawer has doen the closing statement. But Amber has tried to chicken out, her lawer tried to do a strike. But the judge has turned it down for obvious reasons. She wanted to turn tail and run because the evidence is stacked against her, who would have guessed. It's apparently the 5th time she's tried to get the case dismissed.

No. 1161652

File: 1651599435250.png (7.5 KB, 731x98, strike.png)

No. 1161762

Heard's shrink, dr Dawn Hughes, is such a badass. A board certified badass who literally wrote chapters about trauma and abuse in forensics psychology manuals. Been practicing for 30 years, treated hundrends and hundreds of traumatised individuals. She hasn't had dinner and drinks with either parties either.

No. 1161808

She's awfully biased though, and incredibly sexist. So many yikes moments.

No. 1161815

What has she said that's sexist?

No. 1162033

I've only joined into the stream recently, I don't really get why she gets to talk about things that'd get flagged as hearsay by anyone else. But then again, I don't really understand how these things really work.

No. 1162443

You look so stupid rn

No. 1162646

>"What these tests show is that there was a high degree of serious violence perpetrated by Mr. Depp toward Ms. Heard. There was violence more on the mild level perpetrated by Ms. Heard toward Mr. Depp, with one severe indicator which was the punching that she indicated to me," Hughes said. "Mr. Depp engaged in more severe acts of psychological aggression, whereas Ms. Heard engaged in mild and severe acts of psychological aggression."

No. 1162840

The general consensus is that they were giving her rope, today she'll probably be impeached. It was so frustrating to watch, I didn't understand why they didn't step in either at the time. I can't believe she opened the door though, it's going to be a hell of a day today.

No. 1163309

Amber heard does not have ptsd

No. 1163328

I'm starting to see why there's so much abuse in lesbian relationships, seeing how willing anons here are to overlook signs of an abuser if they're a woman. I get it, Depp looks old and out of shape, she looks good. But I hope, for your own sakes, you're not believing her stapled on sad face. It's extremely unnatural to maintain it for the majority of the time, only breaking it to smirk.

No. 1163336

She’s an actress retard

No. 1163372

I would take the term actress lightly, never seen any movies she's in but her performance in the courtroom shows some awful acting. It's like when the doctor was talking about her "trauma" and abuse, most people would be triggered by it all being brought up again, you'd have a much more natural physical response, not just dead fish face syndrome. And if she was sexually assaulted by a broken bottle surely there'd be hospital records, why has no one from her medical team heard of it until this PR doctor came to the stand (who incidentally couldn't remember the work she did with Amber but could recall all the details of this emotive abuse story she spieled). Seen a few SA/DV victims reacting to this segment on lawtube streams and it's been awful to watch.

>>1162646 I found it funny how she was minimizing Heards abuse, whilst maximizing Depps. At least Dr Curry talked about both male and female victims/abusers, PR doctor just painted all men as abusers, all women as victims, lends nothing to the discussion of abuse survivors.

No. 1163390

You don’t even know what people from her team have heard of because only one person has presented her side of the story, and provided it very well too. If you actually think that her facial expressions are an indication of anything you are brain-dead. She has been through therapy in her years since the very documented instances of abuse against her, and there is nothing weird about her trying to have an attitude that reflects the seriousness of the case, unlike Johnny who laughs and jokes and rambles on about things.

No. 1163422

I slept through one, gonna catch up later. Seems like things are not looking good for Heard, with her firing her team. Nothing is certain until she gives her own testimony.

Yeah, there were people here trying to convince me it's perfectly ok to yell and argue with someone for 5 hours and not let them leave. Like wtf

No. 1163424

How was it presented well when there was no factual evidence, it was all hearsay. Her evidence boiled down to "Amber Heard told me prior to this case coming to trial so it must be true". There's been no medical documentation of any of these claims. You say years of therapy, so how come she was supposedly actively scoring high in the PTSD assesment with the PR doctor? Didn't Depp also cope with things through humour? Either way i'm just here for the shit show, this doctor going on first has seriously damaged her side. They should have sent Amber in first and then had the doctor collaborate her side with factual evidence. Looking forward to the cross either way.

No. 1163563

So both witness psychologists feon either side saw her only a few times for some hours and that's enough for them to get to a conclusion? I didn't know psychiatry works like that, doesn't sound very trustworthy to me. Are those tests they administer really that good huh.

No. 1163598

dr curry saw heard for 12 hours and diagnosed her with crazy-woman-disease after getting wined and dined by depp and legal team. dr hughes diagnosed heard with ptsd after a total of 29 hours and she refers to several other doctors' notes during her testimony. dr hughes is also actually board certified and dr curry is just some fucking lady
>I didn't know psychiatry works like that
liar, you are sealioning

No. 1163599

>her "trauma"
depp violated her with a vodka bottle and she thought to herself 'god i hope it's not the broken one'

No. 1163604

Huh? I honestly didn't think it works like that, I've never been to a psychiatrist. It seems insufficient to me to reach a conclusion after such a short time because people are so complex. There's people that shock me after years of knowing them, and these people can tell after just a few hours? Doesn't sit right with me.

No. 1163657

Someone said her therapist specialized in PTSD.

No. 1163660

This woman was the shrink who helped put away R Kelly and Keith Raniere from NXIM. She knows how to testify, she'll be fine. All the hearsay depp stans keep complaining about is dr Hughes talking about what Amber told her and what she's read in the other shrinks' notes. Which is what she was asked about.

No. 1163727

exactly, it's not hearsay when it's from an expert fucking witness because that's exactly why they hired and brought out the expert fucking witness, to give her professional educated opinion

No. 1163729

meanwhile yesterday depp's team brought out that yahoo of a forensic accountant who admitted his opinion was based on wild speculation and assumptions and ignored half the facts in the case but the depp stans probably didn't listen to that part

No. 1163736

BPD and PTSD are very similar, it's a major red flag that the uncertified psych from Depp's team decided in 12 hours that she has multiple personality disorders but can't even meet criteria for a PTSD diagnosis.

No. 1163740

Damn they were denied the ability to bring up the fact that Amber Heard was violent against her ex, the judge dropped the ball on that. The doctor claimed that Amber Heard has never caused violence against prior partners, so the door was clearly open to bring in that evidence.

No. 1163748

Obviously. Amber's ex never pressed charges, denied any violence, and is still close friends with Amber to this day. It would be disingenuous to use that incident as proof that Amber Heard was violent.
You're allowed to have your opinion on what happened, but the fact is it's not usable in court. It doesn't prove anything.

No. 1163769

File: 1651682241409.jpeg (308.47 KB, 2048x1084, EE25CF47-2625-4A62-A238-146B17…)

Confirmed by the prosecuting attorney that there was no assault

No. 1163850

Yeah, they have no leg to stand on there. The judge did nothing wrong.

No. 1164241

can the mods please take off the autosage, because ambers testimony just started and i want to hear ambers opinions on it.

No. 1164244

also autosage did not help since there are still trolls all over the site and nothing changed, just say that you are too lazy to mod instead of killing off threads. fuck you.

No. 1164250

Go ask in meta nonnie, not in this autosaged thread

No. 1164254

So far she sounds much more believable than Depp who went on stand in sunglasses and mumbled.

No. 1164279

Not super relevant but i do wonder if johnny is staying sober through all of this.

No. 1164298

you forget she is a professional actress she is working her ass of on that stand lmao

No. 1164302

damn i miss the nonnies who would do updates on the case here.

No. 1164304

Yeah, so did JD and she is still doing a better job than him, supposedly one of the best actors of his generation.

No. 1164313

@geekthedog on twitter does a good job of that, I've been reading their tweets since the thread was autosaged

I too miss updates anon. I hope the shitheads don't come back when the thread is un-autosaged. This is one of two places I've found where it's possible to talk about the trial and have sympathy for Amber Heard. (the other one is the deuxmoi subreddit)

No. 1164338

No. 1164348

Ive been listening to the livestream at work.
She said that early in their relationship that JD would ghost her for days and then suddenly show back up in her life. He would constantly neg her for going on auditions and clothes she would wear. He would say things like “oh, THATS what you’re going to wear?” Implying she was just like all those other slutty actress’ Amber spoke about the first time JD was physically abusive to her. They were sitting on the sofa and she asked what his Wino 4ever tattoo said and when he told her she laughed. She couldn’t believe what a ridiculous tattoo it was or if he was being serious (it was smudgy and she couldn’t make out the letters). This somehow triggered him enough that he slapped her 3x because she was laughing. He then fell to his knees crying saying that he “thought he put that fucker away (fucker being his monster abusive side?)”.
She also spoke about how he would give extravagant gifts to her dad, sister and close friends. He also bought Amber a horse as a gift after she told him not to do so.
The last thing she said before they went on a break was that she confided in her mom and therapist when the abuse began.

No. 1164356

I found it so creepy how he worked so hard to be loved by Amber's family. Like, I get wanting to make a good impression but he just went so far, showering her parents and sister with expensive gifts and stuff. Red flag.

No. 1164376

That stuff creeps me out nonny. Getting so close to your spouses family and gaining so much favor feels so calculating and it's a scary level of manipulation. I see so many stories where a women's families doubts her or chooses the moid's side.

No. 1164403

I'm gonna get cancer from how much Johnny smokes

No. 1164454

I don't get how commentors can post he looks unimpressed or sth while Amber is talking. He looks guilty af to me. Can't even look up. And I don't mean guilty as in sorry but in that he did all that.

No. 1164468

Same, it's so disrespectful to Amber and to the court. At least pretend you're paying attention for fuck's sake.
For depp truthers, this proves that he's the Real Victim. Meanwhile, Amber can't scratch her nose without it being taken as a gotcha moment and proof she's a liar. Actual insanity.

No. 1164473

Doesn't give off that impression to me, he just looks like he was coached not to react.

No. 1164481

I guess it's better to do that than laughing like he used to do

No. 1164562

I took some more notes sorry if they’re shitty/badly formatted.
Recalls instance of Johnny doing coke all morning and then taking her and the dogs for a drive to a schedule he had. He started howling out of the window (Johnny) and then holds one of the teacup yorkies out of the window while the car was moving.

He would constantly pass out from drugs and shit/piss himself. Amber or his security would clean him up and change his pants.

They went to a ritzy trailer park to do shrooms. One of the girls they befriended also took shrooms and leaned into Amber which Johnny took offense to. He yelled at this random girl, grabbed her wrist and then asked her if she knew how many pounds of pressure it takes to break someone’s wrist. Amber and Johnny go back to the trailer and start arguing. He accuses her of cheating on him with that girl. He then started searching for something to which she asks him what he’s doing. He accuses her of stealing his cocaine and then demands to do a cavity search on her. He rips her dress and starts touching her breasts and then forces his fingers inside her vagina to “search” for his drugs.

A instance where they’re flying to Russia. They take MDMA with a flight attendant. The flight attendant sits on the armrest near Amber and Johnny is triggered by this thinking that the flight attendant is flirting with Amber. He takes the flight attendant by the wrist and yells at her. Again threatening to break her wrist.

No. 1164569

Her bisexuality really triggers the fuck out of him, oh my god. Seems like everytime a woman is friendly to Amber he flies off the handle.

It's the homophobia babes

No. 1164605

The cavity search assault strikes me as just too bizarre to not be true, y'know?

No. 1164615

Who would make that up? Especially to then have to tell that on live tv? It's so humiliating. No woman deserves to go through that

No. 1164626

>who would make that up
That's what I said. If you were making up something, you'd try to make it make sense, and this doesn't. It's drug-fuelled madness I guess

No. 1164695

File: 1651700469244.jpeg (528.61 KB, 960x1117, 22BA964A-ED18-4E71-9BF2-4D611A…)

How embarrassing that they’re just giving him so many passes. Twitter pisses me off.

No. 1164711

The only time he looked up from his fucking doodles during Amber's testimony, it was to laugh. It was when Amber was talking about how Depp's whole team would enable his drug and alcohol addiction - like cleaning him up when he shat his pants and then acting like that's a normal thing to have to do.
What in the fuck could be funny about that?

No. 1164920

i buy this 100%

No. 1164922

>wow, so funny i shit myself as an adult man and have to have my much younger wife and handlers clean me like the fat baby i am!
he's such an obvious loser

No. 1164944

He really is. During testimony today, Amber recalled going on a yacht ride with Johnny and his 2 children, back when Lily-Rose was about 14. Johnny was upset about having to sell his little toy - excuse me, his yacht - so he got super drunk. Didn't want his kids to know, so he was pretending to drink coffee but it was booze.
At some point he was visibly drunk, which made Lily-Rose scared and upset. She started to cry. Then Johnny decided to jump in the ocean, which scared his daughter even more and she started to hyperventilate. Amber said it looked like she was having a panic attack.
So Amber tries to comfort her, hugs Lily-Rose. Then Johnny gets back on the boat, orders his children to leave, which they do. He then accuses Amber of snitching on him to his children and yells at her and hits her.

If this is not loser deadbeat dad behavior I don't know what is. Scaring his children, not even attempting to comfort his daughter, blaming it all on his wife. It's disgusting. I feel so bad for Lily-Rose.

No. 1164948

So much literal shit in this case lol I can't

No. 1164962

idk why but reading all the comments on twitter of people calling her a liar made me ugly cry. it reminded me of my own experience and no one believing me. her voice breaking, the sad look on her face, it was too hard to watch. my heart goes out to her

No. 1164991

I’m pretty sure when she was recounting how he would pass out and shit himself that she was crying. She at the least sounded clearly emotional while saying all this. I’d have to go back and look but it makes him laughing even more annoying
Also, when he confronted her for daring to comfort his daughter he pushed her against a wall while holding her by the throat/choking her. It was horrible hearing her talk about this event.

No. 1165062

When Amber was testifying today and she was going on about how Johnny showered her dad with gifts and got all buddy buddy with him she also pointed out that when talking to her dad Johnny would put on a southern accent that she didn’t know he had. Her dad is (seemingly) from Texas so I wonder if Johnny was hamming it up to seem relatable to her dad? I know Johnny is from Kentucky but I don’t think he has ever had much of a Appalachian/Southern accent from his earlier movies. I know he puts on this weird pseudo British accent now but I bet he just has a standard American accent.

No. 1165065

Also, his sister doesn’t seem to have any significant accent.

No. 1165078

That’s so sad. He has literally turned everything on her and accused her of doing all the things he did, almost like so it would look like she is lying when she presents her case. I feel so damn bad for her.

I don’t understand how Depp defenders can continue their campaign after today. They ignore all of the insurmountable evidence against him, claim she has all these mental illnesses like that makes her worthy of abuse (as if he clearly isn’t disordered himself), refuse to believe her and instead craft their own narrative about what happened. Honestly, even if you take everything he said at face value and assume Amber is this BPD nightmare, she still looks like she suffered severely and went through hell because of him, and his “pursuit of justice” looks pure evil.

No. 1165177

File: 1651722276878.jpeg (113.49 KB, 828x409, 778EE698-2D4B-4F9D-892E-B1A8DD…)

One of the comments on an amber heard video, i’m tired of these types of women who sympathize with men because they think they have something in common with them (in this case abuse) when men literally only care about themselves, they will see themselves as victims but think you deserved your abuse you dumbass, wake up.

No. 1165189

One of the reasons people are holding their pitchfork is because of that stupid recording where she says “tell the world i, johnny, man, is a victim of abuse” and that terrified the sjw retards because it doesn’t fit their narrative thats why they’re dog piling her even though in that recording she’s absolutely correct. If you have ever been abused by a man who also played the victim you would know how much gaslighting and how much “i’m the one being abused” you’re gonna hear any woman would probably respond the way amber did

No. 1165226

i found her to be a very sympathetic victim today and very honest in her potrayal of the relationship. note how johnny (maybe i'm missing it) failed to be complimentary except for at the very beginning, whereas she tries to be honest about his good qualities, and his flaws that put them both in this situation. i notice a lot of men go 'scorched earth' on women and relationships and will tell EVERYONE how disgusting they are and how they're shit, while the woman laments the relationship and tries to see the best, even if she was the one that was cheated on, or abused, or mistreated. i found her to be very credible today.

No. 1165276

Oh saintess Heard, it's a shame that all those audio recordings, photographic proof, and witnesses (amusing hearing neighbours coming out now too) show that you were an abusive asshole too. Her flowery testimony, forced attempts of failed crying, and ability to rapidly switch emotions superficially really makes you think - especially in regards to the histrionic and BPD diagnoses. Very performative, and rather insulting to real SA survivors. There have been so many contradictions so far, and so creepy that she was forcing the juror's eye contact all the time, they need to be distanced from the witness to be able to observe everything. It all sounded so scripted, it threw her off when there were objections. People forget that she's an actress and you really need to give what she says a pinch of healthy skepticism.

And what was it with that claim that he punched her in the face with his rings, blood went splattering on the wall, he gave her that bruise in the photo - yet her face was visible and there was no damage to it at all. No busted lip in sight. Maybe she got plastered on wine and hurt her arm and wanted to pin it on something else bar your own actions, not to blog but it's common & easy done when you're a wino.

No. 1165286

File: 1651730628856.jpeg (52.64 KB, 1280x720, 3CED261F-2C69-4D41-B496-ED4130…)

>>1165266 >>1165276

>it's a shame that all those audio recordings

What of the audio recordings incriminating him? Like when he threatened her and verbally abused? I recall it was going to be a “blood bath”, by the way, innocent parties usually deny their guilt, why didn’t he ever deny it in any recording?
>photographic proof
Where? You mean like the ones that prove she was abused? Her bruises line up to the timeline she provided.
The judge literally laughed at Johnny’s witness. Disney is testifying on her side btw.
>Her flowery testimony…
So any victim of abuse who has shown any emotion on the stand but tries to keep it together is historic now? Or it’s just her? The Dr who testified of her bpd was grilled for evaluating her for PTSD while her trauma was ongoing and for not consulting the notes of her other Drs (who testify of her being a victim of Johnny’s abuse first).
>There have been so many contradictions so far
Should be easy to name one then. Go ahead.
>It all sounded so scripted, it threw her off when there were objections. People forget that she's an actress and you really need to give what she says a pinch of healthy skepticism.
Go ahead and read that again and tell me that makes sense. You should also read about the perfect victim theory, because you could put this in a textbook for it. She didn’t show enough emotion while he was testifying, but now her emotions look scripted! It would never be enough for you.

Oh wow, then you go on to say her bruises were barely noticeable so it must not have been that bad…. But if they were she probably did it to herself. What a joke you are. Try again.

No. 1165295

>so creepy that she was forcing the juror's eye contact all the time
I personally found it sus that Depp was wearing dark glasses on stand. It automatically made me doubt, like why are you hiding your eyes. I know the answer is probably because he's a junkie and it shows less that way. I just can't trust someone I can't look in the eye.

It's interesting how these small things are taken into account and analyzed differently by different people, see how >>1164454 indicates two totally opposite things depending on who you're rooting for

No. 1165297

Real emotion, she lacked real emotion all through this and it was evident, it's why I said superficial (superficial emotions are histrionic). And the llines were very scripted, the prompts were there and you could tell it was rehearsed, normally people have to have a second to think of a response. You have the audio recordings of her admitting she hit him, you have the injury photos of Depp which also line up to the timelines. I do wonder why Amber fans buy the whole farm, you don't seem to be able to admit that she was abusive too.

No. 1165313

> Real emotion, she lacked real emotion all through this and it was evident
Luckily you don’t get to decide whether or not she is experiencing real emotions. But again, it doesn’t matter what she did, it wouldn’t have been “real” enough for you anyway.
>normally people have to have a second to think of a response.
It’s not like she doesn’t know why she is up on the stand kek
>You have the audio recordings of her admitting she hit him
Hitting someone back after they are abusive to you for years is not “mutual abuse”, and yes their marriage counselor confirmed Johnny was privy to starting the fights and getting violent with her.
>you have the injury photos of Depp which also line up to the timelines.
There are two injury photos of Johnny out there. The first is his finger, which I’m sure we don’t need to rehash why that’s not true, the second is his bruised face after an argument. Here’s what the persecuting attorney had to say about that photo:
'This is the only photo of Mr. Depp with a visible injury. You are suggesting that this injury is in relation to an incident that took place more than a year later.'
Definitely doesn’t match the timeline nor does it make Johnny look good if it was true because even he testified that it was in response to her being afraid he would push her.
>I do wonder why Amber fans buy the whole farm, you don't seem to be able to admit that she was abusive too.
It’s really convenient to believe that, isn’t it? The reality is that I’ve been defending Depp since the start of all this, but ever since he refuses to back down, pursuing her for something that she didn’t even cause, and on top of Amber’s testimony, I can’t continue to defend the man. I would be the first one to pledge my allegiance to him if he actually had a single bit of evidence that held up against scrutiny, but I can’t continue to be willfully ignorant just because he was apart of my childhood. Really, most of my posts here are begging for someone to post a bit of evidence against Amber, but it’s just people like you who are misinformed about things or just straight up ignore my requests for proof.

No. 1165326

Pirates of the Caribbean came out 20 years ago get over it

No. 1165331

Nayrt but I never believed Depp cut his own finger and I still don't. It's naive to think either of them are telling the whole truth and no lies.

No. 1165340

>its naive to think theyre telling the truth
I was on here defending amber and i don’t really think she’s telling the whole truth either. To me, they’re both junkies and in a very toxic relationship. But what’s bizarre to me is the majority of people coddling johnny like he’s a fucking child and acting like heard is the hell-spawn for hitting back. I think this reaction is very concerning and women should be concerned instead of going out there and booing her or defending jd just to prove that they’re not one of those evil bitches its almost like we’re seeing all of our cultures misogynistic filth and ideas and notions about women (read the comments under their videos and i bet you heard these criticisms about actual day to day everyday women who faced rape and or abuse) seeping right before our eyes and its passed off as progressive bc its a male “victim” and no one is saying anything. Also unrelated but i find the focus on amber’s fake acting dumb, johnny depp is acting 24/7 in that courtroom and i cringe every time i see it

No. 1165345

I agree with all you said.
But the reaction you're seeing is mostly led by bots. I see absolutely identical comments on multiple videos/articles by multiple sources. They're actually blatant how easy they're to spot. That is not organic.

No. 1165346

I don't get your point, I've never actually seen any of Depps movies if that's what you're insinuating. Not my genre.

No. 1165347

Sage for a log, but I've been in a cokey relationship with a guy and had bra searched and threatened to search pussy, it happens.

No. 1165359

Samefag, bots should win the "Influencer of the Year" award for sure.

No. 1165375

No, they are NOT similar.

No. 1165400

It's not just because of autosage, but I don't want to blog about it.

No. 1165402

You might as well. There are very few anons in here at this point and I think most of us would just be happy to see people posting even if it is bloggy. It’s /ot/ anyway, not against the rules

No. 1165404

Yeah, go ahead. Or alternatively listen to me make it all about money once again as I talk about paying for bots

No. 1165417

Dude seriously now, is your health ok?

No. 1165433

File: 1651742711124.jpg (10.5 KB, 328x326, 4d39a5f604385fae4f6ca201d42123…)

No, I'm in the hospital a lot, so can't really follow the trial. Apparently you can't request to listen to trials in a scanner kek, just the radio. It's also difficult to give a fuck and I get angry easily atm.
I know, but I don't want to be turned into some sort of boardcow like the other two.
I love listening to you nonnie

No. 1165443

incoming blogpost
i know ill probably get ripped to shreds here, (i deserve it) but i really believed and got swept up in the defending johnny train.
im a dv survivor and have been abused by people with BPD in my life so i think this is where his narrative got me, and i was bias.

after seeing her on the stand and managing to see other areas of the internet that dont 100% lick johnny arsehole i feel like the fog has lifted and i finally see her, as a woman being fucking torn apart by the media. the tiktoks, (i literally saw a tik tok of people editing music and like stickers over her testifying about her abuse WTF) the memes '#amberisaliar' trending on twitter…it snapped me out of it.

'but she called johnny a fat old washed up drunken man??' he is tho

it all became clear when she stated about the age gap, and how he hired her and he showed up on set where she was in like a robe and lifted it etc

sorry guys i know you dont care but i just feel sick i ever believed this shit and defended a fucking weirdo creepy old man.

No. 1165444

Aww, hugs, I hope you recuperate soon ♥ I remember you saying you have stomach issues
Take care, this trial is difficult to listen to and you don't need the added stress
Your updates are appreciated, but your health is precious. Drop by anytime, but don't feel any obligation

No. 1165460

>i literally saw a tik tok of people editing music and like stickers over her testifying about her abuse WTF
I saw one where they made her into a clown.
It ties in with
>i find the focus on amber’s fake acting dumb, johnny depp is acting 24/7 in that courtroom and i cringe every time i see it

It's a discrediting tactic, they do it because they can't go after her words.

No. 1165462

File: 1651744730245.jpg (5.43 KB, 248x222, c0e7c2b36ada33635336f19e03b4ae…)

It's okay, you've seen the light and there's a massive campaign to get everyone to be on the defending Johnny train, they're throwing everything out there to see what sticks and make people biased against her. Shit happens. It's not your fault.
Doctors are just taking a long ass time and they're keeping me in the dark, but I get they do that for liability reasons, since they won't know anything for sure until biopsy results come back. Meanwhile everything in the US seems like a massive shitshow I get worked up over, first everyone falling over themselves to shit on an abuse victim and then the leak happening. Everywhere is so Americanized too that it's actually relevant, because they like to copy the US and that culture does carry over. Thank you!

No. 1165484

Her new PR team is going to have a hard time fixing her reputation, but they certainly are working hard on it it seems - even passing dodgy notes in court. Awaiting to see if that gets brought up. Also Amber admitting she wrote the "op ed", not sure if anyone picked up on that slip. And people involved with her warned to stop escalating he situation, to walk away, how come she is the one forcing Depp to stay around and calling him a pussy for wanting to walk away to deescalate the situation?

And that one star review (prior to the webMD review bombing) PR DR (who couldn't even fill in a form needed in court correctly), how she's never had to represent/work with male survivors of female aggression - she said she did with same sex and male on female violence though. And how Amber committed low levels of physical agression (and high levels of psychological aggression) because us women are so smol and weak and men are big and strong and can take hits. Interesting how actual SA/DV survivors are talking about how you're not thinking about your hurt fee fee's in actual abusive situations or the colour of the carpet, you're worrying if this is how you're actually going to die/is this it.

Just hoping Ambers got some real evidence somewhere, because this flowery tale has been awful to sit through. It might work in the Depps favour if they do drag it out today for her testimony, then at least they'd have the 10 days to provide a counter to her account. I think they're hoping to drag it out so it sits in the jurers minds for 10 days without contest.

No. 1165495

Wishing you an expedient recovery, anon. I really enjoyed your commentary on the case and you seem like a lovely person to be friends with. Get well soon!

No. 1165510

>even passing dodgy notes in court
Depp's team has been passing notes from the beginning and way more often, but nobody cares about that for some reason.
>Also Amber admitting she wrote the "op ed", not sure if anyone picked up on that slip.
How is that a slip?
>how she's never had to represent/work with male survivors of female aggression
because it's extremely rare for it to happen, for obvious reasons. Men are less likely to go seek mental help in the first place. It's weirder that dr. Curry went out of her way to only work with men.
>because us women are so smol and weak and men are big and strong and can take hits.
This comment of yours reminds me of troons saying it's misogynistic to not let them compete with actual women, because it implies women are weaker than men. I don't know why you made that comment, but it seems a bit weird.
Thank you! Being friends with a sperg is not for everyone though kek

No. 1165512

Her new PR team is as doomed as the old one as they're outfinanced and outplayed by Depp's. These are his guns he's sticking to, this is why he insisted it be publicised. Or more accurately, this is what the publicity and money-hungry team planned and executed to do with this mess these two junkies created. Depp is just an opportunity to them.
As for her aggression towards him, I'm betting they're going to press that during the cross-examination.

No. 1165528

Samefag, Depp is a wasted old junkie, he's not the one pulling the strings. Look at the people around him for that

No. 1165529

I hope he loses and freaks out like the junkie he is and fires and sues his team again, so all their hard work goes to waste.

No. 1165583

Stay mad, Deppfags

No. 1165589

Just going to gloss over that she is a pisshead too?

No. 1165608

File: 1651754919591.gif (1.99 MB, 245x326, 59906E01-781C-4CF1-91C0-5A5951…)

A pisshead? Really?

No. 1165639

How much pressure does it take though?

No. 1165640

How many normies drink 2 bottles of wine a night? She was a lush.

No. 1165702

File: 1651761009024.jpeg (84.57 KB, 588x960, 22A6BAF1-0C32-4864-BA9D-739243…)

I would be too if I had to get in bed with this greaseball every night. He looks like he smells like rum, piss and patchouli.

No. 1165711

You'd be surprised. Blog but my mom did that for like a year after my grandma died a few years ago. She was still at her job everyday and did not act abusive with me or my dad. She seemed completely normal to everyone that knew her outside of her drinking in the evenings.

No. 1165715

CPTSD and BPD actually present very similarly in women.

No. 1165722

all legal teams rehearse with their clients, of course it was rehearsed. this is standard and you are a fucking retard

No. 1165726

the recording of him saying he cut it himself when he smashed the plastic phone on the wall isn't even good enough for you? oh jk you are just willfully ignoring everything

No. 1165731

kek sure ignore the london judge incredulously going through depp's extremely large monthly wine budget or the footage of him already drunk pouring a glass of wine fresh in the morning, but yea let's focus on her alcohol issues

No. 1165733

Another instance of Johnny being an absolutely shit father :
His kids came to live with Johnny and Amber for a bit in 2013. Lily-Rose (14) had a crush on an adult musician. Amber did not think it was a good idea to come over and spend the night with Lily-Rose. She also objected to Depp smoking weed with his daughter.
That led to Depp being mad that Amber wasn't minding her business?? I guess???

Everytime the kids are brought up it upsets me so much. Johnny Depp is a fucking loser and that would be true even if he had never ever laid a hand on anyone in his life.

No. 1165749

Depp looked worse to me too. I'd prefer my client to act like Amber, than put on a theatrical voice and constantly sound sarcastic, with no emotion besides sadistic glee. I don't know how burgerlawyers do it, dealing with clients is already bad enough, especially if they're junkies. They tend to lie and cause you to be surprised and blindsided during trial. Give me 10 dementia clients over 1 scrote junkie. Female addicts tend to use lawyers as therapists at least and tmi is better than not enough info. Scrotes tend to yell, get aggressive and hostile when you need to first do research before answering. Meanwhile women can be calmed down by just listening, acknowledging emotions and their fears.

No. 1165815

File: 1651765526038.png (1.48 MB, 1837x553, front page.PNG)

Anyone keep getting recommended Johnny Depp movies on Netflix and other streaming services? I don't even watch them

No. 1165834

Amber recalling Depp taunting her, insulting her, slapping her, kicking her in the back, while on a plane with his security and his assistants.

Such anger and sadness in her voice when she says : "No one did anything! You could hear a pin drop on that plane… No one did anything!"

I believe her. This is real emotion. Also, Depp seems to have trouble staying composed while she's recalling this event. He's not snickering or doodling like he usually does and his face is reacting to what she's saying, altough I can't pinpoint what emotions he's feeling.

No. 1165867

Same here. I was abused by the males in my family and was ostracized by pick me females in the family for speaking up. I also wasn’t quite and reacted to the abuse, which made people think I’m mentally ill. Surprise, no similar symptoms after I parted ways with my abusers except occasional PTSD triggers. I wonder how many women in history had to go through a similar experience?

No. 1165881

They could have found someone on that plane to testify, it would have been potentially powerful, but at the end of the day it's just her word so it could have equally have been fabricated. I wish cross was today but the way it's dragging out, it's probably going to be after the break. Still have the island and other arcs to go through.

No. 1165886

File: 1651767138420.jpg (41.97 KB, 564x549, def9577b0b77e622ba968bf5415d75…)

I think it's extremely common and a lot of those pickme women had it happen to them too, but just internalized what everyone was saying and now try to spread it too.
I feel like a lot of what a witness from the plane could've said, would be labeled as hearsay.

No. 1165896

Yep, feeling that…hugs to both of you

No. 1165897

wouldn't they be working for Johnny anywas?

No. 1165903

This is the incident that prompted the texts between Amber and Depp's assistant where he apologizes that Depp kicked her and compares him to a lost little boy. They also played a recording of Depp howling in the plane like a demon.
Idk, is it hearsay if they were there and talking about what they witnessed? I'm not a US law buff so I'm not sure.

No. 1165907

That recording was barely what someone would call howling though, i expected him to be screaming like a demon instead of just a quiet "awugh" on the loo.

No. 1165913

Really? In the first of the three recordings, he really was howling like a lunatic. It doesn't prove that he hit her but it does show how out of it he was and that he behaves like an overgrown toddler. I guess it's a question of personnal perception

No. 1165915

damn she saw him take double doses of his detox drugs and the lawyers tried to silence her. They're like "ojection, hearsay!!" and she says "no I actually saw him take double the amount prescribed"

No. 1165922

I hate when people say stuff like what you said, “it's just her word so it could have equally have been fabricated”, it’s such an easy way to invalidate victims and it’s always tipped in one persons favor where one’s word is law and the others is “just her word” as we are seeing now. It also doesn’t match the actually statistics about people who false report abuse, it’s incredibly uncommon. And to top it all off, it completely ignores the fact that she is under oath and if she is found to be lying it would be perjury so not only does she have a lot to lose by losing the case but she would also be in huge trouble for that as well.

No. 1165931

>Also, Depp seems to have trouble staying composed while she's recalling this event. He's not snickering or doodling like he usually does and his face is reacting to what she's saying, altough I can't pinpoint what emotions he's feeling.

Remember in the texts with the bodyguard where he said that Depp cried when he was told after his blackout that he'd been kicking Amber? Before he was "victim of cancel culture," he was self-aware enough to know he had a "monster," inside him..

No. 1165946

She also never even fucking reported it! She tries to protect him by not pressing charges when police are called. She got a temporary restraining order and then wrote an op-ed about the fallout/backlash she experienced by having to go public.

Keep the updates coming, this shit is too upsetting to watch.

No. 1165967

File: 1651768765898.png (1.23 MB, 1020x680, widdle sweepy angle.PNG)

"oh nooooo look how innocent my bwaybey johnny is. He's not hitting her uwu!!!!


No. 1165979

This is sad honestly. If he put as much effort into getting sober as he does dragging his ex-wife's name through the mud he could build his reputation back, become a role model for other junkies, but no. He chooses to stand by his disgusting behavior.

No. 1165983

her opening statement was word by word copied from mr. ripley
you heard it here first, nonnies.

No. 1165987

Whose statement? Amber? Her lawyer? Book or movie? Which part? Which words?

No. 1165992

who cares? She's given us a legit timeline, provided stories and has made damning statements.

No. 1165996

The Thing with Johnny, it's like the sun shines on you, and it's glorious. And then he forgets you and it's very, very cold.

Marge Sherwood (character from the movie the talented mr. ripley):
The Thing with Dickie, it's like the sun shines on you, and it's glorious. And then he forgets you and it's very, very cold.

theres more she copied like the whole "when you have his attention" but im 2 lazy to write the whole thing down
i do you moron because shes making herself look bad and everyones going to say "ohh reheased!!! EVERYTHING she said is wrong now!!" dont give MOIDS an inch you morons!

No. 1165998

who cares what twitter/social media has to say. Everyone in the courtroom can't go on there anyways.

No. 1166013


If they didn't do anything to help her then, why would they do anything that would appear to be helping her now? Especially with all of the manufactured online support and the idiotic Depp fans that can turn against them and ruin their livelihood. Maybe they were paid off or are just too cowardly to get involved.

No. 1166024

Idk honestly it comes across as insecure girl quoting her favorite nerdy movie. Like in a “this relates to me” sort of way and she probably just internalized it. Seems kinda sympathetic to me when you consider what she’s gone through.

No. 1166030

Do you have a timestamp of when she said that? I just watched most of her opening statement on twice the speed and I can't find it.

I did find 2 articles talking about how internet commentators have said she took lines from the movie, but neither of them quote her saying what you wrote. This sounds like the same kind of bullshit as "Amber is copying Johnny's outfits!!!" if i'm honest

No. 1166037

yesterday after the lunch she made her opening. on youtube you can click transcript and it should show you. you can search with ctrl+f. give me a moment im on phone atm and this only works on computer browsers. ill get back 2 u in like 10-15mins

No. 1166051

kek dont bother. theres plenty of quotes from movies, books and tv shows lmao

No. 1166065

File: 1651771608731.jpg (52.5 KB, 500x373, 1623605419971.jpg)

kek you really think you blend in dont you moid

No. 1166073

It's common to do something like that at the start of a legal brief, so it's not completely weird to me, maybe a bit weird to come from the client. It's even recommended to do so in books about writing legal briefs, so maybe she read one of those or decided to copy her lawyers a bit. It works to catch the attention of a judge or jury and keep them engaged, so it's not retarded.

No. 1166077

i feel like whenever i get called a moid it must be by a gay/bi nonnie. you love overlooking the abusiveness of other women. heck, youre even hostile online where you could just be nice. sad.
also sage

No. 1166081

that makes lots of sense, thanks anon

No. 1166085

Look, I read those in good faith and with an open mind and they all sound like huge reaches to me. I'm still not convinced Amber said the mr ripley quote word for word. I'm gonna need more than a screenshot of someone's notes app.
"I'd rather cut off my hand than do XYZ" is a super common thing to say.
Stealing the line from the Netflix show Maid about how she would stare at the dirty carpet while Johnny was being violent with her : Maid did its best to really show the cycle of abuse and the psychology of victims of it, hyperfocusing on a random object in the room while something upsetting is happening is a common coping mechanism.

I wont go through every one of them but they are all in the reaching category to me

No. 1166099

Not my finest moment, I freely admit that. Misread the cap. Still can't find where she said that in the actual testimony tho

No. 1166100

File: 1651772506950.png (128.79 KB, 1132x324, 2022-05-05 19_39_28-_ot_ - The…)

how dumb are you?
also sage because of your stupidity.

No. 1166106

you don't need to write sage in your posts

No. 1166143

File: 1651773726455.jpg (18.36 KB, 240x320, 1648852642522.jpg)

why would i sage in an autosaged thread kek you really aren't from around here pardner. nice homophobia though

No. 1166163

keep abusing your girlfriends anon. im sure it'll make your life better.
also i thought the 2nd thread was autosaged, not this one.

No. 1166166

File: 1651774219293.gif (2.46 MB, 498x368, meme-wink.gif)

funny you call me a moid but that filename pops up in lgbt /mtfg/ archives. guess what, you will never be a woman, faggot.

No. 1166170

do you see the thread getting bumped retard? do you know what sage means?
both of those images are straight from lolcow servers kek "wow your random number generator filename popped up in another sequence GOTCHA"

No. 1166180

>overlooking the abusiveness of other women
How could we ever forget when lesbophobic people bring it up all the fucking time, including constantly misquoting and misinterpreting statistics? Also weird how it's often brought up in defense of abusive scrotes, who can do more damage and are abusive way more often and are actually the reason for why bi women are abused so often. Scrotes get jealous very easily and abuse bi women more than straight women over it. Which is actually relevant to the case, since Depp abused Amber several times just because a woman was friendly towards her and called her a "lesbian camp counselor".

No. 1166181

File: 1651774633205.jpeg (178.1 KB, 1080x1522, 2EE9E851-30AE-4569-92D7-05A076…)

Anyway this is what she actually said

No. 1166204

clear description of lovebombing

No. 1166228

File: 1651775846899.gif (1.42 MB, 245x145, tumblr_mwumhhHZhb1ri58ybo7_250…)

she is a queen and is doing excellent today. the stories are plausible and not outlandish or ridiculous or meant to be off the wall and bizarre just to smear (like depp with his poopbed, saying it must've been amber with 0 reason to believe that's the case). i don't see how the fuck people can listen to her and depp and claim he's more convincing. such fucking bullshit. it pisses me off that he has so many losers willing to lie for him. no one considers that it's a huge problem that they're all on his fucking payroll or he's literally supporting their asses?

No. 1166230

File: 1651775904574.gif (1.42 MB, 356x200, 200.gif)


No. 1166241

Depp truthers are out there spewing literally anything they hear that suits their narratives without fact-checking it's so annoying

No. 1166277

File: 1651777480137.gif (9.94 MB, 540x540, 85ad5f8ee7118e3af99c669105101f…)

Depp is just relying on the fact that patriarchy is a thing and that misogyny is so widespread, that it's difficult for people to believe women. Especially if they're easy to envy or are disagreeable. They constantly bring up that she's famous or wealthy, but somehow Depp having at the very least a networth of 150mil doesn't change anything? Somehow his past in acting doesn't discredit him, but hers does? Every bad thing about his witnesses, they try to turn into a positive. If any of Amber's witnesses would've vaped and driven without a seatbelt during a recorded deposition, we would never hear the end of it. But since it's one of Depp's witnesses, they call him a hero and based.
You're the one giving off HSTS vibes.

No. 1166285

I don't know. I want to believe her because Johnny is gross, but honestly it does look like over acting… It looks fake.

No. 1166312

> siding with abusive rich moid because female too dramatic
Fuck off

No. 1166330

Deppy literally brought her in from the streets and this is how she treats him??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1166333

Please tell me this is satire

No. 1166338

File: 1651778836541.jpeg (91.14 KB, 897x874, 95F42EC7-02D0-4CE5-A182-26C69E…)

No. 1166344

File: 1651778943848.jpg (105.98 KB, 796x975, The_streets.jpg)

>the streets

No. 1166348

Amber is testifying right now about the Australia incident and it’s horrifying. She is clearly traumatized, there’s lots of crying as she’s recalling the sexual assault with the bottle. She mentions while it happened she was just hoping it wasn’t a broken bottle he was using. She also said she peed herself after. This is SO awful I’m aghast. Johnny needs to die.

No. 1166350

How would you act, nonnie, if you had to recount humiliating and painful memories of being abused by the man you were in love with in front of a live audience of his fans and on live tv for the whole world to pick apart your story?

I have no idea what I would look and sound like. You can't know until you're in the situation.

No. 1166354

No? Amber turd spent the last hour complaining that her art studio was messed up

No. 1166355

I wonder if that's why she used a surrogate for her daughter

No. 1166364

Kek. So now facts aren’t enough, its time to start claiming that he smashed windows indiscriminately

No. 1166365

There's no way to win honestly. They did a study in the UK on jury responses to female abuse and rape victims, no matter what you do there will always be some people who do sympathize and some people who will never be able to empathize. It's damned if you do, damned if you don't. Some people respond better when the victim doesn't testify in person, others respond better when they do. There's no rhyme or reason to it.

No. 1166373


No. 1166374

nobody pay any mind to the bored scrotes

No. 1166383

File: 1651779992010.jpeg (160.51 KB, 1140x1237, U7n91.So.79.jpeg)

At first she thought he was punching her but it was the square base of this kind of bottle smashing against her pubic bone as he repeatedly pushed it inside her. She was bleeding after. How can anyone defend him, just HOW

No. 1166389

Why do people keep saying they’re both junkies? I get JD but how is Amber a junkie? She admits to doing some party drugs like mdma and shrooms but how does that make her a junkie on the same level that JD is? I wonder if they’ll bring it up during cross but you’d think they would have brought it up when they were going through all of johnnys witness’. I think she just does party drugs and likes wine… the whole THEYRE BOTH JUNKIES IN A TOXIC DOPESICK LOVE ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP!!! Sounds like depthead cope

No. 1166393

Yep, this is now what will be happening. I detest this particular moid. Apart from the documented sexual harrassment he is now trying to pretend never happened, no one has pointed out that he played a teenager in "Kidulthood", which was his breakout film, whilst being literally 30, and filming sex scenes with actual teenagers.

No. 1166401

You think Depp was acting when on the stand and he's just better?

No. 1166409

File: 1651780492017.jpg (68.52 KB, 625x500, 6f2o6f.jpg)

Drinking wine with dinner and doing party drugs occasionally is totally the equivalent of going on coke binges and doing meth, don't you know? The "both sides" narrative is only ever in favour of Depp.

No. 1166415

Just say you're a man you can't understand why a woman might cry talking about being raped and leave.

The way she said the word pressure hurt my heart.

No. 1166420

File: 1651780759221.png (3.98 MB, 1200x1800, 1650749209701.png)

stay mad, fag

No. 1166424

When is she getting crossed?

No. 1166445

File: 1651781591419.webm (351.41 KB, 320x400, Going-underground_.webm)

True, your post is funnier.

No. 1166469

Anons yesterday were complaining about Amber not being emotional enough and now she's too emotional. Or, sorry, 'acting' emotionless/emotional I guess.

No. 1166488

File: 1651782847068.gif (1.28 MB, 500x200, odp6tfd2LF1u3ll1so2_500.gif)

so original, I'm quaking in my boots

No. 1166491

Thread unlocked. Keep it civil please.

No. 1166494

When was it locked? I thought it was just autosaged

No. 1166496

k moid and dont pull that shit again.

No. 1166499

Thank you sweet nonnies

I think it’s human nature to sympathize with and protect a person you’re emotionally attached to. Just like many families ostracize abuse victims and side with abusers, we are now witnessing a mass smear campaign against Amber. Brainwashing people is easy, a lot of us grew up with Depp films and even I personally enjoyed watching them at the time.

Yet it’s not so hard to accept that many actors we loved as children can be abusers and rapists in reality. Of course, if you’re intelligent enough to not get brainwashed by social media PR campaigns…

I understand the manosphere “my man” types but I don’t understand how women can still continue to defend him. I hope people start to understand they’ve made a mistake and realize how stupid they were to take those “epic chad Johnny destroys Amber” videos a bit too seriously.

No. 1166503

She tries to be emotional but fails, because she sucks at acting and human emotions.

No. 1166507

Looks like genuine emotions to me. But of course if what you want to see is bad acting, this is what you'll see and nothing else.

No. 1166508

Her recounting the bottle incident was devastating to listen to. How could anyone nag her for this? I’m so tired of these moids and debt fangirls coddling this bloated corpse. If I have to keep seeing “Johnny is doodling during her testimony to help with his anxiety uwwuwuw he’s SOOO terrified of her he can’t even look” posts I’m gonna blow up. I will say it seemed that he stopped his doodling candy munching bs to listen to her while she was sobbing on the stand. Who knows if he actually felt bad or was getting off on hearing her have to relive the awful shit he put her through.

No. 1166509

File: 1651783461838.jpg (46.32 KB, 563x536, 70ca211900d451b5079bf9041ce967…)

It's like people never learn. How often has it happened that a scrote celeb we grew up with, turned out to be some sort of degenerate, abusive, or worse? Yet no matter how often it happens, people always act surprised and first spend years defending him. Also internalized misogyny is a hell of a drug.

No. 1166510

I would believe her if she wasn't trying to get sympathy and pity points. If she showed up as femfatal and unapologetically defended her side. Her emotional act sucks and someone in her team should have told her.

No. 1166511

Thank you for sending me cute cat pics Nonnie.

No. 1166512

Are you a sociopath or something? You really don't understand why a woman talking about being raped and abused would be emotional?

No. 1166518

Thats the problem, her "emotional" looks fake af

No. 1166519

Did anyone catch the early part of todays testimony about Lily Rose? Amber was saying that she and Fattie got into an argument because he thought it was fine to let an over 18 year old male musician sleep over with Lily Rose who was around 15 at the time. Amber also mentioned something about how inappropriate she thought it was that he would smoke weed with his daughter.
I really want to know who the musician was. She said he was well known…

No. 1166520

I agree anon I would like to see her go all rape revenge cold-blooded too…but she’s trying to win a court case. My guess is most people prefer to see women crying and being emotional in a situation like this, generates more sympathy.

No. 1166521

That anon just has a y chromosome

No. 1166529

I think if she was angry and vindictive her reaction would be still valid and way more natural for her. Like she is clearly trying to shed a tear in many moments and they just don't come, deep down she is clearly angry so letting it all out would be way more authentic and with that sort of sincerity I don't think court would judge her anger.

No. 1166530

File: 1651783910192.jpg (138.69 KB, 1166x1080, 1648626402492.jpg)

Thanks for proving me right. Hope you die from prostate cancer

No. 1166534

File: 1651783992321.png (555.83 KB, 669x573, StatutoryRapist.png)

According to this thread on the deuxmoi subreddit ( https://www.reddit.com/r/Deuxmoi/comments/uj5o72/a_little_reminder_given_todays_claims_by_amber/ ) it's Ash Stymest. Not only was he 24 when she was 16, he is also butt ugly as you can see

No. 1166539

This is what kind of daughters scrote fathers raise

No. 1166542

File: 1651784138648.jpg (35.4 KB, 564x564, 8ac6def5cba863e6e187906a7ef04b…)

You're welcome! The topics discussed are also very heavy and I think everyone can use some cuteness.
Jesus Christ
You sure about that? Like 90% of men die with prostate cancer but don't even know it. It's practically a feature of being xy.

No. 1166545

Ash also had a daughter at the time fucking awful

No. 1166546

File: 1651784267897.png (1.48 MB, 824x824, unknown.png)

Cute girls with big foreheads?

No. 1166549

I will ignore retarded stats (since male intellectual inferiority is pretty much a given), but men also can have breast cancer. Let's hope you will get one.

No. 1166567


No. 1166571

All rational people do

No. 1166577

Her story is consistent, I read her emotions as genuine, everything she's saying is consistent with the cycle of abuse and the way victims act and think. Johnny has a long history of drug abuse and violence and there's no reason why that would have magically stopped once he got with Amber

No. 1166579

Does it look like Depp and his lawyer are constantly stifling laughter? Depp keeps trying to hide it by pretending he's deep into his colouring book.

No. 1166585

He's laughing and cracking jokes with his team the whole time. Somehow this is normal behavior and proves he's a Victim. Meanwhile Amber smiles at her attorney and that makes her an evil manipulative bitch

No. 1166586

No. 1166599

File: 1651785329093.png (1019.83 KB, 750x1334, B5E4E5EC-0BCF-4A30-ACB0-14225B…)

People calling her liars in the comments. I hate the retarded women who defend him

No. 1166608

very possibly bots and shills

No. 1166610

SHe has more actual evidence, going back longer timespan.

Her story hasn't changed over 3 trials and 6 years and reads like every instance of IPV I've personally witnessed.

No. 1166621

File: 1651785790834.gif (810.98 KB, 498x398, daria-sick-sad-world.gif)

This is really starting to bum me out. I started to look into this out of morbid curiosity i guess, but the way Amber is treated by the public makes me sick. There is no way for her to behave that could satisfy the depp stans. She's crying? I can't see the tears on this low res footage so she's being manipulative. She's emotionless? She's a narcissistic psychopath. She doesn't defend herself? "If this was true she would have hit back". She does hit back? Now she's a vile abuser on the same level of the man who raped her with a glass bottle.

No. 1166622

>Venus shillers
Venus was abused by her mom and groomed… I never followed her threads but you’re disgusting

No. 1166633

I have one question.
Why didn't Amber donate the money she got from Johnny to charity as she said she would do? This killed her credibility with many people.

No. 1166635

fucking hell my irl friends are so annoying about this case, no one can shut up about it. i swear this has to be some kind of marketing scheme by depp’s team because literally no one cared about him for years before this. everywhere i go on social media i have to see johnny’s fatass face, i literally don’t give a shit, both johnny and amber could die right now and i wouldn’t give a single fuck, just stop forcing them down my throat

No. 1166643

Ofc the deranged venus haters hate on amber too. Imagine being jealous of an severely abused child nc she got pimped out to japan, and then hating on a woman bc she didn't appreciate being beat by dear johnny boy.

No. 1166646

She has 10 years to do it and she had to stop because Johnny keeps suing her and she has to pay for lawyers and stuff. Before the trials she actually was in advance on her payments.
Never read or posted in the Venus thread.

No. 1166651

Honestly amber should be sentenced to the rape farms(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1166654

Why wouldn't she do it right away, when clearly something like this could win public points.

No. 1166658

Have you guys seen the video of Amber and Johnny nearly running into each other as they’re getting let go for break? Holy hell poor Amber

No. 1166659

Even if she was lying about everything that would be a fucked up thing to say. Get help.
Johnny paid her in installments, not all in one go. She is not Johnny Depp rich, she has a networth if 8 millions I believe. She can't just pull 7 million dollars out of her ass. Watch the ACLU guy's testimony, he explains all of it

No. 1166667

Can you autosage it again please? I think this was a mistake.
Yes Depp has at least 150mil and Amber only has 8mil.

No. 1166668

It's male. It doesn't need help, it needs to die.

No. 1166720

File: 1651787580603.jpg (72.17 KB, 750x937, 6d26f9aff11f398ffcbd242357b6f1…)

thanks for removing the autosage mods

No. 1166732

File: 1651787827342.gif (7.51 MB, 540x481, a898fdff3e01187921dd1b47452f6e…)

I don't think this is an improvement though, considering the dickposting all over the place now

No. 1166767

it'll calm down

No. 1166841

File: 1651789785383.png (1.18 MB, 717x981, I WOULD HAVE SHAT IN HIS BED T…)

Pay no attention to scrotes and PLEASE just report and move on.

No. 1166962

Venus is NOT a kid, she is almost 30 years old. Amber has NOT been abused by dept.

No. 1166980

File: 1651794749897.jpg (391.9 KB, 807x1906, 20220506_005210.jpg)

Another deranged tweet, yeah sure Amber is worse than literally everyone in the entire world… pick me women are so quick to turn on other women when it comes to their precious scrotes.

No. 1166981

Please spoiler this

No. 1166986

Imagine having dr Curry as your avatar… cringe

No. 1166987

File: 1651795319462.jpg (Spoiler Image, 828.85 KB, 1080x1999, 20220506_003731.jpg)

Reposting because forgot to spoiler.
What is actually wrong with twitter fags posting this deranged nonsense? Also I have been hit by a a bloated alcoholic man before and it left no mark, not every punch/hit has to land you in a&e. Very confused about the message here I guess you can hit/punch people as long as you don't leave them with a swollen bloody face.

No. 1167010

I think Amber will win/defend the 50M suit and lose her 100M counter. Mainly because Johnny's team will need to prove malice, and I don't think they've done that. Maybe they'll be able to show she wasn't abused, but in order to prove defamation they'll need to show that she intentionally defamed him and if she had a bunch of shrinks tell her she was being abused, then she wasn't being dishonest in her op-ed (that she didn't write and obviously used for publicity).

While she does seem to be aggressive, based on the audio tapes, previous testimony, and her previous relationship/arrest, we should also remember that she's only the second person to testify in her defense, and has many more witnesses that may add to her case. For far she seems to have audio and stills of everything except for what is needed. I mean she was being beaten on top of glass and doesn't have any cut photos? Last time I broke a wine glass and knelt down to pick it up it looked like I got in a fight with a lawn mower. Okay, maybe a few times she didn't take pictures, but never? Especially for someone who was so diligent about documenting things that look bad for Johnny? Her evidence presented at the house was especially weak. When you add that on top of what she recorded there, it looks even worse for her.

I agree with some of the comments about her testifying being a little over-acted, but, I can see why she'd want to make her best case and maybe go overboard a bit - that doesn't mean it's all a complete lie. I read the comments about her stealing lines from movies, specially Talented Mr. Ripley, but couldn't find that in her testimony. From a girl who makes movies and reads books, I'm also not surprised she took some shit from movies and don't think that's strange.

On Johnny's side, he seems to be so completely loaded on drugs I'm not sure I can trust any of his testimony as to what is happening. That list of drugs brought into evidence was downright heroic, and that's before anything like cocaine or MDMA! Enough of those drugs he could have downright beaten her and not even had any recollection of it. So strange they have a whole medical team following them around: nurse, psychologist, doctor. No wonder they're so loaded up on drugs.

At the very least, that was a doomed relationship. This video was interesting:

No. 1167093

He's deliberately walking up to her after her rape testimony…I'm so tired of people enabling this

No. 1167097

I've been watching the trial daily. That's actually where one of the exits are. He and his attorneys walk that way every break.

No. 1167102

was that camille vasquez today? holy shit i can't stand her. she sounds so smug and pleased with herself. elaine doesn't even remotely give off that vibe.

No. 1167107

that doesn't change the fact that he knew she was getting off of the stand and had to exit as well. look at him laughing while she's just had to recount her trauma for hours. disgusting. he seems so nasty and smug. he knew she was right there. yes, that was an exit, but he knew she was literally getting off the stand, where she has not been on the stand except for the past 2 days. just gross. if i was him OR her i'd want my actions to come across as respectful as possible. he has been openly disrespectful in every sense.

No. 1167116

While I agree he shouldn't laugh at any of this, his stance is that she's completely full of it. She's completely making it up. Now we need some evidence to prove he is wrong. So far the evidence, which she collected/recorded, and witnesses so far, are showing her as the abuser. After this break I'm sure she'll be able to produce something more substantial. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I don't think Johnny will win his suit - that's my hunch anyways.


No. 1167126

File: 1651806591744.jpg (105.75 KB, 728x567, 0_HjCTL-aVfQdxyT9p.jpg)

Her best evidence

No. 1167129

people will still defend this

No. 1167138

even if i was in contentious legal battle against someone who was genuinely full of shit (and i have been in this position, no jury though), i still NEVER laughed or disrespected the other person because it should or would be interpreted as me being disrespectful during something very serious. it's just a mockery and pathetic. i have been in his position before and never once acted the way he did. doodling during court visibly and proudly? i'd never show such disrespect towards the attorneys or judge by not giving my attention during these proceedings. he acts like a kid who is baked in college and doesn't want to be there. and certainly if someone is claiming to be wary or scared of me, or traumatized by me, i would not walk up to them without giving the slightest shit. it shows he violates boundaries.

No. 1167145

I’m on the fence about this trial, but that video really shows the truth about Amber behind the scenes

No. 1167157

he knows he's got fans watching and is putting on a show for them. he's hamming it up for them. which i think also goes along with Amber's stoicism. she knows the public isn't on her side and has realized an emotional display isn't going to win her any favors. i sort of admire how calm she's been, especially with all the public mockery she's getting.

No. 1167171

just spoke with my mom about her take on the case now that amber has gotten on the stand. she was initially believing johnny because of the many people on his side, but after amber got on the stand she says she "senses vengeance and hatred" from johnny and she thinks he is high on himself, classic abusive situation, lovebombing, manipulation. was arguing with her for days about this, finally glad she saw the light. she says he seems to feel no shame. i really hope more women peak on johnny/amber.

No. 1167191

Here is objective proof >>1167126 that Depp kicked her bc it's Depp's bodyguard confirming it in verified metadata. He's absurdly wealthy and he can kick her while his security watches and doesn't interfere on his plane. That alone proves she was in an abusive relationship and considering Depp didn't remember kicking her…

Women are allowed to talk about their past abuse. It's not defamation if it's true.

No. 1167206

Yes. I don't understand why people wouldn't. Because she was distressed? So would anyone be if they had to recount their abuse years after it happened. And whats worse is that she repeatedly stated that she loved him in spite of it.

Something that's despicably telling to me about victimhood in its rawest form is that abused women no matter how severe aren't entirely resentful. Here's the thing, before your abuser infects you with the onslaught of assault, they are someone love. And after the first time they abuse you and swear it won't happen, there's the second time.

She was raised in an abusive household herself and wanted to fix Johnny. For those who've been there, done that, it makes sense. knowing how normalized violence was for her. Don't know how people would actually listen to her testimonies in full, and not come to the conclusion this woman was legitimately broken by her encounters. She was mentally struggling before she met him, but it does not excuse his behavior and the fact that he sexually assaulted her, struck her, and piled verbal manipulation and vitriol onto her. A much younger woman with a history of abuse

No. 1167209

great post, and so true. for women who have genuinely been through this, they'll see it in amber, the way even my mom who thought amber was lying, noticed the difference in demeanor once amber gave her side. you can visibly tell that in spite of everything he does, she still cares for him and really saw their time together that was good, magical. he does not appear to feel or act any bit warmly or softly regarding her, even when recounting details that were good. you can sense the hatred wafting off of him, and you can sense her continued care. nothing she has done has been unreasonable or spiteful and it is a huge difference.

No. 1167211

TOPKEK snopes is now fact-checking johnny depp's army of bots stans and misogynists

No. 1167212

based snopes. get rekt, debt stans.

No. 1167213

Nice. Reminds me of the scrote brigade that wanted to say she was "copying Johnny's style" because she decided to… wear a suit? In a courtroom? Fucking deranged.

No. 1167218

File: 1651813231836.png (140.39 KB, 1247x698, 132902384903748034.png)

>for women who have genuinely been through this, they'll see it in amber
I'm glad your mom came around because oh boy are there an assload of supposedly abused women who are still absolutely falling over themselves to say Amber isn't expressing herself properly (i.e. there's only one or two "right" ways to react to abuse), she's lying, she's overly emotional, she remembers too much, whatever sorry excuse they can come up with to diminish her. It's appalling.

No. 1167230

Abused or not, when you start speculating like this you’re scum. These comments make me sick the most and i was a domestic violence victim too how could you suffer the wrath of a scrote and see the evil they’re capable of and still say this shit? Delusional lol

No. 1167231

Forgive me if I'm wrong but I haven't seen a lot of speculation about the end of all this. Her reputation is being smeared, but what do you anons think will be the result of the case? I can't stand the idea that she would go through all this and end up worse off than before.

No. 1167238

File: 1651814817249.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.5 KB, 617x806, iu90qeri9tqret9iqewoptiq.jpg)

They don't believe it happened, because there are no obvious marks. A lot of people are like that and it's why DV victims don't get much help or sympathy. I guess they never watch boxing or any martial art. I punched people in the face as a hobby and it's really random whether someone is going to bleed or bruise up, but they definitely got punched in the face. Just a quick Google and you can find actually a lot of pictures of women who were headbutted or headbutted someone and they also don't have much bruising. It's also not fair that they use a random pic of her far away at a talk show with a shit ton of make-up on, instead of the picture taken right after. Picrel.
The 100M counter is just a formality anyway, isn't it related to anti-SLAPP? Maybe she didn't document the cuts, because she was afraid it would be used to make her seem like a self harmer, since Depp was constantly taunting her with the BPD thing? Using movie and book quotes is a common device to keep the jury or judge's attention and it's recommended to lawyers and you get graded on it in law school, it wouldn't surprise me if she got the idea from her lawyers or read a book about writing legal briefs and prepared her testimony like one. She took from what she knows and what other people would notice too. Things work in a book or in a movie, because of a certain cadence and rhythm, nothing wrong with noticing that.
>I'm not sure I can trust any of his testimony as to what is happening
"Not sure" is an understatement, you shouldn't be believing a word of what he says kek.
>Enough of those drugs he could have downright beaten her and not even had any recollection of it.
The texts and emails corroborate that, he did not have any recollection of many altercations after the fact. Which is why he refused to take responsibility and didn't want to talk to her about it and stonewalled her or would randomly up and leave for another coke binge.
>So strange they have a whole medical team following them around: nurse, psychologist, doctor.
Probably to avoid having to be inpatient for detox. Depp is loaded, so why wouldn't he pay them to come to his house, instead of going to a rehab clinic?
>are showing her as the abuser
You didn't hear the recordings about him admitting to kicking her and putting cigarettes out on her? You forgot about the texts and emails? Do you have selective memory like Depp or something?
He hasn't been himself in decades. He has admitted multiple times that the last person he wants to be is himself, so he's always playing a character. Someone could probably pinpoint exactly which of his characters he's playing in court at a time. That guy doesn't have his own identity and doesn't know how to act like a human either way, he's dramatic and theatrical even in his texts and emails.

No. 1167239

Same here. I know women are capable of abuse as well (nowhere near the extent of men), but why on earth would you go out of your way to judge, shame and bully a woman you know nothing about when you ought to be well aware of the massive stigma and hatred that comes with being a victim? That's what always gets me about people saying women get so much sympathy when they claim abuse. Really? Look at the overwhelming support Depp is getting, even from other female victims, and tell me that without fucking laughing. Pickmes/nlogs to the end I guess. It makes me think of cases like Audrie Pott, a 15-year-old student who was raped at a party by 3 boys, and then committed suicide due to the widespread harassment and "think about the poor boys how could you ruin their lives" commentary from men, women, fellow classmates all.

No. 1167241

nothing short of disgusting, anon. i'm just shocked at the way people can """tell""" when someone has been abused in this very, very, very complicated and specific way. everything she has encountered has been so specific and unlike what the majority of us would precisely encounter because of the fame, massive amounts of money, insulation, personality type, coping style, etc. honestly i sense extreme jealousy from these women posted in the cap. my mom isn't jealous of amber. what really peaked my mom was hearing about what a poor parent depp seemed to be and how he chimped out on her for just advising that he not allow a fully grown famous adult man with a child, to stay at the house with his young daughter, and the yacht drunk jump thing. amber really earned our respect because she did try to step in when she felt it was her responsibility to protect his daughter, and she so easily could've not stepped into the line of fire to protect his kid. so maybe that's the difference, but i don't appreciate the retarded armchairing from these loser women when they have no sympathy for other women. the envy is palpable with some of them. these women need to get the fuck over their obsession with JD and the idea that they need to mollycoddle oldass men who have more power, money, and influence, than they can ever hope to have.

my peaked mom's take on your cap of those allegedly abused women, in case you're interested: "that's not true, that you can only "barely remember" the events. these people are weird. i can remember abuse and the events in the order it happened. besides, what one person goes through is totally different from the other. he is the abuser from what i can tell. there may have been mutual abuse down the line. i don't know. but it sounds to me like he really wanted to kill her [referencing him saying he would kill amber if she ever embarrassed him in front of his kids], and for what? he can't be told "no", and he can't deal with anyone who isn't paid off, so it makes it easy to hate someone who isn't a "yes" man. i wish she wouldn't have been with him, she lost years for him, and it seems like he hates her because she told him what he needed to hear, not what he wanted to hear. he's the one who fucked up his own life, not her."

No. 1167242

I think she's going to win based on the trial and the parameters of it, but the shitstorm on social media has me doubting I'm not gonna lie.

I don't know if her reputation can be salvaged tho and that makes me sad.

No. 1167246

I don’t understand why these women feel the need to go on and on about their dv experiences, and all of what they’re saying is aligning with her experience. If they were genuine they would stand with heard, but they’re more concerned with being picked.

No. 1167250

File: 1651815478891.png (58.88 KB, 808x406, deppstatement.png)

Depp's team issued a statement. Cross examination is gonna be brutal. I can't believe she has to do this on live tv.

No. 1167255

lmao this nasty asshole lied and almost had his sister lie on the stand and were only caught in emails about his habit of lying re: insurance and being late. what exactly has amber seemed untruthful about? and her not coming out with the full extent of the abuse until now isn't even surprising because when has she had the forum to do so? it has been years and years and years of abuse, i'm sure she has a million stories to tell. way more than she has told. i hope they all get fucked. i feel so, so bad for her.

No. 1167263

I feel like literal injustice is playing out right before our eyes rn and it’s really making me depressed how normalized it is to speculate on a woman’s every move because you like the male who abused her… i hope some sort of miracle happens and amber wins this case

No. 1167266

It's so overacted, it's like a pitch for a movie. Is she hoping for a lifetime movie?

And her talking about walking on broken glass, slicing open her feet, she's documented the most redundant things - yet taken no photos of that? Sought no medical help? They just magically healed up? Sure jan. She over blows things, and the tell tale of a liar is they over embellish things. Her HPD is glaring.

And if anyone has ever had a broken nose, they'd know you don't just get slightly dark circles under the eyes (as if she's not slept). The next day she would have looked like a blooming panda. Depps punches must be helishly soft if he was pounding her over and over and there was so much as a light - very light - mark. It's an insult to real SA/DV survivors, i bet Rhianna wishes she got off as lightly.

No. 1167274

File: 1651817295169.jpg (Spoiler Image, 289.4 KB, 1534x1022, S_0917_broken-nose_C0033040.wi…)

She sought no medical help because she didn't want to get him in trouble at the time and they're mandatory reporters. HPD isn't real and is literally just a modern way of calling someone hysterical, it's extremely misogynistic for you to mention it like that. Everyone responds differently to physical trauma picrel from the NHS.

No. 1167275

funny you say she's overacting when he's the one LARPing as a southern gentleman while he texts his friends about wanting to commit necrophilic acts and calling women "whores" all over the place, "whores" for wanting to act, "whores", "cunts" in his texts, calling the mother of his children "a withering french cunt", calling amber a "flabby ass" (despite him being the fat one). he's gross.

No. 1167280

Sage for blogpost but I really need to address your claim where you imply she is lying about her abuse because she only has certain documentation and not the most damning evidence. Put yourself in her shoes. As a child, I had a physically abusive father, and once I got into being a teenager, I started to document my abuse. Obviously you can’t take photos when you’re in the middle of being abused, first of all, the damage can come across as really random and surprising when the person is under the influence, but second of all, it would have put me in danger if I started recording/taking pictures because it would escalate the situation. However, documenting the way he was acting afterwards, when things would calm down, and taking photos of my injuries after the fact, was completely safe because the situation was de-escalated at that point. This is exactly what evidence she had, it’s extremely common with abuse victims, and you don’t get to discredit what she went through because of it. It’s just like other anons are saying, whatever evidence she had wouldn’t be enough for you, but you’re asking for evidence that could’ve put her in a lot of danger at the time. Your claims about the way she healed her wounds are also not founded, you don’t know what she sought medical attention for and everyone heals/scars/wounds differently as another anon said.

No. 1167286

One of depps lawyers keeps cutting amber off during her testimony and i swear i almost caught the judge saying “she can say what she wants” kek im grasping for straws here

No. 1167289

timestamp? i hope that's true. she overruled vasquez on a number of her objections.

No. 1167298

She literally taped johnny howling on that plane and people are still like “poor johnny having to hear himself being a cunt…” this trial and people’s public opinion has been suicide fuel for me I literally cant stand this earth and i hope a new variant targets scum with xy chromosomes and people with nlog tendencies and wipes them out

No. 1167302

No. 1167304

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDP9NVQmiXw Watch this video another anon posted. It plays the audio clip of Amber hitting Johnny with the bottle and one of the bodyguards talks about her being manipulative(learn2embed)

No. 1167312

Yet she took audio recordings of arguments? provoked arguments? hit back, which "would have put her in danger". She wasn't afraid of him, and she justified it because well - horses. And she could have easily taken photos after the fact like she did with many other things, bleeding sliced up feet are hard to fake. She would have walked with a limp on TV.

See, I'm sorry that happened to you but I have a feeling a lot of people are projecting their own history onto the case and can't see the wood for the trees. I'm probably a hypocrite in that but I've had childhood SA and I can't put myself into her shoes at all, her reactions seem to be outside of anything I've experienced and continue to experience, and i'm hearing the same from many others who have actually had IPV/DV. I couldn't imagine making this whole flowery story of what happened.

No. 1167316

She called it howling, but all I heard was a soft "awugh" whilst he (we assume as that's what they claimed) was on the toilet. They played an additional 30 seconds of audio and it was silent, was so confusing. I was expecting a loud scream or well - a howl. He fell asleep, he could have slumped and it would have caused a compression/pain. Her using the word howling was another example of her over-egging the pudding, using dramatization. I hope they release the metadata though, it might help her side somewhat.

No. 1167320

Actually, she was afraid of him and they both testified to that, that a lot of her actions were because she was afraid he would push her or hurt someone else. They also both agreed to take the audio recordings, it wasn’t one-sided or in the moment like my post is talking about. Their marriage counselor and her therapists both had in their notes that her behavior was a reaction to his abuse, that he was the one who would start fights, not her. There’s multiple texts between them proving this too, where he would provoke her, be possessive of her, and try to prevent her from being independent while she is acting cordially. And no, hitting your abuser back is not abusive. It sounds like you have confirmation bias.
Yea, I’ve gone through the same thing you have, and it’s honestly disgusting how you have no empathy for her. She didn’t even name him in her Op-Ed, and now she is being forced to relive that shit, does that not make you feel bad for her? It’s so obvious she has PTSD symptoms from trauma and multiple therapists confirmed it, but that isn’t empathetic to you?

No. 1167322

are you serious? that was 25 straight, long seconds of "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahauehaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhauegh", not just a short "augh". more similar to a 25 second howl than just what you're trying to act like it was, like a quick vocalization/yelp of "auegh"

No. 1167325

Not even a minute into this video and he claims that Amber severed Depp’s finger which has already been dismissed in court, not even bothering to watch the rest of this biased garbage.

No. 1167327

in what way is her explaining the context of their relationship and explaining it from its inception and the positives/negatives, flowery? how was it "flowery"?

No. 1167331

God you fit right in with these >>1167218 women. Why must women react to abuse in the specific ways you deem appropriate in order to be believed? Because I'm sure even if she followed your particular idea of the perfect victim a t there'd be thousands of other people saying that your prescription wasn't correct either. Different people do not all react the same ways to abuse, how hard is that to understand?

No. 1167380

I don't get the "she didn't have bruises" agrument. I've been punched by partners without getting bruises. I've been punched by others so hard my teeth hurt and my head was tender for a weeks, no bruise. I got an elbow to my eye socket three weeks ago, its still sore, it never bruised.

No. 1167386

Same nonnie

No. 1167398

I broke another woman's nose after she asked me to punch her in the face as preparation for a big fight during sparring and kept asking me to punch harder and harder, I still don't get the logic of that, but I had no idea. I only heard about it after her fight the next day that she had trouble breathing and her nose was broken prior to it. I apologized profusely afterwards, but she also broke my ribs that day, so we're even.

No. 1167410

You both sound like fun honestly. I had a dumb moid run into me once (it was an accident) and I broke my wrist. I couldn’t use it at all, but nobody could tell anything was wrong with it. It only got swollen for one day, and then it was back to looking normal again, even though I couldn’t even lift a cotton round kek. The human body is surprisingly resilient and I definitely don’t think that a lack of surface level evidence of injury = lack of injury

No. 1167486

>I think Amber will win/defend the 50M suit and lose her 100M counter.

No. 1167513

I don't even talk about this anywhere than here, nobody in my country is following this.
I don't even get recommended videos on the trial like everyone seems to here because they have not paid to have them pushed in my country.

No. 1167534

File: 1651829530828.jpg (148.49 KB, 867x463, please.jpg)

I'm pretty sure the countersuit is a formality anyway, you nearly always do that. It's to recover money in the case she loses. I don't understand why people keep bringing it up.
>A defense is a reason you do not owe the money being sought. A counterclaim is a reason why the person suing you owes you money. If your counterclaims are large enough, they wipe out everything you owe and even allow you to recover money from the collector.
>Nobody likes to get sued. It can be an expensive and soul-draining proposition, even if you win. Under the so-called “American Rule,” litigants are responsible for paying their own legal fees, regardless of which party wins the case. Obviously, this system engenders some abuse, as crafty, litigious plaintiffs can file frivolous lawsuits knowing that–at the very least–they will cause the defendant to incur large sums of attorneys’ fees. As a defendant in American litigation, a victory at trial merely means you don’t have to pay the plaintiff any money. But you do you have to pay your own attorneys for their time and effort. So even a “win” is often viewed as a net loss in financial terms. One common way to turn the tables on plaintiffs is to file a counterclaim. Assuming the counterclaim itself isn’t completely groundless, it can put the parties on equal footing: if both parties have claims against the other, then both parties have something to lose beyond mere legal fees. Now, even the plaintiff can be liable for a money judgment.
>If you file a counterclaim, however, you better mean it. The court may not allow you to withdraw it later if you decide your claims should have been brought as a separate action in a different jurisdiction. If the case has progressed to the point where trial is imminent, you may be forced to litigate the claim or lose it forever.
>The rule at issue is Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 41(a)(2). That’s the rule that allows a claimant to withdraw a claim “without prejudice,” and it requires the approval of the judge. The judge has complete discretion under the Rule to allow or disallow dismissal on whatever terms the judge deems proper, but case law offers some guidance on what factors the court should consider.
>So the lesson here is: if you decide to file a complaint or a counterclaim in federal court in Virginia, be prepared to go all the way. The court might not allow you to change your mind at a later date.

No. 1167542

>Under the so-called “American Rule,” litigants are responsible for paying their own legal fees, regardless of which party wins the case.
Huh, didn't know that. The rule kinda sucks

No. 1167576

true. but her attorneys can motion for attorney's fees to be paid by the opposing party though. hopefully she wins and she'll be awarded attorney's fees too. i hope he pays out the ass between his own attorneys and hers just for trying to bring this shit

No. 1167578

It's not about being paid to push, the whole idea of the algorithm is that you get recommended more of what you search for. It's been interesting seeing the lawtubers reacting to it live, kind of livens it up a little and gives insight for us nonlawfags.

To me nobody is going to win regardless of the outcome. Women are affected because of AH's act especially after the evidence of her being abusive to JD came out, and men are also affected to, probably shoving down their ability to reach out more. Hell knows about the troons.

Can't believe she stood there with a tissue posing for the camera though, it was an awkward moment. We get it, your PR probably coached you to do stuff but you're not helping yourself look authentic.

No. 1167588

File: 1651831865243.jpeg (25.33 KB, 504x342, B8428707-8CB3-47C9-A924-1F60F2…)

> especially after the evidence of her being abusive to JD came out
Photo of said evidence:

No. 1167589

The audio admissions? The fact she stops him leaving and calling him a pussy for wanting to deescalate the situation by putting distance? Witness testimony? There's photographic evidence of Depp having bruises, injured nose, his finger. But go off i guess. Wonder if more will come out after the 10 days wait and the cross. Where as amber provides photos but won't even give the metadata, rather suspect.

No. 1167594

Yeah, if she wins the countersuit won't be really necessary anyway even though she probably has to follow through on it. Seems more like a "just in case" thing.
Are you from reddit?

No. 1167603

But I do search for it, I watched the trials on YouTube, and I'm still not getting it recommended.
The algorithm does not push what people want to see, don't you see people bitching about it all the time.
The algorithm has been in the service of advertisers and sponsors for a long while. Someone's advertising this.

No. 1167617

Thank god these southern hill billy’s haven’t made any babies, that’d be a pity. Hope they both overdose.

No. 1167618

Why would I be from Reddit? Who'd touch that cancerous site with a barge pole? Granted it did probably seem like redditfag spacing with the last line, was unintentional.

I don't get it recommended persay, only the lawtubers streams since viewing them mid trial. I haven't been shown the mainstream media streams that they seem to be getting their footage from. But strange, I normally get recommended subjects that I have been viewing, though some YouTubers I have to manually check on because their content seems to get suppressed.

No. 1167623

You deppfags and amberfags just watch compilation but never the actual trials.

No. 1167624

Fortunately the baby’s real mom is somewhere on a farm.

No. 1167625

But she did make a baby… And made another woman carry it to term.

No. 1167630

The father’s identity is unknown, the carrier was used as a cattle, and the mother is batshit insane, there will be different problems for the child, but at least the other equally batshit insane father is out of the picture. Imo she should lose custody so the baby could get adopted into a loving family. But if the kardashians and many other different rednecksnare allowed to have babies, why can’t she lmfao?

No. 1167633

Exhusband*. I know for certain her kid’s not depp’s.

No. 1167649

To be fair it seems people who use twitter to see the posts in the first place have very short attention spans. The streams start around 2:30pm here, last night it went on until 10:30ish i believe. Nearly nodded off during AH's testimony near the end, as bad as it sounds. It's a long slog, but people who rely on clips miss out on so much. It's going to be interesting to see what the jurors pick up on, and hoping they're sticking to the whole no outside sources for sake of a clean verdict.

No. 1167657

The jurors probably do hear the crowds booing Amber and cheering Depp when they leave the courtroom, so they know which way the public sways. That's got to have at least some influence on them.

No. 1167662

File: 1651835286846.jpeg (141.38 KB, 750x1046, 5DF89278-A196-4386-8D83-6AB12A…)

There is no audio admission to her abusing Depp, but there is audio of him verbally abusing her and never denying his physical abuse against her. Innocent parties deny guilt. Retard-chan, he had been disappearing and reappearing in her life from the beginning of the relationship, he stonewalls her, he’s not trying to “avoid a fight” when he is the one who starts them, with proof in texts and witness testimony. No witness has proven Amber is abusive. His bruises were proven to not line up with his story and his finger was dismissed in court because he admitted to doing it himself.
All of this has been proven a million times up-thread but you can’t even be bothered to read before flapping your misinformed mouth. Funnily enough, Deppfags like you keep coming in here and claiming the same thing, then when you get proven wrong there is radio silence on your end. Let’s see if you’re going to be another one of those.

No. 1167671

I've honestly skipped most of JD's testimony and AH's testimony because I assume both of them will overexaggerate, lie and ommit. I'm more interested in what witnesses she brings in next.

No. 1167690

She is the most beautiful turd God has ever made! A southern Belle.

No. 1167693

File: 1651837080325.jpeg (208.12 KB, 749x936, C1D3B87F-D335-439F-A981-798045…)

I wouldn’t change a thing about her

No. 1167711

>Depp seems to have trouble staying composed while she's recalling this event.
I'm just watching that part, and you're right. He was grinding his teeth. (Could mean anything tbh). His attorney leaned into him presumably to remind him he shouldn't react, and he put his head down again and put on the default face.

No. 1167712

Hopefully, it's going to be better than the doctor she brought on, such poor credibility. I don't know why but i'm looking forward to Karen vs Curry, might bring a few keks. But going by what people have said, her friends who were there won't testify, only people she really has who supposedly believed her/witnessed things are dead. I'm looking forward to the cross, to see what comes out from that. But 100% agreed, only points for me for Depp is that at least he was open and honest about his drugs and alcohol. I've been trying to listen to Amber and try to take what she says with a pinch of salt but the sheer performative nature of it just rubbed me up the wrong way, it reminds you that yes she is an actress. Who is to believe someone who believes the sun shines out of their arse?

Your simpage is showing, she would not date you. Though saying that she dated Johnny.

No. 1167721

I don’t really care if she would or wouldn’t date me, I’m just doing what all the Deppfags are doing for him on every other website that I’m unwillingly subjected to daily. I feel really bad for her, it’s not about attraction, though she is beautiful.

No. 1167732

Who is Stephen? I'm not having any luck on Google. I thought it might be security or a nurse but not able to find someone by that name..

Oh there is no doubt in my mind she's a psychopath. That doesn't mean Johnny is innocent either though, I still think we need to wait and see what evidence she brings forward. I'll admit I've been underwhelmed so far by what she has produced.. I mean she diligently documented so much and recorded so much, photos and everything, and then the best pictures we have of her abuse are that weak? Getting dragged over glass and her legs are fine? Penetrated with a broken bottle with blood coming from her vagina and no pics of blood down her leg? That's where I get hung up in all of this. If she otherwise wasn't documenting so much on him, the lack of evidence might seem more believable. That said, she just started her defense and we will likely see more evidence come up.

There hasn't been any audio, nor her own testimony, of him taunting her about being BPD. The BPD diagnosis was strictly from the forensic psychologist as far as I've seen. I could be wrong on that though, because it seems she did show a lot of symptoms of that over the years and could have gotten a diagnosis.

I imagine when paying these fancy psychologists to fly around with you though they're not exactly incentivized to give diagnosis like that. On that one trip they had a psychologist, nurse, and doctor lol. Then the nurse said in her testimony Amber went to dinner with the psychologist a few times, so strange! Then Johnny has his medical team delivering all these drugs that are known to interact with the recreational drugs he's abusing… like what psycho doctor would give an alcoholic benzos?

Yeah, the injury photos don't look like a broken nose to me, as someone who has broken my nose…but I'm not a doctor and I imagine they'll have an expert witness medical doctor testify. The whole thing of her documenting literally everything, days worth of audio and photo and photo, yet not having photos of these injuries she describes, doesn't look good for her. This is just the start of her defense though, and very possibly she may have something more substantial.

>There is no audio admission to her abusing Depp,
Yes there is. And it has been played in court.

No. 1167742

Damn, you really listened to one recording and decided what you were going to believe about their relationship based on that, huh?

No. 1167746

>Who is Stephen?
She says he's "Johnny's assistant".

No. 1167754

File: 1651839883105.gif (2.7 MB, 540x280, tumblr_5a1414af4787553475029dd…)

NTAs, but I would defend her no matter her looks or situation, because of the possible precedent. She was actually abused though and Depp was quite lesbophobic. Deppfags all over the internet are also quite lesbophobic. They simp for a bloated pedo corpse and it's crickets, simp for an actual hot woman and everyone loses their minds. Deppfags are going to call us dykes anyway for supporting an obvious DV victim, so might as well full on simp and piss everyone off kek

No. 1167757

his homophobia and the general homophobia surrounding this case is so egregious and insane. yet these people think they're good and that he's good? they're shit people. she looks so good in that gif, damn. really gorgeous.

No. 1167781

File: 1651840773253.gif (1.66 MB, 245x245, 8ypv.gif)

She really is beautiful

No. 1167787

Looking at her at the trial and comparing to these gifs, her cheeks and eyes have really sunk in. She must be getting like zero sleep.

No. 1167790

If your aim is to piss off everyone why not go and make a twatter account and do what others who don't want anything more than an echo box and just restrict who replies? Quick way to annoy people and simp at the same time. I don't get the point of shitting up a thread with it.

No. 1167806

File: 1651841649001.gif (2.83 MB, 540x280, tumblr_1d156fd35ec299511955418…)

but see it works so well kek, like I said I'm NTAs and they pulled me to the beautiful side.

No. 1167824

Tbh it would be funny if the account was just Amber Heard pics with man hating meme quotes. That would really get Debt stans furious.

No. 1167825

Gorgeous. Men want beautiful women but when they get the said women, their jealousy takes control and they hurt the woman. They abuse women no matter if they are beautiful or not and women like Amber and Rhianna are proof beauty won't get you love.

No. 1167826

that poster is a literal dyke (don't care if i get banned lol) and her and others like her shit up the thread with their incessant amber simping then turn around and chew people out for liking depp. ok we get it you think dick is disgusting and men are disgusting and no one will ever compare to your deranged psycho angels jodi arias and amber heard, but can you maybe go outside and touch grass?

No. 1167836

File: 1651842763838.gif (1016.27 KB, 244x300, cfa62ce35cabf72385a59739aa7438…)

honestly, i am convinced many men have some AGP/tranny-tier obsession with obscenely beautiful and talented women and ruining them out of jealousy/wish to be as good as they are/to be them. johnny was really out here calling her a flabby ass when he looks like a greasy couch. he's so jealous of her being younger, her being well-read, her beauty, and that people of both sexes are attracted to her. fatty can stay mad and sleep in his own piss alone and cry alone to nobody then. pathetic. he doesn't even feel bad for being such a failure. if i was him i'd rather do anything but take this to a jury, this trial is an embarrassment and he's fucked as far as insurability goes.

No. 1167843

Considering how Johnny bought makeup, had a house full of barbies and crossdressed, he probably was jealous. Disgusting.

Warning anonitas not to reply to the dyke-obsesser.

No. 1167845

File: 1651842997560.png (128.76 KB, 284x439, C220BC1F-EA0C-418B-BB8A-AD30D7…)

Someone put pirates of the Caribbean in here

No. 1167852

NTA, there are multiple posters chewing you out for liking that ugly junkie dumbass

No. 1167857

There is more than one recording of her being a psycho, but my response was to the anon who said that there was no evidence. That's just not true, already tape was played in court.

Thanks. Maybe that will be one of her witnesses. She needs whoever wrote that text message to come to court and get asked about it.

No. 1167861

File: 1651843649465.jpg (74.62 KB, 284x439, jack.jpg)

i laughed so hard i had to. i didnt go get a template for a better qual i just did it quick and dirty tho sorry

No. 1167869

File: 1651843958354.png (599.6 KB, 1224x809, Captain_Jack_Sparrow.png)

You can add the text
Better then mine tbh

No. 1167871

You’re really dumb, that tape that everyone plays of her “abusing him” was her admitting to hitting him back after he hurt her foot in the door. She’s not in the wrong for hitting her abuser back, and it’s not evidence of her being abusive. You just clearly listened to the one tape and didn’t consider the context of their relationship, he had hurt her so many times before then but she’s in the wrong because she hit him back? Not buying it.

No. 1167872

Rihanna was abused for snitching on her then boyfriend, thats why hood didn't support her rat ass.

No. 1167880

Amber Heard acts like she doesn’t know about drugs. She admitted to the nurse she had been addicted to cocaine and alcohol herself. She lied on the stand over and over about this, yet yall keep defending her lying ass.

No. 1167882

File: 1651844516727.jpeg (473.74 KB, 960x1038, 3BB34438-72AA-4136-B3D3-D341F9…)

Kek thanks nonnies

No. 1167885

No need to get pissy at someone keeping an open mind. What evidence is there of him hurting her foot in the door?

Yeah, I was a bit surprised she acted like such a pearl clutcher on the stand when just a week ago the nurses notes said otherwise. Gives more ammo for cross.

No. 1167889

File: 1651844823728.gif (4.14 MB, 640x370, amber-heard.gif)

not that that isn't possible but i deal with nurses notes and doctors notes routinely, a good majority of the time these people are not listening the pt or pt history at all. it's like a really scary game of telephone, actually, with a lot of them. people in healthcare will know what i'm talking about. they're actually really awful.

No. 1167890

Remember anons Johnny laughing during the trial is SO COOL AND GENUINE, but if Amber dares make a micro-expression where she smiles or is neutral then she is a LYING BITCH.

No. 1167892

Opinion discarded. Go back to twatter pls ty.

No. 1167894

Where is lawyer-chan?

No. 1167896

He asks "how's you foot" when they were talking about her hitting him
I don't think it's a good move for her trying to minimize her own substance abuse. I agree it will probably come back to bite her in the back

No. 1167904

> No need to get pissy at someone keeping an open mind.
No offense but your posts are really easy to spot in this thread and it’s clear you’re not “keeping an open mind” but have something to prove. Did someone with BPD hurt you or something?

No. 1167907

She's in the hospital, she'll drop by when she can

No. 1167910

File: 1651845183757.png (683.3 KB, 1414x779, layyourhead.png)

more with text, hope it does not suck >>1167882 it's fun.

No. 1167913

File: 1651845248190.gif (197.48 KB, 500x281, amber Heard gif bikini beach.g…)

kek yw nonnie
it literally doesn't matter what he does. johnny could squat and take a literal shit on the desk infront of him while belting the Turkish national anthem and his fanboys and fangirls would clap, gather around his asshole like a herd of thirsty gazelles desperate to get a taste of his drug laced shit, then they'd call him a sweet, rational boy after this and they'd all pat themselves on the back for being so logical and sensible.

No. 1167921

Bitch why did you include us turks into this? I feel so insulted.

No. 1167926

i'm sorry, i didn't expect you to be here exactly at this moment.

No. 1167932

You are a turk.

No. 1167943

oh my god we get it you're in love with amber heard. she will never fuck you.

No. 1167946

neither will Johnny do your ugly ass.

No. 1167949

Why do you think all these weirdo Turd supporters are on lolcow? They're freaks and they'd made fun of even on Twitter for supporting her.

No. 1167951

i don't want to fuck johnny depp you freakazoid but you want to fuck that bottle blonde headcase

No. 1167952

what a moid thing to say

No. 1167953

Now now, let's not get this thread autosaged again

No. 1167955

File: 1651845955035.jpeg (44.9 KB, 450x300, AA693085-D74B-4FE7-99FF-0D83EE…)

Anon I’m fucking dead

No. 1167960

They’re actually harassed and doxxed on Twitter for supporting her because Johnny Depp fans are clearly stable and fighting the good fight and not misogynistic at all.

No. 1167969

Don't reply to the ban evading baitors, keep praising our icon Amber. Don't forget to sage. Mashallah.
It's ok anon.

No. 1167970

thats not even me retard, defending someone doesn't mean you want to fuck them, but if your that moid who is obsessed with ''dykes'' here i can understand why you would think someone defending a victim means they want to fuck.
its quite pathetic that they (you) have almost all of social media where they can talk about how amber is evil yet the ugly fat pickmes and incels cant stand that there are opposing opinions here and rage, go back to twitter.

No. 1167973

File: 1651846357533.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1614, QUEEN.png)

No. 1167974

Why would anyone be scared of doxing when you are defending what you believe in? People use real names and info on FB and are equally if not more unhinged than sassy scared twitterinas.

No. 1167979

Anons please don't reply to the obvious ban evading trolls/males. This thread will get autosaged again.

No. 1167980

All of this makes sense now, muslim women with no actual power in their country simp for psycho just because she lives out your fantasy of being as abusive as your male relatives are. Ok, now I really understand what category of people support her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1167982

File: 1651846562807.jpeg (126.45 KB, 750x1016, AEFB8D6C-C1E7-486C-A86F-807429…)

Anons I don’t think I can link it here but you gotta see this… they are accusing her of SNIFFING COKE in a courthouse where she is testifying of being sexually and physically abused and clearly choked up about it. You might think this is just some delusional person with a vendetta but this post has 100k likes and 16k retweets. I can’t even

No. 1167983

>instead of answering a question I will call a woman poster a man so I don't have to actually turn my rotting brain on to come up with an actual answer

No. 1167984

you literally sound unhinged. But that's expected of you vpn-chan moid.
Are you going to start racebaiting now?

No. 1167988

I always thought the muslim phrases on LC were ironic but now we have paki anon(s) so may be not. Mind blown.

No. 1167990

This whole situation really reminds me of the whole ProJared "scandal" when he tried to say that Heidi was abusive with a couple of texts that she'd sent out of anger when she found out that he'd continued fucking her best friend when she'd asked him to stop and all these random Moids crawled out of the woodwork to be like "W-women can be abusive too!!" and none of those Moids knew who Heidi or Jared even were they just had an agenda of "women bad too" and completely overlooked the fact that he'd been asking for/accepting nudes from a blog he'd made on a website with a mostly teen userbase when he had mostly teen/tween fans that he'd made aware of said blog and the fact that he was refusing to give any of Heidis stuff back or even speak to the divorce lawyers so things could be processed, they just stuck their fingers in their ears sperging about Heidi being "evil" and it the end it wasn't ever about anyone involved it was just about Moids pushing an agenda and that's exactly what's happening with this case now

No. 1167997

exactly what it reminds me of too

No. 1168000

Who did you think participated in the Effina threads? Idk abt the phrases, but we do have Muslims here.

No. 1168001

These fucking people have to be retarded right? How or why would she bring cocaine into the courtroom?

No. 1168006

Depp defenders are extremely insane and unhinged and seem to have no life since they have all this time to literally make up rumors just so they can defend a old fat man.

Even snopes >>1167211 is starting to debunk the hoaxes they are making up, these defenders are behaving just like bots or insane qanon people.

No. 1168037

I'm turkish so it's not as bad as other countries. I also use it because it's a term we use very often in our daily lives, without even thinking much about it's religious meaning. I hope it helped, racebait isn't cute though.

No. 1168040

this person has literally no idea how or why turkey is different from other muslim majority countries. no point in explaining to them/him/the retard.

No. 1168042

File: 1651847880118.png (2.48 MB, 2120x2316, QUEEN SHIT.png)

No. 1168047

You're right and it's probably a man so he won't understand but even if I were a woman from a worse country and I supported Amber because she was a victim like most women are victimized at one point or another in their lives, it still wouldn't mean my opinion would be invalid.

No. 1168053

God I'm so glad the thick brows trend is passé

No. 1168056

File: 1651848232902.jpeg (146.87 KB, 750x874, 10E621E1-6C42-49FE-B910-97D478…)

Love it anon keep them coming

She looks amazing with dark hair too

No. 1168067

In and out of the hospital, today I'm enjoying a sunny day out, smelling flowers.

No. 1168069

File: 1651848590347.png (1.21 MB, 1230x1326, it really is.png)

here's your meme

No. 1168100

I love you lawyer-chan. Have a good recovery.

No. 1168117

File: 1651849858895.jpeg (151.79 KB, 1284x1985, 6A3C289F-434B-45E7-94C4-B5594A…)

I love you anon

Look what Johnny Depp’s lawyer’s wife posted so gross

No. 1168119

She’s so gorgeous it’s insane

No. 1168124

nice of her to post a pic of chew clearly internally shitting himself. also she's insane, half of her instagram is fucking johnny depp despite her being part of the LA elite. what a loser. most wealthy people with connections don't just repeatedly post the same loser dude, they like, have a life.

No. 1168130

What is wrong with you? Genuinely

No. 1168133

i was watching the trial live on youtube the other day and while i usually keep the chat window closed (because people there are fucking insane) i did look at it for a second and… people there were 100% convinced that she had an earpiece on because her hair was parted to the side and they couldn't see her ear from that particular camera angle. so yeah, people really are that unhinged. to be fair, you have to be pretty unhinged to unironically defend depp after witnessing this shitshow kek

No. 1168137

Probably has the xy mutation.

No. 1168142

So I got to the part where he was raping her with a bottle. Sounded very believable to me, way beyond acting. In fact it seems like a huge stretch to call it that.
But then she didn't sound as believable when talking about the finger.
I suspected this from the beginning but waited to hear the story - I think she cut his finger when fighting him off.
I think that's why he told people he did it himself at first. If he said she did it, she might say what he did.
I think Amber is denying it because that's a serious and obvious injury, while she has little material proof of the damage done to herself that evening.

No. 1168176

Lmao. When I was watching the trial, I noticed Johnny kept wiping his nose with the same crumpled kleenex and I did wonder if he had coke in it. But then I was like, No, surely not, that would be too dumb. And I would look unhinged posting this online. The double standards in this trial are actually insane

No. 1168182

That's possible. Good for her if she did tbh. She's lucky to be alive and all he got was a little booboo on his finger and alleged shit in his bed.

No. 1168196

post the webm or the screencap this is an imageboard

No. 1168216

I’ve had this pro amber heard account for like an hour and it’s being flooded with deppfags. If anyone wants their meme featured on it just post it here.
Have a good day nonnie!!!!

No. 1168219

I can’t at the moment tho and a screencap wouldn’t show what im trying to show stop being an ass about it and just click the link

No. 1168223

>stop being an ass about it and just click the link

No. 1168227

i saw that. like five minutes after you posted the meme with the stats they were flooding you. they're so fucking pathetic

No. 1168229

kek post their reactions

No. 1168230

she's fine, no one cares. we can just click it plus it's nice to see the text from the original author

No. 1168231

You are literally autistic there is no helping you

No. 1168251

File: 1651853011583.webm (5.7 MB, 1280x576, deppchuclkling.webm)

>why is this freak staring at her and laughing when she's trying to walk by??? she obviously doesn't want to be near him and he's chuckling about it. absolute weirdo.

No. 1168270

Shoutout to the blonde court staff, I felt the death glare she gave Johnny in my bones.

No. 1168278

File: 1651853637522.jpeg (306.35 KB, 828x718, 8AEC5847-07C1-4BB0-9182-23B2EC…)

Based tweet

No. 1168280

File: 1651853674953.png (638.51 KB, 728x690, twitt.png)

deppfags massreported this account because they didn't like the truth

No. 1168283

This trial - the pathetic, cliquey nature of the whole spectacle, its clearly PR-driven narrative (Amber is an abuser and Depp is a victim) that has now gone mainstream - as well as men's callous reactions to Roe v. Wade being overturned is really radicalizing me.

No. 1168301

he might actually be the right one, actually. Famous, pretends to have done nothing wrong, he's a poor poor victim. Everyone gives him asspats and hates on women. Typical.

No. 1168302

i've been seeing a lot of people doing "justiceforjohnny" and "justiceformanson", seriously.

No. 1168305

Lol youre right, she did call it a mentoo agenda which is what I thought was based because thats all it is, an agenda

No. 1168314

File: 1651854599727.png (239.05 KB, 1151x858, on a good start.png)

No. 1168321

Love the dude posting suicide statistics as an argument, men kill themselves more? Good

No. 1168322

Wow, suicide male stats. MRAs are showing their asses

No. 1168329

>here's my statistics showing most men are losers

No. 1168333

Men love to use suicide statistics when it benefits them but then when a woman kills herself from abuse it’s “she made that choice, not any body else”.

No. 1168337

Men : Fucked up on toxic masculinity, refuse to show vulnerability, talk about their feelings or seek psychological help. End up killing themselves more often because of their own emotionally stunted behavior

Men : This is women's fault

No. 1168340

The fact that #MenToo exists at all is pathetic

No. 1168345

Ur doing the Lord's work nonnie mashallah. Pls respond with this >>1167126 whenever they say she has no evidence, I love watching people try and fail to defend this

No. 1168348

Right, I didn’t even know about that hashtag until today. Disgusting, so obvious they are witch-hunting Amber to use this as a way to return power to themselves over their victims. If she loses it should be seen as a fuck-you to victims everywhere.

No. 1168351

File: 1651855454281.webm (1.78 MB, 602x360, Depp-simulates-firing-a-gun-wh…)

No. 1168352

What a stupid fucking idiot. He literally works overtime to look bad in this trial and everyone keeps sucking his dick. It's so depressing

No. 1168358

File: 1651856147967.jpeg (347.41 KB, 828x837, DF3CC977-9BEF-4E6F-B5DD-8246A0…)

Beautifully said, took the words out of my mouth

No. 1168362

Really fucking is. Hopefully after the trial this is more than enough proof for MRAs to stfu about how "no one cares about male abuse victims!!!" but probably not
pretty much, now that it's socially acceptable to attack a DV victim they're all for it. No one who attacks her even bothers listening to the trial other than editted clips

No. 1168363

File: 1651856425525.png (4.68 MB, 2572x2108, winning.png)

We all knew they were blindly hopping on a bandwagon.

No. 1168365

I support Amber Heard but not for the reasons Amberfags do. I pity Amber Heard even though I know her testimony on the whole bottle thing is bs. I pity her because she’s a dumb redneck who is being mocked by even her own parents. I don’t support her slandering and I hope she wins the court case. I do hope she seeks the help she needs and no longer tries to marry old men and women for money.

No. 1168366

Is this where all the tards are going to accuse women of having internalized misogyny, just like the fatphobia shit?

A lot of people on lawtube who are leaning to his side are obviously watching the full stream. Can't say they're all like turdfans or deppstans on twatter.

No. 1168367

Did metoo ever get a big support with the general population? I think the anti-movements are the same age the metoo-movement itself is.

No. 1168368

This. That's why men are supporting depp so hard and the women who would've victimblamed other women are also the same pickmes who are blaming amber now. This is a step backwards

No. 1168370

I don't agree with everything you said there but she really does need help. Mismanaged cluster B's are a bitch, and she must have issues to have carried on staying around - her supposed signs were there prior to marriage. But golddiggers gotta dig.

No. 1168375

i dont even like amber but this trial makes my heart break for her.
The way all the pickmes and misogynists have woken up to make amber their new target in the witch-hunt is very obvious. Its also very obvious of the sexist agenda of depp defenders and that they dont actually care about victims or abusers and instead just want to hate on women, like them trending #MENTOO which is mocking the female victims of meetoo.

No. 1168380

Out of curiousity, why are you assuming all women who are doubting Ambers side suddenly pick me's? christ.

No. 1168381

Siding with a male and vilifying a woman in spite of evidence and common sense is peak pick me behavior

No. 1168383

This. It's an excuse to finally be able to victimblame and have it be socially acceptable.

No. 1168388

>men commit suicide most often.
>straight white middle aged privilege men commit suicide most often

No. 1168390

I do not think all of what Amber is telling is true, but I do get why she (and her team) feels the need to make torture porn out of it. Being the partner of an unreliable druggie man that might push you and throw things at you and is passing around pissing in his pants in daytime is shitty enough, but it'd not make people pay attention, so they make up shit about being dragged through glass naked. Because if it doesn't sound like creative writing, people wouldn't even listen.

No. 1168391

The way they speculate about her, it’s one thing to discuss evidence and line of events but the way they pick apart her behavior in court, this frantic fear and trying to distance themselves from the bad woman acting out as if women are a hivemind.. the exaggeration of her actions and infantilization of a 60 year old man i don’t know about you but i hope from the bottom of my heart that a dv victim or any woman who is struggling doesn’t come across these cunts Or put up with their shit

No. 1168393

Women know women best and we know that there are some really shit one's out there (that probably are also mentally ill) that would lie or fabricate things. The more amber embellished, the more she acted on the stand, the more false it felt. I just hope she has evidence and witnesses to back some of this up. It's just odd to me how she photographed evidence of redundant things, but nothing important or damning. And they won't release the metadata, why? if they've got nothing to hide i don't get it, it's stuff like that which makes people wonder.

No. 1168395

Also no matter what bad evidence against Jonny comes out or how immature he acts in court they will always find a way to spin it to make him the victim, which shows how BIASED depp defenders are and that they dont care about victims and that this is just a sexist witch-hunt to them, its even more obvious when you look at their alt-right profiles or how they will even resort to hoaxes to defend him.
Well my dear pickme before this thread was even made i kept up with this trial (and was neutral at first) and looked at how people were responding at it and most of the people who hated amber seemed sexist and obsessed with gender.
Im even going to quote in real life what one of my pickme mutuals said about this ''women think they can get away with this because they have tits''. No normal rational woman who is not a pickme would support depp or align herself with depp supporters who are mostly mra incels.

No. 1168399

NTA but I noticed that the only people siding with johnny are often hardcore MRAs, MGTOWs, incels, etc, where as everyone else is either neutral or pro heard. Pickmes will just side with whatever "misunderstood" men are going in at a time

No. 1168409

>A lot of people on lawtube who are leaning to his side are obviously watching the full stream.
It's deceptively easy to become a lawyer in the US compared to other countries. So I wouldn't take some manosphere scrotes who managed to pass the bar exam, with a bachelor's degree in poetry or some shit seriously. It boggles my mind that burgerlawyers don't have to learn any law at all in undergrad. Most of the scrote manosphwere lawtubers don't seem to have any actual experience either, they just straight went to shitposting online, so I don't know how they can claim any expertise.
>Women know women best
Internalized misogyny and female socialization to worship and believe scrotes over women is a thing. She's being scrutinized a lot more than Depp.

No. 1168414

Apropos to lawtube, I remember tuning into one of those streams when Amber's therapist was on, and the chat kept REEing and asking lawdude how is she allowed to speak about "victims" and "abusers" in gendered terms (she and he, respectively). Also suddenly there are "male abuse victim" stories all over reddit, and I really do not believe it to be organic. How come women's subs are full of DV and survivor stories all year around, but they only appear and get upvoted on men-focused subreddits when there's a huge, public court case with a profilic male actor, hmmmm.

No. 1168416

If amber was really this liar then johnny stans wouldn't need to resort to posting edited short videos of the trial and making up rumors about amber because amber is a ''embellisher''.
johhny stans are acting very frantic and trying to prove in anyway that johhny is victim by even resorting to lies.

Even two of Johnny's witnesses on his team accidentally made him look worse with one saying that they never saw amber abuse him and the other saying they saw Johnny hit amber. These were people on his team supposed to defend him.

Your ''intuition'' about women is shit.

No. 1168417

>women know women best
Oh my god shut the fuck up, you don’t know shit… go back to reddit

No. 1168418

the majority of people about this case are neutral and dont care about neither of them.
Johnny defenders/lovers are very delusional to think anyone cares about their fat alcoholic.
They may be the loudest on social media but they are not the majority.

No. 1168419

>Women know women best
no, no the fuck they don't kek. Women accuse other women of lying about abuse all the time regardless of how much evidence you present, I've seen men admit to abuse and women STILL will claim the woman lied about it
>It's just odd to me how she photographed evidence of redundant things,
so she doesn't have enough evidence for you to believe her… but she does have evidence of "redundant things"?? She still has better evidence than depp anyway

No. 1168420

She wasn't Ambers therapist, she was a doctor hired to assess her. Forensic psychiatrist, i believe with a 1-star rating prior to the review bombing. I'm hesitent to believe anything from her alone, she couldnt' even fill out the forms correctly that were going to be used in court. And that is supposed to be a professional witness who has attested in court for others, it was awful. And there's shame around male domestic violence, i can understand why it'd take something like this for it to come out of the woodwork. (Not to say there's not people who also jump on the bandwagon for attention, - you get it on both sides regardless of gender). Just like Jessie Smolfag, albiet a different movement.

No. 1168423

Unfortunately many women are batting for Depp & treating him like a victim that deserves to be taken seriously. The only thing I'll give them (& even this is charitable) is some of them genuinely think they're batting for a victim of DV, but they're still traitors all things considered. Men just treat this like a joke and a meme because they know it's safe to and want to treat a woman like shit with no evidence of her being an abuser.

No. 1168426

A lot of women do this because they think if men are included in as domestic abuse victims then women will finally be taken seriously BeCaUsE mEn AbooSed ToO. Literally clown world

No. 1168428

I've seen that 1 star review thing going around but have yet to see actual proof. When I look at her CV, I struggle to believe it. She is very well-educated and is a member of numerous shrink associations, is even president elect of at least one of them. She helped put away R Kelly and Keith Raniere (and thank god for that)

No. 1168431

thats wishful thinking anon. Alot of these women dont care about domestic abuse victims even if they are their family or friends.

No. 1168432

File: 1651858695992.png (306.92 KB, 1048x846, love you nonnies.png)

I hate the lawyertubers they only defend men abuser cases. Nick Screecher only cares about dick mangina, progeria gamer, etc.

No. 1168436

Genuinely fucking clown world. Obviously, way before this trial women's accounts were treated with far less sympathy and taken with less seriousness than men's but this really has opened the misogynistic floodgates. I don't think she'll lose the trial, but the public damage to her image has been done.

No. 1168438

True, i’m more so addressing the women who claim to have suffered through abuse calling a woman an abuser

No. 1168441

File: 1651858794877.jpeg (184.85 KB, 828x365, 5AE16A8D-3BFE-4C95-A085-D4A640…)

This is my position (not my tweet but I fw it)

No. 1168446

Chris brown too, no one even mentions the absolute horror he did to rihanna

No. 1168448

possibly, and maybe it's to get the moids to shut up about men victims anytime DV is brought up. Too bad it won't work regardless of how many male victims get support

No. 1168452

File: 1651858993971.jpeg (20.17 KB, 600x600, 70dc2e89549e7fb3e8952d963d21cb…)

I didn't even know that about Charlie Chaplin. Goddamn no fucking man on this planet is/was exempt.

No. 1168453

or xxxtentacion. I never understood the "men get the death penalty for punching women!!" deal when men always seem to magically forget about male abusers or even just joke about it

No. 1168454

I'm biased against all psychiatrists and psychiatry in general.
I would have liked to hear from actual medical doctors, about the injuries they both claimed and recorded, about their substance abuse etc.
Will there be someone giving their professional opinion on that? If no, sus that neither of them asked for it.

No. 1168457

this picture scared me holy shit

No. 1168459

I had so many pickmes dogpiling me when I said his ass deserved to die. Imagine defending a man who beat his pregnant girlfriend.

No. 1168461

a male twice her age and like, three times her weight, mind you. dude's no waif, especially at this point

No. 1168462

i dont like this take because it is obvious that amber was the victim in this situation with all the evidence of both the Uk trial and this one and that people are just using her as a witch-hunt.

I understand what that person is trying to say but they should say it for a different case like black chyna .

No. 1168463

this fucker was horrible. truly horrible. he deserved to have his ass handed to him. he truly got the ending he deserved after terrorizing women tbh.

No. 1168471

alot of tentacion fans even till this day are sending hate to his ex-girlfriend for exposing him for beating her when she was pregnant….what a sad world.

No. 1168476

>>AH: You don't hit women
>>AH was literally arrested for DV against her female ex.
I wouldn't feel right standing up for her at all. To me the abuse was on both sides, they're both scum, yet anons act like she's a saintess. This whole case has pushed harmed both male and female survivors of DV/IPV/SA. I don't get why it's wrong to stand up for all genders affected by abuse, but then again i'm the kind of tard who didn't really get why "All lives matter" was a bad thing. But then again it's like the body positive crowd who only accept body positive if you're morbidly obese, got to limit your crowd i guess for super special points.

No. 1168481

Compare Ambers supposed injuries to Rhianna's, just saying. What Rhianna went through was horrific.

No. 1168483

The allegations of her being abusive towards her ex are unfounded & were made due to a misunderstanding. Tasya is standing as a witness in her defense in this trial. Maybe keep the fuck up with shit and don't whip out old propaganda from Depp's team and you won't look like a retard.

No. 1168487

>but he didn't beat her that badly!
umm what are you implying? do you want him to go back and beat her more?

No. 1168488

Johnny instigated the fights, Johnny is much older, richer, and famous than she is and is in a position of power over her, everything points to Amber punching him to defend herself or her sister. Depp raped her with a bottle and you're out here saying they were equally abusive, wtf.

No. 1168495

her ex-girlfriend literally said amber never abused her.

Why do you depp lover fucks just lie and bring up old debunked shit. Mr debt wont fuck you no matter how much propaganda you spread for him you useless fatty.

No. 1168497

There's so much willful ignorance and misinformation (mostly from Depp's side how strange) being spread about this trial & Amber's history and morons keep eating it up like starved pigs.

No. 1168499

Samefag, I decided to look into it and scrolled down for what felt like ages to see what kind of reviews she was getting before her involvement in the trial. Turns out, depp stans have flooded her reviews so much that you can't even acess the reviews that are more than 3 days old.
Good job standing up for victims, oh except the victims that might be considering treatment by her and legitimately interested in reading actual reviews by her patients. Fuck those victims I guess.

No. 1168503

it's extremely easy to rack up qualifications and involvement in associations as even the shittiest professional in certain fields.

No. 1168505

No, of course not, but with how she was describing how he beat her - unless he was a lightweight feather puncher, there was barely a mark. She said she had a broken nose yet didn't get it checked out, so she didn't know it was broken or not but claimed it anyways. She crawled over glass slicing open her arms and feet, yet no photos of said injury. The headbut would have surely done something. The bruise on her arm from being grabbed, it looked like she caught herself on something with that solid line - not grabbed. It's just the evidence she's given doesn't match her description of events.

No. 1168507

It's also extremely easy to prove she had a 1 star rating prior to this trial if it is in fact true and you're not just repeating bullshit you read on twitter

No. 1168509

Fatty, bonerattler, make up your minds holy crap.

No. 1168520

We'll stick with fatty then. Depp won't fuck you.

No. 1168521

when this is the only thing you can reply to someone telling you to stop bringing up old debunked info to spread a propaganda.
Well some of you are 80 iq so its typical.

No. 1168523

Why would i want him to, they're both as shit as each other and very much deserve one another. Keep seething, or go touch grass, your choice.

No. 1168526

Touch grass? This isn't fucking tiktok, retard.

No. 1168528

Not arguing or calling you out but I hate this take and it's an argument that's rife among the Johnny stans.

The injuries and severity are not the issue with IPV, just the fact that someone who you believe to love you and love back would be violent against you is the perverse nature of it not necessarily the amount of force used. I'm having a really hard time with the argument that because Depp didn't throw haymakers and leave her looking like she's done 12 rounds with Tyson it can't have happened. It's no wonder black and brown peopl are much more likely to be dismissed when they seek help with violent partners.

No. 1168533

Okay so a man slapping you and throwing you around as long as it doesn’t reach the extent of what that scrote did to rihanna is fine right? As long as its not severe its okay for men to lay their hands on women. Got it

No. 1168534

Not only this but there have been plenty of photos of Amber sustaining injuries from Johnny, and medical records indicating that to be the case as well. Anyone denying that is a conspiracist to the highest degree.

No. 1168536

they're as shit as each other yet you only seemed focused on amber, That doesnt seem neutral now does it mr Debt stan.

No. 1168538

Medical doctors can not and will not testify about their patient's substance abuse.

No. 1168539

We've gone over this several times. Anons have been repeating themselves ad nauseam. You're either retarded, willfully ignorant or trolling. Please get new material, it's boring. You're trying to poison the well by linking supporting Amber to fat acceptance, but we've all seen the size of people who are supporting Depp.

No. 1168550

Maybe if she had a legacy to defend or any considerable talent people would be caping for her too.

No. 1168558

I fully believe Amber became "abusive" but out of self-defense and retaliation. Every pickme and incel points to the audio to confirm that she lied or abused him for this or that, but all the audio proves to me is that a woman reached a breaking point and started to defend herself from her scrote's bullshit and got mean back. Cherrypicked audio should not be taken at face value cause it isn't the full picture, it's baiting a narrative. As women we are allowed to be victims while we toss abuse back at our perpetrators because we're trying to defend ourselves and have no obligations to endure perpetual abuse while acting like saints.
It drives me crazy how society just expects women to constantly take punches and never emotionally react lest "we're just as bad as men" BULLSHIT!!!!
You know Johnny's privilege as a male "abuse survivor"? That he's alive and unharmed. That he is able to go on stand without hesitation or threat. That he gets to whine about how he won't make additional millions from Disney while he sniggers and smugly jeers at his so-called abuser. Most abused women wind up assaulted or dead and even then society doesn't care about their stories because they're not an overhyped hollyweird actor.

Oh, but poor Johnny!!
Anyway, he won't win this, that's why the media is driving so hard to push the narrative in Johnny's that favor so they can bank the outrage clicks for when he loses. It makes me very happy that handmaiden and #mentoo culture won't prevail this time. For once a man will be held publicly accountable for tailspinning his own career and he won't get to blame a woman for it.

No. 1168559

when does this case end? like the trial stuff concludes? I am so sick of seeing it everywhere online, I am not even following it closely so idk what is going on

No. 1168562

If lack of considerable talent is the standard for not having defense against obvious abuse, then Depp shouldn’t have the Fatass Leagues caping for him either.

No. 1168563

May 19th

No. 1168565

Me too anon. 13 more days, we can make it.

No. 1168568

Imagine how crazy a world we would live in if people exclusively got defended from abuse if they were considered "talented enough" or some bizarre shit. Do you want talent auditions for people to enter abuse shelters too?

No. 1168577

This. Not to mention that they keep saying why didn't she take photos/go to the doctors after getting raped. After getting raped, you're way more likely to spend your time dissociating staring at a wall than seeking medical attention.

Pray for Gen Z, they're dickriding Depp so hard and the young women in abusive situations will suffer for it. Even the ones currently capping for Depp

No. 1168585

But that's just how it works most of the time. People will defend abusers based on their past and contemporary achievements, especially if they're a public figure with charisma. That's why #metoo was a big deal, because it manage to get some normally "untouchable" people face the consequences of their actions. People don't really care about a third-grade actress who's most known for being the sexy female love interest and nothing more in a hero movie. She doesn't have the things it'd take for her to recover from such a PR blow even if she proves the abuse.

No. 1168604

File: 1651862044081.jpg (21.12 KB, 380x380, e8df017b8459c3fdc951da06ce0be1…)

You got to be shitting me, that's creepy.

No. 1168606

Twittertrollchan did post those screenshots but the responses are "if that is all your evidence…….. well good luck" and ppl thinking Stephen Deuters is the same as Depp bc their nicknames were "Steve," and "Slim," or just "What are these texts?"

10/10 work using #AmberHeardlsALiar

No. 1168613

#amberheardisapsychopath is trending on twitter.

No. 1168636


No. 1168640

No. 1168644

No. 1168651

Lmfao, you wish.

No. 1168653

Samefagging, but it really pisses me off. You think the women on LSA who shit on Amber are xy’s too?

No. 1168655

Wish she had actually acted like a psycho. I don't wanna a-log but a man like depp who supports pedos and sues women for speaking about his disgusting behavior disappearing wouldn't be a negative thing.

No. 1168656

fine then, XYY?

No. 1168657

No not men, just traitors incapable of critically thinking. If you want any of our respect, explain the Stephen Deuters texts or gtfo

No. 1168658

Nta but why are women on that site such pickmes? I went there once and they were mocking a woman for not performing porn acts in bed, is it because men are allowed into there and they're neets who want to appeal to those men? Someone enlighten me.

No. 1168676

Wasn't LSA started as a fanclub for some male athlete? Not really shocking that they're pickmes.

No. 1168677

LSA are full of pickmes for white men especially

No. 1168680

The worst part about this entire case is woman being brave enough to come out about their domestic abuse situations and saying we should be kinder to Amber and getting shat on by rabid JD stans. Vile

No. 1168686

JD's PR team is working hard

No. 1168703

The reason it's open season on Amber Heard is because she doesn't have evidence, in fact it seems Johnny has better evidence that she hit him. Amber's defense is just starting though, maybe they'll present something more substantial.

No. 1168708

I disagree. Amber has evidence (pictures, texts, recordings, a coherent story) but they are held to a higher standard than Johnny's "evidence" because people are biased and primed to question everything she says in a way that johnny doesnt have to deal with

No. 1168709

Amen. I wish more of these psychos would call me a "traitor", because I would betray them and "people" like Amber in a heartbeat. Fuck your whacko gender politics, she's a psycho and fuck you again for being an "ally" to a psycho just because it fits into your narrative.

No. 1168720

It's nuts, and when DA survivors come out talking about how Amber is full of crap with her performative testimony they turn around and call them pick me's or bots etc. 'Shut up and believe all women, even if they're lying, if you don't fit our narrative gtfo'. It's so wrong.

No. 1168724

File: 1651866739404.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1257x1310, riri-vs-amber.png)

Her photos she just looks tired. Recordings show her in a bad light more than him. At the big "Australia" incident her evidence was photos of the driveway, pool, and then an art room that she said had been "cleaned up". I'm sure he has more but hasn't put it into evidence yet, considering she is such a little collector.

No. 1168725

And why is Johnny's evidence more solid? Because he said so?

No. 1168727

There was also the photo of the broken bed, if she had the busted lip and was facedown in the bedding - why is there no blood in the photo?

No. 1168728

I honestly don’t understand the finger of it all.
Johnny is claiming that amber threw a bottle at him and it exploded when it made contact with his finger. Now I’m no expert but if that is true it seems much more plausible to me that the bottle would break his finger rather than explode and severe it. I’m just trying to imagine this in my mind and it doesn’t make any sense. Bottles are heavy (who knows if it was an empty or full bottle) but I just dont understand how his finger made the bottle explode?
I also don’t fully understand Ambers story that he must have injured it smashing the wall mounted phone into the wall. But I think he may have cut his finger in all the broken glass from the bottles he was throwing and then further injured it when he was smashing his hand on the phone/wall which worsened the cut and the force severed his finger. What do you all think?

No. 1168733

Except Johnny Depp is the abuser, retard. If she abused him, how is it possible that SHE won the original DV case where he was found guilty on 12 of 14 counts of domestic violence? You cunts never want to admit the fucking truth.

No. 1168734

Johnny lied constantly on the stand that he has never had substance abuse issues which was MUCH more laughable to me.

No. 1168735

Because he has a dick that anon wants to suck

No. 1168736

to me it makes more sense than throwing a big glass bottle at someone would sever the tip of their finger than them just smashing their phone against the wall… let's not forget that it's EXTREMELY convenient how in amber's story, shr took 2 sleeping pills and woke up the next day to his finger being severed, completely omitting her presence from the entire thing…

No. 1168738

Just because you’re a DV survivor doesn’t automatically make your claims against her true. You actually don’t have secret insider knowledge about their relationship, we have facts and evidence, and it was already proven in a court of law that Johnny Depp abused her.

No. 1168740

This doesn't seem true at all. It seems pretty obvious to me that people just really like depp and that's the extent of it. He's always been an extremely popular actor. Women think he's the hottest thing ever and men think he's cool. Also people just want to prove her "no one will believe you because you're a scrote" comments wrong. I don't think it has anything to do with evidence, most people aren't even keeping up with the trial. They're looking at memes and watching a couple clips. The evidence is irrelevant at this point, people have made up their minds.

No. 1168743

Too bad the trial isn't about whether Amber is a psycho.
It's about if she wrote a defamation piece about Johnny–which she didn't–and Deppstans like yourself lack the awareness to realize you've set the stage for exactly why he isn't hired by anyone anymore. If he was abusive even once then that invalidates his defamation claim. He lost.
Hope you all will contribute to his coke fund when this is over.

No. 1168744

Reminder that Johnny Depp the pedo is a mongrel no woman should support EVEN if Amber Heard did lie. Yes she lied and it doesn’t fucking matter, because he still fucked a 17 year old and that should be punished.

No. 1168748

>It's about if she wrote a defamation piece about Johnny–which she didn't–and Deppstans like yourself lack the awareness to realize you've set the stage for exactly why he isn't hired by anyone anymore.
amber turd fans have room temperature IQ

No. 1168752

I think they both lied. I think she cut off his finger while he was assaulting her. Not in Johnny's interest to admit the assault part, not in Amber's interest to admit the severing part, so here we are with two lies

No. 1168753

>expecting me to watch your PR videos
Make the argument yourself or fuck off faggot lmao.

No. 1168758

How are you able to say this person is wrong when that’s quite literally what he’s suing her for. It’s a defamation suit. It’s difficult as fuck in the US to prove defamation against a public figure, and he already lost in the UK. Just admit you want to continue guiltlessly enjoying a celebrity cokehead’s movies despite the majority of them in the last 20 years being flops. You’re willfully ignorant and retarded.

No. 1168759

okay retard
she literally said yesterday that she wrote the OP ed herself, it was the first 10 words that came out of her mouth when she got put on the stand
i know mongoloids have a tough time watching 20 second clips that defeat their entire worldview

No. 1168760

File: 1651867370125.png (1.19 MB, 1602x938, Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 4.00…)

Yeah a lot of it just doesn't add up on her side. But, they just started presenting the case, maybe that will change. So far it's a big story and some photos of lamps and beds.

The big evidence they presented of him kicking her on the airplane, was just a recording of him moaning.

Amber's audio recordings show her admitting to hitting him multiple times, and even threats of legal action that "nobody will believe you"

No. 1168762

How does throwing a big glass bottle make more sense? It would snap someone’s finger bone or dislocate the finger sure but cut off? How? If it is an unbroken bottle it doesn’t make any sense. Can someone draw a diagram of this for me

No. 1168764

Ah yes, the audio recordings that JD’s lawyers and team have famously cut to not provide any context? Hitting your abuser back doesn’t make you an abuser, dipshit.

No. 1168768

i don't care about depp. the difference between you and me is i want to see her go down because she's a liar and a nutcase, and i don't care about depp either way, but you want to fuck amber and have a hard on for defending women under any cost, and you hate men (+ depp). you "care" for all the wrong reasons lol.

No. 1168769

Post the unedited. I think I've heard the full versions but maybe I haven't? I'm for sure open to changing my opinion.

No. 1168771

How much are you paid to shill like this?
Did you even read what she wrote?
Do you even have any idea how hard defamation is to prove, even pretending she directly referenced him (she didn't) or made any specific and malicious claims (she didn't)?
Yikes. Your tears will be delicious tho.

No. 1168772

How dumb are you? Nonna wasn't saying Amber didn't write the op-ed, she was saying it wasn't defamation because Depp in fact did abuse her. If he laid a hand on her once, he loses.

Btw I refuse to watch edited clips of the trial, especially with a scrote commenting. Find actual timestamps in the original videos or don't even bother. If you only look at biased media of course you're gonna be biased.

No. 1168774

Oh damn, a woman hitting back a man much older than her. Such abuse, so scary he had to run like a baby.

No. 1168778

>Your tears will be delicious tho.
no, yours will be. normal people don't have to sit on lolcow's resident lesbian thread shilling for teard because normal people just watch a few videos of her embarrassing herself in court, say "wow she's crazy, she's totally gonna lose" and get on with their day. have fun i'm sure amber will TOTALLY thank you for your service.

No. 1168780

google daily mail johnny depp heard leaks and you should find them. the full recordings don't look good for amber at all, I don't know what this anon is talking about. he talks about how she gets physically violent with him, how he tried to get away, and then she basically calls him a pussy and argues if she punched or slapped him.

No. 1168782

You can't blame the media frying their brains into believing this is a trial about abuse. It's Johnny's team using smoke and mirrors so at least when he loses the defamation case, as he did when he tried to sue Washington Post, he can make a career for himself out of being the "male victims" aboose advocate lmao.

No. 1168784

Hehe, seethe loser <3(<3)

No. 1168787

imo amber will win not because she didn't abuse him, but because defamation is really hard to prove and I think his damages witnesses were weak (Google-boy and The Dealmaker)

No. 1168789

What about all the texts where Johnny is apologizing? What about his history of violence and dating minors? What about the obvious power imbalance between them? What about the texts between depp's assistant and amber? Why are these recordings and texts less credible than Depp's evidence?

Also, people bruise differently and it's a literal profession you have to go to school for to be a bruising expert in court so excuse me if I take the dismissal of her pictures with a grain of salt.

No. 1168795

The only person who is a lying nutcase is Depp. He has the pattern of abusive behavior that has been documented since he dated Winona Ryder when she was 17 and he was 25/26. Unless you’re going to admit that he’s going after Heard on baseless accusations of defamation, even though it’s unnecessary and intensely hard to prove, everyone will keep believing you’re a retard and rightfully so.

No. 1168798

touch grass

No. 1168799

File: 1651868065777.png (788.82 KB, 1142x574, amberstatement.png)

Amber's team issued a statement.

No. 1168800

no the entire world agrees with me, you schizos think the whole population disagreeing with you is "bots" or "PR"

No. 1168805

>What about all the texts where Johnny is apologizing?
Well in female cases they say it's the abused feeling guilt. There isn't any tape of him admitting to hitting her that I've heard. If I hear something then I'll say they're both abusers.

>What about his history of violence and dating minors?

He has punched men, not women. His exes all came out in support of him.

Not sure about him dating minors, or even how that is relevant.

>What about the obvious power imbalance between them?

That makes it a harder case for Johnny to win, yes. Guilty until proven innocent. Although I think her story about going into the trailer with a bottle of wine wasn't as helpful as she thought for her… and end of the day she married him.

>What about the texts between depp's assistant and amber?

Do you have a link for me? I'd like to read those.

>Why are these recordings and texts less credible than Depp's evidence?

Maybe there are some I haven't seen?

>Also, people bruise differently and it's a literal profession you have to go to school for to be a bruising expert in court so excuse me if I take the dismissal of her pictures with a grain of salt.

True! And I imagine they'll get an expert to testify why her bruises were gone the next day and how the broken nose was fixed without swelling.

No. 1168809

is this helpful? I agree Johnny looks like an asshole in court laughing.

No. 1168810

Amber is cringe tbh

No. 1168815

abuse victims normally can't look at their abusers ???? literally what a retarded statement to make, it is completely in johnny's favour to NOT look at amber; unlike amber, who has been staring him down the entire time.

No. 1168816

a lot of victims have a hard time looking at their abusers.

No. 1168817

Except JD did have an extensive PR campaign that, of course, came up after Amber made her initial allegations. Imagine that. Again, can’t be that JD is an abuser that utilized his power and fame to terrorize this woman with legal threats to hell and back, no actually she abused him because dusts off filing cabinet in the back of a crackhead brain she hit him back in retaliation after she had been abused by him for two years. Get fucking real. Johnny Depp will overdose on pills once she wins this case and finally all of you will shut the fuck up.

No. 1168818

i think they both suck honestly. both of them probably abused eachother. it's just a matter of who was worse.

No. 1168819

This thread is full of domestic abuse survivors projecting their own trauma onto Amber.

I'm sorry for whatever men did to you nonnies. But let's not forget the absolute state of Amber's acting in the courtroom yesterday.

So much scrunching and yelling. Not a single tear. The fact that her little monologue about Johnny was stolen from a film (amongst other things she said). The way her crying would turn off whenever she heard "objection!"

Whatever happened in your personal lives sweet anons, let us bask in Amber's cringey performance as if she were any other lolcow. Depp sucks too btw. They are both freaks.(integrate )

No. 1168821

Are you from Reddit? Why all the spacing?

No. 1168822

Same for you, go back to Reddit.

No. 1168827

I keep hearing that "mutual abuse" is not a thing, but, not so sure I buy that.

No. 1168833

Oh you don't think that him dating a minor and going after young women to seek a power imbalance is not relevant? Just because he hit men it makes it impossible for him to hit women? Go back to reddit and fuck off, moid. You're pathetic.

No. 1168844

Texts between Depp's assistant at the time and Amber in post linked below. These were sent after the incident in the plane.

Vanessa Paradis (mother of his children, that's reason enough not to talk shit) did issue a statement, as did Winona Ryder. She dated him when he was 17 and he was 26. I consider this a red flag and that's why I think it's relevant.
Winona withdrew her testimony tho. I am not aware of other exes coming forward.

No. 1168856

Snopes litterally debunked the claims that Amber used lines from movies. Please don't take everything you see for granted, fact check.

No. 1168859

What the fuck kind of statement is that?! So trashy

No. 1168861

Asking a JD fan to fact-check is like asking a camwhore to stop camwhorring. They act as if this is part of their DNA.

No. 1168868


These are the texts where Depp's assistant says Depp cried after he found out he kicked her.

>>1168805 here you go nonnie

>>1168709 explain this dumbass. pls im begging u

No. 1168871

it definitely is, codependent relationships often have mutual abuse though most of it is mental. mutual physical abuse is more rare because most of the time there's a clear power dynamic between men and women.

No. 1168878

Agreed, also Heard is clearly uncomfortable being around Depp. Encouraging him to look at her is so dumb

No. 1168879

Not in a defamation case, no. Power imbalance is relevant, but Amber wasn't a minor.

Maybe that relevant from a character standpoint? If they can work that into the trial the young girl thing for sure helps even if it's just normal dudes being dudes. I thought she started good with her storytelling on meeting johnny but she played a little too naive for believability with the trailer and kiss parts.

Thanks for the text, that for sure is good info. They need to get that person to testify as to seeing Johnny kicked her. To me that reads very plain day "he kicked her"

No. 1168881

>deppfags larp as radfems
>amberfags larp as incels
Based as fuck

No. 1168888

yeah after she recoiled when he walked near her going to the exit, now she wants him to look at her?

No. 1168890

I think I agree with you but considering that Depp's staff would watch him attack her and not intervene…I don't think this mutual abuse. Abuse is about power dynamics

No. 1168894

I'm the anon that said that and I'm sorry for getting that wrong. It was all over social media, kind of fucked up that it was false. Damn. Still don't care for either of these garbage people

No. 1168895

her attack him*

No. 1168902

I don't care she shit his bed i don't care she yell at him i don't care she has bpd i don't care if she's guilty. I hope she did it all.

No. 1168904

>normal dudes being dudes
Nope, no, normal people do not date teenagers when they are in their mid twenties.

The way I see it, adults who choose to date minors do so because they enjoy having the upper hand in a relationship. Younger people are easier to manipulate and control because they lack life experience. It's a huge red flag for abusive tendencies.
I don't know how that could be used in court and I'm not saying it should. However, for me personally as a woman, it's definitely relevant and I would regard anyone with a similar dating history with suspicion

No. 1168905

Mutual abuse is a thing though, very common in the west, it consists most often relationships between siblings and adult partners, and it’s often people in such relationships who deny that there is such a thing. They often like JD and AH accuse one another of being the troo abuser. It becomes for the third party very vague what even is happening. The only dynamic that does not involve mutual abuse unfortunately is the offspring a couple that abuses each other have.

No. 1168912

nta but I've had black eyes before and if they're not freshly swollen they can look unnoticeable in makeup. I went to work for weeks without a single person noticing. You can kinda tell she has the black eyes at least but this is also comparing a pic of a woman with no makeup vs heavy makeup. Just because she didn't react like rihanna doesn't mean it didn't happen

No. 1168917

I always just assumed it was because younger is hotter? But yeah I guess that makes sense, at least as a partial reason. I honestly don't believe guys when they say magically at 18 they're sexually attracted to women but at 17.5 they're not lol. Amber was like mid 20s right? And he was like 50? That's gross no matter how you cut it imo.

No. 1168918

Her face only looks swollen way after she divorced him, though.

No. 1168925

I don’t give a fuck about Johnny Depp or psych evaluating Amber Heard. Give me my gold star please. I hope he loses.

No. 1168927

And this is exactly why “pick me” lsa users will not ever support Amber Heard. Nor will any real non-white woman. Do you whites finally understand?(racebait)

No. 1168931

can't psych meds make it almost impossible to shed tears for some people? regardles if she was exaggerating her body language, i find the whole "analysing body language" thing weird. youtube keeps recommending me these videos of "experts" nitpicking her every expression, as if it was based on any fucking real science in the slightest. contrary to popular belief, you cannot tell that someone is a liar based on their body language alone, for various reasons.

No. 1168935

Me too. But literally.

No. 1168937

Once again you are incapable of reading this >>1167126 lmao can't cope with the truth

Wait until you see all the other social media lies lol they keep claiming that Heard's entire family is on Depp's side which is a complete lie. I don't care for Amber either but this is qanon level misinfo against a DV survivor.

No. 1168941

Sometimes it felt like she was reading some kid of weird poetry with the way she talked. And was like: "sorry it sounds stupid" or something like that here and there. Like some kind of insecure 13yearold instead of a grown woman. Imagine yourself in her place, i wouldn't be speaking about my abuse like that. It felt like an act in some parts more than others. Even if she was telling the truth, her need to look and sound like a beaten puppy just puts me away. Nothing about it feels honest, abuse isnt something you tell like on some lame poetry free mic. People might say everybody talks differently, but i have never seen anybody talk like this and move like this when they are talking about their abuse.

No. 1168948

Tell that to my groupchat lol nobody's white and we're all Amberpilled

No. 1168949

she was talking like she was in some euphoria episode or some anime show tbh. What I’d like to understand is why didn’t she frame Franco? At least he deserves it more than the other scrote

No. 1168952

There is no right way to talk about abuse. It depends on the person. Sorry her vocab is elaborate, she's a nerd who enjoys poetry.

No. 1168955

Most nonwhite women I see online are #teamamber by principle so I don’t know where you are getting your info. It doesn’t mean they like her in any manner. You don’t have to like her.

No. 1168956


No. 1168959

swelling usually only happens freshly after you get punched

No. 1168961

This is exactly what I sound like in therapy when I have to recount seriously traumatic shit and I'm the same age Heard. Please shut up already

No. 1168963

the childish prose makes her seem powerless, naive, and stupid - like a victim. she's just overdoing it a bit too much where it seems calculated.

No. 1168965

Yes that was deliberate and lame and cringe and clearly very rehearsed but that doesn’t mean he’s any better than her or doesn’t deserve what’s coming to him

No. 1168968

The "mutual abuse" thing seems more to be a ploy to undo 50 years of work of feminist legal theorists, a way to make fencesitting seem legitimate and punish women for defending themselves.
You're either a scrote or autistic and you're clearly from Reddit, go back.
Funny how everyone who claims to "not care" or go "both sides" is deadset on spreading misinformation about AH and capes for JD.
He groomed Christina Ricci since she was 9.
Saying "sorry it sounds stupid" is a feminine coded way of speaking, it's common for women to add things like that after sentences. Lois P. Frankel wrote entire books on it. Are you a scrote?

No. 1168972

you shut up this is my first post

No. 1168975

Go back to Reddit or wherever else you came from.

No. 1168978

You don’t need to be sensitive and project yourself onto amber, anon is right. It was embarrassing and calculated. She still deserves to come out on top. He sucks.

No. 1168981

Go outside and stop projecting your redditor paranoia on me.

No. 1168990

You admitted it's your first post. Go back to where you came from.

No. 1168991

It varies, we're NYC natives. Think Black, various Latinos, South Asian, Middle Eastern, etc

Shut up already didn't mean that I think you're making the same point repeatedly. It means I think you have no idea what victims sound like. As in, shut up already, your point is stupid.

No. 1168998

I guess it depends on how you define abuse, but two people with personality disorders in a relationship being toxic back and forth to each other is definitely a thing

No. 1169006

the first google hit of that omg
>Brotherly Love From Johnny Depp"This love relationship is intense and strange," Ricci said. "I've known Johnny so long, he's protective of me as an older brother and it's weird to think of having sex with him. So we know enough about each other to laugh at it. He said it was 'like we were rooting around together like pigs.'"
so creepy

No. 1169015

File: 1651870505246.png (152.84 KB, 613x1096, some comments.png)

Here's some more comments I received on my troll account. They're in no particular order. I got a timeout for one of the noose pics kek.

No. 1169016

>two people
Deppfags always do this, because things change when you actually add the context of the fact that it was a relationship between a man with a networth of 150+mil and a woman half his age with a networth of 8mil, most mental health experts don't agree that she has a personality disorder, but do agree that Depp was controlling and jealous. It's at most reactive abuse or battered wife syndrome, but there is no evidence that it was equal amounts of back and forth from the start. "Two people" makes it seem like it's equal or that sex doesn't matter in these situations and is the exact same tactic Depp's legal and PR team tries to use.

No. 1169026

Keep up the great work nonnie

No. 1169037

it is on this thread, doesn't mean i came from some other site. I've been here for a long time.
I know very well how abuse victims sound like, because i know more of than i wish to. It's not a competition to look the saddest and paint with your words like Amber does. Honesty is visible and you can feel it from the person.

No. 1169038

File: 1651870863766.jpg (296.75 KB, 853x1280, ExclusivePicture.jpg)

It's common knowledge that Amber Heard is secretly a 6 foot tall muscle lady

No. 1169050

>you cannot tell that someone is a liar based on their body language alone
Maybe I'm naive, but her hyperventilating while testifying sounded very real. I mean, I never see that in movies. I don't think it's "actable"?

No. 1169052

the way you got the twittertards pressed.

No. 1169061

My heart broke for her several times during her testimony. Maybe I'm the naive one I guess, but it felt real to me.

No. 1169064

I just saw a post saying “Johnny Depp is OJ Simpson for they/thems neurodivergents who collect Funko pops” lmfaooo

No. 1169069

Maybe a different abuse victim than you will sound different than you, even if you both have prior experience. Not such a shocking concept. Even if she's faking which I don't think she is, it doesn't make Depp less guilty.

No. 1169140

That's what I don't understand about Depp fans, apparently, they're the best about reading "vibes" and "energy" from Heard and can just magically tell she's abusive and faking any of her testimony, despite the fact he's already lost the first trial about the domestic violence she faced. She doesn't have to prove shit to anyone anymore, and she shouldn't be put in this position either.

No. 1169164

The only bad thing amber did was not killing johnny depp when she had the chance

No. 1169171

I don't get fans in general. I'd be embarrassed to say I was a fan of a celebrity.
>despite the fact he's already lost the first trial about the domestic violence she faced
This doesn't say much tbh, defamation cases are pretty hard to win. He doesn't win by showing the jury that he was beaten by her, he needs to show clear damages, not to mention malice and intent. All showing that she beat him does is go against her credibility.

No. 1169186

File: 1651872749247.jpg (177 KB, 450x450, ff38.jpg)


#ProtectMen #MenCanBeAbused #JusticeForJohnny #amberheardisapsychopath(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1169197

The first case wasn't a defamation trial, it was a criminal trial in relation to their divorce. The current case is a defamation lawsuit over claims her allegations ruined his career, which was already dying before she made her initial allegations. Her OP-ED didn't even mention his name, she stated she was a victim of DV and that was it, which was already proven in a court of law before she wrote it. His team is making it seem as if he is suing her in a criminal trial because it helps his case and makes him look like a victim who deserves sympathy when he obviously doesn't if you do the slightest bit of fact-checking.

No. 1169199

No. 1169204

My sides, jesus fucking christ

No. 1169212

yeah, one can definitely make faces and fake crying, but some of her reactions felt really hard to fake in my opinion. her hyperventilating, her voice cracking, her nose becoming stuffy after crying, a lot of things like that. and something kind of small that struck me was when she was asked about their wedding, and she made (what i can only describe as an involuntary) pained expression right when the word "wedding" was mentioned. that will never satisfy those who are convinced she's lying, but i just find the whole emphasis on "proving" her wrong by complaining about every single micro-expression she makes really strange, and very telling about how people view dv victims. her expressions should not have anything to do with proving her wrong. besides, it's a very odd situation for her to be in, i couldn't even fault her if she was exaggerating her expressions at times. depp gets a pass for "dramatic expression" and literally everything he does, but if amber does anything similar she's the worst thing on the planet.

No. 1169371

I can believe this man told Amber he wouldn't hit her again but never gave his security explicit instructions to protect her if he attacked her blacked out. Instead he went on drug binges, knowing what it would lead to. The audacity.

No. 1169386

this was a work of art and didn't warrant a ban

No. 1169392

File: 1651875380280.png (Spoiler Image, 226.62 KB, 472x367, 2B0865CA-C816-46DF-A06D-F8C382…)

Since I wasn’t here when the retard was sperging out about her bruising not being enough, just wanted to post what her makeup artist had to say about covering up her injuries before she went on television.

No. 1169415

Definitely didn’t deserve a ban. Maybe because it wasn’t saged? I don’t know, if it would’ve been on Reddit, it would’ve been completely indistinguishable from a shitpost kek

No. 1169436

File: 1651875951453.jpg (492.52 KB, 2048x2048, 9a90d018538d1aa74ea0d697950cd6…)

Idk why people are obsessed with the idea that it's impossible to cover a black eye with makeup

No. 1169450

They killed her but nona will always live on in our hearts.

No. 1169452

Why did you spoiler this

No. 1169456

I’m on mobile and my finger slipped. It did talk about smothering her with a pillow though so I guess that could be upsetting

No. 1169461

When my Twitter ban is lifted I promise to repost that, nonna.

No. 1169464

KEK did you already get banned from earlier???

No. 1169469

This is funny as fuck and didn’t need a ban

No. 1169470

File: 1651876724794.jpeg (132.01 KB, 1124x1458, D510698A-40A7-4B6E-A8EF-F9524C…)

Not my cap but Julia is based
Yeah for putting “he’s waiting” on a noose pic another nonnie made me.

No. 1169472

ok i'm temporarily liking julia fox now… did not expect this based take from her at all

No. 1169479

She is friends with the faux socialite girl.

No. 1169482

There was a moment after she recounted the bottle incident where her lawyer asked her for clarification on if he penetrated her vagina with the bottle where Amber says “I don’t want to do this..” under her breath. It broke my fucking heart it’s so clearly painful for her to have to think back on that attack. I think she also says “I don’t want to do this” when she was hyperventilating whilst explaining the Australia assault.
fuck JD for making her have to say all this on live TV for everyone to see. I fully believe that he is using the courts to further abuse and humiliate her.

No. 1169483

Le funny and didn’t warrant a ban lmfao. See you amberfags are just as cringe as deppfags.

No. 1169488

You’re 36? I need to fuck off from this website.

No. 1169496

>sick way of still controlling her
Oh come on this dude >>1165967 can't even control his bowels
So dumb to think of him as some devilish mastermind
It's his team that's suing everyone around, and not just Amber

No. 1169497

File: 1651877243444.jpeg (245.26 KB, 960x856, C1A38FD2-68A6-4D60-B01C-D92A05…)

We love you so much!!!

No. 1169500

If he didn't want to sue her he wouldn't have. He's the boss of his team, not the other way around.

No. 1169502

File: 1651877390793.jpeg (366.01 KB, 1080x1281, 3F4EA18D-BE24-4408-B040-67B75C…)

What’s worse, a manchild or a womanchild?

No. 1169503

Fuck off then. Do us a favour and block the website for our sake.

No. 1169505

t. Insecure old fuck.

No. 1169509

bitch i'm 21 years old
what does this matter here in the The Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp Court Case

No. 1169510

Johnny Depp is older and milkier than 99.9% of farmers so let's concentrate on that

No. 1169517

Fuck off redditor.

No. 1169520

Man child, has strength but is retarded. Man children also more likely to be pedos, womanchild just cringe kawaii girls.

No. 1169521

He's not the boss of anything except on paper, he's a wasted junkie, he looks and speaks like a zombie in that court.

No. 1169523

yea OT as shit but I think we'd all rather be a womanchild than manchild if that's the room you're referring to
>'pretty' aesthetic
>cool interesting things
>cringe but it's cute

vs… man child's room full of coomer hentai shit, dirty clothes and cum rags, porn everywhere, piss bottles, disgusting old cum smell, lowkey pedo vibes… Gross.

No. 1169532

I thought she was like a decade younger lol but 36 isn't that old for an imageboard. Would have been like 17 when 4chan came out.

I have PTSD not cringey weeb disorder. The room is neat tho

No. 1169537

This. Manchildren usually take massive tolls to everyone around them whether it be mooching off of friends and girls, being creepy towards women in their group, consooming sex work, harassing and flirting with online women all while having a girlfriend the entire time, they're very dirty and don't mind getting people around them sick and do nothing but play vidya all day while the women in their life have to do everything for them while they treat women awfully

Women children are usually just cringey and have enough self awareness to understand they're not in a state of mind for a healthy relationship, it's weird we talk about women children when manchildren unarguably do a lot more damage

No. 1169545

Unfortunately I’ve seen some very sick women weebs that are just as awful as male weebs. One thing that differs them is that they’re in less quantity, thank god that the average woman is a normal human and not a pedo weeb.

No. 1169560

Where does the story of Mr. Debt pushing Kate Moss down the stairs come from? I’ve seen multiple people reference it but when I google for it all that comes up is Ambers testimony from yesterday.
I don’t doubt that he did do this I just want to read more about it.

No. 1169568

It's apparently in reference to this 1994 incident :
>Their passion for one another spilled over into heated arguments. The couple was spotted shouting at each other in public, according to reports, and one reported spat resulted in Depp’s arrest. At 5:30 a.m. on September 13, 1994, the actor was arrested for criminal mischief at New York’s Mark Hotel for allegedly trashing his hotel room. Police found Depp “in a state of possible intoxication” and Moss uninjured. A criminal-court judge dismissed the charge against Depp on the condition that he stay out of trouble for six months. Depp paid the Mark $9,767.12 including more than $2,000 for damages, plus the bill for the remainder of his reservation.


But yeah I don't know where the stairs thing came from.

No. 1169607

For what she claims happened to her, the evidence is not nearly enough, not even close. I was willing to believe her until it came to the Australia incident. What she described was so insane and for there to be no evidence supporting her claims whatsoever? They cleaned up all the glass and blood streaks from her cut up feet, but left the circular drops that would predictably fall from a cut finger? That doesn't make any sense. He wrote on the walls but they only had pictures of a mirror and lampshade? From her story I was imagining the place to be absolutely trashed, but it looked more like Johnny's version of events. I don't even like Depp, I do believe he is a creepy groomer with a serious drug problem, and I have no doubt they got into awful fights and screamed and threw shit at each other, but she looks like the kind of girl to bruise like a banana, if he hit her there would be some evidence somewhere. I can even believe that she was so ashamed that she hid it for years, but not the Australia event. Pictures were taken. And if she is willing to lie about something so fucking heinous, then I just can't trust her other allegations. I hate that people who hate her are making up shit like she didn't cry or held her own dog out of a car window, when it's an easy Google search away to find out these things are untrue. I don't want to side with people who believe dumb shit like that, but I just can't trust her anymore. I believe the emotions in her stories are legitimate, I don't think she's faking that, but the events that created those emotions, I believe, are tremendously exaggerated.

No. 1169624

No. 1169626

Girl got violently raped by a bottle and people question why someone wouldn’t take more pics as proof. Not everyone is going to take pics the first thing after they experience something like that.

No. 1169627

Oh, it’s you again. No one cares because you’re proven to be biased. Just because you don’t believe one incident, it doesn’t mean it’s not true. There’s tons of evidence up-thread that anons have taken the time to put together for you but you refuse to acknowledge. You haven’t been right about a single thing you’ve claimed. Anons have explained to you why she has the evidence she has and there is nothing suspicious about it. You’re also just obviously jumping to witch-hunt her considering you haven’t even heard from all her witnesses and you’re trying to call her incredible. Come back when you have a better argument please.

No. 1169639

Reminder that the only person who claims to have ever witnessed bruises on Amber (and Amber’s only cobfirmed friend) is a TROON who openly fetishizes underage girls and sexual violence, and who has a long public history of abusing people and attempting to groom minors (including Lily-Rose) and brags about all this shit on sicial media. This person has also been rallying fellow troons to support Amber online. Reminder that Amber-defenders are most likely pedo-troons from twitter.

No. 1169645

I don't believe this shit. I literally think they set this up voluntarily. They were probably abusive towards each other but now are airing dirty laundry to make money off it. I think they are both agreeing to doing this to get exposure and money. They both abused each other and they are both exaggerating their stories for media exposure.

No. 1169646

why would I side with or defend any of them when they both are quite clearly two huge cows.

No. 1169648

See >>1169639
Johnny is an old drunk and a mess. ButAmber is part of something much worse.

No. 1169649

She seems to take photos to gather evidence against him anytime except when there is a supposed happening. For a girl who seemed to always be photographing and recording, I just don't buy she never snapped photos of her bloody body in ANY of the incidents. Never goes to a doctor, three cops visited her place with friends and saw no marks on her, nurse didn't see any missing hair. Australia you roll around on some glass it's going to look like a murder scene…nothing. SO FAR anyways, but Amber's team just got started and maybe we'll see some new evidence from her.

No. 1169650

You and others are choosing not to believe her story based on absolutely nothing but your own feelings. You all need to stop.

No. 1169652

Lmfao, what’s with the schizoposting.

No. 1169654

The sad part is that it’s not schizoposting. Her friend’s name is iO Tillet Wright. Google the name and you’ll find everything pretty easily.

No. 1169655

>not just taking her word for it with a void of evidence is "nothing but your own feelings"

No. 1169659

no I think they are both shit stop trying to drag me to your camp or doctrine because I believe they are both shit. What is Amber part of that is much worse than Depp. I think they abused each other but I literally believe Depp is paying Amber to do this as a publicity stunt for Depp. Amber didn't seem dedicated to her career either and like she was more passionate about connecting with old wealthy scrotes than she was passionate about acting. Amber is also clearly a lesbian but acted like a hooker to get money from wealthy men in those circles. This entire thing is staged as fuck and they are both agreeing to this. The events probably happened, they did abuse each other.

No. 1169661

but they are just agreeing to do this as publicity stunt and Depp is probably paying Amber a sum of money but because of this Depp is making a lot of.money and having the attention on him once again. They're probably laughing about it.

No. 1169662

Take your meds schizoid

No. 1169665

you tried

No. 1169666

Stop being a retard online please

No. 1169668

Did anyone watch the Lisa Michele livestream about the case? I don’t even care about the case but I got curious what they had to say, and damn I was so disappointed. Very un-rad take and I couldn’t help but feel like Lisa was bizarrely biased towards Depp.

No. 1169670

stop letting Hollywood and actors lie to you

No. 1169672

Stop being a retard period please

No. 1169673

Their marriage therapist testified to seeing bruises on Amber. Also a nurse testified to seeing bruising on her. These were all said during HIS witness testimonies. I’m sure we will get more info from her witness’. You obviously only look at YT compilations from deppheads.

No. 1169674

You’re in a thread filled with trannies shilling for Heard (read >>1169654 and >>1169639 ) goving a skewed view of the situation.
Regardless of what may be true, the general public leans heavily towards Depp and so do mosf people who haven’t read the tranny propaganda.

No. 1169675

Both sides:

“There is tons of evidence! Other side has 0 evidence!”

No. 1169679

What the actual fuck are you talking about lol. No troons have commented on this except for ones that shill for Johnny Depp.

No. 1169682

Is there a>>1169668
I was disappointed by her takes as well. Is there any youtuber at all who has taken a pro-Amber stance? Every law and psych youtuber is trying to seem neutral but they sway into JD territory for clicks.

No. 1169684

You'd be hard-pressed to find it for that reason. Being pro-Amber or just truly neutral on the situation would lead the majority of them to being feasted on by the stray dog fattys known as deppfags.

No. 1169685

>raped by a bottle
this bitch records and takes pics of everything yet she doesn't take ANY proof of the most damaging shit she makes up in her stories

No. 1169687

Moid and deppfag etc etc

No. 1169688

who are you? you're clearly not a farmer and you're annoying. I came in saying that I was natural and because I was neutral you tried to drag me on Depp's side. You're annoying.

No. 1169690

Nate the Lawyer is decent for recaps, but he's not "pro" Amber.
LegalBytes has the all day livestreams and lots of lawyers talking about it, the parts I watched most of them thought Amber was lying later in her testimony (Earlier was more positive)

All lawtube people seem to say it will be difficult for Johnny to win because defamation cases are difficult to prove. Showing Amber hit Johnny is just one element, they also need to show malice, intent, and damages. The damages testimony was pretty weak.

No. 1169691

>reeee you're clearly not from my inner circle of femcel lords
did i accidentally click on r9k? please do not pretend you are anything above chewed up gum on the concrete, this website has entire threads dedicated to making fun of fat ugly junkies and camwhores lol

No. 1169693

Moid and deppfag etc etc. Either make an actual argument or gtfo.

No. 1169694

you're calling me a moid yet you're the one that's one word off saying "tits or gtfo". seethe cope dilate i get it, if you're not up heard's ass you're a moid

No. 1169696

I don't know why you're trying to manipulate the narrative your way. I said I was neutral so you tried to make me believe in Depp's side. I just thought it was weird since I am clearly not up Amber's ass but I'm not up Depp's ass either. I just don't believe things are black and white and it can be annoying when things are sided one way.

No. 1169697

yes actually glad you get it. anyone who is not automatically believing depp and his completely fabricated series of events is 'just up heard's ass' yeah ok

No. 1169698

File: 1651888008703.jpeg (202.88 KB, 1080x1367, E946A355-A266-455C-B9D3-BBCB85…)

Kek it just proved itself to be a moid, and a dumb one at that. Let’s wait for the mods to respond and not pay it any more attention.

No. 1169700

why would i ever want men to behave like retards and willingly go into battle? is that meme supposed to rile up men or something?

No. 1169703

Gonna take this for an AH meme

No. 1169704

Do not respond to it, it's the same lesbian that camps every single thread and makes memes of Turd and various other women she wants to fuck. It's serious mental illness.

No. 1169707

And yet everyone else are retards lacking material. I'm convinced Johnny and his fans are seriously involved scat fetishists.

No. 1169708

Stop samefagging yourself, lol. You’re so obvious. I’m not a lesbian either

No. 1169709

Okay Turd lover

No. 1169711

the retard moid continues his psychological projection

No. 1169712

You are a lesbian. You're the same bedridden lesbian that hangs out here 24/7. It's beyond weird.

No. 1169713

I watched this one earlier today and I found it to be pretty unbiased.

No. 1169747

File: 1651890842152.png (2.21 MB, 1668x1966, fapfap.png)

No. 1169760

This thread is just 2 lesbians amber coping what do you expect.

No. 1169764

File: 1651891485546.png (2.04 MB, 1414x1282, Penis bye bye.png)

No. 1169784

saw this on the front page and i just have to say im rooting for u lesbian nonnie make a memepage or smth and never stop being autistic < 3

No. 1169786

File: 1651892728727.png (773.75 KB, 1440x960, IDGAF.png)

I am cringe but I am free.
It's just how I troll Johnny Depp fans because they're misogynists and pickmes.

No. 1169787

very edgy and cool
now go beat up your girlfriend

No. 1169798

i always thought amber heard was one of the most beautiful people i've ever seen tbh

No. 1169799

Moids really coping today kek.

No. 1169803

What's incredible is that it's apparent the jurors do not like Johnny, not like he's given them much reason to like them anyway. He constantly treats his time in court like a joke (and, to be frank, it is a joke to him), he laughs, doodles and eats candy in court while everyone else acts accordingly. Even if they don't necessarily love Amber, they have zero reason to give Depp the benefit of the doubt with any of this.

No. 1169812

>eats candy in court
That's cause he's a smoker. Probably also helps with the junkie cravings.
Amber literally ate candy while testifying in the UK court, right there on the stand. She was high as a kite. Seems she got clean for this trial.

No. 1169814

Ah yes, giving the benefit of the doubt to the celebrity cokehead. Very smart.

No. 1169817

>celebrity cokehead
This is both of them. And they both eat candy in court.

No. 1169822

Yes, I watched some parts of it but honestly was too disappointed to finish it. So glad it rubbed someone else the wrong way too. The way she's responding to comments questioning her bad takes is also very off-putting. In one of the responses she actually goes like "Well I believe women can be abusive because I have been abused by a woman! I have seen a 5'1 woman abuse a 6'2 man in real life!!" while calling other comments biased and never naming any specific incidents. She gives me huge cow vibes, I don't know if she's ever been mentioned in the radfem cows threads before. I simply don't understand how someone can make multiple videos specifically discussing male violence against women and still fail to see the pattern in an actual example while it's playing out in front of her eyes.

No. 1169831

It really bothered me that she said that she assumed Depp was the victim just because he was the one flipping out in the cabinet situation. She said cops usually arrive to victim freaking out, but those are in domestic violence cases where women are the ones being abused. She doesn’t take into account at all that aggressive behavior is a male thing no matter what the situation is. I’ve called the cops on a guy chimping out and was relatively “calm” because I was scared but mostly just tired of watching it and the time it took up. And she legitimately thinks that 15% of partner physical abuser is perpetrated by women? What

No. 1169844

is there a reason you heard this? i know that if i was a juror i would not be liking him and feel he is very disrespectful and rude, but how do you know jurors aren't feeling him? if true that does make me quite glad.

No. 1169847

File: 1651897618673.jpeg (971.12 KB, 2048x1444, A05EA7AE-FBB3-4500-851D-E09AF5…)

This article is a really good recap of the entire Amber and Johnny debacle for anyone interested. It’s quite long but a good and detailed read.

No. 1169850

very glad someone has said this. they truly are unhinged and unrealistic.

No. 1169866

The intro is weak but the timeline of events is well done

No. 1169951

“They’re both abusers” pisses me off so much… once you put this sort of weight on women in toxic relationships you put them in such danger that i can’t even begin to describe. Are women who fight back equally as dangerous as their larger, physically stronger male counterpart? Are women who react to abuse by throwing mean words and slurs at the male hurting them equally traumatizing as a male terrorizing a woman physically? It’s such a detached from reality larp that im convinced women who say that shit never faced male violence head on. Men can’t be abused by women (unless its specific cases but im talking about your average dude) it’s so dangerous to push that narrative and it has no ground in reality. Even if amber was the perpetrator, look at how johnny acts in court. Look at how men talk about these issues. Its a joke to them, they’re not traumatized by it because its not a real threat and all it is is a mockery of female movements and gaslighting

No. 1170016

Everyone is using this case to relieve their pent-up misogyny, kek. When Amber smiles, she's evil and her mask slipped. When depp mocks the situation and jokes, he's a ~wholesome~ and ~great~ man, how could he have hurt amber?
There are such weird double standards and people are only saying that both are wrongful because they don't have any evidence to blame Amber for.

No. 1170046

File: 1651907463641.jpeg (145.52 KB, 828x414, AAC42F85-E73C-4775-954D-142CD2…)

Wow, what a horrible double standard.

No. 1170051

>be statistically stronger by a notable degree
>not understand why you shouldn't be hitting someone weaker
unless she has a knife or a weapon, it's just not the same. women experiencing DV from a man experience a degree of extreme harm due to their ability to cause considerably more damage with less effort. but they consider a slap from a 100 lb woman the same. fuck off.

No. 1170052

He could've just left the relationship but he rather cry about not being able to hit a woman and get away with it, totally a victim.
He probably this he was abused because she was verbally abusive aka told him to shower and tidy his room.

No. 1170053

>fuck off
I dont know if youre talking about him or me im making fun of him tho had to clarify in case i get banned kek

No. 1170054

NTA but she's probably mocking the commenter.

No. 1170058

nah i'm mocking the asshole in the comments, not you, dear nonny.

No. 1170059

Literally. Why do they want to beat women up so bad? Lol.

No. 1170061

File: 1651908705302.jpg (119.15 KB, 1426x517, asiodafjoidsjgiodgj.jpg)

They use the same arguments as TiMs do too, it's very vindictive and trying to misuse feminism against DV victims. They think it's a gotcha to just go "oh you think women are weaker than men?", acting like troons do when it comes to female sports. They have sadistic glee in the idea that feminism could backfire, so that's why they keep trying to make it seem like an equal situation. Even going "people in a relationship" ignoring the obvious dynamic between men and women, especially that Amber is a bi woman, is manipulating the situation. The HSTS are firmly on Depp's side, yet they love to come here to claim that troons are on Amber's side, when Io Tillett Wright is a fakeboy butch and they have the least power in troon rankings. They use it as another opportunity to be lesbophobic and are vague by saying Io took advantage of Lilly Rose Depp, when all that happened was that she took part in a completely normal photoshoot as part of a lgb project, so of course ev