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File: 1497567397931.jpg (48.26 KB, 778x720, emm.jpg)

No. 336086

Think it's about time for a thread about everyone's favourite e-girl, Emiru.The live in fuck toy and teenage sugar baby of pro lol player Dyrus.

Moved in with Dyrus after a few months of meeting and shortly after high school grad, also never met in person before the move.

Shit at league and says she works hard
Even though she leeches and games

Loves to humble brag about "muh toned abs and body" and about how much junk food she supposedly eats

Collegehumor adds her to their article; list of humblebragers are full of shit
She freaks out and says that fat people are jealous of her physique
Sends wks to attack collegehumor

Constantly denies that Dyrus is her sugar daddy despite being attracted to him because of money and for dyrus her looks

Moved in with him in texas despite barely knowing him

Craves attention, takes alot of revealing pictures of body, tits, ass, has nudes (denies them even though they are painfully obvious). Makes up bogus stories about uber drivers flirting with her after trying to "kill" her (uber contacted her for the driver details, she never replied) and modeling agencies contacting her. Basically she wants all of her followers to know that she is highly desired around the world and so hot that even uber drivers can't get enough of her.

Dyrus doesn't seem to care about all the comments Emiru gets because he likes to show her off as an accessory since he's never dated a girl that did the instagram look.

Full of hypocrisy

Talks down and bullies other titty girl streamers when she does the exact same thing

Tries to come off as wholesome, chill and nice when actually bitchy and fake

Tries to make herself look perfect and natural even though her appearance is all fake; cosmetics, pushup bras, paddings, extentions, lighting, camera angle, contact lenses

Flirted around with other famous streamers like Reckful before successfully netting Dyrus

Hates looking asian

Does everything she can to appear more white and always talks about how much she hates her flat asian nose on social media

Does makeup videos even though 95 percent of her viewer base is male

>objectifies herself by taking bikini top pics, nudes, cleavage, ass pics and then complains and talks about bring objectified and being sexually harrassed

Thinks she's hot shit and better off than her peers and friends after she got picked up and moved in with her sugar daddy, Dyrus.

Tried hiding her past as a small internet scene kid personality

Called someone a nigger on her ask.fm

Appears to be nice of tumblr, bitchy on twitter

Says that she doesn't care about forums talking about her and that she ignores it on tumblr and then goes on a tirade on twitter complaining about it on numerous occassions, also she cries on her personal twitter about it to rack up some pity points+

Poses with various snacks and chips to make herself seem like a "real gamer"

Always brags about how skinny she is

Constantly baits for compliments and worship from fans

Unlike lilypichu faking a high pitched voice, she fakes her monotone "man" voice to sound more similar to Dyrus, also gets kicks out of people saying that she is the female Dyrus, and also does that to make their fake relationship seem more authentic.

Milks her asian mix white heritage and loves adding that she's a teenager for all of her social media profiles

Constantly tries to make it seem like she and Dyrus are a real couple

Thinks she's the irl ahri

Shit and makes fun of other Jhin players that happen to be female even though she just jumped on the jhin badwagon not too long ago

Jealous of other girl streamers who take the attention away from her, she's ok with other streamers who play support because she gets more attention put on her since she plays AD. Use to play support alot when asked about it she said it was 'forced'

Tried getting rid of all evidence of her  past though some of it still remains

Says that lolcow is full of jealous haturz

Previous thread >>139506

All the tea and deets can be found on the lol hoes thread


 Previous thread (incase ref broken)









Old Ask.fm before her renewal as Emiru


Old twitter and insta handle




Meet me


Google +


Collegehumor post


No. 336090

File: 1497567553358.png (220.38 KB, 461x736, emiru bully.png)

Her hypocrisy

No. 336094

File: 1497567671962.png (53.64 KB, 644x432, em tweet 4.png)

No. 336095

File: 1497567693720.png (211.28 KB, 492x633, emiru tweet.png)

No. 336096

File: 1497567786438.png (61.85 KB, 655x509, y u gotta lie.png)

BS Uber driver story

No. 336150

This is so weird to see. She used to live in my city and I've seen her a couple of times before all of this.

No. 336152

Forgot to mention, had her added on Facebook as well and she was in a relationship with dude named Dawson for AGES and I don't know what happened to that

No. 336154

I still think its hilarious how she took obvious af nudes and then she tries to deny that they were her. I still wonder how she was able to make her tits look so big in them

No. 336155

Got any old pics or deets?

No. 336158

File: 1497573975343.jpg (191.56 KB, 720x613, CYMERA_20170615_204421.jpg)

There's not one social media acc that she has that doesn't mention IMA TEEN or IMA MIX

What's so flakey about Emi is that she tries so hard to make herself seem like a perfect genetic lottery ~goddess~ when she's just a completely normal and avg looking asian female

No. 336162


Surprised we're not seeing a slew of candids from fans on social media right now at E3. Dyrus already did 1 meet n greet…

And yeah Emily's main flake quality is trying way too hard to come across effortlessly perfect + totally unaware of the fact she's selling her body in order to deceive fans (even her female wks lol)

I'm just waiting for it all to bite her in the ass in a dramatic way lmao

No. 336165

Emily wouldn't send her wks here like how she did with collegehumor because there are truth bombs here and actual proof of what she does, it's hella annoying seeing hoes like Emily and Poki pretending like they have no idea what they are doing, like bitch you're fucking rolling all over the floor and looking up in a suggestive pose all while giggling, ofc you're gonna get pervy comments. And they have the nerve to say STOP SEXUALLY HARASSING US

No. 336167

op that summary post is WAY TOO fucking long. The point of a summary post that it's short and concise so people can read quickly and understand.

No. 336168

File: 1497575096239.png (545.06 KB, 934x455, egirl 2.png)

did emiru actually take lolcow's advice to not wear that much eye makeup?? kek
she looks like a dude in drag though tbh
I thought she would look better but nvm cake that shit back on

No. 336170

My bad, I don't make posts often

No. 336172

File: 1497575630910.jpg (94.17 KB, 655x699, IMG_20170615_211348.jpg)

So it begins.

No. 336174

>natural makeup guiez!!! XD
>caked on foundation+contour
>bold ass eyebrows
>colored contacts
>overlining lips
this is literally her makeup when she streams minus black emo eyeshadow and eyeliner

No. 336175

this doesnt even look like her

No. 336178

she photoshopped the hell out of the photo to look more caucasian kek

No. 336180

Her jawline does look pretty shopped now that you mentioned it

No. 336184


It's the contacts. She keeps trying to wear those shitty contacts that look awful without heavy eye makeup and her low quality webcam.

Also those sharpie brows are gross.

No. 336186

Why does Emily not want to embrace her asian heritage? Dyrus likes tiny asian girls, so wouldn't it work in her favor if she goes all uguu azn pride?

No. 336188

File: 1497576563359.jpg (323.46 KB, 717x714, 20170615110059291.jpg)

She got new contacts they are from Solotica's natural series or something

No. 336189

I wonder how many minutes she spent taking those pictures
I'm guessing an hr each

No. 336191

File: 1497576731133.png (225.22 KB, 2400x2400, pepe.png)

TFW no fat neckbeard pro player sugar daddy.

No. 336193

just add in whatever was missed

No. 336195

No. 336198


They do not suit her "natural" look at all. She needs to embrace her dark eyes, she looks so much better with them.

No. 336205

if you took a look at ANY thread on either /pt or /snow you would see that NONE OF THEM have a long ass summary as yours, are you a newfag? if so lurk more before posting

No. 336209

File: 1497578478971.jpg (261.28 KB, 719x920, 20170615935956728.jpg)

>i need validation for my relationship everyone needs to see that im the girl version of dyrus hence we were meant to be!

To be fair kelly jeans was pretty long

No. 336211


>half an octave

does she not know what an octave is


is lolcow your life? chill it

No. 336213

The female version of dyrus is a fat fujoshi with cheetos stained fingers scratching her smelly vag after every minion kill

Emily should try harder.

No. 336222

Lmaooo anon u got me chuckling for a minute straight
Emiru has always been saying that she is the girl Dyrus ever since day one
It's gotten to the point where her fans believe it now

No. 336229

File: 1497580566872.png (94.71 KB, 271x275, 1491187325799.png)

No. 336235

anyone else feel like she's trying really hard to point out her imperfections now… probably to counterbalance all the perfection bullshit she spews every other second

also, lolcow was wrong, she needs to cake on that makeup… imagine she cut her hair at her ears… do you not see an asian boy??

im still surprised she's half white…

Her double bra-ing while bragging about her big chest needs to go in the summary if its not there already hahahah

No. 336240

File: 1497581151229.jpg (78.06 KB, 720x475, IMG_20170615_224421.jpg)

Could be a double whammy, to cover up her ~IM SO PERFECT GODEDSU~ shit and to net more compliments

No. 336241

File: 1497581181532.jpg (125.49 KB, 720x956, IMG_20170615_224442.jpg)

No. 336243

lol really good point…
did anyone else notice how almost all her comments are below average looking older girls and veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy young girls and boys??

I wonder how the other league crew and streaming community feel about her..

No. 336246

They probably don't care as thry all are using each other for connections and shit, all the e thots are friends with each other and it seems like they regularly communicate, not to mention she's bffs with gma Kelly Jean

No. 336247

File: 1497581797288.png (820.98 KB, 794x459, ldTbftL.png)

you guys think emily might be an unfortunate victim of the caucasian no-lip syndrome? maybe thats why shes stuck in perpetual dickface r i p

also I like how her natural makeup includes full on lipstick and everything else… minus only… eyelashes

No. 336251

Eh seems like she does like big time funny how she tries to make herself seem like the genetic blessed queen when actually its the opposite
Dont get me wrong she aint fugly but shes not the ☆queen goddess☆ of beauty she presents herself to be

No. 336260

File: 1497583105599.jpg (149.67 KB, 836x602, 20170615-208109108.jpg)

>oh em gee guys im like d.va! I ♡ chips!

No. 336262

File: 1497583204323.jpg (130.61 KB, 740x536, 20170615-1211089932.jpg)

"I have naturally large breasts as everyone in my father's side is very busty"

No. 336263

File: 1497583340490.png (25.15 KB, 618x183, 90yFIb3.png)


after seeing all of the posts that some autist anons have dug up, i've lost all interest in her natural features. her nose isn't as cute as i thought it originally was. and i don't like her lips.

i also dislike her constant posing. her duckface, her double bras, her pushing her eyes open, her awful contacts, her consistently bad eyebrows + eyemakeup combo. i really loved her face shape at one point but damn, it really looks unordinary in candids.

No. 336266




No. 336267

Did she delete her my tits are natural large~ posts? I can't seem to find them anymore and I rmb she use to brag about it all the time
10 dollars she'll get implants like her idoru Kelly and then she's gonna be like "I TOLD YOU THEY ARE BIG FROM MY DADS!"

No. 336268

Kek we all know that didn't happen, they just saw her without makeup or never contacted her in the first place

No. 336270

what does picture have anything to do with the image on the left

No. 336273

File: 1497584698590.png (25.41 KB, 574x203, LdyCUyX.png)

her tweets are a goldmine

No. 336274


my guess is that theyre comparing her instagram 'barely any makeup' selfie to an actual pic of her with barely any makeup

No. 336277

File: 1497585399292.png (44.61 KB, 1065x273, tzywNDO.png)


theyre on her tumblr

The lip pic was comparing her "natural" lip line (which you can see in all her candids) and her duck lips/overlined/probably photoshopped lip

She's not fugly but she sure isn't attractive because of her "white features" like she claims to be

No. 336319

>She freaks out and says that fat people are jealous of her physique

Lol this is particularly petty. Yeah, because only the lowest of the hanging fruits could ever have a problem with this coattail riding slut. Though I'm sure even most fatties have educations and jobs to support themselves considering they can't sugardad themselves a living by being lazy slobs at home like she does.

This is probably bad shoop but her face looks flat and one eye looks bigger than the other.
She looks so fucking uncanny.

I like the whole unfurnished mcmansion vibe this photo gives off. Reminds me of Onision with the way she spends all her time buying junk and being on the internet, that the reality surrounding her seems like an empty shell.

No. 336322

she is cute but hasn't realized there are millions of other attractive women in the world that genuinely don't value their appearance as their most important asset. Good luck to her when she inevitably ages, I'm sure the neckbeard attention and blatanf insecurity is doing her so many favors

No. 336346


when I still thought she was cool my guy friends would see me watching her stream and be totally grossed out…

I think her "cute" appeals to insecure young girls and neckbeards, but I get the feeling her look won't fly with irl guys my age at all (early 20's) especially not at UT lolol

No. 336384

I don't know how Emily handles wearing those kind of contacts on a daily basis for hours. I own a pair of these contacts, and anyone who owns them know how thick and constricting they are. It irritates your eyes within an hour and it's a bit worrying how she wears them all the time.

On her first YouTube makeup vid, people were even worried about how red her eyes were just for wearing them in the beginning

No. 336417

I like her the best here. Her "natural" makeup is a step in the right direction but still cakey. Did she forget to user her normal filters and apps to airbursh her skin?

No. 336420

File: 1497617094638.jpg (283.77 KB, 720x896, CYMERA_20170616_084331.jpg)

Seems like she does the duck face 24/7. Even when Dyrus sneakly took this pic she still lips pushed together, sucks to be her how she can never relax her face

No. 336421

pic on left is her before efame and you can see her small upper lip, pic on right she clearly overdrew her upper lip to hide it because she is self conscious.

No. 336429

File: 1497619178638.jpg (682.82 KB, 1024x1024, CYMERA_20170616_091831.jpg)


Your stream says otherwise, few examples out of many

Whatever you say Emiru lmao

No. 336431

ot but how does she get her small breasts to look that good with only 2 bras? i cant even get mine to look close to that with just 2 bras? does she literally have them stuffed to oblivion to the point where it hurts thats probably why her voice sounds like that

No. 336434

File: 1497620035847.png (140.26 KB, 560x652, capture shot ff.png)

Emily obviously knew the whole "you're cheating on Dyrus with Marcus" thing to be a joke but she wanted another way to show off how ~close~ they are. Lol you really aren't fooling anyone.. it's clear as day that you guys barely know each other and on top of that Dyrus has his own bed

No. 336436

The picture above is not apart of her tweet, I just added that in btw.

No. 336440

File: 1497620595081.png (577.3 KB, 720x995, Screenshot_2017-06-16-08-37-19…)

Dyrus probably feels it too, It's pretty pathetic how they have to constantly post shit like >I LOVE HIM SO MUCH AMAZING RELATIONSHIP SO GREAT

Is it really neccessary to try to 'prove' to everyone that your mostly fake relationship is real? They over do it most of the times

No. 336443

File: 1497620951636.png (539.34 KB, 457x788, uGmNPNB.png)

it's definitely more than just 2 bras, she's probably doing the entirety of the jenna marbles tutorial + stuffing it with actual shit… maybe socks/tissue/something I imagine is uncomfortable like the rest of her life → compare with candid lolol

is there any caps of the own bed thing? (even though im not surprised)

I actually kind of like dyrus but I realy cannot imagine them having any type of sexual relationship whatsoever lul

No. 336446

File: 1497621304490.png (857.21 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-06-16-09-54-14…)


No. 336454

KEK at the comment that says @Emiru when are you going to tell Dyrus you're just with him for fame?

No. 336473

File: 1497621784158.jpg (78.24 KB, 644x816, IMG_20170616_100246.jpg)

Not gonna happen lads, instead she's gonna bitch about you on Twitter. She's so disrespectful to fans, smh.

No. 336484

File: 1497622038320.png (345.79 KB, 603x561, Screenshot_2017-06-16-09-07-08…)


No. 336485

File: 1497622116576.png (632.28 KB, 812x675, Screenshot_2017-06-16-09-10-44…)

Keep using your pet as bait Emi.

No. 336487

File: 1497622402623.png (28.55 KB, 136x112, K2CTh2k.png)


RIP she has the lilypichu lizard lips

No. 336489

File: 1497622642583.gif (235.12 KB, 480x270, aoE9pb5no_480wa_v1.gif)


Loving how Anon's were complaining about the lack of milk, when given the milk they say >WTF IT'S 2 MUCH!1!

No. 336490

I think it could be two bras if they're already padded push up bras. Or if one of them is like the vs bombshell which has really excessive padding.

No. 336496

File: 1497623505507.jpg (415.27 KB, 1024x1024, CYMERA_20170616_103132.jpg)

What happened to her ~sexgoddessu~ body?

No. 336501

File: 1497624183110.png (669.72 KB, 720x936, 2017-06-16 10.42.48.png)

I'd imagine this is what her makeup looks like in person, close up without all those lighting and angles. Her makeup looks so fking shit feels bad for her fans that actually do her makeup look

No. 336503

I can hardly see what you're talking about in that pic but it was never that banging to begin with. It looked nice in heavily staged insta photos, but she is skinny fat in any other medium. Look at the pic in op where she flashed it in stream, that's really not that impressive, and it's not abs, that's a pooch.

No. 336506

I was referring to the insta pics that you were talking about, Emi likes to think that she's hot shit and that she's perfect

No. 336508

File: 1497625101858.jpg (320.97 KB, 675x908, 201706161163779591.jpg)


>Check out my teenage bod boiz! :D

No. 336514


hehe i'n so silly let me bend over I mean just having fun in front of the camera! not so you can totally see my whole ass doggy style ;)

No. 336517


whoops meant to reply to >>336446

No. 336519

File: 1497626351996.png (1.21 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-06-16-11-16-43…)


Is she actually autistic or does she fake it to seem more like the girl version of full blown autism Dyrus?

No. 336530

File: 1497627505683.png (701.47 KB, 631x652, DMI8noK.png)

this pic looks so sad…. she looks like a poor teenage girl trying to sell her body for cash to weirdos.. which she is

this is probably most like how her makeup looks in real life with angles+lighting on her side

No. 336531

Her rabbit looks like he's had enough of her shit


No. 336532

Not only is her nose flat, it's also crooked and has a hump

No. 336540

File: 1497628938605.png (183.45 KB, 671x1075, Screenshot_2017-06-16-11-58-33…)

Some of her emotes
Ofc she would have an emote of a cartoon version of herself getting fucked
And the other emote makes it more apparent that emi has a pretty wonky ass face
If she was the most prettiest girl ever like how she claims to be then why are her eyes, nose and jaw uneven? Why is her nose not perfecrlt straight? And why does she need all that padding for her tits?

No. 336547

File: 1497630593862.jpg (23.72 KB, 112x112, sneakygasm.jpg)

pretty much every streamer has a "gasm" emote tho, reaching

No. 336548

Dyrus, please give your gf some lip fillers and fake tits so she doesn't have to duckface 24/7 and stuff her bra

No. 336556

File: 1497632601470.jpg (667.06 KB, 920x920, 20170616-2078765559.jpg)

Emiru is pretty much a cheap knockoff of the insta model girls, except she doesn't actually look like her videos and pictures irl

No. 336562

is the girl in the middle left ashe maree

No. 336576

File: 1497638051146.jpg (64.29 KB, 640x640, 12328211_249740688691889_10141…)


No??? What the fuck now you guys are just making shit up, that's xblueapplez and is unrelated to Emiru according to the last thread?

No. 336584


Could you post proof? This girl seems to have a different nose and lower cheekbones than Emiru.

No. 336637

File: 1497644809210.gif (492.33 KB, 500x300, giphy.gif)

No one posted a picture of fugly Julia. When Emiru smiles without makeup, her lenses and has shorter hair she looks like a ugly asian lesbian, fucking stop. I'm tired of people mentioning that irrelevant jk crew trash that can't even read right.

No. 336645

File: 1497645712722.png (136.89 KB, 651x551, Screenshot_2017-06-16-16-39-44…)

Dumbasses detected

How can Emiru's fans be this retarded? Do they not read? Her lenses look pretty damn obvious

No. 336723

File: 1497653018520.jpg (237.92 KB, 720x728, 201706161012594039.jpg)

The stuff that she makes for Dyrus literally looks like frozen microwave food. We get it, you think you're the best sugar baby ever~

No. 336726

>tries to brag about her cooking skills
>it actually looks like dogshit

No. 336727

File: 1497653488074.png (348.6 KB, 433x408, em.png)

No. 336728

File: 1497653532811.png (49.8 KB, 195x159, nUr91FI.png)

No. 336729

File: 1497653616999.png (315.46 KB, 384x385, UbOk0Gi.png)

No. 336730

File: 1497653714365.png (389.71 KB, 462x406, mfrwrWn.png)

No. 336733

She's so annoying with her ~imsoperf~ shit
I'm waitin for her to say

No. 336734

i feel like she doesn't eat what she makes for dyrus because she doesn't want to gain weight.

she looks full asian here. honestly most of the time i keep forgetting she's actually 'half white'. which of her parent is white? is it a lie that she's haffu? (i know it's not but all her old pics make her look asian, not even vaguely mixed). she tries so hard to have double eyelids with eyeshadow and having green or blue eyes. there was a comment on her 'minimal' makeup picture from this asian guy saying she "looks more asian" than him with this style of makeup

No. 336736

File: 1497654590291.png (44.81 KB, 720x248, Screenshot_2017-06-16-18-59-27…)

The thing I find strange is that she always proclaims her 'love' to Dyrus on Twitter or something, if you love that person or it's their bday I don't think it's neccessary to state it out loud or say hbd if you live with them

No. 336737

You read my mind about the mix part lolol.. I'm pretty sure it's not a lie but if anything, for what biracial people usually look like, she got the worst hand dealt to her

Asian dudes I know are definitely as prettier or just as pretty as her without makeup (where she completely looks 100% Asian wtffff?)

As for mixes, dyrus in his younger days was cuter than her too and is also Chinese + white

No. 336742

File: 1497656556641.png (458.04 KB, 777x541, Ny5Q1fi.png)

I think her brother looks more white than she does. Although he doesn't look half, more like part azn.

He looks like how my Asian cousin would look like if he had a bit of white in him.

Whenever people claim that some Asian is trying to look White because they wear coloured contacts/dye their hair/lighten their skin or use makeup to make their eyelids look more white, I usually cringe and find it to be grasping. However, I genuinely believe that Emiru wishes she were more white.

She's so tanned and she uses a low quality webcam to make herself look pale. And it's not like it's a mild difference. Look at her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emiru.jpg/ she's a different skin tone every picture.

She always mentions how she's Wasian because she clearly doesn't look it. When I was around 13 I used to feel like a snowflake because I was happa because so many people were intrigued by my features. That phase ended when I realized it didn't really mean shit. I don't know any other person who plays up their "hapa" status like she does. Usually the people who do are the ones who turn out to be full white/Asian and are just doing it for attention.

And those goddamn contacts. Emiru isn't ugly at all but I wish she would give those contacts (and her eyes) a break. They only look good on stream when she's caked on a tonne of eye makeup and uses a low quality webcam.

No. 336750

I think the reason why she constantly say she's mixed is because she doesn't look like it and she wants to look and feel more exotic, she got fuck all genes while her bro looks like he got the better end of the stick and she tries to make it look like she won the genetic jackpot

No. 336761

Isn't it kind of weird to really be going on about whether or not she's supposedly mixed because of how you feel in your expert opinion? Has the milk evaporated that much?

No. 336762


yeah, she's gone quiet.

No. 336763

Why do you care so much about the milk? are you the one posting every once in awhile about the milk quality?

She's gone quiet because she has nothing to say after getting truth bombed, she use to be all like "YOU GUYS ARE JELLY CIRCLE JERKING LIARS!1!!" to not posting that much + not addressing on about it anymore.

No. 336778

File: 1497664236213.png (826.17 KB, 792x594, WQcJCyQ.png)


she's already exotic, I'm sure Dyrus' former teammated Chaox would agree.

No. 336779

She's not atiny asian though?

No. 336809

why the fuck doesn't she cLEAN HER DAMN ROOM - what is the appeal in that??? Also exhausted af of those trashy lenses just embrace your eyes you dumb prostitot.

No. 336832

No? Jesus christ this paranoia. I'm sure multiple people on multiple occasions post about the milk quality "every once in a while" because the racial tangents lately have been eyeroll-inducing.

No. 336878

As long as it's saged I don't really mind the tangents tbh

I was recently a fan of hers and read the other thread with the truth bombs… it's kinda interesting to see people who've been thinking the same thing as me topkek

No. 336897


she's skinny and too short to model remember :D

No. 336899

File: 1497686426659.jpg (68.53 KB, 950x697, pWtEzKE.jpg)

anyone else find it odd how the only pictures of emiru and dyrus together are like the most impersonal ones possible. At most they look like selfies/pics between two friends…

no pics even hugging/touching each other..??

No. 336953

File: 1497697398913.jpg (120.69 KB, 900x1200, 1492021304575.jpg)

Paranoia? More like it's fucking annoying to have people bitching over and over again.

That's very true, despite what they say on social media their body language tells a different story.
Dyrus looks like a faggot beta that she dresses/makes him do stupid ass things

No. 336954

File: 1497697540287.png (314.33 KB, 377x611, B0V5S62CQAE2xjK.png)

Emi pretty much has a child body and that's why she needs to put fake ass boulders on her chest to look somewhat older

No. 336958

He's a fat neckbeard, of course she doesn't want him anywhere near her and she probably barely tolerates it when he sticks his pimply penis in her.

I enjoy these photos where we can see the state of their living spaces. They look and live like college slobs.

No. 336964

ughhhh I cringe internally just imagining it. I dont think I've ever even seen them hold hands….???

same about the living spaces. Tbh if I was gold digging someone who I thought was a rich pro player at anything I'd be expecting…. the taj mahal… to live in

No. 336975

File: 1497702230072.png (306.77 KB, 720x658, Screenshot_2017-06-17-08-21-04…)

No shit you would gift something you both like to each other, I doubt Dyrus wanted a rabbit though lol, she has no clue what Dyrus likes so she got him something that she likes. When they break up it's pretty obvious who's gonna the take the rabbit

No. 336976

File: 1497702406969.jpg (166.98 KB, 718x664, 201706172057423119.jpg)

I always found this slut inception to be hilarious
E slut calling out another e slut calling out random sluts

No. 336988

File: 1497706545783.png (146.18 KB, 325x238, MB8d5zB.png)

I remember this clip was in a high light vid and I cringed sooo hard
She tried to stand up for herself after he called her dumb but it ended up just coming off frigid as fuck lol https://www.twitch.tv/videos/138560138?t=01h44m52s

Also she looks so… odd… with full makeup but without her solotica magic whiteifying lenses

No. 336993

It's so awful. If I were selling out my pussy to a gaming scumbag I'd at least want a furnished home.
That gaming chair and desktop are the most expensive things in that room. Everything else looks like rental trash. The bed is on the damn floor, clutter everywhere, bare posters taped to the plain walls. Bet there's a fine layer of dust, hair, and crap all over that milquetoast carpeting too, since it looks like they don't own a vacuum. Eugh.

No. 336995

File: 1497709484491.jpg (132.91 KB, 861x1200, CyAvWzrVQAA7JOD.jpg)

Wouldnt be surprised if they have a maid cleaning up after them
Emi doesnt look like she cleans shit tbh

No. 336996

File: 1497709641372.png (267.54 KB, 720x614, Screenshot_2017-06-17-08-35-03…)

More ~im such a good girlfriend look at the crap tier food i cook~
heres a skype cap of me asking him what he wants even though I was already gonna make this

No. 337004

Can you imagine if any partner or spouse tweeted every single meal they cook for their SO every day?

Also, personal pet peeve: I hate it when people cut steak before it's served. Way to ruin some perfectly good meat and make it go colder faster.

No. 337008

this type of crap is the shit that teenage couples who are trying to compensate for something on social media do

No. 337011

File: 1497711881061.jpg (18.97 KB, 613x416, CwEI7E1UMAAqoQT.jpg)

What's the point of taking pics of basic bitch food that everyone can make with a blindfold?
Imagine living in the same house as your bfgf and communicating thru skype lol whats the point of even moving in
This is the msg accompanied with the food

No. 337016


I don't even know who this bitch is, but that ribeye looks fucking pathetic. No sear on the outside, questionable "seasonings", looks like some raw meat someone puked up. I can't believe she made one of the best cuts of steak look like that mess, I'm triggered.

No. 337017

File: 1497712859018.jpg (68.51 KB, 616x462, YlZodGy.jpg)


dropped my pic, but here's what a well made ribeye looks like cut up for reference

No. 337018

Damn, that looks fucking good. Lol her food looks like she savaged it from a trash can and placed it on a plate

No. 337020

File: 1497713151731.png (296.96 KB, 720x621, Screenshot_2017-06-17-08-34-01…)

Prob the only time they ever touched was just for this picture

No. 337024

File: 1497713866593.jpg (6.75 KB, 192x263, download.jpg)

No. 337028

File: 1497714713126.png (290.59 KB, 720x632, Lolwu.png)

Are they in highschool or something LMAO Dyrus is 26 and he posts like a teen girl, then again there's Lily who's 26 as well who is as equally if not more immature.

No. 337057

File: 1497718840917.png (20.49 KB, 720x353, 1495682423719.png)


No. 337058

File: 1497718903292.png (7.36 KB, 639x141, 1495764533801.png)

Still relevant to this day

No. 337291

File: 1497749487450.jpg (218.96 KB, 1275x1650, wd.jpg)

Emily has an amazon wish list like every other thot, does she really expect her fans to buy this weeb shit for her?

No. 337315

so what has she done? i dont see cheating, scamming, or her making $$$, what is the issue besides her being pretty and fake?

No. 337325

Isn't the whole point of lolcow to pick on pretty girls so we can feel better about ourselves?

Just kidding (kinda). I also don't see the drama here, as opposed to cows like Kiki and Taylor etc.

No. 337328

For me it's interesting seeing the true personality of these internet personalities. I've noticed that usually they try to make themselves seem like mary poppins or a cool person to be around, it just feels and seems like everything is fake.

No. 337333

File: 1497757287027.jpg (102.74 KB, 959x538, CyQbzPjUQAAXhlv.jpg)

No. 337343

File: 1497757890451.png (294.19 KB, 720x682, Cringee.png)

She's cringey, fake, bitchy, attention whorey, thinks she's the shit for bein a sugar baby, shitty streamer girl, tries to come off as the perfect girl who won the genetic lottery. ffs.

No. 337345

File: 1497757964488.png (787.02 KB, 642x1100, Cringe.png)

Let's be real here, who the fuck actually takes pocs like this?

No. 337346

> meme masters

No. 337361

a message from our mods:
>If the person has drama outside of being [themselves], for example scamming or big public falling outs, it's okay to post about them.

No. 337372

I'm just waiting for the milk to inevitably emerge on emily…
All the league hoes are the same - pretty, fake, bitchy, deceptive to followers who support their lifestyle

I think this was just made since she was taking up the entirety of the league hoe thread

No. 337374

im pretty sure this is something their manager (who lives with them) put them up to… which is even weirder in the first place

No. 337462

Lawl, in the 3rd cooking episode emily hands dryus a rabbit and he immediately puts it down because it's not happy in his hands (according to him) it was def a gift for herself. Like he isn't easy to shop for too, just buy league merch and weeb shit. Or a really expensive saber fig.

No. 337533

They are so awkward

No. 337534

File: 1497799722765.png (343.95 KB, 671x405, Rr1.png)

Emily should really stop feeding Dyrus shit tier food. He's been getting fatter ever since she moved in.

No. 337540

You're going to need a trowel for that.

No. 337545

that was so scripted I wanted to die. wtf is wrong with their manager lmao

also I wonder why emily was wearing that hat kek when she's the clickbait

No. 337546

File: 1497801036724.png (889.42 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-06-18-11-26-32…)

Cause she doesn't have her makeup and contacts on, the guise is there to make it seem that she's ~doesn't care about her appearance~ if she didn't she would had taken off the hat and let the viewers see how she really looks without makeup and that stupid duckface she does 24/7

She was tilting her head down for the whole vid or avoiding the camera, compare it to the other cooking vids where she tries to be the centre of attention.

No. 337574

File: 1497806120922.png (857.59 KB, 1199x653, wedgie.png)

Fatty fat boy's shirt is too tight and he can barely move in that blazer.

But omg lol @ him shaking a bag of oil and "seasoning" and thinking that will do anything to flavor the chicken. I love how their meal looks so bland because their skill level is literally
>fruit + chopped lettuce = salad
>oil + salt + chicken = baked chicken
And that's all. It's like I'm watching two freshmen cook away from home for the first time. Then he has to call her into the kitchen with the fucking bunny. Emily picks a wedgie before she gets in to help the retard toss the fruit salad, in a bowl that's not large enough.

Also their mcmansion is empty just like Onision's. I guess they blow their money on the monthly mortgage and can't afford to put anything else in their house besides the black casting couch.

No. 337589

LMAO Dyrus gets so offended when his fans say emiru is his sister, learn to take a joke.

No. 337590


Well it's good to know she doesn't always cake her face and dry out her eyes, I was starting to feel bad for her skin and eyes for a sec. I wonder if she's ever around dyrus 100% natural, and the manager as well? I'm sure it's a bit scary at first but if you're living with people you're gonna have to learn to not give a shit and have them accept your natural face for what it is because you gotta let that shit breathe sometimes. I feel something bad is gonna come out of that heavy makeup use all the time..

No. 337593

This is an unwatchable commercial for MtnDew.

No. 337638

maybe slightly OT but i feel like dyrus cooking is a bit of a meme because he infamously almost burned the team house down trying to make pizza or some shit like that. he was on an episode of that cringy as shit ~nerdy nummies~ show as a joke because of it once. doesn't make that vid any less shitty, but maybe explains why cooking vids of all things

(also ngl, the reveal of his shitty cupcakes makes me lol a lot every time)

No. 337650

File: 1497818220435.png (809.82 KB, 1280x720, Plzno.png)

At 1:30 Dyrus tries to feed her some meat, she clearly didn't want to eat it cause she's worried about losing her ~perfecto body~ you can so tell that she was just tolerating him for the sake of the video/stream

No. 337655

File: 1497818960327.png (324.97 KB, 720x649, Screenshot_2017-06-17-08-32-25…)

Hey guys check out my cosplay!

>sticks ass out and yanks dress up to show off ass and thighs

No. 337664

File: 1497820800258.png (65.21 KB, 720x471, C12840.png)

She loves it whenever people say shit like Dyrus is so lucky! Or she' outta his league! Take off her makeup and they both will be on the same plane.

No. 337680

Lol Shaq is basically giving the thumbs up to the manplanet for bagging her, not for her dating him.
It's not really a compliment for her, it's basically people admitting that regarding looks, she settled.

No. 337682

File: 1497827100830.jpg (108.14 KB, 549x1024, Cmk0TIPUMAA24cb.jpg)

Too bad she looks shit in candids

No. 337690

She looks fine imo. I dont see the problem

No. 337701

File: 1497832281535.png (795.45 KB, 720x721, 27492.png)

U sure abt that?

No. 337702


All that money and she still bought the shitty knockoff version of the printed suit.

No. 337706

For that lump of ugly lard she's certainly out of his league.

No. 337709

she doesn't look as good as she does on stream but she isn't ugly by any means. i do still find it so shocking how tanned she actually is since her cam makes her look like a vampire

No. 337724

No. 337732

nice body at least

No. 337739

File: 1497838307546.png (518.7 KB, 234x890, UZUHFCp.png)

shes just sticking her back out so her ass looks bigger, she has literally 0 curve irl
idk how she plans to pursue the ig model look without a booty…

No. 337740

if that even happened lmaoo

No. 337752

It's not terrible though, it's petit and nice regardless of curve or ass

No. 337758

Can you retards stop posting the same picture over and over? That same picture has been reposted literally 5 times on the lol whore thread.

No. 337762


there's nothing petite about being 5'3 and those thighs.. she looks much better now that she's skinnier and wearing 2 bras.
did she finally eat doritos and her skin turned orange? howcome on instagram she's literally a ghost but irl she's potato coloured? she looks like a small wendy williams here with a straight body with no ass and curves but fake big padded boobs

No. 337772

"I'm using this new dorito's makeup palette since you know ima true gamer and I use any food related to obesity!"

No. 337777

File: 1497844322920.png (482.83 KB, 801x591, okthere.png)


that's not gonna be so funny once dyrus gets the beetus.

i love how she says she's always in a sweater or covering her chest when she's quite literally the opposite. always showing cleavage or is just in a straight up bra.

fucking titty streamers man

No. 337782

File: 1497846158661.jpg (141.2 KB, 720x494, 201706172096022160.jpg)

She should really stop putting down and trying to make her own kind look bad

No. 337783

but anon, how have we really learned about her body? I think it needs to be posted 5 more times to REALLY drive in the point!

No. 337784

wow anachan pls chill

No. 337787

Nitpickers are making this thread really fucking annoying. She's not ugly/fat, her boyfriend is.
Let's laugh at the fact that she's a desperate streamer slut, that's milk enough.

No. 337790

>yellow onions

Lol idk why but this was fucking funny

No. 337810

File: 1497854903979.png (165.11 KB, 200x760, 1497838307546.png)

wait, but did you see THIS pic yet?

No. 337816

ugly maybe but not fat
then again most people will look like shit in a pic like that

No. 337817

File: 1497856885405.png (353.49 KB, 800x744, 1497854903979.png)

kek, take a closer look

No. 337821

sage your shitposts, anachan.

No. 337827

I thought you were making a joke because all you did was take the same picture everyone else has posted and change the brightness. Butttttt maybe you're serious actually, kek.

No. 337849

File: 1497865675679.png (283.1 KB, 232x881, 1497838307546.png)

wait I think anon may be onto something here, look again

No. 337863

File: 1497869968297.png (98.27 KB, 493x308, h6Vv80U.png)

i didn't really buy into the "she's emphasizing her teen-ness" but then I saw this…


No. 337864


it just reminds me of "barely legal"

No. 337867

samefagging (again) but 12:09 "he is really really good looking though" umm…

she just comes off as such a gold digger there. she talks about him being attractive like 50 times. I don't think Reckful is ugly but he's really old for her (27) and has a receding hairline. She really does like to lay it on thick, doesn't she?

In her faq video (which I thought was cute and I ate up her innocent explanation of the Reckful story + meeting Dyrus) https://youtu.be/NxoMlxkqXsA?t=731 her demeanor is sooooo different there because she wasn't dating Dyrus. She talks about her type being tall with glasses I think Reckful knows her type well: https://youtu.be/pBNBAElJAjI?t=90

No. 337888

File: 1497879412901.png (423.88 KB, 720x756, 5338.png)

She could care less about his health

No. 337889

Reckful dodged a bullet there.

No. 337890

It's just a pizza.. don't nitpick

No. 337897

File: 1497881717708.png (52.79 KB, 275x257, 1491510414733.png)

The whole pizza was for him.

"Ima tell you about my lewd cosplay so you guy can invision it in your heads~ ^ _ ^ hehe~"

No. 337903

File: 1497883464592.jpg (29.73 KB, 480x480, 18380720_1091163564350583_4643…)

Why are they so fucking cringey??
At first I thought that Dyrus was innocent and he was just a stupid fuck/had no idea Emiru is leeching him but now I feel like he's just as aware, they both act strange and try to cover it up. It looks so damn forced and obvious with a dash of cringe.

No. 337910

I'm gonna tell you a secret: one pizza IS meant to be for one person.

No. 337913

File: 1497884968390.jpg (34.14 KB, 399x600, 9lUtBzi.jpg)

And you think Emiru would eat that? She didn't even want to eat steak for the thanksgiving dinner thing

Dyrus would look pretty cute if he actually cared about staying fit and healthy. This was him before he went pro for league

No. 337915

The pizza was for Dyrus.

No. 337918

File: 1497887166521.jpg (387.06 KB, 666x1116, CYMERA_20170619_114417.jpg)

She should really stop with the



I see absolutely no difference between Emily and the other stream cam girls except with Emily she tries so hard to come across as real

No. 337920

Still looks like an ape. Though him being fit is wayyy better than him being fat.

No. 337922

>I eat a lot of food
People with eating disorders always say shit like this and constantly try to pawn food onto their boyfriends and friends so they don't have to eat any of it lol.

No. 337927

File: 1497889304511.jpg (133.58 KB, 594x1291, streamers.jpg)

Emiru should really embrace being a stream cam girl
cant forget about the tails boiz❤

No. 337937

File: 1497891816901.jpg (816.13 KB, 1280x1280, 201706191926996865.jpg)

Wonder how long they're gonna last, Dyrus should date Lilypichu or something when they break up, cosplaying as a kid is better than cosplaying as a hoe. She and Kelly Jean do have alot in common, I mean they are best friends.

No. 337940

This thread isn't on auto sage but lily's is

No. 337944

File: 1497893003747.jpg (380.39 KB, 649x858, 20170619-725429520.jpg)

She can't keep up this facade for long
Her mask is already crumbling

That's because you are arguing with each other over there and not discussing anything.

No. 337946

File: 1497893437470.jpg (297.15 KB, 967x1446, 7423456445312.jpg)


No. 337947

Obsessive samefag has been banned. Thread will be put on autosage if it continues to contain no milk.

No. 337961

petite is 5'3" and under…(Unsaged, samefagging)

No. 337984

I knew there had to be a samefag sperging over and over. The nitpicking here just reeked of vendetta. It would be funny to know who she was, though… Imagine if it was another Twitch girl.

No. 338128

File: 1497919257174.png (109.58 KB, 1415x528, 8b9d4d8b64df46aebb898317416581…)

She had this for her twitter bio not too long ago you can guess why she changed it i remember not too long ago for her old tumblr she would put #hentai for her pictures

No. 338314

Thanks for that. Looking at at the original thread though it seems she only got her own thread because one nitpicker kept spamming. Maybe now she can just go back to being apart of the twitch whores thread?

No. 338330


that wasn't me and i made the petite comment.. im not an anna chan but i always thought petite was at least 5'2 and below and like 90ish pounds. you will know petite when you see it.

i think it's cringey how she always has to mention "teen" "mixed wasian" and "hentai grill irl". I wonder if she's even genuinely into some of the stuff she says she's into? because i doubt she was legitimately into reckful.

No. 338587


She just likes famous people. I'm really grossed out by how she acted there; she just was so obvious about it. I could buy (and I did) her crush on Dyrus because he does (did?) have some features and attributes that are attractive… but Reckful? Come on.

No. 338600

I call them the twitchwhore sperg, pretty sure they made this thread and the lilypichu one because of how retardedly long and without substance the OP posts are. It's pretty scary how hard they try to find reasons to demonize them when in reality they're stupid girls with a lot of nerd popularity.

No. 338936

File: 1498055409243.jpg (337.74 KB, 750x1893, picc_20170621_102430.jpg)

Someone said ew to her weeb anniversary picture and Emily is freaking out calling him racist. It also seems like her fans are jumping on him too, all while he didn't say anything racist?? Emily is a petty drama queen.

No. 338937

Was the Kelly Jean one made by the same person? It was pretty long.

No. 338990

File: 1498064161238.png (2.17 MB, 1439x2340, 20170621_125248.png)

the girl is 100% emily. here's the proof. her cousin posted a lot of pics with Emily a couple years back

No. 339011

File: 1498067055769.png (734.69 KB, 1439x2494, 20170621_120309.png)

why does Emily post stuff like this on tumblr but then say she's perfectly happy and content?

No. 339017

File: 1498067587092.jpg (102.8 KB, 572x539, 3bf5b772b0a9d92d4a6fc0bccf785f…)

Instead he takes advantage of a stupid teenage girl and gets her to move in with him

Because she's totally a bro!!11!

How long is this gonna be auto saged for?

No. 339023

File: 1498067999204.png (753.67 KB, 720x965, Screenshot_2017-06-21-13-58-33…)

Goddamn her cousin is jacked

No. 339085

File: 1498075408332.png (32.63 KB, 589x366, racist.png)


"tweet unavailable" maybe if you did more research…

No. 339099

Thread contains literally no milk. I hate threads like this that are literally a bunch of circlejerking about some girl's makeup, relationship and mainly how she looks shitty in some old unflattering photo. A teenage girl said a few hypocritical things on social media, is insecure and looks gross in unflattering photos. That's literally every teenage girl. Next.

>thread was probably made by another jealuz female streamer

>why would anyone else even care about shit so stupid and petty

No. 339101

>inb4 samefag says "JEALUZ OF WHAT LUL"
>digging 4 years back into cousin's instagram to post in a thread with 3 participators and doesn't want to admit they're obsessed with an eslut

No. 339110

Yeah I forgot to mention. It seems twitchwhore sperg has a vendetta about girls who are popular online in general.

No. 339112

do you ask because you want an answer or is it because you're retarded?

Get milk, not this weak ass shit hunty.

No. 339203


there is clearly a tweet missing in this screenshot and from your crop you obviously knew that. This thread is so without milk people are just intentionally posting out of context screenshots now.

No. 339205

Until there is milk. Do you even know what this site is for? Don't say for picking on girls appearances, I've been seeing that line come up a lot lately to justify nitpick and I think it should be a bannable offense.

No. 339210

File: 1498091092198.png (135.17 KB, 720x1028, Shot1.png)

Intentional? The tweet was literally like this. Go look at it yourself.

No. 339216


More like don't waste people's time with a useless thread before there is even drama. If you want to just gossip about how she looked in fucking 2013, her tits and her eboyfriend then fine but the thread should definitely stay auto-saged.

You scrolled down and screenshotted her reply. You had to have seen there was "tweet unavailable" or the original tweet between the two. You are not fooling anyone. At least post full context instead of twisting screenshots to your agenda. Unless you're retarded and didn't realize that "tweet unavaliable" meant that there was something there.

No. 339226

OP lists so much petty shit and at least a third of it isn't even true or a huge exaggeration. ZZZ keep demonizing a new random twitch girl every couple of months OP, it gets more and more boring. If this chick actually does something really fucked up it's going to be the best day of OP's life. I'll be there to watch the sperging.

No. 339314


you do know this is ironic. it's a stale meme but it's ironic. stop reaching.

No. 339373

somewhat newfag but I do feel like this thread should be autosaged cause I've yet to see any milk on her even outside of this site

on the other hand watching the nitpicking was interesting since emiru's entire gimmick is presenting herself as perfection topkek

No. 339451

File: 1498142626532.png (84.2 KB, 720x464, 24413550uz9p0u.png)

Her fans were just as confused

>>339373 ya I agree too

No. 339523

Is there a "twitch whore sperg" sperg? Why are you guys scrolling past all the threads above this one just to bitch about it when it had already been heavily commented on and a farmhand has already taken steps to remedy the situation? The point of saging is so you can easily tell that there is no new interesting posts at a glance. You guys are going out of your way to come here and complain there's nothing interesting when it hasn't been bumped for a while now.

No. 339536


I don't get it either why they are coming back to sperg and bitch about a sperg anon that is already dealt with, why are they so butt hurt? My guess is that they are either fans of Emily or Emily herself, idk. Talk about the irony. Anons bitching about petty posts yet they are being petty as well. I don't think the list is exaggerated as the petty anons say it is. There is plenty of proof in the old thread, if anyone even followed it that is..

No. 339616

lmao triggered, your fee fees are hurt, get off the internet

No. 340246


yea the "no milk" overreaction anger was a little…. dubious…
sips tea

No. 340487

File: 1498293719883.png (67.1 KB, 405x902, rZFvyzr.png)

anyone else saw this? She met dyrus in person months before the reckful thing… lolwut? When she was 17 I'm guessing??? wtf

I can't believe she typed that huge essay response… she really is trying to cover up her eslut tracks

No. 340573

File: 1498315501117.png (790.07 KB, 720x907, 7295.png)

It's just her trying to make their fake relationship seem legit.

Probably it's Emily trying to shit up the thread, she likes to search herself up and read what the 'haterz' say. No one is gonna be this mad over an e-slut. Everything stated has been proven, say it's exaggerated all you want Emily.¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯

Once Echo Fox makes their debut she'll start going under the knife to up keep her fake ~I'm born perfect aethestic~

No. 340618

lmaoooo the most fascinating thing about emily is that she goes above and beyond to make everything (fake) about herself seem legitimate..

I feel like other esluts/leeches just get their fake schtick and run with it for as long as possible while picking up as much cash and e-fame as they can hold.

If any milk finally comes out about her, I'm willing to bet money it'll be the most insane shit of all

No. 340691

I'd like to comment from an unbiased point of view. I don't hate her or anything, I just think it's interesting and amusing how she crafts a new online "persona".

She is this way for a reason. She goes from eh person that only a couple of internet creeps hit on because of her boobie sexy pics to internet star pretty much in the span of a couple months. Ofc she takes this chance to make people think she's some modelesque pro gamer's girlfriend through makeup/bras. However, she has low self esteem and a natural figure and face that doesn't live up to the expectations she created, and now feels like she needs to prove to people that she is "perfect" with or without makeup, since so many people started doubting her looks without her enhancements.

It's intriguing because her setup is so carefully put together to make sure she has the perfect lighting and posture to pull it off. It's tiring to pull off this facade so long though, which is why she streams so irregularly and is taking a long break right now.

Thus creating a girl who is simultaneously insecure about her looks, but also flaunts a "perfect" image on social media. She thrives on validation, but tries to counteract the attention grubbing image by pretending to be humble, because she can't accept the e-hoe role like the other boobie streamers. I feel bad for her.

No. 340778

I wonder how saggy her tits are from the constant use of those super push up pad bras

No. 340793

this is so perfectly put!!! Even after reading both the threads about her idk if I can hate her completely, because there's so little milk right now. BUT she is just astoundingly fake, I've never seen anything like it

She may not stream as frequently or be as interactive (probably cant do meet ups as much since her looks dont live up to expectations irl too) but overall, she's working wayyyy harder with wayyyy more effort contributed overall than any other boobie streamer of the same tier

No. 340806

File: 1498345424296.png (213.93 KB, 720x574, Screenshot_2017-06-24-18-45-12…)

She loves it when people say shit like: Dyrus is not in your league
Dyrus is so lucky
I have no chance with you
So pretty!
I wish I could date you
You are the girl Dyrus!

She doesn't stream and post on social media that often anymore after getting called out here. She doesn't wanna make it anymore obvious that she is a pretentious and bitchty Twitch Cam girl.

No. 341036


>chat sent me pics of guys that were my type saying it was reckful and i said he was attractive

wouldn't links be filtered from her chat… and he streams with his cam on… how can she get misled by chat?

>we both expressed physical attraction to each other on stream

is she now admitting that she found the actual reckful attractive?

>reckful is paranoid, thinks everyone is a leech, he's got issues, he gets gaslighted by chat. it causes issues in his relationships

>i have no place to comment on his life and whatever


No. 341101

Lol ikr that entire post was an entire clusterfuck of lies

And is it just me or is that timeline of events (meeting dyrus, flirting with reckful, agreeing to move in with dyrus) not what she said before…? Hmmmmmmm

No. 341111

How come we hear so much about their relationship from her about Dyrus, but nothing from Dyrus about emily? or even dyrus' side of the story.

Doesnt that make it clear that she's milking their relationship for attention.. Also convenient for her because so many people are gobbling up her endearing and awkward meeting story Like alright, we get it, you fell for him at first sight and watched a romantic anime with him..nice

No. 341134

File: 1498407502657.png (114.39 KB, 720x668, DEAR DIARY JACKPOT.png)

She's trying to cover up their unusual relationship and her obvious leech history. Wtf  Dyrus was like in his mid 20s and still flirted with her?? In her words for how they met she said they flirted around after that tweet. She was still underaged! Dyrus is a fucking creep. Every guy I know would not flirt or even talk to a teenager being 20 yr+ he has to be the biggest loser ever.

It was her golden ticket when Dyrus tweeted this. Home girl was like JACKPOT! She was waiting for a opening to swoop her way in.

Hilarious how Emi is constantly denying that she's a boosted support playing, egirl sugar baby. When she is exactly that, why not just embrace it instead of denying/resisting? Alot of e girls play it to their advantage

No. 341148

Emily's overexplaining finally gave us some lukewarm milk then… they met irl and flirted when she was 17 lol

where did they even meet up where that was okay? I bet oddone called bullshit so fast… imagine a random teenager just showing up at your house and then suddenly she's gonna be living with you that coming summer

No. 341165

File: 1498414946511.jpg (364.11 KB, 1024x1024, Www.jpg)

Is there a time where she's not doing duck face? For all of her videos she does it and I imagine in rl around Dyrus she does it. Keep trying to bait for compliments em

No. 341395

whered anon get these pics of her? is there a video?

No. 341415

File: 1498441478637.png (248 KB, 720x843, Screenshot_2017-06-25-21-35-07…)

Did she delete her lengthy tumblr post about how she and dyrus met? On there she said that they were talking for a year before they met in person, lol that was a big lie. In her vid she said that they met in person shortly after the twitter msg or some shit.

Can rabbits really do that? The cage is pretty far from the bed, do rabbits even have the capacity to recognize their owners? It kinda smells like exaggerated shit to me, if they climbed on to the bed maybe I'll believe it but climbed out of cage, walked to the bed, climbed the bed and jumped on their head to sleep? Yeah rabbits wouldn't get hunted down anymore if they were that aware.

No. 341425

I'm really sad. The first I heard of Emily was from her own "How Dyrus and I met" video and I legit thought she was so genuine and down to earth.

But then, after not long at all, I saw her true self through her ridiculously petty tweets bragging about how she's not like other female streamers, tearing down other "lady streamers" for playing "her" main champ, inflating her own ego all the time, etc etc.

I think she even fakes her "low", "I'm the girl Dyrus" voice. I will admit I do think she's pretty (with or without makeup), but that's about it. I can't get behind her whole "I'm so effortlessly perfect, I eat everything and never gain weight, I play video games all day and still have this body" & "I'm not like other girls because I don't play 'no-skill faceroll boring' champs like Lux" & "I'm smart and mature even though I don't even have a college education and only have a 'career' because I managed to seduce a rich retired professional e-sports player" aura.

No. 341426


OMG has anyone ever noticed she looks like cinematic ahri??


No. 341435

Lmao mature my ass, she acts her age for sure. I'm still waiting for the "WE GOT MARRIED! STORY!" Video, considering how fast they pushed their weird ass relationship. They met in rl after talking one whole night and then she flies back to Kansas then after she grads which was a few months later, they start dating and she moves in. Alot of couples date for YEARS before they decide to live together and suddenly after 2-3 months you move to a different state to live with some guy you met online that you barely know?

No. 341441

File: 1498445918181.png (355.58 KB, 631x553, Screenshot_2017-06-24-20-47-43…)

If Emiru hates her azn eyes so much
Why doesn't she just get surgery? She won't have to spend 2 hours on her eye makeup anymore

No. 341477

You think that's how it went down? She's made large public explanations at least 3 different times telling 3 different stories of how they met… and none of them ever seemed legit lol

She's definitely exaggerating about that bunny, I'm pretty sure dyrus low key hates the bunnies but they get him good views/likes so his manager encourages it lolol

I remember he tweeted once about how the bunnies were loud as shit in their room (why are they even in their room wtf) and he couldn't sleep :/ idk why but this thread makes me feel sympathetic towards dyrus

No. 341624

She said that on the how we met video

No. 341627

Is the reason why Dyrus is so fucking fat now is cuz Em is constantly feeding him the snacks she uses as props for her stream and pics?

No. 341699

Do you guys think dyrus has a tiny dick?

No. 341708

1. Her how we met story seems to have alot of holes in it and it sounds really fishy and strange when you really sit down and watch the video, I'm sure alot of people just skims thru the vid because they can't stand her fake man voice, I must commend her for the acting tho. I took the liberty of sitting through that crap and mapping out what I think is bs for everyone since I have nothing to do at the pet groomers.

@ 5:30 she lies about her past Twitter usage, her account use to be called QueenEmiru and she posted on it regularly. When she started dating Dyrus she tried to delete every single trace of her old posts and profiles.
talks about how she hates social media but she had a profile for literally everything, even on a dating site.
6:44 Is it really necessary to mention this female friend that doesn't want anything to do with her anymore?
7:29 Pretty sure she was the one that didn't hang up. Dyrus is pretty autistic so he doesn't exactly understand social ques that well
7:57 I can't make out what she said, did they met first or not?
8:54 The dude didn't even have the decency to pick her up at the airport LMAO
9:04 You can't tell me the dude is not autistic
9:52 She talks about how the first time they met she held hands in the theater but in a different time she told this story she said that they were just friends when she moved in then got together, She's contradicting herself. If you hold your friend's hand during a movie it's clearly a romantic gesture. They both had a thing for each other before the move in happened. She always tried to make it seem like they were talking as FRIENDS and moved in as FRIENDS then the relationship bloomed from there. You can't be a liar with shit memory. Just tell the truth, you moved in after a few month of talking
10:45 So she wasn't crushing on him before she visited him? why the fuck would you travel alone to a different state to see someone you barely know, never met before and not even dating?
And it's fucking stupid to do all that for someone you just "have a crush on"
plus she was 17 when all this was taking part,she was still in fucking highschool. What did she say to her parents? "hey daddy, mommy, I'm gonna skip school for 5 days to fly to LA to meet and stay with this guy much older than me whom I met on the internet and barely know, we spent the whole of last night talking to each other and camming!"
11:57 your relationship to this day is still questionable
12:11 she talks about reckful
17:30 LMAO her plan was clearly not fly to a different state that you know nothing about and no absolutely no one, just to live in some guy's house that you kinda know for 3 months and then move out and be a full time cashier. Plz girl. What a stupid ass lie. Atleast be less obvious about it
18:40 wrong time to be feeling apprehensive. You already moved in and did all that back and fourth flirting shit
just trying to play the stupid card
19:08 plz. You picked the less sexual threatening one out of all of them
19:45 "We can try to be best friends" Again no one in there fucking right mind would do all that traveling and living arrangement to be "just friends" when they first saw each other it was clear that they had physical things both parties wanted
19:54 She just couldn't go back to her normal lifestyle in Wichita after experiencing the leech life
21:33 she says he's apprehensive about their relationship, if so why would he even agree to be with you, let alone let you live with him. Like bitch again, it's a lil too fucking late for that you already moved in. Honestly the whole thing just seems like she's trying to cover the obvious here and rewrite it as two star cross lovers that was afraid to love again end up falling in love after a attention bait~♡ how sweet.

No. 341710

File: 1498499006210.png (340.6 KB, 640x519, Screenshot_2017-06-26-11-28-40…)

2. Few other things that don't really add up are the dates, she sent the bait on dec 22nd '15, and she said on tumblr (deleted post) that they have been talking for a year before she move in, but it seems that she moved in around June 29th '16 and that was when Dyrus released a life update vid where he shows off his leech.

If they were talking for a year before moving in then why did she not mention that in the video? It's cause she's a bad liar and tries to make it seem like they've known each other for so long. Plus they got their anniversary date wrong, you'd think a couple that was soo in love would know these things..

No. 341713

TDLR; Basically Emily tried to paint a picture that she and Dyrus had been talking for years prior to the move in when the truth is she was already flirting around with other guys (reckful mar'16 questvid) when she was talking and flirting with Dyrus
She went with Dyrus cuz he bit the bait hard, flew her out, got her a place to stay. Can't hide you're leech past, that's your downfall of going after 'famous' guys. Shit gets recorded.

No. 341714

Did everyone just start hating this girl at once? What happened to her nice humble girl image that was intact only a month ago? i google her name and the 5th entry that comes up is another forum discussing her /:

No. 341738

File: 1498504541013.png (70.49 KB, 1188x447, cringe.png)

someone posted a comment about emiru on a youtube video dedicated to "real gamer girls"

>super dank meme personality

>given that she is beautiful by western standards she doesnt care much for admiration

how many people are being brainwashed by this girl

No. 341746

File: 1498506262342.jpg (73.11 KB, 600x453, ask fm 1_20170626_154448.jpg)

Seems like she was always a hoe even when she was a kid

No. 341763

File: 1498508659469.png (31.13 KB, 275x160, 1493183026443.png)

Lol only you would call this thread a circle jerk. Gtfo Emily, don't you have other things to do like jerking your daddy off? Kelly Jean likes to defend herself on her own thread too so I guess it makes sense that you would do it too. Hope you had fun temporarily shitting up your own thread, try not to be fucking obvious as shit next time, ya stupid bimbo.

No. 341789

File: 1498511053215.png (629.23 KB, 720x711, Why.png)

Guess Emily isn't the only one that wants to look white

No. 341968

Is it just me or does she shoop her man jaw?

No. 341995

emily why dont you just accept you're an attention whore, soooo pathetic kek

No. 342099

File: 1498566609153.jpg (21.85 KB, 470x326, awK394R_700b.jpg)

Emiru is delusional if she thinks she's not a gamergurl twitch cam girl. She wears revealing clothes all the time and sometimes baggy clothing to have the excuse of I ain't like the other sluts who show off their bodies!
You can't say you're not like 'everyone else' when you do the exact same thing. She sucks at LOL, takes alot of pics with her fake tits pushed so high up it can punch her face, she does the LEMME FIX MY CAMERA OH LOOK MY BOOBIES ARE THERE XD shit, cosplays, leeches of boyfriend, everything she does screams attention grubbing cam girl leech.

No. 342120

File: 1498569214765.jpg (62.15 KB, 600x453, ask_fm_111_20170626_181444.thu…)

And she wondered why her old male friends were always so pervy/had a second agenda

No. 342123

Omg I know so many girls like this. They act like having 90% male friends is some kind of coincidence or female conspiracy against them bc 'jealousy' when most of these guy friends are only friends with them bc they're trying to sleep with the girl.

Ofc these girls know it and use these beta orbiters as backup/emotional tampons, then act so shocked when their overly flirty, pervy guy friends 'start' showing their true intentions. So dumb and dishonest.

No. 342152

File: 1498575771827.png (448.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-27-11-03-09…)


Nice acting. Bitch wasn't even crying lmao,Tyler1 said on his stream that Dyrus changed alot because of her, how did Dyrus change other than getting fucking fatter?

Those kind of girls act like they are apart of the guy crew and shit when they are just using their feminity to get special treatment, the guys certainly don't see them as a male but they will always say "I was apart of the guys, girls never liked me, I only hung out with guys" if you hang out with guys it's cool but flaunting yourself like that does not mean you're one of them.

The only reason why she started doing makeup vids and did her makeup on stream is to show everyone that she's ~perfect~ without makeup on lmao since everyone was saying how she looks like shit without it, funny part is she can't apply without pushing her lips together. No one knows how she really looks like, not even her daddy Dyrus

No. 342381

File: 1498599427167.jpg (92.88 KB, 768x1024, DDMXG6YUMAEhtrd.jpg)

Is it just me or does she not clean her rabbit cage?

No. 342477


Actually her rabbits' cage looks pretty clean. Rabbits literally poop every few minutes like birds. Hers look cleaner than my pet rabbit's cage when I used to have them.

No. 342520

File: 1498619053692.jpg (196.71 KB, 725x669, maxresdefault (6)-1.jpg)

Emiru has a pretty uneven face

Think that's why she's always parting her hair to the side to cover her weaker jaw side
It also helps makes her uneven eyes look less wonky
From all of the pictures I've seen of her it's apparent that her nostrils are uneven too and it doesn't help that she has a hump mix flat nose
Pretty much her whole face is asymmetrical
Lot's of people have asymmertical faces and it's fine, however I think it's funny how she wants people to believe she's this ball of perfect but when you actually analyze her face you notice that it's not as 'perfect' as she tries to make it come off as

No. 342522

I never owned a rabbit so it's nice to know that they are being well cared of

If Dyrus makes her happy then good for her. Just stop trying to cover/rewrite history

No. 342549

It's kinda odd that her lies about her relationship with dyrus haven't been getting more attention in this thread honestly

She completely lied about when/where/how they met just to cover up her eslut ways… wtf lmao and she did it all publicly to hundreds of thousands of ppl

No. 342582

idk…… if I'm being honest I don't think she's necessarily ugly/unattractive.. she's just constantly doing the absolute MOST with her whole appearance

No. 342626

You seriously analyzed this girls face..and admitted most people don't have perfect faces and then ended it with what we've already been saying. Jesus.

No. 342642

File: 1498656215124.png (266.19 KB, 394x547, Screenshot_2017-06-27-14-37-14…)

She kinda has a manly face

No. 342651

File: 1498658112134.jpg (69.09 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n2i7e9orWf1qdgswmo1_500…)

If she cares abt Dyrus' well being then why has he been getting fatter? It's cause she doesn't wanna do anything that will upset her meal ticket, if she does he might give her the boot. When Dyrus was with his ex Midi, he didn't gain weight, he was actually average.

No. 342679

File: 1498665021861.jpg (75.88 KB, 411x329, emiru tumblr_20170628_114938.j…)

I found this on her Tumblr, someone can't take the truth lol

No. 342685

File: 1498665799403.jpg (38.18 KB, 400x267, emiru 2_20170628_120242.jpg)

She looked like this when she was talking to Dyrus back in 2015

No. 342741

I know she has nudes leaked, which is terrible for anyone to do to her– but does anyone know how it happened or who did it? was it an ex boyfriend? or did someone hack into her shit

No. 342753

She use to send her loyal viewers nudes until one of them leaked it

No. 342830

File: 1498681255356.png (877 B, 303x37, photo.png)

maybe it's time you find a new adjective to use, it's like hearing a broken record

No. 342844

File: 1498682183608.jpg (54.21 KB, 368x589, emiru_20170628_163649.jpg)

This was her #model days

No. 342855

File: 1498682903786.jpg (4.57 KB, 225x225, download (2).jpg)

Maybe you should tell Emily to stop calling herself perfect, we think it's hilarious that she still insists that she is. Dyrus' SG needs too much makeup look somewhat pleasing.

No. 342888

File: 1498685883296.jpg (13.39 KB, 261x350, more_character_studies_by_sexa…)

Like how Sugar baby deletes her Deviantart account around the same time Anons find her old Ask.Fm account and I see why she would delete it. So much weeb shit.

No. 342889

File: 1498685913130.jpg (7.88 KB, 263x350, what_if_we_could__by_sexandgum…)

No. 342893

File: 1498686220562.jpg (11.12 KB, 318x350, here_we_go_by_sexandgummies-d5…)

No. 342922

okay Emily.

Emily stop posting about your perfect self.

No. 342945

File: 1498689297913.jpg (10.9 KB, 252x256, a30.jpg)

No. 342948

srs, where did you find this?

It looks absolutely shooped to hell holy shit…
her hips arent that round looking at all… and her lips.. WTF?

No. 342951

File: 1498689438551.png (101.76 KB, 400x118, h6bQxNI.png)

what the actual fuck

No. 342961

File: 1498690469900.png (72.48 KB, 161x225, alienrm.PNG)

that arm, holy shit

No. 342965

File: 1498690737278.png (118.25 KB, 209x354, Tf2kBVi.png)

the sliced and diced thigh though.. it looks like a wood plank

If you look at any of her social media, most of her followers besides creepy guys are <15 year old girls and I feel so bad that this is what they're constantly comparing their bodies to

No. 343057

it was on her tumblr account

No. 343102

File: 1498709433749.jpg (36.85 KB, 400x268, emiru 3_20170629_000822.jpg)

Emiru's fan base is filled up with horny teen boys/autists that give her the I WANNA FUCK YOU/DYRUS IS SO LUCKY comments and vulnerable young girls that give her comments putting themselves down while praising her. I bet that she gets kicks outta making 14 year old girls think that they can naturally achive "the" look. She marvels at how insecure they must feel because of the "expectation" she's set. I hope her girl fans finds this thread to see that Emiru is all smoke and mirrors and that no one actually looks like that in real life.

No. 343120

File: 1498710383357.jpg (136.7 KB, 900x1200, DDbtKMHUMAAnXdc.jpg)

Dammit Dyrus even with the bunnies he needs his chips

No. 343121

Yeah her hips aren't that curved, just look at the thread picture and >>336508

No. 343794

File: 1498792722542.png (268.1 KB, 720x602, 10093123745502826194447269.png)

Did Dyrus buy her this car?

No. 344091

nah, if he did, she would never miss the opportunity to brag about it + her perfect life
also kinda dont think dyrus would buy her something so commitment heavy

No. 344143

It's kind of weird how far some anons go to dig up stuffs

No. 344147

lmao. emily please don't be so obvious. you literally answered a question on your tumblr within 2 minutes of posting this on hre

No. 344148

File: 1498853886871.png (75.6 KB, 627x617, 4d6533d2c841856f3c52a974071ebd…)

seems like emily's asking herself questions on anon to "clear" up things mentioned on this thread

No. 344150

Lmao sugar baby Emily is just like LilyPichu, wking herself in her own forum and asking/anwering her own questions. Kek

No. 344155

File: 1498854639656.png (157.9 KB, 278x438, Screenshot_2017-06-28-17-26-30…)

Where did your ~naturally big~ oppai go Emiri?!

No. 344161

File: 1498854940445.jpg (220.87 KB, 895x720, CYMERA_20170630_163440.jpg)

How many bras and padding do you need to stack to push your non existant tits up to your neck?

No. 344250

File: 1498866600388.png (416.35 KB, 720x541, Hh.png)

I feel uncomfortable looking at her tits, how does she even breathe all that crap pushing them up?

No. 344257

I've never seen anyone as excitied like Emiru is over obtaining a autistic boyfriend.



He's pretty up there.

No. 344295

Discovered lolcow only recently and it's so freaking weird how they creep on their own threads… shamelessly…

Dyrus by himself seems not terrible honestly. Just a standard weird nerdy guy, but with Emily their personas both just seem so cringeworthy and questionable

No. 344298

Lol dyrus's dad asked if Emily was gonna be driving dyrus around with her new car on twitter and someone asked for a "driving dyrus around vlog" - no response

Why do I feel like dyrus and emily would never have a close enough interaction for anything close to that to happen lul

No. 344308

Since she lurks here 10 bucks she'll do one to prove to everyone how "close" they are. But yet again she would never set a camera so close to her face, if she does that everyone will see how not ~perfect~ she is. Or it'll just be a close up of her 24/7 duck face in an angle and who wants to see that?

No. 344366

all the logistics that go into trying to preserve an internet image…
If emily is actually lurking here she needs to take a note from James Charles and just let the roast/dragging happen.. it's 2017. You can't say and do stupid shit on the internet and not getting dragged to hell

Her bff Kelly jean also needs to come into the 21st century and get a grip topkek

No. 344395

Why are you so obsessed with yourself Emily, stop samefagging and get off lolcow you stupid whore, just kill your fake perfect ass self

No. 344500

File: 1498925818647.png (32.79 KB, 720x264, Screenshot_2017-07-01-12-13-59…)

It's really easy to tell who's Emily now since this thread is saged, why would someone deliberately come back to this thread to disagree with what is being posted? She's too obvious. She critisizes the thread and when she gets called out for it
she will post stuff like this >>344395

Maybe you should follow your own advice for once.

No. 344539

It's cause Emily can't stand that not everyone sees her as the perfect lil d.va gremlin irl ahri she tries to portray herself to be

Dyrus could really care less, seems like Emily is breaking down. Keep lying to yourself and fans, why don't you find comfort in Kelly Jean? I'm sure she'll let you lay your head on her fake balloon tits and you can tell her all about getting exposed for what you really are

No. 344555


dyrus lost weight with midi. he became chubbs when he went pro with tsm but she helped him eat healthier and exercise doing wii fit and stuff… she really did keep him in line and away from fan girls.

No. 344629

File: 1498941340730.png (333.65 KB, 695x720, Yeah rite.png)


shows side of bra

No. 344644

File: 1498943435203.png (668.49 KB, 1280x720, 1344qe45.png)

Srsly. There are so many clips of her doing questionable things like "fixing" the camera and suddenly it's pointed at her tits, lifting her shirt up, laying on the floor and sticking her ass up, moving her fingers around her tits, yanking her shirt down so her toilet paper stuffed cleavage is more visible.
And she has the audacity to put down other girls for being shameless egirls.


No. 344698

File: 1498948494568.gif (3.24 MB, 360x202, 1rudq6.gif)


More like "I love posing with bags of chips to look like I'm the irl nerd dva!"

Then she makes Dyrus eat the rest of the crushed chips since ya know she's a great gf that enables bad habits.

No. 344770

File: 1498962513228.jpg (16.75 KB, 237x189, aaron pc_20170701_222649.jpg)

Streaming with an actual shirt on after getting called out
Also her cam quality is still meh, you'd think with all that money she would invest in a better camera..

No. 344775

Her game play is atrocious. She gets her ass beat every game and the only time she wins is when her team mates carry and gift kills to her. She can't carry for shit as ad, should go back to supporting oh wait only those darn fake gamer girls play support!

No. 345196

i wonder how dyrus feels about all this

No. 345244

It would be so funny if Emi lowkey trashes her editor Jhinnx. She plays ad and mains Jhin, the type of girls Emi hates

No. 345335

TBH I never disliked Emiru when i first found out about her, in fact, I thought she was cool and different, in a way. the thing that really showed me her true colors was the way she would pathetically trash other "lady streamers" (her words, lol) when she herself is a lady streamer. i just can't dig the whole self-righteous egotistical i'm-not-like-other-girls I'm-a-REAL-girl-gamer All-my-friends-are-male-I-just-can't-get-along-with-other-girls vibe she gives off.

I'll admit she's pretty even without the makeup but once you see the ugly side of her it's easy to see past the black eyeshadow and fake eyelashes.

For someone who thinks she's awfully mature and grown up ("I moved out of my house and I have my own career!!! nothing to do with my famous boyfriend!!") she's very much just a petty high school kid who thinks she's edgy and unique and grown up. she's old news. mediocre gameplay, above-average looks, but shit and ridiculously fake personality.

No. 345339


she tries so hard to do that "cool girl who loves eating but doesn't get fat", "cool girl who only hangs out with guys because she's one of the bros", "cool girl that likes to wear baggy clothes because she doesn't care about her looks", "cool teenage girl who's young but really grown up and mature", "cool girl who doesn't play girl support champions because she's a real gamer" thing so hard but it's so obvious it's all an act.

No. 345341

she has to use a low def cam because she doesn't look as good in hd (like real life)

No. 345342


This is actually pathetic, lol. Her replies to her "anon" are so defensive and such a shitty act. C'mon Em, at least try to be convincing!

No. 345485

File: 1499089724012.png (42.86 KB, 720x286, Kek.png)

Ikr, like LilyPichu she's not very bright.

Emiru posts these types of things to herself so she can garner sympathy when she cries on her personal twitter about it "OMG SEE THEY ARE TELLING ME TO KILL MYSELF. TERRIBLE PEOPLE!1!"
No Emily. No one here is telling you to kill yourself, but you.

Another example >>344395

No. 345579

File: 1499101284431.png (117.76 KB, 720x677, 33381629483318.png)

Why does she try to make it seem like Marcus, a 25 year old grown man is incapable of doing anything on his own? Emily is not any better. She tries to make herself seem like an able adult when in fact she needs just as much, if not more babying. 

No. 345765

File: 1499125258302.jpg (20.81 KB, 257x207, emiru stream_20170703_133902.j…)

this was during the saturday comeback stream, I doubt she finished whatever she was eating on stream, ate dinner with Dyrus and then ate this macaroni looking thing. Emiru looks like she can barely stomach down one meal, further proves >>345339 point.
She should really stop with the


Persona. It's obvious that Emi calorie counts and eats extremely small portions. I hate how she constantly tells her fans that she eats whatever she wants without exercise and her body is still skinny.

No. 345766

File: 1499125287617.png (350.45 KB, 575x590, 321244421.png)


No. 345778

She also doesn't eat any meat for her diet, does that sound like someone who eats anything and everything?

No. 345842

he looks full of despair, probably because he knows he's gonna have to eat all of it

No. 346176

File: 1499191884711.png (55.09 KB, 720x419, Shot.png)

Did this really happen or is it another lie?

No. 346221

the funny part is that the fanfiction was prob describing her fake qualities

>i kneaded her naturally large and supple bosom in my hands

>i stared into her icy blue contacts
>my fingers twirled her thick black extensions
>her toned abs even though she eats doritos all day glistened in the moonlight
>she moaned, and it was like the gentle purr of Dyrus, but female

No. 346271

>I cupped her toilet paper stuffed tits firmly with my small tween hands.

Fixed it

No. 346540


More "Look at all the guys who sexualize me because I'm sooo beautiful and sexy! Sigh, what can I do?" shit?

Thought we were past that, Emily.

No. 346542


>she moaned, and it was like the gentle purr of Dyrus, but female

holy shit this is actually the type of crap she would say to perpetuate her 'dyrus and i were made for each other' story that she spews at her brainless wks

No. 346545


nah dude, she's naturally well-endowed, remember? It's from her white-side of her mix! how could you forget when she mentions that on every bio/about me she has?

No. 346896

File: 1499296381535.png (95.66 KB, 720x734, Crop.png)

Oh noes!! Emiru isn't gonna answer any compliment posts anymore! :(

She's trying so hard to cover up the fact that she's a booby streamer, trying so hard to save face.

No. 346909

File: 1499297246954.png (1.09 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-07-05-19-26-05…)

Her fans are brain dead. If you want tips or learn how to get better, you don't watch twitch cam girls LMAO.

No. 346944

File: 1499301196331.png (800.23 KB, 857x720, 21-1.png)

Ayy back 2 support
She sucks at both ad and support
I thought she was never gonna play support again since she's not like the other boosted sluts!1!

She can't land snares on Jhin
She doesn't use power chords or her auras right on Sona which is super sad since Sona is a easy champ

No. 347089

she boasts about her relationship often but she rarely duos with dyrus on his smurf ? probably because he thinks its such a chore to carry a boosted animal

No. 347410

File: 1499369765877.jpg (38.55 KB, 959x168, pic 1_20170706_152834.jpg)

Why does she do stuff like this? She could had just said stream is starting late, though yet again it's prob another scheme of hers to make them look close. She wants her retard fans to think ohh so Dyrus and Emiru do sleep together! Totally not a leech!

Everything she does has to do with Dyrus. Emiru's claim to fame and her persona is based around being Dyrus' sugar bab- I mean gf. Is she hellbent on marry the guy? The image she setup for herself will be ruined if they break up

No. 347454


She got autofilled into support btw.

this thread is so painful to read nowadays theres not milk just annoying nitpick posts like these

No. 347461

I like how you posted this a few minutes before you started your stream. No one here actually watches your stream so of course we wouldn't know, you still suck ass at every role.

No. 347516

Pretty sad how anyone can get famous these days

No. 347708


lol emiru is so pathetic she actually has to wk herself

No. 347952

tfw we're all emily

No. 347959

youre emily, youre emily, youre emily, we're all actually emily.

No. 347960

twitch whore shit aka sending nudes to loyal donaters like the slut she is but claiming that an old flame leaked them in order to cover her ugly ass

No. 348005

Hmm I wonder why you don't go to pull? Oh it's cuz you have to make an account.

No. 348008

File: 1499459835130.png (330.95 KB, 530x616, Hf.png)


Why do people say your nose is cute? It's so fugly. You got a toucansam nose, tell your daddy to get you a new nose

No. 348069

File: 1499466302671.png (185.11 KB, 405x393, Screenshot_2017-07-01-16-18-34…)

I think it's funny how Emiru never responds to the real questions like being a gamer gurl thot, lying about her appearance, the donator nudes, using food as props, lying about her "super" genes and how she eats everything and anything, fake personality, shitty gameplay, putting down other people, how they met and using her bf for fame and monetary gain. It's simply because she can't so she has to resort to the little things like the fake voice thing, playing support and talking about how shitty and no milk the thread is

No. 348209

inb4 she gets a nosejob with daddys money because its starting to look like pokislut's

No. 348528

File: 1499528370049.jpg (96.94 KB, 600x800, cincinbear_18.jpg)

I bet Emiru is jealous of Cincinbear. She has more followers, doesn't need to do emo hooker makeup to look good and gets more attention. Gg Emi.

No. 348690

shut the fuck up hivbear and go back to sucking hassans dick because you failed to kys

No. 348776

File: 1499550125526.png (762.74 KB, 720x892, Cin cin.png)

Both are equally skanky though Cincin is better, atleast she doesn't lie about her intentions unlike Emiru.

No. 348826

File: 1499553499416.png (963.33 KB, 720x804, Cin-1.png)

emily should ask CCB for some makeup tips

Her makeup isn't some jumbo ass mess

No. 348836

Are her eyes naturally blue or does she wear contacts too?

No. 348856

Another shit makeup tutorial kek

No. 348873

File: 1499558015410.png (288.28 KB, 720x423, Screenshot_2017-07-08-19-46-49…)


Lmao nice try, you still have a toucan sam nose

No. 348888

Emi needs a nose job asap daddy dyrus plz(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 348932

Her contour is so terrible. Yuck.

No. 348950


?? Nitpick much, her nose isn't fucked up like poki's. You guys are the reason this thread has gone to shit tbh. When are we gonna get real milk?

No. 348983

Did you really have to mention pokimane in your post, emily? You're just jealous because she's way cuter than you and she also had a more attractive boyfriend kek

No. 349048

hey sluttily stfu and suck your sumo wrestlers dick. you're fucking mad just because you got an autistic man baby for a boyfriend instead of someone who is about as fucked up and fake like your skank ass. get a tit job you garden gnome(get a tit job you garden gnome)

No. 349059

File: 1499572934085.jpg (37.69 KB, 736x509, 068279307dbb7402cfc8c85f2f9c33…)

The milk is you keep coming back kek.

No. 349074

File: 1499574006638.png (84.06 KB, 165x233, Pic.png)

Poki has a fucked nose but she still looks 10x better than you, and like cincin she's more liked and popular than you. Must suck to be out matched by other girl streamers you hate. Maybe if you stopped hating all the girls you meet and take pictures with, you would have friends

No. 349147

she looks like she hasn't seen the sun in years because daddy dyrus doesn't want anyone taking away the parasite

No. 349158

File: 1499579491945.png (591.8 KB, 720x588, Cincin.png)

Haha emiru wishes she could look like white cincin thats why shes been trying to jack her look

No. 349161

File: 1499580080471.png (502.57 KB, 411x664, ob9P7wU.png)

kinda weird to me how emiru's skintone changed so much in like 4 yrs…

could be from sitting inside all day, but she really went from brown to casper white.. I wonder if she bleached her skin lul

No. 349271

she always says she's always been naturally super petite and has the shittiest diet but is skinny bc of her metabolism…. but she looks pretty chunky here?

No. 349280

Her asian side probably gave her the ability to tan in the summer. That's why she stays inside to keep her skin pasty white.

No. 349283

too bad tyler1 has a gf she had a thing for him too

No. 349333

emily white knighting herself is hilarious because she's throwing shade at other female streamers to make herself look better than them. wonder how poki thinks about being called a jew nose by cringeiru.

No. 349549

File: 1499636547168.jpg (272.93 KB, 720x720, Cs491.jpg)

Funny how Emiru tries to look like the streamers she hates

No. 349699

File: 1499653940584.png (22.12 KB, 623x114, Screenshot_2017-07-09-11-35-13…)

Yesterday she told her fans that she wasn't gonna stream cuz she got tored from removing makeup and said cu tomorrow then she says she's sick today and deletes the 2 other posts. She's pretty damn lazy.

Is Emiru really chinese? She looks very south east asian especially in her old pics, either way she is not an attractive asian

No. 349700


No. 349720

File: 1499657104658.jpg (56.02 KB, 640x640, 12393931_521591904686619_16058…)

Emi hates cincin becuz she actually has tits and doesnt need to wear 2 bras and padding to have something kek poor emiru she has lil mosquito bite tits

No. 349756

she is half filipino half white or something you stupidfucktard

No. 349815

she's full fillipina

No. 349962

File: 1499697598051.png (537 KB, 477x710, Screenshot_2017-07-10-01-07-41…)

She's not pale without all that lighting to look more ~white~

No. 349973


has anyone ever seen them hold hands..?
every pic i see theyre together i guess, but there's never any pda or handholding or Dyrus putting his arm around her waist or shoulders, you know the typical cutesy shit in love couples do ?

No. 349981

File: 1499700662058.png (1.53 MB, 1439x2284, 20170710_112918.png)

I thought this was a pic of actual Emily for a sec- anyone can wear light contacts and falsies and look like her, why say it's emiru inspired when Emily ripped the look off of existing people

No. 349983

File: 1499700797180.png (2.05 MB, 1439x1973, 20170710_113155.png)

also, can you believe this is dyrus only LAST JULY? Look at him, his jawline is defined and he looks somewhat fit. How did Emily make him so chunky in just a year? honestly, what happened

No. 349995

Wow, she looks so much prettier than Emily. Probably has a nicer personality too.

No. 349997

Emily's constant nagging probably got to him. I don't pity him though, it's his own fault to keep her as his trophy waifu.

No. 350058

not only are you fucking retarded for not saging right but she's half white half filipino you faggot

No. 350074

where're you guys getting that from? She's half chinese half german

No. 350081

Emily is the type of hoe that ripped her style off a bunch of other girls (look at her pinterest) then she'll scoff at other girls with a similar style saying they took her shit, uh bitch you're the only one stealing other people's looks.

No. 350082

Fell for the bait bud

No. 350088

Apparently hooker makeup is now emiru inspired makeup.

No. 350173

emily roll call time
Im emily

No. 350270

File: 1499730108303.png (351.51 KB, 467x330, VG4QhEu.png)

when will you stop trying to shit this thread up? Trying to do damage control by wking yourself just like kellyjean does on reddit and stuff. It just makes you look worse, just like it does for kelly. just let it go and chill

I actually checked her stream for the first time in forever and I love how she's wearing a real shirt now after being called out topkek. She also seems weirdly nervous/flinchy? idk. Her storytelling made me feel uncomfortable asf


No. 350284

She's trying really hard to convince people that she's not a prostitute. Emi is worse than Poki in terms of whoring

No. 350359

File: 1499740720955.jpg (62.41 KB, 494x471, poki_20170710_223751.jpg)

Atleast Scarra's leech eats the food unlike Dyrus' sugar baby(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 350369

File: 1499741815987.png (476.15 KB, 448x557, tree.png)

poki has a tree trunk waist, those fries are definitely finding a place to settle

she looks thin on streams though? how do girls do this

No. 350383

A chronic derailer and shitposter has been banned.

No. 350387


she seems so boring. i think without the dyrus attention she wouldnt get a quarter of her viewers. she plays mediocre-ly and literally just reads what the donators say and goes "haha yeah"

No. 350404


she always says she's the female dyrus with her "deep monotone voice" but she always reads/replies to donations in the lilypichu loli azn girl voice. which voice is real and which is fake?

wouldnt be surprised if both voices are fake tbh

No. 350405


at least poki has some personality and doesn't pretend to be all unique and special born-this-way perfect like emiru does lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 350409

the personality of being an e thot? ok thennnnn(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 350451

File: 1499751798867.jpg (228.15 KB, 1908x808, oTeWOzW.jpg)

lol never thought about that. you're exactly right. In her candids, she's the same skintone she was when she was younger. Kinda surprised there aren't more candids out there with all the meet and greets her and dyrus have done actually….

personally it's still wild to me that these are all the same person

No. 350522

Makeup, angles, lighting

The holy trinity of e-girls

No. 350523

Forgot the säge

No. 350542

how's cyrus okay with her pimping herself out? he was very jealous and over the top with twitter affection with his ex

No. 350549

Admins banning the wrong people kek Emiru doesn't eat her food she just poses with that shit

No. 350610

Proof that mods don't actually read the threads smh(you're one of the biggest shitposters)

No. 350802

she looks like shes salty as fuckkkkkkkk

No. 350901

File: 1499825655443.jpg (123.06 KB, 1845x757, cmtCGX0.jpg)

one of emiru's twitter minions drew her and it just looks exactly like jenny from team siren (sorry to give anyone ptsd flashbacks to that)lmaoooo

No. 351144

they're reincarnations of the same thot

No. 351486

File: 1499901628231.png (88.16 KB, 242x242, Screenshot_2017-07-10-01-04-19…)

Girls like this are useless, they take your money and pounce. If Dyrus wasn't a streamer she wouldn't want to move in with him. Poor guy not only is she fattening him up but she's sucking him dry financially

No. 351586

before she went on a twitter deleting rampage, she would tweet sometimes about money and sharing a card or an in general bank account with dyrus. then again hes getting money again from being back in the nacs challenger team under rick fox so hes actually swimming in money rn.

No. 351620

You're overestimating how much money he makes. I'd say around 1-2k a month which is way lower than the average McDonalds employee would make. If dyrus were really rich, emily would have a tit job and kylie fillers by now.

No. 351639

are you retarded? did you calculate donations and sponsors? did you calculate tsm and delta fox? imaqtpie relies on donations and sponsors alone before delta fox and made over 2 million confirmed WITHOUT even adding up twitch subscriptions

No. 351644

Honey, imaqtpie=/=dyrus. I hope you realize that. Also sponsors mean shit when 90% goes to the organization.

No. 351657

anyways samefag did you think about twitch subs and donations? no
ok go back to thinking you know the world when youre about as educated as a sugar fuck toy like emily

No. 351850

1. Dyrus doesn't stream as often as imaqtpie
2. His viewer amount is way less than imaqtpie's

Yep, 1-2k a month seems plausible.

No. 351908


Without donations sure. Doesnt pEmily get a couple grand in donations every 2 weeks or something?

No. 351971

nah. for a full time streamer without a job and not even going to college, she barely streams and streams irregularly at that. she literally just took a month off from streaming to get a license and car. it took me a day to do the same thing? and she posted it on twitter like it was some huge accomplishment. before that, she would always take "sick days" every couple of days because "she didnt feel good"

now she has a stream schedule for a couple hours that she's always late for and has some dumb excuse as to why. there's no way she makes thousands every 2 weeks

if she had a real job, how would she survive? a real job wouldnt tolerate a girl taking every other day off /:

No. 351991

tfw your minions don't give you enough money so you have to keep transforming your AA mosquito bites into DD monster tiddies with 2 push up bras, toilet paper and dyrus pube hairs :(

No. 352019

File: 1499984022128.png (599.21 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-07-13-15-38-24…)

What makes it even more funny is how she says streaming is hard work. All she does is play video games while doing her duck face and flirting with her viewers. Emily clearly never worked a day of her life before.

The only friend she has is this middle school kid kek

No. 352021

You know those girls that only chill with ugly/below average people to stay the "prettiest"? Emily is one of them.

No. 352035

File: 1499986209009.png (96.67 KB, 641x407, 211973027348271.png)

"I was super worried he had ulterior motives"

If she was then why would fly out to LA to meet him and fking move all the way to Texas with him. Quit the bullshit bitch you just wanted to leave Kansas.

No. 352117

Did her friend Vy change her age on her bio? A month ago it said 15 and now it says 18

No. 352201

File: 1500005768657.png (809.06 KB, 477x898, haha.png)

"who needs pants"

people who aren't attention loving teenage bimbos who try to seem smart

No. 352217

the amount of views she gets on twitch is so low because now that shes not shoving her tits on screen theres no reason to watch.

you dont even have to be exactly good to be a successful streamer, all you have to be is entertaining. either with an interesting personality (regardless if its fake) or great gameplay or just show a lot of skin.right now, she has none of those qualities

No. 352224

how many views does she usually have

No. 352390

File: 1500045448022.png (514.87 KB, 720x924, P70983135.png)

Whi doesn't need pants? A bimbo like Emiru who spreads her legs to leech on to people kek

What kind of parents does Emiru have? Who the hell would be cool with not meeting the adult their teenage daugther is going to move to another state with? Dyrus never met her parents before and they moved in after "dating" for a few months but in her other explanations/story/QA she would either say they dated first before the move or they were friends>move>started dating.

Talk about sketch.

You can't say you're not a gold digging leech when your actions say the contrary.
Like with Pooksie and Voyboy, she's gonna date Dyrus for awhile get known for it then they will break up and she'll lose all of her viewer base since they all come from her beloved Dygus~

No. 352437

Tbh I think it's weird that he's gonna stream during their visit but oh well, you can't expect autists to have knowledge of standard social etiquette

No. 352493

File: 1500055073431.png (474.54 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-14-13-53-59…)

Emiru legit looks like a MTF tranny shit that you'll find in Bangkok Thailand

No. 352501

she looks like bjork (now) here

No. 352603

she looks crossed eye as fuck in those hooker makeup and contacts

No. 352660

I think she forgot to shave her face.

No. 352744

File: 1500076337158.png (180.17 KB, 720x405, CVega.png)

Emi is trying to look like Celestia Vega if anything. One of the bigger e-thots, apparently Grossgore cheated on her with some Euro hookers and gave her a std

No. 352793

File: 1500084448344.png (400.85 KB, 720x1280, Screen shot.png)

I don't get these egirls love doing their hair and makeup on stream so much

No. 352798

File: 1500085278898.png (59.84 KB, 564x477, youtube.png)

Does she not know how to pull up her damn shirt? For someone who says they hate all that male attention and how she's a victim of sexual harassment/objectification but how she presents herself says otherwise, kek.

No. 352805


she doesn't have a pound of girly makeup, hair and eyelashes so she shows her tits to compensate. i honestly never understood how girls wear their shirts like that and then complain about being sexualized since you literally have to forcefully shove it down for your shirt to show your bra cups like that. it's intentional

No. 352825

Lolllllll she's pushing out her mouth out so far to hide her nonexistent lips

You can tell she's super insecure about: lips, eyes, jaw, boobs, ass, legitimacy of her relationship with dyrus
… Because she's constantly overdoing every single one of those every chance she gets

The annoying part is that she deceives her audience when it comes to them 24/7. Someone needs to find those occasions when she gets her relationship lies mixed up so they can post it on pretty ugly little liar lol… one was on Tumblr, then the YouTube video tells a totally different story, and I think she posted another lie filled story on twitter before too

No. 352870

samefag but perfect example of how her "dyrus" voice is faker than her caucasian costume https://clips.twitch.tv/SincereColdGoshawkPrimeMe

No. 352970

File: 1500133063326.png (450.08 KB, 652x384, Faileru.png)

Bad example. There are alot of clips of her changing her voice but 2 lazy to find them.

She always likes to moan and groan for her streams here and there, 10 bucks once she sees this she'll stop doing it since she's trying so hard to perserve her ♡perfect not a slut true gamer image♡



Why does Emiru breathe so heavily everytime she does something? She ain't a land whale like her precious Dygus- oh right it's another fetish she caters to for her fan boys to jack off to.

No. 353109

File: 1500151186629.jpg (283.67 KB, 907x1200, IMG_20130809_163513.jpg)

She used to look alot different..

No. 353110

File: 1500151231585.jpg (74.79 KB, 600x600, 4aca643920593ae06f9b22d4172e45…)

No. 353158

she conveniently switches between her "i'm perfect for dyrus because im like the girl version of him!" voice and her "Im also a cute gamer girly girl!" voice.

No. 353164

unpopular opinion but i think her deep voice is real and she's been trying to girlify her voice because people make fun of it so much

No. 353187

she answered this on her ask.fm, actually, back when she was 17. she said she wasnt close to her parents and didn't care for them much. seems like they spoil her though. they buy her all the makeup she piled on as a kid, expensive bikinis, contact lenses and they went to disney a lot

No. 353188

She's been faking her voice to sound like the ~girl dyrus~ so people will think their abnormal relationship was meant to be. Do they do anything together other than sleep and play League?

No. 353190

That's pretty sad no wonder she's a slut with daddy problems. I felt bad about mentioning her parents since they have nothing to do with her other than birthing the e-thot out

No. 353202

Must be so sad to brag to the world about how "hard you work" to provide for yourself, get called out for being a titty streamer with no other skills, try to cover that up by deleting all your sexulized vods, and then having to accept your income is decreasing because people only watched you for your deceptively padded tits

And on top of that she and dyrus are going to see her parents and they'll just be thinking one thing - goddammit my daughter is an opportunistic e hoe. Prepare for cringy content from that visit lmao

No. 353207

what's gonna happen is, dyrone is going to upload a vlog and its gonna be gross closeups of himself, and when the camera is on emily, she's gonna be hiding her face with her hair or wearing a cap that covers her entire face, just like all the other "candid" shots he gets of her. she doesn't want people seeing her in natural lighting and looking heavier/more bloated than she does in her streams so she can continue to fool her viewers

No. 353214

File: 1500161795262.png (153.41 KB, 381x289, Whoreru.png)

Emi has also been deleting tweets/posts of her sexualizing herself and bullying other streamer girls. She stopped wearing tops that outline her tits and heavy cleavage tops in attempt to cover her e-girl hoe tracks. Too bad everyone knows at this point

No. 353215


i thought it was a good example tbh i could hear it clearly.
"hi so and so" was high pitched
"ok so bla bla bla" a staggering difference. much lower and monotone like dyrus and then as soon as a follow or sub notfiication came up it went high pitched again.

at first i was gonna say she breathes a lot probably because of the fake voice bc i experienced the same thing but it's honestly really weird at this point? the first link is super bad like she's always like "hhh" and im not sure if it's like weird but on purpose small moans/breathing at this point..

No. 353220

i think she just does it out of habit, but it doesn't sound sexy to me, it just sounds like a 300 lb morbidly obese woman after climbing some stairs. what's more obvious is when she "moans" after dying in game, just like Poki

can anyone supply a twitch clip of that? if you go to her youtube montages though, it's easy to find examples from comments that are like "6:34 omg…close your eyes, you're welcome fapfapfap" "8:20 WOW SEXY <3" "1:25 when dyrus smashes that pussy"

No. 353226

hm, I hope I don't get attacked for this, but I used to idolize this girl and wished I could look like her. I kept putting myself down because I thought, this girl is as skinny as me, but her boobs are enormous? Her replies about it being genetics just made me feel even worse, thank god I found this forum

So I did a test yesterday after seeing her double bra slip thing. I put on a normal bra, and then put another normal bra over it. Result: huge tits that made my waist look tiny in comparison. I was amazed, I have 34B boobs that have small cleavage with one bra.. with 2 bras i got the same emiru buttcrack cleavage. That's it folks. That's the reason she looks frumpy without huge tits. The ratio of boob to waist from the 2 bras just flatters everything.. I can't imagine how extreme it is with 2 pushup bras? saged for blogpost

No. 353234

em just posted a vid of her hitting 1 mil views on twitch

Every time she posts an accomplishment and doesn't mention anyone but herself, it makes me cringe. why does she wanna make it seem like she accomplished all those views and followers on her own? does she think her fake tacky two faced personality and fake tits gets her all that by itself

No. 353268

File: 1500169468189.jpg (129.42 KB, 900x1200, DCz46rmV0AI3I6S.jpg)

No wonder she was seeking out older men when she was a highschooler #daddyissues

No. 353279

File: 1500171502010.png (753.42 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3418.PNG)

Don't feel bad, I (and probably most of her female viewers) felt the same way. It just seemed impossible to have that figure at that weight. Most people who are even"hourglass" shaped in the first place are a bit overweight with cushion in the hips and butt to match tbh

So I just googled her name found this site and pretty ugly little liar and it all made sense rofl.. who knew double stacking bras could make such a difference

Her Pinterest had a board called "I love underwear" or something and it was filled with tons of revealing lingerie she wanted. She probably just stared at those pics all day hoping her boobs would come one day, and hopefully an e-famous nerd oblivious to the existence of push up bras to be her ticket to fame and fortune too


No. 353514

Surprised she still has "friends" majority of them see her as a easy hoe that whored herself out through high school and digged her way out of Kansas with her used up pussy

No. 353731

File: 1500245798853.png (802.88 KB, 954x504, 5cc083b48752ec7c94118923666657…)

Do you guys think that Emiru buys views or something? It's something you can do, and her subscriber count is only 62K. Some videos I can understand having high view counts (like her Dyrus vid) but it's questionable that only her most recent video and the one before that have such low view counts compared to the others.

No. 353824

It's possible, she probably does that to make herself seem bigger since she likes to think and say that she's more "sucessful" and is doing better than all her old Kansas friends.

No. 353931

File: 1500277369515.png (2.52 MB, 1248x1364, 20170717_033954.png)

Maybe Emily should stick to the blurry webcam shots? it's funny that she thinks she looks like some pastel princess here when her eyebrows are literally 8 shades darker than her wig. and her eye makeup is thicker than her actual eye. and her lips look thin even with the duckface… how many bucks she'll delete the post after reading this? saged for nit pick

No. 353966

lol definitely… I think the dyrus one is legit like most other vids with him in them but everything else is … suspicious. There are ahri cosplay vids with girls way cuter than her that don't have close to the same views. + she has so few subscribers

Yeah she keeps trying to show that she's kawaii girl, insta-thot, and memer all in one and it's always been a mess

No. 353978

File: 1500291954408.jpg (66.49 KB, 1357x1011, VZpe7mh.jpg)

why does her hand always look like…. the hand of a dead person? she put a disclaimer in the beginning of that vid about her "very yellow skin" but uhhhh…?

No. 354003

File: 1500296448283.jpg (128.07 KB, 500x500, IMG_0510.JPG)

No. 354024

File: 1500300989289.png (380.56 KB, 598x492, tweet 6.png)

Too bad only 2.5 cosplays featured here is actually cosplay. The rest are freaking selfies, I never knew doing makeup and wearing a regular top counts as cosplay now. Smh.

No. 354025

She does that alot to cover up her uneven jaw

No. 354092

emily's widow maker cosplay = blue face paint, her normal over the top eye makeup, her usual over the top contouring, contacts, she even contoured HER CLEAVAGE along with using the double bra method when widow maker has small boobs with a gap?? why the fuck she complaining when she gets hit up with the thirsty guys? she's literally going out of her way to make herself look like a typical cheap cosplay hoe

… not to mention her d.va cosplay, shes literally wearing "lingerie" with 2 pushup bras under it, as she so helpfully described to her thirsty audience before she deleted her post.

also her urgot cosplay was pathetic. another attempt to seem like a "chill bro kind of gal"… why is she still wearing a tank top and push up bras? the more I see of this girl the more self aware, yet cringey she seems.

(the d.va cosplayer in that pic, aikuros/sockgyu or whatever, shouldn't even count her photoshopped to hell face as cosplay. you can tell her face looks nothing close in the vids she posts, but even in the videos she's either using a filter that covers her nose and eyes or hiding her face with a beverage)

No. 354118

File: 1500310783238.png (165.41 KB, 295x556, faileru.png)

Gotchu fam

Whoremiru deleted this after getting called out for it in the last thread


>Why not get rid of the pantyhose or wear something else? Ohright. For the attention bait.

No. 354127

File: 1500313575606.png (62.13 KB, 720x354, Pic.png)

Did she tell Dyrus not to stream?

No. 354232

He's streaming.

I wonder what emily's parents are thinking right now. "Our daughter's boyfriend is playing games instead of spending time with us. How odd."

No. 354306

File: 1500335066564.png (694.42 KB, 977x619, dyrus stream.png)

"I have to continue making money to please your digger daughter."

No. 354358

File: 1500341970914.png (366.78 KB, 643x897, mm.png)

Anyone find it fucking weird how they talk on twitter when they are right beside each other?

No. 354364

Because emily wants to seem witty and funny teehee xd

OT, but why.. just why is emily using a pic of 17 year old her squeezing her tits together as her new profile pic? there's no way she's NOT baiting for pedos and creeps- someone told her "nice pic" or "i like your pic" or something like that on twitter and she just HAD to mention oh haha i was only 17… emily plz

No. 354394

File: 1500347219120.png (48.57 KB, 308x447, emiru 5.png)

Yeah Emiru totally has A cups lol

It looks like she unhooked the bras /padding and let it slide off slightly to give the illusion of bigger tits but too bad for her it doesn't quite work for lil bites
Probably the reason why Dyrus has been grinding so much is to make Emiru's body lie a reality.

No. 354414

Why does urgot have titties tho

No. 354428


this is so fucking weird. what's the point to mix ahri and urgot besides wanting to show ur titties because you can't go two seconds without having to show them to keep the male interest..

No. 354530

Cuz she's so qUiRKy! XD

No. 354545

File: 1500381975686.jpg (200.4 KB, 900x900, soutien-gorge-invisible-auto-a…)

Look at the straps pretty sure she uses this kind of bra along with a regular pushup.

No. 354549

she is also leaning back a fair bit to give the illusion of droopier boobs but it just looks like shes stiff and uncomfortable. what was the context of this pic anyway

No. 354554

she's 5'4 and 100 lbs, the possibility of her having naturally large boobs is near impossible. too bad 90% of her audience is idiot guys who believe her bullshit spewing about having superior genetics

No. 354564

is she really 100 pounds with that height? that seems a bit under… then again she refuses to really eat other than the perkiness of being unique!! hehe xd

No. 354576

She's has alot of restrictions for her diet and doesn't eat any meat. She usually eats junk food for the stream to show that she's a TRUE GAMER

Hilarious how she always talks about eating everything in sight when she does the opposite of that. If Emi gains weight Dygus will find another sugar baby to sponsor.

No. 354586

File: 1500392606050.png (96.85 KB, 189x275, 2017-07-18 11.41.52.png)

Her real tits end about there. She's gonna bounce once Dygus<3 pays for her surgeries. I called it

No. 354606

not surprised if she actually goes through with it soon, her and kellyjean are basically butt brothers in twitch whore style

No. 354620

She's gonna leave for months and tell her fans SRY GAIZZ I HAD TO SPEND TIME WITH MYSELF CUZ DEPRESSED N SCHOOL N STUFF while showing off her new knockers on stream

No. 354777

File: 1500403957994.png (352.1 KB, 720x398, Hehe.png)

Emiru before getting exposed for being a thot

No. 354779

File: 1500403995142.jpg (73.96 KB, 532x798, 3a6f484e718e0dd0cca58dacff2a20…)

Emiru now

No. 354924

File: 1500416764820.png (149.94 KB, 720x879, Mn.png)

Emi is too lazy to stream herself so she's making Dygus<3 do all the work

No. 354934

but dyrus streaming isnt considered rude? hes the whipped one in the relationship im surprised she isnt giving him hell and being petty

No. 354936

she could stream on the laptop they brought with them but she always has a thousand excuses i feel bad 4 her fans

No. 354994

because she has to look ~perfect~ to stream, and the makeup she does is prob too elaborate and exhausting to do a lot

No. 355070

File: 1500433621157.png (453.99 KB, 739x885, ss.png)

her candid makeupless pic looks nothing like her posed duckface makeupless face in her videos. as another anon pointed out, every time she's not wearing makeup or not lookin too hot in the face, she tries extra hard on the titties to make herself seem more feminine and sexy

No. 355161


if i didn't know any better i would believe someone if they said this was mtf tranny. something about asian's faces and bodies make both genders look so similar. at least a friend of mine on league said that a lot of people know she's an ethot so that gave me hope considering I'd never though guys would know her fakeness or criticize her.

maybe she's not streaming bc she doesn't want to get dressed up like her usual internet self infront of her family? and she won't stream if she isn't in her 5 pounds of makeup and suitable attire so..
i'd be weirded out as her parents though to have her boyfriend stream instead of talk and get to know each other.

No. 355177

This is an important point tbh. Don't let emiru's twitter/chat minions fool you, she's suuuuuper disliked in the league community. By guys and other female (titty and non-titty) streamers alike..

She hasn't been going on and on about haters forever just because of lolcow lul

honestly most hapa men look more feminine than she does naturally

what if she's not even half white and whatever white dude she calls dad is actually her stepdad + her brothers are half brothers …. RIP snowflake fuel

No. 355357


No. 355367

File: 1500478761298.png (52.93 KB, 682x589, IMG_2716.PNG)

No. 355377

File: 1500479820312.png (413.02 KB, 438x463, pp13.png)

She's really thin
this stream was half a year ago

No. 355389

File: 1500480416603.png (76.58 KB, 586x730, Nw33UNp.png)

I just remember these tweets from when I first found her… there were some more but I can't find them

I'm friends with a guy who used to date one of emiru's "small streamer friends" and he's ex-challenger and said most guys in the community consider her fake as fuck too, but I can't really give hard proof of that

now that I think about it I don't think there are many other titty streamers who are currently dating pros actually in the scene….

No. 355411

appreciate the effort but she constantly lies and over exaggerates things (like the uber incident?) so yeah, but i guess this is good enough.

No. 355447

In the other thread there were Twitter caps of guys dissing Emiru for being a Twitch cam girl. Also she had a tweet that is now deleted saying that the only people who don't like her are over protective Dyrus fans and insecure girls

No. 355450

File: 1500483624425.png (54.35 KB, 645x535, tweet.png)

No. 355485

File: 1500486019741.png (256.52 KB, 1422x805, qDcg1yS.png)

oh she constantly gets flamed by random guys in her replies. I thought you meant proof of some streamers shitting on her or something.

her twitter is so fucking cringe but she's such a salt bucket it cracks me up

No. 355516

Why are e-hoes so obsessed with Ahri and D.va? there are so many of them that claim/think/want their fans to believe that they are the real life embodiment of them. It's getting pretty old and boring.

No. 355559

File: 1500495031939.png (14 KB, 582x132, yikes.png)

No. 355591

Being Chinese mix white is the only thing she and Dyrus will ever have in common

Hahahaaa that's pretty ironic. She's exactly like the post she liked with her relationship with sugar daddy Dyrus.

No. 355633

File: 1500500786328.png (10.53 KB, 399x229, mhm.png)

From her Tumblr QA. She just wanted to leave Kansas so bad. There's nothing to do down there.

Emiru reminds me of those mail order Filipino brides that desperately latch on to any white man in hopes of a green card.

No. 356079

File: 1500556705835.png (325.35 KB, 668x731, Lmao.png)

Oh the irony. Emi warning others about gold digging hoes like herself.
She's a huge hypocrite, she posts shit like this as if she's a lil angel good girl with a clean record. A egirl hoe that belives she's better than the other egirls l0l

No. 356085

>"I was anxious of being used and forgotten by Dyrus"

More like

>"I was anxious that Dyrus would see through my shit and send me back to Kansas so I would have to start the cycle of manipulation all over again with a different efamous guy."

No. 356302

pot and kettle

No. 356850

File: 1500650952805.png (248.57 KB, 387x405, Screenshot_2017-07-21-11-27-04…)

Even with the padding from the dress her tits looks like A cups at best. She'll probably be like that sarah mcd girl and get surgery done to continue her lie about being a ♡natural oppai goddess♡

No. 356881

File: 1500654564308.png (85 KB, 688x148, Tweet.png)

Gooby, a content creator and streamer said this about her, he deleted it after the wks came

No. 356884

File: 1500654788568.png (45.54 KB, 720x260, Tweet2.png)

No. 356886

What an irony.

No. 356913

File: 1500657217626.png (114.55 KB, 240x333, Kek.png)

And she wonders why modeling agencies don't want her


No. 357276

File: 1500689602812.png (26.26 KB, 720x284, 2302918375053.png)

Dumb fans

No. 357340

File: 1500695652559.png (214.68 KB, 521x1043, Shot4.png)

Why is she such a hypocrite??

>"I know who I am"

Does Emi know that she's a leech? She's been trying so hard to hide her true self and intentions this whole time. She deeply cares and actively searches out what people say about her u go emi~! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 357349

She's talking about stupid HaTeRzz being jealous and insecure, but it was her shittalking other Twitch e-thots because they're more beautiful than she ever possibly can be on the inside and the outside.

No. 357432

Emi trying to pretend she's a lil angel that would never do anything wrong

No. 357558

File: 1500747105866.png (321.88 KB, 766x557, 9e13b9776410.png)

Wtf is she wearing? It looks like some old ass rag

No. 357564

how old is this? i thought she was wearing more conservative clothes after being debunked by lolcow

No. 357565

Around half a year ago I believe

No. 357570

It's funny bc it's actually a $55 dollar satin romper from Forever21. I was looking at the exact same item

No. 357607

ohhh okay. i thought this was recent

No. 357628

I just couldn't figure out wtf it was when I saw it. Someone posted a link to some of Emiru's booby streams on a diff site

No. 357676


No. 357761

File: 1500769065886.png (257.33 KB, 720x1046, Orly now.png)

"He did research and brought 6 different kinds of medicine"

Why does it seem like they are two retards?

No. 357867


It's sad that Emily doesn't know how to do basic adult things but it's even sadder her autistic boyfriend dyrus knows even less. Reminds me of when Emily went "ONG DYRUS MADE ME FOOD OMGGG U GUYS YOU DONT KNOW HOW SWEET THIS IS;___;". It's beyond cringe with that pic of him with his chin on the counter like some fucking dog. I truly believe she would hop on the next dick if the opportunity arose

No. 357870

This would be A L M O S T cute if they were 15-16 years old. almost. As fully grown adults it's sooo cringy ughh I physically cringed irl reading that

I doubt that even really happened. Here's a translation of what she's trying to communicate to her minions - "Dyrus cares about me sooooooooo much I swear I'm not a live in fucktoy like you guys all think! See he's taking care of me! believe me you fools "

No. 357903

I wonder if she has a eating disorder

No. 357907

File: 1500779877553.png (167.04 KB, 524x913, Shoulda went with rek.png)

Does Reckful really make more money than Dyrus? As much as Em wants people to believe that she's adored and lusted after by every human on this earth, there are people who see through her bullshit

No. 358078

Smh.. the sad part is she's never given anyone reason to even think otherwise. If they had an actual affectionate (publicly) relationship beyond her tweets, it might honestly make her look less leechy. Think league gfs like lisha, Annie and boxbox, etc

Instead, the only info we get from either of them are her dubious wannabe-cute tweets about how hard "adulting" is (which is only cute for actual young adults stepping into the real world for the first time….not grown men. Somehow that detail has escaped her), her slutty double bra streams, and awkward pics of gifts they sent each other. What counter evidence has she ever given against the haterzzz?

No. 358136

Apparently, Reckful invested 600k in stocks according to plebbit but that was 1 year ago.

No. 358183

Emiru got to be twisting her panties right now. Too bad she was too eager to leave Kansas, she could had waited for Reckful to snatch the bait. Too bad she had to settle for the next best thing, a overweight autistic man child with less money

No. 358485

Why throw away your young years like that. Doesn't she want to go and travel and hang out in places instead of stuck behind a computer and feeding her fat bf?

She said she uses NARS makeup, I wonder if she still uses it considering NARS have began to test on bunnies just like her pets.

No. 358564

Cuz shes a leech

No. 358577

Still all this talk about nudes but i still haven't seen one piece of proof

No. 358655

Kek if you really wanted to you could so easily find it

No. 358836

you're really fucking stupid asking for underage porn

No. 358912

File: 1500891227605.png (249.9 KB, 390x271, qp0B2MD.png)

This makeup+clothes transformation after being called out is so hilarious omg… what a great time for me to have discovered lolcow

No. 358919

File: 1500892584273.png (519.16 KB, 626x748, lkLBlNf.png)

sorry samefag but I saw someone on pull bring up her timeline and I've been working on lining her lies up… can't find most of her old tumblr posts though,she thoroughly cleaned that shit lmao

here's what I have so far-

December 2015 (Emiru 17 years old): she tweeted at dyrus, after which she claimed they skyped and flirted/developed feelings for each other after a short time

Early 2016: She claims she met dyrus in person 'months' before the reckful incident ever happened (which happened in March 2016) - Reckful's vod of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_scB7QV2_M&feature=youtu.be&t=12m8s
There used to be more on oddshot but I can't find them anymore

July 2016: She permanently moves in with w/ Dyrus

Her explanation: http://i.imgur.com/RFcIYsS.png

Still missing her original "how we met" story from her tumblr that gave a totally different line of events. But so far this is my main reason for thinking she's tru leech tier lol. Sorry for essay

No. 358945

She's a stupid hoe for thinking she can jungle two guys without anyone calling her out for it. She's a fuckin leech and she's been trying so hard to 'prove' to everyone that she's not one. Fucking kek

Keep lying to yourself hun

No. 358960

File: 1500898795675.png (135.25 KB, 357x221, CZObZzr.png)

just another outfit to help her show her bra off… pretty risky move for people who wear two.. but then again so is publicly flirting with e-famous guys.. for people who want two lmaooo

No. 358982


Then again maybe Dyrus isn't so bad for now. He doesn't seem to care that he got catfished (stuffed tits and heavy makeup) she's gone once she gets her surgeries like Jenna

No. 359009

you keep on forgetting hes basically missing a chromosome and hes literally obese and going on a steep decline in esports. emiru choose an easy target because hes a walking baked potato who just got over a long breakup and a walking wankbank dollar sign

No. 359024

Holy shit guys lmao. When you Google "emiru", the 3rd link that comes up is a forum telling everyone about her lies. I wonder how she's gonna keep up her I wear baggy tshirts good girl facade now

No. 359044

yess and people on that site pull a lot of their info from here (with credit lol)

pretty ugly little liar is responsible for exposing most of the "big" internet famous people for a loooooong time now… it's pretty bad news for her reputation that she's made her way on there now.

that forum gets a ton of traffic so I wouldnt be surprised if we see another deleting spree from emiru soon…

No. 359046

Pull started exposing her after reading the shit about her here kek

No. 359058

Once Dyrus rang she dropped her Kansas bf

That means she was 3 timing on everyone

Cheating on Kansas bf with Dyrus>break up to get with him>meet him irl>jumps on Reckful>Dyrus catches bait and then moves in with him

How is she not a attention whoring leech? The ppl who defend her are the same losers who defend Kelly Jean on her leeching "NOT A TWITCH CAM GIRL" antics.

She started off playing support and when she noticed there wasnt enough attention on her, she started playing adc to prove "IM NOT LIKE THE OTHER CAM GIRLS! IMA REAL!"


No. 359256

Oh okay, didn't know
Thought the nudes were recent

No. 359328

File: 1500925997275.png (10.61 KB, 402x231, emiru attacks xd.png)

She should really quit the fake nice thing. Shes a huge bitch to her fans. Instead of telling this concerned fan that hes got it wrong she flips the fuck out on him. This isnt the first time she treated her fans badly.

No. 359334

File: 1500926451275.png (6.94 KB, 420x187, emiru easy af.png)

She was basically like this >>354777 to any guy that would give her attention, they didnt even have to be efamous as long as they gave her donations, gifts, skins, attention, etc. Even after getting together with Dyrus she still did the flirting and cam thing with her stream until she got exposed. rip booby streams

No. 359340

File: 1500926771822.png (14.6 KB, 637x120, lmao plz.png)

I also like how emi talks as if shes not a shitty player and she as the right to make fun of support players
like bitch u use to main sona support until you figured that jhin could make u look special

i have a feeling pull is gonna take this fucking credit if u do

No. 359360

RIP any followers (all of them) who followed her for the booby streams.
but then again following and donating to push up bras isn't always the wisest choice

No. 359426

So edgey XDXD

It's so cringey watching her try so hard to be down to earth and cool

No. 359466

"My voice gets really strained.. just doing normal things.. but it's all good"
maybe it wouldn't if you used your real voice instead of faking a deep dyrus voice to legitimize your parasitic relationship

It's so funny how emiru is the polar opposite of lilypichu… didn't lily and dyrus have a thing once? sry for OT

No. 359543

he was very protective of her

No. 359544

They did videos together and stuff I don't really rmb. Nothing ever happened becuz Dyrus was dating Pixi? ( idk her name) and by the time they broke up Lily was still together with Hsgg. As much as I don't like Lily's IMA HEKPLESS ANIMU CHILD LOLI act I still prefer her over Emiru, slightly.

No. 359546

Why do ethots always do this? why do they always have to put a selfie in their thumbnail when they look like crack whores

No. 359565

Ot Is it me or does Dad-dyrus seems immature? Personally I find it kinda weird how she calls him dad (I'm engaged and I don't call my fiance's parents mom and dad) is it just me? Or maybe it's her daddy issues kickin in

>>359546 It's cause they have to show off how hot they are!1! XDXD

No. 359582

maybe dyrus likes getting called daddy or something idk. his autism might be acting up. and he has a history of getting too emotional and flaming, in general being toxic.

google "dyrus: get the fuck out of my lane" to a chinese league player ( a lot of people were saying he got so intense was because he didnt like the new chinese team in NALCS stomping on everyone. source? a long stream 3 years ago.)

No. 359603

I meant dyrus's dad

No. 359656

File: 1500954365004.png (77.34 KB, 720x401, Screenshot_2017-07-24-23-37-05…)

It's plausible that she has a eating disorder. She said on her Tumblr that she weighs 100 pounds, I'm very sure the reason why Emiru feels sick all the time is cuz she rarely eats and when she does it's not stuff her body needs. Em is so obsessed with being thin to the point she barely eats and if she does it's very small portions + no meat, I use to have a roomate that had a ED and would eat so little that she developed low blood sugar and pressure and also became anemic. She would always wake up sick like Emiru because of the anemia and low blood pressure stuff

Honestly it seems like she's afraid of gaining weight since she loses value if she does

No. 359663

no offense, but this is already old news and brought up on pull.

No. 359682

>assumes everyone reads pull

Majority of the people in that thread takes all their tea and even opinions from here, there's only 1 or 2 people that actually posts their own caps and commentary, you only started your thread because of the Lolcow threads and it was literally a copy pasta since you don't have the brain mass to write down your own thoughts.

No. 359701

>gets triggered when bringing up old tea.
>assumes im autistic.
>anon is actually autistic themselves.

No. 359829

Lmao you are really a degenerate.
Since you can't read I'll explain, my point is not everyone reads your shitty site. Just because you talked about something on pull doesn't mean that people here can't talk about it. I never said you were autistic but you might as well be with your response.

Go kill yourself you stupid autistic fuck.

No. 359920

God. She looks like a fucking guy trying to dress up as a girl for fun

No. 360163

Cringeiru thinks showing her bra like that people will stop thinking she stuffs her bra. It's painfully obvious that she has A cups

No. 360180


this it the worst gameplay video she produced and she literally shits and milks out anything remotely good out of her stream

No. 360310

I am triggered by your stupidity.

No. 360472

Jesus christ emily relax

No. 360498

File: 1501033298349.jpg (65.91 KB, 400x380, Kudos to you.jpg)

Why do you always believe that Everyone who disagrees with you is Emily? The same thing happened when you got called out for being a dumbass here >>351620 you were so quick to cry to pull saying >>351657 was Emily. It was obvious before that Emily was here but she stopped coming after everyone wasn't buying her "wk regular user act" It's obvious that you're the pull user veryprincely. Your reading comprehension is fucking horrendous, you never have any reasonable comebacks so you resort to crying wolf on whoever roasts you is Emily or they are #triggered

You are truly pathetic Princely. Go back to your safe space at pull because you clearly can't stand getting called out by other anons when you sperg or let your retardation out.

No. 360541

damn you got me good.

No. 360753

File: 1501064434068.png (373.94 KB, 439x349, x4rKxMo.png)

can you all resist your undying desire to shit the thread up? wtf

in other news church girl emily is still trying to come up with new damage control methods and it's still hilarious

Balloon boobs are still MIA - will we ever see them again?

No. 360913

File: 1501083620489.png (216.5 KB, 439x349, 1501064434068.png)

i took off her crazy eye makeup. she'd look way better with a natural look like just mascara and no foundation, her instagram natural look looked way too flat?

No. 360945

probably looks too asian (and natural) for her lul but I agree

RIP snake eyes contacts too I guess

No. 361208

She actually looks pretty cute like this, but that's because you gave her big eyelids lmao

She wears the crazy eye makeup and lashes because they hide her tiny asian lids

No. 361426

in her lastest yt vid (boosted plays) she talks about how she dropped 5% in her winrate for jhin cause she kept playing him when he was off meta but like… if you play a champion and practically one trick them, you shouldnt drop 5% in winrate because they arent not meta. you should know the ins and outs of that champion enough to maintain a winrate thats (slightly) above 50% regardless of meta

she cant accept the fact that shes not good at jhin or at adc in general and blames it on the game rather than her incompetence lol

No. 362794

File: 1501312063848.png (71.54 KB, 750x662, IMG_2732.PNG)

Her newest selfie

No. 362798

Samefag but I just noticed the pupil in her lense on our right (probably her left) eye is a square.

I don't wear contacts, so I don't know if that's common or if she failed editing the selfie?

No. 362899

Probably fail editing, I'm pretty sure those are the same contacts she wears in other pics too

Also why do I feel like she's having an early midlife crisis

No. 362930

her eyebrows are so crooked. the left eyebrow extends past the inner corner of her eye and her right one stops before. it's hard to tell though bc the photo is so zoomed in

No. 363207

File: 1501375610995.png (60.26 KB, 230x306, nice nip.png)

Kek her nips are big and dark, for someone with A cups they are pretty damn big, no wonder she covered them with her hands for her barely nudes. If her nipples were pink she would had shown them off and be like "muh white German genes"

Heres how not to have any nip slips, don't wear crazy pushup bras that literally push ur tits out of the cup you stupid slut.

No. 363550

File: 1501437499473.png (105.45 KB, 720x1001, Screenshot_2017-07-30-13-57-11…)

Yeah! Who cares!!

obsessively searches for what message boards are saying

No. 363568

File: 1501439747539.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3456.PNG)

And even more obsessively tries to alter her appearance and behavior to fix her now-shitty reputation lmao.. Kelly jean didn't even really do that did she? Everything involving emiru is so damn… weird idk

Also this pic cracked me up… she always wants to believe so badly that she has these "white" features (beauty + big tits) and she literally just… looks like an Asian person ???

But here's a newsflash emiru, Asian women come in all shapes and sizes and it's possible to have those qualities and be attractive without emulating a European standard whatsoever

Bigger newsflash, there's no blatantly noticeable "white" feature on you…

No. 363593

File: 1501444974319.jpg (54.69 KB, 405x200, CYMERA_20170730_160254.jpg)

>Stuffs bra
>Big eye makeup
>Pale foundation
>Alien blue contact lenses


Boy I never knew big breasts where only exclusive to white people ?
Emiru's logic is hilarious

No. 363747

File: 1501460835873.png (26.61 KB, 396x402, AyXCGkr.png)

ummmm LOL isn't this exactly what she did? Tried to shame girls playing certain champs or as feeding as jhin? wtf? What were all those twitter rants about then?

I'm 99.9% sure she's asking herself all these questions (which seem to magically relate to things she's been roasted about recently..) to try and clear her name

No. 363797

At this point everyone knows Emiru is a huge hypocrite, picks on girls who play adc becuz ~only she can play adc cuz whoremiru isn't a sloot like the other e-bitches~ she's totally fine with girl supports since it makes her look better and furthers the image she's trying to paint.

No. 363828

File: 1501474568889.png (144.89 KB, 720x674, Screenshot_2017-07-30-22-31-04…)

Suddenly saint Emily is complimenting support players. What happened to support players are bad and it's an easy role? Backtracking so hard

No. 363837

she knows good and well she's asking these damn questions to herself hahahaha omg…

this is actually popcorn worthy

No. 363848

she's using the excuse of having no tumblr followers is the reason why she wants to deactivate it but she doesn't put the link for it on her twitch or youtube ?

No. 363937

How disingenuous of her, more like she's dissatisfied that she isn't getting hundreds of thousands of msgs telling her she's so boootiful. Instead she's only getting a hundred to a thousand of those but it ain't enough. Ironic considering how awhile back ago saint Emily said she wasn't going to respond to compliments anymore after being called out for baiting compliments.

No. 363978

Also that humblebrag for only a "few thousand followers" when she knows most of her 'fans' will be totally blown away by that number

And yeah she's probably gonna deactivate it because there's way too much evidence on there to find. Especially if you use the wayback machine.

Anyone have screen caps of when her description was "real life hentai character" lul… yet somehow… the rest of the world is sexualizing her against her will… hmmmmmmmmmm

Literally everything she says and does is to help perpetuate her veneer of perfection to her naive fans

No. 363982

File: 1501514382923.png (13.46 KB, 275x103, 1497919257174.png)

here ya go anon

No. 363984

File: 1501514755426.png (72.81 KB, 1439x492, 20170731_112351.png)

also, since her deletion of all her titty streams and evidence, a reminder of something she's posted

No. 364016

It'd be neat if there was a graph of her twitch viewer count before and after the titty stream purge.

No. 364023

lol, pokimane just posted a video of her playing Jhin, with emily's favorite skin too.. incoming vagueing about Poki on emily's twitter.. oh wait, she probably won't do it now that she's read these forums :(

No. 364027

File: 1501518598570.png (490.33 KB, 730x687, b4c2687775fae360159161f42e016c…)

of course emily would commission an artist for a sexualised female jhin with a titty window, booty shorts, and thigh high stockings to base her planned jhin cosplay off of (click on the picture on her actual twitter for full view) with blonde hair as well. poor little white girl wannabe emily :(

No. 364031

File: 1501518701737.png (219.38 KB, 692x796, Jhin_Render.png)

What Jhin actually looks like, for reference. The only similarity is the mask that she's going to pay someone else to make for her

No. 364097

That's my cap :( atleast credit if ur gonna take from pull

No. 364103

Emiru got to be heated af that she can't talk shit about Pookimane playing Jhin, she'll get trashed so hard if she tries to pull that shit again

No. 364165

LOL… she unfollowed pokimane on Instagram hahaha she's actually lost it

Remember how she used to adore poki and died when she followed? Lololol

No. 364170

File: 1501536798131.png (319.84 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3460.PNG)

Also emiru using Twitter the way normal people use a phone to try and show off her friendships… this girls life omg..

So much thought and effort probably goes into every little thing

No. 364210

Lmaoooooooo no way HAHAHAHAA over playing Jhin? Who the fuck does Emiru think she is? Even the best one tricks don't do that kind of shit. Ego maniac ???

Everything she does is carefully planned out, that how Emi crafts her "image". It's not natural at all, she fails at this so hard.

No. 364305

gotta make sure everyone knows she has actual friends. True esluts don't have friends… she probably thinks. Also find it kinda weird how she keeps prompting people to add her and privately message her on discord… maybe she's lonely?

I noticed the philly guy still talks to her, but I used to wayback machine and saw that he originally was just an anon on her tumblr… he signed his messages "-philly" kek

guessing that's how she gets to meet and have her attention quota fulfilled by thirsty neckbeards I mean new friends

No. 364319

Oh shit, sorry dude ;-; I just found it higher up in this thread because I wanted to help anon, I'd def credit if I knew

I think Pokimane and Emiru were never meant to be friends. Emily just used her as click bait in her vids and streams and pretends she loves her, when in reality she's probably jealous that she's more popular/naturally pretty

No. 364322

File: 1501556532581.png (192.24 KB, 720x547, Screenshot_2017-07-31-22-53-51…)

She was friends with Pokimane

No. 364323

File: 1501556595940.png (204.1 KB, 720x1238, 2017-07-31 22.49.45.png)

Not only did she unfollow her on twitter, but insta too. This is all the people she currently follows with p in their names

No. 364328

File: 1501556894291.png (68.55 KB, 145x215, Screenshot_2017-07-31-23-06-54…)


No. 364336

File: 1501557690938.png (101.04 KB, 720x747, Screenshot_2017-07-31-23-19-31…)

Emiru gets super jealous of other girls and god forbid anyone else playing Jhin

No. 364337

Didn't Snakemiru say she had a crush on Poki or she liked her in one of her highlight vids?

No. 364339

yeah she definitely did but I can't find the clip now. I remember it was a really popular stream highlight for a bit since thats all I usually check on her twitch lol

She did some autistic screech when pokimane followed her or subbed to her on twitch and the philly guy made a comment about their girl love or something

No. 364342

File: 1501558310399.png (98.77 KB, 476x603, Screenshot_2017-07-31-23-30-07…)

Emiru is just like her bff Kelly Jean, just uses people for their own gain, even if they don't like someone they will still befriend them

No. 364381

File: 1501564212061.png (450.7 KB, 720x701, 7654i.png)

Those sharpie eyebrows look so damn bad

No. 364392

File: 1501565903254.png (776.01 KB, 720x711, 16-55-1.png)


No. 364473


minor pet peeve but why is her mouse mat hanging off the table? she looks like she has plenty of room to put it somewhere nice. like fucks sake, my mouse mat takes up 80% of the length of my desk and i never have it hanging off. i've seen other people do that too, like

No. 364505

Fake lesbian fanservice for the autistic neckbeards

No. 364568

off topic
sometimes the table edges are sharp and hurt after a while but her table looks too expensive for something like that to happen

No. 364573

Why is her legs just out like that when she's got a skirt on? Is it just more fantasy fap material for her kiddie fans?

No. 364598

File: 1501598447486.png (469.79 KB, 720x350, Lizard eats rabbit.png)

emiru likes rabbits so much is cause she can relate to how stupid they are

No. 364649

File: 1501605427785.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3461.PNG)

Goddamn… angles really are a bitch huh…

If she could flash actual skin on stream and get away with it, she'd stream legs wide open 24/7… in accordance with her self-proclaimed "hentai character" role

No. 364874

File: 1501631600187.png (73.14 KB, 720x615, Tumblr cap.png)

She's trying extra hard to be different, just stick with your easy champs hoe. It's hard to believe that she would play trist or Kled without daddy d playing on her acc

No. 364981

File: 1501645993489.jpg (154.07 KB, 1024x768, DGLJz8NU0AAthQM.jpg)

Is it me or does it seem like Emi can't decide on the sizing for her fake stuffed tits, they're always different sizes. Not a good idea if you're constantly claiming that your #BIGTITS are natural and real. Wonder if her fans ever notice

No. 365214

Does anyone have caps of the eugenia cooney thing where emiru said she was better than her?

No. 365653

File: 1501729246689.png (92.84 KB, 294x212, Trannychan.png)

reckful lucked out on the tranny gb dyrone 4 taking the bullet

No. 366508

File: 1501860008174.png (230.19 KB, 473x405, Whoremiru.png)

Emily always thought she was better than everyone else because she's half white, she should really stop emphasizing her value on her race as it means nothing. She does everything she can to appear more white, pretty sad.

No. 368127

It's pretty hilarious how emiru relates herself with Kirby considering she doesn't eat anything and probably doesn't even swallow daddy dyrus's cummies xd

No. 368224


Egirls like to say they are the irl ahri or cling to her cuz they relate with the whole soulstealing thing except they suck ur money and attention

No. 368559

File: 1502145287835.png (252.75 KB, 720x519, Screenshot_2017-08-07-18-29-37…)

any1 remember the time she tried associating herself with milfs? Kek

No. 368935


No. 369618


it's ridiculous how grown she wants everyone to think she is. At most she looks like she's in her young 20s in those pics with her hair like that which is normal? Because she's almost 20?

Meanwhile she's gushing about "omg my bf takes care of me and feeds me ugu!11 uwu!11"
I fucking hope he does the bare minimum for you if you two are fucking sharing a house together as a "couple".

No. 369795

If grossgore was in na this hoe would had latched onto him too

No. 370091

I remember dyrus forgetting to wash his hands after wiping his nose or touching his mouth when he was doing those cooking videosz. Emiru had to constantly remind him and when he did wash his hands he didn't even use soap lmfao.

He had no real world skills at all. Emily cooks and cleans his clothes for him. I'll give her credit, she probably does all the housework for him, makes sense seeing as he's the 'breadwinner'

No. 370273

But her cooking and cleaning skills are below average, her food is shit tier and the house is still messy even though she "cleans" it. I won't be surprised if they started calling in cleaners over since everyone is pretty much a child in that household with no real responsibilities.

No. 370696


this is the most awkward and painful thing I have ever fuckin seen

credits to the people at pull that managed to sit themselves through this

No. 371458

Yeah I get it you pulltards are special lil butterflies

Whoremiru deleted her tumblr, guess no one cared about her there.

No. 371895


more like she wasn't getting enough "omg queen I love u ur so beautiful im not worthy of ur wasian presence!1111" messages in her inbox anymore

No. 373071

File: 1502850625684.jpg (166.44 KB, 749x1140, DHTmCg5UwAAlJAj.jpg)

It hasn't even been 4 months and the rabbit she got for Dygus<3 is dead rofl

No. 373104

I dunno. I saw a tweet where she was bathing one of her bunnies and when someone said that could cause the rabbit to have system shock, she said it was okay because it was shallow water and they were trying to get muck off of the rabbit anyway. I don't know which bunny it was.

No. 373245

File: 1502882626036.png (87.93 KB, 611x616, emiru.png)

did a quick search on twitter and nah it wasn't the bunny that died

she says she takes care of them and knows them well but i don't think she realizes that bunnies are extremely fragile, even sudden changes in diet that can upset their stomach which shows in their feces, but maybe not their attitude etc

No. 373348

The poor bunny probably got scared to death when it saw emily's face without makeup

No. 373361

the two bunnies she constantly has on stream hump the shit out of each other.

No. 373421

Lmaooo got me good

Whoremiru thinks she's the rabbit whisperer, like no… stick to sucking daddy D's cock and cooking shit tier food. Animal care is definitely not her forte.

No. 373454

Emily and Dyrus probably decided not to spay them so the bunnies can hump each other on stream for viewership.

No. 373713

File: 1502933962698.png (690.52 KB, 940x609, abuse.png)

i snorted.

theres more pictures of the rabbits on dyrus's instagram and emiru's instagram. you can see the piles of their own shit in the background.

No. 373888

It's pretty clear that Whoremiru wanted an excuse to buy another rabbit so she chucked it at Dyrus to care for and when it was play time she would take it, her other rabbits are fine cause her parents were around to help out. You can't dump the responsibility on others when it comes to stuff like this and clearly Dyrus didn't know what to do and neither does Whoremiru. On her Twitter it seems like she's trying to get pity points for her rabbit's death.

No. 373919

File: 1502950508794.png (529.89 KB, 981x537, receiptsbitch.png)

this rabbit doesnt look happy.

No. 373921

healthy** mb.

No. 374032

Not sure about not looking healthy, but bunnies don't like heights. Especially when they're not properly held. (one hand under their butt) If you don't do that, they will think you're a predator and will possibly panic.

Bunnies are very difficult pets, and this just shows how much homework emily has done: none at all. Bitch, don't fucking wash them even if they look "dirty". They can clean themselves up just fine unlike you.

No. 374061

Em is always like


Saying you love rabbits doesn't mean you know how to take care of them, she's just an irresponsible owner.

No. 374072

i know basic care for rabbits, but i dont know breeds. she looks very small and underweight, but idk if thats just because baby bunnies are very small and the size of the palm of your hands or they just grow really slow. other pictures of freya (the bunny that died) shows her with glossy eyes and quivering in a video on dyrus's instagram.

No. 374250

I am by no means an Emiru WK, in fact I've agreed with a lot of the posts on this thread, besides these. The bunny that died was a netherland DWARF, dwarfs are small. Another factor in its small size is that it was only 6 months old. I own a netherland dwarf myself, and what from I've seen, Emiru took good care of it.
Rabbits poop a lot, a little bit of poop in their cage or enclosure is completely normal. The poop in the background of the photo in >>373713 is by no means "piles". That is normal.

>>374032 is half right, bunnies do not like heights and you should only pick your bunny up if it is necessary. But, if they've soiled themselves (which is the reason why Emiru bathed one of her rabbits ONCE), then it is ok to bathe them as long as you do it properly. Rabbit pee is really smelly and it would take a long time for the smell to go away on its own. As long as you do it properly and at your rabbits pace, it should be okay. I've had to bathe my bunny about 3 times in its life, for the same reason as Emiru did. My bunny is still alive and well.

Sometimes, rabbits die young. It happened to me with my first rabbit, she only lived to be a year old. It happens. Can we please stop picking on Emily for the fact that her rabbit died? This is why this thread is in autosage.

No. 374276

We're just talking about the obvious miscare and neglect. Emiru lacks responsibility and like what was mentioned already; should not be purchasing pets for others who know barely anything about caring for animals. Emiru has owned more than 3 in her life time lol. And if she took good care of the rabbit and knew her shit then why is it dead?? Emiru doesn't know shit about animal care let alone how to care for rabbits. You claim you're not a white knight but it sure sounds like you're trying to defend Emiru for neglecting to give proper care for the animal and actually doing fucking real research.

No. 374284

did you not read my post? :s
the rabbit was not neglected
if she neglected it to the point of death, her other rabbits would be deathly ill or dead as well

No. 374296

Her other rabbits are fine because she already had then when she was living with her parents, did she even know that baby rabbits are prone to dying? You'd think if she knew she would take steps to prevent that from happening, but no. She had to have her weeb friend tell her that young bunnies die easily. It doesn't change the fact that the baby rabbit was constantly under stress. It was scared all the time from being picked up and tossled like a little toy. And you're sitting here trying to justify that. Please. Have you even read what people are talking about?

And at this point it doesn't matter if the thread is auto saged or not.

No. 374317

File: 1503006314599.png (804.37 KB, 963x624, abuse2.png)

thank you for the post. i was unsure about the breed/generic health concerns with that age period but you answered my question!

have you checked out dyrus's instagram and emily's twitter/twitch clips of the said rabbits?

the pair is always together but the white one (i have twitch links) always humps the black one and is very aggressive/territorial. its also showing signs of destruction and bordem and looks upset in the attached pic.

No. 374356

File: 1503009852712.png (1008.25 KB, 776x685, fNH62XP.png)


Here are some links of the aggressive/dominant bunny humping the small one
Is that behavior normal/healthy for pet bunnies? Not being sarcastic, genuinely asking bc ignorant about bunnies

links taken from pull



No. 374371

if they are sprayed/neutered just like dogs/cats, they shouldnt be having this problem. humping is obviously because of territorial dominance or just because they are feeling the heat. when they are neutered/sprayed, this basically goes away and only happens once in awhile or none at all because the hormones are gone. this isnt normal and proves that emiru and dyrus didnt take them to get spayed/neutered, which possibly could mean more baby bunnies and just in general bad interactions.

No. 374552

File: 1503031328956.png (459.27 KB, 602x635, emiru.png)

this post was from last year but i think it's kinda relevant to show that she doesn't know how to take care of her pets

you can't give bunnies actual baths, they have to be shallow and in warm water but you can tell in the photo she poured water on the bunnies to clean them, which is super unnecessary unless they get real dirty(not the case here because the water is clean). in the photo theres a pinkish line in the middle of the white bunny (parting of fur due to water weighing it down)and a spoon beside it showing that she did indeed soak them

another thing is that they used facial cleanser and a lot of it (bottles of facial cleanser at the top near the black bunny + a lot of bubbles) which is really bad for bunnies cause their skin is more sensitive and they can ingest the chemicals by accident when they lick themselves down (some bunnies lick/clean off water that's on their fur)

No. 374637

yeah just from what I've seen of other people caring for their bunnies, it doesn't seem like emiru's care of any of them was standard

Isn't not spaying or neutering considered inhumane? And she didn't seem to even care? Every time the bunnies were on stream they were humping, every time we saw little freya she was quivering and had her ears back and low..

No. 374818

File: 1503072262885.png (166.14 KB, 720x615, 1.png)

Nicki's chn is demonetized, Emiru should be demonetized too

No. 374820

File: 1503072326433.png (62.69 KB, 720x309, 2.png)

Easy answer: A attention grubbing whore.

No. 374966

a cheap sexdoll

No. 375276

File: 1503138074262.png (46.86 KB, 720x268, 1.png)

Is there anything she doesn't lie about?

No. 375282

she pretty much is actually living a lie. she fabricated anything and everything to make her life seem so amazing and dramatic like some crappy anime.

No. 375567

File: 1503185129794.png (218.08 KB, 498x514, 61eb1e441bcd61de34a77c4f3b9b71…)

lul emiru got posted on a CH list for humblebragging and in the comments her blind fans are saying
>it was a troll account it wasn't really her

No. 375592

Stop reposting shit, retard.

No. 375621

File: 1503193390985.png (131.17 KB, 351x246, Screenshot_2017-08-19-21-39-13…)

Ayyy she's back with the stuffed fake tits! Papa bless.

No. 375623

That was already posted all over last thread and also in the beginning of this thread, have you been living under a rock??

No. 375727

her boobs look like they have downs

No. 376685

ahfuck, I NEED to know, does anyone remember this one guy who would talk about emiru (and other twitch girls) he had little to know filter.
pretty sure it was posted here or on PULL, but I checked both places.

No. 376767


No. 376785

Shit this is killing me.

No. 376792


No. 376847

vvoric made a series of lol egrill videos but emiru got his video about her taken down. he has one on celestia vega too

No. 377067

File: 1503406873201.png (216.73 KB, 720x586, Screenshot_2017-08-22-08-57-45…)

Big ego chan

I'm surprised she didn't delete this

No. 377134

I feel like everyone has left this thread except for emily who's trying to stay relevant.

No. 377140

File: 1503418147600.png (270.28 KB, 621x710, Lie.png)

Idk if this was posted, this post contradicts her saying they moved in after they became a couple.

Emiru doesn't come to the thread anymore after getting called out for it and being afraid of getting exposed by the admins, this was made clear a long time ago but yet you still hold on to this hope that she's still around.

No. 377278

You're the one who keeps posting old shit that has been discussed already. Just let it go and accept your irrelevance, bitch.

No. 377719

i read this whole thread

No. 377942

congratz, anon. congrats.

new vid of her being so gud!! XDDD

No. 378036

jesus, compare this thumbnail to her fake blue eyes old look. she looks so fucking different

No. 379928

emiru just got her pull thread and search results removed. there's a new thing on pull

No. 379932

WAIT HOLY FUCK SHE DID. HOW DID SHE MANAGE TO DO THAT what the actual fuck. and she says to just "ignore the haters" lmao, but she goes through all this effort to hide herself being called out. good thing she can't get lolcow's threads deleted.

No. 380038

Lmao she must have paid Nyx a lot of money

Nyx you bitch you deleted the best thread on pull.

No. 380173


>It might have been hidden by another mod accidentally or something.

nigga you lying

No. 381586

rip nyx always getting roasted, pull or lolcowz

apparently nyx and her friend deleted it by accident because of a spam bot situation, when the OP of emiru thread wasn't a spambot.

No. 381856

It's taking them a long ass time to restore it tho????

No. 382061

no kidding, it had around 20ish pages at most so it isn't that hard to fix. if it was 100+ that's understandable but for fucks sakes, how can you mess up this bad

No. 383423

one of the bunnies were choking on plastic in the middle of emiru and dyrus's stream. coincidence that almost all of them are dying all at once.

No. 444074

the word ugly is blocked on her stream

No. 472765


No. 519534

She is ugly af, guess she's tired of ppl saying she's ugly on stream

No. 527765

my god, you guys are such losers. can't believe there's this much hate on someone who barely posts anything lmao.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 630312

File: 1530898661678.png (295.84 KB, 720x569, Abc.png)

Haha Emiru v2

No. 957234

Hi, here on the forum guys advised a cool Dating site, be sure to register - you will not REGRET it https://bit.ly/2Vk5J6D(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1022725

File: 1597381490956.webm (1.76 MB, 640x640, 1594469187280.webm)

No. 1184033

emiru is based and y'all a bunch of fat jealous lesbians LMAO
>nooooo i got fat shamed by a girl with superior genetics, i better come to my femcel forums and rant!!!

No. 1209141

How come she looks so perfect on her streams?

No. 1229198

File: 1620911364475.png (372.1 KB, 319x588, Capture.PNG)

a metric fuck-ton of makeup. that's kinda what makeup is for. she really doesn't look that great without it.

No. 1253297

did she ever address saying the n word on her ask.fm or did she bury that deep in the past

No. 1345818

she broke up with Dyrus, anyone knows why and when?

No. 1362117


im pretty sure they broke up around a year ago, Dyrus tweeted about hurting Emiru emotionally or something and being in therapy but im guessing they broke up after that. He talks about it in this video at around 3:40

No. 1377878

the amount of makeup she wears should be illegal

No. 1377947

File: 1638156800491.png (230.36 KB, 621x710, dyrus2pt0.png)

miz and emi stayed up all night together and fucked on morning of nov 28th

No. 1378899

Sauce on this? It's obvious it would eventually happen, but there hasn't been anything posted publicly

No. 1382267


It's so obvious they're hooking up. Nice edit though.

No. 1383008

There's a clip I saw from his YT today where she mentioned them being up all night playing with one of those music toys, at first I was thinking oh shit maybe she's finally hinting at it, but this thread just confirms it – honestly had no idea who Emiru was before the mizkif shit recently

No. 1398305

When I first saw emiru it was some league shit 4 years ago, and I completely forgot about her until she changed her persona and put her hair in twin tails. Now she gets me diamonds.

No. 1399915

For me personally she's looks cute with that petite body and nice boobs (as far as I can tell atleast :D)
I wouldn't say no to her..(scrote)

No. 1456638

i idolize her(fanning since 2019)but wtf i didnt know she was like this. i really hope she changed, i think she did since a lot of the things she did back in the day she does the opposite nowadays.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1604887

No. 1622725

No. 1630808

File: 1661870086225.png (79.12 KB, 688x148, image_2022-08-30_163513769.png)

this aged well…

No. 1634578

you're all so fuckign sad lol who has this time(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1634952

File: 1662248862579.png (12.72 KB, 602x121, meettheparents.PNG)

first dyrus now mizkif, who's next?

hooks into mizkif pretty good too for now, he just took her to meet his parents in NJ

No. 1641232

emiru is dating tectone thats why he broke up with his wife

No. 1641459

File: 1662587935101.png (1.25 MB, 481x1288, cutest couple.PNG)

the absolute brain melt it must take to believe that

just look at this cute couple

No. 1642475

I wish I looked like her, someone please tell me to not be stupid she's probably makeup heavy and looks nothing like her old photos

No. 1642696

File: 1662672079195.jpg (49.95 KB, 310x531, emi glasses.jpg)

she's not ugly without the pounds of makeup, but she's pretty normal

No. 1642804


She looks super different, I love her hair though.

No. 1643283

why did her nose become so much bigger. entirely different person. shes pretty good at catfishing.

No. 1643398

No. 1643834

File: 1662759249700.jpg (313.87 KB, 697x952, 70MgQQB.jpg)

No. 1644378

its fucking insane how much she has chained, its like she took a cheese grater to her jaw lmao

No. 1645172

File: 1662884172731.png (695.96 KB, 1054x589, 1111111.png)

No. 1645240

Her jaw is so big it needs a lot of fat to dissapear

No. 1645263

cant believe she has the balls to show this shit willingly
i saw this video and she literally says "people are gonna clip this like ohhh emi without make up :0" like bitch shut the fuck up of course we are, look at you

No. 1652085


so now in the latest twitch general you can read all about how her roommate crazyslick is a sexual predator, and her boyfriend mizkif has protected him for years while minimizing past allegations

really sold her soul for that career boost again, content to live with a predator and fuck the guy who protects him and aids him in getting girls to prey on with his clout

No. 1652992

File: 1663743452175.png (526.82 KB, 1029x719, 1663739693238323.png)

someone on another board made a thumbnail for emiru kek

No. 1653420

You know she doesn't actually live in Mizkif's house, right? She's renting a place that's almost right in the middle of Soda's house and Mizkif's house. They say she's living there for her protection from her two stalkers. When she struggled to go on that loftbed in her last stream, she had no idea it was so wobbly, because she doesn't actually live there, she just streams.

Mizkif isn't dating anyone he just picks up random girls from bars around Austin with CrazySlick, it's why he's so adamant of keeping him around after the sexual assault stuff came to light last year.

Maya dumped him because he's so fake and got pissed Maya was getting more views than him, also his dick doesn't work because of the drugs he took from 19-25. It has nothing to do with depression or adhd, he was a stereotypical Jersey coke kid since high school, it's why his parents kicked him out. His falling out with Ice was entirely because Ice wouldn't give him free coke anymore. Its called coke dick, look it up.

Emiru got the career boost with OTK and Mizkif, but also got some safety from weirdos and stalkers by pretending to move into Miz's house. If you were a streamer, you'd do the exact same thing when your career was floundering and you were living alone in Bumfuck, Kansas during the pandemic.

No. 1653667

This is complete fanfiction, Emiru has been fucking Mizkif since before she even moved in and still is. She's bad with the bed because she's never once slept in it, just posted in it for a few pictures, she's been in Mizkif's bed since the start.

I know he's disgusting but that's what Emiru does, fucks gross scrotes for clout and money.

No. 1653987

You sad incel

No. 1655617

is emiru retarded? mizkif cheated on maya with her, cheated on maya with a bunch of other girls we find out now, and he's throwing maya under the bus with this whole sexual assault coverup mess

but emiru is still defending her foul boyfriend? he's going to do the same to her when her turn comes

No. 1655802

File: 1663972347652.jpg (453.8 KB, 1917x2069, bonbimad.jpg)

emiru's tiktok friend bonbibonkers posted on tiktok and insta about how someone harassed her at emirus house in kansas back when she visited

claiming emiru must not really care about women like she said on stream

No. 1655952

Makeup aside, this girl has had a lot of cosmetic surgery. Compare her older pics to now.

No. 1655954

Emiru's such a pick me girl… damn man. Cant look at her the same. yuck

No. 1656082

No. 1656726

Is Emiru the only woman who has voiced any Mizkif support at all in this covering up sexual assault drama? I can't find anyone else. Maya didn't support him, just Mitch.

No. 1656807

File: 1664061445323.png (23.96 KB, 605x256, 1664061218584.png)

after being exposed for hiding predator phillyphan215, emiru made sure to unfollow him quick, and refollow the victim

the victim she unfollowed back in july to keep hiding phillyphan215

No. 1658139

emiru went into codemikos chat and talked shit because miko was reacting to her fake crying stream:

[2022-09-25 22:37:51 UTC] Emiru: what is wrong with you
[2022-09-25 22:37:59 UTC] Emiru: fake as fuck

the absolute irony


No. 1662020

You should watch the full clip, 30 seconds before. It's amazing how mentally ill people are towards streamers.

No. 1663274

you should stop being a whiteknight

the point is she's a hypocrite because emiru has always been fake as fuck, circumstances are irrelevant

No. 1663347

when you gotta make up shit to create fake stories about people. you lost. take your schizo meds.

No. 1664194

imagine being in this thread and trying to argue emiru isn't fake as fuck and always has been

delusional moids go back

No. 1667364

It really is crazy how shes such a leech and is just care free about living with a sexual assaulter, and a dude who covered it up plus the same dude who tried to cover up a pedophile. Brucedropemoff is in their house today too, after learning about Miz being racist. Streamers are so fake and all about the money

No. 1672155

File: 1665464716085.png (7.08 KB, 236x394, Screenshot (581).png)


You either are closer to the situation than most or you make really good assumptions bc I can corroborate this very vaguely.


Emi and Philly are technically still in a server together. Its been dead af for ages now. I was told there was drama, and I guess piecing things together it couldve been the bon/philly thing bc bon left the server some time ago when she used to be active.

No. 1672163

you're obviously the same person talking to yourself because that story is a fat load of shit

No. 1672182


1. Where are your receipts?
2. The mods would get me if I were pretending to be more than 1 person, right? They have our IPs so yeah :p

No. 1672190


1. youre the one making batshit claims, back it up or stop being a schizo talking to yourself

2. no they wouldnt

No. 1672195


How am I talking to myself and why does this story hurt you so bad that you're claiming I'm sock-puppetting a random for backing up their statement? You're just mad bc nobody is backing you up or what?

Emiru has been a milkless cow since she got posted here and now that there something worth talking about You're out here acting all lactose intolerant. I made no claims; I just backed up someone elses based on the information I knew bc I shared a server w/ these people. So unless you have something substantial to contribute I'm not risking my position for a tick like you.

Yes they would they've put people out to pasture for similar actions. So anyways.

No. 1672203

you said you could corroborate the fantasy tale you replied to of emiru living at a different house instead of mizkifs, so where's your proof?

we know you don't have any, because all of her possessions are at mizkifs, taking up all his closets and all the crap in her stream room, we've seen it all repeatedly, she doesn't move it all in and out all the time as some insane elaborate hoax, that's ridiculous

of course thats beyond the obvious fact she's been banging him for clout and money just like dyrus from the start

if you want anyone to believe that insane garbage that she doesn't live there you better have real evidence, not schizo nonsense

No. 1672210


That was not the claim I was backing up, hence why I said "vaguely". There are statements in that persons claims that are true, but I did not clarify which ones :p hint: it has to do with Kansas.

I didn't defend Emiru in regards to any of that behavior so why are you bringing it up now as if I care.

I am just here to lend my hand to the things I know here. Its not really even a secret why Emi went to OTK. And the second half of my comment was to point out that emiru unfollowing philly on public socials doesn't mean shit when bon is not in the server while philly still is.

No. 1672217

if the only part of the story you're vouching for is that emiru had stalkers in kansas she says that every other stream and has since before she even moved to texas, that's not any kind of secret or anything anyone is contesting as far as i'm aware

if you're not vouching for any of the schizo nonsense beyond that in that post then we seem to be in agreement otherwise

No. 1672218


So you made a mess for nothing in the end that is so fucking hilarious. You have cow potential, truly.

Anyways What a waste of time.

No. 1672227

your vague schizo support made the mess, anyone with any sense would have been just as incredulous at the support for that post

just so happens you and i were the only ones here at the time

No. 1674058

File: 1665619812319.jpg (114.3 KB, 2127x1176, 1665617403291.jpg)

not that anyone with a brain needs it but here's some more confirmation from kaceytron that emiru has been fucking mizkif for the past year

check twitch general thread for more discussion

No. 1674405

im kinda out of the loop… i didnt know kacey was still a “thing” lmao. is she actually in their circle or is she just a on looker like us? but thats intresting. i dont even think people need “proof” its pretty obvious their fucking. thats how emiru always got what she wanted so…

No. 1674900

File: 1665712322287.jpg (343.25 KB, 1875x1182, 1665710424644.jpg)

she's tight with qtcinderella who knows all about it, her boyfriend ludwig even booked a single hotel room for emiru and mizkif months ago when they went to LA for his show and it leaked

kacey goes to all qt's events and talks to all those people, who are close to maya/mizkif etc

in related news, mizkif is now being accused of sexually assaulting a girl himself, see pic, emiru sure can pick em

No. 1675497

>>1674900 ugh all these twitch men are the same. also js i hate when people say “i dont want to disclose the details” even though if they didnt want anyone to know they wouldnt tweet it. i think he very much couldve done it, and if not its another egirl trying to get attention for lying especially since theres no proof.

No. 1676565

File: 1665898004853.png (302.29 KB, 1208x1293, 1665893264927.png)

the entire story of emiru's boyfriend mizkif sexually assaulting a girl was posted

No. 1676912

thats not sexual assault…
where are the really bad storys =(

No. 1676921

thats the same shit as "cover up" stuff
nothing was covered up at best just played down(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1679146

fuck off mizkids, she clearly described him putting her hand on his dick repeatedly while she kept saying no in different ways to try to make him stop

that is sexual assault, just because she gave in to make it stop doesn't make it not, you scrote fucks

No. 1680311

sorry if i hurt your feelings =´( i didnt want to make this thread about miz… so is there some new stuff about emiru and this australian dude out?

No. 1680461

File: 1666313023058.png (44.05 KB, 601x478, kacey miz emi.PNG)


too busy with mizkif for any down under action

No. 1681689

i think kaceytron is as trustworthy as political propaganda but atleast there is still some gossip out there ^^

No. 1685480

what was the problem?

No. 1685597

mehhhhh is this thread dead?? where are all the simps =(((

No. 1687668

you are so so very lost if you think this is a place for simps, simps get banned

No. 1688148

how can you simp for that bitch lol

No. 1688286

ok than where are all the hatewatchers? i just want something about that bitch/my queen to discuss =)

No. 1689725

File: 1667201260668.png (11.5 KB, 427x134, mizdie.PNG)

there's nothing really going on, she's fucking mizkif, mizkif is depressed and talking about offing himself, typical moid emotional blackmail

as a result emiru, mizkif, and miz's friend brendan (and another friend corey) are all going to japan next week, november 5th or so, for three weeks

emiru claims she'll stream, will instead be fucking and babysitting crybaby mizkif the entire time while mizkif pays for his two loser friends to run around tokyo and run cover for the fact that he's dating emiru, god forbid they just go as a couple like adults

No. 1690414

why is he depressed? cant be that sa accusation stuff that shit is forgotten in a few month. and why cover seems more like they just need someone to hold the camera ^^

No. 1690643

depressed from the drama most likely

and maybe more coming

No. 1693514

of course he goes for the uglier sluttier less intelligent copycat version of his ex
i hate moids

No. 1694753

atleast she‘s not as flat as a 11 year old boy

No. 1694755

its hilarious thats the best defense that can be mustered "well at least emiru has bigger tits even though she's objectively a terrible person"

but really, just read this thread and the prior, emiru's been caught repeatedly wearing 2 bras and probably stuffing them as well

she's nowhere near as busty as she pretends, lots of padding and pushing

No. 1694971

You can literally google her naked tits. Theyre nice.

No. 1694988

and the poses in her handbra pics are also designed to make them look bigger than the b's they actually are too

she's not the big tittymonster she pretended to be, just read the thread you're posting in lmao

No. 1695583

Theres literally pictures of her topless without her hands. She got them removed from most sites but theyre still out there if you try hard enough. Theyre a bit lopsided, but theyre def just 34 c

No. 1695584

there's no fully topless without her hand over them smushing them, any picture where you can see nipple isn't her

the handbra/nipple covering ones are the only ones that are really her and she's not a c cup, she's just smushing them to pose them better, she's a b

its been discussed at length in either this thread or the league thread about her before this

No. 1695603

You can literally find the nudes she freaked out about that her high school stalker leaked, if you know what telegram to join. There are topless pictures of her from when she was 21 that are clearly her but her nose and eyes are covered.

No. 1695608

none of the actual nudes have been leaked, there's only the handbra pics, anything else claiming to be her is not her, you're falling for coomer scrote scams

No. 1695615

You’re the same dude on /b/ anytime anyone posts about her. Yikes

No. 1695618

oh no wonder you're falling for fake nudes and scams, you're a 4chan moid lol

good luck with your masturbation, ask your friend over there if they can teach you to sage

No. 1695774

how can someone still jerk off to pics and softcore stuff on twitch?…lucky bastards. fucking inet porn ruined me =((

No. 1695777

Hate to break it to you but the only leaked stuff about her are the hand bra pictures
Now there is some underage censored pictures from highschool when she was 14-15 that were on sale in the beginning of 2022 but never got out (she managed the situation)

No. 1695779

Also the censored ones from highschool that were on sale this year were never talked about nor did she freak out about them
They never got out meaning she either caught the hacker who got them or something happened to him

No. 1695790

leaked…. so not with her consent? isnt shit like taht illegal?

No. 1695793

theres no way to tell what the real story of them is, she's lied about it being an icloud hack, but theres others that say she sent them to big donators back in the day, and then other theories about whether an ex let the pics get loose

depending on what story you want to believe you could argue legal or not, but when you can't trust any of the stories its pointless

the main legality argument is age in the pics which has also been debated at length

No. 1695798

Yes they are leaked (hand bra pics) taken in her old house before she turned 18 and moved in with dyrus, they got leaked once she turned 18 in 2016, she explained in a tumblr post that she suspects it was either an ex leaking them or her icloud getting hacked
Someone asked her how old she was and if she cares about them? She said she was 16 and that she will just move on and accepts it
The necklace she wore in those picture can be seen in multiple photos of her when she was 14-16… she never talked about these leaks and moved on with her life and it has been 7 years… the rumor about her sending them to a donator was started by a reddit user on reckful’s subreddit (a streamer who wanted to get with her but she rejected so his community hated her for some time, they solved the situation and became friends, he committed suicide in 2020 due to mental problems)
In the beginning of January 2022 a 4channer put pictures of her labeled “highschool leaks” on sale and they were taken in her old room too but she literally looks like a child in them and is suspected to be 14-15 in them, they were censored but never got out, she never talked about these at all or give them attention and seems like not many people know about them, they never got out and she never mentioned them
She did mention 3 months ago having someone blackmailing her and the police getting involved and dealing with it so that could be it but who knows
So the clear conclusion is that she took many nude underage pictures, some of them got hacked and leaked in 2016 and the rest was on sale in 2022

No. 1695804

the 3 months ago thing wasn't blackmail and she never said it was, it was just the normal stalker in kansas that got caught and sent to a mental institution

No. 1695833

Yes i just checked and she didn’t mention blackmail but said she dealt with “some heinous shit” and that the police took care of it
This was way before than 3 months ago.. it was in march-april after she took a break from streaming which was at the same time her highschool pictures were on sale, that’s why I suspect it has something to do with it
Her stalker who got institutionalized is pretty recent and has nothing to do with the police situation

No. 1696080

And you skipped over the pictures of her when she was 21 that leaked and are in dyrus’ house.

No. 1696094

no it isn't, the picture pack for sale started in january immediately after she joined otk, it was donated to her live on stream, the kansas stalker and trip had nothing to do with it for sure

that didn't happen, whoever is telling you that is baiting you, there's no pics from there, it's some other girl

No. 1696103

there’s no such thing
I remember someone donating an email with a message about selling something, you just refreshed my memory
As for my speculation, i just thought the “heinous shit” she mentioned back in march was the the pictures being sold but no one knows

No. 1696399

anything from recent years?

No. 1697879

new leak out emi is fucking brandan (mizkifs friend

No. 1697907

a girl with a nice pair of tits
this neckbeard: "SHE'S USING PADDING AND PUSHING!!!!"
so what? They're still nice and their size is amazing for her stature. Keep whining lol

No. 1697970

they're imaginary you stupid fucking moid read the thread

being male is a mental disorder i stg

No. 1697975

Her tits are out years ago
They are big compared to her petite body

No. 1697977

if you're going to jerk off over her tits there's forums for things like you, you're in the wrong place

No. 1697979

Emiru went from being Dyrus’s maid and babysitter to being mizkif’s babysitter because he talks about wanting to kill himself

No. 1697981

I remember when she got exposed searching for threads about herself
She loves reading people talking about her

No. 1698033

source? and what is the leak

No. 1698305

There isn’t any lol
He has a close girl friend who went with him, mizkif and emiru on a trip and was harassed in her discord by mizkif’s obsessed losers

No. 1698308

I forgot the screenshots

No. 1698309


to be clear she only went to new jersey with them correct? i see nothing in those screens or any sign of her in japan

No. 1698311

Only brendan went to japan with them (you can see pictures of him on mizkif’s alt twitter account @ismizgoinglive)
She probably had enough of the stalkers from the last trip

No. 1698412

are the handbra pics imaginary too? You're such an angry incel lmao
Every girl tries to make her boobs look bigger. Doesnt make them imaginary. Shave the neackbeard fatty.

No. 1698413

"you're in the wrong place"

No. 1698420

This place is just angry ugly girls jealous of others
It’s 4chan for femcels

No. 1698563

why do you guys still think emi is dating mizkif when this guy talks about fucking rental girlfriends while she sits right next to him?

No. 1698569

I don’t think they are dating but she does strike me as a cuck
Also mizkif shouldn’t talk about renting females when he is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in her room kek

No. 1698570

Search ayumi nini if you wanted context(sage your shit)

No. 1698659


Miz is full of shit-he constantly lies. They're either dating or they have a weird friendship.

No. 1701422

she just unfollowed him on insta and talked a lot of depressing shit on her alt lately so maybe mizkif fucked up that now too

No. 1701463

he will probably do it like reckful before the year is over if it continuous like that

No. 1701494

still follows him everywhere else, probably nothing

but she should smarten up and head for the hills

No. 1701505


Miz never followed her to begin with, and as someone else pointed out she follows him on other platforms. I also wouldn't read too much into her depresso espresso posts in chat - she's admittedly 'parasocial' and uses offline chat to vent. And just because you're in a shitty mood doesn't mean your friendship or relationship or whatever is in danger.

Remember, she put up with Dyrus for 5 years.

No. 1701506

she should stay with him. they are both autistic twitch freaks she will never found something more fitting

No. 1701546

Two people taking advantage of emiru killing themselves
She is a witch

No. 1701560

she goes after her boyfriend leech targets so nobody is taking any advantage of her

No. 1701561

She won’t leave him
She is the type to give up on everything for her friends or people in general and he is claiming he is suicidal
Not a good look abandoning someone like that

No. 1701563

You say that but she is the only person who stood up with Dyrus for 5 years despite his mental issues and him abusing her
She is the only person standing up with mizkif when everyone abandoned him and is taking the blame for supporting a person who covered up sexual assault and accused of committing one

No. 1701565

dyrus never abused her, she targeted and used him for clout and his money, and once he fell off far enough she jumped to mizkif's dick. what is this bullshit you're trying to push, go whiteknight somewhere else with these lies.

and she stands with mizkif because she's the exact same kind of scum, she covered up her own assistant and mod abusing a girl just like mizkif covered up his friend doing it, they deserve each other

No. 1701613

Dyrus in his own admission admitted to abusing her and was thankful fot a second chance and speaks highly of her even now. He fell off and lost his numbers 2 years into their relationship
She didn’t cover or help anything and the guy who harassed her friend is not a mod, he is an old time friend of both of them and they would all get together with other friends, he just happens to be a mod in their channels and this friend too admitted to lying and apologized not only once by streaming the apology but twitce by posting an instagram story and talked a couple of weeks ago about playing games with emiru offline

No. 1701616

he said he said some bad things once in an argument in the last year of their relationship, you are trying to paint some moronic pattern of abuse which never existed to whiteknight for emily the leech

and youre also lying about her mod, emily's mod philly abused bonbi in july, emiru covered it up for months until bonbi streamed about it and made it public and only then did she unmod and fire him, and he was her mod and her PAID employee assistant, those are the facts

No. 1701626

Dyrus talked about everything in a q&a video and how he treated her badly and things never worked out on top of him admitting to abusing her mentally
Phillyphan was never a mod to begin with, he was emiru’s friend since 2016 and became bonbi’s friend in 2019, all of them are part of a big group of friends and there is an entire account that posted screenshots from their discord server
Emiru and bonbi stopped talking after they met at animecon in july (emiru doesn’t live in her house at this time and is living in texas) and lets all her friends go to her house and their separation is due to unrelated argument according to both of them
Once she accused apologized it was revealed that emiru did kick that guy when she knew about what he did but it was only him being “weird” not sexually harassing someone and bonbi apologized for saying that and said she just wants to be friends with her and called her crying after the apology
You can say whatever you want and make up stories, this is a femcel forum after all and is dedicated to hating on attractive successful females but you can’t change what a victim has said herself and she talks about playing with emiru everyday

No. 1701634

the "mental abuse" was solely about the one argument

philly was a mod, he's been a mod since 2016, her head mod and paid assistant since she joined OTK, she talked about paying him, why are you lying about something so easily checked in past streams and logs?

and you're still lying about the details, in JULY is when bonbi told emiru that philly abused her, emiru made philly move out of her house, but kept him on as a mod, and kept paying him as her assistant, and talking to him and playing with him and covering up the abuse for months until bonbi called out emiru first, then made it public, the pictures are literally in this thread

and youre lying about bonbis words, bonbi only apologized because she imagined that philly might be blackmailing emiru, not because anything else she said was wrong, but philly is definitely not blackmailing emiru, so her apology and speculation are bullshit too

emiru manipulated bon into shutting up after the stream and told her god knows what lies to accomplish it, but none of it changes the fact that she knew in july that philly was an abuser and kept him around for months on the payroll still

not to mention emiru STILL talks to philly to this day, she leaked her discord on stream recently, shes every bit as bad as mizkif and his covering up abuse

No. 1701643

Fellow emikif discord user lmao
Go back to making twitter accounts
She unfollowed him everywhere and he tries to message her on stream but she doesn’t respond (i saw screenshots of your account spamming bonbi that picture)
Philly never lived in her house, he only visits.
Bonbi knows she lied and that’s why she apologized twice and is now claiming she is friends with emiru again
Go in bonbi’s chat and talk about it and see her response
I missed seeing screenshots of your sad accounts on twitter
You change platforms that you schizo post on every now and then huh
Have fun loser

No. 1701644

Tell your friends in discord to find a job
They need to shave that neckbeard

No. 1701658

you're wrong and full of shit again - philly was staying at her house, emiru had to throw him out when bon accused him, but she kept him employed and paid as her mod and assistant for months. bonbi apologized because emiru made her, simple as that, she's an easily manipulated idiot and we all know it. everything ive posted is true

and no, im not your twitter friend, but i did see his screenshot, and he's probably right that your queen emily you're so busy whiteknighting for is still talking to a sexual predator she used to employ

No. 1701668

I lied there was no screenshots lmfao you fell for the bait
I saw his account myself and that account is YOU so stop pretending
Go back to making new accounts and then deleting them
Remember when you used to spam bonbi’s twitter account but she never gave you attention? lol
Have fun with those pedophiles in your discord
See you soon when you make a new twitter account

No. 1701720

File: 1668645794708.jpg (104.88 KB, 1062x569, philly screenshot.jpg)

you're lying again, here's the screenshot i mentioned, i just saved right off the schizo's twitter. you're really bad at this, and its obviously not my account, i dont care what happens to bonbi, she's just the proof that emily happily covered up sexual assault and had a predator on her payroll just like her boyfriend mizkif

worst white knight ive seen in this thread yet honestly, but we don't expect much from you horny moids around here, she's not going to fuck you you know

No. 1701828

This is him messaging her during the stream, she unfollowed him this same day on instagram because she forgot to
Bonbi apologized, back being friends, play together, talks about her on stream. Go ask her in her stream and say her answer
You on the other hand, makes new accounts, tweets at bonbi, gets ignored, deletes accounts, repeat.
Trying to prove something that was already apologized for because you think emiru is the demon who controls everything which is funny because you claimed she is being manipulated by mizkif
I wonder if you ever going to go back years later and think “damn i really was obsessed with these two girls“
Calling her emily doesn’t do anything
Remember what i told you, one say you will realize how sad you are including those goons in your discord
It’s funny because this whole site purpose is hating girls for bring successful and having a better life yet you think this is a good place to do your little schizo posting
Go back to twitter we miss laughing at you

No. 1701836

your posts are nothing but lies in order to white knight her, she was obviously still talking to her predator friend, she's still friends with him on other platforms as well, you could see him on her battle net and steam other times. i'm still not your twitter friend you weirdo, so i dont care about whatever discord/bonbi garbage you have to complain about outside of her being emily and phillys victim, which she was and is

and she's still not going to fuck you

No. 1701837

This is his account lmao
I wonder what he is going to do when he sees bonbi and emiru on the same stream or tiktok cosplaying together
He will probably have an aneurism

No. 1701840


emily manipulated bonbi into shutting up about philly molesting her, she could obviously manipulate her into a stream or cosplay, who gives a shit about that you weird white knight, go complain to your twitter pal about it, nobody here cares about what happens to bonbi, we care about emily being a scumbag sheltering the abuser for months

No. 1701841

You are so obsessed that you have this thread open to instantly reply
You are in love with her, don’t lie to yourself

No. 1701842

Stop larping as an angry lesbian calling her emily
People stopped doing that 5 years ago

No. 1701844

it's her name what are these straws youre grasping at with this delusional whiteknighting

No. 1701850

This is getting boring
You are the stereotypical stalker, so in love with her you have to hate her because you know you will never be with her
You have two options: find a different path that makes you happy or continue obsessing over her
As for her, she dealt with stalkers all her life and this thread is an evidence, she survived those angry jealous lesbians digging her family history and house
As for you, you are wasting your life doing this knowing it will never work
No matter how many twitter accounts you make or how hard you try you will never be happy because your goal is being with her and that won’t happen
Now if you excuse me i have to eat dinner….(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 1701852

my lord the absolute projection in your posts, you're a pathetic white knight scrote, coming to a forum of us "angry lesbians", in the sad and pathetic hope that one day she might notice your valiant efforts on her behalf, and deign to give you even the tiniest crumb of pussy

she won't notice, or fuck you, you need to stop and seek help. perhaps one day you'll realize we're right about emily, and everything we've posted here for years is true.

and i'm still not your twitter fantasy, maybe seek some help for that as well.

No. 1702034

No. 1707387

File: 1669210786900.jpeg (274.58 KB, 1170x994, 28053AD6-6E6B-4488-A96F-273B34…)

Anyone knows if emiru is into being cucked? Why is he hanging out shirtless in a bar while in japan?

No. 1707402

He's wearing a white long sleeve…

No. 1707416

Ok why is he hanging out with girls alone without her
Isn’t he dating her or does she allow it

No. 1707422

File: 1669214367805.jpg (589.19 KB, 1536x2048, Fh_A4lGagAI8pgB.jpg)

Are you ignoring that he's talking to a dude, likely a fan? Hardly hanging out with girls alone. Everyone was out with him that night.

No. 1707480

There was a whole instagram story and she wasn’t sitting with him
She also lets him flirt with other girls
She is definitely into being cucked
Wonder if Dyrus fucked her with other girls

No. 1707629

maybe they arent dating…

No. 1707679


she hides from the camera a lot, she was most likely there with him

and she isn't "into being cucked", she just puts up with his antics because she's into the money and clout that comes from fucking big streamers like dyrus and mizkif, so she lets them do whatever so they don't dump her, it's all about the climbing with emily, and she climbed onto mizkif at 1-2k viewers and now she's ridden him up to 10-15k viewers, she's very successful at it

scrote cope, read the thread

No. 1707808

That is still considered being cucked

No. 1707818

if you don't care because you're in it for the money and clout that doesn't seem to fall within the spirit of actually being cucked at least

she doesn't get off on it, and it doesn't make her mad, so it seems like there's a better term but i don't know what exactly

No. 1708336

Why would she care about money? She was signed to one of the biggest orgs and gets sponsors everyday, she had the money anyways
But her being fine with him flirting and doing things that normal people in a relationship don’t usually do is considered being a cuck
I don’t let my partnet strip down and let an OF whore wax his body or let him watch another whore strip down in his room and spank herself
She is either into being cucked or they have an open relationship

No. 1708340

you can see in the twitch leaks yourself, her twitch bucks at 1-2k viewers was like $50-60k a year.

with being mizkifs gf and getting onto otk, you can at MINIMUM a zero onto those numbers, and that is both underestimating it, and only talking direct twitch money, let alone the sponsors and things she gets far more money from now that she has 10-15k viewers

she rode his dick into millionaire town, and will continue to

No. 1708346

she lets him watch a girl spank her ass on his stream, she lets him touch and flirt with OF whores
That is being cucked, money or not, it is still considered cucking
You can just say she likes being cucked in exchange of money and fame if you insist on her being money hungry

No. 1709057

mizkifs career is dying so she will probably leave him in the next few months

No. 1709137

She has 2 years left on her otk contract. Shes had meltdowns in her chat about how her Mom thinks shes going to screw herself financially by leaving before its over. Shes stuck dealing with the retard who constantly claims hes going to kill himself for subs and attention.

No. 1709147

Separations between online people is inevitable and she will eventually realize she is nothing but a fuck doll for him to hide while he gets to fuck and flirt with whores on stream to clickbait and farm horny kids
She is willing to give him that freedom for now but will realize she is a cuck eventually

No. 1709779

when did she had those meltdowns?

No. 1709785

never seen anything that fits what they're describing, you can check the logs yourself here:


No. 1709803

when did she had those meltdowns?>>1709785
if it isnt just bs she probably wrote it on her alt

No. 1709825

theres no logs for those but it's bs, she never had some meltdown about her mom or leaving otk/mizkif in her alt either, people watch her alt.

the only true part is that she's on a 3 year contract that could potentially have costs to breaking it, they often do but theres no evidence either way since she didn't say so

No. 1710161


Bruh the only true thing you've said here is that she has two years left on her contract.

No. 1710857

she mentions it on a stream a few weeks later about the conversation she had with her Mom about(paraphrasing here) "oh you're really going to stay there and live there?" she left out the whining in chat part. you can also see her flakiness pop up in her return steam when hachu comes on and tries to plan something, but emi gets called out for never following through or "sleeping all day."

No. 1711037

any thoughts on the emiru and bonni (girl from esfand stream) ship??

No. 1711043

delusional moid jerkoff fantasy, emiru is fucking mizkif, bonnie is fucking esfand, old news

No. 1711058

sounds like copium =)

No. 1711185

do you understand how much drama we will get after they get bored of each other?
If Dyrus didn’t kill himself from the “Dyrus fucked up and fumbled the bag” comments then mizkif will

No. 1712090

wow you must be some really hateful depressed creature.
i will pray for you ♡♡(emoji)

No. 1712307

You bet your ass i am :3
I am the guy who laughs after seeing your plane crash(moid youve been orbiting this thread enough)

No. 1712736


You do realize all that OF-girl content that Mizkif has on stream is just that, content, right? You have to be some kind of moron to not understand the concept of 'content'. It plays to his largely young-male fanbase who want to live vicariously through him, so they EZ-clap him when he 'flirts' with e-thots.

No. 1712844

he's confirmed fucked at least three girls he's met on stream, the obvious maya and emily, but also known OF girl quqco

it's naive to think he hasn't fucked others at various times, especially when its obvious he was emotionally cheating with emily for months while with maya before dumping her (april to september 2021). i dont see any reason to believe he hasn't or wouldn't cheat other ways.

No. 1712848

samefagging from here, forgot the girl who accused mizkif of sexually assaulting her was/is also an OF girl and streamer, she hadn't been on his stream but close enough for another strike against him on the topic

No. 1717509


Ayumi was before he was even with Maya, and Quqco was pretty much straight after the breakup- if you believe it happened. They're either dating, or their friendship is weird AF.

No. 1717653

mizkif and emi are 100% dating, the point of that post isn't to assert that he's fucking anyone else, but to say he has and will fuck people he meets on stream, her, maya, OF girls, whatever, he's not above any of them, and he'll do it again

No. 1719219

100%? There still is no proof for that. Not on this thread and not anywhere to my knowledge.

Well, maybe you can give us that proof?(sage your shit)

No. 1722992

they already broke up
emi will move out of his house next month>>1719219

No. 1723272

like 5 days ago she was drawing insane delusional loveblind art of him for his shitty pokemon thing, i don't believe for a second they've broken up

and in his mental state if they'd broken up he'd neck

and she just bought a 100k sportscar to park in their garage, she's not going anywhere

No. 1723920

he would never kill himself because of a woman
he is to selfcentered for shit like that(learn2sage)

No. 1726780

(learn2sage) What does this mean?

No. 1728000


It means you need to put 'sage' in the subject line if you're making a comment unrelated to the conversation.

No. 1728142

wasnt it related to the comment before? anyway you shouldnt take the rules so serious… emiru is fucking boring without talking about dyrus and now miz this thread wouldnt even exist

No. 1746531

hahaha i was right =)

No. 1746608

braindead, they're moving into an apartment or house together, still happily fucking. emiru is getting her own studio to stream from and to store her stuff and that's the only difference, you must not watch many streams, she's been extremely clear she won't live alone and is still living with them. even during the brief period where she might have had her a separate apartment next door to them mizkif was going to be living in hers with her, and that's not even the case now.

No. 1750855


No. 1751329

sage, but god, why has the
site been attracting lots of newfags lately??

No. 1757992

emi has been really close to asmongold lately. you think now that mizkif got cancelled she trys to leach of the next big male streamer?

No. 1757996

still riding mizkifs dick to the promised land of org ownership

if she manages to jump to asmon somehow that would be a truly impressive feat, i could imagine that kind of bro code violating could implode their company, would be fantastic

No. 1765662

i mean she has a thing for mentaly ill guys… asmongold made a big spectacle out of the death of his own mother with dozens of youtube vids tweets ands streams. you have to be a real psychopath for shit like this

No. 1767947


they aren't hiding it anymore(imageboard)

No. 1770933

hiding what exactly? that two people living together had the same plushie in their room? lmao(sage your shit)

No. 1771222

her blanket in their bedroom, her plushie (that he won for her at a carnival, so sweet) in their bedroom, him wearing her pants, etc etc

if you're not even going to pay attention dont post, and fucking sage your stupidity

No. 1773180

“their“ bedroom? Kid, you‘re making up stuff and act like its a fact. There is a blanket? A plushie??? Well its CLEAR they‘re all fucking 24/7 lmaooo

You‘re such parasocial stalking loser. Go outside and touch some grass.

Seriously, it only shows that you have zero female friends. Even wearing some baggy pants (IF they‘re the exact same pair) isnt proof for shit. When I was living with other people this happened all the time lmao it doesnt mean shit. Miz wore Slicks things too. Are they a couple too? Same goes for Russel.

Seriously, I dont mean this as an insult. Go outside. Touch some grass. You need it badly.(unsaged infighting)

No. 1773184

that was just a reply about that specific post, the entire thread well documents a ton of reasons they're dating, if you can read it all and come to the conclusion they're not dating you are entirely new level of delusional whiteknight. you moids should all be banned.(infighting)

No. 1775933

there is ZERO proof for them dating.

You can say that you believe that they're dating, if thats what your parasocial mind wants to, go for it. But dont act like "oh, they're 100% dating".

Ya'll a bunch of losers, holy shit.(lolcow.farm/info )

No. 1775935

oh and btw.. to the pathetic loser that banned me.. nice way of "proving" that they're dating. LMAO

"oh no, somebody called us incels out.. quick, ban them, kick them out, I dont want to hear it"

My god, you guys are complete degens.(ok, go back to reddit)

No. 1782220

i think you might be somewhat batshit evil , check your mental health(retard)

No. 1782654

No they aren't dating. There's definitely a lot of fucking going on in OTK though.

This is going to sound incredibly fake as hell so you're welcome to not believe me. But I have a good friend "on the inside". Yeah it's kinda cringe to call it that but that's the most obvious way to put it for people to understand. We have lived in Austin our entire lives together. Anyway, he's been an OTK employee as a side gig for a while. He's been in the occasional background of streams especially when they used to do parties a couple years ago pre/early COVID but nobody ever noteworthy or attention grabbing because he never wanted to me that.

Anyway, yeah, there's rampant sex exchange going on. It's not like this is some startling revelation if you're not a complete moron. A bunch of 20-30 somethings all constantly interacting with each other? Of course there's a ton of sex. But yeah half the time people theorize "oh this girl fucked her way in" it's true. Why anyone would still doubt this even after Mizkif basically leaked it directly himself with his Twitter and Quqco messages is beyond me. It's not just him either. No shit Bonnie hooked up with Esfand to further her career.

Now it's not like they are Weinsteining this shit, telling girls "if you choke on my dick I'll promote you". It's these egirls and whores basically seducing these previously-loser rich guys and sticking around because the perks are good.

Fun fact: Anyone remember that normie girl with a giant ass they all met at the gym when The Mountain visited them last year? Mizkif tried to fuck her but she surprisingly wasn't about that and he hasn't talked to her since.

No. 1782662

nice story, you were right it is incredibly fake. your sprinkling of a few real things doesn't even sell this story. mizkif+emiru have been dating and fucking since she moved in, first fucking when she flew to meet him in LA before that. esfands been dating and fucking bonnie since the korea trip, which is where they actually met through jo, and then reconnected at eu twitchcon and then she moved into his house in texas. the mizkif/quqco fucking happened before him and emiru were in a relationship, but after they had fucked in LA, during the months before she moved in to claim mizkif and her territory, which has worked out very well for her.

you can describe emiru and bonnie as predatory girls if you like, but the relationships exist all the same, mizkif took emiru home to new jersey to meet his mother, his mother asks about her when she calls, etc. pretty sure esfand has taken bonnie to his parents as well.

No. 1782663

Why are you so fixated on classifying them as "dating" as part of a committed relationship? Are you autistic? Do you understand people have sex outside of relationships?

Almost none of those people are in monogamous relationships. But I certainly don't care if some schizoid like you believes me.

No. 1782666

because what you claim isn't true, bonnie+esfand and mizkif+emiru are, or least believe themselves to be, in committed relationships, they're not fucking outside of their pairings. zero evidence to the contrary, but if you actually that you didn't make up be sure to post it.

No. 1782667

Ok buddy

No. 1783183

How can people still not believe they are dating? even the dumbfucks at limecord already accepted it

No. 1783278

i thought it was already clear that emiru is going for asmondgold now… ?

No. 1783300

no one thinks that except trolls and simps mad that emiru and mizkif are still together a year in.

No. 1783307

a lot of fans in her and asmongolds community think that…

No. 1783451

File: 1678084713551.jpg (199.52 KB, 715x458, house.jpg)

Friend sent me this picture of the front of Mizkif's house this morning to prove my post is real. I've heard his address has been leaked before so I'm guessing one of you schizoids can confirm this is indeed his house (I don't actually know it myself).

He also said you're all unbelievably retarded faggots (his words) for believing anyone related to these people is in a monogamous relationship.

Oh and for whatever reason he specified this picture isn't specifically taken today, I guess to avoid "who might've taken it"? This is the only photo I'm getting because apparently they are paranoid of any photos of the inside the house from employees - which is weird since they stream inside the house occasionally. Maybe they actually do some cleanup beforehand when they know a stream might go through the house. idk.

I'm actually not a big viewer of any of these streamers, just casual. I only found this board from a link on /v/. Hope you enjoyed my info nuggets cause I'm not sticking around!

No. 1783456

thats obviously a screengrab from one of the streams thats shown the front of the house, its happened at least 3 times just this year. look at the picture quality, lol. stop making up garbage. either you're lying or you're being lied to.

No. 1783466

File: 1678086905472.jpg (1.76 MB, 2704x3006, whole.jpg)

I'd love you to go find whatever stream clip you think showed the house this clearly because I guarantee its not as clear as even this cropped photo is, you fucking schizo. It's so cathartic actually having inside knowledge and laughing at how fucking stupid you are. Seriously, go eat a bullet.

Now for the rest of you, friend said put the full size image up so nobody else can be as dense as this motherfucker here.

Here you go, now suck my fucking cock you nigger. I'm outta here because I don't even wanna see whatever conspiracy this faggot dreams up next. No chance of any more info and you can thank this dipshit if that angers you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1783472

youre probably a pizza delivery boy disgruntled about a bad tip so youre larping as knowing its an orgy fest or whatever it is youre claiming over there. same guy that wrote weird shit on esfand's pizza delivery box. seek help.

No. 1783666

>anon provides proof
>grasping for straws excuse to defend your headcanon
>anon mogs you with indisputable version
>sperg out even further
lol, lmao even

for what purpose are you sticking to your guns though? why are you desperately clutching to your own story so hard and making up anything possible to deny someone elses story? im not saying they arent making it up either by the way. but anyone could discredit your own posts in the same way you are doing it to this person.. "your actually mizkif himself trying to damage control anonymously". this would be just as crazy as your own posts. like seriously pizza delivery??? hes right you are fucking nuts. plus they actually provided at least SOME evidence to suggest they are speaking less bullshit than you are. lets see what proof you can offer up to give any reason to believe you over house guy

No. 1783838

the point is that a picture of a house when its address and pictures of it have been public for 2+ yeras does zero to prove anything, pizza boy shit is just an example of how useless it is. youre making it deper than it is. it certainly doesn't prove mizkif and esfands house are some big orgy sites as opposed to the much more obvious and logical fact that bonnie and esfand are together as are mizkif and emiru.

No. 1786546

No. 1787144

File: 1678602105620.png (458.66 KB, 827x1422, Fq_GOGvXgAIyvRv.png)

the cute couple sitting as close as they dare in public

No. 1791281

That's kinda cute. Can't wait until they become official so half of Emiru's moid fanbase drops her or commits suicide.

No. 1791558

File: 1679247869399.jpg (305.35 KB, 1440x2560, Snapchat-402843352.jpg)

Holy shit, How do you live your life knowing that you fool everyone around you about your looks? I pity her honestly, she must be very insecure and I hope she gets to appreciate her natural features instead of making herself look like someone else. To put in so much effort everyday thats depressing but actually hilarious that that this is the same person xd

No. 1792319

File: 1679355284952.jpg (123.53 KB, 1080x1051, vidma_recorder_20032023_233212…)

How does she not feel guilty when people call her pretty when that's not even her face she calls women who hate on her insecure but she doesn't even look like herself(NEWFAG)

No. 1792965

File: 1679451026383.png (261.82 KB, 992x712, 1679450493657738.png)

emiru is dressing up like maya did to please mizkifs emo/goth fetish now too, she'll really do anything to keep the money and attention from mizkif and his viewers rolling in.

No. 1792970

this video is where she got the idea

No. 1800852

File: 1680413754739.jpg (41.04 KB, 943x637, CEBE3C7F-659A-4DBB-86DC-269CE9…)


No. 1816051

File: 1682571422349.png (406.53 KB, 1133x1183, actually carried.png)

emiru being carried through plat by this 'hi i am mat' guy, she's that desperate to get back to diamond, how long before her boyfriend mizkif gets jealous she's playing with him so much

No. 1818482

Brother.. like.. google Mizkifs real name and turn on your coomer/stalker brain lmaoooooooooo

No. 1818669


it's 100% not mizkif, we know he's a matt, but she was playing with this guy while mizkif was actively streaming, you should probably check things before trying to sound intelligent, beyond the fact that everyone knows he's absolute trash at games and could never queue with her either

No. 1828611

File: 1684289288020.png (70.1 KB, 559x549, 1684286556204961.png)

No. 1828630

File: 1684291167088.jpg (209.07 KB, 1653x1338, emi 4chan leak.jpg)

1/4 pics, last one is a transcript, mizkif doesn't like his girl farming her simpchat apparently, this was all after her drunk q&a stream, you can tell from the comment about the bottle

No. 1828631

File: 1684291189155.png (11.37 KB, 327x207, emi dm leak 5-16-23-1.png)


No. 1828634

File: 1684291364685.png (35.96 KB, 354x343, emi dm leak 5-16-23-2.png)


No. 1828636

File: 1684291496608.png (9.93 KB, 935x509, emi dm leak 5-16-23-transcript…)

4/4 transcript

No. 1828639

The fact he believed she's a heckin' wholesome waifu lul. As if she doesn't have a past of selling signed photos of herself.

No. 1828654

File: 1684294036897.png