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File: 1650030832207.png (348.06 KB, 885x644, Screenshot 2022-04-15 14.51.58…)

No. 1502155

Post your favourite e-begging cringe for cows who aren't significant enough to have their own thread.

Picrel, 24 year old scrote LARPing as a MTF claiming that this is Literal Abuse because his Mom asked him to do chores and get a job, apparently this is cause for e-beggary.

No. 1502157

post a link, this is hilarious

No. 1502162

Omfg thank you OP. Every third post on social media is from some BIPOC "lesbian"/tranny and they're always asking for like 600 dollars to pay rent for the month (or to get "life-saving" sexual reassignment surgery)

No. 1502176

File: 1650032668742.jpeg (139.91 KB, 750x743, AEE6B162-DEC6-4800-821C-A59739…)

I can’t find the last addition to this post where she was crying about ao3 hosting problematic content but it’s hilarious without it

No. 1502180

>comparing yourself to a fucking fanfiction database website where anyone can post their works

No. 1502184

i’m not the biggest fan of ao3 but i hope people continue to donate to them instead of trannies on the internet. it’s just so funny seeing the meltdowns on tumblr whenever ao3 meets another funding goal

No. 1502189

I get some really crazy schadenfreude when I see an ebeg post prefaced with "everyone who donated to ao3 I hope you fucking kill yourselves" kek and they're always past due on rent too.

No. 1502200

would bet money this dude is living in a wealthy white suburb too

No. 1502269

Being asked to do chores and find a job now constitutes abuse lol. Okay.

At least ao3 provides a service. If they are really in need of a wheelchair ramp though, there are plenty of people in communities who will volunteer to do that. I volunteered in a group where it was a specific need we met. They probably just want cash to blow on useless shit.

No. 1502281

Lol what? This is the most basic shit that any parent with an adult child living with them would expect. Most people do all this without having to be asked. It’s not abusive for your parents to expect you not to be a neet. >>1502176
God I hate this too. I see this all the time on Instagram “I’m black/trans/disabled/autistic etc give me money”. The worst is when they claim it’s “reparations”. Bitch, my family was still in Russia when slavery was happening in the US, I don’t owe you shit, and neither does anyone else. Get a job like the rest of society.

No. 1502312

I want to make an account for e-begging LARPing as a MTF but Im at loss of where to get the pictures from. It’s simply unhinged that whole able bodied males are making thousands of dollars off the backs of bootlicking women with inferiority complexes.

No. 1502459

>fucked up spelling for venmo, cashapp, and paypal so that people can't filter her post

this shit's infuriating

No. 1502472


Get FaceApp and use very obvious male photos. My husband once joked that I should run his pictures through FaceApp and get that tranny shmoney but we have too many faggy morals to ever go through with it

No. 1502521

File: 1650057602973.png (552.78 KB, 760x841, F1925A2F-A1CD-4D44-89A9-956D6F…)

Fakeboi wants 4K to go to Europe.
She was bragging about getting into her dream college shortly before this by the way.

No. 1502531

No. 1502538

File: 1650058916074.png (278.8 KB, 432x789, E7B043B4-B264-4889-A11A-A519D3…)

>search trans
>all those e-beg posts
How much you wanna bet this one just translates to his mom won’t buy him programmer socks

No. 1502564

Looks pretty fake. I'll bump it anyway. This seams entertaining enough.

No. 1502569

fuck, where was this thread 8 years ago? i could post about my idiot former friend who also ebegged for uk uni funds because life as a neurodivergent, nonbinary, disabled and asex snowflake in a different first-world eu country just doesn't cut it. needless to say she's unemployed and even more special now.

No. 1502577

please tell me these people aren't any older than 20. this is so embarrassingly un-self-aware.

No. 1502579

Not to mention this person can easily get into supportive housing.

No. 1502581

I have a former friend just like this too, is she also quite fat with bad filler now?

No. 1502588

File: 1650063831278.png (165.35 KB, 1098x752, Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 6.53…)

My personal favorite. Fat ftm and her equally fat wife. Been grifting for over 5 years using the same copy paste method, usually every two weeks, begging for money. Tags popular artists and people with large followings that I'm surprised they haven't been blocked by all of them. Uses popular tags and was even shameless enough to use the Ukraine war related tags. The so called "stroke" medicine is literally just weed.

Claims to be unable to work due to disability (just a fatass) or no one is hiring (lying). Has a persian cat that clearly needs eye drops as the eyes are always crusty. Anytime they need money they just post on twitter it's pathetic these leeches manage to make their goal every time.

Their whole life is a train wreck and they get overdrawn on their bank account often. Have fallen for some of the most basic scams too. Take a look for yourself.


No. 1502614

File: 1650066990662.jpg (52.75 KB, 670x729, 6f7e54951ee334889fd20c8f638ba7…)


"My family is from Russia so we don't owe you anything and neither does anyone else!"

Your ancestors may not have enslaved anyone, but America benefited from the institution of slavery. Segregation and voter suppression gave advantages to White Americans (as well as immigrants) in the form of cheap Black labor, reduced employment competition and the power to elect politicians who enacted laws that worked in the best interest of Whites and against equal opportunities for Black people.

Meanwhile in modern times, white women are the main ones reaping the benefits of practices such as Affirmative Action. Funny to see a privileged woman drawing the lines of who deserves what despite she, her friends, and her ancestors having reaped some benefit off the backs of the people she simultaneously puts down.

Thanks for reminding me as to why I don't care about white suffering.(racebait)

No. 1502619

seethe, cope, relax your hair

No. 1502625

NTA but she's right kek

No. 1502628

Wow do they know what normal people do when they can’t afford something that is a luxury? Either miss out or work for it. This shit makes me eye roll so hard. You can add “queer and disabled” to anything and get people kissing your ass for it.

No. 1502634

Why are you sticking up for lazy unemployed people who feel it necessary to stick black/trans/queer on their tweets begging for money? You can acknowledge that America benefits from slavery and also acknowledge that these retards are milking oppression so they can get paid for doing absolutely nothing and contributing nothing to society. It's not reparations or some sort of quirky counter attack against people's ancestors, it's just fucking lazy, let's be honest. You can waffle on about "white suffering" all you want but it doesn't change the fact these people are useless leeches on society who would rather beg for scraps online than get out there and contribute something like the rest of us do. It's nothing to be proud of.

No. 1502639

keep that attitude and maybe you'll get $100 in donations from guilty wokes this month

No. 1502640

I wish there was a way for me to easily go back and find this but 6 or 7 years ago some girl posted in a facebook group for my university class asking for donations so she could go visit her long distance boyfriend who lived in Taiwan or something. She included a photoshopped picture of him and her together and there was more on her profile. It was the funniest thing and people were calling her out all over the comments. Part of me wonders if she was just some obsessed stalker and it was a one sided "relationship" because that's the vibe I got from the unhingedness of it all

No. 1502652

9 times out of 10 troon kids are hyper privileged and expect things to be handed to them.

No. 1502659

Idc if someone recognizes this but a former friend’s sister e-begged on facebook moneyfor her trip to italy, so she could see the dude she was fucking. She later on got knocked up by a mystery man, because it seemed like every month there was a new romance of the century that required other peoples money to keep afloat. The italian dude also gave her chlamydia, no idea how much money she ended up leeching that time on fb but her mom was mortified because this bitch was very much in debt on top of this.

No. 1502664

>financially abused
He's a college aged adult So unless his parents are stealing money from him, they can't 'financially abuse' him.

No. 1502703

>oo oo a aa me want banana(racebait)

No. 1502767

a popular artist i followed used to retweet this shit like clockwork. i had to mute them.

No. 1502906

Only red flag in this are the bootcamp programs mentioned at the end. 9/10 times those places are full of abuse, violence, hard drugs, brainwashing and cult behavior. A well-meaning parent could get tricked by their sparkly clean advertising though so the mom most likely has no idea how much of a hellhole those places are and just wants to help her failson-to-be.

No. 1502913

File: 1650098322634.png (92.87 KB, 588x385, Screen Shot 2022-04-16 at 1.30…)


oh my god lol i saw this thread and was literally going to go dig through twitter to post about this exact person. it's the sirenhead creator guy that retweets it constantly, right? they ebeg constantly and make the same exact post every time, I remember seeing on a rare occasion where the sirenhead guy didn't retweet and this fucking furry tags them in pic related. like how are you not too humiliated to be living like this?

also the dramatics of "she will DIE without her mediation" is hilarious to me because it's like….. no one is going to die because they didn't get to fucking have weed

No. 1502916

This is surreal. He's been posting the exact same shit for literal years at this point. Ebegging for his wife's life saving edibles that are running out NOW NOW NOW SHE'LL DROP DEAD AT MIDNIGHT WITHOUT HER EDIBLES is literally his job. I keep seeing this fatass pop up in my circles and whenever I've thought to point out hey, this is a scam, people actually go and defend him so he must be targeting people who are even dumber than him, which is kind of a feat.

No. 1502925

Go back.

No. 1502938

File: 1650106244404.jpg (272.07 KB, 1080x1206, Screenshot_20211028-141325_Ins…)

This had me rolling when it popped up on my Instagram

Fucking REALLY? It was weed this entire time? I had to block that fool since I followed Trevor and their near constant begging was getting aggressive

No. 1502952

File: 1650109342246.jpeg (486.84 KB, 750x1294, 5C6A20E6-B053-4319-A55E-5EB575…)

This is my personal favourite e-beggar. Ribka’s story changes day by day, but the most recent claim is “coming into the ER having a ‘grand mal seizure’ (self diagnosed) able to walk and talk, but the nurses just don’t believe it” and “having to restart my OWN heart with a cardiac massage!!1!1!” unsurprisingly, the actual doctor on call at the hospital ended up basically ragequitting the doctor-patient relationship. Ribka fails to understand the hospital does not have endless resources and personnel to dedicate to malingerers.

The actual diagnosis given by the actual doctor? It’s fucking hypothyroidism. But sure, you “restarted your own heart,” just like how your infection magically became sepsis when a regular IV bag of antibiotics wasn’t drastic enough to get Twitter donations. Bitch, you walked into an ER AOx4 and started screaming about having a type of seizure you’ve clearly only seen in movies. Where does the delusion end?

No. 1502980

File: 1650113849396.png (477.75 KB, 1098x1298, Screen Shot 2022-04-16 at 8.49…)

It seems like slimy has slowly stopped retweeting it, likely tired of their situation never changing. Tyger even admitted to the fact that they get the most donations when henderson retweets so it's blatant leeching and why they focus in on getting retweets from him. The thinly veiled compliments with the request to retweet their ebeg post right after is so shameless.

I honestly believe they are poor fucks that are just too fat/lazy to work and want what little they can get panhandling online. Because the wife would have been dead ages ago. There's no way they hit their goal every time this post is shared around. Its also ironic that in this so called life or death situation the ftm refuses to grow a pair and work to support the both of them.

Pic related, they had a post talking about how suddenly the bank hit them with all these overdraft fees. That's how banks work. If you made purchases without the funds available those fees stack up so quickly. I don't know if they are just extremely retarded and believe this was somehow a mistake on the banks part, or are just altering their wording so they can get strangers to cover for their mistakes.

No. 1503060

lilyglazed, a famous genshin artist, always begs for funds because of her disability and medical insurance and being a poor starving artist but she actually spends THOUSANDS on gacha games…
i may not be disabled but i can't afford to gamble like this wtf

No. 1503126

File: 1650128645855.jpeg (63.38 KB, 680x616, DkBsr25WwAE3N2w.jpeg)


I can't believe he really thought it would be a good idea to type that out

No. 1503157

yeah it's trevor/slimyswampghost. all i thought every time i saw that fucking post pop up is "good i hope she dies so i dont have to see this post anymore"

No. 1503176

File: 1650133016592.png (345.89 KB, 720x958, IMG_20220416_201319.png)


He only had to @ tweet at him 4 times, until he retweeted it

No. 1503179

It's always the 400lbs weed smokers with 30 pets that beg.
Or cute girls claiming to be in a dire situation whilst smoking 3 packs on story.

No. 1503181

have they ever clarified why she can't take regular treatments for cushing's? surely the stroke issues are from that.

No. 1503234

Is unclefather from tumblr still around?

No. 1503236

Holy shit I remember her, inbetween the quirky funny posts on her tumblr was constant ebegging i unfollowed shortly because it became annoying so quickly.

No. 1503240

File: 1650140023692.jpg (168.7 KB, 564x783, eatingedibles.jpg)

picrel is from her website. does an awful lot of dancing around as to why weed is the only thing that helps. i find it really hard to believe that the wife doesn't qualify for disability if her condition is that bad. fuck, disability lawyers work for free until you get your backpay after you're approved. fatties would rather beg online for their weed chocolate than do anything to marginally improve their lives.

No. 1503246

Kek I forgot about her, if I recall correctly she got knocked up by some dude who immediately left her after a few months and would constantly ebeg & push ads on her tumblr

No. 1503248

>writing on her own chart
>using medical equipment on herself
They should have thrown her out. Maybe if she lost weight she wouldn't have all those health problems. Bet her grandparents were all obese.

No. 1503265

I never understood who falls for these. If someone has no money, they will spend yours. You might get an art commission back, but anything physical? You'd be better off burning your money. These people can never resist the temptation of spending all the payment on themselves immediately. They think in their heads they'll spend it all now, buy the materials next pay… and suddenly a month later the thing you bought hasn't even been started. People really have to learn. Even selling items these people already have, they spend the shipping money… you will never see it.

No. 1503301

i'm guessing other meds necessitate lifestyle changes and that's too hard. either way why the fuck aren't they growing it themselves? nothing about this holds up to any scrutiny, i can't believe i've been seeing it for so long

No. 1503322

holy shit, her twitter is a munchie goldmine. queer non-binary disabled jew, huh? of course she has pots, eds and fibro too!

No. 1503338

File: 1650153558719.jpg (460.76 KB, 1333x1122, tumblr_74f34bf57ecf19bcd028b32…)

this thread looks so promising! i'm going to dump a bunch of tumblr ebegger caps i've saved here

No. 1503341

File: 1650153782070.png (754.79 KB, 1225x889, mutualaid.png)

this girl is a personal cow of mine, she's 22 years old and lives with her parents who pay for all her expenses, claims they abuse her because they misgender her & makes donation posts biweekly to buy stuff because she doesn't want to actually get a job

No. 1503344

File: 1650154161500.png (879.91 KB, 636x2172, he him.png)

this girl also regularly makes donation posts & i can't shake the feeling that the texts she posts with her "abusive mother" are fake. they just sound weird

No. 1503391

they're faker than "my stepmom sold me to one direction" wattpad fanfics

No. 1503426

did the math and the wife is… 39? what a sad life, jesus christ.

No. 1503470

File: 1650167192963.png (964.41 KB, 1200x1128, 04DE3F9F-0A77-427E-A8F9-5FE7F2…)

Yes like KF fave Rabbie Davis who ran a scam drop shipping boots from China. As soon as she got the money she spent it on weed or something and not towards the production costs of the boots! Looking at her reviews on her site before she deleted it, more people were scammed out of their money than actually got their shitty sweatshop boots,

Of course Rabbie blamed the people doing the actual work in China for “ghosting” her, claims her mental health is too poor to reply to emails from customers asking where the Fuck their boots are, and constantly ebegs for rent money and groceries despite her own mother running a food bank.

Picrel is a typical example of grift

No. 1503487

File: 1650171118357.png (129.24 KB, 536x362, Screen Shot 2022-04-16 at 9.47…)

I just found the website myself and holy shit, it is easily the most depressing thing i've ever scrolled through. just a full decade basically of constantly either fucking up something spectacularly that could have easily been resolved otherwise, or a plethora of convenient excuses for why their lives are so desolate. I almost believe some of the things he's said has happened to them, like his wife could very well be as sick as he claims (she just needs REAL medication that isn't WEED CHOCOLATE BARS FFS). but so much of it is fixable, avoidable, sounds very….. doubt.jpg, or just flat out is a situation you should be handling on your own rather than sit there in your sad sack hovel and expect all your twitter mutuals to pay for forever. get on fucking welfare and disability if you're really so disabled and if you don't qualify for it, maybe that's because you're literally just fat


a very "glass bones and paper skin" story all-around. idk there's just something so funny about the easiest delivery job in the world where you make your own hours and are sitting for 90% of it "almost killing" you. also the constant "my wife needs to be by my side 24/7 or she will die from stress strokes" excuse as the reason he hasn't had a real job in years and "can't" get one.

No. 1503488

File: 1650171228770.png (33.4 KB, 467x59, Screen Shot 2022-04-16 at 9.53…)

samefag but this part took me out

No. 1503489

File: 1650172575824.jpeg (238.93 KB, 1125x666, EF78D12C-A48E-44F3-80C5-4BB8B3…)

The FAQ sent me into hysterics. Imagine financing a fucking cat and living in fear of it getting repo'd.

No. 1503494

what kind of retard finances a fucking cat???

No. 1503495

holy shit this made me laugh so hard i teared up. james the cat getting repossessed. i'm pretty sure if they defaulted on payments it would go to collections or something, but thankfully i've never been stupid enough to finance a pet.

No. 1503497

File: 1650174335461.png (114.71 KB, 740x178, wow.png)

this whole faq is incredibly funny in a pathetic way

No. 1503507

How the fuck does a cat cost over 300 dollars??

No. 1503512

File: 1650177223189.png (500.87 KB, 619x544, james the cat.png)

this is the cat. he's a cute boi but 300 dollars? also why are his eyes so crusty and dirty??

No. 1503513

Christ. Getting an inbred pedigree cat when you’re claiming poverty is a bold move. Also cat from a pet store, so no surprise its got ongoing health issues. They’re not allowed to sell puppies or kittens in stores here.

No. 1503546


once again, they make all of the stupidest decisions possible for the situation. you would think two heavily disabled obese people with insecure housing, car, and financial situations maybe shouldn't add an animal to their responsibilities at all or should at least wait until they can afford one, but of course they went ahead and did it anyway. adult cats adopted from a shelter depending on your area can be as cheap as like $25-50, but for some reason they need a fucking purebred persian. then on top of that they have the audacity to to adopt one through a pet store instead of maybe a reputable breeder when pet stores are known to be awful, use puppy mills, etc etc. and the cherry on top is instead of waiting until you can afford the entire fee they go through a payment plan with interest fees for a cat that they do not need. or idk, maybe i'm ignorant here and the wife needed a comfort companion or else she'll die again! nice to see how well they're taking care of their big investment though. i'm sure he's very happy living his life with all that crust buildup around his eyes and no one cleaning him. funny, all those tweets get churned out weekly about them starving and how they can't afford groceries and yet i've never seen a single one acknowledge that they can't afford to feed their cat. hopefully that means they're being so selfless they buy only cat food and weed chocolate and are otherwise wasting away right?

No. 1503587

I love how he admits he's so obese that he's 500 pounds and his lymphedema is so bad that his doc thinks his disgusting blob legs are half his entire weight. He also says he's so fat he can't wipe his ass without assistance.
How about losing some fucking weight fatass?

No. 1503589

i rarely laugh at lolcow posts but this shit had me cackling for some reason. might be the funniest shit ive ever seen on here
helps seeing a picture of the cat as contex

No. 1503620

File: 1650197256697.png (1.24 MB, 1086x1122, Screen Shot 2022-04-17 at 8.01…)

So glad people are aware of these cretins. Here's one of my favorites from them. One look at these pictures and you can just TELL these fatasses couldn't do the bare minimum of packing ahead of time for themselves. So what do they do? They actually pay the expensive extra fee for the movers to handle it. Movers don't want to do it and generally hope the price turns people away so of course they don't want to do it correctly. They sit at home all day, in a literal pigsty.

Bonus, they had the nerve to blame the movers for the reason one of their cats got out. They didnt put either of the cats in carriers or the bathroom ahead of time while the door was open. Movers aren't going to touch your pets. I just can't believe how dumb they are. Probably a handful of brain cells shared amongst the two.

No. 1503621

No. 1503684

the kfc bucket KEK

No. 1503708

i've never had to hire movers, is it normally expected for them to do the packing for you? i thought they just, you know, MOVED things.

No. 1503712


Is there fucking food in the pet dishes that they expected the movers to move..

As per previous anon, I don’t know if it’s different where they are but where I live (Canada) movers will move pre-packed boxes and larger items - think tables, couches, tv, dressers, etc.

They would never start packing away your (likely by this pic) dirty ass clothes. Bag away your pet food to clean the dish and pack away.. what. are. these. expectations.

I can’t fathom this is how the moving business is run anywhere.

No. 1503714

File: 1650206442225.png (179.02 KB, 720x812, IMG_20220417_163816.png)

It's not.

Of course they couldn't because something something (to fat)

No. 1503715

File: 1650206496205.png (545.37 KB, 720x933, IMG_20220417_163843.png)

How dare they didn't sort all their stuff lol

No. 1503717

no, they're just fucking lazy. i bet all the money they spent on movers was cRoWd FuNdEd too.

No. 1503723

No absolutely not. You're supposed to have everything in boxes already and the most they'll do is wrap your furniture in bubble wrap before they take it to the truck

No. 1503724

File: 1650207080808.png (263.18 KB, 720x928, IMG_20220417_164937.png)

No. 1503729

lol right next to the magnum of red wine, great diet for preventing strokes

No. 1503732

someone on reddit did this with a dog and ended up owing the pet shop like 3 grand with compounding monthly interest kek. Financing an animal is otherwordly stupid

No. 1503735

Poor James. He didn’t ask for this. I hope he’s having a decent life.

No. 1503747

File: 1650208083269.png (441.69 KB, 794x812, 01jh890pgn771.png)


No. 1503749

File: 1650208359672.jpeg (430.28 KB, 1036x583, 56E76A09-2C3C-4621-A69C-69A831…)

Parts of it make no sense at all. He says he can’t do commissions bc he can’t sit at the computer for too long then in another question says that he’s 80% sedentary and that’s why he’s fat. It’s pure laziness. Also wrt pic related, why would you even have to say you’re Jewish? If you’re that hungry, you’d do anything to get the food you need. Like why would the food banks even care?

No. 1503752

They sure do complain a lot for people who have no right to be complaining.

No. 1503768

File: 1650210364891.jpeg (76.29 KB, 800x451, 62462025_1641574663149183_r..j…)

>Her meds cost me $100 a week ($103 with ATM withdrawl fees) just to make sure she has them.
so she's going to some rando on the street for her wife's life-saving medicine, instead of a dispensary.

also according to their GFM, they have two cats. https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-a-disabled-couple-move-asap

No. 1503795

They totally had a gofundme posted by another a couple replies up. They didnt make anywhere near their goal yet somehow was still able to move. So question is where is this money coming from. They are clearly getting some sort of income outside of the ebegging but strangely don't mention exactly what it is.

No. 1503815

american dispensaries have a $3 atm charge, still "life saving" is utter bullshit lol

No. 1504007

we don’t want you stay the fuck in america pleaee

No. 1504084

nah same deal in burgerland, I'm assuming they're burgers anyway
most people I know move shit themselves or get friends to help just because hiring movers is expensive

payment for friends is beer and pizza lmao

so I'm reading that they have no family or friends

and they expect these rando strangers to give a fuck about their stuff when I'm sure it was literally thrown all over the place, when their JOB is to move boxes, not treat your toys with TLC

No. 1504680

File: 1650312203215.png (142.57 KB, 720x720, IMG_20220418_220219.png)

Working hard since 5 years Hmn?

Really wonder how much they get every month

No. 1504701

>richmond, california


No. 1504706

what was he expecting? jesus
what kind of life is this? just constantly begging for money, no goals or aspirations. in a way i feel sad for them. wonder what their family thinks

No. 1504769


Richmond can get pretty hood tbh. I'm sure there's nice parts, kind of like Oakland

No. 1504883

File: 1650328518311.jpg (318.08 KB, 699x876, RocFinal.jpg)

This is probably ignorant of me, but if she can manage having a doctor and has some form of insurance, why isn't the doctor trying to help them lose weight? Wouldn't some kind of weight loss management or medication for that be a "necessary evil" in this case (assuming it doesn't counteract with the other million conditions she has)? And when it comes to the wife needing stroke medication, I'm sure there has to be something officially prescribed, insurance covered (or at least more affordable with a co-pay), and not expensive, like chocolate weed?

Her art isn't even that good, which is kind of the icing on the cake. No wonder she has to beg about her wife literally being on the verge of death constantly, because who would pay for that? I'd honestly give up the cats and do a suicide pact if this was my life.

No. 1504928

Literally hitting every munchie condition known to man lol

No. 1504937

Lmao why are e-beggars always buying outrageously expensive pets?? I have a full-time job and I still got my cat for free from a shelter because I think it’s dumb to blow that much money when there are lots of perfectly good abandoned animals who need homes.

No. 1504939

Kek food banks don’t turn people away due to their religion, if they receive federal funds (and most do) they can’t even legally ask your religion. These people are deranged.

No. 1504941

File: 1650332586770.png (61.37 KB, 675x93, Our Current Situation.png)

Apparently the cat has been paid off, but I don't understand why these people who claim to be severely disabled, can't work, and constantly need money for medications have to get a pet on top of that. That's honestly cruel to the pet. You (general you) can pull the "emotional support" card, but she claims to play Warcraft to unwind, so it's not like they're completely free from any "joy" in their life.

Even if they were run by Christians, how would they even know the wife is Jewish unless she's out there exclaiming it? I've been to food banks when I was low on funds, and they don't care who takes the food. It sounds like some made up oppression olympics. I live in a Christian area too, and those services still have basic hospitality, just don't flaunt your differing opinions in their face.

No. 1504967

File: 1650334593480.png (184.97 KB, 720x1139, Tumblrbeg.png)

No. 1504969

Oh yeah speaking to people like that will definitely make them want to show you kindness.

No. 1504971

WOOF, the tracing is apparent and horrendous

how much are they charging?

No. 1504977

>you don't want the smoke

nah i'm pretty sure vast majority of people could kick a disabled person's ass, especially a rude ass weirdly entitled beggar

No. 1504979

I think whorephobic is my new favorite word.

No. 1505013

File: 1650339267208.png (336.39 KB, 373x690, Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 8.32…)

genuinely curious as to how well her whole "fuck you, pay me" method is going for her lol. it's just so jarring to go about it that way that i can't imagine anyone feeling enticed to donate, but if it's going to work on any website tumblr is the best way to go

also just checked her blog out and it is a fucking goldmine. like, every other post is insane. it's exactly what you'd expect it to be, worse even. picrel is part of her current pinned post

No. 1505131

> 1000+ totes adorbs super awesome magical quirky collectible fun stickers
kek, imagine being almost 40 and owning that

No. 1505134

yeah she still does it, now she has an onlyfans as well iirc

No. 1505183

File: 1650351279908.jpeg (214.49 KB, 1242x919, 2A86CF5C-94CC-499F-B7BB-A49226…)

this person is such a cos holy shit

No. 1505185

File: 1650351365625.jpeg (330.07 KB, 1242x1661, 9083DE71-500C-4833-AF4A-023C7B…)


No. 1505188

File: 1650351482989.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x2151, C3C22B5E-821D-445F-982B-AAACB4…)

top fucking kek she is absolutely
off her rocker she must get disability if she’s that insane

No. 1505222

pretty sure he ended up dying too, then she got so sick that she couldn't work for like 2 years and was in and out of hospital so she's got a bunch of bills. got pregnant again and has been on the professional grift ever since. p sure tumblr blocked post of her e-begging posts cus she does it in the notes or gets others to publish the post so she can reblog it every day

No. 1505283

>Reading just the headline
Oh college is important so while annoying, I kinda get having a Venmo to move to a city so they can get educated
>NY to UK

No. 1505288

Why are these people so obssessed with getting useless garbage when they are so "poor"? This "poor people deserve nice things" motto doesn't apply to sticker books or wine every night. It is even more egregious when they get kids and pets, living being that are costly and will suffer in the end.

No. 1505300


Wait… They're in California. Cheap weed from a dispensary is not that expensive…

As long as they don't live in like a super rural community, there are also countless food banks. Our current housing crisis means that food bank / community care resources are getting a boon of funding.

No. 1505419

Even funnier to me is the shading. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to it lol. It gets on my nerves when people put out that they want commissions but have no clue what they’re doing and make no effort to improve. Most people at least try to get to a point where their work is of a certain quality before doing that.

No. 1505421

How are some arm stretchmarks proof of a hit and run lol

No. 1505422

No one is entitled to college though, and if you do want to go it doesn’t have to be your first step at 18. They could work for a while to save up money, even if it’s a job that doesn’t require much. Look for grants, seek out a cheaper school closer to home, etc.

No. 1505443

this was over a 16 year old calling her a fatty btw

No. 1505445

Damn, some people just can’t let petty insults slide.

No. 1505453

as someone who lives in a third world country these kinds of posts have always annoyed the shit out of me. its always middle class people living in the suburbs asking for like 4000 dollars and im like with that much money you could support an entire 4 person family for months around here and im not exaggerating

No. 1505466

she deleted her entire fucking account kek she is so thin skinned

No. 1505473

hahaha again? she's remade like 10 times already looks like someone can't take a hint

No. 1505511

Omg thank you for introducing me to this cow couple, what a horrifying yet fascinating trainwreck. He has a whole thread listing his "disabilities" and they're literally all obesity related. Someone asked why he can't do a telemarketing job from home then, and he blamed his "phone phobia." For people who claim to be broke they blow money on the most retarded shit, from weed gummies to the Persian cat to spending thousands of dollars on movers because they couldn't be bothered to pack a single box on their own. Absolutely shameless grifting, fucking kek

No. 1505557

Isn’t chronic weed smoking a risk factor for recurrent strokes? This makes no sense.

No. 1505578

Do any anons ITT have experience with friends (either online or irl) e-begging and if so how do you deal with it? I’m not in woke circles at all but I know at least a couple of people who do this so I’m curious how common it is. I also think it’s worth saying how funny it is that it’s always the T you see e-begging and virtually never the LGB.

No. 1505579

File: 1650391806730.png (33.49 KB, 648x291, 1.png)


No. 1505620

File: 1650394122960.png (78.49 KB, 803x555, Screenshot 2022-04-19 at 13-47…)

On what planet is replying to a post with a picture of your waifu an epic own???

Apparently she left tumblr (though she's bound to come back soon enough); searching her URL shows me a friend talking about it and another person criticizing her calling randos the N word hard r.

No. 1505805

she deleted because a tumblr called ebegcringe re blogged her post and linked to the mcdonald’s vacancies website kek she has so fucking skin whatsoever

No. 1505840

I ignore it, unless it's for a charitable cause or I really want to help them for whatever reason. But I'm extremely cautious lately. I used to donate to more local people's GoFundMes during COVID and ended up with several really persistent stalkers who harassed/guilt tripped me for money constantly until I had to block them. A lot of people have zero gratitude and basically see you as a cash cow if you help them out even once, so fuck 'em.

And I will NEVER donate to gender reassignment surgeries - not with so many people dying of life-threatening diseases who struggle to afford necessary surgeries.

No. 1505872

File: 1650403411671.jpg (958.11 KB, 1980x2640, gothsuccubi.jpg)

apparently by "not using donation money correctly" she means spending $900 on makeup and clothes? picrel it seems like that money has been put to…good use…

No. 1505874

File: 1650403458866.png (745.9 KB, 2086x1426, payments.png)


No. 1505886

Umm…is this a biological female?

No. 1505890

i think we were mutuals on tumblr for a while because i posted goth fashion, but she’s been utterly insane throughout the last 10 blogs. she keeps getting deleted for calling for white genocide. she was slightly less insane like two years ago lmao.

No. 1505941

Literally looks like an amateur drag queen.

No. 1505965

File: 1650408273087.jpg (44.7 KB, 828x120, IMG_7668.jpg)

i'm pretty sure she is a biological woman (somehow), she loses her shit when randos on tumblr call her a girl

No. 1505977

>shitty wig that looks like it's from amazon
>shittily applied makeup
>cheap amazon tranny choker
She looks like she's doing drag but instead of imitating and mocking women she's imitating and mocking trannies.

No. 1505986

This tends to be how female-born enbies who still present feminine are. They want to be feminine in the way a gay man or drag queen would be, which is why they wear makeup and sometimes use female pronouns, but if you see them for what they are (a typical woman but with a snowflake complex), they lose their shit.

No. 1506003

>still present feminine
legit looks like a gay man, and that nose jesus
how can a biofemale have such an unfortunate face kek

No. 1506120

I’m insulted anons would even begin to think this wasn’t an old man. Like damn, if his FACE isn’t enough, the things he says should be. He doesn’t even seem gay, just a black manosphere freak. Black AGP unicorn.

This is just some feisty non-binary crap.

No. 1506131

File: 1650417711865.png (713.02 KB, 533x811, 4565.PNG)

guess who's back!

No. 1506149

The state of goths today.

No. 1506212

are we sure this isn't a 40 year old man?

No. 1506215

File: 1650426081053.png (559.65 KB, 1352x1292, ok.png)

Speaking of chronic ebeggers with kids like unclefather, does anyone remember guu? I've known about her for years and apparently she popped out ANOTHER child last time I checked. She was most well known for chronic ebegging and begging for commissions because she needed money for bills or rent, and constantly posted about her partner verbally abusing her and keeping her meds locked away for weeks on end. She often posted about raising her children genderless and considering them agender. I'm only now realizing how weird she was considering shes now 30 years old and often interact with minors to get them to reblog her donation posts, each with a new sob story about how she's not going to be safe and needs to resort to sex work, always leveraging her munchie and "trans dad" status to guilt people. Pic rel is a starter pack of her constant begging, not pictured is her also begging for money to help other people in her life, like her mom who struggles with paying her energy bills, and a colombian friend facing eviction

No. 1506282

i hate those little 0/1000 goal indicators they p it in bold, it’s such a guilt trip

No. 1506384

Why are there scrotes here?

No. 1506385

Whoa is that a coveted black AGP?

No. 1506632

I have friends who've had to ask for help to afford shit like mobility aids, emergency car repairs etc. I'm happy to help out with friends, but strangers less so. Friends at least I know they're not making shit up for free cash.

No. 1506634

Klarna is a cancer.

No. 1506656

Holy fuck do people who use these do this many things at once normally? I ended up using one of them once for a single purchase that I knew I could pay off but why the fuck would you do this? And then ask people for help? Is there no sense of how money works at all?

No. 1506657

It’s very predatory software, they know that people are going to misuse it and owe them more money and that’s why they do it.

Still retarded that she’s financing so many petty purchases and e begging on top of it

Assuming she is a she which i think it’s debatable

No. 1506750

this is the funniest thread, thank you op

No. 1506863

I have an ex friend (themby) who started e-begging after paying thousands of dollars to get her tits removed when she already knew she couldn’t afford it. I thought it might just be a one off thing but the last time I checked she was e-begging again to get people to help pay her rent. Her and her partner (themby) both work at least part time, have their own place, have graduate degrees and I know her family is comfortably off but she still used the “my family is abusive and can’t know I’m trans” line in her post despite her making no effort to look male. I don’t know how she got like this because when I knew her she was always so nice if a bit of a yaoi coomer. Anyway, saging for the slight vent and I’m glad this thread exists.

No. 1507703

File: 1650538881793.png (535.74 KB, 1242x2688, 4BDF4B11-B98A-4A07-A240-A6BD5A…)

how are these people all uwu woke but this is their response to ebegcringe. Absolutely no consistency or integrity with these types of people, rules for me but not for thee

No. 1507709

The “swearing in tags” tag elevates this screenshot to a post modern art piece

No. 1507763

File: 1650546699441.jpeg (104.77 KB, 750x774, 3B884CA9-BDC8-425C-A4CE-6A724C…)


No. 1507804

I just googled ebegging and found this thread
can anyone buy this and upload it somewhere
as a bonus I'll make you an app if it's within my capabilities

No. 1507838

how many chromosomes do you have?

No. 1507840

more than I know what to do with

No. 1507844

I actually saw her on my dash several years ago back when I followed SJW types and I felt bad for her because what is a woman my age doing with a young kid? And then I read her blog and the father of the child is some abusive TIM that she still capes for and interacts with online and in real life??? Or at least that's what she claimed a long time ago (before she went on HRT and identified as an "agender lesbian"). I know it's not always easy to escape DV situations but if she's still calling him her girlfriend and shit is such a mindfuck. I would peak trans and detransition on the spot if that were me.

No. 1507889

How cute, they think they're entitled to other peoples money because they act like selfish cunts.

WFH jobs exist, BUSSES exist, they're just way too lazy to bother trying to help themselves.

No. 1507897

File: 1650558720233.jpeg (1009.77 KB, 1242x2200, F77AB6A4-363A-4119-9891-3348CE…)

you already live off my tax money but you want MORE to cover ur overdraft? fuck off

No. 1507944

File: 1650561805951.png (256.36 KB, 872x482, Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 18.22…)

>my dog needed emergency surgery

why do people always get pets when they cant even afford to look after themselves, so selfish

No. 1507945

>i need to pay my council tax

you dont pay council tax if you're on benefits, shes so full of shit

No. 1507947

I literally choose to not have pets for a reason. It's borderline animal abuse to have what's basically a four-legged child when you can't even hold a job, take care of your own health, and bills.

No. 1507959

File: 1650563181670.png (4.15 MB, 1170x2532, 754BA3D6-C75D-4284-B8BF-B2D537…)

The usual TOXIC and UNPREDICTABLE roommate (who called the cops on them?) card but $30k? Are you crowdfunding an emergency down payment on a house?

No. 1507964

How is she still doing this, she’s been at it since 2017 at least?? This must be exhausting

No. 1507979

Interesting! UC for singles over 25 is £334 per month. Universal Credit will pay rent (either all of it or a portion, it depends on how much the rent is and where you live) if you provide the rental agreement to show you're on the lease. UC won't pay people's bills but it's common to have rent arrears deducted from benefits and paid directly to the landlord to prevent evictions. There are also interest-free advances that she could get through UC for emergencies (bills generally wouldn't classed as an emergency but if she can't afford to keep her home heated she might be eligible) as well as help from the council. There are a ton of charities that she could turn to that would help her with the shit she mentioned. I know UC gives the bare minimum but there's no way she's just getting £317 for everything including rent. Also, her claim is under review… which means she's possibly trying to scam benefits, or can't do the bare minimum to keep her claim active, like turn up to appointments or provide paperwork.

No. 1508182

File: 1650579887130.jpeg (452.99 KB, 2048x2048, B2C79983-A940-4359-B8BE-74E23F…)

Finally an excuse to talk about my personal favourite lolcow.
> has had about 17 different variations of thatsobee/bekaah/lifeofbee etc
> previously known for scamming for fake trips to LA/Africa
> in December left her daughter at home in Ireland with family to go and meet a recovering meth head she met on 420 stoner Instagram lives and lives in his car.
> has not returned since, “got married” to him. Living in a motel, “trying to get her daughter a visa” and as per screenshot above, begging for funds for a “proper” wedding…

You couldn’t make it up

No. 1508275

Britanon here. Universal Credit is a shitty system where a claimant starts out with a mandatory loan so they’re basically forced to pay it off out of their initial welfare payments meaning less money for bills and rent. However, there is no way in hell she’s going to get PIP (disability benefit- anyone who is disabled can get this if they work or if they don’t)for fuckin poly cystic ovaries, and getting it for depression alone would be nearly impossible unless she’s a total mental case unable to care for herself.

No. 1508277

There are charities for looking after pets of poor people like the PDSA too.

No. 1508356

Wtf is wrong with his eyes in this picture?
Also who tf marries someone less than 4 months after meeting them in person for the first time? Especially if they left their child? Is this person retarded or just a narcissist?

No. 1508480

don’t worry anon, i reported her to the DWP for benefits fraud. maybe then the entitled cunt will get a job(cowtipping)

No. 1508653

do you have her current socials? I'd like to look lmao

No. 1508656



My personal fav is her story on tiktok of how she met her fella then the shock plot twist of both of their teeth

No. 1508820

disgusting chav

No. 1508821



im confounded by the convoluted response as to why she abandoned her daughter and her regaining custody of her somehow hinges on an autism assessment, like, what?

also find it weird how she randomly peppers in that shes studying 'personal accounting and personal accounting and personal finance' kek what

No. 1508857

Don’t forget that you can “work for her blog” for free as an unpaid intern!

No. 1516459

File: 1651355441297.jpeg (148.54 KB, 745x731, 501B6A8A-0819-46E3-A205-BD50F4…)

No. 1516896

Neither PCOS nor depression leaves you unable to work or support yourself if it’s treated properly, I’m not surprised she got turned down for disability

No. 1516906

File: 1651418345524.jpeg (224.86 KB, 750x1081, ABDEE425-3392-4388-B651-282569…)

God I wish this thread existed a few years ago, but here’s a semi personal one. I finally removed her because she kept tagging me in and others to “bring attention” to her posts.

Looking over her page, she’s always in some type of financial crisis of sorts. If she’s not tagging a bunch of people asking for money she’s privately messaging them about it.

No. 1517481

File: 1651458852388.png (85.51 KB, 720x352, IMG_20220502_043232.png)

Friendship seems like a pretty loose description for whatever this is

No. 1517482

File: 1651458899298.png (144.89 KB, 720x835, IMG_20220502_043258.png)

Like a clockwork, even 2 @ in 24 h

No. 1517512

i can't help but feel bad for trevor. it's gotta be annoying feeling guilted into retweeting these tards every time they want more griftbucks.

No. 1517553

He must be regretting ever sharing their pleas. Once you give into a leech like that, they'll never stop trying to tap your veins.

No. 1518181

He could easily get a work from home job doing online marketing or something with the time he spends e-begging for weed, and at least have a steady income. Even outright scamming is more respectable than this.

No. 1518474

File: 1651583137246.png (213.86 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_20220503-094030_1.p…)

No. 1518478

“i’m sorry for these fucking panic attacks” if you’re so panicked then why don’t you file for unemployment benefits you micropig

No. 1518485

File: 1651583995677.jpeg (365.1 KB, 1170x1072, 8195B5A9-90E8-49A8-91FE-2C9F80…)

the begging for attention is just pathetic. “it’s gonna cost $400 for glasses” ok someone didn’t have insurance, who’s fault is that?

No. 1518487

You have to block people like this, there’s no other way. I was making small donations to people who were struggling during the pandemic through a local mutual aid group, and had to block several people who harassed me for money day and night. Most people who are genuinely in need will be grateful for any help they receive, but there are also plenty of junkies, scammers and leeches who feel entitled to other people’s money and not afraid to get aggressive about it.

No. 1518491

People like this don’t file for unemployment or disability because they know full well they’re employable and able-bodied, just lazy. It’s much easier to fool do-gooders on Tumblr than the federal government.

No. 1518493

File: 1651584303258.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1746, 2E9B52FE-297C-46C1-818D-53E867…)

same gag but apparently this cow begs for drug money regularly, saying shit like “i’m gonna be evicted” and “im gonna die if i go outside” like nobody cares we all know you’re a methhead, especially if you’re living out of a hotel and purposefully doing “the bare minimum to get by”

No. 1518497

File: 1651584632883.jpeg (162.66 KB, 1170x778, EA2D61A8-407F-4D61-B11F-D0CAF6…)

one last one sorry for the flood but, good! let natural selection run its course if you’re so disabled

No. 1518657

File: 1651601983809.jpg (305.63 KB, 1080x1810, 20220503_141609.jpg)

Oh thank god this thread exists, Im sick of these ebegging fucks. Found a hilariously bad one recently; this girl made a sponsored post on tumblr to ebeg (and not the first one to do so) and even ends up admitting she spent fucking $25 to sponsor her post. The kicker is shes also an rp blog that uses babies pissing and shitting

No. 1518658

File: 1651602027870.jpg (367.84 KB, 1080x1961, 20220503_141623.jpg)

>>1518657 Its funny the "harrassment" was people calling her out being like if youre so poor how did you sponsor this

No. 1518660

File: 1651602069715.jpg (384.4 KB, 1080x1969, 20220503_141725.jpg)

No. 1518662

She's far more likely to OD after a "donation" than she is to die from being homeless. The e-beggars I know are nearly all junkies and pill poppers. There's a reason they don't use or apply for social welfare services. They don't need welfare, they need fast cash.

No. 1518663

File: 1651602265360.png (37.15 KB, 483x183, Screen_Shot_2022-04-24_at_8.17…)

>>1518660 there was somewhere else on the blog that mentions the reasons she HAS to mention pissing and shitting is due to "trauma" lol

No. 1518667

This is hilarious. Base pay + commission is standard for sales work. She could've easily made $20/hr with some hustle. But regardless, how is $11/hr + commission worse than $0/hr and ebegging? She's literally unemployed by choice, at least PRETEND you can't work due to anxiety/trauma/meth addiction or whatever.

No. 1518675

Ah man you're not kidding. I help a few friends out with a bit here and there but they're friends and don't get angry when I suggest budgeting help or ways to get their costs down. But someone added me on FB from a group who I didn't know and straight away started with the begging, for coffee, food, food for their dog, dog training… like dude, I don't know you. You are not my responsibility and as much as they go on about how much distress they're in they never stop to think that some people find it really distressing saying no to people especially if they lay the guilt on.

No. 1518678

I'm sure there are hotels/motels where a week won't cost you 400 bucks.

No. 1518745

File: 1651609337953.png (240.93 KB, 629x755, gg199.png)

Goddamn this bitch pops up again every two weeks and even if you manage to block all her incarnations she'll get her leghumpers to post in her stead

No. 1518847

She could get twice as much money claiming to be a mtf.

No. 1518905

this isn't a MTF? yikes forever

No. 1518907

No. 1518999

File: 1651629162383.png (155.04 KB, 720x1120, Screenshot_20220503-224707_1.p…)

No. 1519000

File: 1651629261685.png (168.39 KB, 720x1142, Screenshot_20220503-224719_1.p…)

No. 1519002

File: 1651629308673.png (136.8 KB, 720x1121, Screenshot_20220503-224741_1.p…)

E-panhandling and SJW preaching combination

No. 1519270

File: 1651667512293.jpg (557.86 KB, 1080x1659, sobstory.jpg)


I've been following this for awhile and it's been excruciating

No. 1519273

File: 1651667616208.jpg (424.53 KB, 1080x1385, moresobbing.jpg)


It really sounds like no one in the family was vaxxed and then they all caught the coof, killing off his parents and giving him long covid

No. 1519275

File: 1651667727963.jpg (459.04 KB, 1080x1698, teethtimetooscary.jpg)


Now this guy posts updates about every minor or major devastating thing in that special grifter way where there are plenty of holes to the story, but they need money immediately…and even if they get it later on they'll need more money immediately!!

No. 1519276

File: 1651667816526.jpg (288.92 KB, 1080x1284, aconcernedskepticappears.jpg)


Personally I want to see evidence of his fam not being vaxxed because all of this sounds like it could have been preventable with the jab

No. 1519277

File: 1651667937359.jpg (394.58 KB, 971x1745, idotarot.jpg)


I have no idea why this person can't try to find a wfh proofreading job in this "do you have a pulse you're hired" labor market we have rn

No. 1519278

File: 1651668020147.jpg (637.76 KB, 962x2664, anabsolutelytruesequenceofreal…)


Each time there's an update it's always some convoluted sequence of events that make it real darn clear why this person was still living at home, the lack of life skills shine through so intensely

No. 1519280

File: 1651668104085.jpg (771.14 KB, 970x2513, thisalsohappened.jpg)


My fave is the careful formatting of the links etc, time that could be spent looking for a wfh job that didn't need gas money or ubers

No. 1519288

I don’t have tumblr nonnie, can you post caps of the “proof” (if it indeed exists) here?

No. 1519298

File: 1651669994470.jpg (82.7 KB, 500x667, mriresults.jpg)

>>1519288 1/3

nothing like doxxing your doc

No. 1519299

File: 1651670030613.jpg (54.11 KB, 500x375, carcrash.jpg)

No. 1519300

File: 1651670130230.jpg (47.35 KB, 500x500, severeedema.jpg)


No. 1519316

>LARPing as MTF
Everyone who claims they’re MTF to begin with is LARPing kek did a troon write this or something?

No. 1519347

Anon, you know what they meant.

Hmmm, so the car accident and its resulting damage and a select few other medical conditions seem legit. But I feel like there would be posted proof of the other conditions/situations too if they weren’t exaggerated. As expected of beggars

No. 1519607

KEK it says no fractures. yet every post mentions a “broken back”

No. 1521916

File: 1651873480560.png (42.14 KB, 535x432, 657793345463.png)

because there's nothing as effective as guilt tripping everyone when you're begging strangers for a substantial amount of money

No. 1521930

File: 1651875417161.jpg (1.29 MB, 971x3388, No.jpg)

Great, tumblrs new post sponsor feature working as expected.

No. 1521933

What's the intention with people tacking on selfies to donation posts? To look more reliable?

No. 1521934

Spending money to e-beg? Lmfao

No. 1522058

am i the only one who's thinking her claim of asian+ndn is bullshit

No. 1522107

>"collective" url
p sure that's some DID faker lol
yeah i thought that too. claiming ndn ancestry is fairly popular with tumbblr sjws

No. 1522367

File: 1651936732421.png (439.96 KB, 783x1097, ac.png)

Last year they were just filipino
> Things have been tough because my entire life, our father has been sending money to our extended family still in the Philippines to help them out whenever there's flooding or other natural disasters. We just found out recently that they were deceiving us and pretending some of his closer relatives were still alive just to get money out of us (even so far as to write letters in their names), when in actuality they had died
That father is lacking a brain, not an education
Also 160000$ that's a new record

No. 1522908

File: 1652004847567.png (382.76 KB, 1276x790, Screen Shot 2022-05-08 at 8.07…)

It's hilarious how she got top surgery instead of using that money to go to her family. You'd think this poor soul wouldn't be able to afford that 'essential' care. And KEK at her 'severe' disability that doesn't allow her to work being fucking ptsd, bipolar, ocd and fibromyalgia.. so some of the munchiest disorders in existence.

No. 1523050

File: 1652026760851.jpg (204.54 KB, 1080x1157, Screenshot_2022-05-08-11-09-06…)

This artist I've followed for a couple years began an "ebegging for rent" saga a couple months ago. She had planned for a mother's day sale that didn't exactly pan out, and I've been enjoying her periodic meltdowns

No. 1523061

She also switched all of her top posts of her paintings to say "worthless" which feels a little dramatic

No. 1523081

File: 1652028643136.jpg (1.22 MB, 1080x1743, Screenshot_2022-05-08-11-28-43…)

Oops, dropped pic

No. 1524375

Museums are free? They're state maintained

No. 1524376

File: 1652121698369.png (53.33 KB, 528x519, Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 19.39…)

rosaria is so so shameless

No. 1525144

File: 1652209518183.jpg (224.94 KB, 1080x1173, Screenshot_20200413-142305_Tum…)

Old but holy fucking shit

No. 1525156

File: 1652210232447.png (143.39 KB, 778x1384, dracula.png)

How did she get a job in childcare (wrangling goblins is a physically demanding job) while not able to walk properly
How did she keep a job in childcare with a habit of BITING PEOPLE

Rosaria's antics are almost enough for a whole thread wow

No. 1525177

seconding thread for rosaria

No. 1525193

File: 1652213712195.png (199.59 KB, 1186x676, JH65NB3.png)

>Go away where we on the internet
honestly same energy as picrel kek

No. 1525198

File: 1652214148076.png (335.53 KB, 576x1083, pas.png)

She put herself out to pasture KEK

How do people survive into adulthood with this little money management skills

No. 1526037

File: 1652299798848.jpeg (233.57 KB, 828x587, 118E6759-04DB-413C-94DA-BA46B4…)


No. 1526044

Uhh, why not use the money you make at your JOB to buy your own breakfast food then? Most functional employed adults don't rely on their parents to feed them at all, let alone two meals A DAY. And if you can't afford one extra meal daily, how can you afford to live alone? E-grifter "logic" is so confusing.

No. 1526487

Pretty sure they’re full of shit, cutting out one meal a day won’t save enough money to pay for a 15k trip unless you’re going to save for a couple years, they probably told them to buy their own food or something since they’re an adult and they want to make it sound bad like the parents were starving them to pay for a lavish trip. If you’re afraid of losing your job or not making enough money, find a new job instead of begging online

No. 1526534

File: 1652336573374.jpeg (184.13 KB, 827x1272, 2ADE875B-7FC3-4EC6-86D1-16A004…)

my all time favorite strong powerful independent black “”nonbinary”” e-begger

No. 1526613


Fucking pathetic. We need to bring back shame in 2023 because this is just sickening. Grown ass woman/them/zir/potted plant kin doesn't have $50 in their bank account? Probably lives with her parents so there's really no excuse.

No. 1526810

This is why >>1505874
Trollop can't even plan her spending an hour ahead and keep money for the return trip, she shouldn't be allowed to handle money at all

No. 1526851

they think they're being so sneaky by asking you not to tag donations specifically so that they show up to people who dont wanna see donation posts. shes just violating strangers boundaries for the sake of it

No. 1526857

File: 1652379549402.png (259.38 KB, 663x1432, nctt.png)

Does she throw away her laptop after every Tumblr post too? Keyboards are the Nr 1 dirtiest object in most households, far exceeding the toilet

Also she's eternally mad that some random used their money on a blaze post instead of her lmao

No. 1526868


>an abusive parent

translation: your parents don't enable your munchausens

>reproductive rights, fascism

she's just listing things that have so bearing on her financial situation for what purpose?

>i cannot use the kitchen or its appliances i have been told to find naother kitchen to cook in

so basically your Mom asked you to clean up after yourself, you didnt, and now you want strangers to pay for you to have takeout every night

>i need to eat and i need money for transportation

bitch who doesnt get a job

>i need to buy new clothes

if you're in such a bad situation then why on earth is shein hauls a priority?

>until i reach the point in therapy where i can touch certain things without having a panic attack

munchausens, this 'illness' is made up and i guarantee her family are sick of it

>when items are contaminated i throw them away

this is so entitled and audacious that im genuinely speechless

What is the point of asking people not to use donations tags? What is the point of advertising to he very people trying to avoid seeing these posts

this was an excellent find nonna, what a spoiled entitled freak

No. 1526888

minor blog but as someone with severe ocd this just sounds like what someone who doesn't have ocd thinks it is at somw point you have to grow up and deal with your shit a therapist will just make her do exposure therapy anyway

No. 1526892

File: 1652381748080.png (229.21 KB, 670x1432, ncct2.png)

> if you're in such a bad situation then why on earth is shein hauls a priority?
Half of the amazon wishlist is the entire NYX cosmetics eyeshadow sortiment too

She's also an all around lovely human being, not interested at all in working on herself and gets offended when offered help.
I wonder why she hasn't begged for the costs of the electrode (and university, and housing, and medication) yet. Does perhaps her abusive mom pay for all of that?

No. 1526901

what is this shit about an electrode being applied to her brain? this sounds like a fantasy fanfiction LARP

No. 1526912

Deep Brain Stimulation, an electrode inserted in your brain that sends electrical pulses to the nucleus
It's a treatment for Parkinson tremors and Tourettes that's currently being experimented with for OCD with about the same success as medication, but they have no idea how or why it works

No. 1526927

File: 1652383628748.png (693.16 KB, 1344x1944, Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 3.20…)

this person is fucking insufferable. the wishlists are hilarious https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2UNZCZJ2QROFS/

No. 1526984

File: 1652389371411.jpeg (119.97 KB, 1200x187, 61B7F356-2C8A-448E-9BE7-4422FD…)

Damn, I used to follow her. Shame she became unhinged.

No. 1527123

>>Acting as if 2 meals a day isn't lucky to have
Sounds like a spoiled brat, 2 meals is a luxury

Oh yea people totally want to donate to a cunt like this. The ask was being so kind, too.

No. 1527126

Begging aside fucking $15,000 for a two-person trip to Thailand? How?

No. 1527133

File: 1652400495382.jpeg (274.71 KB, 828x1146, CB59F0D9-2353-405F-8D4E-1AACAD…)

No. 1527271

>I can't get a fucking three bedroom apartment

cry me a fucking river, holy shit

No. 1527300

Prob flying from the states(and return trip), with no layover then hotel?

No. 1528269

surprised this loser hasn't been posted more. her "writing" is shit and now she's converting to judaism for more minority points and claims to be a nonbinary lesbian but will talk about how sexy male actors are. so irritating

No. 1528919

File: 1652570787163.png (216.38 KB, 618x1969, druglord.png)

You just know the 'vitamins' this one is ebegging for are drugs that she's hooking her two recently-of-age "partners" up with
Props for getting her nudes on the "My Face" page past the tumblr filter though wow

No. 1529010

she’s almost like a personal cow to me last time i checked she started going by faeself pronouns kek

No. 1529279

File: 1652598697621.jpg (318.95 KB, 1024x1171, Tumblr.jpg)

No. 1529282

File: 1652599039875.jpg (299.75 KB, 1080x1512, Tumblr_l_475267987656145.jpg)

Sorry if a repost im just losing my mind

No. 1529328

Imagine having such little dignity that you’d beg for food from the people you hate rather than get a job so you could buy it yourself. Wtf kinda life are these cows ever going to have? Reading these makes me feel cosy and warm.

No. 1529553

Do these beggars think that saying they're "indigenous and gay" will get them more money or something? Do they feel more entitled to free gifts because of that?

No. 1529571

Fuck yeah they do, it's all part of the oppression olympics. The more victim buzzwords they can cram into a 250-character-limit bio, the better. Being a black tranny fag enby homeless fictive kinnie in an abusive household is never going to be as poorly off as a black indigenous jew amputee who is addicted and homeless but also needs their antipsychotic meds and a vet bill covered. It's also like a hierarchy rather than an amount of buzzwords, if that makes sense. Once you learn their language though, you can make fake accounts and run amok and win contests and make crowdfunds for bullshit if you want to slowly inch closer to Hell. kek

No. 1529572

File: 1652636965036.png (76.84 KB, 782x350, Clipboard03.png)

They literally do, as 'reparations' for the crimes whites did to the folks they're impersonating
Never understood how paying for some e-hoes food addiction helps build up indigenous infrastructure again though, they for sure are not gonna help build housing

No. 1529603

It works, too. Lots of Burgers in particular donate something like 10% of their income for “reparations”

No. 1529706

that’s pathetic even if you make a lot of money

No. 1530771

Reparations for fanfiction?

No. 1530862

what fanfiction is she even talking about

No. 1531440

Wait is she for real? She wants multiple of the same makeup item because she is broke and can't even afford to feed herself.

No. 1533892

File: 1653010994412.png (121.32 KB, 720x867, WhatDidSheMeanByThis.png)

I see this ebegger almost daily

No. 1533915

It’s not even the makeup, it’s the total lack of priorities. If you don’t have food, prioritize getting food first! If makeup triggers your OCD, don’t buy it for awhile until you can afford it and your therapy kicks in. This person would probably still be broke and e-begging if she got a job, because she’d blow her whole paycheck on Shein and Amazon before her rent was due. She’s delusional about the compromises people make to survive because she’s never had to make them. It’s funny how these e-beggars always live with “abusive parents”, yet never make any effort to move out and stop mooching off their “abusers.” And often the “abuse” = the parent setting basic boundaries like making their adult child clean up after themselves, go to therapy, pay for their own food etc.

No. 1535010

xactly. niggas living at home at 25 talking about 'abusive parents' hahahahah bitch move out

No. 1538695

File: 1653416284638.png (359.03 KB, 626x1275, vile.png)

Tumblr: It's free car insurance!

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