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File: 1629445593653.png (921.39 KB, 2300x1035, threadpic.png)

No. 1304366

>What is a femboy?
They are he/him trannies, basically. Some are regular anorexic twinks but most inject estrogen or T-blockers in an attempt to look like women, and sometimes they will even get tranny-related surgeries.

>What makes them cow material?

In recent years, part of what it means to be a member of the femboy clan is adopting Nazi politics. They are shamelessly racist, misogynistic, and homophobic of lesbians, frequently getting banned from platforms like Twitter for their hatefulness. They also tend to suffer autism and many are former incels.

Femboys created tired-out memes like Femboy Hooters and the "Doomer Boy" Wojak which they all worship and strive to be. For some reason they really like Ikea sharks.

Tell a femboy he is no different from a MTF troon and prepare for autistic screeching. They hold a sense of superiority over regular trannies because they don't call themselves women, but they still share the fetishistic (read: AGP) creepiness of the average troon.

Closeted gay and bisexual scrotes all across the web are obsessed with these freaks, frequently screaming that it's not gay to fuck a man just because he has soft skin and gynecomastia.

NOTE: this thread is for [male] femboys only. If it's a girl/TIF larping as one or if you suspect a femboy might be biologically female, post about them in the fakeboi thread instead of here: >>>/snow/1137677
Feminine gay men like Jeffree Star or James Charles who don't call themselves femboys don't count, please post them in their respective threads: >>>/pt/790714 >>>/snow/1086649
Trannies identifying as women belong in the MTF thread unless they're involved in femboy drama: >>>/snow/1131745

>Some examples of e-famous femboys:

https://twitter.com/0xcafebeef (now on his way to full mtf trannydom)

No. 1304367

4got to link last thread >>1144047

No. 1304802

File: 1629485614236.jpg (220.12 KB, 752x824, 4a465465.jpg)

A self identified trap/femboy (recently trooned) who owns a group chat called beat women where he and other femboys talk about how they hate women, share files of women being beaten and how white men will become sex slaves and replace women.

Despite hating women to the point of wanting to physically harm them this ogre has a female friend who brings him his anime clothes because he's broke and she feels sorry for him, a few months ago he started HRT even though he apparently hates troons, he now photoshops his face because he can't afford a nose job.

No. 1304821

Just typical incel things. I don't think I have ever seen a femboy who was not an incel. And no, fucking other femboys/trannies doesn't count. That's not any better than masturbating. None of them are normal, well adjusted young men who play sports and talk to girls their age, who just happen to enjoy female clothes. They are all chronically online, bitter incels who seethe because women can tell that they are flawed genetic dead ends that should be avoided at all costs cause they would breed only sickly offspring, can't support anyone (not even themselves) and are rotten to the core to the point of being dangerous spree-killers who fantasize about raping and murdering any woman who crosses their path.

No. 1304838

File: 1629487094566.png (29.95 KB, 812x146, cafebeef.png)

If you are a dude, you will always remain a dude. Even if you put on a dress and take hormones, still forever a dude. I thought you were a self-aware tranny Cafebeef? I think you meant to say "if you remain free from porn-addiction and stop yourself from tumbling down a slippery slope into the coombrain troonrealm, good job" Cause then I can agree with that. You know you can always stop watching porn and try to talk to a therapist about the time your uncle touched you.

In a way Cafebeef is probably one of the worst femboy/tranny/degenerates because he knows exactly that it's not a real identity, that it is a fetish and mental illness and he is going into this fully aware and not even trying to fix his life in any way. At least most trannies are deluded and think they were actually born with a "girlbrain" and that it's totally valid. Cafebeef knows trannies aren't valid and he still choses to be a degenerate coombrain. It is a deliberate choice and truly reprehensible.

No. 1304904

File: 1629491707880.png (35.18 KB, 526x272, femboy.png)

What about this specimen?

No. 1304921

File: 1629492924539.png (200.57 KB, 490x280, serena-daniari-subway-attacl-5…)

It's ironic that he hates troons because they are literally the same thing. Incel misogynists. He reminds me of the Jafar troon Serena Daniari who works for Teen Vouge. He's obsessed with pregnancy and has gotten the inverted penis surgery, FFS, and every other surgery under the sun. An HSTS who can't stop obsessing about women and always tweets about tricking straight men into fucking him. It's the same shit this femboy is spewing. Anyway, the troon recently got btfo'd by Candace Owens on her show. I'm not rightwing and I don't like her but it's hilarious how she basically explains why he will never be a woman kek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkcT-FaUmqU

No. 1304926

i've directly interacted with cafebeef and willow a long time ago
cafebeef is and always has been a retard
weird to draw willow with a beard shadow when you could have just put the obvious FAS signs and it woul make for a funnier image
dimitri monroe used to be a bigger femboy reply guy but im not sure about anymore
the tranny who ran the femboy hooters kickstarter page is worth researching but im not sure where you would even find information about her other than first hand accounts from other troons

No. 1304931


> bigger femboy reply guy

What does that mean?

No. 1304938

for months if you saw a post on twitter calling femboys trannies or racist (very common at the time of the femboy hooters meme) and scrolled down to the replies, the first one was dimitri monroe crying 90% of the time
over time his account devolved into simultaneously ERPing with dozens of accounts and denying HRT use despite the obvious signs of changing skin texture and of course gynecomastia

No. 1304943

Gynecomastia? We never saw his naked chest… I think at least
Also, didn't he got groomed into taking estro, and then quit it

No. 1304952

Post tea or fuck off. This isn't a place to promote your dumb femboy gimmick account. Seems this guy doesn't even post pics and only the same dumb coombrain shit as everyone else.

Although I would like to note that gymbro scrotes are some of the biggest degenerates and coomers you can find. It's because they are usually high testosterone and masturbate like 10 times a day.

No. 1304955

>A self identified trap/femboy (recently trooned) who owns a group chat called beat women where he and other femboys talk about how they hate women, share files of women being beaten and how white men will become sex slaves and replace women.
jelly much?

also i could take the little twerp. looks like 100lbs soaking wet
put me in the ring with him
he can study the anatomy of a beaten """"woman"""" in the mirror
prolly jack off to it knowing his type

No. 1304961

Don't treat me like this, anon.
He actually did post his looks
( I can't upload the file for some reason )


No. 1305039

Lol why are you troons/femboys like this what am I jelly of? that "little twerp" is a he him big ogre male he's not little neither are you because men are built like men.

No. 1305048

lol relax
im saying the delusional fag in the dress is jealous of women, hence the trying desperately to look like one (but like TOTALLY not cuz girls r gross ewwww), coupled with his weirdass fetish for domestic violence

No. 1305049

in fact im starting to lean more towards the idea that these femboy specimens may be marginally more unstable than even the regular troons
theres like a whole other additional level of weird self-hatred thrown atop the delusion
weird stuff

No. 1305194

>didn't he got groomed into taking estro, and then quit it
He claims that, he says he got groomed into thinking he was a tranny instead of just a coomer who liked putting on girls clothes and being pounded in the ass.
/fit/fags are generally either homosexual or troon out.
I assume the trooning out comes from the same sorta area of where former Ana-chans turn into muscle gainers. like some self image problem.

No. 1305225

She pretty much put into words with what I find wrong when trannies always bring up women who had hysterectomies, have fertility issues, don't menstruate, etc., to justify their existence. "If those women can still be considered women then I can too!!!" Like they don't realize how insulting that is to the actual women who have these issues.

No. 1305382

I actually think plastic surgery hons are closer to the realization that they will never be women. His chest is literally rotting from the decomposing implants, and his amhole is a festering biohazard. He probably stinks like shit 24/7 and cries each time he has to shower. I actually support troon surgeries. They 41% faster when there's no more dragon to chase.

No. 1305407

File: 1629554404587.png (261.85 KB, 660x1453, chaser_dankula.png)

What is more disgusting?
1. Chaser Dankula publically talking about wanting to fuck a robot that looks distinctively male despite having a wife and baby?
2. Cafebeef hitting on a married man with a baby
Vote now!

No. 1305410

Men make me sick, I swear, bisexual men are just bisexual. Chasers (bisexual with a fetish) just are the lowest of the low. I don't care if his wife is okay with it or it's a joke, it's disgusting how they act.
Shoe's ex did the same thing. Publicly lusting after trannies/men while in a relationship. And the retards who entertain them are just as thristy and disgusting.

No. 1305417

I can't choose lol both make me physically fucking sick, imagine hitting on a dude that has a wife and a child, low scum.

No. 1305423

No way him and his wife have true and honest conservative sex life. They must be swingers and Dankula is 100% a cuck.

No. 1305463

So do we have proof of manboobs? Or anon just got carried away?

No. 1305470

File: 1629563228822.png (294.94 KB, 496x501, bob.png)

The women he talks to are probably faking smiles at him because they're scared or maybe feel pity for him

No. 1305497

Almost every bi man I met does that to their gf lol. But if their girl cheated w a tranny or femboys they would be calling her a whore and all types of shit. I had to cut off a friend cus her man and.best friend were flirting in the comments on a pic she posted of her fucking baby bump. Bisexual men are depraved and the gay men that fuck them so they can feel like they're competing w a woman are pathetic.

No. 1305513

Bisexual men aren't real. They are gay men who want a mommy on the side to take care of them while they chase dick. Homosexual men can not provide for their partners and are unfaithful, so they don't make good long-term partners. Hence they get a beard-mommy with a low sex drive and just cheat with men or watch trap-porn all day. Some of them are in denial and a lot of them selfishly ruin a woman's life just to "give being straight a try" and then later troon out or cheat with a man.

I'm gonna have to put some blame on Sue or whatever her name is as well tho, she knew all of this about him and he has been very open about being a sexual degenerate homo for years. She still married him and even went out of her way to do invitro to have his ugly baby. I am sure her self-esteem is on the fucking floor tho. Liberal women think that they have to put up with this shit cause reddit-tier men constantly tell them that they HAVE to be ok with a degenerate coomer or end up alone. Weak women will fall for this deception.

For all straight women reading this: This is not okay. Do not ever settle for a man who doesn't respect you and publically humiliates you by thirsting after others. If your man ever shows signs of finding traps/trannies/femboys attractive, move on. He's gay. You are worth more than that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1305523

No. 1305537

Wish people would talk more about how degenerate gay men are, whenever you have a disagreement with some gay man the first thing they do is tell you how "your boyfriend left you for another man" or "my ass is tighter than your vagina" or spam porn, it's like that's all they think of and live for.

It's not just femboys and troons, just men as a whole.

No. 1305541

You get called homophobic the moment you say anything that isn’t positive about fags

No. 1305546

File: 1629570950763.png (320.81 KB, 1112x2893, homosexual_facts.png)

This. I will never stop saying how degenerate gay men are, despite getting banned for "homophobia". We can shit on scrotes all day, but don't you dare criticize a gay scrote. Femboys are all gay degenerates so it is very appropriate discussion for this thread. Mods are faghags tho.

No. 1305560

File: 1629572151658.jpeg (265.66 KB, 1125x1732, B3C66413-BD34-4509-B0AA-AA9A0E…)

they always think they look dainty and/or sexy. it’s horrid.

No. 1305561

File: 1629572215934.jpeg (315.63 KB, 1125x1903, 6D3BD976-47B2-4526-90E1-A5AB1F…)


like bruh. come on.

No. 1305632

carried away anon here
I looked but couldn't find anything. I remembered there being a picture from a side angle with gyno but no cigar

No. 1305638

>over 100 partners a year

So one different partner every three days? lmao gtfo with that tradthot bullshit

“Traditioninaction.org” how scientific of you.

No. 1305654

Anon this list of "facts" is autistic as fuck, are you okay

No. 1305724

>Literally all of these stats are over 30 years old
>Most studies are made during the AIDS panic when homophobia was at its peak and gays were confined to underground clubs
Well you sure showed us. Now kindly fuck off back to /pol/ or Kiwifarms, whichever scrote hole you crawled out of. This isn't the Homophobia general thread.

No. 1305745

I'm with you, one of the things I have a problem with is when they degrade women, vaginas are "eww" and all but as soon as I say gay sex looks gross or female clothes are made to fit female body figures they have a mental breakdown similar to those replying to you right now, like femboys the majority of gay men are incels and hate women.

No. 1305765

I had gay roommates alot of gays fuck strangers at "cruising" spots like park bathrooms lol they were too scared to get tested I could honestly believe most of these stats

No. 1305767

Based anon. I love you.

No. 1305781

File: 1629594518605.jpg (882.66 KB, 1080x2251, Screenshot_20210822_030406.jpg)

Very trustworthy source, anon

No. 1305835

I also had gay roommates, they would sometimes meet up with 2+ different guys A DAY on Adam4Adam, even when they had "boyfriends" it lasted maybe a week until they switched to a new one or went out as a group to the bath house. Frequent group sex was also not uncommon.

No. 1305850

>/pol/ tier jaypeg with shaky sources
>From a MVH TRADITION sperg website

TERFs are just female /pol/tards

No. 1305852

post hand pic

No. 1305865

sage for offtopic sperg but jfc you are right. I have heard so many gay moids talk about how vaginas are "gross" when they literally get aroused by and fuck fecal shit holes?

No. 1305914

The only poltards here are the femboys, unfortunately

No. 1305917

File: 1629617803231.jpg (13.13 KB, 200x171, XYchromosome.jpg)

No. 1305946

/pol/tards are all femboys and trannies that watch anime, rofl. 4chan is exclusively used by trannies, NEET incels and federal agents. There's not any TERFs on there.

Shouldn't you be used to butthurt by now since you let other men violate your anus on the reg?

No. 1305966

Are you able to find that side photo? Never heard bout that one

No. 1306034

I can hear your loose bootyhole clenching from the thought of TERFs dethroning the glorified troon aka the based femboy in Nazi spaces. How do you feel about Vanessa Vokey?

No. 1306118

Gays can call us bitches make fun of our bodies but of we point out they basically got a poop fetish they'll scream bigot lol or say they can't be sexist because being a Doo Doo dick retard makes them victims of misogyny since homophobia is a type of misogyny or something (I've had gay dudes tell me this). I'm not sure what getting buttfucked has to do w being female tho since most women aren't into anal like that and lesbians aren't getting fucked by men and they're still women so idk how a man feels he can relate to us since he is the receiving partner in anal sex. U relate to other bottoms but not me Women don't have to prep their vaginas for sex

No. 1306268

File: 1629661928308.webm (1.73 MB, 576x1024, femboy_soldier.webm)

The absolute state of America. Kek.

No. 1306320

death to america tbh

No. 1306328

I don't understand why these disgusting men are so obsessed with girly things, whenever I shop for cute things I always see ugly meat hooks holding the product in the reviews, cute things aren't made for men only a sick weirdo would have these things in their possessions

No. 1306382

>There's not any TERFs on there
ill pick one out of the crowd every once in a while
theyll usually get [REDACTED] thanks to tranny jannys being 9001% mad about never being a woman

its pretty crazy how few places on the internet will even tolerate such views
even literal nazis have more options

No. 1306525

Why is he wearing a Marine Corp jacket with Air Force pants? And the sleeves are rolled incorrectly.

No. 1306802

File: 1629720392242.png (41.15 KB, 732x288, ew.png)

Sexpests, all of them.

No. 1306815

I sometimes buy cute and cheap outfits from Shein and I scroll down to the reviews and 9/10 you will see a troon who squeezed into a top or skirt and they deviate so much from other women's pictures its comical. Its the same for lingerie and bras, there are trannies posting pics of their dicks in panties. I also noticed Shein do not allow lingerie and bra returns lmao. In h&m and ASOS you can return bras and panties as long as it has the protective seal on it. Tbh with the rise of troons and femboys I would not buy individual panties or bras from stores that allow returns. There was a thread on twitter, its been nuked now by the tranny jannies, porn videos of TiMs jerking off in female changing rooms and ejaculating on clothing. Males are disgusting.

No. 1306866

We all know the troon is lying come on

No. 1306913

Does the US military run background checks on people who enroll? RIP if they find his social media

No. 1306933


For security clearances yeah. Depending on the level the deeper they probe. If this guy is a big retard he probably gave his recruiter his actual email and not a dummy one.

No. 1306941

You think that troons don't expose themselves to people for their fetish? Cause I got some fucking news for you. Men have flashed kids on playgrounds for all eternity. I am betting that the house across from him has women and children living in it and he gets off to the idea that they will see him masturbate. They are disgusting predators.

No. 1306944

File: 1629739991452.png (21.11 KB, 740x166, moronic.png)

It's that time of the day where gay moidbeef seethes about women existing.

No. 1306951

What does he even mean?

No. 1306964

"Wahminz live life on easy road and are basically just stoopid kids who should make samwiches and nuggies and like, they want rights or some shit but then they don't like when you punch them in the face like I do my bros??? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE WOMEN! Like, femoids are so stupid, they want to vote but then they still want the men to pay for the dinner and be treated like people, lol. Men are so much better and straight men should date me instead of vagina havers."
Something like that.

No. 1307022

It’s kind of scary how these moids are so obsessed with women. It’s all they ever talk about. I almost feel bad for them.

No. 1307033

>In h&m and ASOS you can return bras and panties as long as it has the protective seal on it.
Glad I never buy from these places, all the more reason not to.

I think they only buy these cute things because it turns them on, like that guy with the pink chair in the video I doubt he likes the chair because it's pink or because it's cute, he likes it because owning something girly gives him "euphoria uwu", outside of their one in a month twitter selfie and probably fap time these creeps wear dark ugly male clothes hoodies and so.

No. 1307062

So now there's two mtf threads? Why?

No. 1307067

reading the OP can help with your confusion

No. 1307147

Men get really assblasted when women start to call out the predatory society-level grooming that girls and women go through. It's like watching an Amway scammer get all self-righteous and indignant that anybody would call their barely legal scam a scam.

No. 1307296

The drill sergeant is gonna make him quit before this prissy faggot ever sees a weapon. Imagine not being good enough for the one job that will take any retard over 18.

No. 1307612

Is it weird that most men who could be called "femboy" don't call themselves that or try that hard? They are just naturally feminine looking men.
I guess these guys wouldn't be so bad if they didn't present themselves as wannabe trans

No. 1307669

File: 1629832295818.jpg (400.73 KB, 2046x1249, 513332.jpg)

No. 1307672

File: 1629832425657.jpg (141.84 KB, 1209x1348, 643_3.jpg)

No. 1307673

File: 1629832465544.png (1.01 MB, 1568x1412, femboy.png)

Same guy who posted about his mom having a breakdown after finding out about him being a freak, I am kinda thinking he is making this shit up for pity clicks, but posting anyways.

No. 1307685

It's more realistic that a group of guys would just ghost him than actively text him one by one like a mid 2000s psa on cyberbullying. This is retarded, but the next level faggotry line is correct so I cant discredit him too much

No. 1307688

File: 1629833800247.jpg (60.45 KB, 992x992, 544130.jpg)

The term femboy implies that a male looks so much like a girl that they pass for one, men can not pass for women no matter lol, Jazz Jennings is a great example of this, he's been taking estrogen his whole life literally since childhood and he hardly passes for an ugly woman, I would never call a handsome or "pretty boy" a femboy, cuz femboys are ugly rejects he/him troon faggots.

I guess some men like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic I would consider pretty but yeah, it's always the ugly incels who try to be like women.

No. 1307697

these seem like obvious fake sympathy bait screenshots, he didn't even bother changing up his typing style for them lmao

No. 1307721

File: 1629837369625.png (726.82 KB, 1188x1440, rofl.png)

Cafebeef was mistaken for a pill-stealing tranny.
I don't think it counts as faceblindness when you look this much alike, lol. The tranny-bangs and child-molester glasses are just too common amongst your kind, Cafequeef.

No. 1307802

I really thought they were the same person before I read any of that, lmao.

No. 1307804

It's probably fake. Like you said anon most people would just ghost rather than go off like that. Also most people don't know or use the word "faggotry", but a chronically online failed male ""femboy"" definitely would. But on the 0.0001% chance this is real, he had some pretty based friends kek.

No. 1307829

File: 1629844527977.png (1.22 MB, 2560x1600, tranny bangs.png)

you know its tranny bangs because of the amount of hair needed to cover their huge man skulls.

No. 1307870

Literally the same typing style between posts how embarassing

No. 1308014

Yeah he's balding as fuck, but somehow still talks about how young he looks everyday, kek.

No. 1308015

babies are bald anon! he's definitely smol bean

No. 1308037

Based. I had to drop a guy I was dating because I found out he likes to watch hentai. I didn’t even say anything, just told him it wouldn’t work out, he wanted to be friends and I ghosted him. Statistically speaking, men into that stuff are more into things like futa and shemale porn. I think men like that just want a womb to reproduce then they live out their degeneracy full time.

No. 1308055

Gays feel they can get away with that trash only with women. Straight guys are aggressively homophobic. They’d go Taliban mode if they could get away with it.

Gays are fragile as fuck for moid teens using gay as an insult 15 years ago

Apperntly even a book was written on it

No. 1308066

A bit off topic, but retards who fell for that tranny's obvious joke/bait are pathetic lol

No. 1308070

You're right. Gay men would have absolutely zero acceptance in society if it wasn't for women. Women vote democrat. Lesbians made way for the LGB movement. Women vote for their rights and if women never got the right to vote, gay men would still not be accepted. But does that stop them from being raging misogynists who constantly seethe about women existing around them? No. They will forever chase after straight men who find them disgusting tho.

No. 1308209

And women worked to remove AIDs stigma and cared for dying gay male strangers. How many gay men would do that for us? kek.

No. 1308745

File: 1629957256020.jpg (556.74 KB, 2172x3862, 20210826_015130.jpg)

The wannabe soldier femboys scare the hell out of me too. Why does america let the mentally ill have guns

No. 1308795

>I’m a grown ass 24 year old man
Are we supposed to believe pic resembles a cute alt girl? The hair makes him head look disproportionally small to his out of shape moid body, which is weird because his head is already huge.

No. 1309766

File: 1630094553863.png (20.99 KB, 729x160, copebeef.png)

It must really suck to be a homo who is only attracted to straight men and is stuck eternally coping about your existence.

No. 1309775

What is so baffling with these moids is how stiff they are. It is like they don't know how to move their body. No wonder they hate their bodies since they don't seem to use them in the slightest. Through makeup and 'girly' discount fetish wear they seem to connect to their bodies for the first time. I doubt they ever looked into a mirror prior to applying makeup poorly.

No. 1309820

Straight men classify themselves as liking either tits or ass bc they ALL like vaginas, by definition. There's no dichotomy. God what a pack of fucking retards these guys are.

No. 1310123

Le epic funny bait from the weak jaw balding moid

No. 1310313

File: 1630156585519.jpeg (185.39 KB, 1080x1549, 1177C5DA-57DF-4D8B-B392-190C90…)

Please jog my memory guys
Is the retarded looking one in the left the one who spammed the MTF thread with gore of dead women most recently, getting it locked? The one who live-streamed his suicide?

No. 1310434

No, but the guy you're thinking about is a huge cow with his own thread on lolcow.org and was mentioned in passing on kiwifarms. They had a stupid anime name from what I can vaguely remember

No. 1311048

File: 1630231611921.png (137.47 KB, 738x520, diapers.png)

Cafebeef, you are literally a gay man who takes it up the ass on the reg. You will be in diapers before you're 40.

No. 1311328

They're racist because niggers, despite taking over everything, are incapable of being feminine and make them look bad.(racebaiting)

No. 1311338

Couldnt find this tweet. Did he delete it because straight men told him off lol

No. 1311407

I still cannot get over that these two truly believe they pass as female…,

No. 1311672

File: 1630317514892.png (24.49 KB, 738x174, autism.png)

Obsessing with your paraphilia to the point of making it the entire focus of your life type of autism, obviously. I'm willing to bet 90% of AGP tranners are autistic. It would explain the fact that they think anyone who has long hair and wears a dress looks like a woman while trying to live some kind of anime-porn-stereotype version of femininity and not grasping the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between the genders and male and female behavior and socialization. All of that shit is alien to autists.

No. 1311726

troonism should be an automatic autism diagnosis.

No. 1311763

File: 1630335917809.png (875.91 KB, 668x1288, cafequeef.png)

yeah, and?

No. 1311771

File: 1630336448154.png (498.85 KB, 1336x1276, cope.png)

The amount of insincere compliments in the replies and "uhh.. nice… uhm…. hair? Pls don't neck yourself!" is the funniest part.
Copebeefs compliment-fishing and insecure teenage-girl antics are probably the most feminine thing about him. The amount of emotional labour his autistic friends and chasers have to do to validate him and keep him from roping is staggering.

Sorry, you look just like a very british moid with long strawy hair and a receeding hairline.

No. 1311784

pedobeef you don't look like the little ten year old boy or girl you think you look like. You look like a 28 year old man with long hair and coke bottle glasses

No. 1311785

File: 1630338116815.jpg (1.04 MB, 668x1288, 642516-436-31653-BEA-AGB15EAGC…)

Cant even tell where the bangs start. I wonder if he has that round bald spot at the crown?

No. 1311797

Impressive how these guys pass even less than the ones posted on the MtF thread

No. 1311821

He probably looks at himself through chinese filters that are designed to make you look young and UwU all day and believes it to be reality.

No. 1311931

File: 1630350599906.png (230.23 KB, 722x508, pedo.png)

Cafebeef retweeted this nasty loli/shota shit as well. Disgusting.

No. 1312010

UK police should check his hard drive, what a disgusting man.

No. 1312111

Dude - you’re just a mess.

No. 1312137

All femboys and troons are into drawings of little children and even self-insert as them, when you play an MMO their characters are always customized to look like half naked little girls, even the fashion they try to wear always includes over sized shirts and the school girl socks, women can pull off over sized clothes because we aren't built like a fridge we wear it because it looks good and it's comfortable, they wear it because it makes them feels small uwu

No. 1312146

>sexualizing chito and yuuri
disgusting, what an asshole

No. 1312250

>turning Yuuri into a tranny.

No. 1312346

>Tee-hee can't you believe that I'm actually a 20'something year old man?

No. 1312371

pedophilia and incest, a classic for troons!

No. 1312413

He’s so fucking greasy. Such a male.

No. 1312438

File: 1630399119914.png (256.99 KB, 574x837, animeistrash.png)

wtf the creator of this moeshit is literally an autogynephilic pedo so why are you acting like the femboy defiled something innocent instead of indulging in pedo crap directly aimed at agp coomer incels like himself? female weebs are so fucking delusional

No. 1312470

No. 1312477

ew, I didn’t know that. Researching authors sure does ruin a lot of works

No. 1312669

This is literally every man who has ever drawn or been into anime. They're all pedophiles.

No. 1312676

File: 1630429768250.png (167.72 KB, 756x1236, cafebeef.png)

I assume he blocked her with the "begone". Little UwU boys like Cafebeef can't handle when a woman talks back and is more intelligent and reasonable than him.

Wonder why women don't want pedophiles like you in our bathrooms trying to watch our kids pee. Such a ridiculous fear, right?

No. 1312679

File: 1630430009952.png (25.02 KB, 738x160, cafebeef2.png)


come on, show your blocklist of people who disagreed with you, beef

No. 1312710

I can't wait till there's a big war and all this limp wrist booty bandits get drafted. Society needs to purge these people they're entirely defective

No. 1312778

They are so obsessed with straight men

No. 1313166

Oh my, who would've guessed that's a 28 year old man?

No. 1313244

self awareness within reach yet infinitely far away at the same time.

No. 1313512

File: 1630535344763.jpg (792.79 KB, 1344x706, a heroine.jpg)

lmao he complains about not passing everyday. The rage comes from the fact that regular women like Jeanna will call them out in public and not be afraid to speak up. Cafemoid can barely leave his house, imagine a woman getting in his anorexic face telling him to get out.

No. 1313562

No. 1314215

File: 1630614898283.jpg (676.51 KB, 599x3161, fed.jpg)

Seriously, how has nobody talked about this fag yet? Honestly he/she/it/they/creature is probably the best of the bunch, but the constant """cute""" baby talking is so annoying. The best part though is the constant complaint of drama, but then projecting it on Twitter. Scroll through and almost all of it is started by or involves their friends. Between that and being friends with other twitter fags where complaining and drama is there whole personality, jesus fuck, put two and two together. They're fucking 25 and don't know how to pick and choose who you associate with. Grow up.

Autist rant over.

No. 1314241

No. 1314620

wait where's the baby talking

No. 1314808

> he/she/it/they
Da fuck is that supposed to mean? He's a boy my frend

No. 1314926

Debatable if most women are more masculine than him.

Less baby talking I guess and more "im so kawaii look at me" talking. Just as cringe.

No. 1315596

File: 1630762820502.jpg (97.49 KB, 794x719, 92tdxekj1oi71.jpg)

A Femboy trap next to his coomer artwork inspiration
Its funny cause he just looks like a teenage boy in a bad wig but he honestly thinks that he looks "hot" and "feminine", in the real world no one but a closeted pedophile scrote finds this shit appealing

No. 1315599

The contrast between the coomer art thighs and his repulsive skelly legs is hilarious

No. 1315694

File: 1630773306214.jpg (105.78 KB, 1080x1061, EDvOT_ZXYAY7apn.jpg)

interesting how these hentai images are always a girl but with an added dick and balls, they never show the moid bone structure. The result is men who think they can look like girls. I pity these freaks, I really do.

No. 1315749

File: 1630778388305.png (824.23 KB, 1435x683, Dross.png)

Funny thing is the artist draws his traps with slight more male frame then other wester hentai artists but he still feminizes and filters their bodies, cause it would just be western yaoi porn without it

No. 1315757

Why are these people so delusional? In nazi germany they would have been sent to concentration camps

No. 1315765

ironically, many of them are alt-right themselves

No. 1315771

sage for OT, but at least 99% of modern day white nationalists would be shot in Germany for being either degenerates and or racially impure

No. 1315782

File: 1630783519934.jpg (182.09 KB, 1379x1354, EAP9d8GVAAAZLZI.jpg)

Yeah it's pretty funny how it's the untermensch who are nazis nowadays.

No. 1315798

Sorry if this is spoon feeding but I’m new to this scene and can’t figure the flavor of this type of troonery , are the majority of these female or male attracted?

No. 1315809

Nazis love furfags and AGPs though. There are even old photos of OG nazis posing in women’s underwear (not to mention the whole German cabaret culture after WWI.(no1curr)

No. 1315811

They are attracted to males but the only guys they manage to get with is other femboy troons like themselves and kind of act out the whole "shota trap yaoi couple" garbage

No. 1316109

File: 1630815769087.jpg (103.93 KB, 780x703, DbDYGyFU8AAvZTe.jpg)

That's a pretty dumb example, literally every single man in Germany was conscripted in the Wehrmacht and so your bound to get a couple crossdresser
I'd say a similar result would happen with any country if you conscript the entire male population, like those Israeli soldiers wearing diaper pics that get posted by Palestinian nationalists and various Muslims online as cope

No. 1319635

File: 1631189590169.jpeg (192.48 KB, 828x646, 8E309F42-9419-4DE5-AA94-319A3E…)

No. 1319649

File: 1631191725320.png (44.98 KB, 730x294, seethe.png)


Haven't checked in with Cafebeef in a while cause I've been busy, but it seems that he is still seething about women existing. This is coming from the man who makes all his online friends call him by a female name "Eva".

For some reason boymoders, femboys, traps, trannies and all the other made up bullshit is totally valid, but if women do the same shit it's "REEEEEE! THATS OUR MENTAL ILLNESS YOU CUNTS! HOW DARE YOU!" I just imagine Cafeboi walking down the street and just seething at every single woman he sees or interacts with during his day. He goes to the Wibblywhack to get a toast with beans and blood sausage on it and the nice british lady serving him says "Noice day innit, mate" and he says nothing but pulls out his phone writing 10 tweets about the evil femoids and how they are just the words and he spills beans all over his phone.

No. 1320102

The only masculine feature is the flat chest and dick. Moid shoulders and torsos are not that small. Anime isn’t realistic but femboys pride themselves in being boys that dress feminine but then draw themselves like girls with penises. They are just as delusional as trannies.

No. 1320460

File: 1631266652645.png (1.78 MB, 2216x738, cecil.png)

Cafebeef is making some new friends, this is CecilMcFly (pictured on the right) a tranny who makes drama youtube videos about Onision and furries who thinks people can't tell that he's a fugly tranny. Ofc they bond over shitting on women.

No. 1320461

They have the same balding scrote in denial bangs.

No. 1320463

I thought she was a woman?

No. 1320465

Wait, Cecil Mcfly is a troon? It makes sense with the fetishy anime character avatar, but did not know that

No. 1320466

Yeah, pretty sure I remember when Cecil McFly was a they/them pickme who used to make shitty video essays on YouTube.

No. 1320472

File: 1631270327107.png (364.05 KB, 1220x655, Cecil Mcfly 1.PNG)

Do you have eyeballs?

>THE most masculine face

>gigantic skull
>anime pfp
>has a literal coomer elf avatar drawn of their "persona"

It's a well known "secret" that this is a tranny.

No. 1320474

File: 1631270477947.png (530.54 KB, 1336x964, coomer.png)

Picrel his coomer avatar that he uses to represent himself in his videos.

No. 1320478

>THE most masculine face
I mean… Not really. They've got a big nose and a pointy chin, but they look more like a witch than a moid.

No. 1320483

How come you don't know how to sage, tranny white knight? That is a hideous moid face that would make incels seethe with jealousy. Look at that gigantic jaw and the huge beak.

No. 1320497

This is a retarded tinfoil. Not all mannish women are troons, the coomer avatar was fanart drawn by some other woman that makes ecchi art of anime girls smoking weed. Just because she has a massive head and sharp features for a female doesn’t mean she isn’t one.

No. 1320498

chinfags are operating at incel brain level

No. 1320502

Cope, tranny. Everyone can clock you.

No. 1320523

lol are you face blind? ntayrt but this person is an obvious female. you are being autistic af

No. 1320525

File: 1631276738812.png (71.61 KB, 744x612, friendless.png)

Normal people can tell you are defective and a predator. I mean does Cafebeef even have tranny friends? It seems they are all tired of doing emotional labour of picking up his shattered self-esteem every day. Also love the reply of someone suggesting to look for normal people on 4chan of all places. Rofl.

No. 1320528

File: 1631277187488.png (716.85 KB, 1242x596, tranny.png)

Do a lot of women where you live experience male pattern baldness and have receeding hairlines? Sorry to hear that, anon. But I am glad you figured out how to sage, I knew Cecil and his 3 fanboys are lurking places like this to get material for videos. You look like a man, just look at any video with face in it, it's obvious even under the 10 layers of cosplay make-up. You don't pass.

No. 1320532

this dude is ugly

No. 1320533

File: 1631278003932.png (946.21 KB, 1096x1074, tranny2.png)

He passes even less than Hyper_Kyuun and Cafebeef. Maybe he can give Cafebeef some of his chin tho. He also has an adam's apple.

I honestly will never understand why moids with features like this even try. There are women with big jaws and hook noses (Maryl Streep) but they are still very very obviously female and delicate. Cecil could make babies cry just by looking at them. Even the KF moids clock this tranny and they are not good at it usually.

No. 1320535

kek ok nona, whatever you say

No. 1320546

Femboy just means feminine boy, they're twinks basically. Femboys aren't trannies, sadly a lot of them end up becoming trannies tho

No. 1320553

I'm also a 28 year old man and he looks younger than me tbh. He doesn't look like a woman tho, just a dude with long hair.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1320559

If this is somehow a woman “she’s” not doing anything to not look like an ugly man kek. The voice isn’t typical of a tranny tbh.

No. 1320565

The voice is typical for a HSTS doing a falsetto. Real women don't have to try this hard.

No. 1320566

I had never seen the face behind the account until now, only the avatar and assumed it was just some pickme. Wow.

No. 1320569

It does sound off to me, but trannies usually sound like they’re on helium or something and this wasn’t quite as grating. If it’s a woman, that’s so unfortunate but the consequences of pickmeism, and in the likelihood it’s a man, typical kek.

No. 1320578

File: 1631285596590.jpg (74.73 KB, 960x540, Cecil Mcfly 4.jpg)

I always thought Cecil was a woman just by the voice. I went back to "her" oldest video and they have the exact same voice as their newest video. Did he use a voice changer all along? The voice sounds too consistant for it to be trained and their videos are like hours long. Hmmm
Found this pic of Cecil and they look nothing like that. Leads me to believe Cecil really is a tranny, which is a shame tbh. I used to like his videos.

No. 1320579

Tall boi

No. 1320587

Jesus christ you have brain rot from staring at this thread all day if you think she's a man. You're just as bad as the moids that say a woman isn't a woman unless she has a tiny button nose and an uwu princess voice. Come back with whatever recycled one liner you want but do us a favor and get out of the house for a bit

No. 1320681

File: 1631293431448.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.6 KB, 480x548, 1627930361470.jpg)

No. 1321007

No. 1321009

Femboy fishing read through this and is laughing at you all(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1321025

okay this image is too funny to be angry

No. 1321042

Why not just ask them?
Oh no some faggot troon laughing, won't be laughing in a year when he kills himself.

No. 1321049

who? I assume this is some coomer y chromelet? the fact that you felt the need to rage post about it kek bro

No. 1321149

Someome should leak shanny's nudes. Time to her become next amanda todd.(learn2sage)

No. 1321171

You sound like an unhinged scrote. At least sage, you mong.

No. 1321216

File: 1631368637628.png (1.51 MB, 1899x932, onisionlooksdifferenthere.png)

"you guyzsz this is totes a female you all have brainrot!1!111!2" god the delusion of these moids gets me every time, do they really think the general public will ever think anything about a bio male body screams 'woman'

No. 1321222

Ever since I read someone on here say "just imagine them bald" it's super easy to clock any tranny. Almost all trannies have receeding male hairlines, despite their claims that estrogen is "totally magic!!!" the testosterone-blockers make them go bald prematurely and they all wear shitty bangs and wigs to poorly cover it up. You can still see his 6head peak through the trannybangs tho in this and especially >>1320460 this pic. Just like Cafebeef. Women also don't have skulls this fucking huge. Or Adam's apples.

No. 1321819

File: 1631437676213.png (255.07 KB, 752x1900, lmao.png)

"Man, you just gotta stop coping and live in the real world where men can become women" lmao. Noooooo you can't leave our cult, it's YOUUUU who is mentally ill for thinking men are men and women are women!" What wonderful friends who gaslight him like this.

No. 1321822

File: 1631438128156.png (Spoiler Image, 655.12 KB, 688x968, hahahhaa.png)

No-waist man-nipples over here trying to convince people that you can totally become a woman if you just put on a dress and make-up. Oh yeah he is balding too and has trannybangs, like all of them do. Spoilered because horrific, not for male upper nudity.

No. 1321825

What I'm seeing here with the comment about no longer buying womens clothes because it doesn't fit his structure is that he has not at all… just gone for loose womens clothing. He's probably too coom brained to realise that not all our clothes has to be skin tight with a cleavage window to show how out bodies are obviously female. There is literally nothing stopping the little pervert from wearing baggy sweaters and some jeans, or a loose fitting dress

No. 1321828

File: 1631438668748.png (503.31 KB, 744x656, fas.png)

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Trannies never try to dress how real women dress. They always want to go either the anime-girl route or the porn-bimbo route. There are some differences between how men's clothes and women's clothes are cut, so he's probably better off in men's clothes since he has wide shoulders and no ass, hips or thighs.

No. 1321852

>the testosterone-blockers make them go bald prematurely
I was under the impression it was because they had already started balding

No. 1321861

File: 1631442367452.jpg (62.58 KB, 975x1300, 22036790-human-hand-gesturing-…)

Wow.. you people are DISGUSTING!!

You target people who are different from you until they KILL THEMSELVES and end there LIFES! And now you are targeting and stalking femboys/Hyperkun because you are jealous of his fame and hate him SO MUCH for being DIFFERENT than you! Btw he was NEVER diagnosed with autism so quit spreading that offensive rumor!

That man has a mother who sees him as a blessing.

How many more people have to DIE until you fucking weirdos stop??? HOW ARE YOU NOT IN PRISION YET FOR MAKING INNOCENT PEOPLE KILL THEMSELVES???


I will not reply to any of you because you're all trash who want nothing more than for an innocent human being to die. Bye bye you fucking monsters.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1321862

No. 1321863

We make people kill themselves AND end their lives? Wow, we are truly the worst.

No. 1321865

I wish even one of these worthless sacks of spunk would have the gall to kill themselves. It would be the most honourable thing they will ever do. Relive their poor families of the burden.

No. 1321866

You won't make me kill myself so fuck off and stop responding

No. 1321870

File: 1631443243935.png (321.28 KB, 1080x786, rv2021.png)

WTF bullying femboys into suicide??? BASED!

No. 1321872

File: 1631443267625.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

Imagine feeling bad for these pedophiles and sexual predators who ruin kids lives by grooming them into their sexpest tranny cult on discord. Couldn't be me.

No. 1321874

Hyperkyuun literally exposes himself and masturbates where children and women can see him, he is a sexual predator and if anyone should be in jail it's him. See >>1306802

No. 1321883

It is inherently narcissistic to think that an anonymous user on a gossip forum would care about you enough to get you to kill yourself. get help

No. 1321906

just ignore, no one ITT knows who he is which says it all really.

No. 1321910

File: 1631447010089.png (725.5 KB, 904x1158, 5364.png)

found this on the KF troon thread and its true
imagine combing his hair back kek

No. 1321912

File: 1631447230882.png (176.6 KB, 400x400, 1628438489961.png)

Reposting this from the old thread for you.

No. 1321920

fapping is rape ackschually

No. 1321936

Yeah nothing wrong with fapping infront of people who don't want to see it. In fact I don't even understand why we have laws against doing it in public to begin with. You like going to playgrounds and showing kids your dick too?

No. 1322003

That's a thing called freedom

No. 1322010


What's innocent about grown men who self-insert as and masturbate to lolis and traps which are drawn to look like little children, why should we care if a trancel femboy kills himself when they preach about harming women and how women are bad all day every day, you men are sick, bitter, ugly and disgusting, cry more lmao

No. 1322014

There’s a thing called nobody wants to see your disgusting genitalia. Nasty degenerate.

No. 1322018

If you're free to sexually harass people and children then we're free to think you're a degenerate coomer for liking it.

See how it works both ways, asshole?

No. 1322037

Because that's a generalization and you know it

No. 1322063

Have any scrotes actually ended their "lifes" because of lolcow?

No. 1322068

So far I’ve only read of moids killing themselves because of kiwifarms and 4chan.

No. 1322071

They killed themselves over a words on screen. They did the right thing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1322085

Idk about 4chan, but none of those "deaths" trannies attribute to Kiwifarms were because of Kiwifarms. Trannies are mentally ill, some of them are bound to kill themselves. It has nothing to do with people talking about them on gossip sites.

No. 1322134

Every femboy troon's twitter is full of that garbage wdym?

No. 1323302

File: 1631572052391.gif (1.25 MB, 220x393, FF537931-A638-42D2-B02E-A004D6…)

No. 1323797

File: 1631626740990.png (537.76 KB, 736x700, lol.png)

It is humiliating tho. That's the reason men love it so much. Idk how that is homophobic since women have assholes too and men want to have anal with us as well. Gay men can cope all they want, but your colon can not compare to a vagina. It's not meant to be fucked. It's not ribbed for his pleasure on the inside and it stinks of shit and you run the risk of getting shit on your dick. The only reason men want to fuck assholes is for power, humiliation and the taboo. Unless you base your sexuality entirely around bum-fucking this is not homophobic to point out.

But yeah, cafebeef is still seething about women and feminism as always.

No. 1323806

File: 1631627303629.png (215.25 KB, 738x662, fat.png)

Hyper_Kyuun is getting fat. Too much munchie-food and alcohol, chubby?

No. 1323811

File: 1631627416655.webm (816.28 KB, 640x360, fat.webm)

video from tweet

No. 1323821

Did he shove his phone up his ass before filming this or why the lens is so dirty?

No. 1323831


No. 1323865

did he drop the phone lens-first into mud?

No. 1323890

File: 1631633620135.jpg (118.58 KB, 555x629, d457610.JPG)

Sorry if off topic
All faggots are submissive, the ones who don't want to take it up the ass are close to none, things like "straight acting" and "when you meet the perfect guy but he's a bottom" exist in the gay community for a reason, we're all familiar with how gay men are predatory towards straight and a lot of the times young boys (Ex. James Charles), he's fully aware that men would only pretend date him for fame and money, their dating pool is specifically other submissive faggots which is why they change partners so often, I have never met a gay guy talk about ass unless it's their own, everything they talk about is dick there's even an issue surrounding this because a lot of gay men put "no Asians" on their profiles, their relationships are based only on poo sex, most importantly men don't even get prostate simulation from having a dick up their ass lmao, a professional has to feel around and apply pressure with his fingers to find the prostate and identify a problem but a dick can slide in poo and somehow do the magic? okay.

If you notice all the replies to these femboy troons posts they're other femboy troons, not straight or "dominant" gay men, they offer emotional support for each other >>1321819 because no one else would, in the end like Hyper_Kyuun they date another troon and pretend they're a transbian animu girls uwu.(manifesto)

No. 1324003

why is he trying to come to the defence of trans people lol doesn't he hate them too? i guess it just goes to show that the only thing he hates more than trans people is women

No. 1324086

they banned her because she spoke the truth, rip queen

No. 1324213

File: 1631657070718.png (2.06 MB, 1426x1308, 1630335917809.png)

Why does he look like the late Gary Wilson of YourBrainOnPorn?(sage )

No. 1324283


Nah she was banned 'cause she's talking out of her ass. There are a lot of LGBs here, and I can tell she didn't talk to a single gay man in her whole life.

"Gay men only talk about their own butts"
Lmao, bitch please.

No. 1324584

fat man legs

No. 1324654

File: 1631707113522.png (8.87 MB, 1802x3216, AHAHAHAHAH.png)


No. 1324658

File: 1631707369612.png (403.26 KB, 732x744, AHAHAHAHAH2.png)

The fucking hairline on the left, I imagine it has receeded even further since then. Man he must be bald as fuck under that rats nest, hence why he leaves it this messy, the tangles help conceal the scalp. Every time he brushes his hair he pulls out another bushel of hair. Man HRT is really MAGIC! rofl

No. 1324686

Dude - you are clearly a balding man - emphasis on the “man”. Your desperate grasping for validation is just sad.

Please stop,

No. 1324713

Wow, he looked way better on the left. It's amazing what coomers will do in pursuit of a fix, tho at least his unfortunate appearance better matches his personality now.

No. 1324717

I feel like he makes these "look at me now vs when i was a male uwu" posts monthly.

No. 1324718


At least monthly.

No. 1324761

Isn't that Vaush on the left?

No. 1324762

Damn I know he genuinely thinks he looks better but this is terrifying. He looks like if Michael Jackson fucked a Who from Whoville. He could have had a stable life and community. How sad. Good thing he'll an hero soon anyway.

No. 1324801

Damn he looks terrible and that hairline lmfao

No. 1324851

File: 1631726397268.png (897.68 KB, 746x1520, ffs.png)

Copebeef got Facial Feminization Surgery today. Looks like they even stapled him a new hairline. Lmao.

No. 1324873

holy shit they really did didn't they

No. 1324877

All this does is leave him with a scar on his bald head once the rest of his hair falls out. You can't stop hairloss in men once it started, trust me, rich men have invested a lot of money into shit like plugs and serums.

No. 1324919

why doesn't he buy a wig

No. 1324928

Cause then he might have to admit to himself that he is a balding tranny.

No. 1324935

Gotta laugh whenever trannies fall for this scam.
He's not gonna end up with an uncanny valley face at all…

No. 1325028

If it were me, I would have invested in a good dentist to fix those big beaver teeth instead…,

No. 1325037

File: 1631736997030.jpg (Spoiler Image, 159.27 KB, 890x1024, small dick.jpg)

Femboy Paganism has onlyfans and NSFW alt. Content there is quite a fucking thing(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1325063

He's british, they don't have dentists.

No. 1325065

Why do femboys keep coming here to advertise their porn? Wrong audience, lads. This place is mostly lesbians and straight women, nobody here wants to see you homos naked getting buggered. Nasty. Go to 4chan.

No. 1325075

File: 1631739902095.jpeg (38.38 KB, 567x565, 1606274113531.jpeg)

fucking grim

No. 1325116

Because their male ego has them truly convinced that we are all secretly jealous and attracted to them.

They also have no idea how female sexuality works.

No. 1325189

File: 1631748390586.jpg (28.87 KB, 225x338, Picture1.jpg)

Absolutely brutal new hairline.

No. 1325197


Grown man wanting to be a little girl. Jesus.(learn2sage)

No. 1325215

Can’t wait to see his reaction when he realizes this won’t solve all his problems in life

No. 1325413

lol this one was accused of deceptively invading a radfem discord a while back

No. 1325506

Oh shit I remember hearing about that through the radfem grapevine. Wasn't that menahets server?

Can't wait to see him look almost exactly the same as before kek. We should start a 41% betting pool.

No. 1325523

File: 1631792681053.png (1.4 MB, 1496x1234, SOFIE.png)

We can only hope it will turn out as hilarious as this

No. 1325584

KEK when is he going to pull a Sophie and dive off a building? He's ugly as dog shit and only gets worse. The mental illness.

No. 1325588


if I had to spend 30k on surgery to be pretty, I would simply kill myself first

and I would kms after if I spent 30k and came out looking like this

No. 1325595

They definitely weren't aiming for pretty. Either they wanted to look like a Bratz doll or they wanted to look like a sex doll, I don't think they cared if it looks pretty so long as it matches their fetish

No. 1325660

File: 1631806230440.jpg (39.12 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

He gave himself that foreverkailyn nose.

No. 1325684

File: 1631807824741.png (673.1 KB, 543x975, tranny thief The Metal Age.PNG)

hope this tranny isn't attacking old womwen for his fetish

No. 1325750

this was posted already and determined to be a joke

No. 1325886

that's an uncanny valley hairline
why would you post that disgusting shit. Fuck off.

No. 1325887

Most likely went to a surgeon with an Ambreezy filtered selfie and said "please make me look like this from every angle, i have so much dysphoria this is the woman i AM"

No. 1326092

if the procedure involved jaw surgery then that's a normal amount of swelling lol doesn't mean it won't look fucked up later but that's definitely not the final result

No. 1326095

so lets make a betting pool; will beefy start identifying as trans and admit the whole "I'm just a feminine man! I'm one of the good ones!" thing was a massive cope, or will he just spiral even deeper into self loathing when he realizes that FFS isn't actually the answer to deep-seated identity problems (actually i think we know the answer to this one already kek)

No. 1326107

his gofund me is still only at 10% of the goal? did he go deep in debt for this? wasn't there some mention in the last thread of scrotes offering money for the surgery in exchange for NSFW clips, do you think he went through with that?

also imagine accusing women of being overly vain and superficial and then spending 30k of other peoples money to get your face rearranged and your hairline lowered

No. 1326139

File: 1631839395195.jpeg (79.79 KB, 300x400, 67DDB078-48A7-40B1-B037-2C4560…)

No. 1326144


Aren't you… not supposed to put makeup on after going under the knife until fully healed and swelling goes down? Hello sepsis

No. 1326349

GODDAMN spoiler that beast

No. 1326350

I hope the korean plastic surgeon he went to was a radfem trolling lol


No. 1326355

Alright then, my bet is an hero by February 2022, specifically either in January or February. The swelling will eventually go down and he'll either look A) even worse or B) pretty much the same as before, either option causing him to spiral. His copium and simps will keep him going for a while but eventually he's gonna crash. He knows better than most trannies/tranny adjacents that you can't identify out of shit, and his feeling of superiority will stop him from doing so. Combine that with the skeevy feeling he'll have from knowing he whored himself out for FFS and what will likely be a lonely Christmas or one with a family that are ashamed of him and he's gonna be close to the edge. With Valentines Day on the horizon and lovey dovey shit being plastered all over Twitter (where he pretty much lives) that's enough to drive anyone to sudoku.

No. 1326398

I'm left to believe he is selling his bumhole to afford it. Maybe Count Dankula made a generous donation in return for some wholesome buggering behind his wifes back. They do both live in the UK afterall.

No. 1326411

File: 1631874796389.png (390.98 KB, 768x1664, troon.png)

Kek, troons literally only date each other so they can say "AT LEAST I'M NOT AN INCEL!". You know they could never get with anyone normal. Hyper_kyuun literally has to drink and do drugs every single day to cope with his life choices. How fulfilling can a relationship be if you spend all day online posting nudes looking for validation of others?

No. 1326424

File: 1631875535301.png (485.1 KB, 740x634, lol.png)

Once again my theory proven correct that these people were just called "faggot" too much in school and just chose to embrace that existance.

No. 1326571

kek cafebeef whoring himself out for tranny surgeries. But he's totally based and better than the other trannies!!

No. 1326584

Anyone knows how long this takes to heal? I admit I'm curious how it'll turn out, there're simps who think he actually passed already for some reason

No. 1326607

>there're simps who think he actually passed already for some reason
They are other trannies trying to make him feel better about himself, they constantly lie to each other. Or maybe they only ever saw his super filtered pics where he hides half his face behind a phone and bangs.

No. 1326658

looks like a fat 12 year old boy in both pictures, lesbian where?

No. 1326680

Pugsley Addams looking ass

No. 1326812

So i just accidentally found out that cafebeef has a 'bf' (another he/him trannie https://twitter.com/KilnFirelink/status/1435280383252238336?s=19

No. 1326906

File: 1631909581174.png (466.24 KB, 756x628, kiln.png)

Lovely. His twitter banner is from an anime called Made in Abyss in which a bunch of children get raped and horrifically tortured. I only know this because it has such a horrific reputation and ofc all sick degenerate freaks are into it.

No. 1326907

File: 1631909646272.png (30.76 KB, 912x185, eva.PNG)

werid, from the twitter he seems like a pretty positive, upbeat person, wonder how he can put up with copebeefs constant whining?

I did find picrel tho, kinda lends credance to the whoring out theory lol

No. 1326920

File: 1631909935109.png (5.23 MB, 2812x1716, kiln2.png)

God british people are so fucking hideous. Look at that snaggletooth, he can barely close his mouth. Seems he is also balding and wearing the cope-bangs.

No. 1326922

We have orthodontics here. I guess his family are poverty level

No. 1326927

File: 1631910199563.png (512.93 KB, 748x1392, kiln3.png)

They are both braindead degenerate coomers. I mean how can you look at someones timeline full of degenerate porn, talking about masturbating to hentai infront of the whole world and think "yup, this person must be in a happy, healthy relationship". These coomer fags can not feel love, I don't know why they even bother with the titles. There is no commitment and no exclusivity to these "relationships".

Picrel is some porn he drew of our Copebeef. Very.. flattering I guess.

No. 1326931

File: 1631910307597.png (16.38 KB, 736x116, kiln4.png)

And to proof my point here you have it black on white from the autistic coomer himself. They don't even know what a relationship is like or supposed to be like. Two men cooming to porn together on discord does not a relationship make.

No. 1326941

Outside his copebeef posts he seems pretty normal and dull. His media timeline is all just his ugly selfies and shitty art.

No. 1326943

File: 1631910847110.png (155.38 KB, 770x1080, kiln5.png)

Idk what kind of people you hang out with, but publically talking about your masturbation habits isn't normal.

The funniest thing is that all this time Copebeef has been thirsting after conservative men and alt-right men, pretty sure he had a crush on Josh from KF for a while? And now he has to settle down with a coomtard tranny like himself cause literally nobody else wants them. They all have to end up dating each other, which is pretty hilarious.

No. 1326951

File: 1631911352880.png (365.34 KB, 748x1590, kiln6.png)

Just normal stuff I guess.

No. 1326955

I only looked at his media timeline in my defence. His behaviour is not really all that different from Dimitri Monroe or the average coomer weeb incel on twitter. I am still not seeing what makes him notable outside of him thinking copebeef has anything resembling a real relationship with him.

No. 1326956

File: 1631911476403.png (476.25 KB, 752x1116, needy.png)

for some reason he posts a lot about feeling "needy" which I guess means either horny or desperate

No. 1326957

He is a femboy in a relationship with our most favorite femboy, it's the femboy thread. Any more questions?

No. 1326963

could not fathom being desperate enough to fuck Cafebeef

femboy that was abused as a child? I cannot say I am surprised

No. 1326966

I mean they look like twins, it's pretty much like masturbation.

No. 1326967

a glimpse of aj soprano if he was trans

No. 1326970

>>made in abyss
it can only mean one thing

No. 1326973

that hime cut when you have no hair, sad!

No. 1326993

Anime corrupted a lot of men. He looks to be somewhat talented at drawing anime garbage to some degree. All that time and effort could have been better used elsewhere if he had some real parental figures. Get this man a normal haircut and have him understand he will never resemble an "anime girl".

No. 1327030

Don't do poor Pugsley dirty like that

No. 1327052

Holy shit glad i'm not the only one who thought they looked alike, does anyone know if they're together irl or just e-dating kek

No. 1327062

File: 1631919045435.png (35.93 KB, 1120x191, Cap.PNG)

looks like there IRL dating

No. 1327067

Is he as big a cow as copebeef? Its too much effort to go digging myself. I will wait for others to do the heavy lifting.

No. 1327070


no i found nothing cow like on his account

No. 1327303

This Kiln guy appears to think copebeef is a woman. If he really is dating copebeef or anyone at all that is. I cannot understand what make him stand out in particular to all the other coomers that follow copebeef. All he does is talk about coomer anime shit a lot and that appears to be it. I am extremely doubtful he is anything but a freaky stalker pretending to date copebeef for clout. You know how femboys behave and that could make him a cow in his own right sure but the connection to our favorite femboy really looks to be one sided.

We had people claiming to have found copebeef's nonexistent boyfriend in the last thread and those were more realistic choices then a nobody femboy who just posts about being "needy" all the time. As said you said our favorite femboy "has been thirsting after conservative men and alt-right men" There are are so many alt-right coomers that he could choose from so why would he settle for another "coomtard tranny like himself" as even if the men who orbit copebeef are not spectacular by a well adjusted person's standards. Said men would still fit more in line with copebeef taste in men then this guy.

No. 1327312

Their friends confirm it in the replies if you look at his tweets. Theres a lot of "so happy for you two!" And "You are so cute together!". Why would he settle for a tranny like himself? Cause he can't get anything else. This Kiln guy complains a lot that Cafebeef doesnt want to be open about it, probably because he knew we would make fun of him for it.

>doesn't know how to sage
>he is totally not a cow!!!!
Come on, lmao. Be any more obvious? It doesn't really matter if you're a proper cow or not since you are cow-adjecent by dating a cow. Your own fault for wanting to make it public, here is our attention as a reward!

No. 1327323

You think this Kiln guy knows about how much a cow his "GF" is?

I don't imagine anyone would stick around for long if they did but then again he seems to know copebeef is sending other people nudes

No. 1327368

It's pretty obvious troons are the new incels. Ive seen Reddit normies say it repeatedly (thanks to their predation on lesibans) and theres a meme that says once you open a troons twtr profile you are graced by said troons asshole and hanging balls because they pin it.

No. 1327371

I wouldn't be surprised if Cafebeef whines about this thread to his friends, since he's confirmed for obsessively reading it and subtweeting things we say on here. I also noticed he's been posting some pretty obvious bait as in "Come and screenshot this, TERFs!" And I have just been ignoring it. Combine that with him whining pretty much constantly about everything, chances are pretty high. I'm sure he has told his bf to be quiet about their relationship not only because he would disappoint his chasers, but also because he knows we'd make fun of him for ending up having to settle for a tranny.

No. 1327373

File: 1631964079920.jpeg (142.63 KB, 1024x894, main-qimg-d794f3f8a60c04eb701b…)

Orthodontist Dr. Mew already talked about this. The reason why so many Brits have deformed teeth + weak jaws is due to their diets. They feed babies and young kids soft foods with little nutrition. Their jaws don't develop because of their aversion for non-processed foods, like eating carrots or an apple. Google British cuisine and the first thing you see is white bread topped with slimy soft beans with sausage. They make sandwiches of that shit too. Fucking horrible.

No. 1327375

No. 1327381

File: 1631965202987.png (669.09 KB, 449x697, kiln0.png)

He just seems to have awful disgusting teeth. He only takes selfies in flat lighting to disguise his manly cheekbones and jaw. Really nothing girly about this guy and he clearly knows it.

No. 1327409

All small Island nations have poor genetics from too much inbreeding due to the small gene pool. I'm sure the lack of sunlight and poor diet doesn't help either. All these manbabies have a diet that consists soley on frozen pizza, chicken nuggies, candy and soylent.

No. 1327422

File: 1631972312826.png (88.65 KB, 718x588, uwu.png)

Grown ass man larping as an ana-chan teenage girl, kek. UwU such a smoll bean boi sucking dick to pay for a surgery to look more like the women he's so jealous of. "BUT I AM TOTALLY A BOY!"

No. 1327430

God why does no one know how to sage

Copebeef is a skeleton already. He is going to look like a holocaust victim now.

Dude said he is needy 6 times in over a year! he clearly says it a lot. God that's a reach. We all know this guys only use if for digging up more dirt on Copebeef to establish things we already know like Copebeef whoring for surgery money.

No. 1327447

He clearly has a severe overbite, that's why his chin looks like that. His teeth protrude so much he can't close his mouth properly, which means his mouth stays open most of the time.

No. 1327448

He's going to soduku this year or sometime next year. He thinks surgery is a solution to their mental problems, kek.

No. 1327450

>There are are so many alt-right coomers that he could choose from so why would he settle for another "coomtard tranny like himself"
Because alt-right coomers don't want cafebeef, only chasers and other trannies want him and I think he knows that.

No. 1327467

Even a chaser must be better then what he settled with. Some of them still look like normal guys and not a weird man child with a massive overbite that makes bugs bunny blush

No. 1327480

Copebeef will just keep sucking dicks for surgery and bitching on twitter until everyone he has ever loved leaves him for being such a mood drain all the time. Look how little he interacts with friends now.

No. 1327499

>Some of them still look like normal guys
That's true and he can pretend he's actually dating a cis straight alt-right guy or whatever his fantasy is.

No. 1327507

"That's true and he can pretend he's actually dating a cis straight alt-right guy or whatever his fantasy is."

You understand my confusion. This random faggy guy turning out to be his boyfriend just does not fit with copebeefs type. He doesn't even seem to match the Alt right femboy stereotype.

Maybe they both pretend to be girls while they suck each other off and cry about being ugly.

No. 1327528

Friendo, gay men's type has always been "straight man". But straight men don't want them so they have to settle for another gay man. It is a tragic tale as old as time. The type of guy cafebeef wants despises trannies like him, I assume that's what gets his dick hard but in the end that kind of guy will never be with a tranny. It do be like that.

No. 1327538

File: 1631983543655.png (365.71 KB, 747x802, creepy men.png)

No. 1327547

File: 1631984503268.jpg (100.09 KB, 923x510, Stone-Age-clothing.jpg)

>dawn of time
Everyone wore "dresses" back then. Good luck being a stone age troon.

No. 1327571

if you're ~self aware~ then you can obsessively post about your weight to effectively trigger the only people who don't reject you and seem unhinged to the rest! thanks cafebeef

No. 1327611

Troons, femboys, etc. Are just gay men. I don't understand why we're making this distinction or drawing the line at homophobia when this thread is filled with a combination of transphobia and homophobia.

No. 1327612

Cause a lot of anons on here are lesbians and they think there is some sort of alliance between lesbians and gays. Ofc gay men don't give a shit about them and would never defend them against "homophobia", but they are still gonna be handmaidens to gay scrotes.

No. 1327614

Because there is nothing wrong with being a normal homosexual person but trooning out is something everyone should mock.

No. 1327620

>needs to get hit to get off gf
Jesus christ just go to therapy

No. 1327627

Scrotes are scrotes and worth mocking. Gay scrotes are fucking degenerate as hell, I will never understand why you chose to protect them because "muh LGB".

No. 1327645

This. I used to hang out with quite a few gay guys and I defended them multiple times when people were homophobic but when people were lesbophobic to me or other lesbians in the group they all became limp wristed pansies afraid to speak up. Truth is they weren't "avoiding conflict", they just didn't care. It was hard admitting it at the time because it made me feel bigoted but I've yet to meet a gay guy who didn't live up to at least one negative stereotype. They really are just men, but gay. Femboys are just further down the helter skelter to the psych ward than the average gay guy.

No. 1327653

I think Kiln is literally just the only person in a 50 mile radius who will put up with beef’s toxic combination of terrible personality and extreme sexual degeneracy, it’s a simple as that

plus they’re probably in an open relationship so he can continue to trawl for his perfect straight conservative daddy

No. 1327659

I only know one gay guy, but he doesn't fit any of the negative stereotypes.
Where are you meeting them? If it's like an lgbt place or something that probably explains it

No. 1327662

Which is why I wrote normal homosexuals.
I don't really trust anon's homophobia to only be about degenerate scrotes.

No. 1327668

File: 1631995144503.png (61.61 KB, 739x817, kiln3.png)

I feel a little bad for this Kiln guy the more I dig into his twitter. cafebeef just doesn't seem to care about him at all. Imagine being so lonely and desperate you put up cafebeef's toxic bitchy pity farming and flirting with other men all the while wanting to be someone's perfect boyfriend. deep down knowing that you are not their type and they don't really love you. The affection seems so one sided it's kind of painful.

No. 1327682

god, you know cafebeef must be a truly hateful shit when he makes a pedo-leaning incel look sympathetic by comparison

No. 1327701

You must have not seen all the tweets publically talking about jerking it to hentai. I don't think he is trying very hard at being a good boyfriend. Maybe gays have different standards, but that's not really respectful to your partner.

No. 1327713

File: 1631999616478.png (51.92 KB, 757x701, kiln4.png)

most of those seem like bad jokes. Dude is apart of anitwitter and clearly uses a few 4chan boards so I am very doubtful he has a well adjusted sense of humour. If this isn't a joke and its a cry for attention because his shitty unlikeable partner refuses to interact with him then it only makes cafebeef look like an emotionally abusive partner. He is clearly trying to hold onto anything that reminds him of cafebeef. Not defending the guy being a massive incel weirdo. It's just clear he isn't all there in the head and cafebeef is clearly using him. I am not devoid of pity for someone who hasn't hurt anyone.

No. 1327726

Dang don't hurt your back while reaching this hard to make excuses for a degenerate coombrain moid.

No. 1327727

File: 1632001186025.png (91.16 KB, 737x866, kiln5.png)

Kiln is clearly mentally ill and possibly disabled and medically retarded. By all rights he should be a lowcow and he is somehow just keeping mostly to himself. Uncovering his existence is less funny then it should be. It is just pitiful. Sit this guy down and get him of the internet and give him some coloring books and he would most likely be happy with just that.

No. 1327738

File: 1632002780092.png (1.73 MB, 1530x1476, kiln6.png)

If it makes you feel better he looks like he is going to kill himself anyway. The retard somehow clearly has a gun licence. That is as much digging as I am going to do today. I got work. I found some stuff that shows he was abused as a kid and is mentally retarded or he just has high level autism. I will post that soon

No. 1327740

File: 1632003243782.png (36.96 KB, 736x522, cope.png)

copebeef begging for people to treat him like a woman

No. 1327768

>owns weapons
>mommy issues
KEK typical, it's no wonder these kinds of dudes end up shooting themselves or other people.

No. 1327776

Kiln looks cute tbh, he has good hair and naturally large eyes. I could keep him

No. 1327783

Lmao why are you femboy troons like this, what are you expecting from us, to agree with you? he looks just like very balding man with filters that has been posted here

No. 1327785

fuck off anon, that's my personal opinion

No. 1327789

Lern2sage before you whiteknight yourself, sperg. Ugly britbongs will never be cute.

No. 1327861

I find feminine men attractive but he is by no means a pretty boy lol ru being sarcastic

No. 1327871

This is actually terrifying, between this and the child rape anime banner he needs to be placed under involuntary psych hold. As fun as it is to mock these degenerates their violent misogyny and overall hatefulness is a serious problem

No. 1327881


No. 1327999

No. 1328013

File: 1632035715112.png (6.8 MB, 3060x2056, KilnGuns.png)

Kiln really posts a extreme amount about guns. Is this normal behavior?

No. 1328022

File: 1632036870553.png (418.93 KB, 742x797, cope2.png)

>overall hatefulness
Copebeef sure, Kiln wont even hit beef when he asks for it. Imagine being so degenerate that your retarded crossdresser boyfriend is unwilling to do what you ask them to

No. 1328023

File: 1632036933478.png (319.51 KB, 736x804, cope3.png)

No. 1328030

File: 1632037752361.png (578.53 KB, 1942x892, IMDB Abyss.png)

Can someone explain to me what is so bad about this show. I looked at imdb and it reviewed well. The trailer makes it look like a fun adventure story with giant monsters.

No. 1328035

File: 1632037994506.png (66.05 KB, 745x724, Ihatecafebeef.png)

No. 1328091

File: 1632047065415.png (Spoiler Image, 370.59 KB, 676x380, 10.png)

The trailer is meant to make you think it is a cute anime show but the story is literally that a bunch of kids get horificially raped and tortured as they descent further into "the abyss". The child characters are strung up and hung naked from the ceiling, have their limbs amputated and are horifically tortured in many ways. Sound cute to you?

No. 1328092

Thank you for explaining. I was missing context here having not watched or heard of the show. google and IMBD made it out to be a very cute show

No. 1328096

File: 1632047516596.png (Spoiler Image, 2.75 MB, 2498x1400, made_In_abyss.png)

Not quite.

No. 1328097

How did this crap review so well?

No. 1328111

retards are seething because show is dark and there's an arc about human experimentation

No. 1328117

File: 1632049948877.png (293.24 KB, 811x594, q67koaiea6a61.png)

Reminder this is what they think they look like

No. 1328118

Cause anime fans are degenerates and pedophiles who get off to this shit.

No. 1328175

His face is so ugly it looks like he's a badly rendered character from some cheap knock-off Russian 3D cartoon.

No. 1328181

File: 1632060054968.png (581.21 KB, 850x478, tonywouldakickedhisass.png)

kek hyperkyuun look like aj soprano to anyone else or just me?

No. 1328186

I really hate this fuckers face with all my heart. I just want to cave it in. He looks so fucking strange and creepy. There is just something so unsettling about him.

No. 1328190

Calm down, Cafebeef.

No. 1328192

File: 1632061588027.png (707.81 KB, 732x1824, seethe.png)

Man, this jealousy is really not a good look, Cafebeef. He literally can't look at a woman and not seethe about how much better he thinks he is, kek.

No. 1328204

Why would I be beef you retard. he fucking this brit bugs bunny?

No. 1328207

He seethes about this often kek
He pretends not to understand that female toned body looks different than male toned body and that toned females certainly aren't interested in having unusable baby muscles on a manlet body like he has. How pathetic.

No. 1328233

Makes me think "what if mr anime was a tranny?"

No. 1328264

Are the drawing his? Or does he just repost other peoples art?

No. 1328269

Mr tranime

No. 1328272

>i have bigger muscles
Why didn't anyone just say "Well, yeah, that figures, you're a guy lmao"? That's really the long and short of it.

No. 1328276

>> onlyfans
can you leak them?

No. 1328281

Not really, but maybe some other anon would go scouting

No. 1328287

what is wrong with you

No. 1328290

Just a male with weak bait, I can't imagine any lolcow user that actually wants to see a 3dpd moid's gross hole

No. 1328299

Yeah, women's muscles are a lot more impressive since we are at a natural disadvantage. The fact that Copebeef has muscles at all despite being a starving ana-chan whose only exercise is jerking off is due to the fact that men just have more muscles naturally. It's not something to be proud of. Next he will brag about having a bigger dick, lmao.

No. 1328308

Copebeef thread on 4chan.
Seems like some moid got upset that copebeef is dating another coomer tranny. Cope replied in the thread but I do not have the time to look at it all.

No. 1328316

Why does Beef even talk to William Willow? That guy seems like a groomer, he has tweeted before that femboys are just closeted trannies who need to live their lives as trans"girls". I remember him from like last year, he was completely different. He spoke often about hating being dysphoric, saying he didn't want to be a tranny and was always telling off transtrender people, now he sounds like every other balding Reddit/4chan troon trying to "crack eggs".

Dude has had half the bones in his face broken, can't he stop sperging about women for at least one day? And him starving himself is retarded, it makes the male skeleton more obvious.

No. 1328334

File: 1632070225942.png (27.85 KB, 481x291, dimitri.png)

why is this man not a cow?
He is a femboy coomer like the rest and never shuts up about incest and porn

No. 1328337

idk, cause nobody follows him I guess? Post milk about him if you want, he seems gross

No. 1328343

I think some anons prefer him to the rest bc he rarely talks about women, his hatred is mostly towards troons.

No. 1328346

File: 1632071102738.png (256.87 KB, 2448x1364, transbian.png)

lol, he really is in denial about being a transbian

No. 1328357

Maybe it's just hard to understand his sexual orientation cause he has shit taste all around

No. 1328364

Look it /tttt/ lurkers! copebeef still thinks he's better than you trannies, while recovering from Facial Feminization Surgery, a surgery for trannies so they can look more feminine

No. 1328384

Copebeef actually makes "normal" trannies seem less annoying by proxy because at least they fucking admit they're trannies. Feminine, GNC men do not get FFS and pop titty skittles. Fags who talk about how much they're only into masculine trad men do not get their starfish punched by femboys. Gee, it's almost like copebeef really is a degenerate transbian who picked the nearest available freak to fuck him purely so he could say "well at least I'm not an incel".

No. 1328387

And that's why he's a lolcow.

No. 1328397

god hes so insanely jealous that even after spending 30k on his face he'll never get as much attention as a cute girl just being herself

No. 1328412

not wking cafebeef but checked this girls account and she seems pretty degen herself and is an "enby", might be slightly milky for the egirl thread or something

No. 1328417

File: 1632075231834.png (36.88 KB, 599x209, Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 2.13…)

samefag but honestly not sure if she's a troon herself or not i can't tell with these "they/them" people sometimes like is she just joking about having balls or?

No. 1328435

Pretty obviously just an attentionwhore woman. There's tons of pics of her in tight work-out gear with not even the hint of a bulge.

No. 1328439

File: 1632077397568.png (42.45 KB, 474x705, Ihatecafebeef2.png)

It is very clear that cafebeef is going to leave his femboy bf as soon as he can. Even though he is clearly getting fucked he still sees himself as an incel as he cannot get the real man dicking he wants

No. 1328454

Does he really think getting a nosejob and a chin implant will make a straight conservative man want to fuck him in the ass? lmao. Even HSTS trannies with the full bimbo-look and insta-baddie make-up still have to date gay men. At the end of the day you are still a man and any man who fucks you is gay. Doomed to forever date /pol/tard trannies.

No. 1328492

File: 1632081255512.png (2.61 MB, 1920x1744, Ageplayfaggot.png)

This is Dimitri Monroe. He post all the time about wanting to fuck his sister, loli porn and about how he looks so young and how he wants to be pedo bait for older women and how everyone thinks he is a young girl. He somehow has 34k followers too. There have been rumors for years that he is a troon but he says he is a femboy and he hates the tranny and makes videos to own them while being just as awful


No. 1328507

File: 1632082833394.jpg (364.82 KB, 1080x1920, 874046450110.jpg)

I've seen this ogre around for a while now, he's some over weight edgy troon, yes he takes hrt and literally has moobs, there's a lot of trannies who want to look like anime traps (look like a girl but have a flat chest) so they take hrt in small doses

No. 1328527

Imagine cafebeef of all people being ashamed of you. I'd fucking rope if I were his bf.

No. 1328533

It should really be the other way around
What a fucking ugly goblin

No. 1328540

I noticed pedophilia and wanting to be seen as a little boy despite being a grown man is a common theme amongst femboys. Were they all diddled as children?

No. 1328543

Cafebeefs BF was abused as a child, unsure about cafebeef and dimitri

No. 1328549

Would make sense tbh. A lot of abused children try to recreate their abuse scenario later in life, in a way to gain control over the situation, but also because the first sexual experiences usually shape fetishes in men. So they forever try to recreate the older male/young childish male dynamic. It's also the reason why abuse is a cycle that repeats itself.

Maybe the man who abused them told them something like "you are so cute, you are cute like a girl". Not to armchair or speculate too much, but I do find it interesting on a psychological level how people become this messed up. Not to excuse them ofc, they are chosing to perpetuate the cycle instead of seeking therapy.

No. 1328564

4chan poster here. I cannot stand cafebeef. Kiln used to be in an anime discord with me a long time ago (2+ years) where he would just post art and not really talk much. Dude was raped by a college girl when he was 12 and 13. He did have a nsfw art twitter account he delete some time back where he spoke about not feeling attractive since.

No. 1328585

these dudes are all the same, like bots trained on /tttt/ yawn

No. 1328588

all the fetish material the children main characters are put through. arm-breaking and piss.

No. 1328603

the femboy equivalent, the "varbie" would be an interesting thread topic.

No. 1328607

why are they so pressed about being gay, why all this insane bullshit? just be gay, you faggots.

No. 1328608

what is the psychology around autopedophiles or these modern day catamites?

No. 1328618

if this would be a thread on "enby"/gender special (but not ftm) females i would second this!! could be interesting if someone could come up with a few accounts, i may myself if no one else seems that interested, that account was so strange to go through.

No. 1328649

They wouldn't hold their own thread. Female enbies are mostly weeb minors trying out a new aesthetic and NLOGs attention whoring and not changing a thing about themselves.

No. 1328690

Beef's ass isn't even really gay, he's posted in the past that his sexuality changed after he sterilized himself with HRT. He's some kind of extreme incel, angry at women for not wanting to fuck him, so he's becoming a pseudo woman to prove how much more better he is than real women. It's very weird, but also hilarious.

Half the girls in the fakeboi thread are enbies, you should post them there

No. 1328699

Feeling bad for him now, especially cause it seems like copebeef would dump him in a sec if a "straight" guy showed up

No. 1328850

He will get sir’d once then kill himself.

No. 1328854

For a moid, yes. His upper lip really disturbs me. British men are so ugly.

No. 1328861

Imagine being an incel homo. Just go on Grindr and make an account, Cafe. It’s so obvious he has a tranny AGP fetish, all his time is dedicated to looking like a girl so he can trick “straight” men. Cafe is a tranny.

No. 1328900

Like all trannies, they don't want gay men because it doesn't validate their identity as a "woman" And since AGPs like Copebeef are only sexually attracted to themselves feeling like a woman and not externally to another person, he can only get his rocks off if he is treated as if he was a woman. Ofc the conondrum is that any man who puts his benis in his cafe is gay by default, so he can never have what he really wants. So I guess he settles for having another troon hit him in bed and pretending to be a lesbian in a domestic violence situation I guess. So validating UwU.

No. 1328916

File: 1632127413454.jpg (18.23 KB, 267x400, zwmnofea6ek21.jpg)

It is very clear that his autistic tranny looking boyfriend does not hit him like he wants. I really fail to see why they are together. Copebeef appears to have picked the first mentally handicapped weirdo he can take advantage of and called it a day and is even then still ashamed of it too. An autistic abused crossdresser is the nearest an incel like beef will ever get to dating a real woman and he knowns it.



No. 1328917

File: 1632127540562.png (24.25 KB, 734x286, ana-chan.png)

Almost 30 year old man here acting like a 13 year old girl who just discovered the #pro-ana tag on tumblr.

No. 1328918

File: 1632127581979.png (864.07 KB, 1290x726, lol.png)

And this made me do a laff out loud

No. 1328926

Him just begging for people to flirt with him while in a relationship makes me hate him more. It did not vex me so much before we knew if his boyfriend was real or not but now its just sad and pathetic. Men really cannot be faithful

No. 1328932

File: 1632129676676.jpg (524.68 KB, 1159x1039, copy_the_look.jpg)

No. 1328945

File: 1632132085766.png (80.98 KB, 947x603, Lolicon.png)

He is just a pedo

No. 1328947

>and about how he looks so young and how he wants to be pedo bait for older women
This man looks 25 years old

No. 1328961

Him being gay makes more sense now but how is he the most normal out of all of them?

>Moonface is a predator who jerks off in front of children

>Copebeef is a ugly misogynistic tranny with an age play fetish
>Dimitri is a pedo with an age play and incest fetish
>Kiln is a weirdo who likes guns and a very creepy cartoons and that is it? Surely the one who got molested would be the weirdest and most fucked up of them all? The only thing him being in this thread does is make the others look worse by juxtaposition.

That being said he is by no means normal but by comparison the man is a regular guy even if only by comparison

No. 1328974

File: 1632136678225.jpg (1.24 MB, 1490x768, india.jpg)

Cafe's newfound confidence from a hairline lowering wont last long. India Willoughby had the same stapled hairline installed years ago and he still had to get a full hair transplant. They just lowered Cafe's hairline, which means he's still balding in other areas on the head, like the crown, the nape and sideburns. Looking at pictures of India around Cafes age, he has better hair genetics than Cafe. imagine having a straight hairline but your shit is balding everywhere else kek.

No. 1328977

His co-worker must fucking hate him.

No. 1328978

File: 1632136998824.gif (267.65 KB, 226x400, ezgif-2-7aa4908ba081.gif)

No. 1328980

Someone needs to splice this into a sissy hypno vid on YouTube.

No. 1328998

File: 1632139521734.png (Spoiler Image, 462.57 KB, 746x832, ew.png)

>very creepy cartoons
dude he is clearly a pedo as well, that anime is about children being murdered and raped, you think someone who's not a pedo would put that as their header? Plus he is into touhou, another pedo-favorite and all the characters he draws look like children, look at this shit. All these pornsick scrotes are the same.

No. 1329006

Well I stand corrected maybe he deserves the shit he gets

No. 1329089

File: 1632149337790.png (144.66 KB, 640x300, uN832zMPh5ibvsWxyZfOpOAbE-ql5y…)

>UWU I have a 45B cup
Literally what's the point of having boobs when your torso is 15-20 inch bigger than women's? Do they even make bras that fit them? Do they have to shop at stores for obese women?

No. 1329097

Kinda starting to think the femboy thing is just a very elaborate forced feminization fetish. Maybe denying they are trannies and their friends telling them "No you are a tranny" makes their dicks hard, idk.

No. 1329099

Theres' a tranny who offed himself bragging about having E cups or something. Dude was 6'0, built like a linebacker and had planned on getting H cups. The E cup implants looked like a small B cup on him kek.

No. 1329122

File: 1632151666520.png (199.15 KB, 640x571, -ABK_3dbD-6yU5WXS2sS3ddy93tCzB…)

They have large torsos so the band has to fit. When it comes to the cup, i dont think there are any bras designed for male breasts.
Pic related claims that DD fits like a glove when a DD cup on a female looks a lot bigger. Trannies claiming to have DD's is worse than fat women claiming to have DD's, at least the fat women aren't barrel chested.

No. 1329142

true, but they never get raped

No. 1329164

Men will never understand how bra sizing works.

No. 1329428

Probably a fat fucking NEET too.

No. 1330318

File: 1632251763204.png (21.23 KB, 734x140, wat.png)

Oh no the surgeon dug too deep and damaged Copebeef brains beyond repair. His twitter takes are gonna reach entirely new levels of retardation!

No. 1330341

>Haha isn't homophobia funny? Isn't it funny that I'm ruining my life and whoring myself out because I fell for a homophobic meme online? I'm totally le epic pwning all foids and stealing all their men. Transbians lol what a joke, couldn't be me…

No. 1330376

File: 1632254024049.png (77.31 KB, 752x604, chad.png)

Being a hypersexual gay teenager because you were molested as a child is actually Chad.

No. 1330377

How comes we have heard about his chest so many times, but none of you faggots could give any proof. Give the milk or fuck off

No. 1330446

>being a pedo coomer femboy not milk

No. 1331081

the power of femininity. must suck how he's hyper-aware of how all women mog him in this regard

No. 1331116

Does he even have any feminine interests or traits? I don't think wanting to be battered and bruised in bed counts as feminity. His interests (pokemon, streaming, discord grooming, anime, 4chan, cooming) all are that of an autistic male. His personality is that of a gay man through and through (catty, petty, jealous of women). I guess his self-image issues and hatred are more feminine than male, but being mentally ill and in arrested development doesn't count as a feminine trait unless you are an angry incel.

>Ugh, women are so neurotic and catty

>acts neurotic and catty
>look I'm a woman!

No. 1331249

give moobs(sage)

No. 1331256

> I don't think wanting to be battered and bruised in bed counts as feminity

That’s because you think like a normal person and not a misogynistic autist scrote

No. 1331344

Hm yeah, I guess to autistic males think that being submissive = being a woman? As if there was nothing else to being feminine.. like being kind, nuturing, gentle, empathetic, etc. Being a betamale does not make you feminine, Cafebeef. Even in the animal kingdom there are betamales who have to submit to the alphamales (and sometimes get raped by the alpha to show dominance), doesn't make them females, just loser males with bad genetics not worth passing on.

No. 1331353

all men think that, autists are just turbo tards about it

No. 1331487

File: 1632340475344.png (2.08 MB, 1800x756, amber.png)

Hype_kyuun is getting such a fat moonface that he is almost passing as a real woman! Amberlynn Reid and him have an uncanny resemblance.

No. 1331504

Oh I remember this guy, he has a YouTube channel and that's where I saw him from. It's a shame to learn all this because based on what I saw from his videos, he seemed reasonable and sane, at least compared to what you normally see with these kinds of guys. Though to be fair, I never actually took a look at his Twitter profile and I suppose that's why.

Honestly, I don't even care if these guys like their anime porn, have at it. But what skeeves me out is the pedo shit and incest, like WTF? If Dimitri was just into hentai without the creepy pedo and incest shit, I could look past it but knowing this now, I'll never look at him the same way… I was curious so I looked at his Twitter and you weren't lying, came across the "want to fuck my little sister" type comments. Makes me wonder if the reason why he got banned on Twitch was for this kinda shit.

These are guys are dumb because they're trying to make the impossible happen. In that pic he looks fine but in no way does he look like a woman or "girl" (ew), he just looks like a young effeminate man with longer hair.

No. 1331569

>just into hentai without the creepy pedo and incest shit
I have some news for you, naive Nonita. All Hentai is degenerate shit like incest, pedo, bestiality, gore, peepeepoopoo or a combination of all of them! There is literally no "normal" hentai because it is made for degenerate coomers by degenerate coomers!

No. 1331613

No they do not, Hype_kyuun looks like a mentally handicapped fat man, not a fat woman.

No. 1331620

Wouldn't say he looks like a "young effeminate man", nothing about him is feminine, he looks rather ugly even with all these layers of filters, he's unattractive as a man to begin with and the majority actually start out like that, unattractive rejected men who think what makes a woman is long hair and animu clothes

No. 1332063

Someone tell this autopedophile tranny that most incels are straight. Explain the concept of prison gay since he apparently doesn’t understand that moids will fuck a corpse with shit smeared over it because it’s got a cavity to put their dick in.

No. 1332067

He reminds me of the anorexic men on SuperSize vs SuperSkinny. It’s a British show and they have a fat person swap meals with a skinny person. The anorexic Brit only eat chocolate bars and drinks earl gray tea with lots of sugar and milk, and energy drinks. Cafe has probably adopted the same diet from his family as the British diet is shit, that’s why they are buck toothed and ugly. Cafe never smiles in pics with teeth showing because his shit is rotting.

No. 1332122

Fat people all look like indeterminable genderblobs, at some level of fatness you lose all gender-definining features and look neither like a man nor woman, just a fat.

No. 1332127

File: 1632397734094.png (18.99 KB, 736x132, pest.png)

No you won't, cause you are deadly afraid that any woman you meet will laugh at you for being a meek little tranny. Such a brave boi on the internet, but irl he knows that all women he meets see him only as a pathetic little incel, that's why he seethes so much online.

No. 1332129

File: 1632398197132.png (197.68 KB, 766x974, autism.png)


No. 1332250

Because he's a cute and charming boy

No. 1332295

I could never feel bad for anybody that chooses to go the trans route (emphasis on "chooses", meaning 18+). They can have whatever tragic backstory they want, but these folks are either narcs who lack empathy (except for themselves) or just flat-out deranged. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

No. 1332298

stop wking this doughy turd, he looks like he stinks of shit, piss and cum

No. 1332349

File: 1632418391730.jpg (217.29 KB, 990x1920, Dimitrimonroe3.jpg)

Listen here anon, I'm not for that scrote's whiteknighting, but ya gotta be honest. He do be cute(sage your wk-ing)

No. 1332356

He sweeps his whole hair over his forehead instead of getting bangs or a fringe, literally what do you mean "cute"

No. 1332362

Absolutely fucking not. He’s still got the man eyes/eyebrows. Like that eyebrow lift they do. You need to get the Oedipus treatment to atone for this.

No. 1332369

Balding male who wouldn't even be a 3/10 if he was a girl, but is a 0/10 since he is a tranny. Smells like selfposting tbh cause I doubt any woman would find this coomer in any way appealing. I know you trannies and femboys are obsessed with reading here.

No. 1332370

kek not to mention the meticulous anime eye makeup and AGP lips

No. 1332377

It's probably him, he's known for making threads about himself for attention, he's extremely desperate no woman would look at this half bald fat man who's filtered beyond recognition and think "hmmm he looks cute", since he isn't as well known as the other femboy troons he tends to say and do the most degenerate shit for attention that includes self posting.

No. 1332381

He looks mentally handicapped and very ugly

No. 1332384

>He do be cute
You mean the cat?

No. 1332388

He's been taking all his recent photos from a lower angle so you don't see his Jafar looking facial features and instead his face would appear more round, I always wonder with the amount of filters and photo manipulation femboy troons do they must be walking outside with a bag on their heads.

No. 1332395

We know Cafebeef doesn't go out without a hat on, lest the wind sweep his bangs out of the way and reveal his receeded hairline. A bag would be an even better option. >>1332349 this fat attention whore should definitely wear one at all times.

No. 1332396

>> he's known for making threads about himself

Dimitri? Or do you think anon may be the tripfag from 4chan, that have made the first thread?

No. 1332402

File: 1632422968982.png (1011.95 KB, 992x848, faggot.png)

Doughy low-T faggot to doughy low-T faggot transformation! Literally looks like every reddit tranny ever. Even the filters can't hide the Chin Crimson chin tho. Oy Vey.

No. 1332403

File: 1632423170146.png (1.91 MB, 1078x1416, hon.png)

Just look at the arms of this hon.

No. 1332405

The eyeliner is a mile above his eyeline. I wish these trannies would learn how to tightline but that must be advanced woman shit

No. 1332407

Here's your proof >>1332403

Wow this ogre is massive, his arm is as thick as a leg, why does he look cross-eyed in every photo like even the pictures where he isn't looking into his phone which might contribute to the crossing, he still looks retarded.

No. 1332409

Isn't he like, 5'2 tall?

No. 1332411

Lmao, a manlet, figures why he is a troon pedo. What he lacks in height he makes up for in girth. What a chonky lad. He wide.

No. 1332417

He looks like the size of the door wdym? the average bathroom sink is less than 100cm, I'm 5'2 and every sink always gets to my hips, this man's groin is above the sink.

No. 1332582

File: 1632442873075.png (349.17 KB, 1126x1250, 24547778546789875.png)

Sure pedobeef, you're totally brave enough to be catty to women irl! when you're not looking down at the ground avoiding eye contact from randos in public.

No. 1332801

>that anime is about children being murdered and raped
It's really not at all like that and Touhou isn't like that either.
You don't need to lie while everyone here agrees the guys disgusting.

No. 1332833

It's truly a tough time being a woman living with these creeps

No. 1332836

lol ok. Literally posted screencaps here >>1328096 and >>1328091. I am sure the parts where kids are strung up naked, piss their pants and have their limbs amputated are totally painted in a different light if you just understand the story uwu

Fuck off degenerate weeb faggot.

No. 1332842

thin long lips, wide face and manjaw with fried thin hair. i guess his eyes look cute because he's wearing glasses that enlarge them and also has thick false eyelashes on.

No. 1332883

File: 1632480016962.png (5.77 MB, 1804x3114, coombeef.png)

Damn, imagine doing this to yourself just so you can coom better to pretending you're a woman. And normal people in our society are supposed to believe this is "treatment" for their mental illness instead of absolute batshit insane.

No. 1332900

>he's unattractive as a man
that's the most hilarous part about trannies and femboys. Almost all of them are ugly as fuck as men so them thinking they could become a hot women is even more delusional. It's toxic masculinity where they think short stature+low T male syndrome (baldning, skinny fat, pale, narrow shoulders- for a male) are effeminate traits so they gotta be girls. Basically they get no attention as men, stumble upon a femboy thread on 4chan as incels do, read this list of these traits, see other femboys get attention etc. KingCritical made a video about it.

No. 1332904

And he gets maced or the woman screams at the sight of an anorexic troglodyte.
grown men who dress like this should automatically be registered as sex offenders/pedophiles.

No. 1332909

There is a mental health disorder where people feel like they have to be physically impaired, and these people often end up intentionally mangling limbs so that they have to get amputations. It's insane to me that the argument against letting these people get an amputation to help with what could be described as a dysphoria is because its unnecessary and because the people who do it are known to have fetishy goals, BUT femboys/trans people are celebrated and the surgeries are encouraged

No. 1332944

You can cherry pick most things to fit your own narrative or lie to other people with it.
Made in abyss is about innocence surrounded by depravity.

It's ok to admit you are not smart enough for a chinese cartoon. stick to Steven universe sweaty.

No. 1332950

Fuck off anime pedophile, the fact that you need to defend your creepy jerk-off material on here says it all. I'm sure it's a truly touching story about kids being raped, really worth a watch, really deep social commentary and not at all made by creepy japanese pedos for your ilk. Kill yourself.

No. 1332954

File: 1632485006120.gif (3.81 MB, 350x300, mods.gif)

>be ugly young incel
>tfw no girlfriend
>join discord full of anime avatars
>get compliments for the first time in your life
>"haha.. you are so cute for a boy anon.. haha.. look at this trap hentai.. you are just as cute as that character haha.. here let me order you some HRT"
>put on the socks
>rub your cox

boom, another member for the cult is born and he will continue grooming young males like himself until he 41% himself

No. 1332955

No. 1332963

File: 1632486292314.png (360.39 KB, 1000x668, retard.png)

No. 1332965

HWHAHAHAAHHA thanks for the hearty keks dumb faggot
Said it all

No. 1333004

TOP KEK thank you anon, can't stand that pedo shit

No. 1333014

im laughing

No. 1333377

>> proof
in my country we call it pecks

No. 1333566

can't wait to see how fucked up this heals

No. 1333624

File: 1632535154183.png (1.48 MB, 1934x1229, uhoh.png)


No. 1333681

File: 1632545592594.jpeg (126.6 KB, 1080x1058, C7998B79-D9C4-4B54-BB9A-F44A9B…)

Soyjack back on track ladies!

No. 1333805

Oy janny, ban the other one too!

No. 1333813

File: 1632564493024.png (44.92 KB, 762x732, Kilnlib.png)

>posting pedo art in public
How can anyone justify this? The man is a complete immoral degenerate

No. 1333940

File: 1632583928710.png (50.44 KB, 730x324, men.png)

Cafebeef is begging out attention again with this obvious baitpost.
Yes, men are entirely disposable. Womankind could just freeze a couple of gallons of sperm and never need men again. Men however can not live without women, which they all know. They are slaves to the pussy and spent their lives feeling abandoned by mommy the moment she takes the boob out of their mouth. Then they spent the rest of their lives trying to find a woman who will mother them and take care of them, since they are hopelessly lost without women. Nothing hurts men more than being rejected by women and feeling unwanted by mommy. Which is why little Betamales like Cafebeef will spent the rest of their lives seethingly jealous of women and trying to imitate us.

At least most men provide something to our society, like those who actually invent and create things. Men like Cafebeef have 0 value in our society, he won't even provide sperm cause he is a nonreproductive faggot. Absolutely worthless.

No. 1333945

File: 1632584072098.png (Spoiler Image, 159.79 KB, 736x590, ew.png)

he also retweeted some fucked up amputation loli bullshit

No. 1333956

anon, if you get horny looking at this picture… I think you may have a problem

No. 1333957

File: 1632584950105.png (113.24 KB, 250x250, Iya.png)

Love when faggots and other moids realize they're entirely unnecessary and disposable. Broken chromosomes are for tasks and synthesizing humans. They cannot do anything else reliably unless they make it their entire life. On top of that most are too broken mentally and spiritually to function, and they don't even go through trauma usually to end up that way. They just are. Cope, foot face. You'll all be left behind soon enough.

No. 1333968

File: 1632586832105.png (258.78 KB, 260x496, 0308ACD0-FBD2-4F7E-B535-EA4C3D…)

uh oh we got too cocky fembros

No. 1333971

the shane dawson of the femboy community oink oink

No. 1333973

he's more like onision in terms of personality imo

No. 1333976

?? who said anything about getting horny?

No. 1333985

Learn to sage before you get yourself banned

No. 1333998

you felt the need to post it here, so I assume you saw something in this SFW drawning

No. 1334006

Not a single upper lip amazing

No. 1334014

It's a drawing of a child with amputated limbs, how pornsick are you that you don't see what's wrong with this even if it's not being depicted in a sexual context?
>lol it's just a normal drawing of a nugget-child, I can't even jerk off to this!
Holy shit, you must be fucked in the head if you see nothing wrong drawing shit like this to begin with, let alone posting it on the internet for other sickos amusement.

No. 1334065

File: 1632595338166.png (55.11 KB, 1030x273, CP.PNG)

i think it's on to us

No. 1334083

He does not have unfiltered internet or the brain power. He would have mentioned lolcow if he was onto us

No. 1334085

Damn, how could they have figured it out, you didn't at all make it super obvious? lmao.

No. 1334191

File: 1632605420769.png (68.07 KB, 749x776, KilnNoIQ.png)

That is why he will never work out that we are talking about him. Idiot really thinks he was doing a great job about keeping his tranny boyfriend on the downlow

No. 1334201

lol nigga what. Besides, why is he worried about what heterosexual people do as a fag

No. 1334215

am i wrong for being okay with femboys/(feminine men?) so long as they're just normal about enjoying feminine things + looking pretty don't turn it into a like, kink? i have an irl pal that never goes as far as wearing skirts or little girl wear, but he does dress quite femininely

i've actually offered him fashion/makeup advice when he asked, idk

No. 1334295

> so long as they're just normal
No one who identifies as a femboy is normal

No. 1334644

puberty blockers really do turn their brain into jello

No. 1334732

There really is something about Kiln that Vexes me. I cannot put my finger on it but there is just something about how he is always so happy and upbeat. If he was just posting his art and ugly ass photos it would be normal but then he will post degenerate shit in-between and if not for that he really would have a normal person. He is so close to being normal that it annoys the ever loving shit out of me that he is not. shave that fuckers head. Get him to stop dating faggot tranny and get him to be fucking normal. It is like seeing someone at the start of a sickness It could be stopped but you know it will get worse and this shit head with no brains is not going to do anything about it.

No. 1334784

>> why can't you just be a normie!!

Faggot, you are on imageboard

No. 1334804

Wanting a cow to not be an ugly degenerate is the same as wanting them to be a normie clearly.

No. 1334806

>> He is so close to being normal
>> Get him to be fucking normal
>> It would be normal but

Fuck off retard

No. 1334840

are you done? would you like to contribute to the topic at hand?

No. 1334847

He is a gay coomer, he will never be normal. Best case scenario for him and the others we can hope for is that they don't rape any kids irl.

No. 1334979

File: 1632680500619.png (78.07 KB, 734x728, tranny.png)

Men obsessing over our reproductive organs will never not be creepy.

"How dare someone imply that women have uteruses!" His FFS really turned him into a full-blown tranny. We can only hope he ropes before he shoots up a gynocologist office. Oh wait, he's british. Phew.

No. 1334981

File: 1632680628817.png (79.74 KB, 732x742, seethe.png)

More tranny seethe

No. 1334986

I'll confess that deep inside my heart I want him in an unlikely turn of events to get propper therapy, escape troonery and become a functional adult (while cafebeef continues to be a cow with bad hair)

No. 1334994

You can't save him. Abandone hope now.

No. 1335003

File: 1632681772225.png (43.63 KB, 606x733, kilnyourself.png)

His boyfriend has guns. If they are still dating that is. current theory is copebeef just broke up with his bf after he gained his new tranny self-confidence but we will have to wait for more information.

I kind of have to agree no matter how unlikely it is he will turn his life around the guy just seems harmless and ill in the head but the fact he has so many guns is disconcerting.

He did say "I changed from someone drawing nsfw'ish things I wasn't all that comfortable with to make ends meet to someone who just draws anime characters with guns for fun" and another anon did say he used to have a NSFW account that he shut down to move away from it. He has a clear want to be a good man he just needs to stop surrounding himself with trannys and coomer femboys and move on with his life.

No. 1335081

it's literally a low IQ

No. 1335090

imagine being a jobless loser who thirst posts and suicide baits on twitter all day everyday and having the gall to tweet your impotent outrage at your superiors. this blue check is going to be made aware of cuckbeef, browse his profile, and come away even stronger in his convictions.

No. 1335095

File: 1632689016287.gif (935.32 KB, 384x256, 3d8.gif)

i bet he broke up with him after this thread out of shame, because he's a narcissist who cares more about his online reputation than any individual. can't wait for his meta attraction saga. /tttt/ is already there, the transbians are already jealous of the reputation HSTS have of being "better" trannies and are suffering thru sodomy to enter that club. picrel incoming meta-attraction.

No. 1335125

Do you think copebeef groomed him?

No. 1335127

He probably thinks now that he had FFS and will totally pass and can finally get a "straight" man to do anal anihilation with. He doesn't want to be made fun of for being a transbian. Good luck Cafebeef, I am sure you can find a Nick Fuentes homoseggs in denial now that you are a beautiful woman.

No. 1335175

File: 1632693277991.png (30.28 KB, 1206x277, copebeefbreakup.png)

It really does look like copebeef thinks he is too good for his femboy ex boyfriend now he has had FFS. I will post more as I find it but both of them have been quiet about it

No. 1335352

"old ladies" bro you're middle aged

No. 1335558

tbf dating Kiln is probably equally exhausting as dating Copebeef, both are whiny insecure faggots who are probably a full-time job to give re-assurance to. I don't think two people who are like that can give each other what they need. Still, I think Copebeef was majorly embarassed to be outed as a transbian, especially since he's got chronic not-like-other-trannies syndrome.

No. 1335562

File: 1632741218103.jpg (1.83 MB, 3616x3384, 11.jpg)

so this is a new 4chan self-posting femboy, interestingly enough he isn't white, he's a libyan diaspora living in America who identifies as a gay guy
honestly I think he's a lot cuter then most of the other moids here but he does cringy "ironic" Nazi and Ba'athist(Arab nationalist) "cosplays" and he also self posts on 4chan which is just peak retard behavior

his online handles are arabianodyssey1/arabianiliad


No. 1335566

Why do these swarthy middle easterners even try? There's nothing feminine about males from that area. Look at those thick eyebrows and that giant honker.

Very obvious self-post btw. You must have a humiliation fetish. The Nazis would have put you in a gas chamber.(racebait )

No. 1335570

File: 1632742477792.jpg (31.31 KB, 400x400, jrYXXf_J_400x400.jpg)

Is this the same person? Vanity, that tranny that's been posted in the mtf thread a bunch and who harassed Null from Kiwifarms in twitter DM's for weeks cause he wants to fuck him? And then when he got blocked he got Null's twitter banned as revenge?

Sorry these ugly moids all look the same to me. He got that same empty eyed tism stare with mouth hanging open and the greasy rat's nest of a hair.

No. 1335578

File: 1632743243096.jpg (719.96 KB, 960x1280, Lib.jpg)

He's just and Arab twink and attention whore anon, all I said was that he looked cuter then most of the moids posted on this thread

No. 1335580

File: 1632743681472.png (785.25 KB, 1034x561, 222.png)

cute face and nice skinny body
if he only wasn't a degenerate, he could be my ideal bf(self-poster)

No. 1335582

Strong disagree. Even british people are cuter than arabs tbh. At least they are pale and small from never being exposed to vegetables and sunlight, this dude just looks like a man that would try to sell you used cellphones in the street and catcall you cause every woman who doesn't wear a hijab is a whore to him.(racebait)

No. 1335584

Selfposting ugly ass moid

No. 1335588

what about height though ? Arabs are a lot smoler and they have good looking Semitic features and natural curly hair

No. 1335591

>good looking Semitic features and natural curly hair
>good looking Semitic features

No. 1335592

Bro you are ugg and your nose is very obviously shopped cause you're insecure about your huge "semitic" honker. It looks way different here >>1335578

Fuck off.

No. 1335594

I'm not him, I just think he's a cute guy and am disappointed he's such a degenerate

No. 1335596

File: 1632744395577.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.37 KB, 442x533, consider_the_following.jpg)

No. 1335607

Fuck it, I agree he's cute

No. 1335613

i could change him i swear

No. 1335638

nasty, and he looks like a young frank n furter in the 4th pic

No. 1335655

well at least he's an actual twink

No. 1335658

File: 1632754923470.gif (3.23 MB, 538x322, tumblr_8562432cc163a942e2452b8…)

lmfao, uncanny!

No. 1335659

Young Tim Curry is hot

No. 1335668

Ew. He's british. You only think so cause he's got status as a Hollywood actor. If you met him in a bar or on the street and he was a normie you wouldn't look twice.

No. 1335696

>comparing Tim to mentally ill 4chan fags
an insult

No. 1335699

Literally looks like a TIF.

No. 1335702


This is what happens when you don't beat your child. If I was his dad I'd probably beat him more than I beat my wife. Only if I was a Saudi y'know.(bait)

No. 1335708

File: 1632760308772.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.52 KB, 416x495, d561d578e80bfcd4250ac58eaa0306…)

it all started with one man….

No. 1335712

he has a case of "gay face" and is also a twink

No. 1335738

Look at all this love and no milk. It is almost like the self poster is missing the point of this thread.

No. 1335745

there are at lest separate users, I can't speak for the rest of them, I just find him cute

No. 1335761

Well I am glad you are head of his fan club but post milk or take it to his dms

No. 1335763

fr, ugly Jonas brother reject lookin ass

No. 1335772

File: 1632767956466.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.91 MB, 352x640, 2558408-2cfdf0b2f765b0db547849…)

No. 1335781

I think he saw a glimpse of his post-FFS mug and got mad. He knows he fucked up, there's no going back now cafe. You're a tranny now.

No. 1335785

No, Vanity is a white American. I saw a pic of him and his dad. His nose is straight and he is very pale compared to Femboy Jafar.

No. 1335788

File: 1632768844885.jpg (173.89 KB, 1080x1068, my_sides.jpg)

>Femboy Jafar

No. 1335820

File: 1632772857446.png (296.24 KB, 385x505, 148.png)

imageine fleeing to the west from your civil-war torn shithole country, only for your son to end up a "gay femboy" who posts pictures like picrel on alt-right internet forums and also praises both Hitler and the former dictator of your country

https://curiouscat.qa/ArabianOdyssey1(self-posting faggot)

No. 1335825

Vanity is definitely not white lol.

No. 1335839

I talked quite a lot with this guy on /int/ lol.
Ask me anything I guess.(no1currs)

No. 1335859

Oooh, I just gotta know, when do you think he will stop self posting?
I could not care less about this tard, leave him be to cry over his failed attempt at e-fame

No. 1335898

Go home, 4chan tard. You don't belong here.

No. 1335927

File: 1632779281049.png (34.71 KB, 742x316, lol.png)

He's so right! Now that I think about it… we really should waste MORE tax payer money so porn addicted coombrains can fulfill their fetishes because.. they look.. less bad? lmao

It doesn't fucking matter what you look like, if you're a hulking hon or a skinny twerp, you're still a sexpest and a bane to society. Besides, trannies don't pass. Ever. You can spent a million dollars to have a surgeon carve you into something that resembles a woman and yet you will still look uncanny. Cause you have a male skeleton. You walk like a man. You have a man voice. You have male pheromones. You will always be a man and passing "better" doesn't make you any less of a freak.

No. 1335931

OT but what sneed mean?

No. 1335940

He must be really confident in the plastic surgery

No. 1335948

There is no level of abuse we can shell out that can match what 4chan anons said. Now that people called him cute he will stay in the thread til the bump limit.

Good job everyone

No. 1335956

I want to punch its face.
Its grating enough when cute girls do it but an smelly looking faggot doing it gets on my nerves, he literally looks retarded

No. 1335960

nobody called him cute, he was calling himself cute the whole time, I thought that was clear by him being called out as a self-poster

No. 1335981

File: 1632783080952.png (1.6 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210927-174948.png)

He has an eating disorder, too. And is on horse urine. His face is masculine, he has to starve himself and take E so his masculine body isn't so obvious. The only actual "femboys" I've seen is Alonzo Arnold and maybe Blair St Clair, all the moids mentioned in these threads are masculine fetishists, nothing feminine about them.

Take off the blurry filter, and stop shopping your nose. Those Snapchat pics on your IG were horrible, you look like the hairy Persian men in my city.

No. 1335999

Spewing abuse at them is pretty pointless. Most trannies and femboys are destined for rope anyway after their coom high peaks once they get the chop/ puberty catches up with them and they're left as ugly moids with mantits, male pattern baldness, fucked up faces and incontinence caused by anorectal violence.

All that Nazi shit is just extra sad.

No. 1336032

it's funny that men think they can put a wig on and start femme fatale-ing their ideological enemies. you have to actually be desirable to be a honeypot sweaty.

No. 1336072

They're entirely looks obsessed so they always assume that our first and primary objection to them is that they look like what they are, men. Entirely glossing over the other thousand and one reasons to hate them.

No. 1336326

This ugly arab troon literally started spamming dickpics cause we didn't think he was cute. Thanks mods for deleting them.

Transbeef is under the delusion that he will be less offensive to radfems if he "passes better". Sorry, that only works on dumb normies, sweaty. Normies find trannies like Blair White or your average HSTS to be less offensive than a hulking hon because they try to play the "gender roles" more and are homosexual so they are just thought of as that.. big flaming gay men. But to a TERF you are literally all the same cut of braindead coombrains.

Even if you "pass" to a normie man on the street, you will never fool a woman. And we don't want you in our bathrooms, we don't want you around our kids, we don't want you in our spaces PERIOD. Because you are predators. Cafebeef can whine all day about how he's not a "threat" but his hatred of women is so fucking obvious, he is like any other incel shooter who is upset that girls don't like him. I would not feel safe in a room with him and I sure as hell wouldn't trust him around children.

No. 1336334

File: 1632826170203.png (347.5 KB, 732x1366, seethe.png)

Today on: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I HATE WOMEN!!! with our host Cafeman

He replies to a tiktok of a woman saying that she was never asked out in high school and no man ever showed interest in her. Cafebeef says that this is the default for ALL MEN! Cause men are treated bad and wimminz live life on easy street! Of course anyone who is not an incel knows this is not true, you just didn't get asked out cause you are a betamale faggot and women can sense your hatred. Other men do in fact get asked out and have girls show interest in them. (I made the first move on my SO and I know many of my girlfriends who did the same with their partners) Not all men have the experiences of an incel, sorry Copebeef.


No. 1336343

I cannot emphasise how much I despise this deformed degenerate faggot. Jesus Christ it’s so hard not to a-log in this thread

No. 1336394

So these are pickme's who want /pol/'s approval?

No. 1336453

File: 1632841111445.png (2.43 MB, 1020x2400, 1627309657012.png)

The only milk that I have on this guy is that he’s either some kind of cannibal fetishist or he’s legitimately mentally-ill.
Also his faggot ex-boyfriend whining about him in several 4chan boards.
His photos and videos are easy to find.

No. 1336457

Copebeef being copebeef aside, 1.6K likes on that shit? Come on twitter, that's reddit levels of approval

No. 1336471

why are there so many knuckleheads hating on british people in this thread, what’d we do to you? #stopanglohate

No. 1336490

Femboys and troons flat out admit to the most mentally ill shit constantly and STILL are considered capable of making a major life decision like gender reassignment. This bitch is literally saying he wants to eat people when he is angry and then out of nowhere starts talking about invading some other shithole. We should let them get mutilated so they just take themself out of the gene pool

Dear Angloanon,

Shut up.

Much love, Ireland/Scotland/India/Africa.

No. 1336510

File: 1632847090126.jpg (211.77 KB, 750x1174, nafri mutt.jpg)

funny thing is that he's not even full Libyan https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/254602475
pretty sure his absent Egyptian father has something to do with him identifying as only Libyan

No. 1336515

Amazing, self-hating mutts are the same everywhere

No. 1336520

Br*ts aren't human, go away.

No. 1336551

as an indigenous Egyptian we don’t claim this degenerate
It’s less that they’re mutts and more that their parents have raised them (or haven’t, as it were) to be maladjusted, entitled narcissists. Copebarf is by far the worst of all the faggots posted here. I can’t wait until he gets his bandages off and posts pics of his botched ffs

No. 1336593

File: 1632852916527.jpg (188.73 KB, 1080x1064, 1627307295898.jpg)

just checked the 4chan archives for more shit
he is like a weird self-hating tranny

No. 1336595

File: 1632853009702.jpg (320.56 KB, 983x1262, 1627312447746.jpg)

No. 1336602

I fail to understand, If his dad was a Egyptian Arab and his mom is a Libyan Arab, wouldn't he still be a full arab though
like is there some big difference between the tw

No. 1336615

I really wish people would wake up and understand these people aren't mentally ill. P*dos aren't mentally ill. They have psychological issues. Trans people know they aren't the "wrong gender", they just want attention (among other things).

No. 1336616

He's whiter than you, Jarfar

No. 1336631

If you don't have pink nipples you're not white, sorry.

No. 1336638

File: 1632856053234.png (52.54 KB, 738x324, lolcow.png)

He just can't help but read what we say about him. Proper lolcow. Look at him pretend like he's not baiting with tweets he thinks will upset TERFs every day. I ignore most of them just cause it's such obvious bait.

No. 1336671

>Is a total tranny but denies he is and seethes if you call him one.
>Absolutely detests women yet can't stop talking about us and trying to wear our skin.
>Paid 30K to get his skull shaved as part of his tranny quest.
>Lusts over alt-right retards who would beat him to death while calling him a faggot if he ever tried anything with them.
>Would most likely get his rocks off to the above scenario.
>Thinks we're the weird ones.
Alrighty then.

No. 1336674

You see, he's just pretending to be retarded! Just like he's just pretending to be a tranny. It was all just a really elaborate bamboozle that we all fell for!

No. 1337014

He seems to pander a lot to older Arab men, and has really sad eyes. He needs some help, he's annoying and weird, but it's clearly for attention. I honestly don't see it ending too well for him, he looks like he's going to an hero himself some time soon.

What is with trannies and their recent obsession with terfs? Like I keep seeing them on Twitter saying they're trans radfems, "TIRFs", and random HSTS "communist" trannies clinging onto radfems/GC women.

No. 1337116

They're the only ones who remind trannies exactly what they are - misogynistic men with a bunch of fetishes - without using a religious, right wing angle like conservatives do. Women not falling for their ruse makes them seethe, so trannies want terfs dead and gone.
>Like I keep seeing them on Twitter saying they're trans radfems, "TIRFs", and random HSTS "communist" trannies clinging onto radfems/GC women.
Trannies "identifying" with a flavor of feminism are attempting to disassociate themselves from the sinking ship that is transactivism and/or the current LGBTQIAE-86+ communities. They also wanna redefine their main ideological threat (radical feminism).
Overall, it's just TIMs doing their thing: forcing themselves into women's spaces and saying it's for their own good. Nothing new under the sun.

No. 1337215

Sage for history lesson, indigenous North Africans are not Arab nor are they a monolith for starters, plus the region is very ethnically diverse on account of being colonised and occupied for aeons
If he grew up in the MENA there’s a good chance he’s been ostracised by all his friends and family due to our cultures being aggressively homophobic so that probably pushed him even further towards this edgelord degenerate behaviour

No. 1337238

File: 1632910071316.png (61.82 KB, 748x420, moid.png)

tfw your tweets will never pass as thoughts a real woman would have

No. 1337244

>he has sad eyes, he needs some help
Who gives a shit? Stop trying to empathize with these faggots who literally wish death upon us and would probably kill you if they had the chance to get away with it. These men hate women and want to brainwash and rape kids, stop caping for them.
>he looks like he's going to an hero himself some time soon
hopefully he does it before he molests any kids

No. 1337297

Scotland sought to unite with England and Wales. It was an agreement. And the British Empire was just that, British not English, ergo Anglo-Scots-Welsh. Scots were staunch colonialists, idiot.

No. 1337324

kek you can tell he's trying so hard to go viral

No. 1337329

nta, I just think he's kinda cute

No. 1337385

most of his vitriol is directed at gays, troons and pedos. he's just a lonely gay guy who crossdresses for attention

No. 1337388

I agree nonnie, but as a twink guy he doesn't look like a girl at all

No. 1337390

I know that, I'm straight and attracted to him
I just think mediterranean twinks look hot

No. 1337606

This thread needs a kebab removal ASAP(racebait)

No. 1337693

File: 1632952944997.png (1.26 MB, 1076x1272, BIG-REVEAL.png)

BIG REVEAL! He looks… the same? lmfao. Waste of money.

No. 1337699

Aside from the black eye I genuinely can't see a difference between the before and after

No. 1337700

What did they even do? Looks like they sloppily waxed his eyebrows and then punched him in the face. And the chin he's excited about looks exactly the same. Moids are so delusional.

No. 1337703

I thought they shaved his chin down or something, it looks even worse than before somehow.

No. 1337704

He looks more masculine now, actually. Amazing results! I'm pleased to see a terf was his surgeon. Even after all the surgery, he still has to hide behind blurry filters.

They is why idgaf about him or Dimitri, they hate trannies and other moids, fine with me, I wish all of them would keep women out their mouths.

No. 1337709

He looks like megamind. Megamoid, kekkk.

No. 1337712

>noticeable wrinkle on his chin
Can't close his jaw properly + nerve damage.
Will look uncanny in 6 months.

They reduced the alar base of his nose but his columella (that fleshy thing in the middle) is pulling his philtrum. Either he's lucky and it heals that way or it's gonna be more pulled and he ends up with a heehee nose.

No. 1337715

What do you mean? He's slightly worse now, a hairstyle makeover would have been more interesting

No. 1337716

Oh honey, no. You look like you’re about to sneeze.

No. 1337817

He'd probably look better if he wasn't so skelly. It really brings out all his harsh male features. He just looks pitiful and unhealthy. Almost all things that are considered attractive in women are related to fertility and health. He is just a sad spoopy boi.

No. 1337859

It's always hilarious when these retards dump thousands into surgery just to end up looking worse. Same thing happened with stawbwewwymilk, his ffs made him look waaaaaay more masculine.

No. 1337891

>Same thing happened with stawbwewwymilk, his ffs made him look waaaaaay more masculine.
I noticed that happens to a lot of them. An Australian youtuber got ffs and he looked better before the surgery.

No. 1337922

File: 1632975943428.png (75.15 KB, 150x319, E3ADA0FF-F8DF-40CF-9BD6-784344…)

No. 1337950

I actually think 0xCAFEBEEF is cute.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1337952

Ew set standards for yourself.

No. 1337954

i just have a thing for twinks/girls who wear glasses

No. 1337955

File: 1632980776967.jpg (73.9 KB, 618x586, how would they know.jpg)

>t.not copebeef

No. 1337956

begone from this realm scrote

No. 1337958

he has less chin than before? his cheekbones are gone and he has an obvious nosejob? His anorexia hair looks absolutely raggedy. dry, shredded ends with soaked flat roots. absolutely autistic.

No. 1337967

File: 1632981947594.png (983.37 KB, 1638x1262, 0_tDluvX7R_onX5dQZ.png)

cafe megamoid got the hontra hairline special with an extra helping of chin pebbles

No. 1338005

> These men hate women
Tbh, i checked his (the arab twink's) curious cat site and didn't see any of the generic misogyny that men like cafebeef spew. He even called us fine "ladies" lol.

No. 1338008

His chin looks no different, it seems all they did was give him a nosejob and they also pulled his hairline down a bit. The nosejob just makes him look more angular, it looked way better before. I can't tell if they shaved down his cheekbones or if they are sunken in from being ana-chan,but it looks bad and sickly. Maybe a lip lift? But again there is almost zero difference. What a waste of money.

No. 1338024

He spammed his literal cock and balls alongside a bunch of gore shit when he got banned. Who gives a fuck what this nobody is saying about us.

No. 1338036

LMAO he looks more angular now. I'd be asking for a refund if I was him.

He's Arab so trust me he's no ally. Arab men are all misogynists to some degree, no matter how good they are at hiding it.
t. sand negress

No. 1338058

File: 1632997818568.png (503.48 KB, 1494x1634, lmfao.png)

Imagine being a tranny/femboy and calling OTHERS out for being a "community full of peodphiles". When he regularly interacts with anime avatars whose entire timeline is endless loliporn. 4chan and tranny discords, which Copebeef calls his home are literaly filled to the brim with CP and pedophiles grooming minors into trooning out. Pot, kettle, etc.

No. 1338064

File: 1632998615609.png (54.55 KB, 1898x434, null.png)

Found this on /lgbt/ in a thread whining about Kiwifarms. Cafebeef is very upset that Null thinks trannies are cringe. It's not just that a lot of lolcows are also trannies, all trannies are lolcows.

I member quite a while back Cafebeef and Null had a little back and forth on twitter where Cafebeef begged to go on his stream to "talk about the T Question" and Null told him to fuck off and that he wouldn't want him around children, kek. Null is actually pretty based on the tranny question in that he thinks you are all sick freaks and child molestors. I don't know why so many trannies simp for him despite the fact he is very open about his contempt for their kind.

Once again shows a man can say whatever he wants about trannies and never be called out for it, but a slight criticism from a woman makes her an evil TERF witch who needs to be set on fire.


No. 1338077

Bro no matter how much you bully your own peers, everyone else still sees you as one of them. Hell he even went and got ffs to really augment that fetish, that’s pretty extreme. Copium indeed.
> if a man relentlessly complains about, women 50/50 chance he’s actually an AGP/tranny
Crazy how that works

No. 1338078

What the fuck is wrong with this man? All he does is seethe about women and pick fights on twitter all day. His mental health would improve tenfold if he just deleted his fucking account and read a book or played a game or some shit instead.

No. 1338086

Lmao what is with his love hate relationship with trannies? Here he's telling one his community is full of pedophile groomers, but in >>1338064 he's sobbing because Null and the rest of KF won't stop bullying troons. And why is he obsessed with Null, the man made fun of him on stream, and clearly doesn't want to speak with him.

No. 1338095

File: 1633005876853.png (1.41 MB, 1078x1302, 1633004963202.png)

whew boi

No. 1338096

Unbelievable that surgeons can do that and call it "feminization" while charging £30K a pop. I'm on the wrong career path.

No. 1338098

I'm starting to think maybe trannies get off to being abused and rejected by straight men, idk. I also think trannies all hate each other and they love to consume content that bullies other trannies that they see as "below" them. Which is why they keep coming here and read Kiwifarms as well. Copebeef himself shits a lot on "Hons" like Yaniv, he clearly sees himself as somehow different and superior to them, like there is some sort of tranny hierarchy. I don't think he understands that to normal people they are all the same type of freak who should be kept away from women and children.

>Terf: eeewwww tranny


>Straight man: eeeewwww tranny

>Troon: hehe UwU silly boy.. still love your podcast tho

No. 1338100

>And why is he obsessed with Null, the man made fun of him on stream, and clearly doesn't want to speak with him.
he probably has a crush on him. you're never going to get a conservative straight bf copebeef. go on grindr, find some "straight acting" gay and learn to be happy with that
what's happening with his hairline? is that from surgery or does he have some skin picking condition

No. 1338103

He had his hairline moved further down because he's balding.

No. 1338107

so is on the left confirmed as an actual before picture of beef? wtf happened. >>1337693
if above is assumed to be a real before of him, i guess he just got surgery to look like his meitu'ed selfies and then filtered it more?

No. 1338123

Cafebeef currently coping and seething on /lgbt/


No. 1338126

Kek, I saw that thread too but i never read the names so i didn't notice it was cafebeef. I didn't want to defend kf but the trannies sure were coping hard with 'living rent free~' as if KF didn't have entire sections for furries and other weird attention whores. Not that I understand why they would care unless they got featured there or saw themselves in the trannies there, or why they are acting as if there was nothing abnormal about them when /tttt/ doesn't keep a facade of normalcy.
Couldn't he just have shaved his eyebrows and draw on new ones? Bitch seems to not ever have heard of makeup and he keeps taking pics from only the same fucking angle

No. 1338128

This is it. Gay trannies have the classic "turn a straight man gay" fetish, but have taken it to the extremes. They will literally risk death all in hopes a straight dude will let them gargle his dick.

He obsessively reads the Tranny Sideshow thread, most KF threads outside of the ones about troons, barely talk about trans anything. He's just salty Null won't touch his diseased butthole.

No. 1338147

lmao dude got all that work done just to look like michael cera

No. 1338153

>I don't know why so many trannies simp for null
they probably want that sweet kiwifarms clout/attention/ want to be seen as one of the good ones. And in pedobeef's case he probably gets off on the thought of being in a loveless fucked up relationship with null.

No. 1338155

File: 1633012678512.gif (310.07 KB, 220x394, double-chin-shocked.gif)

He looks like he is constantly making this face as a joke. Still no chin.

No. 1338162

cope really got ffs broke up with his bf and is now simping for null. He really did get ffs and now think he is good enough to get his alt right dream daddy

No. 1338165

Because they're men

No. 1338168

It is very ironic they all simp for conservative men who want tradwives and kids, something that a tranny can literally never provide.

No. 1338172

File: 1633014256262.png (41.47 KB, 740x556, lol.png)


No. 1338173

Theyre seeking validation, same reason why the straight ones are obsessed with lesbians, to them if a coomservative “straight” man wants them, they think that it proves that they are “real” women.

No. 1338175

Null managed to resist the sexual magnautism of Chris Chan. Copebeef can't compete with Chris AND still thinks he has a chance with Null?

No. 1338176

man, what a sad cycle.
homos obsess over straight men, and straight men obsess over lesbians.

No. 1338190

File: 1633016356519.png (26.92 KB, 746x264, he looks like an alien tho.png)


No. 1338193

So they are lurking here too? Go hydrate your hair for fucks sake
How hard is it to find a self hating closeted gay man fooling himself that he's a conservative to fuck you on the side? But maybe those are only either into attractive masculine guys or HSTS

No. 1338210

I think one of the saddest funniest parts of this is that he was shopping his pics before ffs, spent 30K to look like his shopped pics, and somehow looks worse. I wonder how long until he ma’am’s out and we have to take our discussion to the mtf thread.

No. 1338243

>Well if you had a pornsick faggot for a boyfriend he would leave you for this pornsick faggot in a heartbeat. LOL GOT'EM. Stupid foid.
/tttt/ still a hub of intellectualism I see.

No. 1338245

kek. A straight man would take the ugliest, fattest woman over a mentally ill man any day. You know.. they are straight.

No. 1338258

If they'd fuck this dude then they weren't straight to begin with. Just a chaser waiting for an opportunity and wasting a woman's time

No. 1338262

Someone should make a datalounge thread. Also, you can expect some of the jannies/mods here to be moids - likely gay moids.

No. 1338287

Why do fags always delude themselves into thinking some dude would leave their cis woman gfs for them? If he does then he's obviously he's gay kek

No. 1338313

cope as old as time, kek

No. 1338314

File: 1633027553112.png (6.54 KB, 999x89, nordic_chin.png)

Those guys must have some kind of blindness, copebeef is uglier than the average person regardless of gender. Somewhat related picrel, how do you get to this conclusion unless you are unaccustomed to seeing other people's faces?
> Also, you can expect some of the jannies/mods here to be moids - likely gay moids.
What makes you say that…?

No. 1338316

File: 1633027626074.png (594.4 KB, 557x676, You.png)

reminds of this, actual functioning and non-degenerate straight men are not attracted to gender presentation

No. 1338318

But why would you want to have a lifelong partner you can have a marriage and children with when you can just have a bimbo sexdoll that you can only do ANAL SEX WITH ALL THE TIME?! And who loves porn as much as you?! OMG!

Kek they are literally so coombrained that they are entirely removed from reality and normal dating. Probably also due to the fact that they are incels and never had a meaningful relationship in their life.

No. 1338330

They do realize straight men generally want kids too and pursue “cis” women for this reason, right? “Hey, I have a male reproductive system and you can never have children with me!” will never be a flex to ANY normal straight man. Gender does not trump basic biology no matter how hard they wish it so.

No. 1338346

the /tttt/ brainrot is real, feels so funny to read about copebeef with them using she/her for him rofl

No. 1338386

because it's their biggest fear, that a straight man will eventually leave them for a stacy cis girl. and they know they hit the wall harder than any cis woman.

No. 1338411

do you faggots don't know about bisexual people?

No. 1338428

The same reason even cis gay moids sometimes give up and marry their faghags for end of life comfort. A male is parasitic. A femboy and a cis male = two males. A parasite cannot parasitize on a parasite.

Even if you weren't a delusional bricky shim and were actually a young cis woman with a dick looks wise, you are simply not a suitable host. You're a man - psychologically externalizing, unpleasant, aggressive, non-nurturing, egotistical, impulsive and devoid of self awareness - you are not equipped to absorb the impact of another male's incessant testeria. Contrary to what femboys commonly believe, you cannot anticipate another man's needs just because you're a man yourself - no man wants to deal with men's bullshit and that's the reason why there's no worse punishment for a moid than to be confined amongst other moids. It doesn't even need to be mentioned that you're a flagrantly mentally ill man, with levels of batshittery vastly exceeding standard male levels - any real life union between you and another man will blow up in mutual homicidal ideation or bug chasing within months, if not weeks.

Your meek whining on Twitter doesn't mean you're "submissive" (aka caring and self sacrificing) in the sense women are - you're just a weak, petty omega. Cishet moids grow up being coddled, first by their mommies and then by a myriad of women they're surrounded with - they know a man will deck them in the face instead of lovingly tard wrangling them for years. This is why, regrettably, a moid will always choose the ugliest possible cis woman over you.

No. 1338437

Well said, their ideal straight conservative bf would probably even leave them for a TERF lmao

No. 1338438

bisexual men don't exist

No. 1338442

Put into words better than I ever could and very true.

No. 1338451

sage but hooooly shit this delusional tranny
she isn't even obese kek. she looks like she has good weight distribution on top of having a nice face. what the fuck

No. 1338480

plus plenty of women are thin even after having kids so "i'll always be smol uwu" isn't the flex they think it is

No. 1338507

trancel seethe

No. 1338517

Gonna trigger some people, but neither do straight men. All it takes is a few years in prison.

No. 1338520

Hey, I agree with you. Getting raped definitely is the cause of men turning gay. Wether it is as a child or as an adult in prison. It's a one-way road. No man is born gay, they are turned gay through porn addiction or molestation/rape.(bait)

No. 1338524

This unironically. That, or randomly cooming/pavloving themselves into it. Male sexuality is learning based and malleable - otherwise it wouldn't be paraphilic.

No. 1338530

I wasn't being ironic either.

No. 1338551

You're both embarrassing

No. 1338581

Ok but that woman is very pretty. I think this is more evidence how delusional they are that they think they are better looking than real women-I mean look at nikita dragun. At best with makeup he looks like a low rung instathot. With his real face on show he looks like your typical geeky pizza faced asocial nerd. Trrons really be outing their stupidity for the masses.

No. 1338601

She’s hot, every straight man on earth would pick her over a troon in a heartbeat. Idk why they even torture themselves into trying to compete with women for moid attention. First of all, straight moids are no prize and most women spend significant time and energy fending them off. The “competition” with troons is completely one-sided. Second, most moids WANT soft nurturing mommy-type women they can have kids with. You’d have to be delusional to think a hard square body with no curves and a dick could possibly be more appealing.

No. 1338656

they uphold rigid hierarchies because they can't shake male socialization. /tttt/ is a tranny thunderdome hatebox. they do a lot of work for us

No. 1338674

True anon, I noticed men get meme'd into becoming trannies/femboys but now it makes me wonder how many 4chan fags are getting meme'd into becoming pedophiles

No. 1338803

Anon, 4chan is entirely a honeypot and FEDposting is not even just a meme. I truly believe that /pol/ for example is completely compromised and its mostly just feds and trannies trying to trick incels into committing mass shootings or trooning out. Unironically still using 4chan in 2021 means you are an utter retard who is just begging to get brainblasted by someones agenda. Porn is also used as a weapon against men because they are so easily tricked by that dopamine release of cooming. You can trick a man into developing every fetish you can ever think of if you just expose him to porn of it enough. These people unironically want to eat shit and sniff girls farts because of a meme. They want to troon out because they are told they can "transmax" themselves out of inceldom and they become gay femboys because pervy asians draw little boys getting fucked in the ass. Men are so fucking weak mentally its unreal.

No. 1338808

i was forced into using 4cuck again after cripplechan got shut down because losers kept going on shootings and posting their manifestos there. i like imagebaords and have used them for too long to ever consider using something more mainstream, plus other imageboards just don't have the market draw 4cuck does, so it's between a rock and a hard place situation. as for feds, you have the eastern kind that tries to groom people into far-right extremist positions in a bid to balkanise their target's nation by ginning up divisions, then you have the western kind that tries to push said extremists over the edge into posting/carrying out verboten positions or receiving/transmitting verboten material. non-political boards however don't seem to be anywhere near as compromised, except of course for coordinated tranny raids.

you just have to learn to filter it out, and educate others as to what is really going on.

No. 1338810

I don't go on 4chan cause I am not a man, but every board I ever visited there in the past was filled to the brim with porn, overshadowing any sort of interesting content or conversation that might be had because it is just going to get derailed by coomers. It's like trying to have a serious conversation in the comments on xhamster or something. What even is the point? Someones just going to post an anime titty pic and then everyone talks about who their favorite waifu is, absolutely braindead. Sorry but I dont believe there is anthing worthwile to be gained from ever visiting that place, except maybe to make fun of trannies. You'd be better off just not using any imageboard. Lern2sage and integrate if you want to post here.

No. 1338816

No. 1338882

I like it better when the threads get derailed with walls of text about jews or whatever they were about

No. 1338909

you do be spittin, anon

No. 1338950

Good. All /pol/tards should shoot themselves.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1338952

this. other anon is wrong, truly straight or gay men don't exist men just don't work like that.

No. 1338966

Healthy men (mentally and physically) are straight. Their life's purpose is to produce children. Broken and mentally ill men or those men who can not compete with the healthy males for female mates become homosexuals.

No. 1338972

Please stop inflicting your cheap psychology on me, I'm here for the femboy stupidity

No. 1338989

File: 1633107244134.png (861.19 KB, 1158x760, cafebeef.png)

Null is talking about Cafebeef again on his stream, this time he even showed a live clip! Looks like this was before the hairline adjustment! Senpai noticed him again UwU

No. 1338991

Isn't that KingCobraJFS?

No. 1338996

Uhmm.. can you not see the trademark Cafebeef glasses? See >>1321912 for comparison

No. 1338999

i refuse to believe (the paedophile) josh is heterosexual

No. 1339000

Null will never pound your bussy, sorry faggot.

No. 1339002

>shitters now have affectionate pet names

No. 1339019

Why fags? Straight men too. Porn can absolutely meme you into becoming a pedophile, that's assuming that any "memeing" is even necessary. Most men will fuck children if there are no laws against it.

No. 1339051

Despite being only 2% of the population, homosexual men make up 33% of child molesters.

No. 1339103

Then that means homosexuals are more likely to be child predators if true.

I can just imagine what that percentage is for trannies (probably even higher sadly).

No. 1339117

well, you're on an imageboard right now, nonnie

No. 1339153

Dykes often adopt little boys to sexually torture.
Stop coping faggot(bait)

No. 1339161

File: 1633120917187.png (106.56 KB, 873x864, D0u8ub7i.png)

Stop projecting your transbian fantasies on me. I am superstraight.

No. 1339162

You wish

No. 1339165

Women are generally way less likely to sexually abuse anything or anyone, men have higher sex drive, faggot.

No. 1339169

Probably a difference in measuring/defining child abuse.

Molestation of boys by men is possibly the only form of pedophilia we consider "true" and fully indefensible. Boys aren't raised to be sexual objects so no one tells them that they "looked developed" or "asked for it" or "m-muh it's natural to want a fertile young boy" because homo male relationships are by definition barren.

No. 1339174

source: butthurt tranny from /tttt/

No. 1339178

Cope. The reason why there are more gay pedos is because male on male diddling is a cycle and the victims grow up to be abusers themselves.

>get molested as a kid

>become gay
>molest kids yourself

Homosexual men lose their virginity at an average age of 13. Call me a homophobe all day, but this is a fact. The only way to cure this is to start executing child rapists instead of giving them 3 years in prison and letting them run free in society to do it again. Sexual offenders have THE highest re-offending rates. The only thing that can fix them is a bullet.(bait)

No. 1339185

I don't know what I'd be coping with here. Gay males represent completely unchecked male sexuality, it's a given that standard male degeneracies would be more rampant among them.

Do however consider that in some countries, a gargantuan proportion of straight male population meets the legal definition of pedophile. In Niger, 36% of girls are married off before age of 15. Unless you assume that men from Niger are somehow inherently different from any other man, it would be fair to expect a similar rate of pedophilic marriage in any Western country had the laws and stigma been abolished.

No. 1339188

I'm talking about human males.

No. 1339189

ok /pol/yp

No. 1339286

I was wondering why people still used it, it's pretty obvious now that there is some mass grooming shit going on. Why is every edgy 4chan freak suddenly an oversensitive tranny who cries when people don't respect their retarded pronouns? Why in nearly every thread, is there someone advertising troonism? It's getting pretty obvious now that there are tranny recruiters, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's like Big Troon experimenting on incels, because literally no one gives a shit about them. sage 4 tinfoil, ofc

Assuming you're a woman, why are women here running to the defense of gay moids now, it is so embarrassing. Have legit seen anons becoming annoying reportfags just bc someone said fag or called gays pedos, who cares!

No. 1339351

that's not true and you know it, we know with reasonable certainty that lgbt only makes up 2% of the western population, yet we are to believe the other 98% of humanity has never once had an attraction to children, not now nor in the past (when it was legal, and still is legal in most of asia), nor logically makes up the majority of paedophilia? do you understand how statistically absurd it is to claim this tiny minority is overwhelmingly responsible for child sexual abuse?

No. 1339353

most cases of teachers molesting and raping their students in the west are caused by women, because unsurprisingly women make up the majority of teachers.

No. 1339356

then why do women become lesbians? why is a grand scheme of systemic abuse invented to explain male homosexuality, yet for women it's conveniently consensual and purely their own choice? why can't that be the way for men? it's almost like you're blinded by bigotry

No. 1339365

Please sperg some more

No. 1339376

Because male and female sexualities are conclusively not the same. It's not true that men can't choose to be gay or discover homosexuality through benign means, but it's developed differently nonetheless.

There is no robust way to tell sexuality from paraphilia in males. You can compare the brain scans of straight foot fetishists with the brain scans of gays - the footfag (or any other paraphiliac) scans will look like a hardwired "orientation" with consistent physical signs in the brain. Sexologists already commonly make no distinction between sexual orientations and paraphilias for men (females are not believed to be inherently paraphilic, or are simply less studied). It's very politically incorrect, but they already effectively don't see the difference between a gay dude and a pedo, classification wise. Pedophilia is an "orientation" also.

This upsets gay activists, because they believe that it legitimizes conversion therapy. In reality its exactly the other way around, because coomditioning of every variety is irreversible. You can never de-gay, de-pedo, de-foot or de-coom yourself - the fact that there isn't one successful nofapcel in the world is all the proof you need. Conditioning from sexual stimuli only escalates - you can add and worsen fetishes, not subtract or reduce them. For all intents and purposes, gay male sexuality can continue being respected as something unchangeable and set in stone, because it is.

No. 1339391

That's some gay moid. He will just call you a homophobic bigot, or start spamming articles about female teachers raping students or spam gay porn. We need more femboy freaks in the thread, I'd post some from TikTok, but they're all females, who the Twitter femboys seethe about.

No. 1339410

File: 1633148189390.jpeg (102.05 KB, 355x394, 4D1713E4-F26B-40E8-B9AE-5C6A22…)

Do male streamers enjoy dressing up like a woman? I doubt that they find genuinely find this funny as a “comedy skit”, they’re all sex pests and filthy manwhores and it wouldn’t be above them to actually enjoy degrading themselves like this.

No. 1339520

Nobody ever said that straight men can't also be pedophiles. We know that the other 66% are straight men. It's just that gay men are statistically way overrepresented in being pedophiles despite being such a small minority in society, while straight men are like… 47% of society.
Most people with a paraphilia have more than just one and it is a psychological fact that many people who were abused as children go on to abuse children as adults. If you have another explanation for these statistics I would love to hear it. I know stating facts that are "offensive" To some has become nonplus ungood in our brave new world, but that doesn't make them less true.

No. 1339570

So many chasers in this thread barf

No. 1339571

File: 1633175102252.png (22.54 KB, 742x290, coomers.png)

Coomers don't reproduce. The mentally weak genetic dead ends that are easily addicted to porn, fast food, video games and anime to replace their real life relationships will die and leave behind nothing. Cafebeef will leave behind only some cum-soaked programmer socks and a bunch of tweets about troons and TERFs. Very sad how absolutely self indulgent and meaningless his life is. He will never contribute anything to this world. Well maybe his parents will outlive him and bury him under his male name, sobbing that their son amounted to nothing. Maybe then his dad will regret molesting him.

No. 1339572

Did his dad molest him or is that just an assumption? I mean it wouldn’t surprise me that something fucked up happened to him but I wouldn’t want to assume since some people actually have been molested by their dads and aren’t complete sexual deviants who don’t contribute to life(sage)

No. 1339575

I'd say there is at least a 75% chance that either his dad or another older man in his life molested him. I am basing this on my personal expertise.

>some people actually have been molested by their dads and aren’t complete sexual deviants

You either become a hypersexual deviant troon or you become 600lbs. Those are the two outcomes of being molested.

No. 1339579

copebeef said he lost virginity at 14 >>1330376
copebeef's ex boyfriend was molested at 12 >>1328564
I am sure I read somewhere that Dimitri and hyperkyunn also lost their virginity early as well but like copebeef we lack confirmation on if they was molested or just young.

No. 1339581

Molested for sure, and his mom knew but didn't do anything about it and that's why he now hates women. It all makes sense you see. As if being born british wasn't bad enough…

No. 1339588

There are people that have been molested that could fucking buy or sell you if they wanted. Olympic athletes, actors, musicians with platinum albums etc. What’s with the narrow minded, heartless scrote attitude? Also don’t bother coming back with “hurrr durrr you got moe lesterd u assmad” because it just makes you look even more stupid and scrote like.

No. 1339614

He was clearly blasted and I don't think it was the guys' idea to dress as women. Clearly some of them enjoyed acting like what they think women act like, i.e sluts. Apparently though, some random person watching the stream created a dating profile for cross-dressed Xqc and some freaks actually showed up to the address with the intention of fucking felix, who was unaware of the entire thing. It's messed up. His gf also dressed him like a toddler, why?

No. 1339645

Dang, not really speaking for molestation victims when you say they engage in human trafficking. I am sure most people in Hollywood got molested, its almost an initiation ritual and part of the job, especially for child actors. They are all drug addicts and sexual deviants who take trips to Epsteins Island as well. Not sure what point you are trying to make tho.. They might be successful but they are all deeply broken sad clowns. I would chose poor, irrelevant and unmolested over being a Hollywood starlet with a drug addiction and childhood trauma any day of the week.

No. 1339675

>personal experience
so are you a troon or 600lb? not bait btw, just curious

No. 1339720

File: 1633197030616.png (168.68 KB, 290x646, tipfag.png)

Okay, who is tipfagging?

No. 1339728

you say like this thread isn't 70% femboys self posting

No. 1339729

File: 1633198029812.png (932.13 KB, 680x823, literally femboy.png)

No. 1339749

KEK really? nonny send the stream where that happened

No. 1339758

Oh great, another thread is being ruined by those spastics who jumped in despite hating different people. This is why i hate this shitty-ass website. But there's nowhere to fucking go

No. 1339773

seethe more and learn to sage, dumbass

No. 1339775

You will never be a woman.(scrote)

No. 1339788

im sorry kiwifarms is run by the exact cringe femboys this thread is about

No. 1339805

Damn, I cant laugh anymore. What a disaster. His hair is thinning behind the new hairline. Why is it so straight?

No. 1339810

There are femboys and trannies (larping as men) sperging on the tranny sideshow thread from time to time. It's pretty easy to clock them. They hate the terfy users, are paranoid about a "feminist takeover". They created a TERF thread but it's pretty much dead kek whereas the tranny threads are active as fuck with thousands of pages. Almost every lolcow on KF (at least the most popular ones) is a tranny kek.

No. 1339819

Nicely put, Nona.

No. 1339866

I am exposed to a lot of mentally ill people due to my line of work and I have seen almost every episode of my 600lb life, are you questioning my expert opinion?!

No. 1339867

Null is a femboy?

No. 1339868

Can you name a single one?

No. 1339914

feline darkmage

No. 1339932

No. 1339989

In that 4chan tread Cafebeef mentioned that he works a job and that he keeps his "private life private".. Now I could believe that he works in IT, probably as a programmer and his boss and coworkers are probably trannies too or at least used to trannies. But how can you expect to have a successful career in anything when your public identity is tied to so much pervy and fucked up shit? Most programmer trannies are pretty far left and Cafebeef has pictures of himself out there wearing a Nazi uniform and asking how to get cum stains out of it.. Does he think his real life and online identity will never be linked? Cause there is a very good chance of that happening as with other lolcows..
I guess its just shocking to me how many people post their disgusting online fetish shit to accounts where they also post their face and talk about identifying information.

No. 1340254

File: 1633257300976.png (548.43 KB, 465x845, FAvkPTLXMAUSQSn.png)

lmao he still has no chin, did the surgeon forget it? He probably was to wiped after having to Frankenstein the hairline from the back of the head to the front that he forgot he was supposed to do a chin implant too.

Nice guyliner too. Looks like the sort of make-up thats left on your face when you wake up after you have been partying all night and forget to take it off.

No. 1340262

imo the eyeliner is cute, but god was that chin implant a waste of money

No. 1340265

It doesn't help that he has to struggle to cover his british buck teeth with his lips and that is giving him some ugly wrinkles on his chin. It is very clear that closed mouth is not the natural Cafebeef state. He seems like a typical mouthbreather whose mouth always hangs open.

No. 1340268

God there's barely any change. If I didn't know coombeef had FFS and scrolled past this pic I wouldn't assume anything was new. Hope sucking Count Dankula's unwashed dick was worth it, beefy boy.

No. 1340270

I just noticed he has some very obvious grey hairs. Doesn't he always say he looks like a lil uwu child? How many kids do you know that have grey hair? Old age is going to hit him so hard any day now, I can't wait.

No. 1340329

Fuck you anon, she's gone and we still miss her(autism)

No. 1340356

how old is pedobeef? he probably trooned out during his quarter life crisis and now probably won't make it to his midlife crisis.

No. 1340367

slightly OT but all this talk about gay men got me wondering…
why do you guys think people are gay, what makes a person gay? are gay ppl just "born like that" or does their upbringing, experiences, environment, etc. play the biggest role?

No. 1340382

He is 28

Personally I don't think people are born gay. I think men become gay either by some sort of childhood trauma (molestation, overbearing mother who wanted a daughter, being bullied by older brothers for being small and weak etc.) or through porn addiction. Some I think just become gay because they are so low in the male hierarchy, like lesser than beta males, that they know they will never have a chance of competing with other men in the dating world. They get called weak fags in high school and at some point they just embrace it because attention from other gay men is the only attention they can get.
But ofc that is a super unpopular opinion. What I do believe tho is that once you go down the gay route you can't come back. Which is why I would never ever date a "bisexual" man, aka a gay man who wants a mommygf to take care of him while he chases dicks.

No. 1340399

>attention from other gay men is the only attention they can get
>gay men proceed to be better looking than straight men cause they take care of themselves

No. 1340400

Uh… have you seen the unwashed greasy moids in this thread?

No. 1340401

lmao whats ur opinion on lesbians then? how do they become gay?(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1340402

Yeah, if they weren't so openly self hating I would think they were straight

No. 1340404

Don't really care about lesbians too much tbh, so I haven't really looked into them. I assume it's also some sort of childhood trauma related to their parents. But they are such a small minority and don't really do anything that would warrant me wasting and thought on them. Also they don't groom kids.

No. 1340405

>gay men proceed to be better looking than straight men cause they take care of themselves

gay guys are just as gross as the average man if not worse, have you not seen the disgusting shit gay men do at pride? like drink piss? oor keep semen in their ass? men generally are more gross than women.

No. 1340408

Literally not what I was saying
What a non answer, also it makes you look even more obsessed with gay men than you already did

No. 1340414

This isn't a thread about lesbians. Lesbians pose no threat to society and there are so few "real lesbians" that they don't really have any negative effect on the world. Meanwhile gay men are actually dangerous to women and children. Btw this is a site for women, so maybe log off.

No. 1340417

It's also not a thread for discussing the origins of homosexuality so what difference does it make

No. 1340418

I just answered a question. Saged off-topic discussion is not against the rules.

No. 1340419

was just curious about what factors that drives someone to become like the femboycows ITT or any of their enabling coomer followers.

No. 1340431

Nobody is forcing you to read this site if it upsets your feelings. Men can bully women into being accepting of their degeneracy in real life every day and get companies to cater to you and get people fired for not baking you cake.. but you will never control what people TRULY feel about you and the natural reaction to men fucking each other in the ass is: disgust. I know even gay moids are still desperate for women to coddle them and approve of them, despite the fact that you despise us because straight men prefer us. You still want us to mommy you because male on male relationships are unfulfilling and lacking of love and affection and no matter how many dongs you shove up your bum you still feel empty inside. And instead of realizing your life has become a miserable farce and you will never find true love, you don't stop to think that maybe you should try to work on your mental health and resolve whatever trauma it is that made you this way. No, instead you try to doom others to the same fate, as you log into discord and find vulnerable young boys to drag down into your crab bucket. Shame on you.

No. 1340452

Off topic but can anyone post the name of that Twitter artist who does kikomi-chan style comics about troons

No. 1340457

The threads picture?

No. 1340708

You can't even escape it, shit has seeped out everywhere. I phased out of 4chan but still visit the literature boards, mainly the scifi generals or horror for new reccs and ill still find it. Same in /ck/ its a like an oozing slime seeping into every single thing.

No. 1340718


I think it's this one, cafemoid interacts with him

No. 1340736

Wish more artists drew that kind of stuff, this one hasn't posted much

No. 1340907

No. 1342413

honestly this account gives off the vibe of a self-hating femboy/ trans woman

like if cafe beef could draw this is what it would look like, there's just so much attention given to the gross details it feels more like gross fetish art than anything (it's also just a lot of work to be doing for a grand total of 5 followers lol)

No. 1342587

ngl from the neck up his stringy, dishwater hair and ugly glasses make him look like a homely mother of four who’s overworked and doesn’t have any time or money to spend on her appearance. Except he paid £30,000 to look that way

No. 1343202

File: 1633631821588.png (21.02 KB, 742x246, lol.png)

Trannies are never hot tho. Even if a hot person troons out, like a fit guy who has just fallen into porn addiction, they are then just a gross tranny and look worse every time. I guess Cafebeef is trying to tell us that AGP is never based.

No. 1343359

It's ironic how looks obsessed they are when all of them are so fucking ugly

No. 1343472

yeah, he looks like the type of down-trodden, mousy girl his moid self would narc rage at.

No. 1343720

File: 1633707558776.png (22.7 KB, 736x218, cook.png)

I assume in Copebeefs very small mind cooking as a hobby is something that only women do, so he hates it. To be fair I don't think I have ever seen a tranny be into any stereotypical female hobbies ever before. They all love videogames and jerking off, not so much something that actually produces something of value in the real world. So I guess cooking is a cis-people hobby.

No. 1343730

>get into cooking
>cooking as a hobby
That moid way of thinking always irked me. Men will refuse to learn how to feed themselves, the bare necessity, and then look at women like "yeah she's just addicted, she's going food/bake crazy it's her new thing, that's her hobby" Sometimes people just want to eat food and cooking is cheaper than eating out. Is it really a hobby or interest or is it just people wanting to make good food so they don't eat tendies and Kraft macaroni forever? I'm sure his perception of getting "into" cooking is, like, learning how to blanche something or effectively do dishes in a compartment sink.

No. 1343736

File: 1633708874823.png (59.76 KB, 738x464, cook2.png)

Sorry I forgot to include this in the screencap. I mean, some people genuinely have cooking as a hobby and like making complicating stuff that takes a long time to prep or do recipe videos for youtube or instagram. I think that's really neat and a great skill to learn, plus produces an edible result that you can enjoy with friends and family. I guess unboxing pokemon cards like Cafebeef does as a hobby is just much cooler. But then again, he is british. He's fine eating beans on toast every day of his life.

No. 1343738

>he’s bri’ish
Oh, now I get it, of course he hates food and cooking.

No. 1343748

File: 1633710012708.png (994.93 KB, 1476x1012, briish.png)

I guess cause this is what "british person who cooks as a hobby" looks like. I would also prefer to chug soylent like Cafebeef over this I guess.

No. 1343753

i think it's because as a tranorexic, he's scared of food

No. 1343841

As if he has any hobbies aside from cooming and whining on the internet.

No. 1343846

My headcanon is that he plays bowling in his hallway using all the 0 calorie white monster energy drinks as bowling pins and a rolled up crusty programmer sock as a bowling ball

No. 1344180

As a britfag I can identify two issues here making the food look grim as fuck

1. Poor lighting
2. Lack of colour (notably no vegetables)

No. 1344253

File: 1633758607179.jpg (415.97 KB, 1364x1672, 1632710022809.jpg)

Yeesh. Ratface may have a male face and an unmistakenly male hairline. But maybe their body at least somewhat resembles a woman’s, righ-

Welp, when you’re appealing to the gay pedos on troonosphere twitter, I assume you have to cut corners somewhere.

Also, off topic, but would it 41% them to show their own bathrooms some respect if they’re gonna REEEEE so hard about not being allowed in public ones?

No. 1344257

Tragic fridgebod.

No. 1344292

He is literally caked in shite. Wtf is going on here

No. 1344293

Looks like residue from hormone patches that got mucked up with filth.

No. 1344321

He has the bellybutton of a fatty

No. 1344329

stop anglo hate

No. 1344333

File: 1633780172622.jpeg (77.81 KB, 828x411, FF785252-98C9-4AED-82DE-10A3CB…)

a couple more twit highlights, love that even beef thinks the period crap is nonsense and he's basically trooned out at this point

No. 1344403

Leave Kay alone heathen

No. 1344406

that's a skinnyfat dude.

No. 1344413

>appealing to the gay pedos on troonosphere
That's the first thing I thought lol, that's just fine for the degenerates he associates with even if I don't look at it and think female, congrats I guess?

No. 1344414

He's just LARPing as a "based tranny" who is not like "those ugly hons" and his autogynephilia is totally ~~valid~~ because his discord groomers tell him he is soooo sexy and totally passes as a cute 12 year old girl UwU. He will NEVER get old and look like an old man in a dress like those Hons! Never!

No. 1344423

File: 1633793432094.jpeg (428.07 KB, 2556x1288, F031CFA3-B613-45A7-8CE0-D2AB78…)

The delusion of these degenerates will never cease to send me. This faggot and his “gf” hyperkyuun really do have just the one singular facial expression

No. 1344618

File: 1633824430620.gif (2.44 MB, 498x427, 7BB13EF3-000A-4940-8286-F5A399…)

No. 1344908

how does he still have a huge forehead post surgery? That's what reveals that he's male imo.

No. 1347159

File: 1634201212773.png (96.55 KB, 736x895, lol.png)

It's almost like people who make their degenerate fetish into a lifestyle are degenerate fetishists… damn what a revelation! Transgenderism is what happens when you take your degenerate sexual behavior to the extreme.

No. 1347183

There's two types of trangender: first is people who experience dysphoria = have mental illness, second is degenerate fetishists.
Either way they need therapy, though I'd rather just lock up the fetishists.

No. 1347209

I see you have not peaked yet. You're wrong. There are no "good trannies" who have "dysphoria". All those good little trannies you think are just mentally ill and "born in the wrong body" are just men who found out their dicks get hard when they think of themselves as a girl and put on their moms panties. Sorry to break it to you, but they are all perverted fetishists, some just hide it better than others.

No. 1347224

It's easy really: a man who gets aroused by wearing women's clothes and imagining himself as a woman is an autogynephile. An autogynephile who wants to live his fetish 24/7 and force others to participate in his fetish is a transwoman.

Sure, a lot of them will tell you "We just want to exist, we just want to be left alone, we just want to pee". This is a lie. Trannies only live through outside validation and they need outside validation to exist, which is why they are so overrepresented on social media. If a man puts on a skirt in his room, does he even troon? No. He knows he is a man, he perceives himself as his true self and there is nobody else there to think of him as anything other than a man. But a man who puts on make-up and women's clothes, takes selfies and filters them to look more like a woman, uploads them to social media where he can fool people into thinking he is a woman and gets positive affirmation, he can fool himself into believing that he is not just a man, but that he is a troon.
They are constantly and desperately seeking validation from others and trying to fool others into perceiving them as something they are not, because otherwise they are just what they are: men. And this is the real difference between a woman and a tranny. Women can sit at home in sweatpants with no make-up and messy hair and we still know we are women. We don't need other people to tell us we are women to know this, we don't need to "pass" as something we are not, we don't need to cosplay and make believe and try to play up a stereotype to know what we are. We just are.

No. 1348210

File: 1634303580250.jpg (182.43 KB, 1080x1152, Screenshot_2021-10-15-14-56-57…)

What do we think of this?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1348222

File: 1634305309519.png (76.69 KB, 668x924, call-out.png)

lol. Cafebeef can pretend that he is "not like those other degenerates" as much as he wants, his internet history is well documented and all his friends on twitter know that he is a sick fuck. I didn't know he got circumcised for fetish reason, but that's really just a neo-hole test-run I assume. He also constantly talks about wanting to get castrated. He is probably a bigger degenerate than most troons. What a joke.

No. 1348240

tfb it was probably a joke, if he wanted a neo-gash he wouldn't chop his foreskin off without a good reason, they use that skin.

No. 1348261

File: 1634312717210.png (444.59 KB, 670x1322, snip.png)

I mean we already know he likes to get abused and beat up in bed, if a tranny says they have a genital mutilation fetish it don't question it. It makes sense, they are sick freaks after all.

No. 1348268

Thank you for this, it’s explains everything so well. I honestly needed to read this, and saw it while scrolling the catalog bored.

I recently broke up (yes we were engaged) with my So, after nine years. They joined some femboy discord sever then BAM ! Everything changed within a month. A million crazy fetishes popped up - and I’m am a VERY open person, but my god. The whole life style is clearly a 24/7 fetish. There all these checkboxes : obsessed with anime, cat maid outfit, fucking Felix, stockings, school girl skirts, bein a total weeb - pretending to be japanese (making Japan your aesthetic - well there twisted version of Japan), the stupid fishnets, eyeliner, and of course bringing down real women (comparing themselves saying they are cuter then x women so they are passable). Literally had my So tell me women don’t go through nearly as much a trans women. ~while knowing about all the sexual assault and rape that happened to women in there life~

The worst part is they act like that checklist represents if you’re a women or not in their minds. When none of those things are what women like. It’s what teenage girls enjoy. They dress like someone in middle school, they act like someone in middle school.

Why do I think it’s a fetish ? Because they pat each other on the back, and talk about fucking each other / how hot they are. Seriously the amount I caught my so cheating with other trans / non-binary is ridiculous. I didn’t even care, I just kinda laughed when I found out and was like oh this again. They are disgusting too, I find it hilarious how most the time mtf date other mtf. It’s like they have this whole community we’re they play pretend and talk about getting there dicks wet, while saying there women at the same time. Like you just asked someone to suck your cock - while saying your a women tf ? Women don’t have cocks. The fact that’s it’s a “women” with a cock that makes you hard, is valid proof this is all some sexual fetish

The worst part is I feel like a majority of people that are femboys / mtf / non-binary are teenagers rn on discord and social medias. So when you have all these 21-50 year olds that are mtf, but all these teenagers in the community online. Then all the ADULT’s start messaging these kids being like “oh my god I relate so much to your issues no one accepts me too, I think your so pretty” I don’t know I just feel like I see a lot of 21+ people in this community seek out highschoolers when they can easily find someone in college that’s also in the community. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. Maybe that’s just my experiences, but it grosses me out and pisses me off.

Am I crazy for thinking you should only fuck people, sext people, or only be friends with people that are not underage. I find it still strange my ex seeks people 16-19 years old (femsonly) when we are in our mid-twenties. It just feels so wrong and confusing. are you attached to there child like face or do you want to just use there inexperience to your advantage ? I couldn’t even fuck my So (before they transitioned) if they suddenly became 18 because they had such a child like face / appearance.

Anyways I also see a huge amount of people after they transition start a fansonly or some other porn plate form. How does that not prove this is all some fetish. Even my ex is starting one. I keep warning them not to have sexual relationships with some that just turned 18 yrs old, bc they might feel like you took advantage of them. Want to know the response? “I wonder if I can get them (talkin about teens) to go on onlyfans with me when I start one” we weren’t even talking about an individual, I just noticed everyone they were talking too looks like they are under 18, and I brought it up. I’m trying to help you not take advantage of these sad older teenagers with unacceptable parents and bad homes.

It’s just the past few months have been such a mess, and I don’t even get half of this trans shit. I can’t talk to literally anyone about it bc they will label me a bad person, when I feel like what I’m seeing is terrible, and I should have a right to speak up about it. But no I’d be a transphobic for that.

Has anyone noticed that ftm seem a lot more normal and less sexual then the mtf’s I feel like all mtf just are in some fetish cult were sex in there main goal in life.

You know what else pisses me off, all the fucking compliments my So gets. I don’t really care if they wouldn’t always compare how many more they get them me. Anytime we walk anywhere together they get at least 8-12 compliments from complete strangers. We could be wearing the same outfit and the same makeup, it literally doesn’t matter. It’s mostly girls that say nice things, but it’s still so confusing. I must be extremely ugly? I’m just kidding, but for fucks sake I don’t understand how after a single day a individual can get over 30 compliments. I do live in a extremely PC democratic area. But fuck.

I hate how supportive everyone is about transition, but I’m not allowed to talk about my feelings and perspective. It feels like my best friend died, and some creepy that prey on older teens was born. Also it feels like all my So’s shitty actions and crimes and how they treated me are all forgiven bc they transitioned and everyone’s like there so nice they can’t hurt a fly. But then when we are alone the temper is unleashed, like all the fools think they are just some sweet cute girl now. No they are the same person that would start fights in school, the same person that would yell, they don’t just have all the negative traits disappear. But everyone in my city acts like all is forgiven.

I just feel like the same rules don’t apply when your trans because everyone wants to be labeled a trans ally and supportive. Even if the trans person isn’t a good person, it doesn’t matter. None of it matters as long as your not labeled transphobic right ? Sorry I’m sure I’m posting to the wrong thread.

But am I wrong about this ? Is this not some fetish cult ?

No. 1348328

You are definitely right about everything you said and if you read this thread and the mtf one you will see that we all agree that it is a crazy sex cult full of coomers grooming each other. It's one of the few places on the internet women can be honest without fear of losing our job or violent men in dresses attacking us for not sucking their girldicks.
Btw the compliments they get from handmaidens are out of pity or because people feel that they need to virtue signal about how stunning and brave they think troons are, which they think will make them look like a kind and accepting person in return. They still think "wow what a freak" on the inside.

No. 1348333

Welcome home sweet nonita

No. 1348416

> To be fair I don't think I have ever seen a tranny be into any stereotypical female hobbies ever before.

They don't care, they like LARPing as the NLOGs in those male dominated hobbies.

No. 1348637

anon… take a grammar lesson. please.

No. 1348715

i've been in similar situation and i've given the troons pity complements so they don't off themselves. sometimes i was too extra because i was just sad for them. faggots just influence women that way, learn and don't play their games

No. 1349112

File: 1634413350727.jpg (219.35 KB, 1316x1720, FByswZUXEAIPFiW.jpg)

I noticed that the femboys-wearing-diapers is a popular meme on femboy twitter and /lgbt/ and I always thought that it was because they are freaky fetishist pedos, but apparently gay bottoms wearing diapers from having their anus blown out is an actual reality. God what a fucking miserable life.

No. 1349353

I am so sorry you’ve had to experience this isolation, maybe you could seek some Telehealth therapy or something to talk about your side of it. It’s not right that you have to go through this alone and worry about being seen as transphobic if you talk about how you feel. I live in a town like you’re describing and I see how insane people are with the compliments… Literally grown men iwearing clothes for tween/teenage girls and these weird women in their 20s-30s yassss queening them.

No. 1349426

anon… are you an idiot kek

No. 1349678

Sorry I didn't know about the in-and-outs of homosexual life. I don't let anyone violate my anus so I never had to face this issue. I guess zoomers nowadays are taught about this in school?

No. 1349861

>I guess zoomers nowadays are taught about this in school?

No. 1349898

anon, have you never met a gay man out of his teens/20s? they don't wear diapers kek

No. 1349923

I don't think that's the issue I think you just swallowed a homophobic myth hook line and sinker

No. 1349936

File: 1634522464123.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 18.2 KB, 343x356, 273E5351-3853-4B15-9827-7D2295…)

Some use ass napkins.

No. 1349941

i love this. A no context discord screenshot of some unknown person's shitty toilet paper offered as proof that all gay bottoms are diaperbound. Only on lolcow

No. 1349951

my sides

No. 1350185

Those are actually the assnapkins of the owner of Encyclopedia Dramatics, he had a fight with his ex in which he posted her nudes and she posted his ass-napkins in return and told people he had his anus so properly violated by other men that he now has constant leakage and stuffs little bits of toilet paper in his ass, which fall out randomly and he just leaves them on the floor in his house. This happened over on KF.

Sorry, I haven't met any. I live right between two elementary schools so they are not allowed to come around my neighborhood.

No. 1350426

The scrotum does get loose after a while. I've been told that the room always smells like shit when 2 men have sex. Even if they clean their asses, the colon mucus smells the same as feces. Femboys have very bad hygiene akin to trannies, way worse than twinks and cis gays so I can only imagine.

No. 1350446

you saying cis gays makes me think you're one of those retarded homophobic aidens

No. 1350503

>oh no don't make fun of gay men! We must protect the gay men at all cost UwU
Fuck off you retarded handmaiden. Gay scrotes are by far the worst and most disgusting of all scrotes.

No. 1350721

maybe anachan femboys have to wear diapers, they probably have gimpgirl level prolapse

No. 1351261

File: 1634665924424.png (517.45 KB, 716x720, Untitled.png)

Ugh. Imagine posting your little daughters pictures on twitter when your audience is made up of the most degenerate coomers and "libertarian" reprobates imaginable. Degenerate freaks like Cafebeef interacting with this creeps me out to no end. Not only is Count Dankula a famous femboy-enjoyer and interacts with tons of them, most men who are libertarians only hold those values because they enjoy CP and lolicon and think in a liberal society those things should be legal to consume. So you know the kind of audience that will see those pictures of his kids. You should protect your child from people like this, that little girl has no chance.

Censorship by me, she basically looks exactly like him.

No. 1351271

He's got a long way to fall to compete with lowtax in the dad department

No. 1351276

>I find it still strange my ex seeks people 16-19 years old
Sounds like you nearly married a pedophile. I'd advise moving to another city, your current city sounds like they'd probably enable pedophiles, too.

No. 1351282

At least Lowtaxes kids don't live with him, they have a chance. Count Dankula is also british which means his kids have to grow up in the UK, which is a fate worse than death.

No. 1351328

Heterosexual scrotes are by far worse than gay ones. Gay ones don't bother women nearly as much.

No. 1351339

Gay men fucking hate women, lol. They run the entire fashion industry that imposes all beauty standards on women (surprise, gay men think women should look like anorexic little boys). Giving little girls all over the world eating disorders. Also they might not creep on women, but they are much more likely to molest children than straight men. They also contribute nothing to society, since they are nonreproductives that die early due to their high risk sexual behavior.

No. 1351425

Kinda triggers me how they latch to female icons. Individually I have no problem with that, but pretending that a het woman's experiences are same as a gay man's is crazy. Frankly, this phenomenon has confused me for ages (and yes, I've read about it's history). IDK sometimes it feels like women cannot have anything cause every emotional singer supposedly belongs to gay man…

No. 1351570

Consider this: straight men commit the vast majority of sexual violence against women. If you’re gonna make everyone play along and debate which moid is the more dangerous moid, you should at least avoid one of the groups who, by definition, are less likely to take pleasure in raping and sexually enslaving us.

No. 1351644

Yeah the only way to contribute to society is to pop out kids

No. 1351772

>They also contribute nothing to society, since they are nonreproductives
I get what you mean anon, but plenty of women can't reproduce either and they're not useless to society.

No. 1351844

Straight men are necessary in society to produce offspring and to do labor work. We need them to be footsoldiers, delivery-men, construction workers and sperm donors. There is zero point to gay men existing. The vast majority of them are skinny worthless twigs like Cafebeef that you can't even hand a gun to go die in the war. They actively make society worse by spreading degeneracy and disease such as AIDS and raping and grooming kids. All the while they pretend to be better than women, they think their readily-available prolapsed anus is better than a vagina that can give life and doesn't stink like shit. They will forever brag about being "more feminine" than real women and how they can "totally steal your straight boyfriend". They hate women and they make our lives worse with no benefit to us whatsoever. Their existence is entirely pointless.

No. 1351873

File: 1634726614634.jpg (43.47 KB, 1242x702, 3d67882a7c4ac36b29e470d9390bc8…)

Why are they obsessed with becoming a "half cat"?

No. 1351876

Nonners, take a chill pill

No. 1351878

She's right though. I have a disdain for openly gay men.

No. 1351880

But also because they think that being an uwu pet means getting pampered 24/7 and being lazy pieces of shit.

No. 1352008

Lmao. How is someone being gay or not supposed to make a difference to any of that. I cant imagine what's like to hold straight men to such standards just because they are straight. Femboy energy actually

No. 1352013

Personally I couldn't imagine being a handmaiden to gay scrotes and protecting sexual predators, but you gotta do what you gotta do I guess. You're not any better than the women who tell trannies they look prettier than them in make-up.

No. 1352016

Point to exactly where I defended some sexual predator

No. 1352020

You're defending gay men, same thing.

No. 1352039

tradthots stop derailing about gay "degeneracy" most pedophiles are straight men, no matter what gender their victims are. https://www.zeroabuseproject.org/victim-assistance/jwrc/keep-kids-safe/sexuality-of-offenders/
there are many studies about this online, its about power, not sexual orientation. take this infighting somewhere else. not a handmaiden either, we should be placing blame where it deserves to be.

No. 1352063

This study doesnt take into account that gay men are only like 1% of the population, yet they make up 21% (I have read another study say 33%) of child molestors? Really makes you think why they are so overrepresented amongst child rapists despite being such a minority in our society.

No. 1352173

No. 1352175

It's an imageboard

No. 1352186

File: 1634759116911.png (847.47 KB, 754x1180, fried.png)

Screencapped it for you (as you should do in the future)

Damn, this big lad fried his hair right off.

No. 1352198

Is it just me or does his forehead look kind of… dented?

No. 1352216

Homeboy literally melted all his hair off holy shit

No. 1352241

probably has wrinkles, men aren't known for taking care of their skin

No. 1352243

It's definitely dented. You could stand a half-dollar coin up in there.

No. 1352252

I think it's just dirt on the mirror or bagel head.

No. 1352453

Jfc that straw hair. Just get a wig

No. 1352847

File: 1634812574623.png (155 KB, 732x640, pedo.png)

Some wishful thinking from Cafebeef.

No. 1353589

File: 1634899765250.png (671.23 KB, 1872x1251, ey0vicww7ls41.png)

These guys just don't fucking shut up about sex and it's grody. They'll do anything to turn the most innocent of conversations/situations sordid fucking sex fests. They're prone to expose themselves. They even have Discord servers where they post gore and other disgusting shit thinking it's funny. Their "memes" are just as bad.

No. 1353802

>> doesn't like gore

fuck off

No. 1353814

File: 1634931441686.jpeg (266.91 KB, 828x447, E765CC02-0CA0-4D68-8596-C201D7…)

Sinead/ @Watson91 (Twitter) is appearing on. Canadian mini docu airing later tonight. I’ve been following her for a while on Twitter and she’s one of the most clear headed detrans voices online imo. I’d never seen or heard her in motion, tho. Her voice and face have been so irreversibly changed by the testosterone. This really breaks my heart when I think about all these poor women suffering from “dysphoria” and choose to detrans after going so far as to her a double mastectomy. Western medicine has failed them.


No. 1353818


oh fuck off, you can fuck an ugly 2 cent whore for all I care, oh wait, I guess that means your mom, now start fucking your ugly 2 cent whore of a mother you mother fucker.

No. 1353822

her voice is strange and a bit of a shock but honestly she's so hot. I hope she's a lesbian kek. Sage for irrelevant thirsting

No. 1353856

File: 1634935669699.png (30.94 KB, 740x262, Untitled.png)

Listen Cafebeef, it is very cute that you are trying to be all wholesome and anti-degeneracy now and have all the right opinions and you almost fool me into thinking "maybe he can be saved" but you just can't convince me until you stop being a tranny. Just stop and be normal dude.

No. 1353872

After 30K wasted? No way

No. 1353884

What a weird feeling agreeing with the likes of cafebeef.

No. 1353892

Depends on how much you think living a happy and fulfilling life is worth, I'd say it's probably worth more than 30k. But you're right, trannies do not change their ways, the only detransitioners are women who were molested into thinking they would be better off being men.

No. 1353918

I mean, there really wasn't that much of a difference anyway. 30k for a slightly less receding hairline and what exactly?

No. 1354080

Yeah her voice is really deep, but i like it. I think it’s becoming of her. Unfortunately she is in a hetero relationship. She’s done a q&a on Twitter with her boyfriend and apparently he has had to correct people when they meet her bc they assume she is a man. It must be so exhausting, but she seems to handle it gracefully. I’m really happy for her. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong thread, def didn’t seem like it should be shared in mtf

No. 1354157

we have a ftm thread >>>/snow/1338847

No. 1354160

Sage for irrelevant but what changes does testosterone make to the face (other than growing facial hair) and does it really change that much on an adult?

No. 1354381

File: 1635010425739.png (1.22 MB, 2252x2572, Untitled.png)

Sorry for the big image, but Cafebeef had another meltdown over being a tranner. What do you call the opposite of an egg cracking?

Do you guys think delusional trannies or self aware trannies are worse? Honestly, I think self-aware trannies like Cafebeef are worse. The delusional ones actually think that they can become women and that they are just like real women and totally pass, so their motivation at least makes sense. Cafebeef knows that he will never be a woman, never look like a woman, never get the straight man of his dreams and his entire transition is entirely pointless. Even if he were to somehow flawlessly pass and everyone thought he was a real woman just by appearance, he still KNOWS on the inside that he is living a lie. He choses to be a tranny DESPITE all of this, truly sick in the head and I just can not feel any pity for someone who runs into their own doom head on and fully aware.

No. 1354382

File: 1635010722496.png (89.68 KB, 742x695, cafe.png)

No. 1354418


Skull structure I think. Not sure if it changes in adults but it does for teenaged boys

No. 1354474

File: 1635021642766.png (107.3 KB, 740x886, detransition.png)

You know, I really do not want Cafebeef to commit sodoku, despite all of his cringe gay stupid tweets about women. But I really do not see much of a different ending to his story if he doesn't get some therapy (and quits watching porn). How long can you be a "femboy" for? He is almost 30, the time to be young and dumb and pretend to be an UwU loli is over. His choices are to become a full on tranny (and age will not help with that and not be kind to him) or he can become the first mtf detransitioner! You can do it Cafebeef! I am rooting for you. Even if only because it would make all the trannies/femboys seethe so fucking hard to have one of their own leave the cult and start speaking out about them and how he was groomed to coom.

No. 1354500

I feel bad for cafe but he needs to resolve these issues. I don’t understand why he is doing this after having gotten FFS though? He should either detransition properly or just commit to being mtf, and resolve those self-loathing issues either way.

No. 1354501

>Following gender norms is dumb!!
>Is a tranny
Lmao, dude if you didn't give a shit about gender you wouldn't be on drugs that sterilize you just so you can wear dresses and skirts. You'd just wear that shit and not give a fuck what anyone thinks.

None of them truly care about any of the other trannies' mental health. Whenever someone tries to leave the cult and get better, the troons resume the grooming process that made the other person so fucked up in the first place. They want everyone to be miserable and suicidal like they are, Beef just delete Twitter and befriend other homos irl, it's that simple.

No. 1354600

File: 1635042588734.png (483.89 KB, 720x665, Screenshot (513).png)

No. 1354601

File: 1635043120687.png (358.78 KB, 746x614, Screenshot (514).png)

No. 1354642

Let him kill himself, retarded scrotes are a dime a dozen. The world could do with less brainwashed misogynist coomers.

No. 1354647

wut she ain't a tranny anon

No. 1354684

Anon are you retarded or something? Christina is a woman and we know that for a fact.
Take your meds

No. 1354711

The thing is that regular troons in their 20s aren't actually that different to femboys. They both do the uwu loli stuff, and they either:

A) don't actually stop. They keep doing the uwu stuff despite being way too old for it, it's pretty creepy to see a 35 year old moid in pigtails holding plush toys


B) they starting acting out these weird mommy dom larps and try to be Lady Dimitrescu. Remember- their perception of women is pornified. A lot of then have 0 issue pretending to be a slutty milf if that's what they watch on a screen.

No. 1354746

Is he regretting his ffs? Kek

No. 1354752

>None of them truly care about any of the other trannies' mental health. Whenever someone tries to leave the cult and get better, the troons resume the grooming process that made the other person so fucked up in the first place.
Yeah I have noticed a truly horrifying amount of gaslighting in the replies of Cafebeeds tweeets. You will usually find several trannies telling him "You just have brainworms teehee!" "You totally pass as a real girl and are just being silly!" I mean, he is definitely baiting for those replies with his whole "I am such a manly man man and I am totally gonna detransition any day now" thing, but these people are all truly crabs in a bucket. As soon as one of them tries to question the narrative they have to drag them back down. "Bro just go jerk off to some more anime, you will feel better! Just put on the skirt Cafebeef (and send nudes ;)" It is really gross and predatory, especially the chasers.

No. 1354755

I guess I can just not empathize with the male brain. Basing your life entirely on pornographic stereotypes that are so utterly hollow and meaningless. That is why there are only like 3 different types of trannies, because men's perception on what a woman is is that shallow, plus there is limited amounts of anime trope characters to embody I guess. I just can not imagine that being fulfilling in any way to basically live out a 24/7 cosplay of something you will never be. You will never be an anime girl, you will never be a MILF (cause you can not be a mother). So they spent their entire life chasing a goal that they can never reach. Zero goals or ambitions, chasing nothing but the next coom and fake validation day in and day out. No wonder so many of them commit suicide.

No. 1354756

Fuck off unsaged fangirl. Yes your "hot elf babe" youtube commentator has a dick and balls. Die mad.

I just think with his platform he could spread some sanity if he detransitioned. FtMs have many detransitioners speaking out against the grooming in trans communities, but there are barely and MtF ones. And you know that men will only listen to another man speak about these things.

No. 1354786

Oh my god, yes, do something about your horrible thin hair

No. 1354864

Slightly less hirsute, clearly male in both pics. Why put your body through hormonal trauma when literally the same effect could have been achieved with a razor?

Dumbass coomer.

No. 1354989

Are you being serious?

No. 1355003

noticed Cafe did everything not to refer to the troon as she/her lmao

No. 1355005

Testosterone is an anabolic steroid. I dont know why they say it's comparable to males taking estrogen. Testosterone has dramatic effects on both men and women.

No. 1355007

it looks like he has a wig on, looking at the top. It's weird as fuck. The sloping cave man forehead… so feminine.

No. 1355008

They're just going to reee and call out his homophobic and alt-right sperg posts as "proof" that he was never trutrans, and that his experience is fake and not valid
Nvm that a lot of trannies are and were literally alt right incels pre-troonout and hold many of the same beliefs lol

No. 1355021

I actually out loud laughed at "is your aunt a man?". Troons can't handle it when one of their own does this because being a troon removes their ability to reee about TERFs (their only defense). Café turned troon slayer

No. 1355075

File: 1635111493606.jpg (892.67 KB, 2232x3968, media_FCfnxtdXEAQkdU2.jpg_name…)


No. 1355076

HAHAHAHAHA wtf about him looks like a woman..?

No. 1355083

He always looks so ill

No. 1355105

Cause he's british.

No. 1355108

He has that resting musty balls face

No. 1355283


No. 1355309

Just realized he got new glasses. They do actually look much better, very cheap but successful improvement that he didnt have to cut his face up for.

No. 1355403

File: 1635157402033.png (630.31 KB, 1612x788, femboy.png)

Being degenerate coomers is literally these peoples only identity.

No. 1355404

He should get his philtrum shortened

No. 1355437

I think they did something with it or with his nose, it's hard to tell since it looks the same

No. 1355552

I noticed that they all like breath of the wild

No. 1355558

Its because Link cross-dresses as part of the main Questline, to sneak into a village in which only women are allowed.

No. 1355755

Kinda looks like Adam Lanza

No. 1355837

File: 1635212126857.png (539.28 KB, 750x782, Screenshot (517).png)

No. 1355840

File: 1635212346307.png (57.15 KB, 713x457, Screenshot (520).png)

No. 1355841

File: 1635212373772.png (499.85 KB, 741x688, Screenshot (518).png)

No. 1355847

>totally not a fetish

No. 1355849

This one is the guy who got caught self posting in /ot/ a few months back, right?

No. 1355877

Shitty hairline aside this ones face looked more feminine before the FFS somehow? Features look a lot more pointed and sharp now.

No. 1355885

File: 1635215767103.jpeg (119.54 KB, 960x838, DC8E101A-A2B4-4173-A077-ABEE8E…)

I agree! I thought they looked more feminine before but these troons all want the high cheek boned model feminine face but that doesn’t work because of their scrote bone structure. I would kill my self if I spent that much money and time and go through the pain for that outcome.

No. 1355892

think it's the lighting and eyebrows.

No. 1356004

Seriously imagine putting yourself in 30k of debt just to get clocked as a man more easily.

No. 1356031

Lol these "brags" are so utterly pathetic. 4 extra fries, lmao. That might as well be a fucking accident, but you had to go ahead and count them? They are so desperate for validation, because they KNOW they are not and will never be the real deal.

No. 1356032

File: 1635241694776.png (470.61 KB, 1473x841, 1635194483938.png)

Someone posted this in the ftm thread, but I think it belongs here, since it is our beefboi.

No. 1356054

Are you retarded? That was a response to some random boomer on facebook joking about his wife getting more chips than him.

No. 1356095

It literally says "I only transitioned to get 4 extra chips with MY TITS!" implying the poster is a tranner who thinks he will get special treatment (more food) because of his moobs. Next time when you selfpost maybe you can include the entire context of the tweet so you don't have to get your moms panties in a bunch when people interpret it the way that it is written.

No. 1356152

Did he not get a nose job when he was under???? Such a fucking large