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File: 1597609080559.jpg (730.55 KB, 1121x1414, clown_car.jpg)

No. 790714

A thread to discuss Shane Dawson and all the milky youtubers he hitches his wagon to, the ongoing Jeffree/Shane saga, Karmageddon as well as past and future projects. Previous series/collabs include:
>The Truth About Tana Mongeau
>$10 Million Celebrity Mansion for a Day (Kathy Griffin)
>The Secret World of Jeffree Star
>The Mind of Jake Paul
>Investigating Conspiracies (Brittani Louise Taylor)
>The Return of Eugenia Cooney
>The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

Required Reading/Viewing:
>Shane Dawson sexualizing young children thread: https://twitter.com/misshemlock/status/1276465876607229952
>A comprehensive list of Jeffree Star's many controversies: https://tinyurl.com/y6fqpkg9
>Karmageddon summary: https://tinyurl.com/ydesyz6g
>The Bye Sister/Karmageddon Character sheet: https://tinyurl.com/y6wlzrcc
> D'Angelo Wallace's video on Shane Dawson's problematic past https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2WBythSGoQ

>Following Tati's "Breaking My Silence" video, Jeffree Star goes into hiding and claims he's with his grandmother > >>>/pt/788276
>Returns after nearly 20 days to post this "apology" > >>>/pt/786388
>Rumors about Shane Dawson seeking psychiatric care prove to be false > >>>/pt/783200
>Morphe discontinues Shane Dawson merchandise > >>>/pt/783129
>Morphe ceases "commercial activity" with Jeffree Star > >>>/pt/785162
>Police reports place more doubts on Jeffree's supposed warehouse robbery > https://tinyurl.com/yyvke374
>New allegations against James Charles emerge > >>>/pt/788140
>Ryland humiliates himself by sticking up for his smelly racist pedophile husband > >>>/pt/789298

Shane Dawson's Crew/Additional Collaborators:
>Jeffree Star: Scary cosmetic alien, horrible person (https://twitter.com/JeffreeStar)
>Ryland Adams: Fiance (https://twitter.com/Ryland_Adams)
>Morgan Adams: Fiance's sister (https://twitter.com/_morganadams_)
>Andrew Siwicki: Cameraman & Editor (https://twitter.com/AndrewSiwicki)
>Garrett Watts: Big tall friend (https://twitter.com/Garrett_Watts)
>Kati Morton: Questionable therapist (https://twitter.com/KatiMorton)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shanedawson
Youtube: youtube.com/shane
Instagram: @shanedawson
Thread 1: >>>/snow/697489
Thread 2: >>>/snow/843231
Thread 3: >>>/snow/900756
Thread 4: >>>/pt/783058

No. 790857

Jeffree's getting plenty of attention in the popular TikTok videos in the past few weeks. Everyone's filming store displays of his merch at 50% off and has comments about how his shit is going to wind up in discount stores soon enough.

No. 790912

File: 1597686878829.png (229.39 KB, 619x900, C8DEC6AF-0E7F-4593-84CF-C2483D…)

What‘s everyone’s take on the Jeffree Star burglary story? It’s looking more and more like he faked it

No. 790919


I mean it's impossible to prove. It sure would've been good value for money compared to paying for all that exposure.

No. 790922

I can’t stand Angelika Oles anymore but she made a point in one of her videos that pre-retail, the products would probably be valued at their production cost rather than their resale value, meaning he marks up his products substantially. I don’t remember how much it sold for during release but now, the difference between $2.5 million and $10,000 means each unit cost about $0.09 to make. That doesn’t seem like an accurate production cost though. So yeah. Lying.

No. 790929


>That doesn’t seem like an accurate production cost

Only if he has some slave factory that he controls like the evil Santa he is and the materials are literally toxic waste.

No. 790945

Totally agree on Angelika Oles. She went from funny down to earth college kid to self-righteous college dropout basic bitch very quickly.

sage for off topic

No. 791009

It sounds so much like a movie I can't imagine it being real since Joff isn't very creative to begin with. That dudes video on Joff's lies went into enough depth that I'm on the didn't happen side.

No. 791023

Am I the only one who thinks this whole "break-in" robbery was a paid for act? I don't remember the marketing materials for the concealers except for this robbery story…
He probably saw the sales of ABH going up after their actual robbery incident, and wanted to replicate the same marketing and sales.
I can't believe a professional team of robbers (who were not caught yet) steal just a small amount of concealers. Seems like a too high risk operation just for little concealer boxes (which, btw, didn't show up in the makeup blk market, except for one girl)

No. 791046

OT but I think that dating memeulous and hanging out with his circle is what made her change like that.

No. 791572

File: 1597980006425.png (2.4 MB, 1902x1636, Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 10.1…)

No. 791586

Oh wow this was actually funny

No. 791595

I wasn't following the drama anymore but apparently Sebastian Williams confirmed the voice memo was from Grason Dolan?

No. 791598

Proof or fuck off, you're on an image board

No. 791601

File: 1598009227210.webm (1.45 MB, 1296x720, I8sRNLH1zcAtpAj0.webm)

NTAYRT but no need to be such a cunt, not everyone knows how to clip or attach videos. He said it in a video a month ago and then deleted it from the video after backlash.

No. 791605

Didnt everyone know for a long time tho that it was one of dolan twins? Im pretty sure JS mentioned it one time. Anyway this is really fucking boring, are JS and Shane just taking a year long break and then come back to the internet pretending nothing has happened?

No. 791614


Love MeatCanyon. The Shane Dawson voice made me lol. "hey guise"

No. 791618

File: 1598020766218.png (2.08 MB, 1792x828, E2688420-90B7-4766-8F5A-454077…)

Yeah James even shows the texts in his “No More Lies” video. How anyone ever acted or still acts like it’s a secret who the person was is beyond me.

No. 791682

The only part I dislike is making fun of Tati's age. Like J* and Shane aren't both in their early and mid thirties and barely younger.

Otherwise it's pretty spot on

No. 791746

agree, i dislike tati a lot too but she has a point whenever she talks about the pressure the beauty community puts on women getting older

No. 791769

File: 1598116534651.jpeg (581.25 KB, 1242x1610, 0F8ECA27-A5D0-46E9-96F3-687C77…)

I can’t believe people are shelling out $78 for this ashy bullshit after everything that went down. His fanbase is withered you’re divorcees who admire his cruelty

No. 791771

I could understand buying the top one (if it wasn't made by J*, that is) but the bigger palette is basically just 6 shades with microscopic differences added to make 30. they'll do the same fucking thing when you apply them. what a joke

No. 791793

This just meant to be a matte piggyback from tilbury's pillow talk palette?

No. 791900

File: 1598198318399.jpeg (543.03 KB, 1125x1571, AF08F603-7B99-4713-9CB4-0F98CB…)

No. 791901

So he has a new man?

No. 791902

Judging by the skin tone i’d say it’s less of a new man and more of someone he’s using as a prop to prove to us he’s
> totally not racist you guyz

No. 791903

Or just generally in keeping with the “Orgy” theme.

No. 791909

These types of pics from him always make me cringe bc he suddenly looks so waify and weird and creepy, like being some queercoded asexual voldemort suits him much better, this always looks really weird and like something I shouldn't be seeing

No. 791913

he's so vile and tasteless

No. 791914

totally agree. I can't believe he got ass implants lmao. I would have thought (apart from the hairline surgery, which was a good move) he'd brag about being ~naturally perfect~ to feel superior. with his toothpick legs and balloon butt he looks like a caricature or something.

Makes me think he wishes he were a woman, but he hates women too much to ever commit to it

No. 791925

The mini is also more exciting because it actually has a pink shade in it. He should have added pinks and shimmers to the larger pallette and cut the number of pans in half.

No. 791928

honestly trooning out would be a good way to deflect criticism at this point

No. 792056

File: 1598291187766.png (786.36 KB, 918x563, Capture.PNG)

So basically on lipstick alley they are saying the guy is a pro basketball player (he's overseas though) and he has childern.

His name is Andre Marhold, he has a baby momma and a child that looks very young.
He plays in germany. People are mad at the shaderoom for "Outing" this man, but how is it outing when he took a picture with Jeffree?

Someone even said in the comments, they were hanging with him and his baby mom 2 weeks ago.

Sounds like a mess.

No. 792057

File: 1598291265032.png (8.21 KB, 326x118, jjjjkkk.PNG)

If this is true fuck him. Not only is he dating a racist who hates women but he's on the downlow.

No. 792058

No. 792062

>Plays basketball… overseas

I kek'd. Hopefully he's such a nobody he doesn't have a prenup

No. 792071

File: 1598295092367.png (127 KB, 483x390, hfhfh.PNG)

No. 792072

File: 1598295232394.png (518.57 KB, 1536x2048, 11F95852-5590-4C34-8418-8957FF…)


His ex is claiming that he’s with J for money. And we all know that’s true.

No. 792076

Fetishising black men so he can be a prick to black women. He doesn't change.

No. 792078

File: 1598296322315.png (7.92 KB, 315x112, Capture.PNG)

This may be nothing, but this reality star called Jeffree out. Not that anyone believed that Jeffree was being honest about what he said in the first place.

No. 792083


Jeffree is 100% addressing this black woman as "sis" because her tweet has been blowing up.

No. 792086

I really wish he didn't make Nate (and most likely his family too) sign an NDA so he can out Jeffree for being a sad pathetic sugar daddy to men that will never love him.

It's gross since so many people still don't realize that just because someone is in a mixed race relationship it doesn't absolve them of all racism. Many racists are in mixed race relationships just to have power to abuse a black person directly.

No. 792087

and I see people defending Jeffree falling for the "he can't be racists, he's dating a black guy!! he has black friends! That man wouldn't date a racists!"
Trey Songs let a white girl (who later accused him of sexual harassment) call him a Nigga and he STILL asked to chill with her (she offered to eat his ass).

The same Trey Songs whose super woke now. So not only is Jeffree still someone with racists ways, but a black man is still fucking with a racist person with no issue. It happens.His stans are retarded

No. 792098

File: 1598298967695.jpg (15.25 KB, 215x217, qy83q2.jpg)

Absolutely. I can totally see Jeffree looking for black men to pay to be his boyfriend as a result of all the recent drama to try to absolve his past racism. It doesn't work like that, and we all know he's treating this guy's race as a shield because he can't apologize and step away. This shade name from his recent palette is also proof of that imo.

No. 792108

File: 1598301168786.jpeg (231.41 KB, 750x1299, jeffreak.jpeg)


No. 792110

File: 1598301535307.jpeg (237.95 KB, 750x1296, wow.jpeg)

No. 792129

Interesting how he posts it the same day the protests started up.

No. 792153

It's a fucking miracle anons, someone finally put together a cohesive look. it only took how many?

No. 792154

File: 1598322524839.png (599.07 KB, 572x497, dd.PNG)

so this is supposedly his baby mom and she seems confused and hurt. I hope they weren't together.

No. 792155

File: 1598322629321.jpeg (270.64 KB, 749x1264, 1.jpeg)

and here's jeffree, kind of feels like he's trolling and trying to make Nate Jealous, fucked up to do if this man WAS in a relationship.

It feels like this whole thing is backfiring on Jeffree, because now it's on TSR and other black gossip sites seem to be picking it up.

Just like with Shane and the Smiths.

No. 792156

File: 1598322674104.jpeg (214.18 KB, 750x1297, 2.jpeg)

No. 792161

Oh for sure it's aimed at Nate, he thought he had Nate locked up good. He even had his family in with the home buying and everything, and Nate still ran.

No. 792164

This poor woman. Both men are vile. this faggot and Jeffree are terrible.

No. 792165

The funniest thing is, Jeffree can't even convince people this dude is "Straight' not even himself, because everyone is calling the dude gay now, some other cross dresser said he was in his Dm's and people are saying the dude was a trans chaser.

Like Nate, this dude will use Jeffree, probably has a fetish for men who present like women, then he'll go back to women.

Because most of these men don't take men like Jeffree seriously, to them it's about getting their rocks off.
I hope this lasts a long time so we can see how many women, men and trans this dude is hitting up. He seems like a disgusting dog, just with Jeffree deserves.

No. 792166

just what Jeffree deserves

No. 792168

File: 1598325760125.jpg (68.96 KB, 856x548, lmao.jpg)

I don't think it counts as 'cohesive' with this many fucking duplicates

No. 792170

>let's not be homophobic now
Bitch, what? lmao at the backtracking.

I fucking hate this shit, fuck him and fuck Jeffree. This woman and her son are better off and she'll realize that in time.

neutral pallets are groundbreaking anon. Never been done. Visionary.

No. 792193

jeffree star is a mess. how is he going to handle a beard with kids when he couldn't handle Nate being attracted to troons? the self hate is real friends

No. 792196

I hope it lasts too tbh because everyone knows men in sports always cheat-not only do they cheat, but they constantly get caught and things get messy which will be hilarious to watch Jeffree attempt to endure with that ego of his. Hard to act like the baddest in town when he's really just whore #27 on a Tuesday. At least Nate had the decency to not have kids and stuff but this guy is a whole nother level. Jeffree's going to end up not only dumped, but this guy is going to be merciless about not caring unlike Nate who at least pretended to have a soul.

No. 792207

File: 1598363273201.jpeg (942.37 KB, 1094x1125, CDAEA221-38E4-4801-80DA-236430…)

Probably late but my sister shared this on Facebook.

Just, why?

No. 792228

What a tranny chasing piece of shit. Looks like he had a cute son and pretty wife.
Wonder if he is more in it for money or he likes shemales. Or both.

No. 792264

J gotta be desperate for any man attention to go with this guy. He couldn't advertise any harder he's just chasing the green. At least Nate didn't have any money and was at his mercy. This guy looks like he'll revel in any drama this brings.

No. 792267

Users getting used is always top kek.

No. 792275


This picture triggers my fight or flight response and I worked out why.

No. 792293

These teaser shots for Get Out 2 look great

No. 792334

File: 1598421788423.png (10 MB, 1242x2208, 34CCF318-CF7B-43D8-BDA3-669947…)

man i hate king bones, all he did today was post a bunch of boomerangs w the new guy like a 15 yr old girl.
he posted basically the entire date he went on. i didn’t think he was trying to be a dick to nate but now i’m starting to believe the other farmer

No. 792343

he seems like a bisexual tranny chaser. At least 3 men, one cross dresser and 2 regular dudes have said they fucked him while he was in a relationship with women.
Plus someone said he was getting caught with trannies in college.
So he's just a DL asshole, the funny thing is, I saw people defending him. It's possible he can spin this into some touching story about him being a basketball player, struggling with his sexuality and meeting his Horse in shining armor, Jeffree who made him come out.

People are already saying, "if people were more accepting their would'nt be men on the DL"
Fuck that. Men on the DL, usually cheat on their WIVES and Girlfriends, with men/trannies.

They have a whole child and relationships with women, fucking them raw, cheating, possibly screwing anything that will let them.

Thats why people have no sympathy for DL men, people make it seem like they HAVE to have childern, wives and gf's, but forget these women are being used.
He's a cheater and he's going to take jeffree for a ride, i'm ready for it. Fuck them both.

No. 792345

Kind of tinfoil I guess but I still believe 100% that Jeffree is a bulimic. He claims he’s that thin naturally but the way he eats and what he eats is ridiculous. Plus the fake teeth, claiming he and his assistant had the exact same “condition” that caused them to throw up a lot, etc

No. 792355

Makes ya wonder if Shame and Deadffree enabled each other, I mean, bonded over their ED struggles.
Such besties, much fam always.

No. 792357

Now that you say it, I kind of believe it too. He's always wearing bad party city looking wigs that look like they fall right off or at the very least start toppling over to the side if the wind gets too strong out. Isn't hair loss a major issue with EDs? He probably can't keep much hair to save his life. It's always pretty short.

No. 792358

Is this a tinfoil? This was like a given in Myspace days, that Jeffree binges pure sweets, syrups and sugar and pukes it all back up. That's why his cupboards are full of such N2F-esque food, he has donkey veneers, and looks, well, the way he does

I always expect him to look like the somewhat dominant and effeminate half of whatever relationship he's in yet he looks like this weird thin stumpy special ed ddlg-er, and it creeps me out

No. 792371

opinion on him claiming he never drinks alcohol and never does drugs except weed?

he claims even when there's a store opening or whatever there is only ever pretend alcohol in his glass, he doesn't drink bc he comes from a family of alcoholics.

however I can't believe he doesn't do some A class drugs.

No. 792381

I don't believe he's never drank alcohol or done drugs. There were even pictures of him holding alcoholic drinks, I know that doesn't necessarily mean he drank them but still.
Also believe he's done / still does drugs besides weed.
also what >>792345 said, I think he's bulimic. Someone had pointed out once his knuckles were really red and scarred.

No. 792386

He's absolutely drank, don't know why he tries to hide that

No. 792389

Wasn’t there a rumor that he was a heroin/meth addict which caused his affinity for sugar and why he wears fake teeth?

No. 792390

I don’t doubt that he doesn’t drink anymore, although I’m sure he has in the past. The odds that this man has never done cocaine, however, are slim to none

No. 792392

File: 1598458304438.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 72.83 KB, 576x864, 90D8F965-A561-4B1B-AC79-043066…)

Anyone who remembers him from his MySpace days knows this. It’s not new milk. Nor is it a tinfoil. He’s just trying to backtrack. He is 100% bulimic and used to use it as a gimmick. There’s more than one photo shoot of him using his bulimia as an ~edgy~ prop.

No. 792394

I doubt it, I definitely believe he drank back in the day, but shit like that would've been ~beneath him~

No. 792396

File: 1598458835518.jpeg (190.67 KB, 600x600, 4E1C1288-F021-442E-8D3A-CDE14E…)

Literally his first music release. This shouldn’t be a Surprise to anyone

No. 792399

Sage for no milk but his baby mother is fucking stunning and their kid is adorable. what kind of low life leaves that behind for this extra terrestrial piece of shit

No. 792413

File: 1598468990311.jpeg (2.14 MB, 1242x1960, AE5E724A-8800-4CDA-B560-C5B68B…)

ass out in the vons fo’ today

classy as can be

No. 792415

Jeffree and escort should be ashamed of themselves. She should distance herself and her child from these degenerates ASAP though.

No. 792416

I’m sure the CDC recommends going out in public in high risk areas to take photos with your ass literally hanging out during a pandemic.

No. 792417

Were there children in the store? Why can't he wait until he gets home to expose his fake buttcheeks? And during a pandemic? Cheeks out for cool ranch, I guess.

No. 792419

I'm just waiting for Jeffree to think he's an honorary black person because he's fucking black dick.
I can't wait to see all the racism, I can't wait to see him posed up doing shit that he thinks "black people do", I can't wait for him to eventually come at the baby mother because you know he is.
this is going to be a new era of racism for Jeffree because he has a black man who probably makes him feel like, "See? I can't be racists, a black man still wants me".

it's been funny seeing the roasting this dude and Jeffree have been getting on black sites though.

Also him and Nikita are basically the same gay man at this point, both do this kind of tacky shit, both want a man so bad for image and attention, both are fame whores. Both have relationships that seem fake.
Both have gross bodies.
They should just fuck and leave everyone else alone.

No. 792420

The ass implants literally are not cute. I still can’t believe he had the audacity to go after JC saying he had implants. If James did, at least they’re well done. James has some baby fat that makes his bubble butt look natural, whether it is or not. Jeffree is this waifish ghoul with a grandmother’s osteoporotic body, and the balloon ass implants just look like some crude sexist caricature. Genuinely disgusting.

No. 792421

The mental image of him trying to time this photo with an good old digital camera of the early 2000's while attempting to both spit out milk and still looking like an actual human over and over again fucking sent my sides into orbit until I realized the milk running out of his mouth is edited and now I'm just sad

No. 792422

File: 1598474736788.png (27.65 KB, 545x119, lol whos this about.png)

No. 792423

Is it just me or does he look edited in? Something about the lightning or the angle just fucks me up. Also, did he edit his skin darker? Again, might just be the lightning.

No. 792426

I don't think he cares if another woman is involved because in his fucked up eyes, he probably thinks the woman is jealous of him and in this case specifically, he would just about be right. I don't doubt that he likes black men, he likes them for their sex appeal.

but he's always vocally hated/loathed black women, not black men. and what's one of the cruelest things you can do to a black woman? "steal" her man and ruin/humiliate her family. Ultimately, this satisfies three needs for him. Makes him look less racist, gets him new big dick, and ruins a black womans life. He gets to sleep at night very happy knowing he's terrorizing the mans wife. People pointing out that he's married probably arent doing anything to him because if anything, that probably just makes him enjoy it even more.

No. 792427

This just makes Jeffree look like the retarded sibling of this guy taking him out for a break from the home he lives in.

No. 792430

He lies about it though, just like he lies about everything else. He has consistently claimed he’s naturally thin, told Shane he’s never been bulimic, and did an entire video on getting surgery for this terrible affliction he has that causes him to throw up against his will.

There’s no reason to be condescending. Plenty of people aren’t old hags like us who know this from default, he lies about literally everything. At least before his body wasn’t so grotesque, he looks like a terminally ill aids patient and swears it’s his metabolism while shoving his face full of taco bell and icing.

No. 792434

File: 1598482727706.jpg (36.62 KB, 640x314, hKj2Arw.jpg)

No. 792438

I want to argue but that pic is absolutely cannon James behavior

No. 792545

Sage because not any new milk, but howling at the accuracy of it all.

No. 792565

This has already been posted earlier in this thread

No. 792836

Proof that you can't buy class.

No. 793574

anyone else really disappointed with the current outcome of everything? aside from now shoehorning black people into every fucking company shoot he does, gargoyle king is somehow creating new makeup/releasing more colors for his concealer line or something and shane has gone completely silent. i hope they do something soon.

theyre my favorite cows only bc of how destructive they are on their own industries, no other cow has such a ripple effect that these morons have

No. 793612

I mwan if it makes you feel better his latest pallete has not done well and the mini palette tanked. But yeah its frustrating that he never faces consequences for all his bullshit

No. 793613

I just miss Tati in her prime. She used to be one of the few youtubers whose recommendations I would actually take with a bit of weight. Now I feel like a real dumbass. Taylor Wynn/thataylaa hasn't done anything awful, has she? Who else is left to trust even slightly?

No. 793624

Personally I find Robert Welsh, Alexandra Anele, and Jamie French pretty trustworthy

No. 793777

idk jefree's life seems pretty miserable which is punishment enough, at the end of the day he's the one who has to pay men to be his boyfriend, like what's even the point of being a billionaire if no one actually loves you

No. 793792

but if he was actually bulimic, why would he get a surgery to stop him being able to purge? i honestly think he just uses stimulants and probably only eats once a day, pure sugar, and he’s like 6’3” or some shit and has no muscles so his TDEE is probably low as fuck. it sounds like he wasn’t lying about being bulimic but he sure as shit has some fucked up eating disordered habits

No. 793795

Taylor wynn’s makeup is fucking terrible. That should be reason enough to not watch her

No. 793827

Thataylaa is a bit of a cow in her own right but in a very boring way.

No. 793835

ehhhhh i know we all make fun of the fact that jeffree has to pay to date people, but at his wealth level thats just how it works. esp if he doesnt date other millionare people. there will always be a power imbalance issue and its just better to find a partner thats ok with an allowance and gets to join you on your social outings.

its kind of why i dont really think jeffree is seething over nate and theres not much visible bitterness. jeffree paid for his time and when nate didnt want it anymore he didnt run away with assets or anything, he just left and jeffree kept the stuff that he could actually afford.
for example, the car he bought nate was so heavily criticized for not letting nate keep it, but honestly, how the fuck would nate ever keep a super car and pay the insurance and finance it if it broke? hes not a youtuber or some big company start up guy
anyway bit of a sperg so tl;dr paying to date is just the game. its sad but you'd be lying to yourself if you dont think everyone else with more than 15mil isnt doing the exact same

No. 793842

Shut the fuck up lol. If you have to pay someone to be your pet you're not capable of having a functioning relationship. That is how psychopaths live.

No. 793845

NTA but Jeffree clearly is a psychopath and also extremely wealthy. I don't think he would want a 'functioning relationship' and probably would rather just pay someone to be his pet. I think he probably isn't seething about Nate because he doesn't really view it as a relationship but as a pet, like you said.

No. 793848

Jeffree always looked jealous around Nate. The insecurity was hanging out of him. Insecurity is why he's paying a straight dude to be his gay arm piece. He needs relevance.

No. 793906


No. 793945

im sorry you must be low income or something, youre not finding true love with millions of dollars in assets. its not realistic

No. 793979

Lmao tell us anon how do you find love with your millions in assets? We are too low income to understand

No. 793980

Didn't y'all hear money is the root of evil. God bless

No. 794132

File: 1599459050314.jpeg (49.96 KB, 478x701, 1598891142101.jpeg)

>op says you can't find true love with money
>you must be a poorfag
>basically agrees with op's response
Can you read?

No. 794166

Eugenia shilling JS again. Not surprising as she's always struck me as low key racist. Like to dislike ration is 2.2K to 4.4K

I can't sit through her videos because she's so braindead. I did catch her mispronouncing "chrysanthemum" though

No. 794184

I think she's probably somewhat racist, but I think that she's mostly just completely oblivious, stupid and too set in her ways and afraid of conflict to stop supporting JS.

No. 794413

>Not surprising as she's always struck me as low key racist
>I think she's probably somewhat racist
Apologies if this is a spoonfeed question, what makes y'all think this? Is it just by association with JS? She's never said or done anything that struck me as racist but it's possible I missed it.

No. 794529

She made some pretty racist videos stereotyping black people back in the day. I can't find a reupload though. She has apologised for them but I wouldn't be surprised if she and most of all her mom are prejudiced toward black people behind closed doors. Can't prove it but just saying that it wouldn't suprise me at all.

No. 794616

No. 794618

How revolting it's like a house from a Sims base game that you delete.

No. 794621

shane is a zoo.

No. 794624

File: 1599688204240.png (316.99 KB, 473x590, 1.png)

holy fuck he looking huge

No. 794628

Apparently this was recorded before everything that happened. I wonder if he’ll continue to appear in Rylands new videos if he’s not going to be on his own channel. I can’t imagine Ryland on his own will be interesting enough to people to maintain relevancy for that much longer.

No. 794634


> Don’t call me ThaTaylaa anymore, it’s Taylor Wynn casino and hotel

> I’m soooo organized and film waaaaaay ahead so I’m better than you
> Muh migraines
> No one has ever been as pale as me
> Muh super secret boyfriend I like to tease
> Muh sharpie eyebrows
> insists has dry af skin but all foundations end up looking “dewy” (read shiny and greasy) shortly after application
> Being a YouTuber with chronic pain is much harder than a regular job where you can just sit at your desk or tell your boss you’re leaving for the day

No. 794661

Most of the comments on that vid are talking about how happy they are to see shane, some respect for yourselves, please

No. 794663

i saw that the comments are being heavily moderated, so anything negative is going straight to the pig pen

No. 794686

Shane ate the zoo

No. 794698

Doesn't he have a personal trainer and his own gym? How did he end up like this

No. 794713

Binge eating disorder, stress as a trigger. Not very surprising.

No. 794717

I think they are definitely being filtered, I literally saw one negative comment, which I bet has been removed now.

No. 794731


Man can buy himself a new boyfriend but requires a loan to pay his employees…

No. 794779

Please tell me this lands him in more legal trouble, I'm so ready for him to get the lights sued out of him by Tati and now this.
Also doesn't he flex those tacky fashion brands all the time? Couldn't he maybe curb his spending to pay his employees if he really needed to? Come on.

No. 794788

yet another low earner misunderstanding where people here dont really get why he got these loans. go read what the paycheck protection program actually does and how it works.

they're forgiven if he takes them and shows that they went into his rent on a business building and he retained at least 60% of workers during corona. it is essentially free money if you're able to spend it all on employees and they stay. that is free money so why would he not take it?

learn to read

No. 794803

Second this. It’s basic economics. The government tries to revive the economy and hands out loans to keep the businesses afloat.
Not buying a one tacky LV bag does not feed his employees.

No. 794827

This has nothing to do with being a “low earner,” just a misunderstanding of ppp loans. Chill out, millions in assets, “learn to read” anon. You sound like a boomer

No. 794840


Not to be mean but I kind of thought Shane was lying about his 'fatness' at highschool as I'd only ever seen 'chubby at best' Shane.

I honestly don't think he's appeared on camera because of the weight he put on during Lockdown, nothing else. It genuinely looks like he's been sat stuffing pizza and doing little else for him to have ballooned that much. You can see how fast the weight gain is by how big his body is in relation to his head / neck. Morgan also looks like she's put on quite a bit of weight… tbh there's only Ryland that still looks the same.

No. 794845

File: 1599793498934.jpg (653.81 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20200910-230205_You…)

No. 794847

File: 1599793663839.jpg (825.34 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20200910-225947_You…)

This also made me laugh

No. 794849

File: 1599794876307.png (6.08 MB, 2001x1125, 4872C457-6B89-4340-B50B-FE0891…)

Holy cow, he looks like big chungus kek

Also, what’s up with his hands?

No. 794855

Are you asking about the weird vein, or the fact that they look like baby hands compared to his body?

No. 794858

Are you lost? Your rich whore larp might have been OK on PLL but its cringey as fuck here

No. 794862

bit of a stretch compared to the literal pedophiles we have in this thread ngl

No. 794866

It's crazy how he's so similar to Onision (same starting time, age, shit edgy humour, racism, degeneracy, misshapen head, etc. down to rosacea) and yet had managed to be successful for much longer. Amazing what a tiny bit more acting skills (or less "brutal honesty") can do for you.

No. 794868

Except the dude is literally worth 200 million. He could easily afford to use some of his vast wealth to pay his employees rather than relying on a loan that could of gone to another business that really needed it. Hell it would of been a good pr move if he paid them out of his own pocket if revenue from sales was down (which I highly doubt)

No. 794869

PPP was designed to protect small businesses, not multi million dollar companies that is still making vast amounts of money DESPITE the pandemic >>794803

No. 794899

It’s still a small business though because he only has 21 employees according to the loan. But US anons already know it’s socialism for the rich and capitalism for everyone else, so it’s not surprising this scum bag is exploiting bailouts

No. 794904

There are actual worthwhile businesses going under due to covid. A youtubers shit make-up is hardly eessential. There are small business owners taking advantage of schemes but still paying out of their pocket to cover employees full wages and benefits. Money is finite, Jeffree Star is an entitled piece of shit. If he had a heart he would furlough his workers and cease production on his basic shit. California has ridiculous covid case numbers. More money than sense

No. 794907

uninformed infighting, the PPP loans were barely used and had 120 billion leftover in the budget. hes not stealing from anyone, there was no loss on his community or businesses around him

the point of the loans are to provide workers incentive on continuing working in the current climate/economy, you know so they can continue to pay for their homes (most important) and family lifestyles and whatnot. because unemployment rates are spiking and obv. house market is crashing or about to explode atm

if anything this is one of few cases where j* is doing something positive for his community since a lot of corps arent able to afford paying their workers or keeping their business open esp. since we're technically in a recession

it might be cringe but the point of any lolcow thread is to record a cow and have insightful discussion, its really not entertaining or remotely fun to watch a bunch of retards not understand simple under-spent business loans and call him a leech for all the wrong reasons, especially when the dude is still actively being racist/hating women/etc. its 100% more milky to watch him constantly parade around his new black bf then sit here and judge his millionare relationship dynamics and business moves.

No. 794972

The point isn't that money is or isn't available, it's that regardless he clearly shouldn't be entitled to qualify for it. He can and absolutely has the assets to pay his own employees. He's a greedy fuck and nothing has changed.

Poor lamb, you really think you have a gotcha there.

No. 794977

>He's a greedy fuck and nothing has changed.
>its really not entertaining or remotely fun to watch a bunch of retards not understand simple under-spent business loans and call him a leech for all the wrong reasons
im not trying to gotchya post, you are

No. 794983

1000% chance he went to the "eating two whole large supreme pizzas is self care teehee no really dominos recognizes my phone number" camp of lockdown.

No. 795171

Holy shit shut the fuck up. That's not what people are saying. These loans are immoral as fuck because they're not going to your local mom and pop business that haven't had an income in 6 months, they're going to millionaires who can afford to take the hit. Jeffree just got a new car for his "collection". He didn't need the loan.

And before you try the "there's money left over" line yeah there is, because the people that need these loans haven't been able to access them. BoA for example made PPP application open to their "best" clients first. Plenty of small business owners have talked to the press about how they didn't qualify for dumb reasons while Kanye West not only qualified, but the bank did all the paperwork for his business, too. Them giving control of PPP to the banks was the first fuck-up that led to this leech getting his government handouts.

And don't try the "but that's his money not company money" shit on me. That American businesses are people shit is exactly why this shit flies. He wants to put his face and name on the company but stop short at his money.

Maybe some anons here don't understand ppp loans but you don't seem to understand either them or the economy at all.(derailing)

No. 795199


Well fucking said

No. 795203

worth pointing out he just got a mclaren senna which retail for $750,000. It's just a super coincidence that he got a huge government loan at the same time for roughly the same amount, though kek

No. 795347

what is wrong with mods to redtext this, which is actually explaining how jefree got his loan and not the sperg in here WK jeffree? This is fucking retarded and so are the jannys

No. 795382

The sperg probably got butthurt and reported it. Idk how the mods choose who/when to ban bc I’ve been banned for posts I didn’t even write lol

No. 795386

how is this derailing? it's talking about Jeffree specifically in regards to the loans? Do the farmhands not understand their own rules?

i feel like they just ban who they dont agree with kek

No. 796281

File: 1600444623039.png (260.58 KB, 1308x679, fkjdgkjdfng.png)

This bitch is really putting out new merch right now lol. Didn't even know he put out new merch - there was no advertising for it or anything if I'm not mistaken. Saw an instagram tea account post about this and I had a good laugh

No. 798171

File: 1601499738684.png (202.7 KB, 472x484, dhdhdh.PNG)

Jeffree's claiming that dude stole from him KEK

No. 798184

Jstar is always picking fights publically. He literally cant live without stirring up online drama

No. 798204

That rant J Shart gave about he doesn’t care about the value but just “stealing is wrong” like he hasn’t flat out admitted to stealing from Sephora for years kek.

No. 798221

File: 1601531806014.png (47.87 KB, 458x175, jjjjj.PNG)

No. 798222

the guy is saying Jeffree has HIV

No. 798223

File: 1601532285762.jpeg (109.4 KB, 635x640, upload.jpeg)

I wonder what friend of Nate did Jeffree fuck? Was it that fem guy they went on his birthday trip with? What friends does Nate have?

No. 798225

Wait…the guy JStar was using as a prop stole from him? Lol. I’m actually not even surprised.

No. 798226

Nah that part is probably a lie, Nate left because he saved enough money and was sick of dealing with him in that giant coffin of a house. He also didn’t want to have to move his parents in there so they’d have to deal with the misery too.

No. 798234

File: 1601539341743.jpeg (202.24 KB, 828x958, kek.jpeg)


No. 798235

File: 1601539466038.png (276.99 KB, 514x341, Capture.PNG)

Heres the caption (got this off LSA)

No. 798237

They're both disgusting. Why did JS even let this hobo into his home in the first place?

No. 798244

Jeffree dates losers because people with normal emotional abilities don’t want to deal with him.

I’m not feeling sorry for him. He deserved to be robbed by his boytoy.

No. 798253

Honestly, you love to see it. All that money and Jeff can still only pull low tier, gay for pay uggos. The fact this one robbed him and is turning the tables with trying to blackmail Jeffree is just icing on karma cake.

No. 798256

i’m SCREAMING this is amazing, jeffree deserves every last bit of the mean girls laughter coming his way

No. 798262

Absolutely amazing!!! You can't buy love Jeffreeee

No. 798273

Did he delete all this stuff?

No. 798292

@kattenbarge Just dropped an article on Insider about J*. I am not familiar with insider, but thoughts?
some highlights:
Four people who spoke with Insider said Star groped men around him without consent. Five people told Insider they personally saw Star using a close-range stun gun or other tasing device to hurt and intimidate people around him.

And five people told Insider that in 2009 Star used a taser on a homeless teen who had rejected his affections in a movie theater. That teen later stayed the night in Star's apartment, and told Insider that Star gave him Ambien until he was intoxicated and forcibly performed oral sex on him without his consent. Several people and publicly available internet posts corroborate key components of the former homeless teen's account.

No. 798294

I love how this guy gives zero fucks and isn’t pissing his pants over a NDA like jeffree’s usual orbiters. Idk why JS thought a professional basketball player would be respectful lol

No. 798296

File: 1601573998862.png (257.56 KB, 496x409, theywanthimOUT.PNG)

Somebody REALLY is mad at Jeffree! I was just about to post this.

No. 798298

The dude hasn't played PB since 2014 and was overseas, he's broke, angry and has nothing to lose from this.
I'm starting to believe Jeffree was just using him for a few pictures where he was hiding him, but then when people found out who he was, the guy and Jeffree decided to just go with the flow.
Now look were they are at?
Someone also said maybe this drama is fake because Jeffree knew the article was about to drop. Maybe he thought people would feel bad that his Bf stole from him and would'nt notice the story.

No. 798304

I can't see a racist person purposely looking like an idiot by getting steal and mock.
He also accused him of cheating and AIDS lol I don't think that was his plan at all

No. 798305

kek, well maybe the stealing part was apart of the scam, but then the guy realized people were really mad at him and started getting mad himself.
Dumb I know, but hey it's Jeffree and his retarded escort that he flaunted about.
They both are getting what they deserve as far as I'm concerned.

No. 798320

The devil has finally come for Miss Jeffree Lynn’s soul. God bless

No. 798326

This sounds like Jeffree just left some tacky Fendi slides at the dude’s house and is pretending like his fake boyfriend “stole” them because he dumped and blocked Voldy’s ass.

No. 798330

I’m surprised the dude didn’t stick around longer. It got him some clout and he got to live lavishly. But he could have milked it much longer. Makes me think he either found something that made him nope out quickly or JStar really is that insufferable.

No. 798334

All the money and tacky shit Jeffree could offer you is not worth being known as Jeffree Stars gay bf.

No. 798354

This shits crazzzzy

No. 798360

Guys the instagram account of Jeffree's token black (ex)bf leaking all the tea is a fake account

No. 798367

I guess Ryland is shilling a podcast he just started with a classic click bait title and thumbnail, possibly the merch wasn’t selling enough? So he could be gearing up to try switching platforms if Shane’s comeback backfires on his ass.

No. 798378

File: 1601607074845.jpg (381.9 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20201001_222351_com…)

You mean this one? That sucks, I was hoping it was legit tbh. Would have been great.

No. 798381

fake account but 18.3k followers?

No. 798385

welp luckily the photos of j* being used as a human footrest are real as is the fact that j did everything the ‘fake’ account told him to, andre isn’t losing any sleep

No. 798388

Just wanted to congratulate OP on this thread pic as I casually scroll through the threads. 10/10. Also fuck Jeffree Star and fuck Chris Hansen too for licking Jeffree's balls.

No. 798399

It's a real account. There's confirmation that JS was following it a few days ago and the account posted a message from JS. It also had a lot of followers before all this. He signed an NDA and is probably trying to find loopholes.

No. 798406

He looks like Shane there… i guess there is some truth to dogs eventually looking like their owners

No. 798407

He does. He looks a bit smelly here

No. 798413

File: 1601636429384.png (697.17 KB, 745x1179, IMG_5315 (2).PNG)

JS responded to the allegations about him having AIDS.
Also he told Keemstar that everything in that insider article is false, and he'll be suing

No. 798416


Ok but seriously, does this turd actually go thru with suing anyone? I swear he and Onision love threatening lawsuits but never going thru with any of it. It's all intimidation tactics with these two. Like did he ever actually suit that TJMaxx/winners/homesense store for allegedly selling his "stolen expired lipsticks".

No. 798423

I'd love to see one of these social media giants go through and sue people for 'slander'. Most likely it would just open a can of worms for Jeffree in which all his past conduct gets scrutinised even more thoroughly with a fine toothed comb. All these pricks have more money than sense. They could all be comfortable for life if they weren't all such drama whores.

No. 798454

File: 1601659167332.jpg (345.49 KB, 1124x1707, 20201002_141606.jpg)

Hey, how are ya?

No. 798456

Sometimes just a threat is enough to get what you want. A lot of companies or people see a legal document threatening them and they back off or agree to whatever terms.

Interesting timing. I wonder how much he paid his token boyfriend to “steal” and start massive drama to take away from this article dropping?

No. 798464

File: 1601660365679.jpeg (875.64 KB, 1125x1793, 0B017574-99A5-420F-852E-1468EE…)

It begins, yet again

No. 798468

holy shit. I hope this guy can prove any of this/provide receipts to support his claims

No. 798469

Oh honey please let this be real.

No. 798470

this just feels like he is trying to save face

No. 798473

Isn't the username with four i's at the end fake? It just started posting a day ago. The one with three i's is the one Jeffree was following.

No. 798479

File: 1601668410808.jpg (372.77 KB, 720x1280, 20201002_205441.jpg)

It's fake

No. 798480

If this isn't an empty threat, I would love to see it. An actual police investigation would actually need to be made, and it would ruin him. The man still thinks real life is myspace and he can just "i-i was in a dark place you can't hold me accountable" out of it. Tick tock Jeffree, the sex offender registry has a beautiful throne ready for you.

No. 798498

Go sniff his sweaty ass somewhere else

No. 798500

he literally stuck his face in his dog's crotch on camera, try harder

No. 798501

cool. let me know when he actually molests an animal then i'll agree that he should be cancelled.

No. 798502

you're the one thinking about it sexually, freak.

No. 798503


While Shane may not have done anything in regards to actual child molestation, his past behaviours were certainly dangerous even if his intentions were not. While he couldn't control who watched his content, he absolutely could control his interactions with young fans.

People can argue "south park makes the same kind of offensive content" that Shane once did, but south park also aired on television networks that were not children-friendly & had warnings/disclaimers. Whenever Shane was flagged for adult content and his videos were put behind an age restriction check, he would ask his audience to mass-write Youtube to remove it regardless if it was deserved or not.

Does he deserved to be cancelled? No, probably not. Does he need to acknowledge that his past actions were, indeed, inappropriate despite the intention to be otherwise? Absolutely.

Sage for 'tard sperge smh

No. 798504

Remember when he swapped gum with one of his minor fans? Or posed suggestively with minors during his book/movie tours? Or sat in chatrooms with minor fans present talking about how he wasn't wearing pants and was adjusting his dick? Good times.

No. 798505

Get your tubes tied or rather yet,just go mute.

No. 798506

cool. shane has been a youtuber for over a decade, don't you think there would be a single accusation by now? nope, not even one.

No. 798507

Shane Dawson can come back to YouTube anytime the fat fuck wants but do people want him back? He's a fat unfunny fuck. He's fake empathy is off putting and he surrounds himself with assholes. He's been cringe from the get go. He knows he's past it that's why he did the make up cash grab.

No. 798508

Accusations? Girl, they have him on candid camera doing it. Just because people didn't feel violated at the time doesn't mean they can't feel that way now. Also, with diehard fans like you, it seems like you'd just discredit anyone who came forward anyway. Who wants to put themselves in the spotlight to go up against a huge figure like him? And if you must know, someone did speak up on Twitter about their experience, but you're probably just going to say it was a witch-hunt.

No. 798513

If I watched a racist pedophile that hates showers for 10 years on youtube I think I would be as braindead as you too. Sorry youtube demonetized his entire channel, he's a narcissist, he won't hurt himself.
Go buy his merch so he can fund his next minstrel show.

No. 798515

i haven't watched shane dawson since like 2011 and i'm only paying attention to this for the drama.

see, you can't even argue without making up random bullshit and lies. you're not smart, you're pathetic

No. 798521

Ah yes let's wait for when an animal makes an expose video about Shane molesting them. Clown behaviour

No. 798524

you have no proof that he's ever molested an animal yet you're cancelling him for molesting an animal or something. now he's a fatass because the stress of being witch hunted has caused him to binge eat.

>banned for white knighting

wow. you literally ruined an innocent man's life. clown behaviour.

No. 798525

What part of it is made up? There are videos of all of his racist and pedophilic shenanigans. No one is going to spoon feed them to you, it takes a .01 second Google search

No. 798526

i watched all the videos, none of them contain anything cancel-worthy. the only outright totally inappropriate thing he's done is swapped gum with a fan, and imo that's not cancel-worthy either.

this thread is typical bitch shit. this mentality is why men think we're all sociopathic whores with nigger IQ.

No. 798527

File: 1601686565132.jpg (27.61 KB, 625x626, ZnYrzIF.jpg)

No. 798532

File: 1601688694474.jpg (156.51 KB, 885x890, lmfao at ur entire being.jpg)


No. 798533

File: 1601689195488.jpg (79.66 KB, 1024x554, pipinghot.jpg)

I hope Jafar chimps out and brings more attention to himself instead of going into hiding, the milk floweth. My crops are growing, my skin is clear, my depression is gone, thank you Crypt Keeper for blessing us with your cowness.

No. 798552

Is jeffree stars snapchat filter like an iron lung that keeps him alive or something

He could get accused of murder and would still go on snapchat and talk about it while using an obnoxious sparkly eye filter

No. 798635

reminder that shane did literally nothing wrong(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 798640

There’s literally video footage of him asking a 12 year old child to twerk for him.

No. 798675

File: 1601790407689.jpg (239.16 KB, 1242x2688, shanefags kys.jpg)

Andre's Ex (Jeffree's current ex bf) speaks about being harassed by Jeffree. Thoughts? I wonder how the decaying gazelle will respond.

No. 798691

i feel so horrible for this woman..

No. 798698

I’m sure he enjoyed rubbing the situation in her face to shock and hurt her. At least respect that she’s the mother of your (ex)partner’s child.
And now that it’s blown up in his face he DMs her to find him? I hope she told him to fuck off

No. 798709

Shane is a porn sick man, and like every porn sick man he's disgusting and has weird fetishes that could potentially make him dangerous.

No. 798782

being porn sick has nothing to do with anything. jeffrey epstein and powerful people like him had no lack of women to fuck and he still groomed and molested many children. some people are just sick in the head.

shane did nothing wrong

No. 798784

twerking is a dance? im not sure how that makes him a pedophile unless you think children dancing is inherently sexual in nature, in which case you might be the weird one.(why don't you take a seat, anon?)

No. 798788

Shane wore blackface, said nigger, shared inappropriate content with minors, conducted himself inappropriately around minors and in general is a fat fucking slob. By all means be his stan but you're going to have to try a lot harder to convince people he's worth giving a fuck about.

Also to mention he insinuated James Charles was some type of predator and he backed up Jeffree that he had heard evidence to prove so. Hinting about Grayson Dolan. His gay series thst ended up being a prolonged advertisement for his shitty cash grab only got views because people thought the fat cunt was going to have receipts about James Charles and the beauty community. He's been awfully quiet since James Charles denounced all their allegations. Then BLM happened and on the back of Shane being cancelled for being a fat perverted cunt, his racism was highlighted.

No. 798792

he wore blackface and said nigger?!!? holy shit someone lock him up!

let's be real, shane is only being cancelled now because he's fat and ugly. when shane was attractive, all of his antics were celebrated and rewarded. he was an eceleb for 12 years before he was cancelled ffs. i guarantee if he was still attractive he would still have a career.

No. 798795

These are all he said, she said then. None of these people were actually in close quarters and a victim of him. This is called a trash clout grab. >>798454

No. 798801

>the shane fart huffer is back and defending a grown man asking a child to twerk
i mean, i guess i shouldn't be surprised you're a pedo apologist considering who you're defending

No. 798802

File: 1601872492538.jpg (98.58 KB, 500x490, WELCOME-TO-LOLCOW.jpg)

please explain to me how i'm a pedo apologist for thinking asking a girl to twerk doesn't make someone a pedophile. contrary to pedophile belief, not everyone on the planet is a pedophile, it's like less than 1%.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 798803

You keep bumping this thread to whine about racism and pedophilia. We get it- you think blackface and pretending to jack off to kids is normal.
This isn't milk, go cry somewhere else

No. 798804

No. 798805

File: 1601873705490.png (60.75 KB, 619x550, 77E8B0B8-F94B-49B3-921D-EBB463…)

>when Shane was attractive

No. 798818

File: 1601889039475.jpg (75.46 KB, 449x750, Shane Dawson "sexually harasse…)

It's his years long pattern of weird suggestive shit involving minors like pic related that's gotten him into trouble. It's a laundry list of shit just like that; "joking" about googling CP, pretending to jerk off to a poster of a minor, the list is endless. The black face "nigger" stuff alone wouldn't have done it.

No. 798824

k, then it should be easy to find real dirt on him, like meeting up with minors outside of conventions, actually downloading CP, sexually explicit messages to minors like sending nudes, anything. instead it's stuff like swapping gum. and edgy jokes. over the course of 12 years. shane was at his peak when he was doing blackface btw. i think it's funny that the same people cancelling shane now for things he did a decade ago probably loved his shanaynay videos when they were popular.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 798846

If Shane's peak was Shanaynay and doing blackface then he deserves to stay in that time capsule.

No. 798918

you're being willfully obtuse. nigger and black face is the least of his worries, and you both know that. you can't sweep under the rug literal years worth of evidence of him being a pedophilic creep.

No. 798925

Ok scrolling through this thread and the like to dislike is now 3.8k to 11k. Would I be right in assuming this is part people hating her and part people hating Jstar and his shitty orgy palette?

No. 798928

File: 1601949396370.jpeg (197.67 KB, 1125x804, DED05701-5087-4F77-A0DC-DE3370…)

No. 798934

not a mask in sight, of course

No. 798953

I’m pretty sure you’re not required to wear a mask in your own home

No. 798957

Are you fucking serious?

No. 798985

has he ever been attractive…

No. 798990

I bet you think the netflix show Cuties is an artistic dance too and not at all made for pedophiles

No. 799053

My bad then. Thought they were out somewhere else.

No. 799071

the infighting anon is almost pretty based other then the pedophile stuff.
yeah he may not have directly touched a minor inappropriately or in a way that could get him convicted with sexual assault on a minor, but he was still technically "grooming" his fanbase since it wasnt exactly a secret (to, anyone, during the first peak of his youtube career) that the millions of "18 year old" accounts were 12 year olds just trying to get "mature" content.

sitting in omegle rooms and talking about your cock or being needlessly sexual w fans you KNOW are underage is sort of a problem, even if that was the environment of the time. its one thing to post a video of your humor, as you arent actively engaging with anyone. but like the implication of joking sexually with your minor audience youre very aware of in live interactions is, QUITE frankly, creepy. no matter the context.

aside from that yeah imagine giving a shit about someone saying nigger and doing blackface in a video during 2010. anyone who has a youtube account that made content prior to 2015 should just be cancelled at this rate lmfao

No. 799084

File: 1602055912974.jpg (141.25 KB, 750x1312, shanefags kys2.jpg)

Shane Dawson appears to have popped into his snapchat for a quick moment to support Ryland Adam's new show(?). Take a scroll through twitter (and this thread, really) to see the most inbred alabama-looking bitches celebrating.

No. 799088

Holy shit his face looks like a mask you’d find on the Halloween clearance sales

No. 799093

He looks like he is trying not to cry.

No. 799096

Isn’t this admitting the “fake account” and it’s allegations are actually real?
Why would he get tested if he knew that was a fake account?

No. 799101


Because Jstar probably has several paid sexual partners that he probably gets tested frequently. Probably just pinning the reasons for std test on this one "ex" to make it sound like his ex is the dirty one.

No. 799111

I still can’t imagine how someone could look at this drooping, unwashed face and think ‘Yeah, I need to buy this guy’s makeup line.’ The only thing more ridiculous would be a line of shampoo and body wash.

Guess he’s testing the waters. I could imagine him trying to resurface after the holidays.

No. 799120

who else can't wait too see how much weight he will gain when he inevitability returns to youtube.
My guess is 20kg-50kg of stress eating.

No. 799145

then he can do another saviour docuseries where they vlog the process of BBLing all his fat into eugenia cooney

No. 799196

File: 1602116248409.png (1.13 MB, 828x1792, 210ED3ED-FED1-4BFB-BBA7-1FE42B…)

I’ve seen a lot of people saying this is a fake account even the “official” account but these screenshots truly have me questioning. I don’t believe this is fake.

No. 799228

File: 1602142782063.png (6.97 MB, 1242x2688, 3F60D14A-86FE-4768-873A-AB230C…)

i mean he's got video of himself on his story, just seems like it would all be too elaborate to be fake. if it IS fake it's either being done by someone who has a very real grudge against j or it's just j deflecting sexual assault allegations
milk floweth from all angles

No. 799237

File: 1602151179137.jpeg (99.43 KB, 828x615, 24E0C3BB-7DA1-49F3-BDB3-31EBA5…)

Anyone else seen that the one account he’s following is James Charles… the shade

No. 799239

man this is so funny. Thanks for the keks anons

No. 799240

That's you projecting.

No. 799241

You hate yourself.

No. 799242

Shane Dawson is a gay pedophile, he's not going to DM you

No. 799245

File: 1602163570250.jpg (31.39 KB, 440x439, 1511932183628.jpg)

>Shane Dawson is a gay pedophile, he's not going to DM you

No. 799290

File: 1602197905030.png (3.99 MB, 828x1792, 8E025F8D-75C7-43EE-99AD-395EEB…)

I’m not sure how it works in the US but this looks fake af
Here they are wearing gowns, full face shields, n92 respirators and big ass gloves and boots to test.
This chicks mask isn’t even on right and has a valve which is scary

No. 799306

i'm in the states and when i was tested, it was exactly as you described - gowns, masks, shields, outdoor test site and we stayed in our cars until motioned over. the national guard was there too, directing everyone (while toting around semi-automatic rifles).

but that's how it is for us normies. idk how it is for the rich folk, like jefferson here.

No. 799307

Holy shit that woman is testing him for covid? What a bunch of morons.

That is his account. There’s a fake account with an almost exact name. Just one extra i

No. 799312


I'm also in the states and I've never seen full body PPE where I am, even for drive-through testing… let alone simply wearing respirators (as opposed to just disposable face coverings). then again, I live in a state where masks are generally just chin diapers for anyone with less than half of a brain.

No. 799313

Masks/gloves/face shields are normal for testing in the US, but this is probably some shady “concierge medicine” bullshit.

No. 799330

I mean for the right price I’d dress up as a fucking fake nurse bitch and shove a swab up Jeffree’s nose

No. 799374

This is just an assistant doing an at home lab test. Both of my covid tests were from pixel by labcorp and sent through the mail. It's the same test they do at CVS. You just mail it back to the lab. It's in a test tube in an insulated bag in a box in another bag.

No. 799498

File: 1602317691629.webm (530.16 KB, 333x720, ripsave - Jeff star is apparen…)

Jeffree says that tomorrow he'll be finally uploading a video and "suing everyone". I wonder what bullshit he'll try to pull this time

No. 799504

Why is the make-up so much darker on his forehead than it is on his chin? Bizarre

No. 799521

>pure baby face filter
>dat forehead
ok it workin

No. 799523

A beauty "guru" with an orange face and a white neck. Couldn't be me.

No. 799524

Looking like the pig he truly is

No. 799534

looking ugly as always. slay that horseface kween!

No. 799554

is it just me or is he trying really hard to look more like a black/latino woman?

No. 799610

Preferred it when it did the no eyebrows androgynous look.

No. 799613

File: 1602387335242.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 161.46 KB, 750x1334, 4B7F2A12-5DCC-4F25-9D49-DD6261…)

jesus christ. this is from his only fans.

No. 799617

thats a bussy buster right there.

No. 799620

>A fan helped Jafar Shart find and delete more than 400 old, crude tweets, direct messages show.
>Voldemoprhe deleted the tweets — some of which joked about "rape" and, separately, having sex with straight men — starting one day after accusing YouTuber James Charles of being a "predator."
>In exchange for the fan's assistance, the messages show Smegma promised, but later rescinded, tickets to one of his Masterclass events.

No. 799621

it’s almost the length of his forearm, christ

No. 799626

man this is really sad, jafar should be embarrassed

No. 799627

Dicks that big are just disgusting, almost like a disfigurement

No. 799630

File: 1602418298402.gif (947.32 KB, 476x253, 9E44472C-7D46-41F7-93F1-BA95FB…)

No. 799631

Christ that's a third leg

No. 799632

New video dropped, here's a TL/DW from BGC
>He’s suing someone or a group of people for impersonating his ex’s ex on social media to run a scam and spread what J* says are lies about him.
>He’s suing news outlets for stating the allegations about him as if they were facts, and advised that they take the articles down.
>He says he hasn’t been posting because he has been too busy.
>His dog Diva has ass cancer and diabetes
>He got his ears pierced with a group of his friends
>He gave a tour of his McMansion which is currently under construction
It is worth noting that I only really feel bad for the dog. Good luck suing insider though, sorry the hush money didn't work the first time.

if athletes like this are the ones supposedly in Jeffree's DMs… I'm not interested lmao. gay 4 pays are pathetic

No. 799635

You're 100% right.

No. 799636

Literal definition of BIG BLACK COCK

No. 799646


No. 799660

but like, it isn’t even hard, it’s that big when soft? no way in hell JS took this in the ass, lol.

No. 799677

He's like the nemesis from resident evil. Everytime someone tries to kill him he just comes back even stronger

No. 799686

File: 1602464403227.jpeg (359.92 KB, 750x555, 41C7FD10-10DE-4B2F-A17E-D05FD3…)

Sage for OT and incoming pics but I fell down a tumblr with some old J* pics and had a good chuckle, I had to share with my fellow anons. It also made me realise how fucked his face is now/how plain he looked

No. 799687

File: 1602464454878.jpeg (530.31 KB, 750x980, 62CBFB7C-FFC1-4422-B611-D4F7DB…)

It’s good to know he’s always been classy, huh?

No. 799688

File: 1602464507426.jpeg (160.85 KB, 750x230, 5B004A85-A9C7-4004-A169-1FD522…)

Such an edgelord kek

No. 799689

File: 1602464561442.jpeg (538.65 KB, 750x985, 7103970D-A2DE-4EB2-BD05-52CFAB…)

At least we know his motto hasn’t changed

No. 799691


jesus christ
i remember a girl in my class was OBSESSED with him when he was a scene queen n I truly wondered why. he isn't even cute.

No. 799703

Major kek. It’s crazy to think this is the stuff that got him so well known and now it’s the kind of stuff that gets you instantly “cancelled” on the internet. I miss parts of the old internet.

Gross. That thing is huge. Who ever can take a whole dick like that is subhuman. Big doubt ol jeffy took that in the butt kek

No. 799712

So much with being secretive about self harm lol

No. 799739

The same reason every other trashy Myspace attentionwhore was obsessed with him: he was famous for being trashy, skanky, OTT fashion and weird photoshoots and projects despite coming from a piss poor background and not actually committing to a normal job.

That's what every e-whore wants, but won't get because apparently only white men can pull off making a living out of being an online spectacle.

No. 799742

Are those self-harm scars on his thigh?

No. 799744


Pretty sure J* is like goatse at this point.

No. 799763

Yeah it's well known by now he used to self harm. I remember when he talked about it in the documentary with Shane he said some of them had went down to muscle or bone and none of his scars look that severe at all, there's just a lot of them.

No. 799775

I think a big part of it was also him being completely non-threatening socially. All the Vanity is Perfection scene whores looked and dressed exactly the same so you had to be cocaine-thin and pretty to actually stand out. Jeffree was just a huge fag with his edgy bullshit but no one ever envied him. He was a joke that every fat insecure wannabe scene girl could set the low, low bar as their goal because he was ugly and untalented but he was still “famous,” and you never had to worry about him stealing your rawr XD emo boyfriend because 99% of men in the scene were actively repulsed by him back then.

No. 799793

>self-harm scars
no, those are his "get-out-of-racism-free" cards, if you saw shane's first documentary on him

sorry I know this is old but this screenshot without context made me kek

No. 799821

>some of them had went down to muscle or bone
lmao, does he expect people to actually believe that?

No. 799921


Didn't every scene queen and king have some sort of self-harm scars/wounds? Like it was literally trendy to have cuts. Like even Kota has leftover smiley scars from lighters on her hands. It was all about being edgy back then.

No. 799936

for some reason i dont think that dick is even real, it doesnt look real. shoop maybe?

No. 799982

that was inside jeffree's mangina not too long ago
It also looks like a penis extension or photoshop

No. 800009

File: 1602770219216.png (67.61 KB, 672x772, j.png)

these comments really want me to buy his shit

No. 800033

TBH I bought an eyeshadow palette and a few of his liquid lipsticks long before I knew of his insane fucked up drama and they truly are good products.
He is a pathetic excuse for a human though, so I won’t re-buy. Embarassd I ever contributed to this weirdo’s success in the first place.

No. 800045

File: 1602802113864.jpeg (107.26 KB, 708x960, 72D77AA9-7D6D-43B2-8EB7-ADDE75…)


Concealer is too dry; and the powder products have a lot of fallout. The glitter products especially have huge flakes/chunks in them.

OT but someone posted this fan pic in the new /snow/ aussie thread and this is just the most upsetting juxtaposition of faces

No. 800047

Same here. I invested in his blood sugar palette and even though I payed out my asshole for it and wouldn't buy anything from him again, it's honestly the most pigmented out of any shadow I've ever used. Why cant Jefree just be a decent human so people can enjoy his shit

No. 800051

the girls head is big but a normal big, jeffree head is just… deformed

No. 800065

His face powder also has this really strong scent and is so powdery that it had me hacking and sneezing for hours after brushing it on. It’s nice i guess but the ~EVIL~ Too Faced Born This Way powder is much better.

No. 800098

I like to think Jeffree
seethes internally every time he has to take a photo with a fan. She has fucking raccoon eyes and makes his product look like shit lmao

I also can't imagine him being genuinely nice to an average person but knows he needs to fake it for PR

No. 800146

Anons, don’t be stupid. Jeffree is garbage, but I can guarantee you other products have things of equal or greater moral debauchery attached to them. Child labor third world exploitation shit.

If you find something you like just as much and you’ll feel better switching brands, go for it; but don’t punish yourself bc he’s a pile of dogshit. Ugh I can’t even think about it too long, it’s just gross and every product is compromised, fuck this gay earth.

No. 800156

this is like the biggest proof if anyone wants to call him girly or androgynous, they're really dealing with a horse faced male
I'm sure he does, and probably bitches about it to people all the time. I think he might say shit like "that girl needs deodorant and a bath" or "I had to hug some retarded bitch" or the hard r n word.
If things like these get out, I think he would be perma-cancelled.

No. 800251

I bought a few liquid lipsticks but never a palette. I still enjoy the formula but it feels wrong to use them, I think you can get better payoff from just buying maybelline or limecrime if you want the crazy colors. Embarrassing? Yes. I ate dirt as I deserved for being so naive.
You just KNOW he treats everyone else around him like shit, which is why he makes everyone including his boyfriends sign NDAs. I wonder what Nate has seen and heard.

No. 800285

Those are bots, I don't think he bought them but those are definitely bots that are always posting on popular channels trying to take people's google accounts and of course since most of his fanbase is children and mouth breathers they're to dumb to realize that the top comments are fake.

No. 800322

Why I had to dig up the drama behind the TooFaced boycott?

The sister of the CEO had some feud with Nikkietutorials and made a comment ”tranagender huh? That's not the only thing she’s been lying about” about Nikkie.
And later she explained how she loooooves trans people and blah blah blah.

I’m so sick if cancel culture because half of the beauty companies are ” canceled” and it’s always just gurus infighting.

Does someone even remember how Loreal is tied to Nestle’s shady businesses with poisoning African kids? Of course not, because it’s not trending.

No. 800325

Dude who cares. This is about JS and co not your hate boner for the cosmetics industry

No. 800338

look up limecrime. She is Jeffree 2.0
When everyone boycotted limecrime Jeffree cashed in on their market. Limecrime Is dodgy af

No. 800350

HOW DARE YOU limecrime is jeffrey 1.0. Doe Deere has been a cosmetics cow before j* sold his first flakey liquid lipstick

No. 800352

just because other people suck doesn't mean jeffree isnt evil. limecrime has been cancelled for a while actually afaik.

No. 800369

All the rainbow wokesters I know love Limecrime and recommend it as an unproblematic alternative to JSC. I don’t know if they’re too young to remember Limecrime drama or if they simply don’t care because it’s not currently trending.

No. 800373

Doe Deere is no longer affiliated with LC which might be why they are recommended. Unless you’re confusing LC for Sugarpill. Sugarpill seems to have a largely unproblematic CEO if you don’t count all her weirdo troon orbiters.

No. 800394

Dd hasn't owned limecrime for years, she's not affiliated at all anymore. It's the same with KVD.

No. 800541

Posting this video because it does a summary of why his new campaign is shitty but tl:dr one of his campaign photos has a black girl inside a rat trap, and he has called black women rats before.

Also it's so annoying he said he wasn't going to do more advertising videos and then he comes up with one.

No. 800570


He looks like a Karen here.

No. 800831

Nah. Karens are still women. He looks like an unhinged sissy slut.

No. 800932

I’d say he looks more a corpse that got posed upright to look alive

No. 800933


He looks like if you took the energy of the entire userbase of MySpace and then used black magic to affix it to a corpse

No. 800937

File: 1603150351197.png (420.78 KB, 534x569, jeffree.PNG)

Jeffree back on the shaderoom he has a new black employee, I mean escort, I mean "love interest".

It's hilarous

No. 800938

File: 1603150434227.png (863.14 KB, 588x524, Capture.PNG)

No. 800939

Isn't he embarrassed to be known for paying people to be with him? It's so gross. But again, he's Jeffree Star and I doubt anyone would actually want to be with him for other than money.

No. 800957

somehow it feels more racist for him to be specifically finding black prostitutes to look woke or whatever


No. 800961

Why is he only pretending to date black guys wtf?

No. 800964

This fuck can only score blackface-supreme as a friend and gay4pay dudes as temporary bfs, oh my god. He has literally nobody else because he fucked up all the relationships he had going on.

No. 800996

Probably recently he is. Remember prior he went after backwater worked gas station guys like Nate who he could liquor/stone out. He HEAVILY invested in Nate being his bitch forever. Buying him everything under the sun even getting him gaudy custom shit like shoes and jewelry shown in his stupid vault video. He bought Nate's family homes, had a pallet based on their so called love and Nate STILL dipped. So he's stuck with obvious gold diggers.

No. 800999

Shane did nothing wrong.

Jeffree did nothing wrong.

Cope and lie all you want, you know I'm right.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 801011

Did it not come out recently that Doe Deere is still on the board of directors?

No. 801028

Out of all the gay "MUA" you can be with…Jeffree Star is who you pick? Fuck a bag of bones?

No. 801053

Oh well, Doe hasn't done anything bad in recent years anyways.

No. 801335

>Isn't he embarrassed to be known for paying people to be with him?

No. It's his proof positive that he can "buy" anyone and anything because he thinks that's power.
Normal people of course wouldn't value shallow transactional relationships, but J* is a sociopathic faggot with different values.

No. 801446


And yet the only men he can afford are hella ugly.

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