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File: 1628106749840.jpg (103.07 KB, 596x448, 1619501888442.jpg)

No. 1290933

The latest alt cows thread, for all the attention seekers, grifters, and other assorted idiots in the alternative community.

Most recent cows:

Adora Batbrat
Orlee Stewart & J.D. Temple
The Witchy Goths
Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian)
Avelina de Moray (Megan Blume)
Jake & Kaya (Toxic Tears)

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk

Last thread summary:

>Dorian blames lolita's for her ED relapse, then says she doesn't mind said relapse because she wanted to lose weight anyway. She also suddenly decided to clench to her fakeboi identity again

>Feigsfar and Felvae continue being neo-nazi's, don't even try to hide it anymore
>Jake still leeches off of randos who donate to his livestream, buys a bunch of motorcycles and plans a tour with his "band"
>Kaya refuses to film again because she is "busy" with driving/piano lessons and whining about chavs
>Psychara ruins her hair by using a bleach product she didn't read the instructions of, blames the company. She also continues her vagueposting about Mai and Annika
>Angela makes a video on her ED, sharing numbers and how she lost weight

No. 1290942

Last thread >>>/snow/1194113

No. 1291077

Thanks Anon. Excellent threadpic choice.

No. 1291078


I legit thought this was an actual picture of Kaya.

No. 1291325

Good luck to Kaya today for her driving test. Only because if she fails we will never hear the end of it and she can add it to her list of excuses for not working.

No. 1291502


I'm so surprised she actually passed

No. 1291557

You'd have to be borderline retarded to fail if she was taken an intensive driving course.

No. 1291773

Does anyone know what happend to Drac Makens? I saw that she deleted her yt videos and her IG is locked. Does anyone follow her there? Is she still cosplaying a latina?

No. 1291785

>Is she still cosplaying a latina?

Pretty sure she's Mexican, anon

No. 1291969

But instead of just being a Latina woman she cosplayed Frida Kahlo. At least that's what anons speculated bc she started drawing a unibrow on herself kek

No. 1291971

File: 1628221803742.jpg (131.73 KB, 720x996, 20210806_044625.jpg)

>hey I passed my drivinng test
>but instead of celebrating let me start complaining again!

If you don't like your bike lessons why did you sign up babe just quit. She'll complain about something but also keep doing it. Oh I can't make videos today because of the salt level of the water in Croatia. Just quit YouTube then if you complain so much about not being able to it. Whining is just her personality now I guess?

No. 1291973

Also nitpick but "y'all" when she's not even american, what's up w that

No. 1291984

I think it's normal to say y'all on the internet without being american, that being said if she said it outloud in her irish accent it would sound weird and forced as hell

>Whining is just her personality now I guess

was it not always?

No. 1292001

No. 1292100

At least she's being somewhat productive instead of it's too windy to work as her usual.

No. 1292104

so? nothing interesting

No. 1292129

File: 1628255826545.jpg (900.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210806-151603_Ins…)

One step closer to true tradwifedom. Spawning will be next.

No. 1292140

I know this gets pointed out in every photo of her but jesus christ those TEETH, I hate them so much

No. 1292556

And a moustache. But tbh, she looked much better without white foundation. I know everyone does, but still.

No. 1292600

File: 1628295817726.png (451.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2021-08-06-16-20-03…)

So the Toxic Twosome got a new house and are already filling it with Halloween crap

No. 1292601

File: 1628295875225.png (362.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2021-08-06-16-22-02…)

…. And she's already complaining about the bedrooms being too small

No. 1292605

File: 1628297075749.jpg (606.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210807-024035_Ins…)

Wonder how long she'll claim to not be able to film because of moving into the new house.

No. 1292725

'A lot going on in the real world'.
Does Kaya not realise that most people have to function in the real world and hold down jobs too?
Girl is going to have a massive reality check in a few years when her channel is dead and she has to earn her money like the rest of us.

No. 1292765

My bet is she's gonna be 35 or so when reality finally hits her and she goes back to college or some kind of job training. She's gonna wish she had started doing that years ago (now). Right now she's still deluded into thinking she can do YT full time.

But then again they have so many simps that they were able to get a new house so maybe they're set for life.

No. 1292785

I'm thinking the simps she has now have been there for a long time and will eventually grow out of her.She's not doing anything to gain new fans so eventually she will be irrelevant.
Jake on the other hand may remain popular for longer but they will eventually split up.
She's gonna end up middle aged and long term sick on benefits blaming everyone and everything else but herself for her downfall.

No. 1292801

Imagine how brain damaged you have to be to look in the mirror, see THIS, and think "fuck yeah this is what this country needs" jfc it's always like that: people thinking they're genetically superior looking like they lacked oxygen at birth (correlation, surely.)

No. 1293072

Guys I’m struggling to film cause I moved into my house 7 months ago and it to stressful outside there are seagulls and rain therefore it adding to my stress of filming oh and my scooter hasn’t been stolen but I still have ptsd from chavs, thankyou all for understanding I be back with not just 1 but 5 spooky box unboxings for you next month

No. 1293274

Wow!! Really?? Couldn't tell

No. 1293312

If you could tell why did you say she was "cosplaying" a latina

No. 1295761

File: 1628500549341.jpg (992.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210809-111410_Ins…)

Get U a man who has a copy of the turner diaries?
I think I'll pass.

No. 1295767

God what a fucking LARP, my husband is a real military trained survivalist and he doesn't feel the need to dress like a 18th century farmer in some period film to prove "rugged" and self sufficient he is

No. 1295790


Those apples aren't even fucking ripe, the dumb fuck. Truly the stupidest larpers.

No. 1295843

Without the beard, where would the lower part of his face be?

No. 1295865

Anon those are granny smiths.

No. 1295868


Anon, sorry for growing up on a farm sperg but granny smiths are harvested in early October. Those are small/underripe, they probably threw them in a hedge after their photoshoot.

No. 1295890

I love how he brought a quaint li'l basket because it would look "rural" for pictures, even if it is not actually convenient for bringing apples.
Rugged survivalist indeed.

No. 1296021

It’s so fucking pretentious to me that it all for a photoshoot?? I mean dress like you want sure but has he ever showed interest in farming etc? I bet he goes home to play on his switch and edit on his macbook kek

Also Felvae is getting bigger and bigger

No. 1296160

I'm starting to think she actually likes her buckteeth showing. She went to the lenghts of editing them whiter in this. Apart from you know, never closing her mouth for pics.

If he wants to raise a family on his produce he'd should start trying to grow weed, because these 12 unripe apples are not gonna cut it

No. 1296240

File: 1628536959822.png (724.63 KB, 934x477, Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 20.1…)


He's dressing like this because he's been ass-kissing Lucy (wyrdisle) and Craig Fraser again - the fashy trad couple who used to run training camps for national action. They now run "cutesy" trad events where everyone has to dress like mentally deficient hobbits and talk about how pure and aryan they are.


Lauren and Adam attended one of their previous trad events in lockdown.

No. 1296414

The fucking master race ladies and gentlemen.

No. 1296501

File: 1628552193542.jpeg (138.37 KB, 1600x900, HORSETEETH.jpeg)

No. 1296736

Is the bread she's holding supposed to look like a giant dick?

No. 1296843

Yeah. It's a pagan fertility thing. The big dick symbolizes a big dick, because these people are about as subtle as a brick.

No. 1297322

Imagine waking up one day and you're a painfully average looking racist who finds penis bread the height of amusement. Bleak.

No. 1298347

This is so weird and unsettling and seems culty, it honestly reminds me of The Wicker Man or something.

No. 1298451

It looks culty because it pretty much is a cult. And you're not wrong about the wickerman. Frasier uses a lot of British folkhorror (wickerman, blood on satan's claw) imagery in his propaganda. Basically they think the murderous locals in that movie were the good guys.

No. 1298584

File: 1628780329775.jpg (344.17 KB, 1080x1212, 20210812_165516.jpg)

So they have two cars, two motorbikes, a scooter, and rent to pay on their studio spaces. But they can't afford bigger housing? Are they just going into debt for this shit? I know the housing market is insane right now. But still…

No. 1298598

Plus I doubt their simp coins help them out THAT much

No. 1298614

A 2016 secondhand Jeep Renegade is £8-10k, they're raking through Jake's simp money and racking up debt is my guess. Let's see if she ever makes any content which isn't her just rambling while putting makeup on now she has a new home, car, etc.

No. 1298748

You can make tart preparations from unripe apples, or press them for a pectin-rich tart juice called verjus, which is used in a lot of old recipes as an acidifier and gelling agent, for example in pies that otherwise lack a binder, sauces, and dressings. Maybe they are just dunces who couldn't wait to pick apples, though.

No. 1298756

>racking up debt

I was going to say. All of these things have to be insured and tagged to be driven and Stump's simp money can only stretch so far. Is Kaya's family wealthy or something?

No. 1298824

I have a 2015 Jeep Renegade and it was about $15k USD, not sure how much that is in Irish currency. My guess is they got a loan for it. Like the other anons I seriously question how far Jake's simpbuxx are going to go. Imagine the payments for two cars, two motor bikes plus the insurance/gas/maintenance for both of those? There are creators with bigger audiences than Jake who still work irl jobs because they don't get enough from patreon/sponsorships etc to live off of.

Something isn't adding up.

No. 1299002

I remember kaya saying in the very early days of her youtube around when she sold foot fetish pics kek that when she and Jake first moved in together they didnt have much cash, and when they did they would immediately spend it at the gas station on junk food. Maybe she has rich parents who decided to chip in, or they take out loans and are probably in debt. Or they're using their simp salary which I also doubt covers all this AND a new house. I remember them saying they pay for ubers a lot as well instead of bothering to walk.

No. 1299031

File: 1628825412198.png (2.12 MB, 1080x2400, graalyoga.png)

Anon you familiar with graal yoga? Fairly sure it's the same people in your pic. The goth/alt to fash pipeline is real. These people seem creepy as fuck. The folk horror, the redone sexual revolution, etc is attracting alt girls like flies to shit.

No. 1299036

File: 1628826866776.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, -8YrccUi.jpg)

Same energy

No. 1299075

I just can't understand how easily everything comes for her! I'm 32 and I never had a car, I couldn't even pay for lessons! How come she got lessons, she passed AND got a jeep in like 1 month? Wtf?

Kaya's parents must be rich and support them, it makes NO sense otherwise. Neither Jake's music career or the duo joint simp coins could be enough to pay for this.

Yes, they used to live off a combo of some of Kayas parents help and the selling of foot fetish services. Not only pics but guys would go to their house to sniff and lick her feet, they'd even clean the house…

Maybe she's doing something she's not proud of to get the money. You know what I mean? Working in daddy's business would be my guess. Now we have to follow this lead… maybe she HAS a job. A secretary job would be perfectly doable for her, would justify why she isn't on YouTube but still has money

523 followers is not attracting people like flies… but like, explain wtf this is about?

No. 1299111

>maybe she HAS a job. A secretary job would be perfectly doable for her, would justify why she isn't on YouTube but still has money

Knowing Kaya I VERY much doubt this. She's had jobs before in her early YouTube days and was pretty open about it, she worked at a call center and later she worked for PayPal. She would bitch non stop about how much she fucking hated her PayPal job and how terrible it was and finally quit even though it was good money. She never said why it was so terrible though. Trust me if she had a job she would be complaining 24/7 about it on social media. I also don't think she'd be working for her dad since he lives in Spain. Selling feet pics though? It's definitely possible.

This is creepy as fuck but it doesn't look goth at all to me tbh.

No. 1299133

NTA but both the pagan and alt communities are used as recruiting grounds for this shit. They play up a return to pre-christian tradition, love of nature, rejection of modern society and embracing history. None of these things are bad in themselves, but they can be easily employed to ease people into fucked up racism and mysoginy. In addition to that, the alt scene has as lways had to deal with contrarian edgelords who do things just because the mainstream rejects it, and look down on what they consider to be conformity, rather than common sense.

No. 1299170


Yeah that is Craig Fraser who I mentioned. Him and his wife Lucy (Wyrdisle) wrote The Centurian Method, a book encouraging the far right to "turn the sedentary western human into a weapon of pure ferocity and power" - basically militarising the alt right. You can see the focus still hasn't changed, they just renamed it after they got outed as fash.

>>299075 Instagram keeps removing his accounts, this one is a couple of weeks old so not many followers. He's friendly with some well known goth/pagan/folk horror people though.

No. 1299174

I really wonder how these kind of people behaves irl. I have interacted online with one couple with the same vibe, they weren't creepy or unpleasant, but they seemed like plain middle class youth looking for an outlet in their plain lives.
The woman was making photoshots posing as kali naked, with bodypaint and swords in her hands, but in her stories she posed with her bubbletea, with a face that looked like your typical 20 something librarian : a bit chubby, with glasses and a ponytail.

I'm not linking their pages because they didn't behaved like cows, I just wanted to elaborate on the subject : bored middle class youth getting interested in esoterism and wanting to feel rebellious. I strongly prefer them to tradthots and wignats, they're mostly harmless weird people.

No. 1299198

Most crunchy folkhorror pagan-y types are perfectly pleasant nerds. But there is a group of people who subscribe to antivax and racist ideas, especially those that adhere to the principles of Rudolph Steiner or madam Blavatski. But a lot of them just want to fuck around with maypoles and brew mead and shit.

But people like Frasier and his cohorts are so much worse IRL. This is the face they present to appear non-threatening and not dangerous. If this is what they consider a disguise, imagine what the real people are like.

Saged for blogposting. But I work with pre-christian Scandinavian history for a living, and have met far too many of these people. They will strike up a perfectly pleasant conversations, and start dropping in dogwhistles. If you have the nerve to contradict their "historical interpretations" they suddenly become quite stern, and calmly threaten to have you raped and killed. Don't let the goofy bullshit fool you, it's part of their approach.

No. 1299248

PayPal and a call centre, so sit-down over the phone or online jobs. And she couldn't even do that. I remember she worked at Lush too and complained about having to stand. She acts like a spoiled rich kid, but idk if she has the rich parents to back it up. When I used to sub to her she had a vlog where she went to her parents house or something to get some stuff for moving and just looked like a regular house. She probably has income that is not YouTube though because if she didn't, not being able to afford her precious junk food would be a kick up the arse to make more videos… of unboxing plastic tat, but videos nonetheless.

No. 1299267

Her dad is a plumber/electrician. Her mom used to be a glamourmodel, which doesn't pay that much unless you're very successful. I'm sure her folks help her out but not probably not enough to support this lifestyle. Her dad currently does maintenance on cruiseships, which is why he lives in barcelona.

No. 1299327

And then the rest of us have to actually work for things instead of whinging on Twitter about it being too windy or whatever.

No. 1299456

Wonder if since her ma did glamour modelling Kaya has done similar shit for money. Like it blows my mind the foot shit. When she use to do that it was with like typical East Belfast type goons. Wouldn't be shocked if she does shit still and doesn't openly advertise. Maybe it would add to her gothness, I still cringe about her being topless in Jakes 7 rings cover and she just looked like her dad.

No. 1299466

Yeah and she only worked at Lush for one day before she got fired for not coming into work because it made her foot hurt.

In that case maybe they're just maxing out credit cards.

No. 1299613

I fully don't understand why they need an expensive car EACH when literally neither of them have to commute to any kind of job? How are they affording this? Not to mention the scooters/ bikes and studios.
Seriously if they really have so much money why not just fucking be smart and buy a house?!

No. 1299618

File: 1628905813386.jpg (612.66 KB, 1080x1581, 20210814_034940.jpg)

Adam looks like a bird shat on his face.

No. 1299906

Yeah and we know they barely go outside because they think Belfast has nothing to do and has no goth scene. So apart from driving their fat asses to the local McDonalds they won't have much use for their bike, skateboards, and now cars.

No. 1299934


It's just a status symbol to them. The whole thing is bizarre. Why would a couple not share a car if neither have jobs…how can they get finance if they have no fixed income? Is Jake really making that much on YT?

No. 1300168

Our favourite pervert is going to make a come back

No. 1300365

lol, I was just wondering about him recently. I went to his instagram but it's private. and of course he would collab with jade the libra.

No. 1300434

I just realised how much transport they have. Jake's motorbike, kaya's scooter, they both had e-skateboards at one point idk if they still do, and now apparently 2 cars. Could've just bought 1 car and then bought their new house quicker.

No. 1300684

They each have a motorbike rn.

No. 1301340

bird poop make-up, as organic and nature-bound as it comes

No. 1301387

He's a pagan white supremacist and his name is Adam? You'd think he would have changed that by now

No. 1301396

How are things between her and Mr.Owl? She said she was actually going to have kids by 12:05 mark. Poor guy, he doesn't want to be on her videos anymore.

No. 1301780

File: 1629195909249.jpg (793.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210817-122337_Ins…)

Bitch, you have a studio that isn't "done" apparently.

No. 1301900

Did they already move or??

No. 1301941

Just can't stop sperging about ED's huh. Trying to tell people to be kinder to people with these issues, likely just to have people do that to her. Not a chance in hell girl.
Bitch out here looking like Shelley Duvall on meth.

No. 1301956

To be fair he was always camera shy even before the breakup, Freya would cut the footage when she would ask him something during filming. I still think he is a huge doormat and their relationship is probably rocky, but him not appearing in the videos is not a problem imo.

No. 1302036

Dont insult Duvall like that

No. 1302044

Of course she’s still sperging about eating disorders. How else would she make sure everybody knows how sooper sick she was and how insightful and clever she is if she didn’t? She fails to realise she doesn’t have a boney leg to stand on, because all this banging on about ED’s and anything peripheral to them is just an extension of her own poorly managed disorders.

No. 1302055

Oh right, I forgot she used to work for PayPal but I'm wondering what was so terrible about it? I would think that it would be a little better than the Call Center. But right, she does tend to complain about her jobs like when she was working at I think Sephora and complained about how much her feet hurt after one shift. I don't think she lasted long there neither.

I'm more than sure that she probably is selling feet pics though. It's very low effort which is perfect for her because of how much of a lazy glutton she is.

No. 1302059

She really has nothing else at this point. Sitting in her mom's basement and spiraling

No. 1302061

I wouldn't be surprised if the contacts are to hide her pupils. She seems kinda strung out and paranoid. She's probably on drugs again.

No. 1302063

Well you gotta remember to factor in Patreon and possible sponsorships.

No. 1302064

Are you fucking serious? Exactly anon, she has a fucking studio that still hasn't been finished and is really just burning away money since she most likely is renting it. I cannot believe this woman, she may as well just get rid of the studio and just keep the office.

No. 1302147

She's renting the house she still had no property in her name. I wonder if her and Jake's cars are finance to get their credit ratings up or have they bought older models? Is there any photos of their cars? The scooters are crazy too, I wonder if they're buying these objects to get finance and push up their credit rating. Wonder how'd they get a mortgage stating they're both self employed but with no consistent work or schedules. Like Kaya is not consistent on YouTube, not sure if Jake has consistent enough deals with sponsors or whatever to show that he can guarantee a certain monthly income. Wonder if they pay any tax on their income or what the fuck their situation is, they'd be retarded if they haven't opened up a private pension for themselves or they'll be super fucked when they are older.

No. 1302161

Really? There's plenty of old videos in her channel featuring him…

No. 1302254

I mean tbf I would still much rather hear Dorian's perspective than someone like Blaire White who has no idea what the fuck they're talking about and is just doing it for clicks. Still not gonna watch Dorian's video though.

It was Lush not Sephora (not that it makes a difference). And you're right, she only lasted one day iirc.

No. 1302256

Yeah he used to appear in her older videos but I think in one of her Q&A videos she mentioned that he didn't like being on the camera all that much so he probably was trying to get past that for her but ultimately couldn't. And besides, he was usually busy with school if I'm not mistaken.

>It was Lush not Sephora (not that it makes a difference). And you're right, she only lasted one day iirc.

Oh my bad.

No. 1302539

He was in her videos up until a year ago when they did the "Trying weird asian snacks" video or the thrift shopping vlog. He's certainly not the type of guy who likes to show off or enjoys the attention (like Matthias did I guess), but he doesn't seem to mind if he has to be in front of a camera on occasion.

No. 1303010

File: 1629318915443.jpg (255.19 KB, 1080x1189, Screenshot_20210818-213252_Chr…)

This is her car , not sure how new it is

No. 1303013

It pisses me off how they need a car each like just fucking share one like normal people if you don't commute every day ?!

No. 1303032

Its a 2015/2016 model

No. 1303045

It's not like they don't commute, they literally never go anywhere, not even for pleasure, nothing.
Why have 4 means of transportation when you go nowhere?

No. 1303052

Not only that but they each have gas guzzling SUVs (well I'm not 100% sure what kind of car Jake has but it looked big). I know some places are undrivable 6 months out of the year if you don't have a rugged 4WD car but I don't think Ireland is like that, she most likely could have gotten by with a smaller sedan that would take less gas especially since she barely goes anywhere. But maybe I'm nitpicking Idk.

No. 1303325

I don't think you're nitpicking at all anon, you're talking common sense. The toxic twosome are just fucking retarded with money buying all these unnecessary things and aren't actually thinking about what they're spending money on. And I cannot wait until the day their fans wake the fuck up and see that they're throwing away money on two morons who are lazy fat fucks (okay well 1/2 is a lazy ass) and the money train starts flowing and they're stuck with all this expensive shit that they can't pay off because their fans finally opened their eyes to the truth about them.

No. 1303326

*Money train STOPS flowing
My bad kek

No. 1303377

Kaya: I looooove nature!
Also Kaya: check out our second SUV!

No. 1303516

Yeah their tween emo audience is gonna grow out of them soon. Kaya's views have been dwindling so much and she's becoming irrelevant. Jake's following the Tiktok reaction trend but that's getting stale too now and he'll either hop on to the next attention whore thing or fizzle out too.

No. 1303519

Samefag to add some middle aged alt mums follow Jake too, idk what's going to happen with them kek

No. 1303698

I'm pretty sure Kaya is the one who's going to become irrelevant before Jake because she does fuck all these days except complain and spend on frivolous shit. Jake may have a longer lifespan because of the TikTok but you're right, that's going to get old soon and his vlogs don't rake in views so he'll be screwed too.

Yeah same. I'm sure they will support his ass a little longer but I don't think there are many of them compared to the emo tweens so they really won't be making as much as they do right now when this day comes.

No. 1303756

I think it be very hard for them to get a mortgage as two people who don’t work and have online jobs It will be potentially impossible unless they can prove it’s 100% stable or a benefit house.

No. 1303760

Imagine them breaking up and Jake starting OnlyFans to suck even more money out of his middle aged alt mum fans.

No. 1304283

Any dirt on Dani Divine or Shelly d'Inferno? They both have been to Bloodstock and posted pictures but none of them together. Seems very weird considering they were/are in Pyrohex together and models usually can't resist taking pictures for the socials.

No. 1304306

since he already loves posting shirtless selfies with his pubes on full display I could see that happening

No. 1304436

File: 1629456400172.jpg (456.75 KB, 1080x1518, 20210820_124454.jpg)

Never change Kaya.
Actually, please change. You're infuriating.

No. 1304469

File: 1629461823025.png (417.5 KB, 720x1512, Screenshot_20210820-081452.png)

"there's literally no cool people in Belfast and no one to hang out with"

No. 1304472

What, are there no professional movers in Belfast? Did they all run off with the local goth scene?

No. 1304488

does anyone remember the shebeast that is Raven Sparks? Kaya really reminds me of her in some ways, especially how she has to find the negatives in EVERY LITTLE THING and can't be positive just once. Just complain complain complain all the damn time

kek is she still using that seriously old photo of herself as her main pic? kaya, you dont look like that anymore. get over it

No. 1304493


IMO opinion she is pretty milky, beside the CrAzY EX stories she’s selling shitty necklaces on Etsy, spends an unholy amount of money on cheap clothes from fast fashion stores.

No. 1304911

there are meerkats in ireland? whut

No. 1305022

Bless your heart Anon. I think it was a captive meerkat.

No. 1305244

If she gets friends to do it, they'll probably do it for free. They need all the money they can get for useless gadgets and junk food remember

No. 1305248

lol yeah probably but the way she said "we saw a meerkat" makes it sound like they just randomly saw one while driving around

No. 1305595

IBF just shared this on Facebook but it's unlisted on her channel

No. 1305599

File: 1629575322986.jpg (246.73 KB, 1080x1278, Screenshot_20210821-204319_Fac…)

No. 1305611

File: 1629576046227.jpg (308.33 KB, 1080x1883, Screenshot_20210821-210003_Fac…)

No. 1305620

Any bets on how will she change her everyday look (hair and makeup) after the birth? I hope she keeps it all very private and shows as less possible of her kid on social media.

No. 1305622

Damn, rewatching her last haul from 2 months ago you could already tell.

No. 1305624

Bets on names? Lilith, Luna, Wednesday, Mercy, etc.

No. 1305627

I'm still baffled by her relationship. As a total outsider it looks like she just paused her relationship with hootfiend, fucked off to germany to marry someone else (while he dated another big haired goth girl) and then she came back and picked up where they left off. She is engaged (if I'm not mistaken) and pregnant. What happened to her "wanderlust" that drove her to end a relationship and leave the country?

No. 1305644

>What happened to her "wanderlust" that drove her to end a relationship and leave the country?
It got crushed by the reality of being a middle-class adult.

No. 1305662

You're kidding, right? Her YouTube channel's bound to be all about goth accessories for babies; everything from black milk bottles and lacey prams to skeleton onesies!

No. 1305669

This is a nightmare, she can't even take care of cats.

No. 1305705

I’m pretty shocked Freya’s pregnant, I was under the impression she didn’t want kids (or did I make that up? I just don’t follow her anymore).

No. 1305719

Exactly. This baby will recieve minimal constructive care but maximum accessorising. Wonder if she'll finally give up on the apartment in Scotland now.

No. 1305729

She’s always talked about wanting kids someday.

No. 1305808

Exactly. Never forget the cats or the budgies.

Honestly, I could puke. I can’t have kids and I knew that early. It changed my life in ways I’m not gonna go into here. And here’s this bish…(learn2sage)

No. 1305815

Come on , it's not her fault you can't have kids , she's always talking about how she wanted to be a mother , I think she will be a okay mom .

No. 1305823

She's talked about wanting kids before iirc and she probably won't be a shit mother, but she is a terrible planner like the Visa marriage and some stuff about her pets. She also says she hates NZ but she'll have to be there a while now kek. Has all her stuff even returned from Germany?

No. 1305827

That’s an insane thing for you to be jealous of. What does her starting a family, like most women do, have anything to do with your infertility?

I think having the baby will actually keep her in NZ for a while where it seems better for her. Also, are we sure that they aren’t married already?

No. 1305829

Remember last time when they announced they were going to get married? Freyja made a huge deal out of it, it was even going to be a livestreamed event with tickets (!)… then she dumped him and ran to Europe. lol
I don't think she will talk about their status ever again.

No. 1305830

I'm honestly quite happy for her. I hope that she gets her stuff sent back to NZ and they settle down and have a nice gawth family life.

No. 1305845

I can buy it being something that she THOUGHT was the mature option, and she was just lucky that Mr Owl was keen to get back together when it blew up in her face, ie:
IBF: I really want to travel.
Owl: I never do.
IBF: I guess it makes more sense for us to split.
Owl: Yes.
IBF: Well I guess I am free to go to Germany now. Oh here is that cute Matthias guy I may have flirted with one time.
Matthias: You seem to have a high profile and might be good for my cough art career. Let's get married so you can stay in Germany and plug my merch forever!
IBF: Germany is harder than I thought it would be. Maybe a new town with a bigger place where I can totally hide from Matthias.
Nope. Oh Mr Owl I do miss you and feel that I made a mistake.
Mr Owl: BRB dumping younger lookalike. OK SINGLE NOW.
IBF: Fuck it, I'm going home.
Oh no wait I'm going to Scotland to create my dream land in a way that might entice Mr Owl to leave NZ.
Oh no wait Paisley is kind of meh. Oh no I got deported again. Oh no there is COVID.
Fuck it let's have that baby.

No. 1305855

Anon, you nailed it.

I’m kinda baffled by the “she’s gonna be a great mom” comments here, given that this board has been watching and snarking about IBF’s train wreck of a life through various countries and relationships for years now.

No. 1305864

>kinda baffled by the “she’s gonna be a great mom” comments here

No one here said that. The most they said was "okay" mom.

No. 1305959

At least we can all agree Karen will be a terrible grandma.

No. 1305961

2 words. Social security.

No. 1305973

My first thought as well. For a family with a child it's pretty generous unless I'm mistaken.

No. 1305977

Wow I thought Freya is asexual and very prudish, It must be the most weird part of their relationship to have sex only to have kids…

No. 1305982

I've never heard her mention being asexual. As for prudish, remember the Elvira photoshoot? She has some body confidence issues relating to her weight. But that's not the same thing.

No. 1305984

Don't pretend you don't understand what she was trying to say.

I was surprised first when she said that having kids doesn't mean your life is over because I found that very mature, but then she talked about still going to festivals and stuff like that. There's no way you can bring a baby or a small kid to the kind of festivals she goes to. Music would be too loud and babies need a lot of rest, otherwise they would probably cry a lot. Imagine also a 2 year old kid seeing some goth or metahead with extreme make up and pircings, wouldn't the kid freak out? Doesn't sound to me like the best enviroment for your small kid to be. Kids get lost so easily and, while I don't have any prejudice towards people who dress ''scary'', it's obvious any festival attracts people with bad intentions, even if it's only for stealing wallets.

About all the goth-themed stuff she'll buy for her kid it's going to be hilarious. I seethis going two ways: her trying a lot to buy her child every damn thing she needs in its goth version (even if plastic bottles have BPA) or surrendering to buy affordable stuff because of prices and realising now the other effort is ridiculous.

I hope the kid doesn't intoxicate herself with all that hairspray or freaks out when her mother makes up her eyes like they are bleeding. Haven't seen how her place in NZ is but I remeber how her last apartment in Germany HAD to be painted all in black and not only it looked like shit aesthetically and because of the dust being more visual in dark surfaces, but it would also have smelled like paint for weeks and that's toxic too.

No. 1306093

That was beautiful anon. Beautiful and accurate lol.

I dunno about this. I agree with others that I don't think she'll be a shit mother, she may actually be a decent one but I also agree that she's gonna totally use that baby as a goff accessory while it's still young and not aware of what's going around it

No. 1306102

I remember in a Q and A someone asked if she'd dress her kids goth. She said yeah bc all parents dress their kids how they want until the kid is old enough to choose. And that's fair. But we all know she's gonna go above and beyond and buy every single black thing covered in pumpkins and bats from killstar lol

No. 1306104

Yeah that about sums it up. One more thing though, isn't Mr Owl still in school? In one if the threads someone said he was getting a degree.

No. 1306264

>wouldn't the kid freak out

No? I mean, the kid will be used to seeing their parents looking like that. Kids only get scared of things they don't understand, no one's born afraid of people with makeup and piercings.

No. 1306281

File: 1629663087628.jpg (59.8 KB, 800x445, 170813meraluna367-800x445.jpg)

The kid won't be used to that the first time she sees some weird ass goth make up because their parents don't have very spooky styles (apart from the bloody eyes of Freyja). Also, they won't go around the house on their exaggerated looks 24/7 (Mr.Owl's is quite modest) they will probably wear their everyday look that is much more softer and simple. And who knows, maybe Mr. Owl or Freyja loosen up a bit with their white talk foundation and eyeliner because of time and money (probably not). This normal situation can't be compared to the few days the kid will be for the first time in a festival and see some pic related for the first time. Maybe she'll be used to it around 6 years old but I doubt she doesn't freak out somehow when it gets late and dark. Talk all we want about the kid being used to dress goth but children are easily frightened.
Sage because ranting about nothing.

No. 1306314

File: 1629665038870.jpg (36.05 KB, 567x389, lovejoy3.jpg)

Most alternative festivals like M'era Luna don't allow kids below age twelve. And the ones that do serve as perfect evidence that kids give no fucks, adults do. An afternoon at the renfair will teach you that.

No. 1306316

Might be attacked for acting like a wk but it’s very obvious that a lot of you in here are very immature and can’t even grasp adulthood never mind parenthood. We have rightfully judged IBF in these threads over the years. Now she’s doing what everyone said she should be doing and bitching about it. I mean, it’s been suggested in these many threads that she should stay in NZ. Now that she’s doing that and settling down there it’s wrong? She’s always talked about wanting to be a mother and I’m glad she’s doing it at home rather than trying to make it work abroad with some foreign man and having the kid go through all that drama/trauma. She’s barely been on YouTube for the last 2+ years. Maybe she was taking that time setting up for this pregnancy?! It’s like some of you just want some of these cows to continue to be cows so you have something to talk about and can’t comprehend that there’s a possibility that they might change as they age. I’d like to see what happens with this child and then we can comment.

No. 1306332

>An afternoon at the renfair will teach you that.
Don't compare that to goth or rock festivals because they aren't the same. I'm glad most of them don't allow children if it's like you said. But very small children from 0-4 don't undertand fashion and some other things and they can get scared for no apparent reason. Have you never taken care/met/heard of children who NEED the lights on all night because otherwise they get scared? Being around actual children could have taught you that.

No. 1306354

NTA but this is some puritan nonsense.

No. 1306375

Why? Small children can have occasional anxiety and anxiety disorders just like adults, and some of them come from fears of things they still don't percieve as fiction or harmless. Of course all this is hypothetical because of the context we are talking about, we don't know where Freyja is really going to go with her kid or if the kid is going to be scared of crocodriles rather than metalheads with extreme make up. I'm just pointing out that some goth/alternative styles can be too impressive for a kids, that's all. The same reason you don't watch The Crow with your 4 year old daughter.

No. 1306434

if a kid is terrified of someones make-up or get-up they should probably just get over it
sooner the better

besides its not like theres lone 8 year olds roaming around at such things.
if theyre young and there, theyre likely with a parent or guardian who can console them if they freak out
and that parent or guardian is probably pretty weird looking too, or they wouldnt be there

its not where id bring a young child, as that just seems like a huge hassle
but idk it just seems like pearl-clutching over a non-existent issue
most kids of metalheads/punkrockers ive come across are actually substantially more well-adjusted than the ones with helicopter parents, or the ones that were raised by an ipad

No. 1306443

Exactly. These are adult spaces. I've been to a lot of the same festivals as Freya, and there are teenagers there, but no small children.

Also, I'm not a big fan of Freya. But I'd still assume that if her child suffered an anxiety attack she would remove them from the situation. I love how worked up pearl clutching Anon gets over a completely hypothetical situation.

No. 1306473

NTA but she wrote something about it on some blog? essentially she said she just didn't really care for sex and went to a therapist about it (pushed by mommy karen kek because her/her bf at the time found it weird) and she was told she was normal in that regard…

No. 1306504

I think a greater concern at goth festivals (I haven't been to one, just normie ones) is there's usually a fetish tent or fashion show based on what I've seen online from vloggers, even normie festivals often have some vagina or sexual themes somewhere.
Aside, kids generally react to people who act aggressively, goths and alternative people not acting aggressively isn't gonna scare them regardless of how they are dressed.

No. 1306617

>don't pretend you don't understand what I was trying to say

Nta but what exactly were you trying to say? It sounds like you're just salty she got pregnant and you couldn't. Even though she had infertility issues so she's lucky to be prengant. I'm salty that the toxic twosome can afford a house and 2 cars without actually working. What of it.

No. 1306693

For not being that anon you conveninently misquoted and jumped into some wrong coclusions. I'm not the anon with fertility issues either. Please learn how to read.

No. 1306698

>if a kid is terrified of someones make-up or get-up they should probably just get over it
sooner the better
I see you agree with me here but you seem to forget kids need help with that too, overcoming fears as a kid needs the help of adults.
>but idk it just seems like pearl-clutching over a non-existent issue
The nonexisting issue being that some anon said that ''children give no fucks about weird stuff' here >>1306314 and ''Kids only get scared of things they don't understand'' here >>1306264 . It's like some people here can't connect the dots and see that small children that can't fully understand some things will get scared of them instead of not caring. At this point I'm responding to people that have no idea about a child's rationality.

Thanks <3

>Aside, kids generally react to people who act aggressively, goths and alternative people not acting aggressively isn't gonna scare them regardless of how they are dressed.
Do you really think some children fear monsters (for example) because they think monsters might be aggressive to them instead of how they look? Think about children being scared of clowns, sometimes a fear it's all about the appeareance.

No. 1306729

Not being overly fussed doesn't mean asexual. Plus, that was a different bf - maybe she enjoys it more with Owl. In any case the idea that she's in some relationship where they only copulate for pregnancy and keep far apart at all other times is a bit of a reach.

No. 1306735

People are really proposing famous goth characters' names on the comment section like Wednesday, Lydia or Raven. Spotted a couple of Liliths too. After 5 years of semi-following this woman and seeing how their fangirls called her mom I'm reaching unsuspected levels of cringe.

No. 1306773

Responding to the last paragraph, I mean it's quite clear kids are afraid of monsters attacking them and not just looking weird, half of Disney characters look weird as hell but kids like them because they're friendly and harmless. And clowns generally act strange as part of the look, it's behavior that is frightening not appearances. Kids generally love weird, colorful, outlandish, cartoonish appearances (see: every kids character ever) so I think the uwu goths scary line of thought is overstated. Especially when in this hypothetical situation, mom and dad literally also have the same style of fashion.

No. 1306789

File: 1629718369123.jpg (380.18 KB, 1598x788, NINTCHDBPICT000635469140.jpg)

I understand what you say but I still believe appeareance plays a much bigger role than anything else. And of course I don't believe trad goth style, cybergoths, metalheads or punks are perse scary, but there are some of them with very extreme looks and I'd say no matter how nice and friendly they truly are, any small kid would probably have fear as their first impression. Like I said before, Freyja and Mr.Owl don't dress like pic related. The idea of parents being present being some sort of help is true to a certain degree but again it's very common watching a scary/sci-fi film with your parents as a kid and still being frightened at night during weeks. Usually a small kid's fear is irrational until they are old and mature enough to rationalize it. Cartoons these days, specially the very popular socal animation,are colourful and seem ''friendly'' because they look really dumb, not weird. Pic related-like individuals don't look like children cartoons at all. And I don't find any problem with them looking the way they want, but since goth has many ties with death, nihilism, the occult, macabre stuff and similar topics it seems naive to pretend that those goths whose looks are very inspired on corpses,BDSM and paranormal stuff won't make a huge first impression on small kids. Just like that scary-looking Drag Queen with horns reading in a public library.
I'm not telling anyone what to do with their children so please refrain from replying to my post like I'm doing that.
Sage because it's clear that my posts hypothesizing about IBF are way above and this is an approach to an abstract topic.

No. 1306922

almost all fears are learned, not innate.

No. 1306935

Are you fucking serious?

No. 1306961

She did say that I also remember her mentioning it ages ago and she has a dislike for kids I wonder what changed her mind? The fact that she ageing and she running out of time, she left it to late

No. 1306965

Boo hoo goth scare children. Are you serious? You're either 12 or stupid

No. 1306968

Didn't say the opposite.
You have no reading comprehension at all, sweetie, maybe you're the one who's 12 and stupid.

No. 1306970

Oh man. Wait until this Anon finds out about clowns…

No. 1306972

No. 1307057

K you were the wrong anon but you still completely ignored my point/question, it's whatever though

No. 1307059

Where are the clowns?

There ought to be clowns

Just when I'd stopped whiteknighting,

Finally knowing the one that I wanted was attention,

Making my entrance again with my usual flair

No. 1307061

She did say she was asexual but she has always been open with the fact that she wanted children someday.

No. 1307072

jesus christ learn how to type or go back to reddit

No. 1307182

Just adopt then?

Bingo. The baby serves a double purpose of securing him with her and letting them leech off the government.

No. 1307320

>she looked much better without white foundation. I know everyone does, but still.

Eh it still looks loads better than the over inflated drag queen blowup doll look that most instagrammers have now.

No. 1307406

Wdym anon most alt/goth makeup is just drag tier looks but with cocaine white foundation and greyscale contouring kekw

No. 1307472

File: 1629811024194.jpg (397.39 KB, 1080x1787, 20210824_151622.jpg)

Proof Rudehun lurks here

No. 1307498

It's a given, most YouTube commentators lurk here.

No. 1307530

Yeah. And whenever Rudehog is mentioned some WK shows up to explain how he's actually really brilliant and musically gifted and NOT jealous of Dorian! You're just jealous of him shuttup!
Oh, and how the sexual assault allegations against him have to be false because the wife of the guy he assaulted went over to his house once, so there! It's pretty obvious he visits the boards

No. 1307543

Didn't she start off as an anon here?

No. 1307549

New to this guys bullshit, got any more info on this?

No. 1307650

Read the last board. But basically someone came on here claiming to know him in real life, said he was a freeloader and his apartment smelled like catshit, and that he had a history of groping guys, including her husband. Don't know how true any of that is, except the freeloading, because he ebegs constantly. But it seemed to really get under his skin. He's been kicked out of a bunch of different goth communities for being a toxic piece of shit. He also has a long running fued with Dorian, because they're both autistic trans people who monologue about bullshit for hours and constantly start drama. But Dorian is more popular.

Don't know about that. The first thing I heard was their blackfriday video.

No. 1307830

Ruadhan calling us weirdos? Hello pot meet kettle.

No. 1308194

File: 1629900154517.jpg (932.93 KB, 1080x1552, 20210825_160044.jpg)

Saged for nitpick. But for some reason Lauren's breast reduction is making her look chunkier. Usually that's not the case.

No. 1308319

Never noticed how many alt/vintage ''redheads'' there were on yt. I don't know who this girl is but I'm thinking of Jade the Libra, Rachel Maksy, Darling Desi, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard…

No. 1308340

Anon what are you on about? If your boobs are smaller the rest of your body looks bigger in comparison

No. 1308376

Except none of those are white supremacists, that we know of. Red is an easy colour to dye, and it looks eyecatching without being as much as a commitment as fashion colors.

Not always. Sometimes big boobs make people look overstuffed and chunkier.

No. 1308452

File: 1629924285511.jpg (108.12 KB, 1280x720, darlingdesi.jpg)

>Except none of those are white supremacists,
Well, I didn't say anything about that, I was just pointing out how popular this dye hair colour is.
>Red is an easy colour to dye
Is it? I thought the exact same opposite and to be honest I think it can look very ugly and fake easily (Jade, Darling Desi). Anyways, I was just rambling about hair colour.

No. 1308457

I like Darling Desi, she's sweet and wholesome. But she looks like Pippi Longstocking with this getup (but maybe that's her goal). She looked better blonde imo.

Red is easy if you're dying it over natural hair, if you're trying to get a specific shade of red by bleaching then dying it it can be difficult, especially if you want it to look natural.

No. 1308475

Exactly. Red can be dyed over light and medium shades, so it doesn't require bleaching. Also, some of the crunchier types use henna, so their shade range is kind of limited.

Well, I didn't say anything about that, I was just pointing out how popular this dye hair colour is.

No worries Anon. You just said you didn't know who Lauren was, and I was saying she's a white supremacist cow. Sorry if that came across weird.

No. 1308822

My bad, I thought ''redhead'' implied a natural colour like natural gingers have (or natural auburn). A reddish hair colour doesn't count as a redhead (reason I used '') person to me, that's why I think that achieving a natural look with this hair colour is very difficult. All the ytbers I listed have different oranges/reds and most of their hair colour doesn't look authentic or doesn't suit their skintone, despite how easy it is to achieve any reddish tone through dye or henna.

I don't know who Lauren is so I didn't know she was a white supremacist but that pose in her picture is cringe.

No. 1308827

jade the libra doesn't have red "ginger" hair, her hair is straight up orange, like halloween/pumpkin themed. I don't think she's going for a natural look. before that she had gray/silver hair (which looked pretty cool ngl). I can't imagine darling desi thinks her hair looks natural either. I think the other two women (jessica kellgren-fozard and rachel maksy) look great with their hair but maybe I have shit taste.

No. 1308894

File: 1629984681950.jpg (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210826-152854_Ins…)

Well speak of the racist devil.

Really enhancing the creepy folk horror vibes

No. 1308977

She looks like Lana del Rey's fatter aunt.

No. 1309102

File: 1630003323870.jpg (835.58 KB, 1080x1433, 20210826_204134.jpg)

No. 1309195

No. 1309230

In Jake's new vlog he shows off TWO new multi-room studios… One is for making "motorcycle/news" content and one is going to be a multi room wardrobe for him to try on his killstar. Lol.

No. 1309242

Samefag, just finished the video.

In their new house, they have a studio for Kaya, Jake and a makeup one. This takes their total number of studios to 6!!!!

No. 1309285

She actually looks kind of thin here, I wonder if she lost weight or if its angle/shoop.

No. 1309297

Look at the thickness of her legs. If that does scream shoop or angle, don’t know what does

No. 1309338

I assume you mean his most recent vid? It's 30 mins so I didn't sit through it but if they really have 6 studios, it's like those people who keep buying stationery to make them feel like they're doing work because they never do kek.

No. 1309474

how much clothing does this douche have, he wears the same shit in vids & stopped doing his stupid overly edited angled pix to be a showoff. aside from citing that killstar wouldn't pay him & having image issues or ~being so busy~ to do it. this is going to be like the merch & signed pix, something he does for a bit before he drops it. the few times he did a few look at what i'm wearing things with cringey posing. but yes, he can go onbe tone deaf & flaunt his e-fashion buys for all his snaccs.

i like how he blurred the speedometer when riding the motorcycles cos he was probably speeding.

what the fuck are they doing with those rented spaces? they both showed their 'decorating' and what, keep paying rent to not use them. fake at least might still do band practice in his, while kaya is complaining about having to bring shit down from the attic to bring it to the new house, like that's literally what moving is, then will faff around for bit before grabbing at all of the excuses as to why she can't film.

No. 1309674

File: 1630086265829.jpg (1008.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210827-194334_Ins…)

She did not lose weight.

No. 1309751

I know people here like to call anyone a size 10 a whale but honestly, she looks like a landwhale because she wants to. With the right clothing, that fits better, accessories like a waist cincher or belt, there are many girls (goth or not) that manage to look super hot at this weight. She could look thick but she insists on dressing like she's still stick-thin with all that hanging shapeless fabric. Her hair and makeup shapes are all wrong so it makes her head look extremely round, the double chin is then the focus of everything. If anyone NEEDS a style consultant it's Kaya. She doesn't need to stop being goth at all, just learn how not to do everything in her power to look her worse.

And also, she acts like she's just waiting until she is thin again to stop hiding behind the shapeless tents, drab hair… Honey, live in the moment, stop trying to recreate your teens.
It's like she doesn't realize sge can buy black clothes by regular brands, in a nice fit and fabric. It's like she's a hostage of these cheapy alternative brands. She looks like a "novelty" in the form of a person. Not that I'm a "normie", maybe I'm even more "extreme looking" than her for a normal person but for fucks sake, I HATE alternative tackiness. There's some itens that look so halloweeny it hurts. Kaya is one of those people (like emily boo) that only picks those, the corniest everything. Ew

No. 1309760

He said too that Kaya passed her drivers loicense and that he bought her a car.

No. 1309774

>>1309674 >>1309751

This is a nic3 look for her she should do more like this rather then the unflattering neon pink black looks or the awful anime contact lenses and bag that’s twice size of her full of key ring charms it just looks tacky and bad but this is more elegantly done

No. 1309883

exactly. dre ronayne is at least as heavy but she knows how to dress for her body type.

we know, that has been discussed in this thread already. see:

No. 1309931


Anon was adding the info that Jake had bought her the car, she didn't get it herself.

No. 1309941

Still think shes ana just tries to hide it so she can shit talk other ana's, wouldnt be the first time.

No. 1309954

Oh, she's 100% loving this latest ED ride of hers,. The way she talks about her body on instagram is a dead giveaway she's still ana. I mean, look at this fucking thumbnail, she has the classic little arm sticking out just to show how thin it is.

I guess that in the days we live in, with all the pressure to be woke, dorian likes to be seen as "someone who openly discusses her problems, for awareness and visibility to the cause " instead of someone who glorifies wrong shit.
She always does this:
-Says someyhing misogynistic: "it's just boys beig boys because besides presenting female at all times and liking dicks I'm actually a transgender male"

-Obssesses over drugs and alcohol, is a junkie: "I only tell stories of the old days". Confesses she still uses

-only talks about losing weight but totally not in an ED way. Loses weight: only talks about how EDs are bad, and how she's over the moon with her body, posting thinspo.

This is obviously just a way for her to keep interacting with the ED, the ana world etc while still posing as someone who is ackshually educating you on the subject so you better learn and not ever criticize her. Sure, Jen

No. 1310188

>She doesn't need to stop being goth at all

She never was one at all but I agree with your assessment. Her issue has always been that she doesn't know how yo dress for her body type and she seriously needs to get some style help. But on the other hand, she gets her ass kisses from her fans so much that she more than likely doesn't see anything wrong with her ill-fitting clothing.

And honestly I feel that the reason that her and really just any of these fake Goth YouTubers hold onto these tacky brands like a life preserver is because they desperately want ot fit a style that they just aren't. It's something I've noticed with a lot of people who call themselves Goth but don't listen to Goth music and are just poseurs but these people think that so long as they deck themselves in any of these cheap, alternative clothes for uwu edginess, it will give them Goff cred.

No. 1310245

Wow jake did something nice for Kaya wow

No. 1310257

File: 1630149722633.jpg (897.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210828-132110_Ins…)

Huh. So I guess that's a thing.

No. 1310264

It's the filthy nails for me.

No. 1310361

Forest witch earth children can't be expected to use soap.

No. 1310436

Damn, haven't they only been together for a year or something?

No. 1310448

Marissa Cloutier aka pokeprincess aka digitalprxncess is (or at least was) in the hardcore scene. So idk if she counts as alt. But she was arrested for child endangerment. I should probably take it to the tiktok or camwhore thread.
Ntayrt, but I'm sure she has a low sex drive. I just think she likes the attention of showing off her cleavage. Men with a fetish for goth women will drool over a pig in eyeliner and fishnets (or men in general) though. Look at Gravy. Not saying she's ugly. She's just a painfully average, apple-shaped woman without her makeup and clothes.
Are you retarded?
Exactly. Kaya would look fine if she dressed and did her makeup more flattering for her weight. She just is stuck on the mindset that she'll be thin again without putting in any work. If only her fans suggested clothing. Like, "I love this dress and i think it would look great on you" instead of coddling her and telling her she looks great.

No. 1310533

>"I love this dress and i think it would look great on you" instead of coddling her and telling her she looks great.

I think part of the problem is that as so many have stated in previous threads, Kaya's fanbase are mostly tweens. Kids that are still in high school with the rare young adult and maybe a handful of people her age older but predominantly it's tweens. And edgy tweens are more than likely to like anything that looks edgy and gawf that they don't really take into account shape and fit.

If Kaya had an older fanbase, I feel she more than likely would've gotten constructive helpful critique on how to develop a style that flatters her body because she's already made it pretty clear that she doesn't have the drive to actually lose weight so the best thing she can do now is just learn to dress for her current body now.

No. 1310657

Are you?

No. 1310736

No, because I don't think some heavy eyeliner is going to frighten a child when they aren't told to be afraid of it. I had punk parents and thought their goth friends were cool.

No. 1310739

Don't bother Anon. Pearl clutching Anon has decided the reason nobody agrees with them is because We Don't Understand Children Like They Do, rather than their arguments being bad.

No. 1310891

He said in his live he was going almost 200 mph I forget the actual number but like 180

No. 1311135

Don't try to exaggerate, I didn't say that and I posted a pic to illustrate my post. At least you could have taken a minute to try and read my post before attempting a reply.

Hewwo, thanks again.

No. 1311158

deffo shoop anon, she wishes she looked even close to that XD plus look at the warped stairs…..

No. 1311213

Kaya is back to the "posting healthy food on instagram" phase of her weightloss cycle. Next comes "buying pink sweets for the aesthetic" followed by "overwhelmed and binging."

No. 1311235

File: 1630256701496.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210829-182833_Ins…)

Apologies. Forgot to add the actual image

No. 1311296

Dinner size breakfast

No. 1311315

is that a fucking poke bowl? for BREAKFAST?
Just the fruit and coffee is breakfast, what is in the picture is a heavy lunch.

No. 1311335

Kaya is a fat fuck but poke bowls are hardly a heavy lunch unless you're an ana chan who freaks out because you ate 15 peas instead of 9.

No. 1311377

Poke bowls are as heavy a meal as you make them. You can put all kinds of stuff in there. That's sort of the point.

No. 1311461


Its a ton of rice and carbs so yeah, heavy.(learn2sage)

No. 1311471

Rice and fish isn't a weird breakfast… in Japan.

No. 1311648

Why are her portions so big, I remember during her health craze a year or two ago when she filled entire plates so it kinda defeated the purpose of a diet

No. 1311684

She seems to think that as long as she has a meal that involves a few healthy ingredients, it doesn't matter how big her portions are. And meals like this wouldn't even be so bad if she spent the rest of the day doing very intense activities which would require a heavier breakfast. But it's not like Kaya is tilling a field by hand or working construction or even on her feet all day. She's laying about fucking around with her phone and complaining. She's supposed to have a personal trainer now. But I think this will go the way of all her other health kicks.
Also nitpick, but if she and stumpy actually prepared their own meals they would have more control over their diet and save a ton of money.

No. 1312034


for obssessive nitpicking about the toxic duo, go to their own board. Discussing the size of her rabbit food portions it's tiring here, the anachans who care, please take it there. She's not gaining weight because of these, it's the sweets she eats daily, and you know it.

I made that post and I agree with you 100%, it was just to avoid getting into this discussion again. So, to correct: she doesn't need to stop dressing "darkly inclined" Or "she doesn't need to stop wearing black and heavy makeup", just lay off the fashion sense of a 12 year old in hot topic for the first time. It's not that a 30 year old has to stop being alternative, just stop being fucking tacky and ill fitted when you're not even PAYING for the items… blows my mind. She would even feel less like a fat shapeless blob if she did. If I was her, I'd gave up on trying to be so thin that every clothing will fit and I'd invest my time and effort on changing my wardrobe entirely. She has so many clothes that maybe she even has some things that fit better. Just try everything on and cast out the ones that make you feel like a whale, if it's every item you own, get new ones. Honestly, her body isn't horrible, just another regular chubby broad. She herself creates an impossible standard for herself, using so many old pics where she's thin, of course people will compare.

No. 1312729

I agree as well. I mean a lot of people complain about Freya and her ridiculousness but the one thing I can give her is that she knows how to dress herself a lot of the time, at least when doing her regular style, not so much her "normal" style she did in transformation videos lol. But yeah, Freya seems to know what does and doesn't work for her body and she's not delusional in thinking she will be a skinny woman. Kaya should be doing the same, adapting. I mean can you imagine what she'll look like in 5 more years as a woman in her mid 30ds still dressing like an edgy Hot Topic disaster? Hopefully she learns soon.

No. 1312947

File: 1630454719435.jpg (398.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210901-020415_Ins…)

Adam getting his antivaxx on.

No. 1312949

I got bored…and watched a part of Jake's latest vlog. 5 days late here, but it really blows my mind about how far they are stretching themselves. YouTube and streaming paying out that well?? Like someone above counted 6 studios. I have seen 3 that are rented spaces so far. Including one he is renting using part of it just for his clothes! He's far far away from being any fashionista. Maybe, if you got that much shit…mmm. So they have these rented spaces, just moved, new furniture on the way, new vehicles like cars, scooters, bikes. And driving lessons, piano lessons, and a personal trainer too for Kaya.

My favorite part was him riding his motorcycle, telling the story about his issues with a previous lemon Honda he bought. He was like - I had to get my lawyer involved and as a youtuber I have a really good lawyer. And Honda gave in because they don't want to deal with "a youtuber with close to half a million followers". Oh the ego.(sage your blog)

No. 1313211

Jake probably got her the car so he can continue to fuck other girls in his so she's none the wiser.

You can see this has been photoshopped because of the background lol

No. 1313261

the leading theory was that they were being supported by their parents but it has been established that Jake has nothing to do with his family, while Kaya's parent's are not rich.
We know they aren't a huge success, not enough to fund this unnecessary lifestyle.
Does anybody else thinks it's starting to get strange? Like, not just poor money management but supicious? tinfoil here but at this point I'm fairly certain they have a side hustle we don't know of. They clearly haven't regular jobs. I'd bet on secret onlyfans or similar accounts, something hard to find out, like only feet pics. I thought about dealing, but they barely even leave the house and talk to anyone, so it can't be it. They have no way to get or sell drugs… can yyou imagine Jake in the corner trying to sell drugs with the other "chavs"? kek

No. 1313263

Yeah it is very strange.
Realistically, are their channels making enough to pay for 4 studio spaces, 2 motorbikes and 2 SUVs?
I know Jake gets lots of donations on his stream though, but surely not that much?

No. 1313329

Digging done becouse no life.
Uased social blade for stats.

est. Earnings from yt last 30 days: 20-316$
Patreon is like 1$/vid, and she has 161 people on there. No uploads this month, so 0$.
No vid, so no sponsorship money for this month.
Nothing on Insta looks like a payed post for the last month.

Jake: Earnings from yt last 30 days 334-5.2k$
Patreon 3 tears, 1/5/10$, got 401 of them. So lowest earning would be 401$, but we know his fans throw money at him, so if we count half of them for 5%, we get 1200$ from them. Paytreon keeps 20% i think, so 950$ to the bank.
I did not have the energy to look through his vida looking for sponsors, but I would say skil share, nordic vpn or some other brand would have him sponsors for like 1 vid a month? A low point to sell for would be 20$/1000 wieves, and average for him seams to be 30-80k, counting in 30k that would be 600$. If we think of a better earning, like 50$ for 50k, we look at 2500$ instead.
He barley uases instagram so no income there.
We have a minimum earning of 1300$, but if we look at a bit of a higher earning, and his vid rev was on the higher side, we would look at 8k$ a month.
I'm to stupid to figure out the high/low rate for ni so I split it down the middle and did 30%, leaving him with 900$-5.6k$ a month.
What we doubt count here is the fact that fans throw money at him duaring live streams. One a month and he has 500-2k$ extra.

If we are on the higher end of the scale for Jake, I dont think he would have any problem on supporting them both with a normal life style. Hoever. What they are doing now does not look all that normal, unless he has saved a bunch of money and gone on a spree now. Looking at the bike he got now, new that would be like 20k£, and he had a little bit of money from some old bike to out in to it. Saving half his earning (counted on high end) would get him that bike in 6 months, meaning that his life style is kind of plosebal.
But then again I have no clue what they would pay for housing and the studios. That honestly just looks like a really fast way to spend all earnings and getting close to nothing back.
Anyone got any reasonable guesses on on there bills, if we now have a guestemate on there income?

No. 1313368

Probably doing foot fetish things again selling dirty underwear? The only thing I can think off it is strange the amount of money they have atm I can’t imagine the money of YouTube and streams can get them 6 spaces, a flat, new cars, bikes, there no way. Defo doing something dodgy

No. 1313379

Is there really that much money in foot pics/ used underwear anymore unless you're super popular on like OF or something? Can't see those two making that much and it not coming out somewhere.

No. 1313391

Anons are forgetting the insane simps this annoying little man somehow has who donate in the thousands to him regularly. I think that's the secret with all suspiciously wealthy e-celebs. I know peachmilky used to (maybe still does) have one weird simp who would send her thousands as well as expensive cameras and stuff. All it takes is a couple of crazies who think they're in love with the e-celeb and have too much spare money. Hard to believe since he's insufferable but it's a fixation for the fans.
An anon posted screenshots of these crazy donations in this thread before so that's verified.

No. 1313401

I hate jake so much for appropriating kyo's shtick. He does the same makeup, has a bunch of dir en grey vocal covers and uses a similar marketing technique to get money from thirsty fangirls. The only difference is that this guy does not make anything original or interesting like his own music. He has 0 talent. Reacting to tik tok videos is not talent or art.

No. 1313402


No. 1313428

it's impossible he is making the money to afford his lifestyle only from his internet presence and if he does he must have some millionaire sugar momma. I think he must do something else like maybe he produces music or something of sorts? I do not think he has female simps spending that much money on him either because most of his viewers are very young

No. 1313458

I know I'll get judged but I watch most of his lives he usually does at least one a week and his average amount he gets from donations is probably minumum $800 most of them it's $1000 sometimes $1500 there was one person who maxed out the donation of $500 so made another account to donate another $500 and she donates at least $100 every stream I could see donating $5 here and there whatever but it boggles my mind that these people donate this much sometimes they'll even put a message that they are struggling to pay their rent and still donate like $50 like wtf these people are mentally ill

No. 1313463

Sorry for nitpicking but couldn't help to notice her pointy adams apple. Is she on T? I doubt it really, maybe probably due starvation. I know women can have prominent adam apples too (I don't have a slender thin neck either). It is much less noticeable when she weights more.

No. 1313486

so ok let's say he makes 3k from patreon 3k from YouTube views and 4k from donations. Yea that is quite a lot. 10-12k per month. But his place still does seem expensive and he buys stuff like a 20k bike, to me it does not add up. It's impossible he is making more than 12k monthly from his work.

No. 1313491

>All it takes is a couple of crazies who think they're in love with the e-celeb and have too much spare money

Reminds me of a cow friend of theirs, Kelly Eden (or ex-friend, she doesn't talk about them much) who had this crazy fan called Lina, a tranny who commented creepy stuff on all her posts and donated a lot to her

No. 1313542

Nahh she's just a spooky skeleton enjoying her near death experience 'n victim points addiction.(learn2sage)

No. 1313688

So Freya mentioned that she is 7 months preggo and will have her baby a bit after halloween, any bets she will get induced in time for the 31st to have the ultimate goffick birth?

No. 1313707

I stopped being done with her shit so long ago but forgot to actually unsubscribe which I finally did today, feels good man. also I seriously doubt she's on T. I think it's just the fact that she is so thin. as much as I dislike dorian I hope her ED isn't relapsing.

No. 1313737

Maybe she a stripper she was going on about pole dancing ages ago and she was on the pole in jakes 7 rings music video

No. 1313754

lmfao. in all seriousness, she couldn't stand working at lush because standing on her feet for like a 4-6 hour shift made made her feet hurt. you are basically on your feet nonstop a stripper giving lapdances not to mention she is very insecure about her body and stripping is a job where you have to be very insensitive about that kind of thing.

No. 1313761

It depends. Kaya could serve a very small niche of people who worship her as their goff goddess/mistress. (And she has a lot of platform shoes - some people really like that sort of thing…)

No. 1313812

I hope she doesn't upload a single video of her giving birth. Her wedding with Matthias is still on her channel. How fucking weird it would be to have those things there together.

No. 1314111

She made video a month ago titled "My ED relapse" where she admitted to it. She should really step away from social media. Showing off her emaciated body is not going to help the recovery process at all, but that would require giving up all the attention. So that wont happen.

No. 1314199

I agree anon, they clearly have to be doing something else that is funding their indulgent lifestyle. Kaya selling feet pics is plausible because I mean, it's only photos of your feet and I feel like most of her potential clients wouldn't even know she had a YouTube channel so there's no way she would be outed. Selling dirty underwear is another plausible one. Think about it. They hardly leave their house so they both wouldn't have to worry about smelling like body odor out in public and I doubt the two have sex anymore so there's nothing really stopping them and we know dismissive Jake can be towards Kaya.

We can't really suggest cam modeling because if they did do this, they would've been outed by now unless Kaya drastically changes her appearance to where she's almost non-recognizable.

This too. It's not so much Kaya but Jake who is rolling in the simp money. Kaya really doesn't make that much money on Patreon/YouTube alone compared to Jake, it probably was like that back when she was more active and Jake was still starting out but the roles have now swapped.

I'm also bewildered why these people cling to Jake. Out of all the alternative guys to do that, why him?

I just take pleasure nkowing that he'll never be like Kyo ever. Kyo is talented, Jake is a talentless hack who's only relevant because of mostly teenage girls whom I'm sure make up most of his viewers who watch those TikTok react videos. I don't get how that kinda content is seen as enjoyable.

No. 1314200

Anon that's insane! I don't watch his streams but I remember a few threads ago someone mentioned how someone donated 1,000 dollars to him and Kaya and it was a rarity when that happened. I'm surprised that this is actually a routine thing now with Jake's streams thoug hit seems like these huge number donations are coming from one person? I'm guessing it's one of the rare older women who watches him since you mentioned "she" and no teenage girl unless she's a privileged rich girl would be able to throw away that much money in one sitting.

No. 1314203

That's unfortunate to hear. I don't like Dorian but I wouldn't want her to relapse back into anorexia. You're right that she should take a step back from social media but she won't because it's all she has or rather, that's what she thinks. She doesn't have a job and she doesn't seem to visit her friends offline anymore. She's stuck in the cycle of being constantly on social media because she gets off on the validation her fans give her.

No. 1314218

I doubt she's ever been on T at all

No. 1314551

File: 1630652808865.png (18.05 KB, 517x174, bf.PNG)

No. 1314556

is there anyone who doesn't have adhd at this point? just wait for her to start blaming literally everything on it.

No. 1314645

Let's hope she actually goes to see a professional instead of just considering it, maybe she'll forget about it after giving birth next month

No. 1315084

She more than likely will tbh. She'll be too busy with resting and then making sure the baby is alright since she's gonna be a stay at home mum.

No. 1315775

For real. Honestly people are just autistic and in love with him. They feel as though they have a genuine connection with somebody they’ve totally idolized. They’re under the false impression that he’s this adorable wholesome guy because they probably never saw shit from the old day when his whole internet presence was a flop (like that time that he punched a door in his shitty little call centre job in front of some middle manager and spoke about it after like he was this Joker maverick shoving it to big capitalism).

Gives the energy of that “I saved my minimum wage for months to buy Good American jeans” tweet.

No. 1315807

Another thing Jake whined about in that vieeo was not being able to vlog in places which is something he complained about before. This time he complained he couldnt take his giant camera into a hardware store because when he does that employees ask him to stop. He says it's because there "arent many vloggers/youtubers in ireland". He also complained before about not being able to vlog in nightclubs. Like yeah Jake, people are totally selfish for not wanting to be filmed somewhere they go to have a good time and don't wanna end up in one of your stupid videos.

No. 1316013

Might be a long shot but

I have heard vaguely about some Rozz Williams superfan called Christina Death
I’m so morbidly curious, anyone have any info on her?
All I know is she’s dead and apparently actually owned some of Rozz’s ashes? Not sure if the ashes thing was a rumour, sounds bs in all honesty, but I’m just interested to know more about this individual

No. 1316082

She was mentioned here before but I cant remember in what thread.

No. 1316422

File: 1630860200369.jpg (843.57 KB, 1080x1552, 20210905_184302.jpg)


No. 1316424

File: 1630860265139.jpg (207.48 KB, 1080x1080, 20210905_184239.jpg)

Mara being an asexual creative spirit. Hanging out with Lauren has been so good for her.

No. 1316624

People literally become whores so they don’t have to work a 9 to 5 huh?

No. 1316677

Being a whore is hard, often dangerous work. What mara is doing is selling low effort lewds under the guise of "art" so that she doesn't have to admit what she's doing.
I mean, the naked body as the subject of art and all that. But I doubt that's why anyone is buying these.

No. 1316687

File: 1630883282655.jpg (832.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210906-010334_Ins…)

Just a couple of extremely hetero guys hanging out shirtless together in a totally masculine way. As you do…

No. 1316809

What was Matthias his Instagram? I thought it was schwarzkittel.leipzig or something but nothing comes up.

No. 1316886

File: 1630908059292.png (22.75 KB, 718x351, Screenshot_2021-09-05-21-59-35…)

Did a little bit of lurking on old IBF instagram posts and someone dropped his handle in the comments and this is what happened when I clicked it. I guess he deleted it?

No. 1316959

He didn't, it's schwarzkittel.germany now

No. 1317248


The audacity of men. They really think they are the complete package, don't they?

No. 1317491

Still nothing tho?

No. 1317551

Fucking 40 years old and won’t go get help with her relapse. Grow up already.

No. 1317586

Weird. It was up yesterday.

No. 1317590

File: 1630993292483.png (901.19 KB, 1440x1479, ig.png)

Nta but wonder if he lurks here, if I search the name it's definitely his but the page goes nowhere.

No. 1317608

Probably? Or some fangirl who lurks/posts here snitched, saying some bitches online were stalking him and he panicked. kek
His page was just regular goth posting pics of himself and his art. Literally nothing milky.

No. 1317613

Didn't she say she was in therapy now? Apparently she's getting along with her new therapist at least.

No. 1318237

I found him through his tagged photos
( https://www.instagram.com/p/BkOAfFiFMZI/ ) on instagram. His username is schwarzkittel.germany

No. 1318270


Ya I was close with Michelle (Christina death) when she was in Chicago. She certainly had an urn with dust in it that she told everyone was part of Rozz's Ashes, but from what I heard from others that was not true. It wouldn't surprise me though she was well known for lying or exaggerating the truth for attention. She was an interesting character but I think her behavior put her on the bad side of most of the people in the scene, which is part of why she moved away.

No. 1318313

Did you know her when she began to resent the whole Keeper of Rozz Williams thing? It was around the time of her diabetic era, maybe mid-2000s. She'd gravitated back to her first loves, Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes, and seethed about people only wanting to talk to her due to some nebulous probably fraudulent closeness with RW. Also around the time somebody from 69 Eyes' team "accidentally" sent her a rude message on MySpace.

No. 1318333

Omg Ya. She talked a lot about Peter Murphy around that time, at least to me. She also showed me that message and told me her story about jyrki flirting with her and writing a song about her and how he was an energy vampire because at a show he took her hand, took her outside and made all the lights down the strip turn off with his magic vampire powers. But she did get back to the Rozz Williams thing, I remember The Awakening went to her apartment after a show I DJd and she awkwardly forced Ashton to go into her room and sit and look at Rozz's Ashes.

No. 1318339

Adderall addiction saga when?
Yeah, she probably died from her 'beetus. She's absolutely disgusting.
Kek the Chicago scene hated her, the cali scene also hated her. Just curious, were you close to her because you felt bad for her? Are you aware of her trying to fuck literal minors?

No. 1318343

So I spent a bunch of time with her in maybe 2006 because I was just out of high school and happened to meet her, didn't know better and she helped get me dj gigs. So she kinda took advantage of being naive and wanting to get involved in the scene. Eventually I only spent time with her because I felt bad and then cut ties completely. She talked to me about previous partners but never mentioned their age so I had no idea.

No. 1318347

I think by sometime in 2009 I'd stopped talking to her completely

No. 1318360

Hm, yeah she seemed to do that with younger people. These Rozz fans are fucking insane. Her and Casey (is he still in jail?). What was she like in the 2000s? Same? I only was aware of her in the 2010s.

Also, not being a dick, just don't want you to get banned, but sage goes in the email field.

No. 1318373

>These Rozz fans are fucking insane.

A decent chunk of hardcore Rozz/CD fans are batshit, I swear every few months or so I stumble on one that has a ton of mental illnesses and is trying to skinwalk as Rozz really hard
Has to be the musician with the weirdest fan base in this scene

No. 1318384

If you were a legit fan of his solo work leading up to his death, you really had to be mentally ill. It's like he had no ideas or passion anymore but knew the goth scene would buy anything, and he needed money badly.

No. 1318610

why is that? I like Rozz Williams' work with CD and I'd like to think I'm relatively well-adjusted lol.

No. 1318639

A friend of mine met Rozz a couple of times. Apparently he was a total dick who would hit on young teenage fans.

No. 1318640

I like his work too, just, some of the more intense fans take his shit way too seriously, want to have this same dark, unhinged persona
Very forced, but still edgelordy and weird

I suppose I somewhat understand younger fans being drawn into this, the whole tragic, attractive, tortured genius thing

No. 1318641

I can believe being him being a dick, I feel if he was predatory, that would be more well documented, especially considering today’s atmosphere of people being more willing to openly talk about this sort of thing
But who knows, the man was pretty fucked up in a lot of ways

No. 1318735

Wait, so the song "Christina Death" is about a real person, who is/was a lolcow?

No. 1318741

File: 1631098040238.jpeg (331.54 KB, 975x943, A54F838A-6E3E-406C-BF55-3DC96F…)

Lmfao these lyrics, man

No. 1318889

File: 1631116439507.jpg (640.9 KB, 1080x1658, 20210908_175254.jpg)

Is this her?

No. 1318932

File: 1631117388792.jpeg (586.62 KB, 1847x1167, B94413F2-9A5D-4C38-8DD6-BC3F87…)

No. 1318974

File: 1631119824660.jpg (608.49 KB, 1080x1571, 20210908_183136.jpg)

Oh man. This looks like a good cow. Too bad she's not more active.

No. 1319033

Has she got a lolcow forurm? I would love to read up on her. Any websites anything that has this story about her.

No. 1319114

She's not active because she died kek

No. 1319374

File: 1631154785123.jpeg (61.55 KB, 850x400, 6A4427AD-1A39-4EF9-B036-382492…)

I don’t think you’ll ever find anything like that
From what I can tell, she wasn’t hugely active online, a lot of her antics seem focused in irl goth communities
I’d love to know more about the shit she got up to irl but I don’t think many people that associated with her would even know about a site like this

No. 1319382

So stumpy crashed his bike I think it's his older one but sure didn't take long i knew it would happen

No. 1319396

File: 1631157006142.jpg (69.16 KB, 560x865, 45633473_2044718448923249_3777…)

> Chicago scene hated her
> moved to cali
> cali scene hated her
> has picrel dress
> has rozz's jewelry, lyric sheets, and apparently some of his ashes
> no one knows where any of this went
> briefly obsessed with 69 eyes before going back to her rozz obsession
> had diabetes and forgot to do anything about it, leading to panic attacks
> invited a 17yo to live with her sounds like our Gravey
> had an alcholic roommate who hated her and moved out because she's psycho
> neighbors hated her
> Only Theater of Pain is nice to her out of pity
> fucking dies
> no one talks about anything except for her rozz Williams collection

I have stories, but don't really want people knowing who I am or the people I'm associated with. Just know she was crazy. I'm sure anyone who knows her can tell you the same.

No. 1319402

How did she even get her hands on his jewellery and shit?

No. 1319523

If you speed on narrow country lanes, obviously you're going to crash, what a dumbass.
Also "GOTH CRASHES EXPENSIVE SPORTS BIKE" fucking cringe title.

No. 1319555

File: 1631178959567.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210909-111312_Ins…)

Saged because not exactly news. But "i only touch up my roots" is clearly bullshit. You fry your hair all the time.
Too bad he's fine. Better ask his simps to buy him a new spare bike.

No. 1319647

It crazy seen speed he was doing .he could have killed someone .he fan girls pay for it to be fixed .he should not be on the road .

No. 1319662

This is new bike that he crashed showing off .sure I think they won money on lottery as look how much new stuff they buying .miss toxic not put video out in 3 months . something going on there.also hate way he use goth in everything to views.

No. 1320289

Winning the lottery is quite rare but the smart ones don't tell anyone when they do win. I mean, it's small, but it is a possibility.
I was the anon who brought up the question of them having a side hustle, my humble opinion is that they are doing very niche fetish things. I am somewhat involved in the fetishy/perverted side of the world and I assure you that selling used underwear(or socks) is VERY easy, very doable anonymously. You can even sell them on regular marketplaces like ebay, you just describe the panties as "used, dm for more info" and the guy will ask you like how many days you wore them, how do you look like… sometimes they'll ask for pics but it's common to send pics wihout the face. If the pervert likes it, you got a customer!
There's also the selling of feet pics. If you got some perverts "foot type", alluring heels etc you don't even have to show anything but feet, shoes, etc. If she does the more racy ones she can pose her feet with Jake's dick or any non identifiable body part. You just have to find a niche and pay attention to things that give you away so you don't get recognized. I BET they're selling special orders for random white dudes who have no idea who they are.

It's either this or the lottery. There isn't any option left

No. 1320362

what a twat lol, but knew it would happen sooner or later and this is probably not the last time. incoming ~goth has accident and breaks bones~ saga when lol. would be hilarious if he had a wreck and couldn't do the tour he has been hyping.

No. 1320456

File: 1631266351324.jpg (893.95 KB, 1080x1677, 20210910_113153.jpg)

Still beating that dead horse. Erh, swan.

No. 1320477

Two fruits. They've got that quintessential faggot NI accent. Reminiscent of the voices you'd hear from your male classmates in first year before their voices break. Hope Jake gets his licence revoked and a hefty number of points added up. He films himself driving dangerously and well over the limit all the time.

No. 1320508

100% feel she’s just using this to make her dull life seem interesting - I doubt she truly cared about this swan in any significant way
Wow how quirky, making friends with wild birds, truly the goffick Snow White

No. 1320537

>>1320362 the farmer didn't call police if it had been me would have got him done for speeding .he could have killed someone way he was driving .,20k bike anyone see photos of him with ,400 pounds new joker helmet he is topples and again pants down to see his private
Only matter time they be other crash

No. 1320589

nothing says genuine grief like sharing it with 3,000 strangers

No. 1322306

What a complete and utter fanny Jake is! That crash was actually funny as fuck. He tried to take the corner at a fastish speed in a basically upright position! When cornering a bike you need to lean into the corner. He's nothing but a inexperienced cunt ridding a over powered bike.

No. 1322601

File: 1631493103017.jpeg (606.96 KB, 1242x1385, 60C49D31-FCEC-4906-A919-F88B2C…)

This woman really doesn’t know how to use Google, does she? Every week with this.

No. 1323135

After living in NI for so long and having Google, it's obvious that she knows where to go. Bet she's only posting this hoping a fan will pay for it or some shit. Her twitter is just a place she goes to e beg and complain.

No. 1323183

I would think you're being ridiculous but this is fucking Kaya and with how much of a lazy ass she is, I think you're 99% right on this about wanting to have someone give her money for this.

No. 1324809

File: 1631723635289.jpg (735.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210915-183333_Ins…)

Oh you spoiled brat! Do you think this is cute?

No. 1325100

I wonder how she was hammering the keys before the manicure if she can't figure this out. Reminds me of Billie the "musician" with giant thot nails.

No. 1325190

I have long nails and play piano, you just have to move your fingers a bit differently. But getting out of bed is effort for this girl so how can we expect her to do that kek. Why did she buy a keyboard again?

No. 1325888

She has the hands of someone who never worked a day in her life

No. 1326174

This shows that she never plays this shit at all. Women who play instruments usually wear fake nails to go out sometimes, but don't use them on a daily basis because it gets in the way. She got acrylics because she won't remove them to play, she doesn't actually care about playing, it's just a prop. Also, it looks brand fucking new, mine is all scratched, when you play them the keys get kinda opaque with time

No. 1326677

Yet another waste of money, which we still don't know the source of because they're splurging like they're rich but they act like the stereotype of poor chavs that they claim to hate

No. 1326725

>>1326677 I think they won money on lottery .as she not done video in 3 months .she now going around Belfast with tattoos . these girl work one work in city skin works .for someone who has no friends she now has .but money has be coming from somewhere

No. 1326803

Nah. I think they're either doing fringe fetish stuff, or some hardcore simps are bankrolling them. Winning the lottery seems highly unlikely to me.

No. 1326871

Oh I Agee but they spending money non stop everything is new .I know he makes about 5k must lives on YouTube. But it's not going last .I seen that she was saying her day was so stressful I'm like from what ..but I can see it all coming crashing down soon as money don't last way they spending..

No. 1327043

Agreed. Look at what happened to Social Repose, eventually his money train stopped coming in and he learned the hard way that he was spending above his means.

No. 1327064

>>1327043 I can see it coming in next year or so I seen her looking at 80 pound shows on her IG story s they spending way above there's more cash going out then what's coming in then she says I'm having a bad day .I can't wait till they both have live in real world .then she know what stress is.

No. 1327498

Because he drives like a fucking arrogant retard. It was bound to happen and literally no lessons will be learned.

No. 1327500

Samefag because I wasn’t expecting to actually watch Jake’s video, but it’s hilarious. It’s the guaranteed outcome of his “we’re torquing baby” bullshit after crashing a fast track drivers liscense. He’s driving badly and like an asshole and then uses it for clickbait. It’s funny but also pisses me off because if there had been any traffic behind them, someone probably would have been seriously fucking hurt.

No. 1327690

Maybe it'll sink in when limbs are lost, or worse.

No. 1328060

Let's hope it's just his own limbs, and that he doesn't hurt anyone else.

No. 1328323

No. 1328467

Dorian talking about ghosts again

No. 1328495

Of course she doesn't play piano. She obviously lacks any interest in music when her favourites are the most popular "goth" songs and then cheesy pop from the 90s. She wouldn't be stimulated learning a new instrument because it would just be annoying noise to her. She lacks depth in everything she does.

The people she's hanging out with are only there since her and Jake have their own transport now. They're being used like how they used others for their vehicles. Shallow friendships for shallow people.

No. 1328506


Absolute psychotic breakdown including suicide attempt and murder fantasies. Fucking sad on a bunch of levels

No. 1328509


>Sure I thought that I have to kill my mother because angels told me I have to do so, otherwise I'll go to hell, but I can't possibly be schizophrenic because one antipsychotic didn't work

No. 1328594

She doing good out of them all 3 do tattoos she got free photo from one of them of lily Munster so next she be dressing like Lilly she will use all of them for free tattoos.she will start ghosting them soon like she always do .

No. 1328632

iirc she flip flops between wanting to be a real vampire and then shitting on "real vampires". Wonder if its a jealousy thing.

No. 1328679

>the Lolita community is more toxic than ancient vampires
Mwahaha best part of the video

No. 1328711

I see she hasn't recovered from getting BTFO by lolitas or recovered mentally in general.

No. 1328914

"I find feminists equally as entitled as goth posers, personally."
Fucking incel

No. 1329069

She's fully lost it, everything about her mannerisms in that video are just…so weird.
I hope she gets some kind of psych help because I do enjoy her videos much more than any other cow on here.

No. 1329292


She needs to be sectioned. This is absolute lunacy and she's going to hurt herself or her mum.

No. 1329441

File: 1632176353345.png (507.67 KB, 1185x530, Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 23.1…)


Is it cowtipping to report her to the police for a welfare check? Genuinely worried about the delusions she's entertaining in that video, she could genuinely be at a risk to her mum or herself.

No. 1329448

Yes, it's cowtipping.

No. 1329760

>he asked me why I wanted to murder my own mother
Sounds like she's describing a situation in the past? Or does she literally still feel like she wants to do it

No. 1329883

Don't. First of all, she is not describing a current situation. Welfare checks only work for acute emergencies. Second of all, police are not equiped or trained to be any good at this. Uk police have a history of responding to welfare check requests with physical force and restraints. This can be dangerous to everyone involved, and would probably discourage her from seeking help.

Unless someone is actually about to hurt themselves or others, calling the police is a bad idea, and tends to make the situation more dangerous. They are not mental healthcare professionals.

No. 1329987

Sat through this entire 75 minute video and jfc, the longer you hear someone talk about classic schizophrenic religious delusions in a completely level voice the creepier it gets. I wonder if she's genuinely never considered the fact that she and the people she grew up with are at high risk of alcohol / drug-related brain damage leading to psychosis or even dementia? She's referenced knowing people who seem super out of it all the time in the same breath as talking about the prodigious amounts of ecstasy they take without ever seeming to make the connection…

No. 1330077

Malnutrition from her ED, long term drug abuse and mental illness have probably turned her brain to mush by now. Very sad situation.

No. 1330094

I thought her spending lockdown having sex with tulpas who were even so kind as to wear tulpa condoms was nutty enough. When it comes to kids killing parents there is a muuch higher rate of it happening with autist neets, though it's usually males.

I feel like she'd only waste services. The last time she willingly went to hospital she fought to get the bed (whinged about it being so hard) and then walked like a day later because she could hear some other mentally ill person down the hall making noise. Her mom brought her home after all that fussing to get in. The mom needs to be the one making a call and either getting her sectioned or removed from the home. Doesn't appear like she'll ever do that.

No. 1330303

Just curious. Dorian is in her 30s so that makes me wonder how old her mother is? Maybe her mom is just too old to see the danger signs with her daughter.

No. 1330518

Her mum could be in her mid 50s or 60s
You’re making it sound like she’s mid 80s

No. 1330523

Her mom is not yet retired at any rate. But she's talked before about her family not being willing to discuss mental health, such as not awknowledging that she had an eating disorder until she started to suffer medical consequences, not awknowledging her alcoholism, even if we've all seen what a drunken mess she's been, and not being willing to admit she was molested by a male relative. I kind of think they're just trying to ignore it. Which is a terrible idea of course, because look at the state of her.
In her relapse video she talked about how her mum was praising her for losing weight, one of the things you really shouldn't say to a former anachan. I doubt if they know how to deal with her mental state.

No. 1330671

As insane as the whole story is, I kinda just feel bad for her. She's clearly going through severe psychosis and 100% believes all of these terrifying things are real. I can't believe she hasn't been forcibly committed if she actually told a doctor that God was commanding her to kill her mother.

No. 1331271


UK mental health services are super underfunded and really strained so it can be super hard to actually get access to treatment in or out, there's unfortunately a lot of cases here where people who should be in inpatient care aren't and then they end up causing harm to themselves or others because there's just not the resources to provide the care these people need, lot of people slip through the cracks.

Pandemic has been making it even worse as the NHS has been postponing medical appointments in a whole range of fields due to the strain on the system

No. 1331501

File: 1632341214360.jpeg (123.28 KB, 1200x900, ariel-burdett-x-factor-auditio…)

I feel bad for her too. Blogpost but I knew Amy Burdett/Ariel/Arabella Starchild etc etc from the infamous x-factor audition IRL through mutuals and Dorian reminds me of her - constantly churning out bizarre delusional ramblings and bursting into song randomly. She had an online relationship with an army dude, he ghosted her when he realised she was crackers and she became obsessed with him and thought the army were bugging her house and stalking her - she ended up stabbing herself in the neck and no one found her body for days. Same sad loner existence slowly self destructing.

No. 1331521


if anyone hasn't seen the x factor video, excellent cringe

No. 1331597

Oh yeah, the "holistic vocal coach"

No. 1331626


She almost this intense in person.

No. 1331638

File: 1632347528405.jpg (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210922-220503_Ins…)

Sage because it's not news to anyone, but Kaya cannot dress herself. She complains about chavs, but looks like a chav mom.

No. 1331642

from the front page, it looked like she shopped herself to have four legs. literally those are the ugliest trousers i've ever seen

No. 1331669

File: 1632349213384.png (1.03 MB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20210922-231702.png)

Last week she had her nails done this week her guy friend and her went to get Halloween nail now she on her tick tox going on how bad nails are .dear god she looks so bad in dose pants .

No. 1331676

File: 1632349590649.png (1.43 MB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20210922-232145.png)

YouTube is ment to be her job but here she is after been out all day doing nothing just sitting around .I love two know how long this friendship will last before Jake stop it.

No. 1331702

she could've gotten these nails for free if she did any kind of work kek

No. 1331813

doesn't autism have a really strong link to schizophrenia too? she looks visibly worse to me and this video is really concerning

No. 1331871

I really, really hope she gets some help (inpatient treatment) before something bad happens to her or people around her. It's unsettling.

No. 1331961

Maybe I'm a cynical oldanon but I think she's playing up for the views. She already established herself as having a mental health history, so it's something her audience will keep in mind.

No. 1332001


I think it's a little bit of both. Of course she's playing it up to sound edgier and, to her, cooler as she always does but considering that she IS a heavily disturbed drug addict, it's concerning. Who in their right mind plays this kind of shit up? And with all those dellusions of ghost lovers, I'd bet on her being crazier than ever. I wonder if her mother checks what she posts online, because she definitely should know what really is going on inside that bedroom. It is one thing to have a 35 year old pothead who plays video games all day but is harmless, a completely dellusional person who thinks about murdering you, is addicted to everything, especially the internet is another completely different… I'd like to know which one my kid who lives in the room next door is… yikes

No. 1332010

>doesn't autism have a really strong link to schizophrenia too?

no, it doesn't. but I'm pretty sure some drugs can have lasting effects on your brain especially if you're predisposed to mental illness in the first place.

isn't the guy she's been hanging out with an obviously gay guy, or am I thinking of someone else

No. 1332024

She didn’t need her nails done they looked this dirty before.

No. 1332109


I don’t get it why bitch online about it? she saw the person doing her nails 10 times why didn’t she say something thing after the first nail was done??????


lmao you are right there is no difference between her painted nails and unpainted nails

No. 1332189

File: 1632408235663.jpg (360.95 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20210923-173752__01…)

And here's Lauren appreciating her manly man™ once again. In this clip there's some initiation ritual going on and ofc the flag is present. Any new thoughts or just same olde?

No. 1332195

I'm sorry, guys. Anyone remember Hilary Keller? She's from the decade 2000. Sadly, she died. When I was in school, I was a blind fan of her. Now I don't know why it happened. Is anyone familiar with her life? On the Internet you can already find information about her arrests and drugs, but I just want to know, did she always lie about her personality, or did something happen that made a 35-year-old adult woman go to live on the street and take drugs? Eventually, I sent her money to get her teeth fixed when she asked for it. I don't remember exactly which year it was, but she had LJ and Tumblr. Since I adored her, my ass was disappointed with reality and wanted to know at least something about her.

No. 1332216

I'm also an oldfag and I also thought it was highly dramatized, though she obviously did have a mental breakdown at some point. I also had a tinfoil that part of the reason she posted the video was to make the lolitas feel sorry for bullying her and make sure nobody ever bullies her again because she's so mentally fragile.
However, I am by no means a mental health expert, and after reading comments on here and youtube, I realized I'm better off not presuming anything because realistically I don't know shit about such things.

No. 1332222

i misworded a little oopsie, what i meant to ask was isn't there a strong overlap/genetic link. i meant to imply maybe a possible misdiagnosis. there's the drug use/abuse variable for sure but i was also thinking about how women develop symptoms later in age than men typically do as well.

probably but she seems so into it like she genuinely believes it? maybe she just really enjoys getting high off her own brain farts tho.

No. 1332325


He's at the ethnonationalist "village fete" run by Craig Fraser. It's like a social club for inbred fuck wits like Adam who blame black people and jews for all of their personal failings.

No. 1332358

Yeah. They were there last year too. Lifting heavy shit, standing around in the mud, and wanking it to racial purity.
Craig frasier is a real violent headcase. Not an entrylevel white supremacist leader. They're in deep.

No. 1332363

File: 1632419868785.jpg (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210923-195108_Ins…)

Your friends go to events thrown by a guy who talks about how great ethnic cleansing is all the time, but it's not something you want to speak up about. But oh no, the forest rangers cut a tree down! Not saying that caring about the environment is bad. But these witchy cows always whine about the trees, while they don't give a fuck about people and greenwash all the shit they try to peddle

No. 1332365

This anon again, "storytime" was the word I was looking for. I thought this was just another fabricated/exaggerated YouTube storytime in the vein of all others, until I read the comments "I totally thought demons were speaking to me when I/my sister had psychosis/schizophrenia". Now I don't know anymore.

No. 1332474

>i misworded a little oopsie, what i meant to ask was isn't there a strong overlap/genetic link

I'm pretty sure there's not, at least not that we know of.

No. 1332515

File: 1632435937367.png (62.32 KB, 593x350, Schermafbeelding 2021-09-24 om…)

There is some overlap, picrel. If you have autism an added criteria for a schizo diagnosis is obvious hallucinations and delusions. I think she really does have autism though, judging from her video's about it

No. 1332517

I dunno. This is her original video about her hospitalization and she doesn't mention anything related to the spirits there at all and says that she intentionally mentioned a homicide to the doctor so she could get a placement in the mental hospital. A very different story.

Of course, I don't know where the truth lies, but it seems a bit odd that she keeps changing the story like that.

No. 1332534

It's interesting that in the video, she describes what happened in the terms of her inner world and thoughts getting out of hand. Nothing about spirits and stuff like that - she views what happened as her own mental health struggle.

No. 1332543

So, she tried dramatising her mental health struggle, but it turned out her followers are far more insane than her? Is that what happened?

No. 1332551

From the Youtube comments, it seemed like her followers are mostly suggesting therapy and want her to get help. They seem worried about her.

It's her who chose to dramatize her own story like this for some reason.

In the original video, she even mentions the burning and that it was a symptom of anxiety.
In her recent video, she dramatizes this as the vampires burning her internally, etc.

No. 1332552

Btw. if she chooses to delete the original, I already have it downloaded and ready to re-upload. So good luck with that this time.

No. 1332559

grifters gonna grift.

No. 1332795

that isn't what anon meant. she was asking if there's a comorbidity between autism and schizophrenia (and there isn't) not if they have some similar symptoms. autism has a lot of similar symptoms with other disorders like OCD, OCPD, BPD and ASPD. it's not the same thing as comorbidity.

No. 1332821

Exactly! An overlap in symptoms does not mean a correlation in conditions. Additionally, people with autism have a higher risk of developing trauma related conditions, like PTSD, because they tend to have a harder time in life and a harder time processing trauma. But again, that is not a genetic correlation.

No. 1332861

>>He also has a long running fued with Dorian, because they're both autistic trans people who monologue about bullshit for hours and constantly start drama.

What video or tweet did Ruadhán say he's got the autism? I've only ever seen him say he's got ADHD. Or is this just more of people here making things up?

No. 1333444

>What video or tweet did Ruadhán say he's got the autism? I've only ever seen him say he's got ADHD. Or is this just more of people here making things up?

Ah, you're back I see. Let the whiteknighting begin!

No. 1333511

nah that's what i meant. i mentioned the genetic thing because i read some study about prenatal exposure and mental illnesses a while ago but I can't find anything relative atm to them being related so disregard that.

It's probably just psychosis (if anything) and i was just knee-jerk reacting the more I think about it because her autism symptoms have been around since childhood anyways.

No. 1333557


That term don't mean what you think it means, boo-boo. Asking for sources isn't the same as going off on a stupid urge to avenge some weirdo on the internet. Though I get the feels that 2-5 these threads later, you're going to refer back to this comment, and insist that someone said Red sang at Carnegie Hall, cuz I guess you're just bored and need to rile people up.

It's clear that you're just trying to create drama by making things up. You're not only making up shit about cows you're hoping to covertly tip, but also about any anon that asks for sources to the claims being made about a cow. Where did any anon on here do any of the alleged REEEEEEE about Red's talents? It 100% never happened. Red talks himself up more than enough, and does piss all to show for it; everyone knows that and even the weirdos who like him almost never mention his music on here. So you're making things up about both the cows AND the board anons, cos I guess it's a slow news day, so might as well go and do some tipping but try to look like you aren't. That deffo looks like the reason you respond to a question about ppl saying Red's a sperg, like Dorian is, with an accusation of "White Knighting". Ppl ask if the things anons say on here about everyone else has any proof all the time. I'm just saying. (shrug)

No. 1333591

Honestly wouldn’t surprise me if Ruadhan has autism, what with his obsession/fixation with Rozz Williams
But I don’t think he’s ever mentioned having it, just the ADHD and some physical issues

No. 1333614

this doesnt seem like an environmental statement honestly

No. 1333618


would he count as being obsessed? His Rozz Williams video is almost two years old, and sure he's got a few related tattoos and "1334" in his screennames, but on his radio show he barely plays any Christian Death. Not even as often as once per show.

Compared to Casey or Crazy Michelle, Ruadhán's kind of normal, on that. I knew Michelle when she was in Chicago, and that woman was in MY LIFE WITH MORRISSEY territory of being obsessed with a gay man's music (check out that movie, btw). It's not like Red has to bring up Rozz Williams in every second or third video, or —like The Nut-Casey— doesn't want anyone else to be a fan of Williams' work.

YMMV, but that doesn't seem like an obsession. Maybe when he was young, but not since he's been on YouTube. Just seems like a fairly normal fan, I guess. During his last few radio streams he gets giddy over Wall of Voodoo and The Triffids.

To avoid a separate comment, Casey is definitely autistic: Can't read other people and basic body language for shit. ChrisChan levels of suggestible, if you humor his delusions. Constantly rocking in place when he sits down, and sometimes that hand-flappy stimming they'll sometimes do, but Christ, the constant & unconscious rocking! Few people can stand to be around him for just the rocking.

Don't know if the Nut-Casey is still in jail for violation of his probation, though. Still can't figure out how he has anyone who actually wants to talk to him, unless he's something like the ChrisChan situation, where the only ppl who put up with him are white knights and trolls.

No. 1333808

I’ll be real, having been around the guy, I always got the vibe he modelled his affectations, exaggerated his flamboyancy to mimic Rozz - I could be off base, but that’s really what it seems to be. His flamboyancy doesn’t seem genuine to me

RE tattoos - three tats, with a forth planned, all focusing on one man that he didn’t even know, does scream excessive to me

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