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No. 1194113

The latest alt cows thread, for all the attention seekers, grifters, and other assorted idiots in the alternative community.

Most recent cows:

Adora Batbrat
Orlee Stewart & J.D. Temple
The Witchy Goths
Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian)
Avelina de Moray (Megan Blume)
Jake & Kaya (Toxic Tears)

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk


>beware of racebait from lost nazis and derailing, overly zealous whiteknights looking to score points with their sacred cow(s)

>no1curr about what is or isn’t goth or who is or isn’t goth, we have this fucking discussion every goddamn thread and it is getting annoying

>farmers are free to use the TT thread at their discretion as it was created to stop the sperging/infighting in the main altcows discussion from the TT spammers.

last thread: >>>/snow/1071952

No. 1194231

File: 1616808243743.jpg (488.52 KB, 1080x1638, 20210322_021450.jpg)

Thank you Anon!

Also, Dorian is dealing with the backlash with her usual restraint.

No. 1194244

You're welcome anon! Worried I was gonna get shit for making a new thread but no one else bothered to.
Also "i'll apologise for being born if thats what it takes" I really do think now a lot of this is calculated so she can play victim. She also made remarks about how lolitas were all trying to look Asian and yet shes being delt with kid gloves, she really has no idea how good shes got it.

No. 1194278

File: 1616815192336.jpg (657.61 KB, 1080x1669, 20210327_041739.jpg)

Seconded. Thanks Anon.

Clearly, there's no way Kaya can be expected to put out videos.

No. 1194285

File: 1616815863854.png (4.3 MB, 935x1200, dorianvsmeanies.png)

>I apologise for being born
KEK why do you have to be so dramatic? Just hold yourself accountable for once.
That post just goes on and on and on, in that classical manner kek (pic related)

>Bullies! How dare you bring up your valid points of criticism to someone with mental health issues, ya'll murderers!

Calling someone out for their constant hypocrisy and double standards, and overall giving constructive criticism isn't bullying, nor being a murderer, Dorian.

There's so much melodramatic talk about how these 'meanies' are taking her uwu safe space away with their nasty remarks, but somehow it doesn't occur to her for one second, that maybe MAYBE on the other side of the 'argument' there are people with mental health issues too, who perhaps find their safe space in a scene or fashion movement, and her making a mockery of it and shitting all over the values said group stands by might be making them hurt and depressed too, and feeling like their safe space was jeopardised by the army of ddlg pervs or what not sent their way by her. She's such a massive hypocrite and cry baby. Dude, you're 35.

Thank you, Anon!

No. 1194289

kek that was most definitely from the same 'night' she 'recorded some videos' and 'sat down to edit' and 'ended up hating the footage' all in the span of 19 minutes, as it was posted in the other thread >>1191390

Lazy arse exploited the same lie twice on 2 different platforms topkek.

No. 1194455

Vessel of blood doing what she does best. Shopping while ignoring racism.

No. 1194459

Anyone else find Dorian's nostaliga project realy hard to believe. Like she is using real places and things and people then lying on top of truths to be more dramatic and stuff. Some of what i hear just doesn't sound right

No. 1194460

File: 1616842595370.jpg (517.88 KB, 1080x1396, 20210327_115519.jpg)

Fagsfail has been quoting Evola a lot in his posts.

No. 1194462

File: 1616842713990.jpg (422.67 KB, 1080x1632, 20210327_115532.jpg)

For some context on what that entails…

Actually, wikipedia is being mild. This guy writes some fucked up, exterminist shit.

No. 1194477

I find half it hard to believe and there so boring to listen too lol. I notice she describes things in such fine detail And that’s how you catch most liars out they will go in such detail to make it seam more believable

>>1194278 kaya just irritates me like just tell the truth for once you didn’t bother filming it Is more believable then the bullshit comments she comes out with. Or make your life easier and just stop being a YouTube then you wouldn’t have all this ‘stress’ she claimes to have from filming all the time

No. 1194488

I can't bring myself yo watch them. I tried. But her "purple prose" lifejournal teenage fanfic narrating style is so cringe I can't make it past two minutes.

No. 1194489

Not to WK but when writting a book/story its pretty normal to go into mass detail and over exaggerate, its to make the reader get drawn in and not get bored. I doubt shes lying just over exaggerating.

No. 1194501

File: 1616846451195.jpeg (2.21 MB, 1692x4032, 5C9AD0F6-DCB5-4D38-944D-5F4DDC…)

Dorians dramatic lolita whining continued

No. 1194502

what a surprise, him going full stormfront when?
He probably thinks of himself as an intellectual woke rebel or something,
whilst getting off to quotes from a retarded asshole with delusions of grandeur who believed to be a descendant of golden alien gods.

No. 1194503

Jeez isnt she almost in her 40s? Think grandma needs to put the phone away and go touch some grass kek

No. 1194505

Oh yeah for sure but a school shooter boyfriend in england…really?

No. 1194513

A guy who wanted to be a school shooter. That's not region specific. He didn't actually shoot anyone.

I love how she always complains about people misrepresenting goth. But now that it turns out people are pissed when she misrepresents lolita it's all "I wasvhaving innocent fun and you're meanies!"

No. 1194526

I know this will come across as WK, but I've come into contact with Dorian online since I was 13… so since 2005 or so? Dorian has always been dramatic and liked to tell stories.

In all that time across various boards, I never remember D lying. Exaggeration or biased accounts? Yes. But D has been mentally ill for a long time and makes no secret about that. Furthermore, are people tuning into ofherbsandaltars for the daily news? I can't even sit through most of these long videos and I kind of know D. The people who watch clearly watch for the storytelling style. I think expecting only the facts is silly in that context. Nothing lives or dies based on whether D has dramatized some story about her first love. And I say dramatized because I swear she mentioned parts of this before in the past, and the core of it seems likely true.

The lolita fuck-up was a fuck-up and D should have apologized without fighting back like an idiot. That said, people can also let it go, if it has been 2 weeks, it's probably time to stop flippinf the fuck out over someone's offensive lolita take. There are much worse offenders on IG - just look for ddlg "lolitas."

No. 1194575

You're right. That DOES come across as WKing.

No. 1194783


anyone else find her faces and mykie copycatting really abrasive?

No. 1194808

She's the embodiment of "goff is a fashion style." She brings nothing to the table except getting sponsors to buy her things and talking about wanting to date marilyn manson. The latter comments have not aged well.

No. 1194859

I just want to know when they are going to go full Trve Viking like Varg and Marie, pop out a bunch of little potato babies every year, all while living off of welfare benefits in a rag shack out in the fens. Lauren is the main breadwinner (how trad) anyway kek.

No. 1194927

>Lauren is the main breadwinner (how trad) anyway kek.

That's probably why he hasn't delegated her to full tradwifu status yet. He needs her money. If his "survivalist" millitia training courses grift ever takes off and he can support them that will change. But Lauren will be less marketable once she's barefoot and pregnant. At least to a large part of her current fanbase.

Make no mistake though. If her alphachud ever becomes financially independent she'll take on her final form, and become a breeding machine for the bucktoofed masterrace.

No. 1194989

I just can't with this chick's thumbnails lol.

Yeah. She's pretty much the modern Julia Zeig. Just "GOFF" posers who mostly only make content from sponsor shilling but couldn't care less about the actual subculture.

She's so overly dramatic. You made a shit video, just accept it and move on. I can't believe she's making herself out to be a victim when she brought it on herself for doing a poorly done video. It's not the end of the world, just admit you fucked up and stop talking about it.

>I love how she always complains about people misrepresenting goth. But now that it turns out people are pissed when she misrepresents lolita it's all "I wasvhaving innocent fun and you're meanies!"

This is the main reason why I can't with Dorian. She complains about how people misrepresent Goth and occultism which as a Goth myself, I do understand. But she then turns it on it's head and misrepresents Lolita, another subculture that is just as misappropriated as Goth is and refused to see how she's doing what those she complains about with Goth have been doing. Just shut up Dorian and accept you messed up and then stop bringing it up. Heck, just delete the video altogether or turn off comments. Just stop dragging it out.

No. 1195078

but then she won't have an excuse to not eat and get high :(

No. 1195112

Sorry, I don't usually post in this thread. I've thought about it more and realized that I probably am ignorant of this new personality she has, since I rarely watch her videos. I think the storytelling and embellishment has always been there, but I don't want to WK for stuff I don't know anything about. So sorry about that.

I want her to get better, though. She won't if she keeps playing the victim and obsessing over some people not liking her lolita representation.

I do have a question - do you think she does her makeup well? I am kind of stupid when it comes to makeup and can't do anything interesting myself. Sometimes I don't care for her looks (some are too drag makeup for me), but other times I kind of like them as fantasy makeup (not for real life).

No. 1195177

If this lolita "mistake" was the only thing she'd done, I doubt she would be discussed or on the list of cows for this thread. The issue is this comes after a long list of shitty behaviour by her which is in previous threads from her constant lies and shit stirring, to blaming women for their own rapes, to the special snowflake "i'm not like other girls" (yes she says she trans but she seems to constantly waver on that too). This isnt the first time shes done crap and tried to play victim/blame other people, it may be the first time she actually catches heat for it.
Its sad because I used to be a fan of hers a few years ago. But either something changed or maybe I didnt know her. It also seems most of her fans dont know her because the comments on LWLN video says dorian would like Tylers snark about her but the IG caps show she really doesnt.

No. 1195189

Same. I used to b3 a fan of her's as well. I really enjoyed her old videos. They used to have a far more relaxed vibe, and she had kind of a fun, dry sense of humor that seems to be mostly gone now.

But I just gave up on her after the "female privilege" video. That was some toxic bullshit, and she never awknowledged all the people in the comments telling them about their negative experiences.

Also, she's just so fucking loud now. It's like watching an annoying teenager, not an adult eloquent woman.

No. 1195293

Hey instead of playing the victim, she could have done an hour's research into what Lolita was before posting her outfit, rather than doubling down and pretending it's the Lolitas with the issue and not her laziness and refusal to accept she made a mistake.

No. 1195482

File: 1616926269493.jpg (326.77 KB, 1080x1325, 20210328_120922.jpg)

I honestly think the constant updates on why she can't possibly be expected to film today make it so much worse.

Current reasons include… hair.

No. 1195566

Orlee and her partners are "talking to aliens" now.

Not sure how this relates to demons, but here we are.

No. 1195616

File: 1616940293098.jpeg (706.76 KB, 1284x2231, 8FA64912-521D-4A56-A15D-259376…)

No. 1195617

File: 1616940360293.jpeg (525 KB, 1284x2123, 1FB94A80-D4DB-4574-9CE5-477DFB…)

All her photos are now “NEWLY SINGLE”… she was so into her new breaks bam. Idk but some conjecture he wasn’t a fan of her onlyfans

No. 1195618

Her new man* idk what happened there

No. 1195730


It's a bit of a trend with the dumb end of occultism because of the Hellier TV show. Gotta leap on those bandwagons…

No. 1195854

File: 1616958040116.jpg (431.28 KB, 1080x1618, 20210328_205912.jpg)


Saged, because is anyone honestly surprised? At this point it's not about if Kaya will come up with an excuse to avoid uploading, but what the excuse will be.

No. 1196024

>beware of racebait from lost nazis and derailing, overly zealous whiteknights looking to score points with their sacred cow(s)

Literally when has this ever happened

No. 1196026

>I literally spent hours editing a video, but then the devil broke into my house and said it’s either my soul or the last eight minutes of my latest upload. Sweat emoji I just gave him the files so he would leave me alone. But the next day after filming some things again, my computer grew legs and ran down the street, so I spent all day chasing it all throughout Ireland. I would have uploaded today, but my studio neighbors came in right before I hit the upload button, so now I am sitting here in silence because I am terrified that the sound of my trackpad clicking will give me away…

No. 1196039

Well, we had some epic spergouts from nazi-chans and random white knights derailing and infighting a few threads back. It hasn’t been too much of an issue lately since the threads are quieter.

No. 1196053

Lurk moar newfag.

No. 1196064

Dorian's dress looks like a "sexy santa" costume but pink instead of red. Even if you spend 5 minutes googling lolita dresses most people would be able to discern her dress is tacky lingere and not lolita. Youd think her being autistic if anything would make her more attentive to details like that. Guess not.

No. 1196100

Man I've enjoyed a lot of Dorian's videos and I appreciate her original perspective and choice of topics, but it seems like she thinks making videos talking about herself and her life is a substitute for real private self reflection and growth.
And she seems to think that being autistic means you just get to tell people that and have them give you slack and you don't have to try to understand others anymore, when being an adult means using the knowledge that you're autistic to better understand that you need to consider how other people may think differently from you (at least if you're going to care about their response to you).

No. 1196366

A few threads back. Mostly trying to gaslight Anons into thinking they were paranoid for calling obvious nazi shit obvious nazi shit. It was worst just after someone spilled the fasc tea on lauren and adam.

No. 1196519

She reminds me of this girl I work with she say a list stuff she needs to do but has every excuse under the sun to not do the things she 'needs' to do
At this point I would just give up on youtube its ovs it's a chore for her

No. 1196705

File: 1617038031261.png (286.83 KB, 1272x1068, Screenshot 2021-03-29 at 18.12…)

add no microphone and the wind to the list of things stopping kaya from working

No. 1196764


Some suggestions for future use:
The sun, gravity, a weird smell in the air, capitalism, anarcho-syndicalism, crystals (too many or too few) and sand.

No. 1196992

Might as well add the continued existence of Kirsty Allsopp, the tragic death of Tammy Wynette and rum raisins to her excuse bank. She'll get there shortly.

No. 1197075

I pray to God Kaya never needs to deal with any actual stress in her life, because her Tweets about these minor inconveniences are beyond satire.

No. 1197101

bet her ~content~ is boring as fuck, like she's an aged one trick pony and there's plenty of real punks posting better pix for fun.

No. 1197535

The Lolita youtuber is correct criticizing Dorian, but holy run on sentences Batman! I know it's meant for comedic effect, but just made her a pain to listen to. She is trying way too hard to be funny and snarky. Dorian needs to calm down and actually listen to someone in the community though. Imagine the hissy fit she'd throw if someone did this with goth fashion

No. 1197673

File: 1617128820305.jpeg (620.03 KB, 828x1423, A43C0630-7BC1-40E3-A359-40E75A…)

>I am so speshul, only a few people in the US have my name!
>”Little Niece”
>Gonna move to Wales someday because my name is more popular uwu

No. 1197679

A name that he himself picked when he transitioned.

Also way to critique the gift a small child gave you. Was the customization done for you by the little girl not artisenal enough for your standards?

No. 1197680

Celtfag here, never heard of someone with that name in Ireland or Wales. Plus Celts don't like to be compared to other Celt nations (conflating Wales with Ireland?) and the use of Eire is a little odd as well from someone who clearly knows nothing about Celts/Ireland/Wales and is just doing a narcissistic sperg about their name.

No. 1197707

His grandfather was Irish. So clearly, he's an expert on all things celtic.

No. 1197801

Ironically he should know more about Ireland than this embarrassing display since he does actually have Irish relatives.

No. 1197854

I know nothing about this man's history, but knowing how people in the US always like to claim they're "Irish" or "Swedish" as if they just got off the plane, they probably haven't been anywhere near Europe in a couple hundred years lmfao and have no idea what goes on over there. Which, as >>1197680 pointed out, is very obvious.

No. 1197929

File: 1617144654616.jpeg (617.43 KB, 1125x2000, Exv4maTWEAoWXjj.jpeg)

Jesus christ she looks huge. Someone push that manitee back in the water!

No. 1198033

I don't wanna weight shame Kaya, but I can't believe she thinks she's "nowhere near obese". She's in denial, especially when you take into account how tall she is.

No. 1198040

Yeah, Ashley Graham qualifies as “obese” so clearly Kaya is well into that territory.

No. 1198070

It’s not so much the weight or even the look that’s milky here, it’s that this is this woman’s full time job - why is she still posting pics that look like her dad took them on holiday or some shit. She has the audacity to claim to be a full time content creator and this is the content!

No. 1198237


Liisa had an interview with the biggest cow in her 40 years video. Roxy had the most backlash since her portion played soundcloud rap (and is obviously not goth, just look at her instagram). Her spergouts like last post didn't help. These two just had to make a video for the "gatekeepers". No one else from that video has been interviewed.

No. 1198702

I'm just gonna say it that I think this is just a pathetic attempt to cry racism because of course these people would try to reach for that. That the reason why Soundcloud rap is not considered Goth is because it's good old fashion racism. Never mind that the music style doesn't use any Goth characteristics at all and is still rooted in Hip Hop music just with darker lyrics.

I hope that some actual Black goths speak up on that. We know that they exist.

No. 1199557

They're also kind of saying rap = black which is racist.

No. 1199645

Well, rap is an expression of, and is often associated with, black culture. It's made its way into the mainstream culture, and is not "just for black people." But it is a black cultural product. Which is not a bad thing. White culture has a history of coopting music that originated in black culture, like jazz and rock &' roll, and then excluding black people from commercial success. So a lot of people think that it is important to make rap inclusive and available to everyone, but to remember it's roots.

I don't really think that the backlash in this case was based on race. It was just a matter of music. Soundcloud rap is great, and a wonderful form of expression and empowerment. But that doesn't make it goth. That's not a value judgement, just a fact.

I do think that racism exists in the goth subculture, as it does all throughout society. And that means that goths of colour can get far more negative reactions for anything than nonwhite goths. Statistically, the chance that out of all the people upset about this a few of them were also being racist dickheads is pretty big.
But that's not the core of the problem here. If they had just called it "darkly inclined fashion" or something hardly anybody would have minded.

No. 1199653

File: 1617305650656.jpg (682.43 KB, 1080x1635, 20210401_211306.jpg)

Things Kaya can get out of bed for: Cake and bubble tea.
Things Kaya cannot get out of bed for: Her one job, and exercise

No. 1199719

Most are upset with the fact that soundcloud rap was played in a supposedly goth video. This doesn't make anyone racist. With the recent confusion that soundcloud rap = goth, and how often goths have to correct this, it's understandable to be annoyed at yet more people with no understanding of goth spread misinformation. Liisa is trying to pander to as many people as possible, including music that does not belong.

Nobody would have cared if it was "darkly inclined fashion". Most of the people in the video don't listen to the music, Roxy included. Her YouTube only shows emo and metal. Only mentioning them since she's been the most vocal of all the people included in the video, leaving multiple comments through the original video, not only calling people "racists", but arguing about any criticisms about outfits and music.

No. 1199770

Don’t forget her bellyaching about her weight, then she goes and gets the most sugary drink out there, with cake…

No. 1199805

Is it terrible that I'm imagining her on a treadmill with Stumpy dangling a piece of cake on a string in front of her?

No. 1199812

At least Freya is actually called Freya, Ruddy. It makes zero semse to be bragging of having such a special unusual name where you live if you chose it yourself. Sure, choose any name you want, but anyone from any part of the world can choose any name from any other part. It cam feel special TO YOU, it clearly is since you chose it but it doesn't mean it really is in this context…

He had to take the opportunity of receiving a goft to talk about himself, so the moat obvious thing to him was to talk badly about a present customized by him by a child, with his chosen post transition name. You'd think this would move him deeply but nah…
Also, I find it super creepy how he refers to this child as Little Niece like it's her actual name. Okay you don't want people to know her name, fair enough, especially when he's hated and he knows it, but just say a pseudonymn, "my niece", etc… "Little Niece" sounds like she's a 1896 37 year old spinster who was called "the little niece" all ger life until it became a name lol

To be honest I don't even understand her problems. How is the wind a problem and how did it get in the way of shooting?

No. 1199947

File: 1617332164505.jpeg (990.84 KB, 828x1604, EFE814B0-30FC-429E-BFDB-3C0FD2…)

Sorry for the shitty quality. I just had to laugh at these two fat fucks doing their cosplay out in the middle of nowhere. Much Aryan, so proud.

No. 1200082

Is Freya really named Freya? I remember her talking about legally changing her name, and in her wedding video I think they called her Aubrey/Audrey? I may have misheard though

No. 1200145

omg you're right… right around the 5 minute mark he says audrey/aubrey mcleod. can't tell what else he's saying as I don't speak german

and this whole time I thought she was actually named freya

No. 1200162

Holy shit. Good work Anons. This whole time I thought she was really called Freya.

She just keeps getting sadder the more I learn about her.

No. 1200178

Her name is Freya, her second name is Audrey. You can hear him say her full name

No. 1200257

Seconding, the woman from the registry office also says she's called Freya Audrey McLeod (although she says "McLoud" kek) at 4:49.

No. 1200445


"Mac-Loud" is the correct pronunciation of MacLeod/McLeod

No. 1200515

You’re all wrong, her name is actually Frøÿja Awbery MàcLèod. /s

No. 1200610

you mean NicLèoid, obv

No. 1200612

Yes. I remember when she used to take the piss out of people who believed they were real vampires, seems these days she believes shes one herself and is serious about fucking ghosts. Shes become the person she used to mock.

No. 1200613


I ordered the master race from Aliexpress and this is what I got.

Seriously though, she needs to stop wearing those terrible shien dresses, they are so unflattering.

No. 1200618

Someone should make one of those bingo boards but have it be things kaya says, like constantly making every excuse under the sun, begging for her fans to buy her something, denying she's overweight etc.

No. 1200930

Haha. Good one Anon.

I do find it telling that she posts and talks about them as a couple all the time. But all he ever posts about is his music and "his people." I'd feel sorry for her, but once you go white supremacist you've made your bed and will have to post in it.

No. 1201061

She strikes me as someone who has low self-esteem and wannabe alpha chuds like Adam prey on women like that. She never really talks about any of their families, so it's either she came from a broken home or her parents are extremely boring and painfully normal. He clearly changed her from a greasy metalhead into this ugly, budget tavern wench. And she's making all the money flopping her titties around and gluing crystals onto sticks while he beats off to the ancestors in his closet studio. It's kind of hilarious, but also so very painfully pitiful, because nothing about their relationship is "trad". I can respect her for the hustle, but I can't respect Adam for preaching about his "heritage" and yet he doesn't seem to do work. I don't think your ancestors would be upset if you went to put in some shifts at B&M kek.

No. 1201070

Or her family doesn't get mentioned because they disapprove of Adam. If my child showed up with a white supremacist who doesn't believe she deserves to be treated as a full person, I'd disapprove too.

I might be misremembering. But I think at some point they mentioned that they weren't racist because they "both had nonwhite family members." I can see that causing a bit of a rift.

Either way, I don't feel sorry for her. She's actively lied to protect his bullshit. When somebody called her out on Adam's racist lyrics, she played dumb. She's not some poor battered housewife who just meekly cowers away from the big bad fascist. She is actively taking part.

No. 1201074

That was Mara, her sister is married to someone non-white and her niece is mixed. The Wessex gang seem pretty sheltered/isolated from what is going on outside of the Shire. I doubt most of them have even been to London, even though they whinge about it and how Sadiq Khan is ruining England somehow.

No. 1201083


I was wondering what mental gymnastics she does to justify her income from NSFW/semi nude photos on patreon with her impending barefoot tradwife-dom. Perhaps that's why Adam doesn't post anything about Lauren despite obviously leeching off her, it really ruins their Trad image for her to be just another goth thot. Is anyone here on her patreon?

No. 1201112

I have wondered too, but I genuinely think he encourages her to do it because otherwise, they wouldn't be making any money. And being logically consistent is not the domain of white pride types; it's okay to basically pimp your woman out to the internet to get tit coins, but it isn't okay for other women to do it on their own accord, because they're just whores. I sometimes wonder if they will ever go full trad, but realistically, I know they never will, because they love money too much, and want the fame of being prominent in the white pride community.

No. 1201133

Yup. And for all of their claims of superiority, neither of them have any marketable skills. Adam may dream of setting up a white supremacist "survival school." But he's not the sharpest branch on yggdrasil, if you know what I mean. The racist tacticoolbro sphere is full of grifters, and a lot of them are better at it than he is. So it's living off Lauren. Maybe trade her in for a younger model in a few years when her earning potential isn't what it used to be.

No. 1201748

Another "hair transformation". Her subscriber to views rate is abyssmal. And it's not surprising. Watching her slap dye on her head is not nearly as interesting as she seems to think.

She is so boring without people to bounce off.

No. 1201756

File: 1617563112367.png (104.5 KB, 1410x528, Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 12.0…)

Pretty sure she's sponsored by Lunar Tides at this point, because there's no fucking reason why she makes these boring videos every couple of weeks. All she does is paint one side of her head, there's nothing creative about her slapping glorified food coloring on her fucked up bleached crispy wheat hair. Someone asked her in her comments too what the fuck is up with her and she claims she's sooooo busy tattooing and doodling.

No. 1201765

File: 1617564411461.jpg (777.52 KB, 1080x1751, 20210404_212436.jpg)

>my instagram is rather active.

Uhhuh. Such varied content.

No. 1201786

That thumbnail kek

No. 1201797

Nothing says "creative spirit" like "my hair smells like brine."

No. 1201853

File: 1617575319865.jpg (540.45 KB, 1080x1762, 20210405_002747.jpg)

What fresh hell is this?

I guess trolling is her new identity.

No. 1201937

>always secretly hated pastel & bunnies
She can't really let that one go, take notes, and move on, now can she? kek

Genuinely intrigued to hear this so-called diss-track.

Also, why does she always feel the need to talk herself down like that in these announcements? Like, if you genuinely think your track / look / whatever is 'crap', perhaps just don't release it? No one's hardly heard the thing yet, and she's already fishing hardcore for compliments.

No. 1201977

Wtf is this, it looks disgusting

No. 1202167

File: 1617631780607.jpeg (513.88 KB, 750x1196, 5F6BB949-1393-4AA7-826C-DF76E7…)

Hadn’t seen anything about reeree in a while, looked her up and it looks like she’s integrating back to social media (with tiktok surprisingly)

No. 1202176


So the first tiktok is her talking about her new hair and how her ex didn’t let her shave the sides like that because he thought it was disgusting. I guess they’re on bad terms again?

No. 1202198

How likely is it she's ditching the romantic goth for the egirl look?

No. 1202307

At least she has an actual job now.

No. 1202373

Seems very likely to be honest. Granted she was never Goth to begin with but because the whole EGirl aesthetic is the popular style of the alternative scene at this time, not surprising she would want to hop aboard it.

No. 1202386

File: 1617655655207.jpeg (178.31 KB, 828x758, D29D7343-C623-4013-B19C-BCAE60…)

Had to barf in my mouth a little reading this:
She wants to be ~everyone’s internet mom~

No. 1202414

Love it how she’s Australian but writes “mom” to pander to the American audience

No. 1202427

wtf if you need an 'internet mom'?
I can't tell if that's ridiculously cringe or plain disgusting.

Why can't you call it, like, online role model? Online older friend? uwu goff big sis idk… Internet support group. This whole 'internet mum' concept is both stupid and gross.

No. 1202490

Jillian Venter's "goth auntie" thing is bad enough…

No. 1202590

It reads like a bad joke. She’s gonna crash emotionally in a few weeks…

No. 1202671


On behalf of everyone in Wales; stay the fuck in the US, we don't want your pathetic poser ass.

He'd get the everliving shit beaten out of him over here for adopting our Welsh culture and pretending to be one of us. And shoehorning us into the same category as the Irish (nothing against the Irish but it's apples and oranges, numbnut) is one of the most insulting things you can do to a Welsh person.

No. 1202724

File: 1617714442232.png (1.89 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210406-151145.png)

Mara makes a total of 4 stories because someone accused her of blackface… But distancing herself from the Uber-Celts is too much.

No. 1202725

File: 1617714574943.jpg (226.3 KB, 1080x1707, _20210406_151528.JPG)

That's the post in question bte

No. 1202740

They are so clearly trolling her, and she’s stupid and sensitive enough to take the bait.

No. 1202806

They're the only friends with clout she has left. She only cares about the appearance of not being racist, and clicks.

We've seen hoe she struggles with creating content and getting views on her own.

No. 1202814

gonna end up looking like this very soon if the hair bleaching doesnt stop

No. 1203231

No. 1203239

Any particular reason this is milk? A timestamp? A burning reason to spend time watching any of it?

No. 1203263

Oh my god the cringey "moves."

So presumably the person finally out of her life is her crazy ex who tried to poison her. I guess her mum finally cut ties with her as well.

No. 1203373

File: 1617812386592.png (457.85 KB, 902x450, Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 17.18…)

She's struggling to even reach 10k on her latest video, and posting once a month now. How can she be making the money to live? Bet Jake will grow resentful fast having to be her carer.

No. 1203396

The text on the thumbnail combined with >>1201853 should tell you what it is. Use context clues, anon

No. 1203451

I also don’t understand how youtubers make money with one video a month. I guess she has a few coins in her piggy bank from ads or sponsorships? Does she do live streams?

No. 1203461

>So presumably the person finally out of her life is her crazy ex who tried to poison her. I guess her mum finally cut ties with her as well.

This bitch was still talking to that psycho??? What in the actual fuck. See now I just feel like she intentionally kept that toxic person in her life because she wanted to feel like more of a victim. I know that sounds harsh but c'mon, who fucking keeps around someone like that who went so far as to poison you? Retarded.

It was bound to happen. Her content is vapid and she's boring as shit. Did people really think she'd stay up in the views when she barely does anything? It seems that time is approaching and she may go through what Grav3yard Girl went through losing relevancy. And I'm sure that Jake is slowly becoming the breadwinner when it comes to YuoTube income and yeah, he may very well come to resent her.

No. 1203462

Well she also has her Patreon which probably gives her some more extra money. I can't see if she gets paid either monthly or per video but she has 186 patrons currently but she also only offers $1 tiers so if that's the case, she only makes an extra $186


No. 1203465

She is letting her channel quietly die so that she can eventually walk away without needing to explain or getting involved in some stupid scandal. It is much easier to dip out on Youtube if you’re organically dropping views as opposed to up and leaving.

No. 1203498

No. Dorian wasn't talking to her psycho ex anymore. But Dorian's mom was. Which is a different kind of fucked up.

Dorian's mom is a hardcore christian. So she would do things like give phrynne money and rides, and invite the person who tried to poison her child over for christmas, out of "christian charity and foregiveness."

No. 1203529

just started watching the assumptions video and she starts it out by complaining… of course. and she also says "if anything goes wrong during this video, I'm quitting youtube".

I wish a bitch would.

No. 1203655

File: 1617842191107.png (93.98 KB, 732x876, EyTFHGOXEAUahKF.png)

It does look like Jake is the breadwinner lately. From the streaming to his latest cover. It is sad that his most popular vids are "goth reacts to". It's just low entertainment that he still gets clicks on because of being "goff". How long can he beat that dead horse. He's really proud of his latest cover and the fans attention….
I know there are issues with IBF, Toxic Tears, and Dorian, but I will give a slight benefit of the doubt because it is obvious all 3 suffer from mental illness. And they are burning out or spinning publicly which is a shame.

No. 1203792

Oh okay. Well okay, that's still pretty fucked though that her mom was keeping her around. Like you said, she poisoned her daughter, like what even? lol Oi.

Eh you could be right. I'm genuinely curious what she';ll when her channel dies and is not lucrative anymore. Do you think she'll just get a regular 9 to 5 or will she just depend on Jake to support her?

Eh I'm not surprised his "GoFF" reacts are getting views. It's pretty much a given that any idiot in dark makeup who labels their video "Goth Reacts" will receive a good amount of attention by clueless kids. I mean even Social Repose was still getting views for those kinds of videos so this isn't too surprise. But I'm sure he'll slowly lose appeal after a while. You can only react to so many TikToks.

No. 1203938

Just remembered Social Repose still exists…apparently he did a goodbye vid for April Fools. With 1mil followers, that vid only got 28k views. Looking at the vids from the past year or so he's in a self aware downward spiral. Maybe that April Fools vid should have been real, he should move on from YouTube.

No. 1203944

File: 1617898569785.jpeg (667.23 KB, 1241x2046, EF1FEC5C-1E28-4C7E-B24F-09CC2F…)

Mara bringing up Mai and Annika unprompted for the millionth time in an AMA.
Sounds like that’s some unresolved shit that should be discussed with a therapist.. it’s been what, like 4 years since they had their falling out? Yikes

No. 1203966

Wow, of course the "asexual uwu i think humans are gross dating is lame i am a plant REAL ASEXUALS EXIST" is dating an uninspiring twink. I wondered when she'd finally drop the tumblr act

No. 1204084

She'll drop the tumblr act when the nazi heat gets too bad. Then she'll come out complaining about "cancel culture."

I love how she complains about "bitches using her for clout" but hangs out with white supremacists for clout herself. Way to take the moral highground Mara.

No. 1204104

File: 1617911555915.png (5.76 MB, 1242x2688, A315E1C6-A25A-4C55-859B-19B624…)

Mom can you pick me up I’m scared

No. 1204108

File: 1617911789639.jpeg (326.07 KB, 1241x1979, 138CFAE2-2B63-4AEF-8271-813240…)

Poor Kaya posting a whole collage of her and stumps as a romantic gesture, meanwhile there’s crickets over on his profile.

This feels more like clinging to the past more than anything else.

No. 1204112

Wonder if she's nostalgic about the relationship or her old weight.

No. 1204127

Her old weight, that’s why Jake never says anything. She misses being thin.

No. 1204165

Oh I actually saw that in my feed but didn't watch because I don't like him but I totally forgot it was April 1dt when I saw that pop up. Well at least he knows his relevancy is declining.

These people just like headaches. To think I was (and honestly still am) into their outfit posts only to learn that they are so full of drama.

Holy fuck, that's Sebastian? LOL I haven't checked her Instagram out in about a year but she almost looks unrecognizable now haha.

No. 1204167

+1 It's clear she misses when she was thin but is too lazy and lacks the work ethic to make a physical change.

No. 1204366

Realistically, she's never going to be that thin again. I don't doubt she could lose weight if she tried, but there's a certain point and time in your life when you will never be the same size as you were in your late teens and early twenties, and you just have to get over it and stop eating sugary shit and anything deep fried in oil.

No. 1204592

manicmoth responded by posting one of those slide deck things about toxic people to her instagram stories

No. 1204619

Fuck, she's so ugly. Legit looks like an incel TiM, especially with her current uwu spinny skirts ddlg style.

No. 1204676

File: 1617978248107.png (111.21 KB, 1182x410, Screenshot 2021-04-09 at 15.24…)

Poor kids probably just realised she wasn't trans. And she's bragging about it. Awkward.

No. 1204696

She could stop eating

No. 1204702

Oh I understand. I'm in my late 20s and I have put on a little weight and I'm not as skinny as I used to be but I also regularly workout and limit my junk food consumption and I still have a relatively trim build and that's why I know a little self discipline and a moderate fitness regimen can really go a long way. Kaya won't ever be that rail thin again, especially as her metabolism continues to slow down as she ages (she's going to be in her 30s soon right?). All I'm saying is that she can still lose the weight and may end up liking the end result even if she's not rail thin. It's just clear she doesn't like being visibly overweight and there are ways to try to combat that.

No. 1204762

File: 1617988201333.jpg (361.43 KB, 1080x1376, 20210409_190737.jpg)

Anons: Kaya can probably never get back to her old figure. But she can certainly get her body to a place where she feels more comfortable with it.

Kaya: I can now get a sugary coffeeshake without having to walk for it.

No. 1204771

File: 1617988934050.jpg (458.31 KB, 1080x1479, Screenshot_20210409-111710_Fac…)

Freya's fans are pissed. kek.

No. 1204772


>I have the Duke of Edinburgh award

So does pretty much every other British child if they graduated high school. It’s a requirement for graduation at most. But yes you’re very special for getting the award Freya!

No. 1204780

it isn’t necessary at all. big sweaty toffs choose to do it because it looks mildly interesting on any sixth form/uni applications you do (though even then, it’s still nothing noteworthy), but in no way is it remotely necessary or even really that normal. tldr she’s bragging about absolutely nothing

No. 1204808

File: 1617992847310.png (100.39 KB, 409x661, Schermafbeelding 2021-04-09 om…)

Post caps next time lol

No. 1205096

This is so funny for Freya to post completely deadpan, when you see what people in the UK and US have been posting.

No. 1205201

does anyone actually believe this is why the friendship went to shit? i know that WE don't here on lolcow, but im a fan of Mara's since she was active on Tumblr and think most fans of hers don't even believe this. not sure why she keeps shilling this story–think most people who keep up with her in any capacity know that personal rifts happen and "using her for clout" is a red herring

No. 1205283

It’s hard to say. Personally, I think it may have had something to do with her falling in with Lauren and Adam. I used to think it was just a coinkidink that they all became friends because of Mai and Annika, now I think there is more to the story than she just fell out with her closest friends over crystals and shit.

No. 1205300

File: 1618069099780.jpg (616.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210410-113636_Ins…)

Maybe I just don't get it bc I'm not from the UK but I can't understand why she keeps going on about Philip. I've seen people in her comments agree that he's like a distant grandpa or something. UK people pls explain what is up with that

No. 1205314

Nobody except over 70 Daily Mail readers gaf about the royals. Trying hard to be all British and failing, unless she was 70+ and a Daily Mail reader.

No. 1205440

I guess not taking into account what the British Royal Family has perpetuated is not very goth. That man lived a long life surrounded by privilege and being rather racist, I don't get how someone can cry about a member from an outdated system.

No. 1205442

I mean taking lol

No. 1205452

Maybe this is her whole "scotland is my spiritual home, so I must like all things UK" thing. Even if mots scots don't actually like the royal family, sinxe they represent English oppression.

Though I can see why she thinks prince phillip was a secret grandfather. Her family is pretty racist, so it tracks.

No. 1205688

Yeah she just wanted to look relevant and uwu so Scottish by using his death kek. Like when alan rickman died and she made an entire youtube video pretending to care.

No. 1205690

Found the video.

No. 1205720

I forgot she made this…ugh.

No. 1205777

Englishfag here - it’s not, but a LOT of people do get the bronze award. It’s a nationwide program, not like a personal accolade from the guy himself. Plus, apparently at the 50th anniversary of the program, he called young people ignorant. So Freya looks really fucking dumb right now.

No. 1206876

File: 1618272731960.jpg (504.74 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20210413-010628.jpg)

Literally dozens of derogatory comments about Prince Phillip on IBF's poem post but guess which one Karen decides to pick a fight with?
Her racism is showing.
It's hilarious how as a Kiwi she didn't bother pulling any Brits on their opinions but a pretty respectful Maori post? Guns out.

I'm British so don't understand the racial politics in NZ but I've heard quite a few white kiwis are pretty racist?

No. 1206913

Knowing Karen this is actually a pretty tame response from her

No. 1207120

>This isn't about your dead relatives. This is about how my daughter feels about the death of an old dude she'd never met. Don't be insensitive.

No. 1207174

They’re both autistic cows and I really don’t see what bringing up Maoris has to do with Prince Philip dying.

No. 1207229

I think it's just to make a point about why she/many nz-ers don't care about philips death. But idk who civia is

No. 1207257

I think it's about the fact that the wealth and influence of the British royal family is heavily based on their colonies, such as new zealand, and the resources they extracted from them through the exploitation of native people. This applies to both England as a whole, but specifically the royal family. To this day a lot of the private business holdings of the royals are either funded by money that was originally gained by exploiting people like the Maori, or still negatively impacts them even now. The royal family gets a lot of their private cash from things like mineral extraction, which is often done in the wildlands that Maori use to sustain their traditional way of life

Also, Prince phillip is a member of the royal family as a whole. And they're responsible for the colonial wars in new zealand in the 19th century, which killed millions of Maori. Of course, prince phillip didn't personally kill anyone. But the only reason people give a damn about this grumpy old rando is the fact that he is a royal. And people tend to gloss over exactly what that means. Saying that the royal family is so great involves ignoring a lot of atrocious stuff that they did. And while I don't really think calling out someone on what their ancestors did, if their ancestors are literally the source of their status it becomes a different matter.

As for Freeza, I think more than anything it's an indication of how weirdly superficial she is. She claims to be "so upset because her secret grandpa died," but doesn't really seem to care about what he was or represented.

No. 1207390

File: 1618334677712.jpg (686.39 KB, 1080x1614, 20210413_192437.jpg)



No. 1207406

Lmao anon, I already knew this, I still think it's autistic as fuck to be chimping out on people's fagbook pages over this man.

If you really have a problem witht the royal family, write them a goddamn letter about it.

>blank stare into space
>lights on but nobody home

No. 1207441


> really don’t see what bringing up Maoris has to do with Prince Philip dying.

> Lmao anon, I already knew this,

So you're just a troll. Got it.

He looks like a dog who has to wait outside the supermarket.

No. 1207491

I'm sorry if it came off like I was trolling. I wasn't.

No. 1207635

File: 1618347210320.png (127.25 KB, 501x456, Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 21.5…)

Has Orlee been reading lolcow? Is she finally wising up to the BALG bullshit?

No. 1207651

She probably ran into some unsavory characters in the sexy demon community, and they found out she's Jewish and probably chimped out on her about it.

No. 1207771

Tbh I don't get why she's felt the need to respond at all. This person hasn't said anything negative about Phillip's death or IBF 'mourning' it, she didn't really mock him either – on the contrary, she's expressed her pain and what she finds problematic about the situation very politely, delicately, and even with due respect to those who (for whichever reason) still feel saddened by this. Like, this should be the last person to pick a fight with, she's being REALLY diplomatic.

Idk, I can't think of anything other than racism. Though >>1207120 is pretty good too, kek the audacity these Maori have.

No. 1207794

Maybe some milk is about to come out and she's trying to create some distance from the whole BALG thing.

No. 1207965

>He looks like a dog who has to wait outside the supermarket.

lol anon

No. 1208634

File: 1618445424303.jpg (357.64 KB, 2288x1712, GettyImages-86295050-5c3be98c4…)

No. 1208840

Dogs are cute. Adam is definitely not cute. Stop flattering him.

No. 1208885

File: 1618474769969.png (1.03 MB, 1318x927, hairthings.PNG)

What do you think about those?
Like price, design and the fact, that they are already sold out…

No. 1208907

I kek'd, what is this even supposed to be

No. 1208910

I was wondering as well, like what and why? And how come people buy this like it is the most amazing thing?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1208922

It is hideous?!
It reminds me of how I used to put duplo blocks on my little topknots as a child.
At least no one will ‘steal this’ from her. Like runes or metal buckles.

No. 1209105

Hair armament. For when you… want to defend your hair from marauders?
I mean, not all of your hair. Just the ends. The rest will just have to fend for itself when the inevitable hairseige comes.

This is the bikinimail of hair.

No. 1209186

I think she meant to write ornament, kek

No. 1209284

File: 1618512923799.jpg (363.39 KB, 1080x1220, 20210415_205440.jpg)

No. She refers to them as armaments. Apparently this is supposed to be a "spear." It's this warrior viking witch thing she's always on about.

No. 1209290

File: 1618513465347.jpg (1019.01 KB, 1080x1623, 20210415_210237.jpg)

Kaya's insta is literally just "I can't film because other people exist" and "I have cake." It's the two things she ever mentiones.

Why she never makes her career or weight goals will always be a mystery.

No. 1209312

>I used to put duplo blocks on my little topknots as a child
that's fairly based for a child tbh. i'd have thought you were the coolest girl in P1

No. 1209720

Why she didn't just film this picnic for youtube, I will never understand that.

No. 1209800


There was probably wind or sun or gravity.

No. 1210390

Fuxking LAZY ass. Can her channel finally die now? Can her "fans" finally see what a waste of time she is? lol I'm not necessarily mad but I'm just aggravated at the excuses she comes up with and how frequent they are. I don't even like her shit content but I feel that her "fans", especially the ones who are wasting their money supporting her ever-expanding ass on Patreon are really getting duped her and should really wise up to the reality of this sloth of a woman.

She has the easiest "job" in the world and can't be assed to do it. And i use "job" very loosely here because frankly she has no job.

No. 1211212

File: 1618749572639.jpg (525.49 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20210418-133656.jpg)

She can't even look for holiday recommendations without moaning about how shit where she lives is…. Even though Ireland has many areas of natural beauty. Also does it really fucking matter if your tent is just in a field if there's other stuff to do? Or does the campsite have to fit your aesthetic? /Facepalm

No. 1211284

She wants to put her tent right on a instagramable spot so she doesn't have to walk.

No. 1211883

File: 1618820607794.jpg (459.98 KB, 1080x1409, 20210419_102233.jpg)

Annika is still selling pictures of herself.

No. 1211916

Maybe she should try camping in her backyard first, shes sooo sensitive to everything to the point she can't film so is better to stay near the fridge for some comfort food to munch eh is it Kaya?

No. 1211927

>>1210390 yeah she could literally film anything and her fans will watch it cos they're brain dead enough to stay this long. She could even make food videos or complaining rant videos because that's all she talks about. She doesn't even e beg as much as she used to.

No. 1212080

Exactly. Her fans will watch any video she farts out. I mean, if I was a fan of hers, I couldn't imagine seeing all these excuses, waiting weeks to even months for her to post anew video and when she finally does, it's another stupid unboxing video but that's just me because clearly her fans don't have a problem with that kinda stuff. But as I said in my previous post, they're really being duped here and are being morons for letting her skate on by this long being a lazy ass gluttonous sloth.

It's been at least 2 years and I don't think they'd be out of line to speak up and put her ass on blast. I mean for fucks sake, the love-stump has been more productive than her, equally shit content but at least he's actually doing something and his fans are getting something.

No. 1212882

IBF posted a St. Patrick's Day video an entire month after St. Patrick's Day. Just consisted of her doing awful muddy makeup, but I did get a lol out of the fact that she's confused over the fact that Germans don't celebrate Guy Fawke's night. She really is a fucking moron.

No. 1213305

File: 1618973794329.jpg (230.88 KB, 776x635, itsbeyondflattering.jpg)

It puzzles me, that for someone who's been doing makeup for so SO long, she's never gotten any good at it.
The whole 'oh it's the messy look' charade doesn't apply, because this is just unintentionally sloppy, and sad.

No. 1213396

Plus she says she just does the same makeup look every day with small variation so why isnt she used to it by now

It's a nitpick I know but she used to market herself as a makeup channel at one point and she has other tutorials so

No. 1213440

It's SO sloppy! And I feel like she's somehow gotten worse? I don't remember her makeup always looking quite THIS bad.

No. 1213448

It’s always been bad. She was just better at not facing the camera head on at a closer angle before.

No. 1213499

File: 1619012913388.jpeg (414.89 KB, 1125x1842, 879379D5-5081-41A5-BF86-BC5618…)

No. 1213503

What is it with her obsession with Prince Philip? Is she that much of a teaboo? The entire world outside of England was laughing at how much of a Fallout ghoul he looked like in his final years, she's ridiculous acting like that.

No. 1213553

File: 1619018388980.png (184.73 KB, 720x1075, Screenshot_20210421-122111~2.p…)



No. 1213556

File: 1619018487234.png (131.43 KB, 720x1164, Screenshot_20210421-122132~2.p…)

And states shes not with BALG anymore. I wonder what the story is behind that.

No. 1213557

no chance are the police just letting any random weirdo off the street walk into an invite only memorial where bojo and a ton of other important high ranking politicians/royals/officials are. this bitch is bonkers

No. 1213599

The overwhelming level of entitlement. The whole notion of her getting this dramatic over an old rich racist who had no idea you existed and would have mocked you if he did is ridiculous. But imagining that you should just be able to crash a private memorial because you're super sad is bonkers and arrogant. Is she mentally ill? Desperatw for attention? Or both?

Yup. That seems about right. BALG has been shady as hell for years and Koeting being a racist creep is old news. And it has never bothered her before. So I imagine something new is about to come out

No. 1213760


Wait is IBF in the UK again? Bojo is the British PM, she was probably talking about Jacinda if she's still in NZ (because I doubt there's a Maori King in Westminster kek)

No. 1213969

>>1213760 definitely in NZ. There was a state memorial service for Prince Philip just recently.

IBF is probably the only Kiwi under 60 who would want to go to something like this anyway but I am loling at her thinking anyone could rock up.

No. 1213981

Sounds like she was let in eventually.

Doesn’t sound like she knew it was private. Maybe she thought it would be a huge public event like Diana’s was.

No. 1214056

Yeah. God forbid she spent 5 seconds googling.

Or, once she figured it out, accept that the same rules apply to her as everyone else. But that has always been a problem for her.

No. 1214241

File: 1619112415680.jpg (212 KB, 1080x734, Screenshot_20210422-182455_Chr…)

Yes Jake, because the only thing stopping you from getting a Ferrari is 'practicality'…

No. 1214278

Why do his fans buy this "super sexy" image he tries to sell? Like he is irresistible, everything he does and is surrounded by is pure sex appeal. This is a man who couldn't look cool on a motorcycle ffs! He's a combo of a plain looking face with a very unfortunate body shape, cringey "style", pathetic personality… There is absolutely nothing to get the hots over and the very idea that someone does repulses me

No. 1214330


Why on earth would he need an SUV? Just get a fiat 500 like every other first time car owner.

No. 1214361


To fit Kaya's 6'4" 300lb ass in

No. 1214652

Quite a vague video but midway through she says she was given an ultimatum (by E A Koetting?) not to talk about things that had been done to her or said about her (presumably this is JD temple) or else she couldn't remain with BALG.

I think she's made a good choice - BALG is toxic AF and if this is how they treat their women writers I wouldn't be surprised if more bad shit comes out. I hope orlee feels able to speak openly about what JD did to her, he's very blatantly a spiteful, gross crackhead.

No. 1214821

she literally looks like marilyn manson at points

No. 1214889

Annika accuses other people of stuff she does regularly, and acts like a victim when people chose to drop her. Just a few things I know she did…

likes to befriend people for clout, then talks shit about them behind their back and leak secrets entrusted to her. Psychara, catinawitchhat, maimagi, lilachris, ashtrayart, valentinwinter, blackfriday, just to name a few people she makes fun of when she is with normie friends. Manicmoth loves malicious gossip and she talks about YOU the way she shit talks others to you when they aren’t around. This anorexic is especially hateful when some fatty like friday is more popular than her.

shows up for photo shoot with hangover and hours later because she is a “professional model”

has unreasonable demands about free shootings with actual professional photographers, she demands they come up with a theme and accessories to steal their creative work to pass off as her own. photographers either tell her to fuck off or to cough up money, she throws a hissy fit and tell her friends about how she was mistreated by horrible photographers. Toxic people, huh?

In university, her teacher refused to take care of her bachelor thesis because her poor attitude. Annika thought it’s a great idea to tell fellow students about “that bitch teacher”. She had to attach herself to her boyfriend’s game design group, since she had no idea of her own to fall back on. Literally mooched herself to graduation with someone else’s project, congratulations.

loves handouts and at the same time complaining it isn’t good enough, classic choosy beggar but it’s really cringeworthy. I know she complained about celtic fusion, punk rave, stuff Mai has given her for free, when Psychara did free stuff for her etc. It’s for free, be grateful and shut the fuck up.

Also I think they alll need to shut up about their falling out because it’s childish.

No. 1214913

Pictures are easy to manipulate if you actually look like a meth junkie. Y’all need to see her for real, she has a double chin and buck teeth from a botched veneer job.

No. 1214936

File: 1619197006159.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1588x2119, C82FD5B7-DB0E-4AD9-8879-8DBAFD…)

Did Maimagi steal from Daughter Of Mercury?
Let’s rejoice because it’s not Aliexpress or Wish this time LMAO

She’s the one that makes the spikes:

Original product photo for comparison. They are cheaper than Mai’s and they look sturdier too. I wonder how long it takes for Mai to start a fight with this one.

No. 1214954

Their problem was never with Lauren and Adam, it happened waaaay before they were relevant. Annika was caught with blackface herself, she doesn’t give a fuck. Mai and Mara were initially friends, Annika successfully got herself inserted in this friendship where everyone was a queen bee, can’t go well for long. Mai was always competitive towards Mara, Annika saw a chance and worked with her against Mara. They used to have a Whatsapp group with all three of them, but these two started to talk a lot negative stuff about Mara in a separate group. Mai and Mara accuse each other of wrongdoings in the official chat, Annika is pretty silent, but she is talking with Mai in secret on the side. In the end they blocked Mara without explanation. Mara called them, cried and begged for some kind of ending that makes sense. Annika wanted to reply to her, but Mai told her to ignore Mara.
I’m tired to read about nonsense conspiracy stories, because the real story isn’t that complicated. I hope one of them just dumps their Whatsapp chatlog because I have seen part of it, it’s juicy.

No. 1215018

Holy shit. Good find anon.

Now the countdown for Mai accusing people of copying her starts.

Do you have screencaps of any of this?

I'm kind of surprised M&M haven't taken a dig at Mara because of her racist friends yet. We know they lurk here. Remember how pissed Mai was when somebody on here found the price of her house.

No. 1215064


So which one(s) of the Bitches of East End were/are you attached to? If what you're saying is true, you're someone close to them. Why spill ages old milk now? Falling out?

No. 1215264

how do you know all this anon? especially about annika?

No. 1215573

File: 1619257197891.jpg (757.82 KB, 1080x1587, 20210424_113728.jpg)

Keeping it subtle.

No. 1215582

Mummy, look what I made!

He has such a weird toddler body.

No. 1215674

His ill fitting pants make his legs look like a hobbit's. Perfect for his medieval ye olde Albion aesthetic kek

No. 1215734

Dorian finally made a video addressing the "L word" drama

No. 1215794

> Lolita vid was meant to be fluffy distraction from school shooter vid
> it ended up being the controversial one
> Lolitas were/are hunting her down
> Lolita ("the L word") is now a trigger for her
> Lolitas made her relapse into anorexia
> she stopped making videos, abandoned work and emails, and made a finsta
> called crisis line to talk about how she was suicidal because of "wearing the wrong frilly dress"
> "karma is a bitch and people (tyler) who made videos about the lolita thing (tyler) will get theirs"
> lolitas are monsters for "going cross platform" and commenting on her insta

No. 1215808

Emotional manipulation: the movie

>criticizing me made me anorexic!!

No. 1215822

Actions, meet (completely justified) consequences.

Imagine if someone had made a "goth transformation" video with the same level of lazy cynical misrepresentation. Dorian would have been all up in arms

Also, she posted pics of this trainwreck on her insta. Just look at the thread pic.

No. 1215931

Dorian just screams BPD to me, she needs a second opinion on the sperg diagnosis.

No. 1216026

That's so retarded dramatic. She has to be trolling or sarcastic, r-right gals, like…no one is that stupid right?

No. 1216097

What a fucking drama queen. I don't want to watch her rambling because I can only take so much of her but please tell me she's just playing up some kind of joke for laughs because if not, good lord what a pathetic drama queen.

I especially don't even understand why she'd relapse into anorexia over someone saying her dress was not lolita, they weren't even bringing up her weight, the dress was just not Lolita. It's not fucking hard to grasp.

I seriously hope you're right here. No one can be this retarded, not even someone like Dorian. She's an annoying twit but this is really stepping it.

No. 1216318

Is she trying to copy Demi here? 'My eating disorder is your responsibility' basically? The whole internet just called demi out and yet erbs has a hugbox of a comment section comforting her over the same egotistical and blame shifting victim act. Cool lol

Her viewers are unreal in their blind support of her. For an autist she sure is good at manipulating things and twisting stories to suit herself. I've always found that sus

No. 1216423

She's gotten a lot worse. I used to find her earliest videos entertaining. I like perfume and knitting, so she made content that appealed to me. And her vibe was way more laid back.

Having a bigger audience has brought her shitty qualities to the forefront. She has thousands of people kissing her ass and telling her every single tantrum she throws is perfectly justified and BRAVE . There's no reason for her to keep her inner bitch under controll.

No. 1216431

She needs to grow up

No. 1216494

File: 1619392334791.png (451.63 KB, 814x478, theL-word.png)

>The "L word" is such a trigger to her, it made her relapse, blast the crisis hotline, and abandon work
Yet, looking at her "work" page, it's still there in plain sight, written twice.
Just so that every time she "goes to work" she can relapse again, feel suicidal again, and abandon work again. And blame in on the entire world. Again. Logic.

And also so that even more people get to watch that video in the future, get upset, and "cross platform harass" you again, while you're still making bank off of all of it. Got it.

I liked these other points too, that she kept reiterating several times in the video:
>I don't know how I can ARGUE against this
So the only option ever is to argue, what about just apologise? Or admit you've done wrong.

>What can I do to make this stop? And the only thing I could think of was 'just stop eating, dude, you won't feel anything'

Again, admitting to your faults doesn't ring the bell, but stopping to eat and pity-partying over it does

And then after all the muh victimhood she goes
>Actually, relapsing helped me right, because I lost some of the weight I gained during lockdown
WHAT? lmao so it's not the "meanies" that made you relapse, but you just used it as an excuse to lose weight in an unhealthy manner, which you're now so proud of btw and flaunting your "accomplishments" and how you now love your butt on insta?

She's such a hypocrite. She really did pull a Demi, anon >>1216318 I agree.

No. 1216745

File: 1619426057975.png (107.87 KB, 1295x531, durian literally what.png)

and this literary gem of expression and reasoning

No. 1216748

Funny how they say "I judge a youtuber by their subscriber base" when their subs are now going to Tyler's video and saying some of the most vile stuff

No. 1216775

(saged for replying to old comment)
This is exactly what bothers me about her reaction to being called out and it's even worse now that she made the >>1215734 response video. I wonder if this hypocrisy has been specifically pointed out to her? Even if so, she could just be ignoring it business as usual. She always does, trying to take this tired af high ground position, her main arguments boiling down to 'these people are wrong and stupid because they're mean and stupid'. It's just not very 30 of her.
She's trying to be this beacon of maturity but lately her content has been little more than premature stages of senile scattery. Not to mention how much she tries to cry publicly about being so so misunderstood, when she has been hopping on other cancel-bandwagons on people who also delivered poorly or ignorantly (the whole adora batbrat costume thing, and no, this is not an invitation to derail).

For how much she reees at normies killing the goth subculture and abusing the fashion, she sure was making unsavory comments at lolita fashion in the transformation video, and it just boggles my mind that she could not see how maybe some people who are very autistically dedicated to their subculture are gonna be offended by the things she said.

No. 1216782

I used to really like her videos, there was just something comforting about her rambles.
She also used to pride herself in "snarky letters" and "taking a piss", so why is it suddenly trigering and bullying when directed back? There were couple of comments on Tyler's vid how Dorian will most likely love this response, so I'm clearly not the only one taken aback

No. 1216798

>It's just not very 30 of her.
Not a single aspect of her life matches up with her being a woman in her mid thirties. That's what astounds me. Usually when people are immature it's just in 1 or 2 areas of life but with herbs it's across the board. Don't be mean or I'll cut/starve myself!… that's such teen shit to still be spouting.

And she dishes judgement out but can't take a tenth of it back. Brings all this drama on herself and then cries victim. My alltime fave was when she put herself in a mental hospital a while back and then cried about there being…annoying mentally ill people that she had to hear in nearby wards?? Like fuck all those other mentally ill people and fuck the free health service that gave her a bed after she threatened to kill herself if they didn't quickly find her a bed. The eggshells everyone has to walk on to avoid somehow victimising her and sending her into a spiral. I mean when is she not cutting/starving/drinking/drugging/halluncinating tulpas? It's constant. She doesn't even need any meanies to trigger her.

No. 1216866

She clearly lurks on this site. she even said so on the video with her sensitive ass

No. 1217232

File: 1619472669831.jpg (808.73 KB, 1080x1592, 20210426_233005.jpg)

Saged for no actual milk. But the little tradaryan looks legit special needs here.

No. 1217287

File: 1619476363791.jpg (194.25 KB, 634x1024, original.jpg)

I mean…

No. 1217340

The karma shit she was talking in her vid was just about her fans commenting on Tyler's video? Or did something else happen too?

No. 1217375

I think she wants to downvote Tyler's channel. Rn she calling her Misogentistic, Slut shammer, anti-fem, and all the words in the SJW book here >>1216745

No. 1217392

Dorian "I'm not like other girls" is accusing people of being mysoginistic? That's rich.

No. 1217453

Isn't she in her 40s? Maybe I had a fever dream but I swear she mentioned she's at least 40 in some of her videos.

No. 1217536

File: 1619501888442.jpg (103.07 KB, 596x448, u4xibogf2nr21.jpg)

No. 1217710

God don’t suggest something gross. Cliques of altcows who suck up to each other for 15 minutes of fame aren’t friends. I’m good at gossip and I heard enough to figure out the storyline. Details may vary depending on whose “friends” you asked, they aren’t important. I got pissed because newfags keep poking it like it’s fucking Area 51. It’s not, it isn’t as interesting as people imagine it would be.

Fyi, Mara didn’t mean to call out small fries like Annika and Mai. She has a whole truckload of sycophants sucking at her, shit must be tiring.

No. 1217719

Mai was pissed when? She did delete a bunch of videos, but was she really angry? Looks more like she got scared.

No. 1217725

She ranted on her socials about invasion of privacy. She seemed really pissed that people were challenging hervstruggling artist routine. This was around the time she stopped selling thrifted items at an insane markup too.

No. 1217895

you can have both, especially with her upbringing.

She was born in 1985 which would make her 36.

No. 1217897

Im scared that dorian, kaya/jake or freya are going to start doing OF. like, its becoming so mainstream that literally everyone is doing it.

No. 1217905

Not sure I can imagine Dorian doing that tbh.

No. 1217910

>>1217536 next thread pic

>>1217897 yeah anyone can take a crusty nude in their room and sell it, it's so easy even grandma could do it. I could picture Fake Munro having a go.

No. 1217988

ikr? I've paid attention to that slip too kek. Yet again.
She keeps whining on and on how she's victimised on a brink of suicide because these cross-platform meanies and "their ringleader" are so misogynistic towards her… but Dorian, weren't you a man? Why does this get to you, lmao

No. 1217989

File: 1619552222814.png (37.95 KB, 905x560, dorian_socialblade.png)

Yeah I was gonna say, not to be pissy but I hate when people talk as though an autistic person displaying symptoms of other mental illnesses means they were misdiagnosed. Autism makes you more vulnerable to developing mental illness across the board, although which one/s in particular depends on your life circumstances.

With that said, Dorian doesn't seem very BPD to me. Honestly the impression I get from her is more like sheer Chris-chan-esque delusion and detachment from reality. Her overreaction to the Lolita controversy reflects how important her online presence and following is to her, and given what we know about her life, of course it would be, it seems like it's the only outlet she has for engagement with world. Her huge jump in subscribers recently probably only made this worse.

That doesn't excuse her delusion though, I don't understand how she could have spent so much of her life online and not understand how to deal with this drama.

No. 1217991

Kaya hates her body too much. And she can't even be bothered to make content for her current platform.

Dorian, I don't know. In one of her drunken rambles she talked about having considered escort work in the past, but being too afraid of getting beaten up or raped. And she likes to take seminudes. But somehow I still don't see her doing it.

IBF will probably do it "once she loses the weight". So never. Like Kaya, she hates her body and loves cake.

I am genuinly surprised the lovestump hasn't tried to sell his grublike body to his snaccs yet. Maybe Kaya objects? Or maybe he's afraid to get in trouble. A lot of his fans are minors. Even if they're not actually paying for his onlyfans, appealing to kids would get dicy if he starts putting the full turkey on display.

No. 1218006

Mysoginy still affectsfemme people. It's about how other people judge you. That doesn't suddenly stop if you identify as male but still look female. Mysoginists tend to not go "oh, I'm sorry. I disliked you for being feminine. But now that I know how you identify I suddenly don't feel that way at all."

Having said that, I think the only mysoginist here is Dorian. She's talked about women being catty and gossipy and mean in the past, which is why she can't "relate to them." And which is exactly what she's accusing the lolita community of now.

And god knows, nobody hates feminine looks like ruffly, poofy, lacy, pink clad lolitas.

This is not mysoginy. This is her doing a shitty thing and getting backlash over it.

No. 1218013

Absolutely agree.
Kaya is too self-conscious. She can try selling 'food porn' though or smth.

Also surprised how Stumpy hasn't started one yet, it's totally his thing.
Same with Dorian. Esp with how unhinged she's been on insta lately, flaunting her 'weightloss' body. After all, her 'safe space' has now been jeopardised, gotta find a new circlejerk arsepat hugbox.

No. 1218409

i mean not defending mai's usual bullshit but hunting down someone's actual house is definitely an invasion of privacy, especially when afaik she doesn't post the outside view of it

No. 1218426

fake has def posted thirst traps where he is shirtless with pants pulled pretty low, bleh. maybe he wouldn't go full nude but definitely suggestive, probably with the new bike he just got.

what's funny is he was selling prints of himself for a minute and made it seem like he would do it fairly often, releasing new looks. but that takes too much effort when he can slap some makeup on and bang out a bunch of reaction vids where he spends at least half the time doing stupid voices and facial expressions while rambling.

No. 1218724

While I don't doubt her tism I think she's spent her adult life making out like that diagnosis automatically makes it OK for her to just amount to nothing. Or more importantly to contribute nothing. People with much more obvious autism than her are capable of living independently with just minimal supports in place to check how they're managing. She's capable of more than she let's on.

I believe at some point she got way too used to saying "I just can't do that adult thing cause my tism says no, end of" and thats why she often comes off as malingering. She's taking a real diagnosis and using it as a shield so that she never has to grow, to think about others, to pay rent, to be held accountable for what she puts out there.

No. 1218852

Is it just me or does Dorian seem like a fullblown womanchild? Idk maybe that's just a side effect of her autism.

No. 1218948

Absolutely agree.
That, and also suicide baiting. Don't make me do xyz, I'm a fragile snowflake incapable of adulting, remember how last time you made me adult and it resulted in an OD? Well, next time I'll actually go through with it.

She's manipulative af, if you listen closely to what she says in videos – she isn't even trying to conceal this narrative. She obviously does have issues in the mental health department, but she abuses that fact and uses it too much to her own advantage, rather than just her suffering, and as an ultimate excuse for everything.

No. 1219200

Mai has many people pissed at her, although she doesn’t need them to make herself miserable. She has clout-chasers around who love to tell everyone they are Mai’s friends and they love to talk about her to prove they are close. Mai is the main leak herself because she chose to be around dumb people.

What I just said. The funniest thing I was told about Manicmoth is that her real name is Lisa Maria.

No. 1219486


Also she doesn't seem upset when she's describing those suicidal thoughts, she's desperate to embroider her story as much as possible and evidently loves having something dramatic to talk about.

I feel like this whole situation was a manipulation, why would she care what lolitas think when she has no horse in that race? She made it clear it's not her style and she doesn't really care about it. It takes literally 2 minutes of internet research to know the basics of EGL including that lolitas don't approve of slutty cosplay outfits being passed off as lolita, I can't help but feel this was all a cynical construct by Dorian to gain views and play the algorithm.

No. 1219655

I think you're right. Dorian hasn't been in any controversies for awhile now and I feel like her views may have been going down because if you're not making interesting content, the only other way to get attention is drama and she seems like she loves to be the center of it because her ass-lickers will come to bat for her.

Because like most have already said in this thread, Lolita is a pretty simple style to learn and has lots of helpful tips and guides to help newbies. But seeing what a dramatic bitch she is being with the backlash she brought on herself, it just screams publicity stunt for attention/sympathy. Because big ol' meanie Lolitas are so threatening to muh mental health…

No. 1219857

angela just made a video about how she had an eating disorder in y2k and shrunk to like 98 pounds. she is concerned because apparently y2k fashion is making a comeback and she's afraid that it will make skelly body types popular again and cause more eating disorders.

even though everything she said was valid and true she didn't acknowledge that we still have unhealthy standards thanks to instathots and girls are literally dying from botched butt surgeries.

she also praises body positivity at the end which is kind of ironic because it's probably killing more people than the anorexia trend ever did.

No. 1219868

Hadn’t watch jake in a decade, when the fuck did he turn his voice full American?
How much if a tosser do you need to be to have an entirely different accent without living in the country?

No. 1219914

Fat doesn't kill more people acutely than anorexia does.

No. 1219920

Haven't seen the video yet (at work) but going off what you said, this is gonna be an interesting one to watch. I get that anorexia is a problem and no joke but I agree with what you said as well about how unhealthy body standards never went away and we're living in the middle of another one with the InstaThot aesthetic with big butt implants that can go wrong as well as lip injections that can make the body react badly and whatnot.

And yeah the body positivitiy thing is stupid, it's one thing to accept your body as average but morbid obesity is nothing to be positive or proud about and can lead to all kinds of health issues and for that, that's why I can't support body positivity, at least not the modern day meaning of it. If it was the original meaning which was meant for people who were burned, disfigured, old, and/or amuputees, yeah I would support that for sure.

No. 1219948

She didn't say that modern beauty standards aren't dangerous though. She just said that the ideal beauty standard during y2k was super thin, that this was reflected in the fashion, and that this made a lot of people feel bad about themselves. She never said things are great now, just that this was a problem specific to that era.

And body positivity does not mean "Imma eat till the beetus takes my toes." Those people may say they love their body, but they don't. If they did they wouldn't fill it with enough calories to feed a small nation. Both anorexia and supermorbid obesity are two extremes of a spectrum. The people in the middle can just generally accept themselves.

Also, neither anorexics nor extremely obese people ever lost weight by hating their body. You can love it, which means keeping it functional.

I can see where you're coming from. Because some people claim body positivity as an excuse to just eat icecream to the point where they need to wash themselves with a rag on a stick. But that doesn't mean body positivity kills people any more than icecream does.

No. 1220008

Oh shit lol I watched her from time to time, didn’t know she was a cow

No. 1220132

She's not really a cow, she's just in the sphere of cows that get discussed here and so she gets mentioned from timw to time

No. 1220380

Can't wait for Dorian to chime in on this. ED is an aspect of her (online) identity and it would be out of her character to pass this wonderful opportunity to insert herself and 'muh experience' into this well-delegated video by a respected 'gothtuber', that also seemingly has a functional adult life offline, kek.

No. 1220718

Well it probably helps that Angela actually has a rather stable job offline so she doesn't have to sit for hours online soaking up internet BS like how most of these cows seem to like Kaya/Jake, Freya, abd Dorian. It probably also helps that she doesn't upload videos very frequently because she has a job and doesn't need to rely on YouTube and/or Patreon income to live off of.

No. 1220783

did she get a new job? i know she said in her livestreams last year that she lost her job thanks to covid (she was an aesthetician) but that was months and months ago so i wouldnt be surprised if she had a new one

idk if dorian will do that, on the one hand its totally like her but her and angela were on good terms at one point and now they're not, or at least that's what ive gathered from watching angela's livestreams, so it might create some awkwardness if dorian made a direct response to her. then again dorian is an autist so she probably doesnt give a shit about awkwardness

No. 1220834

Oh shit I've been outta the loop then. I have missed a couple of Angela's livestreams. I didn't know she lost her job because of covid, that's a bummer. I'm sure she found something though. I just think that before covid, she had a job and that she didn't have to devote a lot of time to YouTube shenanigans which kept her from becoming an out of touch cow

> idk if dorian will do that, on the one hand its totally like her but her and angela were on good terms at one point and now they're not, or at least that's what ive gathered from watching angela's livestreams, so it might create some awkwardness if dorian made a direct response to her. then again dorian is an autist so she probably doesn't give a shit about awkwardness

I didn't know that Angela was not on good terms with Dorian since they've never interacted together that I'm aware of.

No. 1220848

>I didn't know that Angela was not on good terms with Dorian since they've never interacted together that I'm aware of.

back when angela's channel was newer, dorian would leave comments on angela's videos, not sure if those comments are still there or not. I don't remember what videos specifically either but I think I saw some comments from dorian on one of her witchcraft videos? but also in an older livestream on angela's channel (that I think is still up, but it's like 5 hours long or something) someone mentioned dorian and angela reacted positively but in a more recent livestream when dorian came up angela said she wasn't friends with "him".

No. 1220873

Saged for old milk. But in her response to rudehun's IBF video, dorian calls out angela for complaining about youtubers selling out while accepting punkrave sponsorships.

Dorian just cannot leave well enough alone.

No. 1221015

Hmm well I think the video >>1220873 shared might be the reason. Dorian just got butthurt because she's one of the people Angela indirectly mentioned in the sell out video. It'd make some sense.

No. 1221377

Extremely well said anon.

No. 1221402

Back in the days girls had eating disorders.
Now girls have eating disorders AND need plastic surgery to achieve fake exaggerated bodies.
Id take y2k in a heartbeat and im thick.
Being thin is feasible unlike current standards(no1curr)

No. 1221542

File: 1619946750952.jpeg (9.92 KB, 201x251, images.jpeg)

>Being thin is feasible unlike current standards

This level of skinny is not feasable for everyone. And it isn't maintainable, or healthy, for the vast majority of people. If you think that it is, then I think you need to reexamine some stuff.

Skinny is still fashionable. But there is far more deviation from the stickfigure bodytype available these days. Just because things are bad now, and they are, doesn't mean they weren't bad before.

No. 1221678

She's lost her job last year in the sense that the salon she worked at filed for bankruptcy due to covid / lockdown. Not like she was fired or let go because no one needed her. This was a temporary means.
If there were more recent livestreams where she has updated on the situation upfront, then I've totally missed them. But she's left the impression that she has been doing something this whole year behind the scenes in terms of a job. Like she always has been. And living in NYC ain't cheap. YouTube was never her main gig, more of a hobby-sidehustle and a contribution to the community in the sorts.
Unlike Dorian, who's now 36, living in her parent's basement, popping pills to have sex with ghosts, and shilling her cheap spergs on the web, which are mostly drama, responses, or stories from 10-20 years ago.

No. 1221876

inb4 infighting but you’re a fucking idiot Anon lol. I’m not about to get into some bopo argument but it is either physically or psychologically impossible for most people to achieve the Y2K heroin chic standard. Some folk’s bodies literally will not go that way even with a restrictive ED, or the ED develops into a binge-restrict cycle and makes it impossible. And actually, it’s entirely possible to get the Kardashian ass through rigorous diet and exercise regime, IF - again - your genes allow for it. It’s not that hard.

Tl;dr all body trends suck but it’s fair for a youtuber who particularly lived through the EXTREME glorified anorexia/stick thin model days to speak out about it, not everyone has to be an advocate for fucking everything at once.

No. 1221898

Stick thin early 00s body type becoming popular again is way more dangerous than the current thick trend because it's accessible to anyone. Any little girl can start dieting and starving herself. A lesser amount of people can afford surgery or find back alley "doctors" to botch them.

No. 1221925

Exactly. And it's also great that she stressed the important points that
a) how all fashion / clothing brands pandered to it, manufacturing clothes to suit only a certain body type, making one eventually fall for the delusion that they're somehow fat / disproportionate, when in reality it was just the clothes for the wrong bodytype that made them look unflattering. And if this fashion is coming back, have this in mind; and
b) that an ED is not only starving yourself or binging-purging. There's other ways around an ED

No. 1222007

>She's lost her job last year in the sense that the salon she worked at filed for bankruptcy due to covid / lockdown. Not like she was fired or let go because no one needed her.

I mean, yeah? I'm not really sure why you're telling us this, as it was said here that she lost her job because of covid, no one ever said she was fired or anything like that. and yes NY is expensive, but her husband is an EMT and I think he makes good money. she probably has a new job at this point though as it's been a while.

>Stick thin early 00s body type becoming popular again is way more dangerous than the current thick trend because it's accessible to anyone. Any little girl can start dieting and starving herself. A lesser amount of people can afford surgery or find back alley "doctors" to botch them.

kind of, but body positivity has people like tess holliday and fatgirlflow telling people they can be 450lbs and perfectly healthy, and a 30% of the US population is morbidly obese and that number growing, I'd say that's pretty dangerous.

No. 1222055

File: 1620011305341.jpg (389.15 KB, 953x617, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1222078

Oh, woe is me. Like any of your dwindling followers saw the thief. Any sane person in a city of that size would install an additional mounted lock on the wheel because steering locks are so easy to bypass, or people can simply tow/lift them into a truck and take off. I wonder if she was dumb enough to not insure it for theft…

No. 1222226

they're not really too different to each other, to be honest. They both love posting videos reminiscing about days from 10-20+ years ago as if they were the only ones to live the REAL gofffick experience.

They also both post a lot of old "throwback" photos of themselves, if done so often it gives off the impression they miss looking that way/long for those days (kinda like Kaya and posting old thinner pics lol)

I honestly get a smug and vain attitude from both of them

i do wonder if Angela posted the video to intentionally annoy Herbs? I havent watched angela in a long ass time so maybe I'm out of the loop and she's done this before but I recall her complaining that Herbs copied a lot of her video topics; as soon as angela posted a video about something, herbs followed suit a couple of days later. One that stood out in particular was the Columbine video

No. 1222258


As >>1219948 pointed out, that is not most people's definition of body positivity. People don't become morbidly obese to look like Tess Holiday. People become morbidly obese, and then find Tess Holiday afterwards. Thin is still very much the predominant beauty standard
And the fact that not everyone is super skinny isn't because people don't want to be, but because most people can't

People feeling that they need to be thinner affects far more people than people thinking they need to gain weight. Either through full blown ED, or because they have a healthy weight but still feel fat all the time.

People are fat because they're sick, poor, live in a system that disincentivises exercise and makes shitty food more available. Or, quite often, because they like twinkies more than they like seeing their toes. And fat people know they're fat, and that being fat means they experience physical consequences.

No. 1222351

Samefag, and my little outro comparison had to do more with their offline lives rather than their online presence.
But you do have a good point / observation.

No. 1222358

File: 1620056625976.png (38.71 KB, 601x144, coincidenceseverywhere.png)

Guisee ya'll been waiting for this.
The newest addition to Kaya's Book of Shallow Excuses.

Everything is so mysteriously (and conveniently) coincidental in her life. The illuminati must be after her.


is the scooter incident >>1222055

No. 1222360

File: 1620057310204.png (66.34 KB, 601x251, murderersstolemyscooter.png)

Samefagging cause apparently, the bastards that had her scooter for 15 minutes before they got discovered (she claimed that in another tweet) are the same tier as murderers.

And now she's scared for her life, shaking in panic, cause what if they'll find her and attack, since they're mad she got her scooter back (literally from her twitter sperg).

No. 1222366


Look at the dirt under her nails vom (those that she hasn't eaten down to the root, that is)

No. 1222383

No. 1222386

I mean, fucking obviously. Crime’s gone up since corona, scooters/bikes are just about the most common target, she brags about it constantly over social media. Not usually one to victim blame, but I’m so sick of this shit. And then posting it on her IG feed like some middle aged person on facebook, lol. How dumb do you have to be to not buy better chains etc for it, they even have that locked and covered little outhouse thing they could use for it. Karma for being such a cow.

Sidebar, but it’s hilarious that she’s constantly fucking whinging about “chavs” in the most classist way (it’s always because some kids have yelled at her for dressing like a 6 foot clown who just got rejected from a Rob Zombie casting - literally just say pricks? Assholes? Anything?) but got a shitty little moped which are fully associated with “chavs” in the UK. But if it’s black and I cover it in tacky ebay shite it’s aesthetic I swear!!

No. 1222394

>i was getting ready to record and then this happened

Lmao yeah Kaya, as if you would have gotten any filming done if it hadn't. We all know you would have come up with another excuse if it hadn't. Probably something like "the moon is rotated at a slightly different angle than it was yesterday, now i can't film:("

>I recall her complaining that Herbs copied a lot of her video topics

Uh, pretty sure this never happened. I know anons were pointing that out, but I don't think Angela herself ever said anything about Dorian's videos.

No. 1222422

>it’s hilarious that she’s constantly fucking whinging about “chavs” in the most classist way
Oh the chavs thing is such a massive eye-roll. Ngl the moment I've read about the incident my initial thought was "it must've been those 'chavs' she kept blasting pretty much on a daily basis that decided to teach her a lesson" kek.
I agree with everything you said, Anon.

And yeah, it sucks when things like that happen. But she really was being dumb + destroyed all the potential bits of a sympathy with her subsequent unnecessary, overdramatic, pseudo-paranoid, woe-is-me cow behavior.

No. 1222486

File: 1620064567569.png (2.03 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20210503-095414.png)

No. 1222663

yep, it was getting there. Pretty much pulled the 'influencer' classic "I'm in the midst of a ~tragedy~, swipe up for deets". Beyond cowish.

No. 1222706


kek just like when she was walking around like a 6 foot weeaboo and called the people shouting at her "junkies". agreed though, i've always thought TT and Jake were the very "chavs" they moan about but decked out in black ""gothic"" gear

and not TT related but did you see the "goth to chav" transformation video Emily Boo did? It was so tacky, honestly. yea we've all dealt with idiots shouting abuse at us, asking stupid questions, etc etc but the way she went about it was just distasteful and mocking. How does it make you any better?

No. 1223033

since anon didn’t here it is

No. 1223082

>i was getting ready to record and then this happened

If we weren't in Woke Times right now, Kaya would be absolutely begging for a roast/parody song on Youtube. Just I was getting ready to record and then more and more ridiculous excuses each time.
She's going to be mourning her nearly-stolen scooter for 6 months now as her excuse.

No. 1223209

Mopeds are wanted by people wanting to do (the unfortunately named) "snatch crimes". That's probably what the person nicking it wanted it for. They really are "chav" vehicles. The irony.

No. 1223272

Watch her do a story time how my bike was stolen and how it ruined my life

No. 1223571

The only way she could take it harder would be if the "chavs" who stole het moped used it to crash into a swan.

No. 1223725

Why is she surprised at the theft when she left it outside with one shitty lock in a capital city?

And what about Jake'a motorbike? If it wasn't stolen but her moped was, thay means they DO have somewhere safe to put it and just didn't. Kek.

No. 1223821

Doesn't he have 2 bikes now?
His will be safe , he doesnt give a crap about her or any of her things.

No. 1223884

Genuinely fucking laughed. She’s acting like a GD assault victim because someone scratched her moped?? She’s so fucking sheltered its unbearable.

No. 1224024

Huh, I didn't know he had 2. Bought with the money from their brain dead fans I guess. Maybe they're filling up the garage or whatever and kaya is forced to leave hers outside lol.

No. 1224032

He may have traded his old one in actually now that I come to think of it.

They're spoilt, they bagged hoverboards for free , now bikes and soon it will be ridiculous cars too.

No. 1224124

Im sure he's actually got a garage for his bike… No caps but he posted on his story his bike in a garage a few weeks ago.

Yeah he's apparently outgrown his 600cc and upgraded to a brandnew 1000cc… he'll be waiting to race at the TT next.

She also "thinks" she's left her camera in the underseat compartment and it's missing, like how do you forget where you left yer camera!

No. 1224137

File: 1620244514046.png (86.64 KB, 1214x380, Screenshot 2021-05-05 at 20.55…)

This was 2 weeks ago today, wonder if he's passed? no mention so maybe not….

No. 1224141


The fact that he posted an IG story today at the bike garage suggests not LOL

No. 1224179

File: 1620247575135.jpg (177.49 KB, 1080x1173, Screenshot_20210505-214411_Chr…)

No. 1224190


Wouldn't hurt him to get a part-time contract somewhere just for the sake of having that stability. I mean insurances/mortgages rely on a steady income, which he cannot prove he has.

No. 1224198


Don't know why he doesn't just put media/video editor or artist even.

No. 1224295

probably his ego

No. 1224394

If you have a motorcycle, why do you need a car? Is it like that thing where poor people buy the most branded clothes, to look less poor?

No. 1224468


He's a badass irresistible daddy biker, anon

No. 1224540

He's passed! now watch him buy a brand new SUV while Kaya can't even get a new scooter…

No. 1224657

Bikes are Normally for fun and nice weather but when it becomes winter it’s to dangerous and cold to ride that’s why people who have bikes 90% them will have a car for this reason

>>1224540 I’m not a jake Stan Nor do I watch his videos but I think he doing very well for himself recently he doing quite a few improvements to his life with driving ect He seems to be getting his life on track rather then slobbing about

No. 1224663

True, he's spending those sweet stream donations on tattoos, bikes and cars.
If he had any sense he'd be saving for a rainy day or maybe something sensible like a down-payment on a house.

No. 1224770


They complain they can't rent a place because of their pets and have pent tens of thousands on bikes and tat - they could have saved up an amazing deposit for a house by now

No. 1224784

oh god lmao.

to be honest, I am still mildly confused by the whole swan thing.

originally she said "victoria" had her eggs destroyed and was depressed. then after victoria died she said park rangers said victoria was male.

then it seems like she admitted she didn't even know if victoria was really female… so why did she think "victoria" had eggs that were destroyed in the first place? where did she hear that? did she just see eggs and a swan and assume that?

No. 1224807

Saged for no milk but does anyone know what happened to Amy who used to run Ultimate Goth Guide? Last I remember she went all hippy before she left.

No. 1224858

Ultimate sob story. Dramatic story telling at it finest anything for clicks.
Who knows where she got this info from probably made it up
I get she loved that swan but they way she attacked others for them also mourning and the poor old guy who also fed the swan daily was so mean

No. 1225018

Oh yeah and she said she had a park ranger friend (whose existence is debatable) who told her it was female.

She also said the eggs had been injected with oil. No idea where she got that either. Probably the same "friend".

No. 1225064

Where did she say park ranger friend? I know she “found out” somewhere but we really don’t have park rangers in the UK, at least not in small/local/municipal parks - it’d just be someone who works for the council like a binman or landscaper at most. So not somebody who was actively looking out for the swans.

Agree, she was such an entitled piece of shit over that fucking wild bird, that time she filmed somebody who CLEARLY had learning disabilities and then roasted them online was mortifying. As with everything.

No. 1225136

>that time she filmed somebody who CLEARLY had learning disabilities and then roasted them online

Oh god really? Jfc

No. 1225160

Don’t have a source/image, it was maybe on Twitter if anybody else fancies scrolling through the total Kim there’s people who are dying-fest it is right now.

She spurged about how somebody was really upsetting Victoria’s delicate sensibilities by chasing her or trying to pet her or something. She filmed the ground while she made pathetic, equally retarded whines at this person saying they was REALLY upsetting the swan.
It was totally apparent from the person’s voice (and therefore was probably even moreso from their behaviour) that they had some kind of learning/developmental thing. They’d obviously fucking seen Kaya cuddling up to this bird on her picnic blanket, petting her and feeding her, so why the fuck wouldn’t they think it was a friendly, pettable animal?

Even her fans replied in her own way that trying to condemn this person was a terrible fucking take. She has literally no concept of other people.

No. 1225201

File: 1620359234114.jpg (444.92 KB, 1079x1511, 1605824008946.jpg)

whoops, my bad. the friend of hers is "someone who works rescuing wildlife". the person who found the swan was supposedly a park ranger, according to this commenter.

jesus christ I totally missed that. kaya is such a goddamn womanchild.

No. 1225293

Np Anon, I was genuinely curious, I see someone else refers to a park ranger here.

This is fucking painful to look at. Imagine badgering confused Facebook locals about the sex of a dead swan…fucking hilarious that she was wrong tbh. She’s always had that “animals love me!!! I am a Disney princess!!!!” vibe in older videos where she harrasses wildlife that wants nothing to do with her.

No. 1225301


LOL Jake doesn't want to buy a house with Kaya - he probably already feels trapped enough in NI and we already have good proof that he disregards her in all his decision-making for the future. All this vehicle purchasing is him biding his time and forming an escape plan.

No. 1225316

I reckon he’ll buy it and his name will be on the mortgage but sappy Kaya will drag her fat ass along with him and neither of them will protest cos they have the worst case of inertia ever.

As for the outburst about loan/insurance companies, it’s just Jake being a whiny self-important brat to his fans who are mostly too young to understand and think their fave is just being discriminated against. Most adults THINK about their borrowing abilities before they accept work as a freelancer/self-employed. Of course local Irish insurance companies don’t recognise fucking “influencer” as a job. You have literally no salary and your income could tank at any time.

No. 1225435

File: 1620403924068.png (377.23 KB, 1080x2053, Screenshot_20210507-080746(1).…)

People are mentioning Dorian on her video apparently

No. 1225466

Jake bought a Discovery which is £20k used and £50k new. Jesus. Poor Kaya

No. 1225482


Some charities are responsible for park areas and have rangers that do maintenence etc.

No. 1225493

Don't feel bad for Kaya, there's a lot of things she could do for herself but instead she chooses to wallow in her own despair and blame everyone and everything for her problems (except herself).

No. 1225656

Not long cos Jake will crash his car with his inflated ego. Kek.

No. 1225696

It is absolutely disgusting how much money this nasty little Logan Paul wannabe has at his disposal.

No. 1225708

he's already bragged about dragging on the bike & with how cocky he is i see that ending badly.

No. 1226005

Didn't they want to move to Barcelona together cos they liked it when they visited and kaya's dad lives there? Afaik the only reason they didn't is because of rona. Now Jake is blowing the money on cars and bikes he'll never drive kek. But they whine about how much they hate Ireland so why not save it to move later, like?

No. 1226053

Because people love to moan and not doing anything about it till it’s to late then they moan it’s to late/They are to old ect

No. 1226139

I mean, we don’t know what happened behind the scenes. Jake’s been complaining viciously about NI pretty much since he moved there and Kaya whines about the rain but secretly I think was terrified to leave her home and her mum. Brexit and corona made it near impossible, I get that, but somehow I get the feeling that it would have fallen through anyway. It wasn’t like a well thought out plan, just two narcissists thinking that Britain is the cause of all their problems and they’d magically land on their feet abroad. Cue relentless whinging about foreign taxes/VISAs/flats/the heat/the tourists.

No. 1226144

Samefag because mobile but remember they had the EXACT same conversations about both London and LA when they visited Kelly Eden and Dre. It was nothing to do with Barcelona specifically, it was just two whiny kids playing make believe and it just so happened that Barca was most likely because they could sponge off Kaya’s dad.

Plus, as other people have pointed out, Kaya still has EU citizenship and could marry Jake. I don’t have any beef with adults who just choose not to get married, but if this REALLY was a move they wanted to make, why the fuck not? And then they could have moved regardless of Brexit, and just saved up and waited for corona to lift (it’s been what, a year? Not really a long time to wait if you think it’s going to be a lifechanging move).

Just because these idiots say they want to do something doesn’t mean they’re making moves on it, unless it’s as simple as spending some money.

No. 1226167

veeoneye moved from the UK to Spain a couple months ago (during lockdown) and documented the whole thing, it’s totally possible, but as if kaya could do anything when she can’t even get herself dressed to film a video once a month

No. 1226437

My god I forgot about that debaucher why has he still got a platform.
But yes anyone can move even with small amounts of money toxic and jake don’t even have a excuse as her dad lives there he could help them out or let them live with him for a few weeks. They will never do anything.

No. 1226493

But then kaya and jake would have to get rid of 90% of their hoard. As well as get off their asses for more than 5 minutes.

No. 1226598

didn't he live in Germany the last year or so?

No. 1226679


No Wales/UK

No. 1226749

File: 1620597737128.png (224.19 KB, 1069x1167, Screenshot_20210509-135917(1).…)

Poor little traumatized bby uwu

No. 1226866

This is classic ADHD hyperfixiation spiralling out of control because Kaya is a giant manbaby with no real concept of emotional health. Hilarious how her ADHD diagnosis resulted in…nothing, she expected a magic pill to fix her attention span but can’t even get therapy for shit like this.

No. 1226874

She's a whiny bitch but I can't help but feel bad for her sometimes, she needs an actual job and most of all therapy. I wonder if she ever reflects on her life since she seemingly just fixates on minor inconveniences

No. 1226912

I can totally see Fake taking off in the dead of night and leaving Kaya in Northern Ireland. Poor girl.

No. 1227101

Well in typical Kaya fashion she doesn't take the ADHD medication, with some weakass excuse about it potentially disrupting her sleeping pattern.

If she actually took them she might make some progress with any of her tasks and to-do lists.

No. 1227370

She had a normie blog for a while but I have no idea if that went anywhere. I'd be curious to see what became of her since her blog was useful

No. 1227373

File: 1620679618644.png (118.15 KB, 354x622, felvae1.png)

Oh dear - looks like Lauren and Adam's mental racist flag waving had some consequences.

No. 1227374

File: 1620679707519.png (137.75 KB, 357x631, Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 21.4…)

No mention of how weird it is to be waving a stupid fucking flag on a nature walk.

No. 1227454

Gee Lauren. What about your content could possibly promote violence?

No. 1227690

Well if he hasn’t left he yet he probably never will

No. 1227732

File: 1620733990576.png (138.08 KB, 521x909, 12124234.png)

Schwarzkittel, or Matthias, Freyja's German ex-husband, set up an OnlyFans account yesterday and is now promoting it on his Instagram.
I guess that's what happens when you whore around with a bunch of German alt girls, your "art" sales plummet and you end up being a washed up semi-influencer. So strange.

No. 1227798

File: 1620745594399.jpeg (223.8 KB, 828x1167, 1F594EFD-EB28-492F-B9AA-3EBD2A…)

This is his art btw wtf?

No. 1228047

This is not good, so I hope you meant “wtf” as “wtf a grown ass adult should be emberassed trying to make a career from beginner tier art”. it’s goth recolored paint-and-sip

No. 1228095

I thought that was obvious anon

No. 1228134

File: 1620771607919.jpg (475.94 KB, 1080x1657, 20210512_001739.jpg)

Strap in kids, Fagsfail has dropped the pretence.
1/5, sorry. On mobile

No. 1228137

File: 1620771693022.jpg (443.21 KB, 1080x1655, 20210512_001757.jpg)


This is the logical response to people telling you you might be a racist because of all the racist stuff you say.

No. 1228139

Every german alt influencer is a cow and a washed up z-lister. The ~art~ is like something people make in therapy to express their ~weltschmerz~ uwu. Super cringe and sad.

Lol get fucked. Felvae is more suitable for the tradthot thread, me thinks.

No. 1228141

File: 1620771715348.jpg (501.96 KB, 1080x1713, 20210512_001816.jpg)


No. 1228144

File: 1620771824228.jpg (489.43 KB, 1080x1705, 20210512_001834.jpg)


No. 1228145

File: 1620771939328.jpg (161.83 KB, 1080x757, 20210512_001858.jpg)


No. 1228146

File: 1620772026156.jpg (282.73 KB, 1080x1351, 20210512_002521.jpg)

And of course, the comment section is all about the "heritage"

No. 1228148

Kick the dumbass back to 1933, nobody needs his stupid boring ass lectures. Vargtards belong in the tradthot or the varg thread. A goth nazi thread for all would be fun.

No. 1228155

I think they're here because they were first mentioned in their connection to Psychara. Since they're using her for clout, and the word is still out on if she's drunk the white pride kool-aid, or if she's just ignoring it because nazi friends are better than no friends.

But I agree. A fashgoth thread might be fun.

No. 1228163

>goth recolored paint-and-sip
My first thought seeing it was "goth Bob Ross"

No. 1228231

>My first thought seeing it was "goth Bob Ross"

And here is the loneliest of gloomy trees…

No. 1228317


Graduate of the Adora Batbrat School of Communication I see.

No. 1228439

Oh, how embarrassing for him.

No. 1228470

File: 1620816766303.png (129.86 KB, 516x899, 1879266148.png)

Everything about this is weird and off-putting.
His body, the horribly blurry, low quality black-and-white filtered image, his run-of-the-mill guy-next-door body, the fact he even thought of doing this, and to top it all off: I bet he'll make good money with this. At least more than he makes with his "art" sales. He's popular with young, tryhard German "alt" girls and 40+ "goth" single mothers alike. Just check his Instagram comments.
Sad to see them simping for a middle aged z-lister who became famous for supplying a "goth YouTuber" with a German visa.
If this is the general quality of his "hot content from hell", I'd like to see the rest of his content, but I'd rather shoot myself in the foot than give him money.

No. 1228480

He looks like a rubber glove stuffed with mashed potato. It's even worse when you see him in person. Bitch is skinnyfat.

No. 1228784

File: 1620847076381.jpg (953.61 KB, 1080x1656, 20210512_211235.jpg)

>>1215573 has been removed from Adam's instagram. Guess he caved to the evil communist oppressors of instagram after all. Bravely defending your racist shit is nice and all, but we don't want it to affect the bottom line.

What a little bitch. I'm all for him removing his fashy bullshit. But I guess saving today's youth from the horrors of woke culture and postmodernism wasn't such a big deal after all.

No. 1228857


It was reported, he didnt remove it

No. 1228871

> a fucking Peterson stan
Is he a brainless virgin or an incel?

No. 1228879

you repeat yourself here

No. 1228905

Well. He's got his bucktoothed tradthot. Doubt she's saving it for marriage but showing her tits on onlyfans.

Wasn't he a vegan? So no chance of him poisoning himself on the carnivore diet like peterson did. Pity.

No. 1228990

Does she for real have an OF?

No. 1229113

Maybe she just didn’t think about it, but flat out talking about numbers is not the best idea

No. 1229128

File: 1620897961469.png (127.99 KB, 354x628, Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 10.2…)


Not onlyfans AFAIK but she has a patreon level for her NSFW photos of her tits.

No. 1229131

File: 1620898445031.jpeg (78.15 KB, 960x960, 184838277_4214393945290627_127…)

Saw this and thought of Lauren + Adam

No. 1229204

File: 1620911847027.jpg (702.02 KB, 1080x1590, 20210513_151509.jpg)

Oh man! Kaya was on holiday, but after that she had to stop being on holiday.

Life is just so cruel to her.

No. 1229558

It’s incredible that Jake’s now living the gross vlogger lifestyle of his dreams (on the surface, that car’s definitely leased) with her in tow and she still finds a way to be so incredibly negative. It’s completely psychosomatic. This from a girl who apparently used to wait up til midnight for her dole money to come in just so she could buy food. It’s not groundbreaking to say this but tinfoil is that she’s always had a safety net (ie could have gone round to either to her parents’ for a bed and a hot meal) and has always been spoiled.

Powering through with consistent medication, going to behavioural therapy, walking outside every other day and cutting out sugar would change this girl’s life I swear. Even to just start have some semblance of mood stability and discipline instead of burying her discomfort with short time euphoria (read: overconsuming stupid plastic crap). Not boot camp, not a massive drastic purchase or new hobby, just consistently looking after her core needs. She will literally never make the change if she’s behaving like this in her late 20s tho.

Also, kek at the fact she is still, SIX(?) years after gaining weight, trying to cover her stretchmarks in pictures. I get being self conscious but she’s been consistently “bigger” (as much as we love to take the piss, the girl is a normal UK size, I’m sorry, she just used to be very thin) for over half a decade now and is still trying to awkwardly hide stuff from her audience sends a bad message.

Saged for autistic rant.

No. 1229770

Kat Von D finally put out the first mv of a single from the album she’s been forever working on. It’s funny how she was inspired to seriously get into music by Ville Valo and wrote these love songs about him but she’s now putting out this album while married to another man.(Source: She talks about it in one of her books; go big or go home.)

Music video is terrible for someone with her kind of money. Looks like high schools kids shooting and editing for av club. Is that the Schloss Drachenburg sloppily edited into the vid? I dislike that the only two other females are so scantily clad. Like what’s the point of me seeing those chicken cutlets? I’ve been wondering why KVD has been covering up so much after marrying Rafael. Is he influencing her wardrobe or does she now have a Madonna complex after giving birth?

Actual song? Idk. Not great; not terrible. I don’t think her vocals are powerful or memorable. Is it just me or is there something off with the mixing?

No. 1229825

She’s not fat but she’s definitely way thicker than she used to be, her hips look twice the size than her LA ink days (where she was probably underweight). You can tell there is a lot more weight on her face too. She’s maybe self conscious about that.

Song is meh and over produced.

No. 1229831

This looks like a Killstar collection reveal or something. The music is nothing special, nothing. What does she think she brings to the table? It’s just a narcissistic attempt for her to be on camera and do videos to show off shit

No. 1229840

This was so damn bad! It looks like high school kids shot and acted in this in the early 2000s. And the old man looking like a 13yro emo kid?
This whole thing is embarrassing.

No. 1229869

I totally agree there's something really off with the mix, sounds weird and hollow, so I guess not enough mids?

No. 1229959

This is some myspace tier shit lol

No. 1230358

You fucking stalker, that’s manicmoth’s bf. He has every fucking item from this chart, down to the shield which he can barely hold up because this one is a midget. Feigtard and other betacucks from the alt bitches are like cursed triplets, everyone claims to be nOt LiKe ThE OtHeRS, yet they all look the same.

No. 1230460

Can't believe I'm about to type this but Allison's music videos were way better than this and she doesn't shit money like Karen von D. I thought Allison's vanity career was embarrassing because she couldn't sing well and the videos were funny but compared to this, her music is actually just mediocre, but it isn't literally nothing like KVD's! Like, after you listen to it, can you sing it? Hum it? Me neither. It sounds like an AI was programmed to produce a "sad" pop song and was loaded with every song by billie eilish and lana del rey and that's the outcome. Completely empty and forgetful. The video looks like she had the same budget and connections as Allison but she's millionaire…
It's so tacky, like she's stuck in 2014 AHS coven era. How can a 40 year old not have developed a personality?

No. 1230563

File: 1621062334310.jpg (36.62 KB, 765x371, horrible historiiiieeees.JPG)

Why is this the horrible histories font.

No. 1230568

Vegan isn’t a personality?
Honestly though. She’s so boring.

No. 1230576

Is she cosplaying as Edward Scissorhands?

No. 1230611

No. His aunt who wants to talk to the manager.

No. 1230643

File: 1621081133201.jpg (86.87 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

I've always wondered if Jazmin Bean was an industry plant. Despite her music being edgy tumblr trash, she got known quite rapidly. She was also featured on Vogue's channel only 2 months after the release of her first independent music video. Both of her parents also work in the industry, so yeah

No. 1230646

Or mummy and daddy are paying for everything/pulling favours. I always wondered how she had the money to set up a cosmetics company with no job.

No. 1230657

Ha funny she appeared here now I was just rewatching her vogue video. Honestly I think you’re right. She comes off as incredibly sheltered and spoiled with her gran just following her behind as if every no she’d hear she would throw a tantrum. Her sobstory about sending Tim Burton fanmail as a kid and still being mad he didn’t write her back like??

No. 1230699

File: 1621089730466.jpg (113.98 KB, 720x1289, 20210513_170026.jpg)

I found the place they were staying at if anyone cares

No. 1230703

I love her looks and understand her getting a video with Vogue, because they have a series of alt makeup videos. But her music really is Myspace scene era shit. I don't think she's fully a plant but she definitely had help to get picked up by Island Records after barely releasing her first album.

Her gender special autism is also a little cringe to me, idk about y'all. She posted about getting top surgery some weeks ago even though she presents femme as fuck, like?

No. 1230721

File: 1621093215544.jpg (282.82 KB, 717x823, 20210515_093927.jpg)

Her friends (Salvia, Genesis Fawn etc) are so much more talented than she is. Her looks are sloppy and super repetitive. Idk, I'm just not into the heavy black makeup with the soft pastel dolly everything else. The nose thing she does is retarded too.

No. 1230753

All of this. I guess part of it is her being very young though. When those vogue and barcroft videos were made she was 15/16, which makes everyone look bratty.

It does make you wonder how a 16 year old managed to release a makeup line without some serious backing.

No. 1230790

Yeah I guess I'm just into the aesthetic. I really like Salvia and Anthromorph's content too, they make their own prosthetics for their looks. They're also gender special which is unfortunate but whatevs

No. 1230817

I'm annoyed by the genderspecial nonsense too but it holds some water when they are attempting to make themselves androgynous and inhuman as possible through their art. But I may be biased because I am also a sucker for this modern take on the Mechanical Animals aesthetic.

No. 1231218

>>1230646 her mum was in the music industry and so I suspect she has connections. Connections and already a large following would be enough to get her a record contract probably.

No. 1231246

Is Jazmin a potential new cow then? Idk much milk on her though, except for how fast she was discovered. Her first song has millions of views, while Salvia's first song has a fraction of that.

Sure, Salvia is basically just inspired by FecalMatter, but she's still more interesting than Jazmin, who's 18 now and still hasn't evolved from the old barcroft video.

No. 1231254

>>1231246 shes got some milk, but not full cow potential imo. She's a gender tard, edge lord. She was getting tattos very rapidly at one point, but has slowed down now. She bitched about the nhs not giving her top surgery because she's nb. Jude Bishop, another cow with her own thread, got in shit for misgendering her during a fight kek.

No. 1231267

Good news guys! Mara figured out what killed her hair. It was this hairdye rwmover. Not the fact that constantly bleaching and dyeing her hair is her only content now.

No. 1231310

>I didn't think it would be bleach! How can this product be bleach?

Ehm… read the ingredients?

No. 1231312

Dont you smell when it’s bleach kek she’s so dumb snd ignorant

No. 1231471

Exactly. If it has "chloro-anything in the ingredients listed, it has bleach.

She basically dyes her hair for a living. This should not be so hard

No. 1231533

speaking of Mara, she recently posted on her ig stories that she's going to start posting outfit photos again, but only on patreon.

she keeps complaining about her reach and 'shadowbans' and whatever but sooooo many people started following her back in the day because of her outfit photos. she's doing herself a disservice imo by limiting them to patreon. feel like she could build up a fresh social media audience pretty easily again with outfits

No. 1231553

So she's a drama queen perpetually playing victim? Nothing new there, but at least this is more transparent now, wonder if she'll get any white knights this time. She doesnt give a shit about triggering others but we have to care when its her mental health at risk here.

No. 1231554

Dont think shes a lurker, shes a poster! You can tell by some of the retarded WK posts here. The only reason she wasnt called out was because you're not allowed to "hi cow" here, but you can tell when she has.

No. 1231814

Mara thinks she's shadowbanned? Why? All she posts about is hair. There's no reason to shadowban her. She posted some platitudes about BLM, but nothing more than a lot of other influencers.

Her content is just stale.

No. 1231839

Hahaha. Orlee and her unfortunately faced girlfriend are pushing dogecoin now. Magical dogecoin…

I suppose the venn diagram of people stupid enough to fall for online occultist scammers and people stupid enough to buy into crypto speculation is pretty oval.

No. 1231845

She traded all of her bitcoin for dogecoin just before dogecoin crashed.
Such amazing prophetic powers.

No. 1231892

Maybe she's just saying she's shadow banned as an excuse not to post.

No. 1232047

File: 1621277476337.jpg (147.08 KB, 1080x432, Screenshot_20210517-194824_Chr…)

Plus it seems Kaya hasn't actually uploaded any videos from her new studio despite having it for months now?

No. 1232156

File: 1621283826945.png (1.85 MB, 1130x1146, Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 21.36…)

Kaya's troon friend looks a million times more feminine and better than her. Damn.

No. 1232178

Kek that’s straight up depressing

No. 1232193

Feminine where? I see a plain Jane and an ugly man in this photo.

No. 1232236

>Feminine where? I see a plain Jane and an ugly man in this photo.

Wait, who's who? Because that description could go either way.

No. 1232238

Kaya looks much prettier though, even if it's just because she doesn't have blown up fish lips.

No. 1232271

Don't give troons the satisfaction. At least Kaya looks like a woman. He looks like a man in makeup.
> inbf wking Kaya

No. 1232304

inb4 wking again for the sake of sanity on this thread - her pal IS a man, not a troon, and this isn’t the worst pic of her and y’all know it. It’s edited to fuck but she looks half decent, the outfit is far from the worst fucking monster high tat we’ve seen from her. I’d love to say good for her if I knew it was a remotely a positive change and not just a semi-okay photo in amongst all her bs. Sadly this pic isn’t milk imho.

No. 1232522

i'm totally bored. just another click bait title imo.

No. 1232531


tiny lips and her fat jaw and neck have merged into one, her face only has "shape" because shes tried to contour herself with white powder, she looks like a slug

No. 1232544

I disagree, her friend got those lisa renna prolapsed anus lips. Also kaya looks good bc she is edited to hell and back.

No. 1232695

No, Kaya's troon friend looks like James Charles in a wig. Kaya is ugly and the tranny is clockable, these two facts are not mutually exclusive

No. 1232817

File: 1621355687139.jpg (171.85 KB, 1080x840, Screenshot_20210518-172808_You…)

So Fake mentioned in his new video that he doesn't do clothes hauls any more and specifically mentioned Killstar and how they don't pay their influencers. Wonder if that means that Kaya will follow suit? Or maybe there's more to it…

No. 1232869

I thought the clothes were the payment.

No. 1232897


Kaya doesn't make videos any more let alone hauls

No. 1232931

Yeah I thought the idea off getting free clothes was the payment any extra payment is made from YouTube and the amount of views you get. is he dumb.

No. 1232963

File: 1621367745112.jpg (551.72 KB, 1440x1097, Wtf.jpg)

Emily back with the shiity face tats(no apostrophe in tattoos btw retard)Now she's hopped on the attention whore bandwagon(she has been for years tho.Remember her now unspoken about mermaid phase?)and she's going by they/them.Why can't this try hard toad be called out more?She'll do anything for views kek

No. 1233028

Funny, he was fucking happy to accept free shit for years when his videos were getting 1.5k views. Now he has money and doesn’t need more fugly edgy clothes, he’s pretending to quit on principle. Sanctimonious git is so far up his own ass.

No. 1233031

Samefag, cba to edit on mobile but saged for my autism.

That’s exactly the point. Until you’re at real celebrity status there’s no point in a company paying for an Instagram post when there’s hundreds of microinfluencers who will happily take some pics in exchange for products. And yes there’s some work involved in making a whole try on video, but you’re getting £100s worth of clothes for free. Fake thinks he’s a Kardashian or some shit.

Remember last year when Killstar came under fire for BLM stuff/never having poc models? It’s really fucking telling how quiet they both were there and how he’s now only citing his own money as the reason. I really don’t care who the guy works with, but don’t pretend it’s because you “support small streamers”.

No. 1233047

>is he dumb

This is only tinfoil but I can imagine Stump thinks he's legitimately big enough to get pay for promo outside of free clothes and that Killstar shooting him down prompted his new stance.

No. 1233075

If he did want cash and killstar shot him down, that must have been a slap to his ego. He's probably salty as hell about it.

No. 1233080

>Continuing to Disappoint My Family With More Face Tattoo's
Does she not know she's a very grown woman? Then at the end she asks the viewers if their parents would disown them for getting a face tattoo. Maybe her audience is at least younger than her but what adult.. years into living out on their own, paying rent, working and dating and having a kid of their own is still wrapped up in tattoo rebellion and parents opinions? Odd how much she played that up

No. 1233168

File: 1621382985804.jpg (834.28 KB, 2559x1366, Retard.jpg)


-Insert obligatory tmi about her gross nipples
-Draws crosses on her face so decides to tattoo them on then put makeup over the new tattoo so people will wonder if it's a shitty tattoo or makeup

This bitch never thinks about her tattoos. She gets and does anything for attention. I can't wait for her to go away though that won't happen unless she gets a knarly infection from one of her badly maintained body mods and dies. Or unless wigs and hair dye become illegal, then she can't be speshul kek

No. 1233306

I love that it's because of the treatment of influencers, not the shitty working conditions of the employees in those factories who in many cases are probably underage. they really know how to pick their priorities. but then again most influencers have an overinflated sense of self importance and think the work they do is super impactful, so there's that.

No. 1233418

File: 1621410644707.png (5.9 MB, 1242x2208, 0EB7598A-3B59-47AC-8966-374F70…)

stop talking about your scooter kaya! you got it back! shut up!!!

No. 1233600

as if she'd ever get up off her lazy arse to chase after anybody at a moderate walking speed, let alone sprint

No. 1233650

You don't know that Anon. Somebody could be carrying a piece of chocolate cake on the end of a fishing pole.

No. 1233677

Even then she wouldn't bother, she'd need to use her scooter to catch up. Remember how excited she was that she can drive to Starbucks instead of walk now?

No. 1233739

How many years until she just gives up and buys a mobilityscooter?

No. 1234183

She's acting like she has fucking PTSD from having her scooter stolen (and it wasn't even stolen). Pathetic.

No. 1234586

Classist fucking bitch. People’s family members have died over the pandemic, people have lost their jobs and their homes. Her scooter was stolen and she literally immediately got it back.

No. 1234775

File: 1621549221014.jpg (759.09 KB, 1080x1618, 20210520_183554.jpg)

Unless you secretly buried grandpa in the backyard, those barrows don't contain your kinsmen. That's not how genetics or history work.

For someone who claims to love the past of ye olde albion, he has a child's understanding of it.

No. 1234781

and yet the courts actually prefer land deeds

No. 1235046

File: 1621591974434.jpg (926.26 KB, 1080x1617, 20210521_121129.jpg)

Imagine just going about your business buying groceries and you see this.

Good thing she's not one of those trashy chavs.

No. 1235059

lol anon, do you dress up for grocery shopping? ridiculous nitpick.

No. 1235060

Shes literally in pajamas, the stereotype of the "chavs" she hates is they go shopping in tesco in pajamas. They even had to put out a notice telling people not to shop in pajamas please.

No. 1235063

I don't, but I'm severely mentally and have trouble distinguishing societal norms and appropriate public behavior

No. 1235064

herbs and altars is also fat and a weeb. anyone who thinks this freak is attractive or interesting has the lowest standards or is a cuck simp

No. 1235067


This is not normal, also considering she's like 6'4 in boots that would be fucking terrifying

No. 1235074

I don’t want to be mean but she really needs like tattoo eyebrows or to let her real ones grow having nothing in her face looks so harsh it would make her face look softer

No. 1235078

“Dress up”?? It’s not even pyjamas or sweatpants, it’s a fucking gloomy bear kigurumi. I’d eyeroll into oblivion at the levels of attention seeking if I saw an almost 30 year old doing this. Might be a nitpick but she’s annoying lol.

THIS. Her scooter is a chav stereotype in itself. No fucking wonder “chavs” stole it. I’m so sick of her seeing her use this word though, it’s petulant and autistic as fuck. The type of people I imagine she’s screeching about basically have the same attitude as her - pissing around, trying to have fun but annoying everyone around them, thinking the world revolves around them.

No. 1235114

Not "dress up" but just put fucking outside clothes on.

But in case you're not familiar with UK stereotypes, as >>1235060 pointed out, chavs are often ridiculed for going to tesco's in their pj's. So seeing Kaya in a fucking onesie hovering in the candy isle, posing in front of stacked crates of beer is incredibly ironic for someone complaining about chavs.

No. 1235116

Currently she isn't fat. She's a pretty shitty person. But calling her fat is just not true.

No. 1235145

Agree with the other anon, she really isn't fat. Not a fan of hers but you don't need to lie. Also learn to sage your shit.

No. 1235188

Just makes me feel so itchy. Imagine she takes home some supermarket dirt or shit like that and then jumps in her bed again ewww

No. 1235237

Agree, real brows would help her bc she's too lazy to draw ones on. Her face is really plain and she doesn't have a chin. Like in >>1232156 if she wasn't wearing foundation I wouldn't know where her face started kek

No. 1235835

File: 1621705511460.jpg (237.08 KB, 1080x759, 20210522_194437.jpg)


You got the fucking scooter back!

No. 1235854

Is her life really that fucking boring where she can't move on from a past event that was remedied? She got the fucking scooter back and hopefully will be smarter with how she cares for it. Can she like move on now?

No. 1235871


She wasn't making videos anyway, now this is happened it's the perfect scapegoat. It's been 5 months now she's done up her studio, imagine a normal person just deciding not to work for 5 months? She doesn't deserve anything

No. 1235876

She was barely uploading even before she got her studio, and even when she was uploading it was lazy unboxings and shit. People only ever watched her because she seemed bubbly on camera, but now all she does is complain. She has an eternal victim complex.

No. 1235979

Why do I suspect Jake parked it somewhere else intentionally to mess with her.

No. 1236127


You're both right. She's a gluttonous sloth who complains and bitches every day. How does she still have fans willing to throw money at her ass when she's being this slothful? Are her fans really that braindead to not see how she's taking advantage of them???

You would think that she'd continue making her shit unboxing videos just to give her fans something to watch so they don't feel like they're wasting their money but she's not even doing that anymore. Then again, people are still throwing money at Freya and she's almost as inactive as Kaya.

No. 1236139

I think people are hoping froyo will go back to making content again, but kaya never made worthwhile content in the first place, so I don't know.

No. 1236279

>>1236139 Froyo just does occasional live streams now lol. But even if she did get off her ass to make her old content, it was travelling and shillstar hauls, and there are travel restrictions and people don't like shillstar as much now

No. 1236401

File: 1621798929807.jpg (200.9 KB, 1079x875, Screenshot_20210523-204125_Chr…)

Imagine having a real job and using this as an excuse not to work

No. 1236465

>I came close to delivering the mail today, which is my job as a mailman. I had the uniform on and everything. But then my willpower just slipped away.

Even people who work in creative fields or as freelancers have deadlines and standards they need to meet.

No. 1236497


"Hi boss, sorry I cant come in today, I don't have any willpower"

No. 1236500


To think these people are funded by the public and living comfortably. Before they got the streambux they had to be playing the system by not declaring thier patreon money etc? Benefits? Im baffled that kids throw thousands at these two complete losers. What ever happened to thier sims porn that was accessible to minors and whatever patreon rewards they didnt fill??

No. 1236537

You'd think she was appearing on stage in front of millions with how she drums up the process of pointing a camera at her face and pressing the record button.

No. 1236577

Sims porn that was accessible to minors? You can't just say that and then not elaborate on it. Tell us more!

No. 1236749

File: 1621849535073.jpg (351.46 KB, 1080x1163, 20210524_114404.jpg)

So sad. Kaya's pinned tweet is her talking about her silver play button… six years ago.

She has nothing going on in her life.

No. 1236757

File: 1621852512204.jpg (133.9 KB, 720x932, 20210524_113144.jpg)


They had a phase of selling sims porn using the wikd sims mod, and sold it on thier metalassgaming patreon where im sure they werent checking the ages of who would see it (Pics of their fans were deffo preteens / young teens) Pic related

No. 1236812

Oh shit, I remember that. That was really weird it felt like they were really scraping the barrel. Maybe fans thought so too because they've stopped advertising it ages ago. Idk if they even play the sims on metalassgaming anymore

No. 1236818

File: 1621864997318.jpg (165.09 KB, 720x1148, 20210524_150241.jpg)

Samefag to add I checked the youtube channel and their last video is from 2 years ago. It still has subscribers somehow but also comments like this.

No. 1236833

Yeah John left and they abandoned it. Wonder what went on with him.
Plus wonder what happened to all the Kickstarter money too…

No. 1236836


Kickstarter money? Was this for metalassgaming? I wonder how much patreon etc money they have stolen over the years and not given the rewards for. They are scammers through and through and it baffles me they have fans, especially kaya who is does literally nothing day in day out her whole life.

No. 1236934

They had a Kickstarter as well? They are absolutely scammers. I wonder if it would be considered distasteful if someone like maybe an ex-fan of theirs made a video call out putting them on blast and making it know how much of a scam artist they mostly are.

I wonder if they could even be cancelled. I feel like in the current time it would more than likely be Kaya who got "cancelled" than Jake because as shitty as Jake is, he is still making content for his fans but Kaya…

No. 1236939

John left before thet abandoned it though, they still went for like a year or two after he left. It was unwatchable without him.

It wouldn't be distasteful at all. In fact I'm suprised no one has done that. Their fans seem to have a cultish mentality of not criticizing them whatsoever.

No. 1236952

>It wouldn't be distasteful at all. In fact I'm suprised no one has done that. Their fans seem to have a cultish mentality of not criticizing them whatsoever.

I'm surprised as well but then again, maybe not. I think the reason why no one has called them out is because with Kaya, she's hardly active and people probably forgot she existed and Jake, I've only seen one person make a video on him but the user deleted the video but even then, his teen fangirls crowded the comments anyway.

No. 1236956


His average fan is a 300lb 40-something cringe mom with bad eyeliner. They don't care either way

No. 1237118

File: 1621891497768.jpg (625.84 KB, 1080x1878, Screenshot_20210524-222326_Chr…)

Link to page

They promised mugs, t shirts and all kinds to pledges but as far as I am aware nothing ever materialised.

No. 1237124

File: 1621891779095.jpg (175.38 KB, 1079x506, Screenshot_20210524-222904_Chr…)

Reason #458585 for not recording…
People having the audacity to talk outside.

No. 1237161


I guess just more money they stole and squandered on meals out, holidays, gadgets and scooters. Oh and the studio space kaya rents but never uses. Crazy.

No. 1237190

I can’t believe her fans are validating this. A normal level of paranoia after having something important to you stolen should be…fucking locking it up better. Not parking it in stupid places. Not being TRIGGERED everytime you hear “chavvy voices”?? She never should have chased after them in the first place. Sage for autism but she’s such a fucking mess.

No. 1237193

5 months lol, she’s decided not to work for about six years. Any normal person would even start like, idk, a decorating or event planning business or even an online shop, given her vapid obsession with stuff. Waste of oxygen.

No. 1237293

Im not from the UK so im not very familiar with the term "chav" but is it just me or is there something kind of douchey/scummy about labelling everyone she doesn't like as "chavs"? It feels very holier than thou. Imagine if someone was saying the same things but was saying goth instead.

No. 1237428


Yeah it's pretty repulsively classist, not sure why her followers don't pull her up on it.

I also don't think it helps goths to make this dichotomy between working class people and alternative culture, many goths are working class too and socialise with people Kaya would label as "chav", she lives the "dole scum" life herself playing video games all day and not working so I don't know why she thinks she's any better. Ultimately she's just being a snob.

No. 1237446

As >>1237428 said, it is absolutely classist. Her being worried about "chav voices" is a pretty clear indication that she judges people by their accent, considering them a potential threat if they don't sound posh enough.

Pretty messed up.

No. 1237487

File: 1621940649727.jpg (21.99 KB, 515x139, dhgf.JPG)

God, does she ever stop whining? And how is a whole ass house "too small" for just her and Jake? I know a couple with 2 kids that live in a 1 bed flat for Christ's sake

No. 1237489

She's still in the goth-teenager-ew-chavs phase haha

No. 1237547

They live in a 2 3? Bedroom house and have a studio. Space isnt the issue. Its the hoarding, its whatever mental illness kaya has. Her home will never be big enough for her. She wont have the "perfect" recording conditions. Shes too comfortable in her current lifestyle to change.

No. 1237603

Maybe that's why they still keep the videos up, hoping someone stupid will find the channel and throw some money their way. Their fans will buy anything. Remember when Jake made a pin, and it was just a black square with white text and a generic slogan about having s good day kek

No. 1237608

File: 1621954213835.jpg (112.43 KB, 720x1185, 20210525_154828.jpg)

I couldn't find the pin, it's buried in his "normie phase" YouTube videos somewhere if he hasn't deleted those, but there are cases and t shirts. It's such a transparent money grab but I bet people bought it.

No. 1237624


Right!? They have studio space for her and jake AS WELL as a 2-3 bed house with a living room? Theyre two people scamming fans and she wants a mansion. Holy shit, this girl desperately needs a reality check before she hits 30, what is she like 26-27? She had an actual job at a call center for like 2 minutes and cried over it.

No. 1237671

Don't forget the job she had at Lush that she quit after a couple of shifts because she didn't want to stand up!

No. 1237677

File: 1621959137787.jpg (699.59 KB, 1080x1538, 20210525_181226.jpg)

1 of 2

No. 1237680

File: 1621959260252.jpg (744.82 KB, 1080x1492, 20210525_181356.jpg)

2 of 2
Her chest didn't look that large to me. But maybe it's the way she dresses.

No. 1237702

File: 1621960751670.jpeg (245.42 KB, 750x1186, CCE5490B-787F-4A6D-8962-BDE9A5…)

Her breasts don't look large because they aren't large. Probably gearing up to become a they/them

No. 1237707

Probably wants to emphasize having a "nattow frame." Kek.

No. 1237731


I'm guessing the accent she's freaked out by is just an Irish accent, being as her and Jake sound English (well, jake's is some bastardised fake american accent I suppose). V colonialist Kaya, not a good look.

No. 1237763


They genuinely just think theyre better than everyone in northern ireland and that everyone else living there is braindead backwards scum. Not a clue how toxictubbs and the manlet think so highly of themselves considering theyre complete losers.

No. 1237776

Two people in a two bedroom house with attic, private garden and storage area. These people are sociopaths.

More recent hypocrisy on Twitter (inb4 this is an imageboard, take my word for it or go see for yourselves):
Manlet wishes all goths, including “whether you’re a trad goth or baby bat at the mall” a Happy Goth Day, despite being a whingey gatekeeping cunt for years, probably because he’s no longer jaded about how unpopular he is. The moneygrabbing is strong in this one.
Manlet and Manbeast also complain about screaming kids at restaurants - which is fair enough - but a bunch of their fans with kids validate them in the comments to the point where it’s disturbing. “As a parent I’m SO SORRY! Fuck those other parents who don’t control their kids!”
No, actually, maybe you should be able to go places once in a while even with a toddler and these two grown ass 30 year olds can just accept that the world is not their own personal little Sims game.

No. 1237785

File: 1621967183986.png (313.29 KB, 458x388, screenshot-www.instagram.com-2…)

They're not huge by any means but they're not small either. Bigger breasts can appear smaller because of sagging or being positioned lower on the chest. She seems to wear sports bras/bralettes all the time so they look smaller than they are.

No. 1237880

She's pretty tall too so they look smaller. Big boobs can cause serious back problems and are generally a pain so good for her

sage for wk

No. 1237883

You know it's funny when you think about it with these altcows. It'sBlackFriday swindled her fans money for a sham marriage and instead used it to travel as well as move to Germany and now these two, they suckered their fans to buy junkfood, travel, and gadgets. It's pretty sad really that some people in the alternative scene are too forgiving.

No. 1237884

Don't worry anon, you're not alone in finding this fat ass sloth insufferable. Just give it a few more years, reality will catch up with her when she's in her mid 30s or 40s and is still complaining and making excuses on why she doesn't do shit.

No. 1237892

I thought Chavs was just European slang for Street/Hood people? I didn't know it meant working class people. If that's the case, wow fuck her because you're right, Alternative people are also working class people either. Just because her fat ass is privileged in scamming gullible people to throw money at her doesn't make her better than those who have to work for a living.

>Goff-Teenager-ew-chavs phase

Fixed it for ya lol nothing goth about this chick, she's pretty much Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way with her Goffness.

I'm dead lol

No. 1237899

Honestly anon, let it happen. This girl needs to have that rock bottom phase. She's not gonna listen to advice, why would she when her fans keep throwing money at her no matter how much of a gluttonous layabout she's been for the last few years now. She's been fully enabled and there's no helping this girl until reality does hit her like a freight train.

I vaguely remember that. Didn't she last like only a day or two at the job?

I think you mean "whingey poser" He can't be a gatekeeper of Goth since he's not nor has he ever been one to begin with. Anyway I can believe this. Their fans are truly something. These two just cannot contain their narcissism.

No. 1238008

Saged for old milk. But this is an old lush haul by Kaya. And to judge by what happens at 9:05, her lush colleagues were pretty salty about her bullshit.

No. 1238155

Kek, good find Anon. I can imagine being one of the underpaid retail workers absolutely done with her bs.

Also, having worked in retail for years in a store that had marble type tiles that were weirdly harsh to stand on, moreso than other types of tile (WEIRD fucking autistic blogpost I know, just saying I “get” it) - nothing was wrong with her feet. Ever. Get some goddamn insoles and/or decent shoes. Standing for six hours her platforms or whatever shitty pumps will hurt your feet. How is she this stupid. Something’s medically wrong with me!! But I just cba to fix it!

No. 1238158

Exactly, she’s had two real jobs, and tbh both of them were kind of crappy. Retail sucks and call centers SUCK. Especially for someone with anxiety or whatever she had that week. I get it, whatever. She was popular enough at the time that being a YouTuber could have maaaaybe been possible.

But to then not have a job for the rest of her fucking life? Even after her YouTube died? And then complain mercilessly about it? She hasn’t made new merch or a new type of video or anything for years. Noone’s forcing her to go back to a call center, she could get some content creation job or something, idk. At this point she’s full on retarded.

No. 1238168

Samefag. You’re completely wrong, sorry. You’re maybe thinking of slav? In the UK chav always refers to a certain type of stereotypical person who’s on benefits, wears a sweatsuit, and is violent/a binge drinker/junkie/antisocial. Especially teenagers. Except like 99% of the time posh twats use it to refer to anybody who isn’t middle class. There is a “type” of teenager who’ll be annoying and maybe shout at freaks like Kaya in the street, drink and smoke underage, that kind of thing. But a lot of these people’s problems literally come from having no money for generation. There was a big woke movement literally years ago at this point to stop using the word chav because it’s so anti-working class (not everyone who’s working class or who lives in social housing is a chav but they WILL get called it and its a genuine stereotype and problem). If you’re pissed off about your scooter being stolen you could use literally any other generic word, asshole etc.

Tl;dr Kaya is a grown ass woman who dresses like the villain in a shitty kid’s movie and can’t ignore some minors occasionally calling her names without being a stuck up twat about it.

No. 1238314

> Exactly, she’s had two real jobs, and tbh both of them were kind of crappy. Retail sucks and call centers SUCK. Especially for someone with anxiety or whatever she had that week. I get it, whatever. She was popular enough at the time that being a YouTuber could have maaaaybe been possible.

I mean, I get it too. I work retail/customer service and it can be challenging at times as I'm someone with lots of anxiety as well. If Kaya truly just couldn't adapt, fine I get it as well and like you said, she had the popularity to be able to quit and go full-time.

But that's the thing. The bitch hasn't done shit for a good while now and that's what a lot of us find unacceptable and infuriating, especially with how much she whines and complains these days. She has the easiest "job" i nthe world. Just upload a video once every other week or hell, even a month. It's just the fact that she doesn't do anything. She's squandering a great opportunity to be creative and turn that creativity into a profit to help keep herself going. I'm probably projecting because I'm a creative type and would kill to be able to do that full time so to see her wasting away her years being a bum is just mind-boggling.

Thanks for the info anon. That makes al ot more sense. Overall though,it's just Kaya being a whiny drama queen. She doesn't have to leave her house all that much so she can put up with the occasional rude kid for like a few seconds.

No. 1238342

File: 1622018908785.jpg (35.18 KB, 472x266, 20210526_094709.jpg)


Sage for off topic, but kayas friend in this, peachmilky she used to hang out with now and then in belfast is now doing 2d vtuber foot fetish stuff while living in japan. Huh. Maybe kaya missed out, someone said in an old thread she and jake used to pimp her feet out to a foot fetish guy when they were squatting LOL.

No. 1238366

File: 1622025743667.jpg (748.61 KB, 1080x1661, 20210526_113505.jpg)

Speaking of Kaya's feet…
Spa huh? Must be nice.

No. 1238387


There is NO reason to post pics of your toes except to appeal to foot fetishists. She knows what she's doing.

No. 1238389

File: 1622031249000.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210526-125850.png)

And Mara is a butthurt hypocrite again… By this point she is the one keeping the topic alive

No. 1238391

Exactly. She's like a bitter ex posting "look at me now" pics.

No. 1238435

File: 1622038572750.jpg (132.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (8).jpg)

It's just a trend to draw unrigged legs for your model. Some people draw them normally, some people draw them for fetishbaiting: picrel is nyanners actual thumbnail.

No. 1238442


Her twitter banner is her avatar rubbing bare feet with another avatar tho

No. 1238557

So after all these years she's still pandering to low-tier scrotes

No. 1238612

She's living in her dream country making easy money off of lonely men. Good for her? She achieved her goals at least unlike kaya. Who has achieved very little

No. 1238722

Let’s be honest, most of us here fit your description exactly, or are just ex-fans. Even if you are projecting or whatever, a lot of people would (or think they would before they got bored lol) kill to work from home by doing creative stuff or making videos. Hard agree, she’s an ungrateful cunt.

No. 1238730

File: 1622058436170.jpg (152.92 KB, 1079x573, Screenshot_20210526-204514_Chr…)

Next excuse

Honestly she probably didn't didn't film anything, usually she would have posted pics of her 'look' by now

No. 1238740

File: 1622058693460.jpg (432.54 KB, 1079x1035, Screenshot_20210526-205027_Chr…)

And what type of scruff digs up plants from the street and then leaves them in their house for 6 months without even noticing they're there?

No. 1238784

>will there be no end to my misfortune

Your "misfortune" is completely brought on by yourself though? It's one thing to whine nonstop about everything, even worse to act like you somehow have it worse than other people.

No. 1239456

File: 1622072759708.png (707.96 KB, 1242x2208, sc .png)

Mr Owl can't change a tire kek

No. 1239621

Neither can frojo. Don't be sexist.

No. 1239843

>>1239456 ok but what a random thing to post to your Insta story

No. 1239845

Ew I remember her uwu plant mom phase. She couldn't even get it right, she tweeted about picking plants from the pavement to take home but pavement plants are WEEDS Kaya. And this is what she did with them huh, threw them on her nasty hoard pile in plastic bags. Their house must be filthy.

No. 1239863


Has she ever actually stuck to a hobby? She can't commit more than a week to ANYTHING and acts like its a quirky personality trait. I actually don't know how she survives day to day.

No. 1240018

Her being diagnosed with adhd has become a golden ticket it seems

No. 1240056

It's actually illegal in the UK to pick wild flowers (weeds) in the UK… Also I see Mr stumps dropped another 10k on a new motor bike.

Can post pics sorry

No. 1240114

Where did he even get 10k? I know he has a lot of tween girl simps but 10k seems like an awful lot.

No. 1240160

File: 1622155285047.jpg (990.36 KB, 1080x1769, Screenshot_20210527-234007_Chr…)

Imagine going through the effort of picking out an outfit, adding jewelery and accessories …only to scrape your greasy hair back on your head to top it all off. Wtf is actually wrong with her.

No. 1240165


She looks depressed.

Also how is jake affording all the bikes etc? Is it stream donations?

No. 1240169

Someone mentioned that he gets stuff on finance but how when he can't prove a steady income?
Plus he just got that car as well.
Splashing out on tattoos too.

No. 1240182

I will never understand why she shaves her eyebrows. Makes her look so old and terrible.

No. 1240277

Kaya Caption Bingo: boring-ass blogpost, “I want”, brag, complaint. Full house!

At this point honestly I hope she gets hit by a truck.

No. 1240278

I mean some loans are super predatory and don’t really care, he’s definitely found one that’s just be based on his monthly income or a credit check rather than ongoing stability. He’s leasing all this shit for sure. Which isn’t really milk, just two spoiled brats finding a way to be more spoiled. Can’t wait for the twelve billion reasons why Kaya can’t ride her bike or can’t vlog or can’t vlog on her bike.

No. 1240279

> Can’t post pics sorry
God it’s not worth looking, I don’t recommend anybody who drives in the UK to even scroll past Jake’s “motovlog” (cringe) clips LOL. “Let’s smoke this guy, yeahhh baby I’m taking you” - you overtook a car going the speed limit on a random British commuter road, Jacob. They’re not exactly looking at you and thinking wow, Tokyo Drift.

Kaya’s chav problem is ironic considering that her boyfriend does literally drive like a stereotypical car chav.

No. 1240285

‘when will my misfortune end’ she says in the same week as being able to realistically consider buying a 10k motorbike that she can’t ride yet

No. 1240432

no its no dumbass, you just cant dig them up

No. 1240433

ffs *no its not

No. 1240473

File: 1622193027092.jpg (374.21 KB, 1080x1440, 20210528_110859.jpg)

You missed an important part of that post Anon.

>I want to drive a motorcycle. But, like, not really…

No. 1240512

its her inability to do anything without first complaning that really bothers me. her twitter is just non stop whining/wanting material posessions
does she have nothing of genuine value in her life?

No. 1240777

Lol calm down? It is technically illegal to pick wildflowers in the UK. Probably not weeds. Anon’s just nitpicking but aren’t we fucking all.

Laughing to keep from crying. “Teehee let me just drop half of most people my age’s salary on an additional luxury I’m not really fussed about.” Ugh. She can do whatever the fuck she wants with Manlet’s money but she’s such a spoiled brat. Literally any other influencer or content creator would see the opportunity to take a nice pic on a nice bike and tease the fact they might get one. She just posts as if she’s talking to friends except so obnoxiously it’s obvious why she doesn’t have any friends.

It’s been said before but (on top of ad revenue, patreon and merch) Jake’s fans donate SCARY amounts of money every stream. It’s kind of heartbreaking actually, they’re mostly kids and fat autists who don’t remember how nasty he used to be.

To be fair, he’s unbearable and an up himself twat, BUT, compared to Kaya, he’s doing stuff that makes sense in the state that YouTube’s in. He does trending videos, interacts with followers, actively streams, and seems like he regularly upgrades his kit. And he reaps the benefits of it. This is NOT a wk, the boy needs a serious reality check and an ego death at the same time, and none of the shit he splurges on seems to stick (he bought a 360 headcam but we haven’t seen the drone in a while). But he’s basically a normal milky YouTuber now rather than the total sadsack he used to be.

Meanwhile Kaya can’t remember to pack a fucking memory card for what I’m assuming is the same crusty camera she’s been using since 2010. Bearing in mind she has her own separate gaming/streaming rig in addition to a laptop and phone and now a STUDIO and still refuses to work.

No. 1240886

is peachmilky's avi (or whatever it's called) supposed to look like a little kid? I find it creepy, but then I find most japanese fetish stuff creepy, so

No. 1241012

It just looks like general “kawaii” art to me, she doesn’t seem like the type of person to genuinely indulge pedos on purpose (obviously there’s an argument that all kawaii/lolita stuff does but I don’t think everyone who dresses like that or draws manga can be held responsible, idk.) the feet thing is bizarre though??

No. 1241182

File: 1622278401014.png (876.21 KB, 1077x1227, Screenshot_20210529-004748(1).…)

The pure audacity of this bitch

No. 1241190

Her life is so fucking boring, imagine spending the whole month thinking about a bike or scooter.

No. 1241200

Imagine whining about an almost stolen scooter for a month straight, then when you get a 10k bike say you want the ~black DCT version~.

Poor girl, her misfortune just never ends does it?

No. 1241265

>Hurray I passed my theory!
>but manual WAAAAAHHH

Can't even talk about something happy without throwing in a complaint. She just gets in the way of herself and I used to feel sorry for her but wake the fuck up girl. Bet she doesn't even get out of bed to take her ADHD meds.

No. 1241397

Looks like Freya is coming back to YT but I hate to sound insensitive but I couldn't help but roll my eyes at her explanation on why she was gone. Essentially the TL;DR is she was going through depression, was bummed that she couldn't immigrate to Scotland because it's very difficult, and having some suicidal tendencies (sorta).

But honestly I think the biggest reason why she's finding herself where she is in life is because of her laziness. Like she was talking about her financial struggles here and there in the video and the only thing I was thinking was "Well if you had a JOB, you'd be able to save money and not worry about it as much." And when she was whinging about moving back in with Mr. Owl in the flat he was staying at and how it was pretty much a lite ghetto, the only thing I was thinking of was that at least Mr. Owl took her ass back after she up and left him for Matthias in Germany. Be fucking grateful though he really is a doormat though.

Anyway, her plan is to finally settle, get all her stuff back from the flat she had in Scotland and just stay where she is to save money which is good because she needs to save money.

No. 1241476

Thanks for the summary Anon. I guess it's god that she's not trying to get back to Scotland anymore. How much money is she wasting on the flat that all her stuff over there is in? Or is it in storage? That can't be cheap either.
I honestly don't know if it would be worth it to ship all that tacky shit to NZ. Maybe if they were priceless antiques or something. But it's just new furniture with skulls on. Cut your losses girl.

No. 1241517

What is up with these goth creators and their aversion to work? Too unique to work like a peasant? Oh wah you cant look like a sideshow and would have to tone it down. What babies. They all just want the people on the internet to throw money at them while other creators who genuinely make good stuff don't like the idea of begging from their audiences.

No. 1241520


You're right on the mark about her laziness. The thing is, Freya doesn't even need to get a 'traditional job' to make more money. If she was on top of her social media and stuck to a consistent upload schedule on YouTube, she would make decent money from a combination of AdSense and sponsors. On top of that, when she is active online she gets the alt fashion brands sending her huge amounts of clothing and lifestyle items; she could wear these items once or twice for content (videos/photoshoots/events/etc.) and go on to sell them on Poshmark or a similar site/app.

Does anyone happen to know how things are going with her fiance? Perhaps things are going south and that's contributing to her anxiety and lack of productivity.

No. 1241533

I feel like at least some of them grew up with the “tumblr famous” Felice Fawn generation, and saw people who were actually genuinely ill being comforted by thousands of fans, and making money off those fans without any real effort. Kaya used to make money just by existing because she was the ana chan’s idea of hot. Or, they’re just all spoiled brars. Who knows.

No. 1241534

KEK. I have ADHD and fucking struggle driving stick, it takes up a ton of mental energy. But you bet your fucking ass that I’d learn if I was lucky enough to have to option to buy a 10k vanity vehicle. Automatic gearshift is not the norm in the UK by FAR yet so she’s just been lazy (so surprising) and chosen to get driving lessons in an Automatic car.

Sage for blogpost.

No. 1241572

Yeah she wants to move to Scotland sometime in the future but she also mentioned that she possibly wants to try living in Germany again as well(this girl…). She didn't really disclose how much she was spending on her flat in Scotland (she said "flat", not "storage" but she admitted that it was "draining" her savings so it must be a good amount that she's wasting on it. I agree with you though that at this point, it might be too expensive to ship all that stuff back to NZ.

Also I forgot to add one more important thing in case you didn't watch the video. She says that Mr. Owl bought a house and that's where they're currently living now and it's why she feels like it's now the right time to come back to YouTube since she has a room for filming. But the thing that really aggravates me is how Mr. Owl doesn't seem to realize what a leech she is being. Like you just know Mr. Owl is the one mainly supporting her but just watch, she will leave him in a heartbeat if she's able to sucker another man to marry her with the promise of a marriage visa in either Germany or Scotland which could possibly happen what with the world on it's path back to normalcy after dealing with the pandemic. I dunno, I know Mr. Owl is being a doofus but I can't help but feel bad for him still.

No. 1241575

IKR? Aside from Angela Benedict, it seems all these Goth and GOFF YouTubers are allergic to ordinary work and I get it, it can be tough working with the public but as I mentioned in a few posts above this is where one can be creative and try running an online shop or you know, just doing SOMETHING productive to help generate some income. And in Freya's case, >>1241520 is right that she doesn't need a regular job because she could easily continue making a few videos every so often as well as selling the clothes she doesn't wear anymore on sites like Poshmark or Depop but she's just too lazy. And I get she's depressed but come on now, that's no excuse to laze about for months to years on end.

> Does anyone happen to know how things are going with her fiance?

In the video, she didn't allude to any problems between her and Mr. Owl aside from wanting to save up and move to Germany (or Scotland) and like I mentioned to someone else, he bought a house which is where the two are currently staying. I don't follow her on social media though so who knows if something is happening behind the scenes.

No. 1241672

I don't even understand how these people have this amount of money to begin with… Even if you DO work is hard not to live paycheck to paycheck, how come these people seem to have endless money to be paying for extra apartments in another continent or an useless studio like Kaya?
It seems that these people are super fortunate and 100% have all the conditions to get better from the obvious serious mental health problems that are fucking their lives up. I wish I had the chance of not working for so long with that much extra money

No. 1241904

Well for IBF, it's clear that she wasn't really supporting herself. Before she moved to Germany, Mr. Owl was the one who was supporting her. He went to school and had a job plus I'm sure they were getting help from their parents as well. Then when she moved to Germany to be with Matthias, Matthias was the one who was going to school and holding down a job though I think Freya may have been making decent income from her video ad sense and patreon supporters. But then when the sham marriage blew up and she went back to Mr. Owl, he's the breadwinner again since he now has a good job.

With Kaya and Jake, more than sure they get help from Kaya's parents. If I remember correctly, Kaya's parents are pretty well off so I don't think it's farfetched to believe that they do get help from them when they're running low on money from spending it on useless crap.

Dorian lives with her mother and step father and it's clear that they support her.

So in conclusion, they just happen to have people who are willing to take care of them I guess.

No. 1241932

Nah, I don't doubt that she's depressed - she's been very productive before (with her videos) and she speaks about a lot of guilt i/r/t letting pple contact her for collabs going unresponded, letting relationships go cold, etc. I think perhaps it could even be her ambition/dream of the ideal life that is depressing her. Youtuber's mental health always seem to take a dive for the worse, when they make it their full time job, and their content enmeshed with blogging/personal life. She really needs a reality/expectation re-adjustment on life. It kills me that she pays for a SECOND FLAT in Scotland, but refuses to let her mom pay for therapy because it's to expensive. And the way she talks about Scotland/Germany, you can here she hasn't given up on the idea yet, even though she tried moving abroad TWICE and both were abject failures. Surprise surprise, Scotland made her depression worse so she couldn't execute all the 'fun video ideas' she had for the location. She should realize by know that the problem isn't with New Zealand. She even admits she's gotten happier in the new house, but still dreams of moving away, just because there isn't a goth scene, or her great grandma came from Scotland or some other bullshit excuse. Sigh. She needs proper therapy, not just meds, because otherwise she'd just repeat the same mistakes/patterns of behavior the moment her moods stabilizes/she has enough energy to try to move abroad again, spiralling her downwards, and on it goes.

No. 1242079

Remember not that long ago Jake and Kaya were on the dole (unemployment benefits) and then worked crappy minimum wage jobs for about 5 minutes (nothing has made Jake sound more up his ass and entitled than the time he told the story for being fired for literally being violent and angry in front of a manager “because I just hate authority maaaan” and has never shown any kind of introspection that that’s a stupid fucking way to behave).

Jake’s family probably aren’t on the fucking breadline like he makes it seem but I don’t doubt that they’re maybe in a low income bracket. Plus would you send money to your kid if he literally wrote a song about murdering you, jfc? Similarly I don’t get the idea that Kaya’s parents are super well off but they did have Steiner’s money and both have fairly decent sized looking houses from the brief clips in her videos so she can definitely fall back on them, for example when her and Jake lived with her dad.

Tl;dr - I don’t think either of their parents pay for all their shit or are rich enough to fund stuff like the vehicles but they did get a comfy start in life, milked the benefits system for all it was worth, e-begged relentlessly and almost definitely used credit a lot before Jake started earning decent money.

Even before now, think about how much crap Kaya’s fans bought for her and how often she was emailing companies to give her stuff. The ONLY reason she kept saying she didn’t have money a couple of years ago is because she was spending it at a fucking relentless rate. “Oh I really don’t have money for a new camera right now!!” she says literally sitting on a pile of plastic crap from her latest eight Primark hauls.

No. 1242159

>Remember not that long ago Jake and Kaya were on the dole (unemployment benefits) and then worked crappy minimum wage jobs for about 5 minutes (nothing has made Jake sound more up his ass and entitled than the time he told the story for being fired for literally being violent and angry in front of a manager “because I just hate authority maaaan” and has never shown any kind of introspection that that’s a stupid fucking way to behave).

Admittedly I didn't know too much about Jake because I found him insufferable but I didn't know that story about why he was fired, that is beyond cringe kek. But my comment on them getting financial help from parents, I was mostly referring to Kaya's parents and I was thinking that she'd only get help from her parents if they were running particularly low on money after splurging.

But after reading your explanation, I think you're analysis is right. I almost forgot about ridiculous their fan-base are when it comes to giving them money like when that one fan of theirs donated 1,000 dollars to them on a stream.

No. 1242456

This selfish sack of shit will never be happy. So self important and narcissistic it's as predictable as ever. More excuses, more thankless dribble and glass half empty stories. Return to what? more transformation videos on basic bitches belittling people outside of the goth scene? More arrested development fantasies, woes me everyone's picking on me videos when I dress goth? Fuck off Freya. Be an adult, show some respect and bother replying to people who for some reason give a shit because the damsel in distress act is so old. Admitting sheer laziness doesn't make it better. We look forward to anything original that you might come up with. Or perhaps you might jump on the pro-ana video trend again and drag Eugenia in for extra bait.

No. 1242509

IBF still has every intention of trying to move back to Scotland. If she was given a massive amount of money, she would be there in a heart beat.
Seems she doesn’t want to stop paying the rent or pay for someone to pack her things and ship them back

No. 1242555

Oh definitely not trying to prove you wrong Anon, the milk’s pretty dry so I’m down to read sage. >>1242079 was basically my tinfoil!

And yeah, re: Jake’s old videos being annoying, my advice to anyone thinking of watching them to learn his story or whatever is: don’t, your brain cells will die.

No. 1242685

No matter where she lives she's still the same idiot

No. 1242696

File: 1622454247440.jpg (547.64 KB, 1080x1889, Screenshot_20210531-053732__01…)

No. 1242699

Does… does he think that looks good?

No. 1242731

File: 1622459582708.jpg (661.34 KB, 1080x1779, 20210531_211230.jpg)

Kaya if you bothered to wash your hair and take a shower you might have companies that want to work with you lol

No. 1242766

Wtf is this even. Why would you post your body that looks like THAT on the internet. Also i don’t get her styling i mean there are lot of viking inspired fashion out there but she goes for normie flower dresses that every girl would wear on a casual date?

No. 1242894

Look at this girl, minimalish makeup, unstyled hair, cardigan, greenscreen, boom. 59k views. It really nukes all Kaya’s various hair/makeup/wahhhh excuses. She could literally slap on some foundation and lashes and be golden.

No. 1242955

Because Kaya relies on her "look" rather than what she actually says because it's mostly materialistic rubbish with no real value / opinion. And even then she can't can't be bothered.

No. 1242961

Look at him desperately trying to suck in his gut.

What is it with this dude looking like a scaled up midget?

No. 1243211

damn, spot on.
In the exact spirit of this comment - I just realised how hilarious she’s gonna look with L plates on that giant “goff” chopper bike.

No. 1243243

Yeah on some level shes probably aware of how vapid her content is so her look might be what attracts views or subs instead. It made sense for her makeup videos at least but she doesnt do those anymore. She doesnt do much of anything anymore except whine.

No. 1243345

Jake says in his newest video that he now has somebody who has more free time than him go out and post his Patreon prints. Holy shit, what if he’s paying Kaya to be his little assistant?

No. 1243349

Let's be real, she'd be too lazy for that.

Except Kaya has always said that it's because she's alternative that brands wont work with her. Which is definitely a load of crap.

No. 1243605

If it isn't Kaya doing it then wtf is she actually doing?
Imagine paying someone to run errands for you when your partner is literally sitting on their ass all day doing nothing.

No. 1243779

I agree with you tenfold. She's really trying to weasel out of responsibility for duping her fanbase and taking advantage of their generosity. She's lucky her fanbase is so willing to be taken advantage of to support her ass for as long as they have with the bouts of inactivity she's done.

Also I think most of the videos she's gonna be doing are fashion hauls. In the video she says that she has a ton of sponsor emails that went unanswered and that she wants to get back to them but ultimately you're right that she really didn't make that much worthwhile content in a long while. She also made note that she wants to travel again but I don't see that happening for awhile because she doesn't have the money to do that.

Exactly. She's so fucking dramatic about how badly she wants to leave NZ because there is no Goth festivals but it's stupid. When she was in Germany, she didn't know how to speak the damn language to even integrate in German society. Sure she'd be better of in Scotland from a language perspective but I doubt her life will change much. I think the reason she feels so empty is because her life has no structure, she doesn't do anything so of course she's feeling hopeless.

No. 1243783

This here. Kaya only has a edgy GoFfIcK look and it may draw some attention from a viewer but the moment they sit and actually listen to what she says and the appeal of her look wears off, they see what a shallow, boring, complaining sad sack she really is.

No. 1243946

When I met her in Leipzig she told me she didn’t speak any German. She had been living there for like 2 years. I had to go ask someone if she could use their hairspray, even though basically every German speaks fucking English.

In Berlin they even offer free language courses (idk if it’s just for EU citizens). And Berlin is like a two hour bus ride from Leipzig for €8

No. 1244163

No. They have yhem in Leipzig too. And they're free for everyone eligible for german citizenship or a longterm visa.
In order to stay in Germany past 3 years she would have to pass a language test. As such, the government is required to make language courses available to any prospective new citizen.

No. 1244170

I love how they're trying to act all cutesy while being white supremacists

fr though, of all the things you could aspire to be in life he aspired to be a cheap knockoff varg and didn't even succeed at that

No. 1244273

Thanks for the info anon but see, she didn't have a chance to stay there with that in mind since she was too lazy to even learn the language in the first place. She had Matthias translating for her most of the time. You'd think that if she loves Germany so much, she'd at least learn the language so she could communicate and she had the extra free time to do it. She could've studied it when she was not working on videos.

No. 1244279

I bet she was too lazy to learn the language because she doesnt care about the actual country and it's just for muh Goff points.

No. 1244346

Yeah I think you're right. She doesn't care about the history or the society, she just wants to live in a "le" spooky place to enhance her GOFF image and it's just pathetically shallow. I can't help but feel like she's insecure about her image because she doesn't live in the most exciting place in the world but so what? Many of us in the Goth scene don't live in Germany or Scotland and we're just fine because it doesn't matter where you live.

No. 1244630

>insecure about her image
Yeah like she said in a video she used to sleep with makeup on so if she died in her sleep they wouldn't see her without a full goff face. I think she said she stopped too, so I guess her insecurity moved on to how many goth festivals are near her.

No. 1244953

File: 1622719259365.jpg (413.71 KB, 1080x1646, 20210603_132049.jpg)

Something to keep in mind next time Ruadhan starts ebegging

No. 1245343

File: 1622751706218.jpg (191.76 KB, 696x1288, Screenshot_20210603-211413_Fac…)

Karen's at it again… In a Facebook goth group.

No. 1245359

File: 1622753706127.jpg (335.3 KB, 1079x953, Screenshot_20210603-215508_Gal…)

So Kaya made a 22 minute video about why she's been gone so long.
Because she's been "sad" and her scooter was stolen.
Can you believe a company has sponsored this crap?!

No. 1245369

dont they just automatically put ads on videos?

No. 1245379

Nevermind, i take that back. Skillshare sponsored this video. I guess they're just sponsoring literally anything now.

No. 1245398

I feel like she only made this stupid video because Freya did and many people are kissing her ass and not holding her accountable for being lazy.

No. 1245426

That woman must be scanning Facebook alt pages/groups every morning for mentions of her precious daughter. If it was my mom, I'd be mortified.
I'm not one to victim blame, but I don't buy this rhetoric. Froyo used Matthias for a visa after all, so we know it's not as clear-cut as Karen says it is. That being said, if any of this is true, the guy IS a scumbag.

(saged for no new milk)

No. 1245447

it was discussed in a previous thread but there's rumors that she cheated on him before he cheated on her, I never heard about the stuff about him having anger issues or being a gas lighter and a control freak though. but being as we all know karen is batshit insane I would not take her word for it, she's probably exaggerating at best.

>his nickname is… The Space Peacock


No. 1245519

I figured. Just wasn't sure. How fucking lazy do you have to be to not even download duolingo or ask your husband to help you learn his native language? Like, even the basics. Look at all the webs who cant speak Japanese for shit, but still move to Japan. They try harder than her kek
Yeah, I know Matthias and he likes to flirt with skinny goth women and party. I call bullshit on him being abusive though.

No. 1245553

This has been literally all of her last three major videos that weren’t unboxings or the swan. “Hiatus because sad”.

No. 1245568

Samefag, tried to warch, gave up after 30 seconds. It actually stopped being funny and just being sad. Partly because she talks about her bad luck but doesn’t realise how gd lucky she is to be living in a home, with a garden, and a stable income (Covid sucks, Brexit sucks. Those things are out of her control and are hard to deal with. But it’s been a full year since the Barcelona drama). Partly because she doesn’t realise that her consistent misfortune and unhappiness has absolutely nothing to do with bad luck and everything to do with the fact that she refuses to manage her own depression and ADHD.

The scooter thing was bound to happen, sorry. It’s one of the most popular things to steal in the UK and we’re basically in a recession. Not saying it was her FAULT but I’d be locking that thing up like HELL and getting solid insurance. It’s a shame her weird pet swan died, but at the end of the day, it was a wild animal in a public park. You can be sad about it and then move on. Her complaints about not being able to move are insane, because those idiots need three bedrooms max - one to sleep, one for Kaya to film in, and one for Jake to stream, and that’s being generous. She has an entire fucking studio with a private bathroom JUST for hobbies and exercise. For one person.

She does nothing to actually dedicate herself to self-improvement, no counselling, no consistent exercise or being outside, everything has to be aesthetic. If “chavs” (disgusting how many people in the comments were ‘rolfmaoing’ at her using that term relentlessly) shout at you everytime you go outside at that makes you anxious, tone down your look. If you’re bored of your local walks, plan trips with Jake. Stick to your fucking ADHD meds. Declutter your house. And for fuck’s sake go to counselling so you can stop talking about yourself to your little echo chamber of enablers and mistaking that for therapy.

Sage for total autism. Nothing she says feels like milk because it is genuinely just tragic at this point.

No. 1245575

so according to Kaya…her scooter was literally parked in the alley behind her house. She saw some lads out there. Went down, and her scooter was gone. She literally ran up the street, they bolted, and she got it back.

idk about you guys…stressful, but barely qualifies as stolen. It was out of her possession for like, an hour tops. she says she sprinted after them screaming, which is fucking hilarious, and is still mad to this day that she didn’t “get her hands on them”. which is even more hilarious, because three so-called chavs would kick the living shit out of her if she tried it.

No. 1245585

She also mentions in that video that the housing agency that they rent the house from have complained that they have too much clutter in it!

No. 1245735

So… she still has her scooter? I thought it literally got stolen so i kinda felt bad for her for a moment

No. 1245789

So her scooter was unclamped in an alley, jake's push bike was just alying in the garden unlocked, and she had her camera in the scooter. she deserved it

No. 1245794

And now, she’ll never ride it again because that will be reliving the trauma.

No. 1245797

It can go in the pile next to the roller skates and hover board

No. 1245805

Saged for blogposting, but everybody and anybody who is a goth living in Germany (or someone who's into the dark alternative scene at all, let's put it that way) knows Matthias. And not in a good way. It has always rubbed me the wrong way the way he was hailed as Freyja's "sexy German boyfriend" when in reality he's a mediocre looking dimwit whose only remarkable quality is his style and the way he presents himself.

He's recently been posting about how he considers himself a follower of the MGTOW-movement and how pride month is stupid, how he's "heterosexual and proud", and now he's back to selling childrens-level greyscale art and "custom dark wave dolls" (modified Barbie dolls), not to mention his rancid OnlyFans. I can smell him through the screen.

If you've never partied in Germany and interacted with him, let me tell you - he's the definition of a horny old dude. He's not even into "alternative women" AT ALL. I guess he doesn't like the black-and-white clown look on women he wants to bang, because all he ever dates and interacts positively with are rail thin young women with big breasts, IG models who don't belong to ANY "dark" or "alternative" subculture, or haggard old women who comment hearts under his IG posts. Not a good look at all.

No. 1245868

Can confirm Anon. I have also met this spudfaced loser. I have no idea about the abuse accusations Karen made. But everything you mentioned is spot on. He liked to go after mainstream girls who are into tge semi-taboo of dating an "edgy goth guy." He'll take them to gothclubs, where tgey cling to him, feeling very transgressive. The patrons ignore him until he inevitably gets drunk and starts inserting himself in other people's conversation. It's true that a lot of people know him, because he goes to a lot of events and is pretty noticable. But very few people actually like him.

He is also weirdly homophobic. Constantly pointing out that he wears like, eyeliner and stuff, but is DEFINITELY into pussy
Nobody ever asks.

No. 1245880

His 3 onlyfans subs must be thrilled.

No. 1245882

>He is also weirdly homophobic. Constantly pointing out that he wears like, eyeliner and stuff, but is DEFINITELY into pussy
>he's "heterosexual and proud"

sounds like stuff a closeted gay/bisexual man would say

No. 1245885

Some brands sponsor everyone like raid shadow legends so not surprised. Also not surprised her brain dead fans are like aww poor Kaya welcome back kween despite her recycling complaint after complaint. Complaining is her job now bc it's what makes them throw money at her so of course Kaya is going to milk that but that's not going to fly long term girl. Stop leaving your valuables out in the open to be stolen and hoarding plastic shit in your house, and touch some grass

No. 1245982


He has an OnlyFans??? lol That's…. Interesting lol. Does he really make good coin from it??? Sorry, I'm just trying to process who would want to see lewds of him.

No. 1245985


If all this is true then I wonder why he ever got with Froyo in the first place. My guess is maybe he thought he'd get more popularity if he was dating her but he rarely was in her videos so I'm not too sure. Either way if Matthias really is as bad as you all say, I'd say the two's relationship was perfect because she was trying to use him for a Visa and he was trying to use her for possible "fame" (And I use that in the most generous way possible).

No. 1246170

No. 1246310

File: 1622856458561.jpg (121.45 KB, 1080x1080, Collage 2021-06-05 02_27_39.jp…)

It makes me sad when I see the kind of people who are funding their ridiculous lifestyles.

No. 1246326

Oof… No thanks lol Seems he's doing well for himself I guess.

This poor deluded woman. Stop wasting your money on these parasites and use the money for something that'll help you and your family. The one where she said she couldn't pay her rent, that was both sad and frustrating to read. Just EUGH. Why are people this stupid? I'm not saying that people can't support their favorite creators by why on these two lecherous clowns????

No. 1246402

She actually tagged Jake and I think Kaya too in the one where she says she has no money left for rent

No. 1246472

AYRT oh no, I wasn't trying to wk him. I just know Karen is insane and I don't think the abuse allegations seem legit. But who knows. he is an extremely annoying drunk. One time I was drinking a Jägerbomb and he asked for a sip, but downed my whole fucking drink

No. 1246663

If you want evidense of Mattias being an annoying drunk, check out his hilarious "prank."

Please note that feeding people very spicy things without their consent can be bad news for someone who has stomach issues, heart issues, or is prone to migraines.

No. 1246796

>my financial situation is so precarious that I might not be able to pay rent or treat my kid!
>I'm a patron for two scammers who don't even HIDE that they waste their patreon money on useless crap

Jesus no wonder they still have people who pay them. Because they're this dumb. I feel kinda sorry for this person but I'm also laughing

No. 1246954

The poor kids!

>sorry honey, no dinner today. Mommy's pretend internet boyfriend needs a third motorbike.

No. 1247316

Jfc…not her disability benefits….

No. 1247335

Take it all in, this is where some of your tax money goes too kek. In all seriousness, though, if you're dependent on the state, don't spend all your money on useless shit unless you have leftover after paying your important expenses.

No. 1247337

What is with Dorian and all these Pro-Ana videos? I haven't watched all of it yet but I'm starting to get a little concerned.

No. 1247383

Part of it is because of Eugenia Cooney. Eugenia has been getting a ton of attention online/causing a lot of controversy, and Dorian made a couple of videos directly talking about Eugenia's situation and offering some perspective (based on her own experience with eating disorders). Those videos did well in terms of views and engagement, so I think she realized it would be beneficial to keep on with the topic.

No. 1247430


You know Matthias personally? What does he say about Freya? Do you have any milk on the breakup and subsequent divorce?

No. 1247465

Like >>1247383 said, she loves the engagement it gets her. But she's also relapsed, so she probably has E.D on the brain.

No. 1247544

Oh man! Does anybody know how to post insta videos? Because Feigsfars latest post has him, Lauren (who looks quite chunky IRL) and two of their fasci friends clumsily skipping over a tiny bonfire, and dancing around a pathetic, tiny maypole.

No. 1247557

These videos get her a LOT of views ad attention and she knows it…

No. 1247613

Agreed. My friends who are on benefits are some of the most generous I know when it comes to paying creators/donating to charity (in their state of mind/attitude, not that they piss away all their state attitude). Plus it’s their money, do what you want with it tbh, much worse things are happening with taxpayer money. But they’re still not shelling away their minimal income on any youtuber whose videos and streams you can watch for free as soon as it comes in. This is bullshit.

Jake has definitely DELIBERATELY created a fan culture where sending in money makes you feel included and part of something (#breakthejake is so fake and horrible on his part) and all these poor sadsacks are falling for it.

No. 1247625

File: 1622988222579.jpg (385.75 KB, 1079x1466, Screenshot_20210606-150314_Chr…)

Tweets about wantkng to get in shape.
Eating McDonald's 2 hours later.
Nitpick but this girl is so unaware it's hilarious.

No. 1247853

She gives the best ed advice ngl, as someone on the edge of having an ed I love watching her videos
I don't get why she keeps milking it out when she knows people like me and people with actual ed's watch it. She's romanticizing the fuck out of it and pro ana forums

No. 1247906

I see. And I mean sure, I can understand it but Eugenia has clearly demonstrated that she's not gonna stop. She's stuck in her ways and I don't think anything is gonna change that. But I suppose for once, even though Dorian is doing this for attention, it can possibly help some young girls going through this who aren't as far gone as Eugenia is.

No. 1247909

Agreed anon. I'm not necessarily bothered if some of these people spend their money on this kinda stuff. I just think they need to be responsible and take care of themselves first, then use any leftover for the other stuff. I'd say not to support Jake the stump or Toxic Tears because they are social parasites who don't deserve the charity but that's just me/us (since I think most of us here can agree these two jackasses don't need it).

Yeah she can be hilarious. I remember a few years back when she actually was working out (and still eating junk a lot), she posted a picture of her at some ice cream shop with 2 large ice cream sundaes RIGHT AFTER A WORKOUT. It was fucking hilarious.

No. 1247915

lol, I almost posted this here. kaya "I'm super knowledgeable about nutrition and only ever eat salads and am only overweight because of medication I took" brown showing us her super nutritious diet.

No. 1248000

Lmao it’s the fact that this has been her for the past what, 6 years?? And she thinks the “haterz” are saying she can’t have treats or cheat days but actually we just recognize that she obviously ONLY has phases of eating ridiculously elaborate, not sustainable health foods before going back to grazing on crap.

Also she hasn’t been outside since 2001. Good luck with that fucking arcade dance machine though.

No. 1248240

I mean to be fair she probably did get some exercise running after those dirty nasty chavs who stole her scooter. probably the first time in years though

also don't you love how the term "chav" is meant to demonise the working class but kaya and jake don't even work, just leech off of people? the irony

No. 1249074

True. Even moreso, idk if non-Brits will get this, but Kaya said she passed her CBT (basic training), which is the absolute minimum qualification that lets you legally ride a moped. She doesn’t have any kind of license, and from the sounds of her last video, never intended to - she was really looking to do the bare minimum as per. Just because this is legal doesn’t mean it’s advisable or safe.

The reason I bring it up is that people who do their CBT and only their CBT are literally children and, more often than not, “chavs”. Like if you take takeaway drivers etc out of it, it’s SUCH a known chav stereotype to have teenagers getting a moped because it’s something they can tear about on without getting a license.

They fill so many chav stereotypes. Like even just being antisocial/a nuisance. All the time. SO many people in the background of Jake’s videos look visibly pissed to be on camera and he’s admitted to filming in restaurants and shit because he’s “getting better service”. Literally if this prick was talking into a camera while I was trying to serve him it’d annoy me 10x than him just being drunk and rowdy.

Sage for autism but tldr Jake and Kaya are “chav” stereotypes to a fucking T and always have been, they just don’t THINK they are because they don’t wear trackies or drink tins of lager. You’re so right anon.

No. 1249329


Jake posting selfies in his adidas tracksuit yesterday in his leased car

No. 1249353


This is exactly what I was thinking.


Most of these men are in Ireland:


You sound like a white American kid who thinks nobody is named Devonte just because you never met any


If it was a legal name change then that's what she's named?


How long ago was the last ime he did that? Just looks like you complaining bout nothing(imageboard)

No. 1249357

>If it was a legal name change then that's what she's named?

did you read the replies to this post? other anons made it clear her first name is really freya, her middle name is audrey, you can hear him say it in the video

No. 1249534

Please don't link random people's facebook profiles if they don't relate to milk in any way. That's a dick move.

No. 1250033


This ain't milk. This is a tax return splurge. That he'd been hoping to do for a year

Ruadhan feeding himself and three cats plus his rent (did u see the full Insta post? That harp was only $650 — and that is supposedly MORE than what his rent is) — all that is probly cheaper than all the gov assist money that Fake Mundane stans who're literal moms on the dole send to him to waste on motorbikes. Little Red using his tax rebate however he likes ain't milk


IYSS. He likes the mug. He dais it ain't practical, but he said he likes it anyway

Shower thoughts on Instagram ain't milk u spergs

And don't Red always that's the name his parents were gonna use if he was AMAB? Y'all really be desperate to be pissed off by nothing


He doesn't conflate anything, Celtard. He speaks Welsh cos his mum's parents were Cornish, and he couldn't learn Cornish after they passed away, but Welsh is similar and he had access to learn that language? Maybe it's convoluted, but boy knows what he's doing and if he says he wasn't able to learn Cornish 30+yrs ago, but that he figured out Welsh was a similar enough language he COULD lean, it at least makes sense


Srsly, y'all sound like a bunch understimulated re-re's who had too many juice boxes

And cos search results anyone can do is a 'dick move' how bout look up Sinn Féin, cos I guess Celtard can't be bothered with Ie. politics. They've had a Dublin guy named Ruadhán Mac Aodháin for about 15yrs, and their party pres from 1970-83 was the late Ruairí Ó Brádaigh (but he had it legally changed in the Anglicised/Colonised form, Peter Rory Brady, so I guess ye think tHaT's NoT hIs ReAl NaMe!!) - yeh, Ruairí isn't Ruadhán, but they're both from the word for Red, so maybe keep using the langue after you finish school, unlike maybe 80% of post-Indepence Ireland?

You're pulling some Demi Lovato tier sperging — taking some random thing, not getting any more info that might show context, then going off and taking a personal attack over something a normal person wouldn't care about, cos normal people figure there's a few reasons a boy might be saying something about both Ireland AND Wales that don't mean he conflates the 2 nations

Knowing about both sides of his family (I guess?) and speaking anothet language bside English, and learning it AFTER doing his research? THAT'S what's got you going full Ass Pie?

You do you, IG, but that shit ain't even soymilk. Your just whingeing about it cos nothings going down with anyone, and you don't like the weird gayboy


He does know more about it then you apparently think he does. It's ironic that you're complaining about things that didn't happen cos you couldn't be bothered to look through the weird gayboy's videos and such to see if you missed something. This is Demi Lovato tier complaints you got here — you just going off cause you can't imagine any situation besides "DiEt CuLtUrE vUlTuReS" why a sugar-free cookie exists. Em, I mean, you can't imagine why a boy might have an Irish name but speak Welsh, except if that reason is "lolol stoopit Seppo!"

Making up thinks to be pissy about ain't milk

No. 1250089

Jesus christ! I guess we found the sperg button. What a hill to die on…

No. 1250226

File: 1623202597797.jpg (507.29 KB, 1079x1680, Screenshot_20210609-023409_Chr…)

No. 1250229

File: 1623202713555.jpg (308.88 KB, 1080x1041, Screenshot_20210609-023531_Chr…)

I don't understand this.

They have a 3 bedroom house,Jake has a home studio and an attic studio plus Kaya's disused studio and a car to get equipment there and he has no room to film/stream?

Plus don't Munro have a practice studio too?

No. 1250313

……Yeeeikes. This man is in his 30s and his fans are offering to buy him a house.

This seems like he really hates Kaya.

No. 1250314

LOL what a fucking autistic wk rant

No. 1250363

IBF is live-streaming on YT and is acting so cocky and ebegging again(newfaggotry)

No. 1250458

v true, my partner had a moped at like 17-19 because they needed a way to get to work and didn't have the money for a car. The only people who ride mopeds over the age of 22 in the UK are delivery drivers or people who own fancy vintage mopeds
And its funny you say about the chav stereotype because ive been seeing a lot of like "alt chavs" recently: alt peopl who act like chavs but think theyre better than everyone because they're a special unique snowflake(No1curr)

No. 1250620

File: 1623241717844.jpg (64.57 KB, 602x475, lolcow.JPG)

Plenty to unpack here

No. 1250657

Online validation overdrive…

No. 1250727

wut? so the guys who attempted to steal her scooter also stole her memory card and shoes? why would they….?? or are these convenient excuses? "cant film, no memory card. those chavs stole it!!" "cant go outside, no shoes. those chavs stole them!!" lulz

>unless you're just REALLY into feet or whatever

says the woman who pimped herself out to foot fetishists, letting them sniff her stinky sweaty feet and shoes for cash lmfao

No. 1250755

File: 1623252653317.png (830.57 KB, 474x771, mara.PNG)

i mean…all the hair growth tips in the world can't counteract the fact that you go through new fry-and-dye cycles every couple weeks

i was looking back at some of the old modeling work and outfit photos that i'd reblogged from her old tumblr eons ago and it was so consistently good. she seemed to have a lot of talent and creative energy. makes me sad to see her so boring these days. i totally get that people change but she seems to still be quarterheartedly trying to occupy the same space she did and get the same engagement she did when she had consistent and quality output

No. 1250768

The most consistent hair growth tips seem to be "don't fuck with your hair too much." So…

Agreed Anon. I wonder what caused her shift into irrelevance. Burnout? Or just trying too hard. She's really trying to ride the current cottagecoretrend and it's sad.

No. 1250774

yea idk how ppl still don't understand basic hair functions. she has so many wigs and extensions that she can use to change the color, just do that for several months and she will ~magically~ have new growth.

No. 1250784

He sounds like a spoiled teen who doesn't wanna live with his parents anymore. Except he and Kaya bought this house bc their old one was too small. And now THIS one is too small because of all of their hoarder shit. How did they fill up 3 bedrooms, a garden and an attic to the point where 2 people "cAn't MoVe"? They need mental help and I am saying that seriously.

No. 1250935

This to the nth degree. I totally forgot that the reason they moved out of their first house was because it was too small and okay fair enough, they were still making videos and probably needed more space. Fine. But they get this 3 bedroom house with an attic, garage, and a garden as you say and they have the gall, the nerve to bitch and moan about this house being "tOo sMaLl"

Here's a tip you walking dumpsters, GET RID of the shit you don't use anymore. I'm getting flashbacks to when Kaya even admitted that one day when she was cleaning up, she opened her closet and got buried under a mountain of clothes and found it difficult to get out of it. You just know that they have a ton of shit that they don't use anymore and could just sell off or donate to make the space (and extra money). I swear, they really should be on the show Hoarders at this point.

But their dumb ass fans keep enabling this behavior. Let's say their fans start a GoFundMe for them to get a bigger house and by some chance in hell, it actually is successful. Who's to say these two idiots wouldn't turn the likely 4-5 bedroom house into a landfill like the house they're in right now?

I just cannot fathom the stupidity around these two and their fanbase. They're acting like little kids and it's not cute.

No. 1250939

Yeah I got confused here. Why would they steal her shoes and memory card? Or did she leave them in the scooter? Like can she stop? lmao.

Need a memory card? BUY ONE. She has the money. Go to the store and buy a replacement. Shoes? BITCH you have a ton of shoes, stop complaining.

No. 1251022

…..they've been living in this house for how long, 4 years? And it only just now became "too small"? And they also have an attic and an extra studio? I seriously can't fucking believe these two.

Probably gonna get banned for blogposting but i live in a 2 bedroom house with 3 people, stumpy and the toxic giant can get fucked.

No. 1251024

Apparently the memory card was in a camera that she left in the scooter box over night with the shoes. What kind of dumb idiot leaves valuables like that outside.

Now she's complaining the camera camera have had Victoria's last day on. If it was so precious why tbe fuck leave it outside?

No. 1251026

She explains it in her video but her scooter had a compartment thing under the seat that had her memory card and some other stuff in it.

No. 1251108

Thanks for the context but fuck her whining. Anyone with common sense KNOWS to not leave valuables like that in your vehicle. It's asking to get stolen when out of site. What the fuck dud she expect? I know she can be dim but she has to have common sense no?

No. 1251383

No they moved into this house bc they got kicked out of their old one, i think their landlord was going through a divorce or something. I watched them back then and she was posting about house hunting and stuff and how it was hard moving all their pets. Which i totally forgot they had snakes, womder whatever happened to those poor creatures

No. 1251453

Sorry, anon. I'm acquainted with one of his exes. I never asked about Frejya.
I hate these fat retards. Didn't Jake want to move to LA at some point? Yeah good luck getting anything decently sized there or Barcelona.

He really thinks he's famous, huh? Sorry Stump, but people in the scene have no fucking clue who you are and only remember Kaya from when she was skinny.

No. 1251525

File: 1623313305419.png (140.83 KB, 1250x478, Screenshot 2021-06-10 at 09.07…)

This made me lol! shes been going on about it so much

No. 1251536

File: 1623314211533.png (117.96 KB, 1250x478, Screenshot 2021-06-10 at 09.36…)

Kids, this is why you need to think responsibly and not just say "I want a black cat for my instagram" before you own a place. EVERYONE knows its super hard to rent with pets, thats why its better to wait until you own your own home. but of course they only think about instant gratification not about real life responsibilities

No. 1251620

Yeah. When he and Kaya stayed over at Kelly Eden's filthy hovel. He was talking about "a house with a pool."

No. 1251694

Oh okay. You said you used to watch them back then. Was their last house a hoarder situation like the one they live in now?

No. 1251725

If I'm not mistaken this is their 3rd house ? I think they had gofundmes for both of their moves too.

No. 1251731

Oh my bad, maybe I'm remembering when they were house hunting and rejected some for being small. But any house would be small for them because they hoard like crazy. I wonder what they even hoard FOR because they clearly forget about the items in a few days

No. 1251734

File: 1623341257212.png (2.08 MB, 2020x1042, Screenshot 2021-06-10 at 17.07…)


tons of shillstar shit, and this is only jake, kaya must have a lot more

No. 1251846

If you own too much stuff for your living space, get a storage unit.

Why is that so hard for him to grasp?
Can’t find a bigger/better/pet friendly rental in your budget? Free up space in your current rental by using storage.

What a melodramatic, useless dipshit!

No. 1251851

Or just put some of their crap in Kaya's 'studio'.
Not like she uses it!

No. 1251865

File: 1623349102694.jpg (119.32 KB, 1080x1105, Screenshot_20210610-191215_Chr…)

Why has she bought this?!
I can understand if you just want a phone that is for making or receiving phone calls.
But as an 'influencer' especially?
Crappy photo quality? Don't even think it has Internet access?

Is she going to walk around with two phones now just for the 'aesthetic'?

No. 1251918

As much as I hate Kaya this feels very nitpicky

No. 1251922

Sure it can be nitpicky but think about it. She was bitching about her stolen camera and/or memory card and instead of replacing it, she buys this?

No. 1251966

Is it nitpicky though?
She needs a decent phone to make content as an influencer.
She's not going to ditch her iPhone to carry this around so why buy it and connect it?
What's the point in having 2 phones unless it's for work purposes or She's a drug dealer?
Who is she going to give the number to?

It's ridiculous.

No. 1251968

It can be nitpicky but considering she is a hoarder and Jake is on the brink of a nervous breakdown because "the house is too small!!", they shouldn't be buying extra stuff that will be forgotten in a couple of days.

No. 1251972

>"Hey babe, where is the new phone you got a week sgo?
>"Hm what? New phone?"
> Phone in basket under a pile of clothes


No. 1251979

Let's face it- she bought it to show off on social media.
She will cover it in stickers and attach a load of plastic crap to it for a few likes on Twitter and then it'll end up on the crap pile with the rest.

No. 1252017

I think she's more upset about the memory card not because it's hard to replace but more because it had footage on it like her last footage of Victoria (which makes it even more stupid that she left it outside on her scooter).

Did she connect it though or is it just a trinket? Either way it's stupid but people collect pointless trinkets all the time for nostalgia. A phone is at least small and easy to store away, not like her musty hoard piles of killstar clothing and god only knows how much makeup.

No. 1252035

File: 1623356242459.jpg (207.47 KB, 1079x864, Screenshot_20210610-211749_Chr…)

No. 1252293

File: 1623367605105.jpg (657.89 KB, 1080x1623, 20210611_012605.jpg)

What the actual fuck Mara.

Do… do you know what cultural appropriation is?(this isn't tumblr)

No. 1252364

what culture even is this that you say she's "appropriating"? third eye concepts are everywhere

No. 1252376

File: 1623373240345.jpg (743.07 KB, 1079x1400, Screenshot_20210611-015933_Goo…)

Um, Shiva the Hindu god?

No. 1252857

sjw pls go

No. 1252860

That whole segment of hippy-goth alternative people on Instagram/Youtube are all thinly veiled alt-right folk, I'm sure it's intentional.

No. 1252871

File: 1623411388975.jpg (330.81 KB, 1079x794, Screenshot_20210611-123357_Chr…)

I wonder if her sponsors like the likes of Spooky Box Club get annoyed when they see shit like this.
She is so lazy she ends up shooting triple unboxing videos but then has the time to stick gems on a phone she will never use.

No. 1252877

File: 1623411862198.jpg (49.62 KB, 400x300, john-paul-ii-2.jpg)

what is going ooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOON

No. 1252922

File: 1623418933232.jpg (137.63 KB, 477x679, 81nQgYQ3toL._AC_SY679_.jpg)

Hinduism. There are 1.6 billion of us.

No. 1252965

Racism isn't funny, seems like you love to wear your disrespect for other cultures like a badge of honor. Everyone else thinks you're a moron, fyi

No. 1252995

Lmao this isn't cultural appropriation when there are tons of mythic beings with more than 2 eyes and 2 arms. (Inb4 "ok whitey" I'm a POC.) The real crime here is that God awful photoshop

No. 1253008

And the snake? Shut up WK(sage noncontributions)

No. 1253013

Uhhuh. And they all use this very specific iconography.

Oh… wait…

No. 1253019

What's wrong with Dorian? I just watch them videos and don't keep up with much drama.(spoonfeeding)

No. 1253074

all that shit but wears like 1% for his vids. i think he said he would put some up for sale to give the ~snaccs~ a chance to own a piece of him. why not use the bike the fans' donations probably paid for, go to a scenic location and do a lookbook. he doesn't even come out with shirts or stupid prints any more, tiktok reactions and rambling tangents where he bitches about first world problems take so much effort.

No. 1253083

Sage your shit and read.

No. 1253165

I think some pathetic 'snacc' paid £50 for one of his merch shirts that he'd worn.
I'm honestly surprised he hasn't started an OnlyFans yet

No. 1253168

Me too. Do you think kaya, who let strangers fondle her feet for money, objects?

No. 1253227

You can just call them Alternative hippy people, nothing goth about what they do lol. But >>1252860 is kinda right, a lot of them do seem to be Alt-Right but the Splenda version.

No. 1253231

>a chance to own a piece of him

Ew did he really say it like that?? kek

Hard to say anon. Part of me feels like she wouldn't care after seeing how they were when they visited Kelly Eden and Jake was flirting with her which Kaya didn't seem to be bothered by. But on the other hand maybe doing lewd content would be her limit.

No. 1253267

It's clear seeing as her channel is dying and he's popular rn that he is bankrolling them, as long as it keeps her in plastic shit, takeaways and sweets I doubt she would even care.

No. 1253377

Kek that's a neat way to put it but I agree. They are e-beggers and I think at this point, they don't really have nothing to lose at this point.

No. 1253570

>if you don't agree with me, you're a WK
Shut up newfag, and stop pretending to be 2 people for your uwu racism infighting

£50 for a worn, probably unwashed shirt? Some of these fans are in too deep. An OF might actually make him side cash and that's kind of sad. But tbh so many people are doing OF cos it's easy to take nudes in your bedroom. The question is, could he get off his ass to do it?

No. 1253703

If you go out of your way to look for far fetched reasons why your holy cow did nothing wrong, you're a WK. And is it really that inconcievable to you that more than one person would object to this?

As for Jake, I think he has tge energy, moreso than Kaya. He produces tons of content. Shitty, lazy content, but still. His onlyfans wouldn't have to be high effort for his crazy fans to shovel money his way.

No. 1253927

Ugh this is the last thing I'll say to the rayciss sperg. I'm laughing at how people are so sensitive, if you can't handle it and cope by saying I worship her, you do you babe

Anyway I checked out Fake Mundane's channel and found the "motovlogs" some anon was talking about. He mentions he does have 2 bikes, one off gumtree to practice for some reason. And his wannabe American accent and pandering to american audiences, like we drive on the wrong side haha, is worse than ever.

No. 1254065

nta but how is pointing out that there are a lot of mythical beings with more than 2 eyes "going out of your way to find far fetched reasons to defend your cow"? that's one helluva reach

No. 1254137

NTA. There are a lot of mythical creatures with a bunch of arms and eyes. But there are no mythical creatures that share that very specific imagery that's used in this photo. The problem isn't pointing out that other myths exist. It's suggesting that means this picture isn't copying hindu religious images.

Not surprising. Because Psychara stopped having original ideas about four years ago. But I guess at least it's not hairdyeing content. So meh.

No. 1254147

File: 1623526789347.jpg (342.85 KB, 1080x1301, 20210612_213929.jpg)

An important breast cancer PSA from Adora.

No. 1254468

File: 1623541364260.png (845.85 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20210612-154315.png)

Kaya is vagueposting on her instastory. Wouldn't say exactly what was going on but said it was because of "chavs". Because of course.

No. 1254475


The part of her complaining about chavs was a video so i couldnt post caps of it.

No. 1254640

File: 1623553161776.jpg (269.64 KB, 1079x1015, Screenshot_20210613-035922_Chr…)

She was complaining about toothache earlier too.
Reasons 138775 and 138776 why she hasn't made a video.

No. 1255080

I actually like Angela's content. But lately it feels like her videos have started to go into more "schocks for clicks" territory. I hope she doesn't go the Dorian route.

No. 1255108

Holy shit, Kaya and Jake you are both chavs too, only in killstar hoodies.

No. 1255169

Why would your heart and stomach sink for someone complaining about chavs every other week lol

No. 1255205

File: 1623603905454.jpg (121.41 KB, 1079x360, Screenshot_20210613-180310_Chr…)

This woman is almost 30 and she is still stuck in this "us v the chavs" mentality that the rest of us literally grew out of when we were 16.

If she actually bothered to get to know people and not judge them by their accent/ clothes I think she'd be shocked to find that there really isn't that much animosity between groups like this any more (at least that's my experience).

No. 1255208


If someone did this to her she would make 1 million tweets about PTSD and trauma.

I reckon some folk were just being noisy in a studio near hers and she cOuLdnT cOnCenTraTe despite the fact she never does any work.

No. 1255241

>If she actually bothered to get to know people and not judge them by their accent/ clothes

And the irony is that she has complained about people not doing that for her and judged her for being """goth""" but i guess judging people for being working class and having different accents is perfectly okay

Every other week? More like everyb5 minutes

No. 1255253

I don't think so anon. She's not spergy. I usually find overshare videos cringe but unlike Dorian's attention grabs Angela gave advice and still managed to relate it to goth. I heard part of this story anyway on one of her livestreams.

No. 1255490

I have to agree with >>1255253 that I think Angela will be okay. Yeah she does overshare some of her life but she usually manages to give insightful advice and again like the other anon said, was able to relate it to Goth in a way. Dorian's videos are usually all over the place and have lots of "waffling" in it and at least with Angela, she's able to talk about these things with a hint of coherency.

It also helps that since YouTube isn't her job, she's able to pace herself and not overload her viewers with too much overshare type content.

No. 1255546

She wasn't joking about being back on youtube for once.

No. 1255588


These clothes are literally falling apart as she is showing them. The materials look no better than cheap costume synthetics.

Why do contemporary goths settle for such absolute crap?

No. 1255595

What us her channel supposed to be? It's getting boring.

No. 1255599


No. 1255658

She was the only one that made a video about goth pocs. Like anon said youtube isn't her main job so she doesn't have to worry about losing her audience to talk about serious topics.

No. 1255678

Because they're about quantity, not quality.

No. 1256069

Devilnight is a notorious scam site. Apart from just straight up not sending people their stuff they are well known for using stock photos from other brands, and then shipping out resold aliexpress stuff. Either Freya didn't even google them, or just straight up didn't care

No. 1256073

If Jake and Kaya have thousands to spend on motorbikes and cars then they definitely have enough money for a downpayment for a mortgage on a bigger house instead of trying to rent.
I know they want to move to Barcelona after a while so they could rent out the house and make money as landlords.
they piss away money when they could actually be making some smart moves with what they've been given.

No. 1256094

getting real fed up with Kaya throwing the word "chav" around to describe anyone who doesn't dress like her. What alternative person even complains about them beyond the age of 18? We get it. We've all had instances of being shouted at by a group of teenagers that she may describe as "chavvy", but just call 'em dickheads or twats. Chav just has classist connotations to it

No. 1256095


Well for a start Jake can't benefit from EU residency laws so Spain is not an option. Unless as other anons have pointed out, he marries Kaya

I just don't see them putting up with all the paperwork and being landlord stuff.
iirc their current landlord was planning on renting out their house (before covid) so they're going to have to move out one day or another when things improve

No. 1256100


The fact that they won't get even a quickie marriage (just the paperwork at the registry) just shows how he's hoping to get someone better. They've been together for 10 years so why not? Literally no reason, especially if their move to Barcelona hinges on it.

No. 1256171

Not defending her but pretty sure she thinks chav means ~normie~
She'd google this but the idea of summer frogs singing in ponds stressed her out and now the entire day is ruined.

No. 1256224

Yeah he obviously isn't gonna marry Kaya by himself. But if their lazy asses somehow get serious about moving, maybe? But he doesn't like her anymore so it'd make more sense to break up. He moved to Ireland with her and hates it. He's still not going to be in love with her in a different country.

No. 1256228

It's because the show-off types like Freya don't necessarily care about the quality of the clothes and more about if it can pass off for high class. Plus she doesn't lose money on these things because she gets sponsored by them. If she wasn't able to get free clothes from these sites and had to pay for them, I don't think she would be clamoring for these brands as much.

No. 1256486

How many cheap goth clothing does she actually need? It feels like she gets the same dresses in every unboxing video.

No. 1256607

She whined about "all her stuff being halfway across the world."

Honestly, I would just cut my losses.

No. 1256726

It’s the fact that I can 1000% see her and her dumb loud friends pissing about on someone’s roof and filming it.

No. 1258120

Does she even have friends? Genuine question. There was that anus-lips person someone posted upthread but I don't see her hang out with anyone much. Just stays in bed and complains that the humidity of the air in Australia is stopping her from filming

No. 1259202

File: 1623985296826.png (1.89 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20210617-171939.png)

>complains that the humidity of the air in Australia is stopping her from filming

Kek, true.

According to her she does have friends

No. 1259375

File: 1624006348825.png (3.3 MB, 750x1334, 8BCEBD42-B593-4E85-9203-0D9A6A…)

Jesus Christ she’s massive, no wonder people think she’s trans. I guess this is why Jake has body dysmorphia, his lazy gf has a more masculine body than him

No. 1259555

Kek why did beckiicruel comment

No. 1259580

Reinvention as an orphan ginger child not working out for her, needs to cloutchase

No. 1259632

she's overweight but saying she looks trans or masculine is a bit of a stretch imo

No. 1259810


6ft, wide shoulders….(sage non-milk)

No. 1259961

I feel like it's both. She's too lazy to Google, but even if she did, she wouldn't care.
She's just a fat tall woman. Troons look like alcholic men.

No. 1259999

Did Mara get dropped by attitudeholland? They used to use her animations all the time, and she was the face of their hairdye campaign. But now they're using different models, and I haven't seen her art in a while.

No. 1260017

Lmao Jake having body dysmorphia has nothing to do with Kaya it's just him having rare moments of clarity about being a doughy fatty and realising none of his "snaccs" would be interested in him if it weren't for the warpaint

No. 1260434

File: 1624138915796.jpg (611.22 KB, 1080x1551, 20210619_234017.jpg)

Buy Kaya a pool you guys! She can't be expected to live like this!

No. 1260541

I’m the MAIN CHARACTER. Every little feeling I have has to become my whole personality, pay attention to me!

No. 1260668

So? Lots of women have those features

No. 1260784

Agreed. She doesn't look manly. Just ungainly.

No. 1260964

File: 1624219264664.jpeg (335.83 KB, 1241x1235, D18EF95B-1C79-4E04-94FA-27957A…)

Dorian parading around with her brand new skinny body, ‘it’s just an outfit post though’!!1

No. 1260965

File: 1624219404301.jpeg (774.37 KB, 1241x1854, 4EAC6552-022B-4F3D-AF3A-9EFE3D…)

All well and good, I’m sure you’re not hardcore triggering your fans, many of whom have or are in recovery from an ED.

No. 1260966

Another one trooning out… When will this madness end?

No. 1260968

how new are you that her being trans is news to you?

No. 1260971

Don't follow her up close at all and came to this thread today out of boredom. Always assumed that was a woman. Well, she still is except she's pretending to be a man on top of that.

No. 1261040

She's a fakeboi. She wants to be referred to as "he" despite presenting in a traditionally feminine way most of the time (makeup, dresses etc). She said in a video one time that when she puts on mans clothing its "how she's supposed to look" but then gets bored of it and wants to go back to wearing fun women's clothes.

No. 1261366

File: 1624291578352.jpg (835.28 KB, 1080x1503, 20210621_180400.jpg)

Same unfortunate face, but what looks like significantly more bodyfat.

Also what the fuck is this outfit? White pride li'l bopeep over here seems to be trying to rebrand

No. 1261400

I guess this why she made that recent video about body checking so she flaunt her weight loss without criticism.

No. 1261418

File: 1624294328133.jpg (115.3 KB, 504x528, IMG_20210621_134913.jpg)

I don't think so, just another flavour of the same thing: a white woman dressed in old clothing to signal other conservatives who think "the old times were better".
Yes, old, she never looks vintage, in this she looks like she googled "old time women dress", choose a picture of bugs bunny in drag and went for it. Case in point

No. 1261435

That is uncanny Anon.

No. 1261636

More ED bullshit that she's absolutely trying to relive (sage for no new information but eh). Have to completely agree with the brother she says she hates. What a selfish cunt.

Also calling her family all kinds of names (not taking away that her family's got to be as batshit as her) but still leeching off of them as she speaks. Incredible.

No. 1261642

I was actually online around this time and read all the proana shit sites in morbid curiosity. The fact she is constantly reliving this is sad as fuck. Move the fuck on, woman. Talk about living in the past, it was 18 years ago! Some of your followers weren't even born yet! Like does she know how pathetic this looks?

No. 1261643

I had some sympathy for her in this story. That situation with the trip sounded like a nightmare for a teenager with a raging ED. I was forced to share bedrooms with my male siblings on trips for a long time and it was agony if you couldn't sleep. Even if you could, it was just weird having to be around male relatives the whole time with no privacy. But my family couldn't afford anything better so we made do.

namecalling was a bit much, yeah.

Don't misunderstand, if she'd acted that way as an adult I would roll my eyes. But as a mentally ill teen, it's not that egregious

No. 1261674

File: 1624317581533.jpg (414.98 KB, 1080x1632, Living in the past.jpg)

Samefag, I made a compilation of some of her recent video titles. This is chronic. I've never watched her content but I get the impression from these that she's not only wishing to be back in that time, but she wants to be back with the boyfriend from that time too, so many videos about "first love" and "first goth date" which might mean all of this is partly her trying to signal to the guy she talks about in these lengthy videos.

No. 1261676

I think it's just for clicks tbh. I can't keep it all straight bc I don't watch all of them. I think one of the guys died though.

No. 1261720

I thought that might be the case. It seems like she's working in chronological order so eventually there will be storytimes about more recent years. I don't see what's novel about the early 00s that's any different from now, in regard to both anorexia and goth stuff. Both are roughly the same now as then, so I don't get the obsession or the need to make so many videos about it. She just seems like a loony who will corner you to talk about some insignificant life event for an hour, though that can be said for much of Youtube.

No. 1261726

File: 1624324062578.jpg (27.98 KB, 275x490, rtrr.JPG)

Has anyone looked up pinkfaefemme? She's so milky she scares me. She overshares everything, particularly her sexual life and claims to be lesbian but goes out with a they/them man. Also claiming to have autism, borderline and bipolar disorder.

No. 1261735

I really wish these faggot whales would stay away from tiktok. It’s fucking gross when old people post this cringy shit on a app mostly dominated by teens/young people. Fucking pedophiles. Wish we could still people to an hero.

No. 1261737

I like her but this is getting tedious. Why not just… go to goth clubs as a 30 year old? I believe she's still in a large city. There are plenty of old goths she can befriend.

No. 1261761

Are we sure this is not a fat British builder in drag?

No. 1261768

Right?? She says she's hyper sexual because of trauma and often have ptsd flashbacks when she sees her boyfriend as her rapist. The roommate she was supposed to rent a 2 bedroom appartment with noped away from the deal because of some "visitor" she brought over. (I think she just had loud sex and thought it was okay because of trauma so you can't tell her anything.) This has been very uncomfortable to witness and now I get why. She is posting it. on an app. for teens.

No. 1261884

I stopped watching her videos a long ass time ago, they are just too long and waffle-y. I used to genuinely enjoy her perspective, but at this point it feels like she is just milking it for views/pity points. like what even is the point of sharing all her ED stories, is there supposed to be some moral at the end of each story, or is it just like therapy for her?

No. 1261930

Oh God yeah I used to follow her but had to unfollow after the oversharing and general whining got too much. Seems like nothings changed lol

No. 1262067

Is anyone familiar with Mamie Hades, a 20 something who goes over board with the lipstick, and is hanging with loads of tweens in her vlogs when she's not on OnlyFans?
She had some stuff to say about Jake the other day:

No. 1262073

File: 1624375820255.jpg (102.1 KB, 800x600, scandale-dans-big-brother-rodr…)

Are you sure it's just the lipstick? It looks like she's wearing a goff mask of picrel, it's creepy.

No. 1262082

begging jen to learn more poses for thumbnails than 'look left' and 'look left while pointing'. it's so boring

No. 1262236

File: 1624394773284.jpg (715.3 KB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20210622-143616_Ins…)

Wow, I couldn't get passed the first 30 seconds. I never heard her voice before. Her ig screams "attention whore". Yeah, it's not hard to be an alt model. Even the ugliest people can do it. Let me know when you're an accomplished runway model.

No. 1262367

Idk you guys. I fully support someone calling Jake out on his creepy bs. Even if it is another cow.

No. 1262597

This video is almost identical to the one that kid self posted here ages ago. Can't remember her name.

No. 1262658

She's writing some account of her life, I mean, it's not that different from what other YTers have done, and it's not as bad as _Wasted_ in terms of glorifying EDs and drugs. But I see the problems in it. Some of this energy could be put into figuring out her future rather than writing about her past. At the same time, I'm not gonna police whose fucked up past is worth YT videos and memoirs, and whose isn't.

No. 1262708

She's 19, not 20 something like the other anon said? But she dresses like a 40 year old hooker in any case so.

No. 1262804

I cant remember her name either but i know who you're talking about. She was underage too and then a 25 year old man with a daughter made a video mocking her in defense of jake.

No. 1262834


she looks like her hat had a stroke.

No. 1263155

Yeah jake is arrogant and lazy and has no real understanding/appreciation of goth despite claiming relentlessly that he is one, but the goth onision? Grow up lmao

No. 1263161

I was bored & this was SO HARD to sit through, there was no point in making this video in the first place

No. 1263168

Is he really still calling himself Goth? I mean aside from the stupid clickbait titles he does, I would've assumed he wouldn't actually be calling himself that anymore when most people know he really isn't.

No. 1263180

Just watched this video, had to watch it sped up because she kept pausing and going "ummm" in the beginning. For some reason she also kept mentioning how Jake is 30 and she's 19 when it wasn't even relevant. At one point she even says he spreads misinformation about goth and "i would be okay with that if he was younger" um??? Misinformation is bad no matter how old you are. It seemed agist honestly.

She did make some valid points though. Like how Jake calls himself goth but admitted to hating goth music. And how most of his fans are underage but calls them snaccs was selling merch that said "goth daddy" on it.

She also brings up that he has tweeted inappropriate things & likes to comment on the appearances of the people in the tiktoks that he reacts to and this is what reminded her of Onision because Onision had those videos where he would rate girls. She does say though that he is not on the same level as onision.

Overall i appreciate the video but she could have been much more concise and less agist about it.

No. 1263230

It was a really difficult watch. I also think she made some valid points but it really could've been a tweet to be honest. She's also just not particularly likable?

No. 1263253

lol i think she mentions lolcow when she's ranting about her brother pointing out she's a fully grown woman from 13:45: "you know where you see the term 'fully grown woman' tossed about like popcorn at the movies? it's on a forum i won't even deign to name which makes its entire living ripping mentally ill and/or alternative females to bits. even if they're 16 years old and weigh nothing at all they'e still a 'fully grown woman living in mummy's basement'".

No. 1263256

Definite lolcow reference.

The difference between her account and other YTers is that her ED and dabbling with drugs is all she ever talks about. Okay, so they were supposedly a big part of a time of her life, but there's nothing else. Over and over. She's so one dimensional even though she tries so hard to seem interesting. Yes, I can understand that wanting to binge was a problem on holiday, but the ungrateful cunt gets a free fancy holiday in Italy and complains about every aspect of it. If she was a moody 14 year old at the time, fine, but she was EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD. Did she not have the option of staying home alone? She was old enough. All she's ever going to do is overblow every insignificant and minor significant thing about her past and film herself talking about it. She used to be skinny, she tried drugs, she had a friend that died. WE GET IT.

No. 1263289

Yeah. They quietly dropped her. She's no longer listed on the employee section of their website.
Wonder if it was her fascist-inclusive attitude or complete loss of relevance that got her fired.

No. 1263303

She was referencing the following two posts:
“Is it just me or does Dorian seem like a fullblown womanchild?”
“Unlike Dorian, who's now 36, living in her parent's basement, popping pills to have sex with ghosts, and shilling her cheap spergs on the web[…]”
I’ve long suspected her presence on the board - many posts on this thread raise an eyebrow but I’ve no definitive evidence. She’ll expose herself eventually.

No. 1263330

She admitted it in a video lol she said while being an alcoholic she constantly browsed gossip forums about herself (I think it was in a vlog)

No. 1263345

I'll never stop being amazed by the sheer contrast between her viewing herself as wise and experienced because she's been through so much (totally self inflicted) shit back in her youth.. and her also somehow being too autistic to move out or generally adult. Her comment section is full of people telling her how smart she is and you can tell she agrees with them. But she's not smart enough to rent or set up some utilities in a flat of her own?

Like which is it. Are you so high functioning and articulate and experienced, someone with wise takes on many issues!…or a child in an adults body. She twists things to suit herself but nearly everyone with aspergers is capable of living alone with just the smallest amount of supports either from nearby family in the beginning or government provided services that step in so parents don't need to worry about you til they're on their deathbed. She'd be better off taking advantage of that and being settled into a normal life before her parents reach an age where they're ill or dying and still stuck worrying about her being incapable of the things some 18 years old manage just fine. It's pure selfishness keeping her there.

No. 1263357

I think he calls himself goth like social repose does and his fans eat it up, because goth has no meaning to them other than appearance. And they think that Marilyn Manson is goth.

Jake does seem like the type of person to cling to the label to "prove the haturs wrong", though.
Thanks for the tldw, anon! It's weird she brings up his age vs her age so much. Honestly, reminds me of leafy. Jake's creepy scrote behavior wouldn't be better if he were younger. But what do expect from a self-proclaimed "goth bimbo" e-whore.
But nonnie, if she moves out how would she afford her current lifestyle?! And she would have to tone down her look to get a job!

No. 1263368

Her videos are repetitive. I didn't hate this one tho and it's a bit much to rag on her for being 18 and not a perfect adult - 18 ain't adulthood, she was sick (admits wanting to stay a child then - something that is less cringe at 18 than at 35) and using substances.
Idk if she could have stayed home, she said her parents persuaded her to go and she agreed if she could have her own room. I also heard quite a lot of positive stuff about Italy in the vlog. She admitted at the time she was too sick to enjoy any of those things. But being mentally ill, underage, on holiday with family, nowhere to really escape to - it doesn't sound like much fun. It's also a staple of ED memoirs: there is almost always a forced family vacation and description of how the sick person's insanity ruined it. It's so common as to have become a trope. I don't watch all of her videos and don't care to, but I watched this one. I think she should make changes in her current life and (gasp) grow up, but isn't it kind of sick to pick on the person she was back then: a teenager whose parents dragged her on holiday instead of getting help for her obvious eating disorder? That is fucked up, bc if her parents hadn't ignored her ED maybe she wouldn't be clinging to it now.
I'm not WKing current Dorian (she is embarrassing), just not understanding why shitting on typical 18yo behavior is en vogue. When do humans become adults then in your view? 16?

No. 1263369

And samefag but I do agree with most of this post. She needs to move out and start supporting herself.

No. 1263372

File: 1624562809311.jpeg (630.92 KB, 2048x2048, E4qjt5uXEBATaWQ.jpeg)

Once again Kaya has a cool backdrop for a photo and poses like this. And she calls herself an influencer ?!

No. 1263375

she’s posed like this because she’s self-conscious of her greasy hair and lack of makeup/hairstyle. she found a cool background so she had to take a cool pic, but she knew she looked like shit.

No. 1263416

>through so much (totally self inflicted) shit back in her youth

Im not wk'ing for jen but how can you say its totally self inflicted? She was abused by her dad and other family members when she was a kid

No. 1263428

Not to take away that that's horrible, but literally millions of people have been through similar situations or worse and chose not to turn out like her.

Though most of the other stuff IS completely self-inflicted though, please let's not kid ourselves.

No. 1263461

Yeah some people turn out better but other people turn out even worse than she did, like becoming abusers themselves. Also i wasnt saying it was an excuse to act the way she does, just that it wasn't totally self inflicted as the other anon said.

No. 1263468

File: 1624570805837.jpg (450.92 KB, 1080x1524, 20210624_233638.jpg)

You forgot to include the obligatory whinge.

They made her use the clutch…

No. 1263476

holy shit, I actually didn't know that. my fault for just watching the juicy dramatic videos.

That changes my perception

No. 1263485

how are her fans not tired of her bullshit yet? serious question

No. 1263523

Her using her muh austism/muh childhood as a shield has been talked to death plenty of times already. It's probably rehashed on here in detail every month so I'd go on a long sperg about it but it's all been said before.

No. 1263537

again, irrelevant. I wasn't arguing that those are valid excuses for her to be a womanchild, I was just saying not all of her misery was self inflicted as the anon above said it was. learn to read please.

No. 1263544

> not all of her misery was self inflicted as the anon above said it was. learn to read please.
I am that anon. I wrote an explanation of how my own words were taken in a way I didn't mean but then I decided it was a stupidly long response when this discussion repeats often enough. That's why I said
>I'd go on a long sperg about it but it's all been said before.

No. 1263559

I'm not a fan of dory but I find it perplexing that she manages to put out content fairly consistently and kaya doesn't. kaya doesn't even have any of dorian's excuses (just her depression and adhd) yet struggles to even put out unboxings, and when she does she can't do it without whining on and on about how supposedly hard it was to get the video made/edited/uploaded and saying how life is so hard and unfair to her. like if she put 1/10th of the effort into bettering herself as she did into whinging she would be so much better by now. I almost think kaya might not even have adhd or depression and is just straight up lazy.

No. 1263912

Whining IS her content because her brain dead fans throw money at her sometimes when she does it. Like she'll post on twitter wahh I wish I had this dress as bait for someone to get it for her.

No. 1264481

File: 1624675693440.jpeg (314.48 KB, 1125x1987, 5BAFD520-5E24-4B21-AA2D-3BA5B6…)

It pisses me off that everyone just suddenly forgot that KVD is a shit human. The music of an anti-Semite, antivaxxer, and covidiot is promoted to the public that doesn’t really know about her scandals.

No. 1264764

File: 1624719414042.jpg (306.56 KB, 1080x1210, Screenshot_20210626-085308_Ins…)

Anyone know what's up with Jimmy? Last I knew he was doing black and ice. Sounds like he's getting that meth psychosis.

No. 1264829

File: 1624727392293.jpg (182.25 KB, 1080x1920, instagram_story_cantersmanima_…)

No. 1264881

I honestly don't know. I know he was mentioned in the much earlier threads though if you feel like digging.

No. 1264967

Good milk, but steven here needs to give us more info… why is jimmy macing people? Is he robbing, politically attacking people? Which brings us to:

Last we heard of him he was being outed as a horrible human being, burns every bridge he has for being generally very shitty to friends and exes. What stuck out was prints of him saying to a latin guy something like: "ill kick your ass, beaner, I'll show who the master race is boy". His big excuse was that he isn't racist because didn't really mean that! He doesn't think mexicans are inferior, he just said that to that especific mexican just because he didn't like him and thought it would offend him…
Zero sense but he really did believe it was a valid excuse hahahahah
Last I've seen him he had a new instagram, was going by a different @ and had all the instagoth famous mutually following. I'll try to find it again.

Not gonna lie, curious to see if this combo of drugs has already made him look disgusting like Luna, he used to be pretty delicious

No. 1265361

File: 1624788721463.jpg (168.57 KB, 1080x656, 20210627_121039.jpg)

So at least Dorian is trying to get therapy. Now lets see if she actually listens to them.

No. 1265364


"I just want people to give me asspats and feel sorry for me without me saying anything, mark my trigger dates in your calendars or you are bad friends!"
God she's insufferable

No. 1265379

This girl is if misery was bipedal, her whole life is a big waste and her constant PTSD regarding never wanting to work exhausted all of her friends into hating her. She needs to be committed longterm.

No. 1265561

File: 1624812864378.jpeg (84.03 KB, 696x696, 47DEC6E1-8EDA-4488-B575-B23F4B…)

wonder how kvd feels about her husband being involved with a white man larping as a Native American

No. 1265596

I really dont understand why Dorian is essentially documenting her relapse; with some sense of glee as well. After making all her ED videos and so garnering a venerable audience - it's almost like shes trying to recreate her old pro ana communities she loves so much within her own echo chamber. Either way this whole relapse is incredibly orchestrated and selfish - so just what you'd expect from her

No. 1265733

Lets be honest, she's fine with it.

No. 1265751

Who is this?

No. 1265791

File: 1624831873009.jpg (61.46 KB, 721x587, ghfgfg.JPG)

End of the audio says "I fuck him more than you do"
She's constantly covered in hickeys it's so distateful. I don't know why brands would give her more than a second glance.

No. 1265812

Jesus, what a fucking unit.

No. 1265867

She took down her video. I wonder if she just got too much criticism for it or if there's another reason.

No. 1266144

or maybe she reads here

No. 1268135

File: 1625055377888.png (95.1 KB, 670x181, Screen Shot.png)

This new thumbnail and video confirm Dorian's lost a fair bit of weight

No. 1268236

Wow she's actually posting semi regularly… How long is she gonna keep it up before silently dipping again to move to another country this time

No. 1268288


- Calls Jake inappropriate for crude comments.
- Has an OnlyFans and is only 19.

LOL, wut.

No. 1268306


To be fair, Dorian has a lot of severe mental and physical health issues. Dorian made a video (a long time ago) talking about how he lived on his own in the past. He ended up nearly dying because of his struggles with drug addiction and anorexia. I would rather that he live at home and get the support he needs rather than be in a flat alone and end up dead.

>which are mostly drama, responses, or stories from 10-20 years ago.

Yeah, because Angela doesn't do any of that AT ALL. She and Dorian are quite alike. Angela's just more mean-spirited and antagonistic in order to build her clout and keep attention on herself.

No. 1268336


I remember this guy from way back (before he transitioned). He's garnered a bad reputation in the Goth scene. Now he's blackballed because of all crazy ass shit he's done online and irl.

No. 1268369

“Only 19” lol so? It’s fully legal.

No. 1268455


Behold, the mantra of 60 year old porn addicted sugar daddies with 19 year old "girlfriends".

No. 1268507

NTA but it's perfectly legal for a 19 year old to engage in sexwork if she wants to. And not just 60 year old men watch porn. Sometimespeople make money showing off their tittiesalso, wj
Hy would that disqualify her from calling out Jake's creepy shit?

No. 1268532

As long as she's not shilling her OF to people under 18 then i don't think it's hypocritical. I think you have to be 18+ to buy someone's OF (or at least i would hope) but idk since i never used it.

No. 1268533

Such as what? Do you have any evidence of this?

No. 1268537

How can she wear those shoes with this dress ? She need to stop platforms. It’s just not nice with her morphology

No. 1268540


Because she tried to call him out on the basis that a 13 year old could buy his shirts saying "Goth Daddy" and that, in general, minors can be exposed to his inappropriate material. Let's take that same logic and apply it to her OnlyFans. It's not far fetched to think that a kid could fake his/her age to get access to her videos. And that's assuming OnlyFans even requires validation of age to begin with (I don't use it either). Sites like OF typically don't have sophisticated authentication procedures. It's pretty much "R U over 18? Y or N?" to keep their asses from being sued should shit hit the fan.

And I wondered why her aesthetic looked so familiar. She's copying Alicia Amira, who started the whole "Bimbo movement", except with a goth twist.

No. 1268545

Crazy how all people who hire Kelly Eden's house as a set/backdrop are this calibre of human.

No. 1268550


Her whole look seems to be stuck in the mall goth era. Which is fine but it isn't doing her any favors. The cutesy Wednesday Addams type dresses she insists on wearing really emphasize how big she is. I remember she did a video dressing like a character from a Netflix show, but with a goth twist. It looked good, a little more grown up and flattering to her figure.
The hair looks very greasy. Why bother dressing up if you arent going to complete the look?

I feel like she is stuck in the past. Kaya, it is time to accept that you are getting older and are not the same size anymore! I saw she made a spacehey page with all the pics from at least 5 years ago LOL

No. 1268552

No. 1268561

File: 1625093981560.jpg (40.25 KB, 294x442, he.jpg)

No. 1268608

So making adult content aimed at adults that children could possibly gain illicit access to is now comparable to marketing adult content at kids?

You do realize that logic would apply to all pornography or erotic art, right?

The problem with Jake is that minors are his target audience. If you add the "daddy" angle to it, that makes it so much creepier.

No. 1268613

File: 1625099651059.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x1619, 20210701_023050.jpg)

I just can't get over how much the_goblin_queen has changed her style.

You mean… teenage boys sometimes secretly look at boobs on the internet! For shame!

No. 1268625

Has anyone heard about Mr. Kitty? I wasn't sure if this was appropriate for this thread, disregard if it's not, but a lot of goths like his music.
Anyway, it came out that he was having sexually explicit conversations with a 15 year old and he made a huge post about it trying to make people feel sorry for him but screencaps of their conversations show he knew exactly what he was doing.

No. 1268648


>So making adult content aimed at adults that children could possibly gain illicit access to is now comparable to marketing adult content at kids?

So making TikTok reaction videos with vulgar humor means that Jake is marketing adult content to kids? You do realize that everyone uses TikTok now, not just teenagers? Hell, even Anthony Hopkins makes TikTok videos.

By your logic every person on TikTok that makes twerking videos or thirst trap videos are problematic because they're marketing content to children. And Adult Swim and South Park should've been banned because they're marketing adult content at kids (because you know how kids love cartoons).

>You mean… teenage boys sometimes secretly look at boobs on the internet! For shame!

You mean, teenagers sometimes watch TikTok reaction videos on Youtube that include crude humor and swear words… for shame!

No. 1268652

>She and Dorian are quite alike. Angela's just more mean-spirited
Yeah, as dorian is more flat out hateful and a victim blamer. lets not pretend dorian is somehow better or should be excused because they have a clusterfuck of "mental illnesses" and "issues" to hide behind.

No. 1268674


You're right Dorian isn't better, just different in some ways. Dorian is more covert and manipulative. Angela is the type to actively go after people over some petty pretentious bullshit and twists the truth to stir up drama. Essentially, they're the same.

You're right, mental and physical illness don't excuse bad behavior. It does, however, offer a valid explanation for why he lives at home.

>more flat out hateful and a victim blamer.

I'm intrigued. I'm guessing there's some drama I've missed because I haven't seen any hate or victim blaming from Dorian. I've seen loads of ED, waffling, and drug stories. So, what happened?

No. 1268742

>So making TikTok reaction videos with vulgar humor means that Jake is marketing adult content to kids? You do realize that everyone uses TikTok now, not just teenagers? Hell, even Anthony Hopkins makes TikTok videos.

no, and I'm going to assume you're new here. the reason why people call jake a creep is because the majority of his fanbase is very young, and for a long time he was calling them "snaccs" therefor sexualizing them and then marketed merch toward them that said "goth daddy" on it. he also tweets out inappropriate things knowing that most of his fans are underage and the girl who made that video had some good examples of that but she took her video down and I don't want to dig through his twitter. I don't think he originally set out to have an underage audience, but that is the biggest demographic that watches him, probably because no well adjusted adult would find him entertaining. also he apparently comments on the appearances of the people in the tiktoks he reacts to which are probably mostly teenagers, but I can't really testify to that because I don't watch his videos.

No. 1268751

>Dorian is more covert and manipulative.
Sometimes, yes. Othertimes hes pretty upfront in videos but then deletes them when called out on his BS.
>I'm guessing there's some drama I've missed because I haven't seen any hate or victim blaming from Dorian.
Are you new? (not asking in an insulting way) because its been detailed in previous threads. Also see above-a few of the videos previously posted here (including one upthread it appears) he deleted and this happens often. Off the top of my head one video included blaming female rape victims for their own rapes and saying they had privilege due to being female. That one got him the biggest backlash afaik. Also just general misogyny. There was another where despite being anti ED he used triggering terms and commentors saying he was being a hypocrite (I cant remember what video that was but it was discussed in a previous thread)
His reaction for being called out for his terrible lolita video I think really shows his true face. I dont think it would have been bad had he not reacted the way he did, try to make hirself a victim and attack others trying to correct him. So in short
>So, what happened?
A lot, read the previous threads.
I edited this because i used the wrong pronouns.

No. 1268754

nta, but

>one video included blaming female rape victims for their own rapes

I remember that video, I watched the whole thing and it mostly seemed like frivolous bullshit like saying body standards for actors are higher than for actresses (which is utter bullshit in and of itself) but I don't remember that. I doubt she phrased it like that though (not saying she didn't at least imply that though, I wouldn't put it past her)

No. 1268755

Well I read the original summary and some of the other recaps and no, it was worse. If it really were that frivolous I doubt he would have removed it, plus given some of the OTT stuff hes said before. I think its more evidence how little a backbone he has, if you're going to be that brazen and outspoken at least stand by what you say. Other commentors here have said hes also deleted many other videos, I have no idea what the content is like but I imagine it must be bad or at least questionable for it to be deleted.

No. 1268789

Where's the evidence that its teens who watch/simp for Jake?

Most of his fans seem to be obese, autistic 40 year old women

No. 1268844

I follow him on instagram and he reposts stories a lot of people wearing his merch, and they usually look really young. that being said, it might not be the majority of his audience. I found a website that said most of his audience was 18-24 but it also said that over 90% of his viewers were in taiwan which I find really hard to believe, especially since another website said most of his viewers were in america. so I don't really know, but I still think it's safe to assume a good chunk of them are underage.

No. 1269005

>Mean-spirited and antagonistic

If you don't like her that's fine but how is she those things? She's pretty personable and open when it comes to her videos and I haven't seen her attack anyone. The Snowy Lowther situation was the only time she got in drama but she wasn't doing that to be mean, Snowy said that to be Goth you don't have to listen to the music which is false and Angela was just explaining that. Unless there was a time I'm missing where she was being malicious towards someone, I don't think those words really apply to her.

> SpaceHey page filled with only old photos

That's just sad lol…

No. 1269006

Holy crap that's Allison now??? I haven't kept up to date with her in a long while. The last time I heard her, it was when she was going through her Viking phase. I agree though, it's crazy how drastic Allison has changed her style over the last 10 years. I remember her back when she was known as "KazLovesBats" and was Goth. IMO one of the better early Goth channels on YouTube.

No. 1269010

Was this the video about "female privilege"?

No. 1269323

Yes. And most of her reasons for women being privileged were things that men perpetuate themselves. Like how women can wear makeup but men can't (or they get made fun of if they do or whatever).

No. 1269326

In my opinion the shadiest thing Angela ever did was the reselling thrifted clothes as a favor to the community thing. Like her being a semi-big goth youtuber wouldn't drive up bidding on the items.

If you're reselling things you thrift for that exact purpose, fine. It's not great, because it takes affordable options away from people on a budget. But then just say that's what you're doing, rather than pretending it's an act of charity.

She got a ton of backlash over it, and deleted the video.

No. 1269339

File: 1625179633807.jpg (817.51 KB, 1079x1768, Screenshot_20210701-234506_Chr…)

Gifted a $220 dress.
Can't even be bothered to wash or style her fucking hair for the pics.

No. 1269341

Her name is Jess but ok kek

No. 1269372

Jennifer, not Jess lmao

No. 1269437


She was gifted one colour and bought the other. She's also not tagging it gifted, which is against the law in the UK

No. 1269471

How long till that crisp white fabric is just cathear and fast food stains?

You mean Jen, not Jess. But people don't get to change their name anymore I guess.

No. 1269589

i don't think she has any original ideas. she doesn't have a job, her husband supports her and yes, she does pop pills for PTSD. she is on her way to cow status.

No. 1269651

Ive reported her to ASA for not tagging the advert properly(cowtipping)

No. 1269666

I've just subjected myself to the torture that is this video. Basically 25 minutes of Moomily fumbling and droning about how none of her distasteful, disappointing Disturbia picks fit properly, and that one very lucky size 8 Disturbia customer will be graced with the odour of her smelly armpits. Oh goody.

No. 1269672

it never ceases to fucking floor me what people decide is and isn't ethical in regards to influencers. youtubers shilling cheap clothes, made in factories by overworked people who get paid 13 cents an hour and no breaks and unsafe working conditions, made from materials that are bad for the environment? perfectly acceptable. shilling makeup that's exactly like all the makeup that already exists, also made from materials that are terrible for the environment that have been mined by literal children? also perfectly acceptable. selling hair extensions and wigs, grown by women (if not children) who have to live restrictive lifestyles to grow their hair, who don't even want to do that but have lack of options? 100% acceptable. selling clothes that were found at thrift stores, in new york where there's probably a thriftshop on every fucking corner, not to mention most thriftshops in the US have way more clothes than they can even handle and are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff that gets donated? vile and reprehensible.

No. 1269692

Doesn't have a job? I thought she did. She was laid off for a little while because of covid. And where are you getting the pill popping from?

I don't like Angela much. But claims like this need backing up.

No. 1269697

Learn to read. It isn't vile and reprehensible that she was reselling clothes. It was a problem that she said she was doing a favour to people because she cares about goth so much, while she was raking in a profit.

But while you're on your highhorse you might like to take some time out to read up on the gentrification of thrifting. Buying clothes from thriftstored cheaply and selling them at a high markup puts those clothes out of the reach of people on a limited budget.

No. 1269708

I agree, if people are going to make claims like that they need to provide a source/reasoning. she lost her aesthetician job because of covid, had to move out of her apartment because of a rat infestation, then I think they had to move a second time? I'm not sure about that though. but being out of a job because of a pandemic and having PTSD don't seem like milk to me, nor does being supported by a spouse while you're out of work. I'm not saying angela is never shady, but people come here from time to time and make unsubstantiated claims about her, like that time someone said she only recently became a goth and that all her storytimes were completely fabricated. it gets annoying honestly (and it's annoying when they do it about anyone, not just angela).

>But while you're on your highhorse you might like to take some time out to read up on the gentrification of thrifting. Buying clothes from thriftstored cheaply and selling them at a high markup puts those clothes out of the reach of people on a limited budget.

I have read about it, and that's not even what thrift store gentrification is. thrift store gentrification is when people supposedly buy out thrift store clothing with the intention of reselling it and the thrift stores raise their prices as a result of this, therefor making it harder for lower income people to shop at thrift stores. but according to the articles I've read, thrift stores haven't actually raised their prices as a result of this. and yes it would be bad if that was happening but like I said most influencers perpetuate much worse things and no one bats an eye.

No. 1269716

>but like I said most influencers perpetuate much worse things and no one bats an eye.

The 20 altcow threads would disagree.

No. 1269720

I mean yeah people will call them out on forums and stuff, but angela got backlash directly from her audience for that. meanwhile jake and kaya shilled killstar - a company that is known for selling extremely shitty overpriced clothing among having other issues - for years and their audience never gave them flack for it (to my knowledge).

No. 1269724

Different audiences? Just because Jake's audience is too dumb to question his highly sketchy shit doesn't mean people can't call out others for their bullshit. And it clearly worked.

I think the toxic twosome and IBF just have an especially dense fanbase. Angela's audience is older and more savvy.

No. 1269736

Some people know her in real life and the all put together persona of Angela is not what it seems. Having no job is not milk but to assume she does and think shes in control of her life is what you see on YouTube. Get real. Her content is reflection on how out of ideas she has and to be honest is so fucking preachy all the time its getting dull. She's a hot mess despite the little miss perfect appearance.

No. 1269833

Why do two people need that many coats at hand at the door. I just know their house is dusty af and they don't open the blinds. Feel bad for their animals. Toxic tears indeed.

No. 1269893

Who would gift this slob anything, let alone something worth $200? Yeah it's their money but wouldn't they rather spend it on themselves, not someone who won't wear it ever again and is gonna chuck it on her musty hoard pile? Like she posted about finding weeds in plastic bags from last year that she forgot about. That hoard must stink.