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No. 1194113

The latest alt cows thread, for all the attention seekers, grifters, and other assorted idiots in the alternative community.

Most recent cows:

Adora Batbrat
Orlee Stewart & J.D. Temple
The Witchy Goths
Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian)
Avelina de Moray (Megan Blume)
Jake & Kaya (Toxic Tears)

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk


>beware of racebait from lost nazis and derailing, overly zealous whiteknights looking to score points with their sacred cow(s)

>no1curr about what is or isn’t goth or who is or isn’t goth, we have this fucking discussion every goddamn thread and it is getting annoying

>farmers are free to use the TT thread at their discretion as it was created to stop the sperging/infighting in the main altcows discussion from the TT spammers.

last thread: >>>/snow/1071952

No. 1194231

File: 1616808243743.jpg (488.52 KB, 1080x1638, 20210322_021450.jpg)

Thank you Anon!

Also, Dorian is dealing with the backlash with her usual restraint.

No. 1194244

You're welcome anon! Worried I was gonna get shit for making a new thread but no one else bothered to.
Also "i'll apologise for being born if thats what it takes" I really do think now a lot of this is calculated so she can play victim. She also made remarks about how lolitas were all trying to look Asian and yet shes being delt with kid gloves, she really has no idea how good shes got it.

No. 1194278

File: 1616815192336.jpg (657.61 KB, 1080x1669, 20210327_041739.jpg)

Seconded. Thanks Anon.

Clearly, there's no way Kaya can be expected to put out videos.

No. 1194285

File: 1616815863854.png (4.3 MB, 935x1200, dorianvsmeanies.png)

>I apologise for being born
KEK why do you have to be so dramatic? Just hold yourself accountable for once.
That post just goes on and on and on, in that classical manner kek (pic related)

>Bullies! How dare you bring up your valid points of criticism to someone with mental health issues, ya'll murderers!

Calling someone out for their constant hypocrisy and double standards, and overall giving constructive criticism isn't bullying, nor being a murderer, Dorian.

There's so much melodramatic talk about how these 'meanies' are taking her uwu safe space away with their nasty remarks, but somehow it doesn't occur to her for one second, that maybe MAYBE on the other side of the 'argument' there are people with mental health issues too, who perhaps find their safe space in a scene or fashion movement, and her making a mockery of it and shitting all over the values said group stands by might be making them hurt and depressed too, and feeling like their safe space was jeopardised by the army of ddlg pervs or what not sent their way by her. She's such a massive hypocrite and cry baby. Dude, you're 35.

Thank you, Anon!

No. 1194289

kek that was most definitely from the same 'night' she 'recorded some videos' and 'sat down to edit' and 'ended up hating the footage' all in the span of 19 minutes, as it was posted in the other thread >>1191390

Lazy arse exploited the same lie twice on 2 different platforms topkek.

No. 1194455

Vessel of blood doing what she does best. Shopping while ignoring racism.

No. 1194459

Anyone else find Dorian's nostaliga project realy hard to believe. Like she is using real places and things and people then lying on top of truths to be more dramatic and stuff. Some of what i hear just doesn't sound right

No. 1194460

File: 1616842595370.jpg (517.88 KB, 1080x1396, 20210327_115519.jpg)

Fagsfail has been quoting Evola a lot in his posts.

No. 1194462

File: 1616842713990.jpg (422.67 KB, 1080x1632, 20210327_115532.jpg)

For some context on what that entails…

Actually, wikipedia is being mild. This guy writes some fucked up, exterminist shit.

No. 1194477

I find half it hard to believe and there so boring to listen too lol. I notice she describes things in such fine detail And that’s how you catch most liars out they will go in such detail to make it seam more believable

>>1194278 kaya just irritates me like just tell the truth for once you didn’t bother filming it Is more believable then the bullshit comments she comes out with. Or make your life easier and just stop being a YouTube then you wouldn’t have all this ‘stress’ she claimes to have from filming all the time

No. 1194488

I can't bring myself yo watch them. I tried. But her "purple prose" lifejournal teenage fanfic narrating style is so cringe I can't make it past two minutes.

No. 1194489

Not to WK but when writting a book/story its pretty normal to go into mass detail and over exaggerate, its to make the reader get drawn in and not get bored. I doubt shes lying just over exaggerating.

No. 1194501

File: 1616846451195.jpeg (2.21 MB, 1692x4032, 5C9AD0F6-DCB5-4D38-944D-5F4DDC…)

Dorians dramatic lolita whining continued

No. 1194502

what a surprise, him going full stormfront when?
He probably thinks of himself as an intellectual woke rebel or something,
whilst getting off to quotes from a retarded asshole with delusions of grandeur who believed to be a descendant of golden alien gods.

No. 1194503

Jeez isnt she almost in her 40s? Think grandma needs to put the phone away and go touch some grass kek

No. 1194505

Oh yeah for sure but a school shooter boyfriend in england…really?

No. 1194513

A guy who wanted to be a school shooter. That's not region specific. He didn't actually shoot anyone.

I love how she always complains about people misrepresenting goth. But now that it turns out people are pissed when she misrepresents lolita it's all "I wasvhaving innocent fun and you're meanies!"

No. 1194526

I know this will come across as WK, but I've come into contact with Dorian online since I was 13… so since 2005 or so? Dorian has always been dramatic and liked to tell stories.

In all that time across various boards, I never remember D lying. Exaggeration or biased accounts? Yes. But D has been mentally ill for a long time and makes no secret about that. Furthermore, are people tuning into ofherbsandaltars for the daily news? I can't even sit through most of these long videos and I kind of know D. The people who watch clearly watch for the storytelling style. I think expecting only the facts is silly in that context. Nothing lives or dies based on whether D has dramatized some story about her first love. And I say dramatized because I swear she mentioned parts of this before in the past, and the core of it seems likely true.

The lolita fuck-up was a fuck-up and D should have apologized without fighting back like an idiot. That said, people can also let it go, if it has been 2 weeks, it's probably time to stop flippinf the fuck out over someone's offensive lolita take. There are much worse offenders on IG - just look for ddlg "lolitas."

No. 1194575

You're right. That DOES come across as WKing.

No. 1194783


anyone else find her faces and mykie copycatting really abrasive?

No. 1194808

She's the embodiment of "goff is a fashion style." She brings nothing to the table except getting sponsors to buy her things and talking about wanting to date marilyn manson. The latter comments have not aged well.

No. 1194859

I just want to know when they are going to go full Trve Viking like Varg and Marie, pop out a bunch of little potato babies every year, all while living off of welfare benefits in a rag shack out in the fens. Lauren is the main breadwinner (how trad) anyway kek.

No. 1194927

>Lauren is the main breadwinner (how trad) anyway kek.

That's probably why he hasn't delegated her to full tradwifu status yet. He needs her money. If his "survivalist" millitia training courses grift ever takes off and he can support them that will change. But Lauren will be less marketable once she's barefoot and pregnant. At least to a large part of her current fanbase.

Make no mistake though. If her alphachud ever becomes financially independent she'll take on her final form, and become a breeding machine for the bucktoofed masterrace.

No. 1194989

I just can't with this chick's thumbnails lol.

Yeah. She's pretty much the modern Julia Zeig. Just "GOFF" posers who mostly only make content from sponsor shilling but couldn't care less about the actual subculture.

She's so overly dramatic. You made a shit video, just accept it and move on. I can't believe she's making herself out to be a victim when she brought it on herself for doing a poorly done video. It's not the end of the world, just admit you fucked up and stop talking about it.

>I love how she always complains about people misrepresenting goth. But now that it turns out people are pissed when she misrepresents lolita it's all "I wasvhaving innocent fun and you're meanies!"

This is the main reason why I can't with Dorian. She complains about how people misrepresent Goth and occultism which as a Goth myself, I do understand. But she then turns it on it's head and misrepresents Lolita, another subculture that is just as misappropriated as Goth is and refused to see how she's doing what those she complains about with Goth have been doing. Just shut up Dorian and accept you messed up and then stop bringing it up. Heck, just delete the video altogether or turn off comments. Just stop dragging it out.

No. 1195078

but then she won't have an excuse to not eat and get high :(

No. 1195112

Sorry, I don't usually post in this thread. I've thought about it more and realized that I probably am ignorant of this new personality she has, since I rarely watch her videos. I think the storytelling and embellishment has always been there, but I don't want to WK for stuff I don't know anything about. So sorry about that.

I want her to get better, though. She won't if she keeps playing the victim and obsessing over some people not liking her lolita representation.

I do have a question - do you think she does her makeup well? I am kind of stupid when it comes to makeup and can't do anything interesting myself. Sometimes I don't care for her looks (some are too drag makeup for me), but other times I kind of like them as fantasy makeup (not for real life).

No. 1195177

If this lolita "mistake" was the only thing she'd done, I doubt she would be discussed or on the list of cows for this thread. The issue is this comes after a long list of shitty behaviour by her which is in previous threads from her constant lies and shit stirring, to blaming women for their own rapes, to the special snowflake "i'm not like other girls" (yes she says she trans but she seems to constantly waver on that too). This isnt the first time shes done crap and tried to play victim/blame other people, it may be the first time she actually catches heat for it.
Its sad because I used to be a fan of hers a few years ago. But either something changed or maybe I didnt know her. It also seems most of her fans dont know her because the comments on LWLN video says dorian would like Tylers snark about her but the IG caps show she really doesnt.

No. 1195189

Same. I used to b3 a fan of her's as well. I really enjoyed her old videos. They used to have a far more relaxed vibe, and she had kind of a fun, dry sense of humor that seems to be mostly gone now.

But I just gave up on her after the "female privilege" video. That was some toxic bullshit, and she never awknowledged all the people in the comments telling them about their negative experiences.

Also, she's just so fucking loud now. It's like watching an annoying teenager, not an adult eloquent woman.

No. 1195293

Hey instead of playing the victim, she could have done an hour's research into what Lolita was before posting her outfit, rather than doubling down and pretending it's the Lolitas with the issue and not her laziness and refusal to accept she made a mistake.

No. 1195482

File: 1616926269493.jpg (326.77 KB, 1080x1325, 20210328_120922.jpg)

I honestly think the constant updates on why she can't possibly be expected to film today make it so much worse.

Current reasons include… hair.

No. 1195566

Orlee and her partners are "talking to aliens" now.

Not sure how this relates to demons, but here we are.

No. 1195616

File: 1616940293098.jpeg (706.76 KB, 1284x2231, 8FA64912-521D-4A56-A15D-259376…)

No. 1195617

File: 1616940360293.jpeg (525 KB, 1284x2123, 1FB94A80-D4DB-4574-9CE5-477DFB…)

All her photos are now “NEWLY SINGLE”… she was so into her new breaks bam. Idk but some conjecture he wasn’t a fan of her onlyfans

No. 1195618

Her new man* idk what happened there

No. 1195730


It's a bit of a trend with the dumb end of occultism because of the Hellier TV show. Gotta leap on those bandwagons…

No. 1195854

File: 1616958040116.jpg (431.28 KB, 1080x1618, 20210328_205912.jpg)


Saged, because is anyone honestly surprised? At this point it's not about if Kaya will come up with an excuse to avoid uploading, but what the excuse will be.

No. 1196024

>beware of racebait from lost nazis and derailing, overly zealous whiteknights looking to score points with their sacred cow(s)

Literally when has this ever happened

No. 1196026

>I literally spent hours editing a video, but then the devil broke into my house and said it’s either my soul or the last eight minutes of my latest upload. Sweat emoji I just gave him the files so he would leave me alone. But the next day after filming some things again, my computer grew legs and ran down the street, so I spent all day chasing it all throughout Ireland. I would have uploaded today, but my studio neighbors came in right before I hit the upload button, so now I am sitting here in silence because I am terrified that the sound of my trackpad clicking will give me away…

No. 1196039

Well, we had some epic spergouts from nazi-chans and random white knights derailing and infighting a few threads back. It hasn’t been too much of an issue lately since the threads are quieter.

No. 1196053

Lurk moar newfag.

No. 1196064

Dorian's dress looks like a "sexy santa" costume but pink instead of red. Even if you spend 5 minutes googling lolita dresses most people would be able to discern her dress is tacky lingere and not lolita. Youd think her being autistic if anything would make her more attentive to details like that. Guess not.

No. 1196100

Man I've enjoyed a lot of Dorian's videos and I appreciate her original perspective and choice of topics, but it seems like she thinks making videos talking about herself and her life is a substitute for real private self reflection and growth.
And she seems to think that being autistic means you just get to tell people that and have them give you slack and you don't have to try to understand others anymore, when being an adult means using the knowledge that you're autistic to better understand that you need to consider how other people may think differently from you (at least if you're going to care about their response to you).

No. 1196366

A few threads back. Mostly trying to gaslight Anons into thinking they were paranoid for calling obvious nazi shit obvious nazi shit. It was worst just after someone spilled the fasc tea on lauren and adam.

No. 1196519

She reminds me of this girl I work with she say a list stuff she needs to do but has every excuse under the sun to not do the things she 'needs' to do
At this point I would just give up on youtube its ovs it's a chore for her

No. 1196705

File: 1617038031261.png (286.83 KB, 1272x1068, Screenshot 2021-03-29 at 18.12…)

add no microphone and the wind to the list of things stopping kaya from working

No. 1196764


Some suggestions for future use:
The sun, gravity, a weird smell in the air, capitalism, anarcho-syndicalism, crystals (too many or too few) and sand.

No. 1196992

Might as well add the continued existence of Kirsty Allsopp, the tragic death of Tammy Wynette and rum raisins to her excuse bank. She'll get there shortly.

No. 1197075

I pray to God Kaya never needs to deal with any actual stress in her life, because her Tweets about these minor inconveniences are beyond satire.

No. 1197101

bet her ~content~ is boring as fuck, like she's an aged one trick pony and there's plenty of real punks posting better pix for fun.

No. 1197535

The Lolita youtuber is correct criticizing Dorian, but holy run on sentences Batman! I know it's meant for comedic effect, but just made her a pain to listen to. She is trying way too hard to be funny and snarky. Dorian needs to calm down and actually listen to someone in the community though. Imagine the hissy fit she'd throw if someone did this with goth fashion

No. 1197673

File: 1617128820305.jpeg (620.03 KB, 828x1423, A43C0630-7BC1-40E3-A359-40E75A…)

>I am so speshul, only a few people in the US have my name!
>”Little Niece”
>Gonna move to Wales someday because my name is more popular uwu

No. 1197679

A name that he himself picked when he transitioned.

Also way to critique the gift a small child gave you. Was the customization done for you by the little girl not artisenal enough for your standards?

No. 1197680

Celtfag here, never heard of someone with that name in Ireland or Wales. Plus Celts don't like to be compared to other Celt nations (conflating Wales with Ireland?) and the use of Eire is a little odd as well from someone who clearly knows nothing about Celts/Ireland/Wales and is just doing a narcissistic sperg about their name.

No. 1197707

His grandfather was Irish. So clearly, he's an expert on all things celtic.

No. 1197801

Ironically he should know more about Ireland than this embarrassing display since he does actually have Irish relatives.

No. 1197854

I know nothing about this man's history, but knowing how people in the US always like to claim they're "Irish" or "Swedish" as if they just got off the plane, they probably haven't been anywhere near Europe in a couple hundred years lmfao and have no idea what goes on over there. Which, as >>1197680 pointed out, is very obvious.

No. 1197929

File: 1617144654616.jpeg (617.43 KB, 1125x2000, Exv4maTWEAoWXjj.jpeg)

Jesus christ she looks huge. Someone push that manitee back in the water!

No. 1198033

I don't wanna weight shame Kaya, but I can't believe she thinks she's "nowhere near obese". She's in denial, especially when you take into account how tall she is.

No. 1198040

Yeah, Ashley Graham qualifies as “obese” so clearly Kaya is well into that territory.

No. 1198070

It’s not so much the weight or even the look that’s milky here, it’s that this is this woman’s full time job - why is she still posting pics that look like her dad took them on holiday or some shit. She has the audacity to claim to be a full time content creator and this is the content!

No. 1198237


Liisa had an interview with the biggest cow in her 40 years video. Roxy had the most backlash since her portion played soundcloud rap (and is obviously not goth, just look at her instagram). Her spergouts like last post didn't help. These two just had to make a video for the "gatekeepers". No one else from that video has been interviewed.

No. 1198702

I'm just gonna say it that I think this is just a pathetic attempt to cry racism because of course these people would try to reach for that. That the reason why Soundcloud rap is not considered Goth is because it's good old fashion racism. Never mind that the music style doesn't use any Goth characteristics at all and is still rooted in Hip Hop music just with darker lyrics.

I hope that some actual Black goths speak up on that. We know that they exist.

No. 1199557

They're also kind of saying rap = black which is racist.

No. 1199645

Well, rap is an expression of, and is often associated with, black culture. It's made its way into the mainstream culture, and is not "just for black people." But it is a black cultural product. Which is not a bad thing. White culture has a history of coopting music that originated in black culture, like jazz and rock &' roll, and then excluding black people from commercial success. So a lot of people think that it is important to make rap inclusive and available to everyone, but to remember it's roots.

I don't really think that the backlash in this case was based on race. It was just a matter of music. Soundcloud rap is great, and a wonderful form of expression and empowerment. But that doesn't make it goth. That's not a value judgement, just a fact.

I do think that racism exists in the goth subculture, as it does all throughout society. And that means that goths of colour can get far more negative reactions for anything than nonwhite goths. Statistically, the chance that out of all the people upset about this a few of them were also being racist dickheads is pretty big.
But that's not the core of the problem here. If they had just called it "darkly inclined fashion" or something hardly anybody would have minded.

No. 1199653

File: 1617305650656.jpg (682.43 KB, 1080x1635, 20210401_211306.jpg)

Things Kaya can get out of bed for: Cake and bubble tea.
Things Kaya cannot get out of bed for: Her one job, and exercise

No. 1199719

Most are upset with the fact that soundcloud rap was played in a supposedly goth video. This doesn't make anyone racist. With the recent confusion that soundcloud rap = goth, and how often goths have to correct this, it's understandable to be annoyed at yet more people with no understanding of goth spread misinformation. Liisa is trying to pander to as many people as possible, including music that does not belong.

Nobody would have cared if it was "darkly inclined fashion". Most of the people in the video don't listen to the music, Roxy included. Her YouTube only shows emo and metal. Only mentioning them since she's been the most vocal of all the people included in the video, leaving multiple comments through the original video, not only calling people "racists", but arguing about any criticisms about outfits and music.

No. 1199770

Don’t forget her bellyaching about her weight, then she goes and gets the most sugary drink out there, with cake…

No. 1199805

Is it terrible that I'm imagining her on a treadmill with Stumpy dangling a piece of cake on a string in front of her?

No. 1199812

At least Freya is actually called Freya, Ruddy. It makes zero semse to be bragging of having such a special unusual name where you live if you chose it yourself. Sure, choose any name you want, but anyone from any part of the world can choose any name from any other part. It cam feel special TO YOU, it clearly is since you chose it but it doesn't mean it really is in this context…

He had to take the opportunity of receiving a goft to talk about himself, so the moat obvious thing to him was to talk badly about a present customized by him by a child, with his chosen post transition name. You'd think this would move him deeply but nah…
Also, I find it super creepy how he refers to this child as Little Niece like it's her actual name. Okay you don't want people to know her name, fair enough, especially when he's hated and he knows it, but just say a pseudonymn, "my niece", etc… "Little Niece" sounds like she's a 1896 37 year old spinster who was called "the little niece" all ger life until it became a name lol

To be honest I don't even understand her problems. How is the wind a problem and how did it get in the way of shooting?

No. 1199947

File: 1617332164505.jpeg (990.84 KB, 828x1604, EFE814B0-30FC-429E-BFDB-3C0FD2…)

Sorry for the shitty quality. I just had to laugh at these two fat fucks doing their cosplay out in the middle of nowhere. Much Aryan, so proud.

No. 1200082

Is Freya really named Freya? I remember her talking about legally changing her name, and in her wedding video I think they called her Aubrey/Audrey? I may have misheard though

No. 1200145

omg you're right… right around the 5 minute mark he says audrey/aubrey mcleod. can't tell what else he's saying as I don't speak german

and this whole time I thought she was actually named freya

No. 1200162

Holy shit. Good work Anons. This whole time I thought she was really called Freya.

She just keeps getting sadder the more I learn about her.

No. 1200178

Her name is Freya, her second name is Audrey. You can hear him say her full name

No. 1200257

Seconding, the woman from the registry office also says she's called Freya Audrey McLeod (although she says "McLoud" kek) at 4:49.

No. 1200445


"Mac-Loud" is the correct pronunciation of MacLeod/McLeod

No. 1200515

You’re all wrong, her name is actually Frøÿja Awbery MàcLèod. /s

No. 1200610

you mean NicLèoid, obv

No. 1200612

Yes. I remember when she used to take the piss out of people who believed they were real vampires, seems these days she believes shes one herself and is serious about fucking ghosts. Shes become the person she used to mock.

No. 1200613


I ordered the master race from Aliexpress and this is what I got.

Seriously though, she needs to stop wearing those terrible shien dresses, they are so unflattering.

No. 1200618

Someone should make one of those bingo boards but have it be things kaya says, like constantly making every excuse under the sun, begging for her fans to buy her something, denying she's overweight etc.

No. 1200930

Haha. Good one Anon.

I do find it telling that she posts and talks about them as a couple all the time. But all he ever posts about is his music and "his people." I'd feel sorry for her, but once you go white supremacist you've made your bed and will have to post in it.

No. 1201061

She strikes me as someone who has low self-esteem and wannabe alpha chuds like Adam prey on women like that. She never really talks about any of their families, so it's either she came from a broken home or her parents are extremely boring and painfully normal. He clearly changed her from a greasy metalhead into this ugly, budget tavern wench. And she's making all the money flopping her titties around and gluing crystals onto sticks while he beats off to the ancestors in his closet studio. It's kind of hilarious, but also so very painfully pitiful, because nothing about their relationship is "trad". I can respect her for the hustle, but I can't respect Adam for preaching about his "heritage" and yet he doesn't seem to do work. I don't think your ancestors would be upset if you went to put in some shifts at B&M kek.

No. 1201070

Or her family doesn't get mentioned because they disapprove of Adam. If my child showed up with a white supremacist who doesn't believe she deserves to be treated as a full person, I'd disapprove too.

I might be misremembering. But I think at some point they mentioned that they weren't racist because they "both had nonwhite family members." I can see that causing a bit of a rift.

Either way, I don't feel sorry for her. She's actively lied to protect his bullshit. When somebody called her out on Adam's racist lyrics, she played dumb. She's not some poor battered housewife who just meekly cowers away from the big bad fascist. She is actively taking part.

No. 1201074

That was Mara, her sister is married to someone non-white and her niece is mixed. The Wessex gang seem pretty sheltered/isolated from what is going on outside of the Shire. I doubt most of them have even been to London, even though they whinge about it and how Sadiq Khan is ruining England somehow.

No. 1201083


I was wondering what mental gymnastics she does to justify her income from NSFW/semi nude photos on patreon with her impending barefoot tradwife-dom. Perhaps that's why Adam doesn't post anything about Lauren despite obviously leeching off her, it really ruins their Trad image for her to be just another goth thot. Is anyone here on her patreon?

No. 1201112

I have wondered too, but I genuinely think he encourages her to do it because otherwise, they wouldn't be making any money. And being logically consistent is not the domain of white pride types; it's okay to basically pimp your woman out to the internet to get tit coins, but it isn't okay for other women to do it on their own accord, because they're just whores. I sometimes wonder if they will ever go full trad, but realistically, I know they never will, because they love money too much, and want the fame of being prominent in the white pride community.

No. 1201133

Yup. And for all of their claims of superiority, neither of them have any marketable skills. Adam may dream of setting up a white supremacist "survival school." But he's not the sharpest branch on yggdrasil, if you know what I mean. The racist tacticoolbro sphere is full of grifters, and a lot of them are better at it than he is. So it's living off Lauren. Maybe trade her in for a younger model in a few years when her earning potential isn't what it used to be.

No. 1201748

Another "hair transformation". Her subscriber to views rate is abyssmal. And it's not surprising. Watching her slap dye on her head is not nearly as interesting as she seems to think.

She is so boring without people to bounce off.

No. 1201756

File: 1617563112367.png (104.5 KB, 1410x528, Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 12.0…)

Pretty sure she's sponsored by Lunar Tides at this point, because there's no fucking reason why she makes these boring videos every couple of weeks. All she does is paint one side of her head, there's nothing creative about her slapping glorified food coloring on her fucked up bleached crispy wheat hair. Someone asked her in her comments too what the fuck is up with her and she claims she's sooooo busy tattooing and doodling.

No. 1201765

File: 1617564411461.jpg (777.52 KB, 1080x1751, 20210404_212436.jpg)

>my instagram is rather active.

Uhhuh. Such varied content.

No. 1201786

That thumbnail kek

No. 1201797

Nothing says "creative spirit" like "my hair smells like brine."

No. 1201853

File: 1617575319865.jpg (540.45 KB, 1080x1762, 20210405_002747.jpg)

What fresh hell is this?

I guess trolling is her new identity.

No. 1201937

>always secretly hated pastel & bunnies
She can't really let that one go, take notes, and move on, now can she? kek

Genuinely intrigued to hear this so-called diss-track.

Also, why does she always feel the need to talk herself down like that in these announcements? Like, if you genuinely think your track / look / whatever is 'crap', perhaps just don't release it? No one's hardly heard the thing yet, and she's already fishing hardcore for compliments.

No. 1201977

Wtf is this, it looks disgusting

No. 1202167

File: 1617631780607.jpeg (513.88 KB, 750x1196, 5F6BB949-1393-4AA7-826C-DF76E7…)

Hadn’t seen anything about reeree in a while, looked her up and it looks like she’s integrating back to social media (with tiktok surprisingly)

No. 1202176


So the first tiktok is her talking about her new hair and how her ex didn’t let her shave the sides like that because he thought it was disgusting. I guess they’re on bad terms again?

No. 1202198

How likely is it she's ditching the romantic goth for the egirl look?

No. 1202307

At least she has an actual job now.

No. 1202373

Seems very likely to be honest. Granted she was never Goth to begin with but because the whole EGirl aesthetic is the popular style of the alternative scene at this time, not surprising she would want to hop aboard it.

No. 1202386

File: 1617655655207.jpeg (178.31 KB, 828x758, D29D7343-C623-4013-B19C-BCAE60…)

Had to barf in my mouth a little reading this:
She wants to be ~everyone’s internet mom~

No. 1202414

Love it how she’s Australian but writes “mom” to pander to the American audience

No. 1202427

wtf if you need an 'internet mom'?
I can't tell if that's ridiculously cringe or plain disgusting.

Why can't you call it, like, online role model? Online older friend? uwu goff big sis idk… Internet support group. This whole 'internet mum' concept is both stupid and gross.

No. 1202490

Jillian Venter's "goth auntie" thing is bad enough…

No. 1202590

It reads like a bad joke. She’s gonna crash emotionally in a few weeks…

No. 1202671


On behalf of everyone in Wales; stay the fuck in the US, we don't want your pathetic poser ass.

He'd get the everliving shit beaten out of him over here for adopting our Welsh culture and pretending to be one of us. And shoehorning us into the same category as the Irish (nothing against the Irish but it's apples and oranges, numbnut) is one of the most insulting things you can do to a Welsh person.

No. 1202724

File: 1617714442232.png (1.89 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210406-151145.png)

Mara makes a total of 4 stories because someone accused her of blackface… But distancing herself from the Uber-Celts is too much.

No. 1202725

File: 1617714574943.jpg (226.3 KB, 1080x1707, _20210406_151528.JPG)

That's the post in question bte

No. 1202740

They are so clearly trolling her, and she’s stupid and sensitive enough to take the bait.

No. 1202806

They're the only friends with clout she has left. She only cares about the appearance of not being racist, and clicks.

We've seen hoe she struggles with creating content and getting views on her own.

No. 1202814

gonna end up looking like this very soon if the hair bleaching doesnt stop

No. 1203231

No. 1203239

Any particular reason this is milk? A timestamp? A burning reason to spend time watching any of it?

No. 1203263

Oh my god the cringey "moves."

So presumably the person finally out of her life is her crazy ex who tried to poison her. I guess her mum finally cut ties with her as well.

No. 1203373

File: 1617812386592.png (457.85 KB, 902x450, Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 17.18…)

She's struggling to even reach 10k on her latest video, and posting once a month now. How can she be making the money to live? Bet Jake will grow resentful fast having to be her carer.

No. 1203396

The text on the thumbnail combined with >>1201853 should tell you what it is. Use context clues, anon

No. 1203451

I also don’t understand how youtubers make money with one video a month. I guess she has a few coins in her piggy bank from ads or sponsorships? Does she do live streams?

No. 1203461

>So presumably the person finally out of her life is her crazy ex who tried to poison her. I guess her mum finally cut ties with her as well.

This bitch was still talking to that psycho??? What in the actual fuck. See now I just feel like she intentionally kept that toxic person in her life because she wanted to feel like more of a victim. I know that sounds harsh but c'mon, who fucking keeps around someone like that who went so far as to poison you? Retarded.

It was bound to happen. Her content is vapid and she's boring as shit. Did people really think she'd stay up in the views when she barely does anything? It seems that time is approaching and she may go through what Grav3yard Girl went through losing relevancy. And I'm sure that Jake is slowly becoming the breadwinner when it comes to YuoTube income and yeah, he may very well come to resent her.

No. 1203462

Well she also has her Patreon which probably gives her some more extra money. I can't see if she gets paid either monthly or per video but she has 186 patrons currently but she also only offers $1 tiers so if that's the case, she only makes an extra $186


No. 1203465

She is letting her channel quietly die so that she can eventually walk away without needing to explain or getting involved in some stupid scandal. It is much easier to dip out on Youtube if you’re organically dropping views as opposed to up and leaving.

No. 1203498

No. Dorian wasn't talking to her psycho ex anymore. But Dorian's mom was. Which is a different kind of fucked up.

Dorian's mom is a hardcore christian. So she would do things like give phrynne money and rides, and invite the person who tried to poison her child over for christmas, out of "christian charity and foregiveness."

No. 1203529

just started watching the assumptions video and she starts it out by complaining… of course. and she also says "if anything goes wrong during this video, I'm quitting youtube".

I wish a bitch would.

No. 1203655

File: 1617842191107.png (93.98 KB, 732x876, EyTFHGOXEAUahKF.png)

It does look like Jake is the breadwinner lately. From the streaming to his latest cover. It is sad that his most popular vids are "goth reacts to". It's just low entertainment that he still gets clicks on because of being "goff". How long can he beat that dead horse. He's really proud of his latest cover and the fans attention….
I know there are issues with IBF, Toxic Tears, and Dorian, but I will give a slight benefit of the doubt because it is obvious all 3 suffer from mental illness. And they are burning out or spinning publicly which is a shame.

No. 1203792

Oh okay. Well okay, that's still pretty fucked though that her mom was keeping her around. Like you said, she poisoned her daughter, like what even? lol Oi.

Eh you could be right. I'm genuinely curious what she';ll when her channel dies and is not lucrative anymore. Do you think she'll just get a regular 9 to 5 or will she just depend on Jake to support her?

Eh I'm not surprised his "GoFF" reacts are getting views. It's pretty much a given that any idiot in dark makeup who labels their video "Goth Reacts" will receive a good amount of attention by clueless kids. I mean even Social Repose was still getting views for those kinds of videos so this isn't too surprise. But I'm sure he'll slowly lose appeal after a while. You can only react to so many TikToks.

No. 1203938

Just remembered Social Repose still exists…apparently he did a goodbye vid for April Fools. With 1mil followers, that vid only got 28k views. Looking at the vids from the past year or so he's in a self aware downward spiral. Maybe that April Fools vid should have been real, he should move on from YouTube.

No. 1203944

File: 1617898569785.jpeg (667.23 KB, 1241x2046, EF1FEC5C-1E28-4C7E-B24F-09CC2F…)

Mara bringing up Mai and Annika unprompted for the millionth time in an AMA.
Sounds like that’s some unresolved shit that should be discussed with a therapist.. it’s been what, like 4 years since they had their falling out? Yikes

No. 1203966

Wow, of course the "asexual uwu i think humans are gross dating is lame i am a plant REAL ASEXUALS EXIST" is dating an uninspiring twink. I wondered when she'd finally drop the tumblr act

No. 1204084

She'll drop the tumblr act when the nazi heat gets too bad. Then she'll come out complaining about "cancel culture."

I love how she complains about "bitches using her for clout" but hangs out with white supremacists for clout herself. Way to take the moral highground Mara.

No. 1204104

File: 1617911555915.png (5.76 MB, 1242x2688, A315E1C6-A25A-4C55-859B-19B624…)

Mom can you pick me up I’m scared

No. 1204108

File: 1617911789639.jpeg (326.07 KB, 1241x1979, 138CFAE2-2B63-4AEF-8271-813240…)

Poor Kaya posting a whole collage of her and stumps as a romantic gesture, meanwhile there’s crickets over on his profile.

This feels more like clinging to the past more than anything else.

No. 1204112

Wonder if she's nostalgic about the relationship or her old weight.

No. 1204127

Her old weight, that’s why Jake never says anything. She misses being thin.

No. 1204165

Oh I actually saw that in my feed but didn't watch because I don't like him but I totally forgot it was April 1dt when I saw that pop up. Well at least he knows his relevancy is declining.

These people just like headaches. To think I was (and honestly still am) into their outfit posts only to learn that they are so full of drama.

Holy fuck, that's Sebastian? LOL I haven't checked her Instagram out in about a year but she almost looks unrecognizable now haha.

No. 1204167

+1 It's clear she misses when she was thin but is too lazy and lacks the work ethic to make a physical change.

No. 1204366

Realistically, she's never going to be that thin again. I don't doubt she could lose weight if she tried, but there's a certain point and time in your life when you will never be the same size as you were in your late teens and early twenties, and you just have to get over it and stop eating sugary shit and anything deep fried in oil.

No. 1204592

manicmoth responded by posting one of those slide deck things about toxic people to her instagram stories

No. 1204619

Fuck, she's so ugly. Legit looks like an incel TiM, especially with her current uwu spinny skirts ddlg style.

No. 1204676

File: 1617978248107.png (111.21 KB, 1182x410, Screenshot 2021-04-09 at 15.24…)

Poor kids probably just realised she wasn't trans. And she's bragging about it. Awkward.

No. 1204696

She could stop eating

No. 1204702

Oh I understand. I'm in my late 20s and I have put on a little weight and I'm not as skinny as I used to be but I also regularly workout and limit my junk food consumption and I still have a relatively trim build and that's why I know a little self discipline and a moderate fitness regimen can really go a long way. Kaya won't ever be that rail thin again, especially as her metabolism continues to slow down as she ages (she's going to be in her 30s soon right?). All I'm saying is that she can still lose the weight and may end up liking the end result even if she's not rail thin. It's just clear she doesn't like being visibly overweight and there are ways to try to combat that.

No. 1204762

File: 1617988201333.jpg (361.43 KB, 1080x1376, 20210409_190737.jpg)

Anons: Kaya can probably never get back to her old figure. But she can certainly get her body to a place where she feels more comfortable with it.

Kaya: I can now get a sugary coffeeshake without having to walk for it.

No. 1204771

File: 1617988934050.jpg (458.31 KB, 1080x1479, Screenshot_20210409-111710_Fac…)

Freya's fans are pissed. kek.

No. 1204772


>I have the Duke of Edinburgh award

So does pretty much every other British child if they graduated high school. It’s a requirement for graduation at most. But yes you’re very special for getting the award Freya!

No. 1204780

it isn’t necessary at all. big sweaty toffs choose to do it because it looks mildly interesting on any sixth form/uni applications you do (though even then, it’s still nothing noteworthy), but in no way is it remotely necessary or even really that normal. tldr she’s bragging about absolutely nothing

No. 1204808

File: 1617992847310.png (100.39 KB, 409x661, Schermafbeelding 2021-04-09 om…)

Post caps next time lol

No. 1205096

This is so funny for Freya to post completely deadpan, when you see what people in the UK and US have been posting.

No. 1205201

does anyone actually believe this is why the friendship went to shit? i know that WE don't here on lolcow, but im a fan of Mara's since she was active on Tumblr and think most fans of hers don't even believe this. not sure why she keeps shilling this story–think most people who keep up with her in any capacity know that personal rifts happen and "using her for clout" is a red herring

No. 1205283

It’s hard to say. Personally, I think it may have had something to do with her falling in with Lauren and Adam. I used to think it was just a coinkidink that they all became friends because of Mai and Annika, now I think there is more to the story than she just fell out with her closest friends over crystals and shit.

No. 1205300

File: 1618069099780.jpg (616.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210410-113636_Ins…)

Maybe I just don't get it bc I'm not from the UK but I can't understand why she keeps going on about Philip. I've seen people in her comments agree that he's like a distant grandpa or something. UK people pls explain what is up with that

No. 1205314

Nobody except over 70 Daily Mail readers gaf about the royals. Trying hard to be all British and failing, unless she was 70+ and a Daily Mail reader.

No. 1205440

I guess not taking into account what the British Royal Family has perpetuated is not very goth. That man lived a long life surrounded by privilege and being rather racist, I don't get how someone can cry about a member from an outdated system.

No. 1205442

I mean taking lol

No. 1205452

Maybe this is her whole "scotland is my spiritual home, so I must like all things UK" thing. Even if mots scots don't actually like the royal family, sinxe they represent English oppression.

Though I can see why she thinks prince phillip was a secret grandfather. Her family is pretty racist, so it tracks.

No. 1205688

Yeah she just wanted to look relevant and uwu so Scottish by using his death kek. Like when alan rickman died and she made an entire youtube video pretending to care.

No. 1205690

Found the video.

No. 1205720

I forgot she made this…ugh.

No. 1205777

Englishfag here - it’s not, but a LOT of people do get the bronze award. It’s a nationwide program, not like a personal accolade from the guy himself. Plus, apparently at the 50th anniversary of the program, he called young people ignorant. So Freya looks really fucking dumb right now.

No. 1206876

File: 1618272731960.jpg (504.74 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20210413-010628.jpg)

Literally dozens of derogatory comments about Prince Phillip on IBF's poem post but guess which one Karen decides to pick a fight with?
Her racism is showing.
It's hilarious how as a Kiwi she didn't bother pulling any Brits on their opinions but a pretty respectful Maori post? Guns out.

I'm British so don't understand the racial politics in NZ but I've heard quite a few white kiwis are pretty racist?

No. 1206913

Knowing Karen this is actually a pretty tame response from her

No. 1207120

>This isn't about your dead relatives. This is about how my daughter feels about the death of an old dude she'd never met. Don't be insensitive.

No. 1207174

They’re both autistic cows and I really don’t see what bringing up Maoris has to do with Prince Philip dying.

No. 1207229

I think it's just to make a point about why she/many nz-ers don't care about philips death. But idk who civia is

No. 1207257

I think it's about the fact that the wealth and influence of the British royal family is heavily based on their colonies, such as new zealand, and the resources they extracted from them through the exploitation of native people. This applies to both England as a whole, but specifically the royal family. To this day a lot of the private business holdings of the royals are either funded by money that was originally gained by exploiting people like the Maori, or still negatively impacts them even now. The royal family gets a lot of their private cash from things like mineral extraction, which is often done in the wildlands that Maori use to sustain their traditional way of life

Also, Prince phillip is a member of the royal family as a whole. And they're responsible for the colonial wars in new zealand in the 19th century, which killed millions of Maori. Of course, prince phillip didn't personally kill anyone. But the only reason people give a damn about this grumpy old rando is the fact that he is a royal. And people tend to gloss over exactly what that means. Saying that the royal family is so great involves ignoring a lot of atrocious stuff that they did. And while I don't really think calling out someone on what their ancestors did, if their ancestors are literally the source of their status it becomes a different matter.

As for Freeza, I think more than anything it's an indication of how weirdly superficial she is. She claims to be "so upset because her secret grandpa died," but doesn't really seem to care about what he was or represented.

No. 1207390

File: 1618334677712.jpg (686.39 KB, 1080x1614, 20210413_192437.jpg)



No. 1207406

Lmao anon, I already knew this, I still think it's autistic as fuck to be chimping out on people's fagbook pages over this man.

If you really have a problem witht the royal family, write them a goddamn letter about it.

>blank stare into space
>lights on but nobody home

No. 1207441


> really don’t see what bringing up Maoris has to do with Prince Philip dying.

> Lmao anon, I already knew this,

So you're just a troll. Got it.

He looks like a dog who has to wait outside the supermarket.

No. 1207491

I'm sorry if it came off like I was trolling. I wasn't.

No. 1207635

File: 1618347210320.png (127.25 KB, 501x456, Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 21.5…)

Has Orlee been reading lolcow? Is she finally wising up to the BALG bullshit?

No. 1207651

She probably ran into some unsavory characters in the sexy demon community, and they found out she's Jewish and probably chimped out on her about it.

No. 1207771

Tbh I don't get why she's felt the need to respond at all. This person hasn't said anything negative about Phillip's death or IBF 'mourning' it, she didn't really mock him either – on the contrary, she's expressed her pain and what she finds problematic about the situation very politely, delicately, and even with due respect to those who (for whichever reason) still feel saddened by this. Like, this should be the last person to pick a fight with, she's being REALLY diplomatic.

Idk, I can't think of anything other than racism. Though >>1207120 is pretty good too, kek the audacity these Maori have.

No. 1207794

Maybe some milk is about to come out and she's trying to create some distance from the whole BALG thing.

No. 1207965

>He looks like a dog who has to wait outside the supermarket.

lol anon

No. 1208634

File: 1618445424303.jpg (357.64 KB, 2288x1712, GettyImages-86295050-5c3be98c4…)

No. 1208840

Dogs are cute. Adam is definitely not cute. Stop flattering him.

No. 1208885

File: 1618474769969.png (1.03 MB, 1318x927, hairthings.PNG)

What do you think about those?
Like price, design and the fact, that they are already sold out…

No. 1208907

I kek'd, what is this even supposed to be

No. 1208910

I was wondering as well, like what and why? And how come people buy this like it is the most amazing thing?

No. 1208922

It is hideous?!
It reminds me of how I used to put duplo blocks on my little topknots as a child.
At least no one will ‘steal this’ from her. Like runes or metal buckles.

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