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File: 1490938321241.png (1.35 MB, 2148x1218, beautyandthepear.png)

No. 281421

Most recent developments (pls add in the replies if I missed anything)
-Max just focusing on his Pokemon videos (the only drama I've seen from him lately is with H20 delirious and he didn't even want to be a part of it)
-Chad is doing the same shit he always does.He has an ugly fat girlfriend, still associating with keem.
- Ian is hiding away working on another 5 month old video. Being King Cuck (Onision has a new challenger for the tile) and a certified asshole now. Trying to be funny but failing so miserably.
-Anisa is still being an abused slut, really wants that visa and that chris dick, riding the dick to the top, posting pictures on insta.
-Chris (edups 2.0) may not be part of the cancer crew but he is playing an important part of the recent events so he's included.

Ian & Anisa plus 3:

Other edgelord ~alt-youtubers~ like pewdiepie, h3h3, jontron etc. are allowed to be discussed here and are not considered to be off topic.

No. 281424

Previous Thread

No. 281425

an artistic masterpiece!

No. 281431

God bless, OP. That Ian-Belle will probably be in my nightmares tonight.

No. 281435

kek dat pearnisa reminds me of the moon man

No. 281440

I wonder if it hurts Anisa's feelings to know that y'all keep putting her in better art than she can make.
I love it.

No. 281456

File: 1490941247211.png (257.65 KB, 1242x1408, IMG_6358.PNG)

Chris is a literal retard, I'm glad he's more involved with this thread Tbh

No. 281475

…Chris/alt-right dudes, you ALWAYS threaten a boycott and it ALWAYS makes you look like little bitches. I'm gonna guess that it's about the Wall Street Journal's anti-Trump editorial and, if so, that's fucking sad. The WSJ's been a super, pro-Republican publication for ages and the one time they say anything negative about a Republican, Chris and others lose their shit like triggered cunts. It was an opinion piece, what happened to all this "muh freedom of speech!!" shit guys like him are always bitching about? After years of conservative dickriding, you want to fuck with the WSJ (which…you won't. You won't do shit. Even if you boycotted, nobody would give a shit, you ass) and basically bully them into never deviating from the narrative you'd prefer to hear? This "Baawww don't say/do that or we'll boycotttt" shit is just as bad as SJWs losing their goddamn minds over little things and screeching about safe spaces/triggers. Ugh. UGH, I hate this kind of fuckery. Chris and Anisa deserve each other, honestly.

I mean, if that is what the tweet is in regards to. I could be wrong.(-_-)

No. 281500


Warrior social justice?

No. 281503

Wall Street Journal. The newspaper. Wait, were you joking? I haven't slept.

No. 281622

A masterpiece.

No. 281802

Why is Charlie getting involved with this dumb shit? God, Kaya the dirty turk really sullied him

No. 281913

So who is Chris Rgun and why does it seem like his relevancy has just sprouted out of nowhere?

No. 281914


Were you even here for the last thread?

No. 281917

File: 1490995641745.png (594.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170331-152526.png)

Max and Kat are moving to London

No. 281941

LOL doesn't xantia live in england too?

No. 282073

His best mate Chad is going to be so devastaaaaated

Also the admins on April fools are fucking lit

No. 282077

ugh I keep forgetting that april fools is a thing, I was so confused :''') good on you admins, you got me for sure.

No. 282080

I know, Tadoole.
I was legitimately worried.
Thanks to this prank though I realized that Anisa doesn't have a thread on PULL.

No. 282103

she doesn't? That's very strange, PULL has a thread on everyone. I'd start one but I abandoned my account long ago

No. 282112

lol what's with all the avatars and shit?
25 / Argentina / Hufflepuff

No. 282113

Same, I love the Anisa entertainment but I'm far to lazy to make a whole thread.
Honestly if pull had a thread on her it would have the sweetest milk.
Pull has hatred like no other. When they don't like someone they use that hatred as fuel and can find anything.

No. 282127

all these gifs are stressing me tf out

No. 282128

What the fuck are these gifs and names, is this an April fools thing? This thread is the first time I've used lol cow so I'm new

No. 282131

Yeah it's April fools
"If your car skids into oncoming traffic, and you die listening to The Archies sing "Sugar Sugar" it's your own damn laziness." -Chuck Palahniuk, Rant

No. 282132

>bringing up Ben fritz jew joke
>acting hurt and disgusted by it
>calls him racist and anti Semite
>is the same guy who was completely silent on jontron's /pol/ tier race sperging

I hate Ethan so much, this entire video was a mess tbh

It also ties into Chris's dumbass tweet about boycotting the advertisers on WSJ.

No. 282134

Agreed, I also feel like pull is more accessible in a way. This milk drought is making me thirsty, we need something.
~I'm a lucky girl...whose dream came true
but underneath it all...I'm just like you~

No. 282172

110% he's not actually offended.

No. 282199

File: 1491050123596.png (429.06 KB, 1242x1399, IMG_6360.PNG)

I'm glad some of their reddit fanboys can see the light and how shit Ethan's video was.

No. 282253

thanks anon, that restored some faith in humanity i had lost

No. 282267

guess this is relevant. especially as you can hear Anisa's retarded breathing at the end. trigger warning

No. 282275

He… he looks fucking awful

No. 282276

Dude looks like he stepped straight out of an episode of To Catch a Predator.

No. 282299

I cannot believe how bad he looks.
>tfw your mealticket green card bf stars rocking the pedo look right before you were going to marry him

No. 282318

wtf he looks awful
25 / Argentina / Hufflepuff

No. 282320


This whole situation is giving me such a massive schadenfreude boner right now. Mostly because the YouTubers I like tend to have some level of talent/smarts. With the ship potentially sinking, I think they'll be alright. It's the idiots who have been making shit/easy to make content riding on e-fame for dumb shit like our main cuck edups who will suffer the most from this and man I LOVE IT! Can't wait for PDP to make another "joke" vid about how he doesn't really care but just wants to be able to get his videos to his fans, not about the money at all. Maybe he won't make the vid knowing that his bullshit started all this and he would really be complaining about maybe only making 5 mil this year. Hard to spin it into something his money grubbing ass can look like anything but for.

Everyone should stop sucking his dick. I mean, if ya mad Ethan, it's ole PoopyPie's dumbass fault this shit started happening in the first place. So when you can't pay for your lawsuit you better go hit up your awesome friend who TOTALLY DIDN'T OFFEND YOU AS A NON-PRACTICING JEW AT ALL SO NO ONE ELSE SHOULD BE OFFENDED for some cash.

Call me an asshole (I am) but I would love the irony of YouTube's biggest creator starting the butterfly effect of what ends up destroying most career channels, perhaps, even his own.

Time to start putting in your Walmart applications "creators"!
Who are you when no one is watching?

No. 282322

File: 1491076522063.jpg (64.6 KB, 320x240, 17358-28615.jpg)


He reminds me of the pedo from The Lovely Bones.

Sad thing is, Ian has the right idea about growing his hair out to cover that gigantic forehead, but his hair looks so gross he might as well shave it off again if he isn't gonna bother taking care of it.

Maybe the lack of hygiene is apart of this "I'm dead inside I don't give a fuck about anything I'm not even trying anymore" persona he has going on.

No. 282378

Dear god he's so awkward and cringy lately, I couldn't finish the video. I felt pity and the secondhand embarassment overwhelmed me. For real.
There were times when I found his content funny. His personality was more funny-awkward than pitiful-awkward. The heck happened?

Also, is he competing with Onision for the Grease title? because holy fuck dude, wash your disgusting hair.
His setup is so terrible too. The room, shitty video quality and amateur lightning…

At this point just kys

No. 282390

on a side note i can't wait to see if ian will be an asshole to anisa today and disguise it as an april fools prank

No. 282404

And his fanboys fucking love it.
The comments on his Reddit and YouTube are "daddy's back"

I get that the editing was smart, but that doesn't always mean it's good.

No. 282411

I bet he's just gonna say him looking like an ugly ass kiddie toucher is just a "meme" and he's being totally "ironic" about it and you're a fucking retard if you don't understand~

No. 282426

I mean, fuck, I almost hope that's what happens, I hope that there's some rhyme or reason for why a person would let that happen to themselves. Y'know, besides "horrific depression". He was never a real looker, but a year ago he managed to groom and dress himself, he managed to look like a presentable adult.

I love that he only cared about his appearance until Anisa started dating him. I love that Anisa signed up for something else entirely, she hopped on board thinking she was getting "Nerdy guy with a hipster vibe" and instead got with "Grease dipped pedophile". It's nuts to me, as well, considering that MOST PEOPLE make an effort for their partner. I've been dating a guy for almost 5 years and I want to look my best for him. I'd feel bad if I completely let myself go, especially since he makes an effort, as well. Ian, on the other hand, is like "Baby? Can you c'mere and suck off a layer of dickcheese. Thanks, appreciate it."

No. 282438

Why does he look like a 1970s child molestor?? that 'mustache' is pathetic, and his hair looks so unkempt and greasy…
Never underestimate ones ability to control the elements. You will be surprised how the tides can turn.

No. 282453

ur last line made me physically gag

fucking hell anon.

No. 282480

File: 1491098795201.jpg (33.39 KB, 480x480, 13658562_1717306035186542_1910…)

wtf happened to him? he doesn't even try anymore.

No. 282495

File: 1491101648295.png (1.61 MB, 1235x1434, Screenshot (44).png)

kinda sad, i feel like she only posts things like this to piss off the idubbbz fangirls. i remember one time on her stream there was a fangirl spamming the chat and she said "1,2 idubbbz will never notice you" to the tune of 1,2 buckle my shoe.

No. 282498

is this an april fools joke

No. 282499


>there was a fangirl spamming the chat and she said "1,2 idubbbz will never notice you" to the tune of 1,2 buckle my shoe.

Jesus Christ, she did that? What a cunt.

No. 282500

>"1,2 idubbbz will never notice you"
that is so sad and juvenile.
"Life is but a dream for the dead."

No. 282501

I wonder how much money Ian is actually making.
You can't monetize a video that isn't advertiser-freindly and only a few of his are.

If Ian isn't making money then we might see a Raihnbowkidz revival.
Anisa for sure isn't making any money unless all of those walks to Starbucks was her just going to her new job.

No. 282503

Also it appears that Anisa is going to Vidcon.
I bet all 3 of her fans that will be there are going to be so excited! Good for her.

No. 282505

File: 1491103338780.png (130.6 KB, 1254x571, Screenshot (45).png)

whoever said fangirls would send anisa shit though ians p.o. box like 3 threads ago hit the nail on the head

No. 282506

She's going to Vidcon to cheat on Ian the way she cheated on her last boyfriend with Ian at Twitchcon. The cirrcclee of lifeee

No. 282511

Kek she is so predictable, I wonder if she will open it on her channel or do a joint video once in awhile with Ian showcasing what she gets, because she will get ~nice~ things so it will be a break against Ian's autistic laden pile of shit.

No. 282515

LMAOOO someone please tweet this to her

No. 282526

why does she speak like a middle schooler? I'm probably just being pedantic but saying "make sure it's super known that it's for me" rather than "make sure it's obvious" or "make sure it's clear" makes her sound juvenile.
"Life is but a dream for the dead."

No. 282532

"why does she speak like a middle schooler?"

Too many dicks to her dome piece

No. 282543

File: 1491108848939.png (209.25 KB, 455x430, slowlydyinginside.png)

Yeah, Anisa, go ahead…brag. We're all simply dying of jealousy, we can't stand knowing that you landed such a catch. Look at that pallid skin, the hair that looks like it hasn't been washed since he poured a gallon of vegetable oil over it 5 months ago, the dirtstache that always smells of cheetos. We lie awake at night knowing that we'll never be banged out by the most gangly, awkward fuck to ever grace YouTube. God, why do you have to rub it in?
#1 Supporter of: Yaoi and all things slashy & perverted.

No. 282592

File: 1491119701483.png (1.14 MB, 1024x730, Haha.png)

I was kind of confused by Ian's most recent video title, "OurMine Are Back", but figured it was some meme I wasn't aware of. Turns out he was hacked by a group called OurMine, they changed every single one of his video titles to "OurMine Are Back". Ian's not particularly special, they did it to H3H3 and some other YouTubers, as well, but I'm kind of enjoying how much of a pain in the ass this must be for Ian.

No. 282593

he's fixing it slowly

No. 282594


i completely agree with you, it's crazy how nobody seems to be acknowledging the fact that it could be THEIR fault advertisers are pulling out? it was only a matter of time before this happened, like you said.

also the fact that pewdiepie started this is hilarious to me, what kind of dumbass thinks it's still fair game to say whatever the hell he likes when he has the equivalent of a decent sized country's population watching him?? it's a shame more people aren't calling him out for not being able to control himself like an infant and starting this whole domino effect.

youtube is pure shit at this point. i'm not surprised companies are trying to distance themselves from it, it's embarrassing as hell. imagine cultivating an entire subsection of a website that's purely devoted to appeasing TEENAGE BOYS. like they notoriously have the worst and cringiest sense of humour out of any demographic, why the hell would you cater your shit towards them??? like i said, embarrassing

No. 282603

I agree with you guys too.
I'm glad the new policy is killing off retarded reaction/drama channels while weeding out retards who thought they were gonna produce trash for a living their whole life.

Look at Joji for example. Dude has actually interests other than producing crazy youtube videos. Never inserted himself into drama and now that the shit is going down, he isn't that fazed by it and instead focuses on making music.

Meanwhile manchildren like h3h3 Ethan who insert themselves into every single childish drama and act like they are the voice of reasons and "meme gods" are now baawwwwwwing because their cancerous dream has been ruined.

How long until Anisa goes back to titty streaming?

No. 282610

Oh, god, watch. She's going to blame YouTube/advertisers for crushing her dream (aka "doing anything that requires minimal effort, no education or any real skill in exchange for money") when:

1. She would never have become big anyway, she couldn't even piggyback off of a guy with an audience of 4 million

2. In reality, this is better for the website's content and forces people to be more creative/have more marketable talent in order to be successful and she'd essentially just be bitching about how they won't just pay her to be boring and shitty.

Oh, how cruel of them.

No. 282654

Lol, I mean its fun to pretend its ruining them but the truth is nothing will actually happen that properly in full turn stops them from making like $60k a month.
We can pretend we're getting our silent fist pump worth but at the end of the day they're still going to be making blue collar annual salaries monthly. YouTube will not die, it's not even close and most of these YouTubers don't actually care as much as you might like to think, they're being part of the crusade and inserting themselves but they mostly know nothing is going to actually ruin their careers.

No. 282655

How would this affect her content/money-making in any way?

No. 282660

>stops them from making like $60k a month
Correction: "…stops Ian from making like 60k a month."

Anisa is making less than minimum wage. If you look at her Socialblade, she's making between a dollar and seventeen dollars a day. She'd be better off working at an Arby's. Hell, I'd respect her more if she supplemented her income by getting a normal job and stopped trying to make her "show up on the internet and make free money" dream come true while relying on a dude to put a roof over her head. I suppose dating Ian is a job in and of itself, something akin to prostitution, so on some level she is working.

Admin-sama's april fools thing really fucked up your attempt to samefag. I have half a mind to accuse you of being the pear herself.

No. 282696

i'm sorry are we talking about a different person? anisa's content is literally shit tier, she only has 40,000 subs and her videos barely scrape 30,000 views. pair all that with no ad revenue and she's basically doing youtube for free if this boycott sticks.

and like >>282660 said, she's only actually making between 1 and 17 dollars per video WITH ADS which btw is fucking laughable even without considering everything above.

No. 282703


samefag but not $1-17 per video…$1-17 per day.

No. 282726

Talking about people like H3H3, Ian, any actual YouTuber, not Anisa.

No. 282733

Like, if any Ian stan ever stumbles upon this, just ask yourself: could Anisa stand on her own if not for Ian's help and if she didn't have Ian's help, would we even call her a "YouTuber"?

Usually you're referring to somebody who is doing YouTube as a job, it's paying them enough that they don't have to slave away as a wagecuck. If she wasn't associated with Ian, she'd have something more like 20k followers and would be making nothing. She is not even a YouTuber, she's some random girl who accrued enough of a following on Twitch that she made some kind of name for herself all by having tits and a "God, I hate other girls, thank god I'm like one of the boys", shitty attitude and then leapt onto the opportunity that is Ian's dick. How anybody takes her seriously is beyond me.

Anon, jesus, there are like three or four posts right above mine that cover this pretty fucking well, can you not just scroll up until you find them?

No. 282849


>Look at Joji for example.

I'm >>282320 and, yup, that's exactly what I mean. Joji was smart. He knew this internet fame thing would only last so long so he used it as a stepping stone slowly over time to cultivate an audience that cares about his music. It's not my taste for the most part, but he has talent and will be fine because as you say, he stayed out of drama and is great at making connections. Seeing 30+ year old Ethan bitch and moan and stomp his feet like a toddler who had WSJ take away his favorite was too damn good. I LOVE how these assholes are soon facing a future where they can't profit off of giggling at the word nigger and making fun of people for memes and goofs.

>what kind of dumbass thinks it's still fair game to say whatever the hell he likes when he has the equivalent of a decent sized country's population watching him??

The type of dumbass who has spent far too much of his life getting ass pats for screaming in front of a camera. These people no longer have objective reasoning. It's pretty sad actually. I'm loving how he is crickets on this whole thing still when every. single. time YouTube changed anything he made a "joke" vid bitching about it. I'm convinced he's worried about the tide turning now that his dumbassery has snowballed into affecting entire channels, big ones. God, I hope eventually it gets so bad that infighting begins, they'll blame PDP, he'll blame commentary channels, fingers will start pointing in all directions, it'll be glorious because again, only the shitty channels will be affected greatly in the long run.

No. 282852


That really depends dude. YOUTUBE is not going anywhere, I don't think anyone but the bitchers like Ethan are saying that. Other channels aren't get hit nearly as hard because they don't have so much objectionable content compared to someone like Ian who says niggerfaggot in the vast majority of his vids. If the boycott sticks, and it's looking like it will, YouTube will have to change how ads are put on videos to get advertisers back. Meaning, shit-tier commentary channels will by their nature make content that isn't ad friendly enough to pass through. There are PLENTY of channels that don't make such risque (to advertisers) content. So no, YouTube is staying, but these channels will most likely take a hit when ads are how they make most of their money. Let's just hold out hope that it'll be a knockout.

No. 282856

If one thing happens this year, one, big, crazy, deliciously milky thing, I need it to be the big edgelord commentary channels completely imploding and giving into infighting. They're all prone to drama and taking each other out over little slights or, hell, sometimes because they're just annoying (leafy CC), that entire genre is the most cut throat version of high school I've ever seen. I can't picture them choosing solidarity and working together instead of posting videos where they bitch about how so-and-so is in the wrong for x, y and z while all of their little buddies throw themselves into this new drama that doesn't concern them in the least. They all have that "You defend your friend no matter what!!!" mentality, it's fucking idiotic. They can't create any kind of strong movement, they can't put aside their immaturity for their own benefit. Oh, god, I can't wait.

No. 282865

All of the guys who saw Ian yelling nggerfaggot in a dumb voice and thought to themselves "Hey, I can do that" are probably shitting themselves right now. Or they're too dumb to realize what's developing affects them. Like, YouTube will work on the algorithm and fix issues, I'm certain they'll fix how LGBTQ videos are being deemed non-advertiser friendly because they don't want to be called bigots, but they're never going to cater to the edgelord content creators. Why cater to an entire genre that deliberately tries to be everything that is unappealing to advertisers?

I love the whole "muh freedom of speech" angle some are taking with it, as if it's really about YT being biased, liberal censor-police when it's entirely up to advertisers to determine what they feel is marketable and even they don't really determine what is marketable, focus groups determine it.

What's that Machiavelli quote? "How we live is so different from how we ought to live that he who studies what ought to be done rather than what is done will learn the way to his downfall rather than to his preservation."

And, yet, instead of understanding the current algorithm and adapting, they're all throwing a shit fit. Probably because certain people, Ethan, cannot adapt.

No. 282882

If this ain't indicative of someone desperately trying to save his ship, idk what is. Ethan is trying SO HARD to blame WSJ for the whole thing so that he can discredit them, and what? Does he think if he does this advertisers will totally be like? Oh, we change our mind now! Yes, I'm sure that's what he's thinking.

It's almost painful. Ethan and Hila made better content awhile back when they didn't rely on YouTube for everything. People making YouTube into a career really turns decent people into the fucking worst. Get a real job Ethan. You're not going to be able to do goof and gags for the rest of your life, and no, I won't feel sorry for you then.

No. 282893

jeez. This is sad and pathetic

No. 282916

File: 1491181459801.png (187.72 KB, 1242x880, IMG_6363.PNG)

It's like poetry in motion.

No. 282917

So I just saw chris r guns april fools vid. Thought you guys were exaggerating, but it's honestly movement for movement, word for word wallmart ian, what the hell? How come nobody's talking about it in the comments? Even his twitter avi looks more like Ian than it looks like himself. And here I thought Anisa was the clone, wow.

No. 282923



I'd been taking everybody's word that Chris was Ian 2.0, but, like you, I figured everybody was exaggerating. Or that he was like him in the sense that he was just copying his opinions and sense of humor. That's easy to believe, everybody's doing that these days, why would I need to see it for myself? Welp. Turns out dude has plagarized Ian's very essence. Holy shit, it's like watching an SNL skit parodying Ian's content. I'm blown away.

No. 282935

So whiny. You're grown ass man but you aren't above entry level jobs. Real jobs.
It's like he doesn't even apprieciate the easy break hes been given.

No. 282936

File: 1491182965200.jpg (102.12 KB, 1047x427, Screenshot_20170402-212813.jpg)

Who is she trying to convince though?
It's like she makes this same tweet once a week.

No. 282939

File: 1491183164763.gif (1019.98 KB, 500x375, IMG_3318.GIF)

Right? Also, people have been talking about anisa being ready to jump him bc he's supposedly cleaner than Ian? They both look equally greasy to me.

On another note, the fact that she hangs out with him? If someone were to carbon copy my bf I would honestly be very creeped out and frankly worried. Not that her judgement is anything less than that of a soggy piece of bread, but come on. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but I'm willing to bet my left tiddie this guy has an idubbz alter in his closet. Be ware anisa, he might be stocking up on lotion (goodbye horses plays in the background)

No. 282940


HAHAHA, I love it so much. It's like a chicken with it's head cut off. Idiot is so terrified right now that he didn't even look into his complete "debunking". Oh this feels like the beginning.

No. 282941


Chris is pretty cute, actually. Shame about the height though.

No. 282943

Hahahah what, so he's not only planning a skin suit, he'll have to shorten it as well? Nobody's bashing his genetics anonette, I'm just having a mojor laugh at his creepy copying of another guys whole personality.

No. 282946


True. He claims he didn't know who Ian was until people started comparing him to him but that's a bunch of bullshit. He seems like he actually has a personality of his own in his earlier videos but when Idubbbz became popular everything just changed.

No. 282947

…I kinda get the feeling she's not just trying to convince herself, I actually get the feeling that she's been lurking here and is sulking at us, she's a tad butthurt. Aw, Anisa, is your ass sore? Besides the usual Ian dicking?

Seriously. Though…ugh, I hate that I'm justifying this in any way, but in the past, shortly after breakups, I'd be drawn to people who reminded me of my ex's if I still had feelz for them. Like, I wanted to replace them. I'm sure Ian's not a very affectionate, loving guy. I have no proof of that, but something about him screams "If I were to spoon my girlfriend and say nice things to her, I'd be a total faggot." I'm kinda feeling like she wants Ian, but Ian isn't living up to expectations so she's drawn to the clone that she has actual chemistry with. Like, Chris would maybe meet those needs that Ian doesn't give a shit about. I doubt she's actually bothered to think it through, though, I think her little squirrel brain is like "All I know is this makes me happy."

No. 282948

Ethan is such a moron. What I hate more than that though is how smug he is about all this grandstanding bullshit of being clean and not having any unsavory content. He's a massive hypocrite and it's so irritating to see how his fans take his every word as gospel.

I mentioned some of this shit a while ago in another thread and I wish I saved screencaps for more actual proof.

>Leafy drama explosion has his main point of contention being "making fun of an AUTISTIC MAN"

>Old unlisted video titled "Autism Shuffle" that makes fun of autistic people
>Fans point out on his reddit it's uncomfortable seeing that in the same playlist as his Leafy vid
>Mysteriously deleted

>Makes a bunch of videos making fun of pranksters, edgelords, pick up artists

>Old, super weird video in the unlisted playlist tearing into a Boston Marathon Bombing survivor
>Saying shit like he'd love to fuck that gnarly scar and a bunch of other stuff about fucking her, her general appearance
>All cause she had the audacity to do an "I'm glad I didn't die" memorial photoshoot
>People point out it's a fucked up vid in the comments, fans jump to the "it's just satire! you don't get it!" defense

>Oscillate wildly between "we're so poor" and "we're set for life"

>Cry on camera for millions cause they can't afford to be sued even if they win
>Barely 3 weeks later makes an uninformed vid showing off his complete lack of critical thinking skills and also we're gonna sue T-Mobile

Not to mention he's practically Schrodinger's Jew when it comes to being offended. I'd really like Ethan to just take his money and fuck off. Make some smart investments, live off the interest and dividends, and just fuck off.

No. 282956

Earlier today, I replied to two posts by the same anon who was…it was weird. They seemed to be trying to casually convince us that it was pointless to make fun of Anisa, Ian, Ethan, etc. and claim that they're not going anywhere. It felt like a very unsubtle, lame attempt to get us to stop enjoying Anisa and Ian milk (fucking as if) and I had a feeling it was Anisa as I mentioned in my reply here: >>282660

Then, 12 hours later, Anisa is sulking on twitter about how much she enjoys what she does after I laughed at the anon's claim that she makes 60k a year and said I didn't respect her for trying to make free money by just showing up online, being boring and shitty.

Sage for tinfoil.

No. 282957

I KNOW. Chris is a full out clone of Ian. Not inspiration, his entire persona.

No. 282960

Wait, I don't think I'm tinfoiling, you guys. Again, look here: >>282660
and here: >>282610

>Hell, I'd respect her more if she supplemented her income by getting a normal job and stopped trying to make her "show up on the internet and make free money" dream come true while relying on a dude to put a roof over her head.
>She would never have become big anyway, she couldn't even piggyback off of a guy with an audience of 4 million

>"It's nice not having to rely on others content and share my passions."

Sage for tinfoil, nonetheless.

No. 282968


>Schrodinger's Jew

This is golden anon. Should be his middle fucking name. I'm so tired of his offended/not offended back and forths.

No. 282971

Is it me or did this disappear from her insta?

No. 282984

What do you mean "what happened to him"?
He's with a girl who has low fucking standards. She'll take what she can get, so he doesn't care.

No. 282987

it was posten on april 1st though…

No. 282989

He's starting to look like a 70's pedophile. Wish he would go back to styling himself like this.

No. 282991

Also don't forget the "satire" video he made of pranksters, where he literally walked around and harassed strangers for no reason. At least pranksters pay the people they harass.

No. 282993


already gone! KEK! i'm so glad, h3h3 bacame a drama whore after like a year or so and i couldn't stand it. dragging out his shitty jokes and his low hanging fruit vids. i still love hila but i'm glad everyone dragged ethan

No. 282994


fancy words for "i'm a whiny baby and i fucked up"

No. 283009


You didn't miss much, just him doing his classic overly gesticulating, smug, "gotcha!" bullshit TOTALLY PROVING that WSJ PHOTOSHOPPED ad's onto a video that 100% couldn't have been monetized at the time meaning all advertisers should come back because…uh….hmm…yup, never really made that part clear seeing as even if the photos were faked, there are plenty of creators making "jokes" and content that advertisers absolutely do not want their products associated with and the whole shebang only brought their attention to that.

Except he didn't even prove the photos were fake anyway. kek.

No. 283014

Lol, like I said. That future is not coming as happy as you are for people to be getting out of the "non lasting revenue machine" and as many props as you give Joji and as many "sucked ins" as you give Ethan, it's just not coming to an end at any foreseeable point in time.

No. 283015

I had to read this three times.
Punctuation is a good thing.

No. 283016

Sorry, re-read myself and wanted to die. It's late for me, been up too long. Missed entire words out of the sentence.

No. 283049

>Correction: "…stops Ian from making like 60k a month."
Correction: Ian doesn't make $60k a month. He's probably getting 20k max, more likely 8-10k on typical months.

Even fairly large channels don't generate all that much money, it takes millions of subs and regular content production. I don't understand why Anisa wants to pursue this. The effort (and basic talent) required to achieve success without extreme luck is far beyond what it would take to earn the same in a traditional career. For example, Ian is using her as a camera person and is editing his own videos poorly rather than paying someone to shoot videos and edit, which could free him up to generate far more content. If he was a competent entrepreneur, he'd be capitalizing on his situation far more effectively and would therefore be worth far more, but instead he's a lazy fuck and therefore makes very little given how big his channel is. Anisa's not going to just chill and randomly shit out an AMA every week and see 6 figure numbers year over year. It doesn't happen, unless you're pushing out super viral videos and extremely lucky.

No. 283056

Seriously if she worked a couple days a week at a Target or something she'd be making better money than she does now.

No. 283073

Odd, I thought he was in the 7 figure salary club, but he's basically making the same salary as, like, a software engineer…which is nothing to sneer at, I'm just surprised, I thought it was more than that. Socialblade leads you on to think it's more. I really hope, for his sake, he's saving it and investing it, like, I hope he's looked into stocks. It's stressing me out imagining him making 100k/year and just squandering it on random, stupid shit. I'll take it if he doesn't want to be smart with it.

Right, as I said, I'd ever develop some kind of grudging respect for her if she went out and worked at an Arby's full time. I could respect her for going out, finding work, getting up every morning, spending 10 hours on her feet, etc. Instead, she just shits up the internet with the most half assed attempts at e-celebdom.

Anisa, if it's relaxing for you, but you're only making 1-17 dollars a day doing it: It's a fucking hobby, it's not a job. You can't use the "I don't rely on my boyfriend's channel (yes, you still do), I don't face any real pressure, I can make shitty 'fitness' videos at my own leisure" line WHILE also pretending that this is your fucking job. You look fucking delusional and lazy.

No. 283082

That bothered me too. She's an ADULT and acts like a fucking teenage girl, chasing her "passion" for YouTube. Well life is not all unicorns and rainbows, the real world is HARD WORK and RESPONSIBLITY and for her to declare that she enjoys making lazy videos as her shitty income is immature. Like she has no grasp on reality. Guess that's what life as the daughter of a lawyer and dick-sucker of a "YouTube God" will do to you.

No. 283098

I'm seriously questioning her sense of reality, I have been for awhile. She's also trying so hard to create this slightly tough (but still cute!! bcuz boyz like that!!) facade when all I see, now, is a slightly retarded 16 year old girl stuck in a woman's body. Like, on some level, I feel it can't possibly be alright for Ian to fuck somebody who's that stunted.

She's stuck in some world where her playing video games in a tank top and churning out videos with zero appeal counts as a job because it's something she does and gets a few bucks here and there for. When she was titty streaming, actually, I do kinda see that as a job, it's like a step up from cam girl, she was meeting a demand created by horny neckbeards, but I'm sure she didn't like the instability of what is essentially doing freelance pseudo-sex work. You guys, I think she might actually believe that moving over to YT and shitting out non-sexual videos is due respect in some way. Even though she didn't replace her former job with any job, she replaced it with dating somebody who does make money (which is still inches away from sex work), I think she views this as something that she deserves asspats for.

I should mention, I have nothing against sex workers, I used to be a pro-domme, but I can't stand womenchildren sucking dick for a roof over their head and then smiling "I'm a YouTuber, my job is making fitness videos". Sure, Jan.

No. 283104

Oh, fuck, the cringe is real.

I mean, maybe I'm a dummy and correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you only make money from ads that are clicked/ads that watched the whole way through, so you can't make any statements like "It should've made $300, not $12, with the three biggest advertisers on YouTube!" Maybe people didn't watch the ads. Sure, with 160k views you'd think maybe about 1/3 would bother to watch, but…I dunno, maybe they just didn't. Isn't that more plausible than "old-media conspiracy"?

No. 283105

We're talking 60k… a month… not a year lol.

No. 283106

RiceGum shows proof he made 68,000 USD for only 20,000,000 views in one month.

No. 283113

Not to take sides but views =\= ad rev

No. 283114

Anisa, fucking stop. You're not fucking clever. You need to know that. Or you're some fucking Ian stan, which would be even more pathetic. I have no idea why a stan would repeatedly insist they know how much Ian makes, but weirder shit has happened on lolcow.

>lol 60k lol a month lol makin' bank

Like, do you see any real enthusiasm in this thread regarding Ian's finances? Nobody fucking cares, everybody understands that Ian's making some kind of money, that's not disputed, you fag. It's only ever brought up when discussing why he's so lazy with his content these days, why Anisa puts up with sucking his greasy cock or when we speculate over "could he or could he not get by once the YT teat inevitably dries up", but nobody gives a shit over "Just how rich is Ian exactly?"
You're not achieving anything.

No. 283119

File: 1491208670273.gif (5.07 MB, 430x215, IMG_6366.GIF)

This is one of the saddest things I've ever seen.

He was wrong and STILL tries to paint them as suspect, but of course their retard fans are patting Ethan on the back for being "man enough" to admit he was wrong and having more "integrity" then WSJ.

Would H3h3 have enough milk for their own thread now? Or are they better off staying here?

No. 283123


this is like the 4th comment you've left spouting this same shit. nobody is saying youtube is ending. read the thread. what people are saying is that finally these kinds of youtubers are having a spotlight shone on them and may have to start fucking….thinking about what they're saying and encouraging if they want continue to make money from advertisements on their videos. if they persist in being edgy and the ads get pulled, they make no money. yeah sure they probably have enough in the bank to be okay (in the case of h3h3 and other bigger creators) but we aren't debating the legitimacy of their life savings, anon, we're discussing how lucrative their shit youtube content is likely to be in the future and how smaller edgelord-clone channels will be killed off as a result of all this.

jesus christ can you fuck off now with your bullshit or at least learn to sage.

No. 283129

File: 1491210316897.png (294.02 KB, 1246x1080, Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.0…)


Speaking of Ethan's fans…

No. 283131

most embarassing thing i've read in a hot minute, holy fucking shit are you joking

No. 283142

>forum websites like 4chan or reddit
This almost makes me feel better, clearly the most vocal of their fans are literal children.

No. 283148

>Although it's possible we might get called faggots.

My fucking sides

No. 283166

h3h3 fans might be the worst of the """commentary"""" youtubers because they think they are enlightened when in reality they're just as bad as everyone else on youtube.

No. 283168

This, absolutely. How is he going to try and present himself as this knowledgeable, calm, mature voice of reason when, time after time, dude has proven to be just as much of an immature fuckwad as the rest of the commentary community. Like, he should've learned his lesson from his Leafy fiasco: Don't present yourself as being on the moral high ground, don't pretend to come from a place of concern, don't use blatant hypocrisy, you can't scowl at the shit Leafy's doing while also betraying him for views, while also trying to maintain that you're the good guy. That narrative is so fucking all over the place.
Like, Ian had the right idea: I'm a piece of shit, I'm no better than the rest of these fucks, I just dislike this guy and his content is garbage.

That was one of the biggest backlashes he's faced as a YT'er, but the guy seemingly learned nothing from it. Can't possibly be that enlightened if he learned NOTHING from that.

No. 283262


So fucking sad. Like he was wrong, his whole point was it was a hoax, but then he finds out it wasn't, that the statement "racist content is making money on YouTube" is true, but he's still like, "It's totally suspicious guys!"

What a fucking moron.

No. 283265


As an adult near Ethan's age, this is the point where I would question every god damn decision I ever made in my life that I have children vying for 4CHAN to take down a website for me. This is the kind of shit that really let's you know who is behind the screen, and it is embarrassing how their egos live off of the support of people who can't even vote.

No. 283299


>as a regular user of 4chan

Oh for fucks sake.

No. 283300

It wasn't a "hoax" to be fair. Like, yes, the ORIGINAL video, the non-reposted one, could have made money. The reposted one with nigger in the title, the one that WSJ used and claimed that ran coke ads, NEVER made money, nor ran the ads. That part is still true, and makes WSJ look sketchy.

So Ethan, while his example was still shit and he didn't do thorough research, was still technically correct that WSJ is definitely doing sketchy shit with the reposted one like photoshopping coke ads on it. Unfortunately because Ethan wasn't thorough he just discredited himself so the masses just think he's full of shit. His point still stands, but the ORIGINAL video, the video that was CLAIMED, could've made money. Again, the reposted video did not, and that was the video WSJ says was running the coke ad.

In b4 I'm called a h3h3 fangirl or some shit. Mostly, I just feel bad for Hila and don't want to see her dragged down with him.

No. 283305


to be honest the videos WSJ capped are irrelevant to me, the fact is that advertisers ARE running their ads next to shitty ""offensive"" (not like it actually is it's just desperately trying to be) content on a regular basis. the only reason those screenshots were used is because it provided an immediate example of the point the article was trying to make: youtube is full of shit content and ads are getting run next to garbage on a daily basis.

No. 283306

I don't understand when people whiteknight Hila. She isn't getting dragged down. She helps Ethan with most if not all of their videos. She knows what she's gotten into. I like her more than Ethan because she has a much better personality but she's pretty encouraging of his behavior + actions

No. 283308

Yeah, same. Don't get why people are gushing over her so much since she's done nothing to warrant it.

No. 283320

The screenshots were most likely photoshopped, though. That particular video never ran ads, since the youtube autoflagging system for demonetization is so harsh. Hell, simply nailogical's video where she showed her bleeding hangnail was demonetized, so why would a video with "nigger" in the title stay monetized long enough to get half a million views/ads? That was the whole point. WSJ could've easily found these "racist" ad-running videos, if they exist, and instead chose to photoshop a screencap for some reason.

Anything blatantly racist will get autoflagged pretty quickly. The more vaguely offensive shit will probably stay, though, I think.

I dunno, I guess because she's ESL from a shit place like Israel and seems like a genuinely nice person, and only encourages Ethan because this is their ONLY source of income. She learned editing from when Jontron gave her a pity job when they were REALLY broke, I think?

No. 283405


You missed my point anon, it's that he said the image was PHOTOSHOPPED and completely faked, which he has no proof of. The only "proof" he had completely went out the window.

And I'm also getting tired of people feeling sorry for Hila. I used to, but I'm over it. Like the other anon said, she's fully apart of this whole thing. Just because she isn't so upfront about it doesn't mean she's got one foot out of the door or is being forced into this lifestyle they created together. She could always, you know, get a job too so they wouldn't rely on YouTube money. She's the behind the scenes of all of Ethan's BS. And on the petty front, and since she's on topic currently, am I alone in thinking that Hila is average looking? It's like because she comes off as nice and shy, and looks emaciated next to Ethan, everyone's always out to make it like she's a god damn super model. Is there something wrong with my eyes? She has permanently "I've only slept three hours" eyes, massive teeth, and a pretty blah, rail thin with no figure body. Not that she's in anyway ugly, but holy shit, she's the definition of average. What is everyone else seeing?

No. 283414


>goes with most likely photoshopped with no proof, to completely sure they're photoshopped in the same paragraph.

Yeah you're not stanning for them at all.

No. 283443

I get that all this with H3 is stupid, but I can't help it. I really like them. Hila is best girl. Sorry, I know I'm gonna spark some plugs here, but I felt like evening the hate scales a tiny bit, if not only for my own feefees.

No. 283470

File: 1491251016269.png (147.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170403-142111.png)

ANOTHER ama??? How interesting can she be??

No. 283481


she really does love herself

No. 283510

File: 1491253374075.png (329.32 KB, 720x658, 20170403_143230.png)

God this is sad

No. 283528


She's not even trying to hide it anymore.

No. 283539

No, it's obnoxious. It's her being a smug asshole again. "You girls who bother trying to save a toxic relationship are so pathetic. Not like me, I have a happy relationship, my boyfriend and I are in love."

You're not in love, Anisa, you silly cunt, you have an arrangement. You're convenient. Maybe the next time you want to judge other couples, you take a second to remember you're not his equal and he prefers it that way.

No. 283545

>What is everyone else seeing?

People do this for every damn unremarkable YouTuber they're fond of. Ian is a prime example, or was before he upped the grossness.

No. 283553

I'm fascinated by him going from "nerd" to "pseudo-hipster" to "basement dweller", it's like watching a Cronenberg movie. In 6 months, we'll start to see the true extent of his transformation, he'll turn into a being of pure grease and start oozing out of his board shorts. Chris will have to start using extreme measures to keep his resemblance to Ian up to date. I, for one, am excited.

No. 283564


Can? The possibilities are endless. How interesting is she? The actualities ended about a decade ago.

No. 283588

Just wanna point out to people who keep telling Anisa to get a job: she can't. Atm she's just a glorified tourist until she goes underground trying to stay in the country illegally or gets booted back to Canada.

No. 283614

that's a good point. she's got something like three months left before her allotted stay period runs out, right? She really doesn't have a ton of options.
>engagement announcement when

No. 283623

Oh, right. How do I keep forgetting that. Google says she's got 6 months in total before shit starts getting super sketchy. I wonder if she plans on staying illegally or going back to her mom's to wait the designated period of time before she's allowed back. I can't find how long that would be…some results say 90 days, others say it's up to the customs official. If she keeps treating the border like a revolving door, though, customs will catch on and get pissed that she's trying to work the system to her benefit. I can't see her being smart about it, I can easily see her staying illegally or leaving and rushing back, even if it raises red flags for officials. However, I feel like Ian's not willing to risk getting arrested for harboring and enabling an illegal alien to live here just to get his dick wet. I'd bet money she gets shipped back to Canada, they try to wait it out and he ends up finding a replacement who requires less work. I can so easily picture her trying to desperately lay claim to her man, miles away, constantly reminding everybody that he's HER GUY in an attempt to drive off any competition and he's like "…That's cool. Hey, girl, you a US citizen? Wanna come back to my place?"

No. 283644

Apparently there's no designated wait period, you can get off the plane in Canada and immediately try to re-enter the states, but it doesn't mean customs officials will let you back in the country. If anything, they'll be incredibly suspicious and deny you entry. The common advice is to not spend more than 6 months of any year in the US, but I can't imagine them happily continuing a relationship, long-distance, for half the year. Oh, god, they're seriously going to end up getting married, aren't they? Jesus christ. Ian, get a fucking pre-nup, you idiot.

No. 283872

How long has she been in the States so far? I don't see their relationship surviving another quarter year… which, if that's the case, then she has nothing to worry about re: a visa

No. 284086

She started living with him in January I think

No. 284128

Why the fuck aren't we raiding her AMAs exactly..?

No. 284131

Because we don't get involved with cows directly, newfag

No. 284134

damn, seemed like good fun.

No. 284163

Plus that would just give her content. I'm sure the questions farmers have would be 10x more entertaining than the boring shit Ian's - I mean… anisa's Fans ask her. And we're not bout to help her boost her video, comeon now..

No. 284195

Her figure looks amazing to me. Thin girls are so beautiful.

Her face is average though, I agree.

Sage cause no1curr

No. 284256

File: 1491333294823.jpg (506.43 KB, 1070x1822, Screenshot_20170404-151303.jpg)

》WHY is she like this?
》WHY does she feel the need to always give her opinion, but shit on people that give theirs?
》She's so gross.

No. 284259


>feeding into stereotypes

This dumb bitch.

No. 284262

I think she's trying to bounce back from subtweeting like an asshole by "joking around", like, giving him a ribbing, but she just looks like such a dick.

No. 284265

All he said was say "@ me next time"
She's like a true cow

No. 284269

I checked out his page and he only has 19,508 followers. Anisa always goes for the people who have less followers than her because she feels like she has a safety net.

She's starting to act like she's a big YouTuber. If it keeps going this way, she's going to do something really stupid and the lolcow gods are going to bless us with an abundance of milk.

No. 284282

god, she's such a jackass

No. 284287

that Greyson guy plays LoL professionally, he's probably not the guy in the Kendrick video and I'm pretty sure the two of them were actually just joking around.

No. 284288

You're probably right.
She's just not very good at the whole humor thing. Maybe she can do another AMA about this.

No. 284299

>"What's it like dating a slightly funny guy while being completely shit at humor yourself?"

Yes, you are.

No. 284708

I don't understand her arrogance. She's never done anything noteworthy, she's about as smart as a bag of rocks, and she'll never accomplish anything, but she throws stones at people in music videos?

He also wasn't off beat, and the black dude in the middle up top is objectively by far the worst in the clip, so clearly this is a personal thing for her.

What a cow. I really hope I never meet her because I will tear her the fuck down in front of everyone and totally humiliate her. She's likely never been confronted by someone after making retarded jabs like this.

No. 284825

I feel like she's had to have pissed people off already. Her attitude, from a business stance, it's fucking idiotic. You need friends when you're starting off and you need a certain likable quality to attract fans, but instead she's let Ian's popularity go to her head, thinking his popularity is magically transferred to her whenever she swallows his load. People don't like arrogance, they especially dislike an unwarranted sense of superiority. It's such a simple life lesson, you catch more flies with honey, and yet this bitch hasn't gotten it through her thick skull yet. It can't go well for her, I can't see her using what advantage Ian's given her to her own benefit and I'm sure we're not the only people she pisses off. I have this feeling she won't just fade away into obscurity without getting some sort of comeuppance first, I, too, sense a milk storm coming over the horizon.

No. 285007

What is she even trying to say with that first tweet.

No. 285036

im just a lurker but op that image is fucking hilarious, a work of art, i always love the op images for these threads lmao

No. 285044

>>285007 translation from Pearspeak:
>look at meeee, I'm posting a generic snide edgy comment about social issues on a random music pic/vid, just like a real youtuber! Am I part of the cool club yet? Am I? Am I?
>errrm, uh… (Attempt at damage control with another snide edgy comment) So… how about now? ha, ha… ha?

No. 285057

What the actual fuck is her problem?? That dude never did shit to her. wow

No. 285062

We've already established it was a misunderstanding, we took it out of context.
What actually happened:
>Lazy, lame as fuck attempt at a "haha, white people can't dance, amirite?" joke.
>Is not the actual guy in the video, is a LoL streamer.
>Makes self deprecating comment/joke

No. 285091

What is she even trying to say ever??

No. 285120

Thanks for the clarification Anisa

Kidding. Kind of.
Anyways who cares, the only thing I found funny from those tweets were the fact that she said he was keeping up stereotypes when she legit walks hours for a Starbucks

No. 285168


she's just constantly got to have SOMETHING to say. even if it's irrelevant. she seems to have this compulsive need to habitually comment on things that do not concern her in a desperate attempt to gain points from the ~teen boyz~ side of youtube. but, evidently, she has no idea what she's talking about/how to appeal to that audience so she ultimately just looks like a fucking tryhard

No. 285178

I've never seen a girl who oozes "Tryhard" as much as her and I once was friends with a chick who constantly felt the need to "casually" let guys know just how flexible she was and how she didn't have a gag reflex. Anisa manages to beat her because the "tryhard" permeates every aspect of her life, there doesn't seem to be one minute of one day where she isn't hyper conscious of whether or not what she's saying or doing will appeal to heavy breathing betas who'll worship any woman with ample cleavage and an interest in video games. It must cause a mini storm in her brain whenever she feels the simultaneous need to pander to her neckbeard audience's views while also giving into her compulsive need to let everybody know what she thinks
>Something's happened! I need to throw in my two cents…
>Oh, what do these guys think?
>What? No, then it wouldn't my two cents!
>Who cares, get your priorities straight, nobody will ever love you if you're yourself
>But I want to be a strong, independent womyn!
>But I want every meninist dweeb on earth to jerk off to me and think I'm cool!
>Ian cockslaps her, successfully rebooting her
>She blinks, seemingly in a daze
>"There is no such thing as the wage gap."

No. 285246

She just reminds me so much of Amy Schumer.

"Look! I say pussy and think girls are dumb! My boobs sure are big! muh Vagina pussy. Ian's not sexually frustrated thanks to me."

No. 285304

Joji reminding us that he's the best out of that shitty "group" and having so much fun doing it.

No. 285307

For the Ethan haters

You can really get an understanding of why he's such a blowhard

No. 285321


No. 285337

the scene with Dade trying to choose between Frank and a pile of fruit snacks was funnier than every video Ian has put out in the past 6 months.

No. 285346

File: 1491446851082.jpg (34.65 KB, 500x333, large.jpg)

>trying to get /pol/ involved
>/pol/ hates jews
> Ethan is a Jew


No. 285362

Lol the idubbbz dickriding.
>He'll put aside a month of his life to say "I'm going to make this video amazing"
If he needs a month of his life to shoot a handful of mediocre unfunny 10 minute videos then that doesn't sound all that amazing to me. Also Ethan calling The Rock "arrogant" for DARING to make a youtube channel that he didn't "earn" is fucking ridiculous.

No. 285366

He's the Beyonce of the group

No. 285372

Oh, Ethan, that's pathetic. Dude releases two videos a month at most, literally has his girlfriend film him hanging out with one of his friends, making forced as fuck "jokes", edits it and posts it. The guy's only made 2-3 well done, well planned videos with lots of detail. Even the Tana CC was half assed, he only cared about crashing her event and then tossed together a rant vlog. Ethan…dude, what are you even talking about. You just outed him as a lazy motherfucker, spending a month filming and editing those filler vids in between the content cops all of his audience is actually waiting for. What an idiot.

No. 285470


No. 285742

Holy fuck that was amazing. Haven't laughed this hard in a while.

Is Ian even trying to be funny anymore? Not working if so. Just comes off like a depressed asshole that feels the need to take it out on his viewers. This was legit funnier and more charming than anything he's ever done let alone since the Keemstar CC and yet this was just another video for Frank.

No. 285767

I'm pretty convinced that Ian is slowly dying inside, I think you can even tell by the way he gives zero shits about his appearance. That's one of the biggest things with depression, you find yourself giving less and less of a shit about your looks and we know that he did care at one point, he was trying for awhile there. He seems listless and annoyed and like he just can't be fucked to put forth even the most small amount of effort. If he is depressed, I feel for him, that sucks. I've been there, it can be fucking awful. Still…like, go to a therapist, start taking an SSRI and, for the love of god, shave, Ian.

No. 285788

File: 1491515235373.png (897.11 KB, 1440x1913, Screenshot_2017-04-06-15-49-40…)

Some blatant flirting… Someone in one of the other threads said Chris has a gf?

No. 285789


Sage for samefag but he also uploaded the stream they did to his second channel for some reason?

No. 285798

File: 1491516045142.png (11.55 KB, 275x81, Screenshot 2017-04-06 at 6.00.…)

one of the comments on the video… LOL

No. 285803

Ian's channel is trash but you guys need to wipe up your roasties whenever Filthyfrank is mentioned. His shit isn't that funny either. His humor is no more refined. He's more creative and talented and less prone to getting into retarded drama than the others but that's it.

No. 285813


That was me. I didn't really remember her name (I think I called her Britney but I'm not sure)but I remember now. Her name is Barbara4u2c. She's one of those edgy alt-right chicks.

No. 285816


Yeah. His videos are kind of lame. But at least they all aren't the damn same like Ian's. Also


You gotta go back.

No. 285821

If you take Frank's videos at face value, no, they aren't clever in any way, but the whole point is they're lazy, shitty and low brow when he's entirely capable of being witty and filming high quality shit with good cinematography. FilthyFrank isn't just a character, the entire channel is performance art.

I don't laugh out loud at his videos, but I enjoy them and you can tell, despite the terrible quality and shit jokes, that he's actually put some kind of effort into what he does, is having fun (knowing the content creator is enjoying themselves is pretty big for me) and has a pretty creative imagination. Ian, on the other hand, seems like he's dragging his feet, uncomfortable and miserable, through every video while making half assed attempts at humor. Ian can be witty at times, but it's been a very long time since I've seen him in a video and laughed. I can also understand why it takes Frank a little long to put stuff out; he's working on other things, plus, he needs time to come up with ideas, film and then edit them. Meanwhile, it's clear that Ian posts videos once or twice a month because he just doesn't give a shit about what he's doing.

There's some videos out there, like one by Bobby Burns, that explain how FilthyFrank vids aren't meant to be taken at face value and there's layers to this shit and it's actually quite clever when you think about it.

No. 285829

>performance art
lowest tier of art, aka literal shit

No. 285840

I think it's best if you two just agree to disagree, comedy is subjective. Regardless of what you think of his comedy, the reason why Frank is not a cow is because of his effort and interest. Both of which Ian lacks.

No. 285841

If all of your videos are the equivalent of inside jokes couched in a guy spitting up chocolate and shouting FRUIT SNACK over and over, then you aren't really that funny.

I know you guys hold Joji up on a pedestal but he did make a bunch of shit tier videos with the rest of the crew in the not so distant past. It's safe to say his idea of humor is not exactly high brow.

No. 285842

Ehh, video art is the lowest tier of art, but I agree with performance art being one of the worst, most bullshit forms of art that's usually only appealing to people who don't have enough talent to actually paint, film, act, etc. Like in David Sedaris' "Me Talk Pretty One Day." God, that's a good book.

However, I didn't really mean it in the sense of somebody taking a shit on a pile of headless barbies on stage, I meant "performance art" more in the way that it's self aware and purposely bad because there's the entire thing is a concept, again, it's not meant to be taken at face value. I still don't think he's by any means hilarious, but he is very entertaining.

No. 285845

File: 1491520499419.jpg (416.88 KB, 1536x1536, 1491520395236.jpg)

So is Chris a clone of Ian and Anisa a clone of Barbara?

No. 285846

I'm not even one of the anons who dickrides Joji or called the newest video "hilarious", I was just explaining the appeal of Frank. I didn't laugh at the Fruit Snack bit and I already stated that I don't laugh out loud while watching Frank vids, I just enjoy myself. I also made a point of explaining why it's intentionally low brow. I kinda feel like you didn't even read my post before deciding you wanted to argue with me over this. I don't blame you for not finding it funny, everybody has different tastes, and I personally don't get why anons enjoy his humor so much, but I do get why so many people find him so entertaining.

No. 285852

head explodes

No. 285854

I mean, Barbara posted those after Anisa, so…I mean…there's something weird going on here. Like, that's pretty crazy that they're both shitting out the same garbage content. Has Barbara been around longer, has she been posting this kind of content for a long time? Because if that's the case, then our little Anisa absolutely is a Barbara clone and Ian needs to break it off with Anisa so as not to get in the way of these two soulmates.

No. 285856

Neither are inherently bad forms of art or 'lower' forms of art. It's just that the poor quality stuff is quite visible. It's visible in Damien Hirst's paintings and sculptures too but you don't see anyone saying those artforms are shit. Youtube does not equal video- or performance art just because someone ties to claim that label. Saged for angry artist.

No. 285860

Oh, a lot of people shit on Damien Hirst. I can't stand the guy. I actually saw a really funny video by this guy Hennessy Youngman, he does these videos called "Art Thoughtz", I highly recommend the Hirst one if you haven't seen it.

Joji's never claimed the performance art label, I was just saying that it's more like performance art and shouldn't just be taken as it is. It's not just "Lol I'm being random and outrageous", there is thought put into it.

No. 285864

I mean it's really just fucking dumb fun. Bald dudes shouting FROOT SNACK is funny to me idk, they just look like they're having a good time whereas Ian looks like he wants to die all the time. I don't really watch Filthy Frank for high brow high quality humor or anything lol.

No. 285886

File: 1491525146084.png (889.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170406-202744.png)

Barbara was posting this shit months ago.
Anisa became friends with Chris, copied his girlfriend,and latched on to Ian being that kind of girl. if Chris likes this kind of girl then obviously so will Ian because chris is his fucking clone.
Barbara doesn't follow anything Anisa does and I'm Anisa doesn't follow her.
You're awfully close to Chris, Anisa, but you don't want to hang with his girl even though youre the exact fucking same? Maybe because you just want to spotlight. She's such trash.

Sage for tinfoil

No. 285888

If Chris' gf is an Anisa clone (or vice versa) why did Anisa hop on on fucking train to film that edgy black and white video? Why not feature his own gf?

No. 285890

What a better way to morph into Ian then to be close to Anisa.

No. 286035

>If all of your videos are the equivalent of inside jokes couched in a guy spitting up chocolate and shouting FRUIT SNACK over and over, then you aren't really that funny.

Just sounds like you missed the point

>Not like watching Kevin Hart weak

>changes to him infront of green screen that you can see the top of and looks like shit
>Weird heaven music playing in the background that doesn't go with the scene at all
>Frank's fart and breaking character laugh but goes along with it anyway
>Frank shouting 'Dade' while stiffling a laugh

that like half minute of one video was funnier than anything Ian has done probably ever

No. 286038

>"y-you're not deep enough to understand frank-sama's intricate humor and lore!"
senpai will never notice you

No. 286055

File: 1491560350241.png (32.84 KB, 824x139, Youfuckingmong.png)

>"Despite you saying 'I don't think he's actually that funny, but I still enjoy his shit' multiple times, I'm gonna accuse you of desperately craving Joji's dick, YOU STAN, because I'm an unoriginal fuck."
I didn't say you have to be smart to get it, literally anybody can stand back and see that FilthyFrank is a concept. I mean, fuck, it says as much in his channel's description.

She's outdone herself this time. I seriously believed she couldn't be anymore empty and shallow, but there really is no such thing as "Anisa", she's just an amalgamation of other people's traits and opinions that she believes will gain her attention and people's favor.

I wonder what it's been like for her to know, this whole time, she's been blatantly copying another girl's channel and it's still boring, tired, lazy trash. She can't even pull off plagiarizing content despite all of the hard work of coming up with ideas being done for her by Chris' girl. Fuck, that's sad.
>"I enjoy doing fitness videos and AMAs, they relax me"
No wonder she has such an easy, relaxing time doing them.

No. 286062


i always saw the "character" of filthy frank as more of an excuse for joji to spout shitty edgy statements and get a pass for it. lbr, that kind of humor is rife on youtube and there's a reason why his fanbase is one of the worst out there. all of this "it's just a character" bullshit is an excuse both him and his fans can constantly use to excuse themselves, it's the lamest trick in the book.

it's the exact same thought process as "it's just a joke! calm down!" idk that shit is tacky as hell to me.

No. 286076

lel yeah I agree joji will never fuck your vagoo :^)

No. 286090

>I didn't say he was funny BAKA!!!!
>this unfunny shit is funnier than anything Ian's ever done. FRUIT SNEK XD

which is it you speds lmao

No. 286094

Because everybody just loves infighting and how it completely derails the fucking conversation and will never end until somebody finally tells y'all to shut the fuck up.
Some people like Frank, other people don't. It's fucking boring going round in circles explaining your feels about the guy. Nobody fucking cares.

No. 286135

There are more than 2 people here you know? I find him fucking hilarious, that other person doesn't but realises you are just spamming insults for no reason. Just because we don't all agree with you doesn't mean we are the same person.

No. 286137

Why doesn't she know what an apostrophe is??

No. 286204

Because she only had enough room in her squirrel brain for learning the most rudimentary spelling and reading skills. She only has enough room for "basic literacy", "show body, get attention", "repeat what men want to hear" and "list of insecurities". It's unrealistic to expect Anisa to have any kind of education past a 5th grade level. The girl went to fucking art school, yet she thinks the Medicis ruled Venice in Ancient Rome. She stopped absorbing knowledge a long, long time ago.

No. 286674


Painfully boring, no personality, and if I wanted to know how to make cinnamon buns I would watch a 20 second video or look for a recipe online. If you're gonna do this shit Anisa, at least try to write some jokes or something like most youtube chefs do!

No. 286677

Omg is she serious

No. 286678

>A quick and easy tutorial
>11:45 minutes long

ok anisa

No. 286682

File: 1491610823136.png (13.57 KB, 745x100, Screenshot 2017-04-07 at 8.18.…)

wow #relationshipgoals

No. 286684

File: 1491610874476.png (15.59 KB, 732x94, Screenshot 2017-04-07 at 8.19.…)

Guys look how CREATIVE and QUIRKY and UNIQUE Anisa is. Wow, what an amazing PERSONALITY she has.

No. 286685


>anime intro

Wow guys! She's sooooo one of the weeb guys!

No. 286687


>Me and Ian have started talking like one another

No you haven't. You talk like he talks and he's just talking like himself.

No. 286693

>DIY cinnamon buns
for some reason the title is cracking me up. EVERY FOOD YOU MAKE IS DIY ANISA YOU DUMBASS.

No. 286700

File: 1491611868289.gif (1.94 MB, 480x270, mFYbxHY.gif)

Oh come on guyzzz Anisa is one of the boizzz, sooo uniquee!!!11oneneoenene

No. 286703

Isn't this the type of shit "Hair Cake" set out to make fun of? Also her chin is so fucking…. weird

No. 286705

Isn't all of Anisa's content something Content Cop would prey on as well?

No. 286711

that kitchen looks disgusting as fuck

No. 286712

Ultimate facepalm

It's pretty normal to start picking up each other's habits, mannerisms, creating your own, weird "couple slang" after spending so much time together, etc., but I guess all of my relationships were lacking ~true love~ because I never quoted played out memes my boyfriend created fucking ages ago. Oh, woe! My life and interpersonal relationships are empty and meaningless!

I'm also starting to get weirded out how often she feels the need to namedrop her boyfriend and remind everybody after…how long have they been dating? Since September or October? 5-6 months? Yeah, you get a few months free pass to moon over your new beau and then nobody is obligated to patiently tolerate you gushing over them after that point.

Anisa, you're not the Idubbbz Clone, you're the Barbara Clone. Your backburner boyfriend, Chris, is the Idubbbz Clone. Fucking get it right, you dumb bitch.

No. 286730

That haircut is so unflattering. Oof.

No. 286742

Yeah, I knew this would happen. She has a heavy jaw, it's the widest point of her face and you aren't supposed to get haircuts that emphasize the least flattering part of your face. She needs medium to long hair, creating an illusion of looong, with layers framing her face and probably some bangs, like a side swept bang. She got a sideswept bang and it seems she abandoned it pretty quickly, but I think it might balance everything out. That and adding some more volume around the crown (google "mousse" and "backcombing", Anisa). Did she just go to the salon and say "Hey, I like this haircut I saw. I didn't look into whether or not it would work for me, I didn't take that into account whatsoever, just give it to me"?

Your hair seriously affects your appearance, just getting it shaped can drastically change how you look. Kind of like how you'd never think your eyebrows make that much of a difference until you get them waxed professionally after growing them out and see for yourself how noticeable the change is. I wish she'd browse Pinterest and figure this shit out, like, fuck.

No. 286748

the DIY title annoyed the shit outta me

No. 286750

>makeup tutorials

After all the hitching she did about people who do them and how she has noooo idea how to use makeup?
Is she serious? Anisa, pick a fucking personality.

No. 286755

kek! Ian is such a hypocrite, he shits on others for the shit Anisa does but lets her steer clear with this bullshit. #demrelationshipsgoalsthoo

No. 286766

Even if Tana did exaggerate her storytime videos, they're at least way more interesting than this crap. But god forbid bring up how bad Anisa's content is in her comments, cause one of Ian's fanboys are just gonna say "she's just doing it for fun! Let her live!". If it were Tana, though, everyone would make fun of it… smh these hypocrites.

No. 286770

Laughing at Ethan's tweet of "simply showing the big corporations that pulled out the consequence". Pretty sure they don't care. Ethan has been pretty insufferable about this whole thing.

No. 286771

exactly! hahah man that "diy" vid is basically what Ian goes after on those content cops of his, lol cant wait for him to do a content cop on her once she is caught cheating on him with edups 2.0

No. 286799

diy BS or not, but how fucking uncomfortable must it be to knead dough while also going for the perfect thigh shot?

No. 286804

expanding a bit: even to my drunk ass it looks like she clearly knows what she's doing, but is acting dumb for the internet.

damn girl must have no love for herself. i would consider myself a strong woman blah blah blah and i couldn't make a YT vid of myself kneading cinnamon bun dough for no real reason. why can't she just own her skills? like her traditional art is ok and her digital art is shit, but if i had a dollar for every basic ass hoe who "loves to bake" but won't knead their own damn dough, i wouldn't be posting on lolcow, sipping on cheap ass wine. i'd be on lolcow on some mid to high tier shit.

i don't even think she has some baking talent, but gurl stop selling yourself short.

No. 286805

He is making it extremely hard not to make 'muh shekels' jokes.

No. 286870

She is not funny, she is not unique, she is not very quick or elaborate about it, she doesn't edit it differently, she doesn't lay it out in a way that anybody could easily reproduce, the end result looks awful and honestly she is not very good looking.

So what makes this any better than the other thousands of videos of the same thing? Oh wait she is the only one who is dating the amazing and beautiful Idubbbz

No. 286879

Anisa's Youtube career will fail simply because she's doing it out of a desire for money and attention.

Money and attention are great things to have, but the only people who get those things got them because they were passionate about what they were doing. The cash and the fame are rewards for jobs done well.

Anisa thinks she can just pump out fodder and have the revenue roll in and that's just not how it works in a job field like this. No one's going to watch her half-assed trash that exists solely because she wants money and to be a Youtuber.

No. 287017

File: 1491672152895.jpg (180.64 KB, 913x587, anisa.jpg)

girl you did a whole bunch of gymnastics in front of that mirror, of course you'll look better in a selfie than in some random photo. Also she's built like a brick and that outfit doesn't do her a favour

No. 287021

She looks literally the same except she's breaking her back in the now pic where's the change?????

No. 287022


Why does she do that same fucking pose in that same fucking mirror every fucking picture?

No. 287024


she looks…. exactly the same….

face and arm are only things you can compare in this one and they look exact same size

the waist area can be compared because shes leaning forward in the mirror pic which makes her head appear bigger and body smaller

take new pic with exact same pose and angle and clothes, then we can compare

No. 287025

i meant to write waist area CAN'T be compared, not "can"

No. 287029

She's also hiding her body from view with her arms. It's so weird, you look at her legs, her arms, her face: same size. Meanwhile, yeah, she's standing in the most awkward, unnatural pose in some attempt to look sexy. She does understand the importance of angles, but she doesn't know how to hit the right ones without it looking insanely forced.

Anisa, you're standing with your torso diagonal, your hips more or less straight on, your back curved and are leaning forward with two arms blocking most of your torso from view and you're wearing a shirt that's significantly baggier than the first photo, but you want to try and ask people to compare the "after" picture to a "before" one where you're standing like a normal human being? You gotta stand the same and wear the same outfit, or at least one that's very similar in how it fits. You really can't ask people to compare these two. This is…bitch, wut?

No. 287031

Fucking how are we supposed to compare. The only thing she's showing is her face which is exactly the same and most of her arm which looks the same as far as I can tell.

No. 287034


why is this post so funny

No. 287040

God, she looks like a room mom

No. 287042


lmao at her bragging because she's dating a 14 year old boy

No. 287045

>Some one if my comments

No. 287052


>Would H3h3 have enough milk for their own thread now? Or are they better off staying here?

maybe someone could post a summary of this drama in the "YouTubers General Thread", and mention his shady leafy shenanigans. we could discuss it there, cause sadly h3h3 is still so loved, that i don't think the fanboys would like him having a thread of his own.

No. 287054


ew. this cancer is why brands don't care for youtube audiences anymore.

No. 287056


right? this bitch hasn't done a single interesting thing in her life.

No. 287057

You can't even see her whole body in the second pic??? And why does anyone even care?? "Everyone look how good I look pls give me attention!"

No. 287059


christ, i know. the circlejerk for filthyfrank is insane. i don't hate the dude by any means, he seems like a great guy, but y'all need to calm down.

No. 287067

>Doesn't sage despite throwing in their two cents on infighting that was stupid, derailed the conversation and happened 24 hours ago.

No. 287096


No. 287099


The tape peeling bit made me chuckle.

No. 287125

I cringed, I cringed a lot, particularly during the opening. I kinda laughed at "Squirt the cancer milk out of your tits, you dumb bitch", but the rest of his humor was…eugh. Maybe he's always been like this and I didn't notice before because I was high on enjoying his Content Cop roasting, but he just rambles and says shit in a weird voice.

I think he noticed that he's been really listless and coming across as depressed in recent videos and I can appreciate the fact he's more energetic in this one, it's more engaging for the audience and it's nice that he's trying for a change. However, I'd have thought he was a channel for little kids if it wasn't for the cursing and shit. Hell, maybe he's accepted that his audience is 85% middle schoolers. It feels like I shouldn't even be bitching about it because it's so clearly not meant for somebody in their late 20's. It would be like if I complained that a kid's cartoon wasn't living up to my standards, like, it's simply not aimed at me, I'm not 13 and retarded.

No. 287127

Pretty silly and funny. Idk why I got total… bad in bed vibes from this video though. He just comes off so sloppy, unappreciative, lazy and self involved in this.

No. 287129

His fan base literally are 13. One 13 year old fan sent him the minecraft stickers in this.

No. 287131

Samefag. I will say I'm glad he shaved off the most heinous dirtstache I've seen in years, thank fucking god that's gone. I hope he wasn't even the slightest bit serious when talking about his "luscious locks" and Anisa hasn't convinced him that haircut is a good look (we all know how garbage her taste in haircuts is), he looked much better with it shorter. Longer on top and short on the sides, Ian, get rid of the greasemop. You're almost presentable.

Yeah, back in the day, it felt like his content was aimed at immature 20 year olds (I'm fine with admitting I'm a 16 year old boy stuck in a 28 year old woman's body), but now…jesus, now it's really clear he's trying to appeal to edgelord children. Funny, since I'm sure with YT these days, the 13 year olds would have a harder time finding his videos, but if there's a will, there's a way and 13 year olds are hellbent on finding cool stuff. Like a guy who uses slurs, says curses and eats glue. Baaaadaaaasss.

No. 287139

Fuck is wrong with this guy? Oh god. How the fuck was this guy my favourite youtuber at one point?

No. 287145

That's what I want to know too. I was a huge fan at one point. Was he always like this and we just didn't realize it, or has he changed? Either way it makes me sad.

No. 287148


1. Sage if you're not adding anything of value.
2. He used to at least try to be clever, and now he's just belching, over-editing and eating gross shit. He's definitely changed.

No. 287167


Yeah, I'm searching my memory trying to remember if it was always like this and I'd ignored it or if he's decided to just be a complete autist now.
>and now he's just belching, over-editing and eating gross shit. He's definitely changed.
Like, I remember Ian always eating gross shit and belching before. He's always done that. The belching was funny for a second because it was…real? Like, his "I can't be fucked to be polite" attitude was charming in comparison to cleancut people like Zoella, but it got tired awhile ago. The eating gross shit, I gave it a pass because his funny statements made up for it.

Now, he doesn't even bother saying anything clever. It's just the belching, eating gross shit, dry heaving/gagging and, apparently, any dialogue in between is him rambling. I think he's trying to appeal to that "lol so random" humor that young teens love. Y'know, that humor the rest of mankind thinks is fucking cancer.

He used to be so dry, sardonic and clever. Like, his intelligence always redeemed him for me and I've always enjoyed people who mix witty humor with low brow. Now:
>Lol random random gross random gross belch

No. 287169

Seems like someone's getting a little pressed. H3H3 is freaking out. Onision quit one of his channels. Ian suddenly wants to do bad unboxing again. I'm enjoying watching this play out. Kudos to Felix for trying to appeal to the money making side, not surprised seeing how money grubbing he is.

No. 287180

Does anybody else get the feeling that Ian would be one of those dudes who, during a beej, would just seem shocked that it's even happening to them in the first place?

No. 287232

>implying he'd be off the internet long enough to realize his dick was being sucked

No. 287276

This shit is pure fucking cancer. http://www.deviantart.com/tag/idubbbztv?offset=77

The Idubbbtv tag at deviantart is the most depressing thing I've seen in a long time. However, I do love that his stans are all about shit he did a year ago (with a few Tana-Ian-"SAAAY…" drawings thrown in there), nothing new, plus, they all draw him as he looked about a year ago. Nobody's into his recent content, it's clear they love him because of Content Cop and his association with the Cancer Crew. They want to pretend Ian doesn't look like a fucking slob and is still kicking it with Joji, Max and Chad on the regular. Not one drawing of Ian with his greasemop and dirtstache, just drawing after drawing of "I'm gay!", "I have crippling depression!" and him looking like a clean, well groomed human adult. Ian, you better shit out some new memes and force Joji by gunpoint into hanging out with you or everybody will catch on to the fact you peaked last year.

No. 287280

lol im sorry but its really funny to me that you thought of searching idubbz on deviantart.

No. 287283

Haha, nah, I was trying to show my friend how gross he's gotten recently, went to search for a picture of him from a year ago for comparison, was lambasted by cancerous fan art and thought "I have to see how fucking awful and cringey this shit gets."

No. 287288

omg her voice is so fucking annoying!! In the very beginning when she could have just mixed the yeast with the milk, she had to go on a tangent. Like, her entire personality is massively tryhard 'i'm not like the other gurls!!1 tee hee' Holyshit, i hate her.

No. 287289

She looks the same!! Angles and shitty contouring of your body doesn't help you lose weight, Pear-chan.

No. 287290

That "now" picture isn't even from now. Look how long her hair is.
Chunky ass, brick body bitch.

No. 287293

File: 1491703083047.png (408.3 KB, 925x574, ICallBullshit.png)

Waaaait. Wait, wait, wait. I know she's twisting her torso in this like a motherfucker, but we've seen her in bikinis at a slim weight before, we know she has zero waist, she's seriously built like a brick, but now she has a significant waist? You can create a more defined waist with exercise, but not that big of a change. Also, look to the left, under her forearm…why does it look like she magically made half of her lower ribcage disappear?

I don't doubt that she's lost some weight in the months she's lived with Ian, but, bitch, you're full of shit.

No. 287294

Lol she is 100% sucking in in this picture.

No. 287295

Samefag. The proportions are fucked! Look at that! Her lower torso and hips are half the size of her shoulders. I think you can even see some blurring on the left side of her stomach. Why is her bra so low? What the fuck is going on with this picture? Is it just me?

No. 287296

I used to love his kickstarter crap videos, ngl. He's gone full downhill lately though.

No. 287297

haha I see it too, if its not edited then she's got some saggy tits?

No. 287298

Dude, yes! Why is her bra hanging so low?? And why is her front button undone? i can't with this bitch

No. 287300


honestly, i have this trick where if i lean my torso more towards the mirror it makes your waist look a lot better. idk, i truly think it's just some tricks, sucking in and good lighting hitting her. this pic does look weird and oddly blurry, but could be the phone quality.

No. 287308

It's not just the photo quality, though, it's the proportions. I'd be alright with chalking it up to her just having a weird body, but we've seen older pictures where she's just wearing a bra or a bikini and she has a very rectangle shaped body. She doesn't have an inverted triangle shaped body (not saying they're inherently weird, I have an inverted triangle body shape). Again, her bra is way too low on her chest–those would be the longest bra straps in the world–and her ribcage is something else entirely. I know she always does crazy, twisting poses to get those angles right, but this is just insane. I'm gonna take it into pixlr to emphasize how weird it is.

No. 287318

honestly, i hate putting these two things together if they are unrelated, but i have a strong feeling it's not. Has anybody realized that Ian started looking like complete shit/stop caring about his appearance AFTER he started dating Anisa? I think they started dating sometime after the Leafy vid (where I personally think Ian looked nice, maybe even his peak of attractiveness) and from then on it has just gone completely downhill. First with him growing out long, greasy hair and then the fucking mostache.

No. 287320

love how she's hiding that wide fuckin jaw with her phone, guess the pear shape is too intense when you look at her straight

No. 287322

File: 1491707437823.png (617.72 KB, 925x574, ICallBullshit2.png)

Granted, I had to guess the cup size and shit. I suppose she didn't shoop it, it does look like a rectangle shaped person twisting themselves like a pretzel to achieve the illusion of a waist. Still, what the fuck is up with those bra straps?

No. 287325

You outlined the left side wrong BC you missed a part of her waist that's there but kinda blends with the wall bc there's a shade & so even tho she's still twisting her torso it's not that messed up looking

No. 287328

lmao, i love how Ian gave Leafy shit for "not having a proper profile shot while showing his chin" while his girlfriend cant take a picture if its not a mirror selfie where she hides her face or body with her phone

No. 287329

File: 1491707881569.png (728.84 KB, 939x600, Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 11.1…)

Oh here we go. #OMGFRIENDSHIPGOALS I will say I am curious about how she'll look in it

No. 287330

Oh, I've definitely noticed. I always assumed it was Ian making an effort once he started becoming popular and girls were catching onto the idea of fucking him, he realized he could get laid if he made a bit more of an effort and then the second he started dating Anisa, he was like "Welp, that's that, no need to ever make a fucking effort with my appearance ever again. So long dignity!"

No. 287333

File: 1491707997246.png (292.49 KB, 400x403, ICallBullshit3.png)

Oh, god, you're right. Holy shit, that is some optical illusion. Okay, she's clearly still rectangle shaped.

No. 287338

honestly its kind of pathetic. i feel like this is his first "real" relationship, so he has this weird sense of security of "oh they'll never leave me due to my appearance! whats the point of trying!" it would be so easy to just drop him tho. i dont deny that anisa is totez super duper in luv with ian!! but he looks drastically different from when they first met, and not in the good way

No. 287342

i can't wait for katt and anisa to meet and be incredibly awkward in real life. they just don't seem like similar people at all to me (i also hate the concept that they're just friends because of the fact that their boyfriends are friends?? like if chad or george got serious girlfriends are they just all forced to become friends?? yall ever heard of individuality

No. 287348

This isn't pull

No. 287357

His stuff looks like those videos about Spiderman/Elsa from Frozen getting pregnant; those that he had criticized on Content Cop.

No. 287365

Yeah, I mean, we've put together that this is his first serious relationship and that he either lost his virginity shortly before Anisa or to her specifically, I think he's woefully inexperienced. It's kind of surprising, even ugly, awkward geeks date in HS and can get laid, it's usually the super autistic and/or obese guys who are /r9k/ kissless virgins. He's not religious or traditional, not to my knowledge. Maybe he really is just that insecure and terrified of women and needed that confidence boost from "making it" on YT before he'd feel okay fucking somebody. Sad.

It's not exactly rare to let yourself go to a certain extent when you're in a relationship, but, jesus, he really let himself go when he started dating her. It annoys me because she's all into fitness, losing weight, getting haircuts (albeit, shitty ones), buying clothes…just everything to maintain her appearance or to look better while he can't be fucked to even shave, shower and get a haircut. It doesn't take much to look presentable as a dude, it's way easier and the fact she works at it while he lets himself go screams "selfish".

No. 287369

Honestly!! Like how much can you preach for a good healthy lifestyle when you're fucking boyfriend looks like a roach even though he could definitely buy nice clothes or take a shower. He also started his whole "Im dead inside" thing after meeting Anisa too. At this point I just feel like they're both unhappy

No. 287371

I mean she gets to live in California (where she has always wanted to live) probably rent-free with her dog and she has a new audience of asskissers, she's probably not that unhappy.

No. 287372

I guess living with a roach has its perks

No. 287374

Yeah, she seems pretty happy, or at the least content, with this set up, but I wonder why he seems really depressed.
He's seemed listless, he seems like he doesn't really give a shit about what he's doing anymore, he doesn't bother maintaining basic hygiene/his appearance and Anisa says he sleeps until 3pm. I do get the impression that he's depressed and it did all start the second he began to date Anisa. If she was the reason, you'd think he'd just dump her. He wields all the power in the relationship, it's not like he'd end up homeless, like her, if they broke up. Plus, I'm sure all of the female stans clamoring to suck his dick makes it clear to him that he wouldn't die alone if he broke it off with her. I wonder what his deal is. Maybe it's that insecurity I mentioned before, maybe he thinks
>"The stans only wanna fuck me bc I'm an e-celeb, no girl would really want me besides Anisa. SIGH."

No. 287375

Maybe they'll bond about how painfully unfunny their boyfriends are.

No. 287388

I think a lot of his hesitation to break up with her is because of insecurity AND inexperience. His dudebro audience would probably make fun of him for losing the only girl hes ever gotten, and due to his social awkwardness and insecurity, maybe he does feel like this is the only girl he can get. Also, the inexperience plays into it a lot. Its also the reason why the relationship moved so fast

No. 287389


its a cancer crew general thread, anon. filthyfrank discussion is relevant. sorry it hurts your feelings

No. 287390

Anisa just seems content enough to me, obviously shes in a good spot right now when it comes to location and her stupid ass fanbase, but I just can't think that her relationship with Ian is at all happy or content.

No. 287396

That's true, inexperience is probably playing some kind of significant role, though I think his audience is at this point now where they rival Leafy fans in terms of infatuation and loyalty so they probably wouldn't mock him. If anything, they'd be like "YEAH, SHE SUCKS, ALWAYS HATED HER" the second he broke up with her.

It's probably a mix of him being afraid to admit he made a mistake having this girl move all the way from Canada with her dog, a lifetime of unaddressed insecurity and feeling like this is the only person who'll truly want him since it took 25 years before he could convince a chick to finally date him (I mean, fuck, can you imagine how that feels?).

Sorry to blogpost, but I was thinking of an ex I had who reminds me of Ian a lot and had only slept with 2 girls shortly before I met him when he was 24. He was so painfully insecure about his inexperience and the fact I had more sexual experience made him flip the fuck out, he felt the need to call me a slut and accuse me of cheating all the time.

I just get this feeling that a similar 26/27 year old man with little to no previous sexual or relationship experience is going to be such an insecure dick to a girl who's slept with other dudes, dated other dudes and used to make money as a titty streamer. Like, she didn't feel the need to stop titty streaming while with her ex, but the second she starts dating Ian? No more Twitch. Plus, we know he told her she couldn't befriend and do business with Zoie Burgher. We've also seen him smack her on cam and call her stupid and a cunt. Like, I hate to sympathize with someone as obnoxious as Anisa, but I'd feel bad for her if Ian was being a little insecure weiner who couldn't handle the fact his girlfriend fucked other dudes before him.

No. 287403

Learn to anon correctly and don't put your email in newfag.

No. 287409


>for our Hawaii trip

Aaaand when is this supposed to happen? Also


I unironically hope she does.

No. 287413

Katt and Anisa planned to hang out once before and it felt through too. Maybe something similar will happen with this

No. 287418

Being depressed in a brand new relationship is pretty strange, especially when it's babbys first. You would think someone like Ian would've been over the moon for the first few months, and typically girls tend to exert their influence over a guy's appearance during the honeymoon phase if they're of the more slovenly sort. But we never really saw a honeymoon phase of their relationship reflected in anything Ian did or posted. He's only gotten steadily worse since Anisa showed up. It's pretty weird. Either he was already falling into a severe cycle of depression when she popped up or she triggered it.

No. 287419

Yeah, big part of it is also the whole making a mistake thing. Ian's just built up a very unachievable role for himself now where he's always supposed to be on top of things, when it comes to bad content or to reading people. Even if you don't like his shit, a large amount of the youtube community sees him in that way, and I think in his mind that means if he breaks up with Anisa, it indirectly means he fucked up and thats a big no no for himself. Maybe his audience wouldn't even see it that way, but again he seems to be controlled by insecurities

No. 287421

The honeymoon stage of Anisa and Ian was one-sided, Anisa being the only one feeding into it. The first we ever even saw Anisa and Ian naturally being together was the livestream, and that was a shitshow of awkwardness. Kind of makes me feel bad for Anisa, obnoxious or not her boyfriend is just super shitty boyfriend material.

No. 287423

Yeah, I really don't see any real commonalities between the two besides "Hee, our boyfriends are buds" and, sure, you can use that as a reason to get to know each other better and it's usually a nice gesture if you're friendly with your partner's friends, but it's pretty weird to inherit a friendship just because you date this certain person. I have no idea if they're talking regularly and did discovered that they do share a lot in common, but…like, c'mon, Anisa is such an empty, shallow girl who's just mimicking Ian and regurgitating all of his opinions like some kind of alien who's doing a terrible job of impersonating a human being. She has certain things that she likes, but describing her is like "She enjoys baking/cooking, League of Legends, her dog…um…yeah, that's…that's pretty much it." whereas Kat has her own career and life. Anisa is an extension of Ian, Kat is a real person. Watch, Anisa's going to suddenly develop a whole new set of interests while hanging out with Kat because that's the only way she knows how to make people like her, by absorbing their identity.

No. 287444

The guy is in his mid 20's, this is his first "proper" relationship and the girl moves from another country and they start living together right away. She can only stay for a maximum of 6 months and there's no guarantee she can come back right away after that.

This is a pretty stressful situation IF Ian really cares about her, and would explain the uninspiring videos lately. Well, even if he doesn't really care about her how the hell is he going to find another insecure girl to do the chores and put up with his awkwardness?

Obviously he's not going to marry the dumb-dumb just to keep her around. That would be the stupidest decision of his life. They will be reaching that crossroads pretty soon, though.

No. 287463

I think his honeymoon phase was actually making and executing the plans of having her move in with him. You would have to be in that obsessive puppy love phase or just somehow very very stable to make that kind of decision after some months of being together. I'm sure the cohabitation is just a lot more stressful for them than they thought it would be.

No. 287467

Yes, everything you said. I dunno if he has a history of depression, like, we've never seen him fall into a sullen, sloppy mess of a person before and he was always on top of his video schedule, he seemed very into making content.

I've theorized that after he blew up last year, he started to feel the pressure with all those new eyes on him who expected the same level of quality we see in his Content Cops and he just doesn't have it in him to consistently create content on that level. 90% of Ian's shit is more like Bad Unboxing and it must be stressful as fuck when your audience is always demanding shit you can only produce 10% of the time. Then add in some relationship weirdness: depressed as fuck.

Actually, yeah, also true. It's normal for a guy as inexperienced as Ian to get swept up in the excitement and Anisa, I'm sure, was amped by the idea of moving out of her mom's house and living with this well-off YouTuber. I don't think she's just in it for the money, I do think she's genuinely into him, but she'd have known it's not a great idea to move in together after only hanging out once or twice and was probably motivated by wanting to move out like a big girl and play house with Ian.

You obviously can't go from dating online to living together without shit being awkward, it's going to be weird as fuck. I wouldn't be surprised if he was like
"Fuck it, come to California, live with me, it'll be great! I'll pay for everything, just move here!" and then begins to realize he rushed everything, that they don't have much in the way of chemistry or commonalities, he's used to having privacy, his own schedule and doing shit according to how he likes it and not having to compromise with another human being in his space, but now he has to live 24/7 with someone and deal with their annoying habits and rituals. Then he feels like an asshole for moving someone from another country to live with him that he's not really into and has to ride out the six months till her visa ends because he's embarrassed by being an inexperienced ween who didn't listen to people telling him not to rush it.

No. 287475

File: 1491728983928.png (212.43 KB, 1440x944, Screenshot_2017-04-09-03-12-21…)

Looks like even Max is onto her shit… Excited to see how the couples retreat Hawaii trip goes..

No. 287477

Idk how friendly they are but that seemed unusually snide coming from Max lol.

No. 287480


$10 says Anisa bitterly weeps about this to Ian ($3 says she stomps one of her feet while doing so) so he sighs and tells Max he only has to be nice to her until she moves back to Canada in a few months, then he can mock her shitty videos all he wants.

No. 287482


Not to rain on your parades but is there any reason you think he made this comment ABOUT her and not just TO her? It seems pretty inconclusive to me.

No. 287485

I guess it could just be a random joke, we'd need more context to know. Just seemed like he was referencing her love of AMAs since even she has tweeted in defense of herself making so many of them I'm assuming she's getting a good amount of comments on it to warrant addressing it and it's become a thing.

No. 287548

you wrote too much, you gotta write it with weird spaces in the middle of the
so that anisa can understand what you're saying

No. 287554

The glue eating part, is that an American thing? Because I have never seen anything like that in my life…

Saged for ot

No. 287559

I think his age also has something big to do with it too. Ian is at least 26 and he has just stepped into his first serious relationship. There are many people surrounding him like Max, who is 23 and is in a happy healthy relationship. If anything, Ian having a girlfriend might have worked out if he had found someone as inexperienced as him. They'd learn together and they would work their way around things like moving in with each other months after dating.

No. 287569

are you retarded? your repetitive, uninspired joke will never be funny.

No. 287574

Her voice sounds like fucking Ellen DeGenerus oh my god

No. 287580

Yeah. Relationhopping insecure slut + virgin dweeb = ????? I'm so curious what they'd like together, because nothing we've seen online paints a pretty picture of it.

No. 287586

I'm assuming hers is the Snow White one… Isn't that cup too big for her?

No. 287587

I'm 99% convinced that at some point, Ian's felt insecure, asked her how many guys she's slept with, she answered and his insecurity just flared up even more, thus creating a whole fucking issue.

If it hasn't happened yet, for the love of god, Anisa, tell him it's none of his business. Insecure, recently de-virginized guys are so weird about that shit, they'll spend all their time picturing their girlfriend being plowed by other dudes, working themselves up into a fit and then somehow convince themselves that knowing the exact number will make them feel better. Quelle surprise: no it doesn't.

Maybe I'm just projecting my own personal experiences, but doesn't he seem like the kind of guy who'd do that? Like, he'd be weirdly sexually conservative for 2017 and calls girls sluts if they've fucked more than 4 men in 10 years?

No. 287590

Honestly, I just hope they break up before they go to Vidcon. Max will probably have distaste for her but pretend he likes her for Ian. But George is what i'm worried about. Anisa has expressed her love for FilthyFrank a lot in the past, and it will probably not be mutual. George has complained openly on his channel about "gamer gurlz" like her so much in the past

No. 287592

No, seriously, are there no toxins in the glue so you can literally swallow a fucking dollop? also chill the fuck out, didn't mean to trigger you

No. 287599

I wish we could place bets with a bookie on whether or not she'll try to slide off of Ian's dick and onto George's while at VidCon. God, she's such an opportunistic asshole, I mean, that's how she got with Ian in the first place.

Ooof, imagine finally losing your V-card to a girl in your mid to late 20's, she's moved in with you, everything's cool and then she tries to fuck your more popular, more talented, more well adjusted friend (who doesn't even really like you that much anymore) a year after she cheated on her ex with you. That'd be some traumatizing shit and it's weird how it's not even that farfetched to believe she'd do it.

No. 287600

I just looked it up and if you actually want to know you can eat some of the glue cause there are no ingredients that can cost lasting damage, but Ian probably was lucky and didn't know that. Or maybe he just knew that from weird previous information

No. 287602

She said even while dating Ian that FilthyFrank is her favorite youtuber. And even on that livestream with Ian, someone said that George said that Ian's ass is tight and she agreed (shes so funny!'not like the other gurlz :3) and then she praised Pink Guy's music and Ian agreed with her, which makes sense because they're both on the George dicc suck train. I don't think George would even do anything with Anisa if she threw herself onto him. Unlike Ian I think he can read people pretty well

No. 287604

He referenced ShoeNice on the greenscreen backdrop before eating the glue. If you don't know already, ShoeNice is this random guy who'll eat anything on his YouTube channel, he got some attention a few years ago for being batshit and weird. One of the more well known vids he did was of him chugging a bottle of Elmer's Glue. That and the fact that Elmer's is mostly marketed towards little kids (who are more likely to eat glue), you can easily draw the conclusion that it's not toxic.

No. 287607

Thank you for providing a real answer, when I was a little girl it was a big deal specifically, and what a dickhead. I feel so embarrassed for ever considering him funny, I guess this kinda answers the stomach cancer meme because he can't be that stupid, even if it doesn't do anything bad it still isn't healthy.

No. 287611

>chill the fuck out
>you're triggered xD
maybe you should take your own advice. more uninspired memes. you're clearly the one with some insecurity issues. feel better soon

No. 287614


stop derailing, take your bs to reddit

No. 287615


You're both arguing about eating glue and are, presumably, not in kindergarten. Reevaluate your lives.

No. 287625

I was a real first gf to a 21 y/o virgin. He started getting sloppy too (gained weight, dropped out of school, moved back in with parents, was a neet for a short time) and justified everything with some silly thought process like "well I have a gf now so as long as i have that". After I broke up with him he flew off the handle and believed that since it took him that long to get one girl to like him, no one ever will again or some shit. Called me a Stacy and said I was just going to go out every night to fuck random men.

He was very into ironic memes or whatever and liked the part of YT/internet Ian and co. does. Also weird about posting pics of us on social media, wanted to treat me like a best friend rather than a gf, etc. Insecure, inexperienced guys hype up having a gf too much and basically ruin it for themselves. I can't imagine what kind of baggage Ian has at 26 and first girlfriend.

No. 287629

I will feel so bad for katt when she has to spend real time with anisa. she'll realise how unoriginal and boring anisa really is.

a lot of kids I knew drank glue for dares back in middle school when I was there, so yeah it is, also >>287604

why are you still replying to them?

No. 287634

Some part of me wants to give Ian the benefit of the doubt and say he's had a girlfriend before, but if he has it was probably in highschool for like a month. The virgin thing is also something that gets me. From old tweets of screenshots of his phone from 2014, you can see the amount of dating apps he had like Tinder and Plenty of Fish. He probably had sex once or twice before Anisa from a weird Tinder date, and maybe he's kissed like 6 times before Anisa, one being a joke kiss he did for a youtube video about eating cake. He's a very different boy.

No. 287640

Guhhh, sounds like he way spent too much time on /r9k/. Those guys just feed into each other's insecurity, it's like an echochamber of depressed, socially awkward men overwhelmed with self loathing, blaming everything on Chad fucking the Stacy who friendzoned them and interpreting every personal failure as some kind of confirmation that the deck is stacked against them and they were right all along.

>I can't imagine what kind of baggage Ian has at 26 and first girlfriend.

Seriously. Whatever was standing in the way of him finding a serious relationship before 26 is still there, dating Anisa doesn't magically erase it, so it's a certainty that it's manifesting itself in some obnoxious way. I feel like it's probably a lot of insecurity that got progressively worse with time when his social awkwardness prevented him from meeting girls, like some kind of toxic cycle.

Yeah, actually, now that you mention it, I do remember him talking about dating in passing back in the day. Like…yeah, he had to have gotten laid a handful of times. He wasn't a bad looking guy, y'know, he wouldn't have been treated like a leper on those dating apps. I doubt he had a lot of luck, I can't imagine he had any game. I agree with what you listed, plus there were probably 1-3 girls throughout his teen/adult life who were cool with doling out a handjob in some bedroom at a party after a few beers. Like, just enough experience where he's somewhat familiar with fingering, but definitely doesn't know how to eat a girl out. That level.

No. 287642

Lol @ the direction this thread has taken.

Simultaneously slut-shaming the girlfriend and virgin-shaming the boyfriend. In the same sentence, post after post.

It's boring tbh, wish there was some real milk…

No. 287644


>Waaah this thread is boring so I'm going to post about how boring it is

God shut up

No. 287645

Nah, I don't care if Anisa's fucked a lot of dudes (I have no idea if she even has) and I give zero shits about her tittystreaming. I don't like that she's an opportunist who is dating whoever she thinks can provide her with e-fame while having no talent and no interest in working for success.

As for Ian, we're not shaming him for not having sex by a certain age or something, if that's what you're getting from the posts, you're skimming. We're discussing how sexual/dating inexperience affects a dude, especially in our society, and speculating over how that manifests itself in a relationship., e.g. insecurity, and how that behavior can fuck up a relationship.

While I enjoy speculating, I know a lot of anons think it's boring, stupid and pointless. Believe me, I'd prefer some milk, too, but we can't make that happen, so, honestly, complaining about it is just as pointless until one of them provides said milk. Go peruse another thread in the meantime if you're bored, don't sulk.

No. 287655

What are you talking about, anon?
If it's the 'Is xxx American thing', last time it was me that asked of women being unfunny is an American meme and I was genuinely asking, not as a joke. This time it was a different anon and I guess they were also genuine.

Sorry if that's not it.
Sage for derailing.

No. 287659

File: 1491756147869.jpg (Spoiler Image, 111.85 KB, 1080x1080, 17819405_747519155422654_29128…)


No. 287660



No. 287662

Wtf am I looking at

No. 287663

Hahaha holy shit how old is this? Shes looking sweaty as hell

No. 287666


Oops. I mean PEAR not pair. Sorry for being Anisa. Sage.

No. 287668

I love the fact that she bought unofficial merch to support her boyfriend, does he really not care enough to give her free merch or something?

No. 287672

Oh god, I bet she spent 20 minutes looking back and forth between two shirts, one easily identified as belonging to Ian and the other his merch, trying to decide which one will get more "#goals!" comments.

>Just chillin' at home, rubbing Ian's load into my face, textin' my girlfriend Kat and wearin' my new fave t-shirt lol #love #spunkmasque #greenman #Idubbbz

No. 287674

Ian probably got pissed like most youtubers do when their fans buy unofficial merch, but he had to hold it back because this time the stupid fan was his girlfriend

No. 287677

HOLY SHIT, that's not even HIS merch? She bought unofficial Idubbbz merch? This wasn't even some shirt he had lying around?? Oh, that's too weird. That's so fucking weird. Ian, you couldn't even give your girlfriend your actual merch? You two are the fucking weirdest and not in the way you like to think that you are.

No. 287681

Actually considering the fact that he said her house was ghetto without holding anything back, he probably did complain to her. Probably told her that if she was gonna buy merch she should at least buy the official shit, because once again for some reason hes too cheap or just fucking weird to give her a free shirt

No. 287724


I agree this thread has become unreasonably catty and it's starting to come across as kind of pathetic. I'm obviously here for a reason, it's not like I'm a fan of either of them, but petty shit like "I think maybe he's kissed 6 girls" "No I think he must have only kissed 1 girl lol" and "Look at these lines I drew around Anisa's waist in paint haha" is like…bullshit?

But then maybe I'm just a bitch baby for wishing there weren't so many 16 year old former Ian stans littering the place.

No. 287729

Home girl cheated on her ex with Ian. She's a slut.

Drawing lines on Anisa's waist bothers you? Have you been in the momo thread? Were you around for the good ol PT days when we would unstretch her obviously stretched photos? It's not catty, it's pointing how how she obviously manipulated the picture to get attebtion and praise when it was ridiculously obvious and anatomically impossible for her to look like that. Not sure what amazing milk you're waiting for the most personality-devoid person on /snow/ to drop, but drawing mspaint lines on her IG pics isn't going to draw away from it whenever it spills, I'm sure.

No. 287732

good news, you don't have to read it.

No. 287736

I just don't understand what you expect will happen if we stop and only discuss milk when the cow isn't producing any real milk. We're shooting the shit with what we have in between good milk and you complaining that it's petty, boring, what have you isn't going to make Anisa or Ian a quality lolcow. Anisa is just an empty shell of a human being and Ian's pretty private. This thread is in /snow/, for godssake, it's here for a reason. The milk will flow in time, but when it isn't and you're unhappy with the shitposting, bitching like that isn't going to make the thread 100x more entertaining.

Like, I said this before, go read other threads in the meantime if it's boring or you find the discussion stupid. I follow multiple lolcows for this very reason, it keeps me entertained. Like, jesus, you're criticizing us for acting like teens, but you're an adult who can't entertain themselves during a dry period and believes sulking at us will change anything? Really?

No. 287740

Dude, scroll up, I already addressed this here >>287645. Are you really only gleaning "lol stupid virgin with his skank girlfriend lolol probably only kissed 2 girls lmao loser" from that conversation? That's a pretty superficial interpretation of us discussing how people with very different levels of sexual experience will face a lot of issues when dating. If you still find that lame and pathetic, you can not read the thread and instead just check in sometimes to see if there's new milk. Done, solved.

No. 287742

>I just don't understand what you expect will happen if we stop and only discuss milk when the cow isn't producing any real milk.

I'll stop getting blueballed by this thread.

"Hey, X new posts since I last visited, oh boy, I wonder what juicy thing happened!". Looks. It's just petty banter and speculation. "Oh goddamn".

No. 287746

So you want multiple people who are enjoying themselves in their own right to completely stop everything and only react to milk that you deem entertaining because you can't click the tab, check to see if it interests you and move on without sulking if it doesn't? Because that seems pretty…entitled.

No. 287750

People are going to speculate whether it "blueballs" you or not. Just skim the posts and move on.

(If you want to bitch about being blueballed by a thread, try the cryaotic one. Every fucking time I go back to that one it's hundreds of posts of "I think they broke up this time!!!! 4srs! Jk…….they didn't………..:((((((")

No. 287753

File: 1491764101622.gif (1.41 MB, 299x223, cry fan club.gif)

>try the cryaotic one

The level of devotion in that thread is something.

No. 287777

I'm so new to this drama behind iDubbbz and Anisa. Can somebody fill me in or at least direct me to sources that could educate me properly?

No. 287788

It's technically paste that kids might eat, not glue. I do remember it smelling pretty good

No. 287793

And levels of delusion. Some random person popping up and hinting at a break-up will have them speculating for a month.

No. 287795

First, type "sage" in the email field if you're not contributing, are going off topic, etc. It stops your post from bumping the thread.

Secondly, you can always google "Anisa Ian Cancer Crew lolcow" for older threads. There's a way of finding the older threads on lolcow itself, but I can't remember what it is, I'm sure another anon can tell you.

No. 287802

read the other threads. Takes a while but worth it

No. 287812

People speculate when the milk runs dry. This isn't the Onision thread where there's a pretty regular stream of milk every day, so people tend to pass time by tinfoil hatting. Just go read other threads and check back in periodically if this one isn't doing anything for you. It's not rocket science.

No. 287846

Sorry I scorched your tin-foiled asshole, anon. Just be patient until real milk pops up. It's not rocket science :^)

No. 287852

Not even that anon, but youre pretty much reaching here. They really don't sound mad at all.

No. 287863

…Yeah, that was just weird. It fell flat. Better luck next time, though.

No. 287866

Anisa, is that you?!?!

No. 287869

Haha, honestly, I was tempted to ask that myself. There's been some anon for a few days now (could be different people, but I dunno now) who likes to kick off infighting and it's starting to feel like a deliberate attempt to derail. Whenever somebody complains and we bicker and then settle it/move on, some anon is like "YEAH, I AGREE, THAT'S STUPID" and it's like, aw, dude, c'mon.

Or, y'know, I'm just a suspicious, paranoid fuck. Could be either.

No. 287882

I've never posted in this thread. I saw someone mention the tinfoiling in the Cry thread and replied. Saged cause it was off-topic.

No. 287911

Ohhhh, sorry, anon. I replied to >>287793 thinking you were replying to something else, I got the context all wrong. My bad, I'm a dummy.

God, we really need to get this thread back on track. Sage for horrible levels of derailment and OT fuckery.

No. 287967


From the general tone of the conversation here, Chris and Ian's silence/uncaring about him can make sense maybe?

Perhaps, some part of him wants Anisa to cheat or mess up in a way that can be somewhat or even totally public so he can break up with her without looking like the dumbass who moved in the second girl he fucked from Canada?

No. 287974


Why would you want to deprive us of all that potential milk. We knew Anisa would prefer that Joji dick by miles. It would be fantastic for him to snub her. I hope it goes full soap opera, she comes on to him, and he let's her blow him, only to tell Ian, who he has distanced himself from, promptly. But something tells me Joji is not anywhere near that much of an asshole. Unfortunately.

No. 288005

Yeah, I could see that. Maybe he's not feeling this whole "rushing to move a near stranger into my house and crossing my fingers it's a good idea" decision, is regretting it, but doesn't want to look like a piece of shit by kicking out a girl he had move in with him after a few short months, so he's waiting until her visa expires or, even better, she makes a move on backburner boyfriend Chris so he has every justifiable reason to dump her and won't come out on the other side with a bruised reputation/brand.

Or perhaps he's just indifferent at this point and doesn't care if she starts fucking his clone, just as long as she makes him din dins and lugs around camera equipment.

Oh, she'd definitely prefer to be Joji's special ladyfriend. Ian was a nice upgrade, in her mind, from Akaadian, but Joji could easily supplant Ian if he ever showed the slightest bit of interest. He has way more cool-successful-internet-edgelord-celebrity points than Ian and I'm sure she'd see plenty of opportunity in dating him. Also, yeah, he was her fave YouTuber.

I just don't see Joji being that guy who'd let Ian's girl give him a beej just to prove to his acquaintance/old friend that his girlfriend is shady. I also don't think Anisa would be that obvious, like, she didn't make any overt moves on Ian when they met up at VidCon. She said, I think in a podcast (ughh), that she thought she ruined everything by blurting out "I don't have sex on the first date" and that Ian was surprised because he hadn't made it seem like he expected her to do so. Much social skills.

I mean, clearly she's fine with attending VidCon with her boyfriend and going on a date with another dude, she referred to it as her and Ian's first date herself, so hitting on somebody wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility, but she has enough sense to not fuck it up by offering to sleep with Joji or something.

No. 288103

If anything she's just gonna be all over Joji, like standing near him and laughing at everything he says or some shit. Would be funny to see them in the background of Max or Ian's vidcon vlogs or something, Anisa trying to befriend Joji and Joji being completely indifferent lmao. Maybe Ian will have her film the vlogs though, have her take Chad's role since treating his camera people like shit is a common thing for him I guess

No. 288114

If we're talking soap opera shit I want Max and George to team up at Vidcon to tell Ian that Anisa aint shit after they meet her irl, and then Ian who's too afraid to admit that he fucked up will get mad at them or some shit

No. 288130


This would be great if we could see it. Ian is private, Joji is mega private, so only Max is all over social media with his shit, But even he likely wouldn't take it to Twitter. We'd never know and only be here speculating why they seem off or haven't Twitted to/liked each other in awhile. And shit, Joji isn't already.

No. 288135

Aaughh, I want that vlog footage so bad. Ian belching in the foreground, being a complete autist, while over his shoulder, Anisa gripping Joji's arm in the background and laughing super hard while his eyes bore into the camera across the room, silently pleading "Help me."

And this, too. I'd love that so much, but, to be honest, she's such a drab, boring girl that she probably just kind of fades into the background and watches from the sidelines as her boyfriend and his friends talk and joke around. She'd laugh at the dumb memes Ian spouts off, maybe she'd giggle at shit Joji says, but can anybody really picture her joining in on the conversation? Like, what opinions would she share? All of her opinions are watered down Ian opinions. I don't envy Kat having to make conversation with that while on vacation.

No. 288137

For Joji we would probably just see some lowkey shit. He'd unfollow Ian on social media like he did to Jontron

No. 288139

Samefag, sorry, I trailed off and didn't actually explain my thought. I meant she'd probably be more like furniture when around "the boys", so much so that they wouldn't even get to know her and see whether or not she's shit. Like, if Ian asked them what they thought, they could say "Yeah, she's nice", but there isn't enough a person there to really have any real beef with her. It's not like she'd say anything cunty, she's such a spineless, inoffensive gornisht who desperately wants these guys to like her.

No. 288143

Haha I can imagine Joji's reaction to her so vividly honestly. He seperates himself from his Filthy Frank character, but he's always made jokes about poserish people like her (xD i like memes too guys im one of the boiz) if anything she'll just say incredibly stupid memes she saw on twitter while the boys might be trying to have an actual conversation. It makes me cringe, knowing she's already met other youtube friends of Ian's like h3h3, but it's definitely going to be different meeting Max and George

No. 288146

I think she's either going to be really quiet, nod her head and laugh at shit they say. Or she is going to try to become a part of their squad basically, try to joke around and act like she understand their chemistry and any inside jokes they might have even though this is the first time she's met them. Either way it's a nightmare.

No. 288158

File: 1491792147188.jpg (70 KB, 640x604, IMG_1268.JPG)

wait so she "always" gets mistaken for a white european but she claims she was bullied and called a towel head for being muslim???

No. 288159

She's trying to get noticed by Marzia so she can get to Felix. Her climb to e-fame will be complete!

No. 288162

>Maria is literal fire

I REALLY hope that was written to sound stupid on purpose.

Is she just kissing ass or something? What logic is that? They aren't saying she looks like Marzia, they're saying she just looks like her family immigrated from Marzia's country at some point. Jesus, if she's ass kissing Marzia, she's fucking sucks at subtlety.

Like, ooh, wow, Vincent D'ONofrio is Italian as well, Anisa, does that mean anything? Or is it just another person with Italian heritage that has nothing to do with you? I hope, for your sake, Marzia doesn't see this shit.

No. 288166

yeah because ALL italian girls look like marzia. she's flattering herself too much.

No. 288170

Oh Pear wishes she looked anything similar to Marzia. Anisa your lack of self-esteem is showing here.

No. 288171

Do people seriously mistake Anisa for anything except a pear?

She looks white as fuck. She isn't actually Arab, is she? When I look at her, all I see is white.

No. 288172

I hope Marzia doesn't have to see this, but knowing Anisa's weirdly loyal fanbase on Twitter they'll probably force it into her attention

No. 288173

Pearnisa wishes she was Marzia, unlike her Mariza is a decent human being who doesn't say shit like "1,2, I dubbbz will never notice you" on streams also Marzia doesn't rub it in that she is dating a famous youtuber like Anisa does.

No. 288174

I hope this bitch kills herself.

No. 288175

All she has to do is break up with Dubbbz, the fans will kill her first

No. 288177

oh boy I hope she gets caught cheating. That's what I am really waiting for. Come on angry mob!

No. 288178

File: 1491793946537.png (266.86 KB, 434x353, rRLrkcm.png)

she looks like an ugly demi lovato at her best.

No. 288180

She's half Lebanese. Her two sisters have blue eyes and light hair, they definitely look white. Anisa looks…like, she's sort of what white people are referencing when they say somebody "looks ethnic". She looks pretty white to me, too, but I can definitely see a lot of people looking at her and thinking she's "ethnically ambiguous". Olive skin and a prominent nose throws people for a loop.

No. 288181

File: 1491794130567.png (705.62 KB, 754x750, pootnisa.png)

maybe she is Demi's lost sister, poot

No. 288185

100% POOT

No. 288191

Poot Lerverter, Demi Lovato's borderline retarded, bizarro self that tumbled through a tear in the space time continuum from her own bizarro, alternate universe and is now trapped in our reality with no way home. It's why she's so keen on Chris, for he is Ian's bizarro self.

No. 288195

Pearnisa if you're here please watch this video, its just for you gurl.

No. 288197


No. 288198

oh my lordd this is so great. Someone please tweet this to her

No. 288200

File: 1491795366303.gif (160.95 KB, 480x360, YoudiditAnon.gif)

No. 288201

Ohhh, I second this. Somebody? Please?

No. 288209

Even if someone did send that to her, she'd make some sort of self deprecating joke out of it. But she'd make sure to quote tweet it so all of her fans can send hate to the person sending her the video.

No. 288217

File: 1491797900310.png (142.22 KB, 272x213, 0i7WQa4.png)

i finally watched the cinnamon bun video… well not really, i just watched her forget to cover the yeast and left to watch Mind over Munch's video on it…

how did she get famous? i'm not into streams (i like the drama though) but most of these streamers are like decent looking or asian. i actually feel sorry for her; her voice is grating and her face is uglier in motion. i also couldn't get over her janky teeth. i also feel sorry about her being locked up in a basement, that's fucked.

No. 288218

what are you talking about? she has a gorgeous face…. For radio

No. 288219


and a wonderful voice for silent films.

No. 288222

I don't lmao I love her. it's constant entertainment from this girl. I need to start an Anisa Jar where I can save up to pay for all the popcorn I'm making because of her.

No. 288314

>reddit is a bit liberal

what did they mean by this?

No. 288319

I can't belive ethan has /pol/ fans, since he is a jew, like it doesn't make sense at all.

No. 288324

Her eyebrows are so bad

No. 288329

Anisa stay in your fugly pear lane with your sad body and autist beta boyfriend, Marzia is a sweetheart and she's a humble, stylish, and pretty woman, something that Anisa could never be

No. 288331


Most redditors are liberal. Example: check out /r/politics it's been a lot worse but you'll just see anti-Trump news. They aren't covering Scott Weiner and his attempts to decriminalize hiding your HIV status from your sex partners. Also, some liberal dude got accused of rape. It's not front-page worthy, but if it were a republican it'd be on the front page.

No matter your opinion on Trump, you have to admit that he does some decent things. The other day there was a post complaining about the costs of the missile strike which "could've gone to help Flint." Trump has actually donated a decent amount of money to Flint. That's pretty commendable.

Another example of Reddit's liberal bias was that Bernie (their leader) condemned TPP. So they all hated TPP. After the election Trump put an end to that and suddenly they all loved TPP and missed it dearly.

Also, the recent missile strike is something that a lot of "globalists" would be in favour of… usually. A lot of Trump supporters are against it, infact because it goes against what he promised about putting America first and not getting involved in foreign affairs. But nope, Trump's causing WW3. I mean he could very well be doing that, but it's kind of disgusting seeing how biased Reddit can be.

I know I've gone on a long tangent, and it's because I should be writing my essay right about now.

No. 288337

File: 1491812333124.png (198.43 KB, 640x360, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_d1…)

>We've also seen him smack her on cam and call her stupid and a cunt.

lol wtf, link?

No. 288341

It's during their live stream, it's linked in one or two of the threads.

He doesn't, y'know, backhand her or anything, he just starts "playfully" smacking her face and then starts going harder and faster. She's clearly annoyed and asks "What was that?" after he finally stops and he answers "It looked good in the viewfinder", to which she glares at him and it takes him like a full minute to notice.

It's not the same as straight up abuse, but it was fucking weird. If a dude smacked me in the face the first time we hung out since we started online dating and seemed oblivious to how much it pissed me off, it'd be a big red flag.

Also, yeah, he calls her house and her room ghetto, makes fun of her for mispronouncing words/using words incorrectly, calls her stupid and then "playfully" calls her a cunt as she's getting him Q-tips. She snaps "Don't call me that" and he just laughs. What a winner. Respects her so much, obviously.

No. 288344

Yeah that was me (that asked the glue thing) and yes I was being genuine as we don't have Elmer's in my country and I've never heard of anyone actually eating glue.
Saged for derail as well.

No. 288366


Oh god there really is nothing in her head outside of youtube fame. I bet the first part isn't true which means she made up the fact someone said she looked Italian so she could… compare herself to some Italian girl on youtube.

No. 288368


He doesn't. It's just some edgy 13 year old boy from r/the_donald who thinks that he's part of "MUH SECRET INTERNET HACKERZ CLUB".

No. 288376

Ethan showing of more of his utter hypocrisy. After promoting Dr Pepper all over twitter like his best youtube friends because they're still paying for ads (giving him money), he criticises Pepsi for being "literal poison" and unhealthy? What is Dr Pepper then? Nutrient rich?? He's still so butthurt Pepsi aren't paying for his shitty content anymore.

Not the biggest news, but it just annoys me how transparent/stupid he's being by blatantly signifying that he's willing to say whatever as long as someone pays him.

No. 288427


It's not abuse, but it's still a fucking retarded thing to do. It shows he has no respect for her at all.

No. 288430

File: 1491828326628.jpg (169.85 KB, 1711x932, Royal Palace.jpg)

>he calls her house and her room ghetto
Oh, that is rich coming from him. Here is the other side of his own room (from a few slightly different angles) where he has filmed the majority of his videos, before he got the idea to sit with his back turned to the computer table instead of facing it. Yes, it is that tiny and that trashy.

Yes, there is unidentifiable rubbish and crumpled clothes everywhere. Yes, all of the furniture is that drab and old. No, the wardrobe has no door. Yes, that is a rusty metal bucket on the floor. No, there are no bookshelves and no books. No, there are no paintings nor any kind of ornaments, nor anything even remotely nice-looking in that space.

When he made the change, he made a lovely panoramic shot of the entire room where you can clearly see that it is as small from back to front as it is from right to left and how incredibly messy, grimy and badly furnished it is. I wanted to post it, but, luckily for him but unfortunately for us, he has since privated it.

No. 288431


I know we joke about Ian being autistic, but…

… has anyone ever noticed just how fucking WEIRD he is? I mean, forget the mess. He's a dude. Dudes can be slobs. What's fucking me up is how bland and barren the entire room is.

Just bland white sheets and bland white walls and random useless junk strewn about…not even a poster, no books, no anything that would indicate Ian has interests or a personality.

Who lives like that? Even autistic people have interests and personalize their living space.

No. 288440


This bitch should not even BEGIN to waste her time trying to lick Marzia's clit. 1) Marzia would NEVER have anything to do with you Anisa. Her brand is not anywhere near the low rent shit you do. Even if in some parallel dimension she liked her, her and PewDiePie are business smart first. You would drag down her brand and she would never have that. 2) Get it line, you're far from the first e-famous girlfriend to try to cuddle up to Marzia just because their boyfriend might have been referenced by, met, or even been friends with PewDiePie 3) Hahaha, if CinnamonToastKen's, PewDiePie's actual "friend" (used lightly) who he's made numerous videos with, wife/gf/whatever SuperMaryFace (also notable social climber who found the glass ceiling fake tits, lack of skill, and a shitty personality hovers above and has now relegated herself to housewife) hasn't been able to get in a video with Marzia (shit, when they visited Felix in the UK, Marzia mysteriously took a trip) how in the fuck can you even begin to think you will be noticed by her? You, a former titty streamer dating fucking iDubbbz. Marzia would not sneeze in your direction.

My god, this bitch is on another level of delusional if she thinks she can jump from Maxmoefoe's girlfriend to fucking Marzia.

No. 288441


Because she actually has her own shit going on. She's one of the few YouTube girlfriends who actually boosts her bf's views when they're together without having anything to do with her appearance.

No. 288442

Jesus, it looks like he's newly moved in to some strangers spare room they are renting out because his mom kicked him out. I feel kind of sad thinking people live like this lel

No. 288447

File: 1491831003704.jpg (8.52 KB, 257x285, ' o '.jpg)

No. 288449

anon oh my god the s a v a g e

No. 288482

File: 1491836309573.gif (755.52 KB, 250x323, tumblr_oi3fnrHeJV1u4luhho1_250…)

Damn, Anisa went full stupid in this one. Keep the milk flowing.

I miss joji but actually I'm kinda happy he isn't hanging out that much with the cancer crew and fucking crazy Anisa.

No. 288531

Which genius anons got her to get that haircut again? Her being too lazy to actually style it accentuates her pear shaped head. I guess this shows how low self-esteem Pearisa has considering she's taking 'advice' from strangers that would dislike her anyway regardless of appearance. Guess she thought dating the untouchable god idubbbz would give her protection while she goes full retard on all social media and her own life.

No. 288609

I don't really decorate or personalize my bedroom. Between the ages of 19 and 25, I wasn't living in any one place longer than 6 months at a time, so it just felt pointless to settle in and make the space mine. Now I'm more stationary, but out of habit, I still don't decorate the room. I do have books on a bookcase and painted one wall turquoise (best color), but it's pretty much just as barren as Ian's.

I think that's his bedroom in his parent's house before he moved to Oceanside…I mean…it looks like a young dudes childhood bedroom, y'know? If it is, then…it would be pretty weird to have lived in a bedroom for yeeears and never even taped a magazine clipping to a wall.

Also, that shabby twin mattress and the indifference about the mess (and feeling PERFECTLY FINE filming with that as a video backdrop) pretty much confirms he was not getting laid on the regular for a loooong time, unless he was finding some girls with incredibly low standards who don't mind getting railed on a pile of reeking laundry.

No. 288638

I don't know exactly what, but there's definitely something off about him

No. 288686

Tbh I think this haircut is better.

No. 288698

>not even a poster, no books, no anything that would indicate Ian has interests or a personality.

Ouch. I used to live like that because I've had social anxiety and always worried about what people would think about me if I put shit I liked in my room if they happened to even come near my room for some reason.

I don't think that's the case with Ian though.

No. 288747

oh come on anon, he wasn't criticizing Pepsi for being unhealthy, he was making fun of the Pepsi commercial for being all high and mighty when in fact its just a commercial for some sugary shit drink. He also wasn't promoting Dr Pepper as healthy or nutrient rich so wheres the hypocrisy?
You could at least try to find a solid reason to shit on him.

No. 288751

I don't think it is either, his room looks like nobody ever happened to come near it for any reason.

No. 288759

he fat

No. 288760

File: 1491861359372.gif (892.57 KB, 500x250, kjQLFIE.gif)

ohh bitch! I approve of this!

No. 288765

yeah she actually got famous at the same time Felix did and they met on youtube. You know she hasn't let the youtube fame gotten to her head and yeah she doesn't say dumb shit to the fans like Anisa does.

>Because she actually has her own shit going on.

Also Marzia is a very nice person, she doesn't let herself get involved in drama. Unlike miss lady pear here. Yes it's true Marizia is making a clothing line (I think) and other fashion projects.

So Pearnisa is waaay above her head if she thinks Marzia will give her the light of day. Marzia wouldn't be caught dead with this rotten pear bitch.


No. 288767

It's actually even a nicer story than that. Marzia met him at the very beginning of his youtube career and they lived in a small apartment together for a while, not even knowing about the massive success that could come. Pearnisa should take some tips at being genuine and not just hop on any dick that might increase her relevancy

No. 288771

No. 288778

that is cringe and so are the comments holy fuck

No. 288786

File: 1491863204902.png (7.71 KB, 255x87, Screenshot 2017-04-10 at 6.25.…)

disrespecting ur girlfriend?? fucking GOALSsSSSSSSs

No. 288800


The solid reason is that he's only doing it because he's butthurt. If he got an email from Pepsi saying take it down and we'll start putting ads up on your stuff again, it'd be removed so fast his idiot fans might think they dreamt the damn video.

No. 288807


I mean, she's not without her faults and I think she gets ahead of herself a bit and only wants to do stuff to say she did it (like that book she "wrote" and published under her YouTube name for fucks sake), but when you compare her to the trash heap that is Anisa, Marzia is basically royalty.


I think that's a good part of the reason why their relationship is so strong and why they're not like most other YouTube couples where the guy (or sometimes girl) got famous then met some e-fame hungry person or they started a channel together. Pewds started first but she liked him when he was nothing, and I'm sure that only strengthens their relationship, that she was there for him when this was so stupid thing he was doing. Then she started and they grew alongside each other. It's way more reflective of how real life is. You meet someone as you're both on your career paths and grow with each other's support, but do your own things.

No. 288808

There's something about that video that really gets to me (besides the obvious, dangerous levels of autistic fuckery). Every time I see it, I feel pissed. I just picture myself in her shoes…I could laugh off the smacking, but his complete lack of concern, interest, worry, etc. as he explains why he did it, despite her clearly being annoyed, and how he can't even spare any attention as he plays the game even though his new girlfriend is, again, clearly unhappy with him, it's just fucked.

It's, like, fuck, he gives zero shits. He's on a date, visiting his new girlfriend for the first time, he just slapped her a bunch, she's not a happy camper and it doesn't even cross his mind that he might need to remedy this situation or their night is fucking ruined.

Granted, it wasn't fucking ruined, she let it slide, but I'd have…I'd have been way more upset about his indifference than the slapping. I'd probably have told him that I need him to get the fuck out of my house, NOW.

It's like he doesn't see any difference between a chair and Anisa.

No. 288818

Your habitual use of the filler words 'I mean' to start your posts make you as identifiable across this site as if you were a namefag.

Sage, just wanted to let you know

No. 288819

>It's like he doesn't see any difference between a chair and Anisa.

Well put. The sad thing is, there's probably a long list of desperados who will make themselves available to him in spite of this when Anisa vanishes.

No. 288823

I'm a different anon and I say "I mean" a lot too, that's not much to go on, detective.

No. 288826

You write them often at the start of a post too? Huh. Ok. It's not at all common, I've been on anonymous imageboards for over 10 years and it still really caught my eye as something characteristic. Coincidence that there are two of you then, I guess.

No. 288827

>…They grew alongside each other. It's way more reflective of how real life is. You meet someone as you're both on your career paths and grow with each other's support, but do your own things.

This x 100000. I'm not exactly a fan of Felix and I usually don't care about Marzia, but it's really sweet and cute how their relationship developed.

Anisa really ought to dedicate some time to studying Marzia and teach herself some valuable lessons. Here, Anisa, like this:

When you display a clear pattern of only wanting to date guys with e-fame, it will never come across as sweet, normal, healthy, etc. It will just come across as opportunistic, gross and fake.

Marzia did that ~CRAZY~ thing where she found a dude she thought was cute and decided to date him because they have fun together and shit in common. She didn't cosy up to his side after his YouTube channel blew up. She and Felix aren't #goals for me, but teens like cooing over YT'er relationships and I think Felix and Marzia provide a pretty good example of what a healthy, normal (as normal as you can get while being/dating Pewds) relationship looks like to their audiences. It's nice.

Weeeeird, I was just thinking about that. I use "I mean", "like" and "just" way too much and I was thinking about how I need to break that habit.

No. 288829


Let's see…

Not me.


Not me.

Not me.

Not me.

Not me.

Not me.

Not me.

Not me.

Not me.

Not me.

Not me.

Not me.

So one out of the thirteen uses since your super investigative assumption. It's almost like more than one person uses the same simplistic phrasing. I mean how insane. Perhaps we can figure out who is who from who uses "like" too much as well.

Safe for shut up this is stupid.

No. 288830

You misunderstood. The characteristic thing is STARTING A POST with those words, not using it in general.

No. 288835


Had my search on whole words and found more "I means" and the only one that I mentioned, which wasn't a "starting of the post" one, was me. Which isn't surprising given that I barely post here, it's a common phrasing, and likely more than two fucking people do it. Is this Anisa trying to kick off infighting over some dumb shit again. "I mean", seriously, soooo many people say that to start their sentences which, yes, would start their posts.

No. 288836


It's cool, anon is right, I do rely on filler phrases/words all the time, both while writing and speaking, and I've been thinking about how I need to make a conscious effort not to do so. Also, I lol'd when you started italicizing every other word because I've realized semi-recently that I apparently feel some kind of strong need to EMPHASIZE shit all the fucking time.

Good looks, anon, I'm gonna make an effort to cut back on it. Having easily identifiable writing sort of ruins the entire point of this "anonymous" thing.

No. 288838


Except there was no easily identifiable writing pointed out since it looks like three separate people are saying they use I mean a lot now.

No. 288840

ugh what a cesspool the youtube comment section can be

No. 288847

how hard can idubbbz fanboys try to suck his dick? also i looooooveeeee Anisa's comment on the video, trying to act like its funny and that shes unbothered even though the video is her getting annoyed at her boyfriend

No. 288850

Speaking of which, I can't find the comment. I distinctly remember that in previous threads but can't find it now. Is it under another youtube video? Was it deleted?

No. 288854

Idk why you would go so far to insult me by calling me Anisa. I didn't deserve that much.

Even if I was wrong I was obviously just being helpful by pointing that stuff out.

No. 288855

my favorite comment of hers, IIRC, was saying that Ian is not sexually frustrated at all.

No. 288858

Ah yes, a truly infamous one. Apparently dating Ian for only a few months has gotten rid of all of his queer questioning sexual frustration that has built up for the past 26 years.

No. 288860

Yeah fair enough, I guess I do it so often that I didn't notice other people didn't do it lol.

That one and the really needlessly rude one she left on some guys' video because they dared to speak against her """friend"""" Chris.

No. 288864


You're right anon, I took it too far. Last just move away from this. More people than me say it. The end. net hug

No. 288866

guys pls lets not derrail the damn thread let's focus on pearnisa and edups

No. 288868

you mean her boyfriend?

No. 288872

File: 1491869876328.png (9.57 KB, 266x82, Screenshot 2017-04-10 at 8.17.…)

Found it. ROFL love the damage control in this.

No. 288877

Really just trying SO hard to be unbothered. It's too the point where it almost doesn't make sense in its context. "ROFL this is awesome" it sounds like a comment that would be put on another youtubers video, but it literally is just someone who recorded a bit of your own livestream of your boyfriend slapping you. like ???

No. 288882

File: 1491870620249.png (18.52 KB, 802x91, Screenshot 2017-04-10 at 8.30.…)

tfw your own fucking fan noticed you're a retard with a lack of education

just like…. yeast? is a bacteria? anisa, are you all right? I'm pretty sure if you asked a 7th grader, they'd know yeast in a fungus. God, Anisa. Fact check yourself before you speak. (but that would include you putting more effort in your videos) Google was invented for people like you.

No. 288885

Any normal, adult woman would have rolled their eyes and moved on if a weirdo like Roosh made a video insisting their boyfriend is the epitome of sexually frustrated betas who bully girls like Tana because they want to fuck chicks like her, but never will be able to (Roosh is wrong 99.999% of the time, but he's very right in this single instance).

Anisa snarkily implying that she's on that greasy dick 24/7 in her comment is basically admitting that
-She's insecure as fuck and already worries that Ian wants to fuck blondes with Kim Kardashian makeup and big tits

-Roosh rustled her jimmies like nobody's business

She's so dumb and so controlled by her insecurity that she couldn't let the insult slide without making sure Roosh knows that, for your information, Ian pounds that puss all the damn time and he is not interested in blonde sluts THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

No. 288889

She's not just your typical idiot, see, she's the kind of idiot who is convinced they're intelligent. She's so certain of herself! What's that even like, being so certain you're well read and knowledgeable despite everything pointing to the contrary? It must require a bizarre, unhealthy level of arrogance. People point out her mistakes constantly, it basically happens every time she tries to cite something or share a little factoid with her followers, yet she feels zero self-doubt and continues to fancy herself being some kind of scholar who's an expert in countless fields of study, that it would be selfish of her not to share her vast knowledge with the world.

I'm almost in awe of her delusion.

No. 288895

Uhm, of course she's intelligent. She's the daughter of a lawyer that's where she gets her great debate skills from. HAHAHA (remember that tweet?!?!)

No. 288898


"When you're dead, you don't know that you're dead. It's difficult only for the others. It's the same when you are stupid."

No. 289010

Is she actually the daughter of a lawyer? I wonder how he feels about her.

And could you, or anyone post that tweet? I'd love to see it :)

No. 289012


No. 289013

File: 1491888446537.png (31.67 KB, 596x269, wamA2qF.png)


samefag here and found it… wow.

No. 289015

lol dis bitch really loves to brag, too bad she just got a shitty art degree. #thoseproudparents

lol her greatest acomplishments

>she became a tit streamer (rainbowtitz)

>fucked a twitch gamer (da ex)
>fucked a youtuber (edups)
>trying to get to fuck another youtuber (edups 2.0)
>100 layers of cum? (trisha got a new challenger)
>has the brain of a squirrel

Bravoo she is a fucking idiot, haha there's a video of her that she says she has fucked a lot of men, this bitch has no talent and the thirst is real with her.

No. 289016

KEK love it!!

No. 289017

I don't think she finished college tho

No. 289020

I wouldn't say Chris is idubbbz 2.0, he's really just a cheaper, off-brand Ian.

Or maybe I'm wrong; there must be some reason why she's downgrading.

No. 289021

well he does copy ian a lot you should see his videos, its a bad ian knock off. like the guy has no orginality at all. that's why many call him idubz 2.0 lol even on her twitter she got called out for it.

No. 289023

maybe because Ian is a fucking retard who doesn't know how to treat women.

>he burps on her

>he eats her stuff
>he doesn't take her to places when she needs it
>slaps her
>doesn't respect her
>doesn't give her shout outs
>pretty much uses her as a tit fuck toy

lol I guess she is finally opening her eyes and the other dude does give her shout outs and even includes her on his vids.

No. 289031


Ian and Anisa broke up?

No. 289035

>janky teeth
i've noticed that too. it's weird because in her insta pics they seem so nice. when she smiles atleast. but in video it's like they're jutting forward at the viewer. it's offensive.

No. 289042

File: 1491892778155.jpg (32.76 KB, 640x352, edge.jpg)


No. 289044

oh for christ's sake.

No. 289050

Has his brand of comedy always been this fucking stupid and edgy? To this extent? I don't really recall but it seems he just keeps digressing in all faucets of life. This is a "joke" an edgy 13 year old would make.

No. 289064

nah were still waiting for anisa to cheat well she probably did already but were waiting for her to get caught

No. 289097

Yeah, except she never got the shitty art school degree. It is NOT hard to pass art school. If you do your work and show up, you can get by fine. Even if you're a shitty artist, you can get by. If they were more than happy to take your money despite your portfolio looking like trash, then they are not going to turn away a chance at making more money over something as frivolous as "complete lack of talent and creativity".

Oh my goddd…that is so fucking embarrassing. No, I'm embarrassed for myself, that I liked this dude's content in the past.

I have such a hard time telling what is a joke with him, he has to know the old guy didn't die, right? A few seconds of googling and reading would dispel that notion.

I used to think his tweets were him laughing at how his followers will like and retweet ANYTHING he says, no matter how stupid and/or meaningless it is, but I had the awful realization awhile back that, nope…no, he actually thinks being "lol random XD" and oh-so-edgy is straight up comedic gold. Ian would tweet "Farted on my mom while she was crying at my grandma's funeral. Dumb fucking bitch", people would applaud and he'd take that as confirmation he's the next Lenny Bruce, tumbling deeper and deeper into the delusion that he's a legitimate comedian.

No. 289133

hahaha, yessss

No. 289191

File: 1491927108737.png (762.79 KB, 914x594, lol.png)

'Oh hey everyone, send me more shit!!!'

lol suspicions confirmed

No. 289195

Again with the broken spine pose.

I know she has no waist, but this makes her look like she has no midsection at all. Like her legs are coming straight out of her diaphragm.

No. 289210

her right eye looks so weird in this pic lol

No. 289220

she straight up looks like pepe.

No. 289251


such an unfortunate face.

No. 289254


i don't think its bad that she has an art degree. i think the problem is that she has genuinely terrible artwork. also she dropped out, and its pretty clear why.

>i don't want to be an artist anymore :(! its hard! i'll just fuck youtubers now!

No. 289264

The more I think of it, the more I realize that his nickname "gay retard" is perfect for him.


His partner has a very manly face and body, and the things he says and does are straight up idiotic.

No. 289270


lol just had to casually assert that "tweeting at me every day" wasn't an issue. such a humblebrag whilst simultaneously outing someone for sending her shit all the time.

No. 289300

Maybe he'd do better with a boyfriend anyway, then he wouldn't have to do any nice shit like he's not been doing to Anisa without feeling guilty

No. 289315

Oh shit, Anisa is growing into a proper lolcow, encouraging people to send her free shit for doing absolutely nothing. I've got the feeling she'll eventually go Luna on everybody, just bragging about her gifts and not even saying thank you.

Who is this Jasmine and why is she so eager to throw her money away on Ian's stubby dick-maid? Do AMA's about a horribly dull person and shitty (DIY!!!) cinnamon bun tutorials get people that amped? Or is this some Ian stan who's hoping to impress him by showing kindness towards his tard girlfriend?

No. 289346

Serious question: do you think Ian has some sort of mild autism?
I used to laugh at his awkwardness, but now I'm actually wondering if something is wrong with him. He's very weird in social situations.

No. 289474

It's possible. Not everybody on the spectrum displays super obvious symptoms and, if it's mild enough, like, you don't have the stereotypical symptoms of Aspergers or severe Autism, you can go through life without anybody catching it.

One of my friends is almost definitely on the spectrum and undiagnosed, it just manifests itself through him not really understanding human emotion (e.g. "Why do people care if their partner cheats on them? Why does it matter?", "I don't understand how you could date someone for a year and have them mean more or as much to you as a friend who you've known all your life, it makes no sense"). It's like knowing a vulcan who happens to have a great sense of humor.

I kind of get the same vibe from Ian as I do from my friend. Pretty normal for the most part, but oblivious when it comes to how he can seem rude or cold. They're also both very awkward, physically and socially.

Seeing Ian in that video where he smacks Anisa and he seems surprised and confused that this it's even an issue for her, that REALLY reminded me of my friend. That entire stream, actually, he just doesn't seem to have the social aptitude to know when it's inappropriate to treat someone like your longtime buddy. Most people know that you shouldn't call your brand new girlfriend a cunt during a livestream while visiting her for the first time.

So, again, it's possible. I've definitely seen some signs that something's not quite "normal" about the guy.

No. 289531

swiggitty swag imma bump this fag

No. 289532

i feel like she listed everything she got to encourage other people to send her more stuff, aside from the public shoutout despite knowing the persons handle….

No. 289538

Oh, absolutely. She's giving a little wink-wink-nudge-nudge to her insta followers. "You, too, can get a shout out on IDUBBBZ'S GIRLFRIEND'S INSTAGRAM if you send me cool stuff in the mail!! Isn't that exciting?? Go waste your hard earned money on some clothes I'll look terrible in, thaaaanks!"

No. 289548


For her next video, she should do a "How to take a selfie like me!!" tutorial.
>Plan a daily bathroom photoshoot, work out a schedule with your boyfriend that gives you 2 hours of free time in there
>Whatever you do, don't clean the mirror
>Wear the same tacky denim short shorts in every picture despite bragging about how you went clothes shopping recently
>Curve your spine (180 angle, preferably)
>Plant your feet three feet apart to trick idiotic teen girls into thinking you have a thigh gap
>Pop one hip out to an extreme degree to trick idiotic neckbeards into thinking you have curves
>Now block your horribly contorted body behind both arms (Peace signs are cute uwu~)
>Repeat 500 times until you manage to take 4 that don't bring on a wave of overwhelming self loathing when you look at them

Within one week, one of her followers would break their back attempt to curve their spine in so many extreme directions at once, ending up a paraplegic, and she'd have to take to Twitter to apologize to the kid's family for being so recklessly irresponsible.

No. 289568

Your friend sounds a bit like a sociopath, but I am not a psychiatrist lol

No. 289571



Oh god. He's stealing memes from 4chan.

No. 289582

Haha, nah, he's not a sociopath. He just doesn't have the best capacity for empathy, it's a symptom of being on the spectrum. He makes an effort to be a good person despite it, he just happens to have some problems with interpersonal relationships and reading/understanding other people.

No. 289696


I like how even if you go on tumblr and look him up, all you see are people stanning him. You'd expect at least some people to be "triggered", but nope.

No. 289806

…. what…???

No. 290070

Yeah, I was confused by that, too. Since when is "epic" a 4chan meme? It's just something people have been saying since…god, as long as I can remember.

No. 290084


Usually when someone posts something reddit it'll be swarmed by anons saying "LOL SO EPIC XD". I don't think anyone says it unironically anymore so it's obvious he got it from 4chan. Also, the fact he's following Sam fuckin Hyde.

No. 290493

File: 1492094121684.png (300.72 KB, 579x632, abomination_doggo.png)


No. 290496


uh…let's just stick to youtube for now! its for the best. no more art for anisa pls

No. 290503

Did…did she want to make it terrifying on purpose?

No. 290542

File: 1492103734545.jpg (470.81 KB, 1090x608, tumblr_o6d0fqHydM1v7390eo1_128…)


She's trying to copy this picture I imagine

No. 290543

How'd you find this pic?

No. 290544


The image is on tumblr, mango.

No. 290545

the proportions are fucked up really the perspective, the toungue, the neck and dat eye. If she is an artist then I am an asian sensation idol model from Japan

No. 290550

How does she always fuck up the eyes so badly

No. 290551

Yeah, the mouth is all kinds of fucked up. The head looks like it's a profile shot, but then the mouth looks like it's a 3/4 view and the eye…that's…that eye should not be a circle. The neck is soooo long and thin compared to the photo reference. She really doesn't understand perspective whatsoever. I feel kind of bad for making fun of this because I'm not exactly the most talented artist, but it drives me crazy that she's this bizarre mix of unwarranted self importance and insecurity.
>"Check out my watercolor, no big deal, I'm just super talented, I'm an artist, please love me, please tell me it's good, please be impressed, oh noooo…"

No. 290557

yeah I agree with you, but you don't have to be a big shot artist to know that picture is wrong :P haha but yeah what I don't like is that she is always bragging about it, how she's "this amazing artist" with "all da skillz" man I really dislike her arrogance and her self importance, edups couldn't pick a worse person to be with, I am kinda glad she is getting treated like shit by him.

No. 290564

ian is someone who seems so selective about the kind of people he can tolerate, im surprised theyve lasted this long

No. 290575

>has huge tits
it's her great personalitity guyz

No. 290578

How do we all know George is going to vidcon anyway?
Anisa needs to learn not to impulsively tweet and post. Let's face it were all potential cows but we don't air everything out on social media for everyone to see.

No. 290585

I don't know I doubt he might be going, rumors say he is planing a tour for pink season. Even if he did went he would probably ignore Anisa, you know Joji hates people like Anisa who just cling to others for the views.

No. 290590

vid related is literally anisa when she posts anything

No. 290597

lol holy shitttt! perfect!!!

No. 290615

Honestly even if he did go who's to say he'd even talk to "da crew" for more than 5 mins. But everyone concerned that we'd be missing out on anisa vidcon milk is mistaken because if she were to meet joji you know her ass would tweet all about it. Almost don't even want to post this so she's not too self aware.

No. 290617

Oh my god, too fucking true! I just rewatched that episode a few days ago, too. TELL ME, TELL ME I WAS GOOD. TELL ME.

No. 290622

I wonder if they would all stick together. Obviously Max and Ian would, but if George went to Vidcon is he gonna be with them the whole time like he was last year?

No. 290623

oh wow joji is planing a pink season tour?? can anyone confirm this?

No. 290626

>has a padded bra
what tits r u talking about??

No. 290627

kek I was being sarcastic

No. 290628

true, I think George just wants to stay away from all the petty drama and focus on what matters to him which is music and his youtube channel(s)

No. 290629

Perhaps she initially lasso'd Ian in with the sweet, sweet promise of big titties. He was an inexperienced, horny beta, it probably wouldn't have occurred to him that her tits were actually lies. Then, when they hooked up for the first time and her bra drops to the floor, he's too hyped about getting puss to even really care that they aren't D's, but rather B's. Then 6 months later, he's like "Welp…"

No. 290630

I really don't know actually. George is a pretty mysterious person. He obviously stays away from the drama online, but wasn't he in Australia happily staying with Max and Ian whilst Ian was in the middle of starting unnecessary Jinx drama? Maybe he doesn't mind it that much

No. 290632

He said once in a podcast this year (?) that he wants to start doing shows soon! And he's already done two shows, so perhaps he will be touring soon. He hasn't said anything incredibly official yet, though.

No. 290637

or maybe he just outgrew the crew? like he is on to bigger and better things?

No. 290643


They are his friends still, I don't think he will just leave them alone.

No. 290646

Their relationship with eachother confuses me a lot actually. Do you think they all just talk privately. Ian @s George sometimes on twitter and he never responds like Max would, but at the same time they all never interacted that much online on social media in 2016 before either, yet George still hung out with them at Vidcon and stayed at Max's place for weeks. I would assume if they do talk privately that they don't as much as they may have before, seeing as George looks like a busy guy.

No. 290692


I think George just likes Max and literally nobody else.

No. 290752

I think Joji is somewhat embarrassed and just stick around for the fandom and the videos. I know filthy frank is what is it because of Joji sense of humor but after all Joji has "grown up" a little bit and maybe sees the cancer crew as what they are really: lots of drama.
I mean, he's making music and going to release a new disc soon. Meanwhile Ian is being involved in drama with Tana Mojo and being cuckolded in public by his fangirl girlfriend

>it's starting to take some sort of shame
Holy shit, bitch had the audacity

No. 290769

does it bother anyone else that shes trying to involve the science side of cooking like good eats does
it bothers me

No. 291357

No I love it, watching her be a dumbass about science is great.

No. 291363

OooOoh we're half way therrrree
OoooOOOH your head looks like a peaaaar

No. 291366

and then some fan ends up correcting her retarded ass, see >>288882

No. 291374

This is possible. I feel like we hold George at this higher esteem than the rest of the "crew" for some reason because he's "distancing" himself from yt, but is he even that much better? I know he's mysterious compared to the rest of the drama queens, but he hasn't directly distanced himself from them even though he easily could at this point, with only some backlash that he could deflect. But even then he enjoys Max's company who isn't shit, and he enjoys h3's company too, which has been shown more recently considering he stayed over at their place once this year. I guess we'll have to wait til Vidcon to see if he has actually changed, not that we know enough about him either way to see.

No. 291378

George's music career has really taken off in the last few months so I assume the more public distancing is based solely on that, as well as a lack of collaboration with the others, especially if he's busy working on more songs or whatever. It's difficult to believe he's suddenly decided all of his friends are shit within the last 6 months if he's still hanging with Ethan, talking to Max, etc. purely a career move, imo.

What the…has she ever seen a dogs mouth in her life?

No. 291390

I genuinely cannot look at this picture without laughing at how ridiculous it is.

No. 291393


Get some bangs, you'll hide it I swear.

No. 291398

Hi Pearnisa how does it feel to be an attention whore slut who has the brain of a squirrel.

No. 291399


lol this will be a number one single! can someone make this song happen?

No. 291405

tbh I think Joji lurks around here and everytime he does he slowly drifts away from the crew

No. 291406

I feel like he'd see himself as being above imageboards honestly.

No. 291410

I just gotta say, I'm happy my "Anisa's squirrel brain" thing is catching on. Sage for making it all about me.

Yeah, I doubt Joji lurks here. I get the general impression that he's only interested in doing his thing, making music, making YT content, possibly focusing on making that tour happen, hanging with his friends and living his own life.

I'm not even so sure that Ian lurks here. It's not because he has a happy, healthy life that distracts him from online fuckery, I think he's very wrapped up in the internet and any real world interactions he has are tied into his online life in some way, but because his head is so far up his ass, enjoying the smell of his own farts, that he feels as though caring about what us peasants think is beneath one such as himself. Some arrogant THE LION DOES NOT CONCERN HIMSELF WITH THE OPINIONS OF THE SHEEP sorta mindset.

Meanwhile, there is no doubt in my mind that Anisa lurks here. Her insecurity is so intense that, while it rustles her jimmies and triggers her ass every time she reads this thread, she can't stop herself. Like tongueing a sore on the roof of her mouth. It's like a compulsion for her. Good. You're a living, breathing joke in the shape of a cunt, Anisa.

No. 291481

File: 1492169717823.jpg (37.82 KB, 332x443, Anisas_fave_magazine.jpg)

Anisa is this (fake) magazine's target audience, I swear to god.

No. 291544

I doubt either of them lurk here just because it would take an intense google session of both of them to really stumble upon it. I found this thread just by chance.

No. 291558

if you google anisa jomha a link to the previous threads about her shows up on the second page so idk about "intense" google session right there

No. 291568

same if you google "idubbbz anisa"

No. 291570

one or both of them definitely have read the threads before. A couple threads ago, someone posted about ian's family's instagrams and immediately after his mom's and sister's were privated.

No. 291585

it's possible they were harassed bc of it and that's why their accounts were privated. Just a thought.

No. 291586

Yeah, I mean, as I said, it's almost definitely Anisa. She probably told Ian who then tipped off his family. Ian's insecure, but not the kind of insecure where you're self centered as fuck and can't stop reading horrible things about yourself, wallowing in self loathing and morbid curiosity. I picture Ian shrugging it off and looking for ways to bully people (Anisa) to make himself feel better about himself.

Joji doesn't give two shits about lolcow. Good for him.

Anisa's lurking here, I've seen too much shit, there's weird timing and…I dunno, just a lot of signs. She IS that variety of self centered insecure fuck who needs to read all of the horrible shit people write, but has a panic attack after being unable to handle the harsh nature of reality. I bet Chris adores Anisa's "LOLCOW SAID THIS ABOUT ME…" freakouts because he can be the shoulder she cries on, comforting her, inching his hand closer and closer to that pear cooch…

Eugh, fucking gross.

No. 291607

File: 1492193314416.jpg (45.06 KB, 680x814, 5JWGk1A.jpg)

> his hand closer and closer to that pear cooch…

No. 291609

She reads the YouTube comments intensely. I made a comment about her. Then a few hours later when I was checking twitter, she tweeted about the comment I made.

No. 291615

I knowwww
She literally likes every comment that praises her shit content.

Her fans are the reason YouTube is going to shit. A lot of YouTube's get lazy with their content when all they get is praise instead of critiques.

No. 291616


Stop bumping shit for no reason you mongs.

No. 291621

newfags just put "sage" as your email if you have nothing of value to add

No. 291680

anisa has admitted to searching herself/ lurking on instagram tho…

No. 291692

File: 1492204209038.jpg (127.12 KB, 1024x576, baited!.jpg)

New Baited! went up about an hour ago, I just listened to it. Contents: reasonable criticism of YouTube, good points being made.

No milk, except on this awesome cover art. Chad was a good host, and the three of them have settled into a nice dynamic. All in all, I think this has turned out to be a good next step for Chad after the Cancer Crew.

Pity Ian and Max do not recognize when it is time to move on like George and Chad did. They are still trying to beat a dead horse, and the result is predictably cringy.

No. 291703


Max kinda moved on. He's doing his Pokémon shit. Minding his own business but still orbiting Ian at the same time.

No. 291705

Eh, idk about that. I'd say he moved on if he had some fresh content, did some novel stuff, grew as a creator.

I don't see him doing that.

No. 291749

I kind of like that he's just doing what he enjoys on Youtube, but at the same time Maxmoefoe is a dead channel. And he's actually the only person who is stuck on the Cancer Crew thing out of all of them, hes like a fanboy to all of them. Mainly Ian, but even on one of his more recent videos (Whats On My Shelf or something like that) he makes a reference to one of Pink Guys songs

No. 291759

At one point of this podcast, Keem begrudgingly noticed that since the recent demonetization wave and push for advertiser and family friendly content, Youtubers were far more hesitant and sensitive, holding back from making controversies and attacking each other like they used to. He lamented how this means little to no Youtube drama from now on.

This obviously hurts DramaAlert, but unfortunately also means Youtube will probably dry out as a plentiful source of cows we milk here. I wonder if that really is how this will pan out.

sage for off-topic

No. 291983

People tend to be petty, vindictive and shitty to one another, particularly YouTubers since so many of them are emotionally stunted, immature cunts. They'll definitely find a way to start beef with one another, getting all their goon friends to join in on hating somebody and ganging up on them, despite the fact the person in question has likely never actually done anything to them in particular. They're addicted to the quick high of ganging up on [insert enemy of the week] and feeling oh-so-self righteous, who cares about "picking your battles" or "minding your own business".

They'll find a way to keep up the dramu, where there's a will, there's a way.

No. 292347

His new video; damn how depressed can he get before admitting to himself that he needs help?

No. 292350

did you guys see the video onion did on him?

No. 292369

yeah some fair points but a lot of it seemed like jealousy

No. 292373


Didn't max go to Japan with abipop?
I know nothing about him but some anons keep saying he did a sims series so maybe he could just be a gaming channel like mark and jackseptic

No. 292383

File: 1492302836719.jpg (1.57 MB, 3231x2614, IMG_20170415_203208.jpg)

No. 292427

File: 1492309754179.jpg (170.18 KB, 640x734, IMG_1286.JPG)

anisa, i thought you said catcalling didn't exist???

No. 292443

I cannot take anything she says seriously, she could easily be making this shit up for attention and if it actually did happen, it's diminished by the fact that she refused to believe women get harassed in public just because it never happens to her.

No. 292470

File: 1492319181773.jpg (24.17 KB, 400x386, oCxGOLM.jpg)

No. 292477

File: 1492320004347.png (426.05 KB, 600x600, SdHHqn.png)

No. 292489

Towards the end of his new video, Max mentioned he might start doing sponsorship stuff because youtube isn't providing enough income.

“youtube is fucking tight right now. everything is worth almost nothing. but obviously you’re in it for the love, the love of doing youtube…the only problem is you start doing youtube, you end up quitting your job, you do everything to go into it to keep doing what you love and now everyone’s getting fucked in the ass.”

His channel(s) were already dying, the demonetization probably didn't help. Wonder how long he's gonna continue the struggle.

No. 292553

If he stops being a lazy manchild he could easily earn enough from his channels

No. 292584

Didn't see anybody post this, thought I'd throw it up here. It's, uhhh…pretty nothing. He's shaved the abomination-stache, somebody even sent him a razor as a heavy handed hint to get that trash off his face, but thank the gods, he already had.

He looks cleaner and more put together, though it's hard to tell if he's still a greaselord or not while wearing a hat.

As for the actual content…yeah, it's…stuff happens. Nothing's funny. There wasn't a single funny moment in the entire video, I wouldn't even deign to call it "entertaining". I don't know what changed since the last batch of bad unboxings from last year, but I suspect I only enjoyed them because of the novelty factor back then and now that it's worn off, I'm just staring at a pale, gawky, gangly fuck get too excited about saying the word "cunt" and opening free shit.

I do like that somebody sent him custom made Pink Guy Jordans and told him to give them to Joji. While he said no because they had clearly been worn already, I have a feeling he wasn't too pleased that he opened a package, only to find out it's Joji fanmail, that Joji's fanmail is 1000x better than the garbage he gets sent and I'm sure he doesn't appreciate being treated as "That guy who can get your Joji fan mail to him. By him I mean Joji, the one who's actually talented and entertaining. Not like Ian. Nope."

How can you live in SoCal and be so, so, so fucking pale?

No. 292586

These youtubers really don't save in case shit like this happens? Or do they expect advertisers will never come back?

No. 292593

The kind of people who employee themselves as youtubers as a "career" are the type of people to blow every paycheck they receive. They're usually young too and probably never had a real job in their life so many of them have no concept of saving and planning ahead. The exceptions to this aren't the people you see going full retard over "YouTube killing my channel!!!"

No. 292604

It is pretty weird that he is so pale living in SoCal. He's definitely a homebody, probably doesn't leave the house unless it's for filming or if Anisa forces him to. Sad. As for the Pink Guy shoes, he did seem pretty unamused receiving them, but there's not that much to be upset/jealous about. They were used, frankly disgusting looking shoes. Hardly believe that they were even customs besides the shitty "Pink Guy" written in the corner. I wonder how George would even respond if he saw those shoes. Too much second hand embarrassment.

No. 292617

File: 1492356274102.jpg (154.15 KB, 750x747, IMG_9385.JPG)

this would be cute and all if Ian wasn't ignoring her to be on his phone

No. 292620


It's pretty sad that so many of them obviously had no sights towards the future. How long did most think this would work as a career? The smart ones already have their feet in other doors. People like H3H3 baffle me. You're in your 30s, seriously, you have no better sense to diversify after how many years on YouTube? At the best of times is when I would have been the most worried because then you risk getting used to a lifestyle that could go under at any moment.

No. 292632

stop paleshaming him

No. 292645

Some people just don't really tan; I used to live in SoCal too, would sit outside every day, and remained pasty white. I only burn lol.
That said I have no doubt he also never goes outside, so no matter how easily his skin tans it's irrelevant. He has the pale, greasy sheen of a man who spends lots of time in basements.

No. 292669

It isn't bad.
This is what makes it redeemable tbh. Is it a bit unsettling/uncanny valley.

No. 292670

lol the fact that they were used… umm eww! I think if edups gave them to george he will throw them in the trash tbh. If you're gonna do a shity project like that buy some new shoes at least.

No. 292691

It's not that weird. Complexions are classed into 6 types, and type I and II only burn without tanning at all or burn before tanning somewhat, respectively. The dude's on the fairer side of the spectrum.

Anisa better watch out how much she's in the sun, comparatively. She has deep ass lines in her face at 23 (dem forehead lines in that pic with Ian), and socal sun isn't going to help.

No. 292744

It's very bad. Are we looking at the same picture? It's so bad it's funny.

No. 292768

Onision's vid on Idubbbz was actually pretty accurate, and i fucking hate grease. ian's fangirls are the old leafy fangirls jumping on the new fad, i'm glad someone said it.

No. 292769

Who cares if he's pale?? I have a friend who goes out every day on long walks and still pale. Not everyone tans/ wants to tan.

It's healthy to avoid the sun for long periods

No. 292798


Jeeesus, y'all really took the pale comment personally. I'm actually pale as fuck, I'm not shitting on pale people as a whole. Yes, I'm aware that some people just don't tan, that they'll instead burn and peel, that's what my Irish mom's skin does if she spends any time in the sun. Just freckles and burn. I'll get a nice tan if I'm outside enough, but I also happen to live in the Northeast and don't have much of an opportunity to get one. My entire point was that Ian's living in a place that's sunny year round and the dude shows zero signs of ever spending any time in that lovely SoCal sun; no freckles, no burn, no tan. Doesn't even have a farmers tan/burn.

I just get a mental image of him sitting in a dark house 24/7, shouting directions to Anisa from the couch as she vacuums and he plays on his phone.

Ugh, I know, right? I'm stuck between my distaste for Ian and my utter hatred for Grease. He makes some fair points; Ian's videos are lazy, he can't be bothered to shit out more than 2 videos a month despite them clearly taking no effort, he's not funny, his fans are god awful, etc.

The thing is, Onision's really latching onto the "IDUBBBZ USES SLURS" argument when we all know damn well that Greg doesn't give a shit, he's trying to pander to his audience by taking the moral high ground. Yes, Ian dropping n-bombs and other slurs is gross, but Greg has his own history of racist content. Before he realized he'd need to pander to the tumblr set to get any real views, his content was filled with everything that is anti-PC (and not even in a funny, clever way, just crass and stupid), so he's just set himself up to be called out as an idiot hypocrite.

Also, him trying to take credit for Filthy Frank? LOL. Oh, so you were the first one to film yourself running around, looking like an idiot, Greg? NOBODY ever thought to do that before you? Is that so? The delusions of grandeur never end with this guy.

A good number of his complaints are valid, but the fact he's petulant, pissy and clearly jealous of Ian's popularity overshadows any argument he makes. Greg's views are in the shitter while Ian's getting 1 million views in just 24 hours, Ian's e-fame is fucking with Greg's delusion that he's "king of YouTube" and Greg thinks the solution is pointing out everything wrong with Ian/his fans in the hopes that all the teens on YouTube will notice they were wrong to sub to Ian and will come crawling back to Greg. It's never gonna happen. Also, he's crossing his fingers, praying that this will bait Ian into doing a Content Cop on him, hoping that it'll bring in much needed traffic. It fucking won't. Too bad, so sad.

No. 292800

File: 1492383650725.jpg (438.86 KB, 1050x1315, Screenshot_20170416-185824.jpg)

Those shorts are tight as fuck though?
You just have a small ads.
Also, she's talking about improving her "leg game" but still takes selfies where the majority of her legs at ecut off In the pic. Cow.

No. 292805

Hahaha, ahhh…god, Anisa.

I love (well, hate, but you know what I mean) her special brand of humblebragging.
She doesn't just humblebrag, she humblebrags about an attribute that doesn't even fucking exist.

>"Oh no you guys, I never wear lipstick because a boy said I'd be pretty if not for my HYUUUUGE lips, I'm so insecure, I hope this lipstick looks alright!!"

Doesn't have huge lips
What hetero dude prefers thin lips

>"Bawww I have such HYUUUUGE tits, you guys, it makes me so self conscious, muh BDD, halp, please don't make fun of my giant, heaving, pert bosom!!"

Doesn't have big tits, wears heavily padded bras, is a B cup

>"OOPS, my shorts are just waaaay toooo BIG, don't judge me, I can't help being so slim, I can't help that these shorts hang off of my waifish frame, oh woe!"

Shorts clearly fit fine/are a bit snug

This latest picture is just an excuse for her to take a picture of her (flat) ass and appeal to the drooling neckbeard crowd. Nothing makes Anisa happier than being some basement dweller's jerkbait.

No. 292808


Is she the daughter of Hank Hill. Dat DGS.

No. 292810

For somebody who loves to reference their crippling BDD, she sure as hell takes a TON of fucking selfies. I know every girl online these days says they have BDD, but I was actually diagnosed with it and I rarely ever take selfies of myself. Also, sure, every case of BDD is different and the severity varies from person to person, but I feel like it's safe to say the one trait BDD sufferer's share is being camera shy. I'll take maybe 10 selfies a year (at most) and it actually makes me sad because I don't have many photos to look at when I get nostalgic, yet here's Anisa, taking a ton of selfies every damn day.

I don't doubt that she's highly self conscious and insecure, but I wish she'd drop the whole "Oh, woe, muh crippling BDD, you can't make fun of me because of muh mental illness, bawww" act because she sure as hell seems pleased as punch to spend an hour a day snapping pictures of herself and posting them online for all the world to see. She's just using BDD as a shield so people will think twice before making fun of her appearance. It's actually pretty fucked.

No. 292815

>hahaha one of the guys hahaha

No. 292825

She really is one of the guys with that long ass back of hers

No. 292827

does she have some floppy spine disease that precludes her from being able to stand up straight?

No. 292836

…Long as back? Bitch has the shortest, stubbiest torso I've ever seen.

No. 292839

wheres the ass tho

No. 292842

Her hair is really so fucking shitty. Also upgraded to an iphone, I suppose we can thank Ian.

No. 292847

My, my. Another unflattering anisa selfie so soon. I wonder when she'll start using some of that new clothes she mentioned buying some weeks ago kek

No. 292866

>deez fruits
i only see one fruit: her pear head

No. 292869

File: 1492393360494.jpg (50.36 KB, 640x633, DZUC3iD.jpg)


>Jk please these shorts are too big don't judge

No. 292870


she wasn't "anorexic" and didn't have BDD. She's entirely self diagnosed, people with those issues have to struggle with them for a really long time. It sounds like she crash dieted as a kid.

but then again, she thinks her lips, tits and ass are YUGE!

No. 292872

File: 1492394084245.png (241.4 KB, 640x438, 1378491070699.png)

Why do I always laugh at the pear jokes, it never gets old

No. 292874

File: 1492394166048.jpg (170.8 KB, 562x862, enjoytheview.jpg)

This made me scroll down her twitter and jfc Anisa wtf is this pose?

No. 292876


nice ham hock for a wrist pearnisa

No. 292877

Dammit, forgot to sage, sorry.

Why does she bother with all the selfies??

No. 292882


Can she be anymore transparent about waiting guys to look at her crotch?

No. 292884

Every time I see someone criticizing someone else's wrists for being fat on here I feel like it's the same ana-chan

No. 292885

>why does she bother with all the selfies??
she doesn't have anything better to do.
I wonder if she misses her old twitch slut days if anything just to have something to do with herself - it's not like she's making any content… besides filming the occasional AMA vid or taking shitty selfies

No. 292892

What are you talking about, she's living the dream with inverted pear head-kun, isn't she?

Damn, learn a new skill or something, Anisa. If you like taking selfies so much why don't you learn how to actually take good pictures, maybe you'd get deserved attention for once.

No. 292941

>upgrades to iphone
>still can't fucking clean her mirror

No. 292943

She really does only own one pair of shorts…

No. 292946

>"these shorts are too big"
>shorts clinging to waist
>shorts starting to create waist pudge

Sure, Jan.

No. 292948


No. 292954


She reminds me of those side chicks that try so hard to get their 'man' in a picture with them. It's desperate.

No. 292960

If those shorts are too big for her, why are they also the only shorts she wears and owns?

No. 292962

I think pearnisa soaked those shorts in water and then got the short water and made some tea and gave it to edups and thats how she got her cooch magic to lock him to her grip. That's why she wears them so much to keep the cooch flavor fresh for that magic brew she feeds to edups.

No. 292986

File: 1492408795289.jpg (156.36 KB, 632x912, IMG_1288.JPG)

>more demonic version
didn't someone on here say something similar lol

No. 292993

File: 1492409074615.gif (989.83 KB, 450x254, 1RuaI5I.gif)

>more demonic

No. 293015

some anons just really want to watch the world burn, thanks for the traumatic mental image

No. 293032


No. 293035

Honestly, the teeth and tongue are majorly fucked but everything else is pretty amateur? With a reference photo I don't know how she didn't paint a more accurate portrayal, but I'd say her art is at the level of a mildly talented high school artist and if she actually dedicated herself she could probably get pretty good.

No. 293036

You guys don't know? See, catcalling doesn't exist as long as it involves ANY WOMAN other than herself. THOSE women must be lying for attention. She totally believes in catcalling/street harassment when it happens to her because, well, obviously men can't stop themselves from dropping whatever it is they're doing to ogle her "curves" and proposition her. ~end bitter sarcasm~

What drives me nuts is that while, yeah, what that guy did would startle me and piss me off (I've had something similar happen), it's like diet street harassment compared to the shit women deal with everyday. She can't be bothered to feel even the tiniest sliver of compassion towards women who are followed, verbally abused, groped, chased, cornered, etc. and will go out of her way to call them liars, but the second a guy runs up to her to ask her name, SOUND THE ALARMS, Anisa's a victim! She's been violated, somebody get her a blanket and some hot chocolate. Poor baby, the trauma!

Obviously, any kind of street harassment is fucked and obnoxious, but this bitch is REALLY gonna try and fish for sympathy and support over that, but chicks like me who've literally had to run 2 blocks to get away from a dude are "just looking for attention"? The hypocrisy is fucking killing me.

No. 293038

She fucked up and said it was more demonic on purpose hahaha

Also what the fuck are those elementary-school level bubbles and these teeth

It's so funny

No. 293039

If she was just an amateur who painted on the side as a hobby, I'd have no qualms. However, she went to art school. At one point, she WAS dedicating all of her time to getting better and, lo, here is the end result of all that dedication.

It's just shocking to me because, when I was in art school, most freshman came in with about that level of skill and everybody made SOME kind of progress by the end of the first semester. Drawing/painting/sculpting everyday does that, you'll inevitably make some kind of progress. However, she's just not a talented artist, it's not her forte.

Again, if she presented her artwork as a hobby, something she did because it just made her happy, I wouldn't shit on it, but she likes to pretend that she is a talented artist. You wanna pretend to be a talented artist, Anisa? Then, ok, talented artist's works get critiqued, sometimes harshly. Thems the breaks.

No. 293906

File: 1492522254641.jpeg (120.83 KB, 1526x564, ani.jpeg)

Looks like she's going back to Twitch. Didn't we called this a while back?

Taking bets for the real reason:

a) Not enough money with YT
b) Ran out of ideas for videos
c) Miss the instant gratification from neckbeards/Ian stans on twitch
d) All of the above

No. 293938

Definite all of the above. I can already see it; her trying to show off her chest in a non subtle way while mentioning Ian

No. 293954

All of the above.

How many AMAs can you really do? Especially when you're not famous and your personality is like wet cardboard. She can't work legally while in the states, her YT "career" is just embarrassing and since she could, in theory, simple settle back into a life of comfort and enjoy Ian bankrolling her life, I'ma guess she's going back to Twitch mostly because she misses all those neckbeards throwing money at her everytime she flashes them a bit of tit meat or her flat ass.

I was reading the Cyr/Edwin/Dasha/Mina thread a little while ago and there was something about Mina originally moving from the UK to the states in the hopes of meeting Joji and Idubbbz. Since this was Dasha's story and that bitch is fucking insane, it's probably BS, but I got such a kick out of imagining Ian heaving Anisa in a trash can, sprinting away to meet Mina on a coffee date (Starbucks. Anisa's favorite. Stings twice as much) and Anisa bitterly wiping tears away with a rotten banana peel. Too bad Mina went with Edward.

No. 293959

>live entretainment
hah I think by this she means showing off her tits to ugly fat neckbeards and edups creepster fans.

No. 294043


What a lame ass bitch giving a lame ass response to slide her foot back into the Twitch door. YouTube doesn't and never will work for her because she's so talentless having a bf with over 4mil subs to boost interest in her couldn't work. She has to be the biggest failure of a YouTube girlfriend to date. It's hilarious. It probably hurts that unlike YT gfs like SuperMaryFace, who got mentioned in the previous thread, Anisa isn't actually good looking and relies on camera tricks, editing and padded bras. Doesn't translate well to video which you can't so easily manipulate, eh Anisa? You moron. Can't wait until she starts doing all the same ole shit Ian "subtly" convinced her out of doing to make her into a less embarrassing girlfriend. Best part of it all, she probably would have become far more popular by now doing what's natural to her (trying to sell the lie of her nice body) if she never dated Ian and teamed up with the likes of Celestia and what not. Now she's boxed herself into a place she doesn't belong. It's fucking great. After she's back to titty streaming it'll be around that time for her to GTFO of the country and I'd put a few bucks on her and Ian "growing apart" due to the distance for a less milky, but inevitable, split.

No. 294045

plot twist!
but what if Ian asks her to marry her??? :O

No. 294058

I think she's going to start doing Twitch more than Youtube, and slowly slip back into Twitch completely instead of Youtube. She'll try to do it subtly but it will be really unsubtle. Her few fans (Ian fans) will pester her asking about her next video, she'll continue livestreaming, she'll cheat on Ian with Chris

No. 294081

File: 1492545477849.png (1.36 MB, 1440x810, 4573845.png)

God, she's so pathetic lol

No. 294161

Hahahaha man she has to be the most predictable person on the planet! Everyone and their mothers saw this coming. Anisa, I'm glad you're realizing titty streaming is all you're good at!! What a fail

No. 294177

I just noticed that Ian tweeted out the pic Anisa is trying to draw in February

No. 294448

Damn. The replies to this tweet really show the intellectual level of his audience.

No. 294485

How long until Anisa says something stupid regarding the fatheroffive channel?

No. 294546

Oh my god, can't believe it hasn't happened yet.

No. 294551

Mina is so much better than Anisa but for some reason Ian blocked her on twitter and she blamed Cyr for it, I wonder what was the deal with that

Also in one part of the video Edwin said that after he's been kicked out "Cyr's friend" dm'd him and said "suck my nuts" and that he will fuck girls on his bed, this sound so much like Chad, especially sice he was staying in the US and hanging out with Cyr around this time. If it really was him, then he's equally as retarded as in all the videos

No. 294840

Edwin confirmed it was chad on his livestream yesterday.

No. 294947

File: 1492661005276.png (663.62 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3121.PNG)

Lmao looks like Chris is paying Ian and her a visit. Wonder if he's staying with them? Seems like it'd be awkward as fuck.

No. 294952

"buddy pal" lol more like fuck buddy you trashy whore

No. 295018

File: 1492670326412.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3122.PNG)

Can't wait for her to cheat on Ian and get kicked out lmao

No. 295020

I have a serious question here, does Ian enjoy being cucked? like doesn't he see what is going on here??

No. 295033

Is this Anisa? There's a thread on r9k about this right now


No. 295044

File: 1492672670252.jpg (27.19 KB, 516x604, 1490197577415.jpg)

Probs seems like it

No. 295045


I've not read the entire thread yet but just the OP makes me think it could be her. Not enough spelling and grammar mistakes though.

No. 295051

Really seems like it's her. I'm trying to think of who else it could be with active threads, but Anisa is the only one that would match all of the green text and think to post something this dumb on r9k. Only other streamers are more weeb than that, but we all know Anisa would run to r9k because she's ~not like the other girls~.

No. 295059

she mentions that she doesn't want to cause trouble with sponsors, which Anisa doesn't have as far as I'm aware. It could be Suzy honestly, though idk if Suzy uses image boards.

No. 295062

samefag, but on second thought she does say "boyfriend" and not husband

No. 295066

There hasn't been much chatter in the suzy/game grumps thread about arin cheating on her though. I think the only thread we constantly see talk like that is the Anisa/filthy crew thread, though lately it's been more so people waiting for her to cheat on Ian and not the other way around.

Only other thread I think that might have any chance of being another option is the steamer thread? It's full of a bunch of nobodies though, but maybe a couple of them have sponsors?

No. 295069

hah someone confirmed that the mysterious titty streamer is in fact from canada


No. 295073

File: 1492675468268.jpg (19.11 KB, 366x274, 1492060048433.jpg)

Found my way here from that thread.

I'm struggling to understand why there is so much shit about her. As I understand she cheated on her ex to nail some LoL streamer, then cheated on him to get with Idubbbz and in turn is now about to cheat on him with Raygun and is generally a very shallow person.

I mean it makes her a shitty person no doubt about that, but there are lots of people grapevine from one relationship to another in a similar fashion. What makes her so interesting to you guys? It all just seems kind of boring, at least with CWC you have the horror factor.

No. 295075

I think a lot of people here are just entertained by how bad she is at everything she tries. She doesn't generate much milk so the threads often devolve into in-fighting and petty insults.

No. 295087

hi Pearnisa

No. 295088

I've always been more of an image board lurker than a poster but I couldn't help but do some shitposting to rile up the robots and it's fun despite me being so nervous that I have sweaty palms.

No. 295092

Nope, just a fat guy procrastinating studying.

Don't pretend I like her, she just strikes me as an incredibly boring topic.

No. 295094

>pretends she's not Pearnisa
>can't even sage

No. 295097

I think it honestly has more to do with the fact that she's exactly like what you described her as but is dating *the almighty idubbbz", but in no way is that the main reason. I think that just gave her more exposure.

She's exactly the kind of girl that he would hate and would probably make fun of if they weren't together and is extremely suffering from GOTIS. That combined with her unwarranted cockiness and how sensitive she is with regards to any criticism she receives makes it easy for people to make fun of her.

And what, you can't make fun of someone for being a shitty person?

No. 295102

dear anon, didn't you know all /r9k posters are good people, true saints, never wronged in their lives? They don't understand us, women, hateful things. Yuck, the filthy gossip. Horrible

No. 295103

forgive my no-sage

No. 295106

Ugh, I know. They're acting like such morally superior beings over there on the /r9k/. I would've thought that they hated people like Anisa as much as we did.

No. 295108

the incel whiteknights of /r9k not whiteknighting a proven ewhore? cmon anon

No. 295110

>morally superior beings over there on the /r9k/
Couldn't read that with a straight face, lmao

No. 295116

Well, that's who her audience is right? :^)

Look at this shit:
>They project their views of life onto others. Gives them something to complain about.
>Those people are far more damaged and disgusting, on the inside and outside, than you at your worst. Don't let them get to you, just remember that some people really are just shitty.
>people always wish harm on others because it makes them feel better
>It's almost like the lolcows are jealous of her bf


No. 295145


>it's almost like the lolcows are jealous of her bf

>like the lolcows are jealous of her bf

>the lolcows are jealous of her bf

>the lolcows


No. 295152

Wait wasn't she just posting about how her and Katt are BFFs and it's sooooo good to gave someone you can talk to about everything?

If you really do have Katt to talk you through everything, then why are you on r9k looking to vent?
Oh right, because you constantly need validation from dudes because your boyfriend isn't enough. Sad cow is sad.

No. 295163

File: 1492690131987.jpg (29.23 KB, 216x389, 757657567.jpg)

Every time I come here, I don't think I can possibly find Anisa anymore pathetic, and now she's posting in /r9k/ to get asspats from neckbeards?

I honestly can't even imagine being this insecure that I would need fat, disgusting robots to tell me how great I am and how "the lolcows" are just jealous of me.

No. 295169

I don't know how anyone could go to some nest of incels with a worldview as warped as theirs and ask for help and validation of all things. Ew.

No. 295184

Why doesn't Anisa just make idubbbz make a content cop on lolcow.farm :^)

No. 295200

I know nothing about r9k but isn't it kinda suspicious that Anisa would seek validation over there like she can't actually be that retarded?
Either someone is trying to make it look like shes the one who posted or she is pathetically trying to gain some attention for her upcoming twitch shit? It wouldn't be the first time for her to stoop that low and I'm sure shes desperate enough for views to pull it off.
The whole Zoie thing was basically the same strategy, trying to stir "drama" for views but failing miserably bc nobody gives a shit.
I could be wrong but it is kinda strange, as soon as she announces her possible twitch comeback she appears on her main demographics imageboard

No. 295201

No. 295205

Why are there always retards like you who never read the thread before posting, it's already being discussed and was linked here >>295033

No. 295208

>It's almost like the lolcows are jealous of her bf
>jealous of her bf

Funniest joke I've heard all day. As if any of us would want to live our lives on our knees, sucking the cheeto-dust covered dick of the lord almighty idoops, just for a little bit of internet attention. Dream on, r9k.

No. 295209

I don't know, I don't think it's her. Some things she said don't really fit.
The r9k anon said that her channel isn't small. Also:
>"Farmers try to prove that I was a slut in highschool"
I don't remember anyone saying this in Anisa threads.
>"People are saying I'm really 28 or 30 when I'm not even 25. Or they say that I constantly lose friends because I chose Youtube/League Of Legends/Twitch over my old highschool/college friends"
Don't remember anyone arguing about her age or the second part of the sentence.
>"Farmers think that my bf will cheat"
When actually we say that Anisa is the possible cheater.
Nah, it's not Anisa imho.

No. 295211

Samefagging, the r9k anon also said that she cosplays/used to cosplay

No. 295213


LMAO I love how she went to a place dominated by virgin males to get e-hugs. You're so fucking pathetic Anisa, omg. Pathetic Pearnisa. We could do an idubbbz and make a children's book about her as an allegorical tale to ward young girls away from being useless.

No. 295219

can't wait to see this unfold. She has two days to fuck around with Chris and then make the Hawaii trip awkward as hell

No. 295221

spelling is too good to be her. Probably a LARPer.

No. 295222


I do remember some anons saying things like this. It's not the trend of the discussion here, but someone like Anisa would definitely take random comments and twist them in such a way. Plus, I assumed she wanted to alter the story just a tad to not be figured out, but she's an idiot so obviously that failed.

No. 295259

she said she was from canada, guess who else is from canada? Anisa is just adding more shit up to confuse everyone but it's obvious it's her. the way she types and idk you get that anisa vibe.

No. 295262

zomgg does this mean were gonna be in the idoops conten coop?? Hey Ma! we gonna be on da youtubees :3 we gonna be famous.

No. 295264


>slut in high school

>28 or 30
>youtube / league
>bf will cheat

it's fucking lilypichu

No. 295309


He probably does see whats going on here. He just doesn't give a shit.

No. 295310

In the back of his head he's thinking if she cheats he has an excuse to break up with her

No. 295314

isn't Lily from commiefornia?

No. 295317


That AND a Content Cop.

No. 295319

Content Cop: Camgirls! Thumbnail is classic policeman uniform with "BUSTED" editted over an unflattering pic of Anisa

No. 295345

Mhh, seconding this. It could be lilypichu

No. 295346


I doubt even Ian is retarded enough to do that.

No. 295604

lily is from california and this tit streamer said she was from canada… sooo

No. 295605

kek! it's nice to see faggots from /pol/ here it's so easy to spot you guys

No. 295622

File: 1492744093642.png (547.51 KB, 932x465, hidingpears.png)

She doesn't look bad in this pic imo.
>no weird angles now guyz
>i want to removing ribs bc i have no body shape
She def comes here to cry on a saturday night or Ian browses this thread to find new insults to throw at her.

No. 295623


No. 295629

God if you're so insecure then stop showing your fucking shapeless body and fishing for compliments from girls who follow you just because of your boyfriend's popularity.
Take a shot while you're scrolling down anisa's feed each time you see her in the bathroom or wearing the same damn shorts.

No. 295634

Lol please. It's a common imageboard joke/expression, go back to your bikram yoga and stop frothing at the mouth because someone used a word that triggers you.

No. 295636

File: 1492745570013.png (729.27 KB, 932x603, contentcuck.png)

She's seconds away from leaving Ian and moving in with Chris. She would probably come up with "Ian was abusive didn't u guyz see him slapping me i was abused :c"
Chris is such an incel that he would probably marry her before her visa expires.

No. 295639

At least Chris is willing to take photos with her unlike Ian. Maybe he treats her like a person too

No. 295642

She probably regrets not meeting Chris sooner and jumping on Ian's cock before even realizing how much of an autistic robot he is.

No. 295644

She definitely has a type.

>seeking manchild with suspicious hairline

No. 295648

Since she likes to wear push-ups and padding so much, I wonder if she's going to get one of these https://bootypop.com/.

She has no ass, so if she suddenly gets an ass, we'll know why.

No. 295651

Holy shit anon, almost woke my room mate up.

No. 295652

>Available in yummiest bootylicious colours!
Ew. They also look like someone stuck 2 chicken filets inside a pair of boxer shorts.

No. 295654

Honestly her body doesn't look that bad (though I'm biased bc I have the same unfortunate shape and she def looks better than me). The wall-of-texts have got to stop though, it's nonstop insecurity from this girl.

No. 295662

I think a lot of people have been saying that. She's not hideous, she just rarely dresses in flattering clothing. It'd require being more feminine though and she desperately wants to play the "just one of the guys" card and dress like a tomboy. Plenty of girls get along much better with less.

I think it goes further than how she dresses and carries herself aesthetically. She does the same thing with her attitude. She's not genuine or honest and it's really off-putting, and those mannerisms she's copying from Ian just don't work.

No. 295664

File: 1492748423650.gif (857.75 KB, 498x278, 0hLcUXq.gif)

Yeah that's the thing here, nobody tells her things because she ugly, we know she isn't ugly she just makes really poor choices in life, dating certain people, cheating on that certain people, her clothing, using the same shorts IN.EVERY.SINGLE.PICTURE. Her hair, she could look better but she chooses to try and be "edgy" or this "im gone of the guyz" bullshit This girl clearly made some choices

No. 295665

File: 1492748797980.gif (977.66 KB, 500x265, FuckingCockGoblin.gif)


I can't believe a bitch as worthless as Anisa is making me angry. Since I know you're fucking reading this, Anisa:

-We don't debate your age and even if we did, why would that require a ride in the waahmbulance? You fucking thin-skinned (lying) pussy.

-We've joked about Ian leaving you, yes, but the vast majority of the time we crack jokes about you cheating on Ian with Chris because EVERY SIGN POINTS TO YOU EVENTUALLY DOING SO. Then again, I suppose if you said "Baww, the meanie whores at lolcow always say I'm gonna cheat on my BF!", a robot would inevitably ask why and you'd have to bullshit your way through an answer that doesn't reveal your history of cheating. Robots don't like cheating Stacys and then you couldn't reap the neckbeard asspats.

-I have zero memory of us saying you were a slut in highschool and, honestly, even if you were, I would give zero fucks. I don't have a single problem with women who sleep around, but I DO take issue with women who cheat, women who only think "What can they do for me?" when picking who to date and women who use their body to make a name for themselves and pretend they don't. If you're a slut, own it.

THIS…this /r9k/ post is a big reason why we don't fucking like you, Anisa. You can't fight your own battles, you're addicted to playing the victim, you're an attention whore, you lie/twist the truth and completely rely on men for a sense of validation because you're too fucking insecure and lazy to bother working on growing as a self reliant human being.

Not to mention the unwarranted sense of self importance and that rampant idiocy of yours. You stupid, stupid bitch. Now I DO hope that Ian cheats on you.

No. 295667

And edups is letting all this happen right in front of his eyes, like if I was edups id be hella jealous. If I was a guy and my girlfriend was hanging out with a dude all the time it would make me think about many things. I hope Ian isn't retarded enough to not see what is happening here. Like I mean going to visit him alone and noticing there is some obvious chemistry going on. I bet that chris will be like "hell yeah I took ladypear from edups" you have to be really stupid not to see the picture here.

No. 295668

Did anybody else almost die of lulz overdose when she said she didn't want to link her channel because it was so big?

40k subs! Oh, god, there's that fucked up relationship with reality again.

No. 295672

Maybe they're inspired by Onion and want to start their own trinity. Now you all have the mental image of Anisa being DP'd by two lookalike YouTubers.


No. 295676

anon you are pure evil :P

No. 295679

Chris looks disgustingly similar to Ian. I bet if Anisa bought him home instead of Ian her parents wouldn't even notice the difference.

No. 295682

Anon what the hell im trying to sleep here

No. 295685

I kind of thought it might be Sheena tbh

No. 295689

tbh I doubt anyone in their right mind will not fuck Ian honestly he is gross, I don't care if he is a millionaire or whatever. He is a douche bag, we have solid facts that he really doesn't give a fuck about his significant other. I bet he knows this that's why he is with Pearnisa and she is with him to ride the dick to fame.

No. 295692

Ok prob not sheena since I remembered the op has YouTube. But idk about it being anisa since some if the things they whined about aren't things we say here. But I also do t know who else it could be.

No. 295702

Just went on Anisa's twitter, Chris and her hung out all alone all day today while Ian was at home making videos lmao. They even went on a little safari date, but Anisa justified this by saying that they all hung out last night which was probably off as hell.

No. 295708

seriously? Ian might just take away the title of cuck from onion

No. 295774

I don't think iDubbbz is incredibly stupid. I think he's probably socially awkward, and no longer likes Anisa (the honeymoon phase has ended) so instead of doing what any other reasonable 26 year old would do (TELL THEM AND BREAK UP WITH THEM) he's just allowing nature to take its course.

Source: my ex boyfriend did the same thing at 16-17 years old.

No. 295776


samefagging w/ Backstory - I think Anisa and ian might be in a similar situation

I thought I would clarify that it wasn't with me. It was with this crazy suicidal girl (Mindy) who was super obsessive. My ex worked after school hours and Mindy would get pissed off if he didn't call her … while he was working? Yeah. She was also crazy jealous of my ex hanging out with other girls but he encouraged her to hang out (play video games) with his guy friends because he couldn't always be there for her. Eventually one of the guys (Jake) she became close with asked my ex if it would be alright if he asked her out and he basically went go for it.

If I recall correctly, Jake and Mindy's relationship was also very tumultuous. I think at one point Jake had to call the police on Mindy because she was trying to kill herself… or this might've been another guy.

No. 295777

Sage your shit if you're samefagging and blogposting about your life, this isn't PULL newfag

No. 295798

anyone sending this to keem? I liked but some screens and evidence would be better. Also if more people did the same.

No. 295800

File: 1492776445299.png (348.47 KB, 1920x685, postses.png)


Sorry to shit it up but I think it might be Lilypichu, not Anisa? :(

No. 295802


The pic posted saying she was from Canada was posted by a random, not confirmed to be the OP of that thread.

No. 295809

File: 1492778201318.jpg (1.97 MB, 2560x1920, ' , '.jpg)

Her body is like this or This photo has been edited ??

No. 295811


She looks better here, you know, like someone not trying to hide themselves and make themselves look like something they aren't. So a not fat girl with a pretty straight figure and average sized tits. Nothings wrong with that, Anisa. Quit your insecurity and be happy with who you are.


Holy shit that description sounds like she's talking directly to us. At this point, she should just come here if she wants to address us this badly. But the bitch needs to understand that it won't matter. Not everyone will like her. Her, potential post on r9k was all about us calling her ugly. Anisa, that's the fucking tip of the iceburg, if you weren't a lying, manipulating, throwing yourself in every topic being discussed that isn't about it, crying for asspats, constantly typoing simple shit while acting like you're a scholar, total fraud all around no one would care enough to post about you here. Get it through your thick skull, most people here aren't posting about you majorly because we think you're faking your pics. I know you want us to be that petty so you can write it off as us being jealous of you and edoops, but it's just fucking wrong. You got the attention you wanted from dating him, but because of your shitty BEHAVIORS a lot of it is negative, and crying about your "diagnoses" won't change that. At this point, you'd need to come clean with your bullshit and then actually change, but still, that won't me universal praise. If you can't handle that, get off of the fucking internet.

No. 295813


Idk man, she and Chris just look right to me. Like he actually likes being in her presence. At this junction, I wouldn't even fault her for moving on to someone who actually wants to interact with her socially, do collabs with her, doesn't slap her because it looked cool, and generally has obvious better chemistry with her. You know… as long as she actually broke up with Ian and then started dated Chris. That's not Anisa's way though.

No. 295846

File: 1492783835989.jpeg (19.64 KB, 275x206, 1490137645134.jpeg)

She had to change something I guess.

No. 295851

I second this actually. Fuck Anisa, but she has the general human right of having an average relationship. It does seem like Chris at least enjoys her company a little bit. She makes jokes about how he doesn't like photos or doesn't want to smile in pictures, yet at least he's not like Ian, who is on his phone while Anisa is trying to cuddle with him or take a picture.

No. 295852

File: 1492785133114.jpg (452.93 KB, 1920x1520, 0rHOcgm.jpg)


it was lily

sage for derail, sorry.

No. 295866

File: 1492786918483.png (193.75 KB, 1242x1114, IMG_6417.PNG)

In other news, Max is on good terms with a self confirmed rapist, pretty sure he has been since 2012 so even AFTER he was exposed, Max continued contact with human trash.

They look like a normal, happy couple moreso then Ian and Anisa ever had.

I know people really hate her here, but breaking up with Ian and getting together with Chris would be the only smart thing she has done if she does it, which she won't because like I said, it would be smart thing to do.

No. 295871

Chad is such a fugly fat dickhead. He's not even funny. I can see why George doesn't really mention the crew anymore. I feel bad for anyone who chooses to have their vag cavity poked with Chad's 2 inch chode.

Yup, max has proven to be a piece of shit for quite some time now. He is quite the fuckboy

You know chris would eventually get sick of her bullshit too. She's just not a good person to be with and she should really work on herself before she dates anybody. She is a walking meme in the worst form.

No. 295885

I guess her type is ugly white guys with bad hairlines

No. 295889

If Chris had better hair/contacts I think he could be pretty cute.

No. 295893

Hrm…some shit matches up, though…but, goddammit, I guess you're right.

I agree. While I can't stand the bitch, it's almost physically painful watching her and Ian's relationship unfold. The only couple with worse chemistry is Onision and Lainey. When your relationship has as little chemistry as THAT disaster of a marriage, you need to reevaluate your life.

Remember how we assumed Ian was hinting that he was a virgin/not getting any frequent sex when he said he "isn't really a sex guy" in that Philip deFranco interview? What if the dude is just asexual? Maybe that's why Anisa felt so compelled to let everybody know via Roosh's comments section that Ian is getting SO MUCH PUSS, OMG, YOU GUYS DON'T EVEN KNOW, SO MUCH. That doesn't necessarily explain why he seems so indifferent towards Anisa emotionally, but there are so many different types of asexuals. Hell, maybe he's like "I don't want to fuck you, that's not my thing, so why don't you go find that elsewhere (Chris), it's fine by me."

I'm totally tinfoiling like a motherfucker here, clearly, and the simplest explanation is usually the answer, so it is most likely that Ian's just a shitty, distant, selfish boyfriend and Anisa meshes better with Chris.

Again, I can't stand the bitch, but…man, she's successfully made me pity her and she deserves to have a boyfriend who doesn't just view her as a fuck-maid.

No. 295897

Nah, i don't think so. If he was indeed asexual then there's no reason for them to be together. He's treats her like shit since the first time they met, doesn't care for her needs, doesn't help her with her career or even acknowledge her existence for that matter and it's not like she helps him with anything (maybe cleaning).
I think he only sees her as a bang maid, the comment on the interview was him giving some excuse because pretty much everyone knew he was an incel
> i-i don't even want to have sex, b-but i can totally get it if i tried

No. 295919

I just feel like he's a generally inexperienced guy when it comes to relationships, and he made a bad choice of an annoying girl for his first real relationship. Anisa is just a generally unlikable person, but I wonder what kind of person would actually be a good match for Ian? He's very different (not really in a good way) and he's even selective when it comes to friends, having a really small circle of people he doesn't get irritated by.

No. 295941

max's new video.. wtf. trigger warning max staples some pokemon cards to this guys head

No. 295945

i think a more mature, motherly type maybe? (not in a milf type of way, just in a self confident, developed personality kind of way) but it's hard to tell for sure

No. 295956

Oh, totally! Blogposting, forgive me, but I had a buddy who was this arrogant mess of a human being who kept dating chicks who were equally messy people and they'd have predictably messy relationships, but then he met this girl who just had this innate nurturing, responsible nature. We called her [friend's name]'s Visiting Nurse Service because she'd make sure he'd get up to go to work, she wouldn't take any of his shit, she'd make sure he ate well, made him SERIOUSLY cut down on his drinking and drug use, etc. It was the best relationship he'd ever had, I think they're still together.

Not saying that type of person is good for everybody, but certain dudes do need a mom 2.0. Not the coddling mom, but the kind of woman who really takes on that role of helping them keep their shit together and genuinely enjoys doing so. Ian's a manchild, he'd probably really need and like that kind of girlfriend.

Like…it's weird that Anisa apparently said NOTHING about Ian's abomination-stache, lack of showering and dandruff covered shirts. Even if you're not a mom 2.0 girlfriend, you still tell your boyfriend "That mustache has got to go" or "Babe, get in the fucking shower, what the fuck?".
It kinda tells me she's not just a more submissive partner in their relationship, she's completely taking a backseat and letting him take the reigns. She has no say. Hell, maybe she likes it that way, maybe her dream is to be some kind of Stepford Wife, but in my book, sitting back and not helping your partner be their best self is a pretty shit thing to do.

No. 295978

Oh, so he's back to his typical old VOMIT WARNING/BLOOD WARNING/PAIN WARNING type videos. They're not bad, I have watched them for shock value. Not original from him, but it's Max, he's not the ~crEatIve~ type, he's just the laid back, having fun on camera type.

What's weird is, I'd swear that this is not advertiser friendly content according to new YT guidelines, but it's got 4 ads on it? Is it just because it's on the so far tame Pokemon channel and nobody flagged it yet, or is stapling cards to your friend's forehead really considered to be family-friendly?

No. 295979

This is an interesting thought. It is a good way to view Anisa and Ian's relationship though, they are currently in a relationship where they aren't bettering each other, instead Anisa might even be having the opposite effect on Ian with his looks going down the drain.

No. 295981

File: 1492800528247.png (1.07 MB, 1440x1067, tmp_12490-hitler painting85249…)

I know i'm late, but holy shit this looks just like that hitler painting from it's always sunny

No. 296055

I approve of this! seriously Anisa just doesn't care and I guess Ian doesn't seem to care either. He lets go and she lets him. The fact that he is letting all this happen, like he is letting her go with whoever guy she wants, I bet chris and anisa have already had some type of sexual encounter. You can really see the closeness of these two. The stream he couldn't stop staring at her and vise versa. If she wanted to be with chris she should come clean to Ian and say it instead of doing all this bullshit.

No. 296093


No. 296139

Maybe she's doing the tactic that she used on her last ex. Go on a couple dates (like she did with Ian, but is currently doing with Chris) technically cheat on Ian, and then break it to him eventually, probably after this Hawaii trip. If her and Anisa are actually as close of friends as they say they are, maybe Anisa's only lasted this long for the free ride and vacation to see a good friend.

No. 296171

>removing ribs

Holyshit, she is insane

No. 296173

>also, this is a gay caption

She's so insufferable. jfc

No. 296186

Insecurity wrapped in insecurity. First she makes a gigantic rant about her body and how much she hates it, and then she has to say something self depricating, because she's so insecure about the thought of anyone taking her seriously, or not as "one oF the boyz"

No. 296216

she is one of the boyzzz, like she is not like any other girll she is unique just one of the guysss no girly gay shit for her no sirrrr no ma'am

No. 296369

Can she just post her damn pic and leave?? What's with these sob stories my god.

No. 296409

File: 1492835917975.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9406.PNG)

Rat finally got rid of the mop on his head cause he's seeing Max (just goes to show how he values his friends views on his appearance moreso than his girlfriend.)

No. 296416

Chris has a girlfriend.
Also, I'm pretty sure Anisa isn't going to fuck up her sugardaddy situation. Work-wise she is worthless, so why would she give up a dude who will buy her a new phone, clothes, and trips to Hawaii?
She's a dumb cunt, but she's not that stupid.

No. 296433

hi ladypear

No. 296440

You need to be at least 18 to post here.

No. 296462

File: 1492841948561.png (1.88 MB, 1138x1179, Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 11.1…)

kek! if you're gonna insult someone make sure you have something stronger, not the "bohoo you're too young because you post a certain phrase" nice try sweety.

anyways I guess these two are posting more pictures of eachother than ladypear and edups have.

No. 296463

oh shit isn't that one of the outfits she bought for hawaii??

No. 296479

File: 1492843237935.jpg (147.96 KB, 640x926, IMG_1293.JPG)

i find it weird her ex boyfriend (before akaadian) liked this but ian didn't

No. 296483


her stomach looks weird on the left side but is that like idk normal for the angle? any farmers with similar shapes want to offer their input?

No. 296523

File: 1492851401232.jpg (72.97 KB, 736x1162, anisahippop.jpg)

Her torso is asymmetrical in the photo. Like, her ribcage is longer/hip bone is further down on the right side and then the ribcage is significantly shorter with the hipbone also much higher on the left.

It could be the way she's standing, she goes for the old "pop a hip to create the illusion of curves" pose all the time (literally every mirror selfie I've seen) and it kinda looks to be the case here because of the way her legs are; one is standing straight/angled in while the other is angled outward.
It's a more subtle version of contrapposto.

It's kinda nuts because I definitely do not consider myself to have curves, it's something I've always wished I'd had, but I have more curves just existing than she does when she's ACTIVELY trying to create the appearance of having them. Damn. Built like a box, that one.

No. 296553

Sage but this Chris guy is obviously nicer to her than Ian but I don't think they are fucking. He doesn't seem as flirty as she is toward him. It comes off like she is trying to get Ian's attention by going on dates with his clone but chris still seems a bit hands off so it isn't really working, as far as we can tell.

No. 296566

File: 1492866201094.jpg (54.03 KB, 640x640, 12552382_1095089097191626_1086…)

She would never leave Ian for Chris.
She left Akaadian, who was by far a better boyfriend, for an ugly autismo who mistreats her- just because he is a popular youtuber because she is a fame-hungry whore.
She probably fucks Chris, but would never leave dupppz for him

No. 296567

File: 1492866710616.jpg (78.52 KB, 658x533, Untitled.jpg)

gg anisa
i hope all that idupppz fame was worth it

No. 296569

File: 1492867073318.jpg (18.58 KB, 535x109, Capture.JPG)


You predicted it…

No. 296573

Haven't heard that in a while…

No. 296589

Looking at this, it's literally shameful I ever found Ian hot.

He's repugnant in literally every single way, it's mind blowing she ditched Akaadian for this malformed, mouth breathing, bag of autism.

No. 296593

Her body is really nice. Her exercising definitely paid off. You guys are going overboard by trying to find something to insult about her appearance here. But I'll agree that the walls of text need to stop.

No. 296595

Samefag. If you guys keep this up she's going to actually do something stupid and commit to removing her ribs or worse.

>inb4 hi anisa

No. 296603


Exercise? She's still skinny fat and has no muscle definition anon. 2 months of exercise and Starbucks doesn't look that impressive. Maybe I'm just bias because I actually go to the gym, and anisa just abuses angles and looks painfully plain in the bikini pic but whatever. Sage for blogpost

No. 296613


Or he could just not be stupid? He has a girlfriend and Ian has more fans. It's smart to not openly flirt with her in a way that can't be contested as friendship. We're not watching them out in the wild, we're looking at chosen pics they put up. Even there, we can see chemistry I'd assume they don't want us to. I don't think they are fucking though. I get the feeling they're both waiting for the other to make the deciding move.

No. 296622


Woah, Anisa, you were already winning by being with someone way out of your league and you went and fucked it for what now? Because I don't see what dating Ian got you other than negative attention because now more people see you for who you are or fake attention from people who WILL abandon you as soon as things end with Ian. Shit, what an idiot, Akaadian is hot. That is the type of guy that would make girls jealous of you Anisa, kek, not Ian.

No. 296685

File: 1492882743550.png (45.95 KB, 592x187, Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 1.37…)

What's this about? The tweet didn't seem like a joke.. Joji was being serious and he tweeted a fan after too. I've noticed Joji never responds to the Cancer Crew, likes their tweets, etc. It's crazy how much more mature he is than the rest..

No. 296689

Max is like
>lol dude u sound so fucken gay LULZ y so serious m8 XDDDDDDD

No. 296692

sounds like max is mad joji has been swerving them and not talking to them so he's making a passive aggressive tweet like "LOL yeah right"

No. 296711

knowing how max tweets when he's bagging on people passive aggressively, this is how i read it.

No. 296719

max is just a gross rat who is jealous that his channels have been dying for months. the cakes were what brought him back up but you can only milk off filthy frank for so long

No. 296730

New Bad Unboxing video, he looks absolutely disgusting, he's competing with onion for the greaselord title.
Also he mentions future colabs with the Cancer Crew, but i highly doubt it. Joji is distancing himself from everyone in the Crew and Chad is inserting himself in another group. Max is the only one who would do anything Ian tells him to do, he has nothing going on for him.

No. 296731

File: 1492888255878.png (303.73 KB, 677x501, r3rXWPC.png)


>Hat that says "CUM" on it


No. 296733

not an Onision fan, but I love that Ian's fanboys cried "QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!" when Onision ranted about Ian's laziness. Yeah, this sure is quality.

No. 296735

play the fucking video for like 2 fucking seconds and you'd see that he got it sent to him. sage your autistic shitposting

No. 296742

I tried to watch this and I'm literally falling asleep. This is the most boring shit.

No. 296745

Apparently Ian met Ricky Berwick?

No. 296752

This is pretty depressing. The humour just isn't there anymore.

No. 296792

She only wears one bikini, one pair of shorts… I get it, if it looks good, you wanna post it. But they don't????

No. 296801

Damn, she is not cute at all.. She's barely average.

No. 296802

The difference in attractiveness levels is really astounding here.

No. 296805

Has joji spoken to Ian in the last few months? I don't even remember what their last collab after hair cake was.

No. 296808

I can kind of get it? Like, if my close friend goes all serious on Instagram I can't help but comment something like kek
The tryhardism and OOT is just too hilarious.
I don't think Joji and Max are close friends anymore, though. If they had ever been.

No. 296810

When he said that, I heard sarcasm and a bit of anger. I didn't take him seriously whatsoever. Maybe a content cop on the cancer crew? THAT would be a sight to see

No. 296813

File: 1492896187240.png (41.42 KB, 832x274, Screenshot 2017-04-22 at 5.21.…)

One of the top comments on the new vid. Holy shit, even his fans are starting to see.

No. 296815


>I've been curious about altering my body and removing ribs


No. 296817

File: 1492896541065.png (12.92 KB, 348x88, Screenshot 2017-04-22 at 5.26.…)

tfw u realize ian has regressed into a cheeto-covered grease lord that even leafy can't compete with despite calling him out months ago

No. 296843

That second commenter…jesus…the whole point of Bad Unboxing is that he gets sent literal fucking trash, gross stuff, weird stuff, lame stuff, etc, hence "BAD" Unboxing, and then he riffs on the weird/gross/lame shit he'd received. That's the entire point of this content.

If Ian were to just receive 100% cool, nice stuff from fans, that would just be a YouTuber using his channel to solicit awesome shit from his fans and then flaunt how much free, rad shit he could get in videos. That's not funny or entertaining, that would actually be fucked up considering the fact that MOST of his videos these days, in between the Content Cops (y'know, the videos everybody ACTUALLY wants), are Bad Unboxings since he can't come up with any new material, so his channel would be 99% e-begging/bragging and that'd be morally bankrupt AND boring as hell.

I mean, it's boring as hell as is, he's done this so many times there isn't an ounce of entertainment left to squeeze out of "AWW MANN, YA GUYS SENT ME [insert disgusting thing], WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT ~gags, dry heaves~!!??".

I was kinda relieved that he was going back to content that had been proven to work after he'd failed trying new kind of shit, but…yeah, no. How many times can you do a one-trick-pony series like this before it gets tired as fuck? I'm shocked Bad Unboxing has lasted as long as it did.

I'm pretty sure everybody is going to catch on sooner than later: Ian does not have much to offer as a content creator, 99% of his channel is boring filler and the guy hates his fucking life.

Everybody wants CC tier level shit and fresh, dank memes and that. is. just. not. happening.

No. 296856

Ehhh, it's not really nice, but that sort of thing is subjective. Some people are going to see Anisa and think she's a total babe, others are gonna grimace.

I used to wonder why people ripped on her so much when she looked like a babe in photographs, but once I saw her on video, I realized she goes to such crazy lengths to make herself look cute in photos. She heavily relies on bra padding, angles, certain poses, blocking her body behind her arms/objects and, I suspect, a bit of shooping to create this illusion.

I won't say she's a beast or obese because she definitely isn't, but she strives SO HARD to be an object of lust (for neckbeards) and she's just not the kind of attractive she so desperately wants to be. She's shaped like a box with B cups, no ass and an unfortunate face shape. She could just work with what she has and play up her better features, but instead she focuses on everything that she isn't.

If she was a nice girl with a lovely personality who didn't try to dick hop her way to success, I wouldn't mock her insecurities, but, mep…that isn't the case. So it goes.

No. 296892

Not like Joji is OTT serious all the time.. he makes a few serious tweets because he's an actual human being with fluctuating moods and emotions and doesn't have the stagnant personality of a 12 year old boy who laughs at fart jokes (max, ian)

No. 296934

UGHHHHH. Anisa, fucking STOP with the "Muh body dysmorphia!!" and the "educate" and "bringing awareness" bullshit that's actually just thinly disguised attempts to hide the fact you're fishing for compliments 24/7.

You self-diagnosing sow, what you've described is called "insecurity". Minus some narcissists, EVERYBODY looks in the mirror and thinks "I wish ___ was smaller/bigger/longer/flatter." But, aww no, if you acknowledge that, you can't be a speshul snowflake and reap those coveted sympathy asspats, nooo, that would be THE WORST.

People with BDD don't spend hours taking selfies, hell, most of them don't even like looking in any reflective surface. Or, on the flip side, they spend hours in the mirror picking at their skin or pushing/pulling at a certain body part, but they sure as hell don't take multiple mirror selfies a fucking day and post them on Instagram for thousands of people to see. They don't have "jobs" where they're showing their faces and bodies to countless viewers.

It can vary in severity, sure, not everybody with BDD is a housebound recluse, but a common theme among sufferers is shame and embarrassment at the idea of people seeing their "deformity".

Even if you DID have BDD, if you actually wanted to help and not just use this as a way to get attention, you'd tell people to go to therapy and provide resources for those in need.

How the FUCK are you providing a good example to those who need help by just parading your body online and baww-ing? Why aren't you instead inspiring others by seeking help from a mental health professional yourself?

This is why people fucking hate you, dude.

No. 296944

File: 1492912106132.jpg (214.73 KB, 1029x978, Screenshot_20170422-214629.jpg)

Is this a quirky lil jab at Anisa or is he making a content cop on strictly makeup related YouTube channels?

No. 296960

he constantly changes his name and bio. i think it's just him being /funny/…?

No. 296963

this thread is ripe with people reaching to the high heavens for any potential milk. first that embarrassing /r9k/ shit and now all these tinfoils of "WHAT IF THIS WAS A DIG AT ANISA WHAT IF THIS IS REFERRING TO ANISA WHAT IF" i want milk as much as the next person but you're all being really embarrassing

No. 296969

Wha- where are you taking this from? Lack of milk is making some farmers delirious.

No. 296970

Yeah, reading into Ian's bio is fucking dumb. It's his totally "original" brand of ~RANDOM LOL XD~ humor. He's just oh-so-funny, that one, I wonder how he comes up with such wonderful witticisms. Some could say he's the Oscar Wilde of our time.

As for the /r9k/ shit, I legit bought into it until somebody disproved it. It did come across as Anisa, even the robots came to that conclusion on their own. It would've been fucking hilarious had it been her, but, alas, it wasn't. Anyway, I wouldn't call the /r9k/ thing embarrassing, it was just an anon thinking they'd found some good milk, but made a mistake.

No. 296973

File: 1492916715425.png (50.01 KB, 627x368, Screenshot 2017-04-22 at 11.03…)

>ahahhaha what are you? GAY?? being serious with your audience like a fucking human being? nahh that's for pussies!

No. 296976

Ian has been known to change his Bios to reflect future content cops.
I thought it might be this or maybe a joke at her because couples can joke with each other. She did say she wants to do more makeup videos.
You're being really embarrassing because it was just a question yet you feel the need to be a dick about it.
Omg Sage

No. 296977

I see your point, but I also understand. I was hospitalized from starving myself but still would wear low cut shirts because everyone complimented my tits. I just did it for compliments but I hated myself. Since, I've grown out of it but you try to show off assets because you want to be told that you're not this ugly thing plagueing the earth (like your brain tells you all the time). So I feel like at this point, she just needs people to tell her she's pretty because she doesn't feel it on her own. Granted, I don't take pictures of myself nor do I have social media because my brain says "who gives a fuck." I'm not white knighting because I genuinely don't like this ho but I get where she's coming from to a point.

No. 296986


wow, I had never seen Akaadiaan until now. he's not my type but objectively attractive. his traps are huge though, iirc someone told me that you can only achieve that with roids. idk how true that is

No. 296992

they interact like two middle schoolers that bully each other but secretly like each other.

No. 296998

File: 1492918636681.png (674.01 KB, 936x604, edups.png)

So apparently Ian finally went with her to Starbucks.
I find funny that the only way for her to get pictures of him is when he's not paying attention.

No. 297025

>N-no, Y-YOU'RE being embarrassing

Jesus christ, anon.

I dunno, I'm a recovered anorexic and was diagnosed with BDD in my late teens, I'm well acquainted with hating your body and that desperate need for compliments (though I'd never believe them, it was pointless), but I also would skip school for days at a time because I was convinced I looked disgusting and I just did not want to be seen by the public. I'd freak the fuck out if someone tried to take my picture.

We know she had an ED when she was younger and anorexia nervosa and BDD overlap quite a bit, but I do not buy it for a single second that she's truly suffering from BDD. I believe she's crazy insecure, probably has leftover disordered thinking from her ED days, but with untreated BDD, it's insane to imagine being a Twitch streamer (particularly one whose stream heavily relies on them showing off their body), having a YouTube channel and an Instagram where you'd update daily with multiple selfies of yourself while I was in that headspace. Sure, I was starved for compliments, but the very idea of going out in public somedays was unthinkable, let alone parading around in videos/photos on various platforms online. I'd just pester my family and friends for reassurance that I wasn't gross.

So, again, I do understand going out of your way to get compliments when you're that insecure, but: she's not qualified to give mental health advice, she should be recommending treatment/providing resources and she should be in therapy herself instead of fishing for compliments. The compliments soothe the anxiety for a few seconds, therapy actually takes care of that shit.

Plus, I think attention seeking is simply an innate part of her personality. She's got a bad case of GOTIS.

Sage for blogposting.

No. 297028

What's all the "SKSKKSKS"? Oh no, is my old showing?

No. 297030

Hahaha. Best bait ever.

No. 297073

Leave you r9k basement dweller.

No. 297077

File: 1492930315774.png (221.83 KB, 1105x999, Screenshot 2017-04-22 23.49.38…)

please tell me this stupid cunt is not trying to defend/rationalize child abuse? Also that monetizing child abuse is a step above regular child abuse? Maybe I'm misunderstanding her intentions here but for christs sake I feel like she just wants to have a different opinion sometimes.

No. 297090

I think she's just saying some trite ass "All of the negative experiences in our lives, that makes you you, so I wouldn't ask for anything to be changed in my past because I love the way I am!"
which is fucking bullshit since:

1. You can use that logic if your parents did some mildly shitty stuff, like spanked you, called you a bitch a few times, etc. and you feel like you came out on the other side stronger, but you CANNOT apply it to people who came from homes like Xeno Pharium did who, undoubtedly, have fucking trauma they'd rather not have. But Anisa can only dole out one size fits all, sappy advice she's heard in guidance offices, so she comes out looking like a fucking dolt.

2. Anisa doesn't even like who her parents made her! She fucking hates herself! What the fuck is this "I love me for me bcuz I'm special and beautiful and amazing uwu~" shit she's spouting? That girl is filled to the brim with self fucking loathing! Bullshit! I call bullshit!

No. 297179


she did not have anorexia. going on a crash diet for a few months isn't anorexia.

No. 297183

File: 1492949417457.jpg (36.32 KB, 400x404, diet.jpg)

reminds me of this

No. 297193

File: 1492950648251.png (52.86 KB, 608x381, Samurai Buyer.PNG)

Hopefully Misaki/Samurai Buyer is considered on topic, as I have a LOT of milk for you all.

Misaki's apparent Sales Manager (@Merryweatherey) is urging people to not buy from Samurai Buyer for reasons such as when you purchase something you're "automatically signing a terms of service that allows them to charge you a mystery amount of money 1-2 weeks later. The price you pay at first will not be the full price, and people have been charged as much as $50 for shipping, on top of the items price and the service fee" plus Misaki's awful treatment of Merry.

Here is their twitlonger: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1spqglj

No. 297199

sorry im a newfag but how is this relevant?

No. 297201

I was mostly trying to offer milk, but I saged anyway. If you don't know who misaki is though, Ian, Max and Joji have all unboxed his products. Ian basically brought fame to Misaki.

No. 297203

Idubbbz is one of Misaki's biggest promoters. If you read the twitlonger he's mentioned many times.

No. 297216

Ian is a legit retard if this is true. Advertises a bad service for the lulz without being paid and it turns out to be sketchy as fuck. How fucking dumb can you be.

No. 297219

Oh my god, seriously?? So she didn't even have an ED? I could throttle the dumb bitch. Having anorexia was a huge low point in my life and it was also just plain embarrassing. Even though it was obvious (when you're under 100lbs at 5'9, it's no secret), I denied it/didn't talk about it with anybody for AGES…and THIS BITCH whines about "Muh anorexia, muh BDD" all the fucking time when she's really just an insecure cunt who got skinny one summer? Just for the fucking attention? Hooo my god, I didn't think I could hate her any more than I already did. I'd punch her tits off right now if she was standing in front of me.

Oh shit. Wow. Ian's promoted a fucking company that scams customers all because he was the first moron to actually find the "My engrish no good so solly lol" shtick Misaki was doing was funny.

Misaki actually speaks perfect english, used the stereotypical "engrish" shtick to try to lure in YouTubers to promote his shit FOR FREE and Ian, being the immature, 3edgy5u fucktard who thinks racist shit is hilaaaaarious, was the only one who ate it up. Of course. Now because the Great Idubbbz deems Samurai Buyer as worthy, other YT'ers promote this piece of shit company, resulting in more people being scammed.

Great job, Ian. Your shity sense of humor fucked over a lot of people. He probably didn't even look into the company, he probably just thought Misaki's fake shitty english would make for funny content and that was that.

No. 297231

hell yeah it's relevant and potentially 10/10 milk
Well, I figured that Ian isn't promoting Samurai Buyer for money or anything. He was sent free stuff, honestly I would more likely expect Ian paying for this shit just to have it in his video. But I find it sooo embarrassing how he fell for Misaki's bad english and general fake uguu so dumb persona. Edups always seemed… a little overly excited? Like oh yeah, I'm gonna rek this stupid Jap, oh my god he's hilarious!!! this poor english!!11 ermahgerd what a dank meem
While Misaki just played along, letting Ian believe he has the upper hand and he's so fUnNy and RaNdoM… outright contempt on his face
Beautiful, just beautiful

No. 297239

File: 1492957864481.jpg (21.91 KB, 521x286, LOLDUMBJAP.jpg)

Seriously. The way he'd be practically giggling at his own yellowface Misaki sketches was always cringey as fuck to me. Ian would probably be one of the only people these days who thinks Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's is funny. He was so amped on the opportunity to laugh at this Japanese guy when the ONLY JOKE was "Haha, look at this weirdo asian and his broken english, he doesn't understand my western culture references, haha, what an idiot!", meanwhile, Misaki's rolling his eyes at this 20 something year old dude who's willing to promote his company's shitty products/scam FOR FREE.

Ian's eagerness to produce "edgy" (aka racist) content just bit him in the ass. He has so much egg on his face right now and I'm fucking loving it.

No. 297251


He seems like he's doing this entirely for money now. Even when he got gross stupid stuff before there was an air of enjoying the process. Now, it's really just him being semi sarcastic and opening things as quickly as possible just to get through it. He seems so over his fans and the whole schtick he has going now. I remember when he said he wanted to make videos that were positive parodies of good content or whatever. It seemed he feared he'd boxed himself into this edgy circle and he might be living his worst fear now. I don't think Ian is the massive edgelord everyone thinks he is, he's just a nerd who got famous from some passionate rants who doesn't know wtf to do with himself anymore. As someone with depression, this vid kind of made me feel bad for him for the first time in a looooong time. He reeks of unhappiness.

A lot of people said it could be linked to Anisa but I'm wondering if he moved so quickly with this and is so apathetic with her because of depression and just wanting someone around. Doesn't excuse his shitty behavior with her at all but it might explain it a little bit.

sage for blogpost

No. 297260


Samefagging, I get the intent too. I have BDD and I have a hard time looking in the mirror but at work I'm around a lot of men who show attention so I often will wear certain accessories, spend too much money on clothes, wear a different bright lipstick everyday just to get compliments even though I still fucking hate myself and don't truly believe them, it's just nice to hear outside the voices telling me how disgusting I am all the time. I get THAT part, but I also in no fucking way run around saying "Guise, my BDD is making me feel so bad today I don't even know if this lipstick looks good". There's hoping/wanting compliments and then there's harpooning for them.


This. Even on my best days I would flip my shit if someone took my pic. Anisa doesn't have BDD. Never met a single person with it who can casually post body pics on the reg and it's annoying. It's always snowflakes that sit there and self diagnose. Most people with actually disorders don't prance around telling everyone because we have real struggles and when people start to connect your behaviors to a disorder they never leave you alone about it or judge the fuck out of you.

No. 297262

I do think he's a massive edgelord, I think that genuinely is his sense of humor/worldview, but I agree that he's probably feeling boxed in because, despite being an edgelord, that's not all he is. He has all of these fans who are there for the I'M GAY-SAAAAAAY NGGER-meme king version of Ian and he's simultaneously unhappy with catering to the masses terrible taste while too afraid to take any real risks venturing outside of the audience approved formula. His "Comedians on ___ eating ___" was probably him testing the waters when it came to trying out new formats, but he probably felt too much pressure to meet expectations and the uncertainty made him flub it, so he's just given up and given in to what the middle school idiots want.

I don't think Anisa's directly to blame for his obvious depression, I don't think anybody really thinks she's the reason he's (clearly) depressed, that was just coincidental timing. He probably rushed into a relationship due to inexperience, realized he'd made a mistake, but as you said, would prefer to have somebody around rather than be alone right now. It has to be comforting, even if they're not really a good mix. I've been there, I've stayed in shitty relationships because being with an asshole seemed better than being with nobody at all. That sucks for her, but I dislike her so much that I don't really feel sympathetic.

I'd probably be depressed too if I wanted to actually evolve as a content creator, but my fans just yell-typed memes I'd created over a year ago at me all day on my social media accounts. God, his fans are horrible.

No. 297268


Yeah, I agree. I was doing an all or nothing type of thinking there so him being an edgelord but having more to him makes the most sense. It adds to the boxed in feeling because he's essentially being denied to express himself in different ways. I wonder if he resents Joji at all and like another anon said, that abandoning his boys comment was a sarcastic jab at Joji for moving on and expanding himself? With Anisa, if he is so depressed and just wants to be with someone he could potentially marry this cow to avoid being alone. That's just sad…is there anything he can do to stop this slow crash and burn? Hypothetically of course, happy to watch it because I'm an asshole.

No. 297273

Yeah, I was willing to give her a bit of a pass by acknowledging the fact that she said she'd struggled with anorexia before, that she probably has leftover disordered thinking from her ED days, but then >>297179 pointed out she didn't even fucking have anorexia. A crash diet isn't anorexia and as I said:
>Oh my god, seriously?? So she didn't even have an ED? I could throttle the dumb bitch. Having anorexia was a huge low point in my life and it was also just plain embarrassing. Even though it was obvious (when you're under 100lbs at 5'9, it's no secret), I denied it/didn't talk about it with anybody for AGES…and THIS BITCH whines about "Muh anorexia, muh BDD" all the fucking time when she's really just an insecure cunt who got skinny one summer? Just for the fucking attention? Hooo my god, I didn't think I could hate her any more than I already did. I'd punch her tits off right now if she was standing in front of me.

You're right, when you actually have been diagnosed with shit, you do not blast it all over the internet, in every other IG post. When you're actually mentally ill, you're painfully aware of the stigma that surrounds it, you're always afraid of being labeled, judged and/or scaring people off. I once told a guy about my BPD (I know, I have every typical "crazy girl" diagnosis) after we'd been dating for a few months and he panicked and literally ran out the door. That shit suuuucks and you go out of your way to avoid it.

Instead, she views her WebMD self-diagnosed basket of afflictions as opportunities for sympathy, compliments and asspats. It makes me hate the bitch that much more.

No. 297284

When Anisa talks, she sounds like her teeth are falling out (to me).

No. 297309

what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

No. 297323

File: 1492967382204.png (95.82 KB, 623x552, HmmmYesThisIsAnArtIDoBelieve.p…)

Oh, wow, Anisa. Such an interesting opinion. This blatant hoax where a guy traced shit, that's plagiarism IN YOUR OPINION? Just in YOUR opinion? Really? What a FRESH take on this story.

And that reply tweet, what the fuck are you even saying? "The era of digital art is going to make it difficult to judge what is considered ethical when it comes to art"? Is that what you tried and failed to say because you thought your version would make you sound like an intellectual for some fucking reason?

Anisa, tracing and passing it off as your own art is not some new fucking problem that's popping up in the art world due to the modern, digital era. People have always been copying shit and passing it off as their own for fucking centuries, what the fuck are you even on about? This isn't like "Well, because they made it with a 3D printer, does it count as art? Is it cheating?" (btw, yes, it's art since art is insanely fucking subjective, only kids taking a philosophy 101 class think to ask "But what IS art?"), this is just a guy who was discovered to be an outright fraud.

Why do you feel a compulsive need to give your take on shit when you don't even understand what you're talking about? All you do is give away how fucking dumb you are. Even your followers have to correct you all the time. Why can't you at least mull it over first? Why can't you sometimes admit to yourself "Y'know, nah, I don't even really know what's going on. Pass."


No. 297326

"plagerism" kek

No. 297328

I stopped reading her opinion when she spelled "plagerism"

No. 297453

I wonder how that Hawaii trip is going. Anisa hasn't posted anything relevant to it, in fact she's posted about everything BUT Hawaii. I hope it's really fucking awkward.

No. 297456

Wait, are they on it now? I thought that was a little while aways. If it's not for a few weeks or something, not posting about it would be understandable to a certain degree (I mean, I'd be excited…), but if they're on vacation now and she's completely avoiding the subject…oof, that has to be one shitty trip.

No. 297484

This >>296998 was Hawaii, she posted a picture before this one saying she landed in Hawaii.
They pics will probably be up later today.

No. 297488

File: 1492983414034.png (917.97 KB, 932x597, pear.png)

Samefag here's the picture i was talking about.

No. 297494

showing off a backpack but she couldn't take a decent picture of it -___-

No. 297873


Not surprising. If you look at the videos that she helped Ian film, they are all either slanted, cut off at the top, or super shaky. And these are the clips that he deemed usage.

I can just imagine him ripping more of his hair out during editing because most of the footage was unusable.

No. 297877

Ok so Katt has only posted Max and Anisa has only posted Ian. Some people are not getting along, maybe?

No. 297878

Maybe they just can't get each others "angles" right?

No. 297887

I mean, how well are too people supposed to get along when all they have in common are "Our boyfriends are friends?"
That is not instant BFF material, that's where you just try to make the best of it, but it's inevitably awkward.

I also have a feeling that Anisa is one of those girls who, when around attractive chicks, will start panicking internally when any male attention is diverted from them to said attractive chick, even if they aren't going out of their way to be in the spotlight. So, let's say they're at the beach and for a second both Ian and Max are focused on Katt, maybe even just complimenting her sand castle building skills (I dunno, just work with me) and Anisa is forgotten for a brief moment, she'll start flailing and ~oops~ accidentally flash a nip and omg you guize look how many cartwheels I can do and how quirky I am lol so random is evERYBODY LOOKING???

If that's the case and I were Katt, I'd be so sick of her ass already.

No. 297892

omg this! I am hoping this happens, so katt sees what a piece of shit Anisa is.

No. 297919

File: 1493012201313.png (11.84 KB, 586x86, DamnStraight.png)

A strange, brief flickering of self awareness from the girl with the least self awareness ever regarding her insane lack of self awareness.

No. 297920

part of me hopes that theyre not posting pics because theyre too busy having fun.

but i just dont feel like thats the case. anisa is the type to upload everything as its happening (when she has something to post i.e. this trip).

the unicorn frap picture she posted is so embarrassing. ian isnt even looking at her, its almost like he's saying 'fucking stop it' or doesnt even know shes taking the pic.

what a relationship.

No. 297922

thats a super weird thing to post in the middle of your vacay in hawaii. something totally happened lol

No. 297924

if theres vlogs of this trip, how much anisa do you think ian will show?

i'm guessing maybe 1 or 2 clips max, perhaps none.

No. 297925

oh and how much you wanna bet anisa wants to vlog it but ian wont let her??

sorry i just posted like 4 times lmao

No. 297928

File: 1493012520496.png (297.97 KB, 581x473, Hawaii.png)

Well, that tweets from the 21st, I don't think they were on the trip yet. However, she did just post this rather blah photo of their trip on her twitter. No pics of them cavorting around, no group photos, no pictures of her and Ian being sweet together…just a landscape shot. Huh. Weird.

No. 297930

I really feel like the others in the group are keeping photo sharing and shit like that to a minimum so they can enjoy themselves… meanwhile pear is hiding her frustration at not being able to vlog the entire thing, worrying that people might forget she's dating Idubbbz for two seconds.

No. 297933

File: 1493012858376.png (826.89 KB, 952x571, MuhBDD1.png)

Also, just because it's still making my blood fucking boil:
Wow, what a terrible case of Body Dysmorphia, she really looks like she's struggling. Must be soooo hard.

Sage for OT

No. 297934

File: 1493012907438.png (741.08 KB, 950x573, MuhBDD2.png)

More pictures depicting her debilitating case of Body Dysmorphia.

No. 297935

I have BDD and I wear baggy sweaters when it's hot out and haven't taken a selfie since middle school, who does this bitch think she's fooling?

No. 297940

i hate to defend anisa but you can have bdd (or at least just body image issues? maybe thats more of what she has) and still crave attention/affirmation on your body that it's okay.

she's a huge attention seeker and obviously hugely insecure about her body, the two combined makes for someone who needs incessant compliments. while yes, most who have BDD hide at all costs there are also those who don't; and they are usually the ones with huge need for validation as well.

just because shes posting her body doesnt mean she actually likes it. it means she wants to hear it's not that bad, it's hot, wahtever. i mean, notice the same ridiculous ass pose she always does. that's NOT normal.

No. 297942


oh my god poor thing! titty streamers have it the worst. all those people jerking off to you all day, and having to pose in your bikini in front of your mirror. truly, the pits of depression. i'm so sorry that she has to go through all of this. she must hate her body so much, that's why she exploits it and spends all day taking selfies. i hope she gets help soon!

No. 297943

ahh you're probably right I'm biased from my own experience but it's different for everyone

No. 297946

We already discussed this upthread and, yes, when you have BDD and/or anorexia, you crave compliments in an attempt to soothe your anxiety, but you don't make an entire job that depends on your physical appearance.

When I was untreated, just the idea of being a titty streamer, having a YT channel and constantly updating an IG with full body, bikini shots would have caused a panic attack. It's normal to seek validation and compliments from those around you, but doing it on this large of a scale…displaying your half-nude body to literally thousands of strangers who are bound to nitpick your looks…is NOT typical of BDD.

No, I don't think she's perfectly normal, I do think she suffers intense insecurity regarding her appearance, but that's not the same thing as BDD. When you look in the mirror with BDD, you see something wrong, off, deformed, ugly and you're embarrassed and ashamed, your brain can't figure out what it's seeing and you obsesses over tiny details, viewing small imperfections as horrifying flaws. She's insecure? Okay, so is most of the world. She's more insecure than most? Okay, that's unfortunate. Go to therapy. But stop adopting a mental illness that she diagnosed herself with in an attempt to get sympathy. It's just a part of her pattern of behavior where she spins everything to make herself out to be the most hapless victim the world has ever seen.

I know everybody is different, but everybody I've known, including myself, with a legit BDD diagnosis still has a hard time even taking/posting selfies after treatment. Even after I post a selfie, I feel shame and embarrassment because "I look like an idiot posting this as if I look cute or attractive when the whole world can clearly see how disgusting I am."

Meanwhile, she happily goes "Time for another round of bathroom mirror selfie shots!". Sure, I believe she still hates herself after taking these shots and is in no way comfortable with her appearance, but again, that doesn't make it BDD.

No. 297948

Basically, while one may desperately crave compliments and go out of their way to get them while still hating the way they look, what she's doing requires a certain level of confidence in her appearance that does not exist in people with BDD, particularly untreated BDD. She's insecure, more than most, but she's still comfortable and confident enough to post full body shots, sometimes half-nude ones, every day. She's comfortable enough to have "worked" as a titty streamer and appear on a YT channel. That's completely different from going out of your way to look attractive while out in public and hope to god somebody in your life tells you that you don't look like a beast.

No. 297961

Oh snap!!!

These are some very serious accusations, everyone should read that twitlonger.

Jaiden Animations already reacted, she retweeted Merry's twitlonger and put a disclaimer on her video on Samurai Buyer that people should not buy from them.

If Idubbbz was responsible and adult about this situation, he would react ASAP as well, give a statement on it, apologize for promoting them, distance himself from the scammers, and warn people not to buy there.

He has a responsibility to do so, to the public and his fans. Even more than Jaiden and the other YTers who promoted Misaki because Merry said it was Idubbbz's promotion that influenced their decision to work for Samuray Buyer.

Anyone want to place bets Idubbbz is not going to do the right thing? I just can't imagine the edgy edgelord acting reasonably. Is it just a YT persona or is he genuinely a shitty person? I guess we will now from his reaction to this whole situation. He hasn't reacted so far, which leads me to believe he genuinely is a shithead with a dubious character.

No. 297967

Even if Iandubbbz chose to make a follow up video on this, his filming/editing process takes longer than most.
It would probably arrive too late to matter.

No. 297970

I actually tweeted at him earlier being like "Bro, you do know you contributed to countless fans being scammed by Misaki, right?" and how he needs to address this, but I just don't see it happening. I hope he does, it's his responsibility and he could even do it in a funny way if he felt averse to gettin' all serious, but I feel like he's just going to ignore everything and pretend it never happened.

If he doesn't apologize for promoting a scam, even if he didn't know it was one at the time, and warn people not to buy from Samurai Buyer, Ian will complete his transformation from dweeby asshole into greasy fucking scumbag.

No. 297971

He could, at the least, release some kind of statement on his twitter and instagram accounts and then fans could help spread the word.

But, again, no…doubt he could even be fucked to do that.

No. 297973


??? what about anorexics and bulimics in the entertainment industry tho???

like i'm sorry you had BDD, i did too and worked as a model (blogpost sorry) and went to treatment centres twice but you saying that you are THE ONLY EXAMPLE and nobody with BDD WOULD EVER WORK SOMEWHERE THEY SHOW THEIR BODY is just stupid.

Before we delve too fully into OT tho, I just said though that I dont necessarily think she has full on BDD (because how can it be dysmorphia when your body really is a brick lol) but she has image issues for sure, i mean she's in denial about her tit size ffs.

No. 297977

Crisis management in such cases should be a swift & to-the-point public announcement, later followed by other forms damage control (such as a follow-up video), if need be.

We didn't get that announcement. Him doing nothing to expose and distance himself from the scammers he promoted multiple times makes him an actively involved scammer himself. That is despicable.

No. 297978

Yeah, if you look up BDD you'll see that Anisa could fit the definition. It says that in extreme cases one can avoid going out or taking pictures but that's not a requirement for diagnosis. In fact sccording to the DSM:

Diagnostic criteria for 300.7 Body Dysmorphic Disorder
A. Preoccupation with an imagined defect in appearance. If a slight physical anomaly is present, the person's concern is markedly excessive.
B. The preoccupation causes clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.
C. The preoccupation is not better accounted for by another mental disorder (e.g., dissatisfaction with body shape and size in Anorexia Nervosa).

She could absolutely fit that, she talked about getting ribs removed. And we all know she's obsessed with her body in an OTT way.

No. 297990

They said their trip starts on Saturday, and that night on Kat's instagram story there was a picture of Max drinking something at dinner and you could see Ian's arm in the corner, so I'm assuming they did start their trip on the 21st whilst Anisa is tweeting weird shit

No. 297992

…Actually, yeah, true. I guess I was just blinded by anger at the idea of this girl using something that causes a lot of people pain to simply garner likes, attention and sympathy. My own experiences don't dictate how everybody experiences BDD and I can't tell somebody else how they're supposed to feel, that's not my place. Sorry, guys, just got caught up in them rage feels.

Still, I don't think she should be relying on social media to feel better, that's setting a terrible example when she's specifically aiming to be some kind of inspirational figure to girls with body image issues. If it's affecting her life as much as she claims it is, she should be in therapy and, even if she does seek treatment, she shouldn't be doling out mental health advice seeing as she is not a trained professional…plus, the girl's just a dummy, we've seen what kind of advice she's given in the past and it's always raised eyebrows.

No. 297994

Huh. Damn, now I NEED to know what triggered that rare moment of self awareness in Anisa. It could've been completely a random epiphany or maybe somebody in her life got fed up, gave her a piece of their mind about her personality/behavior and she was like "Whoa…I'm fucking oblivious when it comes to myself."

It's actually a good sign, the only way to improve as a person is to have self awareness so you can check yourself and your behavior. Once you can recognize a problem, you've taken the first step in addressing it.

However, I don't have a lot of faith in her following through on this. I feel like we're gonna keep seeing the same ol' stupid Anisa fuckery.

No. 298070

yeah, shes literally doing the worst thing she can be doing for her BDD by just seeking validation online. girl needs therapy stat rather than posting bikini shots and talking about how shes 'realizing shit'

No. 298098

You'd think any of them, especially Anisa, would have posted a group picture by now or something… anything to get those likes and popularity… I don't know how long they're in Hawaii, but I just have a feeling the meeting Max and Katt thing did not go so well.

No. 298105

Anisa and Katt were all over each other on Twitter about how theyre BFFs and how they can rely on each other for anything. Didn't Katt get them Disney swim suits? But no pictures? It's odd.

No. 298183

Honestly the fact that she didn't post pictures at all yet shows that they probably are having problems, as in Kat is now realizing how annoying Anisa is in real life whilst both Ian and Max ignore them because they're both just obsessed with each other. Anisa posted pics on both dates that she was on with Chris, she is definitely the type to post pictures whenever she does anything.

No. 298194

>tfw you post so many pictures of you and the clone of your boyfriend when you hang out but post nothing when you go on a vacation with your actual boyfriend

No. 298209


Sweet, so we're armchairing again? Let's be thorough then:

For one, you missed a criteria.

A. Preoccupation with one or more perceived defects or flaws in physical appearance that are not observable or appear slight to others.
B. At some point during the course of the disorder, the individual has performed repetitive behaviors (e.g., mirror checking, excessive grooming, skin picking, reassurance seeking) or mental acts (e.g., comparing his or her appearance with that of others) in response to the appearance concerns.
C. The preoccupation causes clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.
D. The appearance preoccupation is not better explained by concerns with body fat or weight in an individual whose symptoms meet diagnostic criteria for an eating disorder.

Two, let's actually define what these mean, not just what we think they might mean.

A: Individuals with body dysmorphic disorder (formerly known as dysmorphophobia) are preoccupied with one or more perceived defects or flaws in their physical appearance, which they believe look ugly, unattractive, abnormal, or deformed (Criterion A). The perceived flaws are not observable or appear only slight to other individuals. Concerns range from looking "unattractive" or "not right" to looking "hideous" or "like a monster." Preoccupations can focus on one or many body areas, most commonly the skin (e.g., perceived acne, scars, lines, wrinkles, paleness), hair (e.g., "thinning" hair or "excessive" body or facial hair), or nose (e.g., size or shape). However, any body area can be the focus of concern (e.g., eyes, teeth, weight, stomach, breasts, legs, face size or shape, lips, chin, eyebrows, genitals). Some individuals are concerned about perceived asymmetry of body areas. The preoccupations are intrusive, unwanted, time-consuming (occurring, on average, 3-8 hours per day), and usually difficult to resist or control.

There is no way we can know this about her. But the main aspect of this criteria is intrusive, unwanted, time-consuming. Seems like she spends most of her time showing herself off, walking to Starbucks, and getting into Twitter squabbles that don't involve her.

B: Excessive repetitive behaviors or mental acts (e.g., comparing) are performed in response to the preoccupation (Criterion B). The individual feels driven to perform these behaviors, which are not pleasurable and may increase anxiety and dysphoria. They are typically time-consuming and difficult to resist or control. Common behaviors are comparing
one's appearance with that of other individuals; repeatedly checking perceived defects in mirrors or other reflecting surfaces or examining them directly; excessively grooming (e.g., combing, styling, shaving, plucking, or pulling hair); camouflaging (e.g., repeatedly applying makeup or covering disliked areas with such things as a hat, clothing,
makeup, or hair); seeking reassurance about how the perceived flaws look; touching disliked areas to check them; excessively exercising or weight lifting; and seeking cosmetic procedures. Some individuals excessively tan (e.g., to darken "pale" skin or diminish perceived acne), repeatedly change their clothes (e.g., to camouflage perceived defects), or compulsively shop (e.g., for beauty products). Compulsive skin picking intended to improve perceived skin defects is common and can cause skin damage, infections, or ruptured blood vessels.

Anisa doesn't openly compare herself to other women which I think that given her situational self-deprecating comments or "humor" we would see a lot of. She doesn't groom herself enough from what we've seen she's pretty casual about most of it. She doesn't hide herself in her own pics. She only goes through stages of exercise. No tanning. No obsessive shopping she wears the same shit all the time. No signs of picking which we would see in her many, many pictures. And even if she does do some of these things we don't see, the key points here are next.

C:must cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning (doesn't seem like her image of herself is holding her back at all in fact, she's scored an e-famous bf and a bunch of extra fame off of him using her body for the most part) and

D:must be differentiated from an eating disorder (which is debatable, but more substantiated than this disorder)

So not only do I think she doesn't have BDD because from my personal experiences and the many personal experiences I've witnessed from others with it, but also from my psychological understanding of the situation. She does not seem to fit all the necessary criteria and at most likely only has major insecurity issues.

Super sage

No. 298255

File: 1493073582668.png (461.96 KB, 612x716, Screenshot 2017-04-24 at 6.38.…)


No. 298258

Both in masks so none can be the ~prettiest~

No. 298268

Also, look at her angle. Her legs lifted so she looks thinner. #thighgapgoals

No. 298277

Those shorts gotta smell funny.

No. 298281


No. 298292

I can just feel the awkwardness.

No. 298297

Urgh, now I'm stuck between thinking "Just because her alleged BDD seems NOTHING like mine doesn't mean she doesn't necessarily have it, everybody's different, my BDD isn't the yardstick used to diagnose any possible sufferers, I can't know what she's really feeling/doing, it's not my place to insist her insecurity isn't enough to qualify as BDD"

and what you've just pointed out.

I dunno. Obviously none of us can know for sure, but from my seat here on this here armchair, I'm gonna go back to saying that, no, she probably doesn't have BDD. I think she probably has something like ED-NOS. Her insecurity and obsessive thoughts regarding her body are like what you see with an eating disorder, but she's not full blown binge/purging or restricting. ED-NOS would still suck, but if I'm right and she really doesn't have BDD…I'ma need her to shut the fuck up about her "struggles with body dysmorphia" because it's not fucking cool to appropriate a mental illness just to fish for sympathy and asspats.

I could be wrong. I really dunno.

No. 298306


I guess what it really comes down to is the immense likelihood that Anisa is doing no different than we are: guessing. I highly doubt she's been diagnosed with BDD (or anything) or has ever had a professional in any capacity tell her she has it or is close to it. She found some shit online and just decided to start calling herself that. That for me is the biggest unmentioned factor (forgot to mention it). People with mental disorders have lives that are drastically altered by them. Anisa has issues but she still clearly has a functioning life. Everyone has a struggles, insecurities, setbacks, whatever, but just like someone who's going through a rough time doesn't suddenly have MDD or someone who's meeting new people and feeling nervous doesn't have social anxiety, Anisa and her insecurities doesn't equate to BDD. That's what people miss about mental disorders in this day in age when everyone wants to be something to feel speshul. There has to be significant* severity. Yes, BDD varies in severity, all disorders vary in severity, but to cross the threshold between normal and abnormal requires abnormal severity. I think someone as stupid and transparent as Anisa would be obviously struggling, plus, you know probably not running around talking about it because of the whole shame thing. Obviously can't ever say for certain one way or the other, but I just don't see it when you actually look at the criteria for the disorder. I don't think Anisa is anything other than your dime a dozen insecure girl looking for validity from men. She just does it with a small bit of e-fame on top that makes her more visible.

No. 298363

Yep. Well said, anon. Well said, indeed.

No. 298400


she's 100% doing it for attention and doesn't even understad what bdd is. i don't know why y'all are acting as if she was better than that… she's not, she's straight up dumb, i doubt she understand what bdd is. she's throwing buzzwords around and probably has never gotten mental health help before so she's self diagnosing shit.

No. 298412

File: 1493087973879.jpg (193.42 KB, 750x741, bff4lyfe.jpg)


I wonder if Anisa is jealous of Katt and Max's relationship…Max clearly loves Katt and interacts with her all the time, while Ian barely acknowledges his own gf's existence.

There are probably moments on the trip where Anisa looks at Max and Katt and thinks "why can't me and Ian be like that?"

Also jfc GET NEW SHORTS AND A NEW POSE ANISA. She can't go five minutes without a mirror selfie.

No. 298414


Why are they always wearing snorkels? Also, it's like Katt is specifically wearing clothes to not set off Anisa's insecurity. You can tell Katt is pretty small even with all that fabric around her. Where da bikini shots Anisa?

No. 298421

Is this thread still about the other edgelords too? Thoughts on H3H3 "quitting" YouTube? Sage just in case, but the part I found funny was Ethan trying to use FilthyFrank as an example how YouTube is screwing over allll of the greatest creators. Joji can speak for himself, he's moving away from YouTube anyway. Lol, he's fine. Now after Ethan has been dragged kicking and screaming he's all "optimistic" and they have all these plans even though Hila was fighting off tears throughout the video. I also feel like this is why Ethan has been making all these guest vids. I just sense an ego with him now like "how dare YouTube do this to ME, look at ME and MY huge channel and how I get all these famous people to make vids with ME" while still trying to latch arms with other YouTubers at the same time. If he thought so highly of Joji he should have taken his example and started doing things outside of YouTube long ago. Let's see how his stand up goes, lmfao. These people really do think they're comedians.

No. 298424

File: 1493089394012.png (1.13 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5129.PNG)

Her head is sooo long. Like?? And wtf is that shirt?? Super unflattering. AND STILL THE SHORTS

No. 298426

What were they doing before YouTube? Honestly, I think they'll pull a Kalel and run right back whe they realize they won't make the same money.

No. 298427

If Anissa is wearing the same fucking shorts in every picture, I'm starting to believe that her mooching of Ian thing is not doing too well. In fact, I'm not surprised that she relies on chris or uses her 17 dollars of YouTube money to get her Starbucks or some shit.