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File: 1609558150477.png (1.85 MB, 1200x770, LetThatSlip.png)

No. 1119974

>Serial Paedophile
>Makes atleast between $439k and $527k a year from Gumroad (before taxes and other fees that Gumroad may take), but give his employees pennies
>Blocks you if you try to criticize him
>Physically abusive to partners
>Numerous people who used to be close to him disconnected because they got sick of his shit(shit thread)

No. 1119981

where's the first thread tho…

No. 1119987

No. 1119989

>Makes atleast between $439k and $527k a year from Gumroad (before taxes and other fees that Gumroad may take), but give his employees pennies

There is no way this is true.

No. 1120124

Looks like it was on autosage.

Op, does this thread attract a lot of wk scrotes? Also you forgot to link his socials.

No. 1120347

from the state of the other thread, it looks like it. it also looks like mods understandably entirely abandoned the first thread so i imagine this one gets put on auto relatively fast too

No. 1120389

File: 1609615598639.gif (3.93 MB, 600x338, comedian.gif)

Sam Hyde is a comedian. That's it.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1120429

Comedians are usually funny

No. 1120442

He is the Greg Gutfield of 4chan

No. 1120455

look at what that jew chargesfor his rubbish

No. 1120884

I know who that guy Greg is but is that supposed to be a positive or negative comparison?

No. 1121233

it attracts scrotes, period. you can tell by how quick posters in these threads are to focus on bashing/blaming sam's female victims, even if they aren't always outright wk'ing sam.

No. 1121543

File: 1609736521704.png (29.04 KB, 880x256, 1591923611496.png)

Small info dump on a person claiming to have contacted James Price and co. and then contacting who I think is Bicflame to warn him. Pt1

No. 1121546

File: 1609736593444.png (45.71 KB, 877x420, 1591924807700.png)

pt2 about Sam's attitude toward Nick and Charls

No. 1121548

File: 1609736670969.png (37.98 KB, 819x407, 1591922426050.png)

pt 3

No. 1121551

File: 1609736791218.jpg (685.4 KB, 2511x1280, 1594186831162.jpg)

No. 1121554

File: 1609736923088.jpg (1.22 MB, 1600x4120, Samlel.jpg)

Infodump that came straight from Channing Creager (Cup Cup girl seen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdjTY3TcHwI ) and some other chick

No. 1121555

File: 1609737048536.jpeg (188.52 KB, 971x445, 1526731771830.jpeg)

Another Channing Creager diatribe, though warranted I think given the way Sam has proven himself to be

No. 1121559

File: 1609737212618.png (99.21 KB, 619x448, c59d1028c5bc1a20aabeca7acf8f84…)

Correspondence dump of Sam and his step mom, these emails were put into an early version of the Jaihoo book that got leaked, not sure if Sam kept them in, but he did talk about similar things in his HW vids so they are probably real.

No. 1121560

File: 1609737273895.png (44.53 KB, 603x194, a88da5f13eecf8d0d21b1214fc3343…)


No. 1121563

File: 1609737390873.png (35 KB, 583x158, 3426636a9be6af24a2e6d5bddaa57f…)


No. 1121565

File: 1609737452458.png (25.37 KB, 600x182, 36ddac67cf3a6588eaa318c0674a70…)

last interesting one

No. 1121567

File: 1609737569197.png (1.96 MB, 1576x4600, 1431341773303.png)

Charlotte stuff, some groupie thot he flew in to assfuck (he filmed this in some hotel)

No. 1121568

File: 1609737609808.jpg (156.52 KB, 1080x1080, 1590184395269.jpg)

Charlotte and Marky, there is your connection making this more than just mere hearsay

No. 1121570

File: 1609737741782.png (853.15 KB, 1117x1920, crash2.png)

Sam gave some old ex-friend of his brain damage in a car crash doing something stupid, I dont know have much info on this other than it came from a big leak of texts ( https://archive.is/3sTaj - some are from Channing, some from James Price, a little hard to decipher )

No. 1121571

File: 1609737806749.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.48 KB, 720x960, 1571346044214.jpg)

Sam made some thot cut herself

No. 1121573

File: 1609737838861.jpg (Spoiler Image, 612.46 KB, 964x1374, psycho.jpg)

More context, dont know who it was

No. 1121577

File: 1609738113109.png (28.26 KB, 1321x235, d182ca18e494f84e447f745388de5d…)

Don Jolly hinting at Sam running his operation like a cult and an independant corroboration about the non-compete stuff Sam did against Charls
Also full audio on Sam firing Don and trying to cover his ass about it:

meaning Sam's "public" take on secret recording fyi:

No. 1121662

Am I the only one who doesn’t.. feel bad for these little whores ? Imagine being 15 and going on r9k and pol only to bait your teen puss to incels and then cry about it when your idoru uses you then leaves you for sex? These girls are so unremarkable and ugly. I understand it’s grooming but if you’re going out of your way to fuck some white supremacist bridge troll who probably has AIDS from that tranny and talks about how he’s attracted to middle schoolers then your life is already over. Consider suicide

No. 1121671

File: 1609759670459.jpg (5.55 KB, 165x188, no.jpg)

what the fuck faggot you sound like sam yourself

No. 1121673

there isnt a huge reason to defend the thots that land in sam's web imo
But the issue lands squarely on the fact that Sam has positioned himself as some ironic preachy guru that's called out other people for the things he's guilty of, falsely elevating himself to the point he has an army of white knight nerds trying to defend his purity and blame some imaginary jewish/tranny conspiracy trying to get him (see them in any thread about him on 4chan that brings up his immoral degeneracy, or sam himself actively blocking/censoring people that bring it up on his socials to keep his fake image rather than admit anything)

No. 1121684

teenagers are retarded and most of them will grow up and grow out of the attention starved lifestyle, i think it's just super unfortunate and they should have parents that keep up with their online lives.

No. 1121710

>referring to 15yos as "little whores"
>"bait your teen puss"
smells like r9k in here

No. 1122098

the thing that's really funny is that this is the tier of person sam is doomed to orbit around forever. no one actually talented, intelligent, or creative would ever want to work with him because of his trashy narcissism and deranged vengeful behavior. he will never rise to the social status he believes he is entitled to because of who he is and how he acts.

No. 1122120

yep. mods need to autosage this thread again. I was in the last one and I swear was one of maybe two regular posters that weren't obvious r9k scrotes

No. 1122133

The thing I find nuts is how obvious it is in most of Sam's recent content that he's making fun of the exact people and values he proclaims to support. I don't know if you'd call this ironic self-awareness, or if he really doesn't believe any of it and enjoys taking advantage of his fanbase (seems likely based on his history). Tbh you'd have to be pretty stupid to earnestly believe anything he has to say by this point. Any "life wisdom" he imparts that isn't ludicrous is just common sense (ie: don't wait until your 30's to develop your skill sets).

No. 1122223

File: 1609809715373.jpg (415.92 KB, 2986x898, 1533790464445.jpg)

Thought this was worth carrying over from the last thread since it comes from an actual person and not anonymous 4chan posts

Source: https://twitter.com/thatSLAYERchick/status/937928792835854336

No. 1122235

File: 1609810733365.jpeg (65.24 KB, 602x581, 1546575476198.jpeg)

No. 1122236

File: 1609810869359.jpg (95.14 KB, 720x1280, 1538701070048.jpg)

Channing Creager posting about bounced checks from last thread:

>no it proves I lived there and I know Sam and yes I'm pissed off after 10 years he fucked me over and wrote me bad checks

>never work for Sam or he will either get you to work for him for free or stop payments on checks or intimidate you into taking a lowerpayment

No. 1122259

File: 1609813605774.jpg (121.6 KB, 888x485, 1591498771907.jpg)

That infodump does more harm than good. Just looks all schizo and disjointed.

Same issue here. No one wants to watch a 6 hour YouTube video. All these photos and screencaps need proper context or else his worshipers will just keep spouting "PROOF?? PROOF??" any time you bring up the fact that he's a grifting hebephile faggot.

I wish there could be a neatly arranged masterpost about him, completely sourced with minimal reliance on anonymous posts. Maybe Channing can come in this thread and make sense out of the clusterfuck that is https://archive.is/3sTaj. It seems there's also inaccuracies at >>1121554 (the picture itself was made by an anon, not by one of those girls).

No. 1122293

>>also charls is a fucking pedo faggot too ask him about 'alexz-keira mercury' in his twitch chat cuz I watched him groom her too when she was 16-17.

Funny this was mentioned especially given his wife is a young absent minded 20 year old from Kuwait who not only looks but also sounds like a literal child and seems clearly dazzled by his pseudo spiritual babble.

Mind you Charls is now in his mid 30s and purposefully didn't pursue or is unable to hold down a woman of his own age probably because they can smell the schizoid behaviour a mile off so he preys on young girls that spend far too much time on social media. Poor girl will probably regret leaving her own country for this dodgy marriage a couple years down the line.

No. 1122304

who is Charls? sounds like a loser scrote

No. 1122326

Lmao I didn't even know that since I haven't kept up with any of them since then. That's hilarious and not surprising. I think the last time me and someone else who knew Alexz popped in his stream and harassed him about it was like 3-4 years ago and he just looked anxious and said "What do you want from me?" Also fuck all the faggots in this thread and the last saying uhh duhh these literal children should have known better as if the age of consent isn't there for a reason. Sam absolutely singled out very young girls who were abused on top of being inexperienced. Absolutely cringe takes, turn yourself in groooomers.

No. 1122335

File: 1609822017505.jpg (112.92 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Charls Carrol was a founding member of MDE, he now does mostly small TV parts, for TV movies and podcasts. I guess he writes stuff for TV too. Lurk more.

No. 1122363

>his wife
That's already a huge step up from Sam. It doesn't look like Sam will ever move on from his perpetual adolescence. After age catches up to him and can't groom minors anymore he's just going to cycle through random skanky women living with him until he accidentally kills himself injecting an air bubble during from his self medicated testosterone replacement therapy.

No. 1122365

His wife is pretty openly anti-semitic and used to talk to strange MENA wannabe facist accounts on twitter.

No. 1122386


so just like every other mde pick me hoe

No. 1122389


>charls marries his mail order 20 year old virgin after meeting her irl a handful of times

>huge step up from sam

they're both nuts, but each a very different brand of nuts

charls streams are hours long and almost incoherent at points, he espouses meta knowledge which is 'other worldly' and oh so spirtual, consistently waxes on about how time is precious but then encourages you to sit in his 5 hour stream where he plays Pictionary

No. 1122465

He's the one who made the fake mlp dating sin and scammed thousands of people right? He stole quite a lot of money from them iirc.
I don't like this YouTuber very much but she sums the situation about that up.

No. 1122500

anyone have anything on bicflame

No. 1122544

I still can't believe he pulled that stunt in Nashville last month. How does he keep getting away with it?

No. 1122546

Are you positive she’s only 20? I watched one of her streams and noticed she has wrinkles around her eyes. I would’ve guessed more like 25-30 tbh, she does look younger in her pics but they’re heavily filtered

No. 1122631

i think she's like 22-23 tbh

No. 1122656

File: 1609866305249.jpeg (293.12 KB, 827x1126, 2259A651-6420-40BD-88E1-62976D…)

lmao he married a woman with amanda bret levels of facial self hate.

No. 1122664

He posted a picture of Sematary in high school because Sematary made a public statement about how he wouldn’t collaborate with people who work with alt righters (Sam Hyde). He also hit on a Soundcloud artist only to call her a thot after she rejected him.

No. 1122799

Aight, I’m not going to out myself because no one gives a fuck who I am. But just to add to thread when I was 20 about 7 years ago. I was talking to Sam on Facebook. I invited him over to my house for a few days. We hooked up. He has a B.O. fetish that’s for sure. I smoked weed constantly at the time and he didn’t like it. I didn’t care lol. But it’s pretty apparent that’s his game is hitting up random girls right around that age to bang. I messaged him on fb, recently, and he immediately blocked me. Get your shit together Sam.

No. 1122814

This brings us to the main reason why Sam Hyde threads are a bad idea: some of you will fuck literal roadkill.

No. 1122910


what could a man in his mid 30s possibly see in a 22 year old other than just a young girl who's only just started developing their sense of self?

No. 1122991

I don't know for sure, but I do know if he ever wanted to make a family, then a 20-22 is better age to catch because such woman can have more than 1 kid, whilst a girl in their early 30 might be at the limit of 0 or 1 babies.

No. 1122998

Lol, no scrote. This has been disproved, women in their early 20s can have fertility issues just the same, while women well into their 30s continue having babies with ease (I know several). Sage because surely this is bait.

No. 1122999

Every time i see this girls face it pisses me off. Smile ffs! Show some sign that you're an actual human being and not some dull, soulless husk of a person.

No. 1123005

Tons of women have multiple kids in their 30’s. The man’s sperm age and quality matters a lot too, look it up

No. 1123052

So you’re just assuming, this isn’t confirmed? I don’t know, she could easily be a little older. Getting into tinfoil territory but women from overseas sometimes lie about their age too, happened on 90 day fiancé

No. 1123055

File: 1609883808127.jpg (23.63 KB, 522x374, 814 tKZ5m4L._AC_SX522_.jpg)

sam is so incompetent that he can't even roid correctly, charls is bald and insane and his wife looks like dr frankenfurter

No. 1123088


she's posted her birthday herself multiple times on Instagram, she is 22- let alone the fact that she acts like someone in their young 20s too

No. 1123094

File: 1609885429475.jpeg (206.89 KB, 828x2191, 15F62137-6849-4FE7-9813-D23108…)

My time to shine (?):
Here are messages Sam Hyde sent me over facebook in ~2014 when I was around 16 or 17. Sorry for the blocked out bit, it just showed my old embarrassing tumblr url. Just thought you guys might enjoy these.

No. 1123209

In what context would someone say their birth year multiple times on their Instagram tho..

No. 1123225

yeah, she's obviously trying to paint a specific image on social media with her heavily doctored photos. I can believe she may be 22 but she could also possibly be 32? Also Charls is lame anyway but I think a 22 year old is capable of being an interesting person and their age disparity isn't really creepy, isn't he early 30s? Not saying he isn't a creep but this instance just doesn't seem that fucked up to me.

No. 1123339

File: 1609899246166.jpg (1.13 MB, 1242x1478, 182627166128.jpg)


Attached is her birth date, she's 22 stfu

Anyone who spent most of their adult life with Sam Hyde is bound to be a predatory faggot just like him, as mentioned by the previous anon Charls has a history of grooming young girls who interact with him on twitch.

He also met his wife via twitch/twitter when she was around 20/21 and married her after meeting irl a couple times and getting her to move country which in itself is completely sus and is something only a pick me 22 year old whos essentially been groomed would think is a good idea.

No. 1123364

Marrying her is the responsible thing to do I guess. Sam would have dropped her ass the moment he got bored of molesting her anus or for someone younger.

No. 1123423

ok so she is 22, but I just don't know if i agree that a 20 year old can be groomed anon, maybe manipulated and taken for a ride but she is an adult? The teenager sure that sounds fucked up but I don't see a wealthy Kuwaiti pickme as being a victim of Charls, so much as she probably thinks this is an exciting whirlwind romance and hell he might think so too? Charls has MY permission to marry this young thot as long as he publicly denounces Sam, the much more fucked up freakazoid loser that he obviously hates.

No. 1123752

Was it important that you were short? Why?

No. 1123799

Was it important that you were short? Why?

No. 1123800

Sorry, wrong post

No. 1123821

She's extremely hot and good for charls. I hope they live long and happily together

No. 1123853

She definitely does not look like her photos. Stereotypical instathot photoshop style

No. 1123856

Lol I’m sorry but either she’s autistic and obsessed with dates, or she is lying. Most normal people just say “17th birthday”, it’s sus to include the date of the photo like that just so you can add up their age.

No. 1123879

When you take into account mde has a creepy fanbase obsessed with women’s ages + she has a twitch channel where you can donate to her, she could easily be lying. If she is, honestly good for her

No. 1123939

File: 1609957500030.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 102.43 KB, 888x1184, received_10155032977922772.jpe…)

No. 1123977

why is he roiding so much anyway

No. 1124094

Without t hed be 600 lbs by now. Hes already fat on them because he doesn't even work out and gets winded just walking around.

No. 1124123

1team dudes should stop working with Sam Hyde before something bad happens to them. Its not worth it.

No. 1124149

File: 1609976338143.jpg (125.73 KB, 983x246, ew.jpg)


No. 1124157

ball torture?

No. 1124181

The absolute worst part of this is knowing there's a non-zero chance that person is 14 years old.

No. 1124253

does he sit down when he pees

No. 1124267

File: 1609983100680.jpeg (194.96 KB, 828x745, 077F3C5C-C362-4EA8-AB23-96EB40…)

He wanted to fuck small girls that looked and/or WERE young because he’s creepy? (I apologize for my embarrassing response, I was young) (Yes he asked twice)

No. 1124279


jesus christ i'm a retard. i must've read this thread too quickly, this whole time i thought she was sam's wife and i was like wtf

No. 1124385

1) um, ouch
2) that could be any random dude
3) whhhhhyy

No. 1124388

No. 1124407

Sad. Anyone who photoshops this heavily is obviously extremely insecure and prime bait for either Sam or Charls. I know Sam is more openly terrible, but something about Charls has always seemed off to me. You can see it in his eyes. I'm not surprised at all to learn he has a history of grooming young girls too.

No. 1124411

File: 1609993674529.jpg (66.81 KB, 1289x824, 1206f0f28525273a12c48c795d9a8e…)

There is a thread on 8kun with more of his dick pics and one of the rooms was traced to Sam's vids (pic related), also another with the same cock and ball strap/torture things, its his.

No. 1124412

No. 1124414

Holy fucking hell lmao.

No. 1124442

File: 1609998032534.jpg (18.14 KB, 391x391, 0S2SMWce_400x400.jpg)

Wow what the fuck hahaha, if I didn't know better I'd assume her account was a performance art piece like Lil Miquela.

No. 1124498

File: 1610005191111.jpeg (393.5 KB, 1125x827, 31B0F66A-1C29-472C-A100-0D75F9…)

She looks insane in her youtube videos. Is it a filter or something? What’s going on here?

No. 1124550

Really odd, uncanney valley territory.

No. 1124587

File: 1610027184699.jpg (285.42 KB, 532x792, 1313214343333355.jpg)


this is literal nightmare fuel something seems so off
also, all that money she spent on her jackson five nose she could have atleast fixed her bottom teeth holy fuck

No. 1124597

File: 1610027701396.png (169.66 KB, 262x297, 1617256521657.png)

No. 1124700

getting strong YouTube headquarters shooter vibes from this

No. 1124706

she looks like an arabic marzia

No. 1124723

Looking casket ready with that pale grey foundation. I just find her so offputting.

No. 1124988

I don't give a rat's ass if this chick is 20 or 22. She's too young for Charls and it is objectively creepy and fucked up that he's married to her. There is not a soul on this earth that could convince me that she wasn't/isn't being groomed by him. You don't have to be underage to be a victim of predatory behavior like this. Predators tend to be opportunistic and don't necessarily exclusively target children and teenagers.

What is the actual situation with their marriage, anyway? How long have they been married? Her IG bio says "based in New England." Did she live there before she met and married Charls, or move there for him? I also find it strange that there are no photos of them together on her IG.

No. 1125029

>I also find it strange that there are no photos of them together on her IG.
It is strange. I’m also pretty sure there are no mentions of him on her youtube channel. It’s odd not to mention your own husband. This all seems so fishy to me?
Also, not sure about grooming, but I wonder if part of the reason she’s with him is because she fell for Charls’ pseudointellectual babbling and sees him as some sort of genius

No. 1125074

File: 1610064094291.jpg (106.92 KB, 1676x896, effinna.jpg)

What I'm specifically curious about is whether or not US citizenship played any role in their marriage. Her IG bio says based out of New England, but her shop is based out of Kuwait.

Also, she's 22 according to the shop site.

No. 1125079

File: 1610064590601.jpg (71.13 KB, 502x884, effinna2.jpg)

Found this in her Dubai highlights. This is the only evidence of her relationship with Charls on her IG. I guess it's safe to say she's a fan.

No. 1125081

the only reason I could imagine a Kuwaiti trying for US citizenship is if her family is abusive or she's actually insane. it's not like Tajikistan or South Africa or something, it's basically a welfare state.

No. 1125084

Just realized that the only evidence I have that they're even married came from one person earlier in the thread and a few people claiming on one of her YT videos that she has a husband. Have either Charls or Effinna actually confirmed that they're married?

No. 1125085

>family is abusive or she's actually insane
if she's dating/marrying anyone from MDE, I think it's pretty safe to say that she's not right in the head.

No. 1125088

lmfao at you guys confirming a literal marriage with no proof

No. 1125092

I agree but at the same time marrying a 20yo arab girl seems pretty on brand for MDE

No. 1125112

Charls literally showed off his and her wedding rings in the twitch stream he did after coming back from his honeymoon.
(around 2:42 in)
At various points in the vid he also ranted about how great and worth it marriage is.

No. 1125115

So it's official, Sam is now the creepy uncle of the MDE trio. GG Sam, no one in their right minds will ever allow their children to be around him.

No. 1125116

who gives a fuck? theyre married attention whores. move on with your life

No. 1125121

>past Sam/MDE thread primarily about Sam's history of grooming young girls
>MDE member marries extremely young girl
>"who gives a fuck"
Are you lost?

No. 1125130

why would someone leave their country to marry someone so obviously broke and mentally ill?

No. 1125134

like minds, anon.

No. 1125153

Are we worried about a 40 year old that groomed a 30 year old girl from the desert?
Autists, seriously?

No. 1125169

shes of legal age and charls isnt pumping and dumping chicks what more do you want

No. 1125183

stop posting and come back in 3 years

No. 1125191

Prove that she's 30 or fuck off.

It's pretty milky imo. Considering other anons responded to my posts about it, it looks like I'm not the only one who agrees. There's also not much recent milk with Sam, afaik. It's just the same bullshit with him for the most part.

Why do you care if we care? You both sound like the same retarded scrotes that always inevitably come into these threads caping for Sam. Not really sure what your problem is with us talking about Charls' obviously creepy marriage, unless it's the same old scrote-tier belief that huge age gaps in relationships aren't a massive red flag for abuse.

No. 1125271

Are we just not going to talk about that woman he shot in the Capitol building yesterday? Sam is a fucking murderer.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1125278

KYS, scrote.

No. 1125297

This thread started off good with infodumps about how Sam is a pedophile scumbag who fucked over everyone who ever worked with him.

Funny how quick it derailed into petty bullshit about some random girl's nosejob. What are you retards doing?

Oh nevermind, looks like it's just his little army trying to cause confusion

No. 1125298


No. 1125379

No. 1125381

i guess it just makes you guys seem like huge fags thats all. guess you have to be worried about everything and everyone.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1125396

Post something better then.

>it just makes you guys seem like huge fags
This is a woman's gossip board. Please integrate or leave.

No. 1125449


No. 1125557

File: 1610111913365.jpg (695.24 KB, 2481x3508, 0001.jpg)

I have met Effina and she didn't seem crazy or fucked up. She is very smart. Looks like Sam and company are attempting to shift the focus. Let's talk about the time Marky dumped Sam.

No. 1125572

what’s with this weird push to not talk about effina? she seems pretty milky and i’m interested to know how saudi family reacted to her marrying a white guy so much older than her with such a seedy reputation. she doesn’t come across as intelligent in her own videos at all, how did you meet her irl?

No. 1125576

File: 1610114745387.jpg (832.84 KB, 2481x3508, 0002.jpg)

>what’s with this weird push to not talk about effina?
This is a Sam Hyde thread. What's with this weird push to talk about Effina?

No. 1125583

Is that Sam? Lol and people say he doesnt groom girls, funny how he pretends to be trad in these communications but in reality he's the complete opposite.
Marky probably left Sam after the incident where he had her film him fucking another girl and she finally wised up to his manipulation and web of deceit.

No. 1125595

don't know much about her to have an opinion, the plastic surgery stuff is weird but i was curious and I know a little arabic and watched some of her videos.
sounds like she is part iranian, and did a lot of traveling growing up. I don't think marrying an american is necessarily weird. girls get married young in the gulf, and kuwait is a transient kind of place. her background also probably made her feel of out of place.

No. 1125659

proof? no names, typed etc.

No. 1125683

File: 1610125572847.gif (1.54 MB, 498x417, cowe.gif)

lmao at the end he tells her to watch eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
what a fag

No. 1125735

File: 1610128742472.jpg (871.8 KB, 2481x3508, 0003.jpg)

There's more

No. 1125776

chill bitch you seem obsessed with charls when sam is the true and active dirtbag

No. 1125779

hes so pathetic. he ruined his own dreams and he always will

No. 1125781

How do we know that’s him writing?

No. 1125787

Charls literally groomed an underage girl, freak. He’s no saint, even in comparison to Sam.

No. 1125794

File: 1610132463298.jpg (887.26 KB, 2481x3508, 0004.jpg)


No. 1125877

Yes, proof that these pages are from Hyde to that girl. Anyone can type something.

No. 1125884


No. 1125900

Is this supposedly written by Sam? Who tf rips a letter up and then posts pictures of it for proof? I'm not caping for Sam but this is pretty horrible evidence of literally anything.

No. 1125905

looks like his wife found the thread lmao

No. 1125909

are you fucking 13 years old? Charls' fans are even more braindead than Sam's if this is the best you can do to defend him lmao. You have yet to give us one legitimate reason why we shouldn't dragging his creepy pseudointellectual schizo ass through the mud.

No. 1125928

The Middle East is pretty sexist overall, hate to say it but they’re probably just happy she got married honestly

No. 1125979

lol looks like Sam's IDF has showed up. Granted, these papers are a little out of context BUT afaik nearly everything leaked about Sam has turned out true to some degree at least. Hard cope on your part.

No. 1125982

Requesting verification is not a cope, it's intellectual rigor. While I do not care about the relationship dramas, if people are going to post "evidence," you've got to prove provenance.

No. 1125984

The fact that she’s of Saudi descent made me think her parents wouldn’t be happy with her marrying a non-muslim man. I’d be interested to know her family’s feelings on the whole situation.

No. 1125993

There was no reason to call my post out in this. I literally stated that I am not caping for Sam, just that a series of massive walls of printed text that are barely legible due to being ripped down the fucking middle is terrible evidence of anything.

No. 1125998

Except it pretty much passes the smell test and its completely consistent with the way Sam has been known to butter up/try to charm the girls he's been grooming (when he wasn't typing with his dick in his hand)
I remember seeing the discord post here >>1121551 and thinking it was weird for Marky to bring up the marriage/wife thing but the stuff in those papers provides context for that. A biiig stretch to claim some anon to forged those papers which ultimately shed only a little light on things and dont change the facts.

I mean, if it seems like bullshit to you then go ahead and take it apart and explain why you think those papers are fake, because fakes and hoaxes are usually obvious and called out immediately.

No. 1126006

I didn’t think about that. Maybe they are just not that strict about it. There is a photo on her insta of her mom when she was young and she’s not wearing a hijab or anything

No. 1126026

File: 1610150418697.jpg (152.86 KB, 1080x1080, 1577397900849.jpg)


Her family are incredibly wealthy kuwaiti shi'ite muslims, they have sent her to a private school aswell as funded her living in Sweden for a year and all her travels aswell as her nosejob/filler.

She obviously gets what she wants when it comes to her parents and they must be accepting of the fact that she's no longer a muslim and married halfway across the world to a middle aged white man that with mental issues who also used to be a really passionate MAGA supporter before he did this spiritual shit kek

No. 1126028

Ngl I'm oddly elated knowing that all the money and privilege in the world still did absolutely nothing to improve this woman's self-esteem or common sense.

No. 1126030

File: 1610150612999.jpg (81.92 KB, 480x858, zizek.jpg)

watch out fellas, we have a REAL criminally online intellectual m'lady here

No. 1126031

Damn, her poor parents spent so much money on her just for her to marry a complete retard. Thanks for the insight, anon. Very interesting.

No. 1126045

File: 1610151633872.png (644.38 KB, 1414x596, 6176156751816871271.png)


What ticks me off the most about this girl is the fact that she claims to own and run a successful clothing "business" but literally just dropships/bulk buys aliexpress clothes and inflates the price by $80.

80 fuckin dollars. For an 18 dollar dress.

She has claimed she SOOOO involved in the design process aswell when in reality she just picks shit out from the aliexpress website and then extorts her dumb saudi fans for profit.

It's really a shame Sam & Charls are no longer buddies, cause Effina and Sam would get on like a house on fire seen as they love scamming their supporters in the name of "bizness hustle!!11!"

No. 1126057

File: 1610152382929.png (1011.66 KB, 1624x578, 15e156241566261.png)

Another example, i truly feel bad for anyone that purchased her clothes thinking they were supporting a small business but infact were getting their clothes drop shipped from chinese sweatshops

Real classy behaviour Effina

No. 1126059

no copyright in clothing design, if people are stupid so be it

No. 1126065

thats not the point, most of her followers don't even speak english

No. 1126070


Are you illiterate?
She doesn't "copy" the design, she purchases directly from aliexpress, lies and says she designed it and then sells them what she purchased for $15 for $70 instead

She even uses the same model pictures as the ones on aliexpress, meaning she just copies/pastes.

Outsourcing is a normal part of business but what kind of retard outsources from a popular platform like aliexpress (which is already available to everyone, theres NO barrier to entry for normal people to access the same dress) and then she upsells it so heinously?

Very jewish behaviour for a proclaimed "anti-semite" lmao

No. 1126072

caveat emptor
sucker born every minute

No. 1126073

kike alert(racebaiting)

No. 1126074

Caveat emptor, quia ignorare non debuit quod jus alienum emit. The principle is rooted in English common law, but if you need to call people names, go ahead.

No. 1126078

This is cow behavior to a T. Really curious to know who the poster is that keeps ban evading to screech like a toddler every time someone calls out Charls or Effinna, because they have literally nothing to stand on in terms of defending them. My money is on it being one of them tbh

No. 1126082

yeah, it's not cool, but don't know what it has to do with this thread

No. 1126083

she is honestly so breathtakingly hideous even with filters and surgery. I hate to say it but charls could do better

No. 1126087

her face is honestly so punchable

No. 1126088

yup, charls is a massive retard but he's actually attractive, whereas she has to put this effort into faking being attractive and still looks awful. must feel awful to stand next to him knowing she'll never measure up to her husband in terms of looks lmao

No. 1126110

File: 1610156745491.jpg (703.38 KB, 1242x1385, 12986533222.jpg)


charls is an ugly balding schizoid ex alcoholic and she's a body dysmorphic pseudo-woke online scammer
they're made for each other

No. 1126123


Do you wanna suck Sam's dick whilst you're here cause he pulls the same scammer shit as this retard cow.
Actually no, even in this case SAM HYDE IS ABOVE HER because he actually produces original content albeit shitty books/shirts/skits at inflated prices whereas Effina is literally capable of fuck all but extorting young girls that follow her.
So how bout you spout your oogly boogly shitty justification somewhere else

No. 1126124


No. 1126127

>body dysmorphia
>bad, obvious photo editing
>online store
>scams her buyers by reselling fast fashion items at 10x the original price
>vaguely elitist goth aesthetic
>posts pictures of "smart people" books that you know she doesn't read
anyone else getting massive felice fawn vibes from this cow?

>oogly boogly justification
I'm fucking cackling anon

No. 1126130


I'd spend less time lurking here and more time moderating Charls' twitch chat if i were you Effina, once you're 25 you're toast

No. 1126131

File: 1610158017042.jpg (31.97 KB, 505x513, ugly.JPG)

He is ugly anon, I don't know what you are seeing in him but please look at some of his videos ( but you will have to sit through him being proud of how uneducated he is though )

No. 1126137

how old is he? looks like he's balding here. idk, i think he's got nice cheekbones at least. still better looking than his persian fuck doll of a wife

No. 1126139

she needs her own thread at this point tbh the milk is good so far

No. 1126144

File: 1610158918717.jpg (163.04 KB, 1082x682, thankscomputer.jpg)

isn't this company associated with Sam somehow? The thankscomputer yt account has a ton of Sam and MDE content. Kind of weird that Effinna is wearing this considering Sam and Charls had a falling out?

No. 1126151

it's charls' shirt from back in the day, she's just wearing it

stick to posting actual milk about her

No. 1126176

Women this uncanny seem to have troon vibes. Maybe it’s not just a coincidence and charls is a bit gay

No. 1126180

File: 1610162065661.jpg (417.13 KB, 1242x1492, 1277771668.jpg)

holy shit just spotted this post on her insta lol, the irony is almost too much to bare.

How can someone espouse this shit whilst
making money from chinese sweatshops ??
What a preachy fake moralistic cow

No. 1126183

File: 1610162323693.png (2.34 MB, 3500x3500, charlsohno.png)

here is charls from a while ago getting caught going after an underage girl and doing embarrassing 'damage control', he is no better than sam. hes turning 38 this year btw

No. 1126194

reading his responses solidifies my tinfoil that charls is the one defending effinna and their relationship itt

>shes old enough to fucking think for herself and younger kids in ghettos are going to orgies, so fuck your skewed liberal nazi morals

he really does sound exactly like sam here lmao

No. 1126198

>turning 38 this year
he's sixteen years older than effinna? jfc that's even worse than sam and marky's gap

No. 1126199

File: 1610163857508.jpg (814.72 KB, 1242x1263, 16527918279.jpg)


This is truly disgusting especially that anon stating how "tiny/young" she looks and the fact that his now wife resembles a minor too (see pic related)

All Effina can do is double down on her decision to marry this freak, she's travelled across the world and given up her home life to be with his 38 year old pedo faggot meanwhile there's literally been two instances recounted itt alone of him preying on significantly younger girls and there's probs plenty more who don't say anything because charls isn't regarded as a tyrant unlike sam

No. 1126200

Holy fuck, what an absolute trainwreck he is. He sounds like an edgy teen boy at 34.
This might be fucked up to say about a teen but im sorry she looks like a chubby british boy. Charls not only a pedo but possibly in le closet. Him and Sam are deeply troubled

No. 1126205

Birds of a feather anon-
He spent the mahority of his life closely bonded with Sam, aware of his hebophilia and abuse of young girls yet only decided to go wah wah boo boo and cut contact when Sam reprted him to the IRA

That should tell you what charls' priorities are, both sam & charls are massive power starved pedos that can't hold down secure adult women imo

No. 1126207

ironically, associating with someone as openly insane and psychopathic as sam was probably great for charls. his kiddie diddling ways and fucked up behavior probably went under the radar much more seamlessly by comparison

No. 1126215

File: 1610165426448.jpg (647.61 KB, 1888x3140, pedocharls.jpg)

posts including more context i dug up (captions aren't mine)

No. 1126217

So not only did he try and have sex with her but also exchanged nudes? holy shit

No. 1126218

I think they’re both closeted as well as pedos. I mean Sam def is. The milk upthread in that collage thing about him liking stuff in his ass, loving anal and one of the girls said he had secret gay hookups. Then two of his exes were talking and said he seemed closeted. Makes sense, closeted men are always weirdly angry at women

No. 1126221

do you think they would really go as far as to marry/attempt to get with multiple girls if they were truly both gay? with sam it's pretty obvious that he's not 100% straight at the very least. i don't know why he doesn't just own up to that unless he's afraid of the backlash that might come from the hyper-masculine culture he's so deeply enmeshed with

No. 1126222

Yeah I mean getting with women is part of being closeted. Trying to prove to others/yourself “i swear I’m straight”. deep repression

No. 1126226

Lol this proves nothing. Probably someone larping as charls. Fake milk, try again. Spreading false shit.

No. 1126227

you may be on to something. it just blows my mind that any white american millennial dude would go to such lengths to prove that they're straight in this day and age

No. 1126229


No. 1126231

LOL you've got to be kidding me

No. 1126233

there's always at least one retard in any MDE thread claiming any evidence against them is fake. just ignore them

No. 1126235

This is either Charls or the same fan that's been defending him itt but either way i'll bite

This is the second time he's been caught doing this shit, funny that there's no fake milk of Nick or Andrew Ruse or anyone else associated with MDE but Sam and charls? Also the fact that he's 38 and has actually pursued a 22 year old to marriage corroborates ALL of this shit
-but carry on coping anon

No. 1126238

not to change the thread topic (again) but does anyone have milk on nick? might as well make the whole thread about anyone associated w/MDE at this point

No. 1126246

Here is a very uncomfortable video with Sam, Nick, Nick's now wife and Charls with a very unhealthy looking ex if ya'll haven't seen it. Nick is now married with a daughter.

No. 1126254

I feel retarded anons I was tacitly defending Charls and her's relationship because I thought he was like 30 but nevermind. Also those screenshots are gross. Shouldn't be shocked that the wild, "out there", avant garde, rudderless and antisocial comedy troupe also engage in immoral behavior. Shame they were funny back before they chomped down hard on redpills and Sam made that his entire identity while Charls found a child bride and streams gobbledygook from a studio apartment. Guess Nick is still ok.

No. 1126346

Its definitely weird for millennials but you would be surprised. Plenty men who have been raised in conservative or religious areas are still closeted. Maybe homophobic parents or peers then they internalized that being gay is bad. Not feeling like you fit into gay culture. Could be a variety of reasons really

No. 1126397

Now that you mention nick, I had a theory about the mde dinner party sketch where nick violently pushes sam’s wife into a table and she’s bleeding https://youtu.be/SwYrwAxbkmY

I would bet Sam wrote this about nick and his wife, except he’s playing Nick and nick is playing him. The actress they cast is a tall brunette with blue eyes and nick’s wife has all of these features. in the sketch Sam passive aggressively calls her “his field hockey wife”.

Not sure if it was in this thread or the last one but someone said they knew Sam and he would ignore his friend’s girlfriends and wouldn’t even make eye contact with them when they got together. Would make sense he has some weird jealousy or pent up anger toward them

No. 1126420

>someone said they knew Sam and he would ignore his friend’s girlfriends and wouldn’t even make eye contact with them when they got together
Yep that's just normal misogynist behavior.

No. 1126441

I wondered that too, especially the ‘field hockey wife’ thing considering Nick’s wife is not the waifish pedobait that Sam usually goes for, so it seems like something he’d say about nick’s more adult shaped wife as an insult.

No. 1126511

Interesting theory, however, Nick (IMO) is alpha to Sam as he is confident, athletic* and "popular." Nick is genuinely likable and a good sales hustler – skills Sam admires. I do not see Nick being ok with public transgressions against his wife for the sake of a bit.

*in b4 Nick is fat and gross. Nick moves like an athlete. If you've seen the behind the scenes footage at Adult Swim, Nick is flying around on some inline skates and moves very well. I guarantee he was a well-liked athletic kid.

No. 1126662

how did you get this? also post more?

No. 1126753

File: 1610202553231.jpg (862.37 KB, 2481x3508, 0005.jpg)

I wonder how many people Sam asked to come here. Does it make you feel good to do nasty things as a favor? Are you okay?

No. 1126840

I'm assuming Marky (who the letters are addressed to) ripped them up then wanted to show someone to prove she was telling the truth then they leaked them. Like what happened with the nosebleed pics with Sam and their old logs together.

No. 1126842

Sam has also been proven to had been obsessed with an OkCupid tranny named Edie a few years baack, he's very obviously a repressed bisexual.

No. 1126843

File: 1610212172365.jpg (908.9 KB, 2481x3508, 0006.jpg)

I don't remember where I originally got these but I have had them for years.

No. 1126849

This is true but maybe Nick doesn’t things personally and didn’t make the connection at the time? I could be wrong but he seems like a decent guy. I think the reason him and Sam were able to remain friends was he saw good in Sam. So maybe he doesn’t think Sam had ill intent.

No. 1126854

Holy fuck, this is the most manipulative and pathetic letter I’ve ever seen.

No. 1126857

File: 1610213830503.jpg (796.48 KB, 2481x3508, 0007.jpg)

No. 1126864

File: 1610214522670.jpg (312.45 KB, 1147x1918, b593827c33b53c5cfea9a69fa05fd8…)

I noticed this too. It's very much like Sam to do this kind of thing.

Note that unlike all of Sam's victims mentioned in this thread, we've never heard from the girl herself about these claims, and for all we know this "Chloe" might not even exist.

And if you think some other completely unrelated girl and her nosejob belongs in a thread about a guy who is accused (by named sources!!) of producing child pornography, grooming 16-year-olds when he was 30, and stealing money from basically anyone who comes within a 20-feet radius of himself…. You're just doing that guy a favor, so kindly fuck off, please, and maybe take it to another thread.

(If I'm wrong about any of this info, please correct me. Also, I don't know the context for the chatlog in pic, but I got it from https://archive.is/3sTaj)

No. 1126869

Lmao “you gave your virginity and we pair bonded” what a fucking demented loser

No. 1126871

>Homework: start reading r/RedPillWomen
What mental illness makes someone write lettes like this?

No. 1126875

Yeah, charls is obviously not as sinister as Sam. He hasn’t been linked to an underage girl in real life or had any weird sex allegations come out against him the way Sam has. If he talked to underage girls that’s still creepy but it appears he backed off pretty quickly from this chick, so I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sam fabricated rumors to get back at charls

No. 1126981

This is the most evil one, jesus christ how sickening and manipulative.
>you have to choose me! you gave me your virginity! marry me! YOU CALLED ME MASTER. CHOOSE ME!

No. 1127011


Jesus christ. Thanks for posting these anon. r/redpillwomen? eternal sunshine? It reads like a sketch. How is he this pathetic unironically?

Saged for no proof and blogpost but i just wanted to add since its relevant; Sam used to follow my twitter when i was 15-16 using the main MDE account at the time. I know it was him because the voice of the tweets and replies was 100% Sam. I was friends with all three of them on facebook, so I knew what each of them 'sounded' like so to speak. He never messaged me or anything but he would like pictures of me and responded to a pic with my cleavage out. It was essentially "awooga booba" iirc. I'm kicking myself in the fucking ass for not screencapping any of it. At the time, I was really stoked and thought it was funny until I was out of high school. This is all really scary to read and aligns perfectly with my memories of him. MDE sketches, specifically the ones about teens and women, are chilling to watch now.

No. 1127042

>And if you think some other completely unrelated girl and her nosejob belongs in a thread about a guy who is accused (by named sources!!) of producing child pornography, grooming 16-year-olds when he was 30, and stealing money from basically anyone who comes within a 20-feet radius of himself…. You're just doing that guy a favor, so kindly fuck off, please, and maybe take it to another thread.
I think you're overreacting. Wanting to talk about Charls' creepy relationship with someone sixteen years his junior doesn't mean we're doing Sam a favor. I don't see why we can't talk about both if there is an interest in doing so. Personally, I think any member of MDE, or anyone who has been a longtime associate of Sam/MDE, is fair game in these threads if there is any evidence to warrant doing so. Like another anon said, where there's smoke, there's fire. Charls not being as openly impulsive and stupid in his pedophiliac behavior doesn't mean that we should just sweep any evidence of such under the rug.

It's really not taking the attention off of Sam to talk about Charls in addition to Sam, especially considering most of the screencaps of Sam's behavior that have been posted here were recycled from previous threads. If there is anything recent with Sam that warrants all the attention, I invite anyone to post it.

>I wouldn’t be surprised if Sam fabricated rumors to get back at charls
I wouldn't put it past Sam to do this, but again, the fact that Charls is 38 and married to a 22 year old should raise more than enough red flags to suspect that he's more than capable of pedophiliac behavior himself.

He's a psychopath, plain and simple. He needs to be put in prison at this point.

No. 1127044

How long ago was this? Have there always been a lot of underage fans of MDE?

No. 1127080

exactly this
im not paid by sam LOL nor am i defending him in any way, he's an insane predatory piece of shit. im just weirded out by the people defending charls so hard when this stuff has been floating around for such a long time and now his marriage is so unsettling to boot.

No. 1127103

around 2014-2015. so like 7 years about. all the people i knew who watched them were my age at the time, still seems to be the case.

No. 1127117

did charls hurt you too girl??

No. 1127130

Interesting, I didn't realize MDE had such a young fan base. I watched them around that time too but I was in my mid-twenties by that point. Tbh I always got sketchy vibes from Sam in particular, but let it slide because I thought his content was good and there wasn't a mountain of evidence against him yet.

No. 1127158

Nick is the only good one. I always wondered why Chuck wouldn't speak up even though I knew he hated Sam. Sam must have some chomo or gay blackmail on Charles.

No. 1127458

Is he though, if he knowingly associated with Charls and Sam? You're the company you keep and all of that.

No. 1127527

The point I was trying to make was that it really drags down a thread that was supposed to be about a serial pedophile cult leader if you have 50 million consecutive posts criticizing a Kuwaiti woman for having body dysphoria, selling overpriced clothes, and not smiling in her photos.

There's two posts here about a girl named Alexz that I didn't even see until just now because it was buried under all that other stupid bullshit.

No. 1127551

Nta but I think he’s a good guy, something fucked up would’ve definitely come up about him if he was shitty and abusive. I don’t think it’s fair to blame someone for their friend’s fucked up behavior especially when a big part of their friendship was clearly business (like working on their show together) and it’s also possible Nick never found out the full truth about Sam‘s private life because Sam is likely good at lying and fudging details to make himself look better

I think they were close friends moreso back in college and supposedly Sam had an age appropriate girlfriend back then who ended up leaving him?

Seems like Nick is focused on his work and his family, as he should be, while Sam continues to abuse and gaslight everyone he fucks and works with. Two very different paths

No. 1127816

Alexz was a well-known girl in the Facebook 'irony' community that was full of pedophiles and freaks. And of course, cows. She isnt the type of person to post here or leak info, one of her old friends definitely came here to post about her and Charls. I knew her years ago and I knew she was friends with Charls when she was 16 but I had no idea he groomed her. She still uses fb.

No. 1127947

>selling overpriced clothes
She's literally scamming people. That's pretty milky in my book, but you do you. Again, nobody is ignoring what Sam has done just because Charls and Effinna came into the picture. For future reference, the he ctrl+f option exists if you're so bothered by content you want to see being "buried under stupid shit."

Do you have further details regarding exactly how he groomed her?

No. 1127959

>You're the company you keep and all of that.
Eh, he may just be a really poor judge of character. I've known plenty of people that associated with assholes and it didn't affect them to the point that they became assholes themselves. Some people are just really good at sweeping bad shit under the rug and only focusing on the positive attributes they see in others.

No. 1128132

File: 1610339874907.png (2.66 MB, 1716x1255, holyshit.png)

i know there are some posters here who dont like talking about this but holy shit. found this on fb through erick 'the ceo' on WPs wife. i just..

No. 1128137

Why does she look so different than her own pics

No. 1128154

That hairline…Charls, buddy, get right with God before it's too late and he takes the rest.

No. 1128238

I can't ctrl+f the names of people I've never heard of.

No. 1128262

Chatty kathy

No. 1128576


No. 1128584

File: 1610388603209.png (1.12 MB, 1322x598, Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 1.08…)

No. 1128604

I don't know who to laugh at harder in this photo. Good fucking christ

No. 1128673

A few days after she was posted in this thread, she uploaded a video talking about her nose job. Could anyone translate?

No. 1128798

did someone else edit her face in this? It's still clearly edited but doesn't look like how she normally edits her face

No. 1128800

File: 1610400171945.png (297.65 KB, 584x422, Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 1.22…)

Was the Youcis relationship real? They're close in age.

No. 1128833

No. 1128950

No it isn't

No. 1128960

Christ he actually looks normal here. How old is this photo?

Who is this and what does he have to do with Sam/MDE?

No. 1128961

File: 1610411287236.png (922.76 KB, 1054x586, Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 4.26…)

pressure sure it's late 2016

No. 1128963

File: 1610411361670.png (787.81 KB, 929x615, Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 4.28…)

No. 1128969

Is that fat fuck the guy from nu-Cinemassacre?

No. 1128972

yep, Justin Silverman of Cinemassacre

No. 1129025

i really doubt erick haydens wife edited it. could just be default samsung beauty filter but thats it, its her without all her filters

frank hassle is sam's new buttbuddy he does vids and garbage with

No. 1129079

What's the story here? What reason could there even have been to fire don? Seemed like a smart talented dude. Just couldn't deliver creatively? Odd given that Sam hasn't really produced much of note for a minute. Anyone got more details?

No. 1129088


Maybe because he wanted to work with Charls and wasn't a blind follower. Based on who Sam hangs around now I'd say its mostly the latter.

No. 1129093

If the audio can be trusted, Don is accused of making people feel uncomfortable at the work place. Don somewhat admits it by saying he didn't understand the workplace dynamics.

No. 1129118

He made Sam's brain dead thotty gf cry oh no!!

No. 1129174

I guess, I don't know which one

No. 1129542

Wasn’t it just because don was going to work with charls on some side project? Then Sam had a narcissistic meltdown over that? Dude can’t handle people not being 500% devoted to him, pretty scary

No. 1129547

Not according to the audio, it was Don's failure to read the room while at work.

The email attributed to Don does complain about the "policing" of relationships.

No. 1129552

Why would you blindly believe Sam though? Are you new here?

No. 1129558

It's not about what I believe, rather, the evidence provided. On the recording, Don admitted he failed to understand the interpersonal workplace dynamics. The only other piece of evidence is the email purporting to be from Don, that's it.

No. 1129605

You clearly missed the email where don told Sam told him not to work with Charls. That’s weird as fuck. There’s a very good chance sam is in the wrong because he’s controlling and unhinged. Seems like he was worried about don speaking to Charls and Charls telling him unsavory things another the psycho

No. 1129609

*Sam told Don. I don’t know if you’ve ever met a narcissistic controlling type, but that’s clearly what went on there. Seems like Don made one silly mistake or misstep and psycho Sam canned him.

This is the same guy who got himself and his friends blacklisted from working on mainstream tv with his shitty actions. Think about it

No. 1129616

>The only other piece of evidence is the email purporting to be from Don
No, I acknowledge the email that is purportedly from Don, no idea if it's genuine.

No. 1129617


No. 1129618

I'm late to respond, but all I really know regarding Alexz and Charls' communication is that they used to skype for hours and always talked to each other on facebook

No. 1129619

No. 1130170

File: 1610523604784.jpeg (24.09 KB, 300x300, 1598640118609.jpeg)

>get right with God before it's too late and he takes the rest.

No. 1131100

stop saying sus

No. 1131629

if anyone wants markys discord i got it, she will tell you everything about sam if you're genuine and not an orbiting fag

No. 1131725

post it

No. 1131797

lets get nick mullen to denounce sam hyde on cumtown

No. 1132037

File: 1610683424287.png (3.54 MB, 2322x1479, wowee.png)

..big oof.
shes walking a thin line by livestreaming on twitch when the filters could give way at any time. i dont think shes shown her face on any of charls streams, this is all so weird. theres a lot of young girls in her chats and social media saying they look up to her, which is bad enough, and i wouldnt be surprised at all if charls shows up in their dms.

the Marky shit is messed up. these guys definitely zero in on the vulnerable.

No. 1132038

Is that something she wants to discuss? She must be tired of the questions.

No. 1132050

It’s not just filters, she got a nose job since the first photo. Duh

No. 1132093

She looks nothing like her pictures

No. 1132119

Holy fuck, she really does look very different irl.

No. 1132201

File: 1610709091047.jpg (74.81 KB, 500x616, tumblr_8bacd3896106322840b82e2…)


She has had a nose job and eye surgery you dumb fucking niggers. That's why she looks uncanny valley/frankenstein mode.

No. 1132284

File: 1610721822821.jpg (118.78 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20210115_093747.jpg)


Cameron Williams recreating the famous Sam meme image. Of particular note is the girl on the left, Alice aka Hollie, a neo-Nazi tradthot and MDE fan best known for starving her dog and fucking Baked Alaska. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVPdIy6xYnM

No. 1132361

What did she get done to her eyes?

No. 1132381

Sure, that plus a retarded amount of filters. She doesn’t look anything like the right IRL, surgery or no.

No. 1132585

didn't she have those surgeries before getting together with him though? she obviously edits her photos to an extreme degree, why are you defending her lol

No. 1132618

File: 1610746127848.jpg (58.6 KB, 500x607, tumblr_50d13593d482b306a9a986b…)


I'm sorry that you're too fucking autistic to understand that I'm not defending a hybrid mutant frankenstein alien botched monster.(avatar fag)

No. 1132713

File: 1610752188093.png (1.9 MB, 1372x1146, stillweird.png)

the pics from >>1132037 were taken in the same month and these pics were taken in the same night months later

No. 1132751

what is this, people magazine? get out of here chatty kathy

No. 1132916

lol do you know where you are?

No. 1132938

holy fucking shit is she doing this as a social experiment or something??? this doesnt even look like the same person…how is she okay with blatantly lying like this lololol i was wondering how chuck bagged her but it all makes sense now

No. 1133251

just make effina her own lolcow page

No. 1133263

is this supposed to be an insult? You sound like someone's mom

No. 1133272

are you fucking slow? she had her nose jobs before meeting charls, she now heavily filters all her posts and even youtube vids.

Her face is always this toilet seat shade and her nose is so small it looks incapable of breathing out of. It makes sense she doesn't show her face on Charls' streams despite sitting off camera and interacting with chat, he doesn't use face altering filters so it's a no go for her. I have no idea how the people around her aren't completely embarrassed for her, they must truly not give a fuck about her cause any normal friend would tell her it's cringey behaviour.

To the anons who are digging out these candids, i would love to see more

No. 1133279

File: 1610823224781.png (38.01 KB, 606x384, 16877625618299.png)

Atleast Sam is a straight up freak and pretty much anyone who watches one vid of his can guage this, but Charls is far more sinister.

He is a complete narcissist who disguises his self supposed authority/grandiosity under pseudo spiritual platitudes. This chick is a Grade A idiot for falling for it, her twitter is essentially her being his parrot/puppet.

Her naivety is glowing.

No. 1133289

LMAO so I found the exact source of these pics (Hayden’s wife posted them), she either deleted the pics of Effina and Charls or put them on “only friends”. The only pics in the album that show up now are of her and her husband now. Think Effina alerted her about this thread or she found it

No. 1133317


Personally i think's it's Charls making the pics private, he's definitely the type of 38 year old tard to defend his child bride in an online thread and try to shield her from the fact that everyone is fucking laughing at her for not only marrying a literal pedo groomer but also for shooping her face and fooling no one but her foreign fans

No. 1133369

I'm 100% convinced charls is the one in this thread that keeps insulting everyone like a 12-year old (and getting banned for it) whenever someone criticizes effinna or their relationship. I don't even think a deranged fan would go that far out of their way to protect him/them.

No. 1133498

nope its me, anon. and i was another chick groomed by sam i juat think the hate about her physical appearance is retarded and i like to make fun of you

No. 1133719

so contribute something better then, genius.

No. 1133777

agreed, she’s milky as fuck.

No. 1133782

you literally got groomed by sam hyde. trust me, we’re the ones laughing.

No. 1133787

File: 1610864892984.png (938.4 KB, 2619x396, notgood.png)

Did a bit of digging through the google. The second chan post in this picture is obviously a bit crass but it lines up with the other post. Apparently she posted on fa and tumblr but I cant find anything, and can't find any more candids atm. I completely agree with the anon that said Charls is really sinister and a total narcissist.

I'm sorry that happened to you >>1133498 but we are kinda running on old milk with Sam and we have some fresh milk in these two. If something interesting happens with him by all means post it, we are in the "Sam thread" after all so we all hate him too.

No. 1133813

That doesn’t make sense though because Charls didn’t post the pictures. They were posted from Erick Hayden’s wife’s Facebook..

No. 1133815

I kind of doubt it’s Charls, I don’t think he is the type of person to care that much about random opinions. Lot more likely Effina, imo

No. 1133824

I think it's one of the two. It had to be someone close enough to contact his wife about removing/making those pictures private. Effina seems like the type to have Google alerts set-up for anyone mentioning her name… She seems milky.

No. 1133853

I'd be interested in a thread on her as well but realistically don't think there's enough milk on her yet to justify it.

No. 1133857

>used to date a white Swede who was a Pedo and stayed with him after knowing that he was a pedo
well no surprises there.

No. 1133948

>i juat think the hate about her physical appearance is retarded
This. Hate to keep repeating myself but it's REALLY difficult to sift between those cringey posts and the posts where people are sharing actual information about crimes and abuse. Quality > quantity.

You do realize that posts like these only discourage people from coming forward about Sam and the other degenerates from his circle? It's like you want this thread to stay boring and shallow.

>>1133251 >>1133853 >>1133777 >>1133815
Look, the fact is that her connections to Sam appear tenuous at best, and there seems to be more than enough interest and content to merit her own thread. I think you should go ahead and make it already.

No. 1133950

This completely lines up as she lived in Sweden for a year 1/2 and claims to speak Swedish. I've never seen someone simp for white male attention this hard, you can tell she's a white man pick me from a mile off it isn't surprising at all most of her identity is curated to pander the imageboard male gaze from her looks to the "opinions" she so "uniquely" holds.

It's quite sad she hasn't had the chance to form an actual identity as she's been too caught up appealing to twitter tard pedos

Also the fact that she stays stationary when recording videos screams editing software. Even in her "vlogs" you won't see her pick up the camera and move because the software would understandably glitch in and out.

No. 1133952

Post milk about Sam then, if not then milkier topics will gain traction instead. Like the dumb bitch in question.

No. 1134191

Cool bro. So why are you here?

No. 1135079

who's the one on the right? I've seen her on twitter, does she make art for sam?

No. 1135125

Here are some of Effina's old posts on /int/. She used to date some Swedish loser and her parents paid for all of her flights and their hotels. She was a huge e-whore who'd date guys online then fly out to see them on daddy's dime.

No. 1135130

File: 1611002765814.jpg (773.63 KB, 2448x3264, 1520463956525.jpg)

She even posted her gnarly man feet in the thread when someone asked for feet pics.

No. 1135283


i can't believe her parents paid for hotels for her pedo swede bf to fuck her in holy shit LOL this girl is so fucked

No. 1135295

Im not a fan of Effina taking attention away from Sam's evil ways, but perhaps she may be the key to inside knowledge about Charls's real attitude toward Sam. If she can be convinced to post feet maybe she can spill some beans there.

No. 1135340

Totally. If/when they ever split up I'm sure she'd have tons of info to leak unless Charls threatens her or she's particularly afraid of Sam.

No. 1135532

She doesn't seem like she'd be the type to do this. Rather she'd just act like nothing happened and move on to the next pedo scrote.

No. 1135534

She was dating this guy two years ago and is already married to charls? Christ

No. 1135538

File: 1611038562481.jpg (133.13 KB, 804x588, charlsimdb.jpg)

"longtime girlfriend" my ass.

No. 1135545

5'10 my ass, Charls is much shorter than that. And Effina is as much an instagram model as any woman who posts on Instagram is.
Unrelated but someone mentioned in the last thread that the short guy with a stupid voice in Sam Hyde's "Women" video is part of Worldcorp. >>1104062

Any more deets on that? That whole thing was creepy as hell and I wouldn't be surprised to find a connection between them all, and I guess greenshirt's dad is on r9k too.

No. 1135567

No. 1135653

she was dating the swede in 2018, started speaking to charls in 2019 and married him in 2020. I'm sure its a "whirldwind romance" and we totally wouldn't get it lol

No. 1135760

File: 1611067786435.jpeg (448.5 KB, 1125x1055, 505A0952-880F-493B-AE3B-9DEB6C…)

God, she is a complete retard.

No. 1135761

File: 1611067899938.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x1899, ECC8C1AF-CAF5-4A41-8801-7D3B52…)

She lied to her parents so she could see him.

No. 1135797

I wonder if she's lying to her parents now about her new marriage… When Charls was visiting her in Kuwait she could have had her sisters get a room for them together since she did that with the Swede.

No. 1135842


>islam is cancer

>greeks master race
>spics are subhumans

holy fuck this bitch is tapped, could she pick me for incel attention any harder??

No. 1135848

That could be a possibility, especially given the pictures erik haydens wife posted were quickly deleted, possibly because Charls/Effina told her it was too risky given it's a secret

No. 1135861

File: 1611075155727.png (30.49 KB, 806x342, 125678o76542313.png)

>Somalis are really dark so you can't see their filth

holy shit.

No. 1135877

File: 1611076580705.png (3.29 MB, 1536x2048, 1505703860464.png)

also exposing her pre surgery face in the thread kek for beta compliments

No. 1135883

Does anyone think anyone actually looks like post plastic surgery Latoya Jackson in real life, naturally? I dont know how people cant clock obvious shoop by the nose not matching the width of the face ect its like no one sees real peoples faces anymore

No. 1135921

File: 1611079627647.jpeg (434.54 KB, 1125x1393, 4FF7D6E5-2B32-4BE9-9E0D-140F95…)

She’s 5’3 allegedly

No. 1135996

>pre surgery
You're really going to try and convince me those lips are natural? Kek

No. 1135999

I think they're both lying to everyone about it because they're aware of how messed up the relationship is. I bet you anything the "longtime girlfriend" claim on charls' imbd page was done specifically to make the age gap less creepy, so one of them could say some bs like "oh I know it seems strange but I've known him/her for ten years!!!"

No. 1136095

I think she also wears contacts or lightens her eyes. Its cringe how fake she is.

No. 1136162

Welp if her YouTube gets a larger following this won’t look good. And same for charls’ twitch lol. Jesus

No. 1136323


she'll just deny it like she denies every fucking thing else, there's literal proof of her shooping her face but she'll claim it's angles. Now she's being outed as a racist incel panderer she'll just say the posts aren't hers when everyone knows they are as she tells the same shitty swede bf story in every thread.

No. 1137267

File: 1611178209610.jpg (169.9 KB, 657x1264, 6df774d44496a072d016a8aa448592…)

Hello lolcow, I saw a video of marky singing and I really liked it, if you have more videos of this girl singing it would be appreciated. Also if you have a social network or something to search for this kind of content.


No. 1137285

No. 1137415

File: 1611189872866.jpeg (174.77 KB, 828x1082, 0B7AA443-567F-4B4B-9BC8-DE0D4D…)

No. 1137636

So not only are spics subhumans and somalis filthy but american women hate her!1!! Poor you!

The reason why people talk about you is because you lie repeatedly online, from your 'business endeavours' to your LITERAL face, you can't be honest about anything. You're a lolcow, accept it.

And darling no one gives a fuck you're dating Charls Carroll, most women of age in RI have avoided him like the plague for a reason. His schizo balding ass is all yours. Have fun being with a man that supported Sam Hyde during his peak child grooming days, oh wait- you seem to have a history of pandering to incels just like that and now you've married a man who also has been documented messaging impressionable teens. (Hint hint you're also one of those stupid teens) Truly a match made in heaven.

Now show your face without a filter girl.

No. 1137722

This is such a piss poor cope lmao

No. 1137724

lmao, go away freaky orbiter scrote. Go back to r9k.

No. 1137745

Clearly not that happy with her appearance considering she can’t even show her real face and eye colour online, lol.

No. 1137762

Does anyone have a screenshot from when custardloaf called her clothing line a scam? Effina never mentioned it afterwards because drama must’ve been beneath her but it looks like the mask is slipping.

No. 1137841

If she wants smoke we can just post her screen shots everywhere. She’s like the self loathing black girl that was on Dr. Phil, same mental illness energy.

No. 1138482

File: 1611270221688.gif (141.44 KB, 408x338, 4ur3gn.gif)

A side by side of two pictures she posted herself, the before pic is from a screencap of her old instagram @kaiserwalzer which is already edited and the after pic is from when she posted the same pic on her insta a couple months ago and edited the pic even more.

No. 1138484


she heavily edits her jaw and further makes her nostrils smaller

No. 1138530

Her nostrils are so triangular

No. 1138554

Who is she even talking about here? Is this in reference to this thread or something else?

No. 1138597

This thread

No. 1138602

truth must hurt this self hating sand nigger

No. 1138607

jokes on her, i'm not even american. seethe little bitch.

No. 1138620

The irony of shit talking Americans while having just willingly moved to America

No. 1138653

lol awkward moment on charls stream tonight

No. 1138656

No. 1138658

File: 1611282730997.jpg (42.07 KB, 640x640, 141043322_131277105498834_2614…)

I refuse to believe she looks nothing like this alot of girls seem to believe she's a natural beauty it's sad

No. 1138659

Creepy and I feel bad the girl hates her own face so much that she mutilated it both irl and in editing software. She isn't even ugly without her nose job or edits but any one that hates their own face that much has a hollow and empty inside

No. 1138660


hahah the the blend of her trying to hug him whilst trying to simultaneously hiding her granny face from stream and him not even reaching his arms out to hug back and instead muttering 'can you get me the vape'

No. 1138665

She deleted her old Instagram account?????

No. 1138666


Her shoop is crooked and weird, she fails to consistently edit all her pics the same and you can tell by simply scrolling down her feed and seeing her face mutate.

Really embarrassing.

No. 1138669

her insta is still there, if you're talking about the @kaiserwalzer account, it's just the handle she used in 2018 and would post on 4chan for incels to follow her

No. 1138676

No. 1138681

If you could sum it up, that would be insightful

No. 1138760

She said that she had 2 nose jobs. The first because her nose was broken and tilted to the side but she didn't like how it turned out so she flew to Iran to have another nose job to fix it. She said she's thinking of a third because her nose tip is starting to droop after the second surgery lol.

No. 1138771

What droop?? Her nose looks so tiny and kawaii right?? lol
Is she essentially just admitting on vid that she edits the living hell out of her nose cause there is 0 evidence droop to speak of in vids or pics. But in her candids you can obviously tell.

I don't buy her story of it being broken in the first place. She's a big nosed, olive skinned middle eastern by blood. Why not accept this and move on with life? As opposed to lightening the appearance of your skin with filters and going to backalley surgeons to shave down your nose cartilage to the point where you'll do severe damage. All in an attempt to run away for your ancestry.

She talks so much about spirituality, metaphysics and love but you can see from how she lives (and HAS lived) that these concepts are completely foreign to her. She is merely a mouthpiece that espouses what sounds good at the time. Lest we forget she was calling people dark skinned and filthy on 4chan 2 years ago like the xenophobic rat she is.

No. 1138818

this board is weird(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1138848

same, honestly think she looked better pre cosmetic surgery. that shit just makes you look like a freak. poor girl.

No. 1138867

File: 1611304275742.jpg (51.47 KB, 510x498, 1611282730997.jpg)

and a chick who tries to pass this face off as real isn't?

No. 1138882

File: 1611306706681.jpg (62.78 KB, 615x1173, 10002223145654.jpg)

she reminds me of Momo

No. 1138898

Jesus Christ this is horrifying. I don't know how far gone down the BDD shitter you have to be to post something like this and think it looks even close to natural, or better than how you actually look. I almost feel sorry for her at this point.

No. 1138900

I'm more weirded out by the fact that they still have their xmas tree up on fucking January 22nd

No. 1138968

File: 1611317869561.jpg (126.47 KB, 720x706, Screenshot_20210122_141647.jpg)

Same dress different faces lol she needs to calm down

No. 1139013

The only ones she’s fooling is her sandnigger followers who don’t know any better lol

No. 1139020

It's because she never showed her real face before and whenever someone points her surgery she immediately calls it bullying lol. This is not even her real name, she lies about this too.

No. 1139058

File: 1611324098253.png (1.01 MB, 1716x1255, 5A3A028F-1641-49DD-9BC3-962FAC…)

What’s her real name? And yes I know she hasn’t but anyone who isn’t an low iq brown Arab like her can see she’s riddled with plastic surgery and despite that she’s ugly and needs to photoshop her pics. She even bleached her skin but still has a yellow/brown hue. I wonder how she copes with the realization of never being able to change her genetics.

She’s also tries to be pseudo intellectual, but makes herself look even more stupid but I guess you can’t expect anything better from a sandnigger

No. 1139066

Told you, whenever someone points out her surgery or edits she just denies it says it's bullying or ahe deletes the comments . Also, majority of people following her are young girls who still shape their identity and worship what they see, the other half are thirsty white men who think she actually looks like this. Tbf gulf region is known to have the ugliest girls in the ME, girls in Levant and north Africa region have striking beauty that's why she called Tunisian women hoes in one of her int.

No. 1139067

She say she's Muslim in her videos. It's probably because she knows people would just stop following her if she said the truth looool. What a double life shit

No. 1139084

cope, girls in the gulf region are known to much prettier and desirable than levant/NA chicks, who have the reputation of being poor easy whores, lol.

No. 1139085

like another person in here said, if she's ever confronted on this shit she'll probably just say it was her le epic social experiment she was just pretending to be retarded

No. 1139091

Yeah right lol!!!
Effinna is the proof looool

No. 1139117


No one ever will confront her about it though, she's made herself a weird echo chamber online/offline where anyone who doesn't lick her ass and tell her how exotic/pretty she is, is just called a 'seething american woman', when in actuality it's people telling her that the editing/scamming she's doing is ridiculous. A very mentally unwell person.

No. 1139132

File: 1611330868428.jpg (23.74 KB, 252x414, 1611282730997.jpg)


i wonder if she seethes every time she looks in the mirror?

No. 1139175

She complimented the surgeon job but I think he did a very bad job on her nose! It looks very unnatural

No. 1139202

Holy shit ok so I used to be so jealous of this girl because everyone thought she was pretty but I had the faintest feeling that she definitely editing her pics or had surgery lmao

No. 1139215

No. 1139236

sage your blogpost and read the rules before posting newfag

No. 1139317

her twitter is suspended but it was screencaps of being able to reverse image search effina's photos on her "shop" back to really cheap china dresses and doing the "drop shipping" scam thing, ie free shipping on 150%++ marked up cheap china shit, resale

No. 1139444

Almost all of these “mena baddies” have these hairy man faces with big noses lmfao then they edit their face to basically look Slavic or eastern European (smaller nose, less hairy looking, lighter eyes) Funny as fuck because they act like they’re “exotic” when actually just want to look less ethnic

No. 1139550

Lmao yeah she hates herself. It’s pretty transparent. No self loving person would 90 day fiancé a pedophile like charls either. I can see her having big regrets about him when she’s about 25. Get out the popcorn boys. Also quit with the racial slurs you sound just as stupid.

No. 1139798

She really can't decide if she wants to be a snooty 25 year old, or a snooty 12 year old wearing makeup. Either way, what she really looks like is a happy horsefaced 20-something. I'd feel bad for her obvious dysmorphia if her personality wasn't revolting.

No. 1139892

I didn’t say any racial slurs..

No. 1139964

No. 1140109

she looks healthy in the before picture and in the after has a thigh gap the size of an entire ditch and she's trying to pass that off as the better one?

No. 1140118

This girl just makes me feel bad now.

No. 1140128

she says the BMI system is a bogus system which fails to interpret you muscle and fat content which is true, but regardless she is is still very UNDERWEIGHT you can see she has little fat and muscle content on her body and her body essentially runs of the little food it gets in her 8 hour feeding window before she goes and fasts again for 16 hours.

If any of you want to see how intermittent fasting looks on the body, just look at her. It's not pretty.

No. 1140131

What's really sad is that she's passing this off to clueless girls.
She keeps saying she's healthy, bitch no you're not

No. 1140314

File: 1611435053347.jpg (63.08 KB, 636x960, ufssc8y12hz31.jpg)

No. Thats a scratcher tattoo artist and Hyde orbiter named Raven (@louisvuittoncrouton) she used to self post on /r9k/, /mu/ and /soc/ i'm pretty sure. Athena Raven Rapp pulls up some of her bullshit on google. Autist and friend of that one weird Ann Frank girl, negativexp and a few other cows. She probably tried to get "in" with MDE like Marky and others and failed


No. 1140489


the other chick getting choked was following/followed by frank hassle on twitter and instagram and now they're no longer mutuals. what do you think happened, they fuck and have a falling out or something? that alice chick is notorious for being down to fuck literally anyone she meets/hangs out with.

No. 1140531

Lol he won’t even hug her when she wants, so much for their “happiness”

No. 1141141

someone plz make an effina thread

No. 1141163

These butthurt bitches are derailing the thread. go get ur own husband's ladies and lets stick to calling sam hyde a faggot here. mkay?

No. 1141289


lmao you sound weird as fuck, there's literally no milk on sam to speak of atm that hasn't been discussed in depth in previous threads hence why this retard chick is getting traction because she's a massive underrated cow

>go get your own husband's ladies

you do understand no one here is jealous of this chick beyond the half brained arab tweens that idolise her, no one gives a shit that she's married either it's the fact that she's not only married to a pedo but she also previously dated one

I'm certainly sure that the fact that she shoops her face to look like a little anime schoolgirl has nothing to do with the kinds of incel white men she wants attention off

also learn how to sage if all you're gonna do is defend this thot, mkay?>>1141163

No. 1142185

no milk yet. smokescreen aside, eyes and ears on sam hide. providence anti facists are watching

No. 1142276

Marky never tried to get "in" with MDE, Sam Hyde groomed her before MDE blew up with everyone. Raven isn't an autist and isnt friends with Ann Frank girl. I can already tell youre an old stupid facebook community nobody kek

No. 1142370

Honeypot him with an underage virgin with a BMI under 19 or even better, a pathetic incel two decades younger than him who would make graphics/music/program a game/write sketches/do ANYTHING for free just to be associated with the MDE brokeass "brand" even in 2021.

No. 1142528

How long were they together?

No. 1145110

File: 1611922465611.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1011, marky_drool.png)

Like 3 months, him cheating on marky is the reason she got on antidepressants etc.

Marky messaged Sam on facebook saying she loved his content and he instantly saw her location, realized she lived extremely close to him and squirmed his way into a sexual convo. Marky had a part time job at the time after school (her school was only 3 hours a day or something) anyway –

She met him when she was 15 and i think they got fucked or he groped (?) her in the car right after seeing her. They ""dated"" shortly after he took her virginity, it was a week before she turned 16. He would get hotel rooms for them to meet and Marky would lie to her parents about still having her part time job ETC

He basically was cheating on her the entire time and even had an older girl who was 20 have a 3some with them (which marky hated)

After her mom found out they broke up, her mom tried to get marky to get the cops to file a report but marky refused to do it (since she was in love with Sam)

There's a lot of details I'm missing, marky told me all this around 3-4 years ago over a Skype call. I know Sam stalked her irl friends and sent her a bunch of letters asking her to marry him when she got accepted to that college in aslaka. Marky also got kicked out for awhile when her mom found out about Sam

Also here is Markys discord username - mir#9329

if you add her don't mention you came from this website lol she will block you, be genuine and ask her for her side of the story. I got her discord from a server I was in a couple weeks ago.

She also uses twitter a lot if you want to DM her, but she might block you


No. 1145685

imagine sending a several page long psychopathic love letter after dating someone for 3 fucking months

No. 1145823

My going theory is that Sam didnt give a fuck about her and knew it was over but wanted desperately to cushion things over so she wouldn't listen to her mom and go to the police. I guess it worked. He is a mastercraft sociopath/manipulator.

No. 1147249

>so she wouldn't listen to her mom and go to the police
Has she never gone to the police? Is there not enough evidence to convict him of anything? I'm really confused as to how this person's sexual relationship with a fifteen year old is essentially common knowledge within various internet spheres, yet there's been, afaik, no criminal investigation of any kind.

No. 1147490

Police don't care sadly

No. 1147749

they did but they didn't have enough evidence, sam got raided in 2014 by the fbi for another underage girl he was sexting but she was 18. Sam has show his sextapes with marky to a lot of people including rose

No. 1147758

Who is rose?

No. 1149023

File: 1612252067328.jpg (222.56 KB, 1078x566, SmartSelect_20210202-024633_Yo…)

Just a reminder this is their marital bed…
Yes, we are so jealous

No. 1149066

How the fuck do you justify living this way at almost 40? Lmao, get it together Charls.

No. 1149344

File: 1612289554252.jpg (914.3 KB, 3024x4032, literal cuck.jpg)

I don't blame them entirely. They're young and impressionable. But I think it's a good example of how these girls (Marky in particular) and their characterization of misogynistic men as exclusively physically unattractive (think the neckbeard stereotype) will get you. Allow me to explain:

Sam is, or rather was, an attractive man. He's tall and he's big and he's intimidating. That's what these sorts of girls like. Because we've spent years telling ourselves that misogynists come in one physically repugnant basement-dwelling flavor, it often means girls like Marky Jane Thompson and co will see a guy like Sam, that they're instantly attracted to, and never assume he could really be the same deep down. Perhaps they just all write it off as "irony", but that's weak. The truth is, the most misogynistic men are attractive psychopaths who fail at life (remember Sam would be living out of a gutter if it weren't for his parents and BTC), feel embittered and angry, but have an outlet for this bitterness in the form of young women who adore them. Genuinely happy men don't abuse women.

Also, the only reason I say "I don't blame them entirely" is because I think guys like Sam are an exceptional case. Again, let me explain what I mean by this:

As you can see from the screenshots on this thread, it's not like he's some MASTER MANIPULATOR pretending to be loving and romantic to get an in with these girls (that really gives this failed art school dropout with low IQ too much credit). He's hitting them up in Facebook Chat demanding they cut themselves and do degrading things for him right off the bat. I definitely reserve more sympathy for young girls who were taken in by more subtle, genuinely manipulative predatory types who slowly ratchet up the abuse. It's one thing, an entirely sympathetic thing, when a man with no known history of abuse comes to a troubled young girl and pretends to be her friend and confidante - that's something I could have even seen myself doing. But when it's a man whose first message to you on a social media site is "I want to see your tits", before talking about how he wants to do anal with you? And given that this man already has/had a massive online papertrail of pedophilia and abuse? It's really fucking hard to sympathize with someone so stupid they fall for this. A part of me thinks a lot of these young girls are porn addicts obsessed with sexual masochism and stuff tbh.

Finally, the weirdest thing to me about Sam is that most millennials, even most of the guys on /pol/, hate him as a grifting pedo now. His gumroad fanbase are exclusively edgy zoomers.

No. 1149350

wow that's a big essay for this gorilla man.
imo i don't think these girls are "stupid" (trust me, i don't actually understand either), rather they were abused earlier in their lives (or are currently still being abused) and subconsciously convinced themselves that abuse was good, actually. they also most likely have no self esteem and don't believe they could get a good man. at most, they see themselves with a guy who wouldn't want to hit them outside of the bedroom. what a dream!

No. 1149374

>wow that's a big essay for this gorilla man.

On that note, it's fucking weird to me why so many american women like this sort of man (literally just a big frame and tall).

No. 1149376

Also I think this presupposes they haven't internalized that masochism is "hot and kinky" through abuse/porn themselves. Nine times out of ten they have. I can guarantee you that both Charlotte and Marky were into weird BDSM shit from a very young age.

No. 1149439

File: 1612295010823.png (61.7 KB, 1278x474, marky x hyde.png)

lol this is how sam hyde met marky. Str8 form her mouth..

Sam must've been really horny for a 15/16 year old fangirl pussy

No. 1149441

File: 1612295036196.png (16.09 KB, 895x138, lol poor marky.png)


No. 1149443

can confirm this is her. I had her added as well

No. 1149626

Did Channing fuck Sam?

I hear conflicting things.

No. 1149807

What it ultimately boils down to is that they are basically children and children are easy to manipulate/trick by people significantly older and more experienced than them.

No. 1149814

What year did this happen?

No. 1149878

I wish fathers still killed men who sexually violated their daughters.

No. 1150045


No. 1150077

They dated for a few years, so it's safe to assume so.

No. 1150221

Definite, she acts weird about it now denying they were dating but it was obvious she was his girlfriend. I guess she wants to save face but its such a retarded attempt. “I didn’t even fuck him but he begged me! We just lived together for years as boyfrirnd and girlfriend and I know loads of intimate secrets about him!” Any adult woman stupid enough to date Sam won’t be a sensical genius person anyway hehe

No. 1150252

You seem to be conflating two different periods. They dated for a few years maybe around 2010 and remained friends after they split up. They lived together again for about a year around 2018, but they were both dating other people (very much in a plural sense) at that time.

No. 1150255

will sam ever get fucked for all the shit he did? His fanbase is bigger than ever and he's making nearly 100k a month lol

No. 1150476

What’s the Emily Youcis timeframe?

No. 1150687

Any adult woman who dates him deserves all the shit they get as far as I'm concerned. They're the sort of people who like having a boyfriend who is an aggressive bully because it turns them on, until he turns it around onto them.

No. 1151585

aaand regret is setting in. her voice starts breaking and she changes the subject when the chat has people saying 'what about charls?'

No. 1151877


No. 1152147

I'm confused, is she regretful about getting with Charls? Also, is Charls the Scandinavian she's posting about? Or was that some other guy?

No. 1152188

She a actually commented on the Scandinavian guy on her twitch saying they never dated and he used to stalk her / pretend he was her on 4chan. This makes sense because I remember an anonymous Instagram account coming up last year where she asked her followers to report it, it was the guy and he posted pictures of her with her Swedish friend who was a redhead. He posted pictures with captions like “she didn’t want to date me but is with a 40 year old man” I honestly don’t think she ever dated that Scandi guy, he just seemed like a guy severely obsessed with her. She said he sent Charls an email apologizing saying he doesn’t want to get involved anymore because her parents got their lawyer involved and wanted to sue him. He was trying to dox her. The same Scandinavian guy was actually in a vc on Effina and Charls friend Mackenzie Becket’s discord server. He joined us in vc and was saying he wants to ruin her life because she rejected him and started dating Charls, I tried to reach out to him a few days back but he deleted his discord account. I honestly don’t think she ever posted on 4chan herself because she called the boards “channels” when she mentioned it and seems clueless when it comes to the website. Her parents definitely know about Charls because she posted pictures of her dad and Charls on her ig story when he visited Kuwait

No. 1152191

He even tweeted at Charls saying stuff like “you must be happy being 40 and having 20 year old virgin pussy”, I wish I took screenshots but I didn’t and the guy stopped contacting them last year if I’m not mistaken. There are many larpers on 4chan and I think the Swede larped as Effinna on 4chan, I wouldn’t be surprised because the guy seemed out of his mind

No. 1152405

I mean maybe, but marrying Charls does indicate at least some level of chan awareness…

No. 1152407

Kinda seems like it, she’s saying when she’s sad only her parents care. Sounds like old Chuck brushed her off when she tried to talk about her feelings to him.

No. 1152409

Eh. Seems more likely that some guy likes her and is larping as the Scandinavian guy she dated

No. 1152484

It was him because we told him to show us evidence that he knew Effina irl and he sent us a picture of him, her and 2 other people (a girl and a guy)

No. 1152494

She and Charls said they met because a classmate of hers introduced her to World Peace when she was in high school then forgot about the group and rediscovered them when she saw Charls type in a streamer’s twitch chat and recognized the name in 2019 then followed him on ig. He followed her back and they started talking. They both spoke about this when they announced their marriage and she talked about it in more detail on a podcast she was on. She didn’t find MDE though any of the chans, probably just though her classmate

No. 1152552

File: 1612492010368.png (13.92 KB, 1366x210, 1531657879189876.png)


This is a load of shit and definitely sounds like a story she's spun herself and told people to make herself less culpable for the dirt that's been found on her.

She literally posted her feet on the boards >>1135130
and went into intimate detail about Kuwaiti life and her general opinions on things such as religion. If it truly was a psycho larper he would have been alot more outrageous and bait as opposed to talking with channers about gulf politics which is EXACTLY the sort of thing she would do.

Picrel she even talks about her favourite authors, the exact same ones she tweets about now, no crazy stalker would go into this amount of detail about super mundane shit on a board where minimal people would see. It's her and she's embarrassed for being a racist retard.

She almost certainly lost her virginity to this swedish guy and broke up with him not long after. He may have made sock accounts to harass her and Charls out of jealousy but it's 100% obvious that it was her posting on those boards.

No one believes your silly coverup Effina, why tryst someone who still claims to this day that this >>1138867 is their unedited face?

No. 1152577

yeah i agree, it sounds more likely that she dated this swede guy (hence her literally moving there) and then dumped him for Charls. The timespan between her dating him and then dating Charls is miniscule, so i can see why he'd feel incredibly vengeful and make accounts to harass her. From her 4chan posts she says they planned on marriage so it definitely wasn't a small thing for him. But it seems she saw a chance to level up in terms of white dick status with Charls and she took it.

It's funny she's trying to make everyone believe this stalker story, especially with it occurring during 2016-2017 when her account was tiny and she had 0 level of social media presence.

She can't be honest about anything lmao her web of lies will eventually consume her

No. 1152582

File: 1612494210993.png (620.92 KB, 740x488, 162562728672.png)

her filler is migrating badly she needs to take it easy

No. 1152629

Pretty sure she was friends with the Swede which is why he knew so much about her, we spoke to him on vc you can ask people from Mackenzie’s community. He said he wasn’t her boyfriend and they never dated. This was December 2019 when we spoke to him iirc

No. 1152638

yeah maybe they weren't official but i'm not buying the fact that she didn't post in those threads because the poster is way too on the nose for it not to be her.

How did he get her to post feet? >>1135130 force her foot on the screen?

The guy in your VC may well be some other Scandi guy she was toying with whilst in a relationship with the swede

It seems entirely nonsenical that a stalker would larp as her in a thread viewed by a couple people during 2016/17 back when she was a nobody, unless you have caps of him admitting to making those posts. It's her.

No. 1152640

That’s not her foot, that’s obviously a man’s foot. If you read the entire thread you’ll see it’s not OP posting and it’s a reply

No. 1152643

What does the Swede have to do with her fame? They were friends and that’s how he knew her

No. 1152648

it seems completely left field for him to larp as her on 4chan of all places when she was unknown and had no social media presence. He doesn't dox her on anything and posts her Instagram once. What would he gain from this?

No. 1152654

He would gain attention because he’s larping as an Arab girl? Or maybe because he’s obsessed with her? I just don’t understand why you want this to be real, effina obviously edits her pictures and videos but she doesn’t seem like a bad person at all

No. 1152662

File: 1612500777242.jpg (2.11 MB, 5440x3440, 1505701924659.jpg)


lmao so excuse the pseudo detective work but i just thought i may aswell prove it's her to put this back and forth to rest.

On the left is the timestamp she posted in her thread, notice the beauty mark under her thumb and on the right is a cooking instastory she uploaded and notice the exact same beauty mark under her thumb. In this exact thread she says jews should die, islam is cancer, greeks are master race and spics are subhuman AND admits that she infact does have a Scandinavian boyfriend.

Are you gonna say he decapitated her hand and faked that now too?

So to put a long story short, yes it was her in all those threads and yes she really is that retarded and now is desperately trying to cover her tracks.

No. 1152668

She literally said on stream that he asked her to send this picture pretending he was pranking his friend as an Arab girl, she sent him the picture not knowing it was going to be posted on 4chan. She talked about it and showed proof on stream. You seem so obsessed with Effina it’s actually insane. The location of that post in the thread is the US, the Swede was in the US at that time while she was in Germany. She showed pictures with the date on her phone showing she was in Germany on the exact date while saying the Swede was in the US with his family on vacation. She showed solid proof yet you literally make no sense. This is a Sam Hyde and you’re making it so shit with this crap. To go out of your way and obsessively try to dig up dirt and obsessively watch her streams even though you claim to hate her is beyond pathetic. Go vent out your jealousy on PULL instead

No. 1152670

File: 1612501593445.jpg (2.01 MB, 3024x4032, 1505702562153.jpg)

Haha so he also got her to change it to /int/ because she was just oh so naïve and none the wiser??

Why are you so defensive unless you're actually her or one of her weird followers

No. 1152674

He probably told her to, she’s literally clueless about 4chan lol

No. 1152678

link the stream where she
explains this atleast?


why have you just outed yourself as a scrote holy shit

No. 1152680

LOL I’m not the jealous whore seething at her very existence, go on her twitch retard I’m not working for you. Aw did Effina steal Charls away from you? Boohoo

No. 1152681

and then she went on to marry a guy from MDE..the literal figureheads of 4chan (especially /pol/) this is a super cool coincidence!

No. 1152686

Oh does that mean Nick Rochefort’s wife frequents 4chan? Your logic is retarded

No. 1152699


why are you simping for this alien looking bitch so hard unless you're actually her, no one beyond this thread gives a fuck about her degrading spics on 4chan but you sure do seem adamant on sucking her ass and making her seem holier than thou

she's not untouchable and subject to the same scrutiny anyone else gets on this site, does this concept baffle you retard?

Also the fact that you won't post the stream where she literally proves her innocence that it doesn't even exist kek

No. 1152708

Very good chance Effina claimed she never dated the Swede because she wanted charls to think she was a virgin.

No. 1152714

Nick met his wife before mde, not the same as Charls and his alien bride

No. 1152716

Only Nick met his wife before MDE even set off yet Effina admitted to watching World Peace before she even contacted Charls and even frequented incel twitch streams but she DEFO had nooo clue about 4chan or MDE cause she's so so innocent and pure!!

No. 1152719

Laughing my ass off at the amount of women seething in this thread

No. 1152720


Yes we are seething that Effina has no sheets on her marital bed, fucks a balding schizophrenic that groomed younger girls, feels depressed and has created her online presence on a face that isn't hers. So seething.

No. 1152722

Please. No halfway normal woman wants to date Charls or Sam, they’re both degenerate weirdos. Nick is the only redeemable one and no one is seething about his wife, so what does that say?

No. 1152726

File: 1612503902117.png (33.04 KB, 784x709, 1599112949000.png)

The only one seething in this thread is you Effina. Enjoy your already loveless marriage!

No. 1152745

File: 1612504678518.png (36.25 KB, 896x618, 123452222478.png)


More proof from her threads that it was actually her, in the first thread from 2017 she links her old insta (@kaiserwalzer) and says she changed her recent post caption to "hi int" to verify it's her.

In the second thread, created a couple months later, she whines about being doxxed but a poster calls her out and says she did change her instagram post to "hello int" like she said she would.

There's really 0 doubt the threads are her at this point but she she's probably going to reply to this and say the Instagram account linked was fake? Keep reaching girl.

No. 1152760

File: 1612505289264.jpeg (100.79 KB, 828x680, 1611189872866.jpeg)



>go seethe somewhere else

Sound familiar you guys? Looks like someone found the thread

No. 1152767

first post on here but ive been lurkin recently, i love mde, but after reading all the stuff about sam, i kinda felt heartbroken foreal, it's surprising/but not at the same time. I actually thought the guy had a good heart, but apparently not, and it sucks.

I must say though that the anons talking shit about effina/charls is completely pathetic, some of you actually sound insane. may sound naive (its my first time in this shithole) but people who spend their entire free time on this thread to post shit about chuck (mainly effina now) should get help, seriously. i thought this was a sam hyde thread, not a "let's start shit on charls' gf because she puts a filter on her face and i don't like it" thread.

No. 1152774


why are you blogposting about your feelings? no gives a shit. post milk or don't post at all.

>lets shit on charls gf because she puts a filter on

have you read the thread at all?

No. 1152801


>mackenzie becket effina and charls friend

she doesn't even follow effina on instagram though?

No. 1152802

Yeah she invented the word and no one else in the world uses it

No. 1152805

charls and effina met mackenzie and her bf sadworld/noah in la

No. 1152823

cope harder, you're making it obvious

No. 1152834


You say the OP of the post you're replying to is "insane and obsessed with effina" yet you're the one replying to every post critical of her with this elaborate stalker story screaming her innocence. OP is providing literal proof whereas all you have a story based of hearsay and a stream you refuse to link?
I know who looks like the actual delusional one here.

No. 1153003

>degrading spics
And Somalians iirc

No. 1153589

>I've just discovered this gossip board and am shocked, shocked, I tell you, that posters here would stoop so low as to gossip

No. 1153673

chatty kathys

No. 1153682

This thread really does attract some fuckups, guess that's what happens when you talk about MDE shit in 2021. It's pretty clear somebody is trying to rewrite Effina's background into sweet nice tradwife perfect for newly traddier Charls, rather than her initial 4chan /pol/ persona. Whatever personality she adopts is one designed for maximum pathetic scrote attention, and recently they've liked uwu pure girls more than they liked redpilled channer chicks, so she transitioned accordingly. Either way I'm sure she is, or was, happy to be with the balding little guy for awhile but it looks like it's fucked up now. That clip from her stream was kinda sad, she's pathetic in a lot of ways but I don't want to see anyone trapped far from their family in a loveless and unsupportive marriage. But it is also 100% obvious that she was the one posting on 4chan. Nick's wife knew him before MDE and was a local girl anyway, you don't fly across the world to meet a washed-up alt comedian because some friend in high school mentioned his show in passing. She wanted Charls, and she got him. Now she's probably found out being with a schizo self-obsessed itsy bitsy nazi isn't so fun when you don't have a normal life to escape. When your life is just the fuck up freakshow, he's not a fun diversion anymore.

No. 1153816

marky told me effina was ugly as sin last year lmao

No. 1153821

I feel bad for effina honestly to shop her face and skin like that.

No. 1153823

she tries to look like a med when she's just another run of the mill shitskin arab

No. 1153910

It's so, so, so obvious Effina found this thread. Why can't she be discussed? She fits in perfectly on lolcow.
She photoshops to oblivion, has viral pics of said photoshopped pics, resells cheap sweatshop clothes that she pretends to design herself, married a washed up 40 year old wannabe comedian schizo at 22, is heavily involved in weird racist chan threads, need I go on?

I noticed at first every mention of her was covered up by long winded statements about sam and marky as if someone is trying to bury effina related posts.
Now it seems the person/people are being much more blatant as our continuous mention of effina clearly has them seething… hmm

No. 1153912

File: 1612610566391.jpg (142.01 KB, 1080x808, SmartSelect_20210206-062244_Tw…)

Her photoshopped pics are indeed stunning… in an uncanny valley sorta way

No. 1153913

File: 1612610917622.jpg (150.81 KB, 1080x793, SmartSelect_20210206-062758_Ch…)

Pretty sure Effina isn't her real name at all. It's just more proof of her obsession with greek people/greek dna. Strange person

No. 1153937

Image being some shitskin who larps as a med as if that is any better. Honestly just stop pretending effina or whatever ur name is I just feel bad for u tbh

No. 1153939

btw all Greek ppl now are literally turks

No. 1153942

effinas children will have that ugly Semitic nose no mater how many times she cuts her face up

No. 1153964

At 39:48 she starts to virtual signal about her pure trad outlook and how much of a culture shock it was to come to the US and see people having casual sex… but lying to your parents at age 18 so you can fly to a foreign country and get dicked down by a guy you met on skype is normal u guyz!

No. 1154016

Can’t believe you sat down and listened to an hour of this when you claim to hate her so much

No. 1154017

To be fair, she never claimed she was Greek. She has always said she’s Persian/Saudi so I don’t understand where this comes from. Many Arabs have western names, it’s not just Effina that has a Greek name

No. 1154019

she shoops her pics but i really don’t think she’s ugly at all

No. 1154024

I’m not sure if Effina 100% posted those old threads or if it was larping but she or whoever else stated in that thread that she and the Swede never had sex so to be fair you guys can’t claim she had sex with the guy. I don’t think she had sex with Charls either until they got married which is probably one of the reasons the rushed the marriage

No. 1154028


the fact that there's literal proof of the threads being her and you still give benefit of the doubt shows what a sap you are

No. 1154030

To assume i did anything beyond skip through it is actually laughable, don't be so bold Effina no one here cares enough about you to hate you

No. 1154031

That’s not the point, my point is that even if it was her she said in that thread the Swede and her never had sex yet you guys are claiming she did without any proof

No. 1154034

I think OP is referring to the fact that she not only called Greeks master race in her threads and photoshops to look like a Mediterranean woman (erasing any natural Arab features she has) but also uses a Greek pseudonym so there's definite creepy adoration she has for the culture

No. 1154036

Why did she share hotel rooms with him when she visited him then? She stated this herself in the threads. If it was a strictly just meeting up they could have met in public and he could have gone to his respective house and her to her hotel room. But they stayed together which obviously denotes one thing. She'd try to claim otherwise to maintain her pure uwu image but nothing this girl paints herself as is what she actually is.

No. 1154038

Effina is her real name, she’s posted plane tickets on her story and they said “Effina Hayat”. She does change her last name’s spelling but that’s prob to protect her identity

No. 1154044

I think if she wanted to maintain a pure image she wouldn’t of mentioned sharing a hotel room, it just doesn’t make sense. There’s nothing wrong with sharing a hotel room with your bf/gf if that guy really was her bf. I say most likely not since he himself has come out and said they never dated. He either posted those threads himself or they did it together as bait on 4chan. It just doesn’t make sense to me

No. 1154048

You're back again? Why are so incessant on this story?? She's literally posted time caps with her hands in it, changed her insta posts to "Hello INT", posted intimate details about her life all things CLEARLY showing it's her and her alone fuelling those threads saying wild shit about Somali people etc. She claims they never had sex in those threads so the fucking channers wouldn't call her a roastie but she also is too retarded to amend her story properly and let slip the fact that they lived together. This stream where she apparently vindicates herself doesn't seem to exist and nor does proof of this "scandi guy" outing himself. Just give up already.

No. 1154053

you can live together and not have sex

No. 1154058

At this point you’re just making shit up about someone you don’t know without any proof

No. 1154059

If you insist Effina, wouldn't want Charls finding out otherwise and dumping you for a younger version

No. 1154064

She literally has said all of this herself, from the donkeys mouth- go read her threads yourself unless you are mentally retarded in which case carry on

No. 1154068


The hilarious thing is this topic would die down if it weren't for you coming here and protesting her innocence again and again causing more people to reinstate the same proof. You're dumb.

No. 1154072

i wish i had screenshots from the /fa/ skype chat, she would rant about blacks and Mexicans and was a pseudo white nationalist despite never even coming to the US and being a born sandmonkey. This was back in 2016

No. 1154092

I’m not defending her I’m just trying to give her the benefit of doubt because I’m a fan of Charls but yeah the more I look into it the more legit it looks

No. 1154098

It seems like she wrote those things but I still don’t believe she dated the Swedish guy because there’s solid proof against that, she was probably lying and baiting

No. 1154112

This completley lines up with her posts in the /int/ threads, she had a weird obsessive hate for mexicans and somalis "ruining" countries absolutley fucking rich coming from someone like her

No. 1154113

This person who is totally ~not~ defending Effina, who is totally and simply a charls fan certainly comes to this thread A LOT…

No. 1154114

There's 0 incentive for her to lie and make up an elaborate story about a swedish bf and keep her story consistent over multiple threads spanning 2years on an anonymous board. She most definitley dated this guy (like shes said herself) and the guy that's APPARENTLY harassing her and people in a VC is likely another loser scrote she was leading on who decided to get his own back

No. 1154120

File: 1612634999829.png (31.18 KB, 473x458, 123452222478.png)


>Replies to posts saying gulf girls are down to do anal and blowjobs but not vaginal sex

You still gonna claim she wasn't sexually intimate with her bf? This girl is far from innocent. The shit she's said about races darker than her denote how far this chick will stoop for attention, the fact that her parents paid for her to stay in a hotel with her white bf and you think they didn't do anything is literally delusional.

No. 1154151

For all his pseudo-religious rambles, I guess he doesn't have time to deeply consider her feelings

No. 1154163

Tbh I think we should be offering her support than shitting on her :/

No. 1154173

I have to say that islam is at least more attractive than being in a cancerous relationship she got herself into

No. 1154176

Why would you suggest we support someone who regularly comes into this thread to call posters seething whores?

No. 1154180

Kill her with kindness? Idk, I think it's normal to lash out when people point out your flaws, but to shit on her would only drive her away from coming to the truth

No. 1154184

Do you know where you are lmao this isn't a self help group, it's a gossip board retard
You really think you're gonna kill a pathological liar with kindness? No. She'll just carry on lying and be all the more happy her detractors are now licking her ass.

No. 1154187

You bring up a good point. My bad.
I guess it is hard to bring someone into reality when they constantly lie not only to the world but to themselves.

No. 1154188


Oh, good. We're talking about Sam again.

No. 1154191

I’d only ‘support’ Effina insofar as saying Charls is a weirdo nutcase & she should go back to her family as soon as she can, because if he is as unhinged as he appears to be on Twitch and doesn’t care about her she should run. She’s young and was obviously star struck. She is a hateful racist bitch, or at least was, and hilariously obvious filter qween, but Charls seems fucked up and like he could ruin her life. She should Leave that relationship so we could mock her for all her OWN flaws without feeling bad for her at all.

No. 1154214

I have chat screenshots of Sam grooming me when I was 14 in 2012 on fb. I’ll have to find them on my old laptop and I’ll post them on here. He was a disgusting freak and wanted me to send him nudes and video chat on skype. I’ll post as soon as I find them, I’m glad people are finally speaking out against this pedo

No. 1154241

She's too busy weirdly groping a 40 year old man on camera in their clearly dirty apartment whilst he goes on a schizo mumble about cheesecake. Super riveting and definitley worth abandoning her easy life in Kuwait where she had house maids and lived off mummy and daddys big bucks.

No. 1154332

I think that op meant that greenshirt guy was the Worldcorp guy, and the edgy tampered cp video, was called "(Dreamer Heaven Level's) 1. Rain's Demise of Reptile. Shit is super unnerving and really uncomfortable to watch :(

No. 1154346

Considering how Sam has a distinct type of female he'll take advantage of, it would not be surprising if he wanted to try something on her. Emily Youcis has trauma and this usually appears in her work, Sam certainly realized that.

No. 1154353

Sumerian princess turned into indentured house servant for balding schizo mcmayo crusader. This is NOT cute. He neurotically just keeps saying it needs more cheesecake. Imagine having to deal with that for the rest of your life….. god I’m so happy my husband is a normal simple hardworking dude. This video makes me so grateful for what I have.

No. 1154437

Lol she only claimed she didn’t have sex with the Swede so she would look like a pure virgin to mde fans and Charls. Duh

No. 1154462

i just dont get why you care so much. someone post sam pedo fb pics.

No. 1154466

lol you do know the more you people defend them the more interested we get.

No. 1154467

This is vulgar but it would be kind of funny if charls bought into the dumb virgin innie/ whore roastie theory, and Effina has an outie

No. 1154469

Maybe because she has this whole trad persona? Fucking duh

No. 1154629

This thread is nitpicky and dull. Either Post new milk on Sam or make a separate Effina thread.

No. 1154858

There hasn't been any new Sam milk in this thread as opposed to rehashing the same Marky situation, new milk has arrived in the form of this weird rat girl. I find it funny you find her coming to this thread and calling posters whores "nitpicky" but going over the Marky situation 20 times is cool

No. 1154866

File: 1612709015819.webm (334.84 KB, 1280x720, 1612708195505.webm)

Look at how hard Marky mogs that plastic shitskin Effina

Marky doesn't even need Makeup

No. 1154887

I don’t think it’s her coming to the threads, it’s Charls community

No. 1154891

I mean neither of them are lookers but Marky gets far more respect for not editing herself into oblivion

No. 1155140

thats why you care? because she is a fake trad person? she hardly has an audience, its basically just you and the other weird haters. you just sound like an even bigger loser for caring about her so much that it makes you seeth. post real dirt or gtfo chatty kathy

No. 1155163


No. 1155183

Why does this same person keep coming back to defend some ugly cow? Hilarious how much it seems like her writing here.

No. 1155187

File: 1612732285543.jpg (164.8 KB, 751x396, SmartSelect_20210207-161028_DU…)

Look at how fucking depressing their apartment and life together looks. I kinda feel bad for Effina
The entire video Charls was passive aggressivy explaining how cheesecake should be made to his 20 year old bride. Like fuck off dude? She made you a cheesecake. What a psycho

No. 1155189

File: 1612732328484.jpg (179.35 KB, 844x418, SmartSelect_20210207-161054_DU…)

Last pic of how dirty their life looks

No. 1155192

Marky isn’t a looker? lol

No. 1155194

Marky is pretty fugly

No. 1155198

Tbh I don’t think effinna is ugly even without editing and when you don’t make real points and start calling her an ugly cow is when your criticism weakens. Neither marky nor effinna are ugly

No. 1155211

I really like how Sam and his retard friends shifted this entire thread onto Effina and Charls to distract people from the fact he’s a pedophile

No. 1155212

effina is obviously coming to the thread to defend herself. who else would lol. I don't think Charls' fans care that much about his child bride

No. 1155219

Sam Hyde is a pedophile

No. 1155222

lmao are you retarded? you're clearly a newfag and don't know how threads work, everyone in this thread and beyond know sam hyde is a pedo. In order to keep this thread alive new milk needs to be posted, you can't just repeat sam hyde is a pedo like this idiot >>1155219 and expect that to work, previous threads have coherently documented his behaviour. Now the milk has dried up, the topic of charls (an almost 40 year old man) who's groomed some 4chan tard brain impressionable girl to marry him and live in the states in their ratty apartment whilst he does 5 hour streams talking in tongues and contradicting himself into oblivion as his child bride edits her face to look like Momo in the other room and convince Alt twitter she's the perfect virgin cheesecake baking wife is gaining traction on this thread instead. It's got fuck all to do with smoke and mirrors. Sam's pedophilia is well documented in other threads.

No. 1155227


Effina and Marky aren't ugly, but they certainly aren't the angel faced waifus 4chan think they are. They're both average looking, the only difference is Marky seems to accept this whilst Effina fucking sperges out, gets 3 nosejobs and spends an inordinate amount of time on the snow app/facetune

No. 1155241

This is fucking lolcow. Keep making it more obvious you're her or a wk. Why are people defending her?
She's a scam artist pseudo-intelectual who just happens to be ugly without photoshop.
Oh right "people" aren't defending her. It's her and her one other internet friend

No. 1155242

what is an angel faced waifu

No. 1155243

File: 1612737801078.jpg (156.05 KB, 451x523, SmartSelect_20210125-081444_Fa…)

"Not ugly"

No. 1155251

She just looks bad when smiling lmao it’s because her teeth are crooked, doesn’t look bad at all when she’s not smiling. I actually like her unedited face more

No. 1155261

File: 1612739302899.png (1.63 MB, 926x1158, effina.png)

i did a little digging and found another unedited picture of effina from a fashion designer she modeled for, she untagged herself from it lol

No. 1155263

actually, this was probably still touched up by a photographer considering it's a "modeling photoshoot"

No. 1155266

File: 1612739671649.jpg (119.24 KB, 750x937, effina2.jpg)

from the same desginer's page, i don't think these are heavily edited probably just skin touchups (i'm a photographer and i do some fashion shoots, we never edit the face and usually just touch up the skin) but she does look quite different from her own ig photos

No. 1155267

She's really not ugly at all but looks scary because of how bony she is, I think she'd look better if she went back to her previous weight. The skelly look isn't cute

No. 1155273


Those weren't taken by the fashion page. They sent her the clothes and she took/edited the pics herself. For someone who's a photographer it's pretty worrying you can't see her nose and jaw have been edited down, her eye colour has been lightened and her face is blurred compared to her surroundings. The reason why she looks so "different" is because this is her old shoop which is considerable different to her current shoop.

No. 1155281

Idek why she filters her pictures so much. She looks really pretty without filters

No. 1155285

File: 1612741076731.png (898.75 KB, 1000x1245, lessfilter.png)

i agree it seems as though those are from her in-between stage of filtering like pic rel. theyre still edited heavily just less so. the recent pics taken with charls are what she really looks like and its quite different to these

No. 1155287

File: 1612741091654.png (86.62 KB, 192x282, A1D791CF-D288-4AA7-AF68-7D0482…)

Yeah I think this is just a bad picture of her. I remember seeing this pic of Marzia and thinking she looked completely different but it was just a bad angle which I think is the case for effina in that pic

No. 1155293

I think she looks much prettier here than her recent pictures ffs she probably looks better without editing or filters, body dysmorphia is a bitch

No. 1155297

LOL you posted this exact same pic with the exact same words on 4chan and it still isn't even close to the same comparison and you know it

No. 1155298

why are wking this bitch again?

No. 1155299

these are all edited pics, stop fucking spamming and licking her arse over days gone by

No. 1155303

what, i said they were edited. i just said the haydens pics with charls are how she really looks lol

No. 1155314

Marzia doesn't look like an entirely different human and doesn't edit her face to shit, same can't be said for Effina.

No. 1155317

ngl marzia looks p messed up there

No. 1155330

You can actually recognise it's her tho i don't know why she's being compared to this self hating cow. This pic of marzia is candid, poorly lit, taken by someone clearly without her knowledge from a weird angle, whereas this >>1155243 one of effina is taken head on, with great lighting, with her knowledge and she's even posing with charls. The pics are incomparable, why're you reaching.

No. 1155373

This is quite possibly the worst thread on this website. I click to read about Sam then see spammed shit about Effina that no one cares about. For fucks sake

No. 1155385

Yeah, these fucking retards need to get back on topic. I want more screencaps of Charles behavior

No. 1155396

Ikr nobody cares about this stupid e drama shit. This is about sharing and exposing a well-known content creator's pedophilic behavior that's never adressed and all these fucking idiots can do is type this stupid shit. This thread is becoming 8th-grade gossip-mongering cunt tier.

No. 1155409

No. 1155413

im actually interested in this too. there has to be more girls he groomed than alexz and chloe. he seems like a manipulative predatory freak and people weirdly worship him

No. 1155435

Why would effina want people to post gossip that would make people hate her husband? lol calm down, I’m not effina

No. 1155499

cope. Marky is model tier

No. 1155525

She rlly is, Effina would be too if she wasn’t a womanlet

No. 1155581

you've said chatty kathy so many times in this thread alone

No. 1155582

>all the posts saying shes 'not that ugly just suuuuper skiinny and like so tiny and short omg' are unsaged
No one cares. I wish farmhands would flag your posts already.

No. 1155583

also, if no one has noticed, these threads always attract r9k orbiters/stalkers like >>1155499 who delusionally believe Marky is their soulmate.

No. 1155758

effina using slurs on 4chan 3 years ago is a little funny but hardly milk. brown on brown racism isn’t real it’s more of a joke.
she uploaded a video that looks unfiltered and it’s good she’s being more honest with herself and her viewers but i also kinda feel bad for her knowing she lurks.
effina, check out the lolcow discord thread to see a good representation of the majority of posters. you look like you’re living a normal, however imperfect life just like most people are. you might’ve been an edgelord at one point, you might still be now, who cares. stop lurking. they’re only gonna continue picking you apart. you’re young, we do stupid things when we’re young. you’re also not ugly, the candid of you smiling looks normal, and anonymity just brings out the worst in people.

No. 1155822

He obviously doesn’t respect her, pretty sad she jumped an ocean to marry this guy

No. 1155823

I think you’re the retard. It’s not Sam’s friends lol, there’s just no new milk on him. Duh

No. 1155829

I mean, if she was “really pretty” she probably wouldn’t be married to a manlet who lives in a dirty apartment and doesn’t care much about her. She’s cute without editing, also her body isn’t all that hot unless you’re a degenerate pedo

No. 1155847

LMAO what the fuck is this?? Of all places you'd kiss her ass here? Again no one gives a shit that she used slurs and posted herself on 4chan for incel attention it's the fact that she comes here to make up grand stories to defend herself which scream cope. She calls posters whores and "chatty kathys" cause she can't stand being called out for her lies. She's not attractive like she thinks is and definitley not attractive enough to warrant over 100k followers, she's not only edits her face to shit but also had to get three nosejobs/jaw & cheek filler to look like the Med queen she wishes she was, she has no personality of her own she just bucks whatever is trendy amongst alt twitter at the time, she scams her own followers by sending them cheaply made sweatshops clothes and she's all in all a self centred narcissistic pickme. So in other words, she's a cow. And always will be. Go whiteknight her somewhere else you shitbrained scrote.

No. 1155854

Guys you heard it here first being 19 years old and unironically calling Somalis "filthy skinned" and Mexicans "dirty rats" is super hilarious and brown on brown racism isn't real. So only white on coloured racism is real to you then? My god you're fucking dense.

No. 1155894

Lmao that she has over 100k followers. She def bought most of those. Her selfies aren’t even high quality either, they look like they were taken on an Android

No. 1155900

Hey Sam, stop replying to yourself you pathetic pedophile

No. 1155903

>everyone who doesn't agree with me is Sam Hyde


No. 1155907

There is no new milk on Sam so we are talking about other shit in the extended universe now. This isn’t all Sam replying to himself. Get over it already

No. 1155931

File: 1612801342400.png (419.15 KB, 708x804, 123452222478.png)

Before/after of her lightening her skin ad changing her eye colour. She abuses contacts and passes them off as her real eyes. I've never seen someone not only hate every natural feature they've ever had but lie till they're blue in the face about it.
She even edits her baby photos.

No. 1155953

>stupid e drama

you're on lolcow thick shit

No. 1155956

shut up ashley!!!

No. 1155958

im so gonna be pissed like its not even funny right now oh my godddd

No. 1155965


Why do keep coming back to this thread to shit it up with unsaged spam?

No. 1155969

LMAO why are you obsessed with her eye color, this is too much

No. 1155973


No. 1155984

I know right it's hilarious who cares enough to edits their baby photos????? Only a fucking psycho right?????

No. 1155985


Farmhands should really get rid of you, my moneys on it being her or charls. Who else would cope this hard when being exposed

No. 1155989

Rise and shine Effina, time to make some more cheesecake for your pedo husband!!

No. 1156373

listen honey i dont even know what sage means im not some 8chan gay ass little baby bitch spending my day gossiping online im just here to make ur pathetic life even more miserable by trolling. feed me!!!!!

No. 1156375

oh my god like yeaaah she is nuts!!!! i bet her mom qnd her grandma are fugly as fuck too!!! anybody have their address or social security numbers? anybody have effinas address? or a lock of her hair or a vile of spit?

No. 1156377

becky get in here right now effina is wearing colored contacts and took more pictures of her big face. she took a fake shit today not to mention . it was fake in the toilet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1156413

You need to have more cheesecake height next time.

No. 1156573

Yeah. This is exactly what happens whrn you don't make your cheesecake high enough.

No. 1156580

Crazy because in Effina's video responding to negative comments she uses the term "honey" to refer to people. A lot of these comments sound like her tweets too. Hmm

No. 1156585

File: 1612842193551.jpg (338.02 KB, 1079x1339, SmartSelect_20210208-224316_Yo…)

This is the video with less filters? Lol

No. 1156703

Your husband hates you effina, he thinks you’re a whore because you have a gross looking pussy

No. 1156732


Wow this is fucking hilarious, you really just outed yourself and corroborated everything that's been said here about you. Turns out you're not just unfortunate looking but you're also thick as shit LOL.
Exposing you wouldn't be this funny if it weren't for you coming here and sperging out about it, if you think this is bad you really have no fucking clue in terms of what an internet smear campaign can actually look like.


Also what's this delusion that everyone who hates on you is a white american woman. I'm not white and neither are multiple posters in this thread who have offered to translate your videos, you're universally gawked at.
You found that thread about you aswell? Look at you! What a little busy bee you are! Some would say you're nothing but a sad self hating basement dwelling rat who screeches at every mention of her name, i almost feel bad for you.

No. 1156736

Waiting on the day she lets us see her honk in all its droopy glory, but then again she'll probably use mommy and daddys money to hack at it some more before coming clean.

Also 8 ads on a 10 min video, she's truly a tramp with no regard for her supporters

No. 1156745

gross Lol I think she only fools her arabic fanbase

No. 1157679

File: 1612930329839.png (1.24 MB, 2628x308, 8chan.png)

get ready for some 8chan MDE fans to come here because she called attention to this thread there. We are 'attacking her for some reason' and are all Sam Hyde.

No. 1157864

no i think sam clowned on that same kickstarter in his kstv

No. 1157949

Absolutley amazing that now she's banned from here she's taken to 8chan to appeal to the incels hahahaha sad sad girl

No. 1158095

wait what? noah from icarly????? they hang too?

No. 1158200

noah and charls are good friends so it makes sense that their gfs/wives would hang out too

No. 1158203

it’s more likely charls defending her knowing how he is

No. 1158205

he has a long history of fucking over his friends. almost every friend that worked for him was promised to get paid thousands but ended up being paid 0. he did the same with charls which is probably why he lived on the streets at some point and why nick had to work a full time job because sam took all the money

No. 1158239

and sam and i were “dating” around 2013 while he had another gf at the time that lived at his fall river house. charls and a guy called joel lived at that house with sam when sam suddenly moved the other girl in (her name was natalie) to the house. he didn’t let charls or joel know he was moving a stranger into the house. to make things worse, while natalie was living there, sam left her alone in the house and came to see me for months. she was living with charls and joel, who are complete strangers to her, for months. they didn’t get along with her and wanted her out, and she was stuck there. i spoke out to natalie after i broke up with sam because i found out he was seeing me while dating natalie, and she told me about how bad it was living there with charls and joel. they hated her and she hated them. she said sam just left her there while traveling for “work” but he was traveling to see me behind her back, essentially cheating on her

No. 1158246

he was into bdsm and weird shit. he smelled pretty bad most of the time because of his horrible hygiene

No. 1158250

all the profit from how to bomb the us gov went to sam and no one else saw a dime

No. 1158252

if i remember anything else i’ll keep updating. it was just so long ago that it’s hard to remember the little things, i only remember the big things like that story with natalie

No. 1158263

Either verify your claims or fuxk off, story teller

No. 1158264

why did you carry on dating him then?

No. 1158267

i broke up with him when i found out. i had no idea at the time

No. 1158268

ask joel or charls. natalie did charls drag makeup for the gay parade video when she first moved there because she’s a makeup artist

No. 1158274

File: 1612985368499.jpg (291.65 KB, 1080x1072, SmartSelect_20210210-142835_Tw…)

Even effina's likes on twitter point to her feeling unloved by Charls lol
Truly a marriage to envy

No. 1158275

Why are you asking yourself questions without changing how you type?

No. 1158278

that’s not me asking myself, mods can probably confirm with IP address

No. 1158282

File: 1612985661969.jpg (277.94 KB, 1074x743, SmartSelect_20210210-143220_Yo…)

Anyone else think that Effina and Charls are superrr broke?
It seems like they live in squalor in Charls' tiny Woonsocket home.
Nothing is cleaned, effina wears the same clothes then buys shein, are always going to friends for good dinners, never go anywhere as a couple besides to see friends, charls always looks dirty and unwashed and seems very frugal. sad

No. 1158283

So why is this unsaged? You haven't verified who you are and this is just another reiteration of the same exact story people keep telling about sam

No. 1158299

Charls is 100000% broke but Effina’s family are rich as fuck, she drove her dad’s Maserati when she lived in Kuwait and buys designer shit

No. 1158303

Effina isn’t broke her parents fund her travels around the world and she has a massive trust fund

No. 1158306

Yeah can confirm, Effina's family are unbelievably wealthy. Her mother owns a big home in Germany as well as Kuwait, she studied at an expensive private school and went on multiple all expenses paid trips with Charls using her parents bucks

Charls on the other hand has fuck all to his name and lives off the pittance he makes on twitch. Effina probably doesn't realise this right now, but a large reason why he pursued her into marriage over the multiple other more attractive/more local pick-me underage fans in his DMs is because of her generational wealth.

No. 1158308

No doubt she's slumming it with Charls now though, I wonder if they are or are not sending her money. It would depend on whether or not they support the marriage. If they're halfway decent parents, they probably don't. Charls is a fuck-up who comes off as deranged to anyone who isn't enamored with him or his history with MDE.

Also >>1158239 was Joel the collaborator known as trappped? always thought he was one of the most talented in that group, at least with editing.

No. 1158313

Her parents fund almost everything she does because she has no income/savings of her own. Her parents are paying her student fees for her to study Architecture at university in RI.
They're definitely also wiring her cash for living expenses because she makes nothing off her glorified aliexpress website or off her twitch and those Shein clothes won't pay for themselves- and i don't see Charls even throwing so much as a dime her way.

No. 1158329

yep that’s joel

No. 1158331

That’s pretty much how most wealthy Arabs live until they graduate and have their degree, they never get jobs because their parents are willing to spend on them until they get a job after graduating college. There’s a Saudi Arabian girl at my college who hasn’t worked a day in her life, her parents fund her expenses and their government pay for tuition and send them a monthly allowance

No. 1158332

She had a discount code on her shein video so they probably sent her free clothes

No. 1158356

File: 1612990286407.png (323.7 KB, 558x702, 123452222478.png)

Must be a culture shock for her living in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, with no sheets on her marital bed and charls wearing the same crusty shirts/sweatpants day in day out.
He's the quintessential middle aged American man that has very little regard for his personal appearance and sports a round belly, small man boobs and shrimp sized arms. Dude can't even be arsed to get a haircut that suits his balding 40 year old head. It's especially ironic given how concerned Effina is with how she looks to the point of obsession whereas she's married a slovenly old man who doesn't even make an effort to appear attractive to her. How she isn't regretting her decisions that led her down this dark path i have no idea.

No. 1158614

>bdsm and weird shit
What weird shit?
Was it forced on you or did you say no?

Not judging, just trying to get past the oblique rumors.

No. 1158652

he put my toes in his mouth and slapped my ass so hard it fell off

No. 1158682

incel mde fan spotted

No. 1158712

File: 1613016354048.png (187.63 KB, 437x413, 1511201880427.png)

If this is a face filter she has on to look like this, it's a really good filter. I want to say it's just a ton of makeup, but her nose in those Ms Hayden pics is just way too different.

No. 1158780

How good is a filter that makes you look like a special needs themed blow up doll?
Charls is fucking hideous thnx

No. 1158789

she definitely puts on this arrogant pure trad girl persona despite doing things that would categorize you as a westernized whore in muslim countries, like flying out to fuck a swedish dude and marrying a white non muslim man and being a fkin instagram model

No. 1158796

at 23:30 is her brain dead pretentious take on feminism. " western wimmins are icky and selfish and dumb , seksism isnt real !1 go talk about what women in other countries go through! and in the following breath says her dad has never hit her and that islam isnt sexist , extremely tone deaf to the fact that she comes from a rich privilege background with a dad thats liberal enough to let her fly around to wherever the hell she wants and marry an american man. her fake sounding high pitched voice is irritating af and sounds o shaky. this woman is delusional and needs help. its extremely obvious she presents herself as this kawaii dollface submissive exotic trad waifu thats not like the other girls to simp for mediocre white male attention and her low self worth as a woman is evident with her extreme photoshopping

No. 1158826

new tinfoil: effina is a bigger cow than charls

No. 1158923

File: 1613054634404.png (435.87 KB, 766x422, 123452222478.png)

I truly can't believe a man who is almost 40 lives like this. He acts so holier than thou on twitch but he can't even clean his grotty apartment with his child bride. The mcdonalds really adds that final touch

No. 1158933

File: 1613056078109.png (581.78 KB, 768x720, 1589703483793.png)

here the 30 min long video of marky talking if anyone wants to watch lol


No. 1158965

The same couple that preaches about small business and how evil corporations are having McDonald's trash and amazom boxes strewn about is hilariousss

No. 1158972

Lol Effina must think she's better than American women because she puts up with Charls beimg a disgusting, passive aggressive, slovenly manipulator. American women would never deal with a man that does put in his equal share and just fucks around online all day. Well, no American woman past the age of 22 at least.

As much as I want to feel bad for her, because in some way she is obviously vulnerable, she just seems willingly naive about her whole situation. Trying to come off as this hard working trad power couple when in reality she lives off of her parent's money in Woonsocket, RI and never leaves her dirty apartment. You can tell in videos with Charls' friends that Effina and him are the pretentious annoying couple that completely lack self awareness. Also that people only put up with because they've known Charls a while and he's never did anything explicitly wrong to them. It just always seems like that. Maybe I'm wrong and their friends just act differently due to being filmed. Like who records going to dinner at a friend's house?!
People who never leave their apartment unless it's to go to the mcdonald's drive thru.

No. 1159017

Lmao doesn't she understand that western feminism seeks to benefit third world women who live in western countries? Such as female shelters specifically for protecting eastern women who are fleeing domestic abuse/arranged marriages? To say feminism is not needed in the west and not understanding the cultural depth of what the west truly is shows she is nothing but ignorant, but ding ding ding there you go again with the incel pandering Effina. Keep it up you silly rat.

No. 1159019

absolutely no one cares scrote

No. 1159025

Hilariously though, he recommends ingesting ungodly amounts of vitamins, offering advice on insane doses which your body will almost always piss out anyway. All this and he still has the body of a chubby preteen and the mind to match. He really thinks taking a pill and he'll reach godhood but could never lift a weight or master a sport which would require actual discipline. A virtue which is alien to this dude.

No. 1159054

Too busy coomin and groomin.

No. 1159137


exactly lol when that saudi girl ran away from home a couple years ago and blew up on twitter it was western womens groups talking about it and trying to get her citizenship in the west and western women generally the liberal ones at least, support globalism and immigration as a means of helping third world women so idk what she's on about. and sexism doesnt exist in the west? lol lets forget about the massive sex traficking industry and hollywood groomer cults. but its obvious that she's not critically thinking and just pandering to 4chan incel type dudes . anyone who says "western feminism is about growing out armpit hair" is the biggest pick me nlog line lmfao

No. 1159143

the racist comments and comments about her original apprearance in here rub me the wrong way like your all making fun of her for being self hating and insecure but bullying her for things she cant actually change is what cuases that behaviour in the first place.

No. 1159152

File: 1613072327390.png (540.56 KB, 762x613, EkIrek6XkAAKQwJ.png)

this image says everything about the type of dudes she hangs around and panders to

No. 1159154

Don’t hate on Egg Man he’s a good guy

No. 1159156

hahahah are you fucking retarded? She's the one who was originally being racist toward mexcians and somalis saying they're so dark you can't see the "filth" on them and saying they resemble rats whilst she sucks off white people calling them master races. And you think we should be less mean????? LOL get the fuck out of here

No. 1159157

>tranny chaser, alcoholic, coomer, incel
>good guy


No. 1159160

first off chill out, second ok fair point but if you think her saying racist shit is bad then its literally hypocritical to call her racist slurs as well? what kinda logic

No. 1159163

>negative xp shirt


No. 1159168

80% of people in this thread have levied genuine issue with her with no use of shitty language but you're gonna ree about the 20% of posters that called her a sandmonkey. Alright.

Also if you consider pointing out how painfully middle eastern her features are pre-op as "racist" then we're all fucked i guess

No. 1159187

look i think her before and after pics are laughably different as well im just pointing out how some people are calling her ugly in her original pictures then reeing about how much she alters herself. im just pointing out the hypocrisy.

No. 1159189

Her prejudices are deeply ingrained and posters calling her slurs don't change anything, she already has years old internalised racist ideals as evident by her 4chan posts. She hates coloureds more than any anon in this thread, don't worry about that.

No. 1159193

File: 1613074788120.jpg (553.99 KB, 1616x1536, MDdKsVH.jpg)

"A Guide for Dummies: How to change your ethnic face from middle eastern to European whilst also claiming to be proud of your heritage. By Effina Hyatt"

No. 1159197

imagine being so rich you can fly around anywhere and study anywhere and get your face altered and your life choices and behaviours are like this and your self esteem this low. L

No. 1159201

File: 1613075165873.png (304.99 KB, 640x1136, unnamed.png)

she follows people like this on twitter and insta. just straight up creepy incel tier guys that openly post about how much they hate women

No. 1159202

She looked stunning in the before pics

No. 1159204

i think she looks really good in that pic with the green top. Im not against getting some work done but shes done so much that she has that robot kawaii doll look and its funny

No. 1159209

This is EXACTLY why she persisted with Charls even though she's so rich she could have had whoever she wanted. She wanted this alt twitter clout that only someone associated with something as prevalent as MDE could get her. She wanted to be interview by trad accounts and have her opinion counted as something notable. She wanted to have as many eyes on her as possible, but not any old eyes, the eyes of the same 4chan guys she spent so long talking to and getting cool points off of in those threads. When you actually think about the life she gave up and the old man she pursued all in the name of some shitty internet fame it's actually mind boggling.

No. 1159213

?? It's likely just personal preference but to me she looks mediocre at best. That's why her account got little to no attention when she looked like that. She only gained notoriety when she started photoshopping her face to look like a uncanny silicone sex doll.

No. 1159216

yup, your spot on. what better way to get attention from white trad larpers than to be the wife of charls carol lmao. she really got married at 22 for fkin internet clout instead of working on developing a sense of self. this is why i dont have social media anymore it does this to your brain.

No. 1159221

this is so true, i only found out about her bc my bf whose into sam hyde and mde and charls showed me a pic of them together. thats the type of audience and clout she wanted , white mde fans and their streams together are filled with dudes making weird fetishy jokes about how he has a qt arab gf

No. 1159222

Yeah beauty is a bit subjective but I think she’s objectively pretty, she wouldn’t be considered ugly by a societal standard

No. 1159224

File: 1613076281258.png (34.22 KB, 973x239, kuwait.PNG)

this is a comment on one of charls stream where he's in kuwait with her. he actually liked this fetishy 4chan comment. he's basically admitting that its a fetish virtue signal thing

No. 1159230

ew i just went on her twitter and all of her likes and mutuals are these edgy 4chan alt right cringe types and she interacts with tradthots that mock the existence of female politicans and go on about how feminism destroyed the family and that women must stay at home and rtweets from paul joseph watson and groyper pfps lmao. really fun that she surrounds herself with people like while being a brown woman who moved to a western country

No. 1159232

The dissonance between them is astounding. Charls approves of the eastern gender dynamic which is essentially the subjugation of women and confinement of gender roles whilst in Effina's interview she's complaining about exactly that and saying feminism is needed there the most instead of the west?
What a pair of retards.

No. 1159233

File: 1613076786846.png (35.63 KB, 759x251, doomsayer.PNG)

bruh she follows freaks like these on twitter. this woman needs to use those kuwaiti bux to get some damn therapy

No. 1159235

i wouldnt call it disonance. a lot of mra misogynists and pick me's use "but other women have it worse" not as a way to show care for women in other countries but as a silencing tool and as a way of saying that like women should settle for less and be happy that they arent being beaten and also fetishize third world women bc they know they have it worse so they act more submissive and not uppity.

No. 1159236

That's been her community of choice for over 4 years now. She's been posting on 4chan since 2016. The only difference is now she's a somebody to them by association to Charls. Her only friends are Charls' personal friends and audience. If he ever ditches her she'll fade back into nothingness and that probably keeps her up at night. She feeds off the cool girl points she collects, it's her entire identity at this point.

No. 1159237

I cant believe he liked that comment ew thats openly admitting to a mail order bride fetish

No. 1159241

thats mad cringe. and kinda sad too. imagine what that does to your self esteem. also she's literally a brown immigrant, does she not realize these people hate her?

No. 1159247

>If he ever ditches her she'll fade back into nothingness and that probably keeps her up at night. She feeds off the cool girl points she collects, it's her entire identity at this point.

Do you think she'll ever realize how stupid it was? How do people like this ever reintegrate back with regular people even if they wanted to?

I think she knows. In a way she likes the validation that she's ''one of the good ones'' probably.

No. 1159254

She used to get treated like a brown female immigrant in the /pol/ and /int/ threads she posted. The white mde incels would often call her slurs and tell her she had no place speaking on topics. But NOW she's the wife of Charls Caroll no one touches her and her opinion is actually heralded, the same mde fans who used to shit on her now like her pictures and say "tfw no kuwaiti gf". She knew what she was doing.

When she hits her mid 30s and realises she's built a life with a 50 year old man who fetishes her existence, surrounded by an audience of white pseudo trad nazi larpers and once she's had a kid that looks more like a Mohammed than a Marcus Aurelius, that's probably when she'll lose it.
That if Charls hasn't got sick of her by then.

No. 1159265

sad and really telling that the men in those circles now only respect her bc she's the wife of charls lol. women in right wing circles legit are broken inside and have no self esteem or sense of self besides attaching to some man.

No. 1159285

you know she is only 22, and acts like young twenties as well. marriages with large age gaps have a higher divorce rate statistically. she seems to be stuck in an echo chamber of weird online circles and chases internet clout, given that shes a dumb naive 20 smthing year old who rly wants attention. she's essentially just in an internet persona phase. i think best case scenario she'll wise up a few years down the line and realize that getting married for internet clout isnt worth it and leave tbh. like its been said here her marriage to charls was driven by attention seeking and clout chasing. doubt that a marriage like that will last. thats the best case scenario though. she seems to have worked so hard and invested hours into gaining clout in these circles and she's given up her home life for a marriage at such a young age and divorce gives you a bad reputation in muslim countries. so she might have no choice but to stay.

No. 1159292

I just wonder how she could recover and make a better name for herself if they break up and she leaves that cool 4chan girl personality behind.

No. 1159303

the only way would be to just get off the internet for a while i guess. she seems to have formed her personality and sense of self completely off of the ideas of internet weirdos

No. 1159314

have you read through this thread? yes, red flag

No. 1159318

Not necessarily, depends how into them he is. He may have been a fan years ago during the World Peace era and now just checks on them for updates but doesn't obsess about their lives. On the surface Effina & Charls' marriage does come across as some "love knows no distance" storyline but the closer you look the more fucked up it gets. Kinda like Effinas face.

Also try not to ask questions like this in this thread, it's not an advice page

No. 1159328

sorry, im kinda new to lolcows. is there any threads or pages on here for advice by any chance? sorry if this is a dumb question

No. 1159347

No. 1159356

File: 1613081851096.webm (196.23 KB, 1080x1266, 1445342656787.webm)

I'm super creeped out by this. She looks so weird and uncanny?? Almost like there's an overlay on her face?? That Lil Miquela AI insta thot looks more realistic wtf

No. 1159364


lol yeah she looks so bruhsed up she doesnt look realistic. and yeah im pretty sure she does filters and editing in her videos

No. 1159367

have a feeling theres a good chance their marriage isnt gonna last. if it does im gonna laugh so hard

No. 1159382

Why do people pay sam to see him shitting on them ? and also he post almost everything for free on Bitchute

No. 1159386

His fans have some sort of Stockholm syndrome bond with him, most know he's a retard but will financially support him because they feel they owe it to him cause he made them chuckle once

No. 1159497

yeah she's using meitu or beauty cam. it's so funny how she shits on western women and feminism but her insta page is literally only selfies of herself lol

No. 1159590

her posting selfies all over the internet and having thousands of followers isnt exactly trad eastern waifu behaviour @effina

No. 1159633

might be nitpick but thank god someone mentioned her fake voice. its so obvious, its shakey because shes constantly having to consciously raise the pitch and speaks from her throat instead of her stomach.
and tbh as much of a cow she is, i do have a tiny amoutn of pity, i think she knows that dumping charls would bring her hate from MDE fans. but it'd also ruin the pure uwu trad waifu facade which im sure shes more concerned about lmao

No. 1159635

>His fans have some sort of Stockholm syndrome bond with him
Sounds about right. It also seems like a lot of his fans feel sorry for him, and support him out of pity at this point. Most of the comments on his videos post-2017 or so are sentiments on what a joke he's become.

That being said, I think you'd have to be pretty lacking in morals to feel bad for Sam at this point. He's a genuinely unstable and dangerous person, particularly because he tries to pass off these traits like it's just part of his comedy persona. Like it's one big in-joke. His behavior is such that I'm honestly shocked he's not in prison yet. I can only say I'm glad he never skyrocketed to fame to the point that he had much of reaching influence over the public, and it's only a small, niche group of dudes online who look up to him these days.

No. 1159638

This might be a reach, and I don't mean to wk, but I can't help but wonder if she doesn't leave Charls because she doesn't feel safe to. The MDE crowd is borderline cult-like, and those who leave or speak out about it have historically been threatened by Sam and his hired goons. Charls is hard to read, but there's a chance he could be just as bad behind the scenes.

No. 1159655

Omg yes Her voice sounds so shaky in that interview it’s cringy and kinda unsettling to listen to like girl pls talk normal. It’s like this creepy baby voice she uses to sound more like this cutesy trad weird doll persona she puts on

No. 1159670

she's such a pathetic cringe cow but i kinda feel bas for her in a way. she bases her entire personality and life choices off 4 chan trad circle internet clout and has been brainwshed by such circles. maybe we should bully some sense into her. someone should send this thread to her and maybe she'll wake up

No. 1159829

effina wishes she looked liked this lmao

No. 1159855

She really doesn't, marky has a massive nose and Effina is too obsessed with chopping that shit off

No. 1159866

You're probably new here, but cowtipping is against the rules https://lolcow.farm/rules#snow
I have a funny feeling Effina knows about this thread anyways

No. 1160027

Oh ok, and yeah I am new here

No. 1160254

effina seems to think shes a pure holier than thou trad girl unlike stinky hairy western feminist women but she's the no self respecting whore who sold herself to a 40 yo twitch streamer for internet clout and attention from 4chan dudes.

No. 1160270

there's no need reinstating the same thing a million times, we've gone over this, only post if you have something original to add

No. 1160311

Holy shit how many times are you going to make this same post? I didn't initially mind the thread focus turning to Effina/Charls rather than Sam, but this shit is making me change my mind real fast.

No. 1160313

That anon seems to be a newfag who doesn't understand thread etiquette, but yeah saying the same shit over and over again makes us all sound retarded and brings down any credibility there might be

No. 1160435

my apologies , i was just adding on and agreeing to the previous comments but i suppose it was redundant

No. 1160790

People in this board need to stop reiterating things like "sam is a pedo!@^@*@(" "charls is schizo@(@^#(" "effina is poor uwu victim of charls and photoshop!^#$(@" "effina is badd"
Like true? But let's add some milk to it

No. 1160843

a separate thread should’ve been made on effina/Charles

No. 1160845

I’m waiting on new milk nothing new is really happening with them

No. 1160945

I mean that has quite clearly stopped as the thread has gone quiet so why post just to state the obvious once again?

No. 1161634

that's not surprising. they've been around for 10 years. they're slow burning milk.

No. 1161822

This is not crazy milk or anything but about Sam paying people to spy on people in discord servers and social media. I was watching Mackenzie Becket on Twitch a while ago and someone asked her if she edited stuff for Sam (also has done editing for sadworld aka Noah Munck, allegedly her bf according to someone itt?) so anyway she basically just said yeah and that was all. I remember it seemed strange that she didn’t elaborate on it. Maybe something happened with her and Sam, or maybe she’s generally afraid of his wrath. She probably knows some stuff but can’t tell

No. 1161886

File: 1613355230464.jpg (718.98 KB, 1078x1756, SmartSelect_20210214-211235_In…)

She unarchived a few older, slightly less edited pics

No. 1162015

is that filler or did she edit her lips?

No. 1162016

>I remember it seemed strange that she didn’t elaborate on it. Maybe something happened with her and Sam, or maybe she’s generally afraid of his wrath. She probably knows some stuff but can’t tell
Very likely the case. Sam's fanbase tends to rip people to shreds when they speak out against him. Channing hasn't faired well in that regard.

No. 1162038

File: 1613372031792.jpg (2.69 MB, 2560x2560, 21-02-15-01-54-20-142_deco.jpg)

This freak edited her baby pics

No. 1162039

File: 1613372055483.jpg (485.9 KB, 1077x1166, SmartSelect_20210215-015256_Tw…)

Original post

No. 1162065

If this girl had just kept her original face I would have respected her more

No. 1162160

wait. i remember her on here way before charls. how deep does the rabbit hole go? yes that image of her as a child was posted here already but it only now clicked.

No. 1162239

File: 1613405952306.jpeg (518.81 KB, 744x1328, 8B8A9452-66BF-445C-9B37-9496BC…)

Markys nose isn’t massive lmao effina has a typical sand nigger nose and it still looks huge with the tons of surgery she’s had.

Here is markys side profile(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1162247

>Says sandniggers are known for big noses
>Marky is literally a jew
You're just as annoying as the Effina defenders, go simp for marky on 4chan you won't get the attention you're looking for here.

No. 1162249

Marky has a squidward nose from the front she’s ugly

No. 1162253

It's crazy she has the audacity to unarchive these old pics alongside the new face she has now. She literally looks nothing like her former self but i genuinely think her Arab followers are too vapid to notice, either that or plastic surgery/filler transformations are the norm over there so they don't bat an eyelid.

No. 1162256

File: 1613407893072.png (322.56 KB, 474x428, wtfisthat.png)

she really needs to stop with the filler, unless when her face is completely stationary (which you'll notice in every pic it is) she looks fucking insane

No. 1162281

Markys grandpa is a polish “Jew” with blue eyes. Marky is Scottish and English and grew up going to church every Sunday. She’s not Jewish at all.

However effinna is a literal sandnigger with shit brown eyes who edits her pics to look white (something she will never be)

No. 1162295

shitty racebait

No. 1162296

In this video >>1158933 she explains exactly how jewish she is.

No. 1162298

Her grandma** not grandpa. She doesn’t say she’s Jewish just her grandma

No. 1162299

Glorifying "white" genetics is something of a mental illness, that's why Effina is so retarded. Anglo women are easily some of the ugliest in the world so i don't know why you're so proud of Markys mediocre heritage. She's no more interestuing than an African or an East Asian. No one cares for your neo nazi coomer fetish.(racebait)

No. 1162475

dude, go back to r9k, no one cares about your waifu's nose.

No. 1162518

File: 1613431951810.png (364.57 KB, 1088x1828, insufferable.png)

him and effina are such arrogant pseuds its unbelievable, how do people worship this guy?

No. 1162545

I'm literally laughing out loud. What the fuck is this entire conversation. Why even bother rebutting criticism if all you're going to say is "I'm better than you because reasons?"

No. 1162553

File: 1613436378661.png (323.45 KB, 613x366, 123452222478.png)

No. 1162570

File: 1613437187033.jpg (269.11 KB, 1086x1056, 1612610566391.jpg)

No. 1162580

Former flagrant internet personality, turned low effort twitch e-begger, that gained all of his notoriety off the back of pedophile Sam Hyde tells YOU his opinion has "weight" and yours is meaningless because his edgy take of the day got retweets.

Oh and he's 2 years off turning 40 years old.

What a world.

No. 1162587

Lmao these are great. Keep 'em coming

No. 1162612

>how do people worship this guy?
He's a narc surrounded by other narcs who think that they'll gain some form of clout by associating with him. They also likely admire the fact that he's practically married to a child and getting away with it. They see uneven power dynamics as commendable and wish to emulate them. For these fans, it's a mutually beneficial relationship that lacks any form of substance or authenticity.

Granted, some of his fans are potentially still blind at to what a seedy guy he truly is. His pseudointellectual/pseudospiritual drivel may come across as deep and provocative to those who aren't accustomed to that kind of cultish language. He's also a bit better at keeping a low profile in comparison to Sam. Frankly, I think that's just be because he's more introverted and prefers to stay "in the shadows." He'd probably still be like that even if he wasn't an awful person.

No. 1162620

lmfao. how does he have the audacity to critique da vinci? as if he's read any of his treatises or other renaissance writer's treatises on his art

No. 1162632

The level of distain in those tweets comes off as borderline delusional. Imagine wanting to destroy a piece of art that is considered a masterpiece by the majority of the population, just because you don't personally get the hype. As though the notion of other people liking something that you don't were an immediate threat to your very survival. He's a child, really. I'd pity him if he weren't such an asshole.

No. 1162638

Agreed, although I'm sure it helps that she has a tremendous amount of inherited wealth that he can leech off of. I somehow doubt he'd have married her so quickly otherwise.

No. 1162641

Oh yeah, he knows he'll never be late on rent payments or be stuck in terms of holiday options ever again. Her mum literally owns holiday homes. Also once her parents croak, he'll be completely rolling in money. She only has one older sister and a younger brother (i think) so the inheritance would be split in 3, leaving Effina with a fuck ton. His DM's are swarmed with underage pick me's from all over the world, as much as Effina think she's special cause he picked her, this is Charls we're talking about.

No. 1162643

>His DM's are swarmed with underage pick me's from all over the world
Out of curiosity, how do you know this? I wouldn't think that younger women would go for him with his current hair situation. Then again, Sam still had relationships and sex with women while looking the way that he does, so I guess it wouldn't shock me.

No. 1162654

Effina sought him out via DM's and she's one lone chick out in the middle east where MDE doesn't even have as much of a cult following as it does here in the west. I have no doubt in my mind that Charls got (and still recieves) alot of female attention from American women due to his MDE days. Not to mention back then he was the easiest on the eyes out of the trio (but by no means super attractive). The fact that we've had two documented cases of grooming by charls of underage girls in this niche thread alone, just screams the fact that this guy gets attention from femcels and mde pick mes without a doubt.

No. 1162655

On the topic of Charls' character or lack thereof, I really wish somebody had saved one stream he had a couple of years ago where he completely embarrassed himself. From what I recall he was playing Rocket League with Andrew Ruse and kept drinking until he got plastered. Ruse was getting very visibly annoyed as it went on and Charls got more and more obnoxious literally screaming 'I'd only marry a virgin', let us know his favorite pornstar is 'Sylvia Saint', and while on the topic Ruse hinted that Charls slept with the pornstar in his skit 100 Percent Taxes. It was a total trash fire of a night.

No. 1162658

>'I'd only marry a virgin'
>sleeps with porn stars
Typical neckbeard narc. Expects sexual purity and perfection in his partner, while behaving the exact opposite himself. God forbid anyone remind him of his flaws he tries so desperately to deny exist.

No. 1162660

>I'd only marry a virgin
Makes sense why Effina would scramble to hide evidence of this scandi boyfriend she flew out to see and shared a hotel bed with. Charls sees her as a sexual fetish and a source of income. If he knew she wasn't a virgin he wouldn't divorce her cause it'd ruin his online reputation of representing only "mirth" (despite being a passive agressive asshole about everything he doesn't agree with) but he would see her as actual dirt. He's a complete sociopath.

No. 1162667

File: 1613447931862.png (248.7 KB, 838x406, samlena.png)

Don't know if this has ever been brought up in any of the threads here (it's news to me, anyway), but according to an active thread on 8chan, Sam and Lena Dunham dated sometime around 2009. Anons are speculating that Adam Driver's character in girls is based off of him. Would be milky as hell if true.

I've seen at least one video where Sam ranted about Lena and even went as far as to say he'd kill her if I had the chance, or something along those lines. Didn't take that to mean he actually knew her personally, much less dated her. I just assumed it was a general hatred for Lena Dunham.

No. 1162668

File: 1613447995168.png (317.61 KB, 667x360, lel.png)

Thread also had a pic of Sam in high school, which I'm posting for no other reason than it being hilarious.

No. 1162674

This just smells like 8chan troll bait. If there was ever a selfie of Sam with Lena that shit would be spread everywhere

No. 1162680

Yeah I don't know how believable any of it is, but people have been (rightfully) moaning about there being hardly any Sam milk in a Sam Hyde thread, so I thought it might suffice.

No. 1162766

I know Sam hooked up with Lena because I used to snoop through his computer. He was even gonna be on her youtubr webseries at onr point

No. 1162769

>because I used to snoop through his computer.
Uh…context please? Who are you?

No. 1162801

Sam hates fat chicks

No. 1162827

You say this as if Sam has shame. He does not.

No. 1162914

Not sure about other surgeries but nose jobs are huge over there. The “mena baddie” and people thinking middle eastern women are so gorgeous is because they have exotic features along with small noses.. from nose jobs. Similarly in Brazil, Brazilian women known for their “natural curves” yet they invented the Brazilian butt lift surgery and plastic surgery is huge there, lol

No. 1162943

File: 1613486919383.jpeg (60.62 KB, 600x400, 37170C47-AEC6-4BEF-A530-8F748D…)

I mean if their relationship or whatever ended badly, she could be part of the reason he hates fat women so much. Also back in 2009 she wasnt as heavy and she had long hair, tends to make you look thinner

No. 1162949

Emm not really… If you ever go to Levant or NA you'll realize that these people have naturally small noses and soft features in comparison to Gulf and Iraq :)

No. 1162950

File: 1613488374653.jpeg (462.85 KB, 750x678, C8720F48-8168-44C0-8F26-F3A23B…)

Yes. such soft featured women. Uh huh. Most mena bitches got honkers, get over it

No. 1162959

>they have big honkers
get the fuck out scrote you may be entirely confused but this isn’t a thread where you can reveal your disgusting sex drive
Also hi Effinna, if you want to successfully lurk try not using emotes and integrate retard

No. 1162966

Lol you think only scrotes notice that most mena women are hairy and big nosed? Ok

No. 1162973

File: 1613490213353.jpeg (78.87 KB, 536x634, 7BD849CE-8D2E-4880-A1EB-B347B0…)

It’s hilarious how this is charls ideal woman (porn star Sylvia saint) Effina looks nothing like this, just drives home that he married her for her money and “virginity” (she def fucked the Swedish guy she got the hotel room with). What a sad marriage

No. 1162991

> “Effina was here and got banned!”
> “hi Effina”

No. 1163237

File: 1613512248709.jpg (655.26 KB, 1024x1211, 2021-02-16-16-51-27-025.jpg)

No. 1163240

Lol Effina would freak if she ever was this tanned, she prefers that rigor mortis glow

No. 1163250

Funny because her husband would probably pay more attention to her if she looked like that. Men like Charls would throw away their whole “I need to marry a pure virgin!!” if their idea of a perfect 10/10 would marry them. 10/10’s just don’t want men like Charls, so he copes with the idea that he’s bagged a virgin. Lol

No. 1163284

Sam Hyde definitely didn't date Lena Dunham, he's made a point of dropping hints and info on basically every woman he's ever fucked (real alpha chad shit, having to brag about every piece of pussy you ever so much as looked at) there is no way he would've resisted saying she had a stinky asshole or some equally nasty thing about her in some tiny text on one of his rant videos. Also wrt >>1161822 I would say the likeliest situation is that either she fucked Sam or he tried to fuck her, because she looks a lot like his "type". Also does anyone else remember some picture that was promoting a tshirt or some other Sam Hyde thing shortly after the show got cancelled with a girl who looked a lot like Makenzie posing in an arcade with a gun? I tried to find it and couldn't.

No. 1163288

That was Mckenzie

No. 1163351

Interesting, but I still think it's a reach. He does seem to like girls who are plain and she fits the bill.

No. 1163409

>>1162943 Jemima Kirke(blonde on the right)graduated RISD in 2008, Sam in 2007. Dunham and Kirke have been friends since childhood..NYC-RI-CT; close proximity in age, wealth, etc.

No. 1163415

File: 1613531326899.png (54.03 KB, 882x232, Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 9.27…)

Charls just got hammered again onstream, waving a cigarette at Effina all the while, and ultimately absolutely blowing up at a longtime fan (Cabster). I'm not sure what it was over but it's fucked up regardless considering he's probably one of his only loyal fans over the years besides Baldanders. The only thing I could see in chat that could've triggered it is picrel. Sorry I am not good at clips the blowout continues at 5:30. Charls is an absolutely fucked person.


No. 1163419

File: 1613531727866.png (79.68 KB, 660x434, Capture d’écran 2021-02-16 à 1…)

how has this insta comment not been posted?

No. 1163424

hooooooooly fuck imagine being almost 40 and raging at a camera like this.
that's ALOT of emotion for a guy who keeps repeating "I DON'T CARE" (i think he might just a lil)
Effina really lucked out huh, that naïve girl has got herself involved with a man who's level of narcissism she does not even comprehend

also LOL at how fucking scary he tries to make himself look, it's the funniest thing he's attempted in years

No. 1163435

File: 1613533375379.png (19.9 KB, 558x252, 13456223456783.png)

He's got that thousand-yard stare, glad to see he's still a piece of shit alcoholic as always.
It's extra funny cause Effina morally grandstands about morality lacking in the West yet her husband is the embodiment of everything she proports to not like about it.
Classic hedonist, narcissistic traits, fame hungry, sexual deviant who sleeps with pornstars/grooms minors, i could go on. She married the literal opposite of what she says she stands for, they are just as fake as each other.

No. 1163462

File: 1613536490228.png (700.7 KB, 922x596, Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 10.3…)

Another moment from tonight where he lashes out at another fan. What a night!


No. 1163474

He literally told a fan to stop polluting his chat case "there's nothing in the world that you could know that i already don't".
Previously i would have genuinely assumed he was trolling by saying that but judging by the fact that he literally tweeted this >>1162518 to someone unironically is very fucking eye opening. I can't believe people support this uncouth foul mouthed pseudo woke maniac.

No. 1163485

Hmm…intriguing. How old is this screencap?

No. 1163491

Ngl, I hope that one day she wakes up and realizes what a hypocritical mess she is, and takes action to change her life for the better. She's still fairly young, so there might be a chance. Charls, on the other hand, is a lost cause.

No. 1163496

She's far too smug right now to even consider that and it'll be like that for her for the next couple years. She's the cat that got the cream. But sooner or later his drunken outbursts will become less of a novelty and what initially attracted her younger rebellious self to him, will disgust her in adulthood. It'll hit her like a ton of bricks one day but they both strike me as too conceited to ever admit it when the day comes.

No. 1163497

File: 1613539243248.jpeg (15.82 KB, 263x192, 1596089489688.jpeg)

This can't be real. The way he stares directly at the camera while threatening his fans…I cannot stop laughing jesus fucking christ

No. 1163501

So he was fucking Lena's friend, not Lena? Makes sense why there's no documented interaction of Lena+Sam but still some sort of connection, that connection seems to be the friend in this case.

No. 1163503

it says in the post, roughly 5 years old

No. 1163505

The comment was roughly 5 years old at the time the screencap was taken, but I wasn't necessarily assuming that it was taken recently.

No. 1163537

File: 1613545673014.png (372.62 KB, 394x585, Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 11.0…)

joana avillez?

No. 1163544

Seems likely to me, she looks like the kind of girl he goes for. Great find anon. That Charls thing >>1163462 & >>1163415 is too hilarious, whatever happened to mr positivity? I haven't watched one of his streams in years (I wasn't into how not funny they were) but from what I remember he was always pretty upbeat, albeit in a schizo way. Couple his dickishness to his fans with Effina's sad little stream about no one caring about her besides her parents and it seems like trouble in paradise. who would think a relationship between an aging, balding alt comedy never-was and a teen bride from the middle east wouldn't be a match made in heaven?

No. 1163656

File: 1613560512938.jpg (546.23 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210217-035852_Chr…)

No. 1163657

File: 1613560536190.jpg (397.91 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210217-035752_Chr…)

Charls is on cameo lol

No. 1163658

File: 1613560561431.jpg (544.34 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210217-035825_Chr…)

No. 1163835

looking every inch a slimy, bug-eyed, reptilian freak.

No. 1164026

I bet he was upbeat before because he was single and didn’t have much responsibility, now he’s starting to feel the pressure now of having a wife and he’s cracking. Wonder how long their marriage will last. Although effina does seem like the type to stay just to spite others

No. 1164037

He's cracking because he's a bitter, angry and cripplingly insecure narc. They all get like this when they reach middle age.

No. 1164230

File: 1613608305366.jpg (2.12 MB, 2048x1534, 21-02-17-19-31-29-792_deco.jpg)

No. 1164341


oh my god anon this is amazing lmao the only thing i would add to charls' list is his porn star fetish, underage grooming and "smarter than you will ever be" complex and for effina mention her racist comments and posting her Instagram on 4chan for literal bottom of the barrel scrote attention, but now she's a born again trad queen who hates western fehmanizm uwu

With that included this defo contends for an Effina/Charls thread pic.

No. 1164360

LMAO good shit anon

No. 1164774

i swear nick is the only one of the trio who turned out normal lol. and im sure by total coincidence, hes also the one who's least in the spotlight and doesnt seem attached to the publicity because he has a normal job. also he has a wife (normal, not 20 year old kuwait mail order bride found on 4chan) and kid. the guy's record is clean.

No. 1164777

File: 1613676426225.jpg (461.32 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210218-142549_Ins…)

She's still lurking here. Directly referencing the meme I made yesterday lol

No. 1164783

the one who's not larping as some trad christian alpha male is the only one with normal life, funny how that works

No. 1164802

Even when MDE was working on their comedy Nick was easily the most normal and genuinely funny one from the group. His jokes weren't riddled with innuendo to his real life and feelings about people.
He used to resell antique items through a storefront but had to shut it down and start booking by appointment only due to fan harassment.

Now you can tell whenever he does videos with Charls or Sam he seems minorly annoyef by how attention whorish they act. You can see him cringing internally as he tries to make whacky jokes to distract from how pathetic his friends became.

That video of Effina and Charls at Nick's for dinner is a good example. You can hear his annoyance in the way he responds to Charls' incessant narration of events.

No. 1164818

>That video of Effina and Charls at Nick's for dinner is a good example.

link to video? ive seen this mentioned multiple times but where can I find it

No. 1164836

P sure that’s Nick Hayden (Erick Hayden’s bro) and not Rochefort

No. 1164840

Our aliexpress queen at it again! Maybe learn how to start your own small business first and stop sourcing your sweatshop rags from china and selling them to your supporting fans for 10x the original price, all whilst lying and saying YOU designed them, low life rat.

No. 1164843

Oops you're right. It is Nick Hayden. Still though

No. 1164845

Also what strikes me as incredibly weird just by looking at her page is the lack of professional photos. Instagram pages of thots like her (over 100k) are constantly reached out by professional photographers/reputable brands (even 'modest' fashion brands in her case) for photoshoots but every single picture you see of her is taken and edited on her own phone strictly. Why make youtube videos showing your apparent "real" face but turn down every opportunity to have paid photo promotions. Cause her face isn't her own and she'll run from the fact aslong as she needs to. As if there was ever anymore proof needed to suggest that this girl is a complete catfish.

No. 1164864

Yep. No tagged photos with friends or pro photographers. Justuncanny selfies and self timer phone pics she took in their living room. Even the pic of her and Charls looks super edited. I'm assuming it was taken on her phone, shooped, then sent to whichever Hayden posted it.

She honestly could make a decent amount in modeling based on her following. Not many companies even care if the model looks exactly like her pics as long as they make money.

No. 1164865

Pic of her and charls having dinner at that rooftop restaurant in Providence RI*

No. 1164919

File: 1613690520634.jpg (66.94 KB, 1113x420, Photo 18-02-2021, 23 17 33.jpg)

Cow gets defensive when someone talks of her abusing filters yet in her makeup videos she says shit like "I don't like heavy makeup uwu" "I prfer the natural look uwu" "I only use angles in my pics uwu". Pick a side you silly girl, you either want your face reconstructed or you're an au naturel trad queen, stop contradicting yourself queen

No. 1164922

Dang i thought she hated Western feminism but this whole liberated female "my face not yours" shit is the exact type of thing encouraged in the West? I'm sure in the East women are just as liberated as this, Effina is not a product of the West you guiz!! She's so much better than that!

No. 1164965

OT does sam Hyde have a known fb account?

No. 1165063

File: 1613703078705.png (96.95 KB, 362x492, 1375671199878.png)

>part 1

No. 1165073

You'll have to skip a few minutes in but this is the video where they have dinner w the Haydens

No. 1165075

File: 1613703897233.jpg (787.54 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210218-220341_Ins…)

>still posts pictures like this

No. 1165088

File: 1613704487983.jpg (801.44 KB, 2560x1920, 21-02-18-22-13-42-719_deco.jpg)

This cringey retard actually liked this comment on the only pic Charls posted of them together. What a sicko

No. 1165091

To add to this, the picture Charls posted of them together is suppperrr edited but you know Chuck posted it anyway because he doesn't want his 15 year old fans to know he got catfished

No. 1165092

File: 1613704846022.jpg (574.44 KB, 1080x1616, SmartSelect_20210218-221801_In…)

No. 1165140

But she defo has NO clue about 4chan you guys! She just likes comments that talk about racemixing and say "based" cause she's innocent and pure

No. 1165141

Deleted the twitch link and uploaded this clip to YT so anyone can view if they desire

No. 1165143

File: 1613710632437.jpg (203.73 KB, 1242x1543, Photo 19-02-2021, 04 45 18.jpg)

As if she couldn't make it any more obvious that she lurks here, since she's been exposed for being a sweatshop supporter she's deleted all her 'effinashop' insta posts and wiped the site clean of any aliexpress proof

No. 1165144

File: 1613710665881.png (237.6 KB, 778x620, 12790ooUxqZ54.png)

No. 1165146

Gives the most normie/self help book take and then sits back as if he just clearpilled his entire audience. Gotta love the delusion on this guy. He's got an entire arsenal of cocksuckers telling him he's the smartest kid in the world and the has the gall to tell everyone else they're out of touch, hah!

No. 1165149

>Intakes ridiculous amounts on vitamins for 'health'
>Chain smokes for 4 hours in same room with closed windows

No. 1165168

It’s because a lot of her followers are bought and the rest are mde fans. If she actually had 100k followers that followed her on their own accord because they just found her interesting or something, she would be doing brand deals and such. Everything about her is fake

No. 1165170


sameanon, was asking because I weird message from a "sam hyde": account but idk if it's just some loser using his photos and name, not that it matters one way or another because I could care less about this dirty hobo, just curious

No. 1165171

Also, I’m not positive but I think brand deals can see the gender demographic of those who follow you. I’d imagine Effina has a high amount of male followers than most women with simile follower counts because Charls and mde fans are mostly mal. Lots of brands that want influencers to advertise on Instagram are jewelry, haircare, skincare etc. so very female oriented stuff. Also her association with mde and the alt right isn’t very brand friendly either

No. 1165176

What are you talking about? Her demographic is mostly arab females.She didn’t buy her followers either, when she started editing her photos heavily and lightening her eyes, famous mena baddie pages were reposting her photos and consequently she gained a large following of mostly female girls from the middle east. Her following is probably 10% off Charls if that, she had a large amount of followers before him and gets engagement cause of her shoop botched face meeting fucked up plastic middle east beauty standards.

No. 1165177

This is an imageboard, post screencaps to verify your claims

No. 1165254

Get his ass

No. 1165591

File: 1613764663525.png (281.51 KB, 720x610, 88abd2ea-9214-4d0d-ae0d-e967f2…)

she looks like this

No. 1165593

Something tells me she does buy followers. She’s rich enough to and seeing how utterly fake she is in every way I wouldn’t put it past her

No. 1165594

File: 1613765017721.jpeg (244.99 KB, 640x969, 1D241C0E-1145-4A5B-A8C9-884748…)

More proof she’s seen this thread? She privated her twitter account

No. 1165610

Godddd if she is lurking through this forum then I fucking hope she comes to her senses and she realises how horrible this relationship truly is. I can't help but feel super fucking bad for her.

No. 1165670

if she is lurking i think its hilarious if she's seeing that theres people well aware that she's a scammer photoshop-abuser pick me child bride trad larper queen tbh lmao and not the pure pretty intellecshual kween she thinks she is

No. 1165687

I hope she stops trying to scam her followers, at the very least.

No. 1165696

Imo, there's no way she isn't already aware of this at least on some level. I don't think it's possible to enter into a relationship with someone like Charls and not have some idea of what you're getting into. She's probably very naive, full of herself, and thinks she's going to be the one to "change" him, or has convinced herself that she's so special that he won't treat her as horribly as he treats everyone else.

Then again, if there was heavy lovebombing/manipulation in the early days of the relationship on Charls' end, she might still be too blind to see him for what he really is, and still believes that the person she fell in love with is the "real" him.

No. 1165831

File: 1613785509285.png (41.06 KB, 440x542, 12ytr55678jyu.png)

Aaaand she went public after you posted this also lol at her kissing Bittany Venti's ass when she's the exact type of self hating cow Venti would make a subpar takedown vid on

No. 1165870

I don't doubt Charls didn't shower her with attention just like we've seen in screenshots with other minors however it was her that initially pursued him. To think someone so starved for attention as her that has now become a mini e-celeb by virtue of marrying a member of MDE isn't absolutely smug every time she wakes up is laughable. This level of neckbeard attention is all she wanted and more. Who else makes and posts their personal info on 4chan for so many years with no end goal? The editing, the edgy opinions, the "better than white girls" obsession was all in pursuit of maximum scrote attention and she'll ride that shit out aslong as time itself. She's using Charls as much as he's using her.

No. 1165876

>"this stock shit is crap, it's all theatre, i have better things to do like write"
>precedes to go into inordinate detail showing how obsessively he's researched and wasted his private time on the topic

No. 1165905

Your right, she hasn’t exactly been brainwashed or manipulated by charls per se it seems she’s just retarded herself as well and does pathetic shit for attention and landed herself in such a position

No. 1165908

File: 1613790828891.png (467.95 KB, 640x1136, 9ECA8B6D-E583-4565-B633-6AD0B6…)

The irony of her participating on a podcast about women posting their L’s online when she’s the ultimate woman doing constant L’s

No. 1165924

the guy who runs the @womenpostingtheirLs account is a slimy fucking neckbeard who wears gold chains and unironically talks about how redeemable a girl is on stream…literally 0 self awareness and she associates with guys like that. those are her "friends", i bet her mother would be proud.

No. 1165943

How do you know this? Why hasn’t she done any brand deals then? With a follower count of 100k, that should be plenty to get brand deals but she doesn’t have any

No. 1165964

bro.. lurk this thread harder. her face isn't her face, she definitley does get brands reaching out to her for professional photos but she turns it down and gets them to SEND her products instead so she can do reviews/model the product in her own home using her own edits. for example her @wiglogic brand deal, the page actually does hire models who they professionally shoot but for effina sponsor they just send her wigs and he takes the pics herself, they almost definitley offered her a professional shoot aswell and she turned it down for the obvious reason,which i've spelt out for you. put two and two together. she even had skincare brand deal where she mentions them in her yt video, she gets deals, on her terms only. she turns down more than she accepts.

No. 1165973

That’s not how most brand deals work, especially with Covid. People send influencers the product then they take a photo themselves posing with the product, wearing the clothes etc. Duh that

No. 1165988

yet the company is based in America and continues to hire and post professional model shoots except effinas

No. 1166001

Chill out. I said most. They send the product to the person and they take it themselves.

The fact that Effina doesn’t have any other deals is weird and shows something is up with her followers. Or maybe these brands just think her photo quality is shit, maybe that’s more likely

No. 1166033

A lot of companies don’t want to have to pay a photographer, it’s just an added cost they don’t want to deal with. so they look for influencers who have good quality and nicely edited photos already. Effina just doesn’t have that, her photos look like they’re taken on an Android and the composition (photography term) is poor

No. 1166105

Charls said he was the one who DMed her first

No. 1166122

lmao you really don't have to tell us composition is a photography terms smarty pants

No. 1166133

there's a version of their meetup story where he says the met through Dota 2 so who fuckin knows, all i know is most girls block 40 year old men who DM then, unless they have other plans

No. 1166156

True. Even if he dm’d her first she most likely followed him first, or did something to show interest in him

No. 1166157

In this vid >>1158796 31:41 onwards she explains how she got her following, how 85% of her followers are middle eastern women and that shes signed to an agency which is how she gets her "brand deals". She even said shes worked with major fashion brands for modelling but there's literally 0 sign of this so take everything this girl says with a pinch of salt.

No. 1166169

File: 1613799643087.jpeg (685.97 KB, 750x1026, 302FE2FE-0726-4C44-8123-BF464D…)

She’s most likely lying. Here is an example of a brand deal (notice says paid partnership on the top). This woman has about the same follower count as Effina too. So why is Effina not getting deals like this?

If she was getting offers, i have a hard time believing she would turn them down if her “small business is struggling”. So yeah, something weird is going on there

No. 1166187

She’s also not tall enough to be a model for anything high fashion. There are shorter models but that’s more for commercial stuff like Target and shit

No. 1166294

the people who scout for models can probably tell her pics are edited to shit, just a theory

No. 1166346

omg lmfao she privated her twitter again after i posted that twitter screenshot of the podcast thing

No. 1166363

They can tell she’s like 5 feet tall as well. No ones going to offer a modeling job to a woman who is the height of a child

No. 1166809

File: 1613848675027.jpeg (100.34 KB, 750x1290, F8B74A69-C79A-45AF-9096-EDC65C…)


The mutual is an art world person (RISD or whatever not the tumblr/deviant art world) that I interacted with like once in my life years ago, wouldn’t have thought he would have any connection to tard politics but idk. Again, unsure if real profile or troll. I have zero interest in the groypertard world or Sam Hyde and barley know anything about him other then five seconds of skimming this thread

No. 1166813

File: 1613848967420.jpeg (308.79 KB, 750x1153, 7B154E4C-633F-4D65-A5C0-00FF88…)

The account it links to

No. 1166819

"Always the bridesmaid, never the bride"
Charls literally has to beg on stream to buy a new PC, he doesn't have the money to play with stonks. And I doubt Effina would let him play with her parent's allowance.
Hence the weird sour grapes "Im above it all" bitterness. And the veiled attacks on Sam when he goes on his rants on how the right wing grifters out there are rich and throwing their fans under the bus to keep getting richer (like he wouldn't do it himself if he could get away with it)

No. 1168144

File: 1614020519829.jpg (216.05 KB, 1080x981, SmartSelect_20210222-140114_Tw…)

Hilarious advice coming from the absolute retard himself

No. 1168234

>never defend yourself, explain yourself or apologise
A guide on how to lose every friendship and end up as a part time snake oil seller/part time twitch e begger at the age of 40. By Charls Cuckroll

No. 1168374

People who use Twitter seriously are always the worst narcs.

No. 1168409

So wise. If i apply this advice I can fuck up my chance at success doing something I love and devolve into a Twitch has-been watching old movies with retards who pay me a pittance to give them a piece of my debased soul? And…can I marry a woman who has no idea who I am but loves my minor celebrity status, and hopes to use me to get scroteful attention forever and ever? All this AND a disgusting hovel apartment replete with roaches? YES!

No. 1168509

Lol equating being defensive with the military is a laugh. Especially since Chuck with his malnourished frame and colour blindness wouldn't be able to even get into any military branch..

No. 1168510

File: 1614064305058.jpg (286.21 KB, 1080x1244, SmartSelect_20210223-020903_Tw…)

No. 1168791

Inflated ego detected

No. 1168792

I always wondered why charls didn't speak out against Sam being a pedo degenerate especially since you can sense that he hates him but in hindsight it must be because he was also fishing for underage pussy

No. 1168867

The difference is that Sam is still a predator grooming his underage fans while Charls is married to a 22 year old woman

No. 1168882

>Charls, a 40 year old and still targeted someone 20 years his junior

Woman in the eyes of whom? A toddler? She's only a couple years into adulthood and has the mentality of a literal teen, what with the scamming and face editing. To call this girl a woman is giving her a title she doesn't have any clue about.
Also Sam mainly hits up chicks who are 18+ (usually early 20s) who have short heights and are physically reminiscent of underage girls, which is exactly what Charls married. A girl in her early 20's who has the body and voice of a preteen who's also pure virgin uwu, which definitely has nothing to do with his pedo fetish.

No. 1168883

Sam literally fucked 2 15 year olds and you’re saying he goes for adult women

No. 1168885


Remember his alt right neo nazi dick sucking days? Where he would tell anyone and everyone to unironically vote for trump as he symbolised the future of America and Charls couldn't fathom how he could possibly be wrong? Much like the tone of the new shit he's espousing now. Same narcissism, different gay meta talking point.

No. 1168886

he's fucked multiple 20 year old fans too, Charlotte being one of them. and she said herself the age gap was predatory for her despite her being "of age". she was still too young compared to that scrote and thats why he went for her.

No. 1168890

It was mentioned he was also speaking with teenagers in this thread

No. 1168892

she was 16 not 20

No. 1168898

File: 1614116458083.png (717.99 KB, 1100x684, 1609737569197.png)

Do you enjoy making things up, she stated her age herself

No. 1169816

File: 1614214322036.jpg (371.75 KB, 1669x2048, Eu4C-pKXYAU6Vg4.jpg)

Her "art" depicting her obsession with Chuck is the most cringe inducing shit I've seen, she's making 14 year old fan art for the dude she married lmao why base your entire identity around your partner, at least make it less obvious you were a longtime fan before he solicited you

No. 1169841

She even waved another drawing she did of him on stream and he didn't react or say anything at all. Instead just went on about a Nelly Furtado song


No. 1169856

Is she now smoking his cigarettes with him too? She goes to grab it off him in the first few seconds but he moves his hand and the she takes it off him out of shot later on, only for him to get it back off her after she's supposedly had some drags? Overdoses of vitamins and carcinogenic smoke make for big brains I've heard. Their apartments must fucking reek of the stench.

No. 1169863

he's literally married one of his obsessive fans this is hilarious she has no identity of her own, charls has yet again become one of his own parodies

No. 1169888

Cool art

No. 1169894

it looks nothing like her lol

No. 1169911

try browsing deviantart you might see lots of "cool art" similar to this aka preteen wattpad fanfic covers with little to no detail

No. 1169914

reminds me of chris chan and his drawings of him and ivy lol

No. 1170012

File: 1614238829339.jpg (467.2 KB, 1200x1797, 05_Suehiro_Maruo-1200x1797.jpg)

"Heavily inspired"

No. 1170179

File: 1614268924053.jpg (257.06 KB, 1242x1583, Photo 25-02-2021, 1158 42.jpg)

Ridiculous waist shop in her recent pics, isn't she embarrassed?

No. 1170223

I don’t think it’s photoshopped she’s extremely skinny anyway

No. 1170267

looks like she traced her selfies really poorly lmao and ripped off suehiro maruo

No. 1170272

? skinny doesn't mean having a sinched narrow waist. most thin underweight women often have boyish waists. the curve of the dress doesn't match the shadow behind her at all. it's edited. it's funny how people think the person shooping her face into oblivion is above shooping her body

No. 1170296

Woww lol directly copied. I mean aall of her artwork looks very stiff and has poor composition so most of it is derivative af.

If she was just skinny in this pic then the dress would look baggier and wrinkle over her waist. It wouldn't wave inward lol. Idek why she bothers if her frame is petite anyway. Perhaps she is putting on weight from her new Americanized die. Charls' love for mcdonalds and excessive amounts of vitamins is probably doing a number on her system. They also seem very inactive and she probably doesn't walk around or get up as much as she did in Kuwait.

No. 1170323

They have a workout room in their apartment and effina is still really skinny, cope fatso

No. 1170351

Where did anyone call them fat? Lol no one's coping, just speculating.

Why are you so mad at the mere speculation that they're unhealthy?
Unhealthy doesn't equal fat. You can be skinny and look like shit, ana-chan. Calm down and go find a corner to seethe in because you don't look as malnourished as this skinny queen.

No. 1170361

Lol omg why do you keep replying with unsaged posts about how ~extremely skinny~ she is?
Effina… is that you? Did you come back?

No. 1170397

lmao effina's back. im really skinny, and yeah the way the waist suddenly swoops in then theres a pointy ass hip bone isnt how its supposed to look. it looks cartoonish and weird.

No. 1170401

honey no ones denying she's skinny but that hip right there is obviously fake looking. humans dont have angular cartoon features on their bodies.

No. 1170426

No Jessica

No. 1170438

God that's just sad LMAO

No. 1170443

File: 1614288813338.jpg (72.41 KB, 1140x95, Image 2-25-21 at 9.32 PM.jpg)

Does anyone have any idea about this pedo that she dated? This was brought up quite a while back but no one really expanded on that and I'm quite curious.

No. 1170504

whoahh where did you find this? i know someone mentioned the swede thing but i havent heard this other stuff mentioned here. also shes part arab? she only seems to mention her persian heritage lol.probably another weird racial identity politic thing

No. 1170507

this is so fkin cringe n funny their relationship is literally teen fangirl bride to washed up e celeb guy who accepted it bc she's rich and le trad virgin and he's aging and running out of options

No. 1170548


Looked through the archives to find some more info on this and I think I found another one of her Kuwaiti AMAs. https://desuarchive.org/int/thread/79914375
The timeline matches up the only thing is the two pictures in the thread don't look like her (not sure if she was using some other girls pictures when she first started posting herself or if she really looked that different when she was younger). However, if this is her could explain a lot with the girl posting in the thread that she's "highly schizoid", has BDD, and not really able to connect with people (even her own family). When she was 18 her bf was 21 so they started talking when she was around 16/17 and he was 19/20.

No. 1170569

No. 1170571

BDD… Body dysmorphic disorder that would make a lot of sense

No. 1170572

How the fuck do you find this shit haha good job anon

No. 1170575

No. 1170602

lol just keyword searches. 'kuwaiti ama', 'kuwaiti swede', 'kuwaiti female' …. Oddly enough after finding the last ama I searched 'rich kiwaiti' and found a thread of some scrote bitching about her visiting her swede bf and this could possibly be a pictue of him. https://desuarchive.org/int/thread/94163039/#q94166604

No. 1170608

awesome finds, definitely provide plenty insight. there is no denying it was her posting them all at this point. i did a tineye search on that pic tho and it cant be him its a guy called Basshunter.

No. 1170611

Damn! I should have looked further into that one but thank you for checking. The search for the swede continues lol

No. 1170647

Why would you want to find her ex boyfriend? Lmao

No. 1170827

Eveyone here can tell you're the previous sad "chatty kathy" anon who's to do a "Le Epic Trroollll", I can't believe you waited out your ban just to reintegrate and derail the thread and catch a ban again. Your life sounds fun.

No. 1170856


that's basshunter you autistic fucking retard zoomer

No. 1170926

Yeah we covered that already. Post milk or gtfo.

No. 1170931

File: 1614331014801.png (431.91 KB, 1312x1208, 1345672343567.png)

Her tirade against immigrants continues despite her family consisting entirely of them, (immigrants of Kuwait). Her hate for darker skin is also weirdly prevalent, using slurs against somali's and mexicans including calling her house cleaners/maids slaves and claiming she doesn't look brown lmao she's actually disgusting.

No. 1170942

She looks like the female version of my Mexican best friend, racist losers are so delusional. I really like that she reaps what she sowed with charls. 13 year olds draw art of their boyfriends, 22 year old women have soon to be mortgages and are looking at houses, investing their careers (not pretend yt) She’s just mentally capped. All that studying abroad for this lol.

No. 1170943

File: 1614332401694.jpg (49.88 KB, 1280x558, 1607972029808.jpg)

No. 1170947

she’s such a pick me, she loves posting on that image board because of the 90 percent male ratio of users. It’s like being a gamer girl on Xbox live in 2007.

No. 1171005


Both of you need to lurk harder, that cap was posted in this thread before and we've gone over the fact that she hooked up with her swedish bf in hotel rooms and lied to her parents and even Charls about it. The pedo thing hasn't been expanded on and only OP knows about it.

No. 1171103

She goes to college

No. 1171142

she must sperge out every time she sees a mexican on campus

No. 1171172

Shes so cringey

No. 1171185

I can't believe she openly said all of this shit thinking it would never find it's way back to her, too bad her followers are too gullible to accept that's what she really thinks, they believe the fakery she puts forth as her true self

No. 1171262

She said she’s half Persian half arab right? Makes sense because Persians are viewed as like the whiter people in the Middle East. She must be ashamed of her arab side and that’s why she’s so angry towards brown people. Would also explain her photo editing and all

No. 1171304

Her racist comments are another pick me method of getting male attention on autistic places like 4chan

No. 1171337

Only a retard like her wouldn't understand just because her relatives lived in Iran doesn't mean she's even half Persian. Iran is not a homogenous state just like other countries on that border such as Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. They've been generational migration and mixing between those ethnic groups in those places to the point where there is no such thing as a true Persian, and they're very far from 'white'. She's as brown as those indian 'slaves' she claims to own and as much as she tries to erase it with surgery and marrying a white man, Westerners will always see her as an Abdi. She's a disgrace to her family and i hope she knows brown people don't want her bigoted self hating ass anyway.

No. 1171354

File: 1614374238328.jpg (500.87 KB, 1079x1270, SmartSelect_20210226-023936_Ch…)

Another interesting highlight lol

No. 1171358

File: 1614374354157.jpg (449.09 KB, 1055x1746, SmartSelect_20210226-024123_Ch…)

No. 1171363

File: 1614374574275.jpg (598.58 KB, 1080x1719, Screenshot_20210226-162215_Chr…)

Also this pic was posted in one of those threads lol

No. 1171368

Kinda interesting she’s said islam is cancer in multiple of those old threads but in that one recent interview that was posted here she was saying that Islam isn’t a bad terorist religion , etc, etc, … either she changed her mind about it or she says lots of contradicting things n lies to appease whatever audience she’s in front of at the moment

No. 1171431

Definitely the latter, she's all about getting cool girl points from charls and like minded moids and nowadays theology / traditionalisn seems to be popular amongst them and it's atheism they're referring to as cringe and memeing about science / atheism . The cool thing from 2016-2018 was to use the n-word with a hard R (remember idubbbz), call islam cancer & immigrants subhuman and Effina adopted that stance accordingly, as repulsive as it is, she needed that 2 mins of fame on 4chan it was getting her. But she probably wised up and realised she could hop on the dick of a mildly schizophrenic former MDE member and have the scrotes come to her instead.

No. 1171445

She genuinely isn't ugly, like, at all. It's a shame she feels the need to heavily photoshop herself.

No. 1171461

that pic is edited too though lmao

No. 1171465

File: 1614384070902.jpg (476.31 KB, 1065x1270, SmartSelect_20210226-024011_Ch…)

No. 1171466

She isn’t ugly at all without editing either

No. 1171473

woahhhh she's so well read??? Her opinion doesn't sound exactly like that of someone who forms their opinion on topics based on internet subcultures maximised to get attention off of white men!!
my favorite bit is when she says muslims are hypocrites and then goes on as if christians are exempt from this

No. 1171476

Barely anybody in this thread calls her ugly and anons merely point out how ridiculous her face looks post-surgery/fillers/editing, not sure why you're white knighting her unprompted and not even sageing your shit

No. 1171485

File: 1614385482333.jpg (33.7 KB, 586x254, Image 2-27-21 at 12.22 AM.jpg)


No. 1171487

Charls must feel so flattered, get back to drawing Effina!

No. 1171494

I’m married and I’m obsessed with my wife, nothing wrong with that

No. 1171502

i mean islam is extremely problematic she wasn't wrong about that and it has made the middle east in general very backwards. the only issue is shes hypocritical and switches around to act all trad and say the west is degen bc thats all she does, fish for male attention points. her complaining about how she gets shit talked for not wearing a hijab, meanwhile in that interview video she was virtue signaling about how women look so beautiful and graceful with head coverings or something and how she likes to see women dresing modestly.this girl lives in a heap of lies

No. 1171846


I didn't see this stream what the fuck was Cabster saying now?
That fucking moron has been simping for charls for years throwing money at him. Baldanders too. Imaging trying to pay that guy to be your friend and he makes a fool of you on stream.

No. 1171868

Ah yes i remember now, my mother always told me the marker of true love was obsession, it all makes so much sense now

No. 1171870

yeah don't think anyone is denying there's less than favourable sides of Islam, but it's moreso when she was on 4chan she'll say islam is cancer, immigrants are disgusting and christianity is beautiful to appeal to the neo nazi simps but now when she's being interviewed by this new wave "meta" spiritual twitter neckbeard crew she'll change her stance like the wind and say all religion is beautiful and islam has especially been amazing for her.

No. 1172079

>complain about brown people immigrating to sweden and ruining it
>is a brown person trying to immigrate to sweden
yep every time

No. 1172082

Another episode of "A cow trying to cope by telling themselves people are making fun of them because theyre obsessed and jealous." Sure thing, Effina, sure thing.

No. 1172085

File: 1614456260814.png (253.72 KB, 387x340, cup.png)

The image is flipped/mirrored despite it being a candid photo, lol, she can't even handle seeing herself flipped. Look at the starbucks cup btw, here it is flipped. I assume this is her real name, instead of Effina. Hard to tell what it is though, might be "Api" or "Apy" with the barista editing the name last second because the last letter was wrong.

No. 1172157

I mean she probably told the barista her nickname 'Effy' and they misheard and put her down as 'Apy', either way it's not milk

No. 1172238

since she said she's not muslim i think she views herself as like "not like those other backwards immigrants " or something.

No. 1172365

Lol, how is potential lead on her real name not milk? Do you not want to know what her real name is?

No. 1172415

Who cares? Effina is probably her real name

No. 1172452

I find it surprising that she was able to marry this guy tbh. as someone whose familiar with the customs of mena/muslim people because of my own background, muslims are generally really strict with who their daughters marry, has to be from a good family name, good family reputation, good reputation overall. if the girls family is rich well then the standards are even higher, not only does he have to be all of the above but rich as well. if he is a foreigner, the marriage is already rather unconventional, so the standards have to be even higher. its preferable that he's extremely successful, mature and upstanding , has ability to provide, is of a good reputation and background and morals, and also ready and willing to convert to islam. charls doesnt really make the cut on any of this. im just really shocked and curious as to how her family reacted to this. i know some persians are really mellow when it comes to religion and stuff so maybe her family is just really liberal and lenient? Even still though , they are really protective and selective when it comes to things like marriage. She must be really spoiled/given leniency her whole life it seems. Good for her though, many girls like her have to risk their lives to date non muslim men and other freedoms. However she took her privilege for granted and went for someone like charls just for e-clout from weird meta trad guys and talks about how the west is culturally bad and modesty is so nice n trad while moving to the west and being an ig thot.

No. 1172473

>"who cares that this bitch might be using a fake name? stop talking about the cow in the thread about the cow"

No. 1172621

I'm surprised by that too. I almost feel like her parents don't know.

No. 1172632

she uploaded a pic of her dad with charls on her story once, they're very aware and if they weren't, with the way arabs gossip, her parents would find out she's living with a white man through word of mouth. he visited kuwait on two occasions and asked for her hand in marriage, i truly don't know why any respectable father would give their daughter to a man whos almost the same age as him and an alcoholic/non muslim at that, it's very out of the ordinary. however i believe effina gave the impression she would be with charls regardless, with or without her parents consent because the're sooo in love, so her parents likely felt they had no choice but to accept or risk losing/upsetting their daughter.

No. 1172744

I almost feel like you should stop shitting up the thread with your useless unsaged replies! Ty

No. 1172865