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File: 1509295771214.jpg (46.71 KB, 540x960, image.jpg)

No. 411446

Sam Hyde thread? Sam Hyde thread.

A quick rundown:

>Youtube "comedian" who managed to land a show on Adult Swim, which was cancelled after six episodes due to his controversial (alt-right) views

>Went full /pol/ after his ex-gf dated and married a black guy and he discovered that he could get attention that way
>Begged his fans for Patreon donations to keep him afloat after his show was cancelled, then donated 5k to The Daily Stormer while putting out almost no content
>Fucked a tranny tripfag despite his far-right views, was apparently very needy and obsessive
>Has a meltdown whenever somebody brings up the Tim and Eric show, because he tried to get Tim's help and got ignored
>EXTREMELY sensitive to criticism, bans people from his subreddit for not dickriding him sufficiently
>Is friends with Weev, another tryhard who became a neo-nazi for attention
>Manages to continuously sabotage himself due to his own hubris and insecurity

No. 411447

File: 1509295940626.jpg (815.99 KB, 1600x4120, sam hyde fucked a tranny.jpg)

No. 411448

File: 1509296059002.png (435.89 KB, 912x697, image.png)

A snapshot of some of the victims of Sam's fragile ego

No. 411635

>his ex-gf dated and married a black guy

Do you have a source for that? Is that the girl that he always use to talk about and called a "dumpster" or something like that?

Does anyone else think he's just lost his damn mind after WP got cancelled? His instagram is…something.

Anyway, I always wanted to see a Sam thread here but I always thought that most people here had a favorable opinion of him so I never bothered. Plus my main issue with him is that he's a hateful cunt, and I didn't think that's thread material. IMO he's had his moments where he's very funny but overall he's just…nothing now.

No. 411639

I'm surprised there hasn't been a thread on him yet. Observing the discrepancy between Sam's ego and his fans who think he's a modern comedic genius and an insightful political commentator with the mixed reality of his output is entertaining. His tendency to toss people under the bus if they disagree with him (see: Tim Heidecker) and far-right political views means that his opportunities will shrink in the future but his ego won't.

I try to avoid commenting on someone's looks because it can come across as nitpicking, but he looks like the product of 5 generations of New England inbreeding.

No. 411674

Yeah, right after wp got cancelled he turned into a pizzagater, started watching infowars unironically, and did nothing but rt shit about pepe and how the irish are ~the only truly opressed people~

No. 411685

No source, I'll try and find it. I think he became a shithead slightly before WP was approved. He followed the same trajectory as weev; found a niche where he'd actually get attention and internalized it.
>Plus my main issue with him is that he's a hateful cunt, and I didn't think that's thread material.
He'd be a standard alt-right internet celebrity if it weren't for his complete inability to handle criticism.
Same, he's a quintessential lolcow. I guess since he panders to the chan crowd, he's gotten a lot more leeway to act like a dumbass without getting called out.

No. 411688

File: 1509324436960.png (263.79 KB, 955x472, image.png)

Wherein he gets called out for begging for more patreonbux for doing absolutely nothing

No. 411692

File: 1509325378634.png (112.24 KB, 951x1005, image.png)

No. 411693

File: 1509325458678.png (131.53 KB, 951x1005, image.png)

No. 411698

File: 1509325868488.png (88.51 KB, 897x797, image.png)

Wherein Sam Hyde fans react to getting scammed
I know that this is girlchan, so most male lolcows that important or interesting, but Hyde is a total piece of shit like the rest of them and has some semblance of a career, to make it all worse.

No. 411707

File: 1509326224324.png (79.18 KB, 903x681, image.png)

Wherein he's called out for blowing patreon money betting on McGregor during the McGregor x Mayweather fight (which amounts to pissing money down the drain)

No. 411789

I may be mistaken but didn't he groom a young girl from /r9k/ and have sex with her? I think she went by Marky

No. 411836


No. 411844

lol i like sam. he's fucking insane and a big baby but he's hilarious. hasn't done much good stuff for a while now though

No. 411852

Yep check markey Sam Hyde twitter and you will find it

Also fuck the UI on this site gimmie reply boxes

No. 411856

Why do you still like him when he hasn't even done anything remotely funny in well over a year?

No. 411857

Not him but I like monty python and they haven't done anything funny in ages

No. 411859

he's been working on merchandise and designing video games recently.

No. 411866

Yeah, but was sam ever that funny to begin with? Most of his humor was political masturbation in disguise.

lol, any more info on the games?

No. 411869

File: 1509356390504.jpg (202.77 KB, 1112x1056, IMG_20171030_023838.jpg)

No. 411870

No. 411875

I think they look sweet together.

No. 411877

Are vendetta-chans allowed on this site? Cos sam has a massive massive vendetta chan who makes these "dirt" compilations and spends all day posting them everywhere over and over. If I remember its like someone who was doing music for him but flipped to a sjw/tranny/junky lol

No. 411899

She was underage, you mong. OT but this girl also posted nudes AKA cp to /b/ a few years ago and got her ass doxed.

No. 412053

what is this weak, censored shit?

on the other hand, the problem I have with virtually all the milk coming from Sam is that it's all from /pol/, which is basically a den of lies when it comes to anyone they dub an "e-celeb"

No. 412054

(files deleted)

No. 412080

Imagine having parents who care so little about you that you're allowed to do all this horrible shit
There's also a lot of it from reddit. Sam spergs out and bans anyone who isn't a complete dickrider. His skin is about as thin as it gets.

No. 412088

are you guys sure this is the same girl? this girl appears to have a much wider face, different nose, her second incisor goes over the tooth here markys doesnt appear to.

No. 412092

goes over her front incisor, i mean.

No. 412132

>are you guys sure this is the same girl?

not at all. I don't trust the infographics a bit.

I'm especially suspicious of the /r9k/ tranny. it has "don't flirt with me, silly boys" written all over it.

No. 412137

If you go to marky's thread on orbitchan you'll see its very clearly her, even down to her chronic nosebleeds
theres literally video of them fucking lmao

No. 412181

no you retard they mean >>412054 looks different than >>412053

No. 412188

Lol, source?

It's the same girl. She looks kinda different because the angles.

No. 412697

ive seen video clips of it posted on r9k before, im sure you can find something

No. 444867


That really doesn't confirm shit, some faggot could just be larping saying he fucked a tranny.

No. 445042

Why does he always look so incredibly silly, /cow/?
Like whenever I see his face I both laugh and cringe what the fuck lmao

No. 445079

Thats really half of his appeal

No. 445130

sam hyde is a boring republican republican, like an edgy jesse waters

No. 445280

is she seriously underage? uuuughhh prosecute this motherfucker get this fool behind bars so he can handwrite his red pill manifestos in isolation and send em out to incels as patreon gifts.

>"don't eat"
is he the type of fucker that hits up those pro-ana girls in their tumblr inboxes and psychologically manipulates them? makes sense. WHOLE lot to psychoanalyze when it comes to sam hyde

No. 445322

if he had done something illegal he would have been charged already - reported by the vendettachan that posts that image all the time and made this thread, or after some ex swatted the fbi went to his house.

>don't eat

ah anon, anorexia has nothing to do with what he meant by that

No. 445339

File: 1513447514643.jpg (101.2 KB, 553x960, ok sam.jpg)

lol guess wat more than one person finds sam hyde to be lulzy and milky

If anybody ever checks out his facebook it's full of videos like ones about women's self defense training and how "funny" he finds it and then loads of comments "ironically" dismissing women as fragile babies who would shatter with a single man's punch in spite of said self defense.

posting a video of a movie where a black man is told by a white man that his people are a disease or something, Sam just captions it with a winking emoji as if he's about to blow some minds and enrage some angry baby leftists!

He reposted a shared post on FB about a shit ton of makeup fucked up by a kid at Sephora and belittles the person for caring so much about such a trivial thing such as makeup.

Ironic woman-hating and cherrypicking non-white on white crime news articles and statistics are considered untouchable because you will be mocked for calling out how absurd the statements are, because duh the whole point was to make you angry! haha and now you're angry and sam wins! cucks!

a lot of people using the word "cuck" on his page, possibly to be once again "ironic" but inevitably adopt the ideologies they play around with.

It's a bummer, because it's as if you will never know the full extent as to which a person believes the things they say if they enshroud it in comedy and attach it to ideas of how we censor media and entertainment today. He's treated like a sacred cow by devoted followers and so-called defenders of freedom of expression, and subsequent critics are belittled for not understanding the joke or accused of being indoctrinated by liberalism, white-hate, and shrill man-haters.

His hate boner for random people leeches into the people that support him.

He posts a picture of an overfilled pink trash can with a self-quote "ALL young women deserve the opportunity to go to college." - Sam Hyde #internationalgirlsday #feminest.

Does it do much to immediately negatively affect anything? No. Is it a huge signal that he is a complete ass, even if in his heart of hearts he is this pro-woman pro-equality pro whatever garbage he ironically condemns, he sees that he gets more attention from being ignorant. That, at the very least, is worth scrutinizing.

I really could give two shits less about him having sex with an attention whore that has a dick, although it gives me, if true, slightly more insight into how he is just as complicated of a human being as everybody else.

Aren't the statements he's made alone enough to deem him a cow? He slings shit wherever he goes and people clap. That is a beautiful thing on this website.

No. 452063

File: 1514205322378.png (1.81 MB, 1100x997, Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 6.29…)

it doesnt matter how unfunny he is these days or how much of a money hungry loser who refuses to get a real job he is, his loyal fans will love him forever. there's something about sam that makes people forever loyal to him, forever obsessed with him. and they're always fat bottom of the barrel white trash types

his mouth is too small

No. 479248

Sam's not making any content because he's too busy speeding around Fall River in a lifted truck going to teen art school girl's houses to chokefuck them.

No. 479271

wait, where does this fuck live?

No. 479290

He lives in Fall River, MA.

No. 479314

Anyone else get some sort of narcissistic vibes from him?

No. 479364

I don't understand how him fucking and beating the shit out of an under age girl didn't make the OP?

No. 479366

Sam tried to scam bronies out of thousands and thousands of dollars totally for le epic troll XD and totally not just to scam $$$ cus he's broke as fuck

No. 479480

Nobody has even posted proof of such an accusation, best not to believe it unless any proof is posted

No. 479484

there is literally proof in the thread

No. 479778

Is there any background info on this image? Its so surreal its almost hard to believe. If he had beaten her bloody why would he take a pic like that? why would she be smiling? is it fake blood? Are they naked? did they just have violent sex? this image raises so many questions.

No. 479792

>why would he take a pic like that
funny how this doesn't even occur to half of people. >>479484
That girl got blood noses and has taken pics by herself with her miles of bloody nose tissues. There is some robot who had this girl as his waifu and has a vendetta against sam hyde and posts the bullshit

No. 479949

ewww, wtf. this guy is so fucking disgusting. he looks like a creep too. i can't believe his ex gf is a teenager, wtf was he thinking??? i agree that he seems narcissistic too. shame because some of his comedy is actually funny.

marky is really pretty tho lol, i'm jealous

No. 479950

and i mean im jealous of her, not sam

No. 480261

File: 1516818727438.jpg (610.8 KB, 1600x2965, 1486503421639.jpg)

Surprised this pic hasn't been posted yet

No. 480554

Gross. Why do men like girls so much younger than them? Disappointed if what it says about Roccobotte is true.

No. 480806

Ok, I understand Sam is insane and unhinged, but how do teenagers get to be in the same mindset wtf

No. 489812

File: 1517525533373.png (184.42 KB, 1792x430, Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 5.51…)

No. 489817

Because they're literally children. It's called grooming. It's how pedos get away with assaulting the same child for years. Sam picks these girls who are fragile and grooms them.

No. 489834

it's especially easy to do that with the insecure girls who browse /r9k/ or /pol/, aka his entire female fanbase.

i know because i was one and i ended up being groomed by a robot when i was 13…

No. 490136

>I never even talked to this girl
>this bitch cunt told people i raped her because i cheated
>never talked to this girl

Am i just a dumb n confused or did he really fuck up that bad in his own post?

No. 490894

If I remember correctly, he's talking about two separate girls.

>really sick and feminine
>Stop acting like broads
lmaoooo why does this fat fuck hate women so much.

No. 524055

What was he talking about? The vid was deleted.

No. 524632

I dated this schmuck very briefly. When we met, he was very sexually forward and told me that the fact I was uncomfortable turned him on even more. He smelled my hair and breath. Being naive, I went along with it. He was just using me for sex and telling me about his paranoid alt right rhetoric. He told me he liked my art though, which still means something to me. Anyways, he hates me now and ghosted me.

No. 525022

What did you see in him? How can someone date someone so repulsive?jfc.

No. 525034

are you the same anon that bragged about fucking him in the retarded crushes thread?

No. 527619

You're that alfred alfer chick aren't you

No. 527919

unlikely, she's more alt right than him

No. 528592

Seems like every comedian has a degenerate lifestyle.

No. 528621

And way too old.

No. 528631

I thought he was funny. His confidence was attractive, too, even though obviously its just projected in attempt to mask serious insecurity. He was really genuine with me. Idk. It's frustrating because he's a good hearted guy with a horrible outlook.


I don't know who that is

No. 534169

Obvious bullshit I dont know how any of you could believe the words of some random nigger. The images that have been posted are most likely fake too people have tried to do the same shit with DSP.(whiteknighting)

No. 535069

honestly cant feel bad for you

No. 535140

Is this Sam? Lol. Who would make this up in all honesty?

Yeah, i know, I was being a dumbass. It just sucks to have someone you admire treat you like shit, even if it's unsurprising.

No. 535176

how old are you? if you’re not comfortable giving an exact age, is it a BIG age gap? it seems like sam likes that. are you the one he took nude photos of with a bloody nose? either way if you’re not a troll, you’re pretty naive for ever getting involved with him. i know quite a few people who’ve met him and he’s always nice to men, but awful to girls. sorry you had to ever be near him.

No. 535225

I'm well over legal but the age gap was still 10+ years. He definitely preys on younger, insecure girls. He's a manwhore.

I'm not that girl, but he has a picture of us in the same compromising position. It was really stupid of me. I was in a bad place and he could tell. Anyways, I got borderline manic and did some stuff and he hates me now so it's over, thank Lord.

Would you mind sharing the girls' experiences?

No. 535778

without too much doxx, I live in the same area as him, and a lot of my friends are shitlords who love his comedy and that kind of humor. So a lot would go to his comedy shows/ met him a few times. He was always funny and cool to my guy friends, but wouldn’t even acknowledge their girlfriends who tagged along or even look at them. he also supposedly looked sallow as fuck and extremely unhealthy from the photos he took with my male friends. I have some experience with him too but don’t really wanna share it here publically since he could lurk (or his stans) but he’s definitely a fucking weirdo and not mentally sane at all. hope you’re doing better now anon.

No. 535779

I live nearby too. Do you want my burner email?

No. 535959

Yeah sure, why not

No. 536372

File: 1521772803386.jpeg (304.7 KB, 1241x1260, 3819D6C2-92F7-46FB-99FA-080FFC…)

This is going around tumblr. Can’t decide if hilarious or not.

No. 536923

>because he's a good hearted guy with a horrible outlook.
Then why does he literally never say or doing anything 'good-hearted'? Is he only good-hearted if you're a white male or sucking his dick?

No. 542894

is he jewish?
if he is then i found my 10/10(no one cares)

No. 542925

no he is not

No. 543018

Word on the street says he's quite Jewish from his little spit test

No. 543532

that anons never been with him. there was an anon or a few for a while that kept spamming that they slept with and dated him in a bunch of threads but you know that shit's not true. (its literally an anonymous imageboard lmao) anyone buying into these posts is gullible as fuck. its either a troll or some cow-tier anon who wants her anonymous hot-take 10 minutes of fame.

No. 548478

File: 1523063025077.jpg (131.12 KB, 820x1160, 1523057441790.jpg)

go to bed sam.

No. 548479

File: 1523063121660.jpg (134.15 KB, 1200x424, 1523058085859.jpg)

He's currently melting down on reddit.

No. 548592

File: 1523073933719.gif (5.34 MB, 427x242, ew.gif)

People have fucked this thing and admitted it.

No. 548593

he used to look good, what the hell happened kek

No. 548997

Real news, guys.

No. 558925

Best case scenario this dude’s just a has been who got drunk off fame and started fucking his fans. Kind of understandable when you consider any semi-normal girl would get one whiff of his /pol/ bullshit and run, pre-breakdown sam was cute (imo) but not that cute.

Apparently the FBI visited him at one point? He said it was because a crazy ex was on his ass accusing him of shit but who knows if thats true lul.

No. 558940

I honestly think his content is funny, especially before he went full /pol/. His peak was 2012-2015.

But, anyone who's tried or has ever fucked him is retarded. It pretty clear he'd be an abusive asshole to any woman he's with. He kinda reminds me of Anthony Cumia(except not as racist) for that reason. I can't help but find them funny but, know they're terrible individuals.

No. 560460


Hearing that supposedly he lost it after an ex-GF married a black dude, I feel like this makes his new "hurrr I'm a black man" and other various references to black men re: women (the skit where he did blackface and a chick is breaking up with him, and also the police officer skit where he tells that girl not to date black guys) even weirder than all of it already is.

Agreed. I was going through some of his old videos and even some select WP skits, and some of the stuff was pretty funny, and felt more of like an overall critique/satirization of lots of aspects of Internet and pop culture whereas post WP everything feels like the same regurgitated "HA, liberals like EQUALITY, 18 year old protestors are actually DUMB wow look at me I said NIGGER with a hard R" stuff. Like, it's not really any sort of decent satirization of anything anymore. It comes across more like your Fox Republican Uncle's Thanksgiving ranting instead of any coherent comedy bit. Actually, want some of his stand up comedy bits. I noticed stuff from like 2013-2015 has some pretty funny stuff in it, but then anything from during or right after WP, starts coming off like rambling. I suppose that's how we get to this point, with the weird as fuck Instagram videos.

No. 560545


Not sure if this is the same ex who married a black dude, but he rants about some ex girlfriend in this video and goes onto to ramble about how much he hates women. Imagine letting one bad relationship completely sour your opinion of an entire gender this badly. I know he tries to act enlightened when it comes to feminism but he really is just someones bitter ex boyfriend with a grudge.

No. 560900

See now this is just…depressing to me for some reason. I do agree that a lot of his past work has been funny, but there comes a point where the bitterness just overrides any humor that he may have to offer and it stops being funny and just becomes sad. It reminds me of what I saw someone say about that comedian Owen Benjamin - 'conservatives' (this is just an example) will never truly be funny because you can just feel the pure anger and hatred underneath it all.

Men who get so angry about women doing something that isn't what they specifically approve of make no sense to me. Imagine being this angry about someone who you'll never meet doing something that will never directly affect you. It just makes you so angry because this person who you deem worthless or incapable DARES to try to do something with their lives.

In the end, everyone is just trying to get by and make something of themselves that they personally can be proud of. And people like Sam are bitter about that and can't just let it go. I don't know why exactly, though. He just seems angry that women don't hate themselves as much as he personally hates them, and they don't allow themselves to be treated accordingly anymore or live that way.

No. 561378

Sam in general just depresses the fuck out of me. Not saying I feel sorry for him, I just find him really pathetic. He's a husk of a human being at this point, anything that made him funny or likeable has been replaced with garbage tier /pol/ humor and unfunny impressions of black people.

As for him hating women, it's so blatantly obvious he's a manbaby who still isn't over his ex. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of the prejudices he has against minorities are from personal vendettas lmao.

No. 561484

I feel the same way about him. I always thought he was too fat, even when trolling Brooklyn hipsters who were at least attractive/or in shape.

No. 561568

No, that's a different ex. He's talking about Lauren. She was mentioned in World Peace but I don't remember which episode.

No. 562757

x type of person will never truly be funny because you can just feel the pure anger and hatred underneath it all.
says the guy posting on a hate forum about how much he hates people
so much for the tolerant left lmfao

No. 562773

seriously how do people not see the irony in whining about how big mean conservatives are really mean meanies while you're literally spewing bile and vitriol at anyone with more money or a lighter skin tone than you while threatening them with violence or outright attacking them?
i don't think it's a particularly complicated or nuanced point to take in
you're awful rotten cunts and no amount of treating minorities like your pet projects makes up for your cuntish behaviour and there's no reason why anyone any where would think that it would
it's not rocket science or brain surgery it shouldn't take a genius to figure it out(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 562780

>criticism = threats of violence
Hi Sam/Sam's latest crusty female whiteknight.
Thanks for the #woke post, you really trolled these libtard roasties epic style.

No. 562951


hoo boy look at the projection

No. 562979

hahaha hi ivan.

No. 563111

File: 1524468388844.jpg (75.82 KB, 592x394, IMG_20151125_134807.jpg)

I have to say he is one of the ugliest motherfuckers I have ever laid eyes on, and I rarely see someone I think is genuinely ugly so that says a lot. His facial hair alone disgusts me and makes me want to flinch. To top it off his personality is absolute garbage and his soul is dog shit. It baffles me that he has convinced any woman to sleep with him. You could not pay me enough to fuck that crusty ass creature.

No. 563251

File: 1524506391621.jpg (Spoiler Image, 137.71 KB, 576x768, Untitled.jpg)

Please, what woman could resist this.

No. 564487

Holy fuck, what happened to him? He used to look okay, average at least. Now he looks like a smelly homeless drunkard, the kind that follows you around on the streets and wants women piss in his mouth. What is he going for? What happened to the self awareness he had when he was at his mum's making stupid but funny, short videos?

No. 566090

You guys are so pathetic, how can you not realize how sad you guys are. Imagine gossiping about a guy on the internet with a bunch of other males.

Cringe is real in this one.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 566098

You must be new here.

No. 567012

lol 'what happened to the self awareness'. you know it's a joke right? like, he edits the color curves and other shit to make it look as disgusting as he can. (His beard does look like that though - he says it's 'for a reason' dunno what exactly).

No. 567974

Something tells me that the unedited photo would still be just as disgusting. Can you guess why? It's because he's ugly as fuck. :^)

No. 580147

i was about to get into this faggot due to some youtube reuploads going trending. thx for saving me some wasted time on this loser

No. 580241

>youtube deleted
Kinda feels bad tbh because damn there was some gold on it

No. 580420

Seriously? Did his channel get deleted or did he delete it?

I hate him now, but that still makes me sad because I used to like his videos when I was 13-15. Some of them were actually funny.

No. 580926

iirc youtube deleted it without a review. apparently sam put all his videos on private except one (no clue why he left it up) and people just reported the shit out of it and his channel got deleted.

No. 580942

File: 1526178379169.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.78 KB, 600x600, u0QVSGb_d.jpg)

Huh. Who did he get mass flagged by? And has he expressed any butthurt about it online yet?

I think I changed my mind about being sad tbh, he's a piece of shit and deserves this. Hope his other channel gets taken down too: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfUaZ8Ra7m7BqUEACv2jySw

No. 581776

File: 1526253075885.png (99.28 KB, 1186x714, Screenshot (34).png)

hes kind of ambivalent from what ive seen? this is from the MDE sub on reddit (first comment is sam)

No. 582880

his instagram got nuked too, sayonara you fucking creep.

No. 583035

hoping for news about him jumping off a building by tomorrow morning

No. 596611

this post really speaks volumes about you more than anything really. those people look like pure shit and so does sam.

No. 615706

This just in: Sam apparently had been grooming an underage girl from overseas, he followed her on instagram before it got deleted

No. 615711

I googled this and nothing came up

No. 615721

Its all over instagram at the moment, ive heard it through the grapevine in the meme communities there. Apparently he didnt know she was that young but she certainly looked it. I think he only cared for legal reasons though. Theres links and screenshots of rants / chats with some dude he sent out to clear his actions or some shit. I feel bad for the girl, I think his intentions were just to fuck her because shes a cute teen virgin and he kept telling her that her virginity is her greatest asset. Another guy was friends with the girl and asked why he followed her, she fell in love with Sam im pretty sure, I think she wanted to marry him and there was stuff alluding to him supporting that, but she had to be faithful and do work for him, work hard to get "her spot", she was basically under his thumb. Fucked shit.

No. 615740

Its all over instagram at the moment, ive heard it through the grapevine in the meme communities there. Apparently he didnt know she was that young but she certainly looked it. I think he only cared for legal reasons though. Theres links and screenshots of rants / chats with some dude he sent out to clear his actions or some shit. I feel bad for the girl, I think his intentions were just to fuck her because shes a cute teen virgin and he kept telling her that her virginity is her greatest asset. Another guy was friends with the girl and asked why he followed her, she fell in love with Sam im pretty sure, I think she wanted to marry him and there was stuff alluding to him supporting that, but she had to be faithful and do work for him, work hard to get "her spot", she was basically under his thumb. Fucked shit.

No. 615971

Post the links and screenshots? Come on.

No. 616063

>meme communities

Also, if you're not gonna actually post anything like links or pics, fuck off.

No. 618698

anon, are you talking about these incidents:


Because thats not really new information, there have been rumors of him going after underage fans already, I dont recall any fans overseas that he tried to hit on but you should post caps

No. 634066


No. 636544

that was proven to be fake, made by some butthurt guy who actually went and made a fake account and pretended to be that trannie
why do you get so triggered by him? because some fruitcake on the internet told you to?

No. 636728

I've never seen anything proving the tranny thing fake. proof?>>636544

No. 636735

don't respond to his faggy wks

No. 636850

Lol you guys should see this shit: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Million_Dollar_Extreme this is the real shit here.

No. 636904

it was in the next thread and then again on reddit, but i dont have those screencaps because the whole thing from the start was obvious.
the guy expected everyone to beleive he didnt fake the accounts just because he said so.

No. 636905

why so salty?(learn 2 sage)

No. 636906

thats one pissed off autist that wrote it. its as if sam murdered his parents or he just doesent have anything better to do in life than shitposting.

No. 637329

Lol what proof do you have to prove that?(learn to integrate)

No. 637343

Fuck off, cuckboy. Go send your husbando some more shekels to help fund his unemployment.

No. 637467

encyclopedia dramatica is not the best source for unbiased and truthfull information to begin with.
then both the Hyde and the MDE articles are written as if someone literally wetn there and created them with the sole intent of trying to make them look bad.
probably because he couldnt do the same by shitposting on wikipedia

No. 637469

a compelling argument. do you need a tissuebox?(autism)

No. 637580

File: 1531698460607.png (85.31 KB, 1310x426, Capture.PNG)

If you're still checking this thread, was this you? I was the dipshit who was with him right before you and this completely sounds stuff he'd do.

No. 637613

yeah, like father and daughter

No. 637688

hah nope I'm one of his others

can you post that image?

No. 637696

is this thread still alive? I wanna read it

No. 637787

File: 1531711068878.jpeg (243.69 KB, 1152x2048, 46E9B8F5-AD89-4ACB-A8CF-A6B7B2…)

Oh, sorry. It was posted around the same time as the person here. Would you mind explaining what happened? Or we could talk over email or something if you want.

No, but you can search the archives for it.

No. 637924

please please please delete this

i am not the girl who posted in the thread earlier but this was my post that i removed from 4chan almost as soon as i posted it and have regretted posting it

PLEASE remove now, thanks

No. 637925

i would not like to talk over email. just please respect my wishes and delete it. thank you

No. 637931

only checking this thread to make sure my shit wasn't reposted here (didn't post earlier) but what do you know. i'm sure you're a great girl but i don't want this to be on the internet or discuss it so please please remove… thank you.

No. 637936

and i sincerely hope you didn't post this anywhere else or contact him about it. posted it in a momentary fit of angst and i don't want to be involved in this. he's not a bad guy.

No. 637940

File: 1531728566734.jpg (216.43 KB, 1112x1056, samhyderapist.jpg)

>he's not a bad guy.

No. 637944


whatever– if you're the person who reposted the stuff i removed last week, you're not hurting him. all you're doing is giving me extreme anxiety. thanks.

No. 637983


I regret not adding this to the bottom of my post though:

Sam is also Jewish. He actually wears a yarmulke under his beanie at all times. Once I was at his place and was looking for more handsoap in the kitchen when I stumbled across a couple of brass menorahs stashed under the sink. Oh, and I guess he didn't think me worldly enough to recognize the mezuzah next to the door of his apartment? He even made me sit alone for 4+ hours each day while he locked himself in his room to study the Torah. He saw that I'm a Catholic (I always wear a four-way cross) and it scared me when at night he'd roll around in his sleep mumbling stuff about dipping my cross in the blood of young Christian boys. Messed up if you ask me. He should be proud of his heritage and personal religious convictions, not ashamed.

No. 637986

sage your unfunny autism, dumb bitch-chan. no1curr.

No. 638060

He is a bad guy, J.

No. 638063

Anon, I can't delete it now. I'm sorry. I found it because I happened to search his name on the archives, which he does, too. I didn't post it anywhere else and I didn't contact him nor do I have any intention to. I'm not trying to hurt him, I still miss him and pity him despite the emotional hell I went through. I'm sorry, Anon.

No. 638105

ITT: bitter exes and current whiteknights arguing over his dick size.

No. 638140

where does this man find his seemingly endless supply of pick me's

No. 638144

They flock to him. Guys never understand it but he’s very attractive to women.

No. 638147

Literally the only women who like them are the #notliketheothergirls type of self-hating basic bitches. Specifically the ones who post on /pol/ and /r9k/.

No. 638148

Lol you’re not wrong. Regardless they want him.

No. 638152

File: 1531755256858.png (246.84 KB, 500x483, 1531559791111.png)

Imagine being this much of a fucking doormat. I'm disgusted by both of you.

No. 638220

File: 1531759728873.jpg (70.02 KB, 800x533, DgBUmvnU8AAsSlE.jpg)

It's all good girl. Do yourself a favor and get off 4/8chan (and the archives)– keeping tabs on him sounds like a huge waste of time and emotional energy. Not worth it lol. Gonna leave this thread and pretend it never happened but you sound sweet and good luck with everything.


No. 638266

Thanks, Anon. You sound sweet, too. I know checking up on him is bad, but I recently moved back to PVD and I'm horrified of running into him. I'll definitely stop, though. If you ever want a friend, I'm here.

No. 638270

This is juicy. Any other jaded ex’s want to join in?

No. 638313

imagine ever actually wanting sam Hyde’s dick, Jesus Christ. get therapy. love yourself, goddamn. sage

No. 638328

I'm dumbfounded why other women would want him considering the fact that he's ugly as fuck with no redeeming personality or character traits. I wouldn't wish that dick on my worst enemy.

No. 638366

edge points and internet notoriety from pol for fucking a z list celebrity who the comedy industry chewed up and spit up and now lives in basically the ghetto of ma. Trash goes for trash.

No. 638370

i get still pining for an ex even after they hurt you but the girls on this thread still insisting he's a good person and wanting to stay in his good graces…. love yourselves Please

no wonder this 6ft smegma monster was able to manipulate you so easily

No. 639531

thats called charisma. girls like that, not whiteknight comments on the internet.
theres alot to learn from MDE comedy

No. 639535

please stop samefagging with shitposts on here.

No. 639548

hitler was also very charismatic

No. 639553

File: 1531869183938.jpg (70.5 KB, 750x750, IMG_20170129_221246.jpg)

Or you could sage your useless comments. No one is samefagging and I'm allowed to comment on how ugly this fucker is in both appearance and soul.
>thats called charisma. girls like that, not whiteknight comments on the internet
You must be new here. A pile of shit with charisma attached is still a pile of shit.

No. 639561

and he made it big. everyone knows who he is because of that. noone remembers some jerkoff that tried to be sentimental on the internet however.
not to mention that just comparing X person to hitler to make X look bad is a retarded fruitcake-tier argument that lost its punch a while ago

No. 639569

File: 1531869829059.jpg (12.86 KB, 225x211, wack (2).jpg)

>Or you could sage your useless comments.
well they dont seem useless. they sure do trigger responses
>No one is samefagging
you are
>and I'm allowed to comment on how ugly this fucker is in both appearance and soul.
sure. but you reallyseem to overconcern yourself with informing everyone with that.
>You must be new here. A pile of shit with charisma attached is still a pile of shit
it must suck when girls go past your whitekinght comments and follow charismatic shits huh

No. 639572

you have to be 18+ and not mentally retarded to post here

No. 639630

He may have charisma and he may have been funny for a few years before crashing and burning but he's still a pretentious misogynist prick and physically repulsive as hell to boot. He's no catch. I don't mean to insult his exes in here, mostly I feel sorry for you girls. The dude hates women and treats them like less than shit and I highly doubt you are the exceptions to that rule.

He made it big? Well where is he now? His show is gone. His channel is dead. Last I saw from him he was begging for money for his shit tier content that isn't even funny anymore. At the end of the day, being a shitty person catches up with you regardless of how talented you may be.

No. 639637

I think he was talking about hitler, not sam. last time i checked, sam was almost homeless and e-begging. and that was before his channel got deleted. that fanboy is delusional.

No. 639649

then why are you posting here?

No. 639652

i stop reading posts when i come across ad hominen buzzwords usecd by fruitcakes

No. 639665

Learn to sage and stop whiteknighting your gay husbando, you fucking newfag.

No. 639675

you're one to talk, queer. go suck sam's smelly chode somewhere else, stop bumping the thread with your autism.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 639681

File: 1531876362775.gif (967.42 KB, 490x367, shitpostingloudly.gif)

take your xanax autismo

No. 639690

If you think 'misogynist' is just a buzzword and not an accurate descriptor of a lot of people, namely Sam, then I don't know what to tell you. The dude flat out admits that he hates women and thinks they're useless, interchangeable, and flat out below him. So even an admitted misogynist is not a misogynist to you? Sure thing man.

No. 639703

>i-i know you are, but what am i? hah! g-got you guys!

No. 639938

>If you think 'misogynist' is just a buzzword
it is. its a term primarily used by a select group of people who have difficulties with their own personalities so they have to be a dick to everyone which gives them a sense of selfworth.
sam meanwhile is a comedian, and if he really hated women he wouldnt be with them.
charls has rants and sketches on killing goverment and corporate officials too but he isnt a domestic terrorist.

No. 639939

Wrong. He does hate women but he needs someone to clean his clothes and suck his dick.

No. 639942

>source: my jealus fantasies(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 639943

I think you're jealous you don't get to suck his dick. Just ask I'm sure he'll let you.

No. 639947


Can you bitches at least sage your infighting?

No. 639963

File: 1531913341784.jpg (52.36 KB, 844x607, OXErKx4T.jpg)


>sammy's fanbois are so far up his ass they can't admit he's a misogynist when 85% of his content is about hating women

go home sweaty → https://www.reddit.com/r/milliondollarextreme/


No. 639964

File: 1531913583681.jpeg (86.23 KB, 720x617, 28FD4598-8DC6-4B59-9C47-F43EE4…)

So misogyny doesn’t exist because some people on the internet may have overused the word? Misogyny as a word and concept has originated long before any of us have been alive. It absolutely is a thing that exists, and many people display it, including sam. Misogynists still want to fuck women, that isn’t proof that they don’t hate women. Every straight male on earth would still want to fuck and be with women for sex even if they hated them.

Misogyny exists and it isn’t “being an asshole” to point it out when you see it. It’s just a fact of life, all women are aware of men like that. I’d say people who despise women and think they’re all worthless whores irrespective of their individual lives and actions are the ones with difficult personalities and not the people who wish it would stop. But whatever.

If misogyny doesn’t exist what is pic related to you?

No. 639966

don't engage with the kid whiteknighting sam, it's useless

No. 640760

Lol yea its funny how everyone on here is like WOW HOW DO U LIKE HIM UR DUMB!!!. I also love how every girl mentions "i miss him etc". Don't u guys get it? Sam is tall and has game. He's always seemed like a pretty confident guy too. There is a video of him back in highschool in CT doing very outgoing things. Girls like a man who takes them off their pedastal and makes them work for them instead. Also sams more beta insecure side lets these girls think that they can somehow unlock his sweet beta side and make him commit to them. He's got a solid recipe for attracting women.

No. 640767

>girls like a man who takes them off their pedestal
>he’s got a solid recipe for attracting women
You’re absolutely delusional. Sam is absolutely DISGUSTING. He’s not attractive in any way. The only girls he attracts are mentally ill and have zero self esteem/self respect

No. 640774

OT but I just got permabanned from black people twitter for posting a single (critical) comment on the MDE subreddit. People are hilarious

No. 640777

No. 640780


fuck off. stop diluting the content here. this isn't your board and no one cares about your reddit ban

No. 640786

I said OT and I saged, and this thread is already garbage, so you should probably calm down

No. 640855

>Don't u guys get it? Sam is tall and has game. He's always seemed like a pretty confident guy too. There is a video of him back in highschool in CT doing very outgoing things. Girls like a man who takes them off their pedastal and makes them work for them instead.
Why haven't the mods done anything about this pathetic white knight yet

No. 640981

File: 1532002543523.jpg (268.87 KB, 1280x856, iYbIn.jpg)

Someone please autosage this thread, the infighting isn't even funny anymore.

No. 642222

File: 1532085325131.gif (243.16 KB, 500x281, 8ae.gif)

No. 642696

Nah guys this thread is awesome. It produced tons of lulz.

No. 642806

Congrats, this autism is now on autosage.

No. 643110

He's a totally narsacist.

No. 643208

And sociopath.

No. 643219

J why do you keep deleting your posts? Don't worry I didn't screenshot it.

Are you still seeing him despite his gf being back lol? How does he keep her from seeing all this shit

No. 643220

Only deleted one a while ago, might repost– people above calling him narcissist/sociopath are not me. I'm really curious as to who you are considering you could be one of maybe six or so people…

No. 643222

No. 643223

And I'm not going to talk about or speculate on his current romantic situation because 1.) don't want to initiate any false rumors and 2.) don't want to get some girl involved who I don't know but seems perfectly nice

No. 643271


And no I'm not seeing him right now. Hmu at pangur_ban6 at aol if you wanna reveal your identity… just please don't call me out on here :/ Gossiping about other people's personal lives on public forums is kinda pathetic but the child grooming thing made me uneasy and is why I started keeping an eye on this thread in the first place. I don't mean to come off as rude but it's unsettling that there's someone watching this thread who knows me and is digging for info. Peace my friend.

No. 643272

Oh okay. Thought you knew stuff.

No. 643282

I'm literally thinking of going to confession later today to repent for that post. Generally not a good idea to post your personal business publicly even if you "know stuff." No hard feelings, feel free to email.

No. 643631

File: 1532209649802.png (250.94 KB, 814x310, Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 5.00…)




Okay I'm this >>637924
>>638220 >>643220 >>643271 >>643282 person and I've been thinking about this. I’m only going to address the child grooming rumors here, not my other issues with Sam. I actually confronted about Sam about this thread (showed him a screenshot of this >>615721 post) in person a few weeks ago and he admitted to telling a girl who said she was 18+ that her virginity is her greatest asset and didn’t necessarily deny any of the other claims. He just repeatedly insisted that he always asks a girl's age before engaging with her. The virginity comment isn't something I'd care about in isolation but it does give some credence to the overall tale, which is disturbing. I haven't seen the screenshots or message exchanges referred to in >>615721 so I'm not sure exactly which foreign girl is the topic of the post. He's pretty selective in who he decides to follow on social media. He didn't even follow me until just days before his account got removed in April and when he did follow my anonymous account, his "ex" requested to follow me multiple times, which I thought was odd (big red flag I somehow overlooked– I didn't accept the requests).
Throughout the time I was "dating" him (well, before his Insta was shut down) he followed/unfollowed girls who put the fact that they were in high school in their bios (I know one was 16, an American) and at least one underage girl from Britain. Have screenshots of him following the private accounts of confirmed underage teens (not pic related). Pic related is from Australia (and tube96o = Sam) and this also weirded me out (iirc she elaborated on her age in the bio after he followed her, and who fully writes out "I'm 20 years old :D"?). Basically I spent months hanging out with this guy, never really trusted him for good reason, and none of the "grooming" story would surprise me if true. But who knows. He was also very anxious about me deleting our texts towards the end, which I didn't do. He has a strong desire to control/dominate/manipulate others and who’s a better target for that than young girls who crush on him? I'm 23 and am still naive when it comes to dealing with these kinds of people. The guy legit convinced me I was crazy for suspecting he was doing stuff behind my back. Keep your mouth shut and put up with his BS or he'll cast you off as a traitor and replace you with someone else (that goes for gfs, associates, etc.).

And no, I'm not posting this out of bitterness– I documented this stuff months ago while we were still seeing each other because I thought it was creepy then too.

No. 643667

No. 643712


And yeah it was difficult because I do think he's hilarious and has a good side but at the same this is a 33 y/o dude- a really smart guy- who knows the difference between right and wrong and still uses the people around him as tools for his own benefit. He wasn't honest to me so I don't feel any loyalty towards him. Put down The 48 Laws of Power, Sam– it's not workin for ya. #peace mde never dies

No. 643746

Sam is absolutely a fucking manipulative creep, no doubt about that, I don't even agree that he has a good side. But I think you are using this child grooming shit to stay involved in drama you would otherwise feel petty for being a part of. You keep acting like you're done here and then return to post more.

If you really think something is going on you should report him or at least get some actual proof of his wrongdoing. Following young looking girls on Instagram is not a crime. Obviously posting this here isn't going to do shit. If you're actually concerned do something about it and stop pretending to be righteous on the internet.

No. 643749


I did leave this thread for a while. The girl-grooming stuff is pretty serious imo and part of a pattern. Obviously following underage girls on Instagram isn't a fucking crime, never said it was. But posts like this >>615721 fuck with me as it should any normal person. And don't lurk on this thread and then give me that BS about pretending to be "righteous"– I don't feel righteous in the least. If you're in this thread to shit on Sam, do that, but bashing me is pretty useless.

No. 643759

It is serious but what does pointing it out here accomplish? Just because Sam is the topic of the thread doesn't mean you shouldn't be called on your bullshit.

No. 643765

Because the accusations made ( >>615721 ) are serious and I had good information to suggest that they weren't just some made up bullshit. Even if it might only exist as a public record, after thinking it over for days/weeks I decided it was best to make this post >>643631 instead of saying nothing at all. "What will it accomplish?"– I think it's worthwhile to have some documentation about his dealings with young girls online because I don't know how deep the rabbit hole goes and it's a continued problem.

No. 643778

Well I'm glad we have your "good information" as public record to help find out how deep that rabbit hole goes. You're doing God's work lol

No. 643785

Thanks bud, me too.
And you can be smug and sarcastic all you want– accusing me of thinking that I'm righteous and that I'm doing "God's work," etc., I don't really care.

No. 643838

Gas yourself

No. 643841

Pls get coffee with me anon

No. 643846


Email me at pangur_ban6@aol.com

No. 643868

No. 643871

Replied :)

No. 644053

File: 1532260812384.jpg (27.99 KB, 500x775, ok.jpg)

so you got anything to back this up or are you just LARPing again?

No. 644079


I've said enough. I don't want to get caught up in a never-ending dialogue about this as I've already wasted way too much time concerning myself with the ordeal. Need to extricate myself so this my final post (promise this time), whatever criticism/bait/etc. might follow.

I don't blame you for asking though

No. 644316

File: 1532284372321.jpg (57.86 KB, 480x475, dvgr7.jpg)

This thread is SUCH a horrible shitshow, but it made me laugh out loud when I envisioned Sam Hyde reading it. I hope you cringe to death you lousy teenager-fucking motherfucker

No. 644401

yeah i tought so

No. 644430

I always wondered how Channing managed to stick around for so long. She's cute and not super butch so I can't imagine Sam hasn't tried to hook up with her many times.

Sage even though it's on auto sage because OT

No. 645029

why do american liberals these days avoid any real discussion and attempt character assasination against key figures of the people they dont agree with?
and its always something ambigous and blatant like some sexual harassment, where the target person gets its reputation soiled even if the accusations are proven false?
is it that they know theyre wrong most of the time and its just easier to point fingers and call people buzzwords than to actually give an argument?

No. 645463

File: 1532382286305.png (910.04 KB, 778x574, 987607232018.png)

look at this thread.
>tl;dr: yes

No. 657522

there is something about grown "men" gossiping like teenage girls that makes a heterosexual man like myself almost physically sick(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 657594

Lmao says a mod for lolcow.

No. 657601

You must have missed that stupid thirty paragraph essay which said absolutely nothing that was posted a few hours ago

No. 657604


can you give a rundown?

No. 657610

It was just armchair analysis which concluded nothing and contributed no new/interesting information. Talked about how Sam's parents are divorced, absent dad and weak relationship with mom made him a class clown and affected his views on women. Total waste of time to read.

No. 657706

Further confirmation of his degenerate nature and sex addiction: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/181252678/#q181308100

No. 657747

No. 657865

well hes not a pedophile like that rick&morty guy.
besides, how does that effect his comedy? hes still a great comedian with alot of visual arts talent.
i mean what, you hate the guy because of some political bullshit but you cant say his comedy is bad so you say hes a pervert?

No. 657870

well yes so much unforgiving jealousy against a washed up yet still funny comedian by snowflakes here is quite pathetic

No. 657872

Go back to 4chan

No. 657875

File: 1533563532445.jpg (75.21 KB, 640x640, 1468048330947.jpg)

whoa great argument fruitcake(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 658184

File: 1533591134648.jpg (1.14 MB, 1600x4120, SamLoL.jpg)

Here is a summary for those that dont want to wade through all that.

No. 658319

this infographic is such shit lol
- you have me has "roastie #2" but i never worked with sam. i've just been to his place. not sure how you came up with that
- the texts posted (the ones with green including) "can i be more dominant? were mine– not the other girls. you have them mislabeled. the other texts ("i fucked that camwhore") are also mine

No. 658324

Can you edit it to be more accurate? 4chan fanboys will immediately dismiss this

No. 658330

proof babe?

No. 658332

lol but you promised >>644079
isnt keeping tabs on sam a waste of your time and energy? >>638220

No. 658333

File: 1533598919494.png (49.98 KB, 990x156, Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 7.40…)

this is a screenshot from the thread yesterday– it's me replying to my first screenshot of imessage texts. notice the (you). i can post more if need be

No. 658344

Did you contact his girlfriend about any of this? Sorry if I’m mistaking another anon for you.

No. 658352

File: 1533599694581.png (26.96 KB, 863x174, cc1a67a888b60db063056436d55d3e…)

she did

No. 658356

Ty! Sorry I’m a retard I must’ve missed it

No. 658381

hypocrisy of sam's most recent "pedo-catching" video pushed me over the edge.

No. 658387

File: 1533602457070.jpg (1.28 MB, 1600x4120, 1533596417025.jpg)


No. 658424

Cool thanks

No. 658806

It’s still wrong though

No. 658875

How so

No. 659108

sam doesn't run the fucking subreddit you retarded faggot

No. 660274

File: 1533790464445.jpg (415.92 KB, 2986x898, pjimage.jpg)

No. 660397

wow, updated it but left "roastie"? someone should use something not-derogatory and update his encyclopedia dramatica page

No. 660409

doesn't really matter imo. it's fine as it is

No. 660631

It’s still wrong because roastie #2 never worked for Sam. He just fucked her. If you’re going to make these stupid things at least read the thread and get it right.

No. 660663

i didn't make it

No. 666805

u got a throwaway i could contact you on? this is so disturbing shit and i need some closure

No. 666985

Idk who you want to talk to. That's my post you quoted but J is the one that contacted his gf. She's posted her burner here before. >>643846

No. 668173

File: 1534667522485.jpg (47.14 KB, 293x321, same.jpg)

used to be a fan in 2014-15, he now seems like a total narcissist and creep with no output to redeem him. ironic that he's a misogynistic racist loser and ugly as shit to boot yet artistic chicks with low self esteem flock to him. say what you want about him but he's not as disgusting and pathetic as the girls he fucks

No. 668298

>>668173 the texts between him and his side chick are really telling. homeboy really thinks of himself as an "alpha". he knows what he's doing going after girls in their teens/early twenties, on top of having low self esteem these girls are naive and a lot of them are borderline retarded, they'll stroke his ego and feed into his power fantasy and distract him from the fact he's a washed up comedian who has to rely on /pol/ to stay relevant. sad.

No. 669139

Reported but also you’re right

No. 669182

Reported, this shit is so creepy dude stop

No. 669188

holy fuck you are such a creep

No. 669190

you think im a creep you shoud see what sam did to me and other girls over the last 5 year or more

No. 669193

Tell us. What did he do?

No. 669203

I'm one of them and I still think it's fucked up for you to be posting his address and Google Streetview shots. Are you the person who emailed me the other day looking for more info? Glad I did not provide any.

No. 669204

lol u think what i say is gonna matter, you faggots read all this shit an dont beleve it so y bother, hes a bad person n all the pics in this thread r tru but whats my word against him, nothing just like wat he pays his emplyees after they figur out hes as fucked up as he is

No. 669205

no but u obv didnt get hurt by him in any srs way so lucky u

No. 669208

It's more that I don't understand what posting his address will do, but whatever.

No. 669209

dont think too hard babe

No. 669212

how did you find out where he lives

No. 669215

When were you seeing him?

No. 669231

yeh thats creepy not the fact that sam grooms teen fans with mental illness online to have anal with him

No. 669238

File: 1534815074272.jpg (136.42 KB, 1280x720, photo_2018-08-21_03-28-19.jpg)

Its almost like you get to know the person to judge them if you work with them for a couple of years damnnnn… Stop larping about all this vengeance shit, and actually do something to this vile subversive pedo faggot

No. 669246

i don't even disagree with that. it just seems like posting his address won't do much but give him a reason to play victim
>actually do something to this vile subversive pedo faggot
like what

No. 669249

u know more than anyone else

No. 669257

File: 1534816643446.jpg (84.31 KB, 720x1280, photo_2017-09-15_05-57-03.jpg)

Ruin his macho public image, and expose him for the degenerate he is to the retarded moneypig incels that follow him?
Tell them that their idol has
-A thing for diapers
-injects testosterone to even grow facial hair when he runs out of rogain
-Is a borderline sociopath who uses everyone to his own gain, not paying people close to him for anything, but begging for more
-Racemixing and just being a generalsex addict without a working dick, trying to fill up his shallowness with useless art degree thots
And this is not even mentioning the diaper fetish/ageplay, and the little kleenexes on his desk to wipe his shitty ass sweat

No. 669269

I can confirm these posts.

It was back in 2014 when this "crazy ex" reported Sam Hyde to the authorities for manufacturing and being in possession of child abuse images.

No. 669270

File: 1534817796710.gif (525.89 KB, 580x326, q.gif)


and that's pretty much what the girl in this >>658387 did. if he's illegally withholding pay from people (not sure if you are one of those people) then i hope there are legal ramifications for that as well as reputational

No. 669271

of course the big thing is theres no definitive proof to expose. just hearsay and reasons here and there to be suspicious. nothing incriminating really

No. 669275

File: 1534818097520.png (8.13 KB, 250x202, 82493751.png)

>A thing for diapers
I want to know how you know this but I also don't want to know

No. 669276

The individuals who could've stepped forward are simply too scared to. I know of the identities of several girls who are fully aware of Sam's less than legal behavior, but they do not want to get involved.

He's also unironically into cuckolding.

No. 669281

if you want this to happen sounds like the only thing you can do is convince them. if they have proof it's worth a try

No. 670230

File: 1534920003037.jpeg (415.33 KB, 923x1636, 1526731822929.jpeg)

He does, at least in the sense that he made that subreddit and controls it.

No. 670320

i don't even get this pic… is he wearing a diaper in it?

No. 670586

the whole "making a video game" is really just a scam sam is pulling on everyone

he has 0 programmers involved on a game thats been supposedly in the making for 3 years

only person he has paid to work on the game is some art school thot he bangs who made logos

the whole thing is a scam so that sam can get his paypigs and investors to give him money

No. 671600

File: 1535061030448.png (9.3 KB, 112x112, pepe6433.png)

No. 675180

File: 1535490354016.gif (Spoiler Image, 981.52 KB, 400x300, e1f12a9909d3274c42ca7f7cc326ee…)

No. 675432

This is the girl that sticks stuff in Sams butt

No. 675433

File: 1535521525410.jpg (32.38 KB, 743x742, 13407252_1570725839887138_4096…)

No. 675434

File: 1535521611273.jpg (31.78 KB, 380x551, photo_2018-08-28_07-58-32.jpg)

No. 675443

File: 1535523144622.jpeg (416.09 KB, 1242x1221, 8021E1BF-8055-47D5-995D-ED6A11…)

No. 675559

No. 675620

wow… complete w radfem bangs and a septum piercing, sam really is thinking with his dick huh

No. 675654

File: 1535562957667.png (20.67 KB, 112x112, pepe354.png)

that's literally what he always does

hes a degenerate with nigger level impulse control

great role model

No. 676192

File: 1535617599969.jpg (25.18 KB, 491x492, 14222239_1598146933811695_8121…)

No. 676199

File: 1535618304941.jpg (73.03 KB, 598x593, photo_2018-08-20_16-37-41.jpg)

No. 676243

File: 1535629701676.jpeg (415.48 KB, 1242x1789, 880EBDBE-C558-4F42-997C-3CA545…)

we get it, she's an average slutty 20-something year old

her art is super classy though i can see why sam hired her

No. 676245

File: 1535629806897.jpeg (632.45 KB, 1227x1234, 54D0C0D0-CB20-4253-A8CB-CDEE1E…)

No. 676252

File: 1535631590216.png (517.16 KB, 585x745, joyride.png)

also wth is this video game– supposedly it's been in the works for years but all they have so far is a pdf doc that resembles a high school assignment. zero apparent knowledge of how much programming/technical involvement etc is needed or how much that costs and there's no way he'll be able to secure a fat loan like he's been trying to do. makes much more sense to do an animated movie or illustrated novel. is sam seriously expecting his fan base to financially carry him through the next 5-10 years of this project?


No. 676253

I think I recall someone mentioning Sam's just using it to scam money off people. I wouldn't put it past him.

No. 676264

File: 1535632859531.png (565.56 KB, 1187x617, ds.png)

neither would i. my guess is that he does want to make a game and has for a while but he's increasingly realizing how difficult (infeasible) that would be : /
he will definitely squeeze by on paypig funds for as long as he can though and won't feel bad if it ends up like his dark skyes scam

No. 677480


No. 677868

yet ur still here and read the thread

No. 677949

pls spill the real juicy shit for us then

No. 678450

File: 1535892218773.jpg (36.63 KB, 450x320, oi.jpg)

==hey faggot==
could you stop shitposting here:
noone is falling for your bullshit and your desparate shitposting is not only getting pathetic but also annoying.
thanks, have a nice day

No. 678495

File: 1535897912947.png (111.6 KB, 260x194, ccfa7f23cd581f30899e546e7ef311…)

nice boomer level post

No. 678538

just stay in your cesspool

No. 678585

File: 1535905749385.jpg (233.08 KB, 700x1750, Untitled-1.jpg)

No. 678616

Damn yeah this is patterened behavior and I don’t doubt a word of it. Really fucked shit. Glad she was open to sharing

No. 678668

yeah real convinient how this came out just as noone is baiting the previous shoops.
you could have atleast done a better job at pasting hydes face, the pic looks fake as fuck

No. 678671

File: 1535912589082.png (62.7 KB, 1200x901, B3E88F9B-514A-4E97-B888-F2D529…)

No. 678672

this thread is full of gay niggas

No. 678699

File: 1535914034285.jpeg (266.1 KB, 1167x1098, 54006CC1-A7D5-49A2-ADA6-86AEBD…)

Yes he has a unironic cucking fetish and is at least little queer. Latter seems pretty obvious even without this deluge of information.
Posts in pic are from these >>657747
>>658387 threads

No. 678725

I just spoke to her. The picture is from "GPS dating hip, high tech, dangerous story in description"


She's also in the pizza threats video

No. 678771

oh so you took a pic hyde shooped to prank anews agency.
i guess youre new to MDE.
did you find this sketch yesterday?
>I just spoke to her
yeah and my personal doctor is Humonculus Manslave

No. 678773

>ad hominem
what are you, like 15?
it sure explains the amount of time you have to shitpost allover the internet and make those fake ass fanfictions about sam

No. 678780

Lol I posted the 7 Stages of Grief because it’s fitting here— seems like you’re trying to address someone else. There are a lot of people itt

No. 678828

god the fanboys here acting as a defense force is pathetic. theres a reason why sam has ignored all this shit and just bans anyone who even mentions it in the subreddit.. shits been piling up for yrs now

sad bc fanboys have elected sam to fill the void of their absent daddies and will do anything to convince themselves that hes a good choice.. the reality is that he doesnt give a single shit about the fanbase other than wringing it dry for cash.

No. 678850

>he thinks pointing out logic fallacies is a strong counterargument and commits the exact same fallacy in his next sentence

gtfo male, sam isn't your daddy

No. 679372

no he lives in providence, ri in olneyville neighborhood

he probably keeps his fall river place to fuck young teens and do age play weird degenerate shit with diapers and buttplugs he keeps in his upstairs attic

No. 679392

File: 1535931685707.png (1 MB, 1527x579, d9d7c40717c3546f59083d53bfd4ac…)

It's because she didn't fuck him after they dated like 9 years ago she just helped with MDE stuff a few dozen times here and there

I think that's part of why Sam fired her is that she wouldn't. Makes sense especially after the most recent video he has where he goes on his I hate women rant for 20 minutes and talks about why women are only hired to fuck.

No. 679471

Oo yes that was one of my favorite parts of the last video
Sam tried to slander one of his former colleagues at Adult Swim for jokingly saying that hiring lots of women allows him to “get away with murder”
Then in the next breath Sam goes into a serious rant about how working women (“dumb bitches”) are nothing more than blowjob machines for their male bosses


Other pieces of “evidence” brought up as partial “proof” that certain people at the network are pedos:
- a free blanket Sam received that had a pyramid with an eye on it (so spooky!)
- cherub wallpaper in the bathrooms

Yes it’s also difficult to get rid of place you’re renting when you’ve done extensive damage to it (holes punched through mirrors/doors, nonworking bathroom).

No. 679472

File: 1535941284046.png (14.85 KB, 128x102, emote.png)

yeah I know he worked with this girl Pia in the earlier videos like the Bass one who was a jewish dyke (lmao) and Sam really hated her because she wouldn't put out

No. 679820

> >he thinks pointing out logic fallacies is a strong counterargument and commits the exact same fallacy in his next sentence
hey i just dropped down to your highschool level.
if you have something not retarded to say say it

No. 679821

hey FAGGOT, /mde/ here again
could you stop being butthurt and spamming the board with shitposts?
seeing you BTFOd stopped being funny so now its just pathetic.
stay here

No. 679839

please don't make any kind of dumb collage of fan posts. that's not really relevant here.

No. 679891

File: 1535992434729.jpg (7.62 KB, 199x254, hydewarrrr.jpg)

how Sam's dick taste?
Did he tell you that you were gonna get paid too?

BTW Everyone fresh off the presses I got the new hydewars content for you

No. 679922

File: 1535996176842.png (281.75 KB, 526x421, unknown.png)


you mean when you keep having to ban my ip and I just change it with a vpn?

No. 680002

were you seriously so butthurt you had to come back and reply the second time?
come on, if youre such an attention whore and wanna get noticed by hyde just tell him you wanna suck him off.
but then again you probably did and he told you to fuck off because traps are gay which is the whole reason you hate him so much.
>ibn4 free psychiatrist 4 u

No. 680299

sam gay n loves traps tho

No. 680345

post da content

No. 680595

you must be one ugly trap if he didnt like you then

No. 681222

Sam Hyde's Hispanic ex-girlfriend was the one who called the FBI on him btw. This was after a serious fight they had. Some of the older MDE videos back when Sam lived with his mother were also filmed by this same girl. They have a long history of breaking up and getting back together. Last I recall they were back together (or at least hooking up) in late 2016.

I can also confirm this cuckold stuff. Sam would beg girls to meet up with effeminate young guys from Craigslist and wanted these girls to suck them off until the guys came on his face.

No. 681277

File: 1536124838544.gif (63.49 KB, 128x128, 462911827626426369.gif)

naw its not the same girl who called the fbi over cp on Sam

also shes not hispanic

they havent been together since like 2014 when Sams friend cucked him and ran off with her

No. 681445

>i, an anonymous shitposter can confirm X
we truly do life in a post-factual world

No. 682678

But defending Sam but that criticism is dumb. Bernie would take people's money involuntary and give it to welfare. Sam is asking people to voluntarily pay him.

Big difference

No. 682679

Not defending sam*

No. 682836

Sam is promising to put out content and says he's working on a video game but really he's a jewish scam artist

just telling you to wise up my man

No. 682837

Whats with the mods on the subreddit and 8ch deleting everything? For some one who clings to muh free speech Sam sure is afraid of people reading words about him.

No. 683025

he puts out content like he sais.
anyone thats followed MDE for a couple of years knows what the waiting time is ususally. He gave out Smociane 3 he gives out hydewars, the last ones of which were excellent, and he even gave out Thank you white people sketch noone ever knew about.
The MDE channel got shut down by the fruitcakes at jewtube but hes still uploading.
and the video game was never a real thing, anyone with half a brain knew it. Youre like one of those gullible bronies that got pranked out of their game.
Compared to all the shitty sitcoms and crappy kosher stand up comics that put out tons of shit content thats sometimes even free, Sam makes the money i and others put in him worth it.
Its not just bout the laughs and sketches and rants, its about giving an original creator the ability to survive and flip off all the shit in the show industry and the internet and to piss retarded fags like you off

No. 683026

File: 1536315878070.jpg (24.89 KB, 500x375, 100 bucks to fuck off.jpg)

deleting shitposts from autistic teenagers isnt a crime

No. 683296

File: 1536349243006.png (16.88 KB, 516x201, mde2010.png)

Joyride has been a thing since 2010. Originally a book before it turned into a game? Pretty cool stuff :)


No. 683314

Lol Charls is no longer involved in the project which is why Sam had to ask permission to use the name Joyride Universe. As of this past spring nothing had been done but Sam trying to license a few artists/songs to use in the game, him and his friends like Don Jolly making some off-the-cuff schizo “storyline” on a whiteboard, and putting out a pamphlet of “concept art” aka pretty pictures he saw elsewhere and liked. Virtually nothing has been completed. Since he has fallen out with most other people formerly involved he only has one female “employee” (she gets paid like 30k/yr to suck his dick and make shitty “logos” for the game) and a few other schlubs “working” on the project like the aforementioned Don. There’s nothing there and he doesn’t have the money to hire legit programmers or anything which is why he was trying in vain earlier this year to get a loan despite probably having shit credit from dumping all his real money into bitcoin.

No… that is not what it’s like at all. All his fans act like they know him and can vouch for his honorable character to people who have actually known him and have seen how the guy operates. You’re delusional if you think he’s remotely good at sticking by deadlines or putting out regular content, especially since the cancellation of World Peace. For months he regularly promises hours of new content every month and sets deadlines for himself that he misses. He films and barely edits low-effort blogs and then breaks them into 20min segments so he can release them months apart so people will bitch less. He consistently announces new projects then abandons them after advertising them and telling his paypigs that’s why he should continue to support them.

No. 683727

>No… that is not what it’s like at all
>so say i the obsessive psychopath shitposting allover the internet
you clearly dont know how it works. noone is as retarded as you and takes his every word without a grain of salt. anyone thats been following him knows what hes dealing with and how he makes content.
your stupid bitching clearly shows that you dont mnow shit about MDE, you jut want to slander sam for some autistic reason

No. 683747

Not sure who you're trying to address here but you seem convinced that anyone criticizing MDE on the internet is the same person. I'm sorry but you guys look so pathetic trying to defend a bloated scam artist who you've never even met.

No. 683793

youre the same fag shitposting everywhere since noone is as autistic as you and jumping so many boards.

No. 683820

Yes it’s impossible multiple people are able to post on multiple boards I guess

No. 683821

can we stop arguing and go back to cyberbullying this spastic pedophile thanks

No. 684447

its hypothetically possible but its not the case here.
no, were cyberbullying you now.
youre an attentionwhore, isnt this what you wanted?

No. 684476

>it’s not the case here
Lmao. You have no idea what’s going on you deluded fuck.

No. 684521

everyone knows whats going on.
youve got some serious daddy issues and get autistic episodes which you vent out on some internet personality that dumped you.
its pathetic really.

No. 684543

File: 1536507809171.jpg (16.91 KB, 254x300, SamHydeLeakedPhoto.jpg)

Not her lol. This argument is boring and pointless but thank you for coming to this board to whiteknight your pseudo-father.

No. 684576

>not her
if a fag dresses up as a girl it doesnt make him a she

No. 684654

There are many people shitposting about Sam being shitty not just me

ps. yeah i have known him for 10 years and he is a shitty person

No. 685398

Can't find it anymore but I remember around 2016 or so jan rankowski said some unfavorable things about sam (jacking his material? but they seem to be on good terms now), and also a weird thing on facebook when one of his ex-roommates was calling him out. Lotta weird shit, but in hindsight it aligns with everything I'm hearing in this thread. Sam takes advantage of people, and MDE is dead because of it.

So far Sam's current projects are: KSTV2, kind men project, car review series, HtB2, Jaihoo, Joy Ride, Theater of the Air, Pedo Hunt show, ect. Nothing released yet but KSTV2 should be out within.. 6 months?

Meanwhile Charls and Andy Ruse just dropped this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-YZCRaalzs

Also /r/milliondollarextreme has been banned :/

BTW: Sam's eBay account is wiltonlaxrulz328
Seems like he's buying a bunch of old sci-fi books at the moment :O
And apparently these are SFX from Joy Ride: https://youtu.be/aIJvr0ayA_k

No. 685413

you need a psychiatrist

No. 685421

File: 1536613467803.png (67.72 KB, 664x481, mdebanned.png)


No. 685471

probably, i am an mde fan after all :D

No. 685473

File: 1536618979898.jpg (26.06 KB, 484x403, are you sure.jpg)

no, youre some demented attention whore that doesent know how the natural reproductive cycle works.
let me guess, you cut your dick off for sam but then he said traps are gay and now its your life mission to shitpost on the internet about him?

No. 685493

How bad do you guys think Sam is going to sperg out? He was using that sub as a way to mainline attention and praise. Now that /r/MDE is gone, all he has left is a gab account…

No. 685512

lol at the 8chan mod sperg who thinks everyone who brings up the shit surrounding sam is the same person. having a true schizo meltdown trying to defend him… hi bud.

i just dont understand no ones forcing you to believe any of this? if the evidence is so weak let people see for themselves? this is the sad part of how sam benefits from staying silent.. like he knows with the cult fanbase that theyre gonna defend him till the end of time bc hes like some ideological forefather to them just for offering up some like boilerplate advice about not being such a pussyboi nu male or a hedonist insect

anyways no surprise the sub went down literally became a pol cesspool everyone jacking each other off for being jwoke, posting 6 gorillion memes 100x a day, 'GONNA KILL A TRANNY… IN MINECRAFT XDD'. probably going to be used as fuel for the buuhhhh we're blacklisted narrative, only your donations can help us fight back : ^ )

No. 685528

MDEfags are the literal worst. They've bought whole hog into this traditionalist CLOWN WORLD /pol/shit and can't cope with the fact that the person they're devoted to is about as big a degenerate as somebody could possibly be.

No. 685536

so many schizoposting trannies itt

No. 685539

oh you got me confused with these other peeps. nah man, im just a fan who lurks harder because im bored during this content drought and obvious censorship from /r/mde and 8chan wasn't helping.

that being said, i do think its important that the people who work for sam speak up about not getting paid. Like if I bought that expensive ass poster on MDEmerch featuring Sam, Nick, and Charls,I'd expect part of that money to support Nick and Charls. after all, aren't they the core MDE members? or is MDE just sam now? or if zac quit, then what's gonna happen with jaihoo and crush500? if I'm expected to pay for mde content now, then i wanna know that the people making it arent being used and abused.. damn man.. no need to be so defensive im just asking questions! (this thread has been eye-opening and the answers are now obvious tho.)

He's still got @new_engine and the hydewars YT channel. Plus they've been thinking about making their own MDE forums for a while, so that might happen. It's definitely a mainline blow though :O

Details: http://archive.is/aiNnY

No. 685632


There is literally not one single piece of evidence to prove the legitimacy of this alleged relationship between this "charolette" woman and Rocco Botte.

That doesn't even make sense, because he seriously like films everything, so how is there not one single video with them together or photo of them together?

Why do people believe these image compilations of multiple comments that are completely unsubstantiated?

Are people seriously that stupid?

Like, if this were a court of law, people would be wrongly convicted all day long based on "evidence" that isn't evidence, dear Lord.

No. 685634


That is a comment by a fake impersonator account pretending to be Sam.

That is so clearly not how Sam ever writes anything, only people who are not familiar with his work will believe that shit is actually him.

It's not, you're an idiot.

Holy fuck you people are suckers.

You see an image and BOOM IT'S TRUE, PICS SO IT HAPPENED!


No. 685639


Fake sam account that was banned from the sub for being a fake.

That comment is completely bullshit, not at all how Sam writes anything ever or speaks.

No. 685643


Who would make this up?

Anybody that hates him enough and wants to smear him online, simple as that.

You provide no proof, so everything you say is just conjecture.

No. 685648

still more evidence than Sam ever provided when he went after adult swim yet you take his word as gospel

No. 685660

imagine having to cope this hard
next time try not to make a pudgy NEET the shining star of your universe

No. 685677

File: 1536642004312.png (215.11 KB, 962x765, cooledseats.png)

Yeah, no. Banned from r/mde but still a mod on r/worldpeace and r/com98? And the same account as >>411448 ?
Nice try

No. 685691

I knew Charlotte and she did date Rocco Botte. At one point, she was also dating Sam Hyde while he was seeing Marky behind her back.

No. 685696


I've seen a picture of them both sucking sam's dick at the same time

I think that's how he tries to convince himself hes not gay by fucking virgins and giving them stds

No. 685755

lmao mde finally dead

take a look at 8ch home page realize mde board finally becomes popular as the reddit has just been deleted


No. 685848

The 8ch board is gone? What happened?

No. 685857

No, they meant all the redditors flocked to the mde board on 8ch and it's a cess pool.

No. 686674


ur the same person posting in this thread over n over again pretending to be multiple ppl lmfaoo

post ur arms?

No. 686676

>oh you got me confused with these other peeps. nah man, im just a fan who lurks

can we see ur arms i wanna look for holes n marks?

No. 686760

yes he is.
hes been shitpostin everywhere from halfchan pol to doublechan /mde/ to youtube with changing IPs and fake accounts, spamming the same retarded jpgs for over a year now

No. 686768

File: 1536784814217.jpeg (116.64 KB, 750x565, C642F528-2011-42B7-B259-3EB71D…)

Cope dude
No one’s buying it
Just find a new hero.

No. 686780

File: 1536785734070.jpg (76.5 KB, 720x720, hayden.jpg)

>hurr durr im not the same person
>responds to every time he got called out
how fucking stupid are you?

No. 686926


can we see ur arms pls?

No. 687003

File: 1536807431234.jpeg (62.67 KB, 480x270, TsaAMjz.jpeg)

yeah pic related

No. 687459

the funny part is that youre gonna be asking this retard for a pic of his arms so long that hes actually gonna go pay some online hooker to post hers along with a timestamp.
and the even funnier part is that you can just ask him to post again in 10 minutes, so he eventually runs out of money to give to those hookers

No. 687884

File: 1536897699003.png (97.59 KB, 376x364, product-listing1-1-376x364.png)


its a "lady"

No. 687964

File: 1536915768771.jpg (25.79 KB, 280x566, trannie.jpg)

pic related

No. 687976

you're not convincing anyone. go have your circlejerk somewhere else.

also sam hyde got facefucked by a tranny :-)

No. 688227

Who would you say is the bigger cuck? Sam or Maddox?

No. 688305

if the rant was baseless then why are you so triggered?

No. 688307

what rant lol

No. 688329

Idk man, you sound pretty triggered yourself.

No. 688375

if you have to come back ebery 10 minutes to screech up another post then yeah youre triggered

No. 688384

Sam is so cool n redpilld he fucks teenage virgins in the ass and abuses them

pretty BASTE

No. 688494

File: 1536973805486.jpg (4.25 MB, 1242x2208, AverageSamHydeFan.JPG)

So based famalam! He’s out here PWNING these libtards and journalists by getting poopdick from a 15 year-old and leaking humiliating photos/videos of her that will be on the Internet for the rest of her life. Epicccc uWu XD

No. 688496

do you get payed to shitpost or are you just eternally butthurt?

No. 688499

SIDF constantly monitoring this thread pretending to think everyone who criticizes bisexual idol is the same person

Are YOU getting paid?

No. 688503

are you obsessed or something
>pretending to think everyone who criticizes bisexual idol is the same person
well youre the only one using your retarded terminology and logic
>Are YOU getting paid?
no, i get my kicks from watching pathetic losers like you cringe everywhere they go

No. 688507

No. 688625

yeah I hate kikes and pedos I guess that makes me butthurt according to your logic

you realize you are the one on a board made to make fun of people actually defending someone right? so how exactly am I the shill in this situation?

No. 688908

can we see your arms please? id like to look 4 bug bites

No. 689318

>yeah I hate kikes and pedos
if you did you wouldnt try to raid /pol/ threads on AS.
you just hate hyde and youll label him just about anything from nazi to gay trying to convince others to join youon your autistic crusade.
>you realize you are the one on a board made to make fun of people
oh, so all those screencap mashups and conspiracy theories about hyde at the start of the thread were a joke? yeah i tought so.
>so how exactly am I the shill in this situation?
because your retarded autism allover the internet went so far that people decided to come here and literally tell you to stop shitposting and shilling there

No. 689422

You sound underage

No. 689524

Imagine being on this level of delusion

No. 689566

File: 1537122021656.png (4 KB, 211x239, U .PNG)

No. 689729

File: 1537131675393.jpg (43.76 KB, 502x120, achievement-unlocked-troll-lev…)

>being so assblasted you keep coming back every hour to reply with a butthurt shitpost
lol. i hope you end yourself

No. 689818

>quotes three posts, only one of which is mine (the last one).

weird how you speak of anal crusaders while sam is an actual faggot obsessed with anal. his asshole is probably in full prolapse by now.

No. 689820

theres like three people in the thread today, and the only hyde-hating fanatic is you.
not to even mention that your autistic style of posting is a red flag on any board you shitpost

No. 689822

this is my third post of the day

and this one

No. 689828

who are you trying to fool? the only people in this thread are either cringing at you or asking you to show your hands

No. 689831

don't you have content to work on or are you just going to defend Big Daddy Sam online all day? worthless trash

No. 689836

what are you doing on the internet if you get butthurt this easy?
you had your autistic safespace here, but you just had to go be a retard on 8chan, and now it blew up in your face.

No. 689844

File: 1537138357339.jpg (15.46 KB, 700x308, DhXK47TX0AA8mMS.jpg)

hunny this is a circular argument

you won't believe that there's more than one person criticizing against that faggot on multiple platforms. that's okay. there's nothing i can say to convince you.

No. 689853

Sam's asshole is actually really nice. not his gf, I promise.

No. 689855

>there more of us
you usually call people sweatie, but changing that one pronoun doesent work when you still talk like a fag.
do you evn ever pause and think what youre shitposting and what youre doing with your life?
do you not do that because you know youd kill yourself?

No. 689856

File: 1537140466953.jpg (80.63 KB, 384x618, 694515bcba9022259f087a251891a6…)


It is funny how Sam Hyde is all about "muh freedumz" and "muh free speech" unless it involves criticizing him. Lol.

Gross and I doubt it. Maybe an nice asshole for a gay man who's been toying with it for the past two decades.

No. 689863

hyde dpesent run that board.
besides theres nothing wrong with banning some underage fag that just comes there to shitpost because hes butthurt

No. 689866

100% chance he is at least a "board volunteer" on his own 8chan board. Even if not his Reddit was moderated in a similar fashion by faggot James Price and others, probably his own girlfriend now too lol judging by recent shrill, feminine-sounding posts made on the 8chan. He's well aware that those who look after his 8chan and Reddit aggressively censor content in his favor.

He's a thin-skinned bitch anyways so it's nothing unexpected.

No. 689869

>besides theres nothing wrong with banning some underage fag that just comes there to shitpost because hes butthurt

and there's absolutely nothing wrong with adult swim throwing some mediocre faggot's show off air because he went out of his way to gain bad publicity while still representing the network.

No. 689879

he wasnt representing the network.
do you even know how the industry works and why all that went down?
probably not since you started using the internet a year or two ago when you were old enough to type a shitpost
>100% chance
semantics my ass. 200% chance youre a fag. there.
>faggot james price
hes a great director. but i guess hes evil for you because he filmed that evil nazi show right?
>whenever i get BTFOd its done by one of sams close associates or himself
no, youre just anoying and pathetic and out of your containment zone.
why dont you help evereyone including yourself by unpluging your computer and plugging in some forks or siccors

No. 689882

Very feminine post

No. 689883

>why dont you help evereyone including yourself by unpluging your computer and plugging in some forks or siccors

"Siccors" lol. Damn his employees are one dull bunch.



Sam at least get your girlfriend some spellcheck please if she's going to be defending you online all day

No. 689955

>You're not representing a network by producing content directly for it
Are you braindead?

Sam's made a career out of cutting people down which just points to how he feels about himself. He's always been very insecure and has adopted being far right because it feels like it will protect him. He also drives a 60k truck he can't pay for. This isn't overcompensating for feeling unmasculine, right? He just likes trucks, it had nothing to do with him being insecure about liking dick

No. 690074

MDEs job was producing an entertainment show for an entertainment network, not representing the company. you obviously dont know shit about how things work.
>some pseudo-psychology analasys crap
noone ever read your shitposts over at /mde/ and /pol/ so why would i do here.
if you think youre so good at psychology because you watched rick and morty three times over then find out why youre spending so much of your pathetic life shitposting like an autist on hyde.
>cant pay for his truck
you clearly dont even follow him, you just hate him because some fag on buzzfeed/tumblr told you
my first language isnt even english, and grammar isnt that important when youre dealing with a 17yo autist
also learn to contain your retarded autism to a single post instead of spasmatically having episodes allover the hread you shitpost in.
you come off as both extremely butthurt and autistic by replying to the same posts hours on end

No. 690079

>you obviously dont know shit about how things work.
when you're creating a show for a tv network and employed by them you're naturally representing them. just like a lawyer represents his law firm or a dunkin donuts employee represents the larger company. don't be silly. he decided to be a basic bitch alt-righter for a few months and it blew up in his face. harsh but true.

>my first language isnt even english
boo fucking hoo, i have family members who started using english less than a decade ago and now teach college courses in english.

>something about me watching rick&morty even though i don't know which one is which

>something about me being underage
>something other random "u must b a liberal!" bs

get her spellcheck, sam.

No. 690127

Why are you defending someone you don't know? When are you going to realize that spazzing out isn't going to change the fact that most of the people here actually know him, his character, and how he acts? You still can't even distinguish the posters here based on our writing styles. You're going to have to post proof that you're above 18.

No. 690360

File: 1537211804261.jpg (748.93 KB, 1628x1980, muh hyde.jpg)

>autistic screching
heard it all before homo
>muh parents teach shit in college
must be a 3rd world country if they cant afford therapy for your autism then
>why do you defend someone you dont know
because hes a good comedian and some fags hiding behind anonymous shitposts are trying to make him look bad just because they dont like the way he thinks
>youre gonna have to post proof youre over 18
sure, but post your hands and face first like that other guy has been demanding for days now
>muh grammar
>on /snow/
>most people here know him
yeah and i knew bill clinton back when he was fucking whores in the oval office and told courtney love to kill cobain for the album sales money

seriously, the bingo that was posted on /mde/ is straight up made for you personnaly

No. 690379

Wow, a literal scoring system. How obsessive and autistic. Shouldn’t you be in algebra class now Jayden/Paxton/Brayden/whatever your name is?
Unfortunately whiteknighting closeted Internet personalities isn’t an extracurricular that’ll look good on college apps

No. 690380

>no u
so because im right about everything in my post you go and try to diss the jpg i posted?
what a fucking loser

No. 690386

Yeah you’re right, who am I trying to fool. Sam is a stand-up sort of gentleman. You know him too, right?
He’s probably volunteering at the food pantry now and working hard on some new comedy sketches for his fans. He’s definitely not completely sedentary, sitting in a North Providence slum edging himself for hours while chatting up 16 year-old girls Instagram and drooling over scat porn. I really hope the plaque from all that processed Five Guys, Chic-fil-A, and Starbucks food isn’t building up in his arteries.

No. 690394

>Yeah you’re right
great thanks.
are you gonna stop shitposting now?

No. 690395

No. 690399

screencaped for case study of autism

No. 690403

You haven't made single intelligent argument. Just because your online IQ test said you have a 115 IQ doesn't change the fact that you have no reading comprehension and you can't form a cohesive argument. In your forty posts here, you've just been pointing fingers and deflecting. Your only actual (implicit) counterpoint was that there isn't any irrefutable proof, which is true. However, all of us know it is true, and, if you could process information and think instead of being an NPC, you'd realize there are accounts from at least four people who know him which relay the same information about him without being explicitly prompted.

inb4 no u

No. 690415

File: 1537216009822.jpg (121.08 KB, 2048x1152, memri anwser me.jpg)

who takes online IQ tests? selfdiagnosed autistic rick&morty geniouses like you?
the burden of proof is on you, youre the one that made all the mashups and conspiracy theories.
and all of them in the end just base their legitimacy on
>this guy is bad because i said so, trust me
and the when you get debunked you attack others calling them either Sam or one of his close friends, criticise their grammar or just go full retard and try to act like youre some victim or big ass son of college intellectuals.
its obvious you dont even care about hyde on a personnal level, youre just looking for a "bad guy" you can whiteknight against to make yourself think youre more than just a pathetic loser shitposting all day every day with nothing else to live for.
you want to get real? post your face ang have some actual stakes in your autistic life, instead of just projecting at people who dont buy your cringy whiteknighting attempts

No. 690441

Hey genius, there is more than one person here. I didn't do anything you even listed.

What has been debunked? It's just you saying "no it isn't". That's not an actual argument. There are pictures that haven't been posted anywhere else. I genuinely don't believe you don't have every photo of him saved. There's a video where one girl proves she knows him by showing his contact information and text message log. Marky's birthday is public information, which you can look up. She was 15/16 when she dated Sam.

No. 690505

>im going to keep saying multiple ppl are behind my posts so they dont catch on that im schizoposting about sam 24.7

lets see ur arms? please?

No. 691259

lol looks like the faggot is trying to wait us out because he knows we have him by his virgin low-T balls

No. 691340

why are you begging “faggots” to post pictures of their body on the internet?

kinda weird

No. 691353

because we want to make fun of your fag virgin face retard. stop trying to avoid the debate

No. 691457

>the debate
how is you repeatedly telling me and others to “post pics ;)” a debate lmao

No. 691464

because weve established that youre a virgin NEET loser and we want confirmation.

No. 691685


i wanna see ur track marks u hear me faggot?

No. 691699

so do you guys normally enjoy begging (assumed) males to post pictures of their body parts online?

sounds STRAIGHT to me

No. 691706

File: 1537339217316.gif (1.06 MB, 188x220, NxmNY.gif)

No. 691708

God i WISH someone WOULD take me out like that

i'd die(win) and my parents would get a hefty sum from the legal proceedings (win) and your ass would be in prison for 25-life (win)

No. 691710

i dont have any money u dumbass whore LOL

No. 691741

>ur gay
youre the one posting gay fanfiction about sam, faggot.

No. 691742

>i wish i would get my ass kicked for money
you really are some weak virgin pussy arent you?
>and my parents
underage too
> be in prison for 25-life
and have no idea how the real world works.
i think im gonna make an infograph about you and post it on /mde/ so people can stick it in your face everywhere you go

No. 691817

File: 1537363558716.jpg (350.48 KB, 1000x1000, 1533514722271.jpg)

>i dont have any money u dumbass whore LOL
well you're a sam hyde fan so that's what i expected…
don't worry the legal proceedings would bleed you and your family completely dry for decades anyways

>you really are some weak virgin pussy arent you?
no i'm a Tough Guy like you ;) btw can you post your arms? show us what you got man. wanna see how freakn' huge, solid, thick and tight you can get.
>underage too
i am?
>and have no idea how the real world works.
so you don't think you'd go to prison if you knocked me out cold on camera and i died as a result? huh
>i think im gonna make an infograph about you and post it on /mde/ so people can stick it in your face everywhere you go
do it fgt you won't… also based on the above you have no idea who the fuck i am so it's hard to find this threatening :/ sry

man i should stop taking this low-quality bait but it's funny

No. 692137

>no i'm a Tough Guy like you ;)
>saying that with sarcasm
>tl;dr: yes
you should take the advice people on /mde/ give you
>i am?
>not denying it
this keeps getting more cringy
so you don't think you'd go to prison >if you knocked me out cold on camera and i died as a result?
you dont die form an uppercut faggot. apparently youve also never been nowhere near a fight.
explains why you have to filter your agression trough shitposts. anonymously ofcourse because youre too much of a pussy to stand behind what you say
>do it fgt you won't…
i actually wasnt gonna, but your childish screeching just gave me the motivation.
>also based on the above you have no idea who the fuck i am so it's hard find this threatening :/ sry
>man i should stop taking this low-quality bait but it's funny
your life is the low quality bait here, homo.

No. 692233

Didn’t read that, not taking the bait :) looks like more of the same yawn garbage, no point

Your autism is shitting up the thread. Going to stop replying to this crazy guy but will continue posting everything important about the subject at hand.

I can tell you’re vying for a gold star- (“sam’s BEST fan!”)- but it’s embarrassing ~

No. 692255

>n-no stop
hah wasting all those years on shitposting 24/7 and now you just break like a spineless faggot.

No. 692268

You obviously think having the last word = winning. It's pointless to argue with you.

No. 692274

having the last argument that stands means winning. and you got BTFOd everywhere from /pol/ and /mde/ to here.

No. 692449

File: 1537419754187.jpg (12.8 KB, 279x496, IMG_-fk94h7.jpg)

the only one getting btfo'd on /mde/ is Sam its pretty sad to see everything end this way but I guess he had it coming

No. 692545

>such damage control
yeah all those people laughing at you and teling you to kill yourself or go back to lolcow sure got BTFOd.

No. 692554

is this John Pelech? Is it Don? Is it a paypig with a gay crush? I don't really understand unless you are being paid by Sam why you would be doing all of his damage control. Its so obvious you are just one dude, maybe two at the most. You aren't very good at this I know that. There are many people who don't like Sam and a lot of them are people with personal vendettas. I assure you there are several people talking shit on him all over the internet at any given moment and most of them are just old fans who got sick of his scammy unfunny shit.

No. 692932

>get exposed for being one autistic fag thats posting all the anti-hyde shit
>think that calling everyone a single person back is gonna negate it
its over autismo. your faggy little conspiracy got blown open and everyone knows who you are the moment you make a post somewhere.
its just a matter of time before we doxx your gay NEET ass and make you kys

No. 692946

Proof all of us are one person lol

Gonna need to see some PROOF

No. 692958

I now understand why Sam hates his own fan base. The fags defending him are so sickening.

No. 692974

your autistic posting style, filenames, blunders and samefagging.
besides youre so deluded and cognitively biased that you wouldnt beleive water is wet if someone told you.

No. 692982

I don’t even post my dude, I’m just here for the show but you faggot fanboys are making me sick.

No. 692989

File: 1537478779170.jpg (17.01 KB, 478x325, memri so it seems.jpg)

>i dont even post

No. 693296


wipe ur ass freak

No. 693526

If anyone needs that advice, it’s Sam.

No. 694033

Sam literally wipes his ass n sniffs it compulsively

No. 694129

>projecting this hard
we know youre a sick transfag.

No. 694163

post your face or hands shitskin

No. 694523

we should make a new thread, its a shame this shitshow is on autosage

someone would sadly have to wade through all of these messy threads and make a good summary and then we should keep it highly moderated

No. 694588

No. 694591

No. It’s good to have everything compiled in one place

No. 694612

No, it'll get just locked. It was put on autosage because mods don't want to deal with it and I don't blame them

No. 694616

File: 1537668814179.png (755.94 KB, 1558x926, 0B4B867A-5DB1-4F09-8758-53B484…)

No. 694621

File: 1537668982846.png (37.63 KB, 480x490, F13AAE43-895C-43E4-B49A-04AA2E…)

No. 694636

>and then we should keep it highly moderated
why does that sound like a really bad idea

No. 694881

what? it's polluted by male posters and mde fans right now

No. 694889

>conversation started on January 26, 2015
>Sam hyde, 12/26/2012 4:43 pm
are you even trying?
if youre gonna fake conversations then atleast read them before you post them.

No. 694899

i mean it wouldnt surprise me if sam was fucked up in some way but this is just bad. Needs some Gra-go-tion

No. 694909

It's pretty obvious that this Facebook messager chat is fake because all the text is copied from the texts on Edie's phone, which are real. I imagine it was created to make it easier to read versus on her cracked phone screen.

No. 694911

>make a fake chat to slander sam
>get the dates wrong
>get debunked
>say that it was actaully sam who tried to slander himself
how retarded are you
>say that the text is actually real but just the part with the date is fake
apparently a lot.
im just gonna screencap this for posterity

No. 694912

File: 1537709361127.jpg (107.89 KB, 600x963, WAS.jpg)

>conversation stated 1-26-2015
>first message 12-26-2012

No. 694914

No you tard, the fake screencap of Facebook messages is based on the picture of Edie's phone which is a text messaging application. The date header is from the FB messenger fake and not on the pic of the phone.

No. 694916

File: 1537709511793.jpg (24.82 KB, 457x480, ayy.jpg)

someone screencap this and share it on /mde/

No. 694919

>i fucked up, but wait
>only the part where i fucked up is fake, the rest is true
illusion: 200

No. 694921

already have >>694911
my sides

No. 694922

I didn't make it despite what you want to believe

No. 694925

File: 1537709980424.gif (559.72 KB, 320x200, blackadder.gif)

>ha ha here sam fucked a tranny
>get the dates wrong
>oy vey
>actually it was probably sam that faked this to slander himself
>actually only the part with the wrong dates is fake, the rest is still true
>actually i didnt even make this

No. 694927

this thread just keeps getting better

No. 694929

File: 1537710196924.jpg (239.06 KB, 1908x1080, oh no.jpg)

>pic related

No. 694942

are you retarded i said that its obviously fake. He just seems like a weird dude generally

No. 694947

Proof that the texts are fake? You can see part of the chat bubbles cut off

No. 694952

i dont know what fake messanger app you used, and dont care. the jig is up.

No. 694953

File: 1537712964815.png (1.86 MB, 1680x5240, sam hyde fucked a tranny.png)

ARCHIVED FOR POSTERITY, now in png format

No. 694967

No. 694992

you sure are helping him with this :^) try to spread it everywhere, family

No. 694995

File: 1537716320554.jpg (28.46 KB, 600x600, 1467858267029.jpg)


No. 695001

The jig is up? There's more than one person here. Those charts were never posted here so they can't be firmly connected to anyone here. The Facebook messenger chat is fake, which I didn't make, but you can't prove Edie's texts are fake. Just because one image is fake doesn't mean everything else is. They aren't coming from one source brainlets.

No. 695015

>only the parts that dont fit in the scam are fake, but everything else is true, trust me
oh okay
> They aren't coming from one source brainlets.
so youre saying that its just multiple people LARPing as a tranny to smear sam hyde?
well that makes your argument much better

No. 695019

File: 1537718039217.png (109.4 KB, 897x480, a6828c24959935ef46c54decb2958b…)

No. 695023

all fake. Marky was donig the tumblr art-girl nosebleed stuff. It was a fad in the late 2000s-early 2010s. See for yourself:

No. 695030

>all the chat logs and pictures are fake because marky had a nosebleed
nobody said he hit her

No. 695065

marky never went to art school stupid fag
and she was 14/15 when she posted her cp nudes on r9k

No. 695068

she has a medical condition that makes her nose bleed a lot
doesnt prove shit no one said that the blood was because of sam

No. 695071

>she was 14/15 when she posted her cp nudes on r9k
sounds like a smart girl

No. 695103

she has a lot of issues and was obviously sexually abused as a kid

shes the exact kind of girl(damaged, teenage) "smart" guys like Sam goes for

No. 695105

one thing I don't understand is why you fags think all of this is fake when there is a ton more proof than Sam ever gave for any of his claims

He held some printer paper like he was going to actually give some concrete evidence the whole time in that Hydewars episode but never actually delivered anything more than 3rd hand accounts and the fact that he saw some cherub paintings in a bathroom

No. 695107

No. 695109

what is all fake though? her dob is available online for everyone to see its govt record how is it fake? its not like there are any other girls her age named fucking marky

besides that what is fake? the pictures of her and Sam? looks real to me and when you consider that he talked about the same shit thats in the texts as in the boston ross video its pretty hard to deny that as well.

No. 695110

>one thing I don't understand is why you fags think all of this is fake when there is a ton more proof than Sam ever gave for any of his claims
1) because it is fake
2) sam never even talked about these fake charges
> but never actually delivered anything more than 3rd hand accounts
you mean like you?

No. 695113

damn sam denied fucking a 15/16 year old? wow i guess he is telling the truth then not like you would lie about that because its illegal and scummy

how are the pictures 3rd hand accounts? they are pictures of them together around 2013-2014. Where is Sam's evidence of anything he has claimed about adult swim?

No. 695114

>her dob is available online
post it then.
oh here it is >>695019
>besides that what is fake?
all your conspiracy theories compiled from random pictuers you got from stalking people like a freak and faked chats

No. 695118

yeah its all fake
its not like where theres smoke there is usually fire or anything

if none if it true then why is there so much evidence that it is? why don't people post shit like this about eric or tim or any of the people at adult swim or just most people in general?

No. 695120

>damn sam denied fucking a 15/16 year old? wow i guess he is telling the truth then not like you would lie about that because its illegal and scummy
so let me get this straight. your plan was
>create a few mashups and blame hyde for abuse
>wait for him to say its not true
>haha! i knew you were going to say that
are you retarded?

No. 695122

>its not like where theres smoke there is usually fire or anything
you created the smoke retard.
>if none if it true then why is there so much evidence that it is?
because you took random shit and faked what was missing and them mashed it all up so you could have your egotrip from whiteknighting, while staying anonymous so that you dont get publicly shamed when its all exposed as fake

No. 695126

still waiting for it to be exposed as fake btw….

all your yelling that its fake and that marky is a 25 year old art student doesnt mean shit

No. 695128

>still waiting for it to be exposed as fake btw…
read the thread
>ll your yelling that its fake and that marky is a 25 year old art student doesnt mean shit
just like your fake mashups

No. 695131

you can yell fake all you want faggot but there is clearly a naked picture of sam and a young teenage girl who is clearly marky

disprove that one

No. 695132

>you can yell fake all you want faggot but there is clearly a naked picture of sam and a young teenage girl who is clearly marky
post it then

No. 695135

its been posted everywhere stupid fag only reason its not in the so called "fake" mashup is probably because she was embarassed or someone trying to protect her

No. 695137

yeah the picture totally shows that
>its not in the so called "fake" mashup is probably because she was embarassed or someone trying to protect her
must be why it mentions her name everywhere

No. 695140

yeah looks like a wholesome time they are having

im sure they were just making art with no shirt on and thats why there was clearly another picture posted all over that shows her without a shirt at the same time with a fucking bdsm collar on probably taken right after the wholesome trad god sam hyde pumped her 15 year old virgin asshole with his faggot aids

No. 695144

what are you jealous or something?

No. 695146

jealous of a scumbag who fucks underage girls
in the ass because he a complete degenerate? jealous of some poor girl who got manipulated at a 15 year old by someone she looked upto who probably gave her an std from all the random male hook ups hes had? try again

I like how its all fake until you losers get backed into a corner and then all of a sudden its BASTE that he fucked some poor teenager in the ass

No. 695149

why are you making such autistic spacing
>huuuurrrrrr duuuuurrrr tl;dr: jealous of people having sex?
>I like how its all fake until you losers get backed into a corner and then all of a sudden its BASTE that he fucked some poor teenager in the ass
noone said sex was fake. what the mashups go on to say is however.
you must be the virging shitposter angry at hyde everyone was talking about

No. 695151

File: 1537726943929.jpg (125.8 KB, 497x1280, photo_2018-08-07_15-34-31.jpg)

no I'm the iceland poster from this
no matter how much I try to "prove" shit you faggots don't listen but as long as I know this shit gets to sam I dont really care if you believe me

No. 695153

>no I'm the iceland poster from this
no,youre the same shitposter that stalks people close to sam, steals their photos, takes them out of context and uses them for his fake shit.
youre not proving anything when youre giving random photos and trying to construct a narrative around it based soley on people taking your word that you are who you claim to be, while you hide behind "anonymous".
its literally "hurr durr they took the babies out of the incubators" tier bullshit

No. 695154

lol literally what can I do to prove its me besides posting pictures I have that have never been posted anywhere of sam ? should I post emails I have?

No. 695162

>lol literally what can I do to prove its me
literally tell who you are you fucking retard. do you even use your fucking brain?
>posting pictures I have that have never been posted anywhere
they have but you took them. i cant reverse search my fb profile pic either but that doesent mean it didnt fucking exist untill 5 minutes ago dumbass,
everyone has told you how the internet works on /mde/ a hundred times
> should I post emails I have?
oh yeah fake some more emails, thatll work this time right

No. 695172

Those screenshots really have nothing to do do with the rest of this thread. They’ve been floating around online for years. Since I don’t have a kikebook and don’t know how messenger works I assumed maybe when there’s a new message in a conversation or someone reopens it starts typing, the “conversation” start date changes. You really think you guys are brilliant, huh?

No. 695175

Funny I don’t remember anyone claiming earlier I the thread that it was illegal. A 28 year old man fucking a 15-16 year old girl UP THE ASS is still disgusting and kid diddling and fucked up. Do you think her parents knew? Why not?

No. 695179

literally the most basic shit reaction photos. mde fans are legit the bottom of the barrel

No. 695190

how is this “closure” to anything? you guys will just run with the smallest thing and are incapable of weighing other evidence and it’s so clear how simple sam’s most dedicated fans are

No. 695194

File: 1537729211950.jpg (5.33 MB, 5312x2988, 20171122_220008.jpg)

yeh this is from facebook so guess its ok if i share it

No. 695195

File: 1537729242761.jpg (3.88 MB, 5312x2988, 20171122_210105.jpg)

also from fb

No. 695201

File: 1537729588229.jpg (4.69 MB, 5312x2988, 20180129_191226.jpg)

more facebook photos for you guys
don't worry they are fake I don't know sam

No. 695204

this just proves youre a freak stalker if anything

No. 695205

>you guys will just run with the smallest thing and are incapable of weighing other evidence
look whos talking

No. 695207

whoa you sure showd them

No. 695208

File: 1537729872978.jpg (104.24 KB, 1597x681, check3.jpg)

no it proves I lived there and I know Sam and yes I'm pissed off after 10 years he fucked me over and wrote me bad checks

No. 695210

File: 1537729892181.png (893.38 KB, 1268x670, Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 3.09…)

wow weird that location sure looks similar to

789 atwells ave
providence ri
2nd floor, entrance facing academy ave

owned by liberal artist boris bally

No. 695215

yeah don't worry they are fake pictures
there is no proof
also Sam probably isnt actually a fag that has sex with trannys and 15 year olds

No. 695230

>being this obseesed and stalking
if you do know sam he probably got a restraining order on you right? i mean you need serious help

No. 695231

i don't think you know what "stalking" is.

No. 695236

you are the one defending him every 5 minutes and you claim to not even know him

you are more "obsessed" than me
this is fucking lolcow why are you defending anyone on here

btw talking shit online on a forum specifically meant for it isnt "stalking"

btw hes a public figure so he should get used to it since he loves being a famous eceleb

No. 695245

File: 1537732100580.jpg (3.73 MB, 5312x2988, 20180207_012216.jpg)

hmm how did i get this jaihoo page picture I bet it was on fb too

No. 695247

probably hard to get a restraining order on someone who doesnt even live in the same state who you stole nudes from in order to blackmail in order to discouraging them from cashing 19k dollars worth of checks you wrote them

No. 695270

its obsessively praying on the personnal life of another person, ususally as a result of psychological or emotional issues.
so exactly what youre doing

No. 695272

probably bought it. youre obsesive enough to give him money if it means you can get closer to damaging his reputation

No. 695275

so youre claiming youre taking pictures of someones apartment while living a state away. magic right?

No. 695278

>you are the one defending him every 5 minutes
>no u
im just here for the kicks. im not the one thats been stalking him for years and shitposting every hour of every day allover the internet. the mere fact that you spend this much time on blogs and image boards is not healthy, not to even start with the obsession
>this is fucking lolcow
whoa real spartan
>btw talking shit online on a forum specifically meant for it isnt "stalking"
then stay on that forum. dont go shitposting everywhere form youtube to /pol/ and /mde/
>btw hes a public figure so he should get used to it since he loves being a famous eceleb
yeah you must be one of those Mark D Chapman tier fans

No. 695283

File: 1537735282964.jpg (56.82 KB, 599x599, 1533850023242.jpg)

No. 695285

have you heard of moving? thats what i did dumb faggot

No. 695287

haven't been posting on youtube or pol

the thread was from like 2 months ago the only time i been posting on pol

never posted anything bad about sam until 2 months ago but go ahead with your "theres only one person who doesnt like sam hyde" narrative

No. 695292

File: 1537735812255.jpg (4.63 MB, 5312x2988, rr.jpg)

like my room? it was in kstv2 if it ever comes out >>669238
but yeh i didnt live there

No. 695296

maybe try looking up the actual legal definitions of stalking and cyber stalking fag

>usually as the result of psychological or emotional issues

no more like getting fucked over by some faggot who didn't pay me try again

No. 695331

how did i get this if it hasnt even been released?

No. 695359

No. 695363

>maybe try looking up the actual legal definitions of stalking and cyber stalking fag
id say its prettymuch the same, either case youre an obsessive freak.
>no more like getting fucked over by some faggot who didn't pay me try again
so youre doing this for money? what a jew. i bet you didnt even do anything worthwile

No. 695364

yeah and i was in KSTV 389 but it just didnt come out yet

No. 695368

>haven't been posting on youtube or pol
sure you havent. i was there when you got BTFOd
>the thread was from like 2 months ago the only time i been posting on pol
aha so:
>hurr durr i din post on /pol/
>actually that was the only time i did
how fucking stupid are you?
>never posted anything bad about sam until 2 months ago
those mashups are a bit older than that
>"theres only one person who doesnt like sam hyde"
theres only one person autistic enough thats acts like a complete retard and always has the same "arguments".
and you sem to know about every instance that person was encountered and rebuffed

No. 695377

those mashups existed when i was still friends with Sam. They have been floating around the internet for like3 or 4 years. Actually I defended him from the tranny shit even though I knew it was probably true just because I felt bad he was in the closet and I was his friend.

You lost me on the last part but no there are several people I know of personally posting shit on Sam atleast lately.

No. 695380

yeah excuse me for wanting to get paid for 14 hours of work a day especially after moving to work there from a guy who promised me much more than what I am bitching about who makes 20k a month from patreon and hydewars alone

No. 695381

how do you explain the fact that I have like 50 pictures of this same room filming took place in that arent anywhere on the internet

No. 695384

never said I was in it anyway I didnt want to be in it but one of the episodes was filmed in my room which I already proved u faggots just dont want to believe anything bad about Sam

No. 695455

File: 1537748387766.png (59.44 KB, 680x680, 9d5.png)


wtf nobody believes the fake stories im telling about sam now im upset!! wow!!

No. 695504

File: 1537752196408.png (15.85 KB, 109x74, 443494907588509706.png)

don't care shill

No. 695510

File: 1537752389965.jpg (75.09 KB, 500x334, 500_F_16897477_Eb55Gqh2yhpV67w…)

you wanting them to be fake doesn't make them fake

No. 695569

can i see ur arms please

No. 695572

why do you keep saying this?

No. 695583

File: 1537759501028.jpeg (481.18 KB, 1242x2208, AA0C4AA3-FA3F-45D6-9056-C5846A…)

Not >>695510 but you’ve asked me about 10 times in the past on this thread and others
No cuts or burns here pal

No. 695584

File: 1537759513072.jpeg (319.51 KB, 1242x2208, 5109DA6D-20EA-4DC6-9E27-D3C9B2…)

No. 695603

ok now post some DIZZURTT on Samuel. stories, emails, pics w/e - just post something new

No. 695605

Pretty much everything that needs to be said is already out there.

No. 695653

File: 1537770727700.png (256.06 KB, 1427x566, log.png)

did sam have a sperg-out recently?

No. 695682

whyyyyyy are you so desperate to prove yourself to some MDE fan? howwwwwwwwww did you rack up 19k - how long did you go without him paying you and WHY?

No. 695684

I’m not her. Anonymously posting my arms once in hopes that one dude who keeps begging everyone in this thread for it will shut up. Generally I try to not engage with shills


No. 695688

And I don’t want to speak for her but generally when you’re employed you get paid after you’ve put in work, not before. So idk what’s so baffling about the 19k.

No. 695720

>some sourceless anectdote will prove im a different autistic retard
stop the fucking presses
> no there are several people I know of personally posting shit on Sam atleast lately.
so youre either saying you have an autistic little club for shitposting about sam 24/7 or that you have schizophrenia
your arguments just keep getting better

No. 695721

>14 hours of work
still havent seen any of your work.
>ibn4 hurr durr ive worked on WP n bombstrap n shiet
no you didnt. unless you were on the AS bandwagon that wanted the show gone

No. 695722

youre a freak obsessive stalker.
i could get those pictures if i stalked him and his close ones for years and be autistic enough

No. 695723

No. 695725

>not me, there are more people on my side
>post hands after a month
what you couldnt find some whore to make a few pics with costum dates in advance?

No. 695730

File: 1537784846762.gif (4.27 MB, 550x414, IMG_6732.GIF)

Well if it isn’t Sam Hyde’s #1 most loyal internet defenseman, right on cue.

Good morning! Has he thanked you yet?

No. 695748

>get called out for being the same person
>start calling everyone else the same person thinking it will somehow stop people laughing at you
are you geting payed? because having a job instead of shitposting for two years straight would probably get enough money to buy a flat

No. 695779

what? when we talk about a larger sum like 19k you don't just keep working for extended periods of time without any pay just waiting to get scammed

it's stupid and lame

No. 695787

again, it's really not that outlandish to expect a decent sum of money like 19k in yearly increments from an employer. it sounds like there was some kind of contract/prearrangement violated and neither of us are privy to that (and she seemingly got at least housing as part of the deal).
this also isn't your classic employer-employee relationship and few would expect to get screwed over by a close friend of 10 years.

>it's stupid and lame

how dare you call me stupid and lame on the internet >:(

No. 695807

>go do "art" work for someone for a year
>say its okay if he pays you in like a year
>no contract
youre pretty fucking stupid arent you?

No. 695822

oh so you must have full knowledge of any and all verbal and written fiancial agreements made between those two people, interesting

>”art” work

not sure what you meant by the scare quotes… yes there are employees who help sam rake in lots of money?

No. 695826

now you're talking about increments … anyway, no need to pull conclusions out of thin air, the scammed anon can answer for herself. i asked out of curiosity

No. 695830

No. 695855

>oh so you must have full knowledge of any and all verbal and written fiancial agreements made between those two people, interesting
anyone will tell you that youre even worse at bussines than shitposting.
but if you think you have someone by the balls because you whore yourself and suckup youre clearly retarded
>not sure what you meant by the scare quotes…
that you didnt do anything worth a fucking dime except fuck arond with some adobe for a few minutes
>scare quotes
what? theyre fucking quotations implying sarcasm you dumbass. read a fucking book

No. 695858

also stop samefagging.
your autistic episode on /mde/ streches for over a quarter of the thread

No. 695931

doesn't matter what I did and I don't give a fuck if you think it was some flailing around on adobe shit (thats hannahs job btw). The point is that Sam wrote me 2 checks, one for 9 and one for 10k and they both bounced. They are legal contracts it doesnt matter that I didn't get them up front I cashed them 3 weeks after I got them which is a normal amount of time and if you or he think he will get away with it your retarded.

No. 696009

No. 696064

>doesn't matter what I did
ofcourse it does you dumb stupid fuck.
you didnt deserve a fucking cent
>They are legal contracts
no, theyre fucking monetary transfer orders, for all the IRS or anyone else cares he could just be handing out checks to everyone for nothing.
>They are legal contracts it doesnt matter that I didn't get them up front I cashed them 3 weeks after I got them which is a normal amount of time
obviously youre either too fucking stupid to even do taxes or youre a gullible idiot.
>and if you or he think he will get away with it your retarded
oh yeah youve been threathening with that months ago on /pol/ even, and fuckall came out of it.
what are you gonna say to the attorney?
>hurr yah i went there and whored around for like a year becuz he let me
>but he din pay me and i dun have a pimp
even if what youre saying is true, you fucking deserved it.

No. 696075

this is shopped hahaha

No. 696089

No. 696094

why you so personally invested in this?
you are such a try hard want to be sam cock sucker its sickening

No. 696294

It's amazing how far Sam's dick suckers will stick their heads in the sand on all this shit. Makes me think the guy is running a cult.

No. 696328

File: 1537841584587.png (162.92 KB, 363x266, 1509294836472.png)

hey if you want a fucking answer to the tranny question edie is on twitter: meanbabexo
and ig: qtwaifu
get the milk str8 from the cows tit dumdums

i have heard from many sources btw that all sams friends get verbal contracts and he has made them delete messages with him that include that shit for other reasons so that would explain some of the trouble that channing girl is having and why literally noone youve heard of is working with sam now. maybe the autists who talk to edie can contact trapped, zack, john pelech, idk who else too and get real info?

No. 696353

who works for sam now?

No. 696506

File: 1537879310572.png (45.43 KB, 628x167, Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 8.29…)

maybe just cam guy from last hydewars video

No. 696542

john pelech?

No. 696562

sounds like a bitter homosexual too me

No. 696598

wow did the 20 year old he's paying to fuck him say no to fingering his asshole or something

No. 696666

Weird I wonder why that is

No. 696870

Is James price still around?

No. 696884

Looks like he was removed as mod from both r/com98 and r/worldpeace so I doubt it

No. 697359

>why do you persecute me so oyvey
because you personnaly anted to fuck up both the AS investigation threads and the entire mde board. so people called for a raid and everybody was onboard

No. 697360

>i have heard from many sources
<(citation needed)
i have heard its all fake

No. 697364

^^ Just ignore this guy lol

No. 697390

¸>just ignore those people thatsay what i dont like
like how you ignore the urge to kill yourself every morning?

No. 697694


now post the rest of em

No. 698826

no he fell out with Sam as well

No. 698827

hes some beta fag who has no life besides being orbited by mde fans online so I can't imagine he would although I heard Sam has never paid him lol

No. 698995


why did u respond three times??

No. 698998

was only 2 time

No. 699406

>projecting this hard
are you jealous he has a better soundcloud than you?

No. 702268

sam needing new music/sound design people >.> i guess james really is gone

No. 702777

has anyone talked to these people yet? or are we going to keep speculating?

No. 702803

someone should contact cup

No. 702900


James is out. Likely will see some of his music used in upcoming Sam projects but that’s because he already signed to it. But no more new collaboration

No. 703178

no because the onlyone that keeps bothering with this gossiptales knows that theyll get told its not

No. 703295

File: 1538584539900.png (32.43 KB, 345x390, brainled.png)

talked to marky actually and a few others including James

keep being in denial faggot

No. 703319

yeah and i talked to abraham lincoln. dont worry, ill post my fb chat with him.

No. 703927

why are u telling ppl to contact u

ur the one posting all this gay fake shit lmfaoo

No. 703928

heroin really fucks up ur brain lol

No. 704221

never done heroin in succession maybe ask don jolly if it fucks up your brain

No. 704424

are you a girl? if so shave your fucking arms jfc.

No. 704433

Haha they’re literally blonde/light brown and barely visible unless there’s a flash/closeup/angle. They do look dark there though lol

Glad someone finally found something to try to nitpick ;)

No. 704439

I thought people were going to go after my chipped nail polish or veins if anything… but you got me with the slightly visible blonde arm hair damn

No. 704460

File: 1538701070048.jpg (95.14 KB, 720x1280, photo_2018-10-04_17-55-39.jpg)

never work for Sam or he will either get you to work for him for free or stop payments on checks or intimidate you into taking a lowerpayment

No. 704535

No. 704602

File: 1538715068975.jpg (138.92 KB, 959x1280, cupcup.jpg)

cup is hot n credible
sam is fat and a pedo

No. 704716

>uploaded 5h ago
>the same account that allegedly shitposted nonsense on some vid a month or two ago
what did you find a MEGA link with some trashed content and decided to LARP again?

No. 704770

No. 704864

>literally nitpicking anything possible that could be construed as unattractive about your arm pics when their god Sam looks like a homeless diabetic jew

No. 704883

Sam is currently the sexiest he’s ever been

No. 704893

Sam's dick is broken LOL!

No. 704910

How do you know?

No. 704950

y are you trying to defend a faggot like Sam on lolcow of all places? White knight much? Do you expect Sam to acknowledge your existance with an anal reaming as a reward or something?

No. 704982


No. 704990


I feel worse for his balls. He won't be able to have kids even if he wanted to at this rate.

No. 705018

he never uses condoms so I think its safe to assume hes infertile

No. 705019

File: 1538773549037.jpg (46.2 KB, 500x500, 154897ced9fe9d841de1c57304a7d7…)

gumroad fags are really retarded
I wonder if Sam is still making 18k a month from that shit

No. 705109

channings posting to herself in this thread lol shes got heroin mania

No. 705111

james price told me this bitch is completely insane and not to be trusted

No. 705123

why isnt james workign for sam anymore

No. 705128


No. 705353

go cry about your dead dad bitch
I bet he killed himself because he knew his daughter was going to become some turbo thot art whore

No. 705354

see >>695725 >>697694

No. 705355

doesent your fake and gay mashup say he does?

No. 705356

were just here to make you tie a rope around your neck. people got a bit sick of your autistic shitposting allover the internet so its been decided its better this way

No. 705358

are you jealous of her or something? were bullying you here in this thread

No. 705359

damn I struck a nerve lol 5 posts in like 3 min on a mostly dead thread

Go back to b u normie whore
bet your efamous bf wasnt what you expected

No. 705361

>5 posts in like 3 min on a mostly dead thread
im on coffe break, most people have a job or college and dont have time to be autistic and shitpost all day.
>Go back to b u normie whore
what? why because /b/ is the only board lower than this?
>bet your efamous bf wasnt what you expected
i dont know hyde. im from europe

No. 705362

regardless you are the same fag who just learned how to greentext and is always replying
>to every fucking thing in this format

No. 705381

>hurr youre greentexting
thats how it goes on any chan you dumb fuck.
we know youre more used to tumblr and fruitcake sites like that

No. 705383

specifically no one is autistically responding to every fucking post with a different quoted greentext of the same exact quote as this fucking guy

no one has the time or autism for that

No. 705385

damn its your favorite word again "fruitcake" that you used so brilliantly on the mde board defending your gay boyfriend

no one fucking talks like you faggot
how new are you?

No. 705445

Retars Alert: Do Not Engage

No. 705876

can we see ur track marks sweetie?

No. 706033

i don't do heroin u retard
Sam just wanted to kick me out and fuck me over(not pay me, keep a bunch of my stuff, steal my btc) so he told everyone I was on heroin

No. 706034

Sam has quite an impressive ass toy collection

No. 706038

wtf are you even posting?
are you a schizo or something?

No. 706071

why you so mad defending this faggot on /snow/ of all places unless you are Sam or associated with sam

No. 706080

>if you dont back my bullshit claims youre either sam or someone close to him
no, im just here to see your livestream suicide.
you had your chance when you were told to fuck off from /pol/

No. 706113

that won't be happening anytime soon
but feel free to subscribe to sams gumroad where you can see at 33 year old former tv show guy slowly become a fat prediabetic, high bloodpressured irrelevant has-been who is incubating so many stds hes scared to go to the doctor! lol!

No. 706126

if you converted the energy from your autism, hate and shitposting into something usefull you might get a job you know. maybe even one that doesent involve serving fast food or handing out pamphlets

No. 706131

yeah I should like Sam
great job he has scamming money off teenage paypigs
wish I could be that cool

No. 706139


free shitty book Sam claims he wrote by himself

No. 706381

Sam is pretty funny

No. 706494

File: 1538978717109.jpeg (89.52 KB, 960x540, 9b25548238a2c527fe94b7149d0c34…)

No. 708410

post link to the new hydewars video

No. 708432

File: 1539138251944.png (36.75 KB, 593x108, tothebankk.png)

doesn't exist lol. he promised this weekend they'd be released by monday. then at midnight last night he moved the deadline up to 6am claiming he wouldnt' sleep until they're released. then after 6am he said he's going to sleep and then get back to editing… almost 24hrs late now. not that any of this is surprising

No. 708546

File: 1539147979423.png (157.32 KB, 500x451, 59caf25b-ba35-4f83-8359-515eb9…)

I'd actually want to date Sam Hyde even after reading the whole thread, do I need therapy ?

No. 708548

literally no one cares. go get fucked by him I'm sure he will be your prince charming and a perfect fairy tale.

No. 708552

C'mon why so mean dude

No. 708554

because you entered a thread of people that hate sam to say you would date him. go right ahead I cant wait to hear how it turns out.

I really hope youre that insane girl with the tumblr lol

No. 708563

I'm not the girl. If it happens I'll give you his STDs updates

No. 708683

Insane girl checking in. Do not want.

No. 708699

>because you entered a thread of people that hate sam
the thread went dead after 100 posts. then people from other boards came because you were shitposting there to tell you to fuck off and youve been autistically screeching since.
one raging autist isnt a "thread of people"

No. 708777

You're not her then. The psycho has an entire blog dedicated to masturbating over Sam and going to therapy about it. She does want.

No. 708791

oh trust me she's way more insane than you probably are

No. 712251

I believe you Xaney

I think you should cut your losses and get tf away and never look back

No. 714441

theres this mde moviwe where they hired actors, old guys, one talks about a cigarette boat
its a good movie
anybody know the title? i mustve forgot

No. 715243

No. 718153


No. 718249

Thread has been in autosage for months

No. 719864

How much longer until sams dick pics get leaked?

No. 720011

I would never stoop to that level

No. 720586

No. 721609

File: 1540562303215.png (16.46 KB, 960x333, f98b21c92c015e3615228151001ae2…)

>sam posts another shitty preview video (doesnt look remotely funny) on twitter for 'theatere of aire'
>of course it's paywalled lmao
>posts mde forever image missing charls
>ppl ask why no charls, sam plays dumb of course
>james price "not at liberty to talk about" their obvious falling out

anyone know who this fatty is ?

No. 721628

Someone said Cam Williams which would make sense but I have no idea the validity of that.

No. 723975

Is there any room for a reserved approach here for all of this shit? The only thing I'm strongly convinced of is Marky. Everything else doesn't hold up past the screenshots.
>inb4 le sam orbiter
I was never even in to MDE

No. 723979

>I was never into MDE
Then you really don’t have a good idea of the full context/timeline/people involved and shouldn’t be part of this conversation. Or you’re a concern troll.

No. 724030

>concern troll
what? its a legitimate argument. basing the whole thing on some pixel screenshots is as reliable as "ive heard they say"
logic like that is why those flat earth articles have genuine followers

No. 725388


jesus christ
the porsalin doc/interview was nothing but waxing poetic about how clever and innovative mde was and how it's the jews fault that world peace was cancelled
but this is fucking pathetic how he has sam one on one for an interview and totally just lets him dodge answering what the deal between him and charls

No. 726763

I finished the interview out of curiosity but couldn’t finish the documentary. Only thing that piqued my interest was the concept of an mde reunion. The doc was basically things every mde fan would already know about, but with excessive mentions of “the left” and especially “the JOOZ.” It seemed more pandering than actually informative.

No. 729867


No. 730572

Sorry lil buddy >>642806

No. 731725

File: 1542148737648.gif (256 KB, 500x378, 1541235912806.gif)

Jesus Christ this thread is such a hot dumpster fire.
Sam's humor is pretty funny but he's so pathetic and such a loser irl. Can't win em all I guess.
Can't wait to see him deal with his aging and loneliness soon enough. Too bad he fucked (literally and figuratively) all of his friends so no one will be at his side other than the fans he hates.
You made it bro!

No. 731880

File: 1542174137623.png (659.32 KB, 856x604, content.png)

new hyde wars is a 45 minute video of a guy sitting in the dark watching a 10-second clip of young Sam saying 'hi' looping over and over

which one of you anons is that

No. 738300

Found him in 2013 on youtube and he always had the sensibility you find on /pol/ even before it was big

I want to read this thread but it's kind of cringe since people are trying to ex post facto rearrange facts to make it seem like he was doing so beaseu "gf left for black guy" or "did pol pandering for money" when really he seems to have done it because he's being super honest and that's always been his thing

I want to read this thread to get what the online sphere is talking shit about him but i see so much bullshit it's almost pointless to read it cause most of it "holds no water"

No. 738402

>I want to read this thread to get what the online sphere is talking shit about him
if you want a tl;dr here:
>some attentionwhore sees some random eceleb on youtube on the rise (hyde)
>makes up shit about him to get attention
>these rumors go on for some time but noone gives a shit
>MDE:WP happens
>suddenly almost every millenial on the left that hasnt better shit to do decides Hyde is a bad guy
>they cant find nazi salutes and swastikas in the WP episodes like buzzfeed promised, so they try to go after anything, including mentioned rumors
>but Buzzfeed gets the show cancelled because its the elections so everyone forgets about it
>skip to this year
>Hyde makes this joke video about hunting pedophiles "to catch a predator/ 60 minutes" style
>people that like rick and morty (Dan Harmon was suppost to be the pedo) dont like it
>people that like rick&morty and were part of the autistic fuss against MDE:WP back in 2016 absolutely hate it
>this one special snowflake especially takes this personnaly
>goes out of his way to attack hyde
>youtube, 4chan, 8chan, etc
>goes to /pol/ and to /mde/ to attack hyde (retarded idea)
>gets shit pished in, people follow his posts back to this board
>this guy gets shit pushed in on here too
>they go back and forth for some time untill this attentionwhore gives up.
long story short someone wanted attention but got more that he asked for.

No. 738454


This guy >>738402 is disabled and paid shill.

Roasties are buttmad they got used and want everyone to know about it.
Friends/associates are pissed for being ripped off.
Fans are generally mad because the lack of quality content since WP, distaste for HydeWars, their personal opinions on Sam's decisions over the past couple years, etc.

No. 738598

i tought you stopped shitposting when noone beleived you?

No. 738724

Is he paying or fucking you? Or both?

No. 739182

>anyone who watches MDE is sams girlfriend
do you have some sort of a complex going on?

No. 739564

File: 1543374467921.png (125.09 KB, 1796x734, 1519684885169.png)

>he's being super honest and that's always been his thing
yeah no. the guy is a textbook sociopath

No. 739790

That screenshot is doctored. The original was asking about beef with Charls.

No. 740078

no, nice try though.

No. 740081

forgot link:
You really suck Sam's dick that much that you just make shit up?

No. 740397

link to original thread http://archive.is/LgJXx

No. 740435

the whole things is comments about charls.

No. 740606

>hes a textboth sociopath
why the hate? where did he touch you?

No. 740944

The comment he replied to directly was unambigously questioning the tranny “rumor.” Not about charls. See >>739564.

No. 741108

Makes me thing Sam has his employees do white knighting for him, even if it's blatant lies to defend him.

No. 741116

oh please everyone knows how heavily moderated that board was. theres no way "you had sex with a tranny" made it though the filter.

No. 741136

It did get moderated and Sam's dick suckers are trying to imply that the thread was a question about Charls, but before that happened it got archived, see: >>740081 and search tranny on it.

No. 741238

the trynny thing was proven fake tho right in this thread.

No. 741240

yeah it was fake but were talking about the subreddit moderation

No. 741247

lol where

No. 741335

go up a little. the whole thing was apparently a LARP by someone, and in one of the screencaps "proving" this tranny thing he faked the dates wrong without checking.

No. 741512

Sam is degenerate enough that he probably did fuck a tranny at some point. The specific debunking you are talking about might even be a false flag on his part to try to exonerate himself.

No. 741529

File: 1543619809327.jpg (291.28 KB, 955x951, why tho (2).jpg)

>sam fucked a tranny, then went on the internet and accused himself of doing it, and then made intentionally weak evidence that he did so that people would think he didnt
are you autistic?

No. 741556

>then went on the internet and accused himself of doing it
No, when he got outed he took the evidence and made it appear fake, and then debunked it to "prove" his innocence.

No. 742070

did you even look at the discussion here?
heres a recap >>694953
that poster was obviously some autist that fucked up one of his bullshit stories not sam. he even tried to say he didnt make the shoops but that theyre real except the part he fucked up.

No. 742099

that poster was obviously Sam

No. 742158

something tells me that poster was you

No. 742541

Could you please go into more detail about this girl saying he produced Child Porn?

No. 742545


Because I'm thinking about a comment I read claiming Hyde was paranoid about one his Hard Drives

No. 742696

What kind of alt-right rhetoric?

No. 742779

lol it's not
i actually posted that screencap after i saw it somewhere else. i shouldn't have done that. that (seemingly) fake fb convo was produced after all the other evidence but was put out after the other information and from a completely different source.
there is still NO strong evidence to debunk that rumor or anything else in the infographics.
he did.
he fucked marky when she was about 16 and took pictures and there are videos of them that pop up occasionally before they get deleted. because she's underage it's CP
he was smashing them a few months ago
he has two full grown men working for him who worship at his feet. he needs sidekicks to maintain his dangerously overblown ego and to affirm him in all the dumb shit he does. i feel bad for his sidekicks. cam williams is one of them. he spends his days going through the tedious process of filing dozens of copyright takedown requests on people who've reuploaded sam's clipped content and whiteknights for sam on multiple websites.

No. 742979

What’s Cam and the other dudes deal? I thought his hardcore dicksucking fans were all edgy high schoolers

No. 743215

File: 1543878425415.png (282.99 KB, 550x461, use your imagination.png)

>i posted that
>but it wasnt mine someone else fucked up the fake chats
>so that he could set me up
>must have been sam hyde

No. 743230


If this is true, this is a case of Hyde slipping through the cracks of the justice system. Reminds me of how apparently Ian Watkins had a shit-ton of reports about him sent to the authorities, but nothing was done.

No. 743374

reading comprehension ability lacking fam

No. 743764

>u cant read
seriously then, what are you claiming here?
>1 sam hayde did some shit
>2 he then faked chats with wrong dates
>3 he gave them to you and said they were real
>4 you posted them here to prove he did some shit
>5 he then said hahah i tricked you
is that about it?
because to me it sounds much more likley that it was just you fucking up while faking one of these chats and posting it before notocing your typo

No. 744056

>1 sam hayde did some shit
>2 he then faked chats with wrong dates
huh? where did i say sam did that?
>3 he gave them to you and said they were real
huh? where did i say sam gave me the chats and said they're real?
>4 you posted them here to prove he did some shit
yeah i think i clicked on a somewhat questionable link while i was at work, downloaded the screenshot i saw and posted it without properly scrutinizing it like i should have and like i did with other evidence. i assume facebook either listed "conversations" differently than how i'd imagine (idk cause i haven't used messenger in years) or someone planted that and sent it to me and i fell for it
>5 he then said hahah i tricked you
where did i say that??

>is that about it?

yep, reading comprehension still lacking

No. 744349

yes i want you to beleive that

No. 747341

This thread has been an interesting read. I've liked MDE's stuff for a few years but I knew Sam fucked up when he started sperging out on Twitter right after World Peace aired and the election was coming soon. Then it was canceled and Charls was MIA and it was clear that him and Sam had some kind of falling out. Charls seems like such a chill and forgiving dude, so I could only imagine what Sam did to cause a rift that bad.

When he started charging for HydeWars, that was some of the most transparently Jewish bullshit ever. $5 a month isn't a lot of money but it sure as hell is $5 too much for low effort vlogs.

The past two years have been nothing but begging for money with nothing but empty promises in return. Every video he's released has been good for a chuckle at best. It's all forgettable garbage. 2 years on and he's still crying about World Peace being canceled in the latest HydeWars video lol.

The grooming and abuse of young girls is quite a cherry on top of this shit sundae.

No. 747643

>i dont like sam hyde: the paragraph
then dont watch him

No. 747736

Apparently the Sam Hyde Internet Defense Force doesn't know how to count paragraphs. Not surprising, really.

No. 748186

>sam internet defense force
i get that the internet is full of paranoid wackos but why would anyone obsses over a random internet comedian?
i mean he isnt even mainstream

No. 748237

have you seen his fans? the ones that have stuck around (post-world peace) worship the ground he walks on. it's pathetic.

No. 749201

no i havent.to be honest the most autistic things on the internet regarding hyde or MDE this year were posts like OP that got called fake and gay by everyone

No. 753039

The same can be said about fucking charls at this point.
Dude has 3 ways to get donated to. Fucking pathetic.

No. 753320

Kind of funny huh?
Both of them are trying so hard to retain their masculinity and power over others by making these weird little "insider's knowledge" clubs. Like, if you join and pay ME, I'll let you into my club and let you listen to me ramble on about pointless psychobabble. But if you actually take time to listen to their 5 hour streams it's all just basic bitch shit that everyone already knows or has heard about. People like these guys because they either want to be them and command the influence of other weird men or they need a niche group of "like minded" men to spam altright or pseudo-philsophical bullshit.

It's also extremely eerie how Sam can look straight into the camera and lie for minutes on end. Or how he waxes on and on about how everyone is a big ~pedo~ and about the ~bankers~ who fucked him over, but he is unironically both of those things. He preys on young underage girls and makes extremely bad business decisions (not paying people, stealing merch money, having to pay your """friend""" to do a video with you). I wonder if the cognitive dissonance ever gets to him.

No. 754009

File: 1545777544345.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.13 KB, 965x540, 1545763158241.jpg)

No. 754601

This. So much this.

No. 754791

thats 4 years old from newstuff you mong.
if you dont get it then dont watch it.nobody needs a gossip attentionwhore

No. 754809

I'm sorry that Sam has held you hostage and is forcing you to write these comments. Maybe if you write enough of them Sam will pay you for your hard work

No. 754909

hes so sexy damn

No. 755130

which one are you talking about?

No. 755164

Idk which one they meant but looking at that pic makes me wish I was the tranny

No. 755256

sammy ofc silly

No. 755450

>anyone that disagrees with me is a slave working for this sam hyde character i hate for no sane reason

No. 758344

It's his style of humor.
Sammy memes will always be funny to me.
I look at all this shit in the context of Sammy and just laugh at it. You either get it or you don't, and got it's nice to "get it."

Haven't had a better experience on the internet than /r/mde in full swing or /r/mdememes recently when there's 400+ of us on at a time posting shit, everything is gold.
There's absolutely nothing like it.

No. 758346

It just boils down to the lack of understanding of deep deep irony. That's what makes mde so funny. Just watch some vertical vids, you'll get it :)

No. 758348

No. 758829

File: 1546575476198.jpeg (65.24 KB, 602x581, 1910E5FE-6953-4B73-A95C-BE6EF8…)

No. 758844

No. 758847

No. 759759

>look at me fake chats
did you atleast get the dates right this time?

No. 759777

Lol didn’t post that but they’re not fake

Also here >>660274

No. 759781

Nah man. His harassing/abuse of women and former collaborators who dumped him stops being funny and ironic at some point. I think him compulsively injecting roids has a lot to do with it.

No. 759786

>some hoe bitching on the internet
>more of chat screencaps that will probably turn out to be fake aswell
damn you got a second watergate, im sure the trial and media scandal youv been promising for over a year now is just around the corner

No. 760511

Oh no is that Krissy Rose?

No. 772367

If what I've heard is true, Hyde reminds me alot of R Kelly. Someone who is regarded by lots of people to be a genius in their respective field, seeming to mostly abuse teen girls (while seeming to target even younger girls), producing Child Porn but not getting punished for it, is reported to be physically abusive to their partners, has girls call him daddy, does things to his partners during sex to humiliate them, very manipulative, is a control freak, ect ect.

No. 772472

if its true.
but theres a serious lack of any accounts or lawsuits to imply that, other than anonymous claims on the internet.

No. 777761

Hyde is much less talented than R Kelly. He was good at pissing off hipsters and low-hanging satire when he was starting out, but even then he drew heavily from Tim and Eric, and his skit comedy is downright mediocre. Even his show was boring as shit and propped up only by fanboys who were desperate to see him succeed. The only reason why he has a large fanbase to begin with is because he's one of the only far-right comedians who's ever come close to actually being funny.

Everything else you wrote is true though.

No. 780290

File: 1550790453399.jpg (47.72 KB, 640x640, 31ff6bee6b6a68fee6b.jpg)

Poor diaperchan got BTFO'd

No. 780325

Leave her out of this - This thread is about Sam

No. 780327


Oh my bad. This was fine
but diaperchan is off limits? How come?

No. 780328

I didn't post any of those

No. 780329

I don't think you did. I also don't see anyone defending those girls so?

No. 780507

She's just some retarded slut with a diaper fetish.

No. 797817

File: 1555208820660.png (9.65 KB, 489x91, f7c879cfc23eee544b1fc97e8dbac9…)

why do you care so much about Sam's wikipedia page and where he was born?

No. 798227

People are probably pissed off that Sam pretends to be poor

No. 801014

Does anybody have more info on when the FBI tried to go after Hyde? How did he get away from getting in trouble?

No. 803119

2014–He got rid of his hard drives after his ex-girlfriend confessed that she called the police on him for being in possession of child pornography.

No. 806337


Now was that girlfriend a different person from Marky, because I remember seeing a comment from someone saying they were in contact with multiple girls on Twitter who each say Hyde abused them.

No. 806942

That was a different girl that reported him to FBI. There are literally dozens of girls that have been used by Sam Hyde. He lies to them all. He'll probably use his new insta to reel in more because they're all young fans of his.

No. 812798

No. 819201

What is the deal with this colossusisland tumblr that was recently deleted
(https://archive.is/3sTaj)? I saw this link in the description of a youtube video and I am super new to all this, I was a casual fan of his up until an hour ago. Never realized how much of degenerate fag he was.

No. 819245


QRD on that (maybe a long run down)

>Sam's remaining longtime employees starting to get fed up with his his treatment of them, his lying, his degeneracy

June 2018
>Sam illegally uses a keylogger to access an employee's computer, reads her chats with other male employees/associates talking shit about him, steals and prints out these chats as well as her nudes
>Blows a mental fuse, becomes sick realizing that people who have endless dirt on him are starting to talk about it in private behind his back
>Decides to single out people in his life to try to get each one to delete their communications etc. with him
Next day
>Gets one of his male associates (who was also his friend for about a decade) into his truck under false pretenses, confronts him with the stolen chats and nudes, drives halfway to the associate's house with the intention of going through his computer to delete unsavory information before turning around
>Also asks the associate the best way to destroy a hard drive (male assoc. sees bits of broken hard drive in the bed of Sam's truck the next time he visits)
>Demands that his female employee (who is about to leave) delete her texts etc. with him or else she won't receive payment after working for him for a year, she complies, he gives her $20k of bad checks that later bounce
Next day
>Meets up with a girl he was dating behind his gf's back (they didn't know about each other), tries to make her delete all messages with him as well
>Makes video accusing Adult Swim execs. of being pedos, sexual degenerates, mocks them for dating 19 y/os
>People who know Sam and know about all the shit he's done (fucking 15-16 y/os, cuck/diaper fetish, incessant cheating on and emotional abuse of various gfs) are enraged at his hypocrisy and start posting shit about him publicly
>This ( >>658387 ) results

>In 2017, Sam got pissed at Charls for pitching a show without him, develops grudge and tells people to not work with him
>In 2018, Sam fell out with his #1 editor at the time, made a verbal agreement to not use any of his editor's work once he left, broke this deal in following months, editor is not happy about this
>Numerous accounts of past gfs corroborating all this shit about Sam (the last two images are from a girl who was with him for like nine years) including that of Marky (16 at the time) who states she would tell her parents she was going to a shift at work when in reality she was meeting up with 28 year-old Sam (that's where those pics of them come from)

No. 819451

thanks for the summary anon! eye-opening, all this time I thought his sociopathy was part of a character.

No. 823537

(citation needed)

No. 825664

fake and gay

No. 825835

You wish :)

No. 825901

>no u
go public attnetionwhore

No. 826275

Thread with The Box talking about breaking up with Sam in 2010: http://www.autoadmit.com/thread.php?thread_id=1206410&forum_id=2#13955339

It's a lot to go through, but a good rundown of his manipulation tactics. She transcribed one of their conversations she recorded: (http://www.autoadmit.com/thread.php?thread_id=1206410&forum_id=2#13959274)

Also, posters talking about a text screencap that was deleted: "it wasn't that ridiculous. dude told her to have various body parts clean for him"

No. 826344

would you really have to convince an “attention whore” to go public? isn’t that something she would do without any convincing/persuading?

No. 827847

>going pblic where youd have to present your fake story with a face infornt of a wide audience
its pretty obvious why none of this was ever public. its all been shitposting on anonymous boards.

No. 828248

I do wonder how and when these accusations will become common knowledge, just like it is for R Kelly and Micheal Jackson. Will one girl come forward to tell her story and then start a domino effect with other victims, will they all come together at once, ect ect?

No. 835191

So I'm curious, when did Hyde start becoming radicalized in terms of having far right beliefs?

No. 835615

he’s only right wing online

No. 841558

first theyd have to be true, because noone is retarded enough to try and fool a court of law with internet shitposting

No. 844228


If multiple girls come out to say that Hyde abused them, then that is when things will go downhill for him. I highly doubt Marky is the only one.

No. 844264

yeah this if has been going on for years just like the nubian prince scam.
only this one hasnt made anyone any money

No. 845530

Wow you're a complete spastic lmao.

No. 845542

>haha youre making fake claims faggot idiot you dont even know him
>w-woah uhh youre kind of weird dude. haha i didnt even care in the first place. loser

No. 845559

Oh my god shut the fuck up dude. Your only shtick is doing poor spongebob-meme-tier imitations of what people are saying with shit greentext, sucking off hyde and spamming "no u" and "attention whore". Legit off yourself you projecting, stupid, no habla English turkish piece of shit

No. 846312

the girl Geneva from a happy world daddy video was sexually assaulted by Sam when he took out his dick in front of her masturbating. He could have probably a dozen girls from the past year that could speak on his perversions

No. 846579

File: 1564588354515.gif (1.27 MB, 440x245, 1438641262760.gif)

>clams X
<is X legit?
>ya look at my shit
<why dont u act on it
>hurr durr STFU
who do you expect to beleive you exactly?

No. 849432

I can't wait for the sperg-out from Hyde fans when accusations become way more well known, a lot of them will probably think he's bEiNg TaRgeTeD for being just ToO wOkE

No. 850047

r.i.p 8ch made page. Channing make the website already

No. 850226

ppl are starting to wake up

No. 850585

doing gods work

No. 854694

LOL Hyde blocked me on Insta for bringing up Marky I'm gonna check if he deleted the comment

No. 854697

yep he deleted it what a fucking pussy

No. 855441

This is why he refused to do any interviews (at least with anyone that would ask him real questions and not just suck his dick i.e. Porsalin)

No. 855459

he's gonna get what's coming to him soon

No. 855464

Sam's will be exposed for having always been a total degenerate then, and now. we gave this beta cuck an inch and he decided to grow his own ring of young whores in 2014 (just like any Hollywood elite.) could you imagine what would've happened if he had been successful at adult swim? he couldn't control himself before he even gotten "successful." He probably wouldn't have lasted a year before a successful #metoo would've commenced against him. Or he wouldve probably fallen down a deeper rabbit whole of ebephilia like Epstein

No. 855686

>OP 1 year ago
>shitposting circlejerk everywhere
>still no results

No. 855890

is Hannah brandt the Ghislaine Maxwell to Sam hydes Epstein-esque antics?

No. 856050

I’m pretty sure Maxwell was involved and roped girls in for Epstein, not entirely clueless and kept in the dark about everything. So obviously not.

No. 856135

the hockey player?

No. 856273

He becomes more and more grotesque-looking with each appearance. Sam, get your shit together and break the cycle.

No. 856379

So wait, Rocco is 'manipulative' because he fucked a 20yo at ~30 something? Is that the extent of his controversy? Give me a break.

No. 856819

he blocked me on twitter for pointing out that hes a pedo too kek

No. 857550

Someone should make a video like the one posted earlier except anonymously and more put together, just a narrator going over what happened with screenshots added as imagery. The Ricky guy did well but he rambles and Sam’s fans are focusing more on his appearance and race instead of what’s being presented to them. I might make it myself.

No. 857646

No. 857688

When is the website going up? I need it. Please

No. 857905

Channing,if you're out there, let us know you haven't given up

No. 858221

File: 1566799016239.jpg (3.42 MB, 4208x2368, DSC_0226.JPG)

Didn't give up just been lazy because I have two jobs and no days off. I'm quiting my night and weekend job soon so I can work on it then more. Please email me any saved screen caps or links homies. I got enough stuff but always need more really.

No. 858238

One feature idea you might want to look into is scraping a list of all of Sam's twitter and instagram followers, and have a button that generates a pasta so someone can tweet @ a random follower about the site and Sam's degeneracy.

No. 858239

Yeah I already made a bot for that it's just I haven't had time to make accounts on twitter

No. 858398

bless you Chan

No. 858430

>Someone should make a video like the one posted earlier except anonymously
your video is gonna be fake and gay. and anonymous, so even more fake and gay.
you want to mae a fuss then go legal. but i guess you cant do that when most of your case is based on mspaint and prankmenot.com

No. 861696

Nise larp faggot. You wish it was all fake. Your God is dead.

No. 862606

i dont think you know what LARP means.
also ive yet to see any charges or convictions against hyde, apart from the shooter pranks.

No. 862794

File: 1567471247774.jpg (154.39 KB, 964x534, hyde marky 2 crop.jpg)

You can tell how much of a hero Hyde was to Marky :(

No. 867979

we need you channing

No. 871901


I do hope that she doesn't feel like it was her fault. Because it wasn't.

No. 872138

Who, Marky? Lol she’s fine.

No. 874841

File: 1569868078471.png (249.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190930-125037.png)

sam hyde unblocked her and will flying her out soon

No. 874842

File: 1569868142754.png (353.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190930-125010.png)

someone go tell this girl that her idol is a pedo riddled with STDs

No. 875054

u guys are all retarded smelly apes… real shit
some dumb ass b'itches in this thread

No. 875081

and yet you’re here too

No. 875146

Sam raped, abused, and blackmailed me for years. The bot contacted me through IG and now i'm so happy that i've found this community. My friends and family all know what happened to me, and I'm afraid that if I go to authorities with the information that he will release the footage of him raping me and i'll never be able to recover. You are all so brave and I thank you for creating something so necessary. God bless you all

No. 875155

cool larp. you mad that sam obsessively creeps on little girls half his age?

No. 875219


I didn't know there were so many others.

No. 875315

not a larp

No. 875671

i looked through her photos on her new handle and she’s clearly younger than 18. is he addicted to the grooming process?

No. 875712

she's seen this site. knows he's a predator and has changed her handle so people don't post about her on the internet. :)

No. 876076

File: 1570127882434.jpeg (59.52 KB, 750x1334, received_668473176978814.jpeg)

but he's always been so cool

No. 876204


No. 876333

Who you LARPing for? i mean you cant hold this bullshit out in public and the onlyones here are you and a few people telling you youre retarded. Do you atleast doublecheck the dates when you fake the convos by now?

No. 876335

File: 1570195338884.jpg (87.71 KB, 900x720, fellowkids.jpg)

>Call me im gonna lose it
>this is fucked up
>will you send me nudes, Stay with me; Sam Hyde
>i, infamous comedian and nazi sam hyde am sending you this messages
gotta be the most convincing LARP ive seen since 9/11

No. 876413


pix from girl he dated at the time emi. go ask.

no larping. just steady receipt posting until he wants to be accountable and address this with his general audience.

No. 876685

why don't you just make a youtube vid about the accusations

No. 876965


Who's Emi?

No. 876968

File: 1570343313339.png (162.15 KB, 885x557, ffdeea4e67d95ebe2311ac3d59da73…)

Don't know If the woman who wrote this email here was underage at the time, but nevertheless the bottom part really reminds me of what Jimmy Safechuck and Wade Robson (in the Leaving Neverland documentary) said Michael Jackson did to them when Michael lost interest in them, and he started paying attention to another boy, which involved Jackson totally ignoring the young Robson/Safechuck and very openly starting a "friendship" with another boy right in front of Safechuck/Robson, either not caring that Safechuck/Robson were hurt by it, or Michael just not realizing it.

No. 877071

She was not underage. I don't know exactly how old but she was in college.

No. 877151

I hope Channing can put out her website soon x

No. 878400

To the people that knew/know him personally, what was his childhood like? Why is he like this? Was he abused as a kid?

No. 878610

File: 1570696772389.jpg (341.47 KB, 720x1280, 1570621464806.jpg)

No. 878653

He should be in jail for producing child pornography

No. 878991


Damn the people in that thread have no empathy

No. 879187

File: 1570818688453.jpg (543.91 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20191011-132840_Ins…)

No. 879190

No disrespect to the victims but I'm curious how Hyde's fans will deny it, when even more girls start coming out about what happened.

No. 881205

>i will shittalk someone behind his back untill they find out, and then i will probably stop because i might get sued
oh ok.

No. 881206

that would require a voice and a face, and you cant shitpost if youre not anonymous

No. 881209

>hyde copypasta starts with his "natzee" show around 2016
>just like the IG profile
(X) Doubt

No. 881212

its 2016+3 to be generous, and we havent seen anyone come out. people came out against famous actors, major hollywood directors, congressmen and even a president, but nothing against hyde. No arrests or convictions, no legal procedures or media reports,not even a public statement.
so i doubt that anyone ever will come out with such things against hyde, moreover i doubt anyone that would do that even exists.
If it hadnt been done it these few years, not even for the settlement money or publicity, then you can probably figure out that all the rants and copypasta are a purpose in on itself.
At the end of the day anyone can make some libel against a celebrity or politician they dont like when youre anonymous on here.

No. 881221

>He filmed me at 16. Took my virginity. Hit me. Had me watch him have sex with another girl. Fuck this guy
What's going on big guy?! You just manufactured child pornography :O

>we havent seen anyone come out
About Sam's treatment of women/employees in general? How about

Charlotte who provided timestamp
Krissy ( >>758829 )
Anon from 2017 (posted in this thread and elsewhere)
Anon from 2018 ( >>819201 )
Previous long term girlfriend ( >>678585 )
Anon girl who lived with him around 2016 (screenshots in >>819201 )
James Price (also in >>819201 )
Another woman in ( >>819201 )
Don Jolly
Other former employees whose complaints were strictly work-related

The fact that I named those people off the top of my head and there are probably more even in this thread should say something in itself.

Those are all people who've attested to Sam's lying, cheating, even abusive behavior in his personal life and in the workplace. If you're talking about criminal charges for raping a minor, the question there has to do with state borders and if he crossed them on his way to have sex with a 16 year-old. As far as other criminal charges go, Marky seems pretty clear-cut about Sam filming her for sexual purposes while she was underage (illegal). It may shock you but not many girls want to get tangled in a legal debacle about filming a sex video in 2013– that would be stressful and embarrassing and costly. Most people just want to forget about those types of things.

So people have "come out" against Sam, despite your claim that no one has. Why have there been no official legal charges? Sam isn't a celebrity like Harvey Weinstein (whose accusers were Hollywood actresses) or Matt Lauer. They're a disjointed group of individuals who knew Sam at different points over the past decade. All this stuff against Sam has been accumulating for a decade on various imageboards. If anything proves Sam's egregious behavior, it's that all this information had been consistently coming out for YEARS until people began talking to each other and piecing together a cohesive narrative. You think feds were planting fake screenshots back in 2013, years before MDE had a show?

Personally while I think it's good that more and more is coming out, I honestly do think Sam craves any attention, even negative attention (this entire thread). If you trapped him on a deserted island he would die of lack of attention before thirst or hunger. People closer to him who have a better idea of his finances should check into his debts and admissions of trying to scam creditors, maybe evaluate if that could be a potential legal issue for him.

If you don't like this thread, there are many other sites where you can post about how BASED Sam is and parrot tired quotes from 2016 (Never Forget The Six Episodes). You can even attach funny images and gifs, pretty cool.

No. 881222

We aren't going to see media reports. Nobody cares about some fat failure that had a pilot TV show at 2am over 3 years ago.
He's not a celebrity. MDE is dead. Nick being around sometimes isn't MDE. Look at the 18-year-olds he's keeping around these days. What happened to the rest of the guys with years of experience? They must have all been bad eggs, right?
Nobody is coming out with anything outside of little image boards like this because Sam Hyde is a loser who isn't worth the attention. Oh and good luck convincing a girl to admit she fucked a freak in front of a judge over just trying to move on and forget.

No. 881352

>cant adress issue
>just recap the whole libel fiasco and ask to leave
great job detective.
>come back a minute later and yell some more
open and shut case. looks like smocaine was one step ahead of you the whole time.

No. 881422

File: 1571345324597.jpg (612.46 KB, 964x1374, Insanity.jpg)

what kind of batshit pilpul is it to imply that in order for a claim to have weight/be valid it has to be dragged through a court and proven that Sam has done something illegal (the only speculation of illegality is that he may have boinked Marky when she was 15 or that he filmed illegal porn with her, the rest of the stuff is just pointing out what kind of abusive shithead Sam is to the people around him)
just look at all that shit and bridges Sam has burned, where there is smoke, there is probably a fire.
Sam is a pyschopath and you are on here defending him, let that sink in

No. 881427

File: 1571346044214.jpg (92.48 KB, 720x960, 970532_1395074707390081_745306…)

Just a heads up, >>881352 is the 86 IQ Eurofag who's been shilling for Masta Sam on here for over a year. Not really useful to engage.

Good picture though. Here's another that hasn't been posted. I think it's the same girl.

No. 881429

yeah it is the same girl, look at the cuts, they're exactly the same except the one you posted they're fresh and still bleedy

No. 881595

Isn't this The Box?

No. 881806

>what kind of batshit pilpul is it to imply that in order for a claim to have weight/be valid it has to be dragged through a court and proven
when youre making batshit accusations of this caliber anonymously on the internet the validity of it is gonna inevitably come into question. and with most of the celebrity or even regular abuse charges being resolved pretty fast or acquitted when going public youd expect this copypasta to have ended over 3 years ago.
instead, it just keeps being shitposted like pyramide scehemes and nubian princes relying on new and gullible internet users to stay relevant.
>ibn4 jus like sam hyde
hyde is still making new content, good enough that people are prepared to pay for. i doubt anyone ever payed you for this half a decade old stale shitshow

No. 881833

>validity of it is gonna inevitably come into question
And yet, despite despite the caliber and volume of accusations, very little, if any of it has been proven false or debunked. Surely someone would have been caught in a lie/direct fabrication by now if Sam is some innocent victim in all of this. That is an obvious indication that something is up with the guy, something bad.

No. 882069


God, I can't wait for the moment he realizes he's gonna spend the rest of his life in a 6'x8'.

No. 882086

t. Sam

No. 882377

>very little has been proven false
it has, but it ususally goes like this:
>an anonymous shitpost that most people dissmis from the getgo gets dissmissed by another anonymous shitpost, but then OP starts throwing ad hominems and more shitposts
the only way bullshit like that is debunked to the point where even the author has to admit is fake is when the content outright contradicts itself, e.g. >>694616
that said, when all the shitposting doesent change in literally years, and the only new things become old copypasta being proven fake and being replaced by an even more ridicoulus new one, its safe to say the whole thing is dead air.

No. 882657

whats been disproven

No. 882702

He's mainly talking about >>694621 which has never been posted outside this thread and it's fakeness is iffy because there could be an explanation for the timestamp mismatches. The only obviously fake thing that Ive ever seen was that dick sucking pic but I think that was mainly a joke.
But the stuff that's probably/obviously true that gets posted all the time (Sam and Marky, the stuff with Channing, Don Jolly, etc.)? Yeah, good luck debunking that. If that shit was fake Sam's autistic fans would have dismantled it and thrown it out the window a long time ago.

No. 882722

Dick sucking thing is true LOL. James price even follows her on instagram. You could learn the truth pretty easily just by asking these people in question.

Don't let an eceleb be your hill to die on. Take off the rose tinted glasses. No leftist has been out to smear sam hyde since bernstein in 2016. The only people propagating the stuff are people that sam hyde has fucked over personally, and the only people defending him are people he's paying to work for him.

its occams razor or whatever. figure it out.

No. 882885

Nah I agree but there was a picture floating around purported to be of Sam when it wasn't him. Other than that nothing can really be debunked because it's all true.

No. 883005

>and it's fakeness is iffy because there could be an explanation for the timestamp mismatches
its called faking conversations retard

No. 883010

>the only people defending him are people he's paying to work for him
>occams razor
or, he isnt funding a secret army of trolls with money he gets from nowhere, since as you say people dont like his content, to harass an innocent shitposter on here,
but is infact making money from subscriptions while you try to pull some new fabrication out of your ass, hoping it doesent contradict itself again

No. 883165

didn't say people don't like his content. he pays people to work for him though and has paid people to moderate his image online. what's confusing you? remember all the censorship on the Reddit? why would random people take up beef with same Hyde lmao. what other eceleb does this happen to? why would multiple people come forward with this stuff?

No. 883166

do you know Sam too? why do you care? "faking covos" smh. there's too many damning screenshots out there for them all to be fake get a grip

No. 883735

there are a few people he pays to work on media and shit. there is some overlap between that group and the ones he asks to harass people for free. it might surprise you (to the extent that you refuse to believe, once again) that some of these people have no life, are addicted to heroin etc. but you'd have to know them to know that. if anyone reading this really wants to know the truth (I think they call that the red pill) it shouldn't be hard to find it outside this thread.

#musashi #stgggs

No. 884492

1 team

No. 886042

File: 1572315479318.png (125.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191028-220802.png)

are people gonna blow the lid of this yet or what

No. 886064


(Unless someone releases a documentary on the same level of Surviving R Kelly/Leaving Neverland), the way mass attention will be brought to it is one girl will come out about her experiences. Then other victims, upon seeing that, will also disclose. And at the point where multiple girls are accusing him, is when media will start reporting on it.

No. 886069

If 8ch comes back as 8kun with the /mde/ board back and running expect a pleasant (albeit a bit unrelated) surprise :0)

No. 886391

>hurr durr im new to this
>why would anyone
if youre really new to the circus, weve had a freakshow fora few years now, and it stops only when attentionwhores stop wanting attention. but that hasnt come, because people cant help you or give you pills when youre shitposting anonymously. this whole ruse has been completly anonymous and bullshit both ways since then, and untill some closure, like this thing turning out to be true with shit going public or the one behind it coming straigh from the (anonymous)safety from consequences card its gonna be going on for years more

No. 886395

>why care
i didnt care, but when the mde board got spammed with this garbage people had it with the gossip copypastas
>so many damning
yeah imagine if something productive was done with the time spent scheming the whole farce together. could buy a car

No. 886396

what more retarded spam?
people already sent the reclamation stats for the board to the guy if that was your masterplan

No. 886401

>sam hyde has hired an army of millenial urban heroin addicts to challange what ive got to say
>i know this because i know him personaly, but we dont communicate
yes. we are gullible and beleive you
>sam hyde did X
<why no witnesses
>we need to make a documentary first, then there will be witnesses

No. 886410

Just ignore this guy, lol, or this thread will reach the bump limit replying to his sad greentexts

No. 886417

>unironically posting that
pathetic. just admit to the whole thing.

No. 886424

>what more retarded spam?
Nah just something that needs enough eyes (not enough here, the thread doesn't even bump anymore) from people that know a lot more about Sam to get the ball properly rolling. But it's pretty embarrassing for Sammy. Wait and you'll see. :0)
feel free to speculate though, hopefully that midget fuck doesn't torpedo 8chan/kun because he has an axe to grind

No. 886781

will tell the admin to pin a post with a link to this mental patient log of yours

No. 887073

File: 1572538236384.jpg (567.37 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191031-111020_Chr…)

Lol sam is fat tho…

No. 887074

Remember when he used to make fun of fats? He's been one himself for a while

No. 887457

File: 1572630614510.png (399.42 KB, 1628x948, stein.png)

Been on hiatus for a minute but can we please notice how he's incapable of handling even a simple t-shirt sale?

This must only be a small sample of complaints because it took me less than two minutes to find all of them.

No. 887467

File: 1572631785181.jpg (116.75 KB, 732x703, alksjfd1024_1.jpg)

No. 887470

File: 1572632196662.jpg (64.59 KB, 396x723, aasdf1024_1.jpg)

No. 887544


Reminds me of when he was bragging about how he has an 18 year old girlfriend who weights 93 pounds

No. 887545

He probably retweeted it while waiting in the McDonald’s drive-thru.

No. 887662

First t shirt run was the same story, people still comment on his shit saying they never got the clown blouse they paid for

No. 887836

alright 8kuns live

No. 887900

gib link

No. 887914

No. 888055

8kun doesn't load for me

No. 888172

so what are we gonna do? there has to be something, like, making a youtube video compiling everything and interviewing women while obscuring their voices or something, i don't know. i know 100% for a fact marky would be willing to be interviewed and so would edie but edie's case matters less because there's nothing illegal about having sex with a tranny.
marky has copious amounts of proof about sam but goes back and forth between missing him and hating him, he still emails her but if we tried getting her on board with some sort of project to get this info more public, not just common knowledge on random chans, i think it could get something really big going on

No. 888179

Something hopefully.

No. 888181

Why doesn't she talk to the police. I sort of understand because it's hard to think about and relive but I know for a fact that he did make cp of her and the Charlotte girl and I'm sure I wasn't the only one he showed.

No. 888185

Something needs to happen and soon. Luckily the quality of his "comedy" content dropping off has isolated a lot of his former fans but the fact that, like Onision, he still has access to a trove of mixed up teenagers to groom is fucked up.

No. 888203

Someone should message Chris Hansen now that he's doing the whole youtube exposing thing

No. 888215

i think she wants to meet with lawyers first but also shes probably scared of sam retaliating and humiliating her. she has definitive proof that could get him locked up tho

No. 888220

Police hopefully reached out to her but I'm not sure because she was in Brazil. All she has to do is show the cops her evidence and they should already be aware at least at a state level if not federal as well, since he was technically living in another state.

No. 888222

My point though is she doesn't need lawyers. The police will convict him on her behalf. I hope she knows this.

No. 888237

yeah one of the times sam actually admitted to having sex with marky (referring to her as "the camwhore") he said it was legal in that state but failed to realize it's still illegal because he wasn't living there, i don't know if marky knows he can get locked up for this really quickly still on top of the cp charges she could probably make

also who is "the box?" i only just now read that thread on autoadmit and saw the pic of the cut wrists someone said was the box but i've never heard of her until now. not surprising sam has been doing this stuff since 2010, lol, not hard to tell it's him either calling a girl jappy and jewy for being hesitant to let him spit on her while being filmed

No. 888245

When I was smart enough to spy on Sam's computer (bypassed his passwords) but too young and stupid to know what was going on (didn't get documented screenshots) I know he "cheated" on me with her. I don't count it as cheating or idk all I felt when I realized what was going on was sad for her. I realized he went to go see Avatar on a date with her through reading their texts but it wasn't until later that I actually felt bad about it (for her not for me). It was a porn pov style choking with a belt video. She didn't seem to exactly be consenting in it though and I know she was like 18 years old at the time.

No. 888247

she was forced to watch him have sex with other girls irl and on video, the "cheating" thing is something that's been present in every relationship of his apparently and wants a harem with a "main girl" according to a few girls.. lmao
have you ever contacted marky? she'd probably be willing to talk to you if you didn't use an anonymous account or proved your identity or story somehow, you should really try to get her to seek legal action
btw does sam try contacting you still? something i've noticed is that even when girls break free from him he still tries luring them back or keeping them around to feel like he has options

No. 888249

also i'm sure she wasn't fully into it in the belt video. it's one thing to fantasize about it and think you want it, it's one thing to say yes to it. it's something different to actually do it, sam has a long history of getting off on coercing girls to do stuff and ignoring when people say no or use safe words
remember: only the weakest most insecure men act like this because it's the only way they can feel strong

No. 888250

He hasn't tried luring me back in. He cut contact as soon as he learned that I had it out for him since I became aware of what he was doing on multiple levels. Maybe also I'm not able to be manipulated which is what he feeds on.

It's his drug besides the test shots and fake cialis. I thought about reaching out to Marky but I felt weird about it. I owe it to her though I feel guilty for having seen cp of her (wasn't hot to me I was just shocked and honestly didnt know how old she was till a few years later).

No. 888253

I have an email from don jolly saying when he first met Sam the first thing he mentioned was cheating on every gf hes ever had.

No. 888255

yep he only wants people he sees as weak. good for you, seriously. evil men can smell vulnerability and gullibility.
you should definitely reach out to marky, she goes by haiselnet on instagram and is really public

No. 888256

Done. Still feel weird about it but I hope she can speak up at some point for the sake of others.

No. 888261

Apparently he didn't have friends

No. 888265

This is the main reason I've always avoided bdsm types. There are so many abusive fucks hiding out in that "subculture".

No. 888271

File: 1572757009586.png (281.17 KB, 484x2172, ex-recycling-psychopaths-keep-…)

Sliding into this conversation…

Look up "ex recycling" (which is when an ex tries to maintain in friendly contact with you/keep you around to use for his benefit when need be). It's a classic trait of narcissists/psychopaths– there have even been studies on it. That's not saying every ex who wants to remain friends is a psychopath.

Anyways, when I met him he said was living with two exes of his but what I didn't know until much later was that there was also a third girl living there, who he was supposedly dating at the time. That is not normal at all. Of course when we stopped dating he tried to remain "friends" with me too until all this stuff blew open. Don't get reeled back in, or at least understand he does that just to boost his own ego and leech off of you.

I know pic related is kind of meme-tier but if you research it, you'll see it's a real thing.

Irrelevant. I ate lunch alone in the locker room during high school but I don't use that as an excuse to be malicious in my personal relationships

No. 888279

File: 1572757879238.png (242.44 KB, 1650x758, yuyyu.png)

Oh, and if he tries to reel you back in, he'll probably come under you under the guise of great distress ("There's no one else I can talk to about this"; "Why does everyone h8 me :(" ).

No. 888281

Yeah I'm not worried about that. I was one of his early victims but I got a grip on the situation and what he was doing to other people after "being his friend" for a while.

No. 888283

Since god knows when 8kun will be fully operational, and you seem to know more about Sam's intimate dealings, perhaps you could offer some insight into some things.
A) What do you know about Sam and a girl that dyed her hair blue and was an anime fan?
B) Does the Avon Old Farms Hotel jog anything?
I dont want to accidentally get some girl doxxed when the drop on 8kun happens :0)

No. 888285

No idea what you are talking about. He seems to keep his friens in the dark. I honestly had to take a look around last year and realize I was the only woman in his life that he didn't have sex with which was insane. The level of manipulation going on was retarded. Idgaf about ppls personal life but he tries to start drama with everyone and anyone and feeds off of it.

No. 888288

>He seems to keep his friens in the dark
Of course. Wonder why he tries to keep all his individual parasitic relationships with women under (airtight) wraps? Why he's never posted a picture of himself with a girlfriend? Is it really to protect them from harassment? Or is it because being open about "dating" someone would cut him off from potential new targets? Need that narcissistic supply streaming in from multiple sources at all times bro

No. 888409

Honestly I think his psychopathic hatred for women (let's call it what it is) has to be the result of his closeted homosexuality and the fact that his father left him and his mother. All his Chad type pump and dump shit and all the "ass" he gets seems like a way to prove to himself and others (especially daddy) that he isn't gay. I considered the fact that he could have been abused by his mother but I honestly think it's more likely he's just been enabled by his upbringing and the fact that he unironically thinks he's better than other people for being some blue blooded wasp type(despite the right wing working class larp). I do wonder if he realizes the fact that he will likely never marry and cannot have kids(thank God) is gonna tip off daddy more than anything else.

No. 888410

I don't discount that his father(who hates gay people btw) or a male abused him as a young kid because of his deep self hatred and gay tendencies. It's also a possibility though that he just can't get over his daddy issues and the fact that he was replaced by a Yale attending step brother.

No. 888419

I'd really like to get more info from Sam's ex Nina and her bf Mike Harms who used to live with Sam. APPARENTLY they first uncovered the Marky situation but didn't tell a lot of people and still seem afraid of Sam. Outside of a few random blurbs on social media they are quiet on the whole thing but I think they've known more than anyone what's been going on for a while.
I also would like to hear from adult swim employees or someone there who can shed light on the real reasons the show was canceled which likely have more to do with Sam's predatory behavior than some right wing conspiracy theory bs.

There's also someone who's remained silent on the whole thing who was living with Sam until last year. She's a minor celebrity but I assume her ties to the right wing and the fact that everyone worships Sam in that clique stop her from saying anything.

No. 888560


I don't know Marky or how she thinks but she could not be speaking out at the moment due to grooming. A predator can groom a victim to where they feel bad speaking out about the abuse that they went through, like they feel as if they are betraying the abuser. And they can still feel that way years/decades after the abuse ended.

No. 888561


I think he's a closeted Bisexual, unless his attraction for women doesn't extend to adult women but instead is only for underage girls.

No. 888563

She's only publicly called him out once and that was a couple of weeks ago even though this has been common knowledge and provable w/ the pics of them (the one with her in the bdsm collar and bloody nose and they're both naked, plus logs of their sex discussions were leaked)
I really hope that one anon gets a response from her so we can try to do more to get more people aware of how truly evil Sam is

lol at "closeted." The trans chick Sam begged for and had a few flings with is open about their relationship on facebook. She's really popular in the facebook community. She'll give you the rundown on Sam's deal and their relationship and how he fetishizes trans people if you ask

No. 888566


I mean closeted in the sense that he would NEVER admit it. You could show him a video of him banging another man and he would start talking about how it's CGI.

No. 889034

Look at the like/dislike ratio for "Who is Sam Hyde and what is Million Dollar Extreme?" and compare it to the like/dislike ratio of videos that have to do with the Leaving Neverland documentary. Hyde's fans are gonna go into fucking insane denial mode

No. 889793

the porn addict is having a fit on Twitter over porn lovers

No. 889794

I wonder if Sam will have a Terry Crews moment soon

No. 891112

File: 1573327317111.png (27.67 KB, 600x512, autism.png)

>having to resort to scavanging comment sections on late mercahndise deliveries to get dirt on someone youve been trying and failing to bring down since 2016

No. 891302

someone do something already

No. 891318

The best thing right now would be to try to get Notch to respond to one of those infographs, like the Marky one. Would be pretty funny. I would try it but I don't use twitter ATM and fuck that phone verification shit.

No. 891446

nice tldr of the entire thread
>i would go public with my rants if i didnt have to show my face

No. 892789

I actually speculate that it might be Charlotte, judging by this
the hair (compared to the tiny thumbnail in the fb convo) and the hands seem to match. It would also make sense that Sam would go after her with those threats if she, during her brief fling with Sam found out about Marky and started spilling her beans like in that 4ch thread.

Also from my research, Box probably was a brunette when she was with Sam, not blond. But it could also be another blond girl, I don't know enough about the thots Sam was with. Obviously not channing tho.

No. 892791

ack, meant >>480261 , not the reply above it

No. 892935

Tbh there are probably in the high 50s if not more girls sam has done fucked up shit to

No. 893121

It's The Box, the profile picture in the Facebook conversation is an old one of hers. They were on and off for a few years. I wouldn't be surprised if he made multiple women do that though.

No. 898790

Channing’s nudes?!?

No. 898880

Cam still obsessed even tho daddy Sam sent his tubby stinky ass back to Georgia

No. 898882

>still nothing
much hype for zeor payoff

No. 898917

not impressed with Sam's gfs, not exactly stunners

No. 899127

File: 1575013397021.png (405.59 KB, 566x761, 1573621407777.png)

Sam's twinks are hotter imo

No. 899132

Damn scarlet johanson have seen better days

No. 899298

def hotter than Channing, he's got shit taste in women

No. 899738

File: 1575136491286.gif (132.53 KB, 480x270, 1509887679_bokiem.gif)

>"def hotter than Channing, he's got shit taste in women"

No. 899805

The amount of damage Sam has done to his body with the roids is horrifying. I give him 3 years tops til he's dead.

No. 899810

that's not a substantive rebuttal
his gfs are not hot

No. 899857

Idk that 14 year old he was grooming on Instagram was a total babe. Too bad shes a roastie tho.

No. 899902

Can’t do any searing rebuttals cause it’s Advent sweatie

No. 900691

To be fair Cam does have bigger tits than Channing.

No. 904348


Someone fill me in on this 14 year old girl he was grooming

No. 905476


Anyone have any details?

No. 906816

I'm guessing this is the same Mike/Michael Harms that was "lead designer & programmer" of Sam's attempted cash grab, Dark Skyes?

>There's also someone who's remained silent on the whole thing who was living with Sam until last year.

Until last year? Is there any documentation of what she said? Not discrediting just been trying to figure out wtf this dude's deal is

No. 912120

Is Sam posting on youtube because hes losing paypigs? Newest video was cringe. What a fat ugly fag. This is a "man" in 2019, literal kike who has to ebeg off teenagers.

No. 912235

better looking that his gfs tho

No. 916821

File: 1578816825425.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.6 KB, 722x1061, 1573735895432.jpg)

No. 916827

No. 917301

emily youcis

No. 917305

Oh no. That's 100% Sam nude

No. 917387

Was it the nudes? That is so boring.

No. 917416

That cock and ball torture girdle was trad af tho

No. 917882

Only way he can stay hard without the fake cialis

No. 917911

expected larger

No. 917949

Hes a tall fat guy with an average(5`10) man sized dick (head is abnormally small though)

No. 924920

sam hyde is into diapers? so there are two nazi shmorkys now? what a world

No. 925365

how much of the information surrounding this person is even verifiable. can you really tell anything about someone that uses irony or comedy to mask their true core beliefs? Isn't that person's limiting of information really enough to put into question everything they do? Does this person pretend to have knowledge you don't for little to no reason or a reason relevant that you cant understand if you look away too soon. Do they obfuscate or manipulate under the pretense of good intentions? The answer is maybe maybe not to watch and decide for yourself when they don't give you the "real" punchline or anything real at all. Inject your own information. Most people are complicated but again most people will disappoint you in how simple their thoughts about the world really are. honestly mde has left me more misanthropic but I don't blame them for that but that other people folded completely in their presence for little to nothing. honestly I was pretty open to anything because why not learn about the human experience of these poor poor souls? Now I read more. You might feel ashamed of going through the process of understanding what sort've obviously wasn't there. The only reason the question is there at all, whether sam or mde is actually good, is the political stratification needed to make blatantly fucked behavior possibly acceptable. Das ist verbotten but why? I just.. i just gotta know man.

No. 926098

you can just say "i choose not to believe this because i like him"

No. 926184

Wouldn't that be like a tranny telling/convinsing its self that it's the other sex?

No. 926217

what does that have to do with anything?? the dude fucks kids. it has nothing to do with his politics. in fact the rumors have been around long before he went full fash. check the date https://unregistered-hypercam2.tumblr.com/post/122883726018/nintendoesnt-nabico-milliondollarextreme

No. 927584

Only pure autists have to ask why their racist and woman hating beliefs are "verboten", because that shit is hurtful and hiding behind a veneer of plausible deniability that you aren't broadcasting those beliefs simply to hurt and discriminate is the biggest lie alt-righters tell themselves.

No. 928414

So Sam didn't actually molest anyone and all the claims are lies? I can't tell what's real.

No. 928512

None of the claims are really lies. He groomed and eventually had anal sex with a 16 year old girl/fan of his, after which he dumped her ass. As far as illegality goes, there are rumors that it may have occurred when she was 15, or that the filmed it when she was 16 and there could be laws against that.
"Molesting children/having sex with kids" is merely an exaggeration, as far as the confirmed stuff goes.

No. 928712

He grooms young fans 16,17,18 yrs old making him a piece of shit

No. 929052

I wonder if he tries to fuck bic and jet since hes admitted to wanting to fuck twinks. Maybe they put big purple in for him too or perhaps that is John Pelechs job.

No. 930251

More than one girl under 16. Marky and Ember are the only girls we're sure about. Marky dumped Sam btw and he cried and wrote her a long letter about how she needs to read /r/theredpill. Will post if I can find it again.

No. 930254

>long letter
oh no, never a good idea

No. 930257

oh fuck plz find and post

No. 947420

Yes please find and post

No. 947453

I wish she would make her website. This stuff needs to be put out.

No. 960844

File: 1587170693603.png (86.55 KB, 314x118, frank hassle.png)

So apparently Cam/Frank Hassle was actually [myg0t]hats all along? Remember that video where Sam and Cameron were chasing after that random indian guy that wanted to sleep with a sixteen yr old or whatever. Well here's a video of cam threatening to rape a girl's five yr old daughter on csgo

No. 961457

>believing halfbreed losers in 2020

No. 961463

>it's all a lie
keep telling yourself that you ugly latino loser