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File: 1600151311960.png (150.33 KB, 341x308, kevvi.png)

No. 1039036

Please note:you should probably skim through his KF thread, in case I left a few details out

>a beautiful transwomin in his mid30s

>has all sorts of fetishes, sexualizes everything including but not limited to ABDL, and Furry stuff
>lives in an alpaca ranch with other troons
>sits on twitter all day, either hornyposting or complainings
>had SRS surgery, isn't healed after a year of waiting
>claims femininity is liking pink, being submussive and childlike
>so mysogynistic in his beliefs that even kiwifarms called his bullshit out
>had attempted sex with another troon ("lady" with a peen), made a horrifying sextape about it
>the other troon licked kevin's disgusting neovag
>constantly starting gofundmes for "rent" only to post about his expensive "plushies" or toys a few hours later
>old accounts uncovered, only to reveal that he was an incel before he transitioned
>tries grooming other NEETs/weirdoes into thinking they're trans

Don't derail about trannies, we understand Kevin is an example of peak troonism but the jannies dontlike us speaking so negatively about them

KF thread:

No. 1039039

File: 1600151579317.png (292.61 KB, 590x591, kek.png)

OP here sorry if i'm missing anything

No. 1039043

ha ha I smiled when I saw the agp smile, thanks for finally making this horrible thread! kek!

No. 1039044

and by horrible I mean the content of the thread, not your thread making anon

No. 1039109

NAYRT but that's perf, AGP smile lmao. Perfectly sums up the smugness of AGPs, that look says, "I'm a better woman than you" and those eyes beleive it too.

No. 1039158

>mid 30's
>forehead fucking collapsing in on itself like a black hole
But estrogen pills are totally a fountain of youth

No. 1039366

An article/documentary about the troon ranch where Kevin lives. Notice in the footage of them doing shit, Kevin is nowhere to be found as he is probably inside on Twitter waiting for his neovag to heal


No. 1039369

File: 1600199458437.jpg (80.36 KB, 944x705, BonnieHatesKevin.jpg)

Samefag forgot to attach pic lol
The other trannies don't like him because he never does anything on the farm

No. 1039386

If he wants his crotch wound to heal he should stop shoving things in it

No. 1039522

Isn’t that what dilation is though

No. 1039556


The problem with his neovagina is that Kevin has failed to keep up with the dilation routine, probably because it was uncomfortable and boring and there wasn't instant payoff, and now there's a stricture less than an inch inside and he can't fit the dilators in any more!

No. 1039580

Wow, none of them make even the smallest attempt to raise the pitch of their voices to sound feminine. Also, Bonnie (the one on the left with the grandma glasses) is the one that attacked a woman a couple of weeks ago and bragged about it.

No. 1039590

File: 1600222652587.jpg (287.69 KB, 1125x1827, Victim 8.jpg)

Yeah here is a portion if what the lady had to say (it's on page 388 of his KF thread.) This makes me so mad, the fact that there weren't any cops or no aiden fakebois or even other troons who tried intervening. Just a bunch of men ganging up on a woman.


No. 1039711

Yeah do you see how huge those OBviOUSLY males are, attacking a woman? The thing that pissed me off even more was a bunch of ugly troons started asking the huge male was HE okay and thanking him for keeping the troons at the festivial safe from ONE woman holding a fucking sign.

No. 1039727

Neo vag's are constantly trying to close themselves because they're unnatural holes/wounds. Dilation avoids it healing shut. So if the wants his crotch to heal properly, as his body wants it to, he should stop dilating and let it.

No. 1039819

File: 1600264370360.jpeg (218.83 KB, 1242x1887, 9593A4CF-68FD-4CD9-B687-F3645C…)

Don't you ladies hate it when the dying tissue, blood, hair and one leak onto your underwear

No. 1039835

What woman fucking calls discharge "pussy juice" god these men are insane and can't NOT fetishize their disgusting actual axe wounds that they call vaginas. Pussy juice. Jesus Christ.

No. 1039839


Bruh that lunatic is literally describing rotting flesh… no ones “pussy juice” will leave behind smells after washing, even if you wear the underwear a few days in a row… I’m terrified and angry

No. 1039851

>safe haven for LGBT community
>every single one is a straight man

can't make this shit up

No. 1039861

I do wonder though if we can really call Kevin straight, since he happily fucked another man. Granted, said man claimed to be a woman but still looked like a man, and had a dick that he used on Kevin.

No. 1039869

He's a sexuality with rising prevalence called "degenerate". I'm willing to bet my life savings he'd fuck anything with a hole, and that disturbingly enough includes minors. The only solution is to kill it before it lays eggs.

No. 1039882

I'd say thank god he can't reproduce or penetrate anything, but that doesn't make him less of a disgusting deviant nor prevent him from molesting or sexually assaulting people, minors or otherwise. Agree that the only solution is for him to Cease.

No. 1039952

Psuedo-bisexual maybe, he definitely tweets the usual "fill me with dicks because I'm a slutty gurl" nonsense.

No. 1040172

File: 1600307989643.jpeg (102.5 KB, 828x624, 5C6779A2-AF32-40B7-AF6F-E66202…)

No. 1040185

what the fuck do these ugly men expect to happen to them? It's not ike it's a trans women like Blaire, they are CLEARLY males with male voices.
Most women aren't going to say shit , if they are uncomfortable they won't say anything or they just don't care or fucking notice.

It kills me how troons have these war on women, yet other men are the people who fuck with them more.

No. 1040187

Kevin claims he's only into troons, which makes sense because he only flirts with equally ugly non-passing troons.
The most decent troon I've ever seen him mention/compliment is Kim Petras. He knows he can find ugly men to larp with online or a disgusting troon to fuck him, but he knows no woman wants him because he does not have a dick and he's very very unattractive.

So he's basically a bisexual or gay male

No. 1040193

File: 1600310792098.png (24.05 KB, 472x202, juice.PNG)

"pussy Juices' aka the shit leaking out of his fucking crotch wound.
Does he really honestly believe he has a vagina? Like seriously?

No. 1040198

File: 1600311652268.jpg (80.64 KB, 720x966, IMG_20200916_210540.jpg)

No. 1040199

File: 1600311674163.jpg (81.59 KB, 720x851, IMG_20200916_210506.jpg)

No. 1040203

"none of us want to fuck you" except plenty of you DO, which is why you call it's transphobic not to and also why the non-gay transwomen bother lesbians because they WANT to fuck them. I hate this dude

No. 1040256

The point these predators keep missing is that some men/women simply do not want to touch a penis, regardless of the gender of whoever it's strached to. It's like trying to gendershield their dick so they can find a way to make you like it, by ignoring the fact that some people just don't want dick. Like, if you're mtf trans and have a penis, you need to accept that some straight men and gay women won't want to touch it or be with you, and stop trying to find a way around that just to get some kind of validation from getting with someone who only wants a cis partner. It's like some fucked up mind game where they try to undermine and redefine consent.

No. 1040257

>strached to

*attached to, yikes.

No. 1040288

It doesn't matter what genitals this creature has, if it came anywhere me I'd still scream rape.

No. 1040313

>if you don’t like it, that’s on you
Great, turns out I can live with not wanting to fuck a fat balding troll in a dress with a broke dick

No. 1040343

File: 1600349374733.jpg (423.11 KB, 1080x1784, 20200917_092929.jpg)

Saw him in the wild today, why anyone thinks a video game based on a children's book is a direct threat to their life is beyond me

No. 1040346

I mean, if the game flops the studio gets shut down and evreyone looses their jobs, also it's still in development and support and patching happens also after release, but what do I, a stupid cis womin , know about game development kek

No. 1040351

Exactly, so if anything it's their livelihoods that would still be impacted and he will continue on on his greasy alpaca farm without any impact to his "trans life" that the game apparently threatens

No. 1040352

Ok I know men are retarded and easily fooled, but there is no way anyone would ever be fooled by most of these trannies to even get to the "wait… you have a penis???" stage. It is blatantly obvious that they are men. Maybe 5% of all trannies pass.

No. 1040372

>trans lives are pretty obviously more important
Kek no. Video games over trans lives if this is who they are.

No. 1040377

Oh. Oh god. Even if he was an actual woman you wouldn't tweet this shit.
>"strangest thing to get some POWERFUL gender euphoria from"
Fetish is now called gender euphoria, check

There's a fine line between being gay and just being a perv who gets off on the idea of being fucked as a woman.

No. 1040408

You would expect underwear to perhaps smell a little bit, especially after a day of wear or after a workout. But a smell so bad that even laundering doesn't get rid of it… Vaginal fluid doesn't smell that bad even when you have an infection. I hate how these gross men equate their grossness to bodily functions that actual females have.

No. 1040412

I read somewhere from a gynecologist that healed neo vaginas smell similar to piercings. If anyone has ever had a piercing or gauges and been hit with that awful smell. I used to have a monroe piercing and it used to smell terrible when fully healed. It was actually one of the reasons I retired it. Imagine that coming out of a large bodily orifice. I don't know how someone can do something so horrifying to themselves.

No. 1040417

He probably doesn't know how to do laundry. Just looking at this person tells me that their personal hygiene is probably abysmal and they change their underwear by turning it inside out.

No. 1040771

>admitting your piercings are stinky because you don’t clean them properly to the point where the stench is so bad you have to stop wearing them

genuinely, though, how would it smell like that? don’t piercings only smell that way because of the buildup of sweat and old skin and stuff when you don’t take out the piercings and clean the piercing/piercing area properly? i think whatever you read is bs since i don’t see how every fake vag could end up smelling like a dirty old earring stud

No. 1040805

Maybe not each and every one, but considering the level of hygiene on display in the case of Kathryn here it is fair to say this particular neovagina likely stinks worse than anything that public bathroom has ever had in it before. The debauchery taking place in that region PLUS a lack of basic washing and care…yeah it is a pit full of old puss and chafing skin, no doubt.

No. 1042025

Nta but relax, my gauges smell gross after a day or two if I don’t clean them, and my fully healed nose ring sometimes smells lightly when I turn it even though I wash my face every day and there’s never gross build up on it. Monroes are by your mouth, I’ve never had one but I’m sure it just get too annoying to clean/deal with when you get old enough and it’s not worth it.

It’s a festering wound by your groin. It probably smells worse than a piercing or gauges actually, kek. Why wouldn’t they stink?

No. 1042408

File: 1600656910374.jpg (53.56 KB, 612x497, 1909kevviehappy.jpg)

Kevin whines about transphobes and pretends like people are judging his fucked up manhole as if it's only been 2 days, when it's been since what? Feb? And it's STILL not anywhere near right.
Also, i find it so funny the guy who did a PBS doc and had him hugged up with his equally gay boyfriend, seems like he has NO connection to them.
He claims he's dating troons in the house but he not only does not have sex with them but every thought he has he goes to twitter.
I also find it funny trans folks would rather now give the "terfs" ammo then be 100% honest with their botched dick holes.
It should not matter if terfs talk shit, if they care about the community and trans folks then they should be honest.
Terfs are 100% wrong anyway right? So why not be honest so other trans folxs can know what may or may not happen?

No. 1042409

File: 1600657087586.jpg (55.24 KB, 606x458, 1909kevviehappy2.jpg)

Oh and people judge people like you because even though you are having complications and shit isn't how you want you STILL groom other lonely men into it.
You pretend like it's like the real thing and sell lies even though you are struggling & admit that.
when you have a whole community going, "things can go horribly wrong but it's worth it!" and spearding so much lies and misinformation that everyone parrots I think people NEED to hear from Terfs.
You are cutting something off of you, that you cannot get back. It's a huge deal.

No. 1042439

File: 1600662269276.jpg (41.71 KB, 676x593, 104143895_967382737031115_1261…)

what does the tip icon mean? is this some browser add on?

No. 1042447

it’s for brave browser

No. 1042538

If you use Brave and let it show you advertisements you get "BAT", which is the browsers currency and you can support websites and content creators you like by sending them tips. I send it to sites like these (lolcow.farm is not verified tho) who have a hard time earning money through ads normally cause they are too "controversial".

It also has the added bonus of being pretty much exactly like Chrome (with the same extensions) but not being owned by Google.

"All surgeries have a risk of complications"
But the risks are significantly lower for most surgeries that are VOLUNTARY AND COSMETIC!

You will forever have to shove foreign objects up your stinkditch to keep it an open wound that looks nothing like a vagina. Yeah, i'd say you ruined your body.

No. 1042616

He should've focused more on FFS, lipo, or other bimbofication surgery to not be a butt-ugly man before getting an actual axe-wound of a vagina. It's hilarious that he will still eternally be clocked as a man even though he got bottom surgery kek.

No. 1042654

File: 1600706092007.png (67.59 KB, 253x183, Capture.PNG)

nah he rather buy $600 toys and talk about how hot he is and then beg troons to help him pay rent.

No. 1043383

File: 1600815448366.png (31.22 KB, 702x352, 2209kevviehailey.png)


No. 1043384

File: 1600815481676.png (Spoiler Image, 229.08 KB, 700x741, 2209kevviehailey2.png)

even more disgusting

No. 1043625

File: 1600854839705.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 82.37 KB, 4032x2268, B49311DB-73C0-41B5-A527-8449C2…)

2 fat gay men attempt to have sex. The funniest part about this is he couldn’t even penetrate the neovag. He just licked it. Which is beyond grotesque given KeviN never showers. In the video after wards Kevin tries kissing Hailey only for hailey to recoil kek It’s on page 329 of the KF thread

No. 1043628

Why did I unspoiler these are the worst images I’ve ever seen

No. 1043653

File: 1600859724608.jpg (349.06 KB, 810x1375, Screenshot_20200121-233157_Twi…)

Just going through the highlights of this troon… these people are so fucked in the head.

Porn and internet degeneracy are such a slippery fucking slope until you end up in a whole different alternative coomerverse of filth.

No. 1043665

These aren’t real kinks, they have to be specific to cumbrained troons. Also, love how it sounds disgusting and related to dangerous ill health (STIs) and immediately he’s just into it. They’re degenerates. Anything that has to do with sex, they want a part of. How the fuck do you live a life that’s completely and totally driven by sex to the point that you mutilate your genitals to non-functioning for a fetish and still find ways to get worse?

No. 1043712

bug chasing is an absolutely real kink that gay dudes have though

No. 1043738

…Males are something else. I've read about stealthy bug giving, which is horrendous, but not chasing. What the fuck.

No. 1048509

File: 1601485342883.jpeg (338.99 KB, 750x766, F71D497F-5AF7-4AA1-9B67-517C10…)

Puking in my mouth a little. When is he going to accept that his rot pocket is doomed and just let it fucking heal?

No. 1048525

Not all actual women can fit a whole 6 inches in there, either. I'm speaking as a woman who has a relatively short Vaginal canal and you don't see me running to a doctor.

There is likely nothing wrong with his frankenvag (well its as right as it can be). He just can't gobble up huge dildos like he can in his fantasies and feels bad about it.

No. 1048530

Also he never dilated correctly so the wound wanting to heal is probably too tight. Like someone said, it's akin to stretching your ears or something, and you're not going to stretch multiple sizes in a few hours. He's an idiot and pervert and not being able to use his wound is what he deserves.

No. 1048531

Use your asshole like the faggot you are, next.

No. 1048534

this is why mtf troon surgery should be a last resort. do you think goblins who barely wear deodorant let alone shower would spend the time to dilate and take care of their crater? then their gonna ree and act like the medical system failed them (which it did in it's own way) but not take any responsibility for their stupid fucking decisions

No. 1048551

That thing is not a vagina, the issues you are having is "vagina" issues. It's manhole issues.

No. 1048582

File: 1601492824534.jpeg (236.78 KB, 828x1365, 06100E14-8BFA-411C-A730-7B1E1A…)

You guys he is SUPER mad he can’t coom

No. 1048584

Maybe it's healed and it doesn't like you prodding at the scar? Ew just thinking about using a dilator on an open wound freaks me out…

No. 1048591

File: 1601494051031.jpg (54.26 KB, 700x483, 4722b8ebe157d1ccfad1bd606c0433…)

It's what he deserves.

Take up the floppy broke micro girl dicks of the retards who were less retarded than you and didn't get the surgery. Besides, it's not like being penetrated in his wound would feel good like being penetrated in a real vagina would. Idk what he's looking for.

No. 1048608


Why does he sound like he's only just realising this? It was over a month ago he realised he had a stricture or something in his brilliant new vagina because he'd been too lax with the dilating regime.

No. 1048639

Maybe if he grows out his neo ‘gina’s hairy insides that former ass hair will just soak up the juices and stop chunks and pus from spewing out.
Attraction to certain genitals is exactly what sexuality is, I don’t get how they don’t understand this. We’ve gone backwards, now you have to accept penis even if you’re a lesbian woman.

No. 1048650

imagine wanting a ‘revision’ on something that hasn’t even healed yet and thinking that’s going to make it better. bro has an open wound that will never do a thing but cause him pain and he wants more of the above.

No. 1048932

File: 1601521532859.png (102.47 KB, 990x666, 8366EF24-D51F-4EEA-B968-92F4E4…)

No. 1048980

bless you anon, I had been looking for the infamous post in the KF thread but with 1000+ pages it's hard to find

No. 1049078

I like how dumb coomer's are that they never seem to realize being horny for castration or having a vagina > cutting off your penis > can no longer fap because you have no penis

No. 1049148

He's been so brazen about being an AGP recently (you can transition because of a fetish!! etc). I wonder how he would react if confronted with Blanchard's twansphobic studies.

No. 1049154


Doesn't Blanchard support transition even for AGPs? If that's true, then why do troons hate him so much anyway?

No. 1049162

Because they're true and honest women anon!!#notafetish! But if you want to transition due to a fetish you can. It's not a fetish though!!!!

No. 1049170


Basically, it's a fetish, they admit it's a fetish, but God forbid "cis" people too acknowledge it's a fetish?

No. 1049338

I thank god everyday that Kevin KNOWs cis women don't want anything to do with him and he pretends like, "Uwu trans girls are hotter!!" if he could do better he would.
He can't. Thats the only thing I find likeable about Kevvie, he never goes out of his league. He lusts after equally disgusting or sometimes even more disgusting troons then he is.
I don't think I've ever saw him flirt with someone who had white teeth and a decent hairline.

I know techincally Kevin is gay as hell, but IMO he's one of those gay by force kind of troons. He has no choice but to date other troons, he's ugly, does not have a dick and disgusting.
At best he could get an E-Trans man as a girlfriend but I seriously think Kevin seeing an actual vagina will make him want to off himself.

No. 1049458


No. 1049508

File: 1601587540251.jpg (31.42 KB, 611x426, 3009kevvieboobs.jpg)

No. 1049509

File: 1601587582038.png (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 750x1334, 82755B4E-F95B-4249-A263-B18FD4…)

wow so big!!

No. 1049537

god the weird gynecomastia shape, the chest hair, the gross skin texture, I'm gagging

No. 1049560

File: 1601590282358.jpg (63.86 KB, 744x599, 3463136 - Copy.JPG)

>looking back
As if he hasn't been harping on his fetish non-stop this whole damn time. Or was it hotter back then because he still had functioning genitalia to get off with? kek

No. 1049570


thankyou op, kevvo is my favourite kiwi cow. i have high hopes for this thread

No. 1049573

he honestly deserves the mutilation. Having a giant infected open wound on his groin is probably a kink for him.

No. 1049575

lol why did everything feel better back when I could cum!? Kev's Twitter should be required reading for any young men thinking about transitioning into their fetish full time.

No. 1049639

File: 1601596549679.jpg (59.22 KB, 736x707, 698165.JPG)

update: Kevvie still can't coom. kek @ the orbiter in his mentions commiserating over their neovag disasters

No. 1049647


I once had a boyfriend with gynaecomastia (literal man boobs) once, and even when he lost weight his tits still looked like this moobular example.

Kevin has bitch tits.

No. 1050033

File: 1601647660875.jpg (86.62 KB, 1300x957, disgusted-woman.jpg)


No. 1050042

44? Jfc. I though 36 bands were big. He doesn’t even know that band size ≠large breasts

No. 1050222

File: 1601665495356.jpeg (460.87 KB, 1536x2048, 6A03C423-544B-43C2-BB81-B829CA…)

Look at this dirty ass stove

No. 1050223

File: 1601665553989.jpeg (421.35 KB, 1536x2048, 284CFFC8-848F-452A-BFBE-A58B9B…)

Like seriously, wtf. It's almost as disgusting as Kevin's neo-vagina.

No. 1050454

File: 1601685328326.png (471.25 KB, 736x785, kjsksadjkd.png)

kevin's 'dom' is constantly ebegging

No. 1050469


Since he does fuck all on the farm part of the ranch, least he could do is pick up a bottle of Jif and wipe down the stove. Lazy bastard.

No. 1050525

Kevin begs and gets the money quickly, he'd be bragging and talkng about new toys he brought/wants to buy and then saying, "hey I need X amount to pay rent this month!" and the troons give it to his ugly ass.

No. 1050527

Not just the stove, the whole fucking area is dirty. Look at that dirty ass jug. Guy really had the nerves to post and not think "this is gross"

No. 1050533

theres this tweet where he literally states he has a castration fetish. what a deranged person, yuck

No. 1050535

File: 1601690764575.jpeg (324 KB, 750x1174, 5E24E06C-9855-470E-AABA-C178C9…)

his poor sister

No. 1050539

wow his hair looks so fucking gross

No. 1050540

They look so much alike, and yet you can still tell which one is the man.

No. 1050545

The devil really is in the details. The male pattern baldness, the man jaw… just awful

No. 1050600

Any context as to why this dainty housewife is frying up twenty eggs?

No. 1050916


Not Kevin cooking, Bonnie I think (one of the ones who actually does things around the ranch).

There are I think about 6-8 people there at the moment, two in a trailer.

No. 1051258

File: 1601782120239.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 162.05 KB, 2048x1536, amhole.jpeg)

Kevin has shared his amhole with the internet. Utterly utterly NSFW/life. Honestly, get some eyebleach or cyanide pills ready.

No. 1051306

File: 1601786881852.jpg (259.68 KB, 1500x1125, diginboys.jpg)

also, what does amhole stand for? is it "assigned male hole"? sorry for dumb questions but ive been wondering for a while

No. 1051309

Kevin tweeted "am hole" after getting SRS and Kiwi Farms turned it into a disparaging nickname for his wound. Also yikes that image, cannot unsee

No. 1051388

Holy shit. It’s literally all scar tissue, both inside and outside. I’ve seen plenty of neovagina disasters but the most unsettling thing about this is that he’s not only proud of the thing, but he enthusiastically encourages others to do the same to themselves.

No. 1051478

that shit looks like it stings when anything touches it. I still don't get how a huge coomer would chop off his dick, he has all these fetishes and claims he's so hot, but the thing is most ppl into trannies find them hot because they have dicks, I've never met a neo-vagina chaser.
And whats that bump at the bottom?

No. 1051488

File: 1601819155915.png (56.36 KB, 741x347, ew.PNG)

his "girlfriend's" comment

No. 1051490

File: 1601819194336.png (126.54 KB, 1440x1041, 684922.png)

No. 1051493

This is why no one is ever going percieve this creature as anything more than a fetishist. And that's ignoring all the other thoughts he couldn't help but share

No. 1051494

File: 1601821030007.gif (438.46 KB, 294x342, At0H3fd.gif)

holy fuck literally kill me. please. end my suffering. Imagine sticking your tongue into that abyss.

No. 1051536

I take it’s some fetish shit and he’s saying he’s nothing but a hole?

No. 1051581

yes obviously

No. 1051605

He's like all AGP tropes pushed into one. The autogynesmile and skinwalking his sister, two of the worst features one could have.

Well I bet one would never fucking forget how that axe would smells and tastes. Throwing up in my mouth just thinking about it.

No. 1051612


I don't think you need to have been there IRL to imagine what it smells like (hint: ball sweat).

also a reminder that Kevin has tasted the orange goo that leaked out of his hole and declared it arousing

goddamn, this one peaked me.

No. 1051672

and isn't his wound raw inside in some places? Isn't dilating keeping it open,so did his gay boyfriend literally lick his wound because it's not healed all the way Kevin has said that.
Also, whats even crazy about Kevin is he's EVERY negative stereotype of a transwoman yet a lot of people follow him.
He gets more attention/money on twitter then Shayna does.

No. 1051986

It looks like it was burnt in a fire. You would have to be so mentally ill to do that to your body.

No. 1051987

The 'orange goo' was probably plasma aka white blood cells. This happens when a wound is healing and fighting infection.

He's literally licking the contents of an open wound and finding that shit a turn on.

No. 1051993

One thing I appreciate about Kevin is at least he stays away from actual women. He only seems to fuck and associate with other AGPs. They can do what they want imo if they leave women out of it and don't expect us all to bend over backwards for them.

No. 1052089

Right? My first thought was 'burn victim' too, it makes me think of vitriol attacks where women have sulphuric acid poured onto their genitals. Absolutely fucking gruesome.

No. 1052093

Sanic, kill me NOW

No. 1053243

File: 1602021840453.png (51.99 KB, 497x690, Capture1.PNG)

this tard can never pay his rent but he gives his friends money for porn that he can't even get off to because he chopped his dick off?
He wastes so much money on useless shit, then begs for money for rent and I have NO idea how the other troons who live with him deal with it.
Imagine a sad sack of shit buying expensive toys, "stuffies" and onlyfan subs just to beg for rent EVERY MONTH.
How do troons who show they have money for useless shit, still beg and get the money?

No. 1053248

File: 1602022224962.jpeg (174.01 KB, 1242x1389, 42C8721B-B7B4-487E-8D36-A0EAB0…)

>>Brags about throwing money away
>>begs for money
all in the same fucking day

No. 1055041

This for some reason made me more angry than the rest of the shit. "If we're friends and you're uncomfortable with me subscribing to your OF, we can figure something out like subbing to Patreon instead" (paraphrasing). I guess when you're undesirable all you have left is creeping on your friends who probably talk to you because they feel bad.

No. 1056216

File: 1602398648001.png (15.43 KB, 524x116, jjjj.PNG)

found this hilarous. I love troons, everything comes down to sex and this dude has had "sex" ONCE since he got his dick chopped off in the beginning of the year.
Thats the biggest issue we have with good old Kevie, he's having more sex then us.
Why didn't he shout out lolcow though?

No. 1056228

hey at least calling people who criticize you incels is a proper woman thing to do, maybe the first thing he's ever done

No. 1056267


The only person that Kevin is having sex with is himself.

No. 1056295

>haunted vag
Your wound is scary, but that's not why

No. 1056305

Wow this is a brand new troon to me and I'm horrified. Why do any troons even get bottom surgery??? It shouldn't even be an option imo. It almost never goes well. Theres tons of videos on youtube of men getting SRS and then one day stopped dilating it because they were sick of the upkeep. If you have a fetish why would you ruin your working genitals?

No. 1056316

It’s kind of funny how the people that preach tolerance and word policing always fall back on this defence.

And considering the people you have “sex” with Kev-Kev it’s certainly not something to brag about

No. 1056327

Kevin, I would rather have sex with a box of nails than any of the people you've had sex with, and afterwards my vagina still would be in a better state than your haunted "vag"
>Why didn't he shout out lolcow though?
He'll call us femcels soon enough, and brag about his decomposing hole being wetter than ours or something.

No. 1056393


Kev, if it was a choice between you and your repulsive AGP buddies vs complete celibacy, I'd pick celibacy.

No. 1056423

At least it stops them from raping actual women. I personally feel less threatened by a pervert without a dick.

No. 1056429

At first, I was opposed to this kind of shit but if it's paid for with private funds and not the NHS/other government healthcare we may as well let them ruin their bodies and take any chance to reproduce away. They're less of a sexual threat like >>1056423 said without a dick. Let 'em get infections or otherwise live in pain/constant inconvenience for the rest of the lives if they want to mutilate themselves so badly

No. 1056572

shut up scrote.

Men really don't understand that women don't value sex like they do.

No. 1056596

File: 1602449037497.png (863.79 KB, 1192x1546, penny.png)

Everytime he does this baby talk disgusting shit, I'm reminded of the faces behind these words. Two ugly men larping as women, whose only connection is that they are both troons.
Kevin cares more about losing followers on twitter then he does every single troon he lives with.

No. 1056597

File: 1602449069394.png (640.48 KB, 1559x1133, 1600235064758.png)

"thank you mommy!!"

No. 1056598

Unfortunately rape with objects is a thing, and usually much more violent and deady than rape with a dick.

No. 1056601

The manipulation is ooozing out of this. He knows OF people are desperate and he's basically pushing "friendship" and communication on people who he threw $4 to

Just unsubscribe if you want to be that weird about it.

No. 1056602

Also writing a whole thread about how generous you are to pay maybe 4 or 5 $4 subs, and then trying to guilt trip them about your no strings attached subscription, because you only log in to masturbate to pictures of your "friends" once a month so it's totally normal and cool

Definitely the kind of person Rowling has in mind when she writes about troons.

No. 1056918

If they don't have testicles they are much less likely to be violent full stop. Sexual assault with an object is also far less common than sexual assault with a penis. Sexual assault with a penis can also result in a pregnancy or STDs and troons often take part in unusual sexual practices such as anal penetration which exposes them to more STDs than the average man.

Going on the chances I think I would rather be around a castrated troon.

No. 1056946

Well, he seems to be good at oozing if nothing else

No. 1060779

File: 1602977430027.png (145.66 KB, 1127x252, Screen Shot 2020-10-18 at 00.3…)


Womanhood is just a fetish to this guy. I don't even want kids and I'm horrified. What most women fear, he fantasises about.

No. 1061061

>haunted vag
At least he’s aware.

No. 1062293

File: 1603200532627.png (71.51 KB, 617x281, Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 14.0…)

Tying in with the horrific fetishists on the AGP thread.

No. 1062297

Am I misunderstanding…does he just want to be creampied, or does he want to be pregnant and sexualize the pregnancy itself? Which, disgusting and pedophilic and would be shocking to no one. I legitimately just don't understand.

No. 1062320

He wants to get coom in his wound because if he gets enough coom, something it’s bound to happen.
So yeah, he wants to get pregnagant because I guess it’s hot to be a preggers daddy and because trooners think that since they never got their girly girl puberty, they can get the sexy hot show bobs and vegana pregnancy glow.

No. 1067418

Kevin is grifting for "upcoming bills" for the 5th or 6th time since doing so earlier in the year - when he stated "I have never done this and I hate to ask".

KF are debating what the bills are, he's the only one with a real income we know of on the ranch and it's from an inheritance as he doesn't work, it would interfere with his internet obseession. Personally I think he's asking his followers to pay off his credit card bill from all his toys.

No. 1098953

>new Transformers toys go up for pre-order yesterday
>Kevin needs $50 for "bills"
Really makes you think, doesn't it?(necro)

No. 1099003

I think it's less of a glow and more of a shadow. A 5 o'clock shadow.

No. 1100324

He has zero connection to the 15,000 men he claims he "loves" he doesn't fuck any of them and seems way more into "Hailey" and he does zero work on the fucking ranch.

He's such a whiney bitch.

No. 1100326

File: 1607199195952.png (29.24 KB, 588x327, 1607192677787.png)

forgot to add the screenshot

No. 1100362

>lives on a ranch
>nothing to do
The brainrot from his coomer lifestyle of constantly chasing instant gratification is so strong he completely forgot the concept of work

No. 1134024

File: 1610901623697.png (248.56 KB, 1190x1472, feeeeemale.png)

So Kevin flirts with every single ugly tranny that comes at him but this FTM flirts with him and he reacts so fucking weird.
He views the FTM as a woman and she has a vagina, which means she can't "top" anything without a strap on, but if this was a MTF Kevin would be like, "ahshdf! Yess top me Goddess!!!" even if he didn't know who it was.
Not to mention he made a tweet about "hating being attractive" I think after the FTM flirted with him, so I feel like the FTM gave him confidence and pissed him off.

No. 1134041

File: 1610902348639.png (65.66 KB, 390x411, djdjss.PNG)

And if a "cis" woman said this, troons would be attacking them and telling them saying this "Promotes violence" and "killing them".
Why be so negative? You like ugly ass men or rather you like to sex talk with ugly men who make you feel like you're actually hot shit and so wanted.
Only a man could be this ugly and gross but think he's so much better because he was born male and now larps as a woman.
Like of course someone so attention hungry and thinks twitter romance with strangers is real and sleeps in the bed with multiple men he's "dating" but does not have sex with, thinks the people who find him attractive (or pretend too) are the hottest in the world.
If trans women are so hot, why do you have to constantly put down women? If he's the same as us and his neo-vagina is like the real thing, why is he making trans women see like a "Different" kind of woman.

No. 1212931

File: 1618932260892.gif (Spoiler Image, 7.55 MB, 600x335, ezgif-3-d4e1bf48c7cc.gif)

Kevin and his boyfriend linked up and he…uh licked his neo-hole. It's disgusting

No. 1830839

bumping to remind everyone of this vileness(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1832435

File: 1684790181630.jpg (11.55 KB, 1051x82, lel.jpg)

No. 1832437

File: 1684790241961.jpg (102.16 KB, 828x1000, excited for pre op.jpg)

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