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File: 1555473387016.jpeg (102.44 KB, 750x600, 1555354364375.jpeg)

No. 654001

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>649170

Website: https://momokuncosplay.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/644215
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/snow/705676
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>Has received 2+ lipo and coolsculpting sessions and in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet (and weight loss teas)
>Is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>Rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty (See the myOppa Red Riding Hood drama)
>Claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set and are all posted on IG
>Has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>Despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>Likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>Professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, makes controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but won't accept ever being in the wrong
>Preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. Surrounds herself with yes man and declares anything else a "witch hunt"
>Momokun has been proven to be a sexual predator, has assaulted multiple people in order to bully and assert dominance over them. Refuses to take responsibility for it, tries to pin it on her attention deficit disorder and both her and her lackey Vamp have publicly mocked her victims

>In Japan with Vamp and her cousin. Our cow splurges on an obscene amount of figures and destroys the boxes yet again, ensuring she'll break them before they even get home
>Wears a surgical mask incorrectly throughout the entire trip because she's "sick", more likely because she's breaking out. Defends how she's wearing it then immediately corrects herself
>Claims she does lots of volunteer work for a job she wants but won't say what, also says she's making serious plans to move to Japan
>Goes to an owl cafe and immediately says how uncomfortable she was with the animals being mistreated, but cats are fine next to industrial grade glue, paint, and candles
>Her Mai, Banana Cat and Shibari Cat (?) sets are leaked. Farmers are understandably disgusted
>Moo posts multiple pictures from years back at her smallest, reminiscing on the good ol' days when she weighed less than a small bovine
>Gabby insinuates Moo copied another idea, and like clockwork Moo makes a post about crediting others and how "if something inspires you, giving that little tag means a lot". KBBQ who? My Oppa what?
>Goes to Sensei's brother's wedding in her stupid glasses and athletic wear
>Does a Pochaco shoot with Miso_Tokki featuring FULL NIP NOPS and ass pimples, releases some disgusting polaroids
>Promises to shoot a topless "onsen" video if she gets to 1600 Patrons, the neckbeards come in droves

Solely posting in this thread to comment on Moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban

No. 654004

>Claims to be working with a shibari artist in Japan, nothing came out of it
>Rants about being scammed at an izakaya that charges more on the English menu, completely forgetting she's totes proficient in Japanese and could've used the Japanese menu
>Also rants about racism in Japan, most likely because locals talked shit about her
>Her figures did break and she had to superglue most of them, seems to be proud of this oopsie
>Will do a Hinata cosplay featuring full "nip nops" and no pasties, most likely will be covering them up with a jacket or strategically placed hair instead.
>Did a kitty bikini shoot with her calves, making her look extra wide by comparison
>Antares shat out a Shera Greenwood cosplay for Moo within a day, arguably the worst costume she had made for Moo to date
>Did the How Not to Summon a Demon Lord shoot with another shitty looking male costhot, rushing to do it before Gabby

No. 654006

File: 1555475334049.png (Spoiler Image,556.97 KB, 589x750, post_file (35).png)

So excited for this…

Got to work with Alive Alf again! We did a Diablo x Shera x Rem lewd shoot! The shots with all three of us will be up in the $1 tier. The full shoot will be available in the $40 tier with previews in the others!

Really excited about how this shoot turned out. Our male model was perfect! We’re gonna make him a full Diablo cosplay soon as well :3

No. 654007

what kind of alien species is that on the right

No. 654009

>corset marks
It's a small thing but it looks very bad

No. 654010

Someone on reddit pointed out how huge her left arm is in this pic and how half of her is shadowed out. She looks ready for Easter with that honeysuckle sized ham shoulder! I bet the unshopped version is horrifying.

No. 654011

File: 1555476086459.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, 4B309B72-8FDA-4621-8061-B573B7…)

No. 654012

File: 1555476455448.jpeg (Spoiler Image,106.8 KB, 589x750, 14DB3794-F128-4EEB-9ED2-4F1885…)

Messed with the brightness and filters a bit and really wish I didn’t

No. 654013

File: 1555476643889.jpeg (127.42 KB, 589x750, D80BD8D5-E777-484F-AB19-FC11EE…)

Damn she looking extra wide. Also how is like to point out how she went for stockings instead of thigh high boots. Like I know her ducking Lardy thighs can’t take boots anymore, or much of anything hence these weird pet play shoots, but she couldn’t have her valve shotbout boot covers? This entire group is just so lazy.

No. 654017

>>654013 I'm laughing at her underwear, and how they're pulled up so high, the elastic is higher than her belly button.

This poor model probably cut his own hand off after the shoot, since the holy water didn't do a good enough job of purifying that filth.

No. 654019

Whatever happened to her DBZ month? Its suppose to be in April right?

No. 654022

Prelude to a pity fuck.

No. 654026

So she paid him and bribed him with a free shitty Diablo cosplay made by her sweat shop workers. 100 percent she also threw in a sexual favor. But watch as he respectfully declines.

You think Momo gets jealous of the other cos thots who get sexually molested on set and think "Why not me?!"

No. 654034

This man will soon have the fate of kbbq…he should run. LMAO

No. 654035

It's May, but pretty sure she'd fuck up the plan anyways, as she have for the past few months because of laziness, she's even ambitious enough to jam in a Ranma cosplay >>654011 who is she trying to upstage this time?

No. 654037

So according to her latest post her site that's apparently been in the works for a couple weeks is literally just a Storenvy page with 8 items on it. She's also decided to bring in a team to help because "it's about time". This is shit that could be done with one assistant but she's blowing it up like usual

No. 654043

Hasn’t she always had a Storenvy? I could have sworn that’s where she was selling the Bee Keeper Mei sets that was supposed to go to charity. And that shop takes only a few hours to set up, it’s the easiest fucking option she could have done. She made it sound like she hired a web designer to build her new shop. Moo can blow it out her ass..

No. 654059


lmao, what happened to her Shampoo "cosplay"?

No. 654062


In a move surprising no one she has yet again taken something extremely basic and gassed it up to being something more than what it actually is. Only Moo would turn setting up a Storenvy into “I have a whole team building a website for me”. All in the name of desperate validation because she knows once this whole “cosplay” thing falls through she won’t have anything, so she desperately needs to convince everyone that she is a super successful businesswoman with a whole career ahead of her.

No. 654065

Not to sound like I'm defending Moo but the thing where two anons were talking about how her ears weren't even right in the last thread was nitpicking considering the ears look accurate to the Shera ref
See >>653502

No. 654073

File: 1555514002664.png (112.96 KB, 274x231, 1548534522277.png)

Her arm is rounder and meatier than her ass.

No. 654094

File: 1555520262116.jpg (617.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190417-125546_Ins…)

lol at her holding up her skirt so she can show off her ~kawaii pantsu desu~

No. 654100

Would it kill her to smile for once. She's been looking really dead eyed lately and I think her Polaroids epitomise that the most

No. 654101

Yikes that front butt. How horrifying.

No. 654103

her legs are like a meter apart but her thighs still touch. yikes

No. 654104

He just got out of jail, I doubt moo could scare. But how fitting for her to pick him

No. 654105

The small waist huge titty proportions she tries so hard to portray with angles, photoshop and corsets just falls apart with a nude side angle like this. I don't know how she could even post this when its so far from what shes trying to sell.

No. 654107


she looks like shes trying to pee standing up.

No. 654115

Could you bring some details/milk about that over to the calves thread? I'd love to learn more about this charming new figure in MooMoo's life.

No. 654128

File: 1555531432713.jpeg (514.1 KB, 750x1111, 67BDD7BF-9D5D-4113-B30B-BF72A9…)

No. 654129

File: 1555531545592.jpeg (371.77 KB, 750x1105, 31FF776B-D534-47BA-87C6-0C4908…)

No. 654130

File: 1555532308021.png (338.86 KB, 668x668, Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 4.18…)

She can't get the skirt to sit where it's supposed to sit, jfc.

No. 654136

File: 1555533001639.png (2.43 MB, 750x1334, 1B5041C1-578D-4C4F-95B4-D61753…)

vamp redoes her yoko, looks alright, is excited about being in a GL group (with Mariah) and then….this

No. 654146

he just got WHAT

at this point a&e gotta be trolling her by sending the smallest costumes they have in storage, in no way that skirt turned belt is flattering

No. 654159

The obvious shoop of the pillows is side splitting

No. 654160

I know right. It's obviously shopped and where the skirt sits kinda destroys the illusion anyway lmao gg moo i thought it was another person's body.

No. 654167

Trisha Paytas does sponsored post for A&E aswell (figured that's were moo got the idea from) she's always busting out of the lingerie, but figured the reason she does because she's in denial about her real size.

No. 654172

Get ready for crunchy, plastic wigs.

No. 654173


they have a section for plus size lingerie, there's no reason either of them should be wearing too small sizes

No. 654175

It's "sexy" and cucks tossing money at them.

No. 654176

It's "sexy" and cucks tossing money at them.

No. 654191

File: 1555542110372.jpeg (51.89 KB, 750x371, 278E2A7F-F77A-47BE-9E6E-521E0E…)

press x to doubt

No. 654193

I've seen Vamps do them as well

How is this a good advertisement? Yes, buy ill-fitting lingerie

No. 654195


Gotta love how whenever she is obviously wearing something the wrong way or it obviously doesn’t fit she always does the “Ummm I actually prefer it this way thank you very much” bullshit. She can’t just admit she is being a dumbass or that she is ever wrong. It always has to be a snide “I think it looks better this way” retort.

No. 654205

File: 1555545871908.png (2.43 MB, 750x1334, 45A20BB6-EE58-4B65-B5B4-BA159A…)

Welcome to Momokun LLC guys

No. 654207

How long is this going to really last? Bets!? We all know it's going up in flames, just a matter of time.

No. 654208

File: 1555546453088.png (459.61 KB, 850x500, 1550174706229.png)

>to do some cleaning around the house of course~
Bitch, we've seen the way you live. There's no way you clean your own house and don't lie to your neckbeards that you do it in cheap lingerie.

No. 654214

File: 1555548225676.jpg (275.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190417-194232_Chr…)

No. 654216

Damn moo. If someone ever wanted to turn you into the IRS you sure did give them all the information they need. What a dumbass. Oh and filling out a form for a business license doesn't mean you have a business. Again, what a dumbass.

No. 654217


Business licenses and incorporation records are public information.

No. 654218

File: 1555550534730.jpeg (154.44 KB, 750x866, 8CBFA6FE-7248-493C-974E-568A3C…)

not to mention her full address (which I was kind enough to block out here.) Any business anons know what the perks are to her having a “business” now? is it tax breaks?

No. 654221

Tax related mostly and to get more "partnerships." Not that she's smart enough or rich enough despite cuckbucks, but if you're registered you can also get more business loans and locations far easier than someone unregistered.

No. 654226

Incoming "business loans" to go to Japan for shoots she forgets to do

No. 654227


Primarily CYA (Cover Your Ass, literally ironic in her case).


What Is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

A limited liability company (LLC) is a corporate structure in the United States whereby the owners are not personally liable for the company's debts or liabilities. Limited liability companies are hybrid entities that combine the characteristics of a corporation with those of a partnership or sole proprietorship.


Specifically "pass through" taxes, ie owners are not taxed twice as a company and as an individual.


First, it’s important to understand how an LLC is structured according to tax law. Unlike a corporation, LLCs are not taxed as a separate business entity. Instead, all profits and losses "pass through" the business to each member of the LLC. LLC members report profits and losses on their personal federal tax returns, just like the owners of a partnership. The business does not pay federal income taxes, although some states do apply an annual tax to LLCs.

No. 654229

It's a stupid flex. Just like everything she does.

No. 654232

God how is she so wide yet still manage to have the saddest flattest ass(nitpicking)

No. 654234


Guess she thinks this makes her “legit” now.

No. 654237

It's pretty weird to do since most people have forgotten about her. She's not nearly as big (except in size) as she used to be and should have done this back when she was.

No. 654244

>>654205 This bitch sure went through a lot of trouble just to convince everyone that she was a totes legit business woman, and not some dumbass who reactivated her Storenvy account.

Also, does this mean she's putting her "team" on her payroll?

No. 654250

Other tax reasons too on top of the flexing, like working from home. No details because I'm not helping Ms. Lurk Moar. Someone probably tipped her off.

No. 654252

File: 1555558155090.jpg (Spoiler Image,207.04 KB, 1080x659, Momofuzzy.jpg)

looks like she didnt shave for this one. Someone with betters skills can make it look clean, i just wanted to point it.
Original > https://instagram.fgyn2-1.fna.fbcdn.net/vp/863eb8207b3617e25ee0fd105fe383be/5D49652A/t51.2885-15/e35/57506221_324642738226026_4184191757609931791_n.jpg?_nc_ht=instagram.fgyn2-1.fna.fbcdn.net

No. 654254

Can I just say that one of the things that infuriates me the most from all her posts is that a piece of her clothing (whether it's a bra strap, a panty strap, a stocking, whatever) is ALWAYS twisted/rolled/bunched awkwardly? Or a tag is sticking up? I feel like if you're promoting products, or doing a sexy ligerie shoot or whatever, you want to look like everything is sitting flat and nicely? Every single time I see a photo, a lace or a string is ALWAYS rolled. Like she literally threw the item on, hiked it up as high as it would go and took a photo without even looking at herself.

I understand this is nitpicking, but if your sole income is from these photos, can't you just take two seconds to look in the mirror and make sure everything is sitting straight?

No. 654257


The address she registered is a PO box which she has listed on FB.

No. 654260

File: 1555564234375.jpg (Spoiler Image,713.28 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190417-221003_Chr…)

"Diablo… harder ~"

No. 654262

Man, she still seriously wants people to believe she has abs. Goddamn this is a mess.

No. 654263

This seriously just looks like erotic Dobby cosplay to me

No. 654267

File: 1555567809355.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 56D426E5-7A92-41A7-9878-A34889…)

looks like she’s reading elfsan. She already has a wig she can use and elf ears, wanna bet it’s on the agenda especially since another costhot got plenty of attention for it recently?

No. 654269

Aight I have been lurking these momokun threads on here for like an hour now and I honestly can’t tell if you all hate her or love her. Like this is some serious pent up virgin rage. Top tier incel shit.(whiteknight)

No. 654273

Doubt she's actually reading it. More likely she saw another costhot do it, and used the first image a google search brought up

be quiet moo

No. 654282

File: 1555575881168.jpg (373.46 KB, 1000x1403, Thank you for the list op new …)

The full image kek

No. 654283

If that was where the garment was meant to be… wtf would the point of it even be
She has to know how hilarious this is

No. 654298

she cut off the part saying fat of course she would

No. 654303

I'm confused one of them isn't even fat, but ofc moo would hop on any flavor of the month. Surprised she hasn't talked about the new ow event bc shes totes mei!!

No. 654305

in the manga (that's a doujin or something) the dark elf has a super fat ass, splits her pants etc, and the blonde one is just whole body fat, like moo

No. 654317

File: 1555592634880.png (856.29 KB, 720x1125, Capture _2019-04-18-08-01-26~2…)

Idk where anon or moo found that cause it's definitely not real

No. 654325

It's a common edit of that page, so yes it's "not real" but of course moocow wouldn't know that.

No. 654331

I just googled "elf san thunder" to prove right what >>654273 said. The original pic makes sense thanks

No. 654341

File: 1555606604155.jpg (488.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190418-095347_Ins…)

She's back to pretending she's into her purchased Fate account yet again.

No. 654343

>Making the most surface level of all male servants your "hubby"

She couldn't even be bothered to go deeper and only chose him because of how easy it is to get info on him and the pool of male cosplayers for him is large enough that she could get one poor simp in her trap at some point. Fuckin' sad as usual

No. 654347

File: 1555608618041.png (1.98 MB, 1242x2208, E6961ECA-3930-435F-A902-DDC9C0…)

Back to pretending that she gives a crap about that account.

No. 654357

File: 1555611232057.jpg (Spoiler Image,581.29 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190418-111255_Chr…)

No. 654358

File: 1555611266081.png (Spoiler Image,227.33 KB, 750x500, post_file (1).png)


No. 654361

>>654358 This actually looks like a nutsack isn't getting any circulation because the banana hammock is six sizes too small.

She must have a terminal form of a yeast infection.

No. 654367

I’m really confused as to why she has the PO Box listed as her RA. Typically, Registered Agents are there to accept business documents on your behalf. It’s common to have your attorney be your registered agent, or perhaps another arm of your business. Even you yourself can act as your own Registered Agent, but it’s not something you’d advise. One thing that RAs do especially is to accept any summons (lawsuits) that come your way.

What I don’t understand is how/why moo would list an PO Box as her registered agent… if she were served with any lawsuit, the process server would go to the PO Box first I think. Only to drop…it off there? I don’t even know how that would work. If moo’s company ever gets served I’m not even sure how the process server would deliver the court summons.

No. 654368

Precisely why she lists a PO Box, anon. Even why she registered as an LLC to begin with, so she can avoid legal bullshit she knows will come her way sooner or later.

No. 654372

That is a really bad idea. I’m not sure how it is for sure in Nevada, but my guess is that if she never showed up for court she would just automatically lose.

No. 654373

"i will cover my tattoos for cosplay"

No. 654375

what kind of extreme photoshop. She shaved off 100 pounds

No. 654376

Momo might be scared to give her real measurements to anyone. But I doubt A&E will "expose" Momo. It would be better to send in her real measurements so when she photoshops herself skinnier it will be more believable.

that or you guys are right and Momo still thinks she's a size medium thic girl. Would explain why nothing has fit her since she was down at 160 pounds

No. 654378

She can use neck beard bux to go on vacation and buy a bunch of shit she doesn't need, but her using business loans to go on vacation and shit? Ooooh man Moo really is planning on being in debt when she retires in a year

No. 654389

Does anyone have the photos from her foot worship set? I need them for a edit.

No. 654391

There’s nothing to spread…?

No. 654393

Is she smiling or grimacing? It's like she's aware her cosplay ~career~ is swirling down the drain but she's still trying to keep a brave face. The duality of Moo.

No. 654396

Right… we’re not going to spoon feed your fetish.
Control + F the threads since you’re too lazy to read them.

No. 654411

I know it doesn't mean anything because moo doesn't actually work on her account but I feel so satisfied when she posts about fgo because hey victories are so paltry. Can't relate to getting excited about a B-tier 4* servant

No. 654420

"I don't do porn my dudes" well you sure are close with that lovely view, and having your nip nops on full display.

Nip nops has now become part of my vocabulary. Thanks anon

No. 654423

Friend of that art anon who Square noodles contacted the other day.
As suspected, it was for merch for momo in her recenty red ninja girl outfit (forgot her name), but SN wouldn’t say her name and only referred her as “my client”.
I’m guessing she has to use people as proxies now in order to get anything done since googling her name shows all the community backlash.

No. 654431

Caps? Censor your friends name and not square's?

No. 654442

Iirc her family is the reason why she's so weird about "not doing porn". Like how her cousin trashed porn stars when defending Moo. I would love to see the look on Daddy Mallad's face when he finds out the true extent off Moo's "lewd" content.

Although this is basically all her parents' fault. They're the ones who raised a spoiled, attention-hungry brat with body image issues.

No. 654456

File: 1555637007780.gif (1.22 MB, 250x250, 1426986890889.gif)

No. 654457

>>654442 That's just a bunch of hot garbage Mariah tried to sell to the public while attempting to pull her Muslim/POC card for social justice points, or to refrain from immediately giving the neckbeards the nude content they want.

Her family hasn't disavowed her by now. Dad went to a con in Portland with her. Mom leaves likes and comments on her raunchy IG posts. Her cousin isn't prohibited from hanging out or traveling with her due to any ethical/religious factors.

If anything, her parents probably don't see her as anything but a provocateur. That's why her mom was supposedly involved with the "managerial" stuff at one point. Once this gravy train derails, they'll have to deal with Mariah being an even more insufferable cunt than she already is once she's limited to working class jobs and schooling options that are more viable than Skype theater classes.

No. 654476

File: 1555641621618.jpg (324.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190418-193740_Ins…)

>Vamp is teasing Moo by calling her Eeyore, while Moo stands around looking like a busted jackass

No. 654477

>>654476 Samefag. Now compare this to >>654128 and brighten your day with a good laugh.

No. 654479

File: 1555642065316.jpg (238.12 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190418-194601_Ins…)

Vamp called her a depressed donkey. Guess this is what happens when a lover's quarrel gets messy.

No. 654507

She looks so much like her mom eugh

No. 654510

And yet she's sending these out from last thread and you can see how much she shoops based on it

No. 654513

File: 1555661020995.jpg (821.92 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190419-095948_Ins…)

Reading some bs, sensei probably gave her, on her live and she looks ROUGH

No. 654517

>>654513 Couldn't handle it after a minute or two. She was reading at such a frantic pace, there were people in the comments saying she was a junkie, and that's how she came off. And her eye bags were a deep purple.

No. 654520

I've been here for only an hour and this place is such a sad pile of incel shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 654521

moo go be fat somewhere else

No. 654522

Big talk for someone hiding behind a computer.

No. 654523

No. 654525

Bet what? that you're a little punk ass who hides behind a computer?

No. 654526

nah you're not gonna do anything about it lol

No. 654527

I would, but assuming you've been here a while, I know you will just continue to be so brave only online.

No. 654528

This whole board is full of cowards and incels and you all have no better way to spend your time then to talk shit behind a keyboard.

No. 654529

If any of you lived in Cali I would love to see you run up and see what happens.

No. 654532

momo should come to Anime Boston. We will beat her ass over here.

No. 654533

Pffft, right, says you? the person staying anonymous because you're so brave?

No. 654534

How come people come here to call us the incels when we aren’t the ones throwing money at some whale is hopes one day we’ll see a full blown saggy veined tit? Tossing cash to this cow and then defending her from her meanie hatuuurrz is the TRUE incel shit

No. 654536

I call you an incel because you're the one who talks all kinds of shit behind a keyboard when you could literally be reading a book instead of being a literal waste of space.

No. 654539

Because talking shit takes all of five minutes?
Also that’s not a rebuttal. An incel is an involuntary celibate.
You can call us assholes or something but incel is not accurate. You could also be reading a book instead of defending a fat bitch that isn’t gonna fuck you. Since you are involuntarily celibate

No. 654540

You're so insecure and you spend so much time talking about a girl who doesn't even know you. Notice how I'm not even defending her, I'm shitting on your choice to be a waste of air.

No. 654541

Oh! I get it! Hellweek. Troll wants as many peeps banned as possible.

Welp, I’m out. Time to be an intellkchual and read a book

No. 654542


No. 654543

You do realise that this entire board is female-dominated and most people in moos thread are other costhots, right? You gonna beat up some girls for gossiping on the Internet?

No. 654544

Who the fuck says I'm not a girl too? Shit, I'd love to beat the fuck out of shit talking costhots who are fucking cowards(a-log autist lord)

No. 654546

Stab me with your hooknose, vamps.

No. 654547


why don't her reddit neckbeards repost pics like these to thirst over?

No. 654548

No dice, big talk behind a keyboard.

No. 654549

I mean, don't get me wrong, I'd stab you with something for being a little bitch on the internet.

No. 654550

Vamps go shove your nose up Moo’s ass.

No. 654551

Big talk for someone who won't say it to anyone's face.

No. 654552

Why don't you go to sleep? Maybe tomorrow you'll realize how being a coward on the internet is no way to live.(incel)

No. 654553

File: 1555669504576.jpg (24.84 KB, 460x345, 827284b.jpg)

>Making violent threats against people gossiping on an anonymous imageboard while staying anonymous.

And we're the cowards.

No. 654554

I mean, what do you want? A name? I'm not afraid to tell you who I am because I know you're not gonna do a fucking thing

No. 654555


Please do reveal yourself, no one is gonna do anything because I doubt anyone here actually wishes physical violence on the cows posted, we're just here to laugh at you.

No. 654556

I mean, I see constant "if moo shows her face here we'll" posts as if anyone here does anything other than be financial burdens on their parents(big brain)

No. 654557

File: 1555670830398.jpeg (998.91 KB, 1125x1973, 164D3563-066B-4331-B0A7-E0E254…)

🥴 yikes

No. 654558

File: 1555672774896.jpg (929.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190419-061844_Ins…)

"Dont do nude or Male models." Even though she just did, and she wants to do pastieless Hinata. Ohhhh the contradictions.

No. 654559


Who are you then? Youre so bwrave

No. 654560

lol, $2500 for 4 hours? No wonder no one cares to hire her, aside her lapdog vamps coming in here defending her as usual, she's delusional.

Then again, she does get cuck bucks.

No. 654562

I love how she’s been tossing the word portfolio around as if she knows anything about reviewing them. A tripod is enough for this dumb bitch, she is in no position to be picky with anyone because no one wants to work with her. But gotta play up that lie that she’s soooo in demand I guess.

No. 654563

Come on, now.
2500 dollars? For what skills? Do YOU have a diverse portfolio outside of "lewd cosplay" shots that are shopped to shit? Do you go to different photogs with concepts and make extensive shoots that aren't self serving piles of shit? Do you style, take photos or just help in a production of a shoot? Did you go out of your way for actual modeling jobs aside from Instagram promos with lingerie that doesn't fit? What side gigs have you done that warrants 2500 dollars for 4 HOURS? Come on.

No. 654565

So she's charging a little over $2.23 per pound per hour (assuming she's 280 lbs). That's kind of a value, especially if you are looking to really challenge your photoshop skills, create good quality horror material, and are an ana-chan looking for purge material.
Ahh good ol' Moo, truly the Great Value brand of low tier costhots.

No. 654577

File: 1555684733838.jpg (Spoiler Image,439.62 KB, 1080x1402, Screenshot_20190419-073718_Chr…)

Def going to try to copy bishoujomom. She keeps going on about thick elfs. Jfc. Get youre own shit Moo.

No. 654578

File: 1555684755795.png (Spoiler Image,183.23 KB, 527x750, post_file (2).png)

"Full spread pocacho"

No. 654582

I can't get over how dead eyed and vacant her eyes have been looking recently. I get how you don't know how to be sexy, but just smile for once jfc

No. 654587

Is her fetish being the cuck and watching Vamps with the man meat she's been craving?

No. 654588

Lol this guy looks so embarrassed/uncomfortable to be there. Hurry please take the picture, she’s mouth breathing all over me.

No. 654590


No. 654591


“I don’t do nude photography”

Even though you just promised “full nip nops” to your patrons for reaching a certain goal. Way to out your scam you do dumb bitch.

No. 654592

One of her labia majora is seriously sticking out of her underwear and she doesn’t care. I didn’t think you could get much trashier than this, but here we are.

No. 654595

That’s so gross. You know she really wants to be the one stealing away a man to cuck a chick instead of another man. It goes with that superiority complex.

No. 654597

>>654558 Mariah thinks she's worth $625 an hour ($2,500 for 4 hours). Even high end prostitutes charge less per hour, and at least their clients actually get to do some fucking and see some nudity.

I'm not home to do any digging at the moment, but a few threads ago, someone was trying to get her to explain and break down her Patreon rates around the time of her Pocacho exercise video. And if I remember correctly, she said she paid $600 FOR photography (even though she uses Tripod-san). So who in the hell would pay her $2,500 for 4 hours?

Delusional bitch is delusional.

No. 654598

>>654597 Doublepost.

Answered my own question. >>634079

See >>634075 >>634077 >>634080 >>634082 for additional context.

No. 654601

She enlarged her ass but it doesn't work with this pose. Not to mention the blurred to hell shithole

No. 654602

Wait she's trying to charge people to take pics of her??? Wtf. Casuals could get free pics back when she went to cons but if you're a "pro" you gotta pay?

No. 654603

This has nothing to do with BishojoMom. If she does the fat elf comic, okay but she doesn’t own all blonde elf girls. She is def copying her in other things but not in this. Shera has been done by mainly smaller cosplayers- and better tbh.

Mariah is just making this character more into a fetishized fantasy then the show makes her- and the show is pretty rough.

No. 654606

File: 1555701117504.png (497.66 KB, 720x1196, Capture _2019-04-19-14-10-42.p…)

"Ask me something so I won't answer you"

No. 654612

There used to be places where you could do "photography" of semi nude models for cash. They were just a front for prostitution. May be tinfoiling but do you think moo has thought up this bright idea as a way to get some cash injections from her creepy old man fans?

No. 654613

If she knows where to get men then why is she constantly thirsty and unfuckable? She’s practically a Virgin.

No. 654614

Jeez these girls are conceited assholes. I feel kinda sorry for the guy.

No. 654616

She must mean from her Patreon, cause no sane, good looking guy would fuck her. They're usually repulsed by her.

No. 654617

Translation: if you aren’t a hot Asian guy, I don’t want anything to do with you.

No. 654622

No. 654643

File: 1555714527975.png (651.76 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2019-04-19-15-54-26…)

Free the Hawaiian rolls

No. 654644

lol those deflated sculpted "abs"

I can't imagine wearing such tight fitting clothes like that. You'd think with her chest wound so tightly inside of that top she'd be suffocating.

No. 654647

File: 1555716877513.png (Spoiler Image,2.33 MB, 1773x1773, PicsArt_04-19-06.33.12.png)

Insta isn't a dating app but she still uses it to be a catfish like it was one

No. 654648

Damn! I can't believe she's younger than me!(Blog)

No. 654652

Yikes, the waistband is strained to the point it’s rolling under her belly flab. This is on top of sucking her gut in. To any sane person, this would probably be a wake up call. Tinfoil but I still think she hasn’t done shit to keep her weight in check just to satisfy feeder fetisthists. They have money and that’s all Moo wants.

No. 654659

It must suck being that bottom heavy with no ass.

No. 654677

She's trying to act like she's a real model. Like ones that get hired out for print ads and such. Where they basically dress you up and tell you how to pose and stuff.
Unfortunately for her, she's a terrible model who can't post worth a damn and no one would want to pay to use her. She'd be better off trading time for print, and probably could even get the rights to use the photos for patreon. She is out of her mind if she thinks people will pay her.

No. 654682

Big talk from an anon. Stop being a little shit and go read a book.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 654693

File: 1555738596633.jpg (249.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190419-223405_Ins…)

>>654643 Her pants are so tight, it's pushing her pooch towards her crotch. Looks weird as fuck from the side.

No. 654696

Mariah could wear clothes that conceal and/or draw attention away from her gunt, but instead she chooses to wear ill-fitting athleisure. Would it fucking kill her to wear a skirt or dress that isn't a pile of satin garbage made by Antares?

I know fat girls chafe in skirts, but spanx and baby powder all exist for a reason.

No. 654698

It’s true, she COULD wear something different that flatters her and it would definitely help her to blend more in crowds at cons since she supposedly hates candid shots so much. At this point it’s too easy to spot her for pics because she wears the same garbage each day when she’s out of “cosplay”. Moo puts as much effort into looking like a decent human being as she does into her cosplay/sets. 0 effort.

No. 654701

File: 1555744480577.jpg (97.83 KB, 1080x619, Screenshot_20190420_081118.jpg)

The comments on her latest Instagram picture are interesting. A lot of men complaining about her male model.

No. 654705

Of course they are, Moo's fans are typically fat neckbeards with fragile egos.

No. 654706

Every other comment is about the guy lmfao. I don't think that's what she anticipated and I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't model with him again (unless she can get into his pants)

No. 654710

I genuinely had a nightmare last night that Momo and me were at her house together sharing cookies and I went to finish one I was eating and she glared and threw it on the floor and started evenly distributing them except she gave me two then had the entire packet to herself, and I quietly accepted and then she tried to grab my tits and I very angrily asked her if she knew she was a sexual harasser and she did her turtle smile and said yes.

The worst thing is I feel like I experienced real life because I feel like she would genuinely think and do those things.

More on topic, I see that her default outfit of too tight sports clothing is still going strong. Her cats must be able to smell that B.O even more than any one of us. She wears the same pants so often that I feel like she must get thrush from washing them so little because I've heard you can that way. Pretty sure previous threads have talked about yeast infections.(no1curr about your wet dreams)

No. 654730

Haha. Yup. Neckbeards are so delusional. They pour all this money into some ugly fat woman because they think she's attainable and she takes photos with some "Chad" looking guy. She won't even show some nip nops and this guy gets to put his hands all over her tits. I think it's hilarious these neckbeards are getting what they deserve.

No. 654734

File: 1555775071172.jpg (58.93 KB, 842x581, salty.JPG)


This made me check the other subreddit about her and damn the salt is real lmao


No. 654736

File: 1555778117856.jpg (Spoiler Image,645.99 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190420-093434_Chr…)


No. 654737

File: 1555778214368.png (Spoiler Image,583.85 KB, 750x627, post_file (3).png)

No. 654738

This is so uncomfortable. It's like looking at someone groping a retarded child

No. 654740

Wanted to say something like that but really, there's no nice way to talk about that photo

I really see no fix for this cow
Its a dumpster fire that keeps feeding itself

No. 654744

ugh they're so slimey. it's funny how they're pouring money into her trip funds just on the off chance that she might show her nip nops like she's never going to post hardcore porn for them

No. 654745

She genuinely looks mentally disabled, it looks like a creep taking advantage of a handicapped person. Sick.

hard agree

No. 654746

Now that she has an LLC though, if she commits fraud as the parent company, she is liable. LLCs only matter for a company with branches. If youre the only branch and she keeps taking these trips, AGAIN, without promised high wuality content, not 'onsen cell phone shots, she can be sued. She fucked up making a 'business'. LLC will NOT save her.

No. 654747

LLC's only really protect you if you get sued and have to pay out or go bankrupt, you don't have to give up your personal assets to pay for it. But she literally has nothing. She maybe owns her car but she doesn't have a house or any real assets. It's not like they're going to take her broken anime figures.
Granted getting an LLC is smart for business and tax reasons but since she doesn't seem to pay taxes that doesn't matter. I think she just did it as a weird flex and 3 years too late.

No. 654748

We dont know she doesnt pay taxes. Stop spewing thot tax shit.

No. 654749

I mean, if you actually know how to analyze people and patterns, you can see quite easily if she does or doesn't, because pay attention to her actions and behavior around "important time frames", for example she just happens to charge the exact amount needed to cover her ass for "contracting her" for modeling.

No. 654757

Oh my god. Stop tax sperging. She probably pays quarterly estimates if she’s like most independent contractors, in which case you’d just send the IRS a check a few times a year and settle whatever’s left April 15. She does well for herself so no shit she doesn’t whine about it.

I despise Moo but you all just sound sooo stupid when you fixate on thot audit bullshit. Patreon reports your income to the IRS. It is virtually impossible to tax evade by straight up non-reporting.

No. 654762

File: 1555794941499.png (689.48 KB, 720x1203, Screenshot_2019-04-20-14-13-32…)


No. 654763

If he's really one of your favorite creators, you probably would've known about it. Dumb bitch.

No. 654768


Did they never see any of her other "cute groping sets"?

No. 654776

Chill out anon. You can like someone and not know everything about them at all times. Moo doesn't keep up to date with shit. She just knows him as the creator of some of her favorite stuff. 'Favorite' being keyword.

No. 654777

This wasn't a surprise Moo, it's been known for months. You were just too stupid to pay attention.

No. 654793

File: 1555807319580.png (74.93 KB, 211x173, 1554612831822 (1).png)

This isn't something costhots pay attention to. They will go to a con if it's popular, their fellow that's are attending, and it means they'll be more likely to have their photo taken. The guest list doesn't matter to them unless they're also on it.
Serves you right Moo.

No. 654797

Right? I thought she said she was going a while ago and assumed it was because of this. Remember how the creator totally saw her cosplay video and completely loved it?

No. 654817

File: 1555813560415.png (665.6 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2019-04-20-19-24-48…)

No. 654836

File: 1555816599983.png (3.36 MB, 1242x2208, 9659DE87-12B6-480F-9200-7E2431…)

No. 654840

Def keep an eye on her stories tonight, I’m sure she will make a lot of bad choices if she’s getting this high

No. 654841

Wtf, besides eating without stopping, now she started to get high?, Nothing unexpected given the current body and esthetics of old

No. 654846

File: 1555818043978.gif (1.93 MB, 440x440, 1546749297782.gif)

She's never not been a stoner. She even smoked weed during her camversity streams.

No. 654847

Actual question because I am genuinely curious: Does smoking weed mess with adderall use?

No. 654851

Adderall (muh ADHD) fag here. There is no dangerous interaction, but it stops the medicine from working properly until the weed wears off. Meaning that the adderall user/smoker becomes all ADHD again once they smoke. This definitely seems to be the case for Mariah. Weed seems to make her really hyper when it makes normal people chill.

No. 654852

I kinda wish people recorded her sperging the other night >>654513
It's really insane how she acts. I know she was shitty when she first started but I think she definitely had more drive when she didn't smoke. As much. I guess?

No. 654855

I dont know if she have people over to join her but it can't be good to have that much weed in your system for one night.

No. 654884


She's massive, takes weak hits, and has an incredibly firm tolerance from constant use.

No. 654886

What's the worst that could happen? Munchies and pass out? Keep quiet if you dont know shit about cannabis. Besides y'all should be bitching about the shitty ass made in China pipe that she was flexing on IG.

No. 654887

That one she just bought today was the gaudiest shittiest thing ever. She probably bought it from the gas station

No. 654890

What are you talking about? I missed that part, but back to the subject of marijuana, I do not care about anything, I do not give a shit about who uses it and I honestly want to see her posting status after smoking lmao '-'

No. 654893

Vyvanse here. It's also kind of just a waste. It's a stimulant vs a depressant (yes yes I know sativa yadda yadda but still overall a depressant in terms of energy/focus) so you're not going to get much out of your weed.

No. 654901

I really have a hard time understanding how some anons think that a proven total liar and scammer who is one of the most irresponsible people on the planet is a 100% normie solid citizen when it comes to this one thing. The only thing I can figure it that it’s moo herself or one of her calves trying to stop the conversation because it triggers moo.

No. 654907

we also have some super autist anons who don't like any discussion that they don't agree with.

No. 654916

Well, someone who is prone to mania could potentially take it up a notch if you don't know exactly what you're smoking. It's just not good when you take meds. I had to learn that shit the hard way.

No. 654920


Jesus we all know shes wide but wow these is the first time I've ever plainly looked at an image where it was so apparently.(Solely posting in this thread to comment on Moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban)

No. 654929

the worst that could happen for moo is if she gets something else in it (which i wouldnt be surprised, she'd have a shitty dealer) but in CA dispensaries are very nice, so i dont see the problem here.
funny to see anti weed anons sperging lol

i think taxes is just one of those things where you can only speculate it, you'll never really know. a lot of shit talked about is pure speculation but to some degree it fits a further point, talking about thot auditing her and patreon earnings and shit mean nothing and ultimately will never add to the discussion
until she gets to gurgma levels of retarded theres not going to be some huge trackable levels of documentation on how moo did her taxes
i also think this discussion itself is retarded, taxes take less than 2 hours and its really just about sitting down and doing them, esp if youre her age and not really paying for anything yet

No. 654952


I can't help but see a resemblance with JonTron, fuck me

No. 654964

Taxes when you're self employed are NOT easy. You don't just plug in numbers off a form like if you get a W-2. There are so many things to write off (notice how all costhots do a shoot any time they go on a trip? It's so they can write off the trip expenses) and you need to have receipts etc. Best case scenario is she throws everything at an accountant who does it all for her. Worst case is she's ignoring it hoping it goes away.
If it was anyone else I wouldn't think anything of it. But she puts EVERYTHING on social media. She'd talk about it. She'd sperg about how much you have to pay. If she was making enough that she just didn't care, she wouldn't be doing stuff like "if I get to ___ patrons I'll show nipple". I don't think she's struggling financially but she's not at a place where she can just not care about having to pay thousands in taxes.

No. 654965

what >>654964 said. moo has to do self-employment taxes. they do take a while.

No. 654967


No. 654968

NO ONE has to talk about their taxes. I saw less people talk about them this year than last. Shut up

No. 654971

sorry bout your autism.

No. 654972

File: 1555877389961.png (Spoiler Image,241.33 KB, 572x824, 57546471_321163401901701_72824…)

fixed it

No. 654983

File: 1555886550442.png (166.27 KB, 1440x1988, Screenshot_20190421-153938.png)

No. 654984

File: 1555886575636.png (129.4 KB, 1440x1020, Screenshot_20190421-153927.png)


No. 654988

File: 1555889378017.jpg (520.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190421-182917_Ins…)

No. 654989

I doubt she sees the irony in posting this. Goddamn Mariah, you’re the last person who should be saying this after all the shit you’ve pulled.

No. 654993

The whole « peaceful warrior » phase never lasts long eh. She can’t help but go back to her mean girl attitude. Looking forward to where that messy bitch act will lead her. Vague posting about your ex friends isn’t what someone who has « so much love for people » does, Mariah.

No. 654998

Did this bitch forget that Stella Chu spoke out against her for molesting and sexually harassing people, including Stella's friend.

No. 655003


Says the bitch who would shit out half assed cosplays just so that other cosplayers would be accused of copying her. She really doesn’t pay attention to any of the shit she sees and never thinks it applies to her.

No. 655005

Nothing like giving a shout-out to yourself.

No. 655022

Momokun is to lolcow what Kenna is to PULL.

No. 655032

File: 1555900177406.png (877.69 KB, 750x1334, A19E9ACA-DAC4-47F1-9329-FAE6B4…)

No. 655048

File: 1555903262134.png (2.76 MB, 1800x1116, 590830E6-788F-4F89-8C97-B93AF7…)

No. 655049

File: 1555903431784.png (1.79 MB, 1242x2208, B5063572-1D3A-430A-BE7A-AED9AB…)

Can’t wait for this shitshow. You just know she won’t go alone and will have what’s left of her crew acting as a barrier.

No. 655050

Sure must suck for her to realize she can’t even fit into this anymore and now she’s trying to act like she hasn’t gained a pound in another manic episode. Try to cinch that waist now, see how far you get

No. 655051

Just another day of drawing in more cucks by using a pic herself pounds ago to catfish. I swear that's partly why she does this.

No. 655061


Lol didn't she get btfo the last time she went? like skulk through get laughed at then run away like a punk bitch?

No. 655063

Asides from her and her group acting like a bunch of 12 year old jackasses near the Smash stage by artist alley, I wasn’t aware of anything else happening. (Overtflow was with her group at the time, also being idiotic) The previous year was her infamous ass/tit grabbing escapades.

No. 655064

File: 1555905241345.png (3.11 MB, 1242x2208, EC36EDD3-B711-4819-8D1C-F4BE75…)

No. 655065

>that horrible crotch fit

This has to be something that cat made for her. She’s infamous for her shit quality bunny suits. The ones she makes are only good if you wanna flash your labaia. Trash quality work is just what Mariah deserves.

No. 655066

Going for the CBT angle next, Moo?

No. 655068

Pretty sure it's castle corsetry, I don't think Cat has the skill to get the waist that cinched.

No. 655086

The only reason why you have to grip the dick like that is because you've never seen a hard dick in your life moo

Or any dick ever

No. 655087

Is anyone going to record this if she does decide to go live? I have my doubts

No. 655105

The IG account in question usually saves the lives after going live (she also conducted the auress and snowthesaltqueen interviews and those were available to watch and capture afterwards)

I might not be able to catch this live due to work and time zones, but some other anon might be.

No. 655109

The instagram account has very few followers so I dont even know why Moo is doing it? She hasnt said anything about it either. The whole thing is very self post and one of the admins on the account admitted to being a farmer.

No. 655119

Drink some milk is obviously a shout-out to lolcow Hahahah

No. 655120

I was cringing hard when she re-directed her followers to lcf, we don't do that here. Their followers requested the interview tho. I'm suprised myself that Mariah would agree to an interview, probably to save face or make it seem like she cares about her fans. It wouldn't suprise me if she actually wouldn't pull through.

No. 655155

Not to be down on a newcomer who obviously wants to interview people as a hobby but you know that if she was interviewed by a big youtuber or something like that she would've gotten her ass kicked.
A more impressionable interviewer with a small following allows her to dust it under the rug. It's not as broadcasted.

No. 655168

My guess is it's because she hasn't been interviewed by anyone since she got outed for sexual assault.

No. 655173

This has potential to be really milky if done right. Mariah is obsessed with reading up about herself and keeping tabs on the internet, if it’s found she’s pandering to a gossip board to maybe try and “get back” at her haters it might shed some light on how much time she actually spends here. That’s not to say it could also be cringe as hell and make her look better too, it’s a double edged sword.

No. 655178

Which is funny because dorksidecookies (the Squirrel Girl cosplayer who interviewed her several times at Lvl Up and Amazing Las Vegas. Was there when Moo grabbed the guys ass.) still follows her on FB. She never publicly denounced Mariah’s actions after the sexual assault news broke out, in fact, the other member of the team (Richard Mathis) openly supported Mariah on FB. Kinda surprised they haven’t gone back to kissing Moo’s ass for a few views on their YouTube channel.

No. 655182

File: 1555955778067.png (1.17 MB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2019-04-22-10-53-37…)

Sure Jan

No. 655183

File: 1555955951091.png (765.3 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-04-22-10-53-53…)

No. 655184

File: 1555956223696.png (753.49 KB, 750x1334, 896A7CB5-4497-45E2-A64B-B2B5C9…)

momo did post about it on her instastory, when I capped it I just went to the original page instead

No. 655185

where is their archive? of the older lives?

No. 655195

File: 1555958409967.jpg (19.96 KB, 564x287, IMG_20190405_134747.jpg)

No. 655198

No ISDB was created for their account so no full livestreams are available, went ahead and did that today


The site should also save livestreams.

No. 655217

Calling it now that she tries to blatantly steal bunnyayumis cowgirl theme.

No. 655222


crazy world where the cows herd other cows, and cant get any boys.

No. 655230

Tons of people did cowgirl things. Its because of the Old Town Road song.

No. 655231

What does this even mean.

I believe you but it's easy to see it as her copying someone too given her track record. She's done so much shady shit that you can never tell when she isn't, it's just better to assume that she is.

No. 655235

I deleted what I responded to previously because it sounded way too high which I am. My bad, but while I understand blaming everything Moo does on other thots, there were dozens others doing the same thing. None of these girls are original, but I think this time it comes down to Old Town Road being played on radios everywhere and Circle being a cringy fake-everything. He jumps on stereotype hypes while Moo jumps on anime hypes.

No. 655260


The amount of blur in this photo insane. Shes really gotta try to hide that face of hers.

No. 655291

The cap says it's for andriod 18, not a meme. Chill

No. 655303

File: 1555981778112.png (Spoiler Image,5.82 MB, 1125x2436, 673B53BD-C1DE-4109-AA5C-83C562…)

No. 655306

so the transition from cosplayer to ho is complete?

No. 655307

Are those stick on nipples?

No. 655309


it's going to be pasties. She always does them.

No. 655310

Definitely nipple pasties.

No. 655313

File: 1555982814450.png (Spoiler Image,768.22 KB, 750x563, scam1.png)


These are fake and dont NEED censoring. She knows this.

No. 655314

why do they look photoshopped……she should just pull the trigger already

No. 655316

File: 1555982972557.png (Spoiler Image,773.32 KB, 750x563, scam2.png)

No. 655317

they are pasties

No. 655319

No wonder she never tries differ makeup looks. She looks like the emo kid in middle school that didnt know how to fill in the inner lash line.

No. 655320

yea but they look so fake that they kind of looked shopped

No. 655322

Also Hinata has dark blue hair. Like. In every single arc. Like ever. But she's such a fan right?

No. 655323

neckbeards don't know the difference between real and fake nipples anyway

No. 655324

File: 1555983456522.png (Spoiler Image,759.65 KB, 750x563, scam3.png)

So plastic looking they dont even look real at all

No. 655325

if you can't tell those are fake I think your problem goes deeper then neckbeard

No. 655326

File: 1555983481946.png (Spoiler Image,752.5 KB, 563x750, scam4.png)

No. 655328

File: 1555983594994.png (8.19 MB, 1125x2436, F90F2E40-F218-4CB3-8DCC-10714D…)

No. 655329

In that interview that cosplayorprah person should bring up why she scams people by wording things in a way that constantly manipulates people into subscribing to her.

No. 655331

The fake nipples suck, sure, but the super hacked off bangs trigger me.

She looks like Raven Sparks if she got a nose job. Only at least Raven's eyeliner doesnt look like a 3rd grader drew it on with a melted crayon.

No. 655332

She's going for that hentai nipple look. Which is also a convenient excuse to use pasties even though she said she'd show her "nip nops".

No. 655335

I kept thinking, "How is Mariah going to weasel herself out of this one, moo possibly can't backpedal her way out of this."

No. 655339

All that money she is making, and she gets some shitty Party City wig. Not that I am surprised, but this "cosplay" is some serious low tier shit for the cash she supposedly is pulling in.

No. 655340

File: 1555984815568.png (96.38 KB, 1440x674, 39d5fc8.png)

No. 655341

that punisher skull….lol

No. 655342

The amount of blur on this is ridiculous, her nose is fading away!

We all knew Mariah was going to do something so she didn’t have to show her actual “nip nops”. I hope her patrons get uppity about this since she blatantly scammed them… again. Moo gets away with far too much without being held accountable, even if it is over fucking nipples.

No. 655345

I hope they rip her ass to shreds for this. She scammed a bunch of these idiots.

No. 655346

And in a move surprising literally no one she of course scammed them.

No. 655347

I hope her fans will realize how loose and without responsibility she is, and return to being as before, just so she realizes that the world is not a toy store

No. 655348

Did she though? Sounds like she promised nips at 2K and she' is at less then 1.9 right now.

No. 655349

File: 1555986070199.png (2.41 MB, 1242x2208, 5277B19A-9C97-4B7E-AF5C-66470A…)

Then she shouldn’t have shot it yet. She did promise the other shirtless video at 1600 though so I’m waiting to see how she weasels out of that one now.

No. 655351


Why do you think she shot it? Exactly for this reason, so she could weasel her way out of it by being all like “Looks like you guys didn’t meet the goal in time. So sorry my dudes. And I was soooooo ready to show my nip nops too. Bummer”. She is such a lying shit sack and I hope she gets some real blowback for this.

No. 655352


>>653844 Is where the offer was first mentioned, of course she would use a vague non-deadline, "end of the month," when there's still a week left in April.

Her shoot/release schedule makes less sense every month when she procrastinates this much for fresh posts and ends up putting up at least half of every shoot almost live.

No. 655353

I really hope her patrons call her out for it too but they most likely won’t. Maybe one or two pissy comments but that’s it. They’re fucking spineless and too horny to see that she’s a liar and a manipulative bitch. She needs to get knocked down a peg even if it means a bunch of them unsubscribing after this. The only way to make her realize shit is if it hits her income.

No. 655357

File: 1555987612072.jpeg (440.07 KB, 640x920, 234EEA38-554D-4E80-AE63-ED9C64…)

She’s deleting comments like crazy.
Month isn’t even over girl…

No. 655360

File: 1555988000837.jpg (146.5 KB, 850x524, uXzd6d7.jpg)

>be Mariah
>leaks own nudes to "kickstart" her skinwalker career
>shows nip nops
>tries to perform on stream to millions of cucks high, ""accidentally"" shows vagina and nipples
>does this shit

The amount of mental gymnastics this bitch has to go through to salvage her career is astounding. Please continue, it's the best.

No. 655362

Even in her recent group shot thing she did with the serial killer Polaroids she showed her pepperonis.
So I don't get why she's clinging to hard to this "oop I need to make more money before I show nip nops" bullshit

No. 655364

Because she knows that if she had shown herself and actually went full camgirl her career would be short lived. Weaseling around showing nipples/vagina when she has DONE IT THREE TIME ALREADY is mad retarded.

No. 655369

Backpedaling like a bitch after realizing she can make more money trying to pretend she has any reserves about not showing body parts. It's all to trick the kiddos who don't dig any deeper than a page search that she hasn't totally revealed every part of her body in at least 240p. It's honestly fucking sad and I'd actually respect her more if she just fully accepted she's only good for nudes and porn at this point. There's 0 point in her trying to 180 this like she's some saint of cosplay who's only mildly lewd. She's a full blown softcore porn "artist" and she needs to accept it.

No. 655373

File: 1555990717321.png (929.08 KB, 720x1204, Screenshot_2019-04-22-20-32-16…)

No. 655374

File: 1555990785717.png (957.91 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-04-22-20-32-43…)

Aly taught Moo her shitty makeup routine

No. 655376

Wondering what her dumbass will say to try to defend herself. We all know she can’t handle getting called out and always has to clapback to silence all her critics.

No. 655377


this shit right here is nightmare fuel. from the bangs to the spencers gift level fake nips, thanks I didn't know how much lower she could sink but now I am seeing it.

No. 655378

File: 1555991863382.png (124.29 KB, 715x1017, Screenshot_2019-04-22-20-54-59…)

Both Reddits are livid lol

No. 655379

They can be mad all they want, but she's going to keep doing the same scams until they leave because it works.

No. 655380

They can be mad all they want, but she's going to keep doing the same scams until they leave because it works.

No. 655383


The fact that she gets away with this shit gives me no hope for the future of humanity

No. 655385

they're the idiots still giving her money though. rofl She's lied over and over about 'nudes'

No. 655386

Even if you have some godforsaken attachment to moo there are dozens of other costhots who actually do nudes is you cough up the dough. There is literally no reason to keep supporting her.

No. 655388

I'm the one you're replying to and you're completely right. They need to move on already cause they won't find what they want with Moo without her complaining about it.

No. 655392

Credit where credit is due, Moo lifting the crappy routine Aly uses to beat her manly mug is a nice change from the usual.

Of course what didn't change at all was Moo's ability to shoot herself in the foot with her scams. This cow just can't stop giving milk, can she?

No. 655394

File: 1555997494366.png (Spoiler Image,668.1 KB, 620x826, post_file.png)

For 2k patrons…
I also shot a Hinata selfie set with no pasties just Incase we do hit it at the end of the month~

No. 655395

This literally looks like a baby puking up milk..

No. 655396

I literally thought this was a baby vomiting.
How much do you want to bet she hasn’t shot it but is trying to do damage control.

No. 655397

She has obviously shaved/waxed herself, just not 100%.
She's still grooming herself, so what's wrong with not being completely hairless?

No. 655398

Because she tries to shoop herself perfect and doesn't allow her true self to show in her products.

No. 655402

Why do her breasts look so red and bruised?

No. 655403

Hinatas bangs are supposed to be cut straight.
I’m so confused. Like. You can buy hime cut wigs and wear them straight out of the bag. So why does it look like she cut this wigs bangs in the dark with her hands tied behind her back.

No. 655405

shirtless doesn't mean braless. she will wear something.

No. 655406

They have every right to be mad because she scammed them good but imagine being this desperate over seeing her "nip nops" when you can just google her full nudes and watch the stream screenshots where she's showing them off.

As for the "cosplay", why can't she be bothered to get a correct colored wig for fuckig once? She got a green hue wig for a character that obviously has a very dark purple/black with purple hue hair? This shit has been going on since the dawn of her career, is she colorblind or doesn't she just give enough fucks to browse beyond the first page of results on eBay?

No. 655413

>>655394 Tinfoil, but I thought it was unusual how she replaced her Pateeon link in her IG profile with her Storenvy link shortly after announcing her stretch goals for 1,600 and 2,000 Patreon subscribers. It's almost like she didn't want to reach those numbers, because that would mean that she'd have to follow through with the more explicit content she advertised.

Seeing her in these pasties that look like melted popsicles really makes me think she's more desperate than ever to pull off the heist of the century.

No. 655420

She's actually retatded LOL. she threw herself down this hole from the start. If she hadn't been such a thot, she wouldn't have to deal with this, but then again, she'd make nothing.

No. 655426

Lol I went to look at her so called "goals" and have to say this-
If anyone believes this shit ask yourself "WHERES THE CALENDAR?!?"

No. 655427

I think the appeal for them isn’t just seeing her nudes (they probably already have), but forcing her to finally degrade herself enough to do it. It’s the gratification of the chase and the feeling of power when they finally achieve their goal.
But that’s how she’s able to play them and they’re too blinded to even realize it

No. 655429

It was there and it was reached. I dont think shes noticed. Chill anon. The old one said a 2018-2019 calendar. She hasnt updated it to 2019-2020 yet. But it was reached.

No. 655431

What honestly makes you think she will update it to 2019-2020? This bitch can barely get regular photos out let alone a calendar. She's a lying scammer and needs to be held accountable.

No. 655433

This bitch looks like she bathes with hotdog water. Jesus Fucking Christ. I bet her patrons won’t complaint about her either.

No. 655445

For real, that's what I'm wondering. Her breasts looks so mottled and discolored, like she has some type of weird disease.

No. 655446

File: 1556038171868.png (1.26 MB, 1242x2208, 464CFE7E-F2C1-416F-BC57-8F5294…)

No. 655451

We are 4 months in, it wasnt reached until March and its on a money scale that fluctuates. Moo just isnt noticing. We know we can hold her accountable so relax, but she still has 8 months to even mention the goal reach.

No. 655455


perhaps, but hasnt that goal been for a couple YEARS now and yet I doubt anyone has a calendar of her.

No. 655466


No. 655479

Has the cosplay oprah interview started yet? I was certain it was 1 pm PST, yet I’m not sure where I can listen in. Anyone know?

No. 655480

She's live now on their instagram, Mariah didn't join yet thi

No. 655481

File: 1556051580775.png (7.73 MB, 1125x2436, 9D187620-329C-4ADD-9C9C-43D4EB…)

She looks so frumpy and uninterested. If she’s doing an interview to save face you think she’d at least put on some makeup.

No. 655482

I hope someone is recording this because she just threw a ton of cosplayers under the bus for getting liposuction. Said 80% of them do but wouldn’t name names when asked.

No. 655484

honestly, i feel like the interviewer doesn't have a lot of confidence and is being really passive about when bringing up questions or issues.

cosplay oprah said it'll be available to view on their IGTV sometime later!

No. 655485

Oh good! Thanks for the info!

She’s defecting a ton and brushing questions off as “you’d have to go after all other cosplayers”. There are a lot of comments calling her out tho so that’s refreshing.

No. 655486

Sounds like someone’s there in the car with her, and she’s rushing to get out of the interview.

No. 655487

She just flat out refused to talk about NanaSushiBear, and completely lied about KBBQ

No. 655488

>Why did you bully Nanasushibear out of the community?
>says she's not comfortable answering that

No. 655490

She just sounds salty. It just doesn't cross her mind that most people just work out and eat healthy. And even IF some cosplayers do have lipo they still work out because that is part of their job. They don't get lipo over and over and eat themselves into obesity

No. 655491

Is she driving?

No. 655493


This is going exactly as I hoped it would, and even still I’m shocked. I thought this would be a typical fluff bullshit “interview”, but it sounds like she is really getting grilled. I imagine she can’t wait for it to be over and we’ll be getting some late night instastories about the interviewer being “so unprofessional” by asking her actually difficult questions. I wonder if she has the balls to hang up and just walk away?

No. 655494

Basically admitted that she did lol

It's not that hard to lie moo you do it all the time

No. 655495


For someone who always has to keep spinning these plates of lies she always manages to be the one to tell on herself most of the time. She has so many that she ends up which ones she’s supposed to be keeping up.

No. 655497

she's going to later deflect and say she wasn't okay answering because we didn't know both sides and cruel mean Nana was using her even though at the time Nana was just as popular as Moo

No. 655498

What was most interesting about the interview was she was asked if she regrets anything in the past and goes on to say she doesn’t regret anything that she did but a question about using ADHD as an excuse for her actions, she admits she regrets that.

No. 655500

All the more reason for Nana to make a comeback. No one wants to hang around Moo and people would flock to Nana. Nothing would make Moo more furious than seeing a rival get accepted into a community that she got kicked out of.

No. 655518

>>655482 I couldn't watch this for the entire 30 minutes or so that it lasted for, but I want to comment on the lipo thing, and point out something else I caught.

The thing that makes the "80% of other cosplayers have gotten lipo" claim a total lie is that we haven't seen any other cosplayers go through drastic sudden body changes (from big to small) within a two-month frame like Mariah has. Some girls have gotten breast enlargements, but nobody blew up in weight quite like Mariah has in the past (or recently, but I don't want the mods to think that I'm solely posting to make fun of her weight).

Another thing is that she was talking about how she blamed ADHD for her actions, and went from saying she didn't have a PR person, to quickly catching herself and saying she did have a PR person who no longer works for her. Just goes to show that she hasn't actually employed anyone with help. Otherwise, she wouldn't have had those delays with shipping out physical prints, and she would still be on Twitter.

No. 655520

Didn't mention her asking that dude to drink bleach in regards to her twitter being banned for the 2nd time. Only regret is blaming the sexual harassment on ADHD not the actual harassment or past racism, lies, &constant bitchcraft.

No. 655533

is anyone really buying that these arent fake backers. even if it's not her/her orbiters they're mostly gonna be $1

She couldnt bring people in to her cam site streams what makes you think this isnt just a few really thirsty fanboys making alt accounts. she just wants people to think she's doing so well but NO ONE would actually gain 900~ patrons in a couple weeks even if they were gonna show nips.

No. 655540


I've been curious about this part myself. I cannot think that there is enough sand in the world to make anyone this thirsty. I mean maybe MAYBE a couple or a couple dozen. but this?

No. 655541

lipo isn’t typically recommended for dramatic changes though, at least not by good doctors. it’s not out of the realm of possibility at ALL that such a high figure would be getting lipo. pretty sure the vast majority of people getting it are nowhere near mariah’s size and more likely are just getting it on small stubborn areas they haven’t been able to work with.

No. 655543


She really is like a damn toddler getting caught by her parents with this shit. Every other word out her mouth is “B-but what about them? How come they don’t get in trouble?!” She can’t ever just own up to shit. She always has to drag everyone down to her level so that she can feel better about herself. I sincerely doubt that number is actually anywhere near what she claims it it but she of course needs to not feel like such a piece of shit so it “Everyone totally does it but I’m the only one who gets shit for it because I’m fat”.” Notice how she was too chickenshit to actually name anyone. Cause she knows the internet will eat her ass alive if she tries to drag anyone with her.

No. 655547

Did this bitch really put on fake nipples and try to pass them as real? LMAO

No. 655551

So she admits she doesn't regret sexually assaulting cosplayers? Thanks for finally telling the truth Mariah

No. 655556


She still thinks she didn’t do anything wrong. She thinks it’s all personal vendettas and jealous clout chasers coming after her.

No. 655564

What was it?

No. 655566

This >>655565


She's about to come after you for posting here cause she's always lurking. Good on you for not being afraid of that asshole, though.

No. 655567


Interview Cosplay Oprah 6 minutes ago No. 655559

Hey y’all, I’m the one who conducted the interview today, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who keeps tabs on Momokun and posts evidence, if it weren’t for y’all I would have done this interview. That being said I tried to be neutral and professional in this interview, and ask the right questions.
Anyways, y’all are rad.

No. 655568

Thank you Oprah, very cool.

No. 655569

The chick interviewing admitted to not answering hard questions to another thot because she didn't want to scare them off. She was not organized, didn't do any real interviewing or dig at all to anything. The interview was shit, Moo actually had some good responses, and the interviewer had no idea how to rebuttle to make Moo actually spill shit.

This whole thing was a waste of time. Do not do interviews if you cannot handle actually doing dirt in favor of worrying if these cosplayers fans will come after you for showing your face.

No. 655570

Like another Patreon anon who runs their says, it is a LOT of trouble to make fake backers on Patreon and it catches on. It has a smart system that will detect shit like that used to pad your sub counts. Its not at all like buying fans for Instagram, Facebook, or for Twitter.

She's not. Men are literally this dumb and the women who support her are as well.

No. 655572

This. Incel men are the dumbest things ever. Evidence of their stupidity is them still falling for her lies after yesterday, all because she said "I plan to do it, we only have a few more patrons left to go!"

She hypes them up like a company does with a video game, only for it to be complete shit after its released. Rinse and repeat and you have her formula for the past few years.

No. 655574

Exactly. Its not that she is buying subs its that she actually goes onto other platforms like Camversit, OnlyFans when she knows she can get some more people somewhere to be into her look. She honestly knows what she is doing. Thats why she rinse and repeats every couple of months. Its not about money, its about getting those fans who like her crap to come out and pay to see her in specific shit.

No. 655575

Wanna bet she release them in may?
She always do this charade to hook incels for at least 2 months

No. 655578

And when she does, she's going to complain and do a hand bra. "I never said I wouldn't!"

No. 655586

File: 1556068619278.png (33.43 KB, 548x414, gonna leak.png)

No. 655587

Even if she does reach 2k goal. She's gonna find some excuse as to why she can't show real nips

No. 655588

More people should start interviewing cosplayers if we get answers like this tbh it’s a good idea if it’s conducted well

No. 655592

Isn't she doing a Bowsette cosplay this month?

No. 655594

So not only does it have to be 2k, they need to pay $50, and they’re probably still not getting what they want.
She’s one brave scammer. I await the blowback for this one.

No. 655595

She reached the goal, so I guess we'll see what happens now.

No. 655596

Isn't she doing a Kefla* cosplay this month?
*Maron, Ranma, Zelda and so on and on…

No. 655597

So you get the shitty pasties at $10 but have to shell out $50 for nips even tho she didn't mention that little detail before

No. 655598


it was a reward for getting her to 2k subs but i guess all the tiers besides $50 that helped her reach 2k are chopped liver

No. 655599

File: 1556070334485.png (766.81 KB, 1800x1260, 72352517-2E14-4AE3-BEAA-E91F9B…)

Men are fucking gullible.

No. 655601

Would put in calves thread but it’s because of Mariah that when Nigri does shout outs to all the cosplayers that did Black Hole chan, and skips over Vamplettes, it’s probably because she still associates with trash.

No. 655606

File: 1556070676527.jpg (371.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190423-184929_Ins…)

She finally hit 2k paterons, and suddenly the $50 tier is sold out. Lmfao what a scammer! Guess she can't shell out when it comes down to it.

No. 655607

File: 1556070756873.png (2.69 MB, 1800x1633, 36B14711-A67D-4D13-8B2A-840CF9…)

A huge “fuck you” to the horny idiots that bumped her up to 2k and thought pledging to her with get them nip nops. Gotta wonder how limited that “platinum tier” is.

No. 655608

File: 1556071054858.png (162.02 KB, 555x436, bb.png)

No. 655610

lmao i don't feel bad for them at all

mariah, save yourself some time and just post a pic of your tits like it doesn't have to be a theme of anything they do not care

No. 655611

Do we know how many spaces were in the tier before? Maybe she adjusted the space to make it look conveniently sold out, potentially enticing some desperate neckbeards when she “opens more slots”

No. 655612

File: 1556071559283.png (16.36 KB, 526x212, you never announced this.png)

No. 655613

She legit could say "I'm scamming you morons." And they'd eat it up

No. 655615

How convenient that she pushes it that far down the road. She’s banking on people forgetting so she doesn’t have to fulfill yet another promised goal. Those guys deserve to get scammed for being complete fucking idiots.

No. 655617

File: 1556072472633.png (2.92 MB, 1242x2208, 5D0BA14F-5504-40BE-A379-EAA38C…)

No. 655618

Except she promised hundreds of people nips just for pledging…
They’re going to be leaked anyways.

No. 655619

Samefag but I hope she gets served a cease and desist from Starbucks if she intends on selling this as merch for her shop. She literally did nothing to change it except swap text.

No. 655620

So she's just straight up thieving from corporations now?

No. 655621

File: 1556072637116.png (2.56 MB, 1242x2208, 7156D806-83E3-486F-9D4A-505D08…)

No. 655622

She seriously can't be surprised, her patrons have shown time and time again. They only care about seeing her nip nops and vag.

No. 655623

I guess she got tired of scamming small time creators. Too easy. She’s really pushing her luck if she plans on selling this.

No. 655626

only a quick 5 minute google on the subject gave me:
>Anyone profiting from the sale of our modified image is in direct violation of our policy. The Starbucks logo is trademarked. Adding to, taking from or otherwise modifying the image is a violation of the copyright.


No. 655628

File: 1556074584323.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x2068, 48E64C4B-E382-445B-8FC1-A26527…)

No. 655631

This cunt is so stupid. Just make the tier unlimited dumbass. Can't wait to see how to scams people buy not showing her nipples at all. Absolutely cant wait

No. 655634

File: 1556076806820.png (159.45 KB, 690x815, momo's cafe.png)

It isn't hard to find someone to redesign the logo. How cheap and lazy is she

No. 655640

'script anon here. I initially thought this would be a long interview but was kind of irked when it was "just 10 questions". It seems like The Cosplay Oprah has talked to Moo before the instalive, where Moo asked her how her family dinner at Easter went. TCO mentioned it went horribly and they laughed. I'm not saying it influenced the interview but I think it gave Moo the chance to groom the interviewer into asking "safe" questions. TCO was kind of weary of asking some hard hitting questions and even gave a "yikes" reaction to the ching chong question someone asked. Some of these other questions were wack so I'm going to skip over them.

This is not a exact transcript but just a paraphrase? I guess. 1/2

>Do you actually enjoy cosplaying or do you do it for the money?

Said she could do anything for money. Thinks if people do it for money that's okay but that's her thing to do it for the love of the fandom.

>Why do you only do lewd cosplays?

She said if that was true she could answer it but she does all kinda of cosplay. Recognizes most of her income is mostly from lewd cosplay. She does what her audience wants and what she wants.

>When did you initially do lewd cosplay? (To paraphrase second part TCO asks: Since she did big builds before, why does she still stick to lewd cosplays? Does she think doing lewd cosplays sets a precedence about her?)

When she initially did the boudoir Xmen shoot with Vamps, it gave her confidence, a "ego boost". It does make people associate her with only lewd cosplays and prefers commissioners to make "big builds" for her to be stress free. Has many jobs and wishes she had more time to sit down and focus on those things.

>TCO mentioned her commissioning and not giving credit

It's not like she didn't give credit. With myoppa: she said she saw the design, contacted her and didn't get a response so she thought the shop was "dead" so she commissioned it. Recognizes now that it was wrong, contacted my oppa and offered to pay for use of the design. Touched on how she deleted the photoset, didn't (?) donate the proceeds to her friend's wolf reservation and mentioned she was going to donate but cut herself off before she could answer fully to what. (TCO later asks a question as to why the "wolf set" was still on Patreon. Moo responded that if people saved the links or still has the set/is distributing it on the internet still it's not on her. She deleted the photoset)

>Asked about Auress Cosplay and how she feels someone like Auress looks up to her despite her bigotry.

Mentioned Auress messages her "here and there" privately. Said she doesn't take a stance on negative topics like racism and fat shaming. You can't control how fans who like you react. Compares it to Pewdipie and the shooting at the Mosque. Says it's " not my thing" to support her.

>Do you think lewding a minor character is okay?

Did Kana to poke fun at the people who get mad about it. Be smart about your decisions. Think about if it's a "right decision".

>Asked about Patreon rewards not being handled correctly

Early 2018 (changed it to 2016/2017), she said it happened but she got caught up and fixed it. She removed a tier (print tier has changed to digital)

>Asked about Anime Expo; Asked about the mocking of her victims and how she handled the situation

Denied mocking her victims. Did not handle it well, it was hard for her to acknowledge it at first and fight it. A "very interesting time frame" and it was alot. Said alot of things that were not right to say. Did have a PR person but they do not work for her anymore. She apologized many times. How can you repeatedly poke at someone and say "you did this wrong or that" over and over. (TCO agreed with her that you can't expect someone to grow if they apologized and you remind them they did wrong over and over.) Doesn't regret anything. Katsucon was hard, with a clear tension between her and other cosplayers. People took pictures, glared at her, but she said she's used to it. Says it's "the aura of the community" and "people like chasing that clout" (I think she was trying to say it was popular to make fun of her.)

>Do you regret any of your past actions in the community and why?

Doesn't regret anything. You can't change anything and just move forward. Realizes if she was more educated in the past, she could do things more correctly.

>Do you touch your friends and is that why you think it's okay to touch anybody?

Says she touches her close friends like that and grew up in a family like that. Recognizes that she can't touch anyone without consent.

>How is your experience with liposuction and fit teas?

Said it made her shit alot but it rid of her bloating. Liposuction was good but very painful. Loved the results but doesn't think everyone should do it. Alot of the cosplay models do plastic surgery but wouldn't say who or how popular of a cosplayer they were when pressed by TCO.

No. 655641

>Do you edit yourself to look bigger in photos? If so why? (I think the person meant smaller because they were both confused)
Said there's multiple ways to make yourself look different with different tools and photography styles. Said she doesn't edit her photos and has her photographers do it.

>Why was your first response to the sexual assault cases to blame it on ADHD?

She was trying to reason and provide a explanation for her actions. Regrets it.

>Asked why she's not on Twitter

Said the first ban was a reported tweet of threat about killing her mom and it was suspended. Second one was removed because the first ban (ban evasion). Is happy to not be on Twitter.

>Would you ever crossplay?

Wanted to but can't because she has big boobs. Doesn't know how to do it. Not talented enough to do male makeup.

>What is your response to lolcow threads?

Doesn't acknowledge them. Knows it's there for entertainment of anons

>How do you handle the hate?

Doesn't exist to her. Just doesn't allow it to bother her. Says there's more important things to do with your time.

>Why did you have to say "ching chong" in Mei cosplay?

Says she doesn't, tried to pronounce the actual Chinese phrase. Said her friend laughed because he understood she couldn't say the correct Chinese phrase.

>Why do you photoshop your photos so much?

Said it comes with the industry. Said "gravure" wrong. There's a certain look she wants for her photos but she never hides her body. Tried to justify skin retouching by saying big cosplayers like Stellachu and pialoof/Kana do it. Said Squarecuck's style of retouching is the same as gravure model studio's

((**Moo is cosplaying Baiken, Pochaco and Akagi from Azure Lane. Forgot which con, sorry.))

>Did she ever address the rumors that she kicked CowbuttCrunchie's costume?

Said her cape brushed over it twice and she has talked to CBC since then. CBC removed the tweets after their conversation.

>why did she gain weight? Is it for cosplay or is it just because she wants to?

Likes mac n cheese too much and is not a fulltime athlete where she exercises.

>Why did she bully Nanasushibear out of the community? What is the drama about KoreanBBQ?

Would not answer about Nana. Said she broke it off with David/KBBQ and now he's in the military (not in the community anymore).

>Views on Vic Mangina?

Said it's wild and weird. Goku's VA called her mom due to her mom's number being leaked to harass him. Another VA tried to harass her.

No. 655642

>kbbq in the military

Odd, didn’t she accuse him of desperately looking around for an American gf so he could “draft dodge”?

No. 655644

Thanks for the transcript, anon. I honestly wish the 'interviewer' would have pushed her harder. A lot of these questions were pretty good, but there were no follow ups or rebuttals, even though plenty of evidence exists to contradict her.

No. 655645

All but two of the questions were utter shit. No wonder Moo did this interview.

No. 655646

Gotta admit this interview sucked and I wish TCO was more hard and not soft with questions.

>Do you touch your friends and is that why you think it's okay to touch anybody?

Says she touches her close friends like that and grew up in a family like that. Recognizes that she can't touch anyone without consent'

Yikes? Is she saying that people in her family touch each other inappropriately and that's why she thinks its okay?

>Views on Vic Mangina?

Said it's wild and weird. Goku's VA called her mom due to her mom's number being leaked to harass him. Another VA tried to harass her'

Love how she didn't she didn't agree with what was going on with Vic, but tried to keep it neutral. Must be funny seeing someone get burned with something you also did to people huh

No. 655647

I feel like if TCO did her research on the most basic of things she could've detected most lies she made during the interview.

I know our many, many threads is not just a hour long read but this is kind of ridiculous she claim she did research. During the interview she was shocked like she never heard of the negative reactions to Moo's shenanigans until that moment and then passed it off/agreed with Moo. David being in the military is new to me as well.

>>655644 >>655645
Sorry, it's shit. I agree, she was too chickenshit to ask real ass questions in fear of scaring her off or making her mad. I know I personally submitted some questions concerning ~Moo's Greatest Hits~ that she hasn't answered yet but none of the questions were picked.

Anyone think it was odd how before the interview date she asked for a set of questions but the day of the interview she asked again? If she knew Moo was set for 10 questions because she "had something to do" why wouldn't you write down 10 solid questions? Why not condense them the hour before and ASK THE QUESTIONS?

No. 655650

Seriously. It was literally done by someone who only cares about information GIVEN them by the people requesting who to interview. This chick didn't even know anything about Shadman until she was posting anon messages talking about Shad. She isn't active enough in this community whatsoever to think she can interview anyone.

Watching Tea Spill on YouTube doesn't suddenly make you someone capable of interviewing anyone. She looked like she wasn't even over 20. It's a kid who wants to play Talk Show Host and every single question aside from the MyOppa one, Vic, lipo, AX scandal, and ching ching were worthless. Why not ask only difficult questions when you know all anyone cares about it Moo owning up to shit and being cornered? I'm glad this chick is 'retiring' in her non-existant interviewer 'career'.

No. 655651

I'm kind of glad I didn't watch it when it initially aired on Instagram. It was a waste of time and energy. I feel kind of insulted.

No. 655654

same, the poor girl thought this was going to be her hyped up big interview and when we didn’t like it she suddenly has to “retire”

No effort from either side but you know it’s rough when you almost feel bad for momo getting her time wasted kek

No. 655657

Hey, TCO, I understand you're butthurt about criticism but the truth is is that Momokun was asked multiple times for interviews (including YandereJane) but denied it. She picked you because you were easy to manipulate. Sorry you couldn't tell the difference between her lies and actual truth.

No. 655658

Been lurking these threads for a long time but uh, was KBBQ born in another country? Never got that impression. Where'd this come from? I hope the random Korea stans on lcf dont think the draft is a thing here anymore…

No. 655659

other anons can add in/correct me but Moo said on different platforms that he was born in Korea but didn't have an actual USA residency. He was apparently supposed to go into the military? News to me. I thought, according to her, he was hopping around for a girlfriend like >>655642 said. If he was dead set on the military why didn't she say he was going and broke up with her?

No. 655660

If he is actually a Korean citizen, even if it's dual citizenship, he is required to serve for two years or be banned from the country complete, plus a lot of social stigma from the Korean community. There are exceptions for certain special jobs, mental issues, and physical disabilities. But idk how a girlfriend would delay enlistment and the ages to do your voluntary enlistment are like 20-30 years old so Moo was probably talking out of her ass.

No. 655662

File: 1556084626891.png (915.67 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-04-23-22-39-48…)

No. 655663

File: 1556084825385.png (283.84 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-04-23-22-40-10…)

No. 655664

File: 1556085014282.png (736.95 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-04-23-22-40-14…)

No. 655665

Shes throwing a fit about people wanting to know why she didn't do more research or call out Moo when she was caught lying. You are a part of a drama Instagram. You hyped this up like you were going to get all the REAL answers from her via messages and questions from submissions and yet nothing was prepared and she used questons submitted via live!

No one is expecting professional interviewing levels of content, but basic high school debate class shit and interviews would be even a fraction better than this mess that was done.

Moo just sat there getting choked up on only a few things because everything else was glossed over when TCO admitted to know when Moo was lying. Shit, no wonder the page has such a shit following count. This was a chance to get Moo to stop hiding behind her fake positivity bullshit every time she gets called out.

No. 655668


The most disappointing part of this interview is how most of the questions were shit we already knew the answers too. Hell even people off this site already knew the answers to thequestions. Good thing TCO is 'retiring'

Would love someone like keem to interview mariah

No. 655669

So Moo first promised nip nops at 2k patrons, "forgets" to mention that the nip nops are only for $50 tier patrons, and make the $50 tier limited? What a scammer, the neckbeards are gullible af.

No. 655670

File: 1556086349582.png (71.96 KB, 720x453, Screenshot_2019-04-23-23-08-24…)

No. 655671

File: 1556086408622.png (909.36 KB, 720x946, Screenshot_2019-04-23-23-10-53…)

>when your mom likes your nip nop photos

No. 655672

There is such a creepy fucking dynamic going on within that family.

Why is she getting mad? If she wanted to be fake Oprah then she should have done her research before the interview. Even if other people submitted the questions, what stopped her from giving rebuttals? There was nothing stopping her, she just sucked at it. And didn't she link to lcf when she announced it? She acts like a newfag to all drama.

No. 655674

Okay tinfoil but do you think her mom maybe lives through her? Like a pageant mom just far grosser?

No. 655677

File: 1556087172075.png (Spoiler Image,696.61 KB, 720x833, Screenshot_2019-04-23-23-19-45…)

Sooo I found out where she got her "inspiration" from. Thanks cuck Reddit.

Also both Reddit groups are flaming. They're pissed. I feel like this will be a crucial moment for Moos career. Shes fallen too far and will probably not recover.

No. 655679

This is all so hilariously sad. It's a tragedy unfolding right in front of our eyes and we've been here the entire ride. I couldn't be happier to be a passenger on this ride. As Dr. Strange would say "We're in the end game now"

No. 655680


I do hope you are right, really. I think she is already trying to weasel her way outta it already, saying she didn't make it, it was too late or some such shit. I do hope this is her swan song.

No. 655682


For anyone wondering, the top one is Hidori Rose, she has a patreon IIRC and has done many actual porn videos, with male partner or with props.

No. 655687

File: 1556099458588.png (2.9 MB, 1800x1190, 885429D2-A198-4D0F-9595-E36938…)

Had to put these side by side because I lol’d. While she’s off stroking her ego (and getting high no doubt with weed paid for by her patrons) the Reddit is fuming with some talk about unsubbing and reporting her.

I honestly don’t have sympathy for them for being stupid enough to pay for her garbage to begin with and believing she’d actually follow through with something, but it is good to know that a sufficient number of them have had enough of her jerking them around.

No. 655689

I really feel like she’s got some work done on her beasts

No. 655690

Momokun + Iconic = Momokonic

No. 655691

She has had a reduction.

No. 655693

I think anon means moo's cucks

No. 655694

File: 1556110268157.png (376.48 KB, 1146x378, Sem título.png)

Looks like the cucks are not happy at all.
yesterday was 2007

No. 655695

>I'm no fucking pay pig.

ha ha ha, oh wow.

my first vibes were that she's supportive of her daughter's "lifestyle choices" because she can get gifts/money out of it, somehow.

either way, this whole thing of her liking her daughter's lewd pics is fucking gross.

No. 655698

If you mean breasts, it's all angles and squeezing them to the front. Hence why they're so red and painful looking here
It's bound to happen since most of the new ones were probably $1-$10 to get nip nops, then the second she scammed them they dropped like flies

No. 655700

Said it has to be reached once during that month, not stay at 2k, so we still getting it

No. 655702

As if she's one to keep her promises. She'll probably use it to snake her way out of it. She doesn't want to show her nipples even though she did it all the time on Camversity.

No. 655717

aw no you're not kid

No. 655720

So don't post the patreon links?

No. 655733

110% sure these glorious nip nop photos will be nothing but a handbra/strategically placed kunai. If she even bothers to post them. From her past bullshit we know she'll first say that she needs to wait until all the transactions to clear in May and then she will conveniently "forget" to post them anywhere between 3 months to the rapture. Eagerly awating the neckbeard rage when they realize they've shelled over precious dollars from their gas station jobs for nothing.

If all her other cons and scams did nothing I hope this is the promise that really makes her pay pigs leave her.

No. 655736

File: 1556130043296.jpeg (777.68 KB, 1242x1676, 4409CB19-D913-4F77-873C-E4212D…)

More from her subreddit today.

No. 655752

Did she for real show her tits on Camversity? I only watched a livestream once and all she did was eat and talk shit in it.

No. 655754


yes she had a few "slips" and of course her stupid "wet t-shirt" bullshit. needless to say the current push for nips isn't creative- shes already shown she will if she is broke enough. I keep hoping this blows up badly

No. 655755

Yeah, she did a few wet t-shirt streams and slipped a few other times.

It's not like she doesn't know this shit happened, she really just needs to own up to it and fucking chose a lane; this has to be a tipping point for her orbiters.

No. 655758

check the last livestream thread >>624348

No. 655763

At this point why doesn’t she just make full pornos Jesus Christ

No. 655788

File: 1556139463943.png (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 1278x674, 1547205051610.png)


Posting these here for any neckbeards who dont want to pay for nip nops

No. 655789

File: 1556139495322.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.89 KB, 831x468, 1547204880347.jpg)

Never forget part 2

No. 655791

Oh god. All I can think of is that one meme video Peaches made “I got STD’s, they make my coochie itch. It be burnin, itchin, burnin, itchin-“
Coochie looks moldy and crusty.

No. 655792

Tits and vag.

Holy shit the math on that. If only all of her other incel fans could be this logical.

No. 655801

File: 1556142146647.png (1.55 MB, 1800x1318, 0DB19ADD-70D1-4780-8BCF-9D731E…)

No. 655802

I feel like she thought this was a brilliant idea… get guys to subscribe by saying it needs to get to 2000 patrons, but don't mention that she plans to only release it at the $50 tier. When you drop that info, make it seem "limited" so that the guys upgrade and it seems like there are limited chances when we all know she'll keep adding more.
The thing is, by not admitting upfront that it would only be available to those who pledge $50 or more, she essentially pulled a bait and switch. It seems like her "fans" are starting to realize that this is how she works and some are leaving.
If she doesn't explicitly show nipple and does a handbra or covers it with something, I think she's done. And honestly I would hope that they chargeback on her patreon since she is essentially scamming. And even if she does show it, most will drop as soon as they get what they want.

No. 655805

File: 1556143980907.png (791.38 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-04-24-15-12-15…)

No. 655806

Another random lie.

No. 655808


another random chin appears. Who the fuck she trying to fool this time. she prolly went to some wine and paint shit even if she DID

No. 655809

isn't she bringing art supplies to someone tho? idgi

No. 655810

Sorry, I thought I put context.
Yes, she is bringing art supplies to Sensei. She pulled up and said "Delivery" in a uwU voice

No. 655813

She knows the pressure is on so she is going to stall. Notice how she immediately posted a 2300 goal to do 12 sets? That was so intentional. I bet anything she'll push super hard for that goal so she can say she was "too busy" to post the set and hope her pay pigs will still be too stupid to notice or care. This will be a glorious train wreck.

Jesus, I've never seen such a hug hypocrite. She constantly posts these stories about how she's into a dozen gross fetishes and horny as fuck every second of the day, has consciously let out a few nip slips on live stream, yet she is too fucking prude to do a real topless set. With all the disgusting sexual things she's already done that are plaster all over the internet being topless is pretty tame in comparison.

No. 655820

the fact that people are trying so hard to see a pair of nipples that they can easily find - already revealed, no less - online, really goes to show how fucking stupid men can be over a pair of hideous pig tits. oh well.

No. 655821

File: 1556148221485.jpg (46.72 KB, 933x773, IMG_20190417_205754.jpg)

This is the face of a woman who is more or less financially dominating a huge group of disgusting men to see her nipples when they're already online as well as her pussy. Tragic. Y'all should be ashamed.

No. 655822

>that little Hank Hill ass
I love it

No. 655823

When does the catfishing end and tunamelt deception begin?

No. 655825

they wont fit anyone you dumb bitch

No. 655827

But like half of the shit that Antares has made her is like 50% card board. And what's left is cheap fabric. Meaning none of the shit, which can only be used as circus tents anyway, cannot be washed before selling and is gonna reek.
But is guess she's selling for cucks to do jackoff tributes with anyway

No. 655848

Even if it WAS washable she would still be too lazy to do it anyway. There's a good market online for unwashed panties if she gets desperate enough. I have no doubt she has a pile just sitting in the corner.

No. 655849

File: 1556152938462.png (519.89 KB, 549x898, Screenshot_99.png)

Shes complaining that a friend made her sick.

Also she has a new room mate moving in

No. 655850

Sensei finally got fed up and is booking it out?

No. 655851

Thought she made enough money that she didn't need roommates? Where's that 10k a month going?

No. 655852

>>655849 Placing my bet that it's her cousin Brandon. Dude looks like the type who sits around and plays Smash while high every day, without any employment aspirations.

Chances are, Mariah probably took pity on him after some family drama ensued, and offered him a place to crash. I doubt she'll move someone in that we haven't already seen by now.

No. 655856

How much do you wanna bet she’s pretending to be sick to get out of going to Lvl Up this weekend? I wouldn’t blame her lol no one wants her there.

No. 655862


I'd put good money on it. With farmers raking her over the coals and her neckbeard fans finally smelling the coffee she can sense a IRL shitstorm about to start and she's absolutely going to try to avoid it. Either by ditching it completely or doing her "friend" circle so she's protected. No way is she stepping in there like she's got nothing to worry about it.

No. 655864

File: 1556158809232.jpg (85.74 KB, 1080x701, Screenshot_20190424-191755_Chr…)

Moo is deleting posts that are upset about feigning the fact that she DID promote the topless set as a reward for everyone. She never ONCE mentioned it being a $50 tier reward AT ALL. Patreon WILL allow you under these circumstances to report fraud from the person on Patreon. No amount of 'you consumed other products, no refund' will stop a strike if Patreon sees fit.

No. 655865

Those replies wont even expand

No. 655878

File: 1556161894492.jpeg (807.17 KB, 1242x1993, 26A50D24-197C-4486-933D-F69689…)

No. 655882

Pretty despicable she is getting away with lying to her entire fanbase about how the nudity really would be shown. People should post anywhere they can (until she deletes it) about this blatant lie and how it was an incredibly limited number. Poor fools probably thought the 2k reach meant a nipple post on Instagram.

No. 655893

As always we knew the truth of it though; oinking around Hawaii with her calves and more lipo, here she comes!

No. 655894

Momokun ripping off her fan base. How iconic.

No. 655898

they both look like shit lmao

No. 655905

All I can say is that I hope someone makes a Cosplay Dr. Phil so we can send Momo to the RANCH

No. 655908

Is the full interview of TCO up yet

No. 655909

The one on her instagram live is all it was.

No. 655911

Thought they’re going to put it on igtv

No. 655912

I think there was a misunderstanding between viewers and TCO. She gave the excuse she was trying to screen record it and fucked up.

No. 655915

File: 1556171778403.png (640.5 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2019-04-24-22-53-03…)

Oh yeah guys really BUSY fulfilling those rewards! Ya know editing those photos of her nip nops

No. 655917

File: 1556172074762.png (803.7 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-04-24-22-58-44…)

>rose petals on bed leading to this weird ass altar full of carbs Moo presumably made for him
>says "when bae makes you dinner" and exclaims she's trying to fatten him up

No. 655923

File: 1556174653062.png (964.16 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-04-24-23-43-11…)

No. 655924

>>655923 She's definitely sick. How many other sick people get spun around in chairs and go out to eat afterwards.

No. 655925

File: 1556175664136.jpg (44.21 KB, 555x640, Droopy_Dog_Cartoon_Pictures_(2…)


No. 655926

So how many people wanna bet a couple hundred will pull out of Moo's paetron before the month is up and wont allow paetron to charge their cards?

No. 655927

Calling sensei bae even though Vamps said Momo would never do that to her.

That or sensei finally threw a pity fuck at her but now she thinks they are dating. KoreanBBQ 2.0

No. 655928

How Momokonic?

No. 655935

Naw she'd be all over the poor fuck if he did. She's still trying to bait him. If she did get a pity fuck, do you really think she'd not be blowing her insta up?

No. 655936

it's castle corsetry. Lauren is the name of the owner.

No. 655944

She commissions 99% of her cosplays, so if she doesn't have something ready when she promised it that's generally the commissioner's fault for not finishing it in time. That being said, it's not like her neckbeards or notice or care if she just fills in the gaps with bikinis and cat ears.

No. 655949

She also needs to request on time lol. Not all the commissioners fault. You see what she does to cat? Last minute, never enough time.

No. 655957

The only way Mariah is going to fade into obscurity is if her paypigs stop paying for this scam. I’m hoping this is the first step to them realizing she’s terrible at this and doesn’t give two shits about them, and considering they’re paying for her lifestyle she should care a little.

This whole situation should be seen as a slap in the face. She had 1.9 patrons when shooting those photos, with one week until the deadline. Using the excuse the goal wasn’t reached yet is BS. Even if the deadline was reached with 1.9 any other content creator probably would have still delivered the reward just as a thank you to those that helped. The fact she tried to get out of doing the thing these dudes are so desperate for is, im hoping, really start to make some of them think twice about giving her their money. But probably not.

No. 655958

Nah, these chick waits until the last minute to even commission anything. So either A) it gets rushed and looks like garbage or B) it won’t be done on time so she just gives up on doing whatever it is she wants to do.

No. 655960

File: 1556207391807.png (32.9 KB, 1104x517, patreon.png)


the lowest we ever saw her go on patreon was after her sexual assault scandal, and that was hardly a blip. even if she has a significant drop in patrons she could still pull out ahead of where she was previously.

on another note, she gained over 1000 patrons and more than doubled her numbers in just a few weeks. are the empty promise of "nip nops" really enough to give that spike??

No. 655962

she's padding her numbers.

No. 655969

File: 1556209347656.png (1.29 MB, 1800x1541, 685F2824-BC2F-421E-B492-8EDBDC…)

Seen in thecosplayoprah’s IG stories. Mariah sure can pick ‘em. I guess being a sexual predator/criminal qualifies you to grab her boobs in a set. Her cucks better take note.

I don’t remember if it’s been mentioned but what is their relationship anyway?

No. 655970

All that face taping is making her jaw disappear.

No. 655976

yikes. can we get a better source on this? any public record?
I just sifted through dudes profiles and the vibes he gives make this kinda believable.

No. 655977

Didn’t she work with him once before? How are we just hearing about this.

No. 655980

I’d love to get more source on this because apparently I have 15 mutual friends with this guy.

No. 655981


As the saying goes: “Trash attracts trash”. These are pretty much the only lowlife degenerates age can get to go anywhere near her now.

No. 655984

File: 1556214254001.png (4.21 MB, 1242x2208, A0C1D4CB-5021-4A14-8199-0BC4C6…)

Says she has two sets to shoot today despite “being sick”. She’ll probably skip it in favor of spinning in chairs. So sick my dudes.

No. 655985

inb4 "sorry gaiz i'm sick so no nip nops!!"

No. 655987


I have no doubt that Moo probably thinks the girl deserved it. She always ends up caping for all these fuckbois who get outed as creeps. She immediately starts blaming the victims and writes them all off as vindictive, jealous, psycho bitches. Look at what her response was when one of her photographer friends was outed as a pervert who took unknowns photos of models. It wasn’t “Report that asshole to the police and get him arrested”. Nope, it was “If you have evidence of you being a creep you should get rid of it so that it doesn’t bite you in the ass later”. She isn’t any different than any of these creepy fucks. No wonder she surrounds herself and chooses to work with these disgusting fucks.

No. 655990


Aaaaand right in schedule. You can practically set your watch to her bullshit. Anything she can to weasel her way out of this, huh?

I pray that she dumb enough to post stories of her fucking off with her friends instead of shooting or being in bed “soooooo sick my dudes”. But knowing Moo, of course she will.

No. 655992

File: 1556215293883.jpeg (183.13 KB, 1242x946, 03A83A27-5032-45AB-A23B-346058…)

They’re already anticipating that lol

Mariah should at least be somewhat aware of the fact that she’s scamming a lot more people now than she was previously and at this point they’re getting increasingly more pissed with her antics by the day.

No. 656000

TCO is going to put the Momokun interview on YT. She's putting this ass cleaning mess on YT. Good luck…

No. 656007

File: 1556218513956.png (1.05 MB, 1094x1800, 5D30F898-4F16-41E8-A608-C0A38F…)

More from thecosplayoprah IG story.

No. 656008

File: 1556218684427.png (476.33 KB, 720x958, Screenshot_2019-04-25-11-56-55…)

No. 656011

I know it’s hard to swallow, but she isn’t.
She can buy shit for social media, but making a full new account with new payment options and pledging to herself is way too much for our lazy cow.
There are just that many gullible gross dudes.

No. 656017

that's not how it works. chinese and indian companies will do it for you.

No. 656020

She also can't use the excuse "We just hired him, he's just a model!!" when she's said MULTIPLE times she would only ever do POV shoots again with guys she has a strong connection. So she knows this dude well enough, and feels comfortable enough to do softcore porn with.

She's a fucking idiot, I hope other cosplayers leech onto this and speak up.

No. 656025


She’s in deep shit if this story gains any traction. She made such a stink about how “sexual abusers should not be forgiven” and was up her own ass about her extremely selective vetting process that she uses that makes double sure that she doesn’t work with creeps and abusers because she is such an amazing judge of character and how it’s all the other costhots that need to pay attention to who they choose to work with

No. 656031

File: 1556228540704.jpg (448.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190425-143830_Ins…)

About 5 hours ago, Mariah made an Instastory where she's talking in a faint voice like she's on her deathbed. >>655984

Now go on her Instagram account and listen to the energy in her voice once her overpriced makeup arrived in the mail.

No. 656038

Of course she's supporting J*, a known racist and, in my eyes, a misogynist as well. Suits Moo so well.

No. 656042

why does she buy so much makeup when she only knows how to do one eyeshadow look? she never changes up her makeup for any of her costumes, she just slaps on some contacts and calls it hinata or something.

oh the blowback from this oughta be good. i hope it gains traction and we see mariah get cancelled for, what, the fourth time? fifth? i've lost count. hopefully it sticks, with her neckbeard paypigs feeling jaded with her scamming.

No. 656044


She's been a supporter of Star for the longest time, and we already know she can't apply more than one makeup technique.

Both of you newfags are missing the point here. She's pushing all of her chips into the center of the table on her "I'm sick" bullshit that she's likely going to use to either delay or outright cancel her nip nops shoot.

No. 656052


She did say she took photos of Hinata without the fake nipple pasties but I'm sure she'll find an excuse to not even release those

No. 656054

If that were true, she would have posted them. She didn't do shit and only lied to cover her ass from the fire lit underneath it.

No. 656057

File: 1556234209885.jpg (161.49 KB, 1225x2141, 57jbzfy76yt21.jpg)


Before she flakes on this or deletes the post

No. 656058

S2g that Nathan deluca thing just disappeared into thin air. Lolcow seemed to be the only place that cared about it and even then people were busier nitpicking her body or pasties. If I were Nathan I'd be livid since there's no way moo is actually telling the truth about this.

No. 656059

Hopefully those screenshots TCO posted get spread around I’d love to see moomoo get canceled again

No. 656060

Why her titties look like that lol

No. 656061

Because she's obese, doesn't bathe and wears bras that are way too small

No. 656063

It's pretty fishy since hitting the 2k she hasn't mentioned anything about her nipples being out. Can't wait to see how this scam works out

No. 656064

I don't think those are her actual nip nops, they look too normal

No. 656065


She'll just say shes not doing it since shes dropped below 2k patreon already

No. 656068

If she does this I hope she refunds everyone who pledged in the $50 tier or they're gonna chargeback their purchase

No. 656069

you already know the answer anon

No. 656070

> posts story 15 minutes ago with the caption I'm so stuffed as in her voice

We know you're lurking Moo, so ill amirite

No. 656074

It's absolutely insane how dumb she is, thinking people are going to fall for this fake sickness shit. That never worked in middle school and it won't work now.

No. 656082

File: 1556238525107.png (3.52 MB, 1242x2208, 7E23933E-837A-4DDC-99C2-7DDA82…)

TCO posted this regarding the Mariah stories. I really hope this picks up. It could be this years “AX drama” come early!

No. 656085

Keep up. I already posted from Patreon that she ALREADY shot the actual nipple set. Thats when she said they had to be $50 tier and reach 2k.

No. 656086

It IS how it works. Moo isn't doing it so stop that tinfoil. Patreon isn't that easy to do and they have a whooole smart system tha detect fraud very easily and autobans you on even your first attempt. I don't know if this bans your card from use, but making serveral accounts would be way too time consuming and not worth it at all. If that were the case then several hundred are still real and she's till making money on the sold out $50 tier.

No. 656089

File: 1556240857523.png (45.07 KB, 536x468, o.png)

No. 656090

I really hope this one lasts. You can't bite the hand that feeds you, Mariah. Give them the "nip nops" or perish.

No. 656091

File: 1556241044539.png (20.93 KB, 552x406, p.png)

No. 656092

File: 1556241151291.png (26.76 KB, 543x360, f.png)

No. 656093

File: 1556241243422.png (36.71 KB, 478x385, b.png)

No. 656094

File: 1556241334482.png (17.56 KB, 548x165, d.png)

No. 656105

Holy shit. Here we go folks. Look at the fucking lying scammer.

No. 656110

File: 1556248653054.png (1.31 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-04-25-20-16-21…)

No. 656111

File: 1556248739758.png (696.49 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-04-25-20-16-15…)

No. 656112

Is this her most blatant scam yet? I hope people remember this…

No. 656113

Which anon was the anon posting to twitter during the assault scandal. if this makes it to twitter it has a chance of making its way around I think.

No. 656114

If people find a arrest record of his crime, then I think it'd help. Mariah needs to not be a hypocrite, supporting people like Anton, and people need to know/be reminded.

No. 656116

Is she saying she put stuff for sale on her storenvy that she doesn't even have yet to sell?

No. 656117

Probably putting those crusty ass keychains on her store envy. I wonder what the stickers look like.

No. 656118

Uhhh why did she buy 4 different shades of the concealer?

No. 656119

She didn't know which one matched apparently.

No. 656120

She either doesnt know her shade or a bought a few different whiter and yellower shades so she can white-wash and/or Asian-ify herself.

No. 656121

File: 1556251382282.png (351.31 KB, 720x955, Screenshot_2019-04-25-20-57-40…)

No. 656122

File: 1556251504151.png (962.54 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-04-25-20-58-23…)

No. 656123

Dont tinfoil raceface. She never said any of that.

No. 656130


that desc lol. You know she’s feeling salty about all the negative feedback she’s been getting. Gotta spin that shit and recede back into that “so wuvved uwu” headspace she gets when the heats on her.

also “self deprecating as hell” meaning “please tell good thing about me. My happiness is driven by love from strangers because my life is that sad”

No. 656147

She definitely appreciates herself more than she depreciates. I can't with this girl lmao. It's seeming like she's about to fuck herself over big time.

No. 656150


So she's all peace and love again and saying NOTHING about working with someone convicted for attempted rape? What? Is she really pretending she doesn't know?

No. 656152

File: 1556286072788.jpg (753.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190426-084028_Ins…)

No. 656154


Translation: “I’m not only lazy but also a huge chickenshit who knows I’m not wanted there and am afraid of being confronted so here is my bullshit excuse”

No. 656157


we sure called that one didnt we? Lol "Oh so sickly uwu" who the fuck she trying to convince anyway?

No. 656159

Forgive me if I’m mosreading but is she saying she’s wearing a sick mask to the con? Does she think that’ll protect her? Like… moo, come on now. If we can’t see your face that ratchet hair and the sausage casing clothes you wear give you away instantly.

No. 656160

Sooo…. covering herself up so no one will recognize her, barely showing up, only surrounded by her leeches. Yep, it adds up. How predictable can she get? Shouldnt she appreciate the "super speshul" cosplays she worked sooo hard to make?

No. 656162

File: 1556291509818.jpg (22.99 KB, 382x401, moomask.JPG)

maybe she could get this mask, tuck her jowls behind, and blend in. Lol who am I kidding

No. 656163

Stretched out, eats like shit, so veins get weaker and looser.

No. 656165

It's really easy to say a tier is sold out when no one can see the amount of people backing that tier. for all we know she could have 5 slots or she could have 50. she could easily just open up 2 slots at a time and is keeping it limited so the chances of the pictures spreading isnt as high.

There are tons of costhots who do nudes and have a bigger following than her and none of them saw a jump this high when they did start doing nudes so how does that make moo special. Those people can also promo on twitter and other sites whereas moo is stuck on ig since she's permabanned on twitter. The numbers just dont make sense with her small following and the fact that most of her fans know that the pics will leak no matter what since they're usually posted on her subreddit anyway.

No. 656172

Then don’t fucking go, Moo. No one wants your nasty ass germs, I sure as fuck don’t.

No. 656174

File: 1556300653897.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, D6BBCB0F-0B3D-46B5-A25A-57C1F2…)

>she could easily just open up 2 slots at a time and is keeping it limited so the chances of the pictures spreading isnt as high.
Has anyone been keeping track of the total patron numbers? I'm not familiar with Patreon but I've seen graphs of patron numbers. If we look at the numbers on the days she promoted new additions to the $50 tier we'd have a better idea of how many spots were really added.

Pic related is from today so who knows which tiers dropped.

No. 656175

Don’t put others at risk of getting sick you stupid cow! Even if she’s faking it, going to this con after she bailed on her responsibilities yesterday is just further spitting in the face of her patrons. Not to mention the fact NO ONE wants her at con. She better be prepared to be under a microscope because I assure you, a lot of people will be watching.

No. 656183

she doesn't feel salty at all. The girl made 20k this month because a bunch of desperate sucks wanted to jack off to her bare chest when they can get that shit free online when she was 100 pounds lighter.

What baffles me is I never seen someone as unappealing as Moo sell her body that well. But in all honesty it isn't worth it. She is hated in the anime community, is doing porn, and can now only make porn for the rest of her life.

I think she's only going to stop once she's thrown in jail for some shady shit or if her pay pigs wake up and report her paetron as a scam

No. 656184

I personally feel delight in her misery. She's doing the exact thing she said she wasn't going to do 1-2 years ago. She thought she could get away with it and lead cucks by a bit of meat on a string. Now they want a full hunk of ham. Now she will live in this shitty Hell being a ~body positive peace warrior~ whilst taking her clothes off for sweaty micropeen

No. 656185

And doing things that she belittled and acted catty towards other women about. Now she's just as low as she said they were for taking off their clothes for money.

No. 656188

Is she going to colossalcon this year? I know she went before

No. 656189

I don't think so? I might be mistakened. I wonder if you brought this us because of the recent controversy? She seems well read about POC issues but not a peep was given

No. 656190

Whoever sent in the rape thing to TCO.. its blowing up on twitter now too. Moo, you fucked up this month. Wont matter though. Men are pigs snd girls with low self esteem living through Moo will keep making her money.

No. 656191

No. 656194

>>656152 Imagine being one of Mariah's loyal cosplay making mice, driving a handful of hours from Cali to Vegas, and realizing that Mariah doesn't want to show up to a con she's been bragging about attending while in costume for several weeks.

Keep an eye on her page, guys. She may end up skipping the con entirely due to her fake sickness and fears of seeing people within the community face to face, but something tells me she'll attend afterparty events, kinda like how she went binge drinking at Katsucon at night.

No. 656197

Apparently Antares was working on them since they got back from California

No. 656199

nta but it's best you just go on twitter and search for momokun, sometimes anons get pissy if you post caps of random people dissing moo

No. 656208

This is hilarious. No cosplay and she's going to wear a mask because she thinks no one will recognize her? Why even go?

No. 656209

File: 1556313822845.png (780.9 KB, 1242x2688, 1303DDE0-93BC-479B-A5D1-B73609…)

No. 656211

File: 1556314038395.png (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 720x894, Screenshot_2019-04-26-14-23-23…)

No. 656212

File: 1556314091116.png (779.08 KB, 720x1043, Screenshot_2019-04-26-14-23-31…)

Muddy ass vagina Photoshop. Just fucking shave Moo

No. 656214

Censor that shit. Looks like a damn moose knuckle

No. 656221

File: 1556315690597.png (101.3 KB, 720x1034, Screenshot_2019-04-26-14-49-17…)

Did they an hero? Or did Moo get pissed and report them?

No. 656223

I think they got reported because the last post was something about Anton’s Facebook group

No. 656225

Ah so this is why she did Hinata. She got free fishnet shit from Adam and Eve

No. 656236

File: 1556317775230.jpg (23.76 KB, 350x350, 552689-596939-350x350[1].jpg)


how its supposed to look

No. 656245

mariah im begging you please let that coochie breathe

No. 656248

She holds her sides to make herself look more curvy but the way she does it truly looks like she's just doing the bend and snap.

Welp, hope she comes back and says what happened.

No. 656262

File: 1556323415405.png (450.14 KB, 720x1027, Screenshot_2019-04-26-16-59-26…)

Follow up.

No. 656264

Momokun has been spotted in Lvl Up. She hasn’t announced arriving on IG so she’s trying to lay low.

No. 656265

post pics, muh dude. She left with teriyaki_bastard, some girl/guy, day_the_mole_dude and Vamps.

No. 656268

I know the girl she’s a Momokun fanatic

No. 656269

File: 1556324464227.jpg (446.03 KB, 1080x1070, Screenshot_20190426-171447_Ins…)


No. 656271

Looking at Mariah’s wrist and knees (or trying to) really shows how much weight she’s gained.

No. 656272

File: 1556324701662.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 75DE66DB-74A3-488A-9A0E-90C373…)

The people she’s with

No. 656273

is she following Momokun for any particular reason or are you just saying that?

No. 656275

is that sensei?

No. 656276

No. It's some random ass dude that thanked them for 'taking time'to snap a photo with them. His wife is taking the pic. I at least covered the kids face.

No. 656277

So when she was actually sick in Japan she didn't cover her nose. But now when she's faking it (or just having basic allergies) she covers her whole face.
Not very sly, Moo. She's trying to hide in plain sight.

No. 656278

No. Sensei doesn't go to conventions

No. 656280

I think it’s because Momokun is a “body positive” and does lewds as a plus size cosplayer. She does the same lewd shit kinda.

No. 656282

File: 1556326052125.png (992.43 KB, 750x1334, 8017220A-F63A-4A4E-A63B-6334AE…)

I’m laughing so hard I can’t believe I’m friends with this chick and she’s proud to be with Moo

No. 656283

The GREASE on that face
"Educating" aka regurgitating wiki lines

No. 656288

No, just wondering because she’s gone in years past. I know she didn’t go last year because she couldn’t get into a villa, so was wondering if she said anything this year. Probably just realized she can’t hide her body there.

No. 656302

It's her new OC. The masked costhot.

No. 656306

She literally looks like someone cosplaying momokun. First time this bitch has shown any attention to detail though, you have to give her that.

No. 656310

File: 1556333549403.jpg (685.72 KB, 1080x1854, 20190426_195205.jpg)

Her hashtag tho. Ffs

No. 656312

File: 1556334239777.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, 7301CBEE-F23D-4057-BB16-9A0DFB…)

Did she get her fucking badges for free

No. 656315

She always has lied about getting badges free from cons and being sponsored from companies so theirs no telling what's real and what's fictional

Cons don't really care about anything other than numbers on social media

A person I know used crowd fire to make their numbers higher.. Very little engagement at all but gets invited to cons.

It doesn't really matter to cons tbh

No. 656318

I’m new here, so I’m a bit lost. Why would you lie about shit like that ahhshshsh

No. 656323

When did she get into cucking? Awfully weird fetish to have when she's gotten denied by so many guys.

No. 656325

>Or work with male models

you're not even trying at this point moo

No. 656326

But don't worry, she doesn't work with male models according to>>654558

No. 656327

She doesn't know how to model in shit like this. Why is she looking at the camera instead of the guy?

No. 656333

Unfriend that person and run the fuck away. Moo has already shown that she will try and ruin friendships if she doesn't like who you associate with. There's a screenshot floating around of her trying to talk her friend into controlling their friends.

No. 656334

Do you have it or know where it’s posted?

No. 656335

Why keep in a profile photo that is specific to the person? Thats easy to tell who it is. Nice job outing

No. 656337

The top is digging into her neck. I can only imagine how deep those garters are under those claws. Was this by girlonthemoonpoo too bc it really looks like another tripod/timer pic. >>654737 be known for sexual harassment, take rapey pic with dude who was convicted for attempted rape derp face "cute gropping set" she's either intentionally "asinine" or a truly vile cunt

No. 656338

The girl is "magicalgirlyaya". You can censor her but she's right here so >>656282

No. 656341

"Important" people get invited to cons for free. I put it in quotations based off what >>656315 said about their acquaintance. But big cosplayers get invited to big cons like AX or Blizzcon and gives them a sense of self-worth.

No. 656342

But haven't we somewhat confirmed before that she was getting badges either from Jason or a fanboy who is on staff for the con?

No. 656343

She also used to harass con staff into giving her a free badge and brag about how famous she is

No. 656344

File: 1556341667658.png (377.54 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-04-26-22-05-37…)

No. 656347

File: 1556342261872.jpg (375.92 KB, 1125x1846, 1531369516895.jpg)

Check the comments on the Twitter post that got Moo outed as a molester.

And if you can't find it, you can always show them Nana's statement about how Moo treats friends.

No. 656349

Your cosplay role model when you have a child that young….

No. 656350

File: 1556343952054.png (196.49 KB, 163x713, Screenshot_2019-04-26-22-42-02…)

No. 656355

File: 1556346231517.jpeg (158.62 KB, 640x932, 9A05EE67-4937-43C6-B752-52DF8A…)

She looked like a fucking hobo surrounded by all these trash (people).

No. 656357

Her inverted knees are killing me.

I feel like she only named them as a "see I'm still popular" and to drag down companies with her.

No. 656359

>>656355 This fashion ensemble is utterly ridiculous. And yet, I think it would be hilarious if she took a picture in front of one of those giant action figure backboards, because she honestly looks like a Captain Planet villain.

No. 656360

Goddamn, she really went out of her way to dress as obnoxious as possible. It’s almost as if she WANTED to be seen. Mariah really shouldn’t have shown her face today because there’s been a lot of talk going on amongst both vendors and attendees. We haven’t forgotten about your shit reputation Moo.

No. 656361

I've known her for years and she's super attention thirsty and IDOLIZES mariah

She's honestly such a joke and a mini-moo in a lot of ways

No. 656367

Sorry I don't know where to look I didn't see it in calves thread, but what is the statement Nana is referring to that Gabby made?

No. 656372

If she's getting this reaction just being in obnoxious casual clothing. I can't imagine her dressing up tomorrow.

No. 656374


This post didn't age well.

No. 656378

at the mall i just saw these smelly looking fried hair fat hos in their pyjama sweats doing the kind of 'half-squat and then air hump' move that momokun spontaneously does. so is this a meme or is momokun 'influencing'? i'd never seen people around here with her whole vibe until these(no1curr)

No. 656392

I know this is old news, but dude, Nana bear is an idiot. After that 5am/bus/uber incident, i would have called the friendship quits. Especially someone like Moo making fun of her weight. It gets worse from there. That statement is hard to read, but nana bear stuck around to take this abuse longer than anyone should.

Haha, she can't hide!

No. 656413

If Moo is SUCH a DBZ fan, then how come she didn't post the fact that Yesterday was its 30th anniversary? I mean, she is the ultimate fan, RiGhT!?

No. 656433

Silly anon. Dbz month is May for her unless she forgets.

No. 656450

I can’t provide evidence or anything because it was told to me, but I was told Mariah was asked to leave Lvl Up yesterday due to complaints from attendees. I’m inclined to believe it because it was pretty heated when she showed up.

No. 656451

got any more details? this is juicy

No. 656452

Is there any way your friend can send you proof to post here? I would love for it to be true

No. 656453

most people didn't notice her inside her group of gurren lagann people but its possible. they arrived to the con a bit later so i doubt it. the con closed within 2 hours of her arriving i think

No. 656454

also it would have been a super casual thing if she got kicked out because she knows people helping the con AKA how she got free passes

No. 656455

I can confirm.

Her entire entourage encapsulated around her on the con floor yesterday, it was like watching a phalanx of ass kissers and clout chasers shield their precious moo from the world.

Think Emperor Calus from Destiny 2

No. 656456

She was there earlier than that, she wasn’t here for long because as soon as word spread to my area, she was already gone.

No. 656457


Hell, I believe it. She did her usual “omg thanks for all the wuv and it was so nice meeting everyone” bullshit she does after a con. Which usually means she either never actually went or she was hated the whole time and was either asked to leave or left because even she could see how she wasn’t wanted there. Because she is so incredibly transparent and has to let everyone know how much she is loved whenever she is getting a ton of hate.

Would be nice to have tangible proof like a video or one of the con staff come out and say “Yes, she was asked to leave”. But on her reputation alone I believe that’s what happened.

No. 656458

TCO got perma deleted after yesterday. Rip Oprah.

No. 656460

Funny how mooriah never gets perma deleted, but this person basically smearing mooriah gets yeeted. Guarantee she had something to do with it because all this time and suddenly she covers mooriah..and this happens?

No. 656461


Instagram’s tos are pretty much a joke anyways.

No. 656463

>>656450 This is believable, despite a lack of hard evidence.

The two dudes who were cosplaying as the Ambiguously Gay Duo from SNL were constantly lifting each other up and being dumbasses in order to appease Mariah, so I'm under the impression that Mariah's entire group ruined the with their immature behavior and loud voices.

I'm sure we'll learn more throughout the weekend. If she doesn't go back to the con and pretend she's too sick or too busy, I'll have an easier time believing she was tossed out.

No. 656481

Yep, she did the same thing when the sexual assault stuff came out and tried to drag that company down with her when she got yeeted.

No. 656490

Yup. That is what made her especially easy to spot. It was rather alarming to see that many toxic people congregate like that, tbh.

No. 656491

I have bits and pieces of it screen recorded. I can try to find a way to crop it/cut it up on mobile to hide my identity and upload it.

No. 656495

It astounds me of how this chicks ego is so massive that even if she faces reality of her being kicked out and being hated she would do anything to be in her own little Mariah's world where everybody loves her and she is a martyr of false accusations. Last one was her words exact. It must be exhausting to have to guard her every time they go to conventions as it's supposed to be having fun not babysit a woman child who was at fault with her choices but hey something's got to pay for the extravagant lifestyle am I right?

No. 656498

File: 1556398227257.jpg (487.28 KB, 1080x1490, Screenshot_20190427-134813_Chr…)


No. 656499

File: 1556398634049.jpg (Spoiler Image,389.6 KB, 1078x1655, Screenshot_20190427-134745_Chr…)

No. 656505

Keeps saying she super sick, but went out to LVLup expo. Whats the truth mariah

No. 656507

File: 1556401903143.jpg (779.16 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190427-175059_Ins…)

Lazy af casual shera at lvl up today. Like…did she trash the "original" that cat totes worked so hard on already?

No. 656510


>>super sick

Yea looks just as fucking dumb as she always does. Also love how she thinks shes successful. Money doesn't equal successful, in any way. and TF are sockets?

No. 656513

Yikes she looks like the high school weebs that wore fetish collars and animal ears during class

No. 656514

I honestly think she didn't want to wear it because her thighs are a disgusting mess in that and she had to sausage herself in it. She's too lazy to do that and doesn't want candids taken of her gross flab hanging out.

No. 656515

File: 1556402858341.png (3.86 MB, 750x1334, D8038CAE-8E6D-4B4B-825C-E7E158…)

No. 656516

Look how totally sick she is! Hope her dumb ass loses patrons after they see how completely ill she is.

I didn't know John Travolta was into cons.

No. 656517

File: 1556403321254.jpg (1.36 MB, 1159x2045, 20190427_151244.jpg)

Cow spotted

No. 656522

That shadow on her thigh going up to her stomach has to be unintentionally one of the most exposing things that have ever been posted. It perfectly shows how moo sees herself versus the reality of what she's become. My god I might actually believe in religion something like this is so astronomically low in chance god himself had to make this picture happen.

No. 656529

File: 1556405380956.jpeg (467.96 KB, 1125x1662, 08F03122-8B18-4402-A4E8-8BC14E…)

I lightened it so you can really see how big she is. Her back fat is eating that fanny pack.

No. 656534

Momo spotted just now at LVLUp Expo.in some elf ear cosplay. No pic because shes being mobbed by her lackeys though.

No. 656539


check out all that love shes got everyone- the throngs of fans swarming her, autographs shes gotta sign, I think I see people applauding there in the background!

The bubble around her due to hotdog smell is real.

No. 656548

File: 1556410023596.jpg (975 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190427-195856_Ins…)

No. 656549

She’s delusional. Most people who go to conventions like this go for the events, panels, dealers, and not really cosplayers. Not that many people in the real world follow cosplay regardless and couldn’t give two shits about it. Moo has just convinced herself that the entire event revolves around her when probably no one knows or could care less about who she is. And if they did, most hate her guts.

No. 656551


The fucking state of that. She is hideous looking in person.

No. 656552

what sickness is she claiming to have that prevents her from wearing full cosplay but lets her do everything else?

No. 656553


Costume-Doesn't-Fit-At-All-Virus. It's clearly too short, uncomfortable and ill fitting to wear to a con because she fears those candid shots of herself being taken by the public in costume more than her "casual" looks.

No. 656555

Still can't believe she thought this looked good enough to go to the con in. Queen of Half-Assery.

No. 656556

if someone switches from a non $50 tier to the $50 tier the number wont change, though, right?

so no matter how hawkishly we watch the number I dont think it'll give us much idea

personally I believe fully that the slots are filling up and she is opening them that much. whether we like it or not there is no shortage of neckbeards who want to see her nipnops and will pay the extra solely for that, and moo is greedy so of course she will keep accepting higher tiers. she must know logically the pics are going to be leaked no matter what, so there is no logical reason for her not to cash out on the higher pledge. as must as i am willing to sub that moo is scamming or faking followers or whatever, I also fully believe there are enough desperate neckbeards that she doesn't need to lie about the $50 backers or how many slots she opens

what I don't get though in that case is why she only keeps opening '20' at a time, though this is probably indeed a marketing gimmic to get neckbeards to jump on the spots before the month is up. don't think there's much more to it, personally

No. 656557

>I never seen someone as unappealing as Moo sell her body that well

just check out mfc's top 100 or whatever it is, or the camgirl cows we have on here that have previously 'made bank'. being successful in sex work has nothing to do with looks, just appealing to desperate men's fantasies. if anything, i'd be willing to wager fatter/uglier girls make more money on average than the good looking in shape ones, because those men see them as 'obtainable' on some level. it only seems twisted to us because we have standards and want to believe everyone else does too… but the world don't work that way

No. 656562

>>656548 I'm not familiar with this GameLyfe brand in the least bit. Is anyone familiar with them? Or would anyone happen to know why they chose these two idiots for an interview? I'm almost tempted to seek them out just to see what these busted ass thots are saying.

No. 656566

>>656562 Correction: GamingLyfe

No. 656567

They're probably a typical cliche geek brand and got two trash tier costhots to "interview" so it ups their image. Could also make sense why Moo was lazy looking as shit, can't go on a camera that won't filter the fuck out of her body, yet she still looks terrible.

No. 656578

She seems to be trying to keep super low-key today though, since she doesnt have her 22 Instagram stories about how much fun she is having and how popular she is like she does every con.

No. 656579

File: 1556417092503.webm (18.15 MB, 1048x590, interview part1.webm)

Part of 1 of the interview

Its pretty bad

No. 656580

File: 1556417311239.webm (18.26 MB, 1048x590, interview part2.webm)

Part 2

No. 656581

File: 1556417859637.jpg (439.54 KB, 381x592, oI6mLxt.jpg)

TBH I can't imagine just how awful the actual cosplay would look

No. 656582

She didn't even bother to secure the ears both look nearly fallen off by the end. Loving how quick she backed off when they asked her to demonstrate a suplex. She already looks completely out of breath just talking with them. That kind of activity? She'd probably pass out.

No. 656585

File: 1556418739004.jpg (334.72 KB, 810x1080, 20190427_223016.jpg)

In part 2, it looks like she is constantly trying to make like this cringy bedroom face at the camera and her response are also cringe. But, and sorry for the tinfoil, it also looks like she is sliding her arm further and further behind the guy in the right. She's almost making contact with him occasionally and he keeps pulling his elbow in away from her.

No. 656587

File: 1556418869545.gif (4.66 MB, 600x534, 47074311-1FEE-4239-B13D-8586E4…)


No. 656588

File: 1556419125345.gif (1.82 MB, 426x600, CF554037-4504-4903-86F0-004041…)

a visual representation of facial expressions you make while reading momokun threads

No. 656589


She acted so trashy during the interview. It's amazing how Holly looked like a million bucks in comparison, since she was actually wearing a costume, and her interview portion seemed a lot more mature and eloquent than Mariah's word vomit (Mariah also said "tits" in part 1, because she apparently can't improvise without a Wikipedia article in front of her face).

This was so bad. You can see the regret and the second hand embarrassment on the faces of the two guys, along with Holly herself.

No. 656597

I didn't know rebel wilson had a new movie out

No. 656601

File: 1556420987989.jpg (395.88 KB, 456x444, 19XXzda.jpg)

No. 656606

New reaction meme.

No. 656608

The way she describes the anime she’s cosplaying from is hilarious, did she even watch it? I hate isekai but I’ve even seen How Not to Summon a Demon Lord and know the basic premise.

No. 656610

Pretty sure she just read the wiki once after seeing I think Gabby? making hers.

No. 656615

Yeah it does seem as though she started in her own area and moved over as it progressed and during that half of the video mysteriously they moved the camera in towards their faces instead

The sexy faces and her talking about feet pics Holly made this look like "Omfg this idiot"

No. 656619

and that tongue flicking bullshit at the beginning- yea thats….I dun even know what to say to that. man I almost felt bad for the interviewers.

No. 656622

I'd wager Moo invited herself and they only were interviewing Holly as she is guesting

No. 656630

You know she just got the bare minimum of the character just to be “first!” So get under Gabbys skin. She thinks any character with big titty is some sex starved slut. Shera is the opposite of that entirely.

No. 656631

File: 1556423960378.png (1.5 MB, 1047x1088, lol wow x2.png)

>Well ladies, it has been a pleasure, but that's about all the time we have!

No. 656632

>>656622 Fully in agreement here. And I also loved the subtle jab Holly took at Mariah, by stating she was an actual guest at the con, which made Moo look like even more of an attention starved fuckhead.

No. 656661

File: 1556426482398.png (29.2 KB, 787x1732, yikes.png)

I know art anons aren't really popular but I had to outline to expose all of her

No. 656665

This is legendary

No. 656666

I think Holly knows when to be professional during explicit conversation. Moo, however, has to make up for her shitty interviewee skills by doing something outlandish and crass. How embarrassing. The first interview she did in her MewTwo kimono versus this one: you wouldn't think it was the same chick lol

No. 656670

she’s so sick yet she is grabbing someone’s hand????? nice

No. 656677

Next thread pic pls

No. 656682

File: 1556428272386.png (1.58 MB, 1914x894, Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 12.0…)

Even after attending countless conventions she's still painfully awkward and doesn't interview well.

No. 656689


Holy shit, anon, I didn't even remembered that interview

She was still the whole time, didn't make stupid faces, had a jaw, one chin and wrists! Oof indeed.

No. 656695

christ, she's gone downhill since then. Compared to now shes actually likable, what the hell happened?

No. 656706

She is so sick but is going out to drink and party

No. 656725

Moo has gone from cosplaying at cons, having photoshoots done at them, partying with other big cosplayers and having sponsors to absolutely fuck all. She goes down the casual route everytime with some lame excuse, keeps low key in her group of lapdogs that's always changing, only ever does low budget lewd photoshoots back at home and occasionally does ones at studios or outside, looks uncomfortable as shit when roaming about the convention & only ever brags about her "amazing con experience you gaiz" at the very end instead of spamming social media on each day she's there like she used to.

This downhill spiral of Convention Moo is amazing to watch and yet she still thinks she's well loved by the cosplay community. Imagine being that delusional.

No. 656732

Betting on her straight up leaving early today and doing another casual cosplay if at all.

No. 656733


God, she must be high as fuck here because the way she talks is just not fucking normal, why is shaking like that lmao Holy should be happy that moo was there because she looks really good and professional compared to moo, because otherwise she looks like a regular low-budget costhot as well.

Also kek at the black dude when Moo said that she wants to be a pro wrestler some day >>656580

And I know it won't happen but I would love to see this as the next thread pic >>656631

No. 656738

File: 1556444987920.jpg (62.97 KB, 595x442, moolvl.JPG)

No. 656739

File: 1556445078377.jpg (75.33 KB, 592x622, moolvl2.JPG)

No. 656741

File: 1556445202035.jpg (69.07 KB, 597x444, moolvl3.JPG)

No. 656742

File: 1556445321061.jpg (76.86 KB, 595x446, moolvl4.JPG)

No. 656743

It's the dude who took the pic with the kid and her yesterday. Cringe.

No. 656744

For once Moochlette really puts in perspective how downhill Moo has gone.

No. 656749


I know most of the people in that entourage and theyre mostly around for vamps and not moo

Some of them are staying at vamps place for the con and i know for sure one of them definitely wants to fuck her

Agree that theyre acting as moo's shield because of the clout

No. 656755

fuck, it is. This is seriously the low level trash that supports Moo. Him and fat women with no self esteem.

What the heck is even this pose? Well, i'm honestly surprised she as at the con. I guess others said she got a badge from someone? cuz we all know she hates paying for her own.

No. 656759

Her downhill spiral would be so much more pleasant to watch if she didn't rake in more money in one month that someone cant even make in one year. That's whats so enraging about her. Stupid bitch makes a shit ton of money for being a low level skank. Please let her money dry up so we can watch her flounder, it would be so much more entertaining.

No. 656763

That's true, though making bank off cucks and degenerates is a sad existence. She knows none of them care for her cosplays and has no choice but to pump out shit lewd editions instead to make money. Moo will keep making profit until her fanbase realize it's all a scam, but for now they're too busy jerking off to her overly Photoshopped face to care. Give it time, she continues to go downhill every year. Conventions are no longer her haven and soon she won't have any events to attend where she feels comfortable. Narcs crash and burn eventually.

No. 656769

File: 1556462652646.png (2.04 MB, 1242x2208, 820BB246-5085-4CA6-B3BE-B9CB5A…)

So sick my dudes but still going to parties at bars just a few hours ago. It’s astounding that cucks will continue to let her lie to their faces when she pulls this shit. She’s too sick to do her job but she’s fine when it comes to getting shittface drunk and showing your face at an event you’re not welcome at just because you crave the negative attention.

No. 656772

File: 1556465432651.jpg (382.56 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190428_112839_com…)

I'm very sick my dudes but I'm going out of my way to get so drunk that I need to water and dance with plants at the club

No. 656795

this is the most tragic, washed up, nasty picture of her I've ever seen. If this doesn't embody her current lifestyle nothing does.

No. 656796

Her patrons got scammed hard. She isn't releasing shit this month from partyng this weekend (with pictures proving her "sickness" was a lie) and instead will have them pay her twice (new charge coming next week on the 1st) to see anything she promised for April. And it's no longer 2k so they won't get her nip nop pics either. This should be their wake up call to leave her already… I'm shocked they don't report her.

No. 656797

Somehow make this apart of the next thread pic, please.

She went from the cringy, yet somewhat passable THICC Saimus.. to.. a goddamned D&D ogre in what, 3 years? That's just, insane. Anyone jealous of this behemoth needs to step back and view the trainwreck of Moo. Not just her body or looks, but her health and her future.

No. 656798


Yes the rumor is that the rewards go out on the 5th. In other words pay for the shit, then pay for the shit the second time

No. 656800

Which is bs since patreon has charts showing who paid for what month. She can easily just click the April patrons and send them rewards in May, even if they left because they already paid her once. But that will not happen. Patrons will be charged twice with 0 nip nops to show for it.

No. 656809

File: 1556473358465.jpg (865.88 KB, 2000x1630, tragic.jpg)

>>656772 What a very sad transformation this is.

No. 656810

Watching her downfall is like watching a train wreck in slow motion, and I can't help but feel like she should be some sort of cautionary tale for other costhots

No. 656811

File: 1556473723658.jpg (473.94 KB, 1564x778, 20190428_104723.jpg)

No. 656812


wow from jersey shore to zoe quinn.

No. 656813

File: 1556474357736.jpg (513.42 KB, 2560x2240, IMG_20190428_135801.jpg)

No one else posted her story where she was "dancing" with a plant and then watering it with ice cubes. She seemed very intoxicated.

No. 656814


When you can't get men's attention at the club so you start drunkenly fondling house plants. How high are you Mariah?

No. 656821


absolute perfection and vote for next thread pic.

No. 656834

wow, her face is literally a perfect circle in this

No. 656836

Jesus christ.

No. 656850

Patreon SUGGESTS you do it the way Moo does. They do this during your creation of your front page.

No. 656852

This was the suggestion before they implemented the pay up front option.
To do it now is a scam, because I'm pretty sure Mariah's Patreon is pay up front.

No. 656858

Seems like Moo is even more low key today. Plus with Gabby doing the same character in full today that the cow bailed out on yesterday with her shit tier casual look, it's even more satisfying.

No. 656868

File: 1556486175567.png (400.37 KB, 750x1334, 9B7CD613-1FC8-4A2C-971B-6EA51A…)

Gets told by The Cosplay Oprah Auress is a racist, lewds children and has told people to kill themselves
Momokun: Does this shit

No. 656874

i was there from like 10-1 and didn't see her. doubt she'll go for sunday too, don't expect anything til the afterparty late tonight where she can get drunk and fondle more plants.

No. 656875

Now now, let's be fair anon. Moo likely barely remembers 5 minutes ago. Let alone a week old interview.

No. 656893

All patreons are pay up front from the getgo unless you file for a refund or cancel the payment through your bank before EotM. Patreon's system picks up fraud very quickly though and autobans you and alerts you if they do this.

No. 656894

She removed all the Adam and Eve stuff from her ig.

No. 656895

Oh damn maybe Adam and Eve revoked her sponsorships.

No. 656898

I doubt it, if anything she might of been getting warnings about the posts being too sexual

No. 656899

Or what she was advertising was out of stock, I think her latest photo was problematic and people couldn't find it to buy which is bad for business I guess. Still, interesting.

No. 656900

File: 1556494407338.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x1909, Screenshot_20190428-163321_Ins…)


No. 656901

This weekend must have been real shit for her, saving face while she can huh…

No. 656902

this bitch honestly feels no remorse for sexually assaulting others. isnt this the second time shes hidden the apology? Hope this shit spreads again.


isn't she sick? so she keeps crying she's sick, but then she goes out and get hammered drunk? mariah is such a fucking liar holy shit.

No. 656904

This isn't the first time she's done this either. She did the same song and dance at that con in Mexico where she got completely wasted off tequila shots after saying she was too ill to cosplay earlier in the day.
She can't think of a new excuse to use to save her life and it's hilarious.

No. 656905

Find it funny Momo was at the same con she touched a mans butt without consent this weekend lmao surprised she didn’t get her ass thrown out completely.

No. 656908


She was crying that she was too sick to do 2 of her shoots for this month she hasn't done yet

No. 656912

File: 1556496395208.jpeg (677.24 KB, 1242x1301, 7D1AF0C6-894D-4FEB-BCFD-02B64A…)

The paypigs are dropping like flies

No. 656918

>>656912 Can we please stop doing this? She's still way up compared to her numbers from a month ago. So she lost about 70 people over the past week or so. Big deal. These miniscule updates would look more impactful if she lost closer to a thousand followers.

Not trying to white knight, but this shit is annoying and largely irrelevant. A leaky faucet isn't going to deplete the reservoir.

No. 656920

Would love to be able to get shitfaced while sick, just imagine that. Moo's excuses to not show her face or bother doing any form of Patreon work are getting old.

No. 656947

File: 1556503629135.png (304.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190428-220418.png)

Was about to say that myself. Also Punisher Skull reporting for duty lol

No. 656950

File: 1556504194076.png (129.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190428-221309.png)

She totally said everyone would get uncensored nips and not just 50 and 100 pledges. I've had it with her bullshit. Vamplette too. Vamp knowingly let me get her snatchchat when she knew she was getting rid of it. No refund either… Bish

No. 656951

File: 1556504311323.png (74.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190428-221415.png)

Proof of Punisher Skull as well. Also can someone please tell me why I was blind to her thotness?

No. 656955

Why the fuck would you out yourself? I hope your info isnt setup via mailing address through patreon. If it is, they can literally see WHO YOU ARE. Dumbass. If youre going to try to leak useless info, do it better. We already have a good patreon anon for the past 2 years.

No. 656957

File: 1556505107330.jpg (35.18 KB, 1080x380, Screenshot_20190428-193134_Chr…)

You already got blocked. Nice job.

No. 656969

Momo your bedroom eyes are barely passable with 20 filters and hours of photoshop. It looks creepy irl

No. 656971

>>656957 I'm glad this dumbass got blocked after exposing himself.

However, I'm also glad that he accidentally proved how frequent Moo visits the threads.

Moo, the 'c' in 'Mucinex' is soft.

No. 656978

She has been on lolcow every hour for three years. The only time she isn't on is when she is sleeping or too high to read.

No. 656979

“I don’t acknowledge hate” yeah right

No. 656980

Though tinfoil and questions. What the fuck is she spending her money on? She lives the same life as my stoner co worker

Shit clothes, empty house, shit diet, cheap bongs and drugs, shit car, free or 10 dollar costumes. She doesn't live like someone who makes more than 10k a month. Unless she is really that retarded with money. I hope for her sake she is putting it all into savings for her retirement in a year.

No. 656981

oh hey moo, just do porn. your cosplay sucks

No. 656982

samefag but to put into perspective a stoner worker is working an honest office job and they don't have to degrade themselves to live the "lush" life that Moo does

No. 656985

My money is on all the extravagant trips she takes because we all know she's the one footing the bill so people will tolerate her bullshittery.
I mean she lbr bragged pretty heavily about how she blew what, 10K on that sad excuse of a music video for Umineko and all the money she wasted on those trips to Japan just to purchase and break a fair amount of figures. She's definitely not being careful with her funds and it shows.

No. 656987

Is it no longer No-Pasties Hinata then? Just her in the much too small Adam and Eve fishnet lingerie?

No. 656990

Ah, more paypigs fibally googling her and finding this thread.

Please tell your brethren to stop stop giving her their money or else she’ll keep doing this to everyone forever.

No. 656991

I did see Vamp and the group leave on Friday night (around 8:00 PM; vendors closed at 9 PM) in a hurry with no Moo in sight. Not sure if that's any indication, but everyone look pissed off.

No. 656997

File: 1556512867476.png (392.73 KB, 1234x2048, Screenshot_20190428-213715.png)


Speaking of extravagant trips, she put this on her stories on her btsmomokun account. Looks like they've booked their flight for another Japan trip… and she's bringing her photographer this time. kek Let's see if she'll actually do photos for real this time then.

No. 656998

surprised Miso allowed her bf alone with Moo this time, tbh
It seems like every time he's with Moo, she's suddenly there. Like, I get that they're dating but it was for little things too

No. 657000

If I were a betting man, I'd say she has us bookmarked in her phone; how insufferable it must be she annoys ol' hooknose in the wee hours of the night about these threads.

moo definitely disappeared into the night before vendors closed, that's no surprise. She hasn't bought anything worth bragging about this con, though it's too early to tell.

No. 657001

Hooknose??? Do you mean Vamp? I’m new here lowkey I’m sorry that’s too funny

No. 657002

>>656997 I know she's been talking about a third trip to Japan, but I'm somewhat surprised that she's getting tickets so far in advance (granted, it's cheaper, so it's smart on her behalf).

But the elephant in the room is going to be the nip nops set. If she doesn't deliver in a way that all 1,900+ Patreon subscribers are satisfied, then she may be in a state of financial turmoil by November.

I'm saying this under the assumption that more people like Mr. Punisher icon wise up and jump ship, because the fallout from not giving people what they truly want could have an adverse impact on her income by then.

Wouldn't be surprised if we see her return to CamV to compensate for a shortage of funds sooner than later.

No. 657009

File: 1556517904284.jpg (135.71 KB, 1080x734, Screenshot_20190428-225657_Chr…)

Catching on

No. 657010

File: 1556517928726.jpg (424.24 KB, 1071x1263, Screenshot_20190428-223739_Chr…)

No. 657011


>>Nude beaches

Bitch PLEASE if you were seen you'd have Greenpeace trying to help you.
All that aside, yea how fucking obviously low quality bait is that? Hopefully the Patreon peeps dont take that as "I will be on a nude beach"

No. 657015

So the sets promised aren't done, huh? Shocker.

They would be complete fools to think travel plans mean anything but her typical tame hyper photoshopped photos. She can't even manage being nude in her own home for them, let alone in public. Wise up already to her scam and throw your money elsewhere.

No. 657017

Mariah you didn’t deliver on any promised sets from your last Japan trip. Why would they believe you?

No. 657018


don't most nude beaches have super strict rules about privacy and photography anyways?

No. 657019


Not like she actually gets permission to film anywhere anyways. She’s going to show up thinking she can film there and when she is asked to leave she is going to bitch about them being “so rude and unprofessional”.

No. 657020

Her cucks are gonna fall for this instantly and resub. It's so fucking sad.

No. 657022

Or like when they filmed that trash Umeneko crap in the hotel they were told not to film in by security and filmed it anyway. The idiot filming her even recorded it in an IG story stating they weren’t allowed but snuck around anyway. She and her crew should’ve been arrested for trespassing.

No. 657029


That and Holly's cosplay of Cindy actually fits hr

No. 657031

What happened to her trip to London? Is she still doing it or…?

No. 657032

Probably going to blame Brexit but the UK is a hot mess. She should avoid it anyway.

No. 657033

She's gonna tease about nip nops and now a nude beach? I wont give her any ideas because we all know she lurks, but she's a damn liar.

Yeah, they do. Definitely huge no photography rules there.

No. 657047

What was she even going for anyway? To try and suck on Belle's udders to leach off some of her pay pigs? I don't see that going well for either of them.

No. 657049

Patreon numbers decreasing bit by bit. Funny how she didnt disclose that only the $50+ tier would be the nip nop tier. Now theyre going away.

No. 657052

She may loose like 100. Either way she still gained subs. Unless we see a huge dive on the first. But the most amazing thing would be if her pay pigs stay just to report her paetron and she loses it. I wanna see that mental breakdown so bad
"But Momo kun. We thought you were just doing this for the love of the craft"
"Fuck you guys! I wanted the money"

No. 657055

tbh, I don't see her losing her patreon. She's making them what I'm guessing is a lot of money, they clearly dont care about anything else.

No. 657056

File: 1556556519039.jpg (309.49 KB, 808x1287, Screenshot_20190428-225445_Chr…)

SCAMMER. Refuses to even refund people who BUMPED their shit except for what they paid at the START of the month.

Thriws a fit and immediately blocks so cant even try to solve it. Ipped from $10 to $50. SHE ONLY GAVE A $10 REFUND.

No. 657057

File: 1556556544045.jpg (68.18 KB, 1080x494, Screenshot_20190428-231343_Pay…)

No. 657060

File: 1556556631510.jpg (44.29 KB, 1078x326, Screenshot_20190428-231408_Pay…)

Start of month

No. 657061

File: 1556556687513.jpg (46.99 KB, 1080x378, Screenshot_20190428-231318_Pay…)

Bummped it up to $50 and she refuses to refund the $40 extra! THE STUFF ISNT EVEN RELEASED YET

No. 657062

Can you dispute it via Patreon support?

No. 657063

Share this on social media if you can. You are actual real proof she’s scamming with her refunds.

No. 657064

Hey. Sorry this has happened. Fortunately, PayPal is very good with seller protection, and you can open a resolution request.

I can't believe the audacity of this bitch.

No. 657065

Wow what an absolute scamming cunt.

No. 657071


Jesus Christ what a fucking cunt.

No. 657072

Report her Patreon if you haven't already, or if she hasn't removed you yet. This is direct scamming and goes against ToS.

No. 657073

Agreed with this anon, get your money back!!

Also if you can post this on any social media!! This is the actual proof the community needs to see. I’d suggest even posting it on her Reddit tbh.

No. 657075

Icing on the cake was removing the Patron after the "refund" like it's a threat. What's wrong with giving a refund and leaving it at that? Oh no Moo has to be that extra level of cunty. She really doesn't give a shit about her money makers.

No. 657076

One can only hope that this is the pebble that starts the landslide. We all knew she was doing this- its another to actually have the damned proof of her being a scammer AND how she treats her patreon AND how loathe she is to get on with showing her flapjacks, since she knows after that nobody will give a shit about her short of pron. WTG Moo.

No. 657077


Seriously. That’s what made her an extra cunt bitch. It wasn’t enough that she scammed him out of his money. She also kicked him off her patreon as an extra fuck you for calling her out. Fuck this bitch and I hope she gets outed on social media for this.

No. 657079

You should absolutely post this on the reddit, complete with the screenshots of her initial advertisements of the photos. They're getting fed up with her there and I think this would help a lot.

No. 657080

Absolutely share this around- Twitter, Reddit, even her bread and butter Instagram would help so people can see it. I feel like Instagram is where the bulk of the people she scams from come from.(Lolcow is not your personal army.)

No. 657081


She’ll just delete it anyways. Some retard have her mod status. This needs to go outside her sphere of influx’s where she can’t shut it down or try to hide it.

No. 657082

shes the mod of her sub, but there's a fan sub that someone else started.

No. 657083

I’d say screen cap the post being active in her reddit, and if it gets deleted by her later it only proves how she’s trying to cover her tracks.

No. 657088

Agreed. Anywhere it gets deleted is just going to make her look guilty.

No. 657089

What even was the point on advertising it as a 2k patron goal if she was only sending them out to 50+ patrons?

She that thirsty for money, huh?

No. 657090

File: 1556561435649.jpg (345.25 KB, 1080x1257, Screenshot_20190428-193614_Chr…)

Anyone feel free to throw all those caps into a post. I unfortunately dont have the time and Im done with this cunt. Nothing I said was insulting either. I asked wheres my money going to when even her tier states fucking location shoot AS A REWARD.

No. 657092

Maybe? She has been retarded with money lately. She wants to go to Hawaii, booked her Japan trip, wants to go to the UK, and she paid for her friends and she pays for all the expenses.

Plus don't forget her rent, car, buying friends, food, booze, drugs, commissioning costumes. There are 1000 of other cheaper ways to get things done. But Momo seems to choose the most expensive (and stupid) way to do things

No. 657095

File: 1556561892988.jpg (42.97 KB, 858x411, reddit.JPG)


the first comments on reddit are as expected. I hope this spreads more around.


No idea where the other one went.

No. 657097

The only location she has photoshoots at now is her house. It's free and she gets to save all that hard earned money to spend elsewhere. Remember her fly out to location shoots? Like that ever fucking happened.

No. 657098

File: 1556562548000.jpg (495.13 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190429-111427_Chr…)

Ive even defended her in the past. This is all 100% legit

No. 657099

i love that comment about lolcow tho lmao.

No. 657100

yeah but now she “sponsors” shoots for “other people” like she plans to in Hawaii…aka her friends and her go to Hawaii and shit out one crappy set on chuck money and spend the rest of the time chilling

No. 657102

Well now you see all the things said about her were true after getting scammed.

They're all going to have a good time while the people who funded her cunty, nasty ass sit there waiting like cucks getting scammed.

No. 657103

If shared to social media, tag Patreon themselves in it. They're active on most platforms and should notice it, even if their reporting system is shit to begin with.

No. 657107

File: 1556563831769.jpg (8.94 KB, 200x200, C5xwvauVAAAmhuf.jpg)

Imagine for one second that you are a big enough cuck to ever pay a woman for the chance to see her naked. Like, lmfao. Especially this one.

No. 657108

As bad as it is they're getting scammed, I have no sympathy for cucks who think with their dicks rather than their brains when paying Moo to see her vag and she doesn't deliver the goods time and time again. Only themselves to blame for being that blinded by her narcissism and supporting someone they already know is a cunt to begin with.

No. 657109

This. I don't expect anything to come from this but, it's important to take it seriously regarding if she's breaking any specific rules - I hope that ex patron reported her, this should not be allowed. I don't get why these guys let themselves to get scammed by this blob, they're probably MR for finding her attractive to begin with but, this is seriously pathetic.

No. 657110


Sorry to ask for my hand to be held here, what does MR stand for?

No. 657112

Mentally fucking RETARDED

No. 657114

So this is what she meant by the cucking fetish

No. 657116

File: 1556565998309.png (Spoiler Image,254.97 KB, 527x750, 1555684755795 (2).png)

idk why i did this

No. 657117

You can see the stretch marks on her butt tho

No. 657118


This leans more into “financial dominatrix”. Which is pretty much “You’re going to pay for my expensive lifestyle because you’re such a fucking loser and you’ll never get to touch or see anything”

No. 657119

And its very obvious the bulk of her fans would be upset by that. They want the sexual, down to earth, thicc girl who loves all- especially them.

No. 657120

I don't get it. If she said she'd release her ugly uncensored tits at 2k, then backtrack afterwards and say it's only for certain tiers, cant she be reported for false advertising/scamming?? Or are her neckbeard fans too up her ass to do it?

No. 657122

File: 1556566890701.png (Spoiler Image,399.91 KB, 750x500, 1555611266081 (2).png)

No. 657123

Mind if I share this on Instagram? I’ll block out your name

No. 657124

File: 1556567139167.jpeg (558.03 KB, 750x931, F0432D3F-3BD3-46F7-9C09-908E6B…)

truly hard not to see this as bragging or bait at this point

No. 657125

Yes, but I don't think the cucks know that.

No. 657126

I think so because she didn't disclose that it's only for the $50 tier till later, and she sure as hell didn't open 2000 slots for her $50 tier so some people are bound to miss out, a Moo scam at its finest.

No. 657127

This is literally what she said the second time she flew out there as well as promising shoots the first time. Bitch is never going to actually do any sets asides from an onsen selfie. All she’s going to do there is eat and buy/break figures.

No. 657129


She didn’t even bother to word it differently. It’s the same “omg so excited to shoot stuff for you guize” bullshit she always says.

No. 657133


It always confuses tf outta me when she words things that way, like theres a thousand and one shoots we are not seeing, but in reality she barely puts out content even to her own paying patrons.

No. 657135


It’s because she has to sell the illusion to her patrons that she is actually doing the work they pay her for and not just fucking off with her friends and buying expensive gifts for herself.

No. 657140


And when she does have shoots done, she doesn't take the legal route of getting permission to film and take photos in a particular area. Moo is too much of a cut corner bitch to take her photoshoots to the next level, and so they end up being done at home while making out to the cucks she is such a talented hard working cosplayer with the most amazing set locations.

No. 657141

>>657133 Mariah thinks that devoting 6 days per month to do shoots and online shopping is hard work. Normally, she's only capable of handling 4 days worth of shoots and online shopping each month.

No. 657144

File: 1556570797102.png (2.77 MB, 1800x1476, A0DDA1AC-62E7-46AA-8ACA-3E4253…)

Here’s the post she made after her FIRST Japan trip about “not being prepared” as her excuse on not delivering the promised location shoot. Saying she was going to hold herself accountable the second time around… and we all know how that went. No sets yet again. Do her cucks have the attention span of a five year old or something? What’s their excuse for not holding her accountable whenever she promises shit time and again and fails to deliver. This is why she banks on them forgetting her promises so she can continue to scam.

Bonus: when was the last time she brought up school inb4 she brings it up in an IG story after lurking here.

No. 657150

Lol, this is Mooriah. This is her pattern. It's the same apology, almost word for word, every time she starts taking shit. She'll never change or become a better person, she's incapable. She's just trying to string along the pay pigs for as long as she can, before she has to go to actual fetish porn to make a living.

No. 657152

File: 1556573030152.jpg (14.87 KB, 511x78, reddit2.JPG)


a follow up to this because some of them are getting mad about this situation for sure.

No. 657154

>>657150 And the moment anyone tries to hold her accountable, she goes on vitriolic rants, and blocks anyone who awakens from her hypnotic spell.

No. 657168


They are especially pissed since they were the ones lobbying others to sign up to get her to that 2k. Now that she may not even deliver and that they were told to fuck off if they have a problem they are turning on her.

No. 657170

Oh my god I completely forgot she was still riding that school lie too. God she's juggling so many lies right now, I can't wait to see this crash and burn.

No. 657175

Yeah moo was supposed to follow vamps into pharmacy school too right? But vamps was supposedly quitting cosplay at the time

No. 657177

I live in hawaii and we have no nude beaches. She’ll get in huge trouble if she tries that shit here

No. 657180

She wont do an apology video and just keep being passive aggressive to her pay pigs until she's down to 1k paetrons. until then she thinks she isn't obligated to say sorry

No. 657187

Do whatever you guys want with these. I haveno fycking way to contact her about the fucking refund. Shes blocked me before the full was given She KNOWS what shes doing. Drag her fucking ass. Ive sent 5 messages to patreon support all with proof from as much socials and with proof of her lying about rewards.

No. 657188

You can try messaging Paypal too if you went that route.

No. 657191


or your credit card provider. or your bank. if you dont have a habit of making shit up you should be able to reverse charges- and get your 40 back somewhere.

No. 657192

Havent had time yet today. I will be calling in the morning. They can see the Patreon trail on my side. Thats a knock for Moo if they flag her account as scamming due to people not getting full refunds for bought content that isnt even releasedd yet. She cannot, legally, take money for goods not given. I hope this flags her.

No. 657193

I really hope it does. And hope you can get your money back. She needs her Patreon taken down in all honesty because she will continue to mislead and scam otherwise.

No. 657196

Curious if you don’t mind me asking, why did you end up supporting her so log? Because of her looks, or because you genuinely thought she would change? And did you ever white knight her, and regret it now? (Outside of the screenshots you’ve shared)

Just trying to get in the mind of her fans because I don’t understand how you all have been supporting her this long.
We’ve known for YEARS she’s like this, yet we’ve been willfully ignored.

Either way I’m glad you’ve seen the light and now realize what she’s truly like.
Hope you get your money back.
Please share your experience with the rest of her fan base, since they won’t listen to lolcow.

No. 657199

File: 1556582040341.png (127.48 KB, 476x1268, How to treat fans 101.png)

She actually has a habit of playing the victim when replying to stuff or wording it to make you seem like the asshole in the situation and not her. Thats why. Less not forget when she told someone before that they have to just deal with what she gives them without complaint otherwise they get instantly blocked.

No. 657200

File: 1556582164840.jpg (615.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190429-165529_Ins…)

Last minute thrown together pile of shit. The cow part seems so out of place it's not cute.

No. 657201


Just like how she treats her “friends”. Constantly kiss my ass and accept all my bullshit or there’s the door because you’re not a true fiend/fan. If you have even a single complaint she tells you to fuck off if you don’t like what she does. She is such a fucking child.

No. 657202

File: 1556582329729.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, 9039E383-75B5-4B7F-915E-F409EF…)


No. 657203

I cant wait to see who leaks these first. With that many people, Moo fucked up.

No. 657204

Ah she discovered a headband will cover her chins. Even tho Tsunade has never worn a headband like that, or even at all really.
I wonder if she'll do a baby spit-up image for this "set" too

No. 657205

File: 1556582668556.gif (534.75 KB, 409x600, EBD8806B-C21C-49FD-B2B7-F3501E…)

No. 657206

She doesn't have Howl again, does she? I wonder how pissed Aly and Ant and Miso feel when they work on shit and Moo doesn't wear it or she commissions someone else besides them to remake what they did.

No. 657207

File: 1556582776177.jpeg (612.71 KB, 750x1109, 7136C9AD-16AA-401D-82F7-125177…)

No. 657208

Is this the comeback of uminacho?

No. 657209

These make her peanut head stand out and is utterly tacky. She couldn't even be assed to brush the fucking wig before trying this quarter-ass attempt at keeping patrons. It's not even a half-ass attempt, it's less than that. Moo's pathetic.

Yep. Seriously waiting for her to get what's coming to her yet again but this time I hope she gets hit in the wallet for her scamming bullshit.

No. 657210

Wow, that swimsuit is really unflattering.
I can't imagine anyone smaller really pulling it off.

pretty sad if you ask me. Using props aside from photoshop to hide her features.

Also >>657200 why does her rash look like it traveled on her boob?

No. 657211

It’s crazy how old her face still looks even with 30 pounds of makeup, and face slimming/smoothing apps. Amazing

No. 657214

was this even announce? It's like she woke up at 4pm and was randomly like "oh shit, they are mad at me. Lemme throw on a blonde wig and my cow OC stuff and a random Naruto headband and call it a day"

No. 657216

That's exactly what it is.

No. 657217

This has zero resemblance to the character. She is really using cosplay to cling to the idea that she isn't selling straight out porn

"I'm shaking my titts and spiting out fake cum on them. But it isn't porn because I put on a wig" ??? wut ???

No. 657218

God forbid she actually comes through on shirtless tsunade onsen.

No. 657219

File: 1556583937483.jpg (50.29 KB, 630x630, 1512200_2.jpg)

In light of Moonade

No. 657220

Oh shit anon you're right! She didn't even roll out of bed, she's still on her unmade bed. She couldn't even make the effort to move rooms

No. 657221

Just the other day I thought I had seen her at her worst. But this….I can’t believe she posted this on the internet.
I know posting about her weight will get me a ban but holyyyy shit she is huuuuuuuge. She didn’t even try to hide it.
And her face looks saggy and like it’s melting.

I’m totally blown away.

No. 657223

Wait, didnt she promise a TOPLESS onsen Tsunade for reaching 1600 patrons? Is she trying to smoothly sweep it under the rug with this cheap and lazy "cosplay"?

No. 657224

She shopped her armpit out of existence yet couldn't be half added to take a photo in room that didn't have filthy clothes in the background? This bitch.

She's also noticably looks at least 50 pounds heavier in this photo. Doesn't she have a teeny anime waist to fake? I don't even think she's trying anymore.

No. 657226

File: 1556584965217.jpg (18.21 KB, 679x679, 41pXm2AVcdL._UX679_[1].jpg)


this doesn't fit in the slighest

No. 657227


1600 was Onsen/Lewd video for Tsunade(on Insta she said shirtless Onsen) and Cumlube with Hinata

2000 was Hinata with no pasties

No. 657228

File: 1556585041036.png (187.22 KB, 799x359, cow print.PNG)


it's literally the first google result for cow print lingerie

No. 657229

oh god, I can only imagine what the bottom looks like. I forgot this was a sling bikini.

No. 657230

File: 1556585274935.png (675.05 KB, 750x1334, D6E37A24-AA82-4DB9-86A7-DBB51F…)


No. 657232

File: 1556585434663.jpg (Spoiler Image,232.35 KB, 720x720, 20190429_174709.jpg)

>>657207 Had to play around with the features on my photo app in order to help inform the readers that she's wearing the X tape over her nipples once again. So anyone who's thinking of sticking around because they think they'll see real nip nops should reconsider ASAP.

No. 657233


I’m sure she will be looking for a way to weasel her way out of that one as well.

No. 657234

Why is she wearing a Narito headband around her neck tho…

No. 657235

File: 1556585683970.png (100.87 KB, 532x839, april.png)

This is what was promised for April.

Cow/Moo Tsunade is not even on the list

No. 657237


So it makes it even more obvious that she quickly shit this out to get everyone off her back. Like she woke up and saw all the shit she was getting and quickly cobbled something up like “See? Remember those titties you all wanted to see?” Except it’s not working and everyone can see thru her bullshit.

No. 657239

Was this edited though because even I'm unsure if she actually said anywhere that the nip shit was for 50 only until way after

No. 657240


Pretty sure it was edited after she was called the fuck out today.

No. 657241


The image posted here from 6 days ago also had $50 as the Hinata nip nop tier.

She never mentioned any tiers when she announced originally a week earlier though

No. 657247

File: 1556589742377.png (772.95 KB, 720x1200, 9E1EAB36-3864-4A3E-89D2-3BFBFA…)

Did anyone post this monstrosity of a photo yet I'm aware it was the Pochaco set released ages ago but I haven't seen this screencap yet. Had a good chuckle.

No. 657248

Not trying to nitpick, but those lumps/rash-y marks on her left (our right) breast look disconcerting. She should seriously get that checked out.

Actually that whole boob is discolored and larger than the other one. Like uh. I'm not a doctor, but those are all hallmarks of breast cancer. I'm not saying that's what it is, but she clearly has some sort of medical issue here.

No. 657249

Here's a concept that is too far off from you, Mariah:
You stick to your main plans instead of shoving shitty last minute selfie sets in so you can yeet this false promise out the window. People remember because even the most hard-on cucks aren't stupid.

No. 657253

jesus christ

No. 657255

File: 1556592124685.jpg (688.86 KB, 1080x1718, 20190429_224154.jpg)

No. 657258

File: 1556592393658.jpg (24.99 KB, 430x285, IMG_20190427_142552.jpg)

Wow. Someone's being horrifically straightforward. Also that pube stubble.

No. 657259

Gotta keep the cucks calm somehow… even if it's vomit-inducing.

No. 657260

She blurred to oblivion all her purple stretch marks, and forgot to shoop' herself a waist

No. 657262

File: 1556593167583.png (67.8 KB, 536x628, Screenshot_102.png)

Topless tier is happening

No. 657263

File: 1556593231758.png (Spoiler Image,617.41 KB, 563x750, post_file.png)


No. 657264

File: 1556593283702.png (Spoiler Image,1018.14 KB, 563x886, Screenshot_103.png)

No. 657265

I'm sorry but I can't tell which is nipple and which is her tit skin.

No. 657266


She says topless, but you know she will find some strategic way to cover up.

No. 657267

File: 1556593507246.png (719.03 KB, 563x750, post_file (38).png)

"Slutty Cow
Always wanted to see Jiraya dick down tsunade. Might have to recreate a shoot with a Jiraya soon…. hmmm"

No. 657269

File: 1556593622806.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 810x3834, Screenshot_20190429-200638_Chr…)

No. 657270

there are too many anime and cross overs in this picture. Tsunade (She never wore the headband so I'm not sure what she's doing). A cow, a servant seal, weird make up that doesn't blend with all the themes she's going for

No. 657271

Oh definitely. It's obvious it's going to be topless but some tacky ass pasties instead of full 'nip nop'.
But that's another month she can get away with making money while her fans get duped once again.

You're too easy, moo.

No. 657272

Notice how she’s blaming her patrons for “not reading the rules” when she never set rules in place to begin with. What a fucking cunt, she’s only doubling down on this bullshit in an attempt to keep whatever sad cucks remaining who haven’t bailed already. Watch as she’ll stall on delivering any “topless” sets for as long as possible.

No. 657273

She's "Creating cosplay" anon, or are you implying that she's just throwing shit together 'cause she's a lazy fuck?

No. 657274

She is pulling her arms so far back behind her to hide the fact her arm fat is bigger than her boobs. In fact she is always doing her best to hide her upper arms.
Moo wake up call, soon you're going to be so obese pulling your arms back wont hide them

No. 657275

Surprised she didn't make a Moo set from this, tbh. It's her OC but she seems to have chucked it under the bed so the dust bunnies keep it company

No. 657276

Her patrons have already said that they don't like the cow vs male stuff so why in the world would they pay for it, Mariah?

Topless with nipple pasties.

Yep, it's not a matter of them not reading the rules, it's a matter of her constantly changing them on a whim.

No. 657277

File: 1556594340767.png (Spoiler Image,315.43 KB, 600x672, Screenshot_104.png)

Her reddit ain't having any of it

No. 657278

Instead of saying sorry for stealing a hentai character she just dropped it. But she's also lazy as fuck and will keep selling will-o-wisps keychain for pocket cash

No. 657279

File: 1556594527103.png (29.81 KB, 531x361, Screenshot_105.png)

Topless tier likely around $75 and comes with a print

No. 657280

Scam alert! Why would anybody would pay $75 just for a topless photo when there are some patrons who would charge less of that shit?

No. 657281

Does anybody have any photo evidence proving that she didn’t say anything about the $50 tier thing Until being called out?

No. 657283

Because she's retarded with a capital R. She first made a vague post about showing her nipples, then said it would be $50+ and now it's going to be $75, but wait, you can get a print! She's dumb. They could just download it and make a print themselves for less money.

Go through the thread.

No. 657284

jfc she's straight out scamming at this point. 75 bucks for topless? Girls with a consious would just make a 2-5k goal a month and give a reward.

Momo girl, legit. What do you need 20k+ a month for? Even you don't know what to do with all that money. You aren't going to classes to be a better cosplayer, you don't buy materials. You're TRYING to go on vacations a lot but you still can't spent the money. The only thing you can think of is throw money at your friends so they stay. There is no reason for you to do this other than to be a spiteful cunt

No. 657285

Why add unnecessary tiers? This just seems confusing. She's using mental gymnastics to manipulate people into paying x amount to see her tits. To make them seem stupid and her unprepared ass seem smart. You literally got paid for less to do it on Cam V?

No. 657286


Seriously. This is just her being a cunt for getting called out. Her scam got outed and now it’s “Fuck you guys. Now you have to pay more to see titties.”

No. 657287

She is making it confusing on purpose. She wants her paetrons to pay three times to maybe see nip nops. Next month she wont release the nudes because she will open up the 75 dollar teir. So they have to pay 175 dollars to maybe see her naked titts.

"Stop misunderstanding the rules! Topless pics are ONLY for the 75 teir!"

I don't know why she's squeezing her pay pigs this desperately… unless

The IRS finally caught up to her. But more likely she just became more angry and bitter because she's reduced to porn "If they fucking want to see my titts and reduce me to this I'm going to make them BLEED for it!"

No. 657289


I’m inclined to believe it’s the later. She’s getting pissy that she has been reduced to this after falling so far from grace and has decided that if this is her life now then she is going to bleed her paypigs for every last penny. It’s very much “You lowered me to this, so fuck you and I’m going to take you for every cent you have if you want to see your precious titties”.

No. 657290

Can't wait for the grand finale when patrons get sick of her tit rashes and shooped physique and they move on. She only got so many patrons because people want to see her tits. That's it.

No. 657291

If you look at her subreddit, some of the cucks are already coming to this realization.

No. 657292

Oh, I know. It's percolating now but imagine when these sets actually drop.

No. 657293

Can we shut up about the IRS tinfoiling? Its the most annoying thing in every Momokun thread.

No. 657294

So how much do you guys estimate she made this month scamming her patrons? I’m guessing close to $40k.

No. 657299

lol no retard. if she only has a tiny amount of the high tiers she's making peanuts.

No. 657300

No. I think the reason she is trying to pimp the higher tiers is because she has so many low money patrons and she is just barely smart enough to realize that $1 a month times a 1000 won’t support her lifestyle.

No. 657302

and what a lifestyle it is. Momo lives like a hobo who suddenly just got a bunch of cash. She doesn't think or live like a functional adult

No. 657304

That's gotta be against instagram policies with all the vag hanging out

No. 657307

File: 1556600800839.jpg (87.14 KB, 648x610, 2k2momo.JPG)


wasn't the 23rd like a day or so AFTER she hit 2k? In other words If I am reading this correctly she posted these fucking stupid "rules right after that. In the reddit mr 2k posted ON the 23rd that he was 2k. since the older sub is down I dunno if he posted it the 22nd, and reposted elsewhere the 23rd. either way shady shit

No. 657315

File: 1556607217274.jpg (Spoiler Image,722.35 KB, 1080x1575, Screenshot_20190429-235332_Chr…)

No. 657316

Just want to correct this statement that the address listed in this LLC info isn’t her full address — if you google it, you get a shopping mall. A shipping service is at the suite number listed. So it’s just a PO BOX. So she’s at least not doxxed herself.

No. 657317

It’s absolutely around $40k and anyone who is saying differently is in denial.

No. 657318

File: 1556608518902.jpg (463.8 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190430-001404_Ama…)

Shes not even spending a bunch on lingerie or suits. We already knows this but I like finding the shit she buys to point it out.

No. 657320

one of her breasts looks inflamed?

No. 657321

It's pretty sad that those cucks are giving her all of this money and she's putting in literally the bare minimum amount of effort.

No. 657322

But anon she pays her tripod well I mean her photographers

No. 657362

Because she's an idiot who doesn't care about source material. Tsunade has never worn that headband

To be fair, she never wore a cow print bikini either . She's so lazy

Except people like Tsunade because she's smart, compassionate , among other things. She isn't just a character with big tits, but moo wouldnt know that. Also, she looks nothing like her. that thousand yard stare..

Here comes the backpedaling

No. 657363

She has zero tact or shame. Also, she looks like Emilia fart here with the headband.

No. 657372


Really shows that for all her “omg I pretty much embody this character in real life” and “deep” theories and analysis at the end of the day all she sees is a pair of tits to cosplay as. She doesn’t give a shit about any of the stuff she cosplays. All she cares about is mashing her flapjack tits into the camera for all the cucks to jerk off to.

No. 657376

You're the dumb one. Most of the new backers are the lower tiers which is why there are SO many people complaining about it being the $50 tier and up only. She probably got up to 20k (30k MAX imho) but she's also shot herself in the foot because most of these backers are never coming back and we've already seen some demanding refunds.

No. 657377

You're the dumb one. Most of the new backers are the lower tiers which is why there are SO many people complaining about it being the $50 tier and up only. She probably got up to 20k (30k MAX imho) but she's also shot herself in the foot because most of these backers are never coming back and we've already seen some demanding refunds.

No. 657380


The image of Tsunade she posted as reference in her ig story had her nipples covered by her hair. I am willing to bet all my money that that is EXACTLY what she's going to do, that way she's not lying about being topless with no pasties.

No. 657387

File: 1556642392781.jpeg (68.57 KB, 1125x180, C1DC630F-6A21-4C9D-8DC0-8BFB74…)

excuse me ma’am but what is this

No. 657389

Mariah, yet again, trying to ride the bullshit Etika is on.

No. 657390


Is this her yet again trying to insert herself in his life and play therapist? She already was told to fuck off by his friends and fans, you’d think she would have learned her lesson.

No. 657391

for a minute there I thought he posted a comment on one of her pics

nta but that anon didn't call anyone dumb, can you read?

No. 657393

he did, for whatever reason this anon didn't cap the pic. It's on her Hinata picture on instagram for her "giveaway"

No. 657395

seriously? now I'm interested

No. 657396

Mariah needs to fucking stop pretending like she cares about anyone but herself. And the wording on that is not good either. It’s basically “I’m too fucking lazy to message you in private to see if you’re ok” but it’s gotta be public so others can see it!

No. 657397

File: 1556643464191.jpeg (157.51 KB, 1125x897, FEAE85F7-40C0-4AC1-8F1D-D2BE94…)

apologies my good anon, here’s a revised cap, image is just >>657315

No. 657398


No. 657400

damn mania is dangerous

No. 657401

There’s really not much to this.
Etika lost his mind again so we can’t take anything he says seriously atm.

No. 657408

So if Moo knew anything, she'd know that he was arrested by a SWAT team because of his shenanigans on Twitter. Even AlicePika, his ex, was having a hard time talking to/monitoring him because he was babbling crazy talk. If Moo expects this guy to message him in a sane matter, she's off her rocker. I love how she's trying to play savior.

No. 657410


She can’t ever just handle shit in private. She always has to drag everyone’s dirty laundry out in public and virtue signal herself as some savior out to help people. And it’s always her shaming them into talking to her, like they’re the ones being an asshole for going through some tough shit and not wanting to talk to her. She’s a fucking slimeball who sees other people’s suffering as a chance to boost her public image by swooping in and trying to play savior.

No. 657416

She's lost over 100 patrons from her bullshit and if it keeps going, she won't make it to next year. I want to feel bad for her, but I can't knowing full well she is a liar, scammer and she is in such utter denial that she is basically doing soft core porn. Her attitude is ugly, her greed is ugly, the way she treats her patrons is ugly. Wtf you even doing Moo?

No. 657417

You gotta think about this. Don't feel bad. She's played her family and friends like this. Smart people eventually turn away and won't enable her bullshit. She's not delivering on her promises.

Wonder what the next step is? Will she give in to his new chuuni bullshit he's tossing?

No. 657418

She honestly deserves no sympathy. She has only cared about herself and has no problem using others, and lying. She very much knows exactly what she's doing.

No. 657423

But didn't she gain like 500 or somethin? Every time she makes a dive she gains way more by promising more risky porn. I'm sure before she gives up she will have a 200 dollar tier for masturbation videos

No. 657426


Lol yea like 200 dollar tier gets 1 minute bate videos. Bitch please there are MV models better looking, half as bitchy, selling for less. and eventually the thirsty neckbeards will look them up.

No. 657431

We said this shit back when she was at like 600 patreons and look at her numbers now. This will barely affect her.

No. 657436

Finna to AntMan that ass

No. 657440

File: 1556656887959.jpg (Spoiler Image,341.81 KB, 720x979, 20190430_133623.jpg)

>>657397 She bragged about Squarecuck being in town for shoots, and even went as far as to claim he was the one who did her recent cow shot in the bedroom with the dirty ass clothes everywhere, and yet she's "employing" Tripod-san?

Why couldn't Squarecuck shoot this? If he allegedly had the stomach to shoot the cow micro bikini in the messy bedroom (which he didn't actually shoot, contrary to what Mariah says), then surely this wouldn't have been a problem either.

No. 657444

She must be paying him a lot of hush money just so she can lie about using a tripod to shoot right when she woke up. But this reflects badly on his work too since the photos are shit. Is Momo stretching the truth? I mean I can understand if she had him EDIT the photos for five minutes, but def not shoot them.

That and what a weird thing to lie about. I understand why she wants people to think she is paying for a photographer, but if she's paying 10 bucks for a bikini and to shoot at home we all know she's too cheap to pay a photog.

We all know she just wants everyones money as a fucked up revenge thing

No. 657447


she says she used contacts here >>655671 but i'm really skeptical. i think her eyes were edited after with no contacts.

No. 657448

they're edited, you can tell by the size difference and the fact that she put little light reflections in them on the wrong spot. they're on the left side of the pic but light is coming from the opposite direction if you look at the hair. also this bitch needs to stop buying shit from the place i used to work.

No. 657452


>That and what a weird thing to lie about. I understand why she wants people to think she is paying for a photographer, but if she's paying 10 bucks for a bikini and to shoot at home we all know she's too cheap to pay a photog.

This is a very valid point. Seems like all of her money goes into figurines, vacations, expensive food outings, and overpriced makeup or non-cosplay fashion accessories. It makes even more sense when you see what >>657318 discovered.

For the new visitors to lolcow, she's been pretending to pay hefty amounts for the photographic services of Girlonthemoonpro, who isn't an actual person, but a measly old tripod. She tries to justify her Patreon rates by saying she pays photographers around $600 for their work. Don't buy this bullshit.

No. 657459

File: 1556661788299.png (3.2 MB, 1800x1146, C8B4603A-957E-4695-A031-87E479…)

They’re fucking around in a doctors office while playing with silicone implants like a bunch of children. So is Vamps getting a boob job before fixing everything that’s wrong with her face?

No. 657460

>getting silicone implants in 2019

No. 657461

File: 1556662269848.png (2.29 MB, 1040x1800, 4AC2057D-1702-49AE-B9E2-FE8EB5…)

IG stories 1/3

No. 657462

File: 1556662323142.png (2.66 MB, 1037x1800, 4A1A6489-282B-48C2-B3E7-E7C17F…)


No. 657463

>bonus set
>old af set from over a year ago


No. 657464

File: 1556662464379.png (2.4 MB, 1800x1565, B57A80DC-6114-4E18-A95E-E5FF2A…)


Why does this mostly sound like stuff that was supposed to be released earlier this year and she’s just now getting around to it. Isn’t that Android 21 thing old already?

No. 657465


Vamp posted a little while ago on her IG that she has an appointment to fix her nose and teeth so thats probably a plastic surgeon for her nose

No. 657481

File: 1556665087519.png (227.36 KB, 361x290, Screenshot_2019-04-30 furby pi…)

No. 657482

>>657465 Watch the video, or check out the obvious breast enhancement material on the screens in the background. This is undoubtedly the office of someone who specializes in breast augmentation. Not noses and dental work.

No. 657484

Gabby just did 21 so my guess is thats why moo did

No. 657485

File: 1556665751081.png (315.17 KB, 398x708, thatfacetho.png)


Sure there are breast enhancement materials around, but you can also see in the video that Moo tries to also zoom in on a screen with Vamp's face.

No. 657486

NTA but plastic surgeon "consultation rooms" serve more than one demonstrative purpose lmao. For all we know, the previous client was in for a consultation about breast augmentation / Moo tagged along during Vamp's rhinoplasty consultation and asked a few questions about it – a few threads ago, she said it was something she was interested in. There's really no point in getting so autistic over tinfoiling lmao

No. 657487

Its fucking hilarious how Antares has a million times more chemistry with the model than her. She is just focused on getting the least worst angle that will make her back fat less apparent and staring at the camera with dead eyes, while Antares is making sure to have contact with him.

Just shows how much "modeling" work she has done.

No. 657499

We can actually watch her patreon numbers drop in real time. She's already lost more in the last 5 minutes since I opened her page.
She's done this to herself, and I'm glad people are realizing she's a scammer after all this time.

No. 657501

No. It's the end of the month. It always drops. Every Patreon loses patrons at the end of the month for 1 reason or another.
I wish we didn't do this song and dance every 30th/31st

No. 657502

Tinfoil af but I wonder if these procedures were Vamp's terms for 'forgetting' about school and continuing to enable Moos's 'cosplay career' She's just as trash for sure, but she seemed sure to go, and we all knew Moo wasn't actually serious.

No. 657503

Exactly people unsub to not be charged on the 1st then re-sub later. If the numbers stay down is when people should pointit out or continue to drop during the month

No. 657504

…Except it was dropping way before. I get some of you want to defend mooriah, but let's be honest, she's actually being called out on her scam and kinda fucked up pretty badly with the bs a few days ago.

No. 657506

My question is what did Vamp do to please her master so much that she would fix her nose AND her teeth. It is kind, however when it comes to Moo there is always another motive for being nice.
Maybe Moo finally realizes that with everything Vamps knows she could utterly destroy her. Better be kind

No. 657508

Moo is a very limited model for the very reasons you stated. She has to hide her body and it's time consuming to photoshop the skin she does show

No. 657509

I'd actually forgotten what day it was, my mistake. But we have seen her numbers drop the last week since the hinata scandal so it wouldn't surprise me if people didn't sub back.

No. 657510

Yeah, if it dropped ONLY today and not for the past week it'd be 'tinfoiling' as they say around here. But ever since that BS started, it's been dropping like flies.

No. 657513

File: 1556672390943.png (116.82 KB, 348x591, Screenshot_106.png)

Not sure what happened but she just posted this on insta

No. 657517

Sensei really needs to take the phone away from her when she's high/drunk
But I really hope this is another rant about bitch bois or snakes

No. 657519


man fuck senseitwat. She's much more amusing and oh so positive when she doesnt have a babysitter. He's almost as dumb as she is though.

No. 657520

vamps is so gross. does she always build her cosplays around the same granny underwear and $2 walmart knee stockings? like, be fat or be thin but don't be whatever vamps is. gross.

No. 657521


Looks like there’s another rant about “snakes” and “learning who her true friends are” coming.

No. 657522

Vamps just hung out with Moo for too long. She thinks eating like shit and not going to the gym at all is healthy

By the way, that's another thing Moo forgot about. Isn't she suppose to pretend to go to the gym every day cuz she isn't fat? She's pure strong girl muscle?

No. 657529

File: 1556677259468.png (2.76 MB, 1242x2208, 7082C244-184D-4A06-9584-8CA757…)

Still pretending to be sick or is it for aesthetic reasons? We’ll never know. But damn, she’s in Michelin Man territory here.

No. 657530

File: 1556677337975.jpg (66.17 KB, 1193x404, 2019-04-30_22-21-38.jpg)

Some of her cucks have made similar comments about her getting too big.

No. 657531

It's supposed to show how totally japanese she is anon.

No. 657533

I think it's going to be amusing once vamp gets plastic surgery since the camversity stunt proves that more people are into her than Momo and you can see that she got pissed about it. Once vamp gets her face fixed then more people are going to go to her and ditch Momo. I have a feeling like this is some sort of Revenge that is about to happen as she had to go head over heels to take whatever abuse thrown at her in order to make that much money. We're in for a wild ride folks.

No. 657552

Woah calm down cunty

No. 657556

I don't like vamps, but I'm actually really excited to see her fix her face, it's gonna be great in contrast to Mariah.

No. 657558

and even if she gets botched it will be deserved. Any outcome however will be fantastic

No. 657559


i don't think anyone deserves botched surgery. yikes

No. 657562

I wonder if she plans on relying on Moo to help her out while she's in recovery. I've heard that the first few days with a nose job are shit. I can't imagine anything more horrifying than being on pain killers in moo's dirty ass house.

No. 657563

File: 1556688239742.jpeg (154.09 KB, 693x1242, 6E42A641-3C78-41E0-8B74-411FD8…)

She’s gotten so big she really needs to start eating right. I messed with the lighting on this pic and wish I didn’t her back is like that of a humpback whale