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File: 1547168531216.gif (2.21 MB, 440x440, camgirl.gif)

No. 624348

Current Main thread: >>>/pt/563425

Previous Stream thread >>>/pt/569199

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun, momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Stream Archive:

August: https://mega.nz/#F!rXwEBYzb!Bl2IFb6fxu7ATvAK1d1Nkg
September: https://mega.nz/#F!I5MxiAjJ!sAtZze96vcx1LFppXrrmTw
January: https://mega.nz/#F!UklnkCJJ!D_lcwKjAc-APqS83IPCGng

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826, >>>/snow/644215
The Basics:
>She's back streaming after many months of being away
>Admitted she's back only for the money
>She's packed on a lot of weight since the last time she was streaming

Stream summary:
>She's back for that cam money
>Admitted she groped people and used ADHD as an excuse
>She looks miserable on stream and like she hates it
>Said Pornhub was just for a meme and not a real account
>Refuses to respond to anything about her ass or show it
>Started taking bong rips and drinking alcohol on stream
>Rubbed fake cum on her tits and done "Ahego" cum drips
>Decided to do a wet tshirt with fake cum
>Her shirt was more transparent than she thought and everybody saw her pepperonis
>Pushed off streaming again for 4 days and very quiet on social media after pepperonis
>Second stream she looked miserable and pissed off at chat

No. 624362

she's really getting some mileage out of this fake cum shit.

also, stop giving her money

No. 624365

if she sticks to her plans from last night, tonight she’s going to put the fake cum on her feet. eventually we’re gonna work our way to a whole bathtub of it and it still won’t be porn >>624362

No. 624366

you know she lurks don't give her ideas

No. 624404

i'm torn, because I obviously dont want her to get any money for zero effort, but when her neckbeards do finally donate, she gives us some pretty funny shit

No. 624427

File: 1547176018244.png (77.06 KB, 155x275, 1547175835829.png)

No. 624435

File: 1547179134094.png (2.74 MB, 750x1334, 23482FC3-FC4B-499D-9109-058794…)

unit out

No. 624437

File: 1547179552090.png (1.1 MB, 1271x499, grossmariah.PNG)

she's doing "ass stuff" today…

No. 624438

File: 1547179631592.jpeg (506.79 KB, 750x740, 51EF418C-A4FA-4A6A-8121-A166DD…)


No. 624439

shes been sitting there silently for 5 minutes with this blank look on her face… she then announced she was playing Army Men with Nick and Justin. Shes so boring it hurts. Also, rub soap on ass

No. 624442

Oh man. Gotta pay that rent.

No. 624443

Anyone have the link to the current momo thread? I’m being a retard and can’t find it

No. 624444

Since when did Moo have a girlfriend, let alone a dom gf?

No. 624445

scroll down?

No. 624447

Doesn't help that the current main thread in the description wasn't updated

No. 624448

File: 1547180430437.jpeg (460.64 KB, 750x797, 2AB1F4D0-BC64-4A92-ABC0-6D2591…)

leg bigger than head

No. 624449

No. 624450

Her wig is tragic. Pull that shit down girl. I know you’re just wearing it for face tape but still.

No. 624454

File: 1547180689152.gif (1.74 MB, 440x440, B962BB1C-D46D-4B01-BE8B-F23854…)

her stomach is so creepy when she sits up straight

No. 624457

File: 1547180760175.png (3.63 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 11.1…)

she just said if she reaches her 3rd goal, which would take 10500 tokens, she would do another wet tee shirt with no nip pasties. im surprised, she seemed so pissed last time everyone saw her nips

No. 624459

File: 1547181039271.jpeg (215.62 KB, 750x351, 7D442C66-7710-403A-873D-DDB59F…)

brave legless camgirl breaks barriers.

seriously the bed is doing her no favors when you sink in like that

No. 624460

She's doing a lot of finger sucking this time.

No. 624461

File: 1547181420230.gif (2.37 MB, 440x440, 23729C72-69A5-487C-B1B9-284A07…)


just as I was about to say the same thing. LOOK how far her finger is in her mouth it’s like she’s trying to suck off some left over sunchip dust

No. 624462

I think she's trying to be sexy and get some tokens

No. 624463

The weeb singing and lip synching isn't even cute or sexy lmao im cringing she's really trying for those cuckbucks tonite ay bois?

No. 624464

File: 1547181596980.png (3.63 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 11.3…)

this cat is screaming internally

No. 624465

she really is haha

Lol the cats face when she "twerked"

No. 624466

I literally almost threw up watching her “twerk”. Quite possibly the most disgusting thing I have EVER seen. I pray that no one gifs that, so other ppl don’t have to suffer through how horrifying that was.

No. 624467

File: 1547181752182.png (Spoiler Image, 3.67 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 11.3…)

her lovely ass pimple says hi too

No. 624468

File: 1547181794925.gif (4.94 MB, 440x440, 0E99D981-F2B1-4808-9A8B-D19DD4…)

all around me are familiar faces

No. 624469

File: 1547181893291.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 440x440, D3FD3570-F90A-4BEC-9C8F-14E183…)

spoiler for her ass
twerking on her bed beside bernie

No. 624470

File: 1547181986432.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.28 MB, 440x440, 54A4F7A3-8392-4AFA-971D-C179D5…)

spoiled again for her ass

Bernie looks over and gives her a look of disgust as she awkwardly wiggles…are we sure he isn’t a farmer?

No. 624471

That's just sad

No. 624472

File: 1547182193636.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 440x440, 85D193D3-B6F3-40E5-A4F8-FAC0BF…)

a slap of the ass hardly moves this mass

No. 624473

She looks like a constipated water buffalo trying to shit.

No. 624474

What's great about camversity to me is it will ruin her patreon soon. Why pay monthly high dollar when some cuck will pay for you to see what you want on cam now? Or wait and see the videos and gifs created after the show. She's screwed.

No. 624475

every time i see her ass, i think of that art-anon drawing (the one that moo stole for t-shirts) and the sad little butt that was drawn. it was so accurate that its all i see when i see her ass.

No. 624479

JACUZZI goal has been hit

No. 624480

>says she hasn't used the bathtub yet
>got ~onsen~ decorations

No. 624481

>didn’t even know which one was the hot water

No. 624482

Calling it now, laptop falls into water, she uses as an excuse to milk more neckbeard mone

No. 624483

her tone of voice got really high and awkward when she mentioned she had 1000 viewers.

at least half have to be farmers.

No. 624484

But she got a bath bomb?
Also she just did an ass slap and her ass crack is stained.

No. 624485

Please keep the gifs coming, I can’t watch atm

No. 624487

>Katsucon, Anime Expo, or Sakuracon (one other sorry) are some cons she might go to this year but is cutting down on cons

No. 624488

File: 1547183655390.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.19 MB, 440x440, 8F185B16-D536-4112-9C1C-69C9B4…)

“Stained crack” gif

No. 624489

Oh god make it stop ~01:12:00 she is "twerking" and singing to a Japanese song

No. 624491

>>"Being a ho so I can make money"
Wow didn't expect her to admit that kek

No. 624492

>hires a maid to clean her house
But she's home all day???

No. 624493

7:26 restart shows her ham body

No. 624494

Jacket to cover back rolls?

No. 624495

File: 1547184236126.png (1.86 MB, 1452x816, crazyeyes_watchingyou.png)

She's so hyper/manic tonight

No. 624496

File: 1547184238987.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.03 MB, 440x440, 3469BF5F-A00F-4FC0-8F5B-1C31F1…)

sad twerk again

No. 624498

File: 1547184298209.gif (3.19 MB, 440x440, 07AAC7D0-62D0-4C73-94EF-811A2C…)

whale returns home

No. 624500

File: 1547184397748.png (1.64 MB, 1402x783, yiiiikes.png)

Back rolls, full force

No. 624501

Lol she leaned out of the bath for something and I noticed her suck in her stomach pretty significantly

No. 624503

the first place she should have lipo'd. the back tells all her secrets of her actual weight.

No. 624504

File: 1547184478456.gif (2.36 MB, 440x440, E3180383-614B-4B2D-BDB5-5B488D…)


No. 624505

File: 1547184514460.gif (1.91 MB, 440x440, 03367798-B0A0-4A07-9E78-E3864F…)

back rolls in motion

No. 624506

File: 1547184564523.jpg (690.95 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190110-232844_Ins…)

Oh God her rolls just blend together

No. 624509

She's finally had a bath in who knows how long

No. 624510

pls tell me someone caught that bent-over side shot

No. 624511

File: 1547184798586.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.14 MB, 440x440, 8E8D4103-4D4D-4F23-B329-D6E42D…)

god this is so awful I am so sorry

No. 624512

She HAS to be on something tonight. She's acting incredibly hyper compared to last night and is bouncing around all over the place

No. 624515

File: 1547185065246.png (1.07 MB, 1329x682, Screenshot (90).png)

the last thing you see before you die

No. 624516

>kicked someone out and said for them to "cry about it to Camversity"

No. 624517

File: 1547185121713.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.45 MB, 440x440, F4FF9760-83ED-4C0F-ADA9-6FF1F4…)

her ass is so pink from the hot water that it really looks like the pig in underwear gif that’s always posed

No. 624519

Moo is currently second cam on the main page and the top 16th model

No. 624520

She picked up a huge pile of bubbles and then…licked it? Then spit it out and started drooling. Is she ok

No. 624521

I have a feeling she's becoming bored and out of it because today moreso than yesterday people are just treating her like a sex object

No. 624522

File: 1547185487008.gif (3.94 MB, 440x440, B783DA1D-B5EB-4CB5-89DD-3F666F…)

No. 624523

File: 1547185546730.png (109.62 KB, 614x994, IMG_4575.PNG)

No. 624524

LMAO she is doing bubble bra and keeps on trying to hide her nips with more soap or her hands instead of letting it slide off?

No. 624525

File: 1547185569092.jpg (Spoiler Image, 419.44 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190110-214459_Sam…)

This bitch is sprouting ham wings like some sort of pork angel.

No. 624526

File: 1547185630114.png (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 1399x785, nipsout.png)

Please say gif anon caught that bubble bra lmao she needs to just go for it already

No. 624527

File: 1547185672695.gif (1.8 MB, 440x440, 11C9E3B2-B21F-4AAE-B1FE-9B832F…)

No. 624528

File: 1547185701468.png (114.52 KB, 637x999, IMG_4576.PNG)

No. 624529

oh my fucking god did you photoshop this? those are insane.

No. 624530

Samefag but seriously, she was trying so hard to hide her nips when we've already seen them. But she knows that's what her neckbeards want now.

No. 624531

File: 1547185737404.png (1.01 MB, 1313x686, Screenshot (93).png)

Tried so hard to hide her nips behind those bubbles and then instantly afterwards drops a slip

No. 624533

>>624529 Nope. This is the wildebeest in her natural habitat. My wrist would get tired dragging the mouse that much.

No. 624534

Somebody just dropped 3000 tokens

No. 624535

Showed pubes taking off her bottoms ~42:00

No. 624536

Omg I didn't catch it in time, she legit dropped her bikini bottoms wtf

No. 624537

Her bottoms slipped off while playing with them, she needs a shave

No. 624538

PLEASE tell me someone capped her accidentally flashing her vag

No. 624539

Literally just saw her pussy

No. 624541

She is mortified. She made "the face" again when she knows she fucked up LOL

No. 624542

Jesus christ, how could she let herself go this much?

No. 624543

I missed the pussy, forgive me

No. 624544

the milk in this stream i hope record anon is getting this haha

No. 624545

Do we have an anon recording? We could just get it there.

No. 624546

>not doing anything for AVN but she's "doing a event at a bar". still has to do contract, is going to dress up as a hentai character

No. 624547

Is record anon streaming? Someone had to have caught that, jfc. Her newest low point towards eventually porn right there.

No. 624548

She made her final goal for wet tshirt

No. 624549

She seemed surprisingly okay with the vag flash. I think this is the stream that converts her into a full-fledged cam girl. She's really bubbly (no pun intended with the tub) tonight. I think she's getting used to this. Plus it's easy money for her, because her neckbeards don't have high standards.

No. 624550

Record anon here I'm recording

No. 624551

Bless you, record anon.

No. 624552

Doing gods work, anon.

She definitely seems like she's on something rn, very hyper and bubbly as you said. When she gets down from this high, it might actually hit her and she'll flip.

No. 624553

You are the best, record anon. Our savior.

No. 624554

She really should put her effort in this. She's getting paid so much for the bare minimum

No. 624559

She's made $550 so far tonight

No. 624560

File: 1547186749930.gif (2.63 MB, 440x440, 3795493C-E5D8-4F33-97F4-9ABBB9…)

No. 624561

File: 1547186825206.gif (2.74 MB, 440x440, A2A00AB5-58A4-4E01-81F6-B512D6…)

No. 624562

Think that's worth the vag slip screenshots that will hit the internet tomorrow?

No. 624563

Sooner or later she's going to realise this is more money for less effort than her patreon, and she neglects the fuck out of her patreon obligations.

No. 624564

File: 1547186861922.gif (2.76 MB, 440x440, 06BC57DA-230E-427F-97D2-45E7F2…)

No. 624565

Think of it as her Patreon donation to pay for the ho tax lmao

No. 624566

Wow that mega milk tee does NOT fit. The arms look like sausage casings

No. 624568

File: 1547187039118.png (6.61 KB, 419x51, Screenshot (94).png)

someones getting banned

No. 624569

…is this what weebs are really into these days? watching girls make cross eyed faces while drooling?

No. 624571

lol she chose the mega milk shirt that covers her nipples with the lettering

No. 624572

I think she's going lengths to avoid doing it. She just drizzled water when she's in a fucking tub

No. 624573

File: 1547187073129.png (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 1272x758, Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 1.10…)

No. 624574

funny enough can still see the nipple haha

No. 624575

File: 1547187113122.png (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 1402x707, megamilkshirt.png)

She definitely wore a shirt with print to try and hide it better kek but still visible

No. 624576

File: 1547187122702.gif (4.22 MB, 440x440, AC834C11-233B-4623-A0D4-87D076…)

packs her bong on screen

No. 624578

File: 1547187261603.jpg (77.67 KB, 942x639, d3ffa79b03104f320aa7ab269ca292…)


the difference

No. 624580

File: 1547187306725.gif (2.69 MB, 440x440, 6AB48D0C-21C1-4D1C-ADF7-3769A4…)

No. 624581

Someone tipped and asked for more water on her tits and she's showing Smash memes instead, trying to get around it

No. 624582

She's dicking around on her phone avoiding getting the shirt fully wet

No. 624583

File: 1547187337842.png (788.04 KB, 1322x685, Screenshot (95).png)

Chat is begging her to get off her phone but she's texting her cousin and showing memes

No. 624585

>playing the Eva OP and dancing to it

No. 624586

Chat is asking for a plain white shirt without print woops she thought she was being slick but they've already seen it so of course she can't give less

No. 624588

File: 1547187483694.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 600x534, 1E617DEA-CB67-43B3-81BF-7BC373…)

tub(by) twerky

No. 624589

That's pretty sad imho. I often see twitch streams make this in a night and these people dont have to gargle fake jizz to make it.

No. 624591

File: 1547187586331.png (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 1054x766, Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 1.19…)

some guy just dropped 3600 tokens on her

No. 624592

same person as earlier haha

No. 624594

Some girls genuinely enjoy the slut money. But you can tell Moo doesn't by how soulless and put off she looks throughout it. She thinks its "easy money" but when she's off that high and all these pictures come out she's going to freak.

No. 624596

She's still dragging it on by sitting there and asking the chat what they want to do but then says "I DONT WANT THE CHAT TO TALK DIRTY RESPECT ME I DONT WANNA DO THAT" after they suggest a goal

No. 624597

File: 1547187775769.png (Spoiler Image, 949.38 KB, 1216x628, Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 1.20…)

she literally didnt even acknowledge the $180 he just spent on her

No. 624598

>Someone asks her to ride a dildo off camera for her next goal
Mariah: Ewwww I don't wanna do that, stop being nasty

No. 624599

She hasn't even decided the next goal but everyone want more, her neckbeards have gotten a taste - she really really fucked herself with showing her nipples lmao I'm sure she's internally screaming

No. 624600

$750 tonight so far, she probably should've ended the stream after wet tshirt now she's in trouble

No. 624602

The chat was asking for dildo but she says her mac is about to die so she was going to leave.

No. 624603

It's bizarre how she went from flashing her pussy in a bikini while trying to be playful and sexy, to sitting down in a t-shirt where her nipples are completely out of view from the camera.

I know we make jokes about how people should pay Mariah to put her clothes back on, but it's ridiculous to see her do that on a cam site, of all places.

No. 624604

The entire chat is spamming for her to BJ a dildo for her next goal and she's completely ignoring it. She stares at the chat for a while during this and then says "My mac is gonna die soon so i think I'm gonna log off"

The decided to stay for a while but if the chat keeps begging for dildos I'm certain she's gonna bail anyway

No. 624605

File: 1547188144437.png (52.64 KB, 395x859, ohnomoomoo.png)

The fucking chat rn kek oh no

No. 624606

File: 1547188225636.png (Spoiler Image, 3.72 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 1.29…)

she made the white tank top wet shirt her next goal, and completely ignored the bj the dildo requests lmao

No. 624607


My guess is that she realized she got a bit too overzealous and calmed down a bit. She’s internally screaming at that slip up and is going to play it safe for the rest of the night.

No. 624608

I think you may be wrong. You are seeing a total attention whore transition into a camwhore. People are paying attention to her and giving her money. She’ll do anything for more. Just give her time.

No. 624609

I bet any amount of money she doesn't actually own a single dildo. She said two streams ago she has a ton but it's all probably a bluff

No. 624610

File: 1547188333809.png (Spoiler Image, 3.58 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 1.31…)

that same guy just dropped 2000 tokens on her jfc

No. 624611

Another nip slip just happened, around 1:17. Record anon should definitely compile every time she slips up because it must mortify her when she gets off her high

No. 624612

It's probably a plant that the site uses to 'push' certain girls since they've started promoting her on instagram etc. It's a fairly common tactic that sites like this use to try and promote larger donations. It's usually 'one guy who donates a bunch and several times'

I legitimately cant buy that moo has someone willing to drop all that money on her unless it's someone like Trasha's weird guy who is doing it to see her demean herself below her 'standards'

No. 624613

Y’all I think she’s on E

No. 624614

File: 1547188639217.gif (4.09 MB, 600x534, A2B81FF7-C208-4E96-B615-42B5E6…)

the ass was flat

No. 624615

Agreed, especially since the dude doesn't even have any requests

No. 624616

he talked a few times in chat, moo told him to choose the new goal and he was just saying "whatever" and "anything you're comfortable doing :p"

No. 624617

why does her saliva look like that im seriously going to puke

No. 624618

She keeps ignoring tips like crazy. Lazy af.

No. 624619

She's now the top 11th girl on there

No. 624620

Shes not even communicating with them at this point

No. 624621

File: 1547188821272.png (Spoiler Image, 3.47 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 1.39…)

i think its offical; this is mariah doing porn

No. 624622

I would think so too but he just tipped and requested a die Antwoord song so it seems legit

No. 624623

>looks down, realizes nips are showing, freezes abit

No. 624624

Her nips are showing through much more seriously now (probably the shirt getting more soaked?) but she seems fine with it. I can't wait for sober moo.

No. 624625

So has she just completely given up on trying to hide that she's getting high? Because last night she was flubbing all over the place with that and it was super cringey

No. 624626

File: 1547189040683.gif (2.29 MB, 440x440, 19B942DA-A2F3-4AD0-AB98-591997…)

No. 624627

now she apparently cannot find the damn white tank top and brought out her orange dragonball tank asking if it was ok??? what???

No. 624628

lol this bitch. she hit goal and went to go get a white tshirt and then was like "guys i cant find my white shirt!! what about this orange one??"

No. 624630

Lol. Now she conveniently can’t find a white tank top. Fucking knew it. Nice job getting completely scammed again.

No. 624631

Lol. Now she conveniently can’t find a white tank top. Fucking knew it. Nice job getting completely scammed again.

No. 624632

Think she's at $950 tonight

No. 624633

Think she's at $950 tonight

No. 624634

Magically can't find a white tank top. HMMM its an oxymoron at this point…trying to be a modest camgirl

No. 624635

lol this bitch. she hit goal and went to go get a white tshirt and then was like "guys i cant find my white shirt!! what about this orange one??"

No. 624636

lol this bitch. she hit goal and went to go get a white tshirt and then was like "guys i cant find my white shirt!! what about this orange one??"

No. 624637

Magically can't find a white tank top. HMMM its an oxymoron at this point…trying to be a modest camgirl

No. 624638

Magically can't find a white tank top. HMMM its an oxymoron at this point…trying to be a modest camgirl

No. 624639

Claims she “can’t find her white tanktop” after goal was met

No. 624641

Why is everyone in the chat now commenting they're disappointed or she scammed them? Did she try to back out of goal? My computer might be lagging

No. 624642

Magically can't find a white tank top. HMMM its an oxymoron at this point…trying to be a modest camgirl

No. 624643

White tank top goal reached and moo takes her sweet time, teasing chat with an orange dbz top before putting on a white t with a logo again.

No. 624645

Lol. Now she conveniently can’t find a white tank top. Fucking knew it. Nice job getting completely scammed again.

No. 624647

Magically can't find a white tank top HMMMMMM of course

No. 624655

God the finger in her mouth is so disgusting. It’s not sexy at all. She looks like a freaking toddler and I can’t watch anymore lmao

No. 624656

While the site 405'd:
>went off the cam for her "white tank top", was off cam for like 20 seconds and said she couldn't find it. Shows yellow DBZ tank instead and asks if its okay. Chat obviously wants tank and she said ok she'll get a white tee. Comes back with FATE/GO tee with huge ass logo on it that covers nips. Chat gets upset and she started blocking people, saying that a majority of them weren't even tipping
>got really frazzled when someone assumed she had someone paying her rent. Said if a tip on CamV was too high, she cancels the payment.
>is getting a robe, got a barely fitting towel
>eventually takes off bottoms of her swimsuit
>Thrall, the dude who carried like 3 goals of 4000 tokens and has been there since the first couple of streams, asked to go private and he got denied.
>someone tipped 1000 tokens while she was in towel for a ass shake, got up and exposed cooch again. Tried to do ass shake, realized her cooch would show again and sat up on knees to shake ass. Turned around and looked mortified, coughing awkwardly and looking at her phone.
>another dude zealotwolf and jake tipped 800 and 500 tokens respectively, she just sits there like she's nervous about what she needs to do. Flashed cooch a third time, says she's putting shorts on for the goal rewards.
>02:05:00 back rolls. puts on bra after saying she's "getting tired and is going to bed"
>lowers pants down to fupa line level, tried to tease with top and flashed nip. Stops immediately and bends over to hide herself.
>people are trying to say that she's skipping goals again, saying Thrall deserves his goal private show etc. and she frantically types to Thrall, trying to give the money back (around 02:18:00 she says she doesn't want it all in one day and has a goal she wants to earn in one day, says "what if its money he needs~", finds it weird that people have that much money lying around)
>now thrall did not ask for anything and is not taking the money back even though she wants to refund his money
>02:29:47-ish someone asked if she would do a charity stream and she said she did but people made up lies about where she pocketed the money even though she provided proof. She mumbled something about her not being able to do something without people making up lies.
>"if I started doing Twitch again, would you go over there? Or do you stay here because it's lewd?" lol

No. 624662

File: 1547196275702.jpeg (80.96 KB, 1242x337, FF7658B5-7CDE-48E6-92B1-F42721…)


No. 624663

There was also a momentnwhere someone commented with "Stop being a scammer, if you aren't gonna go nude then why are you here" and she clapped back with "They ASKED me to be here" so Moo is definitely in some sort of deal with camv.

No. 624664

why is she giving herself a wedgie just to look like she has an ass???

No. 624665

Is she live? All I see is that she's just "Online"

No. 624668

File: 1547196727914.jpg (6.01 KB, 208x208, X5ePbVW.jpg)

Use the spoiler button, it's there for a reason.

No. 624692

did anyone record the livestreams? wanna see em

No. 624698

It got posted on Reddit but the link was removed

No. 624701

No. 624704

I doubt it's true lol, she's just clapping back, she still thinks she's not doing porn and is above doing porn.

Moo you got on a porn site to make money. You've shown your cooch and nips. You have nowhere else to go but down the rabbit hole to make neckbeard bucks, stop with the modest act.

No. 624705

I doubt it's true lol, she's just clapping back, she still thinks she's not doing porn and is above doing porn.

Moo you got on a porn site to make money. You've showed your cooch and nips. You have nowhere else to go but down the rabbit hole to make neckbeard bucks, stop with the modest act.

No. 624706

I doubt it's true lol, she's just clapping back, she still thinks she's not doing porn and is above doing porn.

Moo you got on a porn site to make money. You've showed your cooch and nips. You have nowhere else to go but down the rabbit hole to make neckbeard bucks, stop with the modest act.

No. 624707

File: 1547204880347.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.89 KB, 831x468, bikinislip.jpg)

turns out she forgot to shave

No. 624708

File: 1547204936043.png (Spoiler Image, 184.67 KB, 292x538, mirror.png)

couldn't tell if she did this on purpose, or was to high to realize

No. 624709

File: 1547204975117.png (Spoiler Image, 662.25 KB, 915x709, pussy.png)

she wasn't being too lady like tonight

No. 624710

File: 1547205051610.png (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 1278x674, tit.png)

she was super stoned and dancing around. she pulled her tit out for just a second. absolutely no way this was an accident.

her decent from non-nude lewd cosplay to straight up porn for money has begun.

No. 624711


No. 624712

Where do I find the recording broadcast

No. 624715

No. 624721

I appreciate your attempt anon but the file is too big, i have to wait five hours to download the rest do to mega's data cap.

No. 624725

Record anon here I'll have the stream up later today

No. 624729

Thanks anon, the other file sadly was way too big

No. 624734

File: 1547214554214.gif (1.5 MB, 440x440, DA3931FF-5E25-4635-AB06-A4A9A3…)

here’s the rest of the gifs from last night before the outage on here

No. 624735

File: 1547214616441.gif (2.8 MB, 600x534, 2031164E-BDF7-4EC4-B3D2-AEBB9C…)

I got a little too vigilant for slips after missing the first one but still this is a lot of movement for someone not wearing underwear

No. 624736

File: 1547214660851.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 600x534, 17A74172-F9F8-426A-8660-127A9E…)

sad peach

No. 624737

File: 1547214692727.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.11 MB, 600x534, 5930B215-10B6-43E8-B8F5-34C79C…)

hank hill in motion

No. 624738

File: 1547214792134.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.78 MB, 600x534, 1A6EC35B-8468-4CB7-B5E5-FC9A2B…)

trying to hide her nipples after changing into her second printed T-shirt

No. 624739

File: 1547214852962.gif (2.98 MB, 600x534, A887384C-83A5-49DA-BCF0-C8C572…)

worlds laziest thot. finger sucking ass shake was her go to move last night

No. 624740

Smaller sizes are good, but just a protip: Use Megasync/downloader, it's because there's an artificial barrier on browsers now with later updates (to help with memory leaks) that's fucking Mega transfers.
Honestly, as trash as she is and as sad as this is, if she offered it I'd take it. I wouldn't romance or marry her, but I'd dump a built up load on her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 624742

File: 1547216560809.png (2.74 MB, 750x1334, 56CB753B-84F4-4980-BAE6-9D18B6…)

also this is the picture the camversity account posted on their story to promote her last night. usually they just upload whatever the girls tag them in (usually seems like they repost the IM LIVE swipe up!! posts) but for her they used this?

No. 624745

God, her ass just recedes into itself.

No. 624762

At this point she should just say fuck it. Weve seen it all now. Porn is right around the corner…

No. 624817

We're going to get some good breakdowns in the near future.

Hank Hill has more ass than she does.

No. 624823

File: 1547235635666.jpeg (153.94 KB, 1280x720, 102B1A3D-0947-4582-B440-D1CEBD…)

No. 624916

lol that face definitely looks like "shit…fuck."

No. 624952

Haven't been to these threads in a while and I'm impressed that she kind of improved her face/look somehow at least.

No. 624956

You have to be a expert level dumbass to think that eating a burrito while half nekkid is sexy. No wonder this fool has never had a boyfriend or an adult romantic relationship. She has the mentality an 8 year old.

No. 624993

she has had boyfriends lmao.

No. 625017

Yeah. And she was also a double major linguistics expert. Just because she gave some poor schmuck a handy doesn't mean he was her boyfriend.

No. 625044

dumbass, we know she had a bf before and she broke up with him, publicly to focus on cosplay.

No. 625052

That's right. She gave up her chance at romance for her career. kek Honestly, some of you anons amaze me.

No. 625067

is she on cam tonight? I havent seen anything about it yet

No. 625068

File: 1547262562887.png (20.63 KB, 378x246, Screenshot_97.png)


She posted in her chat that she isn't feeling well and cancelled

No. 625086

we likely have a lot of newfags (and men) since she's streaming again. but yea moo's an idiot and she probably thought she'd upgrade once she got famous.

No. 625095

>>625068 This pattern is all too familiar by now. If she reveals too much of her body on a stream, or says more than she meant to while she's speaking to the viewers, she sticks her turtle lips and the rest of her head back in her shell.

No. 625131

Boy staying home to horny people on your camsite demanding you ride a dildo sure sounds more fun than being at ALA right now, right Momo?

Congrats, you did this to yourself.

No. 625237


>I have a headache

>I just need to watch movies

That's not how it works, Moo

No. 625251

Nothing cures a headache like tea and movies, anon! Jeez, she's terrible at making fabrications.

No. 625252

"Has headache." Does she not know excedrin exists? Or any other med? She could just smoke up. What a baby

No. 625374

correct me if I'm wrong, but how in the fuck is them pussy lips angled at 45 degrees?

No. 625378

That's the inside of the bikini bottom lol it's just wet and bunched up weirdly.

No. 625383

File: 1547346544121.png (2.05 MB, 750x1334, 3E6E2A30-DBD0-4669-9043-EC9860…)

No. 625384

That's like a girl friends excuse not to fuck. What's she going to say next to avoid streaming? "I'm on my period" She already used the "I have to get up early" excuse too. Basic bitch excuses

No. 625405

I'm shocked she'd let this photo see the light of day again. Just look at that face!

No. 625407

File: 1547351532058.png (2.78 MB, 750x1334, 5EF5C145-647D-4461-8BE0-653E49…)

her smile kind of reminds me of a fake smile app smile.

also looks like camv sent her the camgirl starter pack

No. 625408

Her first goal is undress me.

No. 625409

She just mentioned that Pinterest knows her so well and showing her Warhammer 40000 stuff.

Has she ever mentioned Warhammer or 40k before at all?

No. 625410

File: 1547351759325.jpeg (499.36 KB, 750x1064, 5C146796-A599-4CB3-A4DE-15EC0A…)


No. 625411

File: 1547351799446.jpeg (66.88 KB, 750x284, 87136602-43AE-4DC4-ACE9-2808B4…)

No. 625413

>>625410 This is oxymoronic of her.

No. 625415

>Ask me any question
She is the most boring, embarrassed, vanilla ass bitch who talks back to anyone who asks her a question. Can't wait to hear "not that, another one".

No. 625416

File: 1547352022783.jpg (241.74 KB, 720x665, 20190112_195920.jpg)


No. 625421

She's doing a dallas cheerleader costume.. . she said she wants to do costumes for both teams in the superbowl

No. 625422

thrall did not take a refund

No. 625424

It's actually interesting to watch her talk about sports. It's something that we know she was genuinely liked about before she got "big" (haha). The difference between how she talks about sports and like, video games is wild.

No. 625425

Someone from camversity is definitely guiding her/scolding her in the background. Every stream is different. This time she just has two goals and is very clear about what she will/won't do. The other streams she kept it very vague to probably milk as much as she could. Now she's explicitly saying she doesn't do nude and she's limiting her goals to 2 fairly conservative goals

No. 625426

her favorite wrestlers are stone cold and the undertaker. shows how current she is on wwe

No. 625427

File: 1547352482156.png (285.49 KB, 453x376, teef.png)

She has something in her teeth and it's distracting lmao

No. 625428

>someone asked if Moo was on contract with CamV because of the merch she was wearing
>gives a look and said she is a brand ambassador and thats all she could say

No. 625429

>>625425 Not to mention the product placement with the pillow and matching top branding the logo. This is going to be a boring stream. No weed. No risk of slippage or mental breakdowns. I may not be able to stomach this one.

No. 625432

Seriously, this is miserable already.

No. 625433

>private show is 15 min minimum and you have to hit two goals, maybe three.
>first is taking off her clothes to underwear, second is cum lube on face and smearing her makeup

No. 625434

Does she realize her nipple is peeking out of her top? does she care anymore?

No. 625437

File: 1547353013088.gif (1.78 MB, 440x440, 376CE448-ADF2-4625-8407-66F31C…)

I keep thinking about how she’s drooling all over her bed

No. 625439

She keeps adjusting the camversity pillow. I wonder if they're having her do that because her streams are getting reposted everywhere lol

No. 625440

She nearly gave out her P.O. Box info on stream, which is a direct violation of the rules. Bitch caught herself at the last minute, or had someone in her ear.

No. 625441

This is just pure camwhoring. can she even call herself a cosplayer anymore?

also making sure that camversity pillow is in full view….shes totally under contract.

No. 625442

>someone is offering her Bad Dragon again and she is choosing one out right now.
>wanted the Tako or the Ika
>wants one that feels like she's being "fucked by a monster" and suctions on the bottom

She got so butt mad about it the other night. Definitely being coached.

No. 625444

she ignored her 500 token tip to look at dildos for like 5 minutes. nice moo.

No. 625446

Someone asked where to find links for her vag and boob slippage incident the other day and she promptly removed the message and user. Can't let them know, Moo!

No. 625449

This underwear goal is sad compared to her nude slip up

No. 625450

Already hit her first boring goal. 3,500 tokens, which is $175 in her pocket for doing jack shit.

No. 625452

>>625450 Doublepost. It's even more laughable that she's lying down on her stomach and hiding the majority of her body from the stream.

This woman takes the con artist game to a whole new level.

No. 625453

File: 1547354295121.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 397.39 KB, 750x686, 3DE2D6E7-35EA-43C5-9B71-7F4F64…)

flat ass

No. 625454

File: 1547354324815.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.81 MB, 440x440, 867D7F84-533B-455D-B213-386373…)

adjusting her “waist”

No. 625455

So if she's being a hoe for the money can we just confirm that like half her paetrons were probably just her friends or bought accounts to boost her sad numbers?

No. 625456

She's trying to show off her ass in a thong but it's so flat. Girl stop

No. 625457

File: 1547354384199.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.74 MB, 440x440, C1C9A2D2-504E-4B16-9805-E101DB…)

WIDE waddle out of shorts.
she’s almost at the purchasing stage of her cumming bad dragon dildo

No. 625458

she was certainly making more doing less work the other way.

No. 625459

She might be watching Seth Rogan movies but homegirl is straight up looking like Jonah Hill in a pink wig here.

No. 625460

Some paypig left his number in the chat donation lmao

No. 625461

I guess all that flexing finally caught up to her if she has to resort to this. Or maybe she's freaking out because of taxes. Something is up for Momo to basically completely quit cosplay to just be a full time hoe

No. 625463

File: 1547354616863.jpeg (128.44 KB, 750x189, BDA35DD9-FED6-470A-8F7E-D9028C…)

blurred his number for him but oof

No. 625464

Does she ever show any excitement for these donations. Even if it's not alot of money for her at least act like an appreciative whore

No. 625465

File: 1547354701168.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 198.8 KB, 1241x825, 6012CF0D-86E6-4FEB-A869-6A8C7E…)

Yikes, Thats a wide fucking load my friend

No. 625466

>loves furries! she is a furry!

No. 625467

File: 1547354939018.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.91 MB, 440x440, 546ACA4D-C4BD-4D8C-A655-2C4CC9…)

I feel like we’re on “butthole watch” because I’m so terrified it’s going to slip out. Her crack is stained like usual

No. 625469

The way she moves her face makes it look like she has botox

No. 625470

File: 1547355024727.jpeg (98.85 KB, 750x123, CB074370-F50B-41AC-B063-87E756…)

Clint has it bad

No. 625472

she doesn't want to smack her butt too hard because she apparently has shoots tomorrow and doesn't want it to bruise

No. 625473

she tried to buy out those ears for $600 but “decided to let people have it”

No. 625474

Momo's future hubby everyone! She can tell her grand kids how they met! That is, if the poor man can stand the smell and the screeching

No. 625475

This might be a nitpick, but for someone who "loves ears!" she sure is rough and careless with them…damn

No. 625476

she's talking about how logan paul saying he's going gay for a month was "untasteful"

No. 625477

says the homophobic bitch who pretends to like girls for the cux bucks. Alright

No. 625478

i didnt even know it was possible for your underwear to be 2 inches from your bra strap.

No. 625481


Shes only been streaming for a little over an hour and has almost hit both of her goals

No. 625482

When she puts her finger in her mouth, it looks like she's trying to gag herself into vomiting. There's nothing sensual or sexual about it. She clearly doesn't have the natural ability to tease properly. And if she weren't some fat walrus with droopy tits, she'd have absolutely nothing to fall back on during these streams.

No. 625483

They're clinging to the hope of nip and vag slips. I'd give it a few days of modesty before they back down

No. 625484

You can’t say you don’t do nudes after you JUST PULLED YOUR NIPPLE OUT

No. 625485


She did mentioned the possibly of a 3rd goal which is wet tshirt which will keep them around

No. 625489

File: 1547358857162.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.03 MB, 440x440, 04536814-2268-460F-AC9F-B62410…)

slippy nippy

No. 625490

Met her third goal and is doing wet t-shirt with the camversity tank

No. 625491

I just fucking hate that face, and even more so on her.

No. 625492

"If I'm going to sell my body to the internet I might as well play my favorite song mates"

No. 625496

Setting a fourth goal of getting into sheer lingerie and getting it wet

No. 625497

Im sure shes having SO much more fun than she would be having at ALA lol.

No. 625498

Jesús Christ, whenever she does that fucking spit thing makes me gag hard. It's not sexy at all.

No. 625499

back to the "support other girls" bullshit again. I can stand the tongue thing- the chat is just….horrible lol

No. 625501

File: 1547360234575.gif (2.95 MB, 440x440, 464C2730-06E8-465F-9BE5-B76B4F…)

No. 625503

Its funny that tips just flat out stopped once she changed the top and bottoms off to lingere. She just needs to get high again thats how she lets loose

No. 625505


I really don't get her at this point. Getting a white t-shirt or sheer lingerie wet will just show everything off again. Why does she still insist it's a non-nude stream? Is it just to make herself feel better? To feel like she's still better than other girls, like she's not REALLY a whore?

No. 625506

File: 1547360475982.gif (2.86 MB, 440x440, 36376708-6E86-4E8F-94B4-AC03A8…)

she finally crossed her eyes and uhh

No. 625507

Seeing a lot of "where is colette?" In chat rn ig moo is really boring them. Lmfao

No. 625508

You see her leaning back and opening her legs here and there… trying to keep us engaged.

No. 625509

What is she doing here? The only thing I see jiggling is her stomach

No. 625510

File: 1547360581766.gif (2.66 MB, 600x534, 9AB3CBD0-A218-4DB5-985E-7E2DDA…)

weird kissy fake blowjob thing?

No. 625511

this makes me feel sick

No. 625512

Lmfao holy fucking shit, thread pic please

No. 625514

These are the things that just flat out tell us she's sexually inexperienced. Everything she tries just looks comical or out of porn and not how actual sex works or what's actually sexy during sex.

No. 625515

File: 1547360723433.png (32.08 KB, 442x753, diksarkxmxkiawe.png)


No. 625516

File: 1547360767174.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.57 MB, 440x440, F4C8D775-69EA-4B92-B138-6B2F75…)

sitting on the floor with her cats food bowls behind her and a wet tank top

No. 625519

She's just on her bed ignoring chat while looking on her phone. Fuck this bitch.

No. 625520

File: 1547361091437.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.87 KB, 1420x800, ithadnoass.JPG)


No. 625521

So fat that she can't even shake her body. It's more like a lazy wiggle. She has no idea how to be sexy.

That sounds like typical Moo. Glued to her phone and ignoring people who are giving her money.

No. 625522

she’s hit 3 goals already, she’s mentally done

No. 625526

She's getting a surge of donos for the fourth one. She's probably screaming inside right now that she might have to fulfill another goal. She already looked so done like 30 minutes ago.

No. 625529

My lord that babydoll lingerie looks like a skin tight tank top on her

No. 625530

lol, she's wearing see-through lingerie and i'm pretty certain she shaved since her oopsie.

No. 625531

Everyone is making sure she wets it like she promised, but I have a feeling she won't.

No. 625532

first time poster….im confused…why are people paying for this??? cam girls do a lot more for a lot less…100 tops to shake tits…and why is the chatroom full of people enjoying this?!?!

No. 625533

Literally just set another goal just to wet it

Some people lead really sad, lonely lives

No. 625536

Of course she did. The nerve of her, seriously.

No. 625537

so she'll wear see-through lingerie but wont go nude? i dont get it.

also im pretty sure i just saw her butthole.

No. 625538

Nope, she didn't.

No. 625539


they are thirstier than the sahara. And since everyone pretty much knows she has nothing going they think they can impress her. Doubt she will keep getting this kind of attention and tips.

No. 625541

She hit goal again. I wonder how long she'll keep going tonight, the money is actually just rolling in

No. 625542

she aint even doing anything special…we have seen this all before…people are tipping amounts you can get a blowjob or a lapdance for lol

No. 625543

The burps are a total boner killer(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 625544

Geez, her 5th goal got reached quickly. Bunch of losers paying for this shit.

No. 625545

well its new moomoo- shes sliding down the rabbit hole, and those idiots tipping her are only helping grease the slide with moms stolen credit cards. no worries I am sure it will taper off fast since once shes full nude playin with her self they wont care.

No. 625547

Just realized her cam shows are just her patreon shoots in real time- repeititious boring, and badly shot.

No. 625549

I feel like she's not going topless because she prefers her "implied nudity" but because she knows once she does topless she'll never get the same type of attention and donations because the excitement of her lumps would be gone. What she's wearing now can basically be considered nude anyways.

Also, just whined about wanting to be top 5 and not top 10 in most donated.

No. 625550

does anyone know how much she made so far (after the fees or whatever) she says shes getting tired…ur literally printing money shaking ur tits…wtf wrongs with her lol

No. 625551

Wont do nude so calls it a night. fucking pathetic

No. 625553


whos more pathetic, the pathetic or the one that tips her? its a mystery

No. 625554

Yea reverse logic by throwing money instead of holding out doesn't work on someone as dense as her.

No. 625555


Tonight I think it was 4 goals of 3500 so she would have made $750

No. 625556

She did 5 goals of 3500, plus a few extra tips.

No. 625558


Then its $875 + whatever in tips

No. 625559

File: 1547362994179.gif (2.78 MB, 440x440, 1A2393D3-F79A-4D02-8318-45C3EA…)

it’s big, it’s pink, it’s scary

No. 625560


even after the fees? thats insane…and shes talking about shes tired…I guess u gotta cut it off somewhere or people will get bored. i feel sorry for the girls on mfc fucking thier brains out for that haha

No. 625563

File: 1547363189407.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.28 MB, 440x440, 76CF1CC1-2A44-4A0C-832A-8467D3…)

pouring fake cum on her ass on the floor. I hope she orders a new bottle soon because I don’t know what her gimmick is going to be without it

No. 625565


so shes seriously showing her nips but thinks because she has something over them its still implied nude? is she that ashamed of her body?

No. 625566

>>625560 There are no fees for models. Camversity makes their money selling tokens. I'll explain:

Let's say I spent $100 in tokens. For $100, I might only get $40 worth of tokens to pass out to models. Camversity makes $60 off of that $100, and whoever buys the tokens can distribute them as they please.

No. 625567

that's what they meant by fees. tokens don't have an equal dollar to token ratio so the people spending tokens could be giving the cam girl more.

No. 625568

>>625567 Gotcha. Hopefully my explanation benefits someone who wasn't aware of the system on Camversity.

I can see why Camversity likes having her around, though. It's not that she's good at being a cam girl. It's more along the lines of how well she attracts suckers.

No. 625569


so if she made 875..doing that math thats 0.05 a token…thats insane. And people pay 100$ for 40$…retarded. They must be using stolen credit cards…how can you be that rich and spend your saturday night and spending that kinda money on a girl who isnt even fucking her self

No. 625570

>>625569 Well, anon, by doing that to their bank accounts on their own accord, it would appear that the only ones fucking themselves are the ones buying tokens to give to Mariah.

No. 625572

Cause honestly you don't need to be that rich. The people paying her are most likely well into adulthood and single, freeing up alot of finances for stupid shit. Some of them probably shouldn't be spending any money on these overpriced tokens but they're just thinking with their dicks. I think one of the guys said he only worked at a grocery store but was still dropping 1000 tokens on her

No. 625573

Camversity also has daily limits on how many tokens you can buy as well

No. 625574

these are the same kind of people that go to bars and spend $$$.

i'm still just waiting for a different costhot to come into the scene and take all her viewers.

No. 625577


my mind is blown folks. I didnt think she could make that much.

so I made an account to check..900 tokens is 100$…5850 tokens is 500$. In one of those screenshots above her highest tip was 1100..so i guess its not THAT bad..although it doesn't show the highest tipper (Id love to know that loser)

No. 625579

>>625577 I think ClintTheAnimal may have been the big star of the night with 1,000 tokens, followed by a 90 token donation (that's when he revealed he was a cashier).

In past streams, I wanna say there were people who donated well over 2,000. Thrall and 2BigBlackGuys (that's as close as I'll get to their actual CamV names from memory) probably dropped over 3k in tokens in a single evening.

It truly is pathetic on their end.

No. 625582

I just wanna know what caused this? A mental break down? Financial troubles? She went from a high and mighty "lewds before nudes my dudes" to being a cam girl in less than a couple of weeks.

No. 625583

Thrall donated multiple 3000 token tips lastnight including one after the goals that she did nothing for

No. 625587

i mean these are the same guys that gave her money for years. this isn't that surprising to me.

No. 625601

>>625582 She's definitely acting more like a cam girl during her second stint with Camversity, albeit a terribly unattractive cam girl who really doesn't do anything remarkable during her streams.

For someone who could hypothetically be in financial trouble, she sure does make a lot of silly impulse purchases. But let's not forget that she said something about filing quarterly taxes about a week ago, right around the time she made a surprise return to Camversity. I think those two factors are closely related to one another than people may think, but I doubt Mariah would ever outright say she's hurting. She makes it plain as day that she wants money, but we'll never really know just what that money is going to be used for in private.

No. 625602

Eugh she needs to wipe more thoroughly

No. 625617


Buttcracks aren't "stained" like that it's pigmentation due to hormones. Don't be retarded.

No. 625641

yeah it's such a stupid nitpick, like do some anons bleach their asses to be sparkly white or what? This is just darker skin, normal

No. 625659

Any recording link?

No. 625702

This lady is morphing into a dollar store Divine rather quickly.

No. 625704

File: 1547405254656.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 352x197, Uy31Q6a.gif)

Don't compare the two. Mariah's too chicken shit to take off her shirt.

No. 625708

it's mad how catty women get when jealous

No. 625713

Shit I remember Clint from her first stint into Camversity. He tipped her a bunch back then too. Of course he'd be dumb enough to put his phone number on a public chat.

No. 625734

I know this is bait but seriously…it’s hard to be jealous when you realize that men will throw money at a lumpy, flat-titted greasy lump for doing nothing but answer a bunch of questions while wearing underwear.

Practically ANY girl can do the same thing. It’s whether or not we want to degrade ourselves by pouring fake cum on our faces for a few bucks.

No. 625777

This is one flat ass that's even slightly saggy. It's so bizarre and looks like an old woman's ass. This must only appeal to fetishists. I mean on a positive note, her skin is looking better…

No. 625784

>doing this on a carpet with no protection

she's so filthy

No. 625787

Crazy how stupid wk get when they think with their dicks.

No. 625792


Srsly. Making fun of Moo is free. Being a WK costs a lot of beta bux

No. 625796


could also be discoloration, like fat people get between their thighs and the undersides of their bellies. It is because of built up moisture and those areas never getting "aired out" like it would if there was less flesh there pressed together.

No. 625812

You know what really gets me about all of this fellas? Given her "talents" and "traits" youd think a quirky nerd geek gamer otaku girl!!! Xdd would do better on twitch than camversity but i guess even she knows she wouldn't have what it takes knowledge or entertainment wise. She can't even be a proper thot on camversity- so sad.

No. 625854

Okay but… actually…

Has she ever HAD sex? Or an orgasm? Why does she think it looks like having a seizure?

No. 625863

I assume she had sex with the boyfriend she ditched for costhot fame, and also ex fuck buddy kbbq, but she's just imitating hentai because just like everything else in her life she has to exaggerate it.

No. 625868

Has anyone seen a coconut worm before? This reminds me of one

No. 625869

Good point.

No. 625883

She may have laid down and spread her legs once or twice but that's probably about it.

No. 625895

Tbh I would love a testimony from an individual lucky enough to have slept with our fine bovine.

No. 625899

File: 1547431591009.png (2.92 MB, 750x1334, 8229AAC6-8916-439A-8630-6E3781…)

No. 625904

No sexy stream tonight just chilling apparently

No. 625905

no “sexy” goal tonight and she’s supposedly only on for an hour or two

No. 625908

File: 1547432278463.jpeg (340.52 KB, 750x764, BE588582-4904-412B-B4D8-E0A0E6…)

She did add a goal

No. 625911

File: 1547432312775.jpg (538.22 KB, 1080x1888, 20190113_201239.jpg)

Lazy eye.

No. 625912

Shes bought anal bleaching stuff, shes definitely reading this

No. 625913

>bought ass bleaching stuff because someone said she needed to bleach her ass

No. 625914

Anyone else have issues with her excessive mouth and hand noises?

No. 625916


as much issue as I take with Jersey Shore for much the same reasons lol

No. 625917

False lashes but not even some lip balm? Her lips are weeping for hydration

No. 625918

No sexy goals, and her tips are zero. Yea Moomoo they couldnt care a fuckall for your stupidity and meandering chat. they came for the "show" part of "camshow"

No. 625921

File: 1547433058445.gif (1.11 MB, 440x440, 31C29C13-4125-43FC-A446-1F866A…)

No. 625922

Banner request?

No. 625925

Moosex would be hilarious. Phone in one hand. She's want to change outfits a couple times. She's spend the whole time screeching. She was studying to be a licensed sexologist of course. The smell of hot dog water. After about ten seconds she would ask if he's done. No, she may have forced someone to pork her a few times but she is basically asexual by default due to being a total narc and a child.

No. 625926


second this. this could be a great banner. Meanwhile back on stream shes gotten a whole 155 tokens. If that isn't a fucking clue to her insufferable ass I dunno what is. lol

No. 625927

In the last few streams she got quite a bit of money so maybe shes getting comfy after that big influx

No. 625928

Please tell me someone recorded her stream or has a link to it from last night?

No. 625930


perhaps. but it still shows the extreme difference in what she thinks and what IS. and we know enough to know she thinks shes the shit.

No. 625932

It was pretty boring, you didn't miss anything

No. 625933

apparently no one has yet done the deed and lived to tell the tale.

No. 625934

Probably not but I just made it right at the end of it last night. She has the same body type as my ex but a smaller ass. I'd love to have seen her in the lingerie she was wearing last night.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 625937

>>625934 So go on Reddit. This isn't the right place to announce a secret crush on Mariah because she's built like your ex. This is a place to discuss what she does wrong, and what she may do wrong in the near future based on her current actions.

No. 625940

it was really boring, pretty much a repeat of the last two shows. there’s some gifs in the livestream thread and even those are boring

No. 625949

File: 1547437115671.gif (611.75 KB, 440x440, 16D96298-CD40-4EA8-AFFA-BA75CD…)

such a slow night in stream. she’s been in her head a lot talking about the past and blah blah moving on all of that usual stuff. now she’s going on and on about books. thrall seems like he has some weird issue reading a book about ~Buddha~ and thinks nick is trying to brainwash and convert her.

here’s the real star anyway

No. 625952

Can't. Clean. Off. Hotdog Water. Smell. HELP ME!

No. 625955

>>625949 I couldn't bring myself to watch her stream tonight. Was 155 the official token count for the evening? She's more insane than usual if she thinks people are going to throw tons of cash at her while she sits there and babbles on fully clothed.

No. 625962

yup. she said that she wouldn’t be on long anyway and they we shouldn’t worry about a goal but the neckbeards insisted she put one and still no one tipped.

No. 625978

She asexual alright.


No. 625997

Honestly, Moo would not be out of place on Jersey Shore.

No. 626001

>it’s hard to be jealous when you realize that men will throw money at a lumpy, flat-titted greasy lump for doing nothing but answer a bunch of questions while wearing underwear
i'm not jealous, i'm just obsessively gathering all her content and shitposting about her for months


No. 626005

Dude, you're so thirsty for this unhygenic heiffer that you're anonymously WKing her in a thread dedicated to trashing her. That's 10x more pathetic than anything we do, I assure you.

She's not doing to suck your dick if you defend her on LCF, so what's the point?

Also, while you're here, why Moo? There are plenty of hotter costhots out there who actually get naked, yet this is the girl you choose to stan?

No. 626007

>ignoring all of moo’s unredeeming qualities and pretending all we gawk about is her nails.

You’re not even a good WK.

No. 626008

is this WK thinking anon is all one person? are we legion?

No. 626010

i'm afraid i don't have a horse in the race, i landed here because you're gathering fap material into one convenient place which is easily found via google image results. i'm always amused and bemused at the flock of seething, catty women that follow around this chubby e-whore.

>reee why are you fapping to her, she's riddled with imperfections and she's a bitch. and she smells!
another insight into the female mindset. would you like people on the internet to fap to you instead?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 626012

Your amusement of us is the same amusement we get from moo. So I’m not sure why you’re acting like your better than us.

Also, that anon asked why not other costhots to fap too. I don’t think they offered their image for fapping.

No. 626013

LOOK AT HER SKIN OMG clearly isn't amusement, it's an anguished cry that someone who you think puts less effort into their appearance is getting lavished with attention and retardbux, while you are not

No. 626016


You're being extremely strange. Search "skin" on this page. Two mentions. Both positive. One is that darkening is likely due to pigmentation, not her being dirty, and another that her skin is looking better.

No. 626020

>fap material into one convenient place
lol sure, Jan. You'd be better off going back to fetlife or pornhub

No. 626056

Did you just call yourself a retard?

Also can we stop using the word "fap"? Sounds like something a 12 year old would say.

No. 626057

dude, male attention isn't exactly a scarce resource, it's pretty fuckin easy to procure especially if you're willing to take your clothes off on camera for a price. momokun is a mess, stop begging for female attention and if you wanna be a WK, there's a million over camwhores that are more deserving of your efforts.

No. 626058

dude don't respond to fucking neckbeards.

No. 626072

Can we stop using the Live Stream Thread when there isn't a stream

No. 626138

>mindset of waman!!! Kek
I like how the person assumes all farmers are female.

No. 626143

You must be new to LCF lmao

No. 626320

File: 1547532802734.gif (1.93 MB, 460x259, 1498240924168.gif)

>male attention, so spehsul, so hard to get.

no one cares about your rendition of the FeMaLe BrAiN. Anon was genuinely curious as to why neckbeards fap to this whale who doesn't even take her clothes off when you can fap to better looking whales who do take their clothes off on top of that. But you're welcome to sit on your high horse and act superior over a simple question.

Speaking of, only dudes I know that even think of moomoo as 'attractive' let alone something to fap to are super obese themselves. It's such a waste of money to pay for her when she doesn't even do nudes. I'll never understand.

No. 626323

im so behind

is rub soap on ass some kind of meme?

If she hasn't flaunted pics of something, it doesn't exist.

No. 626638

Still not on. 8:15 pm

No. 626646

Apparently doing content for Patreon, but it wouldn't surprise if that was a lie, or if it isn't, she decides not to come on afterwards.

No. 626654

Funny because she said she was going to do more proper "shoot streams".Maybe she's lazy/depressed af

No. 626663

It's 8:47 pm, some dude in chat was sperging she was a flake and now she decides to get online lmao

No. 626665

She's on. She blocked the sperge. She said she was late because her wi-fi wasn't connecting correctly.
…annnddd she promptly dropped connection lol

No. 626666

Stream just went up and its already falling apart

No. 626667

For once idk if she's at fault. I got bored waiting for this cow to go live and went the watch the Lena stream and apparently the servers are having issues.

No. 626669


We've had some pretty gnarly rain today, so half fault her and the rain.

No. 626670

No, I get it. Server/wifi issues are no one's fault but I felt like she should've said something earlier?

No. 626673

>1 minute video is 20 dollar tier on patreon, 5 minutes in 40 dollar tier
>is ~pwetty l00d gaiz~

No. 626676

>confirmed shes getting a 4th cat

No. 626678

while the site was down
>said JOI was not her forte because she doesn't think she can talk sexy, says it's for a more "sexual actress"
>says a "cute video idea" is for someone to spy on someone else masturbating
>really wants to do a latex Samus cosplay
>wants to go to a convention in Toronto
>Feb 23rd is when she's in LA next, to see Heaven's Feel
>streaming on Twitch "next month" possibly this month. Expecting a shipment of things but she said she had to check first.
>Albedo is happening in April apparently
>decides to go on instagram live and broadcast herself to gain more traffic on CamV

No. 626686

>thought she liked older guys but she figured out she doesn't because she "literally cant talk to them about anything"
>doesnt like anyone younger than her
>shooting Quiet tomorrow
>someone asked if she was going to do this into her 30's: she said no. She would probably wipe her social media, change her name and move on. She wouldn't be doing cosplay "as a monthly thing"
>dating someone else with another following causes drama
>changed her "future job plans" towards teaching. Wants to be a teacher and plans to go to college. Isn't worried about future students finding her stuff as she will cross that bridge as it comes
>doesnt like it when guys come off strong to her irl

No. 626687

>what kind of crack did she smoke that she thinks she gonna be hired by a school after the molestation and the nudes.

No. 626689

>admitted she has a crush on a male friend
>has been "in love with them" for a long time

No. 626690

>Nick is like a brother to her now? Must be that pornhub kinda brother.

No. 626693

HAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHHAHAHA teaching ya right. They'll search her name and see her tits and stories about her sexually harassing people and she'll never get hired. No school is every going to want to be accountable for that.
Maybe she's not worried about students finding her nudes because she'll be such a blob that no one would ever look for them

No. 626694

>being too much of a fan/coming off too strong: likes a guy to chase a bit, the guy does his own thing and doesn't bug her
>doesn't like being told what to do

No. 626695


What is she gonna teach? It sure isn't going to be lessons on how to keep hands to yourself or learning to put down a fork.

No. 626698

>have you ever been recognized outside of a con?
>all the time

No. 626701

The fact that she is morbidly stupid and will never finish school probably wont help either.

No. 626703

I know she's trying to so.ulate sucking dick but damn. Moo, stop with the fucking finger in your mouth. You look fucking retarded and like youre trying to gag yourself. Not even close to what you are trying to do.

No. 626704

its been 2 hours with no goal met. she shouldve logged off by now

No. 626705

she's completely ignoring all the chats' questions and requests, she's just sitting there, sucking her finger like an autist

No. 626706

It just looks like she's picking food out of her back teeth or something. I dont get sexy sucking vibe at all.

No. 626709

She seems like the type who would definitely sleep with a student.

No. 626711

Why is she singing?

No. 626715

She changed her second goal from microkini to wet t-shirt. She's really desperate for those tokens

No. 626716

cause um shes bored and shes boring lol
and microkini to teeshirt. I wonder if its that the cuckbeards have realized that its all the same and they can see her nude now pretty much anywhere.

No. 626720

She sounds like a twelvie who thinks that everything she does now doesn't matter in the future.She's definitely going to be a washed up rag by age 25. Bitch has never heard of consequences

No. 626722

She still wants to hop on sensei's dick

No. 626723

love how they make goal she sits there for 10 minutes maybe doing the same boring shit with her pasties and then logs. yup they sure got their moneys worth.

No. 626729

That sounds like that Overtflow guy still

No. 626731


Yeah, that's probably more like it. Didn't she stay on stream that her crush is the "male version of her"? Definitely not Sensei, kek

No. 626733

I don't think those two still are friends. I think it's sensei because she always claims to have so much in common with a guy. The idiot thinks that faking interest counts.

No. 626738

>male version of her
Every neckbeard or beta male with a hanging gut

No. 626740

Could be her ex Eric , the guy who hung out with Collette over the weekend whom she broke up with to pursue cosplay

No. 626748

She said before she's doing Albedo and Mai in December, then January/February, and now she pushed Albedo to April. Bitch doesn't make stuff and commissions everything, has all the time in the world, and has enough money to flex on a controller she'll never use. How lazy can one be?

No. 626790

Lmao, teaching anything higher than elementary school requires two degrees- one in teaching and at least a bachelor's in the subject being taught.

High school teaching jobs are so competitive that having a masters degree is almost a requirement.

Moo is too lazy, she would never get the necessary degrees for teaching. Not to mention, she would suck at it because of all the work it requires. Teachers often have to grade papers and write curriculums on their personal time.

No. 626795

Lmao Dumbass could probably barely make good grades in elementary school let alone teach it.

No. 626796

Don't worry, this is just her usual bullshit about how she's not going to be a washed up whore forever, mate! See: Her previous claims of aspirations ~after cosplay~ to be a director, an actress, a video editor, a pharmacy tech, a clothing designer, a pro athelete, and a not-shit person.

No. 626801

I'm sure that's why she mentions the name change thinking that will give her a clean slate. And it will in some regards. But a through background check will still find all her dirty cosplay secrets.

No. 626804

Good to know she's aware she has to legally change her name when this is all done. Also… go to collage to be a teacher? Didn't she say she graduated with a major in business and a minor in linguistics? I don't think she cares about her lies anymore since she plans on deleting everything soon

No. 626806

Not trying to argue with you, just clarifying.You don't need two degrees and there is actually a teaching shortage at the moment in many states, including Nevada. Teaching requires a degree and a credential, both for elementary and highschool. Elementary teachers get a multi subject credential while middle and high school get a credential in thier subject.

Either way, it's hard as fuck work to become a teacher. Especially when you're student teaching (AKA working full time and taking classes with no pay). Teaching isn't easy in any grade level. They all are challenging for different reasons. You're forced to get certain test scores and data for admin. You have to plan lessons and grade in your own time. When you're sick or out for any reason, you have MORE work because you have to do sub plans and then play catch up when you're back.

Moo,do you think you show up, teach, and go home? Also, you have to put any other name you went by on your job applications. So name change won't do shit. Pick another career.

No. 626808

Unless the idiot gets a face change too, she'll still be recognized. She's being naive.

No. 626820

I was about to mention this, too. A background check will uncover this sort of thing regardless of whether or not she changes her name, because she has to put Patreon and Camversity down in her income statement.

Not to mention that LCF and KF always include aliases in thread titles. For instance, every thread I've seen on a tranny includes both their current and birth names.

There's no escaping your shitty decisions, Mariah. You should have thought about all this before you bared your gross doughy body and sexually harrassed people.

No. 626824


This. Teaching is an incredibly demanding job, and you have to work hard to earn your degree. My mother was at university often late into the night studying, and then once she became a teacher she was up all night grading papers and planning curriculum. She got so much shit from the higher ups if her class didn't do as well as they wanted them to on some stupid standardized test, even when she taught the gifted and talented kids who were obviously smart. She taught in a lot of rough schools where the kids were incredibly disrespectful to her face. What's Mariah going to do in that case? You can't block people in real life, especially when it's your job to interact with these kids. It's extremely stressful. Not to mention time consuming. Mariah is far too fucking lazy and honestly stupid to be a teacher at any level. On top of that, she has all of these terrible decisions she's making now holding her back. The internet is forever, your lewds, nudes, streams, and controversies aren't going to disappear. Ever. All they have to do is Google you and find out about your sexual misconduct, your stealing, your nudes, your cam streams. I remember a teacher getting fired a few years ago just for doing some lingerie modelling when she was younger, it wasn't even raunchy. What does she think is going to happen when people stumble onto her streams where she's pouring fake cum all over her face and tits, showing off her nipples and vag in a bath tub? She's honestly more ignorant than I previously thought if she really thinks teaching is a viable career path for her after all of this.

No. 627019

Shes offline right now so I have a feeling shes gonna dip out on streams tonight. She didnt say anything about streaming tonight either

No. 627024

I’m sure we’re only days away from camveristy dropping her again. I refuse to believe she dropped them - suddenly she’s back with them tagged in her bio AND a dedicated highlight on her profile, the pics wearing the tank top, the sudden “real goals” that she’s forcing herself to do even when she’s obviously sooo uncomfortable with it. I think SHE asked for the spot back and these were their conditions, and boy oh boy is she dropping the ball again.

No. 627029

Any amount of work is too much for her.
In another life she was one of those girls who bragged about surviving a whole nine days at Joann's Fabric.

No. 627035

Teaching in Las Vegas is utter shit so I actually wouldn't be surprised if she got hired. Despite the fact that it's relatively easy to get a credential, though, the job itself requires significantly more emotional, physical, and mental labor than she's ever experienced in her entire life. It's extremely hard and I wouldn't give her more than a week with any age group.

No. 627726

She just admitted her boobs are only big because shes fat and then says she needs to go to the gym because she’s being eating “bigger portions”

No. 627728

>says she doesn’t have sex because she’s scared of men

>burps and belches on stream as she’s drinking energy drink

>calls her feeder fans perverts, says she “loves it”

No. 627729

She was stumped on the question “if you could live in any naruto village which one would you live in”. She really didn’t know any and just named one and said “because that’s all I know”

No. 627734

>her Tifa gloves are literal fucking compression sleeves.
>someone asked if anyone follows her accounts from her family's side and she apparently pays her family's rent "so they better know what I do"
>talks about preggo!whiteknight again

No. 627737

is it normal for cammers not to say 'thank you' when they receive tips or is it just momo?

No. 627738

>wanted to originally cosplay in '08 and begged mom to buy contacts etc for Shion
>mom finally gave in and bought a Inuyasha costume
>begged mom to dye hair for ~accurate human!Inuyasha cosupray~, used semi-permanent hair dye
>got back into it 2015, posted on Twitter and became cosplay popular. "Boyfriend at the time" contributed to buying contacts etc. for her cosplays and eventually she discovered "he was crazy"
>never played FF7, watched Colette play and got into the remake. Excited to play it when it comes out

She was advised to do so like 2 streams ago and I guess forgot.

No. 627745

"i have adhd. it's kind of a meme"

No. 627746

>someone asked if Colette would do streams again, she yelled out to her and Colette said "maybe"
>doesn't want to do full nudity on CamV, will continue to do "implied"
>people keep on asking her questions about Resident Evil games and she keeps on giving vague answers, nothing technical
>will not cosplay Lulu from FF because she doesnt like her design and will not cosplay anything she doesn't like the design of

No. 627749

>tells a very r/thathappened story about how a security guard catcalled her and she gave him a confrontational look before going back to her card
>she called the company to complain but insisted it "wasn't that big of a deal"

No. 627750

>>627746 Also worth pointing out that someone in the chat asked if she'd be willing to share her PSN or XBOX names, in which she declined to share.

Tinfoil, but you have to suspect that she isn't sharing because her achievement/trophy info won't validate her hardcore gamer cred.

No. 627751


>Roxy is over with Colette.

>did dickratings as a one time thing to be funny
>did get harassed the other day, coming out of the dispensary. The security guard apparently catcalled her, she walked back to her car, called the place and reported him. The dispensary staff that responded frantically apologized and she said it was cool but told them it would make someone else mad.
>Anime Expo: Baiken, and a female version of something???

No. 627753

File: 1547877664301.png (9.83 KB, 429x96, no.png)


No. 627755

my thoughts too. why not share it? She'll probably say it's her "other" account so that's why her score doesn't add up to what she claims.

>says she'll only be on for 15 more minutes and begs chat to reach her goal
>"i'll show you my feet if you want"
>compression sleeves rolled down and refuses to fix them but will play with her ratty wig constantly

No. 627756

I can't stand how she does this "not like other girls i'm a cool girl" shit and belches so fucking loud on stream. It's not ironically cute mariah. it's just obnoxious.

also she's really embracing her boring ass stream right now. She's legit talking trump and politics, careful not to outright say she hates trump so she doesn't piss off her neckbeards

No. 627758

>googled how long the government shut down has lasted.
>says Trump can, in her opinion, reinstate the government and bow down, giving into the other side or keep on going and have everyone hate him
>wants Trump to cooperate and work together
>said the Obama shut down was "for everyone" and so everyone can get healthcare so if "anyone want to get a pap smear they can get a pap smear"
>not really into politics gais
>pays attention to DACA because one of her family members is under DACA

No. 627759

>"i could never be president. you have to be very egotistical to be president and i just can't do that.

No. 627762

>hopes Bernie runs again this year
>disliked Eva at first because she doesn't understand it
>rewatched it 3 months ago and now enjoys it
>watched Fate and now enjoys watching Eva because she has to understand what's happening basically
>might be back on later

No. 627763

that was a short stream haha guess the cuckbucks not coming in fast enough for her

No. 627765

Well now we know she’s lying who really understands eva

No. 627767

>>627762 NGE episodes would have been plastered all over her IG stories if she actually went back and watched the series. This reminds me of the time when she was a Star Wars fan for about a week, right around the time when Moo and Vamp went to New York.

No. 627770

Somewhere in the distance Steff is laughing into the sky

No. 627771

>>627746 The Resident Evil thing really bothered me tonight. There's no shame in saying you haven't played the game. But for those of us who actually have played the latest installment (not counting the Resident Evil 2 demo that just dropped), it's a pretty memorable game, and it's pretty easy to describe what happens in chronological order without revealing too many spoilers. She completely has no idea what that game is about.

No. 627786

>said the Obama shut down was "for everyone" and so everyone can get healthcare so if "anyone want to get a pap smear they can get a pap smear"

The only reason why she knows that is because Cardi B said the same thing the other day. Looking at her following list, Mariah doesn't follow Cardi B but it's possible she saw it on on her explore page.

No. 627808

She's honestly the last person that needs to be talking politics. She knows literally nothing.

No. 628245

did this bitch put out already
pig-lookin motherfucker(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 628722

She started her stream. Jaeda is there and keeps getting manhandled and pushed outta the way by moo

No. 628726

Looks like goals tonight are Bikini, Pasties and Wet Tshirt

No. 628727

File: 1548122942633.png (2.05 MB, 1241x1982, E43F28C0-D08C-4B5F-81C3-F3507B…)

She literally slammed Jaeda on the bed before smothering her. Jesus Christ I haven’t seen any sane cat owners manhandle their cats like this, ever.

She’s also looking especially W I D E tonight. And again with that crappy wig/beanie.

No. 628728

>talk about Broly movie
>patron mentions scene
>says no spoilers, proceeds to tell favorite parts which are spoilers including Goku showing off a new move "no one's ever seen before"

No. 628729

File: 1548123269489.jpg (822.01 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190121-201404_Chr…)

Thrall isnt having her shit

No. 628731

>went on Etsy to look for DBZ wigs for Broly. Was going with one commissioner but it was too much money but she bought another Caulifla wig which is "super similar"
>bought a Ranma wig as well

No. 628732

Her back tits and Vein-chan are out of control today. You can see how tight her bra is. It's gotta be old.

No. 628733

>going back to GRORIOUS NIPPON in March

No. 628734

File: 1548123813456.png (5.4 KB, 305x75, thrall02.PNG)


No. 628736

>going back on twitch in a month

No. 628738

So far she has made more tokens yesterday not streaming then actually streaming

No. 628739

Your fault for splashing that cash on such a lazy whale, Thrall. These dudes never look at what she's done to their ilk in the past and learn from it and that is exactly what her greedy turtle ass is counting on.

No. 628740

>said someone tried to follow her up to her hotel room once (I presume last Katsucon since they were on the subject)
>Bowsette, Caster, Cattleya from Evergarden and Tamamo no Mae is her Katsucon lineup

No. 628741

>says bra is correct size and is a pushup, that's why her boobs look squished
>someone asked how they can get over anxiety when wearing something with "exposed boobage". Says she's not sure she doesn't have that problem and says dont do something you're uncomfortable with or change the costume so it doesn't show
>same chatter mentioned she might have anxiety knowing people are staring and Moo goes on a tirade about letting con staff know if someone stares too much, cosplay is not consent, basically contradicts herself since Moo herself is a molestor

No. 628745

>Nearly 40 mins and no tokens yet what's the point

No. 628747

>says best hentai genre is "Shota" then says she's kidding
>says she might do a video on how to watch Fate "soon"
>doesn't know what Resort Boin is
>someone mentioned "imagine Mariah at EDC", she said she tried to go to a festival and didn't like how hot and sweaty the festival was
>"is Broly your oversized Shota"she responds "basically" and giggles

No. 628750

>husbandos: Ryoma from Fire Emblem, Sinbad from Maki
>says she watched NGE but doesn't like any of the guys because they're shitty
>says she likes guys with some melanin
>mentioned talking to "8bits" when someone inquired they couldn't buy tokens from the site

No. 628754

>someone asked if she's going to do mukbangs anymore. Says she's doing "meal prep" so she can't do big meals

No. 628758

"don't do something you're uncomfortable with"
yet grabs a photographer's chest and says she'll be fine with just those in regards to Patreon and ripped another girl's cosplay to expose their chest and then mocked her

No. 628759

>someone asked if she, the chatter, could send her bra to Moo for her to sign and send it back. Moo spent a minute to think and said she would rather the chatter did it in person and signed it in person with her so it doesn't get lost in the mail
>getting a new tattoo
>says she wants to be "less squishy" and work out more

No. 628760

>There is no way her band size is 38/40 and there is no way that her bust is only 5 inches bigger

No. 628761

>someone asked about what TYPE of toys she has and she says "alot" instead of saying what she has
>says she's super selective about sexual partners. mentioned transgender ex again, said she considered herself bisexual because the transgender ex was FTM but their parts are still female. Mentioned another as a female when before they were all males (including FTM).
>someone asked if she could do a powerrangers cosplay and she asked who. They said pink ranger

No. 628764

>someone shows her "Breaking the Quiet" clip we assumed she already watched
>initially gives blank responses to the horse clip but freaks out later
>someone asks her to put on Nero bikini, she says ok but then returns briefly to "check if it fits"

No. 628765

First time actually watching the cow in motion. People really weren't kidding about her tits looking hard as rock. I honestly thought it was over-exaggerated, but ffs they really are unappealing. How would anyone find that attractive. (Obvious rhetoric comment)

No. 628768

>colette's b-day present is second ticket to Japan and a custom item with her favorite pokemon

No. 628769

fuck who ever suggested that. she's going to ruin my favourite franchise. well, if she can find a costume big enough. it wont be flattering, the full body suit.

No. 628771

Wont do fan signs. Wowwwwww.

No. 628772

File: 1548129438613.jpg (722.21 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190121-215708_Chr…)

No. 628774

File: 1548129803470.jpg (695.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190121-220308_Chr…)

No. 628780

made an account to say that her large piggy ass was blocking the wifi signal and she banned me :((USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 628787

She banned me for saying I love pepperoni.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 628851

Stop being spergy in the chat.

No. 630293

January archive is all up to date with all her current streams.


No. 630401

Shes live on cam

Apparently her and thrall have resolved things

No. 630403

File: 1548382364711.png (13.94 KB, 377x71, Screenshot_98.png)

No. 630504

She was just holding Bernie against his will. This bitch does not fucking care for anything at all

No. 630508

File: 1548386053096.jpg (Spoiler Image, 683.74 KB, 1080x2220, 20190124_211330.jpg)

Shes reached no return with those wings. Her upper arm fat drops over her elbow.

No. 630511

For the love of GOD scan she get an external mic???? My ears are bleeding from all the rubbing against the blankets.

No. 630540

I can't get over how much her bra doesn't fit. It's cutting in everywhere and she's about to fall out of the cups, it's making me cringe.

No. 630543

File: 1548387588762.png (Spoiler Image, 797.47 KB, 1920x933, durrr.png)

lol stream died at the perfect moment

No. 630572

Not that I actually want to see her pasties or anything, but it's a huge pet peeve of mine whenever she says she's gonna do something revealing, and then she spends most of her time lying flat on her belly.

No. 630575

File: 1548389938577.jpg (Spoiler Image, 425.68 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190124-211725_Sam…)

There are some tremendous scars under her breasts.

No. 630592

She just called herself a sex worker

No. 630597

yeah, now it's time for her revisionist history where she's always called herself a sex worker and always considered what she does porn despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary

No. 630607

I'm confused…how can she have the armpit side incisions AND the underboob incisions? They don't do em at one time during a reduction do they?

No. 630610

File: 1548390948171.png (Spoiler Image, 878.14 KB, 1362x768, cripes.png)


No. 630613

her low back has more of an ass than her actual ass.

No. 630615


She looks so fucking bizarre. Like she's wearing a bolero of fat.

No. 630616

it so nasty…her stomach is fucked forever

No. 630626

Suddenly it's very easy to see why no man wants to be with her, excluding her psychotic behavior.

No. 630628

>>630610 What I wouldn't give for the graphic design skills to shoop this into a chimera.

No. 630634

>>630607 No clue, anon. If I had to speculate, I'd say she had two completely different procedures. I've secretly wondered if she had implants or fat injections after not being happy about a reduction. That's the only case I could make for scarring in the aforementioned areas you pointed out.

No. 630641


Seriously, what in the actual fuck is her body?

No. 630644

It might be ill-fitting bras and tops that made those marks. She has gained a lot of weight, and I doubt she's ever measured herself to get a proper fitting.

No. 630645

>>630644 That, too. A permanent groove or indentation makes a ton of sense.

No. 630647

She shops at VS so was probably "measured" there. The shopkeepers there are basically required to lie about sizing to find the customer a bra they carry. They go out of their way to find the best sister size but it's usually an ill-fitted mess because you shouldn't go more than 1 cup up or down from your real size, but they put H cups into DD bras.

No. 630648

Remember when her underboobs had that weird rash? Most likely NOT that but I imagine something similar was caused also from illfitting bras

No. 630649

The proportions are so messed up its like a warning of why after care is important when you have lipo.

No. 630656

Plus VS doesn't go higher than 40inch band and Moo is easily 42-46 band
Between lipo, corsets and poor bras, her weird seamed body is fucked

No. 630668

Her body is being haunted by the ghost of the Calvin Klein sports bra she lived in for 6 years. It's still there like a phantom limb.

No. 630671


reduction scars go all the way under the breasts, in a U shape, with a line up to the nipples. The armpit scar is the outer edge of the U.

I just can't believe she gained so much that the U scar isn't even at the bottom of her breast anymore… she gained fat underneath it, too.

No. 630692

It's normal, I've had a lift and they're just the natural outcome of getting the surgery. She had an anchor incision, but she's unlucky in that hers healed tan rather than white. They don't ever really go away, it's an outcome of reality.

As far as everything else goes, body's fucked because moo is a trash person.

No. 630694

I need someone to explain what I'm looking at. Is she naked? Are the weird rolls in her midsection due to lipo?

No. 630696

Yeah the rolls are from her surgeon's attempt to make pockets of fat over the abs so it still deposits normally but because it's unnatural and they didn't do a good job they've, like baking bread, formed uneven. You fat naturally "pools" on your sides when you lie down but because she had lip and lies down excessively afterwards it retained in a rolled formed

No. 630705

At least her boobs aren't botched as Trisha Paytas'.

No. 630876

she's wearing a nude thong

No. 631682

File: 1548498651462.jpg (3.87 MB, 2560x1704, 01-endangered-species-mountain…)

I don't see a difference.

No. 631711

She should just do a dk cosplay at this point. She already has the physique. Kek

No. 631744

lmao her boob looks like an amputated arm

No. 631869

Can't blame the surgeon too much. She gained rapidly after removing healthy superficial fat from her body. Lipo is for problem areas that retain pockets of fat despite diet and exercise. Her body is truly a tragedy.

No. 632031

File: 1548552320890.jpg (82.45 KB, 828x1472, 1548550640471.jpg)

Already posted in main thread but anyway… 7 PST

No. 632103

File: 1548558259664.png (280.08 KB, 1440x2113, Screenshot_20190126-220259~2.p…)

Samefag but just to update

No. 632125

1st goal is a "bed twerk to a song with pasties"

No. 632126

File: 1548561987686.jpg (68.11 KB, 1413x759, Capture.JPG)

She's on, already screeching to her cat. By the way, has she always had that spot on her lip? Is that a mole or a mistake?

No. 632128

its her acne. it gets really bad around her mouth

No. 632129


Oh god why would she ever try to twerk again

No. 632131

>staying on til "10 at most" because she has to go to the gym

No. 632132

She looks like she’s been crying tbh

No. 632134

>second goal is wet tshirt again

No. 632137

>she cancelled last night because she was building a bunch of furniture and didn't finish in time
as if you didn't have all fucking day lmao
>saw broly for the 7th or 8th time today

No. 632138

then why not hop on and let people know?? people were in her chat waiting for her and she couldn't just give them a heads up? lmao

No. 632141

>said she's never felt forced to be online to cam because she doesn't do things if she doesn't feel up to it
>someone asked if she looked forward to Alita and she called it "Altah". She isn't interested
>eating alot smaller meals and ate some beef "dumbo" with cauliflower, celery "and stuff"

because she's a fucking liar lol

No. 632142

she’s so bad at camming

No. 632143

the way she postures her as in the air and stares at the camera while reading chat while wiggling her flat ass to beg for tips is so unsettling

No. 632146

Her weird gaspy porno actress moans are so fake and gross like she has asthma

No. 632147

Her “boob shakes” are so half assed lol like are you gonna put it any effort for the people giving you money..

No. 632148

Dumbass didn't catch that guys joke. Hit that vape again you fucking future cancer patient.

No. 632149

for real she just seems soooooo bored.

No. 632150

>thinks everyone is entitled to their own opinion but says SS4 is "basically Broly".
>doesn't like DB fans that say things aren't canon
>most expensive figure she bought was Pochaco. It was 400 dollars. Pochaco is currently ~130 dollars so where the fuck did she get it from???
>ordered two Broly statues from eBay. "Be aware if it comes from China or comes from Japan." Intentionally bought a fake and a real one.

No. 632151

I wonder if GodofKnockers 40 year old fat girlfriend knows how much he stalks Momokun.

No. 632155

>never bought a expensive figure that she knew it wasn't real
>admitted her perfect cell and alter saber figures are fake
>continues to buy fakes to decipher which are fake and which are real

No. 632161

>thinks gohan wasn't as involved with his mom as trunks was with bulma
o k a y

No. 632164

>is, like, the only one to remember that Vegeta and Bulma had a shared attack in Budokai 3
>wasnt doing anything with AVN. Was doing something with a brand and "host a hentai night thing". They wanted her to make a bunch of cosplays really quick and find all the hentai for the event and she only knew a website that wasn't licensed to get hentai from. Searched Amazon and couldn't find the titles they wanted
>didn't do it this weekend
>she said they were trying to make her run the event

No. 632165

why give money to the people selling the fakes if you're gonna be making videos about how to stop supporting bootleg sellers? smells like she just got caught owning fakes and is trying to save her ass

>says her and sniperwolf might cosplay mei and dva together

oh boy

No. 632167

I hope someone is recording the stream because that ahegao hand bra shit she just did made her legit look retarded…

No. 632170

>plays Fate/GO, and said she deleted Fire Emblem Heroes
>wants to do another bunny Bulma and do a ~very lewd~ POV shoot

No. 632171

She really should just get popsicles or something to suck on instead of her finger.

No. 632175

Claims she's going to gym, yet she's already starting to yawn, and it's only 9 at night.

No. 632176

>"Who or what help you to get yourself get comfortable with your body? Im talking about your before and after on Instagram" She says she realized you cant control everything and you have one body so you should love it

No. 632177

>going back to AX this year
>"ever deal with stalkers or people coming up to you at cons" All the time "how do you deal with it" there's some people with mental disabilities and "don't understand social cues" so she tries to tell them she has to go now and leave them basically

No. 632178

>wants to do a "foot thing" for Android 18
>says she's down to do it for Bulma
please dont

No. 632179

mariah you ignorant slut, socially awkward people not taking social cues =/= STALKING

No. 632186

Her showing feet is the most unpleasant thing with that face and monoboob

No. 632188

Going back to AX? Is she gonna hide in her hotel room all day again?

No. 632189

EVO too.

No. 632192

>my mom told me cosplay was stupid and i'll never make money from it but now i pay her rent and bought her a car last year SO I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!


No. 632195

>likes to have control in the bedroom, by giving the dude control she's allowing them control?
>favorite position is reverse cowgirl or doggy style

No. 632197

>likes androgynous people to date

No. 632200

It's so the men don't have to see her face I'd imagine and they can just pound and run

None of the guys we know she had sex with seemed actually interested in her than more than a booty call and she knows it

No. 632202

Jiggling her ass in a circle is twerking apparently

No. 632203

>reached twerking goal

>"google, play Lemon by 'nerd'"
>3 minutes of lazy, lackluster flat ass shaking

N.E.R.D. doesn't deserve this

No. 632205

File: 1548567564428.jpg (110.35 KB, 1392x729, Capture.JPG)

>puts on neon orange swimsuit and starts bouncing around as kendrick lamar in the bg music starts saying "bitch sit down"

No. 632208

>chatter says "best white girl 2019"
>mariah whines "i'm not white i'm lebanese! I'm arab!!"

No. 632210

>next Japan trip is March/April

No. 632211

>mom and dad are divorced but live together?

No. 632212

her parents are divorced but still live together, but mariah pays their rent? she pays two grown adults' that raised her rent? i really wish she would get outted for embarrassing her mother like that.

>speaks a little bit of arabic (but needs he mom's help) and a little bit of japanese

No. 632213

File: 1548568423955.png (Spoiler Image, 434.23 KB, 603x654, Screenshot_2019-01-26-21-38-28…)

Oof (low quality is literally the only way for the stream to work for me so sorry)

No. 632215

File: 1548568465924.png (Spoiler Image, 424.45 KB, 597x598, Screenshot_2019-01-26-21-40-52…)

No. 632314

i agree both her mother and father lol she’s outing their business and i’m sure they’d be pissed if they knew

No. 632329

her stomach looks so fucked, why can’t she just control her eating habits on top of her lipo jfc

No. 632342

Wh…? Literally all the guys she's thirsted over have been butch as hell.

Even her fictional crushes are masculine.

No. 632386

She loves "queer" pandering anon. One of her interviews when she was rogue she said she dresses androg too. "i never wear make up out or wear girly clothes! Xdd love unisex." Just lies out her ass.

No. 632455

She does dress like a sloppy butch, between flannel-kun and the ubiquitous hoodie.

No. 633911

Shes live on stream.

Chill stream with no goals or anything, going to be super boring.

No. 633917

>is tired because she goes to the gym "super late" and then she just stays up early into the day
>presumably bought 2 more sets of decorative dragon balls. Got 2 five stars in a set.
>3 of her friends apparently tagged her in a post or site that has the Broly movie. She scolded them
>sperges and says that she understands "shit gets leaked" but people should go support titles at the movies. It's stupid to see it leaked.
>confesses she watches anime pirated as long as she can't find it anywhere
>feels very good supporting the brands she really loves by buying licensed items ((literally bought fakes tho))
>thinks Fate/Zero was great but the battle scenes were "lackluster" and that Saber is not a talented swordsman. She relies on luck and doesn't work for her stature ((started from the bottom now we here)). She was born into status, given mediocre training on how to be a leader, received the sword in the stone?? Lady of the Lake??
>Saber gets the best "plot armor", had god mode weapons but was beat by Mordred. Thinks it's stupid.

No. 633924

>going to see Fate Heaven's Feel with Cat
>someone asked why Moo didn't call Guzma "Happosai" when he stole her panties (old dude from Ranma) and she had to google who it was
>Guzma opens drawers and steals panties
>talks about gym fiasco: Moo is doing arms machine. Every machine she went to he either sat next to her on the machine or across from her and doesn't work out. She moves, he follows, she got uncomfortable. She moved again to another machine saying nothing and he moved again. She finally asked "can I help you?" and he walks away saying nothing. Describes it as rude, creepy and uncomfortable.
>says she usually smokes sativa before she goes to the gym and got really mad at the situation
>people ask her for photos all the time or asks to spot her
>is single because she doesn't let any guy come to her
>says she focuses on cardio and weight lifting to lose weight. Says the way to lose weight is to eat healthy, low carbs/calories. Does lifting for an hour, then does cardio. Doesn't run because she has ~big boobs teehee~. Goes on treadmill on intervals for 30 minutes.
>"I know I'm fat but I know how to work out. I used to be an athlete"
>credits stairmaster for huge thighs, they're "toned".

No. 633929

>someone asked what to eat while dieting: will eat 3x 300 calorie meals a day. Drinks celery juice on empty stomach, waits 30 minutes. Says a study is going on. Monster drinks are being replaced
>Sensei makes celery juice for her every morning. They eat the celery grounds afterwards.
>2 packets of oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter is breakfast.
>trying to stay away from breads, hasn't had pizza for a long time
>"it's okay to have a cheat meal not a cheat week"
>not working on anything right now due to decorating the house, doing "business stuff", and is still moving. Hasn't have motivation to make new cosplay
>just likes buying cosplay, is fun for her
>someone suggested Fortnite cosplay and she said it's not her thing
>said the same thing about Minecraft. Doesn't like it because it's aimed at children
>editing her Pochaco video

No. 633938

>made a elf mage for D&D before. Put too much effort into it, didn't have a good character, wasn't consist in showing up and it's not her thing. Cosplayed them 2 years ago at a ren faire. Wants to rejoin another campaign
>would like to be a orc or tifling in new campaign
>likes one session campaigns like at PAX
>wants to do another merch sale
>was going to cosplay Zero Two but saw it and didn't like it so she dropped the cosplay
>top five anime: DBZ, FMA: Brotherhood, Umineko, Higurashi, and Fate
>saw the drama about the cosplayer doing a shoot at a cemetary. Said she doesn't know what to say because it'd offend her but she said it wasn't a good decision for her. Doesn't think the chick needs to be berated for it.
>believes shooting in graveyards is disrespectful

No. 633941

900 calories a day and celery juice? sounds like that's gonna be a huge success!

No. 633945


>says Kelly Eden did a easter egg hunt in a cemetery and "no one was mad about that"

>thinks it's a double standard that people thought one was bad but the other was ok
>says from her own controversies she tries to learn how to speak and how to talk without saying "stupid shit" anymore. Is conscious about what comes out of her mouth.
>said Sensei talked to her about being more self aware. Said she played with a flame thrower, Sensei saw it and said it was "so rude". He said to think about the neighbors and how the flamethrower could alert them, how it was loud and disruptive at night. Was so excited about using it and didn't realize she was disruptive.

No. 633955

>says her POV shoots with David helped her like herself
>said POV are "very different" for the cosplay community when she started doing it
>says she mainly worked with David
>only other male was with castle cosplay and that he was only in the hentai cow cosplay shoot
>talked about her fallout with David stating that he said "something that she wasn't comfortable with" and that they were very nasty and negative
>finally crediting David for making her Roadhog mask, Saber chest piece and something else
>said despite not ending on good terms with David, says he helped her view herself in a positive light
>says the controversies surrounding David are all lies
>they are doing their own things and respects that
>after POV shoots, then did liposuction
>liposuction boosted her confidence because of her flat stomach
>has some regrets from getting lipo, but doesn't fully regret it
>wishes she had healthier lifestyle before lipo suction
>was only eating healthy fro 2 months before lipo then went back to old habits
>sees no problems with surgeries unless it becomes dangerous; but unhealthy to have "over excessive" work
>lipo on inner thighs and stomach area
>said despite gaining the weight back, still had confidence
>always been self conscious, even when she was 110lbs and "ripped"

No. 633956


>"as an audience we should not make people known for only their mistakes and should be aware of their good"

>says cancel culture is not cancelling because people still talk about them; if you don't like them be done with them
>would rather our culture would be more sensitive issues and recognizes faults of people but wants people to be more forgiving and allow them to change
>someone says "You can't want to support yourself as a public persona, but somehow believe that you can escape the scrutiny of being a public persona" she was confused by this
>someone asked what made her comfortable doing lewd cosplay: felt she always liked being a attention whore doing ~lewd stuff~, likes lewding things that aren't lewded originally. The first year she felt comfortable. After the POV shoots with David/KBBQ, he gave positive feedback and it gave her confidence.
>said SSSuccubus recommended the POV shoot idea since she did it with her SO at the time. Moo did it and she liked it alot.
>talked about David more in depth; said she was in a non-exclusive relationship with him. Later out had a fallout because David said some things in private to another person about Moo, didn't feel comfortable with him doing so and confronted him. It turned nasty. Credited David in giving her alot of confidence. ((referred to him as "they" so it was weird))
>doesn't think it's healthy to receive overexcessive surgery work because it's problematic and unhealthy
>someone asked about lipo recommendations and she said "wait for it" and the weight will go to other places. Says her ass and arms grew fromthe fat redistribution

No. 633962

She said she was cutting down on cons. Plans on attending maybe 4 this year. Claims she prefers cosplaying with friends than cosplaying at cons.

Way to alienate your fans, Mariah.

No. 633964

>said dad has had lipo on his stomach
>said she knows cosplayers who have had it but its not her place to say it
>not going to Fanime, is going to Paris instead
>wants to shoot Frolo (Notre Dame) at Paris, wants to know if she has to get a permit or to sneak in
>cutting down on cons this year, wants to travel more, likes cosplaying with friends than events
>commissioned someone to make her OC in 90's style

No. 633970

>bicep is 16 inches, shoulder pit is 21 inches, couldn't measure back to waist, mid bust is 44 inches, waist is 37 (sitting down)
>is measuring herself because she ordered a Goku jacket and the seller was shocked she was ordering so big
>hair is going to be silver next

No. 633974

>apparently artist didn't know she was Momokun. Commissioned her on her "personal account". Not sure if she meant Facebook or what

No. 633978

>Such a Dragon Ball fan.

Meanwhile, she's struggling to remember the name of a DBZ game she claims she played all of the time.

Her DBZ and her gamer cred have taken hits simultaneously. Two birds with one stone.

No. 633994


>waist: 37 inches


No. 633996

God the spreg on Artoria is so cringe

No. 634001

I didn't see the tape so she might be lying. No way her waist is 37.

I hope she stops reading other books and associating them with Fate. I know it's pretty accurate as far as just character building but I feel like she has to be right so smooshing two resources together to create a new dialogue is her thing forever.

No. 634035

Newfag to mono thread here, but is this a far fetched notion? A 37 inch waist after lipo is pretty fucking whale sized.

Also there's only 7 inch diff between her boobs and waist? Jesus how much does she actually Photoshop her pics.

No. 634073

>>634035 I don't want to divulge too much into this for fear of getting accused of derailing or splurging, but there's no way on earth that she has a 37 inch waist. Not with her body type and her height, anyhow. I'd say she's probably closer to 42, which is absolutely pathetic after 2 different visits to the lipo doc. She's way too wide, as her shoulders tell the story. I think she's pretending she's a 37 because she thinks it sounds good (it doesn't), but she's not fooling anyone.

No. 634107


She is using an odd number again too. She tends to do this when she is lying about her size or weight.

No. 635022

She's on Instagram live.

>Came on late. She said she makes money so she doesn't need to live with her mom.

>Thinks a guy who lives with his mom is "hot"
>Said she wanted to initially do silver or pink again but asked the chat what color
>too busy for a boyfriend but flirts around. Has high expectations

No. 635024

File: 1548986383683.png (448.35 KB, 846x900, 1511935408819.png)

>Thinks a guy who lives with his mom is "hot"
That'll bring in a fresh wave of NEET-bux for sure.

No. 635028

>said dating and meeting expectations is about your personality, how you communicate, etc.
>there was a actor she was seeing in the community for a bit but had the personality of a rock
>can only date nerds, NO NORMIES REEEEEEEEEEE
>loves passionate people who are excited for the things that they do
>haven't dated a girl in years and thinks girls should date other girls to see how "crazy" they are to each other
>had "this one guy going around saying they were dating"
>loves morphe palettes and likes them better because Kat Von D doesn't vaccinate her kids

No. 635035

>doesn't read comics, only Hellboy
>is crazy and spontaneous, wants someone to match her level. Says Colette gets along with her because she's so introverted and just lets other people lead her along.
>called her eyebags "Gucci"
>was confused what a "egirl" is
>going to see Broly again tonight
>getting another boy cat

No. 636021

She started her stream early, shes talking about DBZ like usual

No. 636030

>She apparently isn't Sensei's type. Apparently doesn't like girls who post revealing photos

No. 636032

>she has a laundry list of shit from her dream man including active? girl you sleep til 3 pm on weekdays

No. 636034

>doesn't want to have kids, would rather adopt

There goes her breeder fans

No. 636036


not only that but

>wants to adopt kids, not have them because she doesn't need to be like "others" who say "this is MY kid!"

No. 636039

Has a problem dating girls who post them but has no problem fucking them such as Collette or taking their money/support with Momo? What a fucking scumbag

No. 636040

>fan asks if she'll ever do kana again. she looks embarrassed and says "nah it's not for me"

>asked to pick between dragonball and fate, can't choose because DB "shaped her life" but she loves fate so much

>asked if she will do mommy kink stuff soon, says yes

No. 636045

Thats a stupid reason compared to people with legit fears of giving birth or people who want kids and can't. Just so you can say 'Nah, that's not technically my kid'. What a fucking shitty thing to say.

No. 636046

Jesus her room is a mess. It's like she moved her hoard pile to a room the same size of her old work room lol

No. 636048

Fuck buddies aren't the same as dating someone. Vamp was never dating him and we know how she gets around.

No. 636049

oof she's developing two sets of breasts on her back

No. 636050

I like how she says casually Pumped Up Kicks is about "Shooting up schools like for real". I know its true but yikes

No. 636051

I highly doubt that Momo is paying her parents rent. She was already caught lying about buying a car for her mom. And I'm pretty sure her mom didn't beg Momo for the down payment or need it. Moo just offered and the mom probably agreed thinking her spoiled brat matured.

No. 636052

Is it just me or does her camera keep zooming in randomly?

No. 636053

Almost an hour and a half into the stream and she only has made 320 of her first 3500 goal

No. 636054

Why is she making those porn noises while messing with Guzma?

No. 636056

>said Colette and Sensei used to be a thing but "[they're] all just friends now"
>can play a chinese flute and a "normal flute". Apparently could play piano and guitar

No. 636058

File: 1549165783553.jpg (Spoiler Image, 86.57 KB, 1399x738, 1111123333125.JPG)

none of her bathing suits are really flattering on her to begin with but this one REALLY doesn't flatter her. the color, the cut…

No. 636059

The back of the bottoms are emphasizing her back tits

No. 636060

literally NO ONE says mariah please play your flute and she is like "you guys are really gonna make me play my flute?!" then gets it out and starts playing it. meanwhile chat is dead af.

No. 636061

What the fuck is she trying to play? The success song?

No. 636062

She's sitting there just browsing her phone. Even for mariah this stream is god awful boring.

No. 636063

She's begging to hit goal again. How about do something so people can send money, slob?

No. 636064

>still claiming her original Bowsette was just "silly sillies" troll shit
>says Sensei doesn't "date", is a free spirit

No. 636065

>someone requested as goal if she would change into a G-string to twerk instead of her Hanes tier underwear and she said "no I think I'll keep this on"

No. 636073

>told her parents about her lewd cosplay by showing them and they told her to get her own place
>made a side comment again about paying their rent

No. 636074

i can't believe she keeps reinforcing this lmao
i know it's easy to lie spur of the moment but this is gonna come bite her in the ass one day

No. 636075

>going to Japan with Brandon, her cousin and Colette again
>will be there for about a week

No. 636076

>said again if Jaeda dies she'd kill herself

No. 636078

Watch out boys and girls, now Momo wants to go live in Japan. She said she's already talked about doing it with others.

No. 636081

She’s going in March which is a really popular time to go. I wonder if anyone will bump into her lol

No. 636082

>tells chat to get to goal
>just lays on the bed, playing with her phone, ignoring chat, doing absolutely nothing to motivate people to donate

No. 636083

>Someone asked the difference between her 500 goal and her countdown goal (twerk). Says it's longer with song of choice.

No. 636085

She's a cat, she's going to die one day. There's no sense in killing yourself over something you can't control. But what she can control is how comfortable and healthy Jaeda is in her life, which she doesn't give a shit about clearly. Ugh.

No. 636086

i think she realizes her stream is going poorly because she just said she's ending the stream in a few minutes.

also sure go live in Japan mariah. because it's definitely only about that anime and that's definitely the only reason you should go live there.

No. 636088

She would have to get a visa to live on and she's lazy with no job or husband that would be able to sponsor her.

No. 636089


Seriously, How cunty is she that she keeps throwing that shit back in her parents faces? “You don’t like me selling lewd pictures? Well guess who’s paying your rent now, bitch!”

So much for her “I was just a stupid edgelord wannabe teenager when I was saying stuff like that. People can change my dude, you should try it” bullshit.

No. 636092

She didnt even stream for a full hour and it was a boring as fuck stream. Not sure how she expects to make goal if all she does is lie there like an idiot and play on her phone. Also pretty sure a she lost a big chunk of her actual paying camversity people by constantly cancelling her streams and stuff.

No. 636095


I’m sure during her first trip there she was getting sneering from the locals and getting ripped off by restaurant owners for being a cringey, fat, hambeast disrespectful American. She’s like every dumb weeb who goes there thinking it’s all about anime in real life and video games.

No. 636096

stream went down and she never came back lol. she sits there on her phone the whole time and doesn't even try to come back after her stream cuts out. and she wonders why she never hits goal.

No. 636098

Her stream didnt cut out, she left because it was taking too long to get to goal apparently.

No. 636101

She said she was leaving "soon" but she didn't say good bye or anything. Literally just stream cut out and I guess since she was mostly done anyways just decided not to come back. Her chatters were saying the stream cut out and everything.

No. 636109

>She was already caught lying about buying a car for her mom.
Wait really? When did this happen?

No. 636110

an anon did some digging and claimed it was just a downpayment, she didn't buy the whole car. not sure if that was proven true or not.

No. 636129

Lol, what the hell? Who thinks like that?

No. 636147

It looks like she has a rash

So Sensei prefers to hit it and quit it? Wow, what a fantastic person to have as your life coach.

No. 637274

>1500 for jacuzzi first goal
>admits this is her "last stream for a while"

No. 637277

>going to be doing Katsucon and "other contract stuff" so she's stopping camming for a while


No. 637278

Those false eyelashes are super unflattering her. They reach her eyebrows and make her look like her eyes are crazy hooded and she's angry…

>streaming until 10… so only 2 hours

No. 637279

File: 1549426450173.png (1.58 MB, 1070x691, Screenshot_96.png)

Spider leg eyelashes

No. 637287

You guys aren't missing much. She's been sperging about DBZ games for the last 10 minutes. And she wonders why she gets no tips… I'm sure nerds would be willing to tip your for your sperg sessions but at least do something sexy while you do it!

No. 637289


she looks like she put them on in the dark

No. 637291

And now she says "I don't do full nude."
so why watch again?

No. 637293

>is aware the whole gaming community hates her

No. 637294

Lol. She admits she knows the entire fighting game community hates her

No. 637298

Isn't that kimono in the back her onsen kimono?

No. 637299

Holy shit, I've never heard her talk before.
What is with that weird lisp?

No. 637300

someone asked what it was and she said she got the kimono in japan.

idk much about the promised land nippon but is that like… an actual kimono…?

No. 637302

i honestly thought it was a raincoat or something

No. 637303

The way she talks about video games even casual shit like Smash is so cringe. She has no idea wtf shes talking about, she tried to go into her own theory about why Sora would be in smash before Goku and she said "and yeah…" and trailed off.

I dont think she plays video games because of her ADD. I know its a meme at this point but I dont honestly think shes mentally capable of playing video games lol. She gets bored easily.

I think thats also why she only dickrides like one or two anime at a time because she just doesnt have the patience to sit down and watch things she inst overly familiar with.

No. 637306


Adding to that some dude mentioned Dante and Bayo in a doubles match and she got super excited saying it would be hella interesting to watch…hella. Didnt say why or anything like why not elaborate your opinion? Because you dont give a shit about video games lol.

No. 637308

her dragonball sperg is so cringe

No. 637310

I feel like she would be more well liked if she was actually a person to sit down and try a new game. She just sticks with one or two.

>says DB community is toxic and always complains
>says the point of DB is waiting and having things fall into place
>doesn't think DB fans know what they want and complain when things like SS3 Goku and SSBlue Goku happened
>the manga moves too quick and almost ruined the Tournament arc

No. 637311

she's been sperging for legit the last 30 minutes… how does she expect to get any tips? mariah, come on. I'm hate-watching this and even I am bored.

I feel like I wanna tip her just so she'll shut up and do something else besdies talk about DBZ.

No. 637312

She bought a bunch of shitty tourist 'kimono' while in glorious Nippon, so you know, flimsy shit made in China that she could of just picked up over on Spring Mountain Blvd for less.

No. 637314

Talking about Vic "Mc Nog Na"

No. 637315

>asked about vic mignogna stuff going on recently
>pronounces mignogna MIG-NOG-NAH so much for italian ancestry
>said he seemed genuine in his apologies

No. 637316

>is aware of the Vic Mangina ordeal
>knows she is not one to give a statement
>he made an apology infront of people, seemed genuine, but doesn't want to say she forgives him because she wasn't affected
>doesn't want to talk about it on her stream and tries to word herself correctly so she doesn't get her words taken out of context

No. 637317

Funny how she is trying so hard to side step this whole Vic thing.

No. 637318

Does she always talk like her lip is stuck to her teeth?

No. 637319

she's basically using it as a metaphor for herself. the whole "he should pay for what he did but if he's sorry we should accept his apology" etc

No. 637321

Somebody please call her the fuck out in the chat

No. 637322

>said what Vic did was wrong
>thinks its interesting it came out now because when she started she heard the same type of "allegations"
>said "this didn't happen to me so it didn't happen" isn't the case and it's terrible how it happened
>death threats are "going too far"
>suddenly cares when "one of [her] friends were violated by him" (coughcoughVAMPS)

No. 637324

>I never raped anyone. I was raped.
good stream talk mariah! talk about getting raped and immediately after start shaking your tits for someone who paid you $5 stream dollars

No. 637326

>said she saw a perfect reference for zelda on etsy and then took a bunch of pictures of it

does that mean she bought the cosplay from etsy? or that she stole the idea from etsy a la red riding hood?

No. 637327

>said she saw a perfect reference for zelda on etsy and then took a bunch of pictures of it

does that mean she bought the cosplay from etsy? or that she stole the idea from etsy a la red riding hood?

No. 637333

>"its getting pretty heavy in here, just like my weight"
>now add in she wants to do Twitch
>admits cosplays recently are "lackluster"
>working on Zelda's Smash outfit and found a "reference" on Etsy
>canceled her Lucky Cat shoot last night and someone told her they don't feel comfortable sexualizing something non-sexual (coughcoughANTARES)

No. 637334

now all her neckbeards are getting anti-sjw on her and she's trying real hard not to piss of them or the community at large and walk a line in the middle. pulls out her phone and says her friendjust messaged her so she could get out of talking about it and stare at her phone.

No. 637335

>called herself Asian because she's Middle Eastern


No. 637336

some countries in the middle east ARE considered "asian". Like Indians are considered "Asian" but not asian by the colloquial standards we have now. It's like how those who live in latin america are sometimes called "americans" but the world as a whole only really considers those from the USA to be americans. She's not entirely wrong by saying middle easterners are anthropologically considered "asian" but she's definitely twisting it to make it seem like she's eastern asian.

No. 637337

>said a friend declared on social she wanted to do something for someone else
>2 days later is able to do it and wants Moo to help her while she creates a product for the thing

No. 637338

She hit goal so get prepared for jacuzzi.
>next goal is wet tshirt
>must not have believed she hit goal because she hasn't even filled up the tub and now gotta wait for that.

No. 637339

I think more fundamentally she just doesn't like this stuff. We all know she's been the typical "jock bully mean girl" her whole life. I and many other people with ADHD actually love video games cuz they're so much more stimulating/interactive than other things.

The cosplay gamer stuff is just pandering to a neckbeard demographic. I seriously doubt she genuinely cares about any of the things she sperges about, no matter how much money she tosses away to pretend she does for Instagram

No. 637343

Stream died.

Apparently another nip slip happened and she started aggressively ignoring the chat hoping no one saw.

No. 637344

That godofknockers guy is hilariously sanctimonious and full of himself thinking he and mariah are tights for someone who never tips her

No. 637349

Stream is back up. Currently acting like a crackhead in a bathtub.

Her hair is 100% purple. Not a single inch of it is actually silver.

No. 637350

>is now promising in the final stretch where she goes topless with bubbles as a goal

No. 637351

I'm surprised no one mentioned Fancybear yet

No. 637353

So she's just going to copy someone else's work. Sounds like Moo.

I hope someone does just to see what lie she pulls out of her ass.

No. 637354

someone actually tipped enough to get "handbra" and you could see one pepperoni a few times.

No. 637356


Watch how pissed they’ll get when they realize they won’t be able to see anything.

No. 637357

File: 1549431869138.jpg (361.64 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190205-224309_Sam…)

I'll swallow your soul!

No. 637359

>goes with the F21 DBZ top …again
I underestimated it showing anything but really..

No. 637361

And so ends the Camversity Saga.

Well that was boring as shit.

No. 637362

File: 1549432823274.jpg (76.98 KB, 1417x800, ugh2.jpg)

Baymax gets clean

No. 637363

If this bitch ever changes streaming services, are we still going to use this thread if she ever jumps back on Twitch?

No. 637364

Couple little slips but nothing too special that stream

No. 637380

She's not from any of those places though, so it's a non-issue.

She's a pale-skinned, caucasian-featured, American-born girl whose only language is English. She's white.

No. 637383


Idk anon she looks pretty middle eastern to me. Esp the try-hard ones that constantly try and look as western as possible in an attempt to deny their ethnicity. Something tells me before she was loud and proud of her arabness for brownie points, she'd vehemently deny her middle easterness and say she was only italian.

No. 637400

This isn't new to anyone but me, but it just fell into my head like an Acme anvil: she refuses to display her own nipples publicly in these streams, yet openly displayed Kay Bear's without permission in a public bathroom. Those two specific facts have never lined up to me until now, and it genuinely made me feel nauseated. She doesn't merely have predatory instincts when around other peoples' bodies, she sets different standards for her own, which should tell all of her current "friends" one important thing: an obese sex offender thinks she's better than you! You're just squeeze toys.

Sorry for the long-winded and obvious shit, but I've never quite analyzed how fucked up it actually is when the specifics are sifted. But then again, you have to be a hypocrite to function as a human after gross misdeeds, so my comment is doubly obvious.

No. 637434

I can't tell if you're a newfag or an oldfag being obtuse for no reason.

No. 637688

Wtf I knew she packed on weight but that much??? Yikes

No. 638358

Has anyone upload last stream yet?

No. 794769


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