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No. 633783

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>624352

Website: https://momokuncosplay.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/644215
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/snow/705676
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>Has received 2+ lipo and coolsculpting sessions and in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet (and weight loss teas)
>Is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>Rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty (See the myOppa Red Riding Hood drama)
>Claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set and are all posted on IG
>Has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>Despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>Likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>Professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, makes controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but won't accept ever being in the wrong
>Preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. Surrounds herself with yes man and declares anything else a "witch hunt"
>Momokun has been proven to be a sexual predator, has assaulted multiple people in order to bully and assert dominance over them. Refuses to take responsibility for it, tries to pin it on her attention deficit disorder and both her and her lackey Vamp have publicly mocked her victims

>tried to expose car decal shop "spicyshrimp" for tracing costhot media for their merch, forgot she too steals properties for her own merch sales
>tried to cam after her coochie and nips were on full display to the internet, orbiters rage at her lack of nudity (her back tits grew 6 times that day)
>Moo tried to buy a pair of ears silently before an auction went up (for 400 USD). Seller is new to auctioning and she convinced them to sell it to her. Others noticed then called the seller and Moo out. Moo tried to bid again but lost once the auction went up again.
>going to lewd Platelet from Cell At Work
>tries to flex and asks for names of the victims whose cars were involved in the mass arson attack
>Friendship ended with Meitu, Picsart is now Moo's best friend
>Went to see the new DBZ movie 6 or 7 times
>girlonthemoonpro (mysterious new "photographer") is suspected to be just Moo's tripod. Discovering this speculation, Moo forces a young girl to make a out of context "greeting" in the account's instastory. No further updates have occurred.
>Thrall, paypig of the century, was pissed at Moo that a mysterious rep from CamV tried to contact him in hopes of reimbursing him the money he tipped Moo. Another rep he talked said they did no such thing and to trust her word was "his fault". Moo scrambled to try to resolve it on stream. Since then Thrall announced it was "resolved" privately.
>wants to get ripped for Broly cosplay, has been meal prepping but fails to maintain a healthy diet that doesn't involve binge eating sweets. Claims she's still 220 lbs.
>SSSniperwolf hangs out with Moo. They mishandle a small Pom puppy and act annoying
>is apparently buying fake figures "for a video". WANTS TO EDUCATE THE MASSES ON FAKE AND REAL FIGURES MUH DUDES
>tries to sell a ~lewd photo~ for 1 dollar on Instagram, shares the uncensored version on her Reddit for free
>is followed by a creepy d00d at the gym, rants about wanting to kick his ass, deleted the ass kicking stories, then rants about not being a dick and stalking people. Realizing she might be docked points for being a molester and ranting this, she makes a long note about how she ~learned from her mistakes~ and is a ~changed woman~
Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban

No. 633797

Touching back on the rant she went on after she was supposedly creeped on at the gym, and how she turned it around in order to throw out her weightless claims about how she's a changed woman who inappropriately touched others…

A major reason why Mariah hasn't repeated her mistakes or habits is largely in part to the amount of people who have since distanced themselves from her. And for the unfortunate and/or desperate few that have stuck around, Mariah still acts aggressively. I keep thinking back to the Japan trips when Mariah was constantly trying to kiss Vamp on the mouth, all while Holly was filming footage to share for her fans. Mariah wanted to look like an authentic lesbian or bisexual, and she tried to put on a show at Vamp's expense, hoping to capitalize on Holly's horndog market.

No. 633849

>Cancelled stream claiming she needed to work on cosplay
>Ended up going to see the Broly movie for the umpteenth time
>Didn't even bother to continue her lie and flexed that she comissioned everything in IG stories

No. 633903

the quiet wig and the tifa wig are not the same wtf

No. 633907

95 percent of that information is false.

No. 633913

She isn't alluding to the fucking horse thing for christ sake. She was talking about the scene where she almost gets raped in the desert which is canon and has nothing to do with horses. Stop trying to say she was cosplaying the SFM. She wasnt.

No. 633943

What part of >>633849 is false?

No. 633950

The content in >>633849 looks pretty accurate to me. She was bragging about how she commissioned everything she plans to wear to Katsucon in recent IG stories. However, she cancelled or postponed Camversity appearances after claiming she had a ton of cosplay work to do. This was right around the time when she went shopping with Antares/Kat.

I'm hoping >>633849 was tagged by accident.

No. 633968

File: 1548822206928.jpg (183.21 KB, 720x586, 20190129_212141.jpg)

There's a live stream taking place. Check it out for a recap. She talks about KBBQ a little.

Also, she clearly got dressed up for the occasion:

No. 633969

Going by the stream right now it looks like cuck-sensei, whether he actually does lives with her or not, is going full-time on his tard wrangling gig.

Such a shame, it stops the milk in such an artificial way as he's not actually changing her perception of things, but finally teaching her to keep her turtle mouth shut. At least it only works sometimes, can't wait to see how she sabotages herself at Katsu this year.

No. 633973

File: 1548822828853.jpg (869.77 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190129_213238.jpg)

No. 633998

Good, her outside looks like her inside now.

No. 633999

Buckle up, she was a chatterbox on CamV tonight
(might include things people have said before this post. Apologies):
>says she's tired because she goes to the gym "super late", and just stays up early in the morning. Woke up at 3pm today
>tells chat that pirating media is bad but in the same breath says she pirates anime that she cannot find anywhere. Feels good buying license items from media she loves ((even though she just bought like 3 fake figures this week))
>thinks Saber is a godmode character that was given the "best plot armor" (was privileged since birth and in her adventures gaining weapons for combat), thinks it's stupid she was beat by Mordred. Called Fate/Zero's fight scenes "lackluster"
>talks about gym fiasco: Moo was doing the arms machine. Every machine she went to the ""creeper"" either sat next to her on the machine or across from her and doesn't work out. She moves, he follows, then she got uncomfortable. She moved again to another squat machine saying nothing and he moved again. She finally asked "can I help you?" and he walks away saying nothing. Described it as rude, creepy and uncomfortable. Said she usually smokes sativa before she goes to the gym and got really mad at the situation. Doesn't go during normal hours because she also gets asked for photos and guys try to spot her
>credits using the stairmaster for her "toned" thighs. Apparently does lifting for 1 hour then cardio. Can't run because her ~bewbs r 2 big~
>Someone asked advice about dieting and she said she's currently eating 3x 300 calorie meals a day. Drinks celery juice and eats the grounds on a empty stomach in the morning (Monster drinks are being replaced with this for energy, says she's following a study about this). In addition she eats 2 packets of oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter for breakfast. Hasn't had bread or pizza for a long time.
>doesn't like Fortnite or Minecraft, doesn't plan to cosplay from them, thinks they're targeted towards children
>would like to return to D&D games as a orc or a tifling. Says she did have a elf character in a past campaign (cosplayed her character two years ago) but she put too much effort into her game, didn't have a good character, wasn't consistent in showing up to the meetings and it's "not her thing".
>commented on the current drama regarding a costhot doing a graveyard photoshoot: said what she did was wrong but the girl shouldn't be berated for it. Said Kelly Eden did a Easter egg hunt in a cemetery and no one said anything about it so she doesn't understand the double standard people place with controversies.
>said she had to become her own PR firm with her own controversies because now she tries not to speak about stupid shit and care about other people.
>As >>633969 said, Sensei yelled at her about the flamethrower instastory, saying she had to be considerate of the neighbors and now she gets she had to be more self aware. Seems Sensei is "tard wrangling" in overtime.
>Touched on David/KBBQ for a bit. Credits SwimsuitSuccubus with the POV shoot idea, as she was doing it with her SO at the time. When David did the shoots with Moo, she was given positive feedback that made her self confidence grow. Was in a "non-exclusive relationship" with him. Credits him with making her cosplay armors/bits, said the rumors that came from their falling out were lies (assuming she meant the whole spray painting event, him being kicked from the internet via harassment, etc)
>Kept referring to David as "they" and "he" interchangeably
>Aside from David's positive words, her confidence was boosted with the liposuction on her stomach/legs. Advised someone who asked her about lipo in the chat to wait. Said the fat went to her arms and her "huge ass" as a result of eating like shit
>Admitted her father also had lipo on his stomach back in his builder days. Said a lot of cosplayers she knows also had lipo or work done in general but it's not her place to say. Doesn't believe in over excessive work being done as it's "problematic".
>commissioned artist jeyrablue to draw her OC MooMoo in a 90's style. jeyra didn't know she was Momokun due to Moo messaging her "on her personal account". Moo hoped jeyra didn't hate her.
>Measured herself on stream. Bicep is 16 inches, shoulder pit is 21 inches, couldn't measure back to waist, mid bust is 44 inches, waist is 37 (sitting down) ((Admittingly she said this number, didn't see the tape on camera so it might be wrong where the others were seen by me))
>Was measuring herself because she ordered a Goku jacket and the seller was shocked she was ordering such a big size
>Her hair is going to be dyed silver next

No. 634015

So what she's saying is to never use a stairmaster or you'll end up with gross thighs like hers? Understood, Mariah.

No. 634042

File: 1548834422503.png (1.12 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-01-29-23-31-59…)

>sensei gifts his tard with grouchy glasses

No. 634043

File: 1548834456788.png (1.2 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-01-29-23-36-11…)

No. 634045

File: 1548834574272.png (1.13 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-01-29-23-38-04…)

No. 634050

File: 1548835447920.png (3.56 MB, 1242x2208, 28E57061-B27B-40F4-8296-4F847B…)

The “90’s anime” inspired Moomoo piece she got commissioned. No offense to the artist but how exactly is this 90’s anime inspired? It looks pretty typical of what you’d find on DA.

No. 634051

I think what really happened at the gym was Moo has a rep for coming to the gym just to take videos for a half hour or more, not actually working out and hogging the machines. So the guy was like "… not her again, thought she finally left. Better keep an eye on her… wow she got bigger."
I don't think the guy left, I think he made HER leave the gym and that's why she's so mad

That's how it works at our gym anyway. Like you can take a quick selfie. But you can't ask strangers to take pics and videos of you on the equipment. It's distracting and not what the place is for.

No. 634052

Looks nothing like her. This is a lot closer to the Milk Party hentai.

The proportions are all wrong

No. 634053

samefag but I love how people reminded her the guy never actually touched her while she has aggressively touched and assaulted people and said it wasn't a big deal since they were "friends"

No. 634054

They probably went off the ref sheet Mariah got from the other artist and not her actual photos. But yes, the proportions are still waaaaay off. Plus, it’s stiff AF. I wonder why Mariah went to her specifically to get it done since the artist’s gallery is more or less the same kinda generic anime style done at a pretty amateur level. I’m willing to bet no self respecting skilled artist will accept work from her considering her reputation.

No. 634058

File: 1548836940104.jpeg (645.04 KB, 1242x2072, 81387C32-BECD-4754-AB8C-F87D7D…)

Tinfoiling but I think it was our cow that “bought out” this auction “pet play” set. We all know how much our cow loves to secretly buy out products. “Anonymous buyer” my ass

No. 634060

File: 1548837009065.jpeg (487.36 KB, 1242x2044, E6C5A905-3175-401A-BA7E-AE9B80…)

No. 634061

File: 1548837033177.jpeg (360.41 KB, 1242x2070, 020DC6DD-139F-48FB-B319-8C9F10…)

No. 634065

File: 1548840734100.png (517.26 KB, 720x1049, Screenshot_2019-01-30-01-28-17…)

>20 dollars for a 1 minute video
>hand up to face to probably hid remote for camera
I think anon is up to something

No. 634066

File: 1548840827783.png (422 KB, 720x1206, Screenshot_2019-01-30-01-29-41…)

No. 634067

Christ, I've seen cam girls charge less for more

No. 634069

>>634065 Whoa. Hold up.

Is this bitch really charging that much money for videos that aren't any longer than 4 minutes in length? What the hell happened to the 30 minute video she promised if she eclipsed 1,200 Patreon members?

How is this bitch going to pretend she lifts for an hour per gym visit, yet can't sustain 30 minutes of aerobics in a video she was supposed to deliver on?

No. 634070

I've never seen anyone price out a video like this before. And of course it's not 30 minutes, that would have required actual work and research to write out a 30 minute scenario with multiple scenes that didn't end in nudity. I wonder how pissed patrons who signed up for a thirty minute video are gonna be now that they have to pay $50 for 4 minutes.

No. 634071

File: 1548842159829.png (134 KB, 720x712, Screenshot_2019-01-30-01-45-59…)

Bishoujomom unfollowed Moo

No. 634072

File: 1548842184864.png (153 KB, 708x736, Screenshot_2019-01-30-01-51-34…)

No. 634074

File: 1548842416625.png (206.09 KB, 720x960, Screenshot_2019-01-30-01-54-52…)

No. 634075

File: 1548842498507.png (120.11 KB, 720x791, Screenshot_2019-01-30-01-59-09…)

Yo this chick crazy

No. 634076

>>634071 Surprised she stuck around for as long as she did. Prior to the wolf/Red Riding Hood collaboration, Bishoujomom was very outspoken about how rotten Moo was.

No. 634077

File: 1548842587249.png (135.06 KB, 720x862, Screenshot_2019-01-30-01-59-27…)

No. 634079

File: 1548842810168.png (117.97 KB, 720x857, Screenshot_2019-01-30-01-59-42…)

No. 634080

File: 1548842887749.png (66.37 KB, 720x489, Screenshot_2019-01-30-01-59-53…)

No. 634082

File: 1548843030195.png (101.99 KB, 720x662, Screenshot_2019-01-30-02-09-45…)

No. 634083

Yeah, sure, flex about how much it costed you, Moo.

No. 634084

I don't know why she's bringing up any of this shit. She obviously filmed this by herself. Most of her shit is bought from China. Hell even the photo attached to this post has her God damn cat in the background and Christmas stockings up, she couldn't even shell some for a more convincing workout back drop.
Also I like how she doesn't acknowledge the comment asking what she means by very lewd and NSFW because she knows she's trying to rip off all her thirsty followers.

No. 634085

File: 1548843329869.png (152.95 KB, 720x826, Screenshot_2019-01-30-02-11-45…)


No. 634086

File: 1548843396225.png (459.83 KB, 720x1062, Screenshot_2019-01-30-02-11-57…)

Not going to download all of them but yeesh

No. 634087

File: 1548843417421.png (474.33 KB, 720x1122, Screenshot_2019-01-30-02-12-17…)

No. 634088

File: 1548843490968.png (490.07 KB, 720x1031, Screenshot_2019-01-30-02-12-24…)

No. 634089

File: 1548843535412.jpg (20.38 KB, 720x412, FB_IMG_1548843185315.jpg)

No. 634090

what is wrong with her face in that first pic, something looks off, but i can't quite put my finger on it

No. 634091

Does that say "Best of Kawaii Music Mix 2017 Sweet Cute Electronic Moe Music Anime Kawaii Future Bass"
did she take a random youtube mix for this

No. 634092

She frequently trolls Youtube for the music, anon. You are correct

No. 634093

It's probably the camera lens, focal length changes face shape quite a bit. Her white eye make up also makes her eyes look way further apart than they are.

No. 634103

More than likely when she references the Trans person she's referencing David if she's using the term they in addressing him. Go figure since he used to crossplay especially in maid outfits. Her not cosplaying Fortnite is bullshit, she collaborated with Overtflow and Jinx which Jinx is the black guy who got a content cop by Idubbz. She was the purple bear for a day. Overall her situation with KBBQ is her fault and her current situation with Sense is just a wrangling a tard with money

No. 634108

File: 1548851995785.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 7985FA57-B6F1-4679-BE38-C14C26…)

She’s beauty she’s grace

No. 634110

For anyone who thinks Tattoo-kun is going to keep a muzzle on Mariah's mouth, look no further than >>634075. All the celery smoothies in the world aren't going to prevent her from clapping back and incriminating herself.

No. 634111

moo's got an outer orca too.(Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban)

No. 634119

Even when bent over that ass is flat! LOL(Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban)

No. 634120

File: 1548857070154.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1242x2195, 70F4C568-78EB-4C9D-9CBA-A5E699…)

It’s worth mentioning that in this story she’s chasing food thrown at her on to the floor

Also, she’s now crying about how her two cats looked at her. Says she was going to the gym until that happened

No. 634124

>>634065 I'm going by the assumption you meant on to something, instead of up to something in order to bring up an issue I have with what she says in

How is she going to pretend she's saving the economy by throwing lucrative amounts of money at photographers, when she clearly relies on Tripod-san, remote devices, and timers for her photo sets?

I get that she spends a lot of cash on commissions, but whenever she talks about paying photographers well, I shake my head in disgust.

No. 634125

She bought a $500 fireplace and a ton of xmas decor claiming she's using them for shoots, but only ended up using them for her shitty xmas Lucoa tripod shoot only. She's unwilling to shell out for better backdrop for shoots, rather she buys stuff she wants and justifies them using ~for cosplay guiz~ as she flexes, same with the so called "Japanese onsen" that's just a jacuzzi with a bamboo table and fake bonsai.

She's so stingy when it comes to cosplay, unless she wants to flex, then she chooses the most expensive option ever, which means being overcharged by shitty commissioners (like Cunt Forestry).

No. 634126

I fully agree and she is definitely overcharging for this shit. Either she's hurting for money, completely fucking delusional about how much her flat wobbly ass is worth or both. It's insane how much she charges for just a LITTLE amount of effort. A dog puts more effort into their poop pose than she does into her photoshoots.

No. 634128

People continue to buy it..that's the sad part.

No. 634131

File: 1548861297568.jpg (192.45 KB, 750x1256, ohlawdshecomin.jpg)


No. 634133

File: 1548861390881.jpeg (487.23 KB, 750x1017, 07FB2EB5-16D5-4FF8-8ECC-D269F1…)

Caption. 218?

No. 634134

She definitely shooped that ass reflection.
Also if she didn't want it to be posted, she coulda taken another photo. Honneeeyy.

No. 634135

ok Mariah
>sucking it in hard
>tee hee forgot my ass was still in the pic~

No. 634138

She definitely did cause we all know what her true ass looks like and it's fucking flatter than Onision's humor.

I really can't understand why she can't even do something with her hair when she takes ugly selfies like this. Is brushing your hair too much fucking effort, Mariah? Really?

No. 634139

It looks like she's about to puke she's sucking in so hard. She looks more like 250 then 218.

No. 634140

the pink towel def looks warped, and her right side looks completely wonky too. shes getting sloppy with hiding her shopping

No. 634141

File: 1548862073765.png (Spoiler Image, 188.58 KB, 506x485, Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 10.2…)

Dafaq is happening here? Also in the mirror behind her you can see how much effort she's putting into posing, like her balancing on her heel, her shoulders so far back they are about to dislocate, and of course the shooped butt reflection.

No. 634142

File: 1548862258065.jpg (700.59 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190130-092912_Ins…)

Cant even wash her damn forks. Laziness lvl.100.

No. 634143

Spoiler that pleasee

No. 634145

lbr as soon as she puts a brush in that birds nest it's gonna crumble, which makes it even funnier that she's going to attempt going silver again
Did she really not learn from the first time?

No. 634146

File: 1548862543547.png (7.57 MB, 1125x2436, 22FA21A5-2E88-483F-8D65-27891B…)

I actually think this is kind of sad. She knows none of hard fans care about her face so she puts absolutely no effort into looking good

No. 634149

Mariah needs some damn hobbies. Who even takes as many selfies as she does? Who has time for that? Adults usually have jobs, hobbies, taking care of pets, playing with them, doing tons of other things… and then there's Mariah who does absolutely nothing but takes photos and instastories. I wish her "sensei" would teach her to get a job or a hobby.

Who's even surprised that she's too lazy to wash her own dishes. She's too lazy to wash her body and clothes.

No. 634151

Most likely trying for that "cute messy" look coz she totally just woke up, anon!


Okay forgetting for a minute that she really is that kind of person who wouldn't wash her dishes until they're taking over the kitchen
Is there really something wrong with using a fandom set of baby chopsticks?? Like, people use them for all their meals? It's a legitimate piece of cutlery. You don't need to try to cover the fact you're a weeb moo, isn't that kind of your burando?

No. 634176

YIKES why is her head so fuvking Small this bitch is so fucking weird looking. I would almost cause this of shoop but that’s just how whack her proportions are. Soon she’s gonns be one of those ladies who develope fat on their neck so they have no collarbone definition. She’ll really look like turtle then. I’ll give it a month or two for that to happen.(Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban)

No. 634203

File: 1548871022342.jpeg (206.02 KB, 750x1045, 10040EAD-FD56-4AE5-AA28-75E3B4…)

I’ve got a few nasty clapbacks I saw yesterday that I didn’t see posted here. These first two are her sperging over the fact that someone said she shouldn’t cosplay a female version of Broly


No. 634204

File: 1548871043890.jpeg (295.71 KB, 750x1118, 6FAB57E1-9951-4D35-829E-6C9406…)

No. 634206

File: 1548871128619.jpeg (293.22 KB, 750x1113, F7D47D05-ADCB-416C-A93B-074841…)

Here she is berating someone for watching the Broly movie for free ….. I have no words for this one honestly. Maybe just “hypocrite”

No. 634208

File: 1548871240044.jpeg (180.33 KB, 750x583, 0BDCB697-9C3C-4E74-89C6-F70609…)

And just a bonus, classic clapback that isn’t remotely necessary since she gets comments like this 24/7 and should just fucking ignore them and be a professional but we know she’ll never do that

No. 634250


Someone isn't listening to Sensei

No. 634255

File: 1548875535855.jpg (156.4 KB, 751x751, GIL6781.jpg)

No. 634256

File: 1548875578656.png (Spoiler Image, 523.07 KB, 500x750, post_file (3).png)

No. 634257

File: 1548875618321.png (Spoiler Image, 23.69 KB, 422x288, 5.png)

Did only half of these.

No. 634258

File: 1548875654137.png (Spoiler Image, 441.75 KB, 500x750, post_file (4).png)

Didn't mean to spoiler >>634257

No. 634259

File: 1548875687720.png (24.2 KB, 426x378, 6.png)

'new photographer'

No. 634260

She basically gave a fridge and pantry tour and it's convinced me this diet is going to fail. It's all really healthy stuff which is fine but most people aren't capable of sticking to a drastic switch and keeping with it. Usually you should ease into it. And at her weight she can lose it healthily in like 6-12 months, but she's claiming she's eating 3x300 calorie meals on top of working out giving her a unhealthy deficit (you shouldn't drop below 1200 typically). It's just set up like every New year's resolution ever. There's no moderation, she thinks either eat normally (excessive) or eat the bare minimum. I wouldn't doubt she got this mentality from her dad, so it might just be the only way she knows.

No. 634261

File: 1548875718411.png (638.8 KB, 520x750, post_file (5).png)

"Dec 29, 2018 at 12:10am

Mama Raikou will be joining us!
So already started ordering fabrics and what not for my best mom <3 I have so many lewd ideas…"

No. 634262

File: 1548875746706.png (723.17 KB, 750x742, post_file (6).png)

Already spoilered..?

No. 634263

File: 1548875779079.png (Spoiler Image, 500.05 KB, 500x750, post_file (7).png)

No. 634264

She's too stupid for words. They weren't the ones who uploaded, they only watched it. That's not fucking stealing Mariah, you can't steal with your eyes, dumbass.

No. 634265

File: 1548875927891.png (482.01 KB, 750x500, post_file (9).png)

You fucking called it. She is posting about this company on Patreon. Keeping her sniped auctions secret.

No. 634266

File: 1548875978050.png (Spoiler Image, 226.55 KB, 347x750, variety.png)

All that variety.

No. 634267

Every time I see this slampig all I can think of is how much I'd like to eat her ass then fuck it hard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 634268

File: 1548876008703.png (Spoiler Image, 445.39 KB, 750x500, post_file (12).png)

This is her new sig pose. She can hide her stomach.

No. 634269

File: 1548876035086.png (Spoiler Image, 458.67 KB, 501x750, post_file (2).png)


No. 634271

File: 1548876075727.png (Spoiler Image, 356.79 KB, 415x516, 1.png)

She is too lazy to do real shoots so she keeps recycling old sets to give out because she can't get shit done.

No. 634273

File: 1548876120220.png (1.4 MB, 853x1280, YaVxu0tM.png)

No. 634274

File: 1548876147282.jpeg (135.77 KB, 1280x853, aUOZzMsJ.jpeg)

No. 634275

File: 1548876153965.jpg (923.33 KB, 1080x2220, 20190130_132217.jpg)

Remember tho guys, she doesnt drink.

No. 634276

It's the only pose she knows how to do now. I wonder who keeps telling her that she has an invisible ass.

No. 634277

File: 1548876284057.jpg (Spoiler Image, 499.68 KB, 1240x1650, Facetune_15-11-2018-20-02-44.j…)

So.. She is posting some sets without links, so I have to save all the images one by one. Should I not [its about 7] or does anyone have a good place where Moo can't report the images being uploaded?

No. 634280

File: 1548876397266.jpeg (93.6 KB, 853x1280, 0qpyBy77.jpeg)

No. 634282

Ugh she needs to get her ass crack bleached or get better butt wipes. You can practically smell her from here(emoji)

No. 634283

Her body looks like a penis

No. 634292

She does NOT give over 100 images. Someone count her sets for this month and her selfies aren't many either and again, her January selfie dropbox is empty and discarded. This bitch won't hold fast to anything and always gets rid of content before everyone paying for it can get access.

No. 634296

File: 1548877466114.jpg (758.25 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190130_124329.jpg)

Nothing shopped here(emoji)

No. 634297

Had to compress the video. Sorry for the quality. https://my.mixtape.moe/andvbr.mp4

No. 634299

File: 1548877823779.png (558.96 KB, 688x750, post_file (10).png)

Meant to drop this

No. 634300

Ive said before, she NO LONGER posts most of her sets on her timeline. She sends them out the next month, when everyone can be charged a second time because she's a greedy cunt, before she sends this shit out in DM.

No. 634301

File: 1548877994700.jpg (Spoiler Image, 427.16 KB, 1240x1653, Facetune_15-11-2018-17-44-17.j…)


No. 634302

File: 1548878021434.jpg (Spoiler Image, 510.02 KB, 1240x1650, Facetune_15-11-2018-20-05-00.j…)



No. 634303

File: 1548878091045.jpg (Spoiler Image, 439.28 KB, 1240x1653, Facetune_15-11-2018-20-05-43.j…)

nvm just the last one the others are all just her sitting on a stool back to the camera all the same looking photos

No. 634308


Eh..to be fair that's akin to saying you don't carbonated drinks, only ginger ale. Yes it has alcohol in it, but that's so on the low end it's literally something 15 year olds drink lol.

No. 634309

This is the strangest body shape I have ever seen …. also this angle makes her look like an amputee. This is such horrible content honestly

No. 634311


Haha the top of her crack looks like it's fused together because of all the blurring.

No. 634317

File: 1548878701710.jpg (684.05 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190130-120424_Ins…)

After she screamed at an instageam user about her stuff NEVER being late

No. 634323

File: 1548878929565.png (629.38 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-01-30-12-03-17…)

No. 634324

File: 1548878968523.png (1.17 MB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2019-01-30-12-03-32…)

Wore the same bra from last night

No. 634326

File: 1548879008605.png (1.01 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-01-30-12-04-34…)

Is buying her meals from a gym I assume

No. 634328

Its a bra and so many women wear the same one for days on end, some weeks. Thats such a nitpick. Unless you sweat uncontrollably, its just a nitpick.

No. 634329

Is her account down again or is that just me

No. 634331

No. 634333

Anon… she's been going to the gym, of course it's filthy from sweat.

With that being said though, it's old milk cause we've known this for a very long time. She has always slept in her gym clothes and refuses to bathe after working out cause she's a lazy sack of shit.

No. 634337


oh look the video she was making (I think) in her camversity part 1 days. still sucks.

No. 634342

The food chasing event happened MONTHS ago. That was not in the same night.

No. 634343

File: 1548879650758.jpg (828.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-151736_Ins…)

Is kaybear still friends with moomoo after being sexually assaulted by her or is moo stalking her?

No. 634344

Was released just in December. Lol.

No. 634345

Moo bought kaybear at ears before. This is the second or third time.

No. 634348

File: 1548879920036.png (Spoiler Image, 584.85 KB, 720x1196, Capture _2019-01-30-14-17-01.p…)

"Nothing shopped here" you blind? You're comparing altered images to altered images, try using screen grabs from her streams instead

No. 634351

File: 1548880263152.png (120.52 KB, 720x861, Screenshot_2019-01-30-12-26-51…)

Anon used sarcasm. Calm down.

No. 634352

File: 1548880309020.png (113 KB, 720x858, Screenshot_2019-01-30-12-27-32…)

I wonder if when she uses Sativa she gives us more content

No. 634353

File: 1548880324968.png (84.02 KB, 720x545, Screenshot_2019-01-30-12-27-51…)

No. 634355

wow so much positivity, i'm so impressed with her journey of becoming a better person

No. 634358

I wouldn't say its sniped since the person had a buyout option. Moo is just an idiot thats too eager to drop money on useless shit.

No. 634359

Wait are we literally getting Christmas sets at the end of January?! Fucking lmaoooo

No. 634361

So why is MOmo pretending her shitty cellphone selfies and at home videos worth anything? they aren't masterpieces. She's the only one who thinks selfies that take a minute to snap are worth jack shit

No. 634365

Anon, this is heavy liquifying in Photoshop…

No. 634366

before I enlarged this I thought someone was trolling and shrunk her head from another picture. She's so obese and she thinks cool sculpting and getting lipo done on her mid section is going to make her look less obese(nitpick)

No. 634369

Maybe if it's so obvious you have to question whether I'm blind, you should consider that I am also aware of it. I made the post to point out that she is clearly shopping her pics. Don't worry, sometimes sarcasm is hard to convey through text.

No. 634370

File: 1548881100475.jpg (510.63 KB, 1206x821, uhm.jpg)

Not sure if this counts as fat wank or not, but I feel like we need to discuss this?? Even if she wasn't fat and she was squeezing herself into something obviously too small for her, this would still look fucking horrendous. And she okayed this??? She saw the finished product and didn't think twice???

No. 634371

ever since she started "dieting" a year ago she gained nearly 100 pounds. Who is she fooling with this?

No. 634373

doesn't she go to her own hate posts in groups that obviously hate them… just to make fun of them too? Sit down Moo

No. 634374

We have seen on her stories she eats out at least once a day. The celery diet shit just proves she has no idea how to diet. She probably takes a bite of celery and decides it's enough and she needs to give herself a treat

No. 634378

She at that, then an hour later ate out again. She has the same eating habits as Amber Lynn

No. 634393

that looks more like 2010 anime than 90's anime.

No. 634396

this is clearly a joke, i was under the assumption that the "no weight comments" applied to nitpicky sperging rather than obvious jokes, but whatever. mods seem pretty autistic anyway :^)(:^))

No. 634398

ikr like no normal person drinks celery juice. what would even be the point!

No. 634401

>>634370 I think Mariah was insecure whenever she was wearing this. A few weeks ago, Miso Tokki was trying to get Mariah to accompany her to ALA, so that they could dress up as these Darkstalkers characters. Mariah pretended she'd consider the offer, and then she pulled out at the very end, because she's all bark and no bite at cons.

But the laughable irony here is that Mariah once dressed up as Lilith and attended a con with NanaSushiBear, who was Morrigan. Reports from Nana indicate that Mariah was bragging about lipo around that time, though I can't remember if it was slightly before, during, or after the con. Nonetheless, Mariah was being a selfish, inconsiderate bitch, and now Mariah decides not to serve as the Morrigan to Miso Tokki's Lilith.

Full fucking circle. Afraid to get shit on by a Lilith cosplayer, because that's exactly what she did to Nana.

No. 634402

Yuh like most people who eat healthy consume things to keep the hunger away like salmon, apples, grains, nuts, berries, sweet potatoes, whatever man.
I've never once seen Momo eat a normal home cooked meal of brown rice, a lean meat and a side of veggies.

No. 634403

>>634401 Doublepost.

I don't think Tokki would shit on her. Tokki would look like Miss Universe standing next to Mariah, however. But the fans would take notice of the size increase.

When's the last time Mariah made a public appearance at an event while in costume? AEX?

It's no wonder why she hides behind the excuse that she likes to cosplay in private with friends. She knows no one wants to see her stomping down the pavement looking like a kaiju monster.

No. 634405

Plus candid shots scare the shit out of her. Sure she regularly posts herself looking like garbage. But she still edits them with filters and such. Someone snapping a candid of her wearing what she squeezed into and has to be heavily altered for public viewing? And still looks like hot dog shit? I'd wager she has nightmares about them. Remember how rough ChiChi candids were? And that was a year ago

No. 634407

File: 1548884656522.png (509.68 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-01-30-13-40-25…)

Its easier for someone to live in their hugbox than to go out on reality and face it

No. 634408

File: 1548884680130.png (752.24 KB, 720x1048, Screenshot_2019-01-30-13-40-38…)

No. 634413

She’s starting to look like papa moo in drag.

No. 634421


It’s that and a combination of it being abundantly clear that she isn’t wanted around anymore. She is completely despised in the community and anyone with any dignity or self-respect practically go out of their way to avoid her now. She can’t even fake invites anymore since the second she vaguely mentions being associated with something, that company is immediately bombarded with tweets asking why they would associate with someone like her or all her dirty laundry get brought back up again. And it becomes a huge embarrassment when it turns out she was lying the whole time and she has to come up with some bullshit excuse for why “Its not what you thought it was and it was your fault for assuming, but you were too busy hating me to realize it”.

So now she is stuck living her worst nightmare having to hide in the corner along with all the other no names and praying that no one snaps a photo of her or she’ll end up on the front page of the internet yet again with everyone roasting her.

No. 634454

How long to Katsu again?

No. 634463

16 days, according to the site

No. 634505


No. 634524


Did she release her lineup? I'm going to Katsu and can't wait to spectate the milk

No. 634548

Bowsette, Caster, Cattleya from Evergarden and Tamamo no Mae is her Katsucon lineup

No. 634576

I thought of something- you know who else acts like Moo? Trisha Paytas. They have the same body type (post surgery), constantly binge eat, suck up to famous people for a seat on the gravy train, blow their money on stupid shit, and share their horrifying boobs to the public. Sage for slightly OT(newfaggotry)

No. 634577

Moo idolizes Trisha and Jenna Marbles (aside from Jeffree Star).

No. 634579

Huh, small world.

No. 634585

File: 1548901873604.png (1.5 MB, 738x773, f.PNG)

I know we're talking about how we can't wait for her appearance at Katsucon, but I know for a fact she'll be too scared to leave her hotel room the whole time.

Please don't tell me this was made by her… why can't she spend some of her money on hiring a legit graphic designer and cut out 3 of the 10 meals she has a day?

I don't know how she manages to look filthy even when taking a bath. Might be her only true talent.

No. 634586

Now that's an abomoonable snowman.

No. 634595

File: 1548903132325.png (959.02 KB, 720x1154, Screenshot_2019-01-30-18-48-39…)

Wow eating out. Again.

No. 634596

File: 1548903159451.png (821.95 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-01-30-18-48-56…)

Same Brandon. Same.

No. 634616

it's 2019 and she's starting off this salty for no reason.

No. 634621

If she's still eating out this often what's the point of her meal preps? I don't know how good Sensei is at tard wrangling or if he'll be doing anything at all, but she's definitely going to pig out because she started off eating too small proportions for her, and she'll justify it as a "cheat day".

No. 634625

I think Vamps or her cousin say "lets have dinner" and that means eat out. You would think the people closest to her would also help her control her ability to go out and eat.

No. 634626

Who is leisure and why is she paying their bills?

No. 634631

oh man, that comment is gold rofl

No. 634633

And today is the 15th anniversary of the Fate series. I'm surpised that she hasn't mentioned a damn thing about it.

No. 634638

That tree makes its look like she has a ballsack
Good job moo

No. 634644

File: 1548914379852.png (1.07 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-01-30-21-54-47…)

>Goku and Broly came in, alongside the fur for her Broly pelt

No. 634645

File: 1548914409837.png (663.08 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-01-30-21-55-02…)

No. 634646

File: 1548914538454.png (1.07 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-01-30-21-55-18…)

No. 634656

Yeah no shit anon, that’s why I replied to one post and then follow up with “also, NOW” while posting story updates. Work on some reading comprehension.

Wasn’t this the shoot that she was supposed to shoot with someone (it wasn’t vamp I don’t think?) and ended up “feeling sick” right after she shot her solo shots and bailed on the pair shots?

No. 634665

It was Vamp.

No. 634674

File: 1548918374973.png (620.44 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-01-30-23-00-04…)

No. 634675

File: 1548918451854.png (614.69 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-01-30-23-00-11…)

Guzma was hanging out near the banister upstairs so Sensei decides to join him

No. 634682

He’s gonna break his fucking neck. Only someone half brain dead already could stand to hang out with Mariah as much as he does but this says so much about both him and the kind of friend Mariah is to let people do this in her fucking house. (Not only out their nasty ass feet on her shit but also let her friend’s risk their lives for this stupid shit)

No. 634684

Or if he broke it in a house she RENTS. Like wtf. Thats like some not knowing they are renting to a bunch of destructive college kids because they play it off like they are mature.

No. 634686


Goes to show that Mariah will never truly evolve or change if she thinks Tattoo-kun epitomizes what it takes to be a mature, respectable adult. Seems like she's more likely to rub off on him, rather than the other way around. It's only a matter of time before he starts making frivolous purchases and begins screaming into his phone during IG stories.

No. 634687

>>634686 Samefag. This guy had the audacity to get on Mariah's ass over a flame thrower, but he has no objections to acting like a complete jackass if fire hazards aren't involved.

No. 634691

File: 1548922194452.png (626.52 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-01-31-00-08-06…)

Sensei hits Moo

No. 634692

File: 1548922225582.png (117.51 KB, 720x619, Screenshot_2019-01-31-00-06-40…)

Changed her profile

No. 634699

Ugh gross. I don't want to run into her at the fate event….

No. 634701

Whats the bet she wont go? Surely shes aware how hated she is in the fate community

No. 634702

Back to buying more followers too it seems.
There's no way she spiked that high so recently, last I saw her numbers they were still in the 510K?

No. 634714

File: 1548928759472.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 857.95 KB, 1242x1776, 2BABE410-2D8B-4848-A401-727C6A…)

This is a bit off topic but Sofia Sivan has the figure Mariah thinks she has but doesn’t. I’m sure she’s gotten lipo on her stomach too but takes good care of herself. Her moo is a thousand times better than Mariah’s Jesus lol(no1curr)

No. 634717

eh, still looks like some very obvious photo shopping, but whatever

No. 634719

god i hope she does go, i'm starved for the milk we can only get when she interacts with people in real life

No. 634721

Dude is literally always there now. Even in the early morning. I think speculation he doesn't live with her can end now.

No. 634726


Harsh mod. I was tying a line because they have similar body types and being a cow girl is Moos OC. No need to ban me.(ban evasion and no1curr about Sofia Sivan on Moo's thread.)

No. 634743

It's way off topic and contributes nothing to the thread, unless it's obvious that Moo copies her (same design, samw cosplay line-up etc.) then there's no point to mentioning some other costhot.

Ban evading is also against the rules.

Buying a katana for no fucking reason. Is that a prop? She really is a female neckbeard.

No. 634779

File: 1548944275338.png (742.06 KB, 720x1024, Screenshot_2019-01-31-06-16-59…)

No. 634780

Moo is flexing on all these animal-ear stores and acting like she's been collecting them for ages when really she's only started doing it recently because Kay and a few others wear them, she even bought 7 or so of the same Tamamo ears to flash how much money she has

No. 634805

Good luck with that, since she probably doesn't fit the dress anymore.

No. 634806

Katana is probably for Raikou.

No. 634815

Her forest-kun will make sure she fits.

No. 634816

She has so many followers and still puts out shit like this like it’s safe and okay? “Oh I nearly went blind POWER THROUGH” fuck off

No. 634827

File: 1548958676617.jpg (18.29 KB, 371x318, th.jpg)


"Waaaah! F-fuck you I do what I want!" Damn, she's so manic that she's turning into Cartman.

There's no way she wasn't spoiled as a kid. She probably got everything she wanted just by screaming and stomping her feet.

Man, I love when Sensei isn't around to tard-wrangle.

No. 634828

File: 1548959246182.gif (3.99 MB, 320x591, 20190129_205331.gif)

(From a previous Instagram story.)
Her cat probably likes to steal all her underwear because it smells strongly like fish lol

No. 634829

It's been mentioned a lot, but her parents had to get her a cake as well on her sister's birthday, you can still see it now, when someone has something she has to have it too

No. 634832

File: 1548960596434.jpg (143.73 KB, 680x498, imageedit_2_8955988038.jpg)

The smell of infection.

No. 634836

Such a cutie cat

No. 634838

I'm sorry but she looks SO MUCH like akidearest in this post with the saggy jawline.

No. 634846

File: 1548966423904.png (777.7 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-01-31-12-25-12…)

No. 634850

Another problem is the idiots following. Tbh, its stupid to say its mostly hate follows. Legit people like how she looks and other people see how many likes she has and likes based off that alone because they are following who everyone else is. Not to mention the crappy endorsement s4s shit.

No. 634851

So this is off topic, but has she mentioned Jaeda at all in the last few months? The only cats she posts about seem to be Guzma and the ew black cat she has.

No. 634856

She tossed her around in a recent CamV stream and that was about it from what I’ve noticed.

No. 634859

File: 1548968310798.png (4.85 MB, 1125x2436, 7E9E696E-688F-4329-B5CF-99D933…)

Those tights are barely holding on… yikes.

No. 634863

When cucks throw money at you just to waddle around in a too-small bikini, life is just one big, stupid flex.

I don't think EITHER of her corsets fit her anymore, ergo the crash diet and manic workouts. Be on the lookout for a heart-shaped blob of fat sticking up through her clothing at Katsu, the Morriham corset is the bigger of the two.

No. 634865

Didn't somebody mention upthread that many of Moo's followers are foreign neckbeards from places like India?

No. 634870

They're literally tearing- look at the huge runs on the top hems.

Why doesn't she just buy things in the correct size? Denial? Pride? Laziness? If she has the money to buy overpriced felt glued to a headband, she has the money to get shit that fits.

Also I'm no expert, but the shibari looks sloppy? Like its too loose in some places and too tight in others.

No. 634882

I'm curious how long he'll last. She's gonna go out of her way to try and fuck him. So how long until he's too uncomfortable and dips?

No. 634883

Denial, plus she thinks it "looks hot" because in her hentai/animes, girls that wear undersized clothes/tight clothing is attractive (if you're into that.)

She also blows money on pointless things it seems.

No. 634898

I don’t think commenting on her size should warrant a ban. Considering she’s getting larger and larger every day I think it’s a valid thing to comment about. Especially after she shamed people constantly for their size when they cosplayed. Also I’m pretty sure she’s now too big to be able to get lipo, tinfoiling but perhaps she’s trying to work out now out of nowhere to get back down to a size she can be lipod at. Mods please re-think this weight ban.

No. 634899

And i don’t think it should warrant a “no contribution” ban considering she’s still lying about her weight. It’s all worth mentioning when it comes to this cow. It’s all milk. And isn’t that what we’re thirsting for?

No. 634900

It has more to do with people putting their personal body size and betting it against Moo's. That and countless anons fighting over 'her real weight'. We have no proof of a real weight aside from a timeline haphazardly put together and we aren't even sure if those are even correct at the time she declared those weights.

No. 634901

Okay, thanks for the clarification, I thought everyone was getting banned for solely commenting on her weight. Thank you!

No. 634902


Also, she's gonna show her face at Katsu knowing how much everyone hates her?

No. 634903

She’s probably gonna do what she does with every con, ghost the outside without a badge then cop one for 2 hours so she can “prove us wrong” about her never buying badges

No. 634904

not to wk but i think that's a fetish thing rather than laziness

No. 634908

she's either lying or exaggerating. that would be an insane amount of pain and any normal person would just get the contact out.. because they're not retarded like Moo.

No. 634910

That and ripped contacts don’t necessarily cause a huge amount of pain, mostly discomfort. More than likely she put it in ripped and considering how grubby she is, got something caught under it which caused the irritation. Either way, she’s not doing any of her fans who are newer cosplayers any favors; the last thing any influencer should do is encourage bad behavior, and contact abuse is top tier when it comes to cosplay.

No. 634982

Im surprised this cosplayer is interacting with mariah

No. 634987

And/or have a small herd of calves form a bubble around her for an hour, then drink in her hotel room for the rest of the weekend.

As for the Fate event, I don't think she'll actually go. She's probably just putting it on her page for nerd cred.

No. 634988

it is probably because she wears more than one pair too. also ripped contacts don't hurt that much but will really damage your eyes if you don't remove them.


they way she's done it is definitely not on purpose. these are fake garter. ripped look is only usually for full tights/stockings to make it look like they were torn for sex purpose.

No. 634992

File: 1548982858499.png (899.44 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2019-01-31-16-53-12…)

Anons, rejoice, for Moo has completed her weebs bathroom onsen

No. 634993

File: 1548982921226.png (532.35 KB, 720x1041, Screenshot_2019-01-31-16-53-44…)

No. 634996

This makes her sound like a crazy person.

No. 634997

What the hell is she high on?

No. 634999

File: 1548983290500.png (114.47 KB, 720x779, Screenshot_2019-01-31-17-03-57…)

Wow what a considerate comment where she is aware of other people

No. 635000

File: 1548983325634.png (44.9 KB, 720x316, Screenshot_2019-01-31-17-04-05…)

No. 635003

She doesn't seem to know it either or that there are multiple versions of it. Her version of it is fucking wrong, she's too stupid for words.

Couldn't be bothered to check a wiki before speaking, Mariah?

No. 635008

I rolled my eyes at what she said. Seriously remember when she was like "shes basically me" about Artoria like the many other characters. She has no comprehension of the character or lore

No. 635011

The hundred year old tail?? Dumbass level infinity.

No. 635012

King Arthur was clearly an ancient medieval furry.

No. 635015

Hundred year old tail? Lol jfc moo. Never change, you colossal dumbass.

No. 635021

She's on Instagram live. Will record key phrases she says in livestream thread

No. 635030

Good lord, she sounds like such a cunt. And wtf is punctuation? Aren't you a linguist, Moo?

It's a lot older than a hundred years you bimbo, but ok.

No. 635044

Linguistics major right here folks LMAO

No. 635045

I came on late to the stream but here's some things she said:
>sperged about how she makes money and doesn't live with her mom.
>said she thinks a dude living with his mom is hot
>too busy for a boyfriend, has high expectations for a s.o. Wants someone to match her level of craziness and is passionate about what they do
>wants girls to date other girls to see how crazy they are to eachother
>said the reason why she and Colette get along is because Colette is so introverted that she lets people push her around and take control
>new cat she's adopting is a boy
>seeing the Broly movie tonight. again.

Very boring but whatever

No. 635048

>My best friend and I get along because she's so introverted that I can push her around!

Probably not the best to admit that out loud Moo

No. 635049

How can she have high expectations when her body is turbofucked and her personality is just toxic? Jeez

No. 635051

So she basically admits Vamps is only there to control and push around.

No. 635053

And Vamp is going to let her get away with saying it because she's a doormat.

Hopefully sensei will hear about it and say something in defense of his fuck buddy.

No. 635058

File: 1548990066908.png (1.08 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-01-31-18-07-18…)

No. 635060

>wants girls to date other girls to see how crazy they are to eachother

Wait, what?

Also, I’d love to know what her “high expectations” are.

No. 635065

is that a dreadlock forming? she couldn’t be bothered to brush her hair?

No. 635084

Im starting to think that neckbeards and foreign dweebs are into moo because she is so obviously stupid and ignorant. It's not because they think she is just like some low level thot that they might have a chance with. It's because she is so stupid that they might have a chance with her after they flex their powerful intellects at m'lady.

No. 635116

I hope is mid way doing her makeup cause that nose contour is fucked

No. 635120

What? Shes never been in a relationship with a woman and that ignorant statement seems to prove it.

No. 635157

why does she love rape so much??

No. 635162

One thing that I'm curious about is if Mariah is going to continue doing Camversity. Contrary to Mariah's claims that Tattoo-kun has been living with her the whole time, I'm under the impression that he just moved in within the past 4 or 5 days. Within that time span, Mariah hosted a boring and conservative stream, meaning she didn't bother with her appearance, nor was she trying to entice viewers by teasing to show more if she reached her goals.

Unless she takes the computer into her bedroom or her bathroom, I'm beginning to wonder if the Camversity days are coming to an end once again. I can't picture Mariah feeling comfortable enough to do hand bras while fake cum drips down from her forehead in the presence of Tattoo-kun.

No. 635179

Mariah, who claims she is a victim of sexual assault, talks about rape and sexual trauma so casually. She really is tactful, huh.

No. 635206

Nah I've been banned a few times this week for petty reasons but this one was valid, finally. it's a totally different person and doesnt even look like mariah in the slightest bit, body type and all. nothing to compare to. at all.

No. 635249


>wants girls to date other girls to see how crazy they are to eachother

rich, coming from a gross bitch who's infamous for groping other girls in public to intimidate them and forces kisses on her "best friend"

fuck off, mariah.

No. 635275

File: 1549027379730.jpeg (185.96 KB, 750x751, 3DC7FEF1-513B-4777-BDA7-171BCF…)

Found this on Facebook on a Katsucon page.

No. 635326

My cats steal & rub their faces in really, really bad smelling long-day socks just like Mariah's cat is doing. So that's fucking gross if her panties smell like sweaty work socks. If she's so into "passion projects" and filming, she should know that its possible to clean her costumes or spray them with [redacted]. I wonder if she's realized that she should be wiping down her ugly Gucci crap, too.

No. 635333

Sorry for OT newfag shit, but I see a lot of [redacted]s on moo's threads. What does that mean?

No. 635334

She lurks here, so people don't want to give her tips

No. 635337

File: 1549039079834.png (952.96 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2019-02-01-08-33-49…)

>went to see A Silent Voice with Vamps and cousin
>putting together a desk with a piece of wood to hammer the pieces down

No. 635338

File: 1549039103490.png (889.44 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2019-02-01-08-34-28…)

No. 635342

File: 1549040601248.jpeg (186.89 KB, 750x1035, 26582015-A6C3-483C-8DD4-3D91FB…)

Samefag from Katsu post
Apparently last Katsu she was being a real Momocunt

No. 635344

could you link this to the thread

No. 635347

Why is she trying to frame herself as this savior or like protector all of a sudden. Like we’re all going to forget about her scandal LAST YEAR

No. 635349

I saw this posted by someone who doesn't follow her at all, in their Instastories. Moo didn't post this.

JFC, girl, just buy a damned hammer, they're not expensive. Like speedstick (bitch).

No. 635350


I don't get it. Is this a warning AGAINST Momokunt or an advertisement saying she's a safe person to be around?

No. 635354

No. 635360

It’s a closed group. Can you possibly get more screen caps?

No. 635363

No. 635371


It's a closed group so we can't see the contents of the group unless we are members. This is an image board, can you post images?

No. 635372

File: 1549046525625.jpeg (143.09 KB, 750x1334, 84C28AC9-E6FD-440B-81EE-D92F83…)

Lmao last comment

No. 635373

She used to be in that group and was actually kicked out of it. She’s going to have a bad time this year.

No. 635374

File: 1549046594510.jpeg (157.12 KB, 750x1334, 840AD847-1C4E-48FD-9F3B-44B729…)

Follow up on the wheel chair screen cap…was there ever any mention of Moo saything tjis

No. 635375

File: 1549046652025.jpeg (146.54 KB, 750x1334, 28CB9139-30DD-444C-93E3-0AD9E1…)

No. 635379

Might want to redo these, the names are still visible

No. 635386

So glad they posted a current photo of her nasty slobbish ass. At least now they'll know the abomination when they see her.

No. 635413

Nice contouring lmao?

No. 635423

Calm your saggy tits, Mariah!!

No. 635424

We're allowed to post names from facebook groups AFAIK, you don't really need to block them out.

No. 635457

I wonder if someone will post a warning like some groups have done to several photographers and cosplayers who have harassed and molested other con goers. Moo certainly needs one because she’s going back to the convention scene believing she’s done absolutely nothing wrong.

No. 635459

File: 1549062575329.jpg (888.57 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190201-170859_Ins…)

Still on that monster kick. "I wanna be healthy and hydrated. But monster is the only water I'll drink."

No. 635460

I'm kinda hoping I run into her again this year to see how much she's fallen

No. 635464

All those energy drinks are going to cause high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity… oh wait… to late

No. 635465

Lmao she's @ing a hair salon. Is that what her hair looks like after she had it done? It looks just as greasy and damaged as it always does.

Also wtf is she drinking?

No. 635466

Probably something loaded with sugar.

No. 635467


I’m going. To also guess she likely sick of having to do cam shows, having to sit there and be treated like fuck meat and this will be a test to see if it’s safe for her to attempt another comeback into the cosplay community.

No. 635468

So she's at the salon, she's downing a green drink, a bottle of perhaps flavored water and a monster. She can't even sit down on a chair for an hour without consuming calories.

No. 635471

you know what? at least she waited a little while before bleaching her hair again
the amount of times she would go to the salon all at once was ridiculous

No. 635472

Funny thing is my friend's cosplay group in St.Louis is discussing her controversies and they've brought up the fact that she also said nigger on twitter

No. 635473

File: 1549064911623.jpg (31.72 KB, 540x960, 50946201_10104532705369508_283…)

No. 635477

Back when Twitter was still relatively new, she is quote tweeting someone else who said that. She didn't say it, but she was obviously not against it back then.
Then again you're bringing back up old news

No. 635480

File: 1549066057118.jpg (18.71 KB, 540x960, 51214154_10104532705469308_538…)

It is old but not irrelevant to why her idea of returning to cosplay is not going to work since for example Louis CK said nigger 7 years ago and people were upset now. If quoting someone is a pass for her in your opinion then here's her saying it as a joke

No. 635497

File: 1549069359601.jpeg (240.04 KB, 1024x753, 1929DD44-BFF5-41BD-8596-E5C2FE…)

Hahaha remember this essay? God how far shes has sunk since this awful “mew two” cosplay

No. 635498

Considering the fact that she never learns from her mistakes and never changes this is going to be super milky.

No. 635499

Dumbass can almost make an entire post of just the words I, Me, and My.

No. 635501

Didn't no one know what the fuck her and Vamp were when they wore these?

No. 635503

I'm cackling because Vamp admitted she made like 75% of this costume
Also, yeah >>635501 nobody knew who they were and she kept getting super pissed off

No. 635504

Yup. Vamp and moo most famously signed up these disasterous gikinkas for the otakon vegas masquerade and both fully expected to win a prize for craftsmanship of all things!

No. 635506

Any caps on Vamp saying that?

No. 635507

Wasn't it that instance that forever made Moo hate Steph Von? Because she was one of the judges.

No. 635508

What cracks me up here is when she says

>>>> there were a lot of people out there who said I would never make it as a cosplayer and all I had was my looks…

Fucking moo and her pageant speeches! Hahaha

No. 635510

Moo expected steff to help get them a prize because they were friends. Steff jumped ship wisely.

No. 635517

>>635510 She has such a high school mentality. She goes on and on about how the numbers don't matter, but she's ever so reliant on her numbers and connections in an effort to prove she's in some upper echelon of the cosplay community.

I'm just happy to know that she can't get approval outside of her front door. She's constantly getting decimated on social media, excluding 30 perverts on CamV, 10 people on Reddit, and the IG refugees who needed a place to act like dumbasses once Tumblr started flatlining.

No. 635530

The nitpicking on the drinks is getting a little ridiculous. You can clearly see if you look at the photos that the monsters are 0 calories so therefore 0 sugar and the water is just plain water…caffeine overdose? Maybe. But she's at least learning to not drink her calories away. Celery juice has little calories as well.

No. 635532

Can you just take a step back to realize that you're defending moo over enery drinks?

No. 635533

Why did Moo go see a movie about the consequences of bullying after all the shit she has pulled. Bet that message went way over her tiny head.

No. 635534

The previous example is a fact That's not her saying it THERE.
If you're trying to dig back up old caps we've already seen and roasted, then this one you should have went with. Morality police someone else.

No. 635550

Why did you tag >>635466 ? I didn't say anything about the energy drink or water, but the drink in her hand. Unless you saw her prepare it, who knows what's in it. Moo also thought that binge drinking coconut water was healthy but it was loaded with sugar. It's not nitpicking if it's a pattern of hers when it comes to healthy drinks.

Because she's clearly not a bully, anon! She has never bullied anyone ever. Not in high school or in the cosplay community. Nope.

No. 635556

>I want to become an amazing seamstress and prop maker.

this is irony at its best.

No. 635570

I'm not just attractive I have skills (laughing into orbit)

No. 635575

Moo moo clearly totes her own horn from the beginning

No. 635589

File: 1549082220047.png (737.67 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-01-19-23-12…)

No. 635590

File: 1549082322571.png (723.45 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-02-01-20-30-55…)

No. 635591

File: 1549082415648.png (1.01 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-02-01-20-31-19…)

No. 635593

And yet she says she always has to have control?

No. 635594

>>635590 For an alleged victim of rape, she sure does love sensationalizing the act of being powerless and helpless.

A polygraph machine would blow up within a second of it being hooked up to her.

No. 635595

File: 1549082529141.png (1.02 MB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-02-01-20-31-35…)

No. 635598

Maybe 100lbs ago, Mariah.

You only have a sensitive scalp Mariah because you don't take care of your ratty ass hair.

No. 635600

File: 1549082713831.png (852.64 KB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2019-02-01-20-31-51…)

Vamps and Moo sure love lurking here so unbothered

No. 635601

File: 1549082742499.png (887.66 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-02-01-20-31-58…)

No. 635602

File: 1549082774906.png (1.04 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-02-01-20-32-26…)

No. 635606

Ching chong wasn't too long ago, dumbass.

There's a laughing emote in her reply so it's clear that she supports it.

The bottom half of her hair is so hella fried.

No. 635608

That isnt what shibari is about though. Way to get everything wrong. Also, this is such a gross image. It gives the illusion of a sexual assault victim. she couldnt care less about the countless people affected by it

No. 635610

>post going around
mentioned on here like briefly
I hate when people try n act like "ha I said that/laughed at that years ago!" and?? people don't change? lmao and since then she's molested people so apparently it only gets worse. @ me fatty

No. 635611

That color is so uneven. This person needs to go back to school. One of the things you should be doing as a hairdresser is when to tell clients they cant achieve a certain color because of their hair fragility. I'm shocked Moo's hair hasnt broken off yet.

No. 635612

File: 1549083266269.png (1004.91 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-02-01-20-47-06…)

No. 635613

File: 1549083317832.png (1.02 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-01-20-48-16…)


No. 635614

File: 1549083376574.png (740.73 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-02-01-20-49-12…)

Tried to twerk but shes bumping her smol ass

No. 635615

To be fair, I did see a post about it on fb just this morning about people canceling her over it, but it really is old news to most people that have been following her escapades

No. 635616

File: 1549083540327.png (1014.96 KB, 720x979, Screenshot_2019-02-01-20-57-33…)

Nice shoop

No. 635617

Her ends are highly compromised. Her hairdresser should be fired

No. 635618

wtf is that sugar packet? They're really putting sugar into her bleach?

No. 635619

why is it purple in random spots

No. 635620

I find it funny she will sperge about the ching chong thing being wrong, the n-word thing being wrong but she will never address the bullying nor the suicide threats to "trolls".

I kinda want another "I USED THE WRONG CONDITIONER" episode but her hair falling out.

No. 635621

Because her hairdresser is shit. Silver is a difficult color to achieve on healthy hair, but moo's was already overprocessed. So the color is uneven and it looks like it wasnt fixed.

No. 635622

Doesn't share language like that but has used the N word repeatedly on her old twitter, screamed ching chong at an Asian and asked a cosplayer cosplaying an Indian character if they could joke about Indian stereotypes and do an accent

No. 635623

Wait it's supposed to be silver?

No. 635626

File: 1549084664322.png (699.63 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-02-01-21-15-31…)

No. 635630

pink hair? using gym pics when she was 50 pounds lighter. Can't even fake it anymore

No. 635638

Looks like the person who responded to me was right should of lead with the other one. Her defense is rubbish though since you have to think that quoting or typing the word is ok. Also, isn't this the same defense Tana Monague used when Idubbz brought old videos to light of her use of the word too?

No. 635643

File: 1549086049501.png (116.69 KB, 720x772, Screenshot_2019-02-01-21-36-39…)

No. 635653

Circleofcucks lives with mooriah confirmed

No. 635657

Sweet and Low artificial sweetener. It changes the pH. Sugar wouldn’t do anything. This is fairly common, though straight cream of tartar works better.

No. 635664

File: 1549089012743.png (993.01 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-02-01-22-25-15…)

Hitting up Antares for more sweatshop work

No. 635665

File: 1549089037683.png (731.47 KB, 1192x720, Screenshot_2019-02-01-22-25-41…)

No. 635677

from the front I'm sure this looks fine and dandy but her back must be covered in rolls? I remember when she did her casual saber in a corset and she looked hunchbacked. Forest-kun can only do so much, mariah

No. 635678

That does not look safe, especially not for long wear.

Someone say a prayer for her ribs. Or don't.

No. 635679

How is her house already this much of a mess? She just moved in!

No. 635680

That's not her house it's Antares'

No. 635686

The guy in the back is all of us, wondering what the fuck she's doing

No. 635694

If anything happens it'll be karma from when Kaybear fainted and got ditched by Moo, who made her bind and cinch in the first place.

No. 635695

Her waist does cinch up pretty small (compared to the rest of her anyways). I assume the lipo has a lot to do with that and the fact that her back is picking up all her weight gain. Her back boobs have got be in full force right now.

Is this the body that she wishes she had ? Cause that shit looks deformed and probably hilarious with her big hammy arms.

No. 635696

That was NanaSushiBear, not Kaybear.

No. 635699

This is a common cosplay fatchick technique. A corset can crush ANY waist
to seem pretty small. As much as we like to say Moo’s boobs are small, they are actually pretty average for her size. That coupled with the laced in waist and she doesn’t look like the wide fucking behemoth she is.
That’s why she thrives on neckbeard bux, she knows just how to make the most conventionally undesirable part (her huge, badly lupo sculpted gut) seem smaller compared to the rest of her.
Neckbeards don’t care how gross a girl is as long as
1) her waist to hip ratio is manipulated to look ok
2) everything else is smoothed out with photoshop
3) tits and ass propped up and displayed as much as possible. They don’t process angles etc. just whatever is easily presented to them

TLDR; ANYONE with a corset who is willing to be honest will say that their waist to hip ratio looks crazy no matter what their natural proportions are. It’s the fatass costhot crutch

No. 635701

It's obviously a packet of sweet and low, but she posts "sugar". This isn't a famous magic trick, it's pretty common.

No. 635702

>>635699 Not to mention that her idiotic fans are going to think that this slimming effect caused by a corset is actually the result of celery juice, along with approximately one hour long gym visits a few days per week, whether or not the exercise equipment actually gets used by Mariah.

As others have mentioned, her fat is likely spilling out elsewhere. If anyone wants to take a closer look at her Morrigan shots from a few threads back, she had some crazy fupa action going on, and that corset wasn't nearly as tight as the one she's wearing tonight.

No. 635714

Did she take these down? I didn’t see them in her story.

No. 635724

there's a new-ish meme on twitter and other social medias where artists do a "90's art style" but putting film grain and other shoddy, dated effects on their art and call it classic

No. 635751

From instastories:
>didn't just go the silver, it was a year long process and can't do overnight
>had to dye it, strip it, wait etc.
>if the hairdresser provides a high price tag, don't be surprised. She spent 1000's on her hair
>wants to shoot cosplay in Japan
>Tenderbroembrace and Misotokki are coming over in 5 days for Valentine shoots

No. 635752

File: 1549118131467.png (815.08 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-02-06-20-18…)

No. 635755

File: 1549118492080.png (599.45 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-02-02-06-32-26…)

No. 635756

>wants to shoot cosplay in Japan
She literally said the same thing for the last Japan trip, but instead she only did a shitty shower shoot that looked like it could've been done back in the US, nothing Japanese about it other than a bucket and shitty "kimono". I expect if she's going to do a photoshoot the next time she's going to Japan, it'll just be another lazy hotel/hostel room shoot.

No. 635778


Christ it's like those eyes are staring right into me. How can she think that's sexy?

No. 635800

they should be embarrassed. those ends are fried to hell

No. 635804

not only that, but if you're naturally supposed to be skinny and not actually one of those bigger boned fat girls, then you can easily cinch your waist super tiny

No. 635847

File: 1549136043556.jpg (67.89 KB, 1024x1820, 50000151_2021998851188014_1025…)

No. 635869

Year long process my ASS. It can take a couple of sessions, but not a full year. I wonder how Sensei feels about women with silver hair…

No. 635876

if he's with momo, hes probably blind

No. 635879

Isnt he Vamps fuck buddy? Though moo sniffing around isnt surprising Vamp is her doormat

No. 635882

I wouldn't be surprised if they shared him. She's probably trying to get in shape to impress him now that they live together. I doubt he'll be living there for long since she has a habit of driving people away, especially if they live together.

We've also seen how she walks around her house when she's streaming so he probably gets a glimpse of nasty any time he leaves his room.

No. 635887

Their personalities are so different and the Japan trip was obviously a struggle for him to be around her so much. He's probably just in between leases and Momokunt offered him a place to stay to flex how generous she is. There's no way its long term.

No. 635891

No. 635899

Except it was taken in Japan, but I think she's more salty about how every one else who went to Japan came back with shoots. Not Vamp, but even Holly had one and she was with them. Just lazy as fuck. Not hard to bring cosplay. You even had as far from cosplay as you get, Cosplay Devaints, who walked around Tokyo in cosplay. Didn't even have the balls to wear her ears outside and she bought those right before too. Those were the sushi ears she didn't even follow auction rules on bidding for [not the same as the one she tried to buy outright].

No. 635900

if Circle pops up AT ALL then thas a dismissal from Cam for her stream. Thats one of the big rules, no men. Shes probably doing it while he's at work tbh.

No. 635907

Everytime she goes silver I feel like its a desperate attempt to impress her ex since he has a thing for silver hair

No. 635947

The whole thing about her being racist, it wasn’t just that one time, or whose two times she got caught on Twitter, she has a history of commenting on black people cosplaying and saying they’re “black Cindy” or whatever and we have a lot of caps of people coming forward talking about how she went up to them and said “oh it’s another black (whomever)” she’s constantly making people uncomfortable, she’s always been a racist and she’s not going to change.

No. 635949

File: 1549152889384.png (685.05 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-02-02-15-39-52…)

>bought a kit for Bowsette's shell

No. 635951

File: 1549152915259.png (1.06 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-02-02-15-39-59…)

No. 635953

File: 1549152938249.png (951.29 KB, 712x1184, Screenshot_2019-02-02-15-40-14…)

No. 635954

File: 1549152965319.png (1.3 MB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2019-02-02-15-40-35…)

No. 635957

File: 1549153034986.png (967.66 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-02-02-15-41-27…)

No. 635959

why is this bitch still riding this dead meme, it's over moo. moo just doesn't understand how the hype train works.

No. 635960

File: 1549153219262.png (1.24 MB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2019-02-02-16-19-16…)

No. 635967

What the fuck? This trick is best utilized by mixing the sweet n low into the bleach, not on top. Mariah’s stylist is a hack. Thank god I wasn’t in the same class as that train wreck. Jesus.

No. 635969

>buys stuff to do this at her house
>goes out to eat anyway

jfc moo you don't even have to make any of the marinade, just get the jar or marinated stuff from a korean mart.

No. 635975

You want Momo to eat a home cooked meal that isn't pre packaged or made? You're crazy.

Joking aside, anyone else notice whenever she is on a diet she seems to eat WAY more?

No. 635983

My guess is that she's mentally deprived of fats/sugars so her brain is screaming for it. That is normal for weight loss but she is mentally weak.

No. 635984

Doesn’t sensei have a dog…?

No. 636005

File: 1549159665684.png (785.91 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-02-02-18-01-32…)

Isn't this that ahripop bitch or someone else?

No. 636006

File: 1549159715306.png (908.29 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-02-02-18-01-41…)

3 or 4 at his parents? Maybe

No. 636007

File: 1549159736376.png (1.01 MB, 716x1195, Screenshot_2019-02-02-18-01-47…)

No. 636008

File: 1549159768511.png (594.27 KB, 720x990, Screenshot_2019-02-02-18-02-30…)

Her hair is super spotty

No. 636014

Ahripop's insta is himeahri, this is someone else.

No. 636033

She's live on a camversity now.

No. 636037


Her hair has severely thinned, yikes

No. 636111

File: 1549171608113.png (576.06 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-02-02-21-20-04…)

>imagine posting this face trying to look sexy

No. 636112

File: 1549171733782.png (937.55 KB, 720x1039, Screenshot_2019-02-02-21-20-27…)

No. 636113

File: 1549172040675.png (801.07 KB, 720x939, Screenshot_2019-02-02-21-20-40…)

No. 636115

bitch it's lavender.

No. 636118

fuck the hair, what the fuck are those eyelashes?

No. 636120

I just posted in here about those fucking sushi ears! Shes so transparent!

No. 636123

Oh my god, her poor hair. That hairdresser should be fired. Not only is it twice as damaged, it looks like blotchy purple-to-white ombre.

Her stylist should have told her to let her hair heal before doing this. "Sensitive scalp" my ass.

No. 636125

File: 1549175346998.gif (267.49 KB, 400x334, tenor.gif)

In the words of Willam Belli:

"God invented scissors and gave them to the cave people for a reason."

No. 636131

File: 1549176146106.png (379.41 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-02-02-22-39-36…)

No. 636138

Her false eyelashes are creeping me the fuck out, like someone stuck hairy spider legs to her eyelids.

Also, any excuse not to go exercise eh? That was fast. Its not even raining that hard there.

No. 636144

File: 1549178471036.png (2.61 MB, 1632x1280, moocow.png)

How are these the same person? I can't tell if her head is too big, or her body is too small? or both?

No. 636145

The first picture her head looks big because she's blending into the background due to photoshop/lighting/the maribou against the white background. The second one it looks too small because her body is so huge. Her frame isn't supposed to hold that much weight.

No. 636146

Why the hell does she hike up her underwear so high,they're almost up to her tits

No. 636148

File: 1549179228062.jpg (44.41 KB, 502x640, e7f333a17e1c9726f98f10b457257a…)

it's a style from the 80s. It's supposed to accentuate a smaller waist and make your legs look longer. Moo just uses it to make her lipo'd waist look even smaller in ratio to her tits and hips. basically, like everything moo does, she takes something and ruins it because it doesn't work for her.

No. 636149

The 80s ones were cut high so they sat that way, but Moo seems to be doing the insta thot version: take any old undies and hoik them up.

No. 636150

So she's lying in bed with a full face of makeup?

No wonder her skin looks bad.

No. 636152

Of course she doesn’t want to go. She’s fucking lazy as shit.

No. 636156

What's the pink robe supposed to be in the back? >>635755

No. 636192

Holy shit what a mess. The wig head is sideways, everything is spilling out,just because everything's a mess doesn't make you look like a hardworking crafting cosplayer Moo, stop implying that you are one, especially when you constantly flex about your commissions.

No. 636199

File: 1549203412092.png (1.3 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-02-03-06-15-13…)

Funny because she showed off on stream she still had some left over.

No. 636211

Why does she looks like an actual kid here

No. 636212

Wow, that's boring as fuck, and I've seen better pics

No. 636214

>those bra strap marks on her back

No. 636215


when not zoomed in, she looks like she's vomiting

No. 636216

in this is me and I know that's an onsen, but why does the water look freaking filthy???

No. 636217

No. 636219

Holy shit that looks way too tight

poor stockings

No. 636220


You can reply to everything in one post anon

No. 636222

This looks weird

No. 636223

This does NOT look okay

No. 636224

She looks normal in the first one maybe because of her wig(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 636226


if you're going to add pointless contributions to this thread could you at least do it all in one post? you don't have to make 20+ replies in separate posts and clog up the thread.

No. 636231

I honestly don’t think she looks that bad in this picture besides from the botched hair dye. It’s probably largely due to the fact this is the most effort she has put in her looks in a long time (all those pics of her streams for comparison). If she would just get rid of the spider lash and go for a more lively lipstick color , this would be a much better look than her shity pink eyeshadow look.
Granted this is a very typical ABG look lol

No. 636232

Except its shopped as fuck too. Facetune working to slim her face, especially her chin. Smoothed out bags, skin.. We've seen her with only makeup. Her face doesnt look like this with ONLY makeup.

No. 636240

You can tell by her chin that it's hella shooped. That's probably why it looks okay.

No. 636252

>Broly the Misaligned Jaw Pig: The Movie

No. 636253

Has Mariah even addressed the Vic Mignogna situation that’s been brought up recently? Since, y’know, he voices her precious Broly. Or is she afraid of looking like a huge hypocrite if she condemns his behavior?

No. 636256

I think she would get backlash no matter what she said, so it's kind of a smart move to just be quiet tbh

No. 636258


Exactly. The minute she decides to speak up about it she’ll get told to go sit the fuck down and have all her dirty laundry thrown back in her face. Making her page one on the internet yet again for everyone to roast and meme the fuck out of. Even someone as stupid as her knows to keep her mouth shut this time.

Although yes, I do believe it is also because he voices her precious Broly that she remaining silent as well. I’m sure that she next con he he as that she will no doubt try to sneak into she’ll try to kiss his ass and be all buddy buddy like she tried to do with Chris Sabat.

No. 636262

File: 1549221883818.png (918.83 KB, 717x1194, Screenshot_2019-02-03-11-19-47…)

>claimed to have spent 3 hours this morning watching of an documentaries

No. 636263

File: 1549221949348.png (1.01 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-02-03-11-20-16…)


Also anyone remember that tuna salad she made in her early CamV streams? It back

No. 636264

File: 1549221970680.png (1.1 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-02-03-11-20-21…)

No. 636265

File: 1549222230966.png (268.36 KB, 720x913, Screenshot_2019-02-03-11-27-15…)

No. 636266

She writes like an irritating teenager. No one cares about your fate ships , moo

No. 636267

it's so funny that she's into celery juice and it just happens to be popular rn lol the only benefit she's getting is probably cus she's hydrating

No. 636300

File: 1549231871181.png (1.04 MB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-02-03-14-08-18…)

No. 636302

"3rd best girl"
so… worst girl? 3rd out of 3 is last lmfao

No. 636303

File: 1549231973913.png (1.2 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-02-03-14-08-33…)

No. 636305

Let's not pretend that Moo has read the VN and knows how the routes work

No. 636307

File: 1549232082129.png (934.7 KB, 720x946, Screenshot_2019-02-03-14-09-13…)

No. 636308

File: 1549232124129.png (693.3 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-02-03-14-08-37…)

No. 636309

nah but shes read the wiki enough times to autistic splurge plus she lurks haha

No. 636313

Definitely not kbbq's or castlewhatever, Mariah. You've chased them away and now they're disgusted by you.

No. 636326

She showed us a fridge full of dying celery and the idiot still goes out to a juice bar and buys a celery shake and throws it in a one use plastic cup to show off how ~fit and healthy~ she is.

You're transparent Moo, go post on your stories how you're gonna start using/already use a reusable tumbler for your sugary bomb drinks after getting "tons of comments and messages."

I hope this bites you in the ass since you're so obviously a lurker.

No. 636334

I think what's more cringey is that she, or at least someone else, wrote a fanfic of her x Archer https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/1O9bC5JtUJx-6L0nS3skQEbfxcAwBbDJSAzniupDkgB0/mobilebasic?fbclid=IwAR29hpFtaIOUy6tGB5SKaC8xIWROGPwv0TrHXQ_yDcr10atbsGRpwKf9aOk

Id be a hypocrite if I said I didnt like characters, but being cringey and talking about characters "getting a nosebleed over you" is… something else. She definitely wants to imagine a character reacting like that, not Archer reacting towards Rin.

No. 636337

one of the weirdos from her stream wrote this, she read it in stream

No. 636345

She paid over 500$ for those ears..

No. 636350

Holy fuck archer’s personality isn’t like that at all?? But then again when has she ever interpreted a character correctly?

No. 636354

I think she's too into the fact that Emiya IS Archer and Emiya shares that skiddish personality at first. Although he's like most lead male archetypes of his time (like Shinji etc.) he definitely doesn't bitch out and instead grows more mature in his interactions.. Just because Saberface heroes all look the same they don't share the same personality or histories? She's confused.

No. 636364

Am I wrong or is celery like 95% or more just water and some fiber?

She's basically just drinking water for once… And she preaching it like it's some form of superfood of the gods?

No. 636365

File: 1549241500463.jpeg (98.38 KB, 750x376, DE0D65AF-58C7-4F41-B658-F27295…)

I went to check the page cause the art is like on not as bad as shad art but still has furry porn but this is a fan page so she literally just asked some fucking bozo that’s not the artists permission to recreate the art
Ah. Typical moo

No. 636390

Oh no…I love Diives so much, please, I hope this doesn't come back to bite him.

No. 636397

The guy has people giving him shit for drawing underage characters and you think people who dislike moo will bother him?

No. 636398


Its a new trend that some guy on instagram is promoting and claiming all these health benefits without any scientific proof to back it up.

Ofcourse shes latched on to this and flexing that shes being healthy when its pretty much just water and some vitamins.

No. 636412

Diives is shit and likes to draw underage characters having sex. Him and moo belong together

No. 636416

"I'm wanna" stupid thot still pretending to be a 'lingustics major'?

No. 636418

File: 1549250383477.png (748.21 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-02-03-19-16-45…)

Why is she refusing to call him "Black Goku"?

No. 636419

File: 1549250411408.png (424.84 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-03-19-16-58…)

No. 636420

File: 1549250524059.png (937.03 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-02-03-19-13-28…)

No. 636421

File: 1549250616881.png (929.17 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2019-02-03-19-13-24…)

No. 636426

File: 1549250748217.png (1.05 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-02-03-19-13-35…)

No. 636428

This is what she's worried about and not the fake school that she was supposed to be going to with Vamp? Has Vamp even started yet?

No. 636430

>>636426 Jesus christ I legitimately thought her wrinkles were an anime tears filter or something in the thumbnail… She looks rough as hell. What the hell is going on with her left eye?

Behold the queen of self control my dudes

No. 636431

The guy promoting celery juice on Instagram is called The Medical Medium, and his “evidence” supporting its health benefits is messages from his spirit guides.

You’d have to be as irretrievably dumb as Mariah to fall for this bullshit.

No. 636433

So it's probably gonna be bootleg correct?

No. 636435

I dont follow dragonball but arent these like 7,500 yen figures at most and if you look in the right places you can get much cheaper 2nd hand but basically new and never opened?

No. 636438


X-Plus Gigantic series are between 8000-15000 yen.

Ultra Instinct Goku was a limited edition and went for 11800 yen. Looks like you grab him on Japan sites between 6000-9000.

I am pretty sure she only orders figures from Amazon US or ebay and overpays a ton or just buys their bootlegs.

No. 636439

So no stream? She promised to be on tonight. Might be flaking again

No. 636441

File: 1549256673745.png (604.2 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-02-03-20-53-35…)

No. 636442

is she going to pretend to like world of warcraft now? what is wrong with this stupid cunt

No. 636445

plus sized models like Bishoujomom and Penny Underbust both have done orc costumes so I think she's trying to be ~relatable~ by caring about WOW

No. 636448

Where did she say that? Its not anywhere that I see

No. 636451

camversity last night

No. 636453

It's not WoW. It's an artist's OC, but not saying who they are in case Moo lurks for it. Hopefully, she doesnt try to rip off this person's character though.

No. 636459

I hope she does try.

No. 636471

Who is the artist? Their art style is cute.

No. 636472

Looks like InCase but I can't be sure. The art is similar—

No. 636481

I will give her this: the hair color is nice. It just looks patchy as hell with the roots not lifting to match the rest of her ratty hair. The ears though? Sorry but tacky.

No. 636482


It's patchy, and its not "silver," its purple, like a grandma.

No. 636483

God, if she did “like” WoW, it would be so hilarious because we all know she will try and “relate” to some of the popular characters in the game.

No. 636484

Someone on the Kiwifarms thread is claiming to have hacked her website, but their description is too autistic to make it clear whether or not they're actually going to do anything.

No. 636486

File: 1549272337186.png (42.64 KB, 152x221, slit.png)

It genuinely looks vaginal.

No. 636488

File: 1549273979988.png (110.26 KB, 1872x835, moo-woo.png)

here's what they posted about her web sales earnings

No. 636489

Translating the autism:
That person claims they have full access to the site and deployed a killswitch that publishes the entire database if someone tries to take the site back. They posted her earnings in 2018 and some entries of the database as proof.

The milk we can get from this hack depends on the hacker's competence/knowledge of his tools and on what can actually be found there. It definitely includes product data, customer data and transaction data. This isn't milky per se from a farmer's perspective (besides the fact that she's too dumb to run a website or hire someone that does it well), but there might be some cool stuff in there.

No. 636490

The Venus Vagina Flap. It uses the promise of unique lewd content, and adult streams to draw in its prey, the Necktimus Beardicus. Once its prey falls for its lies, it ensnares it in the membership membrane where it sucks the money from the lifeless husk.

No. 636491


Thank you – I can't read things where people talk about themselves in third person.

I guess it depends on what this person decides to do, if anything, but her reaction is potentially milky.

No. 636499

>>636488 I'm a little perplexed by this, but only for the following reason:

Supposedly, she can go in and adjust or manipulate her data and her inventory to make it appear that things are genuinely being purchased. So is this graph reflective of actual sales? Or is this reflective of Mariah being bored throughout the past 13 months and altering her product information for the sake of trying to look like she sold a ton of shit?

I just can't picture her sales figures being that high around the middle of 2018, since the website seemed like more of an afterthought until this recent keychain crap came about.

No. 636500

if this is real, still doubting it is, no. she's changing the inventory, which only changes it superficially. an alternative tinfoil is that she puts up fake listings and then purchases them herself. some people do that because it changes the google metrics.

also iirc wasn't what you're referring to being sold on storenvy?

No. 636502

>>636500 Yeah, I was assuming this was fully tied in to Storenvy, for some reason. I honestly thought her personal website was an extension or domain which was courtesy of Storenvy, and that's how I started thinking about the sales figures being manipulated.

I'm suddenly interested in seeing how this breaks down, if the infiltrator decides to give us a longer glimpse behind the curtain.

No. 636503

that makes sense. storenvy doesn't give your custom storefronts names like that, and the bottom of her site has a copyright on it, so i'm assuming (especially because of how horribly made it is, it's just a cheap site on a cheap godaddy style host. super barebones with a payment API and a few products probably only costs $20 a month.

in any case moo at any time could just post a ridiculously expensive product listing just for herself to buy to boost the perceived sales, but usually people only do that on marketplace sites like storenvy or etsy to boost their listings so. who knows. the difference in sales month to month just looks insane from that graph, though it's honestly not all that much.

No. 636505

For anyone who doesn't recognise it, this is the Wordpress backend, and these sales are being handled using WooCommerce. Any Storenvy shop she has is going to be separate to this.

No. 636506

so then >>636488 could be real. woocommerce uses braintree.

No. 636515

if the hair is done by guytang as she tagged, he is a fairly well known hairdresses on YT, I wonder if he will upload a video on her.

No. 636518

it wasn't, the hairdresser she used is goddess of balayage or some shit. she's just tagging guy tang trying to get some accolades on her "talent"

No. 636523

Moo has not mentioned this obvious kidnapping of her sales site on social so the site must not mean a whole lot to her as her Patreon? 25k must be snot money

No. 636544

If anyone here doesn't trust the hack, Google "fancy bear". It's legit.

No. 636551


I was about to say this same thing- Fancy Bear is legit, and apparently pissed off now so this could be very very funny. Even if nothing else comes of this we may get at least a ballpark idea of what she makes off the neckbeards, and thats gonna at least put an end to that speculation for a while.

No. 636553


Lol what the fuck, this is hilarious

No. 636561


Wait, I follow the threads but this hack >>636488 happened because of the Slav/Russian Meme she did a while back? Somebody mentioned it somewhere (idk which thread) but … why? I mean it's interesting to see how much she makes but what is the reason behind this? It looks more like a political motivated group?

No. 636562

It didn't just happen "a while back". Also a person, let alone a hacker, doesn't need a reason to do something.

No. 636570


Her shitty posing as a Slav seems to have pissed off someone in a Russian hacker collective, who may be bored or annoyed by e-thots in particular.

No. 636583

if anyone wants to see what happened to the last cow who pissed of fancy bear look up skylar ittner. cant wait to see what comes of it

No. 636596

File: 1549311165450.png (96.54 KB, 398x347, dd185faa3aa4f2ae8fc4114f70dcbb…)

Fancy Bear is indeed real. You know those Russian hackers suspected of tampering with the election?


And check his post history on KF to see who else he has pw0ned.


No. 636598

She's in for a surprise when she wakes up.

No. 636599

Dear anon, she is currently having Sensei juice her celery. She is either stupid or is trying to conceal her knowledge

No. 636600


So apparently I’m retarded since I don’t know what going on. So what, her website was hacked?

No. 636601

Probably both. This is definitely not an issue that she wants to pretend to be unbothered by, cause Fancy Bear could easily make her more bothered.

No. 636602

Yes. And Fancy said if anyone told Moo or anyone else that could "get it back" (I guess, again not sure what they meant entirely) he would drop the switch. All of her cucks would be doxxed.

No. 636607


So does he plan on doing anything with this or is it just to scare her? I mean, seeing all her paypigs getting doxxed for her wanting to prove she is a “bad bitch who you don’t fuck with” would be hilarious. But I’m just wondering if there is any other reason to do this than to fuck with her.

No. 636613

We don't know what he plans on doing yet. He's probably waiting to see what she does. Knowing Moo, she's going to bring out her team of fake lawyers to sue him.

No. 636614


Knowing Moo, she’ll of course react in the exact wrong way and cause a totally shitstorm. Guess we’ll have to sit and wait for the fireworks to start.

No. 636622

She's now under 1000 patrions and fancy bear hacked her shit. Ahhhhh this could be good.

No. 636624

I imagine this is a "tread lightly" situation. I await the results as well but will this be obvious to her? At first?

No. 636625

she honestly seems so sheltered and unaware of anything happening outside of her immediate surroundings that she will seriously not understand what is happening

No. 636626

I have no doubt that someone will either tell her or she'll find out during her daily lurk here.

No. 636627

we know she lurks here, so when she finally rolls out of bed she'll see whats happening

No. 636628

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like this is too much? Yes, Mariah is a shitty person and sexual assaulter, but this feels really serious.

No. 636629

too much would be going after Patreon.
Moo spent a good chunk of time driving Nana and others to suicide. She deserves it.

No. 636630


If the shoe was on the other foot she wouldn't hesitate. IIRC she at one time tried pretending she knew haxxors and doxing people. As for her suing anyone lol that's a joke. I have a feeling that nothing really bad will happen just that all her dirty little secrets may be outed- namely her earnings. can't wait to watch what happens.

No. 636631

So what do you guys think he’s gonna do? Hold her page for ransom or just dump all the data from it?

It’s 1pm in Vegas. She should be waking up any minute now lol

No. 636632

Perhaps she shouldn't have taken actions that led people to want to do this type of shit to her? You reap what you sow, this bitch deserves it.

No. 636633

This is the same girl who threatened to kill people, beat them up, bullied the shit out of them, drove them out of the community and near suicide, sexually assaulted/molested people against their will, talks shit every single day, lies every time she opens her fat mouth, tries to take guys from their girlfriends, completely inconsiderate, treats animals like shit, is absolutely spoiled and used to getting what she wants if she whines enough, bosses around her best friends and puts people on blast.

This is merely a scratch on the surface compared to what she deserves.

No. 636634


ngl the patreon numbers would be the most interesting ones but then again we have no idea what this person has also planned since there was written about more stuff being revealed. Maybe we will finally see the BTS videos she promised from her Beatrice shoot lol

No. 636635


Agreed. After all the shit she has done and the lives she has ruined and the lack or remorse shown for any of it, she deserves everything that’s coming to her. Not to mention she has doxxed others before, so what goes around comes around.


I’m sure she’ll try to write it off as some troll just looking to fuck with her or get a reaction out of her. She’ll do her usual “I’m a tough bitch so don’t fuck with me” act and try to keep a brave face on through all of it.

No. 636637

In all of that, I forgot to mention that she's racist and homophobic.

No. 636641

File: 1549315940082.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1242x1839, B0EAF4FE-B966-488E-A16C-92E3F4…)

She's up right now, but honestly I don't know if she'll say anything. If she even realizes at all. She's definitely the type to threaten police or lawyers at people pointing guns at computers or Instagram banning her, stupid shit that doesn't actually matter, but actual hackers with personal info? It's hard to say.

Pic unrelated.

No. 636645

File: 1549316350028.png (872.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190204-163424.png)

I can't wait to see the new hoodie she'll have on all the time. Anyone want to bet she manages to get it before everyone else gets their orders?

No. 636646


Hahahahaha as if her ham planet arms aren't going to be spilling out of those cutouts

No. 636651


I doubt she even understands what’s happening right now

No. 636667

I placed an order with this prop maker about a month ago, and it saddens me to see that he works with trash like this. Bet she bitched and moaned about needing it super soon so she could be bumped up on his priority list.

No. 636672

I don't know why this guy wanted to hack her but I don't think any of us mind. Just have to get our popcorn ready and settle in until she notices.

No. 636673

They were obviously replying to the Bowsette crown, anon.

No. 636699

File: 1549322083772.png (715.53 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-02-04-15-13-28…)

No. 636700

I seen no one 'ship' her with anyone..i know people say she actively chase dick though.

No. 636702

Girl you have more important things to worry about.

No. 636703


aka what really happened:
One user: you and nick seem to get along! Are you guys dating?

Mariah, immediately in 23340 stories: Omg guysssssss stop shipping me with these cute guys haha you guys are sooooo wild we aren’t dating! We are just best friends and he likes me because I’m not like other girls ok! Don’t be silly! I have so many crazy fans haha

Tinfoil time.
Why does this remind me of the gym incident where a guy supposedly was staring at her and she later said it could have been a fan/stalker? Like Mariah, no one cares about you that much. Most of your fans are guys in Latin America who barely speak English and only comment on your tit pics.

Another part of me thinks this is mariah’s way if not only inflating her own ego but something she can show to sensei to be like “look at all these people who think we’d be cute together! Like of course I don’t like you like that and you did have a thing with vamp that I aired all over my stories, but if you WANTED to be with me people already ship us!~~”

No. 636710

File: 1549323366948.png (649.86 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-02-04-15-34-20…)

On what fucking planet

No. 636711

File: 1549323421478.png (715.03 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-04-15-34-38…)

No. 636712

I know moocow reads this thread:
Name the Zelda game this particular Zelda comes from.
Is Zelda even popular currently with costhots? I though her and Midna kinda died out.

No. 636713

She's seriously going to pretend like nothing is happening. I hope Fancy Bear takes it to the next step and make her take notice.

No. 636714

So how much is a bit more than not at all?

No. 636715

Gabby loves Zelda so she apparently loves Zelda more than Gabby

No. 636717


She's never talked about Zelda. If you don't know a fandom, Moo, then just fucking say so. Jesus christ. She doesn't have to pretend to like this and that all the damn time when it's so obvious she doesn't play or know the source.

No. 636718

Even though gabby has a Zelda tat and everything.

Mariah people see through you like the plastic bitch you are

No. 636719


Like with everything she does, she over exaggerates it to satisfy her own massive ego. Someone makes an innocuous comment about her in a photo with some guy? “OMG YOU GUYS STOP SHIPPING ME WITH ALL THESE CUTE GUYS LOL”
Some sweaty rando accidentally makes eye contact with her at the gym and he isn’t some small Asian fuckboi? “OMG YOU GUYS I WAS TOTALLY BEING STALKED BY SOME CREEP AT THE GYM”. HE MUST HAVE BEEM A FAN OF ME!!!”.

Anything to make herself feel more important/desireble.

No. 636720

I dont think she even knows what any of that shit on the chart means. She probably just takes the money. There hasn't even been an update on the site in months. Probably just gets an email saying who bought what and she takes it from there via email or it's automated if it's digital.

No. 636721

Guessing he turned her down fully then, cause she sure in hell was chasing that Sensei dicck hard up until Japan.

No. 636723

She says people come up to her all the time. Really, Moo? Not even Jessica says that shit and she's 10x more popular than you. She's not a fucking celebrity out in the normie world and even in the con scene she was never one to begin with. No one believes this 'HE MUSTVE BEEN A FAN' bullshit she desperately wants people to think she is.

Also, of course he had his phone. Most people int he gym have their phones on them. That doesn't mean because it's a dude and he was facing you and he has his phone out that he is harassing you by trying to take photos or videos because you're THE Momokun. Jfc. She's so embarrassing.

No. 636731


My favorite one was when apparently the second she stepped off the plane in Peru people were stopping her asking for photos. Like, how delusional is she?

No. 636732

Can't forget the people who waited for her with flowers at the airport, the line of invisible fans at her booth, or the people cheering as she fake waddle-chased a phone thief, as if she has the cardio for that.

No. 636748

File: 1549327450181.png (948.25 KB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2019-02-04-16-42-31…)

No. 636749

File: 1549327518918.png (957.28 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-02-04-16-42-42…)

Someone tell this Fancybear to turn up the heat cause she gives 0 fucks
Shes out with Vamps

No. 636750

Ahh the obligatorily Moochlette "Look how amazing Moo actually is cause she bought me stuff" post. Though gotta be honest bit of a downgrade from the switch a few months back.

No. 636753

not going to lie, this is pretty cute.
the text, however, makes me want to vomit.

No. 636756

I hope he does turn up the heat and make her start sperging.

No. 636779

Don't forget she takes a hit in the morning and another when she "works out"
Gotta wait until she comes down from her high

No. 636781

With fancy bear doxxing her fans I bet they would immediately disown her just to save their own asses. I think this is a downfall we've been waiting for. As much as I hate to see people being doxed and hacked but it's satisfying to see someone like her being put in her place since obviously she doesn't give a crap about the people she hurts.

No. 636782

I think she's just doing what she did when the sexual assault and charity nonsense happened. She's pretending as if nothing is going on and will "release a statement about it later."

No. 636792

it's just data from her wordpress. pretty easy to recover from and would she really care about sales figures? it's not like this person is inside her actual store software.

No. 636793

>>636750 Mariah would rather spend hundreds of dollars on numerous bootlegs than buy something practical and pricey for her supposed best friend and number one guard dog.

While it's not a terribly ugly prop, it's still pretty useless, and looks rather inexpensive.

No. 636794

her woocommerce account is totally separate and the money comes right from them. what fancybear has is a handy readout of how much she sold is all. they may have other data like user info, it really depends if she collects that herself or like for the store, passes it to a third party.

No. 636795

It it's on etsy, you can't really control who orders from you. Costume commissions are a bit different since you have to discuss things but she probably just ordered the crown off of etsy. I wouldn't hold it against the owner for not cancelling it because she'd just pitch a fit.

No. 636797

Oh sweet jesus she's gonna do Zelda? Since when was she ever a Zelda fan?

No. 636809

File: 1549336436675.png (119.33 KB, 720x613, Screenshot_2019-02-04-19-12-40…)

Changed it

No. 636811

What fetish? lol She does the same 3 fucking poses and 1 ugly face in everything.

No. 636812

10 days to katsu I look forward to her fucking up and not having the clout she did when she busted someone's cosplay up.

No. 636813

I didn’t know she had an account for her cats but calling it momoscats like is she trying to subtly pull in doodoo fetish bux?

No. 636816

Lmao since when??? Doubt she is even gonna do it. Please tell me she is gonna say she has been a ~*HUGE*~ zelda fan and how much it changed her life like DBZ or Fate.

No. 636819

She's gunna make up some weird BS about how in 2005 her parents found her an old n64 and she played all the original games and it impacted her childhood sooo much. Her old Zelda games are right next to her childhood hijab collection

No. 636828

She's going to say she'll be there right up until the con and then back out at the last minute with some lame excuse.

No. 636829

God I wish Fancy Bear would hack Onision when he's done with Momokun. They'd probably give him a medal for it.

No. 636831

I'm hoping on her going never leaving the hotel and staying past the con to do a shoot in the gazebo to prove the haterz wrong

No. 636832


Nah. She’s going to make it into damn near Lifetime network movie levels where she had an old N64 with Zelda and it was her most favorite game in the whole wide world but her parents took it away from her because they were abusive fucks who hated everything she did and never supported any of her interests.

No. 636834

File: 1549339657852.png (960.07 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-02-04-20-06-17…)

No. 636835

ugggh, i cant stand that artist who draws genderbend characters. Is she really gonna do Howl? She honestly mentioned any of these cosplays in a while. What about Broly?

No. 636836

Has she EVER fulfilled all her monthly cosplans? I predict she will only do naked tamamo, random ass maneki neko cat, and Videl since those are easy as fuck. Then pat herself on the back for doing three whole cosplays in one month.
I hope she will do “short dyke hair” Videl instead of long hair so she can’t hide her fat face and hammy shoulders with her wig.

No. 636837

is..is she going to cosplay a lucky cat?

No. 636839

So she's just going to take art by artists and not credit them? It's like she's giving Fancy Bear more ammo to use against her dumb ass.

No. 636840

Didnt gabby do Howel a while back?

No. 636841

Lol you know she’s going to have a totally inaccurate long wig and claim “artistic” liberties with it

No. 636843

Yes she did.

No. 636845

File: 1549340817293.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 71.56 KB, 667x800, 4B18DEEC-8DEF-4499-A29C-A62083…)

God… as if Summer Tamamo wasn’t enough now she has to do classic Tama. Attached image is the only version I could see her possibly (and that’s being very very very generious) recreating properly lmao

No. 636850

>>636809 The "streaming live on Camversity" thing is no longer there. Not sure if there's more to the story or not, and if this means she's done being a pseudo cam whore for now. She's been falling well short of her goals more often than not, since it's evident her neckbeards want to see actual nudity on a cam site. Who would have thought?

So now the questions resurface. Will the lack of Camversity money, the steep decline in website sales, the potential of Fancy Bear uncovering more info, and the smaller Patreon numbers result in any good milk?

No. 636851


I’m inclined to believe she is done with Camversity. She completely started to fizzle out once people were getting sick of her bullshit and wanted actual nudity from her. She barely met any goals and completely stopped even attempting to give a fuck anymore. She put up with being treated as fuck meat as long as she could.

No. 636853

Was thinking this too. This is a huge downgrade and its such a weird impersonal piece of junk. Like something you pick up at an Artists Alley on impulse as part of a small con haul.

Either here or in the cam thread, Mariah mentioned that Mariah's roommate and Collette were a thing but now arent? From all of that, I wonder if Moo and Collette are finally fucking off from each other. Like Mariah doesnt feel the need to show off via Vamp and Vamp is drifting away from cosplay so being around her only cosfriend isnt necessary.

Did Mariah have any other female friends…like at all? Ones who arent commissioners.

weird sidenote but also from the camthread or whatever idr, Moo's roommate mentioned disliking dating and is a "free spirit" or some shit. He sounds just as milky and scummy as Fupa from the Shay thread tbh. He and Moo probably fucked already but he uses his hippie schtick as a way to not be exclusive.

No. 636865

A tinfoil I have is now that cucks is in the house it made it harder for her to be lewd especially since she claimed he hated it and didn't like women who did things like that.


No. 636872

>>636865 This is where the hypocrisy is on full display. Here's a situation where Mariah brought in her life coach who says he doesn't want to be tied up in a relationship with her, because he's a free spirit. But if Mariah were to embrace her sexuality, which is apparently a free spirited thing to do for the record, then it's disgraceful. At least one of these idiots is lying through their teeth, if not both of them.

I think she quit because she finally realized she doesn't have what it takes, and you can only pour Bad Dragon fake cum on your tits so many times, all while hanging out in the upstairs foyer and sitting in front of the litter box.

I'll go as far as to say he's repulsed by her physical appearance, and discreetly asked her to quit in order to avoid seeing her in lingerie and bikinis that don't fit, as she displays fake appreciation whenever the chime tells her she earned $2 from a neckbeard.

No. 636877

File: 1549350031657.jpg (244.67 KB, 716x955, 20190204_235725.jpg)

I love how she accidentally reveals her dependency on Facetune on her btsmomokun account. Check out the two selfies at the bottom. The side by side comparison (Facetune on the right, generic Instagram filter on the left) is hysterical.

No. 636879

File: 1549350356518.png (682.47 KB, 720x1203, Screenshot_2019-02-04-23-04-31…)

No. 636881

File: 1549351794440.png (Spoiler Image, 643.16 KB, 620x930, post_file (14).png)

>Feb 4 at 2:29pm

>I’m sorry about the delay from patreon… so here’s a teaser !

>…. and yes those are scars from my breast reduction >__> still insecure about them …

No. 636883

File: 1549351955934.png (836.44 KB, 750x750, feb.png)

"Feb 4 at 7:31pm

February Cosplans

Hey guys! This is what you can expect for the month of February:

Catteleya - Katsucon ( will not be a lewd shoot just location )

Tamamo - Katsucon ( will do a location and lewd shoot )

Howl- Katsucon ( Will include video and photo shoot ) more so at the end of this month artwork ft. Is by Sakimichan

Lewd shoots:

Videl groped by Gohan ( will only be a lewd shoot)

Maneki Neko - Lewd shoot

Tamamo Bathtub- Will he implied nude with only censoring from a towel

( not pictured )

Valentine’s Day Bunny girl

Lacy pink lingerie

So gonna try and shoot 5 lewd sets this month! LETS DO THIS!!!!"

No. 636884

File: 1549352007166.png (719.02 KB, 750x750, march.png)

"Feb 4 at 7:51pm

March Cosplans
Bowsette - Will showcase probably at SakuraCon

Will include a lewd shoot

Mai Shiranui - will include a location and lewd shoot + Video
Hinata- Strictly Lewd shoot
Female Ranma- Strictly Lewd shoot"

No. 636885

>>636881 Ah, yes. That infamous scene from Final Fantasy VII where Tifa takes selfies in front of the same folding screen that Tsunade took selfies in front of after entering an alternate universe? Who could ever forget?

No. 636886

File: 1549352077426.png (857.63 KB, 750x750, april.png)

"Feb 4 at 8:18pm

April CosPlans
Ms.Joke- will not be a lewd shoot
Swimsuit Nero- Location shoot
Raven - Lewd shoot + Video + Shibari
Princess Zelda - Will be Location + Lewd shoot + Shibari"

No. 636887

File: 1549352198187.png (833.75 KB, 750x750, may.png)

"Feb 4 at 9:55pm
May Cosplans- DB MONTH
So these are still up in the air, but here’s a rough outline:

-10 days before Cell Games Goku- Both the jacket and wig are currently being commissioned
-Maron Beach shoot
-Android 18 Location shoot
-bulla ( This is the one up in the air )

Lewd shoots:
Naked Bulma- This will be an implied nude shoot
Lewd Android 18 - Ft. battle damage, Ahegao, & Cum Lube
Bunny Bulma- This will be a Shibari, Ahegao, POV shoot ft. cum lube"

No. 636888

I'm amazed she didn't call Zelda, Link

No. 636889

File: 1549352246038.png (946.03 KB, 750x750, june.png)

"Feb 4 at 10:02pm

June Cosplans
Albedo - Location shoot at Palace of fine arts
Albedo Body Pillow - Lewd shoot ft. lingerie
Aztec Lucoa - Lewd shoot
Dinner Lucoa- Lewd kitchen shoot

Rough outline of June"

No. 636890

File: 1549352324748.png (904.85 KB, 750x750, july.png)

"Feb 4 at 10:13pm

July Cosplans

So I have a more rougher idea of August and so forth but won’t be announcing anymore until I get more stuff going.

For AX I would like to bring:
Nurse Pochaco
Formal Artoria might happen at night for AX

This month will be more of a showcase of big costumes ! I don’t have any lewd stuff planned out rn… but I will!
Things are subject to change! Just a reminder! But more than likely this is what we gonna be doing :3"

Jesus fucking christ. I dont know why she's sperging so hard on Patreon right now.

No. 636891


Why do i feel like, at-least half of these aren't going to happen

No. 636892

Because they won't. Only the easy ones and the others will be replaced with sudden flavor of the month meme shit or reused and wearing different clothes cosplay characters/bikinis because of the season.

No. 636893


>I dont know why she's sperging so hard on Patreon right now.

Trying her best to lure the Patreon evacuees back in, especially with her heavy emphasis on lewd shoots.

This is a lazy ass lineup. She seems frazzled by something if she's trying this hard to promote upcoming projects, whether or not she executes anything on her end.

No. 636894

She’s gotta give the illusion that she’s actually working anon!

We all know she’ll end up doing 40% of everything that’s listed for all those months and just rehash the same shit she’s been doing. Not a single thing will be made by her of course.

I’m still curious about that Fancy Bear thing tho.

No. 636895

Its not exactly being broadcasted though, right? Of course she doesn't know about it. Its posted, but I don't think Moo lurks Kiwi and she doesn't have a twitter if its on there. If anything, if she has seen it, probably thinks it's a hoax or something.

No. 636896

She used guy tang's dye brand. that's why she tagged him.

No. 636897

Insta is more her home anyway so less it's being spammed there she may not even be aware.

No. 636899

Yeah so we might as well stop talking about it until it escalates. Otherwise, its all just talk without Moo giving milk about the ordeal. Unless something happens from either side, all we have is waiting for Moo to catch the ball thrown by Fancy Bear.

No. 636900

She probably got banned after lying about refunding that guy if he reported her. Most cam sites will ban you if you say you'll do something for a certain price and then don't do it.

No. 636901

Agreed, plus with Katsu in 10 days she likely isn't even lurking here. She's probably trying to psych herself out for attending. Evo was her last 'public' attempt at a con and was immediately called out for it. She desperately wants to believe she has chance to get back with cosplay, but also knows her hugbox isn't gonna be there. Apologizing for tinfoiling but I honestly think she's so busy trying to pretend it will all be okay nothing short of insta nuking her account again would reach her.

No. 636907

Seeing Moo be dragged up alongside the latest Vic Mignogna saga brings me such joy. If a big VA can be cancelled then so can some costhot who thinks she's just as worthy. Can't wait for her to make an appearance at Katsucon soon.

No. 636911

File: 1549355672955.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, D035F832-0470-4E99-B135-3568FB…)

Oh yes because wearing athletic socks instead of character socks is so quirky and so fun and isn’t totally inappropriate for the activity!! she’s so fun!

No. 636912

I’m seeing it in comments on FB and Twitter as well. Glad to know people haven’t forgotten!

No. 636915

She's really still pretending to go to the gym, huh?

What about her dbz weight lifting belt?

No. 636916

And just before Katsucon, perfect timing.

No. 636917

Oh she probably lost that ages ago

No. 636918

Lmao you can tell she doesn't know dick about Zelda because she's choosing to cosplay this iteration of her instead of the newest one. Y'know, the iteration that everyone makes butt jokes about.

Also, when I think of Zelda, I think of a delicate, willowy, intelligent girl. Moo is the antithesis of that- she's a screaming, mouth-breathing idiot with linebacker shoulders.

She should cosplay a Moblin instead kek

No. 636920

Out of the four(?) cosplays she promised to do in January she only did Quiet and Tifa (none of them made by her btw), and did a lot of low effort bikini selfies instead.

All those cosplans for up to July is dumb, we all know she won't do even half of them because she's a lazy thot. She commissions everything but she doesn't do it until the last minute and no one would take it, or she forgets it all together to attempt to scramble together a discount cosplay of the flavour of the month (and failing to do so 90% of the time).

She can't keep up with her illusion of being a full-time cosplayer. She only wanted the money and recognition without making the effort, so here she is, making promises she wouldn't fulfil even though she has all the time in the world. What a joke.

No. 636921

File: 1549357718781.png (2.04 MB, 1200x1840, 3C583FE9-0D30-4701-8059-B0A4B6…)

I mean, you’re not wrong. She’s got the jowels to match.

How much do you want to bet after lurking here that she’ll change her preference of Zelda after you mentioning it.

No. 636923

>>636901 Mariah's hugbox circle attended ALA though, and Mariah still didn't go. Miso Tokki wanted to organize a costume theme for the pair, and Mariah kept leading her on with the idea that she'd possibly go, only to decline the offer shortly before ALA. And you could argue Vamps probably had more fun without Mariah sucking the life out of the room and forcing everyone to keep her company in a hotel room.

I'm not entirely convinced Mariah is going to Katsucon after seeing everything that went down since the AEX debacle.

No. 636924

I almost redacted it, but changed my mind last minute. Moo probably intentionally picked TP Zelda because she's not a minor and could be """lewded""".

Although lbr I'm glad Moo is terrified of (and has the wrong body for) crossplay, because it means she can't ruin Sidon. Like you just know that if Sidon was a girl, Moo would have tried to cash in on the bandwagon. It's a miracle that despite also being really sexy, [redacted] didn't garner that sort of following, because you know Moo would have done a shit cosplay of her if she did (complete with bad wig and racist spray-tan).

No. 636929

why is she terrified of crossplay?

No. 636932

File: 1549361749322.png (589.32 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4692.PNG)

One February shoot already gone

No. 636933

Surprised she didn’t realize this sooner. Take a cultural item that is meant to bring good luck/has a historical and cultural significance and lewd it up for no reason? Might as well do a lewd geisha at that point. I didn’t say anything earlier because I was hoping she’d do it and get fucked by it, but looks like someone did fill her in.

No. 636936

that's not TP zelda, that's ALTTP/ALBW zelda which is clearly younger than TP zelda…

No. 636939

Easy mistake since smash bros was OoT/TP Zelda for so long..but it's why as it was said earlier, it's unlikely Moocow even knows which Zelda it is but after seeing your comment she'll know now.

No. 636953

Is no one gonna mention how offensive her lucoa Aztec god getup plans are? Oh but, she's BEEN to Mexico once so she's clearly fine lmao.

No. 636957

Implying she won't genderbent him like she did with Hell Boy and such.

She's not terrified, she just hates doing so because a) she doesn't want to come off as a dyke like her past tweets suggest, and b) she won't get any male attention doing it.

No. 636958

…. isn’t Bulla like… 12 though…?

No. 636968

…she should have chosen TP Zelda, then, because she's the only version that is confirmed to be an adult. All the rest are seventeen at the very oldest, so yikes on lewding that.

Doesn't change the fact that she's never touched a LoZ game.

No. 636973

File: 1549377752743.jpg (766.92 KB, 3840x2160, The_Three_Giant_Brothers_shrin…)


idk how many times she said that she wants to cosplay zelda but never did. The last time it was TP zelda, now it's the version that it's in Smash. How long until she says how much she loved Wind Waker again, even when she never finished the game? lol God, if she really ends up doing it, she will be roasted af in the zelda fandom jesus


iirc she did the "What if Zelda was a girl" meme back then dressed as Linkle.


I think a Hinox would be also a great choice for her.

No. 636978

She's had the pieces for it for months now. It looks cheap and Chinese as hell and not even accurate. This is a minor cosplay so she doesn't see the need to shell out for good commissioned pieces. I want to say she bought the damn thing in like November, so this stupid cosplay has a 7-8 month lead time. Wonder what else she's bought that hasn't been used. Bitch is bad with money.

No. 637011

File: 1549383409761.jpg (93.75 KB, 768x1024, 748e3ea6ebe9caaa62a78cca6301bd…)

The ONLY time I heard her actually talk about Legend of Zelda was briefly during that panel
Which looking back on, she makes a really bitchy comment about Hyrule Warriors, ironically the only Zelda game she cosplayed from. I remember this was the first cosplay that she was determined to "be the first to do it" and when someone did it first she was mad

No. 637013

the mouth thing she does in some photos to pretend she has lips makes me kek. Look at her face, ffs. ^

No. 637014

File: 1549383903563.png (836.71 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-05-08-18-34…)

>waddles into yard to get pinecones to throw at Vamp
>broke a ornament off the tree and looks at Vamp mortified asking what to do
Definitely renting

No. 637016

File: 1549383945104.png (433.46 KB, 720x1039, Screenshot_2019-02-05-08-21-21…)

No. 637021

Oh man AX is gonna be a treat if I get to see Moo waddling around rather than cowering in her hotel room. And Merlin’s hair is super long, so I can’t wait to see that ratty mess of a wig in person if she actually goes through with it.

No. 637023


I think "40lbs" is a significant under estimate.

No. 637024

File: 1549388528425.jpg (445.4 KB, 1079x1477, Screenshot_20190205-103659_Ins…)

Don't forget, if you're successful you can't be guilty. Also her bar for success is comically low.

No. 637026


This is simply the kind of dipshits she attracts and chooses to surround herself with. Fellow fatty ass kissers wanting her to be their idol do that people will finally be forced to accept their lard asses. They will aggressively defend everything she does because once she is seen as bad, then anyone who even remotely emulates what she does will be seen as bad as well. I wouldn’t put any stick into whatever retarded drivel gets posted on her Instagram since anything short of completely kissing her ass and absolving her of any wrongdoing is blocked.

No. 637027


Jesus she looks like a larva about to pupate

No. 637029

File: 1549389355817.jpeg (154.36 KB, 960x932, E864804B-FA14-4F07-8CAE-7DAB5D…)

Slightly OT, but this meme has been going around. Kinda wish they used a more current and non-shooped picture of her though

No. 637036

I REALLY hate her response to this. Her sending those heart emojis implies that she agrees with everything that girl is saying, meaning all the accusations were false and shit, even tho she’s openly admitted to doing it. If she were smart she would’ve said something like “I did something wrong but have since owned up to it” or something like that. This response to that is just so bad

No. 637037

We can go back and forth for days whether she's using drugs, abusing prescribed medications, or just chugging too many damn energy drinks but in the wise words of Hank Hill, the girl ain't right.

I've never seen anyone act like Momokun before, especially when it comes to letting herself be filmed doing it. She's like a badly behaved toddler in an obese woman's body. You'd think she was special ed at first glance.

No. 637042


On the topic of getting blocked immediately, I accused her of using a tripod for her shoots she claims to hire 'Girlonthemoonpro' for and she went on a 3 day reply frenzy to try to argue with me about it. It was really surreal. Every time I thought she was just going to block me she had two or three more replies already made.

I wasn't sure if anything she said would be considered milkworthy so I haven't shared the screencaps yet. If yall want em I can go find em but what shocked me the most was how desperate she seemed to discredit my theory and claim I'm a psycho etc. I wasn't too sure before but after that interaction I'm positive girlonthemoonpro is fake as shit.

No. 637045


its an image board and might be lulzy no matter post away lol

No. 637049

Thots cosplay her all the time. People like to cherry pick what characters are allowed and not allowed to be lewded based on how old they LOOK compared to their actual 'age'. Ingeneral it's all fictional. It doesn't matter. The characters are not real and it's not related to what actual pedophiles do. You can see she's a grown ass woman. Unless she's wearing diapers or acting like a child while lewding the characters, who gives a shit. Can we drop the lewding 2D animations now?

No. 637050

Don't be dense. "Looks" means nothing, if you ACTUALLY KNOW THE ANIME/MANGA/VN/LN etc in question, you know a characters actual age and yes it does matter as long as she's a resident of the US "real" or "not real" has no line when it comes to underage.

Most costhots cosplay the VERY mid-teen age version of Bulma all the time. Considering it's from DRAGON BALL, she was underage. It's not a serious topic but it's still ontopic as it's related to a cosplay plan she has posted.

No. 637052


That’s how she always felt deep down. When the accusations started coming out her immediate response was to try to discredit them all as liars and jealous clout chasers who were always secretly plotting her downfall. At the end of the day she still believes that she did nothing wrong and that this was all some intricate plot to ruin her reputation and this will all blow over soon and she’ll be back in the community in no time at all.

Which if she actually bothered to step outside her hugbox on Instagram for more than a few seconds then she’ll see thatckuldnt be further from the truth and she is still public enemy No. 1

No. 637053

loli porn is legal in the US, not trying to argue, but lewding fictional characters isn't illegal in the slightest.

No. 637054

shouldve used moomoorrigan

No. 637056

She's just going to scrap it because of all the extra material. It'll be in the summer. She will lose interest like she did with that group she had planned for Mordred.

No. 637063

No it's not anon. Loli porn falls under the "pictures" part of the Child porn law. Aka illegal.

No. 637067

File: 1549395231839.jpg (384.59 KB, 1080x1635, 1.jpg)

No. 637068

no it doesn't. pictures means photographs, not depictions.

No. 637069

Neither looks good though

No. 637070

File: 1549395331714.jpg (384.63 KB, 808x1408, 2.jpg)

No. 637071

>Any actual photos or videos of children is called child pornography and is illegal. Artistic depictions, drawings and paintings of such things- despite obvious connotations- are not illegal to possess.

No. 637072

File: 1549395453165.jpg (243.7 KB, 810x1058, 3.jpg)

No. 637073

File: 1549395555906.jpg (380.47 KB, 1080x1370, 4.jpg)

No. 637074

Sorry, but you're an idiot. Shad would be in jail if this were the case. I agree with >>637068, you're just wrong.

No. 637075

File: 1549395648442.jpg (537.97 KB, 1080x1647, 5.jpg)

Sorry my SS are so wack, like I said she deleted the whole thread after the fact.

No. 637077

Ive seen grown adults do dumb shit like this at conventions and even out when they are with friends. Its just fucking around. Makes her immature as hell, but grown ass men and women fuck around doing dumb shit like this stuff all the time and I don't just mean people like her and Logan Paul. Stop being so surprised by the dumb shit she does in public. You might not see it, but there are countless people who think doing this dumb shit to make their friends laugh.

No. 637078

> cow tipping
she's brushing up on her lingo lmao

No. 637080

Yeah, she attracts insecure and dumb as fuck fat girls and thirsty guys who know she's easy. Such a fanbase.

No. 637081

File: 1549395832146.jpg (474.33 KB, 810x1766, 6.jpg)


If girlonthemoonpro is such a 'sweet shy girl who just wants to help' but doesn't want to be a 'bigger part' of the cosplay community, why would she want to be tagged all the time or want to even work with moo in the first place?

No. 637082

Shes NOT actual a fucking loli anon. Stop sperging about shit not even the police would give a second glance at. It's not illegal at all to cosplay a character as a grown ass adult even if the character is 'young'. Police aren't going after gross ass men wearing diapers and playing out their lives as infants because its not fucking illegal. Cringy, yes, but Moo can cosplay all the 'underage' characters she wants. They are characters.

No. 637084

She's been lurking here hardcore. Wow

No. 637086

She's been lurking here since day 1, but slips like this really shows how invested she is in lolcow. From defending herself in here, to trying to drum up a personal army in Usagi Kou's thread, her stay on the farms has been hilarious.

Man I can't wait for Katsu, she has more than a few unpleasant surprises waiting for her that she's going to brush off as a joke. That is, if she goes at all at this rate.

No. 637088

I can't wait until the girl in question is either clearly moo or doesn't even respond.

No. 637092

It's definitely moo. If it were anybody else they would have tried harder to make it look like a real account or they wouldn't have created a fake one in the first place. Also out of the photographers she mentioned, the only one who never even read the message I sent was GOTMP. Seems sketchy at the very, very least.

No. 637094


If it was Moo then how is she getting those angels where she actually looks decent? Makes sense since all her shoots lately have been her crawling on the ground, but when she's taking photos with her phone she can't seem to get those same angles. Even when on the floor. She's a frumpy mess, so does she have someone else editing them if she is the tripod photographer? How exactly if the rest of it working then and why can't she take the same fake skinny fat girl photos with her phone?

No. 637095

fat fetish obviously

im pretty sure she's aware of the hack by now and just pretending she doesn't hoping it goes away.

No. 637097

this is the most autistic shit i've seen. It's not that hard to believe she underpays some broke art student with a camera.

No. 637099

Literally no one is talking about it besides us and kiwi. I really dont think she knows and if she did, like stated up top, she thinks its a hoax. You remember how she acted with the gun thing. Probably just thinks its some edgy kid again but isn't saying anything because that got thrown in her face last time.

No. 637103


I think the question is less about whether she actually uses specifically a tripod and more about the legitimacy of girlonthemoonpro

No. 637108

>>637094 Not trying to argue, but I'm confused by the part where you said Moo looks decent whenever she's shot at certain angles.

The majority of what would appear to be tripod shots feature Moo doing poses where her hands are either entirely hidden or removed from the shot, or at least she keeps them positioned in a manner that doesn't allow you to see what's inside of the palm of her hands. I'd say the aerobics atrocity and the Quiet atrocity are two sets that could easily fuel the Tripod-san speculation.

I believe she either uses a remote device, a timer feature on a camera with a burst/panoramic photograph mode, or both. The majority of her angles are shot where Mariah is conveniently positioned on the left (Christmas Lucoa, Quiet). The extreme selfie thing she just did with Tifa is the exact same selfie she took in her Virgin Killer sweater, around the time "Sorry, sweetie" first took off.

The burden of proof is on Moo or girlonthemoonpro to prove this is a real photographer, and not Moo's underage cousin that she spliced q clip from in thread 91.

No. 637110

File: 1549400095733.jpeg (205.7 KB, 750x1108, E5705B2B-3A95-4753-B3B0-28B578…)

No. 637111

>>637108 Samefag. Meant to say Mariah is often to the right after the "photographer" finishes shooting. Nothing is ever taken from a distance, like you'll see in the SquareCuck beach Tamano shoots, or the Beatrice stuff.

Moo conveniently takes photos from short distances because it's too much ground to cover otherwise, had she tried to outrun a timer. She'll convince some people that the up-close style is meant to accentuate the lewd aspect, but some are going to see it differently, obviously.

No. 637112

It's impossible to think it's a hoax if she's actually aware. Fancy Bear provided sample information of her clients which she could easily verify.

No. 637113

It would have more of an impact if they said '6 months ago' instead of 'last year'. It makes it more recent sounding and more serious where this just doesn't have a good punch and why block out your username and now your handle?

No. 637115

All he did was share a sheet showing numbers and then her password blurred out and her name. We get it, but I can totally see why Moo isn't 'bothered' by it because of how she takes shit like this.

No. 637116

Shes really going to be in for a surprise at Katsucon if she thinks the stuff from AX has blown over. The stuff about it is still going around FB every who has any interest in cosplay knows about it. Camt wait for the milk

No. 637119

File: 1549400941468.png (338.6 KB, 1526x182, c9b29275c95ae11492c5808aca5d3c…)

you just missed it anon, they posted some of her client data including emails and hashed password previews. She could easily verify the names/emails.

No. 637121

Ooooh I see now. My mistake. I only saw two of the shots. I thought the important part on the one with Moo's info was just cropped from this, but nope. That's a whole other screen. Shit.

No. 637122


I fully expect her to back out with some bullshit excuse about some previous plans that she conveniently forgot that she already made and posting some long winded essay about how “I’m so sorry I let all my fans down that wanted to meet me. Next time I’ll be sure to give you all the big hugs uwu!!!!”

No. 637123

Im expecting her to go to a movie by skipping a day or half a day because of it. So she's flying out there?

No. 637144

Well technically it did happen last year, whether it be the exact timing or not, the key thing is people are still aware of what went down and aren't prepared to let her go just yet thanks to remembering it through Mignogna's drama. Katsucon is just around the corner and we all know Moo thinks she's going to just waltz back into the cosplay community at one of the most popular cons with open arms like the dumbass she is.

No. 637145

Okay but honestly… what’s the point of this? Knowing how many sales moo makes is kinda milky - especially the keychain sales - but who cares who’s buying her sets or merch?

No. 637151

I don't pretend to know how Fancy Bear chooses his targets or what he chooses to disclose about them, but my headcanon is that they do it because it's a nice relaxing change from hacking election results and government correspondence. This is not the first cow they've been involved with, I think they just do it because it's fun.

No. 637156

Fancy bear is a they…

No. 637157

yea ik, I said they most of the time but blundered a few times. English is not my first language, sorry if i triggered anyone

No. 637158

Here's to hoping that they get bored enough to go after Onion after they're done with Moo.

No. 637159

By her logic Vic is also an amazing person that doesn’t deserve all the hate they get DESPITE all the evidence out there. Things really would be different if Moo was a guy. Absolutely disgusting behavior from her fans

No. 637162


These are the kinds of people she wants in her life though: Disgusting degenerates who will defend her no matter what. Seriously, how many times has she bitched at her “friends” or totally disowned them the second one of them speaks out against her? Or has pulled that “you’re not my true friend if you’re not here to support me during the dark times” bullshit. She expects everyone to fall in lock step every time she gets in deep shit and needs support. No matter what she is accused of or what facts come out, completely absolve her of any wrong doing and denounce her accusers as haters and liars looking for attention.

She doesn’t want friends or fans. She wants a personal army she can send after anyone she personally doesn’t like and a personal hugbox to defend all her shitty actions.

No. 637167

Which brings to the point if a big anime VA can be brought down and be cancelled, then why can't a low life costhot who's done equally enough damage to others within cosplay? Moo isn't even professional and yet her army of cucks and other costhots stand by her hip defending her at all costs. Being a female sexual predator sure has its perks.

No. 637168

The meitu photo app she uses applies a filter that slims her face and erases her eyebags. It has multiple timer settings and shutter modes. The same filter applies on any skin and has tools that lets you edit them. It's tinfoiling yes but also highly probable that it could really just be her. Hell maybe it's the app and sensei holding the phone

No. 637169

Most other costhot have distanced themselves from her or outright called her out for all her shit. Especially since the sexual harassment stuff came out some of the other costhots felt like they could come forward about what shes done.

No. 637171

File: 1549408864489.jpg (94.63 KB, 1080x1636, 51332193_381975699269274_11360…)

she probably saw this cosplayer's lucky cat cosplay for Feb

No. 637172

There's still a fair amount firmly up her ass on Instagram though, but far less than last year which is an improvement. Only because Moo is a stepping stone for them, so the more they compliment her and act like close buddies the more exposure it brings for other cucks that will follow them. She's becoming more and more of a doormat just like her dearest lapdog. What a lonely existence.

No. 637175


No one with any dignity or self respect is dumb enough to even give the appearance of supporting her. Most of the big names either ignore her or join in on the roasting and memeing. She is now stuck having to scavenge for any fellow no names desperately looking to boost their fan base by association with her. She’s fallen as hard as she possibly could and is far away from the days of going on hiking trips with Nigri and her friends.

No. 637179

If its not a tripod then she is VERY good at standing still and not changing angles

No. 637180

I wish the poster would have went into more detail instead of 'the stuff she did.'

Like, people need to know, but enough people know that she'll get shamed and back at Katsu, i think.

No. 637181

does this confirm mariah buys her own merch??

No. 637184

not necessarily, I usually have an entry in user databases I create when I test them. But it doesn't rule it out.

No. 637195


No its the Wordpress user database which contains all of the users who have registered on her website.

Its likely her account that she uses to admin her website.

Also to point out, this is just users that have registered to her site and not actually a list of people that bought something, anybody can register for an account on her site.

No. 637196

To be fair they linked to places to read up about her. Can't really sum it all up in a tweet

No. 637199

Dumbass is too stupid to realize that the internet never forgets or forgives.

No. 637201

File: 1549415256173.jpg (746.84 KB, 1437x1081, Screenshot_20190205-200330.jpg)

This event is going on the same weekend as Katsucon at the nearby MGM. Martin Wong is having a photography panel. The same people who rent out the Colossalcon villas are hosting it and I strongly suspect JNig is gonna be there; this is definitely a "cosplay elite" kind of thing. Seriously wondering if MooMoo is going to try attending. If she does, there's going to be some damn good milk.

No. 637203

Moo adress it as "them" and then makes up a sweet, sensitive girl to guilt trip you for being suspicious… Obvious lie is obvious

No. 637205

File: 1549416083525.jpg (451.16 KB, 1440x2476, 20190205_202010.jpg)


Same anon but I checked the RSVP list and Moo definitely knows about it, at the very least

No. 637207

File: 1549416287884.jpg (65.06 KB, 828x1472, 50739742_579972305802025_78145…)

This is really unexpected

No. 637208

she's gotta show us haters!

No. 637217

File: 1549417156471.png (5.92 MB, 1242x2208, 3D72A6FE-CA5E-4A65-8850-3277E9…)

She seriously might have bought that Zelda cosplay. Yikes. It's not going to be flattering in the least.

No. 637219

how does she find so much shit that fits her? Is it custom made? Or is it normal for costume makers to cater to her size?

No. 637228

most overpriced shit on etsy is custom and costume makers cater to $$$ lol. as we saw with designer daddy they are all about the bills.

No. 637230

"helping her friends"
Oh but Moo, everyone knows you ditch your "friends" for those with a higher following to leech from. I'm surprised you hadn't grabbed her chest either and said she'll do just fine on Patreon

No. 637233

File: 1549420032717.jpg (89.23 KB, 1242x1151, IMG_20190203_221739.jpg)

OT and belongs in the snow thread but
Cosplay thots:
>anyone can cosplay! Everything is cosplay! This is just my hobby! Tee hee!
Also cosplay thots:
rents an entire block for just them, their photographers, and friends and only attends the actual con for like 4 hours
Is this what's going on here? I feel like I don't 100% understand what it is or how it works. I know it's open to whoever but just at face value it looks really elitist.

No. 637238


With those pauldrons on, she's gonna look like a linebacker even more so with her shoulders.

No. 637241

For once it's not the costhots doing it. Wong and McCoy are running it and basically the costhots come in for an excuse for these male photographers to show off/try to get some cash/sex. Basically for Momo it'd be a chance to sink her claws into someone and maybe get laid.

No. 637243

>>637207 Taking bets now. Here are the current betting odds:

>Shops online and repeatedly checks her phone while begging for tips

>Dull anime/cosplay rant stream
>Announcement she's moving away from CamV (possibly to Twitch)
>Admits Tripod-san is real
>Neckbeards finally get to see titties and toying with dildos

No. 637255

Okay, sorry if this is supposed to be well known, but how do people know that some anon “hacker” wants to go by snowflake pronouns?

No. 637256

File: 1549423248865.jpg (20.46 KB, 720x540, FB_IMG_1549423207562.jpg)

found on Facebook

No. 637263

it's not a snowflake pronoun, it's a plural one, Fancy Bear is literally a group of people.

No. 637264

Oh boy this is gonna be good. She will say she mains her too in smash. I can wait to see this monstrosity

No. 637265

I thought it was Bayonetta she mains in Smash? either way, could you imagine if she did Bayonetta?

No. 637271

Oh lol, thanks. Got confused by the “a they” i guess.

No. 637272

She would conveniently claim that the very specific glasses Bayonetta has and she just bought are her real glasses no doubt, then we would never see them again.

And yeah, a knockoff looking bodysuit, gross attempts at sexual prowess, and failure dancing.

No. 637273

She's live on Camversity. Goal is 1500 for Jacuzzi tub.

No. 637285

File: 1549426804720.png (816.89 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-02-05-20-18-48…)

No. 637286

She's hilariously avoiding any lewd questions.

No. 637288

Go to the livestream thread >>>/pt/624348

No. 637290

Already there, just announcing she's live for those ITT thatd don't know she's live.

No. 637296


Her falsies have always been bad but I really think this might be her worst pair to date.

No. 637355

Don't forget that she also called herself asian.

No. 637365

>>637243 If you had Mariah announcing she was leaving Camversity and considering a return to Twitch, you're tonight's highest paid winner.

No. 637366

did she specifically say, or was it kinda implied?

No. 637368

>>637365 She specifically said it was going to be her last stream for a while. Not too long after making that statement, she was talking about a potential return to Twitch.

No. 637369

funny thing is she will probably make more on camv then she will on twitch.

No. 637370

I'm expecting the oppsite, just because she'll be doing less than she would on camv and twitch is full of neckbeards willing to give money to thots just for breathing

No. 637371


She acknowledged feeling like a lazy sack of shit as most of her “cosplays” have been lackluster even by her own lazy standards and wants to focus on that more.

More like she got sick of camming for gross degenerates.

No. 637373

>>637370 Even though Mariah's unique talent is that she doesn't actually possess talent, I think she'll make an ass out of herself on Twitch. In tonight's stream, she surprisingly acknowledged that she knows she's hated within the gaming community, primarily the fighting game community. And we all know she isn't good at video games, and she only knows about things through YouTube let's play videos and Wikipedia.

I sincerely hope she goes to Twitch and tries to create the illusion she's a capable gamer or wardrobe maker. She'll expose herself so fast. I mean, she couldn't even remember the names of DBZ games she claims to have loved while growing up, and she won't reveal her gaming handles for fear of revealing how little she actually plays.

No. 637377

She doesnt have the personality to hold peoples interest, most the twitch thots are entertaining in some way which keeps the neckbeards watching. Moo isn't interesting enough to keep people watching her on twitch. The neckbeards on camv id assume watch because shes doing lewd things and might have slips

No. 637384

File: 1549441035928.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, 7D4D7991-18C3-4219-8BAF-195ADE…)


No. 637386

File: 1549441088281.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 7407CE9C-D4A4-4AF1-B0E7-CC766A…)

2/2, I can’t even begin to imagine what inspired this

No. 637393

She wants to prove to herself she has an interesting personality.
The comments on here about how all she is os fuckmeat and that paypigs don’t care about her as a human being must be getting to her.
“I’ll show THEM i can totally entertain people without getting naked on twitch!”

No. 637395

File: 1549444550566.png (1.22 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-02-06-00-40-47…)

No. 637396

File: 1549444623045.png (699.47 KB, 720x1042, Screenshot_2019-02-06-00-41-18…)

No. 637397

File: 1549445139986.png (364.89 KB, 720x1136, Screenshot_2019-02-06-01-22-07…)

I like how ever since we gave her shit for wearing too tight bras she buys at least 2 more from EBay that are not VS

No. 637399

>>637386 Is this supposed to be her take on the "Hey, girls. Did you know…" meme? Because all I'm seeing is a girl who just took a bath 4 hours ago, looking crusty as hell in an Instagram upload.

No. 637402

File: 1549447287953.png (729.31 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-02-06-01-58-11…)

Noticed something interesting. Holly says her dog takes her undies, Moo suddenly shows off Guzma of taking undies too. This might be a reach but we've never seen this activity from Guzma before this year so who knows.

No. 637412

But Wicke wasn't even in her lineup for the next six months, was she? And unless she's only going to do a lazy underwear shoot she'd have to get the entire costume remade since she was already busting out of the old one 80lbs ago. Oh who am I kidding, of course she's only going to do an underwear shoot if anything at all.

No. 637413

File: 1549455015121.png (657.76 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-02-06-04-05-59…)

No. 637414

File: 1549455108219.png (622.05 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-06-04-07-03…)

Tried to get a clear shot but the ends took like 5 percent of the dye while its dark purple where they applied the sweetner to her hair lmao

No. 637416

someone with a bunch of good shopped vs. natural screencaps should submit her to the IG account @beauty.false(cowtipping)

No. 637421

File: 1549464897320.jpg (16.67 KB, 640x630, FB_IMG_1549124757077.jpg)

Does NASA give you a free hoodie when they find out you're big enough to have your own orbit?

No. 637423

damn… her hair is that faded after what… just a few days?? why can't she take care of herself? yeah her hairdresser sucks (purple root area, patchy, faded, fried ends, etc.) but holy fuck she has NO aftercare plan for her hair. get rid of those nasty extensions, get some deep conditioner or olaplex, get a serious cut, change your hair color, and take care of yourself for fucks sake, moo! she does nothing for her hair? but she'll buy expensive skincare products and never use them!! sad! i know she's never really taken care of herself in any fucking way, but i'm just so tired of this cow looking like garbage. she's a complete dumpster fire and her looks represent how she really is: disgusting and pathetic. i can't with her anymore lmao

No. 637425

She cancels a Japanese cat shoot because it’s racist and yet the Aztec Lucoa gets a pass? That character is already hated in SJW circles for “sexualizing a sacred figure”.

It’s easy to figure out her probable reasoning though, she wouldn’t want to piss off any of her precious asians she thinks she can benefit from in the future. She has nothing to gain from Mexicans. This is like what happened when she went to Peru, some guy stole her phone and now she hates the entire country.

No. 637427

She lusts after asian dick, it's well documented lol.

No. 637429


I figure she thinks she won't get as much backlash from doing Aztec Lucoa compared to the amount she may get from doing Maneki neko. She can argue it's more of a legitimate cosplay bc it's of Lucoa.

OT but my favorite part of lurking both the kiwi thread and this thread on Momo is recognizing the people who contribute in both.

No. 637435

Gotta love last night howbshe totally tried to side step the whole Vic situation and pretend she wasn’t guilty of the exact same shit he has been accused of. She even tried to used the same talking points she made during her scandal (“It’s funny how this is all coming out now” i.e. “This was all planned and it’s all personal vendettas”) You could literally see the hamster running on the wheel while she is trying to think of the least offensive thing she could say that wouldn’t land her in trouble. She was absolutely praying that someone would quickly change the subject so that she wouldn’t inevitably say something stupid.

Unfortunately for her, her name is being tossed in that same garbage bag with Vic and all the other “con creeps”. Just when she thought she was finally able to get away with it and sneak back into the community under the radar, her name is now back in the public limelight for all the wrong reasons. I’m sure Katsu is going to be a miserable experience for her. That is if she even has the courage to show her ugly mug in public there.

No. 637436

Nah. Mariah is a dumbass. It it’s a commonly accepted thing that you can appropriate dead culture. It’s why you see people doing sexy togas and pharaohs and stuff but a sexy native is a big no no. Of course, there’s people who will say it’s just as bad (^^^) but it’s really not, even within hardcore SJW circles. The lucky cat thing is out of line, but a dead civilization like Aztecs is not. They’re all dead, who is it gonna offend?

No. 637437

I just wanna know the creamy lil detail of WHO said her cosplaying the lucky cat would offend them? Antares? Sensei? Who cares that much about a fucking lucky cat but not the molesting Moo did??

No. 637438

She read it on here probs

No. 637440


Agreed. If her cosplay slaves and leeches are okay with doing commissioned work for her or still be friends with her even after all the sexual assault stuff came out, why would they suddenly care about this one?

It’s more than likely she was lurking here and saw how the cosplay could be considered offensive and decided to drop it.

No. 637447

>>637437 I'm not one of the anons who made mention of the Aztec Lucoa concept potentially being culturally insensitive, but I think it's hilarious that Mariah is cancelling plans to do an inexpensive Lucky Cat cosplay, but she's not cancelling Aztec Lucoa after dropping a bunch of money on commissioned pieces.

Her hypocritical nature plays a big part in why she constantly manages to shoot herself in the foot. You can't say one concept is potentially offensive, yet pretend that another concept isn't, all because that's a cosplay idea that a lot of money went towards.

No. 637456

I like how we can see the obvious decline from July up to now. Maybe the sexual assaults really did fuck her sales up. Also easy to see why she became a camwhore for pennies.

No. 637458

I can't be the only one weirded out with her new obsession with animals stealing her rank underwear. Like I get this weird "tee hee even animals think I'm sexy"

No. 637460

maybe her furry claims are legit.

No. 637461

No, you're not. The shot of her dirty, too small thong on the ground is fucking gross. She really doesn't get that animals like very pungent odors. What a weird thing to be delusional about.

No. 637468

Small tinfoil, the money she made off CamV might be going to her next round of lipo, that would maybe explain why she's not streaming on CamV for a while too since she wouldn't be able to show those parts of her body. Also the celery juice crap could be her attempt at reaching a weight where doctors will agree to do the procedure as well as her trying to pass off all the weightloss on healthy living.

No. 637472

Solid theory and completely believable

No. 637473

File: 1549485551126.jpg (889.5 KB, 1080x2096, 20190206_153646.jpg)

>juice celery ro drink juice
>making balls out of pulp to eat?

Might be a nitpick but why not just eat the damn celery as celery?! This is so stupid.

No. 637479

I have the goods but this almost 5 minutes Pochaco video is awful. Shes so fat and lumpy in her leotard because the tights are squeezing her fat all sorts of places and she's rubbing on her vagina and shit.

Sorry for the quality, but its the best I could do. You can still see her, so mute and throw whatever music makes this the most cringy.


No. 637480

File: 1549487008437.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.03 KB, 929x486, abyss.jpg)

this is almost 5 minutes of the same 3-4 poses over and over again

then every now and then this happens

No. 637481

This is so gross and embarrassing. I mean it's PT level cringe. She has no fucking idea what she's doing. She's trying to sort of work out but it's clear she doesn't know what an aerobic work out is. She imitates dry humping in the middle of stretches while showing off her vagina.

No. 637482

File: 1549487121078.png (851.5 KB, 969x739, nah'.png)

my favorite bit is her trying to stretch, realizing she can't, then jump cuts quickly to another pose

No. 637483

Further proof she doesnt know how to exercise. All of the angles were horrible, showing every possible lump and roll. Charging people 50$ for is bullshit.

No. 637484

She truly has no idea how to be sexy. Being teasing and sultry and slowly building up to a big climax is way more hot than someone randomly just shoving their entire ass in your face.

No. 637485

She made everything undownloadable. Would you guys prefer videos of the stream of photos or just screen cap, paste, edit.. save… find somewhere to upload? These two sets, the Tifa and Quiet one, have over 22 images.

No. 637488

File: 1549487668775.jpg (229.93 KB, 1752x938, wartymoo.jpg)

I know calling her a turtle is an old meme by now but JFC this warty ass snapping turtle face is disgusting.

No. 637489

Good god, I saw this thumbnail on the homepage and thought it was Asherbee. I haven’t been keeping up with the Momokun threads at all, but she’s really ballooned up and gotten lazy with her posing.

No. 637490

File: 1549487924089.png (435.06 KB, 507x732, 9.png)

Lazy is right

No. 637491

File: 1549488006163.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 1242x1410, 7B940B48-9A1C-458F-AA60-C7CF55…)

Holy shit that was literally the funniest thing I’ve seen in days. This reminds me of the modeling parodies that Celeste Barber does. Except moo is charging $50 for this and legitimately thinks this is sexy?

Spoiler for non-moo photo

No. 637494

Damn anon you cracked the case. Streaming on Twitch will be the perfect excuse to not dress revealing "out of fear for being banned"
Also, if thats not her plan, then it should be
Coolsculpting, arm lipo, or a skin tightening procedure that Laseraway now offers are my bets

No. 637499

A video where you stop long enough on each photo for us to clearly see is good enough. Someone will leak the full pics to an album soon I’m sure

No. 637501

I'm downloading a copy so that if this gets taken down I can reup somewhere else.

No. 637504

She's gonna binge so fast. she's an idiot who thinks eating a non calorie type veggie with not much nutrition (it's mainly water) is gonna do anything. she's gonna binge on alcohol and sushi anyway . And yeah, that's too much work when you can eat the celery by itself or included in a meal.

No. 637507


No. 637508

She is out of breath from stretching ?! You can hear her out of breath in the video omg
But we all know she works out, amirite?

No. 637510

>>637482 I'm so glad somebody pinpointed her struggles during this particular segment of the video. It was tough to watch. It's not hyperbole on my end when I tell you I laughed for a minute straight.

It's no wonder why she didn't go through with her original idea of a 30 minute workout video. She gets winded after 30 seconds of doing the most mundane and simple physical tasks.

No. 637512

bless, anon. this is awful and why is the sound/audio so off? it sounds like a vacant background noise. You can tell none of this was planned and she has no idea how to stretch/cant stretch because she's just flopping around like a magikarp.

No. 637513

No. 637514

File: 1549491339695.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 308.58 KB, 1242x2346, E7CB5344-574A-4532-AB64-0956D7…)

There’s absolutely no way a real person held a camera and took any of these pics. Obviously a tripod.

No. 637515

the constant mouth twitching and air humping are killing me. 4:20 is the absolute worst

No. 637516

File: 1549491436159.png (7.65 MB, 1242x2688, E1F2EF3C-7890-425E-804B-0A447B…)

without her pro photographer to edit for her she ends up with stuff like this

No. 637518

i can’t believe people paid 50 dollars to see her lazy attempt at gyrating while pretending those tights weren’t going to pop like a pillsbury can. ho’boy

No. 637520

File: 1549492898564.jpg (315.11 KB, 720x941, 20190206_153711.jpg)

>>637514 Pic related from a January 19th Instagram upload on Moo's main account.

She tags girlonthemoonpro as the alleged photographer, but it's pretty clear that Tripod-san is the only one still willing to work with Moo in the state of Nevada.

It's a shame that Tripod-san has three legs, yet still can't run out through the front door.

No. 637521


Tifa has
>red eyes
>elbow guards
>hair tied at the end

Moo has
>red gloves
>white tank

such accuracy

No. 637522

The shitty "exercises", along with the giant zits that are very visible on her face, the cat randomly walking by and random bullshit in the background doesn't even make this worth $10. How the hell did she think that this would be worth $50?

No. 637526

File: 1549493738768.jpg (Spoiler Image, 540.66 KB, 1080x1335, Screenshot_20190206-165517_Chr…)

Chubby fat stumps.

No. 637527


so she disabled downloading for this dropbox? the hell is that noise?

No. 637528

File: 1549493884441.jpg (69.13 KB, 496x713, 2019-02-06_17-55-47.jpg)

What professional would let her have wonky proportions like this? It has to be tripod-san. Mariah should have listened more and talked less when Martin Wong was schooling her on photography.

No. 637529

this is one of the most distrubing things i've seen. it's like that movie from the ring that kills you in 7 days after watching it.

No. 637531

She definitely has something in her left hand here. Am I just seeing things?

No. 637532

File: 1549494271214.jpeg (195.98 KB, 750x1220, 5B88830C-C073-4A2C-A95E-CEF6A6…)

I almost feel sorry for her. Only someone deeply regretting their weight gain would constantly be posting photos from 40lbs ago

No. 637537

This is starting to move from hilarious to painful cringe. Someone else said it but she’s reaching PT-levels of embarrassment. This looks like a geek gamer mom with 2 kids dressed up for Halloween.

No. 637538

File: 1549494869734.jpeg (254.86 KB, 750x391, C1CB1FB4-B26F-4ADC-A739-CEF3AB…)

People actually paid for this???

No. 637539

I'm "going" another "Fighting Game Community"

No. 637540

how can you have your legs open/limbs stretch out and STILL have fat folding? are the tights squishing her fat so bad?

No. 637541

I can guarantee you that she's only going because they hate her dumb ass. She mentioned it in her stream yesterday and now today she wants to go to FGC?

Only Moo would be retarded enough to go to a place where she's unwanted and hated. She really does need to get her ass kicked.

No. 637542

I go to a lot of FGC events out here in Vegas and they’re always cracking momokun jokes.

No. 637543

i'm glad cause she always gets roasted by the casters live during the games and it's hilarious

No. 637545

>>637531 I see it too, anon. At first glance, I thought she was pinching the material of her skirt, but I'm convinced it's a sensor or remote of sorts after zooming in.

No. 637547

>>637538 I'm begging one of you to add a scratch and sniff decal to this photo.

No. 637550

Unless it's tiny I don't think it's a remote. I've got a few and none of them are small enough to fit into the space between her thumb and hand. It's more likely that she put her camera on timer and burst to take multiples.

No. 637553


I for one find the idea of Moo being forced to take garbage tripod shots because she burned every possible photographer bridge in the community downright hilarious. Even more pathetic is that she had to use a fake account to pretend like she has a real deal photographer. What was the bullshit she was saying why she didn’t have any previous photos in her social media? That she is a private person or some bullshit?

No. 637555

>>637479 Honestly I laughed so hard I may pay $50

No. 637556


the lack of framing around her elbows is triggering me so hard. my mom takes better composes pictures on her iphone. tripod-san needs to take some photography classes.

No. 637557

This is garbage tier armature porn. She seriously has no originally or stage presence. But what really gets me is the god awful music you can barely make out in the background. This is the bitch who claims to EDIT OTHER COSPLAYER'S VIDEOS and she can't even do something as simple as add decent quality music to her shitty over priced video.

No. 637559

no pro would let her legs look like stumps. jesus this entire photo reeks of unprofessionalism

No. 637560

paranormal activity?

No. 637564


Which makes me think this was all done by herself. No attempt at posing or shot composition, things even the most amateur of photographers would do. Objectively this is some of the worst stuff she has ever put out.

No. 637565

i'm pretty sure she meant "I'm doing another fighting game cosplay" and it's probably going to be Mai. God help us all….

No. 637568

In addition to learning how to actually pose that behemoth body she needs to work on her expressions. She's been doing this for how long and still had the same bored, dead behind the eyes expressions on her face. She's going for sexy but all I see is a human trafficking victim.

No. 637570

They’re extremely small now. Common one from amazon is the most popular for DSLRs with thousands of reviews and is a little shorter than my thumb and not as wide.

No. 637571

These are also the exact same 3 angles from her luoca that the same “photographer” shot. It’s a tripod.

No. 637572

Mine is that small.

No. 637573

Can you post examples? I'm itching to know.

No. 637575

File: 1549499118116.jpg (10.05 KB, 236x208, 93aa579c68b771fada51dbe706c436…)

She looks like she's about to give birth here.

What mentally stunted autist finds this hot?

No. 637576

The..1? thousand or so patreons.

No. 637577

Not that anon, but one that happened last year at EVO. I know I can find more it'll be a moment.

No. 637578

File: 1549499719899.jpg (196.21 KB, 554x1901, LTG.jpg)

Last one for now it's old, but I guarantee just you can google FGC Momokun and you can find some stuff.

No. 637579

Yup, I see the same thing

No. 637580

the FGC discord my fiance is in has been posting memes n shit about her alot.

No. 637581

Wow, the casters in the FGC really seem to be able to relax and joke around. FPS tournaments in comparison are a no fun allowed zone.

No. 637582

My tinfoil for lately is a lapband. The eating weird shit, the "exercise" because they make you lose a bit of weight first. But, just a tinfoil thought I've had for a little while.

No. 637583

I believe it, I participate in the FGC as well. She's a joke all around. What irritates me the most about her when it comes to her "cosplays" is she just grabs any busty girl in these games knowing nothing about the series or anything. Slap a wig and bikini on and she calls it cosplay. Sorry for OT rant.

No. 637584

LTG is probably the most hated person in the FGC. Moo is so hated that people agreed with LTG. Moo basically sums up a lot of what FGC hates with cosplayers

No. 637586

Pay $50 and get less erotic content than just watching her free streams on pornhub. This is the least sexy person I've ever seen and I'm not even talking about how she looks. Her cuts are all over the place. Like I don't want to give her big YouTube projects any credit but she puts infinitely more effort into editing that than her actual products she charges for. And ffs put the cat in the room while you film, it's not cute and quirky

No. 637588

Another wasted opportunity with a cute concept. She must've had no time to google 80's exercise tapes during her downtime of juicing celery and throwing pinecones at Vamps. This is ridiculous.
I'm not even speaking as a avid hater of her content now…even if another costhot did this it would be criminal with what was charged.
What a lazy fucking person. Seriously, Mariah, you're stale.

No. 637591

Because I had to use an external video recorder. The original video doesn't have all that sound. She isn't out of breath, but definitely pretty sure she is if she didn't go over the whole video with music. Thats the sound of an extra cooling fan under my laptop.

She is adding passwords to her sets, is making everything undownloadable. Im sure someone will upload a better quality one, but this is just going to have to do for now. Ill work on the photos in a second from Tifa and Quiet.

No. 637592

Wait wait wait wait… Did she draw the butt crease? those lines never dissapear like the ones you see in the front when extending her legs, i might be wrong but i seriously don't want to see that monstrosity again.

Also, what the hell are those close-ups, she looks retarded

No. 637594

yeah i was shocked the first time i saw it too, fps tournaments have to try harder to keep their sponsors i guess. i love how brutal this guy is.

Anyone know his name? There are more clips of him shitting on momokun but I don't know anything about FGC personalities so I can't find it.

No. 637595

It baffles me how her ass isn't even round. It's literally a rectangle with curved edges

No. 637597

Does anyone have this uploaded to any other service? For some reason mixtape.moe has never worked for me.

No. 637598

I have those tights and there's no way there's that type of line near the gusset. Answer is yes.

No. 637600

Pay $50 to see her do the same shit she does for free and chump change on Camversity.

No. 637601

His name is Majin Obama. Most FGC casters are pretty hilarious, it's all about hype and entertainment.

I really can't comprehend a person paying $50 for this.

No. 637602

She looks out of breath though, anon. She was huffing and puffing throughout the video.

Now that I've unfortunately looked, you're right.

No. 637604

No. 637605

File: 1549503353853.png (443.62 KB, 507x732, 9.png)

I put music over it so you dont have to listen to my fan.


Also dropbox link in until it gets taken down I guess.


Password: Tifa50

No. 637607

File: 1549503797505.png (30.31 KB, 680x341, erry picking.png)

No. 637608

This lying bitch. I can vouch that she posts the stuff then never reuploads and says 'I got hacked' all the damn time when her stuff gets leaked. SO, MOO, make a NEW folder and UPLOAD there. I have seen countless complaints about her removing her selfie dropboxes early from either Onlyfans or Patreon when one or the other gets hacked and never, ever reuploads in new folders. Just stays 'missing content' for that month. Scammy McScammerton. I hope she loses tons of people do to these being released.

No. 637610

this is probably the least disgusting i've seen her look lately. I think dark hair and bangs suit her much better. And she wouldn't need to fry her hair

No. 637612

File: 1549504386187.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1242x1864, 7CBDBF2D-9A49-477F-9AE4-4A1364…)

This looks like humiliation fetish material

No. 637613

So much for “I’m on top of my shit this is literally my job”

No. 637614

Im just confused as to why she is tied up on the ground and she has the knife in her hand at the same time. Like.. You're tied up. Don't have that specific prop to untie yourself with and then the next photos you're still tied up?

No. 637615

Its so easy on Patreon too. You click the link where it says 'processed'. You select the tier. You select everyone who has paid for that month who had their payments approved. This is usually done by the 5th. You can't fuck this us. It's so easy. You mass send the message to the selected group and it goes out to everyone.

I dont understand how she is fucking this up.

No. 637616

She's the dullest tool in the shed.

No. 637618

File: 1549504979141.png (551.31 KB, 563x541, wtfisthisallowed.PNG)


No. 637619

Don't underestimate how much of a lazy piece of shit she is.

I'm super excited for when her popularity finally fades because I know she's not going to disappear, she's too dumb and bullheaded for that. She'll stick around on IG begging for scraps. #willlewd4food

No. 637620

File: 1549505084227.png (Spoiler Image, 628.47 KB, 558x647, stopthis.PNG)

w o w

No. 637621

Holy shit this is baaaaad.

What anon, you don't remember when Tifa taped her nipples and sat in front of the camera half-naked in a cheap looking room?

No. 637623

something weird about her left tit here. Doesn't look like a natural breast shape, but it could be the pasties being stiff and pulling. Then again it kinda looks like the boob fades into her stomach roll

No. 637625

It looks like she tried to shoop her tit? Otherwise the underboob scars are pulling?

No. 637626

File: 1549505959923.jpeg (43.58 KB, 750x450, 77D723AF-A860-4FF1-9B75-8CF365…)

Sorry for phone edit but wtf is going on with her tit

No. 637627

Her "workout" video reminds me so much of classic PT just rolling around in her bathtub videos.

No. 637628

File: 1549506075175.png (Spoiler Image, 438.48 KB, 507x732, 25.png)

Does this version help better? Just tell me if you guys want clearer photos of certain images. I just didn't have anywhere to upload them where Moo couldn't get them taken down.

No. 637652

File: 1549510640125.png (Spoiler Image, 184.54 KB, 427x385, Screenshot_3.png)


No. 637653

um bad photoshop? a shadow? autism?

No. 637658

File: 1549511669086.png (627.41 KB, 720x1043, Screenshot_2019-02-06-19-04-33…)

No. 637660

Shes probably having Nick watch her, as a grown ass woman, and holding her accountable for what she eats. Moo, you go on about being an athlete and say you can do it. Your workout video shows you cant even stretch. Nick isnt your dad. Buck the fuck up and manage your own food and shit. Shes such a toddler! When the girls come over next week they are going to eat like utter shit. Water weight means nothing. Youre gonna gain all that back super fast.

No. 637661

Is this the excuse for her next lipo?

No. 637662

i agree. momo's been getting closer and closer to PT tier but this is truly uncanny. she really is the second coming, one day there'll be a /momo/ board (and it'll be all the legacy she has left HA). i cant wait til her tard wrangler gets fed up with her and decides her money isnt worth it and we see the massive milksplosion in the aftermath!

No. 637663

Have a feeling that's coming sooner rather than later. Sensei seems to get a little pissed when she is filming him and he doesn't know. He's made a disgusted face or noise quite a few times when she's filmed him without permission. He tries to just pretend she's not there when it happens, but I have a feeling she's fucking that up faster than we thought she would.

No. 637664

File: 1549512789537.png (1.24 MB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-02-06-20-09-54…)

So she dug into her collection and pulled one out?

No. 637669

Probably, and the creator of these ears only charges like 70$-ish for their stuff. Mariah couldn't even splurge on a pair for her "best friend" like she does herself, throwing hundreds of dollars around on ears she wont ever really wear in anything.

No. 637674

File: 1549515423519.png (1.22 MB, 699x1203, Screenshot_2019-02-06-20-54-45…)

Sensei fed these to her…

No. 637678

They really fucking love celery. Just drink water ffs.

No. 637679

The robotic caption coupled with the dead look in her eye just makes this vaguely uncomfortable.

Our Queen will never be replaced but if I could believe in cow reincarnation then I'd definitely say Momo has received PT's spirit into her.

No. 637681

this reminds me of PT's videos so much im cackling

No. 637687

if you go into inspect element, find the image file, you can open in new tab then you can save it

No. 637691

File: 1549520953756.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 258.65 KB, 620x597, E91D2629-5E4F-40D1-BA04-3949B6…)

Gonna drop some of the caps from the pochaco video that really made me audibly sigh in disgust. Also, imagine being Sensei and coming home from a long day at work, and you walk in on Moo filming this. I’d move out immediately

No. 637692

File: 1549521217577.jpg (25.85 KB, 635x477, FB_IMG_1549513987992.jpg)

This hasn't been posted here yet, has it?

No. 637693

File: 1549521284705.png (852.8 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-02-06-22-31-19…)

Emily has touched down in Moo Hell

No. 637694

File: 1549521339557.png (782.4 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-06-22-31-51…)

Her tiddy lopsided

No. 637695

JFC Moo stfu about celery already. We get it, you're on a diet, probabky to impress Sensei's Whole Foods ass.

Christ, how rarely does she eat vegetables if it's this big of a deal to her?

So… shitty burnt hush puppies? Poor man's falafel balls?

It's going to take a lot more than celery to cure this level of grandma-bod. Yikes.

No. 637697

Celery is literally just stringy, bitter water. Why is she acting like it'll melt her fat right off?

No. 637698

maybe this anon's theory isnt so far off >>637468

No. 637699

File: 1549523464583.png (Spoiler Image, 714.51 KB, 1035x597, momocaps.png)

A basic summary of her Pudgycoa video

No. 637702

>>637698 It's definitely believable. The same could be said about the anon who suspected a lapband procedure may also be around the corner.

I was looking at her list of cosplay plans over the next 6 months, and something stood out to me. If you'll take a look at her July ambitions shared by >>636890 for reference, it's the only month where she's avoiding lewd shoots. A lot of her choices for this month would conceal numerous problem areas. Areas that could be corrected through lipo.

While I do believe she's trying to cleanse her body as much as possible for an upcoming lipo session, I think she's realistically shooting for a summer appointment. It's peculiar that she would choose the hottest month of the year to go with a cosplay lineup that would potentially allow her to heal up from lipo, all while having the luxury to wear certain outfits that would hide her surgically corrected areas.

No. 637704

File: 1549524585736.gif (2.47 MB, 317x229, 1418789929070.gif)

The editing, the crab walk pose, and her piss poor attempt at ahegao. I could go on but this is embarrassing.

No. 637705

File: 1549524739540.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 207.19 KB, 552x509, EFA72FE4-1C6C-4B07-8C20-321B97…)

this one really stood out to me. And not in a good way

No. 637706

looks like's either just farted or is just about to

No. 637708

empty water bottles and trash on the couch
her cats walking around/playing with each other in the background
her terrible skin and mismatched foundation…
legit pt tier. it's insane that pt could have had the money/popularity she always craved like moo if she just wasn't so crazy. i think she would have tried harder too.

No. 637710

File: 1549526243270.png (295.32 KB, 1340x1380, Capture _2019-02-07-02-56-36.p…)

So this is making rounds tonight
With a photographer being already talked about and vic someone apparently is bringing up momo going to katsu to try and kick her ass too

No. 637711

File: 1549526461470.png (564.77 KB, 625x500, CD9CFD22-9535-40B4-B247-7855BB…)

I legit thought someone edited this to make her look like a boobah

No. 637712

The fact that her boob just melts into her backfat… yikes.

The fact that she thought this was worth $50 is insane. What seriously goes on in her head that she thinks a poorly shot and edited film of her flopping around on the floor is worth that kind of money? She really is delusional.

And I gotta agree with the anon who mentioned that it feels like the video footage from The Ring. Because that was my first impression just from the first 30 seconds of it lol

No. 637713

what's going on here? sensei keeping her from posting about the miracles of celery?

No. 637715

I wouldn’t classify 37 RTs as “making the rounds” and this person is either a farmer or lurks here constantly with how much they’ve been brought up (or self posted) in past threads. But kudos to them for not letting people there forget I guess.

Since she got visibly uncomfortable talking about Vic in the stream, I wonder how she feels about Gil Photography also getting called out for inappropriate behavior.

No. 637717

She wore hooded sweaters all summer and Nike workout pants. Her wardrobe wouldn’t change and it wouldn’t be suspect.

Is lapband for “smaller” obese people? She doesn’t seem large enough for weight loss surgery like getting her stomach cut in half.

No. 637718

She is so close to being so fat she can't put her hands behind her back.

No. 637719

You can get gastric sleeves and stuff at most overweight levels. Usually past 40lbs and the surgery is very low-key with tiny incisions.
But it takes seeing a therapist (which she admitted to) and a year of consultations and proof you can keep up a lifestyle.
But most people can fake the "lifestyle" part and still get it. Then bust through it 3 months later

No. 637721

Oh its definitely a farmer but I was hoping our old calves who now hate her would rt it.

Twitter was oddly quiet even after I saw this on my tl

So I'm assuming they won't be sharing

No. 637722

I know someone right now who has had gastric bypass, then gained the weight back. Then a gastric sleeve and fucked herself up again. I don't see her Moo truly benefiting from any procedure. It doesn't change you into a wonderful, likeable person. She'd blow it anyways.

No. 637731

Kind of OT but whenever she mentions her "Breast Reduction" scars It never fools me. These are implant scars baybay. No vertical scar to the nip means no reduction moomoo. Its all BS.

No. 637734

Wat, just how new are you. We have already seen her leaked nudes where she has the scars. lurk moar before you post retarded shit like this.

She obviously photoshops them off and scars fade, retard.

No. 637741

Exactly. We're just seeing them more now since she's burnt every real photog bridge she's had and now has to edit her own Shit. And she's too unskilled, or lazy, to remove them herself.

No. 637749

Looks like a reenactment of her rodeo meme pose.

Moo admitting to seeing a therapist means absolutely nothing because we know that it's really her "sensei" and she lies about literally everything. I wouldn't bother taking her word for it unless we see her documenting during her 24/7 instastories.

You see people like this on My 600lb Life all the time. Moo would definitely gain the weight back cause she can't control herself. This has been proven after her Lacrosse activity stopped and the free money started.

No. 637750

File: 1549545900552.jpg (43.25 KB, 720x720, 51286703_508756362986353_60993…)

I wonder how Mooriah is gonna feel when her beloved Gucci got caught publishing a $800 sweater that was a mimic of black face(no1curr)

No. 637752

boo hoo

No. 637762

minors can't get implants you autist

No. 637769

Yes they can. It's like minors can't get piercings, yet they still do for a very specific reason:

It's called parental consent and supervision. Once you're 18 you no longer need it. So they're less of an autist than you are.

No. 637771

They can, but doctors are uncomfortable about it

No. 637775

This is 'Murica we are talking about tho.

I don't think she has released any pictures before her procedure right?
The oldest picture we have is the one that made rounds on facebook shere she claims she was bullied for being fat or smth

No. 637785

I've seen the procedure photos and the after photos where she looked flat chested (HS) so we at least know its not implants because she had small boobs post-op
she just got fat
if she never got lipo her boobs would look small

No. 637786

The mod clearly cared enough to mark it.

No. 637788

File: 1549567913522.gif (1.84 MB, 260x139, 2t40x4.gif)

This kills me. Wtf was she trying to do, hold in a big sneeze or did the Aderall finally kick in? She looks insane lmao.

No. 637791

Tripod-San doesn’t exist at all

No. 637792

File: 1549569473589.gif (537.12 KB, 500x287, 980x.gif)

Lmao I feel like I just walked into the special ed room.

No. 637795

She's pretending "you"/neckbeards/whoever buys her shit, took your/their dick out &she's reacting to the size. A lot of hentai mimicking &fake workout poses to give the implication of fucking her. How creative *eyeroll

No. 637797

the mouth twitch says aderall lol

No. 637798

File: 1549571236128.jpg (948.86 KB, 2970x4200, s5G5Okc.jpg)

I made a new art for our growing Dorito shouldered goblin. Please enjoy.

No. 637802

File: 1549572086244.png (531.64 KB, 720x1054, Screenshot_2019-02-07-12-39-01…)

No. 637803

File: 1549572117575.png (778.35 KB, 720x1041, Screenshot_2019-02-07-12-39-15…)

No. 637804

I love how deep that tape is buried in her side fat to pretend her Donkey Kong torso is only 42inches

No. 637805

Thanks anon it’s great!

No. 637806

I know someone who did under 18 so you’re the autist

No. 637807

For once, she contoured her nose straight down instead of along her nose shape.
Finally, it would always accentuate her unfortunate turtle nose.

No. 637810

File: 1549575554046.jpeg (575.38 KB, 2048x2048, 13C7792D-182D-467D-8C24-24EA54…)

Mariah should cosplay the giant baby from Spirited Away – they already have the same big, blobby body and comparatively small feet. The only difference is Moo’s tiny head.

No. 637811

she's trying to measure her titties.

No. 637814

Are you sure it is so wise to feature the costume you got caught on tape molesting people in, Go-ho? Not to mention the cringey video where you got that title from in which you tried to impress Chris Sabat during a panel with how you fellated Justin Rojas the night before.

No. 637816

File: 1549577049003.jpg (7.69 KB, 275x183, praying-happy.jpg)

bless you for this blessing

No. 637817

I honestly cannot believe how young moomoo is, I seriously thought the youngest she could've been was 29.

No. 637818

File: 1549577172852.png (551.65 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-02-07-14-05-01…)

No. 637819


Was about to say… why would you want to remind others that there is a video of you in that cosplay groping a dude

No. 637822

I love how shes reposting all this old shit. Really trying to get back into the "im a legit cosplayer my guys" frame of mind. She keeps reposting all these old cosplays she did months and years ago. And theyre still all terrible hack jobs lol. Just keep getting naked. Its all youre good for and literally the only fanbase you have left.

She cant really get back into the cosplay scene with her body positivity or her trying to be a mentor for "cosplay at all sizes and color" She had that angle and just burned that bridge to the ground.

You can tell she really doesnt want to be a cam girl lol. She wanted the shock value because her career took off with being the thicc lewd girl but now its just sad.

No. 637825


Relative newbie here…she said WHAT on a panel?

No. 637830

No. 637832

File: 1549579351067.png (390.53 KB, 1190x744, 1495151248761.png)


We will never forget gohoe

No. 637833

I see those Skype acting classes went well.

Still the stuff of nightmares.

No. 637838

Ever since the Broly movie came out she’s been sperging hard to prove that she loves dragon ball she probably is to stupid to remember she molested several people in this cosplay, if I recall she molested three people in gohoe one was the guy browsing her table who’s butt she grabbed. The other was nana and the last was some lucoa cosplayer

No. 637840

God this is so cringe. The namedropping,playing off them making fun of her, them interrupting her constantly is amazing though

No. 637841

File: 1549583370138.png (607.08 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-02-07-15-46-55…)

No. 637842

bitch your mental illness is not an issue
your shitty selfish personality is

No. 637844

I bet if anyone got a high enough res quality we’d be able to zoom in on her eyes and see the reflection on the tripod…lol

No. 637847


These are the early favorites for the next thread header. Big thanks to both contributors.

>>637841 I'm not sure what this is, or where it originated from. But I think it's inconsiderate on Moo's behalf to make light of chemically imbalanced people. Second, does this mean she has "vendetta's" (Moo's spelling) against the people who stood up to her and exposed her for what she is? I feel like she's becoming one of those over the top wacky supervillains from cartoons and comics.

No. 637850

You're both autists. Her being a minor at the time has nothing to do with it, there's tons of proof that she really did have a reduction as a teen. We've all seen the before and after photos and even with weight gain, implants don't end up looking like moo's saggy flapjacks.

At this point she would benefit from a lift though. Her breasts have absolutely no volume. Maybe she'll get one when she goes in for her next round of celery-fueled lipo.

No. 637851

How about you defeat the imbalance on your bathroom scale first?

No. 637855

File: 1549588029665.png (715.03 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-02-07-17-01-49…)

>be Moo
>just posted a bunch of instastories calling out a car decal shop for using costhot images for weeb stickers

GuYs HoW dO I CaRwRaP????

No. 637857

File: 1549588386081.png (966.55 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2019-02-07-17-09-48…)

No. 637858

File: 1549588448406.png (766.21 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-07-17-09-58…)

>"omg lewk at des aheegow lens!"

No. 637861

Lenses like that are cool in theory but when you wear them they spin around in your eyeballs. so she will have wonky heart eyes to match her wonky heart nips

No. 637862

these don't even look nice in theory tbh. the holes are too big so your real eye color is going to pop out regardless of positioning.

No. 637863

They look super cheap too.

No. 637868

She might want to wash it since Moo has a bad habit of wearing dirty wigs for decades.

Right up her alley then.

No. 637873

File: 1549592665708.png (1.06 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-02-07-18-21-37…)

Moo made this salmon toast shit for her twice today…

No. 637876

File: 1549592795161.png (1.26 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-02-07-18-25-34…)

No. 637878

comments are disabled for this photo on her bts account

No. 637905

Too bad Moo has neither

No. 637910


Probably because any DBZ talk will lead back to Vic and of course that means her behavior and actions will be brought up as well.

No. 637914

File: 1549597646536.png (1.01 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-02-07-19-44-06…)

No. 637915

File: 1549597744093.png (Spoiler Image, 798.52 KB, 720x1038, Screenshot_2019-02-07-19-44-27…)

No. 637916

I know it's a nitpick but her lips are terrifying. She really needs to start putting color on her top lip or just bite the bullet and get lip fillers.

No. 637917

God that face is going to haunt me tonight. Where is her upper lip?!

No. 637920

File: 1549597953269.png (653.64 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-02-07-19-44-49…)

No. 637921

>>637915 Tripod-san and her stupid folding screen are back.

Didn't we just witness this exact same pose and look of defeat on her face in the Tifa images?

I thought this girl said she's a model. Where's the actual modeling?

No. 637924

File: 1549598387182.jpg (116.77 KB, 372x373, hottopic.jpg)

I love how fake deep "sensei" is

No. 637926

File: 1549598690198.gif (925.16 KB, 337x600, 88D967B3-709C-425A-ABB7-A8540E…)

what you see at the foot of your bed when you have sleep paralysis

No. 637932

She really doesnt know her angles. She needs angles that enlarge her head not shrink it. She needs to admit to the tripod already.

No. 637933

Wow she is so crusty

No. 637941

god that EYE MAKEUP with all her money can't she take a simple makeup class? even sephora offers free fucking classes. YOUTUBE IS FREE. it isn't even blended and it looks so bad

No. 637943

That would require effort. Besides, she only makes bikini cosplay

No. 637945

File: 1549602800104.jpeg (932.32 KB, 1125x1571, 806B4F26-3674-4998-9247-9F01C9…)

Jesus Christ those rolls… also idk if this is a nitpick but those lenses are way too yellow for Tamamo. Tama’s eyes are way more golden and not as in your face as those. I think these lenses just make her look even creepier looking.

No. 637946

Her armpit area looks terribly photoshopped

No. 637947

File: 1549603177761.jpeg (55.37 KB, 1125x180, 882B1ABE-15A8-40F9-83EF-3F2267…)

My favorite comment on this post. It got me good

No. 637950


What armpit?

No. 637951

This just shows how little she knows about the game. You can have all the EXP in the world for your servants but it won’t mean jack shit if you don’t have the materials to actually make them stronger lmao. Sorry for the FGO sperg

No. 637952

File: 1549603485660.png (230.11 KB, 720x381, Screenshot_2019-02-07-21-19-21…)

O k

No. 637954

There's no way she's not using a tripod. She can't do any new poses because she can't get any more angles because her camera is 3 feet off the floor. This is ridiculous. Even in her $50 video it couldn't be more obvious that it's her shooting on her own, yet when her neckbeards call her out on the price she says it's because of photographer's fees.

No. 637955

Considering she didn’t know how to ascend her servants, I assume she has all her servants at 1/1/1

No. 637956

I forgot to mention this a long time ago but I'm pretty sure she's using a tripod because Squarecuck had his laptop out of commission for a month, it seemed. He also lives out of state so with no laptop there'd be no reason of either of them to move to where the other is.
A tripod seems logical. She did a instastory where Vamps was taking selfies in the bathroom and no one was moving around. No shadows on the walls nor flash indicating a setup with a photog. Roxy was there at the time but the girl on the ~mysterious girlonthemoonpro~ account was NOT Roxy and Roxy was not in the instastory.

S'what happens when you buy a eBay account with jacked servants.

No. 637958

Is that blood ooooooor?

No. 637959

I think they're petals. Did she do anything with them in the last stream? Wasn't that the other day?

No. 637960

I don't think so. She just did a jacuzzi with shower gel, not petals?

No. 637964

Emilyrexz is live while Moo is shooting upstairs in the bathtub.

So far is seems like they know eachother via Chris Sabat and other voice actors. She said she's doing a set with Moo.

No. 637966

File: 1549605967346.png (855.79 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_2019-02-07-22-01-37…)

No. 637967

>>637945 A couple of things about these photos:

The photo to our left is showing an overabundance of smoothing along her armpit and breast area. I would imagine that she tried to work on her back rolls as well, but eventually settled for minimizing them, as opposed to outright removing them.

The photo to our right is even more hysterical. She looks like she got walloped in the eye, and has a big shiner to show for it.

No. 637969

Her expression is friggen "I bent over and sharted but don't know what to do"

No. 637970

Her eyes look extremely irritated by those contacts. I honestly don’t think she ever cleans them.

No. 637971

Where'd you get these phone numbers? Do you know him?

No. 637972

I'm confused why she doesnt just diet? If she just ate better foods and lost like 1kg a week, this time next year she would look alot nicer and would draw more lonely people into joining her patron?

No. 637973

Not sure if nitpick but can she change that stupid earring. She’s ALWAYS wearing it, and not sure how this adds to the “cosplay”

No. 637974

File: 1549606338805.png (1000.92 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-02-07-22-07-45…)

>take obvious shots with a tripod

No. 637975

You haven’t been following these threads long, have you? Mariah is notoriously lazy.

No. 637976

I don't think so, during one of her trips some stuff went in her lens case and she still wore them

No. 637977

How many times have her lenses ripped? 3 times? I doubt she even cleans them or changes the liquid.

No. 637978

>>637974 Photographers, anon! She actually had the nerve to use a plural!

Must be Tripod-san and his half-brother Polaroid Jones.

No. 637980

Don't forget Meitu and Facetune!! They're the makeup and lights!

No. 637981

I've floated in and out for a while now, but she wouldnt even have to do anything, just dont eat over a certain amount of calories and she would drop weight at a reasonable rate