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File: 1556829599409.png (1.5 MB, 1047x1088, shereallysaidthat.png)

No. 657902

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>654001

Website: https://momokuncosplay.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/644215
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/snow/705676
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>Has received 2+ lipo and coolsculpting sessions and in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet (and weight loss teas)
>Is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>Rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty (See the myOppa Red Riding Hood drama)
>Claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set and are all posted on IG
>Has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>Despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>Likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>Professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, makes controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but won't accept ever being in the wrong
>Preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. Surrounds herself with yes man and declares anything else a "witch hunt"
>Momokun has been proven to be a sexual predator, has assaulted multiple people in order to bully and assert dominance over them. Refuses to take responsibility for it, tries to pin it on her attention deficit disorder and both her and her lackey Vamp have publicly mocked her victims

>Makes a post calling out cancel culture trying to pull off her usual “I love everyone, and everyone needs to be nice together” routine which has failed her every time before
>Lost 800 patrons in April alone after failing multiple times to deliver what was promised
>Neckbeards and other orbiters alike are finally tired of Moo’s bs and are dropping like flies after eating too much of her shit
>Continues to dodge releasing any sets to the point 7 sets and two videos were “released” this month
>Goes to Lvl Up con and after parties despite being “totally sick my dudes”. Proceeds to make an ass of herself in an interview and at the party. As per usual no one wanted her there
>Trying to play Dr. Moo with Etika despite farmers, fans, and people close to him telling her to fuck off
>Continues cheaping out on cosplays as revealed by >>657318 and using tripod-san but totally pays photographers $600
>Uses pasties on the Hinata set, promises to release a version without pasties, nothing ever comes of it
>Gets off way too easy with an interview that was supposed to do more than give info all of us knew already
>Denies mocking her victims to TCO and can only describe that time as “a very interesting time frame”
>Throws the cosplay community under the bus many times to justify why she photoshops, gets lipo, etc
>Seen with vamps at a doctor’s office playing with silicone implants and possible render of Vamp’s face
>After one of her patrons calls her out on her bs about false advertising her only reply is to give him a refund and tell him to essentially fuck off
>Removed the apology from her IG again
Solely posting in this thread to comment on Moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban

No. 657905

File: 1556830072454.jpeg (377.45 KB, 750x945, 3CCFDA17-9270-488E-B5AC-F072F9…)

Her arm/waist shoop is unbelievable in this

No. 657916

File: 1556831431907.jpeg (71.97 KB, 500x260, main-qimg-b31656a2b3ef2f7db0c2…)

Why does the texture of her abdomen look like this?

No. 657923

File: 1556833011302.jpeg (150.32 KB, 750x1220, B6559847-9DF7-4DA8-917A-87CDAA…)

THE BLUR over her toose I’m wheezing g.

No. 657928

Yeah because that bodysuit is 256 times too small and it's giving her moose knuckle such a horrible wedgie. The sides are just where her fat pussy lips are being pushed out. We're literally seeing her pussy lips right now.

No. 657929


Still no mention of “nip nops”. She has to realize that there is no scenario where she comes out of this unscathed, right? The one time she promises the only thing her fans are interested in seeing, and she completely welches on it. They are rightly pissed and are leaving in droves and I’m sure she is going to try to bury any mention of it at all and will pretend she was too busy or for some reason couldn’t shoot it.

No. 657930

Why is she putting a “0” in Patreon? I’ve noticed her doing that a lot lately. Is there an explanation for that?

No. 657936

There’s speculations that specific word or hashtag ussage on Instagram gets you either shadowbanned or actually banned even if it’s not against TOS explicitly. She is trying to circumvent that by using numbers or letters with accents on certain hot words.

No. 657941

Tfw you won't show nipples but will show labia. Well ok. She is so fucking cryptic.

No. 657943

Did you photoshop this? If not then damn, this is so lazy. They just got a giant liquify tool and pulled her middle in

No. 657944

They are not leaving in droves, it's the start of the month. She already close to 1.6k . Just yesterday she was closer to 1.4k
She doesn't care since she is still making bank

No. 657948

She didn't even check to make sure her arms were close to being the same.

No. 657951

she was never close to 1.4k stop lying. she did not go below 1550 yesterday (ashamed to admit i've been obsessively checking because seeing the numbers shoot down made me happy)she's gone back up a little but to lose 500 even because of the monthly drop as other people in the same number of backers. it's not common to lose a whole quarter of you backers at the end of the month.

SOME of the drop is because of the end of the month but you cannot deny that some of it is people dropping. stop trying to say otherwise.

No. 657952

Is this pic real? It looks like a joke shoop

No. 657955

>>657905 Is this her Saber wig? The Pocacho wig? Or both?

No. 657968

That's painful to look at, especially with the brightness. feels like i'm staring straight at a light

No. 657973

Stop arguing about the numbers. Her highest was close to Nigri at 21XX. Shes lost a substantial amount. Yes, she still has over 1k. Doesnt make losing almost 600 patrons any less crazy.

No. 657975

File: 1556843133262.png (477.4 KB, 620x620, post_file.png)

"May 2 at 5:05pm
Shera L GreenWood set Preview!
Hey guys! This is the Lewd Shera Greenwood Preview I’ll be posting on Instagram tomorrow! And for you guys to share. There was such a outcry for love on this cosplay and I really appreciate it so much! I plan on doing more elf girls in the future especially More Shera!"

No. 657976

File: 1556843212035.png (Spoiler Image, 220.92 KB, 620x416, post_file (1).png)

May 2 at 2:11pm
Lips 💖
Wanna stretch with me?

No. 657977

File: 1556843291749.png (Spoiler Image, 421.51 KB, 620x930, post_file (2).png)

No. 657980

So it's safe to assume that the onsen Tsunade video she promised at 1.6k patrons isn't going to happen right? She said she shot it already in her Patreon update but if she did we would've gotten at least a selfie of it since Moo documents every moment of her life on IG. She's just sweeping it under the rug and thinking she could keep the paypigs happy with the cow Tsunade tripod set, and even though the paypigs are gaining self awareness it seems they're still satisfied with this and are more pressed with the lack of nip nops lol.

Seems to be her Lancer Artoria wig.

Instant regret opening this, she finally address that her pussy lips are indeed hanging out, now excuse me while I go throw up.

No. 657983

File: 1556843980649.jpeg (734.06 KB, 1242x1525, 3CC627A7-8D1F-422D-9714-EFE40D…)

someone posted this in the old thread so here it is again

No. 657985

>There was such a outcry for love on this cosplay

….bitch where?

No. 657987

I seriously don't understand why she's still not doing full nudes when literally 99% of her labia majora are out and everyone's already seen both her pussy and nipples. Her parents have absolutely seen this, what is the actual reason? Does she get off on money cucking the neckbeards this hard? All they want from her is porn anyway.

No. 657988

So she can act like shes better then the costhots that do nude

No. 657989

imagine being this made at momo lmao

No. 657991

Imagine coming here thinking people here like mooriah.

No. 657993

So did her editors give up completely? All her sets lately are over exposed and way to bright to hide all her flaws. She completely fades out

No. 657994

Its so small her pussy looks like hank hill's ass in a thong

No. 657995

she's been doing tripod shoots and editing her own photos. obviously she's bad the BDD probably makes it hard for her to do it realistically.

No. 657996

I have never seen her lose so much at the end of the month. It’s really obvious these are people that just wanted the nip nops then bounced. Which is hilarious because maybe if she kept her promises/ wasn’t so deliberately obtuse about it she could have retained some of those new backers. Just proves she’s the one shooting herself in the foot, it’s not some conspiracy or people out to get her.

No. 658000

Her logic about it doesn't even make sense. She'll show her vag but not her nipples? Nipples are a hell of a lot more tame than her pussy lips.

No. 658002

File: 1556849615606.jpg (414.53 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190502-191314_Chr…)

The bad through the hair photoshop makeup

No. 658004

My GOD. The thing is, she doesn't care. A lot of neckbeards have had their share of nip nops and vag, but they keep coming back, hoping for more. More of their anime waifus with promises of more and more nudity. It's really sad, honestly.

No. 658008

Its the same thing with pornstars there "fans" always want to see more

No. 658012

This actually looks fucking inhuman
Also that incoming yeast infection wow

No. 658013

This made me gag. How do you have Hank Hill's ass in the front and show it like its sexy

No. 658015

If you look closely you can see her 'nip nops'

No. 658016

Probably a stupid question but how do Kickstarters like these work? Are they made solely for meme purposes? I know how it works with a money goal but the ones based off of signatures never seem to be real IMO.

Sorry if this goes off track. If just one anon could respond that'd be enough.

No. 658017

They're mostly to raise awareness, i have yet to see any real world reaction to these but at least some normies will know of her

No. 658023

File: 1556867598482.jpeg (55.41 KB, 640x369, 89988E19-68FB-40FD-BACA-6ED68A…)

No. 658024

File: 1556867774422.jpeg (20.03 KB, 340x205, 67D9B7CC-0BC7-4D5A-88FA-045786…)

MY HEART STOPPED. I can’t believe she put this on the internet!! Holy shit!!

No. 658025

File: 1556870913575.png (223.06 KB, 449x561, nipnop.png)

played with the brightness/contrast just to see if i was right and yeah, you can see them

No. 658026

how are you gonna have your arms up and titties still sag and are uneven wtf

No. 658028

She has her tits crammed tight in the thing she’s wearing so there’s not going to be room for them to sag naturally. It’s gross and looks incredibly uncomfortable but she chose to wear shit that’s far too small because she thinks it’s sexy for some reason.

No. 658030

File: 1556882724458.gif (615.44 KB, 480x270, giphy (3).gif)

My vagina hurts just looking at this. Her pussy is literally eating that leotard. It's like a walrus flossing.

What human being coul look at this picture with their own two eyes and think,"yep, this should be on the internet!" How the hell can someone be so finnicky about showing her nipples while literally posting pictures of her labia hanging out. The fuck.

Kind of wondering if this is intentional, like she's trying to kiss up to the paypigs.

No. 658042

She is absolutely fascinating. To think someone can be okay with this, but not show their chest and be adamant about it is just….wow.

No. 658046

this was a screenshot from her insta, I should have capped the whole thing with the caption.

No. 658052

So i was wondering if secretly she has gross or huge nipnops or something and that was why she was going to such great lengths to conceal them but…they're fine? I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt but nope shes just a scammer lol

No. 658057

File: 1556897111492.jpg (Spoiler Image, 364.89 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190503-112321_Chr…)

If you look she even photoshopped her line here. Like it wasn't bad enough that she is splitting her moose knuckle. She wants a perfect v down to her MK, when she could have easly just adjusted the line herself before the shot

No. 658079

Ewww… Eye candy taste sour.

No. 658082

File: 1556910603448.jpeg (90.38 KB, 750x677, E70E9C0D-0051-4D49-A211-AB1C6F…)

No. 658086

Lmao the lies are too much

No. 658100

File: 1556913780953.jpg (40.71 KB, 708x960, flaps.jpg)

jesus christ her vagina is chomping at the bit of that bodysuit.
oh my god, she's giving herself a hysterectomy.

No. 658109

File: 1556916619991.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, EE0B994C-36D4-4080-ACB4-F8A9A4…)

No. 658111

Does that really say she's 209 pounds now?

No. 658114

Apparently lmao I laughed out loud when I saw that

No. 658116

Can’t believe she’s still trying to say she’s only gained 39 pounds. Who does she think she’s fooling?

No. 658117

what the fuck? she said 220 just a couple of months ago and she's FATTER now. 209 my ass, mariah, quit lying.

No. 658123

File: 1556919147093.png (275.87 KB, 750x1334, FB0D302F-BE15-4C1C-8051-5CB6BC…)

No. 658124

File: 1556919153695.png (403.66 KB, 717x1196, Screenshot_2019-05-03-14-29-51…)

So did she like…chicken out on releasing sets this month? And chose to binge watch AoT instead?

No. 658125

I doubt this is true. One, bitch lies her flat ass off. Two, she was waaay bigger than this when she kept trying to claim to be 177lbs. There's no way she's 209lbs now, she's beyond that. Unless she gets on a scale and shows a photo of the number, I wouldn't believe a word this cunt says.

No. 658126

Even back then she looked like a 40 year old soccer mom who decided to try bondage for the first time. Yikes.

No. 658127


Psht I wouldn't believe her even then since most scales can be tampered with. Inb4 we get a video all the sudden showing her standing on a scale, not showing the scale before, but it having -100 as the inital reading

No. 658131

Okay let me rephrase, a medical scale.

She's going to need to do something about her obesity at some point cause while the paypigs are funding her to be fat, that's going to come with a ton of health issues that money can't fix. She's not even pretending to be active at the gym anymore.

No. 658137


209 lbs my eye. Why does she keep insisting on this nebulous 196-210 lbs” range when it’s clear she’s fatter than she’s ever been? She doesn’t even attempt to pretend to be in the gym anymore. I guess there’s no fuckboi for her to to try to impress anymore so she figured why even bother.

No. 658138

She’s obviously wearing a waist cincher but she doesn’t look 170 here. She looks more like 150 at her height. And lol at her claiming to only be 209. Girl is at least 250 currently. The lipo and cool sculpting helps her lie about her current weight a little bit, but her cow sling swimsuit she just released tells all the truths (minus her super shooped face).

No. 658140

Didn’t she claim to be 210 when she did chun li in the ugly Calvin undies?? Does anyone have the cap? I tried to find it but can’t remember the time period, but I fully remember her during her gym phase saying she weighed 190 currently after being 200lbs for chun. I think it was when she still had twitter?

No. 658145

We've seen her nipples, and there's nothing wrong with them. I guess they're a little assymetrical, but that's really minor and I doubt paypigs will care.

The reason she's so weird about nudity is because she thinks she's above it. She thinks that girls who do nudity are gross sluts and she's better than them. It comes across pretty strong in her retarded catchphrase "lewds not nudes".

>Girl is at least 250 currently

That's exactly what I was going to say. What is she, 5'7"? A taller girl like her takes a lot of pounds to look as fat as she does.

Why did she even bring up her weight. It has nothing to do with her shitty AoT cosplay.

No. 658146

she's 5'4"

No. 658147

You mean her stolen catchphrase

No. 658148

>>658109 Aside from the obvious lie she constantly tells where she defaults her weight at 210 pounds, I would be embarrassed as fuck if I pretended to be some weight lifting, celery juice chugging, mountain climbing lacrosse legend, and I tole people I weighed 210 because I thought it was a good thing to say!

I had her pegged at 250 about a month or so after AX last year, when it became highly evident that she was binge eating to deal with the controversy. And as another anon stated, her lassoed cow photo confirmed that she was likely at 250 back then.

She can't be less than 270 at this point. The old photo of her looks more like Vamp's body type now, and Vamp is probably 160 herself. GTFOH with this shit, pretending you only outweigh Vamp by 50 pounds, Mariah!

No. 658152

this is a common thing fatties do. She hasn't been on a scale SINCE she was 209 pounds. She assumes she is doing great because she drank celery water for a week. But in the back of her head she knows shes huge because she is scared to show her body, get on the scale and go to the doctor.
She documents her whole life, we have never heard her go to a health professional.

No. 658153

I'd be willing to bet that she's trying to pull a strong confident woman moment after someone called her fat irl OR (tinfoil) she's sick of us trying to guess her weight. Either way, it's a pretty drastic difference between then and now

No. 658156

Probably why she has to be high as fuck or drunk to even tolerate being outside. She can't photoshop the obesity away irl.

No. 658157

maybe she mis-typed and meant 290. because there's no way >>657247 is only a little over 200 pounds.

No. 658158

Just a update for you guys, she's telling PayPal that I apparently have gotten the sets she hasn't even released yet for this month in order to keep fighting back about giving me my full refund.

No. 658164

fight back. She technically released some sets, but not all promised sets, especially not the titty one

No. 658165

She hasn't released anything from April yet. I dont know where you are getting that info without proof, but she has not released ANYTHING to the April supporters at all and regardless I still don't have any links because she's blocked me. Im on the phone with PayPal right now lol. I want to know what 'proof' she apparently has, because I have a backup of everything from the last year. Everything and anything Ive ever had to cap that was suspicious or fraudulent in case this ever happened to me considering it's happened to others.

No. 658166

Hey take screencaps of her patreon showing she hasnt released the april sets yet. Maybe that will help for proof

No. 658167

Don't host it on imgur. It'll just allow her to flag and have it deleted.

No. 658168

Oh I did and I capped the last few months to prove she does announce when rewards go out. . She always, always announces when she has sent them out.

No. 658170

And when she actually announces april rewards have been sent out publicly Paypal will clearly see that she lied. Get fucked momo.

No. 658171

File: 1556929082489.png (972.65 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2019-05-03-17-16-32…)

No. 658172


And if she did, she’d accuse them of being “so rude and unprofessional” for telling her she clearly overweight and needs to seriously change her diet.

No. 658173

>still cute af
in what universe?

No. 658174

File: 1556929241835.png (1.06 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-05-03-17-16-41…)

No. 658175

She has been "sick" since her Japan trip. Worst excuse to be lazy. She hasn't explained why she hasn't done the 1.6k topless onsen shoot, released the 2k titty one, or any of her sets.

Well good to see shes too fat for normal sweat pants at home now and is wearing a bathrobe… oh.. I mean kimono

No. 658176


Not sick enough to not show your rat dace at cones and get shitfaced drunk at afterparties. Fuck off

No. 658177

She just hasn't released them yet. She says right on her page she releases between the 1st and 5th of the next month. She still has 2 days. Its too soon to be freaking out and she did say she shot the Onsen set. We justhave to wait for someone to leak them.

No. 658178

Still trying to push this “I’m sick” lie to get out of actually fulfilling her Patreon requirements for last month huh? Sick despite getting drunk and embarrassing herself at Lvl Up’s after party and fucking around with Vamp at a plastic surgeon’s office. Totes sick my dudes.

I hope more than this guy who got screwed by her starts calling her out. She has no intention of releasing “nipnops” especially since her numbers dipped. She will come up with some bullshit excuse like “it didn’t stay at 2k so you get nothing.”

No. 658190

She's not going to. She's using the sick excuse to try and get out of it, but it makes zero sense because unless she's sneezing all over her tits right now, it's a dumb excuse. She's teasing her tits here >>658174 so she really has no excuse. If she's already taken the photos then why hasn't she released them to her patrons? She hasn't done them and it would be stupid to believe her.

No. 658193

File: 1556934183612.jpg (682.95 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190503-204303_Red…)

No. 658194

She’s not 5’7. I saw her in person at LVL UP last weekend and she’s at least 5’4 as >>658146 says. And she fucking waddles when she walks. It was like seeing a train wreck happen for the very first time.

No. 658197

Mariah puts more effort into her scams and covering her tracks than she does for her shit tier sets. The only motivation in her life is money and getting it as fast and easily as possible. I’m not surprised that she would lie to PayPal despite the fact it can be easily contradicted. I hope PayPal catches on and something is done about her Patreon. Bitch gets away with far too much.

No. 658198


Why doesn't this dude just call his bank and cancel the charge. Fuck having paypal do it. Dispute it with your bank. If your not with a shit bank they will tell them to fuck off.

No. 658199

If anything I hope this just ads to lolcow's proof of the shit she does. Even if this shit doesn't blow up, Im more concerned about my money getting back and in general we having backup proof of her completely, at this point, doing the hardest she can to keep a scam up.

This is the hardest I have seen her scam and being a part of it is quite a thing and to first handedly see how many loops she's jumping through in order to keep it under wraps which I assume is what she thinks she's doing. She got caught and like a child she's lashing out

No. 658201

File: 1556936291753.jpg (814.52 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190503_221603_com…)


No. 658202

No. 658204

File: 1556936533863.png (742.18 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-05-03-19-15-50…)

>says she's getting hate in her DMs for not shipping Eren and Levy
>suddenly cares about age of anime characters, states her reason is because Eren is 15 and Levy is 30
>says "yikes" and "you really ship that?" while flopping her ponytail around

No. 658209

She claimed to have shot it, but there isn't even a selfie, Mariah documents every shitty detail of her life on IG there's no way she'd do a cosplay without posting stuff about it on IG.

Excuse me? Lmao she ships Sesshoumaru (900+ yokai with the appearance of a 19 year old) and Rin (a literal human child), and iirc she wrote fanfics about them. What fujoshit would care about Moo enough to actually DM her about Eren and Levi anyway.

No. 658210

she actually said "next you would ship Sesshomaru and Rin together" as a diss? I don't get how a lolicon like her could try and jab at people about this

No. 658211

How fucking huge and dark must that thing be in person for us to literally be able to see it even in the blurriest photo?? Like shit man, most veins would appear invisible or blend in, but even from a distance it's in our face lol

No. 658226

In the end mariah is such a dumbass that she can’t keep her scams going forever. She’s just not smart enough. Or clever enough. I mean this is a stupid fuck that posts throwback pics of herself before she was fat. Who does that?

No. 658231

Her pochaco wig and headset are there next to her. For a character she milks so much I'd expect her to take better care of it but spoiled shits like her have that"just buy another" mentality

No. 658232

whats with her obsession with 'titty vein'?

No. 658234

Tbh, her fans eat that shit up. Her nasty personality, ballooning weight, ugly af face, disgusting weird grey ponytail that sticks straight up, nasty ass eye bag turtle face, frumpy hoodies with leggings etc.

“Woooow a reeeeal girl! But when she dresses up and bend over her ass looks huuuuge!”

They don’t care that it’s all liquefy tool and corsets. They like to think they could get themselves a girl as fat and ugly as them who will look “hawt” with enough effort and skimpy clothes. They also like to think that they could get themselves an obese chick that still has a decent waist to hip ration because her lipo has set up an unrealistic expectation of what an obese girl will look like. They just see the proportionally enormous tits and ass compared to her unnaturally proportioned and photoshopped waist.

No. 658235

We’ve made fun of it here before so she has to show her “hatuuurz” how okay with it she is. I’m just surprised she didn’t give it a shout-out as Vein-chan

Any time she points out a flaw this obviously it’s to clap back and get her neckbeards to tell her that all her flaws are sexy.

Next she should brag about her assne that she so feebly tries to hide

No. 658263

That's weird considering she sexualizes under aged characters all the time. And in later seasons isn't Eren of age? (correct me if I'm wrong)
But she didn't have problems with characters ages before. Or could it be because it's a male x male couple?

No. 658264

Yeah she’s got a big problem with male x male. Remember the devilman meltdown? And how she insisted she couldn’t possibly be a homophobe because she’s totally bi, my dudes.

No. 658265

It’s because it’s a male ship, she hates anything she can’t self insert in. remember her who devilman sperg?

No. 658270

File: 1556987992771.jpg (879.53 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190504-123255_Ins…)

Here she goes again. She keeps seeing other female cosplayers who are openly gay and married and they say "look at my beautiful wife!" So here we go again with her doing this shit.

No. 658284

Did Moo brought up AoT and her cosplay in a weird attempt to upstage Vamp and fish for complimemts from neckbeards?

No. 658295


Lol I would think Moo wouldn't be doing any AoT- unless its as a Titan. her on the lines would look like a literal wrecking ball.

No. 658302

I think that the only canon thing moocow has EVER done would be AoT- she went from cosplaying Survey Corp to being a colossal Titan…

No. 658303

That's exactly what it is. She's always trying to upstage everyone, even her friends. I think it's also because she was lurking here and saw us talking about how much better Vamp will look compared to her after she gets her face fixed.

No. 658308

Gotta come clean guys. Semi consistent paypig here. The cycle for me is as follows.

Dick gets hard for Moo (totally still would smash)
Moo promises a set that might show nips
Moo doesn't come through or it was bait and switch
I stop paying

Thothub has supplemented my need for momo tits by keeping a record of all the times she slips or something. I legit think she's close to just doing porn and i'll enjoy that day a lot.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 658310

I wanna feel bad for ya dude but….what is it about Moo that makes you give MONEY when there are chubby chicks all over PornHub for free? Like I'm legit confused by people who do this…..

No. 658312

she will never make porn

they think she's attainable

No. 658313

Nobody cares about your dick, faggot. Enjoy your ban and let it be an example to other virgin scrotes posting about what they whack their doodle to.

No. 658314


I don't get why you're so pissed about what I posted. I was just explaining the cycle of what made me give her money. Am I gonna fall for it again? Hopefully not, but I am but a mortal man who makes mistakes.


I think it's just because of her not committing to posting nudes. Some freudian thing activates in my brain, I guess.

No. 658315

File: 1557000757145.jpeg (39.93 KB, 640x350, B270D3D0-FB6F-4715-993A-2FEC5D…)

You’re definitely going to fall for it again. You pay pigs think with your dicks. All you’re doing is funding her expensive lifestyle for next to nothing in return. Just the idea the she MAY go nude SOMEDAY.
You’re basically a pay cuck.

You’re the reason she scams and lies to people so carelessly. Because you enable her.

No. 658317

People report males around in general and secondly because you mention what you'd do to a cow which is apparently against a written or unwritten law.

No. 658320

>>658315 >>658315

Oh, so this whole thread is full of assholes. Got it. Well, have fun misplacing your anger on nothing productive. It seems to be "hate momokun or gtfo" so i'll gladly leave.

No. 658321

jesus christ. who gives a fuck man

No. 658323

don't bother. these threads are made by susu and other women. i know this because no guy actually gives a fuck about any of this "drama" they constantly post about it. imagine being upset with things a cosplayer does you have to make constant threads about it.

No. 658326

To keep from paying her again, just be patient. All of her stuff gets leaked anyway and if she's losing money, she'll get desperate, so there's no point in paying her. Not to mention she "accidentally" exposes herself for free on Camversity every time she does it in desperation. You guys get so stupid giving thots your money when there are free options out there.

Then leave. They're on your case for announcing unnecessary shit just like this. You didn't have to broadcast it, stop acting like Mariah.

No. 658327

At least posting here is free. Imagine misplacing $50 in a sad attempt to see “nip nops” on a girl so photoshopped you may as well be jacking off to a 3D rendering.

Why are you even here? Go fund your idol’s vacations and enable her scamming. Hope you’re enjoying seeing her broken figurines in lieu of nip nops and pussy

No. 658328

you must be new. there wouldnt be so many threads on moo if she wasnt such a cow. Same way the other dude loves seeing her blow up in weight we love seeing her drive herself deeper and deeper into a hole of heart disease, debt, and obscurity.

Oh wait cept we get our rocks off for free and you have to pay for her to scam you and use your delusion bucks to try and fuck other guys. GG

No. 658330

We don’t care about your cycle but yourself. It’s your fault that you decided to support this cow with your own money. You are gonna pay for her shitty shoots and get nothing and that’s all on you. Don’t come here for comfort or someone to pat you on the back. Do yourself a favor and go outside and get yourself laid for once. You need it. Badly.

No. 658335

File: 1557005085086.png (740.54 KB, 714x1186, Screenshot_2019-05-04-14-23-08…)

No. 658336


>supplemented my need for momo tits

I'd say you're in need of a lobotomy, not "momo tits".

No. 658337

File: 1557005257781.png (753.01 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-05-04-14-23-13…)

No. 658338

I just want to clarify that this guy and the Patreon anon who posted to reddit are two separate anons. Dont confuse this douche with the anon fighting with PayPal fraud.

No. 658340

Aww did your feefees get hurt by anonymous people on the internet?
Grow up man. You posted a sob story looking for pity, when in reality we’ve been warning you idiots for years about her scams and you all refused to listen.

Now you want us to feel bad for you? Dude no one cares about your poor life decisions that you made with your dick instead of your brain.

No. 658342

File: 1557005802718.jpeg (239.56 KB, 1178x1424, 1532016193874.jpeg)

yeah who wouldn't wanna smash this

No. 658343

speaking of scamming and getting cucked wasn't today the day she was supposed to post this horrorshow she baited them all with?

No. 658344

I think I just threw up in my mouth, how is her skin care routine (or lack of it) so bad? She looks like a rigor mortis hippo with HPV.

No. 658345

Yeah you can tell that they're different people. Patreon anon that got ripped off is a lot more mature.

Yep. She's always late with rewards but these cucks are never going to get what they gassed her up for. Moo's a piece of dog shit but the incels deserve her for constantly falling for her scams each and every time.

No. 658354

File: 1557009275439.png (49.37 KB, 538x537, Screenshot_107.png)

I can't believe she actually did it. Shes not releasing the 2 promised videos

No. 658355

98% of people called it. She's such a scammer and this can be used as proof for the patron who got scammed that she never sent the rewards until today.

No. 658356

File: 1557009452274.gif (31.22 KB, 177x165, 1554599005440.gif)

What a turn of events here folks

No. 658357

File: 1557009989228.png (72.69 KB, 326x253, Thiswillmakeafantasticbegoneth…)

I know I shouldn't be surprised, but I still am. This is just blatant proof of scamming. Though I'm wondering why hasn't patreon quickly stepped into this matter. Here's the hoping you get your $40 back Patreon Anon and hoping her "career" is truly cancelled.

No. 658358

Already sent paypal this ectra proof. Thank you.

No. 658359

Holy shit Mariah. Are you really "so sick" that you're throwing away your livelihood?

No. 658360

Patreon said its up to the creator. After I get this all settled Im sending them the biggest folder of scam proof. She might actually get her patreon taken down because of this. The amount I have cant be ignored. 1 or 2 images, yeah, but this is different.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 658361


Of fucking course. Of course she used such a flimsy bullshit excuse. I hope this is what finally ends her. This was such an obvious fucking scam from the getgo.

No. 658362

Send it to them but don't be surprised if they sweep it under the rug. They often do because they're pro-creator. I hope they do surprise us by stepping in though.

No. 658363

I think it's because we know she lurks here and we're constantly calling her out for being a scammer so a tiny, incredulous part of us thinks she's actually going to get her shit together since she knows there's a group of people judging her every move.

Any rational person would clean up their act if they wanted to continue their livelihood, but this is moo that we're talking about

No. 658364


Her patreons were already pretty pissed off about the videos being only $50 tier and now shes pissed off those ones too.

No. 658366

She makes patreon a lot of money. They're huge against scams, so they wouldn't do anything "if the creator just staggers releases/sets new dates etc." But they LEGALLY HAVE TO STEP IN when someone is using the platform to scam.

The #1 issue is, her cucks don't care. If enough, you know, STOP GIVING HER MONEY AND ACTUALLY REPORT HER, she wouldn't be living a comfortable life SCAMMING people.

No. 658367

I can understand wanting a cow to get their shit together and of course wanting them to learn that their actions have consequences. Then again like you said this is moo we're talking about.

At this point it's just rinse, rise, and repeat with her and yet it still baffles me that nearly a hundred threads later that it continues everytime with a predictable outcome.

No. 658369

Thats the thing with moo that I find hilarious. She gets call out for her shit the she spregs "im going to grow" yet does the same shit over again. The fact were up to 98 threads and theres been zero personal growth

No. 658376

You would think that being hated by most of the cosplay community hell not just them maybe majority of the nerd community as a whole. It would start making one reflect on themselves but nope. Looking back she could have fixed most of her problems now by apologizing and putting actual effort. At this point the only way I feel she can truly reflect on herself is if her patreon gets taken down.

No. 658377

And that's a phrase that she's been saying since thread one, three years ago.

No. 658380

She's growing as fast as a dehydrated plant in the shade.

No. 658381

Exactly shes been saying this shit for 3 years but theres been zero growth. She pulls the same shit. Her patreon really needs to take a hit but i dont think thatll stop her from scamming people.

No. 658382

She or her mod deleted the recent negative posts about her on my reddit.

They deleted anons refund thread and the one today of scamming on the videos

No. 658383

This got posted in the reddit and immediately taken down because everyone got pissed. It needs to be viral.

No. 658385

File: 1557013911787.jpg (Spoiler Image, 8.59 MB, 2316x3088, Photo Apr 26, 1 45 04 PM.jpg)

She just released her April set.

It includes her nip nops(but not the promised videos)

No. 658386

I think Mariah deleted it.

No. 658387

welp it's done lads

No. 658388

That stubble and vag acne is gag worthy

No. 658390

>not making porn

No. 658391


This is really like so embarassing and unprofessional its got so much cringe. Like could you imagine any other legit successful person doing this and getting away with it scott free? This is why Mariah has already peaked, and will never be anything more than a cheap thot that sells the lowest grade lewds ever.

Theres costhots out there who even if they still go to cheap route of bikini cosplays, maintain a professional level of delivering their product on time. And Mariah can't even do that. She has the audience, she could probably be raking in money and not have as shitty as a reputation if she at least carried herself with an OUNCE of maturity. I mean, "sorry I know I promised this and you already paid for this product but I didn't finish it cause my time management skills are shit, so you aren't getting it unless you wanna pay for it a second time" ? What the actual fuck? Her patrons are even dumber than she is if this let her get away with this deliberate scamming.

Its so sad after all these years or doing this Mariah has nothing to show for herself. Can't run a business, can't properly model, can't craft anything, can't sew a complete outfit, can't network, its pathetic. Sure she's got money, but once that dries up (because she can't manager her money) what will she have? I truly wonder what she plans to do with her life when this gravy train ends. Her resume will only consist of Starbucks, and she has no friends or family that respect her. Maybe Vamp can get her a job bagging at Albertsons.

No. 658392

Moo's sister: My sister would never do anything like that cause she's not a whore!"

No. 658393

were there more pics than this?

No. 658394


No. 658395

Is she wearing her fucking face mask in this? Goddamn this is vile. It’s still unbelievable people would throw money for this garbage.

No. 658397

File: 1557014752206.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.95 MB, 2316x3088, Photo Apr 26, 1 42 59 PM.jpg)

No. 658399

jesus she cant pose for shit

No. 658400


I'm morbidly curious to see if all her other photos that include her nipnops are posed like this with the mask. Not only does it scream lazy but also ashamed. Mildly tinfoil but I wonder if she cut out her face in the hopes it can't be traced back to her later on.

No. 658401

File: 1557014846395.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.53 MB, 2316x3088, Photo Apr 13, 5 22 43 PM.jpg)

She fucked up so bad, she uploaded an unaltered photo.

Here is the altered one

No. 658402

File: 1557014874369.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.99 MB, 2316x3088, Photo Apr 13, 5 22 43 PM (1).j…)



No. 658404

might actually be it, unless the patreonanon have some pics with her face in them

No. 658407

>face mask and half face because too lazy to put on makeup
>scraggly unstyled hair
>ill-fitting A&E "lingerie" she got for free
>razor burn and in-grown hairs poorly edited out
>Walmart thigh highs flipping over to reveal the sticky side
Exactly what I would expect of Moo finally releasing nudes. Half-assed like everything else.

I'm thinking that's what happened with >>658385 as well. Those nasty details were definitely not meant to be seen. She's in such a rush to keep what remaining patrons she has that she's not paying attention to what she's uploading.

No. 658408

A+ anons, thank you for your valuable contributions to the thread. Christ her body is a dumpster fire.

No. 658409

>>65839Most patreon thots if something happens were theyre sending rewards late still send out to people who might have stopped the pledge. Not moo though you gotta pay again

No. 658411


Good God. This whole collective of awful photos and incriminating evidence that she fucking scammed her fans bigtime makes me irate. Normally I take her actions with a grain of salt, since I'm a long term critic and never supported her from the get go, but this has me furious.

And the line about not being able to do what she wanted to because she didn't have help just goes to show that she doesn't have a team, doesn't have friends, and that GOTMP is most certainly a tripod.

No. 658413

you should chase after a findomme, she would give you exactly what moo gives but better. because you clearly enjoys giving money more than you enjoy seeing her nude or something. and some findommes even post nudes, it's a win-win!

No. 658414

No. 658415

oh wow im absolutely shocked. totally didnt see this coming. yep.

No. 658416

5 images showing nip nops and at most the mask no face.

No. 658417

have her eyes always been that close together?

No. 658419

File: 1557015572775.gif (Spoiler Image, 7.56 MB, 2316x3088, Photo-Apr-13,-5-22-43-PM.gif)

Gif of the two photos so you can see the difference

No. 658426

Why does she put old photos in new sets??

No. 658428


the shoop on her fucking fupa has me dying. and holy hell, that waist. but you know, she doesn't retouch her photos, my dudes.

No. 658430

Literally every single shera x diablo that was lewd was posted on social media already. The nip nips were terrible. Everything was so mediocre. She even had a censored hinata pic in there. Just throwing shit together at this point.

No. 658431

It's hilarious cause she had a ton of lipo and still ended up with a fupa.

No. 658434

If you need to slim your V-fupa, you probably need to stop.

No. 658435


so everything she "released" are just previous old sets from past shoots and posts? some of them being already found elsewhere? what is she even fucking doing? i cant recall that one weird cow cosplay vid in the drop, maybe i missed it, but holy shit i do not think anything has been harder to watch than that. shes such a trainwreck.

No. 658436

is there supposed to be more with that hinata set? because 10 photos, 8 of which are practically identical in terms of posing is not worth $50 I know she was also obviously supposed to include the video she chickened out on, but this is… garbage tier, even for Mariah.

No. 658437

They're also the same poses that she does for cheaper sets.

No. 658438

File: 1557016625212.png (34.68 KB, 534x362, Screenshot_108.png)

No. 658439


OMFG I hope that nobody falls for this shit. I mean yes, if you are stupid enough to continue to pay top dollar for mediocre you deserve it, but I still cannot help but second hand cringe for the whole "run for the football I swear I will hold it" mentality.

And Patreon isn't "pro creator" they are "pro Patreon".

No. 658440

Jesus. Between the dirt and debris between her breasts and the stubble and acne in her pubic area, this is pretty bad. She couldn't even be bothered to take photos through Meitu and let it smooth it all out?

Her lack of caring over how she looks astounds me at times.

No. 658441

File: 1557017100216.jpeg (69.98 KB, 640x360, OK6W_koKDTOqqqLDbIoPAiyVuMv-Q1…)

90% of her vulva is out. She was around other people when she shot this.

No. 658442

File: 1557017138198.png (61.53 KB, 232x197, broken man.png)

If her cucks fall for this scam for another 2 months (let's be real "June" means July if she actually does it) then I'll have no hope for them
Moo will live on forever off of virgin idiots bucks and get fatter until she absorbs Vamps

No. 658444


>>So I got a LOT of messages today

No, you didn't. And with any luck people are waking up a little. I would hope so since this is obvious bait and switch- funny cause didnt she say she was doing a 75 dollar tier for topless shit? yea she did so why would anyone drop 50 on old shit

No. 658448

File: 1557018108959.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x2039, 94A1FB89-5D58-44B2-B68E-3556DD…)

She calls photos taken at Katsu “location shots”… Lazy doesn’t even begin to describe Mariah.

No. 658449

God, those are terrible photos too. Some cucks really got cheated with this one.

No. 658451

Laziness is undoubtedly one factor but I bet this labeling is part of her case against the PayPal fraud ex-patron. Like it's her response to PayPal regarding his "WHERE IS MY MONEY GOING" comment / screenshot. "There's totally location shoots, my dudes at PayPal, these shots prove it, and it's not my fault he expected more than he was going to get!"

No. 658457

Jesus, how can she still be in denial she does porn at this point. Not even other lewd cosplayers are 1/10th this trashy. This is just… sad.

No. 658461

"only Susu and bunny use these threads c-cuz vendettas!"
moo and her cows are stupid. She's hated by the whole anime and gaming communities by men and women. The only people who like her are gross incels who think with their dicks (neck beards) or fat girls/thots who see themselves in Moo

No. 658466

That's exactly what she's doing.

She still thinks she's above showing nipple even though she has no qualms with showing her full face in photos with her vagina lips hanging out. It's as mind boggling as it is pathetic.

No. 658467

File: 1557021796707.png (Spoiler Image, 631.05 KB, 858x630, 9SfE6u5.png)

You can even smell this picture, open at your own risk.

No. 658469

I never thought I could feel so sorry for her vagina but here we are. pressing f couldn’t even show my respects at this point because you know that was uncomfortable as hell

No. 658471

I thought maybe she would turn showing her nipples for the first time into a big event. A really nice photoshoot to really show that it's a big deal since everyone wanted to see them for so long. But these are just selfies. She gave up a peice of her dignity and all she could manage was selfies. What the fuck, moo.

No. 658473

She'll be able to bake bread with the amount of yeast she's going to get from the infection that's going to fester.

No. 658475

Damn moo exfoliate your skin, the dead skin is building up and turning brown in your inner thigh

No. 658476

Screenshot this, she'll be railing herself with a fuck machine completely pussy out on cam within a year or less. It's a slippery slope moo, and you can snake your way out of this.

No. 658480

Going topless seems like a bullet with one gun. You better make that shot count or you're going to have to go even more extreme to keep the audience if they see your tits and just collectively shrug.

You know what, I'm giving her fans too much credit.

No. 658481

there a new link for the april stuff?

No. 658483

The top is digging into her neck fat

No. 658486

maybe she thought of she underwhelmed people with her nipples they wouldn't ask for them again. She even edited the photos so her nipples were almost as bright as her skin like "See, they are boring. This is what you dumb fucks paid me 40k for"

No. 658487

Can someone do justice and edit this gif with "Jump In The Line" by Harry Belafonte?

I can't say I'm shocked by this sudden turn of events but Moo is a scammer. What a fucking surprise. Funny she would offer "gifs" or "short clips" because she probably wouldn't deliver on those either.

No. 658488

I wonder if it hurts her ego that she spent 10k on that video she did that no one gave a shit and even made fun of her, but she flashes her nips and gains a bunch of gross horny dudes. Momo, you are not known for your cosplay, you're known for making porn

No. 658490

File: 1557028410027.png (831.42 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-05-04-20-46-40…)

No. 658491

I would be stressed to if I didn't do promised sets and had to release cheap as hell selfies

No. 658492

File: 1557028641278.png (665.51 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-05-04-20-46-44…)

Her eyes must be broken from the stress

No. 658493

Accidentally uploading what you REALLY LOOK LIKE is definitely stressful.

Not keeping your promises is definitely stressful.

Getting called out and someone actively trying to actually HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE is actually stressful.

No. 658494

But you deleted all the angry posts so all that's left is a small handful of comments.

No. 658495

File: 1557028743414.png (489.73 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-05-04-20-46-49…)

Poor Moo!! Look at all the positive responses!!

No. 658496

Fishnets alone don't make Hinata. These are just photos she took when promted Adam and Eve ONLY. Nothing about this is cosplay. WHy didnt' she do ths when she as taking all those on the group Hinata photos? Jfc Moo. Wearing a smask and no wig isn't the same as saying youre cosplaying a character.

No. 658503


Are those fucking hall shots? They look awful. Seems like no one wanted to shoot her lol

No. 658505

Can someone do a reupload, hit the 429 error on the dropbox already

No. 658507


No. 658508

No. 658509

sorry about that- hit the wrong button

No. 658512

She's not even wearing the wig, you can see it's her hair

No. 658513

File: 1557034487256.jpg (462.39 KB, 1242x2688, Photo Apr 22, 7 53 16 PM.jpg)

No. 658514

she eating lotion?

No. 658515

File: 1557034716771.jpg (8.43 MB, 2316x3088, Photo Apr 22, 7 59 11 PM.jpg)

No. 658516

File: 1557034856071.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.79 MB, 2316x3088, Photo Apr 22, 7 46 14 PM.jpg)

No. 658517

The editing on her face is so fucking bad. I get she’s ashamed of her double-chin but she looks like a goddamn creepypasta here.

No. 658518

I'll do a creepypasta edit for next threads icon

No. 658519

Bad Dragon cum lube, but she made it look like she's having some form of rabies.

No. 658521

File: 1557037259709.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.21 MB, 3840x5760, NOOD4879.jpg)

Also as a woman and my own experiences,,this has got to feel like she's being sawed in half holy shit, if it goes up any further it'll be in her intestines

No. 658522


who edited this? where are her legs?

No. 658523

Ugh, I can smell this image…

It’s blurred and washed out into oblivion. What’s the point in paying for her trashy sets if you can’t even see her in the ones she does manage to crap out. If SquareCuck is editing these, he’s clearly given up.

No. 658524

File: 1557037626241.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.55 MB, 3840x5760, IMG_2542x.jpg)

Whoever did this shoot clearly wanted Moo to look more like a whale what with the lighting a poses making her look bigger than she normally is

No. 658525

File: 1557037779147.gif (1.95 MB, 500x375, giphy (25).gif)

Her entire coochie is visible! I don't understand how this bitch can be stingy about showing her bare tits when she's shown basically her
whole pussy numerous times by now.

No. 658526

Yep, she's not wearing the wig, meaning it's not shot on the same day as the sets with nipple pasties. Obviously she thought she can bait and switch the paypigs with the nipple pasties, when they lashed back she went and rushed an extra set last minute with actual nipples showing, probably after trying in vain to think of another solution to satisfy them, just to keep her paypigs happy and willing to stay. Absolutely pathetic.

No. 658527

Amazing how Mariah always goes out of her way to never interact with another model in a shoot. She’s always staring dead-eyed at the viewer with her mouth slack.

Agreed. She definitely shot this later. She probably got panicked from increased talk of people dropping out or reporting her so she had to throw something together to shut them up. So much for being “so sick my dudes”. Can’t send out the promised videos to her patrons but can rush a few shitty selfies that have nothing to do with the character she advertised.

No. 658530

She for sure never shot those two videos, if she had we would have gotten ig posts about shooting and editing them. Those gifs of the videos will never be released and if they are it will be something she rushes on the spot (like her "Hinata" sans wig nipple shoot). The "revisited" videos, if they ever come out, will be the actual first videos and 90% chance will be shot with a tripod. She's so fucking transparent, but she knows she can get away with it since her fans are brain dead. She's like a child testing boundaries, checking how lazy/scammy she can go before getting some real consequences. I hope she never gets any so she sinks further and further into her shit, unethical lifestyle.

No. 658534

oh my GOD, it looks like a gagged muppet wtffff

No. 658545

I have a feeling she's hiding her double chin from that head protector.

Vagina wedgies are painful and will tend to chafe the already sensitive labia. I guess that not showing your clitoris =/= not porn my dudes. Also, the clothes are so tight that it's possibly cutting all circulation, hence why her breasts look so lopsided.

No. 658558

These were shot during her adam and eve posts. These wrre shot BEFORE the hinata pasties.

No. 658559

Moo deleted my reddit post of proof of her scamming. With her post saying she just released everything yesterday I have all I need to get my money back considering paypal tried to argue I had gotten my content April 30th.

Get fucked bitch.(cowtipping)

No. 658564

Post it in the reddit that she isn’t a mod for(encouraging to cowtip)

No. 658568

File: 1557070131104.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 748.17 KB, 5760x3840, URy8wPqg.jpeg)

Her vag is def photoshooped in this one.

No. 658569


Seems like that ones been deleted and some autistic dipshit decided to make one private that you have to ask to be invited to.

No. 658571

Was that top image (the unicorn thing) in momo's post or was that added by the farmer posting it to cover a last name? Because that appears to be a ripoff/edit of my friend's art…

No. 658572

Moo used it in her story.

No. 658573

It‘s shopped in all of her pictures. >>658419

No. 658574

Thats not moos fault. Dont nitpick her for it. Thats a gif that instagram allows you to pick and tbh, if its online a social network has it. Your friend has no way of getting insta to remove it tbh because it's a 3rd gif finder that can search for it.

Again, not actually moo stealing anything

No. 658575

Any anon with good soul and trained in photoshop could do that in other photos? I and many others would be grateful for kindness. >>658402

No. 658578

yea the other Reddit got deleted because some dumbass kept
crossposting in the one she was a mod for. Mods got tired of snitches and nuked the whole thing

No. 658579

Uhm, how exactly are we supposed to do this kind of thing when she’s only published that one unaltered? And not even on purpose (presumably).

No. 658581


I thought if you can edit to leave that way, could have a way to leave as natural as possible

No. 658582

Calm down. I wasn't suggesting that the artist send her a C&D or anything. It's just kind of gross and jarring when you see your own world getting dragged into a cow's.

No. 658584

she has two more or something unedited. but why do you want us to do it anyway? it looks like a pig who wants to fap to her shopped self

No. 658585

File: 1557075413964.jpg (14.15 KB, 450x414, JyWK3Gd.jpg)

From KF

No. 658588

File: 1557076674742.jpeg (41.48 KB, 750x738, DB397F40-A847-4CCE-9331-32F03E…)

I feel like this drop is more than just end of the month drops.
When do people usually start resubbing?

Maybe they’re finally learning they’re wasting their money.

No. 658589

I think this is the result of resubbing honestly.
It was originally at around 1545 before she posted about her new sets and she suddenly gained about 100 new subs.
Hopefully more of her fans realize she's a scammer and jump ship too.

No. 658592

I remember she was around the 1900s and she lost about 300 patrons. I know the end of the month is a regular thing for her to lose patrons just to bypass the first charge of the month, but 300 patrons seems like a lot compared to the usual. It's gonna take awhile for her to gain that back along with those false promises she made at 2k patrons.

No. 658606

She could have made the fishnet suit into a sexy fem Kakashi cosplay. She has the grey hair and mask, she just needs the forehead protector over one eye.
She's not that great at closet cosplays is she?

No. 658619

She's called herself Kakashi already in her stories. Sephiroth too. I guess she gave up on being the pink haired anime waifu and is latching onto any silverfox

No. 658625

hank's ass makes a good momo cunny

I logged on to discord this morning and had 12+ PMs, they were all just moo's pubis lmfao, it's really making the rounds.

No. 658626

The sad thing about this is that men will take this, run with it and continue being scammed by her, thinking they have the upper hand when they don't.

No. 658628

Only some. They still feel scammed because they haven't gotten what she promised. She even tried to smooth things over by promising the salvaged gifs or clips but didn't do that either. Bitch is terrible at keeping promises, as we've learned over the past three years.

No. 658629

I bet the gifs will be her in a bathtub and itll be conveniently only shoulders down, no wig, showing.

No. 658641

>>658626 This is the very definition of being cucked. These stupid asses think they're doing themselves a favor by throwing money at Mariah, only to get lied to and scammed in return.

No. 658646

Annie is actually a decent cosplay choice for Vamps. she should learn to work with her nose shape instead of getting surgery.

No. 658647

It's not the shape of her nose that's the problem, it's the fact that it has like a 45 degree bend to one side and super asymmetrical. I don't fault her for wanting it changed at all.

No. 658651

File: 1557112150330.png (1.01 MB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-05-05-20-02-04…)

With her cousin at a game store

No. 658652

File: 1557112175093.png (1.02 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-05-05-20-02-19…)

No. 658653


There is nothing green in there at all ..

No. 658655

File: 1557112725864.png (1018.26 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-05-05-20-03-27…)

So this was posted in the calves thread but: Sensei posted two pictures of a girl on his Instagram. In the second one, she and Sensei were in the kitchen making the same toast or sandwich of nutella and peanut butter. I wonder if Moo was jealous enough to recreate this?

No. 658656

I bet anything her cousin eats like shit but he still looks relatively normal, but because of that he will stock shit that not even Nick eats. Moo is going to eat even more garbage now and use her cousin being around as a reason and blame him for her lack of impulse control.

No. 658657

Even so, Sensei was "sponsored" a bunch of Monster for his tattoo shop a long time ago. Does he really want to drink it at home?
If Moo was going to the gym like she claims, she wouldn't keep so much in her fridge.

No. 658659

Moo's middle row standing out against vegan drinks and fruit
It shows how often she eats out since she has no actual food in there

No. 658660

File: 1557113877790.jpeg (91.31 KB, 750x750, 594DA60D-DE05-4CC3-9965-53782F…)

quick OC

No. 658665

She's dumb. Most of the stuff in this photo is filled with sugar. Just because it's fruit or looks healthy, doesn't mean it is. With fruit you still have to be careful because it's sugar. The "healthy" yogurt, milk and juices in there are also loaded with sugar to make it taste better. The Planet Oat milk alone has 12 grams of sugar. She seems like an idiot who doesn't read labels but wants to brag about her "healthy choices". She really needs a nutritionist.

It's like she can't go a day without spending money.

No. 658687

I spat my drink, this deserves to be the next thread pic

No. 658690

her arm length made me wonder if she can /comfortably/ wipe herself…

No. 658692

this would explain the bidet obsession … stubby arms can’t reach butthole

No. 658693

File: 1557130940394.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 467.47 KB, 1234x1784, 3706721A-516B-48ED-AFEA-DD26FC…)

under her tagged photos lmao

No. 658694

Even in fanart her tits are lopsided and she looks so wasted.

No. 658696


No. 658697

File: 1557132741474.png (3.3 MB, 1800x961, 51168320-7F20-48C7-A56E-8A048D…)

Bitch has never played a Zelda game in her life. Also, the hype over SSBU Zelda is over Moo, don’t you have other characters to make empty Patreon promises for? You’ve threatened to do Zelda for a while but never did it probably because the outfit wasn’t on sale on Etsy/Amazon Prime…

No. 658698

I'm cackling

No. 658700

I can guarantee you she has no idea who Zelda was in Wind Waker, what the plot was, or who was in it at all.

No. 658704

She could pull off Tingle.

No. 658707

Don’t disrespect Tingle like that.

No. 658713

I'm rolling that zelda isn't even from wind waker. It comes off as so fucking random. That zelda is from a link between worlds,play that stupid cow. What is it with e girls and fake gamers riding wind wakers dick so hard?

No. 658722

File: 1557147375979.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x2560, 52CC3144-AA26-4B52-8646-67FCC8…)

I hope she is not posting that ss to indirectly claim it is her playing. That screen shot was featured in a Kotaku article from 2013.

If so, here she is on her own bullshit again.

No. 658730

>>658722 The timestamps on her IG stories for her main account and her BTS account seem to indicate that she decided to look up a bunch of screenshots and share them first (as of 5 hours ago according to the main account timestamps, and the timestamp from the screenshot she stole from Kotaku which was featured on the BTS account), then she turned on her Switch an hour later (4 hours ago as we speak, going by the timestamp on her main account IG story).

But since Moo has a history of plagiarism, and getting a cliff notes education through Wikipedia, YT, etc., I wouldn't be surprised at all if she tried to pass off an uncredited screenshot as her own for gamer cred.

No. 658736

File: 1557151692048.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, 344BBD4E-4917-433F-B636-CE4EB7…)

Oh boi. Another game is will never finish.

No. 658739

inb4 she gets another tacky tattoo with a zelda theme this time because she's 'such a fan my dudes!1!!'

No. 658740


which one is it? I don't recognize it …

No. 658741

It’s breath of the wild.

No. 658742

Watch, she is going to say that this Zelda is annoying like everyone else did.

No. 658743


makes sense so she can totally prove being a tru zelda fan, my dudes. She should've jumped on the BOTW bandwagon two years ago like every other costhot did.

I bet her gameplay will be under ten hours lol and sperg about it for a week and never mention it ever again.

No. 658748

I can’t believe this bitch is about to ruin my favorite video game series. BOTW is way too long for her to play; she won’t even leave the Great Plateau.(no1curr)

No. 658749

It's funny, because she got called out last thread for "forgetting" how much she hyped up cosplaying Zelda and how Zelda is one of her favorite series ever.

She's even playing the wrong Zelda. She doesn't know which design this Zelda is from either.

No. 658750

Don't worry anon, all she's gonna do is to try to get some screenshots to prove she 's a gamur gurl and throw it away in 4 hours

No. 658751

I feel ya. But she is most likely gonna just say it’s too hard, throw it to the side, look up pics and say “omgzzz this game is amazing!!1” and never talk about it again

No. 658753

If we want to talk about her forgetting things, how many threads ago was it that she said she was "designing" a saiyan oc?

No. 658755


Let's do not forget her Howl and Bowsette one too …

No. 658758

Didn’t she already ruin Bowsette? Was she supposed to cosplay it again?

No. 658759

Yes, the bowsette she did was "just a troll my dudes" and she'll be doing a "proper" one.

No. 658762

Wasn't she also gonna do Fem Cratos when she was pretending to play God of War

No. 658765

She's done this a thousand times, anon. She got God of War and never even fucking played it. She always does this with games, so don't worry.

Wind Waker is about sailing through the world and trying to discover stuff while helping people. It barely had anything to do with Zelda.

You'd think she'd be trying to take those nipple rewards for her patrons instead of slacking but I'm confusing Moo with someone who keeps their promises.

No. 658766

Also, when was the last time our "In real life Mei" played Overwatch?

No. 658769

To recap, first she was gonna cosplay Howl at Katsucon and made Antares shit out the jacket days before the con (making multiple IG stories documenting her "con crunch" as if she was the one making the jacket), then she was too chickenshit to cosplay in public and claimed she was going to do a location shoot instead. Also iirc Aly was supposed to be her Sophie.

Moo made others rush out the cosplay and include someone else in her cosplan, and she just pissed the plan away. I know making plans and not follow through is her M.O., but to have so much done already and still not be arsed to cosplay, what a joke lmao.

Just do porn already Moo, you only need to flop around on your bed and Tripod san is there for you 24/7.

No. 658771

File: 1557161056575.png (1.18 MB, 1242x2208, 124772EA-FAD6-47A0-9264-B1C010…)

Moo couldn’t make it any more obvious that she lurks here. This was posted to her stories after you made the post. I’ll wager she took a quick look at Wikipedia and Google before posting shit.

Hey Mariah, since you’re going to read this anyway, don’t you have work to get back to instead of fucking around with the Switch? It’s no wonder your paypigs are getting fed up with your bullshit.

No. 658772

So funny that she lurks here, you’d think that she’d actually take into consideration what we talk about instead, Moo shits out more half assed cosplays and because an even worse person.

No. 658773

Hahaha of course she did.

Since I have your attention you fake ass cunt, how about you go spend time with the five or so cats that you have and maybe respond to your actual fans rather than us. Or I don't know, actually go to fucking school since your brain-dead ass has so much time on your hands. You've been replying to us for three years girl, get over yourself already.

No. 658775

Such a fan, my dudes. Posted a screenshot from a cut scene that happens 3 mins into the game.

No. 658776

This is such a random sudden interest in Zelda. I mean, if she was actually playing couldn't she take her own screenshots instead of stealing them from the internet?

Moo since you read here. No one cares that you're a "gamur girl." Just shake your titts.

No. 658778

That is pretty hilarious since she'd never know in a million years this is Zelda.

No. 658779

>No one cares that you're a "gamur girl." Just shake your titts.

Exactly. That ship along with her cosplay fame has sailed away, never to be seen again. It's never coming back and no matter how hard she tries, it's not gonna happen. Her fans only care about her getting naked, ass-fucked, titty-fucked, throat-fucked, raped (their words), feeding her, and getting her pregnant. All of this is what they've said and are getting fed up with her. When they leave, she'll be completely nothing to everyone.

This is the hole that she dug for herself by bullying people, cheating, being a pathological liar, promising things that she didn't want to do in exchange for money, sexually assaulting people, and being greedy. No one cares about her interests and it's her own fault.

No. 658783

File: 1557166118077.png (393.6 KB, 750x1334, 156D2DAA-2228-4418-82DF-9676EA…)

This meme account on IG posted Moo’s leaked camel toe and got reported immediately, they frequently post shit about her

No. 658784

"What I do isn't porn!"
I'm surprised she still has her account since she's just promoting porn

No. 658785

She gets away with -EVERYTHING- anon.

No. 658787

File: 1557166880803.png (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 750x1334, ABEF989F-8D9D-48E3-87FA-77CF7B…)

No. 658790


No. 658791

That is the first time an image has actually made me gag. Thank you for that spoiler

No. 658792

That is so wrong in so many levels

No. 658793

Honestly good job, glad you were able to see the light. Hope others will soon wake up.

No. 658795

Congrats my dude, takin back the money from the cows fat mouth, another win lmao

No. 658796

oh this is tasty to see. hopefully others follow suit

she's gonna play this for a few days, find something else to make cosplans and then subsequently drop aforementioned cosplans - likely not following through with any photos/videos she makes in these cosplays if they ever even get made - and then move on to some other thing.

this bitch is so stupid and flighty.

No. 658797

Hahaha nice. She's gonna throw a tantrum about this.

No. 658801

Congrats! I hope others will do the same now that you were successful in proving to them that she’s scamming people. I fully expect her to lose her shit over this if enough people demand their money back. That greedy bitch has it coming.

No. 658837

ITT: farmers cheering for a thirsty neckbeard who will waste his money on another thot tomorrow

No. 658838

To be fair, I cosplayed Mei back in 2016 and I haven’t played much in this new year. But I doubt she played much to begin with

No. 658843

I saw she deleted your reddit post and probably banned you. I can’t stress how much you need to share this on twitter and tag patreon in it.. it holds value coming from the victim directly, if you explain with all your screencaps and hashtag the thread. She can’t delete it there and patreon is very responsive when there’s public heat on them.(Do not encourage cowtipping.)

No. 658844

>>658769 Gonna post a minor correction here. Aly was the one who rushed to make that Howl jacket prior to Katsucon that Mariah didn't wear because she had a hangover.

>>658776 For some reason, it seems as though Mariah seems to have a bigger vendetta against Gabby Cooke than the other girls who hate her. Not only did Mariah try to beat her to the punch with Shera the elf, but she's also taking liberties with Zelda, which happens to be Gabby's favorite video game franchise. I'm sure there are other examples where Mariah did things to spite Gabby over time.

No. 658846

Other costhots deliver though, take your butthurt elsewhere lol.

No. 658851


When you go through gabby's twitter you can see when she tweeted about specific cosplays and series, just when around the same time moo posted shortly after about the same ones too.

No. 658856

But why does she hate Gabby so much? Is it only for the petty reason that Gabby was one of her friends who said she was a piece of shit? Susu, Bunny and Kay did the same. Or did it sting more because Gabby was in Moo's inner circle?

Like yikes Moo. That's YEARS of resentment. No wonder Vamps is too scared to disobey. Or maybe she's waiting for Moo to pay for her cosmetic surgeries

No. 658857

Speculation but likely Gabby is likable to others, even back when with Moo. Remember Moo has to PAY people to be around her because she's an insufferable twat. Even in her hayday with Nigri she had to buy a shitton of merch just to get that attention. Gabby likely doesn't have this issue. So resentment towards her for that.

No. 658860

For the same reason she despises ThorneChan and Nana. They're likeable and Moo isn't. Even when Moo was tolerated in the cosplay community, she tried to be better than them. There's even a video on her doing that to ThorneChan at a panel. For some reason these three girls really get under Moo's skin the most.

No. 658861

We‘re not cheering because the neck beard got his money back, but because it sets a warning example.
Moo can’t get away like this for much longer. More and more people will (hopefully) start realizing what’s going on and therefore claim refunds, report her scamming etc.

No. 658867


She just hates other women in general, especially if she feels like they are competition to her. It probably stings more that some were in her inner circle or somewhat looked up her. She thought she had them under her boot heel and that they would never leave her, which to her feels like the ultimate betrayal.

No. 658875

They’re also all plus sized and better at cosplay so they are seen as actual cosplayers rather than only fetish models.
She’s just lucky that they don’t go crazy on the photoshop or know how to market themselves or they could really give her a run for her money.

No. 658881

Gabby is a direct thread to her brand because they’re both plus size with huge boobs. They also seemed A lot closer because they live near each other, I think they were friends before moo really blew up. They’ve also done a lot of the same costumes in the passed that gabby got more attention for (Cindy, a few luoca outfits)

No. 658882

Patreon are ignoring everyone else so I doubt they'll care much if it's from the victim

No. 658884

They should still try. If a small group reports her it wont matter since Momo is making Paetron bank. But if all of a sudden a few hundred ask for their money back Paetron has to take notice since Momo isn't making them bank anymore.
Intensive for her gross cucks… if she loses her paetron she will just have her cam V shows. And she showed more nipples and vagina for less money on there

No. 658894

Her and Gabby were close friends at one point, Gabby got over her toxic stuff and called her out for it not wanting to enable moo anymore. It make sense it stings but good on Gabby

No. 658896

This is exactly why they should refund their pledges and ditch her on Patreon. All they have to do is bide their time until she gets desperate for attention and resorts to camming to get validation. A few paypigs will still throw a few bucks at her while the rest watch for free anyway. If they’re always bitching about having to pay money for the slight chance they might see tits, they should just wait for her to get desperate and resort to CamV. It literally wouldn’t even take that long if she really starts hurting for money.

It still amazes me that she charges up the ass for “implied nude” on Patreon but for literal nickels, she’s given them vag and nipples anyway. And most guys in there didn’t have to pay lol

No. 658915


She has always had a hard on for hating gabby and thorne the most. Nana too if Nana didn't already quit the community.

The reason is because its personal. These 3 were her biggest "competitors" and also her closest friends at one point. Both before her fame, and Nana soon after. Unlike Susu & Kay, these girls not only target her specific audience, but they all hang in the same circles and they were personal vendettas not just "professional" catty ones.
Gabby and Thorne were two of the first people she completely fucked over and its a sick obsession that she still follows them

No. 658921

Also I wasn't going to mention this because I have no physical proof unless I ask her for a screenshot, but someone messaged Thorne warning her that Mariah was stalking her at LVL UP or something like that and that was the same day other anons speculated that Moo got kicked out of the con

not sure if anything is related but I figured anons might be interested since others brought up Thorne and Gabby

No. 658965

File: 1557197624945.png (680.33 KB, 720x1011, Screenshot_2019-05-06-19-52-00…)

What is she talking about

No. 658970

If you replace his muscle with absolute lard, then yes. Unless she means her linebacker shoulders. Or her manly face? It's hard to tell with Moo's vague posts.

No. 658971

Show proof if you can but I find it hilarious if even slightly true.
She's so much like us she wants to deny it but she really does stalk people's pages

No. 658973

File: 1557198526163.png (117.55 KB, 720x544, Screenshot_2019-05-06-20-04-26…)

Hawaii is August

No. 658981


It’s because she is still under the delusion that she is a “buff, stronk warrior woman” who will crush your head like a walnut with her thicc thighs.

No. 658983

Bitch where? Where is her fucking gym lifting videos? When was the last time she went to the gym? Why is so not LOSING weight?

No. 658984

I feel like AX will be even lower effort than lvlup if she even leaves the hotel this time

No. 658986

File: 1557201510643.png (858.62 KB, 750x1334, 66546B8F-70CB-436E-810E-B35EA0…)

I feel like is actually stayed in the car so she can justify herself saying that she actually went on a hike.

No. 658987

Or maybe Sensei's girlfriend is over?

No. 658988

Or maybe Sensei's girlfriend is over?

No. 658989

Or maybe Sensei's girlfriend is over?

No. 658991

I don’t think she’s even able to get into AX, I heard she was banned from con staff last year. Unless she panders again.

No. 658992

This is her still responding to us after calling her lazy for no longer working out.

No. 658993

I’m so tired of hearing about Gabby. Moo has also copied a ton of others girls that have her now blocked. She is not the only victim to this cows copying. Gabby hasn’t always been likable and has had some moments too. Moo probably is just copying her more because she doesn’t have her blocked and keeps sub tweeting about her, just like Susu and Bunny.

We know she’s unoriginal by copying Juliette, Hidori, Bambi, Gabby, Susu, Bunny, and a ton of other girls. But those girls take stuff from others too. They all copy each other at this point.

No. 658997

>>658986 The last time she went to the mountains for a hike, she couldn't even climb a relatively small rock formation.

She probably didn't want to embarrass herself, or do anything that remotely resembles exercising, which is why she conveniently decided to bring her Switch along, so that she could keep herself entertained while sitting in the car.

No. 658998


nah she's only like half an hour into the game based on the screenshot

No. 658999

Do you think it hurts Moo's fee fees that her dad is flaunting pictures of her sister and himself on his social media? Of their trip to Alcatraz Island? I'm sure her parents are happy she's sitting in a expensive rental, getting fat and sad.

No. 659001

Oh god and with her playing Zelda she will think she’s a Gerudo. I’m already calling out. She will do a hambeast of a shitty Gerudo cosplay because they wear the least clothes in the game. Extra if she ends up doing some fake tanning/black face for scandal points.

No. 659005

File: 1557206765143.png (865.04 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-05-06-22-21-38…)

Inspecting her sweatshop's work

No. 659006

File: 1557207117580.png (974.78 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-05-06-22-28-56…)

Tinfoil but she's forcing Cat to be her new artist for her "clothing line" or is going to force her to create sample garments

No. 659007


>>whats in the works next?

Well Moo I am sure it involves invisible hat, a tripod,your fupa,some fake ass fanboi sperging, the same eight poses as always, and us laughing our asses off at your serum serum cholesterol poisoned ass.

No. 659008


come to think of it this actually looks like a drawing of invisible hat!

No. 659009

We haven't seen her with her family in a long while. Maybe they disowned her for showing her cunt and tits on cam.

No. 659011

tinfoiling but I think this is what the whole nip nops hold out is about. Without showing full tiiddie she can still lie to the fam about being a cosplay model and they can still pretend to believe it.

No. 659012

She isn't forcing Cat to do anything. If the stupid bitch wants to be taken advantage of and cling to this cow then fuck her.

No. 659018

My post >>659009 had nothing to do with Cat.

I agree, but now that she has shown the world her nipples (again), her dad and sister are probably pretending like she doesn't exist.

No. 659019

You mean that you forced her to get into so you can still get your furry fix without causing scenes on auction pages. Pretty sure those auctioning ears, likely asked her to not bid anymore as it's a massive headache for them when she wins.

No. 659020

>>659019 So is it safe to assume she's a pariah in the cosplay scene, the furry scene, the cam girl scene, and the gamer scene?

Christ. If Moo ever gets exiled from sushi restaurants and establishments that serve alcohol, she won't have anything left.

No. 659021

I fully expected that sentence to end as
>does whatever I tell her to
and had to do a double take when it didn’t.
Cat does whatever Mariah puts her mind to.

No. 659022

File: 1557215110801.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, 8BD3CA42-04DB-4944-A8E9-0409A8…)

No. 659023

File: 1557215257953.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, A9B93CF1-2491-4395-861A-84BF4F…)

No. 659024

You not even a few days ago tried to scam a guy out of a proper refund for a promised set you've STILL not delivered on.

No. 659025

>Dialogue box says "Old Man"

Lmao this fukken poser is still on the Great Plateau.

Moo, the word "traumatic" has a "u" in it.

Also, you don't know dick about trauma. You've been a spoilt brat your whole life.

No. 659026

asking her for refunds is very “tramatic” she needs the money so she can continue to grow well rounded and become a better person who doesn’t get pissed and shit on for money…I mean so people don’t piss and shit on her and take her money…whatever, she’s her own worst enemy.

did circleofcucks new lady friend trigger the meltdown this time? the whole sets thing? another calf leave the herd?

No. 659030

File: 1557217463326.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 92184D88-E692-4DB5-B16A-7C1814…)

Whichever Anon said that this dude would be super unhealthy to be around and make Moo bigger called it.

No. 659035

File: 1557218695192.png (2.78 MB, 1800x1083, 09781BA2-6872-4414-A617-D7FBB4…)

Here we go again. Another project none of her cucks will give two shits about and will end up as another money sink.

No. 659036

That's a pretty gross fetish you have there but glad to see you give it up, Ms. Lactation Mommy.

Anon, that's $40 she won't be able to spend on takeout.

>did circleofcucks new lady friend trigger the meltdown this time

Most likely.

Oh look, more money wasted on something no one but her worthless ass will care about.

No. 659038

>wont let them piss and shit on me any more
Hope you got paid for that Moo

No. 659040

File: 1557220213823.jpeg (366.38 KB, 1242x2688, 2838BC53-555B-4F05-9879-27E1E3…)

Noted moo, you're already truly alone and the clout chasing ass kissers around you hate you just as much. You know exactly who also.

You're welcome.

No. 659041


she can't just say "yes," she has to be the biggest fan of everything ever

No. 659042

She's so excited to announce this, work on that, and shoot there "on location". But all of her fans, and damn near the majority of them don't fucking care. Blood in the water moo, they just want your gross lumpy body you stopped caring about.

CircleofCucks probably only fucks chicks way hotter and thinner than her, and that bull crap she did and live-streamed was some sad attempt at wooing him hoping he'd throw her some pity dick.

Your "fans" just want HQ shots of your "KBBQ-esque" Labia and weird photoshopped areolas.

No. 659046

File: 1557221896668.png (2.21 MB, 1242x2688, 4128361D-8F14-462C-9EAC-AABE5D…)

Christ, she's in full meltdown mode.

No. 659047

File: 1557221940813.png (3.82 MB, 1242x2688, 0CC9A7E3-24ED-4FD0-9F3C-28CC65…)


Is it finally happening?

No. 659048

she's doing the etika to get more attention i guess

No. 659050


Higurashi-posting it seems, but not far off from how she probably feels with how fake everyone is around her.

No. 659051

File: 1557225148565.png (334.33 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4773.PNG)

No. 659052


doubt it, but i'm sure we'll hear about it my dudes.

No. 659053

>>659051 Who doesn't get really wonderful news at approximately 3:30 in the morning? Sounds totally legit, my dudes.

No. 659054


Both of these have been deleted already.

No. 659055

Sadly this, but I guarantee moocow can't recite even one fact about this series without going to a wiki. I also love how an anon called we'll hear about her crying/"I'm strong woman" bs after she can't successfully scam one person.

No. 659056

I don’t know this manga so I’m sorry if I get anything wrong but… the person most visable in those is wearing just a plain white gown (or is it a kimono or karate uniform ? as I said, don’t know what this is from).
That seems… convenient…

No. 659058

She's done that cosplay already for a Halloween video no one cared about. Idk what the obsession with this series is. Maybe it's the one thing she actually likes.

No. 659059

No it's not, don't give her credit.

She is just recycling content, like she always does and cucks continue to pay for it.

No. 659065

She has been posting about this series since she was a teenager, when she used to brag on forums about how her dad could beat up everyone else’s dad and how much she wanted to kill her mom. I think she genuinely likes it, but only because it’s violent and edgy. That Higurashi tribute video she did made it pretty clear she doesn’t have much of a grasp on the story and prefers to focus on the blood and gore instead.

No. 659066

Gone too

No. 659068


Seriously, how many times has she already given this same exact retarded speech? You’d think she’d realize at this point that if she has to keep saying it then it’s probably not true.

No. 659072

I'm really so sad and mad that she's destroying a really good anime like Higurashi. It's my fave and Moo is going to destroy it AGAIN

No. 659073

Could she make it any more obvious that she‘s lurking here?

No. 659078

Maybe talking about her old friends has set her off a bit hahaha

No. 659084

She's bragging about being a "strong muscle" girl. If you call her out on just being a fat fuck she will show you a picture of her weight lifting father. As if his hard work and accomplishments are hers.

As a reminder, her father qualified for Olympic weight lifting (He never did from my understanding). Last year she went on for months that SHE was the professional weight lifting champion but anons found out she just took a weight lifting class in high school… that was it.
But this is how she deflects. Her dad was the pro athlete, she just did basic activities in high school. She managed to be a shitty lacrosse player but I believe she was kicked from the team

No. 659087

okay, who said no to Momo?

No. 659089


The Cosplay Community, various CamV participants, All the potential sponsors, every guy she has met that hasn't been on tinder or backpage, and her parents.

No. 659092


I’m sure some dick she was chasing told her to fuck off. Now she is trying to repair her bruised ego by doing her usual “I don’t need anyone in my life except me! I’m a strong warrior woman!!!!!” bullshit

No. 659095

Honest question to all the anons here: Do you believe that Momo actually wants to be recognized as a "big artist" instead of the camgirl she is? She has these whims during which she'll begin some big project and, not gonna lie here, seems to have somewhat genuine interest for the subject matter. But then she goes back to degrading herself with pussy shots and cucking her patrons with fake ~nip nop~ shots wearing $5 aliexpress lingerie as a character she barely knows. She MUST know that her neckbeard fans don't give a shit about her passion projects as her $10k Umineko video barely got views and had a negative like/dislike ratio, so why is she doing them? If she wants to be taken seriously as a cosplayer, why isn't she improving her costuming skills? Why is she commissioning subpar, inaccurate costumes and picking wrong coloured wigs all the time? And if she wants to just focus on milking money from lonely men, why is she bothering with overbudgeted "cosplay music videos"?

I'm just curious about this because I want to understand her mindset. Out of all the disingenuous nerd-milking costhots I've come across she's one of the only ones who has in fact been a cringy weeb as a teen (referring to her old forum posts) and actually likes anime franchises (despite often misunderstanding plot points and having a very superficial level of interest), so she's clearly trying to impress weeb hobbyists but falls back on her antics every month with her new lewd set. I guess she's trying to eat her cake and have it too?

No. 659096


because if she didn't pretend to be a cosplayer and try dominating that "niche" she would seriously have to call herself a camwhore. She has no creative in her- so she steals ideas and since csplay has a ton of content she doesn't have to try so hard to figure out what to wear, basically.

So 50% lack of creativity, and 50% denial. and since her stupid fat ass lurks here she knows for a fact nobody cares about her uWu big builds or her stupid fake gaming ass, but she doesn't wanna hear that. She likes "Cosplayer/creator/somewhat lewd model" on her applications to mcdonalds (in the future)

No. 659097

yes and no. She wants to be an artist with non of the work. So you can't really say she does. Remember shes only in it for the attention and money, but she did want the attention for her cosplays. But because she didn't want to work on the skills she's reduced to porn. Porn gives her the attention she likes, but she hates it at the same time so once a year she does a big project to pretend

No. 659098

She's lazy, i don't coubt that she likes any of what she claims she does, but that's it, she just likes it, she doesn't have a passion about it, and i'm sure you've met people like her too, people who likes to read a lot of books but when you ask them about the message of philoshophy of one book they just sperg whatever overview comes in the back of it, and because she knows she's in the public eye she always has to prove that it is not like that, that's why she only spergs whatever comes in the wiki's or her stupid theories which i'm sure she read in some obscure fanpage to make believe she really understands and knows a series

She pretends to like a lot of shit to pull more weebs to her trap and get a living, but the thing is that she's now juggling with so many lies that one is bound to fall and then the rest

The problem with her is that she has no commitment and no passion and its so lazy for whatever she's doing

No. 659103

For someone who claims that’s she loves life and such, she is really bad at showing it. Are you saying this to yourself moo? Because you seem to lie about a lot of stuff.

No. 659104

It's a higa thing, but she was on her spurge earlier so who knows.

No. 659114

Does anyone happen to have the instagram photo of her adam and eve thing she wore for 'hinata'? Like.. You can SEE it is on instagram? Im trying to make a comparison of her hiding the posts on purpose to get away with using the images as 'hinata' for April.

No. 659118

File: 1557247390623.png (779.08 KB, 720x1043, 1556314091116[1].png)


are you talking about this?

No. 659122

I think two things. The first is that she flip flops on what she wants. I do think she wants to be taken seriously within the cosplay community, so she tries these projects. But then she sees it doesn't get her any recognition or money, so she resorts back doing what she usually does, gets lots of money but then realizes no one takes her seriously, and oh shit, she's just jack off material to people. So thats when she tries to be a serious cosplayer again and the cycle starts all over.

The second is that she's simply just too lazy. Its been 4~ years since she went "viral" and its clear she's given up on any kind of desire to hone her craft. When was the last thing she actually made something herself? That wasn't just a bed sheet wrapped around her? She wants that recognition for "big builds" but she has no actual drive or passion.

At the end of the day all she wants is clout, and money, and to be "popular." Thats all she's ever wanted since she was a kid. She has even said in the past that she "successfully monetized being a thot" as if people haven't been taking their clothes off for money for a millennia.

No. 659123

YES THANK YOU. I need proof that she didn't take these for April and instead were posted weeks ago on instagram for Adam and Eve.

No. 659126

There are like 3-4 photos with that and i think the little skirt (which she used way up) was part of it also

No. 659127

No. 659130

She took all her manic stories and posts down like we didnt all just screenshot everything. I dont get why she does this. Just own it.

No. 659136

Oh bro, that's a very lenghty and well explained thresd, i hope it gets traction.

I hope you don't get banned for cowtipping

No. 659140

File: 1557250493845.png (68.91 KB, 527x229, d0f13997a61c75fd29e148347f5c47…)

Be prepared for Moo to start hiding her Patron count
Another way to get out of her goal garbage

No. 659141

What would be the damn purpose of hiding your patron numbers?
Shouldnt you, as a patron, be aware of the support the person getting your money is having?
It just seems like a way to keep scamming.

No. 659142


sure Moo, it's been "tramatic", the dramatic version of traumatic, and by becoming a well-rounded individual I guess you mean gain another 50lbs, nice

No. 659143

>" and by becoming a well-rounded individual I guess you mean gain another 50lbs, nice"


No. 659149


groaning bitter? well rounded? yea no WAY shes talking about us lol. as for the rest shes starting to sound like cartmans mom in my head. I love this post- she will stop bullshit in its place? so…shoving it back up her own ass? and we don't even need to read into her toilet sex double entendre there…

No. 659150


nothing on this is directly linking back to this website. What's the point of bringing up cow tipping anyways when she lurks this website on a daily, probably hourly basis. People keep begging for traction on her bullshit and when it finally happens, people say no don't. make up your minds.

No. 659153


It’s because these autists don’t understand what cowtipping actually is, which is simply “Don’t do anything to lead a cow back to here”. Literally just don’t go onto her social and send her links to here.

No. 659156

File: 1557254748017.png (815.56 KB, 720x1076, Screenshot_2019-05-07-11-43-05…)

Apparently being a superman of something means you have money to buy ridiculous merchandise. Not listing all of it but she has like 2 pages full of Zelda shut on her wishlist

No. 659161

sadly cowtipping on this website has become posting any sort of communication/ posting proof outside this website of a cows shitty behavior. i'm sure scammed-anon will get a ban for it, but at least the information is out there for the world to see and hopefully gets traction.

No. 659164


Moo, probably: "Who needs to play the games (or consume any other kind of media) to be a fan it when you can spend 1k on merchandise!!1"

Also, didn't she never finish Wind Waker? If I recall it correctly she had to look up a walk through and "finished" the fame by watching a let's play?

No. 659165

Moo is not on Twitter. It is not cowtipping.

No. 659168

The newer mods seems to misunderstood, hence the hope he doen't get banned

No. 659169

hey man its not me you gotta convince 8)

No. 659170

She even took down the Scarface post about being so alone and "Fuck Everyone, I just need me!"

No. 659171

It's 100% ok for someone to get a game, play it and really enjoy it and then buy merch. You don't have to be one of those ''I've been there since day 1'' type fans but this is just sad. Why pretend to have been into something ''like literally fuhevarrr'' and then suddenly spazz purchase everything to drive that point home? You don't need a super collection to prove you like something. Why are you doing this to yourself, Mariah???? It's ok to not be into EVERYTHING that is weeb shit and not hop onto it while it was trendy. Just be fucking honest FOR ONCE in your fucking life jfc

No. 659173

Not according to mods, basically posting anything that is calling out a cow, using materials that are posted on lolcow (even if the person who posted said callout is the one who posted here in the first place), outside of lolcow would be counted as cowtipping along with self-posting, like iirc the anon who made the callout post on Twitter about MyOppa got banned. I don't agree with this, but I guess that's how lolcow works.

No. 659176


stop sperging and derailing about cowtipping and report the post if it matters so much

No. 659216

She loves when people say dumb shit like this. She only does it to ruin things that people like.

>her parents
Mega kek

>When was the last thing she actually made something herself?

I don't think Mariah even remembers.

She played for 30 minutes and is suddenly a "huge fan".

No. 659223

Moo hasn't even left the Great Plateau and she's already thinking of buying expensive (unofficial) merch of the game?

Why can't she just enjoy a game like a normal person?

Also, I am not looking forward to her shallow thirst for [redacted], if she even gets to the part of the game he's in. It'll be Guzma all over again.

No. 659224

>>659223 How many huge fans with gratuitous amounts of unearned money wait over 2 years to buy a game they claim to have loved all along?

No. 659227

File: 1557270957060.png (27.88 KB, 835x271, COITPMo.png)

Is this message on her patreon about no refunds new?

No. 659228

I have not seen it before, but I haven't checked her Patreon in a long while

No. 659229

This is definitely new.
It's hilarious that she posts all of these reasons to ban people when no one has shown any harassment other than wanting answers for why she's scamming them.
Get fucked, moo. People have seen the receipts and know you're the one at fault, no amount of covering your bases is going to help you.

No. 659231

Mariah logic:

holding you responsible = harassment

No. 659235

So where does that guy who got banned fall under in Moo’s new grounds for banishment? He wasn’t being rude or spamming, just demanding that she be responsible and held accountable when she’s being deceptive. It’s too late to try and cover your ass Moo, you fucked up big time because you’re a greedy bitch.

No. 659245

It's moo. If she doesn't like it it's rude and more than one comment is spamming. I'm willing to bet my entire summer's pay that >>659227 is just her way to con the people who are currently asking for refunds. She'll lie and say the were spamming so she doesn't have to issue all of the valid refunds that probably got filed along with our refund anon

No. 659248

Yep, this is new and she'll try to use it in defense when other cucks wise up and try to get their money back now.

But Patreon SHOULD have revision history on pages.

No. 659258

Lol when moo becomes the Bethesda of cosplay. Cant wait till she gets hit with a lawsuit.

No. 659261

>scam people
>people hold you accountable
>"d-don't be a booly or ill ban u!!!"
So this is her sexual harassment scandal where she pretends she's woke because she got spanked by the internet? Or did I miss something

No. 659268

Looking forward to it since she can't legally do that.

No. 659275


“Harassment” = “Anyone who calls me the fuck out for my scamming”.

Fuck off Moo.

No. 659276

So wtf is the whole crazy ass LIAR post on her IG over this dude asking for a refund? Or am I be missing something because who gets that god damn crazy on their IG for that.

No. 659277

She already tried to hop on the Prince Sidon bandwagon when it first came out. When people started asking her about the game she backtracked and she admitted she hadnt even played it yet. This was when she was still on twitter. Wish i had screen caps but you can filter through the last 40 threads its there somewhere.

No. 659280

The liar post was Higarashi shit, but also partly cuz she got caught in the act.

No. 659308

What Higarashi shit?

No. 659317

File: 1557302924251.jpeg (286.26 KB, 860x1800, 34BB9A18-5908-4E5D-9B91-8F1C6C…)

Was having a look through Patreon’s community guidelines page and noticed a few things Mariah has already been accused of violating but has had no action taken against her for whatever reason. (Patreon putting money ahead of its patrons I guess)

Her past behavior should warrant an investigation on their end for things she has posted to Twitter (violent tweets about her mom, insisting a guy drink bleach). The times she has actively doxxed people and promoted accounts who bullied others.
The thing that could technically take her down is the fact she blatantly committed fraud which is RIGHT THERE in the guidelines:

>don’t make misleading posts to grow your patronage

She’s in clear violation of this by the way she teased videos/“nipnops” when she reached a certain amount and never delivered.

No. 659326

>>659317 I'm about to say something that's loosely related to the information you shared, because I just had a sudden thought.

It would appear that Mariah never had any intention of doing everything she had announced. This became apparent once she shared photos of her stupid fake nipple pasties.

Do you suppose that she set limits on her $50 tier in anticipation of a flood of refunds, since she didn't shoot or film the content she baited the suckers with? Many were wondering why she only opened up 20 or so extra tier slots at a time, when most of her subscribers would probably drop $50 in a heartbeat to see real titties. These tier limits are giving me a reason to believe that she was bracing up for refunds and backlash due to her own sheer stupidity and laziness.

No. 659337

You might be on to something there

No. 659342

it literally takes three seconds to put on a wig, she's so lazy it's mindboggling.

No. 659356

File: 1557324627758.png (752.49 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-05-08-07-08-36…)

12 am food with digitalnex and sssniperwolf

No. 659357

File: 1557324677690.png (607.57 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-05-08-07-08-46…)

Listening to a Zelda lore video in the background

No. 659360

Gotta brush up on on the lore so she can sperg about how much she loves Zelda and spew out literally every detail that she's listening to for fake nerd cred.

What a fake bitch. Just play the fucking game that you bought and stop looking for so many shortcuts in life.

No. 659365

She straight up did this last month. She promised videos that she didn't deliver, she promised HINATA without pasties, which she didn't deliver, and she was shady about it being $50 and up. I don't know how they let her get away with this.

No. 659366


I hope that patreon anon also send all the screenshots and full length story as posted on twitter to them. I doubt they would do something but it's better than nothing


>I'm such a huge zelda fan since ages. It's been always my dream cosplay and now I can finally make it happen with the help of @antares. This girl is working hard to make it happen in one day! Zelda is my fave hero of links, my dudes!!1

No. 659367

"I love the part where Link rescues Zelda!"

No. 659368

Not sure if it's different but I don't see a option of submitting evidence if you're NOT a patron of the creator? Is it different for a paying customer, so to speak?

No. 659372

I wonder if she will start gatekeeping like she does with fate. She is probably going to also say what games she should play in order because of the timeline that she saw on google images.

No. 659375

So who's the unlucky Zelda fucker she's trying to impress/seduce?

No. 659381

Honestly? This is probably why she removes people who voice their discontent. If they're not a patron they can't claim she's not delivering rewards. Get rid of the people publicly calling her out? Can't get reported.

No. 659390

So she has all this time, why can't she put a wig on and plop into a tub for her promised videos?
Why does it have to wait until June. She's such a bad liar

No. 659409

This has been going on for a long time now. She always announces all these big plans, kind of like when she announced that she was "officially declaring" her double major in linguistics and international business. I think if you went back and actually compared all her announced monthly plans then compared them to her actual production minus bikini shots with ears which don't count for shit, you's see that she has been scamming for years. Probably about 20% if even that much delivery. Oh, and god bless you if you actually do this, because doing research that requires you to read and look at that much moo could cause severe brain damage.

No. 659411

File: 1557341650074.jpg (182.03 KB, 1080x910, 20190508_205151.jpg)

Same, guys, same.

No. 659412


Luckily there is video evidence of her admitting to never playing a Zelda game before like 2016 so at least we can call her out if she tries to lie about it

No. 659421

Silly anon she had to pretend to be sick so she could hide her face at lvlup

No. 659431


Trying to craft Zelda in one day? Man that's gonna look super rushed despite it being moderate in difficulty (compared to Twilight Princess Zelda and Hyrule Warriors which are the hardest). I've done a couple of Zelda cosplays before and I can tell you that it's not that quick and easy for sure.

No. 659496

It's a joke, anon, based on how she latches on any fandom and always try to be the megaultrasuper fan.

No. 659503

File: 1557384928104.png (1.85 MB, 1242x2208, 8B2B6B3C-3A9A-47BE-BEF1-36D9FA…)

Completely delusional.

No. 659504

File: 1557385345705.png (3.45 MB, 1089x1800, D1C7C9C6-B362-4C9E-AF6C-FBA312…)

Whoever is letting her table should be prepared to get an insane amount of shit thrown their way once it makes it to Twitter. It’ll be AX 2018 all over again.

More commissioned art for merch I’m guessing as well. Which will portray an unrecognizable version of Moo because they will omit her linebacker shoulders, Hank Hill ass and gunt.

No. 659505

moo still appealing to the furries? Lmao what kind of beastiality shit

No. 659506

>>659504 Considering she posted this on her BTS account, that alone tells me that nothing is in the works. Why wouldn't she announce such big news to her 600k+ followers? They're the ones who would want to see her at a booth. It'll probably be the same 12 people who posed for pictures with her while she ghosted Katsucon all weekend.

No. 659507

Moo will pretend to be into any fetishes if it means she can milk money from it.

No. 659508

She’s been repeating the “I’ve just had the most amazing (insert number of hours)!!! So many good things coming!!!” for over a week now. Nothing is happening and if it is, she’s hyping up something incredibly minor. I can’t wait to see her get laughed at when AX rolls around again.

No. 659509

File: 1557386840468.png (554.54 KB, 720x942, Screenshot_2019-05-09-00-24-36…)

Didn't she say she was doing this same shit with CamV? Boothing and collabs? And it never happens?

No. 659510

File: 1557387976827.png (1.13 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-05-09-00-44-38…)

No. 659511

File: 1557388034533.png (985.51 KB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2019-05-09-00-44-33…)

Not cute or remotely styled the same

No. 659513

File: 1557388188730.png (966.72 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-05-09-00-48-40…)

No. 659514


so nice to see all the bullshit her stupid followers bought for her. I see three doorstops and a coffee holder there.

No. 659515

File: 1557389028174.png (2.31 MB, 1242x2208, 164FCA14-5339-419C-8ED4-C0990B…)

Has multiple excuses as to why she can’t do the things she promised (that she’s getting paid for) but will fuck around every night starting from 1am to whenever she crashes in the morning.

No. 659516

Rememeber, Momo? Depressed people should get over it like you said

No. 659518

Sooo… still no onsen Tsunade? No Hinata vids? No Howl or "real" Bowsette shoot? No graduation? No website? No $75 tier? No nothing? Wew. Keep on going like that Mariah. Hell, double down even, so you'll be backed into a corner faster. This milky saga is the best.

No. 659525

Surprised Moo isn't inserting herself into the ProJared drama, guessing cause it's mainly contained on twitter and she's in the middle of a manic episode.

No. 659527

Don't give her ideas

No. 659531

It'd be ironic for her to comment about it since she's also a boyfriend-stealing thot

No. 659533

File: 1557403145120.png (752.56 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2019-05-09-04-57-18…)

No. 659534

File: 1557403184469.png (1.11 MB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2019-05-09-04-57-25…)

Anon was not WRONG

No. 659540

oh fuck, here we go… Picking a very athletic character with visible muscles and no fat.

No. 659541

It's hilarious how we can predict her every move.

No. 659542

Minimal clothes, minimal effort

No. 659543

She’s gonna read that now and post something on IG or Patreon just watch

No. 659544

This just screams insecurity. Moo must have to keep telling herself this to maintain the delusion.

No. 659546

File: 1557408103589.png (3.78 MB, 2772x1248, Gerudo.png)

Etsy likes. Stronk PoC boss babe Gerudo mommy who will crush you between her thighs!!1 cosplay incoming.

Or not, she'll probably forget about this in a few days.

No. 659556

This zelda sperg she's having is genuinely annoying. She's pushing it so hard, so it comes off disingenuous. Why can't she genuinely and casually like a series? She's literally never talked about it and now she's doing all this crazy shit. God.

No. 659562


She cant because she genuinely has ZERO creativity, or knowledge, of anything. She tried I am sure to fake those other cosplays, found out they were too hard to pump out in a day, and thinks zelda might be easy. The fact that it will end up looking like shit anyway…she should just relax and get back to her BBW Tinder hookups.


the only thing intimidating about you is the smell moocow. Yea look around you- nobody cares.

No. 659565

File: 1557418095161.gif (2.9 MB, 290x189, 1515310459970.gif)

>xs triforce bralette

No. 659566

>>659001 called out >>659534. But why Urbosa?? Why not a random fat Gerudo, which exist in game? Oh of course, because she thinks she is stronk gurl.

She’s so predictable. Hope she does black face or tan for this one so people can hate her more.

No. 659568

Of course she decides to “love” my favorite character/race. She isn’t gonna do it. It will be too much for her and if she does, she will get so much backlash.

No. 659569

She's told black girls to cosplay withing their race so I wonder whether she'll cosplay this

No. 659571

Now thinking about it she’s never cosplayed a black character before, if she does some type of tan to make her darker every single cosplayer in the community is going to have a FIELD DAY

No. 659581

I hope she cosplays Urbosa with horrible spray tan and uses her "totally Muslim!11!" shtick as an excuse to do it. It would make her look so racist lol

If Moo has a single brain cell left, she would know not to do this cosplay.

No. 659588


She did it for Ana, her random cosplay with KBBQ

No. 659591

She didn't do it for this character. This is bad tinfoil. Plus you're warning her.

No. 659592

That's why she photoshops her nudes and freaks out when people take pics of her unedited body

No. 659593

Duh, she never had to face consequences before in her life. She's getting lazier. Soon she wont even do shit for her paetron. She will just post up those shitty selfie shots whenever she wants attention and ass pats for whenever she's feeling fat

No. 659594

she got shunned out of the Fate fandom even though she wasted over 10k on a video, permanently put two huge tattoos on her arms, paid several K for three cosplays she can't even fit into anymore.

This is just her switching fandoms to see if anyone will give a shit. First it was metroid even though she never played a single game, over watch, DBZ, devil man.
She spends a lot of money to pretend. She pretends so much I'm sure even Momo isn't even sure what she genuinely likes other than super edgy shit.

No. 659595

I didn't know she told someone to cosplay within their race. It's weird she cosplay Mei and Chun Li, both asian characters

No. 659596

And also claim to be IRL Mei, didn't know Mei was an obese white girl

No. 659597


tanning = /= black face. Stop that tumblr bullshit. Regardless, she's gonna look awful as the character because Gerudo are a race of warrior women and all pretty muscular/strong physically. She's the exact opposite.

No. 659598

How dare you anon, she's a proud Muslim woman! Even though she's Italian, only celebrates Christian holidays and…..

She completely forgot that Ramadan is this month. She can't even pretend to be Muslim and she can't fake it now. (she has been eating and drinking all day and hasn't done spiritual reflection or prayers)
I'm surprised she isn't in a huge scandal about faking that for POC points

No. 659601

Getting a spray tan specifically to cosplay a character is race-facing
It isn't like Moo actively tans or wants dark skin anymore. She wants to be pale and ~Asian~

No. 659606

I never said it was racist to tan, anon.

My point was that Moo cosplaying the very obviously non-white Gerudo would be inappropriate, especially in light of the things she's said to black cosplayers.

No. 659612

only according to literal children. the cosplay community needs to cut the fucking sjw cord. it's considered racist to cosplay another race and it's considered racist to try to cosplay the character well.

No. 659613

File: 1557442857853.jpg (104.89 KB, 1200x675, IWsiUzi.jpg)

even more ironic since THERE ARE FAT GERUDO as well as fat fairies …

No. 659615

I'm not saying you can't cosplay other races. But painting your skin 1. Looks like shit and 2.is racist and implies black cosplayers need to paint themselves light for cosplay

No. 659617

File: 1557443732807.png (693.52 KB, 1800x1345, A85F3DFD-CD4F-43F8-80AD-0A9F44…)

Her fans still think she’s hitting the gym lol. Imagine being this stupid. When was the last time she bothered to keep up the fitness lie?

No. 659620

File: 1557444084500.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1242x2075, 34EA1CAE-0676-4CED-9120-10C368…)

Here we fucking go again.

No. 659621

I just wish she would stop calling it cosplays. Everyone will scream it out loud 1000x times over
"You don't make cosplays Momo! You make porn!"

No. 659622

She’s only known for shoddy porn now so it’s extra gross that she’s using art OF A CHILD CHARACTER in her “cosplan” announcement stories. She’ll never learn.

No. 659623


No. 659624

So far she’s posted about 4-5 different Zelda related titles. All of which she’s either played for 5 minutes or watched YouTube videos on/read on Wikipedia. Is she desperate to latch onto Zelda because it’s never dropped out of popularity? Good luck with that Moo, no one in their right mind will buy that you have a genuine interest in the series. So far she’s only doing it to try and one up her former friends and other Vegas cosplayers who actually enjoy the series. God help us if she lewds Malon.

No. 659625

>"playing" BotW (posting other people's screenshots)
>putting WW merch on her wishlist
>cosplaying "super smash bros" zelda
>posts art of a completely different character from N64 games

No. 659626

Hot predictions:

>Gerudo cosplay and claims she is a ~true swole Gerudo princess~

>Malon cosplay with recycled Moo milk set props
>does Zelda cosplay anyways to spite Gabby

No. 659627

She needs to be careful. The Zelda series has caught so many thots pretending to be gamur girls in the past. It's too easy to mix up characters and series. Maybe why she isn't naming any titles, she is just generally calling everything "Zelda"

No. 659628

She's really planning a Malon cosplay now lmao, jesus christ. Can't wait to hear all her new crazy theories about games that came out twenty some years ago.

Not to mention, has she forgotten she's the biggest fate fan ever and all the plans she still had for it? I love whenever she gets a new obsession she forgoes all her old promises so she can be The Biggest and Best Fan of whatever it is she'll forget about in a week.

No. 659629

File: 1557445429650.jpg (669.11 KB, 1080x1921, 20190509_194145.jpg)

Dropped pic

No. 659630

>>659627 This is why she's cramming information from YouTube, in case someone puts her on the spot like it's a pop quiz.

No. 659631

You know she’ll counter with some bullshit “quit gatekeeping!!1me” excuse when someone calls her out on not being a fan and just cosplaying it for money/attention. Despite the MANY times she’s told people not to cosplay from things they aren’t into (like Fate for example)

No. 659632

I'm generally wondering what she's depressed about. I know depression can affect anyone regardless of social status but im wondering if it's another fuckboy, because we all know how she doesn't let haters get her down.

No. 659635


the funniest part about this was she had two thirsty fuckboys photographing her and nobody else cared


honestly, it doesn't matter if it's actually racist. like you said, it's tumblr stuff, so if she does it, she's going to get blasted/cancelled by the tumblr/twitter community all over again.

No. 659640

File: 1557448556817.png (2.24 MB, 1242x2208, 35EF60A0-1D7E-4649-A62F-30134B…)


No. 659641

File: 1557448716616.png (1.72 MB, 1800x1301, 45DFDEA5-0163-48C2-8CC0-E660BA…)

She needs to knock it off with posting art and not crediting the artist, both like this and in her cosplay announcements. She’s just as bad as the repost accounts on IG.

No. 659642

She better fuckin not. She gave speeches on why she hated Eva just because it was Steff's favorite anime. She needs to stop with these spite cosplays and interests

note, wow! I thought that was official art, that's amazing

No. 659643

Bitch do not dare say you love Eva. I love Eva, but I know she said she hated it. The Eva fanbase will tear her apart.

No. 659644

File: 1557449659762.png (681.99 KB, 750x1334, 6EC042FF-EA11-4604-AF3C-6026B7…)

Looks like all the rumors of her scamming people finally got to her.

No. 659645

overwhelmed doing what? Scamming people?
She has no job, sleeps until 4-5pm, drinks and eats out so she doesn't cook, doesn't work out, pays other people to make costumes for her.

No. 659646

File: 1557449836694.png (3.99 MB, 750x1334, 03CD90B4-54E3-48C9-9FCF-158090…)

The post just before the overwhelmed one.

No. 659647

Maybe you shouldn't force your friends to drink, eat out with you and watch you while you're high off your ass for 2 days straight

No. 659649

For sure, it must be very overwhelming having to deal with the sheer amount of people she scammed recently and being labeled one all across the internet. Her name is synonymous with “scam” at this point. Bitch brought it on herself though so she has no one else to blame.

No. 659650

Okay, legit, which Zelda fanboy is she trying to mount now? She only shows this much of a manic push towards a series/game if a fuckboi she wants likes it.

See: Her becoming THE BIGGEST FATE FAN IN THE WORLD to hop on Overtflow's dick, IRL MEI to hop on KBBQ's dick, etc.

No. 659653

File: 1557451448736.png (496.79 KB, 470x921, Screenshot_109.png)

No. 659654

File: 1557451487195.png (44.46 KB, 571x574, Screenshot_110.png)

No. 659655

Calling it; Malon will be cancelled and instead she's going to shoot herself in the Lon Lon Ranch Milk shirt, wrongly colored wig with bangs swept to the side instead of the M shape, wear those elf ears upside down again, and call it cosplay.

No. 659656

File: 1557451799539.jpeg (983.27 KB, 1242x1616, 7259FE70-8852-4F79-AEE5-972633…)

Lol where do the lies end. She has never fucking played OoT let alone “replaying” it. Not only that, that’s fucking Cremia you lazy sack of shit. It’s official art from Majora’s Mask, NOT MALON.

No. 659658

No. 659659

How Momokonic of her.

No. 659664

Wet T-shirt selfies with milk while upchucking bad dragon lube and making a got milk pun.

No. 659669

??? Cremia is just adult Malon. MM is an AU of OOT. She's just using Cremia's art so people won't call her out for lewding a minor again.

No. 659686

Looks like you found the fake fans in this thread. :(

No. 659688

Don't worry, Mariah. Just remember that some people have it worse than you!! And that you need to JUST GET OVER YOUR DEPRESSION!! And realize Sensei will never fuck you!!

No. 659691

>I’ve always been wanting to cosplay these two
Such a rare statement from her. I’m sure it’s true.

No. 659693

because every cosplay is a dream cosplay and every interest she had since she was born.
I wonder if she realizes how ungenuine this makes her sound.

No. 659694

File: 1557458789630.png (779.56 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-05-09-20-20-24…)

No. 659695

File: 1557458847887.png (382.9 KB, 720x970, Screenshot_2019-05-09-20-20-47…)

Why does she treat smaller friends like infants?

No. 659696

File: 1557459000035.png (416.2 KB, 720x771, Screenshot_2019-05-09-20-20-53…)

No. 659697

File: 1557459115607.png (412.26 KB, 720x729, Screenshot_2019-05-09-20-20-57…)

No. 659700

I’m going to have nightmares about this image, thanks…

Her “mommy kink” maybe? lol

No. 659701

File: 1557460023504.png (883.28 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-05-09-20-44-58…)

No. 659702

File: 1557460201663.png (849.24 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2019-05-09-20-45-05…)

She's predatory.
I wonder if she'll show us her self harm scars since she's so, know, depressed

No. 659703

>the look you make when Sensei takes you to In-N-Out Burger

Anyone else willing to bet she’ll take another vacation soon to get her mind off of the rewards she owes her patrons because it’s “too overwhelming”?

No. 659704

File: 1557460959655.png (142.73 KB, 704x1214, Screenshot_2019-05-09-21-00-26…)

No. 659706

>Happy girl

>I’m so overwhelmed and depressed my dudes

Which one is it?

No. 659707

Every single thing she does is commissioned or bought. This bitch has never made a single thing in her life. Now she's publically posting about lewding another underaged character like Malon. just WHY

No. 659709

Despite what she thinks she knows about these characters, they’re still underage. Fuck, even Link in OoT is around 16 in his older form. Same goes for Zelda.

No. 659715


well….there WAS that shit tier black widow stuff she made LMAO we saw how well that went.

No. 659716

Ah, well, in the spirit of End Game. Let's repost for memory's sake:

No. 659718

File: 1557464574590.jpeg (300.74 KB, 1242x1445, A5E0285D-5B5F-49A3-8170-CFA02D…)

From her Reddit. I mean, they’re not lying.

No. 659725

mariah im begging you here gurl, do something in any of these cosplays. anything. the crown, the gloves, anything
some time ago she at least pretended she could do props or sewn. she just keep falling.

No. 659726

he still not gonna fuck you mooriah

No. 659730

She’s planning these for September so she has plenty of time… to commission others and buy it off of Etsy. But it’ll still look like hot garbage because she’ll put it off until the last minute.

No. 659737

File: 1557477896025.jpeg (692.69 KB, 1242x2025, F44D36E7-B77E-4A8E-90D0-38CCFF…)

Funny, I thought she was devoid of both those things.

No. 659744

Oh man, this is gonna be good.

I can't wait to see how she fucks this up lmao. Maybe if we're lucky she'll use those gross breast pumps for Malon. Also calling it now, she's going to use her Saber wig for Zelda. I'm also hoping for a gross, hairy, thirty-year-old dude to cosplay Link for the shoots.

No. 659776

File: 1557500249025.jpg (685.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190510-075722_Ins…)

Outted herself on one game

No. 659783

File: 1557501090555.png (921.13 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-05-10-08-10-02…)

No. 659792

Keep being delusional.

No. 659794

What baby face?

No. 659795

It's the excess fat that makes her look like a baby, not actually being youthful. Not too flattering… Lmao But I guess she does act like a big, retarded, toddler baby.(Solely posting in this thread to comment on Moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban)

No. 659798

File: 1557505711374.png (2.79 MB, 750x1334, 56D90364-4CCC-40E1-81E2-E68A44…)

She also posted this. She’s still hella early in the game. You meet Purah after 3-4 hours of gameplay.

No. 659799

No, Mariah. You have garbage bags under your eyes and jowls that make you look like Paula Deen.

No. 659800


she looks like kim thai

No. 659812

File: 1557510055365.png (848.54 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-05-10-10-38-22…)

But why bring it outside all the time

No. 659813

Thats how youre supposed to play it

No. 659814

Bitch, this joke has been done to death. Nobody asks if your Switch is your phone.

No. 659815

how else are we supposed to know that she’s playing THE LEGEND OF ZELDA BREATH OF THE WILD on her NINTENDO SWITCH if she doesn’t constantly remind us?

I hate when she goes on her “there’s so Much Of My LiFe I don’t show” rants because yeah okay you don’t show the days where you aren’t doing anything but whenever she likes something, does something new, is trying to impress someone whatever SHE WONT SHUT UP ABOUT IT and beats it to death

No. 659817

Is that everywhere she goes from the last 3-4 hours she has actually played BotW? And most of that time was in a car (not hiking lol)

She’ll most likely still use the Antontheanton in those shoots as Link and he’ll look just as gross.

No. 659819


Now if we could only see her playing nintendo switch in the gym while doing her skype classes and judo while drinking a celery juice and talking about violin lessons she is giving to her rugby team at college she just finished we could essentially screencap it all at once and the internet would break

No. 659820

I would really hope after the talk I had with him he would avoid working with her again but…he's an idiot. He was more concerned with clearing his own name of the attempted rape accusations than defending anything else. He is that stupid. I don't understand how his mind works. Just dumb.

No. 659821

File: 1557512665944.jpg (529.05 KB, 1022x1645, 20190510_142341.jpg)

I feel this is pretty much proof that momo still stalks gabby and is actively trying to steal shit gabby is doing

No. 659822

She's looks like she fucking eats babies. Bitch, please…

No. 659823

Momo is right in a weird way. But she now looks like a really old baby? You know what I mean? Like a grandma and a baby all at once. Though it is creepy she is posting up her baby pictures saying she still looks like a child while peddling porn.

No. 659824

She definitely has that kind of melted/half formed body type that babies have before they've started to really grow. Maybe it's a Benjamin Button kind of thing. I mean, she does act like a giant toddler…

No. 659826

She looks like Balloony and a Cabbage Patch Kid had a baby

No. 659828


this isn't a baby picture is it? i thought it was like a snapchat filter or something

No. 659829

Snapchat filter.

No. 659832

Care to provide any screenshots? He sounds like one.

No. 659833

I can get yjr, later after work. I don't keep messages (get way too many because of work and large family and I hate going through them to find anything) but I had saved the screenshots to my computer just in case. I didn't condemn him for working with her or anything. It was mostly talking about what happened with his prison sentence. But he mentioned a few times how he felt really stupid for working with her simply because of the drama it caused and how it dragged him through the mud with her. No one was mentioning anything to do negative with him since all his stuff was a while ago and then he works with her and it just blows up every mistake he ever made. So he definitely regretted it and wished it never happened but he's so stupid that I don't think he'd turn her down again if she made it worth his while. He's not exactly successful in his life with the prison sentence and not a big cosplayer really either so if she threw some money or something he wanted his way I think he'd take it with no reservations.

No. 659834

I saw the twitter posts on him and him asking for people to DM him to “know the full story”. Why should people have to message him privately when he can clear the air publicly if he’s as innocent as he claims? He does seem like a moron though so I’m not gonna argue that lol

I would not be surprised that she’s holding a grudge against her for this long. So much for that “peace and love” bullshit she’s always spouting.

No. 659836

>>659798 I haven't played BOTW yet, so I'm taking your word on how long it takes to reach this part of the game.

So she didn't think she'd get "this addicted", huh? Well, chances are, she bought this game while she was out with her cousin 5, almost 6 days ago now. >>658651

I don't know about you guys, but if I'm addicted to a video game, I certainly put in more than 4 hours worth of playtime within a 120-hour period.

The fake gamer stuff bothers me way more than the fake anime fan stuff.

No. 659838

Yup, they’re definitely right about the length of time it takes to get to that spot. You’d think she’d be further in since she’s 1.) A HUGE FAN and 2.) she’s literally not doing anything else because of her “depression”. I’m sure her patrons are thrilled.

No. 659843

I don’t know if I’m just giving off a huge antisocial vibe but I get so annoyed when people are constantly like ‘people kept asking/telling me all day if/that […]’ because when I go outside, unless I wear/do something really extra, nobody would care enough to actually come up to me and ask.
And especially over something as trivial as a switch. Whoo the fuck would actually go up to someone and ask if it was their phone?

She is so incredibly delusional about how interesting she and her life actually are.
Newsflash, Moo: People don’t follow you because they care about you. They either just follow you for the porn or to make fun of you.

No. 659844

So fucking dumb. Really think someone is gonna ask if that is a phone? Like who are you really trying to fool?

No. 659845

Especially in Vegas, NO ONE CARES. I’m more inclined to believe she probably made an obnoxious joke about it as loud as she could in public to get attention (and was ignored).

No. 659853

File: 1557524490242.png (880.93 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-05-10-14-37-32…)

Why does she lie so much. The only thing I would think she cared about the weeds so much is because her landlord or neighborhood authority told her the front looks like shit? Also why doesn't Sensei or her cousin do yard work?

No. 659858

I mean, we knew she was lazy before from the state she keeps the rest of her house, a complete mess. But she’s reached peak laziness here getting her fucking mom to do yard work for her. Like Moo couldn’t put her Switch down to do it herself? She’s literally doing nothing that prevents her from doing it herself. What a lazy cunt.

No. 659861

But anon, she's ~so depressed~ right now! She might pull a muscle in her taut warrior queen body!

No. 659866

Whoops, that was insensitive of me, my bad! Of course she works so hard on her sets that she couldn’t possibly think about doing chores.

No. 659872



Yea like how adorable it is your mom doesnt want your fatass evicted so you'd stay with her for awhile. Surprised she hasn't retiled your bathroom after tsunami cam

No. 659886

No, he's always been a piece of shit and continues to be that way.
We're not blind.
So, take it here:

No. 659935

Yeah, she's so freakin adorable that she has to not only work two jobs but she also has to clean up after your infantile ass in what little free time she has.

No. 659938

I personally don't know of any bad ass bitch who needs their mommy to prune weeds out their fucking yard? I thought she was working so hard that she was buying this and that for her mom so she doesn't have to work hard? Paying her parent's rent so they don't have to bruise their wittle fingertips?

No. 659945

File: 1557535484847.png (939.91 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-05-10-17-42-36…)

No. 659946

File: 1557535521028.png (935.9 KB, 720x1208, Screenshot_2019-05-10-17-42-48…)

This unblended shit

No. 659950

File: 1557536493166.png (1.1 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-05-10-17-43-07…)

No. 659951

Somethings not right with those nails
Reminds me of 'this person tried to unlock your phone' pic from a thread or two ago

No. 659958

File: 1557537597844.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190510-201920_Ins…)

Tinfoil but possibly sensei? Beard on the side of the face and same hair color style and look of that one female.

No. 659965

Damn, he has a girl? Does she know absolutely anything about the chick he’s living with?? If she did I don’t think she would be happy

No. 659969

her mom and sensei need to stop enabling her. She doesn't clean or care for her own house. If that's the case why the hell did she get a house if she doesn't like the responsibility?

No. 659976

What is she filming now she only goes caked on for a shoot

No. 659977

File: 1557542265987.png (4.69 MB, 1800x1478, 288909F6-D8F5-4F2A-BC5A-C52CC9…)

Man, couldn’t do her own chores but was not so overwhelmed that she was able to get her nails done and stuff her face full of nachos at the ballpark by Downtown Summerlin with friends.

No. 659979

She’s not filming anything, she went to a baseball game. Usually she doesn’t go out in full makeup but with that girl there… hmmmm.

No. 659983

Her mom pulls her weeds and she gets her nails done ?

That’s absolutely garbage. If anything she should be pulling her moms weeds. What an entitled brat.

No. 659986

Oh so "Lookit what you're missing" again got it

No. 659994


That's exactly what it is. It's also why Mariah choose to phrase things a particular way. For instance, if anyone else were to bring her Carl's Jr. food, she probably would have eaten her food without a need to show it off (see >>659030). But since Tattoo-kun brought it, and happens to be interested in a new girl, he's spoiling her.

Same thing goes for >>659646. She's totally doing this to agitate the mystery girl, who she likely convinced to follow all of her accounts on Instagram. Straight up vindictive, discreet homewrecker shit right there.

No. 659997

Is this picture flipped or is this idiot wearing a ring on her left ring finger. Idk if the rules have changed or not, idk but that’s the ring for engagements and wedding rings. Why.

No. 660001

>>659997 The photo is definitely flopped for some reason. The Ford logo and the volume buttons read upside down.

Guess when your roommate crush and your number one lap dog start to show interest in hanging out with people other than Mariah, it (wait for it..) turned her world upside down!

I'll see myself out.

No. 660004

File: 1557545958608.jpg (852.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190510-223856_Ins…)

Senseis gf confirmed

No. 660005

>>660001 Samefag. This would also mean that the ring is actually on her right finger, since the 'd' in Ford and the radio volume would obviously be toward the center compartment, and not the driver door.

No. 660006

Explains a lot. Her dick thirst is so pathetic. I hope he can date this girl in peace

No. 660008

File: 1557546079226.jpeg (1.44 MB, 4000x4000, 0C42F7CF-0192-4910-AF75-C250B6…)

I know anons compare her to a turtle a lot, but god damn.

No. 660010

Would also explain her sudden depression too tbh

No. 660012


The steering wheel is obviously just turned upside down. Also what year do you think it is that you're worried about unmarried women wearing rings on their left hand ring fingers? Please stop your idiotic nitpicking.

No. 660013

And she's the exact opposite of Moo too. Small/petite, wears casual clothes but doesn't look homeless, still looks fine with no make up, looked like she showered and washed her hair, well mannered.

No. 660014

Is it possible Sensei is the Zelda fan she's desperate to impress?

No. 660015

that long philtrum and those thin lips belong on a middle aged woman, not someone in their early 20's

No. 660019

Not the same anon but the lock buttons on the door are right side up. The steering wheel is turned around. Can we stop derailing about this pic now please? We know she’s sad and desperate but for other reasons.

No. 660022


senseicunt kinda has that gtfo me look in this one. like why is this land whale following them?

No. 660026

They're at a baseball game?

No. 660035

File: 1557550842744.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x2075, 7409F19D-9760-4D1D-9FED-3DA0C4…)

>clearly has a girlfriend
>she reposts this photo taken like four months ago
>who the fuck re-posts this shit anyways?
She’s clearly salty and at the minimum wants to make the girlfriend jealous. I almost feel bad for Momo, she’s grasping for straws here.

No. 660036

She's hoping that the girlfriend gets uncomfortable enough to question the tard wrangler about he and Moo's relationship, cause fights between them, and they break up.

No. 660037

Exactly this.
She did the same thing with overtflow and some other guy with a gf I don’t remember the name of…
But damn, rinse and repeat. I’ve never seen someone so predictable.

No. 660038

I don’t wanna screenshot the pic since it’s literally just him and his gf but damn, Mariah really third wheeled this mans baseball date

No. 660039

>>660035 there's going to be ton of milks heading in our Direction since there are chances where she's going to flip out if senseis going to move out or have his girlfriend move in. Or the girlfriend's going to see this and Itll be like Overtflow situation all over again.

No. 660040

Prophetic. >>659994

No. 660042

File: 1557552579387.png (662.11 KB, 720x1203, Screenshot_2019-05-10-22-26-48…)

Bet Moo thinks she looks better than this chick depsite being close to 300 lbs LOL(Solely posting in this thread to comment on Moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban)

No. 660043

File: 1557552632413.png (743.74 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-05-10-22-26-39…)

Bought another gadget that claims to be doing wonders

No. 660048

He looks like he can be her father. Yikes.

Now suddenly she’s spamming about her beauty routine. You’re not fooling anyone Moo.

No. 660050

File: 1557553494127.jpg (304.58 KB, 592x1052, 20190510_224132.jpg)

Am I the only one who thinks it's creepy as fuck that she conveniently zooms out to catch Nick and his daughter - I mean, girlfriend whispering to each other?

This is so gross on so many levels. She's pretending to take in the scenery, but all she's really doing is some shitty surveillance job on Nick's new person of interest.

No. 660052

Almost makes the aforementioned "Thornechan stalking" accusation seem true? She really has a problem with men but even more so with woman who are touching "her men"?

No. 660053

no wonder Momo has been freaking out lately. And knowing Momo she spent 3 hours on make up again and this girl still showed up cuter than her with minimal effort.

I dunno why Momo thinks this actually works? It's so transparent and when she does it the guy never contacts her again and tells her to fuck off like OverT
Shocking how after all these years of cos fame Momo is still single. Golly, I wonder what it could be

No. 660054

why the hell did she invite herself on this obvious date and filming it like some kinda creepy stalker? Why is no one calling her out on how unsettling this is?

No. 660056

Meanwhile Vamps went with chibi and, my assumption, gainzfranco to Detective Pikachu. Why did she neglect friends to spy on sensei and his g/f? Creepy

No. 660057

>obvious date

No, anon! Nick is a free spirit who doesn't date!

I think he only told her this because she tried to get with him and he was too nice to say no.

No. 660058

Exactly. Besides it would make more sense for Momo to take her "girl friend" to see detective pikachu. Not stalk and most likely ruffle this girls feathers "yes! Me and him are sooooooo close. We live together. Ah hahaha! He makes me breakfast and doesn't mind when I walk around naked in just a robe"

This is a common thing a lot of guys say when they don't want to date someone. It's a hint that they aren't ready to date… YOU. They are waiting for someone better

No. 660059

She caked her face and third wheeled herself on Sensei's date, My god mooriah love yourself more. I don't understand this piggy's obsession with always wanting sloppy seconds

No. 660061

Moo probably went maniac and then depressed all over her insta cause sensei brought over a "friend" then heard them have sex in her own home.

No. 660063

That "friend" is currently in her house studying with Sensei~

No. 660065

studying the karma-sutra most likely

No. 660069

She spends more time posting about playing it than actually playing it.

No one in history has ever said she looks young, even though at her age she should. She’s projecting lmao

No. 660077

Hhmmm… Sensei's girlfriend has a young baby face now that we've seen pics. Sorry moo, you look old and worn out. He probably likes a girl where everyone hasn't seen their nip nops and vag spread across the internet. No average guy like Sensei is going to want that.

No. 660080

Don't know why but they're deleted now

No. 660081

Let me make an educated guess: she lurked here, saw the posts and realised she was too obvious in her thirsting and stalking.

No. 660082

Either it’s deletes itself after some time or Mariah’s doing damage control in hopes of both of them not seeing her stalking video.

No. 660084

They delete after 24 hours unless you archive them. She’s definitely lurking and trying to do damage control.

No. 660089

Her upper arms are going purple from how much the top's sleeves are cutting off her circulation, dear lord

No. 660098


No. 660101

Thats extra weird considering sensei used to be vamp's fuck buddy. Not sure how involved they both were, but its kind of weird your supposed BEST FRIEND/ WIFE would choose to hang out with the guy you used to fuck and his new gf over you.

No. 660106

Everything is a competition for our moo huh? what a cunt. She needs to fuck off. She would have been much better off with vamp. She never pursues her own men it's always fuckboys or taken guys. Is she that lazy? Probably.

No. 660108


did ya even read these threads? of COURSE she is that lazy. She waits for others to bring her food, or her rents to do her lawn, and shits out the same lowtier content every month or not at all and expects shit to be given to her. so yea.

No. 660109

Nono, according to mooriah, no guy is worth her time unless they ADD to her in some way, worth her time and extremely hot.

Or asian.

No. 660114

To be fair it looked like those three and JteamJason's crew so…plus its not weird to be friends with exes

No. 660117

>its not weird to be friends with exes

In Moo's life it definitely is because no one can be happy with other people.

No. 660120

Mariah is fucking miserable. She only cosplays things that people like because she knows that if she does it, it'll make people mad. She isn't genuinely happy to cosplay something. People in her life can't be in a relationship if she finds the male in it attractive, and she'll do everything within her power to end their relationship. She can't genuinely be happy for them. Her popular former cosplay friends can't make plans to cosplay something because then that means that they'll get attention, so she copies them in hope to get that attention first and make them feel bad. She can't be a genuine friend.

For someone with so much money, she sure is a disingenuous, bitter asshole. Because she's miserable, everyone else must be too. She claims to "care about" her friends, but she goes out of her way to make sure they aren't happy unless it's with her. They're all just pawns put there to give her temporary fake happiness until they move from under her thumb to get a little happiness for themselves. I hope Nick and his new girl are happy together just to piss off Mariah.

No. 660121

Wtf did she shave with? A broken beer bottle??

No. 660139

It's so sad too. She'd be so much happier if she just saw how fucking awful she is and changed. She could be doing so many things, but she decides to be a bullying, lying, egotistical, manipulative cunt. It's no wonder we're almost at 100 threads with so much milk. It's unbelievable how awful someone can be, and continue to be.

No. 660141

With a hundred threads about her should we do Wikipedia on her just so people can get the history without having to go through this website?

No. 660149

Wiki can be edited and you know with how often she lurks, she would waste more of her time monitoring Wikipedia and editing anything damaging. Then again, the effort she puts into that (unless she recruits her lapdog Vamp) would give her more excuses to not do the shit she’s getting paid to do. Is there any place other than this or god forbid Encyclopedia Dramatica (if that site is still even a thing) to document her? I don’t think the tumblr has been updated in ages and no one goes there anymore lol

No. 660154

File: 1557602505455.png (630.02 KB, 1242x2208, 78B1FE14-E862-437C-BDA4-10743D…)

No. 660155

Damn she’s really going through it lmao

No. 660156

>She never pursues her own men it's always fuckboys or taken guys.

She never does because she might (very likely) face genuine rejection.
This way people don’t reject her because of her, but because they’re fuckboys or taken.

Yeah, continue telling yourself you’re alone by choice, Moo. Actions speak louder than words.

No. 660159


thats because nobody wants to fuck you moocow. Seriously the following senseicunt around filming everything shows shes the perfect thirsty neckbeard leader for the neckbeard army of thirst that actually pays her bills. well done Moo- you became what you preached to despise!

No. 660169

So how before Sensei suddenly moves out

No. 660172

Ngl I'm shocked he lasted this long alone in a house with that behemoth walking around naked and beating it to him every night. She's probably like a cat in heat. Plus a grown man who cant bring girls over to fuck? Thats gotta be miserable.
But I guess that's what happens when you want a woman to pay for all of your shit. I figure he'll stick around until the new girl gives an ultimatum, if he's lasted through the smell for this long in exchange for rent free, I'm sure the stalking isn't gonna make him pull out his wallet.

No. 660177

That is such a selfie sentiment. As if being friends with someone is based on equal grounds for her. Shit, thats not how friendships or relationships work. If you're being taken advantage of, say something, but to expect someone to throw money around like you do or have as much free time as you do? Fuck off, Moo. Tbh, I haven't seen Vamps with her in a while and Aly hasn't really been around Moo compared to the other two chicks since the last con when Moo didn't dress up with them. Something happening maybe? [inb4 they all start WCW each other in their stories]

You think that's why the cousin in actually moving in? It's not getting another roommate. It's getting a NEW roommate.

No. 660191

File: 1557614657888.png (39.46 KB, 509x428, 66c4b196b661825fda233ccb7dddab…)

Saw this posted on kiwi farms. Not sure if anyone is aware of this but it looks like Vamp may have removed Mariah off of Facebook as her love interest. She also posted some very sad Facebook posts. /1

No. 660192

File: 1557614696640.png (937.88 KB, 517x855, 3c8981e7d5e4ae46ef7a40b67b4c94…)

Notice the comment from SquareNoodles

No. 660194

File: 1557614720070.png (327.96 KB, 849x485, c5d35cd5707a99fe9d50fa670b41f0…)

No. 660196

I'm not too familiar with Facebook sometimes so i'm not sure if she hid the relationship from the public or they're finished.

No. 660197

No relationship to show means private, so likely removed mooriah then privated to avoid the flood of BS.

No. 660198

Maybe be the paying her off for the nose and teeth fix? Maybe the I own you thing got to her finally

No. 660203

I think its starting to make more sense that all the weird posts lately and why Moo is tagging along with Sensei and his gf is because Vamp kicked Moo to the curb and now Moo has nobody. If that is what happened and Moo STILL wants to act like pure garbage then nothing on Earth will ever wake her up to reality.

No. 660206

I hope that's the case, but I doubt it. She's going to lurk here and then Vamp will suddenly make an appearance with her.

No. 660208

Maybe she found the last ounce of self respect she still had

No. 660211

I think Vamp has been saving to get those fixed herself based on her insta stories. I doubt moo would pay for it, I think she knows then she will become the "ugly friend".

No. 660212

Sounds like Moo is gaslighting Vamp into feeling bad for not being able to hang out with Moo.

No. 660214

>>660154 God damn. Mariah is so egotistical, she has to make it sound like she's deliberately pushing people away who can't meet her needs.

In reality, she fails to see how exhausting it probably is for anyone to be friends with such a notorious liar, a loudmouth bully, and a manipulative maniac.

But at least Mariah still has Girlonthemoonpro to hang out with.

No. 660221

She bitched about people who didn't stay by her side after the sexual assaults and that they basically used her, she's probably having a melt down because she can't keep her dog and sensei under control, if she did pay for vamp's surgery she'd no doubt use it against her

No. 660223

Now it started to make sense with posts like >>659022 >>659046 >>659040 . Apparently something went on with those two. I’m not sure if Mariah still has The relationship status on Facebook but I guess it has something to do with the money or that vamp finally has an independence from her.

No. 660224

Part of me really hopes Vamp has finally woken up, incredibly wishful thinking there but Moo's gaslighting posts and lack of them in contact with one another is looking interesting.

No. 660228

She was hanging out with her two nights ago?

No. 660231

I wonder if Vamp and Sensei had a rough falling out and Moo, like the dick thirsty trash she is, took his side.

No. 660238

It would be amazing if that's what happened. Imagine throwing way years of friendship for dick that's not even yours

No. 660239

File: 1557622495493.png (630.46 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2019-05-11-17-38-33…)

No. 660240

File: 1557622739097.jpeg (546.74 KB, 750x1024, 53FCFC22-3DAA-4365-BC87-712EDF…)

cringe all the way to home plate

No. 660241

This is deep levels of cringe and creepy. Stop posting pictures of the dick you lost out on and his new girlfriend Moo, you sad lonely cunt.

No. 660242

File: 1557622924588.jpeg (100.12 KB, 750x849, 39BAA692-2E0A-4F80-B046-AD900A…)

What the hell is this

No. 660243

Moo losing the plot and can't cope being a third wheel.

No. 660245

This has got to be her salty about Sensei's relationship in the most passive aggressive way as possible.

No. 660246

Bitch is salty & insecure as hell and will continue being this pathetic until it becomes a problem as that's what Moo wants.

No. 660248

This girl manages to look 10x better than moo with minimal/no makeup while moo has pounds of it on and looks horrible.
God I actually feel bad for her

No. 660249

Sensei's GF is naturally pretty, It's such a nice surprise compared to the constant body rolls and dirty make up of Moo or the hook nose and snaggle tooth of Vamps.

No. 660250

>>660240 Not pictured: >>659977

No. 660253

Finally some self awareness

No. 660255

File: 1557624868969.png (85.31 KB, 720x294, Screenshot_2019-05-11-18-33-20…)

Mariah "I don't follow drama" Mallad

No. 660257

File: 1557625121262.png (1.29 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-05-11-18-36-58…)

She has 0 friends so now she's bringing her hairdresser to Hawaii??

No. 660258

Holy shit she is salty as hell. That picture she posted — maybe she posted it because even though the gf is looking at Sensei, Sensei appears to be looking at moo so Mariah uploaded it as a “one up”?

She’s absolutely embarrassing herself rn. We all knew she wanted sensei’s dick but god damn this looks bad lol.

No. 660259

This is some next level of creepy. I can't imagine how she would handle her emotions without social media to fall on.

No. 660260

I'm wondering is sensei is following her on instagram. He has got to look at this since she basically tags him in photos.

No. 660261

How embarrassing for the two of them to have that pig along for the ride. It had to have been out of pity. This picture could've been sweet without her being gross.

No. 660262

Still following both

No. 660263

This is such an embarrassing flex, Imagine having all that money but out of all the people you invite it's your hairdresser? I don't know if it's retarded or just retarded. Why doesn't she just invite her personal photographer Girlonthemoonpro

No. 660265

Well it looks like a pic Sensei took, she's the one holding the phone so he would have had to at least send it to her, but also it looks like he was taking a selfie cutesy with the girl and moo decided to photobomb. Probably when they were taking these >>660042 pics.

Are those hats for the team?

No. 660266

everyone is talking about how gross and sad this is but I haven't seen anyone mention that sensei is almost certainly the one who took the photo

No. 660267

File: 1557626659330.jpeg (94.02 KB, 500x500, E029B0B0-4988-4041-8F15-70205A…)

No. 660269

Moo makes it so obvious she was trying to one up on this girl by getting her hair and nails done with piled on makeup before her trip out with the new couple. When in fact she looks x10 mor prettier than Moo's trash self. What a massive fail.

No. 660270

Moo barely ever puts makeup on or gets dressed up when she goes out with people. It only takes looming at her story archives to see that she likes the hobo chic look around her friends. Even Sensei. But for some reason today of all days she wanted to go out full glam under a baseball cap? On a hot day where she’d be sitting in the sun at a baseball game?

Yeah ok Mariah

No. 660271

I'm dying, does she really think she looks better than this cute girl??

No. 660272

Exactly, she looks like a unhygienic slob majority of the time and she just so happens to go full on extra for today. Predictable as always.

No. 660274

Moo thinks she's the next best thing since sliced bread in any department. She is next level of insecure.

No. 660275

Moo could've just exercised, sought a therapist, did her Patreon work/side gigs whilst having minimal personal internet time and kept to herself. What did we tell her? Mind her own business. She will continue to read us, and continue to grow in size. She will probably go to this guy's wedding and be spiteful of that. She was more receptive to his brother's wedding because she wasn't blatantly trying to bang his brother. What a loser.

No. 660276

I've had freshman high school students with more tact and subtlety than Mariah. Holy shit.

If I were sensei's new interest I'd get the fuck out of there asap, Moo is gonna have a blow up and I wouldn't want her skinning me in my sleep.

No. 660280


my early vote for next threadpic LMAO! And don't worry guys, GOTMP will be going to hawaii too! shes small so she can fit in the overhead.
My feeling is Moo said something like "Hey Sensei, wanna go out to a game? Oh you have a date? well I can pay for everything and take you guys out, my treat! (proceeds to skulk everywhere and try cockblocking everything)

No. 660281

kek this bitch is literally buying anyone to pretend to be friends with her

His girlfriend is gonna get the Nanabear and ThorneChan treatment

No. 660287

She never thought it was because she handled it poorly and most normal people wouldn't hang out with a sexual predator?

No. 660288

Her hair dresser never hung out with her before. Momo literally had to PAY for another friend. Momo this is your problem, you can't buy friendship. You have to earn it by being a person people wanna hang with, for free

No. 660289

The "ThorneChan treatment"
Sierra what does that even mean

No. 660290

File: 1557634467769.jpeg (141.17 KB, 640x646, 3011FAD7-75AE-4225-912B-97A817…)

If so I think Senseis girlfriend should be censored. She has nothing to do with this.

No. 660292


It means she’ll gaslight you into thinking you’re the problem in the group by trying to get everyone to think you’re being a psycho, jealous bitch for having a problem with her.

I’m sure she is already trying to get this poor girl to leave Sensei by doing just the same as she does to other girls; try to play innocent and “We’re all just being friends my dude” and that if the other girl has any problem with her obvious thirsting antics, then it’s because she is an “insecure, psycho jealous bitch and the guy is thinking about leaving her because of all her drama”. Drama of course Moo totally doesn’t cause because she is “so not like all those other girls who a catty backstabbing bitches”.

No. 660294

I'm not ThorneChan, try again and lurk more.

This. She'll talk over the girl any time she tries to speak, exclude her out of things, act like a contrarian to anything that comes out of the girlfriend's mouth, etc. then try to play it off like the girl is just trying to "tear her down".

She also acted like a psycho cunt to kbbq's ex.

No. 660295

Yeah I think she should be censored too, and no mention of real names or personal info. All we need to know it's she a lot prettier and better than Moo and Moo's salty af.

No. 660301

It sounds more like the anon >>660289 was asking what the Thornechan treatment was.

This anon >>660292 explained it and I agreed. You're the one who needs to learn how to read.

No. 660305

Chances are sensei went to take a selfie with the new gf, Mariah photobombed it because god forbid it’s not all about her. Then sensei sent it to her because, idk, he probably likes the fact she’s so clearly desperate for attention from him.

No. 660306

overtflow had a gf? what was this situation, i never heard of it

No. 660307

Yep, and Moo thought he was going to choose her over the girlfriend. He left real quick. If I recall correctly, she tried to stalk him too? She would show up at places that he was at even though it was around the time the girlfriend was close to finding out or did find out? I can't recall if the girlfriend actually found out.

No. 660308

While stalking him didn't she also post creepy pics of the past of them cuddling and hinting heavily they were in a relationship like "he's the most important man in my life! So lucky~"
it was really inappropriate

No. 660309

I know its basically confirmed Thorne knows of these threads but as far as i'm concerned she isn't up to date? I love when anons assume that everyone is inner circle folk anytime we mention them

No. 660310

Yeah, I think she also did this with two other guys. The guy she did the Moomoo photoshoots with (castle something?) was also creeped out by Mariah and left. A friend of his came here and said that he only did it for the money, but Moo kept trying to hook up with him even though she knew that he had a girlfriend. The last time we saw him was at a con that Moo attended, but luckily for him, he had his girlfriend with him so Mariah didn't try anything with him. It's sad when your girlfriend has to be your bodyguard because some fat, psycho cunt won't leave you alone.

Just mentioning their names will get a "hi cow".

No. 660313

Yea she posted a photo on stories of them holding hands I believe. She was super inappropriate with him (I thought anyways) especially. Not counting the moomoo grope fest.

Someone should make a collage of all the creepy photos of her with all the taken men she’s never been able to fuck and it should be the next thread pic.

No. 660315

File: 1557641418013.png (895.19 KB, 720x1036, Screenshot_2019-05-11-23-08-14…)

No. 660316

File: 1557641490922.png (790.41 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2019-05-11-23-08-26…)

>can't prune weeds but can hem curtains and cut a wig

No. 660317

she never really showed too many pics of domestic life with sensei this frequently before. Guess she has to show the other girl "Don't forget he lives with ME! We do things TOGETHER! He's mine when you're not around"

No. 660319

File: 1557642584554.jpeg (51.46 KB, 450x450, 5DA3E643-7F46-4275-A499-1A3B60…)

What the fuck? Now she’s paying her hairstylist to hang out with her in Hawaii? This bitch really has no friends.

No. 660321

>So fun all working on it together. ❤️❤️❤️

Jfc she‘s so incredibly obnoxious.
I feel like even all her ‘I’m so depressed uwu’ posts are to make him feel bad and take care of her (like >>659646).

Her logic is probably something like, as long as she’ll behave like an inept toddler sensei won’t leave because who would leave a child alone?
She’ll make people believe she can’t be on her own when in reality she’s just lazy and unable to actually seek (professional) help for her obvious issues.

No. 660324

File: 1557644211712.jpg (464.24 KB, 1080x1476, 20190512_025549.jpg)

Did some digging on if vamps and moo are still friends on fb and i marked out the other names which were bold (signifying that they are friends on fb) mariah is not bold meaning they aren't friends

No. 660325


suddenly posts like >>660154 make more sense and explains why she's bringing her hairdresser to hawaii instead of vamp

No. 660326

SHit, I hope Vamp comes and spills the tea. I'm sure she has dirt that could actually end moo

No. 660327

File: 1557646128022.png (2.6 MB, 1242x2208, ABF426CC-C609-46A6-B305-47585E…)

No. 660328

File: 1557646206021.jpg (196.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190512-002841_Ins…)

>>660324 She doesn't follow the BTS account either.

No. 660329

File: 1557646696594.png (962.34 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-05-12-00-30-23…)

Bye bye surgery

No. 660330

Our cow is barely keeping it together in her current wave of IG stories she just posted. Whining about not being in control of certain things. In other words, Vamp may have snapped out of Mariah's hypnotic trance.

No. 660331

File: 1557646817258.png (292.4 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-05-12-00-29-26…)

No. 660332

I wanna believe this has something to do with either sensei or Vamps recent activity but this is probably something Umineko related since she was sperging about that recently before deleting it all during her manic episode.

No. 660333

File: 1557646940844.png (1.2 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-05-12-00-30-38…)

No. 660334

File: 1557647105051.png (993.01 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-05-12-00-30-51…)

No. 660336

File: 1557647755339.jpg (32.37 KB, 579x426, xmpgh7k7e0r01.jpg)

Oh boy here we go.
Tip-toeing REAL delicately around this drama, she really should learn from her fellow harassers and not stick her nose anywhere around this lest she want all of her dirty laundry aired out.

No. 660339

>said the last month, this past weekend in particular, has been going rough
>said she's self reflecting, acknowledging things are out of her control sometimes and "that's okay…is it?"
>said this year has been truly amazing and she's felt growth in herself and in her business. Is still learning and growing
>made it a point to rant about how she's appreciating those who are loyal and respectful of her
>"Get better, not bitter. Don't be a bitter bitch"
>signed up with a new trainer and is going to the gym after she comes back from Cali. Is practicing self care
>going on a vacation because she "has miles saved up"
>wants to "hike everywhere"
>is shooting with Cat (Azur Lane), Alex Drastal (Jiraiya and Tsunade), Misotokki (Sonico set)
>is doing a fitting for a new corset (Bowsette), might do a video for it ("some big dog shit")
>apparently has a new website being worked on by a team ((um okay?))

No. 660340

"natural looking" this is getting very sad. You can't turn yourself into having a young face by using a couple items for a few days. She's tried that whole getting back on track with her skincare. You won't be able to change, and you can't walk around town with everything filtered and blurred away. Sorry that the truth hurts.

No. 660341

File: 1557647943495.png (2.27 MB, 1242x2208, B5A3F210-174E-4A52-A7F1-AC092A…)

Got a recording of her latest IG in case she decides to delete it. Some shit definitely went down because she looks like she’s barely holding it together. This line out of her stories struck me though.

>“very grateful for everybody I have in my life and those who are respectful of me and loyal to me”

Kinda drives home that Vamps might have escaped her clutches now.

No. 660342

No matter how many gadgets you buy Mariah, you won't have skin like Sensei's girlfriend. And you sexually harassed people just like James Charles did.

Fuck off, Mariah. You sexually harassed people just like Heidi's husband.

She's seriously going to get her ass handed to her this month if she tries to pretend like she supports those against people who can't keep their hands to themselves. She's one of them and had to make an apology video just like the sex pests normally do. I hope she does get hounded again now that she doesn't have Vamp on her side.

No. 660345

Hasn't she already done the sonico set, like twice now?

No. 660346

"Loyal to me" now that's just disturbing. She doesn't have friends, but followers. I don't think she knows how to have an actual friend.

No. 660347

File: 1557648212320.png (80.37 KB, 720x529, Screenshot_2019-05-12-00-59-35…)

I wonder how long this lasts. Vamps has been there the longest and probably allowed Moo into her friends group out of pity. Maybe Vamps got testy with her since Moo was most likely paying for her surgery? Said "oh you're not appreciative of my gift? Gtfo"

No. 660348

theyre still following each other. just type her whole ig name.

No. 660349

This is so sad watching a grown ass woman comment on her own photos, and then reply to those comments. I feel secondhand embarrassment just reading these

No. 660350

File: 1557648461680.png (410.38 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-05-12-01-04-35…)

Being a scammer who lies about depression for sympathy isn't it, Moo. Its not trying.

No. 660351

What the hell is this new selfcest interaction she's doing with herself??

Tinfoil but this seems like Etika levels of weird and after seeing how much attention he got with his recent stunts I can definitely see her trying to follow in his footsteps and try to act crazy to get sympathy asspats.

No. 660352

Well, she's dense enough to soak up Sensei's bullshit. What makes her incapable of doing it for someone else?
How much you wanna bet she donated to Etika when he was sperging online about wanting donations?

No. 660353

I can see her doing that tbh. But it’s going to backfire because her fans are less interested in her mental state and will just tell her to make porn already.

No. 660354

Thanks for posting this, sorry to ask, but can you share the comments on here or calves thread- they might show more context to what's going on between her and moo.

No. 660355

Tinfoil, and I apologize as I don't want this comment to come off as "uwu inner circle" cause its really not, but being mutuals with her and vamps, my tinfoil is that Vamp finally saw how shitty mariah was at LVL UP. gabby and thorne were hanging out with the same people mariah was at some point (group pointed out in previous thread & calves thread) and Vamp was with them the whole weekend. I'm assuming someone said something or talked to her about it (especially bouncing off the stalking story) she might have finally had enough, and now that Vamp has enough friends that aren't moomoo she feels safe enough to branch off

No. 660357

I hope this is the case, but this anon >>660348 pointed out that they were still following each other. I hope Vamp is slowly breaking away, at least.

No. 660358

LVL Up must have been a really shit time as Moo went quiet and didn't even spit out her "uwu it was such a fun con I love you guys!" type of speech. All she did was slowly upload more lewds and not mention the con at all. If Vamp keeps it up she will only be known as Moo's shitty best friend, instead of a decent cosplayer like she used to be. Things have finally gotten to Vamp at last and now she's regretting being Moo's pet. At least she's self aware that she herself is also a cunt and needs to change.

No. 660362

I don’t think I buy the vamp thing yet.. by the looks of it she’s been at least sleeping with moos cousin, if not in a full relationship. Unless that’s what’s upsetting moo so much.

No. 660367

Theres been so many times in the past when its looked like vamp is leaving moo but it never happens. Can only hope that shes finally getting away though

No. 660368

Has Vamp ever posted public depressing self reflection messages on social media around the same time Moo is having one of her narc crisis moments? It seems like a first to see it and the timing is questionable.

No. 660370

Not that I recall, the main one I remember was Vamp posting on 4chan

No. 660374

File: 1557663181774.png (121.03 KB, 262x658, Son_Goku_diseño_DBS_Broly.png)

Of course, not a single mention on Goku Day from the biggest DBZ fan ever, my dudes.

How Momokonic.

No. 660379

Damn! That's sad as fuck.

No. 660386

Hold up. Didn't AtelierHeidi actually even mildly comment on Moo's sexual harassment debacle. I recall her feelings towards Moo being negative if I'm thinking of the same person.

No. 660387


No. 660392

This girl has too many issues. She wouldn't have to worry about betrayal if she treated people sincerely and wasn't such a cunt. I'd go as far to say she deserves it for her behavior towards others. She's usually the first to betray anyway.cough nanasushibear. Exxxdeee.

No. 660393

The nerve really of claiming she's been following her since she started cosplay yet she is the biggest cunt in the community AND is a sexual predator herself, but oh no let's butter up to her with what's going on at the moment. Moo is pathetic.

No. 660394

No. 660395

Wasnt she suppose to be releasing a new Adroid 18 shoot in that shitty plastic chair thing she bought? But I guess it's just iconic of Moo to say she'll do something and then post photos of old shoots. Gotta love that 'depression'.

No. 660397

Samefag. The lengths that this bitch will go through just to fuck other people up is outstanding. If only she put this much effort into taking care of herself and actually working and trying hard. She wouldn’t be in this position in the first place.

Mariah is truly a disgusting person.

No. 660401

Apologies for Samefagging again, but I forgot to include my other post.(do not do this. https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 660407

Lol and we predicted she would jump on the whole projared thing, didn't we? Yup Moo- you are so fucking pathetic. I don't recall Heidi commenting on Moocows BS but that was a minute ago. what I AM sure of is that Heidi couldn't give two fucks about a fat scamming attention whore like moo at this time, or ever, actually. Bigger fish to fry for an actual cosplayer who is actually thought well of.

No. 660408

No. 660409

File: 1557674368953.jpg (819.09 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190512-081913_Ins…)

Delusional af.

No. 660411

Things that never happened.

Shes just hating men to hate men. Shes salty she cant get none, friends are adding length to their closeness. Shes just a hate vortex right now. Stay mad Moo.

No. 660413

File: 1557674768109.jpg (975.75 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190512-082515_Ins…)

IG rant continues…

No. 660414

>Someone said "hi" to me today, I bet I can make shit up about it to get sympathy on the internet
This is part of why no one likes you.

No. 660415

File: 1557674839392.jpg (704.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190512-082521_Ins…)

End rant.

No. 660416

>>660409 Even if a guy happens to be drunk and still awake at 8 in the morning, they sure as hell aren't going to be guilty of catcalling Moo's lumpy ass.

I'm especially not buying this on Mother's Day, of all days.

No. 660417

Big talk for someone who can't go to a convention without sexually harassing or screaming at someone. Also note how she still claims she'll beat a motherfucker but still has to hide in her hotel when she gets called out

No. 660423

>I personally don’t feel threatened
>a whole damn paragraph about it

No. 660426

I’m not sure if you’re a mutual or not but when I looked Mariah’s name is still bold.

No. 660430

stfu newfag, this thread is already autosaged. Can't you see your own posts aren't being saged?

No. 660432

There's no sage function on /pt/, autosage means something else entirely newfag.

No. 660438

So some random ass hairdresser gets a free flight and free hotel accommodations for Hawaii, and Mommy Mallad gets rewarded for her landscaping efforts in the form of a cheap balloon and supermarket flowers.

I know parents don't typically ask for anything on father's day and mother's day, but this comes off as a really shitty way of cheating her mom out of a special day.

No. 660440

jfc stop doing that

>look sensei, other men are totally all over me
>I’m totally desirable my dudes

She’s so pathetically obviously trying to push her ego. She must be really miserable kek.

>investing a lot of time and money into facial care

>commenting her own pictures about how hot she is
>trying to tell herself she’s too good for all those fake fucks
>’I’m totally being cat-called’
>over-exaggerating the things other people do for her and seeing them as an act of admiration, not pity

Really looking forward to this months photo sets. It’s gonna be a shit show.

No. 660441

I forgot the sage. Sorry.

No. 660442

>I'll beat the fuck out of a mother fucker with no mercy

Her internet tough guy shtick cracks me up. She's a coward who runs away from all confrontation. I would put money on her never having thrown a punch in her life.

No. 660443

she means they called her fat or were being sarcastic lol not that catcalling is a compliment but I'm sure mariah thinks it is

No. 660444

File: 1557677763146.jpg (14.98 KB, 1090x158, 1427389477838.JPG)

You'd think she'd be uploading more to her onlyfans since it requires barely any effort, and she could charge more monthly if she just uploaded more crappy "lewds" since her patrons probably don't want to be paying upwards of $10 to see her in some quickly sewn together costume, they just want to see her nude. But we all know what moo is like. We don't even have to [redacted] advice anymore since she's too stubborn to ever change or improve.


NTA but who fucking cares, stop shitting up the thread with sage bs and minimodding you retards

No. 660445

Agreed. Just ignore all that sage bs. It wouldn’t surprise me if Moo was the one doing that just to stir up shit in this thread.

She’s probably doing that to distract people, and it seems like it’s working.

No. 660447

File: 1557678244937.jpg (69.85 KB, 500x500, 30rncl.jpg)

Been to two cons where Mama Moo was present and both times she looked unimpressed with everything.

No. 660448

File: 1557678495846.png (509.04 KB, 494x872, Screenshot_111.png)

No. 660449

File: 1557678584203.png (493.76 KB, 431x925, Screenshot_112.png)

Shes finally caving into her foot fetish cucks

No. 660451

Watch this dumb bitch take them both together. That's not how this works. The kiwi ones are just the pink ones minus a couple ingredients that are problematic to some people.

No. 660455

Wow so salty with this whole toughgirl schtick. Bitch puleeze. Now I wont go so far as to say shes never been in a fight- lacrosse isn't always civilized to be sure. but then that was 160 lbs ago, and she had gear on. Im sure she meant "cattlecalling" her.
Workman one- "Hey check out that fine ass"
Workman two- "the fuck you on man? the fuck back to work ya livestock lovin mutha"
and so forth.

No. 660457

It wasn't last night and no I'm not a mutual at all it was posts on public

No. 660459

btw what happened to her BOTW obsession? I thought she was soo~ addicted? For that there was a shocking lack of gameplay posts over the past two days.

Not like it wasn’t obvious she was posing…

No. 660461


But anon, she played enough to justify her Zelda lewds that may or not may happen at some point. I mean buying expensive merch speaks more about being a fan than actually playing the game, did you forget that?

No. 660466

File: 1557681439112.png (397.55 KB, 720x1041, Screenshot_2019-05-12-10-14-20…)

Did she pick this specific picture just to regurgitate this tired ass story? On a day about her Mother? I thought it was her phone? Not her mom's

No. 660467

I checked it this morning

No. 660468

Wow, so lazy that she didnt even bother changing the 21 number.

No. 660473

File: 1557683569870.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, 6FF91ACA-FFC6-4D3E-A673-C83E39…)

she’s on one this morning damn

No. 660474

File: 1557683768072.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 11FA62F5-600D-4056-8940-BD505E…)

No. 660475

>>660466 I can't go digging through the old threads with the Peru convention, but didn't Mariah say her personal phone was stolen, and that she was using her mom's phone to post updates to social media while she was there?

No. 660476

File: 1557683890906.png (3.59 MB, 750x1334, 521C62DF-94F0-4A9A-A94E-F4E091…)

be nice to me spam filter

No. 660478

She broke her phone on the plane and was using her mom's phone. I believe she said that she chased the thief down, not her mom. Can't even keep her lies straight.

No. 660479


something must really be eating at her ass for her to start doing this fake hood rat nonsense. i hope vamp comes and exposes this cow once and for all.

No. 660480

File: 1557683969153.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 22117B85-5428-48C0-BA9B-BD7E5B…)

No. 660482

Of course she's bad. Bad at everything

No. 660483

File: 1557684108117.png (3.82 MB, 750x1334, ED2C0255-B134-42B5-A349-52B965…)

No. 660485


Exactly. She’s nothing but a vortex of anger and insecurity right now and she is just responding in the only way she knows how; by lashing out at anyone in all directions. She feels like she needs to regain some measure of control and what better way to inflate her ego than to “bitch boi” all the guys coming at her in her dms for her little “men are such pigs” tantrum.

The dick she is thirsting after doesn’t want her and she is forced to see him with someone not only much prettier than her but also much happier than her. She doesn’t have any community safe havens she can run to for support anymore. Her friends are all leaving her to the point where she has to pay borderline strangers to hang out with her.

I’d almost feel sorry for her if she wasn’t such a miserable cunt of a person. So instead I’ll just laugh as she continues to spiral further into misery and loneliness. She’ll soon see that this little “I’m a tough bitch who isn’t afraid to call out you little bitch bois and will fuck up anyone who disrespects me” facade isn’t fooling anyone and will only serve to alienate her even further.

No. 660486

So instead of taking her mom out to brunch she's bitching about the internet alone in her house?

No. 660487

You would think that she would treat her mom LIEK THE QAH-WEEN SHE IS today and take her to lunch or something instead of making everything all about her and her issues. God this is fucking sad.

No. 660488

Her pay piggies must feel real good seeing her refer to a man as “a fan, get in line!” She’s manic as fuck today, making it seem like men are chasing her because the one man she wants doesn’t want her back.

Take your meds, Mariah

No. 660489

Has she ever been diagnosed with anything?
I mean outside of ''muh ADHD" cause she has these sudden episodes where she is super high and then suddenly really low very similar to Bipolar Disorder II. She should really see a psychiatrist.

No. 660490

It’s hard to say anything without sounding armchairy and medfaggy but she always seems to have manic episodes to me. Something sets her off and she just goes for hours or days until he mass deletes and pretend it never happened. Usually that’s when this hood rat nonsense comes out. Could be a mental illness, could also just be she’s an asshole. Guess we’ll never know

No. 660491

>and loyal to me

she talks like an abuser


sooo did she just forget about the shirtless pics she was supposed to do when she reached 2k patreons?

yep. feel awful for her mom. getting treated like shit by her daughter

No. 660492

She really does talk like an abuser. No normal person refers to their friends this way.

No. 660493

To samefag a bit, her mom seems to be "paid for" but their transactional relationship isn't normal like how her sister acts. I bet she could've had a nice brunch with her mom and dad and sister (or visit her grandma). Its like she's so adamant pretending there's a relationship she's willing to lie. She pruned your front yard two days ago and wiped your ass as a baby but you're still "LOL SORRY IM A LIL SHIT 21 YEARS LATER OOPS! HERES SOME FLOWERS". No wonder Sydney is more well liked.

No. 660495

She said she went to her mom's work, so her mom is working today. Which Moo would know nothing about and is probably mad that her mom didn't get the day off to hang out with HER.

No. 660497


It’s because she’s been a bully her whole life and hasn’t known what actual friendship is. She uses fear and intimidation to get what she wants from people, expecting them to always do exactly what she says and when she says it. And if you capitulate, you’ll get some nice prizes like paid hotel rooms for cons and vacations to foreign countries like Japan. Doesn’t sounds to bad as long as you are willing to abandon any sense of principles or morality, like having to defend a sexual abuser or gaslighting and bullying anyone she doesn’t like and wants to go away.

But you so much as step out of line, then you are immediately unpersoned to her, excommunicated from not only her friend group but any overlapping ones as she will make sure that none of your previous friends will want to go anywhere near you. For girls, she labels you as “psycho, jealous bitch who likes to start drama and backstab”. For guys, its much worse, as she will insinuate that you are either some sort or handsy creep or borderline rapist who women don’t feel safe around”.

And why does she do this? Because she can’t control them anymore of course. Her incentives for them to stay aren’t working anymore so she needs some way to get that control back, which leads to her trying to publicly ruin their reputation. These are the obvious signs of someone who has never had friends, only followers.

No. 660500

I dont mean to drag youtube drama into this thread but its JUST like tati and james charles.
Tati literally said if you cant speak up because youre afraid then thats when you know you should.
She also said a big bank bank account and internet fame changes people and if you dont have people who are willing to stand up to you and say youre doing the wrong things then you will never change.

Then again ive been saying this about moomoo for 98 fucking threads lol. everyone knows what she is and she just finds people who are willing to enable her over and over again.

No. 660501

Samefag but shes 23 or 24 years old now. Blaming a mental illness is no excuse anymore and if thats how she manipulates people into being silent i feel sorry for how dumb and naive her victims are.
Youre an adult. Take your meds properly and grow the fuck up. I have depression and anxiety but im not a piece of shit who manipulates people and blames it on mUh MeNtAl IlLnEsS

No. 660504

They were probably catcalling her mother and not Mariah since she looks old enough to be her mother's mother.

That's the sad part about Mariah. When she's trying to buy friends, she'll go all out. The people who have been supporting her for the entire time that they've known her though, get put on the backburner. She's a lonely fat ass because she treats people like they're disposable unless they do something for her. And even then, unless they have a dick she doesn't really care about them.

She's a fucking wimp. Many people have threatened to kick her ass and have tried looking for her at cons to do so, but any time that happens, she just hides out in her hotel room.

No. 660506

Didn't she claim to have called the police and freaked out heavily when someone posted a pic of a gun on her picture or something???

No. 660508

I can guarantee you that she's conveniently forgetting about those nipple pics. She thinks because she already did it in the not-Hinata, then she doesn't have to do it again. Well, unless they pay $75 a month for that bullshit.

Yeah, she makes it really obvious that she's not wanted by her family. You never see her talk about spending time with any of them except her cousin and occasionally her mom. She's a disappointment to everyone in her life.

Yep. She completely overreacted and people made fun of her for it.

No. 660509

Why does she keep using british slang? It sounds very forced and fake, if me or someone else from the UK heard her using ‘me mate’ id probably just burst out laughing

No. 660510


Probably cause she keeps being made fun of for constantly using “my dude”.

No. 660512

She sounds more like a stereotypical pirate than she does a person from the UK. All in all, she talks like a fucking moron.

No. 660513

sensei says it

No. 660516

I don't follow his social media, is there examples anywhere cause that's hilarious

No. 660517

I mean he says it all the time when he does "impressions". Actually he used to do alot of them but I think since getting a g/f he's pulled back abit. Sorry, can't give direct examples.

No. 660527

It'a funny that she blatantly copies everything her crushes do just to give them one thing in common. With Overt it was going to the gym and doing martial arts (anyone remember that?), with castle whatever it was going to the gym, with kbbq it was making her own cosplays and going to the gym because he preferred "skinny girls".

And in the end, none of them wanted her.

No. 660529

Riiiight. This is the fucking Las Vegas strip. The only time I’ve seen women get cat called down there if at all were the hot, slim ones wearing stupidly short skirts, shorts, or bodycon dresses (the IG type girls), not fat ugly grandmas in stinky sweatpants.

I’ll take “things that never happened for 1000,” Alex.

No. 660545


iirc she was using her mom's phone because her's got broken almost as soon as they got there or something

No. 660550

File: 1557698392111.jpg (222.59 KB, 810x1201, 20190512_165509.jpg)

I thought moos "kimonos" looked familiar. Fuckin weebthot store.

No. 660551

"regardless of my past bullshit" lol wow she's really still trying to downplay the fact that she straight up ASSAULTED people sexually. it wasn't just "some bullshit" mariah. you touched people inappropriately without their consent, you hurt people, you made them feel unsafe and uncomfortable. you're a disgusting pig always trying intimidate other women just like the men you're weakly calling out. fuck, the audacity of this bitch never ceases to amaze me.

No. 660561

File: 1557701863290.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, 621231D3-7CF0-4D8D-9A1E-C5A844…)

This is so hypocritical

No. 660563


Exactly. It wasn’t just “bullshit”. She was groping and touching people without consent, which is far worse than some idiot catcalling her. Ever since she was outed as a sexual abuser she has been working tirelessly to downplay or straight up memory hole it as hard as she can.


Fuck off you giant hypocrite.

No. 660565

Just wait until she gets them then complains of either not seeing any results or experiencing severe diarrhea and blaming Tati. I'm tempted to tell her to not take them together but then she'll call me out on her story to explain how ~health conscious~ she is.

No. 660568

Sorry, meant to quote >>660451

No. 660569

You only wear leggings and sweaters because that's ALL you can literally fit

No. 660570

Did…..did she just pull a ''You CANNOT blame me for being this fucking hot! I WAS BORN THIS WAY!!1!1!"

No. 660572

She would know that you came from here because she lurks here every single day.

It's hard to tell if she's delusional enough to believe that or just a lie that she says to make herself feel better.

No. 660574

I'm willing to bet she really does see herself at a ''big titty mom anime goddess uwu" cause nothing about her behavior or words shows otherwise

No. 660575

File: 1557703171062.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, EBB6220B-DB6B-4E92-A99D-4F18C5…)

NTA but here’s the slide before that one

No. 660577

Her hair dresser looks trashy af. What is that entire outfit? Wow, Moo is legit paying people to be with her at this point. Guess Vamp has no more vacation days

No. 660580


Of course it’s all delusion. She needs sensei to think that guys on the street are literally creaming themselves just looking at her because she is apparently just so damn hot even in just sweats and they are just begging for a chance to get into her musty ass yoga pants and that he will be totally missing out if he doesn’t quickly dump his psycho, jealous bitchy girlfriend and snatch her up.

No. 660581

>Inb4 she announces ''I only like girls. sorry boys" or is asexual or some dumb shit

No. 660582

Her hair dresser looks fucking normal. I get she's related to moo by doing her hair but seriously, absolutely nothing wrong with her.

No. 660584

Hmm let's see

"Just because i do lewd and fetish work online doesn't mean i can touch other lewd and fetish models without permission"

"honestly the fact that momokun out here thinking this is okay behavior is really messed up man"

I love how absolutely everything she is complaining about can be applied to her. Fucking hypocrite

No. 660585


I have a suspicion that this has more to do with the guy that was catcalling her wasn’t the kind of guy she wants attention from. Despite her obvious “Talk to me like a normal person with respect” bullshit, I’m sure if it was an Asian fuckboi with ripped muscles who loves anime and video games she’d be creaming herself over his every word. But because it was probably some shlubby middle aged guy she wants to act all grossed out and offended on behalf of women everywhere and all the bitch bois need to know how not okay it is.

She is trying to act like she prefers normal, mature conversation and interactions but we’ve seen the kind of spastic retard she behaves as in public so I’m guessing anything short of catcalling her wouldn’t even get her attention.

No. 660587

Vamps "betrayed" her and sensei has a cute girlfriend. But Momo, three days of washing your face is not what gives you glowing skin. It takes months of drinking water, working out, eating healthy AND a skin routine

No. 660588

Didn't this bitch just say that this stuff didn't bother her? Yet here we are, hours later and she's still ranting?

Catcalling her will set her off, but not people telling her that they want to see her defiled with several dicks up her ass? Her priorities and morals are fucking shot to hell.

No. 660590

This has been going on pretty much all day long. Gosh Moo, careful now people might think you're really bothered over something you said hours ago didn't bother you.

No. 660591


We should know by now that whenever she says something doesn’t bother her, it absolutely does and it will be days before she stops thinking or talking about it.

No. 660592

No. 660593

Lets see….it was 87 today in vegas. so her walking around looking like she got off the tour bus from fart valley retirement home sounds sexy. Second- its a sunday in vegas on mothers day. If any of this happened (it didn't we know that, but for arguement sake) there are a ton of people out now in the casinos taking mom to the buffet. Try again moo. the catcall that never happened wasn't actually aimed at you.
PS- Senseicunt looks totally happy without your fatass around. deal with it ya predator.

No. 660596


I’m guessing it wasn’t directed at her and despite her being this “boss bitch who will knock out any motherfucker who disrespects people” she didn’t speak up and say anything at the time and now that she is back to her keyboard she wants to play tough bitch and act like she was accosted by some creep who practically wanted to rape her with the way he was talking to her.

Same as always with her. Getting offended on other people’s behalf and acting like she just went through some harrowing experience that only a strong woman like her could manage to deal with and then plays tough bitch to anyone who dares call her out.

No. 660600

She reminds me of Kiki (Dakota Rose's sister) How she would make weird stories when she felt lonely and insecure about how guys couldn't keep themselves off her

Unless she meant harassed like someone shouted "THAT'S A BIG BITCH!" or commented on the smell

No. 660601

Moo, during your whole assault drama didn't you say yourself you would love it if a guy came up to you and "played" with you a bit the same way you "played" with the other girls?

And shut up about beating someone up. You jog two steps and you're defeated. You get scared when someone just walks quickly in your direction. Everything threatens you, sit the fuck down

No. 660602

One of the only times I genuinely laughed in this thread was that big bitch comment lmaoooo

No. 660604

IMO she didn't get catcalled at all. Dude probably just said he had a sudden craving for hotdogs after she walked by and he got a whiff.

No. 660607

Feel bad for me too gaiz! I can't go outside without getting sexually harassed! Which makes what I did better. I'm a victim

No. 660609

Oooh I understand what happened. People told Momo she has no right to bitch about catcalling when she was sexually assaulting people for years and for YEARS she accepted gross neck beard comments.
But to protect her ego she wants to pretend it's because they don't respect all women… no Momo, they just don't respect YOU because YOU reduced yourself to a sex toy

No. 660610

Momo documents her whole life. I don't think she she gave her mom flowers or balloons. She woulda taken pics of the whole thing and brag about how much she spent on her mommy

No. 660612


Anything to get the heat off of her.

“I’m a victim too u guize! I was totes harassed!”

No. 660613

File: 1557707541762.jpg (14.08 KB, 303x305, 1531023489650.jpg)

>I'll beat the fuck out of a mother fucker with no mercy

Okay, Mariah.

No. 660618

File: 1557708946396.png (161.65 KB, 750x1334, E3F5D822-75B1-44EF-85C5-6FBCA6…)

And I oop-

No. 660619

File: 1557709007975.png (144.68 KB, 750x1334, 2E2AC337-E15D-4572-BF7A-E6913A…)


No. 660621

File: 1557709153385.png (637.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190512-175357.png)

She did actually document it at least a little bit.

Tinfoiling but now that I think about it, I wonder if she didn't post herself delivering it to mommy dearest is because the "catcalling" was actually her getting called out for trying to film in an area where she shouldn't be.

No. 660622

"You're literally acting like a baby rn"

No. 660624

Threads #64 to #71 (Her harassing Janet and the sexual assault/harassment scandal) are treasure troves that contradict everything this adult baby is saying right now.

lmao she's acting like a big ass baby but calling him a baby.

No. 660626


Says the one throwing a giant tantrum all day. Yet she’s not ge one being a huge fucking baby.

No. 660629

omg she is so mad that sensei has a gf…you really can't go off on men for catcalling or whatever the fuck she is talking about when your whole audience is men who do it

No. 660630

Christ. 0 to 100 in no time at all. I've never seen someone so manic, she really needs to get help

No. 660631


- No sleep for days (according to her)

- Sensei is fucking cute girl in her house and in a committed relationship meaning she can’t have him

- Vamp supposedly “betraying” her by finally leaving her

- Still is a social pariah is practically every nerdy community she tried to be a part of

Yeah, she is literally falling apart at this point. She can’t even keep up the “peaceful warrior who spreads love and positivity” facade.

No. 660636

She's been so maniac these last few days. The thing that crawled into her vagina must've finally died.

No. 660638

Nah it got a girlfriend

No. 660639

Can you imagine if she actually used all this time and energy to be productive and make decent cosplays and not bikini hack-jobs

No. 660640

ily anon

No. 660641


already had a girlfriend.

No. 660697

File: 1557716877847.jpeg (618.03 KB, 750x1095, 40849533-A9B5-4F52-9AD4-E029D0…)

happy mother’s day from this mom bod

No. 660704

had a thought, sorta tinfoil- You guys think Moo and vamps fell out over that visit of vamps to a plastic surgeon? I mean we all KNOW vamps with her nose and teeth fixed would dominate moos fanbase. think there might be a connection there?

No. 660706

That or Mariah's too cheap to give her the money for the surgery

No. 660707

The guy had a fair point and Momo, high on whatever drug she's on contracted herself

"That's not what I said! But you also need to know NOT TO TALK TO WOMEN EVAR! REEEEEEEEEE"

No. 660709

Can't someone report her account or something? She's been lashing out all day to people. Like doesn't this behavior violate the TOS?(cowtipping)

No. 660713

Tbh I think Vamp is paying for that herself and the falling out if there is one is probably to do with moos cousin or sensei

No. 660716


>How dare you taint the meaning of something as precious as Mother's Day by trying to get clarification on something I brought up?


>Use my promo code and get a discount on a whore outfit similar to the one I'm wearing on Mother's Day.

No. 660718

Even though Momo says herself she has "miles saved up"

Or Momo was too cruel to her lately saying things like "So I'm finally fixing your fucked up hook nose and tooth. But I'm still going to look better. Just teasing… but now I own you so here's a list of things I need you to do"

No. 660724

File: 1557720174338.png (3.57 MB, 1097x1800, 2122FACC-CA40-4606-81F4-4CE105…)

Nothing says “Mother’s Day” than posting shitty cosplay pics of you and only you as various moms (some not even but any excuse to pat herself on the ass) to commemorate the occasion. Granted she made one cringy post about her mom but made the rest of the day about herself as usual.

No. 660730

This is so unbelievably cringy.

No. 660734

I stared at this a little too long but I noticed a lot of the props or pieces from recent cosplays look recycled??? Like the elf ears in the Semiramis cosplay. Also the Saber wig looks the same as the 3rd photo….

No. 660735

wait wtf how… how does she looks like she has nice curves in this kind of outfit when we know she should look like a ham? someone shopped this for her, because the strings should be eating her fat
also i can ser her nip, nice going on mother's day mariah

No. 660737

you can see the upper left where her arm and door frame are it's shopped and her titty vein is toned down a lot.

No. 660739


whats sad is that this is actually slightly sexier than the shit she fobbed off for 50 bucks to cucks

No. 660740

File: 1557722292493.jpg (320.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190512-233558.jpg)

Moo has commented a bunch on Camp's latest Instagram post.

No. 660741

File: 1557722470408.jpg (208.55 KB, 800x450, youaintfoolinanyone.jpg)

It's simple anon. Pic related.

No. 660742

In all honesty, out of ALL of the Adam and Eve ads/outfits this is the most “flattering” super loosely speaking. it helps give her the illusion of a shape and “hides” her problem areas. God help us if she shows the back though

No. 660743

File: 1557722558499.png (613.78 KB, 915x580, 1.png)

No. 660745

File: 1557722582414.png (535.75 KB, 912x510, 2.png)

why does she keep commenting like this on Vamps post??? wtf

No. 660748

Of course she did, she's been here all day and wanted to prove to us that she and Vamp are still friends.

No. 660753


With Moo, hypocrisy is the name of the game. She seems to never be consistent with this shit.

No. 660758

Is it me or does vamps' response feel "cold" here? Like when you say "haha nice" in a conversation you're not really interested in

No. 660760

Extending the tinfoil on >>660704 , could be that Momo is dangling the plastic surgery funds in Vamp's face to manipulate her?

I think anons are too forgiving when it comes to our old Moochlette, forgetting that she's got a good 7 years on Momo and constantly reinforces her shit behaviour. The only justification for it all is if she's trying to leech money/popularity off her. All Momo has to do is dangle cash in front of her to keep her in check.

No. 660762

You take one look at that dummy account and you can tell moo made it in a hurry, it has no followers and it's private. They even type the same and it's honestly the most pathetic thing she's done in a while.

How does she think we're this fucking stupid?

No. 660764


oh I certainly don't forget vamps BS- but then vamps is infinitely more likeable. And my GOD moo get off the "UwU mom" shit- I think out of all the shit I've seen this is moos thirstiest month yet, and I've been here awhile

No. 660765

File: 1557726079308.jpeg (447.43 KB, 1242x1959, 968F12B8-31E2-4BB1-A073-B6BF9A…)

That account and how quickly it was strewn together is honestly the most effort she's made in awhile, let alone her fake story about being catcalled.

It has a couple follows and no followers and they even talk/type the same as moo, it's fucking pathetic to say the least and she has the fucking gall to believe anyone will buy that?

..on Mommy's post nonetheless, fucking A.

No. 660769

If it was made by moo that's pathetic, but I swear I've seen this sn somewhere else?? Like either they've commented on her posts before that we've screencapped or he used to post in her camming streams but it seems awfully familiar.

No. 660770

That fact that this comment is still up lends credibility to the tinfoil of her creating it. If it were anyone else, she would have deleted the comment and blocked them already. She’s been doing so already on her Patreon and other accounts so why would IG be any different?

No. 660771

File: 1557726433383.jpeg (296.15 KB, 1242x2292, 1E35037E-8216-43BF-9EB5-627FD8…)

Private Account with no prior posts nonetheless, I've seen thirst accounts and even they have more history than that.

Whatever, Kudos to putting more thought and elbow grease for those precious pity points to direct everyone from your shady past and even shadier practices. I personally look forward to documenting your AX Shitshow (if she even leaves the hotel room/after parties)

No. 660773


Weebs, let alone her paypigs are predictable with usernames and if you pay notice most have these dumbass DBZ/Anime handles, remember punisher anon?

No. 660792

no matter what the reality is, the past few days Momo has been breaking down. I kinda wanna see where it goes

No. 660794


"isn't peach, rosalina's mother"

excuse me what

No. 660795

Because everything has to be about her?

No. 660798

File: 1557732488425.jpg (48.33 KB, 500x288, tumblr_manhi3MNXk1qmd81q.jpg)

Real smart, Moo. Lashing out at the neckbeards who write your paychecks lmao. Just block and move on good lord. Now every mouth-breather who looks at your posts will see this hissy fit you pitched.

Anyway, it's really sad that her Mom has to pull Moo's weeds in addition to working two jobs and weekends. She's in her fifties- maybe instead of going on expensive trips and making shitty music videos, Moo should help her poor Mom retire.

Not to blog, but if I ever ran into money, the FIRST thing I would do is help my senior mom retire, and I certainly wouldn't let her pull weeds in 87 degree weather, even if she wanted to.

Is there a step beyond moral bankruptcy? Moral tax fraud? Moral money laundering?

No. 660806


Moral Racketeering for sure, but she's like the Scarface of the cosplay world.

No. 660808

Do you think this is her burner account? The one she uses as a mole to spy on her ex friends?

No. 660809

File: 1557741091842.png (715.86 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-05-13-02-45-06…)

No. 660810

File: 1557741272362.png (1.01 MB, 720x1175, Screenshot_2019-05-13-02-45-27…)

No. 660811

File: 1557741388665.png (114.78 KB, 720x738, Screenshot_2019-05-13-02-47-14…)


No. 660812

File: 1557741487445.png (807.59 KB, 720x1030, Screenshot_2019-05-13-02-47-48…)

No. 660813

thought thats was ethan from h3h3 w light makeup

No. 660814

Moo's lurking again

No. 660815

Yes, lore wise Peach is indeed Rosalina's mother, it's just the father that isn't determine (popular theory is Luigi.)

No. 660819

Not surprising, Moo, considering you’re too lazy to actually ever go through with 99% of your cosplans.

No. 660820

File: 1557746820692.jpg (990.04 KB, 2048x1659, pixlr_20190513192323485.jpg)

Just to refresh everyone's memories, these were her "plans" for March and April, and we saw how her flakey ass did. She published plans for up to July, let's see her fail some more lol. That's what happens when you plan cosplays out of spite of other costhots, Moo.

No. 660827

It still blows my mind how lazy she is. She has so much free time and she just spends it eating and going on rants. You have one job and you barely do the minimum

No. 660831

I thought it was Post Malone with a shave

No. 660832

She looks Eddy Tekeli, that guy that was in Odd Future for a while lmao.

Must be disappointing that the only filter that gives her any semblance of a jawline/facial structure is one that swaps her gender.

No. 660833

File: 1557755747319.jpg (116.33 KB, 634x816, article-2718806-20535BCE000005…)


reminds me of this girl

No. 660839

>>660820 Every single announcement was a lie. If it wasn't late or outright cancelled, it was missing something. She shot Mai inside of her dirty ass house, and she certainly never made a video to go along with it.

No. 660841

It was something we all knew. She just says she is and then doesn’t mention it after that. She only did one which was her shitty Hinata and that was it. This girl is the most spoiled and lazying person I have ever seen so far. She is too busy being a fucking petty bitter bitch because sensei decided to fuck a much cuter girl than her.

No. 660855


She looks like the "I want to see bobs and vegene" type

No. 660858

Oh moo…so….SALTY! While sensaicunt is busy having a wonderful time, you are sitting round, stalking lolcow, and crying RN cause you are NOT loved, liked, respected, by ANYONE. Yea maybe you got some cash- we all see how that's working out for ya.
I don't think anyone is jelly of you, for all that money at least most of us that work for less have happy lives. What's your excuse?

No. 660860

Her neckbeards are too forgiving. She still needs to shoot topless Hinata and her topless "onsen" shoot as well

No. 660870

moo is the ultimate example of money not buying happiness (or taste)

No. 660875

Moo spent so much money buying stuff for Sensei, take him to Japan and have everything paid for, and got him to move in with her (most likely covering his share of rent too), and it wasn't enough to buy his heart, from the looks of it she didn't even get a pity fuck out of it because she hasn't gotten on a bitch boy rant like with kbbq for "betraying her".

Now she spends so much time on social media trying to show him what he's missing, show that she's wanted, convincing him that she's better than the new beau, while doing fuck all about her supposed career as a cosplayer, Moo's priorities are shot.

No. 660876

I've only been aware of Momo for maybe 6 months now and I gotta say, to see someone with so many followers and a shitload of money be one of the most miserable people on the planet….it's really put my simple life into prospective for me that as anon said above, money doesn't by happiness. She can buy temporary ''friends'', she can take all the trips she wants, buy all the clothes she wants, live in a nice big house but at the end of the day she's still by herself in misery.

No. 660879

wouldnt surprise me if they did fuck and she thought it meant they were a thing now and is now realizing hardcore it was one sided all along. men are stupid and got 1 thing on their minds and if you throw it at them constantly then they'll use it and lose it the second something better comes along. i mean is she really shocked that men are seeing her as nothing more then a jizz rag by now?

No. 660881

Cross clothes off that list, Momo is more sad than that. The reason she owns three pairs of leggings and a bunch of sweaters is because she can't fit into normal clothes, so she can't even buy the things she wants without going on social media about the brand fat shaming her

But in her recent post she declares she only wears gym clothes because she's always at the gym and working out, when not even a week ago said she gained weight because "I love mac and cheese"
But straight to the point, no she can't buy the clothes she WANTS

No. 660882

File: 1557769898383.jpg (368.83 KB, 1009x1712, Screenshot_20190513-134446_Ins…)


Tinfoil, but do you think Vamps was baiting her to respond like this, or am I giving her too much credit? Either way moo is really showing her honorary neckbeard with these comments

No. 660886

I want to go back a bit: anyone remember when she was still on Twitter? and that weird instance where Vamps was going after someone pre-sexual assault accusations? I think it was about her schooling or something big like that in her timeline, if I remember correctly. We suspected Moo took over Vamp's twitter because of the way the responses were typed. Do you think she still has that power?

No. 660890

I don’t think she’s baiting but she seems annoyed? we’re probably reading into it too much. I do want to tinfoil with you that I think yes, they interact a lot on Instagram but Mariah never comments on her photos THIS much, I think Momo is trying to annoy vamp via notifications or comments to keep or gain her attention.

No. 660894

Why doesn’t she just buy plus size clothes? She dresses like a refugee from Torrid anyway. It’s weird that she’d rather just be a hobo lady wearing the same three outfits.

No. 660895

A lot suspected it considering Vamp wouldn't really go after anyone but suddenly she would and typed the way Moo did, but with the perma ban, I doubt she can log into any account on her phone now

No. 660896

Honestly, I can see at the very least Moo is jumping at the opportunity to seem more of the "supreme cosplaying expert, mah dudes" than Vamps rn. She has nothing of note ACTUALLY going on, while vamps is actually completing her Patreon content, and engaging with her fans to some degree. Moo on the other hand can't meet a deadline to save her soul, but bless it, she's "SUCH A FAN GUISEE"

No. 660897

I don't like Vamps but can I add on that Vamps doesn't attack her paetrons like Momo has been doing for a while now? Kinda sucks that Momo is more popular than her honestly. But I can't feel that bad for Vamps since she mooched off of Moo for years

No. 660898

This is a remnant of her days of hardcore skinwalking Nigri. Niggles pretty much lives in Basic Scottsdale Bitch activelesiure attire and Moo was desperate to follow suit. Now she's too lazy and hung up on her ~stronk thicc goddess~ lie to invest in actual plus sized clothing.

No. 660899

she has zero taste or style. She’s a dumbass. She’s not even smart enough with all her cash to hire someone to dress her because she can’t ever be told anything by anyone.

No. 660901

that hashtag of vamps is a double entendre to be sure- implying Vamps doesnt know, AND that moo is a poseur.
I love the whole "in japan" bullshit. fuck off Moo my friend proved you cant read fucking japanese in your CamV so sit your flat ass back down. Your knowledge of Anime is somewhere between jack and shit.

No. 660902

Talkin smack about Moo's clothes. Can we have a moment of silence for Flannel kun who can no longer fit around Momo's waist and cover up her flat ass? RIP my dude

No. 660910

her makeup by cosplay bunny was the only time we've seen her in the witch cosplay AND she looked good

No. 660915

File: 1557778129943.png (293.08 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-05-13-13-04-12…)

Wow bothered

No. 660916

She refuses to get it. People don't respect you because you're a female neckbeard who assaulted people and then blamed her victims

No. 660918

Like, we get it Moo. You want the benefits of a costhot by acting like a sexworker but don't want the repercussions of doing sex work. She wants to touch tits and ass all she wants without consequences. WE GET IT MOO OKAY
She makes me tired lmao

No. 660924

She wears the same stuff because it’s the only comfortable clothing she owns. She probably buys clothes that are too small for her and then never wears them.

No. 660926

Why do egirls feel the need to always call out a vocal minority then act like its 90% of men? Moo does it all the time then claims that her dms are getting lit up with harrassment. Really shows you how much validation they need and how inseccure they are about their work.

No. 660931

I feel like "Code MARIAH" must be what the servers call out when they're out of pork at the Vegas buffets.

No. 660933


Seriously, it’s every other week with these dumb bitches screeching about how “All men a such pigs!”/“Just because I degrade myself for your money doesn’t mean you get to treat me however you like”. It’s like NPCs all running the same scripts.

You’re absolutely right. It all speaks to the deep seeded insecurity the have towards the work that they do and they desperately seek validation so that they don’t feel like a cheap two dollar whore at the end of the day and cry themselves to sleep. And apparently dunking on “manbabies” coming at them in their DMs for having the audacity to challenge their stupid opinions makes them feel good. Which is sad really. I’d feel bad for them if they weren’t such raging cunts. So I just laugh while they spend all day bitching and screaming about despite how “sooo no bothered by it” they are.

No. 660935

File: 1557782951617.jpg (63.89 KB, 600x600, 501181-529804-0x0[1].jpg)


she really does think she's a bad bitch doesn't she. at least this one comes in a queen size so maybe she's finally buying the right size?

No. 660959

This reminds me of a cooking apron…fitting

No. 660966

Can we discuss that she got this in March and is just now doing some crappy promo with it two months later???

No. 660972

You're right. She hasnt worn flannel-kun in months.

Also, it's nearly June and she hasnt done a single cosplay she promised in the last month. rofl How can someone be so lazy with no job

No. 660977

File: 1557801153025.png (1.04 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-05-13-19-30-02…)

Watch these accounts

No. 660978

but how… i'm dumbfounded i swear she really looks legit and I'm scared of what she did to look like that

No. 660979

>>660978 She uses filters and photoshop techniques. This isn't her real body. The last 20 or so threads, along with her uncensored appearances in IG stories are more telling than her heavily edited posts she shares on Instagram and Patreon.

As >>660977, keep an eye on these accounts. They'll likely catch Mariah at unflattering moments, and hopefully you'll see that she's nothing more than a below average slob. Everyone can look decent if they apply enough filters and photoshop applications to their content. Don't fall for it.

No. 660981

File: 1557803307699.png (1.78 MB, 1242x2208, 1502E664-8049-4E42-9844-4EEACA…)

No. 660982

Forever laughing on how EVERY SINGLER PERSON Moo ever hangs out with gets the most unflattering pictures of her ever. It’s what she deserves.

No. 660983

File: 1557804205459.jpg (485.13 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190513-222312_Ins…)

Fat popping out of the side. She completely reversed her own lipo

No. 660986

Christ, what was even the point of wearing that gaudy Gucci fanny pack if her stomach was going to devour it when sitting down. Her lower half is massive in this pic, yikes!

How much do you want to bet Moo inserted herself into this gathering at the last minute because s