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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

File: 1553919469776.jpg (468.28 KB, 570x504, z3tz7gI.jpg)

No. 649170

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>645271

Website: https://momokuncosplay.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/644215
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/snow/705676
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

Solely posting in this thread to comment on Moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban

>bought SeNsEi's shitty Amazon book in hopes of reshaping her character
>Moo PROMISES her cucks a ~sooper l00d set~ but it turns out to be another shibari/pasties/thigh highs set
>admits in a Q&A her successful POV sets were made with a male model who she was sexually active with, was offended so many people asked "why are you so confident" like they didn't want her to be
>proceeded to rant about how 'the heart, your alterations to your appearance, should not hold your confidence. It covers your insecurities. Your confidence can come from those but don't "sell into people's shit" '
>Shortly before she leaves for Japan, she brings home another cat named "Emiya". Starts bringing Emiya outside in a UPET bubble backpack
>started calling herself a "goddess", "gorgeous unit", "IRL Beato"
>apparently did a 50 hour water fast
>bought cheap unprescribed Hinata lenses from a Instagram shop, complained the paint came off in her eye
>was hired by Sensei to make a promo video for Higher Ground Tattoo
>on top of being sO bUsY she's going to work with a shibari artist in Japan and be featured in print
>temporarily closed her Community tab after multiple patrons complain about her not dishing out the correct rewards…again
>is in Japan with jajutsu, her cousin, and Vamps. Bought a ridiculous amount of unprotected figures that will be damaged in her luggage…again.

No. 649174

File: 1553920079376.png (105.88 KB, 720x457, Screenshot_2019-03-29-21-22-14…)

Might be the shibari artist she's claiming to work with. He's working with another cosplayer in the studio

No. 649177

File: 1553921885849.png (1008.65 KB, 707x1195, Screenshot_2019-03-29-21-56-12…)

Ate her ramen whole before anyone else finished

No. 649188

A pig without manners, go figure.

No. 649194

? Its not bad manners to finish before people. Especially slow eaters.

No. 649195

File: 1553954354092.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 5DE30894-C005-4A4E-91D1-57E165…)

Moo moo wearing her true colors.

No. 649199


i'm not the anon you replied to, but its bad table manners in japan to stick your chopstick in a bowl like that and when you're done your meal you're supposed to return it to the way it was before you started eating, so chopsticks back on the chopstick rest or holder, etc. it's also rude to leave any food behind, which she did with the corn. you're supposed to ask for replacements or to have it left out, but otherwise she did the right thing by leaving it in the bowl.
i do think this is nitpicking a bit though. a tourist in a foreign country is rarely going to perfectly follow that country's table manners.(nitpicking)

No. 649200

Yeah but you'd think know-it-all Moo Moo that's a ~linguistics major that translates manga~ would already know everything

No. 649201

This is the stupidest thing to point out, Momo threads really are dwindling.

No. 649202

Once a cow steps foot in Glorious Nippon it always brings out the worst nitpicking.

No. 649204

the OP wasn't even bitching about that.

this thread is turning into PULL.

No. 649205

File: 1553960167975.jpeg (595.34 KB, 750x1105, B44DF7AA-A53C-4459-851B-F48356…)

We all know she ain’t gonna make it. The armor itself is way too much for her skill. Also, since when did she care about monster hunter?? Who’s dick is she trying to ride this time?

No. 649206

I am somehow proud yet horrified that my art turned into the thread pic.

Is she channeling her inner midlife crisis

No. 649209


I'd be legit disappointed if it is him, I have a lot of respect for his work

No. 649210

What's with recent threads missing the chunk of summary? Why is that omitted?

No. 649211

She already admitted in a previous post she doesn’t give a shit about monster hunter… backtracking now?

No. 649213

File: 1553963555266.png (940.64 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2019-03-30-09-25-51…)

Ate the rest of Vamp's

No. 649214

File: 1553963816027.png (106.17 KB, 720x659, Screenshot_2019-03-30-09-33-47…)

No. 649215

We all know how did that go

No. 649216

>My skin is so clear now!
>I'm on (insert trendy diet here!)
>I'm a stronk, beautiful bae!

The day she is honest with herself and others is the day she collapses and leaves this mortal coil.

No. 649217

File: 1553964875909.png (191.26 KB, 720x868, Screenshot_2019-03-30-09-52-20…)

EBay purchases. Bought two versions of this

No. 649218

File: 1553964913486.png (479.36 KB, 720x945, Screenshot_2019-03-30-09-53-00…)

And this

No. 649223

Well that is gonna be a mediocre set.

No. 649224

that’s what I don’t get, not only did it not work out as well as she wanted it to last time but she admitted that she did get some breakage. i guess a few small broken pieces < a pile of broken figures but still? Anyone else feel like most of these are “cheaper than online” just because she doesn’t have to pay shipping? Generally you can buy prize figures for $10-$15 brand new online, second hand figures and boxless figures are cheap as well (if you’re really looking) but I can’t figure out why she thinks it’s an especially good deal?

No. 649227

That's what I was thinking. Plus just the ability to say she got it in Japan.

No. 649228

She has no impulse control. Instead of researching to see if these will be cheaper, she just buys them. She doesn't think ahead on how she will transport them or if it's cheaper to buy them in Japan rather than buy online. She doesn't actually care about figure collecting, it's just another one of her weird flexes that doesn't work.

No. 649229

will she also destroy the boxes on her IG stories?

No. 649230

So not only will they be busted, but they'll also smell like mildew and feta cheese.

No. 649233

This. She doesn’t care about anything once she buys it. Buying it is what’s important.

No. 649239

She's a foreigner. Its rude but most Japanese people jusy see ignorant fat US bitch. Its not that big of a deal when you see foreigners not know customs. Tbh, they ised to it

No. 649246

Its because she knows nothing about figures. Even with shipping you can find a lot of 2nd hand stuff for cheap online

No. 649249

Why doesn't she just mail them to the U.S.? A lot of airlines charge about 20-30 bucks for an additional bag. Shipping the figures to the States would probably cost the same with less damage!

No. 649257

Why doesn't she just leave them in the boxes? Sure it takes up more space but they're less likely to be destroyed

No. 649261

Tbf a lot of the 2nd had stuff dont come with boxes, theres still much better ways of getting stuff bad with less risk of breaking

No. 649263

Why is she packing them in clothes. I'm sure that in all of Japan she can find a postal place that sells proper packing filers. They would provide way more shock absorbance than her ratty ass clothing. She doesn't need t do it for space since she brought a whole extra suitcase.

No. 649267

how do you view her past purchases? It’s blank for me when I visit her page

No. 649273

>>649205 This seems like it could have been purchased to spite Vamp.

During the early CamV days when Mariah was highly dependent on Vamp to make an appearance in order to keep viewers around, Vamp eventually branched out and did a few streams on her own. On one of those streams, Vamp was playing Monster Hunter.

Well, we all know Mariah hasn't played it, and likely never watched Vamp play it, so seeing her purchase something that her lapdog is genuinely into makes me think she has a "Yeah, I bought it, so what are you gonna do about it" mindset towards her puppet Vamp.

No. 649277

File: 1553995576011.png (34.5 KB, 717x217, Screenshot_2019-03-30-18-23-58…)

You need to go to her feedback on EBay.

No. 649279

File: 1553996789717.png (1.11 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-03-30-18-44-32…)

>censoring images that are already on her instagram

No. 649280

File: 1553996810888.png (744.08 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-30-18-44-43…)

No. 649281

File: 1553996919769.png (725.75 KB, 720x958, Screenshot_2019-03-30-18-48-03…)

No. 649283

File: 1553997038912.png (70.83 KB, 720x456, Screenshot_2019-03-30-18-49-15…)

No. 649307

I think I broke the Google Drive link. I was trying to save copies for and now it's not working. Did I fuck it up?

No. 649313

Shes deleting drives. They only last two months now.

No. 649316

When are some of you anons going to start understanding how moo operates? Whether it’s a figurine, a high priced cosplay commission, a kitten, whatever. Once she buys it. Acquires it. It doesn’t matter anymore. It no longer, to her, has any real value anymore. A fucked up spoiled brat child who throws a tantrum until she gets what she wants them throws it aside and moves on to the next thing. That’s mariah.

No. 649318


it really looks like she’s copying a japanese porno cover.

No. 649323

Anything to lure cuckbux i guess. Maybe she thinks they're dumb enough to think there's pussunder the censor.

No. 649324

Oh thank God.

No. 649325

The way she did it makes it actually look like there is. classic bait and switch for some betabucks

No. 649326

File: 1554005677585.png (122.6 KB, 720x830, Screenshot_2019-03-30-21-12-52…)

I'm rolling because she JUST posted the uncensored pic on FB hours ago

No. 649327

File: 1554005736331.png (93.81 KB, 720x644, Screenshot_2019-03-30-21-13-00…)

No. 649328

Scamming alert again. The Pochaco set isn't being released again. Its an old set. Jfc Moo. Tell them they CANT get access to the set ou bitch.

No. 649329

She posted almost all of the set on FB anyways. Fucking scammer

No. 649332

File: 1554010527536.png (788.67 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2019-03-30-22-33-57…)

We get it Mariah you don't like being called a scammer. Maybe don't practice scamming?

No. 649334

File: 1554018683739.png (535.24 KB, 720x1204, Screenshot_2019-03-31-00-50-19…)

No. 649335

File: 1554019569654.png (831.55 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-03-31-01-05-03…)

>went to a McDonald's, didn't think it was anything special

No. 649336

File: 1554022768851.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 243.11 KB, 746x1232, 34761124-64DE-4F26-A64B-4EBB31…)

No. 649337

File: 1554022833102.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 236.95 KB, 750x1158, 5E1EFA5E-33EC-4052-AACE-74A50D…)

Tbh I’m getting bored with momo. This Japan trip has been on for a week and all she’s done is shop and go do hanami. I miss the good old days of her endless nonsense.

No. 649341

Oh, goodie! Instead of a boring debate about chopsticks in her bowl or packing figures into a suitcase, we can see a boring debate about how this is vaguely blackface.

No kidding. We know she's rude and embarassing, so this trip isnt bringing up anything new. I'd prefer she get drunk at a con again but everyone prefers to get her kicked out of events in the name of canceling. Lame.(racebait)

No. 649342

Moo isn't doing blackface. Don't fucking try to start that derailing race bullshit.

No. 649344

Race baiting top kek. It's fucking mr popo from dbz.

No. 649348

Has there been any update about her photoshoots in Japan she was planning to do? since last time she didn't have time to with the group she was with.

I feel like it's just going to be shoots with outfits "BOUGHT" in Japan (so shipped from eBay)in her shit home studio. I thought shoots were the reason she was visiting again so soon…?

No. 649351

File: 1554047748712.png (1.3 MB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-03-31-08-53-26…)

No. 649353

File: 1554048201289.png (1021.41 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2019-03-31-08-54-12…)

No. 649354

File: 1554048342309.png (1.2 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-31-09-02-05…)

No. 649355

File: 1554048404793.png (428.83 KB, 720x1024, Screenshot_2019-03-31-09-05-24…)

No. 649357

All this bitch did was shop and eat. She didn’t even do anything else. She could have done this back in the us. Sorry for being nitpickish but not a lot of people would be able to travel out of the country. She basically wasted all of her money to get cheap figures and eat in another country. No wonder why she is pushing all of the Patreon stuff. What a waste.

No. 649358

I wonder if the shibari artist collab was a lie to lure in patrons as well

No. 649364

File: 1554054324203.png (1.1 MB, 1242x2688, 54C0E013-6E09-45A0-AF6D-F96545…)

It’s coming

No. 649365

File: 1554054502780.png (652.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-31-10-47-12…)

What's coming? Nothing is.

No. 649366

File: 1554054553408.png (746.66 KB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2019-03-31-10-43-58…)

No. 649367

File: 1554054682872.png (630.99 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-31-10-47-37…)

No. 649368

File: 1554054775137.png (657.26 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-03-31-10-50-14…)

No. 649369

File: 1554054876419.png (506.02 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-03-31-10-50-23…)

How much you wanna bet its Bakemono shes talking about and double it that shes talking about Kisshot?

No. 649373

File: 1554055377086.png (951.51 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-03-31-11-01-48…)

No. 649375

File: 1554055563985.png (727.3 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-03-31-11-04-04…)

No. 649377

That's not how this works, Mariah.

I'd love to see Collette respond to this.

No. 649380

I was mimicking anyone who tries, my post was dripping with sarcasm. It was also a reference to the idiot a thread or 2 ago who brought up that Gucci blackface just because momo buys Gucci. I was pointing out how lame you've been lately. Wew.

No. 649381

Isn't that just called friendship?

No. 649383

File: 1554056757928.png (977.46 KB, 720x1203, Screenshot_2019-03-31-11-24-33…)

No. 649387

You are the only one here trying to race bait. No one even responded to that pic except you, you fucking dunce.
Stop trying to start shit out of thin air.
It doesn’t make you look smart.

No. 649388

>because I'm a picky
It's not being picky if no one with brain cells wants to be around you
>happy by myself
>I don't have desires for relationships
Then why keep pretending your dating vamps
>men act or are disrespectful
That's hypocritical coming from you


I'm willing to bet someone said something to her and now she's trying to act like it didn't bother her

No. 649389

This just shows how selfish she is regarding relationships

She's expecting them to give her 120% and improve her life, otherwise she's better on her own?

Bitch a relationship is giving back, not just expecting them to make everything about your life better

No. 649390

so her trying to push her patreon so much recently….greed or patreon numbers going down/nobody taking upper tiers/neckbeards getting wise to her bullshit? I mean it seems all the sudden shes advertising more than ever.
also how the fuck she get off the hook for her "omg 1k patreons you get something spechul?" bullshit

No. 649392

There's a post on her Reddit about this…most of the patrons there are aware and contribute despite knowing about her controversies. Its kind of jarring guys will pay money towards such a person

No. 649397

Whooooa sounds like someone hit a sore spot. Lmao. She could have just gave a simple answers or even act coy but she hella went off.

No. 649398


No. 649399

Her other job is being a full time pathological liar.

No. 649403


Still trying to push that “we’re totes in a relationship u guize” bullshit to trick desperate neckbeards into thinking they’ll get to see some lesbian action from her. We saw how pissed Vamp got at her for telling everyone they were together, which is laughable since not even her pretend girlfriend wants to even try to to keep up the lie.


Yup. Some dick she was chasing totally curved her and told her to fuck off. Now she is trying to repair her bruised ego by doing this whole “I’m a boss bitch queen living her best life who doesn’t deserve anything less than the best and if you don’t meet my high standards then fuck off because I won’t be dragged down by you” act. You can literally feel the anger and insecurity at all the rejection she constantly faces in this post. It’s like she believes if she keeps telling herself that “It’s all because they don’t meet my standards and I won’t be dragged down by them”, she’ll finally start to believe it when really she is probably bawling her eyes out every night about being so lonely and not having anyone to cuddle up to.

What she is describing as wanting is a doormat who won’t challenge her at all and support her no matter what. She doesn’t seem to get that a relationship is a two way street and it is not someone else’s job to solely make her life better. It is a give and take where two people try to make each other better. What she wants is someone screaming for her in her corner everytime she fucks up or gets in hot water. And it’s no surprise at all that she is still single and probably will remain so in the future.

No. 649406

File: 1554067304582.png (1.22 MB, 900x3312, friendship.png)

She's the embodiment of this stupid tumblr interaction.

No. 649408

I'm so so sick of her pushing this 'i'm in a relationship with vamps, but it's not sexual! but i love her , but we're not dating.' It's called friendship/ And yes, most same sex people have a strong friendship/bond. it's not unique or queer.

No. 649410


Agreed. rofl Who brushed her off in Japan or Los Vegas that she's pissed off about? She stopped chasing sensei a while back

No. 649411


Exactly. She wants all the progressive internet points and asspats for being in a queer relationship but doesn’t want any of the responsibilities of actually being in one. We’ve already seen how uncomfortable she is around other women and doesn’t want to be actually seen in any way that can be construed as her being gay, and of course there’s the “stop trying to push your gay agenda on everything” foot in mouth statement she made about Devilman Crybaby. And I’m sure her Muslim family would be not too happy about her bring home a girl. It’s incredibly obvious she is just doing this for “woke” progressive points.

No. 649422

File: 1554074038642.png (126.3 KB, 720x768, Screenshot_2019-03-31-16-12-26…)

What a fucking cunt.

No. 649426

I'm more concerned over the fact that Darkrush85 has 9 downvotes in 15 hours in a subreddit like hers when they make an actual point.
I mean, I shouldn't be surprised over moo's sycophants being so blind but christ.

No. 649427


She literally posted this stupid ass Pochaco set on her FB and then has the audacity to treat people like this with disrespect. I don't get it.

No. 649428

asinine is her word of the month lmao, we gotta keep a count

No. 649442

File: 1554077041908.png (Spoiler Image, 648.99 KB, 500x750, post_file (28).png)

March Set Release!

Heads up cuties! I’m gonna be flying back the day of the release so if the photos are late that is why. Marvin is currently in Thailand rn and having issues sending me over the files due to internet problems! We both fly back to America the same day and hopefully the internet at the airport is way better!

But for the trouble I’m going to be adding Meiko- Prison School Set as a bonus set this month for the extra day wait!

Also! Next month I’ll be taking custom videos! Please DM either here or Via Only fans. Per video will be $25 + Fan Signs!

No. 649443

Is this excuse number…4?

No. 649444

insane how flat her ass is in that holy shit

No. 649445

Can't wait to see how she manages to weasel out of making the custom vids.

No. 649465

No. 649467

Can you screencap the post? As well as all previous posts with excuses (with the date showing if possible) I wanna put together a month by month thing to see how many have had excuses

No. 649468

No. I dont have time for that.

No. 649470


why can't you do it

No. 649473

The free posts on reddit are the teasers moo forces patrons to pay as these were posted there first. Cunt.

No. 649474

Seriously i dont have time for that and Ive said it multiple times: MOO ONLY KEEPS TWO MONTHS OF POSTS NOW.

No. 649478


Regardless of if you have time or not, this is an image board. If you can’t provide proof of your claims then keep them to yourself.

No. 649479

Y'all need to enjoy the fact that we have a Patreon anon that is willing to share the goods with us. Any bit of information helps.
It takes 0 time at all to go get the past "updates".

No. 649480

Then you sign up. Ive been posting Patreon content, the only fucking anon besides Google Drive guy, for the past two years. If you want shots that bad feel free to sub, but as of right now with the fact that all her shit is already KNOWN for being late and everything is deleted in two months anyway, who fucking cares about timestamped screens anymore unless its really prevelent information. Thats why I have not been posting caps in weeks because no big 'tea' has come up.

If you want to do it, feel free to spend your money on posting updates to a forum that turns around and acts like your entitled ass.

No. 649485

Just going to add that its not that I dont appreciate the people who do discuss and appreciate the posts of her sets, updates she does through patreon, when she removes posts and comments about late rewards which I always post caps of those.

She says the sets will be late again this month, obviously, so expect the sets a little later in April I guess? She also mentioned Katsucon having a photoset thats not been given to her [honestly doubt she did a photoset there anyway, she would've taken photos of the hotel room she was shooting in].

No. 649486

Funny thought:
She still has her dating page set to Japan. What if she thought she would get some Japanese dick this vacation but when she showed up he bailed. I don't think she will be going back to Japan for a while

No. 649487

I appreciate your contributions. That anon is clearly a dumbass and a newfag. Please ignore them. The rest of us appreciate your sacrifice (looking at so much of Moo's bunghole must really wear on you after a while.)

No. 649488

I think she might be feeling lonely. In her snaps she is pointing the camera at Vamps laid under her cousin and her ass is almost completely shown and he's just smiling. I don't know if Vamp and him might have a 'interested' vibe between the two of them, especially since they are abroad. If thats the case and they are flirting with each other, Moo must be feeling reeeally left out.

No. 649489

The one thing thats just annoying right now is saving all the photos screencap by screencap in the sets because she disabled the download feature, but those get put back up after a month before she deletes the drives, so this month I gotta make sure I download after the first month they release, but another anon posted a trick to downloading the actual file itself faster through opening the page information! Totally appreciate that whoever you were!!

No. 649490

Doesn't say much when 20 pictures are of the same pose and thus the same picture.

Real cosplay sets have the model changing poses, scenes, props and they delete photos that look like repeats. Your sets are 2-5 pics tops

No. 649491

Where did you find her dating page?

No. 649495

I’m the anon who asked originally if you could screencap them, idk why other people aped out at you for saying no, it’s ok that you don’t have time. I did totally miss the 2 months thing though.

No. 649497

You could maybe use yiff.party to import the posts? Then they’ll be automatically archived (including any comments complaining) just an idea, thanks for providing the milk for so many months.

No. 649500

File: 1554098144972.png (959.4 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-03-31-22-52-49…)

No. 649502

File: 1554100716195.png (3.28 MB, 750x1334, 0BB6DF50-40D7-40ED-B15B-85AD2B…)

What's going on here?? This is moo's cousin sitting on Vamps while she's in a thong? Maybe?

No. 649503

File: 1554101113333.png (1003.81 KB, 720x1041, Screenshot_2019-03-31-23-43-41…)

No. 649504

File: 1554101747360.png (151.26 KB, 369x432, Untitled-4.png)

No. 649505


Jesus Christ she's ballooned up so much. What happened? Also, thanks for the soft core porn, Momo. Just take it in the ass on camera next time.

No. 649506


Lmao I know she's so fat, fucking turtle looking hotdog water smelling bitch. Admin is such a cunt we can't update about the current count of her backrolls.

No. 649510


The only stupid thing the admin did is hire you, you stupid troon cunt.

No. 649511

Lololol i kno rite, she's so fat she has an orbit. explainz all these paypiggies xd then again u would know about being a paypiggie

No. 649512

Y’all having some kind of farmhand drama or something

No. 649514


the fuck you say

No. 649515

At least i don't pay for pears patreon!!

No. 649516


at least i dont have to buy a vagina

go back to cc where you belong. shoo.

No. 649517

I'm saying you are a transphobic, ableist, bigoted alt right conservative close minded lowlife scum who probably watches PewDiePie, the Fuhrer of fourth Reich of nazis.


No. 649518


wow rude, tranny.

No. 649519

Umm think again hunny. The Swedish government paid for it and my double D's. Why? Because they are actually humanitarian and care for human rights.

No. 649520



enjoy your rapefugees, you fermented piss-fish eater

No. 649521

Lol the nerve of you. Never had the balls to say that to me before.

Stay mad, fascist nazi and go back to jack off to lamp Lainey and pear cunt.

No. 649522

wtf is this hahaha

No. 649523

I thought this was some kind of dumb April fools joke but it’s only in the moo thread..?

No. 650337


doesn't it defeat the purpose if it's not over the nose too

No. 650338

this is an imageboard, please post caps and not just mention things

No. 650339

what a blessing to behold

No. 650340

Yes, as it was said earlier, she's just doing it because she seen it in anime/random pictures, she doesn't know the purpose of it.

No. 650342

Not everyone can post caps and someone already did the followup? >>649502

No. 650344

If it is, its pretty dumb tbh. It just further shits up the threads.

No. 650352


>implying your existence doesnt shit up the world.

Save the planet, anon. Kill yourself.

No. 650359

Heaven help me. The only solace I have that she won’t come stomp around here is that she has no bachelors degree and therefore can’t.

No. 650360

File: 1554121693082.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, 6261AFE3-915F-418B-9C1C-5AB726…)

Dropped my pic oops

No. 650361

Wouldnt she need a student or work visa? and we know she wont do either one.

No. 650362

Immigration to Japan is very strict, there's no way they would let a trash fire like her in. She's fucking delusional (as usual)

No. 650363

Jfc probably hoping to teach English ha

No. 650364

She'd still need some sort of credentials. She'd never get in. She must love lying so much. She can visit Japan as much as she wants, but without being a teacher or prostitute, she can't live there. And she'd still need visas.

No. 650367

Didn't she say not too long ago that she would seek a career in teaching after some time? She's really chasing the pixyteri dream.

No. 650368


Have to have graduated college for a work visa, otherwise, its not possible under any circumstances. Did she ever graduate?

No. 650369

You dont need a teaching degree. As long as you can teach english is all. They hire english speakers who dont know a lick of japanese too.

No. 650370


No one said you need a teaching degree. You need A degree.

No. 650371

That’s what I said, too. She doesn’t have a bachelors so she can’t work here.

No. 650372

You need proof of this, which requires ANY degree even slightly related. You don't need a full on "this is my life" degree, but you need 100x more than what mooriah has or will have.

She thinks she can move to Japan on her 'merits', since I guess being a costhot she feels she can move there lol.

No. 650373

I think there's a possible exception to the rule where you can technically live and work overseas without a degree, albeit a short term arrangement (maybe a year or two max). I'm thinking about outsourcing. However, that would mean that Mariah would have to be an employee with some company who would just so happen to outsource jobs to Japan (which is highly unlikely), and want the linguistics expert of all people to be their chosen tutor.

This bitch just likes to talk. I absolutely wish she'd leave the country.

No. 650374

The main exception is "homestay" (which no one in their right mind would do if they find out who she is) and teaching English.

The more technical exceptions are if you have a parent living in Japan, or you get scouted for modeling etc (which she definitely is not.)

No. 650376

Lol why is she so petty and awful. She probably knew it was wrong to post this. Moo is such a bitch lmao.

No. 650405

She jumped on Instagram immediately after Vamps jumped on some girls who tried to take a photo in order to call one of them a dumb bitch, but she did nothing about this alleged racism in Japan. Also…


No. 650406

File: 1554136013030.jpg (271.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190401-092318_Ins…)

>>650405 (file didn't attach - my bad)

No. 650407

File: 1554136116956.jpg (392.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190401-091910_Ins…)

>>650406 Here's that alleged racism she claims to have experienced.

Anything to retract her declaration of wanting to move to Japan.

Also, in the screenshot above, I thought she knew how to translate manga? Why would she need an English menu?

No. 650408

Hahaha. This is such bullshit, but her neckbeards will believe it.

Also, mooriah learned about conversion rate, bravo.

No. 650410


Oh dear, did she finally learn the term "xenophobia"? No she didn't my money is on someone in glorious Nippon getting sick of her absolute disgusting manners, giving her that look reserved for total fucktards, and now "uwu they all racist haturz"

No. 650411

File: 1554137182619.png (1.22 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-04-01-09-41-28…)

In addition. Might be out of order

No. 650412

File: 1554137204067.png (1.13 MB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2019-04-01-09-41-35…)

No. 650413

>>650410 You may be onto something.

We've speculated that the natives of Japan were probably talking shit about her appearance and behavior, and her little rant about racism makes it seem as though that's exactly what happened.

Never mind taking accountability for being an obnoxious slob with terrible etiquette. You would think that she'd have some idea of how to behave, especially since this is her second visit. Nope. Those pesky racist Japanese people are up to their typical racist shenanigans again.

Meanwhile, this fucking walking turd films a bunch of businessmen having a lunch meeting just because they did it in front of a Godzilla statue, and yet they're the racist ones.

No. 650415

File: 1554137494623.png (372.28 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-04-01-09-41-48…)

No. 650416

File: 1554137555687.png (548.49 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-04-01-09-41-53…)

No. 650417

File: 1554137652537.png (615.09 KB, 720x1206, Screenshot_2019-04-01-09-42-21…)

No. 650418

File: 1554137764543.png (384.41 KB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2019-04-01-09-42-33…)

No. 650419


why does she WRITE some words that BIG? Because it makes her look EXTRA annoying with the way she is TYPING.

Also pretty rich from somebody who mistreats their own cats and other people's dogs when it comes to judge the misreading of other animals.


No. 650420

File: 1554137999478.png (415.7 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-04-01-09-42-57…)

No. 650421

File: 1554138047282.png (439.47 KB, 720x1208, Screenshot_2019-04-01-09-43-19…)

Its just how that font is. It gets bigger towards the end

No. 650422


lol stereotyping,ya know like saying an entire country is racist because someone flinched away from her on a train for smelling like ass sauce, or CHING CHONG ing someone at a con, or any one of a thousand ways this hypocritical bitch has sterotyped someone. She's stereotypical…

No. 650423

File: 1554138280134.png (590.74 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2019-04-01-09-43-31…)

No. 650424

maybe if you weren't going out and buying anime figures every day you'd be able to experience more of japan you moron.

No. 650425

File: 1554138599173.png (263.68 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2019-04-01-09-43-37…)

No. 650426

File: 1554138681670.png (415.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-04-01-09-43-45…)

She hung out with other costhots. Shes in the LAND OF GRAVURE but did 0 work. Really makes you think

No. 650428

Thanks for the clarification. Sometimes when there are so many new posts I just skim through the thread until I see a picture or a post with lots of replies. Now we have context for anyone else that's curious.

No. 650429

she does 0 work at home too, makes sense she wouldn't do it on 'holiday'

No. 650430

File: 1554139295596.png (252.07 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-04-01-09-57-27…)

Plus if she moves there for 30 to 60 days she will receive even more of this "racism" so who knows. The stress might cause weight loss

No. 650431

File: 1554139345294.jpg (536.41 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190401-122132_Ins…)

No. 650432

is this her april fool's gag?

No. 650433

Does moo not understand that some are rescues who cannot be put out into the wild again? Or rehibilitation birds? Its nit just we took wild owls and chained them

No. 650435

She thinks her rude ass will get away scotfree in Japan..you think she knows the concept of 'rescue' animals?

No. 650437

It would be kinda amusing if she did live there, she would literally not cope at all because she's lazy as fuck and wouldn't be able to handle having an actual job, and with the way she acts in public in America by throwing stuff around in stores and screeching, it won't fly at all in Japan, she's dense as fuck with social cues/"reading the air"

No. 650438

File: 1554139898956.png (343.5 KB, 709x1200, Screenshot_2019-04-01-09-57-48…)

No. 650439

Not to mention that the cat island HAS caretakers. They feed to cats and they naturally hunt. Its not like a 4x4 island either. They fucking have vets come out when cats are sick and they are ticked on the ear for fixed ones. Moo does zero research on anything. Dumb cunt

No. 650440

Id love to see her be a teacher. Shed get told alk the time how fat she is. Japan is not shy is pointing that out.

No. 650441

File: 1554140158108.png (316.76 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-04-01-09-58-02…)

I bet she'd go to the fox sanctuary in a heartbeat and not think any different

No. 650443

She's really banking on cuckbucks lasting if she wants to live in any of these areas, especially as a foreigner.

Not that many even LEASE to foreigners to begin with.

No. 650444

Probably being racist herself thinking small eyes = glaring/judging. Moo wasnt treated differently because shes American. Its because Japan is one of the most extreme cases of monoethnicity.

No. 650445

Plus her tattoos are a problem too.

No. 650446

File: 1554140348296.png (463.23 KB, 720x936, Screenshot_2019-04-01-10-33-42…)

No. 650447

Pure autism like this is why these threads got so low so fast. We get it, Japanese people think Moo is fat. They probably talk about her behind her back. Americans do too. Jesus fuck

In other news, I really enjoy how Moo has been to Japan for literally a few weeks total in her entire life and suddenly she’s so cultured and so knowledgeable about it, knows all the dark stuff and knows it’s not just a ~anime haven~ but she really does love japan y’all and she would love to move there and it’s definitely not only because of anime or to make herself look cool for neckbeards and feel superior over people.

It’s so transparent it’s hilarious. She’s trying to seem so mature and honestly this is my favorite kind of Mariah — the one who is a weeb but is better than al the other weebs — and who knows way more about japan than all those other weebs because she’s been there a whole 4 weeks total!!

No. 650449

it's such a little thing but why does she always add an apostrophe to plural words
I'm pretty sure this is Night Shift Nurses. Which is another rape hentai with lots of scat.

No. 650450

File: 1554140602617.jpg (705.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190401-104311_Ins…)


No. 650451

>not go to tourist traps
>goes to Akihabara a lot and wants to live near there

No. 650452

No. Im talking about Japanese being extremely blunt to ANYONE even chubby. They point it out all the time. Chill anon.

No. 650453

Yes, "I was totally raped my dudes" mariah mallad seriously has an obsession about rape anime/hentai..for being a rape victim.

It's hilarious and sad. I highly doubt she'll ever do Pee/Scat fetish stuff, if she does at least she'll gain some JP fans.

No. 650454

Of course she’d want to live in Tokyo.

Of course she wants to live near Akihabara or Shinjuku. Of course she does.

I know she’s unable to see it right now because she’s getting oo’d and aah’d at by young weeb fans who live vicariously through her buy she sounds so naive and like every other weeb on the planet who wants to move to japan. There’s nothing in those areas that make it nice to live there. It’s great for visting for fun but living there is fucking tiring. It’s like living near Times Square, NYC. Lots of people like to live in quieter areas and travel to the tourist heavy, bright lights and shoulder to shoulder cramped areas like that. You’d get burnt out in months.

No. 650455

Yeah, and this is pointed out all the time any time nippon is mentioned in any Mariah thread. We know Japanese people are blunt. We know they call people fat. We know Moo is fat. We know.

No. 650456

Unless she's sick or the air is fucking with her..why is she even wearing this.

No. 650458

It’s relevant because she’s whining about just the way people are looking at her as being ~RACIST~!! Did you miss that whole spam of insta stories?

No. 650459

We wear masks sometimes we when ain’t feeling cute/don’t have makeup. It’s not always pollution, but mostly it is, but it’s really not that weird to wear a general mask even on good days.

No. 650460

Seriously. Im all for calling out people for only commenting on her weight but this actually has some hold to it because she said they are racist when really, while that may be true for a monoethnic society which 98% of is Japanese, of course there will be some racism. However, Moo is going to have a lot more interactions with natives regarding her weight being something they point out to her whether straight to her face [which they also have no fucking issue doing. It's rude, but it's their society, so its not seen as that rude to them and merely an obvservation] or, if she really 'knows Japanese' she can easily point out who is saying it around her and not to her face.

Nitpick something more important. Im not just talking about Moo's weight and moreso the weight of the scrutiny around her if she moved there. Its not just because she's a 'foreigner'.

No. 650461

Anon you should learn to integrate more.

No. 650463

You're the one being a little bitch about people mentioning Japan's bluntness when it comes to these types of things. You're derailing while others are having a discussion just because you want to admin the thread. Go to meta and complain, but right now we are on topic as Moo is complaining about Japan and them being racist when, for HER, it isn't about race. We are also discussing how she would be treated there if she moved. Its not just "WOW SHES FAT", so get over it.

No. 650464

It's spring, so maybe hay fever or possibly a nasty break out

No. 650465

A lot of Asian countries use them just because its so common to use them. Its not all about the air. Like >>650459 it is also fashion, or they don't have makeup. Moo is doing it for fashion or she's definitely having another breakout due to the climate change [and shit eating]

No. 650466

I can’t believe one reply to a stupid comment about moo’s weight vs japan caused this much sperg from one person. Every. Single. Thread.

No. 650467

As far as I looked back you are kind of the only one having a problem with an actual on topic discussion. The other times this has been brought up its been just only talk about her weight. If she wants to move there she is in for a lot more than just 'racist natives'. She's looking at clothing issues like Penny Underbust [who said Japan is racist towards boobs that aren't national average], jobs she already won't get a visa for, her weight already is something locals will constantly point out to her.. It's not just about calling her fat. It's hard living in Japan as someone who is even remotely larger than a US size 8. 10 is pushing it for a lot of people and even then they will point it out. Explaining something /=/ sperg. Its on topic, it's a discussion worth having because she's complaining and wanting to live there for an extended time to work.

No. 650470

She won't move to Japan, because:

>Vamp won't move with her

>She's too lazy to properly apply for citizenship
>Her only photographer in a hypothetical scenario would be girlonthemoonpro
>Can't speak, read, or understand Japanese in any way, which is probably why she constantly went to food places with English names and products (McDonald's, that Santa Monica crepes stand)

And this is a longshot, but:

>She probably wouldn't be able to do the type of modeling she does now without having to modify it in some way

No. 650472

I believe Moo did something stupid (par for course for her) such as believing that since shes a UWU tourist and "the customer is always right" She can act like a tier one douchenozzle, and of course offend pretty much everyone, leading to some shopkeeper rolling an eye at her, so now they are all racists. Yup must be cause shes so stronk and loved yet with all that money can't get laid. Vamps can get some, right in front of her I'm sure, and she sits in her smell cloud and blames everyone else.
Guess what Moo- nobody on earth likes a loud, rude,patronizing twatwaffle. NOBODY. the service industry is the same EVERYWHERE. You can block someone in CamV talking to you in Japanese but guess what- You're in THEIR house now, and you can watch cartoons all day but you aren't them. dumbass.

No. 650473

Its as if there is shame in just saying stuff like "I visited this place this vlogger did', but instead she wants to find these places herself, get scammed at a few, and then turns around and complains about the fact that she did no research in a foreign country of places to go? How dumb is that.

No. 650474


pretty stupid but this is Moo- she's known for it. And without a tard wrangler I think her dumbass rants will go on for awhile. How bad is it that she sits around playing Q/A while in a foreign country when there is so much to see. Lol.

No. 650475

Yeah.. I can't imagine being on your phone all the time except for taking videos or photos, but she's doing this stupid QA thing. I wonder if its because she's with other people and they are doing stuff they want to do that Moo isn't interested in. Explains >>650450 Look how fucking depressed and alone she looks. There was even a story on Moo's thing of Vamp asking Moo's cousin to kiss her on the cheek.

So you have people not being made fun of for their weight, Vamp and Moo's cousin kind of hitting it off where Vamps full ass is practically bare and laying in his lap, doing things other people want to do.. She's depressed as fuck there aside from those figures and food.

No. 650476

also- she will never move to Nippon since you cannot get high AF all the time there. and we all know she cannot function at ALL without that shit.

No. 650477

I think there’s more than two people in this whole argument re: Mariah and Japanese people

Homegirl is an idiot for sure but for real every single thread has someon saying “Japanese people will NOT be kind to her and will tell her she’s fat to her face!”

I lived in Japan for three years for university. I live in Korea now for work. Anons really overblow this stuff, it’s really bizarre. Yes, Japanese (and Korean!) people are on average thinner than Americans. Yes, some will absolutely make fun of her. But people in every singe thread, especially when she goes to Japan, come out of the woodwork to say that Japan will eat her alive. They won’t. Japanese people have way more going on in their lives to chide some random American about her weight, especially in Tokyo where foreigners and overweight tourists are a dime a dozen.

It’s so weird to see how much people constantly overblow Japan in these threads, to the point that I think most people doing it don’t live there. Japan is a hard country to adjust to for many reasons, and cultural differences can make people seem blunt or cruel, but people aren’t just going to come up to you and tell you you need to lose weight at a train stop or in a site when you’re buying clothes. In fact, Koreans are far more blunt to peoples’ faces than Japanese are. And if they say it behind her back then???? Who cares???

Common decency is still a fucking thing, even in Japan. I’ve seen overweight people in America, Japan, and now Korea get called overweight by concern trolling old hags just as evenly in all three countries. It’s not a commonplace thing, most people will just move on with their day around you. You might get called fat by little children because they’re little children and they do that shit. In the 9 years I have lived in East Asian countries I have never once witnessed a person, American or otherwise, just insulted right in their face unless it was by their own asshole family members and distant aunts.

The hills some of you guys in these threads choose to die on are so strange.

The comment was on topic in the sense that it was related to Mariah moving to Japan, it was just an age old tiring comment that people see hundreds of times. Kikforfat is “on topic” too, it’s just old and been done before. It really really didn’t need to blow up in to this massive infighting that it did. Japan is like any other country. People aren’t just going to insult you to your face for no reason. I’m not sure why this is constantly persuaded in Mariah threads.(Dear diary,)

No. 650478

>>650475 And the other thing is that Japan is not a hugbox. The only reason Vegas, or even America feels like one to her is because she surrounds herself with "yes men" in the form of Colette, Aly, Cat, etc.

It's doubtful that she would isolate herself away from her enablers, because then she would literally have nothing except for the neckbeards cucks and the social media romeos that want to have their heads flattened by her thighs. As much as she claims that her fans mean the world to her (just as long as they're throwing money at her, since she made it clear through choice words and behavior she wasn't fond of the non-playing CamV viewers), her fans aren't going to fill the void like her puppets do.

No. 650481

She can just go back to binge drinking though and in the public which you can't do in USA

No. 650482



No. 650483

How dare Momo feel like a minority in a forgien land while being as obnoxious as she can while treating the natives like animals in a zoo.
Self awareness, zero

No. 650485

but she hasn't even done content in her first two visits. I don't count her taking pics in her underwear in the hotel room as worth it for her paetrons to pay up

No. 650494


I don't know why she thinks cat island is sad considering they have everything a cat needs and get more love and attention than her cats back at home. What do their cats have to look forward too? A filthy home with only Moo's dirty clothes to play with? Perfect

No. 650495

Cat Island- 500% less crotch-rotted underwear than moos house. Yea they are certainly better off on the isle

No. 650509

Isn't it considered extremely rude to eat while walking in Japan?

No. 650512

File: 1554147854047.png (81.04 KB, 619x264, Screenshot (1).png)

Well at least Momo can be happy, she is exactly like a charcater straight out of a manga/anime

No. 650513

She may be in front of the place or around an eating area where people who purchase food eat. Its just not common to walk around going at something like that. Small things aren't too horrible, but you won't find trash cans anywhere, so you have to hold on to that messy crepe wrapper.

No. 650516

This post actually makes me wonder if she's just walking around because she was too dumb to actually book things to do. There's no shame in seeing touristy stuff- it's there for a reason.

No. 650521

You want Moo to be a responsible adult and actually book things and sites to do other than wonder around areas near her hotel?

No. 650525


I can practically feel her misery in this photo. It’s like she knows she looks like a fat, dumpy retard and feels so awkward and out of place and her delusions of Japan being some anime wonderland and thinking that she is finally among her people have been shattered. I’m sure that whole rant she went on was because her leeches are off having fun and she is stuck wandering around like a despressed loser with nothing to do.

No. 650531

Yeah, it's looked down upon heavily, because like the other anon said, there is a lack of trash bins in Japan, so people tend to stand in front of the stores or sit in the local parks to eat, especially since there are more rubbish bins there.

No. 650532

Yeah moo. Project much? It was you that got roasted for being a fat american slob who doesn't speak japanese and smelling like hotdog water.

No. 650533

And even if the do there is an additional charge in addition to the key money.

No. 650534

It’s weird she’s not even covering her nose with it in the past couple photos she has the mask if she’s actually wearing it for health reasons.

No. 650535

that happens sometimes, hyperfocus on rape and going back to it over and over - developing a rape fetish. Usually because of a deep sense shame or dehumanization. I don't really think it's on us to determine whether or not she was achhhhtually raped or not.

No. 650537

keep up, she debunked it herself that she wasn't raped. She was caught lying about it and avoids who did it.

She was flirting with the guy alone on the sofa. She claims her pants magically were off and his dick was suddenly inside her. I forgot who, but it was some popular guy she was dick chasing but got butt hurt when she didn't gain anything.

No. 650538

Moo grew up watching hentai so all she knows is how those make her feel. Thats why she's so 'picky' about who she wants to fuck. I don't think it has to do with her 'rape' which we already know was faked. She's literally just attracted to the overhyped uwu heart eyes fucked out of my mind until Im forced to like it type of shit. She literally enjoys brainwashing hentai. Same with most of the horror anime she likes and the characters specifically that she chooses.

No. 650539

The Nathan Deluca case was a huge break because she claimed all these accusatory costhots didnt alert the authorities when she didnt do shit about Nathan. She claimed on CamV of all places that she didnt want to inconvenience anyone so she went to twitter instead. She's a huge hypocrite.

No. 650540

I know you weebs like to educate us all on how Japan really is and all, but seriously just stop. It’s not milk saying locals will hate her or putting her chopsticks in a bowl. it just causes infighting.
Unless she’s like shitting on the hachi statue or screeching on a train, it’s not milk.

No. 650569

The milk is so slow right now people are nit picking over stupid shit tourist do everyday there. Im ready for AX to roll around to see everyone out partying and momo living in her hotel room.

No. 650604

File: 1554173560431.jpg (363.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190401-194710_Ins…)

She has the uncensored shot on her main IG page, but decides it's best to censor a banana in her IG story.

I just don't understand what she's trying to accomplish with her spotty censorship, other than trying to lure in dumbasses who honestly can't tell that the pixelated blur isn't hiding anything of interest.

No. 650605

I thought her thighs were her breasts hanging low my god.

I do find it interesting her social media activity this time around vs when she went with sensei. She was much quieter during her November trip but she's had a few tard rages this time around.

No. 650608


Now that she doesn’t have someone there treating her like a literal infant who constantly needs to be watched over so that she doesn’t act up or do stupid shit she feels free to do what the hell she wants this time. I’m sure Tattoo sensei forced her to act with proper ediquette and manners which is why there was no talk of “omg racist locals making fun of me and my friends and giving me dirty looks for being a foreigner” last time she was there.

No. 650609

>>650608 It's odd that, out of the entire group, Mariah is the only one who's complaining about experiencing racism. Not her cousin, who looks very middle eastern by comparison, and not Vamp, who looks like a goofy basic white girl. It's only Mariah who's dealing with this and calling out an entire country on her IG stories.

No. 650611

File: 1554177566333.png (687.68 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-04-01-20-57-19…)

No. 650613


Probably a combination of Mariah being the only one who doesn’t know how to act like she has had any home training and the others busy having too much fun to really care or complain while Moo is being the fat, cringey, self conscious weeb who feels so awkward and out of place and her dreams of finally being among her people and welcome with open arms thinking it will be just like all the anime she watches have been dashed.

No. 650614

I think she’s doing it because it gives off the impression that it’s super sexual. It’s kind of subliminal and why I think she’s doing it. Not because of IG’s censorship. Pixelating your crotch isn’t going to bypass IGs policy.

No. 650617

Christ that double chin. This reminds me of something but i can't quite put my finger on it

No. 650618

Question but patrons were wondering if the fact she's in nippon changes anything? I see models who do worst not get as censored so I dunno why she feels the need to pixelate anything? Does it matter where she is?

No. 650620

Nope. She's only censoring stuff to lure in new neckbeards who don't realize there's no actual nudity beneath the pixels. If i were to tinfoil, maybe she's trying to emulate jav porn without the nudity

No. 650621

Which is why I'm confused. Before she was so gungho about defying the man and trying to sic her lawyers on Instagram so she can keep her hug box. It's like she was trying so hard to show other costhots she was a bad bitch. Now she's in Nippon she acts like she's trying to be a gravure model. Most gravure or JAV covers don't censor that much so I was curious.

No. 650624

File: 1554181631253.png (634.63 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2019-04-01-22-05-10…)

No. 650626

Not the adult version. But the child version.
Okay Moo

No. 650627

File: 1554181916811.png (707.31 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-04-01-22-05-24…)

No. 650628

Is that the boy that idolizes Naruto? Komohamaru or something like that?

No. 650629

No. 650631

I hope she doesn't. Then we will hear how Naruto/ Boruto is her favorite anime and her dream to cosplay when it's on a long list of shit she pretends to be interested in

No. 650632

Calling it right now. Her next cat is gonna be named Obito.

No. 650633

Lainey's weird chin lump maybe?

No. 650635


“Such a good boy”

> Literally one of the main villains of the series that murders not only the main character’s parents but has a body count literally in the thousands

You could at least pretend to actually know about the series you stupid cow.

No. 650637

Oh no, what a very ching chong indian accent thing to do. Good thing Mariah is there to talk about racism.

No. 650638

File: 1554184298340.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1698, 4EEE2DAE-0F6D-413E-B341-777ABA…)

Aaaaand the Naruto posting begins. I look forward to her gushing about how much the series means to her.

No. 650639


I’m sure we’re going to get long winded self masturbatory essays about how much the series means to her and how much it has taught her and how there is all these hidden meanings to the story and characters that only a true fan like her was able to recognize. Bonus points if she mentions wanting to get another cringey tattoo of something from the series.

No. 650640

These are old pictures, right? She looks good here.

No. 650641

I would be so embarrassed to post pics of myself when I was literally 100 pounds lighter. Like is this some sort of weird proof she was a fan? Cuz back then she really was giving off the "I will get attention for liking naruto because it's a popular anime" air

No. 650642


That’s all this is. It’s her cred for being a fan when people start coming at her for wanting to cosplay Obito and not knowing jacknshit about the series when questioned about it. “See?! I already cosplayed a character from the series early on which obviously makes me a true fan. Try not to gatekeep so much my dude.”

No. 650643

Its just funny because this too was just a cosplay idea she stole from someone else lol
Sakura was the first "i'll cosplay from naruto cause its popular", but i vividly remember the facebook posts about this being stolen

No. 650652

She's like the female equivilant of TKOSam

No. 650662

Catching up, but wow farmhands really hate Moo threads lmao, I'm surprised they didn't move the thread to /snow/ as a "joke".

Now the sperging begins thanks to having no one doing the tard wrangling, how long is the trip? The milk won't be overflowing but she's a cow that keeps on giving so I'm excited.

No. 650679

It's a shame Mayhew photography shot such beautiful photos for such a disgusting piece of shit, and of course the cow still doesn't know how to properly credit her photographers.

No. 650692

So real talk. It is funny she's gaining 50 pounds a year but is anyone else concerned? She deserves it for all the bullying she has done don't get me wrong. But it's like watching a dumpster fire

No. 650693

Just let it happen. She obviously is gaining for the dude that pays her rent. I'm starting to think it's not a rumor anymore she's gaining for feeders.

No. 650716

File: 1554231541869.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190402-145821.png)

This figure is pretty rare. So disappointing that she's going to treat it like shit.

No. 650717

For a character she only knows as "tits in a video game"
She also going to destroy that lovely box

No. 650718

It's probably a boot anon

No. 650719

I hope it is, the bitch deserves it.

No. 650729

this is a small thing, but it makes me chuckle that she's claiming they're walking 15 miles everyday after everyone here called her out the last time she was there for making a huge deal about walking "7 whole miles today uwu, so tired" lol

No. 650730

that's how you know she's BS. She has no concept of what 15 miles actually is. Maybe by train or taxi, but she can't even walk up the stairs without being winded

No. 650731

File: 1554242316367.png (382.45 KB, 505x750, post_file (29).png)

Thank you March Patrons!

Thank you guys so much! Super excited to send out March’s sets in a few days keep your eyes on your Inbox’s. Here’s what you guys will be getting!

$10- Selfie Sets of MAI and Grey kitten

$20 - teaser Set of Mai Shiranui + Teasers sheep and elf girls

$35 - Teaser sets of Mai and Grey Kitten

$40 - Full set of Shibari Mai. Teaser of Studio shots. Teaser of Grey kitten and Sheep/Elf girls

$50- Full sets of: Studio Mai, Shibari Mai, Grey kitten, Banana Kitten, Sheep girl, Elf girls

$100 - Everything mentioned above plus two extra sets 💖

Thank you to those who are here for April as well! I cannot wait for this months lewds. Super inspired by some Japanese Grauve modeling and hope to try out some new things :3

No. 650732

But anon, she walks at least 20 miles a day at her top secret full time job back home in Vegas.

No. 650733

>Japanese Grauve modeling
>bananas in her fucking sling bikini

No. 650734


Like every lie she tells she always has to inflate it to ridiculous proportions to gas herself up. She can’t ever been seen as average or below average so she had to make everything she does out to be the best ever. A simple con invite turns into “special invited guest”, a below average lacrosse player becomes “potential pro who had scouts lining up to offer her full ride scholarships”, below average grades becomes “top of her class who can finish all her class work weeks ahead of time” any fan interaction becomes “omg I literally had people stopping me asking for photos”, practically any guy who talks her wants to fuck her, she is totally the biggest fan of everything she talks about who comes up with complex theories and analysis all on her own and is able to pick up on all the hidden meaning s the creator put in, and any athletic achievement becomes “I’m practically a real life super sayain and my stronk thicc thighs can crush your head like a grapefruit”.

All of it speaks to deep rooted insecurities she has about herself and how utterly boring and basic she is. She has to pump up all her achievements to absurd heights because she handle everyone knowing she is one bad break from flipping burgers at Mcdonalds and not the super talented boss bitch making money moves as she tries to portray herself as.

No. 650735

She wont be flipping burgers anon. She's so totally going to get a teaching degree or be directing movies. I mean those were her two back ups.

No wonder she looks scared all the time. She barely passed high school and all her post cosplay jobs require higher learning.

No. 650736

The only job she ever had was working at Starbucks where she got fired for always being late. But they totally threw a party for her after because she was so beloved.

No. 650737

Anon!! Don't forget she does charity work!! And has another job!! SHE'S REALLY BUSY!!

No. 650739

even if she choose to do the adult version, the character during adult hood would require a lot of sfx makeup and contacts which i doubt moo would dare to do after the apart issue with her hinata contacts. also makeup skills outside of her usual pancake face, neutral eyeshadow with her falsies with the serious SFX unless she attempted to do it without and pass it off as ~obito uchiha~ and try to LEWD it which will be a disaster in itself

No. 650740

File: 1554252894163.jpeg (311.86 KB, 1242x747, FA4264F8-8C26-4850-8BE6-CEA3C2…)

Saw this comment pop up on ohmykitty’s IG and I’m fairly certain she’s talking about Mariah since this just happened to her. Had a good little kek because what the fuck did Mariah do that fucked up her lenses that badly?

No. 650743

File: 1554256572762.png (160.73 KB, 720x809, Screenshot_2019-04-02-18-52-49…)

I think she deleted her CamV stuff from her Instagram officially. She also is going to Nippon in October/November again?

No. 650752

File: 1554262641825.png (737.1 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-04-02-20-34-39…)

>cousin is plastered drunk, went to konbini to get some hangover remedies
>ran into a "cute guy" and had a "anime moment" where they ran into each other, laughed and said sorry
>sad she wont see him again

No. 650753


More like he got sucked in by her gravitational pull. This also totally happened my dudes.

No. 650754

>>650752 Just watched this, and couldn't believe how bloated she looks in the face. People have made fun of her back flaps in the past, but now it looks like she's starting to develop something similar on her cheeks. And the chin area is such a mess, considering the excess turkey skin on her neck.

Watch the video. It's frightening.

No. 650755

File: 1554263646394.jpg (610.26 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190402-225250_Ins…)

Shes getting full on bulldog jowls

No. 650756

Sure moo didnt know being polite was a cute anime romance moment

No. 650758

File: 1554264764450.jpg (1.4 MB, 1920x2560, 19-04-03-00-12-34-565_deco.jpg)

No. 650759

His laugher was fear. Imagine running into THAT in the middle of the night.

No. 650763

23 years old ladies and gents

No. 650764

File: 1554269149817.png (436.63 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-04-02-22-23-42…)

No. 650765

File: 1554269258053.png (73.66 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-04-02-22-23-34…)

No. 650766

File: 1554269450058.png (817.05 KB, 720x1036, Screenshot_2019-04-02-22-27-32…)

No. 650768

File: 1554270009900.jpeg (91.52 KB, 750x824, 9F8BA897-EBE8-456E-AF2E-028E48…)

for prosperity and junk

No. 650769


The shirt is ripping open… wtf

also…. is she smoking weed in Japan? it's hugely fucking illegal over there, 5 years hard labor for a single joint. They consider it worse than heroin. Hope she's lying, for her sake.

No. 650770

it’s on her side account and doesn’t have a location tagged. just this once I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt on it being a pre trip picture. tl;dr all the Japan and weed sperg we’ve already been over and the logistics of traveling with it etc

No. 650771

If the comment we're talking about was under this picture, it's gone now.
I think she got spooked and deleted it thinking anons or whomever would think this was in Nippon lmao

No. 650772

File: 1554271147460.jpeg (472.91 KB, 750x1104, DF0847A4-5C9E-4726-AC0C-6C9D50…)

it’s still showing up for me but here’s a screenshot with all the information showing incase something does happen to it

No. 650774

Disregard my post then. It must be a instagram glitch? Who knows

No. 650775

That's the only pole you are going to get your grubby hands on momokunt.

No. 650776

She has had them for like a year, but no one has been around her for a while to take a candid, vamps use to do that for us

No. 650777

She goes to Japan almost as much as cons now. How many bets she will go "Yeah, Japan just… gets me more than the american scene"

No. 650778

gee just accidently bumping into a guy is a mini love story for her. How many bets she bumped into him on purpose because he was cute?

No. 650779

File: 1554277825747.png (1.91 MB, 2048x1687, Screenshot_20190403-004900.png)

Is she checking out someone's KDA Ahri cosplay?

No. 650780

What happened to her absolute LOVING being single and how she doesn’t need a man because she loves herself and all that crap?

Also trying to sound deep by saying Japan isn’t just anime and talking about the racism, and then comparing running into a Japanese dude to an ACTUAL ANIME MOMENT.
Classic Moo.

No. 650788

Plus I bet that if this happened back in Vegas she would’ve called the guy a rude asshole who should’ve watched where he was going. When has Mariah ever been understanding and polite? It’s only romantic now because he’s Japanese and they’re in magical animu land.

Last time she had tattoo guy to thirst over and try to impress, but now the only guy with her is a close relative. She must be feeling lonely.

No. 650789

i bet the guy was afraid she would eat him whole if he made any sudden movements.

No. 650790

File: 1554289024855.jpg (32.8 KB, 480x352, CBDVnkfUYAAeazN.jpg)

Loos like stella chuu. Maybe she was om instagram sperging about obito and scrolled onto this. Do you guys think she's still doing ond of the KDA cosplays or forgot about it?

No. 650792

File: 1554292170502.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x1788, 74ABFA7F-8ACF-4C73-959D-CBFC8D…)

still sick apparently

No. 650793

Tin foil but she's probably wearing the mask to hide her bulldog jowls after we made so many comments about them.

No. 650801

>>650793 If she decides to keep wearing these once she flys back home, then this will quickly go from theory to fact.

No. 650802


Because all that “loving being single and being a strong, independent girl who don’t need no man and am super picky and won’t settle for just anyone who doesn’t meet my high standards and doesn’t solely exist to make my life better” goes right out the fucking window the second some cute Asian dick comes along.

No. 650803

does she not understand what common sense is? not coughing into people's faces isnt a "respect thing"

No. 650804

You should also be wearing it over your nose though moo?

No. 650805


>I'm wearing this mask bc I'm sick lol

But she's not even wearing it correctly…

No. 650807

Could be Peach Milky, the lights in the back match her Patreon set.

Which either or, wouldn't surprise me if she was stealing ideas again since she just leeches off pretty and thinner girls based on their recent patreon dumps.

No. 650809

She wasn't sick before the trip and started wearing this one day 2/3
She's 100% wearing it to cover the horrible acne she has. Seen here >>650752

No. 650810

File: 1554299479123.jpeg (118.84 KB, 1242x596, 7221B6EE-A560-4D84-897F-059EF3…)

Someone asked her why she isn’t wearing it correctly and this was her response

No. 650811


“I totally take care of my skin and it has never looked better”

> Actual pizza face

She can’t help but be so transparent can she?

No. 650812

I mean… she's not wrong. Still looks retarded tho

No. 650813

She doesn't even need glasses

No. 650814

you know what you do then moo. You wipe them.
I'm genuinely amazed that she's too lazy to wipe them if they get foggy.

What is she even wearing glasses for? If they're prescription then she does a poor job of actually wearing them since she never seems to wear them in any other photos

No. 650815

please stop taking photos from the side.
Whats even going on and why does she look like shes having a breakdown in the final one?

No. 650816

File: 1554301561718.jpeg (1.92 MB, 3277x4096, DEB34D45-CAB2-4662-9EC2-2D44F3…)

I also can’t tell if I’m going crazy, but in some pictures they appear to be prescription glasses, but in others they don’t???

No. 650818

They aren't, she bought them for a Mei cosplay and acts like they're prescription

No. 650819


Wonder how Moo's "girlfriend" feels about this?


No. 650821

vamps definetly seems to be getting more action than she's had in who-knows-how-long

No. 650822

glasses fog up every time you breathe out if you're wearing a face mask like that

No. 650824

i hate her nose, seeing her fucking noses fills me with so much anger i dont know why, but it's a stupid looking nose and she deserves it

No. 650825

it's likely the shape of the lenses doing that. real glasses would look demagnified even from the front.

No. 650826

Oh, okay! Yeah, they just look somewhat real in some pictures (must be because of the lens shape), but in most they're glaringly fake. I was almost convinced she got prescription glasses just to prove to lolcow that they really are ~real~ lmao a silly thought, but she's crazy enough.

No. 650829

Not silly at all, she does it ALL THE TIME. Also even people with glasses wear the mask properly.

No. 650831

many masks only fog up if they're cloth. the winter ones or non-medical style, do it the worst. most of the medical ones have a metal piece you can mold either around the nose or below the chin to let air out.

No. 650832


Probably pissed at her for yet again telling everyone that they are together and using her as lesbo bait for her neckbeards. Vamp has made it absolutely clear that she doesn’t like Moo doing that shit but yet again she can’t help wanting to be seen as a special little snowflake so she just has to tell everyone that she is “totally bi my dudes. Our relationship is so close and intense. But no sex though, I’m not a dyke or anything like that. Have you seen their haircuts? Yikes my dude”

No. 650837

Probably anti scratch and reflection.

No. 650838

but… her glasses are fake Mei props. Did she think we would forget?

No. 650839

She continues to get cuckbucks..she thinks people forgot.

No. 650842

File: 1554309890489.png (599.24 KB, 720x1205, Screenshot_2019-04-03-09-34-56…)

No. 650844

File: 1554309944656.png (823.37 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-04-03-09-35-41…)

No. 650845

File: 1554310236717.png (1.25 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-04-03-09-35-46…)

Like ..the vinyl toy?

No. 650847

File: 1554310392498.png (1.03 MB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2019-04-03-09-38-45…)

Two scoops of matcha

No. 650848

I hope she ends up not going since so many people who hate her are going

No. 650850

File: 1554310497271.png (802.08 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-04-03-09-38-53…)

No. 650851

she won't, or if she does it'll be like katsu

No. 650852

File: 1554310640565.png (434.26 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_2019-04-03-09-39-24…)

No. 650853

File: 1554310813102.png (625.06 KB, 720x945, Screenshot_2019-04-03-09-40-03…)

No. 650856

File: 1554310906349.png (969.46 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2019-04-03-09-41-00…)

No. 650857

She looks like shes going to snatch that ladie's purse. Why does she keep standing around, alone, and looking like shes ready to fight at all times? Like chill Moo..

No. 650858

File: 1554311358072.png (811.41 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-04-03-10-06-41…)

No. 650859

File: 1554311411528.png (1.49 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-04-03-10-07-02…)

Are you sure it wasn't 500 dollars? LMAO

No. 650860

File: 1554311545589.png (789.08 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-04-03-10-07-16…)

No. 650862


Another slacktivist call to arms by her where she will inevitably do nothing and thinks a simple repost is enough to get her ass pats. Genuinely funny coming from her considering how homophobic she is.


Gonna chalk it up to a combination of her stench being absolutely unbearable that no one wants to be around her, her being a loser with no friends despite her claims to the contrary and and just being hilariously unaware of how she comes across looking to other people. Yeah, with that mask and her standing around by herself I absolutely would believe she was looking to rob someone.

No. 650863

File: 1554311796469.jpeg (52.27 KB, 750x243, 39D30E0A-67F7-44F1-893B-30406C…)

I got a feelin…

No. 650864


I absolutely hate when she tries to act like she is some expert on figurines when literally all she ever buys are cheap knockoffs. Although I guess she would know about scamming people considering it’s all she ever does.


Lol I’ll be going in October as well, hope I don’t manage to run into this landwhale.

No. 650865

But didn't she say at this trip she was going to do all these shoots and meet a rope artist? Or did she forget to book time with hi, and just assumed he would tie her up?

No. 650866

File: 1554312578565.png (555.77 KB, 720x1051, Screenshot_2019-04-03-10-28-03…)

She lied.

Also she posted this cursed image on her Insta

No. 650867


The great and powerful Momokun who totally has people kicking down her doors trying to work with her lying about professional engagement. Surely you jest.

Of course she was lying. She needed to tell her paypigs something to make it seem like she was actually going to do work there and not just fuck off on vacation. If they had half a brain at all they’d be pissed about funding this bitch’s lifestyle and vacations and not even having the sad excuse of being able to at least getting to see her tits.

No. 650868

On a reddit form apperently they know everything and they are getting scammed. It's gross but most are waiting for her to do full porn and she's already doing it. They just wanna see full penetration now

No. 650869

This bitch has never had sex and will continue to bait them until they get bored or she blows up to grotesque levels of obesity.

No. 650870

She probably expected for him to do it without paying and without an appointment just like she did with the ship when she was cosplaying as Francis Drake or whatever.

No. 650871

File: 1554313778929.png (Spoiler Image, 467.76 KB, 720x1004, Screenshot_2019-04-03-10-48-23…)

EBay purchases: a itabag and this shit

No. 650872

Lol this is genuinely so weird. It would have been way cuter if she put one in her cleavage or something?

No. 650873

haha, my sides. I can't wait to see this now.
It's just going to vanish between her cheeks. Man, She's going to do some heavy editing I guarantee it

No. 650874


The lie was obvious. She obviously doesn’t speak Japanese, so she would have a hard time getting any sort of professional connections outside of the obvious sleazeballs looking to lure dumb, unsuspecting foreign girls like her into prostitution. But she also needed an excuse to let her paypigs know she wasn’t just going out there again to just fuck around and eat and that she was going to do actual work while there. I’m sure we’ll be getting some bs excuses for why she didn’t do any work there like her “being too busy and tired after walking around all day”. If she’s feeling extra bitchy about being called out for lying she might throw this imaginary rope artist under the bus by calling him unprofessional or accuse him of cancelling on her.

No. 650875

I'm betting on the latter, that's her go-to excuse now

No. 650876

She shot nothing. She shot fucking nothing in Japan. We can see by her stories she was always with Vamp and her cousin and literally did nothing but everything else someone else wanted to do. The ONLY chance I can think of her 'cosplaying' was when they were hanging out with that other chick. Her friend cosplayed Sakura and took photos outside of their place they were staying in. Unless it was during that time and we just haven't seen any yet, Moo certainly didn't go to a photo parlor.

No. 650877

It's so scammy to charge her Patrons so she can "make quality cosplay" then buys a $5 Chinese bikini that won't fit

No. 650878

Might be tinfoil but Im almost certain she's going in Oct-Nov so that she can waddle around Tokyo in cosplay and hopefully get attention during that time to build a following because its not weird to wear cosplay during that time openly.

No. 650879

Adding that or she might be hoping to shoot some cringy shit at the Koro Ni house.

No. 650881


Yep. Just accuse everyone of being unprofessional and all of a sudden your shitty behavior and lack of content all gets justified. Because instead of behaving like an adult you opt to act like a spoiled, belligerent child and anyone who doesn’t kowtow to all of your incessant demands is immediately being “so rude and unprofessional”. I really wish she got called out more when she does shit like this instead of all the “you go gurl/yaaaaas queen slay” bullshit she gets when she acts like that. Showing up on private property with no permission to film and being asked to leave is not them being “unprofessional”. You being a loud obnoxious asshole disturbing and being a nuisance to other customers and being asked to leave is not “unprofessional”. Establishments don’t have to put up with your shitty behavior and they certainly can kick you out if you don’t have business there or are doing something you know you aren’t supposed to be doing.

No. 650883

She is the embodiment of a 35 year old soccer mom who leaves a bad YELP! any time she isn't waited on hand and foot and given everything she wants at a place. She has no remorse for how she makes people feel and will stomp around demanding anything and everything and, like you said, will call others 'unprofessional and lazy' if her demands are not met. What I don't understand at all is why her 'friends' stand there and don't say shit. Even her old herd. I don't think it has to do with Moo's power, but the fact that fucking nerd literally don't know how to raise their voice until they are behind computer screens. Its fucking problematic and enabling and its such an easy fix to constantly tell Moo to knock the fuck off of certain things.

No. 650885


It’s because they are all spineless leeches who don’t want to do anything to lose out on their meal ticket. She has no problem cutting others out of her group if they don’t constantly bow down to her and follow her attack orders. Any sign of disrespect towards her is grounds for immediate expulsion from the group. She doesn’t see them as friends, she sees them as her personal army and if they don’t do what she tells them to then they aren’t her “true friends” and she will not only show them door but also put word out on them that they aren’t to be trusted or start whatever salacious rumor she can that will ostracize them and cause them to be avoided at all costs. Almost like a cult. We’ve heard countless stories from former friends about how as soon as they left her she would go around telling whatever lies and rumors she could to ruin them publicly.

With her it’s either obey or prepared to be unpersoned.

No. 650891

I'm pretty sure this is one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

No. 650892

…Does Moo not understand that bananas are supposed to be cocks? What sense does this make in that context? You don't just… stick your dick in a bra. The fuck.

This is like what would happen if a space alien tried to make porn. I can't believe how retarded this actual adult is.

No. 650894


Zero idea how to be sexual or enticing at all outside of what she sees in hentai. Tries to offset it by doing stupid “lol so randum this is how it works right?” bullshit so that no one will talk about how cringey she looks.

No. 650895

There’s absolutely no way this will fit her. I own one and I’m more than half her size and it barely fits me. She’s so dilutional she thinks she fits in to one size fits all stuff.. Oh well. Keep wasting money, moo.

No. 650896

Tbh, it does have adjustable straps in the back and Moo already hikes things up super high. It'll fit her, but it don't look flattering or nice without the photoshop.

No. 650897

When you make money you don't work hard for, it's not a 'waste' though. My only wish is her cucks will wake up one day and just..stop giving her money.

No. 650900

the kind of people who pay her money are the same kinds who whale thousands a month on shitty gacha mobile games. it's never going to stop. we can all find out niche and get $$ from these sorts of cucks just like moo. just remember that eventually her money will slow and she won't be able to live her current lifestyle and ultimately meltdown.

No. 650905

Yeah eventually the amount she makes won't be worth the effort for her. And with moo I feel like she's gonna have to implode at that point because it's like with strippers. Why would you work a 9-5 when you were stripping and making 1k in a few hours on good nights. Moo will never be able to adjust

No. 650908

she barely puts any effort in to begin with. More likely is that she'd just start re-using super old sets and more excuses

No. 650909

She looks so stupid wearing that mask like that. And you know she's only doing it because she thinks it makes her look "more Japanese". What a dumbass.

No. 650913

absolutamente unito

No. 650918

The neckbeards and creepy old men that are her patreon chumps certainly got their moneys worth on this trip didnt they?

No. 650919

the least she could do at this point is show her snatch(thirst posting)

No. 650921

She has so go find it somewhere in old threads

No. 650922

She has a looot of women subbed on her patreon too btw.

No. 650923

Oh you mean the fattychans who have 0 self esteem? Or the girls with boyfriends who are in "open relationships" and both fap to Moo's subpar content? You right

No. 650925

what does this mean? "Grilly bear men"?

additionally, what makes you think she COULD get a 9 -5? If she wants anything more than a crappy fast food job, she'll need her super cool and totes professional lawyers to strip the internet of her name, including the sexual harassment/assault/molestation accusations against her, because god knows how the company would react to have such a large, problematic figurehead employed. Also, imagine how much workplace sexual harassment she could get up to

No. 650926

I'm assuming she means girly hairy men

No. 650928


She’s already deluded herself into thinking she is a “successful businesswoman making boss bitch moves”. The idea of her working a 9 to 5 is completely ludicrous to her and she thinks she’ll never have to worry about making money again. Can’t wait to see reality hit her like a ton of bricks and she is stuck working the register at her local Walmart.

No. 650931

File: 1554348523493.png (177.73 KB, 750x1334, 192ACB2B-0B20-4FE3-A8CB-54F4B5…)

Funny coming from someone who constantly has to switch up their LIES in order to save face…

No. 650938

i think she means baras.

No. 650939

File: 1554351641428.jpeg (594.2 KB, 750x1094, E8440CD9-6F71-47F9-84E4-75A7DA…)

>been to Japan twice
>knows Tokyo like the back of her hand

ok Mariah

No. 650940

inb4 they complain about their figures being stolen

No. 650941

christ, how much luggage did she bring?

No. 650942

Why are there so many suitcases when moo wore two pants and the same shirt for a week.

No. 650945

the pink set is what she usually travels with, last night she said she needed an extra suitcase to carry all the crap she brought back.

No. 650946

even then, she doesn't wear enough to justify three cases

No. 650947


I’m sure her dumbass would get lost the second she didn’t have a guide showing her everywhere to go. Literally can’t read or speak the language and doesn’t know a damn thing outside of stupid shot she sees in anime. She literally can’t go a single second without trying to brag.

No. 650952

I think she forgot they are called 'Grizzly Bears' and just put down whatever she could remember to a degree. Thus, 'Grilly bear'.

No. 650956

Momo seems like one of those passive agressive fucks who packs basically nothing in 10 suitcases so people have to treat her like a princess

No. 650957

Do you think she has one for figurines and the other 3 to hold 2 pieces of clothing she recycled throughout the week?

No. 650959

I made a post, but I take it back. Its the cosplays she never wore. It fucking has to be.

No. 650960

Anon she needed those for all the cosplay shoots she was totally gonna do in Nippon.
but everyone else was so unprofessional she had to change her plans

No. 650961

Ooooh you thinking the same thing as me! Hell yeah! Otherwise it literally makes no sense and why would you book empty cases onto a flight to Japan? That'd be fucking dumb unless she fitted them into each other and Russian dolled them when they landed. Meaning they have figures in them.

No. 650969

File: 1554366282076.png (572.64 KB, 720x1030, Screenshot_2019-04-04-01-23-41…)


No. 650971

File: 1554368229340.png (263.96 KB, 1466x886, Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 6.56…)

does this bitch know what Gravure is????? they're specifically underage and targeted to pedos. okay Maraiah go off then

No. 650972

Calm down anon, that's just "junior gravure"! Moo likes "Grauve" you silly monkey brain! She would never cater to people like that~

No. 650974

So she’s going to do just photo shoots and fetish material, yeah right. What happened to that this trip moo? Why does it conveniently have to be Japan where this is all done? Not that it will be. How much money does it cost to go to Japan so often like this? She has to be throwing away a damn good amount of money on top of what she spends while there. I’d be pissed if I was one of her gross neckbeards.

No. 650975

She makes a lot of cuckbucks, Japan is not a cheap trip, especially within a 2-3 month span of each trip not to mention what she dumps in Japan. You can easily spend 3-7k in that short time frame.

Also, she's gonna do gravure just as much as she did with the rope shit she supposedly had lined up. Another anon said it was BS outright because that's not how those companies work, especially with foreign people without significant advanced notice..and surprise surprise..nothing happened.

No. 650976

This trip was supposed to be for photoshoots too, but after canceling Hinata she couldn't be arsed to do anything else and just dicked around. Be back in October to buy shitloads of figures again. She couldn't even bother to do a tripod session with another shitty wig and shitty bikini, what a lazy cunt.

No. 650977

File: 1554375419443.jpg (79.9 KB, 714x662, moofate.jpg)

this just came across my feed and made me think of moo lol

No. 650980

She must be hella fake then cause she's been trying to maintain her image since the truth came out about her molesting people.

This idiot wouldn't even know where to find places to go for that shit and doesn't speak the language so she can't find out. She's too stupid.

No. 650982


It's so crazy to me that last time she visited she literally copied Nigri and Jenna Lynn's "onsen" shoot and now that she's there again there's so many photo opportunities that she's missing out on.

Was her first visit to Japan literally just to flex on Nigri and skinwalk her photoshoots to one up her? I really don't understand lol. It just seems so ridiculous and tinfoil-like, but they didn't even mention each other when they were both there, and out of all the cool photo spots you specifically chose what Nigri and Meowri did?

She's so fucking weird.

No. 650984


Wasn’t this trip the one where you promised all kinds of special photo shoots? Seriously, I’d be so fucking pissed if I actually paid for this bitch’s content. All she does is take their money and fucks off to do whatever she wants. I fucking knew she would come up with some bullshit excuse for why she didn’t shoot anything.

Also lol at “omg japan you are so wonderful and I can’t wait to be back later this year.” What happened to them all being secretly racist and making fun of you and your friends, Moo?

No. 650985

>>650984 One of the anons speculated that she might possibly be working with this artist (first post in the thread) = >>649174

And yes, she did announce that this trip was supposed to be a "business" trip, stating she'd be shooting in Japan during this recent trip = >>648296

No. 650986

it's probably a mix of her being unoriginal and her being too ashamed to wear something that shows off how nasty she is in public. she didn't even use an outdoor bath like the others did, which is the entire point of onsen.

No. 650988

including flight and hotel and other travel expenses, its not hard to live off of even 3k for 2-3 weeks in Japan. Its not too pricey as long as you know what you're doing and where to book shit. Most of Moo's money, it looks like, goes to the shit she buys.

No. 650990


Exactly. Japan isn’t a terribly expensive trip. I’m going in October and aside from airfare the most I’ll be spending is maybe between $1800 to maybe $2400. It’s really all about how you budget it. I imagine mist of what Moo spends on is all the crap figurines she buys when she is there

No. 650991


Plus as much as everyone hates to admit it, she fucking makes MONEY. Moo makes fucking a lot of money. The salty fucks in here don't have to accept it, but she DOES and there is zero way to compare it to what she made before she hid her numbers. We cannot compare it to the 10k she WAS making. People can bitch all they want about all this money she spends, but she can because she has it. A trip like this for Moo, paying for everyone again, isn't much of a dip for her. Back home the biggest expense is probably the rent on the place and in Vegas even thats fucking cheap. Moo has the money anyway to go back and forth to Japan if she wants, but she's actually playing it smart about not going anytime soon again because Vamp probably can't get that time off again for an extended trip and I don't ever see Moo traveling without someone from her group, mainly Vamp.

No. 650992

are you stupid, anon? she makes less than 10k, we already have proof that she was spoofing her "goal" numbers and her goal had been set at 10k before she hid her earnings. her fans don't really buy her expensive sets.

also 10k isn't really that much especially after taxes, she doesn't have the same gross income.

No. 650993

She does not make less than 10k. Are you kidding me? If you guys are so hellbent on the idea that she keeps changing her goals, you might be right, but there is no way she making less than 10k with over 950 patrons unless everyone is literally. Even with 969 patrons, $10 a month each, its almost 10k. You have got the dumb as fuck if you think people aren't paying for the photoshop, trap-hole instagram photos for higher tiers. We see the people on reddit admitting to paying for high sets and shit too. She's making well over 10k. Stop being ignorant about that and just accept that Moo is making money and it's not like with 10k taxes take out 9k of it. Moo loses probably 1k. Thats still a lot of backup money. Im going to stop talking about it here because you guys will argue about it no matter what, but she is well over 10k. Tbh, for all we know, the calander goal might be setup for patron subs and not for how much money she makes. You can switch between how the goal counts down to the end.

No. 650994

are you new? also taxes take out way more than that. people who make 10k a month don't take their tits out on a cam stream for $100.

No. 650995

>>650991 There's no doubt that she makes decent money. It's evident in the way she flexes. But she does seem a little careless with her money. She reminds me of a professional athlete who doesn't have the right people in their ear once they get their first big contract. So they take their health or their skills for granted, buy tons of shit, spoil their entourages, and so on. But when something doesn't go according to plan, it can lead to bankruptcy filings, crime, or other negative consequences.

The way Moo spends makes it seem as though she lives in the moment, and takes her fans for granted. Her photo sets have really gone downhill since her ADHD excuse, but she still manages to attract scummy idiots with her borderline pornographic shoots, and her laughable time as a Camversity model.

But what if those fans magically wise up and stop throwing money at her? I mean, Japan may not be the most expensive trip in the world, but let's not forget that she's going to the UK soon, exclusively buys overpriced commissioned pieces, and has an addictive personality which is evident in the way she shops.

If I can put on my tinfoil hat for a second, I think this ties in to her lack of furniture and clothing. She's so accustomed to living a certain way for appearances, she doesn't know how to properly budget. Otherwise, she wouldn't have shit her pants that one month when Patreon had a severe glitch, and she momentarily dropped down to about 430 patrons.

No. 650996

even if she makes 10K a month her take home would only be 7,500 after taxes, which she has to pay in a lump sum because of how she's "employed". and she doesn't choose how much she reports because patreon calculates it all automatically. not only that but patreon takes a fairly big fee out of her earnings as well.

No. 650997

Thats a better way of explaining it. Im not the best at explaining things, but like you said she makes very good money, but doesn't know how to budget. Without proof everything about her money is up in the air and we can't count on the patron goal thing to see how much she makes. As I said before, the goal can be made to change a few ways. The most common on is how much money, but you can set it too how many Patrons. If moo keeps changing it to something like 2k which she kept egging people on to get her too, that makes sense why the calendar keeps being pushed back. We can't base her income on that but when she has 400 or so people she was at 10k Gotta be extremely blinded by your hate of Moo to not admit she's making double if not triple that from two years ago.

No. 650998

Can confirm Patreon taking big sums, but they don't calculate it wholey for you. A lot of work you have to do yourself.

No. 650999

you may have to do some work, but patreon reports all your earnings to the IRS is what i meant.

no one is saying she's making a tiny amount, but she's obviously not making as much as she was. back then she had a lot of high $$ patreons who dropped off because she stopped doing their rewards. we also have a lot of evidence she's funneling her own money into fake accounts to boost her numbers, and since she's been doing that the entire time, it's a pretty clear track record. she wouldn't have done some of the shit she clearly has issue with if she was making as much as you think.

No. 651000

Anon she's making more than 10k. What are you talking about that she is making less somehow?

>she's obviously not making as much as she was

No. 651001

>no proof of fake accounts

We have never, ever had proof of this and the setup for Patron this way makes no sense.

No. 651003

I don’t think you understand how patreon works. When she was making 10k she was at the top of her game with multiple 100$ patrons and a handful of 500$. There hasn’t been a single complaint from a patron about missing prints and she’d be bragging about how tiring it was like before if she was sending them; so there’s almost guaranteed no one in that tier.

All of her sets lately have pandered to her 1 and 10$ patrons. That’s where the majority of them are.

Why are you pushing this so hard? It’s not a disputed thing. She’s also been caught changing her goal amount, with it suddenly changing within the hour of someone making fun of her here despite no new patrons. Go Stan moo somewhere else.

No. 651004

Also, the goal wouldn’t say % if it was a per patron goal. It would say 950 out of 2000. You can go ahead and verify that on a ton of other costhots patreons.

No. 651005

evidence is not proof. and you can get fake accounts, it's the same way you get social media likes, you pay a company who has workers that make the fake accounts.

No. 651006

this. the glaringly obvious proof that she makes less is that she hasn't bitched about having to fulfill their rewards. she hasn't had to do a cosplay request since the beginning of 2018

No. 651007

You can actually change that as well. Its not about verifying. I used to have a Patreon and can already verify that you can alter a lot of this stuff. That's why I'm so confused as to why people are even arguing about this. Moo fixes her stuff, but she is making more than she did. You can't argue against that and all this is just derail infighting at this point, so I'm tapping out. >>651005 Tbh, her buying fake account for Patreon is a dumb reach. Patreon has a very good system to detect scams like that and automatically block/ban accounts that abuse the system this way. It comes up under Patreon subs and shows you an autoban under the accounts doing this who are/were subbed to you [before they were banned]

No. 651008

Another factor to consider is people pledging below tier levels. You can pledge whatever you want, just have to be okay with not getting any rewards based on it. There might be a ton of $1-5 people that are just tipping because they're idiots

No. 651009

We are also forgetting the dumb guys who are subbing $12 to get the dropbox set that she gives to the $10 patrons each month. Moo even stated in another story recently that onlyfans gets the dropbox at the end of the month. Otherwise, its just 1 or 2 photos in that month that she shares on there. Nothing reddit doesn't get for 'free' compared to everyone else? Moo is shit at marketing and she's scam all over on every site, but these idiots keep paying.

No. 651011

I want to add though that she doesn't get the full $12. For even just $5 to have people sub they take a full $1 out. So Moo might be getting about $9 or $10 from those subs on there. That still adds up.

No. 651012

Momo is exactly like those cam girls in the cam girl threads. They make thousands a month and some make more than Momo. Some get INSANE gifts as well. Even look at exotic dancers and escorts who make more.
The point being once they fuck up once they are begging for money in just a few short months because they have horrible spending because "I have a certain life style I want to keep!"

No. 651015

File: 1554404228501.jpeg (547.19 KB, 750x1113, 910A5A38-FA9A-4055-A0F1-4CD0B6…)

No. 651017

File: 1554404519116.png (2.37 MB, 750x1334, 4EBD5181-6603-459C-9879-7F0C0B…)

PSA facemasks DONT stop butthurt

No. 651018


Is she still buttmad about people calling her out for wearing her masks as fashion statements and not because she is “sick”?

Also, she is the last person that needs to be preaching about “cultural insensitivity” considering all the racist shit she has said.

No. 651019

Sneezing into the mask isn't going to do much when it doesn't cover your nose dim wit

No. 651020

This dumb cow could have shipped her shit back in a box/package but here she is. And once again, she destroyed the figure boxes?

No. 651021


many commercially available masks have features that prevent fogging glasses. i've never heard of anyone wearing it below their nose because that kind of defeats the purpose of wearing it at all.

No. 651022

Seriously? You pull it over your nose when you sneeze, anon. It's not that hard.

No. 651023

If the accounts are actually paying they don't get flagged.

No. 651024

But she isn't Japanese so the culture doesn't apply to her. She can't claim POC points on a culture she isn't apart of. That and she isn't sick. The moment she's home she wont be wearing the mask

No. 651025

No she's trying to get 'woke' points when its not that deep at all.

No. 651027

why does momo seem to be going the Mirah route? I feel like she hates America now because everyone rejected her. So now she is thinking about moving to beautiful Japan. But in her first year she will be so anti Japan because everyone tells her to her face she's fat. Not in a mean way but in a "Wow, should you be eating all that food?"

No. 651028

Yep she's butthurt big time.

No. 651030

"culturally insensitive" says the woman who repeatedly shouted "ching chong" into a megaphone at an Asian person. the audacity of this bitch.

No. 651032

Different anon here. I have a decent Patreon, and she would not put in the effort to buy fake Patreon pledges. It makes no sense… it’s not just like buying likes. It’s a different account and payment type. It’s too much effort for our lazy cow.

As much as everyone hates to admit it, she’s got a wave of people who want her gross lazy content.
I’d guess she makes about 30k a month, before taxes (which are not too aggressive in Vegas).

No. 651033

All this sperging about how much she makes is pointless. However much it is she spends every penny of it as quickly as possible. As for being able to travel to Japan on a budget? Sure you can. But she doesn't. And don't forget that she is paying for 3-4 people. She has no savings and she has never paid any taxes on her income from patreon. She will go down in flames someday. It may take years. But it will happen.

No. 651034

>>651017 I still think she's going with this goofy ass mask and glasses combo in order to hide the bags under her eyes, her acne that her miracle creams didn't help one bit, her old lady cheeks, and her triple chin. As far as I can remember, she wasn't wearing a mask or glasses during her first visit. And the only reason she's pretending to be sick is because Vamps and her cousin probably have high enough self-esteem to not have to worry about what people might be saying about their faces.

No. 651035

>>651034 Doublepost to better explain what I meant.

Vamps and her cousin didn't constantly wear a mask, because they aren't insecure like Mariah.

No. 651037

File: 1554412464063.jpg (480.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190404-141209_Ins…)

Holy fuck. After she gave that big ass lecture on how it's okay to wear the mask like she's been doing, she immediately contradicts herself. >>651017

Classic fucking Moo.

No. 651041

She can't take being called out lol.

No. 651042

Who the fuck doesn’t know this already though

No. 651043


Exactly. Feeling insecure about how stupid she sounded and how no one was buying her bullshit so she immediately walked it back.

No. 651044

“Culturally insensitive” says the one who took a candid pic of some people trying to have lunch in a country uptight about privacy so she could “omg lol salary men and Godzilla so Japanese!!!!” Just days ago

No. 651047

This has nothing to do with being culturally insensitive. It's a fucking mask. Just say you're ugly and be done with it.

No. 651049


Admit she’s ugly? But anon, didn’t you know? She is a thicc confident queen and she won’t let anyone take that away from her or bring her down!

No. 651054

okay but if she's soooo sick why didn't she wear her mask here??? she obv went into public, went to a store, talked to someone. like this bitch makes her lies too easy to pick apart

No. 651055

Dude chill your salty tinfoil. You have no proof of lack of savings or that she spends everything. Stop being blinded by your red sight. Its okay to admit Moo has money.

No. 651056

Oh yes, I forgot. A thicc confident queen that wears the same ratty leggings everyday, doesn't wash her hair, and covers her face with enormous granny glasses and a medical mask. The picture of confidence.

No. 651058

Its not really something we in the US do. We just stay home or say fuck it.

No. 651059

To add on, take the tax sperg elsewhere. Its a deas, old meme and we cany prove, no one can prove, if these thots pay taxes.

No. 651062

We're having the tax argument again? Jeez. Sad this japan trip wasn't so milky.

No. 651069

but this was during her Japan trip?

No. 651077

it's not something white people in the US do but speak for yourself.

No. 651080

She hasn't mentioned the big shibari artist she was supposed to do photographs with. I wonder how that ended up not happening.

No. 651082

Idc if this is blogposty or not, but as someone who spends about the same amount moo makes a month, I doubt she's really saving that much money.

No. 651085

May have been a lie and never existed, might have been cancelled/rejected by the artist, something just didn’t work out, we’ll never know but she’ll probably just use “I WAS SICK” as the excuse for whatever it really was

No. 651087

Either she's dumb enough to think she can just walk in without an appointment, or it was never a thing. Leaning on the latter because there weren't a billion ig stories ranting about how unprofessional the shibari artist was.

No. 651096

We dont have a fucking number for how much she makes. Fucking drop it.

No. 651107

File: 1554438328299.png (615.99 KB, 720x1208, Screenshot_2019-04-04-19-53-27…)

No. 651108

File: 1554438443677.png (533.75 KB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2019-04-04-19-53-23…)

No. 651112

File: 1554440660032.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 59.53 KB, 533x800, fzLy0CMk.jpeg)

No. 651114

File: 1554440962117.jpeg (1.51 MB, 3840x5760, w7cdJp84.jpeg)

No. 651115

File: 1554441093385.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 3840x5760, lpuoEtvU.jpeg)

No. 651116

File: 1554441190160.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 138.79 KB, 1365x2048, KGBmoZS8.jpeg)

No. 651119

What the fuck makes her think this is okay to publish? She looks more like a monkey scratching her ass and I think I see a slight discoloration leading to her asshole. Jesus christ.

No. 651121

Some of the other reddit said that it was a scam, even if it was a "teaser set"

No. 651122

File: 1554441964779.png (2.33 MB, 1399x2048, Screenshot_20190405-012450.png)

She can't possibly be serious. That drawn-on jaw? Her fat neck? What the fuck is going on?

No. 651129

File: 1554444785255.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 758.45 KB, 3840x5760, foldover.jpeg)

No. 651131

File: 1554444883638.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 3840x5760, oof.jpeg)

No. 651132

File: 1554445305884.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 919.85 KB, 3840x5760, k9F2l-OQ.jpeg)

The backwards garterbelt is fucking killing me.

No. 651133


why does it look like she has balls

No. 651134


she has got to start wearing things her size. this looks painful

No. 651135

File: 1554445470132.jpg (18.01 KB, 414x232, changing-diapers-722x406.jpg)

Why does she keep using this pose? It looks like how people lift a baby's legs up when they're changing a diaper

No. 651136

File: 1554445482695.jpg (1.57 MB, 2560x1920, 19-04-05-02-24-26-219_deco.jpg)

Actual fucking nightmares

No. 651137


her body is so bright & blurry you can hardly see anything. even the people who do find her attractive aren't here just for her face. who took and edited these??

No. 651138

she looks so dead on the inside

she doesn't know any other poses

No. 651139

the totes legit girlonthemonnpro

No. 651140

File: 1554445720879.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 833.39 KB, 3840x5760, WHzYTsi4.jpeg)

Her eyes are so lopsided???

No. 651141


it looks like they edited one half of her face but forgot to do the other!

No. 651142

File: 1554446093532.jpeg (169.64 KB, 750x1109, 1543393203764.jpeg)

She's not a creative person lol. Same set, same foot fetish pandering, similar outfit.

No. 651144

File: 1554446132914.png (25.46 KB, 856x275, feet.PNG)

No. 651145

It's that Chun-li doujin pose again lmao, she's so unoriginal.

No. 651146

>>651129 Is her backwards garter belt so tight that it's seeping into her gut this deeply?

It's no wonder that she always looks so discolored, winded and exasperated. By wearing clothing articles that are 4 sizes too small for her, she has to be cutting off the blood circulation.

No. 651147

Its cheese. Thats it. That stupid tattoo looks like cheese at all times.

Im feeling like Moo didn't like a lot of this 'set'. Like this photos is So blurry everywhere. Nothing is in focus at all.

No. 651148

She does jack shit for foot fetish anyway. She doesn't have good looking feet to begin with.

No. 651149

Her ass is even smaller than ever before too. I dont know what she is hoping with these poses. It only shows off how small her ass is and the front facing, bend over pics are as best as she can get to get an ass shape because her thigh melt when she does that into it giving an elongated look. Typical obese tactic.

No. 651150

Its cause she's gotten so much bigger. It's hard to tell sometimes but the curve of her thigh is larger than her ass now, and the backs of her knees are more than telling.

No. 651153

File: 1554447397280.jpeg (907.62 KB, 3840x5760, Purple.jpeg)

Her hands and one boob are turning purple. I know rope play is meant to be tight but surely this ain't it.

No. 651154

File: 1554447438439.jpeg (818.8 KB, 1365x2048, 2C706B39-5CEC-4EA9-94F1-FB07CE…)

This what my sleep paralysis demon looks like when it’s staring at me from the edge of my bed.

No. 651161

File: 1554449590183.png (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 720x1124, Screenshot_2019-04-05-00-26-39…)

My favorite part is her gut disappears except in this photo

No. 651163


I’m back in the states! Currently in LA, will be in Vegas soon and will be sending out all the goodies!! So excited.

Tomorrow will literally be me cleaning and organizing everything for the next couple of weeks. I’m a little stressed out cause I got a lot to do but also very excited! Let’s do this !


No. 651171

Her stockings gradually ripping in each picture is fucking hilarious but the backwards garterbelt takes the cake

No. 651172

She's wording it oddly. It's like she's taking credit for her work just because she mentioned months before she should make ears

No. 651176

Why does she keep using these terrifying circle lenses when her own eyes are brown?

No. 651177

Holy shit, her crappy nose contouring makes her nose look ridiculously crooked. Damn Mariah.

No. 651186

>Nani tf

Jesus fucking cringe…

No. 651189

Those Mai pics with the white background have her arms shopped to half size. Compare them to the "gray kitten" set & it's almost hilarious

No. 651191

Shes reallllly letting that gut hang for those feeders huh. Not even another round of botched lipo could save her.

No. 651192


Moo has always this sex traffic victim vibe going on in her shoots. This vibe is getting stronger the more naked she is.

No. 651193

Her gray kitten is looking like a dusty kitten with that bad dye job. Love how she's barely back from Japan but is already making excuse posts to her patrons as to why she probably isn't going to post updates. Gosh moo if you're coming back from a country you already visited months ago and are already stressed maybe consider not fucking going when you know you have shit to do.

No. 651196


Also she has some nerve bitching about being “stressed” about all the work she has to do when she was supposed to do work while she was in Japan but didn’t didn’t do anything but fuck off and and stuff her fat face while gawking at all the locals. I would be pissed at her if I actually paid for any of her garbage.

No. 651202

File: 1554481203065.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1198x1445, A8DA07DE-AE2C-4926-90FA-2FB4B2…)

Momokun, professional cosplayer “known for her big, complex builds” Patreon exclusive high quality cosplay shoots checklist:

No. 651205

File: 1554482415548.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1020.11 KB, 3840x5760, DC94186A-4541-47ED-B8EB-2739AA…)

How can she look at this picture and think yeah that’s okay

No. 651210

"I'm getting tons of cuckbucks no matter what I do."

That's all she's thinking.

No. 651214

>>651205 In this photo, you can easily see just how awful of a job her hairdresser did as far as trying to make her extensions look natural. On the sides of each cheek, you can see her natural hair based on its length, which is just above her shoulders. The extensions look like a bad old lady wig. She really needs to learn how to groom properly.

>>651129 Imagine being a neckbeard who can't properly get off to most of these photos because Cat's big head is in so many of the gray kitten shots.

No. 651215

"My cucks will love the bend and snap!"

She's clearly too lazy to do location shots despite promising her cucks that she would as a patreon reward.

No. 651227

File: 1554489657498.jpg (662.17 KB, 1052x1404, 20190405_133229.jpg)

So we already know the red squares WILL happen with this set. The black exes are called. What's my prize anon?

No. 651228

She censored the bananas, does that count?

No. 651231


We could go with the cheap lingerie one, but it looks like not a true character in cheap panties.. just her with cat ears.

No. 651236

people are complaining about the ears on her page tho so…

No. 651240

Check the upper right corner anon.

She promised shoots in Japan but didn't do them.

No. 651241

She must be deleting them because itll say 2 comments and only have one. They're disappearing

No. 651243

Second month in a row and no japan shoots

No. 651244

They are saying what? If no caps then say what is being said. I see nothing anywhere about ears

No. 651245

cat's page has comments, you can see caps in the calves thread.

No. 651249

File: 1554498809146.png (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 750x1334, E7FE43B7-7B7F-4DD9-AF1E-5245DE…)

Oh moo you put this on the internet. Why.

No. 651261

File: 1554503892745.png (1.21 MB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-04-05-15-33-38…)

>groomer made a house visit and cleaned the cats
>Moo bought a litter robot so she can mindlessly take care of her cats
>bought "Incineroar" piece from Catzo club

No. 651262

File: 1554503984434.png (570.98 KB, 720x949, Screenshot_2019-04-05-15-34-05…)

No. 651265

Lord knows she'll never fucking do it.

No. 651270

Not trying to white knight Moo, but bathing some cats let alone BRUSHING some cats is difficult. At least she's spending money on getting her pets groomed. I have every pet grooming item under the sun from nail clippers to shavers but there's no way in hell I'd attempt to wash or clip one of my cats, I'd lose a freaking arm.
I do think she's irresponsible for getting more cats when she clearly doesn't have the time though. Like I know cats are independent little animals but they need more than food in a bowl and just a meagre litter change now and then.(stop cat blogging)

No. 651281

I hesitant to give Moo any credit since this is the first time she's ever had this done. And it's likely to combat all the backlash she got from getting a 4th cat.
"look I'm such a good owner! I totally care but also not bothered!" but I'm glad the cats are clean and happy

No. 651285

Hate to be that Jap fag, but masks are used for many reasons in Japan. Right now people wear them to prevent pollen. A lot of younger women wear them on an off-day, where they couldn't be bothered to wear full make-up, or had a bad skin day, or just not feeling confident. There's even a word called "masuku sagi" which means mask scam. It just really isnt a big deal here.

No. 651288

this looks amazing anon, but in the "pink eyeshadow" and "this character means so much to me" squares you've left an "and" at the end, but keep up the great work!!

No. 651293


good luck - I have a litter robot and only one of my cats will use it, you have to train them so they get used to it, because it's really different from a regular box and they can get spooked. she's not going to put the effort in

No. 651296


So it works counter to what it's supposed to? That will be funny; moo gets this shit so she can be a lazy ass and never clean catboxes, and now she won't have to clean cat boxes cause they are all terrified of it and start shitting on her clothes, etc? that will be awesome.

No. 651297

File: 1554519271425.jpeg (334.51 KB, 1242x1987, 99001F56-583C-4F38-B806-FFF945…)

The otaku picnic is coming up next week in Vegas and she’s listed as “going”. Boy will that be awkward, she’ll shovel free food in her maw while manhandling dogs (again) surrounded by people who despise her.

No. 651299

I hope she goes. The last time she went to a public picnic she wore short shorts and we got the best candids of her discolored cellulite limbs.

No. 651300


once the cat uses it, it's great, but there's a transition process, cats are dumb and picky.

No. 651301

Pretty sure her mom and Senpai were bitching about the smell and wanting her to actually clean the cat box. So she opted out for this option.
But auto cat boxes are over priced for something you still have to clean out and still smells if you forget it

No. 651304

It's a weird shadow under her eye I think. Or a really shit photoshop job.

No. 651305

With all the makeup she uses, all over herself, she is going to age so much faster than normal. By the time she is 30 she's going to look like a prune that's been soaking in vinegar. She looks like shes well past her 30's right now when she doesn't wear makeup. It can't be good for her.

No. 651307

Too bad she’s probably gonna be wearing the same pair of leggings, shirt, and Gucci fanny pack

No. 651308


Her boobs are so lopsided, I honestly feel sorry for her. That was probably just a slight mistake in the original reduction, but with all that extra fat in there, the difference is major…

No. 651310

I do t care what kind of box you use. 1 litter box is not enough for 4 cats. They are probably pissing and shitting all over the house. That’s probably why she had to have them groomed. They all stink and the longhairs are matted.

No. 651314

Im pretty sure its the lighting and the camera is down to the left which will make that one rounder and bigger looking. Not saying youre wrong, but its not as drastic as that.

No. 651316

File: 1554526116798.png (665.93 KB, 720x923, Screenshot_2019-04-05-21-46-16…)

No. 651317

It's backwards because tripod san was shooting for her and she can't reach behind her back to clip on the garter. She knows it's a mistake but she wanted the garter to it can squeeze her fat into some kind of waist

No. 651318


Moomoos cosplay tutorial

step one: buy a lot of overpriced supplies. In Bulk.

step two: sperg about how big a fan you are, and your attention to detail.

step three: say fuck that shit hotglue everything and make antares or some other fucktard do it for you. throw money at them

step four: take credit for the shit tier works of others. Profit!

No. 651323

>>651316 I didn't quite catch the reference. What is she having Cat make for her now, since Cat was over there when the new litter box accessory was set up?

No. 651324

Shera Greenwood

No. 651326

File: 1554531493131.png (1.16 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-04-05-23-16-31…)

No. 651327

>>651326 This bitch takes a picture of Japanese businessmen having lunch near some giant Godzilla display, and now she's suddenly into kaiju.

I need her drug dealer's number ASAP, because she's clearly high as fuck if she thinks anyone is going to buy her BS.

No. 651329

Mothra is only tolerable to watch high on weed anyways.

Moo is the worst kind of weeb.

No. 651330

Oh please sperg, please do it.

willing to bet she's only into it since that new godzilla movie comes out soon. heh maybe she should cosplay minilla

No. 651332

more like son of godzilla. shes got the body for it.

No. 651336

File: 1554536445491.jpg (46.25 KB, 669x400, temp.jpg)

just a quick and rough edit, but I think you're right

No. 651344

File: 1554541503049.gif (398.4 KB, 736x398, Bra-Gif-21.gif)

But the garter belt isn't initially connected to anything, so you can clasp it in the front and then twist it around so it's facing the right way, like how a lot of women put on a bra (image related).

Moo doesn't understand how garter belts work.

No. 651348

I've never seen someone with such a strange misunderstanding of clothing. She's worn tops backwards, garterbelts backwards, panties backwards and inside out. I genuinely can't tell if it's because she's dim, if she thinks it looks better, or if her lack of caring really applies to all aspects of her life. But it's so goofy and oddly specific and I can't help but be sort of amazed at it, I've never seen it before.

No. 651357

>>651348 And the thing that makes this such a worthy talking point is how Moo claims she's a goddess, but she can't even do the most basic shit right. For someone who talks such a big game and phrases as many things as she can in a sexual nature, it's stuff like this that really exposes her true lack of knowledge and intimate experiences. She tries to kiss the asses or steal ideas from so many models, and she still couldn't be bothered with putting any effort or research into this deplorable photo set.

Also, Cat was there during the shoot (as was girlonthemoonpro, but a tripod can't speak). Why didn't Cat tell her how stupid she looked? Or did Cat actually say something, and Moo just brushed it off due to her unwillingness to take advice?

>>651348 You couldn't be any more accurate about how bewildering it is to see this train wreck in action. Moo used to not get along with her mom as a teenager, so now I'm wondering if Moo's stubbornness prevented her from learning a few things from her mother that could have benefited her on a personal and professional note. I mean, there are kindergarten students who can dress themselves better than Moo. That's fucking embarassing, especially from someone who calls herself a model.

No. 651359

Its Adam and Eve clothing. Its already is shit and buckles weird tbh.

No. 651360

Stop trying to armchair Moo. Shes just a dumbass. Nothing else.

No. 651375

File: 1554570163875.jpg (300.37 KB, 2048x1536, 56462408_449888105554475_42365…)

mariah in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

No. 651376

File: 1554570339270.jpg (306.12 KB, 2048x1536, 56706193_307342639945956_50760…)


No. 651377

don't giver her ideas

No. 651378

Wow, the likeness is uncanny. Are we sure this wasn’t her Japan shoot? lol

No. 651379

File: 1554573323775.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 174.76 KB, 750x1188, 6DFFCB43-FF0D-4059-9489-DCFD04…)

No. 651384

File: 1554577364081.jpg (Spoiler Image, 326.4 KB, 720x1139, 20190406_120056.jpg)

>>651379 Figured I'd upload this one with the tags, since her favorite photographer Tripod-san was tagged.

No. 651387

File: 1554578341678.png (1.02 MB, 720x1032, Screenshot_2019-04-06-12-18-12…)

No. 651391

Lol. She's not a snack, she would feed a family of 6. For a week. At least.

No. 651393

>>651387 Definitely don't doubt that she sees a whole lot of snacks. Is this a new shoot? Who is she supposed to be?

No. 651395

One of the dragon ball androids (21 i think)

No. 651397

>>651393 This isn't new. It's almost two years old already.

Mariah doesn't have real photographers that are willing to shoot outside anymore.

You newfags have about 95 threads worth of catching up to do.

No. 651398

Nothing stopping her setting tripod-san up outside and acting like girlontgemoonpro is an actual photographer

No. 651403

>>651398 That's not the point, although you're clearly wrong, because Mariah doesn't have enough creativity to come up with doing something as adventurous as shooting outside.

The point is that she's been announcing her projects well in advance, and the only Dragon Ball characters she hinted at doing were Broly and Bulma.

It's seldom that newfags pay ny real attention to what's actually going on, and then we end up getting threads full of cat grooming tips as a result.

Please read and absorb the older material, or at least pay attention to the new stuff, because she clearly didn't announce Android 21 as a project for 2019.

No. 651404

Literally not that big of a deal, anon. Though the jumping to her defense is suspicious, especially saying said anon is "wrong" when everyone who's been following mooriah knows they're 100% correct.

No. 651406

>>651404 The anon is wrong in the sense that she would go outside with a tripod to shoot photos. Quiet was done in a garage. Tamamo was done in her bathroom. Countless other characters get shot in her bedroom or living room.

The only time she ever does any shooting outside is when she has actual photographers, and not tripods. Looking back as far as Diane, or as recently as Beatrice or beach Tamamo.

No. 651409

OKay THIS IS A REACH (and I know its an image board anons but I don't want Moo seeing it) but ThorneChan is cosplaying Mothra. She has been posting about it for months, and has even posted the artwork for it on Twitter. This HAS to be becuz of that right? She even changed her name to Kaiju Queen on twitter like.. holy fuck mariah

No. 651414

Anon the Godzilla movie comes out soon and Moo didnt say shes cosplaying. There is no tea here.

No. 651415

Would make sense she saw some other costhot do it first. This is the first time she's ever mentioned being interested in kaiju stuff

No. 651418

you must be new to moo, we should keep an eye on this especially since she’s bullied thornechan before

No. 651421

Ive been here. As much as I want to say its tea a lot of other cosplayers are suddenly looking like they are 'interested' too and it's because Japan and Godzilla. Thats about it. I dont think it has to do specifically with thornechan.

No. 651422

Not really a reach since most of the things Moo likes is to try and one up other cosplayers especially the ones who have dropped her now.

Why would she hyper fixate on the ONE kaiju that one of the people, who openly spoke about her being shitty, likes? Not really 'tea' since Moo does this at least once a month but it's absolutely tea. King Ghidorah is much more her 'type' when it comes to characters of stuff she likes. She's done this to thorne multiple times now.

No. 651424

Be real with Google. Whats the one other Godzilla monster you remember that isn't Mothra? Thats the first that comes to most everyone's mind because its the easiest damn name to remember. Thats probably why Moo is also fixated on it.

Not everything is deep guys.

No. 651440

Wine drunk cougar spots the Mexican pool boy.

No. 651453


Problem is those masks become totally useless after 15 minutes or so. If she had anything that could be transmitted through the air, the mask would be pointless if wore below her nose. Coughing is okay but it goes back to the 15 minutes or so comment.

I work at a hospital and wear glasses. I am required to wear a mask in some rooms and if put on properly your glasses wont fog.

No. 651455

File: 1554605513933.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 2316x3088, nnn.jpeg)

No. 651456

File: 1554605551355.jpeg (901.69 KB, 2316x3088, nn.jpeg)

No. 651457

File: 1554605603078.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2316x3088, nnnn.jpeg)

No. 651458

No. 651459

You are a class act moo. Never change.

No. 651460

File: 1554606159611.jpg (Spoiler Image, 936.08 KB, 2316x3088, 5QsB7ye.jpg)

Classic Moo, shit all over the bed vag and asshole hanging out. Loving how even grainy as fuck her ass is clearly as flat as ever.

No. 651461

jfc this is just embarrassing like it would somehow be better if they were actual dicks

No. 651462

that isn't spit… is it?

No. 651464

Of course Mariah doesn't brush her damn tongue. Disgusting.

No. 651465

…she really expects people to believe this is from an actual human holding a camera and not a tripod? lmao…

No. 651466

File: 1554607583701.jpg (1.04 MB, 2316x3088, rBoJuUYk.jpeg.jpg)

She's all lumpy and bruised, it looks so bizarre smoothed out like that

No. 651467

File: 1554607789503.png (442.43 KB, 720x990, Screenshot_2019-04-06-20-28-17…)

Cant find the Instagram post but it looks like she blurred out her tiddy rash before

No. 651468

File: 1554607805151.jpeg (823.46 KB, 2316x3088, B7892609-B743-477D-AB66-FB4A6C…)

What kills me is the fact that she doesn’t bother to take off her damn Apple Watch for this set. She’s reached peak laziness at this point. It’s embarrassing that people still pay for this garbage.

No. 651470

Lets not forget the reason she does this pose, he ass only looks like its big here, and not the flat cardboard that it is.

No. 651471

Fuck me her eyes look weird, did she enlarge the whites but not the pupils? That can't be real

No. 651472

These are selfie sets

No. 651473

This is just a repeat of when she was pretending to be into Harry Potter and Star wars. It will last a day

No. 651477

File: 1554608403029.jpeg (995 KB, 2316x3088, WOGsBHfI.jpeg)

Her face. It's like she's hearing the voice of God going "bitch what the fuck are you doing?"

No. 651478

Good point but again Momo's size explains it all. The garter belt is obviously digging into her skin and is too tight. Do you really think she can twist it? The answer is no

No. 651479

The sad part being that it’s still flat as fuck here too. No amount of camera angles/photoshop/contouring is going to give her the illusion that she has an ass. I’m actually surprised she hasn’t had a procedure done already to change it since she apparently has the money for it. It’d be funny to see it completely botched since we know she’s incapable of following though with aftercare.

No. 651482

Bitch where? He never wore this outfit. You literally just went ice skating for fun. Your homophobic ass was never into BL.

No. 651484

Its just rehearsal clothes and yes it's canon. This is just Moo's 'genderbend' which is just her normal clothes. Fucking lazy.

No. 651485

File: 1554609680912.jpg (465.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190406-230053_Ins…)

She's either still up her own ass, or shes really regretting relying on the feeder fetish as of late.

No. 651489

…how are they any different from the “girlonthemoonpro” sets?

No. 651491

I think regret. She goes off on these every so often. Realizing she's just a mockery, pretending it's not bothering her whatsoever. She'll boost herself back up with I love me garbage in a week or so. Maybe "These Thighs could crush a man's skull Thicccc!!!!!!"

No. 651498

Her nipples are so easily noticable and the right boob is so badly photoshopped that I see a blurry spot that looks like a pimple but I could be wrong.

No. 651515

File: 1554628224962.jpg (770.89 KB, 957x1312, 20190407_110537.jpg)

This and the inside out and reversed garterbelt are killing me. Mariah's "eye for detail" strikes again.

No. 651516

>>651489 There's no difference in terms of the finished product, or the position of the camera. Sometimes she tags her imaginary friend, and sometimes she doesn't.

No. 651517

File: 1554632702139.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, 804E2780-2466-48DB-84E7-67B129…)

No. 651519

Gee, I wonder if you have kept the boxes instead of stabbing them, the figures wouldn't break…

No. 651521

Out of all the things she could've lewded, she just had to choose Cat No Banana, a meme that peaked a year ago.
The ears don't even look like cat ears.

No. 651523

File: 1554642969018.jpeg (910.86 KB, 1242x1799, 01937FD1-A588-4630-A6F7-D4DCA0…)

No. 651524

Wonder how much screeching she had to do for that? Maybe price of the recent Japan trip?

No. 651526

God this made me gag. Brush your fucking tongue.

No. 651532

No. 651533


NTA, but that website lets you set dates for things that are marked as "life events."

No. 651535

Imagine having a collection of broken and/or bootleg items for stuff you only have a passing or feigned interest in.

Kinda hoping she eventually gets hard up for money down the road and turns to trying to sell these. Broken figures only sell for a fraction of the price. Even having no box significantly drops the value. Either she sells them at a huge loss or doesn't disclose their state. Either would be pretty milky, but dont see this happening for a long time.

No. 651536

File: 1554652303004.png (1.41 MB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-04-07-08-47-22…)

No. 651541

her face looks weirdly mirrored, and god that saggy breast gap

wasn't squarenoodles doing this shoot? Guess he either got lazy with the editing, or it was shot again afterwards by tripod-san

feeding into her story, we know gotmp is an amateur, but surely she'd have a good dslr? this quality looks like it was taken on a webcam.

No. 651543

Jesus, read the dropbox name guys. These are cell phone photos! She calls them 'selfie sets'. They aren't supposed to look high quality or good.

No. 651544

File: 1554658135996.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1198x1445, B11ECEF9-A583-4440-B8E2-F14879…)

Thank you blessed Patreon anon. Cmon Moo I’ve almost got bingo.

You’re right anon, but it gets hard to tell when her “good” sets aren’t much higher quality than her selfie ones. It is definitely getting more consfusing

No. 651545

You have to admit that these compared to her GOTMP or Square are much, much lower quality. You can tell.

No. 651548

Between her animal ears and figures, everything she collects is so unsatisfying. Even people with money typically take their time to collect and make purchases a little at a time over years to get collections like these to be proud of. Moo is so desperate to prove herself she sucked the joy out of collecting and just bulk or impulse buys everything. Not even gonna touch on the broken figures cause we all know about that

No. 651551

Anon thats kind of stupid. You don't have to take your time collecting something to want to have actual care for it. That mostly means someone didn't have the money or something wasn't available when it was released, so that have to 'take their time'. It's really dumb thinking.

No. 651555

File: 1554669006515.jpg (33.8 KB, 300x420, yuuri-katsuki-102706.jpg)

The calls this a YOI cosplay? She didn't even spell Yuuri's name right. Also, Yuuri wears glasses when he's not performing.

Also, she's never seen YOI. I would bet money on that. "Before the fandom was crazy"? Her idea of crazy is probably just "thinks the main characters are gay.

No. 651561

I was wondering what she meant by "Before the fandom was crazy". I'm not involved in the fandom but the "craziest" I ever heard was people wearing ice skates to cons?

No. 651576

File: 1554672085341.png (997.26 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-04-07-14-20-04…)

No. 651578

I wish this cunt would learn to use official images of characters instead of reposting someone's art without their permission.

No. 651579


>still using uncredited fanart

never change mariah

No. 651580

Because she thinks all women are crazy despite being one.

Also, samefag, but why hasn't she announced her reason for ghosting the shibari artist?

No. 651581

This was the most embarrassing thing ever. She did this shitty cosplay that in no way resembled the original character, she didn't even bother to get the correct set of skates. Then she backpedaled the fuck out when her neckbeards were triggered by the icky gay anime. I guess it was her stupid attempt at getting back at Steff who cosplayed as Yurio?

>Her idea of crazy is probably just "thinks the main characters are gay.
Yeah probably this. She was butthurt enough when people were saying that the male main characters from Devilman were gay because she wanted self insert into the female character to fugg the sugoi alpha demon guy.

No. 651588

Because she never had a Shibari artist lined up.

No. 651593

>>651580 She only ghosts conventions, not appointments with real photographers or actual rope artists.

She talks a big game about how she's in demand, but she works with the same dumbasses over and over again.

A part of me wonders if Squarecuck actually enjoys working with her, but I think he only does it because he's with Miso Tokki, and doesn't want to catch shit from her. As for Cat, we've seen how frustrated she looks while shipping for fabric with Mariah, or when she shares progress footage on outfits Mariah expects her to do without giving her a reasonably comfortable amount of time to complete something.

That's the whole reason she created the girlonthemoonpro facade, because she wants to make it seem as though she actually has people who want her around. Not only that, but this is just another way of scamming Patreon subscribers, since she claims she pays professional photographers.

No. 651595

File: 1554676569546.jpeg (106.17 KB, 423x686, 9F7C2D05-0302-46AE-845A-8B2FA9…)

Didn’t she wear this thing 2 years and 75 pounds ago? She already looked doughy and lumpy in it, I hope she does wear it again so we can compare just how much worse she looks now.
Though knowing Moo, she’ll likely forget about it and 90% of the other cosplays she’s announcing

No. 651597

File: 1554678077433.jpeg (552.19 KB, 661x1230, 06F7F2B9-C652-4929-A16B-830A50…)

can’t wait for the update!

No. 651600

File: 1554679138103.jpeg (44.64 KB, 574x574, 1545018734270.jpeg)

Wow. She has to be two times this size now.

No. 651602

Why is she even bothering with Bowsette? Nobody cares anymore after she made her big joke and it backfired.

It's a funny lineup since she can't pull off "sweet and shy" to save her life for Hinata and Shera. She has "downs cousin" and "fish face fuck buddy" and they are the same thing essentially. Nothing more, nothing less.

No. 651603

I don't think she's serious about her cosplaying Yurio, she's just wearing a similar outfit then so she made a joke about it during her past body reminiscence phase. I swear anons like you get so anal over this just to squeeze milk.

No. 651604

This is going to be great to see. She can’t strain her neck like in this photo anymore with the amount of chins she’s sporting now. She already wore a white version of this for Pochako but I’m sure none of her backers will complain about paying to see the same outfit multiple times (same poses too I bet)

No. 651605

jesus christ this is legitimately sad to look at. what the hell mariah. why did she throw herself away like this? it doesn’t even look like the same person anymore. i really hope she gets her overeating under control soon, she’s so short and from the even older college photos you can tell her frame is small-medium sized too. her heart muscle is probably struggling to keep up with her now.

No. 651608

File: 1554682480461.png (274.45 KB, 502x529, genderbent.png)

Thought so too, but googled "momokun yuri on ice" and found these

No. 651618

That same snapping turtle face. Couldn't she find an angle that's more fitting for her? Oh wait, this was probably before she was filtering her face to death.

No. 651627

It's weird she spent thounsands of dollars to pretend to be a fake nerd. I know from what she said before she's doing this for the money and attention. But…
It just seems kind of sad that she's putting up this nerd girl act for such a petty reason

No. 651628

File: 1554690929867.jpg (734.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190407-161806_Chr…)


No. 651629

File: 1554690964035.jpg (513.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190407-161748_Chr…)


No. 651630

File: 1554690986301.jpg (416.39 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190407-161741_Chr…)

3/3 updates

No. 651631

That's why all her stuff is broken. She's not really interested in them and for her it's expensive trash to flaunt. She has no real interests other than herself and food

No. 651632

It’s still filtered to death, slightly less since her jowls and eyebags were smaller.
Still has the same fat potato nose and droopy eyes
Bitch has always been ugly and uses false lashes/makeup/etc to deflect from it

No. 651633

She probably doesn't know anyone else's name other than "Yuri"
if anyone asks she's just going to scramble off to wiki anyway

No. 651634

>>651629 So her planned Bowsette & company shoot is pushed back. There has to be more to this story than what she's letting on.

No. 651635

I like how she gave up on getting the sauce for the original Bowsette pic so she relied on some calf's art instead lmao

No. 651651

File: 1554699483146.png (116.78 KB, 720x533, Screenshot_2019-04-07-21-56-56…)

Hawaii bound

No. 651652

this bitch is just using the paetron cash to go on vacation now while slapping on pasties twice a month. the way neck beards throw away money

No. 651654

File: 1554700347429.png (967.02 KB, 720x1205, Screenshot_2019-04-07-22-09-51…)

"they told me when I wrote my mask I didn't pull it up! So I pulled it up! I pulled it up! Are you happy now?"

No. 651655

This is one of the best looking pictures of Moo

No. 651656

Nobody's saying that Momo is cosplaying Yurio, the point was that maybe her making a shitty two second Yuuri cosplay out of nowhere was to try and take a jab at Steff who was cosplaying as Yurio at the time. Unless you're confusing Yurio and Yuuri, in which case yeah it was meant to be a Yuri on Ice cosplay like shown here >>651608 , not some "outfit inspired by" you newfag.

No. 651660

File: 1554702520949.jpg (419.31 KB, 1136x958, StealingIdeasAgain.jpg)

Anybody know what cosplay plans Moo took from Gabby?

No. 651662

Kind of off topic but I do the same as her when buying figures I don't bother to keep the packaging and I think it's funny how some weebs here will ree about it kek.
I never broke a figure tho. I don't really understand how she was able to do it. Just wrap it in clothing really.

No. 651665

Pretty sure it's the big boobed elf can't remember what thread it was. But established there she was doing it.

No. 651668

Good, she shouldn't change her plans anyway just because Moo's doing it. I'm glad she's not going to give that fat thief the satisfaction. Moo spergs when things don't go her way.

No. 651669

Lmao I can't wait for her to lie aboit going to Hawaii for shoots when she has zero intention of doing them.

Also, tf is she going to do there? She doesn't excercise, so swimming/scuba/hiking/surfing/jetskiing are all out of the question. Is she just going to eat and lay around on the beach in her ass floss for two weeks?

No. 651670

This is pretty much her MO at this point to secure those cuck bucks. String her patrons along with promises of location shoots and make up excuses as to why they never got done or never bring it up in hopes that people forgot. She better enjoy these unearned vacations while they last because at rate her body is deteriorating and the increasingly lackluster sets she does manage to release, the money is going to dwindle fast. Her only option after it dries up is going to be shilling to the feeder fetish crowd because we all know getting an actual job is beyond her. She’s accustomed to doing less than the bare minimum and being rewarded for it.

No. 651696

It's sad that her parents spoiled her so much, she's an insufferable cunt and expects that much now.

No. 651697

Her parents are 1% of the problem, 99% of the problem is her getting cuckbucks still, despite everything and how horrible of a person she is.

No. 651709

>pic of Ranma's boob being groped

WOW. She really has zero class. i know it's a screenshot, but considering how she did sexually assault people ir, she's disgusting

No. 651711

Remember anon, Mooriah was also a victim of rape, she's totally acting like one too!

No. 651712

It's been said before that her parents are a huge issue with encouraging her. Normal parents would never support this type of behavior. Especially her mom.

No. 651715

Does she not realize, fundoshi is for men?

No. 651717

Totes called by male honorifics in Japanese class, remember? Its okay for her because of it

No. 651719

I just can't understand why other cosplayers/costhots get upset when moo copies them, It's only ever going to make theirs look better, especially when farmers make comparisons and they find their way to bigger websites, which then get posted in her facebook comments.

No. 651722


moo has often manipulated the narrative and put out her shittier version of the cosplay before the people she copies to make it look like they are the one copying her. it's annoying when you put in the effort to come up with unique ideas to have moo take them and try to make you look like the one who stole them instead.

No. 651723

My personal favorite was when she tried to one up that other cosplayer who did Tsunade by doing the same pose and giving a larger bust measurement- proving she didn’t know jack shit about the character, since the original caption was an entirely canon reference and she had no idea.

No. 651724

Never forget her doing Velma weeks ahead in the same exact set that Gabby (I think it was her) planned on doing here at. These people have also come out and confirmed she spies on peoples SM just to do stuff befire them. It’s not reaching in anyway.

No. 651725

anon, it was a joke, I'm sure everyone knows how shitty she is when it comes to claiming lineups.

No. 651733

Long hair Velma which still makes no fucking sense and makes her unrecognizable

No. 651734

I can't stand Mariah's tendency to announce a lineup weeks or months in advance, not come through on at least half of her announcements, and eventually resort to doing lewd/bikini/lingerie variations of unannounced projects for the sake of recycling wigs and props.

Even though she buys a ton of shit that never gets worn and ends up sitting around in her closet, it seems like she only does it so that she could brag on Instagram in order to deter her cosplay rivals from doing anything similar, since she knows the other costhots are submissive and cowardly as fuck.

No. 651738

File: 1554745606607.png (1007.07 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-04-08-10-45-22…)

No. 651739

File: 1554745877305.png (700.84 KB, 720x1039, Screenshot_2019-04-08-10-50-27…)

No. 651740

The audacity of this bitch, part 1,348,900.

I'm glad that sensei isn't reining her in anymore, so much for learning respect, eh MooMoo?

No. 651741

Gabby just always likes to chase that someone is copying her for clout. Who cares. She does unoriginal thot ideas as well. Next.

No. 651745

Has she been reading Ecclesiastes or something? She keeps saying "everything under the sun."

No. 651746


And right on schedule as she is being called out for stealing ideas she pulls her usual “don’t forget to credit artists who inspire you/no one is truly original and we all take a little bit from and are inspired by each other”. This might have actually come across as sincere if she wasn’t known for constantly refusing to credit artists she works with or whose work she copies and wasn’t confirmed stalking other costhots social media specifically to snake ideas from them and shit them out first so that they can be seen as the ones copying her.

No. 651750

Her belly next to that other girl's is incredibly depressing. How can she not see it?

No. 651752

Yeah we all remember that line of invisible people. It was even more embarrassing for her cause the place was literally crowded, but only for the other coshoes there. All of them had lines wrapping around the building, and there was Moo's line… completely empty.

No. 651754


Empty lines and more than likely the only attention she got was creeps asking for sex


Because she deluded herself into thinking she had sick washboard abs because she is a “stronk warrior woman who will crush your head with her thicc thighs”.

No. 651776


And the ghost applause she received as well. Yea Moo the crickets chirped, the wind blew, and nobody under the sun cared you were there.

No. 651781

File: 1554755772600.jpg (677.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190408-153610_Ins…)

No. 651784

Looks more like Jnig than Moo

No. 651785

LOL this is the most unflattering fan art, I can't tell if it's supposed to be a parody or not

No. 651789

>>651781 This looks like a drunk, retarded ventriloquist dummy.

>>651776 Don't forget the imaginary fans at the airport who allegedly treated the arrival of Momomkun as if Jackie Onassis walked off the plane herself.

>>651738 Funny how she stole the artwork of others in her little promotional collage of upcoming projects, and didn't tag a single one of those people. And yet she says this.

No. 651791

I honestly think it’s a parody

No. 651799

File: 1554761276881.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, 31FD7223-579E-4FC4-9AB8-222A76…)

No. 651806

>>651799 Linguistics major.

Guess she decided to try something like this, instead of following through on her planned YouTube review series.

No. 651811

I’d sage this if I could..but am I the only who thinks it’s sad how often she’s been posting her old pictures? I wonder if she’s sad that she no longer looks that way or if she’s convinced that she looks the exact same but “thiccer”. I’m also curious if this means we’ll get to witness her get some more lipo very soon.

No. 651817


YouTube means having to be on camera unedited, meaning everyone gets to see her greasy, bloated, double chin pizza face. Also again, she only made a mention about it because she was fishing for attention. She does this all the time whenever she pretends to be really into something, she’ll ask her paypigs if she should do YouTube reviews/video analysis on the subject. They say yes, and then she doesn’t mention it again for another couple of months until she needs her monthly self-esteem boost after coming down from her high.

No. 651818

she has to make all short haired girls have long hair. In the past she said short hair is for dykes and she isn't a lesbian

No. 651821

File: 1554767206852.png (606.2 KB, 720x939, Screenshot_2019-04-08-16-37-20…)

No. 651842

Does all this throwback crap mean that even she knows she peaked years ago? Or is she just subconsciously self aware?

No. 651872

moo? reading? nah, that quote has been used by people who steal art and copy cosplays, she has no idea who Ecclesiastes is.

No. 651873

can the farmer who made this come forward please? lmao

No. 651877

Her shitty overuse of 'it makes my heart happy' just irks me so much.

No. 651895


If moo cosplays another fox/cat/something with furry ears girl I'll seriously flip my shit. We all know she doesn't have an original bone in her body but isn't she getting tired of anthropomorphic-ish cosplays at this point?

>Or maybe I really don't want moo to cosplay my waifu. Who knows.

>Also who wants to bet that she doesn't even know where this character is from and only bought her because she has big tits

No. 651897

There's no way you can convince me this was written by a native English speaker.

No. 651898

She's been, what twice now? And suddenly she thinks she's an expert.

No. 651899

I think she's doing most of this "recommendations and tips!!" b.s. so she can go back into the good graces of the anime/cosplay community. It'd be fine if she was always into figures or participated in con panels or masquerades but she just doesn't have the previous experience to warrant this display of knowledge.

No. 651900


Hasn’t ever stopped her before. One skim through a Wikipedia entry and all of a sudden she thinks she’s qualified to give in depths reviews and analysis on movies/anime. She’s just looking for attention and wants to be seen as more than a useless thot who has no talents beyond selling photos of her pretending to suck cock.


She does this all the time. The second she finds a new theme she immediately runs it into the ground. First it was swimsuits, then povs, then shibari. Now it’s retarded cat ears. I’m sure she’ll find another idea to latch onto and run that one into the ground as well.


Guess she still hasn’t gotten the hint that she isn’t wanted around anymore and no amount of ass kissing or posing is going to change that. She really should step outside that hugbox on Instagram for once in a while. No one gives a rat’s ass about her opinions on anything. At this point she is just useless fuckmeat that her paypigs are just holding out for to finally see her naked.

No. 651903


I think even she realizes what they keep throwing money at her for in the hopes of seeing, as her "sets" are getting closer and closer to that eventuality. And though she loves to pretend she isn't shook by it, we can figure she already internalized that she isn't welcome or even missed from the scene- if she does show up the BEST she gets is ignored. she sneaks in, tries to play capture the flag with a selfie, then goes to drink her sad away. And posting all her old photos is telling- as in telling us she is aware she looks like shit nowadays.
IMO her handling of bananas also shows she has no idea how sex actually works. porn of her would be so boring.

No. 651919

>>651903 Not sure if you've ever seen her Camversity stuff, but it was the least erotic and seductive stuff on the market. She went through a phase where she tried to suck on her fingers while shaking her ass, and it was pathetic. She probably would have done a better job of finger sucking if she had some chicken grease on there, but then that would have led to the severance of a finger.

Using more recent examples, she doesn't even know how to wear a garter belt properly. Aside from it being on backwards in the Gray Kitten set, it's pulled up so high above her navel that it almost touches her saggy boobs.

It's pretty clear that she only knows about sex based on whatever manga or anime she happens to come across. Or she could just ask Vamp, the seasoned pro.

No. 651925

File: 1554845163518.png (3.8 MB, 750x1334, EACD4B50-4CF7-420B-ACED-EF5D16…)

so if vamp is yoko, who will momo squeeze into? inb4 “cosplay handler” who carries vamps gun around

No. 651928

Omg these are the worst fucking tips. Radio Tower is full of chains and over priced bullshit and it’s literally the first fucking department store you see on the main drag! No wonder her prize figures were so fucking much, she also went to back alley where they charge markup collector price on open box figures (holy statue pic was taken there). Jesus Christ…

No. 651929

File: 1554846282484.jpg (54.5 KB, 497x416, adianepic (1).jpg)

Maybe Adiane? She can show tits and use a corset. She's going to look like shit, though.

No. 651938


All I can remember is Moo’s garbage version that was falling apart at the seams after an hour with her huge gut hanging out. Wonder how she’ll cut Vamp down for wearing hers that actually looks good on her. Because if there is one thing Moo hates it’s when other costhots wear a cosplay better than her.

No. 651945

I bet 10 bucks shes Kitan, just to spite Nana

No. 651946

>>651938 I'll even wager that she convinces Vamp not to participate in a group cosplay, unless:

>Mariah gets to be in it too


>Mariah tries to start her own group cosplay

No. 651948

File: 1554852267459.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 67.6 KB, 533x800, RlxBr8U8.jpeg)

No. 651950

File: 1554852471959.jpeg (145.37 KB, 1365x2048, jgIluEVg.jpeg)

>unshooped fupa
>rest are blurred to Hell

No. 651951

File: 1554852496123.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 142.73 KB, 2048x1365, El2KgGpA.jpeg)

No. 651952

I don't know why but this made me laugh out loud.

Its honestly baffling how many basic grammar rules she ignores and/or she doesn't know.

No. 651954


wow she bled the color the fuck outta this one. all I see is some yellow thing and thats about it. a blur on blur.

No. 651956

…This is the 'super lewd never before seen (exaggeration)' set she was bragging about?

Like anyone not thinking with their dick knew she lied..but WHY do people keep falling for it?

No. 651958

Utama here. Courtesy of me. I posted it here first then spammed twitter too.

No. 651961

File: 1554855274008.png (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 1550x892, yikes.png)

Whoever is shooping her shit now needs to take an intro to photoshop class

No. 651962

Is she counting pasties as super lewd?

No. 651965

yea moo is bad at it.

No. 651966

File: 1554856035063.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1785, CD1D5C0C-21AB-4968-97A5-3C157E…)

What even is this…?

Hilarious that she’s re-releasing old sets in the higher tier again to pad it out. Gotta suck for the idiots who paid to see it the first time and now they get to pay again with one or two other incredibly lazy new sets.

No. 651967

File: 1554856151350.png (7.83 MB, 1800x1800, 9BF90A8E-70E9-496F-933C-946D0B…)

Never forget.

No. 651973

File: 1554856801080.jpeg (142.15 KB, 1365x2048, Z8nOExm8.jpeg)

This woman had never sucked dick.

No. 651975

Seriously, what goes on in her mind that she thinks this looks sexy? Has her brain checked out here while she gives her best “thousand yard stare”?

No. 651976

"It's in all of my Japanese animes and hentais..and I get the cuckbucks anyway."

No. 651978

At least in hentai the girls are drawn looking at the viewer. Moo is just looking past them and at their money.

No. 651985


I don't normally type with the caps lock on, but this is the funniest shit I've seen in a very long time!

No. 651986

Jfc she's padding out her higher tier sets with old ones?

No. 651987

Yes..she gets away with WAY too much.

No. 652008

File: 1554869581866.jpg (87.63 KB, 640x640, aXIkaUuSo27cHLdvdjXU_640x640 (…)

Do it already, Mariah.

No. 652011

File: 1554872167549.png (140.03 KB, 713x882, Screenshot_2019-04-09-21-54-23…)

Bad day for Moo

No. 652012

File: 1554872387130.png (121.23 KB, 720x799, Screenshot_2019-04-09-21-58-54…)

No. 652013

File: 1554872485489.png (50.6 KB, 720x320, Screenshot_2019-04-09-22-00-50…)

No. 652014

File: 1554873060626.jpeg (559.28 KB, 750x1104, 43CEE103-2792-49A8-B0E7-573505…)

nta but dropping the post with this comment on it

No. 652017

File: 1554874050522.gif (776.68 KB, 500x286, peter-griffen-keep-hatin-gif_l…)

>I look great 24:7 and in anything

No. 652020

"Like in a few days soon" aka gotta rush it now ya know, cause she has to beat Gabby to it to prove that she toootally didn't steal another cosplayers lineup again cause SHE DID IT FIRST!!!!

No. 652021

Just realized this version of Peter is literally Mariah

No. 652022

My hope and true wish is that someone shoops her shitty Pochaco wig and string bikini/pasties on Peter to create true art

No. 652023

She honestly must be fully embracing her entire shit personality and just letting out now. Now that she knows she'll have cuck bucks no matter what she does, she's comfortable to just let it out. Too bad she looks like a self absorbed child and everyone just cringes for her.

No. 652032

Why is she typing like a preteen on Facebook. What does "byer" mean. What.

Also, if Moo looked good in everything, she would actually buy more than just ugly accessories at Gucci. And wear things other than the same leggings and sweatshirt every day.

No. 652040

her triangular ass is killing me.

thank you for your service

No. 652044

>>652011 This would be more believable, had it not been for her addiction to photoshop and filters, her reliance on face tape, her refusal to wear blue jeans or casual women's clothing, and her light socket hairdo.

No. 652058

File: 1554905427617.jpg (337.96 KB, 640x640, nyanners.jpg)

Had to give it a shot.

No. 652068

Damn anon, you really nailed it up to the font. Next thread pic pls.

No. 652069

>>652058 I love this. The fact that you used a banana photo of hers really makes this pop.

No. 652072

Anon, this is magnificent.

No. 652076

File: 1554912589603.png (536.93 KB, 720x1203, Screenshot_2019-04-10-09-08-54…)

No. 652080


So is that why you photoshop yourself to hell and back and wear nothing but the same stanky ass musty leggings everyday? Yeah, everyone can see through your “I’m a stronk warrior woman who won’t let anyone take away my confidence” facade. If you were that “strong”, then you wouldn’t constantly respond to every little comment you don’t like.

No. 652089

I hope it's another shit clothing brand that no one will buy. I remember her first attempt with those ugly brown potato sack shirts with the tiny basic print on them with a stolen saying on them.

But knowing how desperate she is now a days it's going to be a website to sell more of the same prints she over charges for

No. 652091


She desperately wants to show that she is a “boss bitch businesswoman who will totally have a career after all this is done”

I give it a couple of days before she gives up after getting no traffic on there. Interested in seeing what kind of a mess of a website she came up with.

No. 652092

With the way she lives her life I have to say I'm not impressed. With 10k a month for the past 2 years she's still renting. She doesn't have a wardrobe and I say that with confidence. Three over priced leggings and a few sweaters to look homeless? No. Shit furniture, shit life in general.

It just baffles me that Momo lives like that compared to a normal person working an honest job. The price isn't worth it. Her dignity and killing every chance of a normal job when she retires in 2 years

No. 652095

>>652076 Golly gee whilickers!

Shitty prints, overpriced keychains, those peach shirts she tried to sell 3 years ago…

This already sounds like a disaster, and it hasn't even happened yet (for the record, I firmly believe it'll never happen).

What does she have to offer? She can't even offer good advice these days. She's such a fucking mess on the outside and the inside.

No. 652097

Two year sis awfully generous. Her paypigs are already getting fed up with her pasties and scams. I give her less than a year before she gives up this faux cosplay shit she's been doing lately and back on Camversity for good. But she'll definitely keep her Patreon open.

No. 652099

File: 1554919986139.png (966.42 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-04-10-11-11-49…)

No. 652100

File: 1554920097662.png (Spoiler Image, 823.25 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2019-04-10-11-11-14…)

>k I'm not gonna let my tit just pop out lmao

No. 652101

you mean like every obese person who roams around the home naked/in a bath robe… oops I mean a yukata. Cuz it's too uncomfortable to wear normal constricting clothes.

All she has to do is accept she's obese and buy the correct fitting clothes

No. 652104

this is terrifying.

No. 652107

File: 1554922506832.jpeg (629.47 KB, 750x1103, BF5EC5A6-E38B-4EAF-922D-5BBD3B…)


No. 652108

Ewww. Adam and Eve sponsors this grotesque monster? That's a bad business decision.

No. 652109

The sad part is she’s doing all of these ads for no pay - just the cheap 10$ lingerie they send her.

No. 652110

doesnt she like get a cut of money when ppl use her code?

No. 652111

as stated before Adam and Eve will sponsor almost anyone

No. 652112

It’s old news actually. This is maybe her second time advertising it though?

No. 652117

Pics will follow but she's ranting about her """projects""" again:
>bought a piggy lighter
>eyelash fell off halfway through a "vlog" she was doing
>remake of website, new url and everything. Hoping it might be done by the end of the week
>relaunching print store, hiring a team to put it together
>merchandise is coming back, clothing and loungewear aside from keychains
>selling her previous sets on sale for 5, 10, 25 dollars USD
>going AWOL for a bit because her "best friend" is getting married in Cali but will be doing sets after

No. 652118

File: 1554925214231.png (686.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-04-10-12-31-15…)

No. 652120

File: 1554925350179.png (96.85 KB, 720x640, Screenshot_2019-04-10-12-36-33…)

Moo forgets you can opt out of such services

No. 652121

File: 1554926336162.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 2913x2981, F68DC7D5-0570-4C5D-A3EF-692FCD…)

She just can’t NOT be a cunt even to her fans and people with legitimate concerns.

I hope she posts more pics of herself wearing that thing, she’s always promoting that sex shop and peddling soft core porn yet doesn’t understand why she gets bans

No. 652123

Does her boob vein get a cut?

No. 652125


Fucking Christ. Could she just not be a cunt for once in her life? She takes offense to literally anything and her first move is to always come out swinging and trying to humiliate someone. She treats her braindead fans no different than some obviously idiot troll looking to get a rise out of her and her dumbass can’t tell the difference because according to her, literally everyone is out to get her.

No. 652132

I don’t mean to sperg, but this is really fucking gross of her. You’re not meant to be sexy in a yukata. Modesty is a huge thing when you wear it. At best she is wearing it as a basic robe. She loves to pretend that she’s some kind of expert on Japanese culture but can’t get the most important thing you’re supposed to do in a yukata right.

No. 652138

This person could also mean that they discreetly ordered in plain packaging, and now they're just getting outright visible catalogs. Not that I'd know or anything

No. 652139

She always has to make such a big deal about everything like she's some kind of big celebrity and sooo famous my dudes. Basically anybody with a website can be part of this affiliate program. And for such a high end company too. Really moving up in the world there moo.

No. 652140

>She loves to pretend that she’s some kind of expert

No matter what the topic is, she's always trying to pretend to be something that she isn't. It's all she ever does and it's the only thing she has remained consistent at. She lies so much, that it probably is the truth in her puny head.

No. 652146

wasn't she banging the asian guy who was helping her with her cosplays until he gtfo'd and disappeared?
the sticker is still on the banana bunch, jesus christ.

No. 652147

Yeah, but the girls in her hentai get slutty in them, so it's okay!

No. 652148

Yeah, but the girls in her hentai get slutty in them, so it's okay!

No. 652149

I just realized why she has to have her titties out in the yukata: she’s too fucking wide to close it, she actually CANT physically close it. I wear yukatas on a semi regular basis (Japanese + living near a Buddhist temple will do that), and I have to order extra wide Yukatas so they close all the way in the front. Of course she didn’t fucking do that, so she has an ill fitting, expensive yukata she probably got in Japan, and she can’t even wear it outside.

No. 652150

I just realized why she has to have her titties out in the yukata: she’s too fucking wide to close it, she actually CANT physically close it. I wear yukatas on a semi regular basis (Japanese + living near a Buddhist temple will do that), and I have to order extra wide Yukatas so they close all the way in the front. Of course she didn’t fucking do that, so she has an ill fitting, expensive yukata she probably got in Japan, and she can’t even wear it outside.

No. 652151

didn't she buy a bunch of yukatas or kimonos last time she was in Japan?

No. 652157

If she did, she didn’t buy the right size. I can almost guarantee that she didn’t purchase a wide size, so now we all have to be subjected to seeing her tits out in a yukata. Makes me laugh inside though, knowing she probably went out of her way to buy the expensive ones, only to get home and not be able to close them. I’ll be very shocked if we see a full body shot in the yukata she just posted.

No. 652159

File: 1554936022238.png (988.65 KB, 1440x2431, Screenshot_20190410-124557.png)

Which slave is making her Baiken?

No. 652160

File: 1554936274572.jpeg (334.17 KB, 750x770, 4FCEC8AD-5727-4119-9626-C6B420…)

yup, she did

No. 652163

>>652159 Between the background and the viewpoint the character is being seen from, this has the earmarks of a future Tripod-san series.

All this bitch does is kneels down and bends over in her photos. Even prostitutes have enough decency to stand upright once in a while.

No. 652164

Damn, that anon called it. It took four months but our moo is so predictable.

No. 652179

This is seriously so disgusting. She has a giant booger in her nose too, on top of everything else wrong with this picture. WHO finds these sexy?!

No. 652183

File: 1554946648687.jpg (361.55 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190410-213559_Chr…)

She said she couldnt figure out the underwear. The problem is the lingerie top she is modeling only comes in small-large.she couldnt figure it out because her ass is too big to fit in the underwear

No. 652206

Has she posted her LVL UP lineup? We know she is doing gurren laggan and the con is in 2 weeks?

No. 652228

File: 1554959759398.png (618.43 KB, 720x944, Screenshot_2019-04-10-22-06-31…)

Exploring the suites. Not sure if actually staying there with sensei and his brother (plus Vamps)

No. 652229

File: 1554959788130.png (1.15 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-04-10-22-01-27…)

No. 652230

File: 1554959966553.png (537.15 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-04-10-22-05-18…)

No. 652233

File: 1554961783732.jpeg (263.81 KB, 1103x937, 6B7B8C02-3DB8-41E0-A54B-420936…)

indirectly but related but policy is changing and I’m really wondering how she’s going to deal with this.

screenshot of the policies is from the TechCrunch article going around about Instagram for source

No. 652234

Well, for starters, her Adam and Eve ad is gone

No. 652239

It's still visible to me on her profile.

No. 652240

File: 1554966574196.png (5.28 MB, 1800x1620, 9F9CE8CF-8244-470D-9333-A8C3CF…)

These two look like a couple of douchebags. Is she treating one of them to a night in a suite? (She mentions one of them being the “birthday boy”) Moo certainly loves to piss away patron money by buying her friends affection.

And what is it with her obsession over toilets with a bidet? Is it because she’s incapable of reaching around to clean her own ass?

No. 652241

wouldn't surprise me if she was either too lazy to wipe, or because japan has them and we know how obsessed she is with glorious nippon

No. 652250

I can't believe this douche. What a picture full of cringe.

No. 652255

This two-story suite goes for $35K per night. There's no way she's renting it.

No. 652259

with her shitty spending habbits and assuming she was making enough cuck bucks(maybe saving some, though unlikely) I can imagine her doing it just to flex. There's also the slim possibility that they all chipped in a bit, but knowing moo she would've put in the most, again, to flex

No. 652261

Said her new website will be selling past sets for $5-$10

No. 652263

File: 1554990430975.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3072x2304, B6EAE2F6-F7FC-4E94-B8D8-511057…)

No. 652264

Is she talking about herself?

No. 652265

First time she's been selfaware in so fucking long holy shit.

I know she's pretending this is about other people, but she must have had time to actually think of how shitty of a person she is.

No. 652266

"We'll limit those type of posts on Explore and hashtag pages"

So they don't change what you can see if you're viewing a profile.

No. 652275

She might be thinking she can do shitty shoots there to alleviate the cost (which she'll be too lazy to do and opt to dick around), or she keeps counting on being able to earn back the money in the future. Such is the dumbass thought process of Moo flexing to keep friends and get some dick.

No. 652285

So I did some digging. Moo and Sensei (who tagged the guy "kudabanks") show a fat dide in a suit. Its Sensei's brother's friend who is a executive casino host at the Palms. I think he might've either just shown them around or gifted a room because Sensei's brother is getting married. Who knows but Moo could never afford it

No. 652287


So she’s back on her “Everybody use and betray me!” bullshit again?

No. 652288

File: 1555003478890.png (871.63 KB, 720x956, Screenshot_2019-04-11-10-23-37…)

No. 652289

So her "best friend" that's getting married is Sensei's brother?
Sorry Vamps, you've been replaced by a stranger

No. 652292

Old milk anon

No. 652297

I hope she ends up like Jessy Taylor.

No. 652316

File: 1555012120101.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 2F199BD9-3A07-453A-851E-279C45…)

I hope none of our budding anonartists get any bold ideas…

No. 652322


But what about all the “amazing” designs she said she was going to come up with because she is such a boss bitch businesswoman?

Also, I think anyone with any real career aspirations won’t want their work associated with a known sexual abuser. So good luck trying to find anyone desperate enough with no career to worry about.

Also how tacky is it to be begging for commissions through Instagram? Isn’t this bitch supposed to be a “professional”? Oh right, that’s only whenever she gets called out for her shit tier cosplays and wants to flex on all her “haters”.

No. 652323

Didn't mooriah say earlier people are knocking down her door to work with her?

Like does she not even remember the lies she says hours prior?

No. 652328

LMAO why doesn't she just ask the same artist who made her keychains? I thought they were friends again? What a dumb bitch

No. 652330

No one goes out and beckons artists to them except shits like Moo. Probably hoping for people to come clammoring, pay the design and them off so she doesnt have to do royalties or tag them, and probably uoping for free art.

Moos name carries as much weight as a trowel of manure

No. 652344

It's like a rant to herself about herself and she's completely oblivious to it being self-reflection.

No. 652347

I'm just amazed that she thinks she's going to have all of this website stuff up and running within a week.

She claims she has a team, but it's easy to see that she's lying yet again.

I'd say more, but I'm just going to sit back, relax, and watch another Mariah Mallad dream turn to ashes.

No. 652357


Just like her team of “Instagram lawyers” and her “Patreon manager” I’m sure it’s all bullshit

No. 652363


Itll be ready in less than half a day if shes knows anything. Its so easy a 4 year old could do it.

No. 652372

Squarespace or WIX lmao
She doesn't have anyone but herself. Also, what does Fancybear plan to do now that his "hostage" is going to disappear?

No. 652377

Shes always me me me me me, and when she hurts other shes still only focused on herself.

No. 652384

File: 1555026092346.png (1.01 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-04-11-16-07-48…)

No. 652385

File: 1555026208636.png (979.8 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-04-11-16-07-57…)

No. 652388

Gonna throw some tinfoil out there, but the probability of it being right is extremely low.

I think the reason why she's pushing this website crap out of the blue is because she spent a significant chunk of cash on Tattoo-kun and his brother to facilitate the birthday festivities, and she's trying to compensate for her losses as quickly as possible.

I don't believe she dropped 35k on that two-story suite, but I wouldn't be surprised if she spent a couple of thousand bucks in hopes of getting some of that unwashed holistic hippy dick in her mouth. I think this ties in with her decision to wear kimonos around the house, on that note.

No. 652393

Play to your fanbase moo. Wear a fedora with your kimono.

No. 652394

Jesus Christ, it's the turtleface to end all turtlefaces.

Anyway, I love how she posts this crap right after some anons here started speculating that the yukatas don't fit her and that she bought them just for the flex.

Moo, if you're so above the haters, why do you watch KF and LCF like a hawk? Seems condradictory. And unhealthy.

No. 652395

It's the only place she gets the level of attention she craves.

No. 652400

Did she buy a sumo wrestler one? It’s the only one I could imagine fitting her.

No. 652401


Why is she even announcing all this new crap for her site when it’s obvious she has no products to launch when it goes live? Asides from her bargain bin sets, she’s just now begging artists to hit her up so she can exploit them for new merch designs. I sincerely hope no artist falls for this. The only ones who will would most likely be artists like will-o-wisps who have no integrity.

No. 652405

Cuz she's lying, as usual. Since she's selling sets she's banking on cuckbucks (which she'll get of course) and not have to launch actual products.

No. 652413

if he's in marketing, he definitely got that room comped or at cost. it's not busy in the city right now, so they probably gave it to them on a good deal to make any money from it at all. count on moo to be extremely evasive about that so she can keep suggesting it's her flex. maybe as her patreon dwindles, the next chapter of the moomoo saga will be her trying to keep up the illusion of wealth by taking pictures in front of nice cars she doesn't own and wearing expensive shit she's only trying on in the store, kek

No. 652415

No. Youre right. Its too tinfoily. Moo wouldve gloated.

No. 652417

She will be back on camv when the patreon money drops again. Tinfoil but I think shes doing a site to try and cover cost because she knows the only other option is a return to camv

No. 652418

File: 1555035725018.png (1.37 MB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-04-11-19-12-22…)

Is the wedding today or

No. 652422

File: 1555036338168.png (724.12 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-04-11-19-31-07…)

No. 652424

>”has to” get dressed up for wedding
>still wears shitty pullover over her dress

No. 652427

Is she….is she wearing athletic wear to a wedding??

No. 652428

File: 1555036703543.png (769.36 KB, 720x975, Screenshot_2019-04-11-19-37-19…)

No. 652431

I imagine it was a hard choice between the yukata, the athletic wear she wears everyday or running to the store for a dress real quick. I mean, she's shown her stuffed closet before…and also bragged about donating truckloads of clothing out to the banks..

No. 652433

>>652418 I remember how bad she looked when she attended that wedding in Utah with sensei. Then she goes and does this.

You would think that she'd have enough respect for such an important event to show up looking like a real woman, especially after that spa outing. But Mariah can't even put effort into her "job", so I shouldn't be as surprised as I am.

No. 652439


taking pics on your phone while they're saying their vows. nice mariah

No. 652440

Don't nitpick this hard. Millions of people do this. It's not crazy unless the couple or main photographer asks that all phones be put away. That's such a dumb thing to get on her about.

No. 652445

She's opening a website to buy merch and clothes by the end of the week and is now just asking for an artist… and someone to design the clothes at that. Laaazy

No. 652447

for someone who claims to make so much money it amazes me she still dresses like she's homeless to such a formal event. It's either she spent all her money on the Japan trip to buy a nice dress or she really doesn't give a fuck about the ceremony

No. 652450

>>652447 ^ All Of The Above

No. 652455

File: 1555046357356.png (603.02 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-04-11-22-17-43…)

No. 652456

you mean the enablers you pay to be your friends?

No. 652458

File: 1555046535683.png (797.12 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-04-11-22-17-51…)

No. 652459

File: 1555046610573.png (704.6 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-04-11-22-21-10…)

No. 652460

File: 1555046688431.png (864.22 KB, 1203x720, Screenshot_2019-04-11-22-21-57…)

>let me show you the dance of my people

No. 652461

Why'd she have to go wear a sweater and those ugly glasses to a wedding. It doesn't look like the fanciest party but still deserves something better than that

No. 652462

When even your nose is fat

No. 652463

File: 1555047353656.png (556.38 KB, 720x859, Screenshot_2019-04-11-22-34-56…)

No. 652465

And yet somehow it’s all about her.

No. 652466

She doesn't even know her Sensei's bro or the woman she is marrying. She was just an extra who brought Vamps like… why does she have to pretend she's closer to total strangers? It is to make this event all about herself

No. 652468

File: 1555049519030.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 1368416354859.png)

Something about this picture, I'm laughing but I can't describe why.

No. 652469

She’s really treating this like it’s an actual wedding date with vamp. I get gassing your best friend up but posting over and over about how much you love her and how beautiful she is?

No. 652470

I don’t know whether to consider this an upgrade from the cosplay pieces she wore to that other out of state wedding she went to.

No. 652471

Not gonna lie, if someone like this showed up to my wedding I’d be pissed, but at the same time happy since there’s no way to get outshined by a fat whale wearing athleisure wear. She couldn’t even be bothered to buy herself a muumuu and brush her hair. Lord Jesus, take the wheel.

No. 652472

Wait so who is the Arab in this equation? The groom is Sensei's brother, right? And Sensei is white af? Or no?

No. 652476

How does she make all these simple mistakes when she writes shit? English isn't even my first language but still those mistakes feel like something that only a child would do, it's so weird

No. 652479

If someone showed up to MY wedding looking like that, I'd be a little steamed. Nlt mad enough to do anything, but I would definitely be a little passive agressive.

It might not seem like a problem, but sends the message that the person doesn't care enough about the event to try. Seriously, she's dressed like she's going to Chipotle, not a wedding.

I hate when tryhard white girls do these QUIRKY!!1! faces. Reminds me of Grav3yardgirl, ew.

Tacky as hell that she's taking all these pictures of HERSELF at someone else's wedding when she's not even dressed up.

Also, she's the groom's brother's fat annoying roommate and his ugly ex. If I was the bride, I'd be wondering who the fuck these people are and why they were invited.

I was wondering the same thing. I guess the bride is Arabian? But that doesn't make it can Arabian wedding, does it? Wouldn't that just be a Muslim wedding?

Also what about a mirror ball says, "Arab"? Does she think Saudi Arabia is just Middle Eastern Las Vegas?

No. 652482

File: 1555060676222.jpeg (618.54 KB, 1242x1998, EA9D730C-F31F-43C2-BA3F-CB1D90…)

No. 652484

But it’s totally cool for her to be disrespectful to people!

No. 652488

Likely because she's constantly trashed in some way. A lot of people who grew up without phones or on flip phones/bricks have trouble typing on smartphones and will have their phones learn their spelling errors and autocorrect to those but she isn't old enough to be part of that generation and her mistakes don't line up with common ones (nearby letters swapped such as a>s), therefore it's very likely a lack of intelligence, a lack of caring and being high or drunk.

No. 652490


Yet she is allowed to be a total cunt and snap back at the slightest comment she doesn’t like no matter how inoffensive it is. Respect is earned, not given you stupid fucking cow. If you treat even your own fans like total cunts, well guess what kind of energy they are going to come back at you with. If you were as respectful and polite as you claim you are, then your fan base would reflect that, which obviously isn’t the case since you treat your comment section like a war zone and “everyone is out to get you” so you act like the same rude, disrespectful cunt to everyone. But sure, write it all off as just trolls looking to get a rise out of you and how you’re a “stronk warrior woman who won’t stand for anyone coming after my friends or family” and watch as your fans leave in droves realizing what an unlikeable bitch you are.

No. 652507

Yeet them the way you got yeeted out the cosplay community and conventions, Mariah.

No. 652508

The fact that people openly support someone so aggressive, name calling,not once but twice on Facebook and Instagram is just baffling, what a disgusting human being.

No. 652510


It’s exactly why her friends left her in the first place, because of the toxic environment she expects them all to stay in because “leaving you because you’re a toxic shitbag doesn’t feel good”

This is a person who when outed as a sexual predator, wanted her friends to not only placate her feelings, but also vehemently defend all her bullshit, even going so far as to discredit her accusers as liars and clout chasers. And if you didn’t, well then there’s the door. Because according to her that means you’re “not her true friend”

That is the kind of environment she expects people to stay in. Defend all her bullshit and pacify her feelings or you’re out of the group. And for your troubles she’ll also try to spread every horrible rumor she can to completely isolate you from everyone else. For girls, it’s the usual “crazy, backstabbing, jealous bitch” card. Guys get the short end of the stick unfortunately and she tries to get them labeled as creeps and in some cases rapists.

It’s no suprise that she is basically all alone now aside for a handful of desperate leeches. She can try to couch it as “I finally figured out who my real friends are and will not be surrounded by fake people who only want all the good and none of the bad”, but everyone knows it’s because she is one of the biggest shit stains in the cosplay community that practically no one wants to be around anymore. It’s just funny to hear her try to spin it as “I’m such a great judge of character and have chosen to surround myself with truly good people” when it’s obvious the exact opposite is true.

No. 652514

the irony in this is that the only "friends" she has left are the fake ones, any real humans she was friends left already.

No. 652517

Why does she feel the need to announce this? It's common sense that someone would block you for insulting them.

Lmao so she went to this random girl's wedding, but chose to get lipo on the day one of her friends was getting married?

Classy. I bet she only showed up for the free food.

No. 652519


Because she has to stick her chest out and let everyone know what a “boss bitch” she is for standing up for her friends and family. Any opportunity to show what a “stronk warrior woman” she is she’ll immediately run with.

No. 652520


I get the feeling that she got BTFO some dick, along with some legit complaints from patreons about the shit tier quality of her "work". TBH it feels like shes starting to become self aware about her real place in things- nobody likes her, she pays for everything, including friends, and she has to play pretend everyday- pretend shes welcome at cons, pretend shes popular, pretend she won't get btfo at lvlup, pretend she is more than a cum dumpster on tinder, etc.

No. 652521

>>652514 Her only "friends" that she keeps around each have something to offer. If they couldn't make costumes like Vamp, Cat, or Aly, then she wouldn't care about having them involved in her life. Same could be said about Tokki, who has a direct and personal connection to SquareCuck. And sensei is the appointed catsitter, whenever he's not pretending to be a philosopher or a Tropical Smoothie Cafe employee.

This isn't a coincidence. She only wants people around who won't challenge her, and who shoulder the burden of the work Mariah is supposed to be doing.

No. 652525

Momo likes making weird racial stereotypes that don't make sense. It's a mix of being racist and ignorant. You should have seen her rant about nail techs and beauticians

No. 652526

She back to calling her fans bitch boys again. Sensei 100% gave up on reeling her in. It is a 24/7 job, must have been emotionally draining

No. 652527

Because Momo is a petty bitch. Seeing a female friend getting HAPPILY wed would have made her insanely jealous. Even a random stranger she dressed like a slob to show her amount of disrespect. She only went for the free room and booze and to chase that Sensei dick.

No. 652528

Momo is at the point in her life where she has to start making pretend friends to make the illusion people want to hang with her.
Coughs girlonthemoonpro
or pretend some random chick was her bff forever since five minutes ago

No. 652529

Maybe if you weren’t a totally toxic individual who lies about every tiny detail of your pathetic loser life you wouldn’t attract all this negativity? Just sayin.

No. 652530


I figured it wouldn’t last long. It’s practically like having to look after a toddler. Every second spent having to make sure she doesn’t say or do something stupid that lands her in hot water. Anyone would get sick of that responsibility, especially when it’s a grown ass woman who should know better at this point.

So now it’s back to “Come at me bitch boi. I don’t back down from anyone who disrespects me or my friends and I’ll totally fuck you up if I ever see you”

Typical of her. The second she thinks she’s gotten away with something or thinks she doesn’t need someone anymore she starts beating her chest thinking she is the big bad bitch on campus again and that no one can touch her. All it takes is another fuck up or the internet roasting her for saying or doing something stupid or insensitive again and it will be right back to “peaceful love warrior who is all about positivity and love”.

No. 652534

File: 1555092946696.png (2.13 MB, 1242x2208, F27BDAEB-AF90-401A-AFBE-EC1632…)

She has this up on both accounts. Moo is mostly going to attract the artists that draw shitty fanart of her sets.

No. 652535

What happened to the legions of people "crawling back into my life" moo? Shouldn't some of those people be artists?

No. 652536

it begs the question- who rustled her jimmies so badly? She went to a wedding and it feels like shes trying to target someone specifically for telling her shes a sperg. My money is on someone at the wedding telling her she's a dumpster fire, disrespectful, and smelly, because what else recently has happened to make her so butthurt?

No. 652538


>>send your portfolios so I can totally rip off your work and not credit you

so transparent Moo.

No. 652539

lvl up is going to be like every other con she goes to. People ignore her and she isolates herself in her little bubble. But she’ll post “OMG SOOOO MANY PEOPLE ASKED FOR HUGS I CANT BELIVE HOW LOVED I AM”

When I saw her last lvlup she was walking in front of her “friends” while they walked together behind her a good distance away. Like they didn’t want to be seen with her.

No. 652544

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was someone in the bride’s family or party that did. Mooriah showing up looking as sloppy as she did is something just about anyone would find disrespect as hell. It shows she didn’t give a fuck and only went for the free food. Still lol at her for pretending to be BFFs with the bride and groom who are complete strangers.

No. 652545

She was only trying to impress him until he seemed to have made it clear he's not interested in her.

No. 652548

Anon, she actually has some good fanart from people who openly support her and I'm not talking about Will-O. The thing that she is doing though is looking for someone to come to her for free. If she was really commissioning she would have reached out to artists. She's just lazy and wants it all right now. She will likely pay a lump sum that won't even equate to how much she will make compared. Hate it guys, but her stupid keychains got her a few hundred at least together from both sales. We also don't know how well her prints actually sell either, not to mention the $5-$10 on prints coming up when her website is updated [launch.. kek].

Im just pissed she's going to rip off the artist who will draw whatever… Is she even going to try to peddle that Milk Party ripoff still or is she going to try to go that route of how Nigri has someone draw her in her cosplay each month?

No. 652553


Usually when she gets this pissy or butthurt it’s because some dick she was chasing told her to fuck off or someone called her out and she didn’t have shit to say in response.

I’m willing to bet something must have happened at the wedding. Either someone told her how tacky and gross she showed up looking or she was at least a topic of conversation amongst everyone and she was getting nasty looks the entire time she was there.

No. 652555


Except this isn’t just her looking for some desperate dipshit to draw fan art of her to stroke her ego. She is looking for an official artist to design official merch for her. And no artist worth anything or with any dignity wants their work associated with a known sexual abuser.

No. 652560

Sorry but from the fanart I’ve seen and ones she has reposted herself in IG stories, they are not good. There might be one or two decent ones but the majority are terrible.

I hope people aren’t stupid enough to risk ruining their reputation by associating with her like this. We all know how she conducts business with artists and it’s only going to benefit her in the end after she gets what she wants. I’m waiting for her sperg out later on how well she treats the people she commissions and the amount of money she throws at them. She does that every time she’s confronted about possibly scamming someone.

No. 652563

What the fuck does this no talent thot know about judging and reviewing portfolios? Any self respecting artist should stay far away from her, unless they think having their five minutes with her is worth the endless sea of criticism. For someone who hasn’t Made anything noteworthy in her whole life, she sure is qualified to be judging other people’s professional work.

No. 652565

Why doesn't Miss Perfect Goddess use her own art? She was so proud of that totally not traced Goku from her cam stream.

No. 652566


I’m sure the extent of her judgement will be “which one makes me look like the big titty anime waifu” and nothing else. She has absolutely no idea how to judge a portfolio and more than likely is just looking for someone to draw glorified porn of her.


I absolutely expect whoever she picks to get absolutely ripped off. Because contrary to what she believes, she is not a “super successful businesswoman”. Being a patreon thot who sells trashy porn cosplay photos of yourself doesn’t make you a businesswoman, Moo.

No. 652568

She didn't pay will-o-wisp for her second piece and the MooMoo charm was fan art given to her for free. Momo just threw some cheap cash to say she owned the image now. She treats artists like shit

No. 652569


You’re right. She was so up her own ass about that obviously traced Goku on her stream. Since she is such a pro like everything else she claims to do, why doesn’t she just do it herself? Oh right, some bullshit about “giving back to the community” and “supporting other creators”. Is that why you constantly steal credit from them and outright refuse to pay them sometimes Moo? Cause you respect them and the hard work they do sooooo much right?

No. 652571

File: 1555098128573.jpeg (665.41 KB, 750x1111, B91E5898-9E4D-4A75-B0C7-1BB450…)

this picture with this caption? I smell an Instagram ban inc.

No. 652572

well at-least she acknowledges it makes her look like a ham

No. 652573


this feels like her trying to reclaim words or something. Yea Moo you aren't gonna own ham and make it sting any less.

No. 652576

Even more funny she thought her sow booty was ever a cute plump peach

No. 652578

you’re both right, maybe she should start getting art for a new ham based oc since she did a great job with her cow

No. 652579


This feels like “Momokunt” all over again, when she thinks she can take back insults and make it sting a little less if she does it to herself first. Didn’t work last time and it won’t this time either.

Say Moo, what happened to being a “confident queen who won’t let the words of a few nobodies who don’t pay your bills get you down”? Or was that a lie like everything else in your life?

No. 652580


considering shes the epitome of "keyboard warrior" who hasn't done shit IRL cept pout and cry and run away like a coward, you can count on it all being a lie as she cries into her 14th cats fur.

No. 652586

But she's totally a good muslim girl my dudes.

No. 652589

File: 1555101389379.png (2.07 MB, 1242x2208, D66D2B12-742C-4B50-B9F7-D216D0…)

She really has a bug up her ass today. Complaining about people tagging her in their cosplay photos “for clout”. I’m pretty sure it’s not so much that she needs to get uppity about it.

No. 652591

Oh, she's definitely lurking here.

What is she on? No one but Cat and Vamps use this dumb bitch for clout.

No. 652596

Thought she was all for the community?? What happened to support the community moo? Oh right, you hate not getting attention.

No. 652597

I think she’s talking about girls tagging her in tagged photos so when people go to her profile, click tagged photos, they’re seeing a mix of momo and random other costhots/brands/dudes. it happens in pretty much every “famous” persons tagged section.

momo doesn’t cleaned out her tagged a lot either so she gets massed tagged in le epic memes making fun of her.

No. 652599


Someone must have said something that set her off. That’s usually the only time she gets this pissy. Wonder what it was that said said to completely derail a “strong confident woman” like herself.

No. 652603

Tinfoiling but maybe she tried to commission one of her I worked so hard on it my dudes cosplays from a known creator and got rejected.

No. 652604

I think >>652603 is right. I can't share anything atm, but if it's what I think they will share the milk on their own.

No. 652610

File: 1555105924161.jpg (47.46 KB, 452x544, 1554644295612.jpg)

Man why doesn't she just throw the tags away? It's that easy and nothing to really get upitty about. Just like those sales ads. Right moo?

No. 652613

File: 1555106958522.png (553.59 KB, 720x1196, Capture _2019-04-12-02-41-19.p…)

Found this yesterday, the majority of the comments are trash on moo,&comparing their bodies, wks &possible farmers discussing her being a sexual molester&awful person

No. 652614

What “can’t you share right now”? just post what the hell you know or think, milk is milk.

No. 652615

File: 1555107578700.gif (7.42 MB, 600x1065, ezgif-3-3b51ba1b9c13.gif)

lmao maybe she was thinking/hoping this meant more than it did

No. 652617


True. That’s usually another thing that sets her off; dick she was chasing telling her to fuck off/ her pouring out her feelings to a guy only to find out he’s not interested and she’s stuck with egg on her face.

No. 652631

This would explain her whole "Bitch boy" rant. But I don't know why she's surprised no guy actually wants her. Her only redeeming quality is she can be a Splenda mama. Even then it isn't worth it because she makes all her friends jump through hoops for a small reward.

And taking her friends to cons and trips around the world doesn't count since she makes her friends responsible for her actions (aka paid tard wranglers)
"It's not my fault I diddled that cosplayer! Vamps said we were friends and that's what friends do!"

No. 652639


It’s because she is a social retard who takes all her cues from what she sees in anime. She thinks she’s the hopelessly romantic main character and all the boys should be tripping over themselves to get with her because “big anime tiddies”. She doesn’t realize that she has to have an actual personality, be likeable, charming and a bevy of other things she refuses to work at. And even still that may not be enough sometimes. But because she is the female virgin of a neckbeard she thinks she is entitled to men because “Who wouldn’t want to to get with this?”

It’s almost hilarious to actively see her self-sabotage any chance at a normal relationship because of her own delusional narcissism.

No. 652640

File: 1555110380330.png (Spoiler Image, 634.21 KB, 720x931, Screenshot_2019-04-12-15-59-47…)

No. 652647


I mean think about it. What’s the first thing she does whenever a guy rejects her? Trashy, half-naked “look at what you’re missing out on” photos on social media meant to entice them into leaving their girlfriends. I find it profoundly sad and pathetic that THAT is the only thing she has to offer a guy. Not true companionship. Not a long lasting friendship. Just “Hey I know your bitch of an old lady won’t let you put it in her lately. Well my legs are wide open, all you gotta do is leave her”.

For someone who constantly preaches about self-worth she obviously doesn’t have any if the only thing she can think to offer a guy who rejects her is sex.

No. 652649

And from all indications bad sex.

No. 652653

I HEARD from a unconfirmed source that she used to send nudes/sexually charged photos to male "friends" in the industry. I say unconfirmed because I never saw screen shots of the texts

No. 652668

Tbh I heard the same but from a coworker I used to work with who went to school with her. Said they had friends who had nudes she sent them. Really wish I could have gotten evidence because my saying it doesn’t contribute anything.

No. 652671

Because I want to respect a friend? Lol calm down.(attention whoring)

No. 652672

Then why bother coming here and saying anything at all?

No. 652685

>>652671 We see people do this sort of crap every now and then, and it's always the same meaningless garbage.

If you have milk, at least present it in the form of tinfoil. If you're right, then you're right. And if you're wrong, then it's just a theory that didn't go anywhere.

Otherwise, shit like this just gets people heated. And in most cases, these pins and needles posts don't usually amount to any good milk. Si if you're not willing to share information or a gut feeling, then you may as well not say shit here.

No. 652686

They don't have anything. People who come here to defend moo is likely moo herself or one of her 3 friends.

No. 652692

I have also heard stuff from people she sent nudes to (and one of their girlfriend's) but I also don't have screenshots. Although, I feel like there is enough evidence (her leaked photoshopped nudes from before she was famous) AND if multiple anons from different circles have all heard something I'm sure there is some truth to it

No. 652695

I responded to a tinfoil for that exact reason you guys need to give it a rest.

Are you stupid I'm not defending moo.

A friend of mine who does commissions said she got into it with a "popular cosplayer" because she wouldn't let them buy from her. She cancelled the order and said she got an earful from them because she said she wouldn't sell to them.

I'm thinking it's moo because the freind absolutely hates her, and only recently got popular outside of our area. I'm not trying to be super vague, I just didn't want to out someone without proof. Which again, that's why I said it as a response to a post that was tinfoiling. You guys should stop being so touchy.

No. 652698

Momo you say that as if it's something to be proud of…

No. 652708

This derailing…Yea love the rumors trying to derail the thread. always think its moos army or something coming here to sidetrack…I think we are onto something- She got butthurt at the wedding, got btfo there and since she has zero control or influence over people not in "the scene" she had to resort to whining online. My tinfoil- she got btfo hard by tattoocunt, got laughed at for looking like a smelly jersey shore reject, and when she said "momo" people said "who?"

No. 652712

No one is derailing you autist. Your tinfoil is no better than anyone elses. And there's obviously no one defending moo here.

No. 652729

Now that you mention it, I always found Justin's Rojas 'friendship' with Moo a little weird…

No. 652730

Square noodles just contacted one of my friends for their commission and commercial info (they’re an artist)
Could this be related? Should I warn them?

No. 652733

Here's my tinfoil on her episode today:

She requested artists for her site hoping that it would attract someone with clout, but all the responses she's gotten have come from fans who are mediocre artists, literal nobodies, or both. I think she genuinely thought she'd get a portfolio from someone popular like Slugbox or Doxydoo. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if she suggested a meager payment to an applicant and got rebuffed. Unless you're popular or one of her friends, Moo is very stingey.

Either that or she's bitter as a result of something that happened at the wedding, as other anons have speculated.

No. 652736

They're a friend of yours so yeah.

No. 652737

Antares and Moo touched down in L.A.

No. 652744

I wish I could sage but I'm seriously excited for summer since she always fucks up in summer

No. 652749

Same, summer is a magical time on this board when it comes to Moo drama. Wondering if we’ll get an AX level scenario.

I’m also wondering if she’ll show her face to the otaku picnic Lvl Up is sponsoring tomorrow since she’s listed as going.

No. 652779

yay, another non-asian female who wants to get herself permanently stuck in japan with no options, rad

why do all of these gross shitty weebs think japan accepts them

No. 652789

she probably meant before it blew up, but its weird that she's implying she was bothering to watch this show seasonally before it gained traction after the release of episode 5 or 6 (when there was a implication of a kiss) much less cosplay it within the 3-4 week timeframe

there was almost no reason to watch yoi unless you were a dedicated fujo, iceskater, or hardcore seasonal watcher. MAPPA didnt create anything else of value for normie watchers at the time lol

but of course moo will pretend she was tooottally invested before it went crazy

No. 652794

File: 1555137495879.png (Spoiler Image, 125.38 KB, 783x524, attention.png)

Someone isn't paying attention

No. 652798


God damn camera/app filters are getting advanced. Is that really vamp?

No. 652806

Cause they dumbasses?

No. 652840

The thing that grosses me out about her leaked nudes that everyone keeps posting is those were taken when she was in highschool..

No. 652841

Sorry if this irrelevent, but if Moo leaked her own nudes when she was a minor couldn't she get in trouble for distributing child porn?? Or am I reaching too much

No. 652842

was she 18 though? you can be 18 in high school.

No. 652862

File: 1555175244812.png (1.51 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-04-13-10-05-20…)

No. 652864

Next thread can the OP put her reddit on the links? I dont know why it's not there anyway.

No. 652883

From what I remeber her Reddit was fan made and she wanted to be mod to overlook it.

No. 652914

Her Reddit account, anon. Not her subreddit.

No. 652976


Speaking of websites, Fancy Bear still had shell access as of March 8th.

No. 652985

File: 1555192105266.png (3.16 MB, 1242x2208, FBFAE471-BD64-4D05-8802-E160DF…)

Finding it pretty funny that she’s hiding in a hotel room in Anaheim watching Naruto instead of going to the otaku picnic in Vegas today. I knew she’d wimp out.

No. 652988

No one whats her there anyway, not like shes welcome by the cosplay community

No. 653001

File: 1555194260297.png (976.21 KB, 720x1047, Screenshot_2019-04-13-15-20-44…)

Moos level of laziness never fails to surprise me. Its almost 330 pm and now she's shooting?

No. 653011

That face makes her look absolutely stupid. Like her brain just stopped and she became akin to a neanderthal

No. 653031

File: 1555197362278.png (817.95 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-04-13-16-13-47…)

No. 653038

File: 1555199491385.gif (1.84 MB, 337x600, FD55E004-2CC4-44EF-8FF6-D98E27…)

rip to whoever is going to have to shop this set, the front is going to be a nightmare

No. 653042

File: 1555200193085.jpeg (358.52 KB, 750x1047, 540705F6-8D39-4DC5-8755-C31B9F…)

miso: wears bra
momo: doesn’t?

No. 653043

DaT choppy shoop inbetween her and Miso. Dat mooseknuckle

No. 653044


she neeeeeeds to get clothes that fit. she looks so squished. the fabric is cutting into her arm and she has a severe vagina wedgie.

No. 653046

File: 1555200618024.jpg (51.76 KB, 750x531, O1CN01uQBJht20MvzNpTbS5_!!6733…)


just a reminder this is what she ordered: >>649217

it has a clasp near the crotch area (pic related from the ebay listing). there's no way she's comfortable in this

No. 653048

I would not be surprised if the whole thing literally just burst open. How did she even get it on?
Moo, this isn't sexy. It would look MUCH better if you got stuff that fit.

No. 653052

File: 1555201640293.png (764.51 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-04-13-17-24-32…)

No. 653053

File: 1555201704102.png (891.53 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-04-13-17-25-46…)

No. 653054

File: 1555201847834.png (907.26 KB, 720x1174, Screenshot_2019-04-13-17-25-59…)

No. 653055

That shirt does not do her titties justice. Not that they're great to begin with.

No. 653056

File: 1555202065371.png (Spoiler Image, 655.98 KB, 720x961, Screenshot_2019-04-13-17-32-23…)

She didn't blur out her crotch acne but did everything else?

No. 653057

File: 1555202150908.png (Spoiler Image, 565.34 KB, 720x1032, Screenshot_2019-04-13-17-32-28…)

No. 653061

I don't know if I'm just seeing things but I think I can see a slight nipple through that shirt. Could she have at least put on a damn bra?

No. 653063

Do you really think a additional bra or even pasty could fit? The costume would bust.

No. 653066

File: 1555203142697.png (736.14 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-04-13-17-50-18…)

No. 653067

seeing this in motion…ugh what a trainwreck

No. 653068

File: 1555203246440.png (834.15 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2019-04-13-17-50-22…)

No. 653069

Ok so now all the sudden with the physical copies and signed prints? Anyone else think she's really hitting bottom and trying to hold patreons again? what reason could there be

No. 653070

File: 1555203322779.png (Spoiler Image, 723.35 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-04-13-17-50-31…)

No. 653072

This looks like it would be in a serial killers personal collection.

No. 653073

When did she pick up physical rewards again? Or is this a new development?

No. 653078

File: 1555204280055.png (688.03 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-04-13-18-07-37…)

No. 653081

File: 1555204348872.png (849.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-04-13-18-08-17…)

No. 653082

File: 1555204440025.png (856.05 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-04-13-18-07-54…)

Alys flab rivals

No. 653086

That bed set looks familiar?

No. 653087

Why anon, it's the same bed she used for Strawberry Moo Milk! Same studio, even!

No. 653096

File: 1555206569794.png (772.95 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-04-13-18-47-26…)

"Saturn Devouring His Son", 2019

No. 653098

the shitty shop on this is obvious. the door frames are bending

No. 653101

It's Wonderland Studios in Orange County, tons of cosplayers shoot there

No. 653102

Why is she photoshopping her face like a toddler with a dorito chin? We all know she looks 50

No. 653103

Wasn't she extra sassy with a fan yesterday telling her "I would never let my titt pop out during a set"
and now she's selling topless polaroids?

No. 653106

She literally posted her tit popping out of her kimono shortly after too.

No. 653107

Didn’t an anon point out a couple of days ago that she hasn’t sent out any prints therefore she must not have any 100$ patrons? Trying to pretend it’s not true?

No. 653109

File: 1555208838294.jpg (146.85 KB, 1242x1623, rgr64thzy4s21.jpg)

You can see how she tried to rearrange her nipples to look high and even but they still look lopsided. Stolen from reddit.

No. 653111