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No. 623388

Didn't care much to rewrite another bio for her so stole it from previous thread. Recent developments at the end

previous thread: >>305679
Thread #1 >>51365
Thread #2 >>147888
Thread #3 >>211596
Thread #4 >>257458


Nicole "Sheena" Duquette "Oum" is a cosplayer from Vancouver, BC who dropped everything to move to Austin, TX so she could sleep her way into RoosterTeeth. She "married" Monty Oum, something that was only revealed after Monty was in an coma following anaphylaxis caused by a treatment for his cat allergy, after first hooking up with him PAX 2013. It's highly suspected they only married so she wouldn't get deported because no one knew about their marriage (including Monty's family). It's also worth noting that the reason Monty was being aggressively treated for his cat allergy is because Nicole decided to bring home a stray.

After Monty's death, she took thousands of dollars worth of donations for his care and funeral and went on vacation in England with Jnig, flaunting her new purchases the whole way. After returning, she used more money to get giant fake boobs despite having "severe" scoliosis that she uses as an excuse for pity.

She is currently living in LA, despite being in the country not as a legal citizen, and not being allowed to have a job in the country. She is a Twitch booby streamer, sells prints of herself waering costumes she bought, and fame whores herself at every con that will let her. The costumes she actually makes herself are hilariously poorly stitched and sculpted. She also posts endless photos of the little murder weapon she decided to keep and name Mr. Noodle, and even sells merch of the fucking cat.

Recent developments: One of her exes came forwards about her manipulating and shitty behavior towards him, ultimately leaving him for another sugar daddy. Complains about her community complaining and made strict banning rules for it despite her being a complainer herself. She got herself a motorcycle and claims she's an expert at "repairs" because of years of car issues. Loses friends left and right. Moved to a big place in Orange county. Put her Patreon on hiatus despite not putting much effort into it previously.

Are we missing anything?

No. 623424

The one thing I would add would be she kicked most of her active mods from being mods and now her only mod is one of the weebs who give her hundreds of dollars per stream.

She's insanely jealous of any female who rises up in popularity in her community.

No. 623427

Oh, this is the link to the previous thread for all the juicy bits. >>>/pt/378647

No. 623431

>>623427 DAMMIT pretend I put that thread in there, sorry I totally meant to add it

But yes, many great things in thread >>>/pt/378647 but the highlight was the shit show with her ex exposing her on fb lol

No. 623508


Yea that was eye opening. Heard that a lot more people side with him than her.

No. 624179

Based on the fb replies or do u personally know the people in her circle?

No. 624787

A bit of both.

No. 624828

File: 1547236612362.jpg (514.25 KB, 1080x1530, 20190111_145523.jpg)

So broke girl is going to go for a Lexus? Where your money coming from?

No. 624865


Good question

New boy toy must be decently well off

Not like “private jet” money but enough to pay for her lazy dead weight

No. 624881

>someone's laptop was stolen

>it was their own fault

Sheena is a cunt. for reals

No. 624912


I mean she moved into OC and a gated community so yea I wouldn't think my shit would be stolen either

No. 624914

Would not be stolen * damn autocorrect

No. 625077

I can't believe she's really doing this. She's going to play sick now as a way of getting out of all her responsibilities and still get some cash flow out of her remaining fans. Once a scammer, always a scammer i guess

No. 625213

Did this thread really need to be continued? Is there even any milk worth talking about coming from her anymore? The last thread took almost 2 years to fill. She could just be mentioned in the Costhots thread at this point, or moved to /snow/ at the very least.

No. 625217

>Moved to a big place in Orange county.
It's probably the same anon samefagging about how she moved somewhere expensive.

No. 625684

Depressing how she’s becomming irrelevant on lolcow just as fast as she became irrelevant to the cosplay community

No. 625781


IS she becoming irrelevant or is it because she hasn't been streaming or basically doing anything for us to remark on?

No. 625980

Oh shir ur right she hasnt streamed in 2ish months? Im surprised she’s still has the twitch partnership - from my understanding partners are supposed to stream a certain amount each month to get paid?

No. 626296


Longer. But she'll probably come back for KH3 unless she can't because she all of a sudden got carpel tunnel. Or whatever excuse she has now.

No. 626659

Probably Persona 5 R too.

No. 626912

Once you get the twitch partnership it's going to stay. She can be gone for a year and more and keep it.

No. 628061

There should be a limit put on that. That if you don't stream or something for a certain amount of time - you get pushed back to affiliate. So she's going to continue getting money and whatnot when she is literally just living her life. There are much better streamers than her.

No. 628244

you just need to make $100 a month in subs and bits to be paid out

No. 630359

File: 1548377226005.jpg (44.35 KB, 577x355, GettingOthersPaysOff.JPG)

Honestly, talk about getting others to do stuff. She is now having her Game Hosts do all her work with the community.

No. 630366


Wow on that 1st place prize

No. 630529

Wow these prizes are terrible and somehow the 1st place prize is the most disappointing. Might as well not even enter.

No. 630532

This is literally her patreon tiers.

No. 633873

File: 1548811615822.jpg (73.64 KB, 1009x590, ShowingOff.JPG)

Go back to the abyss of whence you came ignorant creature.

No. 635150


Not like she’s going to stream it as I think she’s given up on it

No. 635234

File: 1549009217474.jpeg (187.34 KB, 750x359, 66380518-C0CE-4C6B-9567-BBD228…)

No. 635412

File: 1549056198490.jpg (218.58 KB, 1080x623, 20190201_152151.jpg)

Anyone notice how she had to retweet herself

No. 635444

When’s the last time she even mentioned Monty? I know it’s been awhile but you figured she’d still say something in his death anniversary

No. 635483

File: 1549066324217.jpg (39.36 KB, 262x446, AboutSheenaMaybe.JPG)

How much you wanna bet this is about Nicole? I heart Sonja. She's such a down to earth person.

No. 635484


She's literally told every mod she's had if RWBY or Monty or RT come up to turn the tide of the conversation away from it. She cannot stand listening to that stuff. Some may be hurtful but I bet it's she is an attention snob and doesn't want the attention away from her.

No. 635485


I’m surprised she just doesn’t outright ban people who bring up those topics

No. 636473

File: 1549267694148.png (43.56 KB, 493x331, received_760916660950624.png)


Doesn't say she misses him, victimizes herself, makes it all about her and by the end of the post you forget it was even about Monty in the first place.

No. 636728


She's literally just posted what she tells her stream every year. Almost word for word. But did anyone see her 'gym outfit' post and how she is going go for gains. Twig girl can't gain anything because she doesn't eat anything. Again more pictures so she show off her bewbs to get that money.

No. 636729

Hey anon quit chastising her for uh not sharing every step of her path with us

No. 638407

File: 1549730059323.jpg (106.02 KB, 660x681, LayingIntoSheena.JPG)

So Nicole's been on her discord discussing victims of abuse and herself and all that. And this dude pops up and posts this. Pretty sure Nicole will ban him soon for taking a strong stance against her like she has done to others.

No. 638500

Sheena is a fucking loser but out of all sour milk to post, may god forbid she bans the scrotposter.

No. 642722

>One of her exes came forwards about her manipulating and shitty behavior towards him
I know this is old, but I'm slightly out of the loop. Is this the same ex who's family paid for her schooling? Do we have caps of what he said?

No. 643050


I believe this is alluding to her most recent ex before her current sugardaddy. There are definitely caps in the last thread but I'm too lazy to locate them for you. Unfortunately she's managed to convince her current bf to stay more on the hidden/quiet side so that he's easier to manipulate and has less contact with the people that can see through her garbage. Sad times.

No. 643389

Looks like she axed a few more of her moderators. DJ, her Reinhardt carry in Overwatch and Tinbad.

No. 643393


Any details as to why the axe was given?

No. 643518


Discord Bae here!

The axe was dropped probably because they haven't been around too much during her streams. I know DJ kinda peaced out when Nicole had the falling out with Sonja and Dan. He was friends with them and Mica.

The axe for Tinbad, well from what I could investigate and assume, he went quiet when UrbanPhoenixFox was kicked as mod. I mean she's still poking around in the server, but I'm pretty sure she has her own server, cause there have been times when she streams and Tinbad and her are talking.

No. 643528

Has she been streaming lately? Not that I pay that much attention but I haven't seen her on in months

No. 643532


A lot of times Urban and Tinbad were on Rods server.


It looks like Sheena has quit it for now but I'd be surprised if she doesn't stream the new kingdom hearts some time.

No. 643567

Nicole's going to stream once a week I think on Friday for 'much longer'. Said she would play KH3 but she wanted to play it solo first. She's 'paused' her patreon because she 'can't keep up' with the month by month rewards. This is literally because she spends all night playing OW instead of editing photos. That and her new sugar daddy is giving her a luxurious life in Orange County.

It wasn't that a lot of times Urban and Tinbad were on Rod's server. It's when the stuff went down with Joker being kicked as a mod, Rod left because apparently something shady went down with that. They were still friends with Rod and Joker. Urban started to get treated badly (meaning getting the silent treatment and ignored) because she was gaining popularity and it was pulling attention from Nicole, therefore like with all alpha female friends, Nicole kicked her. Urban was legit the only active member of her former mod squad. She even had to mod a member of her uber fanclub.

No. 643568

i'm confused. if she doesn't stream, she doesn't do patreon, how is she making any money to live? does she even have a following still?

No. 643581

People follow her because of Monty and all her false sob stories. It's funny she's trying to be all feminism when she honestly gives it a bad name. She has a sugar daddy that funds what she can't get on her own now. I don't get how she's having a following after you can blatantly see that she's not trying as hard as some of the other cosplayers in the community.

Other than that…you got me. She's made fun of people with real jobs and everything yet those with real jobs are the ones giving her the most.

No. 643607

File: 1551323818619.jpg (32.97 KB, 676x215, NotTheReason.JPG)

Discord Bae again! I find it hilarious that this thread starts up again and then she posts this in her discord.

No girl, they stopped talking to you cause you alienate their other friends and they find out how you really are.

No. 643622


Last time I check her patreon is now at around the mid 80s when it had the highs of 115 at one time

No. 643661


Meant to say you can see them on Rods server a lot currently. Not that it's a reason they got axed.

No. 643665

Let's be honest, that's the reason they got booted. She kicked Joker, which was shady af because he was like Super Mod at some point, then Rod left because he probably found out the real reason, Urban got kicked because she was becoming too popular, DJ got axed because he was friends with Sonja/Dan, and Tinbad got kicked because they told him truths about Sheena and hell, these mods were the cool Mod squad.

No. 643666

If she found out where they were all hanging together yea she'd get rid of them all.

No. 643707

Is Joker her old roommate that did and bought everything for her because of his creepy obsession? if so didn't he disappear because of her boyfriend moving in?

No. 643709

Yeah, that Joker. She kicked him out because she caught him doing creepy things like sneaking into her room. Which IS fucked up but like, duh girl. Kinda weird she moved in an obsessive fan in the first place.

No. 643710

I think she still has money left over from Monty's death tbh

No. 643713


She says Joker creeped into her room and all that, but she also says she'd lock the door. How did he creep in if she locked the door? Honestly I don't believe he was a creeper. I just think she took advantage of someone who wanted to help her out because they didn't know she was a manipulative pos.

No. 643715

Sheena makes up bad shit about everyone she pushes out. It wouldn't shock me to find out everything she said about Joker was a lie too.

No. 643731


Wouldn’t be surprised if she lied as it’s a known pattern that she has to paint herself as a victim in everything

Not to say joker didn’t do these things though

No. 643747

I dont buy her story. All of the other OG mods still hang out with him.

No. 643749

I hadn't seen any particulars about what she said about Joker. Could someone enlighten me on what all she said he did?

No. 644452

File: 1551810537080.jpg (53.5 KB, 725x301, HealthCareBitch.JPG)

Doesn't seem like anyone wants to fess up that they heard. I only know what was stated in these threads. I do know some irl friends said she was using him for another sob story so she can get pity from fans she meets irl.

On another note, she is complaining about the health care again. It seems she still doesn't understand how to work it or use it. If you are going to a really high tiered doctor out of your network of course you are going to pay top dollar. If she doesn't like the health care here, gtfo. From the conversation it seems free health care in Canada had people just sitting even more hours on end than American Hospitals do. Seriously, if she doesn't like some many things here, go…she's not a contributing citizen anyway.

No. 644462


And there she is complaining about when she was “poor” when she was younger

And as you pointed out she can just go back home as I’m sure there are plenty of other people in the states would gladly head to Canada for healthcare

No. 644484


As someone who has been to chiropractors and pain specialists for my own issues, I don't think she realizes that only certain issues can be worked on at one time. Your body needs time to heal from the pressure that is exerted on it in order to get nerves and muscles to bend to the doctor's will to fix you.

This just shows me that she probably isn't really going to a doctor for her issues. The Doctor would explain that to her unless she is going to some 2 bit hack in a back alley.

No. 644491


While I see her not following advice from her doctors, I do not see her getting a medical device for the sole purpose of faking as I imagine those devices are expensive

No. 644498


Really? I see her doing it just she wants to get that self in to get more pity cash.

No. 644507


Yeah I realize later on when she already lies and makes herself look like a victim in literally everything there is no low she could go

No. 644682

File: 1551918750609.jpg (86.29 KB, 809x734, DadLies.JPG)

Wait - didn't her dad abandon her and her mom? Isn't that why she doesn't talk to him….

No. 645166

File: 1552115100807.jpg (779.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190308-223058_Ins…)

As a woman that was once friends with Nicole, I am here to say I hate it when she tries to be a 'pro-feminist' and 'POWER TO THE GIRLs' kind of person.

If you are a woman who is liked by mutual guy friends, she will be the first to spread rumors to make you look like a bitch. If you gain popularity on the internet she will find some reason to 'stop working with you' and then say bad things about you in real life to her neckbeard fans. She intentionally ruins any female she can that she knows she won't get too much backlash on because they might not be too popular just so she can feel better about herself. I am personally sick of seeing her shoot down people, females and men, on the internet that have an opinion opposite of hers instead of discussing it like a normal human being. She is the most toxic person and honestly shouldn't be commenting on anything pro-females/female gamers/Congratulating women on International Woman's Day because she is the first to destroy that.

Someone who fakes being LGBTQ to get clicks/views/more money, needs to remove herself from the community immediately. I have never seen her in a relationship with a female let alone have one touch her in any way. The only time she has remotely said/gestures/mentions anything toward the same sex is when her camera is on and she's on stream. She is a disgrace. A woman, who takes two men to bed at the same time, and never had a relationship with a woman should not be able to act like Nicole has without repercussions. Yet everyone around here is charmed because she is the quintessential 'thin blonde girl' that can basically be a house-girlfriend with a non-existent tragic past that she over embellishes. And those of us who have evidence of her wrong doing can't step forward because her other rose-colored glass blind friends and community will crucify us. I hate it and I hate that she keeps succeeding in duping people into letting her live in luxury with minimal work.

Sorry…having a friend send me this image she posted has me really triggered and I needed to rant.

No. 645231

Man that is damn well spoken. If only there were a reliable way to get the pathetic leeches
in her life and discord to read this and not completely dismiss it.

No. 645419


Sorry, I'm the ranter. Unfortunately without hard proof or pictures I doubt anyone would believe it. Well all but the LGBTQ one, that one you can see but then Nicole will deny it and say she's bi. She's not bi, she's bi-curious but never actually has delved into the other side of the 'bisexual' side. You know, the same sex side.

No. 645438


What’s funny is you mention “once you gain popularity she’ll stop working with you” when Nicole is the one who leeches off the popularity of others

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she works with someone (let’s say Stella chu for example) and never works with them again

No. 645452


What I meant was for people trying to establish popularity. Stella is established already.

No. 645962

File: 1552505021495.jpg (25.13 KB, 252x246, NeverForAnotherMod.JPG)

I love watching her. Because she's literally never done this for her previous mods. Only Bobo - because he gives her a steady money flow and bought her a new computer. So you only talk to them because they give you money…what else only does stuff when you pay them…mmmmm

No. 645967


I pity that mod

He could probably go pay for a GFE for a fraction of the money he has spent on Nicole

No. 645998


Lol when you get someone to drop 500 bucks per stream. I wonder how she is surviving now that she has had no stream.

No. 646078


Hi friend.

Don't worry about your ranting. I was struck by a lot of what you had to say.
I was never "friends" with Sheena myself (back when I knew her she was still going by Nicole and that's what I knew her as) but I am exactly as disgusted by her as you are. We had enough mutual friends between us that we knew each other's names and faces and occasionally saw each other at Conventions or out to lunch/on weekends when our social circles would overlap. This was about 8 or 9 years ago and back when Sheena still lived in Vancouver.

I have SO many memories of this time. The foul way she behaved, her disgusting attitude, her bitchiness, her backstabbing, her lies, manipulativeness, her narcisissm, etc etc.

She's toxic.

No. 646304


Thank you. Like I said, it's because of her crazy fans that I don't come out. I just don't understand from a human stand point how people cannot see how odd it is she's kicked some of her mods who were active, kept others that are inactive. Modded 'friends' because it keeps her relevant because said friends are more famous aka Dillon Goo and Stella Chu…

I'm seriously mind blown at how people can still support her when a former mod is streaming - albeit inconstantly but for better causes other than themselves. I've seen that person stream for 2 different charities and to help a friend with a legal team for stuff. Like wtf…also they have a full time job. I would really like that person to get more views and more money rolling into them rather than Nicole. They take caps on when they donate money…I've seen them match the donations twice. That's more than what Nicole's ever done.

No. 646377

I'm not familiar with these other people, can you link their streams? I'd happily support them if they are doing more positive things and if it would piss the selfish she-devil off

No. 646428


Has Nicole even done any charity stream?

No. 646468


Nope she has not. Said she would but never did.


It's her former mod urbanphoenixfox. Girl has a fulltime job so she really doesn't need the extra money. So she usually is streaming for a cause of some sort like 50% of the time.

No. 646496


Thanks for confirming that she has not done any charity work

Really says it all

No. 646499


She was supposed to do one for SupplyDrop or something like that but never did. It was supposed to be a 24 hr stream. She doesn't like her community enough to stream 24 hrs.

No. 646500

File: 1552700386654.jpg (39.28 KB, 443x591, 20190313_172114-01.jpg)

Said she felt cute…I think it's just because she got her boobs to look right.

No. 647351

I hope it comes to no surprise that, despite taking a poll on her discord about what day she's going to start to stream, she still hasn't started. So instead of streaming, she's ripping into her failed YT account and complaining about how her videos just got a copyright claim from overseas. Dude…that's what happens when your opening music is copyrighted. Don't be daft.

She also was complaining about 'how these guys forced her to friend them' so they would leave her alone. Come on Nicole, we all know you probably took them both home. Well…all of us smart enough to see her manipulative nature. Poor, poor weebs in her discord.

No. 647352


All I’m reminded of is how when I transcipted her patreon rant she kept mentioning and complaining how she hasn’t done anything cause she kept on “researching” ways to improve patreon

I’m guessing it’s more of the same of “me me me but it’s really to improve it for everyone”

No. 647383


Speaking of patreon, she just posted on how patreon is doing things and complained about it. Like I understand patreon is buggy on the payment side, but in order for them to get the proper people to fix it, does she not know they need to find ways to make money so they can fix it for people?

Like I understand weebs funded your lifestyle, but nothing in life is free.

No. 647427


Haha yea and she got talked down by urbanphoenixfox and Lazy about the business end how stuff needs to happen behind the scenes. Good for Urban and Lazy.

No. 647521

File: 1553109921298.jpeg (244.18 KB, 746x1107, D6F64BBA-02CF-4BB5-BE0B-1FD5C0…)

No. 647522

File: 1553109947351.jpeg (313.08 KB, 750x836, 43C138C6-99DD-43F7-9AE5-D4E206…)

No. 647615


And there she is trying to recover from Lazy agreeing with urbanphoenixfox. Lazy being one of the 'bro-squad' that pays her the most and donates the most. So she needs to get him to agree with her.

And I don't understand why she doesn't utilize her mods more. She never did back when she had enough active mods to help her, now she only has Bobo, who is also part of the 'bro squad'. So her saying it 'cuts into her time' is total BS. She's perfectionist because she's controlling and doesn't want people to actually help her. That way she can whine about having no time to do actual work and get that sweet weeb cash that people throw at her during her whine fests.

As for healthy relationships with everyone who supports her. Then she needs to get off her butt and making it her job to actual maintain her brand rather than her personal luxury ride off of those who support her. She then actually has to interact with her community further than just randomly talking to them in discord when she needs to 'appear like she's doing something'.

Also…it still seems like she doesn't understand the whole thing about Patreon has to make money to fix it's problems so it get people to fix the problems. Like come on you idiot, no one works for free except for like her…she doesn't work but still gets paid. As for why she lost people, you are not creating content….so F** off.

No. 647618

Not to side track, but the only reason she put up that response is being urbanphoenixfox had more than just Lazy agree with her.

Nicole also said something about her level/speed and some other lack of something is the reason she can't do the month to month stuff. How can't you do the month to month? Oh yea, because you literally don't know how to make content. If people like the ones she hangs around and talks to like Stella/Nipah/ModeratelyOKCosplay/JNig/etc etc can, she should be able to as well. She just doesn't want to put that much work into it. If she wants to work for herself, she needs to basically work 24/7 that's how self-employment works.

No. 647669

Barbara Dunkelman from Rooster Teeth was one of my best friends in high school; would anybody be interested in me asking her whether/what she knows about Sheena, and what she thinks of her? If so, do you guys have any specific questions or anything you'd like me to ask her, if she's willing to tell me?

No. 647676

I mean, I wouldn't say no to hearing what she had to say but I know Monty's passing was rather hard on Barbara.

I can't imagine her going out of her way to spend time or see Sheena .

No. 647751

File: 1553213051831.jpg (16.12 KB, 550x115, Capture3.JPG)

Why is allowed to have a pet? If that's her mind set, then I just assume the poor cat is a prop for money.

No. 647761

She has literally no cheek bones and it makes her look so gross. Why doesn’t she just get filler, especially under her eyes if all she is is her image?

No. 647862


It's funny, she sits there and gushes about food. But legit never eats. That's why she's skin and bone.

No. 647863

This thread is interesting because I always knew Sheena IRL and didn't really know or care much about her streaming/internet persona, so the insight on that is interesting because it's all I remember her really talking about. She's withdrawn from the friend group a bit now, and I always remember her being nice, but super quiet/disengaged if the conversation or focus wasn't entirely on her. She seemed really into being internet famous and always talked about her "community." I'm surprised to see she's already dropping it, seemingly without really trying, considering it seemed to be so her focus in life. What does she do with her day now?

No. 647893


Well first, let me welcome you to the shade. Some of us are people she has used then dropped out of her life during that climb to 'internet fame'.

It is interesting to see people who know her outside of her 'internet fame' come in and talk because is basically confirms that's she's a manipulative money hungry woman. And just that little bit shows me that Nicole has no concept of reality or a real job or life. She wanted to be internet famous and that's it.

But she didn't realize that with internet fame, you have to work hard and maintain it. She literally peaked out, then started to produce sob stories in order to keep sympathy to keep people on her patreon and twitch when she realized creating actual content was too hard.

From what I know from talk with people who have been in her discord. She always put a barrier between herself and the community. Unless you were really good at the game she was currently playing so you could carry her to the top. Currently I think she has dropped out of Plat and is gold in OW, but then again she talks with Lazy and some Lucio Main in her discord that carry her back up.

She's kicked a majority of her active mod team because she lied about a former mod and most of them took his side. The other mod she's kicked took the side of Sonja and Dan who were friends with Monty and disagreed with her on something.

As for what she does now, she is a stay at home girlfriend for MetCon, who was a friend of her former boyfriend Arin, who she basically used to get someone else. She creates little to no content. Giving sporadic images of work when interest in her drops or jumping in her discord to complain about something. I mean RE: see above for her comprehension on Web Design/Company Growth/How things work. She legit goes out on the money she gets from her poor community, that doesn't see the wrongness. I mean if there is no content, why fund someone's life. That's like giving someone free money. Granted I do give money to charities or homeless people on the street every once in a while, but I ain't giving no homeless person 20+ dollars a month for just living.

What else…what else…I mean I could go on, but you could just go through the threads and see how horrible she is.

No. 648102

Oh I knew she was horrible so I kept my distance. I knew Monty and that whole thing seemed extremely fishy from the get-go. If she hadn't adopted that cat he would still be alive.

Thank you for filling me in on the internet side of her horrible, though. I like, could tell just from knowing her IRL there was something about her I didn't like, but she was always nice so I was nice back. It's definitely pretty wild that she set her community up as the center of her life and still had so much drama with them too. It's kind of impressive tbh

No. 648150


Yea I kinda took all my twitch/patreon pledges from her because of her attitude to her community. Legit, no content. I'm not paying for you to go to cons just cause.

No. 648166

Frankly I would love to know the whole story about Sheena from Barb's perspective and maybe from the rest of RT; however…I don't reopen an old wound in Barb's case especially about Monty. She could be vague about it though, like how she was about Kathleen.

No. 648279

I don't know about Barb specifically, but I know a little bit about what she said went down with RT. She said Monty told her the whole story/ending of RWBY so she tried to move in after his death and replace him as showrunner since she was the ~only one who knew the true story~ and RT wasn't having it. She doesn't animate or do any of the heavy lifting Monty did so they weren't going to just let her take over. She super played the victim in this though and accused them of disrespecting her, and Monty, for not just giving her a lead job just for being there. Then she flounced and moved to LA because her trying to sneak into RT officially basically lobbed a grenade in her relationship with them.

No. 648285


I bet she has Monty's old notes and stuff about anything he wanted to create and uses them as pity objects.

No. 648288

This with Shane's letter about how unfair RT was for not hiring her straight off the bat sheds light on just how desperate she seemed to have been and how offended she was that RT didn't hire her the moment Monty died.

No. 648316


I'm not going to lie - I kinda believe that RT was douchey just in general. Most of the channels or companies do when they get acquired by Fullscreen.

But again we know Nicole is a manipulator - so I'm not going to fault Shane, who I've known to be an honest and trustworthy person to get mixed up with her. I mean…when you have years to perfect the art of being a victim

No. 648363

Psh poor woman, she literally had no skills for RT to utilize. As for Shane's letter, I had a headache reading it but I'm not surprised if she played him like a fiddle. Do you really think she knows the true story and ending of RWBY? I can't help but doubt that. What about any other falling outs she had with former friends after moving to LA (i.e. Chloe)?

No. 648376

No. 648615


May I ask why you think RT was being douchy? I think they were being reasonable when she could not animate or could write as they already had writers and I’m pretty sure that Monty would inform the writers would have happened

No. 648632

I've heard from one of her LA friends that she hoards it and it legit has Monty's notes in it. But I that was like right after she moved to LA. So I wouldn't be surprised if she 'lost' it.

I don't think they were being douchy to her. She deserves what she got. I like Miles and Gavin and stuff…but Just some things I heard about the inner workings for like other interns and how they hiring is all. Seemed a bit shady.

No. 648634


You know what's funny, in there it says that she tried to get her dad to intimidate her old roommate. She states her dad abandoned her and her mom….LOL! THE LIES!

No. 648635


Oh makes sense now, my bad for misunderstanding then

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