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No. 623388

Didn't care much to rewrite another bio for her so stole it from previous thread. Recent developments at the end

previous thread: >>305679
Thread #1 >>51365
Thread #2 >>147888
Thread #3 >>211596
Thread #4 >>257458


Nicole "Sheena" Duquette "Oum" is a cosplayer from Vancouver, BC who dropped everything to move to Austin, TX so she could sleep her way into RoosterTeeth. She "married" Monty Oum, something that was only revealed after Monty was in an coma following anaphylaxis caused by a treatment for his cat allergy, after first hooking up with him PAX 2013. It's highly suspected they only married so she wouldn't get deported because no one knew about their marriage (including Monty's family). It's also worth noting that the reason Monty was being aggressively treated for his cat allergy is because Nicole decided to bring home a stray.

After Monty's death, she took thousands of dollars worth of donations for his care and funeral and went on vacation in England with Jnig, flaunting her new purchases the whole way. After returning, she used more money to get giant fake boobs despite having "severe" scoliosis that she uses as an excuse for pity.

She is currently living in LA, despite being in the country not as a legal citizen, and not being allowed to have a job in the country. She is a Twitch booby streamer, sells prints of herself waering costumes she bought, and fame whores herself at every con that will let her. The costumes she actually makes herself are hilariously poorly stitched and sculpted. She also posts endless photos of the little murder weapon she decided to keep and name Mr. Noodle, and even sells merch of the fucking cat.

Recent developments: One of her exes came forwards about her manipulating and shitty behavior towards him, ultimately leaving him for another sugar daddy. Complains about her community complaining and made strict banning rules for it despite her being a complainer herself. She got herself a motorcycle and claims she's an expert at "repairs" because of years of car issues. Loses friends left and right. Moved to a big place in Orange county. Put her Patreon on hiatus despite not putting much effort into it previously.

Are we missing anything?

No. 623424

The one thing I would add would be she kicked most of her active mods from being mods and now her only mod is one of the weebs who give her hundreds of dollars per stream.

She's insanely jealous of any female who rises up in popularity in her community.

No. 623427

Oh, this is the link to the previous thread for all the juicy bits. >>>/pt/378647

No. 623431

>>623427 DAMMIT pretend I put that thread in there, sorry I totally meant to add it

But yes, many great things in thread >>>/pt/378647 but the highlight was the shit show with her ex exposing her on fb lol

No. 623508


Yea that was eye opening. Heard that a lot more people side with him than her.

No. 624179

Based on the fb replies or do u personally know the people in her circle?

No. 624787

A bit of both.

No. 624828

File: 1547236612362.jpg (514.25 KB, 1080x1530, 20190111_145523.jpg)

So broke girl is going to go for a Lexus? Where your money coming from?

No. 624865


Good question

New boy toy must be decently well off

Not like “private jet” money but enough to pay for her lazy dead weight

No. 624881

>someone's laptop was stolen

>it was their own fault

Sheena is a cunt. for reals

No. 624912


I mean she moved into OC and a gated community so yea I wouldn't think my shit would be stolen either

No. 624914

Would not be stolen * damn autocorrect

No. 625077

I can't believe she's really doing this. She's going to play sick now as a way of getting out of all her responsibilities and still get some cash flow out of her remaining fans. Once a scammer, always a scammer i guess

No. 625213

Did this thread really need to be continued? Is there even any milk worth talking about coming from her anymore? The last thread took almost 2 years to fill. She could just be mentioned in the Costhots thread at this point, or moved to /snow/ at the very least.

No. 625217

>Moved to a big place in Orange county.
It's probably the same anon samefagging about how she moved somewhere expensive.

No. 625684

Depressing how she’s becomming irrelevant on lolcow just as fast as she became irrelevant to the cosplay community

No. 625781


IS she becoming irrelevant or is it because she hasn't been streaming or basically doing anything for us to remark on?

No. 625980

Oh shir ur right she hasnt streamed in 2ish months? Im surprised she’s still has the twitch partnership - from my understanding partners are supposed to stream a certain amount each month to get paid?

No. 626296


Longer. But she'll probably come back for KH3 unless she can't because she all of a sudden got carpel tunnel. Or whatever excuse she has now.

No. 626659

Probably Persona 5 R too.

No. 626912

Once you get the twitch partnership it's going to stay. She can be gone for a year and more and keep it.

No. 628061

There should be a limit put on that. That if you don't stream or something for a certain amount of time - you get pushed back to affiliate. So she's going to continue getting money and whatnot when she is literally just living her life. There are much better streamers than her.

No. 628244

you just need to make $100 a month in subs and bits to be paid out

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