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File: 1476239765954.jpg (210.22 KB, 1200x1800, Cuhyes1UkAAWCuv.jpg)

No. 305679

Looking Like a 60 Year Old Woman With Fake Tits Edition

shitty Canadian cosplayer hooked up with a beta-as-fuck cartoonist, and killed him via cat allergy, while getting a greencard and a place to stay in Austin out of it.

now she sluts around Los Angeles, kissing Game Grumps and Markiplier ass.

last thread: >>257458


No. 305706

Halloween mercy is so beautiful and I am so disgusted by what I'm seeing

No. 305707

That lighting/make-up combo is doing her no favors, she looks so old and haggard here.

No. 305708


I'll be more disgusted if she decides to redo it as the one in the game

No. 305709

She just looks like someone's drunk mom at a Halloween party.

No. 305710

>no/subtle lipstick and light makeup on photo
>dark lipstick and caked on makeup on cosplay

How do you look at the source material and fuck up that badly?

No. 305711

The lips and eyes make her look ancient af.

No. 305713


As lame as it sounds, does she even play the game?

No. 305725

Her Polaroid set from the last thread absolutely disgust me. She's literally whoring herself out for fap material.

Nothing she has done since the day he died has ever shown Sheena as being a poor sad Widow. Nothing. She didn't mourn, she cremated him within hours which is highly suspicious anyway. She came in to a shit ton of money that she spent on building a new computer and going on vacations to conventions and overseas MONTHS after the tragic death of this man she supposedly loved.

I'm still so enraged by her and the fact that she gets all this shit handed to her just because she was the last one to touch Monty when he was alive when she has done nothing to preserve his legacy in the least bit.

I hope karma comes soon.

No. 305734


Take comfort knowing she can't go beyond montys shadow

No. 305735

this is so poorly lit…

No. 305754

She'd fit right on at that slutty Halloween party in Mean Girls

No. 305782

File: 1476289472251.jpg (210.25 KB, 1250x937, 4iFf6UT.jpg)

Monty's death is clearly the best thing that ever happened to her. It gave her massive exposure, a tragic backstory, an established fandom ready to be adopted, immunity to criticism, and lots of cash. It's kind of incredible.

No. 305789

Her new bf is taking the pics and likes the idea of other ppl fapping to her. It's kind of like jnig.

No. 305825

thats so fucked up

No. 305828

jesus christ she looks so goddamn busted.

No. 305831

having dealt with delayed grief before I know how complex the mourning process can be and that it's easier to hide grief and i wanted to be sympathetic for this girl but…..going through her instagram is fucking painful, all she did was post a few photos with vague-sad captions right after he died and then proceeded to go full stop into all her new obnoxious bullshit like it was nothing, she never even MENTIONS him anymore. if my husband had died like that in such a tragic way I'd have been nowhere near social media for a decent amount of time, and would probably be blaming myself for the whole thing/ wouldn't even be able to look at cats the same way. i mean fuck, she cosplays as her dead husband's own characters, something about that is so forced and cringey to me.

No. 305832

File: 1476339405032.png (1.01 MB, 1200x733, 1473045946965.png)

holy shit this is softcore porn, she's implied masturbating in the bottom right pic??

No. 305834

His death was so unexpected. There's only 1 death per 2.5 MILLION allergy shots. I know people love to call Sheena a murderer because she's the one who wanted cats, but it's insane to think she ever could have really thought the shot would kill him.

His death blind-sided everyone.

Yeah, people mourn differently, but how does anyone become abruptly widowed after less than a year of marriage and just… not really care? All of her mourning seemed really forced, and now, a year and a half later, she's got fake tits, sells pictures of herself in her undies to thirsty nerds, and cosplays as her dead husband's characters. It's fucked up.

No. 305844

That's what just seems so fucked up to me.

Maybe I've been watching too much Investigation Discovery, but on this 'Deadly Women' on women who kill their husbands, Sheena shows every sign of someone who planned to, at least one day, get rid of their partner.

Getting married without his parents really knowing, no one else knowing (maybe because it seemed to literally be right after Lindsay and Michael's wedding) about it, then him dying not even a year in? Then she gets her greencard, a husband to a dead husband and a ridiculous sum of money she clearly wasted on herself.

As an anon said; cremation so close to someone's death often raises some red flags, especially when there's something to hide even if hiding an allergic reaction is rather easy, unless she pushed him to use more and more of it.

idk. It's so sketchy to me and just so tragic that she ruined so many lives to make softcore porn who are fapping it to the widow of someone they once admired as an artist.

No. 305845

Oh lawd, I love me some Deadly Women, anon. So, agree, looking at her narcissistic behaviour, I can see the whole cat thing not being an accident.

She apparently begged for the cat knowing FULL well Monty was deathly allergic. That's not the mark of a wife who cares about her husband's wellbeing I can tell you that much.

No. 305848

Stop being retarded. Sheena didn't conspire to kill Monty via an allergy shot. What part of "1 fatal reaction per 2.5 million injections" do you people not understand?

In the US, annually, there are 2-5 deaths from allergy shots, but there are over 30,000 deaths from car accidents. If Monty had died in a car accident on his way to pick Sheena up from somewhere, would ya'll be spazzing about how that was Sheena's plan all along? Of course not. So stop being stupid. There are perfectly good reasons to hate Sheena; you don't need to convince yourselves she's a murderer too.

Sometimes people die in freak accidents. Sometimes those people are married. Sometimes they're married to scumbags. Sheena just so happened to be the scumbag.

No. 305876

Except you're not factoring in that she pushed in the cat WHILE he was doing the allergy shot. What are those odds accounting for the double exposition ?

No. 305879

It was a cat that he wanted too, though.

No. 305884

Sure, but then it's less surprising he died of an allergic reaction than if he did on the shots alone. The risk was greater and being exposed to the cat WHILE doing the shots was pretty reckless.

No. 305897

she also has a new bf like a little after a year… even her friends have posted videos and pics saying happy birthday to him past his death. sheena just posted a pic with "Happy birthday" and never mentions him again

No. 305903


There's quite a bit of stupid people who think they're some master genius with a fool proof plan but get caught and I feel like Sheena is not quite dumb enough but not smart enough to pull off something as convoluted as you mentioned.

the stuff she did AFTER montys death though is shady and weird as hell


You're quite right on delayed grief as my best friend passed away who was a part of a large community with a number of fans that went out of their way to contact me.

I found that after the initial statement I found myself hiding away from it while I process my own grief which I'm still doing despite it handling years ago.

No. 305971

She was with a guy a few months out from his death, at that con in UK.

No. 305984

Why does she keep streaming ancient old games? Kingdom Hearts was like…. years ago.

No. 305988


So? There's a whole niche of vintage gamers out there. She's just trying to fit in and obviously failing.

No. 306001

Ok seriously, why the hell does she look so fucking annoying in these pics and most all other pics?? This skank has zero sex appeal.

No. 306006

She is really homely lookin

No. 306012

Her followers are mostly older single men and she needs their nostalgiabucks.

No. 306014

>kingdom hearts

Fuck in old.

No. 306015

To be fair she really can pull off witch outfits because she actually looks like an old hag. Sadly she made mercy look like an old hag. I question how she can think this photo looks good.

Who's her bf? And do you have proof? Last thread annon mentioned some white dude but had no proof

No. 306037

Of all the times she shoops why not now? It's like she took a giant shit all over my beautiful wife.

No. 306038

File: 1476489097895.png (123.08 KB, 1233x662, IMG_3934.PNG)

Here's the dog that was seen in one of her mercy shoot images. From Arin's fb page with sheenas whiney voice and her lower body in the video. I think they are keeping the relationship on the down low. https://www.facebook.com/DemonUrthrese/posts/10207483355417870

No. 306041

> that poor dog
> that unfortunate profile

what an overall depressing photo.

No. 306046

I wonder why in the world any of this matters to anyone here or why you feel the need to keep coming back to this pool of negativity. if you're going to talk about me the least you could do is have the courage to do it directly with me rather than behind an anonymous message board. if you wanted to have an open conversation i've always invited them from people.

everyone here acts all high and mighty but high and mighty but your behavior shows a lot of insecurity and immaturity in your actions. if you really dislike someone so much why do you spend so much time and effort focusing on what they do?

No. 306047

by the way, this is Arin speaking. if you'd like to speak me feel free to message me on facebook and we can talk directly. if you're an adult and you have a real problem you want to address then lets address it.

No. 306048

File: 1476493279889.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 306049

File: 1476493344019.jpg (4.53 KB, 275x213, 1468007141445.jpg)

No. 306050

Drink bleach and fuck off

No. 306051

dont think this is a bait. the link that >>306038 posted has been bawleeted. looks so many has been furiously f5ing this post

No. 306052

lets address that your new fuck toy killed her husband.

No. 306053

Haven't been hitting F5, it updates on it's own.

No. 306054

File: 1476493798659.gif (684.2 KB, 500x281, 1472416453282.gif)

No. 306055

Your just making us all look like fucking conspiracy nuts when this is brought up.
Monty liked cats and wanted it. Stick to a real fucking point.

No. 306056

I'm really trying to figure out what the point is honestly.

No. 306057

First off, it's you're. Get the grammar right if you are going to be rude to people. Secondly, you all ARE conspiracy nuts. As previously said. There is no point.

No. 306058

File: 1476494211815.png (108.72 KB, 500x281, g83PVZs.png)

so you're saying…
he asked for it?

No. 306059

Were you asking to be an idiot? 2-5 deaths of that type a year. There are roughly 51 lightning strike deaths a year. You have a better chance of dying to an act of God than a standard medical procedure.

No. 306060

I invited people to talk directly with me and they still message on the anon board :(

No. 306061

Then tell Sheena to stop gossiping like crazy and acting like a sociopath. Do you think she really cares about you? She's going to cheat on you and send her nudes to whoever she can get with next asap. You're a notch on her belt. I feel sorry for you.

No. 306062

message me directly

No. 306063

File: 1476495538681.jpg (59.67 KB, 600x600, JoNJSQY.jpg)

No. 306064

i appreciate the concern and i believe it's coming from a place of concern but instead of judging people based on what i read on anon forums i'll reserve myself to make my own judgments. part of that involves directly interacting with people. i trust the people willing to talk to me more than i trust the people who hide behind anon names. i believe in evidence, context, and not on emotions to guide my decisions. most times in life the world is not as black and white as the media makes us out to be. most situations are understandable when we see the full story.

so on that i like to give people benefit of the doubt the same as i would for people here despite that my personal information was posted here… i mean, i don't know what i did to you to deserve posting stuff about me and my dog. i just don't understand why you didn't have respect enough to speak to me directly or to at least not post my personal videos on random forums. that part was a bit disappointing.

No. 306065

No. 306066

Your girl looks like Dopey from Snow White. I love the embarassing patreon photoshoots keep em coming. So much cringe!

No. 306067

Probably not as much cringe as you. Let's be real though. Can anyone say they've met a celebrity that they didn't hate or talk behind their backs. I mean really met and talked to? No? Okay.

No. 306069

>Probably not as much cringe as you

Bruh this is an anonymous message board lol

>Thinking your uggo dopey-faced gf is a celebrity


No. 306070

Not all who think you are idiots are Arin. But I'll take it as a compliment. Also, would you really be all that spazzy about someone who was celebrity? Again - let's be honest and real with each other. We are all anonymous here.

No. 306071

who was not a celebrity. Damned auto correct.

No. 306072

File: 1476497280981.jpg (100.23 KB, 500x285, VAeA885.jpg)

> Again - let's be honest and real with each other. We are all anonymous here.

No. 306074

i didn't make the celebrity comment by the way.

i'm not saying anyone is an idiot. more likely there are misunderstandings. but since i don't believe problems can be resolved through anonymity but rather addressing them directly that's why i'd rather talk person to person. if people really do have a problem then it should be talked about. if people want to get to know me then get to know me and talk to me. letting things build up to the point that people vent on anon boards isn't healthy. all it seems to have done is build on conspiracy theories instead of evidence and sometimes the simplest answer is the right one.

i simply feel there are better uses for our time. life is short, why waste it looking at and talking about people we don't like?

No. 306075

— Arin by the way

No. 306076

>i simply feel there are better uses for our time. life is short, why waste it looking at and talking about people we don't like?

why are you here again?

No. 306077

okay, I'll humor you for a second and pretend you're Arin, suspension of disbelief and such - why should we message you? you're not the subject of this thread. you're a whiteknight at worst, temporary fucktoy at best, and we don't care about you, so we won't message you. send Sheena and bring us some real milk

No. 306078

my name was brought up and my personal videos were posted. Seemed like the least i could do was show up and speak on my own behalf rather than let you all play internet detective on me lol


No. 306079

i don't know why the insults, seemed a bit uncalled for.

do you have a problem with sheena personally? do you know her personally?


No. 306080

first, if you're gonna namefag, use the name field.
second, post pics with shoe on head.

No. 306081

File: 1476498371779.gif (54.63 KB, 477x756, dontspread.gif)

What's it like taking shitty instax?

No. 306082

Why are wandering cows incapable of seeing what this site is about?

People love gossip. They fucking love it. And people trying to get fame and attention using the Internet are more than willing to give it. Think that people can constantly put themselves out there using every form of social media possible aren't going to get any gossip about them? There's no such thing as negative attention to go along with the positive? Don't be ridiculous.

If you never want to get gossiped about, don't try to be an e-celeb.

No. 306083

apologies, i'm new here. not exactly used to talking about people anonymously on message boards. you could also just message me directly if you want proof.

No. 306084


>works in the tech industry

>never used a single imageboard of any sort ever

Your high horse has autism Arin

No. 306085

>believing it's really Arin

No. 306088

"Just message me, I totally won't tell my sociopath girlfriend and send all her white knights to attack you"

No. 306166

Do you let the dog fuck her too, Arin?

No. 306171

>message me
>message me
>message me
>message me

I did and you never replied. Pls respond ;_;

No. 306176


Wow. It's one thing to hate one Sheena. It's another thing to pull the dog into it. Don't do that.

No. 306192

I tried to reply but it said you're not receiving messages right now :/

No. 306195


it's a dog calm the fuck down

No. 306196

Ima get your gf deported she's too ugly for LA

No. 306197

Kingdom Hearts has cosplay waifus.

No. 306198


No. 306199

File: 1476558127896.png (131.15 KB, 461x349, 1462209186906.png)

to this day, best thing that ever came out of these threads.

No. 306200

holy fuckballs, this

>"vidja designer"

>never used /v/ before

like what the fuck are you doing.

No. 306201

oh to the person who messaged me you blocked me before i could even respond so that's why i can't message back lol i only just read it this morning. unblock me if you want a response.

No. 306202

so, are you raw dogging that shit, or do you have to wrap it up? does she have the herp? have you ever picked up her Valtrex prescription for her?

No. 306205

give some sort of proof that you're Arin.

No. 306206

post pics with shoe on head

No. 306207

message me if you want proof lol

No. 306208

there's no point in messaging you if there's no proof.

No. 306210

what do you have to lose?

No. 306211

why are you so insistent about us messaging you?

No. 306212

Name and faces are easier to shame and target than anons. They're just baiting people to get names to give to Sheena so she can play victim then shit all over the person on her FB.

No. 306213

My thoughts exactly. And no one here is that stupid to take the bait.

Whoever you really are, just give it up. You're not gonna get names.

No. 306214

because if people want proof, they want to talk about me, then talk to me. don't go and try and be an internet detective on an anon board. that's just kind of odd. if everyone wants proof they can get it, it's absolutely within their reach and a message away. instead of coming here and talking anonymously, debunking conspiracy theories, i'm inviting an open discussion with anyone who wants to talk to me.

at this point if people don't want to give up their anonymity i can only assume that people prefer to be here talking "what if" scenarios with strangers over actually knowing the truth. if that's what people want then so be it but at least it will be seen that when people had the opportunity they passed it up. i'm a firm believer in open discussion and if people have a problem with someone to address it directly.

No. 306215

so people talking badly about someone on the internet are worried that if their names get out people will talk badly about them on the internet? lol

No. 306216

I'm pretty sure you don't even know the truth of everything.

Sheena lies and manipulates things to always have her be the victim in scenarios that she could of easily gotten out of without being a total bitch.

If she broke ties with someone and continuously shit talks them, you're hearing only her side. Have you gone out of your way to find a person she bitches about to ask THEIR side of what happened?

If someone has little reputation and someone like Sheena gets their name, they will be bullied and shit talked about not only on the internet but at any convention this person may go to. She's gone out of her way to make people cry at conventions by excluding them and sneering all while whispering and giggling like a high school bully.

She has her sheer number of white knights and desperate fans, like yourself, who she could use to just completely ruin someone who could of legitimately had a horrible experience with her.

No. 306217

the thing is i have talked to the other sides. i've spoken with everyone who i hear about and encouraged them all to talk with each other if they have a problem. that's why i'm here. if you want me to hear your side then i've sent out the invite. if you know her personally then talking about her on an anon board won't change anything. if you do have a problem with her then it should be addressed between the two of you.

No. 306218

how does it feel to whiteknight for a Patreon slut who'll dump you as soon as she finds someone more popular?

No. 306219

You poor dumb bastard

No. 306221

I'll never understand why cows derail other cow's threads.

No. 306223

People use anon board for a variety of reasons. I can see why you'd like to only acknowledge the ones that invalidate anyone's opinion over here, but I can tell you that some people simply had some dealings with her and came out having her attempts at character assassination and don't want to have to deal with that stuff again. At least over here one can vent about it without having to deal with her lies.

Going into more detail would mean making oneself recognizeable and nowadays all someone like her has to do is pretend that he was subject to unwanted attention (even if she was the one who acted like a stalker) and everyone will believe her because she's a woman.

No. 306241

If it's you, post a photo of a cow on your profile

No. 306242

>the thing is i have talked to the other sides. i've spoken with everyone who i hear about and encouraged them all to talk with each other if they have a problem.

So you admit that Nicole has fallen out with a lot of people and that you, for some reason, feel like you need to salvage her burnt bridges. Keep spillin', Arin.

No. 306243

File: 1476572052510.png (289.29 KB, 488x472, 1401319876268.png)

>Durr hurr if you hate Sheena just talk with her
No one has anything to say to her you dumbass, what don't you get? We're just watching her online shenanigans and making comments about it. Something she's just going to have to live with if she's going to continue being a streamer/e-celeb/attention whore, she's not exempt from getting talked about. Look at this site, tons of people get talked about, not just precious Dopey.

No. 306247

File: 1476573581601.jpg (124.82 KB, 960x1280, Cj49qOgUYAASHI_.jpg)

>She has her sheer number of white knights and desperate fans

hey Arin, this guy masturbates to your fucktoy's Final Fantasy streams.

No. 306248

File: 1476573664197.jpg (77.57 KB, 576x1024, Cme6TIPWIAA-uAk.jpg)

no pussy is this good. Sheena must be really, really good at manipulating people.

No. 306251

File: 1476574785985.jpg (35.91 KB, 600x600, wOMkGAf.jpg)

>that shirt

No. 306253

File: 1476575212459.jpg (71.46 KB, 665x700, 1467316139427.jpg)

on the one hand, I agree.

on the other, it's an anime convention. the bar is set very, very low.

No. 306255

File: 1476575325395.jpg (239.32 KB, 1152x2048, CmYqLGPUkAAxlas.jpg)

to compensate for not saging that last post, here's another sheena fanboy

No. 306261

Holy fuck that's so funny haha Sheena should do a costume out of this for her next patreon shoot. Arin make it happen

No. 306281

y'all are high if you think that's actually egoraptor Arin. My vote is troll trying to rile everyone up . Arin's on tour right now so why would he waste his time on lolcow when he hasn't even done that for his own wife when he wasnt busy???

No. 306287

it's actually another lolcow faggot named Arin.

Arin David Robinson


No. 306318

Holy fuck that cosplay is so bad. She makes money from this shit? The underwear, the seams in the tights, those boots, and I'm not even gonna get into that weird banana shaped body. Damn….

No. 306323


The dog is licking her tits. Thats fucking disgusting. She panders to every level of gross

No. 306324

File: 1476598927831.jpg (101.26 KB, 600x1067, CcPYE4pUAAEihex.jpg)

this is the other most recent cosplay disaster

pretty sure she's bought all the rest.

No. 306325

pot calling kettle black you TWO FACED BITCH

No. 306348

i never said she had falling out without anyone. i also never said anything about salvaging burnt bridges lol i was talking to the person who posted. you guys assume so much information it's insane lol just pointed out how useless the idea of gossiping on an anon board really is.

here's what i'll end on. at the end of the day the same people obsessed with me providing proof talk conspiracy theories about someone that don't have any proof for. the same people that don't want their names getting out due to fear of people talking about them on the internet are the same people talking about someone on the internet. it's comes off as people here somehow think that if there's someone out there they feel is worse than them that somehow makes them a better person but at the end of the day if sheena is this awful person you say she is, that doesn't make anyone here a good person. the justifications of why you do these things are loaded with fallacious arguments and people here aren't anything more than hypocrites. all the talking here show's incredible insecurity in yourselves more than anything. i didn't come here to defend her, and i'm pretty sure i rarely mention her. i'm here because my name was mentioned and i'm pointing out that you are nothing more than cowards hiding behind anonymity to justify being mean human beings. you don't use your real names because you know you wouldn't be able to speak the way you do here to me in person. you could have directly spoken with me but you choose to live for this gossip instead and i wanted to make that obvious to everyone. i hope one day you all realize there are better things to do with your lives than focus so much on someone you don't like (trying to give you young kids some advice, at least i hope you're young kids). it's honestly just kind of sad at this point, i didn't have any idea people lived for gossip like this until someone mentioned my name being brought up. on that note i'm out of here cause once again there are better things to do with my time because this clearly is not a rational group i'm speaking to :)

No. 306351

Here's the thing, fuck boy. If people really wanted to message you to "mend" shit, they'd just do it on sock accounts. The fact no one gives a fuck to message you is because no one gives that much of a fuck about you or sheena. You need to grow a fucking pair and understand that if your dumb bitch of a fucktoy wants to use the Internet to pay for trips and her shit tit job then people talking shit, even if it's conspiracies and reaching, comes with the territory. Same with you. If you want to put your dick cheese in her moldy pussy, then be aware that not everyone kisses the ground she walks on and people will probably laugh at your beta ass as well.

No. 306355


I can see why Sheena allows you around her when you're clearly this stupid and naive.

No. 306360

Holy shit,just from that photo I can now see how her implants have deflated in to pancake mounds.

No. 306367

inb4 she pulls an Onision on him.

No. 306379

Ha. He thinks people are obsessed with him because he was mentioned once. He was begging this entire time to be messaged. You're not famous, Arin, and being Dopey with tit implants' toy of the week won't change that.

No. 306386


Er I'm going to need some context here

No. 306413

or you need to lurk moar

No. 306510

Awh you're cute from your pics. Too bad you're a beta white knight defending an ugly old washed up rag cosplayer who thinks doing semi-nude photoshoots in her bedroom makes her a 'model'.

I hope she's giving you some because the sort of defending you're doing is not worth it if you're not.

No. 306511

Congrats on wasting your time writing a post that's been written thousands of times over by every white knight ever

No. 306692

What even is her rhetoric here? Her insecurity is glaring because there are a million and one exceptions to this logic, but she's probably just thinking about herself and can't fathom that people might actually hate shitty people for doing shitty things and might want other people to be aware of the shitty things they've done.

No. 306693

Trust me, as someone who sadly knew here back when she lived in Canada, she honestly believes in the shit she says and that she's the victim in every allegation against her. She lies so often that she starts believing in her own bs. She's dillusional at best and psychopathic at the worst

No. 307729

Oh my GOD, all those puckered seams ! Ew

No. 307739

That's like, her opinion. She shouldn't share it.

No. 307793

"professional cosplayer"

No. 307794

File: 1477087788848.gif (3.13 MB, 480x360, 635957312113531475-1309068995_…)

No. 307801


"More more talented than people at RT"

No. 308041

File: 1477187985541.jpg (43.66 KB, 640x960, 14721624_10153847576076712_859…)

She keeps posting photos from this terrible set.

No. 308057

File: 1477192501343.jpg (33.18 KB, 485x303, image.jpg)

wow her cheap costume is so strikingly accurate

No. 308074

Shit, her outfit is nothing like Mercy's. I thought she was wearing a generic witch costume, not cosplaying.

You ever feel like people like her (e.g. Moomoo, JNig) go out of their way to do terrible cosplay, just to prove they can put forth zero effort and still have thirsty neckbeards fawning over them?

No. 308078

File: 1477201480462.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4339.PNG)

No. 308080

Monty died for this. What the fuck.

She's a straight up amateur porn bitch now.

No. 308081

…fucking shameful. We lost Monty for this? The fuck kind of grieving widow is she?!

No. 308083


remember that she's suppose to be more talented and professional than most of RT :p

No. 308088

is she still using padded bras even with the titjob?

her boobs in >>305782 aren't nearly as big as in her cosplays.

No. 308106

So I'm guessing that Arin is now Sheena's new bf instead of Suzy?

No. 308111


Read the thread.

No. 308183

Aren't Arin and Suzy married?

No. 308189

Its a different Arin, good lord.

No. 308212

Bump, has her nudes been leaked yet? Rumor was they were going to..?

No. 308213

Whoa I normally think she looks alright but she looks like such an old hag here.

Why even make it a Mercy outfit? It looks nothing like her outfit, why not just make it a Halloween witch shoot?

No. 308219

File: 1477278497701.png (403.64 KB, 457x545, 8a3.png)

Ugh, I hate defending this bitch but the Witch outfit she made was the one you see in the images located around various different locations in Overwatch.

I'm guessing she made the quick, simple version to jump on the bandwagon to stay relevant.

No. 308220

File: 1477278598415.png (740.33 KB, 500x790, tumblr_inline_oeq5ryCUtw1rpc6o…)

At least, that's my guess, is that she went for the super easy one.

It's small, but you can see her standing in the last panel where her outfit looks not like the one in game.

No. 308222

Ohhh my bad, I was just comparing it to >>308057

Still looks pretty terrible and her face looks haggard. She's not ugly, I never know what's with her makeup.

No. 308247

File: 1477286604196.jpg (83.67 KB, 612x612, sheena sans makeup.jpg)

have you seen her without makeup?

No. 308248

No. 308252

She makes pt look qt

No. 308254

File: 1477290086467.jpg (54.92 KB, 780x648, Monster10.jpg)

No. 308256

Charlize did a good job of looking like shit for this role but she still looks better here than that hag

No. 308267

That can't be her. There's no way that woman's under 40.

I know makeup is magic, but I can't wrap my mind around this.

No. 308288

File: 1477308950771.png (428.57 KB, 795x1031, Untitled 3.png)


No. 308289

File: 1477309060479.png (1.21 MB, 939x1099, Untitled.png)

Sidenote: when Nigri gets the same outfit after Sheena

No. 308313


When Jessica will get more attention and money than Sheena

Wonder if that grinds Sheena gears…

No. 308404

File: 1477340361746.jpg (128.53 KB, 1200x1800, CvhBO3PUEAAi_VN.jpg)

her face doesn't match the rest of the photo

No. 308406

I think people are just shocked that that another couple out there was stupid enough to choose the "Arin" spelling.

No. 308462

sheena is like the low budget unpolished version of jnig, and jnig often looks low budget and unpolished herself.

No. 308478


Oh please, Sheena is in a niche market where there are literally thousands of girls that look and dress better than her.

She isn't top 100 in list of cosplay girls

No. 308486

Are you unable to read? I wasn't praising her for looking shitty.

No. 308489

The reading comprehension here is mindblowingly subpar.

No. 308501


I always think of Sheena as the no name brand of Diet Coke

No. 308504

Your post read like it was implying I was paying her a compliment by calling her budget jnig, idk

No. 308506

Naw man I'm a different anon agreeing with you

No. 308617

File: 1477411053613.jpg (19.84 KB, 500x334, 41SH8i1ZunL.jpg)

No. 308620

Holy fuck nevermind.

I guess I've only seen her with smaller amounts of makeup and assumed that's what her face was like. Fucking power of makeup.

She's still not horrible imo, but her eyes are just creepy as hell all sunken in with no eyebrows.

No. 308622

Honestly, if she lost the bold makeup, she would look so much better. The pinup queen look does not suit her at all.

No. 308625

I know, why not just use makeup to look like a normal, pretty girl? She already has Internet fame and white knights, why do the pinup look when it obviously doesn't work for her?

Guys that would be into her are stupidly easy to please, I'm sure they don't care about the pinup thing, or looking unique or special, they just want slutty underwear shoots and 'cosplay.'

No. 308633


That anon, congrats you made me chuckle

No. 308634


Maybe this was the only way she learned how to do make up and sees no point in trying out other looks?

Basically too lazy to learn

No. 308662

File: 1477429034058.jpg (318.61 KB, 2048x1152, CpZtGXTVMAAb31a.jpg)

just about the only woman her age I've seen look worse without makeup is JNig

No. 308678

Nice 'stache

No. 308691

Oh, it probably does. Are the two of them even friends anymore? Nicole has always been really salty about any kind of competition whatsoever.

No. 308692

Holy shit really? That's rich.

No. 308718

File: 1477444471121.png (615.76 KB, 591x610, murdercat.png)

the best murderers of husbands…

No. 308722

How old is she?

No. 308723

She's 26.

No. 308732

File: 1477449741278.jpg (34.58 KB, 720x1281, sheena blowjob.jpg)


I laughed a bit with her halloween name on twitter. How appropriate.

No. 308740


That hurts to hear, she's aging just as bad as jnig is

No. 308905

>RWBY is a legacy

fucking kek

No. 308941

File: 1477534860801.jpg (10.54 KB, 236x348, 6d6e3deb20a1889ab81e68d500e1c2…)

She really reminds me of younger Lana Del Rey. Pretty plain.

No. 308967

The only similarity I see is the hair color. Lana has a cute face, she doesn't.

No. 308993


No. 309120

Christ shit like this encourages me to keep a good diet and skincare routine. Surely even in cases like this its not too late to change for the better if not fix it completely. Sheena and Jnig (weirdly, considering their looks are what make them $$$) just seemingly don't care about good skincare. Idk if they're also the kind of idiots who brag about drinking energy drinks and no water all day too though, that sure as hell isn't a help

No. 309147

I think she looks like that because genetics though, not just diet.

No. 309188


Honestly she doesn't look that bad. Her skin is clear with little to no texture or large looking pores. No acne really.

She's just an ugly looking girl that's it.

No. 309307

File: 1477703130685.jpg (87 KB, 720x960, 14589860_1285789964794058_5857…)

No. 309309

Her butt looks so bony it disturbs me

No. 309310

Her face is so blurred her eyes look like they're melting.

Pains me to say but she looks better with brown hair than the blonde or pink/washed out colors she always goes for.

No. 309311

File: 1477704661826.png (290.56 KB, 520x510, really.png)

that's the entire photograph

she's streaming in her costume, and took a picture centered dead on her tits

No. 309312

File: 1477704725910.jpg (243 KB, 1536x2048, Cv5ftF6UEAAXn62.jpg)

No. 309313

a little heavy with the Meitu filters there, Sheena

No. 309323

File: 1477707799908.jpg (298.04 KB, 1536x2048, Cv5pMmWUEAE52Il.jpg)

No. 309418

She's just….so not cute

No. 309487

I never really saw the Dopey comparison until this picture.

No. 309509

That makeup kind of creeps me out, her eyes make me shudder.

Unfortunately for her it doesn't distract long, that cosplay is absolute shit and cheap.

No. 309540

She looks like that plain as shit mousy af meh tier blonde girl from How to get away with murder

No. 309563

File: 1477866549123.png (19.5 KB, 586x182, Los Angeles weather.png)

bitch you live in fucking Los Angeles

No. 309626

Did anyone ever report her to immigration? She doesn't deserve to be in LA. Letd get the ball rolling. Or is that cow tipping

No. 309652

Calm down, vendetta-chan.

No. 309667

She got a marriage visa from her secret marriage with Monty. She's sadly not going anywhere.

No. 309670

Damn oh well. At least she is prob gonna run out of money and move to the valley with her cuck bf

No. 309674


Peeved at how easy she got that to when I know other couples who are going through the process of a green card and it's a long one.

Makes me wonder how much did Shane lied as he did mentioned he "helped" fill out the paper work

No. 309697

Shane did all the paperwork for her to stay in USA. He's so far up her butthole because she fucked Monty, it's disturbing.

No. 309725


He did it ALL? Bloody Christ, I'm wondering how much did he lie on those papers now as we all know he isn't exactly an unbias party

No. 309727

You'd think they'd both could get in trouble for something like that.

I'm still in awe that Shane destroyed his marriage because of Sheena but kind of laugh that after all the lying and bullshit he spewed about her, she still doesn't seem to give him the time of her precious day.

No. 309732


Doesn't really surprise me they don't get in trouble with that white privilege

No kidding on his marrige, I feel sorry for his ex wife and kids as I read that letter (which Sheena helped write as well apparantly) where Shane only mentions them maybe 3 times but felt the need to mention Sheena 40 times

No. 309741

Shane? As in "Shane Dawson"? Sorry, new here!

No. 309755

I know someone that took 3 years to get his wife's green card. It is a long and exhausting process because of the wait and the wife can't really work until getting a workers permit card and then they let her get a SSN and before there she didn't have any ID and was in a law limbo in where she was neither illegal or legal. For three years. Waiting.

Then you see Sheena prancing around the US, getting in and out of the country happily.

It's definitely a shame how things work.

No. 309758

Shane Newville. Worked alongside Monty at Rooster Teeth then wrote a 30 page manifesto about how horrible and mean RT was towards Sheena.

That letter is going to haunt his professional career forever now.

No. 309760


Easier to sham the system when you lie which I don't doubt Shane doing

No. 309828

>Then you see Sheena prancing around the US, getting in and out of the country happily.

And also selling things to make money but not paying taxes.

No. 309850


lol half of that manifesto was about how he thought it was betraying monty's legacy to use a new 3d animation software….

the software that dude used was for weebs to make video game characters do jap idol dances. fucking lol

No. 309854


Yup, poser is mostly used for that and cheap CG porn.

Doesn't really surprise me though, Monty stuck me as the kind to be stubborn in how he'll do things but hey, results were decent

No. 309865

I just realized Sheena never went to the League Worlds in LA last weekend but jnigs was there. I'm surprised she didn't try to follow jnigs around

No. 309941

CA is in a drought. Literally no one in the state is tired of rain considering they kind of need it to not dry out and rot like Sheena's tired ass pussy.

No. 309960

so i dont really follow her, but after her husbands death she was going by sheena oum right? how quickly did she change her name back?

also i give it 6 months until he does a n00dz shoot for a new $150 tier of suckers i mean patrons

No. 309961

She kept it Sheena Oum for a while because of the donations and had to keep up the appearance that she loved Monty and was his wife despite whoring herself around.

She says she keeps it Duquette because of convention booking and travel iirc and will only put Oum back on if she needs a pity party and some more money. Pretty sure Monty's GoFundMe page is still active and she has her Patreon that, I agree with you, she'll be selling out her nudes in memory of her husband because that's what he would want for her.

No. 310040

She never legally changed her name to Sheena Oum.

She renamed her accounts online so that reporters would refer to her as Sheena Oum and everyone just hearing about her would think the marriage was a legit one, not just of a few months for a green card.

No. 310103


She still has her twitter handle as @sheenaoum but previously it was something like @sheenieweenie I think?

No. 310124

And before all that she as nyurt cosplay

No. 310162

Three things.

1. Whoever that Arin is that urged people to message him, I DARE you to post a video on Youtube of yourself addressing this whole Shitna situation. End all-be all. If it really bothers "Arin" he would do that and officially address it somewhere on social media, not just join the bandwagon here about Shitna. Besides, there's a reputation on the line.

2. Shitna really needs to stop with the oversized lashes and heavy eyeliner and bold lip color. The reason why it partly suits JNig is because her eyes are SMALL and she has SEMI-HOODED EYES. Nicole DOES NOT. She has WIDE eyes. Therefore she needs to rectify that shit. All this heavy makeup makes her look like a fucking tranny. Stick to the basics, Shitna. No wonder people are picking on you because absolutely have NO talent (let's face it. Stop lying to yourself. It's why you've turned to streaming), and by the looks of it, with all the apartment selfies, you have ZERO idea how to clean up and look after yourself.

3. Someone posted hers and Monty's license but honestly that shit doesn't matter – none of her family knew and she keeps @sheenaoum as her official Twitter handle, but she puts herself under "Duquette" for "official business deals." First of all… what deals? What happened to her friendship with Chloe (sushimonster)? She's in LA living a lavish lifestyle but I reckon she's running out of the Gofundme money because "boo hoo, I'm a widow, MONTY WOULD'VE WANTED THIS FOR ME, GUISE" and she is running out of ways to make up for it. If she truly wanted to support herself then she should have come up with a business. THAT would have been something Monty could want for her, it's smart and will keep her busy and improving. Not just whore herself out like all the washed-out costumers / camgirl-turned-cosplayers. Nothing wrong with cosplay, but seriously? After all this shit she's started, she needs to be smart about her life from now on. Instead, she's posting inspo quotes and shit, trying to set herself clean, because she's pulling the victim card. Not so different Nicole from what people in the Canada cosplay scene have been saying about her.

When was the last time she posted about her mom? Or visited her? Last I saw from her mother's account on Facebook, she was so proud of her daughter but the photo was from AGES ago.

There are more important things than this gold-digging shit she's doing. Unfortunately she's proving herself even more to be a dumbass mf.

No. 310163

I'll be stern here. Where's the anon from the previous thread that said he or she was going to report to Immigration about Nicole? What happened to that? Get the ball rolling.

No. 310228

I don't really think cosplay is a job. Sewing and making things for money or being a seamstress? yes. Cosplay itself, no.

No. 310232

It won't work because she already had the posthumous green card.

It's not cosplay, it's stripping.

No. 310372

File: 1478130191323.png (33.52 KB, 586x294, LA WEATHER.png)




No. 310376

File: 1478131385997.png (144.08 KB, 1051x381, 7r7JvIM.png)

Arin is still being discussed? I messaged him when he first sperged out in the thread (on a throwaway account of course) and he only spouted the exact same crap as ITT,
>ppl shud message me instead of talking anonymously!!111

it was boring. he was boring. sage because it was boring

No. 310377


It's currently raining right now in Canada as I lived in the same city as her…

No. 310378


He seems quite beta, I can see why it's easy for Sheena to order him around

No. 310388

She probably ruined her friendship with Chloe once she pissed off one of Chloe's close friends. Sheena also still hangs out with Chloe's ex who are not on good terms with each other so I wouldn't be surprised if Chloe stopped hanging out with Sheena after all of that.

No. 310416

They're still friends on facebook but in the past few months they haven't liked commented on each other's things anymore.

No. 310427

People are hounding on cosplay itself as a "business" now because it's where washed-out camgirls think that's where "modeling" is at. Or people think it's the easy way out for anything. It's not even a viable source of income – if there was only one person who truly "made it", then by all means it's going to Yaya Han. Everyone else is just there for tits and giggles.

I puked a little. Shitna needs to get her ass back to where her mother is and learn to live a life.

Shitna probably tried to steal another man.
What's the name of the girl again who threatened to post Shitna's lewd text messages with Rikk Malice? Where is she? We might as well see them all now. Lay down all the cards on the table, hun.

No. 310433

What are you talking about cosplay is a legit income, be in half decent shape but costumes online sow on one badge call it handmade. Whine about how hard it is to be a woman in the creative space and start a pattern to make 5-10k a month

Also always imply that noodz may come in the future

No. 310437

She looks perpetually tired because of how sunken her eyes are the curve inwards towards her nose ages her

she should take photos from a different angle.

No. 310442

"What are you talking about cosplay is a legit income"
Because some people perceive it to be the easy way out. So, you just proved my statement.

She should also learn how to put on makeup fit for her facial structure.

No. 311463

File: 1478286360852.jpg (97.46 KB, 720x960, 14925676_10153881403766712_905…)

She's with Arin at Blizzcon.

No. 311489

can't wait to see how shitty her Tracer is

No. 311490

what happened to her totally real big tits? they seem non-existent in this photo

No. 311509


Probably won't even notice her tracer in a sea of other (probably better) tracers

No. 311527

she should tidy her fucking room

No. 311557

… I don't understand how this whore-slob even got "married" in the first place when she can't look after herself.

No. 311558

I think we need people she associated with from the Canada cosplay scene to remind her. :^)

No. 311564

File: 1478307611752.png (532.47 KB, 520x606, chloe.png)

No. 311566


Well when you do it for green card reasons who needs to tidy up

No. 311574

Is she subtly calling out all cosplayers and Sheena, who whore themselves out with Polaroid pictures?

If so, I might be getting some more respect for her.

No. 311576


I never thought of that but I do believe she is…

No. 311578


No. 311581

she is totally calling out Sheena.

so when did the falling out happen?

No. 311623

The last time they were together was May or June. It's been a long time.

No. 311637

That's the last time I remember, too. They went on that cruise to Mexico.

But then I think the only thing after, was someone let their name or face slip on a facebook post and Chloe went bitch mode saying 'we know who you are now fucker' (I want to say it was Rikk?).

Aside from that, I never saw them doing anything together. Even the alt Naruto girls cosplay Sheena once was apart of, they did another shoot without her.

I really do hope Chloe's wised up and learned that Sheena never loved Monty. She just wanted his fame.

No. 311677

Nigri looks better.

>terrorist demands
top kek. what a weakling.

No. 311679

If I remember correctly it was during the time Rikk's girlfriend threatened to release screenshots of Nicole's alleged lewd text messages with Rikk while she was with Sam. There was also a screenshot in the previous thread of her leaking that she literally commented on a Facebook post of THAT threat, plus another which was a slip. That was when Chloe and Nicole were close, hence "We know who you are, fucker."

>"I really do hope Chloe's wised up and learned that Sheena never loved Monty. She just wanted his fame."

What about that PROOF of them SELLING that prop of Weiss' weapon, personally signed by Monty and saying it was for a "good cause." Look… none of them are clean af. lmao. If you were to believe the people defending Monty saying "Monty didn't want anyone wasting away anything sentimental just like that."

No. 311684

I sincerely hope you understand what you just mustered up the strength to type. You're either in MASSIVE denial, or genuinely blind af.

EXCUSE ME??? My god. Commendations on your "maturity", but you are a WALKING piece of irony: "Message me directly?" YOU WALKED RIGHT IN HERE. You walked RIGHT into an ANON message board. Where people talk about WHATEVER TF THEY WANT. You know when they say, "If it's not true, then you have no reason to react." Correct? You wanna drop a few words and expect people to just strut on AFTER you to BEG you for an answer? You come to an anon message board, then expect people to come here and talk as they please. It's not about being an adult, it's about having at least SOME form of intuition and using common sense. If you were truly confident in your own version of truth regarding Nicole then you SHOULDN'T EVEN BE HERE.

So, no. You're dumb af, and second of all WHY should we even message YOU? It was YOU who walked right in here; you walked into a BRICK WALL. And why should we, when names will be forwarded to her anyway. White knights are overrated – unfortunately some people have bought into her "BOO HOO I'M A WIDOW, LOOK I GOT NEW TITS BECAUSE MONTY WOULD HAVE WANTED THIS FOR MEEEE! OH MY GOD LOOK L.A. IT'S ALL SO SHINY I'M GONNA MAKE TONS OF FRIENDS, MONTY WOULD HAVE WANTED THIS FOR ME." Look, man, the idiocy we've seen is enough, good fucking lord. You want to defend a girl like Nicole, that's on you, good riddance to your conscience. But on the other hand, use your BRAIN: we're just keeping to the strict designation of talking over the internet: IN AN ANONYMOUS MESSAGE BOARD. If it's not true to YOUR standards, then you shouldn't be poking around.

Anyone who has firm testimonials about Shitna can come forward. This is an open forum. And it'll stay that way whether you like it or not.

>"you guys assume so much information it's insane lol just pointed out how useless the idea of gossiping on an anon board really is. here's what i'll end on. at the end of the day the same people obsessed with me providing proof talk conspiracy theories about someone that don't have any proof for. the same people that don't want their names getting out due to fear of people talking about them on the internet are the same people talking about someone on the internet."

When were you born? Yesterday? Welcome to the internet, dumbass.

No. 311743

File: 1478379727151.jpg (533.8 KB, 2048x1536, Cwhu_qzVEAA1H-W.jpg)


No. 311745

and once again with the obnoxiously red lipstick…

No. 311746

Can we see the screenshot?

No. 311748


You know you fucked up when I respect the zentai dvas more

No. 311750


No. 311752


Sheena makes everyone else look so good in comparison. She's the DUFF of the group for sure. How sad she couldn't just not be a lying, manipulative whore for once and go get a job that will knock her ego back into place.

No. 311757

File: 1478383109505.jpg (79.01 KB, 720x960, 13450738_10209984750004360_262…)

Have an old pic

No. 311811

Part of me wonders if Sheena broke up or did something to piss off JNig or because JNig is suddenly being BFF with Barbara from Rooster Teeth.

Barbara's become a bit of an asshole lately and I think someone mentioned it was because she and JNig had been spending all their time together so Sheena's sort of pushed out of that picture. Of everyone apart of the company and his friend, Barb took Monty's death the hardest ircc.

No. 311817

Ugh, that unflattering fire engine red lipstick again. She will never learn.

No. 311820

Jess and Barb have been friends for a while I though since she started hanging out at RT before Monty's death.

No. 311836

Nigri and Barbara were friends with Monty long before he even met Nicole.

No. 311877

Okay my bad. I just remember someone talking about how JNig's getting Barb in to cosplay and sold her one of her old costumes then Barbara said something along the lines of 'why would anyone even have a twitter if no one follows them?" and Burnie and Gavin called her out on it.

No. 311888

File: 1478412217526.png (1.39 MB, 1120x747, preboobjobnyurt.png)

Dang. She was flat af. And this is WITH photoshop.

No. 311889

File: 1478412282658.png (766.04 KB, 500x750, preboobjob.png)

here's another

No. 311892

yet they looked better than the droopy pancakes she has now.

No. 311905

File: 1478416093166.jpg (101.62 KB, 960x960, 14937442_10153886225751712_145…)

No. 311907

I can't believe I'm saying this but I sort of like how she did the bunny suit.

No. 311909

Ugh seeing her in those huge heels knowing how fucked her back is makes me uncomfortable.

No. 311910

She didn't do the bunny suit, it was made by Castle Corsetry

No. 311914

Gosh I hate Sheenas unfortunate Face. Even worse than Nigris grandmaface

No. 311951

Hold up can someone explain to me who this guy is and where he came from? Is that his kid in his profile picture?

No. 311952

This makes me proud. I had lost a lot of respect for Chloe back when she was whiteknighting Nicole but it sounds like she figured something out.

No. 311992

B-but anon, you can't just saaaaayyy that! There are many praising her for overcoming her tragic fucked-up back and bad af posture!

These are precisely why people need to stop defending her because "Monty would have wanted this for her" just because she's pulling the widow card, AND use their brains for a minute. There is nothing absolutely wrong with enhancing yourself if only to make yourself happy, but it was event AFTER event and NOBODY even fucking knew they were married until he died, not even his family knew, and then she does shit.

No. 311995

File: 1478449453570.png (19.04 KB, 79x84, no.png)

No. 312005

File: 1478453929693.jpg (579.27 KB, 2048x1365, Cwjb_vFUAAAYSjB.jpg)

you can see how fucked up her spine is by the way she's standing

No. 312012


And like always Sheena is the meh one out of the group.

Seems like her main talent in life is being awkward one in a group cosplay

No. 312013

The thong on the girl in the middle tho …

No. 312026

I was literally just thinking that too, kek. It looks so uncomfortable.

No. 312047

>not having a zarya

well fuck you all too

No. 312103

File: 1478485023531.jpg (41.5 KB, 400x400, qDS2Y-5G.jpg)

new twitter pic. The ultimate filter: a digital painting.

No. 312116

I'm so annoyed with her continuing to slap on red lipstick to every girl she cosplays. Tracer would not even wear that even in a Bunny suit.

Guessing whoever the girls are she's cosplaying this with are probably her new posse.

No. 312135

>dat mercy

also sheena looks fucking awful, wow. her face looks constipated af and her dumbo ears aren't helping.

No. 312138

Only 2 or 3 of these look good, so the cheerleader effect doesn't work for Sheena.

Someone thought it'd be a great idea to make the flux capacitor into a panty.

No. 312176

Don't feel bad, anon. Basic bitches know when a waifu is out of their league.

No. 312185

she literally looks like an ape. mei, widowmaker and pharah look cute though.

No. 312206

File: 1478507210238.jpg (155.6 KB, 870x960, 14900439_10154220887879958_784…)

Guessing this is part of her plan to get into Playboy.

No. 312221


lol those tights look so fucking bad on all of them, why didnt they go for opaque ones. makes them look like theyre about to go work as a receptionist in a shitty dentist office

No. 312282

She should've been Winston.

No. 312338

Why do they all have such flat asses

No. 312436

Man this is tacky, especially that bottom pic (no pun intended)

No. 312439

At first I thought you were talking about the cheap bunny ears…

No. 312447

I love how you could spot Nicole's Dumbo ears even from afar. LEL.

No. 312493

Now this is actually funny since I'm doing a Bunny Suit cosplay of Tracer for future cons.

No. 312495


I'm not going to lie…LA has been experiencing some cold weather. Just saying…she's not lying about that.

No. 312508


LA "Cold" weather isn't exactly comparable to Vancouver weather

No. 312720

File: 1478650033964.png (6.06 MB, 3132x1096, twitterbannerchanged.png)


No. 312760

File: 1478658767866.jpeg (143.21 KB, 767x941, image.jpeg)

Sheena and Milynn (the Pharah in the bunny group) are doing a go fund me to go to Japan and take photos of their costumes. Because they can't do that here…and they need $5500. What are all the patreon bus for if not this?

No. 312764


How sad

They'll probably get that money too which makes it even sadder

No. 312772

This makes me more pissed off than tonight's elections. Doesn't she have a patreon money already? Why don't she just save up or better yet GET A BETTER JOB??

No. 312773

It's honestly astonishing how much of a fucking deplorable bitch she is. It's worse that its of her and a bunch of girls in slutty bunny cosplay.

No. 312774

I'm so disgusted. She has a fucking patreon, still getting pity donations, a new boyfriend who probably has money and she's still begging for handouts for someone to fund HER and a friend going to Japan to take pictures?

Fuck this cunt and I hope someone calls her out on it. Considering she calls cosplay her job, it's her job to get the money to go places.

No. 312778

Sounds like they're asking for people to pay for their tickets and hotel stay while they go to harajookoo and shinjookoo.

>This makes me more pissed off than tonight's elections.

Same. Also for some reason when I saw Florida all I could think of "thanks Kaka".

No. 312786

Someone donated 1000$ like how fucking stupid can you be

No. 312787

"Some of the cosplays we plan on taking are:
-Sakura and Hinata
-Pokemon Trainers
-Street Fashion Pharah and Tracer
-Tifa Lockhart
-Overwatch Playboy Bunnies
-2 Firefly Path fantasy costumes
-If we meet our goal….2 FF XV characters!!!"

No. 312788


More like how thirsty can you be.

And I thought I'd be pissed about elections

No. 312789

This all just disgusting. They started the funding TODAY of all days. $5000 from Sheena and $1500 from Milynn isn't enough????

No. 312790

What they earn on their patreons I mean.

No. 312791

I guess SushiMonster is out of the picture when it comes to Nicole's BFF

No. 312794


Milynn has a larger neckbeard support base that Sheena wants a piece of. One of them donated the 1000.

No. 312795

What the fuck Sheena. You had 250,000 fucking dollars from DONATIONS alone ($4,000 just from JNig) and you blew it all to get yourself breasts and party. If you actually saved your shit instead of begging for more handouts.

This is just utterly disgusting.

No. 312796

It's honestly "Fund Our Vacation". >>312795
There are people who genuinely need help and they're pulling this shit. Hope they get dragged over the coals for this.

No. 312797


Let's be real they won't

No. 312803

This. It's only like the 4th time she begged the internet for handouts.

No. 312815

File: 1478673465946.png (160.94 KB, 750x936, IMG_9872.PNG)

No. 312816

What is up with today and all the cows being like "Everyone should just love eachother uwu"? Seems like an attempt to get brownie points and not look like a total cunt, which is precisely what they are.

No. 312837


Pretty much that, easier to please the crowd with messages of love rather than reveal their true colors.

Can't exactly make money from betas by being a bitch

No. 312843

So now that Trump is president and will be deporting all illegal immigrants….

No. 312911

No. 312927


Honestly hard to say, if anything I see her putting up another go fund me to handle legal fees if she has to

No. 313092

She has a greencard from the marriage. It was the whole reason she got married. She's sadly legal.

No. 313184

This is perhaps the tackiest gofundme I've ever seen. "Pay for our vacation!" Um… why?

No. 313198

why are their corsets so pointed up at the back? Is that a style thing or bad fit/pattern? Or are they supposed to look like that?

No. 313223

The corsets were all made by someone else so it was the designer's choice

No. 313282

File: 1478747954465.jpg (255.43 KB, 1200x1800, Cw3kDgUVIAAREID.jpg)

is it just me, or does Sheena have a faint linea nigra in this photo?

No. 313302

not the white ones

No. 313311

Are you talking about the line under her belly button? I have that too and it's just a strip of fine, dark hair on pale skin.

No. 313499

Same, it's super common.
If it was a line it would probably be a lot darker, just looks like there's dark hair there.

No. 313836


liquid eye liner, never once kids

No. 313860

Her tits look terrifying holy shit

No. 313941

Her ear is so cavernous and big.

No. 314022

All I can see:

"I can hear everything with this huge cavernous ear" smug look

No. 314912

Whoever Shitna's surgeon was, thanks for making her disgusting.

No. 314926

why didn't she get her ears fixed instead of a boob job?

No. 314977

Wow the GFM link hasn't had a single donation in 4 days, I half expected them to be funded rn

No. 315038

File: 1479081245425.png (1.68 MB, 1416x2217, 2016-11-13 15.53.03.png)

Looks like they're going to Japan regardless of the gfm

No. 315067

Did any of the other people listed make a GoFundMe or just Milynn and Sheena?

No. 315077


Kinda sad, didn't even have to make a gfm but I am surprised they didn't make funding

No. 315154

I mean Sheena is making close to 5k on her Patreon and Milynn is making 1.5k. Combined that's their gfm. Granted Sheena is also paying for her rent and livelihood with that money. Wonder if her bf will be going with her. And who is watching over the cat?

No. 315167

File: 1479101506193.jpg (93.65 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

their GoFundMe raised $1670 but $1k of it came from this one desperate dude. jesus

No. 315193

Gotta get more nudestreams.

No. 315345


I was expecting this trip to be in say a couple of months or so to allow them time to save up, but they're all going next week?

Like I'm questioning:
1) Did they have the funds already and just wanted to see how much their /fans/ would reimburse them? Though understandable for Sheena, over $4k p/m from JUST the Patreon is more than enough to get by on. Milynn can understand why she may struggle a bit more to finance with only $1.5k Patreon, hence was expecting them to hold off to save for longer (just to be clear, no cosplayers should use GFM to fund holidays or cosplays, etc. so not justifying Milynn, shes just as much scum).
2) With all those listed cosplays, there is no way they have made them all themselves in that time, not without someone having wanted to let slip a WIP pic. So they're definitely commissioning others to make, like the Tracer bunnysuit, or renting e.g. Firefly Path costs a couple hundred dollars to rent a dress.

No. 315366


Dude that pic made the GFM worst than it already was. So is the GFM $5000 supposed to be pocket money? Jesus

No. 315367

He could have bought a hooker with that money

No. 315393

Why the Overwatch stuff, though? It's not even a Japanese franchise. If they were bringing some of the more Asian inspired characters (Genji, Mei, etc.) I would understand, but Tracer and Pharah?

No. 315395


I think they only mention overwatch characters as a way to more donations but didn't pan out


High class one would have been like an hour or two max. With that kind of dough he could have even have the girl dress up like a character

No. 315674

No. 315680

Ew those eyebags are so huge and puffy jfc "model"

No. 315715

Another $500 of that was from one anonymous donation.

No. 315730

I wonder if they donated to themselves so it doesn't look bad. It lost traction so quickly.

Were her eyes always like this? Looks like she's doing some hard drugs.

No. 315732


Wouldn't be surprised either way, there are some pretty sad guys out there

No. 315764

Milynn is rich though, i don't know if it's daddy's money or something else but she has an insanely nice apartment that she doesn't share with anyone else and doesn't have any other actual source of income other than cosplay/twitch/patreon.

No. 315799


Maybe she's a high class escort?

If she's rich it would explain Sheena hanging around her

No. 315805


I don't want to give her views (though it looks like she could use them from what I can see from her LP material) but whats this video about?

No. 315818

I think it's because she wears circle lenses all the time. They make her eyes look dopey.

No. 315882

>something something something patreon problems
>patrons not getting all the things on their level
>blaming patreon
>correcting missing stuff
>did not make enough prints/poloroids because she didn't know the amount of patrons at that tier
>blaming patreon's system on not providing links to patrons
>something something something sorry I need sleep and visiting chiropractor something something sorry something whine whine

No. 315895


So it's everyone else's fault but hers? Sounds like Sheena

No. 315929

So she's getting money from patreon and blaming patreon?

No. 315951

File: 1479243055920.jpg (140.5 KB, 960x1200, CxQ5XwNUkAAQlko.jpg)

Her recent pic on twitter - telling people it's a good time to be a patron and a overwatch fan to subscribe to her patreon

No. 315953

File: 1479243126541.png (61.12 KB, 909x285, bewbs.png)

The comments on that pic. Jesus christ LOL

No. 315959


Does she even play overwatch?

No. 315974

yes, all while screaming at the rest of the team to "protect" her whenever she plays support

No. 315978



She needs to go get good then

No. 316089

Better than her face tbh

No. 316415


Anyone with a patreon knows that the site gives you a list of who pledged what amount and what rewards they should get at the end of every month. It's an incredibly organized website. She's just been busy not doing anything to actually send those rewards out. Jniggs can do it with over 2k patreons, Sheena should be able to too.

No. 316470

File: 1479357636961.jpg (133.6 KB, 1200x1800, CxaoDSIUAAACP5I.jpg)

she doesn't even do the Tracer butt pose right

No. 316471

File: 1479357659723.jpg (91.91 KB, 1065x765, 5yLjj5T.jpg)

No. 316476

i knew something looked wrong in that pic, after seeing the actual pose it's fucking glaring, just like her lipstick… again.

No. 316481


The wig bothers me and what a surprise that she can't even pose correctly.

No. 316485

Look at the lines on the wall, did someone shoop her butt bigger?

No. 316490

File: 1479365777997.jpg (251.19 KB, 1200x934, sheena.jpg)

No. 316493

I would expect the image to be stylized so I don't think tweaking her hips / butt is a huge deal really. It's the cheapness of the work and the shitty background. Where is the try?

No. 316495

Look at the crooked line where her back curves.

No. 316499

omg I made the image and I failed to see that. hilarious

No. 316559

Also they edited her right leg so long that the left leg is now a midget's leg.

No. 316566

I think that's just the angle her left leg is at.

No. 316570

she just looks like some yuppie white suburban mom thats trying to be sexy for her husband who is clearly having an affair with his secretary

No. 316572


I believe that was her goal in one point of her life

No. 316575

it's true. Sheena and Devin wanted to be housewifes when they were older

No. 316778

I want to know if the photographer or sheena did the fail edit. Usually bazooka takes good photos. He has a video of her on his instagram

No. 316791


My money is on Sheena as she can't do much correctly so I imagine photoshop could be another one of her fails

No. 316822


They both had a thing for leering at actually rich girls and trying to get-in on that action. Since from what I have heard they are from humble/poor background. They don't seem to understand the concept of saving money either and like to show-off anything new/expensive.

No. 316841

That's what they were telling people for sympathy points. In reality sheena received checks from her mom that she used for cosplay and cons. I didn't know devin well, but I remember hearing from sheena that Devin comes from a rich family that spoiled her more than anyone her age should have been. Obviously sheena was jealous of this to make it into gossip. I know devin's parents live in a nice giant house, so it probably has some truth to it

I agree that both sheena and devin sucked at managing money and loved to show off anything nice they bought even while they were unemployed

No. 316844


I get the feeling Devin is more from a middle income family but I could be wrong there

Sheena being awful with managing money isn't too surprising as she somehow manage to blow through 250k from a gfm which is still up…

No. 316860


I'm more certain that Devin comes from a working-class family and just likes to flaunt fake wealth around to make herself feel better? I heard Devin's family lives in the Boonies though. Compared to the housing prices in Downtown Vancouver, places 2 hours away from downtown aren't as expensive.

Although I also heard from some cos friends that Devin did brag about getting her new brand spanking new apt as well as plastic surgery for double-eyelids recently. She allegedly went to Korea or someplace in Asia to get it done. But it cost around 3k and the eyelids are not very noticeable.

A lot of cosplayers still seem to get bad vibes from Devin even though she's not a part of the whole Sheena drama anymore. It's kind of weird since she gives off that fake-happy-go-lucky vibe to her often.

No. 316865

She went to Korea with her bf. She was continuously repeating on every post that she paid for the surgery with her own money. Obviously as a way to call out sheena. I personally think she looks worse when you can actually see the double eyelids lol. It made her dark circles more prominent.

When you've been 'best friends' with sheena for as long as devin was you're bound to get a bad reputation. She did try really hard to make up with all the people sheena and her burned throughout the years but that didn't seem to work too well

No. 316868


Ah I remember her bf before he started dating her. Maybe it's the Devin influence but he changed a bit after

No. 316870

So I see Nicole is in this thread subtly trying to turn things against Devin. Definitely better than sending your neckbeatds like last time.

No. 316906

Looks more like the troublesome twosome just burned a lot of bridges with their catty cosplay manipulation and general antisocial borderline psychotic behaviour and people are finally sharing their perspectives.

I doubt any of their current 'friends' really trust them 100% or want to hang-out with their prickly fame-hungry bullshit. Doesn't Sheena just ride coattails for connections in LA and Devin hang with her bf 24/7?

No. 316974


You'd be surprised.
Anyone that is currently friends with Sheena is entirely loyal to her. They won't say nor question anything against her, they will defend her every action and in no way will they accept even the most damning of evidence to suggest she's anything other that a victim with the world against her. Because to them that is what they see as the truth. Just look at Arin, or some of her most loyal followers that she has made into mods on her Twitch streams.
It's only once they're burned by her that they'll finally start piecing things together and realise how badly she duped them into thinking they were "friends".

No. 316984

No. 316997

Give me a fucking break! Tacky as FUCK.

No. 316998


As I always said, Sheena ends up being the meh one in a cosplay group

No. 317001

File: 1479520253497.png (487.11 KB, 896x586, sheenafan.png)

do you think he's single?

No. 317003

don't know why. he's quite a catch, obviously.

No. 317026


Sometimes I feel like I'm the few people who think cosplay girl prints are tacky as shit :/

No. 317051

I do too. I think if they're super artsy with an accurate costume and scenery then they can be pretty, but paying money just to get some shitty pictures of lewds of girls who just happen to cosplay is creepy.

No. 317062

ot but i just noticed that her signature is different. it's no longer a rip off of monty's.

No. 317079

dat flat ass. it's almost nonexistent.

No. 317098

Cringe vid. Only ones who looked cute/nice were the Widowmaker and Pharah

No. 317130

Dead husband cash cow finally ran dry

No. 317169


I don't think it ran dry but she sure isn't going to get the same amount of numbers compared to when it happens

No. 317369

File: 1479613362367.jpg (198.15 KB, 1100x850, 2012_digital_animation_gradboo…)

I am close with some who went to school with her in Vancouver, if anyone is interested I can try to answer questions. I've met her several times.

No. 317390


Shrug I'll bite, what is she exactly like? i know that whole "tweet bs inspiration" is an act but to double confirm these things

No. 317396

as you have all suspected, she is fake as fuck. she lies constantly and if you call her out, she gets pissy as fuck. I don't know how anyone puts up with her because her irl persona is completely unappealing. I don't think I ever saw her use a utensil, she ate everything with her hands, peeling it apart with her fingers (always with gross long ass nails). I don't know about Monty or any of the other dicks she's swung on since the Free! cosplayer but she made sure everyone around knew he never got laid, she was super smug about it.

No. 317402

Come out, come out, Vancouver cosplay comm! Spill the beans, you're in safe hands.

Especially those who were close to her. Where tf are you all at? <3

No. 317403

Imagine if Monty got with any of those other cosplay girls he was after. He probably wouldn't be dead.

No. 317405

I could be totally wrong, but it seems like she's a nobody in Vancouver … I've asked people in the con scene and so far no one has heard of her

No. 317410


She IS a nobody until you mention Monty

No. 317460

I think you'd be better off reaching out to classmates of hers, since I don't think anyone besides Devin was that involved with her cosplay at the time. When I knew her then, (2012?) she was just starting to get serious about it, did a shit job in her classes, and was considering becoming a prostitute because she thought that would be easy compared her other options.

No. 317474


How shitty was her work at vfs? Did she even do the animation reel or did she pay someone else to

No. 317479

File: 1479665086167.jpg (87.41 KB, 1100x850, 2012_digital_animation_gradboo…)

I knew her when she was going to the 3D program at Capilano University, not VFS. this was one of her FINAL pieces >>317369
As for the piece attached to this post, I know for a fact she did something very minor on it but tried to take full credit for it
She was in school for something else before she went into animation, I think English? Anyway she only went to art because a professor told her she should (probably because she was shitty at English) too and she regularly bragged about how hard it was for her being SO GOOD at SO MANY things and it was so difficult to choose a direction in life

No. 317512


And yet despite all these "talents" still couldn't get a job, had to apply to do another uni course but couldn't afford it and almost filed for bankruptcy had it not been for a good samaritan funding university for her…

No. 317517

if there's one thing she does seem to have a talent for, it's sponging off people. She treated her classmates at Cap like trash but still tries to crash on their couch whenever she's in town for a con. For some reason the person I met her through still thinks Sheena is decent and actually tries to maintain contact with her, but Sheena only ever writes when she wants something. I've been trying to tell this person for years what a pos asshole Sheena is but I just get accused of being "jealous". Damn fucking right I'm jealous, must be nice being a no-talent turdpusher who's never had to work a real job. I don't where the fuck the name "Sheena" came from but I know she got the idea to change her name from a classmate at Cap (who did it to escape abusive family) and stole the name "Petra" from the same classmate

No. 317518

Her name on her ID is Nicole Sheena Petra Duquette.

No. 317520

OK and what's your point? It's well known that's not her birth name.

No. 317530


Hmm would explain why in Shanes letter he kept going on how she's good at everything and falls in line with her narrative of how she's more "talented" and "professional". Especially if she help edit that letter

Her work is pretty meh, you know you screwed up when the for-profit school releases students with better reels now

No. 317636

File: 1479717958126.jpg (354.67 KB, 2048x1536, CxxakPKUUAAZ0jK.jpg)

Grorious Nihon awaits!

No. 317671

Her friend had the sense to cover her face at least, jfc. Does anyone know if she still pretends to know Japanese?

No. 317760

So they just left for Japan and should be there soonish?

Japan just had a 7.3 Earthquake and there's a Tsunami warning in Fukushima. Part of me wonders if she'll try to hype up that she's in danger and needs money ASAP to get home or else she'll die but stays in Japan anyways.

No. 317762

wait, who took this photo? are they taking a photographer friend with them?

No. 317765


That's a good question.

The tackiest thing she could do (and people would call her out on it) is take pics of the earthquake damaged in costume

That or make a tweet about the earthquakes but spin it so it's about her

No. 317780

They're going with jwaidesign. It's a party of 5 cosplayers and 1 photographer

No. 317861

File: 1479790933256.png (763.21 KB, 720x1098, Screenshot_2016-11-22-12-58-47…)

Sheena looks like a mom desperate to keep up with the kids.
This outfit looks so tacky

No. 317915

File: 1479810980065.jpg (50.41 KB, 595x398, qdDGdD4.jpg)

No. 317945

File: 1479829793934.jpg (150.11 KB, 900x1200, Cx1QhGSVEAA5dSv.jpg)

No. 317946

could you imagine sitting next to her on a plan and watching this girl struggle for five minutes to try and get the perfect selfie of her dreamily looking out of the window. which is literally just the tarmac.

No. 317958

Does anyone know how much she weighs and how tall she is?

No. 317963

Her ears are probably about 3lbs and span 50cm each. but apart from that I dunno man

No. 317983

she's tiny from what I remember, around 5 feet and once said something about wanting to be "100lbs all muscle, 0% fat" … but she lies about everything so who knows
I once asked her where she bought her contacts and was told she couldn't wear contacts because of some condition …

No. 317986

5'1" or 5'2" if I'm remembering correctly. Weighed less than 110, but I haven't seen her since she moved to Texas and she definently gained weight while she was living with Monty. She's not fat, she's just unfit with a small stature. She bragged how she had a big butt but in reality that's just where all her fat went. And to her neck

Looooool, she's a complete idiot if she thought she'd be able to ever reach 0% body fat.

When she was still in Canada she wore greenish/blue coloured contacts daily when she wasn't wearing glasses so 'not being able to wear contacts' was her way of trying to lie about having natural blue eyes.

No. 317988

Her ex boyfriend, the "fit beta" Asian guy, paid for trip to Japan before.

Now that Monty's gone, she put up funding, essentially begging for people to PAY for her trip with other people.

Interesting, no?

No. 317989

Fucking golden. Thank you for this. Just goes to show how absolutely hard she's trying to look "clean."

Good fail, Shitna.

No. 317992


Said begging also failed too as I do believe they didn't make their funding goal right?

No. 317994

this is so unflattering

No. 317995

lmfao you're amazing

No. 318054

No. 318093

File: 1479866388776.jpg (566.34 KB, 2048x1536, Cx6SqyWUcAABjQ4.jpg)

why the fuck would you waste time visiting Harry Potter world during your trip to Japan?

there's one in LA.

No. 318104

But anon,its not just any Harry Potter world! It's Japan's!!

No. 318105


How nice of that pink hair girl on the left to bring her poorly aging mom along to this trip.

No. 318115

So how about those cosplay shoots she wanted everyone to pay for…?

No. 318118

Those filters are working hard on this pic. Her facial portions don't look as dopey as usual.

No. 318119

File: 1479871167445.jpg (118.77 KB, 960x720, 15181156_10153929209171712_389…)


Obviously their amazing cosplay shoots included Milynn wearing what looks like a $5 tutu and pretending to be a "deer queen" for their trip to Nara…

No. 318125

The random white hairgrip just stuck in the wig…

No. 318142


Is milynn the new Devin? Though in this case milynn actually has money

No. 318148

New Devin or new Chloe. If she has money then Sheena can suck up to her and ditch all the others because she's so money hungry.

No. 318160

she looks like a different person in pretty much every photo …

No. 318182

File: 1479881365552.png (614.59 KB, 588x486, sheena jap potter.png)

No. 318191

because it sounds nicer than obaachan

No. 318220

She has such a putty face. I can't tell if it's just all the filters/shopping, but she seriously doesn't look the same in any of these.

No. 318248

I would be so embarrassed for them wearing cosplay just out in public in Japan. God. I realise it's Japan and WEEB PARADISE but I'm still fairly sure people would give you the sideeye for being a cringey weeb.

No. 318279

Japanese people are at least as judgemental of this stuff as Westerners, if not more so, but weebs never get the memo

No. 318316


Well they do have that proverb:

"The nail that sticks out get hammered"

No. 318333

Non Japanese people seem to think this doesn't apply to them and the Japanese are going to fall in love with them or some shit

No. 318365


Oh I know, it's more amusing when the reality hits them hard

No. 318409

There seems to be a little bit or coincidence that she's in Japan right now.

Two of the big heads of RWBY at RT are flying to Japan this week for the RWBY Premier in theaters. It's just slightly ironic that the widow of the creator is there and will probably try to cash in on the Japanese fans while there.

No. 318417


Wouldn't be surprised she tries to spin it as somehow being involved with RT still and as you said try to cash in

No. 318501

Do they have one about ears that stick out

No. 318509

File: 1479957773818.jpg (349.2 KB, 1536x2048, Cx_qekhUUAA2vUz.jpg)

No. 318510

File: 1479958428690.jpg (80.46 KB, 960x640, whatbooty.jpg)

No. 318511

File: 1479958455254.png (15.4 KB, 320x126, lol.png)

lol love the comments

No. 318512

I think you might be right, her tweet in Japanese is … interesting. When is the RT event happening and where?

No. 318513


I believe it goes:

"Waste not your money on balloons Nicole"

No. 318514


That would be pretty sad if this was one of the reasons she did a Japan trip

No. 318515

I would not put it past her to go around the world for pity points and soak up whatever fame may come. She seems that desperate enough to be a celebrity to boast how she can't even go overseas without someone noticing her.

No. 318516


No kidding, even in that Harry Potter pic she had to mention herself as the second line.

Also it occured to me today is she still trying to get into the game grumps group or did that taper off?

No. 318517


What's with their teeth?? Is it the photoshop?

No. 318525

File: 1479963385012.jpg (94.51 KB, 500x500, tumblr_oh4o2bxei11qc0wl2o1_500…)

Her "winks" make me so uncomfortable, I don't know why

No. 318542

jfc what if it actually is… ugh
I mean when you think about it isn't this a pretty random time to just go to Japan without any real reason…? Especially when you didn't even get the funding you asked for…

No. 318544

I hope it is, the drama will be delicious

No. 318545

"cosplay shoots"

No. 318583

This is some ayy lmao shit, genuinely does not look human. Why in gods name would you post this, Shitna?

No. 318596

looks halfway towards a kota shoop

No. 318601

File: 1480000661693.jpg (105.36 KB, 500x500, tumblr_oh595lfRKj1qc0wl2o1_500…)

What in the ever loving fuck …

No. 318632

Am I missing something or are they literally dressed as prostitutes

No. 318635

"Courtesans" lololol but really Nicole was seriously considering prostitution when I knew her … But apparently getting licensed was too much work

No. 318642

They never should have taken a back-side photo imo.
Damn I never realized how tiny Sheena is. Looks like she weighs 90 lbs here. This photo is too ridiculous.

No. 318648

I just realized that Milynn was the Hinata that Sheena cosplayed with when she did the poorly sewn Sakura. Chole was the Ino. It's extremely likely that Sheena met milynn through Chloe and somehow befriended Milynn even after Sheena and Chloe had a falling out.

No. 318652


Nicole probably spread some lies to milynn as well to get her on her side

No. 318656

I've never seen so much negative space in one photo. also, for Widowmaker, that's just sad. girl could've done some squats or something

No. 318678


All I took from this group was they all think they're the pretty one

They're wrong

No. 318765


Belt in front = oiran. Glamour prostitutes.
Belt behind = geisha. Respectable.

You're not missing anything… except it looks like bitches don't care because apparently being a weeb is cooler than being educated.

If anyone of you are in Japan, confirm if Nicole will be sneaking around at the RWBY event thing. Although imho Nicole won't really care, she's moved on after killing Monty anyway.

If she does show up, it's a definite show of patheticism and pandering.

No. 318790

File: 1480042988294.jpg (114.55 KB, 500x500, tumblr_oh6fhxLb5k1qc0wl2o1_500…)

It got worse … or maybe better?

No. 318791

Nor that I want to whiteknight these trainwrecks, but there are photo studios in Japan that specialise in oiran style outfits, and these look like they come from a studio in Kyoto whose name I cannot remember.

Did they choose to be prostitutes over geishas? Absofuckinglutely, but I'm pretty sure it was a conscious choice and not an uneducated one.

No. 318810

Maybe but who did that makeup? She's wearing what looks like a bindi ffs and she tagged it "harunosakura" & "naruto" for some reason? Maybe this all makes more sense to someone who watches Naruto …

No. 318826

…are you telling me that's supposed to be Sakura?

ummmm nicole, no…

No. 318862

Photo studios usually have make-up artists ready to do the make-up, but now that you mention it, I can't imagine she had a professional do that.
How embarrassing.

No. 318949

File: 1480111296336.jpg (270.13 KB, 1024x1024, sakura__haruno_the_use_seal_by…)

Towards the middle/end of the series Sakura gains the Strength of a Hundred Seal. I wouldn't be surprised if she added the symbol herself.

No. 318953

Csb I guess but why is she a prostitute

No. 318987

I dunno I think this looks really nice acutally…

No. 318992

I agree, I don't like her but this is a nice pic. Because she went to a nice photo studio and wore something provided and had her hair done by someone. Also because the photo is blurry and blown out so you can't see her features. So yeah it's a good photo, but anyone would look good like that.

No. 319036

aside from the seal how on earth is her photo supposed to be sakura? lol

No. 319041

yeah she looks gorgeous but nobody is going to know it's sakura unless she tells them because she's retarded

No. 319080

File: 1480149183519.jpg (109.62 KB, 1080x1619, Tali Tracer.jpg)

Now to wait for Sheena to cosplay full Tracer

No. 319081


Do tali and Sheena hate each other…?

No. 319082

That is one sad ass. Even Shitna's Tracer was better than this.

No. 319092

Maybe read a book about camera angles, anon?

At least this is decent than Shitna's fail editing exposed LOL

No. 319093

File: 1480160697860.png (635.12 KB, 631x796, oiran experience.png)


>"yeah she looks gorgeous but nobody is going to know it's sakura unless she tells them because she's retarded"

Y'all were saying? LOL

No. 319094

File: 1480160911679.png (833.9 KB, 521x525, people.png)

Good makeup choice. See??? The fuck. At least she doesn't look like a haggard granny anymore.

Although seemingly evident she checks out this forum during/after we blasted her she needs to stop wearing her ridiculous red lip + full eyelashes + thick eyeliner + purple contacts getup.

Kudos to people who spilled the tea to her. Enjoy your fiesta~ ;)

P.S. - Milynn is prettier. More natural.

No. 319095

>Milynn is prettier. More natural.
Don't get carried away.

No. 319097

Nah, anon. Only complimenting her makeup in that particular photo.

No. 319124

so she is still pretending to speak Japanese while not actually knowing how to write those characters names … cool

No. 319131

You need to read the past threads to get the full story. Long story short. There were comments on how sheena intially started to hate tali because they both made a Ligntning cosplay but tali's cosplay got more famous than sheena's. From there sheena cosplayed Supergirl and Rikku (characters that tali was popular for).
Please correct me if I got this info wrong

I find it hilarious that even though sheena got with Monty and befriended a bunch of famous cosplayers, she still hasn't surpassed tali.

It looks more like she copied or got makeup help from milynn

No. 319132


I see she still wishes to be Japanese or at least asian. Things haven't changed with her

Haruno should be written in Kanji but I bet she doesn't have that option on her phone

No. 319133

she could've at least copy and pasted the from somewhere

No. 319134

*the name

No. 319135

lol Japanese is so easy to install on a phone, and so easy to use

No. 319137


Not too surprising, you have to mention Monty first before people start remember who Sheena is

No. 319153


What's going on with her makeup and shooping guise, I'm scared.

No. 319157

Same thing that's always going on: she has no fucking idea what she's doing but pretends like she does. Same thing with her "sewing", her Japanese skills, etc.

No. 319165

Are there any other examples of her using Japanese? We could all do with a laugh.

No. 319167

I haven't seen her attempt anything recently. Last I remember seeing was when I still new her irl and she went by nyurt online. Mostly it was irl experiences with her shitty Japanese.

No. 319175

I remember a stream one time where she was singing along to J-Pop and her singing voice was already rubbish but she was barely able to keep up and having to take quick breaths every few words then just splurge whatever lyrics she thought she knew and omg did I laugh my ass off.

No. 319212

lol irl she used to brag about her singing too.

No. 319243

I ended up muting the stream for a while and just checking back every now and then till she'd stopped and gone back to playing whatever game it was XD

No. 319247


people like her talk about all their goals and how they were really serious this or that and brag about everything. then when they gain notorioty they turn out to be like every other shit talker on the internet that has no real talent. myself included :)

No. 319260

File: 1480227431128.png (628.1 KB, 586x653, sheens tits.png)

at what tier are the "bending over in a gstring" photos unlocked?

No. 319261

File: 1480227969615.png (5.09 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0436.PNG)

No. 319264

wtf is wrong with her torso/waist there?? does she think that pose is flattering?

No. 319267


It's like that Simpsons skit where she probably took over 100 pics and THAT was the "best" one

No. 319271

what is with the shitty wig? is this supposed to be another "cosplay"?

No. 319275

How many things has she bragged about now


>3d printing
>cosplaying and sewing
>figure skating
>using power tools
>speaking japanese (kek)
>playing casual videogames

Looks like an uglier Adella in the thumb

No. 319277



Ha I forgot she bragged about this despite you know nothing to support this

No. 319292


if she was such a good writer she should of stopped rwby from ever being made, that thing sounds like it's written by highschool kids

No. 319331

I don't think there's anything to support any of her claims of greatness

No. 319337


From shanes letter it sounds like Monty was the handicap of that show as I heard the writing has improved a bit after he died

No. 319353

Have y'all never noticed that Tracer in the actual video game has a very tiny ass to begin with?? Not defending Sheena by no means, but really Tracer doesn't even have an "ass". She's got like a boy's body to me.

No. 319357

File: 1480278147391.jpg (74.14 KB, 592x296, pCkcXgk.jpg)


small yes, pancake no

No. 319361

>wtf is wrong with her torso/waist there?


No. 319364

do we actually believe she has that?

No. 319365

omfg is that supposed to be aerith?

No. 319368

I don't think so, wrong eyecolor

No. 319380

I wonder why they're staying in AirBnBs?

No. 319392

The shoop is so strong, her linea nigra is gone.

No. 319393

File: 1480293084243.png (21.59 KB, 582x164, boobs.png)

No. 319394

wait, is that what that was?? was she ever pregnant?

No. 319404

For someone seriously considering prostitution as a career choice, the shit she does doesn't surprise me one bit!

No. 319415

yeah she has pictures of herself in a back brace on her instagram a few years back

No. 319457

It's part of the "I'm also kinda bisexual" pandering to neckbeard fantasies.

No. 319466

Most people don't have that unless they're pregnant.

No. 319472

File: 1480322539534.png (22.82 KB, 589x173, sheena ching chong.png)

it begins.

No. 319473

Yesss, the google translate is strong within this one.

No. 319478

I love boobs so much i got a shitty tit job despite having scoliosis



No. 319495

Long story short, she'll be at Kotobukiya in Akihabara and wants people to come watch. (At least that's what I think she tried to get google to say)

No. 319506


No. 319522

kek, the mark of the gtranslate

No. 319538


Come watch her….? Doing…?

No. 319567

File: 1480369757437.jpg (248.67 KB, 1080x1080, 15043789_686368491527616_39977…)

She announced the cancellation of whatever it was with weeabloospeak.

No. 319581


Jeez she really does look different in each picture

No. 319583

I wonder if no one showed interest so she had to 'cancel'.

No. 319589


They probably saw her tweet and thought "Why is obasan here…"

No. 319590

They probably couldn't even understand what she was saying honestly … like did she not have data or something? Why suddenly did she switch to romaji/english?

No. 319616


Let's be real no one knows who she is there and it'll stay that way

No. 319618

LOL this too

No. 319709

I mean, who the fuck would want to meet and listen to her talk anyway? In Japan, nonetheless. Nobody knows who she is there and it's almost sadcringe that she thinks she's 'e famous' enough to hold a talk.

No. 319744


Occured to me has she ever done a panel at a con? For a person who just loves to talk about herself I can't recall a time where she had a panel…

No. 319762

San Japan in 2014 iirc. Only because she was Monty's girlfriend and she was late to her own panel and was then a judge for the masquerade and was late for that too.

At her panel, all her cosplay images were pretty much of taobao bought ones. She and Monty were not friendly to the staff.

Monty expected staff to pay for him rooming with Sheena at the other judges where they constantly shit talked everyone; Monty said he hated when fat people cosplayed his characters and they apparently had sex in the room with everyone there.

That's the first and last convention I ever heard her be on a panel for.

No. 319763


that one thing about Monty always seem to come back where he mentions he hated it when fat people cosplay his characters

But yea not too surprised by her behavior when she had the golden goose but now has to be "nice" which isn't even helping

No. 319811

Is this the convention where she shit talked the staff running it, they caught onto her posts, and banned her from future cons?

No. 319825


I forgot there was one other convention she was the Guest of Honor at and did the art for the program guide and it looked absolutely hideous. HanadokiCon in San Diego had her there but it's a rather small con.

She tabled somewhere with another girl who was her 'caretaker' that Sheena shit talked on her facebook. The girl genuinely thought they were friends and Sheena just shat all over her.

No. 319826


I remember that girl, I felt awful for her as she's doing her best and Nicole is talking so much shit about her for no reason

I wonder if she talks shit behind milynn back (probably does)

No. 319830

I wonder if it pisses her off when people call her Nicole instead of Sheena

No. 319832

File: 1480474496798.jpg (132.04 KB, 800x1067, Sheena_and_Monty_Oum_at_PAX_Pr…)

Wow Monty,Sheena's no prize pig herself.
Extracted from Monty's wikipedia page lmao. What a bad photo..

No. 319834


>both of them


No. 319835


I imagine she gets really pisssed off when people say who?" when she introduces herself which probably happens a lot

No. 319841

I feel like that is a subjectively hideous man. That nose bridge…also his hair looks like a wig

No. 319844

She always manages to have that double chin.

No. 319853

It is a wig. He often wore wigs to conventions of varying different colors, including black ones. His normal hair was on the semi-sorter end of things.

No. 319873

No. 320022

I remember one time she bitched on twitter when she introduced herself and someone looked her name up on google through their phone… in front of her LOL

No. 320035

is that a mole or a zit on her left tit?

No. 320070

No. 320105

If I ever meet her I'll do this

No. 320114

ask her how much of Monty's funeral fund went to her chest boulders

No. 320116


I request you do the triple "who?" throughout the meet up and get her name wrong.

Call Devin a few times too

No. 320155


Look up her name and pull out the anon forums and tell her it's the first result that came up

No. 320172

File: 1480560261073.png (182.35 KB, 1200x900, 9D70A622-2536-4F38-909A-DC859F…)

Oh my god.

No. 320174

So she is supposed to be aerith? with tiffa?

No. 320175

Did she really have to go to Japan to take her fucking slutty ass pictures? What a joke.

No. 320177

really didn't need to go to Japan to do these "cosplays"…

No. 320193


I'm so thankful this didn't get refunded and they had to pay out of their own pocket (for the most part)

Jeez though, they couldn't do this in LA…?

No. 320194

omfg this is pathetic

No. 320196

>a pink bra and a white bra = cosplay in a hotel room
>totes needed to go to Japan

The other girl has a more fit body that makes Sheena look like a scoliosis potato bending for its life.

She also can't seem to get eyemakeup to match the characters.

No. 320198

>"sexy" lingerie pics
>wear granny panties

No. 320206

just think, they took those "sexy" underwear photos in a filthy bug infested AirBnB

No. 320222

This is so fucking embarrassing, omg… The fact that they had to set up a FUNDING site for their LEISURE TRIP for COSPLAY which they could have easily done in a HOTEL in the SAME state or a few states AWAY…

Shitna you just proved yourself to be the ultimate scum, and black widow. facepalm

No. 320228

I fucking knew it, despite the wrong eye color. In the first photo shared here she reminded me of a 'cosplay' of an Adella Aerith cosplay rather than the character itself, if it makes sense.
Aerith wouldn't wear black panties, feel like they would be like pink. lol

No. 320325


Oh SOS. What is with the boob grabbing and her needing to stick her ass all the way out. Despite her back problems, sticking her ass doesn't make her look any more flattering.

Also yeah wtf. Cosplays in Japan my ass

No. 320342

She's doing the jnig move where she squats like she's taking a shit. I love the fact that most all the cosplay cows on this site do the same struggle life ass pose.

No. 320358

What is up with her tummy? I know she's trying to suck it in because of the exposure of her rib cage but the rest looks uncomfortable to look at.

No. 320376

These are the most unsexy boob grabs I have ever seen, who looks at the camera while they touch boobs
I've seen mannequins with more chemistry and presence than these two
Scoliosis I guess?

No. 320458

What is up with her tummy? I know she's trying to suck it in because of the exposure of her rib cage but the rest looks uncomfortable to look at.>>320376
I've had friends that have scoliosis and they don't look like THAT. Maybe it's because they actually workout?

No. 320494


don't want to rupture the shitty back alley implants

No. 320510

File: 1480640314195.jpg (143.66 KB, 1080x1350, 15043859_1355143964528912_5941…)

I can't get over this new face. It looks like Biibii almost.

No. 320511


Why did you post someone's grandma?

No. 320570

Does she have an ED? She's crazy thin now and she looks much more normal-sized in this photo. I always assumed she was just a naturally small person but this pic says otherwise

No. 320588

File: 1480674291842.png (20.6 KB, 582x150, ha lol.png)

Oh… hmmmm, I REALLY have no idea why, Chloe!

No. 320589

File: 1480674349923.png (271.48 KB, 1204x755, lol whee.png)

To prove it's from Chloe Doan / sushimonstuh's account:

No. 320600

sage for derailing

despite the fact ive been following these threads from the second one onwards i doubt i would be able to recognise her in the street if i saw her.

the only way i could was if i saw a hunchback with fake tits at an anime convention

No. 320618

Chloe hasn't come out publicly about not being Nicole's sidekick anymore though. I wonder how long until a Milynn fallout.

No. 320648

if she isn't wearing makeup she looks like a naked molerat with giant ears in person; if she puts on makeup she looks like dopey in makeup (as we've seen)

No. 320658


Shrug when Nicole spins that sob story like she did in that shanes letter then it's easy to get people on her side

No. 320798

OMG. So many filters at work and still looks like a grinch extra.

No. 320973

File: 1480814310584.png (134.99 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0372.PNG)

L m a o

No. 320983

I've always wondered … she filters and shoops herself so hard, how can she be comfortable with polaroids? are they really polaroids?

No. 321002

File: 1480831485375.png (235.28 KB, 995x485, Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 10.0…)

They make polaroid printers that you hook up to your phone, so really she could just be printing out edited pics from her phone.

No. 321006

I think they are. The little mini polaroid cameras don't take very detailed pics and it's almost like running everything through a high contrast filter. Super flattering, which is probably one reason she likes them so much. Any bad ones prob just get tossed. She could just be posting the best of however many.

No. 321012

Some of her "polaroids" are instax and others are printed on a printer, probably due to needed shoop. The printer ones look like flat printouts.

No. 321033

That's pretty pathetic, when even your Polaroids need to be shopped. I suppose it can't be helped given her weird dumbo ears, dopey face, weird lanky S shaped body and bolt ons.

No. 321097

but she never seems to bother with shooping her ears

No. 321108


Probably crashed her computer when she tried

No. 321229

Vast landscapes of ear skin make the file 600mb or more so makes sense

No. 321235

Okay but has anyone else noticed Nicole commenting on Chloe's instagram posts? I can't tell if there was a complete fall out or anything since Nicole tries to socialize with Chloe.

Also about the relationship RT, I'm pretty sure Chloe was just talking about her ex-bfs because that's what a lot of her tweets before that RT were about, but eh, I could be wrong.

No. 321277

She couldn't even get the cosplay accurate enough to wear green contacts tho.

No. 321289

Probably can't associate w/ the fact people see through her eventually. So she tries to cover it up by remaining social. It's pretty obvious at this point that Chloe wants NOTHING to do with her.

No. 321595

Doesn't Nicole live with Chloe or did she move?

No. 321596

I think Chloe just really helped Nicole get a footing in the LA crowd and helped get her an apartment since I doubt Nicole could of done it on her own with all the paperwork, credit and background checks.

Man if Chloe wants nothing to do with her, I'd love to hear the unhinged truth about all the bullshit Chloe must know about that Nicole's spewed out.

No. 321630

File: 1481105795359.jpg (127.29 KB, 869x1200, CzBi6ESVQAAW21j.jpg)

put on some pants and go back to bed, grandma

No. 321634

Her body should be nice to look at, it has all the principles of a good bod but it's just so…WEIRD. IDK if it's photoshop or if it's because everything looks disproportionate.

No. 321659

spaghetti legs

No. 321660

I know what you mean. I can't tell if it's bad angles or the way she arches her back to make her butt look bigger. You pair it with a very mature looking face and it just looks wrong.

No. 321680


All of the above.

No. 321689

Slightly ashamed to admit that I like how her face looks in this picture.

No. 321708

It's probably cheaper/more affordable for them

No. 321739

She exudes the image of grandmother camming for money

No. 321743


I imagine that's what going to happen as I don't think she will find a sugar daddy

No. 321748

she couldn't have worn nicer panties?

No. 321768

something about the lightness of the pink hair combined with her old mom face and those even older grandma glasses is what does it, I reckon.

No. 321782

File: 1481167459766.jpg (154.55 KB, 1152x2048, CzHk9faVEAAyWgk.jpg)

in light of this fanart, I request that a farmer with art skills make some images a little more true to life

No. 321789

File: 1481177131358.png (32.69 KB, 864x762, backgroundperformer.png)

Does anyone remember where she said that she considered cosplaying a performance?

No. 321791

File: 1481180857743.jpg (172.86 KB, 1152x2048, you asked for it.jpg)

For you, anon.

No. 321793

I find this face so much cuter, but it's probably because the original art style is so bland. Good job

No. 321803

lol the lipstick


No. 321804

no, but that doesn't surprise me.

that way, she can add "actress" to her bag of tricks.

No. 321812

oh wow, anon this is top-tier

No. 321821

Oh, this is fucking brilliant. <3

No. 321872

no this never happened
chloe always kept saying she was gonna move to la for the past 7 years but shes still living with her mom at 28yrs

No. 321885

File: 1481241073791.jpg (165.48 KB, 1620x1080, 981415_164852443698902_1715263…)

Great work anon!

No. 321888


It must grind Nicole's gears that her cosplay for this character will never be as good as Chloe's

No. 321907

File: 1481251390697.jpg (66.53 KB, 720x960, 15401134_10153970989476712_697…)


No. 321914


Gotta look nice for potential clients

No. 321919

Johns, anon, they're called "Johns"

No. 321950

what the fuck even is this look????? pls get better style nicole.

No. 321954

Her bony spindly limbs and mannish face make her looks like scrawny teen boy doing drag for the first time.

No. 321962

File: 1481276594673.png (276.83 KB, 589x409, sheena nig.png)

No. 321963

Somebody actually put these two uglies on their wall.


No. 321985

I think if I walked into a guy's room that I was trying to hook up with and saw this, I'd do a 180 vomit spin and GTFO.

Also man, that photo set up is almost fucking IDENTICAL. Black criss-cross "lingerie" and lounging around on a white bed. She has no shame to copy other people.

No. 322012

Look at that guy's pic, I don't think anyone other than his mom has ever entered his room.

No. 322030

Why does her hair always look like she just finished a workout in it? She goes through all the effort of frying the shit out of it to keep it pastel but then just lets it look like shit all the time?

No. 322083

Her eyebrow is almost encircling her eye … why is it going so far down her face??

No. 322094


She's still hoping for Playboy to notice her.

No. 322100


Kinda lame strategy, you would want to try to hit other magazine to spread your reach instead of just putting it all on one

though this would require some forethought and planning which I don't think she's capable of

No. 322112

^^^ That last line omfg, never has a truer statement been said.

No. 322188

File: 1481396204928.png (1.86 MB, 1402x1858, 2016-12-10 10.53.44.png)

Chloe and Nicole at a mutual friend's engagement party 2 days ago. If you check her ig Chloe posted no photos with Nicole. Nicole didn't post anything from that night. Can anyone confirm what happened between the two?

No. 322190

so … who in this photo is the engaged couple, I'm really confused? And why are they using the same surname already?

No. 322194


Oh crap grant, hope Nicole didn't try to make moves on him as I want him alive

No. 322306

the Asian guy and the blonde

No. 322324


that's grant imahara formerly from mythbusters, btw

No. 322326

The two in the middle are the engaged couple (asian guy, Grant from Mythbusters, and the blonde in the white dress next to him). Using the surname was just for convenience, it's a photobooth photo so the caption could only be so long

Nicole would never try anything with Grant. It would be absolute social suicide. He and Jenny are the sweethearts of the LA scene and if you came between them you'd be ostracized forever.

I don't think anything actually happened between Chloe and Nicole. Chloe is just really busy, she has a full time job and a boyfriend and goes to a lot of EDM festivals and shows in her spare time. It mostly seems like she just doesn't have time to spend with Nicole anymore.

No. 322331


while you are true in that would be stupid for her to do I still wouldn't put it past her to try

Yes I think she's that stupid to try

No. 322406

Despite the names, I assumed it was a same sex couple because of the rainbow …

No. 322464


>"I don't think anything actually happened between Chloe and Nicole. Chloe is just really busy, she has a full time job and a boyfriend and goes to a lot of EDM festivals and shows in her spare time. It mostly seems like she just doesn't have time to spend with Nicole anymore."

Looks like you're new to the thread. Because then, I now refer you to >>311564 .

No. 322473

File: 1481489942969.png (233.55 KB, 329x385, 100 UNITED STATES DOLLARS.png)

are you shitting me

No. 322474

File: 1481490011806.jpg (527.23 KB, 1104x1534, Cza7Tn5UAAAEx5e.jpg)

supposedly "on sale"

No. 322489

You do know on sale and having a sale are two different things right? She's not having a sale, she's putting things up to sell. It's like saying hey the new Xbox is on sale now for full price. Please don't be that dense.

No. 322505


What was even the point of a Japan shoot if you don't show it off?

So generic looking you could have shot this in LA

No. 322538

>two awkward chicks touching each other's boobs

No. 322543

Eh, chloe could be throwing shade at any of the millions of girls who sell polaroids on patreon (many of her friends do) so this isnt necessaritly about nicole

No. 322601

>100 USD

No. 322618

If someone buys this I have no hope left

No. 322758

0/0 Looks nothing like any city in FFVII

kek, agree, but LA still isn't a good substitute for Midgar.

No. 322777

File: 1481578241351.jpg (671.77 KB, 1800x1800, jKpsiRg.jpg)

With love from Kyoto (???)

No. 322778

abandon all hope, some have already been bought for $80 …

No. 322785

Are men this desperate? Seriously? There are tons of free porn of Aerith out there. Why do they need Sheena and her yoda ears cosplaying a really sad attempt at it?

No. 322788


I personally don't get it myself why any guy would want pics of the non brand name of Coke Zero of cosplay girls

Speaking of, upon thinking of it do you guys think Nicole is stupid enough to try to take sole credit for the overwatch bunny suit group?

No. 322821

>generic shot in some cheap airbnb somewhere

No. 322840

Mutual here. I'm surprised how much hearsay and guessing there is about the status of Chloe and Sheena's friendship… I thought it would be wildly known and obvious by now that Chloe wants nothing to do with Sheena at all and has cut her off after finally seeing how vile she is to everyone else, and Sheena is desperately trying to latch on. Sheena never did anything personal to Chloe however.

No. 322844


Why would nicole need to hold on to Chloe? It's not like Chloe could help with Nicole's social status

No. 322848

Nicole latched onto Milynn and the grumps now, she also moved near downtown LA thanks to patreon dollars.

No. 322850

Nevermind that Chloe literally drove Sheena and her shit from Texas to California and helped contribute to the gofundme because she was an actual friend of Monty's.

I wonder if Chloe has regrets selling her signed prop from him just so Sheena can whore herself out.

No. 322851


Either she's making a lot of money to justify that move or she's really bad at figuring out what to do with money.

She strikes me as the kind to spend more than she earns

No. 322865

File: 1481607966306.png (717.76 KB, 595x613, r73IbbJ.png)

Did Nicole draw this herself? It's god awful. The ass is so big and round, does she think that's what her butt looks like? Does anyone?

No. 322868

The fucking ego of this bitch who just drew herself and herself in her cosplays along with the cat that she had Monty exposed to.

This is…just so bad.

No. 322871


Looks like we need >>321791 to make some adjustments.

But yea how tacky to include the cat…

No. 322882

Nicole did not draw this, a member of her twitch community did.

No. 322884

Are you sure? It looks like her "art" to me, I'm gonna need receipts to believe otherwise

No. 322885

She credits the artist in the About Me section on her twitch page. It was done free of charge.

No. 322892

>near downtown LA

so… Korea Town?

No. 322924

No. 322925

I love how "Live Now" could mean a number of things. Cam time?

No. 322926

Would you know if they talked after this? >>322188

No. 322940

this girl has done a lot of art of Nicole, it's kinda creepy actually .. .

No. 322943


How sad that the girl made art of Nicole in the first place

No. 323061

File: 1481695205561.jpg (86.37 KB, 660x377, TVbRFUg.jpg)


No. 323064

I heard from someone that Nicole just really hates herself. Kinda makes all this teehee so sexy stuff kind of depressing… She milks it because it's literally all she has left of her self worth

No. 323074

File: 1481703136719.jpg (417.83 KB, 1536x2048, Cznwdq5VQAENT6o.jpg)

for the love of Christ Nicole, quit winking.

she was trying to fuck the cat. Nicole's into some kinky bestiality shit >>306038

No. 323124

My friend's granny had this really horrible facial twitch, and this is exactly what it looked it

No. 323131

You're right, but let's just say Sheena really isn't in a place to burn any more bridges… it's more a salvage attempt at her own current social standing in SoCal. If that makes sense.

They really don't talk.

No. 323133

Jesus fuck, her chronal accelerator looks massive here

No. 323147

She's grody but she loves herself and really believes she's successful and amazing tho.

No. 323153

Her ears are bigger.

No. 323182


And it only took one dead person to get there

No. 323202

A dead husband and an ocean of burned bridges.

No. 323204

lmao what is that ass??

No. 323213


It does, we already though established she isn't the brightest so I suspect she'll burn more bridges just because she can

No. 323250

File: 1481759555174.jpg (483.51 KB, 1800x1200, 15493439_1335312453175142_3532…)

Photoshopped everything but the ears.

No. 323255

File: 1481760459949.png (195.67 KB, 620x886, IRU1kv0.png)

has it ever been suggested she might be Ferengi? Huge ears and greedy? Js

No. 323262

Quark is cute, Sheena…not so much

No. 323639


The most amazing part is that as we age our ears and noses continue to grow.
Judging by her ears, she really might be the first human to fly.

No. 323705

File: 1481825030849.png (96.38 KB, 635x632, 2016-12-15_12-53-59.png)

No. 323719

If she's talking about Overwatch I wish I could look at her career profile and compare season 1-3. Season 3 was shit at placements and I do think she was carried by her team and bet she ever solo comp.

No. 323722

I wonder when the day will come when people will stop seeing their rank in games as something to use to prove they're "good at games" and not just an effect of playing games a lot and enjoying them.

No. 323723

I almost instinctively reached for the favourite icon that isn't under your post.

No. 323731


Isn't she just a mercy main?

No. 323743

File: 1481828947813.jpg (168.16 KB, 900x900, IMG_9111.JPG)

her pistol does a surprising amount of damage

No. 323783

She really does look like a gremlin jesus

No. 323784


Indeed it does, I still don't see Nicole using mercy too well despite her pistol doing good damage :p

No. 323798

i'll give her props for this one, i like this photo

No. 323851

It's a studio that pumps out photos in the same setup for dozens of people a day. It's hard to look fug in em because they retouch the hell out of it.

No. 323859

Rank doesn't mean shit. You can literally get to diamond tier by being okay at using Reaper, Lucio, or Reinhardt all of whom are insanely easy. Particularly this season. Her bragging is so insufferable.

No. 323861

File: 1481846297678.png (44.41 KB, 586x383, go home gamer girl.png)

I think Nicole wants some of those sweet, sweet "gamers are sexist" pity Patreon bux

No. 323863

considering she's a "GIRL GAMER" streamer, she probably has her sycophants carry her in games

No. 323870

File: 1481847041603.png (14.98 KB, 584x181, boo hoo.png)

No. 323887


Pfft we're not sexist…we just don't like hanzo main that don't change picks that she probably does :p

Jokes aside (plus I don't know who she actually mains) looks like she's trying to go for pity points again for dem Patreon bucks

No. 323954

I've played since beta and have never even been bothered for being a girl. Not even a "omg a girl". So wtf people is she playing with? She must be saying something other than "hello" or is being super sensitive so some banter from others.
Oh wait, gotta let everyone know what a srs gamer grill you are.. Can't these girls just enjoy games without being validated?

No. 323979

She's probably one of those 'Lol did you know I cosplay?' 'I'm such a healslut tee hee' or 'Say hi to my twitch fans and patrons, gaiz' type girls who doesn't shut up about how 'popular' and 'hot' she is. There aren't many of them I've seen but every now and then they crop up.

No. 323982

HAHAHA they both look like they have down syndrome. Funny shit

No. 323988

She's very much a "I'm not like the other girls!"

I just realized why Kaka reminds me of her, they both have cokehead eyes and grandma face but think they're cute when winking.

No. 324042

I see it. They all age very haggardly too.

No. 324050

the set up seemed too creative for her lol, the background and gown is beautiful just too bad her dopey mug is in there.

No. 324062


No awkward butt posing too

No. 324084

No. 324289

File: 1481929339627.gif (1.37 MB, 400x275, giphy.gif)

No. 325320

File: 1482021647482.jpg (249.99 KB, 1333x2000, Cz6mmAlUQAAlpHK.jpg)

she should just drop the pretense of being a "professional cosplayer" at this point

No. 325321

File: 1482021693868.jpg (447.88 KB, 1536x2048, Cz6pv5JUoAEkqHR.jpg)

also I think she shopped her butt, lol

No. 325401


There's that awkward butt pose she does

No. 325540

Is she doing her wink? Or are her eyes wonky? Just like her massive ears?

No. 325581

speaking of which, she had the good sense to cover her ears this time.

No. 325584

The dumbo ears and flat ass are out in the polaroids, but those things are so tiny you can't see shit anyway.

No. 325742

Came here to fap but this thread is to sad lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 325755

her legs have absolutely no muscle mass, it makes her body look so bad

No. 326408

look at how massive her joints are compared to her limbs

we have another ana chan?

No. 326531

>"monty would have wanted this for me"

No. 326593

She's kind of always been gangly and sickly skinny fat looking. The new boobs take away from that but every now and then you still notice.

No. 326683

She doesn't work out because "muh scoliosis" but it's funny that doesn't stop her from wearing 6 inch heels.

No. 326685

she definitely doesn't eat properly. when I knew her, she'd get caesar salad's for lunch from the cafeteria and then only eat the chicken. she'd peel every piece apart, too, like it was fucking string cheese. it made me so fucking nauseous, especially 'cause she always had ridiculously long nails and she'd get chicken under them.

No. 326686

File: 1482189306169.jpg (34.41 KB, 599x338, 1454506455457.jpg)

No. 326755

File: 1482197827544.jpg (116.09 KB, 812x827, mrsoum.jpg)

I've seen the future.

No. 326829

my sides. the random hotel background makes it 10/10

I would say the boobs need to be wonkier, but she had, what, $250k to blow on whatever? she probably got the best tits dead husband money can buy

No. 326896

I wonder whether it's common behaviour now. I used to know someone like that at work.

No. 326900

Common disorder behavior, it's a food ritual. They monitor shit like that in in-patient at meal times at every eating disorder clinic I know of.

No. 326956

chicken fingers anon here again. Nicole once spent the last of her money to go to a con with Devin in another city. they were both totally broke and were laughing that they wouldn't be able to eat for the whole weekend they were there but "at least they'd lose some weight". also this was during her time at CapU and she was supposed to finishing her school projects but decided she'd rather go to a con and starve … her priorities are rather odd.

No. 326985

Yeah she eats bits of junk food but then splurges when with con people. She has always been skinnyfat and a bit pudgy but since being with the LA crowd she's trying to stay thin by eating less and add to her boob size. Her metabolism will crash in a few years.

No. 326997


She could also you know eat well and work out but again as I said that would require thinking on her part

I do know she says she has scoliosis but I somehow don't buy that as I do see her saying this as pity points

No. 327070

File: 1482276164683.png (316.73 KB, 587x548, sheena faggot.png)

>btw have I mentioned that I'm totally queer even though I was married to a man and only date men?

No. 327098


Jumping on that wagon cause dem dollars

No. 327176

White straight women who pretend to be bi for male gaze are the fucking worst.

No. 327216

But they gotta derail and be le epic troll!

How long until she does a shoot like this >>322473 but with those characters? Like weird "lesbian" photos that are clearly just for the male gaze?

No. 327237

Ah, the fabled Male Gaze.

I'm not sure what those are for, it looks like they're both covered in shit and someone is forcing them to touch each other by holding them at gunpoint. I have probably cleaned my toilet with a less wary body language and more proximity than what they show here.

No. 327344

I know she is not the only person to use the term but isnt queer a slur/negative term? Its commonly used nowdays but still. sage for ot

No. 327348

Tumblr like it, that's all I know.

No. 327381


No. 327450

It's still a slur. That's why you're only supposed to refer to yourself as queer and not other people unless you know they're fine with it.

sage for OT

No. 327500

people are trying to reclaim it like other slurs

No. 327501

File: 1482378239762.jpg (69.57 KB, 500x625, oPZzyct.jpg)

her pussy looks so fucking boney ouch

No. 328697

What kind of tights are those? Because the (our) left leg look shooped up near the vag.

No. 328714

Looks like cheap 30-40 denier stuff from a drugstore or walmart because they were uneven with stretch lines in the candids.

No. 331935

Monty'a Death Date is coming up. Any predictions or has she already just completely forgotten him and assumed she could milk all she could from his corpse.

She seems to have no pride in that she was his wife and has more pride that she's his widow and living the life he totally wanted for her at the expense of his death.

No. 331941

Last year didn't she post one vague tweet and that was it? And she went to a party that night too I believe.

No. 332017

File: 1483374977688.png (534.85 KB, 579x648, line_20170102_083253.png)

thought that's what this was about maybe? likewise with her retweet of a Carrie Fisher quote, figured she was building up to making it about herself

No. 332031

File: 1483377210025.png (131.95 KB, 640x1036, IMG_1570.PNG)

I wonder what its like to have a dead husband who hasnt even been dead for a year and ur spending christmas seasons whoring out half naked pictures of yourself on sale

No. 332032

File: 1483377252434.png (116.52 KB, 640x899, IMG_1571.PNG)


No. 332039


The store is closing or does she mean the sale is closing?

No. 332127

File: 1483391959572.png (65.19 KB, 586x224, pussy because why not.png)

No. 332142

It took her a year to make a 'look how much people like me' video? Wow

No. 332172


Took a year to get some other sucker I mean helper to make the video.

Yes a helper…

No. 332206

Ok y'all need to see this video,
Sheena in action is like watching someone with mild autism and some form of other brain dysfunction cuz im dying.
Im not overracting shes awkward, gangly and so offputting. Her make up in motion is fuckin' TRIGGERING too.

No. 332208


I'm not watching it to give her views but I imagine for an "actress" she must be pretty terrible at acting like she enjoyed the things her "fans" sent

No. 332217

were they even married a year?

No. 332253

Kill me. She's starting D&D. Next thing you know she's sucking up to Critical Role.

No. 332326

Nope. They were married in secret in May, literally a few days to couple weeks after Michael and Lindsay from Achievement Hunter.

He was hospitalized in January and passed in February.

The RTPodcast was very quick to call Sheena his girlfriend but once the gofundme happened she suddenly was his wife and every fan was shocked they were married in secret.

Wouldn't surprise me. She's probably thirsting after Matt Mercer.

No. 332348

Eww, I'm pretty sure Mercer's engaged/married too, unless she's just trying to suck up to them for publicity purposes.

No. 332527

File: 1483477692110.png (130.48 KB, 587x987, overwatch bitch.png)

what a cunt.

No. 332531

"I play support because I can't trust men" what the ever loving fuck?

I've been in voice and play support and have only a very few times have I been singled out as losing it for the team but ever other 95% of the time I'm playing, even if we lose I at least get thanked.

She must REALLY be shitty to have to write this much about people complaining. God I wish I could get in a match with her just to go up against how 'skilled' she is.

No. 332568


No kidding and I'm at the point to even suggest if she even plays or just watch other people play

I thought she plays overwatch on her twitch though?

No. 332570


More like "I play support cause I can't do much else"

How often do you think she takes the sole credit for winning a round?

No. 332622

>Do I Rub The Pussy

oh sheena, you classy bitch

No. 332691

I'm now curious what her battlenet tag is so I can just target her whenever I play.

No. 332700

Same. I can't stomach her twitch but I'd love to just keep an eye out if I ever see her name.

No. 332728


I imagine it's something like "donate2me" or "MontyWantedThis"

Maybe it's just "widowmaker" though

No. 332730

That last one was well played, not gonna lie.

No. 332989


I'm not too familiar with battlenet tags, but I think it's SheenaDucat#1722? I've seen SheenaDucat on her play of the game screencaps before, so I did a quick google search for the numbers.

No. 333028


Thanks for that, looks like from what Google tells me she mostly plays Zenyatta

Oddly enough she was widowmaker 5% of the time despite being one in real life 100% of the time

*note that this is Data from back in October

No. 333037

Praying to the Blizzard Gods that I get in a match with her someday. I'd very much like to experience first hand her playing.

No. 333044


Do me a favor and just go for her only when you do

It'll make her salty about her team not helping her

No. 333063

Oh I very much plan to.

No. 333141

Oh I thank you for the tag! I can't wait to get paired up with her in a game so I can target her for days.

No. 333179

File: 1483627734336.png (248.38 KB, 575x353, line_20170105_064415.png)

No. 333190

And yet last time she was ranting about nearly the same damn thing.

How 'bout you STFU, Sheena, and just play the damn game. Get out of your room sometime.

No. 333191

I thought professional cosplayers knew how to put on their makeup and /BLEND/?

No. 333196

Can confirm, was in a game with her a few days ago and have just been too lazy to post about it because I'm always on mobile when I read here. I got the strangest reply from her. I'll post it later today (PST). Nothing juicy but still weird.

No. 333197

The way she posed her arm… lol

No. 333202

File: 1483631981264.jpg (51.25 KB, 640x960, 15895261_1365498533489867_7596…)

Dat ear

No. 333209

Shave her hair and she's Pepper from AHS

No. 333221

Why would she reply to you? What'd you tell her? None of my messages are saved from overwatch unless I have the person on my friend list.

No. 333382

Because I talked to her? Because… I took a screenshot? What odd things to ask.

No. 333404


Good job getting a screenshot, upload it when you get the chance (maybe blur your name before hand) cause I'd like to see how "weird" she got

No. 333416

Does she stick straightly to competitive mode or does she often spend time in Quick Play? I'd like to camp out and see if I ever see her in game.

No. 333418

She's salty about the comments that were on this live feed


No. 333427

Bad news, I'm a retard who thought I screenshot it but I didn't.

The tl;dr is that it was Gibraltar on Defense, I was the other support that game and she was Ana. I'm not a huge follower of her drama but I'm from Vancouver myself, and was like "No way it's actually her" but I checked her Twitter and she'd tweeted about playing Ana an hour prior (https://twitter.com/sheenaoum/status/814409712699637760). At the end of the game I said "Hey Sheena, fellow Vancouverite! I like your cosplays. <3" and she instantly snapped back at me, "I'm not from Vancouver" and then added "but thank u :D". I was confused as fuck because I thought it's known that she's from here, but even after I was like "I could've sworn you were at least Canadian" she refused to acknowledge it. I didn't know she straight up pretends she isn't from this area?

This was in quick play but I checked her profile, she was barely rated Diamond and only ever seems to play with a dude I can't remember the name of. She was playing mostly Mercy, meaning whoever she's playing with are the ones doing all the work. SADLY, for reference, Mercy is entirely dependent on teammates RE: how well she does.

It's worth noting that even though she - based of her twitter - has a weird ego on Ana I was the one with gold medal for healing. After I spoke to her and the game ended, her and the guy (he was on Rein) left really fast.

I swear I pressed the screenshot button, I'm so irritated that I can't find said evidence.

(Reposted to correct myself on something, sorry.)

No. 333433

This was her: http://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/us/SheenaDuCat-1722

Her stats aren't horrible but like I said, she's always grouped with whoever so take it as you will.

No. 333442

File: 1483664033221.jpg (79.07 KB, 832x1108, 1483663628951.jpg)


I'm trying to figure out what she is supposed to be doing in this photo. Abs workout?

This pose is considerably more uncomfortable than it looks btw.

No. 333444


I imagine this only a set up pic where she can say "see I totally work out" but actually doesn't


I can…sorta see her point of view where I think she's from BC but not quite Vancouver. Helps that in my Van Crowd nobody at all knows who she is

Still a weird exchange from her

Not too surprisingly though that her team is carrying her

No. 333457

I mostly main Ana whenever I'm put on support so I would absolutely love to go up against her. Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for her and report back if ever I'm lucky enough to get paired on a team against( or even with )her.

No. 333468


I have faith in your Ana skills to take Nicole out or make her salty enough

No. 333471


I main Reaper so I'm not too concern whatever support she plays

Can't wait to run into her in OW

No. 333474

You're in luck. She has literally no clue how to avoid getting destroyed by flankers.

No. 333481

She could just cover that ear with hair…

No. 333482


Really? I'll go Sombra then as she has troubles getting kills in.

If Nicole can't counter a Sombra though…

No. 333483

Did you check the screenshots folder? (\Documents\Overwatch\Screenshots\Overwatch)

It'd be a shame to lose such great evidence.

No. 333514

Her limbs are so weird and shapeless. I can totally see why she got the big bolt-on boobs, because without them she'd be completely shapeless, like a very scrawny, lanky, prepubescent boy.

No. 333610

She's so skinny and untoned, she literally looks like she has wasting syndrome.

No. 333642

File: 1483704188143.jpg (312.54 KB, 1264x1005, ursula.jpg)

Apparently this was supposed to be Ursula.

No. 333645

File: 1483705429952.jpg (44.95 KB, 456x457, image.jpg)

Looks more like her sister Morgana from the second Little Mermaid. Awful.

No. 333710

what the fuck am I looking at?

No. 333713

looks more like Cruella than Ursula, but that's not Nicole's fault unless she designed the look

No. 333731

She looks like a frail grandma.

No. 333738

Is she wearing prosthetics on her face or does she just sincerely have the face of a grandma? Jesus, this is so unsettling and half-assed, I'm #triggered

No. 333739


No. 333753


That wig is just bloody terrible. All of this work and you couldn't get a better wig?

No. 333757

Maybe it was the only one that could cover her ears.

No. 333760

This is terrifying

No. 333824

Sorry. I was stoned when I read that and didn't word my question very well and was wondering how you got to talk to her until I read your follow up reply. My bad.

Is there a way to input a specific person that you would like to be put in more matches together? I know if I meet randoms on OW I have he option of preferring the player but that's only if I've played against them recently.

No. 333835

I'm laughing so hard. What is this for??? She has to realize she looks nasty

No. 333837

Well now she looks like her personality.

All that smudged paint though jfc.

No. 333839

It was some kind of makeup transformation video. The original video is linked here >>333418

No. 333842


Transformation? More like revealing what she really is

No. 333918

This is disgusting i was not expecting to see that, put a spoiler tag next time lmao

No. 333943

Not defending her but you'd be surprised. I've had dudes blatantly hit on me or just go
>H-hi d.va……………
It's weird, but easily ignored.

No. 333945

This is one of the reasons I don't talk on mic unless I am amongst friends. Even if I try to be helpful like "Widow on bridge" or "Reaper has ult" I will usually hear a guy say "Please send nudes" or "You have the sexiest voice I have ever heard" and even if I ignore them they will try to add me to their friends list.

I try not to be sensitive about these comments, but sometimes you just want to play the fucking game and stupid idiot boys make it hard to.

No. 333948

Seconded. I've had people say shit to the effect of 'Are your tits edgy too?' or other weird ass shit when I'm on mic. That said, this is Sheena we're talking about, so she's probably legitimately attention whoring.

No. 333987

I second this. I don't mic in qp but in comp I do. I care more about my rank than any stupid shit some fuck might say kek.
I bet sheenas one of those players who once they join the game say hello immediately over mic and just start talking or gets upset when no one responds.

No. 334472

She was at Chloe's birthday, so they reconciled.

No. 334537

Why did you post this sweet old lady in the thread

No. 334540

She's better at winking than Nicole is but it looks similar

No. 335190


I imagine a pig in lip stick could probably wink better than Nicole. Probably wear that shade of red better too

No. 335414


No. 335623

File: 1484109821673.jpg (110.95 KB, 960x652, 15965063_10154244003938263_287…)

No. 336467

No. 336481

Didn't she say her eyes were like green or blue? umm those look brown to me

No. 336490

File: 1484351631281.jpg (5.24 KB, 236x213, download (1).jpg)

Why does she look like she has progeria?

No. 336541

File: 1484362325171.jpg (110.13 KB, 720x960, 562829_10150641117067343_73726…)

Don't think her eyes are brown, but she always has circle lenses or glasses on so ya never see them.

No. 336578

File: 1484381812144.jpg (27.65 KB, 236x213, 74714033.jpg)

No. 336609

they looked pretty brown in person and she used to wear less obvious lenses so when I noticed I asked her where she got her contacts ('cause I wanted some) and she snapped at me that SHE DIDN'T WEAR CONTACTS SHE CAN'T WEAR THEM BECAUSE SHE HAS A CONDITION HER EYES JUST CHANGE COLOR

No. 336631

File: 1484426471527.jpg (29.59 KB, 610x327, 3467efa4f657b9d730a42449e99a33…)

ot but I got reminded of this

No. 336634


Her eyes are brown. She wears colored contacts, but lies about it. This was confirmed in an older thread with photos of her from college as proof.

No. 336659


I don't get it, why lie? Is it because she wants to be more than average or something?

No. 336666

Claims to be good at a million things, shows no proof whatsoever of supposed talents. Yeah, she wants to be special, that much is obvious.

jfc that really does look like her …

No. 336674


Well time to add another one to the list of things she says but no proof

No. 338245

File: 1484771476755.jpg (52.45 KB, 540x960, C2epsZpUAAEY8JV.jpg)

circle lenses make her look like she has Wilson's disease.

No. 340086

File: 1484853033288.png (108.16 KB, 550x301, surejan.PNG)

Should we tell her?

No. 340241

…sure Jan

No. 340242

lmao I just noticed the file name after I replied sorry lol sage

No. 341327

Monty's death date is ushering soon. Will she milk it or has she completely forgotten him and gave up the mourning widow schtick?

No. 341762


I imagine she'll make some vague tweet about it and turn it to about herself

No. 342073

Izzat you Nicole sounding totally unimpressed?

No. 343460

I know it's probably angles and shit, but her head looks super tiny here.

No. 344265

File: 1485394461824.jpg (104.21 KB, 2048x1365, 16143758_1385166768189710_9598…)

No. 344276

Wow this one actually looks kinda nice,the flooring vaguely makes it look like she's laying on a basketball court, but other than that she looks ok

No. 344286

her butt is so saggy tho wow

No. 344291

Did she put on weight? She doesn't look as weird and spindly/gangly as she usually does. This might actually work in her favor, but it's hard to tell from such a dodgy shot.

No. 344302

No. 344325

curve of it is really long and low considering where the curve of her back is

No. 344363

I agree she looks good in that shot but damn you for making me not able to unsee a basketball court.

No. 344485


Kinda helps that she's mostly hidden in the shadow

No. 344910


sage for blogpost but my back looks like this and it's not because of a saggy ass, it just means she has big hips (length-wise rather than width). So it's her skeletal structure, not the fat hanging off it.

She might have a saggy ass too, but that's not proof.

No. 345064

File: 1485568920473.gif (6.17 KB, 505x150, cosplay.gif)

No. 345065


I like how she phase it in a way where she doesn't even let people suggest if she should do it or not

No. 345067


black/brown characters wear clothes and accessories, right? isn't that like the basis of cosplay?

No. 345068

Geez Nicole, IDK. Maybe wear their clothes?

No. 345069

you know no one suggested anything like this, she's been hinting forever she wanted to dress up as dark skinned characters … like that's any worse or different than dressing up as Japanese characters

No. 345072

fucking do it without coloring your skin to avoid the brunt backlash? fucking jesus christ how can someone be 30 and this dumb

pls post her friends' asspat replies tho

No. 345073

Isn't she 26?

No. 345074

i thought she was older? she looks like a haggard soccer mom

No. 346119

26 turning 27 this year? She's in her late 20s

No. 346346

I wonder if she will mention Monty at all today?

No. 346397


It'll be like that Julia Robert family guy clip if she does so to sum it up:


No. 346493

I saw more mentions of Monty from random artists and fans than I did from her.

No. 346501

She didn't post anything today about him. Saw that RT posted a picture of his memorial today. Not a word from her on that.

No. 346507

Nothing on facebook either. Just talking about cosplay.

No. 346511

File: 1486011435887.png (667.03 KB, 960x926, Messages Image(3073941451).png)

I am pissed off right now, turns out she does not even make a post about Monty on the anniversary of his death yet his old employer has a freaking tribute? WTF

No. 346512

Wow what a heartless bitch. If Monty wasn't rolling in his grave yet about marrying such a terrible woman, he certainly is today…

No. 346538


I wouldn't be surprised if she completely forgot which speaks volume

No. 346540

she prolly didn't mention anything because she didn't want to be back lashed or accused of milking monty's death again like previous years. She still should have done it, if she honestly cared about him and not give a fuck. But I guess she cares more about what ppl think of her… lol

No. 346542

Well she probably saw tons of stuff that would have reminded her to say something, so she actively refused to. I assume maybe she'll say she was "too torn up to even think about it"

No. 346552

wow, not a goddamn thing.

not even a "still love and miss you babe"

No. 346564

File: 1486033991038.png (305.14 KB, 515x502, try out.png)

And where is this, exactly? Can anyone confirm?

And yes, there are NO tweets whatsoever of Monty on her Twitter timeline. If anyone can confirm it's the same for her PERSONAL Facebook, ty in advance. But overall - quite disgusting.

>"Monty would have wanted this for me"

… my ass.

No. 346565


And yet she had the heart to write a goddamn essay about how they met, and "fell in love"? Please. It's pretty fucking obvious what she was after all this time.

If she REALLY wanted to prove they were together AND that she cared, she would have done something even after his death that DIDN'T trample over his legacy. I'm not defending Monty, but Shitna is shady as fuck and even after his death I'm pretty fucking sure there is no way she actually felt something for anything remote about him – except his status in the "community".

C'mon, we all know the truth. We all know she just wanted the e-fame. She's been doing it since her Nyurt years.

No. 346601

So is she not being deported back to Canada or what?

Honestly, she technically has no income besides begging off patreon and Monty died funds right? It's not like that either of those will last forever and she is not good at anything or even remotely tries to put effort into anything….

It feels like this drama surrounding her is cut-off short for someone who has demonstrated time-and-time over they are a manipulative, lazy cunt.

No. 346619


she has a green card from the marriage and basically can't be deported back.

Plus she's a objectively "pretty" white girl so the border guard are not going to think twice when questioning her

No. 346621

She has a new partner so that would be weird.

New apartment.

No. 346633

Oh yes, don't u other anons know that after ur husband dies and you move on, you know longer feel love or miss your ex?

Like lol, if she was truly in love with him when they were together she'd still love and miss him. It's not like they divorced and that's why they're not together. He fucking died.
I'd assume her new partner would know of her late ex and wouldn't find it "weird"

No. 346679

Now think about how many dudes she dated/hooked up with in just 2 years since his passing. She was in a public relationship with that British guy just a month after Monty died. That doesn't even include the private messages they shared while Monty was still alive.

No. 346685


I'm so fucking jealous of that bitch, how does she do this with her boobs? She looks like a 40 year old hag, I hope she slips and ruins her next cosplay.

No. 346689

yep, all just further proof that she never loved him. I mean it was obv from the get go but girl can't even pretend…

No. 346909

Sam Batty, I believe his name was?

What's weird was I saw Shane's twitter pop up on my suggestions and took a look to see what he's been up to since that creepy letter he posted about how Sheena's perfect. Looks like he's actually doing some work with Sam Batty who is Sheena's ex.

I saw her at ALA but didn't recognize her until it was too late. She had a group of people with her and some really tall dude who I'm guessing is Arin(new boy toy that tried to white knight here in the thread)?

No. 346917


And here I thought he wouldn't work again after "writing" that letter and I say that cause I get the feeling Nicole helped ghost write most of it

No. 346924

File: 1486151872216.gif (17.2 KB, 494x389, mememe.gif)

No. 346925

This would be valid if she didn't post pity party tweets weeks and months after montys death.

No. 346927

No. 346964

hey sheena! hope ur enjoying ur browse here at the farms

No. 346994

>I forgot to acknowledge that my husband died 2 years ago on Wednesday, but I still need asspats from my sycophants

No. 346997

Beyond creepy. It's like she's trying to do normal human emotions and failing at it.

No. 346998

That wig looks like a helmet on her, and she didn't even try to color match eyebrows.

No. 347349

I'm actually surprised how bad she looks without her filters or photoshop. Compared to those photos you see on her social media she looks very different.

I'm also still waiting for that keyblade that she continously said she would make. I guess without Monty there to make it for her that's never going to happen.

And is that her new house? Or the photographer's backyard?

No. 347350


I'm sure she could find someone thirsty enough to make it for her

No. 347843

That reminds me of the previous thread where monty made her buster sword but nicole claimed she made it by herself. Back when she was trying to hide that they were together

No. 348747

Serious ana chan vibes looking at her. Shes so boney and gross.
Kinda like a stick with two balloons attached tbh

No. 349311

She used to be heavier but after she got to LA where the women who cosplay are more fit, she stopped eating to fit in.

No. 349957

File: 1486603616122.png (579.94 KB, 817x599, slut.png)

No. 349959

Looking like a Yumi King DIY

No. 350099

>elegant rich girl, DIY dead husband

No. 350153


wtf looks like she has diapers over her tits, what an unflattering angle.

No. 350949

so now that ICE is busting people for working in this country illegally, are we SURE she has a green card?

considering how hush-hush her and Monty's wedding was, I wouldn't be surprised if they cut corners in filing out the paperwork.

No. 350951

I think Shane did all her paperwork but if anyone just looked at their timeline of meeting, marriage in secret, death, then her consumption of cash, that in itself are all kinds of red flags.

No. 350957

Shane's twitter is fascinating, he still mourns Monty more than Sheena.

No. 350958


Well he has to hold on to that "fame" somehow instead of trying to work things out with his ex-wife and kids

No. 351021

Her implants look like they've deflated

No. 351626

she's white and canadian, I don't think she's the kind of undocumented immigrant they're after

No. 351693

lol so true.

No. 351738

File: 1487035782109.jpg (52.12 KB, 1080x1350, x8jb7k.jpg)

I honestly cannot decide how I feel about this photo.

No. 351739

Her face is so high contrast it's tripping me out. It doesn't even look like her.

No. 351744

why is her bra hanging so long? it just looks like she's wearing one two cup sizes too big

No. 351749

She looks busted.

No. 351762

her aqua cosplay had the same problem

No. 351769

Holy mother of god that bra looks like two giant diapers strapped to the bottom of her boobs. It hangs below her fucking ribs. Girl…

No. 351770

File: 1487042115549.png (411.01 KB, 639x869, eh.png)

I don't know why she does that to the cups of her cosplay, does she thin it makes her breast look bigger? Instead it just makes them look like they are hanging super low, really awkward…

Seriously does look like full diapers hanging off her chest. It looks a little better shooped upward, but the construction is still pretty shoddy.

No. 351773

That already looks so much better, and you could probably still cut an extra 3 inches off the bottom of the cups.

No. 351774

File: 1487042425853.png (44.19 KB, 640x304, lewd sheena.png)



No. 351775


Those boobs are way too big for her to the point of barely standing up! Bitch needs a breast reduction asap!

No. 351777

File: 1487042799019.png (26.39 KB, 642x191, sheena beta.png)

lol look at this fucking beta

No. 351783

Her proportions are all fucked up still. I bet she thinks it looks great and just like 2D waifu~

No. 351784

Her proportions are definitely a little bizarre. Her mid section tends to look rather blocky from the front, then she has those long spindly limbs, and bolt-on breasts. I don't know why women always think getting giant implants will fix their proportions or make them instantly curvy. Really though, I don't know what Sheena could do to balance out her proportions at this point, she's just so gangly and awkward looking.

No. 351785

I actually like the concept of the shoot, saggy bra notwithstanding. It's about a billion times better than the garbage valentines shoot JNig shat out.

No. 351801


She could just photoshop herself

No. 351838

Titty cosplayers like her like to wear their bras low like that because they think it makes their tits look bigger. Jessica Nigri also did it occasionally I think. I have no idea how anybody can think this is a good idea. Unless you're going for the sexy kawaii 85 year-old look, your tits should probably not almost touch your belly button. Had a tit job and is still not satisfied. Lovingly edits her face until she's unrecognizable but purposely gives herself saggy udders. Logic.

No. 351839

it's sloppy sewing making the bra look saggy. She obviously sewed the iridescent fabric onto an existing bra, but she pulled the fabric too tight which warped the wire and pulled the cups outward, so they're basically hanging flat off of her chest instead of curving to match the shape of her breasts. That's why they're so low and there's that weird gap between the cup and her chest.

No. 351899

One of the few good things about fake boobs is their buoyancy, imo. Why ruin it by doing this??

No. 351942

It's spelled "backpedal", Shitna.
Get it RIGHT, omg. ?☕

No. 352006

Unflattering Udders aside, I think her face looks good here. Too bad it's fake. At least she covered up her Dopey ears and dropped the grandma lipstick. The eye makeup is a little gross and brows overdone, but this is one of the better looks she's had.

No. 353222

File: 1487493642986.png (517.36 KB, 587x626, pullout.png)

wtf is with that hashtag?

No. 353799

She's such a fucking joke. Her way of grieving was hopping on another's c*ck.

Nobody's forcing you to talk about anything, Sheena. But you sure are disgustingly pathological, and you're proving it time and time again.

No. 355007

She's posting a lot about how she's actually gay (or bisexual).

No. 355241

Frankly I'm surprised she didn't try to sneak her way into Stella chu's overwatch bikini shoot

No. 355275

Kinda surprised Momo isn't trying to suck up to her, too considering how much Sheena tries to throw herself in to Overwatch anything. Though I bet there will be a tweet towards her sometime soon because I mentioned it.

No. 355464

And then what, when she notes how people "don't believe" her, she'll cry her way to more $$$$? Top kek. LOL. Fed up with her bullshit, girl's gotta go.

No. 355465

Waiting for the day Momo rips her a new one to be honest, or even Lunalanie. LOL. Not a fan of either of them, but goddamn that would be a show to watch.

No. 355467

File: 1488239477632.png (134.27 KB, 1160x538, top kek.png)

? ???????

No. 355514

>she's such my best friend that I'm going to defend her without even saying her name

>instead I'm just going to post a lot of vague shit about being genuine

>fuck I wish Monty were here to feed me more of his trite inspirational bullshit

No. 357907

File: 1489000564859.png (38.16 KB, 588x295, muh feminism.png)

Sheena Duquette, feminist icon

No. 357913

Ugh the way she types everything like it's a fucking grand decree annoys me.

No. 357977

sage for slight ot but i have noticed a lot of women who are self obsessed hypocritical assholes make this "women shouldnt tear other women down" usually mean "you should compliment me on my looks but i will call other women bitches if they dont agree with me" etc. not sure if this applies to sheena but it does to everyone else i have seen post this. also they do the thing of slagging off women but saying how we should be thanking men for approving of us like she does here.

No. 357981

it's because they're really good at keeping their catty bitchiness behind closed doors to get people to like them

so they can say "don't be mean to other women" to others who criticize them in public, but in private, be underhanded as fuck.

No. 358028

I keep seeing people mention about how Sheena hates Meg and was after Gavin yet i can find none of this anywhere except mentioned here.

Is there actually more on this or is it just gossip?
I love cat fights over a guy

No. 358144

File: 1489100472435.png (37.16 KB, 587x296, ladies.png)

No. 358153

"gib me more compliments pls" fuck off, shitna.


>pass time

No. 358157

Back when she was @nyurt on Tumblr and elsewhere she reblogged a HELL of a lot of Gavin and just fangirled over him in general. Her "admiration" (lel) for him online was critically humorous, honestly.

And of course she aimed for Monty. Also watch this video. Might learn something. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q46_cAkwNR8

No. 358158

AKA: "hey if you're pretty let's be friends but if not you can fuck off"

No. 358193

It's crazy how flat she used to be.

No. 358230


I wonder if she tries to play off the implants as "diet" or some other bs

No. 358320

god shitna you have your tits out in half your fucking photos of course you are going to get more comments from men, this isn't rocket science

No. 358330

File: 1489168527895.jpg (379.04 KB, 1536x2048, C6knEBbV0AAMBgZ.jpg)

holy fuck is she looking haggard

No. 358331

File: 1489168629723.png (38.14 KB, 586x301, cap.png)

>"gib me more compliments pls"


No. 358338

MTE. Like how Taylor Swift can call her ex's new girlfriend a slut in a song but when female comedians poke harmless fun at her for her lyrics, she plays the victim and cries that women shouldn't tear other women down. It's only okay if she does it!

It's up on the list with "I hate drama". Sure you do. That's why it keeps happening to you, you poor blameless baby.

No. 358391

File: 1489179909220.jpg (83.16 KB, 800x1200, SWENkM8.jpg)

what is happening in the ass/thigh region

No. 358403


And this is with filters? Dang she looks bad…

No. 358472

the complete lack of muscle tone makes the garter look like a tourniquet.

No. 358491

What the fuck is happening with her back? Why did she wear something strapless if her boobs are going to hang that low? Her two thighs look like they're from two different photos put together. If you're going to shoop the shit out of your photos, at least do a good job. Mess smh.

No. 358501

>What the fuck is happening with her back?


which she chose to treat by getting weights implanted in her chest to put more strain on her spine.

No. 359292

File: 1489422306117.png (453.04 KB, 578x618, line_20170313_092250.png)

No. 359320

is that a fucking cat collar?

No. 359340


Am I wrong to think saying you're "secretly" a fan of someone means you never were a fan to begin with?

No. 359360

that's exactly what it means

No. 359507

File: 1489458023666.jpg (272.77 KB, 1440x1440, C61vxOmVsAApFyU.jpg)

taking more fucking Tracer pictures in Ross and Holly's pool

with Holly bringing her wine.

No. 359524


Sad to see holly getting suckered by Nicole

No. 359587

File: 1489473536425.png (259.14 KB, 587x592, line_20170314_233815.png)

"is your eye OK" LOL

No. 359604


in all fairness holly would likely be an absolute sweetheart and a good hostess if satan himself came to visit

No. 359641


Not even the shoop can help.

No. 360031

Holly is being used. sad.

No. 362266

I'm frankly surprised Nicole didn't try to worm her way into Stella chu recent sailor moon shoot

No. 362312

File: 1490250410018.jpg (94.36 KB, 690x960, 17353418_577030961463_35903161…)


No. 362326

File: 1490258885594.jpg (232.08 KB, 1536x2048, C7lDuDxVUAEYw6p.jpg)

there's no way she doesn't have an eating disorder

No. 362327

She does not look healthy in the least bit.

For complaining about Scoliosis and refusing treatment, Disneyland doesn't seem the best place for heels.

No. 362333

It is, in fact, the worse fucking place to wear heels and she's an utter moron to wear them. Wedges, maybe you could get away with, but little stick heels like that for 7-8 hours? Fuck that, your back and feet are going to be numb.

You know who wears heels to amusement parks? Attention whores.

No. 362367

Her body looks really strange here…This has got to be shooped to hell her entire outline just looks like uncanny valley.

No. 362400

She's reached bonelord status and has massive fake tits. Of course her entire outline looks strange.

No. 362419

File: 1490289612819.jpg (130.07 KB, 1080x1350, 17268250_141885056334198_85897…)

No. 362534

When your mom gets botox.

No. 362540

Fuck what the hell happened to her? She never seemed like an ana before.

No. 362561


Maybe she thinks people will pay attention to her now and then she can start the story of how she gain weight back?

Though that doesn't seem like she's clever enough to do that

No. 362569

She looks like one of those tiny monkeys that people keep as pets

No. 362595


also notice that in that dress she isn't able to wear the industrial strength bras she wears day-to-day, as seen in >>362419

it must have killed her back.

No. 362743

File: 1490351865838.png (82.17 KB, 587x579, sips tea.PNG)

No. 362844

her face is so fucking uncanny valley to me. like I'm looking at something that should be human, but……what the hell is so off about this

No. 362867

I feel like this happens a lot with white girls who wear circle lenses and can't do makeup etc etc

No. 363137

She's absolutely an ana, and has been for some time. Someone posted old pics of her with monty in a previous thread and she looks 20 pounds heavier (aka normal weight). Another anon who had known her for a while posted about her weird eating habits.
She's probably 100 pounds or less, and at her height that's dangerously thin.

No. 363185

File: 1490488110432.jpg (345.76 KB, 1800x1200, 1008844_393955917399684_154285…)

She was always pudgy with no tits. After she got the bolt ons she started to eat less to stay thin. She gets off on saying she has an ~unrealistic ideal body~

No. 363198

File: 1490494357322.jpg (264.42 KB, 1536x2048, C7zrhwIVsAA18Br.jpg)

Mother. of. God.

No. 363209


For a second I thought she was cosplaying as Android 18

No. 363213

No. 363214

File: 1490496961183.png (637.26 KB, 610x608, patch.png)

you can see her birth control patch

No. 363215

her stitching is getting better but it's still shitty enough to tell that she made the leotard

No. 363217

Wow….just wow.
And no it's not a good wow

No. 363248

She's supposed to be Black Canary?? No, girl. No. You are not sexy enough to pull off Dinah Lance.

>birth control patch

Also, why does she even need it? Who is she fucking since Monty died?

No. 363256

for one, her current fuckboy Arin who tried to white knight her in this thread

No. 363257

>>Also, why does she even need it? Who is she fucking since Monty died?

Pretty sure she's fucked a LOT of guys since monty died.

No. 363276

She's had a partner for months now.

No. 363361

File: 1490550262916.jpg (361.74 KB, 1200x1800, C70vgCSVUAATRHe.jpg)


No. 363383

I think it might just be the fishnets, but why do her legs look so wonky here?

No. 363387

bad photoshop, most likely. her right leg is significantly thinner than her right in that photo.

No. 363392

why does she look like she has a chubby upper body and skeletor legs?

No. 363398

Kek she's 5'2 and they made her bottom half so much longer than the top half, while one leg is thinner.

No. 363426

Yo, her tits way bad. They're clearly way too big for her frame. Did she get them bigger?

No. 363599

that eyeliner is just tragic

No. 363646

Those just look horrific. I really wanna see how botched those are. They look like fucking 90s silly string titties.

It's all about ass nowadays anyway

No. 363649

>shit wig, real hair showing, dopey ears always on display, terrible makeup, titties padded on top of huge implants, skelly hips and legs


No. 363660

I just noticed that she doesn't have earlobes, wtf

also you can see a bobby pin behind her ear. and a safety pin holding her top together

No. 363730

Looks like the same guy who took these also took those pool shots?
Who is he? no watermark on the pics
Must've burned all other LA photographers.

No. 363733


I thought it was Ross that was taking the pics the entire time

Maybe it's the white knight arin taking the pics?

No. 363742

Arin took the pics.

No. 363747

>I just noticed that she doesn't have earlobes
Some people don't have free earlobes and have attached ones instead. It's just more obvious on her because she has quite big ears.

This is just plain lazy. It could easily have been covered and not included in the photo.

No. 363763

Doesn't Arin have a wife already or did Sheena took him from her? (Haven't keeping track)

No. 363767

Arin from game grumps?

No. 363771

different Arin see earlier itt >>306047

No. 363812

She's wearing a push-up bra in the Black Canary outfit, so we can't tell how big her tits are right now, but I'm almost certain she got another boob job a few months ago. Look at >>325321 compared to >>305782

No. 363815


If that's the case I sure hope she screws up her back even more now with the bigger implants

No. 363948

There were a ton of people who gave up on her patreon. Each time people start leaving she posts pics with bigger implants and less clothes.

No. 363970


Did she not deliver the goods or something? I'm surprised they left

No. 364044

She already has scoliosis, wtf. why would she do this to herself? She's going to ruin her body for the sake of patreon bux.

No. 364045


I think in her case she wants to find a sugar daddy so she doesn't have to work

No. 364108

Why does she even need one with all the money she got from milking monty's death?

No. 364109

Because she spent all his hospital and funeral funds on herself getting bigger breasts, partying, conventions and moving to LA so she has to keep boohooing so people will fund her lifestyle of sitting around being a tittystreamer.

No. 364214


Nicole looks has an expiration date so she needs to bag one soon before it's too late

No. 364277

The patreon is where her real income is at so she has her partner take the pics. She's trying to be a jnig.

No. 364287


Yea every girl is trying to be jnig but that's a race for the silver.

Nicole is that girl still trying to place but can't even get bronze if she tried

No. 365012

File: 1491073158028.png (108.82 KB, 739x839, IMG_3465.PNG)

No. 365024

sounds like the neetbux are drying up

No. 365088

Without Monty she never gets invited to cons as a guest.
"for every dream shattered another comes true, but when my dreams are broken yours are broken too."

No. 365089

if shes always willing to travel why doesnt she just ….. go to a con.. why does she NEED to be invited as a guest…

No. 365094


Shouldn't have killed Monty, biggest mistake of her life.

No. 365099

Jesus this is so pathetic. She's just begging for free cons at this point.

No. 365351

File: 1491195935129.jpg (313.44 KB, 1440x1080, C8dnSD5VoAAyVUO.jpg)

>"professional cosplayer"
>goes to con
>doesn't cosplay

she's had "sheena @ WonderCon‏" on her twitter for like a month

No. 365435


If you ask her she'll probably say she was invited to save face

In fact someone should tweet her and ask her

No. 365441

File: 1491242097084.jpg (761.82 KB, 2048x1797, C8d_J-gVoAAn31A.jpg)

the bra peeking out from underneath her tank top is a good look, don't you think?

No. 365442

File: 1491242261301.jpg (229.4 KB, 1000x1500, C8XvocnUwAAi0V8.jpg)

No. 365447

You can see her side burns / the wefts & stitching of the wig in all of these photos.
There is no such thing as 'professional' cosplayer lmao, just cause youre paid doesnt mean youre good kys

No. 365449

File: 1491242821849.jpg (417.84 KB, 2048x2048, C71xWyWVAAAs93E.jpg)

lol this fan art

No. 365466

Oh who cares if you can see her bra, especially wearing a tank with that cut.

No. 365479

File: 1491256588767.jpg (26.02 KB, 400x400, conspiracy-keanu-im-seeing-a-b…)

No. 365543

Each time her face is photoshopped, it's a whole nother person.

No. 365599

File: 1491294614989.jpg (331.01 KB, 1536x2048, C8ildyGVoAEFDy9.jpg)

No. 365611

no one cares about the bra, the entire outfit is a tragedy

No. 365661


Maybe it's a fashion thing but why does she have giant grandma glasses

No. 365683

they work well with her doily top

No. 365822

No. 365995

That whole outfit is shit but ugh @ the dog collar. So trashy.

No. 366143

File: 1491428588665.jpg (58.71 KB, 720x960, 17760210_10154292671371712_577…)

No. 366164

File: 1491432209273.jpg (289.5 KB, 2048x1536, qoWVLRf.jpg)

No. 366181

What is with the grandma glasses??? are they prescription? I honestly cannot imagine anyone would fit her for those frames and be like "yep great." Most lens technicians try to find frames that best fit your face and look good on you. Those don't even fit on her goddamn nose.

No. 366212

Now you can buy perscription glasses online (Warby parker) so you can keep lens techs from keeping you from looking stupid.

No. 366241

What a dumb idea. I can't imagine buying my glasses online, I always wind up getting so many adjustments at the lens place so they're actually comfortable and don't look and feel like shit.

I swear she's starting to look like Brianna Wu.

No. 366358

>the jowels
>Grandma glasses
>Lace top that looks like she got at the flee market hosted by seniors
>The ugly ass collar that is popular with all these weeabo autists
>Dat five head

Monty didnt die for this

No. 366385

Looks like bit demented grandma forgot to put on undershirt.

No. 366655

warby parker actually has specialists you can send a picture to and ask which glasses look best on you, and they'll tell you which ones compliment your face. That said, no lens tech is going to tell you not to buy a pair of glasses you like because they don't flatter you. This is coming from someone who has had many pairs of ugly glasses.

weird oversized granny glasses are a tumblr trend now so I'm not surprised.

No. 366656


No. 367168

File: 1491705725155.gif (7.51 KB, 496x165, why.gif)

No. 367183


"Wah, I'm not popular enough for an invite. ill have to get a beta to get me passes"

No. 367517

File: 1491804190327.png (492.01 KB, 457x601, line_20170410_230132.png)

so many wigs lately, has she given up on her dry ass hay hair?

No. 367580

The fuck kind of wig is this. This just looks like roots haven't been touched in months. Make up also does no favours for her. If this look is supposed to be gothy and edgey you failed.

No. 367635

File: 1491844550107.png (46.97 KB, 800x450, 297.png)

It's the style of the time. Your age is showing!

No. 367640

Maybe Blizzard just doesn't want some real no-name cosplayer who does nothing but buy taobao cosplays, passing them off as "i did this1!"and slutting up their character for them patreon bux.

She's really been striving to be a guest at ANY convention that will take her but the only two I remember her being one at, were terrible experiences for the staff and hardly anyone gave a shit.

Her table was so bare, bland, and boring at Hanadokicon and all it had were cheap prints of her and phone charms of her and her cat (which, given how Monty died, seemed in very bad taste).

No. 367653

just because something is "the style" doesn't mean it's a good look … shoulder pads, fanny packs, mullets, big hair, etc etc etc ad nauseum (sage)

No. 367689


The only other one is the one in my local area (anime revolution) but I get the feeling that's more of a pity invite as she probably knows a few people who run that con

That or she pays a table fee but tells everyone else she was invited to save face

No. 367735

File: 1491864181719.jpg (87.53 KB, 750x1172, IMG_1420.JPG)


No. 367741

Vancouver cons all suck dick and if that's all she can get invited to it speaks volumes

No. 367769


No kidding

Like I said I wouldn't be surprised she pays the table fee but acts like she's invited

No. 367780

that widow's peak tho
hey shitna you're ascending to grandmahood

No. 367811

File: 1491881695753.jpg (203 KB, 1200x1800, C9GD9h6V0AAMwye.jpg)

why is her navel off-center?

No. 367812

Is she an alien? Or is this a horror movie promo?

No. 367814

it's a cosplay(?)

No. 367819

She literally looks like a black widow killer.

No. 367830

>9000 hours in ms paint
>forgets to fix belly button

No. 367831


That would require talent and skill which she has none of

She does have those two bags though

No. 367843

is it a shoop, or is it just her fucked up scoliosis torso?